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Full text of "A new Greek-English lexicon to the New Testament : supplemented by a chapter elucidating the synonyms of the New Testament, with a complete index to the synonyms"

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Greek New Testament 















> ; 

Copyright, 1897, by Hinds & Noble 

31 ? 

HINDS & NOBLE, Publishers 

^per Institute New York City 

All rights reserved 

The Value of HEBREW and GREhR to 

i. Without some knowledge of Hebrew 1( j q, 
derstand the critical commentaries on the Script,v es , 
at is not critical is of doubtful v-alue. 

2. Without some knowledge of Hebrew and L 
tisfy yourself or those who look to you for help as to \ 
u will find in the Revised Old and New Testaments. 

3. Without some knowledge of Hebrew and G 
ppreciate the critical discussions, now so frequent, rels 
f the Old and New Testaments. 

4. Without some knowledge of Hebrew and Gree 
ertain, in a single instance, that in your sermon based o: 
ou are presenting the correct teaching of that text. 

5. Without some knowledge of Hebrew and Gree 
independent student, or a reliable interpreter of the 

6. As much knowledge of Hebrew can be secijre 
nethod, under the same circumstances, by the same jp 
nth the aid of the Interlinear Old Testament, as can be \ 
hree years. Greek, though somewhat more difficult, n 
[uired within a brief period with the aid of the Interline? 
which contains a lexicon) and an elementary Greek gi 

7. The Hebrew language has, in all, about 7,0 
hese 1,000 occur in the Old Testament over 25 times e 

8. The Hebrew grammar has but one form for the 
n all cases, number^and. gender? ; but tjiree forms for.t 
Dronoun. The pc$siL3e.Vrl>;ir forms are'about wo as-< 
L.200 found in Greek. It has practically no declensio; 

9. Within ten years theisverage min- pastes more 
'reading and indifferent, talk.,. than. .would be used. in,; 
forking knowledge'?. Ji ebr^ew*. and.' Greek t thai in turn 
his teaching that quality of independence and of rel 
greatly enhances one's power as a teacher. 

10. There is not one minister in ten who might no 
find time and opportunity for such study of Hebrew an 
enible him to make a thoroughly practical use of it 
Bible- preacher and Bible-teacher. 


e many ways scarcely needing mention in which the Interlinear 
ent may prove its value, not the least of which is the facility with 
\ bles one, even if rusty in his Greek, to put his finger on the orig- 

i rord or phrase, and at the same instant upon a literal rendering. 

'I ill repay its cost in the time saved from turning to a Greek diction- 

a use it becomes a necessary adjunct to every complete working 


rowing interest in Mew Testament study makes it desirable that the 
g r, who would be well informed on current topics, should have some 

a with the relation of the standard English version to the original 

t , still more intimate knowledge on the part of the clergyman and 

tl ss teacher would seem almost imperative. Toward this end no aid 

ie more helpful than the Interlinear New Testament. 

is intended therefore to help che English reader of the New 
Tcotaaienb, who may desire to refer to the actual words used in the Greek text. 
It has not been framed to teach people Greek, though it may be used to good 
advantage for that purpose. 

The Intev linear Translation brings to view certain points of interest that no 
other translation has ever pretended to give. Take for instance the word 
' master.' This word 'master' is used in the Authorized Version to translate 
six different. Greek words, all bearing different shades of meaning. The word 
'judgment' in the Authorized Version stands for eight different Greek 
words in the original ; and so of many others. Of particles, 'but' represents 
twelve different words; 'by,' eleven; 'for,' eighteen; 'in,' fifteen: 'of,' 
thirteen; and ' on,' nine. 

We do not intend to imply that a given Greek word can be, or that it is 
desirable that it should be, translated in all places by the same English word. 
On the other hand, one should be able to ascertain, on occasion, just what the 
facts are ; and it is an interesting feature of the Interlinear New Testament. that 
in the margin appears the English word of the Authorized Version ; in the text 
appears the Greek original of that particular word ; and immediately under it, 
the English word that is its nearest literal equivalent. 

We give the Greek Text, with an interlinear translation as literal as may be to 
be useful ; and in the margin the Authorized Version, divided into paragraphs 
Lo correspond to the Greek text. 

This work al? iv *.ts notes not only the various readings of six different 



editors of the Greek Testament, but also these variations in English whenever 
the sense is affected thereby, but without attempting to present in every case all 
the minute shades of meaning which a Greek scholar will attach t) them. 
Many of these variations may be thought to be of no great importance, descend- 
ing even to the different spelling of the same word ; but from this the;- rise to 
variations of the greatest importance. All arc of interest, because they soncern 
the word of God,, and are here made available to the English reader, to whom 
we furnish in this volume all he may require both as to the text of the New 
Testament, and for its word-for-word translation. 

The Greek Text. 

The Greek Text is that of Stephens, 1550, which has long been in common 
use ; but as the edition of Elzevir, 1IJ2-1, is the one often called the Recep 
or Textus Receptus, because of the words, ''Textum. . . . ab omnib 
turn," occurring in the preface, we give the readings of this Elzevir 
the notes, and mark them E. It is the text commonly reprinted on 
tinent. In the main they are one and the same ; and either of thei 
referred to as the Textus Receptus. 

There are a number of minute variations between the editors which i 
attempt to present. In all these cases we have followed the majority 
editors. With them we have also added the final v to the third pers( 
and plural in m ; third singular in e ; in datives plural in t/. &c. I 
have given obrug, and avrov where some have avrov. 

As to the form of the Greek text a few words are needed. 

1. Paragraphs. We were disappointed in finding nothing lik 
for where a paragraph ought to be. Ancient manuscripts were no 
have few or no paragraphs. The editors all differed, each making 
according to his own judgment, We were therefore obliged, after 
the best examples, to form paragraphs for ourselves. We are anxi 
readers should remember that the paragraphs have no authority 
might have had if the ancient manuscripts had agreed in the placin 

2. Parentheses. Most of the editors have placed here ai 
rentheses in their Greek texts. These we have disregarded, seei 

are no such things in the early Greek copies. We have placed them in c... 
English where we deemed them necessary to preserve the sense, but not being 
in the Greek they also have no authority. 

3. Inverted Commas. Some editors mark with inverted commas the words 
that are spoken, and others in a similar way mark the quotations from the Old 
Testament. But in some places it is doubtful where these quotations close, and 
it was thought best to omit them. These also, being absent from the ancient 
Greek copies, have no authority. 

4. Points. There is no authority anywhere for the punctuation. There are 
few or no points in the ancient copies, and editors naturally differ in their system 
of pointing. We have been obliged to punctuate for ourselves as we judged 



best. We have not attempted to note the difference in i u , , . . 

various editors, except in places where it materially alter* t ] 

5. Capitals. The only remark needed here is in referen. t . 

of Christ, and of the Holy Spirit. The greatest difficult,. \ [ 

'Spirit.' In some places it is very difficult to say wht^h the 

as a person or the spirit of the Christian is referred to (see \[ 

sometimes a small letter and sometimes a capital had bh e] 

TTvev/ia, in the Greek, persons would naturally have conch,], 

was thus indisputably settled. It was therefore judged 1 

everywhere. In the English we have been obliged to put a 

Holy Spirit was referred to and so have retained it whei,. 

was the case ; but in some places it is really doubtful, and b v 

the spiritual judgment of the reader. The Greek will not 1( 

because in the earliest copies every letter was a capital. Ii 

have followed the usage of modern editors ; putting in tl u 

Jesus but a small letter for Christ, and a small letter for Lor 

6. Verses. In a few places it is doubtful where the < 
mence. In these cases we have followed Bruder's " Gu 
though that work does not in all cases agree with itself. 

The Interlinear Translation. 

1. The plan. The Greek words have always been kept i 
md where the interlinear English would not make sense in I 
words have been numbered to show how they must be re 
7 related 8 to 9 them 2 also 'those 3 who 4 had 6 seen [ 6 it]" (Luke viii 
so as to read ''And those also who had seen [it] related to th 

To prevent this numbering, and transposition in reading 
unnecessarily, a few words are often made into a phrase. Thi] 
the commencement of each sentence, where needed, two or d 
joined with a low hyphen. Thus, instead of 

'~EyevETo 6e i , j 

sit scame <to Spass 'and we nave printed An(l ; 

The words in brackets [ ] are what have been added in tl 
plete the sense where there is no word in the Greek to corres 

Where a Greek word occurs which the English idiom reqi 
translated, the word stands alone with no English word under 
in Mark xii. 7 ; and ov in verse 14, where there are two negati\| 
were translated, would in English destroy one another ; and 
simply marks the sentence as a question. 

In a few places we have been obliged to put a double trans 
cause of the double negatives used in the Greek, where they d< 
follow one another, and so could not be translated by such stre 



sions as ' not at all ' ' m uo wise,' &c. In such cases we have placed a literal 
translation below the o ie required in English. Thus 



{lit. nothing.) 

2. Points of grams 13 *- The Aorist. This tense of the Greek verb has been 
at all times the mo.-t difficult to deal with, being translated, in the Authorized 
version (and by other), sometimes by the present, sometimes by the past, some- 
times by the future :ll| d sometimes by the perfect. Grammarians say that, in 
the main, it is the ^definite past, and we have endeavored, as far as may be, 
to keep it to this, avoiding, except in a few places, the translation of it as a per- 
fect. We all know what stress is often laid and rightly so upon the word 
'have.' If I say, 'he has cleansed me,' it is more than saying ' he cleansed 
me.' The former eipre'ssiori indicates the perfect, and implies a continuance of 
the act, or its effeps, to the present time ; whereas the latter speaks of an act 
at some time in the past, without anything being implied as to its continuance. 

For this reason i: appeared unadvisable to translate the aorist as the perfect. 
except in a few p/aces where the true sense would otherwise have been de- 
stroyed. It is tru.' that the English idiom requires it elsewhere, hut it was 
thought best to preserve the above distinction. An extreme case will illustrate 
this point. In 1 Corinthians v. 9 occurs the word eypaipa, ' I wrote ; ' and in 
verse II the same word precisely L I wrote ; ' but the Authorized Version (and 
others) put for the hitter ' I have written." It is there accompanied with the 
word 'tiow' 'now I have written.' This is needed for good English; we 
have put 'I wrote' in both places, but have placed a comma after the word 
'now' to make it read more smoothly. We preserve this uniformity for the 
sake of literalness. always remembering the fact of the Authorized Version 
being in proximity, which will make all plain in such instances. 

In a few places we have translated the aorist as a present where the sense 
demanded it. As, for instance, eyvu, in 2 Timothy ii. 19 : 'The Lord /amies 
those that are his," instead of "the Lord knew," &c. 

The Imperfect. This is mostly translated as ' I was writing,' or ' I wrote. ' 
But there are a few places where this tense is said to have a different meaning. 
This will be best illustrated by the much-disputed passage in Romans ix. 3 : 
'For / could ici'sh that myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren." 
Here the word for '1 could wish' is in the imperfect. If the learned were 
agreed as to a translation we should have kept to the same, but while some 
translate ' I could wish,' as a conditional present, others give 'I could have 
wished' as a conditional past. We have thought it best to keep the sense of 
the simple imperfect as referred by Winer to this passage. " 1 felt a wish, and 
shou.d do so still, could it be gratified .... (a conditional clause being under- 
stood )." We have put " I was wishing." 

The Perfect. This we have kept as uniform as we could, implying an art 
perfected, but continuing to the present in itself or its consequences. In a few 



places we have translated it as a present: as in Matthew xii. 47, in the sense of 
1 they have stood and still are standing.' 

The Subjunctive. In this mood perhaps we have deviated further from 
ordinary practice than in any other, but we have endeavored, as far as 
practicable, to keep it distinct from both the English imperative and the Greek 
future. Thus in Romans xiii. 9 for ob ^ovevcet^ (future indicative) we have, 
'thou shalt not commit murder;' but in James ii. 11, for iirj fyovs'vayQ (aorist 
subjunctive) ' thou mayest not commit murder." 

The Pronouns. At times it is important to know whether the pronouns 
are emphatic or not. kya ypddu and ypatpu are both ' I write ; ' but where the 
}u is put in the Greek, it makes the pronoun emphatic. This however is 
somewhat due to the writer's style, and in John's Gospel and Epistles, it has 
been judged that, from his peculiar style of composition, he puts in the pro- 
nouns where emphasis is not always intended. John ix. 27 gives a good ex- 
ample of the same verb with and without the pronoun in the Greek : " Why 
again do ye wish to hear? do ye also wish to become his disciple :? " 

Compound Words. It was found impracticable to translate these uniformly 
throughout. For instance, if yvacic be translated 'knowledge,' it might be 
thought that ETziyvucic should be 'full knowledge,' &c. : but on referring to a 
Concordance it will be seen that the latter word cannot be intensified in all 
places, and then to translate it by 'knowledge' in some places, and 'full 
knowledge' in others looks too much like interpretation. We have therefore 
translated both words by 'knowledge.' In the few places however where one 
of each of such words occurs in the same sentence, some distinction was impera- 

The Notes. 

The references to the notes are marked thus in the text *o.vtov" : the mark" 
showing how far the variation extends. In a few places a note occurs within a 
note. If words are to be omitted or transposed by some editors but not by 
others, these latter may want to alter a word in the sentence. In such cases one 
tick shows the termination of the inner note. Thus a .... b ...'.... " 
See notes " and " Matthew v. 44. 

This mark stands lor omit; and -f" for add ; but in some places all the 
editors do not actually omit, some putting the word in brackets as doubtful. 
In that case it is put thus, " avrov [L] TTr " ; which means that Lachm aim 
marks the word as doubtful, and Tischendorf and Tregelles omit it. In some 
cases, all mark a word as doubtful, and then it could be put either thus, tie 
[LTTr], or [&?] LTTr ; we have adopted the latter plan. In some places the 
editors mark part of a word as doubtful, mostly in compound words. See for 
instance [_sK](hu^ovatv read by TrA in Luke xi. 49. 

It will be seen by this that the marks [ ] applied to the Greek or the editors 
in the notes always refer to readings which the editors point out as doubtful. 
They must not be confounded with the same marks in the English text and 
notes, which always point out that there is no corresponding word in the Greek. 



In some places where a word is added by the editors, another English word i& 
added in the note to show the connection of the new word. Thus in Lukexv. 2. 
the word ' both ' is added ; but it falls between the words ' the ' and 
'Pharisees,' therefore it is put thus in the note "+ re both (the) LTTrA" to 
show that it must be read ' both the Pharisees. ' Slight variations in the use of 
the parenthesis occur in the course of the work, but we trust the meaning 
intended will in all cases be plain to the student. 

Where long pieces are to be omitted they are marked in the text where they 
commence and where they end, but in the notes the first word or two only and 
the last are named with . . . between. Thus in Luke ix. 55, note "stands, z 
nal eIttev (verse 55) .... csuoat (verse 50) LTTrA ; o yap .... auaai G. 
The four editors omit the whole twenty words ; but G omits only the last 
twelve. In Luke xxiv. 10, note 'is thus, r -f- v the [ . . .], implying that some 
word must be added. 

We have endeavored to make the notes as plain as possible for the English 
reader. One point still needs to be explained. For instance, in Luke vii. 22 
occur the words " and 2 answering * Jesus said;" but a note omits the word 
'Jesus,' and then it must be read (as stated in the note) "and answering he 
said." This is because the word eItvev (as already explained) stands for both 'he 
said,' and 'said.' Also in verse 27 occur the words eyu oltzogte/Au. ' I send,' 
but a note omits the word eyb, ' I,' and then anoo-EAlu is to be read ' I send,' 
but without emphasis on the ' I.' 

The Money and Measures of the New Testament. 

1. Money. It was deemed better not to attempt to translate the sums of 
money named in the New Testament, as we have no corresponding pieces to those 
then in use. We have therefore used the Greek words untranslated, and give a 
list of them here. It is not without interest and instruction to know the ap- 
proximate value of money and the extent of the measures used. For instance, 
in Revelation vi. 6 we read of " a measure of wheat for a penny" in the 
Authorized Version ; but this leaves the reader in doubt as to how far it speaks 
of scarcity and dearness. We want at least to know the value of the ' penny,' 
and the capacity of the ' measure.' 

The following lists, it is hoped, will be useful ; but approximate values only 
can now be arrived at. 























piece of silver 




tribute money 










piece of money 



00. 64 








943. 66 


piece of silver. This 

is the common 

word for silver and 

money, as Vargent in French, 
different coins. 

2. Measures op Capacity. 

In different places it would represent wholly 


















corn measure* 








metre tes 






measure (dry 
bushel (dry 

measure (dry ) 

measure (liquid " ) 

firkin (liquid" ) 

measure (dry " ) 

It is judged that those marked * are referred to as measures independent of 
their capacity : such as " washing of vessels," &c. 

3. Long Measure. Here the names already in use were near enough to be 







6 to 9 














oJof ca[i(ia.Tov 

sabbath day's 


6 furlongs 


E Elzevir, 1624. 
G Griesbach, 1805. 
L Lachniann, 1842-1850. 
T Teschendorf, Eighth Edition, 1865-1872. 
Tr Tregelles, 1857-1872. 

A Alford, vol. i. 1868; vol. ii. 1871 ; vol. iii. 1865 ; vol. iv. 1862, 1870 
W Wordsworth, 1870. 
+ signifies an addition. 
- ,, an omission. 
] ,, in the interlinear translation, that there is no Greek ivorct corre 
sponding to the English. 

[ ] signifies in the notes that an editor marks the reading as doubtful. 
" ,, how far the variation in the Greek text extends. 

Text. Rec. refers to both Stephens 1550 and E. 






BIBA02 yevscrecog 'l?;crou ^piarov, v'tov b Aa/3ioV' v\ov 
BOOK of [the] generation of Jesus Christ; Bon of David, Bon 


of Abraham. 

2 'Aftpad/x lykvvt]CTEV rbv 'Itradic' 'lo~aaK.Sk kykwrjaev rbv 

Abraham begat Isaac ; and Isaac begat 

'Iaicw/3" ' tysvvrfcrev rbv 'lovSav Kai rovg dSsXcpovg 

Jacob; and Jacob begat Judas and brethren 

avroif 3 'lovSag.Sk kykvvtfcrev rbv *Papkg Kai rbv Zapd sk 

'his ; and Judas begat Phares and Zara of 

rqg Qafidp- <i>apig.Sk tyevvqcrev rbv 'Ecrpcofi' '^apcofi.Sk 

Thamar ; and Phares begat Esrom ; and Esrom 

ty'ivvt]<jzv rbv'Apdfi\ 4'Apdfi.Sk iy'svvrfGZv rbv c 'AfuvaSdf3'^ 

begat Aram; and Aram begat Aminadab ; 

c 'AfiivaSdf3 ] KSk tysvvrjcTEv rbv Naaww' 'Naacrcrojv-Sk tysvvt]- 

aud Aminadab begat Naasson ; and Naasson be- 

csv rbv SaXjuwv 5 2aX/.iiov.Sk tytvvrjasv rbv d Bot>" Ikt rfjg 

g.'.t Salmon ; and Salmon begat Booz of 

'PX/3' d Bo. , ?.5c tykvvijaVTdv e 'Q(3i)S n lKTrJ , Pov9- e 'Q(3r}S" 

Rachab ; and Booz begat Obed of Ruth ; 2 0bed 

Sk lykvi'rjGEv rbv'lsaaai 6 'Leo~tTai.Sk sykvviftrev rbv h Aaf3iS n 

'and begat Jesse ; and Jesse begat David 

rbv f3ao~cXka. h Aaf3iS^.Sk ( b f3atriXevg n tysvvrjtrev rbv S'EoXo- 

the king. And David the king begat Solo- 

juwvra" sk rrjg rov Ovptov 7 2oXoficov.Sk ly'sv- 

mon of the [one who had been wife] of Urias ; and Solomon be- 

vriaev r6v'Poj3odfi' 'Pof3ocifi.Sk ly'svvr\o~tv rbv'Af3id' 'Af3id 

gat Roboani ; and Roboam begat Abia ; -Abia 

Sk kykvvrfoev rbv h 'Ao~d " 8 h 'Ao~d^.Sk sy'swrftrsv rbv'lcocratpdr' 

'and begat Asa ; and Asa begat Josaphat ; 

icotracpdr.Sk sykvvqtrev rbv'Lcopdfx' 'Lcopdfi Sk sysvvqtrev rbv 

and Josaphat begat Joram ; and Joram begat 

x 'Ot,'iaV 9 )'0%iag ll .Sk iyevvi)o~EV rbv '' 'lujc'cQafx.Sk 

Ozias ; and Ozias begat Joatham ; and Joatham 

kysvinfirev rbv " A^aZ,' "A^aK.Sk iy'svvqtrzv rbv v 'HZ,SKcav n 

begat Achaz ; and Achaz begat Ezokias ; 

10 E%Eiciag n .Sk tyswrjaev rbv Mavatrai)' Mavao~o~ijg.Sk sykv- 

and Ezekias begat llanasses ; and Manasses be- 

yrjosv rbv m 'Aficov"~ m 'Aficuv ll .Sk iykwijffEv rbv u 'liooiav' 11 

gat Amon ; and Amon begat Josias ; 

11 'Icoucag".Sk iyevvr]0~EV rbv'Leypviav Kai rovg deeXtpovg 

and Josias begat Jechonias and ^brethren 

avrov, sttI rr)g fieroiKEoiag Baf3vXiovog. 12 Msrd.Sk 

'his, at [the time] of the carrying away of Babylon. And after 

a Evnyye\iov Kara. Ma09alov (MarO. GW) GLTrW ; [Euay.l Kara Ma6 
b Aavl'5 GW ; AauelS LTTrA. c 'Ajaeu/a5a/3 A. d Bob? LT r ; Boes TA. 

' 6 j3a<TiKev<; LTTrA. S 2oAo|Utt>fa GTTrAW. h 'Ao-a^ LTTrA. 

J '0eia$ LTTrA. k 'E&neCav L. l ' Ee/Ci,'as L, m 'A|Uws LTTrA. 

o'lwo-ei'as LTTrA. 

THE book of the gen- 
eration of Jesus Christ, 
the son of David, th 
son of Abraham. 

2 Abraham begat 
Isaac ; and Isaac be- 
gat Jacob ; and Jacob 
begat Judas 'and his 
brethren ; 3 and Judas 
begat Phares and Zara 
of Thamar : and Pha- 
res begat Esrom ; and 
Esrom begat Aram ; 
4 and Aram begat A- 
minadab ; and Ami- 
nadab begat Naasson ; 
and Naasson begat 
Salmon ; 5 and Salmon 
begat Booz of E.achab; 
and Booz begat Obed 
of Ruth ; and Obed 
begat Jesse ; 6 and 
Jesse begat David the 
king ; and David the 
king begat Solomon 
of her that had been 
the wife of Urias; 
7 and Solomon begat 
Roboam ; and Roboam 
begat Abia; and Abia 
begat Asa; 8 and Asa 
begat Josaphat ; and 
Josaphat begat Jo- 
ram ; and Joram beerat 
Ozias ; 9 and Ozias 
begat Joatham ; and 
Joatham begat A- 
chaz ; and Achaz be- 
gat Ezekias ; 10 and 
Ezekias begat Manas- 
ses ; and llanasses be- 
gat Amon; and Amon 
begat Josias ; 11 and 
Josias begat Jechonias 
and his brethren, about 
the time they worq 
carried away to Ba- 
bylon : 12 and after 

A ; Kara Mo.99. T. 

e 'Iw/3rj6 LTTrA. 

' 'Oetou' LTTrA, 

"'Iwcreiay LTTrA- 


2 M A T 9 A I 2. J, 

bZZ ^oailiS T7]V ProiKBffiav BaflvXZvog, 'U X oviag Mykwrmv* tov Sr/Xrt- 

begat Salathiel ; and tne carrying- away of Babylon, Jechomas begat Sala- 

bavf; ie i3 aufLrob*: 9l ? X ' 2aXa9u)X.Sk *iykvVr)GZV* TOV Zopo/3af3e\' 13 Zopo/W- 
be! begat Abiud ; and tnie l ! ant * Salathiel begat Zorobabcl ; -Zoroba- 

a^na BliaMm bJgat 1 A- ^ fX ^ ^tytVVT]Gev V tov ' Af3iovS' 'Af3iov6.Sk iy'svvriOEv TOV 

zor ; 14 and Azov begat bel ' and be " :lt Abiud; and Abiud begat 

Sa-loc;audSadoc begat 'EXtafCflU* 'EXlClKEtuM yWI?ffV TOV 'A'(bp' 14 'A& 
Aehini; and Actum be- & , ' , -n-,. ', . ' , . , ~ , ,' 

g:>t.Eliud;15andEliud Ebakim ; ^ and Ehakim begat ^ ^ Azorj ^ and Azor 

begat Eleazar; and lykwnGEV TOV 'EaSwK' SdSuJK.Sk ly'tVVTlGEV TOV 'AyflU' 'Avf/tt 

fnanTa^Matthat , te f * f ^ ' , andS ^f ( h< ^,, J^l * 

begat Jacob; 16 and Sk lye VV1]G(. V TOV 'EXlOvS' 15 FJXlOvS.Sk iykwi]GtV TOV 'EXf Ct- 

J ; .cob begat Joseph a. ind bogat Eliud . and Eliud begat E1 

the husband of Mary, t , , , , 

of whom was born 4ap* EXa4ap.<3 tysvvt]Gev tov T Mar9av' n r Mar0ar".of tyeV- 

Chr" S t Wh " called zar i andEleazar begat Matthan ; and Matthan be- 

vtjgsv rov'Ia/cw/3 - 16 'la.Kiuf3.Sk tyevvr]GEv tov 'lioa>}<p tov 

gat Jacob ; and Jacob begat Joseph the 

dvSpa Napiag, t vg iyewriQrj 'irjGovg o Xeyo/Jtvog XpiGTng, 

17 So all the gene- husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ, 
rations from Abraham >/- .1 

to David are fourteen 17 UaGcu.ovv Cll yEVECli enrb AfSpad/x eiog 3 Aaf3'tS v 

generations ; and from go all the generations from Abraham to David [werol 

David until the carry- , , , , 

ing away into Babylon yEVEai CEKClTSGGapeg KCU CtTTO "ActpiO. flog 7V/C fliTOlKeGtag 

ire fo.urtecn genera- "generations 'fourteen; and from David until tbn carrying away 

tions ; and from the -n o \ ~ < > ' > ' ~ 

carrying away into JiapwAWVOg, yVGti CEKaTtGGapEg' KCU O.1T0 Tt\g [Ki.TOlKE.Giag 

Babylon unto Christ of Babylon, fenerations 'fourteen; and from the carrying away 

are fourteen genera- t, a \ - " - - > t> 

tions. BapvAivvog swg tov xptcrroi', ytvtai ceKaTsaaapeg. 

of Babylon to the Christ, "generations 'fourteen. 

18 Now the birth of no t> ~ y t'r ~n ~<' 11 " t 
Jesus Christ was on 1 I OV.dt. 1 Ir]G0V n XP^TOV 1) v yVVT]Gig n OVTtxjg 7/1'. MVrj- 
thiswise: When as his Now of Jesus Christ the birth thus was. 'Having 
mother Mary was es- _ n ' w ' 11 ~ > ~ -in ' ~>t ' j 1 
poused to Joseph, be- (TTEv9ElGT}g w Vrtp" Tl]g./.(t]Tpog.aVTOV MapiCtg T<{) I(VGt](p, 7rpiv.y) 
fore they came to- 6 bcen 'betrothed for :i his "mother -Mary to Joseph, before 
gether, she was found _. \ a ~ >__'-.,' ifl ' " > ' 

with child of the Holy wwAtltiv aiTOwf svpsdr] t.v.yctffTpi.txovffa ik irvevfjtdTog 

Ghost. 19 Then Joseph "came together 'they she was found to be with child of [the] "Spirit 

?nnt S a a n nd not^i- ^Lyiov. 19 'IbitTrjQ.Sk o.dvrjp.aiWng, Siiccuog wv, kcil pr) QkXwv 

ling to make her a 'Holy. But Joseph her husband, "righteous 'being, and not willing 

minded eX to m put her aw")v X 7rapafciy/Mm'<rat," if3ovXi]9r] yXdOpa" dirokvaai aV>/v. 

away privily. 20 But ^ er to expose publicly, purposed secretly to put -'away 'her. 

these 3 thin h0U f h h u ^ TCtvTct.Sk avTov.kvQv/xrjO'svTog, ISov, dyyeXog Kvpiov 

the ano-el of the Lord Aud s these G things 'when "he ''had "pondered, behold, an angel of [the] Lord 

appeared unto him in KaT ' ^, vap Uavtl oi'Tio, Xsytov, 'icoantb, v'iog s Aa/3iS, n Ul) 
a dream, saymg, Jo- , " r ' A . *.* ' T ,'"' - ^ ' . ' .. ' 

seph thou son of m a ^c 21111 appeared to hnu, saying, Joseph, son of David, -"not 

David, fear not to (ftoBnOng 7rapaXaf3eiv Maptdu r.iv.yvvalKci.aov' To.ydp Iv 
thy 3 w"fe: formal '^ to take to [thee] Mary- thy wife, for that which in 

which is conceived in avry yZVVTjQlV tK TTVEVflCtTOg iGTtV CtytOV. 21 TE^BTai.Sk VtOV, 

Ghost* % ^And^he hcr is begotten -of [ :, the] 'Spirit Ms "Holy. And she shall bring forth a son, 

shall bring forth a Kdl KClXsrTEig TO.OVOjia.ClVTOV 'll)(T0VV' aVTOg.ydp fflbffEl TOV 

son and thou shalt an i thou shalt call his name Jesus; for he shall save 

call his name JESUS : ,~>^ ~e -, , \. ^ ~ , 

for he shall save his XciOV aVTOV CITTO TixiV .ClfiapTlOJV .CtVTUIV '. 22 ToVTO.Vt 0X0V 

people from their sins. = pe0 ple 'his from their sins. Now this all 

22 Now all this was r , . ,. , , _, ,,.,- 

done, that it might be ytyOVZV, IVCl TrATJpMUy TO pi]VtV VTTO 'TOV H KVptOV 

fulfilled which was came to pass, that might be fulfilled that which was spoken by the Lord 

spoken of the Lord by , , A / 00 't? ' O' < 

the prophet, saying, 01CI TOV TTpO(p)]TOV, AtyOVTOq, 16 ICOV 1} TTCtpUeVOg IV 

23 Behold, a virgin through the prophet, saying, Behold, the virgin ''with 
shall be with child, v t/~ < f / > x / , 

tmd shall bring forth yaGTpi.St,El KCU TSt,TCll VIOV, KCU KCtAtGOVGlV TO OJ'0/.ia 
a son, and they shall "child 'shall'-'be, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call -name 

1 yevrq begets A. r ~Ma90dv LTTrA. s Aav'i'5 Gw; AaveiS LT'l'rA. l 'Irjcrov Tr. v yeveait 
rjLTTrAW. w yap foi'LTTr[A]. 5tffy/naTicrat LXTiA, v AaOpa L. * TOV {read | the |) 


avTov 'E/ifiavovfiXy o tvnv nE9pp,r}VEv6fivov, Mef?' j/juwj/ 

'his Emmanuel, which is, being interpreted, ''With J us 

*o" 0Eog. 24 b Aieyep9eig n .Se c o" 'lu>o))<p cltto tov 'vttvov, tTroi- 

'God. And "having 'been ''aroused 'Joseph from the sleep, did 

tjoev wg TTpoatra^Ev avT(j} 6 dyyEXog Kvplov' Kai TrapsXaj3Ev 

as had ordered him the angel of [the] Lord, and took to [him] 

Trjv.yvvcuKa.auTov, 25 icai ovK.iyivioo-KEv avri]v eivg ov 

his wife, and knew not her until 

tTEKEv 'Voi/' 1 v\6v e ai)T>~ig tov TrpioToroKOV'" icai iicdXscrev 
she broui ht forth "son 'her the firstborn ; and he callad 

Tu.ui>0[Aa.avTOV 'h]<70vv. 
his name Jesus. 

2 Tov.SL'lrjaov yEvvyfiivrog iv Bn9XE(fi rrjg 'lovSaiag, 

Now Jesus having been born in Bethlehem of Judaea, 

iv y'if.i'spaig 'BpoiSov tov fiaaiXewg, ISov, fidyoi dirb dvaToXwv 

in [lie] days of Herod the king, behold, magi from [the] east 

7rapEykvovTO rig 'lepoaoXv/xa, 2 XsyovTeg, Tiov Iotiv 6 te\- 

arrived at Jerusalem, saying, Where is he who has 

Oeig j3a(TtXevg tuiv 'lovSaiiov; riSo[.iEv yap avTov tov darkpa 

been born Xing of the Jews? for we saw his star 

iv ry dvaToXy, Kai i"iX9ofiEV Trpfocicvvt)crai avT<ji. 3 'Aicovoag 

in the cast, and are come to do homage to him. 'Having "heard 

Si f 'Bpu)St]g 6 fiaciXevg^ STapdxOr], icai Tcdoa 'lepoaoXv/xa 

but ''Herod "the 4 king he was troubled, and all Jerusalem 

fiET avTov' 4 icai avvayayihv irdvTag Tovg dp%ipE7g icai 

with" him. And having gathered together all the chief priests and 

ypafi/.iaTig tov Xaov, t7rvv9dvETO Trap' avT&v, ttov 6 %pio~Tog 

scribes of the people, he inquired of them where the Christ 

yEvvarai. 5 O't.Si %el7rov n ovtoj, 'Ev Ij0\/i Trjg 'lovSaiag. 

should be born. And they said to him, In Bethlehem of Judaea : 

o'vriog.ydp yiypaizTai Sid tov 7rpo(p)]TOV, 6 Kai <jv B7j9Xee/j,, 

for thus it has been written by the prophet, And thou, Bethlehem, 

yij lovSa, ovSapwg lXa\iaTi) e! iv ro~ig i)yEfioaiv 'lovSa' iic 

laud of Juda, in no wise least avtamoug the governors of Juda, 2 out 

oov ydpi%EXvcTaii)yoviJ.vog,oGTig TtoijxavEi TOV.Xaov.fiov 

3 of 'thee 'for shall go forth a leader, "who shall shepherd my people 

tov 'lapatjX. 7 Tore 'HpuSng h XdQpa n tcaXiaag Tovg fidyovg, 

Israel. Then Herod, ''secretly 'having called the magi, 

rjKpifiwGEv Trap' uvtwv tov %povov tov cpaivo/nsvov daripog' 

inquired accurately of them the time of the "appearing 'star. 

8 Kai irk fii^ag av-ovg rig B7)9XEt/x eTitev, HopEv9ivTEg 'dicpi- 

And having sent them to Bethlehem, he said, Having gone, accu- 

(3<2>g i^ETaaaTE^ TTEpi tov TraiSioV iTrdv.Si EvpiiTE, 

rately inquire for the little child ; and when ye shall have found [him] 

dwayyEiXaTE fioi, OTrwg icdyu) iX9iov Trpoo~KVvi]0~uj avT<ji. 
bring word back tome, that I also having come may do homage to him. 

9 Qi.Si dtzovaavTEg tov f3aaiXiojg i7ropEv9t](jav Kai (Sov, 6 

And they having heard the king, went away ; and behold, the 

d(TTr]p,'6v eISov ivTydvaToXy, TrpoijyEv ai'TOvg siog iX9a>v 

star, which they saw iu the east, went before them, until having come 

k . ; crrr;" tTrdvu) ov iiv to TraiSiov. 10 loovTEg.Si tov do~Tspa, 
it stood over where was the littlechild. And having seen the star, 

i\dpi]aav \apdv jXydXi]V vcpoSpa' 11 Kai iX96vTEg Eig 

thry rejoiced [with] joy 2 great 'exceedingly. And having come into 

call his name Emma- 
nuel, which being in- 
terpreted is, God with 
us. 24 Then Joseph be- 
ing raised from sleep 
did as the angel of the 
Lord had bidden him, 
and took unto him his 
wife : 25 and knew 
her not till she had 
brought forth her 
firstborn son : aud lie 
called his name JK- 

IT. Now when Jesus 
was born i n Beth leheni 
of Judaea in the daj-s of 
Herod the king, be- 
hold, there came wise 
men from the cast to 
Jerusalem, 2 saying, 
Where is he that is born 
King of the Jews ? for 
we have seen his star 
in the east, and are 
come to worship him. 
3 When Herod thoking 
had heard these things, 
he was troubled, and 
all Jerusalem with 
him. 4 And when he 
had gathered all the 
chief priests and 
scribes of the people 
together, he demanded 
of tnem where Christ 
should be born. 5 And 
they said unto him, In 
Bethlehem of Jndrea : 
for thus it is written 
by the prophet, 6 And 
thou Bethlehem, in the 
land of Juda, art not 
the least among the 
princes of Juda : for 
out of thee shall come 
a Governor, that shall 
rule my people Israel. 

7 Then Herod, when he 
had privily called the 
wise men, inquired of 
them diligently What 
time the star appeared. 

8 And he sent them to 
Bethlehem, and said, 
Go and search dili- 
gently for the young 
child ; and when ye 
have found him, bring 1 
me word again, that I 
may come and worship 
him also. 9 When they 
had heard the king, 
they departed ; and, 
lo, the star, which they 
saw in the east, went 
before them, till it 
came and stood over 
where the young child 
was. 10 When they saw 
the star, they rejoiced 
with exceeding great 
joy. 11 And \vh"n they 

a 6 l. b eyepOel? having risen lttta. c oT. d rov {read a S"n) i.ttva 

e avrrj? tov TTpuiTOTOKOV I.TTtA. f 6 )3acriAeu5 'HpuiSns LTTrA. S tlnav T. h AatW I* 

1 t^fTOCraTe api/3u>s LTI'A. k iv7a6t} LTTrA. 

M A T 9 A I 2. 


sures, they presented 
(into him gifts ; gold, 
and frankincense, and 
myrrh. 12 And being 
warned of God in a 
dream that they 
should not return to 
Herod, they departed 
into their own coun- 
try another way. 

'saw the T ^ v 0li '' iav i svpov 9 to Traitiiov /J-Erd Napiag ; 7,g.p:i]Tpbg.avT0v, 

the house, they found the little child with Mary his mother, 

Kol TTEcrdvTEg TrporsEKVvt]aav aliTcp Kal dvo'i^avTEg 

and having fallen down' did homage to him: and having opened 


gifts ; 

Kal X9 r )f- iaTl(y ^^ VTi Q 

And having been divinely instructed 

TTpOQ l KpwSl]V, 8l dX\7]Q 


were come 

house, they 
young child with Mary 
his mother, and fell 
down, and worshipped 
him : and when they 

had opened their trea- QnoaVOOVC aVTWV TTOOCllVEyKClV 
sures. thev -nvesented ' ' 3 ,., . ' ., ' ,' , 

treasures their they ottered 

to 1dm 



\ij3avov Kal Gjivpvqv. 

frankinoense and myrrh. 

bvap j.ii] dvaicap\pca 
a dream not to return 












13 And when they 
were departed, behold, 
the angel of the Lord 
appeareth to Joseph in 
a dream, saying, Arise, 
and take the young 
child and his mother, 
and flee into Egypt. 
and be thou there until 
I bring thee word: for 
Herod will seek the 7Tai0lOV, TOV CLTTOkiaai CtUTO 



dyye\og KVpiov 

an angel of [the] Lord 

young child to destroy 
him. 14 When he arose, 
he took the young 
child and his mother 
by night, and departed 
into Egypt: 15 and was 
there until the death 
of Herod: that it might 
be fulfilled which was 
spoken of the Lord by 
the prophet, saying, 
Out of Egypt have I 
called my son. 16 Then 
Herod, when he saw 
that he was mocked of 
the wise men, was ex- 
ceeding wroth, and 
sent forth, and slew 
all the children that 
were in Bethlehem, 
and in all the coasts 
thereof, from two 
years old and under, 
according to the time 
which he had diligent- 
ly inquired of the wise 
men. I " Then was ful- 
filled that which was 

avex i0 P r l <Tav S 'Q T})v.xit>pav.av7U)V. 

they withdrew into their own country. 

13 ' A.vaxwpr]Gd.vTii)}'.S avrwv, 

2s T ow -having ''withdrawn 'they, 

m (paivErcu tear 6vap n Tcp'lwafil), Xeywy, 'EytpOtig 7rapa\a/3e 

appears in a dream to Joseph, saying, Having risen take with [thee] 

to TraiSiov Kal T))v.p,i] , Kal (pevys Eig A'iyvrrTOV, 
the little child and his mother, and flee into Egypt, 

t(T0t ekeX siog dv e'Ittij) aol' jxeXXel yap 'Hpwdrig ^ijteIv rb 

be there until I shall tell theej 3 is*about 'for = Herod to seek ihe 

14 'O.Sk tyEpOElg 7rapsXaj3v 



little child, 

to destroy him. 

And he having risen took with [him] 

to iraiS'iov Kai Ti)v-p.rjTipa.avTov vvKTog, kol avExwpiiGEv tig 

his mother 

by night, and withdrew into 

eojg Tqg teXevt^ 'HpwcoV 



death of Herod : 

n T0V U Kvpiov Sid 
the Lord through 

EKaXEaa Tov.vlov.pov 

have I called my son. 


the little child and 

A'iyv7TT0v, 15 Kal tjv ekeI 

Egypt, and was there until the 

TrXi]poj9rj rb p>]9kv vtto 

might be fulfi'lled tLat which was spoken by 
Trpo(p)]TOV, X'syovTog, 'E KlyviCTOV 

prophet, saying, Out of Egypt 

16 Tors 'Hpiodrig, (S<l>v on lvE7raix9r] inrb tu>v pdywv, 

Then Herod, having seen that he was mocked by the magi, 

t9v[Mo9r] Xiav, Kal dirovTEiXag aveXXev TrdvTag Tovg 

was enraged greatly, and having sent he put to death all the 

TrasSag Tovg ev Bf/SXes/i Kal iv Trdaiv loXg.ipioig.avT^g , aTrb 

boys that [were] in Bethlehem and in all its borders, 

SiETOvg Kal KaTWTEpit), KaTa tov xpovov ov 


two years old and under, 

cev irapa tu>v jiayiov 

inquired from the magi, 


according to the time which he had accurately 

17 Tore t7rXr]pu)9r] to pi]9iv 

Then was fulfilled that which was spoken 

spoken by Jeremy the y7ro" 'lEQEu'lOV TOV TTOOcbriTOV, XkyOVTOg, 18 $>U)Vt] EV 'Papa 

prophet, saying, 18 In 
Kama was there a voice 
heard, lamentation, 
and weeping, and great 
mourning, Rachel 

weeping for her chil- 
dren, and would not 
be comforted, because 
they are not. 

19 But when Herod 
was dead, behold, an 
angel of the Lord ap- 
peareth in a dream 
to Joseph in Egypt, 
20 saying, Arise, and 
take the young child 
and his mother, and go 

by Jeremias the prophet, saying, A voice in Rama 

ffKovaQt], v 9prjvog Kal* KXav9ubg Kal cSvppbg TroXvg, 'Px?)X 

was heard, lamentation and weeping and 'mourning 'great, 

KXaiovtra ra.TEKva.avTrJ, Kal ovk i/'/^Xfj/ 11 
weeping [for] her children. and s not 'would 

OTl OilKMfflV. 
bcoanse they are not. 

19 lEXEVTT]aavTogM TOv'HpwSov, ISov, dyyEXog 

But 'having 3 died 'Herod, behold, an angel 

T KaT ovap $aivETai n T(p Tw<7//0 iv AiyvirTip, 20 Xsywv, 'Eyep- 

in a dream appears to Joseph in Egypt, saying, Having 

9Etg 7rapdXa(3E to 7raiSiov Kal T-))v.}ii]TEpa.avTOv, Kal xopEvov 

risen take with [thee] the little child and 


be comforted, 


of [the] Lord 

his mother, 



' elSov they saw gltttaw. m nar' ovap eoSanj in a dream appeared l ; kclt' ovap 
4>aiverai Tr. - tov (read [the] ) ltivaw. S^ through LTXrAW. p Opnvos /ecu LTTi a. 
9 rj6e\r)<TiV L. r ^aiVerat KaT' bvap LTTrA. 



f'C Y'~1 V 'IcpariX' r^9n']Kacnv.ydp ol Zvtovvteq tt)v \pvx>)v 

into [the] land of Israel : for they have died who were seeking the life 

tov 7raiSiov. 21 'O.Si tyepQeig 7rapsXa/3ev to TratSiov Kai 

of the little child. And he having risen took with [him] the little child and 

T>)i'./.l7]TEpa.aVT0V, KCtl 
his mother, and 

'but that Archelaus 


s >)X9ev n eig yifv 'IcrparjX. 22 aKovaag 

came into [the] land of Israel. -Having- 'heard 

8f oti 'ApxtXaog (3aaiXevei t tTri" rijg 'lovdaiag avrl y 'HpioSov 

reigns over Judaea instead of Herod 

11 i<pof3i)9r] t/ci cnreXOelv xP 7 U' aTl(7 ~ 

his father, he was afraid there to go ; 'having "been 'divinely 

9eig dk tear ovap, avtxts)pr\os.v eig rd fiept] Ti)g FaXiXaiag, 

instructed 'and in a dream, he withdrew into the parts of Galilee : 

23 kcil iX9wv KaT<{JKii(7v elg rroXiv Xeyojikvqv v 1iaZapaT' a 
and having come he dwelt in a city called Nazareth ; 

07Ttof 7rX?ipuj6?j to pi)9ev SlCl TUIV 7Tp0(p}]TU>V, OTI 

so that should be fulfilled that which was spoken by the prophets, that 

Nawpaio KXijOijaerai. 

a Nazarsean shall he be called. 

3 Taig.ijfi'epaig.tKHvaig TrapayiveTai 'lajdvvtig 6 

Now in those days comes John the 

ficnrTiGTrig, Ki]pva<yu)v iv ttj ept)p:qi Trjg'lovoaiag, 2*Kai n Xkyujv, 

Baptist, proclaiming in the wilderness of Judaea, and saying, 

MeravoelTe' i'jyyiKev.ydp r) (3acnXeiaTU)vovpavu>v. 3 OiTog.ydp 

Repent, for has drawn near the kingdom of the heavens. For this 

ioTiv 6 pii9eig - v {i7r6" 'Hoatov tov TrpofriTOv, XkyovTog, 
is he who was spoken of by Esaias the prophet, saying, 

Qiovr) /3oujVTog iv ry ipt)p(p, 'Erot/xacrare Tt)v bSbv kv~ 

[The] voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare the way of [thCj 

piov ei>9eiag ttoieIte rdg^Tpifiovg.avTOv. 4 AvTog.oe 6 'lojdvvrjg 

Lord, straight make his paths. And "himself 'John 

elx EV To.ivSvfxa.avTOV a-irb Tpix&v icafu)Xov, Kai wi'?jv Cep- 

had his raiment of hair of a camel, and a girdle of 

tiarivriv Tr(.pi Ti)v.6<y<pvv.avTov' y.Se Tpo<pi) 7 ai'T0v t)v n aKpideg 
leather about his loins, and the food of him was locusts 

<ai p.kXi dypiov. 
and "honey 'wild. 

5 Tors i^S7ropeveTO Trpbg ovtov 'lepocroXv/ia Kai irdaa t) 

Then went out to him Jerusalem, and all 

lovdaia Kai trcwa ?} Trepix^pog tov 'lopSdvov 6 tcai t/3a7rrt- 

Judaea, and all the country around the Jordan, and were bap- 

ZiOVTO* iv f(j) 'lopSdv?j b vtt' avTOV, i^ojxoXoyovpevoi Tag uuap- 
tizod in the Jordan by him, confessing -sins 

riag avTwv. 7 7roXXovg twv Qapiaaiojv Kai UladSov- 

'their But having. seen many of the Pharisees and Sa-ddu- 

Kaiwv ipxop.ivovg iiri Tb.(3aTTTio'p:a. <: avT0v, u elwev avTolg, 

cecs coming to his baptism, he said to*them, 

VevvquaTa ixidviov, Tig vTrsSei^ev vluv ipvyelv d-irb Ttjg jxeX- 

Offspring of vipers, who forewarned you to flee from the com- 

Xovarjg bpyfjg ; 8 iroajoaTE ovv ^Kapirovg d%iovg u Trjg pera- 

ing wrath ? Produce therefore fruits worthy of repent- 

voiag' 9 Kai ixi).S6,r)T Xkyeiv iv eavT0i~g, Harzpa txopev 

ance : and think not to say within yourselves ["For] ^father 'we '""have 

into the land of Israel: 
for they are dead which 
sought the young 
child's life. 21 And ho 
arose, and took the 
young child and his 
mother, and came in- 
to the land of Israel. 

22 But when he heard 
that Archelaus did 
reign in Judaea in the 
room of his father He- 
rod, he was afraid to 
go thither: notwith- 
standing, being warn- 
ed of God in a dream, 
he turned aside into 
the parts of Galileo : 

23 and he came and 
dwelt in a city called 
Nazareth : that it 
might be fulfilled 
which was spoken by 
the prophets, He shall 
be called a Nazarenw. 

Ill, In those days 
came John the Baptist, 
preaching in the wil- 
derness of Judsua, 2 and 
saying, Repent ye: for 
thekingdom of heaven 
is at hand. 3 For this 
is he that was spoken 
of by the prophet K- 
saias, saying. The voice 
of one crying in the 
wilderness, Prepare 
ye the way of th 
Lord, make his paths 
straight. 4 And the 
same John had his rai- 
ment of camel's hair, 
and a leathern girdle 
about his loins ; and 
his meat was locusts 
and wild honey. 

5 Then wont out to 
him Jerusalem, and 
all Judsea, and all the 
region round about 
Jordan, 6 and were 
baptized of him in Jor- 
dan, confessing their 
sins. 7 But when lie 
saw many of the Pha- 
risees and Saddncees 
come to his baptism, 
he said unto them, O 
generation of vipirs, 
who hath warned you 
to flee from the wrath 
to come ? a Bring forth 
therefore fruits meet 
for repentance : !l and 
think not to say within 
yourselves, We have 
Abraham to our fa- 

6 el<rri\8ev entered LTTrA. l rl (read rffi 'low. over JucUea) lt[t: a] v tov narpos 

aiiToii 'Hpajoov LTTrA. w Nafape'0 LTT W. * /cat Lx[T Ja. v 6ta through fcTT AW. 

1 jjl> auToi} LTTrA. a + [7raiTes-J ull L. b + TTOrafxio river LTTrA. aVTOV (read tll 

ba^tiain) i,t[TiaJ. d Kapir'ov a^iov fruit worthy 


ther: for T say unto 
you. that God is able 
of those stones to raise 
up children unto Abra- 
ham. 10 And now also 
the axe is laid unto 
the root of the tres : 
therefore every tree 
which briugeth not 
forth good fruit is 
hewn down, and cast 
into the fire. 11 I in- 
deed baptize you with 
water unto repent- 
ance : but he that 
coineth after me is 
mightier than I, whose 
shoes I am not worthy 
to bear: he shall bap- 
tize you with the Holy 
Ghost, and with fire: 
i'J whoso fan is in 
his hand, and lie will 
throughly purge his 
floor, and gather his 
wheat into the garner; 
but ho will burn up 
the chaff with un- 
quenchable fire. 

13 Then corneth Je- 
eus from Galilee to 
Jord:.n unto John, to 
be baptized of him. 
14 But John forbad 
him, saying, I have 
need to be baptized of 
thee, and comest fhou 
to me? 15 And Jesus 
answering said unto 
him, Suffer it to be so 
now : for thus it be- 
cometh us to fulfil all 
righteousness. Then 
he suffered him. IGAnd 
Jesus, when he was 
baptized, went up 
straightway out of the 
water: and, lo, the 
heavens were opened 
unto him, and he saw 
the Spirit of God de- 
scending like a dove, 
and lighting upon him: 
17 and lo a voice from 
heaven, saying, This 
is my beloved Son, in 
whom I am well 

IV. Then was Jesus 
led up of the Spirit in- 
to the wilderness to be 
tempted of the devil. 
2 And 'when he had 
fasted forty days and 
forty nights, he was af- 
terward an hungred. 

M A T 9 A I v jrij IV 

rev' \fioad/.r Xryw.ydp, on cvvarai b 9eoc Ik 7uivXi9(ov 

'Abraham : fur 1 say to you, that able is God from 'stones 

tovtmv iyslpai t'ikvcl Ttp'AfSnaa/i. 10 7"]St].ck e rai" r) a%ivq 
'these to raise up children to Abraham. But already also the axe 

Ttpbg t))v ptt,av twv S&vcpwv Kiirac ttciv ovv Ssvvpov /.iq 

to the root of the trees is applied : -every 'therefore tree not 

7T010VV KCtpTTUV KClXoV iKKOTTTETai Kai Eig TTVp j3dX\ETO.l. 

producing -fruit 'good is cut down and into' [the] fire is cast. 

11 'Eyw j.uv ( j3clt7ti'C^ v[idg n iv vdari tig \iETavoiav' o.St 

I indeed baptize you with water to repentance ; but he who 


after me [U] coming mightier than I is, of whom I am not 

'iKavug rd. v7roc))fxara fiaardGaC avrug Vfidg /3a7rriaei iv 

fit the sandals to bear : he 3 you 'will 'baptize with [the] 

TTVEv/iiart dyiip kcii rrvpi. 12 ov to tttvov iv tv Yfipi 

'Spirit 'Holy and with fire. Of whom the winnowing fan [is] in 'hand 

avTOV, Kai liciKciQapiH Ttjv.ciXwva.avTOV, Kai o~vvdt,Ei 

'his, and he will thoroughly purge his floor, and will gather 

rbv .GiTOV.avToi) etc t*)v a.7toQr}KT]V^ to.cSe d^vpov KctTaKavati 
his wheat into the granary, but the chaff he will burn up 

TTVpl Clofi'iGTtf). 

with fire unquenchable. 

13 Tots irapayivETai b 'lr\Govg otto t7]q TaXiXaiag iiri tcv 

Then comes Jesus from Galilee to the 

'lopSdvi]v 7rpbg Tov'lwdvvrjv, tov fiaTTTto-Qt'ivai vtt' aurov. 

Johja, to be baptized by him. 



14 u.tjf. h 'lwaw/jg" SiekwXvev <xvt6v, Xiywv, 'Eyw xpEiav i\w 

But John was hindering him, saying, I 'need 'have 

virb gov ficnrTMrOrivai, teat ov tpxy irpog ue ; 15 'Attokpi9e\^ 

by thee to be baptized, and 'thou 'comest to me? 3 Answerinj 

St b 'lr\o~ovg e~l7tev l irpbg avTov^ "A<psg apTi' ovTwg.yup 

'but 2 Jesus said to him, Suffer [it] now; for thus 

Trp'nrov tOTiv j/jutV TrXripwaai irdaav liKaioavvqv . Tore 

becoming it is to us to fulfil all righteousness. Then 

d(pu]Giv avTov. 16 JKat [3aTrTt(r6Eig n b'lqaovg ^dvifii) 

hesuffers him. And having been baptized Jesus went up 

fi)0iV" aTrb tov vdctTog, Kai iCoi, l dvtjJx9>l<Tciv u m avrtp n o't 
immediately from the water: and behold, were opened to him the 

oi'pavoi, Kai eIcev "to ][ irvevfia tov^ Qeov Kara[3ah>ov wad 

heavens, and he saw the Spirit of God descending as 

TTEpiGTEpdv, v Kai n EpXI'j-tEVOV iTT CWTUV. 17 Kai tdoV, (j>wvi) 
a dove, and coming upon him : and lo, a voice 

tK twv ovpavwv, Xiyovaa, Oi'Tog ioTtv b.v'iog.fiov b dya- 
out 'of the heavens, saying, This is my Son the be- 

Tri]Tog, iv >p <! ioo/cj;o"a 11 . 
loved, in whom I have found delight. 

4 Tore r 6" 'lqcrovg dv)]\0)\ Eig ti)v tpijfxov virb tov ttvev- 

Then Jesus was led up into the wilderness by the Spi- 

fjaTog, 7rEipaG0i]vai vtto tov SiafioXov. 2 Kai vr]GTEvaag 
rit to be tempted by the devil. And having fasted 

7/j.ispag s TEO<japaK0VTa n Kai l vi>KTag TEG<rapdK0VTa, n 'vaiEpov 
*days 'forty and 2 nights 'forty, afterwards 

e Mat LTTrAW. f vuos /3a7rTiu> LTTrW. s + avrov (read his granary) LT.W. J 1 'Iwomn 
(read he was hindering) I.t[Tia]vv. ' avrui L. J fia-n-Tio-Oeis Si LTT:AW. k tvBvs ave^ri LTTrW. 
1 >j ><<:(,; x'0r}o-ai> L. m - aiiTol | l]t. " to (read [the]) t[a]. tov t[aJ. p Kai lt [lrh\ 
S ijuookijo-o T. ' 6 A. s Teo-o-epaKOvra. Ti'iA. l Teo-o-epafcoi'Ta vvktos T ; vvKTas Tecro-ep. TrA. 



67T(Vcr6v. 3 Kai 7rpo(Te\6<ljv v avT(p n 6 irapaZ,wv eIttev , Ei 
he hungered. And having ccnie tohiui the tempter said, If 

viog el tov 9eov, eiVe 'iva oLXiOoi.ovroi aproi ykvwvTai. 
s Son r thou 2 art of God, speak that these stones 3 loaves 'may 'become. 

4 'O dt cnroicpiQdg eIttev, TtypaTTTai, Ouk Itt aprip fiovip 

But he answering 1 said, It has been written, Not by bread alone 

^YjaErai *av9pioiT0Q, dXX' 7i7ri [l ttclvti prj/ian tK7ropsvo/J,ivq) Sid 

shall -live 'rnan, but by every word going out through 

n ~ - _,, . , , , . % , -. , mouthofGod. 5 Then 

crouaTOQ veov. o yore 7rapaXa/xfjavEi avrov o dia/ooXog Eig the devil taketh him 

[the] mouth of God. Then 3 takes "him 'the -devil ' to up into the holy city, 

and settetb him on a 
TOV pinnacle of the temple, 

3 And when thotempt- 
er came to Jiim. he 
saia, If thou be the 
Son of God, command 
that these stones be 
made bread. 4 But ha 
answered and said, It 
is written, Man shall 
not live by bread alone, 
hut by every word that 
proceed eth out of the 

T))v dyiav ttoXiv, Kai z 'iGTt]Giv n avruv Irri to TTTEpvyiov 

the holy city, and 

Upov, 6 Kai n \Eyft " 

temple, and 

self down: 


wiil give charge 

sets him upon the edge of the 6 an(i sa 'th unto him, 

T ~ n ~ r, ,,. -If thou be the Son 

TOV VEOV, fjaXe fff.av- of God, cast thyself 

! art of God, cast thy-* down: for it is written, 

> /-> i -. , He shall give his 

yi.ypaTTTai.yap, On TOig.ayyiXoig.avrov tr- 
ior it nas been written, To hjs angels he 



to him, 





3 Son 'thou 

7repi gov, Kai iTri \Eipu)V apovoiv ce, 
concerning thee, and in [their] hands shall they bear thee, 

HljTTOTS. TTpOGICOlpJJg TTpOQ X'l&OV TOV.7r6oa.GOV. 7 "E<pT] UVTlp 
lest thou strike against a stone thy foot. s Said Ho^him. 

6 'l?]GOVg, 

Oew gov. 

"God 'thy. 

angels charge con- 
cerning thee : and in 
their hands they shall 
hear thee up, lest at 
any time thou dash 
thy foot against a 
stone. 7 Jesus said 
unto him, It is written 
again, Thou shalt 

IJaXH, ykypaTTTai, Oi'K.iKTTEipaGEig Kvpiov tov ffpt ^w Sfy 

Again it has been written, Thou shalt not tempt [the] Lord God. 8 Again, the devil 

8 TiaXiv TrapaXafifiavei clvtov 6 SidfioXog elg 
Again 3 takes him 'the -devil to 

opog v-^riXov Xiav, Kai Se'ikwgiv aiVfp xaGag Tag {3aGi~ 

u mountain ""high 'exceedingly, and shews to him all the king- 

\siag tov KOG/J.OV Kai Trjv.So^av.avTuiv, 9 Kai h \'syei v avTift, 
doms of the world and their glory, and says to him, 

c TavTa TvavTa cot" Siogoj, iav ttegmv 7rpoGKVi'f]G?jg 

'These ^things 'all to thee will I give if falling down thou wilt worship 

fioi. 10 Ton; Xkysi avnp 6'lrjGovg, "Y7rayE d , GaTava' 

me. Then 2 says 3 to 4 him 'Jesus, Get thee away, Satan; 

yiypa7TTai.yap, Kvpiov 7CpoGKVvi)GEig, Kai 

for it has been written, [The]- Lord thy God shalt thou worship, and 

avToZ fxovijj XarpevGEig. 11 Tore d(ph]Giv avTov 6 Sidj3oXog' 

him alone shalt thou serve. Then 3 leaves 4 him 'the 'devil, 

xai iSov, ayyrXoi 7rpoGt)X9ov Kai Sit]kovovv avTtp. 

and hehold, angels came and ministered to him. 

12 ' e 6'lr]Govg ]] on 'lojdvvijg 7rapeS69r], av- 

But "having ''heard 'Jesus that John was delivered up, he 

%wpiiGEv Eig ti)v TaXiXaiav. 13 Kai KaTiiXi7ru)v n)v f Na^ajOr," 

withdrew into Galilee: and having left Nazareth, 

>n n i f > % n i n dwelt in Capernaum, 

iX9tov KarojKrjGEv Eig %KaTTEpvaovfi ti\v 7rapa9aXaGGiav, which is upon the sea 

having come he dwelt at Capernaum, which [is] on the sea-side, 

tv opioig ZafiovXwv Kai ~NE(p9aXeiix, 

in [the] borders of Zabulon and Nephthalim, 

to pi]9iv 

that which was spoken 

taketh him up into an 
exceeding high moun- 
tain, and sheweth him 
all the kingdoms of 
the world, and the 
glory of them - r 9 and 
saith unto him, All 
these things will I give 
thee, if thou wilt fall 
down and worship me. 

10 Then saith Jesus 
unto him, Get thee 
hence, Satan : for it is 
written, Thou shalt 
worship the Lord thy 
God, and him only 
shalt thou serve. 

11 Then the devil 
leaveth him, an'd, he- 
hold, angels cacie and 
ministered unto him. 


iva 7rXripoj9y 

that might be fulfilled 

did 'HGaiov tov wpocprjTOV, XkyovTOg, 15 Tt) 

by Esaias the prophet, saying, Land 

12 Now when Jesus 
had heard that John 
was cast into prison, 
he departed into Gali- 
lee ; 13 and leaving 
Nazareth, he came and 

coast, in the borders 
of Zabulon and Neph- 
thalim : 14 that it 
might be f ul filled 
w-hich was spoken by 
Esaias the prophet, 
saying, 15 The land of 

-. -. < ( ~ .. T . r\ \ ' *' n \ ' ~ Zabulon, and the land 

AapoVMOV Kai yy) Ns^faAEI/t, OOOV 9a\aGGH}g TTtpaV TOV of Nephthalim. 6)/ the 

of Zabulon, and land of Nephthalim, way of [the] sea, beyond the way of the sea, beyond 

'i \ ' t>\\' n - -ir><\' " a' Jordan, Galilee of the 

lOpCllVOV, 1 aKlKaia TlOV tVVOJV, lb O AfiO O KaUrjfXEVOg Gentiles; 16 the peo- 

Jordan, Galilee of the nations,* the people which- was sitting pie which sat in dark- 

" avT<3 TTrA. w + aura) 10 him LTTrAW. * + 6 LTTrAW. ? ev LTrA. * icrTqaey set LTTrA. 
a el-rev said L. b ei7rei' said LTTrA. c ravrd croi navra TTrA. A + cnrtaui ixov behind 

me g[l]w. e o 'Ljo-ovs f Na^apd^ Nazarath l ; Is'a^apsd v; ; Naapa Nazara TTrA. 
f Kao>api/aov/A LTTrAW, 


Tiess saw great light ; 
and to them which sat 
in the region and 
shadow of death, light 
is sprung up. 1" From 
that time Jesus began 
to preach, and to say, 
Repent : for the king- 
dom of heaven is at 

18 And Jesus, walk- 
ing by the sea of Gali- 
lee, saw two brei 
Simon called Peter, 
and Andrew his bro- 
ther, casting a net 
into the sea : for they 
were fishers. 19 And 
he saith unto them, 
Follow me, and I will 
make you fishers of 
men. 20 And they 
straightway left their 
nets, and followed 
him. 21 And going on 
from thence, he saw 
other two brethren, 
J arues the son of Zebe- 
dee, and John his 
brother, in a ship with 
Zebedee their father, 
mending their nets ; 
and he called them. 
22 And they immedi- 
ately left the ship and 
their father, and fol- 
lowed him. 

M A T A I 2. 

IV, V. 

23 And Jesus went 
about all Galilee, 
teaching in their syn- 
agogues, and preach- 
ing the gospel of the 
kingdom, and healing 
all manner of sickness 
and all manner of 
disease aihong the peo- 
ple. 24 And his fame 
went throughout all 
Syria : and they 
brought unto him all 
sick people that were 
taken with divers 
diseases and torments, 
and those which were 
possessed with devils, 
and those which were 
lunatic, and those 
that had the palsy ; 
and he healed them. 
25 And there followed 
him great multitudes 
of people from Galilee, 
and from Decapolis, 
and from Jerusalem, 
and from Judaea, and 
from beyond Jordan. 

V. And seeing the 
multitudes, he went 
up into a mountain : 
and when he was set, 
his disciples came un- 
to him : 2 and he 


h ffK6m elce cpuJQ n fxiya, Kai toiq Ka9rjfiivoig iv 

darkness has seen a -light 'great, and to those which were sitting in [the] 

%wpct ical CKiqi. Oavarnv, (f>u>g dvsTStXev aiirolg. 17 'Atto 

country and shadow of death, light has sprung up to them. From 

tote i"ip^aro b 'IqadBg Ki]pva<yeiv Kai Xeyeiv, Meravoeire' 

that time began 

f/yyiKev.yap if 

for has drawn near the 

Jesui to proclaim and to say, Repent ; 

(3am\eia twv ovpavuJv. 

kingdom of the heavens. 

18 UtpnrariiJv-H 'o 'li]!Jovg l irapd ti)v 9dXaooav rijc VaXi- 

And -walking 'Jesus by xh-3 sea ci Gaii- 

Xaiag eleev cvo dSeX<porc, Si'/.-wj/a tov Xeyo/xtpov Usrpov, Kai 

lee he saw two brothers, Simon who is called 'Peter, and 

'Avdpsav TOv.dEeXtybv.avTov. fiaXXovrag dfirpi/3Xi]crTpov elg 

Andrew his brother, casting a large net into 

Tt)v OaXavvav i]<yav.ydo aXielg. 19 Kai Xsyei avrolg, k Aevts 



for they were fishers: and he says to them, Corns 

b-jriuu) fxov, Kai Tron](Jio vadg dXieig dvQpww. 20 01. eh 
after me, and I will make you fishers of men. And they 

evOkiog eHpkvrtg rd c'iKTva rjKoXov9r]aav avrtp. 21 Kai 

immediately having left the nets, followed him. And 

7rpo/3dg iKeWsv, eleev dXXovg evo actXcpovg, 'laKiofiov rbv 

having gone on thence, he saw other two brothers, James the [son] 

tov Z,ej3e8ai6v Kai 'lu)dvvr\v Tov.ddeX(pbv.avTOV, iv rip irXoap 

of Zebedee, and John his brother, in the ship 

fisrd Zefiedaiov T0v.7rarpbg.avru>v, KarapriZovrag rd SIktvq 

with Zebedee their father, mending = nets 

avru)v' Kai iKaXeaev avrovg. 22 .tvQewg d<pevTeg to 

'their, and he called them ; and they immediately having left the 

7rXoTov Kai'Tuiv i)KoXov9i]oav ai>T<fi. 
ship and their father followed him. 

23 Kai irepiriyev i '6Xi]v rr\v TaXiXaiav b 'li]oovg } n cicdvKiov 

And 2 went 3 about *all 5 Galilee 'Jesus, teaching 

iv ralc.tTVvayioya'ig.avToJv, Kai Ktipvaacov to evayyiXiov Tqg 

in their synagogues, and proclaiming the glad tidings of the 

(3amXeiag, Kai Oeoairiivwv Trdoav voaov Kai Trdaav p.aXaKiav 

kingdom, and healing every disease and every bodily weakness 

iv r<^> Xatp. 24 Kai aTrr{X9ev ij aKorj avTov eig oXrjv rnv 2u- 

among the people. And went out the fame of him into all Sy- 

piav' Kai 7rpoarjveyKav avruj TravTag 

ria. And they brought to him all 

TOvg.KaKwg.txovTa g, 

who wore ill, 

7roiKiXaig voaoig Kai (iaadvoig vvvexotikvovg, m jsai" SaifioviZo- 

by various diseases and torments oppressed, and possessed by 

fisvovg, ical GeXr\viaZ,oj.dvovg, Kai TrapaXvTiicovg' Kai iOepd- 

demons, and lunatics, and paralytics ; and ha 

TTfvaEv avTovg. 25 Kai r)KoXoi<9i]<yav avTfft o^Xot 7roXXol airb 

healed them. And 3 followed 4 him -crowds 'great from 

Tijg FaXiXaiag Kai Aeica7rAXeojg Kal'lepocoXvfiwv Kal'lovfiaiag 

Galilee and Decapoli; and Jerusalem, and Judea 

Kai Ttipav tov 'lopbdvov. 
and beyond the Jordan. 

5 Toi<g byXovg, dvifir) elg to bpac' Kai Ka9i<jav- 

But seeing the crowds, he went up into the mountain; and ^having 3 sa 

Tog avTov, "tt pocrjX9ov' [ avT(p' oi.fia9i]Tal.avTCV. 2 Kai dvoi~ 
Mown 'he, came to him his disciples. And having 

'' CTKOTta <d>S elev I.TrA J cncorei $to? eloei' TW. o 'Ijjo-Ovs; 
Jesus L. ' 6 'Itjcovs bArj tt\ TaAiAaio L ; [6 'Itjctou?) Tr ( 6 'Ir 
TTi A. ; 6'ItjctoOs okx]V Tt\v FaAi/Way W. " Kai i-Ti A. " Trpoo - !)/ 

, . w i><r OLTTiAW. k -f [6 'Irjcrovj] 
is L. '6 'Iijcovs bArj tt/ FaAiAata L ; [6 'Irjcrou?) Tr ( 6 'Itjo-ous Ta) iv bArj rrj raAiAcu'ji 
. ; 6'Itjo-oOs bAiji' rip VakiXaiav Vf. m Kai LXiA. " 7rpoo-i)A0a' TXr, Q aVTW L 



tag rb.aroaa.avrov iSidarrKEv avrovg, \yan>, 3 Natcdpioi ot 

opened his mouth he taught them, saying, Blessed [are] the 

7rrw\'0( ripTTVEvuan' on avrtov icnv i] fiaoikz'ia rwv ovpavwv. 

poor in spirit ; for theirs is the kingdom of the heavens. 

4 Pfiaicapioi ol ttevOovvteq' on avrol 7rapaKXi)97]crovrai. 

Blessed they who mourn ; for they shall be comforted. 

5. ficiKcipioi oi TrpaeiQ' on avrol KXTjpovo/xrjaovaiv n)v yrjv. " 

Blessed the meek ; fctr they shall inherit the earth. 

6 jiciKapioi oi 7rEiya>vreg Kal SiiptovrEg n)v SiKaioo-vvtjV 'on 

"* Blessed they who hunger and thirst after righteousness ; for 

avrol \opraa9iiaovrai. 7 jxaKapioi oi iXErjuovEg' on avrol 

they shall be filled. Blessed the merciful ; for they 

l\?T)9i)aovrai. 8 fiaicapioi oi xaQapoi ry KapSia' on avrol rbv 

shall find mercy. Blessed the pure in heart ; for they 

Qeov liuWrm. 9 uuKapioi oi Eipr)voTroioi bri- q airo" viol 9eov 

3 God 'shall = see. Blessed the peacemakers; for they sons of God 

Kki)Qi)aovrai. 10 uaKaptoi oi SESaoyusvoi evekev Sitcaio- 

shall be called. Blessed they who have been persecuted on account of right- 

oi<vr\g' on avrtov ionv t) fiaaiXEia rwv ovpavwv. 11 [xaicapioi 

eousness; for theirs is the kingdom of the heavens. Blessed 

tare, orav ovEtfiiawriv vudg ical Siw^wcriv, ical e'ittiogiv rrdv 

are ye when they shall reproach you, and shall persecute, and shall say every 

irovi)pbv x pr}ua n ica9' vawv^EvbduEVOi" evekev iuov. 12%ai- 

wicked word against you, lying, on account of me. Re- 

fers Kal ayaWiaoOE, on b.jxw9bg.vixwv 7roXvg iv rolg ovpavolg' 

joice and exult. for your reward [is] great in the heavens; 

o'vrwg.ydp iSiw^av rovg rrpofo'irag rovg rrpb vfiwv. 

for thus they persecuted the prophets who [were] before you. 

13 'Y/xElg tare rb aXag rrjg yi'ig' idv.Si rb UXag uwpav9y, 

Ye are the salt of the earth : but if the salt become tasteless, 

iv nvi aXio9r)OETai; Eig ovSiv to^uei * rl > ei'-juj) l /3X?j- 

with what shall'it be salted ? for nothing has it strength any longer, but to be 

Qi\vai [{ tw, T /cat" KaraTrarE~io9ai vrrb rwv dv9pwTrwv. 14 'Yuslg 

cast out, and to be trampled upon by men. Ye 

tare rb <pwg rov koguov' ov2vvarai ttoXic Kpvfirjvai irrdvw 

are the light of the world, 3 cannot 'a "city be hid on 

bpovg KEifi'evi]' 15 ovSe Kaiovcnv Xvxvov Kal n9iaaiv avrbv 

a mountain situated. Nor do they light a lamp and put it 

V7rb rbv fiohov, dXX' ittI r>)v Xvxviav, Kal XduTTEi rrdaiv rolg 

under the corn measure, but upon' the lampstand ; and it shines for all who 

iv ry oi'/ei'p. 16 o'vrwg \au\pdroj rb.tpwg.vuwv l\nrpoa9Ev 

[are] in the house. Thus let shine your light before 

rwv av9pto7ru>v. OTUog 'Ldwaiv vuwv ra KaXa tpya, Kal 8o,a- 

men, so that they may see your good works, and may 

owaiv rbv.7rarkpa.vuwv rbv iv rolg ovpavolg. 

glorify your Father who [is] in the heavens. 

17 M-n.vojiiaqrE on rjX9ov KaraXvaai rbv vbfiov t) rovg 7rpo- 

Think not that I came to abolish the law or the pro- 

py)rag' ovk.t)X9ov KaraXvaai, dXXd rrXrjpwaai. 18 durjv.ydp 

phets : I came not to abolish, but to fulfil. For verily 

Xiyio vuTv, swg.av TzapkX9y b ovpavbg Kal t) yt), icora 'iv tj 

Isay to you, Until shall pass away the heaven andthe earth, '"uota 'one or 

uia KEpa'ia ov.ur) 7rapiX9y drrb rov vbfiov, swg.av rrdvra 

one tittle in no wise shall pass away from the 





opened his mouth, and 
taught them, saying, 
3 Blessed are the poor 
in spirit : for theirs is 
the kingdom of hea- 
ven. 4 Blessed are 
they that mourn : for 
they shall be comfort- 
ed. 5 Blessed are the 
meek : for they shall 
inherit the earth. 
6 Blessed are they 
which do hunger and 
thirst after righteous- 
ness : for they shall 
be filled. 7 Blessed are 
the merciful : for they 
shall obtain mercy. 
8 Blessed are the pure 
in heart : for they 
shall see God. 9 Bless- 
ed are the peace- 
makers : for they shall, 
be called the children 
of God. 10 Blessed are 
they which are per- 
secuted for righteous- 
ness' sake : for theirs 
is the kingdom of 
heaven. 11 Blessed ara 
ye, when men shall 
revile you, and perse- 
cute you, and shall say 
all manner of evil 
against you falsely, 
for my sake. 12 Re- 
joice, and be exceeding 
glad : for great is. your 
reward in heaven : for 
so persecuted they the 
prophets which were 
before you. 

13 Ye are the salt of 
the earth : but if the 
salt have lost his sa- 
vour, wherewith shall 
it be salted? it is 
thenceforth good for 
nothing, but to be cast 
out, and to be trodden 
under foot of men. 
14 Ye are the light of 
the world. A city that 
is set on an hill cannot 
be hid. 15 Neither do 
men light a candle, 
and put it under a 
bushel, but on a can- 
dlestick; and it giveth 
light unto all that are 
in the house. 16 Let 
your light so shine be- 
fore men, that they 
may see your good 
works, and glorify 
your Father_which is 
in heaven. 

17 Think not that I 
am come to destroy, 
the law, or the pro- 
phets : I am not come 
to destroy, but to ful- 
fil. 18 For verily I say 
unto you, Till heaven 
and earth pass, one jot 
or one tittle shall in 
no wise pass from th 
law. tillall be fulfilled. 
10 Whosoever there- 

p Verses 4, 5, transposed LTTr. 

' p>?M a O'tud [thing]) LTTrA. 
" Kal LTTrA. 

1 avrol (read kAtjStj. they shall be called) [i.]t[tia]. 
i//cvcofAej'oi L. l /3Ai)0ei/ having been cast LTTrA. 



come to pass, 

M A T A I 2. V. 

19 og.ldv ovv Xvay iiiav twv.IvtoXwv.tovtwv twv 

Whoever then shall break one of these commandments the 

fore shall break one 
of these least com- 
tnandixients, and shall 

teach men so, he shall i\avioTWJ', KCll SlSa^V OVTWC TOVQ aVvpWTTOVg, iXaX^GTOg KXl]- 
be called the least in * and shall teach a so ' 'men, least shall 

the kingdom of hea- ' , , _ , , 

ven: hut whosoever QiyJETClL EV T?) pacriAEia TWV OVp'aVWV OQ.O -CLV TTOL1)Gy Kal 
" he called in the kingdom of the heavens; but whoever shall practise and 

Steady, oi)Tog fikyag KXr]BrjGETai iv ry fiaaiXEia. twv 

shall teach [them], this [ono] great shall bo called in the kingdom of lha 

ovpavwv. 20X'syw.ydp vluv, on,7) irEpiGGEvay w ?? Cikcuo- 

heavens. For I say to you, That unless shall abound 2 nght- 

gvvt] ipv 11 7tXe~iov twv ypa.iifxa.Ttwv Kai <Papi(raiwv, 
eousness 'your above [that] of the scribes aad Pharisees, in no wise 

EiGiXOrjTE elg ttjv fiacriXeiav twv ovpavwv. 

shall yc enter into the kingdom of the heavens. 

21 "HKOvffaTE OTiHpptQr} l Wo~iQapxoioiQ. Ov.<povEi>GEig' 

Ye have heard that it was said to the ancients, Thou shalt not commit murder; 

ogj'.dv (povevffy, ivoxoQ 'ioTai ry Kp'iGEi. 22 iyw.Sh 

but whoever shall commit murder, liable shall be to the judgment. But I 

6 opyitdfxEvog Tti-dcE\(p(^-avT0v yji'/c/j" 

shall do and teach 
them, the same shall 
be called great in the 
kingdom of heaven. 
20 For I say unto you, 
That except your 
righteousnoss shall 
exceed the righteous- 
ness of the scribes and 
Pharisees, ye shall in 
no case enter into the 
kingdom of heaven. 

21 Ye have heard 
that it was said by 
them of' old time, 
Thou shalt not kill: 
and whosoever shall 
kill shall be in dan- 
ger of the judgment: 
22 but I say unto you, 
That whosoever is 
angry with his brother 
without a cause shall 
be in danger of the 
judgment : and who- 
soever shall say to his 
brother, Raca, shall be 
in danger of the coun- 

with his brother lightly, 

Xiyoj iiiiiv, oti irag 
say to you, That every one who is angry 

Ivoxoq 'ioTai ry apian' og.d'.dv znry T.^.doEX^.avTOVy 

liable shall be to the judgment: but whoever shall say to his brother, 

z 'Pa(ca," ivoxoc; tGTai r<p GWEOpiw' og.S'.dv Eiwy, Mwp't, 

Raca, liable shall be to the Sanhedrim: but whoever shall say, Fool, 

23 'Eav ovv irpoa- 

of fire. If therefore thou 

shall say, ^Tt^l .^o X oQ larai e! Q n)v ykvvav tov irvpog 

shall be in danger of liable -shall bo to the Gehenna of fire. If 

hell fire. 23 Therefore <*p?7C T0.dwp6v.a0V S7TI TO OvGiaGTTjpiOV, KCUcti flVlJoOyg 

iothealtar?Ld y there Lilt offer thfgift at the altar, and there shalt remember 

rememberest that thy <^ Tl Q adEX6og.GOV !% Tl KaTCl GOV, 24 dtyEQ EKfA. TO fiwpoV 

against tto; 2^1eave tha t thy brother has something against thee, ^ leave there -gift 

there thy gift before aQV lairpoaQtV TOV QvGiaGTl)pioV, Kal VTTayE, TZpwTOV diaX- 

' 'thy before the altar, and go away, first be 

XdyqOi T<^.dcEX(p(f).(TOv, icai tote iXQwv irpoGcbEpE ToSwpov 
reconciled to thy brother, and then having come offer 2 gift 

gov. 25"Ia9i eiivowv ry. dvTiSiicw.Gov ra%i>, swq.otov eI 

'thy. Be agreeing with thine adverse party quickly, whilst thou art 

Hv Ty oSy LIET ailTOV," (li)TTOTE GE TTapaS((i 6 aVTidlKOQ Tlf) 

in the way with him, lest s thee 'deliver 'the 2 ad verse -"party to the 

Kpiry, Kal 6 Kpirfjg h G 7rapao<p" ry v7D]pETy, icai Eig (pvXaxijv 

judge, and the judge thee deliver to the officer, and into prison 

26 dfirjv Xiyw goi, ov./xt) iZiXQyg ekeWev, 

thou be cast. "Verily I say to thee, In no wise shalt thou come out thence, 

OUt , - ^ , r. / 

thence, till thou hast twg.av a7T0Cq)g TOV tGXCLTOV K06paVTl]V. 
until thou pay the last 

27 'HKovaaTE oti I tppk9T} 11 

Ye have heard that it was said 

GEig' 28 Lyw.dg \fya vixiv, on nag 6 fiXkirwv ywa~iKa -xpbg 

adultery: but I say to you, that every one that looks upon a woman to 
to iiriOvLiijaai d avTi~]g, n 7]dr] elioix^vgev avTrjv iv ry 

lust after her, already has" committed adultery with her in 

the altar, and go thy 
way ; first be recon- 
ciled to thy brother, 
and then come and 
offer thy gift. 25 Agree 
with thine adversary 
quickly, whiles thou 
art in the way with 
bim ; lest at any time 
the adversary deliver 
thee to the judge, and 
the judge deliver thee 
to the officer, and thou 
be cast into prison. 
26 Verily I say unto f3X)]Vt]GJ} 
thee, Thou shalt by 
no means come out 
:nce, till 



*ToTg dpxcdoig. 

to the ancients, 

1 Ov.Lioixtv- 

Thou shalt not commit 

paid the 

27 Ye have heard 
that it was said by 
them of old time, Thou 
shalt not commit adul- 
tery : 28 but 1 say 
unto you, That whoso- 
ever looketh on a 
woman to lust after 

nduite'fwiThTr'ai- icapSia. e avTOv. n 29 EiM o.otiOaXfiog.aov 6 fclibg OKavSaXi&i 
ready in his havrt. 'heart >his. But if thine eye, the right, cause J to J offend 

frfi n d d ^ 7 p\fck ey i 8 t <"> *"& X avTbv KCti P 6 ^ A a d ' Ll<pEpEl : ydp GOI 'iVU 

>ut, and cast it from 'thee, pluck out 

it and cast [it] from thee: for it is profitable for thee that 

" V(X.C)V 7) SiKaiOOVVrj TA. * eppriB-q LT-AW. y euo) LT^TrA]. ^ * fax* T. * fJ-ef 

(turov ev T17 65u> LTTrAW. b <re 7rapa5a> LTTtJ. 
LirAW ; auTTjs T. eavToi L. 

TOtJ apx<"OlS GLTTrAW. 

a, , ij'* 


oTrnXrimt t7> Ttov.fte.\wv.oov, icat ui} oXov fiXrfOy 

slijulil purUh one of thy members, and not "whole 'thy body he cast 

fic yhvvav. 30 m< el r).Se%id.(Tov %s/p GKavcaXic,ei at, 'it;Koil>ov 

into Gefienna. And if thy right hand cause -to -'offend 'thee, cutoff 

avrrjv Kai [SuXe c'tirb gov' Gv/Kpspei.ydp Got 'h'a cnroXijrai 
it and cast [it] from thee: for it is profitable for thee that should perish 

iv TuJv.fisXwv.Gov, Kai urj oXov rb.Gu>ftd.Gov f /5X?jf9?) tig yEEvi>av. v 

one of thy members, and not "whole 'thy 3 body be cast into Gehenna. 

31 g 'Ej0(0ft9^ 11 8e, h on !l ug.dv a7roXvGij riji'.yvvalKa.avTov, 

It was said also that whoever shall put away his wife, 

cdrio avry dwoGTaGtov. 32 iyw.Si Xkyoj vfCiv, on y 6g.dv 

let him give toiler a letter of divorce : but I say to you. <:hat whoever 

cnroXvoy* rriv.yvvcuKa.avTOV, TraptKrbg \6yov Tropveiag, 7roteT 
shali put aAvay his wife, except on account of fornication, causes 

avri)v k /xoi%ac7t?a( " Kai v bg.idv n diroXtXv}iivi]V '"yafajGy, 11 
her tocommit adultery; and whoever her who has been put away shall marry, 


commits adultery. 

33 riaXn' i]Kovaa.T, on %ipps9)^ rolg apxaiotg, OvK.tTriop- 

Again, ye have heard that it was said to the ancients, Thou shalt not 

Kr t (jiQ, cnrodwaeic.Sk r<p Kvpiip TOvg.opKovg.GoV 34 iyoj 

forswear thyself, but thou shalt render to the Lord thine oaths. "I 

di Xiyuj iifuv fit) bjioaai oXojg, fir/re iv rep ovpavtft, on Bpovog 

'but say to you hot to swear at all, neither by the heaven, because [the] throne 

ioriv tov Qeov" 35 fiijre iv t?j yij, on vttottoviov Icttiv tu>v 

it is of God ; nor by the earth, because [the] footstool it is 

KocCov.avTOu' /.u'its slg 'lepoGoXvua, on TroXig hrrlv tov 

of his feet : nor by Jerusalem, because [the] city it is of the 

UeydXov fSaGtXiwg' 36 /.trjTe iv Ty.KetpaX?j.Gov bfioGyg, on 
great King. Neither by thy head shalt thou swear, because 

ov.Svvaaai fxiav roi^a Xevi:>)v n ij fikXatvav Troii]Gat.^ 37 otw" 

thou art not able oue hair white or black to make. 2 Let 5 be 

Si b.X6yog.i<nwv, vai vai, ov ov' 'rb.Si irzpiaabv tovtojv iic 

'but 3 your 4 word, Yea, yea ; Nay, nay : but what [is] more than these from 

rov iroinjpvv ianv. 

evil is. 

38 'KKovffare on zipp'iQq* 'OtpQaXubv dvrl bp9aXuov, Kai 

Ye have heard that it was said, Eye for eye, and 

bSovTa. avri bSSvrog' 39 iyoj.Ss \iyoJ vulv fit) dvTtGTt\vai np 

tooth for tooth ; but I say to you not to resist 

TCovi\pi^' aXX' oo-Tig ge p pa7riaei iiri^TrjV-SE^idv.^Gov Giayova, n 

evil; but whosoever thee shall strike on thy right cheek, 

CTpiipov avT<p Kai r>)v dXXt]v' 40 Kai r<p QiXovri gol Kpi- 

turn to him also the other; and to him who would with thee go 

6>~)vai Kai rbv.xiTuJvd.rrov \af3eiv, dtfieg avTtp Kai to iftdnov 

to law and thy tunic take, yield to him also [thy] cloak ; 

41 ku'i oo~Tig ere dyyapevaei fiiXiov 'iv, inraye fiST avroii Svo. 

and whosoever thee will compel to go J mile 'one, go with him two. 

42 -<p aiTovvTi ge T SLdov n Kai Tov.OiXovTa dirb gov s Savei- 

To him who asks of thee give; and him that wishes from theo to bor- 

oao-Qafi fif/.aTroGTpatpyg. 

row thou shalt not turn away from. 


thee : for it is profit- 
able for thee that one 
of thy members should 
perish, and not tluit 
thy whole body should 
be cast into hell. 
30 And if thy right 
hand offend tliee, cut 
it off, and cast it from 
thee : for it is profit- 
able for thee that one 
of thy members should 
perish, and not that thy 
whole body should t3 
cast into hell. 

31 It hath been said, 
Whosoever shall put 
away his wife, let him 
give her a writing of 
divorcement : 32 but I 
say unto you, That 
whosoever shall put 
away his wife, saving 
for the cause of forni- 
cation, causeth her to 
commit adultery : and 
whosoever shall marry 
her that is divorced 
committeth adultery. 
33 Again, ye have 
heard that it hath 
been said by them of 
old time, Thou shalt 
not forswear thyself, 
but shalt perform unto 
the Lord thine oaths: 
34 but I say unto you, 
Swear not at all ; nei- 
ther by heaven ; for it 
is God's throne: 3. r > nor 
by the earth ; for it is 
his footstool : neither 
by Jerusalem ; for it is 
the city of the great 
King. 36 Neither shalt 
thou swear by thy 
head, because thou 
canst not make one 
hair white or black. 
37 But letyourcommu- 
nicatiou be, Yea, yea ; 
Nay, nay: for what- 
soever is more than 
these cometh of evil. 

38 Yo havo heard 
that it hath been said. 
An eye for an eye, and 
a tooth for a tooth : 
3'Jbut I say unto you, 
That ye resist not 
evil: but whosoever 
shall smite thee on 
thy right cheek, turn 
to him the other aluo. 
40 And if any man will 
sue thee at the law, 
and take away thy 
coat, let him have thy 
cloke also. 41 And 
whosoever shall com- 
pel thee to go a mile, 
go with him twain. 
42 Give to him that 
asketh thee, and from 
him that woald bor- 

f el? yhvvav aneXOri into Gehenna go aw.iy LTTrA. S tppi707) I/TrAW. b Sn LTTrA. 

' 7rcL? 6 oiiTokvbiv every one that puts away LTTrA. k /uoixv0i}i'ai LTTrA. o be who l. 

^ya/Mrjaas has married L. n 7roivjo-ai 17 nekaivav LTTrA. taron. shall be LA. Ppajri'ei eij 

strikes upon LTTrA. 1 ffiayoi'a <rov LTrA ; o-ov (read the right cheek) T. * 60s LTTrA, 
* 6an'o"a<76ai T. 

12 MAT9AI0!. V, VI. 

thou away* * Urn not ^3 'HKoiKTare on HpptOt]," 'AyaTrt]<reig Tov.TrXrjaiov.aov Kai 

43 Ye' have heard Ye have heard that it was said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour and 

tnat it hath been said, fuarjaElQ TOV.kxdpoV-CTOV 44 tyoJ. Ot XiyiO i'fJUV, 'AyaTTCLTZ TOVQ 

neighbour^ and 6 hate hate ( , thine enemy. But I say to you, ^ Love 

thine enemy. 44 But i^QpovQ VfJ,U)V, 7 l>Xoytr TOvg KaTapiO/lSVOUg VflClQ, KaXiOQ 

I say unto you, Love = enemies 'y ur, bless those who curse you, ''well 

your enemies, bless , , I , 

them that curse you, 7T01HTS w TOVQ UKJOVVTCLQ VUag, ] " KOI 7rQO6"i;X<T0 VTVtO TlOV 

do good to .them that > do to those who hate you, and pray frr' tho-.e u ho 

hate you, and pray for , ' ' -.._,, , n 

l^ein which despite- *ETrT}pEaC,OVT())V VfXag Kai" ClltlKOVTWV Vfiag' 40 07TWC yiVl]<JV 

fully use you, and per- despitefully use you and persecute you ; so that ye may bo 

secute you ; 45 that ye , , , , , , , v \ . - 

may be the children of VIOL TOV.TTaTpOg.VjlloV TOV tV OVpCLVOlQ' OTl TOV.JjXlOJ'.aVTOV 

your Father which is Kons of your Father who [is] in [the] heavens : for his sun 

in heaven : forhe mak- , ,. . , , , , , _ , , ~ , , , 

eth his sun to rise on aVUTSAKei STTl TTOVTjpOVg KClt CiyaVOVQ. Kai /3|0EYl 7Tl OlKCtlOVQ 

the evil and on the he causes to rise on evil and good, and sends rain on just 

good, and sendeth rain < > */ ,/- ^ t > \ ' ~ ~ 

on the just and on the Kai actKovQ. 4o sav.yap aya7rr]or)T TOvg ayaTtwvTag vpag, 

unjust. 46 For if ye and unjust. For if ye love those who love you, 

love them which love < /->> > . \ < \ ~ > > mi 

you, what reward have TIVCL JXIGVOV %r; OV)(l Kai 01 TtKlOVai 'TO aVTO u 7T010VGIU J 

ye? do not even the what reward have ye? 2 not ^Iso'the Hax "gatherers 'the "same 'do? 

publicans the same 1 An \ > \ > > r, * \ _. < < ' ' 

47 And if ye salute 47 Kai tav acTTraatjcrVE TOvg.aceX<povg.vfiwv jxovov, ti Tnpicr- 

your brethren only, and if ye salute your brethren only, what exiraurai- 

MhersfdorioteTenihl OOV TTOlflTV, OV^l Kai 01 z TE\wiW *OVTlOg K TTOIOVGIV j 48 taSdOs 

publicansso? 48 Be ye nary do ye? '"'Xot ^alsoHhe 5 tax r 'gatherers 7 so 'do? 's.liail "'be 

as^ou^F^Thlr which * v "j"'f \aoi, ^(TTEp 11 ci.7ron)p.i/jiuv l 'o iv toTq ovpavolg" 

is in heaven is perfect, 'therefore l ye perfect, even as your Father who [is] iu the heaveU3 

rkXeioQ ioTiv. 

perfect is. 

VI. Take heed that Q ITj00O-%r d TTjV. e eXrilJlOCFVVT]V n .VfXU)V jJLl) 7TOIEIV t/JLTTpoaOeV 

foremenfto U teseenof Be , ware your alms not ^ to do before ^ 

them: otherwise ye rtov av9pw7rujv, 7rpbg.Tb.9ea9ijvai avTolg' ei.H.m'jye, ' uioQbv 

have no reward of your ^ in order to be seen by them : otherwise reward 

Father which is in hoa- ' , j ' , f , 

ven. 2 Therefore when OVK.tXETE TTapO. T<p-7TaTpi.V^lOV TCp tV { To7g i[ OVpavolg. 2 OTUV 

thou doest thine alms, ye have not with your Father who [is] in the heavens. When 

do not sound a trum- ' , , , , n , 

pet before thee, as the oiv 7TOl7jg tXerjj-lO(TVyT]V, flij-lTaXirKTyg ipLTTpocrBiV 0~OV y 

hypocrites do in the therefore thou doest alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, 

synagogues and in the , , , , , , 

streets, that they may W(T7Tfp 01 VKOKplTai TT010V<JIV tV Taig OVVayioyUlQ KUl IV Taig 

have glory of men. as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the 

Verily I say unto you, ,, ? n .. .,,, n , .''-\' 

They have their re- pVfiaig, OTTlOg C0t;a<7VC0CnV V7T0 TWV avUpiDTTtOV ap]V KiyiO 

ward. 3 But when streets, that they may have glory from men. Verily i say 

thou doest alms, let <,,)> r n> ^~o~ ,, - '\ 

not thy left hand know VfXlV, aTTl-XOVGlV TOV.piGVOV.aVTLOV. 6 (TOV.Ce TTOlOVVTOg A/}- 

what thy right hand to you, they have their reward. But thou doing 

doeth : 4 that thine i < / < > ' ' _~ " r_s '' _.. 

alms may be in secret : ^oaVVt]V, lX7).yVWTixi 7].apl(TTEpa.OOV Tl 7T01U r/.C^ia.(TOU, 

and thy Father which alms, let not 4 know 'thy 'left 'hand what does thy right hand, 

ShaU reward h thee 4 OITLoq %y (TOV ^.IXenpoaVVT]" ivT$KpV1TT$- Kai b.TTaTTip.CTOU 

openly. so that 3 may *be 'thine *alms in secret: aud thy Father 

6 fiXkiriov tv Tifi Kpv7TT<ii h avTbg ] ' cnroSioaH erot 'Lv.T<o.(pavp<p. n 

5 And when thou who sees in secret himself shall render to thee openly. 

r y as St the hSocri n tes 5 Kai '6 T av ^poaEV XV , ol'K.iay w<T7rep< ol vrroKpirai, 

are: for they love to And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites, 

fynagogu^d^ the on (piXodmv iv ralg ovvayioyalg Kai iv Taig ywviaig tCov 

corners of the street*, for they love in the synagogues and in the comers of the 

1 epprjQr) LT AW. T ei>\oyeiTe . . . fiicrotn'Tas v/xas LTTrA. w tcis iml<tov<tlv v/ f JW. 
1 eirr]pea^6vTWV i/ota? ai LTTiA. J oiiras SO LTrA. * edvLKol heathen GLTTrAW a to ayrb, 

the same lttyaw. h w? as i.tT'A. c 6 oupaytos the heavenly LTTrA. d ^ + Sk but tT ]. 
e 8iicaio<ruvT)v righteousness gltt. aw. f toIs T. 817 trou eAerj/xocrvi'r) 17 T. h aurbs 
LTTrA. ' iv tw (fravepu LTTrAW. k apo(Tivxvc^ e > ovk iatcrOt ws ye pray, ye shall not 

be as LTTrA. 


7rXareiCJv (GTwreg TrpoatvyiaQai, 07rwc l dv n .(bavwGiv role that they may be seen 

,. s r A ' .. r .. r "of men. Ycrilv I sar 

streets standing to pray, so that they may appear unto yon, They have 

dv9pioiroig' duy)v Xeyoj vu7v, m ort" dw'i yovgiv rov uioQbv t { loir reward. 6 But 

tomca. Verilj I say to you, that they hare ^reward ^'^ *%*%& 

avrJ)v. 6 gv.Ss, orav TrpoGEvxy, e'igeX9e Eig rb^rapiEtov' .gov, closet, and when thou 

'their. But thou, when thou prayest, . enter into thv chamber, hast shut thy door, 

. i, , n , / - - , P ra 7 t0 th y Father 

KClt KAEtGag TljvMl'pav.GOV, 7TpOGEVt,ai Ttp-TVaTpi.GOV Tip EV which is in secret ; and 

and having shut thy door, pray to thy Father who [isl in thy Father which seeth 

, < , , . , , - . , " m secret shall reward 

Tip KpVTZTtp' Kai 0.7TaTl]p.G0V O pXiTTUJV tV Tip KpVTTTlp WTTO- thee openly. 7 But 

secret ; and thv Father who sees in secret will when ye pray, use 

-w , ~ ~ u _ , ., , ~ .not vain repetitions, 

Ciogei goi tv.T<p.(pavptp 7 IipoGEvxopEvoi.cE p.i]. v paTToXo- as the hoathen efo: 

render to thee openly. But when ye pray do not use vain for they think that 

/ H ., < i/i / ~ (.it > -v / they shall be heard for 

y>]G))TE, UHJTCZp 01 EVl'lKOl' COKOVGLV.yap OTl IV nj WOKvAOytq. their much speaking, 

repetitions, as the heathens : for they think that in- 'much 3 speaking 8 Be not ye therefore 

> -. > r\i o ' t < n~ ~ . like unto them : for 

ai'TUJV ElGaK0VGU1)G0VTai. b p.)j OVV OpOKOVtjre aVTOig y our Father knoweth 

'their they shall be heard. 'Not ^therefore 'belike to them : what things ye have 

f *.. % * * r / >r \ ~ t ~ need of. before ve ask 

ouev.yap o.Tramp.vpcov wv XP eiav l X^ T rrpoTOWixag him. 9 After tbi man- 

for -'knows 'your ''Father of what things "need 'ye "have before ye ner therefore pray ye: 

airnaai avrov. 9 ovnog ovv 7rpoaei>x^9e vfielg' llarep-vpuv i^^en, Sowed 

ask him. Thus therefore pray ye : Our Father he thy name. 10 Thy 

b iv rolg ovpavolg, ayiaaOrjTio Tb.ovopa.GoV 10 ^tX9irui n w nf te one^n eartif 

who [art] in the heavens, sanctified be thy name ; let come nR ,-j ^ j n heaven! 

ij.fiaGiXEia.GoV yvii9t]Tio TO.9s\t]pd.G0V, (hg iv ovpavip, Kai J 1 *f lv f. us a his fo ^"d 

thy kingdom; let be done thy will as in heaven, [so] also f or g[ Te us our debts 

liri r rfjg n yrjg' 11 rb-y.aprovJipu>v rov iiriovoiov dog i)p~iv at]- as we forgive our debt- 

upon the earthy our bread ^ the needed give us ^ *- not into -temptation* 

tiepov' 12 Kai debse iiaiv rd.dcheiXnuaTa.iiuuJv, wc Kai wueTc but deliver us from 

& an d) forgive y ns t our"debts, * 'as also ^ S^S^'p^ 

*d<plsu,Ev n Tolg.o(piXsTaigj'ipu)v' 13 mi prj.EiGEvtyKyg rjpidg Eig er, and the glory, for 

forgive our debtors ; And lead not us into e J er - . Amen. 14 For 

, , XN , ,~ , ~ , , ~ ~ t - , if ye forgive men their 

ireipaGpov, aXXa pvaai i/pag airo rov irov^pov. l ort gov tGTiv trespasses, your hea- 

temptation, but deliver us from evil.' For thine is yenly Father will also 

, n . , ,, ? , ,,, , ,-. >'u forgive you: 15 but if 

ij paGi\sia Kai ij cvvapig Kai >/ ovt,a eig rovg aiojvag. aprjv. ye forgive not men 

the kingdom and the power and the glory to the ages. Amen, their trespasses, nei- 

, . i_ , , , . , n , t , ~ ther will your Father 

14 hav.yap a<p)]T roig ai'vpioiroig Ta.irapaTrTiopara.avTUJV, forgive your tres- 

For if ye forgive men their offences, passes. 

d<pi]GEi Kai vpiv b.7raTi)p.vpov 6 ovpdvwg' 15 idv.dh pf/ 

6 wili 6 forgive "also 7 you 'your -Father 3 the ^heavenly. but if 3 not 

d(pi]TE Tolg dv9pL07roig u Td.irapa7rTiopaTa.avroJv, n ovSt 6 
'ye "forgive men their offences, neither 

TraTi)p vpuiv d<pi]GU Ta.Trapa7rrwpaTa.vp,uJV. 

s Fathcr -your 'will forgive your offences. 

16'Orav.Sk v)]Gtevi)te, ]UJ/.ytVecrf9 v w<T7rp" oi v7roKpirai 

And when ^ ye fast, ^ be not ^ as , the hypocrites, i 6 Moreover when ye 

GKv9pui7T0i d(paviZoi'GlV.ydp fd.7rp6G(j07ra. v 'aVTU)V } n fast, be net, as the hy- 

flowncast in countenance ; for they disfigure their faces, pocntes, of a sad coun. 

' ) , / ' \ \ ' tenance : for they dis- 

'd7nxjg (paviOGlV TOlg dv9piOTTOig Vt]GTEVOVTEg' apl7]V XsyU) figure their faces, that 

so that they may appear to men fasting. Verily I say they may appear unto 

< - x" 11 ' ' ' fl' - ,, <r ' men to fast, Verily I 

VpiV, x 07t a7TSX 0VffiV TOV.piGuoV.UUTUJV. 17 GV.Ot V)]GTEV(jJV say unto you, They 

to you, that they have their reward. But thou, fasting, have their reward. 

, , / , / , I -i a " 17 But thou, when thou 

aXttyai GOV TtjV KE(paX)]V, Kai r0.7rp0GU)7r0V.G0V Viyai' lO 07T0)g fastest, anoint thine 

anoint thy head, and 2 thy "face 'wash, so that head, and wash thy 

, ~ ,, t n t i n>\\>~ ' face; 18 that thou ap- 

p,7).(pavgg ' y rotg avUpw7roig vi]gtevo)v, aXXa rip warpi pea r not unto men to 

thou mayest not appear to men fasting, but to 'Father fast, but unto thy Fa- 

1 apLTTrAW. m OT'.LXXrA. n TafJieiQyTA.- ev Ttf (fravepu LTTrA. P /SaTXaAoyrJcrrj-i.' TA. 

q iXOdrio Tl r tt)s ltti-aw. . 8 a^ijKiafiei/ have forgiven ltti-a. t _ T( , ao , to end of 

OLXIrAW. u to. TraoaiT. O.VTWV X. v WS LTXrA, w av7y' , x OTlIiTXrA. * vq<T. tois avOpii. I-., 

14 M A T B A I O 2. VI. 

anTthyFath^.w^h f 0U T <? T^KpHTTT^ Kid O.TTa^p.GOV flXtTTWV i V T$ 

seeth in secret, shall tn J" w ho [is] in secret; auJ thy Father who soea in 

reward thee openly. ^KpVTVro}'' ClTToSwGEl Got Hv.TOJ.(pavEp<p. [[ 

secret will render to thee openly. 

19 Lay not up for , , _ , , , - 

yourselves treasures Lit M7}_Ul)Gai'plLETE VUIV VllVavpOVQ ITTl Tljg y//C, OTTOV 

upon earth, where Treasure not up for yourselves treasures upou tho earth, where 

moth and rust doth ( <0 ~ > 'v < \ ' s> ' 

corrupt, and where &>) KU( pOWGig a<paviC,H, KCll 07TOV KAE7TTai ClOpi'GGOVGlV KCll 

thieves break through moth and rust spoil, and where thieves dig through and 

and steal: 20 hut lav -\ ' /-> n 'v > t n > > 

up for yourselves trea*- KAE7TTOVGIV Z\J U7]GaVpiC,ST-CE VfXtV- UljGClVpOVg EV Ol'pClV(t), 
sures in heaven, where steal: but treasure up for yourselves treasures in heaven, 

neither moth nor rust ' "_' _ a - > j. 'y > " ^' ' \J 

doth corrupt, and 07rov 0V T <"? OVTE pploGLQ CHpClVl^U, KCll 07TOV KAETTTCIl OV.Cl- 

where thieves do not where neither moth nor rust spoils and where thieves do not 

steal*: Sl^or^where OpVGGOVGlV OVOE kX'eITTOVGIV. 21 OTTOV.Jlip EGTIV 6 ^i\GClvpog 
your treasure is, there dig through nor steal: for where ''Ms ^treasure 

^"laThe^lght'ofthe ^r 1 ^^ ' tKel " tarai " Ka ^ V :apcia b u/iwv." 22 *0 Xirp/oc rov 

body""is the eye : if '7*, there will be also "heart 'your. The limp of the 

therefore thine eye be ffuuciTOg EGTIV 6 6<h9ciXu6g d - iav e OVV n f o.OC>^aXu6g.GOV 

single, thy whole body ', , . , ' ' . - . . - '.- 

shall be full of light. bo ''y t u the e ? e ; lf therefore tmnec-ye 

23 But if thine eye be cnrXovg y," '6X0V TU.GoiUli.GOV (pUITElVOV EGTCll' 23 tClV.Ss 6 

Si'ilbe'MrfdS ,^' /^ *" -thy/body r light ^ will be. ^ But if 

ness. If therefore the lxhQaXu6g.GOV TTOVrjpug T) , 6XoV TO.GWUCl.GOV GKOTEIVUV EGTCll. 

light that is in thee be thine eye evil be, ''whole ' thy bod v dark v. ill be. 

darkness, how great is , / * 

that 'darkness 1 El OVV TO <j)iog TO EV OOl GKOTOg EGTIV } TO GKOTOC 7T<'OOV ] 
If therefore the light that [is] in thee darkness is, the darkness how great 

24 No man can serve 24 OvVElg SvVClTCtl SugI KVptOig SovXevEIV l].ydp TOP Era 
two masters: for ei- No one is able two lords to serve ; for either the one 
ther he will hate the , , , , , < , ' , ,./ , 
one, and love the other; fllGrjGEl, KCll TOV ETEpoV ayClTDjGEl' 1] El'Og ClvUi,ETUl, KCll 
or else he will hold to he will hate, and the other he will love; or [thej one he wiil hold to, and 
the one, and despiso ~ , , , , > f ' /i n ~ ?> \ ' > 
the other. Ye cannot TOV ETEpOV KClTCl(ppovr]GEl. OV.OVVCIGUS UEUJ OOVAEVEIV KCU S/<afi- 
serve God and mam- the other he will despise. Ye are not able = God Ho "serve and mam- 
mon. 25 Therefore I > n n . > i ~ \ ' ~ < ~ ~ I 
say unto you, Take no fMOVQ.." 'ZO ClCl TOVTO XsyOJ VfllV, ^.UEpiflVClTE Ty .^ V \y .V f.HV % 
thought for your life, mon. Because of this I say toyou, be not careful as to your life. 

what ye shall or^ " 0r^/ ^"i" '" irU]TV\ fitfe TOJ.GOJ^ClTl.i^lwV, 

nor yet for your body, what ye should eat and what ye should drink ; nor as to your body 

Fs'not 1 the a Hfrmore " ivCVG^Qs. OV X i V tyxt ^"OV EGTIV T? K TpO^g KO.I 
than meat, and the what ye should put on. 2 Not 3 the *life 6 more 'is than the food and 

^ehotThe'oXof H a rov EvtvixciTog; 26 S/x/3Xtya a' C rd, rcertiva roO 

the air: for they sow the body than the raiment? Look at the bird3 of the 

not, neither do they i,p avov ^ q TL oV.GTTEipOVGlV, OvSk QEp'lZ,OVGlV, OVCE GVVCiyoVGlV 

barn's yet g your hea- heaven, that they sow not, nor do they reap, nor do they gather 

venly Father feedeth ( V aTToQilKClC, KCll 6.7rClTl)p-VUU>V 6 OVpdviOQ TpidEl UVTCl' Ol'Y 

bett'er than 11 tZw into granaries, and your Father the heavenly feeds them: 'not 

27Whichofyoubyta"k- v, lf Jg udXXoV OlCKpEpETE aVTUIV, 27 Tig.$E i| VUWl' f.lEpi- 

mg thought can add , * mucil ' are better than they ? But which out of you bybting 

one cubit unto his sta- J ,,,-,. 

ture? 28 And why take fivwV SvVClTCll TTpoGQEXvai ETTl Tl]V.i)XlKlClV.ClVTOV TT^VV EVCl \ 

ye thought for rai- careful is able to add to Ids stature "cubit 'one? 

ment? Consider the # / ~ > r\ > 

lilies of the field, how 28 KCII TTEpi EVCVj.lO.TOg Tl f.lEpiflVClTE', KaTa/XClUETE TCI KpiVCt 

they grow; they toil an a about raiment why are ye careful ? observe the lilies 

not, neither do they , _. ^ . , , , ... , ., , Q , , _ , , 

spin : 29 and yet I say TOV CiypOV, TTOjg K av,ClVEl " OV.K07TIII' OVOE " l VT]UEl ZV AE- 

unto you, That even of the field, how they grow: they labour not nor do they -pin : "I 

Solomon in all his ,< >s>-n\ < ' ~r'f ' 

glory was not arrayed yiO OE VjJ.IV, OTl OVOE ZOAOfllOV EV ITClGy Ty.Ooty.ClVTOV TTtpiE- 

like one of these, "say 'but to you that not even Solomon in all his glory wns 

30 Wherefore, if God ,^ ,^ / or . . T , , / - . - / ' 

so clothe the grass of paXETO log EV TOVTWV. 30 El-CE TOV X ( W 0V T0V aypOV.G)]j.lEpOV 

tho field, which to day clothed as one of these. Butif the grass of the field. to L dny 

z Kpvibaiu) LTTrA. a ev tu) (/>avepu> Gr.TTrAtV. b o*ov thy LTTrA. c kcu L. ' -f trot) thy L. 
e OVV T. f jo b<b6a\fj.6<; crov aJrAous LTA. 8 fj-afxeovq GLTTi AW. h v) or LTr ; \ai T- 

tC jri'jjTe T. k avf 6.vovo~<.v LTXrA. ' KOiriwcriv LT ; kottiovith' irA. m vrjdova-iv LtliA, 


ovra, Kal avpiov Eig KXi/3avov flaXXopEvov, 6 9ebg ovtojq 

'which is and to-morrow into an oven is cast, God thus 

dfKpuvvvaiv, ov iroXXip pdXXov v/xag, bXiyoTnaroi; 31 p) 

arrays, [will he] not much rather you, O [ye] of little faitji? '-"not 

olv fiepipirijariTe, XtyovTEg, Tt <pdyu>jjiEv. rj ri iriwfXEv, 

'therefore 'be careful, saying, What shall we eat? or what shall wedrink? 

f) ri 7rtpi{3a\wiJie9a ; 32 Trdvra.ydp ravra rd tQvr) u t7ri- 

or with what shall we be clothed? For all these things the nations seek 

?/m-" olbev.ydp b.Trarr)p.vfiCjv b ovpdviog on XPV& T 

after. For knows your Father the heavenly that ye have need 

tovtojv a7rdvrojv' 33 ^ITeiteJe trpCjTov rt)v fiaoiXeiav rov 

f "these ''things 'all. But seek ye ' first the kingdom 

Oeov Kal ri]v.SiKaioavvijv v .avTOV, Kai ravra rrrdvra irpoa- 

of God and his righteousness, and "these Hhiugs 'all shall 

TE9ii<TETai' vfiiv. 34 jjtj ovv P/iEot/fv^o-jjre" Eig rr/v avpiov' 

be added to you. "!Not 'therefore 'be careful for the morrow : 

i).ydp avpiov fispifivriaei ^rd* 'eavTrjg^ apKErbv ry 

for the morrow shall be careful about the [things] of itself. Sufficient to the 

t'lfiEpq, j) Ka/ci'a avrfjg. 

day [is] the evil of it. 

7 Mr/.tcpivere, 'iva ix^.Kpi9rjrE' 2 iv y yap Kpi pari KpivEre, 

Judge not, that ye be not judged: "with 3 what 'for judgment ye judge, 

Kpi9i]<TE<r6E' Kal iv < fitrpy /xetpeXte, s dvTijj,ETpri9))<JETai n 

yeshallbejudged; and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured again 

v/juv. 3 Ti.Ss fiX'sTTEig to Kaptyog rb iv t<{> b<p9aXii(p TOV 

to you. But why lookest thou on the moto that [is] in the eye 

ddE\<p, Iv ry.ovp b<f>9aX[Mj> Sokuv ov-KarCtvoEig ; 

of thy brother, but the "in 3 thine [*own] 5 eye 'beam perceivest not ? 

4 rj TroJg ipElg Tip.dSEXftiJ.aov, "AtyEg iKfidXio to 

Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Suffer [that] I may cast out the 

Kaptyog '071-6" rov.b<p9aXfiov.(Jov' Kal ibov, / doiibg iv ry 
mote from thine eye : and behold, the beam [is] in 

6(p9a\jxo}.aov ; 5 vTTOKpird, /c/3aXe irpairov v rr)v Sokov Ik 

thine [own] eye I hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of 

roi>.bcp9aXiiov.<jov, v - Kal tote 3ia/3Xs\l/ig ek(3oXeTv to Kaptyog 

thine [own] eye, and then thou wilt see clearly to cast out the 

iK rov 6<p9aXjj.ov TOv.dSeX<pov.cov. 

out of the eye 

6 Mrj.SuiTE 

Give not that which [is] holy to the dogs,' nor cast 

fxapyapirag vjxujv 'ifiirpoodEV r&v ^otpcjj/, pqiroTE w /edra- 

"pearls : your before the swine, lest they should 


of thy brother. 

to uyiov T<ng Kvalv' jM)Sk f3dXriT rovg 


their feet, 




having turned 

t irarri<7uj(Tiv" avroyg ev 
trample upon them with 

pij'u)3iv viidg. 
they rend you. 

7 AIteTte, Kal So9f)OETai vf.iiv' Z,f]TE~iTZ, Kal evprjaETE' 

Ask, and it shall be givim to you : seek, and ye shall find : 

KpovETE,Kal dvoiy))(TETai vjxiv. 8 rcag.ycip 6 airojvXa/j.f3dvEi, 
knock, and it shall be opened to you. For everyone that asks receives, 

Kal 6 Z,y\Twv EvpivKEt, Kal Tip KpovovTt ^dvoiyijaErai." 
and he that seeks finds, and to him that knocks it shall be opened. 


is, and to morrow is 
cast into the oveu, ahull 
he not much mora 
ctolhe you, ye of lit- 
tle faith? 31 Therefore 
take no thought, Buy- 
ing, What shall we 
eat ? or, What shall we 
drink ? or, Wherewith- 
al shall we be clothed? 

32 (For after -all these 
things do the Gentiles 
seek:) for your hea- 
venly Father kooweth 
that ye have need 
of all these things. 

33 But seek ye first the 
kingdom of God,' and 
his righteousness ; and 
all these things shall 
be added unto you. 

34 Take therefore no 
thought for the mor- 
row: for the morrow 
shall take thought for 
the things of itself. 
Sufficient unto the day 
u the evil thereof. 

VII. Judge not, that 
ye be not judged. 
2 For with what judg- 
ment ye judge, ye shall 
be judged: and with 
what measure ye mete, 
it shall be measured to 
you again. 3 And why 
beholdest thou the 
mote that is in thy 
brother's eye, but con- 
siderest not the beam 
that is in thine own 
eye? 4 Or how wilt 
thou say to thy bro- 
ther, Let me pull out 
the mote out of thine 
eye j and, behold, a 
beam is in thine own 
eye? 5 Thou hypocrite, 
first cast out the beam 
out of thine own eye ; 
and then shalt thou 
see clearly to cast out 
the mote out of thy 
brother's eye. 

6 Give not that which 
is holy unto the dogs, 
neither cast ye your 
pearls hefore swine, 
lest they trample them 
under their feet, and 
turn again and rend 

7 Ask, and it shall be 
given you ; seek, and 
ye shall find ; knock, 
and it shall be opened 
unto you : 8 tor every 
one that asketh receiv- 
eth ; and he that seek- 
eth findeth ; and to 
him that knocketh it 
shall be opened. 9 Or 

n eiruJVjTovcrc.i' lttta. ttji' SiKaio<r\ivr)v Kal tji> jSacriAeiai' L ; tov 9eov (read its right- 
eousness) lt[a] p /aepiju-njcreTe e. n ra (omit the [things] o1')ltT'-aw. r avrijsA. s /aerpjjftj- 
o>-Tai it shall be measured gltttaw. * e<c out ofLTT'-. v e< tov 6<0aA/xou crov nji' Sot:6u 
' -.. w KaTan-ciTTJo-ovo-i.j' they shall trample upon LXirA. * avoiyeTai. jt is opened tTr. 


what man is there of 
you, whom if his sou 
ask bread, will hegi\e 
him a stone ? 10 Or if 
he ask a fish, will he 

five him a serpent ? 
1 If ye then, being 
evil, know how to give 
good gifts unto your 
children, how much 
more shall your Father 
which is in heaven give 
good things to them 
that ask him ? 


9 f) rig ?tOTiv n t% bfxu>v avOpwirog, ov z tav n VnY^o-y" bvlog 
Or what "isHhere *of 5 you 'man who if "should 'ask "son 

avrov aprov, fi7]\i9ov tTriSioaei avnp; 10 b Kal iav ix9vv 

'his bread, a stone will he give him ? and if a fish 

airt)(Ty, n yu) o0n> iiriSuou abry; 11 ei olv vjxugiroviipol 

heshouldask, a serpent will he give hin? If therefore ye, "evil 

ovrsg o'tSars SSfiara dya9d fiu>v, irooip 
'being, know [how] -gifts 'good to give to your children, how much 

fjiaXkov b-iraTrjp.vfiCiv 6 iv rolg ovpavolg Stbaei dyaOd 
more your Father who [is] in the heavens will give good things 

rolg aWovaiv avrov; 

to them that ask him ? 

12 Therefore all 
things whatsoever ye 
would that men should 
do to you, do ye even 
so to them : for this 
is the law and the pro- 

13 Enter ye in at 
the strait gate : for 
wide is the gate, and 
broad is the way, that 
leadeth to destruction, 
and many there be 
which go in thereat : 
14 because strait is the 
gate, and narrow is the 
way, which leadeth un- 
to life, and few there 
be that find it. 

15 Beware of false 
prophets, which come 
toyou in sheep's cloth- 
ing, but inwardly they 
are ravening wolves. 
16 Ye shall know them 
by their fruits. Do 
men gather grapes of 
thorns, or figs of 
thistles? 17 Even so 
every good tree bring- 
eth forth good fruit ; 
but a corrupt tree 
bringeth forth evil 
fruit. 18 A good tree 
canuot bring forth evil 
fruit, neither can a cor- 
rupt tree bring forth 
good fruit. 19 Every 
tree that bringeth not 
forth good fruit is 
jewn down, and cast 
into the fire. 20 Where- 
fore by their fruits ye 
auall know them. 

21 Not every one 
that saith unto me, 
Lord, Lord, shall enter 
into the .kingdom of 
heaven ; but he that 
doeth the will of my 

'6cra. c av Y ' Q&\r)Tt "iva iroiwaiv vj/iv oi 

whatever ye desire that "should 3 do 'to 6 you 

12 Udvra uvv 

All things therefore whatever yeaesire mat 'should -ao 'toyou 

d.v9pio7roi, ovruig Kai vfislg Troidre avTolg' ovrog.ydp ioTiv b 
'men, . so also "ye 'do to them : for this is the 

voficg Kai ol 7rpo<pi)rai. 

law and the prophets. 

18 d E(cr\0er" Sid rijc orevtjg irvXtjg' on irXaTeia e ?) 7n'\?j" 

Enter in through the narrow gate ; for -wide the g.ite 
Kai evpvx^pog i) bSbg t) aTrdyovaa elg ttjv diroiXuav, Kai 

and broad the way that leads to destruction, and 

ttoXXoi slaiv oi eiGepxonevoi Si avrqg' 14 f '6r^ otew) s r) 

many are they who' enter through it: for narrow the 

xvXrf Kai TtOXin/Asvi] ?'/ bSbg >/ dirdyovaa elg Tt)v Z,wi)v, Kai 

gate and straitened the way that leads to life, and 

cXiyoi elalv ol evplaKovTeg avrr\v. 

few are they who find it. 

15 ITjOO(T%re- h <l dirb ru>v ipEvSo7rpo<pi]Twv, oiriveg tpxovTai 

But beware of the false prophets, who come 

Tcpbg vp.dg iv ivSvfiaciv 7rpoj3dr<jJV } taw9iv.Sk etaiv Xvkoi ap- 

to you in raiment of sheep, but within are "wolves 'ra- 

7rayeg. 16 drrb Tu)V.Kapirwv.avTu>v s7riyviooEc9 abrovg' f.u)ri 

pacious. By their fruits ye shall know them. 

avXXsyovaiv dirb dKav9aiv ^aracpvXyv " ff dwb rpi/3i')Xwv ai'Ka\ 

Do they gather from thorns abunchof grapes, or from thistles figs? 

17 ovruig irdv SivSpov dya9bv Kapivovg KaXovg 7roiu' to. St 
So every "tree 'good 'fruits "good produces, but the 

oairpbv SevSpov Kapirovg irovrjpovg voisi. 18 ov.Sbvarai 

corrupt tree "fruits 'bad produces. 'Cannot 

SkvSpov dya9bv Kapirovg 7Covi]povg } 7roiHv, n ovSt Sh'Spov cra 

'a 3 tree good "fruits s evil produce, nor a -tree 'cor- 

Trpbv Kap-rcovg izaXovg ^iroiCiv.^ 19 7rS.v k Sjkvcpov /.it) iroiovv 

rupt fruits 'good "produce. Every tree not producing 

KapTcbv koXov soroVrEroi Kai eig irvp j3dXXe~ai. 20 'Jpayg" 

"fruit 'good is cut dowu and into fire is cast. Then surelj 

m a7ro u rUbv. Kap7ra)v.aurCJv imyvi!xna9t abrovg. 

by their fruits yc shall know them. 

21 Ob Trdg b X&ytov pot, Kvpie, Kvpit, FtatXsvaETai tig 

Not everyone who says tome, Lord, Lord, shall enter iuto 

t.)v (3acnXsiav rCov ovpavdv' dXX b ttoiCjv to 9iXi)j.ia tov 

the kingdom of the heavens, but he who does the will 

y OTii' LTr [aJ. e cac LTTrA. a cunjcrei shall ask LTTrA. b 7/ Kai lx6vv oiTT70-t OF 
also a fish shall ask LTTi a. c iav T. d eicreAQare LTTrA. e 17 7rvA7j l[tJ. f ti how GLTr. 
* [tj 7rv'Arj] lt. h Se but lt [TrA]. ' grapes LTTrA. J iveyntlv bear t. 

k + [ovvj now L. ' apa ye LTrA.. m in L. 


rraTpog.fiov rov sv n ovpavolg. 22 7ro\\ol spovrriv fxoi iv ^^er ^'^n^wiil 

of my Father who [is] in [the] heavens. Many will say tome in Ra y to me m. that day 

tKtivy T7) riuspa, Kvpis, Kvpie, ov TiZ.atti ovouart 7rpo80r- i-^"',. Lord, have we 

that* .day. Lord, Lord, 3 not HhroughTthy 'name 'did^we m e ? P and i^ thy 

rei'ffafisv, n Kai riji-Gtji 6v6f.ia.Ti dcCifiovia st,s/3d\ofjisv, Kai name have cast out 

'prophesy, and through thy name demons cast out, and "evils? and m thy 

* * " , , name done many won- 

rtp.crtp 6v6/.iari dwa/isig iroWdg tiroirjaaiiEV', 23 Kai dcrful works? 23 And 

through thy name "works 3 of 4 power 'many perform? And then will I profess un- 

, , * , , . , ., , ~ to them, I never knew 

tots ofioAoyticroj avTotg, otl ovcsttots tyviov Vjxag' airo X u)psiTS. you: depart from me, 

then will I confess to them, Never knew I you : depart ye J tbat wori iniquity. 

enr tfxov, ol tpya^ctftsvoi Tt)v dvofiiav. 
from me, who work lawlessness. 

24 n C oiv vans aKovsi fiov Tovg \6yovg VtiAtovq,* .^SSaailS: 

Every one therefore whosoever hears ^ijr 3 words 'these, ings of mine and 

Kai Tvoiei ai'TOvg, ^ofioioxrof ai)Tov n avSpi fpovi[t<i), ogtiq (;jkoS6- ff^ hi^unto^ wise 

and does them, I will liken him to a '-'man 'prudent, who built m;m which built his 

pi7]uev T T))v.oiK:iav.avTOV l[ t7ri Tt)v 7rsTpav 25 Kai KctTsfitj j; !?f use H ii pon %, f l ' k : 

is house upon the rock: and came down the ^ e( j an( ^ t jj e fl 0(ic j s 

fipo X r) Kai S ?}\6W Ot TTOTafXoi Kai STTVSllaav Ol d.VSfJ.01, icai came, and the winds 

raiu, and -came the streams, and blew the winds, and tha7noSc- andi^fcli 

t 7rO0CTS7r<TOV 11 TlJ.ollcia.lKUVy, Kai OVK.STtSGSV' TS&EflsXLwTO.ydp not: for it was founded 

fell upon that house, and it fell not: for it had been founded upon a r ?? k '4. i" 6 An , d 

, , , z ~ < , / / eve y one tna t heareth 

S7Tt T))v 7TTpaV. 26 Kai irdg O UKOVOJV UOV TOVg X6yOVg these sayings of mine, 

upon the rock. and everyone who hears W "words and doeth them not, 

, , , , , , shall be likened unto 

TOVTOVg Kai fl7].TT0ll0V aVTOVg, OflOllOVTjGETai aVCpl UUjpip, a foolish man, w.hich 

'these and does not do them, he shall be likened to a -man ^foolish, buili his house "pon 

> s , v , . , , ~|, , , > _ , the sand: 27 and the 

OffTig lf}]C!SV y T)]V.OlKiaV.aVTOV ] STTl Tt]V JlflflOV 27 Kai rain descended, and 

who built his house upon the sand : and the floods came, and 

> a ' a \ - -r-\ n < \ > < the winds blew, and 

KaTsptj -r/ ppo X i) Kai r/Avov 01 irorafioi Kai eirvevoav 01 beat upon that house; 

came down the rain, and came the streams, and blew the and it fell : and great 

> i i ~ > / , * , T was the fall of it. 
aps/xoif Kai 7rpo0Eicoyav Ty.oiKiq-iKEivy, Kai tirsasv, Kai tjv 

winds, and beat upon that house, and it fell, and 5 was 

?) 7TTU)(7ig avTrjg fisydXr]. 

'the "fall ^ofit great. 

28 Kai lysveTO bn "ovveTsKeoev* 6 'h]vovg roig \6yovg J* .^he.JVesus'had 

And it came to pass when ''had "finished 'Jesus 5 words ended these sayings, 

ToiTovg U-vrXiwovTO ol 6 X Xoi LttI Ty.Si8a X y.avTov- 29 f t v "gOT 1 OT*rii 

'these astonished were the crowds at his teaching: "he 3 was 29 for he taught them 

yap SiSaaKiov avTovg <hg tS-oveiav t X uv, Kai ov X &Q ol tLrUy.andnofasthe' 

'for teaching them as -authority 'having, and not as the scribes. 


Cv'r S " *..-,,,-. , x . a . ~ VIII. When he was 

O y avT<p" a7ro tov opovg, r}Ko\ovUi]0'av avTip come down from the 

And when -had 3 come Mown 'he from the mountain, followed "him mountain, great mill- 

" \ _ ^\ '. o ' >z ' \ )\/T II ' ~ titudes followed him. 

OXAOl 7TOAAOI 2 Kttl ICOV, ASITpog Z 1\VU)V" TrpOGSKVVSl aVT(t), 2 And, behold, there 

s crowds 'great. And behold, a leper having come did homage to him, cam e a'lepur and wor- 

Xi 37- ' > n'\ *> ' t\ i c\ ' ir v shipped him, saying, 

syujv, R.vpis, tav vsAyg, cvvaoai fie Kavapiaai. o Kai Lord, if thou wilt, thou 

saying, Lord, if thou wilt thou art able me to cleanse. Aud canst make me clean. 

/ , .. >-.<>!, . v> 3 And Jesus put forth 

SKTZlVag TT]V. X tipa l)yaTO aVTOV a O IlJGOVg," ASyiOV, his hand, and touched 

having wretched out [his] hand "touched 3 him 'Jesus, saying, him, saying, I will; be 

t\w, KaQapioQrfTi. Kai svQ'so)g h tKa9api(r9r] n ai)TOV r) \e7rpa. mediately his leprosy 

I will, be tho u cleansed. And immediately , was cleansed his lepro y. was cli-msed. 4 And 
a -+ Tots the LTTrA. eirpo<}>r]Tev<JaiJLV LTTrA. P [toiJtovsJ LTr. 1 6/n.o(.iof7Jo-eTai lie .sh.lli lie 

likened LTTr. r avTovryv oitciav LTTrA. B rjAGav Tr. l Trpooiirat<Ta.i> struck against l; irpoo-- 
eireaav TTrA. T a'>rov rr\v oiniav LTTrA. w iri\eaev LTTrA. x + avroov (read their scribes) 
LTTrA ; + Kai ot $apio-aio: and the Pharisees l. y ko.i Ko.To.fia.vros ovtov L ; Karafic.vTo% 6e 
avroi; ir. ^ * -npoa-iXBiav having couie to fhim] LTirAV/. & 6'Iijo-ous (read he touched) 
i TTrA. b tKa-Oe pia(hi t. 


Jesns saith unto him, 
Sen thou toll no man; 
Imr. go thy way, shew 
tln-cclf to the priest, 
an I offer the gift that 
Moses commanded, for 
a testimony unto them. 

r> And when Josua 
was entered into Ca- 
pi ruaum, there came 
unto him a centurion, 
bexxx-hing- him, 6 and 
saying-, Lord, my ser- 
vant lieth at home sick 
of the palsy.grievously 
tormented. 7 And Jesus 
saith unto him, I will 
come and heal him. 
8 The centurion an- 
swered and said, Lord, 

I am not worthy that 
thou shouldcst came 
unler my roof: hut 
>peak the word only, 
and my servant shall 
be healed. 9 For I am 
a man under authority, 
having soldiers under 
me : and I say to this 
man, Go, and he goeth; 
and to another, Come, 
and he cometh ; and 
to my servant, Do 
this, and he doeth it. 
10 When Jesus heard 
it, he marvelled, and 
said to them that fol- 
lowed, Verily I say 
unto you, I have not 
found so great faith, 
no, not in Israel. 

II And I say unto you, 
That many shall come 
from the east and west, 
and shall sit down with 
Abraham, and Isaac, 
and Jacob, in the king- 
dom of heaven. 12 But 
the children of the 
kingdom shall be cast 
out into outer dark- 
ness : there shall he 
weeping and gna-hing 
of teeth. 13 And Jesus 
said unto the centu- 
rion, Go thy way; and 
as thou hast believed, 
so be it done unto thee. 
And his servant was 
healed in the selfsame . 

14 And when Jeans 
was come into Peter's 
house, he saw his wife's 
mother laid, and sick 
of a fever.. 15 And he 


M .a re a i os. viil. 

4 Kal Xtyet airy b'h]Govg,"Opa fii]Ssvl ziiryg' c dXX' n V7raye, 
And "says : 'to *him 'Jesus, See . no one thou tell ; but go 

treavTuv fcltiov rtfi lepeX, Kal d 7rpoGkvByKS n to Su>pov o 7rpoG- 
thyself shew to the priest, and offer the gift which "or- 

tra'iev e Mu>Grig, n etg fiaprvpiov avrolg. 

dered 'Moses for a testimony to them. 

5 { Ei(re\66vTL n .8k s T( p Ijjcrow" tig h Ka7repvaovn," TpoGijXOev 

And "having "'entered 'Jesus into Capernaum, a came 

avT(^ ^Karovrapxog^ irapaKaXZv avrbv 6 Kal Xsycov, Kvpit, 

Ho 5 him 'a ''centurion, beseeching him and saying, Lord, 

o-Tralg.fiov l3sj3XrjTai iv ry oiicia TrapaXvTiKog, Seivwg /3aGa- 

my servant is laid in the house paralytic, . grievously tor- 

viZofiEvog. 7 k Kat" Xsyei avrif) l b'IriGoug 1 u 'Eyuj iXOojv 9epa- 

nicnted. And "says :1 to 4 hirn 'Jesus, I having come will 

7rev<Tw ox>t6i>. 8 m Kal cnroicpiBsig^ 6 'f/caroi'rapxog" t$?/, Kvpte, 

heal him. And ^answering 'the "ceuturiou said, Lord, 

ovK.i[iliicav6g'ivafiov7rbT))v<TTyr)i' elatXOrjg' dXXd fiovov 

I am not worthy that "my "undeS roof thou shouldest oonie, but ouly 

sitts "Xoyov," mi iaQijazrai o.Tralg.fiov. 9 icai.yap iyu> . dv~ 

speak a word, and shall be healed my servant. For also I a 

9poj7r6g ei/ji into i^ovGiav ,. k\ix)v vtt hpavTOV arpctTuorag' 

man am under authority, having under myself soldiers ; 

Xsyoj Tovr(t>, IIopEvOijTi, Kal iropwErac Kal dXXoj, "Ep\ov, 

I say to this [one], Go, and he goes ; and to another, Come, 

Kal tpx^rai' Kal ro~j.SovX(p.i.iov, Hoitjgov tovto, Kal ttoih. 

and he comes; and to my bondman, Do this, and he does [it]. 

10 'Aicovffag.Bk 6'h]Govg Wav/j.aaev, Kal &ttev ToXg aKoXov- 

And "having 3 heard 'Jesus wondered, and said to. those follow- 

6ovo~iv v , 'A/j.rjv Xsyw v/mv, ^ovSt iv T<p 'iGpai/X ronavrrfv 

ing, Verily I say to you, Not even in Israel so great 

tt'iotiv} tbpoy. 11 v/ilv, on ttoAXoi airo avaroXwv 

faith have I found. But I say to you, that many from east 

Kal Svg/iwv ijZovmv, Kal dvaKXi9i]Govrai fierd 'Afipadjx Kal 

and west shall come, and shall recline [at table] with Abraham and 

'loactK Kal 'JaKw/3 iv ry fiaaiXtia tu>v ovpavwv' 12 ol.Si viol 

Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of the heavens ; but the sons 

rrjg fiamXeiag T tKfSXi]Qt]Govra^ tig to otcotoc to t^wTSpov' eksl 

of the kingdom shall be cast out into the darkness the outer : thero 

tGTai 6 KXavQpog Kal 6 flpvyfibg tu>v oSovtwv. 13 Kal e'lTrev 
shall be the weeping and the gnashing of the teeth. And "said 

6 'lr)Govg T(p s tKaT0VTdpxw, n "Y7raye, '/cat" dig iTr'iGTEvaag 
'Jesus to the centurion,. Go, and as thqu hast believed 

yevi]9f]T<t) coi. Kal idOrj b.7raig. y avT0v [] w iv ry lopq, 
he it to thee. And was healed his servant m "hour 



14 Krti iXOwv 6 'h]Govg aig rijv oiKiav Tl'tTpov, eWev 

And having 3 come 'Jesus to the house of I'etcr, saw 

TrfV.TrevOepdv.avTov fizfSXrm'&vriv Kal irvpiGGOVGav, 15 Kal 

his wife's mother laid and in a fever; and 

c a\\a F.GtTTrA. d TrpoaeveyKOV LTTrAW. e MiovoSjs LTTrAW. f tlcriKdovTO'; LTTrA. 8 avT<3 

he c.w; avTov he LTTrA. h Ka$apvaovn LTTrAW. ' eKaTovTapxy: r ^- 


1 6 'Irjcroiis (read he says) lt[ti]a. m anoKpi6el<; Ss LTTr. n Adyw by a word gltttaw. 
+ TflCO"0"6ju.evos placed L. P + avra> him L 1 trap' ovSevl Tocrav-nqi' ttCcttiv ev to> 'lapar/\ 
with no one so great faith in Israel ltia. r efeAevVoi'rat shall go forth t. s iKarovTcLpxr} 
CLTTrAW. 1 Kal LT[Tr]Ai v avTOU (read the servant) LTT.[aJ. w anb rjji <iipas exeuiji 
from that hour l. 


tftparo rfjg %Hpbc;.a.vri\Q, teed aftJKev avT>)v 6 rrvpErog' teal 

hn touched her hand. and J lnft *hr 'tha -fever: nml 


*her 'the -fever; 


ha touched her hand, aud 

fiy&pBt) /cat Si?]k6vei x avTol.g." 

she arose and ministered to them. 

16' yEi'0/.ievrjg TrpoaijVEyKav aiiTip Sai/joviZopivovg 

And evening' being come, they brought to him -possessed-'with 'demons 

iroXXovg' Kai e&l3aXv ret irvsi>[xara }.-6yp /cat iravrag Tovg 
'many, and he cast out the spirits by a word, and all who 

Kaicutg ivovrag IQepaTTEvaEv' 17 07rujg ir\i]p>jj6rj to^ 

"111 'were he healed:. So that might be fulfilled that which 

pi]9tv Sid 'Haeitov tov irpo(p?]rov, Xsyovrog, Avrog rag 

wan spoken by Esaias the prophet, saying, Himself the 

derOet'eiag r//iwj/ eXafiev, Kai Tag vooovg ejSuaraaev. 

infirmities of us took, and the diseases bore. 

18 '1Sujv.Se 6 'Iqaovg ?7ro\\ovg bxXovg n Trepl avTov, eke- 
And -seeing 'Jesus great crowds around him, ' he com- 

Xevgev aTreXOeiv slg to rrkpav. 19 Kai TrpoctXQwv tig 

mauded to depart to the other side. And having come to [him] one 

ypafij-iaTEvg^lrrEV avToj, AiSdaKaX l aKoXov9i]<ju) aoi oirov.tav 

ascribe said to him, Teacher, I will follow thee whithersoever 

a.7rspx>J- 20 Kai XsyEi avTijj 6 'Ii](Jovg, A'i dXwrrEKEg (pwXeovg 

thoumayctgo. And *say.^ ''to ''him 'Jesus, The foxes -holes 

t \ovaiv Kai Tc\ ttethvci tov obpavov KaTaGKijvwcjEig, o.Se vlug 

'have, and the birds of the heaven nests, but the Son 

tov dvOpioTTov ou/c.t^et ttov ti)v K(f>aXi)v kX'ivij. 21 "ETzpog 

of man has not where the head he may lay. "Another 

Si Tu>v-iiaQ))Tiov_ z auTov ]i eIttev aliTip, K/^p/e, Itt'itp^ov fxoi 
-and of his'disciples said to him, Lord, allow me 

irpu>Tov dveXOeiv Kai 9dipai Tbv.7raTSpa.fiov. 22 'O.S'e. & 'lr]crovg a 

first to go and bury my father. But Jesus 

ti Ei7Tv^ avTiii, 'AkoXovQei /xoi, Kai afeg rovg vEKpovg Qdipai 
said to him, Follow me, and leave the dead to bury 

TOvg.eavTuJv VEKpovg. 

their own dead. 

23 Kai tfi/3dvTi axiTip Ei'g c to^ 7rXolov, rjKoXov9>]ffav ai)T(p 

And '-'having 'entered 'he into the ship, ^followed 4 hini 

oi.fia9>]Tai auTov. 24 Kai iSov, cracy/o^ fisyag tysvETO lv' tjj 

'liis "disciples. And lo, a 2 tempest 'great arose .in the 

9aXda<jTj, wore to tcXoIov KaXviTTEaQai vb tujv KVfiaTuiv' 

sea, so that the ship was covertd by the waves; 

auTdg.ce. ekuQevSev. 25 Kai TrpoueXOovTeg ^oi /xa9i]Tai n e auT0v" 

but lie was sleeping. And having come to [him] the disciples of him 

t"iytpav avTov, XeyovTEg, KiipiE, cruJaov t 7)fia.g ) ]i a7roX\y/.(0a. 

awoke him, saying, Lord, save us; we perish. 

2G Kai XeyEi avToXg, Tt SeiXo'i Iote, bXiyoTriOTOi; Tore 
And he says to them, "Why fearful are ye, [ye] of little faith? Then, 

tyepB'eig 'e.7rETi^)TEi> Tolg dvkjxoig Kai 777 9aXdcr6ij, Kai 

having arisen he rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was 

yaXt/VT} fXEydXrj. 27 oi.Se av9pu)7roi Wavfxaaav, XeyovTEg, 

a -calm 'great. And the men wondered, saying, 

HoTarrog , eotlv ovTog, oti &Kai l{ o'l dvEfioi Kai r/ 9dXacraa 
What kind [of man] is this, that even the winds and the sea 

^VTraKovovaiv aj'.'ro);" 

obey him ? 

touched her hand, and 
the fever left her : and 
she arose, and min- 
istered unto them. 

16 When the even wag 
come, they brought un- 
to him many that wera 
po-sessed with deviis: 
and he cast out the 
spirits with his word, 
and healed all that 
were sick: 17 that it 
might be fulfilled 
which was -poken by 
Esaias the prophet, 
saying, Him-elf took 
our infirmities, nd 
bare our sicknesses. 

18 Now when Jo6us 
saw great multitudes 
about him, he gave 
commandment to de- 
part unto the other 
side. 19 And a certain 
scribe came, and said 
unto him, Master, I 
will follow thee whi- 
thersoever thou goest. 
20 And Jesus saith un- 
to him, The foxes have 
holes, and the birds of 
the air hare nests: but 
the Son of man hath 
not where to lay his 
head. 21 And another 
of his disciples said 
unto him, Lord, suffer 
me first to go and bury 
my father. 22 But Je- 
sus said unto him, 
Follow me; and let the 
dead bury their dead. 

23 And when he was 
entered into a ship, his 
disciples followed him. 

24 And, behold, there 
arose a great tempest 
in the sea,' insomuch 
that the ship was co- 
vered with the waves : 
but he was asleep. 

25 And his disciples 
came to him, aud 
awoke him, saying, 
Lord, save us: we per- 
ish. 26 And he saith 
unto them, Why are 
ye fearful, O ve of 
little faith? Then he 
aro e, and rebuked the 
winds and the sea; and 
there was a great calm. 
27 But the men mar- 
velled, saying, What 
manner of man is this, 
that even the \ 

and the sea obey him I 

,. s avTov (read the disciples) LTTr. a 'Irjcrous 

to (read a ship) LTrA. d oi fxaGr/rcl [h liTr, 

Kai I. h axjTfH vKaicovovai-v ivrxrA. 

x avTtL to him LTTrAW. y oxA.oi' a crowd l 
(read he said) t. b Aeyei says ltti-aw- c 

* ~- O.UT01J OT.TTi 

avToO GLTXrAW. f X/Alis LTTrAW. g KaX 1. h aVT<ji V1ta.KQVQVCri.V ii'Irjl, 


SS And when he was 
come to the other side 
into the country of the 
Gergcsenes, there met 
h i in t wo possessed with 
devils, coming out of 
the tombs, exceeding 
fierce, so that no man 
might pass by that 
way. 29 And, behold, 
they cried outlaying, 
What have we to do 
with thee, Jesus, thou 
Son of God ? art thou 
come hither to torment 
us before the time? 
30 And there was a 
good way off from 
them an herd of many 
swine feeding. 31 So 
the devils 'besought 
him, saying, If thou 
cast us out, suffer us 
to. go away into the 
herd of swine. 32 And 
he said unto them, Go. 
And when they were 
dome out, 1 they went 
into the herd of swine: 
and, behold, the whole 
herd of swine ran 
violently down a steep 
place into the sea, and 
perished in the waters. 

33 And they that kept, 
them fled, and went 
their ways into the 
city, and told every 
thing, and whrtt was 
befallen to the pos- 
sessed of the devils. 

34 And, behold, the 
whole city came out 
to meet Jesus : and 
when they saw him, 
they besought him that 
he would depart out of 
their coasts. 

IX. And he entered 
into a ship, and passed 
over, and camo into his 
own city. 2 And, be- 
hold, they brought to 
him a rnah sick of the 
palsy, lying on a bed: 
and Jesus seeing their 
faith said unto the 
sick of the palsy, Son, 
be of good cheer; thy 
sins bo forgiven thee. 
3 And, behold, certain 
of the scribes said 
within themselves, 
This man blasphem- 
eth. 4 And Jesus know- 
ing their thoughts 
6aid, Wherefore think 
ye evil in yoiir hearts ? 
5 For whether is easier, 
to say, Thy sins be for- 

M A T A f O 2. 


28 Kal 'sXGdz 

Tl (IVTI{) ' 
u come 

tig r"o Trspav tig rrjv %wpav ru>v 

And when = had u come 'he ,to the other side to the country of the 

^FtpytGrjvwv^ viri]VTr\aaV-a.vT<ji Svo 8aifivvi%6utvoi Lk tCov 

Gergesenes, s met "him 'two possessed 3 by ''demons out of the 

fivrjfieiojv k^en^cfievoL, ^;aXe7roi \iav, wars fit) la^vetv nvd 

tombs coming, -violent 'very, so that not 3 was 'able 'any '-'c>ne 

TraptXQtiy did Tiig.bdov.tKtivijg' 29 Kal idov, tKpa^av Xkyovrtg, 

to pass by that way. And lo, they cried out, s.iying, 

Tf i)u~iv Kal go'i, ''I/jaou," vis tov Qsov ; yXOsg wds Trpu 

What to us and to thee, Jesus, Son of God? art thou come here before [the] 

Kaipov jSa<ravicrai t)f.iag', 30 T Hv.$i fiaKpav air' aurwv dytXri 

time to torment us? Now there was far off from them a herd 

%oipwv ttoXXCov '(3ooKO{ievt]. 31 dai/.wvtg TrapsKaXovv 

of a swine 'many feeding ; And the demons besought 

avrov, Xeyovrsg, Ei SK(3dXXsig fj[iag t m tirirpsipov i/fxiv aTrtXOslv^ 

him, saying,' If thou cast out us, allow us to go away 

Big n)v aytXrjv tCjv xoipwv. 32 Kal ti7rtv avroig\ 'Tirdytrt. 

into the herd of the swine. And he said to them, Go. 

Ol.Se t^sXGSvrtg a7r/}X0ov" tig v rrjv dysXrjv ru>v xoipiov'^ 
And they having gone .out went away into the herd of the swine: 

Kal idov, u>pfi7}OEv Trciaa r) dyeXy] iruJv %o'pwv" Kara rov 
and behold, 'rushed 'all 2 the 3 hcrd ''of Hho "swine down .the 

Kpi]fJ.vov tig n)v QdXaooav, Kal dir'iQavov iv rolg vcaaiv. 

steep into the sea, and died in the waters. 

33 ol.ds (SoGKOvrtg tipvyov, Kal aTrtXOovrtg tig rt)v irdXiv 

But those who fed [them] fled, and having gone away into the city 

airriyytiXai' irdvra, Kal rd ru>v.daifioinZoiuevu)v. 

related everything, and the [events] concerning those possessed by demons. 

34 Kal idoi, iraaa >) rroXig it^XOsv tig T Gvvdvri]Giv ][ s r<p'\>}Gov' 

And behold, all the city went out to meet Jesus; 

Kal idovrsg avrov, rraptKaXtGav v 67rojg n fisrafiy d-nrb 
and seeing him, they besought [him] that he would depart from 

their borders. 

9 Kal kfifidg tig v rb n rrXolov ditir'epaGSv Kal ))X0sv tig 
And having entered into the ship he passed over and came to 

rr)v.ldiav ttoXiv. 2 Kal idov, ""irpoasipspov" avrip wapaXuriKov 
his own city. And behold, they brought to him a paralytic 

IttI KXivrjg fitfiXiintvoV Kal tdiov 6 'lijGovg ri)v.Tr'iGTiv.avrCjv 
on abed lying; and ''seeing 'Jesus their faith 

tlittv rw 7rapaXvriK(p, Qdpasi, t'skvov, ?d(pswvrai n 

said to the paralytic, Be of good courage, child; 3 have 4 been 5 f orgiven 

yaoia'i.di-iapriai eov. n 3 Kal idov, riveg rwv ypa^ifiarkiov 7 tiTrov 11 
6 thee 'thy^sins. And lo, some of the scribes 

sv tavrolg, Oiirog /3Xacr0r)/<B 

in themselves, This [man] blasphemes. 

ivdv^ir]atig.avTu)v, eIttsv, v 'lva.Ti ] 

their thoughts, said, Why 

iv Talg.Kapdiaig.v/xwv; 5 ri.ydp 

in your hearts ? For which 


4 Kal a idoJv n 6 'lr t o~ovg rag 

Aud 2 perceiviug 'Jesus 

1 ^vfitig^^ ivOvj-itiGOe Trovi]pd 
*ye 'think evil 

is easier, to say, 

eAflofTOS avrov LTTr. k Yepacrr\vwv L ; Ta.Sapr)vaiv Gadarenes TTrA. l 'Irjo-ov GLTTrA. 
m aTroo-TeiXof ^ju.a? Send US GLTTrA. " + [6 'Irjcrovs] JeSUS L. ^ airrjKeav LTr. P tous 

XOi'pov? the Swine GLTTr. I 1W X^?^ v GLTT (a]. r vno.VTt]<TlV LTTr. ^ "TOUT. 

* Iva l. v to (read a Ship) ltti{a]. w Trpoa-^ipova-iv they bring l. x iQUvrai are 
forgiven LTTr. y aov at a/aapri'at lttiA. % flirav IT- * ei&ws knowing LTr. b '1vo.tL orw, 

VU.ils LTTrA. 


d 'A(pewvTai" e <roi" a't duapriai' h e'nreXv, r Eyapai" Kai given thee; or to say. 

3 Have 'been 'forgiven 'thee [>thy] r 'L,, or to say, ZisT and^^^J 

7Tpi7rarsi; 6 iwii Eidijre otl i^ovaiay tvei 6 uioc; rot) av- the " on of mau hath 

walk? But that ye may know that authority has the Son f power on earth to for- 

n , i , - -.' , , w ~ ^ lve sms > ( then 8ftlth 

ifpM7rov ittl Tt]Q yi)g aipisvat afiapriag' tote Asya T(f) trapa- he to the sick of the 

man on the earth to forgive sins : then he says to the para- P, aiST >)- -^ise. take up 

\ ~ <r'i7 a ' \\ " ' \ / < , , thy bed, and go unto 

\utik({J, * hyepueig apov aov rijv kXivtjv, Kai virayE eig rov thine house. 7 And he 

lytic, Having arisen, take up thy bed, and go' to arose, and departed to 

t / n rr ' ' n - > ~x/-> . v -r his house, 8 But when 

oikov <rov 7 Kai sytptfEfc airi]kmv Etg tov.oIkov.clvtov. the multitudes saw j'<, 

"house 'thy. And having arisen he went away to his house. they marvelled, and 

8'j ' y< < " \ h>n ' ii v >r>'v < ,1 / glorified God, whi<i 

icovrEg.OE oi o^Aoi "ttfavfxaoav," Kat tCo^aaav rov Wov, had given such power 

And 3 having "seen 'the -crowds wondered, and glorified God, unto men. 

tov dovra t^ovatav roiavnjv rolg di>9pu)7roig. 

who gave "authority 'such to men. 

9 Kai 7rapdyu)v 6 'Irjaovg eke79ev eldev av9ptDirov KaOqfievov ' 9 And as Jesus passed 

And "passing 'Jesus thence saw a man sitting forth from thence, he 

h7rir6rEX^vtov, i Mar9a~tov n XEy6 t iEvov,KaiXEyEi avry, 'Ako- M^thew^ting* 

at the tax-office, "Matthew 'called, and says to him, Fol- the receipt of custom : 

Xov9ei jioi. Kai dvaardg k i)KoXoi'0';<x/ 11 avrQ. 10 Kat kysvEro SSn^'S* ^nd'he 

low me. And having ari.-en he followed him. And it came to pass arose, and' followed 

l avroi> dva/CEifiivov" iv ry oi'/c/a, m Kat" iSov, xoXXot rsXiovai to^Ms^as^e^Msa't^t 
at his reclining [at table] in the house, that behold, many tax-gatherers meaMnThe'house be- 
<ai d/iaprioXol tX96vrEg avvavsKEtvro rw 'iijrrov Kai ho l d ' . manv publicans 
and sinners having come were reclining [at table] with Jesus and sat doTO with hbn and 
ToXg.uaQi)Ta"ig.avTov. 11 Kai Idovreg oi apraloi "sIttov* hi ? disci pies. ir And 
his disciples. _ Andhavingseen[it]the PhWees said lTfl,ftK 
rotg.pa9)]ra~ig.ahrov, Aiari n uErd ruiv . teXojvuiv Kai duap- his disciples, Why eat- 
to his disciples, Why with the tax-gatherers and sin- ^Jl/ U1 ' Ma , St ? r witl J 
v~ n'i*' \ i eT publicans and sinners? 
rioXwv tcrviei o.cioaGKaXog.vnuJv; 12 0.oL v It]aovg n aKovaag 12 Bu * when Jesus 
ncrs eats your teacher? But Jesus "' having heard heard tfa he saidnu- 
t n ' ~ n n > ' ./ > * them, They that be 
EI7TEV lavTOig, Ov xpttav t^OVOlV Ol ICJXVOVrEg tarpov, whole need not a phy- 
he said to them, 6 Xot Veed 5 have 'they "who 3 are 4 str0nsr of a physician, sician, but they that? 
r'W'il - f to nt m / n > t are sick. 13 But go ye 
aAA 01 KaKwg t^OVTEg. 13 7ropEvUtVTEg Ct JXaVETE ri tOTlV, and learn what that 
but they who ' ill are. " But having gone learn what is, meaneth, I will have 
s"u\ ii Q'\ v > n > ' < \ n \ i * ' meroy, and not sacri- 
j\EOV VEAW, Kai OV VVffiav" OV yap 7I\U0V KaXsaai ClKawvg, fice : f or I am riot come 
Mercy I desire, and not sacrifice : *not 'for "I 3 came to call righteous to call the righteous, 
t \\>n a ^ > / ii but sinners to repeut- 
l aAA a/iaprijjXovg y Etg fiEravoiav. ance. 

[ones], but sinners to repentance. 

14 Tors irpoo-kpxovrai avTifi oi fiaOijrai 'luidvvov,XEyovrEg, 

Then come near to him the disciples of John, saying, " 14 Then came to him 

'ii * r , t" e " ls ciples of John, 

Atari* ijiiEtg Kai oi ^>api(ra'ioivr](7rEvofXEi' x 7roXXa, n oi-dt.aaQt]- saying, Why do we and 

Why J we 3 and "the Pharisees 'do fast much, but "disci- , tho rhlir i s ees fast oft, 

, r T - , , , ~ , r ~ ,, , but thy disciples fast 

rai.aov](TTEvovcriv', 10 Kat eittev avrotg o li]trovg } Mr) not? 15 And Jesus ss id 

pies 'thy fast not? And "said 3 to 4 thcm 'Jesus, unt0 them, Can the 

j/ .,- ^ ,.,, , children of the bride- 

CVVavrai Ol VIOl TOV WfJ.(pu>VOg TTEVVEIV t<p -0(TOV flET avrwv chamber mourn, as 

Can the sons of the bridechomber mourn while with them long as the bridegroojn 

< / ,, , ,,, , ,. ~ is with them? but the 

tariv o vvf.i(ptog; iXEvaovrai cttjfispaioraj' aTrapBy days win come, when 

is the bridegroom ? 3 will 4 come 'but "days when will have been taken away the bridegroom Ehall 

i > > ~ < . / / '/ , n ,, , ,, te taken from theiu, 

air avruiV O VVUtplog, Kai TOTE VT)OTEV(TOVOIV. lb OVCEig.OE and then shall they 

from them the bridegroom, and then they will fast. But no one- fast. 16 No man put- 

c~*.,i;.\\ , ' '/3\ ' ' >'j > i / \~ teth a piece of new 

t7rtpaA\Ei nrtpXi)na paKovg ayvatpov etci iyLarit#-TraXaiip- cloth unto an old gar- 

P'Jts a piece of "cloth 'unfulled on an old garment: ment, for that which 

d a<\>Uviai are forgiven LTTr. e aov (read thy sins) gltti-aw. f eyeipe ltTiaW. k eyeipe 
arise LTr. h ifpoPrjOrio-av were afraid lttia. ' Ma.66cu.ov lttia. k 17/cnAov^t t- ''<ifa*cei- 
ndvov avToi L. ,u Kai t. n eAeyoe LTT: . Sea ri LTrA. P 'Irjaous lt[i i-Ja. 1 aur^rt 
LIT. A. ' oAAa LTr. "'EAeos LTTrA. ' dAAd ITrAW. v ei? itfra.uoi.av GLTT.AW. "* &k< 
Ti LTiA. x JTOAAd LX. 


is put" in to fill it up 
taketh from the gar- 
ment, ami the reut ;; worse. 17 Neither 
do men put now wine 
into old bottles : el-e 
the bottles break, and 
the wine runneth out, 
ami the bottles pcrisli: 
but they put new wine 
into new bottles, and 
both are preserved. 

18 While he spake 
these things unto 
them, behold, there 
dime a certain ruler, 
and worshipped him, 
sajing, My daughter 
is even now dead : but 
come and lay thy hand 
upon her, and she shall 
lire. 19 And Jesus a- 
roe, , aud followed 
him, and SO did his 

20. And, behold, a 
woman, which was 
di eased with an issue 
of blood twelve years, 
came behind him, and 
touched the hem of his 
garment : 21 for she 
said within herself, If 
I may but touch his 
garment, I shall be 
whole. 22 But Je6us 
turned him about, and 
\\ hen he saw her, he 
said, Daughter, be of 
food comfort ; thy 
faith hath made thee 
a> hole. And the wo- 
man was made whole 
from that hour. 

23 And when Jesus 
came into the ruler's 
house, and saw the 
minstrels and the peo- 
ple making a noise, 
21 he said unto them, 
Give place: for the 
maid is not dead, but 
sleepeth. Aud they 
laughed him to scorn. 
ih But when the people 
were put forth, he 
went in. and took her 
by the hand, and the 
maid arose. 20 And 
the fame hereof went 
abroad into all that 

27 And when Jesus 
departed thence, two 
Kind men followed 
him, crying, and say- 
ing, 1 liou Sou of Da- 
vid, have mercy on u, ... 
28 And when he was 
come into the house, 
the blind men came to 
him: and Jesus saith 

m a t e a r o 2. 


alpfi yapri}.7r\!ji>Mj.ia.avTui) curb tov \fiariov, Kai ^eiuuv 
'take- ''away 'for "its 'filling 4 up from the garment, aud a worse 

aXKT^ia yiverai. 17 ovSt )3dXXov(nv olvov v'tov elg dcKovg 
rent, take-, place. Nor put they -wine 'new into -kin.-> 

iraKawvg' sLSL^irj-yepriyvvvTai ol CLffKoi,Kai b o'ivog t/tyarat, 

'old, otherwise ''are' 1 bur.-- 1 'the -skins, and the wine is potted out, 

kcli ai aoKoi ^cnruXovi'Tai' 11 dXXd z j3dXXovcnv dlvov v'tov tig 

and the skjns will be destroyed ; but they put a wine 'new into 

aoKovg^ Kciivovg, teal a dfi^>OTeoa n avvrqaovvTai. 

2 skins 'new, and both are preserved together. 

IS'Tavra avrov.XaXovvrog abrolg, ISov, dp\ujv b c tX9ujv v 

5 These 'things 'as -he 'is Speaking to them, behold, a ruler havingcome 

ttoogekvvu avTip, Xsywv, d "0rt" y.OvyaTifp.fiov dpTt tTtXtv- 

. did homage to him, saying, My daughter just now has 

Ti]aev dXXd iX9tl>i> tTriOeg Ti)v.xeipd.crov W aurt)v, Kai 

died; but having come lay thy hand upon her, and 

/)rjcrai. 19 Kai iytp9tig b'ltjaovg e i}KoXou9i)<7sy n iT<p 

she shall live. And having arisen Jesus followed hiiu, 

Kai ol.fia9t]rat.auTOu. 

and his' disciples. 

20 Kai iSov, yvvij' a'ifioppoovaa SibdtKa trrj, TrpoaeX- 

And behold, a woman having hada tiuxof blood twelve years, having 

9ovaa 0Tna9ev i'^aro tov KpaoTrtoov Tov.ifiariov.avTou. 

come behind touched the border of his garment. 

21 tXeyev.ydp ev tavry, Edv /xovov uipwfxai tov ifiariov 

For >he said within herself, If only I shall touch ''garment 

avrov aoj9i}aof.iai- 22'0-St. { 'lr]aovg n ^tTrtaTpafeig" Kai idiov 

'his I shall be cured. But Jesus having turned nnd having seen 

avTi)v et7rev, Odpmi, Ovyarep' i).TriaTig.aov ctvioKtv oe. 

her he said, Be of good courage, daughter; thy faith hath cured thee. 

Kai iaio9i] / yvvi) dirb r^g.iopag.tKeivrjg. 

And 3 was 4 eured 'the "woman from that hour. 

23 Kai LX9iov b lijcrovg elg t>)v otKtav tov dp\ovrog, 

Anil ''having 3 comc 'Jesus into the house of the ruler, 

Kai liHwv Tovg av\r}Tag Kai tov b\Xov 9opvf3ov/.iepov, 

and having seen the flute-players and the crowd making a tumult, 

24 h Xtyei abTo7c, u ' Ava\iopuTB' oh yap awkOavev to Kopdaiov, 

says to them, Withdraw, 5 not 'for 4 is ''dead "the 'damsel, 

dXXd KaQsvSei. Kai KaTSytXojv ai'Tov. 25 6te.Se i^f3Xij9i] 

but sleeps. And they laughed at him. But when 3 had < been 'put e out 

b bxXog, e!oeX9u>i> tKpaTnoev T)jg-xeipbg.avT)~ig, Kai i)y'tp9i) 

'the -crowd, having entered he took hold of her hand, and 'arose 

to Kopdaiov. 26 Kai tfiX9Ev i).(pl]^ir].avT)] elg oXrjv ti)v 
'the ''damsel. And 3 wcnt 4 out 'this 'report into all 

ypjv tKElVl]V. 

land 'that. 

27 Kai Trapdyovri IkeWev ti^'Itjoov, riKoXovdnoav *avrtji* 

And ''passing 3 on ''thence 'Jesus, 8 followcd "him 

Svo rvtyXoi, Kpd^ovTeg icai X'tyoi'TEg, 'EXeijgov i/pag, k w 

*two e blind ['men], crying and saying, Have pity on us, Son 

Aa(3iS. n 28 elg ti)v oiKiav, i 7rpo(T)]X9ov n avrui o\ 

of David. And having come iiKo the house, came to him the 

y airoWwrai are destroyed LTTr. * oicoc viov eic aeneous pdWovaiv L. 

GLTTrAW. -> -+- et? (read a certain ruler) gliv. 
having entered taw. d " 
11 e\eytv said LVtrx. 

a anfiorepot. 

ad a certain ruler) gliv. c Trpo<Te\9ioi> havingcome to [him] l ; ei<je\0iov 

. d bnT. e ijKoAovflei LTTrA. f 'Irjcrou? T. g crTpaeSti? LTT A. 

' avTU) I-CTrJ. k vibt Aaufi'6 I.TTrAJ vie AavtS GW. ' TTpo<rt)kQav LTr. 

rvtpXoi, Kal 

blind [men], and 


Xeyei avrolg 6 'Irjoovg, TIio-tevete oti cvvafxai 

'"says 3 to 4 theiu 'Jesus, Believe ye thart I am able 

ni rovro 7roi)<Tnt ;" A'tyovaiv avrip, Nai, KvpiE. 29 Tore t'jiparo 

this to do? They say to him, Yea, Lord. Then he touched 

Ttj}v.o<f>QaXfiix)v.avTCjv,\'iyu)v, Kara Ti\v.TvicTiv.v\iibv yevrj- 

their eyes, saying, According to your faith be 

Qt]TU) vp.iv. 30 Kai n dvEqjxOr]aav {l avriov ol 6<p6aXpoL' Kal 

it to you. And were opened their eyes; and 

o tvE(3ptpr)aaT0 tt ai>Tolg b 'irjcrovg, Aeywv, 'Opare fj.rjdeig yivui- 

'strictly 3 charged *them 'Jesus, saying, 

See ! no 3 one 'let 

StEcpifpicav avruv iv 'oXy ry 
made -known 'him in all 


unto them, Believe yo 
that I am abla to do 
this? They said un- 
to him, Yea, Lord. 
29 Then touched he 
their eyes, saying, Ac- 
cording to your faith 
be it unto you. 30 And 
their eyes were opened ; 
and Jesus strait ly 
charged them, saying, 
See that no man know 
it. 31 But they, when 
they were departed, 
spread abroad his 
fame in all that coun- 

er/cErw, 31 HZeXQuvteq 

know [it]. But they having gone out 

yy tKEtvy. 
"laud 'that. 

32 t^pxo/.tsviov, ISov,. 7rpo<n']VyKav ai)Ttp p dv- 

And as they were going out, behold, they brought to him a 

BpUtTTOv" KUHpOV SaifXOVlZofJIEVOV. 33 Kal tK(5\T)B't.VTOQ 

dumb, possessed by a demon. And 3 having 4 been s cast "out 

tXaXrjaev 6 Kwtpog' Kal iOav/jaaav oi o\\oi, 

s spake 'the "dumb. And 3 wondered 'the 2 crowds, 

ovSettote ttpavr] ovTiog iv Tip 'lapaijX. 34 OLde 

Never was it seen thus in Israel. But the 

<>apioaloi tXeyov, 'Ev Tip dpxovri rwv Saif-toviivv iK/3aX\ei 

Pharisees said, By the prince of the demons he casts out 

to. daifiovia. 

the demons. 

35 Kal irEpiyyEV b'lyaovg Tag 7t6\eiq irdaag Kal Tag Kiojxag, 

And *went 3 about 'Jesus 'the "cities "all' and the villages, 

StSdoKujv iv Talg.avvayioyaig.auTCJv, Kal Krjpvaaiov to Evay- 

teaching in their synagogues, and proclaiming the glad t 

'> ~ a \ > vn i - ' \ the kingdom, and 

ysAiov tijq paaiXEtag, Kai VEpairEviov irauav voaov Kai izaaav healing every sickne-s 


tov daipoviov, 

'the 2 demon, 

Xeyovre^, q "On 


32 As they went out, 
behold, they brought 
to him a dumb man 
possessed with a dcviL 
33 And when the devil 
was cast out, the dumb 
spake: and the multi- 
tudes marvelled, say- 
ing, It was never so 
seen in Israel. 34 But 
the Pharisees said, Ha 
casteth out devils 
through the prince of 
the devils. 

35 And Jesus went 
about all the cities and 
villages, teaching in 
their synagogues, and 
preaching the gospel of 


tidings of the 

fiaXaKiav *ev 

bodily weakness among 


moved with compassion 

t ippippkvoi^ v o><Tei" 

cast away as 

ToiQ.^iaOrjTaTQ.avTov, 'O 

to his disciples, 

every disease and every 

(' tovq oxXovg . e- 

and every disease 
among the people. 
36 But when he saw 
the multitudes, he was 
moved with compas- 
sion on them, because 
they fainted, and were 
scattered abroad, as 

jrpopaTa fj,y txovTa iroipuva. 37 tote Xeyei sheep having no shep- 

shoep not having a shepherd. Then he says herd. 37 Then saith he 

piv QEpiGfibg rroXvg, ipydrai 
The 'indeed 'harvest [is] great, but the workmen 

and hcalin; 

Tip Xaip. l] 36 

the people. And having seen the crowds he was 

7rept ovtCjv, oti T/aav s tKXEXv[ikvoi v Kal 

for them, because they were wearied and 

6Xiyof 38 dE>)9r)TE ovv tov Kvpiov tov GEpiapov 
[are] few; supplicate therefore the Lord of the harvest, 

EKfiaXy ipydrag Eig Tov.QEpiapbv.avrov. 

he may send out workmen into his harvest. 

10 Kat 7TpouKaXEo-dfiEvog Tovg du>SEKa 

And having called to [him] ^twelve 

unto his disciples, The 
harvest truly is plen- 
teous, but the labour- 
ers are few : 38 pray 
> OTTlog y e therefore the Lord 
that of the harvest, that he 
will send forth labour- 
ers into his harvest. 


to them 


he gave 

eic/3aXXeiv avTa, 

to cast out them, 


bodily weakness. 

2 dwde/ca 

Now of the twelve 



Kal QEpaiTEVElV 


to heal 

over 'spirits 







voaov Kal 
disease and 




so as 









X. And when he had 

called unto him his 

twelve disciples, he 

gave them power a- 

gaiTist unclean r-pirits, 

to cast them out, and 

to heal all manner of 

sickness and all nian- 

- ner of disease. 2 Sow 

TaVTa the names of the twelve 

these : apostles are Those; The 

1TOUJO-CU touto L. n rfvz^x^o-av LTrA : ei^pt M ,}0T) LTTrA. v av9pu,nov (read [one]) 

6 eo-KvAjueVot harassed gltijAW. 



r ei/TOj A.acu GLTT.AW. 
US Ir. 


first, Sircon, -who is 
called Peter, and 
Andrew his brother; 
James the son of Zeb- 
edee, and John his 
brother : 3 Philip, and 
Bartholomew; Tho- 
mas, and Matthew the 
publican; Janies the 
son of Alphjeus, and 
Lebbasus, whose sur- 
name was Thaddseus; 
4 Simon the Cauaanite, 
and Judas Iscariot, 
who also betrayed 

M A T A T O S. 


5 These twelve Jesus 
sent forth, and com- 
manded them, saying, 
Go not into the way of 
the Gentiles, and into 
any city of the Sama- 
ritans enter ye not : 
6 but go rather to the 
lost sheep of the house 
of Israel. 7 And as ye 
go, preach, saying, The 
kingdom of heaven is 
at hand. 8 Heal the 
sick, cleanse the lepers, 
raise the dead, cast out 
devils : freely ye have 
received, freely give. 
9 Provide neither gold, 
nor silver, nor brass in 
your purses, 10 nor 
scrip for your jour- 
ney, neither two co,ats> 
neither Ehoes, nor yet 
staves : for the work- 
man is worthy of his 
meat. 11 And into 
whatsoever city or 
town ye shall enter, 
inquire who in it is 
worthy; and there a- 
bide till ye go thence. 
12 And when ye come 
into an house, salute 
it. 13 And if the house 
be worthy, let your 
peace come upon it : 
but if it be not worthy, 
let your peace return 
to you. 14 And whoso- 
ever shall not receive 
you, nor hear your 
words, when ye depart 
out of that house or 
city, shake off the dust 
of your feot. 15 Verily 
I say unto you, It 
shall be more tolerable 
for the land of Sodom 
and Gomorrha in the 
day of judgment, than 
for that city. 16 Be- 
hold, I send you forth 

7rpjTog "21jx(ijv 6 XEy6/j.Evog Jl'trpog, Kai 'Ai'Sp'tag 6 dEX<pbg 

first Simon who is called Peter, and Andrew -brother 

avrov' w 'ldicu>f3oQ 6 rovZefSeOaiov, tcai'lwavvrjg 6 auiXrpoQ 

'his; James the [son] of Zebedee, and John -brother 

avrov' 3 Qi\nnrog, Kai BapOoXopalog' Ow/.idg, Kai x Mar0aTo" 

'his; Philip, and Bartholomew; Thomas, and Matthew 

6 TzKdJwjQ' 'laKwfiog 6 rov 'AXcpaiov, Kai y Ae/3/37o 6 

the tax-gatherer; James the [son] of Alphams, and Lebbnaus who 

t7riK\r]6elg Oacdalog'" 4 Zifiwv b z Kaj'ai'irT)g, n Kai lovdag 

wassurnamed Thaddreus; Simon the C'auauite, and Judas 

a h 'l(TKapiwTrjg, n b kai irapaSovg aurov. 

Iscariote, who also delivered up him. 

5 Tovrovg rovg dudeica cnrsaTeiKev 6 'Irjtrovg, TzapnyyEiXag 

These ' twelve "sent 3 forth 'Jesus, having charged 

avroig, Xtyiov, Eig 65ov IQvCjv fii).d7r'tX9i]TE, /cat Eig 

them, saying, Into [the] way of the Gentiles go not off, and into 

x 7r6\iv Q '2apapeirwv n /^?}.ei'o-e\#)J7-' 6 7ropeve( fidXXov 

'""a city of [the] Samaritans enter not; but go rather 

Trpbg ra irpofiara rd aTroXojXora o'ikov 'lapai)X. 7 tto- 

to the sheep the lost of [the] house of Israel. 2 Go- 

pevo/jLevoi $k KripixTtJEre, XsyoPreg, "On iiyyiKEv t) (3acn\eia 

ing 'and proclaim, sayiug, Has drawn near the kingdom 

Toiv obpavwv. 8 aodtvovvTag 9epmrEVETE, d \s7rpovg Kadapi- 

of the heavens. Sick heal, lepers cleanse, 

ere, vtKpovg tyEipETE } n daifioina t/cfiaWere. Supeav iXdftETE, 

dead raise, demons cast out: gratuitously ye received, 

Swpedv Sote. 9 Mr)-KTi]m](r9E \pvaov, \ii]Ze dpyvpov, jj,t]Sk 
gratuitously impart. Provide not gold, nor silver, nor 

XoXkov Eig Tdg.Zwvag-v/jiCjv, lOjur) Trijpav Eig 6S6v, fit]^e 

money in your belts, nor provision-bag for [the] way, nor 

Svo ^trwi/af, fxrjSk V7roSt)fiaTa, fn]St e pd/3dov' n d%iog.yap 6 

two tunics, 


nor a staff: for worthy tha 

ipydrj]g Trjg.Tpo(pfjg.avTov 'icrriv." 11 JLig.rjv.S'.di iroXiv ?) 

workman of his food is. And into whatever city or 

KWjii]v ELGtX9r]TE, i^srdtTaTE rig Iv avry d%iog iariv' KaKEi 

village ye enter, inquire who in it worthy is, and there 

/.lEivare, Ewg.dv IZ,eX9t)te. 12 EitJEpxdfXEi'oi.dE Eig ri)v oiKiav, 

remain until ye go forth. But entering into the house, 

d(J7cdaa<y9E avn'jv. 13 /cat idv \i\v y ?) oiKia d%ia, ^tX9tToj n 

salute It: and if indeed 3 be 'the "house worthy, let come 

7j.Eipt)vr].vfxu)V E7T avTi)V firj.y dt,ia, t'l.Eiprjvtj.v^wp 
your peace upon it; but if it be not worthy, 'your : 'peace 

Kpbg vfidg iiziarpa^>r\Tiii. 14 Kai '6g. h kdv n p:i).o'it,i]Tai vfidg, 

to 6 you 'let "return. And whoever will not receive you, 

pride dxovay rovg.X6yovg.v^.h)V, i^Epxa/xEvoi 'rijg oiKiag f; Trig 
nor will hear your words, going forth of [that] house or 

TroXEujg tKEivrig, tKTivd'iarE tov Koi'ioprbv v tu)v.ttoSu)J'.vjxCov. 
"city 'that, shake off the dust of your feet. 

15 dpi)v Xtyio Vftlv, dvEtcroTEpov tarai yy EoSSfxtov 

Verily I say to you, More tolerable it shall be for [the] land of Sodom 

Kal i To/.i6ppiov n tvi'ifispq, KpiaEujg, t) Ty.TroXEi.tKEivy. 16'lSov, 
and of Gomorrha in day of judgment, than for that city. Lo, 

w + xai and LT. * Ma00cuos LTTrA. y Ae/3/3aios 6 t-TTiKArjfleis LTi ; 6 en-iKAnfltts aS- 
SaiOS TA. * Ka.vai/aios Canana:ail LTTrA. a + 6 the EGLTAW. b 'lo-KapiioO L. c Sa/xapirwi' T. 
d veKpov<; iyeCpere, Aen-pous Ka6ap<'eTe GLTTrAW. e pa^Sovs staves w. t eo-Tii- {read [is]) 
ltt a. e i\6a.Tu TTr. h av ltxi a. ' + e"to out lit. a. k + e/c (read from your feet] i.x, 
1 Tojaoppas TrA. 



-yd) CLTTOVTiXXo} VflO-C (OQ 7Tp6f3aTa tV fltfftf) \VK(i)V y'lVEaQE 

X send forth you as sheep . in [the] midst of wolves: be ye 

OVl> typOVqiOl h)Q 01 6<plQ, Kai CUCSpCllOl (bg OX TTi.pKSTi.pai. 
therefore prudent as the serpents, and harmless as the doves. 

17 7rp0asxSTe.Se ccttu rwv avdpwiriov TrapaStoaovaiv.yap v/.iag 

But beware of men; for they will deliver you 

Eig trvvkopia, Kai tv Taig.crvvaytoyaig.auT^v fiaariyiocFovaiv 

to sanhedrims, and in their synagogues they will scourge 

vfictQ' 18 Kai iiri r)yE/.i6vag St Kai (3am\eig cix^^oeoQe 

you: and before governors also and kings ye shall be brought 

evekev tftov, tig /.lapTuptov abrolg Kai rolg tOi'Ecriv. 

on account of me, for a testimony to them and to the nations. 

19 orav.vt ^apaStSioaiv 9 vf.idg, in).f.iEpifiv!}ai]T(. rrwg i] ri 

But when they deliver up you, be not careful how or what 

\a\>)(T>iTE' m So6f]<7erai.yap Vfuv tv ekeiv-q Ty iopq. H a XaXij- 

ye should speak: for it shall bo given you in that hour what yeshall 

<T6-'' " 20 o'v.yap vfieig eare ot XaXovvTEg , dXXa to 7rrev^a 

speak: for "not 'ye "are they who speak, but the Spirit 

Tov.7rn~pog.v^u>v to XaXovi' tv v/xiv. 21 HapaSiocrEi.Ss 
of your .Father which speaks in you. But 2 will 'deliver 4 up 

ctctXtpug aCE'\<pov tig Qavarov, K<\i rraTijp t'ekvov Kai t7vava- 

'brother brother to death; and father child: and 2 will 

GTi'jcrovTai Tcicva tTri yovtXg, Kai OavaTUxrovcnv auTovg. 
-'rise *up 'children against parents, and will put to death them. 




Kai <JE<7Us [.iKjonjievoi vivo -xavTiov out TO.ovoj.ia.iiov 

Andyewiiihe hated by all onaccountof my name; 

o.Se VTiOf.iEii>ag tig TtXog, ovTog oioQifaErai. 23 OTav.St 

but. he that endures to [the] end, he shall be saved. But when 

SiwKioaiv v/iag tv Tij.TToXti.TavTy, (ptvyETE Eig r>)v.aXXiiv' n p 

they persecute you in this city; flee to another: 

a.Ln)v.ydp X'tyto vluv, ov.fni} TtXttyijTE Tag TroXEig 

for verily I say to you, In no wise will ye have completed the cities 

Vov" 'Icrpai)X 'iwgJav'* t\dy 6 viug tov dvOpiorrov. 24 Ovk 

of Israel uutil be come the Son of man. 4 jSot 

icjTiv [.iaOi}Ti)g vir'tp tov SiSdtjKaXov, ouSe SovXog vnkp 

"*is 'a -disciple above the teacher, nor a bondman above 

Tov.Kvpiov.avTOV . 25 apKETQV t<7j ^iaO)]T?) iva ytvt]Tai ojg 

his lord. .Sufficient for the disciple that he become as 

o.SiSdaKaXog.auTov. Kai 6 SovXog wg b.Kvpiog.avTov. e! 3 tov 

his teacher, and the bondman as his lord. If 3 the 

o!koSe(j7t6t)P^ BfA^e/3oii\ ^-tKaXErrai'," vocrio /idXXov 

'master "'of b the 7 houso ^Beelzebul 'they -called, how much more 

v Tovg oiKiaKovg n .avTov; 26 M?) oi>v <pofi)]9>JTE ' avrovg 
those of his household? 3 >>ot ''therefore 'ye a shoul i f ear tliem ; 

ovStv.ydp i<JTiv KKa\vfi[Xtvov o ovK.a7roKaXv<pQi)ntTaC 

for nothing is covered which shall not be uncovered, 

Kai KpvTCTin> o o v.yi>w(r9))(TEt ai. 27 -o Xtyio v/iiv tv ry 
and hidden which shall not be known. What I tell you in the 

<jK0-ia EiTcarE tv tm tpioTL' Kai o Elg to ovg cikovete kij- 

darkuess speak in the light; and what in the ear ye hoar pro- 

pv'ia.TE tm tmv co>h(itujv. 28 Kai w ju?}.0o/3/;0i/-" enro 

claim upon the housetops. And ye should not fear because of 


as sheep in the midst 
of wolves : be ye there- 
fore wise as serpents, 
and harmless as doves. 
17 But beware of men: 
for they will deliver 
you up to the councils, 
and they will scourge 
you in their syna- 
gogues; ISand yeshall 
be brought before go- 
vernors and kings for 
my .-ake, for a testi- 
mony against them, 
and tho Gentiles. 
19 But when they de- 
liver yon up, take no 
thought how or what 
ye shall speak : for it 
shall be given you in 
that same hour what 
ye shall speak. 20 For 
it is not yc that speak, 
but tho Spirit of your 
Father which speaketh 
in you. 21 And the 
brother shall deliver 
up the brother todeath, 
and the father the 
child: and the chil- 
dren shall rise up a- 
gain^t their' parents, 
and cause them to be 
put to death. 22 And 
ye shall be hated of all 
men for my name's 
sake : but he that eu- 
dureth to the endshall 
be saved. 23 But when 
they persecute you in 
this city, flee ye into 
another: for verily I 
say unto you, Ye 6hall 
not have gone over the 
cities of Israel, till the 
Sou of man be come. 
24 The disciple is not 
above his master, nor 
the servant above his 
lord. 25 It is enough 
for the disciple that he 
be as his master, aud 
the servant as his lord. 
If they have called the 
master of the house 
Beelzebub, how much 
more s/iall they cull 
them of his household ? 
26 Fear them not there- 
fore : for there is no- 
thing covered, that! not be revealed; 
and hid, that shall not 
be known. 27 What I 
tell you in darkness, 
th/tt speak ye in light: 
aud what ye hear in 
the ear, that preach 
ye upon the housetops. 
23 And fear not them 

1 TrapaSaxTif they shall have delivered LTTr. m [&oOrj. yap Vfjlv iv exet'i^j rrj iopa ri A<xAj.] T 
n XaAv70T)T ye should speak TTYa. ttjv irepav the next ni.TTr. D + k<xv lv rrj irepa (i<av 
k ravirjs G) Si<l>Kcocriv vp.a.s, fyevyere et? rijf a\\r)v and if in the next (and if from this) they 
persecute you,,tlee to another g|l|. tov ltta. r ai> ta. s tu> oiKo&to-Trorri l. ' <=7re/c<- 
keo-a.i> they have suruamed GLTXrAW. rot? owaa/cois l. w jutj <o/3eicr0e fear ye not gltttw. 


which "kill the body, 
but are not able to kill 
the soui : but rather 
fear him which is able 
to destroy both soul 
and body in hell. 
29 Are not two spar- 
rows sold for a farth- 
ing? and one of them 
shall not fall on the" 
ground without your 
Father. 30 But the 
very hairs of your 
head are all numbered. 
31 Fear ye not there- 
fore, ye are of more 
i value than many spar- 
rows. 32 Whosoever 
therefore shall con- 
fess me before men, 
him will I confess also 
before my Father 
which is in heaven. 

33 But whosoever shall 
deny me before men, 
him will I also deny 
before my Father 
which is in heaven. 

34 Think not that I am 
come to send peace on 
eai Lh : I came not to 
send peace, but a 
sword. 35 For I am 
come to set a man at 
variance against his 
father, and the daugh- 
ter against her mother, 
and the daughter in 
law against her mother 
in law. 36 And a man's 
foes shall be they of 
his own household. 
37 He that loveth fa- 
ther or mother more 
than me is not worthy 
of me: and he that 
loveth son or daughter 
more than me is not 
worthy of me. 38 And 
he that taketh not his 
cross, and followeth 
after me, is not worthy 
of me. 39 He that find- 
eth his life shall lose it: 
and he that loseth his 
life for my *ake shall 
find it. 40 He that re- 
eeiveth you receiveth 
me, and he that re- 
ceiveth me receiveth 
him that sent mo. 

41 He that receiveth a 
prophet in the name 
of a prophet ;-hall re- 
ceive a prophet's re- 
ward ; and he that 
receiveth a righteous 
man in the name 

righteous man 
receive a fight- 
man's reward. 

42 And who-oever 
shall give to drink un- 
to one of these little 
ones a cup of cold 

M A T A I O 2. X. 

ru>v ^cnroKTU ivovruv" to trw/ia, rijv.Si -tyvxvv fii).8vvafiivh)v 

those who kill the body, but the soul are not able 

cnroKT&vai' y (pof3l]9)]TE. ]l di fidXXov rov. Svvdfievov z KaV i 

to kill; but ye should fear rather him who is able both 

i\>vx>)v Kal awjjia airoXzaai iv yeivvy. 29 ov\l ovq arpov9ia 

soul and body to destroy in Gehenna. 2 Not Hwo 4 sparrows 

datrapiov 7rioXeirai ; Kai iv ,i% avTutv ov.7r8<jtirai iiri t>)v 

e for 7 an "assarion 'are "sold? and one of them shall not fall to the 

yrjv civEv TOv.TraTpig.v/iu>v 30 vfiwv.Si Kai al rplx^g t7}q 

ground without your Father. But of you even the hairs of the 

K(pa\)js warrai rjpi9pi]ftivai eicriv. 31 fii) ovv a 0o/3?/0/)r"' 

head all numbered are. 3 Not Hherefore 'ye ^should 4 f ear; 

7roXXu>v arpovOiiov diacpiptre. vfieig. 32 Hag ovv oa- 

than many sparrows better are ye. Every one therefore whoso- 

rig bfioXoyr]Gi iv ifioi tfi7rpoa9ev tujv dv9pu)7ruiv, bfioXoyt)(Tu) 
ever shall confess me before men, ''will 4 conf ess 

Kayu) iv clvt({> ifxwpoaBtv rov.Trarpog.fiov rov iv b oiipavolg 

= also'I him before my Father who [is] in [the] heavens. 

33 oarigSS' av n dpvijtrrjTai fie ifXTrpooOsv ruiv avBpwiriov, 

But whosoever shall deny me before men, 

dpvi)<yofiai d avrbv /cdyw" tfnrpo(r9ev rov.Trarpog.fiov rov iv 

3 will 4 deny s him *also 'I before my Father who [is] in 

e ovpavoig. 34 Mi)-i>o/ji'<7Jjr on i]X9ov fiaXtiv eipt)vi]v iiri 

[the] heavens. Think not that I came to place peace on 

rrjv yijv ovK.f]X9ov (3aXsiv sipf]vr]v, dXXd fidxaipav. 35 i]X9ov 

the earth : I came not to place peace, but a sword. a I 3 came 

yap Sixdaai dv9purKov Kara rov.irarpbg.avrov , Kai 9vya- 

'for to set at variance a man against his father, and a daugh- 

r'tpa Kara rijg.fnirpbg.avriig, * Kal vvfupi]v Kara rrjg rrev- 

ter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against -mother- 

Bepag aurrjg" 36 icai ixBpol TOV.dv9pu)irov oi oiiciaKoi 

in-law 'her. And enemies of the man [shall b] ''household 

avrov. 37 'O (piXaiv iraripa rj firjTSpa vrrip ifii ovkJutiv 

'his. He that loves father or mother above me is not 

fiov d%iog' Kal 6 <piXu>v vlbv rj 9vyarkpa virip i/xi ovk 

of me worthy ; and he that loves son or daughter above mfl 3 not 

ioTiv fiov d%iog' 38 Kai og ov.XafifSdvei rbv.cravpbv. avrov 

'is of me worthy. And he that takes not his cross 

Kai dKoXo'v9el bir'iah) fiov owk larw fiov d%iog. 39 b evpihv, 

and follows after me "not 'is of me worthy. He that has found 

ri)v.ipvxv v - a vT v a7ro\fo-ei* avrrjv' Kai b aTroXiaag m)v 

his life shall lose it ; and he that has lost 

ipvxdv avrov eveKtv ifiov evprivsi avrqv. 40 '0 Ssx^fi^vog 

= life 'his on account of me shall find it. He that receives 

vfidg ifiidix erai ' Kai if^i oexbfievog 8sx STai T0V drro- 

you me receives ; and he that mj receives receives him who sent 

aruXavrd fie. 41 b dexbfizvog 7rpo(f>T)Ti)V elg ovofia 7rpo- 

me. He that receives a prophet in [the] name of a 

<pr)vov fiio~9bv 7rpo<pi]TOV { Xrj\f/Erai- H Kai b Sexbfitvog 

prophet [the] reward of a, prophet shall receive ; and he that receives 

diKaiov tig ovofia diKaiov fii(r9bv SiKaiov 

a righteous [man] in [the} Dame of a righteous [man] the reward of a righteous 

f A.})^TO(. 11 42 Kai dgSidv n irorimj 'iva rCov fxiKpwv 

[man] shall receive. And whoever shall give to drink to one 3 little ones 

% anoKTevouTuiv G', atroKTevvovTUiv LTTrA. > ^ojSeicrfle fear ye TA. z [/fat] L. <}>ofZei(T9e 
fear ye b + rots the i|TrjA. c St LTrA. d zedyw avToy LTTrA. e + tois the j^TiJa. 

' A^M^tTttl LTTjA. g av LTr. 

of a 



roi'-iov irorijpiov ipvxpov fxovov sig ovofia /j.adrjrov, 

'of^tliuse, a cup of cold [water] only iu [the] name of a disciple, 

ct}u)v X'tyto bfilv, ct7ro\e(TT/ Tbv.ftiG9bv.avTov. 

verily I say to you, in nowise shall he lose his reward. 

11 Kai iykvsTO ore tTtXsGSv 6 'hjGovg SiaraGGiov rolg 

And it came to pass when 2 had J finished 'Jesus- commanding 

SioSsKa fiaOriralg avrov, [xsts(3t] tKsWev tov diSaGKSiv ical 

'twelve ^disciples 'his, he departed thence to teach and 

K7)nv<T(TSLV tv raig.7r6XsGiv.avTuiv. 

to preacli in their cities. 

2 'O.SL'lu)dvvt]g ciKoixrag tv Ttp SeG/xu)TT]pl(p ra tpya tov 

Now John having heard in the prison the works of the 

Xpiarov, rrk/.i^ag h Si>o n Ta>v.f.ia9r,Tuiv.avTov , 3 slirsv avriS, 

Christ, having sent two of his disciples, said to him, 

St'.eZ a tpxdfisvog, rj 'irspov 7r/uo(x<WwjUi> ; 4 Kai ctTTOKpi- 

Art thou the coming [ono], or another are we to look for ? And 2 answer- 

9s.) g b 'lt](Tovc sIttsv avrolg } Hopsvd'ivrsg airayysiKciTS. 'Iiodvvy 

uig 'Jesus said to them, Haviug gone relate to John 

a cikovsts icai j3Xsttet' 5 TV<p\oi dvafiXkirovGiv, l Kal n - 

what ye hear and see : blind receive sight, and 

\wXoi TiSpnrarovaiV Xsttooi Kadap'iZ,ovrca, k /cot" Kuxpoi 

lame walk; lepers are cleansed, and deaf 

aicovovcnv' x vsKpoi iysipovrai, k Kai n 7rrwY0t svayysXi^ovTai' 

hear j dead are raised, and poor are evangelized. 

6 Kai fj.aKa.pwg Lgtiv, oc. m tav" n>).GKavcaXtG9y tv ifioi. 

And blessed is, whoever shall not be offended in me. 

7 Toiinov.St Tropsvop.tvojv yp^aro 6 'h]Govg Xeysiv rdig 

But as these were going *began 'Jesus to say to the 

oyXoif -nrspi 'lojdvvov, Ti H,i]X9sTE n sig ti)v ipi]f.wv 

crowds concerning John, What went ye out into the wilderness 

9sd(ja(Tdai ; KaXap.ov vtco dvsp.ov go.\sv6/.isvov ; 8 dXXd 

to look at ? a reed by [the] wind shaken ? But 

ti "tt,i]X9sTS ][ iSsHv; dv9pn)Trov tv ftaXaKolg if.iaTioig n ij/xipisG- 

whut went ye out to see ? a man -' in soft garments ar- 

n'tvov; iSov, oi rd fiaXaKa tpopovvrsg tv roig oiKoig 

rayed? Behold, those who the soft [garmentsj wear in the houses 

tujv fiaGiXsiov v elffiv a 9 dXXd ti n i,t)X9sT ][ ^idslv;. Trpo- 

of kings are. But what went ye out to see? a pro- 

(pr'jTijV ;" vai, Xiyw vfiiv, Kai irspiGGOTSpov irpotyiiToV 

phet ? Yea, I say to you, and [one] more excellent than a prophet. 

10 oi< Tog. T ydp n lgtiv nspi oi yeypaTTTai, 'Idov, *lydi n 

1'or this is [he] concerning whom it has been writtenj'Behold, I 

dn-oGTtXXuj Tbv.uyysX6v-j.wv Trpb Trponojivov.aov, v og u Kara- 
send my messenger before thy face, who shall 

gksvugsi ti)v. bdbv.Gov i/j.7rpou9iv gov' 11 'Afxi)v Xiyui vfiiv, 

prepare thy. way before thee. "Verily I say to you, 

oi'K.iytjyspTai iv ysvvijTolg yvvaiKutv j.isi%u>v 'laidvvov 

there has uoi, risen among [those] born of women agreater than John 

TOV f3a7TTlGTOV' b.Ss fllKpOTSpOg tV T?J fiaGlXsiO. TU)V 

the Baptist. But he that [is] less in the kingdom of the 

ovpavCJv'Cwv v dvrov toriv." 12 ditb.di twv i)[.ispu)V 'Iwdvvov 

heavens greater than he is. But from the days of John 


water only in the name 
of a disciple, verily I 
say unto you, he shall 
in no wise lose his re- 

XI. And it came to 

pass, when Jesus' had 
made an end of com- 
manding his twelve 
disciples, he departed 
thence to teach and to 
preach in their cities. 

2 Now when John had 
heard in the prison the 
works of Christ, lie 
sent two of his disci- 
ples, 3 and said unto 
him, Art thou he that 
should come, or do we 
look for another? 4 Je- 
sus answered and said 
unto them, Go and 
shew John again those 
things which ye do 
hear and see : 5 the 
blind receive .their 
sight, and the lame 
walk, the lepers are 
cleansed, and the deaf 
hear, the dead are 
raised np, and the poor 
have the gospel preach- 
ed to them. 6 And 
blessed is lie, whosoever 
shall not be offended 

7 And as they de- 
parted, Jesus began to 
say unto the multi- 
tudes concerning John, 
What went ye out into 
the wilderness to see ? 
A reed shaken with 
the wind? 8 But what 
went ye out for to see ? 
A man clothed in soft 
raiment ? behold, they 
that wear soft cloth iitg 
are in kings' houses. 
9 But what went ye 
out for to see ? A pro- 
phet? yea, I say unto 
you, and more than a 
prophet. 10 For this is 
he, of whom it is writ- 
ten, Behold, I send my 
messenger before thy 
face, which shall pre- 
pare thy way beiore 
thee. 11 Verily I say 
untoyou, Among them 
that are born of wo- 
men there hath not 
risen a greater than 
John the Baptist : not- 
withstanding he that 
is least in the kingdom 
of heaven is greater 
than he. 12 And from 
the days of John thn 

h 5ca by (his disciples) LTTrAW. ' [/cat] LTr. k [/tai] L. ' + ical and [l]ttta. m at- 
t.Tr. n ejrjA0aTe ltt a. ijixaTioi? {read [garments] ) [l]tt i a. P elaiv (r 

[are]) t[aJ. <i Trpo^vj-rnv [Self ; (read But why went ye out? to see a prophet? ta. 

* v<ip for t[lt.a]. 8 [evai] l. ' /cai (read and he shall prepare) L. v ivriv ainov a. 


Baptist until now the 
kingdom of heaven 
saffereth violence, and 
the violent take it by 
force. 13 For all the 
prophets and the law 
prophesied until John. 

14 And if ye will re- 
ceive it, this is Elias, 
which was for to come. 

15 He that hath ears to 
hear, let him hear. 
Hi But v.'hereunto shall 
1 liken this generation? 
It is like unto children 
sitting in the markets, 
and calling unto their 
fellows, 17 and saying, 
We have piped unto 
you, and ye have not 
danced; we have 
mourned unto you, 
and ye have not la- 
mented. 18 For John 
came neither eating 
nor drinking, and they 
say, He hath a devil. 
19 The Son of man- 
came eating and drink- 
ing, and they say, Be- 
hold a man glutton- 
ous, and a wincbibber, 
a friend of publicans 
and sinners. But wis- 
dom \i justified of her 

20 Then began he to 
upbraid the cities 
wherein mo4 of his 
mighty works were 
done, because they re- 
pented not : 21 Woe 
unto thee, Chorazin ! 
woe unto thee, Beth- 
Baida! for if the mighty 
works, which were 
done in you, had been 
done in Tyre and Si- 
don, they would have 
repented long ago in 
sackcloth and ashes. 

22 But 1 say unto you, 
It shall be more toler- 
able for Tyre and Sidon 
at the day of judg- 
ment, than for you. 

23 And thou, Caper- 
naum, which art ex- 
alted unto heaven, 
shalt be brought down 
to hell : for if the 
mighty works, which 
have been done in 
theen had been done in 
Sodom, it would have 
remained until this 
day. 21 But I say unto 
you, That it shall be 
more tolerable for the 
land of Sodom in the 
day of judgment, than 
for thee. 

M A T 8 A I O S. 


TOV fiaTTTHTTOV Ewg dpTl, T) ftaffiXEia TU)V oi>pavu>v filCl- 

the Baptist until now, the kingdom of the heavens is taken by 

ferai, Kai fiiaGrai apTzdXovoiv avri)v. 13 7rdvr?g.ydp oi 

violence, and [the] violent seize it. For all the 

7Tpo<pi]Tai Kai 6 vo/xog Eiog 'liodvvov ?TrpoE<pi)TEV(Tav'^ 14 <cai 

prophets and the law 2 until 3 John 'prophesied. And 

8i 9eXete Sk,a(j9ai, avrug ianv ^HXi'ag 11 b /.lsXXojv 'ipxtcrOcu. 

if ye are willing to receive [it], he is Elias who is about to come. 

15 6 f%wy lira ydKovEiv," aKovkria. 16 TivuSt bfioiajaio 

He, that has ears to hear, let him hear. But to what shall I liken 

TrjV.yevEav.TavTrjv ; buoia iariv z TraiSapioig l[ a iv dyopalg 

this generation ? ^ike 'it '-4s to little children in [the] markets 

Ka9ijpsvoig, n b /cai TrporripiovovGivTolg.iTaipoig.avTCjv, ' 17 Kai 

sitting, and calling to their companions, and 

Xsyovciv," B.u\i)actfji^v iiulv, Kai ovK.ujpx>'l<?a<T9c' IBpijvyjaafiev 

saying, We piped to you, and ye did not dance ; we mourned 

c VfiiVj" Kai ovtctKoipaaQe. 18 *H.X9ev.ydp '\iadvvi\q pt'jrE LaOiwv 

to you, and ye did not wail. For ''came 'John neither eating 

ui]te 7r'ivujv, Kai Xiyovrriv, Aai/j-oviov tx f '- 19 i)X9tv b vibg 
nor drinking, and they say, A demon he has. 'Came 'the ^Son. 

tov avOpo'jTrov to9iu)V Kai 7rivoiv, kccI Xiyoixriv, 'iSov, 
3 of *nun eating and drinking, and they say, Behold, 

di'9pi07rog <pdyog icai oli'OTroriig, TeXwviov (piXog icai 
a man a glutton and a, wine bibber, of tax-gatherers a friend aud 

dfj.aprco\u>v. icai LSacaiw9i] '/ <Jo<f>ia airb tuiv.'Wekviov^ avrrjg. 

of sinners. And "was justified 'wisdom by ^children 'her. 

20 Tore i'lp'iaro bvEiSi&iv rag TrbXEig iv alg iyivovro 

Then he began to reproach the cities in which had taken place 

al 7r\ioTai vvvdpEtg.avrov, on ov.p,fTEv6>]o~av. 21 Ovai 

the most of his works of power, because they repented not. Woe 

aoi, e Xopa<V" ovai aoi, f li-q9aa'iSdv' a on el. iv Tvpip icai 

to thee, Chorazin ! woe to thee, Bethsaida ! for if in. Tyre aud 

Sidwvi tykvovTO al dvvd/iEig al yevoftevai iv v/iiv, 

Sidon had taken place the works of power which have taken place in you, 

ftdXai dv iv ad/dap icai cnrodip fiETEvmjaav. 22 X>)v Xkyia 

long ago in sackcloth and ashes they had repented. But 1 say 

vfitv, Tvpcp icai Y,lSCjvl dvEKTOTEpov iarai iv I'lfiipoi KpiaEojg 

to you, For. Tyre and Sidon niore tolerable shall it be in day of judgment 

rj vfiiv. 23 Kai av, ^ILaTTEpvaovfi^ 'V; 11 'iojg l rov^ ovpavov 

than for you. And thou, Capernaum, who to the heaven 

k i/^w0f7o-a," 'iojg gJSov l KaTaf3i/3aa9))ay^ on el iv HoSo- 

hast been lifted up, to hades shalt be brought down : for if in Sod- 

/.loig m iyivovro n at SvvduEig a't."yEv6pvai iv aoi, l[ 

om had taken place the works of power which have taken place in thee, 

fieivav n .av ^XP 1 Tijg.aij^Epov. 21 7rX>)v Xiyio, on 

it had remained until to-day. But I say to you, that 

yy "Eodouojv avEKTorepov tarai iv im'(po: KpiaEwg 

lor [the] land of Sodom more tolerable shall it be in day of judgment 

i) aoi. 

than for thee. 

w eirpo4>iJTV<Tav LTTrA. x 'HAeias T. y aKoveiV t[ty]a. z iraiStois GLTT. AW. 

/ca#n/xeVois ev ayopd (market) L ; Ka.0T7p.fVoi? ev reus ayopcus TTiA. b a. Trpoo-<$>ii>vovvTa. rot? 
e-rou'pois who calling to the companions (erepots read calling to the others Tl'rJ ( + [ai/rwi-J 
their a) Ae'yovcrii' say LTTi a. = LTTi a. d ep-ycot^works TTr. e Xopa^etV TTrA. ' Bi)#- 
|0-at'5a LTr. 8 KaQapvaovfA LTTrAW. h fi7} LTTrA, V w. ' roll LTTrA. k vtpu>8r}<rri ; 

shalt thou be lilted up? LTTrA ; v>//a>0T)s w. ' Kara^jjcnj thou shalt deseuud LTr A. 

m iyivri0ri<xav tn.A, n et> aoi yevoixevcu L. HvLtLVtv LTXrA. 


25 'Ev tice'tvy rep Kcupy cnroKpiOeig 6 'lt]<!oug eIttev, "E.t,ojxo- s J 5 a ^ W ertd aLTJia" 

At that time answering Jesus said, I j t h iul k thee. O Fa- 

Xoyoufiai aoi, TtdrEp, Kvpie rov ovpavou Kai rijg ylCi * ,rt ! he d ' Lord L of ' ieaTon 

praise thee, O Father, Lord of the heaven and the earth, that \-^ on jj' ast 'hyj t nes ^ 

p aTTiicpVipag n ravra enro aocpujv /cat ovvertbv, Kai cnrEKaXvipag tilings from the wise 

tliou didst hide thesathings from wise . and prudent, and didst reveal r"veakd them unto 

aura vi)7t'ioiq. 26 vai, b 7rar>ip, on o'vrwg ^tyevero EvdoKia" tabes. 26 Even so, Fa- 

them to babes. Yea, Father, for thus - it was well-pleasing ther , : f ? r s ** seemed 

good in thy sight. 

t inrpoaQkv <jov. 27 Ildvra juoi 7rapeS69q inrb Tov.warpog.fiov 27 All things are de- 

beforo thee. ' All things to me were delivered by my Father. hvercd unto me of my 

,*, , / , t \ > v < > *> \ Father : and nd man 

Kai oi'OEiQ tTTiyil'lOOKEl TOV VIOV El.fJl)) O TVarrjp' OVOE TOV knoweth the Son, hut 

And no one knows the Son except the Father: nor the , the Father; neither 

, , , , , , , , , r i > knoweth any man the 

jrartpa Tig t7TiyiVlGKei ei.flt) O VlOg, Kai (p.eaV. Father, save the Sou, 

Father -2 any 'one 'does know except the Son, and he to whomsoever an d he to whomsoever 

r, /> s . > > A i i ' no A - / . / the Son will reveal 

pov\i]Tai o viog aizoKaXvyai. .28 Aevre irpog ue, icavreg Jam. 28 Come unto. 

*may *will 'the -Son to reveal [him]. Come to me, all me, all ye that labour 

, , , > i ) / < and are heavy laden, 

oi KOTTiwvTfg Kai 7Tf(popTiGfisvoi, Kayio avairavoii) vuag. and I will give you 

ye that labour and are burdened, aud I will give "rest 'y u - rest. 29 Take my yoke 

~,-, ./ \ y i > , < > r r\ , > y ~ tr , upt/u you, and learn of 

21) apare rov.c,vyov.uov e<p vuag, Kai fiaOETE air kflOV, OTl me; for I am meek and 

Take my yoke upou you,- and learn from me, foij lowly in heart: and ye 

, ~ ' u > * $.' \ < / > , shall find rest unto 

T 7rpaog" eiui Kai rairEivog Ty.Kapcig.' Kai evprfaerE avairavaiv your'souk. 30Formy 

meek lam and lowly in heart ; and ye shall fiud rest yoke is ca^y, and my 

ralg.ipvxriQ-vjJ-iov. 30 b.yapXvyog.uov \pj)ar'og Kai to tyopriov cn 1S lg t- 
to your souls. For my yoke easy aud J burden 

uov iXa(ppov tanv. XII. At that time 

'my light is.' Jesus went on the 

, ft , , , , ~ > 'A 'r - ~ * 'GO II sabDath dit y through 

Y& Va> hKeiVlp Tip Kaiptfi lITOpEVVT) O 1 7] ffO V g TOig s OappaOlV u thecorn;andhisdisci- 

At that time went Jesus on the Sabbath pies were an hungred, 

*, / c t>i /v \ > ~ > > < and began to pluck the 

Cia TUJV ffTTOpl/XUJV Ol.OE.jiaVrjTai.aVTOV' tirUVaOaV, Kai ears of corn, and to 

through the corn-fields; and his disciples were hungry, and eat. 2 But when the 

,. ., .-. N / > t /v - < ^ ^ ~ Ebarisees saw it, they 

iipt,avro riXXeiv ara-^vag Kai tovteiv. 2 Qapiaaiot said unto him, Behold, 

began to pluck [the] ears and to eat. But the Pharisees thy disciples do that 

>r.- t t ii > ~ > T ? ' n ' ~ which is not lawful to 

icovreg x enrov n at>rc/>, lcov, oi.fiav>]rat.<rov ttoiouoiv o ,jo upon the sabbath 

havingseen said to him, Behold, thy disciples are doing whai day. 3 Bnt he said un- 

>v ^. /33' o <r\ v ? *~/ito them. Have vc not 

oiiK.t^eani' ttoieiv tv cra/jpary. o u.oe EiTrev avroig, (jvk read what i) av id did, 

it is not lawful to do on sabbath. But he said to thein, 3 !Not when he was an huu- 

dveyvwre ri iwoirjttv "Aa/SiS,* ore STreivavev "aurbg" Kai ^^WmT^w 

*ye 'have read what 2 did 'David, when he huugered himself and ^e entered into the 

ol vet avrov; 4 Trwg eI^XQev elg rov oIkov tovBeov, Kai ^^ G hewbreS 

those with him? How he entered into the house of God, and w hich was not lawful 

rovg dprovg rijg TrpoOeaEiog *t<payEv," J'oDc; 11 ovk t%bv i)v |rthm winch were 

the loaves of the presentation he ate, which 3 not 4 lawful 'it'^was -^ith him but only for 

avTiji <payE~iv,ovck ralg uet' avrov, ei-U-i) ro~ig 'lEpEvaiv uovoig ; the priests? 5 Or have 

for him to eat, nor for those with him, but for the priests only? howthat on the sab- 
5 "H OVK.ClVEyVUJTE iV T'p VO/^<f>, OTl Tolg ffcifilSaaiV Ol lepeig hath days the priests 

Or have ye not read .in the law,' that on the sabbaths the priests i? the * em P le P' f *? 
J ' ,,ii the sabbath, and are 

tv T({> iep({i to cra/3/3rtrov (3ei3t]\ov<Tiv, Kai dva'inoi eiaiv ; blameless? 6 But I say 

in the temple the sabbath profane, and guiltless are ? unto you, That in this 

a w , . . ~, - _ , v , , r m ' S< P lace 1S one & reater 

D AeyoJ.Ot VfllV, OTl TOV.iepOV T /J,eiC,lOV n tariV woe. I ei.Ce than the temple. 7 But 

But I say to you, that Hhan 'the 5 temple l a '^greater is here. But if if ye had known what 

> , ' , ,,x n'^ -in' 'Z" 5 meaneth, I will 

ty7^iiK:eir6 n tanv, a h\fov" weAw Kai ov vvaiav, ovk av have mercy, and not; 

ye had known what is, Mercy I desire and not sacrifice, "not sacrifice, ye would not 

, P e/cpui/zas I.TTrA. 1 evSoKia eyevero LT. r 7rpai5s LTTrA. craj3j3aT(H5 L. * etrrav LTTrA. 
r iiavei'6 LTTrA ; AauiS gw. " avrbs QLTTrAW. * eoSayov LT. y LTTrA. x pelgov 


hnve condemned the 

puiltless. 8 For the 
Son of man U Lord 
even of the sabbath 

9 And when he was 
departed thence, he 
wtiii, into their syna- 
gogue : 10 and, behold, 
there was a man which 
ha^l his hand with' rod. 
And thoy a-^ked him, 
saying, Is it lawful to 
heal on the sabbath 
days? that they might 
accuse him. 11 And he 
said unto them, What 
man shall there be 
among you, that shall 
have one sheep, and if 
it fall into a pit on 
the sabbath day, will 
he not lay hold on it, 
and lift it out? 12 How 
much then is a man 
better than a sheep? 
Wherefore it is lawful, 
to do well on the sab- 
bath days. 13 Then 
saith he to the man, 
Stretch forth thine 
hand. And ho stretch- 
ed it forth ; and it was 
restored whole, like as 
the other. 

1 4 Then the Pharisees 
went out,' and held a 
council against him, 
how they might de- 
stroy him. 15 But 
when Jesus knew it, 
he withdrew him elf 
from thence: and 
great multitudes fol- 
lowed him, and he 
healed them all; 16 and 
charged them that 
they should not make 
him known: 17 that 
it might be fulfilled 
v/hijh was spoken by 
Esaias the prophet, 
saying, 18 Behold my 
servant, whom I have 
chosen; my beloved, in 
whom my soul is well 
pleased : I will put my 
spirit upon him, and 
he shall shew judg- 
ment to the Gentiles. 
19 He shall not strive, 
nor cry; neither shall 
any man hear his voice 
in the streets. 20 A 
bruised reed shall he 
not break, and smok- 
ing flax shall he not 
quench, till he send 
forth judgment unto 
victory. 21 And in his 
name shall the Gen- 
tiles trust. 

M A T A I 2. 


KaT0iicaaaT rovg dvairiovg - 8 Kvpiog.ydp egtiv b /cai" 

'ye "tmil condemned the guiltless. For Lord s is 'also "of -"the 

oaj3i3uTOV 6 vibg rov.c'iv9pto7rov. 

"sabbath the son of man. 

U Kai /.iEraf3dg ekeZ9ev, 7j\Qev tig rr}v.<JVvnywy))v.avrwi'. 

. And having departed thence, he went into their synagogue. 

10 icai idov,- av0piD7rog c r)v r>)v A X^P a *X W,/ fypdv' Kai 

And bcho'ld, a man there was 2 the -'hand 'having withered. And 

67rr)phJTii(Tav avrov, \tyovrtg, Eilfceoriv rolg odfifiaoiv 

they asked him, saying, Is it lawful on the sabbaths 

d 9epaTrtveivY 'iva Kavqyopiicruxnv avrov. 11 *0.8e EirfEv avroig, 

to heal? that they might accuse him. But he said to them, 

Tig e trrrai tt t% vfiwv dv9p<jJ7rog, og 'e%ei Trpofiarov ev, 

What -shall 'thero 4 be 5 of "you 'man, whoshallhave a sheep 'one, 

Kai iav tfX7TEay rovro rolg < o~df3f3acriv tig (369vvov, oi'%t 

and if -fall 'this on the sabbaths into a pit, willnot 

KpClTi'l<7El aUTO Kai f kyEpEl j" 12 7TO(T^J OVV Sia(pfpEI dv- 

lay hold of it and will raise [it] up? How much then is 'better 'a 

9pu)TTog 7rpof3drov ; wore t&artv roigZadfifiaaiv^ icaXutg 

-man than a sheep? So that it is lawful on the sabbaths 3 well 

ttoieIv. 13 Tore X'tyEi rip. dv9pw Trip, "Ekteivov *ry)vxE~ipd 

'to "do. Then he says to the man, Stretch out *hand 

cou." Kai t%iTivev, Kai 1 a7roKarEard9ri n vyu)g tug r) 

And he stretched [it] out, and it was restored 

sound as the 


iva \ii] (f>avepbv avrov ttou](ju)Giv 17 

that 3 not "publicly 'known 3 him 'they Should "make. 



14 k O(.$ QapiGalot avfifiovXiov tXa/3ov icar avrov e%eX- 

But the Pharisees 5 a ^council "held' 'against "him 'having 

Oovrsg," oTrojg avrov 'diroXkaiooiv. 15 'O.Sk.'lt]o-ovg yvovg 

"gone "'out how him they might destroy. But Jesus havingknuwn 

dvEX i0 P'1 (7EV ekeX9ev icai i)KoXov9?]o~av avrt^i l 6xXoi n rroXXoi, 

withdrew thence, and followed him- 2 crowds 'great, 

Kai WtpdirEVGEv avrovg rrdvrag' ]6 Kai ErrEri^aEv avrolg 

he healed them all, and strictly charged t'nem 

oVwf" irX)j- 

So that might 

pwt'rj ro pt]9iv did 'Hca'iov rov 7rpo<py']rov. Xkyovrog, 

be fulfilled that which was spoken by Esaias the prophet, saying, 

18 'iSov 6.Tra"ig.p.ov ov "yp'tnaa," 6.dya7rr)rug.p:ov "elg 

Behold my servant whom I have chosen, my beloved in, 

02/" p EvSoKt]aev n y).^/vx>)-f^ov 9i)gio TO.TTVEVjid.fiov tV 

whom 3 has "found ^delight 'my -soul. I will put my Spirit upon 

avrov, Kai Kpiaiv rolg Wveoiv d~ ayygXti* 19 ovK.tpicEi 

him, and judgment to the nations he shall declare. He shall not strive 

ovSk KpavyaTEi, ovSk aKovcEi rig Iv ralg rrXarEiaig r>)v 

nor cry out, nor shalPhear 'any -one in the streets 

fiovrjv.avrov. 20 ttdXa^iov avi>rErpi/.ifj.Evov ov.KarEa^Ei, Kai 

his voice. A "reed 'bruised he shall not break, and 

Xivov rv<p6j.u:vov ov-ofikaEi, Vwg.dv tKJidXri Eig vIkoc r\)v 
2 flax 'smoking he shall not quench, until he bring forth 3 unto" victory 'the 

Kpiaiv. 21 Kai liv" r(^.6v6j.uiri.avrov i'9vr] eXttiovpiv. 

'judgment. And' in his name [the] nations , shall hope. 

b Kai GLTTrAW 

raises [it] up l, 

c fy rr\v LTTrA. d Qepanevcrai ; T. 
S o-a|S/3drot? L. h o~ov rrjv X^-P - L^TrA. 

icrrat Tta. f eyeipet lie 
' CLTreicaiTecTTaQri i.TTrAW. 
k tfeAfloyTes 5e ot $apio-aiot. o-u,uj3ou'Ai0f eA.a/3of k<xt' avrov LTTrW. 1 oi^Aot {read noWoi 

aiany) LT[TrA]. m 'iva that LTTrA. n -qpiri-o-a. Tr. "svulr; eij la. P ijOoo/cn- 

aev TTr. 1 ev (read [on]) GLTTrAW. 


M A T T H E W. 


22 Tors T 7rpucn]vtx^ t ) n urtp a 8ai/AoviZ,6[ievog, rucpXbc 

Then was brought tohiin one possessed by a demon, blind 

Kal Ktu^/i^*" Kal iOtpcnreiKjiiv avrov, ojctte toi' t TtJ<pXbv Kai" 
and dumb, and he healed him, so thiit the 'blind and 

icw<poi> T /cat" \a\e~iv Kal fiXtrreiv. 23 Kal IXiaravro irdvTEg 

dumb both spake and saw. And 4 were "amazed 'all 

oi 0%/Voi Kal t'Xeyov, M/yn ovTug t<JTii> b v'ibg w A/3<o > ;" 

"the "crowds and said, "This 'is the son' of David? 

24 O'l.St ipapifraloi ciKovcavT'g eIttov, Ovrog ovK.tK[3dXXEi 
But the Pharisees having heard said, This [man] casts not out 

ra Sai/.i6via ei./.u) iv t) WeeX^e^ovX dpxovri twv Sai^oi'iojv. 

the demons except by Beolzebul prince of the demons. 

25 EiStoQ-St x o'lt)rroT>Q n Tdclv9vp.i](TEig.abTu)v dirty avroUg, 

But "knowing- 'Jesus their thoughts hesaid to them, 

Hci(ja (3a(Ti\da j.iepirT07<7a KaQ' iavTi'ig tprj/iovrai' Kal 

Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and 

Tcaoa irbXig 'rj.oiKia fizpirrQuaa Kad' iai>T?ig ouMTaOijaerai. 

every city or house divided against itself will not stand. 

2G Kal u 6 oaravag tov aaravav K/3aXXei, i(j>' tavrbv tfxe- 

And if Satan 3 Satan 'casts -out, against himself he was 

pioQt]' ttioq ovv <TTa9r](TETai 7).(5acnXeia.avTov ; 27 Kal ' iyti) 

divided. How then will stand his kingdom? And if I 

iv BeeX^fj3ovX t/f/3a\Xw to. daifiovia oi.v'iol.vfioJv iv t'lvi 

by Beelze'oul cast out the demons, your sons by whom 

tKfiaWovaiv ; Sid tovto avroi ^v/juiv toovratKpirai. 11 
do they cast out ? on account of this they of you shall be judges. 

28 el.Sk z tyu) iv TrvEvfiaTi 9eov" iKfidWoj to. dai/iovta, dpa 

But if 1 by [the] Spirit of God cast out the demons, then 
t<p9aoev i<p' vfiag i) fiaviXeia tov 9eov. 2D tj ttCjq dvvarai 

has come upon you the kingdom of God. . Or how is able 

Tig eioeX9hv elg ti)v oiKiav too iaxvpov Kal rd okevtj 

anyone to cuter into the house of the strong [man] and 2 goods 

avrov *ciapirdaai,' ] edv.fir) irpCJTOV cV/crjy tov iaxvpov; 

'his to plunder, unless first he bind the strong [man]? 

koi tote rtiv.oiKiav.avTOv b oiap7rdo-EiJ' 30 b fi)).u)v yusr' ifxov 

and then his house he will plunder. He who is not with me 

/car' ifinv ioriv Kai 6 fiii.crvvdyiov juet ifxov OKopTri^Ei. 

against me is; and he who gathers not with me scatters. 

31 Aid tovto Xsyio ii/juv, Tldaa d\ia.pTia Kal f3Xao~tpr]p:ia 

Becauso of this . I say to you, Every ein and blasphemy 

o00/yfffrai c roig dv9pwTroig' TOv.7rvEVfiaTog fiXaa- 

phall be forgiven to men ; but the Concerning J the 4 Spirit 'blas- 

Qijpia oi)K.d<p- 9qo-ETai ^Tolg dv9pwTroig. n 32 Kal dg. e dv" eitttj 

phemy Bhallnot be forgiven to men. And whoever speak* 

Xoyov KUTa to~< v'iov tov dv9pio7rov, d<p9rjo'Tai avT(j)' 

a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him;^ 

og.S'.dv EiTry Kara tov tcvev parog tov dyiov, f ovK.d(pe- 

but whoever speaks against the Spiiut the Holy, it shall not 

Syorerai" ai'ToJ, ovte iv tovtoj Tip aiu>vi ovte iv rep fisXXov- 
be forgiven him, neither in this age nor in the coming 

rt. 33 H 7rou](rare to SivSpov koXov *cqi tov Kaprrbv 
[one]. Either make the tree good and -fruit 

22 Then was brought 
unto him one posi i I 
with a devil, blind, 
and dumb: and ho 
healed him, invocation 
that the blind and 
dumb both spake and 
saw. 23 And all tho 
people were amazed, 
and said, Is not this 
the, .Son of David? 
24 But when the Phari- 
sees heard it, they said, 
This fellow doth not 
east out devils, but by 
Beelzebub the prince 
of tho devil . 25 And 
JcsUv knew their 
thoughts, and said 
unto thorn, Every 
kingdom divided a- 
gainst ii self is brought 
to desolation ; and 
every orty or house 
divided against itself 
shall not stand :2(J and 
if Satan ea tout Satan, 
he is divided against 
himself; how -hall 
then his kingdom 
stand ? 27 And if 1 by 
Beelzebub east out 
devils, by whom do 
your children cast 
them out? therefore 
they shall be your 
judges. 28 But, if 1 cast 
out devils by the Spirit 
of God, then the king- 
dom of God is come 
unto you. 29 Or else 
how can one enter into 
a strong man's house 
and spoil his goods, 
except he fir-t biud the 
strongman? and then 
he will spoil his house. 
30 Ke that is not with 
me is against me; and 
he that gathereth not 
with me seattcreth 
abroad. 31 Wherefore 
I say unto you, All 
manner of sin and 
blasphemy shall be 
forgiven unto men : 
but the blasphemy 
aijainst tho//o///Gho t 
shall not be forgiven 
unto iucu. 32 And 
whosoever spcaketh 
a word against the 
Son of man. it shall 
be forgiven him : but 
whosoever spcaketh a- 
gainst the Holy Ghost, 
it shall not he for- 
given him, neither in 
this world, noithcr in 
the world to comet 
33 Either make the 
tree good, and his fruit 

1 npocrr/veyKav they brought L. " Sai/xoi/t^'oju.ei'Oi' Tu<f)\bv Kal K<o<f>6v L. * TVc^Abr teal 
LTTrA. T Kai LTTrA. w AaiHO GW ; Aauei'S LTT.A. * 6 'Ivjaov; LTTrA. y KptraX 

ecrofrat v/xw LTTYA. * kv irvevfj.a.TL Oiov eya> GLTTtAW. a apiraaai to seize upon l.TT. a. 

b apiracrei. hef will seize upon l ; Siapirao-rj he might plunder t. c + [u/xli/j to you a. 
d Tois airdpuTTois LTTr[A]. * ea,c LTTrA w.' f ov /atj a<e0jj in nowise shall it be Drgivoii j 


good; or else make 
the tree corrupt, and 
his fruit corrupt : for 
the tree is known by 
his fruit. 34 O gene- 
ration of vipers, how 
can ye, being evil, 
speak good things ? 
for out of the abun- 
dance of the heart the 
mouth speaketh. 35 A 
good man out of the 
good treasure of the 
heart bringeth forth 
good things : and an 
evil man out of the 
evil treasure bringeth 
forth evil things. 
8C But I say unto you, 
That every idle word 
that men shall speak, 
they shall give account 
thereof in the day of 
judgment. 37 For by 
thy words thou shalt 
be justified, and by 
thy words thou shalt 
be condemned. 

38 Then certain of. 
the scribes and of the 
Thavisees Answered, 
saying, Master, we 
would see a sign from 
thee. 39 But he an- 
swered and said unto 
them, An evil and a- 
dultcrous generation 
seeketh after a sign ; 
and there shall no sign 
be given to it, but the 
sigu of the prophet 
Jonas : 40 for as Jonas 
was three days and 
three nights in the 
whale's belly ; so shall 
the Son of man be 
three days and three 
nights in the heart of 
the earth. 41 The men 
of Nineveh shall rise 
iu judgment with this 
generation, and shall 
condemn it : because 
they repented at the 
preaching of Jonas ; 
and, behold, a greater 
than Jonas is here. 

42 The queen of the 
south shall rise up in 
the judgment with 
this generation, and 
shall condemn it : for 
she came from the ut- 
termost parts of the 
earth to hear the 
wisdom of Solomon; 
and, behold, a greater 
than Solomon is here. 

43 When the unclean 
spirit is gone out of 
a man, he walketh 
through dry places, 
seeking rest, and find- 
cth none. 44 Then he 
saith, 1 will return 

M A T 6 A I 2. 


avrov koXov, fj Trcu'jcraTi to SivSpov aayrpov Kai tov Kapirbv 

'its good, or make the tree corrupt and *fruit 

avTov oarepbv iK.ydp tov Kaprrov to. d&vcipov ywuxyicETai. 

'its corrupt : for from the fruit the tree is known. 

34 Tevvrj/xaTa ixidvuJv, irwg Svvao~9e dya9d \oXhv, icovqpoi 

Offspring of vipers, how are ye able good things to speak, 2 wicked 

ovtsq; iK.ydp rov TrepiaaevfiaTog Tijg KapSiag to aropa 

'being? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth 

Xa\ c i. 35 b dyaSbg dvOpwTrog i<e tov ayaBov 9t]<ravpov 

speaks. The good man out of the good treasure 

*t7]Q. icapdiag" k/3a\\ei h ra" dyaOd- mi b 7rovrjplg dvOpcj- 

of the heart puts forth the good things ; and the wicked man 

ttoq ek rov Tcovripov Brioavpov iKf5dXke.i Tvovrjpd. 36\iy(o.Ss 

out of the wicked treasure puts forth wicked things. But I say 

vjiiv, otl ttclv prjfia dpybv b.Kdv" k \a\i)au)mv" oi avBptoirui, 

to you, that every -word 'idle whatsoever 2 may speak 'men, 

diroStoaovrnv irepl avrov \6yov iv r'ffispq, Kpiirttog. 37 tic 
they shall render of it an account in day of judgment. 2 By 

yap Ttov.Xoytov.xsov SiKawjOTiay, Kai tic Tu>v.\6yiov.aov 
'for thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy wuj ,1s 


thou shalt he condemned. 

38 Tore drreKpiBjjodv 1 riveg tujv ypapfiaTswv m Kai 4>apt- 

Then answered. some of the scribes and Phari- 

octiiov, \syoh>Ttg, AiSdaieaXe, 6e\op.ev otto gov ai]peiov ideiv. 

sees, saying, Teacher, we wish from thee a sigu to see. 

39 'O.Sk d7TOKpi9Fig dnEv avTO~ig, Teved 7rov)]pd Kai /j.ol- 
But he answering said to them, A generation wicked and adul- 

X\( 077/xaov tTnZ,r]TU" Kai ai]/idov o!>.So9)]<TETai avry, 
terous a sign seeks for, and a sign shall not be given to it, 

ti.fifj to orjutiov 'Iu>vd tov 7rpo(pi]Tov. 40 axnrep.ydp Jjv 'iwvdg 
except the sigu of Jonas the prophet. For even as was Jonas 

iv t\) KoiXiq. tov Kt]TOvg rptig r)uipag Kai Tpeig vvKTag, o'vrujg 

in the belly of the great fish three days and three nights, thus 

tOTai b vibg tov dv9po)7rov iv ry KupSta. r/} yijg Tpelg 

shall be the Sou of man iu the heart of the earth three 

yfispag Kai TpngvvKTag. 41" Avcpeg "Nu'Ei/Irai" dvaaTiiaov-ai 

days and three nights. Men Niuevites shall stand up 

iv Ty Kpiau fXfTaTtjg.yevEdg.TavTi]g, Kai KaTaKptvovaii' avTtjv' 

in thejudgment with this generation, and shall condemn it ; 

'otl fxeTSvoijaav sig to Ktjpvy^ia 'Iwvd' Kai idov, tt\hov 

for they repented at the proclamation of Jonas ; and behold, more 

'liova w0. 42 j3ao-i\i<roa votov iyfp9))oTai iv Ty Kpiaei 

than Jonas here. A queen of [the] south shall rise up in the judgment 

jiErd Ti"]g.y!rvedg.TavTt]g, Kai KaraKpivu avrf}V otl r}\9ev 

with this generation, and shall condemn it ; for she cama 

K tu>v wfpdTOJV Tijg yijg aKovaai Tr)v aoty'iav^oXopioi'Tog' " 
from the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon ; 

Kai icov, 7t\noi' 'Eo\o[.aovTog" loSe. 43 "Orav.Si to aKa9apTOV 

and behold, more than Solomon here. But wheu the unclean 

TTVrijxa i%i\9y dirb tov di>9pioTrov, SiepxtTai Si dvvcpiov 

spirii is gone out from the man, he goes through waterless 

T07TOJV, L,r\T0vv dvd-Kavaiv, Kai ovx-vpi(TKi. 44 tots \eyEt, 

places. seeking rest. and finds not [it]. Then he says, 

8 ttjs KapSt'ac GLTTrAW. h TO. LTrW. 

shall speak TTrA.. ' + avTu him lttya. 

SoAo/AwyoS OLTTrAW. 

' eoi/ (read winch) LITrA. k AaA^o-ovo-iv 
m Kai <I>apt<7ai(oi/ L. n NirevetTa^ TTrA. 



i'E7ri<TTpk\pui Eig rbv.olicov.fiov," '69ev t?}X9ov' Kai lX9bv 

I will return to my house, whence I came out. And having come 

ei'piaicsi oxo\dZovra, r rrecrapiofdvov Kai KEKO(Ffir)i.iEvov. 45 tote 

he finds [it] unoccupied, swept and adorned. Then 

Tropevsrai mi 7rqpaXai-ij3dvEi (.ie9' tavTOV ewtu 'irepa 7rvVfxa.TCt 
lie goes and takes with himself seven other spirits 

TToi'TjpoTEpa iavTov, Kai elrjtXQovTa /caroi/cei IkeI' Kai yivETai 

more wicked than himself and entering in they dwell there ; and "becomes 


'the "last 'of 4 that 5 man worse than the first. Thus 

terra i Kal Ty.yEVE^.TavTij ry Trovi]pa~. 

itshallbe also to this generation the wicked. 

46 *Eri. s <?" avTOv XaXovvTog toIq oxXoig y ISov, r) /.i7]TT)p 

But -while yet he was speaking to the crowds, behold, [his] mother 

Kai o\.dSe\(poi. t avTQV n EivriiKEiaav E%(o t ^rjTOiiVTEg avTiii Xa~ 

and his brethren were standing' without, seeking Ho J him Ho 

Xfjtrat. v 47 eIttev.S'e tiq avTtp, 'l8ov t Tj.firjTrjp.trov Kai en dStXipoi 
'speak. . Then said one to bim, Behold, thy mother and "brethren 

aov e^uj efrrfjKaaivi ^tjtovvtsq ' aoi . \a\rjcrat. 11 48 '0.8k enro- 

1 thy without are standing, seeking HoHhee 'to "speak. But he an- 

KpiOiiq eIttev r(j> w (V<Wt" avry, Tig ectiv i).jur}Trip.fiov ; 

swering said to him who sgoke to him, Who is my mother? 

xai riveg Eiaiv oi.aSeX^oi.fiov ; 49 Kai tKrdvag rt)v X^pa 

and who are my brethren ? And stretching out "hand 

x avTOV n siri TOvg.fia9r}Tag.avTOV ~e1ttev, 'iSov, rj.ixrjrrjp.fiov Kai 

'his to his disciples hesaid, Behold, my mother and 

oi.a8eX<l>oLiJ.ov. 50 oarig.yap dv fTroirjoy" to OeXrjfia tov 

my brethren. For whosoever shall do tho will 

/xov aSfXfpbg Kai 

my brother and. 
aSeXtyr) Kai ixi]Tt]p icTiv. 

sister and mother is. 

13 'Ei>. z (5P Tg.i]}xhpq,.iKUvy e%eX9u>v 6 'Irjaovg a a.7r6" 

And in that day "having 3 gone *forth 'Jesus from 

Ti)QoiKiagiKd9r]TOTrapa.T))vQdXa<j<jav' 2 kqi ovvi\x9t)Gav 

the house sat down by the sea. And were gathered together 

npbg avTov bxXoi 7ro\\ot, wore avTOV elg b r6" ttXoXov Ifi- 

to him "crowds 'great, so that ho into the ship having 

fidvTa Ka9i]o9ai, Kai irag b oxXog ettI tov aiyiaXbv tiaTtjKH. 
entered sat down, and all the crowd on the shore stood. 

3 Kai tXdXrjrrnv avroUg irroXXa iv irapafioXalg, Xsytov, 'iSov, 
And he spoke to them many things' in parables, saying, Behold, 

4 Kai Ev.Tt^.aTvEipEiv.avTov 

to sow. And as he sowed 

n)v bSov, Kai c rjX9ev n rd irETEtud d Kai^ 

the way, and 3 came 'the "birds and 

dXXa.Se etteuev liri rd TTETpi^St] , oirov 

And some fell upon the rocky places, where 
OVK-Elxev yi]v 7roXXrjy, Kai tv9e(ijg tZavkrEiXev Sid to /jlt/ 

they had not "earth 'much, and immediately sprangup because of not 

(3d9og e yijg' 6 i)Xiov.8k dvaTEiXavrog tKavnaTiv9q, 

depth of earth ; and [the] sun having risen they were scorched, 

7raTpog.fxov tov iv ovpa%>oig, avrog 

of my Father who [is] in [the] heavens, he 


3 went "'out 

o cnreipwv tov aiTEipEiv. 

'the "sower 

a.piv ettegev irapa 
some fell by 

KaTt<payEv avrd. 5 

devoured them. 

iX^ lv 



into my honse from 
whence I came out ; 
and when he is come, 
he findeth it empty, 
swept, and garnished. 
45 Then goeth he, and 
taketh with himself 
seven other spirits 
more wicked than him- 
self, and they enter in 
and dwell there : and 
the last state of that 
man is worse than the 
first. Even so shall it 
be also unto this wick- 
ed generation. 

46 While he yet 
talked to the people, 
behold, Ms mother and 
his brethren stood 
without, desiring to 
speak with him. 
47 Then one said un- 
to him, Behold, thy 
mother and thy bre- 
thren stand without, 
desiring to speak with 
thee. 48 But he an- 
swered and said unto 
him that told him, Who 
is my mother? and 
who are my brethren ? 
49 And he stretched 
forth his hand toward 
his disciples, and said, 
Behold my mother and 
my brethren 1 50 For 
whosoever shall do the 
will of my Father 
which is in heaven, the 
same is my brother, 
and sister, and mo- 

XIII. The same day 
went Jesus out of the, and sat by the 
sea side. 2 And great 
multitudes were gath- 
ered together unto 
him, so that he went 
into a ship, and- sat ; 
and the whole multi- 
tude stood on t he shore. 
3 And he spake many 
things unto them in 
parables, saying, Be- 
hold, a sower went 
forth to sow ; 4 and 
when he sowed, some 
seeds fell by the way 
side, and the fowls 
came and devoured 
them up : 5 some fell 
upon stony places, 
where they had not 
much earth: and forth- 
with they sprung up, 
because they had no 
deepness of earth : 
6 and when the sun 
was up, they were 
scorched ; and becane 

1 et? tov oIkov fiov 7ricTTpe^a) LTTrA. r + Kal and [l]t. b * 5e but LTTrA. ' [avrou] L. 
r Verse i7 in ] T. w Ae'yoi'Ti LTTrA. x avrou (read [his] hand) t. y 770117 A - z 5e 
and LTTr\. a K ut of i.T ; a-n-b (rend ee\. having gcaie out of)Tr. b to (read a 

Ship) LTTri. c rj\$ov LTr; i\66vTa having come A. <* /cat A. e + rrjs l. 


they had no root, they 
withered away. 7 And 
some fell among 
thorns ; and the thorns 
sprang up, and choked 
them : 8 but other fell 
into good ground, and 
brought forth fruit, 
some an hundredfold, 
some sixtyfold, some 
thirtyf old. 9 Who hath 
ears to hear, let him 

10 And the disciples 
came, and said unto 
him, Why speakest 
thou unto them in pa- 
rables ? 11 He answered 
and said unto them, Be- 
cause it is given unto 
you to know the myste- 
ries of the kingdom of 
heaven, .but to them 
it is not given. 12 For 
whosoever hath, to him 
shall be given, and he 
shall have more abun- 
dance : but whosoever 
bath not, from him 
shall be taken away 
even that he hath. 

13 Therefore speak I 
to them in parables : 
because they seeing 
see not ; and hearing 
they hear not, neither 
do they understand. 

14 And in them is ful- 
filled the prophecy of 
Esaias, which saith, By 
hearing, ye shall hear, 
and shall not ' under- 
stand ; and seeing ye 
shall see, and shall not 
perceive : 15 for this 
people's heart is waxed-' 
gross, and their ears 
are dull of hearing, 
and their eyes they 
have closed; lost at any 
time they should see 
with their eyes, and 
hear with their ears, 
and should understand 
with their heart, and 
Should be converted, 
and I should heal them. 
16 But blessed are your 
eyes, for they see : and 
your ears, for they 
near. 17 For verily I 
say unto you, That 
many, prophets and 
righteous men have de- 
sired to see those things 
which ye see, and have 
not seen them; and to 
hear those tilings which 
ye hear, and have not 
heard them. 

18 Hear ye therefore 
the parable of the 
sower. 19 When any 
one heareth the word 
of the kingdom, and 


Kai Sia rb.pi)lx HV piZ,av iir\pav9r]. 7 dXXa.Sk iirtotv iwi 

and because of not having root were dried up. And some fell' upon 

rag aKcivOag, icai avifirjcrav ai ctKavOai Kai f a.7rs7rvi^av n avrd. 

the thorns, and 3 grew *up 'the 2 thorns and choked them. 

8 ettectev kiri n)v yrjv ryv KaXrjv, kai iSidov Kapwov, 
And some fell upon the ground the good, and yielded fruit, 

o.fxtv (Karov, o.Sk kZrjKOVTa, o.Sk rpiaKovra. 9 6* tx ioV 

one a hundred, another sixty, another thirty. He that has 

u>ra %dicoveiv l{ aKov'trio. 

ears to hear let him hear. 

10 Kai TrpotreXOoj'TEQ 61 pa9r]Tai h i et7rov n airy, k Atari* 

And 3 having ''come Ho [ G him] 'the -disciples said to him, Why 

iv 7rapdf3o\a7g XaXeTg auroTg; 11 'O.Sk cnroKpiOeig eItzev 

in parables speakest thou to them? And he. answering said 

l ai)Tolg, i{ "On vpiv SkSorai yvwvai rd {ixJarqpia rtjg 

to them, Because to you it has been given to know the mysteries of the 

fiacnXeiag T&v.ovpavCov, kiceivoig.Se ov.SkSoTai. 12 oo~ng 

kingdom of the heavens, but to them it has not been given. 2 Whosoever 
yap tx e h SoQrjaerai avrtil, Kai TrEptaaEv9i)aETai' bang.Sk 

'for has, 3 shall ''be 5 given 'to 2 him, and he shall be in abundance; but whosoever 

ovkJx^i, Kai o ?%et dpOi'jasrai air avrov. 13 did tovto 

has not, even what he has shall be taken away from him. Because of this 

iv TrapafioXalg avroUg XaXio, on j5Xe7rovreg ov-lSXsttovoi}/, 

in parables to them I speak, because seeing they see not, 

Kai aKovovreg ovK.aKovovoiv, ovSk cvviovviv. 14 Kafadva- 

and hearing they hear not, nor do they understand. And ''is 

irX-qpovrai m 7r'" avrolg rj irpo(p7]TEia 'Hcratov, rj Xsyovtra^ 

4 filled 5 up 'in Hhem the prophecy of Esaias, which says, 

'A/coy aKoiHTSTE, Kai<Tvvi)TE' Kai (SXkirovTEg fiXe- 
In hearing ye shall hear, and in no wise understand ; and seeing ye shall 

t^ete, Kai ov.fir/.iSrjTE. 15 i7raxvv9rj.ydp >) KapSia tov 

see, i and in no wise perceive : for G has 'grown 8 f at the 2 heart 

Xaov.rovTOV, Kai ToUg uktiv" (3apku)g ijKOvaav, Kai rovg 
3 of Hhis 5 people, and with the ears heavily they have heard, and 

6tp9aX[xovg.avTwv EKc'ippvaaV prjTroTE idioviv Tolg 6<p- 
their eyes they have closed ; lest they sh6\ild see with the 

9a.Xp.oTg, Kai rolg ojaiv aKovaixxriv, Kai ry KapSiq. o~vv- 

eyes, and with the ears they should hear, and with the heart they should 

iocnv, Kai E7ri0Tpt\p(t)(nv Kai ldati>ftai n avrovg. \Q' 

understand, and should be converted and I should heal them. But of you 

fiaKapioi o\ 6<p9aXp.oi, on (5Xettovgiv' Kai rd u>ra Pypv," 

blessed [are] the eyes, because they see ; and the ears of you, 

on q aKovEi. n 17 dur)v. T ydp n Xeyu vpiv, on iroXXoi Trpotpijrai 
because they hear. For verily I say to yon, that many prophets 

Kai StKaioi ETTE9vp,r)Gav ISeiv 8. ^Xettete, Kai ovk s eISov'1 

and righteous [men] desired to see what ye see, and 2 not 'saw ; 

Kai aKovaai il aKovETE, Kai ovK.r]Kovaav. 

and to hear what ye hear, and heard not. 

18 'YuEig ol<v aKovvaTE tt/v TrapafioXrjv tov tffTrEipovTog'^ 

*Ye Hherefore 'hear the parable of the sower, 

19 HavTog.aKovovTog rbv Xoyov rr)g fiaoiXEiag Kai jjtr) 

When any one hears the word of the kingdom and not [it] 

f envi^av T. B a.Koveti' T[Tr]A. n + avrou (read his disciples) L. eltrav TTrA. 

k Sia. ri LTrA. ' avrois t. m ett' (read avrois in them) GLTTrAW. n + [awui/] (read 
their ears) iy. ' I shall heal LTTrA. P in>v L[TrAJ. q aicovovcr^ LTTrA, 

r yap for T. (I6av LTr ; ISav T. l 0"Kep<WT0s LTlrA. 



"has ' 




6 TOV 

he who the 


and the 

it becomes 

iffviv 6 tov 

is he who' the 

uvvikvroQ, tpx^Tai 6 TTOviipbq Ktti dpirdZ,Ei to Emrapixwov 

understands, 4 cornes 'the 2 wicked 3 ono and catches away that which was sown 

iv ry.KapSio:MVTOV' oi>rdg tffrip 6 Trapd tt)v bdbv airapEig. 
in his heart. This is he who by the way was sown. 

20 '0.d( kiri to. 7Trpw<5;/ (nrapEig, oiirog kariv 6 rbvXoyov 

And ho who upon the rocky places was sown, this is he who the word 

atcovtov Kai Ev9vg fiera xapag Xap:j3dvu)v avrov 21 ovk 

hears and immediately with joy receives it ; 3 no 

tXtt- 3k pi^av Iv iavrtp, dXXd vrpooKaipog gtlv' yevo[isvr)Q.Se 

"but root in himself, but temporary is ; but *having Viscn 

r) Siioy/Mov Sid tov Xoyov, Ev9vg okciv- 
2 or persecution on account of the word, immediately ~ he is 

22 'O.^e elg .Tag aicdvQag ciraptig, ovrog iafiv 

And he who among the thorns was sown, this is 

\6yov ctKovuiv, Kai r) fi'tpifiva Tov.aia)yog. 1 'TOVTOV n 
word hears, and the care 6f this life 

tf aTca.Tr) tov ttXovtov '"ovfnrviyu^ rbv \6yov, Kai aKap-rrog 
deceit of Tidies choke the . word, and unfruitful 

23 'O.Sk 7r tt)v x yr)v rr)v KaXrjv" oirapzig, oiiTog 

But he who on the ground the good was sown, this 

Xoyov aKoviov Kai favvi(i)v' ]] og Sr) Kap- 

word hoars and understands ; who indeed brings 

Tro<popti, Kai ttoieI z b* i .fitv EKarov, z b n .Sk etirjKOVTa, z b^.dt 
forth fruit, and produces one a hundred, another sixty, another 



24 "AXX.rjv TrapafioXr/v irapkQrjKEV aurdig, Xeywv, . 'Qfioiu>- 

Another parable put he before them, saying, "has 7 become 

Or/ t) fiaoiXeia twv ovpav&v avdp&Tnp ^gite'i joovri" KaXbv 

"like 'the -kingdom 3 of *the 6 heavens to a man sowing good 

25 kv.8i.T<[i.Ka9vSeiv Tovg av9pw- 

but while 3 slept Hhja -"men 

ir&ug t)X9ev avTOV 6 lx9pbg- Kai b eo~7rEipEv tt Z,iZ,dvia dvd fiearov 

came his enemy and sowed darnel in [the] midst 

tov o'itov, Kai aTT^XOev. 26 OTE.Sk ifSXaarriaEV b xoprog, 

of the wheat, and went away. And when ^sprouted 'the *blade, ' 

Kai Kapirbv ETroirjcrEv, tote Ifyavr) Kai rd Z,iZ.avia. 27 7rpoaaX- 

and fruit produced, then appeared also the darnel. 2 Having 3 come 

QovTtg Se oi SovXot tov oikoSegttotov eIitov avrip, Kvpi } 

*to[ s him] 'and the bondmen of the master of the house- said to him, Sir, 

KaXbv oirkpfia e 'ioiripag^ kv ry o\J aypqi; tco9ev o$v 

3 good 6 seed 'didst "thou *sow in thy field ? whence then 

d Td v Z,iC,avia ; 28 'O.tik t(pr) avToig, 'Ex,9pbg av9pu)7rog 

the darnel ? And he said 

rouro Eiroir}OEv. 6i.Sk e dovXoi n 
Hhis ' 5 did. And the bondmen 

dirEX96vTEg avXXk'iojfiEv aura; 

[that] having gone forth we should gather them ? 

Gtrepfia ev T^t.aypifi.avTov' 

seed in his field ; 


has it 

to them, "an 'enemy 'a 

1 eIttov avTift," OeXe 


ig ovv 

to him, Wilt thou then 

29 'O.Se sfyrt,* Ov- 

But he said, No ; 

(jl7]7tote avXXkyovTEg Ta %i%dvia, e/vjot^ojcnjre cifia avrolg tov 

lest gathering the darnel, ye should uproot with them the 

cItov. 30 d(pETE avvav%dvsG9ai d/xcpoTEpa h fitxpi" tov 9Epiafj.ov' 

wheat. Suffer to grow together both until the harvest j 


uhderstandeth it not. 
then comoth the wu-k- 
cd one, and- catcheth 
away that which was 
sown in his heart. 
This is he whioh re- 
ceived seed by the way 
side. 20 But he that 
received the seed into 
stony; places, the same 
is he that heareth the 
word, and anon with 
joy receiveth it ; 21 yet 
hath he not root in 
himself, but dureth for 
a while : for when 
tribulation or perse- 
cution ariseth because 
of the word, by and by- 
he is offended. 22 ife 
also that received seed 
among the thorns is 
he that heareth the 
word ; and the care of 
this world, and the 
deceitf ulness of riches, 
choke the word, and 
he becometh unfruit- 
ful. 23 But he that 
received seed into the 
good ground i3 he that 
heareth the word, 
and undarstandethtt; 
which also beareth 
fruit, and-- bringeth 
forth, some an hun- 
dredfold, some sixty, 
some thirty. 

24 Another parable 
put he forth unto 
them, saying, The 
kingdom of heaven is 
likened unto a man 
which sowed good seed 
in his field : 25 but 
while men slept, his 
enemy came and sowed 
tares among the wheat, 
and went his way. 
26 But when the blade 
was sprung up, and 
brought forth fruit, 
then appeared the 
tares also. 27 So the 
servants of the house- 
holder came and said 
unto him, Sir, didst 
not thou sow good seed 
in thy field? from 
whence then hath it 
tares ? 28 He said unto 
them, An enemy hath 
done this. The ser- 
vants said unto him, 
Wilt thou then that, we 
go and gather them 
up? 29 But he said, 
Nay ; lest while ye ga- 
ther up the tares, ye 
root up also the wheat 
with them. 30 Let both 
grow together . until 
the harvest : and in 

T tovtov {read of life; LTTrA. w avvTTvlyei. TA. * Ka\rjv yrjv LTTrA. X awie is 

LTTr. o LT. aireipavrL [who] sowed LTTrA. b enianeipev sowed over LTTrA. 

c eo-jreipes Tr. d to GLTTrAW. SoOAoi (read oi Se and they) a. l avrto Aeyow* 

atv say to hiru LTrA ; keyovaw avrif T. e <j>r)<rw says LTTrA. h iws until LlrA. * 


the time of harvest I 
will hiiy to the reapers, 
Gather ye together 
first thetares, and hind 
them in bundles to 
burn them: but gather 
the wheat into my 

31 Another parable 
put he forth unto 
them, saying, The 
kingdom of heaven is 
like to a grain of 
mustard seed, which 
a man took, and sowed 
in his field : 32 which 
indeed is the least of 
all s-eeds : but when it 
is grown, it is the 
greatest among herbs, 
and becometh a tree, 
so that the birds of 
the air come and lodge 
in the branches there- 

33 Another parable 
spake he unto them ; 
The kingdom of hea- 
ven is like unto leaven, 
which a woman took, 
and hid in three mea- 
sures of meal, till the 
whole was leavened. 

34 All these things 
spake Jesus unto the 
multitude in parables ; 
and without a parable 
spake he not unto 
them : 35 that it might 
be fulfilled which was 
spoken by the prophet, 
saying, I will open my 
mouth in parables ; I 
will utter things which 
have betn kept secret 
from the foundation 
of the world. 

36 Then Jesus sent 
the multitude away, 
and went into the 
house : and his dis- 
ciples came unto him, 
saying, Declare unto 
us the parable of the 
tares of the field. 

37 He answered and 
said unto them, He 
that soweth the good 
seed is the Son of man ; 

38 the field is the world; 
the good seed are the 
children of the king- 
dom ; but the tares are 
the children of the 
wicked one; 39 the 
enemy that sowed 
them is the devil ; the 
harve-t is the end of 

M A T 9 A I S. 


Kai iv V^j" Katpa} rov 9epiapov ipw rolg Gepiaralg, ZvX- 

and in the time of the harvest I will say to the harvest men, G 

Xe^are irpCJrov rd iaz'2, (cat oijaare avrd hig tl 
ther first the darnel, and bind thcru into 



bring together 

fit; n)v 
into avra' airov 

to burn them ; but the wheat 


my granary. 

31 "AXXrjv 7rapaf3oXi)v Trap'e9t}Kev avroig, Xeywv, 'Ofioia 

Another parable put lie before them, .saying, Like 

iariv ?'/ fiaaiXeia riov ovpavwv kokkw aivdireiog, ov Xa- 

is the kingdom of the heavens to a grain of mustard, whichhaving 

(3ujv avOpoJTrog 'iaireipev iv r^.dypip.ahrov' 32 o fiiKi-orepov 

taken, a man sowed in his field ; which less au^)]9?j 

but when it be grown, 

d&vcpov, ware 

a tree, 











l Karavic))vovv 1] 



f.o that 



tariv irai'Ttov ru>v a'nepfxarwv, 

is than all the seeds, 

tujv Xa^dviov iariv 
than the herbs is, 

ret *xereivd rov ovpavov Kai 
the birds of the heaven and 

icXaooig avrov. 

branches of it. 

33 "AXXtfv 7rapaj3oXt)v iXdXijaev avroig, *0/ioia iariv rj 

Another parable spoke he to them, Like is the 

fiaaiXeia ru>v ovpaviov ^,vfiy, i)v Xafiovaa yvv>) ivtKpvxpev 

kingdom of the heavens tc leaven, which having taken, a woman hid 

eig dXevpcv vara rpia, eujg.ov iZ,vp,ui9r) bXov. 

in 3 of "'meal 2 seahs 'three, until 2 was ^leavened 'all. 

34 Tavra rrdvra iXdXi)aev b Tr]aovg iv 7rapaj3oXalg rolg 

a These ^things 'all spoke Jesus in parables *- *^" 

to the 

oxXoig, Kai \wpig TrdpafioXijg m 'ovK tt iXdXei avroig' 35 biriog 

crowds, and without a parable 3 not 'he -spoke to them ; so that 

7rXT]pw9y rb pi]9iv #id rov Trpo<r)rov n , Xeyovrog, 

might be fulfilled that which was spoken by the prophet, saying, 

'Avoi,u) iv 7rapaj3oXalg rb.ar6p,a./.ioV iptv^of.iat KEKpvppeva 

I will open in parables my mouth : I will utter things hidden 

aTrb KarufioX^g Kbap.ou. u 

from [the] foundation of [the] world. 

36 Tore dtyeig rovg oxXovg, i]X9ev eig rqv oiKiav 

Then having dismissed the crowds, -went 3 into ''the 5 houso 

p 6 Tjjaovg' 1 ' Kai iTrpocv/XOoi/ 11 avrip oi.fxa9r)rai.avrov , Xeyovreg, 

'Jesus; and came to him his disciples, ' saying, 

T <>pdaov n rjplv n)v irapajioXrjv rw ^iZ,av'uov rov dypov. 

Expound to us the parable of the darnel. of the field. 

37 'O.'Se a7T0Kpi9eig elirev s avrolg, n 'O aiz^ipwv rb KaXiv 

And he answering said to them, He who sows the good 

GTr'epf.ia iariv 6 vibg rov dv9pwTrov' 38 b.Se dypog iariv b 

seed is the Son of man ; a.ud the field is tha 

Koafiog' KaXbv ankpfia, olroi eiaiv oi vioi r^g f3aaiXeiag' 

world ; and the good seed, these are the sons of the kingdom ; Z,iZ,dvid eiaiv oi vioi rov irovripov' 39 b.Se ix9pog 

but the darnel are the sons of the evil [one]; and the enemy 

l b orreipag avrd iariv^ b Sidf3oXog' avv- 

who sowed them is the devil ; and the harvest [the] com- 

1 tw GLTTrAW. J 61? (rert(J[in]) [Tr] A. k crvvdyere LTr. 
DothinJ i.tti a. n + 'HcrouGv Isaiah t. Koo-fiov LTTrA. p 6 'Iijtrov? (read be went) ltti-a. 
9 n-pocnJA0a>/ LTr. r Stao-dc/jTjcrof explain LTr. 8 avrots LTTiA 

KaraaKrjvolv ltt.a. m ovSki> 
D? (read he wei 
eo-rte Qffnzipas avr U 


riXsia v roi)" aiwvog tonv ol.Se Qepiarai dyy^Xoi elatv. 

pletion of the age is, and the harvest men angels are. 

40 ilocnrep ovv cruXXeye-ai to. Z,iC,avia, Kai -rrvpi w /cara- 

As therefore is gathered the darnel, and in fire is con- 

Kaiercti," ovtojq tffrai' iv ry avvTeXeia Tov.aiu>vog. x rovTOV." 

sumed, thus it shall be in the completion of this age. 

11 fl7TOC7r\l O VLUQ TOV dl'OpiOTTOV TOVQ dyyiXovg:avTov, 

5 shall 6 send 'forth 'the "Son 3 of 4 inan his angels, 

Kdi trvXXe^ovffiv sk T>jg.i3a(nXiag.auTov -kavra ra GKavfiaXa 

and they shall gather out of his kingdom all the offences 

Kai tovq TToiovvTag rr\v avoj.iiav, 42 Kai fiaXovaiv avrovg 

and those who practise lawlessness, and they shall cast them 

eig rr)v Kctfxivov tov Trvpog' t/cfT iarai 6 icXauOfiog Kai 6 

into the furnace of the fire : there shall be the weeping and the 

jSpvyjj.6g tujv' odSvrojv. 43 tots, o'i SiicaioL fK\d[iipov(Jiv 6>g 

gnashing of the teeth. Then the righteous shall shine forth as 

b ijXiog iv ry fiaaiXfiq. Tov.7raTpbg.avTuJif. 'O ix oJV & TCt 

the sun in the kingdom of their Father. He that has ears 

to hear let him hear. 

44 z HdXiv n bfioia ioriv r) fiaoiktia tujv ovpavujv Qrjaavpa) 

Again like is the kingdom of the heavens to treasure iv toj dypoj, ov evptvv dvQpioiror tKpvxpev, 

in the field, .which 3 having 4 found 'a "man 



icai airo Ting yapag cwtov VTrayu Kai a 7rdvTa oua t%ei 

and for the joy of it goes and all things as many as he has 

7ro>Xst," Kai ayopdZ,u Tov.dypov.iKEivov. 

he sells, and ' buys that field. 

45 TlciXiv ojioia i<TTiv rj (BaaiXtia tujv ovpaviov dv9puj7rip 

Again like is the kingdom .of the heavens to a man 

ifXTTopu), Z,i]tovvti KaXovg /xapyapiTag' 46 b og evpojv" fva 

a merchant, seeking beautiful pearls ; who having found one 

TroXvTip.QV napyapiTTjv, a7T\9wv TTiirpaKEv irdvTa 'baa 

very precious pearl, having gone away has sold all things as many as 

s'x^v, Kai riyopaasv avrov. 

ha had, and bought it, 

47 IlaXiv b/ioia iffTiv ?) ftatJiXeia tujv ovpavwv ffayrjvy 

Again like is the kingdom of the heavens to a dragnet 

l3X)]9si(7y elg T))v OdXaoaav, icai tK iravTog ytvcwg ^vvaya- 

cast into -the sea, and of every kinS gathering 

yovay' 48 ip> ore i-rXripujO)) dvaf3tf3d<javTc c d iTri tov 

together ; which when it was filled having drawn up on the 

aiyiaXov, /cai" KaQiaavTfg avviXe^av tu KaXd tig e ayysTa," 

shore, and having sat down they collected the good into vessels, 

rd.di aaxpd I^uj 'i/3aXov. 49 o'vrwg inrai iv ry GvvTtXfiq. 

ami the corrupt 3 out 'they -cast. Thus shall it be in the completion 

row atujj'og' iZtXtvaovTai o'i dyyeXoi, Kai d(popiovaiv. Tovg 

of the age: 3 shall 4 go 5 out 'the -angels, and shall separate the 

vovtjpovg K pkaov rwv SiKa'tuJV, 50 Kai fiaXovaiv avrovc 

wicked from [the] midst of the righteous, and sluall cast them 

eig Tt)v Kafiivov tov Trvpog' eke! tarai 6 KXavQpbc Kai 6 

into the furnace of the fire: there shall be the wailing and the 

fipvyfiig tJ)V oSqvtcjv. 

gnashing of the teeth. 


the world ; and the 
reapers are the angels. 
40 As therefore the 
tares are gathered and 
burned in the fire ; so 
shall it be in the end 
of this world: -11 The 
Son of man shall send 
forth his angels, and 
they shall gather out 
of his kingdom- all 
things that offend, and 
them which do in- 
iquity ; 42 and shall 
cast them into a fur- 
nace of fire : there shall 
be wailing and gnash- 
ing of teeth. 43 Then 
shall the righteous 
shine forth as the sun 
in the kingdom- of 
their Father. Who 
hath ears to hear, let 
him hear. 

44 Again, the king- 
dom of heaven is like 
unto treasore hid in a 
field ; the which when 
a man hath found, he 
hideth, and for joy 
thereof goeth and 
sellcth all that he 
hath, and buyeth that 

45 Again, the"king- 
dom of heaven is like 
unto a merchant man, 
seeking goodly pearls : 
46 who, When he had 
found one pearl of 
great price, went and 
sold all that he had, 
and bought it. 

47 Again, the king- 
dom of heaven is like 
unto a net, that was 
cast into the sea, and 
gal hered of every kind: 
4H which, when it was 
full, they drew to 
shore, and sat down, 
and gathered the good 
into vessels, but cast 
the bad away. 49 :-o 
shall it be at the end 
of the world : the an- 
gels shall come forth, 
and sever the wicked 
from among the just, 
50 and shall ca*t them 
into the furnace of 
fire : there shall be 
wailing and gnashing 
of teeth. 

v tou {read of [the] ) LTTrA. w Kaierai is bunted GTrA. tovtov (read the age) lttt[ a]. 
y atcoveiv [l,]t[Ti-Ja. z - 7raAi!'[l.jTTrA. rrioAei 7rai'Ta 6o"a e'x e< - LTTrA - h evpojv Se GLTT. A- 
c + avrqv it l[ aJ. d cai 67r't ror aiytaAoi/'L ; eni Toy atyiaAbi' [/cai j A. e ayyif TTrA. 


51 Jesus saith trato 
them, Have- ye under- 
stood all these tilings? 
They say ' unto him, 
Yea, Lord. 52 Then 
said he unto them, 
Therefore every scribe 
wkich is instructed un- 
to the kingdom of , 
heaven is like unto a 
man that is an house- 
holder, which bringeth 
forth out of his trea- 
sure things new and 

53 And it came to 
pass, that when Jesus 
had finished the^e 
parables, he departed 
thence. 54 And when 
he was come into his 
own country , he taught 
them in their syna- 
gogue, insomuch that 
they were astonished, 
and said, Whence hath 
this man this wisdom, 
and these mighty 
works ? 55 Is not this 
the carpenter's son ? 
is not his mother 
called Mary? and his 
brethren, James, and 
Joses, and Simon, and 
Judas ? 56 and his sis- 
ters, are they not all 
with us ? Whence then 
hath this man all these 
things? 57 And they 
were offended in him. 
But Jesus said unto 
them, A prophet is nof 
without, honour, save 
in his own country, 
and in his own house. 
58 And he did not many 
mighty works there 
because of their un- 

XTV. At that time 
Herod the tetrarch 
heard of the fame of 
Jesus, 2 and said unto 
his servants, This is 
John the Baptist ; he 
is risen from the dead; 
and therefore mighty 
works do shew ' forth 
themselves in him. 

3 For Herod had laid 
hold , on John, and 
bound him, and put 
Aim in prison for 
Herodias' sake, his 
brother Philip's wife. 

4 For John said unto 
him, It is not lawful 
for thee to have her. 

5 And when he would 
have put him to death, 

51 ZA'iyei avroXgb. iTjffowf," 

out of his treasure 

53 Kai iysvero 


," TLvvrjKarz ravra irdvra\ 

-Says 3 to nhein 'Jesus, Have ye understood 2 these 'things 'all? 

Aiyovcriv avrtp, Nat, h Kvpi.* 52 '0.3k 'tlTrev" avrolg; Aid 

They sr.y to him, Yea, Lord. And he said to them, Because of 

rovro ttclq ypa/.iparei>g /.laOrjrfvOdQ k *i'c rrjv (3aaiXeiav n w 

this every scribe discipled into the kingdom of the 

ovpaviov ouoiog Ittlv av9pioirii) o'iKob 'to ivory, oarig tK(3a\\u 

heavens "like 'is * to. a man a master of a house, who puts forth 

Ik rov .9r)aavpov .avrov Kaivd Kai iraXaid. 

[things] new and old. 

ore irkXtaev 6 'hjaovg rag 7rapa(3oXdg 

And it came to pass when "had "finished 'Jesus Sparables 

ravrag, p,eri]pev tictWev' 54 Kai ' iX9<l>v ig ttjv rrarpiSa. 
'these, he withdrew thence ; and having come into 3 country 

avrov, iSiSacrKEV avrovg iv ry.avvayMyy.avriov, tocrre HkttXijt- 

'his [-own], he taught them in their synagogue, so that 2 were 

rea9ai n avrovg Kai Xsyeiv,Jl69ev rovrip y.o-otpia.avTt) Kai 

3 astonished 'they and said, Whence to this [man] thi3 wisdoin and 

ai Svvdpeigi 55 ov.x ovrog iariv 6 rov rfKrovog viog; 

the works of power ? 2 not 3 this 'is 4 the 6 of 7 the e carpenter 5 son? [Is] 

m oi>x'" r].p.r]Tr\p.avrov Xkyerai Mapiap,, Kai oi.doeX<poi.avrov 

not his mother called Mary, and his brethren 

'la.Kwf3og Kai a 'Iioo->jg n Kai Sipuv Kai 'lovSag; 56 Kai at 

James and Joses and Simon and Judas ? and 

aSeXipai.avTOV oi'X l Trauai irpbg ypdg elaiv; tt69ev ovv rovrtft 

3 his ''sisters 2 not 5 all G with 'us 'are? whence then to this 

ravra rrdvra', 57 Kai iaKavSaXiZ,ovro iv avr<p. '0 SI 

[man] 2 these 3 things 'all? And they were offended in him. But 

'Irjffovg sIttbv avrolg, Ovk lariv Trpo<pi)rr}g drt/xog ei./xn 

Jesus said . to them, ''not 3 is 'a "prophet without honour except 

iv ry.irarplSi. v avrov n Kai iv ry.oiKia.avrov. 58 Kai ovk 

in his [own] country and in his [own] house. And ^ot 

tTToir\(jBv tKei Svvdfi'etg TroXXdg Sid ri\v '.airiariav .avrwv. 

'he-Mid there 2 works 3 of 'power 'many because of their unbelief. 

14 'Ev tKeivoj rip Kiuptp fjKovtjtv 'HpwSi]g o ^rerpdpxTjg n 

At that time heard Herod the tetrarch 

rijv aKoi)v 'Irjaov, 2 Kai sXtzzv r o\g. it aiaiv. avrov, Oiirog iariv 

the fame of Jesus, and said to his servants, This is 

'lu)dvvi\g 6 fia7rriari]g' avrog rjy'sp9r] arrb rwv vsKpwv, Kai 

John the Baptist : he is risen from the dead, and 

Sid rovro ai Svvdpeig ivtpyovaiv iv avroj. 3 'O yap 

because of this the works of power operate in him. For 

'HpwSrjg Kparrjaag rbv 'Iwcivvrjv tSrjaev r avrbv n Kai s i9ero 

Herod having seized John bound him and put 

iv 0uAaicy," Sid 'HpioSidSa n)v yvvdiKa ^QiXiinrov^ 

[him] in prison, on account of Herodias the wife 4 Philip 

rov.dS(X<pov,avTov. 4 tXsyev.ydp y avrtp b 'lojdvvrjg, n Ovk 

'of 2 his 3 brother. Foresaid Ho^im 'John, 'Not 

t'i(.ariv aoi i\tiv avrt)v. 5 Kai 9iXiov avrbv diroKr&vai, 
s it "is lawful for thee to have her. 'And wishing 3 him 'to a .kiU, 

8 Ae'yei avTOi? 6 'Iijcrovs LTTrA. 


Kvpie LTTrA. i Aeyet says L. 

eP T17 

fioicriKeLa. in the kingdom l ; rfj fiaenkeia to the kingdom GTTrA. ' eK7rA)jo-creo-f}ai 

LTTrAW. m OVX LTTrA. " I100S)'/) Joseph LTTrA. -f St<j Own T. P avrov 

(read [his]) LTTrA. 1 TeTpadpxvs T - r avrbv T. ev rrj ( rjj t) ^vAajcjJ 

OLTreOeTO in the prison put [him] aside LTTrA. * *iAt'n-7rov [tJa. T 6 ( 01) 

luidvvrjs avTi2 LI. 






u> TrpoiprjTrjv avTov 


as a prophet 



he feared the multi- 
tude, because they 
they held. coun ted him as a pro- 

dyofisvtov n TOv'Hpiodov,wpx>)<Taro r) Ovyarnp fc,^*^ 

being celebrated of Herod, "danced 'the "daughter k e pt j ne daughter of 

7 '69ev 





i(po[5i]9rj rov 

he feared the 

6 "yEVEGLUJV.ds 
But a birthday 

r)c 'H|Ow<?ia<5o tv r<p fikaqt, irai ijpEGEv Tip 'RpwSy 

3 of 4 Herodias in the midst, and pleased Herod ; 

fiiff opKov w/.ioX6y)]<JEV avrrj Soiivai o*i-dv n airija i]rai. 8 ' 

with oath he promised to her to give whatever she should ask. But she 

TrpofiiflaaOtiaa vtto Tqg.jxrjTpbg.avT^g, Aog /xoi, (prjcriv, wSe. 

being urged on by , her mother, Give me, she says, 

itri Tcivaici tt\v KEfaXrjv 'Iwdvvov rov j3a7rTi(?rov. 9 

upon a dish the head of John the Baptist.' 

yi\v7n']9if 6 (3a<riXEvg' did. 7 Se n rovg opKovg Kai rovg 

a was 4 grioved 'the "king; bat on account of the oaths and those who 

avvavctKEi^ikvovg IiceXevgev $o9i')7>at.' 10 Kai 7ri[x-^ag 

reclined with [him at table] he commanded [it] to be given. And having sent 

aTrEKEtyaXioev a roi>" 'Iwavvrjv iv tij (pvXaKy. 11 Kai tjvsx^V 

tie beheaded John in the prison. And 3 was 4 brought 

i).KE(pa\7).avT0V 7ri, Kai iS69r] Tip Kopaatit)' Kai ?)i>- 
'his "head on a dish, and was given to the damsel, and she 

% , ~ t ,-> > /, ' * n \ _ ~ it to her mothe 

E-/KEV Ty./.u]rpi.avr))g. rz Kanrpo<TE\vovTg oi-paUriTat-avrov 12 And his disc i pl 

brought [it] to her mother. And having come his disciples 

ijpap to b <7w/xa," Kai Wa^av c clvt6"' Kai iXOovTEg d-KqyyEiXav 

took the body, and buried it ; and having come told 

Tip 'Ijjctou. 13 d /cai aKOvaag" 6 'Irjaovg dv%ap?y(T6v LkeWev 

[it] to Jesus. And 2 having 3 heard 'Jesus withdrew 

iv ttXo'kjj Eig 'ipv)\iov tottov KaT.lSiav. 

by ship to a desert place apart. 

Kai cLKovaavTEg o\ oxXoi i]KoXov9riuav ai>Ttp 

And. having heard [of it] the crowds followed him 

dirb twv ttoXeujv. 14 Kai t&X9<i>v f o 'h]aovg n eIcev ttoXvv 

from the cities. And having gone out Jesus saw 2 grcat 

oxXov, Kai EG7rXayxvi(79>] 


on foot 

Herodias danced be- 
fore them, and pleased 
Herod. 7 Whereupon he 
promise I with an oath 
to give her whatsoever 
she would ask. 8 And 
she, being before in- 
structed of her mother, 
said, Give me here 
John Baptist's head 
in a charger. 9 And the 
king was sorry: never- 
theless for the oath's 
sake, and them whicL 
sat with him at meat, 
he commanded it to be 
given her. 10 And he 
sent, and beheaded 
John in the prison. 
11 And his head was 
brought in a charger, 
and given to the dam- 
sel : and she brought 


came, and took up the 
body, and buried it, 
and went and told 
Jesus. 13 When Jesus 
heard of it, he departed 
thence by ship into a 
desert place apart. 

And when the people 

had heard tliereoj, they 

followed him on foot 

out of the cit ies. 14 And 

Sir ZaUTOVg,"Kaiti)Epa7TEV(TEV Jesus went forth, and 







a crowd, and was moved with compassion towards them, and healed 

TOvg.appwaTovg.avTUJV . 15 'Oxpiag.Sk yEvo^.EW]g h 7rpo<TJ]\0ov" 

. their infirm. And evening having come came 

avTtp oi.fia9i]TaiJavTov ," XiyovTEg, "Ep)]/J,6g lariv 6 T07rog, 

to him his disciples, saying, Desert is the place, 

V ij8i] 7raprjX9EV n uttoXvoov ' Tovg oxXovg, "wa 

already is gone by : dismiss the crowds, that 

a.7TEX96vTEg Eig Tag Kibfiag dyopaaioaiv tavToig (3piofiaTa. 

having gone into the villages they may buy for themselves meat. 

16 '0.cL m 'hi<Jovg u eIttev avToig, Ov X9*- iav tX 0V(Tlv a.TreX9Etv' 

But Jesus said to them, s :No *need 'they 2 have to go aw ay: 



dpTovg Kai cvo ix9vag. 

loaves and two fishes. 

19 Kai KeXEvaag 

And having commanded 

KXi9>jvai i-rri TOvg xopTovg," P/cat' 1 Xaj3ojv Tovg -k'zvte dprovg 

cline on the grass, and having taken the five loaves 

saw a great multitude, 
and was moved with 
compassion toward 
them, and he healed 
their sick. 15 And 
when it was evening, 
his disciples came to 
him, saying, This is a 
deiert place, and the 
time is now past ; send 
the multitude away, 
that they may go into 
the villages, and buy 
themselves victuals. 
16 But Jeaus said unto 
them, They need not 

Sote avToig vuE~ig aayElv. 17 Xkyovaiv avTip, OvK.EXt ltv de P ar *; ^J*, l l^ m 

give =to 3 them f ye to eat. But they say to him, We have not^ ^y *^ 1 / f^ *^ 

WOE et.urj 7TEVTE dpTOVg Kai CVO ix9vag. IS'O.Se e'lTTEV, (Pip^TE have here tut five 

here except five loaves and two fishes. And he said, Bring l a e j 3 .^ d ^"J fV? 

/not n ai)T0vg ojce. 

2 to J me 'them here. 

And he said, Bring 

Toiig oxXovg dva- 

the crowds to ro- 

loaves, and two fishes. 
18 He said, Bring them 
hither to me. 19 And 
he commanded the 
multitude to sit down 
on the grass, and took 
the five loaves, and the 

w yei/eo-tois Se yevo/xeVots LTTrA. * av LTrA. * XvirqOeU being grieved LTTrA. Se but 
LTT A . a T bLTIrA. b TTT^fXa Corpse LTTr. c aVTOV him TTrA. d i/COVO-as Se LTTrA. 

e 7T^ol T. t 6 'IrjcroOs (react he Saw) LTTrA. e aVToTs GLTTiAW. b 7TpO(ri]\eav LTr. 

' avrou {read the disciples; LTTrA/ k nap^Oey tjStj t. ' + ovv thereiore l 

m 'Iqcrous (read he said; i. w6e avrov's LTTrA. rov ^6p rov LIIr ' 



two fishes, and looking 
up to heaven, he bless- 
ed, and brake, andgave 
the loaves to his dis- 
ciples and the disci- 
ples to the multitude. 
20 And they did all 
eat, and were filled : 
and they took up of 
the fragments thatre- 
niained twelve baskets 
full. 21 And they that 
had eaten were about 
five thousand -men, 
beside women and 

22 And straightway 
Jesus constrained his 
disciples to get into a 
ship, and to go before 
him unto- the other 
side, while he sent 
the multitudes away. 
23 And when he had 
sent the multitudes 
away, he went up into 
a mountain apart to 
pray-: and when the 
evening was come, he 
was there alone. 24 But 
the ship was now in 
the midst of the sea, 
tossed with waves : 
for the wind was con- 
trary. 25 And in the 
fourth watch of the 
night Jesus went unto 
them, walking on the 
sea. 26 And when the 
disciples saw him 
walking on the sea, 
they were troubled, 
saying, It is a spirit ; 
and they cried out for 
fear. 27 But straight- 
way JesUB spake unto 
them, saying, Be of 
good cheer ; it is I ; 
be not afraid. 2S And 
Peter answered him 
and said, Lord, if it be 
thou, bid me come un- 
to thee on the water. 

29 And he said, Come. 
Ad when Peter was 
come down out of the 
ship, he walked on the 
water, to go to Jesus. 

30 But when he saw 
the wind boisterous, 
he was afraid ; and 
beginning to sink, he 
cried, saying, Lord, 
save me. 31 And 
immediately JesuB 
stretched forth hu 
hand, and caught him . 
and said unto him, C 

M A T 9 A I 2. 


Kal tovq Svo ixdvag, ava(3\sipag etg tov ovpavbv ^evXoyiin-v^ 

and the two fishes, having looked up to the heaven he blessed ; 

Kal KXdcrag eSujkev T0~ig /laOiiraig Tovg dprovg, ol.Sk fia- 

and having broken he gave to the disciples the loaves, and the dis- 

Qijrai Tolg oyKoiQ. 20 Kal tcbayov irdvTEg Kal i\opTaaQr\<yav 

ciples to the crowds. And 2 ate 'all and were satisfied ; 

Kal 7]pav to 7rEpirraevov twv icXacrufiTiov, S(i>ekci 

and they took up that which was over and above of the fragments, twelve 

Kocpivovg TrXrjpEig. 21 laOiovreg fjcrav dvopeg iogeI 

hand-baskets fulL And those who ate were men about 

7revTaKi<7xi\ioi, % W P'C T yvvaiKu>v Kal 7raiSicov. n 

five thousand, besides women and children. 

22 Kal s tuQ'eujg" rtvayKaoEv 1 !) 'lrjaovg n TOvg.^.a9rfTqg."avTov li 

And immediately Compelled 'Jesus his disciples 

if.ifi?ivai Eig T0 n t\o7ov Kai rrpodyEiv avTOV elg to Trkpav, 

to enter into the ship and to go before him to the other side, 

tuig.oi) airo\i>o~y Tovg oxXovg. 23 Kal cnroXvaag Tovg 

until he should have dismissed the crowds. And having dismissed the 

oxkovg avkfiri elg to bpog KaT.lSiav 7rpoo-Ev%aa9ai. 'Oi//t- 

crowds he went up into the mountain apart to pray. *Even- 

ag Si yei'o/.<h'r)g fiovog f]v ekeZ- 24 TrXoTovijSrj *fieo~ov 

ing 'and being come alone he was there. But the ship now in [the] midst 

Tr\g BaXdaar\g f]v, n fSao~aviZ,ofiEvov vtto tujv kv/jlAtcov 7]v yap 

of the sea was, tossed by the waves, 'was 'for 

IvavTiog 6 dvepog. 25 TETapT7j.Sk (pvXaKij Tt)g WKTog 

"contrary 'the 3 wind. But in [the] fourth watch of the night 

yd.Trr)X9ev n irpbg avTovg l t> 'lt]aovg, n TrepnraTwv ettI a r//g 9aXdo~- 

2 went 3 to "them 'Jesus, walking on the sea. 

07/C." 26 h Kal ISovTEg avTov oi fj.aOi]Tal h ettI c ti)v 9dXa6nav' i 

And 3 seeing ' *him 'the 2 disciples on the sea 

TTEpiirarovvTa ETapdx9t]0~av, XkyovTEg, "Ort cpavTacrfid. ecttiv' 

walking were troubled, saying, An apparition it is : 

Kai dirb tov (p6j3ov EKpa^av. 27 d d'9ktitg n .Se IXoXtjctev e av- 

and through fear they cried out. But immediately spoke 


rolg 6 Tr}0~ovg, n Xkyiov, QapaeiTE, iyuMfit, ixt).^>o(3e 7ct9e. 
4 them 'Jesus, saying, Be of good courage, I am [he], tear not, 

2S.'A7roKpi9elg Se { avTOj 6 Hhpog eIttev^ Kvpiz, ei ov.eI, 

And answering him Peter said, Lord, if it be thou, 

keXevctov fXE %irp6g ae eX9e7v 11 ettI to. vSaTa. 29 O.Sk eIttev, 

bid me 3 to *thee 'to "come upon the waters. And he said, 

'E\0. Kal KaTa/3dg dirb tov wXoiov "6". YiETpog TTEpiETTa- 

Come. And having descended from the ship Peter walk 

ttictev tirl rd vSaTa, 1 lXue'iv ii TTpbg tov Tjjgovv. 30 j3Xettojv.Se 

ed upon the waters, 

TOV dvEfiov k 

the wind 

Ti%E0~9ai EKpat,EV, X'tyojv, Kipie, owgov jxe. 31 Eu0Wf.<5 

sink he cried out, saying, Lord, save me. And immediately 

6 Ti)0~ovg EKTEivag ti)v x~~'P a tTEXafisTO avrov, Kal XeyEi 

Jesus having stretched out the hand took hold of him, and says 

to go to Jesus. But seeing 

io~X v P uvi t(poj3yi9i], Kal dp^dfievog KdTa-Kov- 

strong he was affrighted, and beginning to 

Q iqvKoyrjaev LTrA. r TraiSiuv Kai yvvaiKiov L. " e"v6dw$ T. ' 6 'lrjaovs (redd 

he compelled) GLTTrAW. v auTov (read the disciples) GTTrAW. w to (reada, 

ship) Tr. * o-raSious 7toaAovs anb rijs yfjs avslxsv many stadia from the land was dis- 

tant Tr. 7 rjXOev LTTr. * o Ii/aovs (read he went) OLTTrAW. a tt)v Ba\a.<j(Tav 

LTTr-A. *> oi Se fj.a6r]Tal l&6vTt<; avTW L ; loovres Se avrbv T. c tjjs 6aAdo"OT)? LTTr a. 

d euOvs LTTr. e o 'lrj<rovs avrots L , 6 'It)0-ovs T ; avroij [6 'Itjo"OV?J A. * o lle'rpos 

elrrei' auTa> L. 8 e\9elv 7tpos (7e LTTiA^ 1 -r - 6 illrA. Kai f)\$tV ftOld h(3 W6Ut I, 

V i-a\vpbv T. 



auT(p, 'OXiyi'nriaTE, Etg.Ti iSioracrag', 32 Kai Hfj.(3avTU>v ] 

to him, [thou] of little faith, why didst thou doubt ? And "having 'entered 

avrujv etg to 7r\o7ov tic<)7raaev b dveftog' 33 oi.Sk tv Tip 

'they into the ship J ccased 'the -wind. And those in the 

TrXoiip m t\96vTEQ n 7rpo(reiciii>i](7av avrco, Xkyoj'-Eg, 'AXijOwg 
ship having come worshipped him, saying, " Truly 

Qeov v'tbg el. 

s of 'God 'Son thou art ! 

34 Kai Stamp ioavTtq i]X9ov n e!g ]] rf\v yfjv v Tevi^](japsT. n 

Ami having passed over they came to the land of Gennesuret. 

35 icai iiriyi'ovTtQ avrbv oi dvSpEg tov .tottov.Ike'ivov dir'f- 

And having recognized him the men .of that place sent 

OTEiXav elg oA/jy Tt)v.TTEpixiopov.EKEivi]V, Kai TrpoaijvEyKav avnp 
to all that country round, and brought to him 

irdvrag rovg KaKU)glx oVTa Q' 36 Kai wapEicdXovu avrbv iva 
all those who were ill ; and besought him that 

fiovov aipwVTCLi tou Kpacnricov TOv.i/jariov.avToii' Kai 

only they might touch the border of his garment ; and 

oaoi i'l^avTO CiEGioQqaav. 

as many as touched were cured. 

15 Tore TcpooEpxovrai rip 'lijanv ^oi" dtrb 'lepoToXvpiojv 

Then come to Jesus the 4 from 5 Jerusalem 

r ypapparE~ig Kai $>api(raToi, a Xkyovreg, 2 s Atari" oi fiaOijrai 

'scribes 2 and 3 Phariseos, saying, Why 3 disciples 

nov Tcapafiaivovoiv. ti\v TrapdSoaiv rCJv TrpE<TJ3vrpojv; ov 
Hhj 'transgress the tradition of the elders? , 4 not 

yap v'nrTOvrai rdg-Xtl pag. i avTu)V ]i brav dprov iaOtioaiv. 3 'O.Sk 

for s they 3 wash their hands when bread they eat. But he 

aTroKpiOeig eItcev abrdig, "Atari" Kai v/idg -rrapafiaivETE ri)v 

answering said to them, Why 3 also -ye 'transgress the 

ivroXnv tov Qeov Sid rnv-TrapaSooiv.vfiixJV ; 4 'O ydp 
commandment of God on account of your tradition ? For 

6Eog ^tvETEiXaTO, Aeywv," Tifia Tbv.TraTepa. w aov H Kai ti)v 

God commanded, saying, Honour thy father and 

lirjTspa' Kai 'O KOKoXoyiov Tvar'tpa r\ \m\TEpa, Qavdri^ re- 
mother ; and, He who speaks evil of father or mother, by death let 

Xeurarw. 5 vfiE~ig.Se Aeyere, "Og.dv 

him die. But ye say, Whoever 

ei7T{7 r</> -narpi 17 rg 

shall say to father or 

prjTpi, Awpov, o.ldv t ipov oxpfXtjOyg, x Kai n 

mother, [It is] a gift whatever by me thou mightest be profited : and 


his mother : 

ov.fir) TTifirjay" rov.iraTtpa.avTOV i] 

in no wise honour his father or 

6 Kai -nKvphxjaTE a T))v tVToXijv" tov Qeov Sid rqv irapa- 

and ye made void the commandment of God on account of "tra- 

Soaiv vfxoJv. 7 'YTTOKpiTCii, mXiog h TrpoE<pr]TEv<TEv n -xepi bfxu>v 

dition 'your. Hypocrites I well prophesied concerning you 

'Haatag, Xkyuv, 8 c 'Eyyiei /zoi" b.Xabg.oiiTog d Tip GTopart 

Esaias, saying, Draws noar to me this people with 2 inouth 

avTuJv, Kai n TOig-XtiXE(M> fiE Tipg,' r).SLKap8ia.avTwv iroppu) 

their, and with the lips "nie 'it ^honours ; but their heart far 


thou of little faith, 

n hi 1 ' Tore didst thou 
doubt? 32 And when 
they were come into 
the ship, the wind 
ceased. 33 Then they 
that were in the ship 
came and worshipped 
him, saying, Of a truth 
thou art the Son of 

34 And when they 
were gone over, they 
come imo the land of 
Gennesaret. 35 And 
when the men of that 
place had knowledge 
of him, they sent out 
into all that country 
round about, and 
brought unto him all 
that were diseased ; 
36 and besought him 
that they might only 
touch the hem of his 
garment : and as many 
as touched were made 
perfectly whole. 

XV. Then came to 
Jesus scribes and 
Pharisees, which were 
of Jerusalem, saying, 
2 Why do thy disciples 
transgress the tradi- 
tion of the elders ? for 
they wash not their 
hands when they eat 
bread. 3 But he an- 
swered and said unto 
them, Why do ye also 
transgress the com- 
mandment of God by 
your tradition ? 4 For 
God commanded, say- 
ing, Honour thy father 
and mother : and, Ho 
that curseth father or 
mother, let him die 
the death. 5 But ye 
say, Whosoever shall 
say to liis father or his 
mother, It is a gift, 
by whatsoever thou 
mightest be profited 
by me ; 6 and honour 
not his father or his 
mother, he shall be 
free. ' Thus have yo 
made the command- 
ment of God of none 
effect by your tradi- 
tion. 7 Ye hypocrites, 
well did Esaias pro- 
phesy of you, saying, 
8 This people draweth 
nigh unto me with 
their mouth, $ and 
honoureth me with 
their lips ; but their 
haart is far from me. 

1 avapavTuv having gone up LTTrA. m e\96vres x[a]. " eni tt-. + eU (read at 
Gennesavet) Ilr. P TtwqaapeQ LW. l oi LTTr. r *apicraioi Kal ypa^ijaaTei? TTr. 

8ta Tt LTrA. ' avrojtf (read the hands) T[TrJ. T elnev said LTr. w ow (read 

[thy]) GLTTrAW. * Kai LTTr[AJ. J Tt/tl^aet will he honour LTTrA. > z V TV" 

txriTtpa avrov i) a]. " tov \6yov the^ word LTr ; toi> voixov the law ta. b e7rpo^>jjTevc r c' 

LTTrA. c 'E-yyt'fet p.oi GLTTrA. d T(j CTTOjuidTi avriiiv Kai GLTTrA. 


M A T 6 A .1 2. 


9 But in vain they do ^jj-fygj a7r' futH'. 9 UaTTjV.St (TtfioVTa'l /IE, OlOdUICOVTtc 
worship me, teaching . f But in vain they worship mc, teaching [as] 
far doctrines the com- *J / ( , 
niandnients of men. SldaGKdXldg EVTaXflCLTO. aVVpti>7TU)V. 10 kl 7Tp0fTKn\E'raf.lE}>0g 

10 And he called the teachings injunctions of men. And having called to [him] 
multitude, and said , , _ . / * - i i 
unto them, Hear, and TUV uyXoi' E'l7TE%> CWTOIC, AKOVETE Kdl (TWISTS. 11 OV 
understand: 11 not the cro wd he said to them, Hear and understand! not 
that which goeth into , , , , 1 / - , ^ 

the mouth detileth a TO ElCTEpX^pSVOV Sig ro ^TOpa K01V01 TOV aVVplOTTOV 

man; but that which that which enters into the mouth defiles the man; 

mouth) thifdefilcth a dXXd TO SKirOpEVOfiEVOV fcK TOV CTOflCtTOQ, TOVTO KOIVOI 

mun. but that which goes forth out of the mouth, this denies 

TOV av9p<D7rov. 

the man. 

ISThencamehisdis- 12 Tqte TrpoGEXQoi'TEQ o\.fia9r}Tai. e avT0V ]i ! e1ttoi>" avTiy, 

ciples, and said unto Then having come to [him] his disciples said to hiin. 

that'th^arlsLswere OUdg OTl OL QapiOCUOl aKOlHTCLVTEQ TOV XojOV tffKdl'SdXi- 

offended, after they Knowestthou that the Pharisees having heard the saying were of- 

a But ^e answered ffOtjaaV, 13 6Jk UlTTOKpi0Elg e'lTTEV, Ud(Td (pVTsiri i}v ovk 

and said, Every plant, fended? But he answering said, Every plant which G not 

which my heavenly ^ VTivaEV 6.7TdTr]p.U0V b.OVpdVlOg, tKpl^,lo9{](TETdl. 14 d(pfTE 

ed^shall be footed up" 5 has 'planted 'my father 3 the -heavenly, shall be rooted up. Leave 

avTOvg' %6S>iyoi siaiv rix^Xot" TixpXoJv' TV<pXbg $e rvcpXbv 

them ; -leaders Hhey = are 3 blind of blind ; 3 blind 'and 5 blind 

14 ' Let them alone : 
thev be blind leaders 

of the blind. And if em ; ^ "=* " """ ul "7' """" "7~ 

the blind lead the lav OCnyi}, au<pOTEpOl Eig [369vi>OV TTErJOVVTCll. 15 A7TOKpt.9Eig.0i 

blind both shall fall aff n ' both into a pit wiU f all. And answering 

into the ditch. 15 Then ' __ ,, , ,o \ < h ' 

answered Peter and JJsTOOg EilTEV CCVUp, <vpaOOV 7]j.llV T)]V-7rCtpapoXl]V . R TCtVT7]V ." 

said unto him, Declare Pet |, r said to him Expound to us this parable, 

unto us this parable. ~ - . < y t ~ > i > > 

16 And Jesus said, Are lQ O.OE. 1 h]UOVg n Ei7TEV, AKpi)V Kdl VUEtg CtGVVETOl EffTE', 

ye also yet without But Jesus said, -Still 3 also ^ye s without "understanding 'are? 

understanding? 17 Do , , , , , 

not ye yet understand, 17 k OU7Tw" VOElTE OTl TCdV TO EKJTTOpEVOflEVOV Eig TO 

that whatsoever enter- 3 not*yet 'perceive 2 ye that everything which enters into the 

eth in at the mouth , , ., _ ,, >, *.~ n >\\ . . 

goeth into the belly, UTOpia Eig T1)V KOlXlClV % w P ft > Kai fl G dtpEOpwVd Kpa\\.Tdl , 

and is cast out into m0 uth into the belly goes, and into [the] draught is cast forth ? 

those dra tWngI which 18 TCL.CE IKTTOpEVOflEVd tK TOV OTOpdTOg EK Tljg 

proceed out of the But the things which, go forth out of the mouth out of the 

Som h theTart; f Tnd Kdpdidg tUpX^dl, KdKElVd KOlVol TOV dv9pu>7TOV. 19 EK.ydp 
thev defile the man. heart come forth, and these defile the man. Eor out of 

devifthoughTs! rijg KapSiag ti&pxovrai 8ia\oy,(rpoi irovrtpoi, <p6voi, /"ivrtai. 

murders, adulteries, the heart come forth =reasonings 'evil, murders, adulteries, 

fahfiwimes's bw iropveicu, KKoirai, $Evdofia P Tvpiai, (SXaa<p m dai. 20 tuvto. 

mies : 20 the'e are the fornications, thefts, false-witnessings, blasphemies. These things 

things which defile a ffTlv T( ' t K01V0VVTO. TOV dv9piOTTOV TO.Sk dviTTTOig 

are they which defile the man;" but the 2 with 3 unwashed 

XEpfflv <bayE~iv oi'.KOivol tov dv9pwKov. 

-hands 'eating defiles not the man. 

21 Kai eeX9wv IkeWev 6 'h]vovg dvExo>pr](TEV Eig rd fi'ipt) 

And going forth thence Jesus withdrew to the parts 

behold, a woman of TuOOU Kdl SldlOVOg. 22 Kdl 16<V, yVVT] XdVdVdld dTTO 

Canaan came out of f Tyre and Sidon ; and behold, a Voman 'Cananasan from 

crild S Tnto C hTm,' s^- Tuiv.op'iwv.&KEivwv f ZeXQovaa HicpdvydOv n m dvT<, n Xiyovca, 
ing, Have mercy on those borders having come out cried to him, saying, 

o?CPd7my'*d"h" 'EX^irov [IE, KvptE, vu Aa(3iS- v.9vydTr,p.fxov Kawg 8m- 

iei is grievouslv vexed Have pity on me, Lord, Son of David ; my daughter miserably is poa- 

h^answerld he'fnotl /iOVlfcmi. 23 *0.^ oi>Kjti**Kpi9n dVTTJ XoyOV Kdl TTpoa- 

word. And his disci- sesped by a demon. But he answer ed 3 not 'her a word. And having 

e _ avTov (read the disciples) lta. f X.eyov<xi.v say ltt. a. b tv<!>\oC elat-v 66rjyol LTr. 
h ravrqv (read the parable) ltti[a]. ' IrjaoCs (read he s.\id) LTTrA. k ov not LTTr. 
* eKpa$ev LTr ; !/coa>/ T. m o.vtc LTTri.. 

unwashsn hands de- 
fileth not a man. 

21 Then Jesus went 
thenoe, and departed 
into the coasts of Tyre 
and Sidon. 22 And, 


M A T T II E \V. 

"l'l(JWTU>l/ n 

ccvtov, XsyovTEg, 

hiin, saying, 

tX96vTEg o',a9>]rai.aurov 

eouie to [him] his disciples 

' h.Tto\vaov avrrjv, on Kpd&i utthtBev j'/juwv" 24 'O.ot (XTTOKpi- 

Disniiss her, for she cries after us. But he ' answer- 

Oflg eIttev, OvK.d.7r<TTaXj}v ei:lh) eiq to. 7rp6/3ara til d.7roXwX6ra 

ing said, I was not sent except to the sheep the lost 

oikov 'lapafjX. 25 'H.Je tXOoixra TTpovEKVVEi abrtp, 

of [the] house of Israel. But she having come did homage to him, 

Xkyovaa, Kvpte, (3ot)9el fioi. 26 '0.8e a7roKpiOeiQ eIttev, Ovk 

saying, Lord, help me I But he answering , said, 3 Not 

v 'iara> icdX6v n Xci(3eZv tov. dprov tlov tekvlov, Kai fiaXEi'v 

'it -'i3 good to take the bread of the children, and to cast [it] 

roig KwapioiQ. 27 'K.dt eIttev, Nat, Kvpis; Kai.ydp rd Kvvcipia 

to the little dogs. But she said, Yea, Lord: for even the little dogs 

LaUiti aico tlov ipixitov tlov imttovtlov d7rd"riig Tpairkfyg 
eat of the ' crumbs which fall from the table 

Tuiv-icvpiwv.avTLov. 28 Tore dnoKptBEig 6 'li](jovg eIttev avry, 

of their masters. Then answering Jesus said to her, 

Q yvvai, LiEydXt) aov rj iz'mjtiq' ytvijOrjTU) ool Log 9'eXeiq. 

O woman, great [is] thy faith : be it to thee as thou desirest. 

Kai id9rj i).9vydrT]p.avT)}g drcb T7]g.Lopag.EKEivt]g. 

And was healed her daughter from that hour. 

29 Kat nETCtfidg ekeWev 6 'h\o~ovg t]X9ev irapd tj)v 9dXaa- 

And having departed thence Jesus came towards the sea 

<rav rijg TaXiXaiag' Kai dvafidg Eig to opog EKa9r]T0 

of Galilee ; and having gone up into the mountain he was sitting 

ekeT. 30 (cat TTpOL7)]X9ov avTiji 6%\ot ttoXXo'i, kxovTEg iie9' 

there. And came to him ^crowds 'great, having with 

LavTLov xwXovg, TvcpXovg, tcuxpovc, KvXXovg, Kai ETtpovg ttoX- 

theru lame, blind, dumb, maimed, and -others 'many, 

Xovg, Kai iippiipai> n avrovg irapd rovg 7rodag t tov 'Ir)oov' n 

and they cast down them at the feet of Jesus, 

Kai WEpd-KEvaEv avTovg- 31 logte s rovg 5)(Xovg n 9avLidaai, 

and he healed them ; so that the crowds wondered, 

j3Xt7rovTag Kuxpovg XaXovvrag, KvXXovg vyiElg, ' xcoXovg 7TEpi- 
seeing dumb speaking, maimed sound, lame walk- 

TcaTOVvTag, kciI TV(pXovg fiXkirovTag' Kai y iS6^a<rav [i tov 9eov 

ing, and blind seeing ; and they glorified the. God 

'l(Tpat)X. 32 'O.SL'h](Tovg TrpoaKciXEac'ijiEvog Tovg jxa9i]Tug 

of Israel. But Jesus having called to [him] ^disciples 

avTov eLttev, 2,7rXayxvi%0Liai iiri tov oyXov, otl i]St] 

'his said, I am moved with compassion towards the crowd, because already 

v i'lfispag n TpEtg Trpouiikvovaiv lloi, Kai ovk.ex ov(TIV tl fdyio- 

-days 'three they continue with me, and have not what they may 

siv Kai diroXvoai ai'Tovg vi'jGTEig ov.9eXoj, jui/7rore ekXv9loltiv 

eat; and to send away them fasting I am not willing, lest they faint 

h' ry 6ctp. 33 Kai Xkyovatv avTy o\.Lia9i]TalJ i avTOV , K[ U69ev 

in the way. And 3 say, *to 5 him 'his ''disciples, Whence 

i'iluv Lv tpi]jx'ia dpTOi ToaovToi ioote xopTaaai b\Xov tooovtov; 

to us in a desert loaves so many as to satisfy a crowd so great ? 

34 Kat XkyEi avTolg 6 'lijtrovg, lloaovg dpTovg i%6re ; 01.8k 

And 2 says 3 to ''them 'Jesus, How many loaves have ye? And they 

elirov, 'E7rrd, Kai oXiya ix9vdia.. 35 Kat ^tKsXEvaEv ToTg 

said, Seven, and a few small fishes. And he commanded the 

J 3 

pie-; came and be- 
sought him, saying, 
Send her away; for she 
crieth after us. 21 But 
he answered and said, 
I am not sent but unte 
the lost sheep of the 
house of Israel. 25 Then 
came she and worship- 
ped him, saying, Lord, 
help me. 26 But he 
answered and said, It 
is not meet to take the 
children's bread, and 
to cast it to dogs. 
27 And she said, Truth, 
Lord : yet the dogs eat 
of the crumbs which 
fall from their mas- 
ters' table. 28 Then 
Jesus answered- and 
said unto her, O wo- 
man, great is thy faith: 
be it unto thee even as 
thou wilt. And her 
daughter was made 
whoio from that very 

29 And Jesus depart- 
ed from thence, and 
came nigh unto the sea 
of Galilee ; and went 
up into a mountain, 
and sat) down there. 
30 And great multi- 
tudes came unto him, 
having with them those 
that were lame, blind, 
dumb, maimed, and 
many others, and cast 
them down at Jesus' 
feet ; and he healed 
them : 31 insomuch that 
the multitude wonder- 
ed, when they saw the 
dumb to speak, the 
maimed to be whole, 
the lame to walk, and 
the blind to see : and 
they glorified the God 
of Israel 32 Then 
Jesus called his disci- 
ples unto him, and said, 
I have compassion on 
the multitude, because 
they continue with me 
now three days, and 
have nothing to eat : 
and I will not send 
them -away fasting, 
lest they faint in the 
way. 33 And his dis- 
ciples say unto him, 
Whence should we 
have so much bread in 
the wilderness, as to 
fill so great a multi- 
tude? 34 And Jesus 
saith unto them, How 
many loaves have ye? 
And they said, Seven, 
and a few little fishes. 
35 And he commanded 
the multitude to sit 

r avrov Of him LTTrA. 

rjpwTovv LTTrA. P ij;ea~Tii' it is allowed lta. . i epul/av T 
SxAof the crowd TA. ' + K<xi and LTTrA. T e<56aoi' T. w tj/xepat GLTTrAW. 

(nud the disciples; [L}r[ir]A. > 7rapavyttAas rai 6rxA.u) having commanded the crowd i/m. 

8 TOV 


44 MAT9AI0 2. XV, XVI. 

down xm the ground. y\ ol g\\ dvaTtEGEXV ETtl TT)V y\)V 36 Veil Xa/3wy" Toi>ejEirT& 

36 ^c-'aves^nd the crowds to recline on the ground ; and having taken the seven 

fishes.andgavethanks, aprovQ Kal Tovg ixQvag* EvxapiGTrjoag tKkaaev Kal b icu)KEv n 

and brake them, and loaTes and tne fishes, having given thanks he broke and gave 

gave to his disciples, y t , , , 

and the disciples to the TOlg.liaO^TOic^aVTOV^ ' Ol.0 l_iaV)]7ai u TOJ OX^OJ- 37 Kat 

multitude. 37 And to nig disciples, and the disciples to the crowd. And 

they did all eat, and , n , - 

were filled: and they ttyayoV ITCIVTSQ, Kai lX9 TCL(y ^ 1 l <7av Kai Vp^V TO TTEpia- 

took up of the broken ^ ate i a ji ( alm were satisfied ; and they lookup that which was over 

meat that was left _ , ,,, , , ~ . / 00 . j. 

teven baskets full. 0~VOV TLOV KkaGjXaTUJv" E7TTa OTTVpiOag TTAljOEig. OO 01.06 

'Si And they that did an( j above of the fragments seven baskets full ; and they who 

eat were four thousand , n , -r /-. ? < f 

men, beside women EO-QlOVtEg 1](TaV TETpaKlGX 1 * 101 avdpSQ, X 0) P l yvvaiKWV Krtt 

and children. 39 And ate were four thousand men, besides women and 

S.TuSk fh WiW." 39 Kal d-rroXvcag rovg o X \ov S vW elg to 

and came into the children. And having dismissed the crowds he entered into the 

coasts of Hagdala. ^OlOV, Kal 1]\9eV El Q TO. OOICI h Mei.yaAd." 

XVI. The Pharisees ship, and came to the borders of Jlagdala. 

^c^andtemft: 16 Kai irpoaE\96vTE Q oi 4>ap ( o-7ot Kai ZaSSovniioi 

ing desired him that And having come to [him] the Pharisees and Sadducces 

he wouw^shew^hema jfs^aZovTeg 'fcTnjpwnjffav 11 avrbv orifieiov Ik too ovpavov 

"h* answered and tempting .[him] asked him a sign out of the heaven 

said unto them, When ^^^ avro l(. 2 O.St d7T0Kpl9tig EL7TEV aVTolg, k '0\piag 
/V^f IS weather) to shew them. But he answering said ^ to them, ^ Evening 

for the sky is red. yevouevng XeyETE, EvSia- irvppa&i.yap 6 ovpavog. 3 Kal 

l^M te^weS ^vinf come ^ y/say, Fine weather , _ ^ for W H*a "heaven. ^ And 
to day: for the sky is TrpuA, 1,i]u.'pov yEiLiuiV 7rvppatEi.yap oTvyvaL,wv 6 ovpavog. 

red and lowring. Oye at ^ oraing <f 1 storm : f or ' Hs 'red ^lowering 'the 2 heaven. 

hypocrites, ye can ais- , , > ~ 

cern the face of the *V7T0KpiTaU TO lllv TTpOOlOTTOV TOV OvpavOV yil'ixIGKETE 
sky ; but can ye not Hypocrites I the 'indeed 'face 2 of 3 the *heaven ye know [how] 

dtscera.the signs of the , _ , * , n u < < 

times? 4 A wicked and OiaKpivEiv, Ta.cs o~r]fiEia twv Kaipwv ov.cvvacvE; ' 4 yEVEa 

adulterous generation to discern, but the signs of the times ye cannot ! A generation 

Beeketh after a sign ; , j , y , -. ' X Q' 

and there shall no sign irO%'t]pa Kai flOl\a\ig C^]jXUOV kTVll,1]Ti.l' Kai ai)fii.lOV 0V.0OO)]- 

be given unto it, but wickjd and adu terous a sign seeks, and a sign shall not be 

the sign of the prophet ,, _ . , , ^ T ~ , , n tr ' 

Jonas. And he left OSTai dVTy. 6' .fifj TO <Tr}[ieiOV lUJVa n 'TOV TTpO(pr]TOV." Krtt 

them, and departed. given to it, except the sign of Jonas the prophet. And 

cip^erl'cZetot; ra\t7Tiv djn* ArijA**. 

other side, they had leaving them he went away. 

forgotten to take 5 Kal k\Q6vTFg oi.u.a9i)Tal."avTOv" Eig to ir'tpav t7re\d6ovTO 
safd'unto them, Take And 'having* come 'his "-disciples to the other side they forgot 

heed and beware of aOTOVg XaBtlv. 6 O.SL'lriCfOVg eItTSV avrolg, 'OpClTE Kttl TtpOO '- 
r^rindofttlar W 'to.^take. And Jesus saidtothem, See and ^ be- 

ducees. 7 And they eyete a.Ttb T7]g Z,v\ir\g twv <$>apioaiiov KalSaSSovicaiiDV. 7 Oi.ce 

reasoned among them- ware of the leaven of the Pnariseea and Sadducees. And they 

Belves, saying, It is be- , , 

cause we have taken CtEKoyi^OVTO tV EaVTOig, AsyOVTEg, KJTl apTOVg OVK t,\a- 
no bread. 8 Which reasoned among themselves, saying, Because loaves 3 not 'we 

when Jesus perceived, _ %r.v <> ~t ,~ m-r 

he said unto them, O pOflEV. 8 iVOVg-CE O ll]0~OVg ELITEV aVTOig, li cia- 

ye of little faith, why Hook. And having known [this] * Jesus said to them, "Why rea- 

reason ye among your- . , n , , >> / <i - > 

elves, because ye have \oyiC,ECV EV EaVTOig, O\iyO7Tl0-T0l r OTl apTOVg OVK 

brought no bread? son ye among yourselves, O [ye] of little faith, because loaves 3 not 

9 Dove not yet under- ',, fo .. n ~ , ? , / , . 

Btand, neither remem- p t\aj3ETE\ n 9 OV7TUJ.VOEITE, OVOE flV7]flOVEVETE TOVQ KEl'Ti. 

bar the five loaves of 'ye 'took ? Do ye not yet perceive, nor remember the five 

1 aXaflev be took LTTr. tt + Kal and lt. b iSCSov ttt. c avrov (read the disciples) 

[l,]T[TrjA. d TOis o^Aots to the crowds TXrA. e to Trepio~o~evoi> rdv K\ao-fxa.riav ^pav LTTr a. 

' ttch&luji' xal yvvatKoif t. k ave^rj he went up gtvaw. h M.ayaSdv > agauan LTTrA. 

* errnptorcov T. k 'OiVi'aj . . . . to end of verse 3 [ta]. ' vrroKpiToi LTTiA ; + tai 

and r m toO Trpo^rov LTTrA. n auTov (read the disciple^) LTTrA. avTois 
OLiirA. v x eTC y have L. 



dpTOVQ TWV TTtVTClKMTXlkiiOV, K(l\ TTOdOVg KOty'lVOV'C; IXct f3frf , 
loaves of the five thousand, and how many hand-baskets ye took [up]? 

10 ovSe roi'Q irrrd dprovg ru>v TerpaiaoxiXioov, Kai ttocciq 

nor the seven loaves of the four thousand, and how many 

io-irvoi?,ag n iXdfSere; 11 mog ov.vof.7re on ov 

baskets ye took [up] ? How perceive ye not that not concerning 

r dproy n f'l7roi> Vfiiv *TrpoGtxfiv n dirb rijg Kvfirjr rCjv (Papinaiujv 

bread I spoke to you to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees 

teat TZaSSovKa'uov; 12 Tore avvtjKaj' on ovK.eliTev 7rpoaex e iv 

and Sadducees ? Then they understood that ho said not to beware 




^vjjlt]Q i rov dprovg 
leaven of bread, 

Qapioaiiov Kai 2aSovKaiojv. 

Pharisees and Sadducees. 

13 ' 6 'liiaovg 

And "having 3 come 'Jesus 
fyiX'nnrov i)pwra rovg./ja9t]rdg.avrov, Xeyojv 

Philippi he questioned his disciples, saying, 

aX\" a7r6 rrjg Sidaxfig rwv 
but of the teaching of the 

eig rd ji'epi) Kaiaapeiag rrjg 

into the parts of Cassarea * 




Xiyovaiv oLdv9pu)7roi elvat rov vibv rov dvQpujTrov ; 14 0'i.Si 
'do 3 pronounee 2 men 9 to 10 be Hhe G Son 'of^man? And they 

*elirov, n 0'i.f.dv 'lojdvvrjv tov ficnrriffTyv ydXXoi >[ .Si z 'HXiav " 

said, Some John the Baptist; and others Elias; 

irfpoi.Sk 'Ispf^iaV) f/ 'iva rwv irpo^rutv. 15 Asyei avrolg,* 

and others Jeremias, or one of the prophets. He says to them, 

'T/xelg.Sk rivet /us Xeyere elvai; 16 h 'AiroKpi9elg.Sk n 2i- 

And answering 

rov Gfov 







But ye whom 'me 'do 2 ye a pronounce to be? 

fiiov Ilirpog elrrev, 2w el 6 XP l<TT Qi 

mon Peter said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of God 

Z,u)vrog. 17 c Kai aTroKpiQfig" 6 Ti]aovg elirev aviip, Maicdpiog 
living. And answering Jesus said to him, Blessed 

el, 'Eifiiov d Bdp 'iwva," on adpS, Kai alfia oi'K.ci7reKdXv\ptv 
art thou, Simon Bar-Jonas, for flesh and blood revealed [it] not 

c roig" 



18 Kdyoj.St 
And I also 

col, dXX' 6.7rarr)p./xov 6 iv 
to thee, but my Father who [is] in 

gol Xsyw, on ov el Uirpog, Kai IttI ravry ry irirpq oIkoSo- 

to thee say, That thou art Peter, and on this rock I will 

ui'jeroj fiov rrjv fKKX7]<riav, Kai TrvXat q,8ov ov.Kari(7X V(70V(TtV 
build my assembly, and gates of hades shall not prevail against 

avrfjg. 19 f rai" Scoau) aoi rag &KXeZg n rrjg fiaaiXfiag rwv 
it. And I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of the 

ovpavaiv' Kai o. h idv n Srjtryg S7ri rrjg y//c, torai deSe/iivov 
neavens : and whatever thou may est bind on the earth, shall be bound 

iv rolg ovpavoig' Kai d. l idv" Xiayg iiri rrjg yrjg, iarai 
in the heavens; and whatever thou mayest loose on the earth, shall be 

XeXvfievov iv rolg ovpavoig. 20 Tore ^SiearfiXaro n rolg fJiaOtj- 

loosed in the heavens. Then charged he 2 dis- 

ralg l avroi> u 'iva nqdevi e'iirwaiv onavrog icrnv m 'lr](Jovg H 
ciples 'his that tonoone they should say that he is Jesus 

6 xpio-rog. 

the Christ. 


the five thousand, and 
how many baskets vn 
took up? - 10 Neither 
the seven loaves of the 
four thousand, and 
how many baskets ye 
topk up? 11 How is 
it that ye do not un- 
derstand that I spake 
it not to you concern- 
ing bread, that ye 
should beware of the 
leaven of the Pharisees 
.and of the Sadducees ? 
12 Then understood 
they how that he bade 
them not beware of 
the leaven of bread, 
but of the doctrine of 
the Pharisees and of 
the Sadducees. 

13 When Jesus came 
into the coasts of Ca?- 
sarea Philippine asked 
his disciples, saying, 
Whom do men say that 
I the Son of man am ? 
14 And they said, Some 
say that thou art John 
the Baptist : some, E- 
lias ; and others Jere- 
mias, or one of the 
prophets. 15 He saith 
unto them, But whom, 
say ye that I am ? 
16 And Simon Peter 
answered and said, 
Thou art the Christ, 
the Son of the living 
God. 17 And Jesu3 
answered and said un- 
to him, Blessed art 
thou, Simon Bar-jona: 
for flesh and blood 
hath not revealed it 
unto thee, but my 
Father which is in 
heaven. 18 And I say 
also unto thee, That 
thou art Peter, and 
upon this rock I will 
build my church ; and 
the gates of hell shall 
not prevail against it. 
19 And I will give un- 
to thee the keys of the 
kingdom of heaven : 
and whatsoever thou 
shalt bind on earth 
shall be bound in hea- 
ven : and whatsoever 
thou Rhalt loose on 
earth shall be looserl. 
in heaven. 20 Then 
charged he his disci- 
ples that they should 
tell no man that he 
was Jesus the Christ. 

i cr<f>vpi8a.'; l. r aproiv loaves LTTrAW. ; (the question ends at you) npocrexeTe fie but 
beware LTTrA. l tuv aproiv of the loaves ltta ; riov "tapio-ouW Kai SafifiouKcuW of the 

Pharisees and Sadducees t. v aAAa tttaw. w . /ne [i,]TTrA. * tlwav ltti-. y oi l. 
'HAei'av T. a + [o 'IrjiroC?] Jesus (says) L. b Kai anoKpidels W. c a.TroKpi0et<> fie LTTrA. 
d r.afnon'a LTA. e TOis (read [the] ) I/[Tr]. f zeal t[aJ. S icAerfias LTTrA. h av LTrA. 

av Tr. * 7reTtjai?aei/ he earnestly charged L. ' ai/rov (read the disciples) LTTrA. 

m 'IrjeroOs UI/TTrAW, 


21 From that time 
forth began Jesus to 
shew unto his disciples, 
how that he must go 
unto Jerusalem, and 
suffer niauy thing* of 
the elders and chief- 
priests andscribes, and 
be killed, and be raised 
again the third day. 
22 Then Peter took 
him, and began to re- 
buke him, saying, Be 
it far from thee, Lord: 
this shall not be unto 
thee. 23 But he turned, 
and said unto Peter, 
Get thee behind me, 
Satan : thou art an 
offence unto me : for 
thou savourest not the 
things that be of God, 
but those that be of 
men. 24 Then said 
Jesus unto his disci- 
ples, If any man will 
come after me, let him 
deny himself, and take 
up his cross, and follow 
me. 25 For whosoever 
will save his life shall 
lose it : and whosoever 
will lose his life for 
my Eake shall find it. 
26 For what is a man 
profited, if he shall 
gain the whole world, 
and lose his own soul ? 
or what shall a man 
give in exchange for 
his soul? 27 For the 
Son of man shall come 
in the glory of his 
Father with his angels; 
and then he shall re- 
ward every man ac- 
cording to his works. 
28 Verily I say, unto 
you, There be some 
standing here, which 
shall not taste of 
death, till they see the 
Son of man coming in 
bis kingdom. 

XVH. And after six 
days Jesus taketh 
Peter, James, and John 
his brother, andbring- 
eth them up into an 
high mountain apart, 
2 and was transfigured 
before them : and his 
face did shine as the 
sun, and his raiment 


21 'Arro tote fip'a.TO n 6" 'Iriffovg Seikvveiv ToTg fiaQriTaiq 

From that time began Jesus to shew to ''disciples 

avTov, oti SeX avrbv "cnrtkBCiv sig *lpo<7oXt/jua," Kai 

'his that it is necessary for him to go away to Jerusalem, and 

TroWa ira9tiv dirb ru>v TrpExr(5vTkpuJv Kai dpy/Epswv icai 

many things to suffer from the ciders and chief priests and 

ypafi/naTEUiv, icai diroKravdtjvai, icai ry Tpfay ri^kpa iyEpOijvai. 

scribes, and to be killed, and the third day to be raised. 

22 ecu TrpocXafibnEvog avrbv 6 IiErpoc iV/plaro" HirvrifiqLV 

And having Haken s to [ 6 him] *hini l Peter began to rebuke 

avTifi, Xgywr," "IXe&h; goi, KvpiE' ov./xrj tGTai &oi 

him, saying, [God be] favourable to thee, Lord : in no wise shall be to thee 

tovto. 23'O.^t OTpa<peig ei7rej> Tip UsTpif), "Y7rayE biziuto pov, 
this. But he having turned said to Peter, Get behind me,' 

craTava, aicavSaXov T fiov eZ"" oti oi'.fpovElg to. 

Satan: an offence to me thou art, for thy thoughts are not of the things 

tov 9eov, dXXd to. tu>v dv9po}7ru)v. 24 Tore 6 'Irjcrovg eTttev 

<3f God, but the things of men. Then Jesus said 

Tolg.fiaOrjTaig.avTov, Ei Tig GsXei oTriceu) jxov IX9eiv, dirap- 
to his disciples, ' If any one desires after me to come, let 

VTjaaffBoj kavTOv, icai dpaTit> Tbv.ffTavpbv.avTOV, icai dico- 

him deny himself, and let him take up his cross, and let 

\ov0eitoj fxot. 25 bg.ydp. s dv n 9tXy Tr}v.\pv\y)v.avTov gwgul, 

him follow me. For whoever may desire his life to save, 

aTroXzaEi avrr)v' og.S'.dv aTroXeay rfjV.ipvxr)v.avTOV eveicev 

shall lose it ; but whoever may lose / his life on account of 

t/iov, EvprjGEi avrfjv' 26 Ti.ydp ^^eXelrai" dv9poj7rog, lav 

me, shall find it." For what is profited *a -man, if 

tov koctuov oXov KEpSrjoy, T7)v.fiL\pvxW-avrov QnfiiwBy; fj 

the 2 world 'whole he gain, and his soul lose ? or 

ti dii)0i dvQpujTrog avTaXXayfia Trfg.i^vyrig.avTOV ; 27 yiiX- 

what will 3 give 'a -'man [as] an exchange for his soul ? For 5 is 

Xtt.yap 6 vibg TOV.dvQpunrov epxE&9ai iv ry 86y tov iraTpbg 

G about 'the '""Son 3 of *man to come in the glory 3 Father 

aiiTov fiETa T(bv.dyykX(x)v.avTOV' icai tote dirobwffEt ffedory 

'of *his with his angels; and then he will render to each 

KaTa rr)v-irpdt,iv.avTov . 28 A/j.r)v Xsyw vfiiv, v eiffiv 

according to his doing. Verily I say to you, There are 

TivEg twv u>Se Earr]K6TijJV, n dirivEg ov.fii) ytvauvTai QavaTov 

some of those here standing who in no wise shall taste of death 

iojg dv i$b)o~iv tov v'ibv tov dvtipiiirov ip^ofiEvov iv ry 
until they have seen the Son of man coming- in 


bis kingdom. 

17 Kai /jle 9' tjfispag ? 7rapaXanf5dvEi 6 'irjffovg tov UtTpov 

And after 2 days 'six *takes s with [ 6 nim] 3 Jesus Peter 

Kai 'ldicu)fiov Kai 'Iwdvvrjv rbv.dSEXcpbv.avTOV, Kai dvapkpEi 

his brother, and brings up 





avTovg Etg bpog v\Li)Xbv KaT.lSiav. 2 Kai fXETEfiop^toBr] 

them into a ^mountain high apart. And he was transfigured 

t/nrpoaBEV ai'Tuiv, Kai tXaf.i\pev Tb.TrpooioTrov.avTOV wg b rjXiog, 
before them, and 3 shone 'his ^ ace as the sun, 

n 6 L[Tr]A. ei? 'Iepocr6\vfj.a aneKOelv LTTrA. P 

Afrytoi" l ; Ac'-vet avT<2 sttltlixmv says to him rebuking [hiruj A 
LTTrA. ' j<eAr}0rjo-exai shall be profited LTTrA. v + OTL that LT. 

rjpgo.TO A. 1 avTu 7TITI/Ual> 

r ei ifiov LTTrA. R eif 

OLTTrA J i6e t(7TWTe$ W, 

w rdv wOe i(TTioTuiv 



Ta.8e.ii.idria-a.vTov tykpEro XsvkA ujg to <pCJQ. 3 Kai ISov, x u><p- 

and his garments became . white as the light ; and behold, 4 ap- 

0))<yav n avrolg fMworjg" Kai z 'HXiag, 1 *-/ avrov avXXaXovvrEg. 1 '- 

peared 5 to s them 'Moses 2 and 3 Elias "with 'him 'talking. 

4 cnroicpiGeig.Sk oYlirpog eIttev r<p 'Ia/ctou, Kvpis, KaXov tanv 

And answering Peter said to Jesus, Lord, good .it is 

Vfidg (LSe dvai' ei 9s\Etg, h rroiT]Gu)i.iEv K wce toeIq GK>]vdg, 

fur us here to be. If thou wilt, let us make here three tabernacles: 

col j.iiav, Kai c Mwery" j.iiav, ical d uiai> 'HXicr." 5*Ert avrov 

for thee one, and for Mo.>cs one, and one for Elias. While yet he 

XaXovvrog, iSov, vE<pk\i] e (pa>rEivt) n iTTEGKiaoEv avrovg' Kai 

was speaking, behold, a -cloud 'bright overshadowed them: and 

ioov, <pu>vi) Ik rijg vE<ptX>]g, XiyovGa, Ovrog egtiv 6.vi6g./.iov 

lo, a voice out of the cloud, saying, This is my Son 

6 dyarr^rog, tv (ft { Ei<SoKi]Ga- n %avrov cikoveteJ 1 6 Kai 

the beloved, in whom I have found delight : 3 him 'hear = ye. And 

ciKcvcrm'TEg ol i.iaB))Tai b t7TEGov ]> irri 7rpuGu>7rov.avratv y Kai 

hearing [it] the 'disciples fell upon their f-ee, and 

i(po l O))0)jC7av G(pc?pa. 7 Kai 1 TTpoGEX9iov n 6 'It]Govg k /'/T//aro" 

were terrified greatly. And having come to [them] Jesus touched 

avrwv, l KaV ] e'Lttev, 'Ey'cp9t]rE, Kai ^/y.^of3s7<70e. 8 'ETrdpavreg 

them, and said, Kise up, and be not terrified. "Having 3 lif ted 'up 

e TOvg.6<p9a\fiovg.avTwv ovStva elcov Ei-pr) rov Iijgovv 

'and their eyes ^no *one 'they -saw except Jesua 



9 Kai Kara/3aiv6vrhjv avrwv m drr6 n rov opout; sVereiXaro 

And as 2 were 'descending 'they from the mountain 2 charged 

avroTg o'ltjaovg, Xtyiov, Mrjdevi EirnjTE to opa^a, swg.ov 6 
3 them 'Jesus, saying, To no one tell the vision, until the 

viug tov di'Opiorrov ek vekou>v "aj/aory." 10 Kai t7r/j- 

Son of man from among [the] dead be risen. And 3 ask- 

pwri]Gav avrov o\./.ia9ijraLavrov 1 [> Xsyovreg, Tt ovv oi ypafi- 

ed ''him 'his "disciples, saying, ^\~hy then "the "scribes 

fiarEig XtyovGiv on p 'H\tai/" 8eI eX9eIv 7rpwrov, 11 '0 6t 

'say that EUas must come first ? And 

'Irjaovc;" drroKpi9Eig eIttev T avrolg, n ^HXiaf" filv tp\erai 

Jesus answering said to them, Elias indeed comes 

Vpwrov" Kai drcoKaraGr^GEi rrdvra' 12 Xsyut ce vfiiv on 

first and shall restore ail things. But I say to you that 

'HXfrt^ 11 i]S)) ?iX9ev, Kai ovK.E7reyinoGav avrov, T aXX" kiroir]- 

Elias already iscouie, and they knew not him, but did 

oav iv avr(p oaa r)9iXtjGav' ovru>g Kai 6 viug rov dv9p<i)7rov 

to him whatever they desired. Thus also the Son of man 

fiiXXei iraG\Eiv vtt' avrutv. 13 Tore avvt'jKav oi f.ia9rjrai on 

is about to suifer from them. Then understood the disciples that 


concerning John the Baptist he spoke to them. 

14 Kai tX96vr(jJV w avrwv n Trpug rov o\Xov 7rpoGijX9ev 

And s having ? come 'they to the crowd 3 came 


was white as the light. 
3 And, behold, there 
appeared unto them 
Moses and Elias talk- 
ing with him. 4 Then 
answered Peter, and 
said unto Jesus, Lord, 
it is good for us to be 
here : if thou wilt, let 
us make here three 
tabernacles ; one for 
thee, and one for Mo- 
ses, and one for Elias. 
5 While he yet spake, 
behold, a bright cloud 
overshadowed them : 
and behold a voice out 
of the cloud, which 
said, This is my be- 
loved Son, in whom I 
am well pleased ; hear 
ye him. 6 And when 
the disciples heard it, 
they fell on their face, 
and were sore afraid. 
7 And Jesus came and 
touched them, and 
said, Arise, and be not 
afraid. S And when 
they had lifted up 
their eyes, they saw no 
man, save Jesus only. 

9 And as they came 
down from the moun- 
tain, Jesus charged 
them, saying, Tell the 
vision to no man. until 
the Son of man be 
risen again from the 
dead. 10 And his dis- 
ciples asked him, say- 
ing. Why then say the 
scribes that Elias must 
first come ? 11 And Je- 
sus answered and said 
untothem, Elias truly 
shall first come, and 
restore all things. 

12 But I say unto you, 
That Elias is come al- 
ready, and they knew 
him noi, but have done 
unto him whatsoever 
they listed. Likewise 
shall also the Son of 
man guffer of them. 

13 Then the disciples 
understood that he 
spake unto them of 
John the Baptist. 

14 And when they 

were come to the mul- 
titude, there came to 

x <L<07j LTTrA. y Mojvotjs LTTrAW. x 'HAet'a? T. a crvAAaAovirec (crvvKaX. t) /ier* 

avrov LTTr. b TTOiri<TOi I will make LTA. c Mcoucret LTTrA ; Mtovo-77 W. d 'HA.1'0 ('HA<Fto t) 
fju'cp LTTrA. e (/kotos Of light G. f rjvSoK-qaa LTr. 8 6lkovT avrov LTTrA. h eTrecrav 

LTTrA. 7TpocnjA(9ei> came to LTTr. w Kai aipduevos and touching' LT ; Kai r)^>aTO Tt. 

1 koIlt. m ex GLTTrAW. n eyep^T) be raised LTTrA. ovtou (read the disciples) 
LTTr. p "HAciav T. 1 'Irjcrous {read he said) LIT.A. r avrois LTTr[JAj. 'HAeias T. 
* npiiTOV LTTrA, dAAa TrA, w ai'TWl' LTTrA, 


him a certain man, 

kneeling down to him, 
and saying, 15 Lord, 
have mercy on my sou : 
for he is lunatick, and 
sore vexed : for oft- 
times he falleth into 
the fire, and oft into 
the water. 16 And I 
brought him to thy 
disciples, and they 
could not cure him. 
17 Then Jesus answer- 
ed and said, O faith- 
less and perverse 
generation, h'ow long 
shall I be with you? 
how long shall I suffer 
you? bring him hither 
to me. 18 And Jesus 
rebuked the devil ; and 
he departed out of 
him : and the child 
was cured from that 
very hour. 19 Then 
canie the disciples to 
Jesus apart, and said, 
Why could not we cast 
him out? 20 And Jesus 
said unto them, Be- 
cause of yourunbelief : 
for verily I say unto 
you, If ye have faith 
as a grain of mustard 
seed, ye shall say unto 
this mountain, Re- 
move hence to yonder 
place ; and it shall 
remove ; and nothing 
shall be impossible 
unto you. 21 Howbeit 
this kind goeth not 
out but by prayer and 


avr({> dvOptoTrog yovvTTETiov z avr(^, n 15 Kai Xf-ywi', Ki'pte, 

Ho "him l a "man kneeling down to him, and saying, Lord, 

t\h]Gov jxov tov viov, on aeXijviu'C^nzi Kai ?KaKujg 7t(t^''" 

have pity on my son, for he is lunatic and miserably suffers : 

7roXXdKig.yup tt'itttei Eig to 7ri)p, Kai 7roXXdKig etc to vdwp, 

for often he falls into the fire, and often into the water. 

10 Kai 7rpo<n']i>EyKci ovtov TO~ig.pa9i]Ta\g.aov, Kai ovK.rjSvvi)- 

And I brought him to thy disciples, and they were not 

9f]crav avTov Qtpainvaai. .17 'A7roKp1Odg.Se 6 '\i)Oovg e'Ittev, 

able him to heal. And answering Jesus said, 

T Q yeved drriaTog Kai SiECTpa/JHEvt], twg tcote z aro/tt 

O generation unbelieving and perverted, until when shall I be 

fteO' vfiuiv," tug ttote avt^o/xai hjiwv; <ptpET }ioi ai)Tov wbe. 

with you ? until when shall I bear with you ? firing to me him here. 

18 Kai iTrtTipr]GEv avnp b'lrjoovg, Kai k%ij\9tv air' avTov to 
And -rebuked 3 him v "Jesus, and went out from him the 

daifiovwv, Kai WEpa7TEv9r} 6 iralg dirb T)~)g.ojpa-jAKsiv7]g, 

demon, and was healed the boy from that hour. 

19 Tote irpoafXQovTEg 01 [laQrjTal Ttfi'li]Gov KaT.lSiav eIttov, 

Then ^having 'come 'the -disciples to Jesus apart said, 

a A<ari" r'jfislg 0VK.r]Svvi]9)]j.LEv tk-fSaXdv avTO ; 20 '0.<5eyii,(rovg n 

Why 3 we 

'were 2 not able to cast out him ? 

And Jt^us 

c eJ7tev u aiiTolg, Aid T))v d d7naTiav n vfiuiv. d/iriv.ydp Xsya> 


to them, Because of 


'your. For verily I say 

22 And while they 
abode in Galilee, Jesus 
said unto them, The 
Son of man shall be 
betrayed into the 
hands of men : 23 and 
they shall kill him, 
and the third day he 
shall be raised again. 
And they were exceed- 
ing sorry. 

24 And when they 
were come to Caper- 
naum, they that re- 
ceived tribute money 
came to Peter, and 
said, Doth not your 
master pay tribute ? 
25 He saith, Yes. And 
when he was come into 
the house, Jesus pre- 
vented him, saying, 
What thinkest thou, 
Simon ? of whom do 
the kings of the earth 
take custom or tribute? 
of their own children, 
or of strangers ? 26 Pe- 

to you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard, ye shall say 3 ruountair 

Toi'T(p, e METaj3))6i evtevQev* ekeH, Kai pETaji^dETai- Kai ovoiv 

Ho Hlns, Remove hence thither, and it shall remove ; and nothing 

dSvvaTi)crEt iffilv. 21 hovTO.Sk.TO-yEvog ouK.iKTropEVkTat 
shall be impossible to you. But this kind goes not out 

Ei./xt) iv 7rpoGEV)(y Kai v)]crTEia. i] 

except by prayer and fasting. 

22 %'AvactTpE<poi.tev(ov u .Se avTutv iv tij YaXiXa'iq, e'Ittev aiiTolg 

And while -were 3 abiding Hhey in Galilee, \aid HoHhem 

b 'lt)oovg, MsXXet b vibg tov avOpihwov TrapaSiSoadai Eig 

'Jesus, a is '"about Hhe "Son 7 of b man to be delivered up into 

%Elpag dv9pw7ru>v, 23 Kai drroKTEVovGiv avTov, Kai ry Tpiry 

[the] hands of men, and they will kill him ; and the third 

ti/upg. h iyEp6r-iGETaiJ l Kai tXv7n)9t]oav o<popa. 

day he shall be raised up. And they were grieved greatly. 

24 'YLXQovTW.hi avTwv Eig l Ka7rEpvaovix' [ 7rpocri]X9ov ol 

And -having J come Hhey to Capernaum "came 'those 2 who 

r SiSpaxfia Xa^ifSdvovTEg rtp llirp^ Kai k B7rov," 'O diSda- 

Hlie 5 didrachmas -"received to Peter and said, -Teach- 

KaXog Vf.i)v ov.teXeI 'rd" fiiSpaxpa : 25 Aya, Nat. Kai 

er 'your does he not pay the diilrachmas ? He says, Yes. And 

m or EiG^X9ev n Eig t>)v oiKiav 7rpot<p9aoEv uvtov 6 Irjffovg, 

when he entered into the house -anticipated 3 him 'Jesus, 

Xsyojv, Ti goi.SokeT, ?if.iu)v ; oi /3aaiXE~ig rrjg y))g dirb tivojv 

saying, What thinkest thou, Simon ? The kings of the earth from whom 

XanfidvovGiv TtXi] r) Ktjvaov] dirb Tu>v.viu>v.avTu>v } r/ dirb 

do they receive custom or tribute ? from. their sons, or from 

1 aVTOV GLTTrAW. y kolkws l^ei is ill LTr. z /xeO' VjU.wi' ecrojaai LTTrA. a 5ta ri LTTrAW. 
b 'ItjctoOs LTTi A. c Ae'yei be Says LTTrA. d o^iyonLCTTiau little faith LTTrA. e MeTci/Sa 

Zvdev LTTrA. f verse 21 t[tiaJ. 8 -vo-Tpe^ojaeVtoi' were abiding together LTTr. 

h avao-Tijo-erat he shall rise ag;tm l. ' KcKpapvaov/j. LTTiAW. k elnav htTvA. * rdl, 
"> eifftAdovra entering lt ; iAOovra having come TiA. 



twv dXXoTpiwv ; 2Q, n Asya avno H b Uerpog," 'Atto twv dX- 

the strangers? "says 3 to 4 hini 'Peter, From the stran- 

XoTpiwv. "E(prj avTip b 'IijGovg, P'Apays" kXtv9epoi sigiv 01 

ffers. "said 3 to 4 him 'Jesus, Then indeed free are the 

viol. 27 ' fiT).iGKavSaXiGw/j.ev n aurovg, 7ropev9rig, eig 

sous. But that we may not offend them, having gone to 

r r/)v" 9a\a<j<rav (3dXe dyKurrpov, Kai rbv d.vaf3dvra TtrpwTOV 

the sea cast a hook, and the 3 coming 'up -first 

ixOiiv dpov' Kai dvoitag TO.GTOfia.avTOV svpijGtig ara- 

'fish take, and having opened its mouth thou shalt find a sta- 

r7)pa' IkeXvov Xa/3wv dbg avTolg dvrl kfxov Kai gov. 
ter; that having taken give -to them for me and thee. 

18 'Ev tKEivy ry s wpo: n TrpoGi]X9ov oi fiaOtjTal Tip 'irjaov, 

In that hour came the disciples to Jesus, 

Xsyovreg, Tig apa \xriZ,wv egtiv tv Ty /3aGiXeict twv ov- 
saying, Who then [ 2 the] ^greater Ms in the kingdom of the hea- 

pavwv; 2 Kai TrpoGKaXtGa /xevog '6 'lrjG0vg n Tratbiov, egt7}gev 

veus ? And "having 3 called 4 to [ ; him] 'Jesus a little child, he set 

avro tv fXEGip.avTwv, 3 Kai Airtv, 'Afii)v X'syu) v/xXv, kdv./jii] 
it in ' their midst, and said, Verily I say to you, Unless 

<TTpa<piJTe KaiyV7](r9eh)QTd 7raiSia, ov.fii) dasXOrjTE elg 

ye are converted and become as the little children, in no wise shall ye enter into 

ti)v (3aGiXriav twv ovpavwv. 4 OGTig oiv v Ta7rEivwG?i n 

the kingdom of the heavens. , Whosoever therefore will humble 

tavrbv wg TO.Traidiov.TovTO, ovTog egtlv 6 [iei^wv kv tij fiaoi- 

himself as this little child, he is the greater in the king- 

Xtia twv ovpavwv. 5 Kai bgtdv n SshjTai *7raiSiov toiovtov 

dom of the heavens j and whoever will receive 3 little 4 child "such 

ev" tiri Tip.bv6[xaTi.fx,ov, tut 8e)(ETai' 6 bg.o'.dv <rtcav8a\iay 
'one in my name, "me 'receives. But whoever shall cause 6 to 'offend 

'one "of 3 these ''little 5 ones who believe in me, it is profitable 

avTip 'iva KpefiaaO?) uvXog oviKog ?k7ri n tov 

for him that should be hung *a ^millstone e turned 'by s an 9 ass 'upon 

Tp&xifXov.avTov, Kai KarairovTiaOg kv Tip irtXdyu Trig OaXda- 
"his 3 neck, and he be sunk in the depth of the sea. 

oi]g. 7 Ouai Tip koctu^j dirb twv UKavSdXwv' ctvdyKt].ydp 

Woe to the world because of the offences I For necessary 

z t(TTiv H eX9eXv Ta GKavSaXa, 7rXt)v ovai Tip.dv9pwTrw. !i kKEivw K 

it is 3 to 'come 'the "offences, yet woe to that man 

b\' o5 to GKavfiaXov LpxETai. 8 ij.xrip.GOV rj b.irovg.Gov 

by whom the offence comes ! And if thy hand or thy foot 

GKai'SaXiZa ge, ekko-^ov. b aurd" Kai f3dXe dirb crow - koXov 

cause "to 3 offend 'thee, cutoff them and cast [them] from thee; good 

Got kcTiv e'igeX9eXv eig tj)v Z,wi]v c ^wX6v r\ kvXXovJ ff 

for thee it is to enter into life lame or maimed, [rather] than 

6vo xeipag r) Svo irodag tyovTa fiXriOrjvai rig to Trvp to aiwviov. 

two hands or two feet having to be cast into the fire the eternal. 

9 Kai ri b-bcp9aXii6g.GOV GKavbaXiZ,u ge, t%EXE avTOV Kai (3d\e 

And if thine eye cause "to 3 offend 'thee, pluck out it and cast 

awb gov' KaXov gol Igt'iv fiov6ip9aXfJLOv rig t>)v Z,wi)v 

[it] from thee ; good for thee it is one-eyed into life 


ter saith unto him, Of 
strangers. Jesus saith 
unto liim,Then are the 
children free. 27 Not- 
withstanding, lest we 
should offend them, 
go thou to the sea, and 
cast an hook, and take 
up the fish that first 
cometh up ; and when 
thou hast opened his 
mouth, thou shalt find 
a piece of money : that 
take, and give unto 
them for me and theei 

XVIII. At the same 
time came the disci- 
ples unto Jesus, say- 
ing,Who is the greatest 
in the kingdom of 
heaven ? 2 And Jesus 
called a little child 
unto him, .and set him 
in the midst of them, 
3 and said, Verily I say 
unto you, Except ye 
be converted, and be- 
come as little ohildren, 
ye shall not enter into 
the kingdom of hea- 
ven. 4 Whosoever 
therefore shall humble 
himself as this little 
child, the same ia 
greatest in the king- 
dom of heaven. 5 And 
whoso shall receive 
one such little child in 
my name recei veth me. 
6 But whoso shall of- 
fend one of these little 
ones which believe in 
me, it were better for 
him that a millstone 
were hanged about his 
neck, and that he were 
drowned in the depth 
of the sea. 7 Woe unto 
the world because of 
offences I for it must 
needs be that offences 
come ; but woe to 
that man by whom 
the offence cometh ! 
8 Wherefore if thy 
hand or thy foot of- 
fend thee, cut them 
off, and oast them from 
thee : it is better for 
thee to enter into life 
halt or maimed, rather 
than having two hands 
or two feet to be cast 
into everlasting fire. 
9 And if thine eye of- 
fend thee, pluck it 
out, and cast it from 
thee : it is better for 
thee to enter into life 
with one eye, rather 

n einovTos oY and having said LTTr. 6 ITeTpo? LTTrA. P "Apa ye TrA. <J <TKav- 

haki^mjxey T. r rr)V (read [the]) LTTrAW. r)H.ipa day L. 

' Ta7reii'u>o-ei LTTrAW. w av I.Tr. * eV jratSt'oi/ toiovtov ( v T) LTTrA. 
eis to a. 2 e'o-Tii' {read [it is]) LTrA. <?(ceiVa> (read to the man) l/rir. b a 
it (and cast [it]) LTTrA. 


' O 'ItjO-OUS TTiA. 

y 7rep) aboui LTTr; 
eiVo> (read to the man) l/m-. 

' K?iAAnv jj jffiiAnp JLT: 


than hnving two eyes 
to be cast into hell 
fire. 10 Take heed that 
ye despise not one of 
these little ones ; for 

I say unto you, That 
in heaven t)heir angels 
do always behold the 
face of my Father 
which is in heaven. 

II For the Son of man 
is come to save that 
which was lost. 12 How 
think ye? if a man 
have an ' hundred 
sheep, and o"ne of them 
be gone astray, doth 
he not leave the ninety 
and nine, and goeth 
into the mountains, 
and seeketh that which 
is gone astray? 13 And 
if so be that he find it, 
verily I say unto you, 
he rejoiceth more of 
that sheep, than of the 
ninety and nine which 
went not astray. 
14 Even so it is not 
the will of your Fa- 
ther which is in hea- 
ven, that one of these 
little ones should 

15 Moreover if thy 
brother shall trespass 
against thee, go and 
tell him his fault be- 
tween thee and him 
alone : if he shall hear 
thee, thou hast gained 
thy brother. 16 But if 
he will not hear thee, 
f/ientake with thee one 
or two more, that in 
the mouth of two or 
three witnesses every 
word may be estab- 
lished. 17 And if he 
shall neglect to hear 
them, tell it unto the 
church : but if he neg- 
lect to hear the church, 
let him be unto thee 
as an heathen man and 
a publican. 18-Verily 
I say unto you, What- 
soever ye shall bind on 
earth shall be bound 
in heaven : and what- 
soever ye shall loose 
on earth shall be loosed 
in heaven. 19 Again I 
Bay unto you, That if 
two of you shall agree 
on. earth as touching 
any thing that they 
shall ask, it shall be 
done for them of my 
Father which is in 


M<reX0etv, r) cvo v^OaXfiovg t\ovra ftXt]9i)vai tig rqv 

to enter, [rather] than two eyi having to, be cast into the 

yitvvav tov Trvpog. 10 'OpciTt p/./carappoi'rjcTjre ivbg Tujv 

Gehenna of the fire. 


ye despise not 


[.lucpuiV-TOVTiov' Xtyuy.yap vfiiv, on oi.dyytXoi.avTwv "tv 

of these little ones, for I say to you, that their angels in [the] 

ovpavoig^ Sid.TravroQ (3X't,7rovffiv To TrpotJuJirov T0u.7ra.Tp6g.n0v 
heavens continually behold. the face of my Father 

11 e rjX9ev.'pdp 6 v'ibg tov dv9pu>7rov 



For is come the Son 

of man 


who [is] in [the] heavens. 

owai to a7ro\w\6g. n 12 Ti Ofxiv.doicei ; idv ykvr)Tai 

to save, that which has been lost. What think ye ? If there should be 

tivi avOpwirtf) Ikcitov 7rp6/3aTa, Kal 7cXavr)9y tv t avTwv, 

to any man a hundred sheep, and be gone astray one of them, 

oj/% { d<pdg i[ Td'SlvvevrjKOVTaEvvsa n 67ri to. bpi] 

[does he] not, having left the ninety-nine on- the mountains, 

h 7ropEv9elg /jret to TrXavtofiei'ov; 13 Kal idv yivrjTai 

having gone seek that which is gone astray ? and if it should be 

tvptlv ai>TO, dfiriv Xiyw vj.iiv, on X ai P H * 7r ' avT< {> fidXXov 

that he find it, verily I say to you, that he rejoices over it more 

tj t7Ti ToXg zivvEiniKOVTaevvsa" Tolg p].7rtTvXavi]fuvoig. 14 ov- 

thanover the ninety- nine which have not gone astray. So 

Tiog ovkIotiv 6tXr]f.ia ipTcpootitv tov 7raTpbg 'u/xwv" tov 

it is not [the] will before "Father 'your who [is] 

iv ovpavoig, 'iva cnroX-qTai k ei n Tun'./xiKpLJv.TOVTUJV. 

in [the] heavens, that should perish one of these little ones. 

15 "EdvM anapTT](Ty x tig (Tt" b.dStXfyog.oov, virayt m fcai' 

But if 3 sin *against 5 thee 'thy ^brother, go and 

tXty^ov avrbv fitTa^v o~ov Kal avTOv iiovov. idv gov aicovey, 

reprove him between thee and him alone. If thee he will hear, 

eKSpSrjaag tov. dStXrp6v.GOV' 16 ixrj.aKOVGy, TrapaXajit 

thou hast gained thy brother. But if he will not hear, .take 

^jxeto. Gov n tri 'iva ri 8vo, "iva 7ri OTOjia-Tog Svo uaprvpiov 

with thee besides one or two, that npon [the] mouth of two witnesses 

t) Tpiwv GTaQy ttccv pr)f.ia. 17 idv.Si rrapaKovo-g ai>TuJv t 

or of three may stand every word. But if he fail to listen to them, 

P (7T" ry iiacXrjoiQi' idv.Si Kal Tr)g iKKXi]oiag 7rapaK0VGy, 

tell [it] to the assembly. And if also the assembly he fail to listen to, 

to~TU) goi wGTTtp 6 WviKog Kal 6 TtXwr>j]g. 18 'Afxr/v Xsyu> 

let him be to thee as . the heathen and the taxgatherer. "Verily I say 

v/.iiv, '6(raMav n eV/o-^rs IttI rrjg yr)g, iarai StStfiiva iv r r<p" 
to you, Whatsoever ye ehall bind on the earth, shall be bound in the 

ovpavtp' Kal ooaAav \vgt]te IttI Trig yr)g, taTai XtXvixiva 

heaven ; and whatsoever ye shall loose on the earth, shall be loosed 

iv *T(p ovpavifi.^ 19 s ITd\iv" Xkyw vfuv, oti lav Svo l v/.iu)V 

in the heaven. Again I say to you, that if two of you 

GVfi<p(ovr]Gu)Giv ]i iirl Trjg yijg 7rtpl TravTog TrpayiiaTOgov.idv 
may agree on ' the earth concerning any matter whatever 

aiTtjaojVTai, ytvrjGtTai avTolg irapd TOv.7raTp6g.fiov tov 

they shall ask, it shall be done to them from my Father who [is] 

d iv to ovpavip in the heaven [l]a. e verse 11 LTr r [A]. f a(/>ijo-ei (read will 

he not leave) r/rr. e kvevr)KOVTa. kvvea LTTr; evevrqKovTaevvea W. h 4- Kal and LTr. 

4 ju.ov my LTr. k ev LTTr. 1 ei? ere LT[a]. m . Kal GLTTrA. n /aera 

orou l; jaera creavTOV with thyself t. + /'a o"Ou L. p ein'ov T. 1 av i.TrA. 

r ra> I,T[Tr]A. djujji/ verily L ; 7raA<.i> a/arj^ TrA. * jtv^wkjo"wo-iJ' cf vfx^v L. ; 

uviMpujiiiaovaiv t vfj.>v of you shall agree TTrA. 



iv oupavdig. 20 ov.yap Ei<rn> 8vo i) rpeig avvrjyfisvot tig 

in [ the J* heavens. For where aro two or three gathered together unto 

t<> kfibv 6vof.ia, ekeT ei/xI sv fiaatp avriov. 

my name/ there am I in [the] midst of them. 

21 Tore TpoGzXOidv a av~ijj 6 Ilkrpog eittev," Kvo'ie, TroaaKig 

Then having come . to him Peter said, Lord, how often. 

afiaprqaEi eig e/xe 6.aCE\(f>6g.u.ov Kai. dcprjcrii) aj'/r<p; sojg 

shall 3 sin 'against s me 'my "brother and I forgive him ? until 

kiTTOKig', 22 Asy avr(p 6 'lrjaoug, Ov.Xsyu) aoi sag ErrrciKig, 

seven times? J Says 3 to "him 'Jesus, I say not to thee until seven times, 

T cXX " siog e(58o jxiiKOvrciKig etttci. 23 Aid.rovro wuouoOrf 

but until seventy times seven. Because of this - 8 has 'become "like 

q fiaajtXEia tmv ovpavwv avBpio-Kip /SatrtXel, og .rj6t\T)<JEV 

J the "kingdom 3 of *the 5 heavens to a man a king, who would 

<rvvaoai.\6yov jxETaTtov-SovXoJv.avTOv. 24 dp^a[xsvov.8E avrov 

take account ' with his bondmen. And "having 3 begun 'he 

avi'aipEiv, w 7rpoat]7'Ex9rj n x avr(p eig n ocpEiXerrjg [ivpuov 

there was brought to him one debtor of ten thousand 

25 uf).EX 0VT0 Q-^ t avrov , airocovvai, I- 

But -not 3 having 'he [wherewith] to pay, 3 com- 

tq' reckon, 



keXevgev avrov b.KvptogJ avrov 


l ai>TOV n 


be made. 

4 him 

'his "lord 

TEKVO., Kai 
children, and 

irpadrfvai, Kai rrjv yvvcuKa 
to be sold, and "wife ' 

Kai ra tekvo., Kai Tzavra oaa a %^,".Kat aTrodo- 

and the children, and all as much as he had, and payment to 

26 7TE<70JV . OVV 6 8ov\0Q b TTpOVEKVVEl avriji, 

Having fallen down therefore the bondman did homage to him, 

\eytoVf c Kupt," ^aKpo9vu,i]aov ett d t^ot," Kai irdvra e o~oi 

saying, Lord, have patience with me, and 6 all *to 5 thee 

fl7ro^c.jffoj." 27 OTrXayxviaOEig.&E 

I "will ''pay. And having been moved with compassion the 
avrov, Kai to SdvEiov 

6 icvptog rov 8ovXov 

lord 3 bondman 

l EKtil'Ov" dlTE>-V(JEV 





tCjv avv8oi)Xujv 

3 fellow *bondmen 

'of "that released him, and 3 the Moan 

28 'E,e\9ljv.ce d.Gov\og%kKE'ivog n E$pEv 'iva 

But having gone out that bondman found one 

avrov, og uxpEiXEV avrqi ekcitov Sqvdpia, Kai Kparrj^ag avrov 
'of "his, who owed him a hundred denarii, and having seized him 

EirviyEV, Xsyojv, 'A7roooc,\ h /toi" 'o rt" 6<pEi\Eig. , 29 7TE- 

be throttled [him], saying, Pay me what thou o west. E Having 8 f alien 

awv oiv b.avydovXog.avrov v Eig TOvg.7r6Sag.avroii^ irapE- 

'down ^therefore 'his "fellow 3 bondman > at his feet be- 

kciS ei avrov, Xeytuv, MaKpoOv/iriaov ett l E/j,oi, n Kai m 7rdvra n 
sought him, saying, Have patience with me, and all 

arcolidjcTU) aoi. 30 '0.8k ovk.i)9eXev, n dXXd n cnrEXOuJV kflaXEV 

I,will pay thee. But he would not, but having gone he cast 

avrov Eig tyvXaiajv, 'iojg.ov n drroScp to 6(pEiX6fiEVOv. 

him into prison, until he should pay that which was owing. 

31 idovTEg p oe oi.avvSovXoi.avrov 11 to. lyEvou.Eva} ] 

'Having G seen 'but "his 3 fellow ''bondmen what things had taken place, 

l\vTci)dy]Gav atyodpa' Kai E\96vrEg ciE<jd<pi]Gav 'r^.Kvpi^. 1 'avrwv n 
were grieved greatly, and having gone narrated to their lord 


heaven. 20 For where 
two or three are gal ii- 
ered together in my 
name, there am I in 
the midst of them. 

21 Then came Peter 
to him, and said, Lord, 
how oft shall my bro- 
ther sin against me, 
and 1 forgive him ? till 
seven times ? 22 Jesus 
saith unto him, I say 
not unto .fhee, Until 
Beven times : but, 
Until seventy times 
seven. 23 Therefore is 
the kingdom of hea- 
ven likened' unto a 
certain king, which 
would take account of 
his servants. 24 And 
when he had begun 
to reckon, one was 
brought unto him, 
which owed him ten 
thousand talents. 25 
But forasmuch as he 
had not to pay, his 
lord commanded him 
to be sold, and his 
wife, and children, and 
all that he had, and 
payment to be made. 
26 The servant there- 
fore fell do wn.andwor- 
shipped hihi, saying, 
Lord, have patience 
with me,, and I will 
pay thee all. 27 Then 
the lord of that ser- 
vant was moved with 
compassion, and loosed 
him, and forgave him 
the debt. 28 But the 
same, servant went 
out, and found one of 
his fellowservants, 
which owed him an 
hundred pence : and 
he laid hands on him, 
and took him by the 
throat, saying, Pay 
me that thouowest. 

29 And his fellowser- 
vant fell down at his 
feet, and besought 
him, saying, Have 
patience with me, and 
I will pay thee all. 

30 And he would not : 
but went and cast him 
into prison, till he 
should pay the debt. 

31 Sk> when his fellow- 
servants saw what was 
done, they were very 
6orry, and came and 
told unto their lord all 

D 6 IleTpos el^ey aura) LTTrA. T aAAa LTrA. w Trpocrnx^ was Conducted LTrA. * els avrw T. 
f avrov (read [his] 'lord) TTrA. * avrov (read [his] wife) t[a}. a ^ et h e has LTrA. 
b + eKeivos (read that, bondman) T. c Kvpie LTTrA. d ejae' Tr. e atroS&crto ffoi ([crol] a) 
LTTrA. . f eKeivov (read of the bondman) L. e cAcetyos (read the bondman) l. 

h . ixol LTTrAW. ' el ti if anything GLTTrAW. k el; TOVS 7r65a? O.VTOV OLTTr[A]. ' ejae 
LTc A. m navTa [lJttiAW. n dAA' eg. ov LTTi a. P ovf (therefore) avrov oi crv'i/- 
$oi>Aoi l ; ovv oi cnii'6'ovAoi avToO TTrA. i ywoiixva. were taking place T. r eavTiiv lit. a. 


that was done. 32 Then 
his lord, after that he 
had called him, said 
unto him, O thou wick- 
ed servant, I forgave 
the;: ali that debt, be- 
cause thou desiredst 
me : 33 shouldest not 
thou also have had 
compassion on thy f el- 
lowservant, even as I 
had pity on thee? 
34 And his lord was 
wroth, and delivered 
him to the tormentors, 
till he should pay all 
that was due unto 
aim. 35 So likewise 
shall my heavenly 
Father do also unto 
you, if ye from your 
hearts forgive not 
every one his brother 
their trespasses. 

XIX. And it came 
to pass, that when 
Jesus had finished- 
these saying's, he de- 
parted from Galilee, 
and came into the 
coasts of Judaea be- 
yond Jordan ; 2 and 
jreat multitudes fol- 
lowed him ; and he 
healed them there. 

3 The Pharisees also 
came unto him, tempt- 
ing him, and saying 
unto him, Is it lawful 
for a man to put away 
his wife for every 
cause? 4 And he an- 
swered and said unto 
them, Have ye not 
read, that he which 
made them at the be- 
ginning made them 
male and female, 5 and 
Bald, For this cause 
shall a man leave fa- 
ther and mother, and 
shall cleave to his wife: 
and they twain shall 
be one flesh 2 6 Where- 
fore they are no more 
twain, but one flesh. 
What therefore God 
hath joined together, 
let not man put asun- 
der. 7 They say unto 
him, Why did Moses 
then command to give 
a writing of divorce- 
ment, and to put her 
away? 8Hesaithunto 
them, Moses because of 
the hardness of your 
hearts suffered you to 
put away you* wives : 
tut from the begin- 
ning it was not so. 

M A T 9 A I 1. 


TcavTa ra 32 Tore irpoGKaXEadpEvog aurbv b 

all that had taken place. Then 3 having 4 called 6 to [ 7 him] 5 him 

KvpioQ.avrov XtyEi avrip,' AovXe 7rovr]pe, Traaav n)v 6fei\i)v 

'his ' 2 lord says to him, 2 Bondman 'wicked, all 2 debt 

EKElVt]V CKpfJKOL O01, i7Tt TTapEKaXEUag flE' 33 OVK.eSeI Kai 

'that I forgave thee, since thou besoughtest me ; did it not behove 2 also 

ae tXtijaai rbv.cvvSovX6v.aov, log s Kal iyw" ae 7]\kr]aa\ 

'thee to have pitied thy fellow bondman, as also I thee had pitied 1 

34 Kai opyiaQdg b.Kvpiog.avrov 7rapkSwKEv avrbv toiq f3aaavi- 

And being angry his lord delivered up him to the tormen- 

aralg , EWQ. t ov n a7roS(p irav to 6<pEiX6fiEvov T i>r<p " 35 O'vrujg 

toVs, until he should pay all that was owing to him. Thus 

Kai b.TraTTjp.jxov b ^kirovpdviog" ttoitjctu vfiiv tav-f.ii) a0/)r6 

also my Father the heavenly will do to you unless ye forgive 

EKaarog T(p.d8e\(p(^.avTov cnrb Tun.Kapdi^.vjj.oJv *ra irapa- 
each his brother frpm your hearts 2 of- 

Trrwjxara aiiruivJ 1 
fences 'their. 

19 Kat iykvero ore ETEXeaev b 'lifaovg roi'g \6yovg 

And it came to pass when ^had 3 finished ' Je^us 5 words 

rovrovg, fiETijpEv d7rb^rr)g n TaXiXaiag^Kai J]X9ev Eig rd opta 

*these, he withdrew from Galilee, and came to the borders 

rj\g 'lovdaiag irkpav tov 'lopSdvov. 2 Kai ))KoXov9?)aav auTifi 

of Judsea beyond the Jordan : and followed *him 

o%\oi 7To\Aoi, Kai idepdirevaev avrovg ekei. 

2 crowds 'groat, and he healed them there. 

3 Kat irpoarfkdov avrip' z oi" <&apidaioi ireipdZ,ovTeg avrov, 

And 3 came 4 to "him 'the Pharisees tempting him, 

Kai Xsyovreg a avrtfi, }i Ei_eotiv h dv9pw7T(f) [> diroXvaai ti'jv 

and saying to him. Is it lawful for a man to put a,way 

yvvalKa.avrov Kara Traaav airiav ; 4 'O.dt airoKpideig elirev 

his wife for every cause? But he answering said 

c avroTg, n OuK.dvkyvojre on b d 7roir)aag li air dp- 

to them, Have ye not read that he who' made [them] from [the] begin- 

Xijg dpaev Kai 9i)Xv E7rpir)aEv avrovg, 5 Kai eIttev, e "Ei>EKev n 

ning male and female mads ' them, and said, On account of 

rovrov KaraXeitpei avOpiorcog rbv Ttarkpa Kai rt)v firjTEpa , Kai 

this 3 shall ''leave 'a 2 man father and mother; and 

l 7rpo0KoXX?]9r]CFTai n ry.yvvaiKi.avTOV, Kai laovrai oi Svo eig 

shall be joined to his wife, and 8 shall *be 'the 2 two "for 

adpKa fi'iav ; 6 ware ovk'sti eiaiv fivo, dXXd adpZ uia' o 

'flesh 6 one? So that no longer are they two, but "flesh one. What 

ovv b9ebg gvv'e^ev^ev,. dv9pd)irog urWwf .'erw. 7 Kkypvaiv 

therefore God united together, 3 man let not separate. They say 

avrip, Tt ovv ZMwai)g n EVEreiXaro Bovvai /3ij3Xiov drro- 

to him, Why then 2 Moses 'did command to give a bill of di- 

araaiov, Kai diroXvcai^avri}v" 8 Asyei avro~ig, "On ^M'uxrrjg^ 

vorct, and to put away her ? He says to them, Moses 

irpbg Tr)v.aKXi]poKapoiav.vfj.wv iTTErpexpev vfTiv diroXvaai 

in view of your hard'heartedncss allowed you to put away 

rdg.yvvalKag.vfiuJV air' apxHg Se ov.yiyovEV ovriog. 

your wives ; from [the] beginning however it was not thus. 

s <cayu> LTTrA. * ov L. v auTco LTrA. 

1 to. TrapamdifxaTO. avriov GLTTrA. y rr)s E. 

> av9pu>TTw (read nue's wife) lta. c ai/rots LTTrA, 

LTlrA. f /coAAj^jja-erat LTTrAW. 8 Mouuo-ijc LTTrAW. 

w ovpapios LTTr ; [eTrJovpavto? A. 
oi LTrA. a aiiTiii LTTrA, 

u Krtcras created Tr. e *Efa 

ai'rnv LTTr. 

t , 


M A T T H E W. 

9 Xsyio.Sk vjxiv, 'on." 

And I say to you, that 

k H" X flfj 17TI TTOpVUCf.,^ 

oqmv cnrokvoy TTijv.yvvalica.avTov 

whoever shall put away his wife 

leal yap:i]<jy dXXi]V, jUO(Xrar m K(ii 

not for fornication, and shall marry another, commits adultery ; and 

o 7ro\e\i>jUM7i' ya/.a)<rag /70<xYai" 10 Atyovaiv 

he who 3 her[- J that 4 is] : 'put G away 'marries commits adultery. Say 

avrtp oi./(0)/raL n ai'roD," Et ovnog egtIv r/ atria rov avQpto- 

'to "him 'his 2 disciples, If thus is the case of the man 

7rov pErd ti]Q yvvaiKoq, ov.avp<p'fpEi yapijcrai. 11 'O.Se eIttev 

with the wife, it is not profitable to marry. But he said 

avrolg, Ob irdvrEg x oj P ovaLV Tbv.X6yo".rovrov, tt dXX' 

to them, Not all receive this word, but [those] 

olg diSoTai. 12 elah'.ydp evvovxol oinvEg Ik KoiXiag 

to whom it has been given ; for there are eunuchs who from [the] womb 

pijrpbg tyei>i'))9tiaav b'vriog, Kai e'ktlv evvovxoi oiriveg 

of [their] mother were born thus, and there are eunuchs who 

EVVOVXlcQ^GO-V V7T0 TU)V CtvdpMWltiV, Kttl flfflV EVVOVXOI OlTlVEg 

were made eunuchs by men, and'thereare eunuchs who 

Evvovxivav tavTovg did n)v fiaGiktiav twv ovpaviov. 
made eunuchs of themselves for the sake of the kingdom of the heavens. 

6 dvvdpEvog X'P EIV xwpei'rw. 

Be who is able to receive[it] let him receive [it]. 

13 Tore v irpo<7r)vkxQr] v ' abrip TaiSia, "iva rag x^~ l 9 a Q 

Then were brought to him little children, that [his] hands 

7ri9y avTolg, Kai 7rpo<JEvlir]Tai' o' /.laOrjrai lirETipwav 

tV3 might lay on them, and might pray ; but the disciples rebuked 

avToig' 14 bJk.'hjaovg eIttev' 1 , "AQete rd Tratdia, Kai /xt] 

them. But Jesus said, Suffer the little children, and 2 not 

kioXvete avrd IXOeIv Trpog r ^ - " ro>v.ydp.TOiovTu>v iariv t) 

'do forbid them to come to me; for of such is the 

fiaeiXEia tujv ovpavoJv. 15 Kai tmOEig s avTo7g ' > vcinnA 
kingdom of the heavens. And having laid upon them 

kirooEvQi) ekeIBev. 

be departed thence. 

16 Kai idov, Eig 7rpo(TEXQojv 1 eIttev avrtp," 

And behold, one having come to [him] said to him, 

"aya^t," tL dyadbv 7rot/jcrw 'iva w f'x w " WJ ) V aiibviov ; 

'good, what good [thing] shall I do that I may have life eternal ? 

17 '0.c? eIttev. av np, x Ti jxe XsyEig ayaQov; ovfeig dya9bg 

And he said to him, Why me callest thou good? no one [is] good 

rag x^'P a Q 

[his] hands 



ti.jx-n Eig, b 6Eog. n eLSe QiXsig ygiWXfcTv Elg rijv Z,w7]v, tt 
except one, God. But if thou desirest to enter into life, 

z Tt)pr](T0v' [ rag EvroXdg. 18 a Aya avrifi} Tloiag; b 'O.cL'lr]- 

keep the commandments. He says to him, Which ? And Je- 

aovgEl-nrEV, To, ov.Qoi'SVGEig' oi>-UO(X E '' ,,Ta C 

sus said, Thou shalt not commit murder; Thou shalt not commit adultery; 

ov.KXsxpEig' ov.ipEvdoixaprvpi](TEig' 19 rifia rov irarEpa 

Thou shalt not steal ; Thou shalt not bear false witness ; Honour 2 f ather 

c (7ou" Kai ttjv [xrjTspa' Kai ayaTrrjaEig Tbv.TrXrjcriov.oov wg 

Hhy and mother ; and Thou shalt love thy neighbour as 


9 And I say unto you, 
Whosoever shall put 
nwny his wife, except 
it be for fornication, 
and shall marry au- 
other, committeth a- 
dultery : and whow 
marrieth her which is 
put away doth commit 
adultery. 10 His dis- 
ciples say unto him, If 
the case of the man be 
so with his wife, it is 
not good to marry. 
11 But he said unto 
them, All men cannot 
receive this saying, 
save they to whom it 
is given. 12 For there 
are some eunuchs, 
which were so born 
from their mother's 
womb : and there are 
some eunuchs, which 
were made eunuchs 
of men : and there be 
eunuchs, which have 
made themselves eu- 
nuchs for the kingdom 
of heaven's sake. He 
that is able to receive 
it, let him receive it. 

13 Then were there 
brought unto him 
little children, that he 
should put his hands 
on them, and pray : and 
thej disciples rebuked 
them. 14 But Jesus 
said, Suffer little chil- 
dren, and forbid them 
not, to come unto me : 
for of such is the 
kingdom of heaven. 
15 And he laid his 
hands on them, and 
departed thence. 

16 And, behold, one 
came and said unto 
him, Good Master^ 
what good thing shall 
I do, that I may have 
eternal life ? 17 And 
he said unto him, Why 
callest thou me good ? 
there is none good but 
one, that is, God : but 
if thou wilt enter into 
life, keep the com- 
mandments. 18 He 
saith unto him, Wb-V ? 
Jesus said, Thou -?ci t 
do no murder, nuiu 
shalt not com it a- 
steal, Thou shalt not 
bear false witness, 
l!l Honour thy father 
and thy mother : and, 
Thou shalt love thy 
neighbour as thyself. 

1 Sri ltya. k el GLTTrAW. ' wapeKTcx; \6yov 7ropi'ei'a? except for cnuse of for- 

nication L. m Kai b djroAeta/jueVrjv ya/mjera? wotxarai T[t ]. n avrov (read the 

disciples) T[a]. o [tovtov] l. P Trpoo-Tjfe'x^rjcraj' LTTrA. i +- atirots to them T. r e/xe T. 
" Tas X e 'P a avTOts LTTrA. c avra> elnev LTTrA. v ayadi I.TT A. w (T^O) LTTrA. * Ti 

/*. tpwras vepl rov ayaOov ; els earir o ayaflos Why askest thou me concerning the good? 
One is good (+ bOeos God W) GLTT\AW. y ets.Trji/ wrjv eiaeKQe'iv LTTrAW. : rnpet LT.A. 
i<t>V ovT(j he said to him l ; \eyei aurw T. b + ^JjatV he says T. c aov QLTTrAW. 


20 The young man 
saith unto him, All 
these things have I 
kept from my youth 
up: what lack 1 yet? 

21 Jesus said untu hi:n, 
If thou wilt be perfect, 
go and sell that thou 
hast, and give to the 
poor, and thou shalt 
have treasure in hea- 
ven : and come and 
follow me. 22 But 
when the young man 
heard that saying, he 
went away sorrowful : 
for he had great pos- 

23 Then said Jesus 
nnto his disciples, 
Verily I say unto you, 
That a rich man shall 
hardly enter into the 
kingdom of heaven. 
24 And again I say. 
nnto you, It is easier 
for- a camel to go 
through the eye of a 
needle, than for a rich 
man to enter into 
the kingdom of God. 
2o When his disciples 
heard if, they were 
exceedingly amazed, 
saving, Who then can 
be'saved ? 26 But Jesus 
beheld them, and said 
unto them, With men 
this is impossible ; but 
wiih God all thinga 
a/re possible. 

27 Then answered 
Peter and said unto 
him, Behold, we have 
forsaken all, and fol- 
lowed thee ; what shall 
we have therefore ? 
2S And Jesus said unto 
them, Verily I say 
unto you, That ye 
which have followed 
me, in the regenera- 
tion when the Son of 
man shall sit in the 
throne of his glory, 
ye also shall sit upon 
twelve thrones, judg- 
ingftHhe twelve tribes 
oAn<? r ael. 29 And 
every one that hath 
forsaken houses, or 
brethren, or sisters, 
or father, or mother, 
or wife, or children, or 
lands, for my name's 
sake, shall receive an 
hundredfold, andshall 

20 As- 


atavTuv. 2(J Jteyu aurio o vtaviOKog, ^Unvra Tavra" 

thyself. 4 y.-vys 5 to "him 'the 2 j-ouug ^man, All these 

e i<pvXaKdpi]V V f K VtOTlJTOC-lloV" Tl tTLV(TTSpu)]21 S"E0?j" avTtft 
have I kept from my youth, what yet lack I ? 2 Said 3 to 4 him 

6 'll](70VQ, E( ti'iXf.ig TsXtlOg ih'Cll, VTVClyE TTU)Xl]o6v GOV TO. 
'Jesus, If thou desirest perfect to be, go sell thy 

v7rapxovra Kai Sbg h irrwxo~ig, Kai ac Qt]Gavpbv iv 
property and give to [the] poor, and thou shalt have treasure in 

l ovpavuj' ]] icai Stvpo CLKoXovOei fioi. 22 'Atcovcrag.Ss 6 vsaviGKOi, 

heaven; and come follow me. But 4 having 5 heard'the 2 young' J man 

k 7W \6yov n ' a.7rr)\6sv 'Xvirovfisvog, ljv.ydp.'l^v Krij^iara 
the word went away grieved, for he had possessions 



23 'O.Sk 'lr t (T0VQ &TTV TOlQ.fiaQ^TaiQ.avTOV, 'AfJLTfV X'tyub 

And Jesus said to his disciples, Verily I say 

vjiiv, on. m Sv<TKo\wg '7rXovGiog n eiGtXtvasTat elg rrjv (3a<n- 
to you, that with difficulty a rich man shall enter into the ' king- 

Xiiav rSrv ovpavCjv. 24 7rdXiv.Sk Xsyw vpXv, n evK07ru)rep6v ianv 

dom of the heavens. And again I say to you, easier is it 

Kafii]\ov Sid Tpviriiparog patyiSog diiX9Eiv, n r) ttXov~ 

a camel through [the] eye of a needle to pass, than a rich 

giov p tig ri]v jSaGiXdav q rov 9toi> [[ T datX9elv. n 25 ' AK0v<yai>ng 

man into the kingdom of God to enter. ^Having J heard 

Si o\.^.aQi]Tal. & avrov n ltTrXi)<jaovTO Gcpodpa, Xkyovrtg, 

'and [this] his disciples were astonished exceedingly, saying, 

Tig apa Svvarai awOrjvai ; 26 ' 6 'lr]Gov<; 

Who then is able to be saved ? But looking on [them] Jesus 

tlTTtv avrolg, Uapd avOpwTroig rovro ativvarov Igtiv, irapd.S't 

said to them, With men this impossible is, but with 

066J t 7rdvra Svvard n v tcrrtv." 

God all things possible are. 

27 Tore cnroizpiddg 6 UtTpog elTrev avrip, 'iSov, fjfielg depi)- 

Then answering Peter said to him, Lo, we left 

ica/iEV Trdvra Kai rfKoXovOrjffafisv aoi' r'i apa tarai rjfxTv ; 

all things and followed thee; what then shall be tons? 

28 'O-Ct-'Iiiaovg t~l7Ti> avrolg, 'A^ir/v Xsyw v/xiv, ore v/j.eig oi 

And Jesus said to them, Verily I say to you, that ye who 

a.KoXov6)j(javTsg fioi, tv ry v, 7raXiyyva(ria. n orav KaQiay 

have followed me, in the regeneration, when shall sit down 

6 vibg roii dv9pu)7rov t7ri 9povov Sotrig.ctvrov, KaQiotodz 

the Son of man upon [the] throne of his glory, 3 shall 4 sit 

Kai x v/j.elg H tiri SwctKa Qpovovg, Kpivovrer rag SwosKa 0vXdc 

2 also 'ye on twelve thronos, judging the twelve tribes 

rov '\<jparfK. 29 /cat irdg ?bg v dcpiJKtv z oiKiag, tj" dSeXcpoii'g, 
of Israel. And every one who has left houses, or brothers. 

y) dSeXtpdg, 77 irarkpa, ij /xijripa, a jj yvva\Ka, n 7) riKva, rj 

1 '/ "/<:*, <| ^1/^u.n.ui, 

father, or mother, or wife, or children, or 

aypovg," 'ei>EKi> n TOv.^ovoparog.fxov^^tKaTOvraTrXaaiova 
lands, for the sake of my name, a hundredfold 


d TO.VTO. iravra. LTr. e e0uAafa LTTrA. f Ik feornros jjlov LTTrA. B Ae'yei says L. 

h + tois to the LTrA. i oiipavois [tlie] heavens TrA. k tov \6yov T. ' + [tovtoj'] 

(read this word) la.^ m 7taovo-io5 ovctkoAcos LTTrA. n + ori that T. ela-ekOelv to enter 
gtt. a. p + eio-A6>eii/ to enter l[ti]. <i rH>v ovpayuv of the heavens ltti a. r eio-eXOelv 
ltt A. s avrov (read the disciples) GLTTrAW. ' ^u^ara iravra. t. T icniv (read [:n-ej) 
GLTTrAW. w Trahivyevecria T. x avTOi yourselves TTr. y 6crTt? LTTrAW. z oivias - 17 TT A. 
7) yvvaxKa LTTrA. b + r) oi/a'as Or houses TTrA. e ei'exa T. da e^ {; 61/6/J.aTOS *- 

TToWan^aaiova Ajju.i//Tai many times more shall receive lttia. 

xrx, xx. 



Xi'/iI/Erai," Kui &o))v atiomov K\ripovof.iifau, 

shall receive, and life eternal shall inherit ; 

ioovTcu 7Tpu>T0i tax aro h Kai taxaroi rrpCJroi. 
"shall 3 be 'first 






TtoXXoi Si 
but many 

20 'Oj.ioia.yap 
For 'like 

iariv )) fiaaiXria tojv ohpaviov dv9pw7T(p oiKoBecnrort), otrrig 

6 is 'the -kingdom : 'of 4 the s heavens to a nian a master of a house, who 

iUjXBzv tifia Trpio'i fitaOwaaaOaL Lpyarag elg rbv dju7TEAwi'a 

went out with [the] morning to hire workmen for "vineyard 

abrov. 2 crv^KpjJi'i'jirag.Cs [itrd tCjv Ipyaruiv Lk dijvapiov rt)v 

'his. And having agreed with the workmen for a denarius the 

j/pspav, a.Trs<TTu\e.v clvtovq rig rbv.dp7raXiova.avrou. 3 Kai 

day, he sent them into his vineyard. And 

t^eXBuju 7T8pi { rt]V n rpirrjv {opav, tldev dXXovg ecrriorag 

having gone out about the third hour, he saw others standing 

iv ry dyopol apyovg' 4 =KciKtiyoig n iIttev, 'Y7rdyre ical 

in the marketplace idle ; and to them he said, Go also 

v^irig rig rbv dfnrtXuJva, Kai o.tdv y Sltcaiov c?u><7w vfiiv. 

ye into the vineyard, and whatever may be just I will give you. 

5 aTrijXdov. Hci\iv h it,tX9ujv 7rzpi SKrrjv icai 

And they went. Again having gone out about [the] sixth and 

HvvdrTjv* utpav, iiroii]atv axravrojg. 6 ITepL^f n)v ivOEKarr\v 

ninth hour, 


hour having gone out he found others standing idle, and says 

abroTg, Tt uSe tan']Kare oXrjv rt)v t'l'/xspav cipyoi', 7 Xfyovaiv 

to them, Why here stand ye all the day idle ? They say 

avroj, "On oudeig r'j^ag l/.iia9ibrraro. Xiysi avrolg, 'Ywdysre 

'has "hired. He says to them, Go 

d.tdv y Sikcuov \r/- 

and whatever maybe just ye shall 

\pirr9t." 8 'Oxjyiag.St yVOj.ikvr\g Xkyu 6 Ki'piog rov a/iTreAwi'oc; 
receive. But evening being come "says 'the "lord J of *the 3 vincyard 

TijjliriTpoTrip.avTOV) Kaktaov rovg lpyarag, Kai c'nroSog "au- 
to his steward, Call the workmen, and pay them 

rov /xtaQSv, dp^dfitvog curb ruv Ier%aYwj/ sojg twv 

[their] hire, beginning from the last unto the 

9 p Kai tXOoi'TEg 11 oi 7repi rr\v 

And 'having "come 'those ["hired] "about ''the 

wpav th.afiov dvd drjvdpiov. 10 ^tX96vTeg.Bs n 

"hour they received each a denarius. And ^having 

IvofiKjav on T 7rXeioi>a Xt)\povrai'" Kai tXafiov s Kai avroi 

they thought that more they would receive, and they received also themselves 

he did 


And about the eleventh 

k^/uvuV 1^eX9u)v si'pev dXXovg iarwrag l dpyovg, 11 Kai Xsys; 

to him, Because no one 

kcii vj-ieig tig rov a^n 

also ye into the vineyard, 






01 7rpd)T0L 

come 'the -first 

avd Sip'dpiov." 
each a denarius. 

master of the house, 

11 Xaf36vT(.g.C8 lyoyyv^ov Kara rov 

And having received [it] they murmured against the 

12 Xsyovrsg, '"On" ovroi oi to"xaroi fiiav 

saying, These last one 

htpav nroirjaav, 

hour have worked, 

///in' avrovg" i.iroir}aag, roig 

to 'us *them 'thou 2 hast 3 made, who 

Kai taovg 

and 5 equal 

fSaoraaaaiv to fidpog rqg rjpspag Kai rbv Kavacjva. w 13 b.Be 

have borne the burden of the day and the heat. But he 

a7T0Kpi9rig x iIttev tvi avru>v, u 'Eralpe, ovic.ddiKio cte" oi'xi 

answering said to one of them, Friend, I do not wrong thee. 3 .Not 

inherit everlasting 
life. o0 But many 
that are first shall be 
last ; and the last shrill 
be first. XX. For the 
kingdom of heaven is 
like unto a man that is 
an householder, which 
went out early in the 
morning to ' hire la- 
bourers into his vine- 
yard. 2 And when he 
had agreed with the 
labourers for a penny 
a day, he sent thsin 
ints his vineyard. 
3 And he went out 
about the third hour, 
and saw others stand- 
ing idle in the market- 
place, 4 and said unto 
them ; Go ye al-o into 
the vineyard, and 
whatsoever is .right I 
will give you. And 
they went their way. 
5 Again he went out 
about the sixth and 
ninth hour, and did 
likewise. 6 And about 
the eleventh hour he 
went out, and found 
others standing idle, 
and saith unto them, 
Why stand ye here 
' all the day idle ? 7 They 
say unto him, Because 
no man hath hired us. 
He saith unto them, 
Go ye also into the 
vineyard ; and what- 
soever is right, that 
shall ye receive. 8 So 
when even wa^; come, 
the lord of the vine- 
yard saith unto his 
steward, Call "the la- 
bourers, and give them 
their hire, beginning 
from the last unto the 
first. 9 And when 
they came that were 
hired about the e- 
leventh hour, they re- 
ceived every man a 
penny. 10 But when 
the first came, they 
supposed that they 
shouid have received 
more ; and they like- 
wise received every 
man a penny. 11 And 
when they had receiv- 
ed it, they murmured 
against the goodman 
of the house, 12 say- 
ing, These last have 
wrought but one hour, 
and thou hast made 
them equal unto us, 
which have borne tha 
burden and heat of the 
day. 13 But he an- 
swered one of them, 
and said, Friend, I do 
thee no wrong : didst 

f tt}v (read [the]) gltttaw. 

^ UiftrLV T.TTrA 1 

8 cai eKeiVois TA. h + 5e and (again) TTrA. ' ei'drrju 
LTTrAW. * iopav LTTrA. apyot/'s GLTTrA. m + [juou] my (vineyard) L. n Kai 

o eavj) SCkouov \r/\j/e(T6s LTTrA. aurots T[TrA]. P eA^pi're? 6e L. 1 Kai e\96vre<; TrA. 

* irKeiov A.^/xi//oi/rat LTrA ; TrAei'oi'a kr)jx\\jovTai T. 8 to ([to] a) dra 8r)vapiov Kai avroi TTrA. 

* on LTT;-[a]. v ai/rovs ^/iif lt. w ; (read hast thou made, &c. 1) u x evi avruv dtrev x. 

5G MAT6A10S. XX. 

not thoa agree with fyvapiOV OVVf<pwV7]odg flOl', 14 doov TG.OOV tca'i 

TiT'AT that thine J is, 'for 8 a "denarius 'didst 2 thou 4 agree 4 with 'me? Take thine o mi and 

and go thy way : I will vrraye. 9s\ioJdt n tovtoj riji t(j\dr(j} Sovvai log Kai -ooi' 15 z f/" 

fT T ena^ tothee.lfls f Bt I will to this las. ^ give as also to thee : or 

it not lawful for me 0VK.f^fOTlV flOl a 7TO(//(7at . O 9f\(jj n tV TOig fUO~lC) b H 11 

to do what I wiU with is it not Uwful f or me to do what j wiU in that which [is] mine ? 

mine own? Is thine f / f n > < , , , 

eye evil, because I am O.O^aXjXog.OOV TTOVT]pog fOTlV OTL tyu> CiyaQog ElfU) 16 OVTtog 

good? 16 So the last *thine 3 eye "evil ' 'is because I good am? Thus 

shall be first, and the , . , , 

first last: for many be tOOVTai 01 f(T%arOt TTOitJTOl, Kai 01 TtplxJTOl tO\aT0f c TV oXXoi .y aft 

caUed, but few chosen, shall be the- last first, and the first last: for many 

tloiv K\r)roif dXiyoi.Sf IkXektoi." 
are called, but few chosen. 

up 17 to A Jc d rus e aiern g t ooI 17 * a j dvapaivtov 6 'Itjoovg tig 'UpoooXv/ia rraokXajlw 

the twelve disciples And "going *up 'Jesus to Jerusalem took 

apart in the way, and TOV q StoSfKa " l Ua9)]Tag n KCtT J ' L IV e tV TV OCOJ, KCti" fllTEV CtVToTr, 
said unto them, 18 Be- ... J ._ , ,. ' ^ = ,, y j -j ,_ 

hold we eo ud to Je- twelve disciples apart in the way, and said to them, 

rusalem; and. the Son 18 'idov, CLVaBaivoUSV UQ 'If pOOoXvua, Kai 6 VIOQ TOV dvOou)- 
of man shall be be- Behold, we go up to Jerusalem, and the Son ' of man 

trayed unto the chief ' / ~> ~ 

priests and unto ( the 7rov 7capa.co9r)(TETai ToTg ap\ifpfvoiv Kai ypajijiaTfvoiv, Kai 

scribes, and they shall. will be delivered up to the chief priest's and scribes, and 

condemn him to death, _ , , - , , , , , 

19 and shall deliver KaTttKpiVOVOLV aVTOV S 9avaT<>, 19 Kttl TTapdoiOOOVOlV aVTOV 
him to the Gentiles to they will condemn him to death, jmd they will deliver up him 

mock, and to scourge, , , , , , 

and to crucify" him: TOIQ tVVEOlV fig TO ffJ,7Tai%ai Kai [XaOTiyOoOai Kai OTavpwOai' 
and the third day he to the Gentiles to mock and to scourge and to crucify ; 

Bhall rise again. > ~ , < / / ,, 

Kai tij TpiTij t]\xfpa %avaoTt]OETai." 

and the third day he will rise again. 

20 Then came to him ctr\ rn ' ~-\/i > - ' - ' ~ rr n s ' \ 

the mother of Zebe- "" * or6 irpO(T)]\VeV ai'TltJ rj f.l7]TTJp TLOV VIUJV LfpfdaiOV UtTU 

dee's children with her Then came to him the mother of the sons of Zebedee with 

sons, worshipping Aim, -v ~ > ~ ~ ,,/ h >u > ~ 

and desiring a certain TOJV.VlWV.aVTT)g, TTpOOKVVOVOa Kai aiTOVOU TL n 7Tap " aVTOV. 

thing of him. 21 And her sons, doing homage and asking something from him. 

^uihouT sheath 21 oM dyrev av T y, Tt Qk\H Q ; Akyu avT& Ei-rrk 'iva 

unto him, Grant that And he said to her, What dost thou desire 1 She says to him, Say that 

these my two sons may Ka Qi ait} (JlV ^SrOt" 01 SvO VIOL UOV etg *JC folWV. k W Kai ElC 

it, the one on thy f* = ^ . ^ 

right hand, and the may B sit 'these J two 'sons "my one on thy right hand and one 

th^kin'dto. 6 ^But ^ evwVV/lOJV 1 Iv Ty .(5aOlkua.GOV. 22 'A7TOKpt9tig.C o 

Jelus^nsweVed" and on l th ?l left in th 7 kingdom. But answering 

said Ye know not '\naovg e17tev, OuK.o'iSaTE tL aiTEi<r9e. SvvaaOs ttiuv to 

able to drink of the d esus said, Ye know not what ye ask for. Are ye able to drink the 

cup that I shall drink TTOTrjpiOV O iyUJ fxtWu) TTIVELV, m KO.l TO fidTTTUT/ia O tyuj 
of , and to be baptiaed which I am about to drink, and Hhe G baptism 'which I 

with the baptism that ' . 

I am baptized with? ^aTTTi^ofiai j5aTTTia97]vai ;" A'iyovoiv ai)Tip, Avvd- 

They say unto him We am io bapti2ed ri i with ] i to = be 3 baptized [4 with ] ? They say to him We w 
are able. 23 And he i , , , , , > n 

saith unto them, Ye fiEua. 23 n Kttl AEySl ai'TOlg, To fltV 7TOTr)QlOV uov 7risa9e, 
shall drink indeed of a ble. And he says to them, ' 3 Indeed 3 cup ^my ye shaU drinK, 

my cup. and be bap- \ , , , , Q , 

tizedwith the baptism, Kai TO fjaiTT 10 jJ.a O lyix) paiTTll,OjXai pa7TTiOm]Oi.O<dV n 

that I am baptized, an< i the baptism which I am baptized [with] ye shall be baptized 

with: but to sit on , , , , ,. , , , , _ ,, , 

my right hand, and on T0.ti.-Kavioai SK. 0Et,lU)V.flOV KOI ft, f.VLOVVfJ.OIV.^fJ.OV OVK 

my left, is not mine [with] ; but to sit on my right hand and on my left "not 

, to give, but it shall be ,, n .~ >^\> r / r 

given to them for whom tOTIV fflOV^ OOWat, a\K Oig t/TOlflaorai V7TOTOV 

it is prepared of my 'is mine ' to give, but [to those] for whom ' it has beeri prepared by 

y Se but W. * - >J LTr[A]. '6 6e\w 7roiijo-ai LTTrA. b rj or EGLTTrAW. c iroAAoi yap 
elaiv kAtjtoi, oAc'yoi 5e ckA6ktoi T[TrA]. d ^.aSijTas TTr. e /cat av rrj 6Sa> LTTrA. f el<; 

66.VOLTOV T. 8 eyep^rjo-erat ho shah be raised TTrA. h an' LTrA. ' [outoi] L. k cro 
{read [thy] right hand) lt. ' + crov thy (left) gltttaw. m Kai to ^a7TTto-/xa, 

o eyoj /3a7TTi(Jb|, PaTTTiaOrji/ai. GLTTr 4. n Kai LTTrA. Kai to ^a7TTicr/ia o eyci) 

/3a7rTt'^ /3a7TTio-0>jo%o-0e GLTTrA. P UOV ()tad [my,! lift) LT'TrA. 1 -f 7OUT0 lllis 

(is not mine) ta. ' 

X, XXL M A T T H E W. 57 

iraTQOQ.aov. 24 r Kat aKowcraj/rsg" ol c*s/ca r)yavaKTr\aav Father. 24 And when 

my Father. And having heard [this] the ten were indignant were mov?d within 

7TEOI TlOV SvO CtStXcpiZv. 25 O.dL'llJCJOVg TTpOO'KaXEadj.lEVOg dignation against the 

about the two brothers. , But Jesus having called 2 to [ 3 hinl] V 10 i^TJl 25 Bx ? 

' ' L J Je>us called them unto 

avrovg eIttev, Oidare tin 01 apxovrEg ru>v Wvuiv KaraicvpiEvov- #, and said, Ye know 

'them- said, Ye knowthatthe rulers of the nations exercise lordship that the princes of the 

- , 1 /\ y >y . ~ -r. , Gentiles exercise do- 

GIV aVTWV, KOI 01 jXEyaKot KaTEt,OVGia^OV<nV aVTixJV- 2b Ol'X minion over them, and 

over them, and the great ones exercise authority over them. Not they that are great ex- 

.j, M i t " 11' ' ' - . 'W v' < 11 n>\ w' ercl9e authori t7 u P on 

ovriog b 06 u l tvrai iv vfxiv a\X og. Y eav ]l B(X?J W SV them. 26 But it shall 

thus however Bhall it be among . you ; but whoever would among not be so among you : 
~ 11 t 1 n _v 11 < ~ j < . oi - v .. , , M but whosoever will be 

Vfiiv v {Jttyag yevsvvai, I t(rrw 11 vfiwv ouiKovog 27 /cat og.-tav' 1 great among you, let 

you great ' become, let him be your servant ; and whoeve'r him be your minister ; 

/v\ 1 < ~ -r ~ i" 11 . -~ s> c\cs " 27 and whosoever will 

m\y EV V/J.IV ZlVCll 7Tp(x)TOg, z t(TTl0" VjlUJV COX'Xog' 28 lOCnrep be chief among you, 

would among you be first, let him be your bondman ; even as let him be your ser- 

< <\ ~ > n ' > t\/i. j n~ '\\is> vant : 28 even as the 

Viog TOV aVVptOITOV OVK.l]AVEV CiaKOVJ]V)}Vai, a\\a OiaKOl'l]- Sonof man came not 
the Son of man came not to be served, but to serve, to be ministered unto, 

\ $ ~ / > -* % r 3 \ -\ > ~ but to minister, and to 

aai kcu Sovvai rnv.^vxw.avTov Xvrpov avrt ttoXXwv. give his ufea ransom 

and to give his life a ransom for many. for many. 

29 Kai tKTToptvonkvuJV avriov and ^iEpt^w" ijKoXovGrjcrEv ^ 4f as they de- 

And as ''were 3 going *6ut 'they from Jericho "followed ^eat mu^inX fol- 

avrto ovXog iroXvg. 30 Kai ISov, Svo rvdXoi KaOt)uevoi lowed him. 30 And, 

'him 'a^crowd "great. And behold, two blind [men] sitting behold, two blind men 

J sitting by the way 

vapa rfjv odov, aKdvaavTEg on 'Irjaovg irapayu iKpa,av, side . w hen they heard 

beside the way, having heard that Jesus is passing by cried out, that Jesus passed by, 

XkyOVTEg, h 'EXh](TOV y)fldg, KVpiS, [l c Vl6g n d Aaj3l5J 31 'Ojt.OxXog Have mercy on us, d 

saying, Have pity on us, Lord, Son of David. But the crowd L ., ra > "">" son , of Da " 

, ' ', vid. 31 And the mul- 

tlTETl^l](yEV aVTOig iva GlOJTrrjrnodlV. Ol.Ce flSl^OV e /cpa- titude rebuked them, 

rebuked them that they should be silent. But they the more cried because they should 

y ll V p rV < ~ ' up v ii d a /3's,i <*c* ir hold their peace : but 

c,ov," Xtyovreg, l EXti]oov y/fiag, Kvpie, '-viog a Aaptd>'. 32 Kat they cried the more, 

out, saying, Have pity on us, Lord, Son of David. . And saying, Have mercy 

i < ._ ~ , , , / y , m / /w.. on us,0 Lord, thouson 

arag o liqaovg i(pioin](TEv avrovg, kch enrev, li ueAere of David. 32AndJe- 

having stopped, Jesus called them, and said, What do ye desire sus stood still, and call- 

~ / < ., nn . i , ~ T r i <i y. > n - || ed them, and said, 

7T01T]CFW VfJ.LV \ 33 AtyOVGlV awq), Kvpie, iva n aV0lXUU)(7lV" What wild ye that I 

1 should do to you? They say to him, Lord, that 3 may ''be "opened shall do unto you? 

V''j/i-\ 'Mo^v^ a S" * t ~ " / 33 Thev say unto him, 

(OV 01 0(pVaAfXOl." 34 2.7rAay%riO"y(C-0f O lljCOVg ?]\paTO Lord, that our eyes 

'our eyes. And moved with compassion Jesus touched may be opened. 34 So 

Tu>vH<peaXiiu>v".avro~>v Kai sWewg avzpX^av 'abrZv oi ^r^m?1in C dTou S ched 
their^eyes; and immediately 3 received 4 sighf 'their their eyes- and im- 

4{0aXpoi,' Kai nKoXovQnaav avrcp. g^ JJgg ^ 

"eyes, and they followed him. they f n owe d him. 

21 Kat ore I'lyyiaav tig 'Lepoo-6Xv/.ia Kai rfXBov stg Bt]9- xxi. And when they 

And when they drew near to Jerusalem and came to Beth- " rcw nigh unto Jern- 

, , , , , , salem, and were come 

<Payi] m 7Tpog" TO Opog riOV tXaiWV, TUT u O h]OOVg aTTiO~THXEV to'Bethphage, unto the 

phage towards the mount of Olives, then Jesus sent mount of Olives, then 

., _ , - , ' - ott 'OH' ' ' seut Jesus two dlsci " 

ovo /xaurjrag, 2 Aiywv avToig, HopEvvt]TE" eig ri)V klo{.iy)v rt}v pies, 2 saying unto 

two disciples, saying to .them, Go into the village, that them, Go into the vil- 

g. . n < - i n < n> ii < ' " s- J ' < lage over against you, 

*a7reVaVTr VflWV, Kai lEVVStjjg" EVpT]<yETE OVOV CECE\LiVr]V, Kai and straightway ye 

opposite you, and immediately ye will find an ass tied, and shall find an ass tied, 

~> > , ~ > / _. , / >n , , , and a colt with her: 

ffWAOV flET aVTt]g~ XvaaVTEg T& ayayETE n flOl. O Kai tav i 30se them, and bring 

a colt with her ; having loosed [them] bring [them] to me. And if thevi unto me. 3 And 

r d/eovo-ai/Tes 5e TA. 8 5e GLTTrA. l 0"tIi/ is it LTr. T av LTr. w VfidiV of you A, 

1 eo-Tai he shall be LTTrA. y av LTTrA. z ecrrai he shall be LTTr. a 'Iepetx"" T - b Kvpte, 
e\et)crov LTrA ; Kvpie T. c vie LT. d Aavi'S GW ; Aauei'5 LTTrA. e eKpafav LTTrA. 
f Kvpie, eAe'no'oi' Tj|U.a; LTTrA. 8 + [ii/a] that la. h avoiyiocriv LTTrA. * oi b4>6a\fxol 

r/ju.>Li' LTTrA. " 6/x^aTioi' LTTrA. l OAJTuiV oi 6i^)0aA/aot LTTrA. m LTTrA. 

> a. t. o liopevevde LTTtA. P KaTeVai'Tt LTTr. 1 evSvs T. ra dyere LTrA. 


If any man say onprht 
unto you, ye shall say, 
The Lord hath need of 
them ; and straight- 
way he will send them. 
4 All this was done, 
that it might he ful- 
filled which was spo- 
ken by the prophet, 
saying, 5 Tell ye the 
daughter of Sion, 
Behold, thy King Com- 
eth unto thee, meek, 
and sitting upon an 
ass, and a colt the foal 
of an ass. 6 And the 
disciples went, and did 
as Jesus commanded 
them, 7 and brought 
the ass, and the colt, 
and put on them their 
clothes, and they set 
him thereon. 8 And a 
very great multitude 
spread their garments 
ic the way ; others cut 
down branches from 
the trees, and strawed 
them in the way. 9 And 
the multitudes that 
went before, and that 
followed, cried, say- 
ing, Hosanna to the 
son of David : Blessed 
is he that cometh in 
the name of the Lord ; 
Hosanna in the high- 
est. 10 And when he- 
was come into Jerusa- 
lem, all the city was 
moved, saying, Who is 
this? 11 And the mul- 
titude said, This is 
Jesus the prophet of 
Nazareth of Galilee. 



tiq vfiiv e'irry rt, Ipslre, "On b id'piog avrwv \peiav 

any one to you cay anything, ye shall say, The Lord 3 oi *them Tieed 

t'xt' t ev9ewg n .bt ^aTTooTeKtV avrovg. 4 TovTo.Si n '6\ov n y't- 

'has. And Immediately he will send them. But this all came 

yov&v "tva TrXi]pw6y rb pi]9lv Sia tov -jrpocpTjTov, 

to pass that might be fulfilled that which was spoken "by the prophet, 

XeyovroQ, 5 EiVare ry Qvyarpi Snov, 'Ibov, b.^aoi\evg.aov 

saying, Say to the daughter of Sion, Behold, thy king 

ipjffrai <7Qi, irpavg T ai" e7rii3ef3rjKU)g e-rrl bvov Kal w irwXov 

comes to thee, meek and mounted on an ass and a colt [the} 

viiiv 1 vTro^vyiov. 6 Ti.opev9svTtg.Sl oi ua9t]Tai, Kal -noiijoav- 

foal of a beast of burden. And 3 having i gone 'the *disciples, and having 

rsg Ka9u)Q x 7TjOO(Trav" avTolg b 'Irjaovg, 7 ijyayov t>)v 

done as -ordered 3 them 'Jesus, they brought the 

bvov Kal rbv 7rio\ov, Kal tTrk9i]Kav itiravufi avriov to. IpaTia 

ass and the colt, and put upon them ^garments 

z ai'Twv, K Kal a d7TKa0icrej'" eiravw avTu>v. 8 b.b'e 7rXeioTog 

'their, and he sat on them. And the greater part [of the] 

ox^og tGTpwaav eavTwv to. 'ifiaTia ev Ty bSip, tKOTr- 

crowd strewed their garments on the way, and others were cutting 

tov kXucovq enrb tuiv bevbpojv Kal b to-Tpwvvvov n ev Ty 

down branches from the trees and were strewing [them] on the 

boy. 9 oi.Se bxXoi ol TzpodyovTeg c Kal ol aKoXov9ovvTeg 
way. And the crowds those going before and those following 

eKpa^ov, XeyovTeg,'Qcravva r<p vi< A Aa/3iS'" evXoytjpevog 

were crying out, saying, Hosanna to the* Son of David ; blessed 

6 epxbpevog ev bv6p.ari KvpioW 'Qaavvd iv Tolg 

[be] he who comes in [the] name of [the] Lord. " Hosanna in the 

vipicrTOig. 10 Kal elaeX96vTog.avTOv elg 'lcpoa6Xv/j,a e<reia9r\ 

highest. And as he entered into Jerusalem 'was s moved 

Traaa y TroXig, Xiyovcra, Tig Iotiv- oi<Tog' } ll'O'i.St o^Xot 

"all 2 the 3 city, saying, Who is this ? And the crowds 

12 And Jesus went 
into the temple of God, 
and cast out all them 
that sold and bought 
in the temple, and 
overthrew the tables 
of the money changers, 
and the seats of them 
that sold doves, 13 and 
said unto them, It is 
written, My house 
Bhall be called the 
house of prayer ; but 
ye have made it a den 
of thieves. 14 And the 
blind and the lame 
came to him in the 
temple ; and he healed 
thorn. 15 And when 
the c\ief priests and 
scribes taw the won- 

Ovrog, SOTLV e 

This ' is 

Irjaovg o TTpofrjTyg, o curb 

f Nn- 

Jesus the prophet, he who [is] from Na- 









Zap'eT n Ti]g FaXiXaiag 

zareth of Galilee. 

12 Kai eiai}\9ev So" 'lr)oovg elg to lepbv h 

And ^entered 'Jesus into the temple of God, 

l^ej3aXev irai'Tag Tovg 7rioXovvTag Kal dyopci^ovTag tv 

cast out all those selling' and buying in 

\ep({i, Kal Tag TpaireZ,ag rwv koXXv(3io~tu)v KaTevTpexf/ev, Kal. 

temple, and the tables " of the money changers he overthrew, and 

Tag Ka9ebpag twv 7tojXovvtiov Tag irepiGTepag. 13 Kal Xeyei 

the seats of those selling the doves. And he says 

avToig, TeypaTTTai, 'O.oZ/coc./.iou olKog- irpoaevxug kXi]9t]- 
to them, It has been written, My house f a house of prayer shall be 

ceTaV avrbv HiroiyoaTt^ GTryXaiov XycrTwv. 14 Kai 

called; but ye it have made a den of robbers. And 

TrpocrijXOov avTy rvfpXol Kal x^Xol ev T(p iepifi, Kal Wep/nrev- 

'came 5 to G hirn "blind 2 and -*lame in the temple, and he healed 


6 seribes 

cev avTOvg. 

15 ' oi apx^peig Kai oi 

But 'seeing 'the 2 chief 'priests *and 5 the 

oAov LTTrA. v (cat A 

LTTrA. z ai TWV [LjTTrA. 

evflus TTr. l a7roo-Te'AAei he sends G. 
LTTrA. * (rvvfraijcv did direct LTrA. y en-' 
they set [him] e. b icrrpayaav strewed T. c + avrbv him LTTrA. 

LTTrA. e b Trpo^r/T-qq 'Irjcrovs LTTrA. s NaapkO ELTTrAW." S 

G&ov LTr. ' irouire make LTTrA. 

w + effi Oil 

d AavtS GW ; Aavei'S 


M A T T H E W. 

rd Bavfidoia a eiroirftrsv, Kai tovq TralSag^Kpa'Courag iv rep 

the /wonders whioh he wrought, and the children crying in the 

Upip. KaWkyovrag, 'Sloavva Tip v'up i Aa(3iS, n jjyavdKTtjGav, 

temple, and saying, Hosanna to the Son of David, they were indignant, 

10 Kai m elTrov ][ avrip, 'Akovuq tl ovtoi XkyovGiv; ''lt]- 

and said to him, Hearest thou what these say ? And Je- 

govc XeyEt avrolg , Nai' ovSs7tote dvbyi>ivTE,"OTi Ik cro//a- 

sus says to them, Yea;, 3 never 'did 2 ye read, Out of [the] mouth 

rog vi]7riuv Kai 9i]Xa%6vTwv KaTTjprirno alvov; 17 Kai 

of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise? And 

KrrraXnnov avrovg i,tj\Qev to T))g irdXEUjg tig BijOai'iav, Kai 

haying left them , he went out of the city to Bethany, and 

ijvXiaOr] ekeI. 

passed the night there. 

18 "Ylpixjiag^Se t7rar'ayu)v n tig Tr\v iroXiv iirEivatiEv, 

Now early in the morning coming back into the city he hungered, 

19 Kai Idujv gvk^v fxiav liri Tijg bdov, i)X9ev i-rr avrrjv, Kai 

and seeing 2 fig-tree 'one by the way, he came to it, and 

obSiv EvpEV iv avry tl-p-ri (pvXXa fiovov' Kai XiyEi aurrj, 

nothing found on it except leaves only. And he says to it, 

p MyjKsri tK gov Kaprrbg yivi]Tai elg Tov.aiuJva. Kai i^i]pdv9r) 

Nevermore of thee fruit let there be for ever. And *dried 5 up 

irapa\pr\pa '/ gvki]. 20 Kai iSovreg ol /xaOr^rai iQavp,aaav, 

'immediately 2 the 3 fig-tree. And seeing [it] the disciples wondered, 

XiyovTEg, rioJg irapa-^prfna t^oavBi) i) gvkT) ; 21 ' AiroKpiQdg 

saying, How immediately isdriedup the fig-tree! "Answering 

$4 6 'h]Govg eIttev avrdig, 'Ap,i)v Xiyuj v/.uv, lav f%>/re tt'igtiv, 

'and Jesus said to them, Verily, I say to you, If ye have faith, 

Kai jj,i].3iaKpi9rire, ov fiovov to rijg GVKtjg 7roir)GETE } 

and do not doubt, not only the [miracle] of the fig-tree shall ye do, 

dXXd Kav Tip.opEi.TovTip EiTrrjTE, "ApOijn Kai (3iXi)9rjrii 

but even if to this mountain ye should say, Be thou taken away and be thou cast 

Eig ti)v QdXaaaav, yEvi']GETai' 22 Kai iravra oaaj^dv^ 
into the sea, it shall come to pass. And all things whatsoever 

alrfj(Tt]T iv tij 7rpoGEvxy, iriGTEvovTEg, T Xr)^EG9E. 

ye may ask in prayer,. believing, ye shall receive. 

23 Kai *tX96i'Ti.avT(p eig to lEpbv Ttpoa7)X9ov avrip 

And on his coming into the temple there came up to him, [when] 

BiSciGKovTi oi dpxitpElg Kai oi TroEGj3vrEpoi tgv Xaov, Xiyov- 

teaching, the chief priests and the elders of the people, say- 

TEg, 'Ev TToia i o vGia TavTa TroiElg ; Kai Tig goi eSojkevt^v 

ing, By what authority these things. doest thou? and who to thee gave 

i^ouGiav.TavTijv; 24 'A7roKpi9Eig. l Sk n b'li]Govg elttev avrolg, 

this authority ? And answering Jesus said . to them, 

'EpwrY/tfw v/xag Kayuj Xoyov 'iva, ov idv eIttiit'e [xoi, Kciyoj 

3 Will 4 ask s you 'I 2 also 'thing e one, which if ye tell me, I also 

V/.UV ipui iv Troia i^ovGio: Tavra tcoiCj. 25 to fidirTiGpa 

to you will say by what authority these things I do. The baptism 

T 'iwdvvov 7t69ev rjv ', i%. ovpavov, fj s dv9pw7ru)v ; 

of John, whence was it ? from heaven, or from men ? 

0'i.Sk StEXoyi^ovro *7rap' ]l iavTolg, XiyovTEg, 'Edv Eiira)- 

And they reasoned with themselves, saying, If we should 

fiEV, 'E ovpavov, IpEl i)fJiiv, x Atari" ovv ovK-i-rriGTEVGaTE 

say, From heaven, he will say to us, Why then did ye not believe 

k + tovs (read who were) LTTrA. 
n ITpiiH TTr. eTrai'ayaycol' LTA. 

8 kkQovTos axiTOv LTTr. ' 6g and L. 


derful things that lit 
did, and the children 
crying in the temple, 
and saying, Hosanna 
to the Son of David , 
they were sore dis- 
pleased, 16 and said 
unto him, Hearest thou 
what these say ? And 
Jesus saith unto them, 
Yea ; have yo never 
read, Out of the mouth 
of babes and suck- 
lings thou hast per- 
fected praise ? 17 And 
he left them, and went 
out of the city into 
Bethany ; and he lodg- 
ed there. 

18 Now in the morn- 
ing as he returned into 
the city, he hungered. 
19 And when he saw a 
fig tree in the way, he 
came to it, and found 
nothing thereon, but 
leaves only, and said 
unto it, Let no fruit 
grow on thee hence- 
forward for ever. And 
presently the fig tree 
withered away. 20 And 
when the disciples saw 
it, they marvelled, say- 
ing, How soon is the 
fig tree withered a way I 
21 Jesus' answered and 
said unto them, Verily 
I say unto you, If ye 
have faith, and doubt 
not, ye shall not only 
do this which is done 
to the fig tree, but also 
if ye shall say unto 
this mountain, Be thou 
removed, and be thou 
cast into the sea ; it 
shall be done. 22 And 
all things, whatsoever 
ye shall ask in prayer, 
believing, ye shall re- 

23 And when he was 
come into the temple, 
the chief priests and 
the elders of the peo- 
ple came unto him as 
he was teaching, and 
said, By what autho- 
rity doest thou these 
things? and who gave 
thee this authority ? 

24 And Jesus answered 
and said unto them, I 
also will ask you one 
thing, which if ye tell 
me, I in like wise will 
tell you by what autho- 
rity I do these things. 

25 The baptism of 
John, whence was it ? 
from heaven, or of 
men ? And they rea- 
soned with themselves, 
saying, If we shall 
say, From heaven ; he 
will say unto us, Why 
did ye not then be- 

' AaviS GW ; AaveiS LTTrA. 
P + Oil LT[a]. <i eav Tr. 

" + to that LTTrA. w iv among 

m eiirav LTTrA. 

r kr\jJ.^eo-9e LTTrA, 

LTr. * ii ri LTTrA. 


lieve him? 26 But if 
we shall say, Of men ; 
we.f ear the people ; for 
all "hold John as a pro- 
phet. 27 And they an- 
swered Jesus, and said, 
We cannot tell. And 
he said unto them, 
Neither tell I you by 
what authority I do 
these things. 28 But 
what think ye ? A cer- 
tain man had two 
sons ; and he came to 
the first, and said, 
Son, go work to day in 
my vineyard. 29 He 
answered and said, I 
will not : but after- 
ward he repented, and 
went. 30 And he came 
to the second, and 
said likowise. And he 
answered and said, I 
go, sir : and went not. 
31 Whether of them 
twain did the will of 
his father ? They say 
unto him, The first. 
Jesus saith unto them, 
Verily I say unto you, 
That the publicans 
and the harlots go into 
the kingdom of God 
before you. 32 For 
John came unto you 
in the way of right- 
eousness, and ye be- 
lieved him not : but 
the publicans and the- 
harlots believed him : 
and ye, when ye had 
seen it, repented not 
afterward, that ye 
Might believe him. 

33 Hear another pa- 
rable : There was a 
certain householder, 
which planted a vine- 
yard, and hedged it 
round about, and dig- 
ged a winepress in it, 
and built a tower, and 
let it out to husband- 
men, and went into a 
far country : 34 and 
when the time of the 
fruit drew near, he 
sent his servants to 
the husbandmen, that 
they might receive the 
fruits of it. 35 And 
the husbandmen took 
his servants, and beat 
one, and killed an- 
other, and stoned an- 
other. 36 Again, he 
sent other servants 
more than the first : 
and they did unto 



avTip; 26 idv.Si eItti.ou.ev, 'E dv9pu)7ru)v, (pofio>'<n$a tov 

him? but if we should say, From men, we fear the 

o-\\ov' TvdvTEg.ydp y l'%ovcriv Tov'Ibjdvvrjv ibg 7rpo<piiTt]v. n 

multitude ; for all hold John as a prophet. 

27 Kai airoKpiB'iVTEQ r<'lf/crou z eIttov" OvK.o'ioapiEv. "E</>?; 

And answering ' Jesus they said, We know not. s Said 

avrqig Kai 

*to 5 them = also 


Ovok iyCj Xsyw 
Neither -I 'tell 

ravra 7ro(w. 28 TLSe vuav.SokeX', 

these things I do. But what think ye ? 

8vo, n c Kai" TrpoaeXdiov T<p 7rpu>r<^ 
'two, and having come to the first 

<rr]/.iepov ipydZ,ov iv Ti().dfiTreXu>vi. d fiov 

to-day work in my vineyard. 

ciTrev,Ov.6s\u) % vo~TEpov. e Si n /xera/x^XriOslg a7rij\9ev 

said, I will not ; but afterwards having repented he went. 

had ^children 

vjj.1v iv TTola i^ovaia 

you by what authority 

dvQptDTTOQ 3, e!\EV b 
a man 

eIttev, T'ekvov, viraye 

Child, go 

'O.di cnroicpt9eig 

And he answering 

30 f Kai 


he said, 

. 29 

TrpoaEXOujv 11 T(p zdevTspf^ eIttev oxjavTiog. o.di cnroKpi9tig 

having come to the second he said likewise. And he answering 

sTttev, Eyw, KVpie' Kal ovK-aTrqXBEv. 31 Tig itc tujv Svo l-nroir)- 

said, I [go], sir, and went not. Which of the two did 

oev to 9k\r)na tov vaTpog; Aiyovaiv h aur^>, 11 ''O 7rpu>Tog. H 

the will of the father ? They say to him, The first. 

Atyei avToig 6 'Irjuovg-, 'Aju?)v Xiytt) vfiiv, oti ol Ts\u>vai Kai 

2 Says 3 to 4 them "Jesus, Verily I say to you, that the tax-gatherers and 

al tropvai TTpodyovGiv vfxdg eig tt)v /3acn\aiav tov 9eov. 
the harlots go before you into the kingdom of God. 

32 rjX9Ev.ydp v irpbg vpag 'Iu)dvvT)g ]l iv oSifi SiKaioavvrjg, 

For 2 came 3 to ''you 'John in [the] way of righteousness, 

Kai ovK.iiriGTEVGaTE avT(p, ot.Se reXwvai Kai at 

and ye did not believe him, - but the tax-gatherers and the 

liriarvjaav avT(p vu.Eig.$k idovreg 1 ov v .u.ete[xe\7]9i]te varEpov 
believed him j but ye having seen did not repent 

tov iriGTEvaai avrcp. 
to believe him. 

33 *AA\r/v 7rapaj3oXrjv aKovaarE. " AvBpioirog m Tig n 

Another parable hear. A 2 man 'certain there was 

otKodErnroTrjg, oaTig i<pvTEVffEv dfjnrEXui'va, Kal <ppayf.ibv avTqi 
a master of a house, who planted a vineyard, and 4 a 5 fence 3 it 

7TEpd9r)KEV, Kal wpv^EV iv avT<{> Xrjvov, Kal <^KoS6fiT]<TEi 

'placed 2 about, and dug in it a winepress, and built 

irvpy'ov, Kai "i&SoTo" avTov yEwpyoig, Kal aTTE^rjurjffEv. 
a tower, and" let out it to husbandmen, and left the country. 

34 '6te.Se riyyiaEv 6 Kaipog twv Kapwwv, a,TTto~TEi\EV rovg 
And when drew near the season of the fruits, he sent 

dovXovg.avTOV TrpogTOvg yEwpyovg Xo-/3e7v TOvg.Kap7rovg.avTOV. 

his bondmen to the husbandmen to receive his fruits. 

35 Kal Xaj36i>Tsg oi yEiopyol TOvg.dovXovg.avTOV, ov./xiv 

And 3 having 4 taken 'the 2 husbandmen his bondmen, one 

tfcipav, '6v.Se cnciKTEivav, ov.Sk iXi9of56\i]rrav. 36 rrdXiv 

they beat, and another they killed, and another they stoned. Again 

cltteo-teiXev dXXovg SovXovg irXEiovag tCjv 7rpwT0JV,Kal ETroir]- 

he sent other bondmen more than the first, and they 





y d>s Trpo4>r)Triv l^ovo-ii' rbv 'Iwdvvriv LTTrA. 2 el-n-av T. * + tc? {read a certain man) l. 
b Svo tskvo. l. c <ai t. d ju.ov (read the vineyard) TTrA. ( 8e but [l]t. 

f TTpoo-e\9iov 5e LTTrA. S erepoi Other GTAW. h avTiZ LTTrA. '6 lio-repo? he who 

afterwards [obeyed] LTr. '* 'liaavvrjs n-pbs v/uas LTTrA. l ovSe (read did neither 

repent) LTr ; ov\_Se] A. " tis GLTTrAW. " ef e'Sero TA. 

xxr, xxrr. 

M A T T H E W. 

nav avrotg waabriog. 37 vanpov.Si cnreaTEiXev irpbg avrovg 

ilid to them iu like manner. And at last he sent to theni' 

rbv.v'ibv.aorov, Xiyujv, 'EvrpaTrt'jaovrai rbv.v\6v.p:ov. 

his sou, saying, They will have respect for my son. 

38 O'l.b^i ysiopyol ibbvreg rbv vlbv ilrrov iv tavrolg, Ovrog 
But the husbandmen seeing the son said among themselves, This 

ianv b KXi)pov6j.iog' 8evt, airoKTHVbjjXiv avrbv, Kai Kard- 

is the heir ; come, let us kill him, and gain pos- 

cr^w/iEj/" Ti)v.K\i]povo^iiav.auTQV. 39 tear Xaj3bvreg avrbv 

session of his inheritance. And having taken him 

ilij3aXov t^uj rov a /.i7TE\iovocKat a.7TSKTivav. 40 orav ovv 

they cast [him] out of the vineyard and killed [him]. When therefore 

t\9y b Kvpiog rob d/xTrsXCbvog, ri 7rou)<Ti ro~ig yewpyolg 

shall come the lord of the vineyard, what will he do ^husbandmen 

iK^ivoig ; .41 Aiyovcnv avrtp, Kaicovg Kaicuig drroXkau 

'to -those ? They say to him, Evil [men] I miserably he will destroy 

avrovg, Kai rbv dfJurtXibva p K$o<7rai" dXXoig yeojpyolg, 

them, and the vineyard he will let out to other husbandmen, 

oirii'tg c'nrociixrovcriv avr<p rovg Kaprrovg iv rolg.KaipoXg.avrwv. 

who will render tohim the fruits in their seasons. 

42 AiyEi avrolg b 'itjaovg,'iyvMrE tv raig ypa- 

a Says 3 to ''them 'Jesus, Did ye never read in the scrip- 

<palg, A'i9ov ov dTTi-SoKij-iaaav oi oiKodopiovvrsg, ovrog 

tures, [The] sLone which 4 rejected 'those 2 who 3 build, this 

tyev>l9i) tig KS<paX))v yiDvlag' Trapd KVpiov a'vrr), 

is become head of [the] corner : from [the] Lord was this, 

Kai ianv Oavfxaari) iv b(p9aXp.oTg.r'ifj.u>v ; 43 Aid rovro Xkyio 

and it is wonderful in our eyes ? Because of this I say 

Vfiiv, on dp9t)aerai d<p' v/iwv // fiaaiXeia rov 9eov, Kai 

to you, that 3 shall 4 ue 5 takcn 'from 2 you the kingdom of God, and 

So9>)o-rai tOvei -koiovvti rovg Kaprrovg avrijg. 44 ^Kal 

it shall be given, to a nation producing the fruits of it. And 

b 7T(Tu>v iirl rbv.Xi9ov.Tovrov ovv9Xa<j9i]aErai' i<p .ov.S'.dv 

li< who falls on this stone shall be broken ; but on whomsoever 

iriaij, XiKfirjoet avrbvJ 1 45 T Kal aKOvaavreg" oi 

it shall fall it will grind to powder him. And 'hearing 'the 

dpxiEp&g Kai oi Qapioaloi rdg.TrapaftoXdg.avrov iyvwoav 

"chief "priests 'and Hhe "Pharisees his parables knew 

bri mpl auTwv Xeyti. 40 Kai Z,t]rovi're.g avrbv Kparfjaai, 

that about iliem he speaks. And seeking him to lay hold of, 

itpoj3i]9i]<yav rovgoyXovg, s i7vsidi) nt wg n 7rpo<pr]r}]v avrbv e7%oi>. 

they feared the crowds, because as a prophet him they held. 

22 Km aTTOKpiOtig b 'hjoovg TrdXiv i7rev "avroUg iv irapa- 

And answering Jesus again spoke to them in para- 

(ioXaXg," Xiywv, 2 'Qfionb9i] t) fiaatXtia rwv ovpavwv 

bles, saying, e Has 'become s like 'the ^kingdom 3 of 4 the 5 heavens 

dv9pwTT(p fiaatXel, 'bang iTroli]o~tv ydpovg T(p-v\<fi.avrov' 

to a man a king, who made a wedding feast for his son : 

3 Kai d7r'trsruXi.i> rovg.BovXovg.avrov KaXkaai rovg kekXtj- 

and sent his bondmen to call those who had been 

pivovg eig rovg ydpovc, Kai ovk.7)9eXov 4 UdXiv 

invited to the wedding feast, and they would not come. Again 

aTr'tareiXev dXXovg SovXovg, Xiyiov, Ei7rare rolg kekXj]- 

he sent other bondmen, saying, Say to those who had been 


them likewise. 37 Bit 
last of all he sent unto 
them his son, saying, 
They will reverence 
my son. 38 But when 
the husbandmen saw 
the son, they said a- 
mong themselves, This 
is the heir ; come, let 
us kill him, and let us 
seize on his inherit- 
ance. 39 And they 
caught him, and cast 
him out of the vine- 
yard, and slew him. 
40 When the lord 
therefore of the vine- 
yard cometh, what will 
he do unto those hus- 
bandmen? 41 They say 
unto him, He will mi- 
serably destroy those 
wicked men, and will 
let out his vineyard 
unto other husband- 
men, which shall ren- 
der him the fruits in 
their seasons. 42 Jesus 
saith unto them, Did 
ye never read in the 
scriptures, The stone 
which the builders 
rejected, the same is 
become the head of 
the corner : this is the 
Lord's doing, and it is 
marvellous in our eyes? 
43 Therefore say 1 unto 
you, The kingdom of 
God shall be taken 
from you, and given 
to a nation bringing 
forth the fruits there- 
of. 44 And whosoever 
shall fall on this stone 
shall be broken : but 
on whomsoever it shall 
fall, it will grind him 
to powder. 45 And 
when the chief priests 
and Pharisees had 
heard his parables, 
they perceived that he- 
spake of them. 46 But 
when they sought to 
lay hands on him, they 
feared the, multitude, 
because they took him 
for a prophet. 

XXII. And Jesus 
answered and spake 
unto them againby pa- 
rables, and said, 2 The 
kingdom of heaven is 
like unto a certain 
king, which made a 
marriage for his son, 
3 and sent forth his 
servants to call them 
that were bidden to 
the wedding : and they 
would not come. 4 A- 
gain, ho sent forth 
other servants, say- 
ing, Tell them which 
are bidden, Behold, I 

CTX < ^/ ULel/ ' et us pOSSCSS LTTrA. P 
&k T. s e7rci TTrA. l eis for LTTrA.. 

p ExSwcreTai Gi-TTrAW. i verse 44 [l] T. 
v kv 7rapa/3oA.ats avTOis LTTrA. 



have prepared my -Sin- 
ner : my oxen and my 
fat, liu;rsure killed, and 
all things arc ready : 
come unto the mar- 
riage. 5 But they 
made light of it, and 
went their ways, one 
to his farm, another 
to his merchandise : 

6 and the remnant 
took bis servants, and 
entreated them spite- 
fully, and slew them. 

7 But when the king- 
heard thereof, ho was 
wroth : and he sent 
forth his armie3, and 
destroyed those mur- 
derers, and burned up 
their city. 8Thensaith 
he to his servants, The 
wedding is ready, but 
they which were bid- 
den were not worthy. 

9 Go ye therefore into 
the highways, and as 
many as ye shall find, 
bid to the marriage. 

10 So those servant-; 
went out into the 
highways, and gather--, 
ed together all as many 
as they found, both 
had ivnd good : and the 
wedding was furnish- 
ed with guests. 11 And 
when the king came in 
to see the guests, he 
saw there a man which 
had not on a wedding 
garment : 12 and he 
saith unto him, Friend, 
how earnest thou in 
hither not having 
a wedding garment ? 
And he was speechless. 
13 Then said the king 
to the servants, Bind 
him hand and foot, and 
take him away, and 
cast him into outer 
darkness ; there shall 
ho weeping and gnash- 
ing of teeth. 14 For 
many are called, hut 
few are chosen. 

M A T A I 2. 



ftsi'Oig, lent', To.apiOTuv.^nv 

invited, Behold, rny dinner 

oi.rttvpni.^iou Kai 

my oxen and 

15 Then went the 
Pharisees, and took 
counsel how they 
might entangle him in 
his talk. 16 And they 
sent out unto him their 
disciples with the He- 
rodians, saying, Mas- 
ter, we know that thou 
art true, and teachest 
the way of God in 
truth, neither carest 

1 prepare d, 

tci (titkttci rf.dvj.iiva, Kai Trai'Tct 'iroij.ia' Sluts tig tovq 

the fatted beasts, are killed, and all things [are] ready; come to the 

ydpovg. 5 OUt dj.itXi](jai'TEg ctTrijXOov, x o"./ty Eig tov 

wedding least. But they being negligentof [it] went away, one to 

'iciov aypbv, y b".8k z elg n Ti)v.linropia.v.abTOV. 8 oi.St Xoittoi 

hisow,n field, and another to his commerce. And the rest, 

KpaTi](JavTEQ Tovg.covXovg.avTov vfipiaav Kai airkicTtivav. laid hold of his bondmen, p insulted and killed [them]. 

7 *'Aicou(jaQ-8e . 6 j3aoi\Evg topyitjQt], Kai Trsptpag rd 

And having heard [it] the king was wroth, . and having sent 

aTpaTevfiaTauivrov cittioXecfev Tovc.(povsic.tKkivovg, Kai tt\v 

his forces .he destroyed those murderers, and 

iruXiv.avrwv kv'kTrpi)<Tkv. 8 Tors \'tyu To7g.8ovXoig.avrov, 'O 

their city he burnt. Then he says to his bondmen, The 

f.dv ydfiog 'iroi/.t6g tariv, o't.Sk K/c\///tih'cu ovK.ijaav 

^indeed 'wedding ''feast 'ready 4 is, but those who had been invited werenot 

tiptoe 9 7ropEvt(j9e ovv iiri Tag 8itt,bSovg tojv bStov, Kai 

worthy; Go therefore into ' the thoroughfares of the highways, and 

oaovg ,. b av' l -EvpriTE f KaXsrraTE eig rovg ydfiovg. 10 Kai 

as many as ye shall find, invite to the wedding feast. And 

l^e\06vTf.g oi.duvXoi.tKsivoielgTag bSovg avvijyayov Trdvrag 

3 having"gone 5 out 'those 2 bondmen into the highways brought together all 

oaovg Evpov, 7rov>]povg re Kai dyaOovg' Kai kTrXijCi9rj 6 

as many as they found, 2 evil 'both and good; and 4 becanie s f ull 'the 

c ydfxog v dvaKUn'tvwv. 11 ehjeX9iov.ce 6 fiaoiXsvg Qedaa- 

2 we.Uling -feast of guests. And 'coming 4 in 'the "king to see 

oQaiTovg dvaKtifisvovg e!8ev IkeT dvOpioTrov ouk evSeShj-isvov 

the guests beheld there a man not clothed 

'ivfivfia . ydiiov\ 12 Kai Xkyu avrqi 'EraTpe, irwg 

with a garmerit of [the] wedding feast ; and he says to him, Friend, how 

elffijXQeg wSe fxr) -*%wv evdv/ia yd/iov ; '0,8k 

didst thou enter here not having a garment of [the] wedding feast? But he 

k<pipio9r]. 13 tots d dirEv 6 fiacriXEvg" roig SiaKovoig, A))<jav- 

was speechless. Then said the king to the servants, Having 

Teg avTOV jroSag Kai x tl P a G *dparE avrbi' Kai" tKj3dXeT f 

bound his feet and hands take away him and cast out [him] 

Eig to (TKOTog to t"t;u>rpov' ekeI itJTai 6 KXavO/xbg Kai b 

into the darkness the outer: there shall be the weeping and the tuv 686vtu)V. 14 7ro\Xoi.ydp eictiv KX>)Toi,-6Xiyoi.oe 
gnashing of the teeth. For many are called, but few 



15 Tore TropEvO'svTEg ol Qapicaioi ovj.if3ovXiov tXai3ov o7rwg 

Then having gone the Pharisees ^counsel 'took how 

avTov 7rayi8Evauj(nv iv Xoyqj. 16 Kai dirooTeXXovtnv aiirt^i 

him they might ensnare in discourse. And they send to him 

.T0vg-f.ia9})Tag.avT6Jv pETd tujv 'HpioSiavioi', %/ ^yovTEg^ At8d-~ 

their disciples with the Herodians, saying, Teacher, 

(tkoXe, oi8afiEv on dXr]9r}g eI, Kai T))v bobv tov 9eov Iv dXr)9f.ta 

we know that true thou art, and the way of God in truth 

w r)TOL/xaKa I have prepared LTTrA. x OS LTTrA. y oc LTTrA. * eiri LTTrA. 

6 o^/SacriAeus axoucras L ; 6 Se )3ao-iAevs TTrA ; Kai aKOutras 6 /Sao". W. b eav LTTrA W. 

c wfupiov bridechamber T. d 6./3ao-iAevs elnev LTTrA. e apart avrbu Kai LTTrA. 

' '+ avrbi' him LTTrA. 8 Aeyoi'Tas LTTr. 



dicuaicELc, Kai ot'j fitXei ooi Trepl oi>S*v6g, ov.ydp ftX'eTreig 
leachest, and there is care to thee about no one, for a not 'thou -lookest 

tic, - wpooiovov avQpiinrwv 17 h eiVf" ovv i/p^v, ri * ooi 

on [the] appearance of men ; tell therefore us, what J thou 

SokeI; t^eoTiv dovvai Ktjvoov Kaioapi i] o'v ; 18 Tvovg.ce 

'thinkest? Is it lawful to give tribute to Ca?sar or not ? But 2 knowing 

6 'li]oovc Ti)v.7ro)'7]pia}'.avTuip elnev, Ti pie Treipd^eTe, vtto- 

1 Jesus their wickedness said, Why me do ye tempt, hypo- 

Kpirai 19 't7nc?eiare fioi to voj-iiopa tov Ktjvoov. O' 

crites? Shew me the coin ox the tribute. And they 

TTpoot'jveyKav avTip Srjvdpiov. 20 Kai Xeyei aurolg 1 , Tivog 
presented to him a denarius. And he says to them, Whose [is] 

r)MKihv.a.VT7] Kai r) e7Tiypa<pij; 21 Asyovtriv^avrip," Kaioapog. 
this image and the inscription ? They say to him, Caesar's. 

Tore Xiyet avroig, 'AttoSote o(>v rd Kaioapog Kaioapi, 

Then he says to them, ltender then the things of Caasar to Caesar, 

Kai ret tov 9eov rip 9eip. 22 Kai ciKovoavTeg i9avpaoav' 
and the things of God to God. And having heard they wondered ; 

Kai afivTSC avTov ^Tri/X^oi'." 

and leaving him went away. 

23 'El' Lkbivij Ty ijpepa irpoo'i'jX9'ov avTtp "SaSSovKaloi, m ot" 

On that day came to him Sadducees, who' 

XtyovTeg pij.elvai dvdoTaoiv, kcu tTTtjpioTtjoav avrov, 24 Xe- 

say there is not a resurrection, and they questioned him, say- 

yovreg, AiSdoKaXe, "Miooijg i[ e'nrev, 'Edv Tig cnroQdvg /.it) 

ing, Teacher, Moses said, If any one should dio not 

t\iov TiKva, irriyapfipevoEi d.dSeXrpbr.avTov ti)v yvvaiKa 

having children, 3 shall 4 marry 'his "brother 6 wife 

avrov, Kai dvaorijoei OTTepjxarip.ddeXipip. avrov. 25^ 

'his, and shall raise up seed to his brother. Now there were 

nap ijpiv tirrd dSeXipoi' Kai 6 ttoZtoc v yaprjoag [{ treXevrrj- 

wnh us seven brothers; and the first having' married died, 

OEV, Kai fll) t\iOV OTTtppa dcp^jKEl' *Tl)v.yVl'OAKa.avT0V Tip 
and not having seed left - his wife 

d ceXrp< tov. 2G o/xouog Kai 6 devrepog, Kai o rpirog, 

to nis brother. In like manner also the second, and the third, 

'Log riov tTTTa. 27 iravriov dir&Oavev ^xaV* r) yvvi). 

unto the seven. And last of all died also the woman. 

2S ev ry r ovv dvaordoei [l rivog tiov titTU eorai yvvi); 

2 In 3 the 'therefore resurrection of which of the seven shall she be wife ? 

irdvTeg.ydp lo\ov ctvrrjv. 29 ' 6 'ltjoovg elrrev 

for all had her. ' And answering Jesus said 

avroiig, II\avdo9e, jxi) eidoreg Tag ypaipdg, fitjde rt)v dvvapiv 

to them, Ye err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power 

tov 9eov. 30 iv.ydp ttj dvaordoei . o'vre yapovoiv ovre 

of God. For in the resurrection neither do they marry nor. 

^iKyapi^ovrai,^ aXX' log dyyeXoi Vou 11 v 9eoi>W ev w ovpavip 

ar" given in marriage, but as angels of God in heaven 

elaiv. 31 Trepi.Se rrjg dvaordoeiog tiov veKpwv, ovK.dv'tyviore 

they are. But concerning the resurrection of the dead, have ye not read 

to ptj9ev vfilv vtto tov 9ecv, XkyovTog, 32 'Eyio elpi 

that which was spoken to you by God, saying, 1 am 


thou for any man : for 
thou regardost not the 
person of men. 17 Tell 
>is therefore, What 
thinkest thou? Is it 
lawful to give tribute 
unto Cfesar, or not ? 
IS But Je^us perceived 
their wickedness, and 
said, Why tempt ye 
me, ye hypocrites ? 
19 Shew me the tribute 
money. And they 
brought unto him a 
peuuy. 20 And he 
saith unto them, Whose 
is this image and su- 
perscription? 21 They 
say unto him, Caesar's. 
Then saith he unto 
them, Render therefore 
unto Csesar the things 
which are Caesar's ; 
and unto God the 
things that are God's. 
22 When they had 
heard these ivorits, 
they marvelled, and 
left him, and went 
their way. 

23 The same day 
came to him the Sad- 
ducees, which say that 
there is no resurrec- 
tion, and asked him, 
24 saying, Master, Mo- 
ses said, If a man die, 
having no children, 
his brother shall marry 
his wife, and raise up 
seed unto his brother. 
2oNow there were with 
us seven brethren: and 
the first, when he had 
married a wife, de- 
ceased, and, having no 
issue, left his wife unto 
his brother : 26 like- 
wise the second also, 
and the third, unto the 
seventh. 27 And last 
of all the woman died 
also. 23 Therefore in 
the resurrection whose 
wife shall she be of the 
seven ? for they all 
had her. 29 Jesus an- 
swered and said unto 
them, Ye do err, not 
knowing the scrip- 
tures, nor the power of 
God. 30 For in the 
resurrection they nei- 
ther marry, nor are 
given in marriage, but 
are as the angels of 
God in heaven. 31 But 
as touching the resur- 
rection of the dead, 
have ye not read that 
which was spoken unto 
you by God, saying, 
32 I am the God of 

etTTov t. * + 6 'Iijcrovs Jesus (says) lt. 

k avTtS t[a]. 
oi (read saying) i/fiya. n Mwuo-rjs LTTrAW. + Iva. that l. 

1 Kai T[Tr]A. r . avaaracrei ovv LTTrA. " ya.ju.aJei'Ta;. LTTrA. 

tfeou LTr[A], . * + tw the LTTrA. 

1 anfjXQav LTTrA. 
P y>j/ixas LTTrA. 
t TO y LTTrA. 


Abraham, and tke God 
of Isaac, and the God 
of Jacob ? God is not 
the '.God of the dead, 
but of the living. 
33 And when the mul- 
titude heard this, they 
were astonished at his 

34 But . when the 
Pharisees had heard 
that he had put the 
Sadducees to silence, 
they were gathered 
together. 35 Then one 
of them, which was a 
lawyer, asked him a 
question, tempting 
him, and saying, 

36 Master, which is 
the great command- 
ment in the law ? 

37 Jesus said unto him, 
Thou shalt love the 
Lord thy God with all 
thy heart, and with all 
thy soul, and with all 
thy mind. 38 This is 
the first and great com- 
mandment. 39 And the 
second is like nnto it, 
Thou shalt love thy 
neighbour as thyself. 
40 On these two com- 
mandments hang all 
the law and the pro- 

41 While the Pha- 
risees were gathered 
together, Jesus asked 
them, 42 saying, What 
think ye of Christ ? 
whose son is he ? They 
gay unto him, The Son 
of David. 43 He saith 
unto them, How then 
doth David in spirit 
call him Lord, saying, 
44 The LORD said unto 
my Lord, Sit thou on 
my right hand, till I 
make thine enemies 
thy footstool? 45 If 
David then call him 
Lord, how is he his 
son? 46 And no man 
was able to answer 
him a word, neither 
durst any man from 
that day forth ask 
him any more ques- 

XXIII. Then spake 
Jesus to the multitude, 
and to his disciples, 
2 saying, The scribes 
and the Pharisees sit 
in Moses' seat : 3 all 
therefore whatsoever 
they bid you observe, 



b Osbg 'Aflpauu Kal 6 Osbg Itrauic Kal 6 6ebg 'laKwfi; olac 

the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac and the God of Jaeub? "Not 

toriv x ci 6ebg u vOsbg" vekqCov, aXXa Zibvnoi'. 33 Kai c'ikov- 

'God God of [the] dead, but of [the] living. 

And having 

Gavrtg o't o^Xoi ^7r\//crffovro Wi ry.cicaxy.avrov. 

heard, the crowds were astonished at his teaching. 

34 Oi.ct <t>api<Tcuoi atcovaavrtQ on itpijttxJGEv tovq "2aS- 

But the Pharisees, having heard that he had silenced the Sad- 

SovKaiovg, ovi>i]x9i]<yccv e7rt.rb.aur6, 35 Kal Imipwrrjaei^ 

ducees, were gathered together, and Questioned [ !0 him] 

dg t avriov voftiKog, 7XHpdZ,t)iV avrov, z Kai Xsywj'," 

'one'of 3 them *a s doctor 6 of 'the 8 law, tempting him, and saying, 

36 AidaGKaXe, rzoia tvroXt) /.isydXr] Iv rip v-b\i.ti> ) 

Teacher, which *commandment [ l is 2 the] 3 great in the law? 

37 & 'O.Ss .'li)Govg direv avrti), n 'AycnrtiGEtg Kvpiov rbvQsbv 

And Jesus said to him, Thou shalt love [the] Lord ? God 

o~ov iv 6\y b r?j n .Kap$ia gov, icai Iv oXy rrj.xpvxy-aov, Kal iv 

'thy with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with 

tGrlv c 7Tpwr/; Kal fisydXi] 

is [the] first and great 

oXy rij.diavoia.GOV. 38 a.'vri] 

all thy mind. This 

ivroXi'i. 39 devrkpa.^St" b/toia airy, 'Ayam'iGEig rbv 

commandment. And [the] second [is] like it, Thou shalt love 

7rXrjGiov.G0v <jjg Geavrov. 40 iv ravraig ralg Cvgiv ivTo\aXg 

thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments 

6Xog b vbfipg e Kai or 7rpo<pr)rai Kp'sj-iavrai. n 

all the law and the prophets hang. 

41 " rStv QapiGaitov t7rt]pwrriGEV 

But 3 having 4 been ^assembled "together 'the ^Pharisees "questioned 

avrovg b'l7]Govg, 42 Xkywv, Ti vuiv Sokh 7rspl rov xp*tov ; 

9 ,them 'Jesus, saying, What 'ye 'think concerning the Christ ? 

rivog v\6g igtiv ; AkyovGtv avrt^, Tov. { Aa(5id. [i 43 Aeyft 

ofwhoni 3 son 'is 2 he? They say to'him, Of David. He saye 

abrolg, Ylwg ovv s Aaj3i8 n iv 7rvev /.lari g Kvpiov abrbv KaXsl;" 

to them, How then 2 David 3 in 4 spirit 'Lord ,; him 'does 5 call ? 

Xsytov, 44 EIttev h 6" Kiipiog rtfJ-Kvpu^-fiov, KdOov Ik fcZtwv.fiov 

saying, 3 Said 'the J Lord to my Lord, Sit on my right ham 


rwv. 7rodtov.G0v. 

for thy feet. 


his son 

itog.av Qui rovg.txdpovg.Gov l v7T07r6l,iov" 

until I place thine enemies [as] a footstool 

45 Ei oiv f Aa/3(<5" koXu abrbv Kvpiov, Trtog 

If therefore David calls him Lord, how 

Igtlv, 46 Kai ovdsig tdvvaro k avr<i> aTTOKpiOfiixii" Xoyov, 

is he ?' And no one was able him to answer a word 

obSi kroXjxriGkv rig air iKsivijg rFjg ijn'spag tTrepwriJGai abrbv 

nor dared anyone from that day to question him 


any more (lit. no more). 

23 T" r " 'hjGovg tXaXriGEV rolg ox~Xoig Kal roTg./.iaOrjra'it, 

Then Jesus spoke to the 

l MwGEU)g 

2 of 3 Moses 'seat have sat down the 

3 Txdvra ovv oGa.^dv^ i7rw- 

all things therefore whatever they may 

2 Xsytov, 'Errl rijg 

saying, On the 
ypanparsig Kai 01 QapiGaioi' 

scribes and the Pharisees j 



crowds and to -'disciples 

11 KttOedpag tKc'idiGav 01 

x _ 6 fobs (read he is not) T. ? 0ebs LTr[A]. z Kai Aeycui/ LTTr. 6 5e 'Itjo-ovs 

i(prj avrtZ G ; 6 5e e<f>r) avru LTTrA ] e^rj aira 'IrjcroOs W. b [rrj] A. 'jt fxeydXr] Kai 

7rptoTr) LTTr AW. d 6e and T. e Kpe/xaTaL nal oi 7rpocSr}Tai LTTrA W. f AaviS GW ; Aavei'S 
LTTrA e Ka\el avrbv tcvpiov LTrA ; KaAei Kvpiov avrov T. h 6 (read [the]) LTTrA 

' wiroKoTW under (thy feet) LTXrA. k ajroKOt^i'at avT<2 LTTrA MV(Tfe>s LTTrA w. m iay TW, 



* <s v. \ v 

av vyav "Tripeiv," "njpei -e icai ttoifits.-" Kara.oi ra.epya.avTwv 

tell you to keep, keep and do. But after their works 

p>>.~ otelre Xkyovsiv.ydp icctl ov.ttowvgiv. 4 SeGj.ievovaiv p ydp n 

do hod ; for they say and do not.' -Xhey^ind 'for 

ipofjTia (3apka V< dvofidaTaKra, 1 ' ical tTrinQkaaiv t7rt rovg 

burdens heavy * and hard to bear, and lay [them] on the 

topovg tCov ai'Ooi'oTrwi'' T r<>) 8e.daKri\<t).avT<jbv n ov.QeXovgiv 

shcuildcrs of men, but with their own finger they will not 

Kivi]<rai avTci. 5 Trdvra.Se T<kJpya.avruiv ttoiovgiv irpbg to 

move them. And all their works they do to 

usaOtjvai- To7g av9p(i)iroiQ. ttXcitvvovgiv *Sk' A ru <pvXaicrr)pia 

be seen by men. ' "They 3 make "'broad 'and "phylacteries 

avrujv, teal [xeyaXvvovoiv to. KparnreSa t TuJv.\pariwv.avTwi , ' u 

5 thcir, and enlarge the borders of their garments, 

6 (piXovaiv v rs" t\v irpcoTOicXiGiav iv roig Sei-n-voig, teal rag 

"love 'and the fir t place in the suppers, ' and the 

TTpcuroKaOfSplag iv rciig ovrayojyalg, 7 Kal rovg ctGiraG^iovg iv 

first seats in the synagogues, and the salutations in 

ra7g ayopalg, icai KctXelvQai viri rwv avOpwTrwv w pf/3/3t, pafiiBi' 9 

the market-places, and to be called by men Rabbi, Rabbi. 

8 vpelgSe /}.fcX?;0i/r *pa{3j3l'' 1 etg.ydp iariv vfxtjv b y ica9i]y7]Tfjg^ 

But J ye 'be -not called Rabbi; for one is your leader, 

z o xpioTog'^ v/.ietg dStXfpoi tore. 9 ical irar'spa 

the Christ, and all ye brethren are. And 6 father ''not 

K(iXea7]re v/xuiv eiri Tijg yf/c' elg.yap iariv !i b.TvaT))p.vfxCJv^ 

'call 5 your[ 1 any 4 one]on the earth; for one is your father, 

b b iv Tolg ovpav6ig. A 10 uijdk ic\r]9iiTfi Ka.6ijy7]ral' c tlg.yap 

who [is] in the heavens. Neither be called leaders ; for one 

vpiov iariv 6 Ka9>]yr]T)]g, n 6 \piGTog. 11 /xeit^wv v/aujv 
''your 'is leader, the Christ. But the greater of you 

iGrat vi\iix)V Sidicovog. 12 '6cTig.Se vipwoet eavrbv TaireivwOt)- 

shall be your servant. And whosoever will exalt himself shall be 

oerac ical oarig Tcnreivojaei eavrbv vip(jj9>]Grai. 

humbled; and whosoever will humble himself shall be exalted. 

13 04) d Oual. e Se* vjxiv, ypafx/iarelg ical Qapioaloi, VTroicptrai, 

But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, 

on KaTea9ieTE Tag oiiciag tujv X'lP&v, ical Trpotyaaei fiaxpd 
for ye devour the houses of widows, and as apretext 2 at *gr^- f ^length 

TTpouevxoi-ievoi' Sid tovto X//t//Eo"0 TrepiGGorepov .^pi'/ta." 

'praying. Because of this ye shall receive more abundant judgment. 

1 i (13) Oval 1 vfilv, ypa/xfiarelg teal QaptGaloi, inroKpirai, on 

Woe to you, scribes ' and Pharisees, hypocrites, for 

(cXei'fre ti)v [3aaiXeiav tujv ovpavwv efi7rpoa9ev ruiv dv9pw7rwv 

ye shut up the kingdom of the heavens before men; 

v/:ielg.ydp ov/ceiaepx^^e, ovSe rovg eiGepx^j-dvovg d<pieT 

for ye do not enter, nor even those who are entering do ye suffer 

6iVfiXt?7v. 15 Oval vuiv, ypaixfiarelg teal Qaoioalot, vwoicpiTai, 

to enter. Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, 

071 Trepidyere rt)v 9dXao~oav ical ti)v Zypdv iroiijocu 'eva 

for yc go about the sea and the dry [land] to make ono 


that observe and do ; 
but do not ye after 
their works : for they 
say, and do not. 4 For 
they bind hnavy bur- 
dens and grievous to 
be borno, and lay them 
on men's shoulder* ; 
but they themselves 
will not move them 
with one of their fin- 
gers. 5 But all their 
works they do for to 
be seen of men : they 
make broad their phy- 
lacteries, and enlarge 
the borders of their 
garments, 6 and lovo 
the uppermost rooms 
at feasts, and the chief 
seats in the syna- 
gogues, 7 and greet- 
ings in the markets, 
and to be called of 
men, Rabbi, Rabbi. 
8 But be not ye called 
Rabbi : for one is your 
Master, even Christ ; 
and all ye are breth- 
ren. 9 And call no 
man your father upon 
the earth : for one is 
your Father, which is 
in heaven. 10 Neither 
be ye called masters : 
for one is your Master, 
even Christ. 11 But he 
that is greatest among 
you shall be your ser- 
vant. 12 And whoso- 
ever shall exalt him- 
self shall be abased ; 
and he that shall hum- 
ble himself shall be 

13 But woe unto you, 
scribes and Pharisees, 
hypocrites! for ye shut 
up the kingdom of 
heaven against men : 
for ye neither go in 
yourselves, neither suf- 
fer ye them that are 
entering to go in. 
14 Woe unto you, 
scribes and Phari.-ces, 
hypocrites! for yc de- 
vour widows' houses, 
and for a pretcu.e 
make long prayer : 
therefore ye shall re- 
ceive the greater dam- 
nation. 15 Wop unto 
you, scribes and Pha- 
risees, hypocrites! for 
ye compass sea and 
land to make one pros- 

n t- nqpelv LTTrA TTOi-qcraTe (cat TT)petT6 LTTrA. P Se but LTTrA. 1 icai 6vcr/3acr- 

roucTa t[ti]a. * avrol ok to SaKruAo) avTo>v but they themselves with their finger LTTrA. 

6 yap for LTTrA. * Tciy t/aanW avrdv LTTrA. v oh LTTrA. w pa/3/3i LTr ; pa^/3et T ; 

pa,3i [pa/3|8t] A. pa/3/3ei T. v oioacncaAos teacher LTTrAW. l 6 xpif-ros GLTTrAW. 

* Vfj.ii>v o TTarrifr LTTr. h 6 ovpaiHOS the heavenly LTTrA. c OTt KatfrjyTJTTjs v/j.u>t> ecrrLf el? LTTrA. 

* VemlZ placed after 14 e ; verse 13 litta, e Se but E. f -f 6 but (woe) KLTTrA, 


elyte, and when he is 
made, ye make him 
twolold more l1>c child 
of hell than your- 
selves. 16 Woe unto 
you, ye blind guides, 
which say, Whosoever 
shall swear by the tem- 
ple, it is nothing- ; but 
whosoever shall swear 
by the gold of the tem- 
ple, he is a debtor ! 
17 Ye fools and blind : 
for whether is greater, 
the gold, or the temple 
that sanctifieth the 
gold? 18 And, Who- 
soever shall swear by 
the altar, it is nothing; 
but whosoever swear- 
eth by the gift that is 
upon it, he is guilty. 
l'J Ye fools and blind: 
for whether is greater, 
the gift, or the altar 
that sanctifieth the 
gi ft ? 20 WhobO there- 
fore shall swear by the 
altar, sweareth by it, 
tiuj. by all things thore- 
on. 21 And whoso shall 
swear by the temple, 
sweareth by it, and 
by him that dwelleth 
ther in. 22 And he that 
shall swear by I*eiven, 
sweareth by the throne 
6f God, and by him 
that sitteth thereon. 
23 Woe rcnto you, 
scribes and Pharisees, 
hypocrites! for ye pay 
tithe of mint and anise 
and cummin, and have 
omitted the weightier 
matters of t,he law, 
judgment, mercy, and 
faith : these ought ye* 
to have done, and not 
to leave the other un- 
done. 24 Ye blind 
guides, which strain at 
a gnat, and swallow a 
camel. 25 Woe unto 
you, scribes and Pha- 
ri>ees, hypocrites! for 
ye make clean the out- 
side of the cup and of 
the platter, but within 
they are full of ex- 
tortion and excess. 
20 Thou blind Pha- 
risee, cleanse first that 
which is within the cup 
and platter, that the 
outside of them may 
be clean also. ' 27 Woe 
unto you, scribes and 
Pharisees, hypocrites! 
for ye are like unto 
whited sepulchres, 
which indeed appear 
beautiful outward, but 
are within fuil of dead 
men's bones, and of all 



7rpom)\vTov, Kal orav yivrfTai, 7roi?Tre aurbv v\bv ye- 

proselyte, and when he has become [so], ye make him a son pf Qe- 

ivvijg SnrkoTEpov vpuiv. 16 Oval u/juv, bSi]yol rv(p\oi y oi 
henna twofold more than yourselves. Woe to you, "guides 'blind, who 

Xtyovreg, "Og.dv bpoay iv r<p va<p y ove'tv ioTiV og.o'.dv 

say, Whoever shall swear by the temple, nothing it is; but whoever 

bpocry iv Ttp XP V<T V T0V va v> 6<pei\u. 17 ptopoi Kal rv<p\oi" 

shall swear by the gold of the temple, is a debtor.' Fools and ' blind, 

%Tig v .ydp h uei^u)v il LctiP, 6 %pi/cri>, >/ b vabg 6 'ayid^wv" 
for which "greater 'is, the gold, or the temple which sanctifies 


tov'' xpvaov ; 
the gold? 

18 Kai, 


tdv" bpoay iv T(p QvmacrTijpiip, 

Whoever shall swear by the altar, 

ovSkv iortv' og.S'.av bpoay iv T(p So'jp(p T(p tTrdvco avrov, 

nothing it is; but whoever shall swear by the gift that [is] upon it, 

6<pEikei. 19 l fiwpol Kal 11 TvpXei, t'i yap psl^ov, to diopov, 

is a debtor. Fools and blind, for which [is] greater, the gift, 

rj to Ovaiaarrjpiov to dyid^ov to Suipov ; 20 b ovv bpocrag 

or the altar which sanctifies the gift? He -that 'therefore swears 

iv Tip OvGUKXTTipiq) bfivvei Iv avT<p Kal tv Tracriv Tolg tTrdvoi 

by the altar swears by it .and by all things that [are] upon 

auTov' 21 Kal 6 opecrag tv t</j va(p bpvvei tv avTtp Kal iv 

it. And he that swe:irs by the temple swears by it and by 

T<p ra KaTGiKov%'Ti n avTOV 22 Kal b bpoaag iv T(p oi<pav(p 

him who dwells in it. And he that swears by the heaveu 

bjivvH iv r<p Qpovip tov Qeov Kal iv Ttp Ka9r]piv<p 

by the throne of God and by him who sits 




av-ov. 23 Oval vplv, ypapparelg Kal Qapiaaloi, vwoKpiTai, oti 
it. Y7be to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, for 

a.7rGC!<aT0VT to ijfivocpov Kal to dvijOov Kal to kv/xu'ov, Kal 

ye pay tithes of the mint and the anise and the cummin, and 

di^Kare rd flapvTtpa tov v6;iov, ti)v Kpicriv Kal "tov 

ye have loft aside the weightier [matters] of the law, judgment, and 

Aov" Kal TT)V wiffTiV raura idei 7roirjarai, KaKtlva pfj 

mercy and faith : these it behoved [you] to do, and those not 

p d(pdvai. n 24 bdqyol rvf\oi, lot" divXi^ovreg tov Kwvio7ra f 
to be leaving aside. "Guides 'blind, who filter out the gnat, 

Tnv.Sk Kdfit]Xov KaraTrivovTig. 25 Oval vplv, ypapparelg Kai 

but the camel swallow. Woe to you, scribes and 

$apioaloi, V7T0KpiTai, oti Ka9api%TE to tZwOev tov ttottjoiov 
Pharisees, hypocrites, for ye cleanse the outside of the cup 

Kal Tt\g irapoxf/id'og, t<jw9?.v.Sk yipovaiv r t'' 
and of the dish, but within they are full of 

s aKpaaiag. li 26 fbapuxale TV<pXs, KaQdpiaov 7rpu>TOV to ivTog 

incontinence. "Pharisee 'blind, cleanse first the. inside 

roil 7roTt]p'iOv t KalTfjg 7rapo4>ldog,^'iva yivr\Tai Kal to iKTog 

of the cup and of the dish, that 6 may 'become 6 fiiso 1 the "outside 

v auTo>v" KaQapov. 27 Oval vplv, ypapparelg Kal $apio>j(ioi y 

3 of 'them clean. Woe to you, ncribes and Pharisees, 

'vTroKpiTai, oti w 7rapo/iOia^r" rd<poig KEKOviapivotg, o'lTivtg 

.hypocrites, for ye are like ^sepulchres 'whited, which 

f wf}r piv <paivovTai wpatot, tffujOev.ds yipovoiv barktitv 

outwardly indeed appear beautiful, but within are full of bonea 

ap7rayi]g Kai 
plunder and 

8 Tt L. h fiel^ov L. ' ayido-as sanctified LTTrA. l av LTTrA. fxoopol leal []TrrA. 
m Karoi.KT)o-o.vT<. dwelt in gttaw. a to eAeo? LTTrA. + Si but (JLTtaw. p 6^>itm-i 

to leave aside LTTrA. i oi {read filtering out. . . . swallowing) lt.-a. ' * | l [tt} 

> diKt'a? unrighteousness QW. ' Kai rtjs frapoi/u'o? ia, v avrov of it LXTra. 

* 6/aoid^ere Llr, 


v Kpwv teal trdar]g atcaQapmag. 28 o'vtioq Kai iifieTg ioj9ev 

of [the] dead and of all unclcarmess. Thus also ye outwardly 

ixtv (paivzoOe rolg dvOpw-n-oig Biicaioi, iaoj9ey.Se x fxearoi tare" 

indeed appear to men righteous, but within *full 'are 

V7roKpiaeojg icai avoptiag. 29 Ouai vpXv, ypapfiarelg Kai <pa- 

of hypocrisy and lawlessness. Woo toyou, scribes and Pha- 

piacuoi, VTTOKpirai, otl otKoSopetre rovg rdtpovg rwv 7rpo(pi]Tu>v, 

risees, hypocrites, for ye build the sepulchre* of the prophets, 

Kai KQfffielre rd fivtifieia riov Stiaziojv, 30 teal Xkyere. El ^/jei/ 11 

and adorn. the tombs of the righteous, and ye say, If we had been 

iv raig i)f.ikpatg Ttov.Trartpojv.yfioJv, ovK-avJfifiev" z Koivwvoi 

in tJif days . of our fathers we would not have been partaker.-;. 

avToJv a Iv r(p aifiari ro~>v Trpo<pi]Tu>v. 31 wore fiaprvpelre 

with them . in the blood of the prophets. So that ye bear witness 

iavroXg, iin v'wi ears tCov <povevadvT0Jv Tuvg Trpoffjrag- 

to yourselves, that sons ye are of those who murdered the prophets; 

32 Kai ifielg TvXi]pu)oaTe to pkrpov ruiv.7raTepwv.vfj,u>v. 33 btpeig, 

and ye, fill ye up the measuro of your fathers. Serpents, 

yewrjpara ex^SvoJv, irwg <f>vyr)Te airb r// Kpiaeojg rtjg ye- 

offspring of vipers, how shall ye escape from the judgment of Ge- 

'tvvt]g ; 34 Aid tovto, ISov, tyoj diroaTfXXoj repbg vfidg Trpo- 
henna? Because of this, behold, I send to you pro- 

(pjjrag Kai aofovg Kai ypafifiarelg' a /cai" s avroJv diro- 

phets and wise [men] and scribes ; and [some] of them ye will 

Krevelre Kai aravpojaere. Kai s avrotv [laartyojaere iv ralg 

kill and crucify, and [some] of them ye will scourge in 

ttvvayojya~tg.vp.wv, Kai Stoj^ere airb TroXeojg eig iroXtv' 
your synagogues, and will persecute from city to city ; 

35 OTrojg i\9?j e<p' ttclv alp.a SiKaiov b EKXw6"i.iEvov n 
so that should come upon you all [the] ^blood 'righteous poured out 

em Ttjg yijg, airb c rov^ a'ip.arog *A/3e\ rov SiKaiov, 'iojg rov 

upon the earth from the blood of Abel the righteous, to the 

aifiarog Za^api'ou viov Bapaxiov, ov efovevaare fierd^v rov 

blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom ye murdered between the 

vaov Kai tov 9vaiaarr\piov. 36 aprjv Xkyoj v/mv, a i'j^ei 
temple ' and the altar. Verily I say to you, 4 shall 5 come 

e Tdvra Travra n eiri Ti)v.yevedv.Tavri]v. 37 'lepovaaXr'jp,, 

*these 3 things 'aU upon this generation. Jerusalem, 

'lepovaaXrj/x, r) diroKreivovaa rovg Trpo^i]Tag Kai Xi9of3oXovaa 

Jerusalem, who killest the prophets and stonest 

rovg aireaTaXjievovg Trpbg aurijv, TroaciKig i]9e\i]aa liriavv- 
those who have been sent to her, how often would I have gath- 

ayayeiv Ta.TSKva.aov, ov.toottov ! eTTiavvdyei , 6pvig n to. 

ered together thy children, in the way 3 gathers ^together 'a -hen 

voaaia.ZeavTtjg^ vrrb rag irrepvyag^, Kai ovK.rj9eXt]aare\ 

her brood under [her] wings, , and ye would not I 

38 ISov, a&ierai vpiv b.olKog.vfiwv 1 iprjpog. n / 39 Xeyw.ydp 
Behold, is left to you your house desolate ; for I say 

vfiiv, 0#p7 fie tSrjre cltt' '.apri eojg.dv ei7rr)TE, EuXoyrj- 

to you, In no wise me shall ye soe henceforth until ye say, Bless- 

H'evog b kp\6fxevog iv 6v6jj,aTi Kvpiov. 
ed [is] he who comes in [the] name of [the] Lord. 


uncleanness. 28 Even 
so ye also outwardly 
appear righteous unro 
meu, but within ye are 
full of hypocrisy and 
iniquity. 29 Woe unto 
you, scribes and Pha- 
risees, hypocrites! be- 
cause ye build the 
tombs of the prophets, 
and garnish the sepul- 
chres of the righteous, 

30 and say, If we had 
been in the days of our 
fathers, we would not 
have been partakers 
with them in the 
blood of the prophets. 

31 Wherefore ye be 
witnesses linto your- 
selves, that ye are the 
children of them which 
killed the prophets. 

32 Fill ye up then the 
measure of your fa- 
thers. 33 Ye serpents, 
ye generation of vi- 
pers, how can ye escape 
the damnation of hell ? 

34 Wherefore, behold, 
I send unto you pro- 
phets, and wise men, 
and scribes : and some 
of them ye shall kill 
and crucify ; and some 
of them shall ye 
scourge in your syna- 
gogues, and persecute 
them from city to city: 

35 that upon you may 
come all the righteous 
blood shed upon the 
earth, from the blood 
of righteous Abel unto 
the blood of Zacharias 
son of Barachias, 
whom ye slew between 
the temple and the 
altar. 36 Verily I say 
unto you, All these 
things shall come upon 
this generation. 37 O 
Jerusalem, Jerusalem, 
thou that killest the 
prophets, and stonest 
them which are sent 
unto thee, how often 
would I have gathered 
thy children together, 
even as a hen gathereth 
her chickens under her 
wings, and ye would 
not I 38 Behold, your 
house is left unco you 
desolate. 39 For I say 

' unto you, Ye shall not 
see me henceforth, till 
ye shall say, Blessed is 
he that cometh in the 
name of the Lord, 

x tare ixearrol LTTrA 
b i.a\vvv6fi,evov LTTrA. c tov W 
iirt<rvvdyei LTTrA, f.j*VT)}S T[TrJAW ; 
1 epij/tos L. 

y T);ue0a GLTTrAW. z ailTUiV KOIJ/WVOI LTrA. s KOU LTTrA. 

c T ofi w. d -(- onthat g[a]w. e iravTa ravra LTrA. f 6pvt<; 

eavTJjs (read [her]) L. h + [awr^sj her (wings) l. 


XJIV. And Jesus 
ft'L-nt out, and departed 
froin ihe temple : and 
his disciples came to 
him for to shew him 
the buildings of the 
temple. 2 And Jesus 
said unto them, See ye 
not all the-e things ? 
verily I say unto you, 
There shall not be left 
here one stone upon 
auothcr, that shall not 
be thro ivn down. 3 And 
as he sat upon the 
mount of Olives, the 
disciples came unto 
him privately, saying, 
Tell us, when shall 
these things be? and 
what shall be the sign 
of thy coming, and of 
the end of the world ? 
4 And Jesus answered 
and said unto them, 
Take heed that no man 
deceive you. 5 For 
many shall come in my 
name, saying, I am 
Christ; and shall de- 
ceive many. 6 And ye 
shall hear of wars and 
rumours of wars : see 
that ye be not trou- 
bled : for all these 
things must come to 
pass, but the end is not 
yet. 7 For nation shall 
rise against nation, 
and kingdom against 
kingdom : and there 
shall be famines, and 
pestilences, and earth- 
quakes, in divers 
places. 8 All these ar-e 
the beginning of sor- 
rows.. 9 Then shall 
they deliver you up to 
be afflicted, and shall 
kill you : and ye shall 
be hated of all nations 
for my name's sake. 
10 And then shall 
many be offended, and 
shall betray one an- 
other, andi shall hate 
one another. 11 And 
many false prophets 
hall rise, and shall 
deceive many. 12 Aud 
because iniquity shall 
abound, the love of 
many shall wax cold. 
13 But he that shall 
endure unto the end, 
the same shall be 
saved. 14 And this 
gospel of the kingdom 
shall be preached in 
all the world for a 
witness unto all na- 
tions; and then shall 
the end come. 15 When 
ye therefore shall see 
the abomination of 
desolation, spoken of 
by Daniel the prophet, 
stand in the holy place. 

M A T 9 A I 2. 


24 Kai I^eXBujv b 'lt]aovQ k t7ropevs-o enrb tov lepov, n Kai 

And going forth Jesus went away from the temple, and 

7rpoG7]\Qov ol..pa9r]Tai.avTOv LtficeiZcu aury Tag oiKoSofidg 

"came *to [ 5 him] 'his "disciples to point out to him the buildings 

tov iepov. 2 b.Ss. l 'l>i<7ovg n eivev avTolg, Qv.fiXiTZETE fVavrai 

of the temple. But Jesus said to them, See ye not /all 

tcivtu ;" dprjrXeyio vpUr,>) dipt9y wSe XiBog tTriXi9or 

these things ? Verily Isay to you, not at all shall be stone upon stone 

og ov- a fii) n -KaTa.\v6ti<TErai\ 3 Ka9i]fi'erov.Si abrov tTri tov 

which shall not be throwu down And as -was "sitting 'he upon the 

bpovg tujv tXaiwr irpoa^XBor avrip 01 fia9r}Tai KaT.iciav } Xk- 
mount of Olives "carnc^to 5 him 'the "discip'.es apart, say- 

yovrsg, EiVt yfiiv, tvote rav-a tcrai; Kai ri rb aij/xelov 

ing, Tell us, when "these ^things 'shall be? and what [is] the sign 

Ttjg.atjg Trapovviag Kai p r//c" gvvteX: iag tov aiutvog ', 4 Kai 

of thy coming and of the completion of the age 1 And 

awoKpiOetg b 'lijaovg ElwEr aiiTOic, BXs7nre, pr\ rig vueig 

answering Jesus said to them, Take heed, lest any one you 

7rXavii(jrj. 5 7roXXoi.ydp tXivooi'TCii Itti Tip.or6u.aTi.fiov, Xk- 

'mislead. For many .will come in my name, 

yovrtg, Eyio tipi b ^piarog' Kai TroXXovg TrXavqoovGiv. 

saying, I am the Christ ; and many they will mislead. 

6 MeXX))(jete-S'e clkovuv TroXkfiovg Kai aKoag TroX'epujr. bpare, 

But ye shall be about to hear of wars and rumours of wars. See, 

pj).9poiGQv Sel.ydp ^7ravra A ysvtaOai' dXX' ovttio 

be not disturbed ; for it is necessary all [these] things to take place, but not yetf 

iarlv to riXog. 7 'Eyep6r)aerai.ydp iQvog r Ti" iQvog, Kai 

is the end. For "shall J rise 4 up 'nation against nation. and 

(3aciXeLa i7ri fiaciXeiav Kai taovrai Xipoi s Kai Xotpoi v 
kingdom against kingdom ; and there shall be famines and pestilences 

Kai auafxoi Kara TOTrovg. 8 irdrTa.Si ravra dpx>) woi- 

aud earthquakes in [different] places. But all these [are] a beginning of 

vixjv. 9 Tots irapaSwaovair vpdg slg BXivinr, Kai clttoktei ovair 
throes. Then will they deliver up you to tribulation, and will kill 

bfidg' Kai taecrQe fiiaovpsrot V7rb irdi'TUJv 'rwi" 11 i9vwv Sid 

you ; and yo will be hated by all the nations on account of 

To.bvojid.jxov. 10 Kai tote OKavSaXia9i]GOVTai ttoXXoi, Kai 
my name. And then will be offended many, and 

dXXi)Xovg irapaSwoovcnr Kai fiiar'iaovair dXXrjXovg' 11 Kai 

one another they will deliver up and will hate one another ; and 

iroXXoi i\/svSoTrpo<prfTai iyep9)]<T0VTai, Kai KXavriaovaiv iroX- 

many false prophets will arise, and will mislead 

Xovg' 12 Kai <5ia Tb.TrXr}9vv9i')vai Tt)r dropiar, xpvyijaETai 

many ; and because shall have been multiplied lawle^sness, G will 7 grow 8 cold 

Tr) dyawr] twv 7roXXwV 13 b.oe virop.ti.vag elg T&Xog, 

'the ''love 'of * the 5 many ; but he who endures to [the] end 

oiiTog a<o9t)aSTai. 14 Kai KT]pv\9riaETai TOVTO.rbsvayytXiov 

he shall be saved. Aud there shall be proclaimed these glad tidings 

Tifg fiaoiXeiag tr o\y ry oikov fiery, Eig papTvpior irdaiv To7g 

of the kingdom in all the habitable earth, for a testimony to all tho 

iQvtoiv' Kai tote }/ei to TeXog. lo'Orav ovr 'IStjte to 

nations; and then shall come the end. When therefore ye shall see the 

(3SeXvypa T)~]g epr]pibcrEwg, to pi]9er Sid AarujX tov Trpo- 
abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the pro- 

k airb (K Otlt (if L) 
m ravra iravrrx. l.TTrA 
S .ravra lth[aJ. 

tov lepov tnopevero LTTrA. ' dn-o(cpi0ei.s answering (he said) LTTY'A. 

. n /J.T) GUT AW. + [avToi)] Ot him L. P rrj? LTTr^. 

' in' T. ' Kai Xoifioi L'i'f.A, l Twe E. 



<p1]T0Vf y tOTQQ" IV TOTTtp ayap' O dvayiVUHJKOJV v VOEl- 

phet, standing in [the] "place 'holy (he who reads let him un- 

7-w" 1G tote ol iv Ty 'lovdaio: ([>EvyiT(jJO~a.v x S7ri" to. 
derstand), then those in Judea let them flee to the 

opt]- 17 6 iwi tov Sto/xaf og firiJKa.Taf3aiveTw n apai z ri" 
mountains ; he on the housetop let him not come down to take anything 

tic Ti]^.o,uciag.avTOv' 18 Kai 6 iv r<p dyp<p in).iiriOTpr.i\/a.T(u 
out of his house,; and he in the field let him not return 

u7rimo apai a rd i/xdria" avrov. 19 oval.St Taig iv.yaiTpi.i- 
back to take "garments 'his. But woe to those that are with 

\ovaaig Kai. toaq 9r]Xa'^ovc>aig iv tKeivaig Taig tj^iipaig. 

child and to those that give suck in those days. 

20 irpooEvxEa&E.Si iva. fit).yivr)Tai i)-<]>vyr).vu.jv ^eijuwj/oc, fiijSi 
And pray that 3 may 4 not 5 be 'your "flight in winter, nor 

b tv" (ra/3/3dry. 21 "EtTTai.ydp tote OXi^ig jiEydXr], oia c ov 

on sabbath: for there shall be then "tribulation 'great such as "not 

ykyovev n an dp\T)g i kcg/xov ewg tov vvv, ovo.ov.fii) 

'has been from [the] beginning of [the] world until now, no, noiever 

ytv7]Tai. 22 Kai Ei./ur) *Ko\of3io9)iaav at.i'i/jipai.kKelvaL, ovk 

shall be; and unless 3 had "been 'shortened 'those "days, "not 

dv.iowBr) irctaa aap%' did.Si Tovg IkXsktovq 

"there 'would ha ye been saved any flesh, but on account of the elect 

Ko\o(3u)9rjaovTai ai.r'mspai.tKelvat. 23 Tore lav Tig Vfiiv 

a shall "be Shortened 'those "days. Then -if anyone to you 

(i7ry,'ldov, uiSe XP ,ITr > ^ w^,/t}. d 7ri(Trfi;i7qn." 24,'Eysp- 

say, Behold, here [is] the Christ, or here, believe [it] not. "There 'will 

Orjoovrai yap ypsvSo^piaToi Kai ipevSoTrpocprJTaL, Kai Swaovaiv 
"arise for false Lhrists and false prophets, and will give 

(jtjfxeJa /xEydXa Kai Ttpara, wars e 7rXavi}^ai tt , ti dvvaTov, Kai 
"signs 'gTeat and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even 

TovgtKXeKTOvg. 25lSov, 7rpoetpr]Ka v/j.7i>.26idv ovv utt<oo~iv 

the elect. Lo, I have foretold [it] to you. If therefore they say 

vfilv, 'Ifiov, iv tt) ipj]jX(j) iariv, fxi).i'ilXdr]TV 'icov, iv 

to you, Behold, in the wilderness he is, go not forth : Behold, Pie is] in 

rolg Ta/xeioig, nr/.Trio-TEvarjTE. 27 loawep.yap if aaToa-m) i^ip- 

the chambers, believe [It] not. For as the lightning comes 

X Erai a7ro dvaToXuiv Kai <f>aivtrai kwg Svau.wi>, ovTwg 

iorth from [the] east and appears as far as [the] west, so 

tOTai { Kai a i) Ttapovaia tov v'iov tov dvQp^rcov. 28 oxov%ydp n 
shall be also the coming of the Son of man. For wherever 

idv y to TTTuifia, t/ceT cvvax9>)aovTai oi atToi. 29 Eii- 

may be the carcase, there will be gathered together the eagles. "Iinmedi- 

Giojg Si fierd t?)v OXiipiv Tu>v.yjnepu>v.iKeiv(jJV 6 i'jXiog gkoti- 
ately v ' but after the tribulation of those days the sun shall be 

<rf9>'/(T c rai, /cat r) ceX^vt] ov.Siooei To.fiyyog.av.Ttig, Kai oi 

darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the 

aaTspeg TrtoovvTai h a7ro" tov ovpavov, Kai ai SvvdfJEig twv 

stars shall fall from the . heaven, and the "powers of the 

ovpavwv aaXsvOrfffovTai. 30 /cat tote (pavrjasrai to aijfitiov 

heavens shall be shaken. And then shall appear the sign 

tov v'iov tov dvdpioiTov iv W(p n ovpavtji' Kai ^tote" ko- 

of the Son of man in the heaven ; and then shall 


(whoso readeth, let hhu 
understand :) 16 then 
let them which be in 
Judiea flee into the 
mountains : 17 let him 
which is on the house- 
top not come down to 
take any thing out of 
his house : 18 neither 
let him which is iu 
the field return back 
to take his clothes. 

19 And woe unto thorn 
that are with child, 
and to them that give 
suck iu those days! 

20 But pray ye that, 
your flight be not iu 
the winter, neither oil 
the sabbath day: 21 for 
then shall be great 
tribulation, such as 
was. not since the be- 
ginning of the world 
to this time, no, nor 
ever shall be. 22 And 
except those days 
should be shortened, 
there should no flesh 
be saved: but for the 
elect's sake those days 
shall be shortened. 
23 Then if any man 
shall say unto you, Lo, 
here is Christ, or there; 
believe it not. 24 For 
there shall arise false 
Christs, and false pro- 
phets, and shall shew 
great signs and won- 
ders ; insomuch that, 
if it were possible, they 
shall deceive the very 
elect. 25 Behold, I 
have told you before. 
26 Wherefore if they 
shall say unto you, 
Behold, he is in the 
desert ; go not forth : 
behold, he is in the 
secret chambers ; be- 
lieve it not. 27 For as 
the lightning couieth 
out of the east, .-Mid even unto the 
west ; so shall also th 
coming of the Son of 
man be. 28 For where- 
soever the carcase is, 
there will the eagles 
be gathered together. 
29 Immediately after 
the tribulation of 
those days shall the 
sun be darkened, and 
the moon shall not 
give her light, and the 
stars shall fall from 
heaveu, and the powers 
of the heavens shall be 
shaken : 30 and then 
shall appear the sign 
of the Son of man in 
heaven: and then shall 

' eo-T(i>s eg. w voeirix) ; does he understand ? ty. x eic ltt. v k<xt<x/3otu> i.tty 

' Ta the things GLTTrAW. TO ifxariov garment LTTr. b iv GLTTrAW. c 0J(C 

leycVeTO T. d mo-revere L. e 7rAaiT}#v)i'cu t; Trkai'aadai (read so that will be misled) Tr. 

< leal I.TTrAW. g via for LTTrA. *> eje OUt of T. 7<l> liTIlA, k TOT T, 

(Cat LTTrA W. yap for LTTrA. h * OUt Of T. 


all the tribes of the 
earth tnouru, and they 
shalf bck the Sou of 
maa coming in the 
clouds of heaven with 
power and great glory. 
31 Ar.d he shall send 
his augels with a great 
sound of a trumpet, 
aud they shall gather 
together his elect from 
the four winds, from 
one end of heaven to 
the other. 32 Mow learn 
a parable of the fig 
tree ; When his branch 
is yet tender, and put- 
teth forth leaves, ye 
know that summer is 
nigh : 33 so likewi-e 
ye, when ye shall soe 
all these things, know 
that it is near, even at 
the doors. 34 Verily I 
say unto you, This 
generation shall nod 
pass, till all these 
things he fulfilled. 
3. r ) Heaven aud earth 
shall pass away, but 
my words shall not 
pass away. 3(1 But of 
that day and hour 
knoweth no man, no, 
not the angels of hea- 
ven, but my Father 
only. 37" Bui as the 
days of No were, so 
shall also the coming 
of the Son of man be. 
2< For as in the days 
that were before the 
flood they were eating 
and drinking, marry- 
ing and giving in mar- 
riage, until the day 
that Noe entered into 
the ark, 39 and knew 
not until the flood 
came, and_ took them 
all awrvy ; 'so shall also 
the coming of the Son 
of man he. 40 Then 
shall t wohe in the field ; 
the ona shall be taken,, 
and the othsr left. 

41 Two women shall be 
grinding at the mill ; 
the one shall be taken, 
and the other left. 

42 Watch therefore: 
for ye Icnow not what 
hour your Lord doth 
come. 43 But know 
this, that if the good- 
nuu of the house had 

tyyvg to 
near [is] the 

TaVTCl,* 1 
these things, 

M A T 9 A I O 2. XXIV. 

if/ovrai Traaat ai <pvXal rfjc JVC Kal u\povTat tov v'ibv tov 

wail all the tribes of the land, and they shall see the Son 

dv9pW7rov, tp\n/jisvov iirl rwv vetysXiov ToV obpavov pera dv 
of man, coining on the clouds of heaven with 

vdfxscjQ tcai do%rjQ ttoWi'iq. 31 Kal d7ro(TTe\~i rovg dyyiXovg 

power and 2 glory 'great. And heshallsend "angels 

avrov fjTOL adX-iriyyog l (paivi']g n fisydXt^g, Kai t-jri<Tvvdtovcnv 
'his with "of ' 4 a 5 trumpet 2 sound 'great, and they shall gather together 

TOvg.tKXsKrovc.avTOV tK ruivT(Tcrdpu)vdvku(jj'i'.d7r aKpwv 

his elect from the four winds, from [the] extremities 

ovpavuJv eojg m aicpwv avriov. 32 'Airo.Si rijg avK^g 

of [the] heavens' to [the] extremities of them. But from the fig-tree 

fidQers ti)v Trapaf3oX>)v' orav t) t] b.KXddog.avrrjg ykvi^rai 
, learn the parable: When already its branch is become 

diraXog, ical rd <pvXXa "sjc^iuy," yivwGKere oti 

tender, and the leaves it puts forth, ye know that 

9kpog' 33 o'vrwg Kal Vfielg, orav ivi]T Trdvra 
summer. Thus also ye, when ye see ( all 

yivwviceTt oti tyyvg io~Tiv iirl Ovpcug. 34 dpiriv \eyu> vfuv, 9 
know that near it is, at [the] doors. Verily I say to you, 

ov.fJ.r) TvapsXQ-g ii.yeved.avri] 'iwc-dv Tvdvra ravra 

In no wise will have passed away this generation until all thesethinga 

ykvr\rai. 35 'Q obpavbg Kal ?'/ yi; i7rapEXev<jovrai f u 

shall have taken place. The heaven and the earth shall pass away. 

o'l.Ss^XSyoi./xov 'ov.fnij Trap&XQiomv. 36 Uipi.Sk rtjg i/fiipag 
but my words in no wise shall pass away. But concerning 2 day 

ticiv7jg Kal r T7jf" wpag ovcelg olbev, oudf oi dyyeXot twv 
and tho hour no one knows, not even the angels of the 

a el.fir} b.TraTitp- x jxoxt^ uovog. 37 "Qmr{p. T (te" al i)^tpai 

but my Father only. But as the days 

roi'.Nwf, ovTwg torai w /cai :i ) irapovaia tov viov tov dv9pw- 
of Noo, so shall bev ' also the coming of the Son of 

iroo. "-38 x w<T7rsp" yap fiaav iv Taig iifxipaig^ *TaTg irpb n 

man. *As 'for they were in the days which, [were] before 

tov KaTaicXvo'f.iov, TpioyovTsg Kal . irivovTtg, yap.ovvTg Kai 

'the flood, eating and drinking, marrying and 

HKyap.iZ,ovTtg,* d^pi r/gJifiipag e!crFiX9tv NaJ eig m)v Ki{3ui~6v, 
givaug in marriage, until the day when -entered 'Koe into the ark, 

39 Kal ovK.tyvwcrav, twg iiXOsv b KdraKXuafibg Kal ijoev 

they knew not till 3 camc. 'the a flood and took away 

Va" >) Trapoi'oia tov viov tov dvOpiinrov. 
also the coming of the Son of man. 

iv ,T(f> dyp({i d (V'. eig TrapaXa/ilSdveTai, 

in the field, the one is taken, 




airavTag, ovrutg tarai ' 

all; ^thua shall bo 

40 Tots c Svo """"'-" " 

Then two 


will be 

Kal d o" etg d(f>iTai. 41 dvo d\i}0ovo-ai iv T<^ e fivXu>vi' i p.ia 

and the one is left ; two[women] grinding at the mill, one 


jrapaXanfidvErm, Kal \i'ia atpie'Tm. 42 Tp/jyopsirs ovv, oti 

is taken, and one is left. Watch therefore, for 

oi'K-oidaTt iroia l ti>pa n b.KVpwg.iifiwv tpx iTai '. 43 tKsh'o.Si 

ye-know not in what hour your Lord comes. But this 

i ^totnjs (read a great trumpet) t. 
ravra iravra TTr. P + on that LTr 

4,0 + TMi' the Tr. n iicfyvrj are put forth LTr a. 

1 TrapeXeHaerai GL1T- A. r T-ijs GLTTrA. 

" + ov6e 6 vlbs nor the son lt. l fiov (read the Father) GLTTrfx]. v yap for (as) LTr. 
w Kal LTTrA. x fe)5 as LTA ; ebs 80 Tr. 1 + eareiWts (read those days) l[tt} 

* rots irpb (read of the flood) a. *'<res L ; ya/j.CovTc<; T. b cai LTrA. 

icrovrai hvo LT. d o LTTrA. ^.vAoj LTT.A. f Tjy.tpa. day LTTrA. 




yivu>(TKTe } on el ySei b oiicodeaTroriig Troia (pvXaKy 

know, that *f "had 'known 'the 2 inaster 3 of 4 the "house in what watch 

b KX'srrrqg 'ipx ETa h iyp^yctpr)Giv.av, Kai ovk av.eia.GEV %io- 

the thief comes, he would have watched, and not have suffered 3 to ""be 

ovy7)vai n ry)v.oiKiav.avrov. 44 Sia.rovro Kai v/ielg yiveaOe 
5 dug 6 through 'his 'house. Wherefore also 2 ye 'be 

'iroifioi' (in y. h wna ov-8oK'iT n b vtbg rov avQpojirov 'ipxerai. 

ready, for in what hour ye think not the Son * of man comes. 

45 Tig apa IotIv 6 ttkttoq biiiXog Kai <ppovtij.og, ov Kar'e- . 

Who then is the faithful" bondman and prudent, whom ''has 

c!7)]oev u.Kvpioc^aorov" t7rl rijg. k 6epa7reiag n .avrov, rov l Si$6vai n 

4 sct 'his ^lord over his household, to give 

avrolg rr)v rpotyiiv tv Kaipifi ; 46 fiaicapiog b.Sov\og.lKli>og, ov , 

to them the food in season ? Blessed that bondman, whon 

t\6ojv'TOv evpt)oet m iroiovvra o'vrojg." 47 ' Xfir)v 

3 having 4 come 'his "lord will find doing thus. Verily- 

Xkyw vfuv, otl trri rtacnv rolg.v7rapxovmv.avrov Kara<7r!]o~ei. 

I say to you, that over all his property he will set ' 

48 'Edv.Se e"i7TT} 6 KaKog cov'Xog n tKeivog n tv ry 

But if 4 should 'say -evil 3 boudruan 'that in 

KapSia.avrov, XpoviZ,ei b.Kvpi6g./xov w p tX9eXv," 49 Kai dp^ijrai 

his heart, 3 Delays 'my 2 lord to come, and should begin 

rvrrreiv rovg avvSovXovg* 1 , T ta6ieiv".i)e Kai s 7riveiv n fiera ruJv 

to beat [his] fellow-bondmen, and to eat aad to drink with the 

jxeOvovrcjv, 50 r),ei 6 Kvpiog rov.8ov\oi> Ike'ivov Iv iifi'tpa 

drunken, 8 will 7 come 'the "lord 3 of ''that 5 bondman in a day 

y ov.7rpocrSoKc2, Kai tv lopef. y ov.yivwcKei, 51 kai 

in which he does not expect, and in anhour which he knows not, and 

ZiXorojiriGei avrov, Kai rb.fitpog.avrov fiera rwv viroKpirCbv 

will cut 2 in 3 two 'him, and his portion with the hypocrites 

Ql)(rec tKei iarai 6 KXavOfibg Kai 6 [3pvyfibg tCjv bSovroiv. 

will appoint: there will be the weeping and the gnashing of the teeth. 

25 Tore bfioii>)Gi]<7?rai r) fiaaiXeia riov ovpavuiv btKa 
Then "will 'be "made like 'the 2 kiugdom 3 of 'the 5 heavens [to] ten 

irapOkvoig, airtveg \aj3ovaai rag.XafnraCagJavruJv" i&jXQov 

virgins, who having taken their lamps went forth 

tig* 'a7ra.vrr)<nv n rov vvfupiov. 2 7rkvre.Se "fjovrv t avrwv ]i 
to meet the bridegroom. And five 3 were 'of 2 them 

x 0p6iHjuoi," Krri ^ai" 7rtvre z fxojpai. n 3 *a'lriveg n fiwpal, Xa- 
prudent, and five foolish. They who [were] foolish, hav- 

fSoixrai rag.Xa/j.7racag. b tavru>v, n ovK.eXafiov fieQ' iavrwv 

ing taken their lamps, did not take with themselves 

tXaiov' 4 (ppovifioi tXa(3ov tXaiov tv roig ayyeioig 
oil ; but the prudent took oil in ^e scls 

c avrwv l fiera, roJv.Xa/j,7raSiov. d avruJv. tt 5 rov 
'their with their lamps. But "tarrying 'the 

vvfMplov, tvvara^av Traaai Kai tKaQevSov. 6 .fievtjg.Sk 

"bridegroom, they "became Mrowsy 'all and slept. But in [the]middje 

vvKrog Kpavyy yeyovev, 'iSov, 6 vvfi<j>iog e tpxTai, n -t%ep- 

of [the] night 3 a *cry 'there : w.%s, Behold, the bridegroom comes, v go 


kr.own in what watcn 
tte thief would come, 
he would have watch- 
ed, and would not have 
suffered his house to ba 
broken up. ' 44 There- 
fore be ye also ready : 
for in such an hour as 
ye think not the Son 
of man cometh. 45 Who 
then is a faithful and 
wise servant, whom 
his lord hath made 
ruler over his house- 
hold, to give them 
meat in due season ? 
46 Blessed t'.s- that ser- 
vant, whom his lord 
when he cometh shall 
find so doing. 47 Verily 
I say unto you, That 
he shall make him 
ruler over all hisgoods. 

48 But and if -that evil 
servant shall 6ay in 
his heart, My lord 
dclayexh his coming ; 

49 and shall begin to 
smite his fellowser- 
vants, and to eat and 
drink with the drunk- 
en ; SO the lord of that 
servant shall come in 
a day when helooketh 
not for him, and in an 
hour that he is not 
aware of, 51 and shall 
cut him asunder, and 
appoint him his por- 
tion with the hypo- 
crites : there shall be 
weeping and gnashing 
of teeth. 

XXV. Then shall the 
kingdom of heaven be 
likened unto ten vir- 
gins, which took their 
lamps, and went forth 
to meet the bride- 
groom. 2 And five of 
them were wise, and 
five were. foolish. 
3 They that iceie fool- 
i-h took their lamps, 
and took no oil with 
them : 4 but the wise 
took oil in their ves- 
sels with their lamps. 
5 While the bride- 
groom tarried, thoy 
all slumbered and 
slept. 6 And at mid- 
night there was a cry 
made, Behold, the 
bridegroom cometh ; 

. 8tcpvx8r)vait. TTr. h ov SoKelre iopa LTTrA. l avrov {read []) LTT A. 

k oiKe-reca? LTTr^I Scvvai. GLTTrA. m ovtojs 7roiovi/T<x LTT' A. " - e/ceiro? (read the 

evil bondman) t. //.ov 6 /cuptos LTTrA. p eKOelv LTTr. i + avroO his (fellow 

bondmen) LTTrA W. * ecrQir) should eat oLttpaw. s ttLvt) should drink GLTTrAW. 

* iavTuv LTrA ; avroiV TW. v vTravrr]Ti.v LTTrA. " ef avriov rjaai' LTTrA. x fJ-Oipal Foolish 
LTTrA. y at EGLTTrAW. <p6f(./ioi prudent LTTrA. a at 6k but the l; at yap for those 

vvho Tr ; at yap for the TA. b avroiv G\v ; 
Vessels) LTTrA. d iaVTWf LT; auTWf TrA. 

avTtoi' LTr'A ; eavTtov T. 
e ep^erat, LTTrA. 

* 'aiiTwyiread tha 


go ye out to meet him. 
7 Then all those vir- 
gins arose, and trim- 
med their lamps. 8 And 
the foolish said unto 
the wise, Give us of 
your oil ; for our lamps 
are gone out. 9 But 
the wise answered, say- 
ing 1 . Not so; lest there, 
be not enough for us 
and you : hut go ye 
rather to them that 
sell, and buy for your- 
selves. 10 And while 
they went to buy, the 
bridegroom came ; and 
they that were ready 
went in with him to 
the marriage : and the 
door was shut. 1 1 Af- 
terward came also the 
other virgins, saying, 
Lord, Lord, open to 
us. 12 But he answer- 
ed and said, Verily I 
say unto you, I know 
you not. 13 Watch 
therefore, for- ye know 
neither the day nor the 
hour wherein the Son 
of man cometh. 

14 For the kingdom 
of henven is as a man 
travelling into a far 
country, who called 
his own servants, and 
delivered unto them 
hi* goods. 15 And unto 
one he gave five ta- 
lents, to another two, 
and to another one ; 
to every roan accord- 
ing to his several abi- 
lity ; and straightway 
took his journey. 
16 Then he that had 
received the five ta- 
lents went and traded 
with the same, and 
made them other five 
talents. 17 And like- 
wise he that had re- 
ceived two, he also 
gained other two. 
18 But he that had re- 
ceived one went and 
digged in the earth, 
and hid his lord's 
money. 19 After a long 
time the lord of those 
servants cometh, and 
reckoneth with them. 
U0 And so he that had 
received five talents 
came and brought 
other five talent-, say- 
ing. Lord, thou deliv- 
eredst unto me five 

M- A T 9 A I O 2. 


but go 


for yourselves 

X<T0 eiQ-cnravTiYTiv f avrovJ 7 Tors i)y'ip9i]aav irauai at 
forth to meet him. Then arose all 

7rap9'svoi.sicdvai, icai EKoafxrjaav Tdg.XainrdSag8avTu>v. n 8 ai.St 

those virgins, and trimmed their lamps. And the 

fj.wpal ralg (ppovifxoiq h e't7rov, n AoYe rj/xlv Ik Tov.kXaiov.vpwv, 

foolish to the prudent said, Give ' us of your oil. 

otl a\.\ajXTTa()EQ.7)[.ih)v ofi&vvvvTai. 9 'A7Ticpi6?io-av.k at 
for our lamps arc going out. But ^answered . 'the 

<pp6vL/.ioi, Xkyovaai, Mr)7roTe 1 ouk v dpKEtry t'/fuv Kai v/jjiw 

-prudent, saying, fNo.] lest 3 not 'it "may suffice for us and you: 

7ropsv(j9s. k Se' ] fiaXXov irpbg rovg irwXovi'Tag, icai dyopdaaTE 

rather to those who sell, and buy 

10 aTrapxofisvujv.dt ai'rwv dyopdaai, 7)X9ev o 

But as -went 3 away Hhey to buy, 3 came 'the 

vv/xtpiog' icai al etoijxoi ilaitXQov jxet avrov elg tovq yd- 

-bridegroom, and those ready went in with him to the wedding 

povg,Kai ekXeic79t) j) 9vpa. 11 vGTEpov.Se tp-^ovrai x Kai n al 

feast, and 3 was ''shut 'the Moor. And afterwards come also the 

\otTcal Trap9tvoi, Xsyovoai, Kvpie, icvpie, dvoi^ov iffiiv. 12 'O.Ss 

other virgins, saying,. Lord, Lord, open to us. But he 

d7TOKpi9eig eIttev, 'A/xti)v Xsyw Vfiiv, ovK.olSa Vfj.dg. 13 Tprj- 
answering said, Verily I say to you, I do not know you. Watch 

yopE~LTE ovv, on ovK.o'iSarE tttjv yj/xtpav ovSe ti)v uipav m tv 

therefore, for ye do not know the day nor the hour in 

y 6 vibg rov dv9po)-rcov tpxETai. a 

which the Son of man comes. 

14 ' QcnrEp.ydp dv9pi07rog dirodn/Xhiv EKaXeaev TOvg.iSiovg 

For [it is] as [if] a man leaving the country called his own 

SovXovg, icai TrapsSwtcEv avroig rd.vTrdpxovra.avrov. 15 ml 

bondmen, and delivered to them his property. And 

u>.jiky tSaiKEv tt'evte rdXavra, ip.Se Svo, <p.Ss sv, 

to one he gave five talents, and to another two, and to another one, 

itcaartf) Kara rrjv.iSiav (Hvvajiiv Kai n aTTECr]iir]<7Ev Ev9kuig. 

to each according to his respective ability ; and left the country immediately. 

tv ry yy," /ecu 
in the earth, and 

16 7ropf.v9Eig n .Sh n 6 rd tt'evte rdXavra Xajiujv p ['pyat7uro" 
And "having 3 gone 'he who the five talents received trafficked 

ev avroig, Kai ^ettol^ctev' 1 dXXa 7TEvrE T rdXavraJ [ 17 loaavrojg 

with them, and made other five talents. In like manner 

s KaV [ 6 rd dvo EKspdrjcrEv l icai avrbg^ dXXa Svo. 

also he who [received] the two 3 gained "also 'he other two. 

18 o.Sk to v T Xaf5ihv dirEX9<l>v ajpvfy 

But he who the one received having gone away dug 

x d.7TEKpvipEv [] to dpyvpiov rov.Kvp'iov. avrov. 19 Mfrd.cii ?X9 0V0V 

hid the money of his lord. And after a = time 

7roXi'v" tpx (rcu Ki'ptog twv-vovXwv.ekeivujv, Kai ovvaipEi 

'long comes the lord of those bondmen, and takes 

z fXET avTtov X6yov. n 20 Kai 7rpoGEX9wv 6 rd tt'evte rd- 

"with 3 them. 'account. And "having 3 come 'he who the five ta- 

XavTa'Xaj3tl>v, 7Tpoar]VEyKEv' dXXa tt'evte rdXavra, Xtywv, 

lents received, brought to [him] other .five talents, saying, 

f avrov (read [hilll]) TA. S eavrwv LTTrA. h elnav TTrA. ' ov jut) not at all LTrAW. 

k Se but GLTTrAW. ' /cat l[ttJ. m iv fj 6 wibs TOU ai/^pujirou ep^erai GLTTrA. 

E ren-eSvj/xTjcrei'. tv0e'u>s TropevBels left the country. Immediately having gone t. Stand 
I i.JT[Tr]. P iipya.a-a.TO TA. ' ei:ipSr)0-ey gained LTr. r rdXavra LTrf a]. s ica'i 

[Ut. Kai av-rbs ltt:[aj. v + rdWavrov talent l. * -y^v [the] earth TTtA, 

x kKpvtyzv LTTrA, y ttoKvv xpovov LTTrA. * Aoyoi' per a,vriiv LTTiA, 



Kvpte, TTtvrs. raXavra /.ioi irapeSioKag' ISe, dXXa tt'evte 

Lord, five talents to me thou didst deliver: behold, other five 

*rdXavra" tKspSrjGa h s7r' avroTg.* 2l"E<prj. c Si n avT<p b Kvpiog 

talents ' have 1 gained besides them. And 'said 4 to "him "lord 

avrov, EC, SovXe ayaQi Kai ttigt'e, t7ri oXiya fig 

'his, Well! bondman good and faithful, over a few things thou wast 
TTKTTOg, 7Tt 7To\'\u>V GE HaTCMJT >]GLO' e'l(reX9s IQ Tt)v %apdv 
faithful, over many things thee will I set : enter into the joy, 

rov.Kvpiov.GOv. 22 npoGeX9iov. d ce w Kai 6 ru Svo rd- 

of thy lord. And having c meto[him] "also 'he who the two ta- 

Xavrd e Xa{3(ov n eIttev, KvpiE, Svo rdXavrd p.01 rrapcSojKag' 

lents received said, Lord, two talents to me thou didst deliver ; 

ice, dXXa Svo raXavra tKapdrjtra b 7r' avroig. n 23 "Rfirj 

behold, other two talents have I gained besides them. 3 Said 

auT(p b.Kvpiog.avrov, Et T ;, SovXe dyaOe Kai Triers, tiri 

*to "him 'his "Lord, Well! bondman good and faithful, over 

oXiya rig irurrog, km ttoXXCjv ge KaraGri)G(jj' eiGEX9e 

a few things thou wast faithful, over many things thee will I set : enter 

tig rr)v x a P (lv TOV-Kvpiov.Gov. 24 IlpoGeX9iljv.Sk Kai 6 

into the joy of thy Lord. Andhaving come to [him] ''also 'he who 

to 'iv rdXavrov ilX.7jp1.og eTttev, KvpiE, eyvujv .ge on GKXrjpbg 

the one talent had received said, Lord, I knew thee that ''hard 

eI dvOpuJTrog, Oepifrvv orcov ovK.tGTreipag, Kai ovvdyojv 

'thou "art 3 a 5 inan, reaping where thou didst not sow, and gathering 

uOev ov.SieGKopiriGag- 25 Kai <poj3t]9eig, a7reX9ojv tKpvipa 

whence thou didst not scatter, and being afraid, having gone away I hid 

ro.ToXavTov.Gov iv ry yy' 'iSe, ix ei G 26 'Atto- 

thy talent in the earth ; behold, thou hast thine own. *An- 

Kpi9eig Si o.Kvpwg. avrov elirev avnp, i Ylovrjpi SovXe n Kai 

sweriug 'and "his 3 Lord said to him, Wicked 3 boudman 'and 

OKvrips, ySeig bri9epiL,ioo7rov ovK.iG7rEipa,Kai.Gvvdyu> '69ei' 

"slothful, thou knewest that I reap where I sowed not, and gather whence 

ov-SieGicopTTiGa ; 27 tcei &ovv ge" j3aXeXv h rb.dpyvpi6v [ .fiov 

I scattered not ; it behoved "therefore 'thee to put my money 

roUg ^rpaTreZiiraig '" kul iX9wv iy<l> iKopiGdfj.tjv.dv gvv 

to the money changers, and coming I should have received mine own with 

roKif). 28 dpare ovv air' avrov rbrdXavrov, Kai Sore tijj 

interest. Take therefore from him the talent, and give [it] to him who 

i-Xovri rd SeKa raXavra. 29 T^.ydp k\ovri rravri So9ij- 

has the ten talents.- For""who 5 has 'to "every 3 one shall 

Gerai, Kai TrepiGGev9ijGeraf ^dirb St rou a nr).'t\ovrog, Kai 

be given, and [he] shall be in abundance; "from 'but him who has not, even 

o t%eL dp9i)Gerai air' avrov. 30 Kai rbv dxpelov SovXov' 

that which he has shall be taken from him. And the useless bondman" 

'i/cjSaXXere 11 eig to GKorog rb i^wrepoV Ikel tGrai b KXav9pbg 

cast ye out into the darkness the outer : there shall be the weeping 

Kai b' [ tujv oSovtxdv. 
and the gnashing of the teeth. 

31 "Ofav.Si tX9y b vibg rov dv9pio7rov iv ry.So^y. avrov, 

But when 5 comes 'the "Son 3 of 'man in his glory, 

Kai iravreg 01 ra ayiot" dyyeXoi fier avrov, tote Ka9'iGEi irri 

and all the holy angels with him, then will he sit upon [the] 



talents: behold, I have 
gained beside them five 
talents more. 21 His 
lord said unto him, 
Well done, thou good 
and faithful servant; 
thou hast been faith- 
ful over a few things, 
I wilL make thee ruler 
over many things : en- 
ter thou into the joy 
of thy lord. 22 JHo 
also that had received 
two talents came and 
said, Lord, thou deliv- 
eredst unto me two 
talents : behold, I have 
gained two other ta- 
lents beside them. 
23 His lord said unto 
him, Well done, good 
and faithful servant; 
thou hast been faith- 
ful over a few things, 
I will make thee ruler 
over many things : 
enter thou into the joy 
of thy )ord. 24 Then 
he which had received 
the one talent came 
and said, Lord, I knew 
thee that thou art an 
hard man, reaping 
thou hast not 
and gathering 
thou hast not 
strawed : 2.'> and I was 
afraid, and went and 
hid thy talent in the 
earth : lo, there thou 
hast that is thine. 
2S5 His lord answered 
and said unto him, 
Thou wicked and sloth- 
ful servant,thou knevv- 
est that I reap where 
I sowed not, .and ga- 
ther where I have not 
strawed : 27 thou 
oughtest therefore to 
have put my money to 
the exchangers, and 
then at my coming I 
should have received 
mine own with usury. 
28 Take therefore the 
talent from him, and 
give it unto him which 
hath ten talents. 
2'J For unto every one 
that hath shall be 
given, and he shall 
have abundance : but 
from him that hath not 
shall be taken away 
even that which he 
hath. 30 And cast ye the 
unprofitable servant 
into outer darkness : 
there shall be weeping 
and gnashing of teeth. 
31 When the Son of 
man shall come in his 
glory, and all the holy 
angels with him, then 
shall he sit upon the 

a ['TaJ Tr. b err' avrois LTTr. 

Se and gltttaw. 

fliyj (r.ead [received]) LTTrA. f AovAe Troyrjpe l- 

1 Tpa?re^tVats T. k rov Se but of him Who LTTrA. 


% ere ovv TTrA. 

1 iK^dKere GLTTi AW 

Se and t. e \a- 
h ra apyvpid T. 
m a'7101 


throne of his glory : 

32 and before him shall 
bo gathered all na- 
tion.-, : and he shall 
separate them one 
from another, as a 
shepherd divideth his 
sheep from the goats : 

33 ;md he shall set the 
sheep on his right 
hand, but the goats on 
the left. 34 Then shall 
the King say unto 
them on his right 
hand, Come,yebles-ed 
of my Father, inherit 
the kingdom prepared 
for you from the foun- 
dation of the world : 
35 for I was an hun- 
gred, and ye gave me 
meat : I was thirsty, 
and ye gave me drink : 
I was' a stranger, and 
ye took me in : 36 na- 
ked, and ye clothed 
me : I was sick, aucfye 
visited me : I was in 
prison, and ye came 
unto me. 37 Then shall 
the righteous answer 
him, saying, Lord, 
when saw we, thee an 
hungred, . and fed 
thee? or thirsty," and 
gave thee drink ? 
3s When saw we thee 
a stranger, and took 
thee in ? or naked, and 
clothed thee? 39 Or 
when saw we thee sick, 
or in prison, and came 
unto thee? 40 And 
tho King shall answer 
and say unto them, 
Verily I say unto you, 
Inasmuch as ye have 
done it unto one of 
the least of these my 
brethren, ye have done 
it unto me. 41 Then 
shall he say also unto 
them on the left hand, 
Depart from me, ye 
cursed, into everlast- 
ing fire, prepared for 
the devil and his an- 
gels : 42 for I was an 
hungred, and ye gave 
mo no meat : I was 
thirsty, and ye gave 
me no drink : 43 I was 
a strauger, and ye took 
me not in : naked, and 
ye clothed me not : 
sick.ani inprison.aud 
ye visited me not. 
44 Then shall they 
also answer him, say- 
ing, Lord, when saw 
we thee an hnngTed, 
or athifst, or a stran- 
ger, or naked, or sick, 
or in prison, and did 
not minister unto 
thee? 45 Then shall he 
answer them, saying, 
Verily I say unto you, 

M A T 9 A I 2. 


dpovov dofyiQ-avrov, 32 tcai n crvvax9t]tyTai n tjnrpooQtv avrou 

throne of his glory, and shall be gathered before him 

iravra ra 'iQvr), kcu d(popitl n avTovg cltz dXXiiXwv, uhjtted 6 

all the nations, and he will separate them from oue another, as the 

Troiptjv a<popiZ,H to. 7rpof3a.TCi enru tiov ipitpiov, 33 icai crr/crei 
shepherd separates the sheep from the goats; and he will set 

'tu fxtu 7rp6f3aratK Se%iujv avTOV, rd.Se tpicpia t Evwvvpojv. 

the sheep on 2 right 'hand 'bis, but the goats on [his] left. 

3-1 Tore kpei 6 fiaoiXevg ToTg Ik Se^aov avrov, Aevte, oi 

Then 3 will*say 'the "king to those on '-'right 3 hand 'his, Come, the 

tvXoynpkvoi Tov.Trarpoci-j.iov, KXi]povopr}0~aTE ti)v JiTQipao~p'tvT)v 

blessed of my Father, inherit the "prepared 

vpTv f3acn\eiav enrb KaTa(3o\r)g Koapov. 35 t7rEiva.aa.ycip, 

Hor'you 'kingdom from [the] foundation of [the] world. For I hungered, 

Kal tdioKaTt p.oi cpayelv ici^i}(7a, Kai i7rorirraT& pv %,'tvog 

and yegave me to eat ; Ithirsted, and ye gave *to 'drink 'me; a stranger 

i'lprjv, Kal crvviiyaysre pe m 36 yvpvog, kcu 7repie/3Xe7- pe r)tr9t- 

I was, and yetook -in 'cm ; naked, and ye cloLhed me ; I waa 

vrjaa, kcii i7TEGK.tyaa9k pe' tv fvXaKy yp-rji', kcu p ?)\0ere" 7Tpdg 
sick, and ye visited me ; in prison I was, and ye came to 

p.e. 37 Tote cnroKpiOrjcrovTai avTip oi SiKaioi, XtyovTEg, Kvpte, 

me. Then will answer him the righteous, ' saying, Lord, 

Trore at ^e'iSoptv" 7Tivu>VTa, Kai tOptipapw, r] Si^wvTa, Kai 
when 3 thee 'saw '' we hungering, and fed [thee]? or thirsting, and 

t7roTicrapv; 38 ttote.S'e a EidopEv %svov, Kal o~vviiydyopv\ 

gave [thee] to drink ? and when 3 thee 'saw 2 we a stranger, and took [thee} in ? 

r) yvpvov, Kal 7Tpi(5d\opv ; 39 7r6TE.Sk ce EtSopEv t do9evij, n 

or naked, and clothed [thee] ? And when 3 thee 'saw "we sick, 

f; tv cpvXaKrj, /cat f]X9opv Trpog ere; 40 Kat d7TOKpi9eig 6 

or in prison, and came to thee ? And answering the 

fiaaiXEvg tptl aiiTolg, 'Apijv \tyio, itp'.oaov tTTOirpiaTE 

king will say to them, Verily I say to you, Inasmuch as ye did [it] 

tVl TOVTCOV S TU>V-dceX(pU)V.p,OV U TIOV iXa\lGTtJJV, tpol i7T0U)~ 
to one of these my brethren the least, to me ye 

oaTE. 41 Tore tpei Kat rote f Eviovvpiov, IlopeufcrOe air 

-did [it]. Then will he say also to those on [the] left, Go from 

ipov, l oi n KaTrjpapkvoi, elg to irvp to alwvtov, to ijTOtpa- 

me, the cursed, into the fire the eternal, which has been 

upkvov T<p 8ta[36X(p KatTolg.dyysXoig.avTov. 42 7rEiva(ja.ydp, 

prepared for the devil and his angels. For I hungered, 

Kal ovKJSuiKaTS fioi tpayEiv tdiipijcci, Kal ovK.ETroTiaaTS pe' 

and ye gave not tome to eat; Ithirsted, and ye gave 2 not Ho Mrink ' me ; 

43 ^tvog Vftrjv t Kai ov.o~vvt]ydyTS pe' yvpvog, Kal oi.7repie/3d- 

a stranger I was, and ye took "not 3 in 'me ; naked, and ye did not 

Xer p.e' do9evr}g f Kal tv <pvXaK-g, Kal ovK.TTtTK\pacT9 jue. 

clothe me ; sick, and in prison, and ye did not visit me. 

44 Tore d7roKpi9r)o~ovTCU y ai/T<p n Kal avroi, Xtyovreg, Kipie, 

Then 3 will 'answer 5 hini 2 also 'they, saying, Lord, 

7t6t ae ei&opev ireivcovTa, ri diipcovTa, if Z'tvov, rj yvpvov, ?/ 

when 3 thee 'saw ! we hungering,- or thirsting, or a stranger, or naked, or 
do9Evrj, i] tv (pvXaKy, Kal ov.SinKovrjo-aptv aoi; 45 Tore a7ro- 

sick, or in prison, and did not minister to thee? Then will 

Kpi9iiaTai avTolg, Xeytov, 'Apt)v Xtyio vplv, t<p' '.oaov ovkAttoi- 
he answer them, saying, Verily I say to you, Inasmuch as ye did not 

D avvaxdrjtrovrai LTTrA. a^opiVei T. P rj\9a.Te LTTrA. 1 tlSa/xev Tr. 
XiTTrA. Ituiv d6A<ue lxov\ L. * oi X. T avT<ji QLTXrAVT. 

r aadevovvT* 

xxv. xxvr. 


T/cya-E ivi tovtiov rwv tKaxiartav, ovdt kfiol tirou'ieare. 4G Kal 

[it] to one of these the least, neither to rue did ye [it]. And 

arreXevaovTai ovtol Eig KoXacriv aitoviov oi.dt diicaioi etc %io>)v 
"shall "go *away 'those iutopunishmcuc eternal, but the righteous into life 



26 Kc kysvSTO ote ItsXectei' 6 '1?i<jovq Trdvrag tovq 

And it came to pass when "had 3 finished 'Jesus all 

Xoyovg.TovTovg, eIttev Tolg.ixa6))'Tov. 2 O'ifiarE oti {.ieto. 

these sayings he said to his disciples, Ye know that after 

Svo yf-iipag to iraa\a yivETai, Kal 6 i>'tug tov dv6piu7rov 

two days the passovor takes place, and the Sou of man 

irapncieorai eig.TOMTavpojQijvai. 3 Tor? avvif\Oi)aav o\ 
is delivered up to be crucified. Then were gathered together the 

apXizpslg '"Kal oi ypaupaTElg" Kal ol 7rpE(Tj3vTEpoi tov Xaov 

chief priests and the scribes and the elders of the people 

tig T))v av\i)v tov dpxiEpkiog tov Xeyoj.ikvov Ka'idtpa, 4 Kal 
to the court of the high priest who was culled Caiaphas, and 

Gtn'EfiovXEvaavTO iva tov 'Itjgovv x KpaT>)<Tio<TLv d6X(t). n 

took coxiusel together in order that Jesus they might seize by guile, 

Kal airoKTEivtocnv. 5, M// iv rj? iopTy,'iva /} 

and kill [him]; but they said, Not during the feast, that 'not 

Oopt'lSog ykv))Tai iv Ttp Aa<p. 
*a Humulc 'there "be among the people. 

6 Tov.St.'ltjaov yevo^'ivov iv B>]9av'ta iv oiKia ^,'ip.ojvog 

Now Jesus being iu Bethany in [the] house of Simon 

tov XE7rpov, 7 TrooaFjXOev avTto yvvt) ^aXdiiatrrpov f.iipov 
the leper, 3 caine 4 to "him 'a 'woman, an alabaster flask of ointment 

t\ov(Ta [[ z j3apvTi/j.ov, n Kal KaTi\eev i-tri A T>)v.KE<paXi)v. v avTov 

having, very precious, and poured [it] on his head 

dvaKEtfxii'ov. 8 oi./j.aOt]Tai. b avTov il r/yavaK- 

a.s he rocliued [at table]. But seeing [it] his disciples became 

Ti)aav, \kyovTEg,F.lg ri i).dTrt!jXEia.a'vTr] ;9 c i)duvaTo n .ydp touto 

indignant, saying, For what this waste? for 'could 'this 

a Tii.fivpov r irpaOi'ivai ttoXXov, Kal SoQijvai e TTTOJxolg. 
"ointment have been sold for much, and have been given to [the] poor. 

10 Vvovg.Sk 6 'Irjcrovg eIttev avToXg, Hi Koirovg TrapkxtTe 

But knowing [this] Jesus said to them, Why trouble do ye cause 

Ti) yvvaiKi; tpyov.ydp KaXuv s -JpydaaT0^ eig i/ik. 11 irdv- 
to the woman ? for a -work 'good she wrought towards ine. "A1- 

TOTe yap Tovg TTTio^ovg *x sr M f 9 iavTwv, ifikJi ov ixdvTOTE 

ways 'for the poor ye have with you, but me not always 

t^ETe. 12 fiaXovaa.ydp alWr] TO./jvpov.TovTO ettI tov 

ye have. For ''in ''pouring 'this [''woman] this ointment on 

GWfiaToc.fiov -irpbg TO.ivTa<pidaai.fie iiroiqaev. 13 dp)v Xkyio 

my body for my burying she did [it]. Verily I say 

i'fih*, oTTov.idv Kt]pv\9y To.evayytXiov.TovTO iv oXy 

to you, Wheresoever shall be proclaimed these glad tidings in all 

roj Kuapif), XaXijOijGETai Kal o iiroii](TEv avrr}, eig 

the world, shall be spoken of also that which 3 did 'this ["woman], for 

fivi]p6<jvvov ai>T>ig. 

a memorial of her. 


Inasmuch as yc did it 
not to oue of the least 
of these, ye did it not 
to me. 40 And theso 
shall go away into 
everlasting punish- 
ment : but the right- 
eous into life eternal. 

XXVI. And it wne 
to pass, when Jesus 
had finished all these 
sayings, he said unto 
his disciples, 2 Ye know 
that after two day- is 
the feast of the pass- 
over, and the Son of 
man is betrayed to be 
crucified. 3 Then as- 
sembled together the 
chief priests, and tho 
scribes, and the elders 
of the people, unto tho 
palace of the high 
priest, who was called 
Caiaphas, 4 and eott- 
sultcd that they might 
take Jesus by subtilty, 
and kill him. 5 But 
they said, Not on tho 
feast diii/, lest there be 
an uproar among the 

6 Now when Jesns 
was in Bethany, in 
the hou-eof Simon the 
leper, 7 there came 
unto him a woman 
having an alabaster 
box of very precious 
ointment, and poured 
it on hi^ head, as he 
fat at meat. 8 But 
when his disciples saw 
it, they had indigna- 
tion, saying, To what 
purpose is this waste? 
9 for this ointmeut 
might have been sold 
for much, and given to 
the poor. 10 When Je- 
sus understood it, he 
said unto them, Why 
trouble yc the womau ? 
for she hath wrought 
a good work upon me. 
11 Forye have the poor 
always with you; bub 
me ye have not al- 
ways. 12 For in that 
she hath poured this 
ointment on my body, 
she did it for my burial. 
13 Verily I say unto 
you, "Wheresoever this 
gospel shall be preach- 
ed in tho whole world, 
there shall also thin, 
that this woman hath 
done, be told for a 
memorial of her. 

w Kai oi -ypafi/uaTEis LTTrA. x SoAco KpaT^<Tia<Tiv GLTTrAW. ? I^ovo-a a\a^a<jTpov 

ixvpov LTTr. ^ z TToAvTi'/jtow LT. a rij? KecpaArjs LTTr. b atiTOti (read the discip es) 

VTTrA. toy'varo ta. d to iivpov GLTirAW. + toIs (read to the poor) LW. 

* ijpyaaaTO T. 

76 M A T e A r O S. XXVI. 

14 Then one of the 14 Tore irooEvQtig slg tu>v Sojfetca, 6 XeyouEvog 'louSag 

ilcariot, went unto ThL ' n ' ha "W "gone 'one B of 3 the "twelve, 5 who "was 'called "Judas 

the chief priests, 15 and ' l(jKaOUOT)]g, TVQUQ TOVQ CtpX^P^g, 15 E~L7TEl', Tl- 6i\ET& fJ.01 
w ill y" give me, and L 9Is cariote, ' to the chief priests, ' said, What are ye willing -me 

will deliver him unto Sovvat, g /cttyoV' i'/uv TraoacuKTb) clvtov ; O'l.Si 'io~Tl]OClV ai'T(f) 
you ? And they coye- i to --Vi ve and I to you will'deliver up hiin? And they appointed to him 
muted with him for , , , , / , v , , 

thirty pieces of silver. TpiaKOVTCt Ctpyvpta. 16 Kill CITTO TOTE tC,l)TEl EUKClipiCLV 
la And from that t'.-irty pieces of silver. And from that time he sought an opportunity 

time he sought oppor- , , ^ ^ 

tunity to betray him. tVa O.VTUV TTCtpadlj). 

that him he might deliver up. 

17 Now _the first day 17 T?J.dt TTpWTy TWV .aZ,V fllOV TrpOff7}\9oV 01 ftaOi)- 

of the feast of un- Now on the first [day] of unleavened [bread] came the disci- 

leavened bread the ,^, x ~n< h > - M tt ~ n'\ ' ' > ' 

disciples came to Je- TOl Tljl IrjffOV, AtyOVTEg n O.VT<{)," VVOV VtAEtg tTOlflCtCWflEV 

mis, saying unto him, pies to Jesus, saying tohirn, Where wilt thou [that] we should pre] lai 'a 

Where wilt thou that r / -i o <r\ s< * "v ' ' 

we prepare for thee <t (payElV TO' TZanxa \ 18 O.CE HTTiV, 1 7TClyETE Etg Tl/U 

to eat the passover? for thee to eat the passover ? And he said, Go into the 

the city to S snchaman ttoXiv Trpbq tov.SeTvo., Knl e'ittclte avTiji, 'O SiSaaicaXog Xtyei, 
and say unto him, The city unto such a one, and say to him, The teacher says, 

Uathand-twlfikSp 'O.icaipog.fiov iyyvg ianv' icobg ah woid to ira<y X a fisra 

the passover at thy ^>' time 'near 'is ; with thee I will keep the passover with 

pie" Se lTAndYhe lis- Twv.jia9ijTSnf.fiav. 19 Kat ETrohjaau ol /.laOrfTCii wg avvsra^ev 

ciples did as Jesus had my disciples. And 3 did 'the 2 disciples 4 as "directed 

appointed them ; and avT0 ~ t c 6 'irtffovg, Kat ilTOluaoav TO 7TrtC7Y(Z. 
they made ready the ... s , x ' a ' . r . a. 

passover them 5 Jesus, and prepared trie passover. 

20 'O-iptag.St yEVOfikvifg civskhto ftETci tu>v SioSekci'. 

ov-lr. '^H !?, >,f And evening being come he reclined [at table] with the twelVe. 

sat down with the 21 KCli oQlOVTli)V.a.VTU)V eItTEV, ' AfltjV XsyiO VfltV, OTl Eic i 

dideSt, he said, Verily And as they were eating he said, Verily I say to you, that one of 

I say unto you, that Vfiwv Trapadu)0~U fXE. 22 Kai XvWOVflEVOl atpodpa i'/p'^ai'TU 

one of you Bhall be- y 0U . w jh deliver up me. And being grieved exceedingly they began 

tray me. 22 And they , > -. v > ' / < 

were exceeding sor- AytV ClVT(t> k EKCl(TT0g QVTWV," Ml]Tl ty<i) El fit, KVpI.E J 23 O.0E 

rowful, an4 began to say tohirn, each of them, -I "am [he], Lord? But lie 

every one of them to , . , _ , , _ , . , , , , , 

.-ay unto him, Lord, is ClTTOIcpiUEig ELTTSV, O tjipai^ag fXET tflOV l EV T<p TpvftXup 

it I ? 23 And he au- answering said, He who dipped with me in the dish 

hwered and said, He ( .. - , -, a . , , ,, _,, 

that, dippeth his hand TT)V \Etpa, OVTOg fl 7Tapa0UJ(TEL. 24 O fllV VlOg TOV ai'tfpto- 

with me iu the dish, [his] hand, he me will deliver up. The 'indeed Sou -'of man 

the same shall betray < / ,-,1 / , , ~ , , ^, 

me. 24 The Son of man TTOV WUyEl, KQUajg ytypctTTCll TTEpi CIVTOV, OUClt.Ot T(fJ 

gocth as it is written goes, as it has been written concerning him, but woe 

of him : but woe unto>/-i' ' v- ' r<-> ~ n ' ? ' !> 

that man by whom the aVVpti)7Tlp.tKElV(f} Ot OV O VlOg TOV avtipt07TOU TVapaC iCOTUl' 

Son of man is betray- to that man by whomthe Sou of man is delivered up ; 

ed ! it had been erood ^^ t > >> ' n tw ri ' ~ 

for that man if he KO\OV 1]V CtVT<{) 1 OVK.tyeVVtfUr] 0-Ul>UOL07rog.tKE.lVog. 

had not Vieen born, good were it for him if 3 had "not 5 been c born that -man. 

btlSedMm^w^ 25 'AiroKptOsigM 'lovdctg 6 irapaStdovg av T ov d, m)n 

ed and said Master is And answering Judas, who was delivering up him, said, 

him^io^hasi'air ty* f>> , "# ? *7* f^ **<* 

J I 'am [he], Rabbi? He says to him v Thou hast said. 

26 'E<r9t6vTwv.dLai)TU)V, \aj3wv 6 'lt]<rovg D rbv n aprov, 

26 And as they were And as they were eating, 2 having "taken 'Jesus the bread, 

eating, Josus took . , / > > n>5"5- n ~ n - tn 

i bread, and blessed it, km tvAoyiiaag, tK\a.OE.V Rat 'tCtOOV n TOtg fiaVr)TCttg, p Kai 

and brake i', and gave and having blessed, ' broke and gave to the disciples, and 

it to the disciples, and T . / ry ' ,i ~/ \ * , _ ,. 

said, Take, eat ; this is ELTTEV, AcipETE, (pdyETE TOVTO iCTTlV TO.ffiOfia.flOV. 27 Krtl 

my body. 27 And he said, Take, cat ; this is my body. And 

took the cup, and gave \ /d ' n Ml ' r ' ll ~ ' ' * > 

thanks, and gave it to ACtflwV Vo" 7TOTt]ptOV, T KCll n EVXapKTTTfaag, tSwKEV at>TOtg r 

them, saying, Drink having taken the cup, and having given thanks, he gave [it] to them, 

S kol eyi) T. h avroj i/tt aw. + fxa6rjTu>v disciples I.T. k el? ck-o-to, e:'ch 

One LTTA, ' TT)1' \iipa- il' TO) Tpv/3At'a> LTTi A. m pa^/3et T. n TOf LTTrfAJ. cSov, 

having given LTTr. p koX LiXr. i to {read a cup) tx.-a. . r Kat Utr]. 


Xiycov, Titers \ clvtov irdvTtg' 28 rovro.yap Igtiv ro.alud.uov, T^allotit: 2 for this 

' jn i 3 7 i-i i ii Tj ii ' " ', , 1 i R niv blood of the 

saying, -Drink 3 of "it ^ 'all. Fortius is my blood, ^ new testament, which 

Vo" rqg v /cn^/yc" SuxOtjkijq, to irepi TroXXuiv^tKxvvojj.evov" elg is shcd f OT . many for 

that of the new " covenant, which for many is poured out for 2 9 VuI say^ntoyou 

acpeaiv cijxapriCjv. 29 Xtyto.ct vfxlv, x '6ti ]i ov.jxi) 7n'w air I win not drink hence- 

rcuiission of sins. But I say to you, that not at all will I drink hence- f rth . of this fruit of 

/ ~ , L i tne Tme > until that 

dprt fcK roirou row y yEi-W/paroc" r)/ duTrtXov, tug T))g y/utpag day when I drink 

forth of this fruit " of the vine, until 'day U n ^ w iV wi , tl i . yo " in 

, , / n , , , ~ . mv Father s kingdom. 

i.KEtv)]g brav avro ttivui pe9 vfidjv Kaivuv tv -rg paaiXua rov 30 And when they 

'that when it I drink with yotf now in the kingdom' h , ad sun ' an hymn, 

/ , . / 'v~\n > i >' ~ they w ent out into 

TrarpoQ-jjLov. 30 Ka v/jivi^aavreg tt,i]X9ov eig to opog tiov the mount of Olives. 

of my father. And having sung a hymn they went out to the mount 31 Then saith Jesus 

,. , , v ,_,,--, V unto them. All ye shall 

*Att(ojy. 31 tots XtytL avroig o lrjaovg, liavreg Vjxug OKavca- be offended because of 

of Olives. Then -says 3 to "them 'Jesus, All ye will be me this night : for it 

x , ~ , , , , ~ ,/ , , is written,! will smite 

AtotlrjGEGVs tv tfioi tv Ty.vvKTi.ravry. ytypaiTTaiyap, the shepherd, and the 

offended in me during this night. For it has been written, sheep of the flock shall 

, v , I . , R r\> ii i > a De scattered abroad. 

Wara^O) TOV 7T0iptVa, KCtl *0UtaKOpTTl0~vr]O~ETai TO. TrpopaTO. 32 But after I am risen 

I will smite the shepherd, and will be scattered abroad the sheep again, I will go before 

on 1?" n~ ' 'y <~ you into Galilee. 33 Pe- 

T)\g troipvr\g. 32 fitra.St To.tyepUr) 7Tpoa,u) Vfxag J ter answer ed and said 

of the flock ; ,but after my being raised I will go before you ' unto him, Though all 

slg Tt)v raXtXaiav. 33 'A7TOKpi9tiiJt . 6 UtTpog sIttsv airy, ^l^l^tlt^cl 

into Galilee. Andan.wering Peter said to him, will I never be offend- 

Et W irdvTtg <jKavSaXio9ri<J0VTai iv vol, iyu ovSsttots nfmfverUyVsly unto 

If even all will be offended in thee, I never thee, That this night, 

OKavSaXi<j9>)<rop,ai. 34"E(/>rj avT(p 6 'lr)aovg, 'Ap.r)vXkyu 001, thou^snal^den "me 

will be offended, 2 Said 3 to 4 him 'Jesus, Verily Isaytothee, thrice 35 Peter said 

oti tv tcivtt) ry vvktI, Trpiv aX'tKTopa (piovrjaai, Tpig u h lto ii l1 ^' T >h'th * 

that during this night,, before [the] cock crows, thrice _ et ^^i j not <jeny 

cnrapvi)(jij /j.e. 35 Atyet airy 6 UtTpog, ~Kdv c'ty fie the |- Likewise aisc 

thou .vilt deny me. 2 Says 3 to 4 him 'Peter, Even if it were needful for me sald * U thc dlS0l P le3 ' 

(tvv aol diroQaveiv, ov.fii) <T cnrapv/}<yofiai. 'Ofio'iivg b icai 

with thee to die, in nowise thee will I deny. Likewise also 

TrdvTtg 01 jxa9rfTa\ tl-KOV. 
all the disciples saW. 

36 Tore ip X erai fier outwv 6 'Iqvdvg tig X up<ov Xeyopevov 36 ^ . . 

Then comes with them Jesus to a place called BU8 with them unto 

Tffl^ia^, 11 Kal Xtyei To7g fxa9)]Ta~ig d , KaQ/aarf ovtov, eug.oi e a P lace called . Geth- 

Gethaemane, and he says to the disciples, ' Sit here, until thT^fs'c^pler^SUye 

a.7rtX9<liv { 7rpoatv^wfj,at IjccT." 37 Kort TrapaXafiuv t6v here > ^ hiIe l so and 

having gone away I shall pray yonder. And having taken with [him] E ra 7 ^t^th h^' ^P^ 

Yl'trpov Kal rovg Svo vlovg ZiefieSaiov, ijp^aTO Xv7re'l(r9ai Kal ter and the two sons 

I'eter and the two sons of Zebedee, -he began to be sorrowful and f Zebedee, and began 

, . , , ( - , . , . , to be sorrowful and 

aOlj/JOl'tlv. 38 TOTS Xtytl aVToIgS, UtpiXvTroc ttfTIV ?f.\pVXV-POV very heavy. 38 Then 

deeply depressed. Then he says tothein, Very sorrowful is my soul saith he unto them, 

,, . r t - i n ir < U y soul ls eiceedlD g 

twg aavarOV fltlVaTE W0 Kai ypi]yoptlTE jJ-tT tflOV. Oi) sorrowfnl, even unto 

even to death ; remain here and watch with me. And death : tarry ye here, 

1 -v/i'i vx . > /' >~ , and watch with me. 

TTpOSAVUV" filKpOV tTTEOEV t7Tl TTpOOWITOV.aVTOV 7rpO(7V%0- 39 And he went a little 

having gone forward a little he fell upon his face pray- farther, and fell on 

- -v / ' tt ' ' i ii > r ' > l< \ /V ii nis face, and prayed, 

ptvog, Kai Xtyatv, HaTSpJ/j.ov, a dvvaTov tOTiv *7rapeAVtTU) n saying, o. my Father, 

ing, and saying, my Father, if possible it is let pass if it be possible, let 

>>i~< / - xi > > > /T-\ >-v\>' this cup pass from me: 

aiT tjXOV TO.TTOTrjpiOV.TOVTO' 7T\t]V OV% wg tyu) VtAW, aAA (Og nevertheless not as I 

from me this cup ; nevertheless not as I will, but as will, but as thou wilt. 

1 TO LTTrA. T KCLivris T[a], w kK^VVVOfl-iVOV LTTrA. % OTI LTTrA. J yevi'}- 

HCLTOS LTTrAW. oia<TKop7rto-(9>jo-ovTai LTT'A. a Kal GLTTrAW. b -f- Se and 

(likewise) w. c Te6cn}fxavel LTrAW ; Te6o-y)fj.ayei T. d + avTOV of him L. + av L. 

r 6<cei 7rpoo-evfa) LTTrA. . s + 6 '\r)<T<x.v<> Jesus (says) w. h irpo<reA9div having coma 

towards [them] Tir. > u.ov my ,TL T '"J' k " L oeA0aTu> LTTrAv 


40 AndhocomcthMnto 
the disciples, aud find- 
eth theai asleep, p.nd 
t aith unto Peter, What, 
could ye not natch 
with ine one hour ? 

41 Watch and pray, 
that ye enter not into 
temptation : the spirit 
indeed is willing, but 
the-flcsh is weak. 42 He 
went away again the 
second time, and pray- 
ed, saying, O my Fa- 
ther, if this cup may 
not pass away from 
me, except I d!rink it, 
thy will be done. 
43 And he came and 
found them asleep 
again : for their eyes 
were heavy. 4 1 Aud 
he left them, and' went 
away again, aud pray- 
ed the third time, say- 
ing the same words. 
45 Then Cometh he to 
his disciples, and saith 
unto them, Sleep on 
now, and take your 
rest : heboid, the hour 
is at, hand, aud the 
Son of man is betrayed 
into the hands of sin- 
ners. 46 Rise, let us 
be going: behold, he 
is at hand that doth 
betray me. 

M A T B A T 2. 


47 And while he yet 
spake, lo, Judas, one 
of the twelve, eatne, 
and with him a great 
multitude with swords 
aud staves, from The 
chief priests and elders 
of the people. 48 Now 
he that betrayed him 
gave them a sign, say- 
ing, Whomsoever I 
shall kiss, that same 
is he : hold him fast. 
49 And forthwith he 
came to Jesus, and 
said, Hail, master ; 
and kissed hiru. 50 And 
Jesus said unto him, 
Friend, where/ore art 
thou come ? Then.caine 
they, and laid hands 
on Jesus, and took 
him. 51 And, behold, 
one of them which 
were with Jesus 
stretched out his hand, 
and drew his sword, 
and struck a servant 
of the high priest's, 
and smote off his ear. 

<rw. 40 Kai 'ipxtrai irpbg Tovg j.ia9i]Tag Kai Evp'urKH avrobg 

thou. And he comes . to the disciples and fiuds them 

KaOt-uSovrag, Kai XsyEt r<p Ukrptp, O'vTcjg ovKAo~%v(jaT fiiav 

sleeping, and says to Peter, Thus were ye not able one 

aipav ypriyopijuai. fier tfiov ; 41 yp>iyopEiTE Kai irpoau^ade., 

hour to watch with me? Watch and pray, 

iva ini].t(rk\9r]TE Etg TTEipaapov. to /.iev irvEVfia 7rp69v/.iov, 

thai ye enter not . into temptation: the "indeed 'spirit [is] ready, 

rj.SL crap? qoOEvrjg. 42 UdXtv tK-fievrkpov a.Trt\9i'in> Trpoa- 

but the flesh weak. Again a second time having gone away he 

i]v%aTO, Xkywv, HaTEp.uov, ei ov.ftvvarai tovto 1 to Trori'ipiov' 1 

prayed, sayiug, my Father, if ^cannot 'this *cup 

7rapE\9eh' m dir' tpov tdv./nn avrb ttiuj, yEin]9l)Tio to 9iXi]pd 

pass from me unless 3 it 'T'drink, B be 'done 'will 

gov. 43 Kai k\9tov "EvpicKEi avTOvg irdXiv Ka9i.voo\>Tag, 

4 thy. And having come he finds them again sleeping, 

fiaav.ydp avTu>i'.oi.6<p9aXnoi l3ij3apr]fj,voi. 44 Kai cupeig 

for "were 'their -eyes . heavy. And _ leaving 

avTOtig, cnrE\9iov 7rdXiv ]i Tpocryjf^aTO p tK.TpiTOV,'' top avTuv 

them, having gone away again he prayed a third time, = thei 'same. 

Xoyov 6i7Tfey q . 45 tote tpxETai irpbg T0vg./.ia9i)Tdc. T avT0v, n 
"thing 'saying. Then he comes to his disciples 

Kai XtyEi ai'ToTg, Ka9Ei>CETE s To".\onrbv Kai avaTravHjQE" 

and says to them, Sleep on now and take your rest ; 

tfow. i}yyiKEv '/ u>pa, rai 6 v'tog tov dv9p(07rov 7rapaSido- 
lo, 3 has "drawn 5 near 'the "hour, and the Son of mau is delivered 

Tai Eig XElpag dpapTioXwv. 46 EyEipE<j9E, dyujuEV icov, 
up. into [the] hands of sinners. Rise up, let us go ; behold, 

J'lyyiKEV 6 Trapadiiiovg fie. 

a has 'drawn "near 'he who is delivering up me. 

47 Kai eti avTov.\a\ovvTog, ISoi'i, lovdag Eig twv dtofikKa 

And "yet 'as -he :i i< speaking behold, Judas, one of the twelve, 

i)X9ev, Kai /xet avTOV bxXog 7roXvg fiErd [ia\aipwv Kai iivXojv, 

came, and with him a "crowd 'great with swords and staves, 

airo twv dpxiEpiujv Kai TrpEd fivTipwv tov Xaov. 48 b.H 
from the chief priests and elders of the people. And he who 

irapacidovg uvtov ecwkev avroig ai]pEiov, Atywi/, "Ov.'dv" 

was delivering up him gave them a sign, saying, Whomsoever 

(piXijcrto, ai'Tog IotiV KpaHjaaTE avrov. 40 Kai EvQkwg 

I shall kiss, he it is : seize him. Aud immediately 

7rpo(TEX9iov T(p 'Xvaov eIitev, XafriE, v pa/3i3i, n Kai KftTtfiiXifetv 
having come up to Jesus hesaid, Hail, Rabbi, and ardently kisned 

avTOV. 50'l7](Tovg Elirrv avTtp, 'Er-aipe, t0* w oj ' 

him. But Jesus said to him, Friend, for what, [purpose] 

7rapet; Tore 7rpo<TEX96vTEg ETrtj3aXov rag %Eipaq i-iri 

art thou come? Then having come to [him] they laid bauds on 

tov Irjaovv, Kai EKpaTi^av aiiTov. 51 Kai iSov, Eig twv 
Jesus, and' seized him. And behold, one of those 

fiETa 'h)oov, iKTEivag Trjvx^p a aTr'fOTraoEv Tr)v fxdxai- 

with Jesus, having stretched out [his] hand x drew ''sword 

pav avrov, Kai TraTa^ag tov ooi'Xov tov dpxiEpkwg dcptlXEv 
'his, and smiting the bondman of the hi^h priest took off. 

1 to norqp'ov LTTrA. m aw' ejaov [LJXTrA. " TraAif evpei/ avrov? again he 

found them LTTrA. TraAtv aiT/\6iou LTTrA. P e/c TptVov l] A. <) -r TrdAiv 

again t. r avrov {read the disciples) LTTrA. to [irJA. ' r.av i'v. 

pafifiei T. w O ULTTiAW. 


avrov to wt'iov. 52 rors Xtya auT<p 6'lrjo-ovg, 'ATTQffrp^ov g^f up* 

his ear. Then "says 3 to *hitu 'Jesus, lteturn t jjy sword into hi 

x aov ti)v [xdxaipav 11 tig TOV.ToTrov.avTrjg' 7ra.VTEg.ydp ol Xa- P^^hT sword^hali 

thy sword to its place ; for all who p g rj e sh J^ t e BW0 ^ d . 

fiovTSg n&xaipav iv yttavat'oa 11 a-iro\ovvrai. 53 Jj So- w Thinkest thou that 

take [the] sword by [the] sword shall perish. Or think- ^ an ^ C th W * d y 

khc on ov.Svvcificu 7 apri n rrapaicaJCeaai T6v.7raTipa.fiou, sha11 presently give 

est thou that I am not able now to call upon my Father, j^jo^s of angels? 

Kt Tranaa-i)TU fioi a b 7rX? t'ovg 11 "i)' 1 SivSsica d \eywvag u ay- ^ But how then rhaU 

and he will furnish to me more than twelve legions ^ of nifed?t^SiUniMt 

yt\ojv} 54 7rwt,* oi5v 7cXi]pu)9CJoiv at ypapai oti ovnog be? 

angels ? How then should be fulfilled the scriptures that thus 

oel yevkadai ; 

it must he? 

55 'jV h:Hvy ry topa eIttev 6li]aovg ToTg oxXoig, 'Qg 7Ti 65 In that same how 

In- that hour said Jesus to the crowds, As against sa 'd Jesas to the mul- 

\ < p>j"\^ i - < -'> \\ o~ titudes,Are ye come 

at)(tt)]v e t^t]Kuere fiETa p.axaipojv Kai ^vaojv avWapeiv /te; out as against a thief 

a robber are ye come out with swords and staves to take me? with swords and staves 
n , . , r , <~ii> r\ v ' ?.*' ' ~< ~n f r to take me ? * Bat 
KaV .l/fltpav l 7Tpog V/Xag *tKa9EC,0fl1]V OlOaaiCWV iV T(p lEp(p," daily with you teach- 
Daily vtith you I sat teaching in the temple, ing in the temple, and 
, , , , , _ ~ t,, ,.-. i < -. ye laid no hold on me. 

Kai ovK.iKpaTi]<yart fiE. 5b tovto.ce o\ov y&yovtv iva ttKi]- m But all this was 

and ye did not seize me. But this all is come to pass that may done, that the scrip- 

n ~ . , > ~ rn ' i\ <h ' tuxes of the prophets 

puivtooiv at ypafai tojv 7rpo<prjTU)V. I ote ol fiaUtjTai" TravTEg might be fulfilled. 

be fulfilled the scriptures of the prophets. Then the disciples all Then all the disciples 

> . i j y . forsook him, and fled. 
atytvTEg avTOV apvyov. 

forsaking hiin fled. 

57 Ol.Sk KpaTi)<ravTEg tov 'Irjaovv a.7n']yayov Trpbg Kat- 

But they who had seized led [hi m^ away to Cai- 57 And they that had 

u<}>av Tiv apxxpia, ottov ol ypafXfia T ug Kai ol TrpEOjivTEpoi Jjj h ft ^ y calaphas 

aphas the high priest, where the scribes and the elders t he high priest, where 

<Tvvi)X&\oav. 58 'OM-XlirpoQ vkoXovOei avToj ^tto" paxp6- f x ZJ^rL^Ll 

were gathered together. And Peter followed him from afar 5S jj ut p e ter followed 

Oev, 'iujc Tnc avXiic tov dpviepHog' kui ic>e\9u>v taw iica9t]T0 hjni afar off unto the 

' b ', ,b . A , ,"A. ". = , . -, . hieh iiriest s pa'lace, 

even to the court of the high priest ; and havingentered within he sat and went in and sat 

//Era twv VTrr]p8Tuiv iStiv to AXog. 59 apx i? P s 'C kKai ol with the servants, to 

with the officers to see the end. And the chief priests and the ^o ctuef" priests, and 

TTOiafivTlOOj}* Ka'l TO ffWiSpiOV oXoV tZllTOVV IptvSofiapTVpiaV elders, and aU Urn 

' elders and the "sanhedrim 'whole" sought false evidence council, Bought false 

witness against Jesus, 

KaTCt TOV 'h}G0V, 07T(x)g X aVTi)V OavaTWaioOlV,^ 60 Kai Ol>X to put him to death ; 

against Jesus, so that him they might put to death, and "not 60 b ^ 1 found none: 

' r r , , yea, though many false 

SvpoV m Kal u 7ToXXu>V n \pV()OfiapTVplOV TTpOae.XOol'TOJl'' OVX witura ses came, yet 

'found [ 3 any]: even many false witnesses having come forward 3 not found they none. At 

t>< < //t>/ the last came two fal>e 

EbpOV." 61 VCFTEpOV.Ot 7TpOG.X96vTEg OVO p \jjEV0OfiapTVpg' witnesses, 61 and said, 

'they -found [any]. But at last having come forward two false witnesses This, fellow 'said, I am 

- t i \~ > < ~ n ~ able to destro - v tbe 

s/ttoi', Ovtoq t<pr\, Avi'apai KaTaXimai tov vaov tov Ueov, temple of God, and to 

said, This [man] said, I am able to destroy the temple of God, build it in three days. 

< -v 1 < ~. ,^~ 'n /-> ' i ' 62 A - nd tne b 'o n priest 

Kai cia Tpiwv i/fizpiov ^oiKooofirjaai avTOV. b-i Kai avaarag arose, and said unto 

and in three days to build it. And having stood up him, Answerest thou 

, ,_ <>-* ' ' - ' nothing? what is it 

o apx'tpvg enrev avTqj, Ovctv aTTOKpnnj ; ri ovroi aov w / uc /i these witness 

the high priest said to him, Nothing answerest thou ? What "these 5 thee against thee? 63 But 

x TT)f udxaipdv o-oti LTTrA. y /utaxat'prj LTTrA. * apri TTr. ' a + dpri 110W TTr v 
b 7rXet'u> LTTrA. c 17 iread [than]) [lJTTiA. d Xeyuavoiv T. e _ er)AQaTe LTTi A. f 7rpbs 
vuaj t[ti JA e iKa9e6fJ.r)v et> tco iepai 8t6dcTKai' L ; iv ra tepco eKafle^o/xr)!/ SlSol(TKIxiv TTrA. 

h -+ ainoi) of him [lJ. airo T. k Kai ol TrpeafivTcpot. ITT; A. ' avrbv 

Oavaraiaovcnv LTTrA ; OavaTwavicriv avrov W. m Kai GBTSr. n rrpoazAOovjitiv 

\jj(:v6op.apTvpo>v LTT.A. OXJ\ evpov G[L]lTrA. P i|/evoo/idpTVpeS TIrA. 9 auroi' 
oi-Kot>op.r]aai. T ; avTOV IrA, 


Jesus held his peace. 
And the high priest 
answered and said un- 
to him, I adjure thee 
by the living God, that 
thou tell us whether 
thou be the Christ, the 
Son of God. 64 Jesus 
saith unto him, Thou 
hast said: nevertheless 
I say unto you, Here- 
after shall ye see the 
Son of man sitting on 
the right hand of 
power', and coming in 
the clouds of heaven. 
65 Theathebigh priest 
rent his clothes, say- 
ing, He hath spoken 
blasphemy ; what fur- 
ther need have we of 
witnesses? behold, now 
ye have heard his blas- 
phemy. 66 What think 
ye i They answered 
and said, He is guilty 
of death. 67 'Chen did- 
they spit in his face, 
and buffeted him ; and 
others smote him with 
the palms of their 
hands, 68 saying, Pro- 
phesy unto us, thou 
Christ, Who is he that 
amote thee ? 

69 Now Peter sat 
without in the palace: 
and a damsel came 
unto him, saying, Thou 
also wast with Jesus 
of Galilee. 70 But he 
denied before them all, 
saying, I know not 
what thou sayest. 
71 And when he was 
gone out into the 
porch, another maid 
saw him, and said unto 
them that were there, 
This fellow was also 
with Jesus of Na- 
zareth. 72 And again 
he denied with an oath, 
I do not know the man, 

73 Aud after a while 
came unto him they 
that stood by, and 
said to Peter, Surely 
thou also art one 
of them ; for thy 
speech be wrayeth thee. 

74 Then began he to 
curse and to swear, 
saying, I knownotthc 
man. And immedi- 
ately the cock crew. 

75 And Peter remem- 
bered the word of 
Jesus, which said unto 
him, Before the cock 
crow, thou shalt deny 
me thrice. And he 
went out, and wept 



KaTafxaprvpoibiv; 63 '0.8L'h]&ovg io-iojira. Kai'tairoKpiBelg^ a 

'do 3 witne s 4 against? But Jesus , was silent. And answering . the 

apxiepevg dirtv avr(p, 'EopK:<u> ok Kara tov 9eou tov Zuivtoq, 

high priest said to him, I adjure thee by 3 God 'the ^living, 

'iva tjfiTv uiryg,. el o~v d o xpivrog, 6 viog rovOeov. 64 Atyet 

that us. thou tell if thou art the Christ, . ?he Son of God. 2 Says 

auTip 6 Itjaovg, Zi> Elirag. TrXt)v Xtyuj v/xlv, cnr'.apTi c\1/e(t9e 

3 to 4 hiin 'Jesus,-, Thouhastsaid. Moreover I say'to you, Henceforth yeshallsce 

tov vwv tov dv6p(jj7roi< Ka9r\\iEvov *: Se^iujv rrjg Svvd/j.Eojg kci'i 

the Son of man sitting at [the] right hand of power, and 

tpXOftevov liri tmv vec]> c Xujv tov oitpavov. 65 Tore 6 dpx^ptvg 

coming on the clouds of heaven. Then the high priest 

SispprjZav rdA/jLana-avTOVf Xtywv, '"On" ifi\ao-<pi)}iT]GV ri 

rent his garments, saying, He has blasphemed ; why 

in' xP eiav txo/.iEv fiapfvpwv J iSe, vvv rjKovuaTE ri\v /3Xacr- 

anymore J need 'have 3 we of witnesses? lo, now ye have heard the blas- 

<pT)fiiav v avrovJ 66 ri vluviSokeI ; Oi.Ss diroKpiQkvTEQ eXttov, 

phemy of him. What do ye think f And they answering said, 

"Evoxoq Oavdrov iariv. 67 Tore ivk-KTvaav Eig to TrpocnoTTov 

Deserving of death he is. Then they spat in "face 

avTOV, teal EKoXdtpiaav cxvtov, o'i.Se ^tppAirioav^ 

'his, and buffeted .him, and some struck [himl with the palm of the 

68 XkyovTEQ., Ylpo<pr)TEV(Jov v/mv, xptcrre, tiq toriv 6 
hand, saying, Prophesy to us, Christ, Who is he that 

nalrsag ce ; 

struck thee ? 

69 'O.d't .YlETpog *tu) EKd9r}T0 n iv Ty avXjj, teal TrpoatjXOEv 

But Peter 3 without 'was fitting in the court, and 3 came 
avT(p p,ia.7rai8icricr] } Xtyovaa, Kal xrv i]o~9a fxETa 'li]Gov tov 

*to 5 h'ira 'a 2 maid, saying, And thou wast with Jesus the 

TaXiXaiov. TO'O.o^ rjpvijaaTO Epnrpoo9Ev y 7rdvTwv, Xiywv, Ouk 

Galilsean. But he denied before all, saying, 3 Not 

olSa ri XkyEig. 71 'E^eXQSvtclSe 7 avTbv ]l elgrov 7rvXu>va 

1 1 "know what thou sayest. And "having "gone 4 out 'he into the porch 

eISev clvtov dXXr], , Kal XsyEi & Tolg" t/ceT, b Kat" oi'Tog 

3 saw 'him 'another ["maid], and says to chose there, And this [man] 

ifv fiETa 'Itjctov tov TSa^wpaiov. .72 Kal wdXiv ))pi"i]<jaTO 

was with Jesus the Nazarasan. Aud again he denied 

c yue0'" op/cow, "On ovK.oida tov dvOpujirov. 73 Men* piKpov.dt 

with an oath, I kuow not the man. After a little also 

7TpOO-E\66vTEQ 01 EGTUtTEQ eItTOV np TiiTCHO, ' \Xtj9.og 

"having G come 7 to["him] 'those'-who 3 stood''by said to Peter, Truly 

Kal ov i% avT&v el' Kal.ydp r).XaXid.aov dijXov oe iroid. 

also thou of them art, for even thy speech 3 manifest 'thee 'makes. 

74 Tore Tjp^aTO A KaTavadEfiaTiZ,Eiv^ Kal dfivvEiv, "On ovk.oJcu 
Then he began to curse and to swear, I know not 

tov av9p<oirov. Kal e Ei)9kwg n dXe/crwp i(pwvi](TEv. 75 Kal 
the man. And immediately a cock crew. And 

Efivi)cr9r) 6 YlfTpog tov pi)j.uiTog { T0v\'lr]0''bv EiprjKorog %ai>T$\ 

2 remembered 'Peter the word of Jesus, who had said to him, 

"On ,7rplv dXtKTOpa. (pwvijaai, Tplg aTrapvi]o-y' Kal 

Before [the] cock crow, thrice thou wilt deny me. And 

e,sX9wv tli) EKXaVVEV 7riKpu>g. 

having gone out he wept bitterly. 

<xvtov [l]tTtA. w epd.Tncrav LTTrA. * eKadrjro 
y + o.vTiav them o. avrbf [l] Tr. a aiirot? to them aw. b Kai T. 
r MTa LTTi A. d KaTa&e/naTl'^CH' GLTTrAW. e iV&Vi Tr. f TOV LITrA, 8 aVTU [LJTXiA- 

s inoxpiOels Tr. 
If to LTTrA. 




M A T T II E W. 

^7 ripwiac-^f yEvo/.iEvr]g, ovufiovkiov tXafiov 7rdvTEg ot 

apxtepat," icai oi TrpEa[3vTEpoi tov Xaov Kara tov 'hjuov, 

'chief "priests ; and c the 'elders e of ' J the '"people against Jesus, 

ioare Qavarwaao avTov 2 icat Zi]aavrEg avrbv cnrrjya- 

so that they might put to death hiin ; and having bound him they led 

kcci 7rapsdwKav l avrbv^ k Iioj'ri<^" ITiX 
and delivered up him, to Pontius 


away [hir*] 






3 Tore Lb'wv 'JovSag 6 m wapaSiCovg n avrbv on kclt- 

Then 6 having 'seen 'Judas a who ''delivered 5 up 4 him that he was 

fK-pi'0?/, iAeraj.ieX7]9dg "a7rarpE^Ev" rd rpiaicovTa dpyv- 

eondemned, having regretted [it] returned 




to the 


chief priests 



roig n 


^Hfiaprov -KcipaSuvg alpia p d9u>ov [] 
I sinned delivering up = blood 'guiltless. 

av q o'*//?t." 


the thirty pieces of 

7rpEa[3vTtpoig, 4 Xsyiov. 

elders, saying, dirov, Ti 

But they said, What [is that] 
piipag rd apyvpia 

npog yfiag ; 

to us? thou wilt see [to it]. And having cast down the pieces of silver 

z tv Tip vaip n avExiopr}<ytv ) Kai cnrtXQwv a7r/jyaro. 6 Oi.Ce 

in the temple he withdrew, and having gone away hanged himself. And the 

ap^iepag Xafiovreg rd apyvpia s drrov, n OvkJe^eotiv (SaXelv 

chief priests having taken the piecesof silver said, It is not lawful to put 

abrd tig tov icopfiavdv, tird Tifit) a'ifiaTog Igtiv. 7 Sv/i- 

them into the treasury, since [the] price of blood it is. *Coun- 

fiovXiov Si Xa(36vrsg, ))y6pacrav t avrwv tov dypbv tov 

sel 'and 2 having 3 taken, they bought with them the field of the 

Kepa/J.swg, dg racpt/v rolg %'tvoig. 8 Sib ekXt]9t] 6 

potter, for a burying ground for strangers. Wherefore 3 was "called 

'iiog rfig-oiJi-Ltpov. 9 tots 

to this day. Then 

t7rXr]pio9ti to pt]9ev ia 'lepe/zi'ov tov 7rpo<pr)TOV,Xsyov- 

was fulfilled that which was spoken by Jeremias the prophet, say- 

rot 1 , Kai tXafiov rd TpiaKOVTa apyvpia, Tt)v Tip)v tov 

lng, And I took the thirty pieces of silver, the price of him who 

TtTijirm'svov, ov tTiurjcravTO durb viu>v 'itrpa/yA, 10 Kai 
was set a price on, whom they Set 7 a "price 9 on' of [ 2 the] 3 b0ns "of 5 Israel, and 

tdiuKav avTa elg tov dypbv tov KEpafttivg, Ka9d avv'tTa'ikv 
gave them for the field of the potter, according as ^directed 

fioi Kvpicg. 

"rue ['the] "Lord. 

11 'O.Se.'lrjaovg i tartf tfnrpoaOEV tov i/yEfiovog' Kai irnripw- 


'that 2 field 



of blood 


XXVII. When the 
morning was como, all, 
the chief priests and 
elders of the people 
took counsel against 
Jesus to put him to 
death : 2 and when 
they had bound him, 
they led him away, 
and delivered him to 
Pontius Pilate the 

3 Then Judas, which 
had betrayed him, 
when he saw that ho 
was condemned, re- 
pented himself, aud 
brought again the 
thirty pieces of silver 
to the chief priests and 
elders, 4 saying, 1 have 
sinned in that I have 
betrayed the innocent 
blood. And they said, 
What is that to us ? see 
thou to that, ft And he 
cast down the pieces 
of silver in the temple, 
and departed, and 
went and hanged him- 
self. 6 And the chief 
priests took the silver 
pieces, and said, It is 
not lawful for to put 
them into the treasury, 
because it is the price 
of blood. 7 And they 
took counsel, and 
bought with them the 
potter's field, to bury 
strangers in. 8 Where- 
fore that field was 
called, The field of 
blood, unto thin day. 
9 Then was fulfilled 
that which was spoken 
by Jeremy the prophet, 
saying, And they took 
the thirty pieces of 
silver, the price of him 
that was valued, whom 
they of the children of 
Israel did value; 10 and 
gave them for the pot- 
ter's field, as the Lord 
appointed me. 

But Jesus 










'lov8aiu>v\ 'O.SL'IritTovg 

Jews ? And Jesus 




the governor ; and 3 ques- 

2ii eI b J3a(riXEvg tCjv 

2 Thou 'art the king of the 

t(pr] v ury," 2i> XsyEig. 12 Kai 
said to him, Thou sayest. And 

iv.Tip.Kari]yopEia9ai avrbv vtto tujv dpx^p^v Kai w rwj/" 7rpE<r- 

when = was 3 accused 'he by the chief priests and the el- 

fivTtpwv, ouofv aTTEKpivaro. 13 tote XsyEi avrip b x niXaTog, l{ 



nothing he answered. 

Then 2 says 3 to 4 him 'Pilate, 

11 And Jesus stood 
before the governor : 
and the governor a^ked 
him, saying, Art thou 
the king of the Jews? 
And Jesus said unto 
him, Thou sayest. 

12 And when he was 
accused of the chief 
priests and elders, 
he answered nothing. 

13 Then said Pilate 
unto him, Kearest 

1 ai/TOV LTTrA. k IIoi'Tttf) TTr. 

n IcTTpei/zei' TTrA. tois LTTrA. 

into the temple TTr. elirav VlTr. 

* LTiAaTOs LTr; IleiAttToy x. 

i netAara) t. m wapaSovs bad delivered up LTr. 

P d6(Zov LTA. 1 oi/zrj LTTrA. r els Toy yaov 

v icrraOri LTTrA. ' a.VT<p T. w tuv t|a]. 



thou not how many 
things they witness 
Rgainst thee ? 14 And 
lie answered him to 
never a word ; inso- 
much that the gover- 
nor marvelled greatly. 

15 Now at that feast 
the governor was wont 
to release unto the 
people a prisoner, 
whom they would. 
16 And they had then a 
not able prisoner, call- 
ed Barabbas. 17 There- 
fore when they were 
gathered together, Pi- 
late said unto them, 
Whom will ye that 
I release unto you ? 
Barabbas, or Jesus 
which is called Christ? 
18 For he knew that 
for envy they had de- 
livered him. 19 When 
he was set down on 
the judgment seat, his 
wife sent unto him, 
6nying, Have thou 
nothing to do with 
that just man : for I 
have suffered many 
things this day in a 
dream because of him. 

20 But the chief priests 
and elder3 persuaded 
the /multitude that 
they should ask Barab- 
bas, and destroy Jesus. 

21 The governor an- 
swered and said unto 
them, Whether of the 
twain will ye that I 
release unto you ? They 
saut, Barabbas. 22 Pi- 
late saith unto them, 
What shall I do then 
with Jesus which is 
called Christ? They&ll 
say unto him, Let him 
be crucified. 23 And the 
governor said, Why, 
what evil hath he 
done ? But they cried 
out the more, saying, 
Let him be crucified. 
24 When Pilate Baw 
that he could prevail 
nothing, but that 
rattier a tumult was 
made, he took water, 
and washed his hands 
before the multitude, 
Baying, I am innocent 
of the blood of this 
just person : see ye to 
it. 25 Then answered 
all the people, and 
said, His blood be on 
us, and on our chil- 
dren. 26 Then released 
he Barabbas unto 
them : and when he 
had scourged Jesus, he 
delivered him to be 




Troaa aov Karauaprvpovaiv ; 14 Kcu 

Hearest thou not how many things *thee 'they "witness 3 against? Ami 

ovK.airi.Kpi9t) avrtji 7rpbg ovde ev pijfiaf uxyrE Gavfidfeiv rbv 

he did not answer him to even one word, ao that 3 wondered 'the 

?)yettoVa Xiav. 

"governor exceedingly. 

15 Kard.Sk koprrfv eiwOei 6 rjyefiwv onroXvEiv sva 

Now at [the] feast 3 was ''accustomed 'the "governor to release one 

T<p t>%\<^ deajMGV, ov ))9eXov. 16 eIxov.Se tote bsa- 

"to 3 the 'multitude 'prisoner, whom they wished. And they had then a"pri- 

Xeyopievov Bapaf3(3av. 17 GWt\y\iEvuiv 

called Barabbas. .'Being 'gathered Hogether 

ovv avrtov eTttev avrolg 6 niiXarog," Tt'va OsXere o.tto~ 
"therefore 'they 'said "to 9 them 6 Pilate, Whom will ye [that] I 

Xvau) hfiiv ; Bapa/3j3aVf rj 'h]aovv rbv Xey6p,evov ^piordv ; 
release to you ? Barabbas, or Jesus who is called Christ ? 

18 y8ei.yap on Sid <p96vov Trapkdtoicav avrov. 19 KaOrj- 

For he knew that through envy they delivered up him. "As *was 

fisyov 8e avrov ettI rov f3rjfxaroc aTrecrrEiXEV irpbg abrbv i) 
on the judgment seat 3 sent ''to 6 him 

am teal rqi Sacaitp 

[Let there be] nothing between thee and "righteous 





^sitting 'but . 3 he on the judgment seat 

vrov, XtyovGa, * MijSev 

his "wife, 



'that [man]; 

avrov. 20 



I suffered 



ovap oi 

a dream because of 

for many things 

OL^ dpx'EpEiQ /ecu oi rrpeafivrEpoi tirEiaav rovg 
But the chief priests and the elders persuaded the 

b\XovQ"iva alrrjaiovrai rbvBapaf3fiav, rbv.Sk.'lrio-ovv cnroX- 

crowds that they should beg for Barabbas, and 3 Jesus 'should 

EGioGiv. 21 cnroKpiOEtgib^ b r/yeiiwv eJttev avrolg, Tiv.a OkXEre 
"destroy. And 3 answering 'the "governor said to them, Which will ye 

dizb rwv Svo a-KoXvou) bfxiv ; Ol.Se z eIttov u , h Bapaf3)3av. 

of the two [that] I release to you ? And they said, Barabbas. 

22 A'syEi. avrolg b ^IliXdrog, u Ti ovv 7toit)o-<jj 'Iyjaovv, rbv 

"Says 3 to Hhem 'Pilate, What then shall I do with Jesus, who 

XEybpiEvov xpiarov'y Atyovtriv h avr(p" 7rdvrEQ, SravpioOiirio. 
is called Christ? They "say 3 to ''him 'all, Let [him] be crucified. 

23 '0.8k c r)yEy.(ltv li Ep7], Ti yap icaicbv E7roir)<JEv ; Ot.<$ 

And the governor said, What "then 'evil did he commit? But they 

TTEpiaawQ Etcpa^ov, XtyovrEg, 'ZravpojQrjroj. 24 ' b 

the more cried out, saying, Let [him] be crucified. And "seeing 

yiliXarog" on ovSev wQeXeI, dXXd fidXXov 96pv(5og yivsrai, 

'Pilate that nothing it availed, but rather a tumult is arising, 

Xa(3u>v vdu)p drrEviibaro rag yEtpag d aTTEvavn >] rov o^Aou, 

having taken water he washed, [his] hands before the crowd, , 

Xeyojv, c 'A9u>6g n ei/ai dirb rov atfiarog { rov.8iKaiov.rovrov n 
saying, Guiltless I am of the blood of this righteous [man] ; 

vfiElg bxpEaQs- 25 Kat a7roKpi9Etg rrdg b Xabg .eIttev, To 

ye will see [to it]. And ^answering 'all "the 3 people said, 

alua.avrov 1 0* i)fiag icai kiri rd.r'tKva.t)fiiov. 26 Tors drrsXv- 
His blood [be] on us and on our children. Then he re- 

<tev airdig rbv Bapa/3j3dv rbv.8L'lr]0~ovv tbpayEXXwaag 
leased to them Barabbas ; but 3 Jesus 'having "scourged 

7rapsS()JKEv "iva <jravpu)6y. 

he delivered up [him] that he might be crucified. 

1 riiAaTOS LTr; IleiAaTOS T. 

1 elnav TTr. 

a + TOy TTr. 

rfye/jiiiiv [read and he said) TTrA. d Kcnevavrt. LTr. e a9w6$ LTA. 

fiixai'ovj l j tow 6icaiov (read of this [man] ) TlTrjA. 

- avTiii I.TTrA. 
1 TOl/TOV [tOU 


M A T T H E W. 

rt]v aireipav 

the band ; 

27 Tore ol orpanwrai tov i/yefiovog, 7rapaXaf36i'Tg 

Then the soldiers of the governor, having taken with [them] 

tov 'lr)0~ovv eig to irpairtopiov, avvrjyayov iir' avrbv oXtjv 

Jesus to the prffitorium, gathered against him all 

28 Kai SiicFvaavrec;* avrbv h 7repie9i]icav avro) 

and having stripped him they put round him 

\\afiv3a K0KKivi]V n 29 Kai rfXk^ai'Teq ors<pavov t atcavQwy 

a 2 cloak 1 scarlet ; And having platted a crown of thorns 

i7rt9t]Kav twl i TT}<pa.\))v tt .aurov, Kai Ku.Xap.ov k t7ri rr/v 

they put [it] on his head, and a reed in 

dtliiav" avrov' Kai yovv KErijaavTEg 'ifXTrpoaOev avrov l lvs- 

"right ^hand 'his ; and bowing the knees before him they 

7raiov" avrtp, XkyovrEg, XaToe, m 6 /3acn\evg n ra>v 'lovdaiwv 
mocked him, saying, Hail, king of the Jews I 

30 Kai ip.TTTV(javT(.Q Eig avrbv tXafiov rbv KaXa/xov Kai etvtt- 
And having spit upon him they took the reed and struck 

tov tig rr)V.KE<pa\7)v.avrov. 31 Kai ore h'STrai%av avrip 

[him] on his head. And when they had mocked him 


his head. 

avrbv rr\v \XapvSa, Kai n tveSvaav avrbv 

him the cloak, and they put on him 


they took off 

ipdria.avrov' Kai cnrriyayov avrbv elg rb.aravpuxrai. 

his own garments ; and led "away 'him to crucify. 

32 'E^Epxop.evoi.5t evpov dv9pu>Trov Kvprivalov, ovopan 

And going forth they found a man a Cyrenamn, by name 

Hipiova' rovrov -qyydpEvaav "iva dpy rbv.aravpbv.avrov. 

Simon ; him they compelled that he might carry hi3 cross. 

33 Kai lX96vreg tig rorrov Xeyoutvov p roXyot?a," i'6g n ianv 

And having come to a place called Golgotha, which is 

T \ty6^evog Kpaviov r6irog, n 34 tSwKav avnp 8 7neTv" t 6%og" 
called a of 3 a "skull 'place, they gave him to drink vinegar 

fitrd xoXfJc /xepiypEvov' Kai yEvadpEvog 0VK. y 7]9eXev n 

with gall mingled 

35 SravpwaavTEg.c'E 

And having crucified 

"fidXXovreg" KXrjpov 







his garments, 


a lot ; 

and having tasted he would not 


they divided 

7r\jjpa0y to pi)9iv vrrb 

that might be fulfilled that which was spoken by 

tov 7rpo<pr)TOV, AiEj-LEpiaavro Ta.lpdrid.pov iavroTg, Kai 

the prophet, They divided my garments among themselves, and 

7ri Tbv.\pariap.6v.p.ov ?(3aXov KXi)pov." 36 Kai Ka9i]fiEvoi 
for my vesture they cast a lot. And sitting down 

irrjpovv avrbv ekeI. 37 Kai irr^rjKav iirdvn> rrjg 

they kept guard over him there. And they put up over 

KE(paXr]g.avrov n)v. air Lav. avrov yeypappikvijv, Oirog iartv 
his head his accusation written : This is 

'lT)aovg b fiacriXevg raiv 'lovSaiiov. 38 Tore oravpovvrai avv 

Jesus the king of the Jews. Then are crucified with 

avrip Svo Xyarai, elg Ik de%i<x>v Kai Elg 1% evujvvfiujv. 

him two robbers, one at [the] right hand and one at [the] left. 

39 Oi.Sk TraparrooEvopEvoi tf3Xaa(pi)povv avr6i>, Kivovvreg 

But those passing by railed at him, shaking 

Tag.KE<paXdg.avrwv, 40 Kai XtyovrEg, 'O KaraXvwv rbv vabv 

their heads, and saying, Thou who destroy est the temple 


27 Then the soldier3 
of the governor took 
Jesus into the common 
hall, and gathered un- 
to him the whole band 
of soldiers. 28 And 
they stripped him, and 
put on him a scarlet 
robe. 29 And when 
they had platted a 
crown of thorns, they 
put it upon his head, 
and a reed in his right 
hand: and they bowed 
the knee before him, 
and mocked him, say- 
ing, Hail, King of the 
Jews 1 30 And they 
spit upon him, and 
took the reed, and 
smote him on the head. 
31 And after that they 
had mocked him, they 
took the robe off from 
him, and put his own 
raiment on him, and 
led him away to cru- 
cify him. 

32 And as they came 
out, they found a 
man of Cyrene, Simon 
by name : him they 
compelled to bear his 
cross. 33 And when 
they were come unto 
a place called Gol- 
gotha, that is to say, 
a place of a skull, 

34 They gave him vin- 
egar to drink mingled 
with gall : and when 
he had tasted thereof, 
he would not drink. 

35 And they crucified 
him, and parted his 
garments, casting lots: 
that it might be ful- 
filled which was spo- 
ken by the prophet, 
They parted my gar- 
ments among them, 
and upon my venture 
did they cast lots. 

36 And sitting down 
they watched him 
there ; 37 and set up 
over his head his accu- 
sation written, THIS 
JEWS. 38 Then were 
there two thieves cru- 
cified with him, one 
on the right hand, and 
another on the left. 

39 And they that 
passed by reviled him, 
wagging their heads, 
40 and saying, Thou 
that destroyest the 
temple, and buildest 

K ei/o'vcrcu'Tes having clothed L. h xAa/u,v5a kokklvtjv TrepiiO-qxav avrw LTTrA. ' ttjs 

#ce$aA7)s TTrA. k ei/ Trj Seia LTTrA. ' evenaigav T. m /SacrtAeu O king LTr. 

n /c6vo-ai'T? having taken off t. Kai t. p To\yodd Tr. " o GLTTrAW. 

* Kpaviov T07T0S AeyrWfOS LTTrA. " veil? T. * olvoy wine LTf r. T Yi9e\r)arLI> LTTr; 

iOikricrev a. w /3aA6VTes having ca3t LTA. x iya jrArjpwflj) to end of verse GLTTrA. 


i'/ in three days, save 
thyself. If thou be 
the Sou of God, come 
down from the cross. 
41 Likewise also the 
chief priests mocking 
him, with the scribes 
and elders, said, 42 He 
saved others ; himself 
he cannot save. If he 
be the King of Israel, 
let him now come 
down from the cross, 
and we will believe 
hiru. 43 He trusted in 
God ; let him deliver 
him now, if he will 
have him : for he said, 
I am the Son of God. 
44 The thieves also, 
which were crucified 
with him, cast the 
same in his teeth. 

45 Now from the 
sixth hour there was 
darkness over all the 
land unto the ninth 
hour. 40 And about 
the ninth hour Jesus 
cried with a loud voice> 
saying, ELI, ELI, 
NI ? that is to say, My 
God, my God, why 
hast thou forsaken 
me ? 47 Some of them 
that stood there, when 
they heard that, said, 
This man calleth for 
Elias. 48Andstraight- 
way one of them ran, 
and took a spunge, and 
filled it with vinegar, 
and put it on a reed, 
and pave him to drink. 
49 The rest said, Let 
be, let us see whether 
Elias will come to save 

M A T 6 A I 2. 


50 Jesus, when he 
had cried again with a 
loud voice, yielded up 
the ghost. 51 And, be- 
hold, the veil of the 
temple was rent in 
twain from the top to 
the bottom ; and the 
earth did quake, and 
the rocks rent ; 52 and 
the graves were open- 
ed ; and many bodies 
of the saints which 
slept arose, 53 and 

icai iv rpicsiv t'i/.iEpaig oiKodofiwv, awaov oeavrov. ti v'tog 

and in three days buildest [it], save thyself. If son. 

?sl tov 9eov, n z Karcil3i]9i drrb tov aravpov. 41 'Ofto'iug 
thou art of God, descend from the cross. 2 In 3 like *manner 

*Si kou 11 ot dp\iepeig ifiTrai^ovreg f.ierd tu>v ypaj-i/xarewv Kai 

'and also the chief priests, mocking, with the scribes and 

7rpe(Tl3vTspu>v iXeyov, 42 "AXXovg taojaev, tavrbv ov.Svvarai 

elders, said, Others he saved, himself he is not able 

(Tuxrai. b a" (3aai\evg 'Io~pai)X lanv, Kara(3drw vvv cnrb too 

to save. If king of Israel he is, let him descend now from the 

aravpov, Kai c 7ri<JT?v<70fiv n d avr(^. n 43 TT87roi9ei' tirl e rbv 9e6v^ 

cross, and we will believe him. He trusted on God : 

f>vad(r9u) vvv f avr6v, v ei 9eXel avrov. H7rev.yctp,"Ori9eov 

lethimdeliver 2 now 'him, if he will [havejhirn. Forhesaid, *Of 5 God 

el fit v'tog, 44 Tb.S'.avTO tcai o\ Xrjcrrai ol ^avo~ravpu)9ii'- 
'I 2 am 3 Son. And [with] the same thing also the rebbers who were crucified to- 
il h ** > ' ^ V i > ~- II 
TEQ " CtVTlp U)VEtC(L,OV ^aVTljJ. 

gether with him reproached him. 

45 'Arrb.di ekttjq topag gkotoq 7ri -kclociv ri)v 

Now from ''sixth ['the] hour darkness was over all the 

yrjv ewg wpag ^ivvdrrjg " 4G 7repi.Si n)v l ivpdri]v" wpav 
land until [the] "hour 'ninth ; and about the ninth hour 

m dvef36i](Tev n 6 'h]aovg (pwvy fxeydXy, Xsyujv, "HXi, 'HAi'," 

2 cried 3 out 'Jesus *with 5 a ''voice 6 loud, saying, Ell, Eli, 

AiTjud" p aaf3ax9avi ;" rovr tctriv, Qei'fiov, 9eL/.iov, itvari" /us 

lama sabachthani ? that is, My God, my God, 'why me 

iyKariXnreg ; 47 Tivkg.Si rwv t/cfr T io~riorwv n dicov- 
hi;st thou forsaken ? Aud some of those who there were standing having 

cavreg, tXeyov } "Ori s 'HXiav v cbivvti ofrrog. 48 Kai ev9k<og 

heard, said, 4 Elias 3 calls 'this ["man]. And immediately 

Spa/jtojv tig iS, avrtov Kai Xaf3wv OTroyyov, 7rXi]< 

'having 5 run 'one 2 of ^hem and taken a sponge, and filled [it] 

oovg Kai 7repi9fig rcaXa/xy, Itt6tiZ,ev avrov: 49 oi.df 

with vinegar and put [it] on a reed, gave 2 to 3 drink 'him. But the 

Xonroi t tXeyoi', n "Atpeg, 'iSw^iev ei ipxerai y 'H\<af" owawv 



Let be ; let us see 


to save 



50 '0-di-'\r](T0vg irdXiv Kpd",ag ebbivy fieydXy acbiJKEV 
And Jesus again having cried with a -voice 'loud yielded up 

to irvevfxa. 51 Kai ISov, to Kara7TEraafia tov vaov iaxia9r] 

[his] spirit. And behold, the veil of the temple was rent 

w i Si>o n x a7ro" avii)9ev Ewg Kano- Kai >'/ yf/ ioeio9i], Kai 

into two from top to bottom ; and the earth was shaken, and 

at irirpai ia\ia9r](jav, 52 Kai rd fivr]jXEia dvEt^x9r}aav, Kai 

the rocks were rent, and the tombs were opened, and 

nroXXa aw/xara rwv] /iei>wv dy'nov ya r)yEp97], ]l 53 Kai 

many bodies of the = fallen 3 asleep 'saints arose, and 

y 6eov el L. 

1 + Kai and lt. 

a [Se] Kai TrA; 2e kcu [L]T. 

c TritTTevofxcv we believe l, 7rto-Teucrwju.ei' let us believe t. 

clvtio w. e to) 6t (2 L. f avrov T[T']. b o-vi 

with (him) LTTrA. ' avrov GLTTrAW. k ivdrrjq LTTrA 

cried Tr. n 'HAi l^Al LA ; 'HAel rjAti T. Ar;/u.a L ; \efxa TTrA 

crapaxOaveC TTr. 1 iVa ri A. r ko-rrjKOTtnv TTr. 

v 'HAetasT. w eis 6v'o placed after k6.tid TTrA. * 



el TTrA. 

d in' ayTOC Oil him TTr ; eV 

S <ruvo-Tavpco8<[vTS LTTrA. h + aiiv 

kva.n)v LTTrA. m e^6rj(Tev 

P aafiaKdavi L ; 

8 ' HAei'ar T. ' tllTav LTr. 

an Tr ; anb T. y & -qyepOrjaav 



fXe\96vreg Ik rw jur/j/ze/wj/ fiird TTjv.tyepoiv-avTov,ei<Tt~iX- 

having gone forth out of the tombs after his arising, entered 

9ov sig ti)v dyiav ttoXiv Kai tvE<pavi(r9>i<jav iroXXolg. 
into the holy city and appeared to many. 

54 'O.Sk z tKar6i'Tapxog n Kai oi fxer avrov T7}poin>Teg 

But the centurion and they who with him kept guard over 

tov'Iijgovv, ISovrsg tov aeta^ibv Kai ra *yav6/.ii'a, u 

Jesus, having seen the earthquake and the things that took place, 

i(po(5i)Qrjoav c<l>6dpa, X&yov-eg, 'AX)i9wg b 9eov v'tbg^ r)p olrog. 

feared greatly, saying, Truly 3 God's "Son = was 'this. 

55 r Haav.Sk LkeZ yvvdiKEg woXXai enrb [ictKpoQiv Bewpov- 

And there were there *wouien 'many from afar off looking 

erai, a'iriveg r)Ko\ovdr\Gav ny 'l?;crov airb Ti)g TaXikaiag Sia- 

cp, who followed Jesus from Galileo min- 

Kovovaai avr<p, 56 tv alg i]v Mapia rj MaySaXrji'T), Kai 

stering to him, among whom was Mary the Magdalene, and 

Mapia 7f tov 'la/cuj/3ot icai c 'lw<rij" 

Mary the s of 3 James *aud 5 Joses 

viwv Ze(3eSoIov. 
sons of Zebedee. 

57 ^Oxpiag.St yEvo/.dv7ig r)X9ev av9pco7rog TtXovaiog airb 

And evening being come ''came 'a J man = rich from 

^'ApipaBaiag," Tovvofia 'Iwaijcp. og tcai avrbg e if.ia9t)Tev(rev n 

Arimathea, by name Joseph, who also himself was discipled 

r<p 'Itigov. 58 ohrog 7rpo<re\9u)v r<p 'iliAary" yrrjffaro to aH)j.ia 

to Jesus. fle ' having gone to Pilate begged the body 

tov l/jtrou. tote 6 sHiAarog 1 ) eksXevvev aTroSoOijvai b r6 o-w/ia." 

of Jesus. Then Pilate commanded to be given up the body. 

59 icai Xafithv to aaifia 6'Iu)cn)<p evetvXi&v avrb ' aivSovi 

A.nd having taken the body Joseph wrapped 

j.ll]T)lp, Kai 1} l^]T1)p TOJV 

'mother; and the mother of the 

it in a 2 linen 3 cloth 

Ka9opa", 60 /cai t9i]Ktv avrb- iv T(^-Kaw^.ai>T0V fivnfid(j> o 

'clean, and placed "it in his new tomb which 

l\aTOjj.r](rEv tv ry v'tTpq, /cat TrpoaKvXioag Xi9ov f.ityav 

he had hewn in the rock; and having rolled a 2 stone 'great 

k t?j 9vpa tov fxvT]u,dov aTD~)X9av. 61 ikei x Mapia" 

to the door of the tomb went away. And there was there Mary 

r) MaycaXijvr/ icai r) dXXi] Mapia, Ka9i]f.tEvai airkvavTi tov 

the Magdalene 



and the other Mary, 


opposite the tiravpiov, t'/Tig tcrriv 

Now on the morrow, which is 

juera tt\v 7rapao-KEvt]v, 

after the preparation, 

oi ^apicraloi irpbg m ITi- 

the Pharisees to Pi- 





ovvr]x9r]0~av ot apxitptTg Kai 
were gathered together the chief priests and 

Xarov," 63 XtyovTEg, Kvpie, t/xvijcBrj/xEv 

late, saying, Sir, we have called to mind 

6 TrXavog eItcev in u)v, Metcl rptTg r)f.iEpag iyeipo/iai. 64 ke- 

defceiver said whilst living, After three days I arise. Com- 

Xevvoi' oJiv aa<paXia9i~}vai tov tckj>ov tiog T7)gTpiTt]g i/fXipag' 

maud therefore to be secured the sepulchre until the third day, 

fiijTTOTS iXBoi'TSg oi.fia97]Tai. n avTov n j'VKrbg^ K^Eipioaiv avrov, 

lest 3 coming 'his 2 diseiples by night steal -away 'him, 


came out of the graves 
after his resurrection, 
and went into the holy 
city, and appeared 
unto many. 

54 Now when the 
centurion, and they 
that were with him, 
watching Jesus, saw 
the earthquake, and 
those things that were 
done, they feared 
greatly, saying. Truly 
this was the Son o 

55 And many women 
were there beholding 
afar off, which fol- 
lowed Jesus from Ga- 
lilee, ministering unto 
him : 50 among which 
was Mary Magdalene, 
and Mary the mother 
of James and Joses, 
and the mother of 
Zebedee's children. 

57 When the even 
was come, there came 
a rich man of Arinia- 
thaja, named Joseph, 
who also himself was 
Jesus' disciple : 58 he 
went to Pilate, and 
begged the body of Je- 
sus. Then Pilate com- 
manded the body to be 
delivered. 59 And when 
Joseph had taken the. 
body, he wrapped it in 
a clean linen cloth, 
60 and laid it in his 
own new tomb, which 
he had hewn out in 
the rock : and he rolled 
a great stone to the 
door of the sepulchre, 
and departed. 61 And 
there was Mary Mag- 
dalene, and the other 
Mary, sitting over a- 
gainst the sepulchre. 

62 Now the next day, 
that followed the day 
of the preparation, the 
chief priests and Pha- 
risees came together 
unto Pilate, 63 saying, 
Sir, we remember that 
that deceiver said, 
while he was yet alive, 
After three days I will 
rise again. 64 Com- 
mand therefore that 
the sepulchre be made 
sure until the third 
day, lest his disciples 
come by night, and 
steal him away, and 

1 kica.TOVTapxr\<; T. a yivofxeva were taking place LTTi a. b vtbs Oeov LTi-A. _ c 'Ia>o->)(|> 
Joseph T. d 'ApiixaOeias W. e efJ-aO-qrevOr] LTTr. f ITfiAaTO) T. IIiAaTOS LT.- j 

IleiAa-ros T. t to <ro}fxa (read [it]) t[ti-]. ' + h> in (a linen cloth) TrA. k + enl 

over (the door) l. ' Mdptaju. t. m EIiAaroi' LTr ; ileiAaroi' f. n atiToO (read the 

disciples) T. warls GLTTrA. 


s-ny nnto the people, 
II e is risen from the 
dead : so the last error 
shall be worse than 
the first. 65 Pilate 
said unto them, Ye 
have a watch : go your 
way, make it as sure 
as ye can. 66 So they 
went, and made the 
sepulchre sure, sealing 
the stone, and setting 
a watch. 

XXVIII. In the end 
of the sabbath, as it 
began to dawn toward 
the first day of the 
week, came Mary Mag- 
dalene and the other 
Mary to see the sepul- 

2 And, behold, there 
was a great earth- 
quake : for the angel 
of the Lord descended 
from heaven, and came 
and rolled back the 
6tone from the door, 
and sat upon it. 3 His 
countenance was like 
lightning, and his rai- 
ment white as snow : 
4 and for fear of him 
the keepers did shake, 
and became as dead 
men. 5 And the angel 
answered and said un- 
to the women, Fear 
not ye : for I know 
that ye seek Jesus, 
which was crucified. 

6 He is not here : for 
he is risen, as he said. 
Come, see the place 
where the Lord lay. 

7 And go quickly, and 
tell his disciples that 
he is risen from the 
dead ; and, behold, he 
gocth before you into 
Galilee ; there shall ye 
see him : lo, I have 
told you. 8 And they 
departed quickly from 
the sepulchre with 
fear and great joy ; 
and did run to bring 
his disciples word. 

9 And as they went to 
tell his disciples, be- 
hold, Jesus met them, 
saying, All hail. And 
they came and held 
him by the feet, 
and worshipped him. 

10 Then said Jesus un- 
to them, Be not afraid : 
go tell my brethren 


Kai elTTtuniv T<p Xaul, 'HytpOrj enrb riov VEKpwv' Kai tarai 
and say to ihe people, He is risen from the dead ; and *shall 5 be 

r) taxarr} ttKcivi] x El P wv r '7C irpurriQ. 65"0tj. p Jj" avrolg 
'the -last Meception worse than the first. And "said 3 to *them 

6 iTliXctrog^ "Extre KOVGTwliaV vrraysre aotycikioaoQE Cog 
'Pilate, Ye have a guard : Go make [it as] secure as 

o'iSarE. 66 O'i.Se TvoptvQtvrtQ ^GtyaXiaavro rbv rcupov 
ye know [how]. And they having gone made 3 secure 'the 'sepulchre 

GfpayioavTEg rbv Xi9ov, /.tera rrjg Kovarwfiiag. 
'sealing "the 'stone, 4 with s the 6 guard. 

28 Oi^f-de <ja/3(3dru)V, Ty.tiri<pu)<7K0V(Ty Eig fiiav 

Now late on Sabbath, as it was getting dusk toward [the] first [day] 

oafifidruiv, ))X9ev r Mopia" >'/ MaySaXiyvfj Kai rj dXXt] Mapia 

of [the] week, came Mary the Magdalene and the other Mary 

Osiopjjaai rbv rdtyov. 

to see the sepulchre. 

2 Kai ISov, cEiffj-ibg lyh'Ero /.dyag' dyyeXog.ydp Kvpiov 

And behold, 3 a Earthquake 'there '""was 4 great ; for an angel of [the] Lord 

KarafSdg j ovpavov, s 7rpoaeX6uJv cnrEKvXicTev rbv Xi9ov 

having descended out of heaven, having come rolled away the stone 

'otto rijg 9vpag, li Kai iKa9r]ro irrdvui avrov. 3 ijv.Sk i) y icta v 
from the door, and was sitting upon it. And 3 was "look 

avrov wg a<yrparzr\, Kai rb.'ivSvj.ia.avrov Xevkov "oxrei" %wv. 
'his as lightning, and his raiment white as snow. 

4 cnrb.Sk rov <poj3ov avrov EoeitrOriaav ol rijpovvrEg, Kai x eyk- 
And from the fear of him 'trembled 'those "keeping 3 guard, and be- 

vovro wfffi" vEKpoi. 5 'ATroKpi9Eig.Sk b ayyEXog eIttev rale 

came as dead [men]. But 3 answering 'the angel said to the 

yvvai%iv, M}}-0o/3s7<t0 v/j.Elg' olSa.ydp on 'Irjaovv rbv larav- 

women, Fear not ye ; for I know that Jesus who has been 

piofiEvov Z,i]Te1te. 6 ovK.'iariv u>Se' t)ysp9r].ydp, Ka9<l>g eIttev. 

crucified ye seek. He is not here, for he is risen, . as he said. 

Sevte 'twere rbv tottov ottov ekeito 3 '6 Kvpiog. v 7 Kai raxv 

Come see the place where 3 was*lying 'the "Lord. And "quickly 

TropEv9E~iGai e'ittute roTg./.ia9)]TaXg.avrov, on fiykp9r] dirb ruiv 

'going say to his disciples, that he is risen from the 

VEKpwv Kai ISov, irpodyEi v/xdg slg rr\v FaXtXaiav' ekeX 

dead ; and behold, he goes before you into Galilee ; there 

avrov o\pEo9E. ISov, eIttov vfiiv. 8 Kai 7 t^EX9ovaai n raxii 

him ye shall see. Lo, I have told you. And having gone out quickly 

artb rov fivij/xEiov fiErd (p6/3ov Kai x a P a Q M^y^Xrjg, ESpafxov 

"joy 'great, they ran 

to tell [it] to his disciples. But as they were going 

aTrayytiXai rolg.na9t]raXg.avTOv, v Kai ISov, b 6" 'hjaovg K aTTT)v- 

to tell [it] to his disciples, "also 'behold, Jesus mot 

rrjOEvW avraXg, Xsyiov, XaipErE. A'i.Se 7rpo(TEX9ovcrai EKpd- 

them, saying, Hail ! And they having come to [him] seized 

rr\aav avrov rovg rroSag, Kai irpoo-EKvvi]o~av avr(p. 10 tote 

hold of his feet, and worshipped him. Then 

X'tyEi avraXg 6 'lr/aovg, M/}^o/3aa0' VTrdyere, drrayyEiXare 
"says 3 to *them 'Jesus, Fear not : Go, tell 

from the 


with fear 


drrayyElXai rdlg.}ia9i]ra~ig.avrov. 9 *togM iiropEvovro 

P 6"e and GLTTrAW. <1 IltAaTOS LTr ; IleiAaTOS T. r Mapia/m T. + Kai and TTr.' 

1 ajrb TTJs 6vpa<; LTTrA. elSia TTr. w tos LTTrA. * t"yenJ0T)cra!' <os LTTiA. ? 6 

Kvpios (read he was lying) t[Ti-a]. * aireK6ovtrai. having departed TTrA. oi? 5 

eropevoi'TO aTrayyeiAai toij /Aa0T}Tais avrov LTTrA. b 6 TA. c virqvrqaev TTr. 



Toic.dSiX(poig.p,ov "iva a.7r&\9iooiv Eig ri\v FaXiXaiav, d /caKt" jue 
my brethren that they go into Galilee, and there me 


shall they see. 

11 ahriov, ISov, rivlg Tr\g icovo~TioSiag IX- 

And as 2 were J going 'they, lo, some of the guard hav- 

Oovreg eig ti)v itoXiv e a7r/'/yya\av" TO~ig dp^itpivcnv airavTO. 
ing gone into the city reported to the chief priests all things 

to. ytvoiitva. 12 icai avva^Q'tVTEg /xerd twv 7rpea- 

ihat were done. And having been gathered together with the el- , 

fivTtpiov, <7v/.ij3ov\i6i>.TE. Xaf36vTg, dpyvpia iicavd t^wKuv 

ders, and counsel having taken, -money 'much they gave 

toiq aTpciTiwratc;, 13 XkyovTtg, EiVare otl o\.pa0i]Tai.avTOV 

to the soldiers, saying, Say that his disciples 


by night having come stole him, we being asleep. And 

tUV ClKOVoQy TOVTO f 7Tt" TOV iiytfXOVOQ, rifltlQ 7TiGOfJ,EV ZauTov" 
if "be 3 heard 'this by the governor, we will persuade him 

icat vpag dpepi/ivovg Trou'jooptv. 15 Oi.St Xafioi'TEQ ret 

and 3 you 4 free ^froin 6 care 'will -make. And they having taken the 

apyvpia iTToii](jav wg tfiiSax9)]aav. Kai h oie<pt]fj.iiyOr] n 6 Xoyog 
money did as they were taught. And 3 is "spread 'abroad "report 

elrog 7rapd 'lovcaioig ju^XP 1 T ^K o-))pepov l . 

'this among [the] Jews until the present. 

16 Oi.St 'ivdeKa fxaQ)}Tcd tTropevOijaav dg ti)v FaXiXaiav, 

But the eleven disciples went into Galilee, 

e'tg to vpog ov , tTa^aro aiiTolg 6'Irjoovg. 17 (cat iSovreg 

to the mountain whither "appointed 3 them 'Jesus. And sceiug 

avrbv Trpoaf.KVvi]<7av k atT<p'" o'i.ei. tliaraaav. 18 Kai irpoa- 
him they worshipped him : but some doubted. And having 

eX&wi' 6'hjoovg tXdXijaev aliTolg, Xkywv, 'ESoOi] pot 
cometo[them] Jesus spoke to them, saying, -'Has "been 5 given 6 to 7 me 

Tcdaa t^ovaia tv ovpawji Kai t7ri l yrjg. 19 TropevOtVTEg m ovv" 

'all "authority in heaven and on earth. Going therefore 

paO^TSvaaTa irdvTa tcl tOvr], "j3a7TTiZovTeg^ avTovg tig to 

disciple all the nations, baptizing them to the 

ovofia tov 7raTpbg icai roil vioii Kai tov ayt'ov Trve.vfJ.aTOQ, 

name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit ; 

20 SiSdaKovreg avTovg Tt]pfiv Travra ova ivTeiXdpi]v 

teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I commanded 

Vfilv' Kai iSoiy tyw fisO' vfiiov eljjii -ndaag Tag ypitpag e<og Ttjg 
you. And lo, I with you am 

cvvTtXeiag tov aiuivog. 'Afxi]vJ l 

completion of the age. 


that they go into Ga- 
lilee, and there shall 
they eee me. 


the days until the 


11 Now when they 
were going, behold, 
some of the watch 
came into the city, 
and shewed unto the 
chief priests all the 
things that were done. 
12 And when they were 
assembled with the 
elders, and had taken 
counsel, they gave 
large money unto the 
soldiers, 13 saying, 
Say ye, His discipies 
came by night, and 
stole him away while 
we slept. 14 And if 
this come to the gover- 
nor's ears, we will per- 
suade him, and secure 
you. 15 So they took 
the money, and did as 
they were taught : and 
this saying is com- 
monly reported among 
the Jews until this 

16 Then the eleven 
disciples went away 
into Galilee, into a 
mountain where Jesus 
had appointed them. 
17 And when they saw 
him, they worshipped 
him : but some doubt- 
ed. 18 And Jesus came 
and spake unto them, 
saying, All power is 
given unto me in hea- 
ven and inearth. 19 Go 
ye therefore, and teach 
all nations, baptizing 
them in the name of 
the Father, and of the 
Son, and of the Holy 
Ghost : 20 teaching 
them to observe all 
things whatsoever I 
have commanded you: 
and, lo, I am with you 
alway, even unto the 
end of the world. 

d Kai eicel T. * avrjyyei.ko.i> announced t. f virb LTr. e avrbv (read [him]) t[ty]. 
h cji) is spoken of x. ' + qixepas day ltfa. k <xvto> lttia. l + r>)s the ltia. 
m ovv G[L]T[TrjA. /SaTrrio-avres ha"ing baptized Tr. 'A^v GLTTrA, p + <""<* 
~M.a60a.iov according to Matthew TrA. 



THE beginning of 
the gospel of Jesus 
Christ, the Son of God ; 
2 as it is written in 
the prophets, Behold, 
t send my messenger 
before thy lice, which 
shall prepare thy way 
before thee. 3 The 
voice of one crying in 
the wilderness, Pre- 
pare ye the way of the 
Lord, make his path.3 

i John did baptize 
in the wilderness, and 
prech the baptism of 
repentance for the re- 
mission of sins. 5 And 
there went out unto 
him all the land of 
Judsea, and they of 
Jerusalem, and were 
all baptized of him in 
the river of Jordan, 
confessing their sins. 
6 And John was cloth- 
ed with camel's hair, 
and with a girdle of a 
skin about his loins ; 
and he did eat locusts 
and wild honey ; 7 and 
preached, saying, There 
cometh one mightier 
than I after me, the 
latchet of whose shoes 
I am not worthy to 
stoop down and un- 
loose. 8 I indeed have 
baptized you with 
water : but he shall 
bapt ize you with the 
Holy Ghost. 

9 And it came to pass 
In those days, that Je- 
sus came from Naza- 
reth of Galilee, and 
was baptized of John 
in Jordan. 10 And 
straightway coming 
up out of the water, 
he saw the heavens 
opened, and the Spirit 
like a dove descending 
uponhim : 11 and there 
came a voice from 

'APXH tov evayyeXiov 'Itjanv xpiarov, ^v'tov Tov9eov' n 

BEGINNING of the glad tidings of Jesus Christ, Son of God ; 

2 c wc" yiypmrrai iv d ro7g7rpo<pr)raig, [r l$ov, e tyu) n drroo-rsXXuj 

as it has been written in the prophets, Behold, I send 

rbv.dyyiX6v.jj.ov irpb irpoaw7rov.Gov, og icaracrKevdoei n)v 

mymessenger before thy face, who shall prepare f ifj.7rpoa9sv cou." 3 <Pu)v)) j3ou>vrog iv ry ipifpip, 

thy way before thee. [The] voice of one crying in the wilderness, 

'Eroi/xdaare rijv bdbv Kvpiov, ev9siag Troulrs rag rpi[3ovg 
Prepare the way of [the] Lord, straight make 2 paths 



4 'Eytvero '\u)avvt]g g (3a7rriZu)v tv ry tp^pw, h (ceu" Krjpva- 

2 Came 'John baptizing in the wilderness, and proclaim- 

cuiv fidrrrio-pa peravoiag elg atpeaiv dpapriujv. 5 Krai 

ing [the] baptism of repentance for remission of sins. And 

t,e7rop8 vzro rrpbg avrov rcdca '/ 'lovSaia %wpa, /cat oi '"Ifpo- 

went out to him all the = of'Juda;a 'country, and they of Je- 

(roXujuTrat," k /cai i(3a7rriZovro rrdvreg ]i Hv rtp'lopSdvy wora/xt^ 

rusalem, and were ^baptized 'all in the "Jordan 'river 

vtt' avrov, ," k^oLioXoyovpevoi rdg.d/.iapriag.avrwv. 6 m I]v.$i n 

by him, confessing their sins. And 2 was 

n 'l(i)dvvr]g LvSeSvpsvog rpix<*Q Kafii]Xov, Kai wvjjv tpLiarivT)v 
'John clothed in hair of a camel, and a girdle of leather 

7r?pt rrjv.ocrtyvv.aurov, Kai Q iff9iiov ]l cucpiSag icai LikXi dypiov. 

about his loins, and eating locusts and -honey 'wild. 

7 Kai iKrjpvcrotv, Xkyuv, "Epx^rai 6 iaxvporepog fiov orriou} 

And he proclaimed, saying, He comes who [is] mightier than I after 

liov, oi> ovK.Eifii iKavbg Kvipag Xvvai rbv \\idvra 

me, of whom I am not fit having stooped down to loose the thong 

Twv.v7rodi]iidr(DV.avTOV. 8 iyd> p piv n ij3d7rri<Ta Vfiagikv" vSari, 

of his sandals. I indeed baptized you with water, 

avTogSk fiaTrrian vjidg T tv n Trvtvpan dyiw. 
but he will baptize you with [the] ^Spirit 'Holy. 

9 "Kai" ty'sviro iv tKsivaig raxg r)p.ipaig i]X9ev 'Jj]o^vg 

And it came to pass in those days [that] "came 'JesUs 

drrb 'Na^aptr 11 rijg TaXiXaiag, Kai I(3a7rric9ri v v7rb 'Iwav- 

from Nazareth of Galilee, and was baptized by John 

vov e!g rbv r \opSdvr)v. n 10 Kai w v9iiog n dvaflaivwv x d7r6" row 

in the Jordan. And immediately going up from the 

vSarog, slSev aXiKopsvovg rovg ovpavovg, Kai rb rrvtvpa 

water, he saw parting asunder the heavens, and the Spirit 

yw<TEi" Trepiarepdv KOTa(3a~ivovHir'" avrov' 11 Kaijpuivp^iyivi- 

as a dove . descending upon him. 

And a voice 

EvayyeAioi> Kara MdpKOv GLTjAW ; Kara Mapicov T. b vlov tov 0eoi> T ; ' tov LTrA. 

c Ka6w according as TTr. d tc5 ( ra [Trjow) 'Haata t irpo<j>-ijrr) Isaiah the prcphet 

GLT.irAW. e eyw i read anocr. I 'send) lt.a. f ep-wpoaOiv trov GLTTrAW. 8 + 6 

TfrA h __ Ka \ [t. ]a. ' 'IepocroAv/xeiTCU T. k navres, Kai e^aTTTi'foi'TO GLTTrA. 

vtt' avTOV ev tio" 'lopSdvr, norap.<3 TTrA. m Kai fy LTTrA. + 6 TTrA. ea6uv TTrA 

P p.ev [L]TTrA'. i ev (read vSan with water) T[TrjA. r ev (read wvevp-aii with [the] 
Spirit) '[LTr]A. > [Kai] L. l HaapeO ETrW. v ei? tov 'lop&dmnv vnb 'Iwawov I.TTrA. 

"evfivsTTrA. * K OUt of LTTrA. > <i)S GLTTrAW. els OU LTX A. eyeVeTO 

{read [came]) T. 

I. MARK. 89 

ro* U rwvovpavwv, Si d o.viog.fiov 6 dya^rog, iv V b y S d T fe h 

out of tho heavens, Thou art my Son the beloved, in whom in whom i g^ wel j 

evSoxriaa. piease<L 

I have found delight. 

12 Kai c ev0vg n rb irvzvua avrbv l/c/3aXX eiQ n)v tpi]- M And immediately 

And immediately the Spirit 2 him 'drives out into the wilder- [^ 8p ^ , ^Tdernes 

uov. 13 Kai r\v d K6t u iv rn eofypip e 7)u.ioa~g ruroapaKovra,* And he was there in 

ness. And he was" there in the wilderness Mays 'forty, /a^Um^oisl 

rrtioaToatvog virb rov caravd, Kai r\v yard rCJv 6r]piwV Kai tan; and was with the 

iempted by Satan, and was with the beasts; and ^ta^e^to, 

01 dyysXoi Su]k6i>ovv ay-oj. him. 

the angels ministered to him. 

14 'Msra.di 11 rb.7rapado9i'irai rbv'Iwdvvrjv i]X6ev b 'Itjuovq 

And after 2 was delivered 4 up 'John came Jesus 14 Now after that 

, , ,, /.. ir~/OA'U. "hn was put in prison, 

elg rr)v TaXiXaiav, Kijpvaaojv to tvayyiXiov s ri)g pacriAsiag Jesus came into Gaii- 

into Galilee, proclaiming the glad tidings of the kingdom lee, preaching the gos- 

~ n - , - k . x ' ii^-k > ' ' ' , .. pel of the kingdom of 

rovGeov, 15 "/cat Xtyojv, On TrtirXripwrai o Kaipog, kch i/y- God, 15 and saying, 

of God, and saying, 3 Has 4 been s ful filled Hhe 2 time, and has The time is fulfilled, 

,,-,., n ,,. , / i ~ and the kingdom of 

yiKSv t] (3ao~iXeia rov Veov fieravosire, Kai marevire tv Tip/ God is at hand : repent 

drawn near the kingdom of God ; repent, and believe, in the ye, and believe the 

> -v i -./-.; ,-r ~ * > ii ' A ' \ " - ~ r> "\ gospel. 16 Now as he 

evayyeXiip. 16 i n wapa rt]v UaKaaaav rr]Q La\i- Wll iked by the sea of 

glad tidings. And walking by the sea - of Ga- Galilee, he saw Simon 

Xi 75. t,/ > ' J ' ' ' j,-\ , ' k~'_r." \fc/.\ and Andrew his bro- 

aiag elctv ^.ijiiova Kai Avcpsav rov adeXcpov *avrov l j5a\- t her casting a net into 

lilee he saw Simon and Andrew the brother of him cast- the sea : for they were 

Xovrag" "d^X^rpov 11 iv ry QaXdaay faav.ydp "aXi^" ^?d unto'thtm, lZl 

ing a large net in the sea ; for they were fishers. ye a ft e r me, and 1 will 

17 Kai dirtv avrolg b 'lt]aovg, Aevre orriiyw /xov, Kai rroajau) g^ers oTmen. iTlnd 

And *said 3 to ''them 'Jesus, Come after . me, and I will make straightway they for- 

vfidg yeveo-9ai n dXie7g n dvGpwTTiov. 18 Kai eii9swg n dtpivrsg ^^ l ^% 1* 

you to become fishers of men. And immediately having left wnen j,e had gone a 

Td.SiKTva.fauTwv^ rjKoXovQijaav avrtp. 19 Kai -xpofidg little farther thence, 

theirncts they followed him. And having gone 011 Qf Zebedee> and John 

UkeIOhv" bXiyov tUev 'laKivj3ov rbv rov Zefiebaiov, Kai his brother who also 

thence a little he saw James the [son] of Zebedee, and ^"tndr nete! P 2Tnd 

'ludvvnv rbv.dceXipbv.aurov, Kai avrovg iv rip rvXo'tip straightway he called 

John his brother, and these [were] in the ship "! m: . a , n , d ^Jf" 

' , , their father Zebedee 

Karapri^ovrag rd Sucrva. 20 Kai T ev9ko}g n tKaXtatv avrovg' in the ship with the 

mending the nets. And immediately he called them ; hire(i servants, and 

,,, , , , -. , ~, , went after him. 

koi aiptvTtg tov 7ranpa.avTiDV Zef3soaXov tv rip rrXoup /.isra 

and having left their father Zebedee in the ship with 

rwv fiiaQioTbJV, airifXdov O/riffw avrov. 

the hired servants, they went away after him. . , , ., 

- > / > ' ' < '/i' - 21 And they went 

21 Kai aiGTroptvovrai sig s Kairepvaovfi' l[ Kai l sv0su)g n roig into Capernaum ; and 

And they go into Capernaum ; and immediately on the straightway on the 

sfilibi^th dfiv riG entered 

od0(3acriv v (.!(TiX0ijjv [] w elg rr)v avvayinyi}V tdia(TKev. u 22 Kai into the synagogue, 

sabbaths having entered into the synagogue he taught. And and taught. 22 And 

,.., ,,,.,.,> ~,-. T <?5.' > \ they were astonished 

tt,7r\7]ff(JOVTO iTTl r?J.l)tdaXy-avrOV Ip'.yap ClOaCTKOJV avrovg at his doctrine : for he 

they were astonished at his teaching : for he was teaching them taught them as one 

, / K v , . t ~ 1 an T/- ' v t that had authority, 

b)g tkovmav fX WJ/ Krtl 0V X W C 0l YpajUjUarl . Z6 Kai > t\V and not as the scribes. 

as ^authority 'having, and not as the scribes. And there was 23 And there was in 

b 0-0! thee LTTrA. c evfle'ios LW. d e/ 1 GLTTrAW. e reaaepaKOvra ^/xe'pos TTr ; 

T)/Jiepas Ttcrae. A. f Kai jae7a LTrA. 8 tijs ^acriAei'as [LJTTrA. h Kai Myuyv T ; Kai A. 
1 Kai Trapa-yaii' and passing Oil LTTrA. k rov 2t/X(0V0S of Simon L ; "2,Lij.u>vo<; TTrAW. ' a/a- 

<f>ipd\\ovTa<; casting around GLTTrAW. m a^i^Xr^o-rpov (read [a net]) TTrA. " dAeeis ta. 
cuSvs T. P auTtic (read the nets) LTTi[a]. I eKelOcv [L]TTrA. r ev0v<; TTrA. 

Ka^apvaovfji LTTrAW. l ei/Ovs T. T eicreXOiai' T[Tr]A. K eSiSao-Kev tus rr)V o-vraywyij^ 
ta; riji/E. x + [aviTw^] (read their scribesj l. f + evflvs imnaediately ta. 


their synagogue a man 
with an unclean spirit ; 
and he cried out, 
24 saying, Let us 
alone ; what have we 
to do with thee, thou 
Jesus of Nazareth? 
art thou come to de- 
stroy us ? I know thee 
who thou art, the Holy 
One of God. 25 And 
Jesus rebuked him, 
saying.Hold thy peace, 
and come out of him. 
26 And when the un- 
clean spirit had torn 
him, and cried with 
a loud voice, he came 
out of him. 27 And 
they were ail amazed, 
insomuch that they 
questioned among 

themselves, saying, 
What thing is this ? 
what neWvdoctrine is 
this? for with au- 
thority commandeth 
he even the unclean 
spirits, and they do 
obey him. 28 And im- 
mediately his fame 
spread abroad through- 
out all the region 
round about Galilee. 

29 And forthwith, 
when they were come 
out of the synagogue, 
they entered into the 
house of Simon and 
Andrew, with James 
and John. 30 But Si- 
mon's ijfife's mother 
lay sick-of a fever, and 
anon they tell him of 
her. 31 And he came 
and took her by the 
hand, and lifted her 
up ; and immediately 
the fever left her, and 
she ministered unto 
them. 32 And at even, 
when the sun did set, 
they brought unto 
him all that were dis- 
eased, and them that 
were possessed with 
devils. 33 And all the 
city was gathered to- 
gether at the door. 
34 And he healed many 
that were sick of di- 
vers diseases, and cast 
out many devils ; and 
Buffered not the devils 
to speak, because they 
knew him. 

35 And in the morn- 
ing, rising up a great 
while before day, he 
went out, and departed 



bv ry.avvayojyy.avTwv dv9pwjrog tv TTVBvuaTi.aKaBdpTtp, Kai 

in their synagogue a man with an unclean spirit, and 

avitcpaZev, 24 XBywv, ^Ea," ri ij/xlv Kai <roi. 'byrrov Na^ap^ri; 

he cried out, saying, Ah! what to us and to thee, Jesus, Nazarene ? 

i)\9eg cnroXirrai y'ifidg', a o7<5d" <re rig bI, 6 liyiog 

art thou come to destroy us? I know thee who thou art, the Holy [One! 

tov Oeov. 25 Kai iTTBTijx-qaBv avry 6 'Irjaovg, b Xsyojv, ]l <J>(^tw- 
of God. And 2 rebuked 3 him 'Jesus, saying, Be 

6t]Ti, Kai t,B\9e t% aiirou. 26 Kai avapd^av 

silent, and come forth out of him. And 5 having e thrown "into Convulsions 

abrbv to TrvBvjia to aKciQaprov, Kai c Kpd%av H cpwi^y fxeydXy, 

'him 'the 2 spirit *the 4 unclean, and having cried with a 2 voice 'loud, 

b^XObv d t^" avTov. 27 Kai t9a/nf3r)9i]ffav e 
came forth out of him. And 2 were 3 astonished 

t avZ,i]TBiv n z-n-p6g n h avroi>g," XkyovTag, 

they questioned together among themselves, saying, What is this-? 

l rig r) SiCaxrj r\ Kaivq avrrj, ort" Kar a,ov<riav Kai Tolg irvev 



that with 




so that 

Tt idTiv tovto: 



authority even the spirits 
Kai inraKOvovaiv 

and they obey 

m Big oXrjv t))v 
in all the 

avT({j ; 

him I 

2 around 

teaching 2 new 'this, 

a.Ka9dpT0ig Ittitcioobi, 

unclean he commands, 

28 ^'E^fj\9fv.Si^ rj ctKoi) auTov l Bv9vg 
And went out the fame of him immediately 

vojpov Tijg TaXiXaiag. 

'country Galilee. 

29 Kai n Bu9tatg n Ik Trjg <Tvvay(t)y7]g IKbX96vteq r]X9ov b 
And immediately out of the synagogue having gone forth they came 

Big Tr\v oiKiav Sifiiovog Kai 'Avfiptov, jxbtci 'laKOJjiov Kai Iwdv- 

into the house of Simon and Andrew, with James and John. 

vov. 30 7].Se 7TBv9Bpd "Eifiuivog KareKEiTO irvpioGovaa' Kai 

And the mother-in-law of Simon was lying in a fever. And 

p Bv9so}g n Xeyovmv avTty 7TBpi avrrjg. 31 Kai 7rpooBX9il)v 
immediately they speak to him about her. And having come to [her} 

ijyBipBv avTtjv, 

he raised up her, 

KpaTTjaag TTJg.xeipbg.^avTiig'" 

having taken her hand. 


3 left 



32 'OiPUtg 

2 Evening 

avrr/v 6 Trvptrbg T Bi>9twg, n Kai dtrjKovEi avrotg. 

4 her 'the 2 fever immediately, and she ministered to them. 

Sb yBvopsvrig, otb s tdv n 6 i]Xiog, t<pBpov 7rpbg avTov 

'and being come, when went down the sun, they brought to him 

TravTag Tovg Kaicwg txovTag Kai rovg Sai/LioviZofiivovg' 33 Kai 

all who "ill 'were and those possessed by demons ; and 

t t) 7r6Xig oXtj ETricrvvT)yiJ.h>r) fjv" 7rpbg n)v 9vpav. 34 Kai 

the 2 city 'whole *gathered Hogether 3 was at the door. And 

B^BpcnrBvaBv 7roXXovg KaKCjg.i\ovTag iroiKiXatg voaotg, Kai 

he healed many that were ill of various diseases, and 

Saijuovia TroXXd i&fiaXBv, Kai ovK.yfiiEv XaXsHv rd Saifiovia, 

2 demons 'many he cast out, and suffered not 3 to*speak 'the 2 demonsl 

otl ydtiaav avrov. 

because they knew him. 

35 Kat 7rpan y ivwxov^.\iav dvaffrdg I>/\0ej/ Kai 
And very early while yet night having risen up he went out and 

XeyuiU T. c Qaiinjcrav TTrA. 

B 7rpo; T. 

auTOus E 


1 "Ea LTTrA. a olSafiev we know T. b 

from L. e a7T<xVTe? TTrA. f avv^rjTiiv LTTrA, 

I/TrAW. > SiSa\r] Kaivrj a new teaching LTTrA. k Kai eri\9ev LTTrA. [evflus] Tr. 

m + iravraxov everywhere T[Tr]A. n evdvs LTTrA. i^eXOoiv r)\9ev having gone forth 

he came LTr. p evOvs LTTrA. 1 avTTjs (read [her] hand) LT[Tr]A. r evfle'us TTr. 
iSwrev LTrA. ' ^1/ oAn r) 7roAis irrt.<rvvr)yixevri LTTrA. * iyyv\a LTTrA. 

i, IT. 


aTT))\Qev Eig iflVfiov roirov, w Kra(C6i" Trpoffrjix^TO. 

departed into 'desert 'a place, and there was praying. 

36 Kai 


x icaTEdiojav n avrbv y 6 u Si'juwv Kai oi fJ.IT avrov' 37 Kdi 

"went 'after "him 'Simon "andHhose *with 5 him ; and 

z EvpovrEg avrov ti Xkyovaiv avrtp, "On irdvrEg "ZrjTOVffiv ff." 

having found him they say to him, All seek thee. 

38 Kai Aiya avroig, ' Ay tvfiEv h elg rdg EXOfitvag KuifioiroXEig, 

And he says to them, Let us go into the neighbouring country towns, 

'iva c /eafca" Ktjpv'^u)' elg rovro yap d t,t\i)\vQa. n 39 Kai 

that there also I may preach ; 'for 3 this 'because have I come forth. And 

e ijv n Ki]ovaau)v f tv ralg.ovvayu>ya~ig n .avriov elg oXrjv rrjv TaXi- 

he was preaching in their synagogues in all Ga- 

Xaiav, Kai rd Saifiovia EKfidXXwv. 

lilee, and the demons casting out. 

40 Kai 'ipx erai ?rpbg avrov Xt7rp6g, TrapaicaXiov avrbv %icai 
And ^comes *to 5 him 'a 2 leper, beseeching him and 

yovv7reru)v avrov," b icai n X&yujv avrip,"Ori kdv OtXyg Svvacrai 

kneeling down to him, and saying to him, If thou wilt thou art able 

fie KaQapiaai. 41 x 'OM.'lt]Govg^ owXayxviaOug, ek- 

me to cleanse. And Jesus being moved with compassion, having 

reivag rt)v x 'l a k i]4' aT0 avrov , n Kai Xkyei l avr(ji, {{ 

stretched out [his] hand he touched him, and says to him, 

GeXtu, Ka9apLa9j]Ti. 42 Kai m e'nr6vrog.avrov, u n v9t(i)g n a.7rT)X- 
I will, be thou cleansed. And he having spoken, immediately depart- 

9ev air' avrov i) Xkirpa, Kai eKa9apia9i]. n 43 Kai Efifipifirfad- 

ed from him the leprosy, and he was cleansed. And having strictly 

fievog abrtp, p tv9sujg n s^k/3aXev avrov, 44 Kai Xiya avr<p, 

charged him, immediately he sent away him, And says to him, 

"Opa firjSevi i/iridtv" e'iirrig' r a\\" vTraye, ceavrbv dei^ov 

See to no one anything thou speak ; but go, thyself shew 

(lit. nothing) 

r<p ispei, Kai rrpooEVEyKE rrzpi rov.Ka9apiGfiov.oov B. Trpoa- 

to the priest, and offer for thy cleansing what 2 ^>r- 

f-ra^ev "Mukt/jc," tig fiaprvpwv avroig. 45 'O.Sf i^,eX9wv 

dered 'Moses, for a testimony to them. But he having gone out 

ffp^aro KrfpvGGeiv 7roXXa Kai Siacpripi^Eiv rbv Xoyov, wars 

began to proclaim [it] much and to spread abroad the matter, so that 

fiTfKkrt avrbv Svvao9ai }<pavEpCJg elg ir6Xiv n e[geX9e1v 

no longer he was able openly into [the] city to enter ; 

T a\A" t%<i) wa lv" ipiffioig r67roig "i/v, 11 Kai ijpxovro irpbg avrbv 
but without in desert places was, and they came to him 

* a 7ravrax69v. n 

from every quarter. 

2 Kai za 7ra\iv a'erfjAf)^ 1 sig aa Ka7Tfpvaoi;/i" St rffiepoJv, 

And again he entered into Capernaum after [some] days, 

ba KaJ" r}K0vo9r] '6ri c& slg o1k6v u iariv 2 Kai da f v9swg " ovvrf- 

and it was heard that in [the] house he is ; and immediately were 

yfirjGav iroXXoi, aiare fit]KEri.x^ptlv fxtfb'E rd 

gathered together many, so that ihere was no longer any room not even 


into a solitary place, 
and there prayed. 

36 And Simon and they 
that were with him 
followed after him. 

37 And when they' had 
found him, they said 
unto him, All men seek 
for thee. 38 And he 
said unto them, Let us 
go into the next town*, 
that I may preach 
there also : for there- 
fore came I forth. 
39 And he preached 
in their synagogues 
throughout all Gali- 
lee, and cast out devils. 

40 And there came a 
leper to him, beseech- 
ing him, and kneeling 
down to him, and say- 
ing unto him, If thou 
wilt, thou canst make 
me clean. 41 And Je- 
sus, moved with com- 
passion, put forth his 
hand, and touched 
him, and saith unto 
him, I will ; be thou 
clean. 42 And as soon 
as he had spoken, im- 
mediately the leprosy 
departed from him, 
and he was tileansed. 
43 And he straitly 
charged him, ' and 
forthwith sent him 
away ; 44 and saith 
unto him, See thou say 
nothing to any man : 
but go thy way, shew 
thyself to the priest, 
and offer for thy 
cleansing those things 
which Moses com- 
manded, for a testi- 
mony unto them. 
45 But he went out, 
and began to publish 
if much, and to blaze 
abroad the matter, in- 
somuch that Jesus 
could no more openly 
enter into the city, but 
was without in desert 
places : and they came 
to him from every 

II. And again he 
entered into Caperna- 
um, after some days ; 
and it was noised that 
he was in the house. 
2 And straightway 
many were gathered 
together, insomuch 
that there was no room 
to receive them, no, 
not so much as about 

" Kai i<el L. x KaTeSiaifei" T. J 6 T^TrJA. evpof avrov Kai found him and TTrA. 

6 creXyTovo-iv lw. b + aAAaxov elsewhere ttta. 1 c cai eicei aw. d ir)\0ov I came forth 
TTrA. e TjKOev he went TTr. f eU rds avvay(i>y6.s GXTTrAW. s kox yoia7reT<In' 

avrov L[TrA] ; atiTOv T. h koX t[a]. ' *ai and LTIr. k avrov rixj/aro LTTrX. 

1 avrtu T. m ei7roi'TOS avToO LTTr. n evfli/s TTrA. eKa0pia0T] TA. P eiiOv? 

LTTrA * <l /nrjSeJ/ L[Tr]. r aXAa LTTrAW. 8 Mwucrfj? LTTrAW. ' eis nroAii' ^>ai^pd)s T. 

aAAa LTrA. wa 7r' TTrA. la [^v] L. ^ a irdvToBev LTTrAW. el<rr)kOtv irakiv LW ; 

el<7\Qoiv iraXiv he having entered again TTrA. aa Ka^api/aov/x LXTi aW. ba koX 

[L]TTi A kv oi/cv LTTr. d ev64u)S [LTr]T. 


preached* ^he^^ord ^poQ Tt)v Qvpav icai tXdXEi avTolg TuvXoyov. 3 Kai tp\OVTai 

unto them. 3 And they a * *he door; and he spoke to them the word. And they come 

come unto him, bring- e^oAc aVTOV, TTapaXvTlKOV 0SOOVrC," aiOOUEVOV VTTU TEGGCIOUJV. 

ing one sick of the I i_- a "j i- U ' u v * " 

palsy, which was borne to ( him > "a -'paralytic bringing, borne by four. 

of four. 4 And when 4 Ka [ ^jj SwdflEVOl f 7TpO(Tyy((7at" dl'Th) ha TOV OxXoV, 

nicrh unto him" forthe ^^ not heing- able to come near to him on account of the crowd, 

press, they uncovered aTTEGTiyaGClV Tt)v GTEy\)V 07T0V f)l>, KCll topv,aVTEg X a ~ 

the roof where he was: they uncovered. the* roof where he was, and having- broken up [it] they 

and when they had ( f u r r 

broken it up, they let XuiGlV TOV %Kpdfijia.TOV^ H(f)' ^j" 6 TrapakvTlKOQ KCtTEKElTO. 

down the bed wherein let down the couch on which the paralytic was lying, 

the sick of the palsy .,-,-,,..,, , , , v f ^ 

lay. 5 When Jesus saw 5 'lOWI'-Ot' O I?JO"Ol> ri}v.7Tl(TriJ-'.ai'ra' V Ayl T(p TTapaXvTlKli}, 

their faith, he said ^a -seeing 'Jesus their faith says to the paralytic, 

unto the sick of the , ., , ,.. , , , . T 

palsy, Son, thy sins be 1EKVOV, "-CMpSlOVTCH" '<JOl Ctl.afiapTlrtl-ffOV." O liGCtV-OS TIVZQ 

forgiven thee. 6 But Child, 3 have 4 been 5 f orgiven 6 thee 'thy 2 sins. But there were some 

fcll(?rG "W6I"G t i ' i* f ; 1 1 T 1 of 

the scribes sitting tuiv ypa/nparsuiv ekeX Ka9r)f.iEvoi, Koi diaXoyiZS/uEvoi tv TCtlg 

there, and reasoning in of the scribes 2 there 'sitting, and reasoning in 

their hearts, ,7 Why , , _ _,, - \ % ~ m ,3\ j ' * ll 

dcth this man thus Kapciaig.nvTOJV, 7 liovTOQ ovTwg XaAEi m pXaG(pi)j.uag n ; 

speak blasphemies? their hearts, Why = this [ 3 man] "thus 'does 5 speak blasphemies? 

wno can forgive sins '?' >_,' < ' ' \ ? < n ' n -ir < 

but God only? 8 And Ttg dvvarat cKptevai afiapTiag, (_// tig, OVEOC\ 8 Kttt 

immediately when Je- who is able to forgive sins, except one, [that is] God ? And 

sus perceived in his n >/v it > ' ' 't ~ - ' ' ~ " n " II n 

spirit that they so cVUEdog" ETTiyVOVQ O ll)GOVg T^jJ.Tn'EV^aTl.aVTOV OTL OVTWQ n p 

reasoned within them- immediately 2 knowing 'Jesus in his spirit that thus 

^Z S :^y S reLTye SuAoyiZovrat iv iavrolg, idm-V avTolg, Ti ravra Sta- 

these things in your they are reasoning within themselves, said to them, Why these things rea- 

it et Slrier 9 to V Sy t to , thl *yiSEff06 lv TCUQ-KCipSiaiQ.V pG>V \ 9 H EGTIV EVKOTTlOTEpOV, 

sick of the palsy, Thy 80n 7 e m y ur hearts ? which is easier, 

sins be forgiyen thee ; E ' l7rf ~ iv T( Z TTCtpaXvTlKtO, *' AtitlOVTCti" s (TOl" rt duapTiai, 

or to say, Arise, and . ' " ,_.. ',_ J .. . ... r ,., ., ,r. " J 

take up thy bed and to say to the paralytic, J Have 4 been 5 f orgiven 6 thce [thy] -'sins, 

ma lk? know U th t at at the ** f ' 7re '''j '"EyEipai," y KCli n dp6v '"GOV TOV KpafificiTOv" KOI 
S^of ma^hath power or to **> Arise ; / ^ and ^ take up thy ' couch and 
on earth to forgive x 7rfp(7rari" ; 10 'Iva.Sk EiSrJTE on l^nvGinv i\El O VI OQ TOV 
sick of The palsy ) walk ? but that ye may know that Authority 5 has 'the^Son 
li I say unto thee,* ar9pi07rov ^OKpisvai ettl Ttjg yfjc" dfiapTiaQ, XsyEi T(p irapa- 
Arise, and take up thy 3 ot 4 man to forgive on t he earth sins, he says to the para- 
bed, and go thy way _ t f r t 
into thine house. XvrtfCfp, 11 Soi Xfydl, z tyElpai, n & Kal V apOV T6l' g Kpaf5(3aTOV n 
12 And immediately lytic ' To thee j arige and take , -'couch 
he arose, took up the , , , , , , , , , n , 
bed, and went forth GOV Kttl VTTCtyE EIQ TOV.OLKOV.GOV. 12 Kai t]yEpQl] EvQtUJQ, Kttl' 
before them all ; inso- 'thy and go to thy house. And he arose immediately, and 
much that they were , ao .. , n ,., , ., 
all amazed, and glori- (IpaQ TOV %Kpappa.TOV Et,r}XvEV L tV<ZVTl01>" TTCll'TMV, 
fied God, saying, We having taken up the couch went forth before all, 
never saw it on this ,, , ,',, , y , n , ,w . ,', 
fashion. IOGTE tt,lGTa.GUai 7raVTO.Q, KCtl 0OZ > aZ > ElV TOV UEOV, "XtyOVTCtQ," 
so that 2 were 3 amazed 'all, and glorified God, saying, 

' OTL ea OvStTrOT OVTOJg" fa (^OjUV." 

._ . , , , , , Never thus did we see [it]. 

13 And he went forth lf> , , r ~ n ,,. , ,, , n ,^ , ~ , 

again by the sea side ; lo Km bt,l]XVEV 7TaXll> ^TVClpa Ti]V VaXaGGCLV, Km 7TCIQ O 

and all the multitude And he went forth again by the sea, and all the 

resorted unto him, *. ,/ , , , , ,, , , , . _._ , 

and he taught them. OX^Og TjpXETO TTpOg aVTOV, Kai ECIOCCGKEV aVTOVg. 14 Kai 

14 And as he passed crowd came to him, and he taTight them. And 

e 7rpb? avrbj' (ftepovTes TTapakvTiKov LTr ; <^epovreq npbs avrbv n-apa^VTiicbv TA. f Trpoa- 

evdyKat, to bring near t. s Kp6.fia.TTov ltti aw. h o7rou where LTTrA. ' koX "Suic t. 

k acjiievrai are forgiven LTTt. ' o"Oi al ajaopn'at GTT' A ; croi ai a/napn'ai [o"ovJ L. 

m ; /3Aao-<p7) - (read Why does this [man] thus speak ? he blasphemes.) LTTrA. " ev9v<> 
LTTt a. ovrtos L. p + avfol they (arc reasoning) o| aJw. q Ae'-yet says tti-a. 

r 'A^i'ei'Tai are forgiven LTTr. s crov thy (sins) GTTrAW. < "Eyeipe ; 'Eyeipov TrA. 

T Kai. G[Tr]AW. w rbf Kp6.fia.TTOv o~ov LTTrAW. x iinaye go T. y iirl rrjs y^s ac^teVai 

GLTTrW. l eyeipe GLTT.-A W. a Kai G[I.JtTiAW. b /cai eu6vs TTi A. " e^wpoo-dev T. 

* Aeyoj/ra? [lJa. ea ovtios ovSeiroTt TTrA. fa etSa^iev LTTi A. e a e is to T. 

II. MA R K. 93 

irapayuiv eXStv 'AeviV 7-0^ rov' A\(paiov Ka9>]ptvov trri rb *? ^aj'T LeTi * ho r 

passing on he saw Levi the [son] of Alphseus sitting at the a?\he raerpTof cus^ 

rtXu'jviov, Kai Xtyei avriS, 'AkoXovBei uol Krrl avaaroc J;*?' a V, rt said unt0 

tax office. and say. to him, _ follow ^ me. And having arisen E^f a7d"olWd 

i}Ko\oi'd)]atv avrtji. 15 Kat l tysvero n ^tv.rt^-KaraKtACjQai.av- him. 15 And it came 

lie followed him. And it came to pass as he reclined * pass, that, as Jesus 

,,,,_ , ,-v~ v; sat at meat in his 

riv IV Tij.OlKin.aUTOVf Kai TToXXoi TtXwVai Kat Cl[inprUJ- house, many publicans 

[at table] in ' his house, that many tax-gatherers and sin- and sinners sat also 

, , ^ , _ , .. n ~ > ~ together with Jesus 

\oi OVVaVlKtlVTO T(> l)\aOV ICai T0ig.f-iavr]Taig.aVTOV and his disciples : for 

uers were recliuinq- [at table] with Jesus and his disciples ; there were many, and 

t >a ' > 1> \ 'a n ~ ip ' m 'II thc ? followed him. 

tjnav.yap ttoXXoi, kul 1 i]koXov viiaav 11 ai'Tip. lb Kat or ypa/.i- if. And when the 

for they were many, and they followed him. And the . scribes scribes and Pharisees 

, , T I, >?< n ' ' > n' ll < saw him eat with pub- 

/.tartig khi ot Vapioaioi," tdovreg v avrov taviovra \itra licans and sinners, 

and the Pharisees, having seen him eating with they said unto his dis- 

~ .. ~ .< %~ii"\ - n ~ ' ~ ciples, How is it that 

TWV ItEAWVWV Kai afiapTl0Alt)V, (AiyOV rOig.jiaUl)ratg.aVTOV t heeatethanddrinketh 

the tax-gatherers and sinners, said to his disciples, with publicans and 

,,.,/n .i > ~ a ~ > ' -\ ~ ii ' O', t < sinners? 17 When Je- 

r J' oti i-tera rujv s r\wi'wi' Kai a/jiaprujAoJV" tavtei '/cat sus neard it he 8nith 

Why [is it] that with the tax-gatherers and sinners ho eats and unto them, they that 

fl-i'vet; 1 17 Ki aKovoag 6 'lijffovg Xsyu avrolg, Ov XP^av need of h the phyltcian" 

drinks? And "having 3 heard 'Jesus says to them, G Not 7 nced but they that are sick : 

i X ovm V ol io X vovTZQ iarpov, aXX' ol KaKwg t X ov- *$?, '^ 

''have 'they 2 \rho 3 are 4 strong of a physician, but they who ill are. i repentance. 

reg. ovK.iiXOov KaXicrat SiKaiovg, dXXd a/xaprwXovg *eig 

I came not to call righteous [ones], but sinners to 

fierdvoiav. n 


18 Km yaav oi paOiirai'Iioavvov Kai w o ru>v $apiaaiu)v n 

And '"were 'the "disciples 3 of 4 John 6 and "those 7 of "the 'Pharisees 

vticrrtvoi'reg' Kai tpxovraiKai Xsyovaiv avrtp,* Atari" ol /xaOr]- f\^? A the disciples 

fasting,- and they come and say to him, Why 2 the 3 disci- Pharisees used to fasti 

TOl 'loJClVVOV Kai OC y tCjV <bapioailOV Vr]GreV0VGlV, Ol St Vol and they come and say 

pies 'of'John 'and 'those 'of "the '"Pharisees >*rt,^ but thy ZTipllT'oi IJohn and 

uaOijTai ov.vnorevovGiv; 19 Kat drrav avrolg b'lt]Govg, Mr) of the Pharisees fast, 

disciples _ fast not ?^ ^ And H,i\ 3 to 'them ^ 'Jesus, > no \V V An^Je'st 

Svvavrai ol vioi rov vv/Mpwi'og. 6 vv/Mpiog fisr avrwv said unto them. Can 

Can the sons of the bridechamber, while the bridegroom with them the children of the 

/ ,t , n > < ~ < bridechamber fast, 

iariv, V)]<Jrtvtiv, baoi'.xpovov z /.ie9 tavrwv txovoiv rov vvjx- while the bridegrroom 

is, fast? as long as with them they have the bride- is with them? as long 

, , , ' , , as they have the bride- 

<piov," ov.cvvavrai vqartveiv' 20 tXeuaoi'rai.ct rj/xspai orav groom with them, they 

groom, they are not able to fast. But will come days when cannot fast. 20 But 

> n - > > i ~ < \ r the days will come, 

atrapHy air avrwv o vvficpiog, Kai rore vr\- when the bridegroom 

will have been taken away from them the bridegroom, and then they shall be taken away 

/ . ., ~ / ii ni h vii >' < ' o\ from them, and then 

arevaovaiv tv a tKtn'aigraigt)iJSpatg. n 21 <cai ovceig tTripXrjfia shall they fast in those 

will fast in those days. And no one a piece dayB. 21 No man also 

,. f / ,| > / , J-, > . / M , , .i , \ ~||. > i ' seweth a piece of new 

L pciKovg" ayva(i>ov a t7rippa7rrei tin e ifiari^.iraXai^ ej.of.jur;, cloth on an old gar- 

Of -cloth 'unfulled sews on an old garment ; otherwise, ment : else the new 

t \ > / - 1., ) ~i| < - > - \ piece that filled it up 

aipH ' TO 7TAf/pWjUaS na aVT0i;" TOKO IVOV rOV 7ra\aiOV, Kai taketh away from th 

'takes "away 'the "filling 4 up s of 6 it "new from the old, and old, and the rent is 

h Aeveiv TA. ' yCverac it comes to pass TTrA. k 'ev rw T[Tr]. ' rjKokovOovv they 

were following TTrA. m oi t. n toii' <bapi<raiu>v of the Pharisees TTr. -f Kai 

also [l.JTTr. P 6rt e'crSt'ei L ; oti rjaOiev that he was eating TTr. <J 6.^aprio\uiv Kai 

TtAiovojV LTrA. r Tt TTrA. s a/aapTwAaii' Kai Totv rcktoviiiv LTr. ' [cai 7riVei] L. 
T ets lardvoiav GLTTrAW. w Ol "tapio-aioi the Pharisees GLTTrAW. ; * Ala Tl LTrA. 
y + fxaSrjTal (oi t,he) disci[)les TTrA. z exov a iv rov vva^iov fxer avriov (fj.e6' eavrOiv L) LTTrA. 
8 exeitTj rrj TJjue'pa that day GLTTrAW. ^ Kai GLTTrAW. c paKKOVS L. d eTTipa7TTei 

TTi A. e ijuariQi/ jraAaioi' LTTrA. f + a7r' avrov from it A. 8 + an from LT. 

ha -^ 

atiTOV [TrJA. 

94 M A P K O S. TT, TIT. 

made worse. 22 And ytfpov ay'mixa yivE-ai. 22 Kai ovSeie BdWei oh'ov vkov etc 

no man nufctcth new /x i /v / / a i 

wine into old bottles * worse ' a rtut ' takes place. And no one puts 2 wine 'new into 

else the new wine doth CHJKOVQ TTaXaiOVQ' El.8e.flfl, ^fjCTffEl 9 bolvog k 6 VEOQ n TOVg CMJ- 

?w-! o'nh a ^ '"skins ' olu ! otherwise, 'bursts 'tbe 3 wine "new the skins, 

the wine is spilled, and i 

the bottles win bo Kovg, Kai 6 oIvoq 't/e^Eirai mi oi aaicoi a7ro\ovi>Tai' v "ViXXd 

marred: but new wine and the wine is poured out, and the skins will be destroyed : but 

must be put into new _ , , , , 

bottles. 01V0V VEOV Eig CtGKOVQ KCllVOVQ B\t]TEOV.^ 

2 wine 'new 3 into 5 skins ''new is to be put. 

23 And it came to 23 Kai syevETO "TrapairopEVEaQai.avTOV Iv TOig adj3f3acriv li 

pass, that he went And it came to pass that he went on the sabbath 

through the corn fields ? , ~ / >n"v > rt >~n n ? 

on the sabbath day; Old TWU (nropifiWV, Kai o l)pZ,aVT0 Ol.LiaUtJTai.avTOV" v 0C0V 

and his disciples began, through the corn-fields, and 3 began 'his '"'disciples [their] way 

as they went, to pluck ~ n <-\ \ < ' ct t > i * -. 

the ears of corn. TtoiEiv TiKKovTtg tovq OTayyaQ. 24 Kai oi <Papiaaioi tAeyov 

24 And the Pharisees to make, plucking the ears. And the Pharisees said 
said, unto him, Behold, > - * T j i ~ n > \t ~ 'fin > r 

why do they on the O-VTtj}, lOE, Tl TT010VGIV %V U TOIQ CFappaGlV O,EO~TlV\ 
sabbath day that to him, Behold, why do they on the sabbath that which is not lawful ? 

25 And* hesaid W unto ^5 Kai T aVTOQ n s i'Asyv" aVTOlQ, OvCETTOTE CtV&yVbJTE TL ItTOII]- 
them Have ye never And he said to them, 3 Never 'did 3 ye read what "did 

whe d nhehad D nred,an d d <"" * OTS X p'av 1<T X BV Kai ItCEivaOEV, aVTOQ Kai 6k 
was an hungred, he 'David, when need he had and hungered, he and those 

with hlm? th 26 Sow PF avT0V '-> 26 r 1TlOQ n ELo7lK9EV EIQ TOV oUoV TOV GtOV E7ri 
he went into the house w ' tn him? how he entered into the house of God in 

iV^th iU *th da "h S ' *h 'ABiaOap w rou" apxitpewg, Kai roiig dprovg rijg 

priest and did^eat the ' tne ^ ays of ^ Abiathar the high priest, and the loaves of the 

shewbread, which is irpodkauog tfayev, ovQ ovkJ^scttiv tpayfiv eLfii) x ro1g hpev- 

for the priests and P resentation ate > which it is not lawful to eat except for the priests, 

gave also to them <jiv, n Kai tSioKEV Kai Tolg GVV aVTOJ OUffiV ; 27 Kai iAtyev 
which were with him? and even to those who with him were? And he said 

27 And he .-aid unto , , , > , , 

them, The sabbath was avroTg, To oappaTOV 8id tov dvOpwirov lytVZTO, 7 oi>\ o 

made for man, and to them, The sabbath on account of man was made, not 

not man for the sab- _ . , , , til < 

bath : 28 therefore the aVupuiTTOg Cia TO O~af3(3aT0V> 28 UHTTE KVpiOg kOTIV O 

Son of man is Lord also man on account of the sabbath: so then Lord is tha 

of the sabbath. 

vibg tov a.v9pu)7rov Kai tov <ra/3/3aroy. 

Son of man also of the sabbath. 

III. And he entered Q ] a j tlanAQev 7rdAn' elg z T))v n avvayioyhv. kox a >V" tffi 

again into the syna- ** , . , ' . , . . = . ' III' > 

eogue and there was e eri ' ; ered again into the synagogue, and there was there 

a man there which had avdpwKOg i%,t]pauukvi]V fVWJ/ T>)v YE?pa, 2 Kai b 7Tap- 

th"y watched mS , a man " 'withered ; 'having [^his] 3 hand, and they 

whether he would heal STr)pOVV n aVTOV 61 B ToTg odfifiaGlV d 6epa7TVOL ]l aVTOV, 

day" that* theym^ht wero watchin ? him whether on the sabbath he will heal him, 

accuse him. 3 And he "wa e KaTT)yopr]<Ju>(Tiv n avTOV. 3 Kai A&yei T(p dvQpwirip 

saith unto the man in order that they might accuse him. And he says to the man 

which had the wither- . , ,7 , , , 

ed hand, stand forth. Tip 't^rjpafifie vi]v f%ovTi tt)v %apa," x Eyetpat Eig TO 

4 And he saith unto w h 3 withered 'had z the hand, Arise [and come] into tha 

them, Is it lawful to , , , , , -,_ . , 

do good on the sabbath fisixov. 4 Kat Xsyst avToig, EZegtiv TOig aappaaiv n ayauo- 
days, or to do evil? to midst. And he says to them, Is it lawful on the sabbaths to do 

save life, or to kill? _ , , , _ , % 

But they held .their iroirjcrai, t] KaKOTTOii^aai ; yvxT]v cwcrai, >/ airoKTEivai ; Ot.ce 

peace. 5 And when he good, or to do evil? 3 life 'to ''save, or to kill? But they 

had looked round a- . t - oi I ' > i >-;, 

bout on them with ECOOTTlxlV. O Kai 7rEpip\E\^af.lEV0g aVTOVg flET Opyijg, la (TUA- 

anger, being grieved were silent. And having looked around on them with anger, being 

1 pjjf ei will burst LTTrA. k 6 pe'os LTTrA. ' anoWvTat. Kal oi cmtkoI is destroyed. 

and the skins ttya. m aWa. . . . ^ArjTeof T[Tr]A. n atn-bi/ ev tois ad^^acnv napa- 

7ropeveo-0ai (SianroptveaBai. LTr) LTTrA. o /^.aflrjTat avroO Tjpfaj/ro LTTrA. P o6oTroieic L. 
* iv LTTrA. r avT05 [L]TTr. \eyei he saj'S LTTr. l Aavet'5 LTTrA ; AauicS UW. 

[Trtoy] TrA. w tou LTTrA w. * tous tepeis T. y + xal and TTrA. ttjc (read 

[the])T[Tr]A. ?iv (read [was]) L[Tr]. b rrape-rqpovvTO L. c + ev on (the) t. A 6epa- 
ireuet he heals T. e Kanjyoprjcrouo-iv they shall accuse LTr. f rrjf \eipa ix" TL ("tpi" t-TrA J 
Tiji' j}pay xP exovn T. 8 ' Eyeipe QLTTrA. h dya^bv jroiqaat T. ia (Tv^Aun-ov/xet'os TA. 




XvrrovLievog" 7ri ry rriopibaEi rfjg.Kapdiag.avTwv, \syu rtp 
grieved at the hardness of their heart, he says to the 

dv9pio7r^), "Etcreivov rr)v.x^pd. v (Tov. il Kai t^sreivsv, Kai 

man, Stretchout thy hand. And he stretched out [it], and 

^cnroKaTEGTaQr)" Ti-Xtip.avrov m vyi7jg tl)g y dXXr). 11 6 Kai ttX- 

^as restored 'his ''hand sound as the other. And having 

96vteq 01 &apicraioi"vOojg n Litrd Twv'Upojdiavatv o~V[if3ov\iov 
gone out the Pharisees immediately with the Herodians "counsel 

tTToiovv n tear' avrov, oiruyg avrov arroXefftoaiv. 
'took against him, how him they might destroy. 

7 Kttt 6'I77(Toug p drxwpJJ(TVjU7-d^w^'-^a0r/^ou llq 7rp6e ,l 

And Jesus withdrew with his disciples to 



the sea ; 

T t)Ko\oi<6l](TaV n 






rr]g TakiKaiag 


TToXv 7rX?)0OC 
2 great 'a multitude 

Kai airb Tyg'lovdaiag, 8 Kai enrb 'Is- 
and from Judea, and from Je- 

poao\vf.i(j)v> Kai drrb rye 'lSovLtaiag, Kai irkpav tov 'lopddvov 
rusalem, and from Idumea, and beyond the Jordan ; 

Kai t oV l TTpl Tvpov icai "EiSiova, TrXrjQog 7ro\v, ''aKOvvavrtg^ 

they around Tyre and Sidon, a 2 multitude 'great, having heard 


'boa w 7rott" rt\9ov rrpbg avrov. 9 Kai dftev T0~ig.fxa9r)- 

how much he was doing cme to him. And he spoke tohisdis- 

ralg.avrov, 'iva irXoidpiov rrpOGKaprtpy avr<p did tov 
ciples, that a small sliip might wait upon him, on account of the 

bxKov,'lva fir).9\ij3ujcnv avrov. 10 TroWovg.ydp ffltpd- 
crowd, that they might not press upon him. For many he 

itEvatv, ware trrnr'nrrttv ai>r<p, 'iva avrov aipiovrai, oaoi 
healed, so that they beset him, that him they might touch, as many as 

dxov iidanyag' 11 Kai rd irvev para rd dmOapra, orav avrov 

had scourges ; and the spirits the unclean, when him 

'kQeiopei, irpoakTrnrrev 11 avry, Kai 7tKpaZ,ev n , z \kyovTa^"On ov 

they beheld, fell down before him, and cried, saying, Thou 

ft 6 v'ibg tov 9eov. 12 Krti 7roXXd l7Tripa abro~ig,'iva p) 

art the Son of God. And much he rebuked them, so that ^ot 

*avrbv <pavtpbv n b 7rotrjffwo'iv" c . 

5 him 6 manifest 'they 2 should *make. 

13 Kai dvafiaivei tig to bpog, Kai TrpoffKaXeirai ovg 

And he goes up into the mountain, and calls to [him] whom 

i]9e\ev avrog' Kai dTri)\9ov wpbg avrov. 14 Kai tTroiijaev 
'"would 'he ; and they went to him. And he appointed 

dujdsKa 'iva woiv per avrov, Kai 'Iva d7ro<rrs\\y avrovg 

twelve that they might be with him, and that he might send them 

Kt]pvGOEiv, 15 Kai ixeiv i^ovcriav d 9epa7TEveiv rag vooovg /ci" 
to preach, and to have authority to heal diseases and 

iKfidWeiv rd Saipovia. 16 e Kai iirk9t]Ktv l r<p "Sipojvi bvopa^ 
to cast out demons. And he added to Simon [the] name 

Yl'trpov' 17 Kai 'Id/cw/3ov rbv tov Zefiedaiov, Kai 'IwdvvrjV 

Peter ; and James the [son] of Zebedee, and John 

tov dt\<pbv tov 'laKiofiov' Kai k7rs9r]Kev avro7g bvo/xara 

and he added to them [the] 

the brother 

of James ; 


far the hardness of 
their hearts, ho saith, 
unto the man, Stretch 
forth thine hand. And 
he stretched it out : 
and his hand was re- 
stored whole as the 
other. 6 And the 
Pharisees went forth, 
and straightway took 
counsel with the He- 
rodians against him, 
how they might de- 
stroy him. 

7 But Jesus with- 
drew himself with his 
disciples to the sea : 
and a great multitude 
from Galileo followed 
him, and from Judaea, 
8 and from Jerusalem, 
and from Idumsea, and 
from beyond Jordan ; 
and they about Tyre 
and Sidon, a great 
multitude, when they 
had heard what great 
things he did, came 
unto him. 9 And he 
6pake to his disciples, 
that a small ship 
should wait on him 
because of the multi- 
tude, lest they should 
throng him. 10 For 
he had healed many ; 
insomuch that they 
pressed upon him for 
to touch him, as many 
as had plagues. 11 And 
unclean spirits, when 
they saw him, fell 
down before him, ard 
cried, saying, Thou art 
the Son of God. 12 And 
he straitly charged 
them that they should 
not make him known. 

13 And he goeth up 
into a mountain, and 
calleth unto him whom 
he would : and they 
came unto him. 14 And 
he ordained twelve, 
that they should be 
with him, and that he 
might send them forth 
to preach, 15 and to 
have power to heal 
sicknesses, and to cast 
out devils : 16 and Si- 
mon he 8urnamed Pe- 
ter ; 17 and James the 
son of Zebedee, and 
John the brother of 
James ; and he sur- 
named them Boan- 

k <rov (read [thy]) hand T[Tr]A. ' aTTeKaTeo-ra8r) Gl.TTrAW. m vyir]<; u>? r) dAArj 

GLTTrAW. n eiiOvs TTrA. e7roi7jcrai' T ; eSiSovv gave TrA. P [jura, ruiv /JiaOr)Tu>v avrov 

avex<*>pri<Tev GLTTrA. <l eis GLT. r ^(coAoiitfrjcrei/ LTrA ; r)Ko\ov6y)(jav 'placed after 

'Iovoata? T. " aVTtu [t/JTTrA. * ot [l]TTt[a]. t atcovovres hearing LTTrA. 

w 7roiec he is doing TrA. ' * eGeuipovv, npocriirnrrov LTTrAW. y enpafrv LTTrAW. z Ae- 

yovre<; T. a (j>avepbi> avTbv GW. b iroio>(Ti.t> TTrA. c + [on -gSeicrav rbv xpiOTbj' avrbv etyai] 
because they had known him to be the Christ L. d 8epaTnveiv ras vocrov; Kai TTrA. 

+ koI tn-oi'rjcrei' roi/s Siu5eA.a, and he appointed the twelve t. [ ovo/xa r<j 2i/*wvt TTrA. 

98 M A P K O 2. III. 

erges, which is The gBofU'Epyf g ," kGTlV v'loi fipOVTrjg" 18 Kai 'Avfy'tClV, Kai 
Andrew and Philip Boanerges, which is Sons of thunder ; and Andrew, and 

and Bartholomew, and $i\nr7T0V, Kai BaoQoXofialoV, Kai h Mar0a7oV, n Kai QtiifiaV, 
Matthew, and Thomas Philip, and Bartholomew, and Matthew, and Thomas, 

ard James the son of "' / > , t.^ 

Alph.xus, and Thad- Kn l 'laKlofioV TOV TOV A\([>CUOV, Ktti QciCCaloi', Kai Xi/XtoVa 

daeus, and Simon the d j. inles the [son] of Alphseus, and Thaddsens, and Simon 

Canaanite, 19 and Ju- ( u ir \ ' '* v ' ' 

das Iscariot, whicli roV 1 YLaVOVlTr\V^ 19 KOI lovCav K lo~KaOUOTI]V, Og KUl TTapl- 

also betrayed him : the Cananite, and Judas Iscarioto, who also deliver- 

Swkev avrov. 

ed up him. 

Kai 'tpxovrat" elg olieov' 20 Kai ovv'epxtTai rraXiv m c>xXoc, 

And they come to a house : and 3 comes 4 together E again 'a "crowd, 

And they went into oxjte ixrj.SvvaaOai.avTovg^fiijTE^ dprov <paysh>. 21 Kai Akov- 

an house. 20 And the so th ' at they are not able so much as 3 brcad Ho -eat. Aud having 

multitude cometh to- ( , , , _ , , 

gether again, so that aaVTtg 01 Trap avrov t,t]XVOV Kparijrrai CLVTOV 

they could not so h eara [ f it], those belonging to him went out to lay hold of him ; 

much as eat bread. , , , , , , , 

21 And when his tXsyov.yap, On tt,E<JTr). 22 Kai oi ypaiiiia.Tt.ig oi ano 

friends heard of it, f or they said, He is beside himself. And the scribes who from 

they went out to lay , . , a , ,~ _ \fl ^ " 

hold on him : for they ItpoaoXv/xojv KaTapavTtg tXtyov, On besA^epovA t%t Kai 
said, He is beside him- Jerusalem came down said, Beelzebul he has ; and 

self . 22 And the scribes _ , - ~s> ' >/3'-\\ s> ' 

which came down On tV Tip apXOVTf. TlOV OaiJXOVHOV tKJSaAXtl Ta OaiflOVia. 
from Jerusalem said, By the prince of the demons he casts out the demons. 

He hath Beelzebub, ,-. T , \ . / > \ > ft \ ~ *\ 

and by the prince of 23 Kai TTpOGKaAEGafltVOQ aVTOVg tV TTapapoAaiQ iXtytV 

the devils casteth he And having called to [him] them in parables he said 

M them ^rSohim, avToTg, IIug Suvarat aaravag aaravav k/3a\W ; 24 Kai 

and said unto them in to them, How can Satan 3 Satan 'cast "out ? and 

taTciTt to? C Sa"a S n? *" /SaffiXcta If eavTrjv pepurOy, ov.8vvo.tcu oradrjvai i) 

24 And if a kingdom if a kingdom against itself be divided, 3 is 4 not 5 able 6 to 'stand 

ifsel/' ttuu kfnrdom /3acri\f ia.tKt ivt]' 25 Kai lav oiKia bf tavrrjv fxtpiady, ov 
cannot stand. 25 And Hhat "kingdom : and if a house against itself be divided, ''not 

if a . h us ? t ^ e e lf div i^ 8vvarai np (JTa9rivaii).olKiaAKeivr]' u 2&Kaiei otraravag av'taTt] 

house cannot 'stand. 3 is 6 able Ho 'stand Hhat "house : and if Satan has risen up 

26 And if Satan rise ^' taVTOV ^KOl LltfXf.pLaTai, n OV.CVVarai r OTa0*J3'aj," akXa 

and be^di vfded he can- a 8' ains ' ; himself and has been divided, he is not able to stand, but 

not stand, but hath an T iAOQ Xl. 27 S t OV.SvVarai.OvSeig n y TCl OKtVT) TOV IffXVpOV, 

end. 27 No man can , h No one in any wise is able the goods of the strong man, 

enter into a strong ** ( ,,,,,,,, , , , , 

man's house, an i spoil elatXOojv tig rriv.oiKiav'KavTov, c tapir aa ai , tav./irj TTpwTOV 

his goods, except he having entered into his house, to plunder, unless first 

will first bind the ~ ( i r ' ( , , , , t 

strong man ; and then tov lO~XVpoV 07]<T1J, Kai TOTS. Tl)v.O\KiaVJ:iVTOV OiapTTaOtl. 28 a- 
he will spoil his house, the strongman he bind, and then his house he willplunder. Ve- 

28 Verily I say unto , ,. / > jfl ' w'' 

you, All sins shall be fii)v Aeyio v/xiv, oti iravTa a<p0)](jTat ra u/.iapTr]fiaTa Toig 
forgiven unto the sons r ji y I say to you, that all 3 shall 4 be = forgiven 'the -sins to the 

of men, and bias- , , , , _ , ., . , _ 

phemies wherewith vioig tu)V avtipcoTriov," Kai * pAafTiprjfiiai 'oaag'Jai'" p\aa- 
soever they shall bias- sons of men, and blasphemies whatsoever they shall 

pheme : 29 but he that , , __ , m ' > < ~ " > 

shall blaspheme a- (pr)pr)(7UJ(TlV' 29 OQ.O .ttV pAa(T<pllfl7)mj tig TO 7TJ'l'^a TO 
gainst the Holy Ghost have blasphemed ; but whosoever shall blaspheme against the Spirit the 
hath never forgive- . ,. v, > v >~ a'-vs'n > h' n 

ness, but is in danger UylOV, OUKr.%t a<p(TlV Eig TOV ailDVa, B ttA\ " tV0XC t(TTlv" 
of eternal damnation : Holy, has not forgiveness to eternity, but "liable 3 to 'is 

30 because they said, > < c > n /-v >/> tt ~ ' 'n ^ 

He hath an unclean CHWVIOV ^KpiCTElog 30 OTI tAEyOl', ilVEV[Xa.aKaVapTOV tX E '- 
6pirit. eternal judgment; because they said, An unclean spirit he has. 

K jSoavrjpye's LTTrA. h MaGOaiov ltttA. i Kavavaioi' Cananrean ltTi-aw. k 'Io-/captt60 
LTTrAW. l epx Tat ^ e Comes T. m + 6 the (crowd) LTrA. n fxi)8e LTrAW. o ov SviojaeTai 
will not be able TTrA. P l^ oiKt'a eKei'n) o-T0.6rjvai (o-Tr\vai TrA) LTTrA. 1 e/j.epio-0r)y Kai he IS 
divided, and T. r o-rrji'ai TTrA. s + oAA' but TTrA. ' ovSeis Svfarai GLTrW. v eis rqv 
OLKiav tov o"Xvpov elaeAOiov Ta 0"Kevrj TTr. w toi? tiiois Ttor ai'dpwiruiv to. a/JLapTrj fj.ara 

GLTTrAW. + al the GLTTrAW. y ocra LTTrA. z eav TrA. a dAAa LTTrA. k earai 

shall be t. c aixap-njixaTos sin {read guilty of eternal sin) LTTrA. 

ill, IV. 
31 d " 


'Epxovrai.ovv n e ol aSeXtyoi Kal i/.UTjrrip-avTOv , n Kal 

Then come [This] bretliren and his mother, and 

tw { ioru)T n ditiaTtiXav rrpbg avrov, %<p(ovovvrEg n avrov. 

2 wir,hout 'standing sent to him, calling him. 

32 Kal tKciGijTo ''ti^Xog Trepl avrov n 'ei7rov.^f" clvtq, 'Idov, 

And 3 sat 'a "crowd around him: and they said to him, Behold, 

if.f.u]Tr]p-Gov Kal oi.aSeKtpoi.aov k ta> sqrovaiv ae. 

thy mother and thy brethren without seek thee, 

l a7TEKpi9i] avrolg, \sya>v," Tig iariv f).fxi)rr)p.p,ov 

he answered them, saying, "Who is my mother 

(poi"fiov n ; 34 Kal -KEpifiXEi^dfiEvog KVic\q) 


33 Kal 


ol ddeX- 

a breth- 


rovg 7Tpi 
ren 'my? And having looked around on 3 in 4 a s circuit 'those 2 who around 

avrbv" ica9)]ph'ovg, Xkysi, p I$e," i)-fii)rr)p.uov Kal ol aSeKcpo'i 
him were sitting, he says, Behold, my mother' and 2 brethren 

uov 35 bg .^ydp".dv rroiffy r rb f)e\j]^a" rov 9eov, ovrog dSsX- 
'my : for whoever shall do the' will of God, he 2 bro- 

(pog uov Kal dtkXcpfjJuov" Kal )if)rr)p iariv. 

ther my and my sister and mother is. 

4 Km rrdXiv ypZaro SiSdaKEiv rrapd t))v OdXaacrav' Kal 

And again he began to teach by the sea. And 

t ai>v"f)-)(9r) n rrpbg avrbv bxXog *7roXvg, n uxjte avrov ^iu- 
was gathered together to him a 2 crowd 'great, so that ho having 

fidvra elg to 7t\o7oi>" Ka9ija9ai iv ry OaXdacry, ical 7rdg 6 
entered into the ship sat in the sea,. and all the 

oxXog irpog rf)v 9dXao~o~av iiri rrjg yf)g *r}v. n 2 Kal iSiSaaKEv 
crowd close to the sea on the land was. And he taught 

avrovg iv rrapajioXalg 7roXXd, Kal 'iXfyev avrolg iv ry di- 

them in parables many things, and said to them in -teach- 

Saxy-avTOV, 3 'Akovete' ISov, i^,f)X9ev b oirEipoJv ^rou 11 oirtipai 
ing 'his, Hearken: behold, went out the sower to sow. 

4 Kal iysvero iv.r^.o-Trdpeiv, o.fiiv etteoev napa rijv bSov, 

And it came to pass as he sowed, one fell by the way, 

Kal 7)X9ev rd tteteivu z rov . ovpavov" Kal Kari<payv avro. 
and came the birds of the heaven and devoured it. 

5 "dXXo.cTt" tTTecTEv inl to 7reTp<x>Seg, b ottov ovk.&xev yfjv 
And another fell upon the rocky place, where it had not 2 earth 

',toX\?'/j>" Kal c i0wg" i^avirFiXev, Sid r6.jui).s%tv/3a0og da 

'much, and immediately it sprang up, because of not having depth 

yijg' 6 en f)Xiov.Se dvartiXavrog'* l HKavjxaTiG9i)^ Kal did 

of earth ; and [the] sun having arisen it was scorched, and because of 

rb.fir). t%uv piZ,av iE,i)pdv9i). 7 Kal dXXo erreaEV elg s a rdf" 

not having root it withered away. And another fell among the 

aKav9ag' Kal dvi^i)aav al aKavBai, Kal avv'errvi^av avro, Kal 
thorns, and ^grcw 'up 'the '^thorns, and choked it, and 

Kaprrbv ovkJSioksv. 8 Kal h 
fruit it yielded not. And 


31 There came then 
his bi-ethren and his 
mother, and, stand- 
ing witjiout, sent.unto 
him, calling him. 

32 And the multitude 
sat about him, and 
they said unto him, 
Behold, thy mother 
and thy brethren wi th- 
out seek for thee. 

33 And he answered 
them, saying, Who is 
my mother, or my 
brethren? 34 And he 
looked round about on 
them which sat about 
him, and said, Behold 
my mother and my 
brethren ! 35 For who- 
soever shall do the 
will of God, the same 
is my brother, and my 
sister, and mother. 

ha d\Ao" 





T1)V yt)V T1]V 

the ground the 

IV. And he began 
again to teach by the 
sea side : and there was 
gathered unto him a 
great multitude, so 
that he entered into a 
ship, and sat in the 
sea ; and the whole 
multitude was by the 
sea on the land. 2 And 
he taught them many 
things by parables, and 
said unto them in his 
doctrine, 3 Hearken ; 
Behold, there went 
out a sower to sow : 
4 and it came to'pass, 
as he sowed, some fell 
by the way side, and 
the fowls of the air 
came and devoured it 
up. 5 And some fell on 
stony ground, where 
it had not much earth ; 
and immediately it 
sprang up, because it 
had no depth of earth: 
6 but when the sun 
was up, it was scorch- 
ed ; and because it had 
no root, it withered a- 
way. 7 And some fell 
among thorns, and the 
thorns grew up, and 
choked it, and it yield- 
ed no fruit. 8 And 
other fell on pood 
ground, and did yield 

d al ZpxovTau LTrAW ; Kal ep^erai T. e rj p-rj-nqp avrov /cat oi aSe\<$>ol avrov GLTTrW j ol 

aSe\<}>oi avrov Kal i) fxrjTrjp avrov A. * cnjKoi'Tes TTrA. 8 Ka\ovvres LTTrA. h nepl avrbv 

oxAos LTTrAW. ' ai \eyovo~iv and they say LTTrAW. k + Kal al ( at w) a.Se\4>at gov 

and thy sisters lt[a]\v. i an-oKpitfeis avrols Ae'yet answering them he says TTrA. m Kal 

and LTTr. n |itov [Tr]A. tovs 7repl avrbv kvkKio LTTr. P 'ISou L. 9 yap 

for hi [tt]a. r ra 6e\rnj.ara (read the things God wills) a. s /uov my LTTrA. 

o-waytTai is gathered together ltti aw. t 7rAeto-T09 very great TTrAW. w eis to ( to 

TTi -W) irAotoi' ep.f36.vra LTTrW. r\crav Were TTrA. V tov LT[Tr]A. l TOU ovpavov 


a Kat aAAo LTTrA. 

b + Kai and [LTr]A. 

ea Kat ots ivereikev o ijAto? and when the sun was risen LTTrA. 
were scorched ir, e a ra% c, *>* a\\a. others ta. 

c euOvs LTTrA. 

+ T7JS I.. 

f* sKavp.ario~8rio-av tUey 


fruit that sprang up 
aucl increased ; and 
brought forth, some 
thirty, and some sixty, 
and some an hundred. 
9 And he said unto 
them, He that hath 
ears to hear, let him 
hear. 10 And when he alone, they that 
wore about him with 
the twelve asked of 
him the parable. 
11 And' he said unto 
them, Unto you it 13 
gi ven to know the mys- 
tery of the king !om of 
G-o.t : but unto them 
that are without, all 
these things are done 
in parables : 12 that 
seeing they may see, 
and not perceive ; and 
hearing they may hear, 
and not understand ; 
lest at any time they 
should be converted, 
and their sins should 
be forgiven them. 
13 And he said unto 
them, Know ye not 
this parable? and how 
then will ye know all 
parables? 14 The sower 
soweth the word. 

15 Aad these are they 
by the way side, where 
the word is sown ; but 
when they have heard, 
Satan cometh immedi- 
ately, and taketh away 
the word that was 
sown in their hearts. 

16 And these are they 
likewise which are 
sown on stony greund ; 
who, when they have 
heard the word, imme- 
diately receive it with 
gladness ; 17 and have 
no root in themselves, 
and so endure but for 
a time :. afterward, 
when affliction or per- 
secution ariseth for 
the word's sake, im- 
mediately they are of- 
fended. 18 And these 
are they which are 
sown among thorns ; 
such as hear the word, 

19 and the cares of this 
world, and the deceit- 
fulness of riches, and 
the lusts of other 
things entering- in, 
choke the word, and it 
becometh unfruitful. 

20 And these are theyj 
which are gown on 
good ground ; such as 



mi tSiSov Kao7rov dvaf3aivovra Kai 'av^dvovra," Kai 

and yielded fruit, growing up and increasing, and 

'fV rpictKovra, Kai k ev" i^ijKovra, ical k 
one thirty, and one sixty, and 

eXtyev l avroTg, H m '0 ^wv" 

he said to them, He that has 



ev" ticarov. 

one a hundred. 


to hear lot him hear. 






9 Kai 


10 n "Or.c? n iysvero^Karapovag," i, )]pu)rr)aav" avrov ot 

And when he was alone, 'asked B hira 'those 

avrov avv rolg SwSeica V?)i> 7rapaf3oXi]v. K 11 kui tXeyev 

3 him *with 5 the s twelve [as to] the parable. . And he said 

avrolgj ' T Sedorai yvwvai to p,vari]piov ]] rqg (iaaiXdag 
to them, To you has been given to know the mystery of the kingdom 

tov Qsoif kKEii'OigSs rolg tw, iv napafioXaXg s ra n .7ravra 

but to those who are without, in parables all things 

12 "tva (3Xt7rovTeg (iXkirioaiv, Kai pr) "iSwoiv" Kai 

that seeing they may see, and not* perceive ; and 

hearing they may hear, and not understand, lest they should be con- 

viv, Kai atpeOy avrolg Vd dpaprijpara." 13 Kai 

verted, and 3 should 4 be ^forgiven 6 them ['their] *sins. , And 

Xkyei avrolg, OiiK.o'idarE T))v.7rapal3oX>]v.ravrt]v; Kai rewg 

he says to them, Perceive ye not this parable ? and how 

Traaag rag 7rapa(3oXdg yvwaecrQE ; 14 6 o-wsipajv tov Xoyov 

the parables will ye know ? The sower the word 

15 ovtoi.Ss sitriv o'i Tcapa rf). 6S6v, ottov OTrt'iptTai 

And these are they by the way, where is sown 

aKovv<o(Tiv, v evdkcog n tp^erai 6 oaravag 

they "hear, immediately comes Satan 

tov Xoyov rov iarrapp'svov w iv ralg.KapSiaig.av- 

of God : 


are done, 




6 Xoyog, 
the word, 






and takes away the word that has been sown in 

their hearts. 


16 Kai ovto'i 

And these 


eicriv opoiiog" oi Itti to. TrsrpuiSt) 

are in like manner they who upon the rocky places 

o~7reipopavoi, o'i, orav aKovawaiv tov Xoyov, ?v9ku)g [[ perd 

are sown, who, when they hoar the word, immediately with 

X^pag Xapf3dvovtriv avrov, 17 Kai ovkA\ovo~iv plZ,av iv iav- 

joy receive it, and have not root in thern- 

dXXd irpooKaipoi do~iv' dra yevopivrjg 6Xi\psujg jj 


temporary are ; then 
iwypov Sid tov Xoyov, y ev9t 

persecution on account of the word, immediately they are offended. 



having arisen tribulation or 
wg" GKavdaXiZovrai. 18 Kai 


z ovroi n uaiv o'i *eig n rag aKavOag airEipopsvoi, olroi 

these are they who among the thorns are sown, these 

siaiv o'i tov Xoyov b aKOVovreg, n 19 Kai al nspiuvai rov 

are they who the word hear, 

aiatvog. c TOvrov n Kai it) dirdrr] tov 

of this life and the deceit 

rd.Xoi7rd iiriQvpiai EiarropEvopEvai ^ovpirviyovoiv^ rov Xoyov, 
3 other ^things 'desires entering in choke the word, 

Kai aKaprrog yivtrai. 20 Kai e o5roi" e'icnv oi 7ri tt)v yrjv 

and unfruitful it becomes. And these are they who upon the ground 


and the cares 

of riches 






1 av^avo/xevov LTTrAW. k els A ; 61? UntO TTr. J avTOtS GLTTrAW. m os ext LTTrAW. 
n cal ore LTTrA. Aara juofa? LTTr. P rjptoruiv LTrA ; ripwTOW T. 1 ras 7rapa/3oAas 

the parables TTrA. r yviovai LTTrA ; to ju.uo~n)pioi/ Sectoral TTrA. B to. T. l T<x 

aixaprriiJ.aTa (read [their sins]) [L]TTrA. v evOvs TTrA. w ev avrots in them t ; eh avrous 
in them TrA. * bfxoimq elalv t. y ev8vs LTTrA. aAAoi others GLTTrAW. a enl about T. 

b aKoucrafTes heard TTrA, 
those TTrA. 

tov'tov this GLTXrA. 

<rvvnvLyQV<Ti.v TA 

e SKSlt'Ot 






have been sown, 


such as 








Kai KapTTCHpopovcnv, f 'iV' 

bring forth fruit, one thirty, 

tKarop. 21 Kai tXeyev avTolg, %Mi]ri h t> 






"is 'anything 


hear the word, and 
recoive it, and bring 
forth fruit, sojio 
thirtyfold, some sixty, 
and some an hundred. 

21 And he said unto 
them, Is a candle 
brought to be put un- 
der a bushel, or under 
a bed ? and not to be 
set on a candlestick ? 

22 for there is nothing 
hid, which shall not be 
manifested ; neither 
was any thing kept 
secret, but that it 
should come abroad. 

23 If any man have 
,ears to hear, let him 
hear. 24 And he said 
unto them, Take heed 
what ye hear : with 
what measure ye mete, 
it shall be measured 
to you : and unto you 
that hear shall more 

hoc" < n i be given. 2ft For he 

Kai TrpooTtm]aETai vp-iv" p TOig aKOvovaiv." Zo og.yap *av that hath, to hi 


7rapa8tx OVTai * 

receive [it], and 

t^Kovra, Kai 

sixty, and one a hundred. And he said io them, 

Xv^VOQ tpxtrat" iva vtto tov fioSiov TtOy rj inro rnv 

3 lamp 'comes that under the corn measure it may be put or under the 

kXivt]v ; ov% "iva iiri ttjv Xvxviav 1 s7^^^0y !l ; 22 

couch ? [Is it] not that upon the lampstand it may be put ? 

for not 

k rt" 

kqvtttov, 'o" kdv.fir) m (pavEpu)9y' ovdi 

hidden, unless it should be made manifest, nor 

tytvero cnroKpvcpov, dXX' 'iva n eig <pav?pbv 'iX6n. n ' 

hitsitaken s place 'a "secret 'thing, but that to light it should come. 

23 Elite X E ' ^ )TCl ciKoveiv, aKOvkrio. 24 Kai i\eyEv avro'ig, 
If anvxnio has ear3 to hear, let him hear. And he said to them, 

BA7rcre ri aKovere. iv (p fisrp^ fiErpEire /xErpi]9t'i<yErai 

Take heed what ye hear : with what measure ye mete it shall be measured 

3 who 

*hear ; 

for whoever 

to you, and l 6 shall "be 'added 'to -you 

^X 7 ?'" doQ)](TETai avTtp' Kai bg ovk-ex ei > Kai o ix ei 

may have, 'shall 4 be 6 given 'to "him ; and he who has not, even that which he has 

dpOi](TETai air avTOV. 

shall be taken from him. 

26 Kai tXeyEV, OvTwg eotiv r\ fiaoiXeia tov Qeov, ujg r ldv n 

And he said, Thus is the kingdom of God, as' if 

dvOpoJTroq fidXy tov OTropov iiri rrjg yfjf, 27 Kai Ka0E.vdy 

a man should cast the seed upon the earth, and should sleep 

icai iyEipt]Tai vvKra Kai rjfiEpav, Kai 6 OTropog *f3\a<JTavy n 

and rise night, and day, and the seed should sprout 

icai /xrjKvyrjrai wg ovk.oISev avTog' 28 auTO/xdrr] t ydp" r) yr\ 

and be lengthened how "knows 3 not 'he; , "of 3 itself for the earth 



'he ; 

Kap7TO<pOpEl } TTpMTOV XP T0V ) " ti-Ta' 1 
brings forth fruit, first a blade, then 

#11 sm t/.~ nrAvti'i 29 OTaV-Sk 

aiTOv" ev Tip o~Ta\vi. 



And when 

, 2 of Htself 

an ear, 

x 7TapaS(p tt 
3 offers ''itself 






"fruit, - 


^EvOkdjg n aTTooTEWEi rb dpsiravov, otl TtapkajriKEV 6 OEpia/xog. 

'immediately he sends the sickle, for has come the harvest. 

30 Kai eXsyev,- z TiVt" 6p.oiiixrujfiEv tt)v (SaaiXEiqy tovQeov; 

And he said, To what Bhall we liken the kingdom of God ? 

rj iv a iroiq 7rapa/3oX?j wapa^dXwfiEv ai>Ti)v ;" 31 wg ^kokk^ 

or with what parable shall we compare it ? As to a grain 


of mustard, 


bg, brav airapy iiri Ti}g yrig, 
which, when it has been sown upon the earth, 


L /xiKpoTEpog' 



TravTixiv tiov OTTEpfiaTiDV "egtiv" ""twv E7ri Tr\g yi]g"' '6"Z Kai 

than all the seeds is which '[are] upon the earth, and 

OTav oirapy, dvaf3aivEi, Kai yivtTai ij TrdvT(i)v tCjv \aX (l viov 

when it has been sown, it grows up, and. becomes 2 tham 3 all 'the 6 herbs 

ii('^wv. " Kai ttoiei KXdSovg fiEydXovg, mote SvvaaQai vtto 

^greater, and produces "branches 'great, so that 6 are 7 able 'under 

lim shall 
be given : and he that 
hath not, from him 
shall "be taken even 
that which he hath. 

26. And he said, So is 
the kingdom of God, 
as if a man should cant 
seed into the ground ; 

27 and should sleep, 
and rise night and day, 
and the seed should 
spring and grow up, 
he knoweth not bow. 

28 For the earth bring- 
eth forth fruit of her- 
self ; first the blade, 
then the ear, after that 
the fuil corn in .the 
ear. 29 But when the 
fruit is brought forth, 
immediately he put- 
teth in the sickle, be- 
cause the harvest is 

30 And he said, 
Whereunto shall we 
liken the kingdom of 
God? or with what 
comparison Bhall we 
compare jt ? 31 It is 
like a grain of mus- 
tard seed, which, when 
it is sown in the earth, 
is less than> all the 
seeds Vhat be in the 
earth: 32 but when it 
is sown, it groweth up, 
and beoometh greater 
than all herbs, and 
shooteth out great 
branches : so that the 

{ ev in. TTr. e + on that TA. h epxerai 6 Av'x^os LTTrA 
(read it is not) [l]ti[a], ' o LTTrA. m + 'iva that lt[a]. 

reOrj LTTrAW. k Tt 

n eAflfl els (pavepov TTr a. 
Kat. irpoa. vfjav G. P roi's d/coiiovcrtv GLTTrA. 1 e^ei has LTTrA. ' eav TTrA. 

j3Aao"Ta LTTrA. l yap LTTrA. v elrev T. w ffAjjprjs (titos LTTrA. * napa&ol LTTrA. 

y evOvs TTrA. LTais how TTrA. a rivi avTt)v TrapafloXrj 9i>p.ev what parable shall we 

represent it? LTTrA. b kokkov a gi - ain glti-aw. c p-iKpurepov bv being less LTTrA. 

d eaTiv LTTrA. e [nop e7rt rijs y^s] L. f fxei^oiv (jJ.elov T) rrdvTDiv tu>i/ \axavinv LTTrA. 


fowls of the air may 

M A P K 2. 

IV, V. 






*of 5 it 




of the 




to roost. 

lodge under the shar 
dow.of it. 33 And with 

many such parables 33 j a roiavraig 7rapa/3oXa7c 7roX\aTg iXdXei avrolg tov 

them as^they were Aad with 2such parables 'many he spoke to them the 

able to hear it. 34 But \6y0V, Ka9d)Q ^fjlvvaVTO^ CLKOVilV, 34 \iiip\Q.Si 7rapa/3oX>7C 
word, a3 they were able to hear, but without a parable 

ovK.iXdXei avrolg' Kar'.idiav.Sh h T0~tg-fia9tiralg.avT0v" iTrkXvev 

spoke he not to them ; and apart to his disciples be explained 

all things. 

35 KaiXsyei avTOig iv iKHvy ryi)fxipa, oipiag yevofxivrjg, 

And he says to them on that day, evening being come, 

AieXOioftev eig to irkpav. 36 Kai depivrtg tov byXov, 

Let us pass over to the other svde. And having dismissed the crowd, 

he not unto 
them : and when they 
were alone, he ex- 
pounded all things to 
bis disciples. 

35 And the same day, 
when the even was 
come, he saith unto 
them, Let us pass over 
unto the other side, 

36 And when they had 7rapaXafif3dvovffiv avrov ojg f)v iv T<p ttXo'k^' 

sent away the multi 
tude, they took him 
even as he was in the 
Bhip. And there were 
alto with him other 
little ships. 37 And 
there arose a great 
storm of wind, and 
the waves beat into 
the ship, so that it was 
now full. 38 And he 
was in the hinder part 
of the ship, asleep on 
a pillow : and they 
awake him," and say 
unto him, Master, 
carest thou not that 

they take with 

'c't 11 k TrXoiapia n 

[them] him as 

l^ v ll 





he was in the 


ship ; 

Kai yiverai 
And comes 

Kai dXXa 

2 also 3 other 


a 2 storm 

'but small ships 

m dvifiov /xeydXr)^ n rd:$t n tcvfutTCt tTr'sj3aXXev eig to irXo~iov y 

3 of 4 wind 'violent, and the wavei 

wore "avTO i)$r\ yejut^(T0ai." 

60 that - it already . was filled. 

fivy im to 7rpo(TKE<pdXaiov 

on the cushion 

avrov, Kai Xiyovaiv avrfp, 

him, and say , to him, 

beat "into the ship, 

38 Kai i]v avTog p 7ri' ! ry 7rpu- 

And "was 'he on the stern 

KaQsvSujV Kai ^oisyeipovo-LV n 
sleeping. And they arouse 

AiddoKaXe, ov-fxsXei aoi on 

Teacher, is it no concern to thee that 


3 fell 


Kai enrev avTOig, 

And he said to them, 

Beri*T IndhS diroXXv^a; 39 Kai heye 9 9eig iTrerlppev ry ave^y, 

arose, and rebuked the 
wind, and said unto 
the sea, Peace, be still. 
And the wind ceased, 
and there waB a great 
calm. 40 And he said 
unto them, Why are 

?-e so fearful? how is 
t that ve have no 
faith? 4"l And they 

and said one to an 
other, What manner 
of. man is this, that 
even the wind and the 
sea obey htm ? 

we perish ? And having been aroused he rebuked the wind, 

kcu sIttzv ry QaXdaoy, 2iw7ra, Trecpifiioao. Kai iKorrao-ev 6 

and said to the sea, Silence, be quiet. 

avtfiog, fcai iyivero yaXt)vr) fieydXt]. 40 

"wind, and there was a 2 calm 'great. 

Ti SeCXoi i<jfe T o'vriog\ rrwg ou/c" t xe re tt'httiv; 41 Kai i<po- 

Why fearful are ye thus? How ^not 'have' J ye faith? And tliey 

exceedingly, fH]9t]aav <po(3ov fikyav, Kai tXeyov Trpbg.dXXriXovg, Tig 

feared [with] "fear 'great, . and said one to another, Who 

dpa olrog kanv, on Kai 6 dvefxog Kai 1) QdXaocra s v7raKovov 

then ,J this 

'is, that even the wind and the , sea 


T. And they came 
over unto the other 
Bide of the sea, into 
the country of the Ga- 
darenes. 2 And when 
he was come out of 
the ship, immediately 
there met him out 
of the tombs ft man 
with an unclean spirit, 
3 who had his dwelling 
among the tombs ; and 
no man could bind him, 
no, not with chains: 

aiv avT(p" ; 

5 Kai rjXBov eig to ir'tpav ri)g 9aXd<j<jr)g, eig rr\v x^P av 

And they came to the other side of the sea, to the country 

twv tradaprjiiuiv." 2 Kai HKeX96vTL.avry n U tov 7rXo<ou, 

of the Gadarenes. And on his having gone forth out of the ship, 

v ei>9eiog n w aTfr]VTT}aev n airy Ik twv fivrj/jeiwv dv9pwrrog 

immediately' met him out of the tombs a man 

iv Trvev}iaTi.aKa9dpTy, 3 og tt\v Karo'iKrjaiv eix^ iv T0~ig\ 

with. an unclean spirit, who [his] dwelling - had in the 

x uvr)neiaig-" Kai ?ovre n z dXvae<nv" a ovCEig h r)Svvaro n avrov 

tombs ; and not even with chains anyone was able him 

(lit. no one") 

B e&vvavro LTr 
Ships GLTTrA 

b rot? tSiois jaa0r}Tat5 to his own disciples TA. Se lt.-[a]. * irAota 
lijo-ai'T. m (J.eyd\r) ave'jdov LTTrA. n Kai T<x LTTrA. rjS-q yefJ.C^a6at 

to ntelov already was filled the ship LTTrA. p iv in GMTrAW. i iyeipovaiv they awake ttfa. 
' ; ovttco 3 not *yet LTr. olvtw vnaKovei. T ; viraKovei avTtp TrA. l TepacrrjVMvGeTase-nca 

LTTr ; Tepyeovivuv Gergesenes A*. u ie\e6pTOS ovtoj) LTTr. eveajs L ; evBvs T[Tr]A. 
" VTnjfTTjcrej' LTTr. ' fj-vrt^atriv ( v OW) GLTTrA w-. y ovSe LTTrAW. aAvcrei With a Cham 
LTTrA. ' + ovKeri. any longer {lit. no longer; LTTrAW. b sSvyaTQ LXirA. 

V. MARK. 101 

Snirai, 4 cia to avrov ttoWcikic TrkSaig Kai AXvgegiv Se- * because that he had 

. ' . ' , ,. . , ., '_.,, , .." , , . , , been of ten bound with 

to bind, because that he often with fetters and chains had fetters and chains and 

SicOai, icai SiEGTrdodai vir avrov rag dXvaEig, Kai the chains had been 

been bound, and 3 had 4 been Horn 6 asunder 7 by 8 him 'the ''chains, and him and^he fettre 

Tag 7rkdag avvTETpi<p6ai, icai ovdelg c al>Tov 'icrxyfv" Saudcai' broken in pieces : nei- 

the fetters had been shattered, and no one, him was able to subdue. * her , could , an / , m * n 

/ , tame him. 5 And al- 

5 Kai ^SiaTTaVTOg^ VVKTug icai f][lpaQ EV TOig e bpECriV ICai EV ways, night and day, 

And continually night and day in the mountains ami in i* e . was in 3 tne . m oun- 

x % / >* 'n talns - aud m the 

rotg fivrj/xaaiv 1 i\v. Kpac,iov icai KaTaKorrTwv tavrov Aivoig. tombs, prying, and 

the tombs he was crying and cutting himself with stones, cutting himself with 

,, , ,,,-,, , n * < stones. 6 But when ha 

O ' IClnJV.VE 11 TOV hjaoVV UTCO jXaKpoiJEV, ECpa^lEV ICUl TrpOCT- saw Jesus afar off, he 

And having seen Jesus from afar, he ran and did rilQ and worshipped 

, , _ .. _ , , _ ' v t ii m' > > llira > 7 a.rxA cried with 

KVVt]<7EV g aVT({>," 7 Kai Kpat,ag (pWVy fJ.EyaXy n EtTTEV, It E/XOl a loud voice, and said, 

homage to him, and crying witha = voice 'loud he said, What to me What have I to do 

, i > T ~ t , ~ n < i , t/ V with thee, Jesus, thou 

KUl O01, lt]ffOV, VIE TOV VEOV TOV VyiGTOV, 0pKlC,U> OE TOV Son of the most high 

and to thee, Jesus, Son of God the Mo -.t High ? I adjure thee God? I adjure thee 

n, i r r> i o "\ ~ nr ^ n ' by God, that thou tor- 

Veov, /it] /ae paoavicryg. o EAEyEv.yap avry, EE,eXve, to mentmenot. s For he 

by God, 3 not "ine 'torment. For he was raying tohiin, Come forth, the said unto him, Come 

^ > j n > ~ ' a ' t\ ir ' ' ' out of the man, thou 

7rvfVfia to aicavapTov, ek tov avupiovov. i) Kai E7n]pioTa unclean spirit. 9 And 

spirit the unclean, out of the man. And he asked he asked him, What 

avTdv, Ti 'croi.ovo^; Kai W,cp^,, Xsycov," ^yew" t^^Sy^S 

him, What [is] thy name ? And he answered, saying, Legion name is Leg ion : for 

ovofid.fioL, m on woXXoi kafiev. 10 Kai irapsiedXei avfov , K^ ^ 

my name [is], because many we are. Aud he besought him that he would not send 

TToXXd, iva Ut) n avTOVC n d.7r0<JTElXn lu> TilC VWOaC. 11 J1V.Se them away out of the 

u .%. . ' [ .u r. ,, , , , , 1 ,b A 1 ^ T A country. UNowthere 

much, that not them he would send out of the country. Nowtherewas was there nigh unto 

EKEl TTpbg tA bpif dytXt] ^Ot'pwV JXEydXlJ j3oO-KOlXEVTf 12 Kai the mountains a great 

there just at the mountains a "herd : 'of 4 swine 'great feeding; and jo And all the devils 

irapElcdXEOaV aVTOV ^TVaVTEg Ol daiUOVEg, n XkyOVTEQ, HeuiLoV besought him saying, 

f f sought =him 'all Hhe Menaons, [ spying, sCmi l^^^^^to 

rifiag Eig Tovg xip ov G) " iva ei C avrovg eio~'eX9iuuev. 13 Kai them 13 Aud forth- 

us into the swine, that into them we may enter. And ^ lth J f su j , 4 l ave t | lem 

, , ' < r\> <> ~ >a' i leave. And the unclean 

E7TETpE\pEV aVToig ^EVUECOg Ij/ffOUf." Kai E^EXOoVTa Td spirits went out, and 1 

"allowed 3 them immediately 'Jesus. And having gone out the entered into the swine. 

, , , ~\ n > * i i- and tne aer( i ran vio- 

TTl'EVfiaTaTd UKaOapTaEKTtjXOoV Eig TOVg XOipOVg' Kai 0)plxr](7EV lently down a steep 

spirits the unclean entered into the . swine, and 3 rushed place into the sea, 

, , , , , , _, - . . (they were about two 

t] ay EAT} KaTa TOV Kpl]j.lV0V Eig Tl)v VaAaGOaV r l)aai> CE" thousand;) and were 

"the -herd dewn the steep ^into the sea, (now they were choked in the sea. 

r /-. > / > ~ n -. / , . ., , 14 And they that fed 

OJg dKJX'AlOl' Kai E-KViyOVTO EV Ty daXaacriJ. 14 s Ol.CE" the swine fled, .and 

about two thousand), and they were choked in the sea. And those who told it in the city, and 

t ^ ' ii " . \ ~ i i > ii > i in the country. Ana 
POGKOVTEg l T0Vg XOipOVg" EcpvyOV, Kai v aVt)yyElAav n Eig TIJV they went out to see 

fed the swine fled, and announced [it] to the what it was that was 

>\ *> > > / 'w>>-~\/-iii>5>~ ' i done. 15 And they 

TTOAIV Kai Eig TOVg aypovg. Kai w S^JjAt70V" ICEIV Tl EGTIV TO come to Jesus, and see 

city and to the country. And they went out to see what it is that him that was possessed 

;', ir .ii > v > T ~ ^ /i ~ with the devil, and 

yEyovog 15 mi EpxovTai irpog tov hjaovv, Kai Oewoovgiv had the legion, sitting, 

has been done. And they come to Jesus, and see and clothed, aud in 

tov Sai/joviZouEvov Kadi)fiEvov x mjU ifiariffusvov Kai atotppo- t l n p y ngl WO ro m afraid. 

the possessed by demons sitting and clothed and of sound 16 ^nfl they that saw 

vovi'Ta, rbvAoxtlKOTa tov y XEyEu>va' ti Kai E(po[3f]9t]aav. 16 Kai 
mind, him who had the legion : and they were afraid. And 

- ' _ . * y , 

" icrxvev avrov LTTrAW. d 5ta7racTb5 AL^ fii^fiao-iv ( v GW) Kai evtoIs opso-iv GLTTrAW. 

1 Kai i$u)v TTrA. S avrov A. h Aeyei he says LTTrAW. ' ovofxd croi LTTr,A. k \iyei 
OVTCp he Says to him ULTTrAW. ' AeytWI/ LTTrA. m + eariv is L. n ailTO. TTr. 

6pei the mouutain GLTTrAW. p Travres gw[l] ; jfoj-rcs ol Sat/xoves (read they 

besought; TTrA. i eufle'ws 6 'Irjo"ovs (read he allowed) [l]tt.[a]. r rjo-av oe [L]TTrA. 
s Kai ol LTTrA l avrous them GLTTrAW. v a7njyyeiAai/ told GLTTrAW, rjt\do 

thuy went lttiaw. * al LTXiA. f Aeyw*'* LTTrA, 


it told them how it 
befell to him that was 
possessed with the de- 
vil, and also concern- 
ing the swine. 17 And 
they began to pray 
him to depart out of 
their coasts. 18 And 
when he was come into 
the- ship, he that had 
been possessed with 
the devil prayed him 
that he might be with 
him. 19 Howbeit Jesus 
suffered him not, but 
saith unto him, Go 
home to thy friends, 
and tell them how 
great things the Lord 
hath done for thee, 
and hath had com- 
passion on thee. 20 And 
he departed, and began 
to publish in Decapolis 
how great things Jesus 
had done for him: and 
all men did marvel. 

21 And when Jesus 
was passed over again 
by ship unto the other 
side, much people ga- 
thered unto him : and 
he was nigh unto the 
sea. 22 And, behold, 
there cometh one of 
the rulers of the syna- 
gogue, Jairus by name; 
and when he saw him, 
he fell at his feet, 

23 and besought him 
greatly, saying, My 
little daughter lieth 
at the point of death : 
J pray thee, come and 
lay thy hands on her, 
that she may be heal- 
ed ; and she shall live. 

24 And Jesus went 
with him : and much 
people followed him, 
and thronged him. 

25 And a certain wo- 
man, which had an 
issue of blood twelve 
years, 26 and had suf- 
fered many things of 
many physicians, and 
had spent all that she 
had, and was nothing 
bettered, but rather 
gTew worse, 27 when 
she had heard of Jesus, 
came in the press be- 
hind, and touched his 
garment. 28 For she 
said, If I may touch 
but his clothes, I shall 
be whole. 29 And 



o Kvpiog' 

the Lord 

2 had 3 doue *for 5 him 

8iT)yfi<javTO avrolg oi iSovrsg, 7rwf iy'svtro roy Sai- 
e related 7 to 8 them 'those ' 2 who 3 had 4 seen[ s it] how it happened to him pos- 

Hovi^ojxki'if), Kal 7r?pi ruiv %oipwj/. 17 Kal yp^avro irapa- 

sessed by demons, and concerning the swine. And they began to be- 

KaXuv avrbv cnrtXOeiv rnrb ruiv.bpiojv.avTwv. 18 Kal 
seech him to depart from their borders. And 

z i,fx(iavTOQ n avrov eig to tt\o1ov, 7rapeica\Ei avrbv 6 

2 having 3 entered 'he into the ship, "besought 9 him 'he * who 

daifjoviaOeig, 'iva *y per avrovj 19 ^b dk n 

3 had 4 been 5 possessed G by 'demons that he might be with him. But 

c '\i]<jovQ n oi'K.cKpiJKBv avrov, dXXd Xsyet auTqi, "Ylraye sig rbv 

Jesus did not suffer him, but says to him, Go to rrpbg r.ovg.Govg, kcii A drdyyeiXov n avrolg oaa e Goi 

thy house to thine own, and announce to them how much for thee 

f 7ro('rjcrv," Kal i]X'ii]Gtv ge. 20 Kal d.7rrjX9Ev Kal 

did, and pitied thee. And he departed and 

i'jpZaro KripvGGUv iv ry AsKa7roXet, ogo. 

began to proclaim in Decapolis, how mi 

'ItjGovg' Kal 7ravTQ i9avf.iaZ,ov. 
'Jesus ; and all wondered. 

21 Kal StampaGavrog rov'h]Gov iv r(p 7rXo<<> *7ca\iv elg 

And "having 3 passed "over 'Jesus in the ship again to 

" Gvvifx^l o^Xog 7ro\vg 

*was 5 gathered 'a J crowd 2 great 

rrapa n)v OdXaGGav.. 22 Kal h tdoi>, n tp^rai elg.rujv 
by the sea. And behold, comes one of the 

Gvvaywywv, ovofxart laeipoc, Kal lS<l>v avrov, 7vl7ttsl 7rpbg 

the synagogue. by name Jairus, and seeing him, falls at 

TOvg.TToCag.avTOv' 23 Kal l 7rapsKciXsi n avrov ttoXXol, X'sywv, 

his feet ; and he besought , hini much, saying 

"On rb-Qvydrpiov-iiov i(T^arajc.t%l* 'iva iX9u)V 

My little daughter is at the last extremity, [I pray] that having come 

iiriQyg *avry rag %ET|Oag," 'oTrtof" ow9y /cat 

thou wouldest lay on her [thy] hands, so that she may be cured, and 

m %r)Garat.W 24 Kai aTrijXOev iitr avrov, Kal rjKoXoiOti avr<fi 

she shall live. And he departed with him, and 'followed . 5 him 

bxXog 7roXvg, Kal Gvvs9Xif3ov avrov. 25 Kal yvvf) "rig n 

'a'crowd 2 great, and pressed on him. And a *wornan 'certain 

oxiGa iv pvGEi a'1/xarog trt] Ow^fra,". 26 Kai 7roXXd rraBovGa 

being with a flux of blood 'years 'twelve, and much having suffered 

ii)7rb rroXXwv iarpCJv, Kal SaTravijaaca rci.Trap ' yiavr-iiq* 

2 her 3 means 



other side, 



KOI i)V 

and he was 

rulers of 

under many physicians, and having spent 

Trdvra, Kal fxi]Siv h)<l>eXr}9eiGa aXXa /xdXXov 

'all, and in no way having benefited but rather 

iXQovGa, 27 ciKovGaGa 7rept rov 'h]Gov, 

'having "come, having heard concerning Jesus, 

r<{> oxX^ottigQev, i']\paro rov.'ij.iarwv.aijrov 
the crowd behind, touched his garment ; 

eig TO-xtipov 

3 to ''worse 

iXQovGa iv 
having come in 

28 tXsyt v.ydp, 

for she said, 


r Kav Twi'.tLiarnoj'.avrov 

If but his garments 

ax^wfiai. 11 owQi'iGOLiai. 29 Kai 

I shall touch, I shall be cured. And 

* eufSatvovros [was] entering LTTrAW. 

ixer avrov r t LTTrAW. 

b Kal and GLTTrAW. 

c -- 'Iijcrovs [read he did not suffer) G[L]TTrAW. d airdyyeiXov tell LTTrAW. e o Kv'pids 

o-oi TTrA. f Trenoi-qKev has done GLTTrAW. S ei? to neaav TTaXiv T. h ISov [l]tTia. 

1 irapaKaKel he beseeches TTrA. k ra<; x e ^P a ? a-vTJi ltt a. ' 'iva in order that lttia. 

m rj0-7) may live LTTiA. " ns LTTr|A]. fio>6e<co eTTJ T. V ai/Tris GLTrAW. 

t + T<i the things t[a]. ' iav ad/w/xai kclv ru>v Ifxaritav auTOU TA. 

V. MAR K. 

s u9tojg" ttypavOi] i) Tn]yi) Tov.a'iuarog.avriig, Kai tyvu) 

immediately was dried up the fountain of her blood, and she know 

rot acoficiTi on 'iarat (ittotTiq fiaanyog. 30 Krai s v9eojg ]] 
in [her] body that she was healed from the scourge. And immediately 

o lijaovg, iTTiyi'ovQ tv taVT(p ti)v t avrov duva/xiv 

Jesus, knowing in himself [that] the "out : 'of 4 him 'power 

iEeX9ovaav, tTriarpatyEic tv to) oxXoj, tXeyev, Tig /xov ijiparo 

had gone forth, having turned in the crowd, said, Who of me touched 

tCjv ijiar'uov; 31 Kai t\tyov avrt^ oi.[Aa9i]rai.avrov f BXs7reig 

the garments? And 3 said 4 to s him 'his 2 disciplcs, Thou secst 

rov oxXov avi>9Xi[3ovTa trs, ical Xsyeig, Tig uov ijiparo ; 

the crowd pressing on thee, and sayest thou, Who me touched? 

32 Kai 7Tptf/3As7rro iSelv Tt)v tovto rroujaaaav. 33 rj.St 

And he looked round to seo her who' this had clone. B;it the 

yvin) (pofiiiQfTaa Kai rpijiovaa, eivvTa o y'&yoi'Ev '6^'" 

woman being frightened and trembling, knowing what had been done upon 

ai'Ty, i)X9ev Kai wpoatTrEaEv avr(p, Kai eIttev avry rrdaav 

her, came and fell down before him, and told him all 

rtjv dXtjOeiav. 34 o.Se v eIttev avry, v QvyarEp, n 11.7riang.aov 

the truth. And he said to her, Daughter, thy faith 

a&aioKtv av inrays eig elptjnjv, Kai 'iaOi vyir)g drro ri)g fidan- 

has cured thee ; go in peace, and be sound from 2 scourge 

yog aov. 35 "En avrov.XaXovvrog, tpxovrai curb rov dp^i- 

'thy. [While] yet he is speaking, they come from the ruler of 

avvaytjyov, XtyovTEg,"On ii.9vydri]p.aov cnriOavav ri tn 

the synagogue's [house], saying, Thy daughter is dead ; why still 

aKvXXng rov SiSdaKaXov ; 3Q'OM.'h]aovg *ebQk<og n y<xKov- 

troublest thou the teacher? But Jesus immediately, having 

trae 11 rov Xoyov XaXobfiEvov XkyEi ry dpxiavvayioy^), M?) 
heard the word spoken, says to the ruler of the syuagogue, = Not 

<pofiov' jxovov Triareve. 37 Kai ouK.drpiJKEv obekva z avr^ 

'fear; only believe. And hesuffered no one him 

*avvaKoXov9>jaai, tt ei./.it} h Tltrpov Kai 'Ydicu>fiov Kai 'laidvvrjv 

to accompany, except Peter and James and John 

tov dS(.X<pbv 'IaKOj/3ov. 38 Kai c 6p^67-ai" eig rov oIkov rov 

the brother of James. And he comes to the house of the 

dpxurvvayi'oyov, Kai OewpeX 96pv/3ov, d KXaiovrag Kai 

ruler of the synagogue, and he beholds a tumult, [people] weeping and 

a\aAa'ovrc7 rroXXd. 39 Kai EiaeX9wv XkyEi avrolg, Ti 

wailing greatly. And having entered he says to tlicm, Why 

9opvfSeHa9E Kai KXaierE ; to Traiciov ' ovK-CLTrkQavEv, dXXd 

make ye a tumult and weep? the child is not dead, but 

Ka9Ev0Ei. 40 Kai KarEykXiov avrov. e 6 n Je k-/3a\wv 'unav- 

sleeps. And they laughed at him. But he having put out all, 

Tag, 11 7rapaXan(3dvEi tov rrarkpa tov Traiciov Kai rr\v 

take3 with [him] the father of the child and the 

fii}TEpa Kai Tovg jiet avrov, Kai EiaTropevErai ottov ijv to 

mother and those with him, and enters in where 'was 'the 

rraiiiov ZavaKEifXEvov^ 41 Kai Kpari'iaag r?ig Xftput; tov 

"child lying. And having taken the hand of the 

rraiSiov, Xsya avry, TaXiQd, h Koi//xi\" o tanv fiE0Ep/jijVEv6- 

child, he says to her, Talitha, koumi ; which is, being in ter- 


straightway the'foun- 
tain of her blood was 
dried up ; and she felt 
in her body that sho 
was healed of that 
plague. 30 And Jesus, 
immediately knowing 
in himself that virtue 
had. goue out of him, 
turned him about in 
the press, and said, 
Who touched my 
clothes? 31 And his 
disciples said untohim, 
Thou seest the multi- 
tude thronging thee, 
and sayest thou, Who 
touched me? 32 And 
he looked round about 
to see her that had 
done this thing. 33 But 
the woman fearing 
and trembling, know- 
ing what was done in 
her, came and fell 
down before him, and 
told him all the truth. 
34 And he said unto 
her, Daughter, thy 
faith hath made thee 
whole ; go in peace, 
and be whole of thy 
plague. 35 While he 
yet spake, there came 
from the ruler of the 
synagogue's house cer- 
tain which said, Thy 
daughter is dead : why; 
troublest thou the 
Master any further ? 

36 As soon as Jesus 
hoard the word that 
was spoken, he saith 
unto the ruler of the 
synagogue, Be not 
afraid, only believe. 

37 And he suffered no 
man to follow him, 
save Peter, and James, 
and John the brother 
of James. 38 And he 
cometh to the house of 
the ruler of the syna- 
gogue, and seeth the 
tumult, and them that 
wept and wailed great- 
ly. 39 And when he 
was come in, he saith 
unto them, Why make 
ye this ado, and weep? 
the damsel is not dead, 
but sleepeth. 40 And 
they laughed him to 
scorn. But when he 
had put thsrn all out, 
he taketh the father 
and the mother of the 
damsel, and them that 
were with him, and 
eutereth in where the 
damsel was lying. 
41 And he took the 
damsel by the hand, 
and said unto her. 
Talitha cumi ;" which 
is, being interpret- 

s eu0u; TTrA. en' (read toiler) [LjTTrA. v + 'Irjaovs Jesus L. w QvyaTqp LTrA. 

1 eufle'ojs [L]TTr[A]._ i TrapaKovaas having disregarded TTrA. z (JLUT avrov with him 

TTrA. a a.Ko\ov9?)aai to follow l. b + tov TTrA. c epxoi'Tat they come LTTrAW. 

d + Kal and Gl.TTrAW. etWTOS LTXr. { 7JWTOS GUTrAW S avvKiipsvov G(i.JtTta 

b koJ/x T J koO/x TrA. 


ed, Damsel, I say 
unto thee, ari.-e. 
42 And straightway 
the damsel arose, and 
waited ; for she was 
of the age of twelve 
years. And they were 
astonished with a 
great astonishment. 
4.1 And he charged 
them straitly thai, no 
man should know it ; 
and commanded that 
something should ho 
given her to cat. 

VI. And he went 
out from thence, and 
came into his own 
country* and his disci- 
ples follow him. 2 And 
when the sabbath day 
was come, he began to 
teach in the syna- 
gogue : and many 
hearing him were as- 
tonished . saying, From 
whence hath this man 
these things? and what 
wisdom is this which 
is given unto him, that 
even such mighty 
works are wrought by 
his hands? 3 Is not 
this the carpenter, the 
eon of Mary, the bro- 
ther of James, and 
Joscs, and of Juda, and 
Simon? and are not 
his sisters here with 
us? A,id they were of- 
fended at him. 4 But 
Jesus said unto them, 
A prophet is not with- 
out honour, but in his 
own country, and a- 
mong his own kin, and 
in his own house. 

5 And he could there 
do no mighty work, 
save that he laid his 
hands upon a few sick 
folk, and healed them. 

6 And he marvelled 
because of their un- 
belief. And he went 
round about the vil- 
lages, teaching. * 

7 And he called unto 
him the twelve, and 
began to send them 
forth by two and two ; 
and gave them power 
over unclean spirits ; 
8 and commanded 
them that they should 
take nothing for their 
journey, save a staff 
only ; no scrip, no 
bread, no money in 
their purse : 9 but be 
shod with sandals ; and 


V, VI. 


Kooamov, cot 

Xsyti), J tyeipai. n 

And immediately 

42 Km k et'0sw 


prctcd, Damsel, to thee I say, arise. 

avkoTi) to Kopdmov Kai 7TpiE7rdrEi, yv.ydp Ituv iw^Exa. 

arose the damsel and walked, for she was ' J years ' twelve [old]. 

tKoratret fj.eyci\?j. 43 mi SiErrTEiXaro 

'great. And he charged 


it'taTrjaav 1 

And they were amazed with 2 amazement 

auToig 7roXXd "iva fiijSEig m yv<p 



that no one should know this; asid he said [that some- 


8o9rji>ai avry (payeTv. 
thing] should be given to her to eat. 

Q Kai 1%J]\9ev IkeWev, Kai n I]X9ev n Eig T))v.TraTpica.avTov' 

And he went out thence, and came into his [own] country ; 

Kai dKoXovBovciiv avTip ol.fia9riTCiLa.VTOV' 2 Kai ysvofitvov 

and 3 follow 4 him 'his "disciples. And "being ; 'como 

(Taj3f3ciTOV i'jpZaro iv ttj avvaywyy cinder KEtv' u Kai p 7roXXoi 

'sabbath he began in the synagogue to teach ; and many 

ciKovovTZg l^E7rXr]ac;oPTO, XsyovTEg, Tl69sv tovt<j) ravra; 

hearing were astonished, saying, "Whence to this [man] these things.' 

Kai Tig r) <jo<pia t) So9eX<ya iaur<p," r ori !l Kai 

and what the wisdom that has been given to him, that even = works 3 of 4 powcr 

toiuvtul fita Tibv-Xtipojv-avTou s yivovTai ;" 3 ov\ ovrog ianv 

'such by his hands are done? "not 3 this 'is 

o tektcov, 6 viog^lapiag^aSeXtpbg.ot^'laKUjf^ov Kai'"'lu)(Ti'i li 

the carpenter, the son of Mary, and brother of James and Joscs 

Kai 'lovda Kai 'S.ijion'og ; Kai ovK.Eiaiv ai.ddEX<pai.avrov u>t)e 

and Judas and Simon? and are not his sisters here 

Kai IcKavSaXiZovTO iv aiiTip. 4 x tXeyv.0 > 6 11 avTolg 
Aud they were offended in him. But "said 3 to 4 them 

6 'lijcrovg, "On ovk eotiv 7rpo<pi)T7]g atipog, Ei.pir) iv ry 

'Jesus, "Not 7 is 5 a prophet without honour, except in 


with us ? 





TTCtTpiSiJavTOv^ Kai iv ToTg 

his [own] country and among [his] kinsmen and 

oiKia. b avTOv n . 5 Kai ovk <! r}o"yi>aro" iKEl ^ovCEj-dav Svvafim 

his [own] house. And . he was '-"able 3 there 'not any work of power 

7roii](jai, u}) oXiyoig dppiouTOig iiriBEig Tag x^pag 

to do, except on a few infirm having laid [his] hands 

i9EpciTTEVGEv. 6 Kai e i9avfiaZ,Ev n Sid Tr)v.ainaTiav.av- 

he healed [them]. And he wondered because of their unbelief. 

twV Kai TTEpir)yEV Tag KUJfxag kvkX(^} diddffKWV. 

And he went about the villages in a circuit teaching. 

7 Kai 7rpoc7/caXirai Tovg dtJSEKa, Kai ypZuTO avToi'g 

And he calls to [him] the twelve, and began them 

aTTOGTiXXEiv Svo.Svo, Kai iSiSovavTolg iZovaiav tCjv irvEVfid- 
to send forth two and two, and gave to them authority over the spirits 

twv tuiv aKa9dpTojv' 8 Kai iraprjyyEiXEv avTolg iva firjciv 

the unclean ; and he charged them that nothing 

aipoJTiv Eig ooov, Ei-fir} papvov jiovov ju>/ "iri]pav, 

they should take for [the] way, except a staff only ; no provision bag, 

j.u) dpTov," }u) Eig T))v Z,(jjv)}v \oXkov' 9 fU'" VTiOCECEjxivovg 

nor bread, nor in the belt money ; but be shod 

' eyeipe glttyaw. k ev&vs TTrA. ' + tiiOvs immediately t[tt-]a. m 71-01 LTTrA. 

epxerat comes TTrAW. SiSdaKetv ev rfj crvvaywyfj TTr. P + oi the t[a]. 1 tovtcu 

r OTt GLTTiAW. s yivoiJ.ei'a.1 Tr. l + Tijs TTrA. ." KoX 

'Icootjtos ltti A. " Kai ekeyev and "-aid i.TTrA. 

to this [man] TTrA. 

a6VA$6s LTTrAW L 

iavToi) T. - * ovyyevev&iv Tlr. a + avrov his (kinsmen) [L]iTrA b 

' tcWaro TTiA. '' TTOiii<ra.f. ovStfj-iav SvvajJ.i.v LTTrA. e ido.vuavei> T, 

jrrjpo.1/ TTrA, 6 iAAa LTTiaW, 

>' avToO i.TrAW ; 
avTOv LTTrA W. 
f , 

1 apjov, prf 

VI. MAR &. 

oavddXia' ml n^.HvSvaijtrd^ Mo x^CJvag. 10 Kai iXeyev 

with sandals ; and put not on two tunics. And he Bald 

avroTg, "OTTovMav" elak\9t]Te Eig oUiav, ticei fievETE swg av 

to them Wherever ye enter into a house, there remain until 

#X0jJre ekeIOev. 11 ml Kaoi.dv prj.8sSu>vTai n vpag, p,r]Sk 

ye go out thence. And as many as will not receive yon, nor 

aKovowaiv vuwv, iicTropevosxEvoi ekeWev, iierivdZan rbv x^ v 

hear you, departing thence, shake ofi the dust 

tov vtcokcitlo, Eig fiaprvpiov avroig. x aur)v 

which [is] under your feet, for a testimony to them. Verily 

Xsyo) vuiv, dvEKTOTEpov torai *2o86p,oig : i) Tnfioppoig iv iin'tpq. 

I say to you, moro tolerable it shall bo for Sodom or Gomorrha in day 

icpiGEwg, r, Ty.TTokEilKEtvT}.^ 12 Kai HeXQovteq m tK))pv(y- 

of judgment than. for that city. And having gono out they pro- 

oov n "iva D jj,ETavon<jiomv. K 13 m: 8ai;.i6via7roX\ak'!is[3a\\ov 7 

claimed that [men] should repent. And -demons 'many they cast out, 

Kai ij\Ei<pov tXaiip 7rcX\ovg appdJorovg ml WspaTrEvcv. 

and anointed with oil many infirm and healed [them]. 

14 Kat {jkovoev 6 j3a(ji\Evg 'Hpwdrjg, .<pa.VEpbv.yap 

And "heard 2 the 3 king 'Herod [of him], for public 

lykvETO To.ovojxa.avTov, Kai i\EyEV, v ' "On 'liodvvijg 6 /SctTr- 

became his name, and he said, John the Bap- 

t(wi/ p K vEKpuiv riykpOr}^ mi Sid tovto ivEQyov- 

tist from among [the] dead" is risen, and because of this *ope- 

civ al SvvdyiEig Iv airy. 15 "AXXot- tXEyov, "On T 'HXiag n 

rate 1 the 2 works 3 of "power in him. Others said, Elias 

kariv oXXoi.Se tXEyov, "Ore 7rpo<j>y)Tt]g s Otu>," 'j} 11 iog Eig t&v 

it is ; and others said, A prophet it is, or as one of the 

Kpo<pr)Tiov. 16 'AKovaagM b 'RpcJSrjg v Z7rv," w "On^ ov 

prophets. But having heard Herod said, "Whom 

iyuj a7rEKE<pa\i(ra 'liodvvtjv, ovrog HariV avrbg^ rjyspQrj 


8 I 



it is. 


?ek vEicptiv." 17 Avrbg.ydp b 'Hooicfyg cnrooTEtXag 

from among [the] dead. For z himself 'llerod having sent 

tKpctrriffEv tov 'lujdvvtjv, Kai tSi](Tv avrbv ev z ry' ] <pv\aK7j, 

seized John, and bound him in the prison, 

did 'HpioSidSa rr\v yvvalKa QiXiTnrov Tov.dSEXtpov.avTov, 

On account of Herodias the wife of Philip his brother, 

on ' avri)v f.ydp.rj(TEV 18 iXEyEV.ydp b 'Iu>dvvt]g Tip 'Hpwdy, 

because her he had. married. For "said 'John to Herod, 

'On ovK-t^eariv ooi 'iyjEiv ti)v yvvaltza Tov.dtJeX^ov.aov. 

It is not lawful for thee to have the wife of tby brother. 

19 'HSL'HpiDdidg eveI^ev avnp, Kai HJOeXev^ avrbv aTro- 

But Herodias * held it against him, and wished 3 him l to 

KTEivaC Kai ovK.^Svvaro. 20 b.ydp.'Hpdjdrjg l(po/3eTTO tov 
"kill, and was not able : for Herod feared 

'iwdvvrjv, Eidojg avrbv di'dpa dimiov Kai uyiov, Kai 

John, knowing Mm [to be] a man just and holy, and 

ovvETTjpEi avrbv' Kai dtcovaag avrov, iroXXd b 7roii," Kai 

kept ''safe 'him ; and having heard him, many things did, and 


not put on two coats. 
10 And be said unto 
them, In what place 
soever ye enter into 
an house, there abide 
till ye depart' from 
that place. 11 And 
whosoever shall not 
receive you, nor hear 
you, when ye depart 
thence, Bhake off the 
dust under your feet 
for a testimony a- 
gainst them. Verily I 
6ay unto you, It shall 
be more tolerable for 
Sodom and Gomorrh 
in the day of judg-. 
ment, than for that 
city. 12 And they 
went or.t, and preached 
that men should re- 
pent. 13 And they 
cast out many devils, 
and anointed with cil 
many that were sick, 
and healed them. 

14 And king Herod 
heard of him ; (for his 
name was spread a- 
broad :) and he said, 
That John the Baptist 
was risen from the 
dead, and therefore 
mighty works do shew 
forth themselves in 
him. 15 Others said. 
That it is Elias. And 
others said, That it is 
a prophet, or as one of 
the prophets. 16 But 
when Herod heard 
thereof, he said, It is 
John, whom I behead- 
ed : he is risen from 
the dead. 17 For Herod 
himself had sent forth 
and laid hold upon 
John, and bound him 
in prison for Herodias' 
sake, his brother Phi- 
lip's wife : for he had 
married her. 18 For 
John had said unto 
Herod, It is not law- 
ful for thee to have 
thy brother's wife. 
19 Therefore Herodias 
had a quarrel against 
him, and would have 
killed him ; but sha 
could not : 20 for Herod 
feared John, knowing 
that he was a just man 
and an holy, and ob- 
served him ; and when 
he heard him, he did 
many things, and 

h evSvo-acrOat. E. av LTr, k eapfor av L J bs av twos jitrj Se^tou whatsoever place 

Will not receive TTrA. ' d/xrji/ Ae'yeo .... rrj no\ec e/cetVrj G[L]TTtA. m exrjpi/fai/ TTrA, 

D neTavowo-iv LTTrA. cAeyoy they said I>. P iyrjyeprai. (has risen) /c veKpwv LTTr ; e 

ViKpOiV O.Ve(fTT\ A. 
v kktyev TTrA. 

1 + 8% also LTTrAW. 
"On LTTrA. 

a eV}Tei sought h. 

1 'HAei'a; T. s eariv [l]tTia. * 17 GLTTrAW. 
- eo-Ttf avrbs G[L]TTrA. ? K vacpwi' T[lrjA, 

b yaopei. was at a loss [about] t. 

106 M A P K O 2. VI. 

heard !lnm gladly. y$' e(x) g avTOv j'/kovev. 21 icai y:vop.tvi]g ytJtpag.EVKaioov , c ur" 
vLfe^daywa S a comc; S^lj him heard. ^ Andjbeing 3 come ^'opportune ''day, when 

that iierod on his 'HoioSrjg Tolg.yEveaioig.avTov SeiTTi'ov d 7roti" Tolg fiEyiara^iv 

birthday made a sup- rierod ~ on his birthday a supper made to -great J men 

per to his lords, high _ J , , -' 

captains, and chief avTOV Kai TOIQ \L\iapXOlQ Kai TOig 7TpOJTOig Tt]Q I ahlhaidQ, 

estates of Galilee ; i hi3 and to thc cllief c .Jp ta ins and to the first [men] of Galilee ; 

22andwheruheda\igh , _ , > ~ ~ tt j 'j 
terofthesaidHerodias, 22 KVTI EKJEWovaTjg T)]C VVJCLTpOQ aVT)]Q Tt]Q lipWCiadog, Kac 

came in, and danced, and "having 7 corne s in 'the 'daughter 3 of 5 herself *Herodias, and 

and pleased Herod aud , , , , h t TX / *. % 

them that sat with OpX^ajAkV^Q^ e Kai apE(Taff)]g n Tip tipioOy Kai TOt CTt/WT'a- 

him.thekingsaidnnto having danced, and pleased Herod and those reclining 

the damsel, Ask of me , t , < n \ \ n ' a " ' 

whatsoever thou wilt, Kl/l?'0lC, 'ElTTEV O [3a<Jl\EVg" Tip KOpaGlU), AlTT}(T0V flE 

and I will givo f< thee, [at table] with [him], 3 said Hha 'king to the damsel, Ask me 

23 And he sware unto >/>'% \ *> ' > ro " ' "n 
her, Whatsoever thou O.tav ue\yg, KCLl OliHJU) COT 16 Kai IxJflOffEV CtVTIJ, UTl 
shalt ask of me, I will whatever thou wilt, and I will give to thee. And he swore to her, 

h^l of my' kingdom 6 oMv flE atY/^C, SwM ffoi, %W S VfliiTOVg T^ j&.WlXl'aC 

24 And she went forth, Whatever me thou mayest ask, I will give thee, to half of 'kingdom 

thtr.tha^uYask? fiov. 24 *H.& i&XOovaa elTTEVTy-^rplavrng Ti h alr,)- 

And she said, The head 'my. And she having gone out said to her mother, What shall 1 

It And 1 she 6 c B ame ti! in COfJiai^ 'RM sTtTSV, Tt]V -0aX)v 'loJCCVVOV TOV WairnOTOU..* 

straightway with ask? And she said, The head of John the Baptist. 

b nd e askcd sa e in k ' n I ^5 Kai l<JE\9ovaa k f vQ'iOJQ^ /XETO. <T7TO?;0/}c TTpOQ TOV fictaiXsa, 

will that tho^give'me &n& having entered immediately with haste to the king, 

h^i" 1 h 7 l t T C i har fi er yrf)oaTO,'Xsyovaa, GeXu* 'iva x /xoi difig iZ-avrrjg" ini irivaKi 

Baptist 26 And till she asked > saying, I desire that to me thou give at once upon a dish 

king was exceeding T7 \ v K (h a \rjv 'llOClVVOV TOV BaTTTKTTOV. 26 Kat irEpiXvTTOC 

E ; and r for 80 thcir the ^cad of John the Baptist ' And 6 very "sorrowful 

Bakes which sat with yEVOUEVOg 6 8a<Tl\Evg, 5ld TOVg OpKOVg KUl TOVC 

him, he would not re- r3 whilel * mado 'the 'king, on account of the oaths and those who 

ject her. 27 And lm- L J ( , , , , 

mediately the king m (TVl>ai'aKEl[XEVOVg n OVK.r)9sXl]GEV n avrr)v auETtjffai. 27 Kai 

sent an executioner, rec lincd [at table] with [him], would not 'her 'reject. And 

and commanded his ^->^^r. \' \\ ' ' r 

bead to be brought : Ev9fwg n aTTOCrTttXag O (SaClAEVg v O"ITEK0V\aTWpa n tTTtTa^EV 

and he went and be- immediately 'having 4 sent 'the 'king a guardsman ordered 

headed him in the , , , , ,. -._. , . Ml , >, , 

prison, 28 and brought ^tVEx9))Vai u Tt]V.KE<paXl]V.aVTOV T . 20 s O.0t' a7TE\UlOV a7TEKE- 

his head in a charger, t he brought his head. And he having gone be- 

am! gave it to the dam- , 1> . ~,-.~ 1W ^ ,N> > 

sel: and the damsel (pClAHJEV ai'TOV IV TTJ (pVACtKy, KOI 1/VEyKEV T>)V-KE<pa\) 

gave it to her mother, headed him in the prison, and brought his head 

29 And when his disci- ,,* > ? >^ ~ < >> '_ 

pies heard of it, they E7TI TTIVCUCI, Kai tdltJKEV aVTTJV T<{J KOpaiTllp Kai TO KOpaGlOV 

came and took up his upon a dish, and gave it to the damsel, and the damsel 

ato P mb. and lai<J '* iU tSwKev avrijv Ty-fiTjrpLavTrJe. 29 Kat aKovcavTEg ol paQipcA 

gave it to her mother. And having heard [it] 'disciples 

avTOV 'tjXQov," Kai i]pav;roi) ; Kai t9r]Kav u ai/ro" 
'his came, aud took up his corpse, aud laid it 

iv r Tip nvii/uiEitj). 

in the tomb. 
30 And the apostles _, ,_ , , . > / % < * > T t 

gathered themselves 30 Kat (JVVayOVTai 01 aiTOGTOkOl TTpOg TOV lt](TOVV, Kai 

together unto Jesus, And 3 are 4 gathered 5 together 'the 'apostles to Jesus, and 

and told him nil things, , i * , ~ / w Ml " ' ' ~' x'! ll 

both what they had aTT7]yyEi\av avTtjJ 7ravTa, w /cat" ooa ETTOirjaav Kai x oaa a 
done, and what they they related to him all things, both what they had done and what 

Baw'unfo'themtcome ISiSa^av. 31 Kai ^eZttev 11 avTolg, AevTz VflElg avToi 

ye yourselves apart they had taught. And he said to them, Come ye your-elves 

c o T L. d 7rou]cr6f LTTrA. e ripeutv she pleased LTTrA. f ei7rei' 8e o j3acriXevs L ; o Si /3aeri- 
Aev? eljrei/ and the king said TT a. e Kai and TTrA. h ainjo-iojuai. should I ask i.ttiaw. 
jiairriCovTO'; TTrA. k ev9v<; LTTrA. ' efcjvriys Sw<; uol LTTrA. m ayaKeifieVous reclined 

at table] TTrA. n aQeT^crat avTrjv TTrA. ev0i)<; TTrA. P cnr<-KOv\a.Topa LTT- AW. 

i ei-eyxai [him] to bring TTrA. ' + [e7rt wiraKi] on a dish L. B /cat (read and having 

gone lie beheaded) LTTrA. l TJAflai/ tita. u avTou him t. t to> (read a tomb) 

KGLTTrAW. " Kat LTTrA W. x ocra T. 3 Avei he says TTrAW. 

VI. M.A K &. 107 

Kar'.lSiav Eig tprfjuov tottov, Kal 7 -dva7ravG0a u uXiyav. T Herar "Ho a desert pW, ami 

apart intp -desert 'a place, and rest a little. 'Were ^l*J^, l I ; for thor 

, , , , , , , , N , , weretnanycoinmgand 

Yrtf 'Ol- .tp^QOflEVOt KCtl 01 VTTCiyOVTEQ iroXXoi, KCll OVOt (payUV Bomg, and they had 

'for 'those 3 coming \and 5 those "going many, and not even to eat f lei . sure o so "vuchas 

s ' i > > ~\ /-i h ' ' eat- 32 And tlie y 

& 1]i)KaipOVV. 32 Kttl a7T))XUOV Eig tpl]pOV TOirOV rip departed into a desert 

had they opportunity. And they went away into 2 desert a place by the PbAebyship privately. 

\ ' II ' *' no ir ' 7J , , / c < \ u 33 And the people saw 

irAoiip" KO.T -tciav. oo Kai eloov avrovg vrrayovrag t ot o%Aoi," them departing,, and 

ship apart. And 3 saw "them 5 going 'the. 2 crowds. man y knew him, and; 

, ,i . r ,1 , , n > / , ~ 7 \ ^ ran afoot thither out 

Kai "tiriyvuxrav" e avrov 7toaaoi, Kai 7tec,7j citto ttcmsmv twv of all cities, and out- 

an'd 'recognized 9 him 'many, and on foot from all the went them, and came 

/> /j i . i < /] . / ii ~x together unto him. 

7TOAEWV aVVtbpap.OV EKEl, ICCll 7rpor]AVOV aWOVg," 8/cai 0~W))X- 34 And Jesus, when he 

cities ran together there, and went before them, and came to- came out, saw much 
r, \ > > \\ c*a ' > p \ n ' hfj <>t ~ ii -\ < people and was moved 
VOV irpog dUTOV." 34 Kai Et,EXt)li)V -EiOEV lr\(J0Vg TCoXw with compassion to- 
gether to him. And having gone out s saw 'Jesus 'great ward them, because 
* \ \ , > \ ' r\ > 5 ' 11 ' t they were as sheep not 

oxaov, Kai lawXayxviwrf ett ^avroig," otl r\aav having a shepherd: 

s a crowd, and was moved with compassion towards them, because they were and he began to teach 

t > ,i \ >f i * * y_ * * ' t \ them . many things. 

big TTpopara ;/ E\OVTa TTOlfJLEVa Kai ilptaro ClCClffKElV aVTOVg 35 And when the day 

as sheep not having a shepherd. And he began to teach them was now far spent his 

iroWa. 35 Km ijSr, &pag.iro\\rj S *yEVO[*Evr,g, irpooeK- ^gfd sam^ThTis 

many things. And already a late hour [it] being, com- a desert place, and now 

OovrEg l avry n oluaOvral^airov 11 u \syowiv, n "OTiipvfi6g kanv ^^d^"^' 

ing to him his disciples say, Desert is that they may go into 

6 roTrog } Kal ijSri a1pa.7roX.X1)' 36 c'nroKvaov avrovg, 'iva a b \u C0 a nd 7 into , th d 

the place, and already [it is] a late hour ; dismiss them, that villages, and buy them- 

a we X96 vrEg tig rovg kvkXuj dypovg Kal Koipag, ayopaawmv n avf notTmg f o ^aT 
having gone 4 to 6 the 'in 'a 3 circuit country and villages, they may buy 37 jj e answered and 

iavrolg dprovg' n ri p vp" <pdyui(Tiv <i ovK.tx ov(Tlv - n ^themto"'^? 1 ' A^I 

for themselves bread; 'something 'for to eat they have not. they say unto him 

37 'O.Ss dTTOKptOEig eIttev avrolg, Aore avrolg vuE~ig <hayE~iv. shall we go and buy 

., ., ,, . ., ... ', r . ' two hundred penuy- 

But he answering said to them, Give 'to 3 them 'ye to eat. wort h of Drea d and 

Kai Xkyovmv avrto, 'A7TE\06vrEg dyopdauifiev T 8iaKo<riuiv give them to eat? 38 He 

And they say to him, Having gone shall we buy two hundred 3alth 'J 11 ' * , Ho " 

J J . J many loaves uaveyo? 

drjvapiuiv" dprovg, Kal s ^ujpv" avrolg tyayElv ; 38 'O.Sk XsyEi go and see. And when 

denarii of bread, nd give them to eat? And he says '') e y knew, they say, 

, , , , , Five, and two hshes. 

avrolg, Tloaovg dprovg exete ; v7rayErE l Kal n icErE. Kai yvov 39 Add he commanded 

to them, How many loaves have ye? go and see. And having them to make all sit 

1 1 . / . r\> e\r\ > v > down by companies 

rEg AEyOV<TlV y , IlEI'rE, Kai CVO IXvVag. 39 Ka -KErat,EV avroig upon the green grass, 

known they say, ' Five, and two hshes. And he ordered. them 40 And they sat. down 

_, -\- u > i ' > i - -\ ' - i * n ranks, by hundreds 

v avaK\ivai n iravrag o'vp.TToaia.crv^.Troo'ia etti rip ^Awpy xP T H > - an d by fifties. 41 And 

to make "recline 'all by companies on the green grass. when he bad taken the 

Af . . _ , , ., . , , , n , , , ' , , n five loaves and the two 

41) Kai *avETTEffov" Trpaaiai.irpaaiai, "ava" EKarov Kai ~ava" fishes, he looked up to 

And they sat down in ranks, by -hundreds' and by heaven, and blessed, 

/ ii \ v oi ' - ' i ' t */ and brake the loaves, 

irEvrtjKovra. 41 Kai Aopaiv rovg TtEvrt aprovg Kai rovg cvo a nd gave them to his 
fifties. And having taken the five loaves and the two disciples to set before 

ixdvag, dvaf3\Eipag Eig rbv ovpavov EvXoyqaEv Kal KarEKXa- 

fishes, having looked up to the heaven he blessed and broke 

oev rovg dprovg, Kai kdiSov rolg./j.aOr]raXg. ZB -avrov [l 'ii'a && Trapa- 

the loaves, and gave to his disciples that they might 

* avairavaaaOe TTrA. a evicaipovv LTTrA. b ei> Tw jtAoi'o) et? eprjfJLOV \6ttov L. c 0( 

oxAot (read they saw) GLTTrAW. <* eyvwaav knew LTri. e aurovs them t; avrbv OLTr a. 
f Ktu Trporj\0ov avrou? G. S Kal (Tvvt)\9ov npbq avrof GLTTrAW. h 6 'Irjcrouc (read 

he saw) GTTrAW ; [6 'Irjo-ov?] eT5ev l. ' avxovs lttia. k yii>ofj.evri<; T. ' avra T. 

[avrov] L. u e\eyov said TTrA. dprov? [L]TTrA. P yap [l,]TTrA. 1 oi';ic 

Xouo-ii' (read buy for themselves eat) [ljtti-a. r SyvapiiDu Sta/coo-iiov GLTTrAW. 
6 Swao/jLev shall we give LTrA ; Suxraipiev t. l nai [l]tTi-a. t + [aiirta] to him L. 

w avaic\t8r)yai L. * aveireaav TTrA. y Kara LTTrA. ,a avrov (read the disciples) TTrA. 
* TraoaTiOwaiv TA. 

108 M A P K 2. VI. 

them: and the two Q,&IV <[ CLVTOIC' KCU TOVC CVO ivQvar iu'tpKTEV TTcifftV' 42 Kai 

fishes divided he a- , , . ., s . , , = . 4. v. u , , i -, 

tiocina themall. 42 And set before them. And tho two fishes he divided among ail. And 

th y *fiu d! C 43 A D d '^'P a 7 0V tolvteq, Kai j^opraiTf^cFaV 43 /cat ijpav b /c\at7/.ia- 

they took up twelve. " ate ' a11 ' and wcre s * tisfi ed. And they took np of frag- 

l.askcts full of the run'" dwdera c KO<pivovg n d 7r\rjpeir, u Kai enrb ru>v i^Bvwv. 44 Knt 

frag men ts, and of the mcuts twelve hand-baskets full, " and of the fishes. And 

fillies. 44 Ana they _ 

that. did eat of the ifaav 01 (bayoi'TEQ TOVQ UOTOVQ e li>(76l" 7TEVTaKI(Tyi\lOl 

loaves were about five 7 wore Hhoso 2 that 3 ate 4 of Hhe c ioaves about five thousand 

thousand men. 45 And * r , , , , 

straightway ho con- avopsg. 45 Kai f Ev6tcjg n -qvaytcaoEv rovg.jj.aO)]rac.avrov 

strained his disciples men. And immediately he compelled his disciples 

to get into the ship, , % > / > > t 

aud to go to the other SfiptJVCll EIQ TO 7r\oloV, KOLl TTpOayElV EIQ TO TTEpaV TTpbg Bl}9- 

side before unto Beth- to enter into the ship, and to go before to the other side to Beth- 

saida, while he sent a- ...-, , , , . , .. , , , ., , 

way the people. 46And (TUtCaV, EOJQ aVTOQ zaTTOAVCy" TOV oyKOV . 40 Kai aTTOTai^aflEVOQ 

whan he.had sent them saida, until he should dismiss the crowd. And having takeu leave of 

away, he departed into , ~ , -,, n , , >y n a n ir - > ; 

a mountain to pray. aVTOlQ, a7T)]AVEV EIQ TO opOQ TTpO(TEVt,a(JVai . 47 Kai OlpUXQ 

47 And when even was them,' he departed into the mountain to pray. Aud evening 

come, the ship was in i t \ \ ~ ' t r\ \ ' . > / 

tho midst of the sea, yEVOflBVtJQ, 1]V TO 7TA010V BV /XSCrqj T))Q UaAaO'ffrjQ, KUl auTOQ 

and he alone on the being come, 3 wasHhe 2 ship in the midst of the sea, and he 

land. 48 And he saw , v ~ ~ . -, __ , l - ? ,, , , n v ' 

them toiling in row- t^OVOQ ETTl TT]Q yi)Q. 48 Kai n L6Ev" aVTOVQ pao-aviZojuivovg 

ing ; for the wind was alone upon the land. And he saw them labouring 

contrary unto them : > _.~ *\ ' _ v i < > > > ~ . ; m 

and about the fourth tV T V tXaVVElV, T]V.y up O UVEflOQ U'UVTlOQ UVTOIQ' '(Car 1 TTEpi 

watch of the night he- in the rowing, for : 'was 'the 2 wind contrary to them ; and about 

waTking upon the'se', TETapTtjV (pv\aKl)v r% VVKTOQ tQXETai wpOQ O.VTOVQ, TTEpiTTa- 

and would have priced l^e] fourth watch of the night ho comes to them, walk- 

theysaw hhrFwaUdrT T ** >V * 71 "' T ^ QctXdffOTjQ, Kai T/OeAej/ 7rap\9uV UVTOVQ. 40 Oi.OE 

upon the sea they sun- ' nff on tne sea > and would havepassedby them. But they, 

posed it had been a (coVTEQ aVTOV V TTEpi7TaT0VVTa tTr'l TlfQ 6a\d(T(Jt]r, u ij$0%av ' 

50 for they all saw seem & oim walking on the sea, thought [it] 

him and were trou- <hdi>Tao~ua m eh'ai," Kai dv'tKpalLav. 50 7rdi>Tc.ydp avTov 

b cd. And immedi- 3 ' 4 !.. ,. -., , ', \ * ,,' ' ... . 

ately he talke^ with m a PP aritlon to be - and crled out : for a11 , " n!m 

tbem, and saith unto "eloov," Kai iTapd\9i]aav. Kai -EvQiioc^ (XdXrjaev /JET ai'TUlV. 

them. Be of good cheer: i saw and re troubled. And immediately he spoke . with them,' 

it is I ; be not afraid. ( J ' , , , , n 

51 And he went up Kai AEyEl aVTolg, QapffElTE' tyw (jU, fl?l.(pOJ3E~l<TQE. 
unto them into the ntl( j says to them, Be of good courage : I am [he] ; fear not. 
ship; and the wind , J , , \ , 6 , , , 

ceased: and they were Ol Kai ai'Epr) TTpOQ aVTOVQ EIQ TO TTAOlOV, Kai IKOTTaaEV o 
sore amazed in them- And he went up' to them into the ship, ' and 3 fell 'the 

selves beyond measure, -\< r>> ~n' ~ n" ' 

and wondered. 52 For aVEflOQ' KUl klUV p tK.7TEplG(TOV" tV EaVTOiq tt,KTTltVTO, 

they considered not 2 wind. And exceedingly beyond measure in themselves they were amazed, 

the miracle of the n \ in > v llr^>^ - i ~ r r in 

loaves: for their heart q icai Bvavfiac,oi> " 52 ov.yap.ffvvijicav itti toiq ap-oiQ T yv.yap n 
was hardened. and wondered ; for they understood not by the loaves, for 'was 

s i).Kapdia.avTu>v" 7rE7ru)owiiEvr]. 

53 And when they i their ^ heart hardened, 

had passed over, they , . , _ , , , . 

came into the land of 53 Kai OiaiTEpaaaVTEQ l T]\uOV HTl Tl)v y>/V v Te VT]>7aptT, 

Gennesaret, and drew And having passed over they came to the land of Gennes'aret, 

to the shore. 54 And , , _. vivirt' ,~, 

when they were come KUl 7rpO<nopfUO-&l]ffav. 54 Kai t,EAVOVTlOV.avT(x)V EK TOV 

out of the ship, and drew to shore. And on thcip-comiug out of the 

straightway they knew A , f , Ql ,, , , , , _ , 

him, 55 and ran 7TA0I0U, 'EVVEtOg ETTiyVOVTEQ aiT01' w , 55 ^TVEpl0pajXOVTEC, n 

through that whole ship, immediately having recognized him, running through 

region round about, .> i _ / i , T y , ~ . -, 3 , ,. 

and began /to carry OA7]V Tt]VJ TTEpiX^pOV^ .EKEIV1)V z 1\pt,aVTO E7TI TOIQ K Kpcifif5aTOig" 

about in beds those all that country around they began on couches 

b KkdcrftaTa A c KO$lv<av TA. d ir\r\pd>)x.a.ra TTtA. e diael GLTTrAW. f eiiOiiq TTrA. 
a.7roAi;et dismisses LTTrA. h iSiou Seeing LTTrA. ' Kai LTTrA. k enl 77)9 SaAaacrrj? 

irepnraTovvTa. 1. l + oti that T. m kcrriv it is T. n elSai' TTr. Kai evOvs i.TrA ; 

o 6e evOvs T. P [eK irepicrcroii] Tr. 1 Kai eOavfia^ov [l] TTrA. r aAA' i)v but was TTr. 

avriov ij KapSia LTTrAW. ' erri tt)V yrjv rj\9ov e'is T. v 1'ei'i'T/o-apeT LTTiAW". w -f fjot 
avSpts tov Toirov /cetVou] the men of that place l. * 7repte'6pajttov they ran through TTr. 

* viopav {omit around) TirA. * + Kai and TTr. a KpapdrTois lttiaw. 




those that were ill to carry about, where they were hearing that 

c f(cei" tony. 56 icai oirov d av" tiaETropEVETO eig KU)/u,ag f) e 

there he was. And wherever he entered into villages or 

(lit. he is.) 

iroXeig i) e dypovg, iv tcuq dyopaig f iTi9ovv n rovg aaGevovv- 

cities or fields, in the marketplaces they laid those who were sick, 

Kai rrapEKaXQw avrbv iva kclv tov KpaairkSov rod 
and besought him that if only the border 

uil/ojvrat' /cat oaoi av Sj/tttoito" 



they might touch ; and as many as 




that were sick, wlrcrn 
they heard he was. 
56 And whithersoever 
he entered, into vil- 
lages, or cities, or 
country, they laid the 
sick in the streets, and 
besought him that 
they might touch if it 
were but the border of 
his garment : and as 
many as touched him 
were made whole. 

of his garment 

were healed. 

7 Kai avvdyovrai rrpbg avrbv oi Qapioaloi teal tiveq 

And are gathered together td him the Pharisees and some 

ruiv ypafxfiarswv, iX96vrEg dwb 'Iepoao\vfHxjv i 2 icai iSovreg 

of the scribes, having come from Jerusalem; and having seen 

Tivag Tiov.fAaQr)Tu> h Koivalg \Epo~iv, 1 tovt tanv^ 
some of his disciples "with denied hands, that is 

aviiTTOig, k ia9iovrag l[ l&provg, m kfiafi\pavTO' u 3 oi.ydp $api- 

uu washed, eating bread, they found fault ; for the Phari- 

craToL Kai irdvrEg ol 'lovSalat, edr./uy n irvy[ty a viipwvrai rag 
sees and all the Jews, unless with the fist they wash the 

Xtipag, ovkAoQ'iovoiv, Kparovvreg ri)v 7rapdSoaiv tuiv irpEo- 

hands, , eat not, holding the tradition of the el- 


'dirb n dyopdg, kdv.fir) /3a7rri<rwj/rat 


ders ; and [on coming] from the market, unless they wash themselves 

ovK.iaBiovaiv' Kai aXXa 7roX\d iariy ii irapikafiov 

they eat not ; and ''other Hhiugs 'many there are which they received 

Kparaiv, /3aTrTi(rfXovg 7ror7)piujv Kai ^eotCjv Kai \aXKioJV p Kai 
to hold, washings of cups ' and vessels and brazen utensils and 

kXiwv" 5 q t7Ttra" tTnpojTtliaiv avrbv oi Qapiaaloi Kai oi 

couches : then question him the Pharisees and the 

ypafif.iare'ig, * Atari" R o\.fiaQi]Tai.iyov ov.TTEpnraTOvaiv" Kara 
scribes, Why 3 thy ''disciples 'walk ''not according to 

rt)v rrapdcoaiv rwv TrpEafivrepujv, dXXd t dvi7TTOig n x^pQW 

the tradition of the elders, but with unwashed hands 

trjQiovaiv tov dpTOV ; 6 ' y d7roKpi9eig" flirty avroig, w "0n" 
eat bread ? But he answering said to them, 

KaXuig x 7Tpoe(pr]TEV(Tev v 'Hoaiag irtpi vjiwv tuiv v7roKptru>v, 
Well prophesied Esaias concerning you, hypocrites, 

z Ovrog b Xabg n rolg xeiXeoiv fJte tijxo~, 

This people with the lips me honour, 

i).de.Kap.ia.avTu>v Troppw aTrt^ei drr' tfxov. 7 fidrr]V.Sk okjiov- 

but their heart far is away from me. But in vain they wor- 

rai /is, diddcjKOVTEg diSaatcaXiag kvTaXfiara dv9pu)7rwv. 

ship me, teaching [as] teachings injunctions of men. 

8 'Aty'svTEg.^ydp" tt)v ivroXi)v tov 9eov, KpartxTE ti)v Trapd- 
oor, leaving the commandment of God, ye hold the tra- 

fioaiv ru>v dv9pu)Trwv, h fiaTTTiop.ovg %e<ttojv Kai Trorrjpiwv, Kai 

dition of men, washings of vessels and cups, and 


yiypairrai, ? 
it has been written, 

VII. Then came to- 
gether unto him the 
Pharisees, and certain 
of the scribes, which 
came from Jerusalem. 
2 And when they saw 
some of his disciples 
eat bread with defiled, 
that is to say, with 
unwashen, hands, they 
found fault. 3 For the 
Pharisees, and all the 
Jews, except they wash 
their hands oft, eat 
not, holding the tra- 
dition of the elders. 
4 And when they come 
from the market, ex- 
cept thoy wash, they 
eat not. And many 
other things there be, 
which they have re- 
ceived to hold, as tho 
washing of cups, and 
pots, brascn vessels, 
and of tables. 5 Then 
the Pharisees and 
scribes asked him, Why 
walk not thy disciples 
according to the tra- 
dition of the elders, 
but eat bread with un- 
washen hands ? 6 He 
answered and said un- 
to them, Well hath 
Esaias prophesied of 
you hypocrites, as it 
is written, This people 
honoureth me with 
their lips, but their 
heart is far, from mc. 
7 Howbeit in vain do 
they worship me, 
teaching for doctrines 
the commandments of 
men. 8 For laying 
aside the command- 
ment of God, ye hold 
the tradition of men, 
as the washing of pots 
and cups : and many 

c Ket LT[Tr]. d eav T. e + eis into [l]TTrA. f eriOeaav TTrA. S rnj/avro LTTr. 

h + OTi that TTr. ' TOVTSO-TI.V LA. k eaOiovcriV they eat TTr. l + TOVS LTTrA. 

m e/xe'ui//ai'To (read verses 3 and 4 in parenthesis) GLTTrAW. n nvicva. often t. air' LTrA. 
P Kai kKivwv T. 1 Kai and LTTrA. r Sta rt LTrA. " oi) ireauraTOvai.v ol fj.a6r}Tai aov TTrA. 
' (cotfai? with defiled GLTTrAW. v airoKpi6el<; TTrA. w On [L]T[TrA]. x enpo<l>riTevcru 
LTTrA. y + fin T. *'0 Aobs ovtos L. a yap for LTTrA. b [3air7i.o-p.ovs . . . . 

7roieiT T[TrAh 


other such like things 
ye do. 9 And he said 
unto them, Full well 
ye reject the com- 
mandment of God, 
that ye may keep your 
own tradition. 10 For 
Moses said, Honour 
thy father and thy 
mother j and, Whoso 
curseth father or mo- 
ther, let him die the 
death: 11 but ye say, 
If a man shall say to 
his father or mother, 
It is Corban, that is to 
say, a gift, by whatso- 
ever thou mightest be 
profited by me ; he 
shall be/ree. 12 And 
ye suffer him no more 
to do ought for his fa- 
ther or his mother ; 

13 making the word of 
God of none effect 
through your tradi- 
tion, which ye have 
delivered : and many 
such like tilings do ye. 

14 And when he had 
called all the people 
unto him, he said unto 
them, Hearken unto 
me every one of 
you, and understand : 

15 there is nothing 
from without a man, 
that entering into him 
can defile him : but 
the things which come 
out of him, those are 
they that defile the 
man. 1G If any man 
have ears to hear, let 
him hear. 17 And when 
ho was entered into 
the house from the 
people, his disciples 
asked him concerning 
the parable. 18 And 
he saith unto them, 
Are ye so without un- 
derstanding also ? Do 
ye not perceive, that 
whatsoever thing from 
without entoreth into 
the man, it cannot 
defile him ; 19 because 
it eutereth not into 
his heart, but into the 
belly, and goeth out 
into the draught, 
purging all meats? 
20 And he said, That 
which conieth out of 
the man, that defileth 
the man. 21 For from 
wUhin, out of the 
heart of men, proceed 
evil thoughts, adul- 
teries, fornications, 
murders, 22 thefts, 
covetousness, wicked- 



dXXa vapo/xoia Toiavra ttoWu 7rjiir." 9 Kai tXtysj/ 

*o^her ''like [Hhings] 3 such 'many ye do. .And he said 

avTqlg, KaXCjg dOarelre rr\v ivro\i]v, tov 9eov,.!iva ti)v 

to them, Well do ye set aside the commandment of God, that 

irapadoTiv-v/xuiv TT]pr](Tr]TE. 10 c Mojfrr}g ll .ydp e'Lttev, -Tipa 

your tradition ye may observe. For Moses said, Honour 

Tbv.7raTspa-<TOVKaiTi)v.fi7}rspa.(Tov' Kai, 'O KaKoXoywv irarkpa 

thy father and thy mother ; and, He who speaks evil of father 

t] fi?]Tipa Oavdrtp teXevtutoj. 11 'Yue~ig.ce Xkyere, 'Edr e'i-mj 
or mother by death let him die. But ye say, If 3 say 

ai'9pu>7roQ rtp irarpi rf ry ^t]Tpi, Kop;3dv o ioriv, Siupov, 

'a*man to father or mother, [It is] a corban, (that is, a git";,) 

d.edv e% tfiov u)<pe\i]9yg' 12 d Kai" ovketl dtpiere 

whatever from me. thou mightest be profited by : and no longer ye sailer 

avrbv ovdev iroiijoai T(^.7raTpi. e avrov n f; ry.fiqrpi^aurou,^ 

him anything to do for his father or his mother, 

(lit. nothing) 

13 aKvpovvreg rov Xoyov tov 9eov rg.TrapaC^oaei.v^v y 

making void the word of God by your tradition which 

7rapeSu)KaTe' Kai 7rap6fj,oia roiavra 7ro\Ad Troieire. 

ye have delivered ; and -'like [^things] *such 'many ye do. 

14 Kai irpoaKoXeadjxevoQ f wdvTa n tov oxXov, tXeyev. avT0~ig x 

And having called to [him] all the crowd, he said to them, 

z'AtcoveTe n ftov irdvTEg, Kai h avvieTE. n 15 ovc'ev eotiv tito- 
Hear ye me, all, and understand : Nothing there is from with- 

9ev . tov dv9pw7rov eloiropevofievov if, avTOv, o SvvaTai 

out ' the man entering . into him, which is able 

1 uvtov Koivojrjai' ti dXXd rd ^iKTropevS/xeva d-n ovtov," 

him to defile ; but the things which go out from him, 

Ta koivovvtu tov dv9pnnrov . 16 m ei Tig 

are the things which defilo the man. If anyone 

exei u)Ta aKoveiv, d/eovsroj." 17 Kai ore ei<yfj\9ev elg " oIkov 

have ears to hear, let him hear. And when he went into a house 

d-irb tov l>x\ov, tTri]pioTU)v avTOV oi.fia9)iral.avTov "vepl T>)g 
from the crowd, 3 asked "him 'his -disciples concerning the 

irapaf3oXi)g. a 18 Kai Xeyei avrolg, O'vTOjg Kai iifieig devte- 

parable. And he says to them, "Thus 3 also ''ye 'without 6 un- 

Toi egte ; ov.voeite otl irdv to i,o)9ev eicjo- 

derstanding 'are? Perceive ye not that everything which from without en- 

pEvo/uEVov Eig tov dv9pioirov ol'-dvvaTat avrov, Koivwaai ; 

ters into -the man is not able him to defile ? 

19 OTi ovK.EiGTTOpEVETai avTov Eig T))v KapSiav, dXX' eig T))v 

because it enters not 4 of 5 hini 'into "the J heart, but into the 

KotXiav' Kai Eig rov dtpeEpiova tKTropEVETai, p Ka9apiZov il iravra 

belly, and into the draught goes out, purifying all 

rd fipwfxaTa. 20 J 'E\yev.(5s, "On to ek tov dv9pio7rov 

the food. And he said, That which out of the man 

EK7T0pEv6fXEV0V, EKEIVO KOlVol TOV dv9poJ7TOV. 21 iffOJVEV.ydp 
goes forih, that defiles the man. For from within 

Ik T?ig Kapdiag tu>v dv9pu>7riijv oi BiaXoyivuoi oi koko'l ek~ 

out of the heart of men -reasonings 'evil go 

TropEvovrai, i/io^iai, 7topveiai. (povoi, 22 vAoTrat," 7rXeov- 

ndulteries, fornications, murders. 

l tKeivd 11 tffTiv 




c MioiicrfiS LTTrA W. 


t* aKOVffare LTTrA. 

Kai :.tti[aJ. e avrov (read LhisJ) LTTrA. ' TrdKiu again 

k (TUl'eTe LTTrA. ' KOLi'Cicrai avrov T. k K Toil ai'Optjjrrov 

m vise 10 TflYAj. 
P KaOapi^ujy LTIrA, 

Koii'wcrai avrov T. 
/CTropev6fiei'a from the mail go out LTTrA. ' knewa. T[Tr]. 

n + Tov the (house) T. tt)V Trapapo\r}V the parable LTTrA. 

1 iropvelai., nAonai, (/(Oi'oc, ^tot^iai TTrA. 





desires, wickednesses, 

SSXoq, da'sXytia, dcpBaX/xbq irovrjpbq, 

guile, licentiousness, ;m eye wicked, 

fiXaaiprinia, v-7reprj(pavia, acppoavvr]' 23 wavra ravra rd 

blasphemy, haughtiness, folly : all these 

Trovt]pq. tcrioOep tKiropEvsrai, Kai koivoX tov dv9pu>7rov. 
evils from within go forth, and defile the man. 

24 r Kai tKeWev^ dvatsraq aTcr\X9i.v tig ra e /.ie96pia. [l 
And thence having risen up he went away into the borders 

Tvpov l /cai 2i8u>voq n . Kai eio~X9u>v elg y tj)v ]1 oiKiav, ovSkva 

of Tyre and Sidon ; and having entered into the house, no one 

"yBtXev" yvCJvai, Kai ovK. x t)Svvr)9i] ]] XaOeiv. 25 y aKovaaaa 

he wished to know [it], and he could not be hid. *Having 5 heard 

ydp n yvvfj mpi avrov, r)g eixsv TO.OvyciTpiov.avrfjc TrvEVfia 

'for "a 3 womau about him, of whom *had 'her 2 little ^daughter a spirit 
aKciOaprov, z sX9ovoa H TrpocrkTrto&v rrpbg TOvg.7r6Sag.avTOi>' 

unclean, having come fell at his feet, 

26 *f)v.Se rj yvvrj" 'EXXrjvig, b 2vpo0O(Vjo , cra 11 r<p ykvu' Kai. 

(now 3 was 'the woman a Greek, Syrophenieian by race), and 

qpwra avrbv iva to Satfxoviov c SK/3dXXy n Ik rijg Gvyarpbg 
asked him that the demon he should cast forth out of "daughter 

avrijg. 27 A 6.cL'lT)<Tovg el7rev n avry, "A(peg irpwrov xopraa- 

'her. But Jesus said to her, Suffer first to be satis- 

BTfvai to. TSicva' ov.ydp e KaX6v toriv" Xafieiv tov dprov twv 
fied the children ; for not good is it to take the bread of the 

Tticvwv, Kai l (3aXelv rolg Kvvapioig." 28 'R.Ss aTteKpiQr] Kai 
children, and cast [it] to the dogs. But she answered and 

Xsysi avT<i>, Nai, Kvpiz' Kai.%ydp n to. Kvvdpia vwoKaTU) rrjg 
says to him, Yea, Lord ; for even the little dogs under the 

Tpa-n-k&jg h ia9iei n dirb tuiv ^i^idov tuiv TraiSiujv. 2&Kai (Ittsv 
table eat of the crumbs of the children. And he said 

avry. Aid tovtov tov Xoyov VTraye' i^eXifXv9ev 1 rb Sai- 

to her, Because of this word go ; has gone forth the de- 

ftnviov i/c Tiiq.9vyaTp6g.Gov." 30 Kai dirX9oi>Ga tig tov 

Dion out of thy daughter. And having gone away to 

olKov.avTtjg, evpsv k rd Saifioviov t%aXr)Xv96g, Kai rrjv 9vya~ 

her house, she found the demon had gone forth, and the daugh- 

Ttpa fie[3Xr]n&vr]v itti Ttjg KXivTjq. n 

ter laid on the bed. 

31 Kai irdXiv t^X9d)v tK tujv bpiojv Tvpov 'fcai Sidwvoq, < 

And again having departed from the borders of Tyre and Sidon, 

7)\0sj/" n Vpo^" Tnv 9dXao(rav rfjq VaXiXaiaq, dvd uscov 

he came to the sea of Galilee, through, [the] midst 

tCjv bpitov AeKa7r6Xeioq. 32 Kai tpepovcnv avrtp Kaxpbv n 

of the borders of Decapolis. And they bring to him a deaf man 

/u.oyiXdXov, n Kai TrapaKaXovcnv avrbv 'iva smGy 

who spoke with difficulty, and they beseech him that he might lay 

ai'irqi tj)v x E ~ L P a ' 33 Kai d7ro\a/3o/ivof avrbv dirb tov 

on him [his] hand. And having taken away him from the 


ness, deceit, laseivi- 
ousness, an evil eye, 
blasphemy, pride, fool- 
ishness : 23 all these 
evil things come from 
within, and defile the 

24 And from thonca 
he arose, and wont 
into the borders of 
Tyre and Sidon, and 
entered into an house, 
and would have no 
man know it : but 
he could not be hid. 
25 For a certain wo- 
man, whose young 
daughter had an un- 
clean spirit, heard of 
him, and came and fell 
at his feet : 2t> the wo- 
man was a Greek, a 
Syrophenieian by na- 
tion ; and she besought 
him that he would 
cast forth the devil 
out of her daughter.. 
27 But Jesus said unto 
her, Lot the children 
first be filled : for it 
is not meet to take 
the children's bread, 
and to cast it unto the 
dogs. 28 And she an- 
swered and said unto 
him, Yes, Lord : yet 
the dogs under the 
table eat of the child- 
ren's crumbs. 29 And 
he said unto her, For 
this saying go thy 
way ; the devil is gone 
out of thy daughter. 
30 And when she was 
come to her house, she 
found the devil gone 
out, and her daughter 
laid upon the bed. 

31 And again, depart- 
ing from the coasts oi 
Tyre and Sidon, h 
came unto the sea ol 
Galilee, through the 
midsb of the coasts ol 
Decapolis. 32 And they 
bring unto him on 
that was deaf, and hac 
an impediment in hi; 
speech ; and they be- 
seech him to put his 
handupouhim. 33 And 
he took him aside from 
the multitude, and 

r 'EKelOev Se ta. 8 Spia LTTr. ' Kal'StoaJeo? ta. T ty)v (read a house) LTTrAW. 
w i)6e\ri(Tev t. x rjovvacrGr) t. y d/\A" evdv? aKovaacra but immediately having heard 

TTrA. z eicreKOovcra. having come in T. a r) ok ywrj rjv LTA ; 17 yvvri Se rjU Tr. b 2vpa 

(/joii'i/cicro'a G ; 2vpooSo(.riKtacra LTW ; 2vpa <l > ou'tKio"o-a TrA. c exfidAr) GLTTrAW. d a. 

eAeyef and he said LTTrA. e eo-ril/ KO.\bu LTTrA. f rols KVvapCois jSaAeu; TTrA. S- yaf 

for [L]'fTr. h eo~6iovaiv LTTrAW. ' k ttjs Ovyarpos crov to Sainoviov TA. k to Trai&ioi 

(the child) j36j3Ar//xeVoi' errl rr\v nkLvriv /cal to SaifJ.oi'iov efeArjAvOds LTTrA. ' ^A^e^ 6to 

ruouu'os he came through Sidon LTTrA. m eis unto GLTTrA. n + /coi and LTJ'r. 

/xoyyiA.iAoi' Tr, 

112 MAPK0 2. VII, VIII. 

put his fingers into his ^y\ ov kcit Jdiav, eBoXev TOvcJ.aKTi'\Gvc^avTOV n eic to. ojtci 

ears, and he spit, -and j t 1, v " j. 

touched his tongue ; crowd a l jart - , hc j; ut hl * fiu =' ers > to 'ea 

34 and looking up to ailTOV, KCli TTTVGag 1]l\/aTO T^Q.yKlOGG^Q.aVTOU, 34 KCll ava- 

anTsaith. nnto' Mm, ' his ' and having spit he touched his tongue, and having 

Ephphatha, that is, ^Xk^JCig Eig TOV OvpciVOV tGTcVa^SV, Kai XtyEl aVTlfi, 'Fj<p(pC(6d, 

Be opened. 35 And i ookc . d up to the heaven he groaned, and says to him, Ephphatha, 

straightway his ears x , , , ' , ' ' r ' 

were opened, and the O.tGTIV, AiaVOlx"l}Tl. OO Kill ^EVUElog r Cn]VO<xO>',Gav ' ClUTOV 

string of his tongue t jj. lt ; bj u G peued. And immedialcly were opened his 

was loosed, and he , , , , , Q , , , 

spake p'.ain. 36 Andhe at ClKOCll, KCll s EAVtJn O OEGjlOg Ti}Q.y\(iJa<7)]Q.CWT0V, KCll iAilAC-l 

charged them that ears, and was loosed the band of his tongue, and he spoke 

they should tell no , _ n , f ,. , , 

man: but the more he OpVwC. OO KOU ei0TtAarO aUTOlQ IVCt fXT]CEVl l El7ruJGlV l 

charged them so much rightly. And he charged them that no one they should tell, 

the more a great deal '*.<> \ u ~ s /\> w~\-v 

frhey published it; OGOV.VE v CtUTOQ aVTOlC OlEGTEAAETO, w jUaAAOJ> 7V plGGOTEpOP 

37 and were beyond Eut as much as he them charged, exceeding mole abundantly 

measure astonished, > > n m < < i v \ > \ i 

Baying, lie hath done EKtJpVGGOV. 61 KCll VTTEpTTEpiGGlog E^E7TAljGG0i'TO, XiyOVTEg, 

all things well: he they proclaimed [it] : and above measure they were astonished, saying, 

to'hea"' andthe dumb KoAwg irtXVTCt TTETro'lilKEV' KCII TOVQ KWlpOVQ TTOlEl &KOVEIV, 

to speak. "Well 4 all -things 'he -has 3 done: both the deaf he makes to hear, 

Kai x roi<g n aXaXovg XoXeIv. 

and the dumb to speak. 

VIII. In those days 8 'Ev EKEivaic.Tcug.ypEpaig ?TraiJ.7r6XXov" oxXov uvrog, 

the multitude being in those days very great [the] crowd being, 

very great, and having > , , , , , i N / , , , T 

nothing to eat, Jesus Kai fit) f^ovrwV Tl tyayuiGlV, 7TpoGKaXEGaj.lEV0g *J ITJ- 

called his disciples and not having what they may eat, ^having ^called Ho [ 5 him] ' Je- 

unto him, and saith ' ~ n ' ' n 'a' ~n ~ ' >.~ t> \ <* 

unto them, 2 I have G0V Q Tovg-f.iaOt)Tag. a avrou" XEyEi avTOig, 2 ^irXayxvilvjJiai 

compassion on the bus his disciples he says to them, I am moved with compassion 

multitude. because > * * *\ f * s h * ' n - ' ' r u 

they have now been 7ri T0V OX*OV OTl 1)61] "i/fXEpag" TpEig TrpoiJfilVOVOlV L f*Ol," 

with me three days, on the crowd, because already Mays 'three they continue with me 

eat* 1 : ^ and D if ^fend KCLl OVK-EX OV(TLP Tl QayiOGlV' 3 KCll ECIV Cl7ToXvGOJ CtVTOVQ 

them away fasting to anc * have not what they may eat ; and if I shall send away them 

their own houses, they dj,n<Xrlc" Eig oIkOV-CIVTU>J', EKXvdnCFOVTCH tV TV udo}' e TlVEC.yan a 

will faint by the way : ' s s . ,, c n? L j- ' r 

for divers of them fasting to their home, they will faint in the way ; for some 

came from far. 4 And a {j T C^v i UCIKDoBeV Zi'lKCKTlV." 4 Ka< aTTEKpiQllGClV ClVTlf) 01 UCtQ)]- 

his disciples answered ... . . ~ , ' . , 3 ' '. 4 .. ",. '. 

him, From whence can ftneto from afar are come. And ^ Answered -him Misci- 

a man satisfy these ra i aVTOV, h Yl69EV TOVTOVg SwrjGETai Tig U)()E YOOrflrrai 

in en the wiWernes?? P lea ' ' hi3 ' Whence e these 'shall 3 be -able 'anyone 'here to I satisfy 

5 And he asked them, apTiiiv ett IpnjJiiag ; 5 Kai ^iirijpuiTo}^ avTovg, ituGOVg i%r 

How many loaves have with bread in a desert? Aud he asked them, How many -have 'ye 

y f ado tncy brio., . i , . _ . 

Seven. 6 And he com- agTOvg ; Of.ot k eZ7roj>, ETrra. 6 Kai 7Trtpj7yytAv" Tip o%Xy 

manded the people to . 4oaves? And they said, Seven. And he ordered the crowd 

sit down on the , _ , , _ , , , , 

ground: and he took avaiTEGElV ETTl TTjg yrjg Kai ACipiOV TOVg ETTTO. UpTOVg, 

the seven loaves, and to recline on the ground. And having taken the seven loaves, 

gave thanks, and , , < >j'^ - n - > - 

brake, and gave to his m Evxapi(TTi]Gag ekXcictev Kai Ecidou TOig./.iaUijTaig.avTOV, iva 

disciples to set before having given thanks he broke and gave to his disciples, that 

them; and they did _ fl ~ . ,, , 'a ~ \ n 

set them before the n Trapavuj(fiv'" Kai TrapEifT]Kav Tip oxXip. 7 Kai 

people. 7 And they they might set before [them]. And they set [it] before the ' crowd. And 

had a few small fishes: n , u n ' s> >\ ' . n \ ' , t 

and he blessed, and X 0,/ iX^ v ^ La oXiya' Kai pa evXoyr]aag <J a i7rv irapa- 

commanded to set they had small fishes a few; and having blessed he desired 3 to 4 be 5 set 

p avT.ov (read [his] fingers) t. i etifle'ws [l]tita. r rivoiyqaav LTTrA. 

8 + ev#v? immediately t. * Xeyoxriv TTrA. v avrbs (read he charged) LTTrA w. 
w + avTol they LTTrA. * roil? TTrA. y irakiv ttoaXov again great LTTrA. l 6 'Itj- 

a-ovs OLTTrAW. a avTOv (read the disciples) TTr. b -rifiepai gltttaw. c n 0t 

L[Tr]A. d V^(7Tt? T. e Kai Tlves and Some LTTrA. f + anb from (afar) TTrA. 

8 r)KOv<ri EW ; elaiv are A. h + 6ti TTrA. ' -qprnra TTrA. k eiTrai/ TTrA. l irapay- 

ye'AAet he orders LTTrA. m + [/tal] and L. n napaTlGaxriv TTrA. eT^af LTTrA. 

P 1 -t- rawa tliese L ") a etn-er TrapaTe^rji'ai Kai avrd L J avra i7rv Kal Tavra napariddvai TrJ 
ciiTa napi9rjKev he set these before fthem] ta.. 

VIII. M ARK. 113 

9ei vai Kal ai-ra." 8 'tyayov.W Kal ixopraoQ^av. Kal ^tajjjte.** 

"before [ 7 them] "aUo 'these. And they ate aud were satisfied. And were filled : and thoy 

fipav icEpiooEvpaTa KkdopaTuv iirrd *07rvpidag." 9 ** u^tto taoken 

tin-} took up 'over 4 and 5 above 'of 2 fraginents seven baskets. And were seTell baskets. 9 Aud 

l Ul (hayoi'Ttc" WC TSTpaKHTYiXlOC Kal diTlXvcTEV CLVTOVQ. they that had eaHn 

r / , => , =, " A = were about four thou- 

' those ''who 'had Vaten about four thousand ; and he sent "away 'them. san d : and he sent 

1 Kal *el>9ku>g n ipfidg" tig to ttXoZov fierd tS>v /icrfynDi/ VA^raightway 

Aud immediately having entered into the ship with 'disciples he entered into a ship 

avrov, ))\0i/ elg tcl ukprj AaXparovOd^ 11 Kal i,))\9oif oi with his disciples and 

'his, he came into the parts of Dalmanutha. And 3 went "out 'the ^aTmanutha? H And 

Sfapiualoi Kal i'lplavro x <ru?jrii> 11 avr<p, ZijTOVvreg 7rap the Pharisees came 

Pharisees and _began to dispute with him, seeking frcmi Jueltion wUh*1iim. 

avroii anuelov azro tov ovpavov, 7reipdZovreg avrov. 12 Kal seeking of him a sign 

him a sign from the heaven, _ tempting^ ^ him. ^ And ^ a j[^&*gj[ 

dvaarwa^ag TuJ.<Ti>Evpa-i.avTov XtyEi, Tt /.y srecLaurTj deeply in' his spirit, 

having groaned ' in his spirit he says, Why "this ''generation and saifti, Why doth 

56 ' , , . , j , this generation seek 

Y UI]pElOV tTTlfy]Tl ;" a^U//^ Aty^ z V[ilV," El.dOtl)](TSTai T1J after asign? verily I 

4 a s sign 'seeks ? Verily I say to you, If there shall be given say unto you, There 

, , TA > '. . ' a' /D < shall no sigu be given 

yfFsa.rairy orjfteiov. lo Kai cr<pac caroi^, tppag unto this generation. 

to this generation a sign. And having left them, having entered 13 Aud he left them, 

, , , , \ - a y ~\ n ' - &u & entering into the 

7TaXlv" mg TO 7T\0L0V n a7ni\VtV ttg TO irtpav. ship again departed to 

again into the ship he went away to the other, side. the other side. 

--_-.%/' -v/->~ < > \ > 14 Now the disciples 

14 Kai t7re\a9ovTO Xaptiv apTOvg, Kai u^irj sva aprov had forgotten to take 

And they forgot to take loaves, ' and except one loaf bread, neither had 

, , n> ' ~> \ ' t r \ r '\\ they in the ship with 

OVKMXOV fXEV tai'TUJV tV Tip 7T\0l(p. ID Kai 6lE(TTAAT0 them more than one 

fhey had not [any] with them in the ship. And he charged loaf. IS And he charged 

ai'Tolg, \syu)v,'OpdTE, c fiXtwETE diro Ttjg ^vpr\g tu>v QapiaaLuSv n ^' bewar e g 'of the 
them, saying, See, take heed of the leaven of the Pharisees leaven of the Phari- 

K al rife Wng 'HpMov. 16 Kal SuXoyiZovro irpbg dXXr)Xovg, Ta^ieAuta^ 

and of the leaven of Herod. And they reasoned with one another, reasoned among them- 

^yoi/rec," "On aprove ote 'ixopBv.* 17 Kal y vovg ' b ^- e ^ 

saying, Because loaves 3 not 'we 2 have. And. knowing [itj Dre ad. 17 And when 

'6 'Ir/tToCe" Xkyei avTolg, Ti SiaXoyifaOe on dp T ovg ovk. ^tem^vhyreTsou 

Jesus says to them, Why reason ye because loaves 3 not T6| because ye have no 

tVETEl OVWOJ-VOEITE OvSLoVVlETE \ Sen" 7rE.7Ttopu)ukvnV bread ? perceive ye not 

. A ,l ' t, j j i. jo vi i, r j . j yet, neither under- 

"ye 2 have ? Do ye not yet perceive nor understand ? Yet hardened stand ' have ye your 

EXETE T^V.KapSiaV.VfJUiil'; 18 OlpBaXpOVg EXOVTEg OV.f3XE7TETE ; heart yet hardened? 

have ye your heart ? _ ^ Eyes ^ having, . do ye not see? nofj^nKving^ar?, 

Kal WTtt tXOVTEg OVK-dKOVETE] Kal OV.flVripOVEVETE) 19 OTE hear ye not? and do 

and ears having, do ye not hear ? and do ye not remember ? When ?,f tiTv 0t re embe f' > 

, , , , , 19 When I brake the 

rove ttevte dpTovg EKXaaa Eig rovg itEVTaKiaxiXiovg, h iroaovg five loaves among five 

the five loaves I broke to the five thousand, how many thousand how many 

, ,. , , baskets full of frag- 

Koibivovg l 7rXi]pEig ,KXa<rp,aTu>v ijpaTE] Asyovaiv avTip, ments took ye up? 

hand-baskets full ' of fragments took ye up? They say to him, They say unto him, 

a onn kSMI ' ' 11 ' ' \> Twelve. 20 And when 

AuJOtKO. 20 Or.C TOVg E ^Ta * Eig TOVg TETpaKiaxiAlOVg, the seven among four 

Twelve. And whan the seven to the four thousand, thousand, how many 

, ? N , % * m/ ~.. f baskets full of frag- 

7roau)v OTCvpiCitiv irXr)pu)p,aTa KAaupaTtov rjpaTE; m Oi.dt nients took ye up? 

of how many baskets [the] fillings of fragments took ye up? And they And they said, Seven. 

7 iiti ' m -wr - "\ - TiT-r - ii n > n ' 21 And he said unto 

ElffOV, ETTTtt. 21 Kai tXEyEV aVTOig, Hwg" 0V (TVVIETE; them, How is it that 

said, Seven. And he said to them, How s not 'do 2 ye understand? ye do not understand ? 

r cai e</>ayof LTlr. 8 o-(|>vpt'8as L. > ' ot c^aydi'res {read and they were) T[Tr]A. 

" ev9i>S LTTrA. w + [aVTO?] he L. . x <TVV$r]TeLv LTTrA. ' y ^VjTijt OTJ^.etOJ' LTTrA. * [v^J-lv] A. 

a traAcv eju./3<is LTTrA. b to LTrW ; [ei? ttAoioi'] Tr ; ets to irAolov (read ejajSas having 

embarked) ta. c + .[ko.I'] and l. d Kiyovres ltti a. e exovenv they have LTrA. 

( 6'IncroOs (read he says)T[Tr]A. e In lttta. h + Kai t. ' KAaa/xaTuiv 7rAjp6t? 
i.TTrAW.' k [6eJ TrA ; cai T. ' + [apTovs] loaves L. m Kai Aryovo-ti' T; Kai Aeyovorn/ 

ovTai ana they say to him a nd>s ta. .ovjtw not yet LTTrA. 

114 MAPKO 2. Tilt 

-2 And he coraeth to nn v'o" - ii'tja *' , <-i' j\ ' 

BethsliiJa; nnd they ^ i ^ C " t PX fTai 't' Bl]9fTai0aV' Kai (piOOVmv O.VT<{t ri'CpXuV, 

bri ng a blind man uuto And Ik.' comes to Bethsaida; and they bring to hiui i ablin4 

totoncn hfm^MADd KCtl TapaicaXovGiv avrbv 'iva avrov aiprjrai. 23 ical 

he took the blind man ' [ man l and beseech him that him he might touch. Ami 

hhnon^of t^t^wn- trriXal36uEVog rng X t>pbg rov tv^Xov ilgifyayev 11 avrbv 

and when he had spit taking hold of the hand of the blind [man] he led forth him 

his l hanfis e upon d i 1 i','u t '^ w T ^ Q ' K "V"7> Ka ' ^rvaag sig rd.bpifiara.avrov, iTTiQeig 

lip axkedhim if he saw out of phe vi!!a = c > and having spit upon his eyes, having laid 

ought. 24 And he look- rag %E7oag avnp t7ri]pu)ra avrbv t ri r j3\tTrei. n 24 Kai 

menaVtl'4s S , ! w'alking; [Ms] h "" ds "I 1 Mo he askeci him if anything he beholds. And 

:> After that he put dvafiXi\pag tXfyEv, BXettoj rove dvBpwirovc, s '6ri <l)g SsvSpa 
m hands again upon having looked up he said, I behold the" men, for as trees 

his eyes, and made , .. _ , , 

ii tin look up: and he opw<\ TrEpnrarovvrdg. 25 E?ra . rraXtv t t7TE9))KEv H rag 

was restored and I se e [them] walking. Xhcu again he laid [his] 

saw every man clearly. , , , , , , , , , , , , 

zii And he seut him X f 'P rt S7J "' rovg.o(l>9aXi.tovg.avrov, Kai v tTro(7]OEv avrov ava-_ 

away to his house, hands upon his eyes, and made him look 

Saying, Neither ffo y. , , . .. , w , , n ,. , _, ,,,,. , . .. 

into the town, nor t'iU pAf-dVat." Kai w aTroKar(xraUj], Kai ^tvtjjXEipEv" ?rr)Xavywg l] 

U to any iu the to'c. up. And he was restored, and looked -on 'clearly 

z u7ravrag. v 26 Kai cnr'tcrEiXsv avrbv tig *rbv." olKov.aurov, 

all [men]. And he sent him to his house, 

\sycuv, b M?/c)f 11 sig n)v \ciopy\v eiasXOyg. c t<Jj(" 'Vj7C 
' saying, Neither into the > village mayest thou enter, nor mayest tell [it] 

rivi tv ry Kiopy.V 
to any one in the" village. 

27 Kat e^^XQev u 'irjaovg Kai oi.[ia9i]rai. avrov slg rag ku>- 

And "went 3 f orth 'Jesus and his disciples into the vil- 

tiag Kaioapeiag' rrjgQ>iXi7nrov Kai tv ry bd(p tm]pwra 

27 And Jesiv. went lages of Ctesarea Philippi. And by the way he was questioning 

fnt^the* to^of rovg.^ae^rde.avrov, \kywv * a broig* Tiva at Kyovviv oi 

Csesarea Philippi : and *n s disciples, saying to them, Whom J me 'do ^pronounce 

hfs th d1scT v L he saying av9p<avoi tlvcu ; 28 O'i.Se e aTrtKpi9n<Tav> 11 , e'lujavvrjvrov fiarr- 

unto them, Whom do- "men to be ? And they answered, John the Bap- 

men say that I am? ri(m ' ; - Ka ; dXXoi h 'HVai/-" dXXoi.ds v iva n rwv.7rpo<pnru>v. 

28 And they answered, .. ' .. ._,,. . . ,, **.-,"'{. 

John the Baptist but ' a others, iMias ; but others, one of the prophets. 

some say, Eiias ? and 29 Kai avrbg k \kyEi ai>rot cy 1 'Ype7c.Se riva fit XsyErt 

pne^MAudheMUh And , he S ;^ s * ^ But / e ' ^om 'me 'do 'ye 'pronounce 

unto them, But whom dvai ; v A7roKpi9eig m t>" b TlErpog Myei avr({j, 6 xpiarog. 

*? y * y. e 1 that Iam ^ tobe? '-Answering , 'and ' Peter says to him, Thou an the Christ. 
And Peter answereth # 5 * ' f 

and saith unto him, 30 Knrt 7TrUJ/fffV avrolg iva fltjSevh' u Xsy(D(TlV n TTEpi 

Thou art the Christ. And he strictly charged them that no one they should tell concerning 

30 And he charged , , v , , , 

them that they should avrov. 31 Kat yp^aro cicaffKEiv avrovg on cti ruv 

tell no man of him. him. And he began to teach them that it is necessary for the 

31 And he began to . , _ , , _ ^ , , 1 - 
teach therri, that the VlOV rOV av9pO)TCQV TToXXa TTaVElV, Kai a7T0C0Klfia(JO))vai, 
Son of man must suffer Son of man many things to suffer, and to be rejected 
many things, and be , , o . , > - ^ na i 
rejected of the elders, O a7ro" ruiv 7rpEapvrEpcov Kai pa ap^jpwv Kat v& ypaj.ipartwv, Kai 
anil p/t he chief priests, of the elders and chief priests and scribes, .and 
and scribes, and be'* /~,~ .\~</ > ~ - ot > 

killed, and after three a.7roKravvr]vai } Kai fisra rpeig rjpspag avaarrjvai 6Z Kai 

days rise again. 32 And to he killed, . and after three r'days to rise [again]. And 

openly. e t And S p^ter Trappt]<rig, rbv \6yov iXdXti. Kai 7rpoaXaj36fivog i*avrbv 

took him, and began openly the word he spoke. And "having 3 taken Ho [ 6 him] *him 

p epxovTai they come lttta. < e^ijveyKev he brought forth ttta. r /SAeVeis thou 

beholdest a. s m SdvSpa O. ' fOr}Ktv ti-a. 6iej3Ai/(ei/ he saw distinctly. TTrA. 

w a.TTtK.a.Tt(TTa.6r) i ; aireKarea-nj TTrA. x evefiXenev LTTrA. y fiyjAavyois T. z airatna 

all things LTTrAW. a rbv QLTTrAW. b /u}| not T. c HySe K(i|iir) T. d [avrois] Tr. 

ei7rav spake TA. f + a-vry Ae'yoi'Tes to him saying LTTrA. B + on TA. h 'HAei'ai' T. 

6ti eis LTTrA. k emjptoTa aVTOVS asked them LTTrA. ' + Kai and L. m Sk LTTrA. 

tittUXnv L. V7TO by LTTrA W. P + TWJ' Of th.e QLTTrAW. *i a 6 IleVpOS ai/TOV LTTrA. 

VIII, IX. MARK. 115 

onhpog" i)pZaTO iirin^v civvy. 33 bM iiriGTpaQEig xai ^ n bu ? ! a m - t 3 ;, '; "f 

'Peier began to rebuke him. But he, ^ turning and abo^ut and looked" .n 

iWi' T0vg.fia9r)Tag.avT0V, E7TETifii]GEv r T<p 11 Yl'tTptp, s \tywj/," v^w^ p? Ies ' ho . re - 

seeing his disciples, ^ rebuked Peter, saying, ^ thee e behind mfj 

"Y.7raye ottigu) {iov, aarava' on ov.cppovEig ret Satan: for thou sa- 

Get behind me, Satan, for thy thoughts are not of the things that^oe of ^od^but 

tov Qf-ov, uXXd ret tOjv avBpwiruJV. the- things that be of 

of God, but the things of men. men - 

34 Kai irpoGKaXEadfiEvog rbv b^Xov ovv rolg f.ia9i^Talc 

And having called to [him] the crowd with 2 disciples ?* ^ nd _ vhen , ne had 

> , .u , n-\ > >\ n > called the people umo 

ai'TOV E17TEV aVTOig, l OoTig" 9eXel OTTIGOJ fXOV "tXvElV, Cnrap- Mm with his disciples 

'his he said to them, Whosoever desires after me to come, let also, he said on 10 them, 

, n</ , ,,, , ,, , Whosoever will come 

V1]GUg9uJ taVTOV, Kai apUTOJ TOV.aravpov.aVTOU, Hai after me, let him deny 

him deny himself, anu let him take up his cross, and himself, and take up 

-. n , n - >< w" h a'\ < I > , ~ his cross, and follow 

aKOAoUV(tTU) UOl. Oi) OC.yap.UV 1 ' Vt\y TtiV.^V^tjV.aVTOV me. 35 For whosoever 

let him follow me. For whoever may desire his life will save his life shall 

_~ > \ ' ft t * \ ' n j ' -ii lose it ; but whosoever 

Owocu, cnroAtaei aurijv og.o .av ^cnroXtay " Ti)vJtyvxW-avTOV n shall lose his Ufe for 

to savp, shall lose it, but whoever may lose his life my sake and the gos- 

> ~ > ~ > -v - t -r ii ' > ' pel's, the same shall 

EVEKEV EfiOV Kai TOV EUUyyEXlOV, z OVTog GIDOEl aVTK]V. saTe it. 36 For what 

on account of mo and of the glad tidings, he shall save it. shall it profit a man, 

30 ri.yup a uxpe\t]<ji n b dv9pw7rov c tdv Kepdfay" tov k6g/j.ov W hoie worid,Tnd lose 

For what shall it profit a man if he gain the. "world his own soul? 37 Or 

"\ * ii v n -,i * t * 01 e3> '. ^. '._... what shall a man give 

okov Kai \ n fuw9y A Tt)v.ipvx>}V-avTOv; 37 e r) ti dwaei ^ exehallge ^/^ 

'whole and lose his soul ? or what shall 3 give soul ? 38 Whosoever 

dvBpwog" dvTdAAayfxu Tng.^v X ngav T ov'; 38 'de.ydpMv" ^^0/^ ana of 
'a 'man [as] an exchange for his soul? For whoever mv words in this a- 

iTraiGxvvQy fie Kai tovc t/iovg \6yovg tv Ty.yEVEct.TavTy g^ ra t " s n f\ t sU $ 

may have been a-hamed of me and my word3 in this generation a j so gha.1] the Son of 

TIJ /.lutxaXiSl KUi duapTtxiXy, Kai 6 Vlvg TOV dv9pCJTT0V tiraia- man be ashamed, when 
the adulterous and sinful, also the Son of man will be of his Father with the 

\v cijaeTaiauTovora)' tXfty tv ti) Sotiy TOv.irciTpog.avTov holy angels. IX And 

ashamodof him when he shall come in the glory of his Father Verily 'i saTunto you 

uetu rwv dyyiXujv tuiv dyiiov.' 9 Km tXeytv aurotg, 'Aurjv. K 1 ^ there be ome f 

with the angels the holy. And he said to them, Verily ^fP. tb ^ , f 1 " 1 ? , her f e > 

, , , , , which shall not taste 

Xkyto VfUV, OTl Staiv TlVtg %TU1V aide" t<T7-//fCOroJV, OlTlVEg of death, till they have 

1 say to you, That there are some of those here standing, who ?? e ? the kingdom of 

' , 1 / n " * ' - God come with power.' 

ov./j.)) yevcrwvTai 9uvutov nug.av tCioviv ti)v paaiXeiav tov 

In no wise shall taste of death until they see the kingdom 

9sou (Xr]Xv9viav tv Svvdfiei. 
of God having come in power. 

2 Kai h /ife9'" i/jxipag 'iS, irapaXaufidvEi 6 'lrjaovg tov 

And after -days 'six ''takes 'with [ G him] 3 Jesus , 2 And after six days 

tt- > . , H T > o , v , , T / , , Jesus taketh with him 

lltTpOV KCll 'TOV" iUKUipov KUI *TOV H IlOUl'VlJV, Kai avatytptl Peter, and James, and 

Peter and James and John, and brings up John, and leadeth 

, , h ; > \ >*>/ / ( them up into an hig' 

avTOvg eig opog t v\pi]Aov kiit .iciav fiovovg' Kai jufre/iop- mountain apart b> 

them into a '^mountain 'high apart alone. And he was trans'- themselves : and he 

, ' n > a 7 ". \ < > , < - l > ' ii wa s transfigured be- 

floVll tHirpOOVEV aVTlOV, O KUI Ta.ljiaT(a.aVTOV l tytVETO fore them. 3 And hi3 

figured before them ; and his garments became raiment became shin- 

v ,o \ < \ ' m ' ' ii t , \ -i \ ~ ing, exceeding white 

GTiApovTa, XtvKa Xiav "wy x iw '. oia yvacptvg etti rqg as snow ; so as no fui- 
6hiuing, white exceedingly as show, such as a fuller on . the ler on earth' can white 

_ , ^ ^ __^^_^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^_^^^^^___^___^^^___ 

r toJ LTTrA. 8 Kai Ae'-yei and says TTrA. * Ei Tis If any one LTr. T inpAovBe'ti' to 

follow GTTiAW. w eav TTrA. * 6nro\e<Tei shall lose TTrA. y eavTOV il> v Xh 1 ' GTiW. 

1 OVTOS GLTTrAW. a ox^eAei does it profit TA. b + TOV the (man) LTr[A]W. c <cep6j)- 

<rai to gain ta. d %y\ixux>9i}vai. to lose ta. e ti yap Sol avOptunos (read lor what, &c. ) tt> ; 
Tt ydp [6uicrei affipcoTros] A. c iav LTXiA. S u)Se Tutv 'ITrA. h fiera. LTTrA. * TOP W. 

k 7 q V QLTiA. ' eycVofTO LTrAW. m <os X'-<^*' ' r3 ^ 

116 MAPKOS. IX. 

red 4 uMotem -fie abJivarai* XevKavat. 4 Kai ><pQr) avToig 'HXLag avv 

Elias. with Moses: and earth is not able to whiten. And 'appeared 5 to "them 'Elias "with 
they were talking with PMwl," CO! 1)<JCIV ^GvWaXoVVTEQ^ Tlp'lVCOV. 5 Kai ClWOKplMg 
answered and saM to 3Moses > and they were talking with Jesus. And Answering 
Jesus, Master, it is Ustqoq Xkyu rw 'Inaov, T 'Pa(33i, li kci\6i> i<jTiv iiudc wde 
Erf !*& \ ^ , sa ^ to Jesus ' , E ' ^ * * ^ns here 
tabernacles; one for EivCtC KO.l TTOiqGlOfliV s (TKl]Vag rpE<," COl LliaV, KCti PJIw- 
thee, and one f or Mo- to be ; and let us make "tabernacles 'three, for thee one,' and for Mo- 
ses, and one for E has. , % , / 

6 For he wist not what ffsi" fiiav, KCti ' HAia" jiiav. 6 ou.yap.yda n "XaXi]ay' n 

to say ; for they were s ' es one) am j for E lias one. For he knew not what he should say. 

sore afraid. 7 And , , , , 

there was a cloud that ))<7CtV.yap ' K(pOpOl. 7 Kai iyf J/rO V(psXT] tTnGKiaL,OVOa 

overshadowed them: for they were greatly afraid. And there came a cloud overshadowing 

and a voice came out , , TN _ .. , , ,\ , .. , ; 

of the cloud, saying, avTOig' Kat *7)\vev" (piovr) tK T)]Q ve(p(Xr)g, yAsyouo-a," Ovrog 

This is my beloved them ; and there came a voice out of the cloud, saying, This 

Son : hear him. 8 And , < , , , , , - , ~ . / ., , , v , 

suddenly, when they KTTIV O.Vlog.pOV O ayaTTlJTOg' z aVTOV CIKOVETE " 8 Kai l^ClTTlVa 

had looked round a- is my Son the beloved : 3 him 'hear ''ye. And suddenly 

bout, they saw no man o\ I ' > ' > ?' . t? "v \ > n * x 

any more, save Jesus TTEpipAtyapevoi OVK&Tl.OVOSVa SlOOV, a aAAa" TOV ll)<JOVV 

only with themselves, having looked around no longer any one they saw, but Jesus 

9 And as they came > n' ~ n btr O' ' S"ll > > ' 'II 

down from the moun- V-ovov p.w ictvTiov. 9 "ILaTapaivovTCJv.os " avrwv c a.7T0 TOV 
tain, he charged them alone with themselves. And as -were "descending 'they from the 

n h o a mln Vh^things ^pOVg SutTTSiXaTO CL&TOIQ 'ivd fltjS^i ^y^WVTai d tl- 

they had seen, till the mountain he charged them that to no one they should relate what they 

frTmth^dead. C ?0 r ind ^ 0V '" ""/^ TCtV Vl G T0V -VdpWTTOV tK VLKpwV 

they kept that saying na( l scen exce Pt when the Son of man from among [the] dead 

with themselves ques- avaGTlJ. 10 Kai TOV XoyOV EKOClTriffdv 7TO0C taVTvVC. e GvZn~ 
tiomng one with an- . . ' , . ., t '. " i r s> t ~> i 

other what the rising " e rlseu - Anii that saying they kept among themselves, ques- 

from the dead should tOVVTQ 1[ H t(TTll> TO IK VKpU>V dvaCfTrjvai. 

Sked him, saying tioning . what is the 2from " am ir ["the] 'dead 'rising. 

Whf say the scribes H Kai tTT)]pi0T0>V avTOV, XkyOVTBC, f "Ort" XtyOVGlV K 01 VOajU- 
that Elias m^t first And th asked hi s < That '3 Hhe i^^ 

come? 12 And he an- * ' J "' * 

swered and told them, [xaTUQ OTl "'HAf'aV 11 ^1 tAOEll/ TTpwrOV *, 12 'O.^t 'a7TO(Cpi0ic 
Elias verily couieth that Elias must come firBt ? And he answering 

first, and restoreth all _ , , , . _ , 

things ; and how it is EllTEV CtVTOlQ, * YlXlClQ l f.ltV" tXOiOV 7Tpu)TOV, m a7rOKa9l(TTCt 
written of the Son of sa i,j to them, Elias indeed having come first, restores, 

man, that he must , , , , , , , , . , x , , 

suffer many things, TTaVTCl' Kai Tiog yeypCtTTTai iTTl TOV VIQV TOV aVVplOTTOV 

and be set at nought, all things ; and how it has been written of the Sou of man 

That Elias is indeed IVa TToXXd TTClOy Kai oa t?OV^VW0y ." 13 dXXa Xsydi 

come, and they have that many things he should suffer and be set at nought : but I say 

done unto him what- < ~ ,1 ( 1,1 TT \ r u j\ r\ n > > ~ 

soever they listed, as v ,^ l Yi 0Tl Kai n\iag" l\r]AVVev, Kai 7TOlt](7aV aVTlf) ova 

it is written of him. to you, that also Elias has come, and they did to him whatever 

pa i)9sXi]<7av, n Ka9a>g yiypaTTTCti lie avTOV. 

14 And when he they desired, as it has been written of him. 

came to his disciples, , n ,, xn , .. , Q , ra-T? 11 " \ \ ' 

he saw a great multi- 14 Kai i a iA9tJi>" 7rpo<; Tovg j.iadi]Tag ra /oer" oxKov ttoKvv 

tude about them, and Aud having come to the disciples he saw a \-rowd 'great 

the scribes questioning , , / , , ~ ._ v ~ n t> > > 11 1 - < 

with them. 15 And ttsoi avTovg , Kat ypaj.ipaTf.ig s *avfyiT0WTag ai>T0ig." 10 Kai 

straightway all the around them, aud scribes discussing with them. And 

h^id l him, h were t greatiy v9k>og ,l Trag 6 ox^oQ wa '^wi/ 11 aVTOV xa fcg0a^/3/?0/;," Kai 
amazed, and running immediately all the crowd seeing him were greatly amazed, and 

n 4- ourto? thus TTrA. 'HAei'a? T. P Maivirel LTW ; Mbivcrrj TrA. 1 <rvv\a\ovvTe<; T. 

r 'Pa/3/3ei ta. rpels o-Knfds LTTrA. t 'U\eiq T. T aTroKpt'Orj he should answer TTrA. 

" eK<j>oPo<. yap lyivovTO for they became greatly afraid LTTrA. eyeVero T. * Aryovrra 
OTTrAW. z aKOvere avrov LTTrA. a ei /ixtj L. b Kai KaTafiaivovraiV LTTr. c s<C L ; 

d a. etooi' Siijy^o-(oi/rai LTTrA. e crW^rfTOVi'Te'; LTTrA. f '0 Tt wherefore LW. e + 01 

Qapiwaloi cai the Pharisees and [i,Jt. h 'HXeiau T. > e<f>i] said TTrA. k 'HAei'asT. 

1 p.6i> T[Tr]. m a.iroKa.$i<TTdi'<i t LTTrA. na ; (read and how has it been written, &'c.) LT. 
00 eov8ei>r)8r) ( 5 a) LTrA ; eov8ei>w9i ^r. P a f)6e\ov TTrA. < ek66vTes TTr. ra elSov 

they saw TTr. a owtflrovvras 1 TrA. te jrp09 ai/rovs with them TTr. va u6vs W^A 

fa i66fT69 LTTrA la i^eOaix^&rjO V LTTrA. 

IX. MAR'K. 117 

TrpoGTpkyovTtQ . ri<nrd^ovro avrov. 16 Kal t7rtipu)rncrsv'?Tovc *? h J m saluted him. 

running to [him] saluted him. And tasked the ^ri^ Wnat tultioa 

ypanfiaTtig," Tt z avZ,r]TUT n 7rpbg & avrovg; n 17 Kai b ct7ro- ye with them? 17 And 

scribes, What discuss ye with them? And an- on e of the multitude 

n \ 11 v > ~ > - ' ' ariswered and said, 

KpiUEig* EiQ tIC TOV OX^OV c EL7TEV, AlOCMTKOAE, IJVEyKa TOV v'lOV Master,! have brought 

swering one out of the crowd said, Teacher, I brought 2 son un .* t the \ m y , son < 

' " ~ > n y ,f h which hath a dumb 

uov 7rpog ere, t^ovr a ttvev jxa aXakoV. lo Kai OTrov.av avrov spirit; 18 and where- 

'niy to thee, having a = spirit 'dumb; and wheresoever him soever he taketh him, 

. ,n <, p , , .1, v , , , y , ,,, , he teareth him: and 

KaraKapy pijcrffEi e aurov Kai a<ppiC,Ei, tcai rpiC,Ei rovg hefoameth.andgnash- 

it seizes it dashes 2 down 'him ; and he foams, and gnashes etn wit * 1 hi s teeth, and 

,5, f , ., , , >crr ii~ r> - P inet h away : and I 

ocovrag. avrov, Kai fypaivErai' mi Selttov" rotg paVr)raig spake to thy disciples 
his teeth, and is withering away. And I spoke to '-'disciples that they should cast 

,r > > ' o '\ > 1 ini n ,?i 1 him ont ; and they 

(TovivaavTO iKpaXioaiv, Kai ovK.iox V(Tav - 1" O.oe airo- could not. 19 He an- 

'thy that it they might cast out, and they had not power. But he an- swerethhim, andsaith, 

r, ^ h ' ~-\\ ' in < ' \ <. ~ O faithless generation, 

Kpiueig "avnp ' AsyEi, L2 ye^ta amarog, tug ttote rrpogvpag bow long shall 1 be 

sw.eriug him says, O feneration 'unbelieving! until when with you with you? how long 

" " 1 ' 1 y ' ~ j ' > ' shall I suffer you ? 

HTOfiaf, SiOg TTOTE ave^O/Xai VfiUJV ; (pEpETE aVTOV TTpOg JXE. bring him unto me. 

shall I be? until when shall I bear with you? Bring him to me. 20 And they brought 

l\(\ ir y " 5 * > ' . \,r. , \ : , r\t him unto him : and 

Z<J Km iji'EjKav avrov rrpog avrov' Kai idiov avrov 'EvUEiog WDen he saw nLm 

And they brought him to him. And seeing him immediately straightway the spirit 

rb irvE^a" KairapaUv" avrov, Kal irevuv errl rtjg iTtltkZit Hi 
the spirit threw 2 into -"convulsions 'him, and haying fallen upon the wallowed foaming. 

yrjg ekvXieto dtppi^v. 21 E-Kr\pu)rr\GEv rbv.Trarspa.avrov, f ath^f How long^it 
earth he foiled foaming. And he asked his father, a g s i nce this came 

Uoaog xpovog iarlv wg tovto yiyovEv avnp; '0.81 eIitev, ea^of^hiid^And 

How long a time is it that this has been with him ? And he said, of ttimes it hatlf cast 

l TIaiSi69ev. 22 ko.1 7roXXaKig m avrov Kal Eig 7rvp a e(3oXev Kal m i^o t^Jj^ and 

From childhood. And often him both into fire it cast and ,j es troy him : but if 

Eig vSara, "iva cnro\k(jij avrov' n rtX\'" gi n Svvaaai, H *? u c ^ nst ? an y 

into waters, that it might destroy him: but if anything thou art able s^n^on us* andThefp 

fior)Qr)Gov yuiv, cnrXayxviaBEig t<f>' nuag. 23 'O.SL'In- us - 23 Jesus said unto 

[to do], help us, being moved with pity on us. And Je- , h . im - If }, ho ^ canst ^ 

_ . , 'heve, all things art 

tjovg eIttev avrip, To ei 8vvaaai^ p 7ri(TTevo~ai, n rravra ftvvara possible to him that 

sus said to him, "If thou art able to believe, all things are possible oelieveth. 24 And 

, i ( , , straightway the father 

rip tuotevovti. 24 iKai n r EvOnug' 1 Kpa^ag 6 Trarr/p rov of the child cried out, 

to him that believes. And immediately crying out the father of the and said with tears, 

., , , ' J , , , Lord, I believe; help 

TraiClOV "flETa COKpviOV' 1 tXeyfV, HiGTEVU), 'Kcpte," /3o1]9ei thou mine unbelief. 

little child with tears said, I believe, Lord, help 25 When Jesus saw 

- > , - > T r. > , , , , , that the people came 

fAOV.-nj.aTTHTTli-t. Zb ICOJV.OE O l))<T0Vg OTl , t7TlGVVTpEX H T running together, he 

mine unbelief. But 2 seeing 'Jesus that 3 was ''running 'together rebuked . the foul 

*\ > ' / ~ / ~ , n , ., , ,^ spirit, saying unto 

XA ETTETlfJL7]GEV Tip TTVEVpaTl Tip aKaVapTQ, AEyoJV aVTIfJ. him, Thou dumb an I 

'a'-xrowd, rebuked the spirit the unclean, saying to it, deaf spirit, I charge 

mi.w ~ "\ > ' j ' n. i ' -r i ' n "v v/-i thee, come out of him, 

LO* w 7rVEVpa TO UAaAOV Kai K.u(pOV, n *tyW x <T0l t7riraO-<JCO, n it,EAVE and enter no more 

Spirit dumb and deaf, I thee command, come into him. 26 And the 

va'yil 1 < ' ' '\ n ' > ' /> ir > ta ' spirit cried, and rent 

' a tg' avrov, Kai fir]Ktri . EioEKvyg Eig avrov. 2b Kai 7A Kpa- him sore, and came 

out of him, and no more mayest thou enter into him. And having out of him : and he 

* .. II > _\ \ ' aa ' y ii ha ' ' II ' 5~\ n ' whs us one dead; in- 

t,av," Kai TToKKa * & cnrapat,av n *avrov, e^XOev Kai 6omU ch that niany 

tried out, and 3 much 'thrown "into 5 convulsions , 2 him, it came out ; and said, He is dead. 

tyh'ETO ojgeI vEKpog, mote ca iroWovg XsyEiv on cnriOavEv. 

he became as if dead, bo that many said that he was dead. 

y avrovs theua gltti-a. * avv frjTttTe i.TTrA. a aurov? e. b aireKpiOr) avTiS answered 
him ltt A. c elnev LTTrA. d di LTTrA. e avrov {read [him]) T. f avrov 

(read [his] teeth) [LJTTrA. & elwa tti-a. , h avrois theua GLTTrAW. ' rb Trvevfia evOvt 

LTTrA. k a-vveo'TTdpatjev LT. ' + e< Since LTTrA W. m Kal ets nva avrov TA. n aAAa T. 

Svi/tj LTTrA. P irio-Teiio-ai TTr[A]. 1 (Cat [l]t[Ti]a. r eu6i/S TTrA. , fJ.era 

&aKf>vu>v LTTrA. ' Kvpie GLTTrAW. " + 6 the'(crowd) T. *' aAa\ov Kal Kuxfrbli 

Trviv/xa LTTrA. x eViTao-o-w croi TTrA. ?* a7r' from L. ta Kpdi-as GLTTrAW. * aTrapdas 
GLTT. AW. ba avrov G[LjTTrA. .+ TOVS tha LTTrA 


27 Hut Jesus took him 
by the haDd. and lifted 
him up ; and he arose. 

28 And when he was 
come into the house, 
his disciples asked him 
privately, Why could 
not we cast him out 1 
2$ And he said unto 
them, This kind can 
come forth by nothing, 
hut by prayer and 

M A P K O 2. 


30 And they depart- 
ed thence, and passed 
through Galilee ; and 
he would not that any 
man should know it. 
31 For he taught his 
disciples, and said unto 
them, The Son of man 
is delivered into the 
hands of men, and 
they shall kill him ; 
and after that he is 
killed, he shall rise 
the third day. 32 But 
they understood not 
that saying, and were 
afraid to ask him. 

33 And he came to 
Capernaum: and beiiig 
in the house he asked 
them, What was it 
that ye disputed a- 
mrrng yourselves by 
th. way? 3-1 But they 
held their peace : for 
by the way they had 
disputed among them- 
selves, who should be 
the greatest. 35 And 
he sat down, and called 
the twelve, and saith 
unto them, If any man 
desire to be first, the 
same shall be last of 
all, and servant of all. 

36 And he took a child, 
and set him in the 
midst of them : and 
when he had taken 
him in his arms, 
he said unto them, 

37 Whosoever shall 
receive one of such 
children in my name, , 
receiveth me : and 
whosoever shall re- 
ceive me, receiveth not 
me, but him that sent 
me. 38 And John an- 
swered him, saying, 
Master, we >aw one 
casting out devils in 
thy name, and he fol- 
loweth not us : and 

27 o.Si.'lfjoovg Kparr]cag d avrov Tijg X *l'" Vytiptv ai:r6v, 

But Jesus, having taken him by the, hand, raised ^up 'him, 

Kai aviary 
and he arose. 

28 Kai 


e t!as\96vra.avT6v 11 ei'c oIkov oi.fMaOqrai.aurov 

when ho was entered into a house his di-ciples 

STTTipbJTbJV O.VTOV KCCT-lCiav^ &"On" VP^G OVK.i)Svi'rj- 

asked him apart, Because [of what] z we 'were not 

Brjjxev SKfiaXziv avro ; 29 Kai eZtts)' avrolg, Tovro to y'tvog 

And he said to them, This kind 


to cast out 




iv ovSevi dvi'arai i'^eXBsiv ti.fii) iv 7rpocrvxy ^icai v7j<TTia. n 

by nothing can go out except) 

30 ''Kai IkhBev" iZekOovng 

And from thence having gone forth 

FaXtXaiag' Kai ovK.t)9eXsv "iva rtc. "yj'w 

Galilee; and he would not that anyone should know [it]; 

and fasting. 
TrapS7ropEvovTo" Sid rrjg 

they went through 

31 iSidatr- 

he 3 was "teach- 

Tcev yap rovg.p,a9i]Tdg.avTOv, 

ing 'for his disciples, 

Kai iXeyev avroTg, 'On 6 I'ioq 
and said to them, The Son 

row di'GpojTrov- Trapacioorai eig yppaq dv9ptoTr<uv, Kai 

of man is delivered into [the] hands of men, and 

they will kill 


he will arise. 

avrov Kai aTTOKravvug. m ry rpiry ij/iEpa" 

him ; and having been killed, on the third day 

32 O' -qyv'-ovv to p~7}pa, Kai i<pof5ovvTO 
But they understood not the saying, and were afraid 

3 him 'to 2 ask. 

33 Kai "JjXOev 11 eigKa7TEpvaovfi' n Kai iv ry oiKia yzvofitvog 

Ami ie came to Capernaum; and "in 3 the "house 'being 

t7rr)pwTa avrovg, Tt iv Ty 63i<j p 7rp6c iavTOvg" &EXoyieo"0e ; 

he asked them, What in the way among yourselves were ye discussing? 

34 Ol. ci tGiio7ru)V 7rooc dXXt)Xnvg yap SieX?x9>](jav q iv 

But they were silent ; 2 with 3 one "another 'for they had been discussing by 

Ty" o$<," Tig /.iei^iov. 35 Kai KaBiaag i<pwi't]irev Tovg 

the . way, who [was] greater. And sitting down he called the 

Su)$Ka, Kai Xiyzi avToUg, Ei Tig 9eXu TrpdJTog dvai, iarai 

twelve, and he says to them, If anyone desires 3 first 'to ^be, he shall bo 
TravTwv t(r%aTog Kai ttclvtiov didicovog. 36 Kai Xa(3u>v 

2 of 3 all 





And having taken 

iraiSiov tamjoev avrb kv fisotp.ctVTutV Kai ivayKaXiad^iEvog 

alittlechild he set it in theirmidst; and having taken ''in [-"his] "arms 

avTO elrrsv avrolg, 37 'Og. lav 1 'iv tu>v s toiovtu)v ircu5i(dv n 

'it he said to them, Whoever one of such little children 

Si%t)Tai 7r Tip.6v6j.iaTi.ftov, ipi fixerai' Kai oc. T idv" 

shall receive in my name, me receives ; and whoever 




^-SiZr/Tai," ovk ifii cS^erm, dXXd tov d-xocTEiXavTa 

shall receive, not me receives, but rum who sent 

38 a 'ATTKpiQi].Si " ai>T(i> y 6 n 'lu>dvvrigXy oi>, u AiSdaKaXe, etoo^isv 

And ^answered 3 hini 'John saying, Teacher, wc saw 

Tiva* Tifj:6v6iiaTi.ffov licfidXXovTa tiaijiovia, Jog ovK.aKoXovBei 
some one in thy name casting out demons, who follows not 

d ttjs x el P5 auTOv his hand LTTr. e eio-eKBovTOS avrov LTT-. f k<xt iSuzv eTrrjpwToiv avrov 
LTTrA. B'O Tl Wherefore LW. h Kai vymeia T[A]. ' KaKelOev LTTrA. k eiropevofTO llr. 
1 Y^ot LTTrA. m ju.eTa Tpe?? -^/Liepas after three days LTTrA. r fj\9ov they came LTTrA. 

Ka(f>apvaovft. LTTrAW. P 7rpo5 eavrovs LTTrA. 1 [ev T}J bSw] L. r av LTTrA. 

* irototwi' tovtov of these little children t. * ^ex^Tai should receive TTrA. n a.neKpi6r\ 

[Se] L ; ifa spoke (to him) TTrA. T 6 GLW. w Aeyajf T. x + U ELTTrAW. 

1 os ovk aKoKovQci i} a. 


M A R K. 

r)/?i'-" Kai 7 tKO)\v(raij.ev^ avrov, A ori uvkmkoXovQu yutv. 


we forbade 

hiui, because he follows not 

39 O.os.'Ijjcrowg elrcev, Mij.KwXveTS avrov' ovdeig.ydp iariv 

But Jesus said, Forbid not him ; for no one . there is 

og. 7roir](Tsi Svvafiiv irri T<^.b%>6fxari.p,ov , Kai cvrijaerat 

who shall do a work of power in my name, and be able 

TCi^i) KaKo\oyi"jcrai pe. 40 og.ydp ovkIgtiv ko.9' b ujuwv," inrtp 
readily to .speak evil of mc ; for he who is not against you, for 

vpiuv" iariv. 41 og.yap.dv -kot'igij vpag 7roTi)piov 

you is. For whoever may give 3 to J drink 'you a cup 

vcarog Iv e r<ji n -dv6[iaTL d fiov f n on xpurrov tart, api/v \syto 

o. waca: in my name, " because 'Christ's l ye -are, verily I say 

Vfitv, e ov.fxrj i dir6Xkay v Tbi>.j.aa9bv.avrov. 42 Kai og.dv 

to you, in no wi-e should he lo e his reward. And whoever 

(TKavSaXicry 'iva rwv fimpCJv & rwv ^-TTLcrevuvrwv elg 

m y c.m.-e 'to "o.f^nd 'one = of 3 the 4 little "'ones who believe in 

t/.<i, !i kci\6v eariv avrtt) /idXXov el 7reptKSirai 1 Xi9og./.ivXtKbg n 

rue, good it is for him rather if is put a millstone 

7tfi<( rbv.TpdxrXoi'-auTOV, Kai (3kj3\t)-ai tig ri/v QdXaacav. 

"' "it his neck, and he has been cast into the sea. 

4li Kai edv k GKai>SaXi%y n ere )i-xeip.<Jov,d7r6KO\povavri]v' 
And if ^should J cause 6 to 'offend 5 thee 'thy -band, cutoff it: 

KaXoV l (TOl toril/U KvXXbv' m Eig T))v Zco))v el(Te\9e'tV, ][ 
good for thee it is maimed into life to enter, [rather] 

?"/ rdg St'o x f <P a tX 0VTCL direXQeiv elg rnv ykevvav, elg to 

than the two hands having to go away into the Gehenna, into the 

Ttrp to dfrfiearov, 44 "oVou b-OKibXi].avrix)v ov.reXevrql, Kai 

fire the unquenchable, where their worm dies not, and 

ro 7rfv> oi').<rl3&vi'vrai. n 45 Kai tdv b.irovg.aov GKavdaXiZy 

the the is not quenched. And if thy foot should cause s to J offend 

ere, d 6kv\1>ov avrov KaXoy v icmv ctoi" eiaeX9eiv elg tijv 

l lhi-e, cut olE it: good it is for thee toeutor into 

%o)i)v xu)X6v } r) Tovg Svo irbcag txovra fiXi]Qi)vai eig 

lite lame, [rather] than the two feet having to be cast into 

Ti/v ykevvav, leig to 7rf>p ro aer/iserrov," 4G r 07rov 6 cf/otoA?/ 

the Gehenna, into the fire the unquenchable, where -worm 

ai<-tjv ov.reXevrq., Kai to vup ou.afi'cVVVTai.^ 47 Kai tdv 6 

'their dies not, and the fire is col quenched. And if 

b<p9aXp6g_aov aKavSa\iy oe, tKfiaXe avrov' koXov 

thine eye should cause "to "offend 'thee, cast out it: good 

s <xoi eariv" fiovocpOaXfiov elaeXOelv elg n)v (3a<riXeiav rov 

for thee it is with one eye to enter into the kingdom 

Oeov, rj cvo 6(p9aXfj.ovg txovra fiXtjOnvai elg n)v y'eev- 

of God, [rather] than two eyes having to be- cast into the Gehen- 

vav 1 tov 7rvpog, n 48 orxov b.aKibXtj^.avrwv ov.TC-Xevrql., Kai to 

na of fire, where their worm dies not, and the 

ir?p ov.afttvvvrai. 49 Udg.ydp Trvpi dXiaOijaerai, u Kai 

fire is not quenched. For everyone with fire shall be salted, and 

irdaa Qvaia dXi d\n79i)(jerai. n 50 KaXbv to v uXag, u 
evvry sacrifice with salt shall be salted. Good [is] the , salt, 


we forbad him, be- 
cause hn followeth not 
us. 39 But Jesus said. 
Forbid him not : for 
there is no man which 
shall do a miracle in 
my name, that can 
lightly spcat. evil of 
me. 40 For he that 
is not against us is 
on our part. 41 For 
whosoever shall give 
you a cup of water to 
drink in my name, 
because ye belong to 
ChrUt, verily I say 
unto you, ho 'shall not 
lose his reward. -l'JAnd 
whosoever slinli offend 
one of these little ones 
that believe in me, it 
is better for him that 
a millstone were hang- 
ed about his neck, and 
he were cast into the 
sea. 43 And- if thy 
hand offend thee, cut 
it off : it is better for 
thee to entei into life 
maimed, than having 
two hands to go into 
hell, into the fire that 
never shall be quench- 
ed : 44 where their 
worm dieth not, and 
the fire is not quench- 
ed. 45 And if thy f oof- 
offend thee, cut it off : 
it is hotter for thee to 
enter halt into life, 
than having two feet 
to be cast into hell, 
into the fire that naver 
shall be quenched : 

46 where their worm 
dieth not, and the 
fire is not quenched. 

47 And if thine eye 
offend thee, pluck it 
out : it is better for 
thee to enter into the 
kingdom of God with 
one eye. than having 
two eyes to be cast 
into hell fire : 48 where 
their worm dieth not, 
and the fire is not 
quenched. 49 For every 
one shall be sa I ted with 
fire, and every sacrifice 
shall be salted with 
salt. 50 Salt is good : 

1 eKiuXvofxeu TTrA. 
LlOt f 'llowillg US T. 

a [on ovk y.Ko\ovdei rifJi.Lv] Tr ; on ov/c i)KoAov8ei ri/JLiv because he wvi9 

ixov (read [my]) GLTrA. 

k a. 
S E' 

rj/itov US EXTrAW 


Sti that [i.JTTrA. f a7roAe'cret shall he lose LTr. s + tovtojv (read of these little ones) 
LTTrJA). h 7ri'o-7iv k\6vT(uv have faith a ; eis ejue T. 'jauAo? ovlko^, millstone turned by 

an ass lttya. 


err) T. 

1 iariv ere LTTrA. m eicreA#etv eis rr)v ^tor/v LTTrAW. 

< verse 44 t[ty]. + [yap] for L. p eo-riV <re LTTrAW. i eis to niip to ao-fiecrrov 
[l.lTTr[A]. ' verse 46 T[TrJ. ere eo-Tie TTrA. l rov 7rvpos LTTrA. u (col 

ffacra Ovqla aAi aAtorOrjaeTai T[Ti], v aAa Z 

120 MAPR02. IX, X. 

l^tWssaltVsttheTe! *fr& W " Xa e" avaXon ykvqrai, h t'lvi ahrb apriffsre; 

with will ye season it ? but if the salt saltless is become, with what it will ye season ? 

K?ra and hive peace ^ TS iV kaVro ~^ X "Xag," Kai eip1)VVT Iv d\\l)\oig. 
one with another Have in yourselves salt, and be at peace with one another. 

X. And he 'arose 10 y KdiceTcej>" avaorag tpx^rai nigra opia rijg'Iovdaiag, 

from thence and com- Andth'ence rising up he tomes into the borders of Judtea, 

eth into the coasts of z (( j, r0 J|| ir' mav T0 y 'lopOOLVOV KCll ^aVUTVOO^VQVTai^ TTClKllt 

Judaea by the farther , .. ., , . .. f f > 

side of Jordan : and y *e otner sl( * e * tne Jordan. And come together again 

the people resort unto o\\oi TTpOQ aVTOV, Krt OJQ fU>)dl TTClKlV V*lda<JKl 

was wont ' he taught crowc ' s t0 him, and as he had been accustomed again ho taught 

ihemagain. 2 And the aVTOVC. 2 Kai TTQOOiXQoVTtQ . b Ol" <>apl<JCUOl c tTrnpWT>10QV^ 

Pharisees came to him. j. . i ' n_. -> n? -m^ i> i 

and asked Mm, Is it tbem - , ^ coming to ^ [him] the Pharisees asked 

lawful for a man to avrbv u kteariv avfipi yvvaiKa aTToXvacii, 7Ct.ipa'C0VTQ 

put away Aw wife? him if it is lawful for a husband a wife ' to put away, tempting 

tempting him. 3 And ,, < , > , - , , x J . 

he ansvvered and said ,av~ov. 3 a7roKoi8eig elirev aVTOlQ, Tl VfUl VTlXarO 

unto them, What did him. But he answering said to them, What "you 'did 3 command 

Moses command yon ? . .. , . , . , , . _ , , 

4 And tliey said, Moses c M(t)(Tt]Q j" 4 Ql-06 e ti7TOV,'' 'Mwffl/J 7T6rpt//I> fjipXlOV OTTO- 

suffered to write a bill =Moses ? And they said, Moses. allowed a bill of di- 

of divorcement, and to , , . , , , , _ , ,., 

put Aer away. 5 And aratriov ypaxyai, kcii airoAvnai. 5 sKcu cnroicptveig o" Ifjcoug 

Jesus answered and vorce to write, and to put away. And answering Jesus 

said unto them, For the . ,,__, , . ,, e ~ i_ 

hardness of your heart 17TV aVTOlQ, UpOQ T))l'.(JK\')]pOKapdiaV-V[J.WV typaytV VfllV 

he ,wrote you this pre- said to them, In view of your hardheartedness he.wrote .for you 

cept. 6 But from the t , -. t / /-. , > * . ~ / , 

beginning of the ere- Trjl>.iVTO\l]V.TaVTl]V O CipX'lQ KTHJSUiQ apGEV Kttl 

ation God made them this commandment ; but from [the] beginning of creation male and 

male and female. 7 For n~\ > ' > '' h n ' h n " ' \ l 

this cause shall a man "^]Xv 7T011](TV aVTOVQ D VEOQ." 7 VKV TOVTOV KaraAfipl 

leave his father and female, 2 made 3 them 'God. On account of this shall 3 leaye 

mother, and cleave to " n * ' ' ~ , t \ \ * 

his wife; 8 and they aVVpOJTTOQ TOV.7TaTpa.aVTOV tCai TTjV jXl]Tpa, l KOl 7rp0<TK0A- 

twain shall be one 'a -man his father and mother, and shall be 

no S moiV'wain^but X^aW k 7rp6 C TVV.yvvcuKaKairov, 8 Kai iaovrai oi Svo 

one flesh. 9 What joined to his wife, and 3 shall "be 'the 'two 

jofnld^togetlfer ^tet , ' ? <Ta P Ka fUav' WOT6 OVKTl ia\v CVO, a\\a flla <TCZp%. 9 

not man put asunder. Bfor 7 Aesh 6 one ; so that no longer are they two, but one flesh. What 

10 And in the house fi v fr Q EO g (jVVZ&V&V, (ivBoiOTTOQ /L(t).X a 'P f ^ rw ' ^ ^ai l V 

again SCI of thesanS therefore God united together, 3 man Het 'not separate. And in 

matter. 11 And he T7 j { K i a n TToXlV ol-U.aQl]Tai. m aVTOV n 7Tpl n>TOl>" 7T7J~ 

soever' sHaU put 5 the ho1 ^ a ain His disciples ^ concerning the same thing 

his wife, and marry po) T }](rav n aiiTOv. 11 Kai \syei avTCHQ, "Ogfzav" ctTToKvay 
another, committeth kd hi And he says to them, Whoever should put away 

adultery against her. J w 

12 And if a woman rjyv.yui'** i<tvrov Kai yafu)<ry .a\\r]v, fj.oixo.rai iir 

shall put away her llig ^ am i s i 10U u marry another, commits adultery against 

husband, and be mar- t % , % ( * \ . , * 

ried to another, she avrrjv. 12 Kai av lyvvt) aTToXvcT)/ rov.avcpa.avri)Q r Kai 

committeth adultery. her- And if a woman should put away her husband and 

13 And they brought s yaiXl]9y aXXw," [.lOlX^rai. 

young children to him, ^e married to another, she commits adultery, 
that he should touch ,.,-, ' , *' ' I > ~ 

them: and to disci- 13 Kai TTpoGityzoov avrio TTaidia, iva uyrjrai avruiV 

pies rebuked those that And they brought to him little children, that he might touch, them, 

brought them. 14 But ,^, n ,, , ~ . / i^ >s>< s>< 

jwhen Jesus saw it, he p.a8}]rai tireri/xcov roig rrpovcptpovcjiv. 14 

|was much displeased, But the disciples rebuked those who brought them. But having seen [it] 

,aud said unto them, ., T ~, / >7 . , _ ~_ . , . < " j.- 

Suffer the little child' o h]oovQ qyavaKr>}<J v, Kai etTTfv avroig, Atptre ra Traicia 
ren to come unto me, Jesus was indignant, and said to them, Suffer the little children 

w aXa T. x aAa LTTrA. y xal eKeiOev LTTrAW. % ko\ and LTTrA. a o-vi'Tropevoi-Tai ta. 
b l QLTrAW. c 7rnpaJTa)l/ were asking LTTrA. d Mcoucr^s LTTrAW. e elirav LTTrA, 

{ eneTpe\pev MtovoSjs LTTrA ; Mwvcrrj? 67reV. w. 8 6 oe but TTrA. h 6 6e6s (read he 

made them) [L]TTnA]. { Kai irpoaKoKXriOrja-erai T. k rfj yvvaiKi L ; npbs ttji* 

ywaiKo. T. ' ei? rr)v oiiciav LTTrA. m o-vtov (read, the disciples) [l]tti-[a]. n tovtcv 
this LTTrA. emjpoiTtoi' were askinp; ta. p av LTTrA. i avrij a7roAuo-ao-a she i>utting 
away TTrA. r <ai TTrA. ya/mjo-Tj akkov should marry another LTTrA. 


M A R K. 




OQ )U, 'mi 11 /nrj.KLoXviTS aura.- rwv.yao.Toiovr.uv and *rTjia the 

o me, aud do not hinder them; tor of such for ot such is th 

, dom of God. lo 


(iaaiXtia too 9tov' 

kingdom of God. 

)U/}.<%//rai ri)V (3a<n\eiav 
shall not receive the kingdom 

eicfikO-g tig avri]v. 16 Kai 

15 a/j.i)v 


TOV 9t0 

of God 

I say 

to you, 



(jjq TraiSiov, 
as a little child, in no wise 

tvayKaXiadfitvog aura, 

it. And having taken ''in ['his] "'armg 'them, 

Tag %tlpag t7r' avrd x i]bX6yti avrd. u 

shall ennr into 


having laid [his] hands on them he blessed them. 

17 Kai iKTropsvo/AtvovMUTov tig bouv, irpoaSpaj.iujv tig Kai 

And as he went forth into [the] way, -running 'up 'one and 

yovvTctT^aag avrbv t7n]pu>Ta clvtov, AiddaicaXe dyaO't, ri 
kneeling down to him a ked him, "Teacher 'good, what 


m not: 
the kin^-- 
6 Verily 
I say unto you, Who- 
soever shall not receive 
the kingdom of God as 
a little child, he shall 
not enter therein. 
16 And he took them 
up in his arms, put 
his hands upon them, 
and blessed them. 

1 7 And when he "was 

gone forth iuto the) 

7T0lt](T(j) U>a Z,lor)V aiOJVWV Rkt]pOVOfX^aU); 18 OJL'll](J0Vg way, there came one> 

But Je^ .is 

7raTtpa.Gov icai rr,v /xr]Ttpa 
t.hj father and mother. 

shall X do that life eternal may inherit ? 

tlrrtv avT(p, Tj fit Xsytig dya9bv; ovStig ctyaObg 

said to him, Why me callest thou good ? No one [is] good except 

fig, 6 Q(6g. 19 rag tVToXdg olSag, ^Mrj.noixtvGyg- 

one, God. The commandments thou knowest : Thou shouldest not commit 

fiij.cpovevatjg'^ fitjlKXk-ipyc' 

adultery ; thou shouldest not commit murder ; thou shouldest not steal ; thou 

fjrf.-il/svCofiaprvpyoijg' fir).aTroGTtpi]Gyg' ri/.ia tov 

shouldest not bear false witness ; thou shouldest not defraud ; honour 

20 'O.S't a dTroK P i9eig^ hlTrtv" 

And he answering said 

ovtoj, AiSdatcaXe, c Tavra 7rdvra n d t<pvXa%dfxi]v n tic veortjrog 

to him, Teacher, "these 'all have I kept from "youth 

fiov. 21 'O.St.'IrjGovg i/uj3Xt4/ag avTifi y)ya7n]Gtv abrov, Kai 

'my. And Jesus looking upon him loved him, and 

tlTrtv avT(p, "Ev e crcu" vGTtptl' VTcayt, ona t%ttg ttwXi]- 

said to him, One thing to thee is lacking : go, asmuchas thou hast sell 

gov Kai Sbg { ro7g n 7rr:ti^oi^, Kai %ig 9t]Gavpbv iv 

and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in 

ovpavijj' Kai Stopo, aKo\ov9ti fj,oi, %dpag tov GTavpov." 22 '0.c>6 

heaven; and come, follow me, taking up the cross. But he, 

OTvyvdaag irri to) \oy<^ d7rf]X9tv Xv7rovutvog 

being sad at the word, went away grieved, 

Krfifiara TroXXd. 23 Kai TrtpifiXt-fydjitvog 6 'IrjGovg Xsyti rolg ? Wfi y ri " 

"possessions 'many. And looking around Jesus says % A ,? a r J 

(xa9i)raHg.auTOV, UuJg SvGicoXwg oi rd ^pr'/juara tX 0VTi Q 'C 
to his disciples, How difficultly those "riches 'having into 

Tt)v fiaoiXfiav tov Gtov eIoeXeuoovtch. 24 Oiot fxa9\]Tai t9a/x- 

the kingdom of God shall enter ! And the disciples were as- 

(SovVTQ iiri Tolg.XoyOig.aVTOV. 'O.St.'llJGOVg TTttXlV dirOKpiOeig were astonished at hia 

tonished at his words. And Jesus again answering words But Jesus an- 

, , , , , , % swereth again, and 

Xtyti avTOig, "Tsrcra, ' 7rojt,' cvgkoXov igtiv l rovg TrtTroiVorag saith unto them, Child 

says to them, Children, how difficult it is [for] those who trust 

elg ti)v l3a(7iXdav tov Oeov tiatXQtiv. 
into the kingdom of God to enter ! 

25 evK07ru)Ttp6v Igtiv Ka(ir\\ov cut V/)f" Tpv/.iaXidg 'r/yg" 

[for] a camel through the eye 

for he had 

running, and kneeled 
to him, and asked him. 
Good Master, what 
shall I do that I may 
inherit eternal life ? 
18 And Jesus said unto 
him, Why callest thoti 
me good ? there is none 
good but one, that is, 
God. 19 Thou knowest 
the commandments, 
Do not commit adul- 
tery, Do not kill, Do 
not steal, Do not bear 
false witness. Defraud 
not , Honour thy father 
and mother. 20 And he 
answered and said 
unto him, Master, all 
these have I observ- 
ed from my youth. 

21 Then Jesus behold- 
ing him loved him, 
and said unto him, 
One thing thou lack- 
est : go thy way, sell 
whatsoever thou hast, 
and give to the poor, 
and thou shalt have 
treasure in heaven : 
and come, take up the 
cross, and follow me. 

22 And he was sad at 
that saying, and went 

ed : for he 

23 And Jesus looked 
round about, and saith 
unto his disciples, How 
hardly shall they that 
have riches enter into 
the kingdom of God 1 

24 And the disciples 


k 7oi' xprjfjaoiv" 



of the 

ren, how hard is it for 
them that trust in 
riches to enter into 
the kingdom of God I 
25 It is easier for a 
camel to go through 
the eye of a needle, 

' KaioTTrAW T ai/LTTiA. w + KaTtvAoyei be blesses [them] TTrA. * evAoyei 

aiiTa. be blesses tbem LW ; - TjvAoyet avrd TTrA. > Mr) ^oveticrri?, jur) ixoi-^ev arj? L. 

o-ov thy (mother) LT. a av. j/Cfjifiets T. b e$7j TTiA. l ' ndi'Ta ravra L. 

d <=ivAaa [.. - ere thee ta. f rols LTrAW. B apas tov aravpov fL]TTr. h reici'la. I.. 

1 tous Trerroifloras t7ri. tois xprjf/.acn.i' T. 
QCedlC) LTiW. 


1 _ 

rijs (read an ej of a 


than for a rich man 
to enter into the king- 
dom of God. " 26 And 
they were astonished 
out of measure, saying 
among themselves, 
Whothen can be saved? 
27 And Jesus looking 
upon them saith, With 
men it is impossible, 
but not with God: for 
with God all things 
are possible. 28 Then 
Peter began to say 
unto him, Lo, we have 
left all, and have fol- 
lowed thee. 29 And 
Jesus answered and 
said, Verily I say unto 
you, There is no man 
that hath left house, 
or brethren, or sisters, 
or father, or mother, 
or wife, or children, 
or lands, for my sake, 
and the gospel's, 30 but 
he shall receive an 
hundredfold now in 
this time, houses, and 
brethren, and sisters, 
and mothers, and 
children, and lands, 
withpersecutions; and 
in the world to come 
eternal life. 31 But 
many that are first 
shall be last ; and the 
last first. 


32 And they were in 
the way going up to . 
Jerusalem ; and Jesus 
went before them: and' 
they were amazed ; and 
as they followed, they 
were afraid. And he 
took again the twelve, 
and began to tell them 
what things should 
happen unto him, 
33 saying, Behold, we 
go up. to Jerusalem ; 
and the Son of man 
shall be delivered unto 
the chief priests, and 
unto the scribes ; and 
they shall condemn 
him to death, and shall 
deliver him to the 
Gentiles : 34 and they 
shall mock him, and 
BhaU scourge him, and 
shall spit upon him, 
and shall kill him : 
and the third day he 
shall rise again. 

33 And James and 
John, the sons of Ze- 
bedee, come unto him, 


pa^>iS()Q m d<TsX9dv, n ij 7t\ov<jiov dg rr)v )3acriXdavTov9eov 

needle to pass, than [for] a rich man into the kingdom of God 

elvsXOdv. 26 Ol.ce 7repi<j<ju>g \'t7rXii<JG0VT0, Xkyovng irpog 

to enter. And they exceedingly were astonished, saying among 

savrovg, Kii rig cvputui (TOjOijvai; 27 'EfifSXt%Lag. m Si u avrolg 

themselves, And who is able to be saved? But looking on, .* them 

6 'lijdovg Xsyei, Uapa dvOpuJTroig dSvvarov, aXX' oh Trapa 

Jesus says, With men [it is] impossible, but not with 

p np" Qtqi' irdvTa.yao Sward it<TTiv n Trapa rtp 0s<p. r28 r Kai" 
God ; for all things 2 possible 'are with God. And 

tjp^aTO s 6 Tikrpog Xkyiiv A avTtfi, 'iSov, t'ifieig d^KajxEV Trdi'ra, 

"began 'Peter to say to him, Lo, we left all, 

mi t ijKo\ov9T]( n trot. 29 Y 'A7roKpi9dg.S'e 6'hjtrovg eIttejV 1 

and followed thee. But answering Jesus said, 

Aprjv \gyw Vfiiv, ovedg ttrriv dg d.<pi]Kev oitciav, r) dStXtpovg, 

Verily I say to you, No one there is who has left house, or brothers, 

7] dSa\<pdg, w ; rrarkpa, ?) /ijjrepa," *rj yvvalKa," f] Titcva, jj 

or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or 

dypovg, 'ii'gicsv. l/xov Kai J rov euayyeXiov, 30 t&v.iu).'\aj3y 

lands, for the sake of me and of the glad tidings, that BhaU not receive 

tKarovTaTrXatriova vvv iv T^.Kaip<p.rovrtp, oiKiag ica'i dStX- 

a hundredfold now in this time : houses and bro- 

(povg Kal dStXtpag Kai z p,i]Ttpag' 1 teal rkxva Kai dypovg, fierd 

thers and sisters and mothers and children aud lauds, with 

SiujyiAuiv, Kai tv T<p auovi ro^Jp^n/.tsi'tp tot)v alwviov. 31 ttoX- 

persecutions, and in the age that is coming life eternal. "Many 

Xoi Se tapvrat TrptoTot tcyaroi, Kai tt oV' 1 .to^aroi 7rpwroi. 

'but 'Shall 'be 'first last, and the last first. 

32 *H.<rav.(Sk tv ry 6frp dvapaipovreg fig 'lepoaoXv/xa' Kai 

And they were in the way going Up to Jerusalem, ' and 

ijv 7rpo/iy(i)V aiirovg 6 'Irjtrovg, Kai t9apj3ovvro. ^Kai [t 
2 was 3 going ''on "before c them 'Jesus, and they were astonished, and 

dKoXov9ovvreg l<pof3ovvTO. Kai Trapa\aj3wv ttoXlv rovg 

following were afraid. And having taken to [him] again the 

Siodsica, i]p%aTO avrdig X'tyuv rd ^.tXXoi'ra avrtfi 

twelve, he began them to tell the things which were about 3 to'"him 

cvfifia'tveiv 33 "On, ISov. dvajiaivofiEv dg 'ItpocroXvfia, Kai 

'to -'happen : Behold, we go up to Jerusalem, and 

6 v'tbg tov dv9p(t)7rov 7rapafio9>)<TTai ro~ig apxisptvaiv Kai 

the Son of man will be delivered up to the chief priests and 

c rt>?g" ypafipardxnp, Kai KaraKpivovaiv avrov Bai'dry, Kai 

to the scribes, and they will condemn him to death, and 

7rapadu)(Tovcnv avrov roig Wvegiv, 34 Kai ifnratfiovmv avrtp, 

will deliver up him to the Gentiles. And they will mock him, 

d /cat /.latTTiyttHTODOiv avrov, Kai i/nrrvaovaiv awry," Kai drro- 

and will scourge him, and will spit upon him, and will 

KTEVovtxiv e avrov ]i Kai. f ry rpiry jj/ispa" c'tvaarijtTErai. 

kill him ; and on the third ' day he will rise again. 

35 Kai TrpotJTroptvovrat avrtp 'ldK;u{3og Kai 'Iwdvviig &oi" 

And come up to him James and John, the 

m SieXOelv EGLTTrAW. n Se but TTrA. + [touto] this [is] L. P t<3 TTrAW. 

q eartv {read [;tre]) TTr. r /cal GLTTiAW. s Aeyeii^ 6 ITsVpos ta. ' r)Ko\ov8r]KafJiev 
have followed LTT. aw. v a.7ro(cpi^eis {omit but) 6 'Irjcrovs elniv GLT. w ; i<f>rj 6 'Irjo-oiis 

Jesus said ( clttok. &e) TA. w .17 /xjjre'pa, 17 Trarepa LTTrA. * r) yuvaina. LTTrA. 

y + eVe/cei/ for the sake G[L]XTrAW. z /xrjre'pa mother LTr. oi glw. *> oi fie 

and these TTr. c rot? L. 

e avroi' (read [him]) [L]T[ r fr]. 

a (cat e/ajTTVcroucri.i' avrw, /cat ^.acrTtywcroticrtv avrov LTT A. 
1 /xera rpets ^/xe'pas after three days LTTrA. g oi a. 



v'toi ZtfieSaiov,- Xyo?'rf h , AiSchtk \e, BkXopev "iva 

sons of Zcbcdee, saying-, Teacher, we de re that whatever 

niVi}(Tw/if;' ' 7rnn']iT7jg rjiilv. SG'OJt dirtva >, Ti 9sXete 

we may ask thou wouidest do for us. And he said tothem, What do ye desire 

k Trou](Tai /<?" vfiiv\ 37 01. Sk x tlirov n avr<i>, Abg t'jiuv, 'iva tig 

''to 3 do 'rue for you? And they said to him, Give to us, that one 






Elg " tZ 

'EViOVVf.lli>V'- V O~0l 


KadiaiojiEv. iv 

at tliy right hand and one at thy left hand we may sit in 

Ty.So&j.aov. 38 'O.Sk.'lr]<rovg eIttev avrolg, Oux.o'iSare ri 

thy glory. But Jesus said to them, Yo know not what 

ai-EiaOe. SvvcktOe ttieIv to 7roTr)pioV o iyh Trivia, i/jai" to 
ye ask. Ai - e yc able to drink the cup which I drink, and 6 the 

j3a7TTi<Tixa o tyu) /3a7rrio^iat, jScnrTiaQTivai ; 

"baptism 'which "I a am '"bapto^d ["with], Ho -be 3 baptizQd ["with] ? 

'39 O'iae T et7roi' v avrtfi, Avvc'iiiEBa. 'O.Sk.'lijaovg eIttev avrolg, 

And they said to him, We are able. But Jesus said tothem, 

To s /ih> n TTorrjpiov o lyu) 7nVw, ttiegQe' Kai to (3a7rTiOLia 
The "indeed 'cup which I drink, ye shall drink ; and the baptism 

o lyJj pcnrTiZoiiai, (3airTiG9)]qEtj9e' 40 rb.Sl.Ka9L- 

which I am baptized [with], ye shall be baptized [with] ; but to sit 

aai iic SeEuov.uov ^Kai u 1% evcijvvliuj'vSliov^ ovK.tcmv iiibv 

at tny ri;.:ht hand and at- my left Wind is not mine 

Sovvai, dXX' otg ifToiiiaortii. 41 Kai a.K0vaav- 

to give, but [to those] for whom it has been prepared. And having 

TEg oi SfKa I'lplavro ayavaKTEiv tteoi 'laKwfiov Kai 

heard [this] the ten began to be indignant about James and 

'liotivvov 42 v 6.o*.'lj(roi;f TrpocnzakEoajxtvog avrovq^ \kyEi 

John. But Jesus having called 2 to [ 3 him] 'them says 

avrolg, OlSars b]ri ' ol SoKovvrEg dp\Eiv ruiv Wvwv 
to them, Ye know that those who are accounted to rule over the nations 

KaraKvpiEvovGiv avruiv Kai oi.LieyAXoi.avruJv 'KarElovaid^ov- 

exsreiso lordship over them ; and their great one." exercise authority 

mv ai'rwv. 43 oi>x o'vriog Sk w t<rrai" lv viCiv' a\X' 

not thus however shall it be among you ; but 

9k\ v 

de ires 

over tli 


* ~ II ' 

'your ; 

rravrmv SovXog' 

' 2 ot 3 all 'bondman. 

JyEvkoBai Lisyag 

to become great 

44 K ai og>av" 9eX 

and whoever 

tv vp.iv, tarai 

among you, shall be 

y b v/j.ojv u c yEVff9ai tt irpwrog, in 

desires of you to become first, 




shall be 

45 Kai. yap 6 v'tbg rov dvBpo'jTrov ovk.i/X9ev 
For even the Son of man came not 

0iaKovi]9~]vai } d\Xa SiaKovijaai, Kai Sovvai rrjv.^v)(i)v.avTOV 

to be served, but 

Xvrpcv dvri 7roXX>v 

a ransom for many. 

4(3 Kai d ipxovrai n 

And they come 

e 'Ifp<YW, 


to serve, and to give 

his life 



elg e 'Jf|0<xw*" Kai i.KTropEvoLiEvov.avTov 

to Jericho ; and as he was going out 

Kai Tu>v.[xa9)]Tu>v.avTov, Kai bxXov iKavov, 

and his disciples, and a -crowd 'large, 

vtog Tiy.aiov Bapripaiog &o" rntyXbg ha ekcl9t]to irapa n)v 

a son of Timteus, Bartiruaeus the blind [man], was sitting beside the 


?aying, Master, we 
would that thou 
shouldest do for us 
whatsoever we shall 
desire. 36 And ho said 
unto thara, What 
would ye that I should 
do for you? 37 They 
said unto him, Grant 
unto us that we may 
sit. one on thy right 
hand, and the other on 
thy left hand, in thy 
glory. 38 But Jesua 
said unto them, Ye 
know not what ye 
ask : can ye drink of 
the cup that I drink 
of ? and be baptized 
with the baptism that 
I am baptized with? 
39 And they said unto 
him, Wo can. And Je- 
sus said tmto them, 
Ye shall indeed drink 
of the cup that I drink 
of ; and with the bap- 
tism that I am bap- 
tized withal shall yo 
be baptized : 40 but to 
sit on my right hand 
and on my left hand 
is not mine to give ; 
but it shall be given to 
them for whom it is 
prepared. 41 And when 
the ten heard it, they 
began to be much dis- 
pleased with James 
and John. 42 But Jesus 
called them to him, 
and saith unto them, 
Ye know that they 
which are accounted 
to rule over the Gen- 
tiles exercise lordship 
over them; and their 
great ones exercise 
authority upon them. 
43 But so shall it not 
be among you : but 
whosoever will be 
great among you, 
shall be your minister: 
41 and whosoever of 
you will be the chief- 
est, shall be servant 
of all. !5 For even the 
Son of man came not 
to be ministered unto, 
but to minister, and 
to give his .life a ran- 
som for many. 

46 And they came 
to Jericho : and as he 
went out of Jericho 
with his disciples and 
a great number of peo- 
ple, blind Bartimasus, 
the son of Timaeus, sat 
by the highway side 
begging. 47 And when 

h + aVTlZ tO him [L]TTrA. 

' 1 - 

+ o-e thee lttiaw. k 7roi7jcra> I should do LTr ; /me 

ojo-a> T. l elnav LTTrA. . m aov e< 8eiiov TTi A. n + aov thy T. apiancpiov TTrA. 

p aov (read [thy] left hand) [l]tti-a. i fj or LTTrA. r el7rai' lttia. s /xey ttta. 
* ".ov {read [my] left hand) glttiAW. v Kai TrpoaKa.\ecra.fx.i.vo<; ai>rov<; 6 'IrjcroD? LTTrA. 

it is LTTrA. * a.v LTTr. ? M V as y^vea&at TTv. l vfj.u>v Slolkovos GI.TTi AW. 

a ec > GTrA. b hv vfjilv among you L. c el^ai to be LTr. d ep^erat he c^mes L. e 'Iepei^'&j T, 
' + 6 the (son) LTTr aw. e - 6 (read a blind [man]) LTTrA. ha + wpoo-amjs a beggar TTr.4* 

124 M A P K 2. X. XL 

^esus^f Nazareth W he oSbv' 1 7TpO(TftlTWV. U 47 Kal ClKOVGCtQ OTl'lr](TOVQ 6 k NrtwpaiO" 

began to cry out, and wa y> begging. And having heard that Jesus the !Nazara;aii 

oFbartdX v mere" * aTlv > VpZ<*TO KpaZsiv kal Xsyeiv, v vibg n m Aaf3iS," 'll]TOV, 

on m" 1 48 And "many '.* T as ' he be <? au to cr y out and to say, Son of David, Jqsus, 

charged him that he ( ','' ** iB ) , , , ,,.,.,,- , 

should hold his peace : t\S7](T01' pE. 48 Krtl E7TETip<0V ai'TOJ 7TO\Aoi IVCt <yU0TT)](Ty' 

but he cried the more have pity on me. And ''rebuked 3 hiru 'many that he should be silent; 

a great deal, Thou Son , .,; ' . . __ . , , o<s-n > ' 

of David, have mercy O-'.'f 7ToAAy paAAOV lKpai,EV, lit '"Aapid, i\B)](TOV pE. 

on me. 49 And Jesus but he much more cried out, Son of David, have pity on me. 

stood still, and com- ir . T , , , < >r ' ~ n t > /y~ m v 

manded him to be 4V Kai OTttg O lt]GOVg n El7TEV aVTOV <p<t)Vr)9l}Vai'" Kai 

called. And they call And 2 having 3 stopped 'Jesus asked for him to be called. And 

the blind man, saying , ~ \ ,\ i \ ' ,'~ a ' 

untQ him, Be of good QWOVGIV TOV TVCpXoV, XsyOVTSQ aVTUJ, OapUEl' 

comfort, rise ; he they call the blind [man], saying to him, Be of good courage ; 

h^ca^tSfawa^Ms iy*pai,* 0" 50 '0.8k a7ro(3aXwv Tb.ifiaTiov.avTOV, 

garment, rose, and rise up, he calls thee. And he casting away his garment, 

j^nVaifwed 1 tnd p ava<Tra S n vX9ev Trpbg TQV 'ij/ffoSV 51 Kal ArroKpiMg fXiyn 

said unto him What having risen up he came to Jesus. - And answering 2 says 

^""n^tneer'^The avrip b'hiaovg," Ti 'OtXeiQ Troiyaw vol ;" 'O.Se TixpXbg 

blind man said unto 3 to 4 him 'Jesus, What dost thou desire I should do to thee? And the blind 
mi m ht L r r( c'eive hat m I eIkev avToZ, *'Pafi[3ovi, n 'iva~ dvaf3Xt\pu). 52 'O.&.'lj/- 

surht 5" And Jesus [ man ] sai<l to cim > Rabboni, that I may recaive sight. And Je- 

said unto him, Go thy (jOVg e'iTTEV UVTCp, "Y7Trty - r).7rl(JTig.(T0V ffECTlOKEV <JE Kal 

madjthel whole. JTd sus , , said , to . him - Go ', , th ? fllith _ h a * Sealed thee. _ And 

immediately he receiv- l ei)9sii)Q n dl4(5Xs\pEV % Kal f]KoXov9e.l v T(p'll](70V n tV Ty OCOJ. 

ed his sight, and fol- immediately he received sight, and followed Jesus in the way. 

loweu Jesus in the way. r , , , , , t 

XI. And when they 11 K 07 " iyyiC,ovoiv Eig w lEpovoaXtjfi," Hig Brf&ayrj 
oame nigh to Jerusa- And when they drew near to Jerusalem, to Bethphage 

In"' Be'thanJ'afthe Bif0aiw," irpb-g rb bpoq rwv 'EXaiuv, rAiroerkteei" Svo 

mount of Olives, he an< i Bethany, towards the mount of Olives, he sends two 

h d dkciSes b 2 WO and f rwv.pa97 1 Tu>v.avTOv, 2 Kal Xe 7 ei avrolg, "Traym tig ty)v 

saith unto them, Go of his disciples, and says to them, Go' into tho 

your way into the vil- K( ^, lrjV TTIV.KaTBVaVTt VUUJV' Kal z u9s(DC tt ElO-TrOpEVOUEVOl EIC 
lage over against you: r ' ' r a r r~ >= 

and as soon as ye be village, that opposite you, and immediately entering into 

C h t ll' e fi d' Ut lt^fd 6 a VT1)V EVprjOZTE TTwXoV SeSspEVOV, t(p' OV OvSflg 11 dl'9pi!)7TWV b 

whereon never man U ^ e wiU find a colt tled ' u P on which no one of men 

sat; loose him, and KEKCtQlKEV c Xl)0~aVTEg aVTOV' ] d dydyETE. n 3 Kal ECLV Tig VUAV 

anym^ayuntoyou; ^assat:^ having loosed it ^ lead [it]. ^ And if ( anyone to you 

Why do ye this? say et7rn, Ti ttoleIte tovto ', E'iirarE, e "On" 6 Kvpiog avrov ypEiav 

ye that the Lord hath wh do tMs ? The Lord 3 f 4jt ^ need 

need of him; and " \ r t n> > > nk r* > ^/ 

straightway he will t^ff Kai 'EvBtUig" aVTOV BaTTOdTSAa' 1 " OiOE. 4 ia A7T)\0oj-'.O, !l 

send him hither. 4 And i ha3 tfnd immediately it he will send hither. And they departed, 

they went theu- way, ' . , .. , . , . , , ,"L ' 

and found the colt tied K/7/ 81'pOV K "rov" 7T(uAoi/ CECEptVOV ITpog la D)V UVpaV lE,UJ ETTl 

by the door without in and found the colt tied at the door without, by 

a pi ace where two ways _, , ^-v' > > r / ~>~. 

met; and they loose TOV ap(pUdOV,,Kat AVOV<TlV aVTOV. 5 Kai TlVEg TWV EKEl EOTt}- 

him. 5 And certain of the cross way, and they loose it. And some of those there stnnd- 

them. that stood there / ,.-. , ~ m- > / , ^^ yn % 

Raid unto them, What KOT(t)V lAEyOV OVTOig, 1 1 TTOIEITE XVQVTEg TOV 7TwXoV ; Ol.Cf 

do ye, loosing the colt ? ing said to them, What are ye doing loosing the colt? And they 

6 And they said unto m -r m > >* fl ' na' > n < 'r ~ > > , ~ 

themeven as Jesus had ma El7T0V" ai'TOtg KaUojg na EVETElXaTO n O llJVOVg' KUl a<f>l)KaV 

commanded : and they said to them as ^commanded 'Jesus. And they allowed 

' TTftoaairoiV TTrA. k Na^apij^ds LTTrA. ' Yt LTTr. m Aavet'5 LTTrA ; AavtS GW. 

" tlTTey, (^xonjcraTe auroi' said. Call ye him TTrA. tvetpe GLTTr'AW. P avonrr)8riaas having 
leaped up t/l'TrAW. <1 avrm 6 'Irjcrovs eZirev Jesus said to him TTrA. r 0"0t ^e'At i? rrot^o-to ; T. 
'PajS^oWi GLTTrAW. l ev^v? TTrA. v aiTo> him GLTTrAW. w 'lepooroAv/aa LTTrA W. 

* Kai eis Brj^artav LT. J a.neaTei\ev\ie sent L. ' z ev6ii<; TTrA. a +, ov7ra) not yet (read 

no o:ie j'et) LTr. b . + ou^oj T. c \vaare avrbv Kal loose it and LTTrA. d (/lepere 

. bring TTrA. e _'Ort LTTrA. f ei)6vs LTTrA. S aTrocrTeAAet he sends GLTTrA w. 

b -t- 7rdAil/ back TTr. ia ai a.7rjj.\0oi' LTTrA. ka TOJ/ (? - ea(i a Colt) GLTrAW. '* TT1J' 

(read a door) TrA. ma ulnay T. na ein-ej/ said lttta. 







c '' II 


they led the colt to Jesus. And 

p f7T6/3aXov" avr<{) Tct.if.idria.avTU)v, ical iKaQiaev iir iair<p'" 

they cast upon it their garments, and he sat on it ; 

8 r 7roXXoi.Si n TCLifidria.avTiov iarpwcrav elg t))v SSov 

and many their garments strewed on the way, and others 

?CT0i(3dSag [[ t iKOTrrov n Ik tu>v "SivSpojv, 

II w 

branches were cutting down from the 

elg Ti)vj)$6v. u 9 Kai ol 

['them] on the way. 

reg tKpa^ov, x XiyovTeg, 

ing were crying out, 

ipX^^evog iv 

trees, and were strewing 

irpodyovTeg Kai ol aKoXovQovv- 
AiiH those going before and those follow- 

" 'Qaavvd' evXoyi]fiivog b 

Hosanna ! blessed [be] he who 

Kvpiov. 10 evXvyrjfxkvt] r] ipx~ 
of [the] Lord. Blessed [be] the com- 




'of 2 our father 


fiki'T] f3aoiXeia ?iv ovofxan icv'piov" 

ing kingdom 6 in [ 8 the] 'name 8 of [the] 10 Lord 

z AafiiS' n ''Qaavvd iv rolg vipiaTotg. 11 Kai eiotjXOev elg 

*David. Hosanna in the highest ! / And 2 entered ^nto 

'IfpocroXujua & o'h](rovg /cat" eig to lepov' Kai Trepij3Xexpafievog 
* Jerusalem. 'Jesus and into the temple ; and having looked round on 

Trdvra, b 6\piag n i'jSt] ovarjg rrjg wpag, i%ijX9ev elg Bt)9aviav 

.all thiugs, late already being the hour, he went out to Bethany 

fierd roJv SwSeKa. 

with- the twelve. 

12 Kai ry tTravpiov eJZeXQovTwv avT&v airb BrjOavlag, 

And on the morrow "having 3 gone *out 'they from Bethany, 

iireivaaev' 13 Kai IS<jjv ovki]v c /iaKp69ev txovaav (pvXXa, 

he hupgered. And seeing a fig-tree afar off having leaves, 

?]X6ev el dpa d evpt]oei n" iv avry' Kai iXQibv stt' 

he went if perhaps ho will find anything on it. And having come to 

e f 


toi> an.ova 



avrijv, ovSiv evpev eL/lIT) (pvXXa.* l ov.yap.i]v Kaipog" ovkojv. 

it, nothing he found except leaves, for it was not [the] season of figs. 

14 Kai ,a7roKp.iQeig zb'Iricrovg" elirev avry, Mijketi h K gov elg 

And 2 answering 'Jesus said to it, No more of thee for 

l fU]Seig n KapTrbv <j>dyoi. Kai i)kovov ol fiadrjTai 

"any :1 one 5 fruit 'let eat. And 3 heard "disciples 

(lit. no one) 

Kai epxovrai elg 'lepoo-oXv/xa' Kai elaeXOwv 

And. they come to Jerusalem ; and "having 3 entered 

elg to lepov J'jptZaTO iK/3dXXeiv Tovg 7rwXovvrag 
into the temple he began to cast out those selling 

Kai l dyopdtovTag iv roj lep<^' Kai rag Tpa-KiZ,ag tuiv koXXv- 
and buying in the temple, and the tables of the money 

fiiGTtov Kai Tag Ka9kSpag twv ttioXovvtwv Tag TrepiGTEpdg 

seats of those selling the doves 

Kai ovK.fjcpiev "iva Tig SieviyKy GKevog 

and suffered not that anyone s-hould carry a vessel 
17 Kai idiSaaKEV, ""Xtyutv" "avroic," Ov 



K o lijaovg 


changers and the 

KaTk(TTpe\pev 10 

he overthrew, 

Sid Tov lepov. 

through the temple. 

And he taught, 

saying to them, ."Not 


let them go. 7 And 
they brought the oolt 
to Jesus, and cast their 
garments on him ; 
and he sat upon him. 
8 And many spread 
their garments in the 
way : and others cut 
down branches off the 
trees, and strawed 
them in the way. 9 And 
they that went before, 
and they that fol- 
lowed, cried, saying, 
Hosanna ; Blessed is 
he that cometh in the 
name of the Lord : 
10 blessed be the king- 
dom of our father 
David, that cometh in 
the name of the Lord : 
Homnna in the high- 
est. 11 And Jesus en- 
tered into Jerusalem, 
and into the temple : 
and when he had look- 
ed round about upon 
all things, and now 
the eventide was come, 
he went outunto Beth- 
any with the twelve. 

12 And on the mor- 
row, when they were 
come from Bethany, 
he was hungry : 13 and 
Beeing a fig tree afar 
off having leaves, he 
came, if huply "he 
might find any thing 
thereon : and when he 
came to it, he found 
nothing but leaves ; 
for the time of figs 
was not yet. 14 And 
Jesus answered and 
said unto it, No man 
eat fruit of thee here- 
after for ever. And 
his disciples heard it. 
15 And they come to 
Jerusalem : and Jesus 
went into the temple, 
and began to cast out 
them that sold and 
bought in the temple, 
and overthrew the 
tables of the money- 
changers.and the seats 
of them that sold 
doves; 16 and would 
not suffer that any 
man should carry any 
vessel tnrougi the 
temple. 17 And he 
taught, saying unto 

(fripovaxv they bring TTrA. p enipdWQvaiv they cast upon GLTirAW. i avrov lttta. 
' Kai n-oAAol TTrA. " OTij3a8a? LTTrA: l noxf/avres having cut [them] doWD TTrA. 

aypuv fields TTrA. w Kai ecTTpiovwov els rr)v 6S6v TTrA. * \eyovres [L]TTrA. 

y zv bvoixaTi Kvpiov GLTTrAW. AaveiS LTTrA ; AaiuS G\v. a 6 'Itjctovs Kai (read he 
entered; LTTrA. b b\j/e r. c + airb from LTTrAW. 

only l. 


1 + TOVS these LTTrA w 

6 yap Kaipbs ovk-jJp TTrA, 
rou LTTrA. 4 ovSeis E. 

m Kai Zheyev and said TTrA. 

yap r)v o Katpos LJ 

" els rbv a'tu)i>a ck <rov LTTrA 

Tt evprjcrei LTTrAW. ' e + [jnofal 
l. e 6 'Irjo-ovs (read he said) 

k -^6 'Itjo-OVS OLTTrAW; 

avnls [l]a. 


them, Is it not 'writ- 
ten, My hoube shall 
be called of all nations 
the house of prayer? 
but ye have made it a 
den of thieves. .18 And 
the scribes and chief 
priests heard it, and 
sought how they might 
destroy him : for they 
feared him, because ail 
the people was asto- 
nished at his doctrine. 
19 And when even was 
come, he went out of 
the city. 

20 And in the morn- 
ing-, as they passed by, 
they saw the fig tree 
dried up from the 
roots. 2l And Peter 
calling to remem- 
brance saith nntohim, 
Master, behold, the 
fig tree which thou 
cur-edst is withered 
away. 22 And Je us 
answering- saith uuro 
them, Have faith in 
God. 23 For verily 1 
say unto yon> That 
whosoever shall say 
unto this mountain, 
Be thou removed, and 
be thou cast into the 
sea ; and shall not 
doubt in his heart, but 
shallbelievo that tho-e 
thing's which he saith 
ehal] come to pass ; he 
shall have whatsoever 
he saith. 24 Therefore 
I say unto you, Wliat 
thingssoeverye desire, 
when ye pray, believe 
that ye receive them, 
and ye shal 1 have them. 
25 And when ye stand 
praying,, forgive, if ye 
have ought against 
any : that your Father 
also which is in heaven 
may forgive you your 
trespasses. 26 But if 
ye do not forgive, nei- 
ther will your Father 
which is in heaven for- 
give your trespasses. 

27 And they come 
again to Jerusalem : 
and as he was walking 
in the temple, there 
come to him the chief 
priests, and the scribes, 
and the elders, 28 and 
say unto him, By what 
authority doest thou 
these things ? and who 
gave thee this au- 
thority to do these 
things ? 29 And Jesus 

TVI A P K O 2. XI. 

yfypanrai, "Ori h b.o'lKog.pov blicog Trpoaevxng fcX^/o-erai 

has -it been written, ' My house a house of prayer shall be called 

ttckjlv rolg tOvEaiv; vfiiiqM Hiroirioar^ avrbv o7n)Xatov 

for all the nations? but ye made it a den 

Xya-wv. 18 Kai ijKovaav oi ^ypappartig Kai oi aoyiepeig," 

of robbers. And 'heard [ e it] 'the Scribes 3 and 4 the 5 chief 'priests, 

icai i-Z,i]T0vv irwg avrbv T a7ro\taov(Tn>- n i<po(3ovi>TO.ydp s avT6v, [ 
and they sought how - him they shall destroy ; for they feared him, 

v 6n 7nx u 6 vx\oq v it,nr\i]<T(jZTo" Itti ry.oidaxy.avrov. 

because all the crowd were astonished at his teaching. 

19 Kai "ore" 6\pk iyevero x tZE7ropevTo" t^u) rrjg TroXeujg. 

And when evening came he went forth qut of the city. 

it ', 

20 Kai y 7rpait 7rapa7ropivopevoi n slcov r>)v ovkijv 

And in the morning passing by they -aw the fig-tree 

tt,i]pau.u.kvi)v t/c pi^wv. 21 Kctl avapvi]adug bU'orpog 

dried up from [the] roots. And "having 1 'remembered 'Peter 

Aiya avrtp, z< Pa/3/3<," Ue, t) avK>i 'i)v KarripctTw i^fjpavrau 

says to him Rabbi. see, the fig-tree which thou cursedst is dried up. 

22 Kai cnroicpiotig *'li]<jovg Xtyn avroUg, "E^ere iriartv 6eov. 

And ''answering 'Jesus says to them, Have faith in God. 

23 dfX7iv. h yc(p 1 ' Xlyw vplv, en cg.av eiTrg rtS.bpei.rovrip, 

For verily 1 say to you, that whoever shall say to this mountain, 

"AoOijti Kai l3\>]9i)Ti fig ri)v OdXaaoav, Kai pt).dta- 

Bc thou taken away and be thou cast into the sea, and shall not 

KplQij iv ry.Kapfia.auTOV, dXXa c inartvo-y n on d a" e Xlya" 

doubt in his heart, but shall believe that what hesays 

yiveraf karat abrtp { d.idv e'i7ry. u 24 Siu.tovto Xkyoj 

takes place, there shall be to him whatever he shall say. For this'reason I say 

bfuv, Wavra ooaJav 9 ^TcpoatvxojuvoL 1 , airtltrOe., mo-revere 

to you, All things whatsoever praying ye ask, believe 

on l Xapj3di'ere," Kai 'iarat vfilv. 25 Kai orav k <rr?)K^r" 

that ye receive, and [they] shall be to you. And when ye may stand 

TTpoGzvxop-tvoi, cMpiere ei ri *X r Kara rivog' 'iva Kai 

praying, forgive if anything ye have against anyone, that also 

b.7tarijp.vp(i>v 6 iv rolg ovpavolg copy vpiy to. rcapa- 

your Father who [is] in the heavens may forgive you -'of- 

TTTwp.aTavj.iiLv. 2G l eLSivfxatg ovK.d(piere, ovot b.Trarijo.vpujv 

fences 'your. But if ye forgive not, neither your Father 

6 iv m ro7g' obpavdig d<pi]<yet,u}p. n 

who [is] in the heavens will forgive your o'ffences. 

27 Kai ipxovTai rrdXtv elg 'lepoa6Xvp,a' Kai iv rip iep^i 

And they come - again to Jerusalem. And in the temple, 

TrepnraTOvvTog.avTOV ipxovrai ^pbg avrbv oi dpytepelg Kai 
as he is walking come to him the chief priests and 

ol ypaptpareig Kai oi 7rpea/3vrepoi, 28 Kai "Xtyoucn;" abnp, 

the scribes and the elders, and they say to him, 

'Ev TToia i^ovaiq, ravra 7roielg; oa Kai u rig aoi v:x rr)v i^ovaiav 

By what authority these things doest thou? and who thee "authority 

'.'>, n rrtifrn Trmnr- 29 'O.Sk.'l 1]dOVg 

ravTi\v t0d)KEV," iva ravra 


Koiyg ; 


that these things thou\shouldst do? 

And Jesus 

o 'On L. P 7re7roiij/ca.Te have made TTrA. 1 apxiepeiy Kai ot ypap.p.arel<; LTTrA W. 

r d7roA.eo-too-if they might destroy LTTr AW. [atiTOf] L. l irasyap for all TTrA. t i^eTrKrjcr- 
(roiro T. w orav TTr. x k^siropevoi'TO they went forth LTr. J' napaTropevofj-tvoi 7rpo)t LTTrA. 
* 'Paget' TA. * + 6 GLTTrAW. b yap for LT[Tr]A. c 7Tio-Teiir) Ta. d o what TTrA. 

e AaAei LTTrA. f "o eac {17177 tTi{a]. 8 olv ltti aw. h TTpocreuxecr^e Kai ye pray and 
LTTrA. ' e\d/3eTe ye received LTTrA. k o-njiceTe ye stand LTTrA. ' verse '26 Tla 

m __ TO l s la., n lAeyov they said TTrA. oa ij or TA. P ISwkcv ttjv e^ovcrlav Ta.\iTqv LTr. 


*a.TT0Kpi9etQ H eIttev abrolg, 'E7rpwrr/(rw *i)}jLa.Q\K&yw l Iva Xoyov, 

answering said to them "Will 3 ask *yoii ^1 also one thing, 

icai cnroKpi9i}Tk' fioi, Kai epio v/jXv kv iroiif %ov<riqi ravra 

and answer me, and I will tell you by what authority these things 

TToiu). 30 To fiaiTTuyna v ludvvov it obpavov i)v i) t 

I do : The baptism of John from heaven was it or from 

av9pu)TT(ov ; afroKpiQr]TS poi. 31 Kai v t\oyiZovro n irpbg tav* 
men ? answer me. And they reasoned with them 

robg,Xk\yavTEg,'Edv eiVujjuev. 'E| obpavov, kpn, w A(ori" 
selves, saying, If we should say, From heaven, he will say, Why 

x ovv n oi<ic.k7ri<TTEV(Ta.Te avujj ; 32 ^dXX' eav u ti-n-tofiEV, 'EK 

then did ye not believe -him? but if we should say, From 

avOpwTriov, ktpofiovvTO rbv XaoV z u.7ravT! : g".ydp d^ov rbv 
men, they feared the, ueople ; for all held 

'\u)avv)]i> a '6ri bvriog' [ irpo(f>T)Tr)Q r\v. 33 icai diroKpiOkvrEg h \s- 

John that indeed a prophet he was. And answering they 

yovaiv Ttp'lriaov," ObK.ofdafXEV. Kai ^b'lr)Oovg diroKpiQEig^X'tyEi 

say to Jesus, We know not. And Jesus answering says 

abrolg, OvSe Eyw Xkyio v/mv iv woia i^ovaia, ravra ttoiw. 
to them, Neither 'l Hell you by what authority these things I do. J 

12 Kai f/pZaro avrolg iv TrapafioXaTg d \EyEiv." 'A/j7TE\m>a 
And he, began to them in parables to say, *A 5 vineyard 

e i(bvrEV<TEv dvQpioTTOQ^ Kai TTEpieOrjKEv (ppayfiov, Kai <jjpvl,EV 
planted 'a -man, and placed about [it] a fence, and dug 

vttoXtjviov, Kai (^KoS6fH)o~EV rrvpyov, Kai { s%sSoro n ' abrbv 
a wine-vat, and built a tower, and let out it ' 

yEujpyoTg, Kai a.7rEdi]p:r](TEv'. 2 Kai a7rkorEi\EV irpbg A rovg 

tohusbac<lmen, and left the country. And he sent to the 

yEtopyovc r<{) Kaip(ft dovXov, iva Trapd r&v yEwpyiov 

husbandmen at the season a bondman, that from the husbandmen 

Aa/3.;/ cittv %roi Kapivov* rod d[nrE\wi>0Q 3 h oL^t" Xa- 

he might receive from the fruit of the vineyard. But they having 

fiovTEQ abrbv tSeipav, Kai aTrzarEiXav kevov. .4 Kai iraXiv 

taken -him 'beat, and sent [him] away empty. And again 

drrkarEiKEv irpbg avrovg dXXov 8cv\oV KaKElvov ^XiOofioXt)- 

he sent to them another bondman, and him having 

oolvteq^ HKEcpaXaiuxrav^ Kai k a7rsarEiXav Tyrtjuw/ilvov." 

stoned they struck on the head, and sent [him] away having insulted [him]. 

5 Kai x irdXiv u dXXov aTriarEiXEV KaKElvov drrsKrEivav Kai 
And again another he sent, and him they killed ; also 

iroXXovg dXXovg, m rovg n fitv SepovrEg, m rovg ][ .Sk a diroKTEivov- 
many others, 2 some 'beating, and ^others 'killing. 

re." 6 in ovv v 'iva v v\bv {"pi/" dymrtjrbv ^avrov, n 
Yet therefore 2 one 3 son 'having 6 beloved . 4 his 5 own, 

dTTEOrtiXEv - ra (cat" abrbv sa 7rpbg avrovg loxarov^ Xsyiov, "On 

he sent also him to them last, saying, 

EvrpaTrl]iJovrai rbv.v'iov.fiov. 7 ekeIvoiSe oi yEw'pyoi ta i7roi> 

They will have re.-pect for my son. But those husbandmen said 


answered and said un- 
to them, I will also 
ask of you one ques- 
tion, and answer me, 
and 1 will tell you by 
what authority I do 
these things. 30 The 
baptism of John, waa 
it from heaven, or of 
men ? answer me. 

31 And they reasoned 
with themselves, say- 
ing, If we shall say, 
From heaven ; he will 
say, Why then did 
ye not believe him? 

32 But if we shall say, 
Of men ; they feared 
the people : for al 1 men 
counted John, that he 
was a prophet indeed. 

33 And they answered 
and said unto Jesus, 
We cannot tell. And 
Jesus answering saith 
unto them, Neither do 
I tell you by wh;it 
authority I do these 
things. , 

XII. And he began 
to speak unto them by 
parables. A certain 
man planted a vine- 
yard, and set an hedge 
about it, and diggeu a 
place for the winefat, 
and built a tower, and 
let it out to husband- 
men, and went into a 
far country. 2 And at 
the season he sent to 
the husbandmen a ser- 
vant, that he might 
receive from the hus- 
bandmen of the fruit 
of the vineyard. 3 And 
they caught him, and 
beat him, and sent Aim 
away empty. 4 And 
again he sent unto 
them another servant; 
and at him they cast 
stones, and wounded 
him in the head, and 
seni him awayshame- 
f ully handled'. 5 And 
again he sent another ; 
and him they killed, 
and many others ; 
beating some, andkill- 
ing some. 6 Having 
yet therefore one son, 
his wellbeloved, -he 
sent him also last unto 
them, saying, They 
will reverence my son. 
7 But those husband- 
men said among them- 

r a7roKpi0eis ttia. 5 (cd-yo) vuS? l; Kayw (read eirep. I will ask) TTrA. ^ l + to 

LTTrAW. v 5lAoyi'oi/TO LTTrAW. w Ala. Tt LTrA. * OVV LTrAW. y a\ka (read but 

should we say) ltTi-aw. TravTes L. a 6i/tco oti TTrA. b rm 'Irjaov Xeyova-tv TTrA, 

c [anoKpiGels] 6 'Incrous L ; a7TOKpi0eis TTrA. d AaAeiV LTTrA. e avBpumos e<}>VTevcrev X. 

f efe'Sero ta. 8 raiv Kapiroiv the fruits TTrA, h koI and LTTrA. ' A<.0o/3oA7JcrGi'Tes LTTrA. 
i eKe<pa.\ii0<rav T. k TqTipaqaav insulted LTr ; 7)rip.aa-av TA. ' tt6.\i.v GLTTrA. < m ous 

LT1TA. n aTTOiCTevvovTfS GLTTrA. OVV [L]TTrA^ P ex 0>v vl ' )l ' L > e W ev W' 01 ' TTrA - 

i avTOv LTTrA ; avrou W. ra Kai [L]TTrA. * SOX<j.tOV Jrpds aiiTOVS LTTrA. ta 7TpOS 

iavrovi elirav TTrA , elrrav npos eavrovs L. 


M A P K O 2. 


selves, This is the heir; ^qqc eavrovcJ ] "On oirog iariv 6 Kknpovouoc' 8evte, aivo-. 

come, let us kill him, s ., , ,,. . ,, T ' , ^ 

and the inheritance among themselves, ^ ^ This ^ is th? heir : ^ come, let us 

8 And KTELVlOLlEVaVTOV, KCll i]j.iCJV IdTai 7) Kk^pOVOj-UCt. 8 KCli XiljioVTEQ 
kill "him, and ours willbethe inheritance. And having taken 

y avrbv d7TEKTivav, tt Kcii it,sj3a\ov w u> tov dprrEXiovog. 

liiin^- they killed [him], and cast forth [him] outside the vineyard. 

9 ri x oi'V n rroiiiaEi 6 Kvpiog tov dp7TEXu>vog; kXevaerat tcai 
What therefore will do the lord of the vineyard? He will come aud 

a.7ro\i(Ti rovg yEwpyovg, ical Swasi tov dprrEXwva dXXoig. 

will destroy the husbandmen, and will give the vineyard to others. 

10 Ovdi T))v.ypa<pi]v.TavrT)V dvsyvuJTE ; AiOov bv 

3 Not 4 even 6 this 'scripture 'did 2 ye 5 read? [The] stone which 

drrESoKipacrav ol oiKo8opoi>VTEg, oi'rog EyEvi]9r] Eig KE(paXi}v 

rejected 'those 2 who 3 build, this is become head 

avrr], ftai lanv 9av- 

they took him, and 
killed him, and cast 
him out of the vine- 
vard. 9 What shall 
therefore the lord of 
the vineyard do? he 
will come and destroy 
the husbandmen, and 
will give the vineyard 
unto others. 10 And 
have ye not read this 
scripture ; The stone 
which the builders re- 
jected is become the 
head of the corner : k 
11 this was the Lord's 
doing, and it is mar- 
vellous in our eyes ? 

ytoviag. 11 rrapd Kvpiov 



and it is 


12 And they sought to of [the] corner : from [the] Lord 

lay hold on him, but \> > .n \ ~ tot/- > y > ~ 

feared the people : for pcum] tv cQuaXpoigj/Liiov. iz Kai hL,t]T0vv avrov KpaTrjaai, 

they knew that he had derf ul , in our eyes. And they sought . him to lay hold of, 

ga^nsuhem^rnd'tney^ ' tyofifiBwav tov b X XoV tyvtaaav.y&p on irpbg avrovg 

left him, and went an< i they feared the crowd; for they knew that against ihein 

their way. 

rr)v 7rapa/3o\r)v eIkev tcai a^kvreg ahrbv d-Kr)X9ov. 

the parable he speaks. And leaving him they went away. 

13 Kat cnrocTTaWovcnv Trpbg avrov Tivag tu>v Qapicriiuiv 

And they send to him some of the Pharisees 

Kai twv 'Hpwdiai'uJVj'ivaaurbv ayptvowcriv X6y(>j. 14 *oi.Sk n 

and of the Herodians, that him they might catch in discourse. And they 

13 And they send 
tmto him certain of 
the Pharisees and of 
the Herodians, to catch 
him in his words. 
14 And when they 

were come they say t.X96vTEg XkyOVGlV aVTljj, AlSaCFKaXe, OldctflEV OTL d\)]0r)g EL, 
know that thou"' art having com e sa y * nim Teacher, we know that true thou art, 
true, and carest for no KCll OV p'iXEl OOl TCEpi OVOEVOg' OV.ydp fiXE7TEig Eig 
man: for thou regard- d .there is care to thee about no one ; for J not thou -lookest on [the] 
est not the person of , , , , > , 

men, but teachest the - 7rp6<TU)7TOV dv9p0JTTOJV, dXX ITT d\t]9eiag T7]V bSbv TOV 9EOV 
way of God in truth : appearance of men, but with truth the way of God 

Is it lawful to give - ", o ~ T7- ' ~ n ' 

tribute to Cassar, or ClOCKJKEig. z Et,EffTlV a K7]VCT0V KaiffOpl OOVVCtC 7] OV, 15 CwpEV 
not ? 15 Shall we give, teachest : Is it lawful tribute to Caesar to give or not ? Should we give 
or shall we not give ? , - , ., , ,- , .. , , , , , 

But he, knowing their Tl p7].0U)pEV j O.0E "SlOiVg" aVTOJV-Tr)V-V1fOKpiGLV ELTTEV 

hypocrisy, said unto r should we not give ? But he knowing their hypocrisy said 

them, Why tempt ye , m/ , y . , , ? ' " 

me ? bring me a penny, aVTOig, XI pE 7TEipaC,ETE ', tptpETS pot 01]VapiOV IVCl 10W. 
that I may see it. to them, Why me do ye tempt ? Bring me a denarius that I may see [it]. 
lij And they brought 10 n , j> * ir < "4 ' , ' - w ' ' ' 

it. And he saith unto lt> Ol.OE IjVEyKCtV. Kctl ASyEl ClVTOtg, llVOg 7l.ElKWV.aVTt] KCII 
them, Whose is this And they brought [it]. And he says to them, Whose [is] this image 

image and superscrip- 
tion? And they said 
unto him, Cassar's. 
17 And Jesus answer- 

7) iriypa(j)7] ; 
the inscription? 

c Ot.5e"- 

And they 

d E~L7T0V n 


to him, 





e Kal 

17 AJia Jesus answer- > n ' mi 'r ~ 7 f ~ i &' a 's ir ' 

ing said unto them CUTOKplVug O" L7]GOVg El7TEV i CtVTOig, 8 A7TO00TE TO. Kai- 

Kender to Caesar the z answering 'Jesus said to them, Bender the things of Cse- 

sar^sfandloGodtoe aapog" Kaiaapi, ical tu tov 9eov Tip 9E<p. Kol KQavLicuiav* 

things that are God's. sar to Cajsar, and the things of God to God. And they wondered 

And they marvelled at 

18 Then come nnto 
him the Sadducees, 
which say there is no 
Resurrection ; and they 
asked him, saying, 

tit avToj, 
at him. 

18 Km Epxovrcu JZadSovKoXoi 7rpbg avTov, 6'iTivEg Xkyovoiv 

And "come 'Sadducees to him, who say 

dvdorauiv pTj.Eivai' KCti i iTr7]pioT7iaav v avrov, XsyovTEg, 
a resurrection there is not. And they questioned him, saying, 

v aneKTeivav avrov TTrA. w + avrov him LTTrAW 

they say) lttta. * + sink ovv fjixlv tell us therefore l. 

b ISiov having known t. c [t>l '8e 



d elnav LTTrA. 

avroi? A. 


8 Td KaiVapos a7r65oTe TTrA. 
\ eTJTjpwrw^LTTrA. 

ovv ta. y /cat and (read 

a Soivai Krji'O'Oi' Kat'crapt LTr. 
* 6 Si and (Jesus) i/tita. 

h eOavixa^ov LTrA ; iedaviJ.aov greatly 



19 AidacKciXe, k Mwtr^c" typa\pEv i)jx~iv, on kdv nvog clSeK- 

Teacbor, Moses wrote for us, that if of anyone a bro- 

<pog cnroQcivg Kal KaraXiwy yvvaiKa Kal *rsKva fxr].d(p.7j^ 

ther should die and leave behind a wife and children leave not, 

\va Xo/3j; b.dSEXfibg.avrov t?)v yvvaiKa * m avTOV 11 Kal 

that 3 should 'take 'his "brother the wife of him and 

t'iava<yTt](7y (nrkojxa Tfp.aSaXfip.avTov. 20 iirra n dde\<pol 

raise up seed to his brother. Seven brethren 

fjcrav' ical b 7rpu)T0g 'iXaf^EV yvvaiKa, Kal arroOvrjaicwv 
there were ; and the first took a wife, and dying 

ovK.a<p)}tce.v oirkpfxa' 21 Kal b fevTEpog tkafiev auri]v, Kal 

left no seed ; and the second took her, and 

aTreOoA/ev, ml ovd'e avrbg dtyrjKEv^ cnrepfia' ical 6 rpirog 
died, and neither he left seed ; and the third 

ioaavTWQ' 22 Kal p iXa[3ov avn/jv" oi tTrrd, Ikou' 1 ovK.d^Kav 

likewise. And 3 took 4 her 'the 2 seven, and left no 

airkpfia. r to~xdrri n Trdvrwv s a.7rs6avev Kal rj yvvr). n 23 tv.ry 

seed. Last of all died also the woman. In the 

l ovv v dvaardaei, y 'brav dvatrrwaiv^ tivoq avruiv iarai 

2 theref ore 'resurrection, when they shall arise, of which of them shall she be 

yvvtj ; ol.ydp iirrd taxov avT^v yvvaiKa. 24 w Kat airoKQiQ&iQ 

wife? for the seven had her as wife. And "answering 

6 '\r\o-ovg eIttev avro1g, tt Ov did.rovTO TrXavdoQz, ju?) eidoreg 

'Jesius said to them l# 3 Not ^therefore 'do 2 ye err, not knowing 

rag ypa<pdg /.irjdk n)v dvvap.iv tovOeov; 25orav.ydp sk 

the scriptures nor the power of God ? For when from among 

vKpu>v dvacrTWGiv, o'vte yapovenv o'vte *yap,ioKOVTai, n 
[the] dead they rise, neither do they marry nor are given in marriage, 

aXX eioIv wg dyyeXoi ?ol n iv tolig ovpavoig. 26 7TEpl.Sk 

but ' are as angels who [are] in the heavens. But concerning 

tuiv vEKpa>v, on kyEipovratf ovK.dvkyvwrE iv ry j3ij3X^> 

that they rise, have ye not read in the book 

ettI a ri)c" (3drov, h <l)g n eIttev cvnp bOEog, 

of Moses, [in the part] on the bush, how 2 spoke 3 to ''him 'God, 

Xkyiov, 'Eyw 6 0og 'Afipad/i Kal c 6" 0Eog 'laaaK rcai c 6" 

saying, I [am] the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac and the 

0Ebg 'laKco/3 ; '27 OvkIotiv c o" 0Eog vEKpaiv, dXXd d 0e6f " 
God of Jacob ? He is not the God of [the] dead, hut God 

Ziovtwv" e bj.i7g ovv n 7to\v TrXavdcOe. 28 Kj TrpoaEXQujv 

of [the] living. Ye therefore greatly err. And 5 having G come 7 up 

Eig rwv ypapfiarkiov, aKOvvag avrwv i avZ,i]T0vvTii}v, n ^Eic<jjg ii 
'one 2 ofthe Scribes, having heard them reasoning together, perceiving 

on KaXivg h ai>Tolg aTZEKpiQr}} iir-qpiorriGEv avrov, Ho'ia egtIv 


the dead, 
z Mw<Tu>g, n 

that well 

them he answered, 

him,, Which is' 


Vpwrj; Traawv IvroXif ; 29 k!l 'O.Sk.'lj](rovg aTTEKpiBif 


19 Master, Moies wrote 
unto us, If a man's 
brother die, and leave 
his wife behind him, 
and leave no children, 
that his brother should 
take his wife, and raise 
up seed unto his bro- 
ther. 20 Now there 
were seven brethren : 
and the first took a 
wife, and dying left 
no seed. 21 And the 
second took her, and 
died, neither left he 
any seed: and the third 
likewise. 22 And the 
seven had her, and left 
no seed : last of all the 
woman died also. 23 In 
the resurrection there- 
fore, v hen they shall 
rise, whose wife shall 
she be of them ? for 
the seven had ber to 
wife. 24 And Jesus 
answering said unto 
them, Do ye not there- 
fore err, because ye 
know not the scrip- 
tures, neither the 
power of God ? 25 For 
when they shall rise 
from the dead, they 
neither marry, nor are 
given in marriage ; but 
are as the angels which 
are in heaven. 26 And 
as touching the dead, 
that they rise : have 
ye not read in the book 
of Moses, how in the 
bush God spake unto 
him, saying, I am the 
God of Abraham, and 
the God of Isaac, and 
the God of Jacob ? 
27 He is not the God 
of the dead, but the 
God of the living : ye 
therefore do greatiy 
err. 28 And one of the 
scribes came, and hav- 
ing hoard them rea- 
soning together, and 
perceiving that he had 
answered them well, 
asked him, Which is 
the first command- 
ment of all? 29 And 
Jesus answered him, 
The first of all the 
commandments is, 
Hear, O Israel; The 


2 of 3 all 'commandment ? 

And Jesus 

avTip, [[ "On Trpwrrj ma 7raTwj/ tu>v evtoXujv," 



[The] first 

of aU 



the commandments [is], Hear, 

k Mwiicnjs LXTrAW. i /u.jj atpfj tskvov leave no child ta. m avrov TTrA. n + ovv 
theretore ew. /xtj KaTakinutv having left behind no TTrA. P &aPov avrr^v [L]TTrA.. 

1 Kal TTrA. r ia-^aTOV LTTrA. 9 Kal ^ yvinrj airidavtv LTTrA. * ' ovv TTrA. 

v orav avaa-rHtcriv [L]Tr. w e$i) avTOts 6 "Irjcrous Jesus said to them TTrA. x yanC^ovrat 

LTTrAW. y Ot GLT[Tr]W. * MloiioreO)9 LTTrAW. a sTOV GLTTrAW. b 7TWS TTrA. 

c 6 LTrYW. d 0ebs GLTTrAW. e v/aets ovv (read TrKav. ye errj T[Tr]A. 

f <rvvr\-rovvTuv LTTrA. S ib~i>iv having seen LTTr. h aTteKpi&r) avrois TTrA. * irpconj 


Travroiv ei/roAij GLW ; e^ToAf, -rrpun-r) navTwv TTrA. la anreKpiOT) 6 'lr)0"Ot)s TTrA. 

T[Tr]A. ma iravTixtv evToKrj GW ; irdvTutv [ejro/bj ea-nv] Commandment of all is LJ ecrriV 

{read [The] first is) TTrA. 


Lord our God is one 
Lord : 30 and thou 
shalt love the Lord thy 
God with all thy heart, 
and with nil thy soul, 
and with all thy mind, 
and with all thy 
strength : this is the 
first commandment. 
31 And the second is 
like, namelythis, Thou 
shalt love thy neigh- 
bour as thyself. There 
is none other com- 
mandment greater 
than these. 32 And 
the scribe said unto 
him, AVcll, Master, 
thou hast said the 
truth : for there is one 
God ; and there is none 
other hut he : 33 and 
to love him with all 
the heart, and with 
all the understanding, 
and wjth all the soul, 
and with all' the 
strength, and to love 
his neighbour as him- 
self, is more than all 
whole hurut offerings 
and sacrifices. 34 And 
when Jesus saw that 
he answered discreet- 
ly, he said unto him, 
Thou art not far from 
the kingdom of God. 
And no man after that 
durst ask him any 

35 And Jesus an- 
swered and said, while 
he taught in the tem- 
ple, How say the 
scribes that Christ is 
the Son of David? 
36 For David himself 
saidhy the Holy Ghost, 
The LORD said to my 
Lord, Sit thou on my 
right hand, till I make 
thine enemies thy 
footstool. 37 David 
therefore himself call- 
eth him . Lord ; and 
whence is he then his 
son? And the com- 
mon people heard him 

38 And he said unto 
them in his doctrine, 
Beware of the scribes; 
which love to go in 
long clothing, and love 

M A P K 2. 



'laparjX' Kvpiog b.9abc.i)iu(ov Ki'ipiog bTq Iot'iv. UU Kai 

,Israel : [the] Lord our God 3 Lord "one 'is. And 

dya7n)aEtg Kvpiov Tbv.9i.6v.aov 1% oXrjq Tiig.KapSiac.aov 

thou shalt love [the] Lord thy God with all thy heartT 

Kai i% bXrjg Tifg.ilivxqg.aov Kai i% '6Xr\g rrjg.diavoiag.aov 
thy soul and with aU thy mind 

n avrr] TTp&Ti) ivroXr). n 

This [is the] first commandment. 

'Aya7rijaEig tov ttX/j- 
Thou shalt love "neigh- 

aXXr; ivroXr) 








KaV l 




thy strength. 

Sevrkpa p b/xoia n lauri;," 
And [the] second like [it is] this : 

aiov aov ojg asavTOV. Meiwj> tovtojv 

bour : 


32 Kai eWev 

And 3 said Ho 



'the "scribe, 



there is not. 

koXe, Itt a\i]Viag 'Eiira^ 

er, according to truth thou hast said 

ovk.eotiv^ aXXog irX))v avrov. 33 Krai 

there is not another besides him : 

Greater than these another commandment 

ai)T(jJ 6 ypafijuarevg, KaXwc, CiCaa- 



3 one 

Right, teach- 

tcTTiv s 6t6g, n Kai 
2 is 'God, and 

oXi/c Trig Kapdiag Kai s 0X770 



and with all 


T>jg \pvxnQ n Kai i% oXtjg r^g 

the soul and with all the 

tov 7r\7](riov ojg iavrov, y 7r\fiov 

neighbour as oneself, "more 



to ayarrav avTov it 
and to love him with 

Ttjg avv'taEiog 'fcai si; oXrjg 
the understanding and with all 

TcofiaTWV Kai 
offerings and 



ia\vog, Kai to ayairav 

strength, and to love [one's] 

toTii> TravTiov tujv bXoKdv- 
l is than all the burnt 

34 Kai b'lijaovg (Stov x avTuv n 
And Jesus seeing him 

oti vovvE\wg cnrEKpiQ)], eIttev avTip, Ol) [/.aKpav tl 

that intelligently he answered, said to him, Not far art thou 

curb Ti~jg j3aaiXEiag tov 9eov. Kai ovSEig.ovKETi iroX/xa abrov 
from the kingdom of God. And no one any more dared 3 him 


'to ^question. 

35 Kai cnroKpiOEig 6 'Irjaovg iXeyEv, SiddaKojv Iv ra ifp'p, 

And "answering 'Jesus said, teaching in the temple, 

TTwc Xiyovaiv ol ypafifiarelg oti 6 \piaTog viogJiaTiv Aa/3io" ; 

How say the scribes that the Christ "son 'is of David? 

36 ai)Tbg l ydp n & Aa/3i8 n ^eIttev^ iv c ry" irvEi'fiaTi c r<p" ayi^i, 

^himself 'for "David said by the Spirit the Holy, 

d Ei7rfcV e 6" Kvpiog Tip.icvpiip.fwv, { Kd9ov n sk Se^uov-liov Eiog.dv 

3 Said "the "Lord to my Lord, Sit at my right hand until 

9u> Tovg.ix9povg.aov Bv7ro7r6Siov n rCJv.7roSuJv.aov. 37 Avrbg 
I place thine enemies [as] a footstool ' for thy feet. -Himself 

h ovv n & Aal3iS' [ XkyEi avTov Kvpiov' Kai tt69ev ^vibg.avTov 
therefore 'David calls him Lord, and ^whence his son 

iaTiv j" Kai 6 rroXvg oxXog tikovev avTov r'jljEojg. 
is he ? And the great crawd heard him gladly. 

38 Kai k iXeyv avrolg iv Ty.Sidaxy.avTOv," BXettete curb 

And he said to them in his teaching, Take heed of 

tojv ypaj.ifiaTE.ijJV, tujv 9eX6vtojv iv aToXdig TTEpnraTElv, Kai 

the scribes, who like in robes to walk about, and 

avrr} Trpuiri) f.t>TO/\rj TA. <cai [L]TTrA. P 6p.oia TA. 1 avrfj (read [is] like 

it) LTr. r i7res t. s 0e6s (read he is one) gltttAW. l ko.1 ef 6a>j9 -njs ^vxys t'J T - 
nepiaaoTepov abundantly more TTr. w Tutv GLTrAW. * [avrbi/] Tr. > AaveiS 

iariv TTrA ; io-Tiv Aavet'5 L ; kaTiv AavtS GW. x yap [L]T[Tr]A. a Ac-vetS LTTrA ; 

AaviS GW. > Ae-yei says w. c tu GW. d Ae'yei says GTr. e 6 {read [the J; ltta. 
f naQuTov TrA. e vnoKaru) (read beneath thy feet) a. h ovv [LJTTrA. ' aiiTOv iarw 
vios TTrA. k zv rp o"iSaxn avTov eAeyev TTrA, 



cifJira<jjiovQ tv tcuq dyopalg 39 Kal 7rpu)TOKa6tapiag tv tcvq 
salutations ia the market -places and first seats in the 

cvvaywyalg Kal 7rpwroKXicriag tv Tolg St'nrvoig' 40 oi '(carfc- 

synagogues and first plaoes at the suppers ; who de- 

6iovrQ v rag oiKiag ru>v x>ip<*>v, Kal 7rpotpdaei paK-pd 

Tour the houses of widows,' and as a pretext 2 at 3 great 'length 

Trpoaevxojxevoi' obroi m Xi]-<povTai n TrtpiGGortpov Kpifxa. 

'pray. These shall receive more abundant judgment. 

41 Kal KaOivag u 6 'l_i](rovQ n KartvavTi u tov ya^ocpvXa- 

And = having 3 sat 4 down 'Jesus opposite the treasury, 

kiov tOuopti ttCjq 6 oxXog j3dXXei ^oXkw tig to yaZo<pvXd- 

he saw how the crowd cast money into the treasury ; 

kiov' Kal ttoXXoI irXovoioi tf3aXXov 7roXXd. 42 Kal tXOovaa 
and many rich were casting [in] much. And 4 having 5 come 

uia x*19 a "XTwxfi 'i(3aXtv XstttA Svo, o sariv KodpdvTijg. 
*onc 3 widow 'poor cast [in] 2 lepta 'two, which is a kodrantes. 

43 Kal 7rpecrKaX<7afivoc TOvg.fiaRijrdg.auTOV p Xsysi n avrolg, 
And having called to [him] his disciples he says to them, 

'A/xiju Xtyw vfiiv, on r).xhp a - aVTr t t) Trrw^j) ttXeHov TcdvTOiv 
Verily I say to you, that this 2 widow "poor more than all 

q /3f/3\j7Kej/" tuiv ' (3aX6vT(ov n elg to ya^ofyvXciKioy. 44 irdv- 

has cast [in] of those casting into the treasury. 2 AU 

reg yap k tov rrepiaffsvovTog avroXg tj3aXov avrrj.di 

'for out of that which was abounding to them cast [in], but she 

Ik TT]g.vo-T(pi]<Tu>g.avTijg TrdvTa oaa ^X iv tftaXev, 

out of her destitution 3 all *as 6 much 8 a3 'she 8 had 'cast [ 2 in], 

oXov Tov.fiiov.avTrjg. 
'"whole 9 her "livelihood. 

13 Kai iKTropEvofikvov.avTov Ik tov lepov Xtyei ai>T(p 

And as he was going forth out of the temple s says to 7 him 

sTg " T&v.fiaBr}Tjv.avTov, AiSaaKaXe,' ISe, 7rora7roi Xi0oi /cat 

'one 3 of 3 his *disciples, Teacher, see, what stones and 

TTOTairal oiKodofiai. 2 Kal l 6 'Irjcrovg cnroKpiOtig" etirev avT<p, 

what building3 ! And Jesus answering said to him, 

BXtireig raurag rag /itydXag oiKoSofidg; ov.firi d^>e8y n 
Seest thou these great buildings ? not at all shall be left 

XiQog L-iri v Xt0^>" og ov.fxrf.KaTaXvdy. 3 Kai KaOrjusvov 

stone upon stone which shall not be thrown down. * And as 2 was 3 sitting 

ai/TOV tig to opog tujv 'EXaiutv KaTtvavTi tov lepov, w t7r?jpaj- 
'he upon the mount of Olives opposite the temple, ask- 

roij/" avTOV Kar'Jdiav x Ii'tTpog Kai 'I<aKw(3og Kal 'Iwdvvtjg Kal 

ed 3 him 'apart 'Peter 2 and 3 James *and 6 John a and 

'Av^psag, 4 ?El7rk n iffu.v ttotz ravra taTai ; Kal rt to 

'Andrew, Tell us - when "these 3 things 'shall be ? and what' the 

crj/xdov otclv fi'tXXy z irdvTa ravra owTtXtlaQai" ; 

sign when *should 5 be 6 abont 'all a these 3 things to be accomplished ? 

5 'O.SL'lrjaovg A d.7roicpi0tlg n h ai>Tolg rjpZaTO Xtyeiv, n BXe7TET 
And Jesus answering to them began to say, Take heed 

urf Tig vfidg irXavtiay. 6 iroXXoi. c ydp n iXtvaovTai iirl t( 
lest anyone ''you 'mislead. For many will come in 

ovojiaTi-ixoVf XtyovTtg, "Ore lyu) sl/xi' Kal iroXXovg 7rXavr)- 

my name, saying, I am [he], and many they will 


salut.itions in the 
market-places, 39 and 
the chief seats in the 
synagogues, and the 
uppermost rooms at 
feasts : 40 which de- 
vour widows' houses, 
and for a pretence 
make long prayers : 
these shall receive 
greater damnation. 

41 And Jesus sat 
over against the trea- 
sury, and beheld how 
the people cast money 
into the treasury : 
and many that Were 
'rich cast in much. 
42 And there came a 
certain poor widow, 
and she threw in two 
mites, which make a 
farthing. 43 And he 
called unto him his 
disciples, and saith 
unto them, Verily I 
say unto you, That 
this poor widow hath 
cast more in, than all 
they which have cast 
into the treasury : 
44 for all they did cast 
in of their abundance ; 
but she of her want 
did cast in all that 
she had, even all her 

XIII. And as he 

went out of the tem- 
ple, one of his disci- 
ples saith unto him, 
Master, see what man- 
ner of stones and what 
buildings are here I 
2 And Jesus answer- 
ing said unto him, 
Seest thou these great 
buildings ? there shall 
not be left one stone 
upon another, that 
shall not be thrown 
down. 3 And as he 
sat upon the mount 
of Olives over against 
the temple, Peter and 
James and John and 
Andrew asked him, 
privately, 4 Tell us, 
when shall these 
things be? and what 
shall be the sign when 
all these things shall 
be fulfilled? 5 And Je- 
sus answering thein 
began to say, Take 
heed lest any man de- 
ceive you : 6 for many 
shall come in my name, 
saying, I am Christ; 
and shall deceive 
many. 7 And when 
ye shall hear of wars 

1 KaTeo-QovTes TrA. m \rjfx\f/ovrai iTTrA. n 6 'Irjo-ovs [L]TTrA. anevavri Tr. 

P cl-rrev he said GLTTr. 1 if$a\ev did CUSt [in] LTr. r fiaWovTiov LTTrAW. + e/c of Tr[A]. 
' a.TTOKpi0ei<; 6 'Ijo-5s L ; aTTOKpiOeis TTrA. " + toSe here LTr. v XiOov TTr. w eTrrmoira 
TTta. x + 6 T. y eiirbv LTTrA. * Tauro navTa crvvrekelarOa.). 1 ; ravra o-vvre\.eicrQa.i. ndvra 
TTrA. aroxpiSets TTrA. b jjpar* Ae'yeij' ftvreis LTTrA. * yap for ta. 

132 M A P K O 2. XIII. 

an<T rumours of wars, ffovffiv. 7 OTav.St A aKOvar}Te n ttoX'euovq Kal ciKoaq ttoX'ehwv, 

for **vch things* must mislead. But when ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars, 

needs bo; but the end urj.9ooH<j9s' SeI e yap" yevkoQaC dXX' OU7TW TO 

shall not oejet. 8 For fe disturbed ; 2 it 3 must "needs 'for come to pass, but 4 not 5 yet [ 3 is] Hhe 

nation shall rise a- ' r T * 

gainst nation, and teXoC. 8 'EyEpd))(TETai.ydp tQvOQ f fc7Ti" tdvoQ Kal (3atji\ia 

kingdom against king- =en(J - For 2 shall 3 ri s e "up 'nation against nation and kingdom 

dom : and there shall ^ . ( ^ % , , . 

be earthquakes in di- tTTl j3a(Tl\siaV %Kal n t<TOVTttl OElffj-tOL KaTa.TOTTOVQ, *Kai ] 

vers places, and there affa ; ns t kingdom; and there shall be earthquakes in different places, and 

shall be famines and " . ,,,,.,-, 

troubles: these are taoVTai Xljiol *Kal rnpa^CU." k n^ai" OJOll'OJV TdVTCl. 

the beginnings of sor- there shall be famines and troubles. Beginnings of throes [are] these, 

rows. 9 But take heed f ( t f , i , ,, < ~ , 

toyourselves: for they 9 VJ.I&Q taVTOVQ. 7TapaCW(T0V(7lvJyap n V/J.CIC; !, 

shall deliver you up jj ut taie hee(i ye to Toursc i Tes . f r they will deliver up you to 

to councils ; and in the t * . , , ' , , , , , 

synagogues ye shall be GVl'ECpia KCII EIQ GVl'dyMyClQ' Capi](TE(TOE, ICCCL E7TI 1]yEjlOVWV 

be;iten : and ye shall sanhedrims and to svn.igogues : ye will be beaten, and before governors 

be brought before ru- , , , > ~ . 

lersand kings for my KCII jjaaiKEUJV GTamjUEffOE EVEKEV.hj.lOV, EIQ fMOTVpiOV CIVTOIQ 

sake, for a testimony an( j kings ye will be brought for my sake, for a testimony to them ; 

against them. 10 And , , , , n ,, A ~ , 

the gospel must first 10 Kai EIQ TTClVTa TO. tVvr] m 0El TTpMTOV" K)}pVXO)) vai T0 

be published among all anQ to all the nations must first be proclaimed the 

nations. 11 But when , ,. , , .,., _, , ,, , j j/ 

they shall lead mi, EvayyiXiov. 11 "orrtv.ct" O ayayiocnv n v/.iag 7rapaCidovTEg, 

and deliver you up, glad tidings. But whenever they may lead away you delivering [you] up, 

take no thought be- < ~ / > \ ' n ? ,\ ~ ,.ll 

forehand what ye HV -7rpo/J.Eplf.lV C(TE Tl XaXr]<7T]TE, v fX1]Ce fiEAETClTE 

shall speak, neither do be not careful beforehand what ye should say, nor meditate [your reply] ; 

^a^s^efshaU^be aXK' 3.W ' SoBy ifuv iv kefr9.T7.fip?, tovto AaXejre' 

given you in that hour, but whatever may be given to you in that hour, that speak; 

i^not P ye\hat s^a" *-7P ^ iflElQ 01 XaXovVTEQ, aXXd TO TrVEVfia TO UyiOV. 
but the Holy Ghost, f or 3 not 2 are 'ye they who speak, but the Spirit the Holy. 

12 Now the brother 12 *,rapadu>(TEiJk n ASeX^oq dSeXd>bv eIq OdvciTOV, ml irarrjp 

thertodeat T h,^dthe" And 'will -deliver "up 'brother brother to death, and father 

father the son; and f Kvo y K al E7rava<JTi](JOVTai TEKva ettI yovsig, Kal Oavarw- 
a^atesT t^r parent * chili i and z will 3 rise "up 'children against parents, and will put to 

and shaU cause them aov(nv ai'TOVQ' 13 Kal iaEcQE 111(701) j.lEl'01 VTTO TrdvTOJV Eld 
to be put to death ath them And ye will be hated by all on account of 

lo Ajaa ye snaii De ^ 4 - / t _ , 

hated of all men for T0 oVOUa.UOV O.CE VTTOLlElVaQ EIQ TEAOg, OVTOQ CWfl/crS- 

my name's sake : but na . me but he who endures tp [the] end, he shall be 

he that shall endure ' ' rt f 

unto the end, the rat . 14 OraV.CE IC1]TE TO pCEXl'yfXa ' T1]Q Sp?J/XW(76Wf 3 TO 
same shall be saved. Bave( j B ut when ye see the abomination of the desolation which 

14 But when ye shall , ; , .. t , , s -. 
Bee the abomination of pypEV VTTO AaVlljX TOV 7Tpo(py]T0V," l tOTOQ OTTOV OV.CEl 
desolation, spoken of was spoken f by Daniel the prophet, standing where it should not 
by Daniel the prophet, , , , , i~t*'_j, 
standing where it O aVayiVO)GKU}V VOEITM' TOTE 01 EV TQ lOVOaiq, (piV- 
ought not, Get him (h e wn o reads let him understand), then those in Jndsea let 
that readeth under- , , - _ _ 5. n , ~ j / > 
stand,) then let them yETCOOaV EIQTU Opt]' iO O V 0E 17TI TOV CtOfXaTOQ \XT) Kaja- 
that be in Judaea flee them flee to the mountains, "he 'and upon the housetop 3 not 'let "him 
to the mountains : 1 , , , , , ,, ? > -r ' -\ /T 11 v t / n > 

15 and let him that is (3aT(x) W EIC T7]V OtKiaV," JUJJOE x ElO-EXt)ST<t>" 'apai Tl" EK 
on the housetop not come down into the house, nor go in to take any thing out of 
codownintothehouse, ^ ,, , ~ -. r , \ > %, ^-nii\ \ ' 
neither enter therein, Tr}Q.OlKiaC;.aVTOV 16 Kai O El TOV aypOV Z U)V U ^.EinO-TpE^aTd} 
to take any thing out his house ; and he that in the field is let him not return 

let *hUn h that Vinthe EtQ Td OTTIGU) dpai T0.lj.ldTlOV.aVTOV. 17 OVal.OE TOIQ 

field not turn back to the thmgs behind to take his garment. But woe to those that 

Wwment ^But kv.ya(TTplAxOV(TCU Kal Ttt~lQ 9l)XaZ,OVaaiQ EV EKEll'aiQ TCUQ 

woe to them that are are with child and to those that give suck in those 

d aKovexe ye hear of Tr e yap T[Tr]A. f eir TA. e Kal TTrA. h kcu T[Tr]A. 

i jcal rapaxai LTTr[A]. k apx^l a beginning LTTr. ' yap for T[Tr]A. m TTpoiTOV Set 

LTTrA. n KO.I OTav and When LTTrA. ayuMTiv OLTTrAW. P ixT}Se fxtKerare [L]TTr[A] 

qivL. r Kai trapaSwo-ei LTTrA. s to pt\6i.v vnb AanijA. xov Trpo^^rou g[l]tTia. 

* eo-rais EG ; ecmjKOs L ; ecrrnKora TTrA. T &e L[Ti]. w ets rr]i> oiKtaf [lJi, 

* firt\6dT(o LTTr. J ti apac TrA. * wv {read [is]) LTlr. 

XIII. MARK. 133 

imipatg. 18 irpoaEvvtaOe.St "iva u.ii.ykvi}Tai a )).(f>vy)).viiiov n with cnild > ftn,i t( > 

daysj ; And pray that W'notn* Vour'*fl&xt ^gsT^M 

Xij.iu>i>og. 19 fforrm_yp ai.iifispai.ticeivai 6Xi\pig, o'ta P? a y y e tha t your 

in winter; for Shall 5 be ['in] Hhose 3 days tribulation, such as fli ? h * b ? H, ofc -' U ,_ the 

, , , , , , , ., , ' , winter. 19 For in those 

OV.ytyOl'EV TOMVT7) tt7T 0.pX>lQ KTKTElOg b l)g n tKTlGEV O days shall be affliction, 

has not been the like from [the] beginning of creation which 2 created such as was not from 

n , ~ - , cr, , the beginning of tho 

VEOg Hog TOV VVV, ICCll 0V./.17) ySV7]TOl. 2U KClt El.fl)) L KVpiOg creation which God 

'God until now, and not at all shall be ; and unless [the] Lord created unto this 

,.,.-, ,, ,,, , n , , n ~', time, neither, shall be. 

btcoAopwoev" rag ttytspag, ovK.av.taojUi] Ttaaa oapt,' 20 And except that the 

had shortened the days, there would not have been saved any flesh ; Lord had shortened 
,,..., , i>\ > >y > 'y \'/3 < those days, no flesh 

a\\a via Tovg tKAEKTOvg ovg t^tXetaro. i/coAopwerE)/ rag should be saved; but 
but on account of the elect whom he chose, he has shortened the for the elect's sake, 

/ c,-, tr > / 1 ' < ~ ,)> T 5 / 11 t > < whom he hath chosen, 

tifxepag. 21 Kai tote tav Tig v\xiv eitttj, u loov, n wSe o he hath shortened the 

days. And then if anyone to you say, Behold, here [is] the days. 21 And then if 

' #>*iif><>'ii>~p'* ' 11 c\a a' any man shall sav to 

XpHTTOg, V hOOV," EKEl, *fM).Tri<TTtV<T7)TE. tt 22 tyEp9l]<TOVTai you, Lo, here /s Christ; 

Christ, or Behold, there, ye shall not believe [it] 2 There 3 will 4 arise or, lo, he is tliere ; be- 

h ydp" tyevdoxpiOTOi Krai" ^evdoirpo^iJTai, Kai >Su<jov<jiv' ] arjfXEla mS cErtSfilfiS 

for false Christs and false prophets, and will give signs prophets shall rise, 

Kai TspaTa, irpog to a.Troir\avq,v el SvvaTOV k /cai'' Tovg IkXek- ^ wonders^to^se- 

and wonders, to deceive if possible even the elct. duce, if it were pos- 

TOVg. 23 VflEigM (BXeTTETE' l lSoi>, n TTpOEipr]Ka VfUV TCCLVTa. ^Bu^take'ye hoed*'- 

But 2 ye 'take heed : lo, I have foretold to you all things, behold I have foretold 

24 '"'AW' 11 iv EREivaiQ ralg t'lfikpaig, pet' Ti)v.9\i\piv.EKEivrjv } yu all things. ~* ft 1 ' 

But in those days, ^afte that tribulation, Jhat tribulafio'n, a the 

6 j'jXtOg <Ti;OTlj6l')<JETai, Kai r/ GEAy'/VT] OV.dlOGEl TO (piyyog sun shall be darkened, 

the sun shall be darkened, and tho moon shall not give 2 light J^t give^er light 

avT)~)g, 25 Kai oi ciffTepEg "tov ovpavov toovrai 'iKTr'nrTOVTEg^ p and the stars of 

'her ; and the stars of the heaven shall be falling out, t&Tpowers that Tre 

Kai ai Svvd/.iEig al ev rolg ovoavdig aaXEvBijaovTai. in heaven shall be 

and the powers which [are] in the heavens shall be shaken ; g^Uhe "see" theSon 

26 Kai TOTE O'tf/OVTCtl TOV v'lOV TOV dv9pU)7T0V ip\6j.lEV0V EV of man coming in 

and then shall they see the Son of man coming in the clouds with great 

t r <. / \ ~ ^ * 1 11 ' ' power and glory. 

VEipcXaig [HETa ovpafi'-wg 7roXXr~]g Kai co^rjg. 27 Kai tote 27 And then shall he 

clouds with 2 power ' 'great and glory; and then send his angels, and 

. , , , A n ~ II , >y shall gather together 

aiTOUTEXEl T0Vg.ayytKoVg. v aVTOV, Kai tTTltrVVU^El TOVg his elect from the four 

he will send his angels, and will gather together winds, from the utter- 

, , , ,. , , ,, ,, most part of the earth 

EKXEKTOVg.^aUTOV" EK TlOV TE(T(japu)V aVSj.lUJV, air UKpOV to the uttermost part 

his elect from the four winds, from [the] extremity of heaven. 28 Now 

,1 , en, , , , ^, ~ /,, learn a parable of the 

yt)g EWg aKpOV OVpaVOV. 2o AtTO.OE Tljg OVK)]g fiaUETE n <, tree; When her 

of earth to [the] extremity of heaven. But from the fig-tree learn branch is yet tender, 

}' " ->~ "r. ^^/^.||t ^^ / and putteth forth 

rtjv irapapoXijv otuv r avTi\g ?/o-j o KXaeog anakog ysvi}- i e;lV cs, ye know that 

the parable : when of it already the branch tender is be- summer is near : 29 so 

^ => , ~n < , > . > > ' 11 " ' ' > fl 1 , ' to in like manner, 

Tai, Kai s tK<pv7j" tu <pii\Xa, 1 yipio<jicete" OTi tyyvg to Vspog ^honyo shall see those 

come, and it puts forth the leaves, ye know that near the summer things come to pa.^s, 

iajiv 29 ovtwq ko.1 vfteig, orav VaiVa WrjTs" yivofteva, ^ u e 7 ^'tho^dulw.' 

is. So also ye, when these things ye see coming to pass, 30 y cr i]y I *ay unto 

yivwoKETE oTi iyyvg egtiv Eiri Ovpaig. 30 'AfiSjv Xiyco vftiv, l^ ^JZt^, 

know that near it is, at [the] doors. Verily I say to you, till all t ^ ese things be 

OTi ov.jii) Trap'tXBy 7j.yFVEa.avTi], jue^pig ov y iravra 

that in no wise will have passed away this generation, until all 

a 17 fyvyr) v/iiov (read it may not be) ltti-a. b ffv l-TTr. c eKoXo^uxrev Kvpio; T. 

d ISe TTrA. e V TA - ' ^ 5 LTTrA. 8 /xr) Trio-revere believe [it] not GLTTrAW. 

h 5t and T. > xf/evSoxpio-rot Kai a. J n-oujoroucrtp' will work TA. k Kai t[t.-Ja. 

1 ISov [LlTTrA. m 'AAAa LTTrA. " eaovTai IK tov ovpai/oO nlmOVTes LTTrA. Kai 

oofr)? noWris l. p avrou (read the angels) [l]ttia. i auTov (read the elect) p'-A. 
' rjoi) 6 KA.a8os avrr)q LTr. s tK^vr) EGT. * yivuHTKCTai, it is known A, * iSvjre 

rai/ra LTTr. T ravra navTa TTrA. 

134 M A P K O 2. XIII. XIV. 

done 31 Heaven and Ta y 7a yivnTcu. 31 b ovpavbg Kal t) yn w 7raoe- 

earth shah pass away : ,, ,. , ., , . , , m . ,~ a , ,/ ' '. > 

but rnv words shall these things shall have taken place. The heaven ana the earth shall 

not pass away. 32 But XsiHJOVTai' 11 oi.8LX6yOl./XOV OV. x [tr) H >'7TOptX0W(7tV." 32 lit'pl.'Sk 

hour knowjth no man, P ass awa J"> ^ but my words in no wise shall pass away. But concerning 

no, not the angels Tijg.l'lUSpag.tKSivijg z Kai" Tl"]C Wpag, OvSeiQ oloSV, Ovfik a Of dy- 

which are in heaven that day and the" hour, no one knows, not even the an- 

neuher the Son, but k en i i > ,, , , , , , , , 

the Father. 33Takeye yeXoi" Ol" IV Ot/paVfp, OVCt O VIOQ, Sl.fX)J O 7TaT7]0. 33 B\.77r, 

heed, watch and pray : gels those j^ heaven, nor the Son, but the Father. Take heed, 

for ye know not when , , , , , 

the time is. 31 For the aypV7TVSlTS Kai TrpOdSVXSOVS'" OVZ.OlCa.TS.yap 7TOT JCaiOO 

bon of man is as a man 'watch and pray ; for ye know not ' when the time 

taking a far journey, , , . - , , . ,,,,.. 

who left his house, and SGTIV 34 (OQ avUpiOTTOQ a7TOCI]por G(plQ T7]V OtliiaV 

gave authority to his is ; as a man going out of the country, leaving -house 

servants, and to every , , , * , N , _ , , , j ... , , 

man his work, and aVTOV,Kai COVQ TOig.COVAOtg.avTOV Tl/V tt,OVOiaV,Kat [[ KaCT(p . 

commanded the por- 'his, and giving to his bondmen the authority, and to each one 

tor to watch. 35 Watch ( >< , ~ ( ~ n , , x 

ye therefore: for ye TO.tpyOV.aVTOV, Kai Tip VvpwptjJ SVSTSlAaTO iva 7P?}yopj?- 

know not when the his work, and 2 the 3 door-keeper 'commanded that he should watch, 

master of the house rr ~ ~ . ** * ' * ' ~>, 

Cometh, at even, or at 35 ypijyopSlTS OVV' OVK-OlC.aTS.yap 7TOTS O.KVpiOQ TrjQ OUZUIQ 

midnight, or at the Watch therefore, for ye know not when the master of the house 

morn^-^'lcstcom! W. ^S, T, ^SCOVVKTIOV^ T, dXsKTOp0^iOViag,r, TTpwi- 

ing suddenly he find comes: at evening, or at midnight, or at cock-crowing, or morning; 

w^ttsay unto y^Tr 30 W IX6W *W"JC &PV '*>P"S KaQsvSoVTag. 37 *&M 
say unto all Watch. iest c ming suddenly he should find you sleeping. And what 

VfiXv X&yio, ttcwiv Xtyiv, rp?jyopEcr. 
to you I say, to all I say, Watch. 

XIV. After two days %* t tt < / . , *y < y 

was the feast of the 14 Hv.ot to rraaxa ^ ai ra aZ,vp.a jxsTa dvo 

fiassover, and of un- Now it was the passover and the [feast of] unleavened bread after two 

eavened bread : and e / \ ivt t > * ~~ 

the chief priests and V^PQ Kai u,i\tovv oi ap X ispsig Kai oi ypappaTSig 7TIOQ 

the scribes sought how days. And 'were Peeking 1 the 2 chicf -'priests 4 and s the "scribes how 

bT C crrftfand a Jut > air6v lv S6X V KparhaavrsQ aTTOKTtivumv 2 tXsyov h Se," 

to death.' 2 But they him by guile getting hold of they might kill [him]. = They 3 said 'but, 

dat' hft ?here he be e an M? ? lv T V *P T V> A"'" ^Opv{3og faa* TOV Xaov. 

upioar of the people. ^ ot ' n the feast, lest a tumult there shall be of the people. 

_ . .. . . _ .. 3 Kni ovroc avrov lv BnOavia, tv rij oi'/c/a Siuwvog tov 

3 And being in Beth- .,-,.., . ^. . ' , v i. ' /<? .i. 

any in the house of And " belu ? he m Bethany, m the house of Simon the 

Simon the leper, as he X7TpOU, KaTaKt}xkv0VMVT0V , l)\Qsv yVVl) tXOVGa d\a- 

a a wovmm t 'h t avi' U g a n le P er ' as he reclined C at t(lblc l- Jcame ' a Ionian having an ala- 

alabaster box of oint- fiatTTpOV fiVpOV VCtpdoV TTiariKl'jg TToXvrsXovg' k Kat" OVV- 

ment of spikenard b as ter flask of ointment oHnard 'pure ' of great price ; and having 

very precious ; and she _ f * f , . 

brake the box. and TOtX^aaa 7t>" ClXafiacFTOOV, KOTS\SSV ttVTOV m KGTa' Tljg 

poured it on his head. brokcn the alabaster flask, she poured [it] 2 his 'on 

4 And there were some __ ( _ % , , , 

that had indignation KS(paXt]g. 4 t)(jav.os Tivsg ayavaKTovi'Tsg 7rpug.savTOvg, n Kttl 

within themselves, head. And "were 'some indignant within themselves, and 

and said, \\ by was , , , , , , , , 

this waste of the oint- Ay01TE,' ElC^ Tl ll.aTTloXSia.aVT)] TOV pVOOV yiyOVSV ; 

ment made? 5 for if saying, For what -this -'waste 4 of 5 the "ointment 'has been made? 

might have been sold _,*, , ~ n n ~ ,/ n 

for more than three O l)0VVaTO.yap TOl'TO 7TpaU))1'at tlTOl'lO v TpiaKOOtWV 

hundred pence, and for it was possible [for] this to have been sold for above three hundred 

have been given to the ' n > e. /i~ ~ ~ < ., ,o ~ u 

poor. And they mur- CT)VapHtJV, i] Kai OOVl]Vai TOIC 7TT(x>X 'Q Kai 1sVSpplU.tOVTO" 

mured against her. denarii, and tohave been given to the poor. And they murmured 

C And Jesus said, Let > ~ o tj-t ?> > T - 7 1 . > < >~ ' 

her alone; why trou- aVTy. D O.Ot. iTJOOrg Si~ EV, A<pT aVTTjV Tl aVTlJ K07TOVg 

hie ye her? she hath at her. But Jesus said, Let J alone 'her; why to her trouble 

w TrapeKevaerai GW. x /j.rj TrA. 7 TTapeXevaovrai TTrA. z 17 OV GLTTrAW. a ayyeAo? 
an angel A. b ei TTrA. c Kal 7Tpoo-ev\ecr9e LT[Tr]A. d Kal LTTrA* e + V 

either TTrA. { fxetrevxiKTitiv TTrA. B o LTTrA. h yap for ltti-a. ' ecrrai 

Bopvfios TTrA. k Kal TA. ' toi' LTW ; rrjv T' A. m Kara (read avrov on his) 

LTTrA. n Kal Ae'yoi'Tes T[Tv]a. + to fJ-vpov ointment GLTTrAW. P &r)vapiwl> 

?YHaKOffiW LTTrAW. S ivefipt.ti.ovvTQ T. 



fivpiaai x>fia n elg 

She came beforehand to anoint jny body for 

7rapx?r; KaXbv t pyov r eipydoaTO n s elg Ijuc." 7 rrdvTOTE.ydp 

do ye cause ? a good Work she wrought towards rue. For always 

TOVQ 7T7U)X0VQ i%Sr fis6' tCLVTUJ}/, Kai OTCIV 9&\l]T Svi'CUjOe 
the poor ye have with you, and whenever ye desire ye are able 

t avroiig n v.7roifjcra.c ifit.Se ov ttcivtote t'x re - 8 v <xsv" 

3 thein Ho 2 do good ; but me not always ye have. What "could 


she, she did. She came beforeh 

tov ivra^iaafiov. 9 af.u)vy Xeyio vjjlTv, 07rov. z dv n Kripvyfiy 
the burial. Verily I say to you, Wheresoever shall beproclaimed 

rb.evayy'eXiov*TovTO n elg oXov rbv k6<t{iov, Kai o e7roi)]<yev 
this glad tidings in 2 whole 'the world, also what 3 has 4 done 

avTt] \a\t]9r'](TSTa.i elg /.ivij/iocrvvov avrrjg. 

'this [-woman] shall be spoken of for a memorial of her. 

10 Kai b b u 'lovSag b 6" c 'l(rtcaptu)Trig," d elg tojv Sudeten, 

And Judas the Iscariote, one of the twelve, 

dirr)X9ev Trpbg rovg dpxiepelg, iva e 7rapaik<j avrbv 9 

wcut away to the chief priests, that he might deliver up him, 

ai'rolg. 11 O't.fii aKovaavreg txdpt]crav, .Kal iirt)yyeiXavTO 



evtcatpcog aurov 
Conveniently 5 him 

ore to 7raff%a 

to ihem. And they having heard rejoiced, 

ai'Tij} dpyvpwv Sovvai' Kai turret 7ru>g 
3 him ''money 'to -give. And he sought how 

7rapaSt^. l[ 
'he 2 might 'deliver 6 up. 

12 Ki ry 7rpu)ryrifJ,epaTwvaZv[j.u)v, 

And on the first day of unleavened [bread], when the passover 

eBvov, Xkyovaiv avrip oi.tia9t]Tal.avTov, JJoii 9kXeig 

they killed, 'say *to 5 him 'his "disciples, Where desirest thou [that] 

cnre\96i'Teg iTOi/xdaiofiEV 'iva fydyyg to Trdaxa; 13 Kai 

going we should prepare that thou mayest eat the passover ? And 

cnroGT&Wei Svo TOJv.^aB^TtJv.avTOV, Kal X'tyei avrolg, 'T7rayeT 

he sendsforth two of his disciples, and says to them, Go 

eig tt)v 7ro\iv* Kai airavHiaei vfiiv dv9pu>7rog Kepa/xiov vSarog 

into the city, and 3 will ''meet 5 you 'a -man a pitcher of water 

fiaordZoJV aKoXov9i)<jaTE avT(p, 14 Kai 07rov.^edv n eiat\9y, 

carrying ; follow him ; and wherever he may enter, 

tiiraTE T(p oiKoSearroTy, "On 6 dibdaKaXog Xeyei, Uov 

say to the master of the house, The teacher says, Where 

itTTiv to KaTaXv/xa h ottov to irdaxa /j.erd Tu>v.ixa9>]Tu>v.[xov 

is the guest-chamber . where the passover with my disciples 

tydyb) ; 15 Kai avrbq vfxiv SeiJiei l dvojyeov [ ^ f.ikya orpa>- 

I may eat? aud he 3 you 'will 2 shew an upper room large, fur- 

fiivov k fotjuov." t/cfT' 1 eToijidoaTE I'lfuv. 16 Kai t^fjX9ov ci 

nished ready. There prepare for us. And went away 

Ha9r)Tai. m avT0v f n Kai r)X9ov elg tt)v ttSXiv, Kai ei'pov Ka9tug 

his disciples, and came into the city, and found as 

elnev avTolg, Kai rjToi/xanav to Trac^a. 17 Kai bipiag 

he had said to them, and they prepared the passover. And evening 

yevn/uevrig tpxerai uerd tuiv SwdeKa' 18 Kai dvaKeif.dvojv 

being come he comes with the twelve. And as 2 were 3 reclining 


wrought a pood work 
on me. 7 For ye have 
the poor with you 
always, and whenso- 
ever ye will ye may do 
them good : but me 
ye have not always. 
8 She hath done what 
she could : she is come 
aforehand to anoint 
my body to the bury- 
ing. 9 Verily I say 
unto you, AVheresoever 
this gospel shall be 
preached throughout 
the whole world, this 
also that she hath done 
shall be spoken of for 
a memorial of her. 

10 And Judas Isca- 
riot, one of the twelve, 
went unto the chief 
priests, to betray him 
unto them. 11 And 
when they heard it, 
they were glad, and 
promised to give him 
money. And he sought 
how he might con- 
veniently betray him. 

12 And the first day 
of unleavened bread, 
when they killed the 
passover, his disciples 
said unto him, Where 
wilt thou that we go 
and prepare that thou 
mayest eat the pass- 
over ? 13 And he send- 
eth forth two of his 
disciples, and saith 
unto them, Go ye into 
the city, and there 
shall meet you a man 
bearing a pitcher of 
water : follow him. 

14 And wheresoever 
he shall go in, say ye 
to the goodman of the 
house, The Master 
saith, Where is the 
gtiestchamber, where 
I shall eat the pass- 
over with my disciples? 

15 And he will shew 
you a large upper room 
furnished and pre- 
pared : there make 
ready for us. 16 And 
his disciples went 
forth, and came into 
the city, and found as 
he had said unt o them: 
and they made ready 
the passover. 17 And 
in the evening he Com- 
eth with the twelve. 
18 And as they sat and 
did eat, said, 

r ripya.cra.TO T. " iv IfJioL to me GLTTrAW. * avTOts LTrA ; avrovs T. 

OLTfi AW. w avrri b'ead elxzv she could) [l]t[Ti-]a. * to o-d>/ua /uov LTr. 

and (verily) [LJTTrA. z eav ta. a tovto (read the glad tidings) (V)TTrA, 
LTTrAW. c 'laKapiioO TA. d + o the TTi A. e irapaSol avrbv L ; avrov na.po.Sol TTrA. 

f avTov evKou'pws napaSol LTTrA ; avTov vk. napaS(Z w. S av LTrA. h + p-ov (read ray 

" etrxev 

y + Se 

guest-chamber) [r/jTTrA. 

there TrA ; xaxei t. "> avrov (read the disciples) T[Tr], 

avayaiov GLTTiAW. 

[eVoijUOcJ L. 

1 /cai cfcci and 


MA P K 2. 


Verily I say nntoyotr, 
One of you which eat- 
=th with rue shall be- 
tray me. 19 And they 
began to be sorrowful, 
and to say unto him 

avrwv icai toQiovTwv "eittev 6 'Irjffovg^ 'Atn}v Xsyw 

[ 4 at 5 table] 'they and were eating -said 'Jesus, Verily I say 

t Vfnov Trapaouxju jue, 6 taQiiov 

of you will deliver up rue, who is eating 







VjAlV, OTl 

to you, that 

one by one, Is it I? 19 Oi.(j" -i'lp^avTO \v7TEla9ai, fCfti XiyElV CtVTitJ, dr P/ca$'H Eig, 
and another said, Is, < And they 'began to be grieved, and to say to him, one by one, 
it I?, 20 And he art\ , , , > ,.-> * / > < n or\ <-*" r ' 

swered and said unto' M>; rt syw ; 1K( aWoc, Mi] ti tyto ; z\J O.ct T avo- 

them, It is one of the [Is it] I? And another,, [Is it] I? Bin he an- 

twelve, that dippeth . , . , ? , 3 

with me in the dish. KpiQtlC' ElTTEV avTOlQ, Ei't,' t* TlOV COldfKCl, O tfipctTTTO- 

21 Xhe Son of man in- 

pwcring said to them, [It is] oue 

of the twelve, who 

is dip- 

deed goeth, as it is ,,-,,, , ,-. , <.--!< < ~ ' a ' i 

written of him: but [lEVOg J.IET tflOV l IQ TO TpVpXlOV. 21 v O \IEV IHOQ TOV CU'VpiUTTOV 
woe to that man by ping with me in the dish. TheMndeed 'Son 2 of 'man 

whom the Son of man . , 
is betrayed! good were VTTtiyEl, KCtVwg 
it for that man if he 
had never been born. 

it has been written 

Trepi avrov 

concerning him ; 

but woe 


22 And as they did 
eat, Jesus took bread, 

'goes, as 

avOpcbTry-iicHvy Si ofr a vlog tov av9pio7rov rrapacicoTai' 

to that man by whom the Son of man is delivered up ; 

KCtXov w ? T /v" avnjj el ovic.lyevin)9i] b.avQpioTrog.lKHvog. 

good were it for him if "had *not 5 been B born 'that 2 man. 

22 Kal io9i<n'Ta>i'.av-iov, Xaflwv x o 'h]>rovg ,[ cipTov, 

And as they were eating, "having 3 taken 'Jesus a loaf , 

f^in^gavc^the^ EuXoy^ffrtC EkXcUTEV, KCti tStOKEV ClVTOig, KCII hJtTEV, AajStTE, 
and said. Take, eat :' having biessed he brake, and gave to them, and said, Take, 

this is my 'body. 23 And y^ .|| TO y TO \ ^ ffn ,, rb.ffWiUt.UOV. 23 Kal XaSuJV Vo 1 ' 
he took the cup, and ~ I . 

when he had given eat i tnis 19 

thanks, .he gave it to ^Qj-^pioy^ El'XCipi(JTi](Tag 

cup, having given thanks he gave to them, and they "drank "of 4 it 

iravTEg' 24 kcu eIttev avrolg, Tovto egtiv rb.aifia.fiov a Tb' [ 
'all And he said to them, This is my blood that 

Ti)g h Kaiv7}^ .Sia9)']Kr]g, to c TTEpl ttoXXCjv eicxwo/aevov." 

of the new ' covenant, which for many is poured out. 


ovKBTUov-firi into iK tov 

to you, that not any more iu any wise will I drink of the 

my body. And having taken the 

tSioKEV avrolg' Kal ettiov uvtov 

drank of it. 24' And 

he said unto them, 

This is my blood of 

the ' new testament, 

which is shed for 

many. 25 Verily I say 

unto you, I will drink 

no more of the fruit of 25 OU/V XiyLO VJ.UV, OTL 

the vine, until that Verily I say to you, that 

day that I drink it , , J ,,, , , < 

new in the kingdom n yEvin]jxarog n ri)g ainTiXov, sojg Tijg.yn-ispag.iKEtvrjg otccv ovto 
of God. fruit of the vine, until that day when it 

irivoj Kaivbv iv tt] jSacTtAfi'^t tov 9eov. 

26 And whei. they 1 drink n< ; w t in ^ ha ^ iD S dom > of Gc > d - f 

had sung an hymn, 26 Kat VflVrjOaVTEg t%ij\9oV Ug TO bpog TWV 'EXaiWJ'. 

they went out into And having sung a hymn they went out to the mount of Olives, 

the mouut of Olives. T < . - <; / * 

27 And Jesus saith 27 KCH X*yl ClVTolg O lt)<JOVg, On TTClVTEg'ea\lO~U)](TGUt 

unto thetn, All ye And 2 S s t0 4 them 'J es us, All ye will be offended 

shall be offended T)e- ,,,/,., , , , ^ , y 

causeof me this night: e tV ijXOV IV TlJ.VVKTl.TaVTy OTl ytypCtTTTClt, HaTat,iO TOl 

for it is written, 1 will ^ me in ' this night : for it has been written, I will smite the 

stnite the shepherd, , ( , , , a .. , , 

and the -hcep shall be iTOijiiva,' icai %eiaoicopiTiG9i]<JETai tci wpofjaTa. 28 AAAa 

scattered. 2H But after shepherd, and will be scattered abroad the sheep. But 

that I am risen, I will , ,, _ , , <~ > i , 

go before you into /JiTll TO.tyEp9)]VCll.}AE, 7TpOa^U) VflCig Eig Tt/V 1 (rXtKaiaV. 

Galilee. 29 But Teter alter my arising, I will go before you into Galilee, 

said unto him, Al- , -, , , -u Tr , >., / $ \ r\' 

though all shall be 2!J O.Cl.TltTpog tcpl] OVT({>,l^ai El u 7TaVTEg OICavda\loH})(TOVTai, 

offended, yet will not But Peter said to him, Even if all shall be offended, 

I. 30 And Je-us saith v ... . , , , / nr . T . , . , ~ . > T ~ . . t ^ - 

unto him, Verily I say XA OVK tyiO. 30 K.CII ASyEl CtVTlp O l)](70Vg, Af.O}V Ktyit) OOl, 

unto 'thee, That this yet not "-I. And 2 says 3 to ''him 'Jesus, Verily I say to thee, 

n 6 'Itjo-ovs iTrevTA. t Ot 5e (read r\p^avro they began) ta. p Kara ta. i ai 

aXAo?, Mjj ti eyai ; TTr. r a7roKpiSe't? LTTrA. s e< (read twu of the) T[Tt]. 

' + tt) v X e 'P a the hand l. T + 6n for x[Tr]A. w ?iv [l]t[tt]a. x 6 'Ir^crov? 

[l] ifTrjA.' ^ y (jxxyere GLTTiAW. z TO (read a CUp) LTTrA. a to [l]ta. 

b Kaivri<; TTrA". c V7rep TroAAcof eicxvvv6fi.evov L; K\vvv6fJ.evov vnip 7roAAoii' TTrA. d yeinrj- 
ftaToq TTrAW. e tV e/xoi T^'rA. ' ei/ ttj yvktI ravrr) fLllTrAW. g Sia.aKOpni<jdri<TQVTa\ 
rd.7rp6/3aTaL ; ra.Trp6j3aTa Si.acrKopni<jdri<TovTai. TTrA, 4 Ei (cai TTrA. 

XIV. MARK. 137 

uti' 1 ffhueoov >tv ry.WKTt.ravTyJ itpiv ii die dXsKTona <j a j>' in this night, 

' . '" > . (f . i " r ' . s r before the oock crow 

that to-day in this night, bclore that twice [the] cock twice, thou shalt deny 

(bujvriaai, rote k cnrapi>n<7ij jue." 31 'O.St l tK.7rEpiaaov tXeytv nie thrice. 3i But ho 

' ., r . .. L', ' / . , ., , ' ,, 4 '. , spake the more veho- 

crow, thrice thou wilt deuy nie. But he 3 veheinently "said niently, If I should die 

uaXXov, n 'Ectv m /.ie.ctij n cvvairoQavilv aoi, ov./nj ae with thee, I will not 

Hhe 2 more, If it were needful for me to die with thee, in no wise thee r^ y th e m '? Dy W1Se J 

, , f,> , , * Likewise, also said 

n a7rap?'/;(70/./n(. 11 'Qcrav-tog.ok teal ttcivteq tXeyov. they all. 
will I deny. And in like manner also 3 all "they 'spake. 

32 Ka< ipxovrai tie ^{.opiov ov ro" bvoua v rE9<yt]pavi]' ]l 

And they come to a place of which the name [is] Gcthsemano ; 

Kai Xtysi Toic-f.ia9))Ta~ic.auTOv . KaUicrare lj^e, 'iwg rrpoaEvt,iu- 

and he says to his disciples, Sit here, while I shall 32 And they came ^ 

uai. 33 Km TrapaXauBdi'Si tuv Ylsrpov KaiiTbv n 'laKw3ov a P laco which was 

pray. And he takes Peter and James na ^ ( 'l, 1 Gethsemane : 

\ i r n> < > ' n n ~ n < a snith to his 

Kai lojam'ijv T fie9 tavrav. Kai yp^nro tK9af.iptia9ai Kai disciples, sit ye here, 
and John with him ; and he began to be greatly amazed and 51. , , s ' lil ^ pi"ay. ; 

, ,,.,",, , i / 33 Aml llc takcih with 

acrijiovEiv. 34 Kai Xiyti avrmg, IlepiXviTog tcriv ii-yv^j./jov him Peter and James 

deeply depressed. And he says to them, Very sorrowful is my soul and John, and began 

D r V , -qctt's .to be sore amazed, 

Hog VCIVCITOV fXElVUTE WOE KCll ypijyopELTE. OO Km s TTpOEX~ and to be very heavy ; 

even to death ; remain here and watch. And having gone 34 and saith unto 

ein , , u , , , / -,/ , them, My soul is ex- 

10V' /.HKjpOV l tTTE(JEV n iTTl T1]g y/, Kai TTpOatJVXETO IVa, El ceeding sorrowful un- 

forward a little he fell upon the earth, and prayed that, if to death: tarry ye here, 

. ii /, n > , - ~ . nr , , ,/ x and watch. 35 And he 

ovvarov tariv, 7raptA9y air avrov r/ wpa. Jo Kai tksyEv, went forward a little, 

possible , it is, might pass from him the hour. And he said, and fell on the ground, 

a O i3 - ' ' * ' ' < ' au d prayed that, if it 

Appa, o 7raT)]p, iravra cvvara ooc 7rapn>EyKE to ttoti]- were possible, the hour 

Abba, Father, all things [are] possible to thee ; take away 2 cup might pass from him. 

v >>> ~ ~ .ii ' \ -v ' ' '' v fl'\ '\\ ' ' ' 36 And he said, Abba, 

piOV Y a7T iflOV TOVTO CAA OV Tl tyid VEAlOj a\\a n av. Father, all things are 

a froin 4 me Hhis ; but not what I will, but what thou, possible unto thee ; 

37 Km tpxETai Kai evpioicei aurovg KadEvSovrag- Kai XsyEi ry f^m ^fLvenheS s 

And he comes and finds them sleeping. And he says not what I will but 

ILerpv, Siixvv, K a9EV0Eig; oi> K .i<T X v<Ta g fiiav wpav ypr,- g a g^ a ! r & 

to Peter, Simon, sleepest thou ? wast thou not able one hour to eth them sleeping 

yopnaai ; 38 ypijyopelrE Kai irpooevxzoQe, 'iva fir,yEiakX9r]TE ]l sfmon^sleew thou? 
watch? Watch and pray, that ye enter not coulde'st not ", thou 

Eig 7TEipa(Tfi6v. TO j.lil> TCVEVpa 7Tp69v/JOV, i).3e 0,f 'P^3 V s a {vatchT nd h ra 
into temptation. The -'indeed 'spirit [is] ready, hut the flesh i cs t ye enterinto temp- 

da9Evi)g. 39 Kat irxiXiv cnrEX9ojv Trpoai\vt,aTO,Tbv avrov t!lti&u -. ^ he h sl ' il h it 

weak. And again having gone away he prayed, 2 the 3 same fleshis^veakf ' 39 Vnd 

Xoyoi' eIttwv. 40 /cat x VTroa~pe\bag li si'pEv avrovg y-rrdXa^ again he went away, 

thing 'saying. And having returned he found them again ffi^fword^ .40 5S| 

Ka9EvSovrag' r)<jav.yap z o'i.6d)9aXuoi.avTii>v tt a /3e/3ap??uvoi," when he returned, he 

sleeping, for * Were 'thcir^eyes heavy; found them asleep a- 

, , ,' , , , gain, (for their eyes 

KOI OVK.yOEiaaV Tl b aVTCp cnrOKpSCoGlV. 41 Kai fjO^Srai were heavy,) neither 

and they knew not what 4 him 'they -should 3 answer. And he comes wist they what to an- 

, x - , - , r n '? c 'ii \ swerhim. 41 And he 

TO TpiTOV, Kai AtyEl ttVTOig, Kat/EVCETE ^TO AOnrOV Kai cometh the third time, 

the third time, and says to them, Sleep on now and and saita unto them, 

/ n , , -sn' < " '*' ' S"? Sle P . n now ' and 

ava7ravEGVE. a7TSY,r 1]X9EV T] lopa' lOOV, irapaotOOTai take your rest: it is/ 

take your rest. It is enough ; has come the hour ; lo, s is ^delivered 7 up enough, the . hour is 

<<v ~, A , , , ^ ,, \ ~ ac% ' > come , behold, the Son 

O VlOg TOV av9ptx)TTOV Eig Tag XEipag TUJV afiapTtOAWV. 42.yl- of manis betrayed into 

'the ''Son 3 of 'man into the hands of sinners. Rise, the hands of sinners. 

Q .>>,, r. , i d " ii 42 Rise "Pi let us S ! 

pE09s, ayiOflEV' ICOV, O TCapaClCOVg JUE "l/yyiKEV. i 0) he that betrayetU 

let us go ; behold, he who is delivering up me has drawn near. me is at hand. 

i + (XV thou GLTTrAW. J yavTTj TJJ WKTt LTTrA. k /U. anapvrjo-r] LTTrAW. ' eKTrepio-aus 

i\a\ei LTTrA. m oe'ij ^.e LTr. ' " a.TTapVTqo-i> T. w L. P Te6<rqp.avel LTTrAW. H rov 
GLTTiAW. r fj.iT avrov LTTrA. 6 irpoo-e\9u>v Tr. l 7riTTTei' TA. ' toOto an e pod LTTrAW. 
w e\0t}TTA. x 7raXii/ eA^uji/ again coming la ; \6iov Tr. y jr&Aii> LtiA. * avTwvo'i. b<p9aA- 
UOtT.. Kara^apwonivoi. LTTrAW. b airoKpi.6oiO-i,v a.i>T<$ LTTrAW. e-roLTrAW. d riyyiaw X. 


43 And immediately, 
while he yet spake, 
coineth Judas, one of 
the twelve, and with 
him a great ruulti-' 
tude with swords and 
staves, from the chief 
priests and the scribes 
and the elders. 44 And 
he that betrayed him 
had given them a 
token, saying, Whom- 
soever I shall kiss, that 
same is he ; -take him, 
and lead him away 
safely. 45 And as soon 
as he was come, he 
goeth straightway to 
him, andsaith, Master, 
master ; and kissed 
him. 46 And they laid 
their hands on him, 
and took him. 47 And 
one of them that stood 
by drew a sword, and 
smote a servant of the 
high priest, and cut off 
his ear. 48 And Jesus 
answered and said 
unto them, Are ye 
come out, as against 
a thief, with swords 
and with staves to take 
me? 49 I was daily 
with you in the tem- 
ple teaching, and ye 
took me not : but the 
scriptures must be ful- 
filled. 50 And they all 
forsook him, and fled. 
51 And there followed 
him a certain young 
man, having a linen 
cloth cast about his 
naked body; and the 
young men laid hold 
on him : 52 and he left 
the linen cloth, and 
tied from them naked. 






M A P K 2. XIV 

e Ev9ewc n in. avrov.XaXovvrog 7rapayivErai - 'lo- 

ituinediately 4 yet 'as 2 he 3 is speaking, comes up Ju- 

h w2' 1; ru)v owos/ca, Kal jxet avrov bxXog '-TroXvg^ 
'being of the twelve, and with him a ^crowd 'great, 

[laxaipuJv Kal %vXojv, irapd rwv dpx^p^v Kal rwv 

and staves, from the chief priests and the 

k rwv" 7rpEO-f3vrkpiov. 44 Seowkei.Se 



= one 


Ypan[xarsu)v icai 

scribes and 



a sign 



Now 'had ? given 'he 2 who 
avrolg, Xsywv, "Oj'.aj/ 

to them, saying, Whomsoever 




^arrayce/ere " 

lead [him] away 

wg" 7rpo<Te\9iov avroj XkyEi, 

Trapacioovg avrov 

3 was ''delivering 6 up s him 

(piXi)aw avrog iariv' 

I shall kiss 2 he Ms ; 

dotyaXCog. 45 Kal tX9wv, e sv9's 

safely. And being come, immediately coming up to him. he says, 

n 'P/3/3i, pafifii " Kal KarE(plXi~TEv avrov. 46 Ol.Si t7rii3aXov n 

Rabbi, Rabbi ; and ardently kissed him. And they laid 

p f7r' avrov rag x E 'P a Q avru>v, n Kal tKpctrrjcrav avrov. 47 EIc.os 

upon him -hands 'their, and seized him. But 3 one 

V(t\" TU)V 

'a 2 certain of those 






r ' ' II 


A?; OT?))' 

a robber 

7rap<jri]KGT<jJV rnra<jaf.avog 

standing by, having drawn 

rbv bovXov rov dp%ipwf Kal a<piXev avrov to 

the bondman of the high priest and took off his 

48 Kal cnroKpiOslg 6 'Irjuovg e'Lttev avrolg, *Qg lirl 
And ^answering 'Jesus said to them, As against 

s e)]\9ete" /xtru fxaxatpiov Kal %vXojv avXXa/3di' fit; 

are ye come out with swords and staves to take ma ? 

4'J Kaff '.y/Afpav yfxijv rrpbg vjxag iv roj itpy SiCacKwv, Kal 
Daily I was with you in the temple teaching, and 

ovk iKparr)(Jark /xe~ dXX' "iva 7rX])pio9w(jiv at ypafai. 

ye did not seize me : but [it is] that 2 may *be fulfilled 'the -scriptures. 

50 Kal d(pfvrfg avrov t 7rdi>reg e<pvyov. n 51 Kal "tig rig 

And leaving him all fled. And one a certain 

veaviffKog" v t)KoXov9Ei n avr(p, 7TEpif3ij3\)jph>og aivbbva IttI 

young man was following him, having east a linen cloth about 

vov" Kal Kparovmv avrov w oi i>Eai'i<TKor n 52 b.Si 


[his] naked [body] ; and 

s him 'the 

-young men, 
KaraXiirm' rr\v aivZbva yv/xvbg t6vyEV *-cnr' avrwv.' 

lcunri T\tr T-\oTi ir* A +Vio" liHGIl cloth '''iiL-iifl *fli n^ (*>Am +Vlf4m 

but ha, 

leaving behind the' linen cloth, 2 naked fled from them. 

53 Kal cnryjyayoi' rbv 'Iijaovv irpbg rbv dpxiEpsa' Kal 
And they led away Jesus to the high priest. And 

avvkpxovrai ?avro) irdvrEg oi dpxispElg Kal oi z irpEofivrpoi 

the chief priests and the elders 

there come together to him 


53 And they led Je- 
sus away to the high 
priest : and with him 
were assembled all the 
chief priests and the 
elders and the scribes. 
54 And Peter followed 
him afar off, even into 
the palace of the high . 

priest: and he sat with CVyKat/lj/J-EVOg fif.ra- TWV V7T)]pETlOV, Kal VEpfiaiVOpEVOg TTpog 
the servants, and sitting with the ofheero, and warming himself at 

warmed himself at the u \ u . ~ r .-.< *>, i ~ "\ ^ ' t* <v 

fire. 55 And the chief TO' <pwg. o5 Ol.CE apXISpEig KOI OAOV TO OVVEOpiOV tZ,t]T0VV 
priests and all the the fire. And the chief priests and "whole 'the sanhedrim sought 

council sought for wit- (lit. light). 

Kal oi ypappartlg. 11 54 Kal bTlsrpog dirb j.iaKp69ev rjKoXsi- 

and the scribesl And Peter from afar off f ol- 

9t)gev avroy i\.jg taw Etg n)v avXt)v rov dpx^p^og' Kal r\v 

lowed him as far as within to the court of the hiyh priest ; and he was 

e evQ\J<s LTTrA. f + 6 LTrAW. S + 6 'IcTKapiaJTr)? Iscariote LT[Tr]A. b up LTTr[A]. 

5 7roAvs [LJTTrA. k Ttbv T. ' o-vvo~t]^.OV T. m aTrdyere LTTrA. n 'Pa^/3t LTr J 

pa)3/3ec T J pa^/3ei [pa/3/3ei] A. eTrej3a\av T. P ras xeipas e7r' ai/rbv L ; Tac ^etpa9 avrai 

TTrA. <l tis LTrAW. r wrapiov LTTrA. 6 e^rj\9aTe LTTrAW. l e^vyov Trai'Tes TTrA. 

u veavi<TKO<; tls LTr. , " crui'r)KoAoi/0ei was following with LTTrA ; r)K.o\ovQri<Tev followed W. 
w ot i/eavitrKoi (read they seize) LTTrA. x .air avriov [LJTTr. y avrul T. 

1 ypapnaTels Kai oi irpecrjivTepoi. h. a o~uvKa.6rni.evos T. b to E. 

XIV. M A R K. 139 

icard tov 'Inaov uaprvpiav, tic to QuvarCJaac avrov Kai ovy ness against Jesus to 

T l.r. ' ' . s , , ,. i a i put mru to death ; and 

.gainst Jesus testimony, to put to death luni, and -not f ouna \ n0 ne. 56 For 

J eup7Kov. n 56 TToXXoLydp iilsvoouaprvpovv kcit avrov. man y bare false mt- 

.,-'. c j t t t, ' ' J j. ,' j .. ~. . , ness against him, but 

'did nnd [any]. For many bore false testimony against him, their ^ itnC3S agTeer i 

Kai 'hai ai uaprvpiai ovK.haav. 57 Kai ru'fc avaoravTEQ ?"* together. 57 And 
and alike their testimonies were not. And some . haying risen up and bar ' e fftlge witneS g 

i\pmSofiaprvpovv icar avrov, Xsyoi'reg, 58 "On r'n-itlg ijKOvaa- against him, saying, 

bore fake testimony against him, saying, We heard 8 ^fn ^^0 this 

fxev avrov Xzyovrog, "On tyoj KaraXvcru) rbv.vabv.rovrov tov temple that is made 

him saying, I will destroy thit temple the with hands, and with- 

t < * < < > \ > / lu three da y s 1 Will 

XStp07T0l)]T0V, Kai Oia TplUJV J//ifpd)V aAAOl' aX^ipOTronjTOV build another made 

[one] made with hands, and in three days another not made with hands without hands. 59 But 

j en it- S' " " t < ' ' ~ neither so did their 

OlKOOOjiriGU). OV Kai OVCS OVTOJQ IGt] 7]V r]./.iaprvpia.avrOJV. witness agree toge'ther. 

I will build. And neither thus alike was their testimony. 60 And the high priest 

,, ,- . . < v > e > II ' i stood up in the midst, 

bO Kai avaarag o apxiEpevg ctg e ro" fxtaov kTnjpwrrjaev and asked Jesus, say- 

And ''having 5 stood 6 up 'the 2 high 3 priest in the midst questioned ing, Answerest thou 

^ , T ~ -v t r^t > i , / ' t ' notliing ? what is it 

TOV 11)<70VV, AiyijJV, OVK ttTTOKpi7'y OVdiV ; Tl OVTOl GOV which these witness 

Jesus, saying, Answerest thou nothing? What 2 these *thee against thee? 61 But 

ai 'r\ ? ' ' ' f ' s>< ' ' II he held his peace, and 

KaTa/UtpTVpOVGlV] Ol O.CE taaoira, Kai l OVC(V aTTEKplVarO. answered nothing/ A- 

- 'testify "against ? But he wa,s silent, and nothing answered. gain the high priest 

n'-x i - i i ' . / * \ ' ) ^ xi' asked him, and said 

aAiv o apxupevg tirripwra avrov, Kai Xtyet avrtp, Sv nnto him / ^ thou 

Again the high priest was questioning him, and says to him, 2 Thou the Christ, the Son of 

El b xpiarog, 6 vibg tov EvXoyiirov ; 62 'OJL'hivovg eIttev, ?* l ^j\ : tnd 

'arc the Christ, the Son of the blessed? And Jesus said, ye shall see the Son of 

'Eyuj ei/xi. nai oxjsso-Qe rbv vibv tov avQpiorrov ^KaBrj/nevov m t hand^f Tower 6 
I am. And ye shall see the Son of man sitting an( j CO ming in the 

Ik de,iuiv H Trig dvvauewg, Kai tovouevov uera rwv vttitXuiv ^^ 3 f , . beaven 

. r -i 1.4.1 i " ' j " A ' "... ., X , 63 Then the high priest 

at [.tlie] right hand of power, and coming with the clouds rent his c i othes an( j 

tov ovpavov. 63 'O.^g apxiepevg Siappijt,ag rovg.xiTuivag.avrov saitb ^> What ?i eed w e 

of the heaven. And the high priest having rent " his garments e^Te hare heard 

\tysi, Ti tri xptiav t xP- iV paprvpwv ; 64 rjKovffare V?/C the blasphemy: what 

says, What any more need have we of witnesses? Ye heard the thlnk J e ? ^ n , d . th y 

, . , , , , , - , all condemned him to 

p\a<r(f)iij.iiag'" ri v/uiiv faiverai; Oi.cte travrzg KareKoivav be guilty of death. 
blasphemy: what 2 to a you 'appears? And they all ' condemned 65 And some began to 
, , - ii /-l / /-. v > i > s ? lt on hlm ' an<i to 

avTov l tlvai tvoxov" vavarov. 65 Kai i/p%avro rivsg t/jnrrveiv cover his face, and to 

him to be deserving of death. And. s began 'some to spit upon buffet him, and to say 

, , , x , . , , .. , ' unto him, Prophesy : 

avr^>, Kai 7repiKa\v7rTEiv "'TO.Trpoaojirov.avrov, Kai Ko\a- and the servants did 

him, and to cover up his face, and to buf- strike him with the 

_, y , / v -v i , . _ , , , , palms of their hands. 

<pic,uv avrov, Kai \zyeiv avrip, Hpo<pr)TEveov' Kai oi VTri]perai 
fet him, and to say to him, Prophesy ; and the officers 

pairiGfiaaiv avrov m t/3aXXov." 
with the palm of the hand 2 him 'struck. . , _ * 

, ,.. , ~ t \ ~ ii / 66 -^ n " as Peter was 

do Kai ovrog rovTlirpov u tv ry av\y Karw," tpxcrai jiia beneath in the palace, 

And 2 being 'Peter in the court below, comes on *bere cometh one of 

j. ~ , , ,-,_ , ,,. ~ , , the maids of the high 

TlOV TTaiClGKUtV TOV ap%lS|0aig, b7 Kai ICOVOa TOV lltrpOV priest: 67" and, when 

of the 'maids of the high priest, and seeing Peter she saw Peter warming 

/, / > o\ ' i > ~ -v i -it- i \ himself, she looked up- 

vtpfiaivofxzvov, tfxpAEyaaa avriit Asyei, Kai av pera tov on him, and said, And 

warming himself, having looked at him says, And thou s with 3 the thou also wast with 

Ny ~ n'T - t n n ^.n i m i / \ r n > n Jesus of Nazareth. 

aL,api]vov ii]gov rjaua. bo O.Se rjpviiaaro, Asycjv, p o VK " 68 But he denied, say- 

*Kazarene 5 JesUiS 'wast. But he denied, saying, 3 jNot ing, I know not, nei- 

t tv n t>mi ' k t in \ / -rr \ ' v ~-\ /i "v ther understand I 

oica q oi'dt t-Kiarajj^ai T n vv n Asyeig. Kai - iZriXvev tt,u> what thou sayest. And 

'I = know nor even understand what thou sayest. And he went forth out he went out into the 

d r\vpi.crKov LTrA. * to {read [the]) glttyaw. f ovk aneKpivaro ov&ev TTr. % Ik. 

ht^iiav Ko.Qrifi.evov GLTTrAW. ' h rr)f f3Ka<T(}>7]fJ.ia.v L. ' f ro^ov elvai TTrA. k avrov to 

irpoauinov TTrA. m efiaAov w ; eAafiov (read received him with buffets) LTTrA. n koltuj 

ev T77 avKrj TTrA. rjO-Oa toO 'IrjCTOV LTTrA. P OVT6 neither (know I) LTITA. 9 0U7 

nor i.TirAw. r ov xc lttia. 

140 MAPK02. XIV, XV* 

porch; ana the cock ' ro ^poavAlOV' & Ka\ aXEKTlop td)0)VTl(JV." 69 Kl 7/ iraiSiOKfl 
s^^iS^giiS^and^tne Vch, and a cock * crew. And the maid 

began to say to them l^ovaa clvtov ^dXiv fjpKaro" Xsyeiv rolg *7rapf arr^Koaiv/' "On 

wf o S f Themf ' 70 And Eceing him again be an to say to those Btanding by, 
he denied it again. oilTOQ % CLVTIOV EtJTIV. 70 '0.(~ TTClXlV IJpVHTO. Kai fXETli 

And a little after, This ["onel 3 of "theia 4b. And he again denied. And after 

they that stood by said ~ , > ^ 

again to Peter, Surely ULKpUV TTClXlV 01 TrapEGTWTEg tXtfOV Tip Tl'tTp^t, AXtjOtog 
thou art one of them : a little again t ho,e standing by said ' to Peter, Trulv 

for thou art a Gall- ,~ - v in n ~ - > \ a ' 

lsean, and thy speech Ei, CtVTWV El' Kai.yap TaXlXaiOg Ei, w Kai 1) AaAul 

agreeth thereto. 71 But from among them thou art, for both a Galilean thou art, and Speech 
he began to curse and . , , , . , -<, - , , , , . 

to swear, saying, I GOV OfiOiaC,El. 71 O.0E lips,aT0 aVlWE/AaTl^Ellf KOI ^O/XVVElvr 
know not this man 'thy agrees. But ha began to curse and to swear, 

of whom ye speak. ,, , _,, , n _ % / _ ^ , 

72 And the second time On OUK.OlOa T0V.aVUpU)7t0l>.T0VT0V 01/ AEyETE. /2 Kai ' 
the cock crew. And I know not this man whom ye speak of. And 

Peter called to mind >r> > , -rr>- i n < / , 

the word that Jesus EK.CEVTEpOV aAEKTlxlp l(pl)Vr)OEV. JLcil aV[lVr]<TVT} O LlSTpOQ Z 70V 
said unto him, Before the second time a cock crew. And ^remembered 'Peter. the 

the cock crow twice,' ' . rii _* > ~ <, ~ ^. , > x / 

thou shalt deny me p^lf^OTOg OtJ 17TEV auri/J IjICTOl'f, Ort 7TplV aXtKTOpa 

thrice. And when he word that 2 said 3 to 4 him 'Jesus, Before [the} cock 

weptf" there n ' he *povri<rcu Slg n b aTrapvr)o V F e rpi'ff' B Kai iiri(3a\u>v 

crow twice thou wilt deny me thrice ; and having thought thereoD 


XV. And straight- he wept. 

*ray in the morning ler < c >fl' d> > >ll > Q '\ e n 

the chief priests held 15 Kai c VVlog a E7Tl TO 11 7TO0JI OVppOvXlOV e 7T0n](TaVTtQ 

a consultation with And immediately in the morning G a 'counsel *having 5 formed 

the elders and scribes it - . -> > , f 

and the whole council, ol ^PX ie P ei S /^a TixJV 7rpopi'Tfpu)v Kai " ypa^fiartivv Kai 

and bound Jesus, and 'the 2 chief 3 priests with the elders . and scribes and 

carried him away, u\ < ' ? ? > * >t - > ' < 

and delivered Mm to oXoV TO OVVEOplOV, C1]<Ja%'TEg 70V lljffOVV aTTt^l'tyKav Kai 

Pilate. 2 And Pilate 2 whole 'the sanhedrim, having bound Jesus carried [him] away and 

asked him, Art thou _ ' s & ~n hir \ ' ll ct ' ' < < 

the king of the Jews ? ^apECOJKav %Tl>) n "IIlAary." 2 Kai 7TT]pWT>)aV ttVTOV O 

And he answering said delivered up [him] to Pilate. And Questioned 3 him 

"""sSldttS^tel ''K^toq* Si 67 6 (SamXevg rwv 'lovSaiuv; 'OJk diro- 

priests accused him 'Pilate, 6 Thou 4 art the King of the ,> Jews? And he an- 

he aSred^oVhing* K P l6e ^ k ' i7rev fi{,r ^>" 2 " Xk 7^- 3 Kai KarTjyopovv avrov oi 

4 And Pilate asked Bwer ' n o sa id to him, Thou sayest. ^And 4 were 5 accusing G him 'rhe 

him again, saying An- apYteptig 7ToXXd- 4 d.St.^lXdrOg^ 7rdXlV k t7nipWT7](TEV ] laVT6v, 
swerest thou nothing ? x-X^^f. \ .,, A j t>-i * * j "'""t 

behold how many cnief T>"ests urgently. And Pilate again questioned him, 

things they witness a- "\gya>v," Ovk diroKpivy ovSsv ; i'oe, TTOCa aov 

Jesus" 'yet^'answered sa y ilx S, Answerest thou nothing? See, of how many things "thea 

nothing; so that Pi- m KaTaixapTVpOVaiV. n 5'0.Se.'h)a0Vg OVKSTlJOvSkv d-KEKoiOl), 

at te Sft rV feast" he N r W ' they 2witne8S a&a mst - But Jesus not an y more an 7 thir & answered, 

leased unto them one ware OavuaZeiv Tov "ILXaVoi/." 6 Kard.St Eoprtjv cnrkXvev 

prisoner, whomsoever so tha t 2 wondered 'Pilate. Now at [the] feast he released 
they desired. 7 And , , , _ .. _ r ,,, , 
there was owe named aVTOig EVa CElt/MOV, OV7Tp rjTOVVTO. 4 T}V.CE AyO- 
Barabbas, which lay to them one prisoner, whomsoever they asked. And there was the [one] call- 
bound with them that t,/->0~ ,~ n ~llft' 
had made insurrection flEVOg Bapappag flETa TWV v OVOTaoiaOTWV n OECE/AEt'Og, 
with him, who had ed Barabbas \ with the associates in insurrection bound, 
committed murder in f , ~ r , , / t > _ ,-, / 

the insurrection. 8 And oinvEg ev ry uraoEi (f>ovov TrE-iToir]KEiaav. Kai ^avapoijoag" 

the multitude crying who in the insurrection murder had committed. And crying out 

aloud began to desire <> >/v ~ fl fl'r'Mi''- >~ 

him to do as he had *>X VP^ aT0 aiTEioVai KaViog r aa" E7riEi avroig 

ever done unto them, the crowd began to beg [him to do] as always he did to them, 

\_KaX aAinTuip e$u)irr\o~zv] L. ' f/p^aro TraAiv T ; irdAiv A. v napiaruio-iv TTrA. 

" Kai ^ AaAia (TOV o/xoiacjei LTTrA. * hp.vvvai GLTTi AW. i + filOvs irA mediately LTTr. 

1 TO pr,/xa ois LTTrA ; to pt}P-a '6 W. a 6is ^itiifrjaat LTrA. b Tpc's /Ae a.Trapvr\orj LTTrA, 

c eti^vs TTrA. d eirl to (read 7rpoit early) LTTr[A]. e eTOijaao-aiTes T. f -f tojV the T. 

E T(f> LTTrA. h LTeiAaTai T. ' IleiAaTOs T. J avT<5 Ae'yei to him says ttta. 

* imnpiura TTrA. Aeycoi' T. m Karrj-yopovcrii' they accuse LTTrA. ' IletAaTOV-T 

ov napflToiivTO T. P araaiaoiitiv LTTrA. 4 dca/3d: coming up LTTrA. aeijt 




9 b.SL'TliXdrog" airtKp'iQn clvtoIc, Xkyiov, OsXere cnroXvou ' 9 But Pilate answered 

t>. i. ti-i i j ' ,, '. ,.,, T , ,, , them, saying-, Will Ye 

But Pilate answered them, saying, Will ye I should release that I release unto you 

viilv rbv {SamXta roJv 'lovSaiiov, 10 'Eyivioaice v. yap on Sia the King of the Jews ? 

to you the King of the Jews? for he knew that through the chief prilstsliad 
<p96vOV 7rapa^eSwKl(raV aVTOV 01 apXlpiiQ. 11 o'l.Se CtpX~ delivered hiru for en- 
envy 4 had delivered 7 up c him 'the a chief 3 priests. But the chief vy : ." But , th ? ch,of 
J r priests moved the peo- 

isptig av'founav rbv oxXov iva fidXXov rbv BapafifSav pie, that he should ra- 

priests stirred up the crowd that rather Barabbas the T r ^ ease B " ab , bn 5 

> / i c,, / > n , '\ h unt, them. 12 And 

enrokvay avrolg' 12 O.0f. s II(AdrO" aTTOKpidtig TTaXlv" Pilate answered and 

he might release to them. And Pilate answering again said a " a . in un t them, 

- , / n >\ ' > ' -v ' ii "hat willye thenthat 

v el7rev n avrdig, Ti ovv "tfsAere" rroirjOio x ov Xtytre I shall do unto him 

said to them, What then will ye I should do [to him] whom ye call whom ye call the King 
r, \ > ~ > r > ' -in r-v !< '\ f t ^ ' ' of the Jews? 13 And 

? paaiXta tiov lovdaauv; Id Oi.ot 7raAtr ucpa^av, zravpw- they cried out again 
King of the Jews ? But they again cried out Cruci- 

aov avrov. 14 'O.^^Il/Xaroc;" 'iXeyev avrolg, Tt yap ^kukov 
fy .him. And Pilate said to them, What 2 then 'evil 

s7ro/jj(Te^" ; O'l.Se h 7rpi<T<jortpojg n c tKpa%av, n "Lravpwoov av- 

did he commit ? But they much more cried out, Crucify him. 

rbv. 15 'O.SL^HiXdrog" fiovXopevog a r< oxXoj T0 

And Pilate, desiring 7 to 8 the 9 crowd J that "which [ 6 was] 

iKavbv 7roifi<jai, u cnr^Xvosv avrolg rbv Bapa/3j3dv Kai rtap'i.- 

"satisfactory 'to a do, released to them Barabbas, and de- 

SuJicev rbv '\r)Govv, (ppayiXXoiaag, iva oravpajQ?).' 

liveredup Jesus, having scourged [him], that he might be crucified. 

16 arpariCJrai dir)]yayov abrbv tffuJ rijg abXijg, o 

And the soldiers led away him within the court, which 

loriv irpairiipiov, Kai e avyKa\ov<nv^ oXqv ri\v oirtlpav' 

is [the] proetoriuin, and they call together 2 whole 'the band. 

Crucify him. 14 Then 
Pi'ate said unto them, 
Why, what evil hath 
he done? And they 
cried out the more 
exceedingly, Crucify 
him. 15 And soPilare, 
willing to content the 
people, released Barab- 
bas unto them, and 
delivered Jesus, when 
he had scourged him, 
to be crucified. 

16 And the soldiers 
led him away into tne 
hall, called Prseto- 
rium; and they call 
together the whole 
band. 17 And they 
17 Kai "tvSvOVOtv" aVTOV TTOpfVpaV, Kai TrtpiTlQf.aOlV abrip clothed him with pur- 

And they put on him purple, and placed on him P le > and J . platted a 

crown of thorns, and 
put it about his he.d, 
18 and began to salute 
him, Hail, King of the 
Jews ! 19 And they 
smote him on the 
x , .. head with a reed, and 

aVTOV TIjV KE(f>a\7)V KaAUj-Hp, Kai IVSirrVOV avT(p, KUl TlUSVreg did spit upon him, 
his head with a reed, and . spat on him, and bending and bowing their 

ra yovara 7rpo<jKvvovv avrip. 20 Kai ore ivkirai^av avrip, 

the knees did homage to him. And when they had mocked him, 

t&SvGav avrbv rrjv Ttoptyvpav, Kai tvidvaav avrov ra 

TrKk^avrsg aKavBivov ar(pavov\ 18 icai ypZavro aarrd^- 

having platted [it] 2 thorny 'a crown, and they began to sa- 

rtOai avrov, Xaipe, s j3ao-iXev n rCJv 'lovSaiujV 19 Kai trvirrov 

Hail, King of the Jews 1 



And thev struck 

they took off him 

his own garments ; 




put on 

" k 

iva ' 






21 Kai 


the purple. 

Kai 'i^dyovffiv^ 
and they lead "out 

ciyyapevovffiv trapdyovra riva 'Eifiwva Kv 


they may crucify 




they compel 

^passing 3 by 'one, 

Simon a Cy- 

tpX(>/J.Pov m a7r' il dypov, rbv irarkpa 'AXs^dvSpov Kai 
coming from a field, the father of Alexander and 

iva dpy rbv.aravpbv.avrov . 

that he might carry his cross. 

22 Kai tykpovoiv avrbv irri D YoXyoQa n toirov, o lanv 

And they bring him to 3 Golgotha 'a 2 place, which is 

fxeOep/jiiivEVoiJiEvov, Kpaviov ro-Kog. 23 Kai ISiSovv avrip 

being interpreted, 

2 of 3 a "skull 'place. 

And they gave him 

knees worshipped him. 
20 And when they had 
mocked him, they took 
off the purple from 
him, and put bis own 
clothes on him, and led 
him out to crucify 
him. 21 And they 
compel one Simon a 
Cyrenian, who passed 
by, coming out of the 
country, the father of 
Alexander and E.ufus, 
to bear his cross. 

22 And they bring 
him unto the place Gol- 
gotha, which is, being 
interpreted, The place 
of a skull. 23 And tiiey 
gave him to drink wine 

s IleiAaTOS T. l wdKiv aTTOKpiOeis LXT.A. v eAeyei' TT. A. 

Ae'yere LTr. y -f rbv the LTTrAW. * + Ae'yoi'Te; saying t,.^ 

b n-epto-crtoc GLTTrAW. c eKpa^ov h. ' d jroi^crat to iKavbv tw X^V T. 

f ev&i&vo-Koycriv LTTrA. -K 6 /3acriAev; GaW. h i^idrta aVTOV L ; 

1 ayouo-tr they lead l. ' k o-Tavpajo-ovfrte they shall crucify LTTrA, 

" a7rb LTi . " fbv ToKyoBav T ; ToKyodav A ; [tw] roAyo0d Tr. 

w [0e'Aere] Tr. * of 

TToii)<rev KO.KOV TTrA. 

e (rwi'/coAouo'ii' T. 
i5ta l[j.diTi.a avrov T. 
1 avrov T. 

142 M A P K O 2. XY. 

mingled with myrrh : o^jyi tffUVOVKTUSVOV o'iVOV p 6M l OVK.tXdfitV. 24 Kal 

but he received it not. . , . . ,. r , > 3 .f, ., , ,. , . , . , ,., . ' ,., . , 

24 And when they had to ^ lnk "medicated 3 with "myrrh 'wine ; hut he did not take [it] And 

crucified him, they i(j T avpi6(mvTc; avrbv n T diE/jipiZ,ov n ra.i.jiiana.oriiroD, fiaXXov- 

casUng lotr m upon having crucified him they divided his garments, cast-, 

them, what every man TEg KXijpOV E7r' avra, Tig Tl apy. 25 r]V.() 

should take 25 And - a lot on tnem who [and] what [each] should take. Andit was [the] 

it was the third hour, . 

and they crucified him. utpCt Tp'lTt], KCli iGTClvptoaav CIVTOV. 26 Ka i\V l) ETTiypa<pri 

2o And the superscrip- a h(nu . i t h.ird, and they crucified him. And "was 'the inscription 

tion of his accusa- , , , . -, , ' r /3 "V ' ~ >t 3 ' 

tion was written over, ri)g.aiTiag.avrov tTri.yfypaj.i}itvi], (J paaikEvg twv iovdaiixiv. 

THE JCING- OF THE 3 f J his Accusation written up, The King of the Jews. 

JEWS. 27 And with , , , , , , , 

him they crucify two 5i7 KfU <7t'I' i/7VJ (TTClVpoVGIV CVO X7J(TTCig, Eva EK CE^JuJl/ 

thieves ; the one on his And with him they crucify two robhers, one at [the] right hand 

right hand, and the' , , ; , , _ _ , , N , , 

other on his left. Kai spa kt, ev ojvv j.iiov avrov. zo a Kai E7r\r]pioar] i] ypacp>i 

28 And the scripture and one at [the] left of him. And was fulfilled the scripture 

was fulfilled: which < . T/ - > , > , >\ < n n c\c\ t- < ' ' 

saith, And he was >/ Xkyovca, Kai /j,Era ClVOflWV lXoyi<TV?]. n 2i) Kai Of 

numbered with- the which says, And with [the] lawless he was reckoned. And those 

transgressors. 29 And > > a\ . > > r - \ , -v 

they that passed by TTapaTTOpEVOjXEVOl tj5/\a(J(pr)jiWUV CWTOV, KlVOVVTEg Tag KEtpakag 

railed on him, wag 1 - passing by railed at hiin, shaking -heads 

fayfng^Ah^tliou' that a l""WZ/, Kai XkyOVTEg, t Ovd, n O.KClTClXvwV TOP VO.OV Kai v tV 

destroyest the temple, 'their, and saying, Aha, thou who destroyest the templo and in 

three b dayi CSt 3(/'save T" (T < J/ VfiSpaiQ OtKodojjCjV," 30 GUJCfOV OaVT0V> W /Cttl KCtTCtfici" 

thyself and como three days buildest [it], save thyself, and descend 

down from the cross, > l7rQ r0 J p T avpOV. 31 'Ollo'uog^VE 1 Kai 01 aOYUptlC, EUlTai- 
31 Likewise also the r t~ = rA r s>> /" 
chief priests ' niockin" f rom the cross. And in like manner also the chief priests, mock- 
said among themselves 0VT g Tfpbg a\\i)\ovg /j,tci twv ypapfiaTk(i)'v } \yov,"A\\ovg 
saved Vthers" himself ing among one another with the scribes, said, Others 

he cannot save. 32 Let toojGEv, iavrov ov.Svvarai auxrai. 32 ti v^piGTbg 6 (3aai\ 

Christ the King of Is- hQ saved himself he is not able to save. The Christ the King 

rael descend now from _ , , ,'_,, 

the cross, that we may YroV n lupat)\ Karaj3ar<x> VVV UTTO TOV UTavpoV, iva ISlOfJlEV 

see and believe. And f j srae i | i e t him descend now from the cross, that we may sea 

they that were cruci- , , ' a ~ > '* y 

fied with him, reviled Kai TrurTEVfJio/xEv . Kai oi ovvEGTavpojfuvor avr<iJ ioveion,ov 

him. 33 And when an( j believe. And they who were crucified with him reproached 

the sixth hour was , , , ,,,.. , , , ' . , 

come, there was dark- aVTOV. 33 "rEVO/JlSVrjg.da" Wpag EKTIjg, GKOTOg iyEVETO t(j> 

ness over the whole him. And "being 5 come ['the] 3 bour "sixth, darkness came ovei 

land until the ninth , , . , , .. . , ~ ,i 

hour. 34 And at the oXrjv T7jv yi}V, tug wpag c tvvaTi]g'" 34 Kai rij a ipa. ry 

ninth hour Jesus cried all the land, until [the] = hour 'ninth ; and at the hour the 

with a loud voice, say- , / ,, , l3 , < > T ~ , ~ >. -^ / ,, e> T ^\ .i 

ing, Eloi, Eloi, la- Evvarif e(3o7](TEV o hjaovg <po)vy fiEyaXy, e Xywv," '.EXioi, 

MA SABACHTHANI ? ninth 2 cried 'Jesus with a -voice 'loud, saying, Eloi, 

preled, 1 My ei Goa.?my 'EXwt, 11 ^Xa^xa" *oa(Sa X Qavi ;" o ho-riv fieOeppijvevSpevov, 

God, why hast thou Eloi, lama sabachthani ? which is being interpreted, 

some^f^hem 35 ^ 'OSeoc./xov,. 6.0Eog^ov, uq.t'i^ hyKCLrkXiw^ ; 35. Kal nvlg 

stood by, when they My God, My God, why me hast thou forsaken ? And some 

hoid^callethEints" T '* )V k TrapEari]KOTU}V i[ ctKovaavTEg iXEyov, l 'lSov, n m 'HX('av" 

36 And one ran and of those standing by having heard said, Lo, Elias 

filled a spunge full of ^ - S6 ApauoiV-Ss n Eig^ 0!l Kai 11 yEuiaag airoyyov oovg, 

vinegar, and put it on y"'' "" r r . i> . ' 1,, j ' ' . iU 

a reed and gave him he calls. And -having 3 run l one and filled , a sponge with vinegar, 

to drink saying, Let TTSptfoig pa T8" KaXafJiy knOTlZEV aVTOVjXsyiOv/AlpETE, 

therElias/wilT clme having 3 put[*it] 5 on 'and a reed gave- 2 to Mrink 'him, saying, Lethe, 

to take him down. iSwfJtEV El tpX^ Tal ^'HXia*; 11 KaQtXElv OVTOV. 

let us see if -comes^ 'Elias to take down him. 

o 7rietj/ TTrA. P o<i Se who however TTr. 1 (rravpovcriv av~6v, k.o\ they crucify 

him and to-a. r Siafiepi^ovrai they divide GLTTr aw. verse 28 t[tt]a. * Ova t. 

v OtKoSo/atoi' Tpto-lf qjue'pais LTTrA. w Kara/Sag descending LTTrA. -' Se and GLTTiAW. 

y- TO t,TTr. 2 + av7<2 him L. a + crvi' with (read crucified along with) lt. 

b Kal yevofJ.ivr]g LTTrA. c eva.Tr]? LTTrA. d eva.rr\ wpa LTTrA. e Keymv TTrA. 

f 'EAwt eAtoii LTA. S Ae/uta LT ; Aa/u.a TrAW. h <TapaxOa-vel TTr. 1 eyKa.Te\nre<; /j.e ITI'i A 

1 napeariiiTwv T. ' 'Ue TTrA. m 'HAeiav T. n Tis TTrA. oa #cai L[Tr] a. r a t 
J TTrA. i a 'HAeiasT. 

37 'O.SL'Irjffovg 


a<ptiQ (pu)v>)v fiEydXr]v HZ'sttvevijev. 

And Jesus having uttered a 2 cry 'loud expired. 

38 Kal to KaTairkraafxa tov vaov iax^l f ' ^vo, T a.7ro l avio- 

And the veil of the temple was rent into two, froxn top 

6ev sojg Kario. 39 ' 6 Kevrvpiojv 6 irapEaTrjKujg 

to bottom. And e having 9 seen 'the 2 centurion 3 who 'stood 5 by 

i^ivavriag altrov on ovrojg B Kpa%ag n i''t7rvEV<JEV, eIkev, 
"opposite 7 him that thus having cried out he expired, said, 

'A\t]9ujg t 6.civ9pwTrog.ovTog" v'wg rjv Geov. 40 ^Raav.Se Kai 

Truly this man 2 Son 'was of God. And there were also 

yvvaiiceQ o.7r6 /naKp69ev i Gewpovaai, iv atg Vjv 11 Kal Mapia 

women from afar off looking on, among whom was also Mary 

T] MaySaXrji'r), Kai Mapia w r)" z tov k 'laicwfSov rov jxiKpov Kal 

the Magdalene, and Mary the 2 of 3 James 'the 5 lesd s and 

r 'lwcrr}' /AT]Tr)p, Kai SaXoijUT/, 41 at 'tccu ]i ore i\v iv rgTaXi- 

'of "Joses 'mother, and Salome; who also when he was in Gali- 

\aia 1)koXov9ovv avrtp Kai SirjKovovv avrip, Kai dXXai iroXXa 

lee followed him and ministered to him, and ^others 'many 

al trvvavaficwai avTo) tig 'lEpoaoXvfia. 

who came up with him to Jerusalem. 

42 i'jSn oxpiag yevofiivrjg, 7re r)v 7rapanKEvrf, 

.And' already evening being come, since it was [the] preparation, 

o ioTiv a 7rpo<TCTj8j3aTQj/," 43 h TiX9ev" 'lojtrr/tp 6 airb 

that is [the day] before sabbath, came Joseph who [was] from 

Api[j,aQaiag, evaxW^V j3ov\Evrr]g ) og Kai avrhg fjv 7cpoa- 

Arimathaea, [an] honourable counsellor, who also hinlself was wait- 

CE%6fMEvogTrit ' (5aoC\Eiav tov 9eov w roXfxrjffag e,i<Tt)X9EV 7rpog c 
ing for the kingdom of God, having boldness he went in to 

d riiXarov 11 Kai -gTYiaaro to ToJ/ia tov 'Irjaov. 44 6.SL e Hi\drog 

Pilate and begged the body of Jesus. And Pilate 

iQavfiaGEv" ei ijSr] teOi'tjkev Kal TcpboKakEOcifiEvog tov 
wondered if already he were dead ; and having called to [him] the 

KEvrvpiiova tir7)p6)Ti]GEv avTOv el f 7mAai" cnrkQavEv' 45 Kai 

centurion. he questioned him if long he had died. And 

yvovg airo tov KEVTvpiojvogiSojprtaaTO to ^aoJfia^ tuj 

havingknown [it] from the centurion bo granted the body 

'lwcT](p. 46 Kai dyopdaag oivSova, b iial n Ka9e\iov 

to Joseph And having bought a linen cloth, and having taken s down 

avrbv Ivei\t](tev ry oivSovi, Kal i KaTe9rjKEv n ovtov iv 

'him he wrapped [him] in the linen cloth, and laid him in 

^-jxvrjfiEiuj," b 7]v \E\aTO\ir\nkvov iK Trirpag' Kal irpoct- 
a tomb, which was cut t out of a rock. and roll- 

eKvXiatv \i9ov 7ri rrjv Bvpav rov nvr}jxdov. 47 rj.Si.Mapia rj 

ed a stone to the door of the tomb. And Mary the 

MaySaXrjvi) Kal Mapia ''Iwfff/ 11 i9e&povv tcov m rtf9srat." 

Magdalene and Mary [mother] of Joses saw where he is laid. 

16 Kai SiayEvojxkvov tov oafifictTov, Mapia i] MaySaXrjvi) 

And 3 being 'past 'the z sabbath, ' Mary the Magdalene 

Kai Mapta i) "row" 'laKiofiov Kal SaXwfir] r)yopaaav 

and Mary the [mother] of James and Salome bought 

apibfiaTa, \va iX9ovaai dXEitpioaiv ovtov. 2 kai Xiav Trpoj'i 

aromatics, that having come they might anoint him. 

And very early 


37 And Jesna cried 
with a loud voice, and 
gave up the ghost. 
38 And the veil of the 
temple was reat in 
twain from the top to 
the bottom. 39 And 
when the centurion, 
which stood over a- 
gainst him, saw that 
he so cried out, and 
gave up the ghost, he 
said, Truly this man 
was the Son of God. 

40 There were also wo- 
men looking on afar 
off : among whom was 
Mary Magdalene, and 
Mary the mother of 
James the less and of 
Joses, and Salome i 

41 (who also, when he 
was in Galilee, fol- 
lowed him, and minis- 
tered unto him ;) and 
many other women 
which came up with 
him unto Jerusalem. 

. 42 And now when 
the even was come, 
because it was the 
preparation, that ib, 
the day- before the 
sabbath, 43 Joseph of 
Arimathaa, an ho- 
nourable counsellor, 
which also waited for 
the kingdom of God, 
came, and went in 
boldly unto Pilate, and 
craved the body of Je- 
sus. 44 Aud Pilate 
marvelled if he were 
already dead : and 
calling unto hint the 
centurion, he asked 
him whether he had 
been any while dead. 
45 And when he knew 
it of the centurion, he 
gave the body to Jo- 
seph. 46 And he 
bought fine linen, and 
took him down, and 
wrapped him in the 
linen, and laid him in 
a sepulchre which was 
hewn out of a rock, and 
rolled a stone unto the 
door of the sepulchre. 
47 And Mary Magda- 
lene and Mary the mo- 
ther of Joses beheld 
where he was laid. 

XVI. And when the 
fiabbath was past, Ma- 
ry Magdalene, and 
Mary the mother of 
James, and Salome, 
had bought sweet 
spices, that they might 
come and anoint him. 
2 And very early in 
the mocning the first 
day of the week, they 

r <xjr* LTrA. * T[Tt]A. * ovtos 6 avOpmiTOS LTTrA. T 
[tj] Tr. * TOO LTTrA. \J 'laxriJTOS LTTrA. * Kal LT[Tr] 

b iA8u)v having come LTTrAW. c + rbv TTr. d IleiAaTO^ x<- 

| r?6>7 already LTr. K irTW/ua CC-rpSft LTTrA. * Kal LTTrAW. i(h)Kei> LTr. 

"' b 'IfciTTJTos LvrrA. * Tedctrat Lie haa beea laid LTTrA. B tow t[Tt] 

fyfjead [was]) T[TrA.% 

a 7rpbj o-d/3/3aroi' LTr. 

e LTeiAaros kOavfxa^tv T. 

" ; tt.vriixa.TL X 


came unto the sepul- 
chre at the rising' of 
the sun. 3 And they 
eaid among them- 
selves, Who shall roll 
Tis away the stone 
from the door of the 
sepulchre ? 4 And 
when they looked, 
they saw that the 
stone was rolled a- 
way : for it was very 
great. 5 And enteri ng 
into the sepulchre, 
they saw a young man 
sitting on the right 
side, clothed in a long 
white garment ; and 
they were affrighted. 
6 And he saith unto 
them, Be not affright- 
ed : Ye seek Jesus of 
Nazareth,, which was 
crucified : he is risen ; 
he is not here : behold 
the place where they 
laid him. 7 But go 
your way, tell his dis- 
ciples aud Peter that 
he goeth before you 
into Galilee : there 
shall ye see him, as he 
said unto you. 8 And 
they went out quick- 
ly, and fled from the 
sepulchre ; for they 
trembled and were a- 
mazed : neither said 
they anything to any 
man ; for they were 

9 Now when Jesus 
A'as risen early the 
first day of the week, 
he appeared first to 
Mary Magdalene, out 
of whom he had cast 
Beven devils. 10 And 
she went and told 
them that had been 
with him, as they 
mourned and wept. 
11 And they, when 
they had heard that 
he was alive, and had 
been seen of her, be- 
lieved not. 12 After 
that he appoared in 
another form unto 
two of them, as they 
walked, and went into 
the country, 13 And 
they went and told it 
unto the residue : nei- 
ther believed they 
them. 14 Afterward 
he appealed unto the 
eleven' as they sat at' 
meat, and upbraided 
them with their unbe- 
lief and hardness of 
he.rt, because they be- 
liv.ed nftt them which 
bad seen him after he 
was risen. 15 And he 

M A P K O 2. 


Eig to iAvr]/j.atov, Eloov 

into the tomb, they saw 

'white, and 


'be amazed. 


rriQ jxiac* aaf3Sdrujv ip^ovrai liri to p /zv?j^ue7ov," avciTti- 

on the first [day] of the week thc-y come to the tomb, 3 havins* 

\ai>TOC tov yjXiov. 3 Kai iXtyov rrpbc eavrdg, Tig aTTOKvXiaEi. 

*risen 'the "sun. And they said among themselves, Who will roll away 

ijjxiv tov Xi9ov q K" Trjg Bvpag tov fivr]jxuov ; 4 Kai ava- 

f or us the stone out of the * door of the tomb ? * And having 

j3\e\paaai BEwpovaiv on T d7roKEKvXiOTai v 6 Xi9og' f/v.ydp 

looked up they see that has been rolled away the stone : for it was 

utyag G(f>6Spa. 6 /cat s eiae\9ov(Tai' 

*great 'very. And having entered 

VEavioKOV KaQrjfiwov iv Tolg Ss%ioTg, 7repi(ief3\r}ixtvov o~to\i)v 

a young man sitting on the right, clothed with a 2 robe 

Xevktjv' Kai V,E9a\xfir]9r\<5av. 6 Xsyei avraig, Mr) 

they were greatly amazed. But he says to them, *Not 

'irjdovv ZrjTslTE tov ~HaZ,apT)vbv tov Igtuv- 

3 Jesus l ye "seek the Nazarene, who has been 

pijJjxkvOV l)y&p9T), OVK.tGTIV Ui8e' 'ife 6 TOTTOg 07TOV t9r}KO.V 
crucified. He is risen, he is not here ; behold the place where they laid 

avTov' 7 t dXX' u inrdyETE, E'iiraTE Toig.jxa9i]Tcug.avTov Kai toj 

him. But go, say to his disciples ar.d 

Tlkrpii), oti TTpodyu vjxdg eig tt)v TaXCXaiav ekei uutov 
to Peter, that he goes before you into Galilee ; there 

6^ff0, KaObjg e'Ittev vfiiv. 8 Kai tt,eX9ovaai 

shall ye see, as he said to you. And having gone out quickly 

ifvyov d-rrb tov ht'tj/xeiov ixi/. w oi" . abrdg Tpofxog Kai 

they tied from the tomb. And 4 possessed 6 them 'trembling 2 and 

iKOTatjiQ' Kai ovSevt *oi'5kv n el7tov, t<pol3ovvTo.ydpJ 

3 amazement, and to no one anything they spoke, for they were afraid. 
(lit. nothing) 

9 z 'AvaaTag.d( Trpto'i. irptoTy oafi(3d.T0v l<pdmj irpu>- 

Now having risen early [the] first [day] of the week he appeared first 

tov Mapia Ty MaySa\7]i>y, a d<p'" rig EKj3ej3Xr]KEi tirTa daifj.6- 

to Mary the Magdalene, from whom he had cast out seven demons. 

via. 10 ekeivij^ Troptv9{iaa. dirrjyyeiXev ToUg jxet avTov ye- 

She having gone told [it] to those who with him had 

voixkvoig, 7rev9ovaiv Kai KXaiovoiv. 11 KaKElvoi aKovaavTEg 

been, [who were] grieving and weeping. And they having heard 

on Z,y Kai i9ed9r] vir avrrjg ijTTKTTTjffav. 12 Mrd.0 

that he is alive and has been seen by her disbelieved [it]. And after 

ravra dvaiv t% avTuiv 7repi7raTovatv k^avepw9ij iv ETspqi 

these things to two of them as they walked he was manifested in another 

fiop<py, 7ropevojxsvotg eig dypov. 13 KaK&ivoi dvrEXBovTEg dur- 

form, going into [the] country ; and they having gone 

>]yyei\av ToTgXonrolg' ovot EKSivoig tTriaTEvcraj'. 14' YoTEpov c 

told [it] to the rest ; neither them did they believe. Afterwards 

dvaKSifisvoig avTolg rolg ivStKa e<pai'EpioB>], Kai cjve'i- 

as ^reclined ['at *table] 'they to the eleven he was manifested J and ro- 

Sivev Tr)v.d7ri<Triav.avTu)v Kai cKXrjpoKapdiav, oti To'ig 

proached their unbelief and hardness of heart, because 4 those 5 who 

9eaaanV0ig avTov tyt]yepfxsvov d ovK.t7riffTimav. 15 Kai eItev 

"had 'seen 8 him 9 arisen 'they ^believed J not. And he said 

avTolg, HopEvB'iVTEg Eig tov koojiov uTravra Krjpv^aTE to evay- 

to them, Having gone into "the 3 world 'all proclaim the glad 

/u.i(j rwv I'Tt ; TJ7 fJ.ia T<av T P ixvrfixa T. 1 aTrb from LTr. ' dfa/ce/cvAiaTai TTrA. 

ikOovarai having gone A. * aAAa LTTrA. v raxv GLTTrAW. w yap for LTTt. 

* oii&kv L. y + Kara MdpKOv according to Mark Tr ; [euayye'AioyJ Kara. Mdpxov glad 
tidings according to Mark a. l verses 9 to 20 t[a]. Trap' LTr. ' + 6e and (sbi) u 
c -r fi and (afterwards) LTr. d + veKpiov from among [tbej dead h. 



y&Kioviraoy ry ktigei. 16 d iriGTtvoaQ rai (3a7rri(j9Eig ffojOfjGE- 

tidings to a LI the creation. He that believes and is baptized shall be 

rai' o.Se aTriarqaag KaraKptQljaerai. 17 <j)]fitla.Ss rolg 

saved, and he that disbelieves shall be condemned. And = signs Hhose c that 

TTKJTevaaaiv e ravra 7rapaKoXov9rjGEi n . iv Ti^.uvo^iari.jwv Saj.- 

' believe 'these 3 sha,ll ^follow : in my name ' de- 

j.wvia iicf3a\ov(Tiv' yXwaaatg XaXr}<yov<yiv l KaivaTg' H 

mons they shall cast out ; with "tongues 3 they *shall 3 speak 'new ; 

18 s u<pEig dpovcnv' Kav Qavavifiov ti wiwcriv,r) 

serpents they shall take up; and if Meadly 'anything they drink in no wi^e 

avrovg h /3Xd4^W A ini dppwoTOvg xtipag iizi9r)Govaiv, icai 

them shall it injure; upon [the] infirm 'hands 'they 2 shall 3 lay, and 

KaXwg t%ovaiv. 
"well 'they 2 shall 3 be. 

19 'O iiiv ovv Kvpiog 1 fiErdrbXaXtjcrai avToXg ^dveXr]- 

The = indeed therefore 'Lord after speaking to them was taken 

<p6if elg tov oupavov, rat tKaBiaev ek Se%iwv tov Oeov' 

up into the heaven, and sat at [the] right hand of God. 

20 SKUvoi.Sk k^eXOopreg iK7]pv%av7ravTaxov,TouKvp'iovo~vvEp- 

And they having gone forth preached everywhere, the Lord working 

yovvrog, Kai rbvXayov f3ej3aioi>VTog Sid tS>v iirakoXovQovv- 
with [them], and the word confirming by the following 3 upon 

tojv a^fiEimv. l 'Afxr}v. u 

[ 4 it] 'signs. Anien. 

m To Kara MdpKOV EvayyiXiovJ 

The According 'Ho 6 Mark ' 'glad -tidings. 


eaid unto them, Go ye 
into all the world, ad 
preach the gospel to 
every creature. 1G He 
that believcth and is 
baptized shall be saved ; 
but he that believcth 
not shall be damned. 

17 And these signs 
shall follow them that 
believe'; In my name 
shall they cast out de- 
vils ; they shall speak 
with new ton i: 

18 they shall take up 
serpents ; and if they 
drink any deadly 
thing, it shall not hurt 
them ; they shall lay 
hands on the sick, and. 
they shall recover. 

19 So then after the 
Lord had spoken unto 
them, he was received 
up into heaven, and 
sat on the ripht hand 
of God. 20 And th y 
went forth, and 
preached every where, 
the Lord working with 
them, and confirming 
the word with signs 
following. Amen. 







took in hand 


to draw up 

'EnEIAHriEP ttoXXoI 


7repi ru)V TTETrX7]po<popr]jikvujv iv ijiuv 

concerning the 2 which 3 have *been ^fully e believed 'among nis 

tujv } 2 KaOojg irapidovav r)fxTv ol drc' 

as they delivered [them] to us, they 3 from [*the] 

VTT?]pETai yEvojXEVoi tov Xoyov, 3 e6oev 
8 attendants 'having 2 been of the 

Kdjxoi, 7rapr]KoXov9)]K6Ti uvujQev -Tramp 

also to me, having been acquainted from tb.9 first with all things accurately, with 

QeU)G cot ypdxl/ai, KpaTiffTE QeocpiXE, 4 


avTOTrrai Kai 

"eye-witnesses 'and 

a narration 



B beginning 

Word, it seemed good 

aKpifiwg, Ka- 

3 aecuraf 

iva t7riyv(f>g 
method to thee to write, moEt excellent Theophilus, that thou mightest know 

TTEpl wv KaTrwi)9rig X6yu>v tt)v dotydXEtav. 

concerning 'which "thou 3 wast '"instructed 3 of [ 4 the] 5 things 'the 2 certainty. 

5 'EysvETO iv Taxg'ijfi'spaig 'Hpwdov Vou 11 (3a<riXi.u>g Ttjg 
There was in the days of Herod the king 

'lovSaiag ispEiig rig bvofiari Za%apiag, i% . i^rjfiEpiag 

of Judaea a Spriest 'certain, by name Zacharias, of [the] course 

'A/3ta* Kai c r).yvv^.avTOV n ek tu>v Ovyartpwv 'Aapwv, Kai to 

of Abia, and his wife of the daughtars of Aaron, and 

many have taken in 
hand to set forth in 
order a declaration of 
those things which are 
most surely believed 
among us, 2 even as 
they delivered them 
unto us, which from 
the beginning were 
eyewitnesses, and rnin- 
i.iters of the word ; 
3 it seemed good to me 
also, having had per- 
fect understanding of 
all things from the 
very first, to write 
unto thee in order, 
most excellent Theo- 
philus, 4 that thou 
mightest know the 
certainty of tho e 
things, wherein thou 
hast been .instructed. 

5 THERE was in the 
days of Herod, the 
king of Jndasa, a cer- 
tain priest named 

e irapa.Ko\.ov9ri<Tei ravra L ; aKoKovOiqcTei. ravra Tr. f /cairais Tr. S -+- Kai kv rats 

X?po-!i> and in the hands Tr. h /3Adi//}7 should it injure glttaW. > + 'lr)<rovq Jesus LTr. 
k ai'eA>j|U.<0T) LTr A. ' 'A/xjji' EGLTrAW. m To Kara. Mopicof rtisyye'Aioi' EGLrw ; 

Kara Map/coi/ Tr ; EiiayyeAioj/ Kafa yidpKOV [a]. 

a Euayye'Aiof ([Evay. ] a) Kara Aovicdy GLirAW ; Kara Amttcap T. * tov TTr[A]. 

c yvvij atiTw LTTrA 


Zacharias, of the course 

of Abia : and his wife 
was of the daughters 
of Aaron, and her 
name was Elisabeth, 
6 And they were both 
righteous before God, 
walking in all the 
commandments and 
ordinances of the Lord 
blameless. 7 And they 
had no child, because 
that Elisabeth was 
barren, and they both 
were now well stricken 
in years. 8 And it 
came to pass, that 
while he executed the 
priest's office before 
God in the order of his 
course, 9 according to 
the custom of the 
priest's office, his lot 
was to burn incense 
when he went into the 
temple of the Lord. 

10 And the whole mul- 
titude of the people 
were praying without 
at the time of incense. 

11 And there appeared 
unto him an augel of 
the Lord standing on 
the right side of the 
altar of incense. J2 And 
when Zacharias saw 
him, he was troubled, 
and fear fell upon him. 
13 But the angel said 
nnto him, Fear not, 
Zacharias : for thy 
prayer is heard ; and 
thy -wife Elisabeth 
shall bear thee a son, 
and thou shalt call his 
name John. 14 * And 
thou shalt have joy 
and gladness ; and 
many shall rejoice at 
his birth. 15 For he 
shall be great in the 
sight of the Lord, and 
shall drink neither 
wine nor strong drink ; 
and he shall be filled 
with the Holy Ghost, 
even from his mother's 
womb. 16 And many 
of the children of Is- 
rael shall he turn to 
the Lord their God. 

17 And he shall go be- 
fore him in the spirit 
and power of Ellas-, to 
turn the hearts of the 
fathers to the children, 
and the disobedient to 
the wisdom of the just; 
to make ready a people 
prepared for the Lord. 

18 And Zacharias said 
unto the amjel, Where- 
by shall I know this? 
for I am an old man, 
and my wife well 
stricken in years. 

19 And the angel an- 
swering said unto him, 


ovo/'Trjg 'EXio-dfieT. 6 vaav.Si Simioi dfupuTEpoi *iviit' 

her name Elizabeth. And they were *just 'both bo- 

7r/oV" tovOeov. TroptvojiEvoi iv Trdaaig tcuq ivroXaig Kai 

fore God, walking in all the commandments and 

8iKauofia<Tiv tov KVpiov d^EfiTTTOi. 7 koX ovkJ]v avToig 

ordinances of the Lord blameless. And there was not to them 

rkitvov, KaQoTt e t) 'EXicajStr fjv" areipa, Kai dpipoTEpoi npo- 

a child, inasmuch as Elizabeth was barren, ami both ad- 

(5z{3i)k6t.q iv Talg.r)fiipatg.avTu>v i}o~av. 8 'EykvEToM iu 
vanced in their days were. And it came to pass in 

Tqi.lepaTSvetv.avTbv iv ry rd^ei Trjg.i<pt]iJ.Epiag.avTOv tvdvrt y 

fulfilling his priestly service in the order ' of his course , before * 

t6v 6eov, 9 iCard to Wog rr}g> hparEiag, tXax^v 

God, according to the custom of the priestly service, it fell to him by lot 

tov Qvp.idaai e'kjeXQmv elg tov vabv tov KVpiov' 10 ml 

to burn incense, having enter.ed into the temple of the Lord, And 

ttclv to TrXijOog { tov Xaov r)v tt TrpoGEvxbfiEvov tw tjj woa 
all the multitude of the people were praying without at the hour 

s. II -s. f I 


Lord, stand- 

vrwg tK S&iuiv tov 6vffiaari]ptov tov GvfiidftaTog' 12 icai 

ing at [the] right of {he- altar of incense. and 

iTapaxOri Zaxapiag idojv, Kai Qofiog iirkireaev bit clvtov~. 

TOvQvf.udfxaTog.l\ojfQr]-C(: avrtp dyyeXog icvpiovi 

of incense. And ^appeared 'to "him 'an -angel 3 of ['the] "L( 


upon him. 

b yEvvr)aEi" mvtov xaprjaovTcti 
his birth shall rejoice. 

was'nroubled 'Zacharias '^seeing [ 3 him], and fear 

13 * ElftEv.di irpbg avrbv 6 ayytXog, Mtj.Qofiov, Zuxapia' 

But 3 said *to 5 him 'the 'angel, Fear not, Zacharias, 

SioTt eujtikovo9i) t).S(i](rig.(T0V, Kai r).yvvt].aov 'EXiffdfiET ytv- 

because has been heard thy supplication, and thy wife Elizabeth shall 

vi]ou viov aoi, Kai KaXicEig To.bvoixa.avTOV &'Iiodvvriv. n 

bear a son to thee, and thou shalt call his name John. 

14 Kai term X a P^ a01 KCLl ayaXXiaatg, Kai iroXXoi kiri tj) 

And he shall he joy to thee and exultation, and- many;, at 

15 tOTai.ydp fisyag ivwrriov 
For he shall be great before 

'rou" KVpiov' Kai oivov Kai oiKtpa . ov.p.r) ttitj, Kai 
the Lord; and wine and strong drink in no wise shall he drink, and 

7rve{'fiaTog dyiov ir\r]aBt)<sBTai IVi /c KotXiag /j?;rpof 

with [the] 2 Spirit 'Holy he shall be filled even from [the] womb 3 motUer 

avTOV. 16 Kai 7roX\ovg twv viCJv 'lapatjX tiriOTptyEt. ini 
''of^his. And many of the sons of Israel shall he turn to [the] 

Kvpiov Tov-Qebv.auTwv. 17 Kai avTog TrpoEXEixrETai ivwrriov 

Lord their God. And he -shall go forth befor 

avTov iv TTVEVfxaTi Kai Svvdfiei k 'HXi'ou," i-KWTpkipai KapSiag 

him in [the] spirit and power of Elias, to turn hearts 

waTspwv iiri TEKva,'.Kai cnrsiQeig iv /<ppovr)ffei Sl- 
ot fathers to children, and [the] disobedient to [the] wisdom ' of [the] 

Katlov, eTOi^do-ai Kvpiip \abv KaTEOKEvaopEvov. 18 Kai 

righteous, to make ready for [the] Lord a people prepared. Ami 

eL-kev Zaxaoiag Trpbg tov ayyeXov, Kara tL yvuxrofiai tovt'o ; 

2 said 'Zacharias to the angel, By what shall I know this?- 

iyui-.ydp Eifii irpfffflvrrig, Kai i\.yvvi].p,ov jrpoflefiriKvia. iv tpxQ 

for I am an.old man, and my wife advanced in ' 

illikpaig.avTTJg. : 19 Kai d-rroKpiQEig 6 'ayyeXoc eIttev airy, 

r .her days. And ^answering 'the -angel said to him, 

d evavriov TTrA 

r\v ri ( ri I^Tr]) 'E\to-dPeT LTTrA^ 

f %v tov Kaov OLTTrAW. 

l<advnv Tr. h Ye^'o-et GLTTrAW. tow (read [the]) GTlTrJvy " HA^. t, 



Eyw Et/xt ra(3pij)\ 6 TrapEGTiiKiog tvunrtov rov 9eov' Kal 
I am Gabriel, who stand before God, and 

(iTTOTa\i]v XaXijaai Tvpug ae, Kal EvayyEXicraaOai aoi 

I was sent to speak to thee, and to announce 2 glud 3 tidiugs 4 to' 3 thee 

to ora. 20 Kal ISo v, toy giojtvwv Kal /t;} cvvd/xtvog XaXtjoai 
'thdse ; and lo, thou shalt be silent and not able to <-peak 

dxpi iK-VHp a ykvijTai ravra'. di'O'.wv ouK.kiriorEvoag 

till the day in which shall take place these things, because thou didst not believe 

Tolg.X6yotg.fiov, o'lTivtg 7zXi]pu>Qi}oovTaL Eig TOV.Kaipbv.auTiov. 

my words, which shall he fulfilled in their season. 

21 Kal r]V 6 Xabg7rpooSoKuiVTbvZaxapiav KalkOavftaZovkv 

And 3 were 'the = people expecting Zachurias, and theywondered at 

Tifi-XpoviZeiV-avrbv kv r<p vaip. 22 tleX9il>vJe ooK. l ))SvvaTo n 

his delaying in the temple. But having come out he was not able 

XaXFjoat avrolg' Kal iirkyvwoav oti birracriav twpaKEv kv 
to speak to them, and they recognized that a vision he has seen - in 

r<p vaijj' Kal avTog i)V ^tavevwv avrolg, Kal diffievzv Kio<pog, 
the temple. And he was making signs to them, and continued dumb. 

23 Kal dig kTrXi'ioOijoav al t)fj.kpai Tijg Xeirovpyiag 

A nd it came to pass, when were fulfilled the days 3 servica 

avrov c'nrFiXOEV tig TOV.olKov.avTOV. 

'of "his he departed to his house. 

24 Msra.cif ravrag rag t)fitpag avi'iXaj3ev 'EXiodfiET t) 

Now after these days 4 conceived 'Elizabeth 

yvvij.avTOV, Kal irepitKpvftev tavrrjv jii)vag tt'evte, Xsyovoa, 

2 his 3 wife, and hid herself ."months 'five, saying, 

25"OriovTiog fioi ttetto'i^kev m o" Kvpiog kv t'li-ispaig alg 

Thus, to me has done the Lord in [the] days in which 

tireldev capsXeiv n To",ov' kv dvOpwirotg. 

he looked upon [me] to takeaway my reproach among men. 

26 'TZv.Ee t$ firjvl Tip 'Ikt<i> dirEOTdXr} b dyytXog FafipiriX 

And in the month the suuh was sent the angel Gabriel . 

v7rb" rov 9eov tig noXiv t>iq TaXiXaicig, y bvofxa p Na- 
by God to a city of Galilee, whose name [was] Na- 

Z.ap'tT^ 27 Ttpbg irapQkvov ^fiE/xv^OTEV /j.Evr)v n dvdpl <p bvo/.ia 

zareth, to a virgin 


to a man whose name 

'Iwar)(p, k% oikov r Aa/3i$'" Kal to bvo/xa rrjg irapdkvou 

[was] Joseph, of [the] hquse of Lavid, and the name of the virgin 

Mapidfi. 28 Kal eioeXOujv s b dyyeXog n irpbg abrrjv ' eLtteVj^ 
[was] Mary. And 3 coming 'the "angel to . -her said, 

XaTjOS, K^xapiTijjfisvr}' b Kvpiog fiErd gov, v EvXoyr)/j.kvt] 

Hail, [thou] favoured one ! the Lord [is] with thee, blessed [art] 

ov kv yvvait,iv. n 29 'H.$ idovoa" x SiETapdx9t] kirl 

thou amongst women. But she seeing [him] was troubled at 

TtySXdytp.avTOV^ Kal SitXoyiZETO 7roTaTrbg Eir] 6 do7raoj.ibg 

his word, and was reasoning of whaf kind might be 2 salutation 

ovTog. 30 Kal eIttev b dyyeXog avry, Mi).(poj3ov } Mapid/x' 

'this. And 3 said 'the "angel to her, Fear not, Mary, 

ei'pEg.ydp x a 9 LV ^apd r<p Qeo>' 

for thou hast found favour with God ; 

31 Kal iSov, v ovXXi)^pjj 



thou shalt conceive 


kv yaoTpl Kal rk^y v\6v, Kal KaX'toEig rb.ovofia.avTOV 
in [thy] womb and bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name 


I am Gabriel, that 
stand in the pn 
of G''d ; and am .-tut 
to speak unto thee, 
and to .^hew thee those 
glad tidings. 20 And, 
behold, thou shalt be 
dumb, and uot able to 
speak, until the day 
that these things shall 
be performed, because 
thou believest not my 
words, which shall be 
fulfilled in their sea- 
son. 21 And the people 
waited for Zacharias, 
and marvelled that he 
tarried so long in the 
temple. 22 And when 
he came out, he could 
not speak unto them : 
and they perceived 
that he had seen a 
vision in the temple : 
for he beckoned unto 
them, and remained 
speechless. 23 And it 
came to pass, that, as 
soon as the days of his 
ministration were ac- 
complished, he depart- 
ed to his own house. 

24 And after those 
day s his wife E lisabet h 
conceived, and hid her- 
self five months, say- 
ing, 25 Thus hath the 
Lord dealt with me 
in the days wherein he 
looked on me, to take 
away my reproach a- 
mong men., 

26 And in the sixth 
month the angel Ga- 
briel was sent from 
God unto a city of 
Galilee, named Naza- 
reth, 27 to a virgin 
espoused to a man 
whose name was Jo- 
seph, of the house of 
David ; and the vir- 
gin's name was Mary. 
28 And the angel came 
in unto her, and said, 
Hail, thou that art 
highly favoured, the 
Lord is with thee : 
blessed art thou a- 
mong women. 29 And 
when she saw him, she 
was troubled at his 
saying, and cast in her 
mind what manner of 
salutation this should 
be. 30 And the angel 
said unto her, Fear 
not, Mary : for thou 
hast found favour 
with God. 31 And, be- 
hold, thou shalt con- 
ceive in thy womb, 
and bring forth a son, 
and shalt call his name 

1 eSvvaro LTTrA. m 6 (reqd [the]) LTTr[A]. n to ttj[a], airb from TTrA. 

P Naape'0 LTW. 1 kft.vy]<yTev)xivt]v LTTr. r AaveiS LTTrA ; AaviS GW. 6 dyyeAos 

t[ti-]a. ' + 6 ayyeAos the angel T. t evXoyrjixeyri cru iv yvvai^if T[Tr]A. w LSouffd 
GTTrA. x eTri t<# A6yu> oterapdx0J GTTrA. ! ffvAA7j/u.ijl(g LTXiA. 


JESUS.. 32 He shall 
be great, and shall be 
called the Son of the 
Highest : and the Lord 
God shall give unto 
him the thrpne of his 
father David : 33 and 
he shall reign over the 
house of Jacob for 
ever ; and of his king- 
dom there shall be no 
end. 34 Then said 
Mary unto the angel, 
How shall this be, see- 
ing I know not a man ? 
35 And the angel an- 
swered and said unto 
her, The Holy Ghost 
shall come upon thee, 
and the power of the 
Highest shall over- 
shadow thee: therefore 
also that holy thing 
which shall be born of 
thee shall be called the 
Sou of God. 36 And, 
behold, thy cousin 
Elisabeth, she hath 
also conceived a son 
in her old age : and 
this is the sixth month 
with her, who was 
called barren. 37 For 
with God nothing shall 
be impossible. 38 And 
Mary said, Behold the 
handmaid of the Lord ; 
be it unto me accord- 
ing to thy word. And 
the angel departed 
from her. 

39 And Mary arose 
in those days, and went 
into the hill country 
with haste, into a city 
of Juda ; 40 and enter- 
ed into the house of 
Zatharias, and saluted 
Elisabeth. 41 And it 
came to pass, that, 
when Elisabeth heard 
the salutation of Mary, 
the babe leaped in her 
womb : and Elisabeth 
was filled with the 
Holy Ghost : 42 and 
she spake out with a 
loud voice, and said, 
Blessed art thou a- 
mong women, and 
blessed is the fruit of 
thy womb. 43 And 
whence is this to me, 
I that the mother of my 
Lord should come to 
me ? 44 For, lo, as soon 
as the voice of thy 
salutation sounded in 
mine ears, the babe 
leaped in my womb for 
joy. 45 And blessed is 
she that believed : for 
there shall bo a perfor- 
mance of those things 
which were told her 
from the Lord. 

A Q Y K A 2. 


'\r\aovv. 32 ovrog torai fikydg, Kal.v'ibg vipiarov K\t]6r]oe- 

Jesus. He shall be great, and Sou of [the] Highest shall be be 

rat' Kal Bi'ogei avT(p ia'<piog b Otbg rbv Qpbvov z Aa/3iS 11 

called ; and 'shall 5 give "him ['the] 3 Lord 3 God the throne of David 

rov.7rarpbg.avTov , 33 Kal (SaatXEvaEi iirl rbv oIkov 'laKiuS Eig 

his father ; and he shall reign over the house of Jacob to 

rovg aidvag, Kal T)jg-f3aaiXEiag.avTOv ovK.tarai riXog. 

the ages, and of his kingdom there shall not be au end. 

34 El7rev.Si rrpbg rbv dyyeXov, Uwg iarai rovro Ittu 

But 2 said 'Mary to the angel, How shall "be 'this since 

dvSpa ov.yivwoKU) ; 35 Kal a7TOKpi6elg b dyyeXog eIttev avrg, 

a man I know not ? And answering the angel said to her, 

YlvEVjia uyiov i7rs\tv<TETai irrl as, Kal ovvap.ig vxplarov 
[The] "Spirit 'Holy shall come upon thee, and power of [the] Highest 

ITUGKICIGU OOC CLU Kal TO yEvvwp.EVOv' 1 llyiov kXijOi)- 
shall overshadow thee ; wherefore also the 3 boru 'holy "thing shall be 

aerai v'ibg Qeov. 36 Kal loov, 'EXiadfiET ii^avyytvrig^-aov Kal 

oalled Son of God. And lo, Elizabeth thy kinswoman "also 

avn) c avvei\r](pv~ia n v'ibv tv ' i yt)pa.' l .avT>]g' Kal ovrog \xi)v 

'she has conceived a son in her old age, and this [the] "month 

tKTog larlv ahry ry KaXovjx'tvy arEipa.' 37 on ovk ddvva- 

'sixth is to her who [was] called barren ; for not ^shall "be 

Tr)au Trapa e r<p 0ty" ttclv ptjfia. 38 E17tev.Se Mapioju, 

impossible with 7 God 'any "thing. And "said 'Mary, 

(lit. every) 

'l8ov, if BovXr) KvpioV y'tvoiro fxoi Kara TO.pijfid.aov. 

Behold, the bondmaid of [the] Lord ; v be it to me according to thy word. 

Kal a7rfjXQev an' avr>jg b dyysXog. 
And departed from her the angel. 

39 ' Avaardaa.ti Maprdfx iv raigJijJi'f.paig.TavTaig iTropEvQq 

And "rising ^p 'Mary in those days went 

Eig rr)v 6puv))v fierd aTrovbfjg, Eig ttoXiv 'lovba, 40 Kal 

into the hill-country with haste, to a city of Judah, and 

EiGrjXOev Eig rbv oIkov r Laxapiov Kal rjOTrdoaro ri)v 'EXi(jd(3tr. 

entered into the house of Zacharias and saluted Elizabeth. 

41 Kal iykvEro wg ijkovgev h) 'EXi.adi3Er rbv dairaafibv rng 

And it came to pass as "heard 'Elizabeth the salutation 

Mapiag," iaKiprijaEv to j3ps(pog iv Ty.KoiXia.avrijQ' Kal iirX-qidi) 

of Mary, 3 leaped 'the "babe in her womb ; and "was 3 filled 

irvevuaTog dyiov i) 'EXiodfiET, 42 Kal dvE<j)0)vi]aEV <pbivy A 

*with [Hhe] 'Spirit 6 Holy 'Elizabeth, and cried out with a "voica 

fieydXy Kal eIttev, A'Xoyr]p.kvr} av iv yvvait.iv, Kal ev\o- 

'loud and said, Blessed [art] thou among women, and blcss- 

yrifievog 6 Kapirbg riig.KoiXiag.aov. 43 Kal ttoQev juoi tovto, 

ed the fruit of thy womb. And whence to me this, 

"iva tX9y r) fir]Tr]p TOV.KVpiov.p.ov irpog h /.iE ' ; 44 ibov.ydp, 
that should come the mother of my Lord to me ? For lo, 

<l)g iykvETO rj <pwvy) TOv.daTraaj.iov.aov Eig ra.uirtt.juoi' iaKip- 
as came the voice of thy salutation into mine ears, leap- 

TTfaEv i tv dyaXXidaEi to fipetpog" iv ry.KoCXia.fiov. 45 Kal 

ed in exultation the babe in my womb ; and 

fiaKapia rj marEvaaaa, on tarai TEXf'noaig rolg 

blessed [is] she who . believed, for there shall be a fulfilment to the things 

XeXaX/juevoig avry Trapa Kvpiov 

spoken to her from [the] Lord. 

* + [ck o-ovj of thee l. 

1 Aaveio" LTTrA ; Aavto" GW. 
<F Tr. d y^pet GLTTrAW. e TOU 6.0V TTrA. 

LCTrA. S Kpavyrj with 3. 'cry TTrA. b /A T- 

crvyyevis LTW. 


f rbv 0.0-tto.q-ij.ov ttJs Mapt'as >j 'EAto"d/3eT 
' to ^pe'^>os iv ayaAAiao-et GW. 



uyiov to oi'Oj-ia 

holy [is] 2 name 

l yevea>v 9 TOIQ 
of generations to those 

46 Kal direv Mapia/i, MzyrrXvvei t).<pvxV-f^ov rbv Ki'jpiov, 

A-nd said Mary, 3 Magnifies 'my 2 soul the Lord, 

47 feat yyaXXiaaev Tb.7n'evfid./.iov kirl r<p Oecjj np.i5oJTiipi-i.iov' 

and ""exulted 'my 2 spirit in God my Saviour. 

48 OTl fc7rl/3\6^8V 7T< T1]V TCLTrfivOJUlV Trjg.SovXl]g.aVTOV' ioov 
For he looked upon the humiliation of his bon tmaid ; 2 lo 

yap, drcb tov.vvv irdaai al yevaai. 49 'Jti 

'for, from henceforth 'will "*count E me G blessed 'all fenerations. For 

ii7ou]Gkv fioi k /.iya\t7a n 6 dvvarog, Kal 

*bas done c to 7 mo s great 3 things 'the 2 inighty 3 one, and 

avTov' 50 Kal ro.tXeoQ.aurov elg yei'edg 

'his ; and his mercy [is] to generations 

(pofiovp'tvoiQ abrov.^ 51 t7roh]aei> KparoQ ev /3pax'ovi.avrov' 

fearing him. He wrought strength with his arm, 

diecncopTTKrev inreprjipdvovg Siavoia Kapdiag.avTujv. 

he scattered [the] haughty in [the] thought of their heart. 

52 KaOeTKev SwdvTag cnrb Qpovwv, Kal 'vxpirjoev Taireivovg. 

He put down rulers from thrones, and exalted [the] lowly : 

53 Trtivwi'Tag ivs7rXi](jev dyaOwv, Kal irXovTovvTag 

[the] hungry he filled with good things, and [the] rich 

&aTrt<Trei\ev Kevovg. 54 dvTeXd(3eTO 'l<Tpai]\ Traidbg civtov, 
he sent away empty. He helped Israel 2 servant 'his, 

/]oQ>]vai tXeovg, 55 KaQ<i>g tXdXrjcrev irpbg rovg 
[in order] to remember mercy, according as he spoke to 

TraTtpag.rmuJv, r<p 'kfipadfi Kal nji-O'TrkpfJLaTi.avTOV m elg rbv 
our fathers, to Abraham and to his seed for 

iWa." 56 "E/mi^r-cte Mapidfi ovv avry 

ever. And 2 abode 'Mary with her 

Kal vTrttTTpeipev elg Tbv.olKOV.avTijg. 

and returned to her house. 

57 Ty.SL'EXiffd/3er i-KXijaQr) b XP" V0 G TOv.TEKeh'.avTrjv, 

Now to Elizabeth was fulfilled the time that she should bring forth, 

Kal lykvvr](TZv viov 58 Kal i]Kovaav ol irepioiKOi Kal oi ovy- 

and she bore a son. And 3 heard 'the ^neighbours and 2 kins- 

}?)'< avrfjg on kfxeydXvvev Ki>piog rb.tXeog.avrov }.ieT 

folk 'her that 3 was 4 maguifying ['the] 2 Lord his mercy with 

ai'Trjg, Kal cvvkxnipov avry. 59 Kal kykveTO iv ry 6ydoy 

her, and they rejoiced with her. And it came to pass on the eighth 

7]X9ov 7Tfptreju?7v to 7raiSiov' Kal tKaXovv 
they came to circumcise the little child, and were calling 

tirl T<p ovojiaTi TOV.TraTpbg.avTOi) Zaxapiav. 60 Kal dwo- 
af ter the name of his father Zacharias. And 3 an- 

KpiOeiaa t'l.fifiTrjpMVTOv ilitev, Oi>x'i, dXXd KXr]9r](7ETai v'lwdv- 
swering 'his -mother said, No ; but he shall be called John. 

v)]g." 61 Kal il7rov n Trpbg aun;v, "On ovSeig ianv r tv ry 

And they said to her, No one is among the 

cvyyeveia^ gov og KaXeirai TijJ-bvofiari.TOVTQ. 62 'Evkvevov 

kinsfolk of thee who is called by this name. 2 They 'made 4 signs 

pt T(p.7rarpLavTov to.t'i av.QkXoi KaXelaOai s avr6v. [[ 

'and to Bis father [as to] what he might wish 2 to J be 4 called 'him. 

63 Kal atrrjcrag TrivaKiSiov eypaipsv, Xkyiov, v ']ujdvi'r)g" 

And having asked for a writing tablet he wrote, saying, John 

iarlv t rb u .6vofia.avTOv' Kai IQavpaaav irdvreg. 64 'Av^x^l-^ 1 

is his name. And they -wondered 'all. And was opened 

wo~er fxrivag rpeig, 

about 2 months 'three, 





46 And Mary said, 
My scul doth ninirnify 
the Lord, 47 and my 
spirit hath rejoiced in 
God my Saviour. 48-For 
he hath regarded the 
low estate ot his hand- 
maiden: for, behold, 
from henceforth all 
generations shall call 
me blessed. 49 For he 
that is mighty hath 
done to me great 
things ; and holy is his 
name. 50 And his 
mercy is on them that 
fear him from genera- 
tion to generation. 

51 He hath shewed 
strength with his arm; 
he hath scattered the 
proud in the imagina- 
tion of their hearts. 

52 He hath put down 
the mighty from their 
seats.and exalted them 
of low degree. 53 He 
hath filled the hungry 
with good things ; and 
the rich he hath sent 
empty away. 54 He 
hath holpen his ser- 
vant Israel, in remem- 
brance of his mercy ; 
55 as he spake to our 
fathers, to Abraham, 
and to his seed for 
ever. 56 And Mary a- 
bode with her about 
tJiree months, and re- 
turned to her own 

57 Now Elisabeth's 
full time came that she 
should be delivered ; 
and she brought forth 
a son. 58 And her 
neighbours and her 
cousins heard how the 
Lord had shewed great 
mercy upon her ; and 
they rejoiced with her. 
59 And it came to pass, 
that on the eighth day 
they came to circum- 
cise the child ; and they 
called him Zacharias, 
after the name of his 
father. 60 And his 
mother answered and 
said, Not so; but he 
shall be called John. 

61 And they said unto 
her, There is none of 
thy kindred that is 
called by this name. 

62 And they made signs 
lo his father, how ha 
would have him called. 

63 A nd he asked for a 
writing table, 'and 
wrote, saying, His 
name is John. And 
they marvelled alL 

64 And his mouth was 
opened immediately, 

k fieyd\a LTTr. ' Kal yeveas and generations TTiA. 

->}IJi.ipa rrj bySorf LTTrA. P 'Iuai'ijs Xr. 1 el-rrai' TTr. 

the kinsfolk LTTrA. 

s avro it LTT.A. l TO Tr[Aj. 

m eio? attoro? G. n ojs LTTr. 

' /c rijs avyyeveias from among 


and his tongue loosed, 
anil he spake, and 
praised God. 65 And 
fear came on all that 
dwelt round about 
them : and all these 
Barings were noised 
abroad throughout all 
the hill country of Ju- 
daea. 66 And all they 
that heard litem laid 
them up in their hearts, 
Baying, What manner 
of child shall this be I 
And the hand of the 
Lord was with him. 

A O Y K A 2. 


his mouth 

67 And his father 
Zacharias was filled 
with the Holy G-host, 
and prophesied, say- 
ing, 68 Blessed be the 
Lord God of Israel ; 
for he hath visited and 
redeemed his people, 

69 and hath rai-ed up 
an horn of salvation 
for us in the house of 
his servant David ; 

70 as he spake by the 
month of his holy pro- 
phets, which have been 
since the world began : 

71 that we should be 
saved from our ene- 
mies, and from the 
hand of all that hato 
n= ; 72 to perform the 
mercy promised to our 
fat hers, and to remem- 
ber his holy covenant ; 
73 the oath which ho 
8 ware to our father 
Abraham, 74 that he 
would grant unto us, 
that we being deliver- 
ed out of the hand of 
our enemies might 
serve him without 
fear, 75 in holiness and 
righteousness before 
him, all the days of our 
life. 76 And thou, child, 
shalt be called the pro- 
phet of the Highest : 
for thou shalt go before 
the face of tho Lord 
to .prepare his ways ; 
77 to give knowledge 
of salvation unto his 
people by the remission 
of their sins,78 through 
the tender mercy of 
our God ; whereby the 
dayspring from on 
high hath visited us, 
79 to give light to them 
that sit in darkness 
and in the shadow of 
death, to guide our feet 

7ra'paxprnia Kai >).yXu>o(xa.avTOV, Kid 

immediately and his tongue [loosed], and 

iXdXn svXoyoJv tov Quov. 65 Kai tykvtTO iirl irdvTag ipdj3og 

he spoke, blessing God. And ^came ^pon *all 'fear 

Tovg TrepioLKOvvrag avrovg' kcu tv bXy ry opsivy Tug 

those who dwelt around them; and in -whole 'the hill-country 

'lovSaiag SieXaXnro Travra ra.fl///iara.raiira* 66 Kai 

of Judaea *were 5 being Halked 'of . ' 'all -these things. And 

'IQevto -Kcivng 01 aKovoavrzg iv Ty.mpSig.avToJv, Xi- 

*laid [ 5 them] e up 'all 2 who :, heard in their heart, say- 

yovTtg, Tt dpa r6.7raidioi>.Tovro tOTai; Kai w ^?ip 

ing, What then 3 this 'little 5 child 'will'^be? And [the] hand 

Kvpiov riv /xsr' avroii. 

of [the] Lord was with him. 

67 Kai Zaxapiag d.7rari)p.avT0v tTrXrjciOr) irvev imtoq 

And Zacharias his father was filled . with [the] "Spirit 

dyiov, Kai x 7rpoe(pr)THvo-iiv, n Xkyiov, 68 EvXoyrjrbg 

'Holv. and orouhesied. savimr. Tllesspd he r 

Kvpiog o 
[the] Lord the 





Holy,' and prophesied, saying, Blessed be 

Btbg Tov'lapa>)X, on tTreuKfipaTO Kai t7roii]trev Xvrpwuiv 

God of Israel, because he looked upon and wrought redemption 

Tip.Xaip.avroi)' 69 Kai ijyupzv Ktpag acjrtjpiag i/filv tv y rip x 
for his people, and raised up a horn of salvation for us in the 

z Aai3iS n a Toi> n .vaiSug.avTOV' 70 KaOiog iXdXi]crsv did 

of David his servant ; according as he -poke by [the] 

tojv dyicjv "Twv^.aTT.aiojvog 7rpofpnroJv 
3 holy 5 since 6 time 'began 'prophets 

71 cnoTiip'tav t . txpuvJ) /.iu>v Kai tK X El PG 

salvation from our enemies and from [the] hand 

twv ixKrovvriov tjfidg' 72 7roii)aai tXeog fisrd tCjv Trar'spMV 

those who hate us ; to fulfil mercy with 2 fathers 

t'lixwv, Kai fiinjffBrjvai diaOijicrjg dyiag avTOV, 73 opKov ov 

'our, and to remember 3 covenant 2 holy 'his, [tlie] oath which 

u>p,oatv 7rp6g 'A.(5padfx Tbv.TraTipaj)jjiCJv } tov Sovvai iifiiv 

he swore to Abraham our father, to give us [that] 

74 dipofiwg tK X ei P Vwy ll Jx9|0ah'- d J^uwi' 1 ' pvoOtvrqg, 

without fear out of [the] hand of our enemies being saved, 

Xarpeveiv avrip 7.5 tv ocrion/n Kai SiKaio&vvy tvwiriov avrov 

weshouldserve him in holiness and righteousness before him, 


'of -his ; 

of all 

of our life. 




OV 1 , 

iraaag rag rjpspag 
all the days 

Trpotprjrrjg vtpiarov kX7]61jo-?j' TrpoTcoptvay.ydp 

prophet of [the] Highest shalt be called ; for thou shalt go 

7TjOocrw7rov Kvpiov troifidaai vSovg.avrov' 77 

face of [the] Lord to prepare his ways ; 

little child, 


before [the] 

tov Sovvai 
}o give 

yvwiriv Gu>Tt]piag Ti^.Xaip-ai'Tov tv d^taei aixapTiwv.avTutv, 

knowledge of salvation to his people in remission of their sins, 

78 Sid oTrXdyxya iX'tovg Qt20v.i1p.CJv, tv otg STr-ecKf^aTO 

through [the] ' bowels of compassion of our God, in which, has visited 

t)[j,dg dvaroXt) t vrpovg, 79 tTTiipavai Tolg tv okqtu 

us [the] day-spring from on high, to shine upon those 2 in 3 darkness 

Kai OKiqZ Bavdrov KaOrip'tvoig' tov KartvQvvai tovq 

'and 5 in [ 6 the] 'shadow 8 of 3 death 'sitting ; to direct 

w + yap (read For also) ltttA. * iirporl>rji<ivo-ev LTTrA 

AavelS LTTrA ; AaviS GW. tov LTTrA. 

d r)nu>v (read of [our] enemies) [L]TTrA. 

f + Se also TTrA. 

y T( z (read [the]) LTTrA 

TUf TTi A. c TUiV LTTrA. 

Tijs <}s (read all our days) ultti aw. 

lit. , L U K E. 151 

7ri')daQ.i)fiwv eig oSbv elpijvijg. 80 To.c^ -iraiSiov tivtnvtv lP, t ? t !) e ^ a Vf 1 pc ' ^ec, - 

our row into [the] way of peace. Ami the little child ^ grew ~d waSdrtrong'Tn 

Kill tKpaTCLlOVTO irvtVj.ia.Tl' Kai l)v tV Talg tprjfiotg tUJg spirit, and was in the 

and was strengthened in spirit ; and he was in the deserts until [the] hL^Ihewing unt^Is- 

l'lji'tpag dvactitiwg.avTOv irpbg rbv'Icrpm'jX. raei. 

clay of his shewing to Israel. 

2 'Eyh'tTo.dt tv Talg.i'ifitpaig.tKeii'aig iZ,r~i\9tv Soy/ja H. And it came to 

And it came to pass in those day* 3 went "out 'a 2 decree P as s in those days, that 

, r , , , , , n , there went out a de- 

irapa katcrapog Auyovarov, airoypacpeaOai tcaaav ti)v eree from Casar Au- 

froin Caesar Augustus, that should be registered all the ' K u st"s, that all the 

i c. ,i ,. , , . , - h ' > > ii ' world should be taxed. 

cikovi.uvi]V li avr)i-'i) .airoypaty)) a 7rnwTi] tytrtTo" J/yf- 2 (And this taxing was 

habitable world; this registration first took place when " firs t made when Cyre- 

' - v ' \v ' ii o > > ' nius was governor of 

flOl'tVOVTOg T>igZ,Vpiag 'Krpj/VIOU." 3 Kai tTTOptVOVTQ 7CaVTtg Syria.) 3 And all went 

-u as 'governor ''of 'Syria 'Cyrenius. And -went 'all to be taxed, every one 

' . _n ' t- "*' ii >\ a > a ' 'j m ' into his own city. 

cnroypacptoVai, tKaaTog eigT)ji'. h iciav".7rcXiv. 4 Av e i3)).6t Kai 4And Joseph also went 

to be registered, each to his own city : and 'went ''up 2 also up from Galilee, out 

'\woi)(f> citto Ti)g TaXCXaiag tK iroXtug 'Ncr^apsr 11 tig T >)v ^th.'intoJudt^a.^unio 

'Joseph from Galilee out of [the] city Nazareth to the city of Davie 

'lovSlliaV, tig Tt6\ lV m A/3^' i)t,Q xdMrai B n 9Xtt^ Sid Tehem ; iS Scaie e t 
judaea, to a city of David which is called Bethlehem, because was of the house and 

TuAvauavrbv i o'i'kov >:ui irnrpiag m Aa(3id, n 5 u cnro- 5 n to B be tared* with 

of his being . of [the] house and family of David, to re- Mary his ' espoused 

ypa\pao9ai n abv Mapiu/i t$ ptnvri<JTEV(itvy n avT$ PyuvaiKi," ^ui^vIKi* w ith 

giter himself with Mary who was betrothed to him as wife, that, while the^ were" 

ovcry tyKvut. 6 'EysvEToM tv tu>>TOvg thero ^1 A ay ? we ^ e 

she being great with child. And it came to pass in the [time] they were shouUl bedelivercd? 
txtl tTr\r]a9))aav at im'tpai Tov.TtKth'.avTi'iV 7 Kai tre- 7 And she brought 

there ''were "fulfilled 'the *days for her bringing forth, and she brought a nd ^app^h^in' 

KFV Tbv.V(bl>.aUTI}g TUV TTpiVTOTOKOV, Kai tGTTapyi'lVWtJtU swaddling clothes, and 

forth her son the first-born, and wrapped -iu 'swaddling Vlothes J. ai ' him '\ n a manger ; 

, , . i , , , ^ , > >- because there was no 

UUTOV, Kai UViKXlVS# avruV tV q ry" (paTVIJ, OlUTl OVK.ljV room for them in the 

'him, and laid him in the manger, because there was not lnn - 

avroiig roTTog tv r<p Ka.Takvfia.Ti. 

for them a place in the inn. 8 And there were in 

8 Kl Troin'ivzg haw $i> Ty x"P a TJj avry, dypavXovvTtg he^nbS'Tn^he 

And shepherds were in the ^country 'same, lodging in the fields fie ],j keeping watch 

Kai (pvXuaaovTtg <pv\aKag t^c vvKTog t7ri T))v.7Toifn'riv.avTujv. T e t th , ei f ?^ k '^ 7 

and ^ keeping ^ watch " by night over their flock ; ^ anfelW the Lordcarie 

9 Kai T loov, n dyytXog Kvpiov tTricrrrj avTolg, Kai B6Ka\ u p u * h ^ m ' aud the 

and behold, an angel of [the] Lord stood by them, and [the] glory g | >Tf the Lord shone 
' i ljoj round about them : 

KVp'lOV 7Ttpi'i\aj.l\l/tV aVTOVg' Kai t<pofi>)9>]<TaV (j)U[30V and they were sore a- 

of [the] Lord shone around them, and they feared [with] "fear fraid. 10 And the an- 

i %- , .., \ a n >* \ & sa unt0 them, 

f.uyav. 10 Kai tlirtv avToig o dyytXog, Mij^optlaOa' icov Fear not : for, behold, 

\-reat. And 3 said "to 5 them 'the -;LUgel, Fear not : 2 bchold \ hrin S /'U good ti- 

, x , v , > , /. 'ngs Of great joy, 

yap, evayytXi^o/jai Vfxiv \apav fxtya}.r)v, i/Tig torai which shall be to ail 

'for, I announce glad tidings to you [of] -ioy 'great, which shall be people. 11 For unto 

, ~ S ,, , , n / / .. r you is born this day 

KaVTl TO) \aifJ' 11 OTl lTt\9r] VjMV ai]/.(tpOV COm/p, vg tGTiV in the city of David 

to all the people ; for was born to you to-day a Saviour, who is a Saviour, which is, 

, , .. a ,,, in , - <~ Christ the Lord. 1.' And 

XpiGTog KVptOg, tV TToAEl s A.a[3l0. 12 Kai TOVTO VfUlV thi* shall 6c a sign un- 

t-hrist [the] Lord, in [the] city of David. And this [is] to you to you ; Ye shall lind 

t , n , , i t v ' tne babe wrapped in 

to arifitiov' tvpr)(jf.TE ppttyog toirapyaviojitvov, lw Ktt- swad'.iing clothes, 

the sign : ye shall find a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, ly- lying in a Vfnangcr. 

s i) LTTrA. h eyevero irpuirt) t. ' Kvpivov Cyrenns l. k iavrov (read his city) ltiy. 
1 7$a.apa9 L ; Na^apeS TW. m AauciS LTTrA ; Aav'iS GW. n arroypd(j>ecr0ai h. 

" e;j.i'r}o-Tevnivr) LTTrA. P yvvaiKt LTTvA. i rrj (read a manger) LTTrA. * iSoii 
tlt-a! Aaveto LiirA ; AautS ass. . t -f- Kai aud [i]xrA. Keitievov X. 

152 A O V K A 2. It. 

a multitude of the ' u k r > a *' lu iuauger. And suddenly there was with tho 

'n^G 1 '! ho |* pr . ai *" ayyeXip 7rAi]ffof arpariciq x ovpaviov, n alvovvTiov tuv 9t6v, 

l^Glory'toGodln the au; >' eI a multitude of [the] liost 'heavenly, praising God, 

highest, and on earth K 0( XsyoVTWV, 14 Aottt *V V\ll(TTOlQ Offi, Kttl 17TI y?jg 

warf'mtn? 15And it and Bayin => Glor y in [ tne ] mgliest to God, and on earth 

came to pass, as the elprjVl], IV ClvBpiOTTOig^ Y EV0OKia. tt 15 Krft ty'&l'ETO, OJQ airijX- 

nngcls were gone away p eacCi j n men good pleasure. And it came to pass, as 3 depart- 

ven, the shepherds said 9oV O.TT aVTU)V l TUl> Ovpctl'bv 01 ciyytXoL, z KO.t 01 dj'9oOJ7TOl^ 

one to another, Let us ei ] <from s thera e iQ ~ 7 the neaven i tne = a ngels, that tho men 

now go even unto , , . , , _, 

Bethlehem, and see 01 TTOl^liVE Q a E i7T0V" TTOOQ aXXljXoUQ , AltX(kt)fieV 01] U>f 

this thing which is the shepherds said to one another, Let us go through indeed as far as 

come to pass, which m , , - , , _ , , , 

the Lord hath made iintiAEtfi, Kai 1010/lEV TO.ptjjia.TOVTO TO ytyOVOQ O O 

known unto ns. 16 And Bethlehem, and let us see this thing that has come to pass which the 

they came with haste, / , , < _ _. , hr\ n 11 " ' 

and found Mary, and KVplOg lyVlopiGEV IJfllV. \b Kai l)X9oV n C7TW(7aVTEQ KCIX 

Joseph, and the babe Lord made known to us. And they came having hasted and 

lying in a manger. r > 11 ' lr \ \ \ > T , \ < a j 

17 And when they had aVEl'pOV" Tl)V.TE.Mapl'J.^ Kai T0V lw<TI]<p, KCll TO pptfyOQ KEl- 

seen it, they made found both Mary and Joseph, and the babe ly- 

"nTwhich a was e t^d" V-^ov iv ry fciTvy. 17 tSieyvwptaav" 

them concerning this ing in the manger. And having seen, they made known abroad 

tha^heard^wondered "P T0V ph^TOQ TOV XciXlfikvTOQ OVTOlg TTSpl TOV 

at those things which concerning the saying which had been told them concerning 

were told them by the TraiSlOV.TOVTOV. 18 Kai TTCIVTZC 01 aKOVOCtVTtQ iBaVUCftjaV 
shepherds. 19 But Alary ., . ,.,,, , ., , . ,, * . . . 3 , , 

kept all these things ^^ us "t"e child. .And all who heard wnudcred 

he > rhe 0n ^ er ^OA ,< d"ti n "^P* V \aXl\QkvTitiV VTTO TWV 7TOlf.(kviOV TTpOQ 

shepherds returned concerning the things which had been spoken by the shepherds to 

glorifying and prais- ai'TOVC. 19 i>-de. e Mctpiau n TTClVTa ovvertipEi Ta.pnuaTci.Ta.VTay 
iSffhrtttS had -, But Mary ^ "all 'kept tLsCsayings 

heard and seen, as it f o~vu.8dXXovo~a n iv rS.Kapdia.avTrjg. 20 Kai %nrGTpf.yd~v* 

was told unto them. pondering [them] in her heart. And Returned 

o\ iroifikveg, SoZciZovteq Kai aivovvTSg rbv Qzbv iiri Traoiv 

'the ^shepherds, glorifying and praising God for all things 

oXg iJKovoav Kai h ei^oi'," Ka9u>g iXaXi)9r] irpbg avrovg. 

which they had heard and seen, as it was said to them. 

21 And when eight 21 Kai '6t tTrXricr9n<jav iiu'tpai oktoj tov TrspiTEueiv 'to 

e d d ft SrX e cir C c C uSng And when were fulfilled 4s -eight for the 'circumcising the 

of the child, his name TrmSiov," Kai IkXtjOt] TO.ovoixa.avTOV 'lT)<rovg r TO kXj)- 

whtchwir so named li"le child, ^ was , caUed . ais . name Jesus, which [he] was 

of the angel before he Q v V tt T ov ayy'tXov 7rpo tov k ffyX\r?00Jjvai" avTov iv T-g 

was conceived in the n d b th ' x ^f or9 s was 3 C0 nceived 'he in th 
womb. # J 

. 1 3 , i, womb. 

22 And when the ..## t > - n - 1 > ~ 11 
days of her purifica- 22 Kai ote t7rXi]tjQt]<7av at t/fispai TOV.KafJapiff/lOvJaVTOJV" 
tion according to the And. when were fulfilled the days for their purification 

law of Moses were . . , _- n ' v ><t ' 

accomplished, they Kara tov vofiov m Moj(Tfojf, ' avrjyayov avTov stg lspooo- 

brought him to Jeru- according to the law of Moses, they brought him to Jerusa- 

salem, to present him , , no a x ' ' 11 

to the Lord ; 23 (as it Xv/ua 7rapa(TT))Gai Tq) Kvpiii), 16 Kavwg ysypaTTTai tv 

is written in the law lem to present to the Lord, as it has been written in [the^ 

nlie t that'op d nefhthe vSu^ icvpiov, "On Trav cipffSV Siavolyov nvTpav iiyiov 

womb shall be called law of [the] Lord, That every male opening a womb "holy 

snlfmUo offer ^sTcri- Tip Kvpioj K\T)Qi]aeT(ii' 24 Kai tov Sovvai Qvo'iav Kara 

fice according to that 5 to 6 the 'Lord 'shall "be 3 called : and to offer a sacrifice according tc 

w - ( recl d a manger) gltttaw. * ovpavov of heaven Tr. j evSoKta<; of good 

pleasure fcTTrA. J Ki i a.v6p<i>TT{>i [L]T[TrAJ. a e\d\ow T. b fi\9ai> TTrA. 

c avevpav TTr. d kyvuipiaav they made known LTTrA. e Mapia LTTrA. f irvvpd\- 

KovcraT. e viriarp^av GLTTrAW. h l&ov T. ~ ' outok him GLTTrAW. k rvAA>j/ir/)d^ai 
MTTi-a. ' avr^s (rtud her puriheation) B. m Miovo-au9 LTXrAW. n -r to the L. 


L U K E. 

to tiprjpivov iv romp Kvpiov, Ztvyog rpvyovtov 

that which has been said in [tlio] law of [the] Lord, A pair of turtle doves 

r} Svo p veov<jovq u TrtpiG-epuiv. 

Cr two young of pigeons. 

25 Kai ISov, q /yv di'9pto7rog^ iv 'lepc.vaaX))n (!) bvopia 

And heboid, there was a man in Jerusalem whose name 

Hv/Jitiov, kcu b.av'SpioTTOQ.oWoQ dik'aioc Kai tvXa/3i'ig, 

[was] Simeon; and this man [was] just and pious, 

7rpo(T^E%oyUvof: TrapaKXt^mv tov 'loparjX, Kai rrvevfia 

waiting for [the] consolation of Israel, and [the] 2 Spirit 

T ayiov J)v" sir avrov' 26 Kai i]v avrqi KBxpijpariGuivoi^ vtto 

'Holy was upon him. And it was to him divinely communicated by 

tov revtvparog rov ayiov fiijMtiv rrpiv^if 

the Spirit the Holy that he should not see death before 

'iSrj .tov xpirrrov Kvpiov. 27 Kai r)\9sv iv rtp 7rvtvpaTi 
he should see the Christ of [the] Lord. And he came in the Spirit 

tig to itpov' Kai tv.T<o-i<Jayaye7v rovg yovelg to 7rai<)iov 'lt]~ 
into the temple ; and when ^brought ''in 'the -parents the little child Je- 

o~ovv, TOV.7rou}aai.avTOVQ Kara rb.ti9iGjAvov 

sus, that they might do According 'Ho 5 what s had 'become 8 customary 

tov voixov 7Tpi avrov, 28 Kai avrbg iSttaro avrb tig rdgayKa.- 

B by 10 the "law 'for "him, he also received him into -arms, 

\ag t avTOV, n Kai ti'X6yt]Gtv rov 9t6v, KaiflTrsv, 29Nwv cnroXvtig 
'his, and blessed God, and said, Nowthoulettestgo 

Tov.dovX6v.aov, c'tanora, Kara rb.pijpd.Gov, iv tipr)vy' 

thy bondman, O Master, according to thy word, in peace ; 

30 on tldov oi.6<p9dXp.oLfiov to. Gtorlip, 31 o 

for 3 have 4 seen 'mine '-'eyes thy salvation, which 

ijToipaaaQ Kara. irpoGwirov irdvnov rwv Xawv' 32 <piug 

thou hast prepared before [the] face of all the peoples; alight 

tig cnroKaXvipiv t9viov Kai $6av Xaov.Gov 'lapaljX. 

for revelation of [the] Gentile3 and glory of thy people Israel. 

33 Kai 7\v ay 'lwGt)<p' ] Kai ii.pijrTjp.^avrov" 9avpd%ovrtg irri 

And s were 'Joseph '-'and 3 his 4 mother wondering at 

roXg . XaXovpi voig Trtpi avrov. 34 Kai ti>X6y)]Gtv 
the things which were spoken concerning him. And ^blessed 

avrovg Svptuiv, Kai dirtv rrpbg Mapidfi rrjv.prjripa avrov, 

3 them 'Simeon, and said to Mary his mother, 

iSov, ovrog Ktlrai tig rrruiGiv Kai dvaaramv ttoXXwv 

Lo, this [child] is set for [the] fall and rising up of many 

iv rii>'lapar)X, Kai tig Gi]pelov avrtXtyopevov 35 Kai gov x o" 

in Israel, and for a sign spoken against ; (and of thee also 

avrrjg Tijvxpvx^v dieXtvaerai pop<paia- o7rtog dv.diroKaXv- 
e thy 'soul 3 shall 4 go 'through 'a -sword ;) so that may be re- 

ip9ioaiv Ik rroXXiov KapSiwv SiaXoyiapoi. 
vealed of many hearts [the] reasonings. 

36 Kai f)v "Avva 7Tpo<pi)Tig, 9vydri]p $>avovr)X, tK 

And there was Anna a prophetess, daughter of Phanuel, of [the] 

tfvXrjg 'Aarip' avrt] 7rpof3tl3t]KvTa iv y/jspaig 7roXXaTg, Z,i,aaaa 

tribe of Asher, she was advanced in "days 'many, having lived 

7f77j fitrd dvdpbg" iirra enrb rr)g. z Trap9tviag n . avrrjg, 37 Kai 
"yeara 3 with *a 'husband 'seven from her virginity, and 


which is said in the 
law uf the Lord. A pair 
of turtledoves, or two 
young pigeons. 

25 And, behold, there 
was a man in Jerusa- 
lem, whose name loan 
Simeon ; and the same 
man was just and de- 
vout, waiting for the 
consolation of Israel: 
and the Holy Ghost 
wasupon him. 2(> And 
it was revealed unto 
him by the Holy Ghost, 
that he should not see 
death, before he had 
seen the Lord's Christ. 
27 And he came by the 
Spirit into the temple: 
and when the parents 
brought in the child 
Jesus, to do for him 
after the custom of the 
law, 23 then took he 
him up in hi- arms, and 
bles-ed God, and said, 
2:1 Lord, now le'.test 
thou thy servant de- 
part in peace, accord- 
ing to thy word : 30 tor 
mine eyes have seen 
thy salvation, 31 which 
thou hast prepared be- 
fore the face of all 
people; 32 a light to 
lighten the Gentiles, 
and the glory of thy 
people Israel. 33 And 
Joseph and his mother 
marvelled at those 
things which were 
spoken of him. 34 And 
Simeon blessed them, 
and said unto Mary his 
mother, Behold, this 
child is set for the fall 
and rising again of 
many in Israel ;' and 
for a sign which shall 
be spoken against ; 
35 (.yea, a sword shall 
pierce through thy 
own soul also,) that 
the thoughts of many 
hearts may be re- 

36 And there was one 
Anna, a prophetess, 
the daughter of Pha- 
nuel, of the tribe of 
Aser : she was of a 
great age, and had 
lived with an husband 
seven years from her 
virginity ; 37 and she 

+ wj> the LTTr. P i/oo-o-ou? TA. 1 avOpojnos y\v T. 

r\ av T ; ai< Tr. ' avrov {read [his] arms) [L]T[TrA]. " + o L. 

father GTTrA. w avrov (read [his] mother,) GTrA. * [&e] LTr. 

in\ ISXj. jrapQeveias A. 

1 7]V ayiov GLTTi AW. 

b 7raTrjo avrov his 

y fj.era avSpbt 

154 A T K A 2. IT. 

was a widow of about b^-^ii X 7 'lP a C( ' A tTutv oyvorjKovrartrTfrapwv, f/ aim 

years^ which departed she ^ was ^ a wiUow "about 'years 'of 3 eighty-four, 5 who 'not 

not from the! eru pic, ct(!>ilTTaTQ d 7To" TOV ItOOV, VnGTZidlQ KCli Ce>1G(JlV XctTpFVQVcra 
bnt served God with 6 ' , , , ., , ' , .', .. , ,. ' . 

fastings and prayers de P artod from the temple, with fastings and supplications serving 

night and day. 38 And v {j K ra KO.l J/jU?OaV' 38 KCll e CtVT)] n CtVT?).T1J u>pci iiriaTaaa 
BtlTga^thanksHke:*, 11 ^ 11 * ' ^ da * : , , d *he at the same hour coming np 

wise unto the Lord, Clv9lx)fXQXnyLTO T<p f KVpt(p," Kal kXctXtl 7Tpi al'TOV WUCriV 
and spake of him to gave praise to the Lord, and spoke concerning him to all 

all them that looked , / , 

for redemption in Je- TCi7g 7Tp0(TVlX l- lil ' 0l Q XvTQMOlV s tV V 'lepOV(jaXi)fX. 

rusalcm. those waiting for redemption in Jerusalem. 

'. 39 And when they 39 Kal wg trtXtrjav h 7ravra ll . 1 rd" /card rbv vo/.iov 

had performed all And when they had completed all things according to the law 

things according to , . . , , i il < t-i \ ' ' 1 II "\ i 

the law of the Lord, KVpiOV, ^V7Ti-<TTpexUav tig T1]V YaXlXaiClV, tig l TTjV n 7TlXlW 

they returned into of [the] Lord they returned to Galilee, to 3 city ' 

Galilee, to their own , , . . , ., -, , , 

city Nazareth. 40 And avrwv n ria{,aptr. 40 To. St TTClldlOV t]vt,avtv KUl tKpa- 

the child grew, and 'their ['own], Nazareth. And the little child grew, and became 

waxed strong in spirit, . , n\' n _, ' ii > ' 

filled with wisdom: TCUOVTO 7TVtVfJari, 7rXl]pOV JltVOV p <JO(piag," KCll X ri 9 l Q 

and the grace of God strong in spirit, being filled with wisdom, and [the] grace 

was upon him. n ~ r > > ' 
VtOV t)V iTT Ctl'TO. 

of God was tfpon him. 

41 Now his parents 41 Kal tTrop c vovTO oi.yovElg.avrov Kar'Jrog elg'ltpnvaaXt)n 

went to Jerusalem And 3 went 'his ''parents yearly to Jerusalem 

everv year at the feast ~< .. ~ , . , ,, , , t ~ /., 

ofthopassover. 42 And Ty tOpry TOV 7TaT%a. QZ Kai OTk~ tytVtTO tTlOV COJOtKa, 

when he was twelve at the feast of the ptissovcr. And when he was 2 years [ 3 old] 'twelve, 

years old, they went n ' /D ' n > - r ' >i '\ u I n 

lip to Jerusalem after ^CLVCtpClVTltiV ClllTLoV T ttg IfOOffOAiJ/ia" Kara TO tVog Tljg 

the custom of the feast, ^having 6 gone 7 np 4 they to Jerusalem according to the custom of the 

43 And when they had < ~ ao > \ ' < < , ~ . , 

fulfilled' the days, as io , or, JC? 43 Kai Tt\eU0(TaVT(0V rag tlfltpag, tV-Tljt.WKOGTpttytlV 

they returned, the fea-t, . and having completed the days, as -returned 

chUdJesus^n-iedte- ^^ foipUytV 'i^oSff" 6 TTalg iv 'ltpOVaoX^fl, Kdi 

and Joseph and his 'they "remained behind "Jesus 3 the ''child in Jerusalem, and 

4^BuUhey^upposinff t OVIC.tyV(t) 'lli)(T))<p KCll l).fir)TT]p.auTOV' K 44 VO/.li<TaVTC-0t ClilTUV 
him to have been in E knew [ e it] 'not 'Joseph -and 3 his 4 mothcr ; but supposing him 

the company, went a, v' ty TJ j avvo Sia eh'UL 11 TjXOoV 7]Utnag 6SuV, KCti CLVtZilTOVV 
days Tourney ; and * . , .,' r j r , j ,, 

they sought him a- ln tla * company to be they went a day's journey, and suught 

mong their kinsfolk aVTOV tV TOIC OVyytVtGtV Kal W SJ/" TOig yV(0<TTO?C' 45 Kal 

and acquaintance. , . ^ , j .. * ' . 

45 And when thev among the relations and among the acquaintances : and 

found him not, they ^ zvpovTtg *ai)Tov VTrkaTpti/av tig'ltpovoaXiijx^fyiTOvvrtg^ 

Jerusalem seekin not having found him they returned to Jerusalem, seeking 

him. 46 And it came to aVTOV. 46 Kal lytVETO z flt9' n l)fi'tpaQ TptTg tlpov aiiTOV tV 
pass, that after three hj And it came to pass after "days 'three they found him in 

days they found him _ w , , , ^ , , , , , 

in the temple, sitting rip Itpo), KaOt^O/JiEVOV tV fltCJljJ TU)V SlCaffKaXdJV, Kai aKOV- 

in the midst of the t h temple, sitting in [the] midst of the teachers, both near- 

doctors, both hearing \ <> > / *n ->y ? ' 

them, and asking them OVTO aVT(V Kai tTTtpiOTWVTa aVTOl'Q. 47 tt,l(JTaVTO. Ot TTUVTtg 
questions. 47 And all i ng them and questioning them. And "were c auinzed 'all 

that heard him were , , , .,_,, ^ , ,.,, 

astonished at his un- 01 UKOVOVTtQ aVTuV t7Tt T7J (JV) f lGEl Kai Taig a7TOKpllTt(TlV 

derstanding and an- 2 those ^hearing < him at [hi-] understanding and -answers 

swers. 48 And when ,.,.,,, ,, , > / ., > ,r 

they saw him, they avrov. 48 Krtl loovrtg avTuv t$t7r\(ty>)<Tav Kai *7rpug avrov 
were amazed : md his 'his. And seeing him they were astonished : and to' him 

mother said unto him, < , , ~ T mi t i < ~ > 

Son, why hast thou 1l.p]T1)p.aVTOV tiTTtV, n ItKt'OV, Tl bTTOl)](Jag ljj.Hl' Ol'TWg] 

thus dealt with us? his mother said^ Child, why hns< thou done tons thus? 

6 auT>j herself TXr A. c eai; up to l,TTi\A. d atrb (read left not) tti-a. e avTrj W ; 

axiTT) (read avOoi/j-oK. she gave praise) LTTrA. f 6ew (read to God) ltti-a. e ev (read 
[ill]) LTTi'LA]. h iravTO. TTr. > rat * eiriaTpetyav 1. ' jTjf LTTrA. m eavTuif 

LTTiAW. n Nafape'6 TTrAW. TTViV}J.arL LTTrA. P crania TrA. "J avafiawoVTOiU going 
up LTTrA. r ets 'Iepoor6Au/ia t[Ti]a. s ['Irjo-ous] A. l ovk eyfajo-ai/ oi yov^li avrov his 
parents knew it not LTTrA. " eli'at iv rrj a-vvoSia LTTrA. w if GLTTrAW. x avrov 
(read [him]) c[lJtt a. y ai>ar)TOVi>Tes LTTrA. l /nerd TTrA. a eln-er Trp'os avr'of 

il /iTjriJp ai/TOU-LTTrA. 

IT, 'IT. 


loov, b.Tra-rip.rrov Kayo} oSvvdifiEvoi t'Ci]T0VfiEV oe. 49 Kai 

behold, thy f.ither and I distressed were seeking thee. A.ud 




ovic.ydeiTS on 

knew ye. not that 

50 Kai ai'Tol 

And they 

Kai Kareftt) 

And he went down 

*Ittev Trpbq avTovQ, Ti on t^jTeUrs fiE ; 

'no said to them, WTiy [is it] that ye were seeking rue ? 

tv TO~g Ssl tlvai 

.n tb? [affairs] cl my Father it behoves z to 3 be 

ov.tjvvi'jKav to pt'ifia b iXaXijaEV avTolg. 

understood not the word which he spoke to them. 

(jlet ai'Tuiv Kai r]X9ev eig h ~NaapET' n Kai i)v vTrora&rrofiEvog 

with them and came to Nazareth, and he was subject 

avTolg. Kai tj.firfTtfp.avTOV $iETi)pEi. c 7TavTaTa.pi]paTa n .' 1 Tavra n 

to them. And his mother kept all these things 

iv Ty.Kap8ia.avT)jg. 52 Kai 'Irjaovg -rposKOTTTEv e f ao<pia- Kai 

in her heart. And Jesus advanced in wisdom and 

r/X/c('cf," Kai %apiri 7capa 0E(p Kai avOpoj-roig 

gtature, and in favour with God and men. 

3 E^ tret di TTEVTEKatdEKaTOJ Trjg ifytfiovlag Tij3 e piov 

2 In 5 year 'now [ 3 the] "fifteenth of the government of Tiberius 

Kaiaapog, riyEfiovevovrog Uovtiov siLXarou" Tijg 'lovdaiag, 

Caesar, 3 being "governor "Pontius = Pilate of Judaea, 

Kai ^mrpapxovvTO^ Trjg TaXiXaiag 'Hptofiov, ^i\ tov 
and 2 being 3 tetrarch "of 5 Galilee 'Herod, and Philip 

aSz\(j>ov.auTov h TETpapxovvTog n Trjg 'irovpaiag Kai Tpaxujvi- 

his brother b'eing tetrarch of Ituraea and 3 of "Tracho- 

TiSog Xwp a C> Kai Avtraviov Trjg'A/3iXr)vfjg h TETpapxovvTog, n 

Qitis [' the] '"region, and Lysanias 3 of "Abilene 'being ^tetrarch, 

2 Hit' c'tpxttpMov n " kvva Kai k Ka7a0a," iytveTO prjfu* 

in [the] high-priesthood of Annas and Caiaphas, ( came [the] word 

Qeov l-n-i ''Iwawijv" tov m rou 11 Zax<xpiov v'ibv tv t~) iprffUp' 

of God upon John the 2 of 3 Zacharias 'son in the wilderness. 

3 Kai fj\9ev elg iraaav n T?)v n 7repix<*>pov tov 'lopbdvov, 

And he went into all the country around the Jordan, 

Kripvcratov fia-KTiGfia /xETavoiag eig a<j>E<ni> dfiapTiuiv' 

proclaiming [the] baptism of repentance for remission of sins ; 

4 tog ysypaTTTai iv jiijiXto Xoyojv 'Hffatov tov 

as it has been written in [the] book of [the] words of Esaias the 

TrpotyriTOV, X'syovTog" Qtovt) fBowvTog iv tij ipr'jfito, 

prophet, saying, [The] voice of one crying in the wilderness, 

'Ero//<rarE ttjv bSbv Kvpiov evQtiag 7ToieXte Tag Tpl(3ovg 
Prepare the way of [the] Lord ; Straight 'make "paths 

" iraaa (pcipayZ irXi)ptoBifo~ETai, Kai ~rdv bpog Kal 
Every ravine shall be filled up, and every mountain and 

fiovvbg Ta-rELVtoOrjaeTar Kai taTai to. okoXicl Eig 

hill shall be made low ; and "shall "become 'the = crooked [ 3 places] into 

p Ev9Elav, H /cat ai rpa%?7ai Eig bSovg XEiag' 6 koi 6\pETai 

a straight [path], and the rough into 2 ways 'smooth 


3 his. 

and 3 shall "see 




2 flesh 





tov 9eov. 7 

of God. 
bxXoig /3a7rTio~9r}i>ai v-k 

'crowds to be baptized by 

txidvtov, Tig v~r's^Ei^,E%' vfiiv ipvyelv drrb Trjg fxEXXovmfg opyijgi 
ofvipeis, who forewarned you to flee from the coming wrath? 


2 coming 3 out 

ViXtyEV oJjv Tolg 
He said therefore to the 






behold, thy father and 
1 have soujrht thee sor- 
rowing. 49 And he said 
unto them, How is it 
that ye sought me? 
wist ye not 'that I 
must be about my Fa- 
ther's business ? 50 And 
they understood not 
.he saying which he 
spake unto them. 
51 And he went down 
with them, and came 
to Nazareth, and was 
subject unto them : 
but his mother kept 
all these sayings in 
her heart. 52 And Je- 
sus increased in wis- 
dom and stature, and 
in favour with God 
and man. 

III. Now in the fif- 
teenth year of the 
reign of Tiberius Cae- 
sar, Pontius Pilate 
being governor of Ju- 
daea, and Herod being 
tetrarch of Galilee, 
and his brother Philip 
tetrarch of Ituraea and 
of the region of Tra- 
chonitis, and Lysanias 
the tetrarch of Abi- 
lene, 2 Annas and Cai- 
aphas being the high 
priests, the word of 
God came unto John 
the son of Zacharias in 
the wilderness. 3 And 
he came into all the 
country about Jordan, 
preaching the baptism 
of repentance for the 
remission of sins ; 4 as 
it is written in the 
book of the words of 
Esaias the prophet, 
saying, The voire of 
one crying in the wil- 
derness, Prepare ye the 
way of the Lord, make 
his paths straight. 
5 Every valley shall be 
filled, and every moun- 
tain and hill shall be 
brought low ; and the 
crooked shall be made 
straight, andtherough 
ways shall be made 
smooth ; 6 and all flesh 
shall see the salvation 
of God. 7 Then said he 
to the multitude that 
came forth to be bap- 
tized of him, O gene- 
ration of vipers, who 
hath warned you to 
flee from the wrath to 
come? 8 Bring forth 
therefore' fruits wor- 
thy of repentance, and 
begin not to say within 
yourselves, We have 
Abraham to our fa- 

b Naape'0 TTrAW. = ra pry/aaTa irai'Ta.L. d ravra these [l]t[a].^ e + ev rflin 

(wisdom) T. f rikiKia kol o-o<j>iq Tr. ~ Tlet.ka.TOV T. h Terpaapxovvroq T. eirl 

dpxiepeaj? GLTTrAW. *< Kcu<pa L.' ' 'IwofTJl- Tr. m TOU GLTTrAW. n TT]V (read 

every ctAintry around) ltta. \eyovTO~ LTTrA. p evdeias straight [paths] LTTrA. 


ther : for I say unto 
you, That God is able 
of these stones to raise 
tip children unto Abra- 
ham. 9 And now also 
the axe is laid unto 
the root of the trees : 
every tree therefore 
which bringeth not 
forth good fruit is 
hewn down, and cast 
into the fire. 10 And 
the people asked him, 
saying, What shall wo 
do then? 11 He an- 
swereth and saith unto 
them, He that hath 
two coats, let him im- 
part to him that hath 
none ; and he that hath 
meat, let him do like- 
wise. 12 Then came 
also publicans to be 
baptized, and said unto 
him, Master, what 
shall we do ? 13 And 
he said unto them, 
Exact no more than 
that which is appoint- 
ed you. 14 And the 
soldiers likewise de- 
manded of him, say- 
ing, And what shall 
we do ? And he said 
unto them, Do violence 
to no man, neither ac- 
cuse any falsely ; and 
be content with your 

15 And as the people 
were in expectation, 
and all men mused in 
their hearts of John, 
whether he were the 
Christ, or not ; 16 John 
answered, saying unto 
them all, I indeed bap- 
tize you with water ; 
but one mightier than 
I cometh, the latchet 
of whose shoes I am 
not worthy to unloose : 
he shall baptize you 
with the Holy Ghost 
and with fire : 17 whose 
fan is in his hand, and 
ho will throughly 
purge his floor, and 
will gather the wheat 
into his garner ; but 
the chaff he will burn 
with fire unquench- 
able. 18 And many 
other things in his ex- 
hortation preached he 
unto the people. 19 But 
Herod the tetrarch, 
being reproved by him 
for Herodias his bro- 
ther Philip's wife, and 
for all the evils 
which Herod had done, 
20 added yet this above 
all, that' he shut up 
John in prison. 

A Y K A 2. 




T1]Q fieraVOiag' 

of repentance ; 





to the 


10 Km 


8 7ronirraT o?n> 

Produce therefore fruits worthy 

apZ,T}o9e Xeyeiv ev eavrolg, Uarepa tx ouev rbv'Afipaafi' 

'begin to say in yourselves, [ 4 For] B father 'we 2 have ' 3 Abraham, 

Xeyut.ydp vfxiv, on Svvarai 6 9ebg Ik riSJv.Xi9(jjv.rovru)v 

for I say to you, that -is 3 able 'God from. these stones 

lyelpai r'tKva r< 'Afipaa/j.. 9 r)drjM Kai r) d^ivrj rrpbg ri)v 

to raise up children to Abraham. Eut already also the axe . 

piZ,av. tu)v SevSpwv kzitcli' irav oiv S'evSpov fir) 
root of the' trees is applied : 2 every 'therefore tree not 

KctpTrbv v KaXbv n eKKOirrerai Kai elg 7rvp (3dXXerai 

2 fruit 'good is cut down and into [the] fire is cast. 

k-n-rjpioTwv avrbv oi 6x\oi, \eyovreg, Ti oZv *7roir)ffOfisv ]i ; 

3 asked 4 him 'the 2 crowds, saying, What then shall we do ? 

11 ' 'Xlyei 11 avrolg, 'O t%wv Svo x^dvag pera- 

And answering he says to them, He that has two tunics let him 

Sorw T<{i firjJ%ovTi' Kai b fyiov flpdjpara bpoiiog 

impart to him that has not ; and he that has victuals likewise 

ttoieitio. 12 "HX9ov.Se Kai reXuivai /3a7rTio9ijvai, Kai 

'let 2 him 3 do. And 'came -also 'tax-gatherers to be baptized, and 

v eZ7rov" Trpbg avrov, AicdcTKaXe, ri s iroii]crofiev } []13'O.Se el-rrev 

they said to him, Teacher, what shall we do 1 And he said 

rrpbg avrovg, ~X\v,Sev irXkov rrapa to Siarerayp'evov 

to them, 2 Nothing 3 more 4 beyond 'that "which 7 is "appointed 

vaiv TrpatJGETE. 14 'E7rr]pd>Tcov.Se avrbv Kai o-rparevopn'oi, 

9 to'you 'exact. And asked him also those who were soldiers, 

Xeyovreg, w Kai i)j,ielg ri 7rori)o-op.ev"; Kai E~i7rev x 7rpbg avrovg," 

saying, And we what shall we do ? And he said to them, 

Miideva Siaaeiarfre rpjcJe 11 ^vKo^avrriaiqre, Kai . dpKeiu9e rolg 

2 No 3 one 'oppress nor accuse falsely, and be satisfied 


with your wages. 

15 UpoaSoKwvrog.Se rov Xaov, Kai SiaXoyiZopevwv rtdv- 

But as 3 were "in Expectation 'the 2 people, and 2 were ^reasoning 

ru)V ev raig.KapSiaig.avriov rrepi rov z 'lwdvvov, tt 



their hearts concerning John, whether or not 

avrbg tit) b xpioroc, 16 aireKpivaro a 6 'lojdvvrjg airaaiv, 

he might be the Christ, 2 answered 'John all, 

Xsywv," 'Eyw fiev vSari fiaTrriZ,(x> vftag h ' epxerai.Sf b 
saying, I indeed .with water baptize you, but he comes who [is] 

i0X v pbrepog fiov, ov ovKM/ii iKavbg Xvcrai rov \jxdvra rwv 

mightier than I, of whom I am not fit to loose the thong 

VTroSr]fidrwv.avrov' avrbg hfidg ftaTrrioei ev rrvevf-iari 

of his sandals ; he " 3 you 'will ^baptize with [the] 2 8pirit 

ayi<{> Kai Trvp'r 17 ol rb rrrvov ev ry.xstpi.avrov, 

'Holy and wirh fire ; of whom the winnowing fan [is] in his hand, 

e Kai SuiKa9apiel n rr)v.uXu)va.avro'v, Kai ^avvatu" rbv 
and he will thoroughly purge . his floor, and will gather the 

airov elg rr)V.dTTo9r]Kr]v.avrov, rb.Se &xvpov KaraKavcrei 
wheat into his granary, but the chaff he will burn 

TTvpi dofi'eorit). 18 IioXAa utv.ovv Kai erepa irapaKaXibv 

with fire unquenchable. 3 Many 'therefore 'and other things exhorting 

r [(caAbv] L. " wotTjo-tofiei' should we do LTTrAW. * eAeyev he said LTTrA. T elnav 

LTTr. " ri TTOirja-ofxev (Troirjauixev should we do taw) Acai ijixels LTTrA.- l ai/Tois to them 

LTrA. y i&T}8iva. no one T. ; 'Ia>di>ov Tr. * o 'Iwanj? a^acrw Ae'yuv Tr ; Ae'ywc iraacv 6 

'lu>dvvri<; t. b +- eis fieTavoiav to repentance l. c SiaAcaflapcu to thoroughly purge t. 

4 trvvayayely to gather T. 



tvijyyeXiZeTO tov Xctov. 19 '0.8k.'Hp<i)$i)g o e rs- 21 Now when aiuh* 

he announced the glad tidings to the people. But Herod the' te- l* P le w f ru baptisswl, 

, ,. , , , , , ll came to pass, that 

rpapx'ig tAtyxoiuspog viz aurou irept Hpioaaoog rTjg J . esu " s also being bp- 

Inuch being reproved by him concerning Hcrodias * the lzcu > alul vraying, the- 

, . . . , ,, .,..,_!_ ", , , heaven was opened, 

yVVatKvg I( Pl\l7T7rvV" TOV.UOSXfoV.aVTOV, ical 7Tpi 7raj'rwV 22 and the Holy Ghost 

wife of Philip his brother, and concerning all descended iu a bodily 

- '<u >s ai\ 'a mi f ha Pelikeadoveupou 

UjV 7TOI?J(TJ' , 7TOV7]pWV O Upwdljf, 20 7T0OOE\'l)KEV ^K(ll a him, and a voice came 

3 wnich 5 had 6 done ['the] -evils "Herod, added also from heaven, which 

. > ~ h Ml ' -v i'r ' n b ~n said, Thou art my be- 

TOVTO ITTl TTaaiV "Km" KaTcKAtl(Ti' TOV 1 ItOUVVtjV" tV k TTj n loved Son; in thee I 

this to all that he shut up John in the am we U pleased. 

. \ ~ 23 And Jesus hiru- 

(pvActtcy. self began to be about 

prison. thirty years of age, be- 

01 , Tf ' }> ~ o u~ ' > > ing (as was supposed) 

21 Ky&veroJe tv.T<i>-paTrTio9))vai caravra rov Xaov, kcu the son of Joseph, 

Now it came to pass "having 5 been 6 baptized 'all 2 the 3 people, and which was the son of 

'litaov (3a.7rTia0tvrog kcu. Trpoaevxo/.dvov, aveyxOtjvai tov son of^ttnat7which 

Jesus having been baptized and praying, 3 was "opened Hhe was the son of Levi, 

ovpavov, 22 nai KUTafi^vai to irvevfia to ayiov o-wjuartKvp Melchi, wMcWas tte 

"heaven, and descended the Spirit the Holy in a bodily son of Janna, which 

eUei Wei" TttpioTtpch, Itt' uvtSv, ml ^ov,)v 1% ovpavov 2?^ titoES 

form as a dove upon him, and a voice out of heaven of Mattathins, wliisl, 

yevko9ai,\kyovoav* Sv el o.viog.fiov 6 dyam,r6 e , iv cot ^IhV^ti^oi 

came, saying, Thou art my Son the beloved, in thee Nauru, which was the 

n nvS6icri(Ta " sim of Esli > wnicn wa * 

T , ' , ' , .,". , the son of Nagge, 

I have found delight., .2(5 which was the son 

And 2 himself 3 was 'Jesus 'about "years [ 10 oldJ "thirty which was /.<; so?i of 

apxonevog," *u>v, >g IvojxiZzTO, vwg* 'laxrtjtp, row r 'H\t," f^?^ jjJ^V^ h [ A u 

'beginning [ 5 to 6 be], being, as was supposed, son of Joseph, of Eli, was e P f Juda, 

24 tov s Mar0ar," rov 'Aevi," rov v M\vi 7 '' rov w 'Iavva," row 27 which was t/ie so/1 
ofMatthat, of Levi, of Melchi, of Janna, SL^K^which 

'luHT7]<p, 25 Toii x MaTTa9lov, il tov' Afiu)g,TOV~NaoviJ.,TOvy'E(T\i, u was " ie S(Wi of z r - 
of Joseph, ofMattathias, ^ of Amos, of Naoum, of Esli, JSD^Urf^hS 

to5 Noyyaj, 26 rou Maa0, rov Ma.TTa.9lov, rou z 2euei," rov was the son of Keri, 

ofNaggai, ofMaath, ofMattathias, of Semei, $8 which was^escnof 

% / ii ~ 1, / * - ~ H ~ < / Melchi v which Was the 

a lioai](p, tov lovoa," 27 rov c lojavva," tov Pijcra, TovZopo- son of Addi, which was 

of Joseph, of Juda, of Joannes, of Rhesa, of Zoro- ^eswiofCosain, which 

a ' 3 * ~ \/i-\ ~i / - ^/ t> was ^' e scwi of Elmo- 

papeX, tov 2a\o0tj/\, rov a N??pt," 28 rov v MfA\;(," rov ea AcSL, n dam, which waa ^e 

babel of Salathiel, of Neri, of Melchi,- of Addi, s n { Er - 29 which 

- ir ' ~ t ^ii ~w , , was the son of Jose, 

rov Kojo-rtyLt, rov Ia EA/xoioayit," tov Up, 2\) tov^ Iwovj," tov E\i- which was rAe son of 

of Cosam, of Elmodam, of Er, of Joses, of Eli- Eliezer, which was the 

i y ~ , r , _ I,.,, ^ , ,. - : , Li, ,,,-, ~ / sa>l f Jorim, which 

4fp, TOV IwpfJjU, rOV ^Maryar," rOV m AV't," 30 rOV ZV^fail', was the son ofMatthat, 

ezer, of Joreim, of Matthat, of Levi, of Simeon, which was the son ot 

~ >t ' f ~ > T ' , ~ t>r / n ~>x-i\ / <-.i ~i,-., Levi, 30 which was 

roi lovoor, tov lio<rr)<p. tov ha Iwvav, tov E\faK.^,31 tov la Me- the son of Simeon, 

of Juda, of Joseph, of Jonan, of Eliakim, of Me- which was the son of 

Xea," ma rov Ma'fVdj/," tov MaTTa9a, rov na Na0av," rov oa Aa- son of ^Jo's^phT which 

leas, of Menna, of Mattatha, of Nathan, of Da- was the son of Jonan, 

/3/tV 1 32 Tov'leao-ai, rovP a 'Q/3^," rov . a Bo6S," tov "ZaXfiwv," Eulkim^i wMcTwai 

"idp of Jesse, of Obed, of Booz, of Salmon, the son of Melea, which 

^ e reTpaoipx^S T. f QtKinirov (read of his) GtTTrAW. e[>cai]L. h /cal t[a], 

' 'luai'Tjj' Tr. k rrj LTTi A. l <os LTTrA. m \eyov<rau LTTrA. n euS^Kijira LTTrA. 

t J TrA> P apxo^ei'O? cuo-ei eniji' TptaKOi/TO TTr. 1 w*/ vio? <os ipofii^ero LTTrA. 

r 'HXei TTrA. Mat9(?a(9 T. * Aevet TTrA. T MeA^ei THA. w 'Iai'i^ai LTTrA. 

1 Ma00a0iou Tr. y 'Eo-Aet TTrA. z Se/aeeiV TTrA. a 'ItoOT, Y Josech TTi A b 'IwSo TTrA. 

c ltt>ai'a' LTTrA. d Nrjpei TT: A. ea 'A55ei TTrA. f 'EAp.aOcijH LTTrA. R 'Irjo-OU JeSUS 

LTTrA. ha Ma09d6 T ; Ma00aT TrA. ' ia Aevei TTrA. ka 'Ilovap. TTrA. u MeAea TTr. 

a toO Mevi/a [L]TTrA. ~Sa.6a.fji T. ^ Aaveii LTTrA ; AaviS GW. P Icd^jjS Jobed 

LTTrA. * Boos LTTrA. ra 2aAd X. 

158 AOTKAS. Ill, IV, 

wa* the son of Mcnan ro ^ aa atjMv, 33 tov *' Auivat)a3, n rov^Aodu," row v 'E,7w;<." 
which was the sua of -'-' 

Mattatha, which was 

of Nuasson, of Aminadab, of Aram, of Esrom, 

tfce son of Nathan, T0V (paptc, tov 'lovca, 3-i TOV 'latcib/3, TOV 'loaciK, TOV 'AlSoaau, 

Saiid.T/whXwas ofPhares, of, _ of Jacob, of Isaac, Of Abraham, 

the son of Jesse, which T0V Q/rpa, TOV NaYtofl, 35 TOV w ErtOOVY, n TQ.v'J > ayav, TOV "PaXilC, 

was :he son of Obed f T . f ^. whu of S aruch, of Ragau, of Phalek, 

which was the son of m ' _ ' f .. , _ 7 / r, 

Booz, which was Me r oD x "Ei3ep, [i tov "Ea\d } 36 row y Ka'ii>av, n tov Aptpa^ac, tov 

son of Salmon, which f Eber, of Sala, of Cainan, f Arphaxad, 

w.n 'he son of A aasson, / f , ',/ .. , , 

33 which was Me son 2?//*, rot) NwE, TOV A/'% 37 tov MaBovo-aXa, TOV Enox % 
of Aminadab, which f Se m, of Noe, of Lamcch, of Matbusa'a, of Enoch, 
was the sou of Aram, _ , , , _ , ,. , ., ,-, ~ , , 
which was (Ae soil of TOV z IaOSO,' 1 TOU a Mrt> \EI]X, " TOl' b Kan.'CO', 38 TOU El^Wf, 
Esrom, which was (ne of Jared, of llaleleel, of Cainan, of Enos, 
so?! of Fhares, which _, ~>t>/ ~ n ~ 

was Me son of Juda, TOV?L>)V, TOV AOClfX, TOV VEOV. 

34 which was the son of of Seth, of Adam, of God. 

Jacob, which was the . , T , , , , , ,, . > f > < 

sonof Isaac, which was 4 Ij/tTOUC-OC -TTvei'/JtaTOQ ayiOV 7rAT]pi]g' V7TS(JTpElpV O.7T0 

the son of Abraham, And Jesus, 2 of [ s the] "Spirit 4 Holy 'full, returned from 

which was the son of ~ > x *, / ,. , -. r a > < n 

Thara, which was the TOV JopOUVOV KCtl IjyETO cV T(t) 7rVEV/.iaTl a ElC Tl/U tpt]f.tOV\ 

gonofNachor, 35 which the Jordan, and was led by the Spirit . into the wilderness 

was the son of Saruch, o ' ' e ' n y ' , ' ~ * .3 "\ . 

which was the son of * 1 IP i 9 a Q TtOffCtpUKOVTO., TTtipaZ.OfXEl'OQ VTCO TOV .lapf-XoV 

Ragau, which wa. the "days 'forty, being tempted by the devil; 

was Me son of' Heber. Kat ovk i'<paysi> oi'fiiv Iv Ta~ic.tjj.iipaiq.iK(.ivaic, teal GVVTiXea- 

which was ik soil of and he ate nothing' in those days, and '-'being 

wn a o"nan, W whK-h ^tautv uvtwv 'iWfpoi/ 11 tTTHvaatv. 3 Steal a'-sj/" avTtji 6 

was theson of Arph&x- 3 ended 'they afterwards he hungered. And 'said 4 to s h'.ui 'the 

ad, which wa. the son $ U \3 \ 0Q Elviic tl TOvOeOV, HTTfc TW.XlVto.TOVTtp 'iVU 

of Sem. which was the -J~ >' fa , ' , , ., .' . ' ., 

so of Noe which was "devil, If bou thou art ot God, speak to this stone that 

the son of Lamech yfj/J/rai dpTOC. 4Krt( dTTSKpiOlJ b 'lTJ(TOVQ TTpOQ UVTOV," 'Mywj/, 11 

Math usala "which was ** become bread. And '"'answered 'Jesus to him, saying-, 

theson of Enoch, which Tfypa7TTai, "Oti Ol'K tTt' dpTOJ jAOVlp ^//(Trai U (ivVpWTTOC, 

wa . (/te so/tor J.ired It h b ; Tht on b d j shall "live 'man, 

which was the son of ' ' 

Haieleel, which was k aXX' t7ri izavTi pij/iaTi 9sov. n 5 Kat avayuyiov aVTUV l 

the son of Cainan, but on ev word of God Aml 3 leacUn s up 4 him i th 

35 which was the son ot f , , , , ^ , 

Enos, which was the cia^oXog llm siq bpog vyi)\bv n tcet&v avTtp Tzanac Tt'ic [3aat- 

son of Seth which was ^ devil into a ^mountain 'high shewed him all the king- 

thesonoi Adam, which , , , , ,. , _ , 

was the son of God. KUaq T)]Q OlKOVp,iVl]Q iV OTtypy XP QV0V ' O Kat EiTTEV UVTl'J 

TV And Jesus being doms of the habitable world in a moment of time. And 3 said 4 to 5 him 

full of the Holy Ghost CiaBoXoe, Eol StoGd) Tl)v.VoVG~iaV.TaVTl}V VLTtaiaV KUl 

anTwas led by "he ' the 2 devil, ^ To thee will I give "this 'authority % ^ |all and 

Spirit into the wilder- TTjV.Sozav.avTtoV oti k^ioi 7rapadsdoTat, icai io. n tdv n OkXuJ 

ness, 2 being forty days their j f t it h b llelivered and to whomsoever I wish 

tempted of the devil. , , , T , 

And in those days he dlOtOfXl aVTl]V 7 0~V OVU tilV TTpOCTKVinjCnjq tlHOTTlOV jL10V," 
did eat nothing : and t give it . Thou therefore if thou wilt worship before me, 
when they were ended, , , , ( , t , 
he afterward hunger- fOTai (TOV p 7TaVTa. 8 Kat aTCOKpiQElQ laVTtp (7T/V O ll]<70Vq, n 
ed. 3 And the devil 3 s hall 4 be Hhine 'all "things. And answering him =said 'Jesus, 
said unto him, If thou ^, , , - .a ,n ' i tan- 
be the Son of God, com- r I TvayZ 07T((T0J flOV , ffciTCfVa" yfypaiTTai. s yap, l& llpotTKVVl]- 
mand this stone that Get thee ' behind me, Satan ; for it ha.- been written, Thou shalt uor- 
it be made bread. / , ^ , ,, ,,.,".. , 

4 And Jesu=. answered <T,' KVplOV TOV.VEOV.aOV," Km aVTOJ jXOVliJ MlTpEVOElC. 
him, saying, It is writ- ship [the] Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve. 
ten, That man shall n VRjr , H , ^ > <T ^ / , ., _- , , 
not live by bread alone, 9 Va Kai 7]yayEV n ai'TOV EIQ lEpOVCraXrifi, Kttl ItJTIJCEV ^aVTUV"' 
but by every word of And he led him to Jerusalem, and set him 

3 'A/a.ii/a6d/3 a. < 'ASjaeiV, tou 'Apvei of Admin, of Arni, ta. v 'Ecrpaii' el. w Zepovx 
GLTTrAW. .* *E/3ep TrA. y KaiVaju. TA. z 'Iaped L ; 'IdpeT T. a MeAeAojA T. b Kaivd/x T. 
c 7rAjjprjs Jri/evp.. ayiov LTTrA. d lv rrj epij/xco LTTrA. e Tecro-epaKOVTa TTrA. l vo-repov LTTrA. 

5 elnev Se LTTi A. > 7rpos avrbv 6 'Irjo-ous LTTrA. > Ae'yu>i> TTrA. k dAA' t^-i nai/TL 
(rqp.a.TL Oeov t[ti-]a ' 6 6id|SoAos (read he shewed) TTrA. m els opos vi/njA6j' [l]ttia. 
n a.v LTrA.. e/nov LTTrA W. P iraaa all GLTTrAW. 1 [6] A ', exitev avru> o'lrjaovs L ; 6 'bjo-ov 1 ; 
elney avroJ T. r ii7raye 07rt'o-aj juov, o~a.Ta.ra G[L]TTrA. sa yap for GLTTrAW. ,a KvptOV 
tov Oeov <7ov 7rpoo-/cuKi]0-eis LTr. ,a ^yayei/ StTTrA. wo avrbv (reati [him]) t[TiJa. 



t7ri rb irrepvyiov tov lepov, Kai eJttev avrtp, Et X <V' v'ibg si 

upon the edge of the temple, arid said to hiin, If the Son thou art 

roil Otov,' j3a\e ffeavruv evtevQev kutoj. 10 ykypcnrTai.yap, 

of God, cast thyself 2 hence 'down; for it has been written, 

'On Toig.dyytXoig.avTOV ivreXetrai -KEpi gov, tov cia- 

That to his angels he will give charge concerning thee, to 

<pvXdai ge' 11 Kai on 7rt xetpwv apovotv ge, fxr]7roT 

keep thee; and that in [their] hands shall they bear thee, lest 

7rpOGKo\pyg 7rpoQ Xi9ov T0v.ir6da.GOV. 12 Kai a7roicpi6aig eJttev 

thou strike against a stone thy foot. And answering 2 said 

auTip 6 'lijaovg, "On Eipjjnzi, OvK.tK7Tipdaig kvolov 

Ho^him 'Jesus, It has been said, Thou shalt not tempt [the] Lord 

Tov.9f.6v.aov. 13 Kai GWTEX'sGag rrdvTa -KEipaapov 6 Sid- 
thy God. And having finished every temptation the de- 

fioXog cnrkaTr) air' avTOv dxpi.icatpov. 
vil departed from him for a time. 

14 Kai v7rscrTps\j/ey b'Ir]Govg iv tij .Svvdfisi tov TrvsvpaTog 

And Returned 'Jesus in the power of the Spirit 

Eig rrjv raXiXaiav' Kai <pi)fir\ i^rfXQiv kci9' oXrjg Tr)g 7repi- 
to Galilee ; and a rumour went out into -whole 'the country 

X^ipov 7rspi avTov. 15 Kai ai)Tog ISiSaGKEv Iv Talg< ovv- 

around concerning him. and he taught in *syn- 

uyujyalg avTuJv, So^aZ6/.iEvog vtto 7rdvT(uv. 16 Kai tjX9ev Eig 

agogues 'their, being glorified by all. And he came to 

y r//i>". z N<:rff|0r," ov S]v *T9papfivog'^ Kai EiaijXOev tiara 

Nazareth, where he was. brought up ; and he entered according to 

Tb.uw9bg.avT<t> iv Vy "qfikpa tujv GafifiaTuJv Eig ty]V o~vvay<oyr]v, 

day of the sabbaths into the synagogue, 

his custom 

on the 

Kai.avtOTTi avayvixjvai 

and stood up | to read. 

of the sabbaths into the 

17 Kai t7r<j69ri ktvTtp /3j/3A<oj> 

And there was given .to him [the] book 

''Haa'iov- tov Trpo<pi}TOV ," Kai c dva7TTv'^ag' [ to fiifiXiov evoev 

of Esaias the prophet, and having unrolled the book he found 

d Tov n T07rov oi) i]v ysypap/XE vov, 18 Hvsv/xa Kvp'iov 

the place where it was , written, [The] Spirit of [the] Lord [is] 

7r' t/x, ov. e 'ivKv [t ixpifEV jie . { EvayyEXi^EG6ai n 
upon me, on account of which he anointed me to announce the glad tidings 

TTTiiJXoig, dirEGTakKkv fiE %id<Taa9ai rovg. avvTETpii-ipkvovg 

to [the] poor, he has sent mo to heal the broken 

ti)v Kapdiav," Ki]pvz,ai aixpaXwTOig a<paiv Kai rvfXoTg * 

in heart, to proclaim / to captives deliverance and to [the] blind 

dvafiXEipiVf aTTOGTElXai TE9pavapki , ovg tv d<pEGEf 19 Kijpv- 

recovery of sight, to send forth [the] crushed in deliverance, to pro- 

ai iviavTov Kvpiov, Sektov. 20 Kai Trrv^ag to 

claim [the} 2 year s of [''the] s Lord 'acceptable. And having rolled up 1;he 

f3ij3Xiov, aTroSovg r<p VTrrjpsTy EKa9iGEv, Kai 7rdvrojv 

book, having delivered [it] to the attendant he sat down, and 3 of 4 all 

h i> t?) avvdyujyp oi 6tp9aXp,oi i]<rav n aTEviZ,ovTEg avT(p. 

5 in "the 'synagogue 'the 2 eyes were fixed upon him. 

21 "HpZaTO.St XLyEiv irpbg ai)Tovg, "On Grj/iEpov 7r7rA?jpwrai 

And he began to say to them, To-day is fulfilled 

rj.ypa<pr)-avTT) Iv TOig.ioaiv.vfiwv. 22 Kai iravreg EfiapTvpovv 

this scripture in your ears. And all bore witness 


God. 5 And the devtj$ 
taking him up into an 
unto him all the king- 
doms of the world in 
a moment of time. 

6 And the devil said 
unto him, All this 
power will I give thee, 
and the glory of them : 
for that is .delivered 
unto me ; and to whom- 
soever I. will I give it. 

7 If thou therefore wilt 
worship me, all shall 
be thine. 8 And Jesus 
answered and said un- 
to him, Get thee be- 
hind me, Satan : for it 
is written, Thou shalt 
worship the Lord thy 
God, and him only 
shalt thou serve. 9 And 
he brought him to Je- 
rusalem, and set him 
on a pinnacle of the 
temple, and said unto* 
him, If thou be the Son 
of God, cast thyself 
down from hence : 
10 for it is written, He 
shall give his angels 
charge over thee, to 
keep thee : 11 and in 
their hands they shall 
bear thee up, lest at 
any time thou dash thy 
foot against a stone. 
12 And Jesus answer- 
ing said unto him, It 
is said, Thou shalt not 
tempt the Lord thy 
God. .13 And when the 
devil had ended all the 
temptation, he depart- 
ed from him for a 

14 And Jes'dsTeturn- 
ed in the power of the 
Spirit into Galilee : 
and there went out a 
fame of him through 
all the region round 

, about. 15 And he 
taught in their syna- 

. gogues, being glorified 
of ..all. 16 And he came 
to Nazareth, where he 
had been brought up : 
and, as his custom 
was, he went into the 

' synagogue on, the sab- 
bath day, and stood up 
for, to' read. 17 And 
there was delivered 
unto hint the book of 
the prophet Esaias. 
And when he had 
opened the hook, he 
found the place where 
it was written, 18 The 
Spirit of the Lord is 
upon me, because he 
hath anointed me to 
preach the gospel to 

6 GLTTrAW. y ttjv ltcya. z Ha^apeO w ; fia^apd. Nazara T. 

T. b Tou irpo(j>rJTOv 'Hcralov LTTrA. c avoias having opened LTr. 



e eifeKev GLTTrAW. 
rijf Kapoiav G[LjTTrA. 
^crav TTrA. 

Toy T. 

f evayye\iaacr9ai GLTTiAW. S iaaaaOai tous crv^TCTpi/ijU-eVov? 

l>6i(Tj <ruva.yuiyfj r/aav ot o<j>6a\fj.oi Lj oi Q(p6aXjj.ol iv rrj cruvayuiyfi 


'e poor ; he hath sent 
uie to heal the broken- 
hearted, to preach de- 
liverance to the cap- 
tives, and recovering 1 
of sight to the blind, 
to set at liberty them 
that are bruised, l'J to 
preach the acceptable 
year of the Lord. 

20 And he closed the 
book, and he gave it 
again to the minister, 
and sat down. And the 
eyes of all them that 
were in the synagogue 
were iastened on him. 

21 And he began to say 
unto them, Tins day is 
this scripture fulfilled 
in your ears. 22 And 
all bare him witness, 
and wondered at the 
gracious words which 
proceeded' out of his 
mouth. And they said, 
Is not this Joseph's 
son? 23 And he said 
unto them, Ye will 
surely say unto me 
this proverb, Phy- 
sician, heal thyself : 
whatsoever we have 
heard done in Caper- 
naum, do also here in 
thy country. 21 And he 
said, Verily I say unto 
you, No prophet is 
accepted in his own 
country. 25 But I tell 
you of a truth, many 
widows were in Israel 
in the days of Elias, 
when the heaven was 
shut up three years 
and six months, when 
great .famine was 
throughout all the 
land ; 26 but unto 
none of them was Elias 
sent, save unto Sa- 
repta, a city of Sidon, 
unto / a woman that . 
was a widow. 27 And 
many lepers were in 
Israel in the time of 
Eliseua the prophet ; 
and none of them was 
cleansed, saving Na- 
aman the Syrian. 

28 And all they in the 
synagogue, when they 
lieard these things, 
were filled with wrath, 

29 and rose up, and 
thrust him out of the 
city, and led him unto 
the brow of the hill 
whereon their city was 
built, that they might 
cast him down head- 
long. 30 But he pass- 
ing through the midst 
of them went his way, 

SI And came down 



avrtp, Kai IQc.VfjLu^ov Liri rolg Xuyoig r7)g x a 9 lT0 Q ro 'C tKtropsvo- 

to him, and wondered at the wortls of grace which pro- 

usvoig ik rov.aroj.iaroc.avrov, Kai iXsyov, 'Ot'^" k oi>rvg itrriv 
cecded outof his mouth ; and they said, "Not 3 this 'is 

'iV vibg 'lwa)]<p" ; 23 Kai eIttev rrpbg avrovg, Hdvrujg spEire 

the son of Joseph? And he said to them, Surely ye will say 

/.wi r>)v.7rapa(3oX)}v.ravrr)v, 'larps, dtpcnrevaov atavrov' 

to me this parable, Physician, heal thyself ; 

ova )]Kovaap.Ev m tv ry" "KaTrEpvaov/.i,* 1 tto'ujoqv 

whatsoever we have heard being done in Capernaum, do 

Kai usSe Iv ry.7rarpiSi.aov. 24 ~E1ttev.()e, 'AfX))v Xkyw Vfiiv, on 

also here in thine [own] country. But he said, Verily I say to you, 

ovStig 7rpo(piirr]g Sektoq iariv tv ry.7rarpidi.avrov. n 25 iir' 

no prophet acceptable is in his [own] country. -In 

a\i]QEiag.t Xsyw vfiiv, p 7roXXat x*ip ai V&av hv ralg yj/nepaig 

'but truth I say to you, many widows were in the days 

I'HXiou 11 sv T((i 'lapaijX, ore tKXticrQ)) 6 ovpavbg r t7r" try) 

of Elias in Israel, when 3 was ''shut 5 up 'the -heaven for "years 

rpia Kai ufjvag e', wg tytvEro Xipbg fisyag trri ndffav rr)v 

'three and -months 'six, when there was a "famine 'great upon all the 

yr)v, 26 koi 7rpbg ov$Ef.iiav avroJv iirkp.(pBi) s 'HXtaf" Ei.pi) eig 

land, and to none of them was sent Elias except to 

^apETTTa^ Ti]g v 2,i3u>vog, n rrpbg yvvdiKa. xhpav. 27 Kai noXXoi 

Sarepta of Sidonia, to a "woman 'widow. And many 

XE7rpoi rjaav w 7n 'EXiatraiov rov 7rpo(pt)rov iv toj 'Iopa/jX, 11 

lepers were in the time of Elisha the prophet in Israel, 

Kai ovSeig avrwv ticaOapiaO)]>} x NEEpdv u b 'S.vpog. 28 Kai 

and none of them was cleansed except Kaaman the Syrian. And 

tTrX))aQi](yav TravTEg 6vp.ov iv ry avvaywyy, aKovovTEg 
'were 6 iilled 'all 'with "indignation = in 3 the ^synagogue, hearing 

ravra. 29 Kai avaardvrEg t^kfiaXov avrov e^oj rfjg 

these things ; and having risen up they cast him out . of [the] 

7r6Aeoj, Kai ijyayov avrbv 'iiog ?rf}g n 6<ppvog rov opovg tip' 
city, and led him unto the brow of the mountain upon 

rb n ' KaraKpripiviaat 

to throw Mown ^headlong 

ov 7i.7r6Xig. z avrwv (pKoS6p,y)ro, n & Eig 

which their city had been built, for 

avrov 30 avrbg.Sk SieXOmv Sid jjl'egov avruJv trropEVEro 

'him ; but he passing through [the] midst of them went away. 

31 Kai KarrjXQEv Etg h K.aTrEpvaovjx n ttoXiv rrjg TaXiXaiag' 

And he went down to Capernaum a city of Galilee, 

Kai fiv SiddoKiov avrovg ev roTg ffdf3j3aaiv. 32 Kai i^E7r\r)<r- 
and was teaching them on the sabbaths. And they were as- 

oovro irri ry .Sid axy -avrov , on iv kZovaia tjv b.X6yog.avroi>, 

tonished at his teaching, for with authority was his word. 

33 Kai Iv ry avvayioyy y\v dv9pu)Trog tx tJJV ~^vEvp,a Sai/uoviov 

And in the synagogue was a man having a spirit of a demon 

dKaOdprov, Kai dv'EKpa^EV tytovy fiEydXy, 34 e XEyojv, H *Ea, 

unclean; and he cried out. with a "voice 'loud, saying, Ah I 

ri r/jiivKai aoi, 'hjaov T$a%apy)VE ; yfXOsg drroXt(Tait)j.iag; 
what to us and to thee, Jesus, Nazarene? Art thou come to destroy us? 

olSd <T rig t, 6 liyiog rov Oeov. 35 Kat iirErip.r\<JEv 
I know thee who thou art, the Holy [One] of God. And "rebuked 

* ov\i LTTrA. k uto? eoTii' 'IeooTj^ oStos TA. ' [hi] Tr. m eis OVTr; eis TTJI/ TA. 

Ka<j>apvaovfl LTTrAW. eaVTOV T. P + OTl that T. 1 'HAetov T. r eVi LTr[AJ 

"HAetas T. * 2ape4>0a W. ' T StSwrias LTTrA. w ev to> 'Io-parjA eirl 'EAio-aiou CEAicrat'ov 
LT) tov wpo^Tpw Li"rrA. * Nainav LTTrA. y TTjs ( read a brow) GTTrA w. z wKoB6fj.r)TO 
vurtov rrrA &<rrt so aa Q LTTrA. b KadSapi'aovM LTTrAW. c /\eymv T[Tr Ja. 

IV. L U K E. 161 

'him 'Jesus, saying, Hold thy peace, and come forth out of nun. them on the sabbath 

Kai pixbav avrbv rb caiuoviov tig e rb" akaov i^nXOev da y s - , 32 . An f *k?7 

, _, ~ '.,. ., . ... ,,' . . = ., ' ., . . were astonished at his 

And 3 havmg *thrown 5 him 'the 2 demon into the midst came out doctrine for his word 

arc' avrov, /J,i]C(v fiXdtyav avrov. 36 Kai kykvero QdyifioQ s with power. 

from him, in nothing having hurt him. And ?came 'astonishment gog^^ was aman" 

t7rt rrdvrag, leal avvsXdXovv rrpbg dXXi)Xovg, Xtyovreg, Tic which had a spirit of 

upon all, _ and they spoke to one another, paying, What ^^TwitTa'Cd 

I) Xoyog ovroQ) on tv i^ovaiq, Kai Svvdfxei smrdo-ffei rolg voice, 34 .saying, Let 

word [is] this, that with authority and power he commands the m alone ; what have 
, / , ,~< w xr *> ' we to do with thee, 

aKaOaproig 7rvt~v/Jiaoiv } Kai t&pxovrai > 37 Kai tt,eTropevro thou Jesus of Naza- 

unclean spirits, and they come out ? And ^went 4 out reth ? art thou come to 

,,_,/,, , 'destroy us ? I know 

VXG TT^Pl O-VTOV E 'C TtaVTa TOTCOV Trjg TrtpiXWpOV. thee who thou art; 

'a '"rumour concerning him into every place of the country around. the Holy One of God. 

_ , 1 r> 11 ~ ~ < ~\ r\ ' < ' 35 And Jesus rebuked 

38 AvaaraQ.Ot '" ri]g (ivvayojyqg EiaijXvev etg rt]V oiKiav him, saying, Hold thy 

And rising up oat of the synagogue he entered into the house peace, and come out of 

, _ , ,, n < f< - ^i' t ' him. And when the 

Sijuwvoc* g >/" irtvmpa be tov 2A[xwvog ryv avvexo^v)] devi i had thrown him 

of Simon. 2 The 3 mother-in-law 'and of Simon was oppressed with in the midst, he came 
/.. \ t ' .> y ,,~ on \ out of him, and hurt 

Trvper^ fieyaXy Kai ypwrrjaav avrov irtpi avrijg. 6\) Kai himnot . 36 And they 

a -lever 'great ; ' and they asked him for her. And were all amazed, and 

imardg irrdvio a.vr7)Q iirtrip.t]aEv ry rvvpir^, Kai d(p?iKev avrnV ^ v k e e S) s a a ^f ^^ 

standing over her he rebuked the fever, and it left her ; word is this ! for with 

TrcrpaxpwaM dvaordoa di^bver avrolg. ^m^tTIE 

and immediately arising ' she served them. unclean spirits, and 

40 TOV ijkioV TrdvKQ OOOl tfvOV ^ZThimw^t 

And at the going down of the sun all as many as had [.persons] out into eTer y place of 

daQevovvrag . vbaoig 7roiKiXaig yyayov avrovg Ttpbg avrov' a ^ ut country round 

sick with diseases 'various brought them to him, " . 

. , . / , ~ , . hl , 1 ii 1 38 And he arose out 

o.ot tvi tKaarip avTiui' rag x^ l P a Q emoeig 'tUepa7rev- of the synagogue, and 

and he "on 6 oue 5 e?xh 7 of 8 them 'hands 'having -laid healed entered into Simon's 

11 , , ,, .,,. 5., < j , > < -v-y ~ house. And Simons 

o~t~v' avrovg' 41 ii tt,i]px ST0 - oe K<XL baijxovia arro rroKkwv, wife's mother was ta- 

theni ; and -went 3 out "also 'demons from many, ken with a great fever; 

1 , v , .. , 1 m ' 11 ' ' ,~. an(i tne y besought him 

x Kpal,ovra x Kai XgyOJ'T, On GV SZ m O XP lffr0 Q VIU G T0V for her. 39 And he 

crying out and saying, Thou art the Christ the Son stood over her, and re- 

_ ,,_ , , 1 ' * 1 \ \ \ - " s buked the fever : and 

Vov. Kat t7ririjj,ujv ovK.eia avra AaKsiv on yceioav it ief t her : and imme- 

of God. And rebuking he suffered not them to speak because they knew diately she arose and 

, , , \ T ministered unto them. 

rov XPWTOV avrov eivai. 40 Now when the sun 

the -"Christ 'him 2 to 3 be. was setting, all they 

ac\ -n ' S" ' ' r \ n * ' ,'> ^! :'.. n-.. that had any sick with 

42 Tevofisvrjg.ct yufpag i^eXOiov iTropivOt] tig tpr)f\iov diversdise ases brought 

And 'being 'come day hav ing gone dut he went into a desert them unto him; and 

rorrov, Kai 01 b X Xoi &)rovv avrov, Kai f,\0ov 'iwg avrov e h ^te h ol ttmfand 

place, and the crowds. sought him, and came up to him healed them. 41 And 

K ai Kard X ov avrbv TOV^.TropeveaOai drr' avrtv. 43 Us devils aWam^out^ 

^nd were detaining him that he might not go from them. But he sa yi n g ? Xhou art Christ 

clirev Trpbg avrovg, "On Kai raig sApaig rrbXemv way- ^ to ^X,^ 

said to them, Also to the other cities 4 to 5 announce fered them not to 

ytXiaaoQai "uf.fol 11 TtjV fiaatXeiav rov 6eov' on speak : for they knew 

'the 'glad Hidings 'it 2 behoves 3 me, the kingdom of God; because tnat ne was emist. 

, , , _ , , ^42 And when it was 

p l'C H TOVTO q a7T(TraX//ai." 44 Kat i)V KtJpVO'CrwV T tV raig day, he departed and 

for this have I been sent forth.' And he was preaching in the went into a desert 

- ii T-i % ' ii place : ana the people 

cvi'ayojyaig" rrjg s FaXiXaiag." sought him, and came 

synagogues of Galilee. unto him, and stayed 

d av' from LTTrA. e * to o. f <iir6 from TTrA. ? r) (read [the]) GLTTtAW. 

h eiTLTi6els laying LTTrA. ' idepanevev TTrA'. k e^rjpxovro T. _ ' Kpavyd^ovra LT. 

m x p tCTT os GLTTrA. n e7ret,"i}TOVl' Sought after GLTTiAW. Set ue L 1' em LTTrA. 

i dn-co-TAni/ I was bcut forth ltxi-a, r sis rds <rvt>aywya.i iXrA. lovocuas of Judea a. 



him. that he should 
not depart from them. 
43 And he said unto 
them, I must preach 
the kingdom of God 
to other cities also : 
for therefore am I 
sent. 44 And he preach- 
ed in the synagogues 
Of Galilee. 

V. And it came to 
pass, that, as the peo- 
ple pressed upon him 
to hear the word of 
God, he stood hy the 
lake of Gennesaret, 
2 aud saw two ships 
standing by the lake : 
but the fishermen were 
gone out of them, and 
were washing their 
nets. 3 And he enter- 
ed into one of the ships, 
which was Simon's, 
and prayed him that 
he would thrust out a 
little from the land. 
And he sat down, and 
taught the people out 
of the ship. 4 Now 
when he had left 
Bpeaking, he said unto 
Simon, Launch out in- 
to the deep, and let 
down your 3ts for a 
draught. 5 And Simon 
answering said unto 
him, Master, we have 
toiled all the night, 
and have taken no- 
thing : nevertheless at 
thy word I will let 
down the net. 6 And 
when they had this 
done, they inclosed a 
great multitude of 
fishes : and their net 
brake. 7 And they 
beckoned unto their 
partners,' which were 
in the other ship, that 
they should come and 
help them. And they 
came, and filled both 
the ships, so that they 
began to sink: 8 When 
Simon _ Peter saw it, 
he fell down at Jesus' 
knees, saying, Depart 
from me ; for I am a 
sinful man, O Lord. 

9 For he was asto- 
nished, and all that 
were with him, at the 
draught of the fishes 
which they had taken:' 

10 aud so was also 
James, and John, the 
sons of Zebedee, which 
weYe partners with Si- 
mon. And Jesus said 
unto Simon, Fear not ; 

A Y K A 2. V 

5 'EyeveroSk iv r<jJ tov oxXov tTriKelaQat auriji 

1 V&.ud it came to pass during the [time] the crowd pressed on him 

hov ][ ciKoveiv tov Xoyov tov 0oi>, Kal ai)Tog tjv tGTwg irapd 
to hear the word of God, that he was standing by 

Tt)V \ijj,i'r)v Fn>vr]aapiT' 2 Kal y lSeii v Svo w 7rXoia" tOTwra 
the lake of Gennesaret : and he saw two ships standing 

7rpa ttjv \i/]V oi.Ss x n;Xietg" r airo($avTg air avTu>v' 1 

by the lake, but the fishermen having gone out from them 

z a7rs7r\i)vav u to. SiKTva. 3 t[.i[3ag.St rig ev tCjv irXoiwv 

washed the nets. And having entered into one of the ships 

o i]v ^tov 1 2i/.iiovog, rfpii)Tii(JEV auTOV awb Trjg yijg kyravaya- 
which was Simon's, he asked him from the land to put 

ytlv oXiyoV h Kai Ka9i(rag n c iidacnctv Ik tov 7rXoiou" tovq 

off a liitle ; and having sat down he taught from the ship the 

bxXovg. 4 'Qg.Se tiravaaTO XaXuiv &irv Trpbg tov Si/xwva, 

crowds. And when he ceased speaking he said to Simon, 

'Erravayaye elg to (3a9og km xaXaaciTt Ta.diKTva.vfiCjv elg 

Put off into the deep and let down your "nets for 

dypav. 5 Kal cnroKpiOrig d 6" Stjuaw elirtv e avT<p," 'EiriaTaTa. 

a haul. . And answering Simon said to him, Master, 

oY '6Xr]g f Ti~]g n WKTog KoiridcavTtg ovclv iXdfiofiev' 

through 2 whole Hhe night having laboured, nothing have we taken, 

t7rl.ce Tt{j-p))}.iaTi-GOV \aXaa^ &to Siktvov." 6 Kal toi>to 

but at thy word I will let down the nqt. And this 

K0i))aavTg avv'iKXtiaav h lx9vwv 7rXi)9og" 7roXu' 1 5ieppt]ywT0 n 
having done they enclosed of fishes a "shoal 'great j 6 was 'breaking 

Se ho diKTVov" avTu>v. 7 Kal KaTevevcrav rolg ptTOxoig 

3 and 6 net *their. And they beckoned to the partners 

k rotg" tv ti$ hkpip TcXoiuj, TOV.iXQovrag (TvXXaf3sa9ai avTolg' 

' ihose in the other ship, that coming they should help them ; 

Kal 1 i]X9ov, v Kal t7rXr]aav afityoTtpa tci 7rXoTa, wore __ /3v9iZ,e- 
and they came, and filled both the ships, so that 2 were?siuk- 

a9aiavTa. 8 icutvJs 'Zifxiov UtTpog Trpoo~kifVJiv toIq yovaaiv 

ing 'they. And 3 having*seen 'Simon "Peter fell at the knees 

"rW'Ijjffov, Xkytov, "E&X9e cnr e^ov, on avrjp d/xapTioXog 
of Jesus, saying, Depart from me, for a man a sinner , 

et/xi, KvpieA 9 Ba/i/3og.yap Trepdax avrbv Kal iravTag tovq 

am I, Loi>i^| For astonishment laid hold on him and all those 

avv airy, 7r ry dypo: twv Ix9vujv n y" ovvkXafiov 

with him, at the haul of the , fishes which they had taken j 

10 6u.oiwg.St Kal 'I&Kiofiov Kal 'lu)dvvriv t n vlovg Z/3ecWov, 
and in like manner also James- and John, sons of Zebedee, 

oi rjvav koividvoI rp Sijawvi. Kal elirev Trpbg tov St/xiova 

who were partners with Simon. And "said -to 4 Simon 

P6" 'hjaovg, M>).<po(3ov- cltto tov.vvv av9p'u>7rovg icy 

'Jesus, Fear not ; from henceforth men thou shalt be 

Zojyp&v. 11 Kal KttTayaybvTtg to. irXola lirl tt/v yijv, a<psvTtg 

capturing. And having brought the ships to land, ' leaving 

97ravra" ijKoXop9i](Jav avTi^. 

all they followed him. 

y an avTuyv 

* icai also TTrA. T ISev T. w 7r\otoipta small ships TA. * a.\eelg T. 

<x7ro^a.i'Tes TTrA. z inKvvov were Washing LTrA ; eirXvvav T. a .tou LTTrA. " Ka- 

0i(rag Se TA. c ev (in) toj ir\oiw i&i&a<TKev T ; en rev 77A01OV e8i&a<TKev A. d 6 TTrA. 

' avTto t. f rri<; [reoid a whole night) LTTrA. S rd SUtvol the nets TTv. h 7rArjr)'Js 
tX^vioi' GTTrAW. ' fiieprjyi'UTO L ; SiepvjcrcreTo TTrA J rd SLktvcl nets (read Step, were 

brea ving) TTrA. k to^s [ljttva. ' 7)k0av T. m tov LTTiaw. n Stv Tr. 

'l(titxvr)i> Tr. P 6 [TrjA. 1 TTavTa LTTr. 


12 Kai iy&vtro Iv.Tip.tlvai abrov iv fiia" ru>v 7t6Xewv, 

And it camo to pass as = was 'he in one of the cities, 

Kal idov, evijp irXi)pr]g Xirrpag' r icai idujv n rbv Tr\<Jovv, ttzgwv 

that behold, a man full of leprosy, and seeing Jesus, . falling 

tlTL TCQOGWTTOV koST)9r] CWTOV, XkyWV, Kvpi, IciV QsXrjQ- 

upon [his] face he besought him, saying, Lord, if thou wilt 

cvvaaai fie KaOapiacu. 13 Kai Iktuvoq Ti)v%fipa 

thou art able me to cleanse. And having stretched out [his] hand 

rj^aro abrov, s Ei7nbv. n QsXoj, Ka9apio9r]ri. Kai tvOsojQ r) 

he touched him, saying, I will; be thou cleansed. And immediately the 

Xkirpa a.7r?jX9sv art abrov. 14 Kal abrbg 7rapr']yyaiXsv abrip 

leprosy departed from him. And ' he charged him 

ju//^^i eirrdv' dXXa. cnrz\9u)v dfi^ov otavrbv rqi ifpfl, Kal 

no one to tell ; but having gone shew thyself to the priest, and 

7TpO(TtVyK TOV.KaOapKTjXOV.ffOV , Ka6<l)Q TTQOCJETat,EV 'Mw- 
offcr for thy cleansing, as "ordered 'Mo- 

<n/f," fig fiaprvpiov abrolg. 15 An'ipxfro.di fidXXov 6 

ses, for a testimony to them. But was spread abroad still more the 

Xoyog rrepl abrov' -Kal <yvvi)pxovro bxXoi 7roXXol dicovuv, 

report concerning him ; and 3 wcre 4 coming = crowds "great to hear, 

Kal BfparrfvfaBai T w7r' abrov 1 } curb ru>v-da9fvfiu>v.abrwv' 

and . to be healed by him from their infirmities. 

16 i]v vrroxupuv iv rdig ipi)/.wig Kal Trpoo-fvxb- 

But he was retiring in the deserts and pray- 

'l7 Kai' iyh 



iyivfro iv /xia r&>v ijfifpuJv Kal abrbg. i]V didder- 

And it came to pass on one of the days that he was teach- 

kujv, Kal ri<rav Ka9i]fifvoi w ^apitraloi Kal vofiodiddaKaXoi, 

ing, and there were sitting by Pharisees and teachers of the law, 

61 ijaav ^iXijXvQorEg 11 iK Trdarjg KUJfjirjg rtjg FaXiXaiag Kai 

of Galilee and 

Kvpiov i]v etg 

of [the] Lord was [there] for 
carrying upon a couch 

Ho *bring 

and power 

idov, avdpfg (pspovreg irrl 

who were come out of every village 

'lovcaiag Kal l If poixraXtj/x' Kal dbvafiig 

of Jud*a and of Jerusalem : 

rb ida9ai ?abrovg. 11 18 Kai i 

to heal them. And behold, men 

dv9pw7rov bg r)v 7rapaXfXvnkvog, Kal iZ,r\rovv abrbv 

a man who was paralysed, and they sought 3 him 

kuv Kal 9fli>at z ivwmov abrov- 19 Kal /xi) ebpovreg a did n 

in and to place [him] , before him. And not having found by 

rroiag doEviyKioGiv abrbv did r,bv bxXov, dvafidvrzg 

what way they should bring in him on account of the crowd, going up 

irrl rb djjj.a, did riov Kepdfiajv Ka97]Kav abrbv avv r<p 

on the housetop, through the tiles they let down him with the 

KXii>idi<{> fig rb jxiaov i].nzpo(r9fv rov'h]<rov. 20 Kal idwv rijv 

little couch into the midst before Jesus. And seeing 

drrtv h abr<fi, n "AvBptoTre, dipsuvrai Got 

he said to him, Man, 3 have 4 been s forgiven G thee 

21 Kal i'lp'iavro diaXoyi&aBai oi ypa/xfiareig 

And began to reason the scribes * 

Kal oi Qapiadioi, Xsyovrsg, Tig iariv ovrog bg XaXfi /3Xa<T- 

and the Pharisees, saying, Who is this _who speaks blas- 

(pi^iag; rig dvvarai c d<pievai dfiapriag, n ei-nn /xovog b9f6g\ 

phemies? who is able to 1 forgive sins, except *alone 'God? 

T 'iSiov Se T. s Kiyu>v LTr. * Mujuot?? LTTrAW. v vn' avrov LTTrA. w + oi the L. 

* truKeAjjAvSoTes come together l. y avrov him (r.ead was for his healing) ta. + <xvtov 
kim A. '* $1.0. GLTTrAW. b avT<# GLTTrAi c a/iaarias d^eiVai LITiA. 


their faith 


'thy 2 sins. 


from henceforth thou 
shalt catch men. 
11 And when they had 
brought their ships to 
land, they forsook all, 
and followed him. 

12 And it came to 
pass, when he was in 
a certain city, behold 
a man full of leprosy: 
who seeing Jesus fell 
on his face, and be- 
sought him, saying, 
Lord, if thou wilt, 
thou canst make me 
clean. 13 And he put 
forth his hand, and 
touched him, saying, 
I will : be thou clean. 
And immediately the 
leprosy departed from 
him. 14 And he charg- 
ed him to tell no man: 
but go, and shew thy- 
self to the priest, and 
offer for thy cleansing, 
according as Moses 
commanded, for a tes- 
timony unto them. 

15 But so much the 
more . went there a 
fame abroad of him : 
and great multitudes 
came together to hear, 
and to be healed by him 
of their * infirmities. 

16 And he withdrew 
himself into the wil- 
derness, and prayed. 

17 And it came t 
pass on a certain day, 
as he was teaching, 
that there were Pha- 
risees and doctors of 
the law sitting by, 
which were come out 
of every town of Ga- 
lilee, and Judsea, and 
Jerusalem : and the 
power of the Lord was 
present to heal them. 
18 And, behold, men 
brought in a bed a 
man which was taken 
with a palsy: and they 
sought means to bring 
him in, and to lay him 
before him. 19 And 
when they could not 
find by what way they 
might bring him in 
because of the multi- 
tude, they went upon 
the housetop, and let 
him down through the 
tiling with his couch 
into the midst before 
Jesils. 20 And when he 
saw their faith, he said 
unto him, Man, thy 
sins are forgiven thee. 
21 And the scribes and 
the Pharisees began to 
reason, saying. Who is 
this which speaketh 
blasphemies? Who can 
forgive sins, but God 
alone? 22 But when 


A Y K A 2. 


Jesus perceived their 
thoughts, he answer- 
ing said unto them, 
What reason ye in 
your hearts ? 23 Whe- 
ther is easier, to say, 
Thy sins be forgiven 
thee ; or to say, Rise 
up and walk? 24 But 
that ye may know that 
the Son of man hath 
power upon" earth to 
forgive sins, (he said 
unto the sick of the 
palsy,) I say unto thee, 
Arise, and take up thy 
couch, and go into 
thine house. 25 And 
immediately he rose up 
before them, and took 
up that whereon he 
lay, and departed to 
his own house, glorify- 
ing God. 26 And they 
were all amazed, and 
they glorified God, and 
were filled with fear, 
saying, We have seen 
strange things to day. 

27 And after these 
things he went forth, 
and saw a publican, 
named Levi, sitting at 
the receipt of custom : 
dud he said unto him, 
Follow me. 28 And he 
left all, rose up, and 
followed him. 29 And 
Levi made him a great 
feast in his own house : 
and there was a great 
company of publicans 
and of others that 
sat down with them. 
80 But their scribes 
and Pharisees mur- 
mured against his dis- 
ciples, saying, Why do 
ye eat and drink with 
publicans and sinners ? 
*1 And Jesus answer- 
ing said unto them, 
They that are whole 
need not a physician ; 
but they that are sick. 

32 I came not to call 
the righteous, hut sin- 
ners to repentance. 

33 And they said unto 
him, Why do the dis- 
ciples of John fast 

V/.10JV ; 

'your ? 

22 'F,7riyvovg.cs 6 'Iriaovg rovg.SiaXoyicrfxovg.avToJv A cnro- 

But -knowing 'Jesus their reasonings an- 

Kpi9eig n 8~L7rev Trpbg avrovg, Tt Siakoyi'Ceade. tv raig KapSiaig 

swering said to them, Why reason ye in 2 hearts 

23 ri tanv evicoTruiTtpov, tiTreiv, 'Acpiwvrai vol 

which is easier, to say, Have been forgiven thee 

ai.dfiapriai.aov , i) tirrelv, *"Eytipai n Kai TrtpnrdrH ; J4 'iva.St 

thy sins, or to say, Arise and walk? ' But that 

elSt)re on { t'ovoiav t'x ei " vlbg rou apOpionov" trri r^g 

ye may know that authority has the Sou of man on the 

yrjg ct(pitvai dfxapriag, tlwtv r<fi S7rapa\e\Djiij^," "Soi Xtyio, 
earth to forgive sins, he said to the paralysed, To thee I say, 

h tyeipai," Kai apag to.k\ivLSi6v.(fou rropzvov tig rbv oikov 

Arise, and haviug takenup thy little couch go to 2 house 

aov. 25 Kai 7rapa\prijxa dvaardg ivwiriovabrojv, apag 

'thy. And immediately havingstoodup before them, havingtakenup 

i<p' '</>" KartKtiro, ci7r^X9tv elg rbi'.o'lKOv.avrov, SoaZiot> 

[that] on which he was lying, he departed to his house, glorifying 

tov'Oeov. 26 Kai 'iicnracrig tXaf3tv lirravrag, Kai tCot,aZ,ov 
God. And amazement seized all, and they glorified 

rbv Btov, Kai trrXi](r9)]aav Qofiov, Xtyovrtg, "On t'ldo/jtv 
God, and were tilled with fear, saying, We have seen 

7rapaSo%a ai]]xtpov. 

strange things to-day. 

27 Kai fitrd ravra t^,i]X9tv, Kai iOeaaaro rtXwinjv, 

And after these things he went forth, and saw a tax-gatherer, 

ovufian JAcuif," Ka9i)ntvov irri to teXwviov, Kai tlrrtv avrto, 

by name Levi, sitting at the tax office, and said to him, 

'Ako\ov9ei f.wi. 28 Kai KaraXnrojv k a7rai'ra," ayaaraQ S/ko- 

Follow me. And having left "all, haviug arisen he fol- 

Xov9r)<rtv" avr(p. 29 Kai tTroirjo-tv $ox i ) v /itydX>jv m o" 

lowed him. And 2 made 5 entertainment 3 a 4 grcat 

"Asvif" avTij) tv TJJ.olKia.avTOV, Kai t]v bxXog rtXuj- 

'Levi f or hun in his house, ' and there was a 2 multitude 3 of J tax- 

vu>v 7roXvg n Kai aXXwv oi i\oav per' avrojv KaraKtipti'oi. 

gatherers 'great and others who were with them reclining 

30 Kai. iyoyyv^ov oi. p ypap:ijartlg.avru)V Kai oi <Papi- 

[at table]. And murmured their scribes and the Phari- 

"Og TOvg./.ia6)]-ag.avrov y Xtyovreg, lAiari" 

his disciples, saying, Why 

r TtXuiv&v s Kai df.iapru)Xu>v u io~9iere Kai irivere; 31 Kai, enro- 

tax-gatherers and sinners do ye eat and drink ? And an- 

Kpi9eig b 'JtjTovg elrrev rrpbg abrovg, Ov %ptiav t^ovaiv o'i 
swering Jesus said to them, No need have they who 



per a 


vyian>ovreg larpov, 

are in health of a physician 

dXX' n ol KaK&g t^ovng. 32 ovk 

but they who ill are. 3 Xot 

iXrjXvOa KaXiaai SiKaiovg, dXXa dfxaprwXovg elg fxerd- 

'I -have come to call righteous [ones], but sinners to repent- 

voiav. 33 Oi.ot ^elirov* 

ance. And they said 






oi fia8i)rai 

! the 'disciples 

d a.TTOKpi6tL<; L[Tr]. 
k irapaXtm/cw paralytic h. 

e 'Eyeipe GLTTrAW. 

eyeipe GLTTrAW. 

f 6 vtbs tou av6pu>7rov e^ova-iav e\-ei TTrA. 
1 '6 TTrA. J Aeveif A ; AeveiV TTr. 

Jraj'Td LTTrA. ' ^/coAouSei LTTrA. m 6 GLTTrAW.. Aeuets A ; Aevels TTr. 

iroAus TeAtoj/wf LTTrA. P <5apio-atot Kai ot -ypajajuaTcI? avribv ([avrwv] Tr) LTTrAW. t Aia 
ri ltia. r + rwv the GLTTrAW. kou -'wAwe A. l aAAa LTTrA. T slnal 

LTTrA. w Atd Tt L[Tr] ; Atari TA. 

V, VI. 

x 'Iu>dvvov n 


*of 5 John 




drink ? 


'fast often and supplications make, iu like 

Kai ol tCov <t>api(Taitov, oi.Ss <roi ivBiovaiv Kai 

also those of the Pharisees, but those of thee eat and 

34 'O.St y flirtv 7rpbg au-ovg, M)} SvvaoQt rovg 

And he said 



Are ye able 3 the 

viovg tov 

4 sou8 5 of 6 the 



vv/Kpiog fier avrojv 

1= bridegrooin 14 with :5 them 



'to -make 

l Vt]UTVElV 

8 to 9 fast? 

tP.(i) O 

"while "the 

35 ri/nkpai a /ccu" qtciv 

But will come days "also 'when 

dirapOrj air' ahriov b vv/xtpiog, tote vi)<jtevgovoiv iv 

shall be taken away from them the bridegroom, then they will fast in 

Iksivchq roue r)Likpaig. 36 "EXeyev.oe Kai Trapaf3oX>)v irpbg 

thse days. And he spoke also a parable to 

, . ,,,,,-. u . , ~ c ' o '\\ > ' otherwise, then both 

aVTOVg, OtI OVOEig kTripAljLia 1/XaTlOV KttlVOV * tTCipakkU nri thenewmaketharent 


often, and make pray- 
ers, and likewise the 
disciples of the Phari- 
sees ; but thine eat and 
drink ? 34 And he said 
unto them, Can ye 
make the children of 
the bridechamber fast, 
while the bridegroom 
is with them? 35 But 
the days will come, 
when the bridegroom 
shall be taken away 
from them, and then 
shall they fast in those 
days. 3G And he spake 
also a parable unto 
them ; Nomanputteth 
a piece of a new gar- 
ment upon an old ; if 


No one 

a piece 





of a, 2 garnient 'new puts 

.ifiariov Trakaiov kui to kciivov d ff%i^i," 

'garment 'an -old, otherwise both the new he rends, 

Tip 7raAtt(<p e ov.nvLi(poJVET i . f 7rt/3Aiuxa to cltto 

with the old does not agree [the] piece which [is] from 

Kaivov. 37 Kai ovddg fidWst. oivov vkov Eig aoKovg iraXaiovg' 

new. And no one puts 2 wine 'new into 2 skins 'old, 

EiSi-fiiiyE pi)'u e b vkog olvog" rovg dcKovg, Kai avTog 
otherwise *will 5 burst 'the -new 3 wine the skins, and it 

tKxv9i)<7ETai, Kai oi doKoi aTroXovvTaC 38 dXXd olvov vkov 
tvill be poured out, and the skins will be destroyed ; but 2 wine 'new 

eig daKovg Kaivovg fiXrjTtov, h Koi diKpOTEpot crvvrTipovvrai." 

into 2 skins 'new is to be put, and both are preserved together. 

39 Kai ovSeig ttiuiv. iraXaibv 'EvQkwg' OiXsi vkov' 

And no one having drunk old [wine] immediately desires new ; 

XkyEi.ydp, 'O TraXaibg k %|0^(7?-orep6c" ia-iv. 

for he says, The old ^better 'is. 

;$% ' iv ffa/3/3ar^ ^EVTEpmrpuJT^ Sia7ro- 

And it came to pass on 'sabbath ['the] -second 'first 6 passed 

pfvEaOai ai'Tov did n Vwi'" <jTropij.iu)V Kai etiXXov oi 

'along 5 he through the corn fields ; and 3 were ''plucking 

/jia9i]Tai.avT0V "Tovg aTa\vag, Kai i)oQi.ov,^ ^wprng 

'his ^disciples the ears, and were eating, rubbing [them] 

rate XEpviv . 2 twv Qapiaaiiov eIitov p airo7c," Tt 

in the hands. But some of the Pharisees said to them, Why 

tcoieIte o ovK.tfieoTiv ^ttoieHv iv n ToXg ffdfifiacriv; 3 Kai 

do ye that which it is not lawful to do on the sabbaths? And 

diroKpidEig* irpbg avTovgElTTEV b'li]aovg, n Ovdk TOVTodvkyvioTE, 

answering to them 2 said 'Jesus, Not even this did ye read, 

o s7roit]0'Ev li Aai3iS, n t b7roTE n E7rEivaaEV avTog Kai oi 

that which 2 did 'David, when he hungered, himself and those who 

and the piece that was 
taken out of the new 
agreeth not with the 
old. 37 And no man 
putteth new wine into 
old bottles ; else the 
new wine will burst 
the bottles, and be 
spilled, and the bottles 
shall perish. 38 But 
new wine must be put 
into new bottles ; and 
both are preserved. 
39 No man also hav- 
ing drunk old wine 
straightway desireth 
new : for he saith, The 
old is better. 

VI. And it came to 
pass on the second 
sabbath after the first, 
that he went through 
the corn fields ) and his 
disciples plucked the 
ears of corn, and did 
eat, rubbing them in 
their hands. 2 And 
certain of the Phari- 
sees said unto them, 
Why do ye that which 
is not lawful to do on 
the sabbath days ? 
3 And Jesus answer- 
ing them said, Have 
ye not read so much 
as this, what David 
did, when himself was 





V " II 

were ? 

, , , -an hungred, and they 

4 W WC" EtcnjXVEV Eig TOV OlKOV TOVVEOV, which were with him ; 
how he entered into the house of God, 4 how he went into 

, , _ n , -r\ a mi j ' the house of God, and 

Kai TOVg apTOVg TT)g 7TpOU(TEU>g tkapEV, Kar tyayEV, Kai did take and eat the 

and the loaves of the presentation took, and ate, and shewbread, and gave 

* 'lwdvov Tr. y + 'Ino-ous (And) JeSUS TTrA. l mrjcXTevaai TTrA. a [/cat] L. b -r dnb 

from (a garment) [L]TTrA. c + oxiaas having rent (read puts [it]) TTrA. d axio-ei he 

will rend LTTrA. e oil <rv/j.(p(i}vri(Tei will not agree ltti a. l + to the TTrA. e 6 oivoq 

b ve'os LTTrA W. b Kai a|U</>6Tepoi avirnpovi'Tai T[Tr]A. l ei>0eu>s TTrA. k XPV~ T f 

good TTrA. ' SevrepoTrpioTu) [l]Ti[a] m tov LTTrA. " Kai rjaOiov tov? trTa\vas TrA. 
+ [avTtoi/] of them L. P avroZ? [LjTTrA. 1 ev T ; Troieiv iv ,read rois 011 the) LTrA. 
" b 'Incrovs etjrti/ 7rpb? auroiis L; 6 'IijcroO? Trpbs avrovs eintv T. s AavtS GW ; Aavei.6 L'iXrA. 

* ore LTr. "ovTH hXv. " 7rw l; [cosj Xr. ia kafiav having takeu LTrA. 


A Y K A 2. 


also to fhcm that 
were with him; which 
it is not lawful to eat 
but for the priests 
alone ? 5 And he said 
Unto them, That the 
Son of man is Lord 
also of the sabbath. , 

6 And it came to 
pass also on another 
sabbath, that he en- 
tered into the syna- 
gogue and taught: and 
there was a man whose 
right hand was with- 
ered. 7 And the scribes 
and Pharisees watched 
him, whether he would 
heal on the sabbath 
day ; that they might 
find an accusation a- 
gainst him. 8 But he 
knew their thoughts, 
and said to the man 
which had the with- 
ered hand; Rise up, 
and stand forth in 
the midst. And he 

r - ose and stood forth. 
Then said Jesus unto 
them. I will ask you 
hue thing ; Is it law- 
ful on the sabbath 
days to do good, or to 
do evil? to save life, 
.or to destroy it f 10 And 
looking round about 
upon them all, he said 
unto the man, Stretch 
forth thy hand. And 
he did so : and his hand 
was restored whole as 
the other. 11 And they 
were filled with mad- 
ness ; and communed 
one with another what 
they might do to Jesus. 

12 And it came to 
pass in those days, that 
he went out into a 
mountain to pray, and 
continued all night in 
orayer to God. 13 And 
when it was day, he 
called unto him his dis- 
ciples : and of them he 
:hose twelve,' whom 
ilso he named apo- 
stles; 14 Simon, fwhom 
ie also named Peter,) 
ind Andrew his bro- 
ther, James and John, 
Philip and Bartholo- 
mew, 15 Matthew and 
Thomas, James the son 

Kvpiog iVTIV 
6 Lord s is 

also of the sabbath. 

1 iv trkptp (ja.f3f3a.Tii) tiaeXOtiv avrov 

tSoiicEv ?icai ]l rolg /jer avrov, ovg ovK.tZtffriv (paytlv ei'.juj) 

gave also to those with him, which it is not lawful to eat except 

jxovovg rovg (0(C ; 5 Kai tXeyev avroig, z "On" 

3 only 'the 2 priests? And he said to them," 

6 vibg tov avOpioTrov Kai tov oaf3f3drov.- 

Hhe 2 Son 3 of 4 man 

6 ' & icai 

And it came to pass also on another 
tig ri)v vvvayioyrjv Kai SiddaKSiV Kai r}V 

into the synagogue and taught ; and there was there a man, 

Kai i).xtip'-avTov >/ St^id r\v t,t]pd. 7 c 7rapfrrjpovv n .dk 

and his hand the right was withered. An J 'were 'watching t "him 

o\ ypap/xarslg Kai oi QapiocCioi, a iv rtp aaf3f3drt^ e 9epa- 

Hhe 2 scrihes 3 and 4 the 5 Pharisees, whether on the sabbath he will 

avrov. 8 




b Ki av6pLoirog, n 

t d avrbv ]i 

7TEvaei, i[ 

iva evpixxriv 

f Karr]yopiav n 

But he 

heal, that -they might find an accusation against him. 

ySei TOvg.SiaXoyiaixovg.avTwv, g Kai E-lTrev' 1 rip h dv9pio7rq> n rfp 

knew their reasonings, and said to the roan who 

fypav 'i\ovri ti)v x f ^P a > '"Eysipai," Kai arrjdi tig to jxtaov. 

'withered 'had 2 the hand, Arise, and stand in the midst. 

k '0-o"i" dvaardg tart). 9 Elirev l ovv n o'lijaovg vrpbg avrovg, 

And he having risen up stood. 

m 'E7rpwri7<Tw" vp,ag, 

I will ask you, whether 

n ri" 

3 Said 'then -Jesus to them, 

t,(JTiv "rolg odf3f3ao~iv^ dyaOo- 

it is lawful on the sabbaths 

KaK07rou]aai ; 
to do evil ? 



TTOlTjtJai 1] 

good or 


having looked around on 

"Ekthvov Tr)v.xHpd.<70v. 
Stretch out thy hand. 

KaTEdTaOtf y'j.xdp.avTov 
restored 'his 2 hand 

.11 , 

ipvx))v (Tuiaai rj p d7roX'(Tai 
3 life 'to -save or to destroy ? 



to the 

he said 

'0.8k kTroirjaev "o'vrwg 

And he did so, 

''"*"- 11 T d> t) aXXjj." 

as the other. 


to do 

10 Kai 


dv9pU)TT(p, n 

I Kai s a7ro- 

and 3 was 

I I 

But they 



lir\i)!TQi]Gav dvoiag, Kai SieXdXovv rrpbg dXXrjXovg tL 

were filled with madness, and x consulted with one another [as to] what 

av w 7roti7<Ttav" r<f 'Irjaov. 

they should do ' to Jesus. 

12 ' Eyivero M iv Talg.rj/Jispaig.TavTaig *i2,riX9Ei> n 

And it came to pass in those days he went out 

opog 7rpo<TEv%ao~9ai' Kai i)v SiavvKrepevuiv iv rrj rrpoatvxy 

mountain to pray, and he was spending the night in prayer 

rov 9eov. 13 Kai ore iyivero t)nipa Trpooetptovrjaev rovg 

of God. And when it became day he called to [him] 

fia9i]Tag.avT0V' Kai 'tKXeKdfievog art avrwv SwhKa, ovg Kai 

his disciples, and chose out from them twelve, whom also 

cnroGToXovg utvofiarrev, 14 2i/xwva dv Kai tovofjaoav Hirpov 

3 apostles 'he 2 named : Simon whom also he named Peter 

Kai AvSpiav rbv.ddaXtpbv.avrov, ^'IaKw/Snv Kai "'Iwaiw," 

and Andrew his brother, James and John, 

y a &iXnnrov Kai Bap9oXo/jalov, 15 ya aa Mar0aTo>" Kai Boj/udv, 

Philip and Bartholomew, Matthew and Thomas, 

y Kai LTrA. * [on] Tr. R Kai LTTr[A]. b dV#pto7TOS eicei TTrA. c irapeTrjpovvTO 

CTTrAW. d avTov LTTrAW. e Oepaneve i he heals LTTrA. f Karyjyopily to accuse TTrA. 

e e%7Tv C) TTrA. h a^Spi man TTrA. '"Eyeipe GLTTi AW. k Kai LTTrA. l fit and LTTr. 

m 'E7repa)TW I ask TTrA. n i if LTTrA. tw cra/3/3dT&> ( On the Sabbath LTTrA. P a.TTO- 

KTetvai to kill GW. <1 avra> to him GLTTrAW. r OVTUS GTTrAW. s djreKaTecrTaerj 

LiLTTrA. l {ryiTjs GLTTrAW. T tbs T) aAA>j [L]T[Tr]A. " 7roiJjO'aisi' LTTrA. * efcA0eci _ 
ftVTOC he Went OUt TTrA. J* + cai and LTTrA.. * lu&vqv Tr. aa MadOalov LTTf A, 


a 'ldicoj/3ov rbv toWAXQciov teal Si'^wra rov ko\ov- 
James the [son] of Alphajus and Simon who [was] cill- 

pevov Zrj\(t)rf]v, 16 c 'lovoav 'laicwftov, Kai 'lovfiav 



Judas [brother] of James, and Judas 

d 'Icr/cap(wr/jv," og e ical n lysvero 7rpoS6rrig m 17 Kai Karafidg 

Iscariote, who also became [the] betrayer. And descending 

fier avrCov tart] t7ri to7tov iteSivov, Kai bxXog f fj.a9nriov 

with them he stood on a "place 'level, and a crowd of 2 disciples 

avrov Kai 7rXi]9og 7ro\v rov Xaov dirb traa^fg rrjg'IovSaiag 

'his and a 2 multitude 'great of the people from all Judasa 

Kai .lEpovaaXtjfi Kai rrjg irapaXiov Tupov Kai UliSwvog, o'l 

and Jerusalem and the sea coast of Tyre and Sidon, who 

?lX9ov aKovaai avrov, Kai ia9r\vai curb rwv.vocrujv.avrojv, 

came to hear him, and to be healed of their diseases, 

18 Kai ol SoxXov/xevoi" h i>7r6" irvEVfiaruiv a.Ka9dproJv, l Kal l] 

and those beset by -spirits 'unclean, and 

iQtpaTTEvovro. 19 Kai Iraq 6 bxXog h ir]rEi n uima9ai avrov' 

they were healed. And all the crowd sought to touch him ; 

art dvvapig Trap' avrov t&jpxero Kai iaro -KCLvrag. 

for power from him went out and healed all. 

^PSO Kai avrbg irrdpag rovg.6<p9aXfiovg.avrov Eig rovgfiaQrj- 

And he lifting up his eyes upon 2 disci- 

rdg avrov tXeyev, MaKapwi ol Trru>xvi, on v/ierspa larlv 

pies 'his said, Blessed- [are] the. poor, for yours is 

>'/ fiaaiXtia rov 9eov. 21 fxaKcipioi ol 7reiva>vrsg vvv, on 

the kingdom of God. Blessed [ye] who hunger now, for 

Xoprao~9>)(jf(j9e. fxaKapioi ol KXaiovreg vvv, on yeXcKjere. 

ye shall be filled. Blessed* [ye] who weep now, for ye shall laugh. 

22 fiaKctpioi tare orav fxiaifaioaiv vpdg oldv9pioTroi, Kai orav 

Blessed are ye when 2 shaU 3 hate 4 you 'men, and when 

dtpopiuuxriv vfidg, Kai oveiSiawaiv, Kai EKfidXwoiv rb 

they shall cut "off 'you, and s'hall reproach [you], and cast out 

oi'Ofia.vfiaiv ojg rrovr\p6v, x eveko} rov vloii rov dv9pioirov' 
your name as wicked, on account of the Son of man : 

23 m xaiper n tv tKEivy ry i'lfnepq: Kai OKiprrfo-arE' iSov.ydp, 6 

rejoice in that day and leap for joy ; for lo, 

lno9bg.vf.iCJv rroXvg iv reft ovpavo)' Kara n ravra [i yap 

your reward [is] great in the heaven, 2 aceording 3 to "these Hhings 'for 

tiroiovv rolg 7rpocp7]raig ol.varkpEg.avruiv. 24 TlXrjv oval 

did 3 to "the "prophets 'their -fathers. But woe 

Vjxiv rolg irXovGwig, on drr't^ErE rt)v.7rapdKXri<m'.VfioJv. 

to you the rich, for ye are receiving your consolation. 

25 oval vfilv ol t/x7TE7rXr]<Tfxsvoi , on 7reivdaere. oval p" 

Woe to you who have been filled, for ye shall hunger. Woe to yon 

oi ysXwvreg vvv. on TZEv9i]aErE Kai KXavatre. 26 oval ^Vfilv^ 

who laugh now, for ye shall mourn and' weep. Woe to you 

orav KaXwg T vjuag Ei-iruo'iv" *Trdvri.g n ol dv9p oirof Kara 

when well of you speak all men, According 3 to 

"ravra 11 ydp etto'iovv rolg yfyEvSoTrpotyrfraigdi-Trar'tpEg.avriijv. 

'these 6 things 'for did 3 to 4 the 5 false G prophets 'their fathers. 

27 ' AXX " Xtyw rolg aKovovaiv, 'AyairdrE rovg lx^9 ov Q 

to you I say who hear, 




of Alphaaus, and Simon 
called Z'elotes, 16 and 
Judas the brother of 
James, and Judas Is- 
cariot, which also was 
the traitor. 17 Aud he 
came down with them, 
and stood in the plain, 
and the company of 
his disciples, and a 
great multitude of peo- 
ple out of all Judsa. 
and Jerusalem, and 
from the sea coast ol 
Tyre and Sidon, which 
came to hear him, and 
to be healed of their 
diseases; 18 and they 
that were vexed with 
unclean spirits : and 
they were healed. 
19 And the whole mul- 
titude sought to touch 
him : for there *vent 
virtue out of him, and 
healed them all. 

20 And he lifted up 
his eyes on his disci- 
ples, and said, Blessed 
he ye poor: for yours 
is the kingdom of God. 

21 Blessed are ye that 
hunger now : for ye 
shall be filled. Blessed 
are ye that weep now : 
for ye shall laugh. 

22 Blessed are ye, when 
men shall hate you, 
and when they shall 
separate you from their 
company, and shall re- 
proach you, and cast 
out your name as evil, 
for the Son of man's 
sake. 23 Rej oice ye in 
that day, and leap for 
joy : for, behold, your 
reward is great in hea- 
ven : for in the like 
manner did their fa- 
thers unto the pro- 
phets. 24 But woe unto 
you that are rich I for 
ye have received your 
consolation. 25 Woe 
unto you that are 
full I for ye shall 
hunger. Woe unto you 
that laugh now ! for ye 
shall mourn and weep. 
26 Woe unto you, when 
all men shall speak 
well of yon! for so 
did their fathers to the 
false prophets. 27 But 
I say unto you which 
hear, Love your ene- 
mies, do good to 
them which hate you, 
28 bless them' that 

- + icai and T. 


rov TOU TTrA. c + Kai and LTTrA. d 'IcrKapiioO LTTrA. e Kai 

and they) LTTrA. 
same things LTTrA 
' f'tmoa-iv .v/ias T, 

+ 7roAus great T. s evox^-ov/xevoi TTr,A. 

k i^TOW TTrA. ' eveKev L. 

+ vvv now T[Tr]A. P 

irdvfes G. * 'AAAd LTTrA W. 

" d-rd GLTTr'AW. l Kai (omit 

'jfdprjTe GLTTrAW. n rd avrd the 

VfJ.iv TTrA. 1 GJ/n* AW. 


curse yon, and pray 
for them which de- 
spitcfully use you. 
29 And unto him that 
smiterh thee on the 
one cheek offer also the 
other ; and him that 
taketh away thy cloke 
forbid not to take thy 
coat also. 30 Give to 
every man that asketh 
of thee ; and of him 
that taketh away thy 
goods ask them not 
again. 31 And as ye 
would that men should 
do to you. do ye also to 
them likewise. 32 For 
if ye love them which 
love you, what thank 
have ye? for sinners 
also love those that 
love them. 33 And if 
ye do good to them 
which do good to you, 
what thank have ye? 
for sinners also do even 
the same. 34 And if 
ye lend, to them of 
whom ye hope to re- 
ceive, what thank have 
ye ? for sinners also 
lend to sinners, to re- 
ceive as much again. 
35 But love ye your 
enemies, and do good, 
and lend, hoping for 
nothing again ; and 
your reward shall be 
great, and ye shall be 
the children of tho 
Highest : for he is kind 
unto the unthankful 
and to the evil. 36 Be 
ye therefore merciful, 
as your Father also is 
merciful. 37 Judge not, 
and ye shall not be- 
judged : condemn not, 
and ye shall not be 
condemned : forgive, 
and ye shall be for- 
given : 38 give, and 
it shall be given 
unto you ; good mea- 
sure, pressed down, 
and shaken together, 
and ' running over, 
shall men give into 
your bosom. For with 
the same measure that 
ye mete withal it shall 
be i; measured to you 





Kcikuig ttoie~ite roUg f.iffovffiv Vjiaq, 28 evXoydre 

4 well 3 do to those who' hate you, bless 

Vtti" TrpoaEvx^Oe x t7rfp" 


for those who 

tovg tcaraptofitvovQ y vfi~iv, 

those who curse you, and 

7n;pfa6i'-ojv ifiag. 29 np tvtttovti as y 7ri" rr)v Oiayova, 

despitefully use you. To him who strikes thee on the cheek, 

rr)v dXXrjv' Kai enrb tov a'ipovTog oov . to 
the other ; and from him who takes away thy 

tcai tov \iru)va }.ir).KwXvayg. 30 iravTi z 6i rp" 
also the tunic do not forbid. "To 3 every 4 one 'and who 

xp?x e 











ask [it] not back 

dvOpwTroi, s 

the tunic 

SiSov" Kai 
give ; and 




from him who takes away what [is] thine, 

Kai KaOojg 9sXete "iva 7roiioaiv vpiv oi 
and according as ye desire that 2 should 3 do 4 to 5 you 

7T0LHTS aliTolg O/LIOIOJQ. 32 Kai 61 




to tliem in like manner. 

And if 

aycnraTe tovq ayairiovTag vjxag, rroia 

ye love those who love you, what 

V/.UV X a P l C i-OTlV ; 
*to 5 you' 'thank 2 is 3 it ? 

oi ctfiaprioKoi 



for even 

33 Kai b tav dya9o7roir]TE 
And if ye do good 

tovq ayaTriovTag avTovg aycnrwtriv. 
those 3 who 4 love 5 them 'love. 

tovq ayaQoTvoiovvTctg hf.idg, 

to those who do good to you, 




! to 3 you 



is it? 

/cat "yap" 
2 even Hor 

ot ctftapTioXoi to avTO 

sinners 2 the 


rroiovaiv. 34 Kai tav e $ovE('?jr" Trap ilv eXttIZete 

'do. And if * ye' lend [to those] from whom ye hope ' 

tcnroXafltiv," iroia vpuv x^P'C ecttiv; Kai Syap" h oi"apoprwAot 

to receive, what "to 3 you 'thank is it ? "even 'for sinners 

apapTu>Xotg 1 Sav(iZovffiv, n 'iva cnroXdfiioaiv to. k /(7tt." 35 ttXi]v 

2 to 3 sinners 'lend, that they may receive the like. But 

ayaTTctTE TOvg.tx9povg.vfiwv, Kai dya6o7rotHTE, Kai l daviZETE n 

love your enemies, and do good, and lend, 

a fir)Sev n . n a7^A7r/'o^'r" Kai io~Tai b.pi(j9bg.vpiov 7roXvg, 

'nothing "-hoping 2 for again ; and 3 shall 4 be your 2 reward great, 

Kai ioeo9e vioi Prow" vipicrTOV' otl avrbg xptl"r6g iariv^kTri 

and ye shall be sons of the Highest i^/-for he 2 good 'is to 

lighest ilyior 

ipovgJfio yi 

tovq axapiOTOVg Kai rroi'rjpoi 
the unthankful, and wicked, sfl 

ivtoOe lovv li oiKTippovEg, 

Ka9ojg r Kai [l 6.7raTii]p.vpwv otKTippcov toriV. 37 Kai prf.KpivETi, 
as also your father Compassionate 'is. And judge not, 

s Kai ov n .p>) Kpi97)TV * jj,i).KaraSiKaleTE, Kai ov.piij /cara- 

that in no wise ye be judged ; condemn not, that in no wi-e ye be 

SiKaa9iJTE. cnroXvtre, Kai d.7roXv9r)0'o9E' 38 ciSots, Kai 

condemned. Release, and ye shall be released. Give, and 

So9r]0~ETai vfiiv. psTpov KaXov ttettieo'pevov 

it shall be given to you, '^measure 'good, pressed down 




running over 

tuj yap 

with s the 3 for 


shall they give into 

and shaken to- 
Eig tov koXttov 

aiiTlf) /.lETptp <p' fiETOElTE, 

same measure with which ye mete, .. 


it shall be 


Sk tu> t ; 


T Ujaas GLTTrA. w Kai GLTTrAW. 77fpi TA. ? is T. z [be ra, 

[Sel tu Tr. a [Kai v/xei?! l. b + yap (read for if ye also) T. c ecrrlv xapis L. d yap T 
e 8aveLar)Te L ; 8ai>io~r)T T ; Savti&Te TiA. f \afieiv TTrA. S -yap T|Tr]A. * Ot LTTiA. 
> SuvL^ovrriv T. k to-a ltaW. 1 Savl(eT T. m nySeva T. " ai}>eKnioi>Te<; L. + [^ 

rois ovpai'OK] in the heavens l. p roi) (rea<l of | thej) gltt. aw. i ovv ltti-a. 

' - Kai I i.|t|t> |. s 'iva .read that ye be not judged) l. < + Kai and TA 

L'i'TrA. wa virepe.Kxyi'i'opevoK LTTiA 


a> yap /xtTpcj) LTTr, 

VI. LUK E. iqd 

rp>i9i)<jTai vfjlv. 39 EIitev.Se * 7raoa/ScX/)y avToig, M/'/rt a & aia - 39 And he spake 

measured again to you. And he spoke a parable to them, , LuU^blind^ad', 1,1; 

Suvarai TvtyXbg rvcpXbv ' b$r]yE~iv ; oi>xi dj.i(p6repoi elg blind? shall they not 

Is 4 able 'a "blind [ 3 man] a blind [man] to lead ? "not ^boLh 4 into ^\ J*l}, int ? . the 

~ i , n. , . , -, , ditch? 40 Tne disciple 

pouvvov z 7T(.aovvTai , 40 ovk egtiv p,avi}Ti)g virtij tov oicuaica.- is not above his mas- 

''a 6 pit 'will fall? 4 not 3 is >a -disciple above the teacher Jer : but every one 

\ a > ~ u / y, ~ . * ? , N that is perfect shall be 

Aov aumv" KarijpTi'ruevug.ce wag ta-ai wg o GioaoKaXog as his master. 41 And 

of him; but ' : periecfed 'every ^one shall be as "teacher wn y beholdest thou 

)-,,,,>, J>f ,/ , , ~>/i-v~ tae mote that is in thy 

uvrov. 41 Ti.oe p\87TEig to icap<pog to i.v tco o<f>va\fiip brother's eye, but ?or- 

'his. But why lookest thou on the mote that [is] in the eye ceivest not the beam 

~ > r, N , ~ > ?> * \ > > ~ ><?, > . n \ J" that is in thine own 

TOU.adA<pOV.<JOV, TljV.OE OOKOV TT)V EV Tip-lOOp OyVaX/XQ eye? 42 Either how 

of thy brother, but the beam that [is] in thine own eye canst thou say to thy 

' * Act h n tt ~ J' \' ~ > ? \ j ~ brother, Brother, U| 

ou.tcaTavoEig; 42 if wwg dvvacai XsyEiv T^-adEXtpoj.aov, me pull out the mote 

perceivest not ? or how art thou able to say to thy brother, that is in thine eye 

*AfcX0i, d^Eg k/3Xu, rb ku^oq to iv T$ 6p9a\^ n^aes^not^fbeam 

Brother, .suffer [that] I may cast out the mote that [is] in -eye that is in thine owii 

ffov, auTbg tuv iv T o).b(p9a\^.G0v Sokov ov (SX'ettujv ; vtto- tllLZ^tthX^ 

thine, thyself the -in J thine [ 4 own] s eye 'beam not seeing? Hypo- out of thine own eye, 

KpiTa, ek3oXe 7rpuJT0i' Tt)v Sokov tK Tov.dcbOaXuov.aov, Kai and , th<iU shalt ,f hou 

*.. ' r T " ' . , , j..." r" see clearly to pull out 

cnte, cast out hrst the beam out of thine [own] eye, and t nt , DK) te that is in thv 

tote 8ia(3\kypEig e kK(3a\elv ]i to icdpfog to iv r<p 6<p9aXfxcji br ott' s eye. 43 For 

then thou wilt see clearly to cast out . the mote that[is]in the eye nof forth corrupt fruit' 

T0V.dC\(p0V.<70V' i . 43 OU.ydp i<3TlV StVCpOV KoXbv iroiOVV neither doth a corrupt 

of thy brother. For J not 'there "is 4 a 6 tree 5 good producing f e ' bnn f rth good 

J . ^ t fruit. 44 For every 

KClpTTOV GCLTTpoV OV()E e CEvSpOV OaTTpOV , 7T0L0VV KCtpTTOV KClXov' tree is known by his 

"fruit 'corrupt: nor a 2 treei 'corrupt producing -fruit 'good; ?^ a "' uit - *for * 

.... > V r - -"'-- ' -* / , , tno ^ ns men do not 

44 EKa.GTOv.yap OEvepov ek tova6lov Kap-rrov yivcooicETai' ou.yap gather figs, nor of a 

for each tree by its own fruit is known, for not "ramble bush gather 

, y , n ~ A ., - >s .>< r f ~ they grapes. 45 A good 

it, aKaVUUJV OVhkEyOVOlV OVKa, OVOE EK paTdV 'TpvywGlV man out of the good 

from thorns do they gather figs, nor from a bramble gather they treasure of his heart 

, , / i| A _ , , , n , -~, n ' r\ ~ hringeth forth that 

<TTa(f>v\rivJ 45 o aya9og av9pto7rog ek tov ayavou U))aavpov which is good; and an 

a bunch of grapes. The good man out of the " " good treasure ey il man out of the 

t., ,_ , ~,| j i * ' r\ ' < < ev 'l treasure of his 

Ttig.Kapdiag.saVTOV" 7TpO<pEpEl TO ayaVOV Kai O nOVI)- heart bringeth forth 

of his heart ' brings forth that which [is] good ; and the wick- that which is evil : for 

\ h " n ii ' ~ ~ \a ~ s" of the abundance of 

pog a av9pu)7rog n ek tov Ttovqpov ^i)aavpov Tijg Kapciag the heart his mouth 

ed man out of the wicked treasure of 2 heart speaketh. 46 And why 

> -mi .r \ f . \ \r ~ m / call ve me. Lord, Lord. 

CtVTOV* 7TpO(pEpEl TO TTOVTjpoV EK.yap k TOV TTEpiGGEV- and do noithe things 

'his brings forth that which [is] wicked : for out of the abun- which I say? 47 Who- 

jiaro^Vw- KapSiag -\Xa rb.aTo^a.avTOv.K 46' TLSe ^ ^%J^^^: 

dance of the heart 3 speaks 'his 'mouth. And why me ings, and doeth them, 

KaXslTE KvpiE, icvpiE, Kai ov.ttoieIte a Xiyw ; 47 nag b ip- ^Zmh^sii^I?^ he 

do ye call Lord, Lord, and do not what I say? Everyone who j s y^ e a mall which 

\6pEvog irpog /u.e Kai aKoixuv fxov.TU)V.X6ywv Kai ttoiwv avrovg, j" 11 *^? house - and 

is corrfing to me and hearing my words and doing them, the 8 ' foundation on"a 

vTToSeiZu) vuiv rivi iaHv ouotog. 48 ouoiog icTiv dv9pu)7raj l oc \ : and 7^ he P- the 

Iwillshew^ utowhomhei. w like. ^Like he is . to iTman^ S^ment^ u^ 

oiKoSopiOVVTl OIKIUV, bg EGKa^EV Kai i(3d9vi>EV, Kai e9t]KEV that house, and could 

building a house, who dug and deepened, and laid nofc shake xt : for *' 

Ge/xeXiov ini t>)v 7TETpaV n 7rX7]jj,fivpag n .SE yEvo/xs vr\g 7rpoGEp- 

a foundation on the rock ; and a flood having come 3 burst 

prj%Ev n b 7roTajxbg T7j.o'iKio:.EKEivy, Kai ovk.'igx v<tev vaXEvaai 

4 upon 'the ^stream that house, and could not shake 

y + Kai also LTTrA. l efJureiTOVVTaL LTTrA. a avrov LTTrA. b ij T[Tr]A. 

" eKfSaXelv TA. d + eK^aAelv U> cast out TA. e + iraA.ii/ again [L]T[Tr]A. f OTafyvArfV 
TpvyaxTw Tl'rA. S avrou (read [his] heart) T. h avBpanros [L]TTrA. " J drjaavpov 
tt)s xapoias avrov [LJTTrA. k TOV LTTrA. ' T>js (read Ot [the]) LTTrA. ,u TO 

o-To^a avTOU AaAei L. n TrAij/xjavpns TTrA. 7rpo<re'pi} jv TTr. 


was founded upon a 
rock. 49 But he that 
heart' th, and doethn'ot, 
is like a man that 
without a foundation 
built an house upon 
the earth ; against 
which the stream did 
beat vehemently, and 
immediately it fell ; 
and the ruin of that 
house was great. 

Til. Now when he 
had ended all his say- 
ings in the audience 
of the people, he en- 
tered into Capernaum. 
2 And a certain, cen- 
turion's servant, who 
was dear unto him, 
was sick, and ready to 
die. 3 And when he 
heard of Jesus, he sent 
unto him the elders of 
the Jews, beseeching 
him that he would 
come and heal his ser- 
vant. 4 And when they 
came to Jesus, they 
besought him instant- 
ly, saying, That he 
was worthy for whom 
he should do this: 5 for 
he loveth our nation, 
and he hath built us 
a synagogue. 6 Then 
Jesus went with them. 
And when he was now 
not far from the house, 
the centurion sent 
friends to him, saying 
unto him, Lord, trouble 
not thyself : for 1 am 
not worthy that thou 
shouldest enter under 
my roof : 7 wherefore 
neither thought I my- 
self worthy to come 
unto thee : but say in 
a word, and my ser- 
vant shall be healed. 
8 For I also am a man 
get under authority, 
having under me sol- 
diers, and I say unto 
one, Go, and he goeth; 
and to another, Come, 
and he cometh; and to 
my servant, Do this, 
audhedorrthiV. 9 When 
Jesus heard these 
things, he marvelled 
at him, and turned 
him about, and said 
unto the people that 
followed him, I say 

AOYA-2. VI, VI. 

avrfjV V 1 eQejifXupTO.yap kirl rrjv 7rkrpavJ 49 b.8k ctKovaa^ 

it, for ftr had been founded upon the rock. But he who heard 

Kal fi7].7roii]oag o jioioq koriv dvOpwrrip lolKoboprjotzvri" oliciai 
and did not J like 'is to a man liinnng built a hous, 

km ti)v yrjv X^PLQ Q^psXioy' y T 7rpoajp0i^ev n 6 irora- 

oe the earth without a foundation ; on which 3 burst 'the -stream 

fXOQ, KOI *S.vQkltiQ tTTtOEV 
and immediately it fell, 

Ikhvi}Q pkya.^J- 

*that great.... J--f~ 

7 ''Ewcl-fle" 7rX//pa>(rev iravra ra.prjparn.ovrov slg rag 

And when he had completed all his words in the 

aKodg tov Xaov tiffrjXOev Eig u Kcnrpvaoi>fi. n 2 'EKarovrdpxov 

ears of the people he entered into Capernaum. 4 0f 5 a 'centurion 

8k rivog 8oi>Xog KaKujg tpv ijpcXXev teXevt$v, og 

'and 6 certain 2 a 3 bondruan "ill 8 being was about to die, who 

avrtp evripog. 3 aKovaag.bk 7repl tov'1t](Tov dirkuTeiXsv 7rpbg 

mi tyevero to pijypa ri)g oiKiag 
and "was 'the "ruin 3 of 5 house 




he sent 




tpuJToJV avrov 

begging him 

4 o'i.8t 7rapaysv6psvoi 
And they having come 

by him honoured. And having heard about 

avrbv 7rpetrj3vrkpqvg twv 'lovSaiuJi', 

him elders of the Jews, 

tXOujv (Hiaawcrrj rbv.8ovXov.abrov. 
having come he might cure his bondman. 

Trpbg Tov'l7]aovv v 7rope/caXcvi/" avrbv airovba'aag, Xkyovrtg, 
to Jesus besought him diligently, saying, 

"On aiog tariv ip v 7rapk^ei n tovto' 5 dyarrd-ydp to 

that 3 worthy 'he "is to whom he shall grant this, for he loves 

t9vog.iip.Siv Kid rf)v avvayujyyv avrbg tpKoSoprjcrev i)pTv. 

our nation and the synagogue he built for us. 

6 'Q.ok.'lrjcrovg k7ropveTO avv avroTg' i'jSrj.St avrov ov paKpav 

Aud Jesus went with them ; but already he ''not 'far 0VT0< i x dm) n Tr)g oiKiag, tTrep^tv tirpog avrov" *b tmrov- 

'being distant from the house, 3 seut *to 5 him 'the = ceu- 

T.ap\og <plXovg, n Xkyujv a avrip, K Kupte, prj.uKvXXov ov 

turion friends, saying to him, Lord, trouble not [thyself], "not 

b /u iKavbg" iva c v7ro rrjv.(rrkyi]v.pov il EiirkXQyg' 

''I 'am worthy that under my roof thou shouldest come ; 

7 8ib ov8k kpavrbv r)iwoa rrpog <T tXGelv dXXu 

wherefore neither myself counted I worthy 3 to 4 thee 'to -come ; but 

elirt Xoytp, Kai d iaGfj(rarai i ' 1 b.irdig.pov. 8 Kai.ydp kyuj dv- 
say by a word, and shall be healed my servant. For alo I a 

dpujiTog elpi V7rb t^ovaiav raaaoptvog, f%wv vir kpavrbv 

man am under authority appointed, having under myself 

VTpaTiwrag, Kal Xkyoj rovrip HoptvGqn, Kal 7ropsvtrai' 

soldiers, and I say to this [one] Go, and he goes ; 

Kal dXXip, "Epxov. Kal tpx ETCtl ' KC " rcp.8ovXtp.pov, Uolrjaov 
and to another, Lome, and he comes ; and to my bondman, Bo 

tovto, Kal 7TOti. 9 ' AKOvaag 8k ravra b 'l>]<rovg IQav- 
this, and he does [it]; And having heard these things Jesus won- 

paoev avrov' Kal (TTpafsig Tip aKoXovGovvri avrip bxXtp 

him ; and turning 



dered at 

to the 


3 him 'crowd 

P 8id rb (caAois oiKoSop-etaOai (oioSo/u.tJo-0<u t) avnjf because it was well built TTrA. 
s oiKoSofiovvri buildiiig l. r npoaepri^ev TTr. B evfius <rvveTTe<rev inlm'ediately it fell 

together TTrA. ' 'En-eiSTj after that ltti-a. u Ka^apvaovfj. LTTrAW. ripuTwv asked t. 
w nape^ji he should grant ltt. a. x a7ro {read t^? from the)_T. y t - npbs aWov t. 

(#)iAovs 6 iKar6vTa.pxo<; (inaTOfrapxT)': T) TTrA. a avrtp T. b inavos et/ni TTrA. c fiov 
vn-6 rr\v areyrfv w. ' d iaflTjTw let be healed TTrA. 



to the house found 

ei'7rv, Asyu> v/mv, ovSe iv r<ji'\opafiX roaauri]V iriariv Evpov. 

said, I say to you, not eveu in Israel so great faith did I find. 

10 Kai viroarptyavrEg- e oi 7re^i(p9kvreg Eig rbv o'Ikov 11 elpov 

And 3 having 'returned 'those 
the sick 

11 Kai sysvero iv %ry n e%rjg . h t7ropEVErq v Eig irokiv 

And it came to pass on 

b t7ropi>rq" 

he went into 


rbv f d<jQevovvTa" SovXov vyiaivovra. 

bondman in good health. 

" iifig 

the next [day] he went into a city 

KaXoi'fievrjv "Natv, Kai ovvErcopEvovro avrfi o'i.fia9i)rai. avrov 

called Nain, and went with him his 2 disciples 

l iicavoi n Kai b'x'Xog iroXvg. 12 ojq^Ss ijyywEV ry irvXy ri)g 
'many and a -crowd 'great. And as he drew near to the gate of the 

proXeiog Kai ISov, i^EKO/xi^Ero k rE9vr]Ku>g, n l v\bg jxovo- 

city 2 also 'behold, was being carried out [one] who had died, an -son 'only 

yevi)g n ry.firtrpi.avrov, Kai m avrr] riv n Y^/pa* KUl "X Ao T ^C 
to his mother, and she \vas a widow, and a 2 crowd 3 of 4 the 

7r6Xswg ixavbg " avv avry. 13 Kai icwv avri)v 6 Kvpiog 

'city 'considerable [wsft] with her. And seeing her the Lord 

i<y7rXayxi'iT9r) iir avry n Kai eIttev avry, M/./cAate. 

was moved with compassion on her and said to her, Weep not. 

14 Kai 7rpooeX9wv r/^aro rr)g aopov' o'uSe ftaardtovrEg 
And coming up he touched the bier, and those bearing [it] 

torr/aav Kai eIttev, THeaviOKE, ooi Xsyw, iysp9rjri. 15 Kai 

stopped. And he said, Young man, to thee I say, Arise. And 

dvsKa9i(yey 6 vEKpbg Kai r)p%aro XaXelv Kai eSiokev avrbv ry 

3 sat *up 'the Mead and began to speak, and he gave him 

[iTiTpi.avrov. 16 (pofiog p arravrag, u Kai k$6a,ov 
to his mother. And 2 seized 'fear all, and they glorified 

tov9eov, Xsyoi'TEg, "Oft irpotyr)Tr\g yi'tyag iEyt)yE0rai H iv 

God, saying, A 2 prophet 'great has risen up amongst 

f'lfuv, Kai "On iwEffKE\paro 6 9Eog rbv. Xabv. avrov. 17 Kai 
us ; and 2 Has ^visited 'God his people. And 

f.iir]X9EV b.Xoyog.obrog iv oXy ry 'lovSaig, TTEpi avrov, Kai 
went out this report in all Judaea concerning him, and 

T iv u Ttaay ry TTEpixwpy. 
in all the country around. 

18 Kai cnrriyyEiXav s 'l(t)avvy n oi.fiaOrjral. avrov rrEpi 
And "brought 6 word 'to 2 John 3 his *disciples concerning 

iravriov rovrtov. 19 Kai TrponKaXEadfiEvog dio rivag ru>v 

all these things. And having called to [him] 2 two 'certain 

fxa9r]ru)v.avrov b l 'l waving" E7TE[i\l/EV rrpbg v rbv 'Iijffow," 

of his disciples John ' sent [them] to Jesus, 



Art thou 

o Epxofievoc rj 

the coming [one] or 



7rpouSoKU)fiEv ; 

are we to look for ? 

20 UapayEv6/.iEvoi.di npbg avrbv ot dvdpsg *E~i7rov, n y'lwdv- 
And having come to , him the men said, John 

vrigW b ftairrHjriig diriaraXKEv iifidg npog <te, Xtywj/, 2i>.El 

the Baptist has sent ' us to thee, saying, Art thou 

6 spxoftEvog 7] dXXov irpoaioKivfiEv ; 21 'Ev z avry" *Si\ 

the coming [one] or another are we to look for ? 2 In 3 the 'same 'and 

ry aipa t9EpaTTEvoEv 7roXXovg dtrb voawv Kai fxaarlyiov Kai 

hour he healed many of diseases and scourges and 


unto you, I have not 
found so great faith, 
no. not in iBraeL 
10 And they that were 
sent, returning to the 
house, found the ser- 
vant whole that had 
been sick. 

11 And it came to 
pass the day after, that 
he went into a city 
called'Nain; andmany 
of his disciple3 went 
with him, and much 
people. 12 Now when 
he came nigh to the 
gate of the city, be- 
hold, there was a dead 
man carried out, the 
only son of his mother, 
and she was a widow: 
and much people of 
the city was with her. 
13 And when the Lord 
saw her, he had com- 
passion on her, and 
said unto her, Woep 
not. 14 Arid he came 
and touched the bier: 
and they that bare 
him stood stilL And 
he said, Young man, 
I say unto thee, Arise. 
15 And he that was 
dead sat up, and began 
to speak. And he de- 
livered him to his mo- 
ther. 16 And there 
came a fear on all: and 
they glorified God, 
saying, That a great 
prophet is risen up 
among us; and, That 
God hath visited his 
people. 17 And this 
rumour of him went 
forth throughout all 
Judsea, and through- 
out all the region 
round about. 

18 And the disciples 
of John shewed him 
of all these things. 
19 And John calling 
unto him two of his 
disciples sent them to 
Jesus, saying, Art thou 
he that should come ? 
or look we for an- 
other ? 20 When the 
men were come unto 
him, they said, John 
Baptist hath sent us 
unto thee, saying, Art 
thou he that should 
come? or look we 
for another? 21 And 
in that same hour 
he cured many of 
their infirmities and 
plagues, and of evil 

ei? rov oikoi' oi Tre/A$0eVres LTTr. f auOevovvra LTTr[A]. 8 r<$ Tr. h e7ropev0ij T- 

iKai'oi[L]Tr[A]. k [Te0iT)Kuas] L. ' ju.oi'oyeiTjs vlbg TTrA. m aurrj w'; ?jv EGW. n + Tjv 
Was EGT[TrA]. aVTTJI/ T. P n-aj/Tas GTrA. "3 TiyepOr) i3 risen LTTrA. r ev [L]T[Tr]A. 

" luia.vvei T; 'liodvet. Tr. t 'loidi^q Tr. . T rbv KvpLOV the Lord TTrA. w T0OK Tr. 

* eiTTai/ LTTrA. y 'Iwdiajs Tr. e<cei'7 that TTrA. fi LTTrA. 


spirits; and Unto many 
that were h lind ho gave 
sight. 22 Then Jesus 
answering said unto 
them, Go your way, 
and tell John what 
things ye have seen 
and heard ; how that 
the blind see, the lame 
walk, the lepers are 
cleansed, the deaf hear, 
the dead are raised, to 
the poor the gospel 
is preached. 23 And 
blessed is he, whoso- 
ever shall not be of- 
fended in me. 

24 And when the 
messengers of John 
were departed, he 
began to speak unto 
the people concerning 
John, What went ye 
out into the wilderness 
for to see ? A reed 
shaken with the wind? 
25 But what went ye 
out for to see ? A man 
clothed in soft rai- 
ment? Behold, they 
which are gorgeously 
apparelled, and live 
delicately, are in kings' 
courts. 26 But what 
went ye out for to see ? 
A prophet? Yea, I 
say unto you, and 
much more than a 
prophet. 27 This is he, 
of whom it is written, 
Behold, I send my 
messenger before thy 
face, which shall pre- 
pare thy way before 
thee. 28 For I say 
unto you, Aniongthose 
that are born of women 
there is not a greater 
prophet than John the 
Baptist: but he that is 
least in the kingdom 
of God is greater than 
he. 29 And all the 
people that heard him, 
and the publicans, jus- 
tified God, being bap- 
tized with the baptism 
of John. 30 But the 
Pharisees and lawyers 
rejected the counsel of 
God against them- 
selves, being not bap- 
tized of him. 31 And 
the Lord said, Where-^ 
unto then shall I liken 
the men of this gene- 
ration ? and to what 
are they like ? 32 They 
are like unto children 
sitting in the market- 
place, and calling one 
to another, and say- 




7rvevf.iariov irov'jpujv, /cat TVtyAoig 7roXXo1g iy^apiaaro b rt" 
-spirits 'evil, and to -blind 'many he granted 

j3\t7rtiv. 22 kci'i it7roicpi9ti(j c 6 'h]<Toi>Q w .d7r v avrolg, Iloptv9tv- 

to sec. And "answering 'Jesus said to them, Having 

rec ciTvayysiXare d Iwarry 11 a s'ictTt Kai i'ikovijutS' e (m" 
gone relate to John what ye have seen and heard; that 

TV(pXoi dvafSX'tirovGiv, xtuXoi TrtpnraTOvaiv, XtTrpol Ka9apioi>- 

blind receive sight, lame walk, lepers are cleansed, 

rai, Kiocpoi aizovovaiv, VEKpol iyt.ipovTai,7rTii)\ol tbayytXiQovTai' 

deaf hear, dead are raised, poor are evangelized ; 

23 Kai fxaKctpioQ ioriv bg.idv fit).<TKavda\idOy tv Bfioi. 

and blessed is whoever shall not be offended in me. 

24 'A7r?\06vT(ov-dt twv dyytXwv { 'I<oavvov i[ i'lp'Caro Xtytw 

And r ' having G departed l the = messengers J of 4 John he began to speak 

7rpbg tovq oxXovg 7T8pi i 'lcodvvov, n Ti Zk%e\i]\v9aTE n elg 

to the crowds concerning John : What have ye gone out into 

T))v tpr]fiov 9tdaao~9ai- KuXafiov virb avkfiov aaXtvu- 

the wilderness to look at ? a reed * by .[the] wind shaken ? 

fievov; 25 dXXd ri ^i'a\i)Xv9are tt IStTv; dv9pwTrov tv jxaXa- 

But what have ye gone out to see ? a man in soft 

Kolg ifiarioig r)fL<pitafiki>ov\\ ivob, oi tv ifiariffftip tvdo^q) 

clothing arrayed? Behold, they who in 2 clolhiug 'splendid 

Kai rpvepy virdpxdvrtg tv rolg fiaciXt'ioig uaiv. 20 dXXd ri 

and in luxury are living -in 3 the ""palaces 'are. But what 

s tsX)]Xv9are u ISelv ; Trpocpfjrijv; vai, Xtycj bfxiv. 


have ye gone out to see ? a prophet ? Tea, I say to you, and [one] 

TTtpioooTfpov irpo(p)]TOV. 27 otTog tanv wtpl oi> yi- 

more excellent than a prophet. This is he concerning whom it has 

ypcnrrai, 'iSov, b ty<l> tt d.Tro(TrkXX(o Tuv.dyyt~X6v-f.iov wpb 
been written, Behold, I send my messenger before 

TTpo(j(t>Tvov.(Tov, og KarciGKiivdaH Ti)v.bci6v.cov 'ijnrpo<y9'tv aov. 

thy face, who shall prepare thy way before thee. 

28 Akyu) 'yap" Vfiiv, fitiZwv tv yevvrjrolg yvvaiKiov 

2 I 3 say 'for to you, 6 a 'greater 'among [ 2 those] 3 born 4 of 5 women 

k 7rpo^//rj(;" l 'Iiodvvov n Wov j3aTrTioTov u obdeig tanv b.dt 

prophet than John the Baptist no one is; but he that [is] 

fiiKporepog tv Ty /3aaiXtia rov 9eov u<wv avrov tanv. 29 Kai 

leis in the kingdom of God greater than he is. And 

7rtt b Xabg dicovcrag Kai oi reXuivai idiKaiujuav rov 9tov, 

all the people having heard and the tax-gatherers justified God, 

j3a7TTia9tvreg to ftd-TTiafia { 'I<xjdvvov' n 30 oLdt 3a- 

having been baptized [with] the baptism of John ; but the Pha- 

piaaloi Kai oi vofxiKol tt)v j3ovXrjv rov 9sov rj9tT)jo~av 

risees and the doctors of the law the counsel of God set aside 

elg kavTovg, fir) f3aiTTi(79ei'Ttg vtt avTov. 31 m dirtv.Ei 6 

as to themselves, not having been baptized by him. And "said 'the 

Kvpiog," Tivl oiv bfioubau) Tovg dv9pioirovg Trjg yfvtdg 
2 Lord, To what therefore shall I liken the men of "generation 

TavTT)g; Kai t'ivi eialv o/ioioi; 32 o/joioi tiaiv iraibioig 

'this? and to what are they like? Like are they to little children 

rolg kv dyopd Ka9i]fi'tvoig, Kai 7rpoa<pu)vovaiv aXXr/Xoig 

in a market-place sitting, and calling one to another 

b TO LTTrAW. c 6 'I^crou? (read he Said) [l]TTtA. d 'lojavvet. T ; 'luidvet Tr. 

e on L[Tr]. f 'lojdvov Tr. g e^rjX6,aT went ye out LTr. h e-yw {read dirocn. 

I send) LTTrA. yap TTiA k TTpo^Tqrqs L|TrA], ' roil /3a7TTicrrov TTrA. 
o> elntv Se 6-/cvpios glttiAW. 



Oll'OV 7TLVh)V, 
wine 'drinking', 

"/rat Xfyoj'ffr," HvX-f)(rafiev v/uv, icai ovK.u)pxh aaa ^' tQpi]- 

and saying, Wo piped to you. nnd ye did nut dance ; we 

I'ljfra/Mv vfuv, n Kal ovK.sicKavGare. 33 kXrjXvOev.yap P'lwawrjc; 11 

mourned to you, and ye did not weep. For *has 3 eome 'John 

b l3aiTTiaTi]Q "i/o'/rs" r aprov io9iiov v s}rf K 
'the 'Baptist neither -bread 'eating nor 

Kai Xsye~e, Aai/ioviov ixsi. 34 f-XZ/XjivW 6 clog row avQpioTrov 

and ye say, A demon he has. s Has G corne 'the 2 Son 3 of 4 man 

terQiwv Kai -Trimov, Kal X'sySTS, 'ldov, avQpojTrog tpciyng Kal 
eating and drinking, and ye say, Behold, a man aglutton and 

oh'oiroTiiQ, v teXwvwv tpiXog n Kal a/iapnoXiov. 35 Kal toi- 

a wine-bibber, of tax-gatherers a friend and of sinners ; and 2 was 

KanoQi) i] Gofia airb ^T&v.TiKVWv.avTriQ 7rdvT(t>v. n 

justified 'wisdom by -her 'children 'all. 

36 'HpioTa.cs Tig avTOV tu>v <&apicraiiov "iva r dyg fier 

And 5 asked 'one. 6 him = of 3 the 4 Pharisees that he should eat with 

avrov' Kal elaeXOihv elg x rr)v oiKiav n tov Qapiaaiov ?ave- 

him And bavins' entered into the house of the Pharisee he re- 

37 Kai ISov, yvvi) 7 tv Ty iroXei i']Tig r)v 


clined [at table] ; and behold, a woman in the city who was 

a/.iapT0jX6g, a iiriyvovcra on b avaKtrai" iv tij oiKta 

a sinner, having known that he had reclined [at table] in the house 

rod Qapivaiov, KOfiiaaaa aXdfiaGTpov /xvpov, 38 Kal GTcura 

of the Pharisee, having taken an alabaster flask of ointment, and standing 

c irapa Tovg.7r6cag.avTOv 07r/o-uj" KXaiovua, d i']pt,aTO flptxsiv 

at his feet behind weeping, began to bedew 

Tovg.7r6Eag.avTov ToXg.Sa.Kpv(nv, v Kal raXg Opi^lv TijgKftpaXijg 

his feet with tears, and with the hairs of "head 

avTijg e iisj.iancyev, v Kal KaTe<piXei Tovg.7r6Sag.avTov, 

'her she was wiping [them], and was ardently kissing his feet, 

Kal ijXeifpev T(p fjLVpu). 39 ( 6 Qapioaiog 

and was anointing [them] with the ointment. But having seen, the Pharisee 

o KaXsaag avrov el7rev iv iavTol, Xsywv, Oi'Tog el 

who invited him spoke within himself, saying, This [person] if 

fjv Trpo(pi]Trjg, lyivojGKSv.av Tig Kal woTaTrri r) yvvr) 

he were a prophet, would have known who and what the woman [is] 

i/Tig ciTTTSTai avrov, on djj.apTOjX6g itrriv. 40 Kai airoKpiQelg 

who touches him, for a sinner she is. And ^answering 

b'lijcrovg sIttsv irpbg avrov, 'S.ifiojv, t%w ao'i tl eirrelv. 

'Jesus said to him, Simon, I have to thee something to say. 

'O.oe l (pj](riv, AidciGKaXe, (Ve." 41 Avo ^xpsoj^aXIrai" rjaav 

And he says, Teacher, say [it]. Two debtors there were 

^SavtMTT?) ' rive 6 elg uJtpeiXev Crjvdpia TrevraKoaia, b.Ss 

to a -creditor 'certain ; the one owed 3 denarii 'five "hundred, and the 

STSpog 7TEVTl]K0VTa. 42 flilJxOVTOJVJSk" aVTUJV CL.TT0- 

other fifty. But -not 'having 'they [wherewith] to 

Sovvai afityoripoig ixapiaaro' Tig ovv avrwv, k ei7rs, u irXelov 

pay, both he forgave : which therefore of them, say, ''most 

l avrbv dyaTTj](rei n ; 43 ' A7roKpidelg}St n m 6" 2t'/jwv e'nrev, "Xtto- 

3 him 'will^love? And "answering 'Simon said, I 


hiK, We have piped 
unto yovi, and ye have 
not danced ; we have 
mourned to you, and 
ye have not wept. 
33 For John the Bap- 
tist came neither' eat- 
ing bread nor drinkin g 
wine ; and ye say, He 
hath a devil. 34 The 
Son of man is come 
eating and drinking; 
and ye say, Behold a 
gluttonous man, and :i 
winebibber, a friend 
of publicans and sin- 
ners 1 35 But wis'doni 
is justified of all her 

36 And one of the 
Pharisees desired him 
that he would eat with 
him. And he went 
into the Pharisee's 
house, and sat dowu 
to meat. 37 And, be- 
hold, a woman in 
the city, which was a 
sinner, when she knew 
that Jesus sat at moat 
in the Pharisee's house, 
brought an alabaster 
box of ointment, 
38 and stood at his 
feet behind him weep- 
ing, and began to wash 
his feet with tears, and 
did wipe them with the 
hairs of her head, and 
kissed his feet, and 
anointed them with 
the ointment. 39 Now 
when the Pharisee 
which had bidden him 
saw it, he spake within 
himself, saying, This 
man, if he were a pro- 
phet, would have 
known who and what 
manner of woman this 
is that toucheth him: 
for she is a sinner. 
40 And Jesus answer- 
ing said unto him, 
Simon, I have some- 
what to say unto thee. 
And he saith, Master, 
say on. 41 There was a 
certain creditor which 
had two debtors : the 
one owed five hundred 
pence, and the other 
fifty. 42 And when 
they had nothing to 
pay, he frankly for- 
gave them both. Tell 
me therefore, which of 
them will love him 
most ? 43 Simon an- 
swered and said, I sup- 

n Keyovres TTrA. TTr. P 'IoxxtrjS Tr. t py not TA. r eaQuv apTOV T-TrA ; 

ItrQlwv apTOV T. s jUttSc T. ' nivtov oli'ov LTTrA. T <i'Aos TeAwy&if GLTTrAW. w wavToiv 

rixiv rinvuiv aVTijs TTTrA. x toj> o\kov LTTrA. y KaretckiOr] LTTrA. * tjtis yv iv trj iroKet 

LTTrA. a + Kai arid LTTrAW. b Ka.Ta.KeiTa.1 LTTrA. c bnicru) Trapa. tou? TroSas avroii 

GLTTrA. d Tots &a.Kpv&i.v 7)pfaTO /3pe'xeii' tows Tro&as avrov LTTrA. e iep.a.ev T. ' At- 

&ao-(caAc, ttre, fyrjalv TTrA. e xpeo^eiAeVai LTTrA. h 1. * fie [l]T1vA.. 

k elne LTTr[A]. > ayaTrrjcTf-i. aiirov LTTrA. m 6 T[Tr]. 


pos*. that he, to whom 
he forgave most. And 
he 8ajd unto him, Thou 
hast rightly judged. 
44 And he turned to 
the woman, and said 
unto Simon, Seest thou 
this woman? I entered 
into thine house, thou 
gavest me no water for 
my feet : but she hath 
washed my feet with 
tears, and wiped them 
with the hairs of her 
head. 45 Thou gavest 
nie no kiss: but this 
woman since the time 
I came in hath not 
ceaseVl to kiss my feet. 
46 My head with oil 
thou didst not anoint: 
but this woman hath 
anointed my feet with 
ointment. 47 Where- 
fore I say tinto thee, 
Her sins, which are 
many, are forgiven ; 
for she loved much : 
but to whom little is 
forgiven, the same lov- 
eth little. 48 And he 
said unto her, Thy sins 
are forgiven. 49 And 
they that sat at meat 
with him began to say 
within themselves, 
Who is this that for- 
giveth " sins also ? 
50 And he said to the 
woman, Thy faith 
hath saved thee; go in 

VIII. And it came 
to pass afterward, that 
he went throughout 
every city and village, 
preaching and shew- 
ing the glad tidings of 
the kingdom of God: 
and the twelve were 
with him, 2 and cer- 
tain women, which 
had been healed of evil 
spirits and infirmities, 
Mary called Magda- 
lene, outof whom went 
seven devils, 3 and 
Joanna the wife of 
Chuza Herod's stew- 
ard, and Susanna, and 
many others, which 
ministered unto him 
of their substance. 

4 And when much 
people were gathered 
together, and were 
come to him out of 
every city, he spake by 
a parable : 5 A sower 
went out to sow his 
seed: and as he sowed, 
some fell by the way 
side; and it was trod- 
den down, and the 


n i7ri rovg.7rudag.fiov n ovK.'iSwKag' avTrj-St 
for my^feet thou gavest not, but she 


Xd^avw on to ttXeXov ixapinaTO. 'O.St eIttev aliTy^ 

take it that [he] to whom the ' Jmore he forgave. And he said to him', 

'OpOivg hpivag. 44 Kat . OTpa<pEig -rrpbg Tt)v yvvaiKa, Tip 

Rightly thou hast judged And having turned to the woman, 

~2ljHi)vi t<pt], ~B}Jf7TEig TavTi]v rr)v yvvaiKa ; eiaijXOvi' gov elg 

to Simon he said, Seest thou this woman? I entered "thy 'into 

T))v OlKlttV, vSwp 
house, . water 

rotg SaKpvoiv t(3pe%sv fiov Tovg 7rbSag, Kai raxg dpi^iv r?]c 
with tears bedewed my feet, and with the hairs 

KEpaXrjg" avTfjg k^kfia^EV. 45 (piXrjfia fioi ovK.tSojKag- 

"head 'of "her wiped [them]. A kiss to me thou gavest not, 

auTi].Se cap' rig eIo^XOov ov.vSieXittev" KaTaiptXovvd 

but she from whioh [time] I came in ceased not ardently kissing 

i/tov Tovg iroSag." 46 IXait}) Tr)v.KE^>aXr)v.fxov ovK.fjXeixpag' 

my feet. With oil my head thou didst not anoint, 

avTr].Sk fivpqj jjXeiipsv t /jlov rpvg irodag. 11 47 oi>-xapiv 

but she with ointment anointed my feet. For which cause 

Xsyto aoi, a<]>'iu)VTai a ai.afiaprLai.'avTiig v al 7roXXai, '6th 

I say to thee, forgiven have been her "sins 'many; for 

i)ya-!ri)(T(.v ttoXv' tp.Sk bXiyov -a^/erai bXiyov ayaird, 
she loved much ; but to whom little is forgiven little he loves. 

48 EJ.ttev.Se avry, 'A^lwvrai gov ax d/xaprt'ai. 49 Kai 

And he said to her, Forgiven have been thy sins. And 

r)plavTO oi avvavaKEifXEVoi AsyEiv tv kavTolg, Tig l olTog 

began those reclining with [him] tosay within themselves, Who ''this 

tcrru'" bg Kai afxapTiag cap'u]aiv ; 50 ~EIttev.Se irpbg ti)v yv- 

'is who even -sins 'forgives? But he said to . the wo- 

vahca, 'm.TTi<rrig.crov gegiokev <te' TropEvov Eig Eipi)vT]v. 

man, Thy faith has saved thee ; go in peace. 

8 Kat jtys veto kv.Ttp.KaQE^q Kai al'Tog SiwSevev 

And it came to pass afterwards that he journeyed through 

KaTa.TrbXiv Kai kw/utjv, Krjpvaaujv Kai EvayyfXi'Cb- 

city by city and village by village, preaching and announcing the glad 

uEi'og tt)v fiacnXuav tovGeov' Kai oi SioStica avv avTto, 

tidings, the kingdom of God) and the twelve [were] with him, 

2 Kai yvvalKsg Tii'Eg d'i T)<yav.TE9epqTTEv/.iEvai curb ttvevjicitiov 
and -women 'certain who had been cured from "spirits 

7rov?ipu>v Kai daOEVEiiov, Mapia r) KaXovj.itvt] MaySaXiji'i), 

'wicked and infirmities, Mary who is called Magdalene, 

cap' r)g Saipbvia ettto. e^eX^XvOei, 3 Kai v lujavva" yvvi) 
from whom "demons 'seven had gone out ; and Joanna wife 

Xov^a ETTiTpoTTov 'Hpwcou, Kai "Eovnavva, Kai srEpai jroXXai, 

of Chuza a steward of Herod ; and Susanna, and "others 'many, 

aiTivEg fiirfKoi'OW w aiiTip" x a7r6" Turv.v7rap\6vTtov.avTaig. 
who were ministering to him of their property. 

4 SwiovTog-Sk b\Xov ttoXXov, Kai twv KaTa.TrbXiv iiri- 
And Assembling 'a J crowd "great, and those who from each city wure 

iropEvofiEVuv Trpbg avTov, eIttev Sid 7rapaf3oXrig. 5 'EU/XOev 

coming to him, he spoke by a parable. 3 Went 4 out 

'the "sower to sow his seed ; and as "sowed 

avTov o./xev ettegev Trapd tt\v bSbv, Kai KaTETraTr)9r), Kai TO, 

'he some fell by the way. and it was trampled upon, and the 

n /jlov eVi tovs TrdSas T ; /uoi e7rl noSas TrA. rf)s /ce^aArjs (read with her hairs) 

OLTTrAW. P SicAciircp T. ) Toi>s 7r65a? fjiOV L. r TOV? 7r65as fJ.ov GLTrA. * avrff (avrJjs.Tl 

al ajuap-ricu lt. * ianv oS'tos l. v 'Iwoii'a Tr. w avrois to them TTrA. x in out of LTTrA. 


l y K E. 

ntTtivd tov ovpavov Kar'ttyaytv ovto. 6 Kai tTtpov y t7rto~tv n 
birds of the heaven devoured it. And other fell 

tni ri]v Tr't-pav, Kcil <pvii> i&ipuvd)), did to n>)J\ftv, 

upon the rock, and having sprung up it withered, because it had not 

itc^c'iSa. 7 *cai tTtpov tTrtatv tv /Jikatfj Ti0V ducavOGtv, Kai 

moisture; and other fell in [the] midst of t lie thorns, and 

z (yvj.i(f)VH(7ai n a\ CLKnvdai cnrsTTVi^av avro. 8 Kai tTtpov 
having sprung- up together the thorns choked it ; and other 

tirtcjtv a t7r(" rr)v yr")V Tt ) v aya9ijv } Kai tyvkv iiroir\atv 

fell upon the ground the good, and having sprung up produced 

Kctp-nrbv tKaTOVTairXaaiova. Tavra Xtyiov tywvei, 'O tyuv 

fruit a hundredfold. These things saying hecried, He tha't has 

wra clkovuv okovstio. 9 'ETTripioTwv.Sk avrov oi.fiaOrjTai.avTOV, 

ears to hear let him hear. And 3 asked "him 'his ~di ciples, 

b XtyovTtg, n Tig c tit] j.7rapaj3oX?}.avrq !l ; 10 'O.St tlirev, 

saying, What may be this parable ? And he said, 

'Yu.7v SsSorai yvCbvai rd j.ivo~rt)pia, rrjg /3aaiXeiag tov 

To you it has been given to know the mysteries of the kingdom 

6tov' Toig.Sk Xonroig tv irapafioXalg, "iva (SXeTroi-reg p>) 

Of God, but to the rest in parables, that seeing J not 

(3\s7rioaiv, Kai clkovovteq nrj.ovviwoiv. 11 "EffTiv.Si 

'they 2 may see, aud hearing . they may not understand. Now 'is 

avTfj y) 7rapaf3o\r)' 6 airbpog tcrrlv t> Xoyog touOfov' 12 ol.St 
this. 'the = parable : The seed is the word of God : and those 

Ttapd ti)v bSbv siaiv ol ^uKovovTtg," elra tp\tTai 6 Sid- 
by the way are those who hoar ; then comes the de- 

fioXog Kai a'ipei tov Xoyov dirb Ttjg.Kapoiag.avTwv, iva./.ii) 

vil and takes away the word from their hdrt, lest, 

TnoTevauvTfr ffwGoxriv. 13 o't.St i-n-i e Tqg 7rtrpag, n oi 

having believed they should be saved. And those upon the rock, those who 

'otciv dicovoioGtv, itfTa x a P^Q S&x 01 ' T(U T0V Xoyov, Kai ovtoi 

when they hear, witli joy receive the word, and these 

piL,av ovicJxovaiv, oi repbg Kainbv TTiGTtvovGiv, Kai tv Kai^qi 

a root have not, who for a time beiicve, and in tiiu<- 

Tttipaapov cKpiaTavrai. 14 tig Tag d.Kav9ag irtabv, 

of trial fall away. And that which into the thorns fell, 

ovtoi eiaiv oi aKovcravTtg, Kai vtto u.tpt/.ivu)v Kai 7tXovtov 

these are they who having heard, and" under cares and riches 

Kai i)$ovwv tov (3iov 7roptvb^tvoi i avinrviyovrai^' Kai ov 

and pleasures of life moving along are choked, aud -not 

TeXto~<popov<7iv. 15 To.oi tv tij KaXrj yrj, ovtol tioiv 
'do bring to perfection. And that in the good ground, these are 

otTivtg tv KapCia tcaXy Kai dyaOy cucovoavTeg tov Xoyov 

they who in a heart right and good having he.ird the word 

KaTt\ovaii>, Kai Kapiro(j>opovo~iv tv virojioiy. 

keep [it], and bring forth fruit with endurance. And no one 

Xvvvov u\pag KaXvTVTti avrov GKtvti, f) VTTOKaTU) KXiv>]g 
a lamp having lighted covers it with a vessel, or under a couch 

TiQi]Oiv' f'n\\'" krri Xv^'iag h t7rfr<'0//(TuV iva oi 
puts [it], but on a lamp-stand puts [it], that they who 

eiG7roptvbfievoL fiXtirivaiv to <pwg. 17 ov.ydp igtiv 

enter in may see the light. For not [anything] is 

KpvTTTov 8 ov (j)ai'Fpbv ytvtjatTat' . ovdt cnroKpvtpov 8 
hidden which "not ''manifest 'shall "become ;'.; nor secret which 

y Kariirea-ev fell down TTrA. l crvvfyvtio-ai T. a ei's into Gt.iTrAW. b Keyovres 

LTTe[aJ. c O.VT1] t'irj if TrapoRoK-q T. '' aKOvcravre^ heard XTr. e TTjV ireTpav T. 


fowls of the air de- 
voured it. 6 And some 
fell upon a rock ; and 
assoon a.s it was sprung 
up, it withered away, 
because it lacked mois- 
ture. 7 And some fell 
among thorns; and the 
thorns sprang up with 
it, and choked it. 8 And 
other fell ' on good 
ground, and sprang 
up, and bare fruit 
an hundredfold. And 
when he had said these 
things, he cried, He 
that hath ears to hear, 
let him hear. 9 And 
his' disciples asked 
him, saying, What 
might this parable be? 
10 And he said, Unto 
you it is given to know 
the mysteries of the 
kingdom of God : but 
to others in parables; 
that seeing they mic; ht 
not see, and hearing 
they misht not under- 
stand. 11 Now the pa- 
rable is this: The seed 
is the word of God. 

12 Those by the way 
side are they that hear ; 
then cometh the devil, 
and taketh away the 
word out of their 
hearts, lest they >hou Id 
believe and be saved. 

13 They on the rock 
an they, which, when 
they hear, receive the 
word with joy; and 
thtse have no root, 
which for a while be- 
lieve, and in time of 
temptation fall away. 

14 And that which fell 
among thorns an they, 
which, when they have 
heard, go forth, and 
are choked with cares 
and riches and plea- 
sures of this life, ind 
bring no fruit to per- 
fection. 15 But that 
on the good ground aro 
they, which in an ho- 
nest and good heart, 
having heard the word, 
keep it, and bring forth 
fruit with patience. 
16 No man, when he 
hath lighted a candle, 
covereth it with a ves- 
sel, or putteth it under 
abed; but setteth it on 
a candlestick, that they 
which enter in may see 
the light. 17 For no- 
thing is secret, that 
shall not be made 

1 OJVTtviyovTai TA. 

S dAAd Xr, h Tidrjaiv LTTrA. 


manifest; neither any 
thing hid, that shall 
not be known and come 
abroad. 18 Take heed 
therefore how ye hear: 
for whosoever hath, to 
him sh ill be given; 
and whosoever hath 
not, from him shall be 
taken even that which 
he seemeth to have. 

19 Then came tohim 
his mother and his 
brethren, and could 
not come at him for 
the press. 20 And it 
was told him by cer- 
tain which said, Thy 
mother and thy breth- 
ren stand without, de- 
siring to see thee. 
21 And ho answered 
and said unto them, 
My mother and my 
brethren are these 
which hear th word of 
God, and do it. 

22 Now it came to 
pass on a certain day, 
that he went into a 
ship with his disciples: 
and he said unto them, 
Let us go over unto 
the other side of the 
lake. And they launch- 
ed forth. 23 But as 
they sailed he fell a- 
sleep: and there came 
down a storm of wind 
on the lake; and 1hey 
were filled with water, 
and were in jeopardy. 
24 And they came to 
him, and awoke him, 
saying, Master, mas- 
ter, we perish. Then 
he, arose, and rebuked 
the wind and the rag- 
ing of the water: and 
they ceased, and there 
was a calm. 25 And 
he said unto them, 
Where is your faith? 
And they being afraid 
wondered, saying one 
to another, What man- 
ner of man is this! for 
he commandeth even 
the winds and water, 
and they obey him. 

26 And theyarri ved at 
the country of the Ga- 
darenes. which is over 
again-t Galilee. 27 And 
when he went forth to 
land, there met him 
out of the city a cer- 
tain man, which had 



1 ov.yvbia9rjffsrai n Kal tig tpavtpbv tX9y. 

shall not be known and to light 

how ye hear ; 


for whoever 

18 /3\fc7rere ovi> 

come. Take heed therefore 

*X{7, So9f]<rerai avrtp' Kai 

may have, 3 shall 4 be "given * to = him ; and 

og.'av" /xi].txV> KCLl coicel ixtiv apOijatTat air avrov. 

whoever may not have, even what he seems to have shall be taken from him 

19 ni napeyEvovTo'. St 7rpug avrov r] ju/'/r^/p" Kai \ol dSeX- 

And came to him [his] mother and 2 breth- 

(poi avrov, Kal ovK.))Svvavro owrvxtiv avrtp Sid tov 

ren 'his, and were not able to get to him because of the 

oxKov. 20 Kal d7rtiyytXi} n avrip, p Xty6vrwv, n i 'H.^i]T?]p.<Tov 


And it was told 

him, , 

Kal ol.dStXipoi.aov i<JT)]Kaaiv t%w, ictlv 

and thy brethren are standing without, 2 to 'see 

21 'O.St a7roKpi9tig tlwtv ' 

And he answering said 




Thy mother 

r <7 6tXoi'Ttg. n 

"thee 'wishing. 

M)'iT)jp.fiov Kal 

My moi her and 

dStX(poi.i.iov ohroi tiaiv oi tov Xoyov rov 9tov aKovoi'rtg Kal 



my brethren ^thoie 'are who the word 


22 v Kai 

of God are hearing and 

rwv i)npCJv Kal avrbg h'tfiri 

of the days that he catered 



the tv fiia 
And it came to pass on one 

tic 7r\olov Kal oi-i.ia9iiTai.avTOv, Kal tlirtv Trpbg avrovg i 

into a ship, and his disciples, and he said to them, 

AitX9uj/.itv tig to Tx'tpav Ttjg Xi/.tvrig' Kal dvr^9))aav. 

Let us pass over to the other side of the lake; and they put off. 

23 7rXt6vriov.o't.avrCJv dcpirrvojutv' Kal Kartj3)] XaiXatp 

And as they sailed he fell asleep ; and came down a storm 

ai'tfxov tig ti)v \ifivi]v, Kal (Twt7rXt]povvTo, Kal tKivSvvtvov. 

of wind on the , lake, and they were being filled, and were in danger. 

24 7rpo(Tf\96vTtg.St Sn)ytipav avrov, Xtyovrtg, 'EiriGrdra, 

And having come to [him] they aroused him, saying, Master, 

iTTiGTcira, diroXXvptBa. 'O.St V! tytp9tig n 
Master, we are perishing. And he having arisen 

dvij-iip Kal Tip k\vS(i)vi tov vSarog' Kal tTcavaavro, Kal tyivtro 

wind and the raging of the water ; and they ceased, and there wan 

ya\i]VT). 25 d7rtvSt avrolg. Hov *to~Tiv n t).Tri(TTig.Vfiu>v ; 

a calm. And he said to them, Where is your faitb ? 

$>of3i]9tvrtg-St t9avfxao-av, Xtyovr-tg Trpbg d\Xj)Xovg, Tig dpa 

And being afraid they wondered, saying to one another, Who then 

ovrog tarw, on Kal rolg dvtfioig tTTirdarrti Kai Tip vSart, 
2 this J is, that even the winds he commands and the water, 

Kal VTraKovoixjiv ai'Tip ; 

and they obey him? 

26 Kai Kar'tTrXtvaav tig rijv %u)pav ruiv yFaSaprjvwv," 

And they sailed down to the country of the Gadarenes, 

z dvrnrtpav n T>)g FaXiXaiag. 27 i^tX96vri.St.avroj 

over against Galilee. And on his having gone forth 

a aiT<p" dvr)p Tig kK Tijg rroXtiog, 
'him 'a 3 man ^certain out of the city, 

IjTig idTlV 

which is 

t-Kl Tl]7> ytjV V7TT)VT1)(TEV 
upon the land ''met 

1 ou jut) yvcoadrj in any wise should not be known lttta. k av yap ttta. ' eav l. 

m IlapeyeVeTO TTr. n 4- avrov his T. dmjyye'A*) fie LTTrA. P XtyovrtiiV LTTi[a]. 

1 + 6ti T. ' BtKovres ere Tr. E avTOts L. c avrov 6LTT1A. eyeVero 6e LTTrA. 

w cueyepfleis having been aroused Tir. * ec-riv (read [is]) LTTrAW. y repacnji'A* 

Gerasenes LTrA ; Tepyecrnvooi' Gergesenes T. * di/Ti7re'pa LTrAW ; avTiirtpa T. a avruS 

(read [him]} t[tia]. 



b *'C f^ 1 ' 11 Satpovia c Ik Xpuvu)v.\Kavii>Vi Kai i/iariov ov^ 
who had demons for a long time, and a garment -not 

ti'E^u^Wfro, 11 Kai iv oiKta oiiK.tpevev, dXX' iv roig pvi'ipaaiv. 

'was wearing, and in a house did not abide, but in the tombs. 

28 IFiov.ot Tov'li}Oovv A Ka\ A dvuKputac Trpoo! neat v at'irui, 
But having seen Josus and having cried out hefelldown before him, , 

:ai (pioi'y ptydXy HTrtv, T ipoi Kai <roi, 'Ivtov, vis tov 

and with a -voice 'loud said, What to rue and to thee, Jesus, Son 

9eov tov vxpiarov ; Sc-opai <rov pi) pz (iaaavicnjg. 

of God the Mo.t High? 1 beseech of thee 3 not 5 me 'thou -niayest ""torment. 

29 e napi]yye\\E}>' [ .ydp Tip nvtvpaTi Tip aKa9dpnp iA(9s(V 

For he was charging the spirit the unclean to come out 

a7ro tov dv6pu)TroV TToWo'iQ.yap xpovoig <7VVl)piraKl. auruv, 
from the man. For many times it had seized him ; 

Kai HSiapt~iTQ, n dXvo-eeiv Kai tr'tdaig tyvXavo-bptvog, Kai Sotap- 

arul he was bound, with chains and fetters being kept, and break- 

piiaaiov" rd Seapd n)Xav)>tTO vtto tov ^Caipovog^ elg Tag 

xng the bonds he was driveu by the demon into the 

ipr'ipovg. 30 fc7T7/pwr/;<m'.d avrbv 6 'itjoovc, 'Atywv," Ti aoi 

deserts And "asked a him l jeus, saying, What -thy 

k t<TTiv bvopa n ' ^siTrev, l AeyEiov' li on m Scupovia 7roXXd 

'is name? And he said, Legion, because demons many 

alai}\9sv v elg aiiTov. 31 Kai n 7rapKaXei n avTov iva pi) Itti- 

had entered into him. And he besought him that mot 'he'-would 

Taly avTolg tig H}v dfivacsov d7re\0Hi'. 32 i]i>.ct hcu 

command them into the abyss to go away. Now there was there 

dytXt] x 0l P MV iKavStv O j3oo-Kop'tviov" iv Tip upsi' Kai v-irapt- 

a herd of "swine 'many feeding. in the mountain, and they be- 

KuXovv n avTov 'iva iTTiTpt-ipr) avTolg tig tKEivovg tiaeXOtlv. 

sought him that he would allow them into those to enter ; 

Kai t7T8Tp\l/Ev avroig. 33 kZ,a\66vTa.$t Ta oaipovia drrb tov 

and he allowed them. And having gone out the demons from the 

dfOpMnov <i iiaijX9sv 11 tig Tovg %oipovg' Kai lopprjoev i) dy'tXi] 

man they entered into the swine, and 3 ru.^hed 'the = herd 

Kara tov Kpwpvov tig ti)v Xipv7]v, Kai dirtTrviyr) 34 ISovregSi 

down the steep into the lake, and were choked. And 'having 6 seen 

oi /36<TK0VTg to T ysyevnp8VOV li ttpvyov, Kai ^aTTtX- 

;' those -who 3 fed [ 4 them] what haa taken place fled, an>d having 

66vTg ]] aTniyytiXav eig tvv itoXiv Kai tig Tovg dypovg. 

gone away related [it] to the city and to the country. 

35 iE)~]X9ov.Se iSelv to ytyovog' Kai t ijX9ov' < irpbg tov 

And they went out to see what had taken place, and came to 

hitrovv, Kai y i>pov n Ka9))ptvov tov dv9pio7rov dip' oh Ta 

Jesus, and found seated the man from whom the 

daipovia v 'i^Xr]Xv9ei, n ipaTiapsvov Kai oojtypovovvTa, irapd 

demons had gone out, clothed and of sound mind, at 

Tovg 7r6Sag tov Ivgov. Kai lipoj3Ti9titrav. 36 dviiyyeiXav.Si 

of Jesus. And they were afraid. And 'related 

oi ISovTsg TrCjg tau)9t] b Sai- 

"to 9 them s also 'those 3 who *had 5 seen [ 6 it] how was healed he who had beon po3- 


devils long time, and 

ware no clothes, nei- 
ther abode in any 
house, but in t he 
tombs. 28 When ho 
saw Jesus, he cried out. 
and fell down before 
him, and witli a loud 
voice said, What have 
I to do with thee, Jesus, 
thou Son of God most 
high? I beseech thee, 
tormentmenot. 29(For 
he had commanded 
the unclean spirit to 
come out of the man. 
For oftentimes it had 
caught him : and he 
was kept bound with 
chains and in fetters ; 
and lie brake the bands, 
and was driven of the 
devil into the wilder- 
ness.) 30 And Jesus 
asked him, saying, 
What is thy name ? 
And he said, Legion : 
because many devils 
were entered into him. 

31 And they besought 
him that hewould not 
command them to go 
out inlo the deep. 

32 And there was there 
an herd of many swine 
feeding on the moun- 
tain : and they be- 
sought him that he 
would suffer them to 
enter into them. And 
he suffered them. 

33 Then went the de- 
vils out of the man, 
and entered into the 
swine : and the herd 
ran violently down a 
steep place into the 
lake, and were choked. 

34 When they that fed 
lliein. saw what was 
done, they fled, and 
went and told it in the 
city and in the coun- 
try. 35 Then they went 
out to see what was 
done; and came to Je- 
sus, and found the 
man, out of whom the 
devils were departed, 
sitting at the feet of 
Jesus, clothed, and in 
his right mind: and 
they were afraid. 
36 They also which saw 
it told them by what 
means he that was 
possessed of the devils 



avTolg x Kai" 

b exuv having t. c ko.1 XP l '<i> '<* av V ^ K ^Svaaro lixo.ti.ov and for a long time did not 
pnt on a garment TTr. d /cat LTTrA. Ilop>jyyetAe he charged kg. f e&eo-fj.eveTO TXr. 
e OLaprjO-o-iov LTTrA. h Saijuon'ov LTTrA. > Aeyiov L. k oi'Oju.a ecrTiV LTTr. l Aeytoii' 

TTr. m eiariKdev Saijxot'ia ffoAAd LT. n 7rapaAoui' they besought LTTrA. /3ocr- 

KOfiivy] i. P 7r ape/cd Accra i/ LTTi A. 1 eicrrjAtfoi' LTTi A\V. r yeyovbs GLTTrAW. B dneK 

firii'Tss GLTTrAW. l fjAdaf Tr. v tvpay Tr. " <=i}A0ev Went.yut X. x Kai LTTi[a]. 



was healed. 37 Then 
the whole multitude of 
the country of the Ga- 
darenes round about 
besought him to depart 
from them ; for they 
wers taken with great 
fear: and he went up 
into the ship, and re- 
turned back again. 
38 Now the man out of 
whom the devils were 
departed besought him 
that he might be with 
him: but Jesus sent 
him away, saying, 
33 Return to thine own 
house, and shew how 
great things God bath 
done unto thee. And 
he went his way, and 
published throughout 
the whole city how 
great things Jesus had 
done unto him. 

40 And it came to 
pass, that, when Jesus 
was returned, the peo- 
ple gladly received 
him: for they were all 
waiting for him. 
41 And, behold, there 
came a man named 
Jairus, and he was a 
ruler of the syn agogue : 
and he fell down at 
Jesus' feet, and be- 
sought him that he 
would come into his 
house: 42 for he had 
one only daughter, 
about twelve ye;irs of 
age, and she lay a dy- 
ing. But as he went 
the people thronged 
him. 43 And a wo- 
man having an issue 
of blood twelve years, 
which had spent all 
her living upon phy- 
sicians, neither could 
be healed of any, 
44 came behind him, 
and touched the bor- 
der of his garment: 
and immediately her 
issue of blood stanch- 
ed. 46 And Jesus said, 
Who touched ine ? 
When all denied, Feter 
and they that were 
with him said, Master, 
the multitude throng 
thee and press thee, 
and sayest thou, Who 
touched me? 46 And 
Je~us said, Somebody 
hath touched me: for I 
perceive that virtue is 
gone out of me. 47 And 



fioviaBeig. 37 Kai ?t)pwri]Gav n avrbv lircav rb irXijOog rfjg 

sessed by demons. And asked him all the multitude of the 

irtpixwpov ru>v z Fabapr]r>u>v li a7rt\9t7v drr' avratv, on <poj3<{i 

country around of the Gadarenes to depart from them, for with 2 fear 

fitydXq) ovvtix 0VT0 ' tpj3dg elg *rb u nXolov 

'great they were possessed. And he having entered into the ship 

vTrtcTTpeiptv. 38 b tSeero n .bt avrov 6 dvrjp d<p' ov i^tXi]- 

returned. And 9 was '"begging "him 'the 'man 3 from 4 whoui 5 had 

XvBei rd dai/iwvia elvai ovv atrip. aTrtXvatv.dt avrbv 

6 gone 'the 8 dcmons to be [taken] with him. But 2 sent *away 3 him 

Q b 'Irjaovg," X'tywv, 39 'YTroarpecpE tig rbv.olKov.aov kcu dtt]yov 

'Jesus, saying, Return to thy house and relate 

ocra d kiroh](TEv aoi n 6 9tog. Kai a7rtjX9Ev, Ka9' oX/jv r>)v 

all that 2 has 3 done H or 3 thee .'God. And he departed, through 2 whole 'the 

TToXlV KTjpvaaOJV 0OO. t7Toi)]aSV aVT<p 6 'll]G0VQ. 

city proclaiming all that 2 had 3 done 4 for 5 him 'Jesus. 

40 e Ey'tvtro bi tv" ro) 'vTroarpeipa^ rbv 'lr)0ovv dir- 

2 It 3 came *to 5 pass 'and 8 on "returning 'Jesus, gladly 

ebsZiaro avrbv b bxXog' ijaav.ydp wdvreg 7rpoaSoKL~>vr(g 

received him the crowd, for they were all looking for 

avrov. 41 Kai ibov, ?iX9ev dvi)p (p bvofia 'ldetpog, ical 
him. And behold, 'came 'a "man whose name [was] Jairus, and 

&avrbg n ap\i>rv rrjg avvayioyijg inrripxtv, Kai irtoiov rrapd 
he a ruler of the synagogue was, and having fallen at 

rovg rroSag h rov" '\i]aov rraptKaXti avrbv tlatX9tlv tig rbv 

the feet of Jesus he besought him to come to 

olKov.avTov' 42 on 9vydrr)p /uovoyev^g r\v avr<p cjg trwv 

his house, because 'daughter 'an ''only was to him, about 2 years 

Swczica, Kai a'vri) drriOv^aKSv. ^^.inrdyeiv avrbv" 

[ 3 old] 'twelve, and she was dying. And as 2 went 'he 

oi o%Xoi avv'trrviyov avrbv. 43 Kai yvvn ovaa tv pvati 

the crowds thronged him. And a woman being with a flux 

a'iparog drrb trwv SwStKa, yrig *dg iarpovg n irpoaavnXwaaaa 

of blood since "years 'twelve, who on physicians having spent 

bXov rbv j3iov 1 ovk 'iaxvaev m VTr' u ovbtvbq 9epaTrv9ijvai, 

2 whole 3 living ['her] could by no one be cured, 

44 7rpoas\9ovaa brcia9tv i'jxlaro rov Kpaair'tbov rov ipariov 

having come behind tduehcd the border of -garment 

avrov, Kai irapaxpr)pa tart) t) pvaig rov.a'lfxarog.avri'ig. 

. 'his, and immediately stopped the flux of her blood. 

45 Kai sittev b'ltjaovg, Tig 6 d\pdpt vog [xov ; 'Apvov- 

And 2 said - 'Jesus, Who [is it] that was touching me? 3 Dcny- 

/.uvojv bt rtdvrwv, sl-n-tv bFlsrpog Kai oi n usr avrov, 11 'Em- 
iug 'and 2 all, a said 4 Peter ^and 6 those 'with 8 him, Mas- 

crdra, o\ bxXoi avvt^ovaiv as Kai a7ro9Xij3ovaiv,Kai Xtysig, 

ter, the crowds throng thee and pre^s, and sayest thou, 

Tig 6 d-i^apsvog /.iov ;" 46 ''hjaovg ilmv, "H^aro 

Who [is it] that was touching me? And Jesus said, 3 Touched 

fiov rig' tyw.ydp tyviov , Svvaf.uv p it,tX9ov<juv ]l drr 
4 me 'some 2 one, for 1 knew [that] power went out from 

v r)pu)Tri<Ttv LTrA. 

(read a ship) ltti-a 
" <tol fiToiriaei' LTTrA. 

1 Tepao-niw Gerasenes LTrA ; rep-yeo-rjiw Gergesenes t. " to 
b (Set'no L ; iSelro TrA. c i'lijo-oO? tread he sent) [L]TTrA. 

e 'Ef 6e Tr f viroo-Tfjifyeiv T. outov this LTr. h rov T[TrJ. 

k lOLTpOlS 

- croc t7roir/uci' li i rA. " jcroeir vn ooTf>e^tH' l. >u^/^u^v^llou. 

i Kai e-yei/e-ro ev nopeveaGat avrbv and it came to pass as he proceeded 
CLTTrAW. '.+ auTijs her L. m air* LTTrA. n crvi' avrco GI.TX1A. 

TtS 6 a^aixtvoi pov ; XLTtAj, f e^eAnAuflvcai' h;ld gone out XTtA, 


<cai Ae-ycis, 


tfiov. 47 'ifiovffa.St r) yvvr) on ovK.iXaOtv, rpef-iovtra. fj\- 

me. And ^seeing 'the woman that she was not hid, trembling: she 

9tv, Kai rrpo<T7K(rov(ra avrtp, Si i)v airiav r/xpaTO 

came, and having fallen down before him, for what cause she touched 

avrov a7ri]yyti\ev 'aur^ 11 tvwTriov Travrbg tov Xaov, Kai wf 
him she daclared to him before all the people, and how 

idOrf Trapaxprina. 48 tlwtv avry,, r Odperzi, h 

she was healed immediately. And he said to her, Be of good courage, 

*9vya-rtp, [l })-7ri<TTig.<7ov rrtiruKtv tre' Tropevov elg eipfjvrjv. 

daughter, thy faith has cured thee : go in peace. 

49 "Eri.avTOV-XaXovvTOQ tpx^Tai Tl Q t "^apd n tov apxiovi'ayw- 

As yet he was speaking comeB one from the ruler of the syna- 

yov, \syiov y ai)T({),""Ori T9vr]Kv y.9vyaT7]p.o-ov w p,i) a gkvXXe 

gogue, saying to him, 3 Has *died Hhy 2 daughter ; 6 not "trouble 

tov didaaicaXov. 50 'O.SL'lijcTovg aKovcrag drnKpiOri avTtj> f 

the teacher. But Jesus having heard answered him, 

x \(yiov," Mr).<j>o(5ov' fiovov ?wiaTVZ . " Kai aojdrjaiTai. 

saying, Fear uot ; only believe, and she shall be restored. 

51 z Eiae\9(jJV H .St elg rtjv oltciav ovtcdtyfjicav el<TiX9tiv a oi>Ssva^ 

And having entered into the house he did not suffer Ho J go 6 in 'any 2 one 

(lit. no one) 

d.jjLTj Utrpov icai b 'la*cw/3oi' Kai 'Iwawjjv," icai tov Trarkpa 
except Peter and James and John, and the father 

Trig 7raii)6g icai ti)v /iTjrtpa. 52 eicXaiov.S'e Travrtg icai 

of the child and the mother. And they were 'weeping 'all' and 

Ikowtovto avTt)v. b.Se diTti', M.r).K\aitTV c ovK n .cnrs9avtv, 

bewailing her. But ho said, Weep not ; she is not dead, 

dXXd Ka9v8ei. 53 Ken KarsysXiov avTOV, eidorfg oti dwk- 

but sleeps. And they laughed at him, knowing that she was 

9avev. 54 avrbg.Sk ^tKjSaXcjv t%u) TtdvTag, fcai" icparijaag 

dead. But he having put out all, and having taken hold 

Tr)g-XLp o G-a v T>ig, t(p(iovr]aev, Xkyiov, 'H iralg, e iyeipov. A 55 Kai 

of her hand, cried, saying, Child, arise. And 

tirkaTp\pev TO-Trvtvua.avTrjg, Kai dvkarri Trapaxpr)p\.cL' Kai 

'returned 'her "spirit, and she arose immediately ; and 

dura^kv airy " t?o9i~)vai (payelv. 56 Kai 

he directed [that] 5 to "her ['something] '"'should 3 be 4 given to eat. And 

tt,faT7]aav oi.yovelg.avTtjg" b.ce TraprjyyeiXev avToig fir}Sivi 

3 were 4 amazed 'her ''parents ; and he charged them to no one 

i7ruv to ytyovog. 
to tell what had happened. 

9 l ^vyKa\effd/.isvog n .St Tovg &o3tKa s na9qTag avTOV n kSwKev 

And having called together the twelve disciples of him he gave 

avToig Svva/.uv Kai i^ovGlav iiri rcdvTa to. Saif.wvia, Kai 

to them power and authority over all the demons, and 

roaovg 9tpairvaiV 2 Kai a.7ri.OTEiXev avTOvg Ktjpvaaeiv ti)v 

diseases to heal, and sent them to proclaim the 

fiasCXtiav tov 9eov, Kai lda9ai h Tovg doOevovvTag. 1 ' 3 Kai 

kingdom of God, and to heal those being sick. And 

tnrtv Trpbg avrovg. Mi]8kv ampere elg ti)v bSoV p.i)re 'pdftcovg," 

he said to them, Nothing take for the way ; neither staves, 


when the woman saw 
that she was not hid, 
she came trembling, 
and falling down 
before him, she de- 
clared unto him be- 
fore all the people for 
what cause she had 
touched him, and how 
she was healed imme- 
diately. 48 And he 
said unto her, Daugh- 
ter,be of good comfort: 
thy faith hath made 
thee whole ; go in peace. 
49 While he yet ?pake, 
there cometh one from 
the ruler of the syna- 
gogue's house, saying 
to him, Thy daughter 
is dead ; trouble not 
the Master. 50 But 
when Jesus heard it, 
he answered him, say- 
ing, Fear not: believe 
only, and she shall be 
made whole. 61 And 
when he came into tho 
house, he suffered no 
man to go in, save 
Peter, and J^mes, and 
John, and the father 
and the mother of the 
maiden. 52 And all 
wept, and bewailed her: 
but he said, Weep not; 
she is not dead, but 
sleepeth. 53 And they 
laughed him to scorn, 
knowing that she was 
dead. 54 And lie put 
them all out, and took 
her by the hand, and 
called, saying, Maid, 
arise. 55 And her spi- 
rit came again, and she 
arose straightway : and 
he commanded to give 
her meat. 56 And her 
parents were astonish- 
ed : but he charged 
them that th<\y should 
tell no man what was 

IX. Then he called 
his twelve diciple 
together, and gave 
them power aud autho- 
rity over all devils, 
and to cure diseases. 
2 And he s-tnt them to 
preach che kingdom of 
God, and to heal the 
sick. 3 And he said 
unto them, Take no- 
thing for your journey, 
neither staves, nor 

1 avT<2 LTTrA. r dpo-et LTTrA. s OvyaTqp Tr. * cltto- L. y avT<i> T[Tr]. 

" jUTjKeTi no longer LTTr. * Aeywi/ ltTi[a]. y 7Ticrrevaw TTrA. * eA#u>i' having 

pone GLTTrW. a Ttl'a crvv avTiZ any one with him LTTrA. b 'ludvvrjv ('Iaion/v Tr) kcu 

'ldxojfloi' GLTTrAW. ou yap (read for she is not dead) LTiA. d eK^aXiov efiu iravra^ 

Kai LTTrA. e eyeipe LTrA. ' 2ui'*:aAea-a^.ei'0S T. S p.a9t]Ta<; avrov OTTrAW. 
io-eeyeis Lhe Sick LL'Ir] ; tous dcrdti'OVVTa.s TA. ' pd/3Soj/ Staff GLTTrA. 



frip, neither bread, 
ne ther money; neither 
have two coats apiece. 
4 And whatsoever 
h~uise ye enter into, 
tiiere abide, and thence 
depart. & And whoso- 
ever will not receive 
you, when ye go out 
of that city, shake off 
the very dust from 
your feet for a testi- 
mony against them. 
6 And they departed, 
and went through the 
towns preaching the 
gospel, and healing 
every where. 

7 Now Herod the 
tetrarch heard of all 
that was done by him: 
and he was perplexed, 
because that it was 
said of some, that Johu 
was risen from the 
dead; 8 and of some, 
that Elias had appear- 
ed; and of others, that 
one of the old" pro- 
phets was risen again. 
'. And Herod said.John 
have I beheaded : but 
who is this, of whom 

I hear such things? 
And he desired to see 

10 And the apostles, 
when they were re- 
turned, told him all 
that they had done. 
And he took them, and 
went aside privately 
into a desert place 
belonging to the 
city called Bethsaida. 

II And the people, 
when they knew it, 
followed him : and he 
received them, and 
Bpake unto them of 
the kingdom of God, 
and healed them that 
had need of healing. 
12 And when the day 
began to wear away, 
then came the twelve, 
and said \into him, 
Send the multitude a- 
way, that they may 
go into the towns 
and country round a- 
bout, and lodge, and 
get victuals : for we 

1 are here in a desert 
place. 13 But he said 
unto them, Give ye 
them to eat. And they 
said, We have no more 
but five and 




the dust 



//;- 7njpav, /</'/rt dprov, fiiirE dpyvpiov, ui)rE u dvd n Svo 

nor provision bag, nor bread, nor money,- . nor each two 

XiTwvag f%tv. 4 teat elg >)v.av oiiclav sioi\9i}-a, ekeX uevete, 

tunics to have. And into whatever house ye may enter, there remain, 

ical ikeWev k%EpxE<T9e. 5 teal oaoi av fin. l Cf^wvrai lt ityag, 

and thence go forth. And as many as may not receive you, 

i^pxofxivoi diro Tqg.TroKetoQ.tKeivqt; m icai n 

going forth from that city even 

Twi>.TroS<jjv.v/j.u)v n a.7roriv<x%aTE, u etc ^.aprvpiov tir' avrovg. 

your feet , shake off, for a testimony against them. 

6 .'E^spxo^Ei'oi.Se dif/pxovTO Kara rag KU)/uag, 

And going forth they passed through the villages, announcing the 

fiei'oi icai OepcnrEvovrsg Trai'raxou. 

glad tidings and healing everywhere. 

7 " 'HptbSrig 6 rEtpdpx?l$ n rd yivoueva 

And 4 heard 5 of 'Herod 2 the 3 tetrarch ' 'the "things 9 being "done 

v v7r' avrov" irdvra' Kai Sirj7r6pet, did to XkyeoBat vtto 

"by '-him 8 aU, and was perplexed, because it was said by 

On q 'Iwrti'i'?7" r ty/;y?prai" Ik vEKpCjv' 

has been raised from among [the] dead ; 

"'HXt'ac; 11 ttydv))' dWcov dk, "On 

Elias hail appeared ; by others also, I h:it 

Eig' ] tmv dpxaiwv dv'tori], 9 v Ktu eIttev" w o" 
one of the ancients had arisen. And "said 

'lu)dvvrjv n tyio a7TEKE<pdXioa' 

'Herod, John I beheaded, 

TTEpi oli yfcyoj" dtcovix) roiavra ; Kai 

concerning whom I hear such things? And he sought to see him. 

10 Kai v7ro(yrpa4^a2'TEg oi dnooroXoi $ii]yi)oavro avnij 
And 3 having' 4 returned 'the 2 apostles related to him 

ooa t7roir)oav' Kai rrapaXafiiov avrovg viTEX i ' > P'} tT(LV 

whatsoever they had done. And having taken .theni he retired 

Kar'.tSiav Eig % rbirov tpi]/j.ov TroXEiog KaXovfiiv?]g n BijOoa'iSd. 






a prophet 




Of, On 

also, that 


but who 

tar iv 





tC.ijrfi iOeiv avrov. 

apart into 

11 oL5t ox^oi 

But the crowds having known [it] 



a -place 'desert of a city called Bethsaida. 

HKoXovOtjaav avroi' Kai a fca- 
followed him ; and having 

avrovg tXdXti avrolg rrepi ri)g fiaaiXEiag rov Qeov, 

them he spoke to them concerning the kingdom of God, 

Kai rovg xP^ av kx^vrag 0Epa7TEiag idro. 12 ' J/fispa 

and those -need 'having of healing he cured. But the day 

7]p%aro kXiveiv 7rpr>oEX96i>TEg.3k ol cJwcWa eIttov avrtfi, 'A7ro- 

began to decline, and having come the twelve said to him, Dis- 

Xvoov rbv l>xXov, iva b aTrEX96vrEg ]] Elg rag icvicXq) Kuy^iag kc 

miss the crowd, that having gone into the 2 around 'villages and 

c rovg n dypovg KaraXvowaiv, Kai Evpwoiv tmoirio\iov' on wSe 

the country they may lodge, and may find provisions ; for here 

iv tpr)ii(f) r6rr({> eou'ev. 13 EIttev.Se irpbg avrovg, Aote avrolg 
in = desert 'a place we arc. But he said to them, Give "to u them 

h'UEig (payElv. 
'ye to eat. 

But they 

e ei7TOJ', n 

Ovk.eIgIv yulv 7tXe1[ov r) 

There are not to us more than 

k [<xi/a] TrL> ' Bi\uivro.i LTTiA. m Kai [LJTrA. n a.TrOTU>a<rcreTe TA. TeTpaapxys T. 
P ii7r' avrov [L}TTrA. 1 'Io)aK)S Tr. ' y\yipQr\ Was raised LTTr. 'HAetas T. 

1 TlS some one TAJ tis Tr. v eln^v 5e LTTrA. " 6 GLTTrAW. ^ 'luidvrjv T-. 

J eya) (read a.K.ovu> I hear) T[Tr]. 2 ttoA'I' KaAovjUeVrji/ a city called TTrA. airoSe<i 

(utevos having gladly received LTTrA. u ropev^eVres GLTTrA. c tovs T[Tr]A. d ^aytv 
V/ltlS LTA. e tlrrav LTTrA. 









el. h HT]TL n 7TOpEv9kl'TEg I'l/l^Q 
loaves and two fishes, unless indeed having gone we 

ayopaawpEv Eig rruvra TOv.Xabv.TovTov (SciMfxara. 14 r H(7av 

should buy for all 

this people 

victuals ; 

2 they 'were 

yap" wcteI dvSpEg 7TvraKi7^i\iot. Ei7TEV.Sk Trpbg rovg j.ia9t]Tag 

'for about racn 'five thousand. But he said to "disciples 

al'TOV, KaraKXivare civtovq KXiaiag k ava TrevTrfKovra. 15 Kai 

'his, Make "recline 'them in companies by fifties. And 

k7Toh](jav o'vTojg, Kal l avsKXivav n uTravrag. 16 Aaf3wv.Sk 

they did so, and made 2 recline 'all. And having taken 

rovg tt'evte aprovg Kal rovg Svo lx9vag, dpaf3Xk^/ag eig tov 
the five loaves and the two fishes, having looked up to the 

ovpavbv si>X6y)](7Ev avfovg Kal KctTiicXa<JEV, Kal kSicov roUg 

heaven he blessed them and broke, and gave to the 

[xaOiircug m 7rapari6n'ai H r<p> o%A</J. 17 Kal tcpayov Kal %op- 
disciples to set before the crowd. And they ate and were 

rciadijaav TzavrEg' Kal yp9i] to TTEpiaaEVGav avrolg 

Satisfied 'all ; and was taken up that which was over and above to them 

KXaa/.i('iT(i)V Kc<p>vot SwSEKa. 
of fragments 2 har>d -'baskets- 'twelve. 

18 Kai ly'ci'i-To kv.-tp.Elvai avrbv TrpotjrvxbfiEvov n Kara- 

And it canif. to pass as -was 'he praying a- 

/toi'ac," crvvijvav avrl^ 01 fxaBi-jTai' Kal iTTr]pwTJ](TEv avrovg, 

lene, 3 were ''with s him 'the "disciples, and he questioned them, 

Xkywv, Tiva jus Xiyovcriv o't o^Xot 11 Elvat ; 19 citto- 

saying, "Whom 5 me 'do 4 pronounce "the 3 crowds to be ? And they an- 

KpiQ'tVTEg v e1ttov," ^'Iwavvjjv 11 rev /3a7rrt<m/i>' 

swering said, John the Baptist ; and others, 

1 r HA tav" dXX01.Sk, oti 7T.oo&t)rt)g Tig twv dpxaiiov avs<TTT}. 

Elias; and others, that ''prophet, 'some of the ancients has arisen. 

'20 El7rEv.Sk ai'ToTg, 'Yj.iElg.Sk Tiva fiE XkyETE Elvai ; 

And he said to them, But ye whom *me 'do "ye "pronounce to be? 

s 'A7TOKpiOEig.Sk b Utrpog" eLttev, Tov xpiarbv tov Oeov. 21 'O.Sk 

And answering Peter said, The Christ of God. And he 

k7nTif.u]<yag avTo~ig 7rapi)yyEtXEv jjli]Sevi t ei7TEiv li tovto, 

strictly enjoining them charged [them] to no one to tell this, 

22 Ei7ru)v, "Oti SeX tov vibv tov avdpwTrov ttoXXu 

saying, It is necessary for the Son of man many things 

TraQnv, Kal a.TroSoKij.iaaQi'jvai citto twv 7rpE<r(ivTkpwv Kal ap%- 

to suffer, and to be rejected by the elders and chief 

ipEwv Kal ypafijiaTEwv, Kal a.7TOKTavB7]vat, Kal ry TpWy 

priests and scribes, and to be killed, and the third 

ypkpq. y tyEp9i)vai. tl *23"EXEyEV.Sk rrpbg wavTag, E< Tig 9eXei 
day to be raised. And he said to all, If ajiy one desires 

O/Ticrw fiov "'eXBeXi', aTrapv'ricfdoBiiJ^ kavTOV, Kal dpdrw 
after me to come, let him deny himself, and let him take up 

Tov.GTavpbv.avTov x Ka9 .i]jxkpav, n Kal okoXovBeitw jxol. 

his cross daily, and let him follow me ; 

24 og.ydpJdv n 9kXy Triv.ipvxrjV.avTOv awaai, aTroXko-Ei av- 

for whoever may d3sire his life to save, shall lose it ; 

T7]V og.S'.av aTroXkay Trjv.^v^v.avTOv evekev tfioi), ol'Tog 

but whoever may lose his life on account of me, he 


two fishes ; except wa 
should go and buy 
meat for all this peo- 
ple. 14 For they were 
about five thousand 
men. And he said to 
his disciples, Make 
them sit down by fif- 
ties in' a. company. 
15 And they di.d so, and 
made them all sit 
down. 16 Then he took 
the five loaves and the 
two fishes, and looking 
up to heaven; he bless- 
ed them, and brake, 
and gave to the disci- 
ples to set before the 
multitude. 17 And 
they did eat, and were 
all filled : and there 
was taken up of frag- 
ments that remained to 
them twelve baskets. 

18 And it came to 
pass, as he was alone 
praying, his disciples 
were with him: and he 
asked them, saying, 
Whom say the people 
that I am? 19 They 
answering said, John 
the Baptist; but soma 
say, Elias; and others 
say, that one of the 
old prophets is risen 
again. 20 He said 
unto them, But whom 
say ye that I am ? 
Peter answering said, 
The Christ of God. 
21 And he straitly 
charged them, and 
commanded them to 
tell no man that tiling; 
2'1 saying, The' Son of 
mau must suffer many 
things, and be rejected 
of the eiders and chief 
priests and scribes, 
and be slain, and be 
raised the third day. 
23 And he said to them 
all, If any man will 
come after me, let him ' 
deny himself , and take 
up his cross daily, and 
follow me. 24 For 
whosoever will save 
his life shall' lose it: 
but who- oever will lo -e 
his life for my sake, 
the same shaU save it. 

aprot 7reVT T. e ix#ves Svo Gl-TTrAW. 

h p.r\ Tt LTrA. > 6e Hlld T. k + tooVi (read 

about fifty each) [LTr]A. l KareKXluav TTt. m TrapaOeivai TTrA. n Kara fx6va.<; I.TTr. 

ol o^AOt. XeyovcrLV TTrA. P elnav LTTiA. l'ltna.vr)v Tr. r 'HAeiar T. s Ile'rpo? Se 

anoKpiOels TTrA. l Keyetv GLTTrA. v avaarTr\va.L to arise LA. w ipxeaQai, apvr)<Ta.<rOu 

GLTTrA. x Ka.9' rj/xipa-V U J ear T. 


25 For what is a man 
advantaged, if he gain 
the whole world, and 
lose himself, or be cast 
away? 26 For whoso- 
ever shall be ashamed 
of me and of my words, 
of him shall the Son of 
man be ashamed, when 
he shall come in his 
own glory, and in his 
Father's, and of the 
holy angels. 27 But I 
tell you of a truth, 
there be some standing 
here, which shall not 
taste of death, till 
they see the kingdom 
of God. 



28 And it came to 
pass about an eight 
days after these say- 
ings, he took Peter and 
John and James, and 
went up into a moun- 
tain to pray. 29 And 
as he prayed, the fa- 
shion of his counte- 
nance was altered, and 
his raiment was white 
and glistering. 30 And, 
behold, there talked 
with him two men, 
which were Moses and 
E lias : !1 who appeared 
in glory, and spake of 
his decease which he 
should accomplish at 
Jerusalem. 32 But 
Peter and they that 
were with him were 
heavy with sleep: and 
When they were awake, 
they saw his glory, and 
the two men that stood 
with him. 33 And it 
came to pass, as they 
departed from him, 
Peter said unto Jesus, 
Master, it is good for 
us to be here: and let 
us make three taber- 
nacles ; one for thee, 
and one for Moses, and 
one for Elias : not 
knowing what he said. 
34 While he thus spake, 
there came a cloud, 
and overshadowed 
them: and they feared 
as they entered into 
the cloud. 35 And 
there came a voice out 
of the cloud, saying, 
This is my beloved 
Son: hear him. 36 And 


Ti.ydp tl'(peXfirai 

For what is 'profited 

di-Opanrog. KspSqrjag 
'a "man, having gained 

d-KoXiaag rj Z,r]jxnjj9iig ; 

rnoaei avrrjv 

shall save it. 

tov Koa/nov oXov, iavTov.Si 

the 3 world 'whole, but himself having destroyed or suffered the loss of ? 

26 bg.ydp.dv iTraia\vv9y ft Kai tovq ifiovg Xoyovg, 

For whoever may have been ashamed of me and my words, 

tovtov 6 vibg tov dv9pu)7rov iTraia\vvi)r]a(.Tai orav tX9?^ 

him the Son of man will be ashamed of when he shall come 

ai<TOV Kai tov iraTpbg Kai tujv dyiiov dyytXiov. 
of himself and of the Father and of the holy angels. 

dXtjOwQ, (IfflV TIVZQ TU)V z u>$" 





there are some of those here stand- 

11 QavciTOv iwq.av 'idcornv 

until they shall have seen 

of death 

ry S6y 

the glory 


But I say to you of a truth 

rwv," o*i ov./j,rj b ysvaovTai 
ing who in no wise shall taste 

rffv fiaaCXuav tov 9eov. 
the kingdom of God. 

28 'EyivETO.Si fitTa TOVQ-XoyovQ-TOVTovq wffd imepai 6ktu> 

And it came to pass after these words about "days 'eight 

c Kai n TrapaXal3<.bv d rbv n IlsTpov Kai ^liodvvrjv" Kai IaK.u/3ov 
that having taken Peter and John and James 

av'tfir) eig to bpog TrpoatviauBai. 29 Kai iyevsTO 

he went up into the mountain to pray. And it came to pass 

kv.Ttp-TrpoasvxEO'Qcti avtbv to 

as Sprayed 


[became] altered, 

30 Kai Idov, 

And behold, 

'Mwff^ 11 Kai B'T&Xiag 

Moses and Elias, 


his departure 


he the appearance of his face 

Kai b.ifiaTio~iibg.avTov XevKog iZaarpd tttmv 



his clothing whito 

dvo ovvtXdXovv avTqi, 


talked with 









31 ol 



he was about 

6<p9svTeg iv S6%y fXeyov^ t>)v 

appearing in glory spoke of 
jrXrjpovv iv 'itpovaaXijfx. 

to accomplish in 


32 o.SLHsTpog Kai ol avv avr(p ijaav j3e/3apTj/jsvoi vTri'qt. 
But Peter and those with him were oppressed with sleep . 

Siayprjyopijo-avTEgSk k elSov n nji'.do^av.avTov, Kai rovg bvo 

and having awoke fully they saw his glory, and" the two 

dvSpag Tovg avvecrTuiTag avT(p. 33 Kai iysveTO iv.Ttp.via- 

men who stood with him. ^.nd it came to pass as J ae- 

X(i)piZ,t.o~9ai avTovg air' ai'TOV, elirev 6 HiTpog Trpbg tov 

parted 'these from him, *said 'Peter to . 

Ii)govv, 'E7ri<7rara, KaXdv ioTiv rjfidg ibSe elvai' Kai 7roil]mx>i.iev 

Jesus, Master, good it is for us here to be ; and let us make 

OKt]vag Tpeiq, fiiav coi, Kai ^wrrel fiiav, u Kai jjaav 

Habernacles 'three, one for thee, and for Moses one, and one 

m 'HAia," fii) elSwg o Xsyei. 34 ravra Si avTOv.XiyovTog 

for Elias., not knowing what he is saying. But these things as he was saying . 

tykviTO ve<piXr) Kai "sTreff/ciacrev 11 avTovg' i(po[3ri9t]aav.d{ iv.Ttp 

'came 'a *cloud and overshadowed them, and they feared as 

iK8ivovg tio~eX9siv n tig ti)v vi<piXj]v. 35 Kai tyuvi) iyevero tK 

.those entered into the cloud : and a voice came out of 

rrjg VB(piXrjg, Xsyovaa, Oiirog ioTtv b.v'iog.fiov b p dyaTrr]T6g' [ 
the cloud, saying, This is my Son the beloved ; 

* avTOv TTrA a ecrruTutv GLTrAW. b yeva-aim-ai should taste GLTTtaw. c [koX] l. 

* tov GLTTrAW. e 'lcoavr)v Tr. f Movotjs LTTrAW. S 'HAeias T. h + [fie] and L. 
' ->j|ueAAei> T. * elSav T. ' ixiav Moio-ei G ; fjiiav Ma>i;crel LTTrAW. '"'HKeiaT. 

* eneaKiaev TTrA. Q tiat\9elv avTOus they entered TTrA. p lic\ekeyixvos chosen TTrA. 


L XJ K E, 

avTov aKoveri-. 36 Km kv.Tu) ytvtaOai ti)v <pwvi}V tvp(9r) 

3 him 'hear -ye. And as occurred the voice "was 'found 

Wltjaovg fibvog. Kai avroi t<Tiyi}<rav, Kai ovdsvi a7rt]yyeiXav 
Jesus alone : and they were silent, and to no one they told 

iv tKtivaig raTg rjiufpaig ouStv wv T iojpaKamv. [l 

in those days anything of what they had seen. 

37 'EytvETO.Se s iv" rrj t^i'/g i)fikpq., KarEX96vTUiv.avru)V 

And it came to pass on the next day, on their having come down 

drrb tov opovg, gvv)]vti]G.v avTOj '6\\og iroXvg. 38 Kai 

from the mountain, ''met 5 him 'a "crowd -great. And 

iSov, dvi)p dirb tov b\Xov t dvej36rj(rev, n Xsywv, AiFdaKaXe; 

behold, a man from the crowd cried out, saying, Teacher. 

iiouai (tov T t7r<'/3\\|/ov" t7ri Tvv.viov.fjt.ov, oti fxovoyevfig 

I beseech thee look upon my son, for an only child 

v ioTiv fxoi'" 39 Kai Idor'i, irvEVfia Xafifidvu avrbv Kai. e- 

he is to me : and behold, a spirit takes him and sud- 

ai<pvr}g Kpa^Ei, Kai arrapdaau avrbv fierd dtypov, 

denly he cries out, and it throws 2 into -"convulsions l him with foaming, 

Kai fibyig rt7ro^wpi air' avrov, avvrpifiov avrov' 40 Kai 

and with difficulty departs from him, bruising him. And 

idtriQtjv Tojv.fia9r}rwv.oov iva *iKj3dXXwotv^ avrb, Kai ovk 

I besought thy disciples that they might cast out . it, and 3 not 

r]Svvr)9r]<jav. 41 'ATroKpiQeig.dt b'lrjaovg elirev, T Q yeved 

'they 2 were able. And ^answering 'Jesus said, O generation 

aniOTOQ Kai fiitOTpafifikvr), ku>g ttote toofiai irpbg vjidg Kai 
unbelieving and perverted, until when shall I be with you and 

dv't^ofiai vfiwv; irpoodyaye. fioSe Tov.v\6v.oov. n 42 'Enif 

bear with you ? Bring hither thy son. But 4 yet 

Trpoaepxo/uevov.avTOV tpprj^ev avrbv rb Saifioviov Kai avv- 

'as 2 he J was coming near 3 dashed 5 down 4 him 'the ''demon and threw 

ecnrapaZtv' kireTiuijatV-ck b Irfaovg ruZ 7rvevpart toj 

[him] into convulsions. And ^rebuked 'Jesus the spirit the 

9dpraj, Kai Ideraro tov TralSa, Kai a7rt8u)Kv 

child, and gave back 

Trarpi.avrov. 43 i^TrXrfaaovTo.Sk iravreg t7ri ry fityaXaortfTi 
his father. And 3 were 3 astonished 'all at the majesty 

of God. 








TIdvTujv.df 9avfiaZ,6vru)v iiri rraaiv dig 1 t7roir)ffv n a 

And [as] all were wondering at all which 


crovg, n tliriv wpbg Tovg.fia9j]rdg.avTOV, 44 Qta9s vuelg elg rd 
bus, ' he said to his disciples, Lay "by ye into 

wTa.vp.Cjv TOvgXoyovg.TOVTOvg' b.ydp.vibg tov dv9pu>Trov fikX- 
your ears these words : For the Son of man is a- 

Xei Trapadiooa9ai sig \iipagdv9pil)iTOiV. 45 ffyvoovv 

bout to be delivered up into [the] hands of men. But they understood not\fj.a.TOVTO, Kai f]v irapaKEKaXvfifikvov air' avruiv iva 

this saying, 

and it was 


from them that 

prj.a'i(j9u>VTai avro' Kai ityofiovvro b tp.wrJj<Tm" 



they should not perceive it. And they feared to ask 

77-fpi tov pripaTogTOVTOV. 46 ~Eiirr]X9ivM SiaXoyifffibg tv 




But 3 came *up 'a ^reasoning among 

aiiTolg, to, rig dv sijj fit iwv avruiv. 47 b.Se.'lrfcrovg Q iu>v n 

them, this, who might be greatest of them. 

And Jesus having seen 


.when the voice was 
past, Jesus was found 
alone. And they kept 
it close, and told no 
man in those days any 
of those things which 
they had seen. 

37 And it came to 
pass, that on the next 
day, whin they were 
come down from the 
hill, much people met 
him. 38 And, behold, 
a man of the company 
cried out, saying, Mas- 
ter, I beseech thee, look 
upon my son : for he 
is mine only child. 
39 And, lo, a spirit 
taketh him. and he 
suddenly crieth out ; 
and it teareth him that 
he foarueth again, and 
bruising him hardly 
departeth from him. 
10 And I besought thy 
disciples to cast him 
out; and they could 
not. 41 And Jesus 
answering said, O 
faithless and perverse 
generation,, how long 
shall I , >e with you, 
and sufter you? Bring 
thy son hither. 42 And 
as he was yet a com- 
ing, the devil threw 
him down, and tare 
him. And Jesus re- 
buked the unclean 
spirit, and healed the 
child, and . delivered 
him again to his fa- 
ther. 43 And they 
were all amazed at 
the mighty power of 

But while they won- 
dered every one at all 
things which Jesus did, 
he said unto his disci- 
ples, 44 Let these say- 
ings sink down into 
3'our ears : for the Son 
of man shall be de- 
livered into the hands 
of men. 45 But they 
understood not this 
saying, and it was hid 
from them, that they 
perceived it not : and 
they feared to ask him 
of that saying. 46 Then 
there arose a reasoning 
among them, which of 
them should be great- 
est. 47 And Jesus, per- 
ceiving the thought of 

1 6 LTTrAW. ' iJipaKav TTrA. iv T[TrJA. ' e/16r)(Tev LTTrA. T e7r(./3Ae'i//<u 

GTTrAW. w /u.oi eo~ril/ LTTrAW. * iicfi6.\<i><Ti.v GLTTrAW. 7 top viov crov <I>6e GW. * e7rou< 

GLTTrA. a 6 'Irjaovs {read inoUi. he was doing) TTrA. b eTj-epwTTfO-oi i, c eioi>s t. 


their heart, took a 
child, and set him by 
him, 48 and said unto 
them, Whosoever shall 
receive this child in 
my name receiveth 
me : and whosoever 
shall receive me re- 
ceiveth hiiu that sent 
mo : for he that is least 
among you all, the 
same shall be gTeat. 
49 And John answered 
and said, Master, we 
saw one casting out 
devils in thy name ; 
and we forbad him, 
because he followeth 
not with us. 50 And 
Jesus said unto him, 
Forbid him not : for 
be that is not against 
as is for us. 

A Y K A 2. 


rbv SiaXoyiGfibv Trig.Kapciag.avriJjv, trriXaj3d^i'og d 7ra(cw'ot;" 

the reasoning of their heart, having taken hold of a little child 

t<TT7]<rsv avrb Trap' iavr^i, 48 Kai eLttev avrolg, "Oe. e iav" 

he set it by "him, and said to them, Whoever 

SsZnrat rovro to Tradiov Eiri ri{}-bvopari.ii.ov, tfxk ^iyfraf 

shall receive this little child in my name, me receives ; 

difyrai, Se^Erai rbv cnrotJTuXavTa /j.e. 

Kai bgJtdv n e/ue 
and whoever 

me shall receive, receives him who 

b.ydp fiiKporspog sv rrdoiv viiiv vttciq-^ujv orrog St'orai" 

For he who 


3 among 5 all 




fikyag. 49 'A7roicpi9E(C-8k h 6" l 'lwdi'vi]g n eIttfv, 'Errwrdra, 
great. And answering John said, Master, 

e'Ico/jev riva im To^.bvop.ari.'yov tK(3dXXovra k rd' i Suiuovta' 

we saw some one in thy name casting out the demons, 

Kai iKujXvcrafitv avrov, on ovk.ukoXov9eI fxz9' t)j i iwv''50 l Kai 

and we forbade him, because he follows not * with us. And 

17761'" TTpbq avrov m o" 'lr}covg, Mij.kivXvets' og.ydp OVK 

'Jesus, Forbid not ; for whosoever "not 

2 said 

3 to 

4 him 

51 And it came to 
pass, when the time 
was come that he 
should be received up, 
Le stedfastly set his 
face to go to Jerusa- 
lem, 52 an'd sent mes- 
sengers before his face: 
and they went, and 
entered iuto a village 
of the Samaritans, to 
make ready for him. 
53 And they did not 
receive him, because 
his face was as thotigh 
he would go to Jeru- 
salem. 54 And when 
his disciples James 
and John saw this, 
they said, Lord, wilt 
thou that we command 
fire to come down 
from heaven, and con- 
sume them, even as 
Elias did? 55 But he 
turned, and rebuked 
them, and said, Ye 
know not what man- 
ner of spirit ye are of. 
56 For the Son of man 
is not come to destroy 
men's lives, but to save 
them. And they went 
to another village. 

57 Ann it came to 
pass, that, as they went 
in the Way, a certain 
man said unto him, 
'Lord, I will follow 
thee whithersoever, 
thougoest. 58 And Je- 

tCTiv icav "7I/.IWV." virtp "r)j.twv" tariv. 

'is against ns, for us is. 

51 ' lv.r<j~j.Gvi.nrXr}povo9ai rag fj/jt'spag rijg 

And it came to pass when were being fulfilled the days of the 

dva\ii^pSiog n . avrov, Kai avrbg r6.7rpocra>7rox'. p ai/roi) !l ^iarrj- 

receiving him up, that he his face sted- 

piev" tov 7ropzvo~9ai tig 'lEpovo-aXt]jJi. 52 Kai drrEO-rEiXEv 

fast ly set to go to Jerusalem. And he sent 

dyytXovg vpb 7rpo<r<t)7rov avrov. Kai 7ropEv9vrsg s!<xi'iX9ov 

messengers before ' = face 'his. . And having gone they entered 

elg r Kw/.u]v 2,apapEtru>v, n ware tTotLidaai avT(p. 53 Kai ovk 

into a village of Samaritans, so as to make ready for him. And 3 not 

tSfZavro avrov, otl rb.7rp6<jwTroi'.avTov f/v rropEVu- 

Hhey -did receive him, because his face was [as] go- 

jxevov dg 'lepovcraXtj/j.. 54 ol.[ia9r]ral- s avTov' i 

ing to Jerusalem. And teeing [it] his disciples 

'laKu>l3og Kai l 'lwi'F^" w st7rov," KvpiE, OeXeic e"i7T(o- 

James and John said, Lord, wilt thou [that] wo should 

fitv 7n~p Karafiijvai *a7rt>" tov ovpavov,icai di>a\w<yai avrovg, 

call fire to come down from the heaven, and consume them, 

?u)g Kai f R\iag tTroit]crEv u ; 55 'ZrpacpEig.CE E7rErip7]aev avrolg, 

as also. Elias did? But turning he rebuked them, 

T Kai eTttev, OvK.o'ioare o'tov irvEvuarog tart vfielg' 56 z b.ydp 
and said, -Ye know not of what spirit 2 are 'ye. For the 

v'tbg tov dv9pu)Trov ovkJiX9ev tpvxaQ dv9pi!>7rwv aTroAf'erai, 

Son of man did not come [the] lives of men to destroy, 

d\Xd o~u>o~ai. ]l Kai tTropfv9r]aav Eig krspav kioliijv. 

but to save. And they went to another village. 

57 ;t 'Eyei'ETQ.i n 7ropEvopvu)i'.avrujv ti> j-tj bSifidirsv rig 

And it came to pass as they were going in the way 3 said 'some : oiie 

repbg avrov, 'AkoXov9))(juj aoi orrov b dv v dTrtp\ri, c Kvpt.a. ,, 

to him, 1 will follow thee wherever thou mayesr, go, Lord. 

a TTaiSiov TrA. 

ra LTTrAW. 

: au L. ' av T. K jotiv is LTTrA. h 6 LTrA. * 'IwaiTjs Tr. 

1 elirev 6"e LTTrA. m 6 T[a]. n vp.u>v you GLTTrA. afaAjj^.i//ea;s 

LTTrA. p [atirov] LTrA. i iaTripiaev TTrA. r ttoXiv 1afj.api.Twv a city of Samaritans T. 
s avrov (read the disciples) t[TiaJ * 'Iu>aKr/<; Tr. K elnav TTrA. x e/c out of l. 

7 to? Kai 'HAt'as eTroir)<jei> TTi[a]. z aal clirev (verse 55) .... crdcrai (verse 56) LTTrA ; 

6 yap .... awaai G. " Kai klld TTrA. b idf LTrA. c Kvpie LTTt[aJ. 

IX- X. 


58 Kal elnev avrip 6 'Itjrrovg, At dXioTreKeg (pcoXeovg txovffiv, 

And 2 said 3 to 'him 'Jesus, The foxes holes " have, 

ml rd rrereivd rov ovpavov KaraaKijvwcreig' b.St vlbg rov 
and the birds of the heaven nestB ; but the Son 

av0pw7rov ovk!x h 7r0 " T) ) v KB<pn\))v icKivy. 59 El.7rev.Si. 

of man has not where the head he may lay. And he said 

rcpbg erepov, 'AkoXovQei fxoi. 'O.Se elrrev, d Kvpie," sTrirpeipov 

to another, Follow me. But he said, Lord, allow 

juoi ^aTveXQovTi 7Tf)wroy" Qdi&ai rbv.rrar'epa.nov.. 60 EATvev.Sk 

me going away first to bury my father. But ''said 

avrtp { b'h](rovg, n " Atyeg rovg veKpovg Qd^ai rovg eavrCov 

3 to 4 hini 'Jesus, Leave the dead to bury their own 

veicpovg' cv.Sk drreXOaJv SidyyeXXe n)v fiaviXeiav rov deov, 

dead; but thou going forth declare the kingdom of God. 

61 Eiwev.Se Kal erepog, 'AKoXovQijaoj croi, Ki'pie' 7rpC0r0v.Sk 

And 2 -aid 3 also 'another, I will follow thee, Lord, but first 

t7rifpe\f/6v fioi arrordEaryOai rolg elg rov.o2ic6v.fiov. 62 El7rev.Sk 

allow me to take leave of those at my house. But -said 

%7rpbg avrbv 6 'I?/<tow," OvSeig h k7ri/3aXoJv n n)v.xe~ipa}avrov' / ' 

3 to 4 him ' Je^us, No one having laid his hand 

671-' dporpov, Kal fiXsTruiv elg to. orricrco, evOerog tariv 

upon [the] plough, and , looking 'on the things behind, *fit " 'is 

*elg t>)v (3acnXeiav li tov Qeov. 

for the kingdom of God. 

10 Merd.Sk .ravra dvkoei^ev b Kvpiog x Kal n er'epovg t[3So- 

Now after these things Appointed 'the 3 L~rd 6 also 6 others "teeven- 
///j/coj'ra , KaL a7Tk<7Tuktv avrovg ava.cvo irpo rrpoo-wTrov 

ty, ' and sent them two and two before ''face 

avrov, elg iraaav ttoXiv ml tottov oi> "epeXXev" avrbg 

'his, into every city and place where he was about himelf 

HpXeadai. 2 "EXsyej' o(V 7rpbg avrovg, 'O fikv Qepiapbg 

to come. He said therefore to them, The "indeed 'harvest [is] 

TroXvg, ol.Sk kpydrai bXiyoi' Sei)9i]re ovv rov Kvpiov 
great, but the workmen [are] few. Supplicate therefore the Lord 

rov Oepi(jp.ov, OTrwg p tK/3dX\y epydrag n elg rbv depiapbv 
of the harvest, that he may send out workmen into -harvest 

avrov. 3 'IVa-vere" ISov, l| 6yu>" aTrorrreXXa) bfiag u>g dpvag tv 

'his. Go ; lo, I send forth you as lambs in 

fiso-ip Xvkmv. 4 fit] f3aard^ere r (3aXdvriov n fif] 7zr\pav 

[the] midst of wolves. Neither carry purse uor provision bag 

i fii]Sk" vTrodi'ipiara' '/cat" fir/csva Kara rijv bSbv dcnrdcnjo-Oe. 

nor sandals, and no one on the way salute. 

5 E(c.i)v.S'.dv r oiKiav e!o-epx>}cQe, n rrpCJrov Xeytre, Eii)i'|i'i/ r<p 

And into whatever house ye may enter, first *ay, Peace 

o'iK<jj.rovr(ji. 6 Kal idv "/uiv 11 y tKel fvlbg elprjvrjg, ^eTrava- 

to this house. And if indeed be there a son of peace, J shall 

TtavaeraC lit avrbv ii.elpi]i'7].vfiwv' ^iye, tcp' vudg 

Vest 5 upon 6 it 'your -peace ; but if not so, to you 

dvaKd/A\pei. 7 kv avry Sk ry oiKia n'evere, z ea0iovreg n Kal 

it shall return. = In 3 the 4 samo 'and house abide, eating and 


ruk said unto him, 
Foxes have hoies. and 
birds of the air have 
nests ; but the Son of 
man hath not where to 
lay his head. 59 And 
he said unto another, 
Follow me. But he 
said, Lord, suffer me 
first to go and bury 
my father. 60 Jesua 
said unto him, Let the 
dead bury their dead: 
but go thou and preach 
the kingdom of God. 
61 And another also 
said, Lord, I will fol- 
low thee ; but hit me 
first go bid them fare- 
well, which are at home 
at my house. 62 And 
Jesus said unto him, 
No man, having put 
his hand to the plough, 
and looking back, is fit 
for the kingdom of 

X. After these things 
the Lord appointed 
other seventy also, and 
sent them two and two 
before his face into 
every city and place, 
whither he himself 
would come. 2 There- 
fore said he unto them, 
The harvest truly is 
great, but the labour- 
ers are few : pray ye 
therefore the Lord of 
the harvest, that he 
would send forth la- 
bourers into his har- 
vest. 3 Go your ways: 
behold, I send you 
forth'as lambs among 
wolves. 4 Carry nei- 
ther purse, nor scrip, 
uor shoes : and saluto 
no man by the way. 
5 And into whatsoever 
house ye enter, first 
say, Peace be to this 
house. 6 And if the 
son of peace be there, 
your peace shall rest 
upon it: if not, it shall 
turn to you again. 
7 And in the same 
house remain, eating 
and drinking such 
things as they give: for 
the labourer is worthy 

d Kupie T. e Trpunov air^kdexv first to go away l ; Trpuirov a-KekQovri TTr. * 6 

'Irjo-ovs (read he said)[L]TT a. e o'lrjcroi/? 7rpb? aiirov LTr ; np'os avrbv A. h eirifiaAKwv L. 
' [aviToO] Tr. k Tfj ^atrtAeia LTTrA. ' [kcuJ TiA. m + [Svo] two L. n rt/xeWtv LTTrAW. 

Se and (he said) LTTrA. p K[id\r) epydra^ GLW ; epydrag eK^d.\r] TTrA. <1 eyui (read 

ajToa. I send forth) LTTrA. r J3aAAdi>Ttov ltti aw. s /u.rj TTrA l Kal T. i<r'A0i7T 
oUiav TTrA ; olkLo-V etcre'ASrjTe L. w jaec GLTTrAW, * + 6 the (son) E. 7 iiraia- 

7raTJo-eT<u-T. l o-0otTej LTTrA. 


of his hire. Go not 
from house to house. 
8 And into whatsoever 
city ye enter, and they 
receive you, eat such 
things as are set be- 
fore you : 9 and heal 
thesick that are there- 
in, and say unto them, 
The kingdom of God 
is come nigh unto you. 
10 But into whatsoever 
city ye enter, and they 
receive you not, go 
your ways out into the 
streets of the same, 
and say, 11 Even the 
very dust of your city, 
which cleaveth on us, 
we do wipe off against 
you : notwithstanding 
be ye sure of this, that 
the kingdom of God is 
come uigh unto you. 
12 But I say unto you, 
that it shall be more 
tolerable in that day 
for Sodom, than for 
that city. 13 Woe unto, 
thee, Chorazin I woe 
unto thee, Bethsaida ! 
for if the mighty works 
had been done in Tyre 
and Sidon, which have 
been done in you, they 
had a great while ago 
repented, sitting in 
sackcloth and ashes. 

14 But it shall be more 
tolerable for Tyre and 
Sidon at the judg- 
ment, than for you. 

15 And thou, Caperna- 
um, which art exalted 
to heaven, shalt be 
thrust down to hell. 

16 He that heareth 
you heareth me ; and 
he that despiseth you 
despiseth me ; and he 
that despiseth me de- 
spiseth him that sent 

17 And the seventy 
returned again with 
joy, saying, Lord, even 
the devils are subject 
unto us through thy 
name. 18 And he said 
unto them, I beheld 
Satan as lightning 
fall from heaven. 
19 Behold, I give unto 
you power to tread on 
serpents aud scorpions, 
and over all the power 
of the enemy : and 
nothing shall by any 
means hurt you. 

A O Y K A 2. X 

TrlvovrtQ to. irap' auruiv' d^iog.yap' 6 ipyarqc, 

drinking the things [supplied] by them ; for worthy 2 the 3 workmatj^ov Hanv. n nrj-jXETafiaivETE 1% oiKiag Eig oiKtav. 
4 of s his 6 hire 'is. Remove not from house to house. 

8 Kai Eig rjv. h 8'".av ttoXiv uotpxrivQe, Kai Sex MVTai *V*C> 

And into whatever -also 'city ye may enter, and they receive you, 

iaOiere to. TrapariOefieva vfTiv, 9 Kai OepcnrEVETE Toi>g iv 

eat the things set before you, and heal the ^in 

avry chtOeveIc;, icai XiyETE avrolg, "RyytKEV l<f vfiag j) (3a<Tf 

3 it 'sick, and say to them, Has drawn near to you the king- 

Xsia tov 9eov. 10'.dv ttoXiv c ('crpx'jcr0e," Kai p.rj 

dom of God. But into whatever city ye may enter, and 3 not 

SsX WVTCLl ^cfCj is\96vT8g Eig Tdg.TrXarEiag.avTrjg, HTrare, 

'they "do receive you, having gono out into its streets, say, 

11 Kai tov Kovioprbv tov KoWrjOtvra r)fiiv Ik Trjg rroXEiog 


the dust which clung to us out of "city 

vfiwv u a.7rofj.aaa6fie9a vfiiv ttXijv tovto yivwcrKETE, on 

'your we wipe off against you ; yet this know, that 

e t<f>' vudg n t) (iainXeia tov9eov. 12 Xkyw. { St n v^iiv, 
to you the kingdom of God. And 1 say to you, 


that day 
Ovai <roi, SXwpa^iV," ovai o~oi, B^OaaiSd' 





has drawn near 

on 'ZoSo/j.otg 

that for Sodom 


for that city. 

on ci iv Tvpy 
for if in Tyre 

have been taking place in 

' l Ka9t)fiEvai^ HETtvorjoav. 

sitting they had repented. 

TOTEpov tarai iv ry kpiffEt 
tolerable will it be in 
' ii 1 * it " 

vaovfi, - '})" twg 
naun, ,viho to 


aVEKTOTEpOV iCTTai i) ry 
more tolerable it shall be than 

Chorazin I 

woe to thee, Bethsaida ! 

Woe to thee, 

Kai "EiSuivi "tytvoi'TO" ai cvvaf.iEig ai 

and Sidon had taken place the works of power which 

iv, TrdXai av iv ocikkoj Kai arroitp 


long ago 

14 7rX))v 


Ty KptffEl 7] VfiLV. 

the judgment than for you 

in sackcloth and ashos 

Tupqt Kai SiOwvt dvEK- 
for Tyre and 



16 *0 



Kai av, 

And thou, 


Sidon more 



thou shalt be brought down. He that 

6 o.9etCjv vfidg i/ii ci9eteI' 
2 me 'rejects, 

hast been lifted up, 

aKoucov v/joiv iuov clkovei' 
you me 'hears, 

6.9etwv A9eteI 

'rejects rejects 





i).di iflE 
and he that "me 






ho that rejects you 
'cnroarEiXavTa fiE. 

who sent mo. 

17 'YTTtOTpE^av.v'E oi tfi$onr)KovraV [xetcl %apag, XiyovrEg, 

And 3 returned 'the 2 seventy with joy, saying, 

KvpiE, Kai rd dai/,i6via V7roraa<jErai ifixiv iv nji ovofiari 

Lord, even the demons are subject to us through 'name 

(row. 18 WL7TEV.Se avrolg, 'E9twpovv tov uaravdv ojg d<7rpa7rr)v 

'thy. And he said to them,' 

out of the heaven falling. 

tov iraTEiv iivdvii) o<pEiov 

to tread upon serpents 

Svvafiiv tov i\9pov' Kai 

power of the enemy, and 

I beheld Satan as lightning 

19 iCov, Idid'ujp.i" vplv tt)v OZovaiav 



Lo, I give you the authority 

Kai irri irdoav tijv 
and upon all the 

ov.fir) T a8tKr]<yy. !t 

in anywise shall injure. 



OV6EV Vfldg 
nothing you 

(lit. in no wise) 

* i<TTlv (read [is]) LTTrA. b 6" also LTTrA. c el<rik9-r\Tt LTTrA. d + els TOVi 

wdSas to the feet(+[i7M ( ^ I '] f us A 1 LTT, ' A - e *<' "M^s gltt. a. f Seand g[l]ti-aw. 

B Xopo^tV EOLW ; Xopa^eiV TTrA. h i.yevri9r\<Tav LTTrA. ' KaOijjjLeyoi LTTrA. k Ka0ap- 

vaovp. LTTrAW. ' fxrj LTTrA. m TOV LTTr. n Vv//u>0)7C7J ; wilt thuU be lifted up? LTTrA. 

+ tov the TrA. P + [Svo] two h. s HSuKa I have given iirA, r 5cKjjo-et ELTTrA, 


20 TrXr/v tv tovtijj p).xaiptTt, on to. Trvtvfiara hfiiv viroTaG- 

Yet in this rejoice not, that the spirits to you are sub- 

s /j.aXXov" 


but rejoice 



tv Tolg ovpavolg. 
in the heavens. 



on Ta.ov6f.iara.vfxijjv t typd(pj] 
that your names are written 

21 'Ev avry.Ty woa i/yaAAiarraro T np 

In the same hour ^rejoiced 3 in 4 the 

6 'lt]Govg, n Kai dirty, 'E^ofioXoyovfiai goi, Trdrtp, 

'Jesus, and said, I praise thee, O Father, 

Kvpit tov ovpavov Kai Trjg yj)c> on a7rtKpv\pag ravra cnrb 
Lord of the heaven and of the earth, that thou didst hide these things from 

ootyCJv Kai GvvtTwv, Kai aTrtKaXv^/ag aura vifTrioig' vai, 6 ira- 

wise and prudent, and didst reveal thejn to babes : yea, Fa- 

rrjp, on o'vtujq ^ly'tvtTO evSoKia" tfnrpoaQkv gov. 22 z Kai 

ther, for thus was it well pleasing before thee. And 

GTpatptig 7rpo rovg fiaBrfTctg httzv,^ Tlavra a 7raptS69rf fioi n 

having turned to the disciples he said, All things were delivered to me 

v7ro Tov.7raTp6Q.fiov Kai ovStig yivwGKH Tig ioTiv 6 v'tbg 
by my Father, and no one knows who is the Son except 

o 7raT>ip, Kai Tig ianv 6 Trarifp, ti.fxr) 6 viog, Kai if>. h tdv n 

the Father, and who is the Father, except the Son, and he to whomsoever 

fiovXrjTai 6 viog cnroKaXvipai. 23 Kai GTpatytig wpbg 

3 may ''will 'the ''Son to reveal [him]. And having turned to 

rovg fiaQr]Tag KaT.iSiav dnrtv, MaKapioi oi ofOaXftoi 

the disciples apart he said, Blessed [are] the eyes 

oi f3Xt7rovTtg & f3\s7rsTE. 24 Xtyu).ydp vfiiv, on iroWoi 
which see what ye see. For I say to you, that many 

KpotytfTai Kai fiaGiXtig ifBiXrfGav iSCiv a vfitlg f3Xt7rtre, 

prophets and kings desired to see what ye see, 

Kai oi>K c eISov' n Kai ciKovaai a cikovete, Kai ovK.ifKovGav. 

and saw not ; and to hear what ye hear, and heard not. 

25 Kai ISov, vofUKog Tig dv'tGTi], tK7rtipdZ,<.ov 

And behold, a ^doctor ! of 4 the 5 law 'certain stood up, tempting 

avrov, d Kai'' Xtyujv, AiSctGKaXe, Ti iroiifvag Z,i)i)v auoviov 
him, and saying, Teacher, 3 what 'having Mone life eternal 

KXifpovofiifGio ; 26 O.Sk dwev irpbg avrov, 'Ev r<p vofjup ti 

shall I inherit ? And he said to him, In the law what 

y'typaitTai ; irjg dvayiVioGKtig ; 27 'O.St cnroKpiBtig tiirtv, 

has buen written ? how readest thou? And he answering said, 

'Ayairifatig Kvpiov Tov.Btov.Gev t oXifg e rjjf" KapSiag 

Thou shalt love [the] Lord thy God with all 2 heart 

gov Kai f i% oXrjg Tijg.\^v\iig.aov Kai t% '6Xr]g Tiig.tGxvog.Gov 

'thy and with all thy soul and with all thy strength 

Kai Sf '6Xi]g T>]Q.ciavoiag n .GoV Kai TOv.7rXrfGiov.Gov <l>g osav- 

and with all thy mind ; and thy neighbour as thy- 

tov. 28 El7rfv.dt ai>T(f>, 'O'pBCjg cnrtKpiOifg' tovto tto'ih, 

self. And he said to him, Rightly thou hast answered : this do, 

Kai ^ifyy. 29 'O.St BtXwv h SiKaiovv 11 tavrbv ei7rev Trpbg 

and thou shalt live. But he desiring to justify himself said to 

rbv'ltfGovv, Kai Tig iariv fiov 7tXijgiov ; 30 'YTroXa/Stov.'o^ 11 

Jesus, And who is my neighbour ? And taking [it] up 

b'ltfGovg tl7rtv," AvdpujTTog Tig Kar'tfiaivtv aTro'ltpovGaXiffi 

Jpsns KaiH \ "man 'certain was going down from Jerusalem 



20 Notwithstanding in 
this rejoice not, that 
the spirits are subject 
unto you ; hut rather 
rejoice, because your 
names are written in 
heaven. 21 In that 
hour Jesus rejoiced in 
spirit, and said, I thank 
thee, O Father, Lord 
of heaven and earth, 
that thou hast hid 
these things from the 
wise and prudent, and 
hast revealed them un- 
to babe^: even so, Fa- 
ther ; for so it seemed 
good in thy sight. 
22 All things