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^vP/ . n . 

A^^'^ Jc. 


^^-'^.^ ^' 

-^-^ --.. ^.,^ ,, 


New Latin and Englifh 
I C T I ON A R Y, 

' Defigned for thfi U S £ 
O F 

RAM MAR Schools, and private Education j 


! the WoRDi and Phrases proper for Reading 


Q English -Latin-Dictionary, 
cfully compiled from the moft cele- 
ucd English Writbis, rendered 
proper and Classical Latin, and 
:Words diftinguiih'd accordbg to their 
^cral Parts of Speech. 


accurately collefled from the iiiort dp* 
proved L A TiN Authors, arid accom- 
panied with every Improvement to fup • 
ply the Defitiencies of other Dictio- 
naries, and to enable the Scholar to 
parfe and conftrus each Word according 
to its various Interpretation by the beft 
Authors in theENOLisH Toncub. 

By JOHN E N T I C K. M. A» 

tor of ScHRBVBLius's Greek Leticon; Littleton and Cole's Latin Difllonaries 
and Aathor of the New SpelliHc Dictionary^ &x« 

Ktt«d&»lSDWAKDMd CHARLES DILtY, in tU PovAxW' 

[ iv J 

Mtion fof te9 years at College/ he has had great oppbrtaaities to reafon both iipon th 
Banner of Education, and upon the njeans, or books ufed in the fchools of thi 
pngdorn* to indrafl the learner in the knowledge of Ciailical Learning, and ti 
repder both the Englilh into Latii^, and the Latin into Englifli : and thereby tn 
point oat the eB^baFralTmencs ai^d obftacles, which frequently perplexed, an4 fometiQie 
^tally difcpuraged a young Beginner, in the purfuit of the Latin Tongue. O 
l^hic^ there is no need to mention any one, that requires greater attention atnoogl 
fhe Teachers qf the Latin Claffics, than the Di£iionaries publifhed from time ti 
time, for more than a Century pad, for that purpofe. In a comparative viev 
thofe bool^s may be faid to have the advantage of one another, as being to be par 
phafed at a lefs price. But taking them altogether it will be found, that thofl 
^c calculated n^ore for the emolument of the publilher, than for the inftrudlion aw 
|>ro4t of the purchafer : being all, more or lefs, an alphabetical digefl of fuperfluou 
rtymologies and words that take the place of more material parts of a Didlionarj 
Vhichf by increaiing ^he bulk, lay a tax upon learning, that puts it out qf the powc 
pf the Jower clafs pf people^ to fupply their children with fuch books as often as the 
IPay b« Wgntpd, 

Yoa lyill bear Hritnefs, That a Tyro in Latia wants no more than the part c 
^ech» and the condruflion of the word. Learned etymologies, and the grei 
Plumber <n quQUtions qr authorities, which fill up above half of thofe performances 
pire not the care and objed of a latinifl, till he has attuned a iofia ^erborurrf to enaU( 
Mfn tp^oRflri}^, franflate ^nd \o parfe. 

His pradicci and the laborious hours the author fpun out in his correflions asj 
f^prOYemcnts, made in the lafi edition of Littleton's and the fcveral edition's i 
Qsle*s Dittonary, i^ which he was folely concerned for the publilhers, enabled Ul 
tp difopver t^e ipethqd to remedy ihe inconvenienctes of thofe and fuch like fdi 
ininous Didtfonaries. The • Di^ionary compiled by Ainfworth his worthy fello' 
}abpi|rpr in the claffical world, which focc«eded to Littleton in the fchools ; ai 
lliofe abridgementf pf that volaminous Thefaurus by Mr. Thomas, and Young 
iupplant Cole's Diftionary, did, jn no wife, remove the complaint. Thefe npv 
Pj<^ionarie$ confirmed the neceffity of compiling another, more handy and int« 
}igible for a ^hool boy, and every beginner in the purfuit of the Latin Tongo 
pad of fach a price, that it might be pqrchafed by ^ lovers of learning, witho 
t^ff^H^I av^y <touble the mone^j^. 


[ » 3 

Yoo know tliat a boy requires no more at hit entrance into Latin, than to have a 
Hdionary containing all the words in the daffical authors, with their denominations, 
hsther a fabftantive, or adjedive, noun or pronoun, verb or participle, adverb, 
oqoo^'on, prepoiition with its cafe, or interjection; how declined, or conjugated* 
id with their (ignification, as o(ed by divers authors, in the Englifh Tongue, Now 
f diere be no more required, till they have obtainM a cofiia verAorum, to enable a 
aroer to conftrue and parfe a Latin author ; why has the fafliion fo long prevailM, 
I the grammar fchools, to increafe the expence of parents in the purchafe of thofe 
ther parts, which fill up our voluminous Didtionaries, and puzzle, confound and 
fteo' prevent the learner from attaining the true meaning of the word^ he looks 

Agam, his affiilance to perform an exercife by turning Englifh into Latin, is not 
> be fought for in thofe Didionaries, ** that are fraught with a great number of 
•Bglii^ words and phrafes, as the Reverend Mr. Young expreffes it, grown quite ob- 
>lete, many of them interpreted in a wrong fenfe, and very injndicioufly tranflated 
ito Latin." Therefore it has been a principal care in this work to avoid thofe 
pnrs and incongruities, to reduce all words and phrafes to a modern ftandard, 
Bul to give fuch Latin words for the Englifh, as can be warranted by the authorities 
f mly daffical writers, 

from thefe premifes the author appeals to your candour for your approbation 
f bis labours, and intreats the admiflion of this little didlionary into your fchools ; 
s I means to relieve you from much fatigue, and to promote the inftruftion of 
W fi:holars. Which being the chief objeds of this plan, when at firfl conceived, 
M faffidently compenfate the labour of the author, who has the honour to fubfcribe 


}l?ur diVQted 

Humhh Servant, 

^c'^'Vro. John Entick, 

Ne^ BoOKi tuhUJhed this Day, 
For the U/e ff Scbeols find prinjatf Gentlemen^ 
Pdntcd for EDWARD and CHARLES DILLY in the Poultry, London | 
and ibid by ^1 Bookfellera in Towb and Country. 
{IfceniBiend^d by the Reverend Dr- S r i r l i n Q, i|nd uBiverfally approved ai 
in?de life of by the mod emioent Teachers in and about London, beautiful 
printed in a Pocket Volume, Price Two Shillings neatly bound in red Leather, 
New Edition : To which is aow added, feveral Hundred Words not in any form 
iiqpreffiOQ ; with a Lift of all the Cities, Boroughs, and Market Towns in Englai 
and Wales \ the Days on which the Markets are held, and how far diftant fro 
lioyd ftn, in tpeafured Miles ; 
|.nr^fIE New Spelling Dictionary; teaching to write and pronounce t 
Jl Engllfh Tongue with Eafe and Propriety; In which each Word is accent 
ao^y^ing $0 its jull ^nd natural Pronunciation ; the Part of Speech is properly diijii 
cailhcd, and the various Significations are ranged in one Line; with a Lill of Prop 
Names of Men and Women. The whole comprifed and digefted iq a Manner cn^iit 
9^W \ Wi^i^ 4 Gramn\atical Introduflion to the Engliih Tongue. 

5y Uie Reverend JOHN EN TICK, M, A, 

2. A New Pocket Dictionary of the French and Englifh Languages, In IV 
farts. I. French and Englifh. 2. Engliih and French. Containing all Words i 

fcoeral life, and authorized by the beft Writers. As alfo diflinguiSing the fever 
.arts pf Speech, with vbe Gender of Nouns in the French Language. Carefully coi 
pikd from the moft approved Diftionaries; French and Engliih, particularly froml| 
9f th^ Rpjr^ Academy •f Paris. Neatly printed in One Volume, Price bound js. 


N* B. ^bu t)i£iwnary is of general Utility, to Naii'ves and Foreigntrsj lubo baife tS9$4 
tmined <? compeiifit Knp'whi^ge of the French and Englijb Language ; and young Gentlemen ai^ 
^/{hpols^ ixillfind it of pfculiarSerruice tQ aj^jl them in tranjiaiing into either of the t<woLangtu 

3.^ A New Spelling Book, intitled, The Child's best In^structor in S?eli 
-91W; Reading: Wherein Words of feveral Syllables are fo divided, that the SoiuEM 
well Syllable^' when joined together, (hall lead the Scholar into a true and correftll 
nunciatip^t^ of ev^ry Word. The whole carefully revifcd, correfted, and imf«roved b*i 
i^uftor. JpHN GIGNOUX, Teacher of the Englifli Language. A New ££» 
(being tke Fift^) To wohich is added^ A Compendious English Grammar, by JO^ 
lEI^TICK,^ M. A,' Alfp a copious Table of proper Names of Perfons, Places, 'ik 
Things, colle^^d from the Holy Sci^jp;ure«, ISc each Word properly divided a^jj < 
'""^^Sffercfj'ng (o iJ^p efigina! f ronu.nqia^io?. Pric^ boijiid Qiiq Sh^lin^^ 

A C O M P E N D I O tr S 

C T I O N A R Y 




e particle, fiftni- 
tfy asy Jiber, a 

as, hora prima, 
per diem, i. e. 

iquo, fijMi, PiSfum 


ked, reprobate , 

• z/arfoAing 

, avt are 

\y depreiTus 

iO) 7ciy ere 

litto, /^, «Vtf 
Kco, 5w, Tr* 


An ahatementy detraflio, 3. 
An abbacy, Ciznoh'iMcWxA^ <r, f. 
An abbbty ccenobiaichf, a, m. 
An aboefsy abbatilij, a'j f. 
As abbtyj coenobium, ij n. 
To abbreviate, contraho, *«, ifre 
An abbreviation, abbreviatio, emt^ f« 
To abdkafe^ abelico, Jwi, Jrv 
AhUeated^ abdicatus, a, um 
An abdieatien, abdicatio> o/u's, C 
To abft, iee tfiV, encwrage 
Abetted^ •% r a/</ir</ 

An Mbatitig, V iee < enceuraging 
An abettor, J * inftigator 

To <i^i&«f, deteftor, abominor^ J/-/ 
AbhorHd, part* abominatuj, ^, «m 
To be abhcrredy part. d?riftandu8 
An abUrri*rg, iendA-Oj f. 

A B L 

To fl^/</?, fee to contir.ue, tarry fir 
Not to <z3;</^, asgri ferrc, or ^ati 
Not to abide, lee to /-tf/* 
To abid: b>, lee xodtfcnd 
An abiding, fee a continuing 
An abiding by, tuitio, ?;vw, f. 
An abiding in, perfeverantia, ^ , £• 
'AbjeB, abje^us, tf, vm, vilis, ^ 
AbjeSfly, adv^ abieftc, humiliier . 
Abje5inejt, abje£tio, on/s, f. 
Abilititi {of mind) fteritia, <?, f. 
Ability f fee poioer^ riches,, firen^tb 
y^4;Vtffw»,abdicaiio,ejuratio, c-w/i/. 
To abjure^ (ecforftvear, rettownce 
Abjuredy {tefir€jn;)'jrn, renounced 
An abJurJKgf I'etf cbjurarifn 
AhlJtl've ca'c, aatcxcr.di cafus 
Mi^V; fee n', /\i. jf Mi jtr.r J, *w<(iUV'^ 


To be ohlrj poffum, qneo, 4. valeOj-z 
,To be very ablt, pra?valeo, ere 
More, or very able, praepotcni 
Ablenefs, fee ability, flail, ftrengtb 
jiblution, ablutioy onis, f» 
Aboard, in' nave, fuper 
j^ode, habiiatio, 9nisy f, 
To^btilijh, abrogo, i, refcindo, 3. 
To aboufi, fee to defiroy, raxe out 
Abolijhable^ adj. delebilis, U . 
jibtlified, fee abrogated, deftxoytd 
To be abolijhed, abrogor, i, 
An akolijhingy fee deflrcying 
Abominable, cxecrabilis, le 
Abominably, adv. turpiter, odiofe 
To abominate^ deteftor, i. 
Abomination^ deteftatio, 3. odium 
AboKtiotffi}:iOT\\o, 3. f. abortus, 4. m. 
Abortive, fruttratus, a, urn 
Abortively^ adv. infeliciter, irritum. 
Above, piep. (not below) fuper, fu- 
pra, (beyond, or more than) an- 
te, prxter, ultra, fuper (upwards) 
Above, adv. plus, amplius, magis 
Aboxtt ad}>i comp. fuperior, major 
Above that, ad haec, infuper 
From above, adv. defuper, fuperne 
Over and above, extra, infuper 
Above board, adv. apertc 
Above-mentioned, fupra didlus 
At above, ut fupra di£tum 
Above ground, in vicis 
To bea^0Vtf,emineo,2.antecedo, 3. 
Above, ittprrferable 
To abound, abundo, redundo, i. 
Abounding, part, abundans, a/Buens 
Ati abounding^ aiHuentia, a, f. 
About, praep. is rendered by ad, as, 
about four tboufand, ad quatuor 
mille. By a^d, as, about the 
market, apud forum. By circa, 
or circum, as, about London, circa 
LoQdin'uni, Bycrrdtfr^ a9, ab^ut 


Koofi, circiter meridiem. By de, 
at, about your daughter, de filia 
veftra. By fere, as, about the 
fame hour, eSdem fere hora. By 
fermH^ as, about thofcdays, iifdem 
ferm^ diebus. By in, as, about 
this bttfinejs, in hoc negotio. By 
inflar, m, about thirty, inftar 
triginta. By plus minus, as, a- 
bout ten, plus minus decern. By 
fuafl, as, about afoot long, quafi 
pedalis. By fub, as, about the 
fame time, fub idem tempus. By 
fuper, as, about this affair, fuper 
hac re. By verjus, as, about 
noon, ad meridiem verfus 
To be about is generally rendered 
by the future in rus, fignifying to 
be ready to do 
To be about, or employed, ocrupari 
To go about, fee to attempt, ivalk 

Ahouf with it, circumage 
Abounding, abundans, uber, a^, 
•To abridge, fee to deprive, fjorten 
Abridged of, a, privatus, a, urn 
Abridged, p. contra<^uS, a, urn 
Abridger, fee abbreviator 
An abridging of, privatio, onis, f. 
An abridging, contra£tio, 3. f. 
An abridgment, com^tnd\\xm, t, n 
Abroach, fee tap 

Abroad (from home) foris. A- 
broad (out of doors) foras. A- 
broad (in foreign parts) peregre. 
Abroad (in fight) in propatulo. 
Abroad (here and there) Ut^, 
To abrogate, rtkindo, fctdi, ^. 
Abrogdted, p. abrogatus, refciflus 
An abrogating, abolitio, 3. f» 
Abrupt, adj. abruptus, afper 
Abruptly, abrupte, ruptim, adu, ^ 
Abtti^tr.ejs, abruptio, 3. f. 


An aheefi, abceflus, 4. m, 
Abfci0$n, abfciflio, 3, f. 
To ab/cond, abfcondo, dldi, itum, 
Abfconded, p. abfconditus, «, um 
An abfconding, occultatio, 3. f. 
Abfence, abf^ntia, a, f, 
Abfent, ahfens, ntis, p. 
To be abjfent, abfum, effe 
To abfilve, abfolvo, 3. iibero, ] 
To be abfolved, abfolvor, j. 
Abfolved, remiflus, abfolutus, ^, 
An abfolving, abfolutio, liberatio, 
Absolutely, abfolute, prorfus, ac 
Abfolutenefs, dominatio, 3. f. 
Abfolvatory, abfolutorius, adj. 
To abforh, abforbeo, ui, & pfi, % 
Abforbed, abforptus,^. 
To abfiain, abftineo, uiyflentum. 
An abftaining, abn:inentia, a, f, 
AbflemiouSf temperatus, fobrius, a 
Abfiemiovfy, temperate, fobrie,^;^ 
Abfiergent, or abfterfive, abflergi 
Abjiinence, abftinentia, a, f. 
To abflraEiy contraho, xi, 3. 
loabftraEi, (eefeperate 
An abflraii, compendium, /, n. 
Abflraiied, contractus, abftradiu 
AbflraBedly, feparatim, adv, 
Abflrufe, occultus, abditus, adj^ 
Very abflrufe ^ perreconditus 
Abfirujely, abdit^ occulte 
Abfirujenefs, obfcuritks, 3. fr 
Abjurd, abfurdus, ineptus, a^m 
Somewhat abfurd, fubabfurdus 
Very abjurd, perabfurdus, adj^ 
An abfurdity, res inepta 
Abfurdly, inepte, abfurde, adv. 
Abundance, copia* abundant ia, a^ 
Abundfint, uber> f lenus, adj. 
Abundantly, copiofe, abunde, ai 
More abundantly, uberiiis, copiof 

To abuje, abulor, jus, ti, 3. ft 

ceivtj decipio, 3. (pollute J vit 

i c c 

I. P0U0O93. ("to one's 
rror, i« ftoil^ the 
nricior, Z. fiM affknj 

yrMgm/e) *hafnt,A, m. 
injuriay ge, f. frans, 
r. (with tie tMgueJ 
,r. n. containetit,<r,f, 
Tords) cooTiciis UceT- 
ftffs) rkAztntf Uefot 
rurra, ^, m. 
cofiTiciumj if m. in- 


nagCy convSciam, un. 
urriliter, adv* 
aceo* 1. 
itermioas, ii^« 
•jflbi, f. f. 

academia, i. f. 
icademicus, aJj, 

academtcos,!. m. 
:ccdo, ej/i, 3. 
, accelero, feftioo, X. 
icceleratas, p, 
cenms,4. apex,?a«)in. 
ord, acceotum appln- 
>rcfiouaceJ pronuociare 

cipio, epi, 2. 
bams, gratus, aJJ, 
pte, grate, adv, 
cceptio, 3. f. 
fenfusy 4. fignificatioy 


acceptor, ^h, ill. 

:ceffio, 3. f. acceflas, 

^ admittor,^!, 2. 

'abilisy comis 

:ffio, 3. f. acceflot, 4. 

particcps, 1^ & / 

A C C 

The accidence, grammatices intro* 

An accident^ cafus fbituitus 
Accidental^ fortuitus, adventitiot 
AKidtntaify, adv. cafu^ fortuity 
An aeelamation, accUmario, 3. f. 
Acclivity^ accli vitas, 3. f. 
To accommodate f accommodo, I, 
Accommodated, accommodatui 
Anaceemmodation, accommodatio,3. 
To accompany (go wthj comitor, i. 
deduco, xi, 3. perduco, (keep 
cvmpatiy witb) confocior, i. 
Accompanied^ comitatus, perduftus 
An accomphce, particeps 
To aecomplijbt coDfuminOi i. im- 

plco, 2. 
AccompRJbed^ completos. An tfr- 

cempVi/hed man, vir inftrn^tus 
An accompRfiment^ dos animi 
An aecompit/bing, peradHo, 3* f. 
To oeciK^ty f«e aeeount 
An accord, confenfus, 4* Concordia 
To accord, aflentio, ^^ 4, conve- 

Accordant^ confentiens 
Accorded, reconciliatut, comooficus 
According as, prout, perinde, ut, 
ut cunqae, pro eo at. (Accor 
ding to) ad, de, et, fecundani, pro 
A'cordingfy, ideo, par iter, fic 
To accofi, a^redior, effits^ 3. adeo 
Accofted, compel latus 
An accoflingt compellatio, 3. f. 
To account, numero, computo, i. 
To ha/ance accounts, rationes com- 
ponere. To caji accounts, arith- 
metic am difcere. To caft tip ac- 
counts, rationet compntare. To 
caU to an account, ad rationem 
reddendam vocare. To give an 
accoum, ratiopem reddere. To 
givt an acca/nf 0/^ rem 


A C C 

tfones comprobare. To place t§ 
account, in rationes inferre. To 
Jf ate an account, rationes conferre* 
To take an account, rationes inire 
An account (reckoning) ratio, 3. f, 
computus, 4. m. (efteem) rcpu- 
tatio, 3. f. 
An accounting, computatio, 3. f« 
Of little account, nullius pretii 
Accountable, obnoxius 
Book of accounts, liber accept! et 

A cafter of accounts^ calculator, 3. 
An accountant, arithmetices peritus 
To account (efteem J seilimo, I. ha- 

beo, 2. 
To account for, rationem reddere 
To turn to an account, prorfum 
Of great account, chann, gratut 
0/ no account, vilis, nihili 
Of fome acsount, aliquo pretio 
An account (cauf&) caufa, i. ratio 
Accounted, sflimatus, habitus 
Toaccoutre, apparo, I. inftruo, xi, 3. 
Accoutred, armis inftruftos 
Accoutrements, arm a, orum, n. pi. 
An accoutring, apparatio, 3. f. 
Accretion, accretio, 3, 
To accrue, accrefco, evi, 3. 
To accumulate, accumolo, I. 
Accumulated, congeftus 
An accumulating, coacervatio, 3. f« 
Accuracy, accuratio, 3. f. 
Accurate, exaftus, accuratus 
Accurately, accurate, adv. 
To accufe, devoveo, 2. 
Accured. devotus, execratus 
Accufable, accufandos 
Accufatory, accufatorius 
To acfufe, accufo, 1. criminor 
To accufe or blame, reprehendo, 3* 
To accufe falfcly, cthmmoT, \, 
ordmejTo Mccitfe fecrctly, defcro, tuli 
«i n-JTo be accujed^ in Jul NoarV 


Aecufei^ accufatut 
Accujed falfdy, falfo delatus 
An cucufer, accufatory 3. delator 
A falfe accuser y calumniator, 3. xn. 
An Mcufation, accufatio, 3. f. 
A fccrct accufation, judicium, /, n. 
A falfe accufatiottf calumnia, a, f. 
Jccafative cafe, cafus quarfus 
Accu/iug falfely, calumniofus, ad)» 
By falfe accufing, calumniofe, adv. 
To accuftom, iSntfzc'io, fed, 3. 
To accujiom one*s felf, afluefco, 3. 
To ht accuflameJ, (oleo, fofituttfum 
Accujidimed to do a thing, alTuetus 
ji:cuJiomed to be done, folitus 
Not accuf^omedy infolitus 
Accupomarihf, ufitate, frequenter 
Accufiomary, uiitatus, afluetus 
An flccuficmittgf afltiefadlio, 3. f« 
The ace-point, canicula, a^ f. 
The ace (at cards) monas, aSUtf f. 
Acerb, itt Jbarpi fevere 
A^^rhitu, itt feverityy Jharpnejt 
An ache, dolor 
HtiA-acbe, cephalalgia, i. 
'^tiWy-ache, tormina ventris 
A-he of a bile, ulceris aeftus 
'i'o aihe, doleo, 2. 
An acbebo/te, 08 coxendicis 
To ackievey perago, 3. patro, I. 
To be achieved, geror, a. coniicior 
Achieved, confe^us, a^u9, geilus 
An. achiever, confeAor, vi^or, 3. 
Arx achieving, confe^io, 3. f. 
^n achievement y infignia gentilia 
Achievements, res geftae 
A^id, acidus, a, urn, adj. 
A idity» acrimonia, tf, f. acor, 3. 
'i'o acknowledge, agnofco, ?r/, ;/»«, 

3. rccognouro, confitcor,^f^i, a. 

iiteor, fej/iis, profiteor,/tfJi<*, a. 
^■k-io7ulc^ed, agnitus, recognitus 
An acknowledgment, recognitio, }.f. 


An acsrn, glans, dis, 3, 
Full of acorm, glandulofus 
Bearing acorm, glandifer, «ra, urn 
To acquaint, indico, t. admoneo, 2. 
Acquaintance (the thing) nocitia, j. 
confuetudo, 3. (the perjon) fa- 
miliaris, notus 
Acquainted, familiaris, cognitus 
Acquainted before, praecognitus 
To be made acquainted, certior fieri 
An acquainting, indicium, /', n« 
To acquie/ce, acquiefco, 3, 
An acquiefcencey afTenfus, 4. 
Acquiefced, comprobatus 
To acquire (get) acquiro,^vi, con- 
fequor, 3. lucror, l« (learn) 
difco, didici, 3. 
Acquired, acquifitus, adfcitut 
Unacquiring or acquirement, adep- 

tio, 3. 
Acqt^ifitionp acceflio, 3. lucrum, 2. 
To acquit, folvo, 3. abfolvo, libe- 

ro, I. 
Acquittal, abfolutlo 
An acquittance, fee receipt 
Acquitted, liberatus, abfoLuhia 
An acquitting, liberatio, 3. f. 
An acre, jugerupi, a. 
Acre by acre, jugeracim, adv» 
Acrimony^ acrimonia, <r, f« 
To afiy (ctdo . 
To fi& or imitate, gefliculor 
To tfff plays, ludos ag^re 
An a^ or deed, fa€lum, geflum, 2. 
An af^ or decree, decretum, 2. 
(eftbe Commons) plebifcituni, 2. 
(of indemnity) le< cblivionis, (in 
a play) a^ftus, 4. (exploit) fjci- 
Dus, 3. 4. (wicked) flagitium, 
/, n. 
Acis regiftered, aAa, orum, n. pi. 
An aSing or mimicking, geflicu- 

latio, 3. 
Aq a&im, a^uni) ». (figk) pug- 


nt, f. Aflion (in f peaking)' 
^'O? %* gcftus, 4, (in law) a^ 
forenfis, formula, 1. (ptrfon^ 
a£lio condiftitia, (upon the ca 
a£lio fupefcafum, (withdrau 
adio refdlTa 
To enter all aSiion, in jus vocar 
/l&ionable, judicio obnoxius 
ASiotts (in commerce) fortes 
ASiiite, agiltt, ftrenuus 
A^ive verb, verbum a^livum 
AEiively (in grammar) a€live, OA 
A^ivity, agilitas, 3. f. 
An aSlor (in a play) hiflrio 
An A^refs, mima, j. f. 
ABual, ipfo fa£lo, re ipfa 
ASiually, fee aSual 
To aBuate, incito, animo, i. 
Actuated, animatus, incitatus 
Acute or fharp, acutus, (in jm 
ment) fagax, acis, fubtilis, 
reply) falfus 
An acute, acutus accentus 
Acutely, acute, fubtilite*-, adv.. 
Acutenefs, fubtilitas, fagacitas, 3 
An adage, adagium, 2. 
Adamant, magnes, etis, m. (a 4 

mond) adamas, antis, m. 

Adamantine, adamantinus 

To adapt^ accommodo, apto, i 

Adapted^ accommodatus, aptus 

An adapting, accommodatio, ** 

Ad(tpti"gy aptans, accommodant 

To add {or put to) addo, didi, 

^ono, fui, zdycio, jcci, (or 

ro^ adjun^o, xi, fubjicio, y'tV 

(or to reckon) ad.cribo, pjt. 

(over arrd over) i}}pe\zd6o, ( 

«w«jjudicium intcrponrrc, ( 

MQ fire) incendoy 3. (toga 

coaddo, dxdi, 3, (and to ad 

fpcakittg) fuperdico, iei,^re, j 

To be added, adj icier, addor, 3 

Added, addituS| adjundtus 



» othatf confcriptiu, adj. 

X, acceffio, adjeftio, 3. f. 

jw to any thiag, appeo- 


(tt trmament) ornamen- 

'h sritbm^J addido, 3. f. 
^1 qood additor 
, colober, s. Tipera, i. 
Jder, TiperifivSy m^. 
Moddx, harpagOy i. do- 

one^t iielf to femething, 
care ad aliquid, (to feme 
em aliquam coU^re, (to a 
) fibi lesem inoocentise 

iddidut, der^rns, deditus 

mm, inanis 

'H, tatoiify ihiltiis 

; (ar UrtB trntpj inf ribo, 

femk f) alloqoory himi- 


i (or J^rtSkn) fbrmi dt- 

I9 {or p€titiomJ libellus 

, {tg path Jfealiag) cal- 

comitaa, dexteritat, 3. 

, jnfcribcfiB, fupplkaos 

uto, iaicnptvt 

adeqoatosy «j^« 

peritosy 4NJ^. 

) adhaeieOy s« 


tf, partkepty 3. fodoa, 2, 

gy adbcfiOy 3. 

■djaceni^ /ifi condgnnsj 

MS| idjCOfVlBII} S« 

tt fidfccCYale 
Adjicco, s. (or M Atf 
,^9 3* adjiooy/icl, 3 


ToMdj»grn, diflfcro, i/f)?*//, ?re 

Adjoumedy dilatui 

An adiourfsmentj dtlafio, 3. f. 

To^djudge^ adjudico, i. addico,3. 

Adjudged^ adjudicatus, addi£tu8 

An adJMdirMtioH, adjodicatio, 3. f. 

An adjkMfff adjun^ium, i. 

Ai^unffim, adjun^io, 3. f. 

To adjure^ adjnro i. 

To adjufi, apto, i. compono, 3. 

orno, I. 
Adjujied, accomRiodatu8,exxqiiatu5 
An adjuJHng^ accommodatio, 3. f. 
An adjutant, vicarius prxfedVi 
Admeajmrement, menfura, <r, f. 
To adminifitr (or ftr^tt) procuro, 

difpenfo, 1. (an oath. Sec) ad 

niniftro, i. (pbjfic) medicinam 

Admimfirator, adminiftrator, 3. m. 
An aAninlftratrix, adn^iniAratrix 
An admimftration, adtniniftratio, 3. 
Adm'wtjhratorjhip, munos procora- 

Admini/lredf adminiftratus, coratus 
An admiral f daffu prsefedtus 
High admiral, Aimmus daflliarios 
Vitz-admiral, fummi clafliarii le~ 

The admiralfiMp, navis prxtoria 
Tht admiralty co}xtX, curia maritima 
Rear admiral, extrenue dafli prs- 

Admiral of the red^ white, bhiCj 

claflis rubro, albo, canruleo figno 

infignitx prxfe6lu8 
Admirable, infignit, mirandus, adj» 
Admirably^ infigniter, egregi^ 
Admiration^ admiring, admiratioy 3. 
To admire, admiror, mirory i. 
Admired^ chamSy amatus 

A D V 

A^in\ttahk. adnifftble, admittendui 
To be rdmifted, admittor, 3. 
.-idmitted, admifTds, afcitus 
Admitttd into college, in collcfiiim 
co'^ptatut, (into oritti) facrit 
To admoni/b, admoneo, 2. adhor- 

tor, I. 
AdmorApedy monitus, admonitus 
An admorijhrr, monitor, admonitvjr 
An admofrijbing, admonition, admo- 

nitio, 3. f. 
To anmhitiife, ad nihilom rcdigf re 
Annihilated, ad nihilum reda£lu^ 
AdoCy fiir, tumultus 4. turba, i. 
(vntb mu,b adxj d fficuher, c- 
grc, (wirbouf much adoej facile, 
(without morf to do) ftatim 
Adolefccncy, adolcfcentia, *, f. 
Adonic, adonicas, adj. 
To adopt, adoptOi coopto, r. 
Adopted, adoptatus, cooptatus 
An adopter, adoptator, 3, 
An adopting, adaption, adoptio, 3. 
Aioptime, adoptivus, adj. 
Adcreahh, adorandus 
Adoration, adoratio, 3. cultns, 4. 
To adore, addro, i. coio, tn, 3. 
Adored, cultus, veneratus 
An adorery cultor, 3. 
To adorn, orno, I. excolo, ui, 3, 
Adorned, ornatus, excultus 
An adorning, ornamentum, f. n. 
An adorner, qui ornat 
To be adry, fitio, 4. 
Adfcititious, adfcitus, acquifitus 
To advance fonva^d, procedo, pro* 
grcdior, grejits, 3. (or Gfi up) 
attollo, 3. exalte, l. {money) 
pecuniam deponere, (prefer) ef- 
fero, extuH, erigo, 3. (in ofiniott) 
exhihco, ». prefero, 3. 

An admirer, imator, arit, m» I 

:^^C'^^^''''iJ'^'^^^^ S' IMvanced, proinotus, dt^ol\lw 

\Ad ^3:€d, orj«ting out, T»TOTTv.nt«\% 
a 3 ' --iV'^Jj 


Ad'-anctd in age, aetate proveflus ' 
Advancement, fee fromotion 
A'hanciti^t promovens, provehent 
Aiaance-guardy ibitiones priores 
Jl4v(\ntnge, lucrunii /. n, cmolu- 

mcntum . 
AJvantfige, fupcrior, adj. 
To have an advantage of, prxftoj 

A'//\ I. 

To ad'vantagey conduco, 3. profum 
To make advantage of, liicror, 1. advantage {interej}) foenerati 
Advantaged^ adjutws 
Ai-vantitgeoui, lucrativus, utilis 
y'J Ivantageoufnefsj utilitas, 3. f. 
,ilx-antageo'^Jlyy utilit^r, Commode 
. -i \vcnt, advcnrus, 4, 
Ai'r^.rtifhuSf adventitios, adj. 
\''i adventure {attempt) Siudto, fuSf 
z. tcnto, I. fufcipio, epi, 3. ag» 
^rot\'\fyr^ Jj'uiy [huTuird) pehcli- 
tor, I. 
A J adventure J fee venture 
.\ n adventurer y periclitator, ^% 
Advcniurousy audax, aciSf adj. 
J\n adverb, adverbium, /. m« 
Alvcrhialy adverbialis, adj. 
An aducrfary {be) adverfarius, ihi- 
micus, /'. m. {Jhe) adverfatrix, 
~:(h, 3. f. injmica, I. antago- 
nifta, I. he ox Jhe 
Ai-i!er','e^ adverfus, diverfus, adj^ 
.i'viriity^ infelicitas, 3. f. 
')'i) adf-erfy adverto, confidero, I. 
A-.'-i-e-fcniy, cura, I. conlideratin, 

J. U 
T" adr'frli/e, commonefacio, 3. 

A*f^'tr/.:fed, edntlus, cert lor faAu« 
An advertiiement, monitum, /'. n. 
An advertifer, monitor, Zris, 3. m. 
An advert(/ing, admonitio, nunci - 

A F F 

Advice (intellig^nre) nunclum» 2. n. 
To advife, fuadeo, z, hortor, I. 
To advife with, confulo, 3. (be- 

fcreband) prxinoneo, 2. 
To advife of, certiorem facere 
AdvifeabUy commodus, utilii 
To be well advifed, fapio, 3, 
Well advifedt fapiens, circumfpe^us 
111 advif'd, iiicautus, temerarius 
Adv'tjedly^ cogitate, caute, adv. 
Advifednefsy cautela^i. prudentia,!. 
Advifingy nuncians, fuadens 
Advifing or deliberating, deliberans 
An advifer, confultor, 3. 
Adulatkny alTentatio, adulatio 
Adulatoryy adulatorius, adj. 
Adulty maturus, aduhus, ad]. 
To adulterate, adultero, i. com. 

mifceo, 2,. 
Adulteratcdy adulterinus, adj. 
An adulteratery interpolator, 3. 
Am adulterating, commixtio, 3. 
An adulterer, adulter, 2. mecbus 
An adulterefsy mcecha, i, 
AdulterouSy adutterinus 
Adultery, ftuprum, adulterium, 2. 
To commit adultery, adultero, i. 
Taken in adultery, ftup'o compertus 
To adumbrate^ \tzto Jhadovo 
An advocate, advocatus, caufidicus 
An advowee, patronus ecclefiae 
An advowjorty advocatio, 3, f, 
.Arritj/y or -acryl acrius, xthcfius, 

An itra, epoch a, i, 
; .'Tfihud^ aeftivus, cdj. ■ 
; An trliiary, xfl-uaiium, 2, 
f^CfUricil, 5E. horms, adf, 
'Afv oiV, pidcul, protenqs 
|From. a/ar, a Ipnginquo 
AffahUy aflFabilii, comis, ad}^ 
Affablenefs, ' affability, urbsnitas, 
JA/fjS/y, Gomiterj urbaiR, arfo.^ 

A F F 

An ajfatry rc«, 5. f. negotii 

To affea (or accujiom) aff< 

{loi'c) diligo,fJf/, 3. {rnakt 

cf) oftento, I. jaflo, i. 

jcy., i^c.) gaudio afficSre 

AJfe£intbn,aftaednefsy affc£l 

A^'eEkdy afFc^latus, 0, urn, p 

AffcEicd perfon, homo | 

{tiding) nimis accuratus, 

diffaj'es) morbo laborans, 

ed) dileaus 

Malicioufly affeEied, mal gn 

Affe^hdlyy putidius, exquifiti 

AffeEilou [love) ainor, 3. gi 

benevolcntia, a, f. {ptfjfu 

mind) impetus, 4. affedlu 

motus, 4. m. defideriur 

animi atfe£Vio, cupiditas. 

Without affeSliony affc£libu 

Evil affe&ioHy cacozelia, i. 

Afft'fiing the foul, pathetic 

AffeEiimcftty amans, bcnevo 

AWeaion {diforder) affeftio 

Affe€iitmgitljy amanter, ber 

To affiance, fpondeo, difpor 

Affiariee {hitretbing) fponfali; 

fiducia,.i» .. 
To have tf^i»r(« in, alicuic 
Affianced, ^fponfus, dcfpo 
An affiancdngy .defponfatioj 
An affidavit, teftimonium < 

jurando . 
Affinity, affinitas, 3, f. fir 

3. f.'. • '• . ' 
Toaffil^y affirmo, I. afTei 
AffimufblCy affirnjari poteft 
An affirm tjsiy affiimatio, 
Affirm.t^er'iy affirmatis^ afP 
Affirfnatiwly^ afBrm.aie, afi 
Affirmedy aiHrmatni 
To ^jr» afiUgo, », 3. 

'«»i, 3. . 
j^ffixedy affizus, annexus, j 
, To affiay aifligo, xl, pn 


n^Of Mxi. excrucio, i« {to 
initfeif) fc maccxari 
affli^tus, dolens 
,affinivey acerbut, trii^is 
jmiAio^ 3. f. cruciatufj4. 
ifflncna, abundans 
ctf copia, abundantia^tf, f. 
/ [y'ltld) feto, firs, tuPi, 
n^) vrndo^ didi, 3. 
pnxbitus, fuppcdita^QS 
(erens, praebcns, vendent 
t, terreo, 2. 
y irrito, provpco, x. • 
contumeliis lace0itua 
I injuria^ contumelia^ se 
tr, petulans 
, Mffrontivey coDtumelio- 

RxiCvOy 3. f« 

itans, flu£luaiis^ «i^« 

eftris, adj, 2. 

?, ante, — fee befGU 

, praccedens 

CiMM/, praevsnio, 4. 
pradifluSy Tupradi^ut 
quondam, oiim 
niduSy paviduSy trepidus 
, impaviduiy intrepidus 
idy paveo, a. timeOy x. 
riu, 3. mctuo, 3. formi- 
nrimei'co, ui* 3. {wntcb) 
t, 2. pertinoeo, 3. expa« 
, {^/hrfttirfd^crxffrmi' 
ararrimec, z.'Vt'i irtlli) 
)y lufatrrrco, z.. 
/><j/</, crnefacio, 3. per- 

^» tcnitus, exaninatos 

njiBy tflfo* 

I ferMOf s« « 

, tinor, 3- m* coafter- 


To be afr/gbtedp conRcnor, i. 
terrcor, 2. 

>^, a puppi 

y^«r (btfore an ohUque eafe) si, ab, 
ex, poift, (tor 0/f«r that) quam, 
poftea quaim, ubi, cum, ut, poft- 
haec, {referring to proximity of 
degree, order ^ or fuccejfion) juxta, 
proxime, fecundum. Tub, (for 
aftemvards) exinde, poftea, poft, 
pofterius, poftmodO) (for accor- 
ding to) ad, de, iji^ andfimetimct 
it is rendered by tht odjeGi^e 
pofterior, a^ after Mget, pofteri- 
ora fecula ; after tbeugbtt, pofte- 
riores cogitationes ; and by in- 
ferior, as, they tuert after their 
timej inferjorea erant, quam il- 
lorum xtas 3 {retired) pone, etergo 

A little aftcry ' paulo poft 

The day afier^ poftndie, fee day 

The afterbirth, fecundinae, animy f. 

Afteinocny pod meridiem 

An afternoon's luncheon, merenda, 

Again, itcram, rurfui, denuo> de 
in'-egro, drinde, adv. (for btre- 
after) poft, poftaa, poilhac, adv» 
(for in turn, and lihewife) contra, 
invicem, viciftim, mutuo, ad-o, 
(for ever) ettam, vcl, adv^ 

Again (after verbs) is often ex- 
prefTed .by rg prefixed, as, to 
€9nu again, re-dea, 4, re-peto, 3. 

^gain and again, iterum atqne 

As big, firall, hifh, &c. again, 
JupiO traiqr, minor, aJtior, ^V> 

To and agatn^ ultro citrgquo 

6acktfjrtfi>y retr^tf^. 

Ov^r ^ain, de novo 

lr^tf}i^(denoting dgfeMte W preftr* 


I €'MfdmJ a, dbf adyerfus, adrer* 


dum, !a, (for rsufrwrj) sdvtrfbt^ 

contra, prcter, {to thtfrejuika 

of) adverfua, adverfum, (for kf 

or at) ad, ante, (Bgnifying nwr- 

again/l) contra, c ragione 

Againfi {an adje£live) adverfuf, #» 

' um 

To be agmnflf advetibr, i. oppvg- 

no, T. 
To go againfi an cncmy, cootrt 

h often incederc 
To go againfty or be naufcout, in- 

Ag^tft, confternatut, attonitut 
Age of a perfon, &c, aetas, 3. f« 
An agi { tcoyears) feculuni, aevum, 

I. n. 
Old age, fenefhis, utis, 3. f« 
Non.tfgv, infantia, «, f* 
One under age, impuber, impubef, 

Great age, longz vitas, 3. f. fe- 

neAuK, 3. f. 
Of the Ian e age^ aiqwavus, apqualit 
Of the fiift age, primacvuF, ad}. 
In this age, hoc frculo, hodie 
Aged, grandis, astate proveftus 
An aged man, fenex, ii, 3. m. 
An aged woman, anus, us, 4. 
Of full agty adultus, maturus 
Old age, fcnium, /, n. fene£Va,^,f» 
Agtncy, or action, adio, 3. f. 
Agency {aBingfor another) curttto^ 

3* • 

An agent, curator, reddens 
To aggrandizie, promoveo, 2. 
Aggranditk'Jt pramotus 
To aggravate, exagg«ro, accnmulo, 
1. {provoke) incendo, 3. prov»« 
CO, I. {grief or paisi) angeoyft* 
Aggrgvated, exaggeratui, iocenfat 
An aggravat'my aiggtntm) ^.f « 
The aggregate, ziptpX.\M^ ^^ 


4Er^, tggreffio, 3. f. . . 
Ajj agffr^or^ aggreiTor* 3. m. 
To aggrieve, dolore afficere 
j^grietf§dt mceftus, dolore affiedus 
-4f'%» tgilitas, dcxteritas, 3. f. 
To agitate, agito, i. concito, r, 
jfritated, agitatus^ commotus 
j^atiw, flgitatio, commotio, 3. f. 
^go [before tlm time) abhinc, ante, 
{kmg ago) j.'mpridem» jamda- 
duniy {a ivhile ago) htud ita 
prideniy {bvat iorg ago) qoaro- 
diidom ? {fo long ago] tamdiu 
Agony, cruciatus, 4. agonia, i. 
Agrraty or iy the great , univer(e 
To agree {aj/ent) aflcntior,//!, 4. 
aflcndo,^, 4. (rfcortcile) recor- 
ciiio, I, compono, fui, 3. {in 
cne mind) confentto,^ 4. con 
cordo, I, {kang tt^tber) cohae- 
reo,^, 2. ex compa6lo rem agj^re 
(make a bargain) pacircor, pac 

rp '"'' 3- 

To make agree^ fimultatcs diri 

T«» n-T'f with ore, in pace vivJJre, 
(/ii7/^^/0)qaadrb, I. refpondeo, 
2. {hepkajing to) placeo, a, 

AgrecabU^ gratus, acceptus, aptus^ 
{•very agreeable) pergratus 

Agrteableneji, gratificatio, 3. f. 

A-rtiahly^ grate, jucundc, *</v. 

^reed, pa£lus, reconciliatus 

A^reeing^ confcntJens, concort, Hi 

l^ot agreeing, difcrepans, disjunftus 

An agreement, agreeing, confenfus, 
(bargain) conditio, 3. {coTfemant) 
paaum, 2. ftipolaiio, 3. (recon- 
a/ing) reconciliado, 3. f, (pro- 
portion) fymmttria, i. {im tune) 
canccfttus,4. {according to t^ret* 
mcnt) ex compa€lo 



Agrimony^ agfir.Dnia, I. 
Agrcurd {ec ground 
An 7g\r, tcbj-s inte. mittens, (fno- 
tidiun) quoridla:»a, {tertian) tcr- 
tiana, {a'uzr:atj) qua: tana, («w 
fttmf-riie) perpctuu, {burning ft) 
caufon. ori.y 3. {co/,I fit) horror, 
3. {having an ague) tcbri inter- 
mittente laborans 
A^utjb, febriiuloius, tf^'. 
Ah i ah ! interj. 
Aid, auxiliam, /'. n. 
An aid-dr-camp^ ducis adjator 
To aid, adjufo, i. fuccurro, 3. 
Aided, adjutus, a, um 
Aiding, adjuvans, opem ferens 
An aider, adjuCor, auxiliator, 3. m. 
An ailment, morbus, 2. malum, 2. 
To at/ J doleo, 2. 

To aim {at a mark) ad metam dir- 

gere, {dejign) defigno, i. conor. i. 

An aim {mark) album, 2. {dejign^ 

propoAtum, 2. 
A'-rr.ed -^ ., ^\rt&y\%^ad. defignatus 
Ar^ aer, eriif anra, x. ceelam, 2. 
{of the countenance) faciei forma, 
{good grace) concinnitas, 3. (/» 
mufic) fuavis modulus 
In open air. Tub dio 
To air abroad, aeri exponere, {by 
the f re) ad ignem exiiccare, {fi- 
^uors) calefacio, 3. 
An airhole, fpirameotum, /. n. 
An air-pump^ machina ad asrem 

To take the air, deambolo, X. 
To take or get mir'9 fee wind 
Aired abroad, foJi expofitus, {at 
thefre) ad ignem expofitus, (m 
the f re) calefadhis 
Airinefi of place, amoenitas, (of 

perfon) lepor, 3. feftivitas, 3, 
An airing, deambulatio, 3. f. 
To uke »n airing, deamWo, 1< 


An atfy place, locus apricus 
An air^ perfon, lepidus, levia 
Airs, iracundia, i. 
Airy, aerius, amoenus, exilis 
An airy, nidus 

Alabafier, alabaftrum, 2. (mat 
alabe^er) ex alabafiro confed 
Alack! hei mihi! 
Alacrity, alacrita^, 3. laetitia, 
Alamode, more novo et elegant 
Alamode filk, pannus fericus tc 

An alarm, or alarum {in noar) c 
ficum, 2. {fudden fright) tr 
datio, 3. pavor, {of a clock) 
citabulum, 2. 
To alarm, canere, (fri^ 

pertcrrefacio, feci, 3. 
Alarmed, territus, trepidus 
Aiarmirgy perturbans 
A'ar- ! heu, he? mihi mifero 
Alate, nuper, adv. 
An alhe. alba 

Albeit, tametfi, etfi, etsamfi, qua 
▼is, quantumvis, quemquam, i 
Alcaic, alcaicus, ae^, 
Akbymyy chymia, alchymia, t. 
An akhymiji, alchymifta, a, m, 
An alcove, locus fornicatus 
An alderman, alderm annus 
Like an alderman, fenatorie, ad 
Made of alder, alneus, a, ttm 
Ale, cenrifia, t. {gill) hederac 
(firon^) ^rima, {fmall) ten 
(ftale) vetula, {netg) muftum 
Abiouje, cereTifiarium, 1, n. . 
l^P'g '• M alehcufe, popina 
a. «$*• 
An akhoufe-keeper, caopo, 3. m 
An aleconner^ cerevifiae minider 
An skmbicy alembicus, 2. 
AUrt, alacris, vegetus, adj. 
iH^xi^bonntct) alexi^harmica, pi 
i A\it 


r, algebra, i. 

i9, algcbrx peritua 

?,aij>flus, alienigenusy i« m. 

>i aJienari poteft 

•v^e [take from) alleno, l« 

neiy) abalieoo, I . {^t t$ 

Jttdo, 3, 

i, aiieoatus, prorcriptus 

■Mtiiig, alienation f ajienatio, 

.' (as a bird) fubfido. Id:, 3. 
s hrfe) dafiMo, ui, 4. 
'tintr^ dcCcenfus ab cquo 
[Jid dow/i) delapfus 
fi.) par, aris^ fimilis, ae- 
idv,) xque, pariter 
nutninentaafi> pabuIuniyS. 
ry, alimentariusy adj* 
ivus, fuperftec, )?/>/« 
.-.r, vivo, */, 3. 
a:s, cun^us, (/^« vjbole) 
iateg/tr, univerfus, pcrpet, 
r,cry one in particular) fin- 
run, m. pi. qail'quis, unuf. 
(» (i« general) uflifcrfi, 
m. {cnfy) uniu, folus, {as 
n, Jo much as, &c.) quan- 
nqae, quod^ quicqaid, 
101, quam 

'(familiar) perfamiliaris 
r, undique^ pafljOQi 
!, /bluf 

perinde, idem 
ce, fimui et femel 
;, continuo, perpetu5, uf- 

; [firrflratt) proflratuSy pro- 

rhile, per totum tempus 
her at once, omnes iitrtul 
*-, vfbo/fy, omninb, pror- 

ronCj una Q^f»» 


By tf// means, quoquomodd 
On all fides, undique* quaquavrrfus 
j^ this while, ufque adhuc 
j^l oTer {throMgUut) paifim 
It is a// over, Hnita rea eft 
All the better, tanto melius 
Not all a cafe, a'ia eft caufa 
j^ to ooe, eodem 
All to no purpofe, nihil agts 
To all intents, omiiiD^ peri tils 
A'l our own, nofteft tf, uin 
For all that, neque eo fecius, {for 
all you) fe invito, {for good and 
all) omnino, {this is all) tantum 
eft, {at all) prorfus, omnino, an- 
quam, {moft of aS) praefertim, 
praecipue, {not at ail) nc omnino 
Allknovfing, omnliicieos^ «/jf* 
Allmigbty, or powerful, omnipotens 
Atifcting, omnituens 
Afhvifey cmnifapient 
To aJiay {Ifffen) mitigo, i. lenio, 
4. {abate) refedo, 3. \mngk) di- 
luor, 3. teroperor, i. 
To be allayed^ defervefcoy hm^ 3. 

diluo, 3« tefflpero» i. 
Allayed {kffened) lenitus, {mngled) 

dilutus, temperatus 
An alUnery delinitor, tempera tor, 3, 
An aUaying^ or allay y lenimen, 

Toalledge, allego, I* caofor, x. 

AlUdged, allegatus, citatus 
An allegation, a lecatio, {falfi al- 
legation) calumnia, i. 
An ailegatorj crocodifus, t. 
A'lfgiance, A6ts,ei, 5. fidelltas, 3. 
An allegory, allegoria, !• 
Allegorical, allegoricus, a^. 
To allegorixe, parabolis uti 
To alleviate, allevp, i. levo X* 
Alk-viaudf allfiratus, hwMtua 


Allehjab, aUtluja 

An alley {walking place) ambnlte* 
rum, 7. n. (uarrsvi ftrett) angi- 
portnm, 2. 

Alliance {by blood) confangninitaiy 
3. {by marriage) affinicas, 3. {if 
fates) fcedus, Ifris 

An allie {by marriage) affinis, {of 
tbe./an) amicus 

Allied, propinquus, conjonftna 

Alligation, alligatio, 3. 

To alU bufincfs, afligno, delegOy !• 

An allotment, fortitio, 3. f. 

To allism {approve) approbo* T. 
coafTrmo, i. {give) exhibet, %• 
prsbeo, «/, %, {grant) amcedop 
Ji, 3. do, dedit 1. (#• allem «f- 
pemei) fumptus fupptdicarc, {par" 
mit) permitto,/, 3« patior, ^<- 

/«*> 3- 
To allow In itcoonti, decide^ M^ %• 

dedueo, 3. 
j^imvahlo, kndabilii, jnftnl 
An allowance {approbation) tppto-> 

batio, 3. {gift) donum, {pirmif* 
fion) Ucentia, 1. permimo» $• 

{deduaim) dedudio, 3. (^im 

of meat, 4cc.) portio, 3. 
Auvwed {approved) ralos, {permit* 

ted) pcrmiflus, {dedaBtd) dednc- 

tosy (^/vm) pnebitus 
An allnmng {approming) approbi-^ 

^o> 3- (^nmV/Mfj^) permimo, )• 

{giving\ donatio, 3. {deduSittg) 

deduftio, 3. f. 
To allude, alludo,/, 3. 
A^uded to, cui alludic 
An alluding, cdhjion, allufio, %• 
AHuia, alumcny tnis, n. 
AUymincus (adj,) aluminofot 
To a/lure, lot intice, vf^^tdle, tr^m 
^lured^ fee int'iced^ tujbeedkd 
y^hirematf . ifA t«ttcMunt) 


A L O 

An allurer, feda^lor, 3. 

jiUuringi fee int'idng 

An aUuJion, fee alluding 

AUufion to a name, agnominatio^ 3. 

An afff, fee aJlie 

Ad aananack^ calendarium, 3. 

Anabnanack maker, faftorum fcrip- 

jVmgbtitiefs, omnipotenda, !• 
Abttiglayt omnipotent, adj» 
•An ahnond^ amygdala, !• 
jMmondi of the ears, aarinm glan- 

dulae . 
An alwmer^ eleemofynarius 
AbnB0 (adv.) fere, ferme, pene, 
prop2> propemodum, modo non, 
tantum non, quafi^ ufque, jiixta. 
(Aij.) proximus, a, um^ as, ebrio 
. prozin^iUy ^mofl drunk 
Am%y eleemofyna, i. 
An ahttpoufe, fee bofpital 
Belonging to almsy eleemofynarius 
An a/mfgiveTf erga paaperes be- 

To aflc alms, ft i pern rogare 
To give a&tttf ftipem portg&e 
An aJmfman, pauper orator 
An ainager, menfor ad ulnam 
Aide, aide, ts, f. 

j^/ty^ fublimis, altus, fupemus 
{adj,) fupra, furfum, fublim^, 
otfv. (/-0m «/0/r) defuper 
jCone {ai0.) folus, folitarius» uni- 
' cus. nnm. (Afv.) ibldm 
All alone, per folus 
To leave ahne, defero, «r, 3. 
Left alone, defertuf , a, um 
To leto/om, omittOy 3. 
/^offgi pe^ fecus, fecundum ; orSy 
an ablatroe eafcy as, I went along 
' tie highway, publica ibam via. 
{along with) unicum, {all abng^ 
jkdv.) ubique, {adj.) ppftntus, 
{tmtmitd) eytenfus 


Aloof, de longinqiio, longe 
Ahud, clare, clara voce 
The alphabet, alphabetum, /. n« 
Aifhabetical, alphabeticus 
Alpbabtt'tcaUy, alphabetic! 
Already, jam, dudum, pridem 
Alfo, nam, etiam, quoque, necnon, 
pariter, itidem, adv. (or mort' 
over) quinetiam, pneterea, por- 
roy autem, infuper, adhaec 
An altar, altare, is, m. 
To alter or change, muto, i. va* 
rio, I. verto, /(, 3. commuto, i. 
immuto, i. permuto, i. {heal- 
tered) mator, i. novor, 1. jm- 
mutor, X. {condition) ducere ux- 
orem, nnbo,pJl, 3. (opinion) de 
fententia decedere 
Alterable, altering, variabilis, mu- 

Alteration, an altering, mutatio, 3. 
Altered, mutatus, innovatus 
Altercation, altercatio, 3. jurgium 
Alternate, altematitfe, alternus 
Although, licet, quantumlibet, 
quamquam, quamvis, quamlt- 
libet, etiamfi, tametfi, etfi, adv. 
Altitude, altitudo, 3. fublimitas, 3. 
An alveary y aWearium, 2. 
Ahoays, Asmper, perpetud, jngiter, 

nunquam non, in eeternum 
Am is frequently only a Hgn of a 
verb pafive or neuter, as, / am 
Jick, sgroto 
An (fignifying to exijl) fum, es,fui, 

'P ^ 

Amain, ftrenoe, valde 

An amanuenfiSf ab epiftolis 
To amafs, accumnlo, x. 
Amajfei, accumulatoa 
An amajfmg, accamnlatio, 3. 
To amaxe {afionifi/) obftupefacio j/eer, 
3. {daunf) perterrcfacio,/w, 3. 
Amazed, dvpefa^ut, aUoaitus 


Amassing, mirabilis, mirandus 
Amazingly, mirabiliter 
An amhajjador^ legatus, 2. 
An ambaffagej legatio, 3. f. 
Amber, fuccinnm, i. 
Made of amber, fuccinus, a, um 
Ambergreefe, ambra, i. 
Ambeface, ambo affes 
Ambidexter, ambidexter, a. 
Ambient, ambicns 
Ambiguity, ambiguitas 
Ambiguous, ambiguus, dubiu» 
Ambiguoujly, ambigue 
Ambit, ambitus 
Ambition, ambitio, 3. f. 
Ambitious, ambitiofus, cupidus 
Ambitiottjly, ambitiofc, adv. 
To ambley grefTus glomerare 
An ambling horfe, cquus tolutari 
Amblingly, tolutim, adv, 
Ambr^a, ambrofla, i. 
Ambulatory, ambulator! us, adj. 
An ambufcade, ambufi, infidiae, I 
To lie in ambujh, infidias flruerc 
In ambujh, in inddiis pofitus 
A lier in ambujhj infidiator, 3. 
Amen, ita fiat, amen 
To amend, fee rnevd 
Amendment, corre6tio, caftigat'o. 
Amends, compenfatio, 3. 
To make amends, compenfo, i« 1 

pendo, di, 3. 
Amenity, amcrnita% 3. f. 
To amerce, mulfto, i. punio, 4, 
Amerced, multatus 
Kn amercement, mul6Va, 1. pcena, 
An amerceing, Diul6^atio, 3. f. 
The amice, amiculum facrum 
Amiable, amabilis, pulcher 
Amiablenefs, venuHras, decor, 3. 
Amiably, vennftS, decore, pulchr 
Amicaole, benevolens 
Amicably, benevole, adi/, 
AmidH, inter, in medio 



Jf.)pnrus, vitiofus, (adv,) 
m^Ie, perpenun, vitio(% 
ifi, offendo, 3. pecco, 1. 
micicia, i. 

» (fuifi.) apparatus belli- 
ajf.) caftrenfis^ militarit 
y, lex oblivionis 
^^"tfi» apud, iater^ iiiy 

«W»r^) C, ex 

imatoriusy mollis 
)tions, philtra, 
amatorie, blande 
', fumoia, I. totunn> 2. 
, crelcoy vi, 3. ezui:go> 

nores, mm, pi. m. 
, ampbibius, anceps 
re, ampbitheatrura, 2« 
lici'us, amplus, laucus 
amplificator, 3. 
, amplification 3. 
amplitudo, 3. 
i.oce, copiofe, ampli 
, amputatio, 3. 
amuletom, a. 
obledo, I. cogitationes 

tentus, occopattts 

tijit, detention 3. oblec- 

anabaptifta, i. m. 
, anacreonticiisr 
% anagramma, Mt^ n. . 
nai.gical, analogut 
oiparatie, 3. analogia^ i. 
Mklyli*, 3. f. 

mly't ai, analyticus^ mJ^. 
naechia, 1. f. 
rouheou, mtsj a. 
xattTie, anathematiso^ t. 
r> fcclecos, /', m* 
, uutomica^i 4iffL 


Anslomip, anatomicus, 2. i«4^t 
To anatomize f anatomiao, i. 
Anatomifingf anatoine, m , f. 
Anatomy.^ anatomice, ^^^ f. 
Anceft^s^ anteceflbret 
To animadvert {correSi) cafligo, I, 

{remark) artmadverto, ti, 3, 
Animadverted {correffed) caftigatas^ 

(noticed) animadverfus 
An animadt/ertery animadTerfor^ 3. 
An animal, dlisy n. 
Belonging to animals, animali^, Aijr. 
Animalculey animalcalum, a. 
To animate (encourage) cohoitory I. 

excite, I. {give life) anixno, x. 
Animated^ excitatus, animatos 
An animating^ cohortatio, 3, 
Anker, doiiolum, 2. 
Animofity {heat) ardor, 3. {grudge) 

fimtiUaSy 3. odium, /.n. 
Anifed. anifiim, t. 
Annalifi, annaiium conditor . 
Annahy annales, i, um, fafti, ^r»ar 
Annates, primitix, ortfuv, f. 
To annex {join to) anne6\o, xi, 3. 

appono,/tf/, adjungo, */, adjicio 
Atmexedj additus, adjedlus 
To annihilate, annihilo, i. 
Annihilated, funditus extinAus 
AnnihUatingf extinftio, 3. 
Anniverfary, annuus, aniverfarius 
Annotation t annotatio, 3. nota, i. 
Annorator. 3 rr; orator, 3. 
Tocmiey, tnconiTio'to, i. Ixdo,/", 3. 
Ar amieysng, noxa, i r^ffrnfio, 3. 
Ar noyedf laefus, offenfus 
/^ n annoyer, qui danuMim infert 
Annuelf annuus 
Annuallj, quotannis 
An Mntttfity, reditus anniras 
To anmd, abrogo, i. refcindo^ 3. 
Annular, annularis, adj. 2. 
Annullcdy abrogatus, tefcifTus 
Aa^MMMSSrarg, abrogatio,^, aboiiaP;3 


To anwMttciate, annondo, !• 
The emnuneiation, annundatio, 3. 
To anoint, ungo, iaungo, xi, 3, 

{aboiu) circumungo, m, 3. dr* 

cumiinoy levi, 3. {aU over) per- 

lino, tivi, 3. {often) unaits^ i. 

{npon\ fuperinungo, tti, j. 
Anointed, un^i, linitut 
An auointer, unAor, 3 . 
An anointing, un^io, 3. inmidio^ 3. 
Anomalous, itz irregular 
Anon, confeftim, iilico, mox, fta- 

tim, {ever and anon) \^ai\\^KUk 
Anonymous, anonymus, at^. 
Another, alias, {one another) alter 

alteriut, fe invifem, {one after 

another) alternia vidbiis, {^gl^oeher 

mans) alienus, a, um 
To anjiver, refpondeo, di, %* {cor* 

refpond) congnio, 3. cosTenio, 4. 

{excufe) excufo i. 
To anjwer for, (^ondto, f^opondi, *• 
To tfff/coer again, refponib, 1. {a» 

an echo) refono, ui, i. {impu- 

dentfy) obloquor, quutus, 3. 
To anfwer at law, reftipulor, i. 
To anfwer objedtions, diflblTO, 3. 
An anftoer, refponfio, 3. refpen- 

fum, 2. 
Anjkverahle, congruens, confoniA 
To be anfnverable, ^rseAo,Jfsti 
An/werahle to, or for, obligacus 
An anfwerer, refponfor, 3* 
An ant, formica, x. 
Antagonijl, • adverfarius. 
Antartit, auftralis 
Antecedevty antccedens 
To .'»'~V?.v, tempus antiqoam ad« 

Antedated, prochronirmo fignatus 
An anthem, antiphona, t. 
S>X»Anthory*&fiTe, eryfipelas, ^i% n. 
An amickamber, amphithalamus 
Artifbrifi, afitichriilus, 2. 


A P O 

^tHtkhnflisMp antichiiftUnoi 

AHtldpate, inticipo, i. prcvouo^ 4* 

Antiapatei, pracoccupatos 

An anticipating^ aitticifaticMf lad- 

•■ ttpsUsoy 3* 

Atuieipaitngf praeoccapans 

uintic, >ifbio^ 3. mimus, i. 

An arttidotty antidotus, i, f. 

Antimonarcbiealf monarcbiK td- 

Antipathy y odivfiiy 2. faftidtum, an 

Antipodes, antipodes, um, pl« 

An mntifuary, antiquarius^ z, 

Antifuati^ abrogo, i. abolso, 2. 

Antiquated, abrogatus, antiquatus 

Antique, exoletus, antiquus 

An anvil, incus, udis, f. 

Anxiety, anxietas, 3. follcitudo, "inis 

Anxious, folicitus, anxlus 

Any, unuSy quilibet, quifquam, 
quivis, ecquis, ecquifquam, {any 
thing) quicquam^ quidpiam, qnip. I 
piam> qoodvis, {any further) ul- 
terii^s, amplms, {any how) quo- 
quomodd, {any longer) diutius, 
{ary more) amplii^s, {any nvbere) 
ufquam, alicubi, ubivis, ubilibet, 
ufpiam, {any nohither) aliquam- 
diu, {at any time) unquam, quan- 
docunqu^y {awf vfhitber) quo- 
quam, ufquam, quopiim 

Afy man, orone^ quifpiam, quivis 

j^ace, celeritery proper^, adnf» 

Apart, feorfum, feparatim^ advm 

To ftand apart, difto> !• 

J^athy, apatia, 1« 

To ape, fee imitait 

An apborifm, aphoiirmns, 2* 

An apiary, apiarium^ 2. 

Afifif, fee wimicldng 

Apochrypbal, apoc^phuf, m^. 

To apologixe, excufo, i. defendo, 3. 
\ apol9f^e, apologus, 2. fabula, x . 
^po^le^ic, apopIec\icut> adj. 

A P P 

An apoplexy^ apoplexia, x. 
Apofajy^ defe&k), 3. apoftatia^ t. 
An apc^atsy apdUta> !• m« fidei 

To apofiatixe^ 6^clo, feci, 3, de- 

fero, ui, 3. 
An aptfieme, abfcelTuSy 4, apofte> 

ma, dtis, n» 
An ofoftle, apoftoltts, s. 
Apoflle/bip, apoftoJi munus 
Apoftoiic^ apojhiicals apoftolicus 
An apothecary y pharmacopola, a^ m. 
An apothecary^ i (hop, piiarmacopo- 

Hum, 2. 
An apozxm, decodlum, 2. 
To appall, fee aflonljb, dtfcourage 
Apparel, vef^'is, 3. veftimcntuni, 2. 
Apparel {utenjils) apparatus, 4. 
Apparelled^ lee drVjj'ed, drejjing 
Apparent, evideiis, confpicuus 
Apparent crime, crimen flagrans 
To be apparent, fee to appear 
Apparently, manifefic, apcrte 
An apparition, fpe^trum, /. n. 
An appuraor^ lidor, 3. m. 
An appartment, domus pars 
To appeal, dvieio, 3. appcUo, I* 
An ajjpealf appealing^ appcllatio, 3. 
Appealed, dclatus, appellatus 
An appealer, appellant, appellator 
To appear, appareo, 2. parco, 2. 
{above water) exto, t^iti, i. {a- 
hove others) emineo, «i, 2. {a- 
gainft) accufo, I. {for) faveo, 2. 
tutor, I. {in print) audtor feripti 
typis mandati, {Jetm) videor, 2, 
ij^nmewJihU) Uluceo, xi, 2« ef- 
fulgeoy 2. e tenebris prodjre, {a- 
rife) exorior, 7ri, forgo, texi, 3, 
{through a glafs) tranfpareo, erf 
To begin to appear^ patefco, 3. 
To make to appear, demonftro, l» 

oflendo, 3. 
h ahpt*a-s. conflat, imperf. 

A P P 

An appearance {figure) per/bni 
An appearance, or appearing 
wardfeew) fpecies, ei. {com 
of people) coocurfua, 4. free 
cla, I. {likelihood) fimilitudo 
f. {in a court of jujiice) ad 
monium occurius, {above t» 
emerflo, 3. {vifion) vifio, 3. 
trum, if n. 
A firft appearance^ exorlus, 4« 
A day of appearance, dies ftaci 
Appearing, apparens 
To ap^eaje, compefco^ ui, 3, 
pono, ju'iy 3. comprimo, j 
3. fcdo, I. '^hy jacrijice) exp 
AppeujeJy piacatus, propitius 
To be apptafed, placor, I, II 

CO, 3. 
An appcajer^ placator, 3, 
An oppeafmg, placatio, 3, 
An appellant, appellator, 3* 
An apptllation, appellatio, 3. 
Appellati'vey appellativus, adjm 
Appendetitf appendens 
To append, fee hang on 
An appendix, appendix, Ya'j, £ 
To appertain, pertineo,2. iti\ 

exi, 3. 
It appertaineth^ intereft, refefi 
Appertaining, pertinens» fpeffc) 
An apjtetite, appetitus, 4, cC 

tas, 3. 
To have, an appetite, cfarioy A 
An unfatiable appetite^ iagjuivi 
To cfpplaud, applaudo, laud9» 
Applauded, plaufos, landatM 
An applauder, laudator* 3* 
An ttpplauft, applaii£ngf 

Deferving applaufe, plau£bili< 
An a^le, pomum, 2. maliV 
{fummer) malum praecozp 
ter) malum ferotinum, {mt^ 
^^* iH ipi*^^) nux pinet 


Tbei^oftbeeye, acies, 5» 

Aa ififlt hft, pomarium, 2. 

ioktffk feiier, pomariuSy t« 

hMtf^tree, malas, i, f. 
i loiHi ^ks, pooiifer, niaiifer 

ftAtitfpln, pomofus, aJj, 

JffSuh, poteft applicari 

Jf^fU, appiicatas, accommodatus 

kktfflier, accommodator, 3. 

k% ^fljh^, Mpplication, app licat io> 3 

Jf^Hha {ii/igence) diligentia, 1 . 
cn, I. Audiuzn, a. attentio, 3. 

^•tfflf {fut unto) applico, ui, I. 
ipttyi. accommodo, I. appono, 
f^;3. [sSdia Me'x felf 10) it 
ii iliqoid applicarr, {bis tmnd 
Jk an] aDinnoin applicare, fludi- 
ladve, {Uy out money) pecu> 
IBQ impendijv, {addrefi or /»- 
»Mr) aliqucm adire> acccdere> 
ikaliqiio opem pete*-e 

lo if^y ftatuoy a/y eonftitoo, 
3" ('i«^') ««<'o arbitnim, (/o 
aar} nomi no, i. (to orders de- 
J^)ddisnOy afligno^i. (i^i>«) 
Iqipnercribere^ ('•7^) praefti- 
^■,3. pnBferibo,/>/, 3. (la 
fAf^spUce) fobftituo, ai, 3. 
4H^ conftitntva, rlefignatus^ 
aAntfOiy fuppeditatat • 

^ifft utu, conftitutor^ 3. 
^W«arh^ affignatio, 3. defig- 


■ yaafiaf, coiiipaaiun> a« 

(^pariaa) dici cc loci conftita- 

^(nbr) nandatnn, ». (wir^- 

^ , ^^mm, tct Mfrihutf, diftrl 

*% **• 

apcaiy idooeonay Ajf* 
fofitioy 3. 
^yrgfji, pnetiam impontfre 
^H^scftsoMtory 3. (/worn) 
JBt jvudo cooftiivni 

A P P 


An afpraifment, t^aijutg, KfU- ' An aprieot^ malum perficuiB 

macio, 3, 
To apprehetii {tmdirfi*fid) depre- 

hendo, d\, 3. incelligo, exiy 3. 

(y#ar) timeo, 2. (/a/j^^) *ufpi- ! 

cor, z. [feixe) prehendo, <//, 3. 

capio, c^r, 3. {tMkt unawaret) 

intrrcipio, crpi^ 3. 
Apfirehtndtd^ perccptui^ furpe£lus, 

Apprthtn^ngy deprehendent. Set 

the verb 
An apprebenfon {capaetN) ingeni- 

om, z. raptus, 4. Ucultas, 3. 

inteliigentia^ 1. {fiar) timer, 

3. metus, 4. (/ufpicion) fufpicio, 

3. f. (JetM ng) captttfa, i. pre- 

fagax, dcis, acutua. 

lenfio, 3 

An apprentice, tyro, 3. m. difcipu 

la, 1. f. 
An apprenticejbipt tyrodnium^ 2* 
To apprife, tee inform 
To approaeb, appropinqao, x. ac- 
cede,//, 3. 
An approach, acceflus, 4. aditus, 4. 
jlpp^oacbab/e, cui accefTus prsebe- 

Approached to, prop2 admotus 
An approacbirg, appropioquatio, 3^ 
Approbation, approbatio, 3. 
To«/;^r0^i«r«,adrcifco, 3. a(rcro,3. 
A^opriated, aflcrtus, {/it, proper) 

aptus, idoneus 
An appropriation, Tindicatio, 3. 
To approve, approbo, i. compro- 

bo, I. 
I Amoved, approbatus, comprobatus 
An appfovtd aathor, aathor claf- 

An approver^ approbator, 3. 
An ^proving, approbatio, ^. 
An afp^rmanti, appendix, liis, f. 

April, {month) Aprilis 

An apron, prxcin^orium, 2. 

Apt {fit) aptui, idoneus, {iacUned) 

pionui, propenfus, {aSlive) jgi- 

lis, dexter, {to break) fragiJis, 

{to learn) dociiis, {to be merry) 

bilaris, facctus 

Aptntfs, habilita*, g, propenfio, 3. 

ingenium, 2. docillcas, 3. 
Aptly, apte, idonce 
Aquatic, aqvatile, aquatilis, a 
An aqueduSf, aqucduAus, 4. 
Aqueous, aquofus 
A:};:':l':r.ey aquiiinus, tfd^. 
Arabian, Arabicus 
An Arabian, Araht, bis, m. 
Ill A'^abick, Aiabice, adv» 
Arable, arabilis 

Arbitrarily, pro libitu, imperiof? 
^'Airr/fr/nrfj, domintt 0, 1, 
I Arbitrary, imperiofe dominans 
To arlitrate, quaeftionem decidSre 
An arbitration, arbitrimtnt, arbi* 

trium, 2. 
An arbitrator, arbiter, arbiter, ^t 
An arbour, per^ula, i. 
Arch, vafer, aftutus, adj* 
Archnefs, aftutia, I. 
An arch, arcus, 4. 
To arch, arcuo, i. fornico, t. 
An arched roof, Jaquear, aris, nt 
Arched, arcuatus, laqueatus 
Atchiu[fe, arcuacim, a//v. 
An archangel, archangelu', 2, 
ArcNnlhop, arcbirpifcopus, 2, 
Arclhifbcprick, archiepil'copatus, ^ 
Archdeacon, archidiaconuf, 2. 
Archdcamy, archidiaconatus, 4. 
Archducal, archiducalis, ad}m 
An archduke, archidux, ucis, m« 
Arckdutcbefs, archiducifra, I. 
Archetype, arihetypu?, 2. 
An arehduffcdoTn, archiducatus, . 

A R I, 

An archer J fagittarius, ;, m. 

Archery^ ars fagirtaria 

Ar'cb'heretitky hacreiiarcba, <r, m. 

jifxhieplf copal, .archiepifcopalis 

iAn arctiteSI, archite^us, 2. 
^Arcbiteffure, architc^ura, i. f. 

Of architeBure, architeClonlcus 

An architrave, epiftyliura, 2# 

Archives, archiva, orum, d. pi. 

Ar^ick, arfticus, ad] 

Ardency, ardor, fervor, 3. asftus, 4. 

Ardent, ardcns, candcns, acer 

Ardently, fervide, vchcmcntcr 

Ardor, itt ardency ' 

Arduous, arduus, difHcilis 

Area, arca,'i. fgperficies, 5. 

Are, the plural of am, as, fumus, 
eftis, funt, *ioe are, ye are, they 
are, It'is likewife the fign of 
all perfons plural in the prejtnt 
tenfe of verbs pajfive 

Argent, argcntcus, adj, 

to argue (difpute) argumentor, i. 
difputo, 1. {Jh<nu or prove) evin- 
ce, vlc't, 3. probo, I. 

Argued, difputatus, probatus 

An arguer, difputator, 3. 

An arguing, difceptatio, 3. 

An argument, argumentum, 2. ra* 
tio, 3. 

Argumentation, argumentatio, 3, 

Argmentative, argumentalis^ adj. 

Arid, fee dry 

Aright, rcfte, adv» 

To arife {get up) furgo, exi, 3. 
again) rcfurgo, rext, 3. {proceed 
from) nafcor, i. ptocedo, ejHi, 3, 
(«75 the fun) exorior, 4. orior, />/, 
(as waves) undo, i. {together) 
confurgo, rex'i, 3. 

Arj en, furrt£lus, ortus 

Arif:^g, furgen?, oriens, (again) 
refur^enF, {up'tvards) acclivis 
•Jl^mctiea', arithifittKU^, adJ, 

A R O 

Arithmefidan, ariihmcticx peritus 

Ai\thtKc:ic, ar.thmetica, 1. 

All ark, navis, 3. navigiuniy 2. 

area, i. 
An arm, brachium, ;. n. lacfrtus, 

(of the feu) finu<, 4. frctu^n, 2. 

(of a.ine) ramus, 2. (of a vine) 

palm-s, 'it is m. 
Armpit, a la, i. axilla, i. 
To take in the arms, amplc£ior, 3. 
To aim (or take up arms) armo, i. 

{put on arms) arm a indue -e or 

fumcre, {fumijh v>kb arms) ar- 

ma fuppcdirare 
Armament, bcUicus apparatus 
Armed, armatue, armis indutus, 

(all owr) perarmatus, {ivitb a 

buckler) fcutatus, clypeatus, {ivitb 

darts) piiatus, (loitb Jioord) cn'e 

or gladio inflruflus, (ivitb coat 

of mail) loricatus 
An arming, armatura, i. 
Arming, armant, &f<r. Sec the verb 
Armorial, ad arma pertinens 
Armour, arma, orum, pi. n. 
An armourer, faber armorum 
An armoury, armarium, /• n. 
Arms, arma, orum, pi. n. 
To be in arms, in armis efTe 
To lay down arms, arma ponere 
Jxrt-arms, fcFopus, fclopetus, 2. 
By forccof arms, vi et armis 
To bear arms, infignia gentilitia 

Falfe arms, infignia adalterina 
An army, exercitus, 4. agmen, tnis, 

n. acie«, ei, t\ 
To mar&ai znarmy, aciem inftrucrc 
To mufter an army, exerci^tum lu- 

ftrare. To raife an army, mjlites 

Aromatic, aromaticus, adj, 
Arcfe, fee arife 

Artund, ciicum^y^^ue^ undi<^u^ 


To arraigM, in jus vocarc 
Art aigning, in jus vocans 
Arraignment, accufatio, 3. a<fl o, 
Arrangement, digeftio, 3. feiies, 
Arrant, merus. An arrant kriar 

purus putus, nebulo. Arrant ra 

caly vilis homuncio 

N. B. Arrant fignifies notoriot 
very, greatef 
Array, veftes, 3. veftimentum. 
To array y fee clothe 
Arrearage, arrears, reiiqna, f)ru\ 

m. pi. One in arrears, qui a) 

quid infolutum relinquit 
To arreji, prehendere, in jus tr 

An arreft, arrefiing, prchenfio, f. 
Arrefted, in jus tradus 
An arrival, acccfTus, appulfus, 4 
To arrive at a place, accrdo, 

advenio, 4. (as a /hip) appellc 

Arrived, appulfu* 
Arrogance, arrogantia, i. faftus, 
Arrogant, faftofus, arrogans 
Arrogantly, ruperl>e, arroganter 
To arrogate, arroso, 1. alTumo, 
Arrogated, fibi afTnmptus 
Arrvw, arondo, "init, f. fagit^3, 

(broad and barbed) tragula, 

(headi) mucro, 3. cufpis, "idis, i 
Of arrows, fagittarius, adj. 
The arje, podex, ^icis, m. 
An arfenal, armarium, /, n. 
Arfenic, arfenicum, 2. 
An art, ars, tis, f. (cunning) art! 

cium, 2. (black) magice,«, f. 
Thou art, es, 2d perf. otfum ; a 

a fign of the idperf,fing, in t 

prefent tenfe of verbs pajftve 
An artery, arteria, i. 
An artichoke, cinara, 1. 
Artful, fuhnlis, calidus, (made 

art) fa^iicius, artificial i« 

■ Artft^r 


Ar*fv^i, elcfan cr, fubtiliter 
Aa^'^tki:, articulu.% 2. caput, 3. 
cwJ.iiy, 3. convcnta, orum, n. pi. 
iffriiioi marriage, padHo nuptialis 
Mnw article, articulatim 
Tonrtui: with, cum aliquo pacif- 
ci, {l>ranci) into artichs) articul.i- 
rim d)vi(i^r-, (/« break) pa^ta 
coflvrHere, [againfi one) accufo, 
I. (rs ^.r/') ihrc conveotis, {to 
jtrrtrdfr upon articles) Jub con- 
Atjombus oeiiJ^ie 
ifcr/i/, conrcntus, pa£iut 
Jrt-csuir^ aiticularis 
Arpihliti^ diftiadlus 
ArticuLnrffy diftinfle, articulatim 
Anetyiftt ars. 3. artificium, 2. 
nfitnif.cer, artitex, k/s, 3. 
At.f.r,sly fj£(itius, conciiinus 
it'i'iy, tormenta bcllica, (ii 
frm if) ferit?, or apparatus tor- 
otntorum bellicorum 
hartiH^ op fex, i«V, artifex, 3. 
^H mfuiie, tf^'i'. inf»iru«, ry<^', 
A {imf4\i/.^ :i/K'd of a -lion) dun, 
w,ci;?n, ip, ubi, fup?r, ;ntcr,&c. 
(•a f'jirjparifons, and anfwerifij: 
to ji'i, /j, &c.) is rendered by 
Suijrquaii.'! ; (in one part of a 
focncc afifwi'fciing to y5 in tl.s 
oltr) IS n^.adc by atque. quern- 
•«3?'.:urr., cucmo io, ficur, i'a, 
T-ior, ut (in the i-itter clnuic 
«a icnt'Toce anfwpfiug toy"'*, rr 
«f:3r, »rft^-i&, //>'/>, f-orty.fiijK 
'^ji'^ made by quann, qiian:ur, 
p", •r u: with a fuperlarivc j 
(j! fC;oi*bled With a verb or a'l- 
j-'Hrc b.twixr, anH ihc parri 
f!«. i> /i, thy he, &c. ;.fier i', 
K T.i:* i»y; (^uamlibeC or qiiam- 
*■ • So iicLi.-nes it is put for 
^^v.'jtvy, ^nd is m»»e byq'.iar.- 
t*:uu^;e 9r ^uantulufcunqMe. 


A S 

Ai !• rorncii.nes put for in f'-h 
rcgiird or rcpeH^ an«J mjivir by 
uc, qua, or tanquam. y^f, an- 
fwering to ^ or *«5, where tqiia- 
liiy fs imimated, rr cmpiriton 
of one thing wiih arunhcr, is 
made by a.'que ac, arqn^ a:ri:f, 
aqu<f qiiam, taTi, quan), non, 
baud, or nihilo in iuh, quani. 
Ai, fu'nifyini accsrdifigly^ or 
propf^rtlunahly as^ is ma e by u*^, 
uti, licut, pr->, pmut, ita ut, pio 
ep ac, pro eo a' que, perinde uc, 
perinde atquc, ] ro«nde, proinJe 
ac, utcunque, ^c, 

Ai {'which, or 'wh'tch thing) quoJ, 
id quod, {ujedfor if) fi 

As for^ or a: to^ de, quatcnus, 
quantum, quoad, ad 

As Uing^ ut, ut pote, quippe, fcil'rct 

Ai far as, qua, quantum, quoad, 
ufque, ufqu<» ad, ulque eo 

As ift as though^ quafi, perinde 
quafi, perinde ac H, tanquam, ut 
fi, taiiqu.tmqui, tanquam fi, non 
fccue, nc fi, juxta ac fi, itaut fi 

Ai it wjrf, ut, leu, qoufi, tanq'iam 

As Icnv asy quamdiu, taniciu, tan- 
tifpfr durn.quoai ufque du;nJu:r. 

As 6i^ fts, tf« hjti tif, inl^ar, prnjf. 
wiih a R> cafr 

As tH,7f.y rfi, tot, totiJem, quot- 

, qu.1t, qu'»iiconque 

/!': much, tan'unn 

A^ n:uih .« evrr, ut cum maximc, 
quani UR miximi 

Ai '^ffen as, qu<)ti-scnnqne, totles 

ii j'jfAf! as, ubi. cum, ciinn primum, 
utjfimul ac, funul ul, fimnl a que 

.Is [.an as ei'cr, ubi primum, iit 
pr-mum, cum primum, fimul ac 
pr mnm, or 

.'h luilt as, ut, taanquam, afque ac 

A S I 

As yet, a.H»uc. A'^f as yet, nee 

dum. As rich as hs is, qtiam 

libet dives. Such us it is, quali 


ToacenJ, afccndo, di, -, 

AfitnJtinrt uucWita?, 3. f. {cf t 

^atii'it)') borofcopus, jt. 
An afcendingf a'cfjion, afccnHo, 3 
An a'ctnt, jocus ajtus 
Toa;:trtainy W&h lio,4. confirmo, 1, 
Afcf'tair.cJ, cerluf, confirmatus 
An afccrtairirir^ confirmaiio, 3. 
AfcetiCy aftctKus, adj. 
To afcrile, impute, i. arrogo, X. 
.Jfcrihedt attnbutus, imputatus 
A/haniidy vcrecundus 
To be a/bamed, erubcfco, ui, 3. 
To TKji:: ajbamed, pudore aiiqucm 
ShanitfuJ, pudendus, turpis 
An ajh, fraxinus, /, f. 
AJh coloured, cincritius, adj, 
Ajhen, fraxineus, ad^. 
Ajh pyednefday, dies cincrum 
Ajhes, cinis, iris 
Pale as afies, cineritiu?, ad), 
Ajh^ar, in tcilure, fuper terram. 
*^9 c'.mf ufioar, e navi defcendere. 
'7-. put a/hoar, in terram deponerc 
A'tii-, fvinrfum, oblique 
To fet alide an order or decree, rc- 

cindo, 7^/.', 3. autiquo, i. 
AfininCy afinaiiu?, ad}. 
To ajk {a qutftion) interrogo, I. 
rogo, 1. {a^an:) \ept;{en, fci, 3, 
{jiivrc) conluio, 3. (require) rc- 
quiro, /iW, 3. (hoJi'y) poftulo, i. 
{cn*K'p/,') oroj I. (tvith fucctfi) 
exor>, I, {the price^ as a buyer) 
lifitor, I. (^5 a JcUcf) indico, i. 
{in church) fururas nnptias fo. 
iemuiter dcnunciare, {frcquen'ly) 
jcq!i r:to, I. {humh!y) inpplico. 
I. {indufhi-ujly) pcriiuiro, fi"^'' 

C a 


3. {mournfully) imploro, X. jji- 1 
cretly) fuppeto, // or ;t//, 3. (as 
a lover) proco, i. 
AJkedy interropatus, rogatus 
An ajker^ poftuUtor, 3. percontator 
AJkeWf fee atuty 

An ajking, poftulatio^ petitio, 3. 
(of advice) confultatio, 3. (of a 
quiftion) rogatio, 3. (humbly) tup- 
plicatio, 3. (in^utrin^) inquifitio, 
3. (intr eating) obferratio, '|»eti- 
lio, fuppFicatio, 3. (demanamg) 
poftulatio, 3. (ofhanns) itz bantu 
Afiant, oblique 
yfJUipt forono opprefTus 
1 o jUfp, dormio, 4. obddritiifco, 
3. (fallafieep) dormito, I. (lull 
ajleep) foporo, j. iomnum 10- 
Sleepy^ femifopitus, femifomnis 
To be djleepy fee to be numbed 
A lulling afieep^ fomni indu£tio 
J^Jlope, oblique 
j^jparagusf afparagus, 2. 
An afpe£If afpeftus, 4. profpcftus,4. 
yAfperttyt afperitas^ 3. 
^o afperfci defamo, i. jnfaroo, i* 
Afperjedy infamatus, dffamatus 
An afpcrjknf fee fpr inkling 
An a,perji(,n, infamia, i. 
An ajpirjtte, fpiritus afper 
An flr/^/r/;:^,ambit'js,4. cupiditas,3, 
' To afpirc (breathe) afpi ro, i . {Jirive ) 
znaitOTf fus or xus J 3. [unta ho 
Hour) honores ambxrp, (/»/, to, or 
afur) magna afl"eft<«re, (tf an 
afpiring mind) eJati animi 
jifquintt oblique, tranfverfe 
To ajail, fee a£ault. Sec, 
An afs, afinas, i, m, adna, <f, f, 
A wild afs, onager, gri, m. 
Cole of an afsy pulius ailni 
Belonging to an afs, aAuinua 
in aft^driver, annarius 


An a/i^ (ttfinil 

A([a'4, {t^ajfaale 

ToaJ/^iJiiiatf, ejc infidits interrimere 

An sjfjjiffsrt^if, cades ex infidiis 

To ijjUMlff j^gredior, ffus, 3. ado- 

i'OTi riiiff 4» invadOy 3. 
An &ff&ahittg^ ajjiiult^ impetus, 4. 
To tiikf bv tijT&ult, cXi'ugno, I. 
Won tiy a^ifit, VI capTus,ezpugn'atus 
j^lftrtiiied^ opp'jgnatus 
An tifjaulnr, 4ggre(ror, 3. 
An iij/^yjajjjyi/igt rentamen, /ff/V,n. 
To aj/^yj prohn, tento, i. (again) 
J-cttnto, I. (beforehand) praten- i 
to^ (. i^riutly) fubten o, I. 
Ajjii^fdf lent 31 us, probaius. See 

An silfaytT, tentator, 3. infpedor, 3. 
An ifjUm^'liJ^e, coecervatio, 3, 
To ajjimbk [aSl.) convuco, con- 

|rcgi}j J, ipafs) convenio, 4. 
Ajjkn.blid,, colJe61us, conjun<Sus 
Aa jj/lm^hug^ co gregatio, convo- 
caTio, '^. convent us, 4. concilium 
An ajlimhh'f coefus, 4. fynodus 
To ajfcntj twmprobo, i. aneatior,4. 
An sjfr-ftf^ alTerifus, 4. 
ToaJ/etf [ajfrm) affirmo, T. aflero, 
3» {v'sndi:^ti) det'endo, 3. tueor 
AJ^ted^ iilTc»tus, viniicatus 
All dpt-rifort^ aflVrt'O, affirmat^o, 3. 
An a^prtitig.. (ieaJ/in/il/.g^nJiKdicati'g 
Aa aJftTHr, vir.viex, iff/i, aflertor, 3. 
To fyjf'h, tributum imponcrc 
/ijfjc?.^ ttriiiiiS, 0dj, 
An iijfjfffitnti cenfus, 4. tributum 
An aJ/^/ar ot taxes, cenfor, 3. (in 

an Jj^emyy) aficdor, 3, 
AjJktSj bona reilantia 
Ao ajevcratisn^ a(feveratio,*3. 
Aj^dfiity, afiTi Juitas, 3. feiulitas, 3. 
Ajjhfuifuii alTidou', ffdulus 
1 o ii^ffign {titrt.) praeft.iuo, 3. (place) 
iat^ico, 3. {any thing) aliigao, I. 


(a penfion) ftatuo, 3. (a U 
aHi^no, i. (artajon) reddo, 3, 
An affign, ajjignee, aflignaius 
AJpgnabU, aflignari poteft 
Aligned, ailignatus, addlif>us 
At; ajjignment, denunciatio, 3. 

ftriDutio, 3, allignatio, 3. 
To ai'tnilatef fee /iken, counterfe 
An ajjuey or affifei^ or oJjix.cs, 

mitia judicum provincialia 
To hold ajjijes, jus pfo tnbui 

dice re 
To affxfe weight and meafurr, p 

derum et menfurarum jura p: 

An ajji'er, sdilis, 3. fignat'^-r, \ 
To ajjifl (aid) anjuvo, i. opitu 

atus, (Jland by) diG\&.o, ft^i, \ 
Ajfiftance, jjuxilium, 2. ops, 3. 
An ajjiftant, adjutor, 3. m. (/3 

adjucrix, f. 
-^JflC'td, adjutus 
y^jji/lingf adjuvans 
Am ajociate, focius, /*. m. famil' 
To ajjjhciarej famiiiaritatrm conti 
Affhciaied, foederc conjund^us 
An ajjociaiion, coniociatio, 3, 
Ajj'oon, cuCT), ubi, poftqnanri 
To aJJ'ume, arrogo, i aflumo, 
An ajjuming per Ton, nimis arr»; 
An ajfumption, aflTumptio, 3. 
Ajfuiance ('warrant) cauiio, 

(artainty) cert a notitia, (o 

dince) audacia, 1. (fcuriy) 

curitas, 3. (pledge) pignus, 

n. fides, (of great ajurance) 

dax. See impudence, fecu 

To affure (affirm) afTero, 3. s 

mo, 1. (protetl) lueor, a. 

fendo, 3. (a tiing) firmo, i. 

promije) policeor, 2. 
Afjurcd, ccitus, confirmatns 
OtHces of ajurance, fee irfurat 

A T 

\Turedt erploratum habeo 
^, ce:t4>, lidenter 
iee hfurery Injuring 
'j^^(act.) muigo, i. lenio, 
ac", I. To be aU'toagedi 
.) fubfido, 3. dctumco, 2. 
'./, niitigatas, Icnitus 
/AT'?'', mitigator, 3. 
vgj mhigatorius, a\j» 
iffiif afhmj, iitis, n. 
(.', aiha}4ticus^ a/^'. 
i!b, <ce af'igbt 
hifofdyinxror^ I. ohflopefco 
fi attonjtns, peituflTus 
r.lfoiiigy a;!jnip>mc»ty con- 
tio, 3. ilupor, 3. 
ftraddU, varico, 1. 
or fit afiraddlfy divaricatis 
)us f;dcre, ^e^ultare , 
crrans, errabundus 
j;?/^jy, vapor, 1. erro, T. Tc 
G^'-'.'v, a via re£la abducere 
|#/nj;, erratio, 3. 
fljr, beilia ercatica 
:r.cjy aflrs£lio, 3. 
tttt^ aflringingy comprimeBS 
• fee aflrddMe 
ffT, aftn^ogos 
\xdy afhologicQS, adjm 
*jt afirologia 
mry aftronomusy 4ujF. 
w)Ff afironomia, f. 
r, fcpCTatim, feoffum, ^^t'. 
\a!urukry feparo,!. diiroIvo,3. 
anfwer^d by divert prepofi- 
v>^viz. a, ab, ad, ante, apud, 
fnm, ex, my inter, fub, fu- 
Pfo, asy incipiam a Romu- 
/ M'l.l brgin at Romubu ^ ab 

Rf iin« is the fign of the if^Zu- 
•:'>, aj, primo afpe^o, tf/ 

'^i ' . 4 name of a r./y or 

A T R 

towny and befoie home and i&«»/2', 
is the fign of a genitive c/i/?, a?, 
tf/ Londo:, Lordini ; at heme or 
thci'mfgy do mi 

y^if h IS iVv^ral other interrretatinns 
and conftrui5tior»s, as, at a ven- 
twe, fortuiro. Jit hand, prrelld, 
prope. At fcottd bandy frcunda 
cm,tijne. At ally omnino, 
prori'us, quicquamy unquum. At 
any ti/Ke, nequandj. At beflj ut 
cum maximc. Af firfiy priono, 
pri:run. ^f /;»/,. tandem. At 
ro time, nunqu am « 4^ mofiy 
fiitimiVm, ad rummum, omnino. 
Ar that f/W, tunc, turn, illo 
tempore. At this . timey jam, 
hodc, nnnc dlerum. At leafty 
^altem, certe, vel. At lei fur e^ 
oiiofe. At lengthy aliquanco, 
tandeiD} drmunny denique. At 
oncfy fimul, femel, pariter, fitnul 
et hvnti. At unawarrety inopi- 
naco, repeote, ex improvifo, in- 
opinanter, derepente.uO tbtmoo^fi^ 
ad extremom. 

To be at charges, fomptus infumere 

To atcbievty fee achieve. Sec, 

A notable atcbievementy facinus 
prxclarum, cgregium, iUuftre 

I ate, fee eat 

Athiifnty atbeia, I. atbeifmas^ a. 

Atheijiy athcQS, a. 

Acheijiicaly atheifticus 

To be athirfiy fitio, 4. 

Athletic, athleticus, adj. 

Athwart, tranfverfe, adtf, 

A:mtjpbcrey vaponini fphera 

An utomy atomus, iy f. corpufculum 

Atone, fee attone 

AtrocifiuSy atrox, 7cis 

Atrofiottjly, atrocitcr, adv, 

Atrccityy atrocitas, 3. 

To attUKi.' f^df.'aln) ctftineo, 2* {ta^f 


prifynsr) prehendo, comprehea- 

^o» 3* pignoror, i. 
To be attached to, adhiereo, %. 
Attachedy prehenfos, addi£lus 
An attaching, attackmenty alltpatio, 

retentio, 3. prehenfio, 3. fdhefio 
An attack, aggrcflxo, 3. impetus, 

4. appugnatio, 3. tentatio, 3. 
To attack [quarrel) provoco, i. {an 

enemy) aggredior, 4. imil^re in 

hoftem, (a tonon) appugno, i. 
Attacked, provootus, appngnatus 
An attacker y provocator, 3. 
To attain unto, potior, 4. attingo.7. 
Attalnahky affequendtis. obtinendus 
An attainder^ crimen IxfiC majeftatis 

procerum lutfragiis juaicanduoa 
A bill of /i/rj;Wrr, libcllus accufa- 

torius a;J»d regni procercs 
Attained unto, impetratus, potitus 
Attainment, attaining, impetratio, 

3. Of good attainments, eruditus 

eximius, adj. 
To attainty accufo, x. evinco, 3. 
To attaint, fee taint, corrupt 
Attainted, accufatus, eviftus 
To attempt, con6r, i. audeo, 2* 
An attempt, aufum, 2. conatus, 4. 
Attempted, inceptus, molitus 
An attemptery inceptor, molitor^ 3* 
Attend upon, praeftolor, i. euro, i* 

fervio, 4. (unto) aufculto, i. See 

to xvait upon 
Attendance, attendingy obfequium, 

2. expe£latio, 3. minifterium, 2. 
Attendance on bufinefs, diligcntia 
An attend/tnce, fee retinue, train 
An attendant, aflecia, I. comes, ¥tit 
Attendant on, prasdoJans 
Attended, curatus, deduftua 
Attended by or with, concern Jtat as 
Attention, attentio, 3. inffntio, 3. 
.'^•tenti'vey attcntu.»j, intentus 
Attf-'ilvicy nttcnrt^, intewto anifl 
C ; A'-cn 

A U D 

jittentivnufSf fee attention 
To attsnuatef fee to UJfen, &c. 
To attffif fee evidence, witnefs 
Atte/ied, conHgnatus, conBrmatus 
Attire, ornttus, 4. See dreft 
Attitude, corporis pofitio, fitus 
To atttfue, expio, i. compenfo, i. 
An attonement,com^tn.(2X\o, expiatio 
Attoned, expiatu9, compenfatus 
Not to be attoned, inexpiabilis 
Aa attorney y {at law) procura- 
tor rerum forenfium, {0/ the 
king) procurator regiarum cau- 
To attract (dravf to) attraho, 3. 
{allure) illicio, exi, 5, (the eyet) 
xd^fUi, 3. allicio, exiy 3. 
AttrjiSeJ, actra^us, ilieStus 
AttraEiior^ or atiraEiingy attra^io, 
3« {hyfairnioordi)\\zTi!ii\\\7t,arum^ 
t. pi. {alluring) i'ieceb^s, i, 
AttraBive, attrahens, blandus 
An attribute^ attnbntum, 2. 
To atir'tlfute, attribuo, 3. aiTumo, 3, 
Attributed, attributus, yindicatus 
An attributing^ attribution 3. 
Attrition, aitritio, 3. 
To availi profuna, confero, tUli, 3, 
A'V4jilablef:\i\tns, tis, efficax, dcit 
A'vailment, emolumentum 
It avalletby conducit, refert 
A'^'atJt 1 abi ! apage ! 
Avarice, avaritia, i. /brdes, /aw 
Atforicious, avarus, {nigardly) par- 

cus, ibrdidus 
Avar'uhttjly, avare, parte, fordide 
Avd'iciovjnffs, (tt a-uarict^ 
A^ajit mai.e maoe 
An cuEfion, auftio, 3. 
An cuf Honker, au^ionanus, 2. 
7o Ah by auSion, audtionor^ j. 
/ui^"rQu\^ improbus audax 
4»daeioufiy^ improb^, audacler 
'pf'W/«f,'i,audac a, i.improbitas 

A U L 

Audible, audiendus, fononis 

Audience {atl of h-aring) audientia, 
I. {audittry ) c<£t\M, I. conventus 

Audience of leave, audientia vale* 

An audit, rationum examinatio 

To audit, exam i no, i. 

An auditor, auditor, 3. {of ac- 
compts) calculator, 3. {of the esi- 
cbejuer) fifci procurator 

To avenge, ulcifcor, u/tus, vindico,!. 

Avenged, ultus, vindicatus 

Not avenged, inultus 
An avenger, ultor, 3. 
An avenging, uitio, 3. v nd>£li, i. 
An avenue, aditus, introi'us, 4« 
To aver, aHero^ «/, 3. 
Average, aequa diftributio 
Averred, fcrio affirmatus 
An averring^ averment, con6rmatio 
Averfty averfus, alienus, abhorrens 
Averjion, accufatio, f . failidium, 2. 
To give an averjion to, ab aliquo 
abalienare. To have an averfion, 
alieno animo efTe 
Deferving averjion, averfabilis 
To avert, averlo, //, 3. abduco, xi 
Averted, averfus, abdudlus 
To augment, tugeo, xi, 2. amplio, 
z. (or be augmented) tccrefco, 
eviy 3. augeor 
An augmenter, amplificator, 3. 
An auger, terebella, z. 
An augur t augur, rii, m. 
Auguration, augury, augunum, /', n. 
Of an augur, augural*s, adj, 
Auguji, auguilus, magnificui, ad}, 
Avguji {the month) Auguftus, s« 
An aviary, aviarium, /, lu 
Avidity, ^viditas, atU, f. 
Auhward, inhabilis, ineptus 
Aukzvardfyy inepte, minus apte 
Aubivaranefs, ineptia, a, f. 
Aa aitlf fubuisi^ j. 

A U T 

AuRe, aulicus 

An aumelet, ovorum intrita in 

tagine fri^a 
An aunt, amita, matertera, i« 
Avocation, avocatio, 3. 
To <ia/wV ()ftx/«) devito, i. fugi 

3. vito, I. {quit) oifccdo,^ 

{a blow) declino, i. See tc 
Avoided^ evitatus, deviatus 
Eafily avoided, evitabilis 
Not to be avoided, inevitabili! 
An avoiding, evitatio, 3. dev- 
Avoirdupois weight, libra fed 

To avouch, affcvcro, 1. coaiV 

aflirjno, i. {for another) fpoi 
AvouchahU, atlirmari poteft 
Avouched, affirmatus, vindical 
An avoucher, fponfor, 3. 
An avouching, fponfio, g. 
To avow, profiteor, feff'us, «• 
Avowable, vlndicari poiell 
Avowed enemy, hoftts declara 
Avowedly, aperte, ex profeiTo 
An avower, affirmator, 3. 
Avowry, purgatio, juftificatio 
Avo^vtry, adulterium, 2* 
Auricular, auricblaris, adj. 
Aufpidoui, fauftus, confpicatv 
Aufpicioujly, aufpicato, faufte 
Aufpidoufnefs, felicitas, 3. 
Auftere, aufterus, feverus 
Au^erely, fevere, auftere, duri 
Aujlerenefs, aufterity, feveritas, 

riuSf aufteritas, 3. 
Authentic, authentical, certae / 
Authentic papers, auftoritates, 1 
To make authentic^ facere rat 
Authenticity, autbenticalnefs, 

rei cognitio* 3. 
Mide authentic, au£loritate 

An author {Toriter) au£tor, fcr 
3. {inventor) conditor, j, 





(!f«i5iw)kgiflator, 3. (of mtf- 
ditf) capgt leJoit, Uhief) dox et 

MmMive, mthoritate firmatus 
Mmtatheh, aothoritate 
^^1 auihoritas, 3. ju9,Juris, 
■. (tow) licentia, i. (cAi*/) 
fRBitas^. {fuotatt0n) autboritas 

01 put Mtbiritj, prspolens, (of 
fij Mhtrity) parum pollens, 
{nathoritj) mafiftratus aa£h>- 
note valensy (wir^ aMtb0rity) 

Tf oaJl io Mthcnty^ pnepolleo^ i. 

^•^mntbmty^uiionXMtm dare 

T« {peak with autbtity, cum po- 

Ti«£«rr», andoritate nanior,4. 

Mmzid, an^tohtate monitot 

hmtttraang^ Jicentia, I. 

^*«, aotuinnin, /, m. 

^MtaMv, aotumnalit, tJj» 

^JK aTvlfio, s. 

Ab^i^, aoxiliam, aJJ. 

'^flur, ezpcdfs >• maneo^ St 

;^*i tigibiis, vigil 

'•«Hlr (aa.) excitoy i. fafdto, 
1. (ocot.) espergifcor, reffu. To 
^ r k^ mdfc^ vigiloy I* 7^ 
'vffnoiry infiwiJiii cubare 

**'Vt expencoiiBy conmiotiit 

Wiwdk^ femUbmnii, « 

*>««i^adiiidico, 1. addico^',3. 

^ntrdf litis adjudicado 

^*i«H adjudicatvs 

^•^ fe.em, prcfcias. A'bf «- 
Mc, ignanu, ncTdiiiynecopioos 

"•Wnwr*, caveo,v/» 3. prevideo 

^' (^/) Tab ! (iegQfte) apage 

f*9 fa* ^^•^) aoeo, ii vcl 

^4* {tthatm) aufero, ah» 

B A C 

i^BM^ rererentia, x. metus, 4. 
To ftand in atve, timeo, 1. 
To keep in awtf coerceo, t. 
Awed, detenitus. See cowftl 
AwfuU Tenerandus, horrendus 
Aufkifyt venerande, tembilit^r 
Afvkvutrd, fee aukward^ &c. 
An awl, fee uul 
An tfwff of corn, an'fta, x. {of 

wine) menfura 360 lb. 
An awning, velonim pnetentara 
Awoke, fee awake 
Awry, fee crooked 
To go awry, oberro, i. To look 

awry, obliqu^ tueri. To tread 

awry, diftortia calccii incedere. 

To turn or ftt awry, torqueo,/, 

s. diftor<)ueo, 2. 
KnaK, fecurii, it^f, {kroad ax) do- 

labra, i. {poll ax, or hattle ax) 

bipennis, {cl'if ax) dolabella, i. 

(pick ax) bipennis 
An axle-tree, axis, ii, m. 
An axiom, axioma, SmMtis, n. 
The axis, diametnii fpbaer» 
Ay, imo, maximi 
For ay (ever) Ktemoin 
^ AM / bei mihi ! ehen ! 
Axhautb^ drculut Terticofut 
AssMrt, ccemleus 
An aTSurt ftonc^ lapis lazuli 


TO hen like n iheep} balo, x. 
To babble, garrio,4. deblatero 
A babler, garrulus, i, m. 
A babblingy garrulitas, 5. 
A babe or babf^ infans, tit, c. 
A baby, fae doU 
Babylonifi, JBabylonius, ae^, 
Bacchanali, Bacchanalia, um^ pU 
Baickus, Bacchus^ i. m. 

B A F 

A bachelor, ccelebs, Ibis, n. 
To back, f«e to ajifl, moxnt, Sreai 
a borfe, bring, cafi, coau, dtivt, 
retreat, rtjhre, give back, gt 
back, write back, keep back, look 
had, pay back, pull back, fend 
hack, put hack, turn hack, rollback 
A back, tergum, dorfunHy »• n« 
To backbite, vitupero clam 
A backbiter, obtrcAator, 3. m. 
A backbiting, obtredatio^ J. f. 
The backbone, fpina dorfi 
Or* the backbone, fpinalis ' 
The back parti, pofteriora, »m, pU 
A back room, camera interior 
A back (hop, officina poftica 
Back flairs, fcalae pofticK 
A hack fide {yard) cori poftica 
The backjide, podex, /Wi, m. 
Back or backjide, adj. averfua 
A back/word, machera, I. 
A backfiidin^, dcfcrtio, 3. f. defcAio 
Backed, adjutus, levatus 
Backwardif adv. retro 
Backward, tte adverfi to^ negligewtf 

To be backward, cunftor, 1. 
To go backward and forward, ob- 

Backwardnefi, (tt averfion^ finonefi 
Bacon, lardum, i, n. 
Bad, adj. parvus, malut 
Bad {J!ck) rger, aegrotus 
Bad hoursi multa node^ (ei8 
To be very had, (ctfok 
Bade, fee biddcH 
A badge, tei&ra, i. f. infigne 
Badly, (tewickedfy, difficulty 
Badneft, pravitas, 3. U 
To baffle, fallo, decipio, 3. 
Baffled, deceptus, delufus 
Abaffing, deceptio, 3. dolui^ !• 
Bajiing, deapiens, falieos 

B A L 

A hgffer, ^eptor, delofor, j^ 
AA^'iaccas, z. 
A Jitiie hag^ locains, 2. 
Acl6ak-Ad^, man^cv, f, 
^^^'heartr^ faccarius, 2. m. 
•Jronrfajp^ fwotus, o^*. 

'i'^J*!!? ^*'^'' impcdinaenta 

A ia^;f^Cy aalier improba 

3aj?gage^ fcrera, orwn, p!. 

A ^«^ Bcty retrcDium fobtiluis 

A tttffw^ baltietun, ». fornix 

A ba^.pife, ribia irtriolaris 

AA/^^^tfr, olijculafius, 2, 

^0^9. va<Kmoniom, 2, n. 

A'*', or furey {h niminaF mafters) 

««> a£s^ m. {farMey prjcs, dn 
^o&rebail, vademdarc 
^hailon^ vaHcm fiftjre 
J^t^^e, vadimomuin intcrponi 

Fa'ikd, vadJmoni'a liberatas 
^ I'mFiif {nragiflrau) pr«tor, f/c-r- 

'^ iJirpmrator, {af a hundred) 

TmBvmi^iy jorrfdiafo, j, f, 
A/^, cTea, i. rm-itamentum, 2. 
/•Awf, (^4r^iwlr>inerco, iJlicto 
^9 bmt {ai ms im) drverfor, x, 
^o A*> a book, cica luunam ob- 

?c Wr (A^^r) Faccfl'a, 5, 
*• b»ir a ^v^", taujutn cambos 

row) mfrrerr 
A 90tffir^^U^c, A'verforrwn, 2» », 

^l.^'^i/^ piftw, cciffirf, coSUif 

A//c>«r, p2f^or, errs, m, 
A ia^ad, caalirom, 2, 


A B^ny, podiom, 
.^ii/df, adj. calvus, depilis 
A^t^^/iiifcourfe, fermo indpidus 
Tobe^flA/, calvsfto, 3. 
Ba!derdaJh,hx\z'lo, ginis, f, 
Baldneiif calvities, «i. f. 
A bale^ farrinn, i. fafciff, 5. 
A little ^j/r, taicicolus, 2. 
Baleful, tr.ltis, mcellns 
A.balkoi wood, trabs, ;5. t'pnnm 
To ^tf/f, fcepafs b-^y dijappoim 
\balli*i play wtb, pila, 1. 
Ball'fJayvi^j pililudium, a. 
A ball-playtTf pila ri us, 2, 
A foot-ball t pila pedal is 
5tf//of til e hand, ptlina, i. 
Bjiloi the eye, oculi pupilla 
A bail ox buUcty globulus, a. 
The ^i/// of a pillar, fccia, i, 
A 'vjajb'bally maama, tf//i, n, 
Pri liter's ha't^ tucies, //,t 
A bill' {in da'-ang) celebres chorea 
Pitnllance^ libra, Oa'era, i, 
A Balfartce {even ntieigbt) aeqoipon 

diurn, 2. 
To ballance, pondcff aequare 
Ballancedf in aequipondio pottos 
A ballancer, libripens, dit 
To ballixnce accounti, rationes sequare 
A ballafler, clathru^ 2» 
A bcdlat hox,, cifta 
To ^tf//(jfy fuffragf a In ciftatn mitterc 
BalfenTy opobalfaiDun?, 2. 
Ba'.my, balfamlc^ haliaminn? 
A A^^, Pdiftum, 2. ex£cratio, 3 
A ^tfffie/^(ye) vinculum, x. 
A band qS MiAtjZy caterv^, y. gre» 
A parfon's hartd, collate faccrdorale 
A hizyd under one captain, m:>ni- 

pulus, 2. 
ITy ^rf^f^j, ttrrmatJm, tfAr. 
A bandit t'if JaUo<i»;5 
A hatrdff c}av> <alc?*a 
|Tc?^;rr^V kztyonj^ire 


BandVf A;c croiktd 

A lurnfl.'j^rc^ li^'atura, I. 

A Atf«// Ao.v, ciflcllub, !♦ 

^<r/7r, piina, i. mors, 3. 

Ba fief id J noxiiis 

To bari/h, in ejc ilium mittcre 

To be tampxdt exulo, i. 

Banijhedf cxulans, ablcifatus 

A b<jnipjcd rmn, exui^ ^'lis 

A banijhingf relegatio, 3. 

A bamjbmetit, exilium, profcrlptl 

Banijicn, clathri, o-ww, m. 

A bank {bil'.ock) tumulus, a. (^ 

river) ripa, i. {fbelf in the p 

arenari.^ mol(«5, {of oars) reiw; 

urn fubfcUium, (of PiOJtey) pel 

nia; acervus 
The public bank, locws pubF< 

ubi nwliOTum pccun.a icrvjtof 
A bank bill, fyngrapha publics f 

A banker y numwlarius, 2. 
A bankrupt f conturbatm-, j. 
To be a bankrifpty decoqno, e»a 
Bankruptcy, rationum conturbad 
To banne, fee to ban^ to curfi 
A banner^ vcxiliam, 2. ftgimm 
Bamti of matrimony, futuran 

nuptiaroin folcmnis dcnuniiati( 
A banquet, conviviuro, 2.epulae,j 
'Vo banquet, {i£t IQ fcafi 
A banpteter, convjva, <r, epulo 
A banqueting-boup, epularium, 3 
Of a ban^uety convivialis, adj, 
,A bavfet, j^catio, 3. luius fcuni 
To bant'.r, Jcr.Jo, irridc, 3. 
I>y «vay of battter, jocofe, aihf. 
To turn tf> banter, in rtdicttk 

A batterer, homo jocolarls 
Hapfiffyt, bapJifma, ^Vij, n. 
laptifita!, b.iprifmalir, «y^'. 
Pay of" Ixii.iih^f d>«^s)nl[)iicuS 

Lifmi facer 

(for a fence) 
I door) obex, 
igulom (hin- 
um, a. mora, 
r) abacus (in 
oria (darting 
where caufe:» 
i in tore 
rxcludoy 3. 

5. inhuma- 

r, inhumane 


ius (ofgrafi, 
cloatbs) pan- 
ps, <ipii (lean) 
tritus {bare- 
'joted) difcal- 
capite aperto 
tantunn, tan- 

tuli, ifli 
denude, i. 

*c, glabreo 



mey) tenuitis 


) paflom (a 
pretii (it is 

ditio (ajeft) 

paamt, 3. 


The bargain maker, pa£lor> 3t 

Bargained. pa£los 

A hartrainingf pa£tIo, 3, 

A barge, lin»cr, eris, 3. navigiom 

A barge ctjit, naviculator, 3. 

Baik of a tree, cortex, uh, f, 

{Jefitlts) cortex Peruvianas {inner) 

liber, z. 
To bark a tree, decortico, I* 
To be barked^ decorticor, i. 
Barked or peeled^ decorttcatut 
A bark (Oiip) navigiolum, z. 
To bark (as a dog) latro« i. (as a 

fox) gannio, 4. {at) allatro, x. 

(againft) oblatro, i. 
A barking, latratus, 4. 
Barley, hordeum, z. (flour) polen- 
ta, I. (water) ptifonariuniy z. 

(broth) jufculum hordeaceum 
Belonging to barley, hordeaceus 
Barm (ye(l) cereyifiv cremor 
A barn, horreum^ i. n. 
A barometer, inftrumentum ad gra- 

yitatemj incumbentii aerit meti- 

A baron, baro, emit, m% 
Baron of the Excbtftur, queftor fif- 

Bjronage, baronatut, 4. 
A baronet, baronettus, z« 
A ba'onyf baronia, a, f. 
A barrack, cafa mihtaris 
A barrel, doliano, z. cadut, z. (of 

a gun) torment! fiftala (of a jack 

or clock) fufttt 
Btrrel-codt afellus fale con d itu 
Barren, fterilis, eflToetus 
To grow barren^ fterilefco, 3, 
Barrennefi, fterillitas, 3. 
Abarreter, vit>l:tigator, 3, 
A barricadoj munitio in adita via- 

To barricade, viae additus ocdudere 
Barricaded^ muoitus 

B A S 

Barrleft, Hmites, um, m. pU 

A barfijhr, canfidicus, z. 

A barrvm (fepalchre) tamnlotg^ !• 
(to carry dung, &c.) vebicttlnai 

Barter, men, cis, f. 

To barter, mercet commw tart 

Bartered, commatatua 

A bartering, mercium commutatio 

A baft (in arcbiteAore) bafis, 3. 
fundamentum, z. (in mufic) fo- 
nus gravis (vio/) fides primaria 
fono gravi {tborwgb b^) foniM 
gravis fundaroeataTia 

Bafe (adj.) inferior, inferior (>8r* 
vi/r) fervilis, (mean, low) ha- 
milii, obfcumtf ignobilit {cbiU) 
nothus (metal) adulterinus (i»tf. 
v^) faliaz (ihamefol) infamls 
(vi/r) tnrpis, vilis (ftark naught) 
nequam, pravui (cowardly) ig. 
navus, timidus 

A bafi wreteb, nebulo, Miis, OL 

A baft aSioH, ret tnrpis 

A ba/e trick, verfutia, x. ftropli« 

O bafi! O facinus indignura ! 

Bafefy (adv.) zhjtdth, timidi, im- 
probi, turpiter 

Bafenefi (of birth) ignobilitis, }• 
[cowardlinejs) timiditai, 3. (kna- 
vijbnefs) fallacia, I. (vUenefs) 
turpitudoy 3. 

A bajbaw, prarret provincic (^«- 
rat,) homo faftoius 

Bajbful, modeftus, verecondut 

Bajhfulnefs, modeftia, i. podor* ]• 

A bafa (foundation) bafis, it, f. 

A bafiat, corbit, it, f. cophinns, l» 

A bajket maker, cophinarint, »• 

To bajk in the fun, apricor, Xt 

A bajon, pelvis, |i, f . cntOTy in'» »• 

A baflard, nothut, z, 

BafiardiKed^ adulterinus 

Bafiardj^ natilium in£u||U9 ^^ 

B A 

To ha^c (men) camem humcfVarc ' 
(to beat) vcrbero, i. (a garment 
with thread) filo raro confuere 

A'^afling fbeating) fwO-lgatio, 3. 

To hafiinadey fufle caeHere 

A bafilnadcy fuftuarium, 2. 

A kdflion, agger, t'r/V, 3. 

Ahaty (bird) vcrpertillc, pw/'i, m. 
(Aick to play with) clava, i. 
fadis, 3. 

A htttcb ef breadf panes fiaiul codli 

Scaclelf»-j fee Bacbebr 

To Atffr, fee <«3tf rir 

P^r (ftrife) lis, /;7;c» f. 

A wtakebate, qui litcs ferit 

Bating fmte piVy pauci's cxceptis 

3mtiTtg thaty nifi quod 

A bath, halncam, 2. /'i&of^ thcrmas, 
arum,^/. f. ^ro^^cella fii^idaria 

To latbe^ balneo uti (-oak) mace- 
mo, I. 

Patlydy b^Ineo lotos, maceratus 

A latrartotty agmen. /;?«, n, phalanx 

Batter t farina cum laftc, &c, com- 

To batter, obtunda, 5. concuto, 3. 
▼erbero, i. dinio, «/, 3. c^erto,r/ 

Biff^ered, conctifTs, quafl[atus 

A battering, concafBo, 3. 

A battering Tom, arics, ^m, m. 

A battery y (bread'J vm'tna, s. {i • 
Jt^ging) oppugnat io, 3. (bukva-k) 
inajorom tor;jienrorum fupgeftos 
(to raifej torment a difponcre 

ABatttty pugna, i. prelium, 2. acics 
To gi%e batt/f, acie congredi 
To gain a bat tie y vinco, 3. fupero, i. 
To l^feabatflcy vincor, li^ui, 3. 
In battle array ^ acics i-.ftrudta 
Apabattkj preliomnavale 

^To battle nviih' one y contendo, 3. 
Belonging to a Ltttky prfliaris, e, 
Tohaffhnt nlh^Cy \i€t\\\ dcbita & 

^ ^ impenfas in nomina refeire 

B E 

A ^<3^//; tiXy b'peniifs, ;V, f. 

A battle door, yal mula 1 u ibrl a 

Bjttiemcntiy prinnac murorum 

A batthry qui jiteris ftudct 

A bcttQrty fufti?, ;>, m. 

Baubl-.Sy trira;, tfr»w, f. pi. 

A baud, (malr) leno, <j/»/i, m. 
(female) leni, I. 

Baudry, in fpccch, fpurcitics, 5. 

Ea-idy, impudicus, fpurcus 

Baudy boufif lopanar, arii, n. 

A baven, fafcis renuium virgarum 

To bjulky fcs Balk 

To bawl, vocifeor, i. exclarao, 1. 

A hanv'er, vociferator, 3. 

A hatvlingy vociferatio, co!ivitiijm,2. 

Eawtivg, vociferans, clam: tans 

'Bilongingtobflivlhigy clamofus, ad]. 

A bay (of \v:iter) finu-s 4.. (d<tm) 
moles, it, f, (tree) Inurtis, us Sc 
i, f. (piece of building) pars prin- 
cipalis a:dj(icii 

Bi art rg beys, laui'fer, adj, 

Croivnrd *ivito ottys, layreatns 

Bay coloured^ baJius, fiil^us (chefnut 
col )ur) ex badio fufcus 

A bayonet, fica, i. 

Bayes, (cloth) panniis villoHis 

Be, incom^orition, fet before verbs, 
as to hedatth^ lignifiss all over, 
and is rendered in latin by fc/«, 
as confoerjo, Jt^ 3. 

To be is rendered vaaoufly in latin, 
according to the word fvjllowijig 
it. a', to be {c^lfioj fam, fio, ex- 
ifto, till, 3. {^rt<j-<?/ff/?^adverfus, l. 
afpernor, i. abnorrcrc ab (prefunt) 
adfjm, intcrtum [doln^) ago. cgi 
(rfct'^v) abfunri (by) adfum (for 
ons) ftar^ cum aiiquo, taveo, a. 
(mad) inTanio. 4. ^7//;e/^quielVo, 
(lick) aegroto, i. (of no aotho- 
f.ty) Parum valere (in d^fi^cr) pe- 
riclitor> X. (mijluk<n) exro, i. 

B E 

fall or, Ifus, 3. (lo't/j out) car^ 
egfo, o. [bcieaftcr) futurui 
So be it^ ira liat 
A beach (Hiorc) litus, oiisy 3. (l 

afpalailnis, 2. 
A hfifon, fpecul;?, i. 
Of a beacon, fpeculatorius 
A beadf p;lula, fphasrula, I. 
A pair of beads^ rofarium, 2* 
\ inadjtnariy ice. ifurr rrun 
A beadle, antcambulo, lienor, 
A b-ad roll, lataicgus precutn 
A beti^t', catiilus vcnaticus 
A iKu>':, rnltrum, 2. (of a fhip] 
• Ura, o'vmt pi. «. {the bcakk 

exhemitas pror.^ 
Beakedy, adj* 
A beaker, cantharus, 2. 
A bealy pufhiia, i. 
To b:a!, (gather matter) 

puro, I. 
A beam^ tr.»bs. ali^, f. [print 
lacunar, arts, 11. {io:autr^s)}n 
tcx'oriiim {ci a carriage) t« 
o»;.'i, m. (of a balance) ,'capu 
ftater, 'tm, m. (of a buck) 
vini cornu ftipes (of the 
jbhar. d'^is, n. 
L':k: a beam, tra balls, le 
Compaljed it:ifh beams, radiatns 
Bfa-vy, radians 
A bum, fa Hi, i. 
Trc;n-b cr kii'i^i bean, p^aTeuIu! 
Belongirv to a b'an^ ta'jalts 
A bean cod, filqua, l. vaivalu 
{Jic:!k) fahalt-, i^, n. [Jlraw. 
pull falialis (Jy^nidfre) puK i 
cea [mcji) lomentum, 2. (c'-., ;/z;j, f. 

To b> 

far (or ran-v) p' 

r-O, I. gel 

baiulo {nr to Jutfcr) foio, 
patio:-, Jl'us, 3. {an '^jvce) vn 
excqui [ii'tns, a\ u h'dirf) m 
muacre fungi {^a coat cf t 

B E A 

B E A 

B E C 

infi;na gcftiir, C^w^j')] barbum, 2. (of corn) fpica, I. | {together) colllAo^ /, 3, (u ttf 

r^^?i.v, [awjy from a\ arifta', i. 

Ko difcedcre, («r ^/zng^lTo ^?rfr</, barbefco, 3. 

e) tVuflum cdirr, (th.': 
f'jmp^a? fu'Hru-re (o<ie 
om'tor, I. (i«/ ) diem 
: habere, (or^wl- //o::;/:) 

I'jbhdo, 3. 

down in 

evinco, v/rr. 3. (a 
ninirarcs exsnerr, (or 
ni::o, 3. (f/« »/«■/) Re- 

3. recorJor, 1. (-j/T" 
ir..-) abSilo, 7?/'/, 3. 
.'«») itt'jm evortcje 
v'ueo, 2. (a grudge) 
JiFjc: re) aliquem dili- 
, or make gcod) pro-'fto, 
or fMve lurHthfs) tutor, 
I part) fuftinere paftem 
tier) accommolari, (a 
:c; liaiilitudinem ha- 
^i? unto) cole, ui, 3 
iniinor, tfr/, reruru 
h a fiis/e) talem inter- 
im admiccere {frtvards a 
uriiro, I. (or prop up) 

4. (up under a calamity) 
em ftififerre {up againft) 
t'i, obnitor, fus vel xui, 
§«€) ad ali^uem curfum 
(or iesft ttpm) innitor, 
incambo, hut, {toitb) 
Jiy 1. (witnert)teftor, i. 
' esrpt, Tefpillioy 3, 
\Kon, oppreflioy 3. 
Gr, datos, adj» 
ar, prominentia, i. 
I, eflfoetus, AJf. 
Uu, 2. urfa, I. 
confidbtion, ardoSy 3. 
f ^r, oriiiius 
b«7ba, I. (of a foat) 
'*, 2. (of a €at}^^cxio- 

Bcirde.i^ taibatiis, aifj, 

Be.iriiUfi, imberbis, ad], 

A if''jrn, fee child 

A ^f/ry?, beftia, i. 

To becooie a beaji, brute fico, 3. 

A noild beaftt fcra, i. 

A btajl cf bnrdfn, jumentnm, 2. 

Deafiial^ (bc'onginst to bsail«) bej- 
hiinas [ieud] rurpis 

Bta(ili''efi^ {bruiiihncfs) fcritas, 3. 
{Uu.inCi) impudicitia, [naftimfi) 
laimunditia i. 

Beajlly, {adj.) I.ifrivus, iT.mundus 

A bcatf or n^alky ambnlatio, 3. 

Beat of a dufa, fonus tynijaiu 

Beat of a pufe, artenae pulfus 

To beat, Tcrbero, t. ccdo, ccc'd'i. 
3, (or bruij'e) tcrerc, (or,' cop- 
qufr) vinco, vid, 3. {t^^ainfl) 
allido, ^, 3. impinge, pegi (an 
alarfn) bel Ileum canSre,(^tf<:A) re 
pello, pufi (the breaf) pUnjo, 
*/, 3. (the brails) excogito, i. 
(black and b'uc) Ajg'llo, i, (or 
hammer a thing) procudo, Jf, 3 
down) demolior, 4. {down the 
price) reducere pretium {down 
fruit) coacutere fru6\us' {a drum) 
pulfare tympanum (as tht pujfe^ 
lentius vel celerius moveri {otruft 
up and down) curfito, I. {upov^ 
as rain) impluo, i, (or knock) 
' puifit J. {or knock vfien) polto, i 
' {with tbiffi) pQgnis contundere, 
(out, or fearch for) indago, i« 
\witb a hammer) pcrtundo, iudi, 
3. {into *tbe memory) inculco, I. 
{much) compulfo, I. (0«/).excudo, 
fii 3« {out the drains) exccrebro, 
I. (aparfy) ad coUoquiumevocare, 
{top^wdir) ad ^ ulvercm redigcre, 

waves) illido, Jt, 3. 
To be beaten, vapulo, i.* c«dar« ■ 
/:m, 3.' {to the gtcurj) colUbelu^ 
Bearc^y verberatu9, cacfus, I. (octt- 
cjm:) vitkus, {often uifd) tritui^ 
(tf^j;r/?)illifus (back) rcpercuHuSf 
(as a hedge in hunting) cx^gita- 
t«s, (to death} verbrribus, «r.- 
pugnis occifus^ (down) dirutui^ 
{out) exculTus, {ot fluKpcd /^^ ' 
tber) Aipatus • 
A gild beater^ auri excu for tcnnlQijm 
A beatir, (rammer) fiHuca, i. 
A L' J ting, verberttiOy 3. puliatia^ 
f(. pull us, 4. {back) repercu£i«^ 
;. {on the bre^i) piongor, 3^ 
{':vJtb a cudfi'I) luftuarium, x, 
(Jrui) demolitio. 3. {trgaa^ 
another) collifio, 3. coatuiio, 3. 
To biavfy, beo, i., beads afcriptvt 
H, itiB'y beatifical beatificot 
Bciaification', beatidcatio, 3. 
Beatitude, beititudo, 'lais, f. 
A beau, homo eleeians vellitv 
A bravfr, (beaft^ caflor, 3. {ntJ^ 
caftorium, 2. {bat) pikus caio- • 
reus, {meal) meae^da, i. 
Of a beaver, ca(iexeu8,'£j»rifius 
Beautiful, pulchcr, venuAus 
Beauty, pulcJuitudo, enii, ,if« (of a 
place) amceoitaSy 3. (ofathii^ 
elegantia, i. ' . 
To beautify, decoro, I. illuflra^ i. 
Beautified, omatus, decoiatiu . 
A beautifying, decomnca, 3, oma- 

tus, 4. 
To be beautifiil, niteo, x. nttelcfl!* 3» 
Beautifully, decor^ nitidd 
To be calm, paco, i. ifido, !• 
Becalmed, vento deftitatus ^ 



f ropterea quod (of) ob, propter, 
gratis, ergo wtb a gemthft cafe 
after it. 

Abeck^ (rivulet) rivulus, 2* (nod) 
nutus, tU, 4. 

To hecktn, nuto, i. innco, »/, 3, 

Ahiekmngj nutatio» 3. 

To kecme (or hefit, fifing, be* 
coming deceo, ui, 1. (or to^rrow, 
or be fuade) evado, /^ fio, en 

^t ill beeometb, iitoper. dedecet 

Becoming [decent) decens, (convenient) 
Anvenitfts, (^rarr^tf/) decorui 

Becomcp fadut 

A bed, leAus, 1. torus, 1. cubiJe, 
3. (of /tf^«) palvinar, aris, n, 
{in a garden) arepla, I. (^a ri- 
wrr) alveus, 2. canalii, ii, m. 
(Jeatber bed) culcica plumea, 
{paUet bed) grabatus, a. (bed of 
jand) firatum, %, (of Ueh) ce- 

A bedt bead, cubitale, ft, n. (feet) 
le£ti pedes (tefter) le£ti umbella, 
{ftead) fponda^ i. le^ fulcrum, 
{pofi) \t&x columoa, (maker) 
le^i ftrator,(/iVJ(} culcita,(arrftffff) 
U€d vela dudilia, (rAtfm^)cubi. 
cnlum, (bed cktba) ftragula, n, pi, 

A bed, i. e. in bed, Cubans fopinut 

To make a bed, XtSbim fiemere 

Bedtime, hora romni 

To be brwfbi to bed, parturio^* 4. 

One brought to bedf puerpera^ z» 

To keep one't bed, le^o affigi 

To bed witb, concumbo, cubm, 3* 

Of a bedcbember, cubicnlaris 

A ^//^ in bed, decubitus^ 4. 

Bedrid, clinicus 

A bedfellvw, confort ledt 

To Udaggk, fee daggU 
'm!b, fee dawb 
i in ledum rcceptof 
^ kdiilrafuU 

B E F 

Tobedftu, irrdro, i. 

To be bedewed, rorefco, 3. 

A bednoing, roratio, afperdo, 3. 

Bedlam, hofpitium infanorum 

A bfdiamite, infanus, maniacus 

Bedlamlike, furibundus 

To bedungy ftercore inquinare 

To bedufif pulvere con^pergere 

A bee, apis, /V, f. (gadbee) afilus, 
a. (bumble bee) bombilius, 2. 
(young bees) nymphae, arum, 
pi, f, (fwarm of bees) apium 
ezamen, (drone bee) fucus, 2. 

A bee mafier, apiarius, 2. 

Of or belonging to beet, apianut 

Beecben, fagineus, fageus 

Beef, caro bubuUa vel bovilla(^ow- 
^«r^^.bubula falita, (bung) bubu- 
la infumata 

A beef, bos, ov/x, ]• 

I bave been, fui 

Beer, ccrevifia, t. (ftrong) cere- 
vifia generofa ((mall) cereviA^ 
tenuis, (ftale) potus acrior, (dead) 
▼ap(.a, I. (new) muftum, 2. 

A beefom, fcopae, arum, pi. f. 

Beeftingt, cbloOrum. 2. 

A beetle (fly) fcarabcus, 2. (ffi>) 
cantharut pifcis (for flax) lini 
frangibulum, (bucking beetle) tu- 
dicula, I. (paviour*t beetle) pa*- 
YicuU, X. (mallet) malleus, 
2. tudes, Itit, 

Beetlebrow'd, fuperciliofut^ (i^in/) 
fatuus, plumbeua 

To befaU, contingo, 3. erenio, ^^ 

Befitting, conveniens, idoneoa 

To befiolf aliquem ridere 

Before is rendered vatioufly in latin, 
fometimes, and moft commonly 
by, ante, apud, coram, in, ob, pa- 
1am, prae, preter, pro, fub, fupra 

Before tbat, adv. ant2, antequam, 
citius, prittf^uam, fotiua 


^^^^(adj.) priori at, nos | 

Jbtmus, 'we ^vVi go before 
A litih hffurt^ pauIo ante 
LtjiT hffir^, jum dudum 
B^f:>re ail ihingty imprimis 
Bforf^U men^ paJam 
lieftfnovv, anTthiC 
^tfiretKn, antea 
Be/are timfy otim^ dudum 
Befcr^ in the mi^Id, opulcntui 
To hrfeu/, cornquino, I. 
To 6tfrierd, alicui favere 
Bffritntifdf famrus 
To hrgy mendico, i. (intrea 
I. {lumhfy) fupplico, I. (ea: 
ohfccro, 1. (the fue/rion) 
cipiunn pcterc 
To li!£€(t (as a faEhcr) gignO, 
3. [pr^ure) produce, xi, j 
A bfgetfirfg^ gencratio, 3. 
Btggfd^ mcndicatui (intreatec 

tvSf rogatus 
A higgatf mendicus, 2. 1 

cuU, I. 
To beggar, ad inopiam redigi 
Htg^ar'd, ad in op cam reda^lt 
Bejr^ar^ii'f inops. /'i, pauper, 
Brgg&rly (mcan) vijis, abjeQi 
Beggary, paupcrtas, mendicii 
A bfggiftg^ meodicatio, 3. 
It goei a beggings vili pretio \ 
To i^^iff, inctpipj cepi, 3. 
fife) orior, artut, 4. naia 
fpfj, 3, {again) repeto, 
dejigii) inftituo, «i, 3. (tf j 
ingrcdi iter, (a battle) p 
inirc {an ^ff ) magiitratun 
(or make a rough draught) d 
!♦ (ij f^iRf) rem tentare, 
grcdi, (w^/-) bellum fufcip 
lOfcrid} queftum occipere 
aofpicata rem aggredi (« 
^ro^ofe) I ace fib, «^, 
Beginner^ U^autb^r 


k^nnerp tiro, onisp m* 
', exorfns 

hg, initiom, a. princi- 
2. exordium, '2. {rife or 
orfgOyMiiy f. primordium 
d, ciogo, xi. 3. obiideo> 


genituSy prognatas, (JlrJI 
9) primogenitus, (off^ he^ 

fe, fraodoy I. fallo, 3. 

deceptus, fraudatus 
ff^, dolus, 2. fallacia, I* 
ceptusy inclinatus 
i vice 

V, %cto^geffi, 3. 
r^, male moratut 
rW, bene moratas 
r, morum geinis 
avioutp urbanitas, 3. 
7our, inurbaoitas, 3. 
d, decollp, I. obcrunco> i. 
', decollatus 
'/ajf, decoUatio, 3. 
not before) pone, poft, a 
(renuti'mng) porro, reliquus 
bind (left) relinquor, 3, 
tnd, ad inopiam reda&ut 
ccce ! en ! inter}, ^ 
d, afpicio, esrijnfpicio^ 3 {4 
■) fpeculo, 1, (or /00k ahout) 
tro, I. {earneftly) obtueor^ 
I. {with comfajjjion) alicujus 

. obligatus 

^holden to, obligor, I. ob- 
OTj 3. 

er, fpcdator, 3. 
commodum, gratia, t* 
tett, (imperf.) oportet, ex- 

(eflence) natora, !• eflfen- 
[, eziflcAtia, i. {Mitation) 


habitario, 3. domos, ms, 4. (Urt 
thire, or hy) prcfenda, i« 

Being (feeing that) eidv, cdm, quo 
niam, quando, quidem, (for if, 
toben^ wHIft, or after lam, was , 
ice) is made by an ablative, ab 
folute, as my father being dead, 
patre meo extindo ; (for wbo, or 
which am, was, Sec.) may agree 
with the word preceeding, as my 
father being, er who is, a man, 
pater meus vir 

Being is alfo often made byyvm ejr- 
pKfTed or included in another 
verb, as, there is no being /or me 
at Rome, nee licet mihi e(ie Rcma 

To belabour, caedere, vrrberare 

Belaboured^ caefus, verberatus 

I was belated, nox me occupavit 

A belch^ TU&ni, 4. 

To belch, m€to, i. era£to, i. 

Belched, ru£tatu9 

A belching, rudlatio,' 3. 

Given to belching, ru^uofus 

To beleague, fee to bffifge 

A belfry, campanarum locus 

Beigic, belgicus, adj. 

Belief, fides, H, f. 

Pafi belief, incredibilis, adj, (eafy 
ofbeli^ credulus, {hard of belief) 

Eafinefs of belief, crednlitas, 3. 

Hardnefs of belief, incredulitas, 3. 

The belief, fymbolum fidei 

To believe, {ajfent to) credo, didi, 3. 
(/ri^/? ro) ahcui confido, 3. {thin/i) 
exiftimo, i. opinor. 

To be believed, crcdor, Itus 

To make one believe, perfuadeo, 2. 

Believed, fee credited, credible 

A believer, fidelis, credens 

To make believe, ilmulo, I. 

A bell, campana. i. no^a, i. 

A liftlc bellj tintinaabuluia 


To bear the bell, palmam fenv 
AbellfMnder, campanarius, 2« 
A bellman^ praeco noflurnut 
A belhveather, duxgregis 
To bellow, mugio, 4. emuglo, 4« 
A bellowing, mugitus, 4. 
Bellows, (a pair of) toliis, it, m* 
Belluine, belluinus, adj, 
A billy, venter, tris, m. alvus^ 1, 4. 
Little belly, ventriculus, 2. 
Awomans great belly t aequor ventris 
Belh ^cbe, tormina ventris, {trcu^ 
hied with it) alvi dolore laborans 
Great bellied, veotricofus 
Big bellied, (as a woman with child) 

gravida, pregnans 
Bellv cheer, cibaria, orum, n. pU 
A tel/y god, helluo, onis, m. 
A belly friend, paralitus, 2, 
A beUyfull, fatietas, 3. fatias, 3. 
Full bellied, fatur 

To belong to, pertineo, 2. attineo, 2« 
Belongings attinens, pertinens 
Beloved, dile£hi8, charus, gratus 
Dearly beloved, chariflinnus 
Below, {adj.) infcrnus, inferus, in- 
Below, {adv.)\r\frz, fubter, deorfum 
Below, (prof,) fub, fubter, infrsf 
From below, inferne, defub. 
yi belt, cingulum, 2. baltcrus, i. 
To lely, calumnior, 1. ementior. 4. 
Behed, calumniatus, falfo deiatus 
A belying, calumnia, i. 
To Semire, fe inquinare 
Bemired, inquinatus 
To bemoan, deploro, i. lugeo, 2. 
To be bemoaned, dolendus 
Btmoaned, deploratus 
A bemoaning, plan due, 4. lu£lus 
Bemoatiirg, lugfr.s, depJorans 
A bench, Icamnum, 2. fedile, 3. (of 
y^lWcf) fribtina.', 3. (of 
conccffus, fa;, n*. ^ 


Kin£i btncb, bancus regius 

A bencher f afleflbr, 3, 

Benches (in a fhip) tranftra^ orum, 
pi. n. 

Abend, plica, (inheraldry) fafcia, i. 
(of a ihip) cuivatura, i. 

Ta bend, fle£lo, xi, 3. curvo, i. 
intendo, di^ 3. inclino, i. (//>« 

■ • mitt J to) animMm adjungcre (back) 
reclino, 1. redefto, xi, 3. {a,botv) 
arcum tend ere {round) in orbem 
flefttre {the brows) fronicm ciir- 
rugare (the jifi) pugnas cpmpli- 
care [a course) curfum tendsre 
{forwards) inclino, I. {from) 
rcclino. 1. declino, i. {inwards) 
incurvo, i. {towards) acclino, i. 
verge, 3. (hisfudy) annitor, xus, 

ToA^»</, (neut.)vcrgo, 3. {under or 
Jbrink) fuccumbo, 3. 

To begin to bend, incurvcfco, 3,. 

Bended, or betit, flexus 

£ajy to If end, flexilis, e 

Binding {do^vn) indinans (forwards) 
vcrgens {frontwards) dec li vis (as 
the heavens) {inwards) 
acclivis {to) acclinans {or leaning) 

A bending (or bowing) flcxio, 3. 
{about) circumflexio, 3. {arch' 
wife) fmuatio, 3, {down) decli- 
vitas, 3. 

TiCrJing downwards y. d eel I vis 

Binding uf/wardsy acclivis 

Binding Lie a Bo^u, arcuatlm 

Beneath, fee below 

Ber.ed'Mion, bcncdiftio, 3. 

A btncficiior., largitio, 3, 

A bcncfaFtor, parronus, 2. 

A btnefice, bentjficium 

" ftA''d, pne'eiius fcifT 'I 
BibWCt', benefuentia, t. 
r« ibeuignus, liberalit 

B E R 

Beneficial, commodusy utilis 

A benefit, beneficium, 2. gratia, i. 

To benefit {do good to J profum, fui, 
(neuc.) proficio, 3. progrcdior 
(under a minifter] capere fru^um 
ex dd6>rina 

A bknevolence, largitio, 3. 

BencvoJeace, benevolentia, t. 

Benevolent, benevolus^ bcnevolcni 

Benif^fhted, no6tc praeventus 

Ber'igf:, bcnignus, clemens 

Benignity, clementia, I . bcnignitas, 

Benignly, bcnigne, clemcnter 

Bent {bowed) flexus, tenfus (ready) 
promptus, pronus {againfi) ad- 
verfus alifiii [bgckwards) recur- 
vus {bloodily) flagrans odio, fan- 
guir.em filieiis {many iixays) linu- 
ofus {refcluttly) obftinatus {unto or 
on) addiclns,deditus {tafdy) llcxiiis 

Bent of mind^ fee inclination 

To benum, ftupef acio, feci, 3. 

To be berumrn'd, ol;^upeo, 2. {with 
cold) algeo, alfi, ^, fr'geo, xi, 

Benummed, torpJdus 

A banumrting, flupor, 3. torpor, J. 

To bepifs, commjngo, xi, ^,' 

Btpifly'louo madens 

To be^tttarhj tc ftamcnto relihquere 

Bei^ueathed, le^'atu" 

Ihirg te^ueafhd, Jcgatum 

Pcrfon to wLow a thirg is bequeathed, 
legatarius, 2. 

To bcray, contjmino,i. inquino, 1. 

Berayed, inqninatus, fcedatus {with 
blcod) cruore pollutus 

To bereave, fee d-prive 

A berlin, cuiiuo DcrlimVnfis 

A. bury, bacca, \ . {hayberry ) h%ccz 
laurea, {''ill LnyJ varcinium 
nigrum (blitc'iberry'\ morum, 2. 
{crai: berry ) vacciniuin paluftre, 
f eldi^r berry ^ faml'.uci bucca {ivy 
beny) c^rymbw"?, 2. {gcofcberty) 

B E S 

grolTulariae acinus {rafpberry) id 
rifbi bacca (yfrflw^^ryjfragu no, 
{wild firawberry) arbutus, 
(fcrvice berry) fprbum, 2. {wh 
thornberry) aura, i. 
Haying berries, baccatus 
Berth (at fca) nn.unus, cris^ n* 
To befeecb, lupplico, i. imploro, 
Befieching, fupplicans, obfccrans 
A befeeching, fupplicatio, 3, 
To befet, crrcumdo, dedi, i, oW 
deo, !►(•« allfdes) ciFcumfid^o, . 
Befet, obfefTus, circwmfefliw 
Befde or befid*s, (adv.) porro, pra 
terea, praetcrquam, ad hoc, tun 
fimul, (praepof.) a, ab, abs, a 
extra, juxta, prxter, prope, pro; 
ter, fecundum, Sec, 
To be hefides one*s felf, deliro, I, 
Bejide the mark, a fcopo aberraas 
To befege, obfideo, fedi^ 2U 
Bificged, obfeiTus 
A btfiegePj ehfefl&r, 3. 
A befieging, obfidio, ohftffio, 3. 
Tokejimar, i\\\no,levi, 3. Inqito 
Befmeared, dtliburus, illitus 
A befmearifig, unftio, 3. 
Befitted, ftupidus, inebriatus 
Befought, fee to bejjeecb 
Be/ought, imploratus, oratut 
•To he befought, exorandus 
To befpatter, luto con/pergere {d 

fame) calumnior, i. 
Befpattered, {with dirt) luto ooi 
Iperfus {by a bad tongue) infami 
To bc^pawl, kcfpit or fpawl 
To bffpeak, compello, i . alliceo, ; 

jubeo, 2. procuio. l. 
To bffpeckle, fxre tofpcckle 
To befprinkte, fee io fpriakle 
Beft, optimus, preef^antiHimuS 
Beft of all, (adv.) oj^tlme, maxia 
To bejlir^ dUigcnter agere 


fiv«) larglor, 3. dono, x. 
expeado^ 3. erogo, i. 
CO, I. colloco, I. {time 
as tei£re> (lay up) re- 

given) datus {laid ofit) 

{placed) collocatus [laid 

krgicor, 3. dator, 3* 

fee to ftride 
nus deponere 
IS, »ris, n. depofitum, 2. 
ui pi gnus deponit 
ponfio, 3« 
fee to take 

fee to think 

bethought bimfelf^ repa- 

▼en 10, uiy 4. 
•,ou ! vae tibi ! 
9, tempori, (is the morn" 
to mane 

ndico, I. portendo, <//, 3. 
ndicatus, fignificatus 
prodo^ 3. trado, 3. pro- 

rcdltus, traditus 

proditor, 3. traditor, 3, 
, prodicio, 3* traditio, 3. 

defpondeo, ^', %, 

ior, potior, praeftantior, 
pcrio', charior 
.) melius, (atius, potius, 

tmpiifico, T. augeo, 2. 
r, praeilo, JTiti, 1. 
v/f«!!r, fupero, i. 
tter, meliorefco, 3, (in 
:oDvalefco, 3. 

I betwixt, iAter» 10 medio 


Lying Betvreen, inteijacens 

To go hettoeen, intcrct^o, cej/i, 3. 

Puthetween, interpofilus 

Between ivbilesy interim 

Beverage, fee hsver 

A bevy (of (}«iaiisy Sec.) grez, 3* tn* 

To hevfoil, ploro, I . 

BetvaifabUf plorandus 

Bewailedy deploratus 

A bewailing, Jamentatio, 3* 

To bewarcy caveo, vi, 2. 

To betvildery feduco, xi, 3. 

Be^oildered, errabandus, devlus 

To bewitch^ {incjbantj fafcino, i. 
(charm or pleafe) demulceo, 2. 
aures rap ere 

Bewitched, incantatus 

A bettfitcher, incantator 

A heroitcbing, incantamentum, z. 

Bewitching beauty, forma eximia- 

To bewray (difclofe) prodo,d1di, 3. 
{defile) fcedo, I. fee to beray 

A biwrayer, proditor 

Beyond, extra, ultra, praeter, trans, 

Beyond fea^ franfmarinus, adj. 

The bezel of a ring, pala 

A. bias, prxponderatio, 3. 

To bias one, feduco, 3. trabioy 3. 

Biajfed, iAclinatus, adu 

To run a biafs, oblique currere 

To put one out ofoiafs, deturbo, i. 

A biajjing, inclinatio, 3. 

A bib^ infantis pe^orale 

A bibber, bibax, potator, 3. 

A Vibhing, potatio, 3. ebrietas, 3, 

The bible, biblia, pi. fanttae literae 

To bicker, difcepto, i. litigo, i. 

A bickerer, altercator, 3. 

A bickering, altercatio, 3. 

To bid, jubeo, 2. impero, i. nun- 
do, I. (invite) invito, x. tm)co, i. 
rogo, I. j^tf^;VM^valcdico, 3. {bat- 
tUot defiance) provoco, 1. {banr.s) 

B I L 

tfiatnmonium promulgo {gnd 
merrow) faluto, I. {siholyday) t .-naa 
denuncio {money for snares) lici- 
tor, !• 

Bidden, (commanded) yuiTus, {in* 
vitfd) vocatus, invitatus 

Not bidden t injuffus, invo atui 

A bidder, juflbr, 3. vocator, 3, (of 
money) Iicitator, 3. 

A bidding, juffum, 2* invitatio, 3. 
{of a price) licitatio, (<?/* banns) 
denunciatio matrimonii, I. 

To bide, fee to abide 

Biennial, biennis, ad], 

A bier^ fereirum, a, fandapila, f • 

Big, raagnus, grandis [in bulk) craf- 
fitf {in authority) porens {with 
child) gravida, pregnane, {with 
pride, &c.) inflatus, tumidus 

To grew big, tumco, 2. turgeo, fi^ 
{with chiM) auolcfVo in paitum 

Big:ifry^ bigamia, 1. 

Bigger ^ major, grand ior 

To make bigger, extendo, di, 3, 

To grew bigger in bulk, cre(co, 3. 
{injlaturc) adolefco, evi, 3, 

Bignefs, amplitudo, tnis, f. 

A bigot, fuptil'-Jtiofus, 2. 

Bigotted, fuperi^itione afHatua 

Bigottry, fuperftitio, 3. 

A bile, tuber, rr/j, c. ulcus, 3, 

BiIe{*.ho\cr) bills, 3, cholera, z« 

Full of biles, ulcerofus 

Bilious J biliofus 

To bilky dolis fallere, fraudare 

Bilked^ frau datus, dolis deceptus 

A bilker^ fraudator, 3. 

A bilking, fraud itio, 3. 

A bill or fcroll, fchcda, i. {of debt) 
fyngrapha, i* {bills of exchange) 
teflerae nummariac {bank bills) tef- 
ferae argentariae {bills of f ale) ta- 
bulae auftipnariae {a bill in cban" 
eery) a£lio in curia cancell^ jj 


Uti (sfcofit) tabula tmppnCarum 
(of entry) tabula mercium inicnp- 
tarum {of divorce) repudium ux- 
ori miffutn {of fare) cibanorutn 
tabella {or catalogue) catalogusfor 
indiEiment) libellus accufatorius 
(of complaint) criminis poftulatio, | 
(of lading) tabella rerum vcfta- I 
rum {of parcels) tabella rerum | 
fingularium {of record) libellus 
BoemoriaUs {in parliament) lex 
roganda {over a door) programmai 
atisj n. 
Bills of mortality y tabulae mortuorum 
A bill or book, falx, m, f, 
A biUft dwx, epiftola amatoria 
A billet of locod, bacillum, 2, 
Soldiers billets, tefTarae militares 
Having* a bill, roftratus 
A billing, baiiatio, fuavium, 2. 
Billiardsy lufus tudicularis 
A billow, fludlus ingens maris 
A bin^ panarium, 2. 
To bifid, hgo, I, oblige, i. {about) 
circumligo, 3. {back) rcftringOj 
xi, 3. (before) praeligo, l. {books) 
libros comptngere {a bargain) 
padum confirmare {faft) con- 
Uringo, xi, 3. la garment) pre- 
t'exo, 3, {bimfelf to appear) va- 
dor, I, {bimjelf to pay) judica 
turn folvcre {the legs) praspedio-, 4. 
{by oath) jure jurando obflringere 
{over to jfjjicns) vador, 1. {an af^- 
prentice) tironem artifici trad<'r(f 
ad artem difcendam {•with cfiers) 
vieo, vi, 2. {by promije) ftipuloi 
(tvith rufhes) fcirpo, i. {to) al- 
ligo, I. {together) conjungo, 3. 
(underneath) fubligo, 1. {upon) 
fuperalligo, i. {up a wound) vul- 
jobligare {up in bundles) fii(ci^ 
*' nftringere {hand and foot) 
"^ I cooftr inhere 

. BIT • 

A binding, Ijgatura, i.llgatio, 3. 
Binding, (coftive) alvum aftringeas 
A biographer, biographus, 2. 
Biography f biograpbia, i. 
Bipartite, biparcitus 
A bird, avis, volucris^ 3. 
To go a birding, aucupori X. 
I Birdlime, vifcus, 2. 
Birth, ortus, 4. partus, 4* 
Birth-day, dies natalis 
\ A birth, {parentage) genus, 3. 
Belonging to one* s birth y natalis 
Birth rights jus debitum 
Birth-place, natale folum 
New birth, regeneratio, 3, 
The after birth, fecund ae, pi. f. 
The birth, partio, 3. ortus^ 4. 
Abijbop, epifcopus, 2. 
Of a bijhop, epifcopalis, adj, 
A bifhoprick, epifcopatus, 4, 
Bijket, (fea) panis nauticus 
I Bijpxtile, biffextilis, adj, 
A bit, fruArum, 2. bucca, x. 
Bit of a bridle, lupatum, i. n« 
A bitch, canis femina 
A bite, morfus, 4. 
I A bite (cheat) homo fallax 
To bite, mordeo, momordi, 2. (again) 
remordeo, 2. {off) demordeo, 2. 
{the lips) labia corrodere {the naik) 
ungues atrodere {to the quick) ad- 
mordeo, 2. (routid) ^mbedo, 3. 
{often) morfito, X. (or cheat) de- 
cipio, 3. (as pepper, &c.} aro, 
ujfi, 3. 
A biting, morfus, 4. 
A biting or flinging, mordacitat, 3, 
Biting, mordax, acis, afper 
Bitingly, mordaciter, mordicss 
B'rtten, demorfus 
Frofi bitten, gelatus 
Bitter, (in ttfte) amaros, (feverc) 
acerbofy aculeatus, intenfui 

B L A 

Bitterly, amar^, acerbi 

Bitternefs, amaritudo, 3. afperitis. 

Bitumen, bitumen, 'inis, n. 

Bituminous, bituminofus 

To blab, garrio, 4. deblatero> i. 

A b/ab, loquax, futilit ' 

Blabbed, deblateratus 

Black (colour) ater, niger (wick 

fceleftus, impiobus 
To be black, nigreo, 3* nigrefcOy 
To black, denigro, i. obfufco> i. 
Clothed in black, pullatus, atratui 
Black and blue, lividus 
Made black and blue, fugillatus 
To be black and blue, \\\eo, 2, 
A blackbird, meruia, u 
A black, ath'ops, opis 
Black as foot, fuligineus (as pitch 

a coal) nigerrimus 
Blacked, atratus, denigratas 
To dye black, nigro colore inficcv 
To Slacken, (ttfcandalixe 
To blacken, nigrefco, 3. 
Blacking, atramentum» 2, 
Blackifb, fufcus, nigellus 
To be blackijb, nigrico, i. 
Blackne/s, nigrities, 5. nigritude, 
A bladder, vefica, i. 
A blade ofgrajs, 8cc. caulis, is, 
(of an oar) remi ton fa (of afw 
enfts lamina (of the fMiuU 
fcapula {of a knife) culrri lam 
A ^/tf^, juvenis alacer, bcllushoi 
A bUin, ulcus, iris, n. 
full of blahs, ulcerofus 
Blame ^ culpa, f. crimen, 3. 
To blame, incufo, culpo, i« (cU 

increpo, »i, i. 
Blameable, vituperabilis 
Blamed, culpatus, incufatus 
To be blamed, culpor, i. incufoFj 
Blamelefs, innoxius, integer 

1A blaming, incufatio, 3, 
To blanch, candefacio, 3. decortiec 


I dealbatus, decortlcatas 
idj.) albut, caodidos {f>ale) 
ii{c9xfiiiiuUJ) confufus 
, tdiera pura {had hufinejs) 
fl) (is a lottery) furs cafla 
Hi, plane, penitus, omnind 
',ftngQium« % torale^ii, n. 
{at a candle) liqoando fcin- 
[I'lke m C9w) mug.o. 4. 
Mf, execror, blaTphemo, i. 
•mer, blafphemus, 2. 
Mi> ia deam contume- 

sujly^ blafpheme 

', bUrphemia 

r hlajiing) fideratto, 3. (of 

kc.) rubigOy ginisy i. (of 

veoti flatus ( or Jound) fla- 

vSf n. 

corn,, ice.) xuo, ujfL, {with 

Kg) fulgure perujti (a di- 

QftrO) I. {reputation) infa- 

famam violarc 

ideratus, fruftratus 

flamma, i. 

as fire) flagro, I. {abroad) 

, I. penrulgo> i. 

tody perrulgatns 

(difplay) enarro, i. {arms) 


, dealbo, I. caodefacioy $. 


UmI, frigefco, }• 

ngoTj OTiSf in* 

f lipput 

<n a fifffpf ba]o> s. (as a 

phllb, I. 

, balatus, 4* 

'nme.) fanguine fluere 

;^ Hood) Tcnam incidere 

scij fangainem amittert 

qvi vetum mcidit 

, langiiais flsEus 

B L O 

A bkmijhy naacula, i. labes, I'i (of 

credit) dedecus, <iris fa. infamia, I. 

To blemijb, mucuio, i. inquino, I. 

{6ne*t reputation) famam liedcre 
Blefnifoed, Ixfus, afperius 
Full of bkmijbes-, maculofus 
To bhnd^ admifceo, 1. commifceO|S. 
Blended^ mixtus, commixius 
^blinding, mixcio, 3. roixCura, 3. 
To bUfSf bcnedico, jw, 3. {c^nfe- 
crate) confecro, i. (or noifif good 
fuccefi) afpiroy i. fecundo, i. 
To blefi God, deum laudare 
Blejfed, or bleft, bcatus, b<nedi£lus 
The blejfedy ccelitcs, urn, m. pi. 
Blojftdnes, felicitas, 3. 
A blej/ingf benedi£tio, 3. {goodwijh) 
faufta praecatio {benejit) bencfi- 
cmm, 2. 
A blight, fee blafling 
Blindf caucus, oculis captus {dirk) 
tenebricofus {uncertain) obfcurus 
Purbrwd, myops> opisy lufcus 
A blind (falfepretenci) praetextum, 2. 
fpecies, 5. (for windows) velum 
feneftris praetextum 
To b^nd {dtceive) fallo, 3. {make 

blind) caeco> i. excxco, i. 
To be blind, faligo, i. {purblind) 

lippio. 4. 
To blindfold, ocolos obvolvcre 
Blinded, cxcatas 
Blindt^, caece, (rajbfy) temere 
Blindnefs, caecitar, 3. caligo^ 3. 
To blink, conniveo, 2, 
Blifsy fee blejfednefs 
A bltfler, puiftula, i. 
To blijier, veficatorium applicare 
{rjfe in hRJlers) in vcficulas inflari 
A blifter plaifter, veAcatorium, 2, 
BUflerd, veficato/io laceratus 
Full of bliflers, ppftulofus 
Blitb, (ttcbearful ^ 1 

Ableacbf puftula, i. 

B L O 

To bloat, tumeo, 2. turgeo, !• 

Bloated, tumidus, inflatus 

A block, truncus, 2. ftipes, 3. ^for 
a tat) forma pdearis 

A blockade, urbis circumdiifio 

'i'o block up, aditus prccludere 

Blocks, orbjculi voiubilca 

A hlockhoufe, arx, cis, f. 

Blocked, or blockt up, obfeirus 

A blxking up, obfelfio, 3. 

Blockijb, fatuus, (lupidus 

Blood, languis, ffr/5, m. [goar) cniory 
01 is, m. {corrupted) fanies, ei 

Belonging to blood, fanguiaeus 

To blii:id. Ice to bleed 

Blocd'letttng, vena; fe£lio, 3. 

To daub vfith blood, fanguine in* 

quino, i. 
Of noble blood, illuflri familla 
The blood royal, ftirps regia 
7?/W of the grape, vini fuccui 
Biocd-tuarm, tepidus 
Blooded, or let blood, cui fanguis de* 
t raft us eft (or da'wbed with blood) 
fan^,uine fodatus 
Blood-thirjly, fa-guinls Htiens 
To be guilty of blood, caedem facere 
Blood Jbotten, fanguine effufus 
A bloody flux, hacmorrhois, Idis, f. 
Bloody, crucntu5, fangu incus 
Bio diedy fanguine oblitus 
Bloodily, cruente fsEvxter 
Full of corrupt blood, faniofut 
Next in blood, confanguineus 
Bloody minded, fanguinarius 
A bloom or blufjom, flos, Zris^ nit 
To bloom orhlofjom, floreo, 2. 
Bloomed or blojjhmcd, floridus 
A bloomings germiaatio, 3. 
A blot, macula, i. Vauxa, i. {:» re» 

putation) labes, 3. dcJccus, 3. u 
To hot, maculo, i. {out) delco, z* 

expungo, W, 3. 
A irl'tib^ pulVula, i, 

D I Blott 

B L U 

Fhttfdy maculat^it (out) deletui,\ 
erafus, exp<in£lus 

A blotting ftajber^ cbartula bibula 

A blow^ i^u8, 4. cpiophtis, 2. 
plaga, I. (with a club) fuftuari- 
um, [on the cheek) alapa, i. 

'To blow J flo, I. fufflo, 1, (breathe) 
rpirOy I. afpiro, (upon, or dc' 
Jpife) temno, pji, 3. (againfl) 
reiio, I. (away) dilTipo, i. 
{down) d<rjic2fre fla u (up) fufflo, 
1. (up a boufsy &c.) pulvere : 
trato evertcre (into) inflo, i. (the 
noje) emungJSre nafum, (out) cfflo, 
J. (and puff) anhelo, 1, (to^e- 
tber) conflo, i. (a bladder) inflo, 
1. (upt or ruin) funditus ever- 
terc, (upf or reveal frerets) ar- 
cana detegifre, (vehemently) per- 
flo, I. (a trumpet) buccinam in- 
flare, (afire) igncm fuBlare^ (as 
a flower) efl^orefco, j, 

A blower of a hom^ cornicen 

A blower, ignis rufcitabulum 

A blowings fufllatio, 3. 

£lown, flatus (Jowif) everfus, 
(away) diflipatus, (upon, or de- 
fyifid) contemptuSj (puffed) in- 
fl^tut, turgidus 

Blubbrr, adcps cetacea 

To blubber, la hrymas e^undere 

B'uhlnr lipsj lahco, •»«, m. 

A b'udgecn, baculum rurtunn . 

"Blue, (I'obft ) carulcum, 2» 

Blue, (adj ) caeiuleu^ 

To hlue, capruleo infl(Sre 

Bi'yed, 'awruleo infcflus 

A blue bontf mala res 

Blu^y rufticus tumid^ intuent 

A khnden, error, 3. 
• To blunder, hallucinor, i. 

MjMderbu't, fdopus grandior, (or 
H^Mlrr^ ^M;udus 

' ''ffS^j hahucinnio, p 


5/«fff, obtufus, hebes, ttU (in 

fpeeeh) afper^ rudit 
To ^/tfff/, hebeto, i. 
To be blunt (as a tool] bebep, z. (in 

behaviour)' rui^icis eile moribus 
Blunted, hebetatus, retufus 
Bluntly, obtof^, afpei^, liberi 
Bluntnefs, (doinefs) hebetudo, 

( clownijhnefs) rufticitas monim 

(of fpeech ) hhttXAi loquendi 
A blur, macula, i. labes^ it, f, . 
To blur, fee blot, fidin 
ToUuJb, rubefcoy 3. 
A blujh, blujhing, rubor, 3. 
To blufter, fremo, 3. ftrepo, 3. 
A blufierer, thrafo 
Bluftering tnrbiduf, procellofus 
A blkfter, or bluftering, fremitus,4« 
A boar, aper, pri, 1. 
A board f^UnkJ afler, Irit, m. (of 

commiffionert) conciliomy conven* 

To ^o<rr^(or lay a floor) contabulo, I . 
Boai-dtd v;itb boards, tabulatus 
Overboard, e nave 
To boardajbip, in navem infilio, 4. 
Afideboeu-d, abacus 
Abrve board, candid^, apert^ 
Boardoxboarding,^it^A'i^iSkQ^ vi£tum 

To take to board, pa£^a merc^de 

accipere domo et men(S 
A boarder^ conviftor, 3. hofpes 
A boardlrg houfe, contubernium, a. 
A boarding fchool, convi£lio literaria 
To boaft, glorior, i. ja£lo, I. 
BoaBed, jadlatui 
A ioafiingt jaftatio, 3. 
A boafier, jadtator, tbrafo 
Boafihgly, jaftanter 
A boat, cymba, x. navicula, x. 

(for advice) navis exploratoria, 

(%ng boat) frapha for parage 

h^at) pontoj offiii n. (fifh^r 

B O L 

boat) naviglolum pifcato 

(fiy boat) myoparo, or,\s 

(packet boat) navis ad 

(tiU boat) navicula cooperta 

To Jail in a boat, oaviculor, I 

A boatman, remex, Igis, m. 

A boat/wain, proreta, a, m. 

To bob (mock) ludificor, i. (j 

percuto, 3* cedo, 3. 
A bob (joke) dt€terium, (^ 
fanna (of an earring) ins 
h, f. 
To bob, (jog) fuccutio, 3, 
Bob (fliort) cortus, a, um» 
A bobbing, calamus textilis 
Bobcberry, tantali lufus 
To bode, fee forebode 
Bodily, corporeus, in perfona 
A bodkin, fubula, i. 
A body, corpus, }Srix, n, (t 
cadaver^ eri^ n. (of a 
truncus, 2. (of foot Joldiert 
ditatus, 4* (of horfe) equit 
4. (company) focietas (of 1 
niiy or law) corpus, oris, n, 
Every body, unufquifque, fingt 
No body, nemo, nullus homina 
Somebody, aliquis, quidam 
A bog, coenofa vorago, palus, i 
A bog houfe J forica latrina, 1. 
To boggle, haefito, i. dubito, 
BoggFtng, kaefltani 
Boggy, palndofus, paloilris 
A boil, ulcus, eris, n. 
To boil, bullio, 4. ebulUo, 4«(fl 

cibos coquere 
Boiled, coitus, elixus 
A ^o;7er, (kettle) lebes, eti$, I 
Boifierous, violentus, turbidus 
Bold, audax, impavidus, (free}] 
(ra/b) temerarius, ( jainy) i 
lens, impudens (flout) iiitre] 
To be bold, audro, JQrx, z, 
Aboldface, perfnda froos 


Bdjdcr, inpavidS, (fruU) 
(rMphf) temer^, Tj^^'W 
enter, (Jhmtly) foxtit^r 
aodaday i. temeritaSy 3. 
entia, i. procacitas, 3. 
vtb) libertas loquendi 
mae, bolus armenia 
labens col mam 
(of a bed) pulvioar, rU, 
^uf a part) farcimentom 
'Mpt fuffulcio, 4. 
upy fofFultus, fuftentus 
/ a door) peflulus, 4. (a 
acolum, pilam, 2. (fetter) 
e, arum^ pU f. (tbumder^ 
BJnen, mis, n. 
oppeflblo, irfin upon) 
soiotro feconjtcSre^ (out 
fabito fe egredi for Jbut 
lodo, 3. (out) exdudo, 3. 
mp out) extubero, i* (to 
f/) farinam cerncre 
Bfpeflblatos, {oi meal) 
OS {roM) temere dittos 
(fiere) incemiculamy 2. 
Iwbs, «• 
Wmba, r. - 
viy bofflbit oppagnare 
ampullae, arum, pi. f. 
(for debt) fyngrapha, i. 
iocnlam, 2. (for appear- 
radimoniom, 2. {ot arhl^ 
) coaipromi/ram> a* 
W, fatifdOy ^di, x* 
ierritoa, 4* Cervitiom^ 2« 
bondage, ienrio, 4. 
i^vema, i. mancipiam^ 2. 
MMv, ferva, i. 
fa, confirmator pecvniae 
«Mn) compedes, urn, m, pi, 
"^ 4fh n. (of eontention) 
tarn, (of tAe back) fpinz 

fbmn, oflcM 


B O R 

To bone, exoflb, i. 

A bonefetter^ qui luxatt Itaembra 

Bonef, (fuS 0/ bones) oSkn* 
A bonfire, ignis feftus 
A bonnet, redimiculum, 2« 
Bottty, bellus, lepidat 
A boc^, bardus, 2* 
A took, liber, 2. codex, *icU, m. 
To book down, in codicem rcfenw 
A book of accounts, codex raciooariat 
A day book, diarium, 2. 
A uews book, novelise, )£» liters 
A note book, libellos porUndui 
A. fcbool book, liber Ccholafticus 
Ajbopbook, mercium commentarios 
Books of record, tabulae publicae 
Statute books, capitularia, pl» n* 
A book worm, bUtta, i. 
Bookifit helluo librorum 
A bookbinder, bibliopegus, 2. 
A bookkeeper, qui mercium rationes 

A bookfeUer, bibliopola, ee, m. 
A booifellers ffob, bibliopolium, 2. 
A ^0041 (of a pip) malus, 2. {bar 

to a harbour) repagulum^ 2« 
A ^0011 (favour) donum, 2. 
Boon (agreeable) facetos 
A boor (clown) rufticus, 2« 
BoorUb, rufticuSy aggreftis 
Booj^^ temolentos 
Boot (advantage) emolumeotum) %, 
A boot, ocrea, i. 
The boot of a coach, rhedaria forls 
To boot, ocreas induSre 
Booted, ocreatus 
A booth, tabernaculom, 2« 
A booty, fpollum, 2. manubiae, pL 
To get booty, praedor, i* 
To pler^ booty t coUudo, /, 3. 
Bopeep^ facie velata lufus 
The border (of a thj/r/) margo,ghit, 

f, (of a ^artmrf) Bmbm (Srim) 


crepido, inii, f. (of a eountry ) 
finis, is, m, terminus, 2. confima 

To b^der upon, adjaceo, 2« 

Bordered with, fimbriatus 

A borderer^ acola, e, c. 

Bordering uear^ vicinus, contigunt 

I bore, (or did bear) tuli 

To bore, terebro, i. penetro, l» 
perfodeo, a. pertundo, tUdi, 3. 

The bore or hole made, foramen, 3. 

Bored, perforatus 

A borer, perforator, oris, m. 

Boring, perforans 

To h« bom, nafcor, tus, 3. orior, 
tus, (again) renafcor, tus^ 3, (of) 
enafcor, tus, 3. (before its time) 
aborior, tus, 3. 

Born, natus, ortus, fatus, (after a 
fathers death) pofthumus (again) 
renatus, (of good parents) loco 
honefto natus, (of mean panu' 
tage) humilt loco natus (together) 

Tht frft born, natu maximut 

Baft horn, natus, aduiterinus 

Still bom, natus mortuu^ 

Born offuch aftock, oriundus 

Borne down, oppreffus, depreffus 

To be borne down, opprimor, 3- 
(up) folcior, tus, 4. (to be borne) 

To be home with, fee tolerable 

Not to be borne, intolerabilia 

A borough, municlpium 

A cony borough, cuniculus, 9. 
A headborougb, decurio, onis, m. 

To borrow, mutuo, fumcre (upon 
ufe) faeneror, i. 

Borrowed, mutuatus 

A borrower, mutuator, oris, m« 

A borrowing, mutuatio, 3. 

The bofom, gremium, 2. iinus, 4« 
(of ajhirt) fiflura, 1. f. 

A bofom friend, \T\t\m\x^, tVix\S«K 

B O T 

A hfen, fee h^atfwain 
A hefs, bjlla, t. (of ^ Book (um- 
bilicus, 2. {of a kuckler) umbo, 
3« m. 
To bofs, promineo, i, 
JS^e4f gibbofos, gibbof 
Sotanit, botanicus 
A kofanifif berbarum pcitut 
Bitanyf berbarum fcientia 
A bctcby ulcus, eris^ n. bubo, 3. 
carbuiKulus^ 2. aphtba, x* pa> 
rotis, 3. 
A htcb (patch) pannus^ 2. 
To botch, refarcio, 4. {to hngk) 

in^pte, or iofabie facere 
Botctfd, rcfaitus 
A botdety furtor, 3. mdii 
Bctb^ (^dj.) ?.mbo, uterque 
Botby (c'-inj.) cum, turn, etct, 

qua quay velvet 
Both banded, ambidtxter 
Bofbwayt, bifariam 
A bcttUf urer, erisy m. ampulla, i . 
(of tay) fafciculbS {maker) am- 
pullanus, 2. 
To bottle, in ampuIUs infuadeie 
Botiletirjed, nalatus 
Bottled^ in ampullis confcrva»u8 
The bottom, fundus, 2. fjnrium, 
«. (of pip) carina, i. {dre^) 
'fcx, 3. fedimentum, 2. {depth ef 
4t tbing) profundum, 2. (of 
« mtuntain) radix, 3. (of tbehelhf) 
hypograftrium, 2. 
A bott'tn, (fliip) navis, 3. {'valley) 
vallis, 3. {oi thready &c.) glomus, 
}frisy n. (/© ivind thread on) gyr- 
gillus, 2. 
To bottom, fun do munirc, (a <///- 
rourfe) funcamentum oraiionis 
^t the bottom^ in imo 
^0 the very botni*'^ fund!»(b | 

B O U 

Bottomry J fiiejuflio navalis 

A bough f ra-nus, 2. front, d?i, f« 

F«Zf «/ boughs, ramofos 

To be bought^ emor, ptus, 3* 

I bought, emi, mercatus fum 

Bought, emptus 

A bouly globus, 2. fohera^ I* 

To bouf, globum mitiere 

Bouledf mifUis, jaflatus 

Boulinp^ rpbzromacbla, 1. 

A bsulir^ g'^f^i fph«rifterium, 2* 

A b^u^fter, cervical 

A bounct {ncife) crtpitttS, 4. 
{boali'ir^) ja£latio, 3, 

To bounce, crcpo, W, I. ftrepo, »/, 
3. {pfter.) crepito, 1. (»/) refilio, 
ui, 4. {leap up) profilio, &i, 4. 
{at a door) infultare calcibus 
fores {force opr-n) eflfringo, 3. (to 
vapour or romance) ja^o, 1. 
gloriari, fefe venditare 

(as a foot baH) fonora reflex io 

To beurd, finio, 4. limito, (< 
b:rder upon) adjacro, 2. {back or 
again) rcfilio, 4. 
A bound, meta, i. terminus, 2. 
Bounded, circumfcri^tus, confinis 
Boundhig upon, conterminus, con- 

Boundlefs, immenfus, infin:tus 
To be bounds obligor, i. teneor, 2. 
^o»W,ligatus. obligatus, {beholden) 
devindusi aftr.d^us {ly covenant) 
paftione obligatus {by duty) ne- 
ceflitudine allriftus, {refrained) 
vnftus, {with an oath) jure 
jurando obftri£lus, {as an ap- 
prentice) artifici traditus (as a 
bock) compaflus, {to) alligatus, 
{tcgrtber) colligatus, («W«r)Tub- 
Bcuttden, dcbltut I 


Bountiful, beneiicus, beolgoi 
Bountifully, bcnignc, libcrali 
Bountifubiejs, benigniUs, 3. 

ralitas, 3. 
Bounty, bcnignitas, Jargitas, 
A bourg, vicus, 2. fee burg 
A bourn, torrens, /«, m. 
To boufgy poto, I, . 
A bouteftt, litium fator 
A bon?, arcus, 4. m. (of a 

prora, % 
Like a beta, arciiatus 
A bowfring, arcus nervot 
A boyyer, arcuum faber 
Bow'pritf malos anterior 
Bnv Ugged, valgus 
To b(yiv, fle^d, I. incHn* 
{back%uards) rcclino, i. (, 
incurvo, i, {round) c\tQ\xm, 
xi, $. (or bend) acclino, 
to bind 

A hew (falutation) falutatio 
nato corpore fa£ta {to mal 
lutare corpore ioclinato 
BcKoedy curvatus, fee bent 
To bowel, fee embonoel 
The boioeli, snteftina, pi, n 
compafpaC) miferatio, 3, (c 
oirrifj vifera, urn. n. 
A bo^oer, pergula, I, 
Bawged, perforatus 
A hoivl (for drink) fcyphus (to 
in) la brum, 2. (to play • 
fee boul 
A knuyer, arcuarius, 2. 
A box, ci^a, i. area, i. pyxif 
A chriftmof box, Arena, i. 
A cojch box, currus fedile 
A dice box, orca, x. 
Afnuffbox, pyxidula pulverif 
A tobacco box, pyxidula tobaci 
A box in a theatre, cafa theatr 
The/Mr*s^o*, arcapaupcrculo 
Boxa in fjbop^ locelli, nidi, i 


', alapa, i. 
pognis certafe 

us, 7. f. 

crif in* (foMien) 

I . (fervant] famulns 

I pnerHiter 

ilitat, 3. 


to bravfl 

le) par, ni, 3. (in 

aU, i; ijbip'% rope) 

TLfrtHting) UDCOS, 2* 

>, X. Hgo, I. 
OS, hamatus 
itor, J. 
gatio, 3. 
lilla^ I. 

ftenographia, X, 
tulos, 2. 

ilfugo, 3. 

cincinnnt, ft. 
splico, implko, x. 
erebrom, s. {binder 
Hum, a. 
erdyro* X* 
nfultos, ftaltot 
). of to ^Mi( 
Uiz, fcif , f . 

frangiboluin, {horfe 
ihiin, 2. {ufeklyla- 
a, I. area farinaria 
faiit, 2. fehtis, ft, m. 

jrrfi, n. 

a tree) ramus, 2. (of 
caput, 7/75, o. (0/'<i 
sflima, attSt n« 
IS a trte) germino, I, 
r/e) diftiogiio, 3. 


Brtmcbed^ ramofus, diftindus 1 
Brancbiwgt germinaiis 
BroMcfy, frondofus 
Branca (of a ^<r] ramofculi cervint 
A brandy iHgma, fee to fHgmatize 
To brand cattle, not£ fignare 
Branded, ftigmate inuftus 
Branded with a crsnu, infamit 

A brand iron, cauterium, 2. 

Brand new, omnino noTUt 

To brandifi, vibro, x« 

Fj'-avd^^ vini fpiritut 

B^nr.nj, furfuraceos 

BraUrty fe^ hrjTun^ brajkr 

Br^fs, rs, «r»';j, n. 

Made of hr:j.t ir.-ncus, ahfneus 

Cove-ed with bfiifu Jerarus 

A hratt infans 

A brax'ados infulritio, 3. 

Brave {fine) -Mti'iiif, {i-xcrlhn:) 
praeAans, {fiiifi ') -MTrirus, [va 
liant) forHs. {'t'7*vt\') cni<Uru'>, 
{to be bold) prcd irr', pule her 

A ^rav«, ficarius, 3. tl i.if/), '^. 

To brave, fee to ^ <^. ir-.r-irkc 

Bravely, concinne, »c:tr, eximc 
pent^ ; fortiter, anm- :?- 

Bravery, decor, 3. ex'cii-'t'i. 1 
fortitudo, 3. fnagnan'm'u , 3. 

A brarfingt infulutio, 3. 

A brawl, rixa, i. jurgium, 2. 

To brawl, jurgo, i. rixor, I, 

A brawler, rabula, i. 

A brawling, jurgium, 2. rixa, i. 

Brawling, (adj,) contentiofus 

Brawn^ callum aprugnum 

Brawny, callofus 

Brawninefs, callofitas, 3. 

To bray, {found) tero, triw, 3. 
(as an ajs) rudo, di^ 3. (as an 
elephant) barrio, 4. {cry out) 
fremo, ui, 3. 

A braying, tritura, i. barritus^ 4* 
ro^CDa^^A7ir/iVv/^ ^ 

B R E 

To braze, ten inducere 
Brazed over, ere mdufhis 

Braxen (made of brafs) Kreut^ 
aheaeusy {in^udeut) eflfroos, un« 

A brazier^ fiber nrarius 

Brazil wood, lignum brafilienfe 

A breach, ruina, X. {between two) 
fimultas, 3. {of friend/hip) ali- 
enatio, ^. (of promlfe) violatio 
fidti {mjde by water) inundatioy 
(•^f a frr.ify of ^«0cf] violatio 

Iire:iiiy p.viis, ;j, m. 

Hrr.ul c/r, Irumcntum, 2. 

lhra,i£, ;nrr.litud«i, latitude, J. 

'i- fy,;k [kva] franao, fregi, in-. 
friiiizo, 3. ru'Tipo, rupi^ 3. (with 
3^:?) dfrtrrrfrn, 3. {de back) 
dcliimlto, I. [ibebflij:) dlfrumpo, 
3. {.-.furJtr) (liffringc, //-m, t. 
(,' • iUhf) cojuuibo, I. (bruife\ 
con'ero, fnziy 3. {a covenant) 
vif^l.i r fa-.^us, {dozvn) demolior,. 
/p /".;.'.'') comminuo, ui, 3. 
(cr.'V n ftjr) tr bulo, 1, {ground) 
o;cr.i oi:piignatoria inchcare,. 
(/'. Ik ) navi-ii pxonerare {or tame) 
doir.o, ;//, 1. [as the froft) regc- 
lo» I. (;■»;) inurt, ui, 3. {in or 
upon p* cperty) invade, 3. {loofe) , 
eiuftor, i. {off) rckindo, fcidi, 
3. abrumpo, r:,pf, 3. {off for a 
time) intcrmitto, nsjfi, 3. {open) 
eifringo, fregr, 3. {out, as a fire, 
&c.) grailbr, i. (into a paflTion) 
ira acccndi, {into tears) lachrymas 
effundere {one^t w rd) fidcm fai- 
lure (be known) innotefco, vr', 3, 
{out, as the fca) exun(io, i. {out 
into pimples) puftulas emittere, 
{up ground) fodio, di, 3. (ir^ 
JchooT) fcholam dimittere (as an 
ajfembly) dimitti, foWi, (igiW 
afwards) nifto^ l» ^wi«d bacV* 

B R E 

^artls) pcdo; pepedi, j. crepo, 
ui, I. 
Atreakf intervallum, 2. 
To breakfafty jento, i. 
A hreakfaft^ jentaculum, «• 
A breaker, niptor, s» violator, j. 
A kreMkifw, infra£tio, 3. fra^tura, i. 
Thtbreafi, pcftu«, ^r;s, n. (of a wo- 
man) ubcr, ^w, n:(bone) ftcrnon 
A'breajl, ae<iua fronte 
0( tbebreajif roailiiilaris, peftoralit 
Breafi-work, forica lapidea 
A breaft-plate, lorica, i. thorax, 3. 
Ifaving a bre/ift-pbtej thoracatus 
Breathy ipiritus^ 4. halitus, 4. (of 

air) aura, i. 
To breatbtf fpiro, 1, rcfpiro, i. 
aahclo, {after) cupio, 3. dcfi- 
<Jcro, I, (J>epween) inter fpiro, i, 
{Into) infpiro, i. {one's laft) cx- 
piro, I. {pnm apoit) afpiro, in- 
fpiro, I. {cut or exhale) exhalo, i. 
{through) perfpiro, i. 
Aireathing, refpiramen, 3. n. 
Breathing, fpirans (fweat) fudor 

parvbsy or remifllis 
Bred, (bom) (genera tus {brought up) 
edttcatos (40) ingenitus {with) 
congenitus {well) bene moratus 
{ill) mal^ moratus 
The breecbt podex, 3. clunes, pi. 
Breeches, braces, i./>/, f. 
Wearing breeches, braccatus 
Breeched, braccis indutus 
To bre^, gignoj 3. pario, i. (or 
rtf»/^) produco, xi, 3. {ox be bred) 
gignor, 3. {ot bring up) alo, a/,?, 
cduco, I. {teeth) dentio, 4. fee 
to hatch) 
A breed, genus, cris, n. 
A breeder {father) generator, 3. 
{mother) genetrix, im,f. (ftallion) 
admifllarius, 2. {of cattle) nutritor 
Aufuaing, generation 3. {of teeth) 

B R I ' 

dent itlo, 3. f. {good manners) UT' 
banitas,3, {education) eAticztlo, 3. 

Breeding {as a ivoman) preguans 

A breczfi, aura, i. 

Brtthren, frlHrts, urn, m* pi, 

A brevet, fee brief 

A breviary {bwk) breWarium, 2, 

Abreviate, compendium, 2. 
Brevity^ brevitas, atis, f. 
To i>rew {mingle) mifceo, 2. {besr* 
&c.) coqueK, orcoQCoquere po- 
Brewed, co£^us, mixttit 
A brewer, ccrvifiac coftor 
A brewhoufe, xythepfaridmy 2. 
A brewing, co£lio, 3. 
A briar t fisntis, 3. rubus, 2. 
Habere briers grew, rubetum, 2. 
A br'ihe, munus, repetundae, i. 
To bribe, corrunripjjre raunere 
Bribed, corruptus, fubornatus 
A briber, corruptor muncribiM 
Bi ibery, ambitus, 4. 
A bribing, fubornatio, 3. 
A brick, later, iris, m. 
Brick colour, figuiinus 
Belonging to brick, lateritius, a^, 
A bricklayer, coBmentarius, 2. 
A brickmaker, latrrum confcftor 
A bride, fpon'a, 1. 
A bride chamber, thalamus, z* 
A bridegroom, fponfus, 2. 
A brtdemaid, pronuba, i. 
A bridal fonr- epUhaiamiiim, 2« 
Bridcwcil, piitnnum, 2. 
A Iridge, pons, tis, m, 
A bridge -mjjfei', pontis curator 
A bridle, tVaenuoi, 2. habcna, 1. 
To bridle, tra?no. 1. Iruenum i:tipo- 
nl-rc [one's pajjion) irac modcrari 
(in) coerceo, 2. 
Bridl.dy fraenatus (cr may be la idled) 

coercibilis, e, 
A brief {writ) breve, /«, n. {letters 

B R I 

patent) diploma, 3. {/or i 
charity) liter* petitoriae, ( 
counjdlor) litis fumma {Jen 
fcnientiola, i. {account) lun 
Biief, .{adj.) brevis, conciCui 

rfe) frcqucns 
Bnefy, brcviter, ad-v, 
Brte/nefs, brevitas, 3. f. 
Briery, fninofus, fee briar 
A brigade, turma, i . mampuli 
A brigaditr, turmae dudtor 
A brigandine {Jhip) phafelus, : 
Bright, fpleudens, lucidusy n 
{of bright ckaraBcr) integei 
{cf bright pares) ragaciflioiufi 
bright) ^etlnci^MS, pelJucidi 
To be bright, clarco, 2. nireo^ 
clarefco, 3. luceo, 2. luccfi 
To brighten, lucefco, 3. {makek 
polio, 4. limo, I. (ttpolifi^i 
Brightly, clarc, nitide 
Brigbtnefs, fulgor, fplendor, 3 
cbaraher) moium integriti 
underflanding) ingenii fagactt 
the Jun) lumen 
The brim, hbrum, 2. margpy 
Having a brim, marginatus 
Brimful, ad fuinmum impUtm 
To brim, ax a fow, {\iho, i. 
A brimmer, ca.Ix potu corosaC 
Briw/lone, fulphur, rii, n* 
Done with brimjlone, fulphuKI 
Brindled, varicgatus 
Brine^ ^alfugo, 3. alex, 3, f, 
A brine pit, falina, i. f. 
Suit as brine, falfilfimus, ae^. 
To brirT^y fcro, tuli, affero, 3. 1 
CO, 3. {about) efficio, feci, 3, 
duco, 3. (^jfyorre) traho, 3,1 
end) perficio, 3. {an aSion) < 
imj'ingere [away) znftxo, i 
{bach) reduce, x/. 3. {to bed 
fietricorf !• {forth) parif 


r)diminao, %. {dawtr 
trenuo, i. (dvivn or 
lior, 4. {f^'^tb btfore 
I 4- {^-f^reoujly) ef- 
bfinwrs) ^HoreUOy 3. 
Tourp') per ambages 
/) profcro, tuH {forth 
oduco, xi {from) de- 
tfar) aveho, 3. {in) 
ptUty) condemno, i. 
in) opfri affoercere 
promoverc ad {into 
impello, 3, {into 
mm contrahSre {into 
mino, I. {ir.To fuh- 
), 3. fubigo, 3. (into 
orem inducere (.'ow) 
(ra ar^itment) com- 
rdtfen^age) Jibcrc^ i. 
J;) didfuadeo, 2. (fo 
^ exttium perducere 
aliqu4fn comitari {t9 
tficio, 3. (wfr) tra- 
•r a party) traho, 3. 
lucem producjTC {to 
ncpiam redigcre {to 
remembrance) in mc- 
cate (w triar) coram 
fre {into a fnare) in 
ctre {together) con- 
{tiJings) nuncio, 1. 
')alo,M, 2. educo, I. 
) evomo, tt/, 3. (ir^»« 
in mrdiom a^rre 
) remiDcio, t. 
:itor, J. nancitu 
dacator, 3. educatnx 
h of young, ptrto», 4. 
rr, fttbjc^io^ J. 
nlucado^ 3*^ 
virat, 3. L 
rividns, ^Ixt^S 
er, acrittr 

B R O 

Brijkr.efs, aUcritas, 3. vigor, 3. 

The brijketf pe^DS animalis cjtd 

A brjJiU, let a, i.. 

To hriftk, horreo, a, 

//♦Pi/iwg-irgff/w, hirfutui, fetiger 

BriJUy^ fetufus, hlrl'utus 

Britain, Britionia 

Britijb, britannicos 

A briton, britannui 

Bfiuie, fragilis 

Biitt/ene'tf fragilitas, 3. 

A broaeh, (tt fpit 

A'broacb («i iter) tcrcbratus 

To bnacb a ca/ky vas terebrare {em 
error) -errorem diiTfrninare (/i«) 
figmrnta dir|)€rgcre 

A bfoacbtr of errors, au^or, 3, 

Broadj laigus, amplus, latus 

To make breads diJato, i. 

BrccAde, pannus aure et argenteo 
iilo interteatus 

Brogue, irala pronunciatio 

A hroi], rixa, l. feditio, }• 

Full of hroiUy turbulenlus 

To raife broils j tumultttari 

To broil, caroem torrcre (or be 
broiled) torrefcb, 3. torreor> 2. 

Broiled, toftus " 

Broke or broken^ fraAus {loofe) fo- 
lutus (or Uft for a time) inter- 
miffus {ajumder) intercifus {jMcktd) 
delumbis {hearteJ) abjedtui {tvind^ 
agi) actate confeftiis {<witb Jick- 
nefs) morbo confe£tus {deit^) di- 
rutus {off) abruptus {(fen) effrac- 
tus {in pleca) contufus {v>iti for- 
row) dolore confcftus (or tamed) 
doroi(u« {up) diruptus {up as d 
meeting) diraifTuS {violated) viola- 
tus {bj violer:e) prorttptu* 

A broker, {/tgent) traafadlory 3. man- 
go, 3. {of clothes, 5tc.) interpo- 
lator^ 3. {exchange) ^oxencCa ar- 

B R U 

lenttriai {•fpamis) pignentor, j, 
(r'li oldgvods) icrutarios, 2. 
A cr99^, proles {otcln^ktMi) pttlUttct 
Brooding, iocubatio 
A brQ9h^ rimlas, 2. 
To brook {bear) fero, tolero 
A br»*m, ieppae, armm, pi. f, 
^roT^, jnfculum, %% nuria, i« 
A brcthe/y lupianar, iris, 'n* 
A brother, friter, /rw, m. ■ 
A bjlf brother^ germaoat, s. 
A bf 4ther in-law, frater marid 
A /tf/?.T brofbtf, coUaftaneut 
Brotherhood, Ibdalitiumy 2« 
Brotherly, {ad}.) frateroos {adv,) 

fraterne, {love) mntua amicitia 
I brought (pretcrp, of ^nNf] tall 
To ^e brought, deducor, 3. aflPeror 
(ro ^cy/) pario {into the world) pro- 
crcor, I. {topafs) efficior, 3. (|» 
trial) in jof daci (if^, or A&ctffAi) 
educor, i. alor, itus, 3, 
Brought, allatus, adduilus (*dr*) rc- 
doftus (rt Ae</) enixa (iy force) ▼! 
appuKut (/or/^) pfX>du£laB, pro- 
creatus {in) indudtus (^0 wi^^t) 
peflundanu {topafs) effe£hjs (to^ 
gefher) collatus (under) fubje^iM 
{up) educatut 
Tht broft0, frons, th, f. {of awaB) 
corona muri {of a bill) vertex, ca- 
cumen, 3. 
Brown f fufcus, pullut 
To make browns fafco^ i« 
To be in a brcwnftudy^ medltofy I. 
To browfe, depafco, tfwr, 3. 
To brutfe, contero, 3. qiufTo, r. 
{in a mortar) pinfo, m, 3. (/am//) 
A bruifi, contofiOy 3. f. 
Bruifed, contufus, contrituf, {h'ack 

and blue) fogillatus, lilddai 
\ bruit, fee rep:rt 
A hrunt, fee ajault 

B U F 

A hrufif fcopuhy i. verriculum, z\ 
(or running againft) occurfus {a de* 
b0ie) aggreflio, 3, 
To brujb^ vcrro, r/, 3, 
Like a brujby YerricuUtus 
To brujb away^ feiline fugere 
"Brujbedy fcopula purgatus / 

To In-ufiUy fe erigerc 
A brute, animal brvtum 
Brutijb, ferinusy fcedus, impiidiais, 

fatuosi ihipidus 
Brutality f faevitia, iinpudicltia, ftul- 

titia, I. f. 
A bubble, fraus, £s, 3. 
To bubble^ (or cheat) dolli fallerc 
{up in feetbing) fcnreo {as water) 
ebuUio, 4. 
A bubby, uber, is, n. mamilla, i, 
A buccaneer,' predo americanus 
A buck, cervQs 
A bucket, fitula, I. fipho, 3. 
Buck*s born^ coriiu cervinom 
A buckky fibula, I. (of hair) cin- 
cinnus^ 2. (of ajboe) fibula cal« 
To buckle, fibula colligare^ fee to 

curb, Xo yield, to Jigbt 
A buckler, clypeus, 2. fcutum 
A buckling to, ceflio, 3. f. 
Buckram, pannus cilicinui 
Buckjkin, pellis cervina 
Buckfom, hilar! s, laetus 
Bucolics, bucolica, orum, n. 
A bud, germenj 9. gemma, i. (of a 
roje) calyx (of a vine) oculus, «. 
To bud, germino, i. {again) repul- 
lulafcoy 3. {out) egermino {toge- 
ther) congermino 
Budded, gemmatus 
A budding, germinatus, 4. 
Budge, pellis agnina 
To budge, pcdem ciere 
A budget, faccus, 2. bulga, I. 
BuJf{Uatb€r) pellis bubula 

B U L 

A buffet, colaphuS) 1. al^>a, i. 
(for china, tec) abacas (/W) 
fella porUtilis levior 

To buffet, colaphumdare 

Buffeted, colaphis csefus 

A buffeting, colaphit Terberatio 

Abujab, bubulas, l. 

A bujlt bead, ftolidds 

A buffoon, fannioy 3. fcttm> It 

Buffoonery, fcurrilitas 

A bug, cimexy Trii^ nit 

A bugbear, larva, I. 

To bugger, paedicor, I. 

A bttggerer, paedicator, 3* 

Buggy, cimicibus abundaat 

Buggery, paederaftia 

A bugle, fegmenU vitreai {born) 
cornu veoatoriam 

To build, sdifico, 1. condo, 3. 
about) circumftnio, 3* {again) 
reaedifico, i. {before) ftTt^vkO, xi, 
3. {in) inaediiico, i. {under) fub- 
ftniOy {by or near unto) aftruo, 
xi, 3. {up)- peraedifico, {upon) 
inaedificOy {or rely upon) nitor, 3. 

Builded or built, aedificatus 

A builder, aedificator, conditor, 3. 

A ntafter builder, architedus, 2. m* 

A building, aedificium, 2. ftrudtura 

Art of building, architectura, a, f. 

A bay of building, mcnfura, 24 

A bulf, bulbusy 2. ' 

Bulbous, bulbofus 

To bulge (as a (hip) titubo, i. 

To be buhedj fcopulis allidi 

A bulk, (prcjcfticn- before a fliop) 
appendix, 3. {bignefs) annplitudo 
{of a body) Itatura corporis, {of 

. a Jbip) navis rapacitas 

To bulk cut, pro^endeo, 3. {to 

break bulk) navem exonerare 
Bulky, corpuleotus, ingens, gravia, 



A bull, ttuma, 3. {bbm 

bligo, ginis, f. {Pe;pe*$] 
To bull, ineo, 4. 
BuUbaiting, certamen, n. 
A bull dog, can is lanienat 
A buU'feafl, certamen int 

A bulkt, gUns plumbea 
Bullion, aurum, &c. in D 
A bullock, juTeocui, z, 
Tobulfy, infttlto, i« 
A bully, thrafo, onis^ m. 
A bulwark, agger, pnefid 
A bumbailiff, li^or, 3. m. 
A bumkin, rufHcns, 1. 
A bump, (cejwelling, tbi 
To bump out, turgeo, 2. 
A bumper, calix repletua 
A bun {cake) collyra, i. 
A bunch,, fee fweUing, bi 
A bundle, fafcis, is, m, 

fafcet, ium, pi. m. 
To bundle up, confarcino, 
A bung, obturamentum 

ramentum, n« 
To bung up, obturo, i* 
Bunged up, obturatui 
To bungle, imperite coo£ 
A bungler, imperitus 
Bunglingly, infabre, craf 
A buoy, mdex ancborae j] 
To buoy up, attollo, 3. i 
Bu<ned up, fuftentiM 
A burden, onus, tlris, n. 

verfua intercalaris (of 

To burden, onero, I. far 
To be burdened, oneror, i. 
Burdened, onuftus, onert 
Burdenfome, gravis, onero 
A burgefs, {magijirate} h\ 
nator) pater confer! ptu 
civis, is, c. 
Burgejsbipf jus civitatisj 


iQnincioin> if n* 

oarietom perfoilio 

wpelibilit, e, 

foousy 3. exequue, i. 

t§ Sgrta&f funebris 

fepdio, 4. homo, i. 

td, fepelior, 4« huinor> i. 

folCus, humatos 

. humatiO) f. 

^ piace, fepuIchniiO} 2. 

» I- 

Kulan's, ludicrus 

jocaUriter Uludere 
laftio, 3. f. 
nBt) oro, 3. incendo, 3. 

ceodeo, a. flagro, i. 
loterio or&e 

tbeboMt, ftigmate ifloro 

aj^tt in cxneres redigo 

K*x Jifgo's, detrimeotum 

a re accipere 

fitb anger, ira ardere 

vV, uror, tt/?arf> {d<mm) 

. I. 

Ivmf^ uftits, exuftus (/o 

cinere reda^us {in roaft' 
trridus, (//t the band) ftig- 

xoreofy ardens 
, combaftio, deflagratio 
) oredoy dimt^ f. (irMi) 

, ecpolio, 4« 
r, politory 3. 

errW^y bolocanftaiOi 2. 
(See horemgb 
> in csTum fnbire 
cxcambium, z. 
dlegM difpenfator 
dilrampo*, rjy^/, 3. (i« 
ffiUo, 4. (oarf) proClio, 4. 
of^fj^} rifa emoii (/»/# 


kmgbter) in rifum prorump^re 
{into tesrt) in lachrymas effundi 
{vfitb envy). invidiS commoveri 

Btirfty w burften, hernia Jaborani 

A burfting out, erupti^ 3. 

A bnrtben, fee burden 

To bury, fee burial 

A bujbf rubus, 1. {ofbair) caefaries 

Bujbji dumofus (hair) caefaries co- 
mata {place) dumeturo, 2. 

A bujbel, modios, 2. modimnui 

Bufyedf occupatus 

Bufily, folicit^ 

Bufinefi (bufile) tamultu8> 4.' {im- 
phyment) negotium, 2. rei {to 
mind) rei operam dart {to come 
into) in fero florere {to manage) 
res gerJfre 

Full of bujinefs, occupatiflimui 

A bujky fulcrum pe^torale 

A bujkin, pero, cotl^urnus 

Abu/Sf bafium, fuavium, 2* 

To bufii ofculor, I. 

A bujx, (Aip) nayigioliun 

A bujpng, baflfatio, 3, 

A buftj or buflo, (btua minca 

A bufile, turba, tumoltus 

Buflnng {diligent) diligent 

Bufy, occupatus {medling) curiofus, 

To bufy, occupOf I. 

A buJIy body, ardelio, onit, m. 

To be bujy, fatago,. 3. 

But (an adverfative) is made by aftj 
at, *atque, autem> taeterum, nifi, 
quodii, fedy fin> vero, verum {hut 
for) ni, abfque (6gnifying before 
or before that) is made by cum 
(fignifyiog except) is made by ex- 
tra, nifi, prjcter," praetcrquam 
(fignifying only) is made by roodo, 
lolt^m, tanti^m, (Hgnifying but 
that) is made by m, nifi, nifi quod, 
quod nifi {aftar a ne^fit/ve) is m.i4e 


by ne, non, nifi non, quam, quin, 
qui non, ut non 

But if, fin, fin autem {if not) fin 
minus, fin alitcr {ratter) im6 
quinimo {feldom) ttrh {a tobile 
ago) nuper, admodum {juft now) 
nuperrimc {yet) tamen, ut, atque, 
attamen, veruntamen 

A but or mark, meta {butts) aggeres, 
urn, m. pi. 

A butcher, lanio, onis, m. 

To butcher, ma£to, i. 

A butcher^ s Jbop, macellum, 2. 

Butcherly, (adj.) crudcJi8(adv.) tru- 
culenti, xrrudeh'ter 

Butchery, cardes, ftragci 

A butler, celle curator 

A butt, (of wine) amphora, i. dolium 

The butt end, extremitaa crafla 

To butt, arieto, 1, 

Butted, or bounded, finitus ' 

Butter^ butyrum, 2. 

Buttered, butyro illitus 

A butterfly, papilio, oris, f. 

Butter Pii/k, lac ferofum 

A buttery, eel la promptuaria 

A buttock, clunis, 3. nates, plm 

A button, fibula, i. 

To button, confibulo, i. 

Buttoned, fibulatus ~ 

A buttrefs, fulcrum, 2. erifma, 3. 

To buttrefs, fuffulcio, I, 

Buxom, alacer, hilaris 

To buy^ emo, 3. mercor, i. {again) 
redimo, 3. {a bargain) htnk 
cmere {deat) pluris emere {often) 
emptito, I. (wtffl/) obfonor, i. {f 
fell again) negotior, i. {upontruf) 
fide data emere (up) emercor, 1;, 

A buyer, emptor, oris, m. 

A buying, emptio, f. 

To buxx, (as a bee) bombilo, 1, (in 
the ear) infufurro, x. {fbrood] ru- 

mercm (par^^c^ 


C A O 

A buTSxing, bombus, 2. murmur) j. 

fij» a* ab» ad, apud, cum, de, e, 
tz, juxta, ob, per, prae, preter, 
pro, prope, propter, fecundum^ fub 

JBy itjeff', fcparatim, feoifum 

Bv heart, memoriter 

^fteaitb, fyrtim 

B]^ and by f confelljm« continue 

By the by^ obiter, in tranfitu 

Hard by, in proximo 

By much, malth 

By how ntucb^ quanta 

By fo much, tanto 

A i}bl(/w, nothusy a. (word) ada* 
gium, I. opprobrium, 2. 

To be by, adfum 

A byas, praeponderatio, 3. f. 

To iyas, tranfverft aggre 

ToU.byaJid, inclino, i. 


ACabafy conciliabulum, 2. 
To cabal, occulte agere 
Thccabafa, traditio, 3. cabala, s. 
Caba/iflicai, cabalifticus 
A cabbage, hriflica, i. caul is 
Cabbaged, {beaded) capiUtus (fioleti) 

A cabbifi (/« ajhif>) ftcga, i. {iiet/e 

place to dwell in) tugurium, 2. 
A cabbln boy, puer nauclero infer- 

A eabimt, ciftula, j. fcrinium, 2. 
A cabinet council, concilium fecretiut 
A cabl/, rudeiis, tis, c, 
A /beet cable, rudens facrum 
To cachJe, glocio, 4. graculor, i. 
A cackfr.g, glocitatio, 3. f. 
A cacodemon, mulus genius 
Caietwe^ clavfura period! nomtiofa 
A eadtt, frater minor 

C A L 

A cage, cavea, aviariura, 2. {Jch 
criminals) career dathratus 

To cajole, inefco, i. illicio, 3, 

Cajoled, inefcatus, illicitus 

A cake, placenta, i. libvm, tt (rf' 
fhlegm) phlegmatia acerrus 

To cake [as coals) in unum coaJefccre 

Calamine ft one, lapis calaminaris 

Calamity, calamitas, 3. infortunium 

Calamitous, calamitofui 

To calcine, exurere 

Calcined, exuftus 

Calcination, exuftio, 5. f. 

To calculate, rationem putare {a na- 
tivity) futura pnedjcere 

Calculated, [computed) computatus 
[adapted) accomodatut 

A calculation, computatia, 3. f. 

A calculator^ calculator, 3. comptt- 

A calendar, caleodariom, 2. 

A calendar (of cloth) politor 

To calendar, pannum polire 

Calended, politus 

Calends, calendae, arum, f. pK 

A calenture, febris ardens 

A calf, vi^ulus, 2. (fia calfl.^hnett, i« 
[of a leg) fura, I. 

Of a calf, vitutinua 

Calico, telaindica 

To call, voco, I. ceinptllo, 3. 
[aloud) exclamo, t. [ajtdc) fe 
voco, I. [back) revoco> i. [back 
one* i word) TtUzCto, l.denego, i. 
[by name) nomino, i. [for) ar- 
cefco, 3. [for htlp) imploro, i. 
(out or forth) evoco, 1. [for a 
thing) ^(co J s. [in) introvoco, 1. 
[in a dog) canem incrfpo {of a 
exigcre [in a law) legem subrogate 
[often) vodto, i. [out of bed) fuC 
cito, 1, [over) recito, I. [to mind) 
recorder, 2. [one u naught) con- 


vicior,!, [inifueftion) ezarak 
{to arm) cJaflicum can2re ( 
account) ad rationem reddei 
▼ocare {together) convoco, i, 
to) inclamo,.f. (up^n) invoo 
[fir belt) imploro, i. («^ 
witnefsj appello, 1$ [f wh 
teftor, I. 
A.caJl, vocatio, 3. f. (at td 

To he calledy vocor, i. (named) \ 
cupor, nominor, i. Canin) 
petor, 3, [up} excior, in, 
Calkd,^ (named) vocatus (mtvW 
' vitatus 

A calling, vocatto, 5. f. (pn/^ 
artificium, 2. (to remembn 
recognitto, 3, (together) ctt 
catto, 3. 
Calhfity, callus, 2. caUofittt 
Callous, callofui 
Calm^ fedatus, tranquillai 
A cahs (fea) maris traaqsi 

(weather) ferenitas, 3, 
To cabn, paco, t. 
To becalm, mitefco, 3. plaeor, 
Calmly, Icniter, tranquil]^ 
Ca/mj7e/i» tranquilitas, 3. ftitij 
To calve^ vitulum parere 
Calved, vitiilus editus 
To calumniate, fee KofUuid» 
Calumny^ calumnia, 1, f, 
Qimbrick4 findon, }inis, U 
'came, veni, (cc comt 
A camel, camelus, 2. 
Of a camel, camel! i^us 
Camltt, pannus camelihut 
Camomil, chamemelum, i. 
A camp, caftra, orum, m. pK 
Beloncing to a camp, caftrenffi 
FoUcioers of a camp, calones, p 
A campaign (flat country) pUn 
[taking the field) expeditlo miHl 
(coat) fa|UBi| fth 


I canphorS inxxtHt 

xe, 4. (tell) dMq 

mUi, 3. 

«t, canarius 

I vriting) deleo, %* ex« 

. (or wuke void) abrogo 

cktusi expunSus 

I deletio, abolitio^ 3. 

incer, 2. gaograena^ X* 

(Gdus, ingenuus 

t candidatua^ z. 

odide, iiigeaol 


lodda, 1. 

, candelabrum 

fjft purificatio Wrgiais 

idor, 3. 

tccharo cpndire 

oa uidica, ctlaoMHi 1. 

fe) caoiu 




«9 caaneus 

iftuaiittoiy «• 

Dthropophagos, i. • 

DOS, infatiabilii 

anifhnis* 1. 

ns, rm y n. {in the mouth) 

[in tbt no/e) polypua 



•tmentam bellicuin 

r, tormentis verberarc 

) regttJa, i . (law) canon, 
9 a cathedral) canonicus 

io divos referre 

divos afcriptus 
f caaoniaatiOy 3* 
uopiumy a. 


To ea»t (cafi away) abjicio, %, {talk 

gihherijb) uti fi£litio fermone 

{vtbine) verba trahere {vtbtedk) 

didis ducSre 
AcaiUf au£>io, 3. 
A tanting fellow, homo fubdolus 
A canting, fidio, 3. conje^uSy 4. 
A caMtiae, canticum, z» 
To canton, dif^ribuo, divido 
Canvas, cannabiom| 2. 
To canvas {fir preferment) ambio, 4. 

[fife for iuJSnefs) inquiro, 3. veftigo 
CanvaffeJ,AmhitMs, examiaaciUi agi- 

tatiis^ ja£latus 
A canvajfing, fee canvai 
A caft, pileua, s. 
Capped, praepUatus 
To cap a ferfon, caput nud«re (in 

verfa)9\x&tn\% verfibus contendere 
Wearing a cap, pileatus 
Cap 4tp€^z capite ad calcem armatua 
Capahle, capax 
Capacious, ampluiy capax 
Capacioufnefs, capacitate 3« 
Capacity (ability) captus, 4. facul- 

tas, 3. («/"* vejfel) capacitate 3, 

{of a place) amplitudo, 3. 
A eaparifon, lorica, !• 
Caparifoned, loricatus 
A cape (at fea) promontorium, .2. 

r?A * garment) collare, 3, 
A caper, faltus, 4. (fruit) cappartt 
To caper, tripudio, !• 
Capillary, capillarit 
Capital, praecipuuSe capitalis 
A capital in arcbiteSure^ capitulum 
A capitationt capitum exa^io 
The capitolf capitolium, 2. 
To capitulate, de deditione agere 
Capitulated, pa£^o conftitatua 
Capitulating^ pacifcens 
A capitulation, paAio de deditione 
Articles of capitulation, dcdendi op< 

pidi capita ct }egcs 


A capon, Snis, m. 

A capouch, cucttUus, 2* 

A caprice (fisnt^cal humour) repeA* 
tinus animi motut (ohftlnate hu» 
mour) pertinacia, i. f. 

Capricious, inconilans, pertiniE 

Capricioujly, leviter, morofe 

Capricioujnefs, fee caprice 

A captain, dux, cis, c, (in ^bief) 
fummus dux [of the guards) prat- 
torii praefedtua {of a company) otm 
dinum duftor {of horfe) htppar« 
chut (of 32 men) decurio, 3. (^ 
co) pentacontarchus, 2. {of a 
hundred) crnturio, ^3. (of 1000) 
chiliarchus, tribunus, &• (of m 
Jhip) dux nagticus (of a caJUe) 
arcia piiKfeAut 

A captainfhip, centuriatus, 4* 

Captious, argot us, morofus, fallax 

A captious fellow, cavlliator, 3. 

Captioufiy, irgut^, captiof^ 

Captioufrefs, cariUatio, 3. capti^ 

To captivate (enfiave) In fenrltuten 
Tt6\%txt{the eme8ions,tcQ,) mulc^ 

Captivated, captivua fa^us, muldt^t 

A captive^ captivua, 2. mancipioai 

Captivity, captivitas, 3. feryitut, 4* 

A captor, qui capturam facie 

Capture, captura, Z. 

A carat, unclae triena 

A caravan, mercatorum caterra 
peregre euntium (carriage) vehi* 
culum oblongum 

A carbine, fclopeta velitaris 

A carbineer ^ veils, ///;, m. 

To carbonade, carnem in pruna tor* 

A carbuncle, carbunculus, %, 

Acarcafs, cadaver, ens 

A card, charta luforia {wrttfen) 
charta epiftolica (fea card) ta- 
bula nautica (fvr wool) ferrcum 
pcftcn ^ ' ^ 


C A R 

Tocatdv}ool, canxiino, i. 

Carded, carmioatus 

A cardinal^ cardinalis, 3. {adj,) 

Care [diligence) diligcntla, i. {heed) 
cautio, 3. {regard) curz, i, {trou- 
hie) onus, erisy n. anxietas, 3. foli- 
citudo, 3. {tuition) tutela, i. 
Tq caret or take care of,, euro, l, 
{fi^) providco, 2. {/or diligently) 
. invigilo, I. 
To have a care, caveo, a. 
To careen^ purgo, i. 
A caretr, curfus incitatus 
Careful, diligens, fedulus, Uutus> 

folicitus, circumfpeftus 
To be carefuly laboro, i. 
Carefully, anxic, cautc, fedulo 
Carefstfnefsy diligcntia, i. confide- 
deratio, 3. folicitudo, 3. cautio, 3. 
Carelefsy (not thinking) improvidus 
{at eafe) fecurus {negUffful) neg- 
^ ligena 

To he carekfs, ncgligo, exi, 3, 
Carelejly, negligenter, -fecurc 
Carele£ne^s, incuria, negligentia, i. 
To carefs, ioduJgeo, z, ajpanter ac- 

Carefe^, blanditiae, /»/. f. 
Carejid, comiter acceptas 
A cargo, navis onus 
A caring for, provifio, 3. 
To carine, casinam purgarc 
Carious, cariofus 

Carnage, internccio, 3. caedes, is 
Carnal, pravu?, carnalis 
Carnally, carnaliter, prove 
To enpy carnally, coeo, 4. 
Carnality, voluptatutn appetitus 
A carnation, caryophyllon, 2. 
Ggjww/, baccanalia, //. n. 
HH||i^9riDen, hymnus 
^^^^bjl fimvdL caefarites 
■"fc» pcrgraecor, x. 


A caroufing, potatio intemperans 

A carp, carpio, 3. 

To carp, carpo, vellico ^ 

C4rped aty vdiicatus 

A carper, criticus, 2. carptor, 3. 

A carping^ vcllicatio, 3* 

A carpenter, faber lignarius 

Belonging to a carpenter, fabrilia 

Carpentry, ars fabrilis 

A carpet, tapes, etis 

Carraioays, caruum, 2. 

Acarr, carrus, 2. 

Carriage, {behaviour) geftus, 4. {gooS) 
urbanitas {of a burthen) bajulatio 3. 
{cartage)vz€i.yxtdi{money) vcftiva i. 
{on borfeback) hippagium, 2. {for 
artillery) lignea compagcs 

A carriage, currus, 4. vehiculum^ 2. 

Carried, veftus ' 

A carrier^ portitor, 3* bajulus, 2. 
{of letters) tzhtWvius, 2. {of tales) 

Carrion, caro morticlna 

A carrot, paftinaca, I, 

To carry, gero, 3. porto, i. fcro {op 
behave) fe gerere {about) circam- 
fero {about often) circumve£lo, f. 
{about with him) circomgefto, i. 
{all before one) vinco, 3. fupero, i. 
, {away) aufero, {away by force) 
rapio, 3. {theprize) palmam fcrrc 
{bark) legeio, 3. {before) praefcro 
{beyond) praeterfero {into Jlavery) 
in fcrvitutcm pbducere {a caufe) 
caufam obtincre {in a carriage) 
vehoc>rconvc>»o {a burden) bajulo 
{or condufi) duco, 3. {forrh) effero 
{down) dcvcho, 3. {from) afporto 
ifromplace toplace) tranfporto {in) 
importo {news) nuncio, i. {off a 
difiemper) depellere morbum {on) 
promoveo, 2- {on a defign) per- 
fcverarc {on a war) bellum pro- 
ducere {on a building) continuare 


aedificium {to a place) \ 
{together) comporto, i 
too far) nimis urgcre 
fubveho, 3. {water) 
{•wood) lignor, i. 
To be carried, vthor, £lu 
{refolved) decernor, 3. 
Carried, latus, veftus {aw 
raptus {from place to pL 
tatus {about) circumv 
the verb to carry, 
A carrying, geflatio, 3, p 
A cart, currus, 2. plai 
curriculum, 2. briga, : 
quadriga, {child's) plol 
{covered) capfus, 2. 
A cartel, rationes praefini 

tandis captivis 
A carter, auriga, ae, m. 
A cartilage^ cartilago, h, 
A cartoucb, capfula, i. 
To carve, 1. fculpo, 3. 1 
Carved, caelatus, exartua 
A carver, fculptor, 3. ca 
A carving, fculptura, 1. 
A cafcade, praeccps aquae 
A cafe {in law) caufa, 
res {of confcience) fcr 
{cover) theca, i. {for, 
rytos, 2. {for a comb) p 
{for needles) acuarium 
pins) oclcularium, 2. 
menti) capfula, l. {of , 
fus, 4. {ftate) conditio, 
A cafementf feneftra, i# 
A cajhitr, fervus cui feni 
To cajhiert exauftoro, i. 
A cap, tefta, i. cad us, 
{headpiece) galea, I. 
A cajket, fcrinium, 2. c 
A caffock, fagum, 2. 
'Yocafi, jafto, t. jacio, 
circumjacio, 3. {abroai 
{again) rejicio, 3. ( 

A T 

(aiainfi) chiicioy 5.<i»- 
jite^icio, 3. {a bvwl) 
(fl ^n) ex'ip, 3. (or 
condemooy i. {in Qme*s 
oboy I. («r devlfe) con> 
[donofi) dejicJOy 3. (Jortm 
vbo, 1. {hfoiUotig) prae- 
{aaJerfiM) pcffiindo, 1. 
nitto, 3. (/a) injicio, 3. 
■/«(/] recoloj 3. meditor 
fuit) vinco, 3. (metals) 
. confloj I. (0^ d gar- 
io, 3. (off w renounce) 
I. (^ at a printer) li- 
apotare (ovrr or beyond) 
\. (over or if/»«r) Ajperin- 
[tt) ejicio, 3. (otf/ or«;ir- 
)D0,3, (afmell) redoleo^ 
l/r9)agito, I, (ar^)cosi- 
(i;p, tfi tbefea) exptto, 3. 
von/V} evomo, 3. (/^ 

i^S 4- (V '^ 9O <>^'' 

JDiffilis, faftts, fparfus, 
aouiatui. See verb tor^/? 

caftro, X. (tf ^}mttti]o 





I, a. lielis, m. or t, 

, ^aevaricatofy 3. 

catalogue, &. 

cataraaa^ x. 
atarrhiif, a. 
*f oreotus, exitus, 4. 
f) cantilena, I. (prize) 
[tawks lure) palpum, 2. 
') obex, 3. («wri/, in 
tox fiibfcripU^agjaaiii 

C A U 

To cateb (lay hold) arripso, 3. capio 
(overtake) aflbauor, 3. (at una- 
wares) fee to Jurfriase (or f natch) 
rapio, 3' (^0 appeto, 3. (iw^f 
0^ apprehendo, 3. (tvith a kait) 
inefco, x. (in a net) illaqueo, x. 

Catched, raptus, illaqueatus, depre- 
henfus, de improvtfo oppreiTus 

A eatchingy fee infe6Uou* 

A catching hold, appreheniio, 3* 

To catechifr, catechizo, x. 

A catechifin, catechifmus, %, 

A catechumen, catechumenut, %, 

Categorical, categoricus 

To cater, obfono, i« 

A caterer, obfonator, 3. 

A cathedral, ecclefia cathedralia 

Catholic, ftt uiiiverfal 

Cattle (fmall) pecus, Odis, f. (gt^at) 
pecus,ar», n, (labouring) '^\itatuX9i, 
orum, n,pl, 

A cavalcade, pompa e^ueftrii 

Canfaby, equitatut, 4. 

A cave, fpcluirca, i. aBtnua, a« 

A caveat, cautlo, 3. 

Caught, {tccatcbed 

A cavil, cavillatio, 3* 

To cavil, fee to dilute 

Cavilling, rixofus, litigiofat 

CavUUngly, pertinaciter, capCio(i 

Cavity, concjivitas, 3. 

The cauJ, omentum, a. (for wo- 
man^s cef) capUlare 

A cauldron, lebe«, etis, m» 

A caulker, ftipator, 3, 

A caufe, caufa, i. (»ccafaa\ occa^o^ 
{oi ail ion in law) dlca, I. 

To caufe, facio, 3. coocico, I. gigno 
incito, X. infero 

Caufed, faOus, effbaiM 

Caufelefi, fine caoTa 

A eaufey, femita, x. 

Cauftic, caufticua 

A cautery, cauteciuxD, a« 

C E R 

Cauttpn, cautio, 3. prudentia, g, 
circumfpc^o, 3. monitio, 3* 

To caution, moneo^ a. admoneo, v 
Cautious, cautut, prudent 
Cautioujly, caut^, prudent^r 
To ceaje, ceiTo, x* inter mitto, 3 

quiefco, 3. defifto, 3, 
Ceafed, remifTus, ccdatus 
A ceafing, ceflatio, 3. internplTio, 3. 
fVithout ceafing, contineni^r 
To celebrate, celebro, x. laudo, i, 
Cr/c^rtf/M/ (famous) celebrii, illui^rts 

(folemnized) folennit 
Celerity, celeritas, 3* 
Celeftial, ctsleftit 
Celibacy, calibatui, 4. 
A cell, cella* i. 
A cellar, cellarium, a. ctlUj i. 
Cement, c cement um, %, 
To cement (out) conjungo, 3. (neut.) 

coalefcoy 3. 
Cemented^ coagmentatus 
A cenfer, thuribulum, a« 
Cenforieus, maledicens^ mordax 
Cenfirioufnefs, maledi^io, 3« 
A cenfure, cenfora 
To cenfure, reprehend©, animadvertQ 
Cenfured, reprehenfus, notatus 
A cenfurer, animadverfor, 3. 
A cenjuring, reprebenfio, 3. 
A center, centrum, a. 
Belonging to a center, *<cantraUs 
To center, terminor, 1 . 
A eentinel, fpeculator, excubitor, 3* 
A centurion, centurio, 3. 
A century, centuria, i. fccuhim, a* 
A cerecloth, centum, a. 
Ceremonial, ceremonialis, ritualii 
Ceremonious, fee compksifant 
Ceremony, cerimonia, I. (fomp) fo- 

Jemnitat, 3. pompa, . i* (mw« 

phifance) urbanita^ 
Certain, certus, compertus ifff^") 

Ii^erram, cercus, comperrus KffJX'^i 
^uidam, noonullus (orbfrsyild 
* 3 

G H A 

Jt is certatn, conftat 

For certain, ceito, pro certo 

A certainty, certa rei ratio 

A ctriificmtey teftificatio fcripta 

To certify, certiorem facere 

Ctrtified, ccrtior fadtut 

To cefs, fee to tax^ to fine 

CeJ/atfon, ceffatio, i. (of arm) in- 

duciae, arum, f, ^U 
To cbace, fee chafe 
To chafe or v/arm, calefacio> tt 
(vex) . iram movcrc (hi vexed) 
^onnachor, i. fuccenfeo, «. (he 
galled) cutem atterere^ {with 
the hand) tero, 3. 
Chafed, calefa£lus, iratus, mactfratus 
A chafing, calefa£^io, 3. indigna- 

tk)y 3. cutis attritus, 4. 
Chafing, ira exardercens 
A chafing-difh, ignitabulum^ 2. 
Chaff, palea, I, 
Chaffy^ paleatos 
Chagrin; fee difcontent 
A chain f catena, i. 
To chain, cateno, 1. concatenOj i. 

catenas alicui in^cere 
Chained^ catenatut 
A chair, fella, i. cathedra, i. (ea- 
Jy) fella fupina (offtate) thro- 
nu6, 2. (to carry one) le^ica^ I. 
(with elbows) folium^ s. 
Taft the chair^ munere praetorio 

A chairman, le£^icarius, 2. (of a 

ciu6,,Scc,) praefes 
A chaife, currus levior 
A cb Alice, calixy 3* 
Chalky creta, i. 
To chalky creta notarc 
Oi chalkf cretaceus 
Chalked, c/etatus, creta notatus 
Chalkyy crctofus, cretaceus 
A challenge, provocatio, 3. 
To ^Ju//r^^^ proYOCOj 2* {ot take 

C H A 

to one* sf elf) arrogo, i, (a Jury- 
man) rejicio, 3. (a promife) exi- 
gOy 3. (or accufe) accufo, i. 
Challenged, provocatus^ fee to chal- 
Chalyheate, chalybe mixtus 
A chamber, cubicuium, &. camera, 

1. cubile, 3. triclinium, 2. tha- 
lamus, 2. 

Tl^it chamber, aerarlum 
An anticbambery antithalamus, 2. 
A chamberlain, cubicularius, t, 
A chamber-maid^ ancilla, i. pedi- 

fequa, i.' 
A chamber pet, matula, X. 
A champion^ pugil, 3, c, (of a party) 

anteugnanus, 2. 
A chancy cafus, eventus, 4. fors, 

%» (at dice) alea, 1. (good) for- 

tuniom, 2. (bad) infortunium, 

2. (bad at dice) jaAus fupinus 
Chance (adj.) fortuitus 
To chance, fee to happen 
By. chance, forte, fortuitd, cafu 
A chancel, cance)!], orum 
A chancellor, cancellarius (of a hi' 

fh9p) ofBclalis 
Chancery, ftc court of canity 
A chandler, butyri, &c, venditor 
A chanel, canalis, %» (of a river) 
alveus, 2. (or narrow fca) fre- 
tum, 2. (inftone) ftrix, 3, 
A change, (alteraticn) viciflitudo, 

3. (variety) varietas, 3. (of mo- 
ney) commutatio, 3. (or exchange) 
excambium, 2* (ojf the moon) in- 
terluniam» 2. 

To change (2&) muto, i. commu- 

to, I. (pafs) mutor, 1. vario, i. 

(as the moon) renovor, i« (one^s 

place) demigro, i. 
Changeable, mutabilis, inftabilis, 

verfutus, mixtos, vcrficclor 
Cbangeabienefs, inconftanlia, i, 

C H A 

Changed, mutatus, verfus 
A changeLni, ineptus, 2. idi< 
A changing, variatio, 3. muta 
To chanty cano, 3. imxiulor; 
A chanter, praccntor, 3, • 
A chaos, chaos 
To chap, hio, i. rimas agei 
The chaps, fauces, pi, 
A chape, vaginae mucro 
A chapel, faceilum, 2, 
A chapiter, capital um, 2. 
A chaplain, a facris, capellac 
A chap, emptor, 3.. 
A chapter, (of a book) cap 
(in a cathedral) capitulum, 
A chapter houfe, exedrium, 2 
A character (note) charad< 
(defcription) defcriptio, 3. j 
litera, i, typus, 2. (refu 
exiftimatio, 3. fama, i. 
To charaSIerixc, ^fee to defcrib 
Charcoal, carbo lignarius 
A chare-iooman, mercenaria, 
A charge, (accufation) accufa 
(affault) imp^tuf, 4. (b 
onus, 3.* (command) mand 
2. (from a bipop, &c.) adl 
tio, 3. (cofi) impenise, 
fumptus, 4. (offxe) mum 
(trufi) cufl-odia, i, cura, I. 
gun) pulveris & plumbi mi 
To charge (accuft) accufo, 1 
fault) adorior, 3. (burden) < 
I. (command) impero, i. (« 
entrufi) commitiJfre fidei | 
price) pretium impon^re (< 
fclopetum inftruere (a c»> 
ztfith) irenarchae aliquem 
Chargeable (coftly) fumptuofus 

thenjome) gravis 
Charged, juffus, impugnatw 
cufaiuf, oatratus 


A titrpr^ patina, i. (cf a gun) 

iafiuaiboiani^ 2. 
'""TT* wprobittio, 3* 
AcEwtir, rbeda, i. carpeotani| z. 
CoMakc, bcnignos, candidus 
^^*rfjr, liberalitcr, benignd 
Cknrr (<ks) eleemofynay x. {Icve) 

c^tas, 3. {children) liberali- 

tite educatus 

A(»rM,'incajitatiOy 3.i]Iecebrari. 

To.'«7«, fee to incbant, to pleafe 

AiinKr,fafcinator,3. delinitor,3. 

(^•n^, fafcinani, permulcena^ 

(nDBi, foavisy jacundiflimus 
A>an^ jaoindiffiin^, blandif- 

be, aoMeniffiine 
idtpTi charta, i. lineatio, 3. 
Idtvftr, charta, i. diploma, 3. 
Uimurfnrty^ charta partita 
ikitt, fUTa, I. laltuf, 4. 
^^t\furfue) vcnor, i. feAor, 

I.(ttaw5r), pello, 3. (^toe, 

fc:} fifnia decoro^ i. [famoard) 

iJK iptacusy fbgatnt, decora- 

toenantibus fignia 

|di!^ biatos, 4« 

^ calls, podicus 

iMv, caftigo* I. poiijo, 4. 

fH» ^igatas, ponltus 
^H^ caftigatio, 3. 

m caftitaa, 3. continentia, x. 

fc IHoadiaa, 3. 

*tf, garrio, 4. fee to talk 

Mm', larrolos, 2. loqvax 

Ni (ru/} bona lealia (ferfonal) 
■<«r, fceto^j// 
"dMkr, at the teeth with cold, 
J^'^ pne horrare crepito 
^'^"'"i^i k^oafitas^ 3. crepi- 

y»»T, gairahu^ crepttaai 


To ehofOy fee to cbeto 

Cbtapj vilit, vie pretium 

Deg-^beaf, iriliffimut 

To cbeafen, licitor, i. liccor, 2. 

Cbeafnejs, vilitas 

C6ctfr (countenance) vultus, 4. fa- 
des (courage) animus, a* (pro- 
Tifion) dapes, pi, {good) czna 
opipara {cbcari) laett clamoret 

To cbtar, hilaro, i. Istifico, X* 
{encourage) animo, i, 

Chearfuly laetus, hilaris 

CbearfuUy^ alacriter, laetS 

Cbearfulnefs, alacritas, 3. 

Cbeary, paulo hilarior 

Cbearing, leniens, refocillana 

To cheat, fraudo, i. decipio, 3. 

A cheat, detraudator, 3. tmpoftor 

A cheat, dolus, 2. fraus, 3. 

Cheated, deceptus, fraudatus 

A cheating, fraudatio, 3. 

Cheatingfy, fubdole, fallaciter 

To cheeky corripio, 3. (reftrain) 
cohibeo, 2. fubmoneo, 2. 

A check, rrpreheniio, coercI:io, 3. 
(at chefs) latrunculi, /»/. {of 
confcience) ftimulus {to prevent 
miflaket) cautio, 3. {ufed in notes) 
curvae linea fcriptis imprefl'u: 

Chicked, reprehenfus, coercitus 

Checkervft/e, tefTellatus {work) opus 

A checkif^y objargatio, 3. 

The cheek, gena, bucca, i. {teeth) 
dentesmaxiliarea (^0}i«)maxilla,i 

Cheefe, cafeus, 2. 

To chert f^, (nmrifo) alo, 3. {keep 
tvarm) calefacio, 3. {firoke) palpo, 

Cher'i/bed, fuftentatus, fotus 

A cherijbery fautor, 3* 

Cheriping, fovens, alens 

A cherry, cerafum, 2. {Jlone) acinus 

Chefs, ludus latruncnJori/ni 

Ch^/'mM, JjUiiujcuJi, /A 


A cbefl, cifta, I. area, !• (^ 

drawers) ciftulae tra^ilet {of 

clothes) vefHarium, 2. {f» pift* 

cious things) fcrinium, a« 
The chefi, peiSlus, Uris, n, 
A cbejnut, caftanea, i* 
A chevalier, equet, Itis, m. 
To chetOy manduco, 3. {the tud) 

ruraino, i. {upon a thing) attent^ 

Chewed, manducatus 
Chicanery, cavillatio, 3* 
A chicken, pullus gallinaceus 
To chide, objurgo, i« increpo, I* 
Chidden, objurgatus 
A chider, objurgator, 3. 
Chiding, increpans, objurgatorius 
Afi>/^'wf,jurgium, 2. objurgatio,3. 
Chief, primus, principalis, fum* 

mus, fupremus {men) optimatet^ 

pi. principes 
Chiejiy, praecipue, flimmi 
A chieftain, imperator 
A childblain, pernio, otiis, m* 
A child, infaos, 3. pucr, 2. paella^ 

I. {in thevm^) em^ryo^ n. {ha* 

ftard) nothus, 2. {nurft) aiumnut 
Great with child, gravida, pr^egnana 
To bear a child, parturiot 4* 
Cbildhirtb, partus, 4. 
Childbearing, nixus, partus 
Of * child, puerilis 
Childhcod, pueritia, x« 
ChiUifi, puerilis 
Cbildijhnefs, puerilitas^ 3. 
Cbildlefs, orbus 
Cbildfen, \ihtti, pi, prolet 
Chdij aLgidD£j algofus 
To chitl, {%&} algorem alicoi inm- 

terc (neut.) algeo, 2. frigeoy 2« 
Chilled, algidijf, frigidut 
Ci///y, frigidc 
Chiijtnef^ algOT, ^. 

C H O 

To cbJme, modulate pulfo 

A chimera, chimera^ i« 

Cbimerical, futilis 

A cbimney, caminus, focus {piece) 

frons camini (/weeper) camino- 

rum mundator 
A cbin, mentum, 2. 
China mf are, vafa fi£lilia a Haenfia 
The cbiney vertebrae, pi, fpina, I. 

{of htf) tcrgurtt bovis {of pork) 

tergum porcuiuni, 
A chinky rjma, i. (money) pecunia 
"Long thinnedy longo mento pricditus 
A cbipy fegmen, 3. a(Iula, x. 
To chipy diftringo, 3. (wiri> an ax) 

afcio, I. 
Chipped^ diftriiflus, dedolatus 
ChippingSj refegmina panls 
Chips for afrcy fomes, i//>, m. 
To chirpy (as a bird) minurio, 4. 

(as a cricket) ftrideo, 2. (as a 

fparrow) pipilo, l« 
Chirurgtryy medicina ehiruygict 
A chirurgeoTiy (ecfurgeoa 
A chifely fcalper, 2. 
Cb'H-chatt garritus, 4^ 
A cbitterliKgy hilla, i. 
Chit ferii figs, omafuiDy 2. 
Chivalry, (prowefs) virtus, 3. 

(knighthood) equitatus 
Chocolate, potus ex cacao 
A choice, ele^io, 3. deledus^ 4, 

(diversity) varietas, 3. 
Choice, (adj.) le^us, exquifitus 
To make choice, fee to cboo/e 
To choke, fufFocOy i. ftrangulo^ I. 

(or ft op) obftcuc, 3. 
Choked, fuffocatuSy ffraogulatui 
Choler, cbolera> I. bills, is, f. 
Choleric, biliofus, morofus 
The cholic, dolor cholicus 
To chdofey eligo, 3. deiigo, j. fe- 

ligo, 2* coofticuQ, 3. akifco, 3^ 

C H U 

coopto, I. fub/UtuOy 3. eximo, 3. 

xnaloy ut\ 
Choojittg, eIe£tio, 3. 
A chop, divifura, i. fruftum, s. 

(of mutton) offula carni^ oviiue 
l^be chop, lee chops 
To chop, coQcindo, 5. perinuto, i 

(off) trunco, I. praecido, 3. (about 

Chopped off, truncatus, abfciflua 
Chopped, coQcifus 
Chopping and changing, permuUtid 
Chopt, {^chopped 
Choral^ ad chorum pertineos 
A chardy chorda, r. 
A charrifier, choiifta, I. 
Cborographj, chorographia, I. 
The chorus, chorus, 2. 
Chofen, ele^us, deledius, coopta- 

tus, /ele£lus> esemptus 
To choufe, deciplo, 3, 
Cboufed, deceptus, fraudatut 
Chrtjm, chrifma, atls, n. 
Christ, christvs,2. 
To chrifien, baptizo, i , 
ChrifleniUm, or bis chriftiahut 
Cbrijien^d, baptizattts 
Chriftiany chriftianus 
Chrijiianity, chriflianitas, 3. 
Cbriflmas, Christ I naule feftitm 
Chronic y diuturous, perpetuus 
To chronicle, poller itati mandare 
Chronicled^ IB anoales relatus 
A chronicle, chronicon, 2« 
A cbronologifi^ chronologufi, 2, 
Chronology, temporum biftoria 
Chubbed, crafl&is et curtus 
A chuck, i€bit levis 
To chuck (like a partridge) ezcaho, l. 
A chuckle head, capito, oniig nu 
A chum, coatubeinalit 
A chump, truncos, 2. 
A cburchf teopiuin^ »« ecclefia, J« 

C I R 

Cburfk-Ufids, g|«b«p, arum^pt. 
A Churchwarden, cditaus, %, 
A Church'ford, ctemetsfiaaiy 1 
Of the church, ecdefiaftidia 
A churl, rufticus,, fordidot 
Churri/b, illiberalisy tructtk«t» 
Churiybne/s, rofticita), aiperiUi 
A chum, cioea, i. 
To churn, lac agi tare 
A churning, ladis agitatiii 
To ehufe, fee to cbooje 
The chyle, chylus, 1. 
Chymical, chymicus 
C^pnifiry, ciymia, alchymia, 9 
A chymi^, alchyraifta, aeg «b 
A cicle, falcula, j. 
Cider, fuccut e pomi* 
To del, laqueor, i. 
A cinSure^ cingulum, %• foa^ 
Cinnamon, cinaamonDum, 2. 
The cinque-ports, quinqoe poii 
A eion, furculus, 2. 
A Cipher, ciphra, l. (nmif^) t 
(engraved) literae interise in* 
(fecret vtriiing) notae arcanap 
To cipher, iM^ithmcticam HMk 
Ciphering, arithmetica, Z. 
A circle, cifQulus, a* orbii^ 
laboui the-mtm) halo^ m^ 
(abwt the eye) iris, 3. 
Half a circle, foaucirculos, «• 
A circuity circuitus, 4! amb it ^i 
Circular, orbicua, circularif 
Circulatory, circulatociua 
Tii circulate, cicculoTyi. teraUM 
Circulation, circulatio, %, 
Circumambient^ circomambicat 
To circumcife, firQumcido, 3* 
Circumcifed, circumciftts 
CircumciJUn, circumctfio, J*. 
A circumference, circulus, at 
A circumjlex, circumflexot^ ^ 
Circumkat$i9&, €UCunlo6ua% 

L A 

, circumfcribo, 3, 
ifideratus, cautas 
autc, provide 
circumftantiay i. 

es, />/. conditio> 3. 
circumvenio^ 4. 
r, deceptio, 3. 
rna, i. 

CIS, f. 

tio, 3. 

9, 3. municeps, 3. 
ig) urbs, is, f. (in- 
vitas, atis^ f, [chief) 
is, f. 


irbauoSy civllis 

as, urbanitas^ 3. 

anfuefacio, 3. 

ifuefa6lus, excMtus 

T, orbaniter 

litaculum, 2. (long 

lacula, I. garrulitas 

ito, I. 


icatio, 3. 

idico, I. ailero^ 3. 

epofco^ 3. 

sndicator, 5. 

ando, 3. 

II, vifcofos 

fcofitas, 2. 

or, 3. 

imo, I. exciamo, i. 

sofus, importunus 

I 4* clientcla^ i. 


I idus, 4. (noife) tre- 

feafe) lues venerea 

percutio, 3. {at a 

>, 3« (m tbe hack) de* 


mulceo, 3. [or give a difeafe) in- 
ficio, 3. (or make a noifc) ftre- 
po, 3. {bands) plaudo, 3. {in) 
iznmitto, 3. irruo, 3. {up a bar- 
gain) pacifcor, 3. {up a peace) pa- 
cem facere {up inprifon) in cufto 
diam tradere {wings) alas quatere 

Clap boards, materia cadorom 

Clapped at, plaufus 

Clapped, (poxed) inuftus lae 

Bell clapper, malleus 

Clapt, fee clapped 

Claret, vinam rubellum 

To clarify, (aft) purgo^ r. (neut.) 
clarefco, 3. 

Clartjiei, defecatus 

A dark, fee clerk 

To clafl), (difagrec) dlfcrepOy ui, 1 
(make a noife) clango, xi, 3. 
(beatagainft) coUido, 3. 

A clajbingt difcrepatio^ 3. clangor 

Cla/bing, collidens 

A clafp, fibqla^ i. clavicula, Z* 

To cla^, in6bulo, x. ample^r^ 3. 
(bands) manus conjungere 

Clafped, nexus, infibulatus 

A clafs, claiTis, 3. feries^ 5. 

Clajpcal, clafficus 

To clatter, ftrepo, ui, 3. garrio^ 4. 
altercor, i. 

A clatering, ftrepitas, 4. garritus, 
4. altefcatio, 3. 

A claufe, claufula, i. fententia^ i. 

A claiv, unguis, 3. ungula, i. 

To claw (fcratch) fcalpo, 3. (flat- 
ter) demulceo, 2, 

Claived, unguibus laceratus, 3. 

A claiming, laceratio, 3, 

Claws of a fiih, chelae, drum, f. pi, 

Clay, lutum, 2. argilla, I. 

To clay, iuto oblinSre 

Clayey, lutofus, argillaceus 

Clean, mundus, nitidus, purus 

To clean, or cleanfe, mundo^ i« ex- 


purgo, T. dilno, 3. elino, i« 

To be clean, eniteo, a. 

Cleaned, abfterfus 

Cleanlinefs, mundities, 5* nltorj 3* 

To cUanfe, Tee to clean 

Cleanfed, defaecatus, fee ckantd 

A cleanfing, purificatio, 3. 

Clear (bright) lucidut, perlucidpfl 
(fair) ferenus (manifeft) confpi- 
cuus (calm) imperturbatus (pure) 
limpidus (in found) claruty fo- 
norus (without irfeBion) integer 
(without mixtun) merus (out of 
debt) folutus sre alieno (in the 
bead) fagax (innocent) innoxius 

Clear (adf.) prorfus, omnino 

To clear (acquit) abfolvo, 3. (« 
doubt) explano, i. (a table) fer- 
cula tolljfre (a Jbip) ve£tigalia 
folvj^re (a crime) purgo, j. (fiw) 
libero, r. (an account) rationct 

To be clear, clareo, 2. niteo, 2« 

To clear up, clarefco, 3, 

Cleared, expolitus, dilutus, pate« 
factus, abfolutus 

Clearly f clar^, perfpicu^» pur^j oni* 
nino prorfus 

Clearne/s, nitor, 3. ferenitas, 3, 

To cleave, findo, 3. (neut.) dehifco^ 
3. (unto) adhaereo, i. 

Cleaved, znd cleft, fiflTus 

A cleaver, clunaculum, 2« 

A cleaving to, adbaefiQ, 3, 

Cleaving to, adhserens 

A'eleft, rima, i. flfTura, l« 

Clemency, dementia, i. lenitas^ |« 

Clement, clemens, mitii 

To clench, fee clinch 

The clergf, clerus, 2. 

Qixht clergy, iacerdotali$ 

A clergyman, clericus, 2« 

Clerical, clericalis 

C L O 

C L O 

A iUrk (clergyman) clcricus, a. {oj\ Cloddy^ glebofus 

a fartjb) iacrifta, a^ m, {to 

vjrtte) fcriba^ dt, M. (of the kit- 

fBin) obfonator, 3. {of the feace) 

ckricus pads {of tht market) ^di- 

lis libripens (of the roUs) fcrini- 

arius (to a gentleman) fcriba, 1. 
Clever, dexter, agUis 
Cteverfy, dextr^, agilitir 
The clevf (of a fail) jjes yeli (of 

thread) gbmusj z« 
To elick, crepito, 4. 
tA clicking, tinnitus, i, 
A client, cliens, 5. cUentelay i. 
A diff, rupes, 3. peCra/ 1. (in 

mu/lc) clavis, 3. (of wood) fruf- 

tum ligni 
Climafferica/, clima^ericus 
A climate or c/ime, cHma, j. 
To climk, Tcando, 3. afcendo, 3. 

confcendo, .3. 
To cHncb (as the fift) contraho, J. 

{a nail) repango, 3. 
A cHncber, (ftrong argument) ar- 

gumentum herculeum 
To ering, tdhaerco, 2. <ohaereo, a. 
To clink, crtpo, j« tinnio, 4. 
To cliff, tondeo, %, abfcindoi 3. 

tircumtondto, s. praecidoy 3. 

4imintio, 3. (inffeecb) male pro- 

CTifpedy QT cSpt, tonfus 
A clipping, tonlio, 3, praecifioi 3. 
Clippings, praefcgmina, pU 
A cloak, fee chke 
To cloatb, veilie, 4. amicioy 4. 
Cioatbed, veftitus 
Cloatbing, veAitus> 4. 
A clock (the machine) borologium, 

2. (the hour) hora, i. 
^ To clock, fee to cluck 
A Jo^/, gleba, i. grumui, 2. 
To clod, coagulor, i. 
Ciaddcd, concrerus^ ^romefccns 

A clog (hindrance) impedimeoturo, 
2^. {for bcrfn) obex, 3* (wooden) 
calones, pi. (leatber) (cuipoheae 
ex corio conferee 

To clog, impedio, 4* obftru0| 3. 

' onero, i. praepedio, 4. 

Clogged, impeditus, oneratus 

A cloifter, monaflerium, z. 

A cloke, pallium, 2* fagum^ »• 

A clokc'bag, mantica, i . 

A cloke {for a fault) praetextus, 4« 

To cloke, veloy i. dtffimtiloi i. 

Cioked, teAus, palliatos 

Clofe, (fliut) occlufus (fecret) ar- 
canus (dark) tenebrofus (fgft] 
iirmus (narrow) apguftut (near 
to) contiguus (referved) tacitur- 
nus (thick) denfus (covetous) a- 
vanis (together) continuus 

Chjie by, vicinus, propinquu» ( jrep, ) 
juxta, prope, propter, fecundum 

To clofe, claudoy 3. concludo, j. (or 
conceal) celo i, taceo, 2. (keep 
in) coerceo, 2. (hedge ia) fepio, 
4. (together) ponjungo^ 3, (up 
a wound) cicatrice obdud (witb 
a propofal) pacifcor, 3. 

A cieje, fee cotfclufion, inclofmre 

Clofe together, (adj.) confertus (adv.) 
contertim, conjun£te 

Cl^ed, occlufus, ftipatus, obfeflus, 
compreiTuSyobfignatus, obdii£hiS| 

Cbtfely, (e^e, denle, confertira, 

Clofenefs, anguilia, i. fee nearnefs, 
niggardUneJi, rtfervednefs, fecreff 

A ciofet, conclave, /«, n, cella, I. 

A clot, fee clod 

Cloth, pahnus, a. (of ftate) cano 
pseum, 2« ([or a harfe) flragu- 
lum, 2. (batr) ciliciuin, 2. 

Tq clothe^ {» to ckath 

C O I 

A cloud, nubes, ir, f. 
To grow cloudy, nabilo, I* 
Cloudy, nubilus 
Clotfded^ undulatut 
A clove, caryophylluxn, 2» 
Cloven, Mms ( footed) hifidi 
A clout, pannicului, 2. (ox 

anumeUtum cakei 
To clout, fee to patcjf 
A clown, rufHcus 
Clownifi, aggreftis, inarba; 
Clownijhnejk, rafticitas, 3. 
To cloy, fatio, 1. e^cfaturo, 
Cloyed, faturatus, fatiatui 
A cloyfier, fee clvJUr 
A club, clava, t, fuftiS] 
cards) trifoliumy 2* I 
compotatio, 3. focletas, 
boards a reckoning) collet 
To club, iymbolam confen 
Club footed, loripes, Jldts^ t 
A clue, fee ckw 
Clumfey, inhabilis, rufticva 
Clumfineft, rufticitas, 3. 
A clufier (of grapes, &c.) i 

2. (heap) acervus, 2. 
The clutches, ungues, turn. 
To clutter, tumultuor, i. 
A clutter, tumultus, 4. tur 
A clyfler, clyfter, eris, n, 
A coach, rheda, i. currus 
A coachman, atirlga, i. m, 
A coach'houfe, ftabulMm ri 
fiackney coach, curros mcr 
Coajutor, collega, a, m. 
To coagulate, coagulo, i. 
To coaks, adblandior, 4« 
A coal, carbo, onh, ro. 
A coal dealer, carbonari us« 
Of coals, carbonarius, a, t, 
To coalejce, coalefco, 3. 
Coalition, coalitio, 3. 
To coap,witb, confligo, 3 
The coalpit^, projeQura u 


r. limes, 3. littus, 3. 


a, I. ▼eftis, 3. (•/ 

, 1. \fif <mm) infig- 

UD [jtf amumr) pala- 

1. \oJ a borfe) fcta 

or 9 3« Tefemnenta* 
Jl)if) futrioa, i. 
inea, !• 
9, artneofos 
luoilla, I. 

\j %, (jf a £al) gno- 
^£«jr) Keni meta {of a 
Somiinn, a. papilla, i. 
rrpentina {hoot) fcapha 

r, gaUicinioxDy s. 


^) attoUo, 3. (%) 

. ca^uloa ftniere (a 

atinam adducSre (« 

B tntendcre 

bafilifeof, s. 

ttarofz foriDa 

sus iiKiugetc 

a gun} addafint (at 

flnuof flniAiii 

uiter cnutritot 

iadnlgentia, i, 


hlea^ X. 


) fiiiqDa, t. (of « iftfn) 
M)a&llM,s. (/t«e^) 


)^«o, J. 
Mf ditw 


Co^jidenty coefficient 
Coequal^ coequal ia 
Coercion^ coercio, 3. . 
Coercive^ coercent 
Coeffintial, cocflcntialii 
Coetaneeusy cjofdem aetads 
Ceeternal, cozterout 
Cuval, cosemt 
Coexist, coextftent 
Coffff, kupha> X. 
A cofee'tcufe, knphlpolitmi, 1. 
A toffeTf area, i. capfii, i, 
A cojfirery difpcafator, 3. {to thi 
king) quaeftor erarioa 

A co^tt, joculus, 1. 

To cogf aleam componere 

Cog (of a wheel) dens rotae, f, 

A cog vfbeei^ rota deoticttlata 

tagency^ tIs, 3. efficacit^ x« 

Cogent, cogens, efficax 

Cognifanee, ccgnitio, 3. notida, I. 

To have cogntfancey cognofeo-, j* 

To take ctgntpmce, exaainoi X» 

To cohabit^ cohabito, x. 

A cobary coheres, gdit^ r. 

To c9beref cohasreo, 2. 

A coberendt cohaerentla, >• 

Coherent, cohaerens, cengmcnt 

A cohort, cohora, tis, f, 

A coif, caplllare, /x, a. 

To coil a rope, radentem glomorare 

Coin, tnoneta, i. pecunia, i. 

To coin, cud&re nnitimom {fdgmj 
fingo, *i, 3. 

Coinage, QioDetx perctiffio 

Coined, coftts, fi£tas 

C^rnSf nmnilmaU, pL {of buildings) 
ancones, urn, m, ph 

To coincuh, coincide, 3. 

A coit, difcQS, 4* 

A MA/Cfubft.)frigQ9, 3. algor, 3. 
(adj.) fdgidns, gelidus, algidul 
[of coftflitnfion) alfiofas 

A »/</, gtavedo, dinisf f» 


To Be coU, fiigec, 1. frigerciv J. 
rigeo, %, rigefcoy 3. horreo, ju 
defenreo, 1. 
To wuki coU, rcfrifero^ x* 
It is cold, friget 
Cold^, tepid ut 
Coidly, fnpAl, tepidS, gelid^ 
A co/Ur, capiAmm, n. (for m JB^) 
n)i!luin,a. (/or a borfi) hclcisfii^ 
2. {for ojftndtrs) colliftrigittai, 
a. (y * garment J coUaie, j, (^ 
S, S,) torquia 
To col/ati (give) do, x. confuro^ 
ttttt (compare) comparo, t. «§• 
amino, x. 
ColUted, conparatat, coUatn 
Collateral^ coUateralii 
A colladon, roerenda, x« 
A collation, or coBating, calliti* 
A coUeague, collega, x, 
A collet, collegia, x. 
To coUeS, colligo, |. 
alleged, colleaus 
A colle^on, coUe£Uo, 3. 
CoHeffioMS, coUedanea, pi, s» 
ColleSive^ colledivus 
CalleBiveijp coIle£live, fimal 
A colUBor, colle^or, g« exaAor, $• 
K college, coilcgiiim, %• 
A coUegidM, coUcgii fociua 
Collegiate, coUegiatus 
Acollhtr, carbonariiis, %, 
A colliery, fodina carbonari* 
A collifliwer, fioi brafficas 
To collogue, aifentiory 4* 
A colloguing, adulatio, 3. 
A coUop, ofl^U, X. buccea, f « 
A collofuy, colloqmwn, i. 
CoUufion, collufio, 3. dolui, ft# 
CoUufive, dolofus, fallax 
Ollufroely, falUdter, fsOSk 
A colon^ colon, ». (arff-gat) 

ftinom redum 
A coknet, cbiiiarcbiSi 


A^otonyy colonia, I. 

CofoJ/ean (huge) colofTnis 

A colour, color, '3. tin£lus^ 4. p'tg- 
mentum, a. (pretence) praetex- 
tus, 4. {colours) vexilla, orum, n. 
pL {In grain) dibapkus, 2. 

To colour, coloro, i, (Wufli) eru- 
beico, 3. (counterfeit) infuco, 

/ 1. (cover « fault) obtego, 3. 

Oftbefamecohury concolor 

Coloured, coloratiis, fucatus 

A colt, pullus equlnus, equulus, a. 

■Coltijb, puUinus; lafctvus 

A column, cOlumna, i. 

A comb, peflen, wis, n. [cocKs) 
crifta, 1. (of honey) favus, 2. 

To comby como, 3. pcfto, xi or u'l 
{'wool) lanam carminare 

A curry comh, ftrigil, 3. 

A comb brufr, fetaceum, 2. 

A coxcomb, fatuus, infulfusy 2« 

A combatant, pugil, 3. 

A combat y pugna, x. certamen, 3. 
(duel) duellum, x. 

To combat, praelior, i. dimico^ I. 
(ftrive with) contend©, 3, 

Combed, pexus 

A combination, conjunftio, 3. (plot- 
ting) conjuratio,3. confpiratio, 3. 

To combine, conjungo,3. confpiro,! . 

Cow^iW,- conjunftus 5 confpiratus 

Combuftible, combuftibilis 

To come, yienio, 4. {after) fuccedo, 

3. (vgainfi) invado, 3. adorior, 

4. {away) difcedo, 3. (or follow 
after'j (cquor, ^. {abroad) prodto, 
4,, {again) redeo, 4. {to one's f elf) 
refipifco, 3. {along) procedo, 3. 
(asunder) disjungor, 3. {at or 
^vtrtahe) attihgo, 3. {at or obtain) 
obtineo, 2. {before) praevenio, 4. 
(^^rti;a«)Jntervenio, 4. {by) prae- 
tereo, 4. (as butter) motor, i. 
{bj a thing) adipifcor^ 3. (as 

C O M 

chcefe^ coagulor, i. {down from 
a place) defcendo, 3. {forth, be 

• publiflicd) cdor, 3. publicor, I. 
(forward) procedo, 3. {or pro- 
ceed from) orior, 4. {in) introeo, 
4. {in, orfubmit) dedo,3. {in one^s 
way) occurro, 3. {in uje) ufu ve- 
nire {into) introeo,4. {into bufnejs) 
floreo,2. {into danger) periculisex- 
poni {into port) in portumvenirc(or 
falloff) decido, 3. {often) ventito, 
I . {on) pergo, 3. {over, or deceive) 
circumvenio, 4. {out of) exeo, 4. 
{out, or be known) evulgor, 1. 
{to) adeo, 4. {to, or confent) 
aiTentior, 3. {to, or coft) confto, 
I, {to an agreement) pacifcor, 3. 
{to an end) concludo, 3. {to an 
efiate) hxreditatem adire {to the 
knowledge of) innotefco, 3. {to 
mind) fubeo, 4. {nigh) appro- 
pinquo, I. {to band) occurro, 3. 
{next) fequor, 3. {topafs) evenio, 
4. {(guickly) feftino, i . {to light) 
appareo, 2. (to particulars) fin- 
gulatim enarrare {to preferment) 
promoveo, 2. {fiort) deficio, 3, 
deefTe {together) coeo, 4. {up) 
afcendo, 3. {up, as corn) ger- 
mino, I. {up, as a fafliion, &c.) 
introducor, 3, {upon with violence) 
vi irruere {with one) comitor, I. 
(draw near) inftarc 

Come again, (down) delapfus, {in) 
ingrefTus, {nigh) propinquus {from 
by defcent) ortus {off) elapfus 
{out) cgreffus; editus {upon) 
abortus {in the way) obvius 

A come off, praetextus, 4. 

A comedian, comoedus, 2. 

A comedy, comoedia, i . 

Comeliness, decas, 3. pulchritude, 3. 

Comely, decorus ; formolus, venuflus 

A comt, cometa, i. 


Comfort, folatium, 2. coniblati 
To comfort, confolofy i. relev< 
Comfortable, confolans; dulds 
Comforted, exhilaratus 
Comfortablenefs, jucunditas, 3< 
Comfortably^ jucunde, dalc^ 
To be comforted, confolor, I. 
A comforter, confolator, 3. 
Comforting, confolahs 
Comjortlejs, triftis, moeftus 
Comif or comical, comitus (in 

facetus, feftivut (hard ti 

underftood) dubius 
Coming, veniens, fee to come 
Comitial, comitialis 
A comma, comma, atis, n. 
To command, jubeo, 2. impe 

mando, i. praecipio, 3. ( 

emineo, 2, 
Commanded, mandatus ; citatv 
A commander, mandator, 3* 

3. praefe€tus, 2. iroperator, 
Commanding^ imperaos, jubeii 

,A command (place) pnefe^ 

imperium, 2. (precept) m 

tum, praeceptumi 2. {< 

jufTus, 4. 

TTye ten commandments, decalojp 

Commemorable, coramembrabil 

To commemorate, commemorQ 

A commemoration, commemoni' 

To tf0mmMr«(beg!n)>nchoo, ex 

4. (take a degree) initk 
{do^or in divinity) dofloratu 
logiae infigniri . . 

Commenced, inceptus, inchdal 
A commencement^ or off, con 
To commend, commendo, i.J 

pliment) faluto, i. 
Commendable, laudabilis 
A commendam, beneficionv. 

A commendation, laos ; die, / 
CommendationSf falutationeS| ; 


udatosy celeljrit 
iproportione squandos 

» fcholium> 2. 
zpUcO) I. dilucido, i. 
, fcholiaftet, ^y m, 
imercium, 2I ufus, 4, 
r, commloatio, 3. 
r<, commiferor^ i. 

curator, 3. 

mandatum, l. 
delego, I. demaodOj z. 
be peace^tttHditQin^, if 
', delegatus, a. 
r doj perpetrOj i. (a 
o^uo> 3» {adultery) 
. {murdtr) maflo, I. 
. (ro memory) trado 
(tf» e^« /o) munut 
ajon) majeftatem lae- 

trado, 3. {in trufi) 
•edere {to prijon) in 
coDJicere (to difcre- 
to permittere 
doBe, fa£los 
, in cuftodiam miifio 
coratores feledi 

tommiflioy 3^. 
ommoduty utiJis 

apt^, commode 

oavium prsefe£lu8 

feverai) communis 
ra) penrolgatus (ordi- 
tnSf vulgaris 
3*4 commune coiici- 
) i cWitatis concilio 
weabbf refpublica, i. 
{er compafcuus 
plebeittSy gregarius 
ky, plebsy h's,f. 

plebeins^ l« (at col- 
pi (bckii' 


Commonly, vxii^h, feii 

Commons (allowance) demenfumy s« 
(eating together) convi^tusy 4* 
(commonalty) plebs, 3. 

Houfe of commons, domus 

A commotion, commotio, .3. 

To commune, coofabulor, i. 

A communicant, euchariftiae parti- 

To communicate (impart) impertiO| 
4. (receive) particeps fieri 

A communicating, communication 3. 

Communication, colloquium, 2. 

To commute, pretio redimere 

AcompaSf^ foedus, erit, n. 

CompaQ, conflatus ; compa^^us \ 
concinnus; firmus, folidus 

CompaSily, ctfticinne, ar£le j firme 

CompaBnefs, firmiUs 

A companion^ comes, 3. focius, 2. 
{at play) collufor, 3. {at fcbopl) 
coodifcipulus, 2. {in office) col- 
lega, ^i «. {merry) congerro, 
onis, w. {pot) compotor, 3. {in 
armi) commilito, 3. {in fervice) 
confervus, 2. (partaker) confors, 
3. partfceps, 3, 

A company, coetus, 4. caterva, i . 
focietas, 3. fodalius,* 3. eza- 
men, 3. 

To ke^ one . company, comitor, i. 
{carnally) mulieri confuefc^re 

A confpany, focietas, 3. corpus, 3. 
{of had people) colluvies, 5. {of 
fo/diers) Conors, 3. turma, i. 

By companiet, catervatira 
Comparable^ comparabilis 
Comparative, comparativus 
To compare, comparo, i. aequo, i 
Compared, comparatus, coUatus 
A comparifon, comparatio, 3. 
Beyond compare, incomparabilis 
In co'mparifon, prae ad ; prae quam 
A compartment^ divlfio, 3* 

C O M 

A eoa^fi (circtiit) ambitiM, 4» 
{for mariners) pyxis nautica 
{pair, of compajjes) cirdnus, 2. 
(limits) li mites, um, m, pt^ 
{winding) ambages, turn, f, pU 
The compos, orbits, i. 
To compafs, ambio, 4; a(Iequ<n> 
3j conficio, 31 potior, 4* 
circumvallo, !• 
Compajpd, ambitus | eflTe^t 
Compajfion, mifericordia, i. 
To compaffionaie, mifereor, 2. 
Companionate, mifericors, its 
Compajponately, clement^r 
Compatibly, confiftens 
A compeer, compar, comet, 3* 
To compel, compello, }. cogo, i^« 
Compelled, compulfus, coadiis 
A compeller, coadtor, 3« 
A compelling f compulfio, 3. vit 
Compendious, fuccindus, brevis ' 
Cotnpendioujly, brevit^r, fummatiil 
To compenfate, compenfo, i. 
A^compenfation, compenfatio, 3* 
A competency, facultas, 3. ' 
Com^^rrar,.congruens, idoneut 
Competition, competitio, 3. 
A competitor, semulus, 2^ rivalif • 
To compile^ compono, 3* colligo, 3* 
Compiled, copipofitus, coUeftiis 
A compilement, coilcftioj, 3. 
A compiler, collector, aufjTor, 3, 
Complacence, deleAatio . 
To complain, ^ueror, 3. conqueror, 

3. accufo^ i, lanc^entori i, * 
A complainanti aecufator, 3. 
Complained of^ accuTatus 
A complaint, querela, i. queftos, 4. 
plao^us, 4. gemitus ^gatnfi one^ 
incufatio, 3. {ii(Pof) adlio, 3. 
Complaifanee, coroitaS| 3. obfequium, 
Complaifant, comis, omciofus 
Compleat, pcrfe£lus, confumnutuc 
To cotnpleai, perfjcio, 3. 



A CMHiBion, connexio, 3, nexttt» 4. 1 ConjUeratily, penfim^ confulti 
Conni'oaneey diffimulatio, 3. n^-^cj. — :— — j^_*:- . . 

^oeonmvt, conniv«o,i. diffimulo 
Comivedaty diffimulatus 
timnubialt connobialis, conjugalit 
To conquer, Yinco, 3. fubigo, 3 
expugno^ i« debello, x* fopcro> x 
damo, X. 
f^nquered, vi£lu6, expugnjitus '. 
A conqueror, vidor, 3. debeUator> 3. 
A conquefi, vi^oria, i. 
Confanguinity, cognatio, 3* 
The confciena, confcientia, x, religio 
JConfcitntiotts^ a^quus, integer 
Confcientimjly, teligiof^ 
ConfiiouSf confciui 
^onfciou/neft, confcientiat !• 
To eonfecrate, confecro, x. dcdico, 

|. {ie confecrated) canicctot, X. 
Confeerattd, dedicatus, eonfecratus 
A consecrating, conCecratio, 3. 
Conjent, conlenfus, aiTenfus^ 4. 
To confent, confentio, 4* aiuntio, 

ioduigco, 2. annuo, 3. 
Confentaneousy congruens 
^ jonfenting (0, alTentio, 3* 
A confequence, confequentia, x. 
^y, or of consequence, ideo, ergo 
(ottfequence, (importance) utilitas 
« Confequently, deinceps, neceiTarie 
Conjervation^ cooTervatio, 3. 
A confervatttr, conservator, 3. 
A eonfervatory, repjofitoriuai, %* 
To conferva, (l^cep) cuftodio, 4, 
conieryo, i. {toiib fugar) condib 
(Confervedy CQ0ditu8 
To confider, -c^nfidtTO, 1. praeme- 
ditor, I. revolvo, . (or requite) 
remunero, x, (regard) aeAimo, «« 
ConJiderab\e, clarus, eximius, Ulu- 

ftris, fpeftatusj amplus 
Qtnfdirphly, maxtme, niult^ 
ffj prvdep8| cQDfultus 

CorfideratUn, prudentia, x. coofi- 
derati0y3. (requital) compenfatio, 
3. {regard) refpeclus, 4. {mea 
fare) modus, %, (on account of) 
caufa, I. (motives) incitamenta^ 
Confidered, perpenfus^ provifus 
Conftdering, animo Terfans, cogi- 
tans, cogitabundoi^ accuratius 
Confidering that, qoando, utpote 
Toconjign, configno^ affigno, i. 
Configned, aflignatus» confignatus 
Aconfigningy confignatio, 3. 
To^t^ft, confii^o, 3. convenioy 4. 

congruo, 3. cohanreo, 2. 
Conf fierce^ ftabilitas, 3. fpiflitas, 3. 

congruentia, i. 
Conjifient, confonus^ congruent 
Confifienily, congruenter 
Conning, conftans^ pofitut 
A confifiory, concilium, 2. 
Confolable, confoJabilis, U 
Conjoiation, folamen, 3. folatiuffii 2. 
Confolatory, confolatorius 
To eonfolidate, (ad) confolido, t. 
congltttino, i..(neut.) folidefco^ 
3. folidor^ I. 
Cofijolidated, confolidatas 
A confo/idating, confolid<itio, 3. 
Conjonance, congruentia, i. 
Conjonant, confentaneus 
A confonant, (fubft.) confonans 
A cortfort, {wife) conjux, 3. uxor, 
3. (compam'on) focius, 2. confors, 

3. {in mufc) concentus, 4. 
To confort with, affocio, 2. 
Conjficuous, perfpicuus, illuftris 
Ccnjpicuoujly, manifefte 
A confpiracy^ confplrati<^, 3, 
A confpirator, confpiratus, 2. 
To confjpire, confpirQ^ \, conrentTpy 

4. conjuroi |« 


A eonflahU, !renarcba> ^, 1 
Qonfiaficy, conftantia, x; i 
3. fidelitas, 3. toleni 
perfeverantia, i; , 
Conftant, {even) apquabilis, 
Ifledfafi) conflaos, ftabilii 
ful) fidus, iidelis, (10 a 
tenax propofiti, {in J 
patiens, {hfting) perpetu 
Conflantfy, (always) fexnper 
A confiellationy fydua, Ma, 
Confiernation, confternatio. 
To 'conftipate, c6nftipOy x. c 
A eonflipation, fti patio, fupp 
Conftituent, cotiftitutor, ele 
Conjiitutedt conftitutus 
Conftituting, conftituens 
A conjtitution, conftitutio, 
To confirain, compeUo, 3, 
To he confiraind, cpgor, 3, 
Conftraind, compulfus, co 
Conflraint, vis, necef^tas 
pdlfus, 4. coercitio, 3, 
By conflraint, invite, vi 
OmflruSiony conftru6lio, \ 
ftruing) expofltio, 3. (1 
interpretatio» 3. 
To conft rue, expono, i. ex 
Confirued, expofitus, expll 
Confubflantial, confubftanti 
Confuhftantiation, confubftai 
A conful, conful, i/h's, m. 
A eonfuljbip, confulatus, i^ 
Confuiar, confolaris 
A confultation, confultatio. 
To cqnfult, cocfulo, i. de 
confulto, X. provideo, : 
Confuiting, confulent, per] 
To eonfume, {z£k) confum* 
fipo, I. (neut.) tabeo, 
befco, 3. 
To confutm, (devour) d 


ill) i mm\ m49f 3. (meK) 
9f l» {ffmA) Tfolk), vaft*, 

imudf coniMor, j* 
ezefat^ fi^oefj^H | at. 
II ; maceratiMf^ fffo^tos 

"M^y codfumttd, I* 
^^ cmAmmdMqs 

ni»i tMfiflDjptiVy ^ fiirbes: 
», caatagitf> f. 
I pdbfenM 
1^ fisMblictf 
t, «<HMriiieo, itv ctfM^e' 
!• zvpiiiuo, J. €tfSrc«b, 

cOTleAtae, «tlmpi«tMiiib8 
p <«iilifieiis> ciipiedi 

If i^«Micf, tiontAMA^ 
conliMiptttSy- fppftW 
''je«ntem[Ka«', ^rA«t', 3. 
^t coDMn^tfOj }. 
^«« contemf^oiV f • 


itnominia, l« fetdejpifed 

^ CttflVHtpCllft 

i, ratitflfti#/^ jV 


Ti Mftf^, foe tofaliafyj fhajet &tf. 
Tae content^ capBcifCas, 3. affiWtus 
Gnitmtdkefs, SB^tniimtafy 3* 
C'Htented/yt »^Bbnil|i»r 
A conffnt'wn, eooMntio, 3^ 
Cjnteathufnefs, iroroTiM^ j.^ 
Cmtentmentf oble>£lctio/ 3. 
Contents of t book^ cvput, 3^ «rgd- 

mentum, %« (^ • v^]^, 4ec.) 

res coQ«enuer 
Tocontefl, contendo, 3, Ittigo^ 1% 
A conteft, lis, 3. difceptaiio, 3. 
ConteftahU, ^bitaUlis 
A conteftingt ooBtentio, 3, 
Contefiedy coBtrercrfM 
The contexty caotextvt 
A emtixtmtp cdntextiira, i. 
Contiguity y propia^oittSy g* 
Contiguous^ contigttua 
Continence, con riatiAeia^. z • 
Continent, caftift, pvdicui 
T^e eontinem, MrntineiMv Jiiir 
•CHtfjAinMjp, oaAl, podke 
A contingency^ czfwi, 4. 
Contingent, cafu accidcJonr 
A contingent, pan ftt<lenrta 
Cotftiitgetttt, c^ntrngentia^^il 
Gdnuh^rintfy, cafs, fortwiti 
Gtntintuil, perenjiia, perpctmis 
Continually, perpetuo, coiftidenOer 
Continuance, perpetui^, piereinilteai, 

3* (Iff Ji 0«e) commtfratio, 3« 

(perfeverai»o«) perfavcranda, i^. 

(•f a writ) prorogation 3, (of 

time) progft^s, 4. 
A t^ntkiuatiot^ oMitinufatio, jw 
To continttei («ntl<ire) coAtiaud^ 3. 

(ftaf) mMee, t. (at « M^tto) 

inveterafco, 3. (or ^ •!#) ftergo^ 

3. (i^lMi) pvO*iKO, 3. ftti^ 

traho, 3. 
Continini, <5Ait!n««tas 


Contimtty^- cOBtsmutMi 3* 
A coHtofthn, costorfio, |. diftortii 
Contraband, prohibitm 
,A comrsHf paAum, 2. «0BipaA«il 
To contraff, contrako, padfcor, 3« 
fpondeo, x. fe» to s^rii^, Aar* 

fwra, /hrinkf acouire^ Setroik 
Ccmtraaed, contra^s, fyeakrkfgti 
AeoKtraffionf (ee oMrevimim 
A controBvt, pallor, ftipulatof, 3* 
To emtfadiS^ contradicoy 3, 
Contradi&ed, contradict 
Gontradrffftqr, contradicJetft 
A coatradiffioMf coiitradi€liO| 5* 
ComradiStry, cvntrariot 
Contrariety, rtpugDaAtia,- 1« 
Contrariwife, contrarii 
Comfary, eoatrarhity vt^m^ a^ 

pofitusj invitot 
To be contrary, adverfor, U 
On the contrary, contri 
ContraJUdf dtverid fitu po6t<i9 
A coritravention, vielatio* 3* 
Contributory, fUpendiariat 
To em/triiite, eontribuo» i 
ContriSttfed, ooatributoe 
A eontrihut^, c«iSatof, ^. 
A oontribufiM, contribiitk^, 3* 
Confrite, (tt penitint 
Contrition, refipiftferttia; I. 
A contrivaike^ intention 3. 
To (tftitrivi, fte to dejign, dewfi, 

pUt, and to manage 
Gontro/Jt reprefatnfio, ^4 
To contrdi, (difpreve) redar|gi«^ 3. 

contradicoy 3. (examtfie) 6i»^ 

miAdy 1. 
A controller, fee comptroller 
A controverjy, controrieHia, If* R#> J« 
T<J cmitnurt, difcoflta, 1. 
CoMToiterted, cointrorerfus- 
CMtuthacvotn^ coiitviaix \ 

Chntnmcmfy^ toniwnidlV 
Contutimty^ toottttatdi} \% ^ 
^ 3 ^ 


Cofifvmely t-cQntumt\\i^ l« 
Contumelious, contumeliofut 
^contujion^ contufio, ^. 
7o cintene, (a6l) cito, I. Convoco, 

I, (neut.) congregori i, 
C<uw<ff«^, convocatus 
^ C9nvemen(yy commoditas, 3. op- 

portuniras, 3; convenientia, i.^ 
Ctjnveoient, commodus, idooeus 3 

congrueni ; opportunus ! 

Q^nvenientlyy commodi, tptdy op- 
A convent, (meeting) conventos, 4. 

(ffi'onaftery) moniilcrium, 2. 
A conventicle, conventiculum, 2« 
A cor.'uetition, cQnventus, 4. con- 

venlio, 3. . 
'XiovventualyZ!^ iponafterium pertinens 
(Convergent, con/ergens 
Cvrvetjavft verfatus, exerdtuG^ 

{with) aliquo fajmiliter uti 
Converjation^ conluetudo, 3, 
^0 converfe, verfor, 3, utor. 3. 

colloquor, 3. congredior, 3. 
A c<in<v€rfiqn, converHo, 3. traniitus 
A convert, ad' fidem converfus 
To,conveKh converto, reduce, 3, 
Convfrfc(l, convertus, revQcatus 
Convertible, niqubili« 
CottveXf convexus 
Convexity, convexitas^ 3, 
.To fgnvey, deduco, 3. afporto, j. 

fbduco', 3. eripio, 3. conveho, 

3, tranfpaitto, 3, importo, |. 

^xporto, I. abalieoo, 1. 
Convey ancf, itt a carrying 
A conveyance, (deed) absilienationis 

inflrumeotu^, {of w^fr) %<i^9 

deduct io, 3. 

Tp be conveyed, de^eror, abalienor 

Conveyed, depQrt^tas, abalienatus; 

fubdu^us; {^ff^rat^s; pr^ter- 

fe*^s; proditus memoriae J ab- 


A etnwyer, abalienator, 3. (carrier) 

portitor, 3. bajuJus, %, 
A conveying away, fubdudiOy 3. 

{an eflate) abalienatioy 3. (/«) 

mda&io, 3. (over) traje^io, 3. 

(out) exportatio, 3, 
A conviSit convidhit 
To conviSi, convince, 3, 
Convi&ed, coovi^us 
A conviaion, convi^lio^ 3, 
To convince, convinco, $• 
Convinced, coiividtus 
A convincing, convi^io, 3* 
Convincing^, roanifefte 
A convocation, convocalio, 3. 
To convoke, convpco, i. 
A convey, (gpide) dedui^or^ 3* 

(guard] praelidiuin, 2. 
To convoy, deduce, 3, 
Convoy a, dedu£lus 
Convulfed, convulfus 
A convul/ion, convolfio, 3, 
ConvulJive,zd convulfionen] pertinens 
A cony, cuniculus, 2. 
To coo, gemo, 3. 
A cooing, gemitus, 4. 
A cookf coquus, 2. (maid) ancilla 

culinaria, (paflry) cupedinarios, 

2. (room) culina, i. (/bop) po- 

pina» I. 
To cook, coquo, 3. • "" 
Cobked, coAus, fee managed 
Cookery, ars coquinaria 
A coo'king, codio, 3. 
Cool, frigiduius, opacas 
To <m/, refrigero, i. frigefco, 3. 

fee to negle£l, to Jlacken 
Cooled, refriger^tus, remifras. 
Cocl/y, frigide 

Copling me^iiines, refri|9ratori> 
Cootwfs, cautela, i. 
A coopy cors, tit \ f, cavea, !• 
To coop in, obiideoy circttmcUi|9 


A cooper^ doliariniy ft. : 
To cooperate, cooptro, 1. 
A cooperating, cd^eratiOy f<; 
CooperatoTf cooperator^ 3« -' 
Coordinate', aeqaaHc 
A coot, fulica, i. 
A cop, crifta, I. aptXy 3** 
A copartner, particepa, 3. 
Copartnerjbip, focietas, 3* 
A cope, laena, t. 
To cope, colludor, r. 
A coping, collu£Utio, 3. - 
Tht CTping ofabemje, faftjgHu 

(of a wall) proje^hira, !• 
Copious, copiofus, abundant 
Copioujly, copiofe-i affatim 
Copioufnefi, abundantia, i. 
Co^er, orichalcum, cuprum^' 
A copper ^ caldariam, ahenum 
Of copper, aerarius, aereus 
Copperas, ▼itnolum> 2, 
A coppice, fylva caedua * 

To estate, copuks i. iie£t% 
A copulation, coojundlo^ 3«-c 
Copulative, copulativus 
A copy, exemplar, arts, «• 

tranjcript) apographumf t 

the authors fnog banl)^ aol 

phum, 2. 
To copy after, imitor, i. 
A copying nfitr, imiutio, 3^ 
A copylfold, tenura per copi« 

tuU curiae 
A coquet, Tirgo petolans 
Coquetry, petulantia, i. 
Coral, (the plant) corailiimi^ 
A eoral for habes,^ ccepita< 

cor a Ho omatQin 
A cord, funis, 3, reftis, 3, (#^ 

ftrues, {maker) reftio/ m. 
Cordage, iunes, raw, m. p^ , 
A cordelier, franciicanus, m 
Cordis/, Secie^rty . 
CerMh c?^:diacfi|^. 


Humr^ calcearinsy £• 
f/m/) dcu^ »• (of a biU) 
fcber, J. 
fiiboe occlofut 
mty (glotton) helloo 
r,3. fnunentaaiy %» feges,3. 
Uj I. (;&/(iO arvum, 2. 
fanem, triticias 
nrji, fnimeotor, x. 
(of/oilr, &c,) gnmuiB, t. 
z. (m /Ae /«», ice) caUos, 
rtter) diTorum excmptor 
Mff, iarda lapis 
iTj angalut, %r (lurking 
btibalnm, 2. latcbra, i. 
0,4. (•/ a bottfe, ice) vcr- 
I. {0/ tb« eye) hirquuS) 2* 
frett, &c.) compituflDy 2* 
(■&} aacones, «», m,fi, 
Mr, fecretOy danculum 
ft (horn) boccinay t. (0^ 
fOaUifery 2. «. 
Utwetbacortuif coniicen 
i^ corona, i, pxojedura, i. 
«^ nnptam fluprare 
I corautus 

B71 corollariaiDi 2. 
«ir/M» inauguratio, 3. 
r, coronatofy 3. 
r, ieitara, 2. coroUa« i. 
ni4 (officer) decurio, 3. 
lioen uficd on the alUr) 
I corporalit, corporeiis . 
^1 corporaliter 

WW, (town)-]iiiiJii€ipiniD, 
*P|Aaj) cotmnimitas cor- 


Corpulency, corpulentia/i. 
Gcrpuient, obefus, craflus t 
Corpufclesy corpufcula, pi. 
To corre^f caftigo, i. reprehendo, 
- 3. (amend) elimo> x. emaculo, 

recudo, 3. 
Correfff accuratns 
Correffed, emendatus; caftigatns 
A eorreffor, corrcftor, 3. caftigator, 

3, (of manners) cenfor, 3, 
A correHing^ or correSiion, corre£tio, 

3. .(puiiifhment) fuppliciuiDi 2« 
CorreSify, emendat^- 
CorreSnefi, accuratio, 3, 
To correspond, (fuit) congruo, 3. 

(by letter) literas tranfmittSre 
Correfpondence, (agreement) congru- 
entia» i. (commerce or famili- 
arity) commercium, 2. coftfue- 
tudo, 3. 
A correjpondent, (friend) intimn!), 
2. (in trade) abfimtis negotiotiim 
A corrival, competitor, 3. 
To corroborate, confirmo^ i; 
Corroborated, conBrmaius 
To corrode, corrodo, 3. 
Corrodedi corrofus 
A corroding, corrofio, 3. anxietas, 3. 
Corrode, rodens, exedens 
To corrupt, (aA) corrumpo,3. vitio, 
I. (neut.) perdo, 3. polhio, 3. 
ftupro, 1. inficio, 3. depfavo, i. 
putrefco, 3. tabefcoy 3. 
Corrupt, malus, pravus, Titfofos; 
morbidus ) vitiatut, contagiofus, 
Corrupted, (bribed) anmmariuSy 
{putriped) putridus, (depraved) 
depravatua, (debauched) vitiatus, 

1 A corrupter, TitiatQr, violator, 3, 
Corruptible, • corruptibilis 
CorrttptioH, (of manntrs) depraratio. 

C O V 

3> corruptio, 3. (bribery) repe* 
tunde:.p. {in tbebodf) empyema, 
3. (infedion) corruptela, x. (rot- 
tennefi) putredo, 3. 
Corruptly, fordide, purulent^ 
A cor/air, pirata, ee, ai. 
A cor/e, fee corps 
Aco^et, lorica, i. 
Corufiant, corufcans, rutilaas 
A cofen, confanguineu8| 2. affinit 
To cofen, fee to costen 
A cofmograpber, cofmographufl 
Cofmograpbical, cofmographicut 
Cojmograpby, cofmographia, i. 
Cofl, impenfa, x. fumptus, 4. 
To cofl, confto, I. 
Coflhue, conftipatus; aftringcnt 
Cofiivenelt, alvi aftridio 
Cofth'nefs, caritas, 3. 
Cofily, carasj fumptuofus, fplendidufl, 

le€tu8, magnificut, opiparns 
Cojily, (adv.) lautc 
A cot, or cottage, cafa, i. {fir 

fieep) ovile, is, n, 
Cotemporary, aequsevus, aequalis 
Cotton, goifipium, 2. xylon, 2. 
Of cotton, goffipinu3, xylinus 
To cotton, (agree) confentio, 4. 
A coucb, grabatus, 2« 
To couch, comprehendo, (lie down] 

procumbo, 3. 
Coucbant, cubans, jacens 
Couched, comprehenftts 
A couching, cubatio, 3. .* 

A covenant, pactum, 2* foedus, ST* 
To covenant, pacifcor, 3* depacifcor 
Covenanted, partus, depa£lua 
A covenanting, pa^io^ 3. 
A cover, tegmen, 3. operculum, s* 

(pretence) prsetextus, 4. 
To cover, tego, 3. velo* '• celo, 
I. obduco, 3. {a bed) fterno, 3« 
compono, 3. [a piart) iosOy 4« 
(a tible] ioflfuo. $•' 

c o u 

TabGCM^ii^ tijgor, 3* 

CiiMr«4 tc^iM^ eycitniy <^mtu8^ 

inftrauigy .sMfAitf 
A coverings teuncfly vdtmcis S. 
((ff» hid) ifr;aguloiii, 1. (0/ tf 
horfe) te^m, 9* iibbriduiHy 1, 
(the adion) obdii^o, g. (ckth- 
ing) amiftus, 4. ?eftitiw^ 4^ 
(hidMg:) iKaBXexCuiy 4. 

Covert, tedtat- 

A covtrt hitroHy wcor, %„ 

Under wucrtur§^ iub tuCsIa t» f¥Se^- 

ftase vm 
To cov€^ coyu)^ 3» cdneapiico; ^ 

fitio, 4, toncuf io^ ^ appUo^ j. 
Covar«/, aoacvpicttfy copkas 
Coveting, cvpifM, appetcrt* 
A coveting, cupidifiMy ^^ libiih^y $ 

Cowtoufmfi, ava»kia^ s^ aHrr lames 

A <:0tr^, grex, i;. poUitiea 

A cougi), fuflis, ^ 

Tccough^ tuiriOy4, 

CtfVMf, ooilurio,3. doluv^ 

A eou/y cucttllua, ^'. 

I could, fCithm, fotfll 

A coulter,' cQltar, »• 

A council, coBciiMMn^ ». fenatos^ 

Of a touncil, comitialir 

Counfel, confilitiitif »^ monkiiiv !• 

To awff/<r/» i«e to eutvife 

A counjcUor^ cafkfili«i4U8y 2. (/ir 

, ct>ft£Mle arcanis 
A r^mi/ tfoiMB, j^r/«^ m^ 
To count, (iMkflil>«r) iHHnevoy i. 

9»wiffn90f ir y«»jHHneroy >« 

(efleetn) exr^moy '-• 
'Se-le ooNHffdf haboor^s. ^iMor^^ 
Coitnoed, n«MieMtu9» bdtNttfa 
A ^MNdnAfiif^ v«ltue>. 4* a^^us^ 


(tredit) «Mktmt'to,> j. fentoti^-' 

ragemeM, favoui^) '»uxili«Aj> ». 

fuppeti^^ ^- fiivor, 3, 
Oik efcomntenance, tonfvfM 
To comitenancc, faveo^ s.' at^v^, i.- 
Countenanced, confirinatns 
A counter, calcuiasy. «« ( for « Aop) 

abMU^ (t« locoItM, 2. (poMW) 

career,- ^< 
Counter^ (adj.) oontraria^^ (^v-)* 

d<oAtraffio> contra, aiickmn* 
Te cotmfer heiUgftee, cxdfqoo^ i« 
Countcrballanced% aSqnatiia 
Counterfeit,. fpiiviNn- 
A comHerfeitf fimuktibv ^ (ftr^OH) 

£imiktor, 3.- inritiator, 3.* 
To roiMrr/i/AV, imitor, i.-fimlo^ 1. 

diffimulo, I. o^ego,. 3. tf^l- 

Uro, I. fingo^ ^ aidnflibro^ i. 

reprefento, i. 
Goimttrjeilidf ^Qm^ ittnektxm, 

fi^itioa, adadibrartMia 
Counterfeiting, ftinulant 
A countermand^ eoirtnritfm 
To counHrmim, contrari^ ag^ 
Acounterpemff flngaiuw fop^AliM 
A counterparty aAtfgraphtiiHr, %, 
A counterpoife, seqoilibrumy a^ 
To^ou^torpoife, libro, i. 
Counterpoifed, contra pondentw 
A emnttrfcarpi lorkaf,. i. 
To eomtervafl, cbmpenft), iv 
A eottntejkf c»mkrffsi, i. 
Counting, AumeHtef 
Aeotmfingy nuoieratiby f. 
A country, tcrra^ i. regie, 3* (atankv) 

patria, i. natale folana 
TIm fffMirri^ rtfs, r«riv, »< 
Pr«5^ ** #i/r eotmtty^ vi 
Ofyoar country,. ttAt» 
Ofthe country, agreftis 
A comtry mnn, nnrkeby ^r, e. (^r hf 

the fame coufttrjr) mdigeiMiy^ix 


A^otn^ catimmMfit^ iftr, 

A fo«//tf, biiu, par. 

To couple, o^ulav '«^ jl>^ 

(unite) unio, 4. M«% 4* 
Coupled, conjWiVttoey <t^^t^ 
A coupler cf0t«lM}O| fp 

Courogoi (2W^^> *iaaiey %i 
Couragioutt ft»fti«, ftw a mib » 
Couragioififft ilMlitf)> MVfkil 

A Mtfft, (tarn) yteiak«d^ f 
M aMMW> i^v tv nKMy }^ 
ning) curfu^4ri (<«fl^) 
3, («>/;»*/> mi«iiy4ir( 
IMet, 5' (eT 4MMf) Ml 

tifcotffP, (utobma 

Gtoir/eir, (of the mn^nf IffMft 

A<-<Mr/,. (j^#r;i/) »!«<> I. Mii 

(oflamf) iMPki, «< (baroiDP 

baronis, (of loAliMj^) jl 

riMff^ 2.* (ef ripu^ «ii4 

q«ii<iMtMi/ ({f tf #f>rfl^} 

I. pikKiiMV^ 1^ W«1^ 

cellaria, I. (rMtQ ai«ki^ 

(days) 6\a ftffti 

To c«tr#y foliciM, t.. dMMV 

A courtier, foikM 

Coufteo0s, OPiilanas, citttt^ «M 

bejw^VBV aflW>IHB 
Coeir$$ot^ tfomkepi <flMi)iii 
Courtefey, UVlncfffMty 3< Iwil 
COMUMM,. ^ MKifAiGM^ 3« 
Acourtefey, tMMftcivNiy 2^ 6^ 
Courtjbip, ambiliM) 4» (MicMti 
A ANtfy Yfcea, 1-4 los) )tt«aM 
qf « mcr^ iMritttis-y f i «I l M < 
A coward, thnidus 

*Votm9f\]sousfMa^\90tt . 


h timidiUSy 3. 

ft igBiv^y timid2 

r, fe incarvare 

i^i crift« galiiy (filly per- 

If, modeftiae ftndere 
hku, 4. faftidium, «• 
I, decipioy 3. fallo, 3. 
^ (holy iri, /. dolut, 2« 

dtcepcus, falfot 
ri fraiidator» 3. 
(frrit) arbacum, (fellow) 
iu, (fiih)- cancer, cri, m. 
) Aiftit arboteui 

acerbai, tonrua, morofut, 
Dc)difiicilit> obfcnrus 
v/f, aofteritasj 3. tomttt 

(flaw) rima, i. fiflbra, i^ 
) - crepitQSy 4. (boafter) 

t, {§&) collido, 3. nimpo, 
tdo, 3. (oeut.) crepo^ t. 
IS I. (to flaw) faCifco^ 3. 

otJit) conturboy i. (to 
■(lonory I. (toburfi) diffilio 
n*df inCuiiu 

pmofus, comminatoi 
er, (boafter) gloriofna, ft. 
mftwder) fcloppns, %. py- 
ia» 2* (of nuts) noci fran- 


v, crepitatio, 3 3 cr^tHt, 
cbotia, I. . 
Mi, coUyra, x. 

Scnnabvla, arum, pi. (of 
cnticiilay i. 

Uahig) aftutia, i. (trade) 
;. (trick) doliu» a* 
nfi^ ait mecbanica 
■Ms artifexy 3* 
ollidi, aftutS 
Sbcallidhaty 3. 

C R E 

Crafty^ (fly) vafer, (cnhniog) cal- 

lidut, (deceitful) fubdolus 
A crag, petra, i. nipes, 3. 
The crag, (neck) cervix, 3, 
Craggy, petrofuf, inequalis 
To cram, or Jhtjf, farcio, 4. {toge» 

/£er) conftipo, I. {^uhry) (zpno 
Crammed, fagjnatus, fartui 
The cramp, fpafmut, torpor 
To<r4m^, fqueeze, contorqueo, s. 

(reflrain) coerceo, z. in anguftias 

ducSre • 
Cramp, (adj.) duriofculus 
A eramp iron, fubcus ferrea 
Crampuf, contortus; coercitui 
To crancb^ dentibus frangere 
A craae, (bird) gruf, (to raife up 

goods) fncula, i. gnii> 3. (pipe 

to draw liquors) fipHon, mt, 
A cranny, flflurai i. rima, i. 
Crape, pannus camelinus tenuis 
To crufl), fee to cranch, to ^iuk, to 

^tak, to makt a noiji 
Crajititdtt ctzSitfido, 3. 
A cramat, coUaiv, 3. 
To crave, rogo, i. poftolo, i. ef<- 

flagito, I. logito, I. imploro, |, 
Cratfid, rogatus, imploratus 
A craving, aviditas, 3. rogatus, 4. 
Craving, avidus; rapidas; 
Cravingfy, avide, copidd 
The craw, ayis vencriculut 
AcravffA, cancer, cri, m. 
To crawl, ferpo, 3, rcpo, 3, {with 

lice) vermino, i. yermiculor, i. 
Crawling^ reptilis 
A crawling, reptatio, 3, 
Grazed, (broken w weak) fraftus ; 

confedus ; (mad) infanus, (fickly ) 

infirmus; imbecillis 
Craxinefs, imbecilitas, 5. debilitas 
To creak, ftrideo, 2. 
Creaking, flridnius 
A creaking, crepitus, 4. flridor, 3. 

C R E 

Cream, leAis flos, (of ajeft) jocC 

medulla, t. 
Acreafe, plica, t. 
To create, creo, i. condo, 3« 
Created, creatus, procreatus 
A creating, or creation, creatio, 3. 
A creator, creator, 3. procreator, 3* 
A creaturo^ creatura, i. {living) 

animal, 3. (of a great man) client 
Credence, fee beVieJ, authority 
Credentials, aufloritates, um, f» pi» 
Credible, credibilis 
Credibility, probabilitas, 3. 
Credibly, credibiliter 
Cree^t, (authority) au£loritas, 3* 

(reputation) fama, i. (belief) 

fides, 5. (in traffick) fides, 5* 
0( credit, honorificus 
To credit, confido, 3, decoro, !• 
To grow in credit, innotefco, 3* 
CreStable, honorificus 
CreStablenefi, honor, 3. decui, 3% 
A creditor, creditoi;, 3, 
Credulous, credulus 
Credulity, credulitat, 3. 
The creed, fymbolum fidd 
A creek^ finus, 4 
To creep, ferpo, 3. rcpo, 3. (Int* 

favor) infinuo, (fawn) adulor^ 

I. {unawares) fubrepo, 3. 
Creeping, repens, reptilia 
A creeper, focarius, 2* 
A creeping, reptatlo, 3. fobreptio 
Crept, reputus, (in falfly) furrep^ 

titius, a, um, 
Creffes, nafturtium, a. 
A creft, crirta, I. apex, 3. {of an 

helmet) galeae pinna, (of a horfe) 

juba^ {of a toat of arms) apex 
- galeatus 
Crefied, criflatus 
A crevice, fiflura, r, 
A crew, grex, 3. (of a fliip) naut* 

eadem navi oavigantes 


A cuttingp confedilo, 3* fee enffra^ 

wngt carving, antfutatiofi, kppitig 

Cuttingy.{}tit^Sat) afper^ acer> (in 

words) niordax^ acerbus 
Cuttingly fegmenta^ />/. 
A cutler^ faber cultrahus. 
Cutlets f fegmina, fi, 
Tbe cycle, cycius 
A cylinder^ cylindrus, *, 
Cyhndricalf cylindricut 
A Cymbal, cy.mbaluin, 2« 
Cynicalf cynicus 
Cyprefi tree, cuprcffus, 15/- 
Oi cyprejsy cuprefleus 
A cTiar, inperator^ 3. 
A czarina, ixnperacrix^ 3* 

ofus, 4* (fa(hioB) pra^fcrtptumr 
2. inftitutum, %• (habit) habitus 
Cuftomable, uiitatus, folitus, (tri- 
bute) ytCt\g»\, 3. (trade) nego- 
tium, 2. emptorum frequencia 
Cuftomary, coofuetuSy ufitatus 
Cufttmar'dy, ufitate 
Cuftom boufe, teloniatn, ±% {officer) 

publicanuS; 2. portitor, 3* 
Acujiomer, emptor, 3. 
To cut, feco, I. fcindo, 3. incido, 
3. (as the teeth) erumpo, 3 
(mangle) mutilo, i. (i(funder) 
refcindo^ 3. (lop off) amputo^ i 
{tbe hair) tondeO, 2. {the nails) 
refeco, t, (a purfe) pcrtundo, 3. 
{or hew) diffindo, 3. (as horfes 
do their heels) pedes allidere 
{away) exfeco, i, {tmtb an ax) 
afcio, 1. (capers) tripudio, i. 
{down) caedO) 3. {corn) fruges 
met^re, {or geld) emafculo^ i. 
(grave) caelo, I. iculpo, 3. {in) 
incido^ 3. {off) abfcindo, 3. 
{off an betr) exhaeredO;^ 1. {ofi 
afpeecb) fermonem dirimere, (ojf 
a bead) detrunco, i, {out) ^ 
fdndo, 3. exfeco, i. difleco, 1. 
{tbe throat) jugulo, i. {in ttvo) 
difcindo, 3. {up a fowl) pullum 
concidere or incidere 

A cut, fcilTura, 1. (blow) iftus, 4, 
(way) compendium, 2. (misfor- 
tune) calamitas, 3. (fllce) offu 
la, .1. (pi£ture) tabula, i. (in a 
tttUy) incifura, i. (ga^) plaga^ 
I. Tulht^t, 3. (lot) fors, 3. 

A ctft pur/e^ crumenifeca, ^r, r« 

A cut throaty iicarius, 2. 

Cut, feAus, fee the verb 

The article, caticlua, i. 

Cuticu/ar, cutaneous, cuticularis 

A eut)ace, fica, i. acinaces, is, m, 

A ^if//^, SeBoT, J, i(u]ptor, 3. 

D A 

A Dab, (blow) i^us, 4. {of dirt) 
labecula, i. {pi fat) fruftulum 

A dab, (/kilful) adj. peritus 

To dabble, immergere manus aquae 
crebro, {one's cloaibf) veiles lutare, 
{or meddle without fkill) iQip&- 
rite tradtare, {or temper) folici- 
tare ad aliquid 

A dabbling, frequens ablutio^ fee 

Dad, daddy:,, tata, i. 

To dag, fee daggle 

A dagger, pugip, 3. fica, I, 

To daegle, collutulp,, 1. 

Daggled, lutofus -, 

t>aily, (adj.) quolidjanus ^ 

Daily, (adv.) quotidie, indies 

Dainty, delicatus, (brave) elegant, 
(coftiy) ogiparus, (excellent) ex- 
imius, (fqueami/h) faftidiofus 

Daintily, delicate, laute 

Daintlnejs, (of feeding) dapes, ium, 
f pU (loathing) cupedia, i. 

\ dairy, la^ariuin, 2. 

D A ] 

A dale J vtllis, 3. 
Of a dale, vallaris 
Dalliance, lufus, 4. I2 
A dalUer, nugatorf 3 
To dally, (be wanton 
palpo, I. (trifle) nu 
the fool) ineptio, i 
(delay) cunftor, {% 
ficor, X. 
Dallying, bland us, h 
A dallying^ nugae ; p( 
A dam, (mother) ma 
agge^ 3* roole's, 3 
pilae, />/. {of a mill 
clauftrum, 2. 
To dam, oppilo, i. c 
Dam^7^(f,damnom,2. i 
2. injuria, i. no 
mentum; 2. 
Damageable, damn( 
(liable to receive < 
cus, fluxus, obnox 
Damafi, ferfcum dan 
Todamajk, calfaceo 
A dame, domina 
Damntage, (ct damagi 
To damn, damno, i. 
Damnable, dirus, exe 
Damnation, damnatio 
Damned, damnatus, 
(reprobate) reprobi 
Damnably ^ (very great 
To damnify, damnu: 

to injure 
A damp, (vapour) « 
To damp, (moiftcn 
humefco, 3. (difcoi 
f range re 
Damp, humidus, mi: 
A damjel, puella, i. 
A dance, chorea, i . 
To dance, falto, 1. 
child) infantem ; 
dance) fruilra praei 


, faUator, 3. fitltatrix^ 3. { 
f, falttfio, iHpudiatio,- 3. | 

f, tiani^ geAare 
UeriaieD, 3. peticulaniyU. 
iojigirt periditoTy'i. 
, perictftoOis, pernicioiut 
Mr, feconis -^ 
$, pcricBloA 
, depe»d)ft>y !• 

rentupe) iudeo, s. (chal- 
aMdl», 3. provDco^ i. 
Kdn, mtrfef idtu 
prtfkrttcatio, 3. 
lebraTm, (tn&ic«tf ) ob- 
eai|ibaticii8y (blind) ciecus 
webrCy ^. J^ obfcuntas, 
MMbr) €aliso> /«V#y. f. 
1^ obfeino, I. caligo, 1. 
9, I. (ouc^s mtitoing) 
tarbo, 1. 

, ^c&iCy)>l. cOrcuIuBti s. 


K&rdo, 4* reficio, 3. 

} falvraf !• ■ 

B, s* telufDj 2t 
hr, i. (or cotne fvd- 

r} fabtto irruere 
M9 (ftt^loe with the 
iAn,4. (ihistuie)fl9ixtnra 
ifrii*, aliidoy 3. incutiO] 
i, 5. impingoy 3. (or 

«) «p«i««* 3. (•*■ »«x) 
jl CHamifeeOy s. (ovei 
Icfmoy 3. («r ftrike out) 
•ft. 4bliter», X. drkoy 1. 
«wl, aUifuS illifm, > 

4 pviUUnifDV^ tii&i4us 


l>lr/fsrdfy, timidly ifinavi i 

A <fo/*> {0/ writings) terhpus feri- 
beodi, (account of time) ara, 1. 

To J^t, diem fHbfcnbete } da, i 

DateJ, datus 

Out of ^/«, exoletdf 

Dative, dntivUs 

To dau&, "{(mtMx) ohlihp, j. (defile) 
io^uino, I. (bribe) largitione 
corrumpo, (difguife) diffimuks 
1. (flatter) adulof, t. (cover 
with) orno, i, • 

Daubedy oblitus, fee to dauh 

A daughter, nata/ T. filia, i. {in 
law) ourbs, 4. (god daughter) 
filia ' Ittfttica, (ftep dtughCef) 
privigna, i. 

To damnt, terreo, 3. pcrlemo) s. 

To be dauntedy terrtor 

Dauntedy timore perculftii 

Daimtle/s, iinparidM> Jntl!epidttl 

A daw, monedula * *. 

to daw6, fee to daiii 

To down, illucefco, 3. diiocefco, §; 

A day, dies, 5. (light) luXj eisy/, 
lumeQ, imsy it» 

To day, hodi« 

Of this day, hodiemiil ' 

E^ery day, fee daify 

Pay by day, in fingulos diel 

Hie day btforn that, pridii 

The day after that, poftridi* 

Jn the day lime, Iviti 

Of a dffy^ diurnin, dialis 

The day%redkHb, Vifz^^KX 

Before day, anteliicaaui 

Sunday, diet dominicus, fcria folil 
{M'.tuky) dies lunae, feria fecunda 
{Tuefday) dicf marttt> feria tertia 
\HudneJday) dies mercarif^ feria 
quarta (!n&»r/ii«x) dicsjovis, feria 
quicta {Friday) diet yereris, feria 
feita {Saturday) ^ite fatmni; 

D E A 

A bofy Say, fenx, pi. feAum, %, 

It is day, lucet 

The /pace of {tv/9 days) biduum, i; 

(fbree eliys) triduun)> 2. (/bitr 
days) qaatriduum, 2. 
Daify, (adj.) quotidianiu (adr.) 

quotidi^, indies 
To dizxle, prsftringo^ 3. 
Daxxled^ pj^eftri£lus 
DamxHng, fdlgidus 
A deae^ni diaconus, i* 
A deacnna^y, diaconacui, 4« 
Ihad, mortuus^ defundus (hmnmiJ) 

CorpidM (db/0 iegnis, inert [fenff 

lefs) exaolmit (^flat) mancidua 

{drimk) trappai u {abaofi) fcmia* 

To be detui, <ltein obire 
i^eadh, leshaliter, adv, 
Dea4y, (adji) kthalis, funeftoi 

Tote dtaf, furdeo, i. ftirdeico^ \. 
beafrnfit furditas, y. 
A ieitrH, tbies, etis, f. 
Deals, tabulae abiegiUk 
A deal (/« number or quantity) rW, 

3. numeruty &« {at eards) dift* 

tributio, 3. 
Tq deal, ago, 3. diftiibuo, i^ 

i/alfely) pra&varicor, t, (ift bifjf*' 

nejs) mcrcor. i» negocibi-i i« 

pacifcor, 3. ftipulor, i. 
^y a great deed, Inult^ 
A deaUt, mercatbr, ^. {at tar^) 

diftributer, 3. {falfe) praevari«i 

cator, 3i {plain) homo candidoa 
Dealing {trade) occupatio, 3. {deit^^ 

faduiri, 2. {at cards) diftributip^ 

3. {treatment) trafiatio, 3. 
beak, traniaAus, dif^ributiit 
A dean, decanusy s. 
Adeantry, decanatus, 41 
Uior {ifthvtd) chartti^\U^t ^"^^P^^ 

carus, uitv.olw 


Ik^rly*^ care, quanplurimd 

Dcamefs, caritas, 3. 

To dcArm^ fee daru 

A dearth, caritas, 3. famer, 3. 

Dtath^ mors, 3. intehtoi, 4. 

(daughter) nex, 3. occUJo, 3, 

cladest 3. 
It it dtatty caprale eft 
A death ^oatcb, termes, 3. 
Veathleft, immoitalis, stemot- 
To dthar, privo, i. arceo, 2. 
J^ebarred, cxdufut, privatat 
A debarring, privatio, ezclnfio, 3, 
To d^afe, demittOy 3. fibmitto^ 3. 

depr4vo, i. adultero, i. 
Hehmfed, dcpteflbs, dejedof, adul- 

teratus, adulterinus 
A debajingt' depreflSo, 3. 
A debate (in law) 3^10, 3. lis, 3 

(friendly) colloquium, 2. (firife) 

dit'ccptatio, 3. altercatio, 3. 
: coacentio, 3. 
To debate (difconrfe) argue, 3. 

difTero, 3. difputo, I. (advife) 

delibero (quarrel) contendo, 3. 

altercor, 1. Utigo, i. 
Vebatedy difputaiua, controverfui 
A A< bating, difpulatio, 3. 
To iiebaucb, vitto, I. itupto, l. 
To detaurh (io drink) debaccbor,!. 
A debauch. ingiirf;:tatio vini 
Ifebaucl'edj vitio demerfiit 
A dtbaucker, coiruptor, 3. 
Debauchery^ fiequitia, I. 
■ ^ debai'chee, homo libidinofot 
A debenture, tefTera Dummaria 
To debJIitate, entrvo, i. dcbilico, i. 
. Itebinatr, comis, Istus, 'benignus 
A d'bt, debitum, x. cs alienum 
li (iek, sre aiieno premi, cUeratus 
A ddtor, debitor, 3. 
1 he dfcaloguef decalogus, a, 
'^9 ^V«»/« %*^ «0^o 


A decam pment , caftroram motM 

To deceat, elatrio, i. trahtfimdo, 5 

A decanter, Ugena vitrea 

To decey, declinoy i. deficio, j. 
(grow obfolete) obfoleo,2. (with 
age) fenefco, t. {in cehnr) deflo- 
refco, 3. (a< flowers) marcefco, 
3. (otter! j) pereo^ H, or ivi, 4. 

A decay, labefadio, 3. ruina, i. 

Decayed, niinofus, obfoletas (wi- 
thered) marcidus (yakb age) 
decrepitus (with illnefa) infirmus 

Decaying, labens, cadacus 

A diceafe, deceflus, 4. mors, 3* 

Deceafed, dcfundus, mortuut 

A deceit, fraos, 3. dolus, i. 

Deceitful, fabdolusj dolofai 

Deceit fnliy, dolofc, ambiguc 

Deceitfulnefs, ke deceit 

To deceive, fallo, 3, decipio, 3. 
fraudo, i. lodo, 3. dtludo, 3. 
inefco, i. fruftrpr, i. 

To be deceived, fallor, decipior, 3. 
fraudor, I. cludor, i. hallo- 
cinor, i. 

Deceived, falfus, deccptus, elufus 

A deceiver, fraudator, 3. fallax, 3. 

December, decenber, ris, m, 

Tiie decemvir ate, decern viratos, 4. 

Decency, decor, 3. decorum, 2. 

Decennial, decennalis 

Decent, dccorus, decens 

Decently, drcere, decenier 

Deception, decentio, 3. 

Dtceptive, fallax j dolofus 

To decide, decerno, 3. decido, ^, 

Decided, decifnst judicatus, finitos 

Decif9n, decifio, 3. 

Decimal, denarius, ad). 

To decimate, decimo, 1. 

To decipher, defciiho, 3, 

DecipLeted, explicatus 

Deajve, 4«(^clvfiv8, dctcis^oatus 


\Th6deek, traollra^ pL 
To deck, orna, ezorno, I. 
Dech, decked, coinptiis» oro 
j To dn c l aim , dtdamo, i, 
A decledmer, deckunator, 3. 
A decUmation, dedamaCio, 3 
\i}ecUmat9ey, defbrnatorius 
A declaration, declaration 3. 

mony) teftimoniuiB, 2. {t 

libellus, 2. (^WMsr) deao 
To declare, dentuicio^ i. non 

noncopo, t. divolfo, i. 

nnnd) eloqaor^ j. 
Declared, dcclantoty exprcfl 
A decknjm, ^ecliaatio, 3. 
A decline, defedio^ 3, 
Declining, dacrefceni 
To de£ne (avoid) irito, i. 

backwards) vergo, 3. [et 

graainia(kaUy) decjiooy 

fleao, 3. (decay) Jahali 

deficio^ 3». 
DecRned, dovitatos, iacUnati 

flexos, incUnatus 
A declining, devitatio, 3} re 

declinatiu, 3. flexio, 3* 
Declivity, decliyitas, 3. 
A ^coff'ion, apozenoa, 3. ■ 
To decorate, exorno, i. ^eCM 
A decoration, ornaofDeBtuiD^ t 
A decorum, decorum, 2* grU 
A decoj^, illeccbn, i . i\\tK, j 
To decey, illicio, 3. pcUtdo^ 
Decofd, tlledlos, peUedos 
A decoying, illecebratio, ^ 
To elecreafe, decxcfco, 3. 
Decreafed, dimtnutos 
Decreafittg, decrefcent 
A decrcafi, dimtDutio, J» 
A decree^ decretum^ edidiM^ 
To decree (ordain) deotfi 

im^ero^ !• (puipofe} ftttil 

\f ftatutus 
lent) feocentia, i. 
toiD) a.edictatn, a 
placitum [or aB) 
. (an award *) arbi- 



dia, pi. 

ah-ogate^ ^/parage 

us. ]ugillatuf 


co^ I. dico^ I. 

IS, devocus 

licatio, 3. 

:o, 3. coUipy 3. 


ihOy 3. 


rto, J. 

afiam, s. a^Htm^ 

e^sAiim, ^. (///) 

nftninient) Inftrii* 

B war) ret gefta 




Vindiit (dofr) re< 

ing) i^frfatus 

dniDy «• 

:todioy 3. 


lasy 3. altitado^ 3 

10, r. expungo, 3. 
atu« ) dclccus ; 
oJiatcs, everfus' 
', 3. corruj'tor, 3. 
m4tioy 3. 
a mat to, .1. 
i«ros, famofos 
^nio, r. 
, defaoiatsf 


D E F 

A defawKr, calnmniator, 3, 
A defaming^ ralomnia, i. 
A deftuk, culpa, i . defeat, 4. 
A defeafanctf or defeifatice, con- 
ditio padum iblvens 
To defeat, fruftror, 1. elodo, 3. 

vi nco, 5 . prcflcrno, 3 . refcindo, 3 . 
A defeat, clades, 3. ftraj^ 3. 
Defeated* fruftratus, CKfus 
A defiatirg, froi^ratio, 3, . • 
A defefl (want) defe£^us, 4. (fault) 

mrndum, 2. (bleiriAi) labet, 3. 

vitium, 2. (m judgment) impru- 

dentia» i. 
A defeffiw, defeflio, j, 
DtfcffivCf imperfcAun, Titiofos 
To he d'feffivt, deficii», 3, defum 
DefeSiivenift^ defe£(us, 4. 
A defence (guard) p'aefidium, t. 

tutamen, 3. (prote£tion') patro- 

ciniuniy t. tuiela^ i. (in plead- 

ing) defcoHo) 3. 
In the defence of, pro, \, ab 
To defindf defendo, 3. tueor, 3 | 

•prmntinto, 4; patrocinor^ t. 
A defendant {rnhv/) ita», 9. 
Defended, defenfus, munitvs 
A defender, vindex, 3. defenfor, 3. 

adrocatus^ 2, patronus, a. 
Dtfenfive, adtegendum 
To defer, fee to delay 
Deference, cu1tn>, 4. honor, 3. 
Deferred, procrallinatus, dilatus 
\defirrir.g, <^i)aMo, 3. mora^ i. 
Defiance, provocatio, 3. 
A d ficlenvf, drfe£lus, 4. 
Dificirnt, imp'^rfr^uf, hiulcus 
To be defei'rt, defici r, 3. 
To dtfie, provoco, l. (renounce) 

r''nuncioy i. 
Dcfi'd, provocafus; renunctatus 
'^defying, provoca'io, 3. 
r© dffite, contjroino^ /, inquino, 


D E I 

1. ritio, I. ft 11 pro, i. inceilo, f» 
profaao, conf'purco, i. oblinOy 
3. (march troops) copia* traduco 

A dejlie, via angufta, or diflicilis 

Defued, inquinatus^ yitiatus, At* 
dauis, iflnmundus, corruptit 

A defiHng^ polkitio, 3. 

A defUr, corruptor, 3, 

To define, definao,4. 

Defined, definitus 

A definitimt, definitio, 3. 

Definitive, defSnitus, decretoriut 

DefittU'weiy, definiid 

Todef^ur, Aupro, I. viti6, T. 

Dtfi9ured, Aupratvs, violaiua 

A drfiokr'ing, ilupratio, 3. vtolati* 

A definition, defluxio, 3. 

To deform, deformo, i* 

Deformed, defotmis 

Deformity, defom>t»F, 3. 

To tUfraudf defraudo, I • 

Dffrauded', defrandatus 

A dtfrander, detratidatAr, 3. 

A defrauding, defrandatio,'^. 

To defray, erogo, i. prspbeo, »• 

Defrayed, folutus, erogatns 

A ^fraying, erogatio, 3. 

Difuna, ittd^d 

To degenerate, degenero, !• 

Degenerated, degener ' 

A degener itir.g,degeneracy,6tctf^\0,^% 

Degradation, degrading, dejr£lio, 3. 

To degradf, dejacio, 3. depono, 3, 
exau^oro, i. abdlco, i. 

Degrad.'d, cxauftoratos ; drprivatua 

A degree, (>radus,4. ordo,3. Aatus,4. 

Byaegtees, giadatim 

Detirtatory, d.fTuaiiens 

To be dejeffed, doleo, 2. moerco, 2. 

DejrR.d', niAftus, dolent, n»eprena 

Dejia'ion, dtjr-a^dnefs, maror, 3. 

Deficafi'^n, ronfecratiOf ^. 

Tode//ji, dcumfKwt 
Gi Pit. 


T<> ^J'gH machinor, i. defigno, 

1 j cimftituo, 3. afiigno, i. 
peJigKed^ dcfifnatui; delineatat 
Ibtjigntdly^ o nfuito, cogitate 
A £/<yF|[rrtf/-,dr Agnator. ^.dtline^tori^. 
A defigmng, defignatio, y 
pcfgning, fet craft 
^firtahU, defiderabiliiy optandut 
ie/tre (wtfli) drfiderium, 2. (re- 

queft) rogatus, 4. obfecraiio, 1. 
t{*Q defire (wiih) defidero, i. cupio, 

]. opto, I. (requefi) oro, i. 

peto, 3. fupplKO« 1. ^xpiSo, 3. 

implorb, i. fl^gito, i. ^liUccro, i. 
Mydefirey optatd 
Dcfircdy optatus, orpetltut 
pffiringy expet<»ns, cupiens 
A defitiagtOhkCT^iio,^, cupidIt9S,3. 
pefirous^ aviduSf cupidus 
fFith defire, avUe, cupide 
To dsfiji^ defiib, 3[. defino, 3. 
Adfjky 4bacui, a. 
Dejoiate^ defertus, affliftna 
To malcc 4fpi^t4i depopulor, I. 
^dedrfdau, ^evaftatus 
pefolatelyy mceft^, lugubre 
j[)r/b/tfftc;r, depopolatio, 3. ruina, i. 
befolatentfs, moeror, 3. aegritudO| 3. 
TodefpatVy defpopdeo, 3^. defpero,!. 
D.'fpair, (Defperatio, 3. 
D if paired 9f, defperatus 
A defperatioji 3, 
Adefperedc, vefanua, perditHS 
DefperatCf tcmerarius, periculofus 
Defperately, perdit^, pcftcuiofc 
Pffperatcftffs.zviAp^i f ,derperatlo,3. 
Dtipicable, afpernandus, yilit 
Dtfp'tcahknefiy vilita.<!, 3. 
t>e'picdb!y^ cum contcmptu 
'rodefpijef rontemno, 3. fperna^ 3. 
To be defpijiidy contemnor, 3. 
Dffpti'cdy contcmpius, fpretus 
^ <^'jrU"'f conrcmptor, 3, 
A i^^j^'-jj dcijpicientia, i. 

D E T 

Dtfpite, invidia, t. defpe^QSi 4. 
Indefpitt^ ingratiis . 
Dtfpittfuly invidusy malignut 
Dfkitefuifyy contumclioiiy maligne 
JDri^//{/»/pic/i,maligoitas, j.iavidia, i 
Tq defp^i/^ f«c to/peii 
To depofidf fee defpair 
Deyi.ndingy defpoDdens 
pefpoticj arbitrarius, fummvt. 
Pefpetically, iiapcriofe 
The dejert, bellaria,^. 
To deftincy defiinat*^ de^qo. If 
UteflifC^^ deftinatus 
Defthatioif, de^inatio, 3, 
Dtfiirvf fatum, 2, fors, 3. 
The aefiiniesy parcae, pi. 
D^itute, inopi, epis\ egeos; de- 

reli£lus, orbatai, orb^us, eg^aui 
To deproy, confunto^ 3. aboleo, a. 

deleo, a. extlog^o, 3, conficio, 

3. diruo, 3. eveito, 3. deftnio, 

3 ; perdo, 3. corrumpoy 3 j fub- 

verto, 3. labefacio, 3^ va^o, 1. 

populor, I, depopulori, jj de- 

predor, i. dilapido, 7. 
To be 4^ro/</,dirpereo,4.intereo^. 
Deftrov'd, pcrdltusy dirutus^ evcrfos 
A defireyer, vaftator, 3. deletor, 3. 
Deftrcywg, exitialis, exitiofos 
A depr^yingy perdicio^ 3. peraicxo, 

5. excidium, a, denolitio, 3. 
BefiritSiiiniy ftrage^ 3. exitium, a. 

interitu^^ 4. niina« \, labea, 3 ; 

bternecio, 3. pofulaitip, 35 

clades, 3. c«deSy 3. 
DefirufJivty cjjitiofu* 
To dctacby mitto, 3. 
Detached, fele^us, fegregato^ 
A detachment^ maiipc ^gregata 
A detaUf enumeratio, 3. 
To Retain, inp,^pr^ I. 4etiBM, |« 

retinco, a. pfcpedio, 4. 
A dcf^imtig, tctentioy 3. 
To deteR, df l«gOj» 3. patdaciQ} 3* 

D E V 

Dereffed, deteflus, patefaAos 
A deteffingfp^t9fa£tio^^,M\dua 
Detent'i§Hy retcntio, j* 
To deter, deterreo, a. 
Detergent, detergena 
t)eterminate^ dareminahis . 
Petcrmin^teiyj praecffe, defioil) 
A determnattom, detcrmiiMtiiif 3 
To determtut ftatoo, 3. codbi 
3.,decfrn0j 3^ deddo, 3. (• 
definio44. dirun0i3. cooc>wli 
coinpono,3. expcdio,4. (bf cifd 
cefToy I. (judge) d\iy^^ 1. { 
fwe bund) praojiiOt (bacU 
gradum bacalaureacua qppvfii 
Petenmnedf fixus, Jjeg tlw tab 
petermiring, dcfinitiv»a» rniJira 
Diterredy detcrritut 
Deterfcvtf detcr:|ent 
To 4et^, dcteftqr, |i aboflil 

i; faftidioy 4« odi 
Pttefiabli^ ^teftabiKf, emtfl 
A detefiing^ deteftatio, 3. 
Detffted, dcteftatiM, abomfaiaNli 
Vetefting, deteAaat, ab#«UBplL 
To dethrone, depttlio, 3. ddiB% 
Petbroned, deje^tua, dnoMi*^ 
To detraafiim, dctraho^ 3. 
DetraBedfym, ulunoiatM ; 
Petrolling, detraSikfe, ntUm 
Detraaingfy, rnaledk* 
Detriment, danuMian. a. 
Ditrimtntal, darnQolM 
t>evafiation, devaftadoy 3. 
To dewft, rpoiaot 4^ WOffe 4f 
Dtvefted, exutyl opAiMi 
A dtwfiii^, fpo^ati•, f. 
To deviate, de'yio, i. cnrt, »| - 
A deviating^ ^mm/imv «hoiv f 
A device, dolus, a. techM^-i*^ 
bola, ^. GoaMMoUay a. ■• 
tio, 3, maclMiMtio^ 3; (y^M 
Tht devil, dUb^uf,^ 


P^"-.- -i^;";"':. •'•".•«.:.*- 

''■•'^rr*;'^-'" '^K- ^''^~ '~"- 

D I P 

To dilate^ dilato, i. extendo, 3. 

amplificoyi. produco, 3. dilator, i. 
Difated, dilatatus, produfhit 
Di/atorifyf cun^anter, tarde 
Dilatorinefsy cun£tatio, 3, inora> i. 
Diiatmy, cun6lans, dilaroriiis 
A <ii/emnta, AWcmmz,^, fee difficulty 
Di/igencey diligcntia, i. folertia, 1. 

cvra, I. all&duitas, 3. Aadium, 

2} obfequium, 2; celeritas, 3. 
Diligenty diligens, induftrius, labo- 

riofu;;, obfequiofus 
To be diligent y fatago, 3. evigilo, i. 
Di'igentlyy diligenter, I'cduli 
To dtlucidate, illuftro, 1 . dtlucido, I.. 
Diiucidatiofty explicatio, 3. 
To di/utff diluo, 3. tcmpcro, i, 
DHutedy dilutus, teonperatus 
D'lMj obfcurus, caliginofos 
'^0 grow dim, obfcuroTi i. 
Dimjigbtedy caligans, lufcus 
A dimittJionydimtnfLOyi* menfura,!. 
To dtnu'm/b, diminuo, 3. minuo,3. 
Dimifii/hed^ diminutus, minutus 
A dimnijhingy diminution, ditni- 

nutio,3. extenuatio, 3.eievatiOj3. 
Diminutivty parvus, diminutus 
A diminuti'os, diminuiivum, %, 
Diminutively^ diminutive 
DimiJJ'ary, dimiflbrius 
Dimly, obrcure 

Dimnefs, caligo, 3. hebetudo, 3. 
A dimpUy gelafinus, 2. 
A din, clamor, 3. foaitus, 4. 
To make a din, ftrepo, 3.^ 
To dingy prantleo, 2. 
A dining room, canaculum, 2, 
Ding drng, fpiflej copioft 
A dinner, prandlum, 2. 
A dint, Impreffio, 3. vii, 3, 
To dint, contundo, 3. 
A dtccefan, cpifcopus ; 2. 
A diocrfty dioceHs; 3. 
7o^,j^, tingn, 3, mergo, 3, 

D I S 

Di^y dippedy immerfat (at an 

eftatc) oppignoratut 
A diphthongs diplithongus, 2. 
A dipping, fubmerriOy3. intindus^. 
Dire, dinis, horridus, atrox 
DireS, dircAus ; re6hi« 
To direff, dirigo, 3. modnror, 1. 

ordino, i. infcribo, 3. appello;, 

3. tendo, 3. oftendo, 3. mon- 

ftro, I. docco, 2. ifif^nio, 3. 

przclpio, 3. jubeo, 2. mando, i. 
DireJled, inftru^tus ; infcriptus 
DireffioH, direftio, 3. infcriptio, 3. 

gubernatio, 3. juflum, 2. 
DireBly, dlre^lc 
A dircBor, rcftor, 3. 
Directory, direflorium, s« 
Direfuly fetdire 
Dirt, lutum, 2. ccenam. t. 
Dirtily, lutofS, f«dcj turpitcr, for- 

dide, inique 
Dirtinefiy fordes, 3; iniquitas, 3. 
Dirty, cotnorus ; fordus, fordidus 
To difabk, debilito, i. mutilo, i. 
Difabledy debilitatas, mntilatus 
To difahufe, errantem reducere 
To dif accord, difcordo, i. 
Di^mdvMntage, incommodum, 2. 
Difmdaantageouss incommodatus 
Difadvantageouj'nefsy incommoditas 
TodifaffrBy improbo, i. alieno, i. 
DihfiBion, offenfio, 3. averfatiOy3« 
To di'agree, oifTideo, 2. difcordoi i. 

dtffentio, 4. non congracre 
Difagreeabley di/feiUaneus, ingratus 

inconreniensy injucDndas 
Dt'fagreeablinefi^ incongfuitas, 3. 
Difagreeably, iUepnie, injucondi 
Dij'agreeingy difcors, diverfus 
A difagrecingy difagreementy diver- 

fitas, 3. difcrepantia (falling 

•ut) difTenfiOy 3. 
To dijmlinv, irapr«b«, i» 

D I S 

Difallnvtd, iraprobattis 
A dtfidlowing, improbatto, ^> 
To dtfinmdy abrogo, I • refdiMlo 
Dtfannulki, abragatus, deletat 
A difammtling, aboHtio^ abrogadi 
To difappear, eranefco, 3. 
Difappearing, eranefcens 
To difappoint^ fruftror, i. fa>Io, 
To be dtfc^pMhited, fpe falli 
DIfappointed, fruftratus, de(Htffti 
Difappointnunt, fruft ratio, 3. 
To difapprove, improbo, 1. 
To dijarm, exarmo, i. fpolio, f. 
Dijdrmed, tnzrmis, ami's excami 
To difarray, exuo, 3 j profligOi 
A dijajler^ infortunium, 2. 
Difmftrwt, infauftus, infeliz 
Difafiroufiy, infeliciter 
To difitvow, diffiteor, t, nq 

i; rejicio, 3. improbo, i. 
Difavwoed, abnegatus, improb«l 
A difatnwingy negatio^ 3. 
To<^/^ffJ, dimitto,3. eiaudor«i 
Dijbanded, exaudlbratos, dimifltt 
K'dijksndingy dimiflio, 3. 
Difbtliff, aiffidenria, i. 
To dijbelieve, diffido, 3. no« ctH 
Difieftruingy increddlot, diflifvi 
To di/bttrtun, exonors, i. Ie«^ I 
Dipntrdened, exonoratus, liberati 
To diflnrje, impendo^ 3. 
Difimrfed, tmpenfut, expenfvi 
A dijlmrjtngy erogatio, 3. 
A di/hurfment,txpcn^^i* impen&i 
To difeardy fee to iBfmfs 
To difeenty diicernoy t. diftiogi 
3. dignofco, 3. conlpicor, ii 
Dijeemtd, difcretus, vifns 
A difcernif^, dijudicatio, 3. 
Dijcemingy perfpicax, fagax 
A difehargfy abfolotidi, 3. Ill 
rauo, 3. {ofbttm&urs) detr*A 
3. {if duty) funfitio, 3. (acqi 
tance) re latio ia arceptum {^, 
Mrwtt) cmiifi«, J. 

I s 

rjt {for mtmey) acceptam 
i referre [otu's cMjcieuce) 

I. Ubeio, I. (« ^ii) 

3. (« dit) folvo, I. 
/suit) abfolvo, 3. (or 

ezirooj 3. {or relesUe) 
3. (out of^fice)ox3iuc' 

{vu's duty) fiingor, 3. 
. exeqiipr, 3. {an obit' 
remvnero, 1. {a pip) 

i.{ihcftomacb) evoibo, 
'', as a river) defluo, 3 . 
. liberafiuc, exonoratus; 

•Mg (fr^maJoMlt) abfo- 
j, {from Jtrvice, &c.) 
, 3. (paying) (blutio, > 

1) dirriQfi9, 3. 

i, turbatuty paflfqi 

diicipuluB, a. 
difcipUna,!. in(titQtio,3. 
Me, doceos 2. ini^tuo, 3. 
) puaio, 4. raftigo, j. 
f, doaus» inftitimi9 
m revdo, r. dctego^ ^. 
ufjia/, patefiof patefco, 3. 
dctciftus, putel'ai^us. 
/, decoloratus 
&y fee to ir/irjf 
vim/, vitupero^ i. 
mde, incoonmodo, f. 
h/y incomoiodo aflfcdus 
r^, turbo, I. pertuFbo, 
ifando, 3. ,(r^« miW) 
9, 1. inquieto, i. ango, 3. 
J, confafas; folicitua 
trr, perturbatio, 3. con- 
. {of mind) aaxi^taSy 3. 
T^y concilia fraftg^re 
(/, fra^uft, pcTturbatuR 
f, affli^us, triilis, mortis 

(forrAw) moeilitia, i. 
I ofiirfifio, 3. 
jvf^ offecdo, 3. ango. 

D I S 

To be JifcomteMtt oA«ndo*-, 3. 
DifeontnHed, aniiut; ofiienlut 
Di/contentuUf, Kgrc, moleO^ 
Difconientmeni^ fee difeontent 
A difcontimtatiom^ di^ontimmiicii 

intermifl^o, 3. defuctiidu, 3, 
To difcQutimuey intcrnaitco, 3. 
Difcontirtuedy intermhrus 
Dijcord, 6\(cox^\Zy I. dilOnintit, i. 
To difcovtr, (reveal) detegft, 3. 
{accomp/iw) «do, 3. (m«*j miW- 
nejs) pqdorem prof^iuire (dr cfpf ) 
confpicor, f. (find out) depre- 
hendoi, 3. exploro, 1. (^r^ bttmj 
councUs) c«nciiia eaancio« i< 
Difcox/erMty indagabilii 
D'ifcovor*4% detcAuVy oAenAii 
A ^//trovrrvr, «xpIorator|). inda^amr 
A <^rov#ry (invention) inveftj|jtrq 
3. invcntio, 3. (Mvealiof) tq4t> 
cium, 2. patefa^io, 3. 
To dtfcount, (tc to itkit€ 
Diffomitt fubdn^io, 3. detpa^io, j, 
Difcomiittd, fubdii6iu»9 dttM&u* 
TodifiouMHmmcti iahib^ a. 
DifcomUttmnced, reprcilbs 
To di/courMgo, dtltent9t %. 
Difcf^araied, detefritut^ i^jcflui 
A dlfconrggementy animi abjc^io, ]« 

(hindrance) impedimentuirif %. 
To dy'courfg, diflferOy 3. coofabular 
A difiourjtf ttrmoy 3. oratio, 
narratio,3. confabulatio, 3. (idle) 
nugmrpi' (dry) loqoeU jejann 
DifceurfedyenzrrsLtva, expofitus 
Difcredit, dedccus, 3. ignominiij i 
To drf credit (difgrace) infamo. t 
(not to believe) pa rum credere 
Difcreet^ prudens, confaitus 
Difcrertfy, prodenter, con(u!to 
D'-fcrfCfnefiy prudentia, i. c^riici' 

linmi 1. circumfpe€lio, 3* 
DUcreticnary, fee unJiptitted 
Dif^THion, arbitrium/ 2i juijjitr/j^ 

D I $ 

ff. fee alfo difcrtttmefx 
Difcreetvtf dti'cretivus 
To difcrim'amt, diftingu^f 3* 
1 o aifcmfs^ expon*, 3. difcutio, 3. 
D'fcMaidf exploraius, diicuflot 
A dtfcttffor^ inveftigator, 3. « 
A dijctfjfimgt difcuffio, 3* 
[>ifdtiftjt'9ii\i4i}xm%,%. coateii«ptot»4* 
T^dfdain% dpdifffor, i. faftidioy 4, 
i>ijdahied, fpretiu, contemptus 
A difdaimtr^ coat«n|ptor, 3. 
Dtfiainfuiy fupcrciliofut, clatuf 
QifdainfuUy^ coMMiptim, fafti<Koi| 
Dijda'iifuinefiy Cet dijdain 
A difdmimng^ diadigaat^ |, 
A dijeaft, morbttSt •• 
Pijo^t argcr, vgrotoa 
To dilemUrk^ I aavi cxfctadCvt . 
To difemh^f^ deflttfrc i« mam 
T* diftHgMt^ eitrico^ i, libtra^ t^ 
DifingtigtJf liberatut 
mptntawglidt expfditn, folutiif 
Bififinm^ (tcdifdam 
ToditfanfUTy AtfonM^ it 
To ^ifigurt, dafoiiii«; i; mutife, I4 
Diifgttredt dcfomis, foedatus 
A ditfiguriHgy deformatioi 3. 
Toit«^«w/;//e,ptofcribo,3. privo,r« 
Disfrancbiftd, profcriptu^, privaMt 
Tq difgorge^ eTOifiOi 3. 
Difrorgedy t]e6tJ9^ exoqoratut 
A difgorging ^cyomitMS,^., «|}e£li<l>3« 
Dijgrace (ihame) def|ecq», 3. (dif- 
favour) oflfenfa, I. (mitfortuoe) 
infortunium, i. oal4nitas> 3. 
To<^)^ar«,dedecono, I. daturpo, r. 
Bifgraced, exau£toratu8 ^ dedcco- 

ratus ; calomniatuf 
Difgraceful^ dedecoratus> turpit 
A (///f rtfr/frg-ycalunmia, l.tradniAiO)) 
Difgraeffultyy turpiter 
Difgruntlcd^ iratus, fi^birafus 
1 o dijgu'ft ; fee to cowite^t, alior^ 
conceal^ intbrittt 

D I S 

A tiijgttifi, lim, 1. peribna, i. 

(pretence) fpecict, 5. pretextus 
Dijguifed, lanritttt; ebriuf 
A ^ifgtiifittg, diffimulatio, 3. 
A ^j§»/« faftidium, 2 j naufea, i. 
To Mfgu/f^ fee to dlfileaft, difike 
A difr^ patiaa, i. difcat, 2. 

{eUut) pcniculua, 2. {•/ mtat) 

ferculum, s. dapet, //• 
To ^jyft m««r» patinas inftniere 

(ouPa tahU) menfat inftniere 
Dijbtdup, patinis inftru£his 
DiPvater, colluriesy 5. 
DiJhabilU\ fktmndreJIed 
To dijhtsrttn^ animum frang&e 
Tl^jfoearttnedy animo fraftus 
A dijbeartemng^ animi abje^o, 3 
D'ljkerijony exnsredatio, 3. 
Todip^itf ezhsredO) i. 
Di^vtHft, pravus, turpis, lafcivvt 
Difoonefilf, inhoncfti, impure 
Dijbwtfyt fallatii, 1. obrceBnitas»3. 
Di/bonour, dedecns, 3. infatnia^ f . 
To dtJbon^uTf'Mioniho^ t, tradiKD, 3, 
Vijbmwra&li, i^honeftut^ turpii 
Dtjbonourabfyt turpiter, iakonefti 
Vtjhonwr'd, inhonoratus | 

Dififtcfination, aferiatio, 3. odtu8i,2. 
Di/mcRned, abhorrens 
Difingenuityt illtberalitai, 3^ 
Dijingenuous^ iHil^ralis, inutbanus 
Djfinbabitfd, defolatus 
To dijinbirit, exhseredo, I, 
Difimberitid^ exhaeredatus. exheres 
A difinberiting \ fee di/berifon 
To difintangU, explico, i. extricoyi. 
Dijintangledi extricatat 
DtfinwrTfied^ inconroptuS) integer 
Difintereftediy^ integre 
To disjoin, disjungo> 3* fegreco, i 
DnJQtad, disjundtuty (eparatus 
A disjunffion, disjun£tio, 3. ^ 
pi sj tinted f diiTedut deartuatut| dif- 

jun^Sy luxatns 

D I S 

To diytint {cut ttp, as a fowl) dif- 

icco, 3. (feperate) disjungo, 3. 

(pot out of joint) luxo^ i» 
DitjunSiviy disjiin^ivtts 
A di/t, corpus apparens 
A dijkindmjx, noxa^ i. injaria, i. 
To dipke, ayerfory r, abborreo^ 2. 
A MHikef faftidium, 2. 
Dxfiiked, faftiditns, rejedua 
A dipikiftgf averfatio, 3. 
To difioctte, loxo, i. 
Diflocated, luxatus 
A di^Mting, luxatiot 3. 
To diJUdge, hofpitio ali<{ttem ex- 

peuere> {a camp) caftra movere 

{a dicr) cervum excitare 
Dijiodged^ expulfus, cxcitatus 
DtJUyqlf periidus, infidus 
DiJkyaUy, perfidiol^ 
Dtfioymuy, perfidia, I. proditio, 3. 
Difmaf, dims, horriduSj atrex 
Di/nuUfy, horride 
To SJnuuitlif dinio, 3. fpolio, i. 
DiJmantUd, priratus, fpoliatus 
Toi/i/)Rtf)^,territo,i. penernfacio93. 
Difinajea, tcrritus^ perterritus 
A di/msy, exanimatio, 3. 
To difmembir \ fee to diJcS, dif- 

To difmi/t, dimitto, 3. exaHftoro, i. 
Dijkijed, dimiflTui, exauQoratns 
A difmffiMf dimiAo, 3. 
To djfmount (unhorfa) equo aliquem 

excntere (alight) ex equo deft. 

ITre (a canon) tormentum rotis 

Difmountfd, deje^us, excuffas 
A ^yiii9«ff//>;^deje£^io»3defrentio,3 
Difohedifnec, contumacia, i. 
P^jtledient, contunux 
DifoSediently, contumaciter 
To difobey, repagno, i. ntgli^o, 3. 
Di obeyed^ contemptus, negle£lu8 
A Wi)o^ff^,recuiatio,3.neglet1iis,4 


D I S 

To^ToM^f l«do, J. offeado 
Difebiigtdf Ijtfus, otFdifus, nlie 
Difdt/igi«g, laciTiJis, accrbufl 
Bifirdtr {confufion) fonfiUk 

perturbatio, 3. (diftemper) 

buip 3» sgrotatio, 3. [of t 

animi perturbado 
To dlfwier^ con f undo, r. cot 

bo> r» pcrturboy I. turbo 

Dffirdtrtd^ COtlfyfiMj eurius 

mukntufi] pcrlurbattts; xgitX 

Bifirderlyf mordinate. incosdi 
Difirderly (adj.) confufus, infa 

difl'alutut, immoderatus 
Bifirderj (tumults) turbae. pL 
To dffiwi^ flcgo, I. inficioTj 

abdico, I, repudio, i. 
Dijt'feiicd^ abdicitnSy repudiats 
A Sfivfwing, *bdicatio,3. negad 
To difffardgel fct to figbt^ J 

A dtjparagtmenft dedecus, 3, 

A difp^ra^et^ olitreftator, 3. 

A di/parifyf difparitaSf 3. 

To di^^rk, fcptum dejicerc • 

Df'fparhdf frpto imdatut 

DrJpJfcht cxpeditio, 3. propyl 
3. (pacfcct of letters) liter 

To dijpanb (acromplifh) per 
3. pcngo, 3« (haftcn) »c*« 
I. maturo, i. (fend) mitre 
abWgf), f . (kill) occido, 3 
terficio, 3, {ami of the tt'jrj 
maado, T, 

Bi/pjtfbedf ptrafhis; dimi 
propcratuiis | tnti^remptua 

A difpatchrf, perfcftor, 3. 

A HffpaTchfMg, CTinfadlio, 3. 

Djfpf^fdf djfpqlfas 

To J^fpc% dTrpcllp,-3. 

A dfjpmfatkn^ (di^ribution) a 

mftrjno, 3. di4)^nfatio, 3. 


[ s 

xe«iptio, 3. xtnaiM- 
entia, i. 

pbamacopaia, t. 
diftributc, lav out) 
, erogOy I, diftribue, 
ladttlgeo, 2. (fpi/^ 
ta&tat, adminiftratoa 
lifpenfator, 3. 
^fpcnfatio, 3. 
9wer, lazaqdi poteilat 
fee to tUfofulati 
[paT«o> 3-. di^pargo, 3, 
parfus, difTttfm 
difpcrfio, 3. 
inimum frang^re 
limo firadus 
, animi dcbilitatio 
(a thing) dimoveo, 1. 
, ft. (a pcrion) ezauc 

motm 5 cxaa^loratut 

amotk), 3» 

(fpread) expando, 3. 
expono, 3. (make a 
jado, t. oftentOy i. 
i^eco. I. deartuo, t. 
tpoficus, ezplicatua 
, explication 3> 

dil'pUeco^ 2. offendo, 
am creare 

fFenfus, cgre fercQt 
ifedf indignor, i. 
ingratus, iniacundtts 
[diftade) offenfa, t. 
ra, I. fimaltasy 3« 
polio, i« difpolio, i. 
1, 2. jocus, 2. 
ofitio, 3. ordoy 3. 
t in order) difpono, 3. 
compoDo, 3. (beftow) 

(lay out) expendo, 3. 

(to fome ufe) defti- 
^9, I. utcr, 3. (fy 

D I S 

will) legd, X. (*jp gift) largitor, 
4. (fell) Yendo, 3. (place out) 
eloco (fettle) conftituq, 3. (^0 
another) alienOj i. transferor 3. 
f«r incline) praeparo, t. paroj t . 

Dijfofedt di fpofitut, com po (11 u », 
digeftufy ordinattts, fbu^us ^ 
flatutusi conftitutus) indiaatuB, 
paratus, aflfe^lua 

A^ffefer, ordinator, difpenfiitorf^. 

A dijffifition (fetting in ordcxj dif- 
poBtiOy 3* ordinatio, 3. (inclina^ 
tion) ittdclcf, 3. animut^ %^ m- 
genium, 2. (rule tr order) con- 
fiitwtum, 2« decrcCum, a. (hiblt 
of body) habitttdo, 3. {if mind) 
a^^lua, 4. affe^o animi {tf 
fki tu'r) cadi ratio 

To dijf9fefi, dctrudo, 3. cjicio^ y 
dejicio, 3. cxuo, 3. 

DiJfBjifedf cjcAus, exturbalui 

A dijpoj'ejingt ejedio, 3. 

Diffyitrty poteftat» j« arbitrium^ i, 

Dtfprflife, vitupcratit, 3, 

Todiffraifi,^VAftxQ^u obtre£lOjt. 

Difprofit^ incommodttt^ 2. 

A dijproof, refatatip,3. confutaCioj} 

Difpreporthn, an«quaUtas» 3. 

Dtfpnportionabley impar. difpir 

Dt^rtfprtionMhfy, imanju^Ut^r 

Dijproportkndf inaqualiter paxtitus 

To dijprovi, confuto, i. 

Difprowfdf refutatus, confutatui 

A aif proving, refutatio, 3. 

DijputabU, difputabilis 

A difpHfant, difputator, 3. 

A dJi^utatioo, dijjmte (debate) di^ 
patatio, 3. contention 3. (quar- 
relling] jurgiuffl,2. controveifu^ I 

To difpuu, d i fputo, i . ratioc i no r , 
X. contendOj 3. litigo, i. aiferOt 
3. yiadkoy i, (fondly) nugar^ 1 , 

Difputed, difputatus, jdecertatui 

A difputing^ di(puCation 3.^ 

D I S 

To difyuMBff^ InhabiJem nAUh^ ' 
Dijfuittf cura, 1. fi>lidtudo» 3. 
T&diffuift, inqweto, I. Texo, r. 
Diffskud, excniciataav (oUcitM 
A ^iff Ml/it iitif djftiiiifitio, 3. 
Difrwgardi dcrpeaU9nCOnteapCui^4« 
To di^ggard, fpernOf 3. 
Difrtgardid^ ocgleaM, COtttcaiptlf 
Difrtput&hU, ii^honeftM 
Difrtp^tff oiah fa ma 
Dlfn^cafmi, faftidjofat 
DifrrfptmUfy, faftidiofJ 
To aifrdft veftem exuirt 
Diffsiiif&i^hH, oflTenfil, !• 
D7j.itisfi^eiy, molcftys, 'gravit 
DtJfiiiMedf ofFeafufi; dvbiva 
To itiffiB^ diflcco, 1, incido, 3. 
DiJi^hJt diU'eduSt incifut 
A di/t&ka^ dilT«aio, 3. 
To (tiftift^ cjicio, 3. detn|do» 3* 
DiJeiftJy cjeduj, detnifvs 
A diffiiJSitf vj4;£lit>, ^, cxpulfoj 3. 
To ^ifftmifltf diJimttlOy x; itmuJo^ 
I. tE^, 3, ctb, I. obtendo, 3» 
DtJm^J, fimulatuiy fiAut 
A dijffmhln, iimul&tor, j. fiftor, 3, 

A uiffrmkfhg^ iioiulatio, 3* 
To dtfftntt dUTcntla, 4. diflideo, a. 
Di£^israneiMtf tnlmm^ conveniens 
A diffrnuff dif&atieASj fee nw^ 

A di^stietti di^etitio,3. difcordia^x* 
A ^krtanm, din^rtatiOn 3. 
Di£triykf, d^innum, 2, noxia, i« 
Di^irpiaett^^f muti lit 
To di^fTy feptro, I. fejungOy 3* 
D'iJ^fim-^df fejuD^u9, feparatua 
DiJ^milar, diflimilis 
Dijfimiiitvdt, diflimiliitwdo, 3, 
Dijf^mulati&nf difljTnulario, 3* 
Di^pah^fff liiffipabilis 
To iiij/ipaiff diflipo, I. 

Di£ipatt4^ ^iiUpiiuH d\{^tx^u% 

D I S 

DljJUubie, diOolvbiiis^ 

To a'iJIblvCi .diiTolvOj 3. refolTDi 3 
iftckty) di£ipo, I. Cmelt) liqye- 
I'acio, 5. (be 4^ifoc^) liquckoj 
3. li^iic6o 

b'ljfllvedy diflblutasy liquatut 

i)'tj/oiuiey difibltttua, prodifodj re- 

miffus, negligeni 
Dijfolutelyt prodigl^ ftminft 
i>ill'oIutenifst luxuries, 5. liukinivl* 
A dijjhlutiwt (Uilblutioy 3* 
Dijb/ution (doitb) obitiis, 4% 
DrJmatKt, difbrepakitia* !• 
Dijirmity diilbiiAiM, itaflbatui 
To difuatUf diiTuadeOft. dehonor^i . 
Diff'uadedf difluafuf. 
AdtJ/uader, difluaTorj 3. 
A dijfuaduig, diftu^Hf diOuaCv 
Diffitajiift, diffuad^QS , 
Adiftaf, cbluj, t^./'penfiim, a, 
T^difiiin; fee toftain 
A dtfisntft inlet valUim, ;t,- diflaa- 

tia, I. (dif^ord) diffidUm^ a, 
Ata^MfiHf pr«cttl 
To dlpance, vinco^ 3. fupero^ i« 
Vijiamedt vi£luSy Aiperatut 
P//?4ffr> dtftaiuy diiBtua . 
FardiJUnty longiiiqtittS 

To djlafiej offeod^^ |. dirpUcco^ z 

A d'tpafte, offenCa, i. 

To f«>« i/y^^^, offtodor, 3. 

DiRafiefvl, ingxatiiSy jnolcjftui 

AMfitmper^ morbus 

T)iftmperedy infinnus, sootbldus | 
inimnw, deoienf j lapguejii 

A diJUmprrature, inteinperiei> 5. 

To <i//?iv.v/, diftcndo, 3. 

DifiCfJed, diAfofus 

A difurdingy d'ftenfionf dificniio, 3. 

A iiij:hb, diftichoo^ 2. 

'io t-V/i// (drop) diftillo, j. 

A •:x,'?;//>i'-, dUmiatio, 3. (of fifuffi) 

D 1 8 

defluxloj 3. dcfluxus, 4* 
DlJHikdj aift.lljtus 
A iiipslh^ difliHaior, 3. 
J)iy;jwu'^ (differeni) djftinaos, dif- 
crctua, divcrfus (clear) difVinc- 
luty chrifs 
D^in^lyt diltinfte, clarS 
AdifiiA&iWf^, diftin^io, 3. 
DiJIieffive, diflinguens 
Difiift^pfjt^ pronunciatio diilinAa 
To difthiptijh^ intelligo, 3 . d i fcierno, 3 
Di0irtguipiJ, diHindus, difcre-tus 
H^iMltiipfffgt diftinguens, praeftans 
To £fierfj diAorqueo, 2, 
J>ip&ti€Jf torus J diftor(us 
A di^oriin^f difitrticti, diftortio, ^. 
Ttyaifird^j lurbo, i. furio, i. 
Dtflr^HeJ^ tufbatut, aflnens 
IhJlraffi&rit^fiafufiQy 3. dementia,!. 
To df^raiffj bona ex decieto curiae 
yt aijferre > .' ' 

A difir&inini ; or i/i/?r*/i of g^oity 
boi^oruo] pr«torio lure liblatio ' 

Dijinfi (idyMAty) afflidioi 3. 

To dijhiji J fee to ^>9ra/A - 

Ta dl/irfp ^ fet XO pfr/dcx 

To ^t' dijlttffitdf premor • • 

DfJSrtJ/id, nBguAiis preffus 

[ftjircjediyr ti^i^cr^i calamitofe 

l>//rf^ifffi'jii,mifcTia,i . calamitas,3< 

To #jflrj*a«, diftribuo, 3. 

l>i/ihhuitdj diftribMtus, divifus 

A diJJnhuttjfg) dtflributhriy diftribu- 
ti<j, 3, parutio, 3. difpcnfatio, 3. 

Diflrihfingt ttipnbutive, diOribuens 

Dtfiriimtiwfyf divife, paititi 

A di^rfSTt diftriftus, 4. 

Dijhuft, lilflidentia, i. 

To tiijifuffy d{ffido> 3* 

DiJTrvJirii^ fufpeftus 

Di^fiiftfiil^ fufpicax . 

Iijini/lfu/fi£/i, diffiHcntia, t» 

DijhvfrfuUj, fufpiciofi 

To i^j^i.T^j Uirbo, t. f erturbo, t ; 

D I V 

ifhp^dio, 4. moror, i ; inqiiici 
I . excrucio, 1 ; incerpello, 3. 

A difiurkmtee^ tumultut, 4. 

Di/hirMf pertorbatua 

A difimrieri iatcrpellator, ^. 

A difiurhlng ; fee difturkma 

A di/yfihnf feparatio, 3. 

To difunite, diijungo, 3. (to 
difunited) disjungpr, 3. 

D'tfunited, disjunOus, <tirci<fl|l 

A aifuniting % fee tiipinii 
-'- ', deraetn 

Vifufoffe, difiije, deroetndo,'^ 
To difi/ff, defuefco, 3. 
DifufeJ, deAietui 
A ditcb, MTi, 1. lacui)a> li U 
lum, a. ihcilej 3« ' ^ 

To aitcb, foflfam doc&e ,( 

A ditcher, foflbr, 3. 
A ditty,. caRtilena, i 
A divan, leoatua CbpmBtH 
To divaricate, divarico, ii 
DivaricMtt^, divaiicatoi- 
To divt (in water) imn 
(into 1>ufine(j|) UrMor, I. M 
tigo,- 1, expiorb, i* 
A ai*ver, unirttor, 3. 
Divers, diverfus, Tariui j omMjP 
{colours) multicolor, •▼arie|4 
Ijbapes) multiformis {kiisA) m 
tigenus, multimodui («wyf)tf 
Torffwr^, ▼ario, I. 
Divirffyed, variatus 
A dtver/SQitig, irariatio^ 3. 
A diverfan (turning afide) difrtl 
3. digreflbs, 4. (recicatioB)- 
nimi relaxatio, orobkCtldq/ 
Divirfity, diverntas, 3. 
pivtrftfy, divcric, varii 
To dtvirt (turn afide) diva^' 
- avetti> 3, (entertain) oUeM 
diverted, deduAus \ oblcAaRl' 
A tdvtrting, digrefiin, 
Divtrfingi jucuodui 

[10, J. 

S, fKCtOP , 

-^$ 3* P>rti<tt'> 4- 

cedo. 3. itgrego^ u 

(y f irtitot 

the ftocks) pecunia, 

iTidcilda (in arith- 

leros dWidendut 

for, 3. 

riCo, 3. psrtitio, 3* 

r]nacio,3. praedi6lio> 

lugiiratio, 3* ' 

ly ccelciUs 

itdft, dWini 

icmator, 3. 

icinof, I* dfvino, i. 

canto, 1. faldno, 1. 

cio, 3. 

atioy 3. 

^ns aqux 

vinatioy 3. 

ogia, I. 


!eitas, 3* nuinen, 3. 


Tibilitas, 3. 

>, 3. partitio, 3. 

(of parties) faftio, 

(ftrife) difcordia, 

. (in muflc) mo 

n,2. rspudium^i. 
0, I. dtmitto, 3. 
18, dimifliis 

tor, 3. 

alio, 3. 

, fcrvalgo, 1. 


Ditsxitiefi, Vertigo, 3, 

Dhean, vertiginofus 

1>$, before a verb aQive is the ii|n 

of the prefeht tenfe^ as, / Uo 

beary audio 
To do, ago> 3* facio, 3. efficio, 3. 

(accomplim:) eze<]uOr, 3. perago, 

3. (tfm((0 erro, i, pecco^ t* 
Docile, d$ciif/e, docilis 
Docility t docilitatf 3. 
A dock (for (hips) navalei 3. lifta- 

paAum, t. (herb) lapathuna, t. 

bardana, i. rnmex, 3. hippola- 

pathum, 2. hydrolapathuai, 1. 

\or tail) caudi 
To dock, or cut off, amputOy x. 
Docked, amputatui, fcilfus 
A doffor, do£]tpr, 3. 
A doChrfiip, dofloratus,^ 
Doiirine, doArina,']. eruditiO| 3. 
A aocument, docamentum, 2. 
To dodge, terliverfor, i . 
A dodger, praevaricator, 3* 
A aoUging, cun£tatib, 3. 
A doakin, tdnincius, 2. 
A dee, danra femina 
A aoer, adlor, 3. 
A dcg, cahis, 3, 
Dog cheap, vili pretio {chg days) 

dies canicularet 
Dogftar, fir! us, 2. 
An iron dog^ harpago ferrcus 
Cf a dog, caninus 
To dog one, ^ tergo fequi 
A doge, dux, 3. 
Doggea, doggi/b, caninus, ttiofoftis, 

lynicus, pvQtervus 
Dogged (followed;a tergo obfervatus 
Doggrel, ludlcrus, inconditus 
A dogma, placitura, 2. 
Dogmatical, dozm^ticus 
Dogmatically y fidenter 
A doing (of fomething) aCiO, 3« 
(deed) i^iium, 2* 


t>oingy agensy molieoi 

A ^it, digitui, 2. 

A dole, donatio, 3. largitio^ 3. 

Doleful, lugiibrts, triftig 

Dolefully, lugubritSr 

Doiefulnefi, ludlos, 4, triditia^ ^ 

A doU^ pupa, z. 

A d^lar, thalerus, 2* 

DoUrust triflis, dolorofut 

A dolpbln, delpbinus, 2. 

A dolt, nipes, 3f hebet, 3* 

Doltifb, ftupidus, infullW 

Doltljbfiefz, ftupor, 3. ftopidftaf, 3, 

Domfflic, domrfticut, faniliaris 

Dominaticn, dominium, 2. 

To i^cmfuff/', dominor, i. iilfuIto,r. 

Domineering, infolens, arrogant 

A dominetring, infolentia, i, 

Dcminical, domiAicus 

Dam-nion, dominium, 2. ditio^ 3* 

To /><?«;« ^9m/maff, . domiaor, i, 

A donation, donumj^ 2. 

Done, a£tus, fadlus^ geftui ; ex* 
peditus, tranfa£lu', perfe^ius 

A dsnour, datcr, donaC(T, 3. 

AJoom, judicium, 2. fatum, 2. 

To aeon, adiudico, condemno, t« 

Dcom*d, damnatus, devotus 

Dooms tiay^ dies noviniiT.uf 

A door, olUum, 2. janua, T. frtr(}«» 
fl. {^ack) poftica, r. {f-ldingj 
valvat, />/. (cafe) hypoihvra, l» 
ifojlt) antes, fl, (kee^ir) Ofli»» 
rius, 2, janitor, 3, 

From doer to door, ofliatim 

Doric, dorictis 

Dormant Cflccping) dormiens (ht^* 
den) celatus, lateos (unimprO"' 
vfd) fcivacus (unaftive) confo» 
To lie dormant, lateo^ 2. 
A d'jrmitory, dormitorium, a« 
A Acfe, portion y Ao^^, \, 

To iotf pundiuQciiUi notare 
Dotage^ dclirtitioy )• deliriviiit a. 
To dote, dcHrOy i; idlpio, 3. {M^my 

of love) ieptrtoi 4^ dea'iho> 1 
Jktedupou^ deamatM 
A.<^/«f ^ (^dttagi " 
Dl^ngi deUruff^ Yccors, delirai^ 
J>«fifgfy'i •niHt^r^ iafaae 
J)iffyb, delinbuo^iK 
Jkubh, duplet* geminni 
A dwhU otfold, plica, u 
Tbe 4*dhli, duplum, s. 
To dwhUy dttpiOy it.gcoiriiOy I. 
*' (0 cape) pnelnrvfhi (m«V /^} 

coxnprimere d!g!tof 
A double dutkr^ fetentor^ 3. verfi* 
* loauui, a. 
Jkuhlt chintudf duplicato mentp 

prKditus (^iMVM) hUstx^ fran-, 

dator, 3. itingMd) aiendaz, bi- 

Doubled, dapHcatuty fcminatut 
A doublet^ l'«1biictthiy X. 
A </o«ft///gr/,dbplicatio^3.gexiiiaatlo^2 
Doubhf, du'pliciter 
A doutt^ dtibifim, a, fcrupulot^'a. 
To doubi, diibiiOi x. bivfiro, i. 

•jfin^uo, I. baereo, a. (ro^ft) 

Iblpicor, 1. C^cep in fufpence) 

fjfpfndo, 3. 
Vitbout doubt, procHlJvlio 
Dwbted, dubirato8» fufpicatus 
Jhul/tful, dubius, tnceps, incertus 
■ t>oubtfu/Jy, ambigui^ dubid 
^DoabtfuIaefSftmhijputUj^ .dubiratio 
A doubting dnb<atlo,j, hrffiutio 
"Doubt lefi, cert«, cerriffime 
A dov'y cufumbua, a. columba, t. 

{rngdi^e) palumbes^ 3. {flock) 

palumboly 2. {turt'e) tuflur, 3. 

(houfe) columbarium, c . 
JJke a dove, colutnbaris.cojumbinng 
D'jvf-tail, compaecs. 3, cardo, 3. 
D9ugb; fuioa tiibftCU 

D R A 

Doughty, fortisy validui 
Dowager, vidim, I. 
Dfwlafs, lintcum tnSfint 
Down, lanug*, 3. moUiorei plvmae 

(of j^^O' P>PFt>H *• {sf I*^ 

tbers) laoa, i. , 
Of dimm, lanugjlaofuf 
A dtwn (green hiU) grumuSy a. 

(plaiit) planhiety 5. 
The dewfit, tttnoli arenarii 
DutBn {*dyt,) deorfum 
DowM (adj.) triftiSy fevcrut> nebu- 

Mtit^mis&ut ; doclivis, vergcns | 

ad inopian reda^ot ; pronut 
Right deism, pcrpendkvlarii 
Down t0, ufaue ad 
De^$nrtghty fimplet 
Downward, deor^m 
Up and down, uHro, citroqae 
A'dawnfall, cafus, lapfut, 4« 
Down bill, declivia 
To beaiiJown,fto^tTii0,%. obniO,3. 
To bringdown (humUe} «o«rcco^a. 
Downy, tnoliis^ teper 
A dtwry, dos, dotit, f. 
Given in dj^vty, dotalis 
lluving a dowry, dotatus 
A Uixology, doxolo^ia, l. 
A doxy, meretrix, 3. 
To doze, fopior, 4. foporor, i. 
A doxen, duodecim, duodeni 
Admb^ fcortum, a, (cloth) pan- 

lius craiTior 
Draff, filiquar, pL 
A dragy harps go, 3. 
To drag, traho, 3. fee to hlter 
Dragged, raptatus, tra£^us 
Drawing, trahfns, raptans 
To dra^Uf coll u tub, i. 
Dragglfdf coHiituiatus 
A draggle-tail, mulier fordlda 
A dragon, draco, 3. 
A dragoon, cques fclopetanos 
To dragc;my «^uitiLu« catapul 

D R 

. tariM iBftHtfe 
To dram% IkficM, i. a 

To Mn, or he Jreun" 
A dtMn, Ma, t. 
Drainedp csficcatas 
A dredningj cxiiccitio, 
A draU^ anat maa 
A dram (in weight) < 
UffyirHs) haaftus, * 
A ^ama, drama, 3. n 
Dramatic, dramaticus 
A draper, {weolUn) 
■■ .j^Rnnen) h'nteo, 3. 
Drapery, pannt textur. 

ing) voluta, i. 
A draught (firft copy) « 
(of a country) lineat 
w'df) fprmula, i. ( 
4. tragus, 4. (of < 
lus, 4. {of 4 net) 
(privy) fonca, i. Isu 
tf Jbtp) immerfio na^ 
feales) prseponderacio 
Draughts, lodus latrun 
Draught (adu) jugalis 
^iikdrnugpt^ facibs, 
Vodtaw, iraho, 3. d 
lure) aUilio, 3. pel 
bifl) chirographum 
b/ijler) facSre pqftuh 
lineam, or tirculam 
nail) clavum extrah< 
lacum dcficcare (beei 
mo, I . (fweep along 
^a/under) diftraho, 3. 
ftraho, 3. fubduco, 3 
{back) retraho, 3. (b 
jrie) tergivejfor, 1. ( 
fufe) detredo, i. {I 
^0, 3. (fl bridge) 
{a bo^u) ile£lo, 3. 
(breath) refpiro, I. ' 
luo, 3, ' ^iets) lorti 

. A 

Ibo, 3. (ms paistert) 
ddineo, i. piiigo, 
3. (JImw ^nmjb- 
f 3. {doxon forces) 
ya a^) concerto, 
itfio, 4. inanjo, 4. 
ph) protnbo, 3. 
pio, 3. npto> I- 
xluco, 3, (m, or 
fto. 1. urgeo, 2* 
noj I. evifcero^ i. 
contrahoy 3. {fnar) 

I. (oTy call off) 
KO, I. (w go off} 
eoj A* (out) extra- 

3. fclifo, 3. pro- 
%cwrJ) diftriogo, 3. 
0, 3. (/•) attraho, 

iappiiro, T. {to sn 
3. (/orefi^fr) coa- 
) attrahoy 3. (v^ « 

fcrlbSre (up srti- 
fcribSre («nr «nivy) 
•pono, 3. {m fttt) 

pom Terfatilia 
tsvern) canpo, 3. 
'doth) confutor> 3. 
icvla, I. //• H, 

a pencil} adum- 
niy dercribeni 
, feccffio,3. (Avi) 
fet to draw 
itio, 3. 

ihor, 3. docor, 3, 
lofloj; expromp- 
adambratus, de- 
iguus, anceps ; Te- 
as $ attraflus ; ex- 
My di&-i^s 

D R E 

Etfyiraton^ doAilis 
A drty^ traha, t. tragula,.t. 
A drMmaHi trahe auriga 
Drea/f pavor, 3. fonnidoy 3. 
To dreaif metuo, 3, expatolcoy 3» 
Dfeaded^ dreaJ, formidatM 
Dreadful^ horrendui 
Dreadfully^ hnrrifice 
DreadfulnefSf horror, 3. 
Dreadlds, intrepidtts 
A drtai'ng, timiditas, 3. »avor« 3. 
A. dream, foinmbmyi. (idle fancy) 

nugae, pi, diliramentuniy %, 
To dr^am, fomnio, i. deliro 
A dreamer, fomniator, s* 
JDreaming, forenians, fomjiiorisi 
(flow) tardus; tirdigradin, 1. 
tardipes| tardiloquutj fomnku- 
Bftamndft ofcitaoter, fomnicttlo(2 
Dr$ery\ Ut fad 

^'''gh ^*^ $p rocremejituniy s. 
[of oil) am area, f. [ofwnegetr) 
<>Kygioiir %, {pi wim) floccs, ft, 
{'/fug^r) porgamoitay )>/. [of 
i£e poc^) fordea, 3. (ditina, i. 
fapx,j. (^tf^)l|Myfr)reliq(i:i9,plf 
Cleared from dregs f defarc^ttit 
Dreggy, fascuUntos 
To dreifii ivftdmain 
A dre/Kk, falifatum, s. 
TO drench, pordonem metlicam 

dare (dip in) inoiergo, 3^ 
Drenched^ repJetM 
Adreji, ornacoi, veiUtut, 4. 
To /reft (put on) indvo, 3. (adorn) 
orno, I. como> $, (a horfe) 
depeAo,^ 3. (hemp) carmioo, i. 
{leather) macero, t, {cloth) polio, 
4. (a dead body) poUincio, 4, 
{tfffat) coquo, 3. {d tree) amputo, 
I . {a vine) coIo, 3. {a Vfound) 
emphftrum adhibeo, 9. 

D R r 

"Drefid, ornatas, comts, nitidpt, 
vefliCus ; fee to dreh 

A dreftr hoaAd, icenfa coqnin|U-im 

DreJII^g, omansy exomans 

Drefjiii0 (by a furgeon) curatid 

A drtffing, ornatio, 3. ornatus* 4. 
{of meat) cof^io, 3. 

Dr^\ fttdrejed 

To drihhle (<irip) ftillo, I. (or dri* 
Tel) fall? am cmitto 

Dribbler '^ fudrtveOtr 

A dribbktp fummula, r. 

Dribbling (fmall) ptrf us 

A drift, propoficum, %• {of fnm) 
procdUy s. vis, 3. {of fond) 
cumnhii, t. 

A'drift (aiy.) folutuf 

A drill, terebrum, a. 

To drill, tercbrok i. perforo^ f« 

Drilled, tercbratus 

Dritttft, Rccitas, 3. ariditaf» 3* 

Drink, potus, 4.' nauihuy 4. 

To drink, bibo, 3, po^ T. («r«> 
ctffvely) pergnecor, i. {in) in« 
bibo» 3. (arp) abforbeo^ s. ex- 
haurio, 4. (to) propiot^ t. (/•* 
getber) compotOy i. 

A drinker, potator» y potor» 3^ 
{excejive) bibax, temaleatuSy' 

DrinTarg, potans, bibeiii 

To drift fiillo, I. diftiUoy t« 

'Dripping, fiillans, roraps 

The drippings liquamen, 3* 

To drfue, agito, r. pello, 3. cir. 
cumagOy 3. difpello) 3. {at) mo* 
iior, 4. coiior» i. {awax) ab|^» 
3. trceo, 2. {awipf timt) tero, g, 
{firm pa/lure) difpefco, 3. {a 
carriage) aurigor, !• {deep) de- 
figo, 3. {dcwn) depango, 3. (/«) 
illido, 3. {of tbifta^e) explodo. 
3. {off, or delay) dift^ro, *^, ^1 
Hz • '-^ 


Ifnpelb, 3. urgeoy 2, (out) ex* 
pello, 3. {a trade) cxerceo, a. 
(« mil/) vcrfo, I. (to eMremity) 
tedigo, 3. (6r force) compjello, 3, 
coC*> %* (towfird) adigo> 3. 
(under) fubigo, 3. 
Prhvel, Itliva, |. 
To </r/W, faiiVam emittere 
A driveller, ioeptus, infulfas 
privetf, ilAuSy pulfus: abacus; 
repulAis $ co»Aus ; adaflut ; 
procraftinatiis 5 expulfus; relc- 
gatus; fdb^qt; inta£los 
^ driver, Auriga, X. A^tator, 3. 
4^ dria/ingy agitatio, 3. (of pflei) 
iiilucatio, 3. (tf7C^) propulfa- 
tio, 3. (out) exjpulfio, 3. 
*ro drixxle, rorp, i. irforOj i. 
A liroll (play) tnimuf, ^, 
J^rsl/ (idj.) Itpidi«j jocafus 
Prdlerj^ jocijSj 1. faccti^, //, 
A i^ciJfff t.^;i:} /ucus, 2» (pfi-fia) 

Jorfrsfi/jtangt'pftj t, conffTjeftOj 3. 

prooph^t ^anguidus, uhefcenai 

fedelccn^j triflis, imb^ciljla 

Jl drdepfs'n^f Jtnluor, |^ 
P/eo^hg/jt Jahgui4| 

By i/rr^ij gutrttrtm 

^0 dr^p, i}iUoj I, (/W /d//) di- 
mitto, J'. Qtnitto, 3. praetcreo. 
4. (an employment) vaco, i. 
(dou'tt) cadp, 3, labor, 3. pro- 
labor, 3. (/», as company) viri 
tim advenrre (faU off) decido, 3. 
{pfff or die) decedo, 3'. morior, 
%, {with fweat) diffluo, 3. (c«/, 
9S water) cir^no, i. (as gum) 
lacT^mo, I, ("with v>et) mideo, 
3, (a Kiford) temere profcro 

Proppid, llillatus, ffe to drop 

A. rf'-«//v'^ <liJ|ifidiuip, 2. 


Dropping down, deciduus (wft) BM' 

T)ropJical, bydropius 
The drop^f hydrops, 3. 
Dropf, dimifTus, amilfus 
Drofs, fcoria, i. facx, 3. TpurcitiM 
Dro/Jy^ Tieceabundans 
A dtove, armentum, 2, 
A drover^ pecoris agitator 
By droves, carervatim 
Drought, ficcitas, 3. fitis, 3. 
To drown, demrrpo, 3. innndo, I. 
-immrrgo, 3. (apund) obfcuro, i. 
Drown' d, demerfus, obraius 
Drowfy^ fomnolentus 
To he drtfwjy, torpeo, 2. 
Drowjynefi, lorpor, 3. 

To druhf c«do, 3. verbcro, I. 

A drul*htng, fuftuarlum,' «. 

A drudge,\\xai, a^ m> mancipium,2. 

To drudge^ famulor, i. defatigo, i. 
(fir ojjlers) pifcari oftrtja 

Drudgery, fervitus, 3, famulitium 

A. dru^, roedicamen, }. (wo^jth 
Dothing) y\\% nuUius pretti 

T6 grotv'a drug, vlkfco^ 3. 

A Suggerm^iM^ interpres^ 3. 

A dru^fi, fepla/iariu8> 2. 

A drum, tympanum, 2. 

To drum, pulfare tympanam 

A drummer, tympanifta, a, m. 

Drunk, ebrius, vinoIeQtus^of.drink) 
epotus, exhauftus 

Hobedirunk^ inpbrior, I, 

To makf drunk, inebrio, I. 

A drunkard, ebriofus, tsmulcntqs 

Drunhemejs, f brictas, 3, crapuU 

/Jry, aridus, ficcos (rhirlfty) fiticn- 
lofus (empty, flat) iDluhus, je- 

A (iry fellow, face us 

To dry, fSfC\K.Qo, I. areucio, 3. 
exQcco, I. tiieffo^ 3. inioXo, I. 

D U L 

Dryed, ficcatus ; exficcatuf | 

matus, infolatus 
A dryings ficcatiOf 3. infolal 
Dual, dualis 
To dub, creo, i . 
Duhbed, crearus 
pubiou^y cubiuSf ambigQut 
Dubhufiy^ dubie, iij^erte 
Ducalj ducalis 
A ducat, or duckat, ducatui 
The duce, dy^* 3« 
A duck, anas 

To duck, fubmergo, 3* uriaoi 
Duckfd, immerfus 
A ducting, fubmerfio, 3. 
A du^f, du^us, 4. 
DuBile, du^lilis, feqyix 
DuBillty, du^ilitas, 3. 
A dudgeon, (half dat:ger) pug 
To take in dudgeon, grayer, \ 
pue, debitus; idoneus 
A due, debitum, 2. jut, 3* 
To be due, debeor, 2. 
A dueK pugna fingularis 

Dug, foflu?, dcfe0us 

A dug, uber, 3. 

A duke, dux, 3» 

A dukedom, ducatnt 

T(» dulcify, edulco, I • 

Dulcifycd, ednlcatus 

A duUimer, fambuca, I. 

Dull, hebcs; obfcurus) ifl 
fegnis; triftis, moedusj 
lani^uidus; ilupiduS) fur 

To dull, hebcto 

To grtfio dully hebefco, 3. toi 

Dulird, obtufu* 

Dully, UxiSl infulfe 

Du'uef , fegniiies, 5. incr 
tanlitas, 3. torpor, 3. hel 
3, tvjjicuraiip, 3. ftopor, 
pi^itafe, J, 

u s 

is; tacitornut 
obmutefco, 3. 
dumps, (lupeo^ 9. 
y mcrflits 

runiam exigSre 
imrr, cxaAor, 3. 
iiei, 3. hebef, 3. 
IS, 3. fimos, a. 
a horfe] aJvom 
) ftercoiOf i« 
srcorarius, ftcrcoreni 
, ftercorofuf . 
Serquiliniiim^ «• 

nUitQMiiy 9. btntlihiin 
agitatttSy poftulatos 

ilfat, ftoHdus 
exemplar altenioi 
Bplicttas, 3. 
rtonif, firmiit 
)freooita8^3. firfnttis,3. 
me, pereone, firmiter 
time) doratio, 3. (im- 
tt) caftodi4j I. iocai-- 

ratio, continttatiO| 3. 

dia, I. 

9of.) per, intcfy iecan- 

.) dom; and it U 
a Bgn of ill ablatfve 
CO tempore, 4rriA^ 

ofus, ob(car«f 
epoiculuin^ 9. 
tebne, pi. caligo, 3. 

3. (of corn, metal, 
tfisma, 3. (ffr/7/ dufl) 
. pollen, 3. (/<iw dufi) 
fie ^jjjmgtura, 1. 

, / 


msentum, 2. {Jwecpingx) quif- 

quUix, pi. 
Fullofdufi, pulveruientut 
To mng into duf^ redigere in pol* 

To make a dufi, pul verem excirars 
To thnrco dufl^ confpergOt 3. 
To duf, abftergeo, s. decergeot t. 
pyjtedt abfterfus. decerfuf 
A dyftif, pemcukim« a. 
Ditfyf pulvereaf 
To grvof dufy, pvlTcro, I. 
A fZiuciitg into ^Lfl, pttlvemtio^ 3. 
Duich^ belgitus 
The high dtacb, germani (low 

dutch) t>e]gff,>/. bauvi, //. 
A dutcbifi^ dttcifli, t. 
A dutcty, ducatut 
f^pifiJl obieqaiens, obedient 
To "ie drnt'iful^ oblequor, 3. 
Durihttfy^ obedient^r 
Outifihtfi^ obcdtentia, i. piefat, 3. 
i^Mji omcium, s, mu»us, 3. (tax) 

^enfut, 4. veftigal, 3. 
DummfirMte^ diiumviratiit, 4. 
A dm^rft nanus, 2. pumilio, 3. 
To d%9^ll^ habitOy i. commoror, !• 

colo« 3» incolo, 3. inhabito, i« 

accolo, 3. (/« tb^ country) rufti- 

cor, t. (iniift upon) infifto, 3. 

immoror, |. 
Dweited in, babitatus 
A dweffor, incolo, i. habttator, 3. 

accola, |. vlcinui, x. urbanus> 

2. oppidanus, %, rufticus, 2. 
A Ai;^///irf,domut,4. domiciiiumt2* 
To dt^iitdUf confumor, 3. ianmi- 

nuor, 3« tabefco, 3, 
Dwfndh'daway, confomptus 
A dwi^d^ing avH^, confumptiOj 3-. 
To dye ^ fctdie " " 
A dye, color, }• (fr d^ing} tine- 

tura, J, 


A dj^i fttSci 

To dj^e co/oKTi, tingo, 3. inffcie^ 

3. {rtd colour) minio, i. {viJet) 

conch) 1)0,1. 
Dyedf i»tin£lut, imbutus 
A dyer, infeaor, 3. tindor, 3* 
Of a dkep dye, atroz, adt 
Pying (death) mors, 3. (near 

d^ath) m^cibundut (« n^urst 

death) fato fuo defunct 
A doing away, animi deliquium 
A dying colours^ tiaAura, i. 
Dynafy, dynaftia, I. imperiumy t# 
Siyfentery, dyfenteria, i. 
A ifyptryf dyfuria,!. uriiKg difficoltat 

E A 

pACn, quifqufit fingnH, pL {of 

*~* tti) uterque noftrum (w. 
other) alter a]tertt]n(ori&tfr) mutudu 

Kagtr (iharp) acer, acidut (ear- 
ned) vehemens (fierce) fero« 
(ravenous) famelicut (i» defire^ 

Tq ip tagir, acco» 2, acefco, 3f 
{of a thing) exarderco,3. ardeo,2» 

lEn^effy, a vide, cupid^,' acriter 

Eagerly bent upon, ardent 

Eager n^i [in tafti) acor, 3^. acer* ^ 
bitat, 3. (/« temper) ividitat, p ' 
cupiditas, 3* 

An eagle, aquila, i , 

Like an eagle, aciuilinut 

To ean 5 (t^yeam 

An ear, auris, 3. (of a pot) anfa, I, 

Of the ear, auricularia j 

To give ear, attend©, 3, aufcult^ 

Ciiz/Vr^^ar, attentus, aufcuitans 

An earpick, aurifcalplun:! 2. 

An earriiij^ VUWVi, ^, j 

E A S 

f^^tvlftg can (as a cap) anfatuf 

To ear, fpicas emittcrc 

fared, (^ corn) fpicams 

^n eari^ comei 

An earldfjm, comitatus, 4. 

farly (aHj.) maturus {\n the mor^' 

trig) matutinus 
Too tarly, p^aema tufa's 
forly (adv.) matur^, tempori (i» 

the TT.orniwg) muito mane 
To earn, luciqr, j. mercor, 1. 

{with tity) vjfcer'bus commovcri 
l^arnedy laborc quariltus 
An earrting, A\i^end\um,z, nierce8,3, 
fameji (diligent) diligcqs, afliduus 

(vehernent) 9r4::ns, frf|icitus 

(important) magnum, gravis 
farftefi mcncy, arrha, i. arrbabo, 3. 
^n tarmji^ feri^/ reyer^ 
To be ear'4ej}^ urgeo, 2. infto, i. 
farmftlys dilfgenterj in^iotcr 
^9 tfirfteffh, tar^topcri 
f^rnefiiif^s^ ailidvitas, 3 ; ardor, 3. 
The eartht terra, i. tellus^ 3, 
. ^ti earth (4s a fox) terrain fubire 

{planti) terrae manHtre 
farthfii^ ii^UiPi ffgqlinus, ter|«as 
fartb.y, rerrenus, terrcftris 
^9rn 9f tte earth, terrigena^ ef, «. 
^'n eartb^uakf* terras motus 
An earthing (of herbs) pi;lveratio,3. 
far thy, tcrrcnus, terreflris 
fafe (reft) otium, 2, quies, ?/«, 

f. trqaies (pleafiire) Toluptas, 3. 

gaudium, 3. (without pain) do- 

ioris vacuita^ (withoat trout^le) 

facilitas, 3. 
At ei\ley Qtiofe, facilHm^ 
To eafe ^give cafe) Icvo, i. r^levQ, 

1. lenio, 4. fublevo, i, (a fl>if) 

\zx^ I, (nature) exonoro, f, 
^yitbe^^ff^ facil^, prompt? 
'^fi, cuftodi^ a'dt^ 
eTAtny fqblev^tus 


An eafemcitt, or eafn^^ Icyamen, 3. 

'^'!/0'» *^^^<"''^» expcdiic, Icnircr, 
prompte, molitcr 

Eafmefsy faciliras, 3. {of atid'^ejt) 
arf^abilit^s, 3. {of hthrf) crcdu- 
litas, 3. (fl/" exprrjjiyr) celcritas 

The eajiy oritns, 3. ortus, 4, {zvind) 

Eafinrrtf eafler/y, orienta}is^ eoitf 

Eafef, pafchfi, atU, n. 

Belonging to eajler, pafchjlis 

Eafy. Jacil s, cxpeditus, promjftus 
(of beiief) credulus [to ht borne) 
tolerandus, feienduy, tolerabilis 
(in tircut^/ianccs) re lauta pr?p 

To eaf, edo, 3. comedo, 3. mando, 
3 J vcfcor, 3, manduco, 3. (a« 
cattle) depafco, 3. '{or, nibble) 
arrodo, 3. (as aqua fortis) cor- 
rodo, j. exedo, 3. (or, wear 
away) tero, 3. attero, 3. (gree- 
dify) deroro, I, {immoderately) 
ingurgito, i, (as a fore) exul- 
cero, I. {together) conviyor, u 
{cr, taftc well) grat^ fapio, 3. 
{one*s toords) recanto, i. 

Good to eat, efculentus, edulls 

Eatables, cibaria,^/. efca,!. cibus,2. 

Ee2t9», efus, manclqcatus ; corrofu's, 
cxofus, perefus; exefus, comeftus 

A great eater, belluo, 3. edax, 3. 

Eating (part) edcnsj trrodcnij 
(adj.) edax, corrofivus 

An eating bouje, popilna, i, caupopa 

Eaves, coiliquiae,^/. fuggrqndia,^/. 

An eaves dropper > fee liftener 

To eib^ (as the fcaj reccdo, 3. re- 
fluo, 3. (decreaie} decrefco, 3. 

The ebb, receilhs, 4. refliu(us, 4. 

Ebony, ebenum, 2. 

Eccentric, excentricus 

^Ecclrftaflic, ecclejiapical, eccllcB^lliciis 


Fcclefa/lics. eccle/iafiici, pi. 

Ap ecL^, etlio, 3. tonus rtpeicttil 

To echo, re>vnOj x. 

Echoed, repecuffus 

Jichdngf refonansy repercutient 

An fc/i/>fe, cclipfis, 3, delioniiM 

lo ecli]^,'e, obumbro, I. oblcuro^ 

EcUpjid, obumbratus, obfcur^tiM 

To be in ecUpfe, {ie6cioy 3. 

Ecliptic, ecJipticus 

An eclogu.', ecloga, %^ 

An ccfiajyi ecftafis, 3, 

An eddj, von ex, 3. (wind) VCM 

retrocf dens ii vento 
The edge {of any thing) inngp^j 
ora, I . [of a knife) acies, 5. 
men, 3. (of a JiHer) tmi 
{of a garment) noibria* 1. {«| 
place) extremitas, 3. 
To/<r/ an edge, acuo, 3. exacn 
To edge in, intrudo, 3. infinn 
{the tcitt) denies hebctart { ^ 
lace) pratexto {tvitb gold\ ii^ 
ambire .'j 

Edged, acutus {at border*d} iam 
atu\ ^ " ^ 

An cdgitigg fimbria 
Edible, edulis, efciilentut 
An ediSi, 'cdi£lum, dccrctuiD| %•, 
Edification, inflrudlio, 3» ^ 

An edifice, xdificiam, ^ 
To edify, inftruo, i. 
An edifying, cdificatio, 3, , 

Edifying, aptus, utilis, idon^ \ 
A edile, y^dilis, 3. ^ 

An edition, edltio, 3. f. 
An editor, edvtor, 3. m. 
To educate, educo, i. inftitqai % 
Educated, educatus, inflradut 
An educating, iducation, ediicatil 
To eek out, produce, augeo I 
Eekt4i ptoduaos, aoAus , 

An eektng, produflio, atuAio 
AjAed, an^ui^a^i^ 


2. fumma 


{uam, caiTum 

:s muliebris 
itus, muliebria 
)ritcr, molliter 

!ter, adv. 
. vif 


impetufl, 4. 
uia, audacia, i, 
fplepdor, 3. 

1 urinum 
X. urgeo, 2. 
t, impulAis 
ator, impulfor 
, inHgnis 
:, vald^ 
4. exitut 
lia, I. 

»» aegyptiut 
ulatiOf 3. 



E L B 

Eighfelfi oauplcx 

Eigbt tims as. much, oAoplut 

Eight years old, o£leonis 

Eighteen^ oAodecim 

Eighteenth, decimus o^^avus 

Eighteen titfus, o^odcciet 

The eighth, octavos, adj. 

Eighthly, of^avium 

Eight hundred, n£HngeJlti 

TYit eighth hundredth, o^ingent«- 

Eight hundred times, oAingenties 
Eight thou/and, oftics mille {tima) 

odies millies 
Eighty, odoginta 
Eighty times, oftogi^s 
hy eighties, oftogcni 
The eightieth, o^ogefimus 
A eilet hole, anfula, i. 
Jtifiice in eyre, jufHciarius itlnerans 
Either (adj.) uter, alteruter, uier- 

vis, uterlibct 
Either, (anfweriog ta or) aut, yel 
On either part, utrinque 
Blahorate, elaboratus, accuratos 
Elaborately, accurate, elaborate 
flafiic, refUieiis 
Elaflicity, via refiliendi 
BlapfeJ, lapfufr, prasteritus 
Elate, inflatus, elatui 
The elbow, cubitus, ulaa {of land) 

terrs acroteria 
Elbow room, fpatittn laxum * 
Elder berries, fa id bud baccs 
Elder in pge, fenior (elders.) majo- 

res, proavi, veterea 
A elder, prelbyter 
Elder jb'f, major aetaa (in the 

chutch) preibyterium, 9* 
Elderly, setate prove£tior 
Eldefi, maximus natu 
To eka, eligo, deligo, 5, 
tlea, ele^Vn^ deleaui 
MIcffion, e^e£tiffj p 

E L O 

An eUllor% clfAor, j. 

EUaorMl, eledoralis 

A n eieffwrgte, ' e1e£toratoi, 4* 

El(Srieiiy, eledricieaSy 3. 

An eleffmmj, ele^ariunii a. 

Eleemoftnuiry, eleemofunariua 

Elegance^ tUgancy, irenuftas (ia 

drefs) omatui* 4. tnundities, s* - 
Elegant (in fpeech) elegans, elo- 

quens (in dreis) comptus, nttidua 
l^ery eLgant, peielegana 
Elfgasntyy elegant^r, conptd 
Elegiac, clegiacoa 
An elegy, elcgia, i. 
An element, elementum, t* (WIv- 

ments^ or grounds of an art) prin<» 

cipia, elcmenta, pi, »• 
The four elements, quatuor geoitM 

lia corpora , 
Elemental, elementariui 
Elenchtieal, elenchticus 
An elephant, elephai, antis, ot, 

(his trunk) praebofcisy tdis, f. 
Elephantine, elephantinus 
To elevate, levo, cxhilaro {the Wee) 

vocem attolKlre 
Elevated, elevatus, exhilaratua 
An elevating, or elevation, elevati% • 

elatio (of the hoft) fublatio, ti^* 

hibitio [of the pole) poli ahituda* 

{to hononn) praemotio {of fiirit\ . 

■ingenii fublimiut {of the voiay- 

vocis intentio 
Eleven, undecim, undecenl 
Of eleven, uodenariua 
Eleven times, undecies 
The eleventh, ondecimot 
An elf, ranus, larva 
Eligible, eligibilisi tligendut 
Elixir, elixir 
An elt, ulna, x. 
Elliptical, ellepticot, irtancvt 
Elocution^ elocQtio^ ^« 


£ M B 

To ekfe^ difcedo, abfcedo 
Miopia, I rrarito lecefTa 
An eioftmatf k marito difcefTut 
Eloqutnci, eloqaentia, eloquium 
Elofmewt, doqueot, dircrtos 
EUifuenthf^ ek^anfer, diAsrte (mr 

^lofuntly) inornate, incvlte 
£lje (beHde) pr^^etta, (with «r an- 
fwcnn^ 10 xobe:b<r) five, an, 
Vtrum {that ii, weerf) adhiiCf 
aonplius, porro, pneteita {ether) 
alius {oiitr^ije) obiter, altoqiu, 
aiioquin, cvteroqoin (with, ar 
anfwcring to eitber) aoc. vcl (or 
t,Jt) ant, vcl, alias, aot feais 
EJJewtere, alibi (/oair nrtov «//^) 
aliubi, aliobi, {^offmeiiJIf ije) 
To cluciJaity explico, i. elticido 
T^ilmje, ciado, nrado, effugio, 3. 
J^ded, elufusf evitatua 
A^ehulngy e'ufio, 3. 
£/««, iarvae, leiimres 
An fhjt^fty frana, 3. dolat* s. 
Jfia^v, fraitdulentos, fallax 

To fmactrsi€f macero, extenuo, r, I 
f^mtitrauJ, emaccratns, cxtenuatus I 
To oucMf^, emacits fi'accro, i. 
fimmcime^^f^ ero^ciatus | 

An i-mua^iitgy exteouatto { 

JfemJkir.-sA» creaMtio, 3. i 

To tmum.^'^te, e^^ncipo, I. I 

Emamcipjudt 3," I**.? paeot 
£m^*ct^::\;ff, coiamiMtioy 3. 
To tfM;jt-k;^.v (geld) catln>» i 

(nv«f*^) «>erv\s i. * 

^a.Vx£c.Vi/« c£t*raiu$, dcbUitamt ■ 
To^fv^afrf» ^>Minc!0, 4. 

^a tm^jihr^tM^t poUiatlimy I* 

MMbri. nawsfi c«9fc<i>«dc7C («« 
**T5^ /of/uorrr ricrcttWD (»■ 

£ M I 

«« iT/^iV) rem aeettilain Mdpen 

(in the fame defign) particeps 

An tmbarhattwm, in navcm confc«ii* 

To emkarroif imptdio, 4. 
EmbarraJiJy intpeditoa 
An nKhagadw ; fee sm^affador 
To mMTtJby polio, 4. orno, t. 
An emhtiifement^ ornatns, 4. 
EwAersy faTillat, u dnit, 3. 
Of iM&fiv, cineretis 
Emttr^oeeks, qnattiortetnpora {iap) 

fenz efutiales 
An emhlemy emblema, aft's, n. 
EmkttmufL; emblematicas 
To nr^^ Hm"*^, fylra fecond^rc 

{a J^ ccrvam in fylvam cog?rt 
To ewthjis em^eef^ erth^acf, em- 

Sritp; fee iwti^s, iaeSc^vef, iW 

An twd>r9caritity fbiReitnni. 1. 
To cm&ro:4Lr, aco prng^re 
Embf^Artdy vermic«Utin^ acv pic- 

iH', praetextos 
An eirh^'-Jirtr, aciip*doVy 3. 
An rrm^m'deri^, inf stvt, 4, 
Em^rrdaj, cpoa phryfium 
At tmkryt, emWyo, mm, «• 
An twtewm0tn9y conecno^ ^ 
An *mfrmldf finaragdiis 
An tmtrgimcf, cafbs, les sats 
£i«rrf<]tf (roddva) fabtnut itpf - 

f inns, (tMTj^) tnagai mmneBti 
The rmer9'ds, bcmnrbois, icnt 
Emifsct emctkns, voautarws 
JT <M^P'4fiw, rangratio^ t« 
^MrWr ^d-gnitr) eaDtaeatia» 4Sg- 

lutas, (h:Hrbr) altitudo 
£at*"rt.% ex-ahn, confjpkttQf, ct- 

ceUe2s» cpetim 
Ein:.-:f''if, in&g^-i'.er, esiaii 


Smjpofty emiteing, tmiSSa 
To emit, emitto, wiifi, 3. 
Emitted emifTus 
Emollient, emoUiens 
Emotumeta, lucrum, cMnmodl 
Eimthmy agitacio, conmoriff' 
To emfeach, criminis aliquem 

An emperor, imperator 
An ewlpbafii, energia, f . effiph 
Emphatical, exDphificas 
Ew^haticaOy^ emphatic^ 
An em^irt^ imrerium, m. 
An emtpmCy eiPpirtcuSy %• 
An empljdhr^ emplaftmniy %• 
To emplTf {b^9w or »» adh! 
^ coQfero, impendo, 3. ia 
tio, 4. {ot bufy one's /e(fd 
fe al qua re impticare {otjdk 
ataffjir) commtttere oegM 
alicni (or occupy) occopo^ I. 
Radi) 1 teris verfari 
Anempfsy^ an, tis^ f. qin(ftM 
E^^V'* impenfss; occnp^i 
An empAymemtf ncgoduoBj t» 
An emprtm^ inpeiatrtz^ 3* ft 
Esptity. leviter, Tan^ 
Empttuefi^ Taaram, iiwitlt 
Ermprhm^ croptio, j, 
Emftj (void) inanis. TactiBt (1 
ai^pr^mlk) vamu, inatiliia 
To eatpty, Tacno, evacuo, 1. 
hanno, iaanio, exinanks 4. 
MMffcr vefil) transfondo, $» 
capalo, i« 
To ie empty^ tico, i. 
To grr;:o empty^ SuutStn^ %• 
E-^':fd, eracuatits, cxhaaflM 
An rPMjfijr^, evacuatio, 3. 
To aanW (envy) invideQ^ Cfl 

(imitate) imitor, i. 
An «mcibfr», xn^Utif^ $• 
Esa^e'st, anulfCtti 

r D 


c medicinalt 

s fuppediurc 

I fadus 

0, 4. decerno, 3. 

OS, iatiis 

ens, decernens 

inflioy 3. f. 

turn, ». 

lufio piogi^re 

auflui, inuftus 

nore accendere 

Rore captus {defpe* 

;i amaiu 


ans, dii, f, 

oogrediory confligo 

RieeciQg) congreilps 

men^ dimicatio 
animo. I. infHgO) 
prefer) promoveOi 

imatus, accenfui 

hortator, 3. 

, hortatat 

■e incrtafi 

!e to incroacb 

Tee to incumher 

\fj or bound) finis, 

eta (aina or deiigo) 

. caufa, I. (event 

us^ eventut {an iU. 

, %, (tnd of tf play) 

un, dcniqui 



inio, 4. ternino, z« 

(ncnt.) deHoj, 3. 

loceoy s. 
ericlitor, x. 

E N G 

An endeavour^ conatuf, 4. 

To endeavour, cooor, enittftff mo. 

lior, eipeto^ con^ndo, afpir* 
EaJcatfourimg, conant, aijcus 
ffltbgregt endiovwrij twaui 
Ended, /inituft, pcrfe^us 
An ending of a things exitus, evcntas 

(of a difpttte) controverfije di' 

remptio (0/* a word) vocia ter< 

To eudite j fee to iWi/« ■ 
Endlefsf infinitus 
To enderfe, endow, mu&M} fee to 

iudorfe, indaw and indue 
To endure (bear or fuflfer) fcro, pa- 
dor, tolero (continue) duro9 per 

duro, I. 
Enduring, tolerant {for ever) fem- 

plternuSy perennit 
An enewy, inimicut, hoftit 
Oiaueneny, hoftilis 
Like an enemjf, hoftilk^ 
Energetical, cnergeticua 
Energy, vis, ^fficacia 
To enervate, enervo, deMHto 
Enervated y cnervatua 
To enfeeble, debilito» infirnio 
Enfeebled, infiraratus, debilitatoi 
To enfeoffs fidci alicujus ctedore 
.To enjlamef enforce i ice to infawUi 

To enfrancbifr^ manomitto {pr make 

free) civiraie aliquem (ionare 
Enfrffncl'ifed,^. (as a ^ave) mtnU' 

milTus ( civicate do- 

To engage m«, oblige, dcviocio, 

(pad one's uiycd) fpondeo, vador 

{in battle) confligio, concurro (•«*! 

hoMoar) fidem intcrpoocrfi 
To te cK^ag''d, ocrupor, i, devincior 
An ^Afr^i^e/nrMr (fight), pugoa, pre* 

liu n (furery) vadioioniqm, %, 
S^^ifjg, juciipdufs gfttus 

E N M 

To engender | iee to engender 

An engine^ machiaa, x. (dericc) 

attifidwiiy ftropha 
An engineer^ machinator, 3. 
Enslish, anghiSy anglicanui 
EngHfomen^ angli 
To englijb, anglice reddetc 
To fteak tngUfo, anglice loqvi 
Engiijbeds anglic^ redditvi 
Engrailed, crenattts 
To engrave ; fee to ingrave 
To engrofs j fee to ingreft, men&poHm 
To mbance, pretiam augerc 
Enbtnced, pretio aoAus 
An enhancer^ mrrcis corrogator 
An enbandng^ monopolium, «• 
An enigma, aenigma, dtis, «• 
Enigmatical, aentginaticus 
To enjoin, iajuago, jubeo 
Enjoined, injunftut, jufTus 
To enjcy, froor, potior (ofl**i fiffl 

fe obleftarc 
Enjoyed, perceptas 
Having enjoy^d^ potitus 
An enjoyer, poiTefiTor 
An enjoying, or e nj o ym e n t, poilefllOy 

oMSf f. fru6lu* perceptio 
Enjoyments, voloptates, pi. f. 
To enlarge (extend or increafe) ex* 
temlo, dilato, diftendo {ifon a 
fabjefi) copiofi loqoi (/rt free) 
vinAum folvcre, or ex ciiftodi2 
dimittere (a building) acceifioiiem 
ardibus fac3re 
EnUrg,^, ampliatusj libentus ' 
An enlarging, or etdargmene, allt* 
plificatio, 3. ex ctiftodia emiAo 
To enUgbten, illumino, i. iliuftfo 
Enlightened, illunninatafl 
An cnlightemng, illuftrado, 3« 
Toenln-tn, animo, i« 
Enhvmedt animatus 
Anrrfivemngf ammitio, *^, 
£nmiy, fioMitu^ invsuciUiL 

E N T 

To tnmkky aobilitt, |« 

MfU'Mdy ne^Utatui 

An euermity, atrocitaiy mtis, U 

'fmrmtm* efMnrvU, atrox 

EnnftnMjiy^ mefarii» enonniter 

MfMgh, a^atim, abund^, fat, fstis 
{ami t» ffdrt) fatia fnpei^ue 

. (/Vfv itimgh) certo ceitiiis 

To enquire ; fee to hptirt 

To enrage ^ fee to inrare 

To enfA ; fee to tnri^ 

To #»r«/5 fee to tnroU 

Anenfawifky exemplqin, t|rpot 

An enjlgn (colours) vexilliua ^bear- 
er) fignifer, s. 

To infiave ; fee to hfiane 

To enfmare ; fee to iiifMrt 

1^enpaU\ iotXs^infiaU 

To «f/St«, fequor, fucc^do, ^ 

Enfuitigf fequeoa 

9*0 etiiail\ fee to iV^?/ 

To entangle ; fee to iniangU 

T# M/«r (go into) intro, i« iflgre- 
Jior, 3^. (aa a fword, inte the 
ioefy) in corpus defcendSre (iy 

, fvioknee) trrurapo, intnido, 3. 
{^ffieakb) irrepo, 3. (<m «^?r»ff) 
'dicam fcrihSre (/nfo rir^ merits) 
intefttgo, I. perfcruior, (/W* « 
trMNTjr) confilla inire (int9 cpmfir- 
gnu) colloquium inire {tntojhiff 
Jriendfi^p) hofpitia jungiSrc cum 
a&iqOo («^ an •ffice) nYagtftra- 
tum cccipere (upon an eft ate) hie- 
rcditMem capdTire {upon a defign) 
<<9nfiUum capere (/W# ^«^ wders) 
factis iaitiari (fff/» AHMtMi) con- 
vi^kum occipiSrc {a fe/difr) mill- 
tiae nomcn dare (in a Seek) de- 
Icribo (tf caveat) caattonem in- 
terpon^re {oae in a college) in ac- 
cademicorum numernm cooptare 

Entered into, initus (or gone into) 

E N T 

To M/rrwknr^ ; ht ta interchange 
EnteraHarfe \ (tt intercmtrfe 
To tnterfer \ fee to interfer 
To enterlace ^ fee to interlace 
An enterprt/e, cceptum, ficinat 
To enterprfje, aggredior> conor 
Enterprifra^ fofceptos* geftus 
Kn enierprifer, inceptor, 3. 
An enterprifinry fufceptio, 3. 
To entertain (bdieve or admit) «TC- 
do, admitto (divert) obleAo, i. 
(lodge) hofpitio aliquem accipere 
(with Aories) fabolas narrare {or 
treat) accipio, 3. excipio {^ne 
rwghh/) aliquem acerbi^s trac- 
tare (or to keep) alo, 3. fuftento, 
I. {one kindly) benigoe accipiSre 
(hope) f^m concip^rc 
Entertained^ acceptus, exccptus 
An entertainer f hofpes, im, e. 
Entertaining^ jucundas, gratut 
An entertatfimenty convivium, t; 
epulx, amm^pl.f. (amufement) 
detentio, occupatio 
To enthralt mancrpo 
£n/i&rj/W, mancipatut 
Entbratmefit, fervitus, Utis, f, 
T^enthrene^ in folio collocare 
\ Enthroned, in foKo collocatus 
\Entbufiajiet entbufiafmuf 
An enthnfiaft, enthufiafta, et, m^ 
Enthttfiaflie, enthufiafticus 
To entice t fee to iniice 
Entire \ fee intirt 
To enfith^ fee to fUnW 
An entity t res, pntifas 
Td entmnh 'y fee to intomh ^ 
An entrance^ ingreflus, aditut 
Togiveenfran^tt foret aperire 
To deny entrame^ Janoa prohib^, 

ilnibus areere 
Toenfrapi fe«|^i«f^ 
\To entreat I ^.tvinireae 

E P I 

(into) penetrjitoa (fn piriacifk 

leamfw) iiterfi inituttos (9^ 

To entrench \ fee to intrench 
An' eniring into, ingreflTus, 4. 
An entry (into a boufe or ph 

aditus, introitus, veftibulam 

law) ingrelTiM 
To en^nom, veneno ioficcrc 
Envenomedt Tcnenatus 
EnvioiSf invidus, lividqs 
Envioitjly, invidio(e> invidi 
To. etnf iron i fee to invirdn 
To enumerate f enomero, i« 
Erumeratedt eaunteratus 
Au enumtratrng^ recenllo 
Enunciation, enunclatio, 3* 
An envoft nuntius, Icgatoa 
Envy, invidia, i. livor, 3* 
To envy, invideo, 2. 
To be envied, inTidia premi 
The epaff, epafta, pi, f. 
An epbemeris, ephemerif, aiit^J 
Anephod, ephod 
Ep'icine, epiccnus 
Epic, ejv'cus 

An epicure, hell 00, gufofua 
Epicurifm, ingluriesy gula 
Epidemical, epidemicus 
An epigram, epigratnma, ^ 
Epilepfey, epiJepfia 
Epileptic, comitialis 
An epilogue^ epilogus 
The epiptany, epipiiania 
Epifcopacy, epifcopatttt 
Epifcipaf, epifcopalis 
An epiiodc^ epifodium 
An ipiftle, cpiftola, 0, /. 
EpiftoCzFi epiftolaris 
An epitaph, epitaphium 
An epithalamium, cpithalamiBfl 
Ati epithet, epitbeton 
An epitome, epitome, compea^ 

I o entreat ) ne-. or tne rmar e%a ep/rome, cpivomc, compdMB 

I R A 

■rasMj m coBpcBoiwii 

qwv !• 

^, aNjuililiriiim 


fialitasy paritai 
, adcquo, exaeqiio 
ig, xqiMtio 
lualitlry cqtuB 

, Moator 

ftaloli prsfediit 

> acquiiogolavit 


Kq«it IfteributUftnc. 

t> lequjlibrli ' 
If «qaiiibntas 
• cquinwdialit 

ith fiores)neceflaria fup* 
/iJUet) claiTem adornare 
nttrumcAtuBy z. orna* 
omfij I. comitatut, 4, 

!^ flrquilibriaiB 
«]u:asy apparatni 
at, apparatm, 4, 
cqaas, juftos 
It squum eft 
liras, aequam 
xquivattiUi paf 
i£;«f, aequivalco 
ambiguus, aequiisciu 
, xquiTOci, aiTibigue 
kf caliidc flsentiri 
triM, zquivocatio, 3. 


MradicMid, endkattt 
To irajif tnio, 3. dct«a» ft. 
£ra/t/, 4elcttta, cimfiM, atolfos 
An erifamntf Htara, abolitio 
£r«^ aii:cqttaa, priofqaam {rt* 

/oaf) XDodo, biev) (an* mw) ante 

lioc tcmpat 
Torraff (raifcup) erifo, {hiili} 

adifico, I. condo, 3. ftiuo 
JSrtfful, eredut, edificacut 
An tnAiKg^ tre^tio, atdi£catkr 
An eremiu^ crcmita^ ^r, at. 
An ermin, muflela alba 
Erminjkin, mufteUe albae pdicuU 
To err, erro, i. ebcrro, 1. deci- 

pioTy 3. haWuainor^ 1. 
An erraad, xnaAdatum 
To cMrry sn errand, siandaU pt t* 

ferre, jufla exeqni . 
An erranelbey, jmncini 
Errata, meodaB, pi. L enata 
Erratifue, crraticut 
An erring, nttUAo 
Erroneous^ errboeot^ falfut 
Errfmeovfiy, falff, fal(^ 
Error (fault) erratuno, deli^um {in 

efimien) error, hailucinatio (in 

an err9r) deceptus 
ErtuHthn, cniditio, 3. 
Eruptiwy eropuo, 3. 
An efcape^ fuga^ i. cfFogium, a. 
To ejfcape, e^ado, eflfugio, aQfu|Li&, 

clabor^ ffus, «. {fyJUifrht) cvdo, 

1. ifriviiy) Uvbtcrfugio, 3. {h 

firu^li^g) cluAor {danger) viur'c 

pd'icoluin (the memory) ex m? 

moria excidere 
Efcafedfrta, ereptm,^ fcrvatut 
Having e^cafeiy elapfus 
An ejcer. Cicatrix » teii, f» 
An rfcUatf efcaeta* I. 
To ejchemt, ad fifcuin recidSfe 
An ejcbinit^. elcactcr, 3. 
•To jj^H-w, viCu, dcvito^jf • tSa^io 


Efthmti^ dcvitafuty eWcatw 

An 0ebf%mngf tvftatioy 3, 

To f/fBffj dedttcor, j. comxtor, U 

E/nrtiedt cviiUtitiH, dedii^lM 

Ao e^Mtfhevn, ii?igae gentflitittgl 

EfpttiJ^ prccipuufl, IjiedaHi 

Hlffifdall/y pracipui, fj^adalitiir 

AfcJ^ efftcdi^/iy^ maximd 

Efpifd, fvploratuiy vifta 

ijftufali, fpOfifaJii, J^, «, 

To r/jftMf/^j der|>onico, %, &tffiaBt^ 

I. [acauje] patrocinor, x* 
EJMed, defpokfaCM 
To ^t fpecttW, exploro^ t, (i|| 
chsuiee) afpicio, 3. Tideo, a, {am 
opportuuHy) tcmpttt captare I lot- 

An efyaire^ aitniger, ^r7| m* 

An d'ay, molioien^ 3. fpecimeo, ]« 
experimentQBiy i, pericKtatio, 3. 

To ejfay^ tento, i, experip/, j. 

An ij]9ff<« (being) natura,e£rentfa, !• 
(in chemiftry) extra^o cfaeimc^ 

T»/pintiai, eflentialis 

EJfentialfyy efTentialiter^ natarfi 

An effcin, eflbniom 

Effoinedf caufariui 

To efiablijb, ftabilio^ cenfirmo^ coo* 
Aituo, lan^o 

EftabliJM^ conftitutut, ftabiliCos| 
ratus, decTttot 

An e/lahtijbment, ftabilinoenttrm 

An ejiau (means) ret, 5. bona,^* 
opes, pL diTitiae, pt, {of hfi) 
flarut, 4. conditio, 3. ratio, 3« 
(o/'r^r^«^)Ta)etudo, 3. haHtu% 
4. (or order cfmeny ordo, 3. (4a-^ 
nour) honor, ). dignitas, 3. 

E/ffem,' exttiqftitio, 3. 

To ^efm, m&'imo, i. habeo, ft^ 
doco, 3. pendo, 3^ (or j»d^O 
exiftimw, I. icputo, i. f^atuo. 3. 
oplnor, I. {hctHf^ antehabeo, 2. 


1^1 f fiadSre^ pani dttc)h>e (Ufi) 
poftponOy.^. (m Motting) nibili 
^c^re Cvforth) digDor» X. 
T6 be Jieme^, cAimor (nor e/> 

£,^^4(/y jeftimatuff habitua 

To ^||diM/f> sftimo, i. 

j^iifv^</, sftimatiu . 

An eflimate^ ca^cuUtio, prctmm 

Great e^n^thw, dignitas 

An ^mnifor, calculator^ cftimator 

KllfrW, aeftivus 

Eftopelj impedipieQtum 

Ift^rfir^/y alieoo^ ab»Iien9 

An fftr^at, excmplum, cttraAii 

1^0 //(^, aqua forti ^prrocicrc 

Etched, aqua forti corrofus 

Eternal, ^t.ernus, fetv^iternus 

Etgrna/Ijit aeterniim 

Eternity, arteroitas, }• 

To alfeternityy in acternum 

Tq eterefze^ xttrnQ^ I. propago 

Ethereal, xthercus 

£a&;V, ethicus 

Etbku ctUca,^/. mores 

Etymological, etyq^oiogicus 

An etymokgifi, ctymologuf 

^n etymology, etymon, a. 

To evacuate (empty) vacuo, eva- 

ci)Ox. I. exhauriQ, 4. (a town) 

ah oppido ccdifre 
Evacuated, evacuatus, exhauftut 
Ati evacuation, evacuatio, 3. 
Evacuati'ue, purgans 
To etfade, evado, eludo, 3. 
Evaded, cvafui, devitatus 
-^n evad'ingt evaHo, cfFugium 
El-angelical, evangeK^va 
Evangellfl, ev^ngclifta^ Wit.m, 
To evaporate, cvaporo, fpiro, i. 
Evaporated^ evapprau>4^ exhalatus 
An evaporation, evaporatio 
An evaji.n, eva£o> fubtcrfug'um 
\^^^^yj^^, faU^z. 


Evajhefy, fiOtl, vafre 

The euchariji, euchariftta 

Euchertfikali -eucharifticui 

An evty vigilie,- pridie die! 

Ev^n, adv. (alfo) etiara,- quoque, 
omnioo, Vel (namely) nofnpe, 
nimiruro, fcilicet {even as) quem- 
admpd<itn, ficuf, aeque aiqar, 
perinde ac fi {efual, &c, adj.) 
sequabiHe, 'arqaui, par 

To make even, adaequo {fmootb) 
polln,4« complano, i. (demolifli) 
diruo, demolior 

Even (an expletive) hath nothing 
made for- it 

Even fr(mj jam a, ofque a {jruen 
no%v) modo, jam nunc {even then) 
jam tum {even there) inibi 

Even iveight, equilibrium 

Evened, iequatos j politua 

The even, evening or even tide, vef- 
pera, 1. vcfper, 3. 

Of the evening, vcfpeitinus 

At rt;^», vefpcri 

Evenly, iequalilSr 

Evennefs, aequalltas j Iwvor (/« tern- 
per) xquanimitas 

An e^tenr^ everituE, cxitus. 4. 

yit all events, Ktcunque tcciderit 
\ Toeventliate, difcuiio, 3, eventilo, 1. 
' Eventual, fortuitus 

Eventually, forti fortuna 

Ever (always) fempcr, xterndm 
{any) ccquis. ecquifnam, nunqnis 
{at any time) ecquarvdo, Hquando, 
unquam, nuncubi {afttr) ind^, ab 
illo tempore {ever and am-n) lab- 
indc {ever before) ufque antcfhac 

Everlaflin^., fempi^ewws, ttternus 

Evcrlafl'infUy, ctern<im ■ 

An ever/ion^ dtoiolit'O, ^. everfio 

Every y qu'l-.ber, qui (que, iTiBpili, 
quivic {tcdy) unus quifque (r/;y' 
indies^ ^uotidi^ [tccajiiiv) ex «xim 

E X A 

oceafione {whit) omnind, pi 
{fide) undique {thing alone) I 
latim {tvay) quoquovcrfdm ( 
Evidence (proof) 'teftimonltin 
(witnefs) teftis (cleamefs) 
dentia, i* perfpicuitas 
To evidence, probo,. teftori !• 
Evidenced, pfobatus 
Evident, eridens, xhatixfeAui 
To he evident, tonttt), 1. appan 
To make evidait,\\\\iRTO,^i\ef» 
Evidently, manifeftd, aperta 
Evil, malus, pravuf, improbi 
Ati evil, malum, dammim, 1 
Evildoer, fceleratut, fcelefttu 
To evince, evinco, 3. probo^ l 
Evinced, tvi&nn, probatus 
Evincibly, clar2, perfpiciii 
An evincing, eviftio, Shis^ f. 
Te evi (cerate, evifcero, exente 
Evitaile, evitabilis, vitabilis 
An tutogy, laut, dis, f. encon 
An eunuch, eunuchus, 2. 
Evolution, cvolutio, 3. 
' Euphony, euphonia, ge, f, 
j Er^ulfi'in, evulfio, 3. 

A n ««, ovis faetnina {lamb) 1 
I To rw, agT)«m parJSre 
An ewer, aqua I is, /j, m, 
Exa^i (atcumte) accuratus, p 
tus (punAtial) temporis, h\ 
fervanitiffimus (ievere, or : 
rigidu«, feveru* 
TorjCi7t'?(deroand)exigo, 3. J 
I. {u^on) opprimo, 3. (fir 
nimis carj vi-ndcre 
Exaet^d", exa^us, flagitati:! 
An exa&tjr, exafto^, 5^ oy.pii 
.ExaRion, e»a£^io, 3. oppreff 
ExiiRty, exad^, ad ungnsm 
E-aFlnep ■ ^attfvracy) 'accunil 

(neatnefs) concinAifas 
. To exaggermOf trS^igtfQ^ ^^ 

X c 


3f, ezaggentio, 3. 


p) exaltOy I. (praife) 

, cekbroy i. 

i, eve£liit (excellent) 

l^regius ; fubUmis 

xalutioy clatio 

inquificioy 3. •xamen, 

errogatio, 3. (of ac- 

ionam comparatio 

9tk. qveftioDs) inter- 

rdgh «r confider) ex: 

t fe[Qja fefe defcen- 

in learning) pueri fa. 
turn in Dtehi {precife- 
, I. inqairo, 3. 
camioatus; perpenms 

g, examination 3. 
exeaipIuB, fpccimen 
mfU) exempli gratia 
r, fee to dijcourage 
ixarcha, a, m. 
r, laceiToi 3. exafpero, 

nccedo, 3. tranfcendo, 

titi: abundoy i. af» 

spoUeOy a* {tbt hwndi) 


pera^uSy vidiu 
irpaffing) prsftans, ex- 
xceffive) Dimiusy im- 
1^.) valde, veheinenttr 
y exce0u8, 4. 
eximicy egregi^ 
EceUo, 3. enineo, s 
pcrOy I. 
teratttt, villus 
xcclkotiay praeftantia 
xellens, eximius 
sgregie, optime' 
, aoteceffioy 3. 

E X C 

Excenhidtyf cxoentricitas, 3. 
E*etpt (unlefs) nifi, ni (faying) 
pneter, nifi, extra {except that) 
nifi quc^, nifi fi 
To exceptf excipio^ 3. exdudo^ 3. 
fecerno, erevi^ oppugno, i. re- 
Excepted^ exemp/us, exceptus ; re- 

je«u9y repudiatus 
An txceptiortf exceptio, 3. 
£xc^ioffa^//,obnoxius ; fee captious 
To excerp, excerpo, pjl, 3. 
Excefs^ exceffut, intempcnuitia 
Excejfivey nimius, immodicus 
Exuffiv^f immoderate 
ExceJ/ivenefs, fuperfluiltt 
To exchange y permuto, commuto,i. 
An exchange, mutatio, commtitatio, 
3. (to meet in) excambium, byrfa 
Exchanged, muutus, c6mmutatus 
An exchanger, nummularius 
An exchanging J commutatio, 3. 
The exchequer, aerarium, % fifcus 
To be excbtfueredfin fcaccario profe- 

Exdfeabk, tributum fbWene debet 
Excifi, tributum, 2. cenfus, 4. 
To excite, excito^ I. ftimulo, i. 
An exciter, inftigator, 3. irritator 
An exciting, provocatto, incitatio 
Exciting, incitani,- ftimulans 
To exclaim, exckmo, i\ {againft) 
dcclamitare inaliquem^oppugno, i 
An exclamation, exclamatio, 3. 
To exchide, excludo, cxcipio, 3. 
Excluded, exclufui 
An excluding, excluiio, 3. 
Exclujive, exduforius {of that) prac- 

ter, extra 
Exclufively, exclufive 
To excommunicate, cxcommunico,!, 
Excommunicated, excommumcatus 
Excofnmun'uation, excommunicatio, 3 
To excoriate, excorio^ t, deglubo,^. 


Exemated, degluptus, exeariatut 

Excreation, excreatioy 3. 

An excreweent, excrementi|]n 

Excrements, alvi purgatioaet 

Excnmentitifius, excrementitiuf 

An exerefcence, tuber, Ms, n. 

Excretion, excretio, 3. 

To «rfr«f/tf/f,excrucio, i. toiqueo^s 

Excruciated, excruciatus 

Excruciating, excracians 

To exculpate, excuIpo» i, purgo 

Exculpated, exculpatus 

An excurjion (hi a fubjadk or dif- 

courfc) digreflio, 3. (into a place) 

excurfio, incurfioy 3. impctut^ 

incurfuiy 4. 
Excufahle, excuiabilis 
An txcuje^ txcufatio, 3, caufa, r. 
To excuje (one's fclf) fc excuOirc 

(or admit anexcufe) cxcufationeni 

accipcrc (tTr extenuate a fauH) 

fa£^um elevare 
To be excu fed from doing, immuni- 

tatem obtincrc ^ 

Excttfed, cxcufatus, purgatus, im- 

rounis fa£^us 
To have one excufed ; feje pardon 
Excujing one's Jeif culpam a i"c amo- 

Execrable, execrabilis^ dims 
Execrably, oefarid 
Tq execrate, dcvoveo, i. execro>i« 
Execrated, execratus 
An execration, execratio, 3. 
To exee^te perform) exequor [a 

law) legem exercere {a malefaC" 

tor) capite ple£tere (a tvill) tefta- 

meniuTi curare (er^Afn)tranfig?rc, 
{conditions of peace) pafti conditio 
ones implcre 
Executrd, pcrfe^us. geftiu j rite 

pcra^lus; capitc plexws 
An executing^ exaution^ executio^^% 

X W 

E X H 


{of a makfi0br^ filpplieu €tpi- An hehib'ttrng^ or ixbiNtitu, ^Mbi- 
t^lis'iailiclo biiio {nr slltm mn ) It.pftktwi 

Platfoftxteati$K, ftircj, t. \To exbilermte, ahiklro, l^flco 

Aa exftKfi^Jary 'eimifac, 7m, n. ; Exhi/erand, f^ileiaHit, Uetatut 

An exrr«fK.*e^MMr,ad]miniftrMio,3 j'fxrr/owfn^, IxtiMit, l«taiu 

An exfcutoTy CeftaffleDti coraror To extort, tdbortor, i. 

ISaUeut^, citecvtbrivs | Aii extort^twi, hoftitio^tlBBiiimai 

An extcutriXf tdbmniti coritrhi Exhortative^ (oaforiits 

Exe([etscdU, t%-pi6cns 
Exmuplar'ify^ infigniter 
ExeDif>Liry,c%^mf^9m preeberit (H f«) 
irua im tatione dtgna (ptfoiftt* 
tnent/ (opplicnm iafifvie i 

•An exmpHfcatifn, ^Jtrnphr, 3. 
To exentpUfy (copy) trajiferibo, 3. 

(Uutfirate) exr^licrt, I. 
finexnnplifyhg, Hefc rip'io, «Xf*ofitio 
To'xrmpt (frtc) CTitr?, libeto 
Exatptt cxemptof, immunis 
An exemfnirn, iiAmunftas, cremptio 
xefuies, exequiae, pU fonts, 3 

Exhorted , moni'ot, j ^wm i t w 
An exhort er, hort«t»r, 3. 
An exh^ttingi hortario. 3. 
AaeStigietKe, n-ceffitas, Mga^ia 
An ei^gent (occifioo) ocdifio, 3. 
(ez(ie(;imt) ratio, 3. cotottodiDBi 
(wit) cxigenda 
An exile, no I, »//f, c. 
Exile (bani(hmcnt) cxilivrtn, n. 
To fx/Ar/religOy am<indo, i. (re ^f 

exiled) in cxilium depcUi 
Exile J^ delegatus 
'; Exhnious, eereeius. ezlknkkf 

An' exera'je, cxcrcitiam, t. (rtnli.- \ Exinamtion, cxininitio, 3. 

faiy) cxercitatio mi'iti«ris {of .^»JTo exijl, exifto, 3. fiAn 

•^tf) monerr" funttio {recreation) • Exffierce, exifrenlia 

animi relaxatio {fafi) pcnfofm, z, i Exi/f/tttrj exififns 
To exercife, excrceo, 2. (alilhoriiy 

over) domiari alicui {an (>ffUc) 

fon%or {as a fcldier) arma oxer" 

cere (/» buftmji) opcri incMrtbcrt: 
Exerci td, cxercitatui, funftus 
To hf txerciftd iriy occupor, f.-TcrfoH 
Exercifcsy c^rtamina, 3. ludi, t. 
To e'xtrt^ cxhibeo, a. excno, 3, 

{ove\-felf) ▼iribuB eniti 
Exerted^ cxenus. contftus 
To exbaky exhalo, 1. ixpiro 
■Ex' -^h.-l. ^xba]atu8 
^ exhalations exhatatio 
To exhatift, exhjM'Jo, ^, 4. 
'Exbauffed, exhauft"s 
An cxh.^ufting, cx-nan'tio, 3 

To exhibit f exhib 0, 2. f^ftendo, 3. \Exotiey exoticus, oxrernut 
JLjtbibitid, exhibitus, oflenAit jTo tfx/^w/,-«xpando 

An tx.t «xitus, 4, fcTfntos 
To' make one*s exit, diCcedo, morior 
Excdus, exodvs, i. f. 
T« fXinorate, fxenofo, i. 
Exortcra.'ed, cxc/noritus 
An ix^erAfJH^, ex*nerttk», 3. 
Exorable, 'exo>abilis 
Exorbitance, nimictas, '3. 
Ex'^rb'tart, niim^us 
Exorbitantly, mwiih 
Exorcijedy adjuratus 
An iX'jrciwiy 6x0 ctfm<k9 
-in txi^cijing, '.djiTatio, 3. 
An cxorcifi, fexorcifta, «ip, «m« 
To exorcrfe^ exorcixo 
\ An Aco^diiipif ex>.rdiQm, prologus 


The iKfMfk, caqtanfom, Ktfa 
An esefmnfam^ vcpanfio, 3. 
To^qMribtr, cxpatior, i. 
To expea^ cKpea*, ipero 
SxftOMim, czpeatt'o, Tpii 
Exfefhdy fperams, ttpeAatl 
Exfeditmty cari»cdi<My dtiiit 
An cajpnAnf, ratio, nw^M 
To he ixptdhmy cxrwdit, .frai 
ExfUieufly^ coOHHoft' 
T^exfeAUt espedio^-aecckK 
Sxfedifnx, 'eftiMitto^ fnf 

{of ioUien) «xf edirio 
Exfedttieutf fmpigcr, AtCBiM 
Expoditimtfy, ceierifcry.a|Md 
To rx^, relio, expeJlo, ia«C4 
BxfeUcd, ezpoToay csados 
An expelting. nrpulfio 
Exfiemce, imp^nia, i. 6 i m f m 
To expend, cxpendo 
E^peiMkdf tmoanfas, oipaifai 
Exfn/fve, cams, prodigM 
ExpenJtvBxeft, ^rol^fio, .3. . 
ExpcritHcty cKperienUa, i.<«l 
1 o experifnce, ezpemry 4« 
Ex/nine^f 'expcrtoii; i 
A., i.'ioperimtm , ex}'*W: 
E<»pmm9ntel, Qlu covfiarmil 
Ey^crty peritus, exr«»?tot 
Expertly, p«rite, fci*:nt»r 
Ex^ytnefs^ fti; r.tia, -p«nlit 
Ex/ tat!*, piabiUSy pyacaUlit 
Vjenpi^t:, «xpio, lolho 
ExputfH, fxpiaias, • piacMn ' 
^nexpiathn, ^xriatie, fialia, 
Expiatory, exp aiorhis 
.Pr;>:'-*/.t,« J reean«x;^'«r 
I'o expire, exfTro, I -frr 1^41 
Expired, rvQTXt^^s. dercrmiodl 
A ! J expiring: . *x • / ri«v, tixJWW^lj 
To explain, exo^to, i, expoMI 
Exploined, ex|^lira!1ls, rXpA6ni 
E-cplanatioMg ••zpoiiao^-iSfUM 


ezpUco^ X^ 
3f bcatio, 3. 

icitus clarni. 

i^iodo, rejicio 
iloftity rejcdni 

iwn, faeiiHit. 
ret gcft» 
tfloco, cxi|«iro 

exp}ontio> }• 

zpoftacio, 3. 


fono, objicin^ 3. (to 

ichtot (t« Itutgbter) 

wrw) mUiibeo (or 
c|D» 3. nud(h I. 
itof, ofcfe^is (ro <^!a»r- 
cnnea; abdudtis {to 
lib: io habitus {tnfaU) 
new.) exhibitu* (m * 

pff, fcisoliBniy 9. 

exf oAaloy conquepor 
■^ exf»oOulario 
cpon«, explico 
Toftuty explicatus 
expheatoFy int=rpres 

cxpnfitio, 3-. 
prima, narro {otters 
o^ (ddineate) delineo 
m teftari {im numbers) 
b iignaae 
la, cedBUkt ciarus 
Dcius vciox 


Eseftrefftilf cxprefTus, prolatus 
^Exprcfsly, diiUna^ pUii^ 

An exprefiom (fenteuce) fenteocia, 
I. (woid) di£Ho 3. di£hii«> 2. 


Exprtjfimtm't, iivniiioatio viwi 
iTo exfrthratc, fee to uphrM 

An exfulfan, expol6o, 3. 
.'To e»pwig§^ delf o, 2. expungo, 3. 

Exfuifitt, ex<}uifitu8^ daUoratus ; 
lumiiHit; acerrimus 

Exfaijkiljf^ «iquifir<> accurate 

Eaofiecatntff arcfcena 
i£jirf«Mr^ eatan* 

iTo ^ rjiMMT, exto^ X. fuperfoai 
'An extafy^ exUfit 

Bxtamp$rsry^ extemporalta- 

Exumpott, baud prarmedKataa 

To extend^ extendo, 3^ dilatp, i« 
Extended, exCenTot) diiiiiiua 
I An extenjiu^ exjtenfio^ 3. 
\ExtgnJSve, late patent 
^JExfenJSvefyy hte, ^'iff\x(^ 
■^xtmfiventjfi^ diflbfip 3* 
xtertf fpatium, 2. amplitudoy. 3 



An ext'mguijber, fuffocarorium 

ylo exiinguijhuigt extin^ioy 3. 

To exrirpatip extirpo, tn^coj i« 

Exiirpatedt o»tir|Mitiia 

\n €3tt'ufgtim, eattrpatioi 3. 

Tq.«mni/« laudu 

Extolled, l«iid»^% 

An extoller, laudatAf^ > 

An extaJUsi^f Jaxdacio, 3. 

JBsaor/hB,. expiliifio, dlrepti« 

M(fct9^/hM, injuftiUk ioiquut 

TiQ.*xi»rt$ extoni^ee, x* diripcoi 

Etctmrud, extoytm^ direptut 

An extortioner, expiiator^ extoKor 

To extra^i, tstmho, expromo, e«i 

primo, 3. ed«c»» 3^ e^erpo» 3* 
An extraSi, (draiisJbt).e«rtp(^pr> 3* 

cxcerptum, v (dxi'ctQt) genuit 

3. ftirpt (epifione) c«mpeiidiuiB» 

2. (clMriiiifial) epipra^o. 
Extraiioi^ exira^hit; expieflus^ 

excerptut; pupduAiu, octxt. 
An extraffiiBi fee aa extrMEt 

\ Extrajudieisit extrajiidicialt» 
Extraneous^ extemus^ extcaoeus. 
(of cafueitf) captus, 4^ (^ coum* EoctrMon^nmrily^ rar6 
try) Ujnia, traiftut (bwr term) ExtraordhMry, iafoHtus^ inufiliifeus \ 
extenta, l. Bxtraparothied,t$tto^ parcechiam po« 

To extema/s (IsfTen)^ extanoo, i. iituik 
diminuo, 3. (excnfe) tmQwfo^' Extravagance, luxuria, profuiio 
deprcon I. i^jfrr^cfl^^rw/ (impcitiuflnt) m-ptv^ 

Extenuated^ ««teoaatus, elevatox ; infu fus» (excefliwe^ immodirua 

Extemuuiem^ e:ctonuatio, 3. | (diforderLy) perditM {ppiHiim\ 

•Exterior, externus, exterior 

To e;iffermf mr/r,ext«rmino,extirpo^ I . 
Exterunnaud^ exterminatua 
n exteemi Hating,, extirpatia 
External, extemua 
Externall'^y extnnreciU 
ExunD, ex:io£liia, de(\in6hia 
To be exHrtSi, extinguor 
An cxtinBkon, extin£Ho, 3.iatsntus 
"C^ ext.'n^'i/byext^npio, 3. AcUf-^z, 
■Extinguijbitf axtiAdusj dektut 

vaga opinio 
Extravagantly^ abfurdi ; p*ofq(^« 

immodeiate ; perdite 
Extravafatedy extra venas effufui 
Extreme, extrerout, fun^mus 
Extremely, va'.dc, rumme 
Extrr -iry (urmoft part) extremum, 

2 'J'l^re(») miferia, 1. {utmoji 

extritfuty) rijior fummus 
To txt.icate. extrico, lib to, i« 
Ext'/catedy cxtricat»&) libctxMM 


Mxtrinjual, exTrinfecus \ 

^xtrufion, extrufio, expulfio 
An extuberanee^ tumor, 3. 
Bxubirance, copU, i, redundantia 
Exuherartt, exul>eran8> redundans ' 
To exuUerate j fee to ulcerate 
To txult, etulto, I, 
Mxultingy exultation^ exultatio 
An eyty oculus, 2. {or loop) an- 

/ula, I. {of a reedlc) foiamcn, 3. 

{jof a Jlower or plant) gemma, i« 

germen^ 3. n, {in a doublet] 

ocellus, 2. 
^y (*^jO otulatus 
O* Se eye, ocularis 
One eyed, monoculus 
Eys lids, palpebrae, pL f. 
fiatr of the eye Ud, c«ln ium, 2. 
Web in the eye, leucoma, 3. 
^i dear as the eyes, ccalitjs 
Bef^trc one's eyes, m oculit 
vie ays fight, acic8 oculi 
Mytfervice, pcrfonftorius 
A" eye (ore, odiefu^ 
To eye, intueor, 2. afpicio, 3. 

{wantonly) •culis vcnari 
a^yedt ox J uH of eyes, oculatus; fif- 

tul-fus (look'd upon] intent^ 

Pleer eyfdj lippus 
Crey eyed^ casfius 
An eyght^ infula in fluvio 
An O""'? ju^i^uni itinerantium curia 

{a jujhce In eyre) jufticiarius in 



A fable, fabula, r. 
To fabricateyi^hixcD, I .ftnio, 3 
fabricated, fabricatus 
fabrication, fahricatio, 3. 
/iy^r/rA, aedificium, 2, Iiru&uxi,i 


Fabulofity, ftbulofitas, 3. 

Fabulous, fabulofuSi fi^s 

A face, facies, 5. vultus, 4. 08, cm, 
n. (confidence) fiduci;, i. (of af- 
fairs) ftatusy 4. (appearance) 

Face to face, coram 

To face {or look at) intueor, 2. af- 
picio, 3. {boldly) cs indu^re, 
frontcm expJic^e {danger) peri* 
culum adire {about) hofti fron- 
tcm advcrtere {a gamient) orno> 
I . {one down) di€t\s protelare 

In the face of the fun, palam 

Bari^ faced, ori^ retcfti 

Double faced, bitVons, fimulator, 3* 

Facetious, facetusy lepidus 

Fifcile, facilis; affabilis 

To facilitate, expedio, 4* 

Facility, facilitas, 3. {in f peaking) 
fermo promptus 

With facility, facile, expedite 

A facing about, in hoftem conyerilo 
{of danger) periclitatio, 3. 

Faeings, orn amenta veftis 

Facinorous, pravus, fceleftus 

The facion in horfes, petimen 

A faff, fa£lum, geihjm, 2. 

In faff, re vera 

A faff ion, faftio, 3 5 confpiratio^ 3. 

Faffious, fadliofus, feditiofus 

Faffioufnefs, partium ftudium 

Faffttious, fa£litiu8 

Afaffor, negotiator, inftitor, 3. 

Fafforagey mercaturae procuratio 

A faffory, procuratonim habitatio 

A faculty, facultas ^ profeflio, 3. 
(leave^ Hcentia, i. 

To fade (wither) deflorefco, 3. 
(decay) debiiitor, i, defido, 3. 

Faded, evanidus ; flaccidus 

To fadge, convenio, 4, quadro, I. 

Fading, languidus, caducus 

A fading, languor, 3. 

F A I 

To fag, caedo, eidi, 3« 
Fagend, cxtremitas pofterior 
A fagot, fafcis (amongfl^ UAiS\ 

miles fuppofititius 
To fail (aft) deficio, 3. relin 
3. (neut.) fuccumbo, 3. en 
3. {in promifet) promiifis 
ftare {of duty) delinqno, 3. 
expeffation) tall?re ezpe£fciti« 
(break,as a tradefman)cootoi1 
Without fail, ctrth, plani 
Failed, def^itutus, derelidot 
Failing, lapfus 

A failing (ceafi^g) remiffio, p: 

ficiency) defefVos, 4. (difiip^ 

ment) fruftratio^ 3. (faoh) (| 

I. dcliftum, 2. •*■ i 

A failure I ht m failing 

Fain, (defirous) cupidns (4UI 

coaftus, a, um, '[ 1 

I would fain, capio, 4. 

Faint (weak) languidus* d^ 

(Hack) renufiTus (weary) ll 

(fearful) timidns (oblcvn] 

fcurus 'jji 

A faint, dolus, %• diffimol4 

To make a faint, fimolo, .li 

grvm fdirt) deficio, 3* (|W 

faint) labefado, i. debiliH 

^0 make faint beaPted) C^ 

{to faint anvety) animo liofd 

Faint hearted, meticnloTuv 'a 

F.iint heartednefs, timiditaf^ fl 

litinting, faifus, langueoi 1 

k fainting away, deliqwuiria 

Faintly, remiiTe. tin^dd -\ 

Faintnefs, languor, 3. ' \ 

- r(*H 

rus^ fplendidus (hobeft) fl 
aequus {fair fpokm) blairiW 
(words) bhinditiae(/Siir«d| 
feftina lent^ (wMflhnr) <l 

fudum , 

A I. 

in deoTtng^ hcneftc ajerc 

B^iuii^wh nufldtBalis 

Sp>, avuMliiiQir, i. 

ilrrna, i. 

oftCk pK^ aptc, aqui» 


cMv/Mfo*) pukluitudo, 

imia, I. 
S «• f. 

t faith, ovAi^AtXLn^ *• 
'fiutk„ hei«rodi>»tts,.a* 

fiidiur^ 4<ii. 

» fidelitas, integvilM 

ot believiof) infifoduloi 

OS, 4. lapfuf. 
'.^djn) drHAmi AdtoM 
«^ aat,u«HMi6 
10,3, (a»bots(})adorior 
dditoQ (i»^»)> eviicfco, 
kit») decrefco, 3. (at 
K>, 2. (tf tne) ca:do, 3. 
ibdoTAircOy 3» {im hvt) 
[int9 ftaffion) curdefro, 
n9g) a«ig|vdior» 3. car- 
lie {m langbiti^ cachin- 
Erc(^ff«0ji) deftcio, 3. 
3* (fimm irdigim) reli- 
mciai«-(iMK-i) rccidp, 3. 
i^fa (4tMinr) coacido, 3. 
!■ procwMWf 3* (**■*■! 
iMikm^ 3. (<ii^« <^ 
■mw» 3. (i^0imr MoJbr) 
>3 (/S«M«A(w^)a^uo 
• •m^s-vard) ndeni vl- 

««) iaBhw, 3, iacklo» 
forrfjr) ad inopiam >»• 
, as a liver into a««- 

F A L 

dias cad "re (e/f) decido, deficio, 
i 3. <>t!cl'j^oi, I;, {off a ktrgfifi) 
pai^o xu)n ilAre (««) agQradlor> 3. 
(o«/> or Ai^ljl^) • coniinfo, 3. 
(•*rf ^ cxci4»* 3^ {out with) 
inimicitias fufcipC'C (/ifr« vci^O 
voiMOi remittere {Jkk) morbo 
corcipi {t9) a^rcdioT) 3% (to hk- 
Jinelt) operi incumbo (l» 0if«*j 
fi^atv) venire ad (/« fiiarreJJtng) 
ad jufgia.prolaWi (M amr, a« an 
eftate) rcd»ne ad (uocter confide- 
ration) in dtflibtrationem caddfre 
{upoti) re<tiOBkoy 3. (u/im^ ataA 
enemy) adawior* 4. inwafk^ 3. 
(foul upon, hy ili language) c«n* 
viciis larefVeM {fUl upm^ u 
ihlps) intcf fe cfuiidi («^ civ 
knea) in genua pvocuoibo (i^n 
aftoorJ) gladio incMnbo (m^pw 
/i6« rtar) hIUibU iacidSre (ms 
it^lfM ifajt) tQCOrro, 3^. [un^hr 
one*i view) fubifpeduB) cadlSro 
Ready ffalli cadlicui 
Afallo/rmnt visimbrivni ' 
FaUeHy .lapTiia ; relapfus | fortoitua; 

(9^ 9^) eiffbo/iis 
faiingf labeiy, collabeas (dawn) 

A /«/{«; ^nmpr* defedio* 3. (wf 
fv/Vj&) diflidiam, t. (^ tswMr) 
caura£la> t. 

F<'llaci<mfy, dttLa(o 

Failacioufnefiy d«ltt9> !• 

A fsllaeyy fallacia, i. iopbiraia^ 3. 

Falliklt, inceitua 

Kfallno fittiit noffale* Uy aw 

LaidfMlbvh UMuluui 

Fa/Uw (colour) fulviM 

|«/rr, fatfqs, 4liax ; pfwniv ; per 

£dus ; vitiofttt ; fpuriui. (hearted) 

Faffrnit. W^ttdfitiaH 4oliiij su 



FtfAl;^, fal(o, fubdol^ 
•'Fa/fnefs, perfidia, ». 
To fs/fj^ Aippoaoy courumpo, 3. 

anultero, i. depravo, i. voco* 

miiceo^ %, (om*< word) fidcQI 
■ (aU?i« 

To falur, haefito, i. de6cio, 3. 
Fame (report) fama, 1. rumof, |« 

(reputation) exitUmatiQ 
Famed f darns, celebratus 
Familiar, ufitatus, facilU 
Familiarity, familiaricas, 3* 
Familiarly, fanriliitr-iter 
A family (houftfbold) famllia, x, 

(ilock) proiapia, i. 
O' x\\t family, domeiticuty g«nUlis 
A/$fnim-, fames, 3, 
Tofamifli (a^) fa<ne enecare (neut. ) 

Uine peril e (4 t^wn) famem op- 

pidaois inferre 
Famijhed, tame preAiif, •r enedus 
Famfiitgt fame moribiindua 
Fam^tts, iilullris, infignis, miruf 
To make famous f celebro 
To befamons, emtneo, cniteo, a. 
Famoufiy, infigaiter, praedar^ 
kfitn, Aabellum {fur earn) ventt- 

labr .m, 2. vaaous, x. 
To fan, ventiloy 1. 
Fanatic, fanaticiH 
Fatuie4i defideratas 
Fanciful^ inconftanf, levU 
Fancifulnefi, levitaft) 3« 
K fancy, igmcatum, 2. arbitrlum^ 

2. opinio, 3. inaag natio, 3. ^ 
To fancy, alicni rei ftudire (im^ 

gne) imagiaor, I. 
AJitne, tritoa, 3. m. ver^ti index 
Fangi (claws) uaqoea, pi. (tcetb}* 

denrea iocifbret 
Pamied, vcntilatus 
A fanni9g% ventilatio, 3. 
Fantafm fpe£ltDni,'2. 
Fantaftical^ fa&taftUtt9> IcvU 


Tatitafflirally, puttd^ 
Fantaftlcalnefiy afFe£latio, 3. 
Afantom, fpedrum, 2. 
Fur (adj.) longinquus, remotm 

(adv.) longe, procul {and near) 

longe, Jateque 
By far, mo]td> longc 
far within, penitus, intim^ 
A^far at^ quantt^oi 
^ofary couique 
Sofaratf qua'tenus 
7'btHfar, ha£^enu8 
Homtifarf quoufque 
Aykr«,fnimus, 2. exodium (hodge 

f-Oflge) farrago, 3. 
Afardtlf farcina, 1. fafcis, 3. m. 
Fare, (viftuah) vi^s, 4. (chance) 

fors, 3. [far carriage) vedura, 

1. portorium, 2, naulum (the 
pcrfon) qui vehitur 

To faref viftito, i. (wWT) laute 
viftitarc (<« o/j6rr*) communem 
cafum fuftinere 

Farenvellf vale, fac valca$ 

A farm, praedium, 2. 

Tofarm^ prapdium conducere (or, 
let a farm) pra^dium locare (ot 
cultk ate land) agrum colore 

TarnCd out, locatus, elocatus 

A farmer, aegriccla, <r, c. villicus, 

2. {oi revenues) publicanus, 2. 
. A farrier, hippocomus, 2. 

Tofarronv, porcellos eniti 
A fart, crepitus ventris 
To fart ^ crcpito, i. pcdo, 3. 
Farther (adj.) ulterior (adv.) lon- 
g'l^s, ulterius. the compar , o^ far 
Farthermore^ praeterta, porr6 [ 

Fartkcrmoft^ or fartbeft, (adj.) ex- j 
tremos, ultimus (adv.) longifline 
A farthirg, femiobolus, 2. {to a 

farthing) ad affem 
'Parting, pedens 

^ ^ itf//^- /ee to hetvitih 



A f^cffttj virgultorum fafcia 

Afafbtsft (form) figura, 1. fotma, 

I. (manner) mos, moris, m. 

modu<, 1, ratio, 3. confuetudo", 

i $t uf«s» 4. 

Fa/hhn efwork, artificis oj^ri 

la f^Jbtertf obtinens, in ufu (out 
offitfhictj) exuletus 

Oi fa/him^ bono genere natus 

For f&jhian fake, perfun£torie 

Of fame fajhion, iinnilis 

A fapitin af clothes, habitus, 4. 

Tf^fB|htctSy formo, i. fingo, 3. 

Fiifimftihi\ coocinnus 

Fafbi^n&hhff icite 

Ffffb^'vnedi forirratus 

FaJI (bound)'aftriftu8 (firm) ftabilis 
(in pate) celer 

Afi^ Ifrtm meat) jejunium, 2. . 

To l&y fajf^ includo, 3. 

Tom^jhffjJf affigo, 3. claudo, 3. 

To faj?, jcjuno, i. 

Faf of hf/f,^ (omno (o^iiMS 

To ^/*:, aftripgo, 3. (about) cir- 
cumpango, 3. (to the ground) de- 
pan go, 3. (together) alligo, i. 
(itnder) fubno^o,. 3. (unto) an- 
ijcif!|o* 3 [uporty or feize) arripio, 
uf (tycs upon) inlcntc intueor (a 
door) ohdo, 3. 

Fsjitired, hxus, alligatus 

A fiifleniiigy aftri£lio, 3. 

lafi^r (compar.) celeries 

Fiifsid;^tiif faftidiofui 

Fafinf^t jf^junans 

To hfftjh'ng, jejiuno, I. 

Fepifig dayt, jcjunia,^/. n. 

Aftifatfsj mvniinentani, 2. agger, 
1. vailuro, 2. 

Faff Of fatnefs, pinguedo, 3. (of a 
bfig) ]ardt]Of), 2. 

Fat, pinguis,opimus,oberus (plump) 
nitidtit, (mf:at) adipatum^ 2» 
(w/^f) Tinum fpiiTuin 

• F A U 

To fatt, fagino, i. pinquefaci 

(or grow fat) pin^efco, 3, 
A fat, cTi/at, dolium, 2* 
Fatal, fatalis 
Fatality, neceilitas* 3. 
Fatally, tataiiter 
Fate^ fatum, 2. fbrs, 3, 
Thefatefy parcae, pi, 1,^ 
111 fated, infaufhis 
A father, pater, 3. genitor, 3 

law) facer, 2. 
To father (adopt) ad opto, i. (< 

vendir.o, I. (upon) imputo, 
Fatherlefs, patreorbus 
Fatherly (adv.) paterne (adj.) 

A fathom, ulha, T. 
To fathom, exploro, I . (com 

uljia tnetiri 
Fatidical, fatidieus . 
To fatigue, fatigo, i. delaffo, 
A fatigue, fatlgatio, 3. labor 
Fatigued, deiaflatus, fatigatus 
Fatiguing, fatigans, defatigans 
Fatrefi'y fttfat 
To fatten; fee to fat 
Fatty, pinguis 

A faucet, fiftula, i. tubus, 2. 
Afaulchion, harpe, ei,f 
Afaulcon, accipiter, 3. falco, 
A fault, (crime) culpa, i. delid 

2. (defe£l) vitium, 2. (mift 

error, 3. (great) fcelus, 3. 

v/Tfting) menda, i. erratum 
Full of faults, mendofus, vitio; 
Without fault, infons; integer 
To faulter (in Jpeecb) baibutf< 

(ftagger) vacillo, i. (ttua 

titubo, I. 
Faultering, haefitans ; tttubi 

Afaultiringy baefitantia, i. 
Faultlefs, innocuus, infons 
Faulty, culpaadus, mendofus 

E A 

)r, 5. gratia, I. [pf 
r) figura, vultus 
teneAcium, 2. {for a 
lemnifcus nuptialis 
pU) popularis aura 

hsto, 2. (refcmble) 

benignus, propitius.j 
s, (ecundus 
barus (welJ) fpeciofus, 

(.//) deformis 
fautor, 3. fautrix, 3. 
avcjis (reiembliog) ore 

gratioAis, prhnus 
dalor, I. aiientior^ 4. 
vr, adulator, 3. 
ifcrif adulatio, 3. 
itas, 3. feudum, 2. 
, 4. timor, 3. (reie- 
CTerentia, j. (great) 

jncoy 2. metuo, 3. 
lorrefco, 3. (rererence) 


lidos; terribilis 

midej horrid^ 

metus, 4. terror, 3. 

kas, verens 

lairidus} intrepidus 


rivium, 2, 


;, fj, f. (of haccbus) 

rivio acceptus 


poiatio, 3. 

lus, 3. geftnm^ 2« 

loma} I* 


To feather, plomefco, 3. {om^s nejl) 

opes accumulare 
Oi feathiriy plumeus 
luli offcatbin, plumofus 
Made offeatherSy plumatilis 
Bearing feat he rSf plumiger 
Featberedy pennalus 
Featherlefe, implumis 
Thr f eat u re, formnyl. oris fimilitudo 

ff^eU featured J venuftus (///) dcfor- It fell cut, a».cidit 


Feelingly j fee compajjlonatelj 
Tea, J.' I. of foot 

To/r/W (invent) fingo, 3. (pre* 
tendjaliimulo, i. (lye) mcntior 
Feigned, i\£kus, fimulacus 
A feint, ipccics Imiulata 
Felicity, felicitas, 3. bcatlludo,, 3. 
Fell, atrox, dirus, t: ux . . 

A Jell, (/km) peilis, 3. 

mis, invenuftus 
February, februarlus, 2. 
Feculekcy, faeculentia, i. 
Feculent, faeculentus 
Fecundity, foBfunditas, 3. 
Fed, paftus, fatur 
A fe€ (reward) prasmium, 2. (fim- 

ple) fcudum fimplex {tail) fui- 

dum conditionale 
Tofe€y prxmio, corrumpo, 3. 
Feeble, debilis, infirmui 
To make feeble, debilito, i, 
T9 grow fiehle^ langvefco, 3. 
Feebienefi, deKilitas, 

To fell, ftcrno, i. casco, j. 
Th- fllifs, f«ntfau3, z.^ 
A filling (f wood, lignafio, 3. 
.A /I//o«tf .(companion) locius, 2. 
(-quil) par, (baic) homuncio, ?. 
(goou) compotor, 3. (m <fficc) 
collegB, <r, m, {in bed) ' « 
tori {chambtr) contubern»lia 
{naughty) nc^uam {at pUy) col- 
lulbr, 3. 
To fellow, adaquo, i. ' 
In fllowjhip, confociarus, confora 
Afelo de fe, ipanu fua cadena 
A felon, f\ir, 3. 

3. infirm itas 

Feebly, infirme, laaguide ^ , ._., ^^ 

To feed one, pafco, 3. pafcor (grow ; Felony, furtum, 2. felonia, X< 
fat) pinguefco, '^.' {upon) ^cpzf- ■ Felonious, fceleratus 
cor, 3. {with milk) ladlo, 1. {to- . Felofiioujlv, fceleratJ 
gether) coipedo, 3. | Felt, taaus, perceptus 

A feeder of cattle, armentarius, 2. Felt, lanaecoadae 
Feeding much, edax {greedily) varax A felt maker, lanarum coaftor 
Ay^#i//ii|-,nutritio^3.(eating)efus,4. Female, femineus, muliebrit 
{high) edacitas. 

3. (of cattle) 
depaftio, 3. 
Feeing, honorarium folvens 
To feel (handle) tango, 3. [perceive) 

fentio, 4, {gently) palpo, i. 
Ay«//wg^ (handling) tafUo, 3, (pit- 
tying) compafllo, 3. 
Thtfeiling, taaili fenfua 
To have feeling, perfentifco, 3. 
fVithoutfeeling, infenfibilis 
Fellow feelingf T)finpatia,.i, 

A female, femma, i. 

Feminine, femininus 

A fen, palus^ 3. 

A fence (inclofure) feptum, 2. lorl- 

ca, T. (proteAion) tutamen, 3. 
To fence f vallo, l. praefepio, 3. 

defendo, 3. idum avertere {with 
. files) obtuHs gladiis dimicare 
Fenced, munitus, feptus 
A fencer, lanifta, a, m» 
Art of fencings m S^^iiSLtoiU j| 

F E T 

t^feHd, defenrfo, 3. 

Tmuy^ p»ludofu», paluffri« 

^^i^* dono, 1. fcoflRy, i. 

Feojed, ftBoflfktus 

Afecffeey fcoftrius 

Afiofer, feoftator* j. . 

^/(•ffment, lejffamcntum, 2. 

A ferment y fcrmcnto, u 

To ftrment, fbrvro, f 

Jcrmsntation^ fermentatiOy 3. 

Fermented^ fermentatus 

Ferocity^ fysrocitas, j, 

A/errel^ asnuluf 

A ferret, vivcrrt, », 

To ferret, coBjqMiro, 3. exagitO, I. 

^ firry ^ traje£hi$, 4. 

A firry hmt^ ponto, owV, jw. (/Jr 

lorje) hjppago, 3. 
A furry man, portirofj 3. 
'ICoferryowr, trajicio, j, 
F^rrTTf, fcit.lis,. foBviundus 
To ma\gjcfrti!e, towundo, !• 
Fertility, fertiiitas, 3^. 
FenvcKcy, fervor, 3. 
Fervent f ffrvid, firvid^s 
To ^e/irvcKt, urveo, 2. 
Fervent^ J fcrvide, cupidi. 
A ferula, ferub, |. 
TiS ferule, feiula percutete- 
fertwitf fervor, 3-. 
Tc'frfttr,^ putrcti, 2. exuttero 
Feflerea cxutceratus 
Afiflering, exufceraiio^ 3^ 
Ff/nuil, feftiVNs, ftffiis 
AJ^veUf feftum 

Aybr^ doDas^a. fiOliKfv **• 
^ JM^ a Arob 3. addaco, t. (^ 
I tt«H ▼enj!ie (to Ayl} td 
^ rpxrituiB dacitt 

F I E 

tf^'tf) develio, 3 {dofon or lef- 
len) imminuo, 3, [from fa*-) 
aveho, 3. [forth) cduco, 3. (a 
leap) filio, 4. [of) aufero, 3. 
(in) iinporto, i, [cut) depromo, 
3. [over) adveho, 3. {over to a 
farty) pertraho, 3. (or go for 
one) accerfo. 3. [a figh) fufpi- 
rium trahere, fufpiro, i. (ir/k or 
overtake) aflbquor, 3. (u^ lofi 
time) tenrjpus redimcre 

Fetched^ addudus, redemptus 

A f etcher of^ater, aquator, 3, 

Fetching, advehens, addiicens 

Fetid, foetidus, putris 

FettcrSf competes. ^/. /, 

Tofetter, corrpcd'o, 4. 

Fctfercd, comped-.bus vinous 

A feud, fimultas, 3. odium, 2. 

K fever, fcbris, 3. 

To have a fever ^ fcbricito, I. 

Ftverijb, febriculofus 

.jFVw, pauci, pi. m, rari 

F^eryfev?^ perpauci, */. 

Fcnoer, pauciores, ph 

Fevttneft. paucitas, 3. 

Afb ; fee He 

'A fiber, fH)ra, 1. 

^Fibrous f fihrofas 

Fickle, i neon n ant. Ifevis 

Ficulenefi, inconftantia, i. 

Fiffion, fi^lio, f. fignnentum, 2. 

Fi'ffitieus, fidlitios 

,A fiddle, fides, J. fldicuh, i. 

To fd^le, lyram pulfare (trifte) 
nugor; I . (up and down) curfito^i • 

"^A fiddler, fidiccn, 3. m. 

A fiddle Ifring, chorda, I. nervut, 
2. {flitk) plieflruin, 2. 

Fidelity, fidelitas, 3* 

Fiductary, fiduciarius 

Fie, Tafa ! 

'A fief prxdium bendic!aiiafn 

'4 fiiU, campus, »• ager, 2, \ef 


battle) prae)ii campus {of a 
cheon) area, er ro^Bm- fcoti 
Oftbefield, campeftrfs 
To take tbefiild, cxercitum ed 
Afield ofiicer, prjefeAus mil 
{marfial) caftrorum pfxf 
{piece) tormrtittt-n caOrenfe 
A fiend, malus geniut 
Fierce, fercx\ accr, vebtfl 
fa^vQS, ingens, atrox, fenu 
To be fierce^ ferocio, 4,. fasrk 
Fiercely, ferocitcr 
Fiercenefi, ferocitas^ 3. 
Fiery, igneus, rutilans (paffloi 

exardeCcens, ardens 
A fife, tibia miliuris 
Fifteen, quindecion, quindeo^ 
Fifteenth^ decimus ouintus 
A j^tetnth, quindec ima, l. 
Fifteen times, quindeci^ 
A fifths quntus 
Fifthly, quint d' 
Fifiietl^ q»inquagefimti€ 
Fifty, ^uinquaginta 
Fifty times, quinquaeics 
Fifty fears eld, quiftquagpnJf^ 
Afigi fitus, i, or, us,f 
A fight, pugna, i. icnaiPCHj 
To fight, pii^no, I . dimico* h' 
battle) prxlior, S. {ag^f^' 
pugno, 1. {hand- to han^<^ 
j>u» pugnare {one*i 'P^rfp 
viam fiicere {a duel) 6x^^ 
tare (with (words)- di^tididl^ 
A fighter, pugnator, 3^ 
Fighting, pugnaris 
A figkf'tng,. cpnfli^tur, 4, 
Figurative, figuratus* 
Figuratively, ir.efaphonc^ 
A figure, ngora, forma, r. (J 
imago, 3. effigips, $. (*• 
atio)) diagraiXHna, ^1, CiJ 
peartnee) fpectet, 5. (iv^ 
tropus, 2. 


rr, fplcndi'Jc fc ge- A fihring, qx filtration y purificallo 
ikui figure) ridicule fa£t» perc(»lando 

Fifth, fordes, is, f. ?oIluvic!», 5. 
Filthyy ford'dus, ftedus (in fpeech) 

obf'caenus (a^ioti) turpc fadlu 
lio'be filthy, fqualeo, 2. 
Filthily, /ordide, fpurce 
Filthirefi, fqualor, 3. foeditas 
A^w, pinna, i. 
Final, excremus 
FinaUy, deniqu^, derrum 
Afinancrr, rationator fifci 
ThtfinanceSf .fifci reditus 
To find, invenio, 4. repcrlo, 4. 
(perceive) fentio, 4, [fault) in- 
cufo, I. (maintain) fuilenco, i. 
(e*/) compcrio^ 4. {an excufi) 
caufor^ I. (^jr diligenc*) invefti^o, 
1 1 (Ay think trg) excogitO, 1. 
A finder, inventor, 3. 
A firming, invent io^ inveiligatlOy3. 
Fint, elegansj eximiusj venuftus; 
Diondus ; teres, tenuis, omatus j 
ton p<riitu8 

3. ramenta, pL n- Very fine, przclams 
[t, 2. re^leo (as a To make fire, adorno, i. poli«, 4. 
ftendo, 3- (t^) ex-:To/«r (parifir)<Jcf«co, I. purgo 
IS £*n Tci.'r .r«<^} cb- j A fiitf, ?n*ilAa, 1. 
f» {tkehdtyf C-turo, i.. To fay a fin, mil^am fufierrc 
^pfeor^ i. ^LtOTg 1. ;ToJf>:<, muidiOi imponcrc 
In^^«j (Ttfiiaiiy 
ftuiahU, ?c*jlf>ae obaoxios 
Tinui, xLuIdaiui ^par:fisd; defae- 

cat as 
f/Vf^, fci-.c, htV.l 
'F:r*i, ekgan'Ia, i. tenoitaf, 3. 
A finer ; fee refiser 
riraj, orr^o«y 4. onianicnturo,2. 
A fif^^9 di^tc!, 2. yir« fi'^S^) 
I -cior, 3. (fl^^cZr) vcrpt, 2. 
t '''•7} 4iptns ascularis («Sr//<) 
l-rjtfk^ ^mIoj I. I difitns a-^icclarh (&f a glove} 
ataa I SguU 

neo, I. depingo,, 3. 
bus, delineatus 
nformatio, 3. 


ave liana 

>Io, 3. fuffuror, x. 

3 ^« 

reptio, 3. 
. planula, I. 

I. abrado, 3. . 
r/f, linea baccarom 
f^ filam, 2. (of fol- 
ia, I. ordo miiituin 
lias manipulatim ab- 
Kfrittagi) filo fufpen* 

, elimatot 

IS, fatcxatns 
, 1. cHnale, 3. (of 
rtnl'sz pan crafiLcr 
aban;::, 2. 
!t:c, 3. 

ro t'eiirc 
raca, i. cv:i«, 3. 


Of n finger, digitalis 

To finger, tra^loy i. inunco, I. 

Light fingered, furax, act's 

Ax finger s ends, ad ungueoi 

hinical, nfoiiis 

FiicalJy, muliebriter, molliter 

Fimcalneji, affi!^atio, 3. 

A fi^'^gt multatio, 3. {cf liquor) 

d^fvcatio, 3. {0/ metal) puri- 

fioBitio, 3. 
Ttrfini/h, finio, 4. perficio^ 3. 
Fhifiytd, finitus, perfc^us, com* 

pletus, abfolutus, exa^lus 
}^oX.finiftjed, imperfedlut 
Afinifijer, perfedtor, 3, 
Afintjhingf peraQio, eltp!et|o, 3, 
Fir.ifiing, ultimus 
Finite^ finitus, cefinlttii 
Finny, pinnatus 
A fir tree ^ abiet, ttis, f. 
Made ef fir, ab:e;nu» 
Fire, igni«, 3. (heat) ardor^ 3. 

focus, 2. 
Afire, incendiom, 2. 
To fire (fet on fire) incenJo, 3. 

(be on fire) deflagro, t . ardto, 

2. (be in a pafli'-n) excardeico^ 

3. \at\ bombarda pelt re 
Afi,re {tijlriie) igoem cxcutfre (to 

make) ign^m acccoeere (/« meiJ^ 

ftKum reconcinnare 
Or. fire, incnfoi, infiammatuf 
Aj'tt:.*gw fire^ incendium^ s» 
AfireirarJ^ torris^ is, m» 
Firearms, arma ignivoma 
KfieUck, (cJopetom, %, 
Afire ball, glans ardcu 
For the fire f focatiaft 
Fired, aocenfos 
Fiery, igacot, iguitas (paffisoate) 

ira OKTSiotiit 
Firirg^ fee/mel 
Afiri:*, aaphoiA^t. ^ 


T^mr^fmul, fit/na, i. 

t^JUur^ farina conTpergcre 

To fiowijb^ floieoy a. vi|eo, 2 
(w/Vjfr weapons) anna vit>iare 
(«0i/i& /A; M«^<) acaptiigSre (or^ 
brag) glorior^ i. (/« «w)£c-} pro- 
ludo, I. 

Afounjt, inanii jaftatl* 

FUuriJhing, vegetoa 

Afivut^ fcoiDDiay ik'n \ tu 

Tofouty irrideo^ ». 

Flouting, dicax, tff» 

Ajkuting^ carillatioy derifio 

ToJhWf floo, 5. labofy 3. («^o»f) 
circuaflao, 3. («r abovnd) af- 
flttOy 3. (ainad) difflao, 3. (back) 
refloo^ 3. {btfire a place) prae- 
iloo, 3. [between) inteiiluo, 3. 
{by) praeterfloQy 3. {continually) 
fluito, I. (down) defluo, 3. {in) 
influo, 3. (0*/) effluo^ 3. {ever) 
cxundo, I. (as the Tea) aeftuo, i. 
{together) Ctofluo, 3. {under) fub- 
^uo> 3* (unto) accedo, 3. affluo,3. 

AJlower^ noiyfiorisg m* 

To flower, floreoy %. germino, i. 
(as bfer) fcintiUo, i. 

Afiower de lis, iris, j. 

Flcwer of age t adoleurentia, i. 

Made cfjlowersf floreua 

Ajlowerofy a family, gloria, f« 

Tl'-nvered, interte3ctu& floribas 

The f ewers, tncnfes, ium, m» 

Flowry, iloridtiS 

Flowmg, fluidus, floeos (about) 
circumfluui (over) redundaos 
{and ebbing) reciprocui (in fpeech) 

. Tolabilitas, 3. 

A flcnuingt flujtua, 4. . . 

Flcwingly, volubihter 

Fkivn, volata £ubdu£lui 

Tnjlurtuate, fluddo, dubit0> I. 

AJi.f?ti-' 'cn, flu^luatio, 3. 


Fluent, fluicu£ ; ds^jvens 
Fluercyy volvbiiitas linguae 
fluid, flnidosy liquidot 
Fluidity, floor, 3. 
Afiuke, :eiii anchors 
F/m, abje^hif} deceptus 
FAr/o (abundance) copia, i. vis, 3. 
(abounding) abundant {of money) 
nummatus (deck) tabu latum 
prorfus planum \^at cards) chartae 
Flujbcd li^ithfuccefs, elatus 
AJivjh'tng, languinius fluxus 
Flufttrul, (in drink) femiebrius 
Afute, fiilula, i. tibia, I, 
Fbtted, laqucatus 
Flutings, canalkuli 
To f utter (or fly) volito, 1. (be 
doubtful) dubito, l. (to and 
fro) curfito, i. [in f^efcb) bai- 
butio, 4. 
A fluttering, volitatio; hsfitatio 
A flux (loorenefs) proluvium, 2. 
(of humours) trumorum fluxus 
{df blood) haeinorrhagia, i. 
A fly, mufta, i.(fpar.ifli) cantharK,3 
Fly bLwf, mufcarum ova 
fjy blown, corruptus, infe£lus 
'To fly (as a bird) volo, i. (as ale) 
alte emico, i. (about) ciraim- 
V0I09 I. (agalnfl) iovolo, i. (as 
news) pubJicor, i. {at) pclo, 3. 
impeto, 3. {in pieces) diffilio, 4. 
(away) avolo, i. aufugio, 3. 
(bick) rcfu^io, 3. {before) prar- 
volo, 1. {beyond) praitervolo, i. 
{down) devolo, i. {far) prefu- 
gio. 3, {from place to place) trans- 
fugip, 3. (from juftice)^ judicio 
. fe /uhduc/re (&/?«** country) lolun. 
Verier-.; a n;.tali folo riulujicrc 
(r'cb) in fub!:me fcrri (as ron'ci- 
cnce in oac^s face) ftimulo, i. 

F C 

{into m pafflon) i 

[out in expeaces) 

{or fquander) p; 

refuge) afylum 

away) fuglo, 3. 

T.> tetfly j iccfiooi 

\flyng, volatus, 4. ( 

Flying (adj.) expedi 

a foal, pullus <equ 

To foal, factum ed( 
A ftd>, loculus mil) 
Fob (adj.) commen 
Tht focus, apex, 3. 
Fodder, pabulum, 
{of kad) vehes, 
bulum ftraaiinea 
Of fodder^ pabular' 
To fodder, faeno pa 
A foe, inimicus, 2. 
.^/of, nebula, i. 
F'gginefs, aeris era 
Foggy, nebulofus 
Fob ! pby / vah ! 
Afoible, imbecilita 
A foil {for fencing 
a diamond) Tub: 
off a thing) illufl 
pulfe) repulfa, i 
To foil 5 fee beat 
To Joifl in, obtrude 
Foifted in, fubditus 
Foifiy, mucidus 
\fid, plica, I. fi 
To fold, plico, 1 
{in) implico, i. 
complico, I. ( 
pecus rextis crati 
Fold for flaeep, ©vile 
Fifldtd or plaited, p 
volutus (13 eattli 
A fo.'dfngy plicatui 
flabulatlo, 3. 

ipi6k9, or £culpta . 

>puli conveotQS 
ei)ttor, 3. [aftir) iffSt- 
infcaor, (hufir^s) rtl 
"m dare (rib/ir) inftoy.^ . 
ijfuccedoy 3.(1 trade) 
;. (ia cnarfe) alterno^ i. 
) aiTeaor, i. (cloie at 
) interga Iner&e (4 
f) intente adminiftrare 
&) abifc Xa norcs alt- 
^dndfj) obi^re opiu m- 
ittuyamnhr, i. ^ 
■itatii% 4c4udui 
9al, imitandtts 
comes 3 difcipolus. 

utaidhig up^n) deduc- 
'q(ieiice)coafe(|iienti a, 

a, I. ineftta, i. 

mo, 1 . (at f^ wnufb) 

agere (as a horfe) 

7f/fftf, rpqma, |. 
vco, 2. 

fbmentum, 2. 
ibmentatlo, 3. 

natfo, 3. 
; fatilis'y raftui («v«r- 


X» mdmtrf, indulge 
eo^ s. indulges, U 
icatus pu«r 
ifentiat Liseptia, i. 
criufli) a*** 


2r {cr]c(!cr,)morio. 


,To fitoly or make ^ fool of one, 

lu^ifcor^ 2. irrideo, 9. 
Tfi flay th* foil, ineptio, 4* 
Tobefitled, deHd^n, dehid! 
To fool awity miity^ pecuniam in* 

caute erpg<re {rime) tempos tcrtrf 

futi titer 
FooM, detifutf iKafut 
FooUty, deridicalom> i^ sogK 
Foolbardinefs, temeritaf« .3. 
Foo/bar^j temerarius 
Foolijb, ineptus, nfuKtit 
To maki /^fljhf iafttoo«.i« 
t-lijhfy. ftulte, tnfuia 
Foolifi>nefi,-^\y\^ti I. 
A /d«(» pes, dis^ m. (^ # ttilf) 

fulcrum, 2. (e^ a bilf) radiX| 3, 

(of tf piOMr) bafit» fi, f. : 
Meionging to afoot, pad alia 
On foot, peJeftris, pet 
ToyWr {ofwty) cito pede tmbulart 

(ib»ckin(9) concinno, 1. 
K footman (foldier) pedes, ItU^ td% 

(Ccrvant) aflecla, if. m. 
The/oo( (foldicrs) peditatos, 4, 
Afoot/if^i veftigium, 2. 
Afootftool, fcabcllum, a. 
Ot ba^afoot, (emipedalit 
Of two foot, bipedaiis 
foot to foot, ped^m pede tang?re 
On ibe fame foot, xquali gra^ 
^Wifooted, bipes 
^brtifooHdt tripes 
Four foetid, quadripet 
"MM^fofitfd^ muln pes 
Broad footed^ pltnipes 
Sf lay footed, valgus 
A ptre footing* ftabiHttj, 3. 
A/c^,.(bea«) bellus bomo (imper' 

tinent) ini^tor, 3. 

Fofptry^ RUgc, tric«, pk 
Foppiflk^ njttgax, nimis nitixks 


Fopptfimtfi, ineptia^ Y. 

For (c^.) Mam^ tnim, 9Hi^, 
quippe (pr^pof.) i, ad^ dc^ »# 
in, o^, per, pM, pr», prapttr^ 

Tilt prsKpoTitioii h fbrttttmcf xm- 
derilood, and the iiOttii is reft^ 
der*4 by the abhitWt aift» at 
airrc deditiania,yir jf^^r of hchm 
yieldrd up 5 o# by a ganithrc caie« 
as fwMMtif fir bow mmeb 

Ff^ wfi^ goti^fi, Umfkk f^' 
tabki at, li itMft cemmoaly thtf 
tgo of the ditiife cafr» aa» tvrpe 
eft#fiy q«i hcna oatl-funt, tor- 
piter vivire, it is a ftamo fo^ 
tbem^ thac ai« bwd wcU to liva 

F«r (for the hkt of) caoISp erg^, 
gratia, per, pro, propter 

For (as for) <)ood ad 

For tbat, ox for at mueb 4r, cn»^ 
pftpterca quod, fi ^idefti^uaado 
quidem, qaaniam (for tb$ m^ 
fart) fcr^y pleromquc (for fomg 
Tim) aiiqoi^do, allquamdhi Ukt 
^bat caufi) qwarey (for 'wfitb 
cauf:) quamcirom (/or tbat >^aaje) 
ideo, to, propterea {for #*#r tfiE# 
€iftr) ini sternum^ 

For is al'fo frequently included in 
the Terb v^bicli ^oet befort it^ 
Vif to lo4kfotf expcd* 

Forage, paboluroj^ 2. 

To forage, pabolor, I. 

\ forager, pabolatof, f. 

Aforagiltg, paboklio, ^« 

Toforbtar (let alooe) abHSaeo, %t 
(Iwre oft) dciiftOk 3- (^p«^f aiwp 
(fuffcr) parior, 3* 

iForbimrarxe, iodul|(efitia, l» . 

To forbid, veto> I. proMbeo, 3. 
(^r//?A>) interdico, 3. 

Mi T 


ForhiHen, interdiAui, prohibittis 
Fvfhirnf omifTufl 

Pfrte (cjideavour) conatut, 4. (im- 
portance) Bomcmum, a. (necrf- 
ficy) neccffitaty 3. (Tioiencc) vji, 
3. impetus, 4. (ftrength) robur^ 3 . 
To firce^ cogo» 3« compellOy 3. 
adigo, 3. imjteUoy ). {lack) rc- 
.peiloyj. (ii(9Wff) detro4o^ 3, de- 
merge, 3. (/«) defigo, 3. (iutt) 
depfilo, 3. \a nwmM) ftupro, i, 
(a tradi) quxftum facere (if 
/mrA) aggerem exfcindSre («r 
ukcby fbi€e)vi capSre 

'V'9 be ^ffirce, valeo, 2. 

K^ gri^tfiree^ valeiii> potepi 

Of maUfwct^ levit 

OftMrtfuHt^ valeotior 

ify main fitccf yI etarmii 

'£y efen fine, aperto raarte 

jiTcetj copi«, ^/. f. 

FcrcM^ft ada&us, coa&us> (ravliked) 
Aupratiis^ violatus 

Pwrcille (cle^r, or ftrong) darui, 
potest, efficax, (violent) viokfls 

Forcibly, vchcmcnter 

A forcing, compulfio, 3. vis 

Afordy vadum, 2. 

'Voford, vado tr^ifire 

Fare (adj.) anterior 

'l^Qforearm, pncmunio,4« 

To forcloHe^ pr(«ragi», 4* 

A forthtdinv^ praefag'.um, 2. 

Forecafi, providentja 

'Voforccaft, .protideo, 2. 

Forecapd^ provifus 

A farfeaft'ing, provifui, 4. 

'X^tfore €i^le, prora, 1, 

For* cho en, praccledut 

Fore chfed, eyclufus 

'i'h« faredoor^ antica, I« 


To foregt (ijuit) abdicoy i. (nof 
meddle with) abftineo, 2. (# 
f /tf/ai} dejure fuo coDc2fdere 
Having twoforebeadi, bifroni 
FtreigH, exterus, alienvi 
A foreigner^ advena 
To forjudge ^ praejttdico, i. 
Tofor4knrw^ prasfcio, 4. 
A foreknowing, praenotio, 3, 
Forekn»vv/edge, praercieniia, i« 
Foreknonvn, praecQgnitus 
A foreland^ promootoriuoiy 2. 
A foreman, prefes, 3. 
The foremajl, malus anterior 
Foremofi, primus 
Firft jond foremoji, imprimis 
The forenocn, antemeridianum 
To foreordain^ prsedeftino, i. 
Fcrecrdained, ppedeftinatus 
F»re fart 0/ (be head, Aociput, 3, 
A^ praecurfor, 3. 
T^fortffF, pix video, %% 


/ittpg, pre^ifio, 3. 
Ft^fee/t, przvifus 
Ferfjbetijnf pr;£monflratu$ 
FiTffgbtf profpicicntia, r. 
Thc/pri^iffl, pr2?puiiuma a. 

Ti> forij^eiii:^ fafcino, I. 

A /tntjff, f^lrus, 4, n mus, 3. 
h^rfji fjlttr, lilvcftiis 
, Toj^n '•?«»/, an* icipo, r. prsemercor 
Fore/laiiedy iutcrccptus 
A forcJialUr, annonae flapellator, 
3. (of a marker) praecmptar, 3, 
A foreflfl/Iing, interceptiu, 3. 
Aforcjifr, vii'darius 
To f<>TcifH, pried i CO, 3. 
Kfortuiler, vatts, -5. faridicus, 2. 
Aforitelling, prscdidlio, 3, 
Aforethoii^hf, prxrr.editatio, 3. 
AforetcLn, praefagium, 2, omcD,3. 
Foictfildf prxtJ'Avs 

Yar'fotUrt, pioavi, pi. 

Fore /w, fwles «nteriofes {fn^er) Afonup^ antisr, pJ, /. 

• jMcux, ^. (hiuni) i'lonf, tn» t, I To fore^varn, j>ra:ir.oaco, 2,- 


Kfinnsnhwj pnemanitas, 
A forfeit, multa, i. poaa 
To jerfoity multa damntri 

cn£i)^ exifttmationea pc 

{otieUfitvcur) gratia ncidSi 

reeognixsnet) Yadimoninm 

rcrc (wrr's vnrd) fidem vioL 
Forfeited^ confUcatus, perdUni 
Fnfeiture, confifcatio, 3. 
To firgt (as fmiths do) cod 

fabrefacto, 3. {devife} fingi 

(coantcrfety emendor, 4. 

jicioj ^. («t melt} cooflo 

liqucfacio^ 3. 
Aflrgi, furnus ^brilis 
Forged, fabrefiiausf fidosy 1 

teratusj conflatusj eAeatil 
^f^g^» fabricator, 3. (^f inrd) 

falfanus, 2. {of tales) debtoi 
A/i#j«ry,figitocntttm, is. iirai 
A forging tfliei, calvmnia^ V. 

taks) fidio, 3. 
Tv forget, obliTiToor, 3. (pr ncgl 

praetereo, 4^ negligo, 3. 
Forgetfidl, obliTtofus 
Forgetfolntfs, oblivio, 3. 
Aforgetting, prsetcrmiffio, 3. 
To forgive, -condono, i . igrofte 

remitro, 3. 
Forgi'ver, condonatus, remi(lni 

t9 te forgiven) inexpiabilis 
Forgt^renefs, condonatio, 3. vtel 
•^forfi^ing, remiffio 
Fonnimn, oblivioni traditns 
V'^hft^gotten, obruor, 3. 
Afoyki furca, i. (for dung) UA 

3; (firiiejb) creagri, x. 
Feried, bffulcM 
Forhtti, derelidhis, perditus 
A form (6gure) figura, i. (man 

modus,!, (benoii) fcamnan 

(in printing) imumhtusicb 

(of vwds) ccrta ftilja [or d 

daflis, 3. 


Apf/vHyforank^ i. exemplu'93, 
Te^ finmo, i. itfbnno, x. 
Arid; fenilit, aflfeOatut 
IMfia, Bs^jlntus reftitui 
A^, Memiit formvU 
^fnkim, formttioi 3. 
'•'■^ rarmtiu 

TmrnTf fnotf faperior, prifcut 
Amvj^, fmu, antehac 
Aram^ fennidabilis 
Afrjji^ formatio, 3. creatio^ 3 . 

''•■ttWii fsraiati'o, 3. 
A>«*r, fcortator, t. 
Tt>5f*, Wero, ^. aWico, i. 

*w^3- lesBacio, i. 
Min, kkrtat ; iereliaut 
^W*f# ^efdiftio, 3. defertio, 
1. (rffjf &/*) tpoftafia, X, 
I 5f* fine, fcUket 

W«r, pqcre, i. pcijaro 
, Jjorrr, pgerAjr, 3. 
ZV^ "1> perjurium 
*^, pojunif 
^M pnrfidiam, !• caftdkim 

*5|ft«^, pneftd, in prompts 

» j{ am (firttwifb) t^nfef- 
■1, ctntiaBo, protinus, mox 

^ hfifettianj mttiiiitenrufn, 2. 

^frf « vmIT^ aateflBarale^ 3 . 

J'iW aDoitm 

M^rjjJ, firmo, T. cfmi>nfalIo, 
^aiaio,4. pnemanioa 4. 

**»4^ foititado, 3. 

'W*'* ^ieiquatuofdeci-n 

*J*^ criaes id fronte rrifpati 
[ iL*^ ""^» 3' praefidiuin, 2. 
[m^av, eafu accideiis 
\^mtf fiuflat, fortunHus 
JlJwBicjr, faoft^, aofpicatd 

•^J ^UiUCef, ^. f. ope« 

F O U 

Plfirtttne, infortvniumf s. 

A fntime tilltr^ fatidicus, aftrolo< 

gut, 1. 
i^^> quadraginta fof fiiriy) qua< 

dragenariul (rnwi) quadragi 
Forward (bold) audax (inclined) 
proclivit, propenfat (made a 
progrefk) provcQus, progreflus 
((•on ripe) precox (ready) 
pronpCoi; alacer 
FtrvMn'di, prorfi^ai 
To ferwara, promoveo, ». urgeo^a. 
Time fenvard, deincepi, pofthac 
Forwarded (afltfted) promotas (fent 

dire^l^) in dirtAum milTus 
Fortvardnefs, proroptitudOy 3. pro- 

grefTus, 4. progxeffio, 3* 
Afofi, fotTa, t. 
F^le, foffilis 
Tofi^er^ nutrioy 4. Hi*, 1. 
Fo0^ father^ Mtrkhwy s. {mother) 
natrix^ 3. (dk'tf) alamnHif 2. I 
Fsugbtf pugnitai fjaiamjl) oppugJ 

nxtas, impvgaatna 
Fmlf foeduty fqaalidiu; imptmis 
Itttukfttus, (nnfair) dolofaty tur- 
pit (ill faTOur*d) deformis 
(vicious) obfcknus (amongft Tai- 
lors) im'pKcitm func {vftather) 
tcmpeilas, 3, (flormy) torbidoi 
Tofmfp inquino, i. feedo, r. 
To be fiv/g Tordeo, it /qtialeo 
Fon/edf foedatofl, inqainatvs 
Fomltufs, turpitudo, 3. fqualor, 3. 
(of a crime) itrocitas, 3. (in ap- 
pearance) deformttas, 3. 
Found, inventus,, repertus (out) 

inverttis, invciligatus 
To found, fundo, I. conftroo, 3. 
A fouedafiott^ fiindamentum, 2. 
From the fumdatiottf funditus. 
Foundered, fundatus, conditus 
To foundrr {is a horfe) titubo, i 
(as a ilitp) diflulvor, 3. 

F {L A 

AfotttuUr, fondator, 3. conditor 
Foundered^ claudus, mancui ; dif- 

A founding of a hoafe^ fundatio, 3. 

{ofmetat) fufio, 3. 
Afoaitd/iiig, infans expofitui 
Oi a fountain^ fontanni 
A foMtitairtf font* 3. 
Four^ quatuor (at cards ^^0 9^** 
temio, 3. in. {comer d) qaadran- 
gulus (Jfuare) qnadratus (^^ays 
ago) nudius quartus {days fpaee) 
quatriduum, 2. ^earsjface) cua- 
drienniua% 2. (times) quater 
{timet as much) quadruple {foU) 
quadroplex {tvays or parts) aua- 
drifariam {footed) qnadrupes ( Jmt- 
^(/) qoadringenti {kondred timet) 
quadringenties {hundredth) qua- 
dringenteiimus (fcore) o^gi^ta 
[teen) quatuordecim {teentk) de- 
cimua quartos {teem times) qua- 
The fourth, quarUM 
Fourthfyf quartd 
A yitvv vohicrit, 3* *^>> 3* 
T Si fowl, aucupor, i, 
A fowler^ aacapt« 3. r* 
A fowling, kucupatio, 3. {piece) 

tormentum aucupatorium 
A fox^ vulpes, 3.. . 

Belompng to a fox, Tolpinus 
Old fox ; fee knave 
Tohefox^dy inebrfor, r. 
A foy, poculum gratnitum 
To feyjf, Aibjicio, 3. adulfe^o, ?, 
A f raff ion, frlftio, 3. infraAitf 
Fraflious, liC'gtofus, ri<ofut 
A fraBure, fraAura, I, 
To fraBure, frango, 3. 
FraSlured, t'ra£lus 
Fragility^ fragilitas, Jt. 
A fragment, tragmentum, a* 
Fragments^ reU<^\l\A, \l, ^a 

K % Fr*- 

F R A 

Fragrgmy^ fragrfoti*, I* 
Fragrant, fragrant 

Tofraigit, navem oiei'are 
'^op'jf"^'I^^t ;iaclttm foItiSfe 
Fra'^kt^ nftal4«it c« oaut, j. 
Fraiphtfd, pnentusj «mufiiit 

Afrait^ fircelU, z. 

Fr^iiry^ fr«gt]ita?, imbe^iUitaF, 3. 

Tofrtme (faAiion) fonno, 1. (con- 
trive) tnoltoi^ 4. (build) fabtico. 
I. condo, 3. (join together) 
com^into, jt, coAUbulo, t, (4 
/lorv) fingo, 3. 

T^t frame (of a building) coinages 
mdldcii (•/ /i*^ woi^) coiop^ges 
Aundi (0/^ tf r4^/<) fulcrun {o! 
^/i^ifrr) Ubdia, i. (/or VMr/i') 
inqjUluSf a. 

Framidt form^tiB. cpnftraAus, 
fi^us, fahricatos 

Af'tMrr, fabt>icAtor» s. Cibcr, a« 

Afrart'nf^ formatio 

To fraiKbi^fi ietn^mfiimg 

Frandfcan^ francifcaans 

Franks liboralis, iii|fMitttf ttber 

Tofi^^k letters, crafit ^nar« 

Frankiaetntk^ thai* ^fMrvk *• 

FrmrMy, ingenvi, libtre 

Frsnkyfl^ libpraliUf, fiiiieerital, 3. 

Frantickt mente captua, iafajiua 

FrsMtickntfif demqfttia, x^ 

Frateriuklf £ratcraus 

J^/rsurnifff frat«mitaiy 3. (bcietas 

Ajratrick^, iratriciia* ^r f r. 

FrmJ, fnuif 3* iohiip a. 

F^aui»len(yt fraudtiSaic'u, It 

framdnleur, dolofus 

FrandwUntfy, vafrl 

F'^anght^ ooeratns 

yv/rjy, ri«a, 1. jurglum, a, 

To fray (ai cloth) dehifco, 5, (er 
AtfhtJ terrefacio, 3, 

F R E 

A f^ftJt^ fubituff impetus aaimi \ 
petufantia, i. ddiraMcntuai, 2, 

Freakifk, patuJana 

AfreeUel Jentiaoy |. 

FreAUdf maculatui . 

Free^ Ijmmunis, liber (citistn) civii 
natus (in giwng) libcralis (from 
hufinep) otiofua {in cefnterjstidti) 
finCeruSf candidus (comqion) 
commuKis (^(f4)muDusgratuituai 

Tofreey emancipo^ |. liber*, x. 

To make/reef civitate donarc 

To he free^ fui juris effc (from) 
vito, I. (with one) familiariia 

FrtehrM, in§fnuus,. liberaKf 

FreehcU, pofflfli ) libera 

Afreehe/der, fundi' liberi poiftilbr 

A freeman^ Jiber, 2. civis, y 

ftteedg liberat.u5, luxatva 

FreedfiK, immunkasf . 3. faciUtas^ 
3. (fWp) vacuittt, 3. ^ 

A freeing, \ihcnU9t%^ naAttllufl)0,3 

FneUge, imxnufiitai 

Fr^ef^f, jtbart, lihtraCte^^ ^J^^^ 
fpante, gratis 

FtjmeCs^ benignitas, 3. 

Free fine, ftxum vivum 

Free .wUt^ liheruoi arbitrium 

Tofrteze^ ftlo, i; congclo, I. 

A freight i teefraight^ 

French, gaUicus, gallicanus 

Ufmcb, gallice 

Afreiuhwagf gaUiu 

Thtfrenxy, dementia, 1. infaaia,!. 

Frefuerty, frequeotta, 1. 

F^ffyrtit, frequeasv . creber 

To frequent, frequcnto, f • 

Frcaifented, frequentatus 

A frequrntiHFt frrqucntatio, 3. 

Frequently, frequenter, Tatpe 

Afr'fiOf aura-relrigcrans 

Frcjb (cool) fngidulus (new) rerens, 
novus (iuAjr) vigcps (unfalted) 

F R I 

infuirus (not tired) integer, 1 
XandfaJUng) j^unus 

To hefrejbatidlri/^^, vig^, : 

Afrejb celoar, color lloridua ( 
tyro, 3. 

A frefi, or again^ de Ultegro 

Frejbnefs, novitas, 3. 

To fret, crucio, 1. cruciori I 
eat away) corrodo,?. (at « 
acefco, 3. (dr rub) ftico, i. 

To/irr in a fret, irrito, 1, 

kfrtt, ira, r, 

Frti ^9rk, Arlatura, I, ' 

Fretful, raorofus 

Fretfulnep, morofitas, 3. 

Fretted^ erudatus'| attritus 

A fretting, angor animl (mbb 
attritui, 4. 

A friar, fVater religtofot 

A fribble; tztff 

A frleaflj, carnis Irine mifioM 

Frimon, fe^k'o, 3. 

Friday, dies veneria 

G^ Friday, parafceve magif 

k friend, amicus, 1'. amica,'l« 

FrienHeft, ino]»s, cpis 

Friendlinifs^ bieoevoleatia, f , 

Frlendh, bencrolus, hnm4flas 

Friendiv (adv.) amic2, benevall 

FrUndt, kindred, propinqui 

FrienJfifip, arpicitiay I. 

A frier '^ fct friar 

Afri^, liburqa, I. 

A fright, terror, 3. formido, 3 

To fright, terren^ 1, peitcorec^ 

Frighted* territu^ 

Frightful,^ terribilis 

Frightfully, horridtl 

Fright fuhefs, terror, 3. honvT 

A frighting, confteraatio, |. 

Frigid, geiidtis, frigidu< 

Frigidity, frigid itas, 3,.fr1gai| 

Fri '" "'- 


Frigidly, (rt^jde 
fringe, lacinia, 1. fimbria,] 



fimbmm confuere 

thpudio, I. lalciTioy 4. 
It, kiUris 

crifpo, t. torqoeo, t« 
iluniflntiiiy cirratut 
inm, calamiArum, «• 
BftvariviB, »• 

aitoUi|a«ii|» ft* 
, vanat^ i|Mnif» kfit 
jr. Auiatorii 
aottt viltofiis 
^\ fufriJU 

i, sltro dtro^oe 
iarttm, s. fsiU, f • 
an* I. 
litfl, hiUreffo^ dulco 

K, jocvfvt, hilarit 

iS 4e, «, ex. per (niovr) 
V^(«forr) i (a^ntir) peregri 
f •Ktrt) foris («^ ^/«r«t) 
ie(i«n«/£) ioferne (day to 
e ^ b dien (^fv/E re '^W^) 
licatim (<^ to door) odi- 
[Anrr) bine {hettctfortb) 
: {/r«f 19 ftrett) ricatim 
Wtb) eaiode (/i«r« /e time) 
oi (ti^fKv} onde (wtrAtn) 
-a {mibntt) ab extra 
r, from, tit, /. 

Mdacia, i. (of ao army) 
icia, 5. 

I RfioBc locari 

I confiniom, 1. 

Wy frootifpicittm, 2. 

, fronrale, h, »• 

elu« prtujui, I. 

utBofos ^ 


ffoma, f • 

■BcCs, rp«aQ(M(triflinf). 



Trofhinjf^ fpumani 
A, frothing^ rpumatus, 4. 
Frowsy, oUdus, putridai 
Fro^tfsrJ, protertust morBfui 
FnmfMn^, protervi^ mtitM'^ 
FrowMrJnefty protervi^^ )» ■. 
A frown, ru|ia, 1. (of tbrtune) 

cafus adverfus 
To frown, froptem contrahSre 

(upon) iBiquif oculit intuSri 
Frowning, torvus, nubilat 
A frowning, cornigatlo, ]• (rtirii- 

tenance) tions caperata 
Frowfiingfy, diro vultu. 
Frozen, grlatus, conglactatsi 
FruBiferont, fnidifer 
To fruSftfy, fcecundo, i. 
Frugal, abftinent, frugl 
Fruga*ity, frogalitai, 3. 
Frugally^ frugaliter 
Fruit, tru^8,4. (profit) lucrum, 

a. (ofthewomb)iattwi,^ 
Fruitery, oporothcca, i. 
Bearing fruity fruAifer 
Afrniterer^ pomarius, !• 
Fruit time, autumnut 
Fruitful, fertilis, fccuadus 
To ^c fruitful, abnndo 
To make fruitful, fotcuodo, I. 
Fruitfully, fertilliter 
Fruitfulnefs, fertilitai, 3. 
Fruition, pofleffio, 3. fhiitio, 3, 
Fruitlefi (barren) fterilisdifappoiiit- 

ed) fruftratus (unprofitable) 

A frumf'T, maledicns 
Frumpirgly, nuligne 
Frufiriire, fruftratus 
To frujir ate, fruftror, X. fallc, 3. 
Frujirating, fallax 
To fry, (afl) frig-j, xi (neot.) 

zftuo, T. fudo, I. 
Tlyefry offi/b, fperma pifcium 
~ I, hiflu " 

Fryed, tildluSy frizui 



A frying, frixura, i. 

Frying f An, fartago,3. 

T 9 fuddle, inebrio, i. inebrior, x«. 

AfundlingcMf^, ebriofua 

FudkJ, poCo obmtui 

Afudttng hout, compotatio, 3; 

Fuel, fomet, 1th, m. 

A fugitive, fogitivus,!. profagus 

To fmffil, impleo, 1. perago, 3. 

Fu^ilkJ, expietus, impletus 

^fflftllirg^ peraQio^ ptrfe^io, 3, 

Fulgency, fplendor, 3. nitor> 3. 

Fn^ent, fulgidui, (plcndidua 

Fuligipous, fuligiooiaa 

Full, plenui; expletui, refertus 
(quite) omnind, prorfut, ad 
plenum (f]^d) eitatus (very) 
valli, vebementer (perfeA) Pfr- 
fe^t, imejrer (plentiful) aflia. 
ens, exundans {ofwordt) loquax 

To he. full, abundo, i. fatior, x. 

Halffull, fetniplenus 

Full age, adultusi puber 

To full cloth, pannot drnfare 

Fulied, a fuilone denfatui 

KfulLr, fullo, 3. 

FW.>r (adj.) plcnior 
OfafuHer, fullonius 
Fvlkrs earth, terra crP^«fa 
Ful^y plenty ad plenum 
To fuhninate, fuimtno, X. 
Fefmination, fulminatio, 3* 
Fulminating, fulmineus 
Fulnefs, plenitudo, 3I fatietaSi jt 
Fullom\ fte hfciotts, najfy 
Fulfomnffsf naufea, x. 
To fumble, infcitd apg''edi 
Afumhler, qm inf ptc tra^at 
Afumhling, inepta adffliniftratio 
Fumhiingly, inepti 
A fume, Tapor, 3. exhalation 3. 
hi a fume, iratus 
FunrJ, exhalatus 
\/t.rrira'inif (uS^tW^ i^ 


fun^ MuSy %M jftCUf»t> 

4iuuHd, ingejit vif 
Thc/Mir^m/ffTy «f)u>9%« ctilut, t. 
^UTuUmmtglp tuofUitncnuUf 
fundamentals, fuadunCQlaf £• 

QfafmuTsi^ kmktiM 

fufigtns^ ^onfioAif 

Af^nntit iQfan4ibuliii9« t. (of a 

chimney} oarcfcimuii 
Afarhtioe, fimbn4» *r, f, 
/V^#&tD^> fimbriituf 

A fur^ffiir, polio, ^^/i, j, 
Afurhilbing, interpolation 3* 
The /lir/«, Airiap, //. 
Fitriouu f«rlQrut, rvidu* 
liobefufious, f«tio, 3, inftii«ioy4. 
fuv'tottfly^ furjoft, fureattr 
fufimjftefi, rabic*, |. 
To furf, compHco» i. 
^i^r/r^, coQiplkarus 
A fitriinif Complicitio, J,, 
Afyrhttg^ Mwm, %, 
furieugby comsneatiu» 4, 
fifrnuty, la Ait et tricki decorum 
A fifrn^n^ fornaxt «Wi» »f (f<w 

brewinf j culdarhun, 2. (for a 

pAttf r) Asulinf, X. 
tofirnifit inilruOf j, fuppedito»i, 
fitrfftjl^d^ Alppeditarvt, inftiuf^us 
A furfiiflitig, fuppedttatio, 3, 
Furniture, apparatus, 4, fuppellcijj. 

furr, pellns, 3. vcUus, 3, 
Tofitr, peJUbus confuiSjf 
Furri-a, pdiitus 


A farrow, fu!cus» ». (of t pully) 
lacuna, f . 

Tofarto%Vf fttko, I, 

Furrovffd, iulcatus 

Furtbtr (adv.) tlltra, ulterli^s. Ion- 
gifts Tadj.) ulterior 

Icfurwer, proveho, 3. proinovco,2 

Pi further a/ict, ad|ufnentum, j, 

Furthermoref porrO, in/uper 

Furtbeft, extremuf) ultimul. 

Ai the furtbejl, ad fummum 

Fury^ furor, 3. rubies, <• 

Fvlloffury, furioAis, rabiofus 

Like ajury^ furialit 

Thtjinetj fori*, jf /. 

/W«, geniftji ^ineia 

Afy/ii (of 4 tv4feb) Ainif printriz 

rotae («r ^1^/) fclopperuniy 2. 
A»/; (fpindle} fufus, 2. 
F»^ff» lu&ira, I. 
Ftmian, goifipium, 2. 
Oifu/iian, gofliptnus, 
Fuflian (bombafl) turbida verba, 

ampullse, //. 
fuftinefs, putor, 3. 
Fufly, putidus, mucidus 
Futility f futilitas, j. 
Future^ futurus 
For the future, infiiturum 
Futurity, tempos futurum 
Fy ! phy ! vah ! 

fy! pi 

pejdjtum, 9* 

G A 

TOgakbk, garrio, 4. 
A gabbler, garrulus, 2» 
A gcbblingt garruhtas, 3, 
A g>- bhn, corbis tcrr$ oppletU* 
The ^tf^^,domCts faftigium anterius 
A gi^, mafla, !• (Aftf) oeilrvim, 2. 


A gadder, Tagus,2. orro^'vg. 

Gadding, erfabnndttt 

A gadding, ngatio, f • 

A gag, epiftomium, a. 

To gag,' OS obftruCre 

A /tf^ (pledge) pigmu^ j. (a 

fare) Tirga »0T0inctnc* 
To gage (pawn) oppigaoi^ 

(caflis^ Tafa mctM 
Agager, doliorvm meafor 
Qfiggedf cui OS obftraAum eft 
Tti gaggle, glocito, i. 
Gaiety, fplendor, 3. qitor, p 
Gailyy aitidi, fpleiidide 
Gain, lucron, 2. qucftut,4* 
To gain, lucrifado, 3. liicror, 
{approbation) movere appvi 
tionem [&edlt) fidem iaipdi 
(or iacreafe) augeo, 2. ^|nsi 
or grow in ufe) invalco, 2« (« 
end) Toto potiri 
Gair^i, lucratos, acqqificvy 
Gainful, quaeftuofus 
Gainfaid, negatus 
To gain/ay, contradico,^* 
Gainfaying, repugn ax 
Agaity inceflus, 4. 
A gale, flatus, 4 flaxneQ, 1. 
Like gall, felleus 
A^tf//(iiut) gaIJa, 1. 
To Fall ; fee vex 
GaUant, nitidttt, Imutus 
A gallakt, homo fcitus (to a wMH 

morchus, 2. adulter, 2. 
Gallantly, nitid^, egregi^ 
Ga/lantnejs, nitor, 3. magnificeflt 
I. (of fpirit) magnanimitai» i 
Gallantry^ magniflcentia, >, jR 
A gallery, ambulacnim, 2« piitk 
^« open gallery^ pronftrivoit 

pcrKVyUuv), 2. 
A jtf/fev, aavii gati«ri« 


theciom, %• 



(« cofRiis^ fcrri 



imaiH^ %t 


CM, ludifc^ndM - 
petttlaatia, i^ 
iftbufl addMhis 
tm dotoTiit 
I. liifio, |. 

■» ?•«»•» '• 


h ibdalitinm, %• 

igrsfta, 1, 

31 miKtarifl 

i» f. Mun, %• 

rie M»«^) »ftit», I. 
^) appetfty 3. U* 

far irreaiA) refpiio, 


G A Z 

A wiPuJkny hortuffy «• (9^ Uw^t) \ A ^4r« A«^» janitor, 3* . ^ 

floretttm, 1. (or nurlivy} rtnii-|To jtff^, colUgo, 3. decerpl^)^ ^ 

nariom, a. (•/ fk^fuire) rn'v 

ilariuiny i. (/«ir fot Jberh) oli' 

tori^m, 1. {forfttlkt) acettriimi, 

2. (ofro/is) rofetain, a. 
Of a garden^ horteftfis 
A gtrdm^er^ hortulamia, »• 
A i:«';?/^ sargarifmua, i. 



^ #/. S. (teftift) 
. f • IMea, pi. 3b 

6^ f* CKCCflWi ^ 

tor, f . 

Tojfw/f, gargarisd, i. 

C»fl^ gargarintut 

A Zarjfing^ garganxatio, 3. 

A gtrmty fertutiiy 1. corooa^ 
(©/■^^ry) laurca, i. 

Gofltck, allioniy t« 

A gmimntf veftta, g. (sn wkier 
isrmem) tunica, x, {an vffn 
I gamtm) palliam, 2, 
lOfgofmenttf vefHarint 

A garner f horreum, »• 

Togamtjh^ orno, t. adoriM, t* 
Qamijb (money) ptnftiincitia carce- 
raria (or-a garnifhing) ornaaMn- 
tum, 2. 
A garret, oontiinitie Aiperior 
To garriJitHf pratfidio muniic 
A garrifm^ prafidium^ 2. 
'tobeingarrifin, prarfidhim agitarc 
Of a garriJiOi, pra(uliariiia- 
^tfrrz/MM^, pmfidta firmatua 
GaaniUity^ ganmlitat, 3* 
A garter^ gciM»le, 3. periMtt 
To garter^ ii>bligo» »• 
Crorf^r (the oiSccr). garttrhit 
Ag»fiy yubrasy 3, atruft, g. 
*lSoga/b, ym\mm9, u TciaiQ, p 

^•'ga^ refpho, x. tnkelo^ r. 
Oafi)^ lixtaifmi) herridWy csdavt* 

M^ (p^) palUdoa 
GaJ^fyMtji, horror, pallor, 3, 
A gaU, jaifo*, 1. oftium, 2, (i« 

getMg) inceiTas, 4, pofiis 

(frmm of fm a ea is) 'coocludo,; f^- 
(ai a croud) ciicuafondor (or 
gue&l coaJeAor^i. (at « MA 
her chiduM) forco, 2. (fiffr) 
recoUigo, 3. {i9rm) fmoaentor, f* 
(^o ettrJ) coagiik»» 1^ (ffimtrt^ 
floral cai]^lre (^1^) Tindenio^ 
I. {•ut) escerpo, 3. {Jtrtngtk} 
revircfcoy 3. (•« tt^) conget% 
3. accoaok^ x. {ptrfint t9gmher\ 
congrego, 2. {t^) colltgo, )• 
{wealth) opea conquirSre (aAoi) 
ftipem colligSrt {em arnvf) copiat- 
cQotrabCrc {in flaits) in pUcat 
conrojjrc (as a lore) fuppuro^ i* 
Gathered, coUefbis, coa€hit» acc«- 
miuatui^ eoBtra^us, concretotf 
carptus, fdkatui, fuppuratui 
Gathers, fWM, fd. /• 
A gatherer, coUeAor, 3. (of/W#) 
ftri<lor» 3. (of fr^Mi) vmdeait* 
•^^9 3» hf ••^ poblicinoa d^. 
•Irtm, Ac.>leguliM 
A^athertngy colkftio, p {t§git6trf 
congrefatio» 3. {ef f raits) carp^ 
tura, !• {efgr^**) vindemiati% 
3. (rMMtf) coMgiobatio, |» (ef 
Mtf fr^ /» tf fir^ iiippontio^ ^ - ' 
Gaudily^ laotiy fplefidi<Kt 
Gamdff teutoa ' 

Gavel iand^ portift >ae^iialit 
A gauger ; fee jf^gr 
A gauntlet \ (t^gantlft 
Gaux, siebiiU.Unea 
Gtfjr, comptai, Uotut 
To be gay, niteo, 2. fj^ende^^ «, 

(in temper) exhilaco, i* 
To make gay, cxonto, i. 
Gay (bride) hilaris, alacer - 
Gayery ; fee giiiety 

A gat^^^ay^^ SmxiitM, A, «Z/ii>jt -/To ^tf«*j fectog(fc 


Cozed t/ptn, avk!2f|ie€l<ftu8 

Agdzer, rpe^ator^ 3, 

Aggk^te, /latae Itterc renim ao- 
Taroiry nonds 

Ciers (of 4? flM«}TefHtui, 4. (ef a 
horfc, Sec.) ephtppia, pi, », 

<7rr/>, anferts /// m. 

Ctbenna, gshenoa, 1, 

To geiif, caftroy i. emafcttlo, i, 

Ce/f, rviratus, caftratus 

A ieir':iig, caflratio, j. 

A ^<vyi»^ (nag) canthefius, u 

^ g^i^Jf j«8 gdatwm 

Agent, gemirva, I, 

O gtmim I proh jupiter ! 

Agendery penui, 3. r. 

Togendty, genero, i, procreo, i. 

Cittdtred, generitiis 
ft A geiuakgy, g»n«alof ia, 4r 5 f. 

Cenea/dg'cai^ Ijenealogicas 

A gemalogift, genealogist, 2. 

€kntralt gene ralis, anWerfus (or 
freqii-it) frequens, communis 

A general (of an army) imperator, 
3. {of an order) geitdralis, ri, m, 

Tlw generality^ pleriqtic omncs 

General y (univerfally) generating, 
(commonly) generaliter (in gene- 
ral) in i^iverfum 

To generate f gencxd, X. 
Generated, generatui, genitm 

A generation^ generatio, 3. (line- 
age) ftcnus, his, n. profapii, x« 
(age) Idculum, 2. astas, 3. 
Centrative, genialis 

Generofityy generofitas, 3. 

Generous., generofus, jBagnifici^s 

Generojijly, liberalitef 

Geaofifk geneiis, eoi^ f. 

Genial^ genialisy hiUris 

Tht ^enitah, genitalia,^/, pudenda 

Cenitrve, gOnitivus 

A genhif, genius, a, indoles, 3, 

, in^ciiium^ 2.'C9ptus, 4. 


A gennitipgf. prommai nrarcox 
Gonttely, TenuAc^ pulcntt 
A gentile, ethnicus, l« genlUt* 
Genteel, honeftus, generofus 
Geateehefs, venttOat, 3. Ijberalitu 
GentiUfm, fiipcrft itio etlmica 
Gentle (mild) mitis, lenis (coorte- 
ou's) comis, affabilis {tame) cicur 
To grow gentle, mitefco, ^. 
To make gentle, don»o, i. 
Gentle and fanfle, nobiles 8c ignobilis 
A gentleman, generofus, 2. {of the 
royal bedchamber) regis cubicu- 
Like a gentleman, ingenuus, honeftus 
GentUnefs^ dementia, i. leaitat^ 3. 
A gentlewoman, generofa, i. 
Gentfy^ pacate, leniter (flowly) 

lentc, placid^ 
Gentry^ nobilitas, 3. 
GenvfkSiion ; fee kneeling 
Genuine, genuinus, purus 
A ge9graph&^ geographus, t. 
GtograpHcal, geographifus 
Qeo^r/iphy, geographia, i. 
Geometrica', geometricus 
Gfomttrician, geomctres, et, f. 
Geometry, geometria, 1. 
Georgia, georgica, pL tt. 
Ger inane, germa'nus, g61iuinui 
To germinate^ germino, 1. pullulo 
A germination, germinatso, J« 
Germim^ germioa, pi. n. 
Germins, ^ermina, pi, n* 
A gerund, gerundium 
A gefiarSf (cftasy ftatos, 4. 
Full of gefiures, geftuofut 
To get, atqiitro, 3. adipifcor* 3. 
(gone) abco, 4. fcccdo^ 3. (aC' 
^uotKted) familiarkatem inirt 
{above) fupero, f. vineo, 3 
(abrpad,- or be told) emanoy r 
{hefore) antkipo, I. (ar beget] 

gigno, .J. prtcrco, !• gttero, t 

G I 

{tvith child) pari 
iucror, I. {Ijy intri 
I. {or pafs by) pra 
labour) ciemereo, 
cicape) eripcre fe 1: 
db%orliberare {co 
trahere {hy btar 
mandaro {to land) 
{ine^ favour) |UM|ti 
a horjit) equo defc< 
borje) equum aft 
garment) veftem in 
mach) famem obfon 
together) coUtgo, 
together) convcnii 
fuefiioni. Sec,) exp 
force) cxtorqoeoy a 
vifloriam confeq 
perrufflpo, 3. {up, < 
3. {up upon) conf 
lift up) clevo, 1. 
fuboleo, %, [borne) 1 
A getting, acquifitio, 
Geiogaivs, Bugx, an 
A gheft, fpirirus, 4. ,- 
The UoLV Ghost, 
tus, paracletus, %, 
Ghofis, manes, ombr: 
A giant, gigas, utii 
Giantlike, gigantens 
Gibierijb, ftribligD, i, 
A gibbet, patibolum 
Gibbous f gibbofus, gi 
A gibe, fanna, i. fco 
GibUti^ anferis trunci 
Giddinefs, vertigo, 3, 
Giddilff neigligenter 
Gsddf (fooliih) ineptu 
conftans {beaded) y 
reptos, inconftani 
A gift, donum, &• nr 
Agtgf turbo, 3. 
GigaKtUk, jgiganteug 

S I. teur» 

acor, J. 

tank I, 


c^0phyl!luiiif %• 

innchiae, ^A f, 


iiwa» !• 

n, I. 


e €oa4it«t. 

ik>, 4* crcpito, i. 
Mnoflcni sftcnsro 
r« verba mama -(cr 
iitus, 4« 
rcellvs iniicM 


My 4* cia£bira, r. 
UB, 2* cingola^ i. 
fr) ccftat, 4« 


am, X. 
9 r«Mrifig)fre 
tkme, larfior, 4. 
lar pari rt^rrc (•r 
;] cedo, {advitt) 
affi^) aflignoy i. 
peiidMiai ^atitere 
erogacc (or ali- 
f , (f« nnfwer) 
•M ^V«JSQ voce. 

G I^ A 


I. (a derUl) acto* '• (W) ^J'^^fl^^^ slaadal^Tiia 
caveo, 1, curOk !• (/»rW>) di 

▼olfOp I. (tr ^bliver) trado» 3. 

t. rtitrogredior (« a/mi) abpam 
iniptiii^ ('''«^'f) cred«9 3* fidoi 
3* (tf cbalUnfte) pr^voco* I. (tf 
^f/i) canjcfio, s. ((mw'i /r/ 

«»#•) fe addiccre (in change]' quor) haaftus^ 4* {wtr * g^^i 

alifuid demandare (i^i) tegef 
faBcirt (ilcMw) permitto, |, fina^ 
3. {likergdh) «largior» 4. (Mtfr, 
•a/, or 0^) defift*, |, diefioo^ 3, 
celTo, !• (tUpf) evade, )• (<?#■ 
dUbibtttc) diftfiMMy 3. (M»r» or 
lepert) nuncio, i. ]pane» 3. 
(/yBrcr) ceda, j. (f»tfrr<r) Wtc^ 
pardEre {«r thaw) regtlo, i^ (ai 
ftonct) foda^ I. (1^ 1^ ^ofi) 
f strtmnn rpirituni «fflare(M' ^r- 
render) dedSre (Wa /i/A#)de /uo 
jwre cadj^re (vtty) otdo> 3. («r 
yield) pwbco» a. 

GfMa, datut, mdltm, deditus, 
addidhisi affifsatut {tmffiryi) 
dertHAM (tver ftf dtwd) cttjut 
(alva deplMTtta eA 

A frvMT^ daier, !• largitort 3* 

Gmi{ ktfitttri 

A ^ivMf iwv, >cMicaffio (avir) dif- 
ceflia, 3. (i^)ccflie, 3. dedido,3, 

TIm ^i«MCMr«L avium ingluidea 

GAf^ iKCut, bilaria 

Ta ieg/sd, gaudeo, s. laetos, z* 

To make glad, laetiiico, i. 

Agiadiatcr, gladkcor, s* 

Gyi9<{^, Iftta, lubcas 

Gkdntfs, Istiti^ i. gaudium, i« 

A ^Affirtf, contuitut, 4. iatmtua 

To gitttct^ raptim obtucri («^n, 
or lun») inniiOy. 3,. (or ilidt by) 
prjeterlabor, 3. 

A gftmd, glandula, f. (af the 
thr«at)ton6Uai^//./, 1 

C/gring ertmtif atrocia Ma^cU 
To ^/u/r (w/n/nm) tIuo tAftrnJ^ 

{nurtben ware) incrnfto^ !• 
Glafedf vitra iamri&£kua } incroftafni 
A glafiert vitrariua 
Glaft, vitrum, s. {fir driiJdin^ 

talis vitrciDi {or draugj^ •€ G - 

inter potvU 
Otglafs^ vitreat 

A gUfs hdutt, vitreornm oAcuui • 
A gldfi msierp vitrt conAator 
Ghfi makings vitri canflado 
G/jf/i fnari^ vitrea* pL a. . 

fi ptrfftOhM gtt^t^ tubwad|tii«t 
To ^£i«# (or poU4} poUfl^ 4* A 


A gitam^ jiibar, 3. 

Giuming^ corufcfnt 

Togiesft €fm, IcgSre i^icas {gr0ftt) 

racemor^ i« , . , 

A glesning, fpicile^ttm, %• . fffcc-. 

nutiofg. (fi!Mmi^i)reliqiiue^^^ 
L//r*tf, gleba^ 


I. (All 

A Me, gleba» I. (/«ai4 p»dfli« 

A j/r^/, faniety 5 • taburn^ a« kho%ti 
6'/'/^, hibriciHi, Icvla 
Gis6/y, lubriice, Tolubiliter 
Gli^nefi, vohibilitai, 3. * . .• 
To fr/ide, labors 3. .px«hb<SI, |^ . 
A gHdini^ lapfns 
Tttgiimmer, (uh\ueio^%, 
Chmmeritigt faUuftrit, cicpcraa 
A gSmfJe^ cnnifcatto^ g« aTpedm 

obfcurua « . 

Toglifier | iae W'><«r . 
To glitter, €oriilcO» X. fulgaOa z« 
Glitter iji^ niteni, conifieana 
A gihtering^^r>xk»\\o, 3. fnlgnr^g^ 
Gfifterhgly, fplendidi, nitidi 
A glUe, globni, a« fphcrt, i. 

Glflba \ 


^•^ Bke^ 1b ftmnt fphcne 

Chbmlar^ fphKriau 

AgMiik, glebalai 

doamhuH^ obfcaritas, 3. .callg0| 3, 

CUmy^ obfconif, irabilot 

CJorification, gloHiicatioj 3, 

Ghrijiid, laudatQt 

Tor/jr/jgr, laado, i. cekbro, I. 

'^P^j0f't''if eelebratio, 3. 

JiSUriws, glorio<u«, illtiftris 

C^ry, decuty j. gloria, i. 
^^g^, fnperbk), 4. glorioir, x. 
A giorfing^ gl«riatio« j. 
Oltryfng, veAtofnt, foperbui 
^ ^^ (expoDod) eommeator, i. 

(foliih} IcTigo, I. ^oJio, 4 

nhorem ret iitdtici^re 
A ^'?/i (expofition) commentarius^ 
. interprettuo, 3. (loftrc) folgor, 

f. nitor^ 3. 
^gtoffkryy gfo^rariani, ». 
^X"^T» J«^gatio 
AgU^y chirotbeca^ i. nanicay i 
yAgtover^ chirothecariat, ». 
To i/otvy eandeo, 2. caleo, s. 
Clowingt eandensy ardent 
<;Arr, gluten, 3. 

To glue, glutine, I4 aggkitsne, i. 
<?/»/</# gfotinattifl 
A ^/irr boM/i, glutinariiiiii, %» 
Cluimrfst Tifcofitat, 3. 
A gluing together^ cosgluttnaiio. 
Cluyf glotmofttfl 
A glut^ fatias, 3. fattetai, 3. 
To ^tf fttio, 7. fatwo, I. 
Cbittnousy glutinofus 
Clutudy expletns, pIcDot 
A glnttofi, gulofos, ft. hcJluo, 3. 
Ghttonmn* gnlofas 
QbtttfMMfyt guMe, avidi 
Chttfry^ gula, ?• 
A gl0^y cljrfler, JWi, m, 
Tbgft4tjfi>f dcntibus frc adcre 

G N A 

A gHaJbtng, dentiam ftridor 

Aguatf cvles, 3. 

To gtf^Wf Todo, 3* corrodo, 3. 
morieo, 2. arrodof 5. admordeo, 
2. circomrodo, 3. derode, 3 
-perrodo, 3. (or bie vexed) ito- 
machor, i. . 

Gnawed, corroftu, perroAis 

A gnawing, rofio, 3. (fain) ver- 
minatio (of the guts) toivmna, 
pL (of tie eonfdence) itimu\v%,x. 

To go^ fo, 4. vado, 3. inqedo, 3 
gradior, 3 proficircor, 3. (about) 
ctrcumco, 4. perambulo, 1. 
(ahout bufinejs) agfrediot, 3. 
Conor, I. (after) ?eqoor, 3. 
(againfi) ad ver for, i« (with) 
comitor, i. (aJUe) difredo, 3. 
(afiray) vagor, I. (away) dif- 
ccdo, 3. abeo, 4. (away with) 
aufero, (awry) obliquo, x. (hack) 
reccdOy 3. (hefort) praccedo, 3. 
(hetween) intervcnio, 4. (heyvna) 
tranfco, 4. (heyond^ or excel) 
ancecello, 3. pranfto^ r. (beyond, 
or overreach) circumvenio, 4. 
(by) praetereo, 4. (down) defceo- 
do, 3- (ai the fun) occido, 3* 
(for, or fetth) peto, 3. (ferrh) 
exeo, 4. (farwari) pergo, ,3/ 
(ferwarJ, or profit) proficio, 3. 
[from) difccdoi 3^ (a journey) 
proficifcor, 3. (near) accedo, 3. 
appropin^vo, i. (of, at a gun) 
difploidi (^ten unto) frequcnto, 
I • (on) pergo, 3. (wer) tranfeo, 
4. (over a river) trajicip, 3. 
(out, as five) extingno, 3. (jour 
of the way) locum d.are, ^ via 
excedcR (piicily) feftino, i • (to) 
adeo, 4. (together) romitor, t 
(hy the ears) pugnam inire (thro*) 
pcrvado, 3. pcnctro, u {through 
fitch) mi .cxitttm perdncXre 

(nndn*) .Aibe< 
3. (upandde 
water) navig 
want) careOf 
Go toj age 
A go cart, plofte 
\ goad, ftimulu 
A goal, meta, 

2Wi, tn, 

A goar of a gan 

A goat, (he) c; 

hoedus, 2. (fli 

Of a goat t hircii 

Goatifi, Jibidino 

The^«J, OS, on 

To gthle up, degl 

A gobkr^ vorax 

A ^let, crater, 

Gphkns, larva?, ] 

God, deus, 2. 

A goddefs, dea 

God he with you, 

God forbid, pi-o 

grant) faxit dc 

The godhead, dei 

Of god t divinus 

HoufehoU gods, h 

Godfather, pater 

mater loftrica ( 

(daughter) filia 

Gtdlin^s, fan^lit. 

Godly,ot godlify,(i 

(adv.) pie, reli 

A gog, avid^ con 

Goggle, volubtlis 

Going, incedent, 

A going (down) 

Icenfut. 4. (tn < 

4. grefllti?, 4. 

4. ambaget, 5, 

'^, {our of the < 

(back) reditu*;, 

greflTio, 3. {aj 

(down of the 


M) oitw, 4. {firvtMrd) 
„ W«fi«i J. (/rMl)digrcffio, 3. 

utiiC Ik.) cxcinauH 3 (#•) 

' «6"i 4. Kccflaiy 4* {a pit- 

^ ij^) pci«grixutio» y [from 

a/«»Akif)eominiratio, 3. 

M(MiB^2. (mnt) aurifodinay 

>• H aoram cmdnm {kaf) 

^ iUiacuin {dufiS balvzy 

-fi'^/ ((m) uinini ufiutttiDy 

^Kauus (tv/rv) aurum 

^fj^i Mri foliacci dt>Aar 
,IN nri parfiodt artifez 
,(^]firicanoi rcdemptor 

N^ BaTicnla. Yeneta 
MfiiB(«r>^ ££9^/) prcgoaas^ 
M[nin»(}temoIcBCus {im 

H pa '(«) pcritofl (^m/) 

^ f^tviaf) bene multnt (/»r 

P«f) iicilifl (/«r mfi&i^) 

■*i (itagtf) prvbus, integer 

[ff*|ifcjy) omnium fccnarum 

IMirihrM) bcncToliit (parts) 

pM^adfaKaft] Jucram* 2. 
. ***!*«, 1. (/• J9) benefacio, 
I ((*Mr) coapenfo, i • pr«fto/ 
y-^(»«i«) flatus, 3. 

i^ (aipbjrfiO profum 

iMftos cambibOf 3. con- 

F'wn, parafeeve nagna 
Ef,U^ valeze Usm^) pro- 

^^//. ff. rcf i faCttkates, 


fotvnaty opety />/. (mm) pcof 

Jium (iuMMvAii/r) ret fblidK {by 

imberitaMce) bona hanrcditaria 
G^Sf, egregitti, cximiot 
GfoM/iefi, fpeciety 5. dteor, 3. 
Goodttkit^^ conprobatio, 3. 
Ccodnifif bonius, probitat (will) 

beneplacitum^ a. ice will 
A i»fi, anfer^ 3. ((4^} ineptui 

(tay/9r*t) fartorii fernim prc(^ 

Of a goeftf anfenatts 
A f^'^^trrft grofulK aciaut {h^fi) 

grofliilaria, 1. 
A gore^ finuty 4. plica, I. 
Cere (blood) cruor, 3. iaoic4> 5. 
To^orr, cornu ferire 
Gvrcdy cornu percuflut 
A gorgti jugulum, 2. 
To gorge, exfaturo 
Gcrged^ czfaturatui 
Gorgeous^ nicidus, fplendidui 
Gorgeoufyf magaificcy lautd (j^^^) 

f lendide vcfticut 
Gorgnuftu/tt fpleDdor, 3. 
A ^*1^'^ mamillarc, 3, colli ar- 

matura (of mail) lorica, r. 
To gormandize, voto, i. heiluor I 
A germandizerf bellab, iris, m, I 
A gt>rmandizing,inilayic9,S'gvL\3i,t, 
A g«Jlin^ aAfercuius 
The gcfpe'f cvangeliam, 2. 
Of tkegtfpej, evangelicus 
A gfjpp [iif drinking) compotnx, 3, 

(in tvalking) ambulatrix {in tat* 

ling) mulier loquax 
A g^x^ \ fee godfdtbet 
To gojjip, tempos coi^terere 
Got, or gctten, acquiiitus, na£lus, 

qua^tut, partus {with cbifd) 

gravida ta^ {fy ir.ireat/) irepe* 

trarui ^by chance)^ fcrticus (A<- 
fere) anticipaQi ^r^ ki^id'ttn\ gc- 

G k A 

mat {tf feMkh) for* 
To gtvem^ gttberfio» i. moderar 
(« fmmilj) adminiftraf e rem fa- 
mi Harem (ar guide) duco (#w*« 
feij) fe g^&e (rAr JUte) re«i» 
praeeilc (« pmrimce) provlndaai 
procurare U JBifJ navim gubci- 
aarc (at a kiMg) re^^ i. 

G9vem*dof, reftus, coa^iqwitut 

GevetHdifie, tra£tabilii 

Gtvemarxe, gubematio^ }. adou- 
nifkracio, 3. (ttgovermmm 

AgmtrnoMte^ gobernatriZf }• 

Governed, gubernatus, reftui 

Agovernefs, guberaatrix^ 3, 

Governing^ gubernant, imperaito' 
Agoverning, gubernatio^ 3. 

A govemrnent, regnum, a. impe- 
rium, 2, provincia, i. res pub^ 
Ilea (dr^'/rtfi^) dominatio, 3. {of 
a family) ceconomia, i. rei ta- 
miliaris adminiftratio {of tie 
tofigue) raodentio, (of a flate) 
polhli, I. (in grammar) regiffteii, 
3. confccutio, 9. 

A gavemour, gubernator, {In chiefs 
princeps, 3. priefes, 3. (of « 
country) priefeflus, a. procuratar 

Gfvernonn, magiftratus, 4. 

A gourd f cucurbita^ i^ pcpo, 3. 

The gout, podlgra, i, arthritis 

G'juty, arthriticus 

A gown, toga, i. ftola, i^ 

H^earing a gemin, togarns 

Grace, gratia, 1, (in fpecch, &c.) 
decor, 3, renuftas, 3. digaitas^. 
3. {at meals) benedi£!io, 3. 
(farouf) favor, 3. beneficium, 2« 
(pardon) vcnis, i. 

Agrace (privilege) privUegiixm, t. 
(//j^*<i^/a^)lcpor, j.elo^uentia,!, 

lUgrace^ in¥eftufla«, j. 



C R A 

6 R A 

Cri^ oni«tui» condcicoratui 

fSr^fij^ venufttts, etegaos $ de- 
cora^ coaouinatt decens 

Cr^etM^ decore, veauftc 

Grsc^fiA^i tet grace 

€irw^% podituij diflblotut 

Tlis ^y»w, gratias» //• /. 

CrrjtfiiM»jr*tiofus« benigMs (moft) 

GrtiOK^h^ hMnaiiitcr» beoif ne 

(fraeivupi^ beaignitai, 3. comi 
tas, y Voerolntlay i, 

A gradiim^ gradatio, 3. 

CrsJualj^f ptdetemin), gradatlm 

A i€0diistt» graduatus» 4. 

A grsf, Qr ff'aft, tnfitum, 2. 

T<| grt^, or X'*^* inieroy 3. in 
' *ikh1o, I. (between) inteilero,} 

Grofftij Uocttlatua 

A grster^ snfitor^ 3, 

A grafng^ ioocuJatio, 3. 

Grain (com) frttmentum^ i. (of 
fa^t, &c.) mica, ». 

A grain (ilk weight) granuoi* 2. 

Grain (to dye with) coccui, 2. 

The grain (of wood), ftamen, 3. 
(of Uathn) corii nigx 

Crtfim {of paradifi) grana paradifi 

iof ffi^/it/} femina Dcralli' (ixr a 
nvury) brafii exco^i leii^uiix 

{of aJlowanu) excuiatlo^ con- 

donatio, 3. 
Ingrain, cocuneut 
Againfi the grain, invltl 
Crany, granatut 
A cKAKTMABf granmar!ca> i*^mmar^ granunatlcui* gram- 

A grammarian, grammaticuf , 2. 
Crammatieal, grammaticus 
Grammatiea//yf granlinatlr^ 
A granado, granatum bellKOltl 

Graadj ingeni, grandif (torVft a.lattsee) ciathro^, 

A grandfoii^ nepos^ 3. (daughter) 1 crumble into) infrio, u 

neptis, is, fi {farberl aTus, 2,\GrateJ, rafuij dathratus 

{mother) aviaf i. {infmejl) iaqui- 

fitio major 
A grandee^ optimatf^ '3. 
Grandeur, dignitas, amplitudo 
A grange, prxdium, i. villa, r. < 
A grants permiflio, 3, (thing 

granted) concefTum, 2. 
To grant, concedo, 3. fino, 3. 

[or ackno\A'ledge) fateor, 2. 
Granted, pcrmiffus, concefluf (for 

granted) pro conceflb, in Confeilb 
K granting, conceflio^ 3. 
A^rtf^, uvt, I. 

A grape gatherings Tindcmia^, 3. 
Bearing grapei, uvifcr 
Graphical, graphic\ij, accnratus 
Graphically, graphice, accurate 
A grapple, harpago, 3. 
To grapple, corripio, 3. (a fhip) 

unco apprehcndSre {with) obluc- 


Grappled, unci* conflri^i 
To grafe, Dafco, depafro, 3. (as a- 

buliet) ftriAim attingere 
Kgrafier^ pecuarlus 
Kgrafp^ pugillum, 2. 
To gra'^p, pugno conftringere {at) 

capto, I. aucupor, i. 
Crafpcd, caplatus 
Grajpirg, avidus, avanis 
Grafi, gramen, 3. herba, I. 
Bi-aring graft, herbifcr 
Ofgrafs, gramineus 
Grajjy, granainofas 
A grajhoppcr, lo€u#a, r, 
Kgrajs plot, veridariumy 2. 
A grate (for fire) Craticala, r. (to 
' Idok througli) clathms, 2. 

Grateful (agreeable) aeccptui, 

tm%, jucundiiiy niavia 
To he gratefml, gratuft fe pra 
Gratefnltfj juand^ gnt£ 
Gratefedmep^ jacvnditaa, ). ] 

tndo, 3. foavitaa, y 
A greaer, radiila, i. 
To iHttiff (obliee) oUbqnc 

(indulge) tndu^coy x. (w 

munero, 1. compenfo^ t* 
Gratified, obfequto ddtnion 
A ^i0{fKfi«fM,^itii€atic^ 3i 
Grating, mordft 
A grating, rafura, t- 
Gratis, gratuit6^ gratit 
Gratitude, gratitudo, 3. 
Gratuitous'^ fl^tuitui 
A greetahy, prKmioa^ s« n 

3. m«cet, 3, /« 
Gratulatory, gntuUbundaB 
Grave (feriouff) fevenii» f 

conftaiib, modcftui (fiid^i 

mceftofl {in fpae^) friffil 

(ancient) fenior 
A grave, fepnlcl^nim, %, tne 

2. {digger) tumulonim M 
Of agnave, iepulchi^alia 
To grave, infculpo^ ^^^'l^ '. 
Gfarved, infculptna 
Gravel, fabulun^ 2. (lA tht 

calculosi 2. 
To graxel^ fabnlo iaftrrnli 

perplex) fcrupulum mjicC* 
To have the jertfvc/,cakui9 1ft 
Gravelled, inbuia inikAtu% 

(hip) vadii . infiaur (pcff 

hindered) impcditue 
To be ^r«vi/^</y hsfito^ Jk 
Gravelling, difficxlia 

grate, rado, 3. {the ^ars) 
perflringry 3. {^he tutb) dcotibus j Gravely^^itr'^h, gniYitec 
frer.dcre («r vex) didis mordcre G^etvcly, i bulofui 

I Cn 

PS, fcqlptilis . 

ndendo, ^ 

ribn) fevcritasy grt- 

rdghO pondus> $# 

I s« cfCfBor, 3* 
racd plenos 
r)caBui (i« rt^Mir) 

caoefcOf ^» 

caois fKllicMi 

3. (diripfiiig) liqui- 

wheali) axiingia,!. 
jofp, 3« nngOy $, 
tedc corronipSre . 
t (nailjr) fqualidui, 

\l, fqvalJd) 
picdoy 3. iUnnct 

naw. «. 

grandb, aiagnm 
iogO^h immenfus 
) infignis (violent)' 
tievoos) gravis, durui 
finnilitfiSy intimus 
s (men) optimates, 
oth chi/M) gravida 
inndts (auditme) 
JM (in 0ge) longaevus 
r) esimia Imut (^tf/r) 
rinwniain (friend) 
CM (houfe) duoius 
cafoa) caufa gravis 
D filcntium {wbiU) 
namher) oumerofus 
ioctiffiinvi (in ahi- 
s fiiffuhitifl («r cor* 
M, corpskntus 

G R I 

Grtat^^^ nuximui (chic/eft] fu- 
^ premnsy fummoi 
QreMty, vald^ maiimi 
Greatnift, magnitudo, 3, (of honour) 

dignitas (w/rA) famlUaritas (im* 

roenfity) vaftitas, immeafitai 
Oretves, ocrcK % 

AgnciaHf grecos, i. graiai 
A^grecifm^ grad(biuS| s. 
Greedyt avidas, vorax (of homnr) 

A inedy gut^ comedo, 3. m. hellao 
To htirudy, avid^ concupiicSre 
GrtMy, avide, cupidi 
To eat intdily^ voro, t. 
Greedinefi, avarltia, i. (i« MfAf) 

voracitas, 3. avidius, 3. 
To fpeMk Greek, gueci loqat 
Green {celmr) viridis («f ^rtf/i) 

gramineus (frefli) recens, mufteus 

(not ripe) immatunis 
A wretn (plat) yiretum^ a« [fir 

iewls) phaerifteriun, t. 
Tfibegreen^ vireo, s. virefco, 3. 
Greeni/h, fubviridis 
GretMjt, virlditas, 3. viror, 3. 
To/rMT, faluto> i. 
Greeted^ falutatus 
Ap-eetwi, falutatio, 3. 
ApritSroKj craticula, i. 
Grief, dolor, 3. oiceror, 3. ibli^i' 

tudo, 3. triftitia^ i. moleftU^ i. 
Full ef grief, triftis, moef^us 
A. frievance, o^tnfio, 3. injuria^ 1. 
To irifue (or troabie) wxc, f. 

€iucie> I., molefto^ i. (or ^ 

grieved) doleo, 2. mereo 
Grieved, vexatus, excnidatui 
It grirvetb me, piget 
Grieving, mcerens^ doleni 
Grievous, iofeftus, gravis, 4ttrttss 

•ixQmanis, atrox 


Gritvmfmfi, atrocitatt 3, 

conger ro fcAiWi 
Qrim, tonon, acerbuf 
Apymeue, orii dcpravatto 
HlehgrimmM, del, fiaolatl 
A grime, denigro, i« 
Grimfy, torvioi, totvi 
Grimmfi, torvitas^ 3. 
A grin, oris dtftortio (forced laii|h) 

nfus fardoaicui 
To grin, fubrideo, t. 
To grind (twrn) ftf^mtmvixm moK^re 

(/» f^^ndir) in polverem redticli^ 

(m « /sw) exacuoy 3. {in 
tr J com 

, contundo, 3. {tbt ttetk) 
dentibiis fnndere (with tbt temb) 
mando, 3. UoUuri) colorft tf« 
H5re (tkeptvr) opprimo, 3, 

A grinder 9f C9ru, molitor, 3, 

ThjB grinders, dentes niolares 

A grindii^, molitura> I, (•» « 
fine) exacutio, 3. 

A grind/hne, cos verfatilis 

A gri^ (handful) manipohis (c^ 
t^beliy) tormina, jJ, »• 

To gripe (take hold) conftringo, 3. 
(as ^ain doih) pervello, 3. (as a 
uip) in ventos nimiom difcur- 
rSre fas a mlfer) pertinax elTc 

To he griped, torminiboi affitt 

Agriputf avarus 

GriJLy^ afper, incultus \tidi9us) 
^orribilis, horrendus 

Crj//y(s^v.) afperi, horridi 

Grift, farina moknda 

A griftte, cartilago, 3. 

G^iftlyt cartilageus 

Grit, arena, i . (cobs, 3; 

Gritty, arenofus 

GroMs, fariaa craffioff 

A, g;rtmt, drachma^ Xt 

L K 

G R O 

A grocer, aromatopola^ i. (*• fhop) 

aromatopoUumy a* 
Groctty, aromatay um, n« ' 
The /rtiify inguen, 3, 
Agrocmf agafe, 4. {of schamher) 
cubMolariui {oxtbeftaiU) ftabu- 
lariui(of /^ftole) primariai a 
regio cobiculo (forttr} janitor 
A gretve (in wood] ftria» t. 
Tcgnwi, ftrio^ x, 
Trngnft, psipoy X* ezpalpoy i. 
Groped, pnetentatos 
^gr^r, palbttor, 3. 
A irtftn^, palpatio^ 3, [for) pnc- 

tentatio, 3^ 
C7r0>S (thick) craflus, corpnleotus 
(fat) obefasy pinguis (my great) 
ingenSy immenfas (maoifcft) ma- 
A grofi, duodecies duodecim 
In tbegro/sf in folidiifn 
Grosfly, cntCc, inconcinnS 
GroffrefsfCnBtudOf 3. atrocitas, 3. 
Crotejfue, mifcellaneut 
A grqtiOf crypta^ i. 
Agrove^ nemus, 3* 
Togrou/; fee to gnmUt 
1^0 groveif hami fcfpire 
Grovelling, homi proAratn^ 
The ground^ tena, t. huiftils, »• 
iblum, ju tellni, 3. {of m tbii^), 
cauCa, t. fundancntum, s« 
A'grottwd, in vado hantna 
On tbegro9ndy hAVA 
To ground (CeachJ inftnio, j. 
drceOy a. {upon^ or truft to) 
ippitoTy 1* fundoy i« (or efta- 
t>'iifli) fancio,4. l^JBip) fubdoco^s 
Groundwork, fundamentoipi 
Underground, fubterfanevi 
Ground (of grind) molhus, con- 
tritos (wr j/offO exaentns 
— -fa^ fuMiBtu^ conflit^ttos 

G R U 

Ground ky^ hedera terreftris 
The ground of 0jloor, contignatio 
Of the ground, terreftris 
Groun&ft, fine caufa 
Tkt ground/U, infcrum limen 
A group, torba, r. corona^ i. 
Grout, agrioroeluniy 2. (wort) ce* 

revifiae azyoia 
To grow, crefco, 3.* (fpring up) 
exorior, 3. (again) regermino, 
I. (or become) evado, 3. (amonf) 
innafcor, 3. (bigger) adaugcfco, 
3. (cheap) laxo, j. Tiiefco, 3. 
(dear) carior fieri (In age) ado- 
leico, 3. pubefcoy 3. (fat) pin- 
guefco, 3. (bandjonur) venuftior 
fieri (beaxy) ingravefco, 3. (in 
fajhien) inolefco, 3, (in trace) 
virtiite ma£lare (in length) pro- 
mitto (lean) macrefco, 3. (old) 
fenefco^ 3. (out of fafhion) defa. 
«Ax), 2. (out of ufe) exolefco 
(over, or upon) a^nafcor, 3. (poor) 
ad paupertatrm redigi (proud) 
fuperbio, 4. (rich) ditefro, 3. 
(pro^) convalefco, 3. (tame) 
manfuefco, 3. (together) concref- 
cq, 3. (under) Aiccrefco^ 3. (tip 
unto) accrefco, 3. (up in Jlature) 
adolcfco^ 3. (upon one) amicitia 
abuti (weary) fatigor, i. 
To growl, ringo, 3. 
Tb ^grown (increafcd) aageor, 3. 

(become) fio 
Full grown, adidtui 
Growth, inereinentun],2.fru£lua^. 
Agruh, lumbricus 
To grui »p, eradico^ f. eflfodio, 3. 
Grubbed up, averruncatus 
A grudge, fimultas, 3. odium, t. 
To/rir/^^, murrauro, i; in video, 3. 
Beffrirtg a grudge, invidus 
A grudging, livcT, 3. invidia, i. 
Grudgingly^ avaicj gravatim^ sgre 


Cruiiy pu&Dentimif %, 
Gruff, tctricusy tonma 
To grmmUe, marmuro, r« ma 
AgramUer, nmrnnirator| 3. 
A grumUing, mmrmuratio, 1 
To gnmt, gnmnio,4« perfird 
A grnnttt^, grunnitus, 4. - 
Guaiseum, h'gnun iaodum 
Aguareinttep fidenifS>r 
To gnsnmtfet io K rtcbSre 
A guard, cuAodia, t. ^of j6 

fatellittom, s. pne6diom 
Li/eguardkp icfii iiReHitet * 
juvauedruarig cscobitoivi 
Guardt, iatellitei, 3. ^.| 
Thegusrdofafimdf ca|«hi 
To be upon the guard, excaboj 
To guard agalnfl^ ttifto, s. 
attend opon) coailipo^ ' I 
protect] defendo^ 3. mwi. 
(or fecare) cuflodio^ 4. 
Guarded, ftipatus» cofto^tnt 
A guardian, tutor, |. 
A guarding, flipatioj %% k^ 

(againft) caudo^ J. 
Aguardianjhip,^ tHtefa, I. 
A gudgeon, gobio^t. 
Gueganvs, crepunAe,//. 
Agvrfs, conjeGura, i. 
To guefs, conjicio, 3, CMi)e£1 
^y^f^ffif exconjcaura, cosji 
Guejfed, conjeaura noc«S 
A gucjfer, conjeAor, 3. 
Agueji, hofpes, m; r. t^m 
conviva, a, e, ('cbanOtr) < 
culum, a. 
Guidance, du£lu9, j^, cinta 

adminiftratio, 3. 
A guide, dux, 3. c. 
To ^uide, duco, 3. adduco^ «• 
Guided, condu£lus ; perdodo 
A guider, <iu«or, 3. moderate 
A guiding 5 ftt guidance 
A guild, fodalitium, a. foc-eti 


ii, 1. dohi^ a. 
■dulenkiit, vafer 
,4. htxih 3* 
lOceiM^ ihAmis 
M) caafdiity font 
va/But aureus valens 


%3. fcuMlo, I. 

■lib t* fBigolioy 3« 
ifii^ 3* fraodatiO) 3. 


'^ imoiiat I. 

tppofuin fiiMr 
ffmeiiu beUica /din- 

4fit nitranis 
Booy 3. profloa, 3. 
cniptioy 3* 
trierca particula 
pftu^ 4. guftatus, 
flat« lakiuneai 

%jt.{frit^ r»f )colon 


iToiut (a fowl) exentero, x. erif- 
cero, I. ry^] purgo, i. (« ^m/^} 
praedam e tt^o egerCre 

Guttedf exenreratus 

A gutter y canalis^ 3. bcma, i, 
fiavfeentwo ^j^i)comp)aYiain> 
2. (i«/0 vfhich M«ct ^«/) colli- 
quia?, f/, (f« fiUgn) inM, i 
(-r/iS;) imbrex, 3, 

To gttitkf hellaor, i* 

KgutUr, helluo, 3. 

A guttting, helluatk), 3. 

Gutturmi, gvtturalis 

Toguxxle, poto, I. pei|necor, x. 

Aguzxler, potator, 3. 

A guxxling, pputioy 3. 


A lUheri^ber (of A«/i) pUio, 3* 
^% (ofykaAf wares) darduiarios^a 
nabtUmntf apparatus, 4* 
A Babit (cuftom) mos, 3. confue- 

tudo, 3. (of apparel) veftitus, 4. 

(of body) temperajnentuniy %, 

crafis, U, fj^ 
Gotten a babit, afltiefa^his 
Habitable, habitabilis (mT-] ioha- 

An habitation, domus, 2t 
Habited', fee clatheel 
Habitual, ufu contra Aos 
To habituate, ailuefacio 
To hack, cedo, 3, concido, 3. 
llackid, concifus, caefus 
A backing, caeiio, 5, 
\. hackney (horfe) con^uflitius ^uus. 

{*coach) currus mefcenarius 

( -writer) . fcri ba cond udlitius 
? it hackney, Io;o, I. elocp, !• 
4 ^haddock, afiuus, xnarinus,2i 


A hafi, maaabrioM, !• cap«lai, %m 
To bmftf aaaubrio iafkniSre 
Hafiedf manubmtus 
A bag, fvria, x. vocfica, i. (oisht 

mare) tacabos 
A hag^rfi^ cofnacahtm, s« 
T^ hag f /if licuoft I. 
A i'-if^'V, liciutor verberui 
A hmg£U»g, lickado fcrboia 
Hail (adj.) fioui. faluber 
Hmi (fubXtO graodo, 3. 
Hail {*erb) falte, afC 
To itfi4 compeUo^ I. laluto^ t. 
Haitioitt, ^|itioiiit» aCroz 
Hmne^fiy^ ncfarie, flagitioC^ 
HdiHimfnfft, atFDritas, 3* 
The hairt iilm&t 3. capillus, s« 
(^ rA« ^Ji^ coma, I. capiUi« 
Uam, 1. (or a beaft) tIIIui, s. 
(of tbt firebead) anttS| ^/. {•/ 
eyt lidt) palpebra 
Of hour, cjpiHaceus 
Having Ur^ bthr, comatvs (^«/%r 
hair) caefariatos {<urltd hair) 
cirratus {'trnteb bair) crimger 
To a hair^s breMttb^ ad amuAra 
Haired, criniCus (red) mfiis f/&<^) 
villofus [roiigb] hifpidus Xtbin) 
Hairy, pilofus» hirfutus 
Habrineft, hirfutUt >• 
Hairlejt, dcpilii 
A halbert, bipcanis fluiliCarii 
The halcyon, halcyon, onis j w* 
Halcyon, ferenus, tranquiUus 
To bale, trahp, 3* {inj iublbkigQ,3« 
Haled, traaus 
A haRf^, tnStui, 4* 
Half, dimtdi<iii|, a., medietai^ 3. 
Note, in compofition it is ren* 
dered hyfemj, tafemi-vtvust half 
alive, fimi-borfi, half an hou^ 
Half a doxen, fex 

L % , An 


St^rf^wfi^ fereritu, afperitas, 
t (/« tajh) acer%iut, 3. 
A horJUt^ exta porcina 
A kart, cenrui, a* 
€Hsbart, cenrlnn 
Hart's iwM, cornu cervinum 
Jfarwft^ vned^i, 3. ('time) autumnus 
Harvfft (a<y.) aotumnalis 
Of harv^, mcflToribS 
Aaj harvcfit feenifecinin, s. 
A iarvi/hum, mettor, 3. 
A i&«/W jwfy nux abcllana £lveftrif 

{tree) corylus (f row) coryletusi^a 
A iks/k tfmemt, miAutal^ «. 
TToha/k- miuutin concid&e 
A hajp, citna ferrea 
Toit^, ob(ero» i. oppetfulo^ z. 
JKcrW^ obieratus 
>A itij^inr, oppeiTuUtiOf 3* 
A hajoeiy fcirpiculam^ s. 
U^e^ feftinatio, 3. celeriCai« 3. 
Imbafle, fcftinanter, feftine 
To ifficn, fdMnOf i* prapcro (««#*! 

pace) gradam accdlerare (/m 

much) pnepropero, i. 
Hajlttui, properatUSy matufltui 
A bafttnirg feftinatio, 3. 
Nafiily, piopere, fcftin^, fefHnanter 

^(paifionately) iracmid^ 
Ovtr tajlify, praematuri 
Jia/litufiy przcipitatio^ j. irdocitw, 

3. {tefUnefs) iracvndia, z. 
Hafiinp, pifa praecocia 
Mafyf propcrus, feftlnans; cooci- 

uras, praFceps {hot) fervent 

(fudden) fubitus(tefty)iracundui^ 

To he bafyi ardeo, 2. ferocio, 4. 
A ^4/9 galerus, ». pilcaa, a. {-band) 

fpira, I. (■i/iJl'r] pileo, oiiit \ m. 
to bateb {cblcheni) puUos excJoc!Kre 

{fax) carmino,.!. {mifibieft lia, 

&€.} mala> «r dolos procudSic 

H A U 

A hatch of cbithntj pullicics, 5. 

('/tf iioor) antic a, i. 
Hatcbid(t& a chicken) ovo exdufus 

(as a fword hilt) crenatus 
A batcbely pe£len, 3. 
To batchel, carmino, i. pe^lino,^., 
HatcbelUdf cariiiinatu« 
A beube/liug, carminatio, 3. 
The batcbet, tabulatem, 2. 
Voder tbe bgtcbes^ in egeftaie (in the 

power of) Tub poteftate 
Abatcbet, fecuris, 3. afcia, i. 
A batcbet/ace, vultus informis 
A batebing efcbkkens, foetura^ I 
A batcbwunt \ fee aubievemaa 
Hate, invldia^ i. odinm, z, 

Full of bate, invidus, malignus 
To. bate, odiOk, dcteftor, J. (eaeb 
ctber) mutuis odiii flagrare {wtb 
difdaln) faAidiOj 4. 
To#« bated, odio habftri 
Haied% invifus, exofui 
Haiefal, odiofui 

An bater, ofor, 3. {of women) Bfiy- 
fogynoa (of men) naifanthropos 
{of marriage) mifogamos 
Hatirg, perofus, exofus 
A bluing, averfatlo, 3. 
Hatred, odium, 2. fimultas, 3. 
To bave, habeo, 2- teneo, 2. Dotior, 
4. {a tbing erjfd) prflKoni aJiquid 
fttbjicSre (awajS abduco, 3. ! 

A banftn ) fee bariour 
Haugbtily, {\j^r\3^^ elati | 

Haugbtinefs, faftus, 4. arrogaatia,!. 
Haughty, fuperbu», fafttiofni 
Having, habens 
Haulm, ftipula, i. 
A hauncb \ fee bancb 
A baunt, confttetudo, 3. recefTuf, 4. 
Haunted, frequentatas 
iiauntidhy^iritt, umbris inqnietatiu 
A haunter^ frequentator, 3. (of 

H E A 

flews) ganeo, 2; {of taves 
popino,.3. [ofmenstahlh) paitfi 
A bauntivg, frequentatio; 3. 
Havocky clades, 3. ftragcs, 3. 
To make tavoi k, vaflo, i. fpolio. 
An bautboy, tibia foni acutioris 
A baw-ti^rn, JTpina alba 
To bowk (fpit) ftrco, i. exfcR 
1. (cry things) res venales d 
mitare (go a hawking) aucopor, 
A bank, accipiter, 3. 
Hawknofed, nafo aquilino praedliti 
A bawker (pedlar) mercator d 

A banking (of tbings) vcndlt 
circuinforanra(fpitt$ng} fcxcatai^ 
A bawjer^ helcium, 2. 
Hay, ittnnm, 2. 
Made of bay, feenetis 
A baymakery fceoifex, ;r» ; w. 
Hay barvefl, fcenifeciunl, i. 
Hey cock, foenimeta (loft) huk 

3. (dack) fsninicta major 
Hazard, periculam, 2. fee dasigv 
A baxard (at billiards) ftindubi f 

(at tennis) caverna, i. 
T^baxard, periditor, z. experiflrif^ 
Haxarded, io difcrioien midfaf 
Hazardous, anceps, pericuiofn 
Hazy, nebulofus 
Ht$ ille ipfcy ifte, is, hie 
I A bead, caput, 3. {beads, or t 

proceres, primates, ^ n. (d 
I iolhge) prcfes (of bair) coma, t 
(of an arrow) fpicolum, !• (• 
point) cufpis, 3. (of load) pif* 
montoriom, 2. 
Of one^s own bead, fponti 
To make bead, refifto, j. 
Head (adj.) primarhu (/lr«ji^)tCB^ 

Fore-ptrt of a bead, finciput, 3. II 
{bindtrpgrt) occiput^ 3, 

E A 

teads, Viccpi, (three 
pi (« bttniud beads) 

[Mity) fj^citas, 3.' 
. judicium, ». (fiaU 
^ntale, 3. (of a 
1/) cithane jugum {or 
'5«>3' {•f ^ Spring) 

I, dolio fundum im- 
^ewr) ferrum iiaft^ 
am amy) excrcitum 

d, incoofaki 

tad, fapporatut 

iis(as an army) da^los 

dccurio, m/i, m, 

, loebriaos 


mu, praecept 

icipatus, 4. 

domittu, feroix 

ieor, a. fano, i. (a 

Bos.c(M:glutino (divi- 

io, I. (or h beaPd) 

Hiralefco, 3. 

s, curatus 

, medicabilif {n§t to 


uis, pacificus 

itio, J. 

3. TaletodOy 3. 

; faleo, liff, %, 

ber, bris, c» 

alobritasy 3. faiutas 

IS, fanos 

, 3. icenrnf, 2. -(of 

let, 5. 

tBivio, accufnuMji i, 

'«^) lfipcrioge9o,5. 


lolatio, 3. 
tlatiai, acervarim 
, 4* tKtmdiQ, fttb 

H E A 

audio, (or be informed) certior 

fieri, refcifco, 3. (a caufe) cau- 

1am cegnofcere 
Heard, cognicuc, . audtttti 
A bearer, auditor, oris, m» 
A bearing, auditus,4. auditio, 3. 
Aitkin bearing, pnefti^fTe 
Hear fay, fama, i. rumor, 3. 
The beart, cor, cordis, n, (or mid 

die) medium, n. (of a tree) 

medulla, i. 
FuUcf beart, . animofus 
To bave a hart, audeo, 2, 
Out cf beart, exanimis (da grouad) 

fterilis, inforcundus 
la beart, antmorus (as land) fer 

tilis, opimus 
To he in beart, vigeo, yaleo, %, 

(out of beart) ammum deff^ond^re 
Heart of oak, robur, j. 
Next to one* s beart, ciiarifliffius 
By beart, memoriter 
To lay tot beart, aegri fcrrc 
Siti at beart, graviter aegrotans 
Aftoeet beart, corcolum, t. amsca, 

I. amicus, 2-. procus, x. 
Heart brewing, acerbiffimuf 
ITMr/^vmrfffyCardialgia, i. (grudge) 

fimultas, 3. 
Hardhearted, immiferScort 
Hard beartednefi, intiumanitas, 3, 
Light hearted, hilarit, lietus 
The beart Jfrinn, pnecordia, fi. 
To hearten ; fee r« animate 
A hearth, focu*, 2. 
Beloaging to a hearth, fscariiii 
Htartily, fiocwe, fortitrr] avide, 

ex animo, acri appeiitu, cffufe, 

valde, toto pedore 
Ht^tineft, finceritas, 3. 
B^arthfs, defpooden*, excora 
Huirty (fihcere) iincerusy integer, 

(not iick) validus, (anus 
frwfi cBor, 3, caJidiiw, j. far 

H E D 

paifion) iia, t. 
A btatim rates, curfuf', 4* 
To heat, or make bot^ calfacio, 3**^ 
(or he in a beat) candeo, s. sfhlo,^ 
I. {an ovia) tunium igoc cale- 

W)tb great beat, ardenter 

Heated, calefadus } iratui 

An iroa beater, ferrum ad lintM 

poliendam aptum 
A heating, calcfadio, 3. 

Heath, erica, t. (or common land) 

An heathen, ]nfideli% paganui -^ 

Heathemfm, gcntilifmus, 2. 

Heaibemfi, ethnicui 

To beawe, levo, x. allevo, x. (sr 
fweli) tumeo, 2. {uf) attotiq^ 3. 
elevo, I. 

HfAvsK, caelum, i. «. • 

Heatfenfy, coeleilif, calitus (beiagt} 
coelitec, urn, pL {minded) atSkm 
tibua intenitti {minaednefs) remni 
coeleftium cura {things) xftleftia^ . 
pi, divina, p/* 

Heavily, graviter, ^egre (flowly)^ 

Heavinefs (wCight) gravttat, ]• v 
(drowfinefs) fopor, 3. torpor, 3^ • 
(dulnefs) ftupiditas, 3. (forrow* 
fulnefs) triftstia, I. mcrror, 3. 

Heavy {{zi) xnitii, tardus, meftus 
(drowfy) torpiduc (dull] fegntSy 
iners ^ ^vcigbt) ponderoftt«» 
gravit (requiring much labourf . 
laborioius (dirty) Itttofns .. 

To make heavy, or Jbd, trifto, T». . 
(in weight) ingravo, i. • 

An bebraifit, hebraifmui, x. - 

Hehreta, hebraicni, hebiseiM . * 

In behrevD, faebraici . 

Meffick, fa«£ltcas 

A he^or, ficarius, t,- 

Abed^e, fcpetiV ^^^ifc l» 

H E L 

To hedge, fepio, pji^ 4. {h^e) 
prsefepio^.(tf^«rt) ciroumrepio44. 
An bedgeb^, echinus, «• 

Jtiidgtd, Icp.US, IDMUtUS 

Mtcdt cura, i. cajutela, i. 

To lake Ited, cavco, 2. tttendo, 3. 

fee to talc« care 
hecdiefs, i lei tans, iflcautut 
Jdeediesfyy r.e?.iip«:ntcr, incaMte 
Heeditijr.ejs, i:fgiij:entia, i. 
The biii, w».x, cis, f, 
. To heel^ ij ciino, i, . 

To he fit the trelt, inflo, I. 
A he^kr, ciardifurins, i. 
•A W'^ juvenca, i. buc«Ia. i* 
IZr/f^/, altitude, 3. {•/ a difiemper) 
■ *rifis, 3. («r top) culnen, 3 
jfor tallAefs) proceritat, 3. 
Jfeight (aoj.) fummos, maxima* 
To heighten (lift up) erigo, 3. (ag- 
frevate) exaggero, i. (encourage) 
Heifbten*d, fublatas, aoiplificatus 
Jfttittittt detefiabilis, atrox 
To tHaie heinous | fee to heighten 
Hehmllyf «gre, faclnoroie^ ia- 

feafe, irate 
Heinoufnefi, immanitas, 3. 
An heir, heirefi, haeres, edis, c. 
(jtt law) haerei lege {apparent) 
hsret prxfumpttts (in part) 
beret ex parte (of the tohele) 
manrea ex afTe (joint) cohaeres 
(iy will) hxres teftimentariua 
ittirjh^, hxreditas, 3. 
Held (of hold) occupatus, pofleflus, 
.laccoQBted) asftiroattta {faft) 
a(lri£his (in) inbibitus {up) fultus 
j^<//, tartaruc, 2. infernttm, a. 
}Iellboimdp improbus, perditus 
Hel/rjhf infernaHs> inferaus 
A helm, gubernaculom. clavus 
^J'^hmii, caflis,-3. P^'** *• 
"^ ' ■ ■ ► -galeatus 


Helpf auxilium, 2, fubfidiuixiy 2, 
adminkolimi, 2. fappetiae ; arum, 
pi, f, (or remedy) remedium^ 2, 

To he^f opitulor^ 1. juvo, i, 
fubfidio ajicujuf fidiire, promo- 
¥60^ 2« AippeditO|. x. libero, x 
extrico, x. (up) fublevo, i 
fuftineo^ '2. (or avoid) evito, 1. 
vito, x. efFiigio, 3. 

By Goo*8 ^^, deo juvantc 

Helpedy adjutus, fublevatui 

An helper, auxiliator, ai^utor, 3, 

Helpful, auxiliarts 

Helping, adjuvans 

Helplefi, inopi 

Uelter fielter, cpnfufe 

A hetve^ manubrium, 2. 

To belnn, manubrium aptare 

Hem ! inierj. hem ! 

A hem, fimbria, x. limbui, 2. 

To bem, fimbria ornare (in) obiideo, 
2. circomfideo, 2. {fir call back) 
rcvoco, I. 

An hemifphere, haemifphaerium, 2. 

Hemmtd, iimbriatits, obfelTuSj cir- 

A hemming, practexCuca, I. 

Hemp, cai)iubis, it, f. linum, 2« 

Hempen of hemp, lineus 

A hen, gallina, I. 

Of if hen, galUnaceut 

Hfnroo/i, pertica gallinarit 

Hen htartody timidut 

Henpeeh, tixori Quptus 

Hence, or from benoe, ex hoc (bt 
gOQe !) apagc te ! (fr4m hence) 
ab hint (forth) de hinc, deixKcpSj 
porro, pofthao • 

HepatiCf hepaticus 

An heptarchy, beptarchia, x. ' 

Her, ejus, illius, iplius (berfelf) 
ipfa, ilia 

Byberjelf, fola 

Htr owa, iua 

H E ' 

An her^d, fzciaiit 
Heraldtyj jus faeciale 
An herh, herb*, i •{for th 
Herbage, (pafture) paf 
(ty the of herbs) decim 
bis (tythe of gra^og) ju 
^ herbal, "botanologia, 
An herbaliftf botanicos, : 
Full of herbs, herbofus 
Herb market, fonim oUtc 
HerbJeHer, olitor, 3. oltt 
An herd, armestum* 2. 
To herd together, conven 
An herdfiuaUf annentaric 
^A-f^hic (behold !)ecce! I 
hue (and there) hie iUi 
fparfim (after) pofth: 
in his parti bus (^ 1 
ex hoc (by) ex hac, 
hae re> hint, (in) in I: 
hojus, de hac re {t9fo 
antehac, olim (1^011) 1 
ad hoc, adhoc (wth) 1 
H^itabkt hertditary^ hei 
Herejjf, hanrefi^, 3. f/ 
An heretic, haereticuSf 2. 
Heretical, haereticus, aij 
HereticaUy, hatiretice 
An heritage, patriflMmiui 
An bermaphrtiiitt^ttfm^ 
An hermit f eremittt ee. 
An hermitage, eremite o 
An hero, heros, ii, c» 
Heroical, heroicos 
Heroically, fortiter 
A heroine, herois, tdit, ' 
An herring, halec, erit, 
(pickled) hateccondiu 
balec faliu et f«mo di 
Her^s, t\n%, illiuSy ipfitt( 
A herfe, feretrum, 2. 
To hejitate,^ hxfito, i. 
An befitating, haefitatio, 
Heterodox^ hccero4oxu8 


I hetcfofeiieot 

ido, 3. {i^mJer) dif- 

{imM) fuccidoy 3. (/« 

V) oriM, dolatiu (/>r 

keugoiuM^ »; 

r^iM^a fingttktts, 4. 

abditvs, aicaotts 
1», 1. coritmi, x. (t^ 
) abicMdo, 3. occalto, 

rtcoftAo, 3. (A*/*r*) 
|. (or cover) operie, 4. 
Oy I. (h the grwfti) 

i/vgeAtP^ cooperio, 4. 
tecs s. iletiteo, a. ia- 
litefcoy 3. - 
iltator, 3* 
ktrridiM, bomdiM 
vc, tetr^y horrid^ 
onoTy 3» 

x«tCacio> 3. (fUee) 
htibalam, a. 

kierarchia, l« 
• faierogJyphicas 
iuernglyphica, fi. 
fn ciiiftria ofUadra 

OLotiCfU, fupnmus, 
traMltns (in fiaturi) 
tMseti) prettofof 
lUiflie, feorfum {or 
fermatf fuperut 
liii geaere natus 
fortify acer, ferox 
jitno ekcasy fuptr- 


?, pAotilcx maxjmus 
ria regia 
naottit iafidlator 

H I R 

Higher f altior 

To be bigbtr j fee to eaicil 

Higbeftj fummtis, fupremus 

Highfy, alte, cxcelli 

Higbttefs, celfitudo, altitado, 3, 

A ^ii7, monsy 3. collis, 3. 

An hiJixky colUculttS, 2. . 

Hi^j mootanus 

A hi&, capuluBi, a. 

£y* Af«r, illiua, ejus, huju8 ; de 
iJlo {^fiff) All, per fe 

HtJn'w^/f, ille ipCc 

A ^iWy cerva, i. 

Hinder ^ pofterior (fieet] pedes pofte- 
riores {piort •fthe bead) occiput, 
3. {fart of the neck) cervix, 3, 

Ta binder, impedio, 4. obfto, z. 
inhibeo, 2. probibeo, t. (inter- 
rupt) interpelloy i. laterturbo, i. 

An hindrance (ifl^pedimeot) impe- 
diaaeotui^, a. mora, i. {lofi, or 
prejudice) daxnnam, a. incam- 

To be bindredt i|npedior> 4. 

Hitidredy impeditus 

A Irindarer^ interpellator, 3. hicri 
oppugnator, 3. 

A hindering, retardatio, 3. 

Hindinoft^ poihciviui 

An hinge y cardo, 3. 

A bint, indiciom, a. ffionitlo, 3. 

To bint, innuo, 3. Cuggero, 3. 

Hinted, fuggrftua 

^hinting, monitio, 3, 

Hip ! (interj.) heus I eho ! 

A hip (berry) cynoAati bacca 

The<^;^, coxendix, 3, coxa» i. 

Hi f gout, fciatica, J. 

Hrppijh; ftt hjpocondriac 

Hire, merces, 3. ilipcndium, 1. 

To hirCf conduce, 3. 

To let to hire, e)oco, i. . 

The hire of, locarium, a. 

A day t hire, diariunifa. 

H O A 

Beiongin^ f hire, ftipeadianaa 
Hired, conda^vu, conda^Mot 
An hi*'eiing, mercenariuiy a« 
A hirer, coodudor,. 3, 
A hiring, condaftio, 3. {otO) lo^atto 
Hit, ejus, illiusy ipfiat^ hujua 

{own) fuus, proprius 
An bi(i^ hij/ittg, fibilual, a. 
To hifs, fibilo, I. {Hke s gooff) 

An hifivrian, hifiorkos, a. 
Hiftoricat, hiftoricus, adj* 
Hiftoricalfy, hiftorice 
An bifioey, hiftaria, ee, f. 
To bit {iWiice) ferio, 4. percatio, 

3 . (happen, or Aieceed) contingo^ 
3; accido, 3. Aiccedo, s^ \or 
agree about a thing) contention 

4. OBBcerdo, X. (on a thing) i« 
roan iacidSre {againft) col lido, 3. 
allido, 3. , (or beat down} dif- 
jicto, 3. (ill thetcttb) cxprabro,r* 

A bit, i^fj ^ percuffio, 3. (or 

chance) Tors, 3. caAit, 4. 
Hit, i£lui, percuiTvi 
A biuing aguinft, colUfio, ^, 
Hit tar mifs, ]wBtz eft alea 
To hitch, /unearripSre (or siove 

farther) paulum movere 
To hiuheif carmioo, !• pe£h>» 3* 
An hithe, portM, 4.- 
Hither^" hue, horfum (and thither^ 

hue illuc, altrd citroque 
Hither, or nearer, ciicrieff • 
Hfthtrmoft, citimus 
Hitherto, adhuc, ha£tenui, ufqaa 

adhuc, hucufquc' • 
Hitherviard, horium 
A hive, alYeare, 3. 
A p/aee for hives, 'apiarium, a* * 
A hoan, coticula, t. 
A hoar frcfi, pruina, I. 
Hoarinefs, canities, 5. f« . 
Hoarfe, raiKUS) (ufc^% . •* ' 

H 0,G 

3. {pf[petch) 

To U harfi^ nmceo, s. {<* prow 

Htarjenefsy ratwiuu^ 
, ravis, |^ 
itoary, canns, albefcena (« ^e^) 

fruinofas (or 'mouldy) muadus 
"5o ke btarj^y caneo^ 2. incancfco, 3. 
Hwrjf i6fl/rX| ctni, />/. 
A ^0^ »tfi7, davus rufilcorum cal 

' ceis impadus 
To ^^/f, claudico, i, {or do care- 

leisly)neglig€nter, orlevitcrag»re 
Bobblifi^^ inconcmiiiu(rough) afper, 

^> UM, 

JloUiiugiyy male, iaconciiuie 

A bok^^ masflos, 2. 

A hobby borfi, aruodo longa 

A, bob^rMin^ lanra, i. fpedlroa^z. 

A ^«o( ofbacon^ perna porcina 

To Ao^A, iopperoo, i, ' 

tS^ld boekfV'innm Rhenenfevetuihim 

A bocutpocui, prsftigiator, 3. 

A Aoi/, tmlla^ 1, 

MMy^ betus, fanus 

A bedggtedge^ niifcellanca, //, 

A ^og-, ius, f, -3, porcusy 2. (///r/r) 

r • jptrceJluty 2. iyoung) nefrcndis, 

fV, «. (bacon) porcus faginatus 
. (^oxvow) verres caftrmtus {fiy-fed) 

porcus altilis 
li^jxbog, porclnm^ fuiUus 
Ahoggril^ OTIS bideas 
A bogberd, fubulcus, 2. 
A bogloujCf pediculos porcinas 
Meg's baitfia, exca porcioa 
/%/jf,- iuile» j, 
A bogfiead, doliuxn, 2. cadui 
hedgehog, echinus»2. 
•^^^^i/^ (ciowni/h) auiticos (fcrly) 

mo(K>rus (nigardly) fordiduc 
Ifoggi/i/Iy, iiifticje, Tofdide, moroO 
Jfoggi/htu,s, TVtAickii^ 3. Buwofitas 
Abogooj lapor Vjehemcju 

H O L 

Hoifiedup, fiiblatus 

A bold (cave) latiboluni) 2. (thing 
. to hold by) adminiculttm, 2. (^ 
w/A/ ^«^i) ferarum cubile 
{Jlrong ) praefidluniy 2. . 

To bold, retineo, 2. leneo, 2. obli- 
neo, 2. (on, or continue as a 
debate) duro (or affirsn) aflero^s. 
Ytndico, 1. (or think) puto, I. 
(a£andle) facemalicui praelucere 
(or contain) capio, 3. contineo, 
2. (or lz&) duro, I, refto, I 
(back) detineo, retineo, 2. (<lo^ 
together) comprimo, 3, (one*4 

. breath) fpiritum- coroprimere (/») 
cohibeo, 3. (in the reins) habenas 
premere \off, at Tea) rudentem 
abftr^here (off^ or. refrain) ab- 
fiineo, 2. (outf or persevere) 
perfevero, i. {a public Jolt) auc- 
tienem facere (one*s peace) tacco, 
2. fileo, ^, (a parliament) fena- 
tum habere (out) perduro, i. 
(up) attoUo, s* (^ Vfager) pignut 

The boldof ajhip, navii peoetrale 

In bold, in cuflodia 

A boldfafly uncut ferreus 

Holden. comprehenfus (back) dif- 
tenfus (itt) inhibitus, coercitns 
(out) protenfus 

Jloldifig^ teoens (one^s purpofe) coo- 
cilii, or propositi tenaz 

A holding bad, retentfo, 3.. (tiofVir) 
fupprefTio, 3. . 

Holding faji, ten ax, pertinax 

A holdfng in, cohibitie, 3. (up) 
Aiftentatio, 3. (one*speace^ filen- 
tium, 2. taciturnitas, 3. 

A .bolcy foramen, 3. (to lurk in) 
latebra, I. (or cave in the earth) 
fpclunca, I. (in a prljon) tuUi- 
anum, 2. 

To make a bole through, transfodio. 

H < 

3. pea^tro, i. 
Ahole^ 9r chink, r 
A breathing hole, f] 
Fullofholes, ferami 
Holify, ianac 
Holinefs, fanftitas. 
Hollow, cavus, cav 
An i>o/ibw, concav 
To hollow, excavo, 

isoop) vocifero, 1 
To he hollow like a fi. 
Tht hollow of the ft 
Hollow as a pipe, ti 

▼ox fufca (-^«tfr/£ 

paetos (as a reed] 
Hollowed, excavatu 
A hollowing^ excav; 
Holfawne/t, cavitas, 

Htf^m, adjutus 
Holy, facer, . fan Aui 
Holy things, iacra, 
Hofy. writ, fcriptHi's 
Hofy of holies,, fand' 
Tit make holy, confec 
An holy day, dies f( 
Holy G host, /pi 
/fo/y tburjday, dies 
Homage^ dientela, 1 
/fome, dninu&» i.or . 

domi, in dooio (/ 
Home, (In argument 

(^/vw) validus, m 

tic) domefticus (< 

(accufalion) acri: 
Home (z^v.) freely, 1 
Short borne, in via 
Homelinefs, rufticitai 
Homely, rudi«, imp( 

Homeward, domum 
An homicide (that 

homicida, <r^ m. 

fnicidi^m, t> n. 


homilia, t; cbnciOy 3. 
, hoaofeaeus 
1,3. f; 

btu, hondhiSf integer | 
nidKut, TerecuadiM 
c&fPy homofrogi 
rab^ iKMieft^ 
Micfcimy nAim } pro- 
itegrintt} podicidat i. 


tMMT, 3. hoooe, 3. (re- 
a) ftauy I. cxiftimati^3. 
ty) podiotia 
r, iioooroy z. colo^ 3. 
»r, doauaatio ycftra 
fhtmn-^ konorit avidos 
■Mr, honoratus, Tencrabilu 
(Mwrr, hooorifictta 
V, Qbftrit, aobiHa 
% aooorifiut 

mtt boBorabiliSy pre^laraa 
^■vraMr, Uhdirifiinafy am- 

■Mw/if noKlitai, 3. 

?) miaificiy ami^liffime 
"■^f CQkiit,4.reTereiitia, i . 
^«««/, nJam, %• (for the 
9 tactiha, »• capitiumy 2. 
ipriefl^ or woman) ledi- 
■foB) 1. Xtv'ride in) pallium 
*ni!B (ibr a graduate, &e.} 

■■pu,3.(^«/6«r/>)nngala, i 
f hum, uoctts (ifiw^ itM() 
i^lufala,!. C/^«^0 
t !• (r#«M(^'V«wrl»} mncina, 
^or ^6) lalx, rif, f. ^o^ 
mt) Sbult, I. (^M/ rr^ff 

H O R 

book) harpago, 3t (hooki of a 

daor) cardines, pi. 
To book itif fee to intice^ 
dfthe Mb, makaffeaoi 
To i&MA (grapple) inuncoi i. (toge- 
ther) coaibalo, i. 
MMlr^^amatus (aooked) obuaais ; 

falcatus, curvatus 
Htokednefif adoncitas, 3« 
^n Uof, vimeo, 3. circolat, a< 
To ho9^ vieo, 2. (or boUow) voci- 

fero, I. exdamoy i. 
The botfini ceygb, tuffis ferina 
A bv^y or b9ftt lupolm , a. 
Anbop^ Qxjum^ faltus, 4. 
To bift faltito, i. fubfulto (tokop 

beer) cerevifiam lapulis condire 
Hfe^ fpes, 5. fiducia, t. {a boft) 

dorfuro fnoatis ; fpecula, i. 
To hepe^ fpero, r. expe^o 
Fafl hope^ defperatus, infperatus 
Forhm bepe^ antecurfortSy o/. 
Htped for, fperatuf, fperabilis 
Hiptful, de quo beni fperatus 
H*pekfst ezfpes 
Hoping^ fperant 
Hipperofamillf infuodibulum 
Ah b9rdt acerms, 2, 
To bor4, accumulo, i, coDigo, 3, 
Hordedf accumulatus 
^nbtrJer up^ accumulator, 3. 
The bvrixon^ horieon, tts, m, 
HmxMittl^ honcontaiis 
A bom, cornu, in deel. 
Bugk-bomy como venatorium 
Jfik'bpm, atramentarium, 2. 
}hrn-work, (tt fortifictttiM 
Of born, corneus 
Hard ax horn, comeolus 
Hormd, cornutus, corniger 
An bonter, cornoom opifex 
Horny, corneus 
An borofcope, horofcopui, a. 

H O S 

iBrible (terrible> horribiti^ hoiu-' 
ridoe* (heinous) dirui, infaodiif- 
(exceffive) iminoderatus 

Horrid^ ietbornVt 

HcTTMir^ horror, 3. terror^ 3- 

FuliofborroTt horrore peifofafl 

A litt/e b^rfip mannus, eqaulni, sir * 
{ambling borfe) equus toUotariat 
(rrotting) equu* fuecoflator ifiny) 
cabailus, 2. {cart borJV) juflmi* 
torn, a* (coach horfta) bijugei^ 
pi. m. (to dry c/otbes Mr) cantlie* 
ritts, 2. [backney) equut condoc- 
titios (bobiy borfi) arundo looga 
{bunting) equut vesator {ligbt) 
*vcredu8, 2. {wttb m bard motitb) • 
duri oria {firrei) fpadix, tds, m, 
{wineing) calcitro, inis, m, (colt) 
pullus oqainus ^ 

A b^r/e, eqpus, s« 

Tbebor/i, equitatus,4« 

To borjfe, in equum mlttj^re {one) 
in humeros fuftollere (as a ftaU 
Hon) ijilio, 4k 

Of a borfe, equinui 

A berfi eourfer, equorum mango 

Horfe courjtng, equonim permutatio 

Horfe guards, fat;pllite3 equeftrea 

Horfekeeper, agafo, onit, m, 

Horfe ieeeby hirudo, 3, 

Horfo had, fagma, 3. n* 

Horfeman, eques, ttii, c# 

Light borfemen, veloccs, Telitet, /^ 

Of a borjemah^ equeAer 

A borferace, hippodromiii, 2, 

Nor/ed, equo veftus, in equo 

Htrffmanfifipf arsequcftris 

Hortative, hortativoi 

A bofe, tibiale, 3. 

H^earing bofe, caiigatttS 

Ofbofe, caligarius, adj. 

An bejier, caligarius, 2« 

HoJ^itahle, bencvo'us, hofuitaUi 


To ke hMrfi, nniceo, %» (<* grow 

io^ft) trnmcefco^. 3. 
iJoarfy, jiMci, nucHm 
H$arfinefs, ratwiuu, 3. {<f fpeecb) 
» ravis, |, 
iftftfry, camis, albefccna (« /roft) 

fruinofiis {or mouldy) mucidus 
"5o ^ ^A^p^) caneo, 2. incanefco, 3. 
Hwrjf />tf/rx, ctni, pi, 
A m >M//, clavus ruAlconim cal- 

'ceis impadus 
To heUUf claudico, i. {or do care- 

leisly)neglig€nter, orlcviteragjJrc 
Bobblifi^^ incondnBus(rough) afper, 

HoUliugfy, mal^, iaconciiuie 
■A bok^^ masflos, a. 
AhoUyhorfe, aruodo longa 
;A JbU^M&'/i, lanra, t. fpe£lroa,z. 
A ^«ii ofbacoK^ perna porcina 
To ifefl^A, iopperoo, i, ' 
0ldbock^yt\nnm Rhcnenfevetuihim 
Abo€uspocui, prsftigiator^ 3. 
A bed, .tmliay I. 
tlodd^t betus, fanus 
A bodge pedge^ mifccUanca, pi, 
A bog, iui, f, 3. porcusy 1. (/////?) 
: • jptrcellui^ a. (young) nefrcndis, 

fV, m. (^f0ir) porcus faginatus 

{baxroiw) verres caflratus {fy-fed) 

porcMs altilis 
ZpM« ^ i^gr, porcintis, fuiUus 
A boggrtly OTIS bideas 
A bogberd, fubulcus^ 2. 
A bogloufe^ pediculos porcinas 
Mog's baujla, exca porcina 
tfogfty,- Juile, j. 
A bogpead, dolium, 2. cadui 
}1edge bogy echinus, 2. 
i/ipg-^^ (clowni/h) ■ufticos (fcrly) 

mo(K>rus (nigardly) fordidus 
fiogg'Pjfyi ii>/ticje, fordide, moroO ru^i^ita^, 3. Buwoiitas 
A bogooy fapgr vehemcju 

H O L 

Hoiked upy fttblatus 

A bold (cave) latibolom, 2. (thing 
. to hold by) adminiculttm, 2. (^ 
w/'A/ ^A^j) ferarum cobile 
{firong ) praefidiuniy 2. . 

To i>o/</> retineoy 2. jCeneo, 2. obti- 
neo^ 2« (on, or continue as a 
debate) duro (or affirfn) aflrero,3. 
vtndico, I. {or think) puto, l, 
{a catuMe) facem alicui pnelucera 
{or contain) capio, 3. contineo, 
2. (or laft) duro, i. refto, I. 
{back) detineo, retineo, 2. {<lo0 
together) comprimo, 3, {one'4 

' ^rM^i&) fpiritum coroprimere (/») 
cohibeoy 3. {in the reins) habenas 
premere {off, at fea) rudentem 
abftr^hcre {off^ or. refrain) ab- 
fiiaeo, 2* {outf or persevere) 
perfevero, i. {a public JaU) auc- 
tienem facere {one's peace) taceo, 
2. fileo, %» {a parliament) fena- 
tum habere {out) perduro, i. 
{up) attolio, s* (^ v/ager) pignus 

The bold of afiip, navis peoetrale 

In bold, in cuflodia 

A boldfafty uncut ferreua 

Holden. comprehenfus (back) dif- 
tenfus {ill) inlvibitus, coercitus 
{out) protenfus 

Ueldjn^^ teoens {one*spurpofe) con- 
cilii, or prcpofiti tenaz 

A holding back, retentfo, i,^{down) 
fupprcflio, 3. 

Holding fajif t«nax, pertinax 

A holding i>, cohibitie, 3, {up) 
Aiftentatio, 3. {one^speace^ filea- 
tium, 2. taciturnitas, 3. 

A .bolcy foramen, 3. {to lurk in) 
latcbra, I. {or cave in the earth) 
fpelunca, i. {in a prijon) tuUi- 
anum, 2. 

To make a bole through, traAsfodiOj 


3. peafetroy 1. 
A bole^ or dfink, rimZf ^r, j 
A breathing bole, fpiranienta 
Full of holes, fofaoMjiofoi 
Holify, hnae 

Holinefs, fanAitas» 3. pktUt 
Hollow, cavttSy cavemofua 
An holkm,cQnamimp 2. 
To hollow, excaro^ u cavor 

hoop) vocifiefo, f . iaclam 
TobeboUowtikeaJjpiuige^ fit 
The JfoUoto of the/ett, fnbtal 
Hollow as a pipe, trnhvihttti, 

Yox fufca {'hcarftdi AJlax 

paetos (as a reed) fiftiikliu 
Hollowed, excavatM 
A hollowing, excavatio, j. 
Holfowns/t, cavitas, 3. {atite.^ 

c^yfiw, I. (tfjhe eya) am 
Holy, facer, fanflof 
Holy thills, ikcray pL 
/fe^! wriVy.fcriptura (acra 
/fo^ ofbolia,, fandum iaodf 
?> wa^^ ^f oonfecro* i. ia« 
^11 i&0^ ^, dies fe^us, feri 
Holy GHQST»./pirit«is (ao£ 
Holy tburfday, . din afceaiioai 
Homage^ dientela, I. , 
Home, doouit^ jpff «f» f. (at 

domi, indojDip {/tom borne) 
Home, (in argument) danifl,. 

{blow) validus, ar fbrtis (d 

tic) domefticua (oniet) Tio 

(accufation) acria 
Home {zdv,) freely, liber^ au 
Sbcrt home, in via 
Honulinefs, rufticitas, 3. 
Homely, rudia, iasfkolitus, nil 

inQoncinnus; Reformist in^t 
Homeward, domum verfui 
An homicide (that . doth n 

homlcida, <e^ m. (the a^ 

micidipm, (^ «• 


ilia, t; coBciOi 3* 

F; ^ • ■ 

boBciniSy intact } 
M, verecundiM 

OB^ icAuin } pro- 
»; {(odicitMy t. 
Gfo, If. 
adlifictii * 

IS - 

ims, «• 

3. hoooe, 3. (re- 
ly I. cxiftimatio^3 

)ro, z. colo^ 3. 
Bisatio Tcftra 
', konorii avidot 
norattts, Tcncrabitis 
ria, BobBia 

orabilisy pne^lams 
, iUuftrifiiniiSy am- 

lobiHtat, 3. 
goific^^ an)|^liffiine 

ltas,4.reYereHtia,T . 
Tdam, 2. (for cbe 
Sy 2» capitium, 2. 
or woman) ledi- 
[19 ride r«). pallium 
M- a graduate, &e.} 

, UOCB8 (Jbee^book) 

fuUf I. {form beat) 
veed-woith) roncina, 
i) fsAxt cis, f. (J^ct 
»o]a^ I* {great tr$n 

H O R 

M() harpago, 3. (hooki of a 
door) cardines, pi. 
To bd9k hf fee to :«ftV#* 
dfthe bodty makaffeaoa 
To Uok (grapple) inunco, i. (toge- 
ther) coaibalo, x. 
MMlf^^amatos(ctookedJ obuaais j 

falcatus, curvatus ^ 

Htokedneft, adancitas, 3. 
^n Uof, vimeo, 3. cimilos, i« 
To he9^ Tieo, 2. (or boUow) voci- 

fero, I. exdamo, i. 
The booftni cougby tuffis ferina 
A btff or bfif lupokifl, 2. 

To btf, faltito, i. fubfulto (to kop 
beer) ctrevifiam lapulis condire 

Htfe, fyeiy 5. fiducta, t. {a ixfe) 
dorfuro fnontis $ fpecula, i. 

Tobopty fpero, r. expe^to 

Paft hope, defperatos, infperatos 

FcrUm bepe^ antecurforts, pL 

Heped for, fpetatuf, fperabilis 

H^/ul, de quo beni fperatut 

H*pekfs, exfpea 

Hopingt fperam 

Hipper of a mill, infuDdibuIum 

j^bsrJt aeerms, 2. 

To borJ, accumulo, f • eoDigo, 3. 

Horded f aecumulatus 

An border up, accumulator, 3. 

The borixon, horixon, //i, m, 

Horixofitslf hortcontaiis 

A bom,' cornn, sn dee/. 

Bugk-bom, eornu Tenatorium 

Ifik-born, atramentarium, 2. 

"Horn-work, (etfortificafion . 

Of born, corneus 

Hard as bom, comeolus 

Horned, cornutus, corniger 

An borner, cornuum o^ifex 

Hornvy corneus 

An borofcope, horofcopui, a* 


I9trihle (terrible) horribih'^ hop*^ 
ridoe* (heinous) dirus, inAuidM- 
(exceffive) iamoderatus 

Horrid, Utborribh 

Htrronr^ horror, 3. terroTy f« 

Full of borror, horrore perf^ufl 

A Ji'ttk borfif mannus, equulus, sir - 
{ambling borfe) equus toUutariut 
(rrotiing) equos fuecuflator {finy) 
caballus, 2. {cart borJ\f) juflMil* 
turn, %• (coach horfes) bijuges^ 
pi. m. (to dry ciotbts on) canthe« 
rius, 2. [backney) equus condoc- ■ 
titius {bobby borfe) arundo looga 
{bunting) equus ireBator {tigkt) 
*vcredus, 2. {vritb m bard month) 
duri oria {forrel) fpadix, ieis, m, - 
{wiming) calcitro, init, m, (colt) 
puHus oquinus <» 

A borfe, equus, s« • * 

Tbe borfe, equitatus,4« 

To borfe, in equum mittj^re {one) 
in humeros fuftollere (as a ftaU 
lion) iJiHo, 4^ 

Of a borfe, equinus 

A borfe conrfer, equorum mango 

Horfe courjing, equorum permutatio 

Horfe guards, fat;pllite3 equeftrea 

Horfekeeper, agafo, cnis, m* 

Horfe ieeeb, hirudo, 3. 

Horfe load, fagma, 3. n« 

Horfeman, eques, tth, c. 

Light borfemen, Tcloccs, Telitet, /^ 

Ofaborjemah^ equefter 

A borferace, hippodromus, 2, 

Nor/eif, equo ve&us, in equo 

Horfemartfhip, arseqoeftris "^ 

Hortative, hortativus 

A bofe, tibiale, 3. 

ff^eartng bofe, caligatlH 

Of bofe, caligarius, adj. 

fbo/e, ca 
in bcjier. 

caligariu9> a* 

HoJjfitabUf bencto'.Ms, hof^\X>\\% 

H O U 

Ati kojfitalf JKBodocbiam, «• no- 
ibcomiiUByft, (fir §kl fe^fe) ge* 
idfilocoinittiiiy ft. (for wf^m) 
orpbaaotraiikiiiiBy ». . 


/£ (JMiMepcr) kofpet, 3. caupo, 

3* (walcriii-uiemart) hoftia, i 
Alafmtf Mmiy yai, vmdii 
Aik htfd^ or Mrr/^' diVerforiuin, 2. 
As i Ap, ho%ita, i. hoipes, 3, 
jr<|KM^ boftilu. hofikat 
H^Uli^y JloftUitas, 3. 
Ab b^ier^ ftoMariut, «• 
AsAJft^y Aob«li|On, z. 
£ar, dyUoi^ ordeiu (opon Xkt 

lD«goc)«crit| OMrdkaas (budtd) 

T« ^e ilef> caleoy 2. sftno, 

(fcatding) inienFao^ »• (imthin) 

To|v«w i^0/,calerco>3.cxcaBdercO|3 
To moitf bott calefacioy 3. 
Mmdthot, calefaftm. • 
JSi?ri}fy fcrvidi, ctli3^ (furiouily) 

•criter, vebcm^ater 
Bcfcb pttcb, farrago, 3. 
A i&«vr/, cadi, I* tu(turiuxn, 2. 
ITx) ^0V0r (as a branch) circumvolo 

(oir float) flu£^KO, I. fluitOy 1. 

(ovirr) immiaeo, 2. (^r ibar) peji- 

Bbveringt immiaens, propioqvus 
The hough, AiiFngOy 3. 
To toidgh Mndf occo, i. 
houghed (as a bcaft) fopperiuUus 

(as land) occatvt 
To bouiy ululdy !• 
A hound, cania Yenaticvs (blood 

hound) canisfagaxy invefiigauu?^ 

2. (grey hovad) cai it gallicut' 
To hound a dog, canem animare 
^j7 ^yu^, horaj J, [in a had lour) 
^ i 

haad aufpicat^ • [in m good hour) 

aufpicato, opportune (at the hour) 

tempore pnefcripto 
Tokee^goodbour$,ttm^Tt fcdomum 

redirfc (had boun) fcxb domam 

topittJHaif a» hour^ iemihofa*, i. (an 

hour and half) feiquihoniy i. ' 
A hourglafs clepfydra, i. 
Hourly^ h{>ris iingolis 
A houfe, domut, 4. aedes, pi. (in 

the country) villa, I. fuburbanum, | 

2. [of lordt) domua parium (of; 

commons) domua communium (of 1 

correffion) ergaftulum, 2. (of, 

office) latrioa, i. 
Oftho (ante honfi, familians 
A honje, or family^ famiiia, i. 

genus, 3. profapia, I. 
Ofahoufey domefticus 
koufe.iy boufe^ domefticatim 
To houje (cattU) ad ftabulum dedo- 

cerc (onii felf) te£tum Tubire 

(corn) frumeatttin horreit cqndire 
To keep a good bouje, eleeajiter' 

vivere {an of en houJe) expohta uti 

Houfe breakings latrociniuro, 2* 
Ilouje nmty domo 
Houjedt Tub tedium receptoi 
HouJingSy ftragolom, 2. 
An houfehold, familia 
Oftbehoufehold, fanuliaris 
Houfehold (bread) panis fecuodarios 

(affairt) res familiarcs (fare) 

vidus quotidiaoaa (govtmmen^ 

imperium oeconomicum (ft*iff) 

fupellex, 3. 
A bou/ehofder, paterfamilias 
A houfekeej>er, foemina cdi domus 

cura committitur 
Houfeietpingt familia* adminFf^ratio 
Neufe room, lotus in dovYO 

A hou/t:»jfe, mater fanailias 

H T 

' To homt, fee tabifs g 

An bow, raftrum» 2. 

To bow, paftino, x. 

How, quam (far) qw 

(great) qotDtos, 


diu, quam prideon 

vfque (many) q 

qaaoi mnlti (ojittn] 

what manner, «i 

qua ratione, q 

qui, quomodo, qu« 

ut> uti (nuech) q 

. quanto, quantiy qi 

quid (or why) qui 

Howheit, at, tamen, 


However (at leaft) fal 

bowfoever) ut u 

quomodo, qoomod 

How groat foetter,, ( 

(Httle) qBantulafci 

quotcunque, qoot 

quotiefconque (long 

. (natch) quantuma 


To howl, fee houl, c 

Ahoy, celox, 3. libu 

An bubhub, turba, i. 

The huekk h^ne, ulos 

Huck bathed, gibbofui 

Ani&tfo(^,propoia, < 

cauponaria, x. 
Ap haddk^ confufio. 
To haidftf confufira 
ther) confiindo, 3. 
Inahaddk, fpnfvfe 
Huddkd together, co(: 
A hue (coloor) color. 
Hue and ery,. fontii i 
Ahtif, thrafo, 3. 
To ijr/(look big, or 
X. (infuU) lAfultc 




vittietj^, daai 


) (ft* liEqiiay |* (of 


a ikiff tacUlOy ii 

) ikcordcoy s« 


My bpmbiloi Z« (a 

lily beni^ut 
laoitaSy 3. 
its, Aipplex 
mskehumklt, reptK 
r/«^ ie JminiUare 

nUitasy 3. ^ 
f «r^crffy coodo^ 3< 
vtmif « uuptol 


StttmRatioa^ hvailiatio, /ubaalffio 

UuMDtff hnmilitai^ |. 

A huMWUTf itCmtccivtf 

A hmmmngt dMtpti«, 3. (of bee»} 

apum bombttt 
Humar, binner, 3J (or fancy) ar- 
bitriua, u (fleafdnt) facetim, I. 
(in the body) corporel tempen- 
menti afl^us (inclinadon) in* 
dolety /i, f. notcMf um^ pi. m. 
(good) ^ftivitas/3. 
Good'humwred, facetus, lepldui 
/// bumouredf aufteriu, moroTua. 
To humour^ mongeror, i« 
HttmoMrtd, fti imkUted 
Aa bumm'ifi, inconttant« lerii 
£rMmirro:ri(ar humourfom)pervicaXf 
To Imneb, tuodo, imtddi, 3, 
HumHaekid, gibbofot 
A burd^f avaniiy fordiduf 
An buaired, centHm, centenui 
Ofankun^tdf centeoariut 
Bt bundredi, centurutiA 
Jbundrtd if fMerXf centurla, i 
(part of a Ihire) hundreduiaiy i« 
A bundred tima, centief 
The bundredtbf centefimus 
Two bundredj ducenti^ dvceni 
Hunger, fames, 3. efuritty ^« (ex- 
treme) inediat i. 
To bunger, tUrio, 4, ^ 
Hmngrtd, eOirieof, nbidut 
Hunrnljt rabidi, jcjnnd 
To Tmnt^yeaatyi • veaatoio irt {af- 
ter) au€«por, I. iaveiHgo« 1. {if- 
ttr ricbei) opei confe^ri {^ut) 
ezploro> I. perqtttro, 3« {^ and 
dnvn) eXagitO) i, 
Buntedj agitatuf 
A Hunter, Tcoatort 3. 
A bufUinr, venatio, 3. vefUtna^ 4. 

{or fecking out) indagatio^ 3, 
For buntings Yenatoriut 


A haitltft maub, veaatio pnefixn 

Aa burmt, ctatet, u. U 

Aa btuif iaftwy 4. 

To bitrtt jado, 3. projtcio, 3, 

HurUd^ Oflufluiy jadut 

An ^irrilrWy jaculatio« g* 

Hurly bur^, tumultus, 4. 

An iurriearte^ turbo, Init,'^, 

An buny (hafie) feftinatio, 3, ooii|^ 

fufioa) tamiiltiia9 4. 
To bim, fefttno, i . urgeo^ t. 
Hurryed^ aooeleratui 
A bmrrflng^ feftiaatio, 3. 
An burtf (damage) damnum, a. in- 
j uria, I .( woond)Tu]nui, 3 . phf a, t 
Tol>arrf,la:do, 3.noceo,i«con«mpo, 3 
irKfTflcros } Yitiatua, volneratut 
Atr^aoccot, aocivut; damao* 

Am I pemiciofiaa, exitioTut 
An burting, nocomeatum 
An bu/batSl^ vir, %, marital, ft. ' 
Knbujhand't brotber, lcTir,ft.(fiiler) 

glos, tiSf f. 
To bttfiand, caute difp^ofare {or ti^ 

ground) agrum colSre 
Huflsudedf bene coJlocatua 

An bk/handman, agricola, « j m* 
Hufiandry, agricultura, i, (g^od) 
frugahtas, 3. cecooojaia, 1. 

Tofraaife kifbandry, rufiicor. u 

Hufit, define ! tace ! 

Tobtbkjb^ taceo, a. 

To btifi, (calm) paco, g, (keep %r 
cret) fern celare 


HuAejfcom^ acut, us otjlnf 

Ht^y, aceroAit (in ?oice) raatat 

A bvJE^, mulier nefiiaa 

Bulhngs, huftings 

An but, cafa, i. tagntiuau a* 

A httcbf mauSra, u 

To bupx, obftreptf^ y 

Huxxa^ l«tu8 clamor 

To^asae, VQ(Vi{«c^l« 


The fyadmb, liy»cinthuf, ft* 

jiti byarografber^ hydrographol, ti 

Hydnipitid, hydropicui 

To bye, feftino, i, 

Hyemal, bjremallt 

Hjmeth hymen, 3^ m* 

An hymn, hymn us, ±* 

Aft eyftrhk, hyperbole, fi, f. 

HyptrMicah hypcrbalicut 

.W^r^iJfiiig^ typerbolke 

HypocbondrisCf hypochondriacus 

Hypocr'^j hytofftrifia, 3. 

An *jr^ofri/f, hypf»cfita,je, f- 

To flay the hyfocntf^ fimula^ t, 

Hypocrttkalt fimuUtus, fulfi}! 

^ypocrhieaUy, fimuhcc 

Hypotbejtty pofitM^ hvpothe fiv 

Bypotbnie, hypothetic us 

Hykricalf hiftorki^s 

A i^r^^ iJBOS, 4. poitus, 4, 

J A 
7, w, (myfelf) egom«f, ipfe cfo 

AyMenr, garralu f 

AjaUeHjig, garritus, 4« 

A.jaek (rt <lrTii* f»ff ^ vt^f 3' '"' 
(/or ^MCt) lignum ad ec#eas4l- 
Uahcodas a^nm ( in h^i'^gjkn - 
ipus. ft. ,(;5i) Juciui, * .{^f^Pip) 
vexilluiliy^i. (ijt ff kifthtn) v«u- 
verforiuiny »• (/^ ^iVi-ijij/r) epi- 
f ooia^ WiuHf i, (f /•» wwrf iw J 

Jij.Mt'pMdAiKf tEkimva, 1. 
AJW"^> lopur^ujcai 
Ajmktmapa, fimi»t i < 
Ajatket, iagulum^ 1^. fagum, 1 
-4 J!//fJiJackgtf fuuicubj !■ 

r D I 

A jif A, equM igntvM (^omaii)mii< 

tier improbi, er ne^aam 
TQjaJtf fee ta f/« 
AjJigf lacinia, i> 
Toja£^ laciniofc ineid&e 
y^lpJ^ dentaitii 
A ^*//, farcer, 3, «, 
Ajailirj erga(}ubrjus 
AjaiiHf fbricBj i . Jutrinp, t* 
Jj/dft, jilaplumj 1, 

y^mhk, iajuTibkus 
To jttftgfty a hereof, 1. ~ 
AjMftgJtr^ litigator^ 3. 
; A jangiin^jt argutadttj 3. 


'ani^iMrict, mtlitespnetorianiOtto- 
manki imp«fatoris 

?ainnity, |.inuatius, f • 
'oJMpajtt more japonomUoire 
ysfgtng ferma jncondituf 
AJMT, (vcflel) teftiij i, arceus, a, 
(<lifi*|feeing) rUa^r. contention 3. 
{half 6pm) reoiiapertut 
Tojanvf drfcnepo, i, altercor^ f ; 
y^tnrifTg, diffrepaJii 
Ajarriti^^ dicer cat lOj. 3. 
j 'A javalijii, hafta, i, lancea, I. 
TntJ^untficej morbus regius, i^enis 
5iV^ tftbfjsuiiSnf jfiericut 
ToJ^aitff va^iiTf J, 
A Jauitft T^garia^ 3* 
Thcjmif hbn§f mart 11 a, i^ 
Ofthfj^^ffj muxJUarivB 
ThejjTTfij, fanref, ff/n \pi»f» 
Iff, glacictj 5, 
lihnrfrapiy, modgliis, s« 
An fV/c^i iljllkidiufQj 2. 
^j gladalls 
An idea f iHca^ t. tonceptio, 3. 

fi* i<f*ji ifjtii, tifwr, f. 

An2<&^!<iiotaj4r,iii. ft 
An idhtijm, fdbtifiausy a 

aefs) ftttltitfa, i. 
Ultf ot^oftts I negligens j 
nugatorius, fiitiBs (fell 
tor, J. {frick) Intpth, 
fabuU, t. Idifitmfe) 

To be m£&, ceflS), i. t'orpi 
Uknefs, ijpiavia, i. inert 
Piry idU, defidiofas ' 
^dly,^ ifnaW, otio(2, inepi 
An /(i6^ idolum, 2. imag 
An idolKtetp idol^tra, a^ 
Idolttmu, idelis iaftrvien 
M^atry^ idololaCiiay x. 
To id^Kty homxnen dcvi 
JtaUus, fufpkiofut {ptrft 
cnx, adt, zelotes, ^, m 
Judmt^^ zelotypia^ 1 . 
AjetLVi diAerium» a* fani 
To^Wydendeo, s. ' 
Jeared, derifos, irrifus 
Ajeartr, deiKbr 
Ajeartt^, irrifio, 3* 
"^ea^nffy, jocoli 


^to, plgates, ii,m» 
Jehovah, Jehovah 
Jfjvne^ jejunus 
J^ttnth, jejuni 
Jdly ofnuats,lMM gelatum(« 

cydonia gelata 
Jeopardy^ periculum, a. 
To be in jeopardy f periclitoi 
fVithjetpardy^ pericolo(2 
JeopardouSf penculofus 
To jerk, ca»do, 3, verbero, 
A jerk, verber, 3. iaus,^ 

impetus, 4. 
A jerkin (coat) vcfti* curt* 
Ajejf, jocus, a, facetia. T . 
In jefi, jocoie ; joco (jpoh 

jocularis^ JQcuia|onus 



^» 3. icnm, 4t, M. 

»»3.jocttiq, 3. 



tttbalMDy s. 

•• I. (myjimli) 


iii» ff iioa» Bit nifiy 

taBqufli, pmde 



I ally tttmni^.fi 




ta, I. ifflperttia,! 
Eoanis, radii 
nn^ I. nefcio, 4* 



, (r^w«rift}Ter- 



I praYus> neqtttxDi nahit (tfivi) 

perperan^ mali 
To ^ iUs, aeg roto* x« 
Jli cmiditimedy moto(v»(dlJKfid)fn^ 

vns {Jmurtd) d^fonait 
IZf w/Zf, iavidia* !• iivor^ 3* 
XU^itf/, illjcicua 
XlZ^tfi^, contra fas 

JU^timacf, oitOi iafamla 
JBentmatt^ rpuiiast adiiltainut 
JHHtral, iUiJbcffalU 
lUthersiht UiibccaUter 
URcit, illicitua 
BSterMtif indoAai, nidia 
Bh^, morboiy s. agratatbt 3. 
BttmiMfiJ, penrerfiis 
To iUnSi, iUiido> 3. cli|do» 3. 
To /iSSMMMMi^'illiifliiao^ i. 
Wtimhaiidf iilumiaatat 
Aa i&tmimatfiig, Ulaaauiatio^ 3. 

Aa AjSm, Dhaatafioa* 3. tnvr, 31 
JZb/m iBujhfi, Alias 
To iO^attf nioftroy f • 
Wujhatidi Ulttftratua 
Aa WuJU'^ing, iiIaftndo» 3* 
JHuftriousj, illoftrif , etiaiiat 
Jllujlrioupy, cxxmii 
IBufriwtijnifi, claritttdo^ 3. 
An Imagif ima|Oy 3. ftatua, t • 
Image vwjbip, cultus finuUcroniB 
Imaginary^ imagiooiioa, fidut 
Imagination^ iaiaginatio, 3* cofita- 

tio, 3. maehiaatio^ 3. opinio, 3, 
Full of /Nur/i>tf//off» cogitabondos 
To /fUtfg-mtf (think) OKifttBio^ i.fop« 

pono, 3* (iavent) iauginory I. 
Imagined^ aaimo conctptus . 
Not f ht \mapned^ iacompreheaH' 

Toimbalmi (tt emhabm 
To imhark j fee emhark 
To imSafe, depravo, 1. adultero, x. 
iiR^a/^4 deprafatus^ coxTM/tuf . 


Aa Mf/fitt^, dcprantio .. v 
To imbattk^ acacm iaftniere 
UAauUd (as anjmny) iaftrttft^l 

(as a wall) priaaatus 
LiieeiBttt, debilitas, 3. 
To fbM$» polio, 4. decora, t. 
MiWpti^ dccoratas, otaUos 
An imkdS/^mim, onaateatani, %• 
To iifai/, (wafte) pec«lor» 1. ^'* 

Upido, X. (parloitt) furiipi^ J^ 
ImkiaUUtf fttncptu 
Aa irnktaeOir of pobU^ »QMy» pc^ 

colator, 3. dUaaidator* 3. 
Aa imkmiUimaif diApgHo^ 3* 
To Wf^; teia>ar« 

iT^ imM i n^ uAaiOf s.iacico, u 
M tl dmnd p adaMtat 
AaM6/«Mfi| tottaaa, 4i(tf, a* 
Aa Mffir, GseUtor, 3. 
Aa Mm& caeUtora, t« 
Art ffimkift^^ tofcatifie^ u^f. 
im ifo w eKtJ, eieateraiaa 
To Mrsee, ampledor, 3. 
hAraudy aaiplms 
An mkracini, amplexav 4* 
Toln^fd^2 &cattMder 
To Mroil, cmUuado, 3. toxbo^ r« 

{afiati) res novas molixi {or fow 

difcdrd) diffidioai condtaiCL 
Toimirefff, imboo^j, contamiaOjX* 
To imkue, imbao 
Imtutd, imbutos 
To knitofi, aommos repoa&e 
To imttate, imitor, i. (a tbhg) de* 

liaeo;, t, {noiib amkltm) smolor 
Jmitakie, tmiubilts 
ImitaHd, iniicatus 
An imtatitft^ or imitatttB, ifflits*' 

tia,3. dciineatio, 3. 
Aa imitator^ imitator, 3. emulator 
Jmmaculatf, iaiamcuUtiu 
Immanenty \siifi9XKk\ 


tmrndmy, crudelitas 
Jmt§uiteriaf[v<M of matter) materia 
expeii (of no moment) re»^levia 
Immature, crudas 
Jtu^aturitff cniditaSf 3* 
JmrndTureff, immature 
Ifmaedlate, immediatot 
Jmmediat^, immediatiy illic6 
fmmtilieaBle, immedicabilis 
£n m umo rahie, immemorabills 
immemorial, immemoratas 
tmnMfe, infinitin, immenfat 
fmmenjky, immenfiUi^ 3, 
Immen/ly gftaty ingens 
To immergfy immergo^ 3, 
Jmmrfeif, immerfut 
intmfrjttti^ immerfioy 3* 
Jmmetbo^caly indigeftos 
JmmttboMicalfy, fine methedo 
Immhnnty impendent imminent 
To be imminenty hnttineo, 2. 
JmvuJerate, profofbt, immoderitus 
Jmm§defmfyt immoderate 
Jmmod^, Impudzciis 
hmmdefil^f inverecond^ 
jbhtmiepjf imxnodefikif x« 
Vmmordj kmj^robus 
fmmorality, smprobitas momm 
Jmmertai, immortalis 
Jhtmartaliiy, immortalitas, f • 
Jmmortaitj, sternum 
To ImfMrtalizi, aeterno, X« 
ImmortaJixed, aetemitati confbcratas 
Jmmveable, immotns 
An immunity, privileglumy 1. 
Tc immure, intrtf muros Jnctud^re 
Immuruhif/ty, immotabilitas^j, 
JmrnutaSUf immutabilis 
Jmmutahhfy coaftanter, fiiwSt 
An Hip, parvus daemoor 
To in^ir^ diminuoy 3. 
tmpairedf diminutus 
j^rt»airit^, diminuens 

t MP 

To i»^h (fence in^ fepto muniri 
(a punt/hment) ftipitem per me- 
dium iiomiflem adigiSre 
To impa$itl, digo» 3. defigno^ i. 
Impatuiled, deiignatus 
Imparity, inaequalitis, 3, 
To impark, confepio^ 4* 
Imparked, confeptus 
Imparlance, interlocatio, 3. 
To impart, impertio, 4. impertior 
Imparted, communicatua 
Impartial, aequus, juftui 
Impartiality^ cquitas, 3. jaftitia, i. 
Imfartiatty, aeque, jufte 
An iMbarihf, communicttio, 3* 
Jmpajfable, invius, avius (without 

fuflTering) impaflibilit 
Impalftme, im^atientia 
Impatient, impatlens (tiafiy in teih- 

per) iraeoD^ 
In^ienthf^ Iracond^^ ^V^, 3* 
To inipeaih, accufo> u 
Impeached, reus adua 
Impeaching, tfccufana 
Impeachment^ l^ccufktio, 3. dktj 1 
hnpeuakiUtj, impeceabilitat 
ImpeceaUe, impeecabills 
To impede, impedio^ 4. 
Impeamentt Impedinnentamj 2. (in 

fpieeth) haefitatiOj 3^ 
To inipe/, impeOo, 3. 
To impend, immineo, s. 
Intending, impendensi imminens 
Impenetrable, impenetrabilis 
ImpinetrahiliN, impetrabilitaa 
Impenitence, impoenitentia 
Impenitent, imposnitens 
Imperative, ifflperativus 
Imperceptible, ihcomprttui 
ImperfcEf, imperfe€hif 
Imperfe&ly, non pcrfeft^ 
ImperfeSiiw, dcfe£lu$y 4« 
Imperial, imperatorius 
Th^ Impmatiffi Qerman!' 

f M P 

Imperioi/s, imperTofus 
Tmperioujtyt fupCfBe* mfToganfei 
Imptriaejrtitfi, arrogafitTa, 1, 
tmp^rj&nal, im perfo r^a V\ s 
Imptr(tmallyt imptrfonallter 
ImpfTtlnenct^ meptiair,^/, 
Impiritn^ntf pe'ruIan5{iiDt pci1>i 

abAifdus, intptus 
Impirtiftefftly^ pettiknter, bful 
Imper^i^ftjj imfeptfius 
To impetratif ^xOtOf I 
Impettation^ impetratio^ 3» 
Impftuuttj, tiolentns, veSemei 
fpipems^iy. vehemcntit, i, 
TmpflUeitfiyt vfeliemcntcT, oppit 
Implsty^ impitias, |, fccluij ^ 
JflwpjiM* fcelrifna, impius 
ImpiiUfjy, fceleflci iropil 
tmplacaiiit in^xotihllh 
Impla^hiii^^ implac?ibjiitaij \ 
ImplAcahly^ impliicabliiitr 
To impldnt, inferOj 3, 
Implanted, m£cus 
To mplcaj, 1 11 jus trab^re 
Impteminti (ttkil^) inftmmcati 

To rmplkaUf fmplko, I, 
Insptustisn^ fmpIiratiOj j, 
Impiktf^ implicitu* 
tmfiicith, impUdte 
To imphre, Dbrecrf>| i* Implim 
Implored, Uhploratua^ qbfccriti 
An imploring^ irnpTpratio, p 
To impioyy intpendo, 3* adbilil 
To /Bt^^( com prebend] cdinpi% 

do,j.[deootc) fignificoj Ji[^ 

Imply* di ccmprelieiirutj, deOO^ 

Imp^Ute^ inurbanut, rudii 
tmptfHtic^ iiicautu';, impiudaii 
Impolitkiy^ inconfTder;;tc, iocai 
To /iii/ffrf (bf flupv) unparU) 



I uttcfoOe {cr fignify) 

) ttdlitasy3.(«riiiean- 
:ado, 3. (am/ export) 
mafni mooMiiti 
rsmee, levii 
t, 3. reoTuSy ^ 
iTc^Ho, 3. 
cfla^pto^ I. iblidt«> 

Dfortaaitat, 3. 
' cajoin) injoiigOj 3. 
[§r chcac) fraudos i. 
iftot, fraudanu 
(chac) fhvMf Ss, f. 
mandatum, %. (tax) 
xibatuin,s.(of a fine) 

mpoffiUKcaty 3* 
^gal, a. 

oBpoftor, 3, plaaot, a 
abfcefluSf 4. («^r 


jiitasy 3« 


oepanperOy v« 
MMf, compilation $, 
iclodo, 3. 
, inrlufio, 3* 
oteftate inftraSfre 
fieri nOB poteft. 
nprecori z. 
rCxeciAtio^ 3*« 


JmpregHMhUt inexpngiiabilit 
To twtfregnditff gravidaiB faclrC 
imfrtgnaiid^ gratida fada (filled 
with) imbuiNii 

ImfrefedittUxktA) figaatui 

Aa impnJioH) iinpceffiO| 3. (•« the 

mtnd) meotit (eafaa {of a btok) 

editiO| 3. 
jr<yg(f NMJi^f aoAoraneiitumy ». 
"To im^ntf imprimo, 3. 
To imtrifoMt incarcero, i« 
Imfirifontd^ in carcerem detniroa 
im^Jkmmeitt, incarceration 3. 
la^ijohakltit^f, Tix credi potdl 
tmfinttkk^ improbabilis 
tmfrotaUf^ haod profaobiUter 
imprphitf^ improbitas, 3. 
' ^pfi^JiBMOprttts{uafeaflMuble} 

mtempeftiviu . 
lmfirtfirfy<^ inipropri2 
An mfnfr'ititiw^ (aoerdotinm gen- 

tilitium & aTitam 
An /nf^rt/rMf^Ty kicoa dooator be> 

neficil ecdofialUci 
Imfnfnetp^ iinpropriefas« 3, 
hnprweabk^ quod otilittt evadSre 

To imfrove (grow better )proficio^ 3. | 

(arts, tec, artet colSre f 4 viffoiy) | 

uti viAoria (ifn ^^^O reditun ] 

augSre {a/Uty) fioa'veris addSre 

{time) temput bonif ftudiit con* 

Jmprwedf proTeOtts, ptomotwt 
An imf>r9vemtnt,{r%€t\xtf^calt\an^\ 
An imfftoveft aaiplificator, g* 
Ao tw^rovingt amplifieado^ 3. 
Improvident, improvidas 
Imfrwidentlj, incautd, temer2 
Imprudence, imprudentia^ i. 
Imprudent, inprudens 
Imprudently, imprudenter 
bipudtnett impudentii^ i« 

I N A 

Impudent, Impudens^ effipoM 
Impudently, li^probd 

To/»^^ff, imp«gno»T* 
An imtSfe, impnlfos, 4* 
Iwtpulpne, impellent 

Impunity, hnponitat 
Impmre^ pollutna, impvnit 
Impurely, impure; immund^ 
In^rtty, inumuiditiet»5. foides^ 3* f 
An imputMtimt, vihiperat]o» 3. 
To in^nte, lApato, I. tribuo, |« 
Imputed^ affignatn^ imputatva 
An tmpMter, impntitory 3*^ 
Inf if rendered* by thefereral fol- 
lowing or^^^/fomu; a^ apud, de» 
ex« in, inter, intra, per» prs, pto* 
fecQiidum, fub, mid toina 
In (adv) innd 

In all, omnind {in ms mueh as) in 
quantum,' quaiido» quandoqui- 
dem, quoniam,fiqutdem) quippe, 
quippe'cum,ntpOte cum(fir keinjr) 
in renrni naturfi, {in krief) ad 
fummum {lnditd)tvnA {tnemn* 
nmn) in medium {in cemparifin §/) 
prae, proot {in a Wir^ ) in orbem, 
in gyrum(/ff «m«mKr)rcrd, lerm^ 

(r« the mean inne)1nterea, interim 
{in aU places) nbiqoe {in no plait) 
nuUibi {lnfigk^aS)^i\9m,9i» 
perte {injbew) rab prctextu {in 
time) opportune {in tinmpnft) o- 
lim, dudum, quondam(ni a trice) 
6i€to citius {in trsttb) tuii, reverl 
{in Snglijb) Anglic^ 

In, (inward) infitusy interona 

InoMite* impotentia, i«. 

InacceffbU^ inaeceflbt 

Inaffive, igaavus, inert 

Ira£livity,'mtxx\z, i. (bcordlis t« 

Inadvertence, tncogitantia^ x« 

Uadvertent, incogitant 

huudmate, inanimatut 

IngrticuUte^ in£{&aSU^ tOloik^iA 
M J ln«r» 


Tnsrtieutatelf^ dftfof^ 

To haniuratet inaugiuro* r. 

An iftavfuraiioM, inaugoratiOj j« 

JnoMfj^euus, UMufpicatoi 

JnSred, infitus innatat 

To incam^^ caiira ponSre 

Jncmnped^ caftris monitut 

Jwantation, IncantamentuiDj %, 

jAcapahU ; fee utuafabU 

Jncafsatj, tniperiua» i. 

Tomcanuuep iacMnOf u 
^he IneMmatitHf iacarnatio filji dd 

An mendiary^ inceRtitarius, s. 

incenfif thus, tburis, n. 

To ince/iCe^ thus fomani a|^tare (or 
anger) exafpero^ i. 

iHcenJedt thiire fbmj^tst (angered) 

An indnfer, irritator, 3« 

An inetnjini^ irritatio, x, 

Antnuttjfory^ thuribulunyS* 

An Ineenfiief iacentivuin« 2* 
Ineeptivi, inceptiYaa 
Jn€irritude, dubitatioy ]• 
Mfjfiuit, conftans, affiduua 
Jneiffatftfy, coaftaater, aAdu2 
Jnee^f inceihUy 4. inccftum, s, 
JtidjItMits, inctftua, incsltu^ua 
An inch, iincia. i. pollez> 3. 
To inch out, parc^ diftribo^ 
Inch hy ituk^ udatim 
To iaebant^ incanto, i, 
Jnckmtttdf incantatus 
An iiKbanteryVemSkoMfZAntUiUior 
An incianHngf incantatio, 1. 
Jncbanfinghf, magic^, blandiMme 
An inchattimetit, incantamentum^ % 
An incbafifrejs, venefica^ I« 
To iMthMfe^ cstio, i« 
Juch^ative, incboatiTttS 
Jnddent, incidena ^ 
An incidne, (cirenmftance) caufc 
acceffio (ereat) eventvs^ 4. 

i N C 

To ineircltf c2rcundo« 3. 

Inehrcttdy circundatus 

An incirclhgp circumfcriptio, 3. 

An inctfion, incifio^ }. incifas, 4, 

To ineitey ineito, i« Aimulo^ i, 

pidttdf impulfot, inciucua 
Nlln indter, inc'iutor, 3. 

An inciti/tg, incitatio, 3, • 

ftteUmencff indemcntia, i. 

ificRnahut propenfus, pronut 

An imUnation, proclivitas, 5. pro- 
penfio^ 3. (one^t own) fponte fufi 

To incline, indino^ r. vergo^ 3. 

To be inclined, prodendeo, ft. 

hcHnei, propenfuf, prfdhrii 

Inclining^ prodivls y d(«lim (aa the 
: day) inclinatus 

To inelofe, include, 3. pnedngo,3. 
drcumfepio, 4. 

inchfed, indufus, dn£lua 

Aa inclofingf inclufio, 3. 

Aji inei^urt, repimehtum, ft. 

To/Ar/i^pndodc,3.con)preheado^ 3 

tncluded, compreheoAis .. 
helufive^ comprehtndena 
Inclmfiv^fy iodufive 
/ifn^iV#, dam 
Jnc3)erem4j incongnientlaj i« 
Incehmrtnif disfan^ut 
Jncoberentljy disjuode 
Jntnmbyftiik, non poteft combari 
An income, reditu s, 4. 
JnccmmedMted,or incommodedt incam- 
modatus^ Jaefus, danino aflfedtut 
To incomtHode, incommodo, I. 
Jncommodhufyfineommodi, moleft^ 
Jticommodhy, mcommodum, 21 
Incommunicable, incommunicabllia 
Jn tw rn pa B, ioconcinnus 
ineompmrMble, Incomparabilit 
Jncvnparab^f, longc, mnh6 
To incempajt, dr^ndo, 3. dago, 3. 
Innmjfaftd, dicBxndatus 


An innmaffing, ■aQbItaty4. 
iKcsmfafomatt, hnmitts ^ 
IncmpMtahititf, retvjgaaatia, s. 
Ineomjmtibie, lofociabifii, repopa 
Ineompttenty, jurifdiaionia deM 
Incompetent, non legitimaa 
Incomplete, imperfedbt 
Inccmpribenfible, incomprihepfibi 
Intonceiveable, quod neqwc coad 
Incongruity, ihcongmitaa, 3; 
incongruous, non congruena ' 
incen/S^ab/tf vUia, aihili 
LtconJSderatenefi, iaco^tantia, i« 
Inconfiderati, praecept; teaierufta 
Ineonjderaidy, inconfult!^^ team 
InconMency, repugaantia, u 
IncwMenty repu^nana 
Incon/yiently, abfurd^. 
InconfolabU, inconfolabilif 
Incon fancy, incenftantia, i « 
Inconflant, inconftans, levia 
Ipconte/faile, Aon cpntenendai 
Incontinence^ iocontineatis^ t. 
Incontinint, libidiaoAia 
Incontinently, ooatum^ illicd|9MI 
An incenvmiencep iacoaaaaodiuiiy f 
Inconvenient, iacomaiadiia } lattM 


Ineonverfible, iBfodabifif 
Inconvertible, boo cdnverteadal 
To incorporate, iacorporo» l.(aciCJ 

in unum corpus icafigi 
Aa incorporating, coagmcnUgo^ y> 

cooputio, 3. 
Incorporeal, iacorpor^s 
Incorrt&, aieadis fcateaa 
IncorreBfy, meiidof^ dtiofS 
Incorreffneft, accuratioata ex|IM 
IneorrigibU, iacorrigibUja 
IncorrigibUnefi, emcaditiodl Mi 

perattOy 3 



1 to) augeo, 2. aecQ- 

t. )cR!fbay3«aiigeory% 


ao6bf9 4» 



icrr^ibiliraf, j* 


ivado, 3. 

fiin invaAis 

ai res ali«iias iiiTadit 

tt, rei atieni inv^fioy 

es alienas £idus 

icruftatiO| 3, 

iciiico, X. 


ibatio, ^ 

. iacnlcatio, 3. 



beneficii pafleflfor 

)pedio, 4. 


>editu8, obrutos 

'f onaratiOy 3* 


or, a. incuno, i, 


ado, 3. obligOy I. 

ftoBy obtigatus 

bligatio, 3. meritotn 

tm (oUig0d to) dc- 


onsniy 3« 

1M9 indecorus 

Mtif Indecentcr 

', profe^^• Itai^e t 

Bouna 4iligeoti2 
ntau ' 


Lidtfinitelf, indefinite 
IitU/tVle, iodelebilis 
To vutemnifjf, illsiuin prslUrt 
Memmfitd^ iUkAis 
ItukmrJtyy indemnitas* 3* 
Jta of Indmniiyt amneftia^t* 
To /Vfiwr/ (covenant) pacifcur^ 3. 
InJentedt denticolatus 
Aij i«/wr«r*,fyngrapha dentlculats 
Indeptndencf, indcpcndeotia, i. 
Initpendinty nenini fnbjcftus 
Jndependentlf^mm Aimnia iibcrtate 
tndeterminatt, indefin^ttts 
Indeterminateiy, indeterminate 
An index, indea, 3. fyllahus, 2. 
An Irdiatr, Indus, 2. indicus, 2. 
To ittdicMte, indico, i, 
hiditation^ indicatio, 3, 
Indicative^ indicativus 
To /W/c*?, diem dtcere 
Indipable, accufationi obnoxias 
Ikdi£f:df delatus^ accufatus 
An indicrer, accufatof, 3. 
An indiBing, accufatio, 3. 
An htdl&metit, libellus accufatorlus 
Iitdifirenct, sequabUitai, 3. (uncon- 
cernednefs) animus id nullam 
partem propendens 
ff^iib indijeffnee^ frigidc, Jejted 
' Mijferenf, aequalis, mediuiytodiflfe. 
To be indifitftie, cquo animo efle 
Jndeferently (without partiality) in< 
Indigetitt, indigentia, i. egeftas, 3, 
JmTigiHe, egenus,paoper 

fudiff/Udf indigfltus 

/W/]p^^/#,'coocoAu difikilia - 

Iiidii[eJHoti, ftomacbi cmdittt 

Indignant, indignans 

Indignation^ indignatio, 3, 

To have indignation^ ftoauchor> It 

Indignity^ iodigoitas, 3, 


ladirtay obiitfuM, ftitf reAot 
ImLrtay, iodifcae, obliqua 
Indifcretioa, improdentia^ i. 
Jndifirbm'nattffj fine di(crimlB6 
Indifftnfikle, inevitabilis 
Indifptnjihlyt neceCari) 
IndifftnfibUntfi, ret ne ceffita? 
XndtffiojStion, mala habitudo 
Jmitfohabk^ indiflblvbllit 
In.'finff, indaftinAiM 
IndtJiinBly^ p'^omifcuiS 
Udiftini^uiibMUsy iadifcrimintlNM 
To indite (dilate) diab^C . (accvft^ 

fc(? indiB 
IndiBed, diaatut ^ 

Iwiividual, iddifidotti {tnurf^ u«- 

guli, ^, a, 
Individuattf, fiflgttlatim 
IndirrifiMif Individuvs 
Indo/tnce, indotentia^ r. 
Indoknt\ (widU 
To indorftt a tergo fcribcre 
Indorfedt l tergo fcriptus 
An tndorfcr, I tergo fcrTbeiis 
Ab indorf entente \n averia parte p^ 

minis inrcriptio 
InduiitahU, tndubitabilit 
Indubitaifff fine dnbto 
To tndaei (prevail with) orwo, f • 

allure) allicio, 3. (perfuade) per* 

fuadeoy 2« 
Induced, exoratQS,alleattt,perfttafiit 
An i^iutr, perfuaibr, 3. 
An indttcemewt, incitamentwiij t* 
t*« in^ffy indneov 3* 
An induSiw, mda^> 3 • 
To indut^ xmhoPf 3* dono> V* 
Indued, inibutusy prKditut 
To indulgt, indulgeoy %* 
Indulgence, tndnlgOitiay f • 
Indulgent, blandus, obfeqoidllf 
Indulgently, indulgeater 
An indulte, gratia tt^X 

indurtUef totoi.^^ .. 



*ro tnduratt, oMarOy i. 
IndurMted^ obdoratua 
Jnittftrious^ diligcns, aflidu^s 
Indufttioufiy^ feduI6, diligcntcr 
Jndmfiry^ indttftria, I. 
To inebrtatij inebrio, 1, 
Ineffable^ ineffabiJis > 
Jf^fjfabiy^ more incflfabili 
IntffeamaJ^ intificaz 
fntffiauali^^ rmecffeau 
Infant, meligant 
JneauaUtyy inaeqnalitaa, 3. 
Jn^Umabk, inaeftimabiiit 
Iifvhaile, inevitabilis 
htxeufeabU, inexcufabilis 
JnathmffUd, inexbaoftut 
Inextrahk, inexorabilii 
Jttixpedient, parum eonducens 
Inexperienced, inexpertut 
^explahiej, inexpiabilit 
^fxpttcabte, Inexplicabilit 
hexpreffibk. iaeftabilis 
snexpufrnabli, inexpugtiabilis 
^if^ittpti&ttbU^ inextinftttt 
•W«g/ftf^i5p, JAcxtricabilit 

Jj^^i^.eertifflartu, trrorii expers 

■p/ww«i, infamU 

'"f'^nttjlfj turpitar 

A^, infamia^ ». dedeCM, 3. 

IV^ntyy infantia, r, 

■An i^/tf^ iBfani^ 3. 

'AnT/ifirnta, pnocepa Jfifptftica 

^«//«. infaatUis 

'^ infantry ^ peditalui, 4. 

J«/»/Jir«tf/e, dcmento, J. iafttiio 

Infatuated, ^MfthOai 

Infatuation, ftupidjtas, 3. 

To infia^ saficio. 3. imbuo» 3, 

tt ^ ^'iff^'^i corrumpor, 3. 

A/r^r^, inteaijs, vitiatus 

*^ o^* Bitm, contaetuiD^ %^ 

I ]vr F 

I'To infeebfe, debilito^ r« 

I Infelicity, infelicitaSy 3. 
To infeeffe j fee enftoffe 
To infer, infero, colllgo, 3* 
An inference, coafequens» 3. 
Inferiority, {nferioritas, 3. 
Inferiour, inferior^ minor 
Infernal, inferas, infernuf 
Inferred, conciufus, illatui 
To inf^, iofefto, 1, tcxo 
An infefttng, dioleftia,!. vtxatiOj3. 
An infdtl, !nfidelii, iofidtu 

Infidels, infideles,^/. 

Infidelity, iafidelitas, 3. 

lignite, if^nitas, immenrot 

Irfinitely, ad infinitum, infinite 

Irfinitive, infinitivua 

Infirmy infirmus 

An infirmary, valetudioartum, 1* 

An infirmity, infirmitas, 3. 

Infirmities, peccata leviora 

Infixed, inHxus 

To inflame^ inflammo, X. 

To b& infiamed, cxranicfco, 3. 

Itemed, inflatTimatur>(withanger) 
excandefathis, rsi>:dus 

An inflamation, inHanimatio,; {^f*^ 
lungs) peripneumonia, i« (^tbe 
body) phlegmone, es, f. 

To infiatCy inflo, I. 

Inflated, inflatos 

Inflexibility, pertinacia, T.* 

Inflexible, inflexibilis ; inexorabilii 

Inflexion, inflexion 3. ~ 

To infiiff, infiigo, 3. punio, 4. 

InfliRive, puniens 

Aa influence, impuirus,4, aa£h>riUf 

Influenced, motos, impuiros 

Influencing, iiApellens 

To iff old, implico, i« 

To inforce, compello, 3. cogOy3.(^ 
argument) fuadeo, 2. (by necejpty) 
adigpy 3, fubigo, 3. cogO| 3* 
InfQrctd, coafhiiy adiCtos 


An itforeti^t impulfii^ 3* 

To iitform (teach) ii^ruo, 

fiituoy 3 .(give informatioj 

ftro,i*certionem fiicSre (1 

deferoy tuli {bmftlf) difcc 

An informa&on, ittformatio, 

ciiutio, 3. delatioy 3« 
T0 he informed, certior fieri 
Informed, doctus» informatui 
fa^^Qs; [againfl) ttCQudMXx 
An informer^ delator^ «• 
An informing \ fee inflwwtati 
Infifrtunate, inforttmatus, in 
J ff raff ion, infra£U0y 3. 
To infringe, infringo, «• vio 
Infringed, infraftus, woUttt 
An infringement, violation 3 
An tnfnnger, violator » 3, 
To infti'e (pour in) ii^/undo, 
nions) anitbom imbui^re 
herbae (dccum elkere,mac 
Inptftdy infttfus, maceratiii 
An infufion, infufio,'3. 
Ingathering, frugum percept: 
To ingender geoero, I. gignoj 
lagendered, geaitus, generati 
An ingendering, generation | 
Ingemcus, ingeniofus, fttbtii 
Irtgeniottfy, acutly ibleiter 
Jngemou/nefs, in^enoitas^ 3> 
Ingenous, liberalif, ingenaui 
■Kgenuotifly, ingtBoi ' 
Ingenuity^ ingenmtas, 3. 
JnglariGus, iag|orius 
Ingloriottfly, tnrpiter, ftM 
To ingorge, devoro, x. deglali 
Aa ingorger, helluo, 3. Yoras 
An ingorging, deroratio, 3* 
Aa ingot, auri mafla 
To *^off, infero, «/, 3. 
Ingraffed, infitut 
An ingraftment, infitio, 3* 
To ingratiate, infiauo, T«' 
I^tnitudcf ingratitudo^ 3* 



sitttn'Si f • 

') pars cdnpofifSeoit 

nKi, iAgn!gl«AdI et 

Ml) pakhfi ptrtcA- 



"uu jW6 Iinp6alnn6 

Jttw, j. r. 
»^, 9. 
i'bitus, "vefltiit 


il) ct«de6i, fk>«vt 

^umtmtu, cm Jdftat 
Qflliltc^ tnntSxtf 





» iohnitafiitt 


:asy 3«iie£i» 

To initiate, initio, I^ - 
Initiatfdf iniHatus 
Ittitiatiif, inltkiif 
An imttati^tff sffitiatSo, $« 
h^udktMs^ incotolideratttt 
Jnju£oufy, lliconfideratd 
Ab injuniflmp iDjun^o^ ]• 
To iV«''^» noceo, t. ]«do/3p 
Injnndt larft^> irfolaCatf 
Injurious^ BOzitSy faijurlet 
hftrhuji^, noUf injall^ 
An /V'TXi itfjiirit, i. dttUASly a. 
Jt^uftlct, injoii^ u 
Ini» atrameBtam, s. 
Ab wkbtnif atnuDCittttiiiniy 2« 
To hk, atMUnteto ia^ixufrt 
/ifjUfy tenia, x* vitta, t« 
Aft Ml^, taiiMfbrfBt, s. (;f«M) 

obfotfa ligalficttio {i* get) Ab- 

JnAiu/, tdfttttttfi 

To jffArjr, ttflUlo, X, tifk^ «• 

An inlet, aditdt, 4. 

To iitSgktett I iet tkl^hhik 

T0 inM, miKtes cOnferlblSM {Ms 

J^AJN^ ihter niHtei coiirei4^« 

Ab inR^ng, ttdlitBiii cAAKflftio 

An inwuitt^ ifli)iiUiBut 

Inwufi, intimus 

Ab iM, 41verAriBfB, i« 

To rm, diver(br> 1. (mHi) iMfles 

dofltott vehSre 
Jam •ftmtrt^ bofpitkl jorifcoiliulto- 

^ InnbMr, caopo, 3, 
Itmrnttf iflBatui 
^mavigahle, laaaTlgabilil 
Ittner, interior 
Inner chamber, pdbetrale^ 3,- 
Innermofi, inthnut 
Jnnoeence, innoccBtia, t; 
tnn^int, infco^ hmfcati 


hn»eenth, iB u b ceii t er (« 

thought} imprudenter 
To inaovate. ianovo, !• 
vtnovatttl, lanovatat 
tirmfativn. inttovatio, ^Amanixb 
An innmtatpr, ianovator, 3* 
Innoxious, innoxttn 
InnumerM, infinitift, urtmneitMl . 
To ineettUte, iBocolo^ f . Inftvo, fir 
InQculstidj inoctiatBti infititt 
Ineeu/dtion, iaocalitio, 3* 
Ineffenfive, infiOCBOt^ innoKMi 
Ineffenjivehf, ianoctitf, inaucuite 
Inojffenjhfn^s, inaocedtii^ Xm 
Inordinate, IfloHiaatBt 
Inordinatdf, inotdimtC 
Inordinattnefs, immod^ratidf j|« ^^ 
hntgwdtali sj^ itfflnimettth M|i 

Aa rWfl^ !M|uifi^ 3. (gNttik^ 

qk^) crhtihiuiM ^piMtdrck 
Infutetttdt, ioi|tRenM6y 3* 
To infuire, ioqbito^ tpti^P (^ 

/earcl> diligent^) Usfiif^ U O^ 

plorcu t • (0/N»r]| ^pMHlo» I. 
Mtfturetf <fscntOt» indtfgifBV 
An inqniret, ^Hftfitdr, 3. dtficMiC 
An innuiry, iaqdifitio, \ ^ 

Infuijtiett, exailihi, t. , 

The mfttyM^i ii^^dMHo, J. 
Infuifawe, curfeftrt 
An hfuifitoTf ih^MtiA^, 34 
To f ar«{^tf, hrito, t • fUihilto^ $ . 
To be imaged, IrHtor^ s, ^ . 
Inrttgwu, 'Dtitatof - 
An inraging, irHtatfof 3« . 
ln¥o$ed, fnfctottatof 
An inroad, incurfio, J^irrofd^ ^ 
Toinro/, etmfcribo, 3, 
Inroffedf coriferiptus 
An inrolSng, in tabolas rtlf^. . ". 
/ff/tfff«^Zr, Infatfabslit 
Infdtiablenepy inCltiabslvUi . . >o ^C 


JrfMed, ink 


Jnjcrifthu^ inTcriptio, 3. 
hiJtrutaUi^ noA Yc^abilit 

^fitare, panim fecarut 
Infemfihte^ iafeofibilit 
J^fi^'it^, hcbetiit4o» 3. 
Mnfij^t ienfim, ptoUtim 
Miififaraktf iiif«parabUli 
Jnfif^raUy^ lodiYif^S 
To tnfirty infexo^ 3. 
Jj^ertU, inferttft 
Mrmoiu iaiertio^ 3* 
^^ M^> pan interior 
|iS^»tff, infidtofas 
Xs^UkH^, UfidioT^ 
^<W^» ittl«inii94. lafptftioy 3 
J^T^^ (&in] Mritu» I. 
T#£^Ttf tf«mMr» ptrf]^icit| 3. 

.^S/SrwjKrtffMf I iBotilittt 
^-^^-fiwtf, iantUtt 
''f, iafiaceniB 
vrity^ diffinmlatiQ^ f« 

finfimuttt, lAfinoOy i« (ittttr) 

aflentpry s. adalMr» i« 
tfimtttd^ iafinoatat 
An hf/tmutton^ IniuiQadoi 3. . 
^/fo/<wItbo«t tafte) ijiriiUtu(diill) 

bebesyflxs Uf4at 

l<s/g^fMS, ij)(uU|tu> 3* 
T9iinjm, infto, x» nrgeoi s« 
To iff/bv», ia rervituitat tcdiglEre 
Jnjlsyedy mantjpatni 
To infndre, irtetio, 4. iilaqueOf X. 
tnfaargi, Ulaqueatai 
JJTti^finif inndias ftrtiens 
jii vtfnaringf lUaqueatio 
JFf/«dtf^iSri iaibciakilit 
XnfifeMcep arrogantia^ x* 
JnUtent, arrogant 
4^^^^ atfogviter, fuperli 


£r/0A(li^, infolubiUt ' 
Infiheni^ folvfcodo impar 
Jnfmucbt adco nt, ufqua adeo 
To infpe&f infpici* 
InfpeSedf iafpcdut 
InipeRHn, inrpe^ioi 3* 
Injpeffer, infpe^dr, 3* 
hriperjhny iaiperfio, 3* 
To infpire, inTpirOy i* 
Jnjpiraiy iafpiratut' 
JtiJpiratidMy afflatus diviaut (fydi* 

vint in^iratim) divinitiU 
JnpahiTtty, inftaUlitas, 3* 
To infiall, conftituo, 3. 
InftaUedg iaaognratas 
ti/lalatiM, infUlmtwt, or h/Ultnfi 

inaugumioy 3. 
Aa iti/Uncey etenplafliy a. (reqaeil) 

iaipuiraa, z. flafitatioy 3* 
To iil/lanee, txtmpUm date 
For infianety exempli gfitit 
Injtant, (earatft) laiportuant (pie- 

fen^ pnefiuifs iaftaai 
jih infioMU momentuaBy a. (at thit 

iaftant) impnerentiarilni [Mtthat 

itj/Utie) cooem tempore (in m 

itt/lant) di€tD cSti^, confeftim 
IiifUmif^ ioftaater; vehemeater 
htfiMnttuutufyt extempld 
Jnjkttergtiwy iaftaoratioy |* 
hfeai tf, loco, vice 
Tlie inftefy tarCu, a. (of a&oe) 

calcei convexam 
To inpigatey llimulo, x. excito, x« 
InfHgatid^ iaft^Satus, exdtatttt 
InjiigMiwy inftigatio, 3. incitatio93 
An inptgatoTy inftigator, 3. 
To inftill, infundo^ 3, iauHo, Xt 
InfiilUdy inftillatat 
InfiinSf inftinC^s 
To inflituUy f nftitiio, 3. 
Infiitutid, inftitutof 
Infiitutesy inftitota, pi, 
li/titutiwt iaftitlitio, 3. 

To hfhruStf Im 
doceo, 1. infl 

tus; dodlis 

An itfiruGory pr 

An in/hu^lngy 

JafiruffiiM, docm 
tt amhaftdort 

An inprument in 
china bellica 
mula, I. (Jm 
mentum chir 
or toolf ) arm 

Jf^vMmtufah (as 1 

infue, confeq 
hfu^ng, coafeqi 
Jtifrnftrabki intol 

hmpoteacy) i: 
Aa infuk, lafalt 
To i^jfide, infult 
JnfuperayUy iafu; 
Infi^pwiaBltt ittt 
h^H^mee »f€ety 



ex iacendio a< 
Ltfimmmitakle, i 
InfumHioM, infi: 
An f'nftf//, jushe 
To intaily hsred 
LamUd, hasredi 
An intatUtig, hie 
To intang/e, iliac 
IntangUdy irretiti 
An itttMi^'ng, if 
An ifiteger, num« 
Integrity^ integrii 
Integument y integ 
The inteUtff, inC 



'^ HtttlfClttQS 

>Mb iMempoaatlBsi .(of 

i^ iataiti«, 3. coodUm 

l^iBteKodo^ 3< 

ii isterdpM^ 3, 

•ty HM^CtlB Oy 3* 

rjy iefneatett, 3* 
I intcfdKOy 3* 

xrdiAnni ' 

9tio iBmifcire 
particopty 1^ 



!r»iifvflMi»vg|lM Mr, gntia apod 

aliqucA ViHic 
An fufcr^ (nsht) jiJUtJarfSf «• (/« 
'»»(« iwtirt/lfir) mmmM aliqiMd 

To Mfin/crf (ifltiipoft) iMefporio^s* 

(cM) diicrepO) T* 

Aa im tr j tB iw y interjediOy 3. 

i» «fo iffffTMiy inteien tcafodt 

Utenottr^ intetkr 

To itmrkeif mtaknff* 

Tb interUrii fee M ^ervf 

To hitrkmn^ IbUo iatcrlcriSre 

To intoiintt fineat iattrponSre 

liv/ir/tiiinfy lioais interiertus 

ht9rlineaii9M» intcrlertio liacanm 

Jnttrkeuiimh intcrlociitioy 3. 

hterkeutwyf interlocwtorioi 

To hutfUft^ aaticipoy i. 

Aa Unt£f$ r , anticipator» 3* 

An huiride, drama, ithf n. 

To imitmmUlt ^ fttt§maUk 

htenrndtrnte, mediiu 

JSucmiMf, bumatioy 3. 

To nuermingli i ftoto mwiU 

httermiffiMiy intermiffio*}. (i^/affr- 
miJiSin) intenniCii (witbmit ittf 
ttrmijficn) affidoe, perpetu^ 

To iuttrmit, remitto> 3. 

Intermkttdt intermid*as 

Tntarmtta/t, iatermittena 

To hutrmxi fee t9 mix 

Inremai, internut 


InttrptutiiUn, interpellatio, 3.. 

To interpolate, interpolo, i. 

hterpoiatedy Interpplatiia 

Interpolatimt isttrpolatiOy 3* 

An hterftJato'f interpolator ^ 5* 

To intirftfit iatoponoi 3« 


ktufofid, Utterpalitat 
Ititert^kwt% latarpofitio^ %^ 
Ta twmtfrttf tsplioo, i. c^_ 
&«n]prrfifrJ8ii^ iatarpnetalioy 3. 
Utirfnfd^ cxpofitat 
InHrtntttf interpret) ttis% c» 
To iMtirr^ inhumOy i« t9pdh,d^ 
httrred^ inhumatutj iepiiltaa 
An hutrmgn, interregaaai, %^_ 
Atkinturh^l htintenmm 
To intirngMttt interrofo> i« 
JwNmgatStf interrogatvt 
An irtttrrogatifig, interrogatfa^ ^ 
An imtmpithmp interrofttio^ 2* 
ImttrrtgMtive, inCerrogatifat 
hlerr^tHveh^ interrogate 
An inmrogmtfr, interrogator, 3, 
An imterrtgttoty^ interrogitiai 3* 
To inttmipt^ iaterrumpo, 3. (ia a 

uk) interdpcre («• tffmr) rca 

haerrufud^ iaterraptit 
An intm^ety interpeUatoTy 3^ 
lnterrufH9ii, intemiptlOy 3. 
H^tbo'ut intirmption, coatiaeatCf 
To interfeff, interfecoy », 
JnterJeSed, intericdos 
InurfeffioMy interfe£tioy 3* 
To interffirfty interfpergo, 3^ 
Jnterfierjed, interfperfut 
An uaerftice, interftitiuaiy s« 
An inttrval, intercapedoy 3. 
To intervene, 'iotervenio, 4* 
Intervening^, interrenieni 
An interview, congreflus 
To interweave, intertesoy 3, 
Interweven, intertexui 
htefitttej inteftatos 
Jnteflincj inteftinus 
Jnt^inesy int^ina, pf, «•. 
To intbral, mancipoy i« 
IntbralUd, mancipatut 
Intbraimcnif mxkwpkyst^^ ^^ 




4m) Mmiiriii Mmbc 


T»i |rf ifiiii ,i >4i rn, i, 

To wciprifaif, 

ltt«Mfa4 tupoie percvliifw 

IACornifliif» akialatw 
hnrgljf, intcgre, fincer^ 
To /ffft/Xr, io6riboy 3. appcUo^ i* 
hritbdt ppptlbtn, infienptnt 
^r9, in, fngfaf, witb ^rr. 
InioImfSb, ifltoknadat 
hiokrtUf, MtoIenkiEccr 
To firfMi^, tepdito, 4* 
htomBedy lep»ltdt 
To iKtajatatt, dcnentOy i. («pi^^ 

ifWffI) inebiio^ i. 
£rft«fV«A^ flMoie aoCni > (wi>i& A- 

^0r} inchriatat 
httoxieaiitiff iaebrumi 
IntraffaUt, Utraftabilif 
Ir.traikf exta> /il iattftint 
Bekrtgtnf. io imrmhy intcnaeiit 
bfranfitnfCf intfMifitiTttt 
To htraff decipiOy g. 

Ab intrappi^r, dfteptiOy 3* 

To ifitraUf ootiirato, ^. ftpplico, 1. 

(fpeakof) trafio, 1. difif«% 3. 
*::re0e<f, «Mttatttf> otatai 

ittnfiiif iotrepUnt 
Imr^^iAf, tmimk im6ta6o 
btr^UIy^ intrepibc, ibrtitar 

iuritMit^ iau]icabi% 1 

Ab iairipu, w ifi ■bmbIbm, a. 
To htrigm, .vaft^ afiic 
jBtnpawgy^ cuodcftinc 
Jmuinfimit^ iwinafitk, intrinfenw 

To utfr^dkir, iatsodaco, 3. 

Imrtdrnffim, iatrodoaio. 3. (f» « 

Mjemtrje^ eaoidiiiiii, s. 
btriduOive, tnandiicnt 
To Intnukf intnido, ^. (mM mm e^ 

ftatt) hotdiutcm lojaA^ctptf* 

fere [^mfmftiwiu) patiencU rnb- 

htruM^ intrnfofl 
An intntdar^ invalbr, 3. 
Lttrtt/iui, ufurpatio, 3. 
To /ffn^, fidci comsitteie 
hanfiedf^ commUriifc fidei aticnjot 

(fpf/ib afeertt) mtioms alicnjot 

Utruflitig, fidd comaittcot 
IwtuitMtf iotuttaty 4. infpcAio, 3* 
Ufimrive^ ad intuicon pertiaeat 
To uivai^f adorior, 3, iai^da^ 3* 
iirtwMy tnvaiat 
IgvadeTp ian&Tf 3* 
Invalids invali4efl, imtar 
^ ittvoBd, miles cmeritas 
To rnwiSMbiiify iavalidafD redden (a 

foiV/) teftaracatwn ididadftc 


Lt caU d gri^ , aefeiadcae 

JhrvmnsUemfi, imomtibBitaf 
imvarimfif^ imMnfahiiitcr 
Ao »i>«>it, i ain c fl i% s.ioaw 
Ac /apeAM^ nftfat ofa]iu||atflCi 
To iava'gb. aMicdiaii infete 
To -rnvnik^ ftdaco. 3. pellkio^ 
JmipfaC M"£^ blando An 
An imve^fkr^ deccpcar* 3. 
An i^vet^Jn^, blandifiy rethoi 
To/Wvr/.y, larfw a, 3. obvak^ 

To/nr»fy(deT;fe)inyexJo^ ^ 

(find oot) excof^tot x. cacadi 
(crajiilf) audunor, x. Um 
dolot neOeia («avdk) fH&< 

MvrMragr, eacogitaiu, molkat 

Ab la w ari i ^, lareBtioy 3. 

LntKtrm, ia«eotio» 3.(deTkej4 
his, 2. artlfidttm, a. 

Aa laveafipgr, boaonun iades 

Aa iaaw/ij^j iaverfio, 3. 

To i'mfert, inrartay 3. 

Mvtrttdf invenoi 

To iave/l one vritb Mm ^i, pli 
fioQea alicai daic (•■ ai A 
inaainro, i. caopto^ ip (A& 
obfidiope Btfbeai ciac^ ^ 

^tvejhd^ i^■^l^)B^^tB^ 

To tmy^jratff iadagOt >• 

>£r««|l%tfd; intelH^Coe 

bwfiitur e^ inaufacatib, 3 

JbmetffMtif lareccratas 

To gremf i a m unae, ' 
t hruuUousj, invidat 


▼i^^ I* 
xtimulOy u 
latus, iacer 


go, 3. amblot 4. 
tuty ambitus 
goUf ambiens 

titioy 3* vocatio, 3. 
ito^ I. woco, X* 
US, Tocatus 
itaUSy 3» 
tos, vocatm 
ntatOTy 3. 
racing, allicieiu 
lodatio, 3. 
ivocoy X. imploiOyX* 
ocatio, 3* imploratto 
•aonim itcofnitio 
vocoy X. implorOy i. 
olvo, 3. impliooy i. 
tovolocrttniy s« 
rolacio, 3« 
efacio, 3. 

ilitas, 3. ^ 
)inteniiis, iqieftijius 
Sy ixitriiileciis; intror< 


\ fee im^ints 
Qfolvoy 3* impKco, 1 
▼oliitas, implicitus 
ioliua, 2. (S'MwO res 
UmUr) ians,;;^ 
to, A0i^ m% 
I ' 

^hIot, jocularis 
_ Wtfff^ laetus, alacer, hilans 
7*0 ^ jocund f laetor, geftio, 4* 
A/o|r> coDcuflio, 3. 
Tojogi coiicutio,3. quatjo, ^,{%oitb 
At elho^) cubito fubmovere (as 
a coach^ Aibfulto, u (or fliake} 
contiemifco {on) procedJSre 
J^igtd,^ conculTtts, qnsifalws 
To ht jogging, abeo, 4« difcedo, 3 
TV /our «fff9, adjungo, 3. (or be joined 
anto) accedo, 3. adjungofi 3. 
^ojotn fords) conjungo, 3. to* 
getter) conneao, 3. {or to be 
joined together) cohaereoy a. (or 
clea?e to). adhKreo, a. (tr be 
oear unto) contingo,3. {in tattle) 
confligOy 3. (to joifi as a joiner) 
conglutino,!. (iflue) pedem coa- > 
fetre {iffitt in law) litem coote- 
ftari {JdU'wfiip) confocio, i. fo- 
cio, I. {under) fubnedlOy 3. 
Joined, copulatus, junflus, agglu> 
tinatuSy connexns ; 'contiguus \ 
interjun£ltt8 j conrociatus(Ma//|r) 
concinne compadtus 
A Joiner, Hgi^i operis elegantioris 

Joining, (adjoining) contiguuf 
A joini'ng, 'junStio, j. conjundio 
{of hoards) tabulauo, 3 ,{0/ words) 
A joint, articultts, s. jiinaura, i, 
{ittjlalks) genicttlum, 1. {0/ the 
iody) artusj 4, {of meat) mem- 
, brum, a. 

T^ joint, deartuo, I. 
To put out of joint, diikKO, |« 
Out of joint, lu^catus 
Ajoigtbeir, coliatres» ediSfC^ 
Joint tenants, fimul tenentea 
Joint (adj.) xnutUttS 
Jeint bf joint, articulat|li| 
Of tb* joints f 9nStcuUfa 

I R O 

Fat! of jm'fitt, artictilofus 

Jotntrd {it herbs) geateuUtos (as 

meat )<lc4rtu«tiif ( asboaids )tih ulicui 

Jointly, conjiiniaim, junftun 

A jwrtttret dos^ deth, f 

Ajoijf, ti^nam, *. tr*bi, 3. 

To hyjoffis, rigna a|itare 

hjokt, jocos, %, 

TejoJU, joeor, i. alltcui illuier^ 

Ajek, caput, 3. {chttk by jole) 

lequa fronte 
Jolfy, hilar is, feftiTui 
Tq ttijoi/y^ iictflr, I, 
Joiht/j, hilar*, Isetc, h^r^ 
JUhmft^ jcJi'ity^ fcikiniEt, 3, 
A/Vf I ftc;iy 
Ajelrhs^d, capita^ 3» 
ioff/r, tfinoM, ionic ua 
A/pf, hiliimi*. pandlum, 1. 
Jovial, a Iacer, laetus {fdino) con* 

gerro Icpidut 
Jsfviatij, al icrl ter, j u cunde, * J EctS 

Ajetfrnal^ diarlunit a. 

A j^vrnaiifi, diarii rctlprar 

AJQiirney, ittr 3^ pertgnnatl^j j. 

To journij, itijierori i. 

A juMrnty.Tan, opjAiK diumi mcf« 
cede ccindu£tyi(/0wr|ify<w0^i)oput 
dturna m'^rcede loc&tum 

^d^j gag di urn, It Isritia^ I. 

To py{po\) gf atu la ce) congra cu k^r^ r* 
(rejoice) ^audeo, a^ (make glai^) 

J^yful^QT jayom^ altcnt, peilxttii 

Tu Be j^ful y fee tD/£^y 

y'iyfiiiljt )£te\ hihre 
fsyfukr/s, hiladti5j 3, gaudjumja* 

Jra/cihr^ infcIbiliSj iracundua 

Ireful t iricundus 

/r^/jj Hitcrfskui 

^if^/o^J (ted jctts) moleftui (dira|rt«* 
able) jgi^^ivis, acertui 

Iwkfsmnc J, ta^diunii i^ 

N / ' 



Of Inn, feneot 
l>Qm Vfitb ir6n, ferntui 
Iron cohuff fcmicio<U9 
^n iron, mafla ferrea 
Ulffed with iron^ prxpilatut 
Iron work, ferramentmn, a. 
j^ ironmonger^ mercator ferrvivs 
9o irortf^ laevi^o 
Ironical, ironicus 
Jroniiatty, ironici 
An irony, ironia^ I.. fifBu]atio« }• 
To irradiate, irradio^^ i. 
Irrational, irrationalis, ini^uus 
Hrecondliahle, ioexorabilis 
IrrecoveraBk, irreparabilis 
Irrfofveraiiif, penitus ; omiiiQQ 
Irr^ttgablf, ccrtiflimus 
IrrrfragaSljt, CncdubJo 
Jrregular^ irrc(jularil 
Jrrtptiarity, trregulariUJj 3. 
Irregitldriy^ krtfularlter 
Jrreiigiom, irrdigiofua, fceleftas 
irreliihufif^ itnpip, fcelcfti . 
IrremtdiaSk^ immcdicjbiJis 

Ir^eparakte, irreparabilis 
Irreparably^ funditus, peniti^s 
Irreprebenfible, inculpatus 
Irreprehenfibly, innocue 
Irreproactahk, irreprchcnfut ' 
Irrejipille, SnSvitabilis 
Irrejolute, ancqps, inconftans 
Irrejolutely, Icvitcr, inconftanter 
Irrefotution, inconftantia 
Irretrievable^ irreparabilis 
Irretrievably, funditiis, penitiis 
Irreverence^ irreve entia, x. 
irreverent, parum revcrens 
irreverently, parum revetenter 
JrrevvfihU, immutabilis 
irrevocable, irrevocabilis 
/rr*/fl«, irrifio/3. irrifus,4. 
~^o/mrJ»f^, exBfpero,!, Iacetl0| 3< 


An irrifdtitm, irtitatio, |» 

Ati f"'a/>f'ff*i irrupdflj J* 

/jr (of am) eft 

Ifingtafh Idthyocclla, r. 

An i/fijg J, or f|!]ie^ iafuk 

Ifk$ in a fhunh, ktfiiltt, pL f. 

An IJraeUte, Ifracjita, jr. m* 

Iffaeiitipt IfrselitJcu* 

AD iffuc {p>iui ioTih] exittiSf 4. 
(rnd) eveotviF, 4* (ofitpring)pfiiu> 
kfp 3, prof^niei, 5. (fore) ulcus, 

nhi (i'H'^"f ) feat mi go J 3. (i« the 
arm^ iECt)(ot}f, 3,^ roMandlii I- 
{v profit) rfiditu5#4. 

To ijut, or /i^ fltf r^ cnjmp<i, 3. 
( 5»t MCFr^) pecuniani cro|ar£| 
{a pfec/simatict}) edi^vin publi* 
catt (/or/i) cmano, i. ciabor, 3. 
emico, li 

IJhiitg^ emanani 

An '^ffmng, emanaClci, 3. Auxk, 3. 

An ijhmtis^ iftbinu^, j* «», 

//, is, ta, id 

Theitfh, fc^|ji«, 5. 

j^ ilibing defirt^ cupidltaif 3* 

To ittht piurio^ 4, 

l/chyt fcabiofiiS 

Aa itubingi pruritus,^ ^ 

An fftvw, cauiio, 3. (ia ar^ account) 
ratiunculij r. 

To give an item^ Jjinyo, 3. 

To ifenttey Jtcro, i, repeto, 3^ 

Iterated, fcpetitus 

Itinerant i Jrinerans 

jffl itinerating^ itiacnriiiai, s, 

i», crjui^illiui 

/^^, ful jpfc 

Tifc^Jt ^//e, 3 nn ut j ubileut 


J^aaical, jud*kui 
ytfdaifjTtj judaiJ'muSj 3« 

J U N 

A jW^fV a^^artf, ithHor, 3- 
Aj«dge^i/cat, tribunal 
To ji"^» judic#, I, adjudieOi 
(think} opiEior^ ]. ctiftimo, 

[befwt) prxjudieOj u {beHut 

dij,udico> I. 
yudjgfJt judkatus, coguitiii 
A jffdgingi judiraEid, 3, 
yudgmti7t (ability) judiduoij A« I 

pinion) opinio, 3* (ftntcnce] , 

didum, 1. fentetieia, r, 
A judgment pietce, tribunal, |# 
yuScinl^ iudlcblix 
yudiei^iy, aaoirc ju4iclali 
Judidaryi jtidici*riiii 
yvSctGw^ fagli 
Judidoujly, iagadt« 
Judimtifnsfi, fagaiiitaf, 3, 
A jay^ C3QtbjlTilSf 5^ 
"^^J^Si^'t prsfligiLs dccipepe 
A,?^|-f/*'j prKfti£iat«r,3. 
A juggfmg tridi pr«fti|isej |i[L 
yaguiar^ juplarii 

yakmrfif (ucci abundantia 
^tf/cy, iucculentus, fuccidus 
Ajifkpt pario, 3* julepij6| i^ 
July, Julius 

Ajumhie, Crepitus confufm • 
Tujujrtifle i'^gfthr^ confundo, 3. 

DiiilEc) cotjcutioi 3* 
yumbkd tsgffJber^ confuCmt {Ouitti 

cQDCuiTus, qua^iLui 
A Jiimblijtg t^gethrr^ cnnfu&i| 3^ 
Ajumpf QhuS^ 4* 
T^Jump, (ditty, I, fuhMto, Xf 1 
juil^ment) idem Jentir«'{/S 
prpfultD^ I, (wer) tranfullb^ 
{upon} 'afl'ulto, 1/ (down) i 
filiOj 4* 
Ajiamper, f^Itator, 3* 
Ajtimpirgt i'akatio, 3, 



kJMawrtf jqadufSy X, 

uticQhn ccvporit (of « 

nim ftatni 
J»m^ juaioff, s. 
jfunr, minor Batn 
To juto. coflriflbr, !• 
Ajinkaing, oouflatio 

Aprwii tenator orUnus 

fc«7, ebar, 3. 

CM "icwry, eburneus 

Jvutrctf/y juridlcus 

/imVfiriM, joRfdiaio, 3. 

Ajtfir, oxjmrymanf juntor, 3, 

yi^JQftiif, c^os^ redut 

tnttjaf ctMfe, fberrrd 

7>s;^/t iMfir^y totMem ooiniiio (/^ 
»w) iBoio, jam'(mftdSf 
j^Jo) hvid ilher, JuAd iecui 

Tipicc, jnfKtsa» f • {pnniiliment for 
a dime) ftiff^imtt, ft. {^ /^ 
pmt) jalKciarivt ' 
M£m, joficiifc confemrii 
^^ffiff (*cfmit) inaocentelB pro- 
MBciaic (piofe} probo, i. e- 
[ ^^%.{me*s Jiff) (tv^n^rtify 
^nfjb) tcffimofiiit comprobare 
[ufnaun do) litentjoflo or- 
" defend] poteft 
pBiiatas, probitnt 
_ J, KirjfJ^katkK, JQftifica- 
^ 3. (cKviiig; from blame] 
ci^ liberatio (pnnring) proba- 
iHb 3* (by witnefles) teftimoni- 


_ CODnlwlSy 4' 

igoy 3. tiado; 3.(«0i/^ 
>) cobito pdKre 
■erftOy juwy jmre 
aeqaiUf, 3.]aftiHi» I. 
JM pr»in«o, 1. propead^^ a. 


K E E 

Ajtkttyt projeAura^ i. 
yivemle, juvienilis 
yirtMuUtyy ardor JQVfoalit 
m, he^a, I. 
Ofi'vy, hederaccns 
Full of ivy, hederofut 

K A. 

AKalet^arf calendarinmf t« 
ThtUUt^s, calendK, pL 

To kaw, eoraicor, t. 

To keckf fcreo, i. eifinrco^ 1^ 

A keekiagf icreatas, 4. 

A kecks, creminm, %» 

A W, carina, i. 

Ta helhMkf fab cartnam trahSre 

Xr«Mr, acutaty Mtilis | tcer ; mor- 
dax> acerbat 

Ktenfy, tcoti, acrlter 

JfSMM^ •/ appetite, capiditat^ edendi| 
3, {of expr:Jlhn\ afperhas, 3. 

To ketf, (preferre) fenrOb i • refer- 

-' TO, I. (detain) cnftodio, 4. (or 
laft) maneoy i. duro, i. (or re- 
ftrain) teneo, s. (the affixes) fo- 
rum acSre (back) fifto^j. detiaeo 
(off«*« ^^iQ ledo aiHgt (dofe or 
conceal) premo, 3. occulto, !• 
celo, I. {cUfeor^t hid) lateo,i. 
(ofw*f twmpanf) comitor,!. {or de- 
fend]taeor, a. defendo, '^,{tlov)n) 
deprimo, 3. (or dwell) habito, f. 
commoror, i. {tn eye fpon) ob-* 
fervo» !• (yrom, or abflain) ab- 
Ainco, a, (from, or hinder) pro- 
hibeo, a. (^r co^r^) habere cur- 
rum {courts) comftia habere {or 
feed) aleo,'2« {one*s grovneTj con* 
(i)h>, 3. maneo, 1. (tn health) fof- 
pitOy !• {an holy Jay) ferior, i. 
(or celebrate) celebro, r. {aft' 
mp) hmWam /u/featitt (houje^ I 

K E R 

or be at home)domi fe ooati 
( a bo^Jk in repair)Utti tecta 
ftare {good or bad hours) ter 
ftiv^ %fel fer6 domum redire 
wine) duro, i. {in) cohibM 
contineo, a. {enjoyed) occt 
turn teaere {l^w) anigo,3. {4 
in peace) concordcm ctvitaten 
ncre {off, or at hay) depeilt 
{open boufe) aperto oftio vi 
{out) difpello, 3. {out ofdoot 
forii coottn2re(ovf ofJ!gbt)k 
ducj^re {aprom{fe) promiffis ' 
(feho^l) fcholam habere (// 
nleo, a. taceo, 2. {Jbeep) 
pafclre {to one's Jif) fibi reti: 
{oner's time) tempore prxftitut 
defle {under) compefco, 3. : 
primo, 3. (tf/rncrirni/er^ ftb 
ihitigare {within hounds) i 
lines confiflere {inptifon) fer 
in vincuHs {time in ma(ic) cer 
legem temporum foryare 

A keeper, cuftot, 3. 

Keepinr, tenax 

A keeping, coftodia^r.conremlif 
{hack) depuliiof 3. {dotsm) i 
preffio, 3* (£»» or uriUr) coh 
tio, 3. 

A keg^ teAa, r. 

In kflifr, paratai 

To ken, fee fo i^nota 

A kennel^ caoalis, itf ar« (firm i 
latibulum caoioum {of kin 
canum grex 

Kept, fert atus, cuftoditas {not I 
incuftoditus (</9«(w)r«ppreirus| 
claufos, induAis, interclufus 
Jlore) condltivus 

A kerchief, rica, I. 

A kernel of a nut, nucleus, i«, 
meat) glandola, i . (of com) % 
num, 1, ^e/jraftsi^t* %»? 

k IL 

(in the tbrcat]tonGl\Xfl>l.f,Ar\ttnx 

To kerpel, enudeo, i. 

Kernels takett out^ enucleatus 

Kerneily, granofus 

Kerfey, p^nus rafuf 

A ketcb^ navicula, !• 

A M//<^, ahenunoji. lebcs, ^.{^reat) 
caldarium, 2. {little) cacabus, 2, 
{-drum) tympanum cuprrum 

A kcXf clcuta, I, 

A ktyy cUvis, 3. (o/tf n V<r) portus 
manu fa£lus {a/hen keys) fruAus 
fraxiheus {keys rf ^organs) ma« 
nutria, ^, n. {of virginals) cla- 
viculae, pl.f, 

K:yc7ge, portoriutn, 2. 

A ktbf, pernio, 3. 

Kibtd, pernionibus laboranf 

A kick, .dhis calce fad^us 

Tokickj calco, i» calcitro^ !< [out) 

abigSre {down) calcc depellSre 

{the door luitb his heelt)for6z cal- 

cibas in{\i^-2ire{uf>otse*s heeli)ca\ct 

. proftcrji?: e, fupplanto, i, 

Kichdy cal;atu8 

A kicktr, calcator, ^, 

A kiel'ffgf cakltratus, 4. 

Kickjhaws, gulx fciiamenta 

A fidy hcedus, 2. 

Of kidi hcedinus 

To .• ':d, hcccium parcrc 

A kidnapper^ plapiarius, 2* 

To kU'-.Jl'f abv^ucer^ plagio 

A kid-.eyy rcn, fr;>, »«. (t^ifpontion) 
in(<olsp, 3. ingeniaim, 2. (-bean) 
phafeolus, 2* 

Oy .'iv. kidney's^ renaiis 

j'\ kildc'-k'niy dollolum, 2. 

^i'okUlf ntcido, 3. interficxo, 3. in- 
ter mo, 5. trucido, 3. JWCO, I. 
{bimjclf) mortem f»bi confcifcere 
{out eight) eoeco, !• (tf facrifife) 


JG'/fir^/y occifiis, cxfat, ene£lat 

A A/7^r, necator, 3. occifor, 3. {of 
a brother) fratricida, a, »• (0/ 
one^s eaual) paricida, a. m, {of a 
man) homicida, a, m, (of a pa- 
rent) parricUla, <r. «r. 

A killing, occifio, 3. tructdatio, 3. 
caedes, 3. {of parents) parrici- 
dium, 2. (for facrifice) ma£latiO) 
3> (in battle) internecioy $• oc- 
cidio, 3. 

KtWing (deadly) leth^lis, lethifcr 

A kUnt clibanus, 2. fornax, 3. 

A kiln cloth, cilicium, 2. 

Kin, cognatio^ 3. 

Kin, {bv blood) confangiiineuf (by 
marrtage) affinis (next ofkitt)cQn' 
fanguinitate proximui 

A kind, (fort) genus^ ilritt n, fpe- 
Cies, 5. (fex) fexus, 4. (of what 
kind) qualisj cujoiVnodi {ofthts') 
Itujufmodi (of all-) omaigenus 
(of aRother-)heteroge«eas (an «- 
tber kind) alius 

Kind, (charitable, &c.) humanus, 
benignus (grateful) gratus 

Kindly, comitfer, benignci humani- 
tcr, grate, bland:.flim^ 

Kindnefiy benignitas 

A.kindnefs, beneficium,2. gratltudo^ 
3. afFabilitas, 3. 

To kindle, accendo, 3. fufcit0| i. 
(an^er) irrit©, i. incito, I. (or 
bring forth) pario, 3. 

Kindled, accenfus 

A kindling, accenfio, 3. 

Kindred, fee ktn 

Kine^ pecus> Zrh^n, 

A king, rer, 3. (at arms) fascialis, 
rex armorum 

The Kirg's Bench, bancus regiui» 
{p'ijcn) banci regis career (^wy*-) 
aula regia^ palatium (fifber) hal- 

K N A 

cyooy Hm^ m. (avU) fttmnm 

morbus regius 
King'like, regalia 
Kingly f rcgi?, regalitcr 
A kingdom, regnum, 2* 
Kinsfolk, hecefl*aiii> pi. 
A kinfman, prbplnqu^s, cognal 
A kifs, .ofcttlumy 2. bafiutn* s* 
To kiji, oOculor, i. bafio, i. { 

cup) labile gdftare» 4r libare 
KSJ'ed, baftatas 

A kljllr, ofculator, 3. baliator 
A kijjing, baGatio, 3. ofciUatio, 
A ktt (/or water) dnua, a. ■ 

tra, I. (fiddle) fidicuU^ x. 
A kitehin, coquJ&a, i • cnUiia,!^ 

liza* ^. as. 
Of a kiichenfjoAinnm 
Kitchen fuff, tinguinay 4vs. >.| 
A kite, fflUvus, 2. 
To kitten^ (ek» f$xhn 
A kitten, catului felii 
A k^tack, dezteritv^ 3. pciitlib 
A knocking, crepitus, 4. 
Knaggy, lamofus 
The ^knap of a bill, cacumai/ 1 
To knap off, abrvmpo, 3. (sfim 

frango, iWi, 3. 
Kfiappedof, fradhis^^Uiu . 
Knappy, veiucofus ' ", 

A knapfack, pen viatoria .\ 
A knave, nebulo, 3.(atcardsV^ 

eque6,3. (£<r/^)Yerbero» 3.(m 

veterator, 3. (b^arlfi vanfji 

(Jaucy) improbns (JIaiitfi i 

quilliniom, 2. 
Knavery, fraus, ^r 4olu8, $• J 
Kiiavffi,fceitttu$, imbrobufl Qm 

neqoami nefaniis [imfitj^ 

malitiofa interpretatio i 
Knfivifily, nefarii, vetcntsiiv 
Knavijhnefs, nequitta, |» , ^ 
To knead, fubigo, 5. depfikj^j 


'nbaduf, depftnt 

r, fubaftiog 3. 

no, popiesy 3. {•fdfiip) 


n, gemi patella 


fenna procvmbere 

{enubm nitens 

tkdeady pnlfM campaax 

If, irags> #r»w,/i/./. 
liter, s. ciiltellu^ a* {or 
donacolom, /. n» (fjr 
ieedj^ta, i. {faf pent) 
si, ft. 

f kmpt cnltntus {tiged 
ft) CQltellanis 
]aes, eques anfataft(3w»H 
ei Texillifer(i^ri^ iatb) 
lad {tffbt gftrtur) e^ues 
erf foenAs (2/#a0 «qH!"> 
v*)!^) comitatu$ e^iet 
Dtind8(«mnM) eq'otsta* 
^thep^ perjurtiifl ci- 

e^oitcin creafe 

tvcr, fenrittoffl militait 

f e^ttcftcr 


ao, 3. «ew>, 3."foe) 

ifllMi cornigare (fuj'ih'' 
. {mUfr) fuboecko^ 3. 
0«U, 3. 
• conoexaty aUlgatnt, 

K N O 


made known) publico^ i • m** 

nifefto, I. 
Modi known, publicatot^ \'u1gatus» 

perfpcAui, pnecognttut (irn/m* 

9ujfy knoton) manifeftufy cUrna 
It is wellhnwn, liquet 
The knuckles, randy If, ft. (•» ^ 

Smck nfm ho^k) bullv, pU ^ 
To kjmekk down, fucctimbo, 3. 

PA^, CMitocziq, 3. 
tr, 3. dMai, ft. («f # 
mbo^ 3. 
ifl)f9 ilper buUatttt 


itfb, t.* tnndo, f . (tf-, 

percutto, 3. {down) profterno» 
3. (in) impello, 3. (often) pul* 
iito, I. {ofF, or out) Acatio, 4^ 
{tovetber) coUido, 3. {the hreaft) 
pe&us ccdere, plango, 3. {under] 
fteta Jiihmt 
Kmekidf pulfatiity conCurui 
A knocker of a door, cornfX» KSt, /• 
A knocking together^ collifioy t. 
A knot, nodo8/ft. nezui^ 4* v"** '^' 
Ifead) vitta» cr taenia (dimcnlty) 
fcrupulus, 2. (iff 7cwm/} tuber, 3* h A» 

(«r joint) articnlus, ft. (/a 4 i^Ar- 

ikn) fchtma topiariutu (^re>^») ' A Laief, leranircua, ft. appeadix; 
AagitiofDrum grfez ^ A la^o r nt ot y, oflkina _ 

To ifof, (bud) germino, i,' (ai 
voung treesj nodnt emlttCre (as 
hair) implicarl^ . 
Knotted, nodatus $^!mplexui 
Witbmt knots, enodis 
\Fu/Io/knoh, nodorot 
^Knotty, difflciHs 
}72»tf inciting of a tree, genictilatio 
,To kntm, fcioy 4. cbgnofco, 3« ref- 
cifco, 3. agnofcd, 3. dignofco, 3. 
pnecogncfrco> 3. comperio, 4. 
70 let kokw, certioreMn facSre {t^ 
mnkt one kn^w) coA9ionefaciOy3. 
oftendo, 3* 
To know well^csAleo, ft. intelltgo,;; 
Knowit^j fciens, gnartis {mx^loi^iji^ 

ing) ignarusy iniciui 
A kmmfitit^ cognido; 3* 
Knowiim, fciencer' ' 
't'o knowi, pulfo, I. 
iCnowtedgCp fikiif) pentia, r. (un* 
deribndin]^imcnedos, 4«(leam* 
ing) erudltio, 3I {in /m]^ jurif- 
' pnideBtiay t. 

ifcnmw;notQt, cO|piltas(/ortfrM} 
' fcelere ndbilh {fafng) tnttaih 
*to be known, enotefto» 3. innotef-JTo 

Laborious, fedulus> impigerj difR« 

cilis^ arduos, operoAife 
LnboriouJIy. fedald, inpigri, diffi- 

culter> moleft^ 
Lnbour, todufhia, I. labor, 3. (#/ 

wcmen) puerperium,':. partus, 4* 
To Idbaur^ (at a ihip in the wavei) 
cqlluftari cum yentis ft flu£lU 
bus {or take pains) iaboro,' i* 
(endeavour) enitor, 3. (again/1) 
renitor (eameftfy) fumma ope 
ttiti {wltb chila) parturio, 4. (/or) 
ambio {in vain) operam JudiSre 
(a point) futtinft diifgentiS ela« 
borare {under great difickhies) 
fummis anguftiis pTtmi{ for hire) 
operam mercede i6oalt 

lAibonred' (gof^wkh grtfat paint) e^- 
la^oriMs, elocublpattti 

Not laboured, ilUboratus 

A labonrer, opifex, 3. operaruu^ s^ 
( fellow laboi&er) k>c*us opemm 

Labouring, la^otinSf enitens 

A Id^buringtodo, conamen, 3. nifus . 

A leiyrintb, labyiinthu^, ft. 

Lace, lacinia, i. fimbria, x. {Jw 


co; > /i^hii^'toftB^ /. (irl 

flays) funicolufl, ft. 

(cdtt vixk Ik« W*tWXft A% 

N 3 V:i3to 

L A I 

(fallen Yr\th Wet) aftrinfOy}. (( 
ieat} catdOf 3. verbero^ i. 
A Iac€rnatt, limbolarius, %, 
Lacfd, prxtextus; afbri6tus 
To iacerate, dilacero, i. 
Laaratus^ diJaceratus 
it lacifii^ (beating) verberatio, )• (or 

finding together) coUigatio, 3. 
Lack, ioopta, i. penuria) r. indi 
gentia, 1. egeftas, 3. {ofparenn) 
orbicas, 3*(£/'f wAf^M) dimictudo,!. 
{of profvlfions) inedia^ i , (defett) 
■ defe£lu8j4. 

To lack, careo, s. indigeo^ »• egeo 
hackery (eevarnijb 
Lacking^ inoj^ o/bus^ egent 
To ie bukingf defum 
Laconic, laconicus 
' A lacjuiy, pedificquus, 1. 
LaS?«aIy la^ecs 
A ladf adolorceni^ $• 
Ladanum, ladaounii %, 
A iadaer, fcaiae, />/• (flup ladder) 

pons, tis, pu 
To /ode I kt to load 

&c. ) divitUs, &c. cunulatus 
Sore /aden, oppteiTus 

L.idt'ng, onerans 
A/aditigf 00U8 

A lady, domintt J, j ^ , ,^ . 

A /adie, jpathoSyZ* iigola, z. (Jk^l Full of lamentation, gemebundus 
dies of a wteter miU) ^Innx, pit Lamented, detletus^ deploratus 


recon Jitusi paratus (at com) fin- 
tus, proftratus 
Lain, pofitus (down) decumbens 

(in vait) inHdiif petitus 
Laire^ of a deer, cervi latebra (at 

ftool ball) clava pilaris 
Tht laity p lalcus, z. 
Lake (a colour) lacca^ f. 
A lake, palufy 3. lacnt 
A lamb, agnus, 2. 
Of a lamb, agninnt 
Lamh (meat) caro agwrn (grafi 
lamb) grainlne pafta \boufelamb) 
ftabulo notrita 
Lambent, lambent 
A lambkin, agoellus, s. 
Litme, clandiMi mancus {eomparijon) 
iniqua corviparatio(w7>i& age) de- 
crepitus (imperfeft) imperfedhis 
To %ualk lanUf c]aud]c0> I. 
To make lame, mutJlo, I. debillto^x 
Lamcd^ claudicans - 
Lamel}, ifliperite, ittconcumc 
Lamenefi, claudicatio, 3* 
To lament, deploro, !• lugeo, %. {to- 
gether) commifcror^ 1. {fir) in- 
gemo, «. 
Lamentable, flebilis, plorabilis 
Lamentably* lugubre^ lugubriter 
A lamentation, lamentatio, 3. {at 
funerals) threnodia, 3. plan^lus 

Lag, poftremos 
To lag, tardo, i. ter^verfor 
A lagging, tergiveriatio, 3. 
i/«.-c, or laical, latcus 
' Laid (from to lay) pofitus {againft) 
oppofittts {aleng\ ftratus {ajide) 
iq^oAtys (Af/w««»)JDter pofitus (4^ 
or to) appofittts {down) depofitus 
,/rvM Vfitb tbegrouna) folo squa- 
fmdar) /jWBj'nus (out, as jnooey) 
^^KbM (Afjsr^tfrJ /uppo£tilS (up) I 

Not lamented, indeploratus 
A lamenter, plnrator^ 3. 
Lamenting, lui^uofus, lu^Uficus 
A lamenting, dq>Iorario, 3. 
Lammas, calends Textiles 
To lamme, fuftigo, i, cxdo9 3. 
Lasumed, xxftxs, fM^tViS ■ 
A lamp, lampas, 3'. lucerna» !• 
A lampoon, (atyra^ i. 
To lampoon^ dido mordaci ali<j^m 
iofcAari ' 

X A N 

• A lance, bafta, i. laneea, : 
lancet) fcalpellum chirurgi 
To ianct, fcarifico, t* 
To lanehaJbip,M¥tm deduce 
tbe/ea)oceatno oavem comi 
{into eter^i^') terram relin* 
Lancbedt dedu^Sy folutut 
A lancbin^, dedn^o, 3. 
Land (with a hoafe upon it) 
dium, 2* fundus, a* (co 
terra, I. regio, 3. tra^ 
(ground) tellus,3< te^ra, I. 
To land (put a*ihore] ia 1 
exponSre (»* a nfeffe!\ ^pd 
(or ^«r to land) arena potid 
Land, (adj.) terrefirit 
Of land, agrarios 
Landgrave, proTinclae pneM 
A landlord (viAualler) bofpc 
{of M boufe. See.) doaiiw 
mns, ^c. 
A landmark, limn, 3* 
Landed, in terram expbfitu^ 1 

fiis {-man) agris diwH 
A landings appuUiia, 4. X^M 

tui, 4. 
A land/kip, tabula. cborograpU 
A lane (ftreet) angipbrtos (11 
country), via publica, di^ 
Language (rpeech)lingua, I. 
3.(ftile)ftilaa, 2. (fmoa" 
diloqowntia, 1. (rude) 
iuri#2. (its propriety) i£ 
Languid, langhdus, debility 
To Tangnijfb, langueo, «• 

languefcQ»3.caberco,3.a ^ 
To caufe to langifi, Ubefad^j 
Langui/hing, langoens, la^ 
A languijhing, languor, jr 
Langui&in^y, languid^ 
Lank (limber)moUia* ft 
der) tcnuii (hair) 

^ ^ i 

A S 

Hitiesy 5. gracUitas, 3. 
terna, i. 

tium, 2. finus, 4. 
plica, I. (of the ear) 
(•dog) catellus meU 

I Umbo, 3* lingo, 3. 
coxnpUco, !• 
unmarius, 2« 
^/, involtttut 
nia, !• 

tio, 3. 
s, 4. 

11S9 praetermiffut 
Jatos finiftrum 

I fuffigere (a d{fcwr/e) 

nptiiarianiy 2« . 
;^^ tornos, 2. 
[usy latiis (at large) 
our/eat lar^) copioie 


e, abuode (Jo largely) 

tiitndo, 3. magiiitudo 
itivuniy 2« 

I, X. 

ilans, lafcivus 
pudlciy procaciter 
indo>3. tncoatinentia 
p!ag«9 I. Berber, 3. 
\x, 3« (thoog) lo- 

flsgello, I. cardo, 3. 
igo, I. 
tus, alligatps 
aatio^ 3r 



bcrty] licentia, f • 
Latter^ pofterior 

Tbektten math, fanuE cordimi* 
Lattin, or latten, orichaicutn^ t« 
A lattife, clathru8| 2, 
To kttifi, cancello, x. dathro 
Liktmhttife^ reticulatuiy ouiceUjpik 

tus, cUthratus ' i 
Lmifety caneeUi, fl» 
Laud, kus, 3, 

Ta laudf laudo, i, ctlebro, !•' 
Lmtdablty laudaodos, la^udabilit 
Laudable^ laodabiliter ^ 
I^tutamm, laudaoum, 1« 
To laugbf rideo, 2* (at) irrideo, %• 
(aA>ud)cwch\nxvirt i.(foiaher}cor' 
cideoy 2. {from the ttett oatwari^ 
fardonicuni ridere 
T* heUugbed at^ rideor, %• 
Laughed atf ludlbrio habitof, rifu 
digaus, ridicalus ' 

A, laugher, rifor, 3. {at) dertfor, }« 

irrifor, .3. 
A laughing, cacbinnatio, 3. 
Given to laughing^ ridibundiit 
A^laughing, rifus, 4. (at) inifus, 4* 
(iitiinoderate)cacbinfiu8yft (ftock) 
ludibrium, 2« 
Lavijb, prodigus, profofat 
To latffjb avuy, prodigo, 3. 
Lavijhedawayt proftffi con^mptlki 
A laMto'-r, prodigu»'> 2. 
LaviJ^fy, prodige, eflfu(^ 
Lavijbi/tgf proFunden3, prodigent 
Lavf/hnefi, prodigaJitas,3.pcoMo>g 
To lautKh I tat laneh 
A laum^ejtj fotrix, 3, 
A Uwtdrfy iayatriiiay c« 
Lauptate, launeatot 
Laurel, laurocerafus, «• 
Of laurel, laursus ^ 

A law, lex (righl'j yiXy Jwrii^ fi* 

A lafl, ventris profluviuoi (ftopped) 
venter AippreiTus 

A lajking wind, venti quadrant 

A lajs, puella,.!. 

LaJjtUidt, 'laflitudo, 3. 

Lafi, or latef, ultimas, extremus, 
noviflimus, fupremus, poilremus 

Laji (adv.) prozime, poftremuoiy 
noviffino^ \at lafi) denique, po* 
f^rem^ demum, tandem 

The lafi jave out, penultimas {}ut 
two) ante-penultimus 

A iafi, calcei modulus (4^ age) o- 
nus, ifris, «. 

To lafi, dure, perduro, i. 

Lafied, fee csntinued . 

A lafiing, duratio, 5. continuation.; 

Lafiing, ftabilis, diu manens {all 
da^) perdius (all night) pernox 
{fir ever) Tempi ternus 
Lafily, ultimo, deni<{ue 

A latch, obex, 3. 

The latcbet of afifoe, corngiMf i. 

Late (adj.) ferus, nuperus 

L£te, (adt.) tardi, fcrd 

// is late, Tefperat 

Lately, modo, nuper 

Latent, latitans, laCeni 

Later, recentior 

Lateral, lateralis, i latere 

Latefi, poftremusy ultimns 

A lath, aflula, i. 

To lathe, afTulis fubftem^ 

A lathe \ fee a lare 

Lather, a^(b« faponafae fpiima (fc 

tnak^ fapone bullas excitare 
Latin, (adj.) la^nus 
Latin, (fubft.) latinitas, 3. 
In Latin, latini 

A latlnifm, idiotiAnus Romanos 
A latinifi, lattne do^s 
Latijb, tardiufculua 5 tardior 
Latitude [hrnith) iatjtudo,^' fli-/'7^^4i««ii«W,iui'ai»xaC^^ 


,«* A Y 

J« fiTile \Jatute) jut mitftlri. 
pifc (Afw c/ arms) jo* militirp 
X^mcflnbtfitfs) lex merc«toriim(t/ 
triilK^O J«* witunOc (tfmirkns} 
jus sentiam {vf tSe feitaie} fen^. 
tut coafaltiiiii (m)(i^ f^ i^^ ^. 

jtwr «r iartv, litigiofiis r 
Zeamed in the Lav;^ jutitptriixia 
PffbelaWf jnriiKciAlisy icfuiie 
J>i9/^y diesjiridid 
A Znaf f««r» Icfifittor 
Zamfui jnftut^ aequuti luMtiis 

> /> iBf»/&^ Jfcet) anpum dl 
Xtfvlgff* exlexy ^ 

p( tawn, carbafem 

Xikar; fee^y^ 

Zaxst'tvff alvum fuNvce^ 

^ f^rV^^f) ca«)tUc9i«4K.(c^urrc, 

iMH, Ice ) krics, 5» 
T^ /«jr* pone 3. (4^Mi#) tirtism* 

g»infl). objicio, |, («4n]f ) pr^/lcr- 
'.■•» 3« (<iii4fniAi(^> inii<;(or, ]>(<- 
/•tfrr) repono„ 3. iiifidt) fuperfe- 
deo, 2. loconiAviK^tfitfi/) intf^ 
4pr> t* <^i/»rtf, or ruprejent) re 
: W«6lMl (ApMivm} iolcijkrof 3. 
(*/tf«i* */>♦») WlyiK^ !• (h) **- 
po«o, 3. refi«J0,.3,^|ejkci^ipi^ 
foitto. 3. ^im 4t)- VSadicQi: i* 
^ccKmarJs uf>«M)anm^oU!d$ dare 
(tf tmpL'm ifejtn) quentljun de- 
ferre {to tnii €Jkarg0) iiApstOj 1 1 
^/i(#-r/afA) IT eofaini AemSre (rerfl) 
fgkt€$lJfum) 4/eponQ,3. 

h AY 

fc tbdicare, rdign^i . (dlW^ft ///r 
mortem appettere (i/own the cu/t- 
|^//j) haftas abjicJJrc (^•wif fwxr^) 
pecaniam reprefentare (f^ du/i) 
puhtTcm a^ua fedare (^n ^g) o- 
Sum par&tf (ev«f to tb^ground^ 
To lo «quare((grcr^Mff <^^/^)pr»- 
rcnbO|3.. [afoundatiom^ funda^i. 
fuiidamenfa jadh-e {bandion)xm' 

num alicui inferr« (v/WSmr ^ffi/i) La:dtyy pigt^^, /egnxter 

L E 

(oirf } erogatio^ inif 

application 3 • (/o «» 

putatioy 3. accttOiti 

adjeflloy i^ 

Pafi kjtngf eff«ta 

L^arjTi (10 mufic) modu 

A lay fall, fterquiliniu 

A laxarette, noforomi 

A lazer, leprofiks s. 

vim inferte (violent hands on one's 
/e!f) mortem fibi coDfcifcere (on 
hti/ps) accumuloy i. (bold on)ptt' 
bendO) 3« (inpaivn) pig/lori opr 
|>uncrc (ill prw\poni) commeatus 
tend ere {near to) appono* l\on) 
jmponc^ 3. (on otcws) i^u9 con' 
fcminare (oiver the Sack) ttr- 
fum caedere (outmonej^) ezpeodo^ 
3. (out abroad) expono, «• ex* 
plko, I. (out for zperfon) injf 
iti^o, t. venor, i. ambio, 4. in- 
daj. ft, I • (ont fif the way) ab/icorw 
doj 3. rcpojio, 3. (^rff^ormake 
J;r L>wn) patcf'acio, 3. (open jt 
-.vt.-.nd) pla^am aperlre (/»tfr«)in- 
Ji ' r {./i^') obfidionc cinp2ie (^ 
/f :^ ) oppiyjoro, 1. (ajpirit) ex 
orcizo, 1. (tobeart) ludtu conta 
bcfc^rc (togetber) ccnfero^3* (t/ri- 
der] fui'pono.j. rubjicio,3. («/;fo) 
jipplico, I. (up) repono,3. condo, 
3, [a .ivager) pignus deponcre 
{^^ Alt for) infidior, i. (wafte)fpe- 
Jjo, I. Taflo, I. (a vfoman) in 
partu obllctricari 
Laycdi {''tlaid 

4 Uyer (srAflF) propago, 3. (oyfter 
bed) o^r'earium, %, (of a. deer) 

LiMjifw ajlfip, foporifer (laying as 

a he-i) partutiens 



/ dif> impoiitiQ,2» (on j6fa/f ) 

Lasainefs, fegniria, I. 
Lazy, ignavus^ P^gc^ 
Togrcmflazy, torpefco 
Leacherous, libidlaonis, 
Leacberoujly^ libtdinofc 
Leaebery, libido, 3. 
Lm<^, ptumbum, s. (^Z 
2. (m/) miniam^ 2. 
mfTa, I. 
^oleadf plqmbo obdud 
0/ lead, plambens; pi 
Lead colour, ferruginei: 
\Lead ore,^ plombago, 3. 
The leads, te^am plu 

To lead, duco, 3. (aBo 
docb, 3. (about often) 
(<7f <i/>/?)contra ducer 
Tiam dttcere (an am 
prase fTe (ajtde) divert 
cr /educe) fcduco, 3, 
diico, 5. (bad) reduc 
prseduco, 3, (in ada» 
duccre (one a dar^ce) 
circumduccreX**'^ J 
pellcre aliqucm(^y^/ 
3. (f)i).induco, > ir 
{forth) produce, 3. ( 
31. (one's r<ff) vitam 
or entice) illicio, 3. ( 
duco, 3. (out) e^ucoy 
perduco, 3. (ur,to) ad< 
and down) deduco, 3 
pracco, 4, pT«cc4o, 3 

.^,,^0 wcKmCkot 

iAti 4naor(€omiiiaiider» v' ge- 
hl) diur, J. imperttor, j. {of 
iMc) ptcriiltor,3.(o/' the w^) 

Sv» duceni 

t&i aun, vir prlmarjas (peo> 
prioeeps popoluf 
ff folium, s. {of a vine) pan- 
BH, X. (•/* « |0»I) pagma, i. 
fp!i) lamina hra&ea, auri fo- 
in(if ^r^i) coma, i. (of fat) 
■mii,2.(of tin) ftanni folium 
fa^C^miles) leuca, i. {confe- 
*itt;)f(Bdas, 3.padumy£tio3 
fm, foedentos 

|Hr, okfidioi 3. obfidluib, i, 
till rima 
li nmofiu 

h aacery macilentns, ifrigofos 
^iaif, maceOy z. emacefco, 3. 
MifZbDf, emacio, r« 
'ilrWf emaciatQi 
^Mp9iip nitor, 3. mnitor, 3. 
*"^>3« (/«rBwW)acclino, i, 
*) recJino, I. (over) promi-> 
!• (rt) propendeo, a. (i« 0- 
1) fententiae iviht{tvtvards) 
0| I. 

inniius} reclinic 5 acdinli, 

)?0ci, fulcrnia, 2. 
Jmoirmardi^ declivitas,3. 
laaciesy 5. fnaaitodo, 3. 

Ito, I. falio, 4. {(Ogainfi) 
{away) abfilio^. {aiit* 
0.4. fubfvlto, \.{back) 
\^9W9) dcfilio, 4. {in) 
[fTnvari) profilip, 4. 
alto,l. gcm'>, 4. {off J . 
cfien) lakito, i. {on, 
iiio, 4. (ov«r) tranfi- 

*^ Cj A 

I10, 4. {or jomp up) emicOi l. {a 
mare) ineo, 4. 
A teapferjijht nafTaj i« 
Leap fy leafy faltim 
A leaper^ ultator» 3. faltatris 
A leaping^ faltatio, 3. laltatuii, 4. 

{for joy) ezultatio, 3. cxultim 
To Uarny difco, 3. {or^ be in* 
formed of) certior fieri {an art) 
artem percipcre(^^r'') praedifco, 
3. {by experience) difc5re experi- 
endo {hy heart) memoriae man- 
dare {together) ^tivitiico, 3. 
To leartf^ orteaehy doceo, a% 
The leanud, doAl, eruditi 
Leamedp ioilus, literatus, eruditat, 
literis iiDbatus(^ i&Mr^memoriat 
Ltarnedly, erudite^ doA8 
A liarner^ difcipului, a. 
Learnings, do^trina, i. eruditio, 3« 
Belmgitg to learning, literariuf 
A leafet fundi clocandi inftrumen- 

To leafe out, eloco 
To leafe (lye) mentiory 4, {corn) 

fpicas Icgere 
A kafee, cui locatur 
A leafor, locator, 3. 
£«^,(adjOninlmut9 (adr.)sDinim^ 

(at leafi) c6tt^y ad miniffmm 
Leather, rorium, 2. alatt, i. 
A leather dreffer, aluti<rius,2. coria 

rius, a.. {J'iUr) pellio, 3, m. 
Leather dreffing, corii fuba^lio 
Leathern^ ex corio confe^ut 
A leather bottle, utcr, 3. «r, {jerkin) 
tunica Icortea {thong) lorum ter- 
Covered with leather, pelHtus 
Leave, venia, i . copia, i . licentia, 
1. Iibertas,3. poLeftas, ^.{to enter) 
admiflio, 3. 
IfOfJbau/ /Mvfy injuffa, wjuffii$ 


To leare, omitto, 3. relinqat 
praeterco, 4. {forfake) de&n 
deflituto, 3. {off) defino, 3. 
filh), 3. abfifto, 3. {out) pre 
mitto, 3. omitto, %. \oU cuflo 
defuefco, 3. {byvtiH) teilamei 
legate (quit) decedo, 3. {at r« 
dom) deflituo, 3. (uvto) coram i 
to, 3. {utterly\ penitus derelii 
quere (wcrl) a labore ceflart 
I*eaven, fcimentum, 2, 
Leavened, fermentatus 
Leavening, fermentatio 
A leaver, vedlis, it, mi. 
Leaves, frondes, //. folia, pl^ 
Full of leaves, frondol'us 
A leaving off, cefTatio, 3. (oarf) 0* 

miflio, 3. practermlilio, 3. 
Leavir^s, reliquiae, arum,jl pU' 
A le flu re, le6lio, 3. 
A leElurer, le^or, 3. (afternoon 
preacher) concionator pomcridi- 
Ledf du£tus, circumduAus, feduc- 
tus, abdu£lus, reduce, indue* 
tus, addu£lu8 « 

To ^e lead to, trahor, 3. ducor, 3* 
A lead horfe, equus defultorius 
A ledge, projedlura, i. 
A le^er, a^orum codex (ambiflt« 

dor) legatos ordinarius 
The lee, navis inclinatio ^y9bore)lit« 

tua vento immune 
To com* offbi the lee, pcAimi abir^ 

male mul^lari 
A leach, hirudo, 3. faHguifugay !• 

{of a fail) veli finus 
A luk, porrum, 2. 
Leekgretn, prafinus 
Of leeks, porrareui 
A leer, or letn'rg look, obliquuacon* 

tuitutf, OTf oculorum conjedlus 
To leer^ i\m\a iiilu'uv 
Leering^ \imu% 

L£ M 

.' (court) cttfia, t , 

Tm JitgtiJif of a fail, lait pat t lAi 

t€ef9urd\ lee t6«4r» 

J^ (reoiiiniOf) rdi^QOf {alone) 
(9t\m, reliuriuc, dcToJatot {defti- 
l«rf#)orbof» orbatut {^for a time) 
intermi/nM (out) prfftenniflus 
[haftd) toaaut ^niftni 

hep %ahded, fuivut 

A/qf, til)ia,i. eras, 3.»f. {ofmut- 
toHf coxa ovina («/'if /^i^/rjpesij. 
'To makeitUif genttfleAjSrt 

Befor^ifit^ a iq^ tibialis 

.X^4/, legalis 

t^afify, legibiis confentaMum 

h^iflfy^ juxta Uges 

J legatut^ a. 6rator« |. 
. A legMUy legatariitf, a. 
B<im> Uiged^ valvtii (wr^ AgrftO ^ 

Tjpe«, tvJit 
A %«»(/, legendat i . (^ ^ 'm'«(} >a- 
feriptio, 3. 

J^^*^/f,1c£u faciiia 
. A ^SiiM^ le|io» !• 
JBe^orHti^ l(Hi /^'^ legiMarWKi 
. l^i/tattve^ legiflaUTiiii 
A Ar/il^for, Icgiilaior 
Tbc/,^//Ztfrir«, qjttiliibent ppUi0a- 
tern leges ftr^i 
^^hqit'mate, Jegitimus 
T6 f^iii»tat.e, kgittmOy.^. 
iMjure^ otlum^ a. 
At Uifure(z6y) otkfD8^yatiro»(atk,) 
otiofe per otium 
^%iifurefy^ peditentim, otiofe 
^o.he at letfiire,^ vaco> , i« #U0 frui 

^^lmt», malum citiCBm' 

L E S 

To Itttd^ mtitutim credere, conmo 

do, I, (an ear) aurem praebeTe(ar 

triterefi) foBnoro, f • 
A lettd^, creditor, 3. fcenerator, 3, 
Lmditigf comoiodans . j 

Lertftb, longitude, $* (of a W4^)\ 

VIS fpatium {of time) diuturnitas 
At fength, demu^, deniqoe (or in 

length)fn longum (atitu'tleii^tb) 

eztento corpore 
Miv at lenfthf jam tandem 
In length if timet progreflU gempons, 

longo poft tempore 
To run alllepitbtyxn omnibus inrer- 

To Itngtben^ exfendo, 3, protraho,'3 
Lenfthenedy prodn^us, extentus 
A Sngthenin^, produ^io, j. 
Lenitive* lenient, anodyaut 
Lenity i fenitas, 3. dementia, i. 
.Lmr (eflend) commodaUis 
£01/, quadragefima, i« 
Of lent J, qoadragennaalit 
A lentil, lent, 3. 
Leonintf leoninos 
A koftftrd^ leopardtfs, %% 
Aleaper, leproAis 
The leprofiy lepra,!.. elephantlafis,3 
Leprous f lepra laborans 
L^ (fldj.) miQpr. (adrO minims 
Tor Itjsf mifloris 

Much lefs, nedum, ne quidem '' 
To feffen (make Jefs) deminuo, 3. 

minuo, 3. extenuo,. i. (grow 

lefs) deciefco, 3. minuor, i, (§r 

depreciate) deprecio, t. 
Leffened^ diminutus, extenuatus, de- 

preciatus, atteouatus " ^ 

KUneningy diniinotio, 3. 
LeJ^ery or lefsy minor 
Alefiey cui lucatur 
.Aletofiy Ie£lio, 3. prae1e£lio, 3.(111- 

ilnr^on) monitum, z. 
To gitve a kjfon (or teach) doceo,^. 

> ■ ■ 

(or chide) objurgo, 

A lejfory loCatCMV 3* 

Left CT lift tbaty ne (i 

(any. thing) nequic 

nequando (hi. any 

(in anyplace) neco 

A kt, or bindrmnce^ xr 

2. mora, i. (diftu 

pellatio, 3. 

To let (hinder]) obfto 

(interrupt] interpc 

omitto, 3. (hlood) 

trah^re (dmon) dei 

or /hoot ^) jaculo 

initio, 3. (locfe) en 

CO, 3. (/«) admittc 

to, 3. (into fecrets) 

tire (ojf) ditplodo, 

• (out) eniitto,s{. (ou, 

i« (fafs) omitto, 3 

(•fiuffcr) fino, 3. 

N. B. L*t before a ye 

the fign af the imp 

fomettmeaof the p 

Let (hindered^ imped 

miflVr (out to tire 


The letany, letania, r. 

Aletcber, fcortator, 3 

Leihargicy lethargicus 

The lethargyy letharg 

Letteki fee hindered 

A letter (hinderer) m 

to hire) locator, 3.(< 

botomus, «• 

A fetter (in the alpha 

elementom, a» cha 

Ale) likerse, tfrtrm, 

pL epiilola, i. (cf 

curationis libellus (t 

la circularis (carrU 

tabellarius, s* {fom 

fuodator {caipiul} 




a fonnae fflSno- *Z>md^, tctlva, 3. nequitfay i« 
iptaitt${o/ap'lA kxlcofif lexicon^ a. 
commen^ititix] Liiation, libatio, 3. 

8ene nummarix 
iKa, arum, pK n, 
I t;ifi, orumyfl,m, 


!oje ieAio^ pble- 

vm) demifiioty 3. 

{cut for rent) b- 

emiffio, 3. («r 

m comitatQ't 

5. (ttfed by car- 
, I, perpendicu* 
r) bo«bardae fco^ 

offlplafto.i. cos- 
copum colljneare 

(ai) ^eaxn; ad 

0, 3. pcfilio,3, 
at, 2. 
» 4. la^igq^ X. 

iaconftantiay- 1. 



, pecuniae eta^o 

A UM (in the dvif law) libelKit 
accniatorhis (or fatyrital reflec- 
tion) libellns ftmotat 
To liAf/ (accofc) accpib, i.((!afame 

In writing) icriptis infamare 
Liheikd, fcriptva tUffamatus 
AUMler, fcriptor fattlofoMtm car- 

A lihellti^, fugillatio fjriptis man- 
JJberal, liberals, fminifkut (f fvar) 
largitor beneficui {giwng) largi 
tio, 3. 
LibtTMRtyy benigmtas, 3* l»beralitaf 
Liherally^ liberallter, largi 
A lib»line, homo diflblntus 
Libertinijmt dogmatum llceatia 
Liberty, libertas, 3. licentia, i.po 
teftas, 3, copia, 1, {cfwilt) Hbe- 
rnm arbitrium 
At liherty^ libcr, ero, rum 
To be at Ttbertu All juris eiTc 
LihiMmusy nbidinoi'us» falax 
A library t ^bliotheca, ;. 
A Ubrarlatit biblit>thecariit9> a-* 
Xibratmp librati^, 3^. 
Lite^ pedicnli, ph »• 
titenct (leaye) Yenia« U llcentia, 
2. copia, I. p(>teftai» 3. facni' 
ta9, 3. (privilegt)^ pritHegiviQ 
To licenfe, priynegio muotrt 
X'tctfifuU pariDtfnu 
A iieetijjng, pnTtlegil donatio 
A iicentiafe, liceotiatuSy a. {i/ihvf) 

lyta, <r. «r, ' 
LkentiouSf Itcendofos, improbus 
hkentioufmjs, nequitia,X.iniprobita5 
A lick, lin«us,4. for ftrokc) iftu 
To lick, Vtx\$o, p Jjuttb^j ^, (cf 


ftrike) aliqoem «aM« f'^^''^' 
circwnlaiiioo^ a* \t^ ••? '^^^h^l 
delSngo, 3. [dattnihj |i««ri^ ^ 
{difra) catiilo ft^fmmim 

Licked, lioilut 

Litkirig, lamtmns ' N| i 1 

Lieori^, gi^cyrHilcav i» 

Li«)r/V<,delicattiliit. ijaf ' 
ItgvHtocy 3. taMloy \^\ 
aupediae, arun^^ pi, f» 

lAooriJbnefi, guta, f* T 

A Hit, ofiifCQium, •• 

Ep'Ud^ palpebta» hA 

Lit to vMtfi vritb, Viainm,, %, 

Behnpni to Uty Xbimm 

To He (in a poftnra) jae«% « .(j 
rircumjaceo, a. (m JJ|Mr^}< 
fufin jacSre (agmt^) •Ij.acao^ %m 
{jcihf^) recumbo^ ^ novboiy f* 
(tffyorimpsrtono) prec^'fctiyM* 
(before) priejaceo, a* {k H wm n H Uk 
terjaceo, a., {by) acaabo, I. ae* 
cumboy 3. {down) decwoibo^ j. 
(iff) oh otierpevittai cttbafcfAM 
to Jlfcp) decumbOf 3. (fii-fir«6rf)^ 
in luto hcrere {fat) p«oftenM»3 
{near) adjaceo, a« joxU taiMH^t 
(^f if banquet) diltembo^^* (ftitfr*' 
ri&r rotfz/) riam taagCre {Ang Mr 
r^) mare atting^ faa aa ac^ 
tioo) competit aiftio \efemy pa- * 
teo, a* {abroad aH uiM) ibnia 
perno£lare {outatjbar) la'unribiia 
cxcubare (ftill) ^u;e(co^ t • (*|p^ 
ricr) concvatbO) )• {unmr) me^ ' 
cumbo, 3. {under ■ em Ui^atiou^ ' 
gratia deTMMiri(wnln^paHdnf)con* 
vitiU ^rofciodi (bkf^ oruifkuomhir^ '- 
Hteo, a. <klHa&o, 3. (Mv*) ia^ ' 
cumbo f m wmtfif}. infidior, ir 
infidiu fttvAtt. 
K lie, mcndaoiom, a« 
Lieg^e, fldcKt, deditm 


Aliir^ mcfldaxy 3, (is mrir) infi- 

dUtmr, 3» 
Futttflia, fabttlorni 
Jn lieu tf, locoy vice 
Littumatity locnm tenent 
Ltrd lieuteimnt of s eountf^ praefec 

ThtZMiiMMM rf the Tower^^j^Kis 

Itj/a^ Tifa, I. rpiri[ui> 4. aMina,!. 
(fpriihtfinefi) vigcir, 3. 

T(>^/«tf A}Vj BDifnoj I. vivificg, i 

Z^iffPtvingf vivjficus 

A g^ifi^ ^fiffi, animation 3* 

^"^ ^f*> ionga^vitit, 3* 

To the life f sid vJvum 

Alfsnt'i f'ffitimff per totam vltam 

7b cmnt a^ain to life, revivifcoi 3* 

UtTving Ufif vivus, animatas 

FuU of Uft, viyidiiSi vivax 

jAfe^if exaaimis^ ioanimatus 

A /ifiguardt cohjrs praetoria 

A Hftt robfidiumy %» 

To lift, Icvo, I. tollo, eveho,3.(»^ 
m) relcvo, 1 . {up kimjelf) it 
It {upon bigh)\t\ fubiimc tol- 
Krc {one s voJtf) vocem atcollere 
{upright) erigo, 3. 

hijfiid upf levatus, allevatus {with 
pride, fuccejk. See . fuperbu^ rebus 
recujidi8> Ac. elatut 

I'ifiijjf x/>» elevans; attollent 

•A iifttvg up, eleyatio, 3. 

A ki^Mment^ iigameotuin, s, 

A ligature, Ugatnen^ 3. ligatara> z. 

L'tgunce, Adelitaj 

'I'u light (as a bird) fido, 3. defido, 
3. iniiJoy^. (from a horfe).der* 
cendo', 3. (fall upoa er againft) 
incidO) 3. incnrro> 3. ^upon or 
find) repr rioy 4. oftladoy 3* 


Light (in weight) kvis, perlevis 
(bright) fulgensy lucidus, fplen- 
didus (nimble) xigilis, expeditus 
(inconftant) ioflabilis (merry)hxn 
laris, laetas (trifling) facilis, nu- 
fax, ineptus {of helief^ credulus 
(fingered) furax {hearted) hilaris, 
alacris* Istus {horje) equitei ex- 
pediti (horfeman) levis armaturae 
eques (of no value) futilis 

Ugbt (as dav) lux, 3* (brightnef^) 
intelligentia, I. (candle or lamp) 
lucerna, z. candeia^ i. iampa8,3 

To Jet lightly hy, contemno, 3. 

To light{(ct on fire) accendo,3t(0»«) 
pr&luceoy a. 

To he light, luceo, 2. lucefco, 3, 

To cafly or give lights illumino, z 

Lighr beaded, delirana 

Lighted, accenfui 

To lighten (in the /ky) fulgnro,!. (or 
cafe) cxonorOji.ltfvo, i.allcvo,z, 

To^« made lighter, ^Uevor, 1. 

Lightly, le niter, leviter (eafily) fa 
cile (nimbly) velociter, agiliter 
(careleily) negligenter, p.^func^ 
torii ' 

Lighted, lightened, illuminatut 

Lightened (made eafy, or of lefler 
weight) fttblevatut 

Lr^irff(/>(ficldenefs) incon(Untia,z 
(nimblenefi) agiUtas, 3. (wan- 
tonneti) lafcitia^ i . petulantia, i 

Lightning, fulgur 

Of lightning, fulgurans 

A lightning (in the (ky) fulgurttio, 
3. (eafing) levamefi,3.(kindlii])^ 
inceoiio, 3. 

A lighter, cymba oneraria 

A lighterman, na?icularor« 3. 

A lighting dowr, deiceofip, 4* 

Tbi lights, pulmones^ m.pU 


Lightfome (bright) fUgidii 

ful) hilaris, Jaetut 
Like unto, fimiiis, confimUit 
par> «quu8 (or Ukely) pro 
Like, or fike tmto (ad?.) ta. 
velut, inftar (as) ficnt, 
ac, quemadmodum {afn 
mice {a gentkmau) ing& 
beraliter (« fMff) rordter 
ter {in like mamter) parit 
d«m, fimiliter 
To like (approTe) probo, 
probo, I. comprobo, z.j 
2.. (of or pleafe) placeo, % 
Sffcb like, hujufmodi 
Likedj cqmprobatiis 
Likely (adj.) probabilis 
Likely (adv,) probabiliter 
Likeb'bood, verifimilitudo^ 3. 
Likened, comparatoa 
To like/I, compare, i. 
Likenefs, fimilitadOy 3* 
A likening, comparatio, 3* 
Likewifiy itidem, pariter 
Likings favens, approbans 
A liking, favor, 3* approbati 
Toone* I liking, accept«s» gn 
A iily, lilium, 2/ 
q^tf %9liliaceos 
^fiM^ (edge) ora,r. margo,3. 
ber) artos, 4« membnuD, 
the law) leguleiua, u 
Limher, flexi^'Sy lazos 
To grow limber, lentclbo, 3* 
Limbernefs, lentor, 3* 
Lime, calx, cis,f. 
O^ lime, calcarius 
Liny, Tifcofal, glutinoros 
A uwttt, limcf^ 3, terminus 
To limit, termino, z. prxfij 
Limitation, limitatio, 3* 
Limited, tcfSVAanitipriife 
■ 2 


itmaaoasia, 3* 
t, Hflntcty 3* f** 

vifnm expTtflbs 
nmuni ofit pidor 
pifturty I* 
thr, €Kcid«fl 
ndicoy I. 
adu, claodicant 
cbu^tio, 3« 

mbtriKfit lentoTy 3* 
j^ ftirpi, 3. progqucs, 
u,i.pi«ptfO, 3. fww, 
i 3. (AouU cold) lani* 
(ocder) finiet, 3. or<l«, 
/^Vrf ) hnvan, %, Uu, 
lioearaeqtuBiy i. 
bgml, incifune,^/. 
iiO| 4. (at a dog) ineo, 
mat) intniafliiere 
liatm, 1. 


or, linteo, 3, 
grotcico^ 3* dia Kgro- 
T)ciinctor» lyceflby i. 
in&MBMi {toitb illne/t) 
sulli malla 
opJaftrooiy 4. 
rMtmemt, panodt inte- 

^athMn) aMUii«<S 2. 

DCAO, 3. COI^ttOlOy 3 

•Ty amjmiftus 


Linfif ^ootifyt pftonu ex Una ic 

1,/fff^ Unamentaoi, •• 

The Imtd, MtDttn^y f«pcrlimi]iirey3 

Linteby lent, 3. 

A liont leo» 3« 

LUtt'Coioured, falfnt 

A (be lion J lecna, i. 

Like a Ken, leoninus 

A //>, labium, 2. labmoiy 2. (A«iv- 
A^) UbcUom fiffile (of a b««ft) 
riaiu,4. fi^tfw««jii)ora 

To liquify \tttXm milt 

Liquid, iiquidut 

To be liquid, liqueo, 2. 

To grow liquid^ l^ue/cO| 3* 

To7r'fini0rr» liquetacio, 3. 

Liquidi, liquida, //. 

JLi^ftOTf liquor, 3. Aiccns^ 2. potui 

Full if liquors, ebriut 

To //^0r, xnaceroy x. inuogo, 3. 

Liquorice, glycyrrhiza, i. 

To tifp, balbutioy 4. bbefe loqui 

A lijpir, blasl'us 

A lining, balbuties, 5. 

A lift (caUloguc) catalogue, 2. fof 
cloth) limbus panni (defire) li- 
bido, 3. cupido, 3. (will) volun- 
tas, 3. {jo fight in) arena, j. 

To Mjildini, coofcribo, %. {fir a 
JoUier) nomen inter miliUi daxt 
(will or defire) volo 

To lifew, auicttito, i* 

Liftened, aufcuitatus 

A lifiner, aufcultator, 3. 

A lijitningf aufcuitatio, 3* 

Lijiming, aufcultaos 

LiPlefi, torpiduf 

To hi lifileji, torpeOy U 

Lifiltfnefi, torpor, 3. 

VTtit litany, litania, I* 

XUtiTid, literalit 

XUtiraUy, fenfu proprio 

Usitn$t»U9 Vncratttia, ij cniditio,3 


^L'ttrgiurft doAui, eruditia 

Litboiomy, Jitbocomit, i. 

Litigatiem, iiti'gatio, 5. Ug, 3. 

Lttigiout, litigiofua 

LftigMtJnrfi, lirium amor 

A litttr, fefura, I.' partus^ 4* 

Horje Jitttr, leAif a» t. 

Littir, fubftramcntuniy a* 

To litttr, rei turbaic 

Little, parvut, tnuis, exifmi 

Little (adv,) parum, paululuro, alt* 
quanta, nonnihil, aliquantolii 

A little oue, iiifantnlus(whik)jpai- 

By little mtd //«ri^,pauiatiiii, fcafiii 

Littlaufi, parTitas, 3. ealguiut, 3 

The liturgy, liturgia, t. 

To/w, ?:vo, 3. {agmn) reririicOp 
3. (by almt) fumptibos alicujua 
pafci (s country Hfe) rufticor, 1, 
(in exile) exulo, I. {wU) lant^ 
iriTSre {in gluttony) helluor, i. 
(frem bmnd to moutb) in diem ri* 
v5rc {poorly) parce TivSre (/y#- 
tber) coovIyo, 3. {or, dwell with) 
apud aliquem habitare {in it city) 
urbem incol^re {among) irerfor,!. 
{'sifitb a man) cohabito^ X. {ot 
feed) pafcor, 3. 

Likely to live, Titalis 

Long lived, longcvuf 

Short lived, caducus 

Lively, florens, Tividus 

To 6e lively, vi|:eo, 2. vigefto, 3. 

Livelihood (maintenance) vidus 9t 
TeCbitus (trade ar bafinefs) art, J» 

Livertnejt, rigor, 3. 

A good liver, homo pios 

A had liver, fcele/his, nequam 

Lottgefi lifuer, fuperfle«, 3. 

The liver, jecur, 3. hepar, 3, 

Of tbeUver, hepa>icua 

Liver eoUiired^ fofcus 

.fmte livertd^ nU^vii^ tana 

L O C 

L O N 

A tilery, veflis fenrilis {-JhhU) ftft- * tocktJ, obferatus 

bui in condu^tium 

Lives, vitat, //./. 

Litiu, Ihridus 

Livhf:, vivus, fpirant 

A/i^hg (mainteiunce) Tifhis, 4. 
( ber. efice]benefi ciam,2. (ro^ff^rr) 
conuftuSy 4. cobabitatloy 3. 

A/;«tf;</, lacertiM, 2. 

Loher, ecce! 

A load, farcina, I. oouSy 3. (on the 

A locket^ loculamentam, ft. 

A locket y coUare, 3, 

A loiufl, locufta^ I . 

A lodge, cafa filteftris (of free ma' 
foKs) capella ■ latemornm libero- 
rum (porter^ i lodge) gurgufliuBiy 
2. {ofabtick)z^xyi cubile 

To hd^e (in a place) habito, i. (all 
flight) pemodo, i, (with) diver 

for, r. (or ftick faft) inhatreo, 2« 
Jpirltt) triftitia, a, f. (fir a cart) To Ire lodged, collocor, i. 
vehes, 3. Lcdged, hofpitio A€ceptii8 

To load f onero,T. graro^i. (heavi-y) A lodger, hof^, c» 3, 

opprixno, 3. (a gun) fte to charge A Iouging,Qommor»tio.s.{''rocm)cn 

Loaded, onu^us^ oneranis 
Loadjione, magncs, 3. 
Of a loadJSone, magneticus 
Loading (aggrayating) aggravans 
A leaf, paxiiSjW. (ofjugar) faccbari 

' meta 
l(Oam, lotuiD,2. 
A loar.^ al^uid mvtuatnm 
To loath, naufeo, 4. faftidio^ 4. 
lathed, faftiditus 
Aloathing, faftidiutn, 2, ^ofca,I. 
Loithing, na<»fcan8, fafti«*iens 
Lojtbfotne^ odiofus,fquaUdus,fcedut, 

A lobby, porticus, 4. 
A lobe, lobusi 2. 

A hbftcr, aftacu$^ 2. ^ '.' 

X, « 7/, localis 

L^cal motion, motus in loco 
/,9r<i''^, jjxtalacum 
Locality, exifleiitia localis 
A lock, fcra, I. {of wool) iloccu9,2. 

(of hair) cinni'S, 2. cimi:, 2, (in 

a rhftr) fcptum, 2. 
To lock (a tloDr) ferro, t. obfero, i. 

(a ^heel) rotas ftring&f(/«)clatt- 

fr^//3cimrf(Mv^e-sarms) com- 

biculiim, 2. (flace) diveribriua 
A tenement, munimentuiDy 2. 
I^gi^ih adium pars condu£ta 
A /ij&> tabulatum, 2. rcpofitorium 
Lcfty(\i\g\\) lublimis, excclfus, cel- 

iu% (haughty)faftuofus, arrogans, 

fuperbu8,elatus (Jlile) oratio tur- 

To gro^v lofiyy tumea, 2. inrolefco 
Loftily, Aiperbe, cjate 
L'oftirrfs (in height) fublimitas, ;. 

excelfitas, 3. (in behaviour) l*a- 

fttis, 4. 
A It-g. truncuSy z^ 
A logarithm, logarithmus, 2, 
A lofr^erhead, liebes,j. fomnolentus 
Logical, logic lis 
A logician, dialedicns 
Logic, diale^ica, logica, c. 
A loin, lumbus) 2. 
To loiter, moror, t. cciTo, i, 
A loiterer, cunAator, 3. 
A loitering^ Qcffnio, 3, 
To loll, innitor, 3. (the tongue) exe- 

rcre Hnguam (in bed) Icfto in- 

A Idling, nixus cubito 

i> jt. foutj cxcludo,'^, (t//f) j Lonely, lonrfom., (Qlkarlus 


A long tmit,dlv, laagum (ago) < 
jamdudun (after) multo pol 
fire) iQoltd ante (cfnoogh) 
. diu (of) caafsy culpa, frc* 

JLm^ continuance, diutornitas, 3 

A lonjg, (in nvufic) urfpiratio Iq 

Long (in rpeech]produftas(wui 

Longfi/JtrtMig, patieiu 

To W ii^w, appeto^ 3, czopci 

Longedfor, orpetitos 

LMtger, longior (in time} iivtt 

Lo^^, loogiffimut 

Longewitff loii|aevitas, 3. 

A kaging, defiderionn^ 2. 

Ln^^udcg longitndoy 3. 

Loofuf, confcrioge^ imferatm 

A hok, gbtutus, 4. 

The look, afpefbasj 4, 

To look, videoy 2. fsiout) ciic 
fpiciq, 2. (or fecm) videer 
(tf/>fr, or take care of) euro 
(at) intutOT, 2,. (back) refpic 
(before) profpicto, 3. (Jowm) 
fpicio,3. (wi^h contend) lal 
ofc contemnere (feek fbr)(]ni 
5. rcqairo, 3. (for, or exp 
fpcro, Lexpe^o, i, (mjinfpr 
3* (/«ro,or examine) perfcniti 
(like) refero, tuii(one'shatii 
diculos venari (oti) intueor, 
(out, or chufe) deligo, 3. ieU| 
(to) .curo» 1. {up) iufpicMV 
(upon) afpicioy 3. infpiciOy]*- 
fpeflo, 1. (upon^ot efteemJjdM 
aeftimo, i . habeo, 2. - 

Look\ (behold) ecce ! en! 

L«oW^r, afpeaatos (fir)cBgii 
tus, optatus, fperatus 

A looker on^ fpe£ta!tor, 3, 

Looking, arpicienE(a^r) cixcoflll 
ciens, luftrans 

A lo:king'glali, fpeculum, i, 
^ k tv.m^ textoris jogum 


• rf 
hh^ aatntuBy %. (-hole) tnn* 
in- a, I. (for onUaace) feoe* 

Inf, lant (dMolate) diflfolutus 
(W) pftTVS (carclefs) remifTus, 
Vllqien (f« Utfy) lientericus 

TaA./(A)foTvo.3.Iaxo.i. (pafs.) 
ttwr, 5. fee ^fo ? c /^/^ 

Im^f, ]ue\ dirfaltiic 

IffnfJ^ fermena, ^ n* 
1 f yi fii irj^ tiMfuax, garmlus 

^Ift/I^ .f^'m/, m:irit fumtntis 
^plfeluf (^Itmner) flipii lirgi- 
7 *Si« fainm u t ad ml n i fter (i^ A^ 
^mkeriaiit] cubiculartamm dc- 
^9k(hfg^ ihameeffar) fa m mua can - 
- *^itt {tbiifjufllc€) judejt prj- 
^vm {i,f ihf iifijiu fartt) ban* 
I fRi^ac portimm(^j^u/*^Jprocon- 
fi%3. (ff B Rfdn>3r) dommus ma- 
^ IB^ l^m^rpa/) mare ft hall us, 2, 
I f**P'] prstor urban u« {pf^- 

j iw^liipmatl (hf^Btreafurir) 

e aril tf (j^ frslmj p rocerei 
^"h f^j*) fafhiofusj impEiiofus 

domiijitiitf 4^ (manor) 


L O V 

& olefin perdfoc j[^«tf«</, or go 
back) retrocedo, 3. (be w*rfted) 
fuperor, i. Tincor, 3. {katber) 
cntictilaiii excoriare {ofie^s hopes) 
defperoy i. ('otte*i fife) mortem 
Oppctcre (one*s Ungitig) voto cx- 
cidere {ine^ s 'veyage) navigationc 
expiudi (one*s mey) aberro, 1. 
deerro, i, {time) temput terere 
fntirA{ufeo/tbilimh) mcmbris 
capi {utter^} difperdo, 3. 
A /efi/tg, amiflio, 3. pcrditio, 
Lofs, damnum, 2. ja£lura, i. fo/* 

/i/e) vitae privatioy 
Caujfing/9% damnofiis, exidoras 
Loji, perditus, amiflus {to all good* 

ncfs) nequiHimua 
To be hftf perdor, ). peraoy 4. 
A lot (part) part, 3. porcio, 3. 
(chance) fors* f{. caCus, 4. {fy 
{lot) cafu, fortito, ibrte 
To lot, diftribuo, 3.(/» caft lot) for- 
ti'>r, 3. {to draw lots) fortes tra- 
Gotten h lotf fortitus 
Loth, averfus, invitus 
A lotion, iotio, 3. lavatio, 3, 
A lottery, teflerarum fortitio 
Ltud, lonorus, clarus {in votcejvo" 

calii, concitatus 
Loudly, clare, fonorc 
Loadnefi, clarifas, 3. 
Lovey amor, 3. beaevolentia,! cha- 
ritas, 3. (felf-) amor fui {of God 
or parents) ^ietUyS*{of our neigh- 
hour) charitas, 3. 
To love, arao, I. diligo, 3. (to make 
love) folicitOy x. ambto, 4. {ar- 
dently, dearly) ardeo, 2. depereo,4 
deamo, i. Aagro, 1. 
Love (defire) defiderium, 2. (fort 

of filk)nebala, I. 
A hvty corculum, 2. (portion) phil- 
trum, 2. jiocniuiD atBMtontfm j 


Inlo^e, aaMm 
Belonging to love, amatorius 
Loved, amatus, diledlws 
ffwftby to he loved, amabilis 
Lovely^ decorut, venuftut 
Lovelinefs, decor, 3. vcn.iftas, 3 
A lover, amator» 3. (fuit:> ) proc 

2. {ofivine) vinoius 
A lough, lacus, 4. 
Loving^ bcnignus, indul^ns 
Lovingfyt amantcr, amice 
To /owr, from era ccrrugare (asi 

fky) nubibusobduci 
Lauring, torvus, triftis {-weatb 

cxlum nubilum 
A louring^ tprvitas, 3. 
Louringfyy torve 
A loufi, pediculus, 2. 
^^«/y» pcdiculofus 
Lozv, humilis (humble) dcprefT! 
affl:£lus {in the world) inop«,p<< 
per (mean) obje^us, fordid* 
(Hiallow) krevis {or mran (bi 
ftilus demiiTus {or mean bin 
igfiobili loco natus. obfcaro f 
nere onus {Bred) fervilis indol 
{in ftaturc) brevJt, humilis | 
price) vili pretio, vilis {-watt 
maris rcfluxus 

L97£;/«ffc/^, diet domioicus prim 

poil pa(cha 
^o he low in cirtumflt'ften, egeo, 2 
To brirv low, enr rvo, £ . humilto. 
Brought low, deprefTus, enervatui 
To low (an in ox) boo, I. isugio; 
Lower, inferior 
To lower, reprimo, 3, comprimi 

3 {or make lower) deprimo, 

(IctdowB) demitto, 3. {tbepric 

pretium imminuo, 3. 
Loiveftt lowermoft, imus, infimuj 
\ lowing, mngttnfi, 4. hoatust 4* 
L 'Wly, humilis, demilTus 
Lowfineft^ huaiWiXas, y^^^**^^ 
1 0% L 

L U N 

Heyatf fidelis 

Loyalty fidelitcr 

Loyalty^ fidelity, 3. Met, 5* 

A lozmige, rhombus, 1* 

A fubkeTf ftgnis, ignavus 

Luhierfy, (adj.) (jcon, piger (adv.) 

fegniter, f\%\i 
Lubrkity, lobricitas, 3, 
Lubir'ieomt, lubricui 
Luddy clanu> lucidot 
Ltuifirous, lucifer 
Luck^ fortuDS, I. fuceeiTufy 4. 
B.:dluckj infortunium, i. 
L'Jckf^ feliXji fjraftus 
Luckily^ aufpicatift, faufli 
Lucratin/e, lucratiyua, lucroTus 
Lucre f lu rum, i. 
iMcubrdtlou, IvcobraittOy 3* 
LuJier^if,, jocuiiiris 
I^dleroujly, joco'e 
To /iff 5 lee ti» balt^pkll 
Thf./ttgy auris 1m;-:us 
^^gj^^f* onu*, 3. <^ardna, !• 
Lugu^riouSf lu^^ ibris 
Zfkjttmrm, tepidus, remiHTus 
*toh€ Ittkiwar/fft ttpao, 2. tepeCco^j 
Luketfa^mfyf tepxte 
Luhevtaimmfs, ce|»«r, 3. 
To luliy oeiTiulceo, f'opto, 4. 
Lulled i^Ugp^ rooiopitus 
LttmUr^ inftiumcntadonnefticapcn- 

A iuminaryy lu-jiinare, n, 
L ttminousy luminofus 
A lump^ ma04, i. tVuflum, %, \of 

earth) gieba {or heap) acervus,! 
The lump^ or.wlfc/e, ^olidum, ft. 
Lumptjhy hebes, 4. 
Togrotu lampifb, habefco, 3, 
TJumpiJkneJif ftupor, 3. tarditaiy 3. 
Lunacy y inUnia, I. 
hunaf, lunaris 

^ jfhreacticui 



4 /«/>fi^> or huuheonj fruftum, a. 

(/« fir afternoon) merenda, i. 
The /K»fi, pulmones, ^ ai, (of 

good lungs) Acntor, 3. 
A lurch, duplex palma 
To lurch, Aibduco 
Lurebedy doplici pignore multatus 
A lurchsr (j^Mtton) ltirco,3. nepos, 

3. (who lieth in wait) infidiator^ 

3. ( dog) can it indagator 
A lurcy illecebra, i. 
To lure^ delinio, 4. demulceO| 1. 
To lurk, latco, a. latito, i. 
A lurker (loiterer) ceiTator, 3. (im 

corners) tenebrio, 3. 
A lurking^ latitatio, 3. 
A lurking hole, latebra, 1. 
tufcious, fuavisy piaedulcii 
Lufcicufiyy fuaviter, duice 
Lufcioufnefiy dulcedo, 3, 
Lufory^ luforiut 
Lufi, cupido, 3. appetitus, 4. 
Tofuft, piirio, 4. coocuptfcoy 3« 
Luftjful libidinofus 
Lujifulyy libidinofe 
Lu/ffulnefs, lafcivia, i . 
I^ifiily, fortJter, valide 
Luft'ntfsy corporis robur 
Lujiral, luftralis 
Lujlrationy luf^ratio^ 3. 
Luftre^ fplendor, 3. nitor, 3, 
Lufly, validus, robuftut 
To be hifyy vigeo, a. 
A luUy cithara, i. 
hut^rings ferici genus oitidiBimwn 
LuteouSy lutofus 
Lutulenty lutulentusy caeneCut 
Luxated, Juxatua 
Luxation, luxario, 3. 
Luxuriance^ luxuries, 5. luxnria, i. 
Luxuriant, iuxuriofus 
Luxuriouffy^ luxurxofi 
Luxurioufnefs, luxus> 4* 


Zit9ury, faxuria, i. 

A lye, meDdacium^ a. ftbul 

To lye, mentior^ 4. fing9» ; 

Lying alongy 'decumbens, pr 
{between) interjacens {iy 
cens (down) redinis (fl, 
nus (hid) liteos (near to 
guus, contermiiius (open) 
(in wait) infidians(»r celli 

A lying at esfe, recubitus, 
wait) infidix, /. ( in of « 
puerperium, a. 

Lymphatic, lymphaticot 

A fyre, lyra, a. 

Lyric, lyricus 

A lyrift, lyrifta, ee, «•• 

M A 

A Mice, fceptrum, a« 
AferjeanCs mace, fafci 
A mace bearer, liftor, 3. 
Mace, macis, 3. macer, a. 
To macerate, mjceroy l« 1 

lean] emacio, i. 
Macerated, maceratus 
To machinate, machinor, I. 
A machination, machinatio^ 3 
A machine^ machioa, I. 
A mackerel, fcombrus, a« 
Meul, infanus, demens 
To be mad, infanio^ 4. furo^ 
To mad, furio, i. demento, 
A madcap, vefanus 
Madam, domina mea 
A madbemje^ hofpitium iafaiM 
Raving mad. . furiofus 
Maddifb, crrebrofus 
T' run maddingy furiofe fe^ 
'Madly, demecter, infane 


a I 

. — — < ■■■■wy f« muiniOy I* 

^'^ U<lye} nbia tin^oria 
kliJr, faAas, confcaus 

^M^^ cantilena fylveftris 

* r, ipothecai I. (of arms) 
tflriam, a. {of powder) 
— -^l » (/«• firw) horreum, 2. 
^ *j|p> termn, 3, (/« the pate) 

J;*'."WFi (ctwh/mjkal 

«g*pai mitgia, i. 

*^»'/f«iwpf, magicu^ 

^*jw w, nugui, ». ve&eiicus 

JJlpUM^ npcaoliis 

*g lj^M^ i imperiofg^ dogmatice 

*J^J«3fi aagiftratusy 4. 
■*jP** y» ma^nanimitas, 3.' 
^fy^ Wi mtgnanimuSy fortis 
VVhaHM/^y Arcnue 

*pifci/, aagneticut 
^y^ t W8 magnetica 
Sy*" * Pagniftccotia, r. 
jrtfe*, aoguftus, magnifictis 
'^n^JTi fumptnofe, fplendide 
*«t*JS (pnifc) exatco, i. lau- 
h '. mlloy ^, (aggravate) cx- 

'vM> (roo muchcommeoded) 

III laadatns (enlarged) ampli. 


5e^p ampli fican% aogens 

>/., nagnitudo, 3. 

>, pica, I. 

»/, mahometani, pi, 

w/n,inabometaniraias, 2. 

irctf/ii/fi;, virgo, ^'. famu- 

V-} virgo grandis (^ready 

fir hufiani) virgo matura, or 

Amaidfervfint^ anciUa, i. famMla, 

I .(cM-) coqua, I. (ckitmbef) 

omatrit, 3. (nurfery-) ancilla in- 
fantes curaas (wtft/in/-) mini- 

ftca, I. pediflcqua, i. {maids •f 

btnaur) famulx regis 
. A »uid (ftih) raia minor 
OfamaiJf virgineus, puellaris 
' A maiden bead, virgtnitai, 3« 
Ma/efliCf auguihii, regius 
MajeJIyf majeftas, ^. 
Majeftitflllyt augufte, regaliter 
A jRtfiV (budget) bujga, i. raccuSy2. 

(bundle of ieueri) fafeiculus epi- 

A maimt vulnut, 3. plaga, i. 
i To maim, mutilo, i. 
Maimed^ mancufi mutHos. 
A mjitfiing, mutilatio, 3. 
Main, primus, precipuut 
Mmn force ^ vit, 3. viulenCta, l. 
Theniirfii land, contlacns (fea) occ- 

anus, 2. altum mare 
The main body, fumma {chance) 

for«, ^. rerum fumma {maft)m^' 

lus navis prapcipuusyVffr</)antenna ; 

praecipua {of a lorf^ juba equina ' 
M'lin/y, vald^, maxi'n^ 
Mainprixe, vadimonium, 2. 
To maintain (jfHrm) afTcvsro, t. af- 

firmo, f. (defiend) vindico, i. 

tue«r, a. fuftineo, 2. defendo43. 

(keep) nutrio,4. aIo,3. fuftento 
Mair.tatnahle, quod defendi poteft 
Maintained, fupprditatus 
A maintainer, vindcXc 3. a(rcrtor,3 
A maintaining (afllrming) »ffirma- 

tlo, 3* (defending) vindica:io,3. 

(keeping) vidVus fuppeditario 
Maintenance (fupport) dcfenAo, 3. 

tutaincii> 3 . (allowing ntccffuics) 

M A K 

ad viAum fumptus 

A major J praetor urbtiut 
A major of a tr,.if^ l-;.*ru«, 2 

nerat) its,tQ'\- iu:h- jflor 
M^or (Ar great •) nri-;.>r, meii 
Maix, frumciitMm 'U li'^im 
A vuike, or form, fovina, x.fipu 
To maike, facio,4. ( iimpoivo,3. c 
^c>Of 3* {account) puto, I* *e, 
to, X. {aceoitnt^Q: fecJnmnr'fti 
moy X. perde, 3. •''acio, 3. (evv 
exafquo, X. compono, 3. ('-fta 
accnunti'jratiMne'. » >tinputri i^ {a 
quainted) fignifico. i.(.:/r<if.7' tci 
rco, 1. {an altars A . 'ini'.arci; 
contrahsre (an jjfiolr^:emt) tlien 
& locum cjnft.tu?ro {aptmed] 
pudefacio. 3. {at, or tovturJione) 
pcto, 3. appeto, 3. (jwiy% or go 
eJPi aufugio, 3. (jw.ry %oltb ore's 
felf) fibi mortem confcifccre {am 
ruay nn eftatc) bona prodi^ere (•! 
beet) le£lum freruL-re {belie -e) fi- 
dem r.liciii facere {hlindj cxcaeco, 
I. ^better) melioro, x. ad ^ru^cm 
rcvocare {a boafting) glorior, i« 
jafto, I. (bsld todi) Z"Ac^, 2. 
(a caTpaign) ftiprndia facere 
{clean) pvrgo, i. expu.go, .. {a 
eovent:rt) pactfcor, 3. {a dtuure 
face) "ultufj fingrre {divtjiom) ii- 
fcurdiai frerc (ar end, or leave 
ofTid.r.r.^, 3. abfnro, 3. (an ei:d^ 
ox fi:*ii'h) perficio, 3. abfolvoy i. 
{an end of laio) lites Jcdirrrre 
{ever.) rcquo, i. {ane^rnate) it:\- 
fum inflituere {t^feajijcovi'f.^iyivn. 
apparare {an cfcape) aufugio, 3. 
{an excufe) excufo, i. (a great fi- 
gure) fplcndide fc gercre {a fire) 
ignem accendcre {an example)cx - 
emplum ederc {a fool of) derideo > 
2. (one*jJ"oTtttnc') ^iN\\Xi& ^CQji - 

J <^1 


The maU (creatur-) mas, «r. 
OfthemaUkindj mafculious 
Male or mil \n compofitioa, as 
tnale praSiice, mal adminiftratioa 
is rendered by malus^ iks malm ret 
admimfiiaii9, or by the adverb 
male, as wule obitum ntgoHum 
Mttlecontent, a?gr« ferent 
A'alediSiortf maledidtio, 3. 
J\^lalrf.taor, reus, malefic us, fens 
^'j.'cnofertce^ malevoieDtia, i, 
y^aUvolunt. malevolens, malignus 
Aluiice, maiiria, i. invidia, i. fi- 
mulras,3. (propenfe) ultionis ftu- 
Malicious, mtlignus, invidus 
Miiriclovjty^ in vide, malign^ 
Mali ciouj fiefs y livor, 3. invidia, i« 
To malign ; Ice to detra& 
Malignancy, fT)aIignitas,3,maHda, I. 
Mali g7 ant , mal gnus 
/r/tf/(jwry,maligni i,,3. {of a ^fiem- 

per) acebitd!*, 3. 
A mull, or mallet, malleus, z. 
To ma I, batuo, 3. tundo, 3. 
MalleabL; duftilis 
Mul'ows, malvs, //, /. 
Ma*pma\lw:s, althea, i. 
Of malloviit malvacens 
MaUj braiium, 2. 
A Tttalfter, brad^tor, 3. 
Aialtiftg^ or mult making, bynefi* 

cium, 2. 
To make: malt, bynem parare 
Mamma, mamma, i. 
Mammocks, offalx, pl» 
A maH (not a brute) homo, 3.mor* 
tal s (not a child) vir, 3. (not a 
woman) vir, 3 mas, 3. (or any 
man) aliquis, quiv s 
The man of the boufe, paterfamilias 
Manfervant, famulus, (etvus 
Everyman, omms, c^vi\Cc\ut 
No maB, ncxno, 3, nuUua 

{fortunate) profpcro, t, for- 
>y f. {free) manumitto, 3. 
ends) recoDcilnd^i. (f^<r) pro- 
9, I. feflino, I. {bet) calet'a- 
, 3. (as//^ diffimulo, i. (1; 
^g) regem conf^itucre (known) 
ibl<co, I. (slaw) lecem fetrr 
{ leapn) foedus in re (lei) m\* 
uo, 3. diminuo, 3. (the land) 
rrram attingcre (much off) be 
ligne traftare (much of one * felf) 
fibi indulgiSre (a nefl) nid.f: ' 1 . 
{a noifa) Orepo, 3. (nothing ff] 
contenriix), 3. (wtr) tran>ferr:: 
\^t) explico, 1. C]^>Or.o 3. (a 
pMfsat) peto. 3. irruo, 3. (a per.) 
pennam acuere (a prating) ^ar 
rire {a prom, e) promitlo, 3. pul 
liceor, ». (ready) paro, i. prz- 
paro, I. (rtotn) de via decedeic j 
nunmovere {fale cf) vcndo, ?. (a 
^ew o/)cxhibeo,a. (aJian4)£R'*f 
3* (afjout) clamorem tollSie (a 
jhr) turbas excitaie (verfes) at- 
-fltina componere (a venv) voveo^ 
a. («/, or JSniJb) perficio, 3. (up 
a Jofs) damnum comp'snfare (a 
usatcby or marriage) nuptias con- 
ciliare (a match fir f^hting) cer 
tamen infticoere(0^ a lifter) epi> 
ftolam compiicaie(tf/^ of) utor,3. 
(voar) helium gercrc (water) 
meierc (tfe(;/7/)teftamentom con> 
Agnare (a wonder at) rdror, i 
admiror, i. (woras about) litigo, 
I. difcepto, I. 
imaker, fabricator, 3. formator,3. 
, making, fjrmacio, 3. (free) ma- 
jiumiffio, 3 (g''od) rcftituti.-., 3. 
{tnueb of) indulgejitia, i, (ready) 
paratus^ f. 

Mmr/ig^, morbus^ 2. aegr'itudOf 3. 

- procax, petiihns , 

t procAcitzs, J. j 

Man by man^ Writim 

LiU a mam, virfliier 

To man, hominibns cotHpIftv 

Man the eapfiun^ elev^M ergaum 

Toa^ the man, vinim ageie 

An old man, fenex, 3* 

A poor man, pauper^ 3* 

A rich man, dives, 3. 

Awtfewsan, (apiens 

Ayoung man, juvf nit, 3, 

A man of war ^ navis bellici 

chc(s) iatto, 3 calenhis^ i« 
Manflaughter, homicidium, !• 
Belonging to mem, bamanoa 
Manacles, maoics ferreae 
To mansck, mankis conftriiiji. _ 
Manacled, manicii conftrifliiV"*" 
Manage, equitandi difciplifll ^ 
A manage, bippo^romos, a. 
To manage, adminiftro, i, tndilV 

(an ejhte we^ rem tueri U 4iVii 

bellum obrre (the temper tfth tft^ 

pie) plebis animos permoklMi 

(youth) aetati juYesum 

rare , 

Managedy adminiibatoty |^ 
A manager, curator, rniiilnitnrj^i^ 
A managing, or wianagnUKt^ 1 ~ 

Aiftrariu, 3. {^ofjuS/ie mmy] i 


ratio, 3. 

pcnfatio, 3. (of the voke) 


A manchet, panit filigineus 
Mancipation, mancipatio, 3* 
A manciple, obfonator, 3. 
Mandatory mandens, imfCrnH 
A mand tty mandatum, a. juflidto 
Mar.drake, rnandragoras,ir.^ 
Manducation, nianducatio, 3, 
The mane of a borfe, joba e^uiBt 
Mancd, juoatns 
Manful, virilit, ftrenuns 
Manfilly, ftrenud, viriltter 
Manfulnefs, fortituoo, 3. virtU 
' 'Wi tRan^t<i ^^Wa ctaina 




igo, 3. 

»>, I. Urn; t» 

tsJator, 3. 
eratio, $• 
i^) fortitudo,}. (at 
xizsy virilis 
s, manifeftut 
iDifeftOy I. 
vfifi, Ififiotefcoi 3 
I >«tet, coaftat 

uoifeftatto, 3, 

identia, x • 

tudo. i, 
Sy virilia 
virago, 3. 

3. modus, s. coD« 
laality] qvalkas, 3. 

r, multi modus 

70<) mores, ^m. 
arbanitas, 3. (^ill 
anitas, 3. 
, cirilis^ comis 
rium, 2. {'bouft) 

ouJos, 1. fenras 
\. domus 
faitiix, 3« 
<<»* 3. 

A manuaL liber manualis 

ManuduSiion^ manudu^tio, 3* 

Manufa^urCf opificium. i. 

To nuiwfaBuref manufacSre 

ManufaRurtd, nan«fa£ius 

A mtinufaBurtr^ opifexy r. 

Manumijjion. manumiffio, 3* 

ManurCf ftercus, 3. 

To manure, ftercoro,!. faecundOyi. 

Msnured, ftercor^ fatiatuft 

A manurer^ ruricola, a» c* 

A nuiuurhigt cohus, 4. 

Msmufcript, mtnnfcriptus 

Mary^ multi, plures ; complures. 


Martial^ martialis 

AUritimt, mantimBS 

A mark, fignum, 1. n«ti, r. {4/ 
moitfy) irarca, I . (brand) Mgma, 
3. (firfietp) eharaaer, 3. (im- 
preHion) fcftigium, 1. {'y^ 
at) meta, 1. fcopui, (•fafirifi) 
vibex. 3. C'f^ ^^'^ cicatTix, 
3. (fit to a writitig) fignaturt, i 

To marM. figno,i.noio,i. (obferve) 
animadvcrto, x. (oitt) defigno, X. 

Marked, notatus, obfenratus (wff* 
fAtf/*)cTeUtus (or pointed) loter- 

perplurvs {bow nuuy) quot (a i j Fit to be marked, notabilis 
fokny as) quot, totquot {a pod A marker, MUOUtor, 3. (obferfcr) 
jwtf»jr)aliquam multi (maty ttmet)', ob(ervator,|. {ofhoundi) metator 
fcp^, muitotics (<M Jiwnjr timtsMi) A market, f«niis» 1. emporium, »• 
lotjee quotics {bow maty timet) AtaarketmoH^nnti^xmWt^^^pl^ 
quoties (/© wajy) tot (astfiijffvtfjri) forum, 2. {-town) emporium 
multifariam Marketable^ venalis 

A wa^, charta geographica (©//it* Amarketiiii,<aik^w^l{^yi^^i^0iflfl6X^ 


wofld) tabula cofmographica 
Marble, marmor, 3. 
To marble, Tario, i« 
Of marble, marmoreus, i marmore 
Jif4frfi> (month) martius, t. 
Amarcb, iter, 2. 
To i9r<irri&, iocedo, 3. gradior, 3. 

proficifcor, 3. {in) ingredior, 3. 

{on) progredior, 3. {«ut) egre- 

dior, 3* {an amy to) exercitum 

ducere ad 
The marcbet, fines, limites, //, 
A marcbing, progreffus, 4. 
Amarebionefs, marchioniflay x« 
A mare, equa, i. 
A margin, margo, 3. 
A margrave, marchio, m* 
A marigold, caltha, i. 
Marine, marinus 
A mariner, oauta, ee, m, 
^tUrf/grj-fy a jrar/frer, attntiCm 

res empta 
A marking, noUtio, 3.obferTatio,j 
A marking iron, cauterium, %• 
A markfman, qui reftc colUneit 
Marl, marga, i. 
Marled, marga foBCundatus 
Marmalade, cydonites 
Marmaream, nurmoreiis 
A marquefi^ or marqutt, marchio, J 
A maxqnifafe, marchionatvs, 4. 
To marr, corrumpo, 3. ▼itio, !• 

{-the form or fafi»iort) deformo, I 
Marred, corruptus, vitiatiit ^ 
A OTorritf^, nupiisB, fL conjugitim 
Of marriage, conjugalis, nuptialit 
A marriage fotig, epithalamium, i*' 
Marrii^Me, nubiUs 
Married, nuptus, conjoaftos 
A married man, toaritus {-woman) 

uxor, 3, 
Twice marrUd, b\%^m^^ 
A wtarring^ cwt>x^t\D, -^ A^^^i^'t^ 


^Tarrew, medulla, i. 

To the very tnarnno, ujednllilfts 

Fuil ofmarraWf tncdullofus 

To many (as the pricft) connubift 

jungere (as the man) uxorem du- 
. cere (i- the woman) viro nu- 

berc (given in marriage) nuptura 

A wtfri;)';/fg-,* nuptiae, pi, 
Mart, mars, m, m. 
Beiongirg to mars, beliicofus 
A marjbt palus, 3. 
Mar Jh ground, pratum paloftre (^ 

fatt marjh) aeftuarium, 2- 
Marjby, paludofus, pabiflris 
A tttaijhat, mircfchallus 
To marjhalf ordino, i. 
Marjhalledy 1 ordinem d igeftus 
A marjbaliing, ordinatio^' 3. 
Marpaifey, marerchalfia, i. 
A mart, emporium, 2. 
iffUirtiaU miiitarifi, bellicftfus 
Martial iaiUj lex bcUi ( -court) cu- 
ria martialis (aiFairs) re; bel< 

ManhmafSf fcflum fancti martini 
A wtartyr, m, e. 
To martyr, difcrucio, i. 
Martyrdcrriy martyrium, 2. 
Martyred^ martyrio coronal us 
A martyroUgy, mart^rologitim, 2. 
A marvel, minim, 2. 
T a marvel, miror, i. admiror, r. 
Mar»vel!oui, mi ra bi ] is , rr. i t u £ ( - thing) 

mirandum, monftnim, mirum 
M^T'uclkuJlyt mire, mirabiliter 
Marvelhijneji, miiabilitas, 3. 
Majculir.c, mafculjnus, mafculns 
-»** majh (mixture) jnixtura, 1. {Jcr 

cattle) potio medica 
*i^majb corr.mikeo, 2. 
^ *'.7^, larva, i. (rfsnce) mimu?,2, 
^rctcixc?) I J *Tcx;ui; 4. 


Miljhedy larvatns 

Majlin bread, panis mircellaneus 

A majon^ latomus, 2. 

A inafGrtsrule, amuilis, 3. 

Mafonryy opus ccsmentittum 

Mafjucdy perfonatus 

A mafqueradd, perfbnatorum homi 
nunt faltatio {Lablt) habitus per- 
fonatus (-pcrfon) homo perCona- 


A mafii mafla, i. moles, 3. 

The maU, milTa, i. {book) m»ffalc,3 

{■drefs) habitus fac'erdotal's 
A miiffacrCy caedes, 3. occifio, 3. 
To majjacre, csdo, 3. trucido, j, 
Majfacredy caefu?, trucidatus 
A majjbcring, occifio, 3. trucidatio 
MuJJivef maflyy folidus 
M^ffiverefs, foliditas, 3. 
A mafi of a /hip, nulus, 2. {fore- 
map) malus auticos {mainmaji) 
malus prxcipuus {mtzxen mtafl) 
malus puppis 
Ma/I for j'lvtne, balanus, 2. slaiie,3 
Belonging to maftt glandarhss 
AmJfier, dominus,2.hcrus,2. {one's 
czon tnaficr) fui juris, liber (/« 
bufiftlfs) rei ^tnX\M{maJier of arts) 
artium ma-iftcr {of the artillery) 
machinarum j»ris:c£lus(o/*^i&^ cc 
r^wo»/«)mngifter admiffionum(o/' 
the guardi) faiellitum princeps 
{of the ji\ucl Lottfe) geiriroarum 
cuftosprimarius [cfdefna) la- 
nifta, a* m. {of the king's horfe) 
comes facri flabuli {cf the king's 
hoafehold) magiftcr hoJpitii do- 
mini regis {rftbe mufters) recen- 
fitor miiitum praccipuus {of the 
pop office) mng'fter curibrum {of 
the rclli) archive mm cuftos {of a 
fchool) ludlmagiftcr, 2. praeico- 
tor, 3. {cf :b.' ivardrde) magi- 

M- A T 

fler garderobae jomiai regl 

chancery) magifter'cancclUri 

Of a majier, dominicus, herilii 

A mafterpiece^ opus praecipuun 

To mailer, fupero, i. vinco, ^ 

city) urbe podri {one's lelf), 

fuiD condnere (offtf*s btddneft 

daciam frangSie 

MaJUrlefs, contumax, pertina 

Majierlyt imf-.criofu^ (like ai 

tift) graphicc, peritiflimis 
Mafleryy dominatus, 4. 
MaJiiCt maftichc, «.yi 
Maf nation, mafUcaMo, 3, 
A mafiiff, moloiTiis, %• 
A mat, matta, i. 
A match{of fulphurjfalphuntu 
a gun) fomes igniarius {hi 
cijc) certamea, 3. (bargaia] 
pulatio, 3. pa£^am,2. (marr 
nupti:e,connubiuni,a . (oifual 
compar, 3. 
To match (compare) compar 
confero (be fuirable) qvadr 
(of the fame colour) ejufden 
coleris(/» marriage) nuptum 
A match maker, connabiorum < 

ciliator, 3. 
MMcbed, acrquatus(ia marriage] 

trimonio conjunf^us 
A matching^ comparatio, 3. 
Matchiefs, incomparabilis 
A mate, focius, 2* collega, i. 
Material, corporeus ( importi 
magni momenti, necefliurius 
Materially, materialitcr 
Maternaiy maternus 
Mathematical, mathematicui 
Mathematically, mathematice 
A mathtmatician, mathematical 
The mathematics, mathematica 
Matins, preccs matuttnx 
The matrJic, matr;x, 3. uterus, 

M A U 

EnpMy, oteninM 
iCf matricida, ^« e» 
, matriddhim, a. 
wlate, nomen U tabulak 

r«^ confcriptot 
!«/, connub'alis 
f, OUtriffioniuiDy !• 

fiutrona, l. 
latta^ I. fdrpea, i. 
« a bed] ftorea coopcrtus 
) convretus, irpplcxos 
OTTuptioo) Tallies, 5. ta- 
. (fubftance) materia* i. 
Uy I. (ba6jie(s «r tiling} 
negotiom, z. opus, $• 
Ur, purujemas 
Mcr, niliil intereft (// is 
mmtur) panim eft (// is « 
tfDcr) magni momenti eft 
tamxst) parvi momenti 
<6fii^ ftf the matter) nihil 
em (<^ tnaiteretb much) 

^ (or aboor) qaafi, circi- 
r#^/a^} re faAum 

raarra, t. 

y cokJUi lanca, grabiltua 
ipe) matoras (accurate) 
IS, cautut 

caute, nature, coofolte 
natnritasy 3. 

pogois, ftc. contundl^re 
atufoa, oerus 
(fbramoveo) pericului 
s (fcaic crow) larva, !• 
I puella iofttUa gran* 

', murmuro, I. 
^, mormuratiOf 3* 
portelia, x. 

M E A 

Mitttndjf 7burfiiay, dies jovis aate 

Tht matv, ventriculus, 2. 
Ma%Dkifi, naufeam paricns 
A matvis^ puella infulfa 
Ji^xi/Iary, maxillaris 
A nuixim, axioma^ 3. prseceptnm^i 
Jmay (am able to do) poifum, queo 
(am permitted) mihi licet {not^ 
or am not able) oeqaeo, non pof- 
fum (am not permitted) mihi 
non licet {it maj ht) fotUn, fur- 
May (the month) maius, t. 
A tMy garni, ludibrium, 1. 
A major, prastor, urbanus 
Amaxet labyrinthus, z. (aftonifh- 
menc) Oupor, 3. confternatio, 3, 
Me, me, ace, of Ego 
Mftbinh, ut mihi videtur 
Mead^dtink) mulfum, 2. (meadow) 

pratum, 2. 
Of a meadow, pratenfis 
Meagre, macilentus, macer 
Meagrtnejsy macies, 5. aacritas, 3. 
Meal;{wvMi, I. pollen, 3. (of meat) 

M E A 

To mtsM, Tolo, intelligOy j« 

A meandtr, labyrintbus, i. 

Means (wealth) opus, urn, pt, /. <»•' 

v'\ti9i, pL faculutes, «n.^/. 
Meaner, inferior 
Meaneft, mfimus 

A meaning, fenfut, 4. animuf| %• 
f^ell meahing, probus, juf?us 
Mianfy, mediocrtter, mali 
Meannffs (indflereoce) mediocrl* 
tas, 3. (poverty) tenuitas, 3. (of 
itV/^) obfcuritat, 3. humilitas, 3 
ignobilitat, 3. {ofjpirit, or timi- 
dity) timiditas, 3. (p/fpii^t, OS 
niggariinefi) fordei^ 3. 
tmeant, volui, cogitari 
Meant, propofitus, figoificatui 
A meetjb, retii macula 
The •■r*»/fci,rubiolaB./>/./.(i« a hef) 
lepra, i. porrigo, 3. {Jm a trte) 
patella, i. 
Meafurable, nenrorabilii 
A meafure, menfura, i. {of tvintf) 

modus, 2. 
Beyond meafure, immoderatut 
In feme meafure, aliquatenus 
I Out of meafure^ immodic^, 

Of meal, farinarius, poUinarias t ^'itbin meafure^ intra modum 
Meafy, full cfm*al,hTTaceui(moutB-\ To meafure, metior, 4. {out) ad- 

metior, 4. (with the eye) oculit 

luftrare [over again) remctior, 4* 

(or moderate) moderor, i. 

Meafured, metatus, dimesfus 

A meajurer, menfurator, 3.metatO^ 

Meafures{pvitpo(t9) concilia,//, pro* 

pofira. //• rationes,//. 

A meafkrtwg, metatio, 3. dimenfio 

Meat, cibus, 2. cfca, i. (flefli) ca» 

ro, 3.(tfm/ drink)vi€tyit, ^.{dain' 

ty -) dapes pL cupediae, pi. Km- 

titia, z, {mim-ed ) minuial, %• 

ifpooH-) cochlcaria, pi. {fwcet\ 


pudeos, verecundus 
A wealfian^ farinarius, 2. 
A mean, or means, modus, 2« ra- 
ti^, 3. opera, i. caufa, i. (<' 
fair means) fponte, bland^ (/ 
Jcul means) invito, per vim (< 
feme meam) qu«cunque modo {(_ 
all means) prorfus, quam maxime 
{by my means)^t mt{hy no means) 
nequaquam^ nullo modo 
Mean, mediocris 5 abje£tus humi- 

lis $ tenuis, vulgaris, ignobilis 
The mean, medium, 2. {in the mean 
lp«) intcrea, interim 

M E'E 

trag'cmata, />/. (nvbite-) la£lan- 

SdecbaniCf mechanical, mechamcus 

(arts) mecfaan cae, pf, 
A mechanic, opifex, 3. fiber, 2. 
MccbanicSf mechiralls fcieu^^ia 
Mechanically f mechanice 
Mechanij'm^ mechaniimus, 2» 
A medal, numifma foleooe 
To meddltwitb, tra£to, i. euro, i. 

attingo^ 3. (ill an affair) fe im- 

fnifcjfrc rei (w more) dclillo, 3 

ab(!ineo, 2. 
Meddled ivi thy traftatiis 
A meddler, or meddlefome perfon, 

fa£^ioAi9, ardclio, ottit, muica^ i, 
Ameddttng v)itb. tr ablatio, 3, 
To mediate, intrrccc^o, 3, 
J^ mediation, interccflio, 3. 
Mediatorial^ Int<fc«dcne 
A mediatour^ interccffor^ 3. coaci- 

iiator, 3. arbiter, %, 
M^diatourjhip, munos interceflbrit 
A mediatrix, conciliatrix 
Medicahle, medicabilii 
Medicinal, medicatus^ medictnalis 
Medicine (the icience^ medicina, i. 

medendi fcientia (phyfical por- 

tioji) medicamcAtum, 2» medi- 

catnen, 3. 
Mfdiocrity^ mediocrltas, 3. modu8,2 
To meditate, medjtor, i . praemetfitor 
Meditated, praemeditatus 
A meditation, meditatio, 3. 
Mediterranean, mediterraneus 
A medhr, mcfpilum, 2. 
A mtdley, ferrago, 3. 
Medly (adj.) mJxtus 
To make a medly, turbo, i. 
Medullar, mcduilarii 
Meeky mitis, lenis 
To grow meek, mitefco, 3. 
Meekly, TC\ZT\(\it\c, Jeniter 
Afccknejs, lenilfts, manfuctudo, 3. 


Meer (adj.) fee mere ' 

A meer (lake) palus, 3. (limit^tcr- 

minus, 2. Jirpf-3, 3. mcia, i. 
M^erly, mere, tantum 
Mtet, iiptu?, idonens [no'm) alienus, 

ineptus, incon^ruens 
It ii meet, exf»cdit, par eft 
To" be meet, competu, 3. 
To meet, obyenoy 4, occwrro, ob- 

viam 'te, oflendo, 3. convenio, 

4. otciirfo, I. 
Meaer (rliyr e) rhythmns, 2. 
Meeting, obvius, congreflfus 
A meeting together, occurtus.. 4.con- 

greffi.o, 3,(a{rembly) conventus,4 

(congregation) congrcgati 0,3. (0/ 

people) frequcntia, 1, {of ttoo 

fireams) confluens, 3. 
A meeting houfe, conventiculum, 2. 
Meetly, apte 

Mcetnefs, convenipntia, i. 
The megrim J vertigo, 3. 
Melancholy, triftis, moeftus 
Melancholy y melancholia,!, atra bi- 
lls, triftitia. mocAitia, i. 
Melancholic, melancholicus, bypo- 

To be melanci.Kly, triftitia affici 
Miliht (herb) melitus^ i,f. 
To meliorate, melior*, i , 
Meliorated, meliorfadlus 
Mellijtuous, nneliifluens 
Melltnv (ripe) maturas, niitIs(wi/A 

Ctquor) temulentus 
To mellortv, mittfco, j?, (w/fi& liquor) 

pot« calefcere (as wine) lan^uef- 

Not mtllcnu, criidus, ac'dus {very 

mellvfw) permitis, valde maiarus 
M VoTunefs, roaturitas, j. 
Melodious, harmonicus, canorus 
MMiouJly, fuavitv r. modulati 
Melodioufnefsf harmonist fu a vitas 
MJody, hamonia, i. niodulatio,3. 


A me/on, nelo, 3. 
To melt (metals) iiqao, i. 1 
fib, 3. (at fnow) regele, 1. 
tears) in lacrymal folvi > 
melted) liquor, i. liquefoo^ 
Mfltedy liquefa^lus 
Mjy be melted, fufilil 
A melter, f » for, 3. 
A mnlting, liqtiefa^^io, 3. (ofi 
fufio, 3. fufura, i. {-dijc 
fcrmo aptus 
A melting-loufe, oArina, I. 
A member, membrum, s. {the 
bers) pudendal^. {efparUi 
fenator, 3. {of a foeiety) M 
{efa univerfity) alumnoi, t* 
demicus, 2. 
By members, membratim 
A membreme, membrana,i. ttl 
Full cf membranes, membranaa 
Membred, membris omatus 
M-moirs, commentarios, %, 
Memorable, memorabilis - 
A memorandum book^ libfUoi 

A memorial, narratio fcripta 
The memory, memoria, i. 
0/ bleffed memory^ facer apod; 

Ont of memory, ohWtni 
Of the memory, memorialis 
Men, homines,/!/. 
To menace, comminor, i» mil 
Menaced ; fee threatened 
To mend (correft) 'emendO| \ 
(ligo,i. corrlgo, 1. (grow fa 
meliorefco, s. (repair) rd 
reparo, i. reflauro, i. reo 
nO|i. farcio, 4. refarcio9 4. 
manners^ ice) in mel'ut i 
{the life of another)9i bonti 
gem rcdigere {inbeakb) % 
lerco,3. {one't eoifditi9n)to§ 


E R 

M E S 

atst, ciftigatui ; re-| Merewj (fprightlinds) vigor, 3. 
bs ; ioterpolatus {tn\ (new9 paper) novonun nuacia 
Dorbo recreatat {in\ charta 

tminis amplificatns 

odator, 3. corteCunty 

r, 3. {of old tbitigi) 

riw, 2. 

ndicus, mendicaus 

f, frater ex ordine 


lendatio, 3.caftigatie, 

wfi) uiterpolatio, 3. 

(; bandf meliufculi 

«f> famolns, s. 

^cus, menftraQs 


netatioy 3. 

US, mentalii 

io, 3. commemoratio 

»noro,r .commemoro 

, filentiopneterire 

anoratas {Jit to be men- 

lorabilis {ttotfi to be 

Drpc <ii£lu 

I commercium peiti- 

!rc»naria«, yenalia 
aram tevtarum sner- 

« ex ferico tcxta- 
nercatura, i. 
yinercor, i.negocior 
ercator, 3. 
, naWs mercatoria 
ms, mifericon 

lifericordiay r. 
Daoiis, imtniferlcors 
ihsnanltasy 3. 
rurialia, p\ 

Mercy, mirericordia, i. commife- 
ratio, 3. dementia, i . 

To ha'oe nurcy, miferior, a. 

To be at mercy, in poteAaie efle 

A mere, palm, 3. lacus, a. 

Mere (only) inerus, purus 

Merely^ tantum, mere 

Meretricious, mcretricius 

ThK meridian, circulus meridiantis 

J[ferldionai, auftralis, meridianus 

MeriMcnally, ad auftrum 

Merit, men turn, ^.{according to me- 
rit) ut quiique dignus eft 

To merit, mcreo, a.promereo, 2. 

Oi merit, praeclarus, ijluftris 

Meritedy commeritus 

Meritorious, merens, meritus 

Meritorioujly, mcrico, jufle, jure 

Meritorioujnefst mcritum, 2. 

A mermaid f fircn,3. 

Merrily, Jcftivi, laetJ, faceti 

Mtrrimenty hilarita$, ^. laiitia, t. 

Merry, letus, hiiaris, fcflivus 

To mnke one merry. exhiUro, 1. (to 
make merry, cr oe merrv) Ixtor, 
1. gaudeo, 2. {be merry with 
tuffte) multo incaleftere mero, 

Made merry, exhi'.aratus 

The merry thought, claviculae, />/. 

Mtrjion, merfio, 3. 

A mefrfat, dolium, 2. cadus, 2. 

M^fliftt l^a'rrago, 3. 

MrJJin (adj.) mirellaneus 

A mefs of meat, c»bus, z,{of fottage) 
jufcnli cacillus {or ihare of cieat) 
clbi portio (four eating tozether) 
quatiior una c:bum capientes(ci&('/ 
mefs) convivii caput {of mtdh . 
far^atio, 3. {mnte) convictor, 5. 

To mrfs ^cit/>, uaa cum aU'n cibun 


A Mg^&ff, aandatuai, i. 

To toUamtndge, mandita ferre (/^ 

find amtffkge) lego, I. mitto, 3, 
KmefjengfTs jiunciui, 2. (J^i^H 

certos homo (ambaflador) Jega* 
'tui, 2. (officer of jijftice)liaor,j 

ftator, 3. (letter carrier) tabel- 

larius, 2. (poft boy) curfor, 3, . 

veredariui, 2. 
The MxisiAs, meflias^CHtJSTUt 
A mejfuage, mefluagium, 2. 
Met, obviam fa£lus*(wd!/aR«ri) op« 

tatd advenis ! 
Metal, metallumy 2* 
Metaltic, of mttal^ metallicus 
To metMmorpbixe, tramformo, i. 
A metamorpbops, metamorphofis, 3» . 
A metaphor, metaphora, i« 
Mttaphmcal, meuphoricua- 
Metapbvricidly, metaphorici 
MetaphyficMl^ metaphyficui 
Metapbyjich, metapby6ca,' ^. 
To mete, metior, 4, dimetlor, 4^ 

(et to meajure^icc^ 
Meteors f meteora* //• 
A Tneter, menfor, 3. 
Metheglin, mulfum, i* 
A method, methodufy a. ratio, 3* 
Methodiealm metbodicus 
M'UhodicaUy, methodic^ 
Me*bodifts, qaipuriorem religjoAem . 

.profiientur ^ 

To methodixe, in ordinem digercre ' 
Muhodiz^, in ordinem reda^liis- 
A metonymy, tr^nflatia, 3. 
Mtre, rythmof, 2. 
Metrical^ ad carmen perU^eos 
A mctropotis, metropolis, 3 . 
A metropcRtan, metropolitanos . ,\ 
Mettle (fprightlinefs) vigor, 3. aj!-^ 
litas, 3.(courage) virtus, 3. mag- 
na nimitas, 3« 
Pfettlefome^ udeiv"^,NtVtn«Tv\^ VRx ^ 




To grew miU, manfiiefco^s.mltefco 
Mitdtto, nibig*, 3. rot meUe«t 
MUewedy fyderatus 
MVdhf, Jeniter, maafueti 
Mildnefst Icnitas, %, 
A mite, miliarey 3. 
M/Ieptark, lapia 
Of a mile, miliariui 
Militant, miKtaiu 
MiiitMry, iiiilitaris, belUcorut 
The militia, militia^ i • 
ATilk, lac, 3. 
Of milk, laaem 

A milk bwfe, la£latiuniy 2. (a milk 
maid) Ja^taria, i. {a milk man) 
la£biritif^ a* {a mlkpail) mul- 
tralc. 3 
A milk fop \ governed by a wife) ux* 
ori noptos (efFemioate perfon) 
. moUicuius (coward) metictilorus 
To milk, mulgeo, 2. emuigeOf a. 
Miilktd, emulfus 
MiUy^ laaeus 
The milki» may^ galaxia, t. 
A mill (^rcorn) piftrinam,2.(i&dW 
m/7/)inola \x\x{9X\\\^a fuUiugmili) , 
fuiloDia,i^(/0r />tf^fr)inoJa char- | 
taria {for famder) moU ad pul- | 
▼erem nirratum conficiendum ! 
(for oil) trapes, 3. (iy vfator) 
moia aqaatica (by wind) mola 
Tento agitata 
A milldamy ftagnum nolare 
A millflone lapis mo\u\i{tbe upper) 

tnXi\\M% (the nether-) mtX2L, I » 
Of a mill, molarius, molarit 
To mill, mol£ denfare 
Milled, mola deofatus 
A milliner, linteoxum mmatiorM 

forms veoditor 
A miller, molitor 
Millet, milHtim, 2* 
A million, milHo, 3. 
The milt, lien, 3. 


To WKW (at a cat) miaoUzo, i. (as 
• ftag) cofXMia mvtare (1^) cave^ 
UicMXm(iffromtk»wrkg) ab 
iMMttiaibiia Mcidere 
Mbmtdt^, inclaTua, condofus 
Mki, muret, W. 
Mutaekmsy PB&um fiuifti micha- 

Mitrtetfim, mioocorfnus, «• 
A mt'cro/afptf xnicrolcopiam^ 2« 
ilBidof, meridiet 
Jliftddk, waediuM, iBtumMtB . 
The nidAt medium f 2. 
■Middlemofi, in medio pofitus 
Mdling, medicus, mediocrii 
Midland, mediterraneoi 
4fidlmt^ medius quadragefimae diet 
iiidnifhe, media box 
The midHf, diaphragma, 3. 
Mdfummer^ folftitium aaftinun 
( -<^jp}]iatai28 diet Stt jMoaitBap- 
The midp^ medium^ 2* 
Midway, via media 
A midwifef obfleCnx» 3. (man msd- 
wiff) medicttt parCmientibat o- 
pem ferens 
Midwifery, obUctricioa, 2* 
The mkn, orit fpeciet 
Mi^bt, Tit, potenda, I. poCeftae,3 
I mtgbt, poHem 
Mighty, petent, valent, validiit 

(adv.) valdd, vehemeoter 
To be mighty, Taleo, 2. poUeo> 2* 
To gnmo migbtty valefco, 3. 
Mightily,-f9Lw, poteoter 
Mtgbtinefs, potencia, t. potefta9,3. 
A inigrofin, migratio, 3. commi* 

gratio, 3. 
A^lcb cow, Tacca laAaria 
Mlfd (gentle, mitit, leviit, manfoe- 
t«8, placidus (indulgent) blao- 
_ di/9, indn\gtnt, obfcqiihoriit 
mojfjipiii^ feio, S, pii€0, J. 

Mimca!, mimicttt 
A mhmekt mimvs, pai 
To mmiekt imitara joe 
A mimitking, imitatio. 
To minUf concido, 3' 

(a matter) ttm Yer 

(or paft flightly ov< 

ter UngfSre (in walk 

Minced meat, miantal, 

tocreat ex iotrita c 

A mincing gait, inceil 

(of meat) concifura ( 
The mind^ aniffliu,2. r 

aion) opinio, 3. fen 

fire) defiderium, 2. 

votum, 2. cupidius 
To mind (look after) 

fervo, I. (conlfder)2 

?> perpendo, 3 attej 
ulot I. video, 2. < 
fpe£lo, s» (er put in 
neo, 2. admoneo, 2 
To have a i»iW,cxopto, 
Out ofminot obUtut 
Of the mind, intemut 
Ofcnemmd, noanimat 
M:nied (regarded) obf 
tatus (inclined) affe^ 
tut (higlh-) elatus, f 
maievolut (wd/-) t 
Mindfulf aemor, attei 
Minding, coraDt^ ineu] 
Mine, meus 
A mintt fodina, t« (ofji 
fodina (of gold) ai 
(of lead) itaAnarium,: 
hege) cuniculut, 2. 
Fullofminety canicoloi 
A ariisrrr (of metals) ix 
(in a iu^) tmucttloi 

mftilliciif (water) 
I mtalA iUiiNii 
1 iMtalltf fofitia 

m nioata 
e, //. c*f colam 
ifter, 1. {pfjhte) 
nm adminifter, 3. 
•r<l) antdicator, 3. 
KcMe pallor, pa* 

BiDiflniiii pcituwst 



4 a^iMr ctatt (of 

ilmB» moBalleriirai 
M, 3. idkiBay !• 

uring) officiaa a4 
eado«(great ^oaa- 
, magpiu* accnros 

taffly a. 
• confignafft 


tfiapruBa; capita 




A mtrrour (flars) fpcoilttinyi. (pat- 
tern) exemplar, 3. 
Mirth^ gaudiiun, a. latitia, 1, 

Of wurtk, jooofoty lodicrm 
JUifitce^ftaiio^ cpnpicheofio ab- 

A mi/kdventwre, infiBrtuninin, a« (ia 

law) lioauci4ittin fortuimm 
MifrffHcaii—y applicatio praTa 
Xo mfifff>ff, perpcrim applicarcy ar 

adhib€re ' 

M*Jiipptied, perperam adbibitoa 
TeaR^/^^rcikiH^ mali imeUi|it« 
Jf^ftrwfaf, iadccorua 
To aijMm, male fe gtriSre 
AMciflwapr, monun pia?itat 
Mifietieft fidet prava 
To wifctUlf ialfey ar fido aoiniiie 

appellare, ignominioro aomio< 

deboneflare | coDTiciit infe^ari 
To miCcarry {in ht(/uirft) maU fue- 

ccdcre {jf^€kiU) abortion s. 
A mi/carriagt {in b^/in^) nalut 

fucceflai {in flM««eri)delidun,a. 

{(ffimnki) abortio, 3.abortuB^. 
Mijaurittit mali geihia' 
Mtjctl/nnttuif aifcelUneoa 
MvfetUnnith nifcallanea, //• 
A frifetUdwy^ farrasa, 3. 
A w^fthsnti, iBfortunhiBit a. 
A mtjehitf^ foainaif a. exitium, «• 
MiJikievMii, nocesa, maKgnoa 
A wufibiev—i dttdp faciqut, 3. fla* 

gidum, %• fcttiuty 3. 
ICfcbiivonfh, inproW, maid 
MiJcbitvufi^Sy malitiaa f • 
To mif-dtf, falA dtare 
To mifnnetivi \ (ttmifaffiuktnd 
To mifconfirne } fee to nnj^fpfy 
^ mJeuiftrnSitn^ dcpravatit» 3. 
To 9iificur.i i fee to imfi^^^ 


A mjfietdt culpa, x. detiftuni, %^ 

To arf^tefs, male fe geHbc 

A Wtt fl iw ntnwM r^ deliAum, a, 

Ami/dttr, Bocesi, aoxxua 

Mtfitimf dclinqiicna 

A mi^f avarua 

MrySmAfr (afflided) adUaui, cafti 

mitofat (niggardly) avanit 
Miftrnihntfs, a?teitia, 1, 
Mfer^kfyt joikti, avare 
^^^Jtt miferia, i. 
Mitfa^tMiit, iiifortiijiium» t, dadli 
To ai^rw, pr«la«io, 4^ 
A mjhtf^ infartunism, %. 
To «JH^» <Ml^ eoJlocaic (rAnr) 

incptiis Yacare 
JM;/SW>«Md; mal^ de^hu 
Mififtrnmikn, falfot rumor 
To mUmttrfra, perperam cxpooJhe 
A mtjrtprefineatiM, finiftra iiarrtti» 
ToMJ/b^, extra locom pon&e 
To miptnd, feduco, 3. ^lo 
Mtfiei^ fedudlua, dcceptui 
A mijitndery fedu^hn- . 
A mtjlendingf fedudio^ 3* 
Te mijUt irroro, 1, 
MiJUtoe, vifeus, a. 
To mifiike I ittXodifiki 
^ififf^f irroraoa 
To Mujnkmngtf mall adminiftirc 
Mifmanaged, maid adminiilratia 
Mijmanagmtnt^ mala admiiu^tjo 
To mifmateb^ mal^ fociare 
Mijmaubed, male fociatui 
To mifiuimt^ fce to mifca// 
A mifwmer tranfoominatio, 3, 
:To mjjfend, prodigo, i. profundo,t 
A mifffiuihf, profofio, 3. 
Miffintf profufua 
To wRjylacty perp<-tam locare 
Mif^inteJ, mcodofe impreilM 
Mijfrijon, ne^ai 1, 4^ 


temiffutttf falfocitare 
To mfretkttr^ falfo domerare 
Bajnchoned, Wo compntatus 
A mifrtckotilrgt falfa computatio 
To mifrtprejentf i*\(6 exfrimere 
JimifrtpnJiKiMtimtt falfa defcriptio 
Mifrefrtfcnttd^ falfo defcriptus 
MtfruUy dominatio iniqua 
A mijiy adolafentula, x, {tr mi* 
flrefs) amicai i. (or wroBg)daiii- 
I tium,.2. 

To aM/ir- (leave oot) intermittOy 3, 
omittOy 3. praetermittoy 3. one's 
• fMfh) fcopum non attingjhv (or 
he d'ifappointed) de fpe decidere 
(in duty] ppccoi^ i. erro, i. labor, 
3. (not to find)reptnre non pofle 
« {freyi%ntm noa concipjfre (one*s 
V blow) idiam inanem facere (or 
be put of judgment) crro>i. lui]< 
luciQor^i. fallor, 3» 
A mi/fa/, mi/rakf 3. 
MiC'ni, mifi, deAderatua 
M^enmgfi, puppis ipalut 
Mitlhapttii detarjnis 
To be fmjfngi dciideror, U. 
A mijjkny mif^^y 3. 
Amij/icKary, cmlflarlus,' 1. 
TiMmJpei, maleliteras connedU^re 
Mifpik, male connexui 
Mifiy, nebulofus 
To mifiake, fallor, 3. errOj i« 
A mifiakty error, ?, 
MlJUhn^ deceptut 
A mifiakeni/ig, crratio, 3, 
To mifiime, male dividers 
Mifiimetl, male dly^fua 
A mixings nixtura, i« 
n vsifrfjh domina, I* 
A mifiruft, d)ffident*^^ 1. 
To wiV?r^ fufpicor, 3» : 
—»jfa/,' rufpeaoa 
1r4 fo^ktx 


Mifirvpfylly, fufpicioft 
Amftrujiinf^ diffidenda, I. 
To mifundtfJianiLf male intelllgere 
A mifumUrfiaiidingj finiftra inter- 

preUtio (amnift friendi) diffi- 

dium, 1. 
Mifufuier/hodf mal2 iateUedos 
Mifufifge, abufus, 4. (.ill treauneot) 

injuria, i. inhamanitas, 3. 
To mifufe, abutor, i. laedo, ^,{with 

the tongue) convicior, 1, 
Mifufedfixiwy nolatui 
A mite (infe£l) acarut, t. (wetsel) 

curculio,3« (coin) nummulw, i. 
A miter (in joinery) coadunado fe- 

miquadra (of a bilkop) mitra, !• 
Afitreii^ infuVatat 
Mitbrtdst^ antidotom mithiidati- 

To mitigste, mitigo, r* 

Aiitigated^ metigatus 

A mirigatiotiy miti|atiOy 3. 

Miire 3 fee miter 

Mittem, chitotheev dtmidiatae 

To mix, mifceo, 2. commifceo, t. 

{or be mixcd^ mifceur, 2. (or \' 

dukcrate) vitio, i..adulcero, r. 

corrumpo, 3. (with water) diluo | A modtrmtor, moderator, 3. 
Mixcd or m'xt, mixtus, dilums, a- j MJerns, reccns, moderau 

dulteratitt,. comiptus (wki' di' 1 '1 he ivc^triM, rece^ticna 


To iM^^lebecnlam ia aKqaca 

citare $ caoviciis iafedari 
AMi/itf, incoaflaaiia» i. 
A mock, di^keriom, »•■ 
ToMMrftt liido^ 3. delude, 3. 

Mocked, deklbt, iRifat 
A mocker, deriibr, )• OmaSm, 3. 

ceiver) plaauf , au 
Mockffy, irrifiif, 4. 
Mocking, deiid^, delodnM 
A mockii^, Indificatio^ 3. ifribi 
A mode (maaner) modw^ s. n 

3. (faftioa) confmtadi^ 3* 1 
js/dmode I fee^mWM - 
A jNo^, aMdoloi^i* 
Te model, dclioeg^ »• fbiM^lb 
Modelled, deUaeatai, fonMlK 
Moderau, node^tMyjDeiUflail 
To modereae (govern) gaboD^ 

(fapprcfi) coocepy s. diniMi 

(decide) deddo^g. diiiiiUV] 
Moderated, modcntui 
M^eratdf, tcmpetati, lenittr 
Moderatenefs, tnapfraatia, 1. 
MtderaiMt, modcyatiey 3. (iB 

perce ) ffugalitas, $, 


ad IpodicmaiiijW 

^ers cohwn). verficobr 

A mixture, mixtura, t,,. 

To auauir ) iee miJU 

Meant lu£lu8, 4. 

To moan, lugee^ t* doleo, 2^ . 
ploro, 1. condolee, 2* 

Moaned, deploratut 

Moanful, flcbilis 

MoanfuUy, lugubr^ 

A moaning, fletus,4. ]aaientatiO;3 To be %oift,aaAto,,%* butteob^ 

A aiMr. (ditch) foffa, u - '\Tp gtvto mvifi, ht>aiefce«3t 

A moh^ turba conftifa . ^ •' .. JTo motflerim hum^o,.i. 

TYiemohf plebecula, t. ITo he made moift^ madeie 

To moderniz/t, 

redig«re • .. •• 

^odffi, mo^efhii, pa4iqu,.f^ 
Modtftly, pu4ke, modcfie ,. ^^ 
M^efyt modeftia» i« podid^ 
A modicum t nr.odicum, JU 
Medijb\ f^fiiJhionaUe ... 
To mci/^nd toil, Impigri 1>W^ 
Moift, humidut, (vccidnt 

) o 

tu, J. 
3. nfor, 3. (tf 


(ill tbebodjii)'im' 
u (fence towards 

, I. TCXO, X. 


^^9 moldtia 

, 4* mitjgo^ u 


tio, 3. 
n defluTio lalK>* 


itUIDy 2« 


nm defluviaia 
chia, «. m, 
rcha, I. 
fterium, %'» 

pecunia, i.num- 

ata, 3, (currMt) 

us (fiippeJ) pc- 

)tM^2s ali^nuo) 




ipenfay i. (Ar/rr) 

M Q N 

A mtiyed iim»^ iocuplet, 3, »bene. 

A monger, monetarius, 2* 
Moneyitft, fine pscunia 
A msngrti, bygencr, h)brida|4r. m. 
To tnotiijbf inoiieOy i» 
A monitfy admonitor, 3. 
Monitory^ ad monitionein peitinois 
A fHottk^ monachus, a, 
Minkifi^ mooaftxus 
A monhty^ fimia 
Mankey trickg, geiticulationM 
To tmmpdlixe, mooopolium exer- 

A tittvcfpolizir, monopolar « • m* 
A numopolj^ monopoLiuin s« 
A mwofyUMble^ monofyllaba 
A imufter^ monftrum, «• 
Monfinuit noaftroius 
MonBrouJly^ monftreC^ 
MontdHMs, moQtanut 
A montbt menfis, 3. 
Of tf tHonth, menftnitts 
Monthly ffor a month) per menfem 
(month by nonth) iiiiguUt men- 
AmonMmtiie,monumtntnm,%. (tomb) 

maufoletim^ 2. 
Monumettiaif ad monumentum per* 

Mood (homour) animi affedhii [of 

• verb) modus, 2. 
Ingoodmood, alacer (ill mood)ixioe- 

The motfii, luna, i; (w<9-) novilu- 
niiim, 2. {half-) luna falcata 
(half moon in wrtification) opus 
]ttnatum(ffi0oii*f yf/^ quarter) cor- 
nua prima luna: {full moon) pie* 
nilunium, u (*) increafe) luna 
crefcens {decreaje) luna decref- 
cens I 

Like the moon^ lonat us 

M O R 

Of the MOM, lunan's 

By moM iighi, per lunam 

A m90M (month) menfis, 3. 

Mo&nMdy lafcioAis 

Moonfiintf lunaris lampM 

A mo9r, xthtopSf 3. mparui^ i* 

(mar/h) paltts, 3. 
Of 4 moor, paluAris 
Moarijh, paUftris (or tawny) mis* 

ToiiMor^ retineo, a, 
A moot, coBventuSf 4. {cafe ct point) 

caufa dubia 
A moot halt, aula declamatorift 
A mop, pentculos, 2« 
To WK^; pentctilo porg»re 
A mojis, ftupidoSp a. 
Moftfytdt In fait 
To mope, obftupeo, 2. 
A moppet, pofio, 3; 
Moral, moralis, aethicot 
Thtmora/, epimythiumi s« 
Morality, moralitas, 3. 
To m»ralme, mythologiso, t« 
Moralized, mythologizatns 
A moralixer, mytbologus, 2.' , 

A moralixhtg, mythologia, f • 
Morally (in a moral fen(e) ftafb 

morali {(peaking) ex commuai' 

Morals, mott», inftituta, p!» 
A morafs, palus,' j. 
Morbid, roorbofus 
MordacitVf mordacita^ 3. 
More (adj.) plus major (adr,) "*»* 

gis, plus quam, ampliut, &c* or' 

die it is the figh of the conpa*. 

rative degree 
JMfore and m&e, impenf^ds (more IM" 

lefi) plus minus ( than ehugh) 

To he mere than enough, faper M^ 

redundare ^ 

M O R 

Ml^e than tjual^ ultra folitum 
Moreiivery infup^, prxterea 
The monif or morning, mane, n» au- 
rora, u tenipus matutimim 
/« tbemarning, mane {betimes) dilu- 

Of the mormng, iniitutinut 
The ntcrnhi^jfar, pKofphorui, s* 
/^«jrr morning, pb(lridi^ mane 
Moroje, perverfus, auilerui 
Morcfemtfef protervitasy 3. . 
More/ely, merdfe 
^o morrcwt aa.fs 
Of to mrrow, craftinus 
To pwrofw tttomingj crai maoc 
Yo morrow ni^bt, craftini node 
J)ay aftir to morrow, perendii 
A morfel, fruftum, 2. 
To M mtrfi/, acl inopiam 
u9/l a mart, triftU 

Mortal (deadly) letbalis, capitalist 
lethifer, mortifor (fubjeft to 
death) mortalis (implacable) a- 
ceruiitinius, impiacabili8(deftru€- 
live) internecinut 

Mortality (deftru^lion) dades, 3. 
(ftailty) mortalitas, 3. (deato) 
mors, 3, 

A 'mortality i\it^%y 3. peililentia, I 
Mortalhy lethaliter ; vehtmeater 
Mortabi homines, mortaiei 
A fKortar, mortariuBD, a. 
Vlibr/rr, caementum, », 
Of morterj raementitiua 
J)aub('dwi^b mortar ^ gypfatui 
A mortgage^ liypotheca. |. pii>nuS;3 
To mortgage J pignpri opponere 
f<if>riga^-i^ pignori oppoiitus 
A tnortg:igeef cur oppigno'ratur 
J^tfftijicatiim (in the body) gangrae- 

na (felr-denial) mortificatio, 3. 

tocVirio, 3. '(Rricf) dolor, %, 
f^tijifd (vexed) dolens (fubdued) 
' ippcrpiUit (at a limb) langrena 


^(Fe£bis (calam<tDUf) calamitbfus 

A mortife, cavns» i. 

To mortife^ cavo infer&ie 

Mortmain, morrua manus 

A morttuiry, mortuariuoi, t« 

Myaicj mofaVcus 

Am^/jue, templum turcicum 

Mois, mufcut, 2. 

Covet edwitbmofsf mufcoful 

Af;^, mufcofus, lanuginoAis 

MoftX^dy) p]erique,(adT.) maxime, 
plurimum, ^r'itcvfhh, : and before 
an adje^Ve ia mof( commonly 
the fign of the fuperlacivc de- 

MoJI of all, quam maxidi^ 

Mofilyt fere, plerumqae' 

fwr tbe mof part, magni ex parte 
(generally) piurimurbf lit pluri- 
mum [mopfre^uently) fspimme 

To make tbe titofl of^ paic^ uti 

A mote, atomus, z. j^ 

A 1110^^, tinea, i. teredo, 3. 

Tull ofmotht, tineofus 

Motbeatea, I tineis erofos 

A moiber, mater, 3. genetrix, y{in 
law) noverca, i (grand-) avu^r. 

The motbrr (difearej hyfterira paf- 
fo (womb) matrix, 3. [ofgn^s) 
▼inacca, //. {of oil) amurca, i. 
{9f pearl) concna perfica (of li- 
quors) faex, 3* 

Mctber (native) vernacolus (chief) 
primarius, prsecipuua 

Of It motbtr, maternus 

Motherly, maternus (prudent) pru» 

Mothdrlefs, matre orbatus 

Motbery, foecuicntus 

A motion, motio, 3. {of tbe mini) 
perturbatio,3(ybr a bill) rogatio,3 
(in chancery, &fc,) rcgatus, 4. 

To make a motiw, fcntertiam dic2?re 

At one's own motion, ulti6 {at ana 



tber^smttion) iTikiM(^i^ 
Mytiom of an ara^p itihiira, ft 
To motion, rojo, 1. pro^ono 
Afktioned, pr(^dilita9L Hiatus 
MtiHMlefi, immobitis, iUua 
A motive, inc-tametttobl, i.duil 
Mii^, 'varie diRin^las 
A motto, fymbolura, 2. 
To airv^ {or fHr) movco, !• 1^1 
(diftof^) turbo^ I. pertvrbO) 
(perfuade) excito, i. heftur 
propofe)propaiio,3. ro|6» i*( 
iwtlling) cOmm:gro, I. (h 
pity) ad mtrericordiam il 
c^h-e (fr ihake) cbnnitiai 3t 
ftiriip) txdmulo, i. iBcItigh 
(to) admovcA, 2, {to aitgh)^ 
X. excandefoclq, 3. {hiiS 
lifum rommovere {tofiiitm\ 
ditionem cbnfiar^ (or aSrft 
mind of the heireia)ahinoi 
vere {violent hf) impeilo (>^ 
dawn) Tacillo, x« 
Moveable, ihobilis, I. 
Moveables^ fu^ienes, 3* 
To moxfe, or be moved, comnxrvc 
moveor (angred) ira!'cor,"3.( 
iViaded) perfoadeor, 3.(«niV£ 
pajpoh) mifericordiS coinnoi 
Moved, motus, commotus, in 
fus, incenfus, tadus (firm 
incitatus, propulfut {invm 
inHin^lus {utand dnun) v 
lans (ihaken) cohcuAus (to 
Not moved, imrooCuk, Ifi^xui 
Eafily moved, agitabilb 
Not to be moved, imniobilit 
A mtv^ment ; fee wottom 
A mover, moiOTy 3. fuft(br, ].i 
gator, 3. ftimvlatory 3.coac^ 
Moving, movtens 
A moving, motos, 4. foafio,3.' 
. gatio, 3. (or ihaluiig)€Qncuf 
f* Mi 


h) (oloin, t. tterra» i. 
i) mattii, 3.fonna| i. 
tti) ftttnra, i. 
rcaft) f«irtno,i. (hread) 
i^Ere'diow xnouldy) 

nutni (tt b^ead) fob- 

I WKor, 3. 

fMBV exorns 

%», 4. 

■Mil 3. coUiSf 3« 
f I ifcrodo, 3. (a eoHon) 
n nU8imponSrc(^«r4i] 
I (tf^y^jafcendoy 3. 
«r| fflont]Col9,«,<« 
I nontofui 
1^ iSyrta, ge, nu 
<«, loblatus {upoH)\n» 
N0) ejoo gencrofo in- 

ft afceafiifl, 4* 

^», z. defleo, 3. (be- 

)ra,i. hmttMn,i.{to- 

idoko^ 2. 


iontor^ 3. poUptnii s. 


iBdiii, 4. iqaKKtia, i. 
r) femitnty 4* 
tris, logabrity atcr 
ttntasy poUatus 

M U C 

A mouft trap, mufcipula, f • 

A m'>utb, OS, cris, n, ri£^us, 4.' (^ 
tf beafi) faux, 3. (^ 4 bird) ro- 
iVrum, 1. (0/* a bottle) lura, i* 
(o/* a baven or river) oftium {of 
an oven orjiove) pnefumium^ s* 
{oftbepomach) oeiopha^s 

To make mouths , os diftorqu^re 

Foul mcuthed, maledtrui 

Hard mouthed, oris cuutumactt 
To moutht conviciis proran(l<^« 

A m utbfuly bolus, 1. 

A mouthing feU.vit rixofui 

To W9W (cut down) oieto, 3. 

A mawy cumulus {yfhay) fcenile,3. 

Slo-saedf roeffus, falcatus (laid ttp] 
fub tedlo acervatim conditui 

A nKWfr, meflfor, 3. falcator, 3. 
{ofbitf) fanifcca, ^. c, 

A mowingf vntffio, 3. 

Time fir movuing^ fanifeciain, i« 

Afo<t'», mefTus 

longe, multum, adnioduni,vehe- 
mentrr, ▼alde^magnoperd (tf"^) 
Tix, aeg*2t difEcuUer (in value) 
magni) permagni 

Ovenmtcbf niniietas,3.(adT.) nimtSi 

* nimiutn, pernimis (adj.) nimius 
(«i much)finzxiXvkm{as much again) 
alteram *-intani (^i mneb as mey 
bi) qnantum maximum {very 
much) abund^ {thus much) Caii- 
tum (Jn/^fi <"''<'^) tantundem {a 
Kttle too much) paalo aimii 

For bom mucb^ quagti 

Forfomtubp tanti 

Much Skey affimilifl 

Much lefty multo minus {wmcbtbe 
fame) idem fer£ 

Tbas much, ha£ienns 

To make much of, indulgpo, t» 

To run much upon, hcreo, 2* 

Jo think mucbtff inyiii t^^rc 


M U L 

Made much of, indultua 

Mucilage, mncns, v 

Mucilaginous^ mucofus 

Muck, ftcrctts, '3. 

A tnuek wormy (mifcr) anrtts, 2* . 

Mucous, ma€«r«« 

Mud, lutnm, 2. 

To mud, limo ponuSr£(w^rr)aqaan[i ; 

Mudded (troubled) turbatus(dattbei 

with mud) limo confpcrfua 
To muddle {with drink) inebripi r« -• 
Middled, inebriatus 
Muddy, ccsnofus, limofas {in !o^} 

nubilutf Cortttofus, tecricok(t0fffr]| ' 

▼innm faeculentum 
A aiiv^ manic a viitofa 
To mujle up, obrolTo, 3. cooper 10,4 
Muffed, obvolotus, coopertui 
Muffling up, obrolvena 
The mujil, pontifex roaximui apnd 

A niug, poculum, 2. 
Mnggijb, mucorem indoceni 
A mmtatto, liybrida, ee. m» ^ 
A mutberroy morum, A* {-free) mo* 

A mulfl. mvX€t%, I. 
Tofwlff, mulAo, I. 
Muieied, mul£(ato8 
A muUy mulns, i. omh^ I. {ywitz\ 

hinni^lns, «. 
Of 4 rnnie, mnlarit 
A muleteer^ mulio, 4. 
To mv//,TiniNii aromatibus coqvcre 
Mulled wine, vinum aduftum 
A muller, lapis molaril' 
Multiplicable, multiplicabilia 
Muhiplrcand, multiplicandus 
Muhtplicator, multipJicans 
MuhipHcitf, magna copta 
To muHipiy, multiplico, i. (to be 

multiplied) multiplicor, | • 
Ma!t'pHfiy muU\^\vtiV^s, v^^^wi • 

M U'R 

A muhhltery muUiplicator^ 3* 
Mfultiptyingy muItlpUcans 
MuUipticmtiot,f multjplicatio, 5* 
A muitiiudiy mul iiuao, 3. 
The multitude, vulgus, 2. plebty^. 
Afum! tacc! 

Mvmy ccrevifia Bronrwicenfis 
To mumhlt, iniiflito> I. (in eating) 

ge%n manducare (or beat) p«gn t 

A-mumd/iTy mofttator, 3. 
Jk mumblinff nriurinuratio, 3. 
A mumMf, mumia cadarerum 
To mitrpy TTttD^'xcOji ,{a dinmr) pa- 

rafitor, 1. epulis inliJiari 
A mumpir, mendicus, 2. parafitus 
JAuntp'tKg^ mendicans 
To be tn tin mumfs, anino angi 1 
To muneb, ma»ducO| i. 
A muncber, comedo, om'h m% 
Ji^undane, mundanvs 
Mundayy feria-ftrunda 
A mungrel, hybrida, a, m* ' 

JMunicipal^ municipalis (towojmo-, 

fucipiuin9 2. 
Munijicence, manificentia, i. 
Munificent t libcralis, munificoi 
MvnitioM, arma, //. (defence) prae* 

fioium, 2. tutcla, J« 
Muralt inuratia 
Jdurder, homkidlum, a. 
To mwder, trucitfo, 1. rae^o^ 3. 
J^Iurderfdy csefus, trucidatus 
A murderer^ homiciday ge, m« .fict* 

rius, 2, 
Jiiurdtritt^, fera*, tniculeotui 
Amurderitgy Crucidaiio. 3. (fqoan- 

derin^ away) profufiO| 3, diili* 

patio, 3, •' 

A murmur (complaint) qoerela, i. 

(fpeakius Io^f) fremitus^ 4. mui^ 

mur, 3, 
lo^Mrmur^ qiornnuro, 1. frenio, 3 
(^^a/irj rtJauimuso, /, (agmnfi) 

M U S 


obiQurinuro, 7. {mucb') perfremoyl ^ mufiering^ Jolltatio, 3. ccfil 

3. (at) adfremo, 3. 

Murtnund agair./^j odio habitus 

A murmw^, murmurator, 3. 

A murmuring f inurmuratio, 3. 

A lilt e murmuring J fufurrusy 4. 

The murrain y fcabies, 5. 

A muJcUy murculus, 2. 

Mujcular, ad r.iufcalos pfrtinens 

A mujcj mufa, i . [the mufet) pieri- 
des, urn, f, canrtoenz, pU 

Mujing, meditans, cogitsns 

To mufiy -meditor> i. comtemplor^i 
(hfire land) prxmcditofy I. 

A mu^room, fungus, 2. 

HiAiJu, caotus, 4. mufice, a, f. mu- 
/ica, crunty n, pi, 

Mujicaly muiicut, harmon'-cus 

Mujicallyf muHce 

A muficianj muiicus, s. 

A mufeJiMy ludus fidictahis 

Mu/ty mofchui, ft. 

MuAmihtff melo odoratus 

Mu/^y^ aiofchatus 

A mufitty feloppetum, 2. 

A muffueieery rdcppetarius^ 2. 

Myfiiny nebula linea . 

Muji (flew wine) muiluin, 2« 

Tu mufty mucefco, 3. 

~ mufiy debfo, 2. oportrt me* 
N. B. Wheomv^rehtcth tofff- 
€eJlttyf it is beft made by necefft 
efi } when to needy by opta cfi j 
when to dut^y by debto^ or optrtet, 
'And tn all thefc it may be made 
by a gerund Jn dtim^ as Imufi 
write, fcribendum eft inihi 

The wiuftackety barba alata 

Muftardy iioapis, hy f. 

A mujier, copiarum loftratiQ 

A mufier majlcry roilitunn cenfbr 

To mufiery eiercitum luftrAfc 

To pap mufiery approbor, i, 

Miptnd^ coAfcrijptiu> cenfus 

j Mufiinefty mucor, 3. 
Mttftfy rancidut, mocidus 
■ To it mmfiyy Rroceo, 2. Buccf 
Mutabfe, mutabflia, nobUis 
To be mutable y vario, 1. 
MatabiHtyy muCabilitas, 3. 
A Mutafmy mvtatio^ 3. 
Mute (dumb) mutos 
To be mute, obmuterco, $. 
To mute (as a iuwk) ahmm 

To mutilate; Ccttoutaim 
A mutineer y homo turbvlentni 
Mutinoufiy, torbulcBtrr feditiDi 
A mutiny y motas, 4. feditioy | 
To mutiny y tumultaor,!. ' 
A tnutinyingy feditio, 3. tuiiNiM 
To muttery mxxfSby z. mdfitB^ I 
Muttereiy mafl*atus ' 
A tnutttringy marinaiatio, 3* 
MnttWy caro orifu 
Mutualy recipiocut, tMftDiM 
Mutuaffyy inrictniy mntui 
A muxxtey capiftrum, 2. 
To muxxJe, capiftro conftriag&i 
The m»3e»le of a guu, icloppeif • 
hf*txsiledy capiftre conftr?^9 
A muKxlingy capiftio coUifSCio 
My or mine, iAcus 
A myriad^ myrias, Hdit^ f* 
Myrrbe, myrfha, 1. 
Or myrrbey mykrheua 
A myrtUy myrtuc, 1. /• 
Ofmyrtky ifiyrteos, myidatl 
Likemyrtlty nyrtuoTus 
Mixed witb myrtky myitaCui 
A ntyfiery^ myfterium, 2. arcatf 
Myfierieusy Tttyfiiealy xnyihcns 
Myfikalfyy my^ci 
Myti>o/oglea/j mythologicus 
A mytbolegifi, mythoiogus, %• 
Mytbotogjty mytholQgia, 1, 


N A 

rbfQS, ». (ft^ the fmi or 
inga'tt, ]• (r« mafure) di- 
10 cuss qofednniQ (iMtfrr- 
KQt. s. 
rltvum pmgJFrt ; fafSfOy^ 

:rMi«9iy 3. (4iPtMi) ^- 

nbcr clsvoffvfli 

•fo (a< a fwovi) ftntei 

aperti, FcirpicQii 
? -trftM. 3« (* 

Mrn.3^ (firft) pratao- 
V^U mmm ) cogaonBCBy 3. 
Mb appciUtio (renown 
itacio^ famip 1. cstfli 

aonuiOy !• iMincvpo^ 1, 
. ippelkv I. (1 


KMrinatiflH vMdicet 

I Bowaatio^ 3. 

•ina bravii (of clotk) 

wtf, •Mtaraufeok 3. {at 

cndior, i. 

iaia colli r c rteb fa 


Ijnrcoluniy »• 

ioraitanf^ dorfflienti i» 

N A V 

|A>fs^, nUuIbi (dk) cotvifia fe- 

Nj*c§ric, narcDticpt 

A njrrutiaaf oanatio, 3. 

A MrrtfTiwr, enamtie, 3. 

Narrwwt A* Au«, anfuftus caifQui 
(covetous) parrw, avidat 

7*9 narrtTP, arfto. coar^to, X . 

Ntfrowfy, aofna^, arA^ (with dif- 
fi<alry irgid, difficakcr 

Nmrrmm^i^ anguftia^ i. 

jy^h'^, fode, I'qaatidi 

Nm/Hmfi^ Tordet, ^. 

M^9 fcedua, fqualidai 

Nats/, ^atalis 

A Mr/M, natio, 3. |ea>> 3« 

Of « muhity gentilis a gente 

Nattonsi, ad nationem pcninent 

Ntfivt, nativtts, innatut 

A nmhft^ indigeDty «• c* 

Nat'ntkjf, nati vitas, 3. partui, 4* 

Of a naikntj^ nJtaUtiui 

Natural, nato rails, oatimsj ndi* 
calls {ftoli/b) ftukui, iofiptena 
(fparioos) aothutarfptthat (oa 
iti own accord) fponte aa'ccBi 

Uuiwtal diff^iwa^ indolca, 3. 

A matmrahfif icnim oaturaUvflik in* 

To watMraJkUf civitate aliqutm da- 

NatHToiitstitiii, ciTitatis donatio 

NattlfalhssdMjuM civiutii alcriptut 

Nmtmrallf^ natur2, nvuraiitar (of 
iti own accord) «ltrd|,. fponta 

Ntturtf natura, x. (diipofitionj in- 
genium, iodolci, 3. (fort) gaout 

Bi nature | fee naturaify 
GotJ naturad^ aflfabilU^ mitii ^ 
Jit uatnreJf anorofus 

lUtvsIf navalis, naoticus 

A Mvi {•/ a wheel) tnodiolot, ft, 
(0^41 churth) ampla pars 


tike M aff«</, tsaakUkahit 

Nmhif roalos, fcelcftat^ fleq«i« 

To Jet at UMighe, Tilipendo, 3. 

Njugrhiaeft, malitla, i.maligiuta^.. 

Nokghly^ nnalas« fcckftaa 

Navij^ahh^ navigabilia, 4« 

To uavi^atty naTigo, !• 

N»nrigati9u, navigation 3. 

A mawgat^Ty navif atar, 3. 

To naufeafe^ nauTeo, I. &ftidk^4«t 

NaufeMs, faftidiofaiy putidua 

Naufmiifptwm naufea 

liaufnufi^, tULVifm, i.Midiai»»S 

NautUf nautical 

A na^jf via ltavitima» claffity 3* 

Of/i&raavy, dafficaa, claAcalfaa 

The mav^ office, carta navaUt 

Najf, miaisia, vk6 

Tofiy tmf, iaficioQ x. 

Samn^t negacus 

A fayiug May, negation }. ropaUiif 

Neap, decrefcMii 

Near {fm place) victaat <m AMk 

proxiiaaf (nv e:tpmeti) paicat ' 
M«r.(adv.) propter«prOxiiiii»po^ik 

feri, prope 
Near^ (pr.) jaata, facoaditfa 
tar and neat, loagi, la^dqa^ 
Near at hani,.in prompta 
Ntar n«w, modo, km «uk» 
To he ntarathand^^fh <«. 
Nearer, yioptior 
Nearefl, proximut 
Near^,'^t^l^, cautd** 
Jifeamefs of kin, cognafeio, 3. 
yNeameJii Sst niggerlinifk 
Neat^ fticid«B» SStaa, Iqadm^n* 

caratai) coacimuis^ «' 
Fny neat^ elqgantifiiaiiit 
Tohtneat, «iCB<v ^ 
Neat, (Mack ctttl^ bovai^W, 
Neati t§Hgue, lingjU habvS^ ^M . 

pedei bubult .« 

N E G 

I^eatn*fs, conctnnitas, 3. nltor, 3. 

/Jehiiws, ncbalol'us 

I^ecep'arjy necefiarius 

N^effariti efiife^ neccflitates, pL 

Ji is ftecfjfary, opus eft 

A nectary houje, fotcix, pi, • 

^^ecejari/y, neced'arid 

Nccfjjltous^ indipu«, egenus, inops 

I^eceJJHy, neccilitas, 3. inopia, i 

fl(/3 makia wrtue of neeej/iiy) cno 

rc.n lA coftfiiiam TcrtSre 
Tkerteck^ collum, a. cervix, 3, (of 

an htfiritment) juguir, a. 
A fleck of land, iillhmus, 2. 
Neck or nothing ; fee d^perately 
A ntck-elotb, collare, 3. 
A ntck face, monile, 3. 
A necromancer^ ven^cus, a» 
Necromancy, necrsmantia, i. 
Neffar^ nedlar, 3. 
Of nefiar, ne^arias- 
A neSlarine, nuciperfica, I. 
A'^iecty fvatris or fororii ftlia 
N^ei, (want) efeAaSf.3. inedia» i. 

peauria, I4 (necei&ty) opus, «fus^ 

neceflitas, 3. 
To if^r^, egeo; 3. indigee^ s« 
%mufi neeiXf oportet me 
Needful^ oppoitunus, opas 
ft it needful, expcdit 
$feeafulneft, iieceflitaf , . 3. 
/feediitefs, inopja, x. iodigentia, j. 
A needle, acus, 4. 
J^eedlnvork, opus phrygloin, tir aca- 

ffeedlefi, inotilit 
/^mA, necefle (or atcdTirie*) res 

nccefi^riae [to do) alvam leyare 
t^fedy, egcns, inept, indigeos 
^i/ariousy impius, fcdeftus 
A negf^tin, negatio, 3; 
r fepuJfa, I,. 


If E 

Neglea, aegledtts, negligentia, 1. 
To niglzEl, negligo, 3. omitto, 3, 
NegUaed, nrgle€tus, omiffai ■ 
NegleSfully, negli^tenter 
A ne^leSiing, negle£lu«, 4. 
Ntgligtnte, negiigencia, i. 
Neglisent, or negleBful, negligelks 

{perfon) ignavus, ofcitans • 
To be negligent, negligo,3.ijidormio 
Negligently, neglieentfr 
To negotiate,, negotium geiete 
Negotiated, adfloiniftratus, geftus 
A negotiating, jiegotiatio, 3. admi- 

A negotiator j fee manager 
A negro^ maurus, 2. asthiopt, 3. . 
To neigb^ hinnio, 4. (after) adhin* 

nio, 4. • 
A neighing, hinnittis, 4. 
A neighbour, vicinus, t, accola, <r. €, 

proximusy 2. 
To be a neighbour, in vicinia habi- 

Neighbourho»d,rianitaiS, 3. vicinia.i 
Neighbourfy,£4milwis, benignui 
Netglbatrly, (adv.) benigne 
Neither, (adj.J neuter (conj.) nee, 

N^iither luay, oeutrd 
Nemoral, neiioralis 
Neotericy neotericus 
A nHtbevo, (ratris, «r fororis Alius 
Ntfi itic^ renum morbo laborans 
Ntptuve, ocpt^nusy a, 
lA nerve j nervus, a* 
' Nervous^ ncTYofus 
Antfii promontorium, $(• 
A neft^ nidus, 2. (of hoxei or draW' 

trs) mdi, fL (of tbievts) grex 

To nrfile, niduW, -3. (about) in 

omnes partes verfari 
A «rf, reti^ $ , plag«,/s* (cabbage-) 

excipulus cauliu 

ing) vrnricnlomt 
Like a net, reticulat 

(adv.) rettcuiatii] 
To take in a net, irrc 
I'aken in a net, irret 
the net produce, 

(-tveight) fimple: 
Ntther, inferior 
Nettfcrmoft^ infin^us 
Ncttiugt opus reiicu 
A nettle, urtica, i. 
Fultofnettla, urtic 
To nettle or vcXt fti 
Nettled or 'uexed, fti 
A nettVing, ftimuiati 
Nettling, ftimulans. 
Never (tM or none) 

(at no time) nun 

quam (never the) 
Nevertbekji, nibilo 
Never a lubit, nihil 
Never before, nunc 
Never after, nunqu 
Never fi great, ut u 
Never Jq often, ufqu 
A neuter t meaius, n 
Neutrality, aeutrann 

NeWi novust inregc 
New thing i, nova, 1 
New. years dtey, fef 

onis dominicae 
Netvyeart gift, ftr 
To make new, inno^ 
'Xo grow new, iategi 
New coined, novatw 
A new, denuo 
JNQncuJr- nuper, nnp 
Newt J no vitas, 3. 

ma, I., rumor, 3 
A ne^vs monger, r 


reHa TtnpfM 
pi (After ir next 

nftnim, %. {of 4 

t. cirpo, 3. 

tovs ot tickilft) 
ifficak) di^cilis 
ifed) fliMrafdt 

V . 

i. Aioltitlek, 5. 

lAciitira, I, 


en im^operi«n 
A>foris filia 
», parens 
itia, I . fordes^/. 

Bii% propinqiras 
xta, propcer, fe- 







*nu k^. Me twat 

Oftbimgbt^ noOihiiiil 

A nigkt V9^ktr, fioai?igus 

Tw» ffi^iifi, binoA itttn, s. 

A night gtwn, topi cuMcvlarit 

A nighditifU, htdnia,!. phililnela 

-A^f ^ nngiiKt noaibM 

I^nM, agility velox 

/fim^eMfi, nijAixUf 3. 

NiwUtif^ agilittr 

NimmeJ, furrcptua 

iST/ff^^ aoveto, nvtCi^y gew «* 

^Mimt BotenariM 

JViM iMK^fy novlet 

Aim «# c«ri6, enniif^ 3* 

Nintdiyr, noynniAum, u 

NimttMf iu>%taiieeiin, Untftv^nti 
{nitie and Huenfieth) iHidetri|dl- 
mua (-Mrr^SrfQp) \lndl^«ftM. 
ginta \ani^) -uede^vift^ttt- 
Hiita i^ndJdfy) uMe(l»)ta|lnta 
Imd^j^) ymteoa^giiita (tknd 
Mittit^) undecentum 

The tamb, ttotitti, novtiriiHtiifiif4r. 
f/r«/^) iihd^TilecfihHn, decimw 
nonus {fihy^kikti) unlt^tifi* 
quHf^fimua {fiftf-mmh) tttadtefet. 

7]&i>fjr ffim i/Mcr> >ii*le^iMiftsIes 

Ninety times, obnagiea 

OfniKt iUtfSf novead)aUs 

Ninety nona^inra 

Of miMfjr, nouagviiatiilt 

yinnieAf nontgefimut 

Nifii bundrtdy oongenti, ^, it» 

/fine bmndred tiHtett nongeotiea 

A «/mry« vacerra, et, a»» 

A m'f, vellicatio> ). 

To nip, veil J, r. vdlico, 1. dsgitis 
ftru^re {ef) fno, t, Meto, t, 
(crnelfy) itMdico (at cojd) adom^j. 
[%oitb the teetb) deatibnt ftrinfSre 
{m- taunt) mordco, t. 



M/H^ RMKHa f # ilv M) iPi^ 

mine vflaa 
iV^^^y forcMi, 3. 
A J^Jfh^y %elKcftMa»4» MlilAlM* 

The mW^, papilH, l» 

A nit, Kn«| j. 

iVTi/rr, lHtram» 1* 

Nitmtt, nitrofn, attriMI 

mU, aitiAia 

JVT^t fcatenk leA^bna 

No, (adj.) ntfUul (adt*) MI«iU 

iV« Aa^, nemo, ). (4«f /) «f»«ci« 
fdut ^ 

al iMffffii na^vt^tt amy ImAmM 
'• more, nihil ompli^ 

To JM Pttrfefe^ ftbftta 

ifa <Riltn(^ iMOiiH niili|«MI 

To nobilitate^ ndMtite, k» 

NobtRty, nabi)ita»» )• 

T]ieM^%k iiobilei,'pf«eKftl • 

Nobh (illuftriMi) fieb»i% itlttlltlt 
iHfigntS tlfernt^ fj^leadhlM (fta 
nerout, fite) libMaUk^y generdfilt, 
tnoAtriiiit (OAtwly) ili«BA«ftc«i 
f/hHMre) MftNCtit ^ 

Affo^imaii^vlr etapliflbwll(-4MMi| 
femina prMVmria 

A nobk^ tertia pan Ubne 
NobUn^ tllritat, fplta^, f • (if 

fiiui) inagiiMiiAitai^ 3. 
f^obfy, pneclar^, magnified 
Noeeat, nocens, llftdaii 
A nocb ; fee noteb 
Nocive, nocilFVl, dltfM&ftt 
Noffuma/, nodutattt . 
A Hod, A»,tn9^^{fnJUefiiig)i9m^ 

not brevi^ or letii 
To nod, nuto> f . miOy 3; («^tap) 

doriAitOf !• 



^ iMidU!n|f^ B«tBtio, natni, 4, 
Noiditift nntansy dormitani 
A no^tn, cotyla, i. lagena, i. 
^- mijif iQnituty 4. clamor, 3. ftre- 

pitai, 4. (report) lumor, 3. (of 

thunder) rragor, 3^ 
^0 make a noife, oblhvpo, 3. 
*To noije abroadt promuigo, r. 
f^tboM noifty tacituiy filens 
Making a neife, ohhrcptns{o>tbighJ 

altibnot (iiie waves) undilbi^us 
If0i/edabroadt divulgatus 
// is netfed about ^ rumor eft 
Iihifitief^ danor, 3. 
NolforHy nocens, noxius 
H^JvfM^Sit iporcitici, 5 f4stor,3. 
Noify, clamoAis, rizorut 
The nwibles^ exta cervina 
Anomei^lature^wimtniddXutz, J, 
Nmninaly i^ominaUt 
Nominally^ nomine, difert^ 
To nominate^ nominot i. defigno^ i 
Nominated aojBUoatut 
A nomifiatit^9 or mminatlon, nomi- 

•natio, }• difignitio, 3. 
Xi^naUve^ nominttiTut, re^t 
Nonage, infantia, i. minorejiniuin 
A mUorfprmifii diflcotitns 
None, nullus, noo v^Vu 
Not^areil letter, typoroffl genus mi- 

Jhttpcymenty Ablatio nea praeftita 
Nonperformance, inopi^ pr«ftatio* 

fiis ^ • r ■ 
The noun, nooa?,//, 
A noH'pIus, incita, i, 
'Tononplut:^ (tcpmade 
Nott rejideneey abfentia 
Nm refident, non re(ideos> abfcens 
Non rtj^ancty non repugnaotia 
Nm4filik> . abToxdi difium 
Npidm^jdmj^i^rt^yM, ineptvs 



K nonfuiti litif defeitio {tt fyffer) . Notabfjf,t%jKgA 
*A notary, norari 
Done by a notary 

las illatut 
Notation, nQtati 
A notcb» incifur 
Notched, incifua 
A notching, incil 
A note (mark) 

(bill) Tyngrap 

annotatio, 3. 

mufa) tonus, : 
Of nete, notabil 

egregius, exit 
Of little note, obi 
To note (mark)ii 


(fet down) fci 
Noted, notatuSy 1 

AVifr/ViF, nihil ( 

formula cadere 
\ rood!e, hebes, $• Aultus, !• 
Noon, meridiem, 5. 

OJ neon, meiidianua 

Afternoon, pomeridianos 

Before noon, antemeridianus' 

A noofe, hqueus ne^cilit 

To noofe, irre.tio, 4. illaqueo, i* 

Notfed, irretitui, iliaqueatus 

JVor, nee neque 

The north, fcptentrio, 3. 

Of the north, feptentrionalts, arli- 
cu8, boreus, boxcaiis 

The rM'th wind, . bore^, ^r. m • 

North eafl wind, CKciai , ee m. 

North, N. £. borcttt, fcythicui 

North vnfi, caurusy 7^ , 

Norths N. W. thracia«» ep, m, 

Nortbw^eriy, caurioua 

Northerly I kc of the north 

A noje, nafut, »• {of vox) lefbia Good far nothing, 
regula jedlus, vilis, i 

To m>fe ene,. ore laceilcre menti, contei 

With affreat ucife, nafatua To make nothing 

An^ay, floromfafcicului' . aliqvid faciJc 

Fiat.Heifed, fimut one) fperno, 

Hawk nojed, camurus (not to under 

A }f^«/, nafua, ft. tclligcre (or n( 

The noftrils, nares> pi promo vcrc 

Not is generally, rendered by non or N^ice (knowlec 
su : But fometimea by nih.J^haud, j entia, i . cogr 
minus, nee, neque, ne, non, ut, ' monitio, mon 
as, veieor nt poifiro, tfear, I To give notice, r 
cannot | To receive notice^ 

Not at 4fZr,nu]lo,modo, nequaquam. To take notice, r 
ne minimi (»orjr«r)nondum, vix- • , (of a per/on) ( 
dum (not Jo) minime, neutiquam To take no notice 
nequaquam (not any) nullus turn praetcrire 

Notable, (confiderable) illuftris, in* fimulo, x. (oi 
fignis, eximius, fpe£tabilis A notif cation, m 

Notable (very) valdc, vehementer Notified, ccrtioi 

To be notable, eniteo, 2. clareo, 2. j To netijyf fig nil 

jN^abtentfi, claritas, denterita^, 3. ' Notion (knowle 


)■ cogmtiOf }• luv- 
k,u identity i. 
. (opinion) opiiuo,3 
[iik) figmentam» %, 
MtUf notnt 
ni, inaaifcft& 
toriety, evidemia,!. 

J tameflf nttamen, 
etiamiy ^tumvify 

a novella 

S) BOVltH^y ^ 

aber, 3. 

tfm^bi) tA wSkU 

r^)niliilo, pioni- 



iui, a. tiro^ 3. 

f$iie cMfi) monop- 
ftM csfis) dipcSton, 
triptoCoa, 2« 
io, 4. alo, J, foyeo, 
• (or bring up) e- 



factum, ±, ^hni,% 


n (-tfAjpt) nunc' 

, his tctnporibvi^ 

anaa^am^ idei^ 

3*01 jam 
t obdnQot 

, s. trniitut, it* 
tins, iae^Hut * 

N U R 

A nmftmt, aoanaentQairi s« 

Ac//, irritus 

ToMf/li abrogo, i* 

NutUd^ abrogatuty aatiquatttS 

A mUtfiSmi, nnlliiM fidei 

A nuUtugf abffogadoy 3. 

A MtUi'ayf waWiUM, 3. 

To numh, (hipefitio, 3, 

To It rnoHMt torpeico, «• 

A mmkr, nnmeras, »• (^ men) 

muldtodo, 3. (yftbingt) copia,i. 
To nm^t nuoMro, i.€ompoto, | 
In iresi mtnAer^ frequentcf,^* 
fFitboMt number, ionumerabttip 
Of k9bat number, quotvi P 
Mori in number, numerofior 
Bj^ number, numerd 
Of number, numcralis 
Numbered, nnmeratm 
Mtybt MonfcrM^nuinberabiliveoia* 

A numberer, Bumcra^f, 3. 
A numbering, 'numeratioy 3. {ef 

names) npmenclatio, 3. (ef fe9» 

pie) cenrtM, 4. ■ 
Numherkfs, innumeroTut 
Numbers (book of) ti\xmtn,pt» 
Numbnffst ftupor, 3. torpor, 3, 
Numerable, numtnhilii 
NiHBirdtion, nnmcratio, 3. 
Numerical, numeral^ numerft!!) 
Numericatfy the fame, idem ad an- 

merum ' r 

The numerater, numerator, }• 
Numerous, irameroful 
A nun, monialit^ $, 
Nunciature, legad pontffidi flBttMit 
A nuncio, legatos papalit 
Nuncupative, nuncupatWut ' 
A. nunnerf, domns moliarium 
\Nuptia), c«nj«galis, nuf tialii 
y^tf/f/a//,- nuptiae, pK 
I A nurfk, nutrix, 3, 


A nM9§t Mi, alamaai, %§ 

Wh nurfe, natrix laOant 

A dry nurfe, nutnx nercCBivw wtnif 

Nnrfi keepirg, cgr^CandlNR ancil- 

To nurfe, mtmo, 4. fov«o» ft«cufO^ 
i.-anctllor, i. 

Nurfed, nutritat, alitut 

A nurfery {fir children) cubicttlum 
nutria appropriatom (child at' 
nurfe) alumnuf, t. (efUgrmif) 
feminarium do^rinv, academin^" 
I, {ef plants) firaiiBariam,t,plan« 
tariuoa, a* 

A nut^, nolTitio, 3. {e/tbeJSck) 
n«tritiom» ». curatio, pl'f oiler) 
nutfitiut, ft. 

Nurture, educatio, 3r tlimentudiim 

To nurture; cdttco, t. iaftituo^ 3. 

A nufmce \ fee nuifmict 

To nufik, indttlgeo, 1. fyfto, s« ^ 

A nut, nux, 3. {<^ ^ fcmo)theiai,u 
{'Cracker) ntfcifranglbttlom/ %% 
{'kernel) nudeot, 1. {/beS) pu- 
ta]lien,3. fefa mnjkalil^rumenl} 
aX*|Mi» 3* {tf^ errfs bow) aftm* 
galdiy 3. {tfs hi ^mrtmJgfMt 

A nutmeg, nux fltefcbata • ' 

Nutriment, nuCrinientttm, s. 

Wfntien^ aotritio, 3* 

Nutritive, nutrimentttiii pmbena 

TonaxxUin bed, U€to indttlgiro 

Anympbf nytnpha, X. 

O A 

IQ (adv.) O } the iig» bf tl(e to* 
cative cafe^ ai, Lord, I^'nxinc 
O (ifiterj.) 1 Ob 1 utinan 
Qad, f laihimy «• 
9/vy; hebcs, ^, ftuhMA^%« 


4ykeM^ qoeiiNii» Mdbvtm, ^mnittth 

^n oakgnvef qnercetniiiy 2* 
Apahr efogrs, 'icapha biremit 

Uipr^m$uttmt •• Ifiipmi) ^n-. Migstfj, dcvioftof, obligattis 
wmh •• ^ MgMfioffj obligatioy 3. mcri- 

Aidif /W mh (ffMgfttiet, la nr- turn, %. 'widmomum, 1, 

in legcf jarare To «^A]f« (compel) cogo* 3. impelb 


Ohjtfled, objeAm, ^ppofitui 
OijeBlnff culpans, carpcoa 
An objeSfUttf obj^ia, 5. 
OtjeShft, ^noi objici potf ft (per 

taining to ao objc^} ad xem 9b- 

jeAam fpe£biof 
Ah ohit, feralia, um,pi. m» 
To oijurgste } fee t9 ckitU 
^u obUahni oblaiio, 5. 
AmMQ*t\vt\ Ctt deli'ghtfug 


QMvrflMr* Mpiitiit* pfrtiM* 
To hfMu rm^ o b^wi iico, «. 
CMwiM^y •fcAiMtioy 3. ijfor. 3 
C Ui m t h p b oJi eat i a , 1. eMefiiiMRiN 
(Mir^ndteA MpreteiUtr 
OUduMt, obedienty oNfyifin - 
Obediintfy, obodlbBrfff 

To ivai« Mr MfmM, fttfitt lofllU 

An obtHjks obelUcw^ t, 

Obefity, obefitae, 3. 

To ol^t obedioj4.9Ueqtiory 3. 

Ohcycdy obeditut 

Ab^^, 4»bjiaiMm a- '« oblate 
^>tf»^ ^1^ fcptimr (uf fight) 
quod ^tmjif fifcif^tyr {o^^vr} 

3. (9M bjf m hiidaifi) beni de a- 

OhUjgtdt devin^ui, obligatui (com- 
' pelled) compolfus, otaA^s 

^ ot^tr, qui tradit fyngrapbam 
Wiging (courtMue) cpttus* bUn 

dna, affabiitt (kind «r liberal) 

^bcM^USf bcneficua 
Obligingly^ benigoe, com|ter 
Cbligiugnefs, comitas^ 3. affabilitaa 
QbUqtUt obliqoui 
OMifuelv, obliqti^ 
ObUqutn^Sy okHfuityt o^liqpital, 3, 
To obliterate, expungp, 3. drlco, a 
ObRterMtd, dcletuflj c^puniftu^ 
OblivMi, oblivio, 3^ pbliviuB, a< 

{ati aQ of oblivion) amoetfay i. 
Oblong, oblongjiB 
Oblofiy, obloquium, 2* 
Obnoxious^ Obnoxlfis 
£3l^/w,'obfc4HMiiu ijnpurus 
Cbfcenelf, ob^csoe^ inpur^ 
Obfccm/s, obfewity, obfeenitas, 3/ 
Objcure, (dark) tcAebiofui, €»)i|Li- 

nofus (diffipuU) pbijpvrut iM- 

aitinusamore(e/'«ir-«-f(;^ri)op- ciJii (In perfon) ignotus, igno^i 
labile lii 

!» objicioi y Of p«iio^ 3. I To makt obfotre, obfcaro. s 

O B T ' 

Obffurefy, obfoir^ occulte 
Obffurity, ffbftwitis, 3, (<» 1 

fcnrify) abdiCute^ 
FuUrfoJ^furitf, ambigttos 
An obfecr4ifi^i QtnTecniti^j 3i 
Objefnet, excquiae, fl, 
OtfefHious, qjOfigeniSf obfe^ 
To be obfeqmom^ obfequor, '. 
Obfcquioyfij, ob(equei|Ccr 
Obie^fiiotf/^efff pbiequiuna, a. 
Qb/ervaia, infieais, i^oCfbili 
Ok'erv^mfe, oburyantja, |. 
pifffvantt obfenrans, obediei 
An obfiroatipHf obfervatip^ 3 
'^n §bferv0t$ryy fppcula a 

dera Gbfenraacur 
To obfeirve,Mi^riio, i. mCo»; 
tifuUy) obed}Oy 4.. cqlo, 3. 
leg ibui parece, or obedira 
Obfirved, obienratjis 
4nobftr%fer, obfervator, 3. 
Obfirpt^g^ obrerirant, niSuat 
Obfokte, obCoktuf 
T9 groFTupb^e obfoleTco^ 3 
Ah objiacle, impedimentvsiy 
'"'fff^bry^centumaciat i>per 
tyu, pei|iaay, ob^taiC 
opinion) tenax 
To be obfiinati, animiin> P^ 
pbjiitui^, obiUaati, |pordid 
"'natmefi j fee iffjiinaey 
•eforpuf, pb^r^pcaa 
TobeobfrMouSf ^ociftiOf, I 
Tp MniS fh'tiidcr) ImftA 
obftOy I. (ftpp up] ob^P| 
(fbtruSed, ifpppditna 
Ol/huSJing, obftru^liQPf 9}>^ 
^bfirutHve, i|9pedU»ff 
To obtain^ obtipeoy ^. p^tk 
( by ebancf) for^or, 4- ffi " 
impetroj I. exptt^ |. {fi 
gratiam xnirp l^n* cnfitat) 
tcrjfcp,3,ftfr get grpwid]te 
▼inco, i^ifyMtfry) pblad 
1 W 



u, pattQtj impe*> 


tihrty, libertatis 

/b) voti coiripot 

ptio,3. impetratio 

6oi 3» impono, 31 

IS, iliatus 

ItU aliii oMrudlt 


•oinbroj (• 


inity) oeOL&Op 3. 

3. (caufe or rea- 

nateria^ i, anfa^i. 

I opus, ufus 

e) facioy 3. (pro- 

concitOy i.excitOf 

^.) aUctti caufa 

^c, efft^ifomi.ti/ig) 


1) negotia, pi, 

pnebens ; accom- 


Dtajis , 

tio, 3. 

cupatioy 3. Bego« 
. artifictum, 2. 
e) p<^effio, 3. 
u, cultiis 
B^r, 3. occopator 
}• occupo, I. {in 
S «r ACgotio fe oc- 
u$>rfa99tb*r) al< 

O F 

teriui locum fupplerc, 0r vice 

An occupying^ occupation 3.cultuSy 4 

To occur ^ obvenio, 4. occurro, 3. 

An occurrancif occafio, 3. 

Occurring, obvius 

The occan^ oceanus, t« 

Ockham, ftupa, i. 

OSiangular, o€ti habens angulol 

jfH offave{eight days) ogdoat^s* (in 
mufic) diapafon, 2« 

O^oher, Odobeir, 3. 

Oculare, oculariut 

An§cttlifly medicns ocularius 

Odd (not fellows) impar (fantafti- 
cal^ levis (uncommon)inu(itatu9j 
raro a9ci(lens 

Oddtt lites,//. difcordia, k. diiTen- 
tio,3. inimicitiaCf pi. (difference) 
difcrimen* 3. 

An odcf odey es, f, 

Odioutj invifusy odiofua 

Od'iQufy, odiof^ 

Odioufiefs, qualitas rci odiofit 

An oaium^ cdium, 2. 

Od/y^ inufitai^, inlolenter 

Odnefs^ rariias, 3. infolcntia, I* 

Odoriferous f odoratuB,odonfer 

To make odoriferous, odoro, l« 

Odorous, odor us 

An odbur^oioT, 3. 

Oeconomical, domefticus . 

An oeconomift, oeconomus, «• 

Oiconony, oeconomia, i. 

Oecumenical, generalls 

0*er ; fee over 

Of attcr a noun is generaUy the fign 
of the genitive cafe. Sometimes 
of'ii the fign of an adjeBive ftoj* 
Jejftve, And fomctimes of is made 
by the prepofitions, i, ab^ de, I, 
ex, in, per, fuper. And the prfr 
pofiuon is ^msumes ysd^ftood 


as, ofbii &urm accord, fua fpontc 

Off, hinc, ab hinc (of and on) ut« 
cun<iue, mediocriter, Icvis 

Far off, procul 

From off, de 

To be off^ muto» i* 

Offhand, con tin u 6 

Offal, reliquiar, pL 

An offence (fault) ofT^n^^ l.culp^^ 
I. (affront) injuria, i, conttt« 
melia, x. 

To bo an offence to one, offenConi •- 
licui e(& 

Tq offend, erro, 1, pecco, I. delin« 
quo^ 3. ofFendo, 3. difpliceo, i. 
laedo, 3. laccflTo^ 3. (the laws) 
violo, I . fee to Jcandaline 

To be offended, ofF^ndor, I. 

Offended, offenfus, violatus, lasfut^ 
indignans, iratus, infenfus 

An offender, delinquens, 3. reus^ %m 

Offending, nocens 

Offenji^e {iveapons) arma laedentia 
{in Kvordi) ingratus, moleftus {t0 

. tbefiomacb) flomacho ingratus 

Offcrfpuzly, injuriofe, moleft^ 

Offenfivtnejs, qualitas noxia 

An offer (attempt)': vnatus, 4.(thin| 
onered) res oblata, conditio, 3. 

To offer, pffero, 3, praebeo, 2. («r 
hid money) licitor, i. {or pro- 
pofe) propone, 3* {or dedicate) 
dedico, i. dico, i. {or attempt) 
Conor, I. (»/>a rr^«(^)rupplicQ,i. 

• {one^sf elf to danger) fe exponric 
pericuiis {a ivager) fpoufionem 
provocare (battle) pugnandi CO* 
piam facgrc {itfelf) occurro, 5* 
{infacri/icc)fzcrinco, 1, immQio,x 

Offered, obla'us, prjebitus (/«^fW« 
>&e) immolatus 

An offering, oblation, oblatioj 3. {jif 
afacrifice) immolatio, x^ 


Jlnoftrton, oflRertoriom, s. 

^ off" Kifi^ l»>nj), 1. 
beneficiuin,2.(pub)ic charge)inu- 
nus, 3. magiftratus, 4. (place of 
bufinefs) officina/i*(workhoure) 
taberna operaria (^tufe of office) 
latrina, X..Corica,''i. 

An officer or magtftrate, mAgiftratus, 
2. (iff tbeiarm) dux» 3.praefec- 
tus, z. {of ftatt) maximit rei- 
publicx muneribus praepofitus 
(lerjeant or bailiff) li£tor, 3. (of 
the cufitms) |>ortitor,3. (ofcxcife) 
publicanus,!. {chief officers) mag- 
hates, pi, 

An offici/iU fo'rogatos, %, 

O M E 


An oUftone (for paintert) abtcat Omin^t portencoros, ominc 

pigmeaurix tnturs 
To of'A inango,3. oleo uB|Srt 
Mixed toitb oilj okatui 
Ollet bole, ocellus, 1. 
Oilinefs, oleacita«, 3. 
An oilir^f inun^io, j. 
0;ly,, oleofus 

Oimmtnt^ uni^aenturo, %• 
Ofotnfmentf unguentarias 
Anoifter, oftrea, i. {'f>itt) oftrca- 

rium, 2. {'Jbell) tefta, i. ( 

oftrearius, 2. {'Woman) oftrea- 
ria, X. 
Ahoimding vjitb e^ftert^ oftreofua 
^ 0/t^r, ocnra, i. {red) rubrica, t. 

To ^ffiaaie {\n bufinefs) officiuin I (7/4^, antiquus, prifcus, priftinus^ 

Omnoyfly^ ominofi^ 
Ah vmlffion^ onuiffioi j. 
To omit, omi^tojtr praetenn 
intennitto, j. negligo, 3. 
Omitted, omiifus . 
An omitting ; fee omffom 
Onmipotemce, omnipotentia, i 
Omnlpeient, omnipotens 
Oma^refini, ubiqoe eziftins 
Ornnycient, omnituens, 6mni 
] On is rendered iilto latin \r 

prs^ilare, mujios imj>lere (as 
clergymao) rem diyina^ fac^re 
[for another) alterius v|ce fungi 

CJ^ionaly ad offictcam pertinent 

Officious, obfequiofus, officiofus 

Not officious, inofficiofus 

C|^7w/^, officiolc 

Oficioufn^, obfequium, 2. officium 

Tbc offing, mare apertum 

All offspring, proles, 3. progenies, 5 
propago, 3. foboles, 3, 

0%uard, verlus marc 

Often, (adj.) fVcqucns 

o}\cn,Udv,) faepc, crebro, Yrcquen- 
ter,]aepen«meio (very often) fas- 
piflime {how often) quolies [{ho7v 
often foever) quotiescunqoe (as 
p/ten as) toties quoties {fo often) 
to ties {not often) raro {too often) 

Oftentimes, muUoties 

To ogle, limis ocolis tueri 

A* ogliflgt occulorum conje£lus 

Obi ittOl 

1^ oJearius* plea/ia 

▼etus {in age) aonofus, state 

proveAus $ (tntx, (oiit of ufe) ob- 

loletttt (worn) exefus, tritus 
An old man, fenex, 3. grandaevuSy2, 

{vooman) anicola, 1. ▼etui a, i 

Like an oU woman, anilis (adv.) a. 

Old age, fenec^os, 3. fene^a, x. 
Of old age, fenilis 
Sunewbatoldf giandior, fenior 
l^iyold, fenio cofl^fe^us 
Of old, olim, jampridem, prifce, 

anti^ui;i^s, apud veteres 
To grow old (by continuance) tn- 

veterafco, 3. {at a man) ri;iiefco, 

3. (our of uie) exolcfto, 5. 
Older, fenior, yetu^iur 
Oldnefsf antiquitas, 3. vetoftas, 3. 
Oleaginous, oleagineus 
Oligetrcby, oligarchia, x. 
^» olitory, hortus olitorias 
jih oH-vet pliva, x. {-tree) oI«a> 

{'grevt) blivetumi 2. 
An olympiad^ olympias, 3, 
Olympic, oJympicws 

prepofitiohs, It, ab, ad, ci 
e,ex,in,fedunddm,fub and 
as on the right band, ^ dex 
ad dexdram I'ck his fide, cu 
on hofhfiletm ex utraqu^ 
on wbdtgroJnd, de qna ck 
you, de te : be fill on the 
in corpus procidit : on the 
in turrie : Judgment on ytu 
judico (ecundum te : in th, 
dition, fab ea conditidne: 
on the targets, fuper ipfa fci 

Sometimes the prepofition 
derftood, as melle folo cof 
vivSre, they are oblig^ to Urn 
on bonty : rve rely pn yourfr 
tuis promifiis innixi faftius 
On (go on) a|e,eia, prbgrea«r 

lore) I prae 
Oitce, femel (oh a time, oHm 
dam, {for alt) femtl inperpi 
(af once) IciDel et fimul 
One, anoa 

One tf««>i&«r,(adj.)alius aliiun ( 
ihutui {afhr another) (adf. 
ternus (adv.) inidcim (i^ 
ther) (adi.^ promifcuus, (I 
promifcue [or tie other) /i!M 

One thing, uiiiiiii 

Jt\s aUone, perind^eft 

One by etio^ fiafBUyiia 


) vniais, folm (adv.) fo« 
put, tantdm 
xp», i.cepe, J. 

»»»«•, 4. 
prirfvn, deincept 

pni, palvjiolut 


^t) pttem, apertuiy 
((W'*' ^Jz^) *» con" 
>ofitQt (^ U>efim) expo- 
1(ffiij^) pcnciilopa- 
i^t) vniim% nanifc; 
itt (candid, finceie) in- 

c^ldiflas, fimplcx (pub- 
*|)m) communis, pub 
'^^^BC^ed) iipmunitus 
'} te«|M^ hnuuda (on 

•pe»io, 4. r«ri^, I. (<i 
ifap, I. (a diftfmrje) or- 

AM^]^)in expedicio- 

^ivincare {d hundU) 
\ iblfere (at a flower) 
Hie (//Atf^t) opera op- 
I UKhoare [w bark 
btro, I. («• lay a root 
iqueo, I. («r difclofe) 

patefacio, 3. (or cx- 
ico, I. expono, 3. (or 
ido, I. (or d)flea)dir. 
hat vfM fioftea) reli. 

^a) redttdo, 3. 
{lareo, A. pattfio, 4 
ericLtor, i.(«rchap. 


beralifl (btarted) fin- 

O P P 

/« tie open sir, fubdio 

Opened, aptrtut, referatus 

Openings opericns, referans 

jbt epenini, apertio, 3. (in the 

eaith) hutue,4, {efaogt) latra*. 

tns. 4. {efaroot) liUaqueatio, 3 

(or expounding) expUcatio, 3. 
Openfy, aperte, palam, {tn^ght) co* 

rain(plainly )perrpicue ( fincerely) 

fiiicere, candid^ 
Openttefs (iincerity) candor, 3, («/* 

the fteather) caeli tcmperiei hu< 

mida Se ca]ida 
An operat fabula muGcis modii de* 

To ope^stet opcror, i. ago, f« 
^ epte^ationt opcracio, ^^{e/sam 

pipi) Mli aaiones 
Opersthfe, operant 
An eperater^ OpiftK^. 3, 
Operofe, arduoa, diflicilit 
OpbtbalmUt ophthalmicoa 
An epi^ue, poCio foporifert 
Opinionative, pertioax 
An opinion (fentiment) opim|», 3. 

rente ntia, i. mens, 3. animus, 

1. (efteem) exiftimatio, 3* 
To ho/dan opinion, judico, I. cen* ^ 

p R A 

Oppnfedt oppugnatuff 

An opfefe$, oppngnator, 3. 

0/»6^ff (contrary to) oppofitot, ob« 

le^Oi, adferfos (over againft) 

a regionc, ex a^vt" f* 
Am oppo/hg or <fpifilion, op^jfi to,S 

oppofitut, 4* (ar ob(bcle)ixnpedi- 

menium, 1. mora, !• 
Jn oppofuiom to nature^ repugnanW, 

To oppreji^ opprtmo, 3. premp» }• 
Oppr^ed^ oppielTui 
An oppr^n, oppreflio, 3* 
Oppreffive, oppnment 
Meppreffeur^ opDrttdbr,3Jpoliator^3 
Opprekriens, probrofui {jieect) op^ 

probriuro, %» contumelia, I* 
Opprohrtenfly-t concumeliof^ 
Opprokrioujnifi, contumelia, U 


o eppttgn I fee to oppoje 
Optative^ optativut 
Optie^ optical, opticui 
Optic glafs, teleicoplumr *• 
Optlctf (fcience) optice, «!«/•. 
An optician, optices peritus 
Opti^ (choic^ optio, 3. 
Opnkncy^ opulentia, I. opei,^« 
Opnlent, opuleotus, dives 

feo, !• (eo he of snotber*i opinion) <.Cfpnlentfy, opuleoter, opipari 
aifentio, 4 confentio, 4^ {to he Or, an, aut, ve), feu, five, ne or ve 

o/a contrary opinion) diileacio, 41 
Opinionated, perttnax 
Opinionativefy, pertinaciter 
Opinionafivenefs, pertinacia^ i» 
Opiparput, opiparus 
Opium, opium, a. 
An opponent, opponent 
Opportune, opportgnus 
Opportunely, opportund 
Opportunity^ opportunitat, 3. occa- 
fio, 3. (letfure) otium, %, 
iifd)«Dsapertum ha- To oppoje {or objed to) oppono. 3* 
objcio, 3. {or refift) repugno, I. 
, liheralitas, 3 rtfifto> 3. idvtrfor, i. 

joined to another word, as dao» 
trefve, two or three : necne, or »a 

Or elfe (anfwering to either) aor, 
vel (aafwerin^ to whether) fivt| 
an (otherwife) alias, aliter 

Or ever, cum nondum 

Or (In herald) color aureus 

An orade^ oraculum,!. {'oft9ifd§m\ 
iapientiae antiftes \ 

Oracular, fapienciflimnt 

Oral^ verbo tradicus 

An orange, malun aarcum {fevil) k 
Sevilia latum 

Q^ Or«H}l 


4ncjftfton, oflFertoriom, s. 
An office {%tA turn), i, 
beneficiuin,2.( public charge)inu- 
nus, 3. magiftiratu^, 4. (place of 
l>uriner8) officina/i.(workhoufe) 
taberna operaria (^tufe of office) 
latrina, X..Corka^''l. 
A^. officer or mailftrate, migiftratus^ 
a. (in tbSarmy) dux, 3. praefcc- 
tus, z« {of fiatt) maximis rei- 
publicae muneribus praepofitus 
(lerjeant or bailiff) lidtor, 3. {of 
the cufioms) portitor,3. (ofexciie) 
pubUcanus^l. {chief officers) mag- 
natei, pL 

Jin officifify rorrogatos, x. 

To officiate (in bufinefs) oflkiuin 
pra;ilare, mujius implere (as a 
clergymao) rem diyinam fac^re 
\f or another) alterius v|ce fungi 

C^ioaa/f ad oifictcam pertinent 

Officious, obfe^uiofusy officioius 

J^ot officious, inofficiofus 

OfficiouJIy, officiolc 

Oficioufn^i obfequium, z.officium 

Tht offing, mzre a^trt\ua 

An oppring, proles, 3. progenies, 5 
propago, 3. foboles, 3, 

Q^ard, vcrius marc 

Often, (adj.) t'rcquena 

Oj\en,U^v,) fapc, crebro, frequen- 
teryfacpenomeio (very often) fa;* 
piflime {Jjow often) quolies [{hoVf 
^en foever) quotiescunque (as 
p/ien as) tbties quoties (jb often) 
totics {not often) raro [too often) 

Ofient'tnus, muUoties ^ 

To ogie, limis ocolis tueri 

A* ogHJngf occulorum conje£lus 

Chi ittOJ 

O M E 

An eilflone (for painters) abtciit 

OiL oleum,- % 


oJeariuSf oleafit 
r, 0l€MrJus, 2^ 

pi||menurix triturs 
To Of A inango,3. oleo uagert 
Mixed with dl, okatui 
Oilct bole, ocellus, x, 
Oilinefs, oleacitar, 3, 
An oiling^ inun^io, 3. 
0;^,. oleofus 

Ointment, iini^aenturo, %• 
O^ ointment, unguentarias 

Anoifier, oftrea, i. {-pitt) oftrea- ^ 

rium, 2. (-/>^//) tefta, I. (-«w«) 0» is 
oftrearius, 2* (•woman) oftrea- 
' ria, I. 

Abounding with o^fiert^ oftreofus 
dkerf ocnra, i. (rr^/) rubrica, |. 
0/d, antiquus, prifcus, priftinus^ 
▼etus (in age) aimofus, state 
proveAus } (esiex, (oiit of ufe) ob- 
loletni (worn) eicefus, tritus 
An old man, fenex, 3. grandaevuSyZ. 
(woman) anicolay i. vetula, i* 
Like aif old woman t anilis (adv.) a* 

nilltcr . 
Old age, fcRtStnt, 3, fene^a, t, 
Qf §ld a^f, fenilis 
Sunewhat old, gi and ior, fenior 
P^tyold, fenio coi^e^us 
Of old, olim, jam^ridem, prifce, 

antj^ui;i^9, apud veteres 
To grow old (by continttance) in- 
veterafco, 3. (as a man) firiiefco, 
3. (our of uie) exolcfco, 5. 
Older, fcnior, yctu^iur 
Oldnefs, antiquitas. 


Omiti§tn, pMencofoSy ominoil 

Ominoufly, ominofi^ 

An vmtffion, onuiffio, j. 

To omit, omi^to,^, pnetermlt 

intermitto, j. negligo, 3. 
Omitted, omiiTui s 
An omitting ; fee omijpou 
Omnipotence, bmnipotentiai i« 
Omnipotent, omnipotens 
Oma^refent, ubiqne exiftdis 
(hnni/cievt, omnituem, Omnifi 
rendered irfco latin by 
prepofitioiisj It, ab, ad, coii 
e,ex,in,fedtinddm,fub akd i 
as on the right hand, \ dexti 
ad dexdram j'm bis/de, cub 
on both filet* ex utraqo^ ^ 
on whdtgroiM, de qnil dnl 
jou, de te ; be fill on the, 
in corpus procidit : on the f 
in turre : judgment on yUar 
judico iecundnm te : in ibec 
dition, fab ea conditidne: 
on the targets, fuper ipfa fcua 

Sometimes the prepofition u 
derflood, as melle foio to^ 
vivgre, they are obligied to Imr- 
on bony : we rely pn yourprm 
tuis promifiis innixi fachus 
On (go on) a|e, Cja, prtgreaare 

lore) I prae 
Oisce, femel (oh a time, oHm « 
dam» iforaU) femtl inpferper 
(af once) kintl et fimul 
One, onos 

One anotber,(»Aj,)tUu9 a]iiiiA(<< 
ihutui (afhr another) (adv- 
ternus (adv.) inidcim (« " ' 

3. vetoftaSy 3, 
Oleaginous, oleagineus 
Oligarchy, oligarchia, x. 
A^ olitory, hortus olitorias 

jbt oH-vet 91}^^* !• (-tree) oI«a^ x,| ther) (adj.) promifcuus, (IP 

(-mw) olivetumi 2. I promifcue [or tie other) titM 

An Sympiad, olympias, 3, \One thing, uQoan 

(?^^/V, olympicus \jt\s aU one, ^imU tA 

An «RC9| omtn, ^ vOne by mm» fincubtia 


lam. doQiant, tintim 

0«wifii, pKiiuirij dcincept 
^^1 pilflftiiE, piittdofui 

^'if* (latfliai) pateni, apertui^ 
W fflfttui {tt fhgfait] *xpo- 
J*[t»5(bt) cTidcm, manife- 
!4jhiidti6, fimples (pub- 

O P P 

/« fAff open sir, fabdio 

Optiuit apertos, referatus 

Opemng^ operienf, referans 

Jh tftiungf apertioy t. (in the 
eaith) hutue,4, {•ftiogs) latra*. 
tils. 4. {tfaroot) ablaqueatio, 3 
{or expounding) expUcatio, 3. 

OfaUjf, aperte, palani, {imjigbt) co 

p R A 

Op^falf oppugnatua 
^nopfofa, oppognator, 3. 
O/fpojtte {contTzry to) oppofitot, ob« 

le'^tti, adTcrfo"! (over jgainft) 

a regionc, ex a^vtfi 
Am 9p/f^ng or otpofilion^ op^ fi ir>,f 

oppofttus, 4* («'' ob(bcle)i^inpcii' 

menium, 1. mora^ i* 

rain(plainly)perrpicue (fincerely) iJit oppt^itm to nature^ repugnanW, 
fincer^y candid^ I natura 

Openntft (iincerity) candor, 3. (afiTo 9pprth^ opprimo, 3. premo, }• 
/Ae fVfttf A«r) caeli tcnperiet hu^ Oppr^ed^ oppiefTus 

**J coauionj cofnmunis, pub- 
W*r (fi^Lickly knawn) perrul- 
P** ("oUwtified) immunity 
^••^f lempcilai htimida {on 

'* ^h ipcjio, 4. refero, 1. (<i 
7^)«<|no, I, (jii^Efiwr/Oor- 
^H'if (* impaign)\n cxpcditio- 
"■^iMi™ ^ffirf/r tfcompfffa) 
Jtowgi (fiuncare (tf Atf«(tfr} 
""""Jittti ioitm (as a flower) 
■%ffldt[t (f/fflriw) opera op- 
i^ii^t kch«iiv {or birk 
»Ji^)brrj, K((^rUj).root 
2*Mti^iiieu, I, (er difdofe) 
"^^ 3» pitr/iciOf 5. {lyr ex- 
I'lfctt) eipJifo, i, cxpono, 3, (or 
>J>»ier) wdo, t. (oi-dllTeajdif- 
I**, J. (w^f jffsi Jis^pfd) reli. 
•1 J- f^ir^jQ) recluda, 5^ 
^^i^t patcoi i- pati-fio, 4 
ii»f«r] jitricLtor^ i . (ar <hap- 

' f^t literalii (hiartfd) fin- 
I (iOMidied)4o« apcftiim ha 

JTj llberaliutj 3 

mida Se ca]ida 
^A o^a» fabula muGcis modis de 

To ope^ste, opcror, T. igO» 3* 
Am opipratiMt opcratio, %*{tfMem 

piign) belli adUouea 
Opirstnu, operant 
An •perattr^ opifex,. 3* 
Operofi, arduus, diflicilit 
Ophtbalmict ophthalmicnt 
Jh fpisti, potio roporifem 
Opimomativt, pertiaax 
Am opinion (fentiment) opini|»» 3. 

fententia, I. mens, 3. aniausj 

~ (efteem) exiftimatio, 3. 

An opprtffion, oppreflio, 3* 
Oppre^kfe, oppriment 
Anopprigoufy oppre(fbr,3«rpoliatory3 
Opprobrious, probrofut {/H^ck) op^ 

probrium, %, contumeliaj I. 
Opprohrioujiy^ contumeliof^ 
OfpnkrioujMifs, contumelia^ U 
To oppitgn J fee to oppop 
Optative^ optativut j 

Optie^ opticai, opticus / 

Optic glaft^ telcicoplum^ A* 
Optici, (fcience) optice. n»J*. 
An opticiaM, optices peritus 
OptioM (choice} optio, 3. 
Opubncy^ opulentia, f. opes^^t 

To boU an opinion, judico, I, €en'*OpM/eni, opuleotus, dives 
feo, %, {to bo ofmmotber^i opiniM) • Opulently, opuleoter, opipari 
aifentio, 4 confeatio, 4. {to be Or^ an, aut, vel, feu, five, ne or ve 

of a contrary opinion) diffisatio^ 4. 
Opinionated, perttnax 
Opinionatitfefy, pertinaciter 
Opinfonafivenefs, pertinacia^ i» 
Opiparpuif opiparus 
Opium, opium, a. 
An opponent, opponent 
Oppertune, opportunus 
Opportunely, opportune 
Opportunity^ opportunitts, 3. occa- 

&o, 3. (leifure) otium, %, 
To oppo/e {or objed to) oppono, 3* 

objcioy 3. {or reft ft) repugoo, i« 

nfifto> 3. idverror» i. 

joined to another word, as dao» 
trefre, two or three : necne, or no 

Or elfe (anfwering to either) aor, 
vel (aafwerin.; to whether) fivOf 
an (otherwife) alias, aliter 

Or ever, cum nondum 

Or (In herald) color aureus 

An oracle, oraculum,2. {'ofvf^fdom). 
fapientiae antiftes 

'Oracular, fapienciffimnt 

Oral^ verbo tradicus 

Am orange, malunaarcuin {frvil)^ 
Seviha latum 

O R D 

V, gngtmtree, malus aurea(-^o/wr)co- 
lor aureus 

^n oration, oratio, 3. concio, ;• 

^0 fuake an oration, di^ulgo, i. 

jSn r^ratdur, Orator, 3* 

X'f'h an oratour, eloquenter 

Cratdyt rhetorica, i. 

An oratory f facellum, 2* 

^ orb, orbs, 3, 

lOr^;Vif/tfr,,6rbiculatu9 . 

Orhia.lar'y, orbiculatim 

jin ircbett pometum, 2. (of cherries) 
ceracetum, t, 

^0 ordain, ordino, I. milituo^ 3. {or 
brder) jubeo, 2. impero, 1, (a 
hew) fancirc legem (as a biAop) 
facris initiare 

th'd6ined,orA\mt}it, inftitutus, con- 
ftitutus defignatus (/» another* t 
place) fbbOitutut 

A» orJainff ordinator, 3, 

^« or4aining, ordinatio, 3, 

Ordeal, ordaliam, 2. {^re) ignis 

Order (difpof5tion)orda, 3. difpofi^ 
X\o, 3. (cuf^om) mos, 3. ritus, 
4* confuetudo, 3. (decree) decre- 
tum,2. praercriptuin,2. (^rrank) 
feries, 5. {of wordt) confecutio 
verborum {of authority) cdic- 
tum, %. 

]Py my order, me jubentc {ofvchat 
order ?) quotus ? {in order to) lit 
{in order or form)ex <^rdine,otdi' 
Hatc (/« order, adj.) aptus^ ma- 

Out cf order, turbatus, confuftti 

To orjer or ^ut in order, ordinare, 
^IfponSre (ffr give order)- impero, 
X* jubeo,2. conftiluo,3. {affairs) 
provideo, 2. (as-' a iudge) pro- 
niincio, J. (or govern) modcror, I 
Ajpt^ /, (impero, ^ 


To take orders, facris initiari 

Ordered, put, or fet in order, oirdina- 
tu8,digeftus {or governed)ctiratu8y 
gubernattts, adminiftratus (bid- 
den) imperatus, juffus 

Out of order, or v>itbout order, in- 
compofit^, confute ((ick) apgro- 
tus (or without comrmand) in^ 

An ordering, difpofitio> 3. digeftio^ 
3. curatio, 3. adminiftratio, 3. 

Orderly (^et in Order) conapofitus, 
digeftus (obedient) obediens^ (fo- 
ber, qL'iet)mode(his, temperatus 

Orderly, (adv.) apte, idone^ , 

Orders, infllCuta, pL regulationcs^ 
/>/. {holy-) facri ordines 

Ordinal, ordinalii 

An ordinance, edi^Vam, 3. 

Ordinarily, afitate, fere 

Or</mdrjr(cuftomary) confuetos, wfi- 
tatus (common) vulgaris, obvius, 
tritus, quotidianus (indifferent) 
mediocris (not handfome) inve* 
nuAus, parum decoros (mean) 
plebeius (flated) ftatus (daily) 

An ordinary of a diocefi, epifcopus 
{ofnenvgate) carceris czpellanus 
(among civilians) fuas partium 
judex (under a bifhop) fuBVaga- 
neus (eating houfe) popina, i. 
caupona, i. 

An ordinaticn, ordinatio facta 

Ordnance, bombardae, ^/. 

Ordure, fimus, i* ftercus, 3, 

Or«y !».?tallum crudum 

O'er, trans 

Anor^an (inftmment) inffnimen- 
turn, a. organum^ 2. (mulical) 
organa muHca 

O'ganic, organicys 

Orgars of the bodyy iflfirumcota cor- 
poris Qfgaoica 

O R T 

dn €tgamfi, organicm, s. - 
Orient, orlens, lis (w bri[ 
beautiful) fplendens, nitic 
tiluf, venuftus, loctikntui 
Oriental, orientalis 
An orifice, ct, oris^ n, orifidi 
An origin (fource, beginning' 
3. fons, 3. initium, 2. p 
diom, 2. principiumy 2. o 
exordium, 2. (caufe) cat 
(mottvc)occafio> 3. anfa, 1 
jedl matter) materia, I. 
mentum, 2. 
An original (to copy from) 
plar, 3. (firft draught) p 
pon, 2. (writing) autogra{ 
Original, aotographus } aid 
(born with one) avitus, 
nitus, innatus, nativus, in 
Original (defcent or birth)g< 
Arps, 3. profapia, i. ( 
logy; notations* etymon,] 
Originally, primitus, ab orif 
An ornament^ ornannentom, 
natus, 4* decus, 3. {for t 
monili«, pi, {of the mind] 
cultus (for gates, porchc 
antepagmenta, ^. 
To he an omameatto^ decori 
f^thout ornament, inornatus 
Ornamental, decorus, fpeciof 
Ornamented, omatus, decorat 
An orphan, orbus, 2. popilii 
Orthodox, orthodoxus 
Orthodoxly, orthodoxe 
OHhodoxy, xt€t^ fidea 
Ortkogonal, reAos habcns ac 
Orthographical, orthographif 
Orthography, <AtKographia 
Orris, lacinix auteae, or arg 
Orts, fruftula, pi, fragmei 
^ of^Xjpl, offuJae,//. 




0.««jf,iBC»iii, 1. •rdUtiOf 3. 

C-^-r, -.,u!,^.i,j^ r^0f^) alius 

^mHimnbir) aliqoia a- 

t^T nudjuAtrtiui 
i J*^. (1^.) aliusmodi 

** *K iotfi, I ^ 

^"^^^(h^n) figuraoTata/ 

. '';J')f*f«r, Idpn, per, trans, 
*%(w.}iMii,ii^ nimiam, plus,; 
^J» fad abofe) praeterca, 

I i!l • ' ^'"^** '^J*^ nimins 

' if Afj pwoKic n !f node 
|^*^j difrnrefco, 3. defino, 
^Mi (ir rttlc}pnBfain(kft) 

**^M4sr^ plot 101 nof 

^4 DicTo ibAcrritoa 

, prsfgr^^atut 
^•kubirgs, triftit 

V E 

To cwrdnu^e^ plus «qoo pnorare 
{tbefowuxk) flomachom crapula 
Ovwrehmed, ofpceflus 
Ah nvercharglngi ooua llijuftum [of 

tii/lomack) crapwla^i. 
To overcomt^ vinco^ 3. fupero, I . 
Overcomtt vi£luty (uperatus 
Not to ht ovtnmm, infiAus 
Over/un, temer|riut 
To overflow, inondo,!, (neut.) ex 

undo, I. reduKdo, i. 
Overflowed^ overflovm, inundatus, 

An ovtrflowinr^ inundatiOy 3. 
To vuer eat, fatio, i« 
To Gvergo, pnetereo, 4, tranfeo, 4. 
An Qvergaiftg, tranfitus, 4. 
To overgrow, fupercrefcoj 3. 
Overgrowtt imtb vfeedxt noxiis her- 
bit obduAus (with age) Ktate 
To overhale, examino, t. 
Over bappy, nimit fortunatut 
To otkrhaften, praecipito, 1 . 
Overhaflened, prsecipitalus 
Ovtrbaftinejs, pnecipltatio, 3, 
Overbaflyy pneproperus, pra^ceps 
Overhafii^f praeprof.'er^ 
To overhear, fubaufcolto^ l* 
An overbearing, fubaufcultatu^ 3. 
To overbed, excalefacio^ 3. 
Otfcrjoyod, gaudio perfufuf 
Overladen, pondera opprefus 
To overlay^ incubando fuifocare 
OverUyed, incubando elifus 
To overlive, fuperrum 
Overlongt prdonguf 
To overlook (mfpe£t) iafpiciOt 
intueor, %, (take care of) caro,i 
accoroy z. proTideo, 2.(aefle^) 
praenaitto,3« negligo,3. (pardoii) 
coadanoj i« (fctcp) conteou^s. 

p V E 

derpieio, ^. (he higher) fupere« 
inineo> !• 
An overlooking (infpeftion) infpec- 
tiO; 3. (taking care or") curatio^ 
3. (oegleflmg) praetcrmiflio, |« 
(pardoning) condonatio, 3. 
To overmatch, viribus fuper^re 
An overmatcbt iniquum certam^A 
Overmatched, ▼iribua impar 
Ovcrmtafure, au^ariufSi %% 
Overmuch^ nimis, nimiut 
To ovfrpafs, tranfgredior, 3. fee M 

ptijs hy^ excel, omit 
Overpajt, practeritut 
An overplus, additamentum,!. aoc* 
tarium» 4< {of weight) ruperpoo^ 
dium, 2. 
To he overplus, fuperfum 
To cverpoije^ praepondero, r. 
To over power, viribuf vinc^rt 
Over powered, Tiribus vi£tu8 
Am over-rating, iniquaeftimatio 
To 9ver reach, circumvenio, 4. (tr 
hurt one^s felf in reaching) (c 
flimis extendendo laedere 
Over reached, circumventut 
An over reacher, fraudator» 3. 
An over reaching, fraudatio^ 3. 
Over ripe, praematuruf 
To over- rule, vinco, 3. 
Over-ruled, vin£tni 
To over*run, or out rtfffycurfu pr»te« 
ri re (cover all over) cooperio,4« 
(deftroy) vafto, i. depopolur, t» 
{with ill humours) redundare pra- 
▼18 humoi;tbns(ai printers in cor« 
reeling) aliterquam antei verba, 
lineas, or paginas difponSre 
Over-ran, depopulatus 
Over-righteous, fuperftitiorut 
Overfed, tranfmarinos 
To werjee \ fee f overlook 



.. O V E 

Ovrrfien (m flalcen) difceptus (in 
' drink] cbrius 
To be werfeen, tixOy i. 
An werfetr^ infpedor, 5. curator, 3 
[oj the poor) paupcrum procurator 
To overjet, fcapham evertJSre 
Ovet-fet, everfui 
To overJhad(nvy obumhro, f ., 
Oyer Jh. dcnvedj obumbratus 
An overfoadomnrg t obumbratio, 3. 
T6 9vtrJhootf tranfgredi metum 

(one's felt) confiJio Jabi 
Anoverjight, error, 3. incuria, I, 
O'vermheiM, Jodden^ praKoAus 
To oxerjpread, obduco, 3. operior,4, 
Overfpready obduflus, coopertus 
An over/breading y obdu£iio, 3, 
Hverfiockty redundajis 
Overt (open) apertus 
Overtly (flightly) perfun£lorii 
To overtake, aflfequor, 3. 
Overtaking {in ruvvhf) curfu adx* 
quatus (//? drink)ebnu8(in fault) 
Over tu'/.edf iniquo efenfu oneratut 
An overthrow, clades, 3. ftrages,3. 
To overt hroio (demolifh)rubvcrtO,3 
diruoy 3. (defeat) profterco, 3. 
devinco, 3,iupero, i.(tf hingdom) 
regnum cvcrtere 
' An overthrower^ everfor, 3. yidtxar 
An overthrowing, everfio, 3. 
O'oerthrowtt, fubverfus, proflratui, 

Overtbwart^ transveFfus 
Cvertiredy dcfatigatuir 
To overtop (in height) emioeo, a. 
fupereminco, %, (iti' excellence) 
antecello, 3. praefto, i. 
Jimoveiture, propofitio, «. 
To 9%*erturn. evert«, 3, fubverto,3. 
Overtunedt fubvcrfus 
M^ fveriuming^ fubverfio, 3; 
Tip ^9wyf.a/ae, pluris juHo esilLnasir^ I 



To overweight praeponderO| | 
To ofierwhelmyiihvMO. ^.(wifh earth) 
terra infodJJre {tvith wafer)a^u9 
Overttfhehned, obnitns,tnerfiis(w;V^ 

grief) dolor^opprefTus 
0«|r£>r (anything) ret, 5. qaicquam 
{or good for ought) fr 

Ovipartut, oviparug^ 

An ounce, uocia, i. 

Of a^ ounce, uncialis 

Half ounce, famoncia, i • [an ounce 
and half) fefcuncia,!. {two ounces 
troy weight) fextant {three ouncei) 
tricns (four ounces) quadrans (five 
ounces) quincunx {fix ounces) fe- 
libra, i. femifius (Jeven ounces) 
feptunx, 3. {eight ounces) bci, 3, 
{nine ounces) dodrant {ten ounces) 
dextans .{eleven ounces) deunx, 3, 
{twelve ounces) as, 3. libra, i. 

Sixteen ounces, or pound avoirdo 

jtpoize, libra aygoftatica 

The fourth part of an ounce, ficili- 
cium^ 2. {the ftxteatth part) fex- 
tula, I. (eighth part)drachiBayi. 
(twenty -fourth part)fcr:ptUium 

By ounces, unciatim 

Qur or ou>s, nofter 

Qf^fut country, noftras 

(^ut of is rendered into Latin by 
the following prepofitions, vis. 

. A or ab, de, e, ex, extra, pr«, 

• proy propter, fupra, per 

^uf of conceit with, im pro bant {out 

. ,cf countenance) confuCus {of date) 

obfolctua {at the elbow) tr:tus {of 

faJMon) defuetus {of heart) zn\mo 

; fra^$ {out of hearty 3i%%xo>yTi^) 

' '. InfcBCundus ( of humour) iratus {of 

joint) luxatus {of kind) dcgener 

• (out efweajiire).fikt3i modum ■ 
Qut of doubt, pjocul dubio {cut of 

^cerj}foris(o«/ c^ te</)propcie,cit6 

O u T 

I Out, get mit «page I 
It is out, exhauflum eft 
Time is out, temput clapfun 
Out of patience, impatJeot 
Out of place (difordered) < 
{0/E^»)officio privatu^(0 
damnmn ex.impcons (1 
ocuHs fubdu£tut {cut 1 
ineptus ad agendum 
My band is out, iohabilis lab 
Out of u/s, defuetut 
Out of time, intempeftivui 
Out of the way, devius 
Out ofone^s loits, dement 
Out of breath, aabelut 
To be out of the wtty (abfen 
(ftray) aberro^ i . (deceiv 
lucinor, l . {out of memory 
moria eiabi(oi;r/,«/*i0^)d 
(out of humoury ira^r, 3 
one's tvies) iiifanio> 4« 
To out bid, plant licitari 
To outirafen,,»u6^ti2i vincSi 
To outbrave, tcrrito, i. 
Outbraved^ nr>etu abfteritus 
An outbraving, infukatio, 3 
Auouteaji,^ ejeif^us 
An outcry, qutritatio, 3. excl 
3.) public iaie) au^io, 3. 
To outdo^ fiiperoy t. excello. 
Outdone, vi^us 
Outed^ eje^us 
Outer, outwards, extemns 
To outgo, praecedOy j. 
An outgoing, praegreffioj^ 3% 
Outjuttingy projc^ilit 
Outlandtfo,^ peregrinut 
Outlandijh perjon, alientgena 
To outlaft, di utiles durare 
To outlaw, profci?ibo, • 
An outlaw, «xtHy 3. 
An outlawry, profcriptio^ \ 
An QUtlet, cxili^^ ^ 


liaea exterior 
fuperftet, 3* 

^, nomerb fuperare 
'fi, paroecia fuburbana 
attoz injuria 
ffiftx, furiofus 
|w«, furio, 3. 
' (in length) ultra quam 
mi extendgre (cheat) 

roriiis, omaino 
Cttrfu vincere 
fupcrfides, 5. {of price) 
^1 atrio/eci^s 
pnecurro, 3. ahteeo^4. 

v>\ (tt pretence 
H ad exteras nationet 


I przponderOy i. 

Ircumvcnio, 4. 

lutla vidus 

temurale, 3, 



ibltum, '2* 

. 3.nodua, i* {Jcreecb^ 



)prius, A1U8 

«, pecoliunnj 1, (dffr*i 

opria p^rfona 

rrcor^/f ultrd 

co^ 3. (claim) rendi- 

h 3. (poffefa) poffi-^ 

J) vendkatus (poller* 
tus * , 

]^ A C 

Of an ox, bovillus^ bubalus 

A vrifd ox, urui, 2. 

An ox gang of land^ ▼igintt terrae 

An oxftail, boviIe> 3. 
Oxen, bovei^ pi. 
Oxynui, oxynaeli, fi'i 
A commrffion cf oyer ami terminer, 

com mi flic ad caufas criminofas 

audiendas Sc terminandai 
Oyes! audite ! 
Oji, oleum, 2» 
Oyntment, ungoentuin, 2* 
Oxey \ (ee oozy 
An oxter, hWx, 3.fimen,3. {jgrotmd) 

falicetiuD, 2» 

P A. 

^ Pofe (in going) gradus, gref- 
fusy ihceflus {herd of alTes) ca- 
terva, i. (iq meafuring, 5 feet) 
pafTut, 4* 

Apace, (adv.) celeriter 

To pact (as a horfe) tolutim ince- 

A pacer, equut tolutaris 

Pacing, tolutarisy tolutanas 

Pacific, pacificua 

A pacification, pacificatio, 3. 

A pac^ator, pacificator, 3. 

To pacify, paco, i. pacifico, i.fedo/ 
1. mulceo,2. mitigo, i. len!oy4 
(again) remulceo, 2. (a tumult) 
tumultuantea compefcSfre 

Pacified, pacatuf 

May be pacified, placabilis 

Not pacified, implacatus 

Not to be padfied, implacabUis 

A pacifier, pacificator, 3. 

Pacifying, pacificatohus 

A pacifying, placatio, 3. fedatio, 3. 

A pack Ibvndie) fafcjs, j. (burden j 


onus, 3. (e/etwdt) ftfctciilaffy *» 
(ofbwnds)%rtx euium (of knavet) 
grex fiagitioforum (rf trogblet) 
ilias malorum (of wool) lanie 
fafcif (ofciotb) fegefte caanabi- 
num {horfe) j amentum farcin*" 
x\MTi\(needle) acus farcinaria(/i^ 
die) clitellaf, p,l. 

Of a pack, farcinariuf 
Packthread, filom farcInariQm 
To pack (make up) confarcino, r« 
(go away) fogio, 3. (drive a* 
way) amoveo, 2. fugo, i.(cardt) 
chartaf pittas compon{re(iii^o«r*f 
alls) vafa collig^re 

Packed, ox packt up, fufFarfinatnt 

A /tfci(«r, fufFarfinator, 3. 
A packet (little pack) fafciculufy %i 
farcinula, i. {-boat) navii ad«^ 
aria ad iiteras comportandat {(f 
letters) literarum fafcicultoiy mr 

A packing, merciuffi m faftet colU* 

ApaSiion, patiy pa6lttm,s. pa€U0}3« 

A pad, pannus fuflTarcinatoa {for a 
horfe) ephippium, 2» (ofjhraw) 
culcita ftramentitia, (nag) man- 
nus, 2. ('l9ck) fern penfilit 

To pad,{€ir ftiiflF) fttifitfcijio,!. (rob) 
pratdor, i, 

A pad (on the highway) litmi |« 

A ^tf^/if, remus curtua 

To paddle, agito, i« 

A paddling, agitatio, 3. 

A paddock (park) Teptum, s* ' 

Apagan^ paganot, 2. ethoicaf, f% 

Paganifm^ paganifmus 

A page (attendant) aflecla, ^. at* 
(foldiers-)lixa, 1.(0/ ibMw«r)epht» 
bua honorariui (of m h§ok) p)U 
gina, r, 

Topa^t 4 keek, (a^iau oo(att 

P A J 

{carrica in triumph) ferculum, a. 

fat^e ir.try, oftcntatio, 3. po;,.i 

Apa.^'-ff, (3eus Ih-Ucus 

TaiJ; f'i.urus; kc io ^ay 

^ pail, fiiiila, i.if.r milk) muldlra, 
J. m'.ii£^ia;e, 3. 

J^air. (puni(Kmeat) ^ansy i. fup 
plicu rr^ 2. (of ihe mind) cuia,i 
I. dolor, 3. anxiciaj, 3. 

^o l>f ift pain, dolco, z. [for onis 
J^fify) dc a iciijuscolumiute du- 
OiUre [full of pain) fummo^do 
lore i»«'Bci (or put 10 pain.) cruCio, 
I. (tfr give pain) doiorcm aiica 

JPaififd, cn}risuut(full efpain) doJo- 

•refn. afTcreas 
AUrfu/ (diflicult) a^duus, difficilis, 

^JabQr.ou8) .latoriolu;, fcdulus, 

gainfully, aegre, Jmpigre 
P^'lf,. fali^, J. iaduftria,j. (pu- 

nifhtnent) pccna i. fupplicium,i 
To tfike. painty laboro, 1. moiior, 4. 
A palm takfr, ^ ind aAri us 
W^ great jpsins, aegre 
J^aint, pii^eAtuni, 2. cerofla^ i. 
'Ttt paint, depingo, 3. piugo, 3. («r 

(b^yo^ify) OfnOy I. exornu, 1. 
^ainteAy dcpi£tu8 (difguifed) fuca- 

tys U»e^ti^d) ornatus 
A painter y pi4or,.3. * 
painting, depingCiji, plnegens 
A painting, res pjQa (art) ars pin- 


follis, 3 {of ircicbes) Icr^oraJjia, 

A Joxfingpiiir, conjugcs veniifti 
To pMr (jnatch) accommOflOy i. 

apro, I. (coujple) copulo^^i.con- 


Ptf/ro/ (matched) aparus (coopled^ 

copulatus; conjuriv^us 
A pairing (matrhiug) accommoda- 
tio, 3. (coupling) conjun£tio, 3 
A pa/ace, palatium, 2. regia, i, 
of a pa/ace, palatinus 
Tota/atey$\ido,,i, dcgufto^ I« 
Valatable^ grati fap<»ris 
The palate, pabtum, a. 
Palarifte, palatinus 
A palatinate, pa latin atuS, 4, 
A pale, fudes, 3. palus, 2. 
To pah'^ fudjbus obfepire 
I'he uaU., reptum ex fudibui 
PaUd, fudibus munitus 
Pale (in colour) pallidua^ pallens 
To he pale, palleo, i. expalleo^ x. 
To g^ow pale, paliefcoj 3* 
Palenefs, pallor, 3. 
fii palfrey, caballus, 2, 
A/uiZf oUy, retrartatio, 3. 
Apalijad^y paiorum ordo 
Paiifi, fubpalldus 
A pall {or robe) pallium, 2 pallt, I 

{for a ioffin)\ocM\\ opsrimcntum9 

or panno5 fr.tttrum cegfnt 
To pall, or die, »appefco, 3. {upon 

tbeftomach) naufeam creare 
A pallet (bed) grabatus, 2. {ufed By 

painters) aflula, i. 
To palliate y diil)inulO| z. concelo^i 

elevo, 1. ex(enuOy i. 
PaUiated, celatu*, extenuatut 
A palliating, difllmulatio, 3. ext^- 

nuatio, 3. 
Palliati'ue, imperfe^us 
PaJlJJ, paliidus 
The palm (tree) palma (<Tiut) dac» 

tylus, 2. (of the band) vola, i. 
Kpalm (meafure) palmus^ 2* 
To palm (handle) manu conMTC« 

tare {a dve) aleam fubdoi^ fub* 

ducfire {ifpon) fee to iffpofg tiptn* 


,0f thefM&i, palmeus 
Fu/l of palm tna, palmtfot 
Palm-funday^ dominica pttiinm 
Of apahm (meafure) pafinarii 
PalwAfrt, chiromantiay i. 

Palpableneft, perfpicuitafy 3. 
Palpably, tadu, apert^, ciaii 
To palpitate, palpito, 1. 
A palpttation, palpitatto, }. 
TYitfalfi, paraly6s, 3. (dead) ft 

ratio paralytica 
A palt, i^us, 4* 
To palt, iropeto, 3. ferio»4. 
Paltry, vilis, fordidua, treffii 
A paltry knave, balatra^ 3, {gM 

fcortum triribolare 
To pamper, indulgeo, s. 
Pampered, faginarus 
A pampering, faginatio, 3. 
A pamphlet, lioetlut, a, 
A pampblateer, libcllio, 3* 
A pan, difcus, 2* catinat, %. Q 
a fiodl) 1 a Tana m^ 2. fcai^imif 
{cfagun) fcloppeti cooctpiae 
\xxm [for frying) fartago, 3. (J 
ftew'tng) auihepfi, i. (or anaiV 
ingpan) tba1pole£lrumy %, (f 
brainpan) craniam»ft. {kneefm 
genu patella (Jrtf/«^iMr) ahcM 
Panacea, panacea, x. 
Panado, jufculum ex pane 
A pancake^ laganum, 2. 
Paadiffs, pande&s^,//. 
A pander, leno, 3. 
To play the pander, lanociaor,. !• 
playing tf>e pattder$ lenocinina^i ti 
A pane, ^oadra, i. 
A panefrync, oratio paaegyrica 
A panegyrifi, panegyrifta, i. 
Toe^^nelefajury, pan«lluli, S* 
A pangi dolor, 3. aof«>r, 3. 


ucam, s* 

h^rfe) dorfoaley 3. 

quadra, i. plaga, i 

B, 3. cifla, T. 

», I. fubfultOy I. 

pido, I. ijorbriath) 

fter) valde expeto^3 

:hera^ I . pardus, 2. 


jx, 3. 

atio,}. (/or breath) 


by anhelas(/ar/rtfr) 


da, 1. folea, i« 


ium, 2. 

(of apples) porno- 
tade for infants) a** 
intibus paratum 
>atu9, 4. 

. papyrus, 2. {royal) 
krffwn) emporetica 
I {blottir^) bibula 
r» chartarius 
artariuf (or flight) 
s (weak in under- 


ar eiTe 
ola, i« 
aracletus, 1. 
pompa, r. (eflen- 
io, 3. (place of ex- 

loxon> 2. 
dozicnt J 


A paragMf exemplum perfe£lum : 

incomparabtlisy non aequandus 
A. paragragbf paragrapbus^ 2. 
Tbeparallaxy parallaxis, 3. 
Paralleiy paralielus 
A parallel (comparifon) compara^ 

tio, 3. collatio, 3. 
To parallfl, exaequo, i . 
Paralleled^ comparatus 
Not to be paralleled, incomparabilit 
Paralytic, paralyticus 
Paramount, fupremus 
A paramour, procus, 2. amaHa, I. 

amiculus, 2. amicula, i. 
A parapet, lorica, j, 
A parapbrafe^ paraphrafis, 3. 
To parapbrafe, illuf^ro, i.explan0|l 
Aparapbrafi, paraphrailes, <• 
Parapbrafiie, paraphmfticus 
A parafueto, pfittacus minor 
Aparfifite, parafitor, 3. 
A paratbefii\ytQi^ inclofed thus [ ] 

To parboil, leviter coqu^ie 
Barboiled, femicodlus 
A parcel (or bundle) farciculus(|it- 

tie quantity) particula, i* 
%y parcels, particulatim 
To parcel out, partior, 4. 
Parcelled, minutim diftributut 
A parcener, particeps, 3. (a copar- 
cener) iimul cum alio poffideni 
To parch, aduro, 3. ariefacio^ 3. 
Parched, arefaAus^ adullut 
Parching, torridus 
A parching, aduftio, 3, 
Parchment, pergamena, I. 
Made of parchment, niembraneua 
Of parchment, membranaceus 
Pardon, venia, i. (general) amne- 

ftia, I, 
To pardon, igaofco, 5. condone, i. 

obfolTo, 3. 
ParJaMfa^/f, remltteodus I 


Noi pardonable^ Tenia indignut 

Pardoned, remUTus, condonatuS 

To be pardoned, condonor, x* 

Apardoning^ condonatio, 3. 

Topare^ prarcido, 3. recido, 3. C^- 
hiut) amputo, i. (tf«My)abrado,3 
(nails) ungues refecare (or chif 
off) deftringo, 3. 

Pared, refe^us, recifua 

A parent, parens, tis,c. 

Parentage, genus, 3. profapia, I- 

A farentbefs, [cJaufe indofcd with- 
in () ] parenthefis, 3. 

Parget,, caemcntum tentorium 

To parget, dealbo, i. incruilo, i« 

A pargetting, dcalbatio, 3. 

A paring (as of nails) pr»feginen,'j 

A paring off, rcfeftio, 3. 

A paring Jhov§i, pala> i. {rbmf^ 
culter futoriua 

A parijby parochia, I. 

ApariJbchuTih, ecclefia parochialit 

Oi a partfb^ parochialis 

A parjpisnrr^ parochus, 2, 
Partly jt paritas, 3, aequalitas, j.^ 
By parity sf reafon, pari ration© 
' A p/^rky in V 31 ium 
Parked, fcptus, obfeptu* 
Park-keeper, vivarii cuftot 
A parley, colloquium, 2* 
To parley, in colloquium venire 
A parliament, parliamentum, 2* 
Parliament houfe, fenaculum> 2« 
Parliament man, fenatoc, 3* 
Parliamentary, ad fedatum perti* 

A />dr/otfr,caenaculum,2. tridiaiuA 
Parochial, parochialis 
Parole, verbum, 2. fides, 5* 
Parole, (adj.) nuncupativui 
A paroxyfitt, paroxyfmus 
A parriciae, p^rricida, a% m, (tht 
crime) ^axncv^WtA) %% 


^ psrrotf pfittacuf 

*^^,^aiije, fingu!as orationit partes 
exaxninare, fle£tSre, tradtare 

TarJmomouSf parens, frugalis 

iParJimonifuJly ^ frugaliter, parce 

T arJimmou!neJtt parJunoTy^ parfimo. 
nta^ 1. frugaliias, 3. 

A parfingt examinacio partium o* 

.Tarfyy apiatn» 2. 

Aparfttipi paftlnaca, i. fifcr, 3, 

Aparfott of a parijh, paftor 

A parfonage] parcccia, I. 

A part, par^i ^. porfto, 3. (duty) 
muoQs, 3. omciumy 2. 

A iittlt party particula, K 

•fnparty ex' parte {on ebe otbtr part) 
ex altera parte (for the moft part) 
maxima ex parte 

popart, (drvide) divido, 3.part:or» 
4. difperfO; 4. in pattaR diftri- 
bu^rc (afunder) feparo,!. {a fray) 
litem cdmponere {tn two) bipar- 
tior, 4. (a/under of kfelf)d\Si- 
liq, 4; (or depart) digredior^ 5|. 
.decedo, 3, (or diftribute) diftri- 
l>uo, 3. (with) dimitto, 3. (from 
or leave) abfcedo, 3. abeo, 4. 

Totakepfxrt witbf participQ, i, . 

"To tah one*t part, a parte fia^-e 

Parts (ni|tural)ingenium, 1. iadoUt 

^i good parts, acrisjudicii 

In tj)o parti, (adj.)bipartitu8;(adv.) 

X>M all partly circumqaaque, aodi- 

^o partaktof, partidpo, i, 

A partaker y particeps, 3. 

Part/ik:ngt participans 

Far/id, ' divifus, diremptus (i» two) 

Jday be pfirtedt dividuus 
Vartial (unjiift* iniquiia (byafled) 
^arjijui) j^udio jibreptoi 


Psrtiality, iniquitas, atUf f. Aub- 
urn partium 

Partially, inique, injufte 

Partible, dividuus 

To partidpate, p^rticipo, i, 

Participfttion, participatio, 3, 

A participant, particeps, 3, 

Participial, parti cipialis 

Partrctpij/ly, partiCrpialtter 

A. participle, participium, 2* 

A particle, particula, I, 

Particular, /ing<ilari8j particularit, 
proprius, fpecialis, peculiant 
(pcrfon) quidam,quasdani 

Particularity, partleularitas, 3. 

To particularize, fpeciatim recitare 

Particularly, fpeciatim, reorfim,fin' 
gulatim, figillatiraj partkulatim^ 

Parties, t'a^ionesi pi, (tt party 

In parties, partibus 

A parting, diriiSo> 3. (feparatton) 
difcemo, 3 . (from) dirceflfus, 4, 
(in the middle) bife^tio^ 3. inter" 
fedlio, 3. 

A .parti fan (favourer) adjutor, 3.' 
fautor, 3. («reap«n) fariffa, i. 
(commander's ftafF) vitis, j. 

Partition, partitio^ 3. (indoftue) 
fepimeotom, 2. (-wji7)paiies in- 

Part^, partim 

A partner, part»cep«, 3. fociua, 2. 

PartnerJhiP, confoclatlo, ^. 

A part ri age, perdix, ^. 

A party (perfon) quidam, quadam, 
(adverfary) adverfariuj, 2. fac- 
tion) hC^io, 3. ft€t2i, i. partes^ 
pi. (detachment) maausy 4. 

party coloured, difcolor 

i\ party man, fa^tiofus 

Party rage, ftudia partium 

Topary^ i£tum avertere 

Pajcbatiamb, a^nus p af<phiUt 


To pajb, iiBpigiM>» 3. 

A pfj^uil-, ' hmoCvaatk i 

Psfs, (cooditioti) con* 
tu8, 4. (paflage) i 
fauces^ ^/. (paflpott 
4. (infitieing) t&ai 

To make a pmfs at, pet 

To pafs over, tranfio, 4 
gem propofitam cor 
account) rationes 
eompHment) adbland 
word for) pro alic 
(featence) fententia 
go by) prcterto, 4, 
in a pla^)degSre vit 
iter facere {abngiy 
preterilooy 3. prar 
(upon, or be admit 
(currently, as a repc 
adhibetHf (orexcrl] 
anteeoy 4. (or go ac 
3. (away time) temp 
wtfjf, orceafe) ceflb. 
{fori or perfonate) 
men afTumere (one 
aliquem ad parotci: 
legare {by a fault) 
(oner, or omit) om: 
termitto, j. {overfi 
gttingere (under) ful 
exaniination) examin 

To come to pajs, ereni" 

Toletpdfs, dimitto, ; 

To be well to ^aft, opi 

Paffable (indiflerent) 
t^ way) pervus 

A pajfage, tranfitus, 4. 
f<;ntentia, i. locui 
done) a6tum, 2. ge 
gefta(»«/o a place)zi 
(-bout) navis ve£ko 

Tbepafffigi oftb$ tbrofi 


itff ^ 

raoiaftiis {over) tra- 
wftHma regsrd) neg 

>j laod) viator, 3. (by 
or,t. portitoryj. 
BbiliCM, 3. 

t» ca4acos \ beyond) 
M (iSrj^iir/p o«wr) pcr> 

^ progrefTat, 4. (^«- 
terrcdjo, 3. ^ (over) 
^ (fnmflafe to flace) 
|. Jemi^tiOy 3, 
^%) ^TK&SMo{paJfini 

[ yalde, egredie 

, aola fanebris 
r) tra, i. iracundia,i. 
r inclination) animi 
otns, impetus, 4. con- 
(loyr) amar, 3. fuf^ 
Oram perpeflioy fop* 
cruciatoB, 4. 
iabbatum magnum 
cundut, morofus, irri* 
nachoros {hfver) ama- 

^ly) iractuuli (wkb 

:) ardfcncier 

irates, //• 



a, pafcha, i« 

nnieatoss 4. 

■9 praateritos 

\ ijm timapaf^ adr.) 

Sam iji^ fdfi) ulti- 

farioa i^ua fabaAa ^ 


pMtertml, pateraut 

The fateni^t oratio dondfttol 

Afatht femitay t. callity j. (Ait^ 

f«i; Tia trha {crtfi-) traiMiy j^ 
Pdthetit^ patlietictif 
P^tketicaJfyt pathetic^ 
Pmktthaineft^ anidii coft€ititl6r 
Patitot, vehementia ill diceiM5>' 
Paeible, patibilia 
Patience^ patieittiay t. (/^j^) lda|{i^ 

nimitM, 3. 
To be out ofpeOfititt, kidign«»^ U 
Patient^ pattens, mitis 
A patient, atger^ tfgrotot 
Patiently, patienter, I'edati 
The patine, patida 
A fatrlarcb, pattial-chai t^ 
Patriarcbil, patriarehalil 
kpatriarcUUo^ pati-iarchattift^ 4» 
A patrician^ patrtciod, i. {1^ dj|» 

nity) patrtciattis, 4. 
Like a patrician, pitricid 
Patrimonial, patrimdniiiHs 
A patrimony^ patrimonitiih^ x. 
A patriot, dvis bohi publici ftndio^ 

Alky poplicola, i. 
Patriotffm, amor patriae 
PatroU, vigitn noAe ambolaiitea 
To patroli, excubias ag&e 
A patron, patrontfft, aw 
Patronage, patrocinium, «• (Hght 
, of prefentation} jos patrdnatus 
Apatron^t, patroQf, i. 
To patronize, patrocindr, x« 
PatMfiymie, patrah'ymicus 
A/tf//*«,fculponea, i (ofapitlar)ht^ 
k pattern {moAtl) eieihpiar, 3. fpc« 

cimen, 3. 
To ^ tf pattern, eiifettiphuir pneb^ 
Paucity,' paucitas, 3. 
To pave, pavto, 4, 
Paved, pavitus 
Kp'anemtt, w\mttit«LTii^\% Vr^to^ 

{far Jh'cklng) gluten tx firiia 

To/>tf/^,agglutno, i. conglutlnoj 

Apajlilf paftillasy ^. 

Pajiime, Indus, a. facetic, pU 

Tvi takepafliwte, fe recr^re 

P'or paftime, animi caufa 

A pafior (keeper of cattle) paftor, 3 
gregis cuf!o* (ftepherd) opilio, 3 
(minifter of a chuicb) ccdeAa: 

Pa^or^l, fallofalii 

Apapfrai, carmen paftorale 

A ptijiry, piftrinum, a. piftrina, 1. 

A pajlry cmk, piAtir dulciariut 

PaflurahUj pakuu£ 

Pf/urtigfj jiabutaxio, 3. 

A paflvre^ pufcuam, a* 

Of ii^jJJ::^^ pa feu us 

Common pafturtt ager compaA:uut 

Topafiure,ipz£co, 3. (ro^^r^r) com- 
pefco, 3. 

Paftured, paftos 

Apafiurlng, pabutbm, »• 

-^pafiy, artocrcas. Mi, n. 

Pat (fit) aptus 

A pat, itlus levkor 

A patch (piece of cloth) aflumen- 
tum, a. [to cover a wound) fple* 
niuro, 1. (yor fi&f ySitf^) macula 
ferica {of ground) agellbs^ z, 

A croft patch, homo more fus 

To patch, panoum afluere (the face) 
roaculis vultum ornare (or mend 
clorhes)refarcio,4.recohcinQo, I. 

Patched (9r ragged )pannoA)S (mend- 
ed) refedus 

Patched garmentt, Sec. fcrbta^ ^, 

A patching, ihterpolatio^ 3. 

The pate, caput, «. 

Shallow pate J, ftuftus, rtrdis 

Patent, patens, apertus 

A patent, diploma, 3. 

A patentee, ^«i reglo dlplomato do- 


PEA / 

A ANMf , or paviour, (uuritor^ |. 

ApamtioHf conopoeum, a, 

Afawif, ftratua, i. 

Apaulttyfilltw, homo treflit 

Apaundf^ abdomea, 3. (of an ox) 

Apaufe (ftop)paara9 x. (in mufic) 
Mteriniflio, 3. 

To paufe, quieCco, j* 

Pau/iM^'i (te meditatii^ 

A paw, ungola, i. 

To paw, uoguibus rap^re {or fawn 
upon) ungvibos blandiri 

A pawn, pignus^ 3. (at chefs) pe- 
des, 3. 

To pawn, oppignero, I. 

Pawned, pignori oppofitot 

A pawnbroker, pigooratory 3* 

A pawning, pignoration 3* 

Ptfjr, ftipendium, 2. 

To have in pay, ftipendio alere 

Payday, dies folutionit 

Tq pay, folvo, 3* perfolvo, 3* (a- 
gain) renumero^ 1. (all) exfolvo, 
(back) reddo, 3. rependo, y(upon 
the nail) prefentem pecuniam fol- 
v2re (beforehand) pecuniain re- 
prefentare(0r hczt)cxio,^. (debts) 
aes alienum folvere (one^s club) 
fymboium dare (charges) daznna 

^0/ able to pay, fol?endo impar 

payable, folvendos 

payed, folutus 

2^ot payed, infolutus (patd again) 

A paymafier, qui pecuoiam folvit 

A paying, or payment, folutio, 3. 
lof rent) pcnfio, 3 . (of wnga) 
ilipendium, 2. 
A pea, pifum» 2* 

Pejcs, par, s* q«»M» 3« requies, 3. 
otium^ !• (of mind) tranquilitaA 


Tn a profound peace, pacatiffimas 
To makepeace with, pacem inire(^«- 

tween others) di/fidentes in amici - 
tiam reduccre 
To be in peace, ouiefco, 3. requjef- 

co, 3. a beUisSaeare 
A peate maker, pads conciliator 
A making of peace, p^cificatio, 3, 
To hold one's peace, fileo, 2. taceoJ2, 
Peace I tace ! tacete ! 
A peace officer, curator publtcae pa- 

cis (a conftable of the ni^bt) ire* 

narcha, i, (ajufiice) jufticiarius 

Holding his peace, filens 
Belonging to peace, pacifer 
Peaceable, tiahquillus, fedatus 
Peaceablenefs, tranquilitas, 3, 
Peaceably, tranqiiiile, fedate 
A peachy malum perficvm (-tree). 

malus perfica (-colour) color per- 

A peacock, pavo, 3. 
Of a peacock, pavonius 
A peahen f pava^ I . 
Apeak, cacumcn 
A peal of bells, modulatus concen- 

tus campanarum » 
To peal, tundo, 3. 
A pear, pyrura, 2. ( -tree) pyrus 
A pearmain, mclapium, 2. 
kpearch, perticaf X. (J^)perca,l 
Topearch, arbori irifidere 
Pearched (as a bird) illapfus, infi- 

•\ pearl, margarita, i. bacca, x. 

(in the eye) albugo, 3. (oriental) 

unio exaluminatus (for the ear) 

Pearl colour, margarits colorerh re- 
Deckcii with pearls, baccatus 
Kpeajant, villicus, rufticus, l. 
ike pcajantty, plebs roftica 


Peafe, ^ifam,^» (-pottaged^U 
ex pifo confedum . (-csJ) i 
A pebble, caleulufl^ a. 
A peccadilU, error leVif 
Peccant, peccans* vitiofiu^ flo 

A peck, quarta pan modii (of I 

Dies) ilias malonim 
Topeik, roftro impetiSrt 
Pecked, roftro impetitv^ 
Peroral, pedoralif 
Peculation, prcolatUS, 4« 
Peculiar, peculiarit 
PeculiarSy parochic archiepifi 

cantuartenfi peculiariter ol«i 
Pecuniary, pecuniariut 
A pedagogue, pftdagognSySt 
A pedant, grammatics, x, IM 

vend! ta tor ineptus 
Pedantic, literature oftentrtv 


Pedantically, inept^, infnlft 
Pedantry^ eruditio inf«I& 
kpedejtal, colomnae bafit * 
Pedicular, pedicularis 
A pedigree, ftemma, 3. profifk 
A pedlar, mercator circufiiiioiJBlrf 
Pedling, circumlbraneot 
Pedobaptifm, peedobaptiffinil^ A 
A peek (point) apex, 3. fafti^ 

(grudge) odium, 2. fiiDolti^' 
To peek, ofFendo, 3. 
A peel (for an oven) infomiball 

(w paring) cortex, 3. [tfmin 

tunica, x« 
To peel off, decortico. X* 
The peep of day, dilucdnQy •• 
To peep ini introfptcio^ 3. pf 

roam fpeculari (as bird8}pifl| 
A peeper, fpeculator oflkiorai 
Ape^ng into, infpe^o, 3. . 
A/rer(equal) pat (of the lii 

latra^a, it (atiicias, ft.pviW 


N P E Q 

tei, fi, {or dam) Pttutyktts, peodohit 

koles, 3. pila, i. A peiumlum^ penfile Iftramettttttti 

•timatiun fenetrMe, ptnetrabilis 

silis To^tf/rtffe, penetro, i« 

afper femtrated^ penetiatHS 

is efl*e moriboi •^^ be penetrated^ penetrabUit 

icerbi A penttrathigt penetratio, ^. 

as, 3. Of penetrat'tQHf. fagax, pcr/f 

ifnpaget, 3» Pemtratifte, penetraos 

re A penlnjuta^ poninfula, I. 

tatos Penitence, pomiteDtia, x. 

us Femtem, pcsnitens 

To bt penitent^ re6pirco, 3, 
, !• Penitential^ poenitehtUlis 

A/riv>r;7fMirjr(pricft)piacblaii8 (aca^ 
, x« dos(place)expiationum facrariam 

le, coafiife Penitentfy^ poenitenter 

Thtptnnant% {tefwJant 
tergu«9 3* PtnfiU, penfilis 

iusy £• Apenfii^, penfio, 3. 

KSre A fAifimer, nercenarius ^ « 

cnoa, T. cala- GentUm^ fwjmtri^' fatellites regit 
^or coop)€or3, 3. bonorarii 

3. - Penfime\ f«e thoughtful %lA JorroVffvl 

IS jPfff^t;^<r/^,tri(^(ia, i.iblicitudo^ 3. 

iin^ 2« - mceftitia, i. anxieus, 3. . 

Pent up, inclafva 
amaria A pentboajc, compluviuniy *» 

cribo, 3. I'ftp) Pffttagonal, pentagonus 
v&xt.^'up fitep) Pentameter^ pentameter^ %• 
dire 7be pewiateucb, pentateuchum; 1« 

Pentetoflf pentecpfte, i. 

Penurious, a?aru8, parcoi, fordidus ; 
miilAaf !• andigat, egenus» egens, pauper 

, I. poena, 2* Penurioujfy, avare, pj^rce 
am poena lucre Penurioujnefs, avaritia, t. (ordeijpl, 

PfM^, egeftas, 3. penurta, i. 
, 2. A peny, .denarius, 2. 

delineate Penikji, egenus, egeos 

elineatus A balfpnny, obolus 

ler) Icmnifcus Peottle, popuius, 2, (r^mM0/?)plebs,3. 
hS'U^' fifr/wr) plcbccula, i. vulgua, 2. 

Qi tbe peoplf, popyl»ris {-con 00 
peepie) vulgaris, pkl?eiij# 

P,E R 

Topeefk, colooiam dednWte 

Full of people, populo fre^oeUt 

peopled^ habitaros, cukus 

^^ff^'* P'pw. S. 

Tq pepper, pipcse condire (witha. 
Mfesfe) morbo inficere {witb ill 
wordt) conviciis vehementcr k* 

Peppered, piperatus 

Apeppfriwg, piperis conditurt 

Ptptic^ (eafy of digeftlon] p^* 

Peradvemure, forfan^ fortafli 

Peragration^ peragratiO| 3, 

To perambulate, peran^balg^i i. 

PerambttUnion, perambo^tio^ j« 

Perceiveable^ percepti bills 

Net pereeittalbU, impcrcq>tuf 

To perceive, percipiog 3. fentio^ 4* 
fweU) perfcwtio, 4, . (or Bavt 
ibme feeling) peifentifco, 3, (^- 
fore band)^ prftfeotioi 4. (a lit^ 
tie) fubfentio, 4, fuboleo, 1. {m 
fee) video, 2» cerso, 3. 

Pereei^fed, viAiS) perceptus 

A perceiving, perceptio, 3, 

Percepti hie, per cif iendu s 

Perchance, forllin, forfitaa 

percvj/ion, percuiTio, 3, 

Perdition, perditio, 3. exitiom» S« 

To be perdue, infidiqr, i, 

Perdurablt^ dural^'iis 

Peregrenation, peregrenatio, 3. 

peregrine, exterus, peregriou^ 

Ptrempiorihf, pnecil^, definite 

Peremptorinifs, pertinacia, t. 

Peremptory, percmpcorius (i> <^« 
nlon) tenax, perti^a< 

perennial t perennis 

Berernity, perjrnnitas, 3. 

Perf'Jt (cpirplete) peiu£(tt8^ ah- 
lolutus, confummacus, exa^ut 

1 (fkil'ul) pcri^is (^vaU'j^^ %Tv\*^^ 

1^. 4*«4 

P E R 

dered by ^^^ fuperlative ^gree, 
aSf Aultiffimus, aperfeei fool 
To fierfeR (complete) perficio, 3. 
abfolvo, I. {a bodk) librom im- 

perfeftnm fopplcre {one in a thing) 

"pcrfefli docere {a work) ttlti- 

mam manum imponere 
PerfeSiedj abfolutot, perfeAuf 
A perftBxng^ confummatio, 3, 
VtTpSi'vmy pcrfedio, 3. 
To hr'ing toftrJeElion, confummo^i 
JnperfeBion^ optim^, eximid 
Ferfe6i!yy pcrfcftc, txzeLl{tb§r(iugb' 

ly) ^tnw^z'Xlyheaart) memoriter 
Vtrfe^tjiy pcrtiaiio, 3, (flcilJ) pe- 

ritia, I. 
Pcrfdms, perfidns, pcrfidiofas 
Ferfdhujn^si fnfdy, perfidia, x, 
Tb ferjohafe'p pnfono, 1, 
Fmonated^ perfonatus 
Perfbration, perforatfo, 3. 
Perforce, vie et armis 
To perform^ pcrficioj 3. (accom< 

plifti) parage, 3. (bring to pafa) 

e<Bcio: '3. {one's word) prcmif- 

fcm prasflare (a journey) itercon< 

Teyorn:ed, expletus, perfeflus (i&tf- 

k'ing pet firmed) j^^cifun£Jus, pw- 

A perfurmr^ effcf^or, 3. 
A perfcrthingy pratftatio, 3. 
A performarce (work) opus, 3, 
Perfume odor, 3. fcfTitus, 4. 
To perfume , funwur,i. fuflnmigo,! 

(g.o^"fy i^c.) odoribug imbuere 
Perfume^, fumjgatus, 
Pirfuming, aromaticns 
Apiff werfymyrv\o]9, i. 
/i p. p-in, thuribulum, 2, 
Vrfur.aor.lyi pcrfunaofic 
P/^'u T-.^iory, ne Jige ns 
',y/^/j, i 01 fan, tG'.s 

P iE H 

Perif, periculun, 2. dircrimen 

To be in peri/, periditor, x. 

Periiousy pericuiofiit 

Periloufly, peiiculofe 

A period, periodus> s« (eonclufioji} 
fimty 3. exitut 

•Perodicaly periodicus 


Peripatetic, peripateticus 

To per ifh, pereo, 4. intereo^ 4. (as 
fruit) putrefco, 3. 

PerifhabU, fragilis, caducus 

PeHft>ed,^^itu9f putridus 

A perijhing, interitui, 4. 

Periphrafis, circumlocutio, 3. 

To perjure one* sf elf, pcijaro, X. 

A perjured perfon, perjuruf 
Perjury, pcrjurium, a, 

A periwig, capiDamentum, 2, 
Permenance, duratio, 3. 
Permanent, permanons, ftabilii 
Permifpon^ p^rmiffio, 3. ircnisr, i, 
Perwijftvit permittent 

A permit, fchedula mercatoria te- 
ftanB ve£tigal elTct perfolutum 

To permit, permitto, 3, fino, 3, 
Permitted (lawful) lichus (fuffered) 

permifTus, concefTus 
A permitting, pcrmiflio, 3. licentia 
Pernicious, pcrr.iciofus, nocens 
Pernicioujiy, pcmiciofe 
Pernicioujnefi, pernicics, 5. exitium 
A peroration, pcroratio, 3. 
A peipendicuiar, perpendicularis 
To perpetrate, perpetro, I. 
A perpetrating, perpetratio, 3. 
Pet pirated, patratus 
Perpetual, perpetuus, perennis 
Perpetually, fcmper, perpcttto 
'Vo perpetuate, petpctuo, I. 
Peipttuatcd, perpeluatus 
A perpetuatingt in perpcuum fane- 


iPetfetuiiy, perpetuitai, 3. 

To perfkx (confoond) toriwy ] 

(miz)permirceo«a» (make doubt 

foi) incextumredd&« (vo]TeK 

X. tMgo, 3. 

Perplexed^ turbatUj, coDfofui^ pQ 

plexus, dubiosy ibltcitus 
Perplexedly, turbste^ pcipkxi 
Perplexity, perturbatio. 3. (of mliiJ 

folicitudo, 3. anxietas, 3. 
Aperquifite^ addicamentuaiy i. 
To per/ecnte, affljgo, 3. 
Perfecuttdf perfecutioac oppidte 
Perfecution, perrecutio, 3, 
A perfecutor^ oppugnatOTy j, 
Perjevertnce, perrevcraBday^ 
To perfewre, perfeirero. X, 
Perjeyered m^ coofbnter iamMl 
Perjeveringf pcrfcvcrant 
A perfeven'^g, perfeveraati% x« 
Perfeveringfy, conftanter 
To perM, pcrfift»,3. 
Aperffiimg, perfeveiantia, i. coMw 

nriacia, z. .» 

Perfifting, obftm^tm 
Aperfon, homo, 3. perroaa, i.(c» 
tain man) quidam (cerrais «^ 
man) qusdam (of titber JH^ 
non nemo, mt, c» 
Any perfon, quivit, quiUbtt 
Perfcnadle, venuftus ^< 

Perfonage, vir cJarus .^ 

Petfonai, peribnalis j 

Perjonality, perfonalitas, 3. '4 

Perfonqlly, perfonalitery perfe A 
To perfonate, perfooam ioduSt* ^ 
PerfpUuity, perfpicuitat, 3, 
Perfpicuous, perfpicuus, ciaroi 
Perhicuoufly, perffieoe. plan! 
Perjpit ation, perfpiratio, 3^ 
To perfpire, perfpiro, x. 
Perfuadable, peKua/ibilia 
Toperfuade, perfuadeo, t« 
Pcrjuaded, pcrfuaCus 





•ES - 

fuaibr* 3. 

ypfrftut/hn, perfnfio, 
nioa) Miiii<s 3« 
ifficsx, Hla(brio8 
I TivUvsy ftgUit (Atocy) 
ocax ((marC) aftutus, 
:aikative) loqoax 
perdneo^ {ptCto, t. 
'y pcrtinens 

pcrtinazy obftinatos 
f, obftiiiate 
^, piertinacia, u 
aptitudo, 3* 
itas, idonens 

ttitM, 3« audacity i^ 
3. loqaacitaty 3. 
, pertorbatio, 3. 

penra4o» 3. 

^raritaf, 3* {of noords) 
onim interpteutio 
teroirfinefg^ pnTitas 

penrertOy 3* deprayo, 
■Mwi^) male ioterpre- 

, depravadoj 3. 

•crlego, 3. 

''»/'7> pcricaio, 3* 
piJUmeatom, 2. (-ate- 
imeatorum opifex 

CO, <• infeftoy i« 

exatio, 3. 
peftUentxai i* 


F^lenf^ pefljleiuialf peftilens 

Aptfik^ piftUlumy 2. 

A^yOfFeftfa, i. 

To hi ha pet, ira(<i9r, 3. 

Apttticoat^ indafiaamuli^bre 

P«<i>, lefts, panma 

AfetiUon^ pcdtio, «• * 

To petition t fiipplko> I. petOy 3. 

PetU'tonedf pedtut 

A petitioner, (upplex 

A p^titiotUMgf pctido, 3, 

Petitory, petitorius 

To petrify, in lapidem coxiTCrtXre 

To be petrifyeeU lapidcfcoy 3, 

A pettlfiggers leguleitn, a, 

Pettijh, iracondttt » 

Petti/bwefs, morefitas, 3, 

Pettitoes, porcelli pedes 

Petty^ panrusj exiguus 

Petulancy, petulanda 

Petulata, petulant 

Petulantly, petulanter 

A pituet, fttfi extremitas 

A pew, fabfisllium feptum 

Pewter, ftannom, 2, 

Of pewter, ftanneus 

Apewterer, ftannaritn, 2; 

ApbatUafm, phantaTma, 3. 

Pbanta/iic, ioconiHns 

Pbarifaieali phanfaicaa 

pharmaceutical, pharmaceudcus . 

Pharmacy, ars medica 

The phajes, phafes 

A pbenix, phoenix, 3, 

A phenomenon, phaenomenooy !• 

A phial, pbiala, i. 

AphiloUg^er, philologus 

Philology, philoiogia, !• 

A philojopher, pbiiofophus, 2* 

Phihfophical, phiiofophictif 

iPbilofophicaUy, philofophice 
To philofophixe, pbiiofophor) x» 
Philofophy, philofophia^-l • 
Philtres, phhtrst,/). 

P I C 

Phlebotomy, phtebotomia, t. 

Phlegm, ^icuita, I. 

Phlegmatic, pituitofvt 

ApSrafe, phraiis, 3. 

Phrafeology I iatdiBion 

Phrenetic, ameos, demeni- 

A ^effjjr, demcnda, i. 

Tbepbtbijict pkthifit, 3. 

PhtiijUeaJ, phthifi laborans 

A, plilaB^p DhyU€ttt\»m, n. 

Phyfic (the Icience) medicina, f • 
ars medicinalit (medicine) m^- 
dicameoy 3. (dofe) potio medica 

l^opbyfie, medicameacum prcfcri« 

PhyjSeal, mediciAaiis (nitaral) phy 


Pbyfically, phyficS 

A ptyfician, medicus, 2« 

Pbffies, phyfica, pL 

Bbyfi^nomy, pby^ognomia, r» 

Pbyfioloiy, phy6ologia, I. 

ThephyXy vttitus, 4. 

Piaiular, piacularis 

A pia9txa, porticus 

'PfVtf letter, typi media foroue. 

A pick-ax, bipennif 

To pick tbefenfe out,, fcnfum eliccie 
(or choofe) cligo, 3. lego, 3. {a- 
hone) OS cultro rimari {or cleanfe) 
mundo, i* purgo, i. {or gather) 
decerpo, 3. {a bole in one's coal^ 
aliqueaa redarguifre {a lock) fe- 
ram furtim aperire {a pocket) era' 
menam furdm fecare {a quarrel) 
rixae caafam quaeiere {on^s teeth) 
dentes fcalpro purgate {out m 
mark) figna commutare (w0o/)U- 
nam carpere {or (ireal) rurripto,3« 
{or trim) exorno, t.i-upa Rvsli- 
hood) arte vitam fuftingre (up 4 
whore) meretncem ambirc (-ij[> 

firengtb) CQQValtCcO) V 


A pki lock, inftrumentum quo fin 
fuitim aperitur 

A pickpocket^ mantictilarias, a. 

A ficktbanky parafitus^ s. 

To tlay the pukthank, parafitor, . . 

Picked (ftarp pointed) acumiaatos 
(Sut) excerpcuf, fele^s 

A picker offuarrels, Titilitig»tor, 3 

A picking but^ deJeant, 4, (ele£do, 
3' (*/') collcaio, 2. 

JhWf(brine)faJAigo,s , (coadition) 
conditio, 3. 

To pkklc, muria condire 

T'ukUdy falitus, eouditivu^ 

A pickled f0gui, veterator, 3. (« 
ptekled herring) haiec conditaaea 

A pickling, eood jtura Talfa 

Piff, deleaus, fele^us 

Apiaure, pidtura, i. effigiee, ^« 

To piihircy or drj*tOf pingo, 3. 

FiSiuredf dcJineatus 

'lo piddle (trifle) ineptio,4, (in ea- 
ting) ligurio> 4. (or do ilightly) 

Apiddlir^ Dugator, 3. 

A pie, ^rtotrea, i. 

)*/> (kmongft printers) indigcfta ty 
porum (liues 

A pie (bur.) pira, I. 

PiebalUd, iTiaculatus 

Apiece (p.4ri) portiu, 3. fruflum, 2 
«r patch) afTumentum, a. (wi&o/* 
piece of cloth) panni ccrta quanti- 
tas (in(!rumcnt) inftnimeatunl,* 
N. B. P/>« is frequen'ly omit- 
ted ia the l^atin, as, // is a piece of 

^giiS'^f:'* negligentia eft 

It is ailb frequently renHered by 

the diminutive of the following 

itfbftantive, as, agellus, a piece ef 


Piece Is. fometimes ufed to ex- 
^*^ contempt, ^^ rendered by a 

P I G 

dimiAQtivey ^ Homnacalut^ 'f"vr 

of a man. 

Sometimes it is loft in tli« fol- 

lowing ibbftaotiTe,aad needs not be 

taken notice of in the Latitt^ ar 

Lignum, apiectefvmd: Opui^ a 

piece tfwtrk, 

jlUof a piece, fibi conftans (or of one 
colour) uaicolor {all f pieta) 
omnino dilaceratus 

A piece of antiquity, monororot u m 
aotiquitatis (a broken piece) fr^g- 
mentutn, 2. fragmea^ 3. 

Peaccmeali fraf^atim 

A piem (each) finguli 

To piece, (mend) refariio, 4. 

Pied I hepieSdlled 

To pieree penetro, i. terebro, j. 
{: trough) transfigo, 3. {toith a 
vfeapon) perf^dere (fet a broich) 
dolium relmere (as cold) uro, i . 

Pierced y terebratus , penetratu£ 
(through) transfiaus(«»ith a wea- 
pon) perfofTus, traje^us 

May he pierced, penetranfius 

A piercer (perfon) penetrator, 3 - 
(inftruir.cnt) te.ebra, 1. terebej- 
lum, 2. 

P.erringy penetrant, urens 

A ptercutgf penetratio, 3. {with a 
gimhUt) terebratio, 3. 

Piercingly^ acriter, vehementer 

Piety, pietas, 3. religio, ^. 

A pig, porceilus, 2. {harrow) Fcr- 
res, 3. Cfnv-) fcrofu|a, i. ^fuck- 
ing) porcns ladlens {of lead)jii4![t% 
plumbi oblonga 

Topig, porcelloft parSre 

Of a pig, fuarius, porctnus 

^P'iflyy ^uile, 3. 

Apigecn, coiumbus, 2. columba, i. 
{•wo^d ) palumbes, 3. 

Of a pigeon, columbinus 

P I L 

A p^Fiwt lo^tf loculameatuDi 

{ hat^e) coIumbariuo)« 2. (- 

cotumb^ cru^ mcodae 
^*gif^t partuj 
A piktt iancta, i« h^ifta, i. (I 

luciiis* 2, 
Apihfier^ colvmella, i. 
A pilchard, halecula, 1. {wiadt 

Jfannel) fafcia, t, 
A pile (bf^ap) moles, 3. aoervos, 

(poff) fublica, 1. (^ wMOftri 

3. [ofhMildiwg) ihuffcaray i. 

heraldry) pila, u («ji com) avf 

facias nummi 
TUptlirt, hfemorrhoif, 3. ficvty 
T&pHittp, ac^rvoj i. aocooMii^ 
Piled lipi acervatii5^ con|liBf 
To pilfer^ furripioj 4, , 
Having pifflred, fuffuTataf 
A pilferer, fuppiiitor, 3. fiw, ]• 
Pilfer it:gf fiirai 
A piiferjtTg^ furrcprio, 3, 
Ptlfinnglj, furaciter 
Apilgfita, pcregrifiua, 2* 
A pilgrh$tage, peregriDatio^ |* 
A pi^fvg ttp^ acervaiioj j. 
Aji.i/, piluJa, 1, 
To////; ittfi^l 
Piila^f, pracda, t, fpoliam, 2. (I 

aftion) direptio, |» vaftatio» ] 
T^pilia^ey Tajloj r. diripb> I* 

kingdijm) depectflor, i. 
To bcpUhgcdi expiioTf i. TaAoTi 
PilLtgedj fpot'atfls, vaftjtiis 
A piiis^cr, dcpoputatOTj 3. 
A pillaging f fpoii^tio, 3. 
A pi liar f colui^na, i. (its A^ 

fca^us, a* (foot) ftylobata, !■ 
Pilhtt (bur treses) anJ:erida>,/A 
Pji/td ^arlickj timidui, igoaflt 
A pilHonf ((.Wz ferniAea 
KpiUnrji pillciiuijij a* » 
Tq piiiory^ nmnelli coUum iatltltf 


bur, pulYini i^te£;aincA> 

lavis gobernator 
redoris aavi^^li itrs^iniijin 
Xeao, 3. 
lenecinor, I.' 
{faoM) pafvu8> tenuh (pl- 

pdhila, X. (^ed) lentigo^ 
i^/csi puilulatiii 
icoJa, li («f fl nmnde^if) 
feneus {cryping-) cilami- 
£flrA')embolHim, %. {reli 
rylindms (or peg) pat- 
u (^ veb) C4tarii£^i, 1. 
mfiui iffinaatnt) verticil 
, {fttft or cujbhrt) fpinu- 


p tf/rVr, flocci peodtf^ 

l<r, fpimilarii^Sj %» 

fqitaiDy ft. 

amentum, a« 

wtbapin) fpinula iig"re 
900^ paxillo configure (by 
) cautione obUgare (sr 
I injungo^ 3* Im amih^r'i 
IteriuslenteAtianiti {^me^s 
■ owe) parafitor, i , {up a 
ireftem fpinolii coJIigere 

foU) feptoindudffc 
>rcep«, 3. 

dlicatioy 3, {of prnff^fTu- 
lernutameati ( necefii ty ) 
u, 3* fommae augiiftije 
', iieceflari<>, fubit5 
it, ad extrcmum 
TelUco, X. F^^nio* 3* 

crucio, I. mOlellOj 1. (rif 
DordeOy 2. (as cold) ura, 
» 3« (6«r o/'ifttf %oagii^ ifc.) 
S I. (0r hurt) Isdaj 3. 


*ro ^f pimhed ^Ith want, inopu 
pf«ini {with huEger) fama ftiinu- 
kri ' 

Fiiichid^ prclTus, vdlicatus (w/>i> 
huftgff] fsiinelici|i ' 

Fiiithing^ digiiis tompriroens 

A piffth/e/Tttj, perparcu* 

A pifjdn'ie, carmen pindaricum 

A Jiin* i'rw, pjnusj 1, A 4. {wifd-} 
ptriafkr^ 2> (ffppk) nuz pinea 

Oi pin0j pincus 

To ft/w (friei?c) doico, 2, mcereo,z. 
(fdngu.iji) tabefio, 3. (to death) 
dolcire moii 

P/W, langucnr, tabcfceni 

A pimng ateaj, languor, 3. tabes,}. 

ApJ»iony ab, ti (qf jw«/f<&) rota 

Fkifns (fetters) eompedes, pL 
To piiiioa, maniciit conftringSre 
Pimontdi vindlus, conftridus 
A pink [flower) caryophyllumi 2. 

(fmali fhipj naficula, i, 
Pink^vfd, pieius 
To p'ini;, perforo, I. [with the e^e) 

Pinhdf pcrforJtUS 

A piaAittgf perforsitio, 3* 

A pinnace f phafeLus^ a. paro, 3. 

Aplnn^rie^ P'finj^, p|. faftigium, 2, 

(pr height af honour) fummus 

ApJ^neFf c^ipical mtiliebrc 
A ^/ifff fexcariua, %. pinta, I* 
A phncer^ cunicularjus 
Pioffjfj poicnsa, i, 
Fhtitt pi^^i rehgiofui 
Fimfyt pi^i religioie 
l^bepipj pituita, i* 
Apipt macuUj i« nota,!* 
A pipfy Bftula, I, tibia, f. (^^f-) 

fiftuU utriciUarU {cmduit*) cana* 

lis, 4. [^{^pr-] Opho, 3. t/«r 


/cS^jcceJ tubus (dfvnHe) cadut, 2* 
doliom, 2. 
7^^' vritidpipef gurgulio, 3. gula,c 
1 piptf liftula cao^re 
Apipir^ tibicen, 3. {bag*) utricu- 

laHuSj 1. 
A pipit^t cantio fiftularis 
Piping haft calidiffimus 
A pipkin, ollula, I. 
Apippitii malum pe(ifivm 
Pi^udtifi pyngens, ;ccr 
ApifMfj rixa, I. jurgium, 2* 
Ta bjive a piquet alicui irafci 
Piraryf pkatica^ x. prsdatio, 3* 
A pirate, pirata, x. * 
Piratical J praedatorius 
A pijmlrf^ formica, x, 
^uU &f pi/mi res f formicpfut 
Pifjt urina, i, lotium, 2« 
Fift burnt, lotio inoftus 
To pi^i, melo, 3. mingo, 3. (blood) 

fangujnem urina emittere {upona 

pir/bn^ 01 contemn) contemno;3t 
Apifi-patj matula, !• 
Apijitigt m i flora, .X. 
A pific^^ fdoppus minor 
A ptfl^kj feptemdecim folidi 
A pi ft fo^a, X. puteus, '2. (dent) 

imprcffiOi 3. ve(ligium digiti 
A ftitfalit fovea, i» 
Tbi pit tyf the ftomacb, vertriculus 

ftomachi (of a theatre) orche* 

Fif^iB^l^ carbo fofSHl 

Clay pit, ^rgillctum, 2« (coai-) fo* 
dina carhonariat x. (gravel-) fa- 
bulerom^ 2. (faud') fodina are- 
na ri a {hattomUfs) abyflus, 2* 

Of a pit* putealis 

To go pit a patf celeriter palpitare 

Fttib^ piifj «5, f.3. 

Topifch, picoyi.ptce il!inerc(throw 
jicio, 3, projlclo, -^ ^>aX dwiti!\. 

Jl 3 ^^^YA 

P L A 

J«poKO,3. (fr^figo, 3 (orpavv) 
pavioy 4« (-r'na) caftramctor, i- 
{or fail ^*r) prxceps laerc (ftr 
thoir) de! g^. '3. {ufMm a time) 
(empus conftitoere \-a na) re:c 
irnderc («r al gbt) dekendo, 3. 

A ^>(i& (bigRcfs) nugnitado, 3. 
fiatura, i. (meafure) modus, 2. 
(extreme) extrtmitas, 3. 

7i&* /i/f^ c/"*! ^7^, dims, «• 

i'/>r£«^,(nceatus( paved) pavimeota- 
tot (thrown)conje£his (alighsr tf ) 
dolaprus( -8r^M)fta(us,conft itutvs 

^^tcbedhattlet^upikz &zUt\M{-camf) 
fiativa ca/^ra 

A pitcher, lageoa, i« ampbere, i. 

A fitebfort, mer;^ i. 

i* /c^, piceos 

Like pitch, picinos 

J'iteom, mifericort (miferable) mi- 
ferabilis, mifer 

Piteeujlyf miferabiliter 

J*ith, medulla, i, {0/ $rces, Uc,) 
afbornoin, >• 

Pithihff oervoie 

Jt'itby (full of marrow) meduila a- 
bundans (neivout) nejvofus 

PUbynefi, robur, 3, 

Pitiablep xnifentiooe dignus 

Pitiful \ fct piteous (lamentable) Juc- 
tiso(u8, acerbns 

PififuJ/y, mifcrl 

Pitifubufs, mifericordia, i, (mean« 
nefs) exiguiras, 3. 

Pltilejsf crude lit, durus 

A pitiauce, inodiciim,A. 

Pitted, notatus 
Pituitouij pituitofus 
Pity, miiericordia, i. 
To p.'ry,.miferior, 2. 
A pix, pixif, 3. 
^epizxie, Qcrvus, a. 
J^^^/r, ;)jacab lis, exorabJis. 
A^4mi^ Joeys, 2, (fro&ie) munuf, \ 

P L A 

magiftrat«s,4. (parage in a book) 
locus, X. («r d^itel oHo^ 3. 

Im pUit of, vice, paro {-Moeher 
place) alibi {-^ place) alirubi, 
uP^nam {-every place) obique 
{-Uai place) ijlic, ibi (-jCniw 
place) ibidem {-this place) hie 
UoQpiace^ oafquam {-what place 
hn'fr) obiconquie, ttbi^s 

Sy fcmf place, aHqaa(.this plaee)hac 
(-ih^tpiace) iliac (.ioi«r^Aicr)qua 

Fi^m this place, bine {^hat place) 
ilbnc (-the fame place) ab eodem 
loco {-Jome place) aliconde {yohat 
piau f) unt e ? {what place foever) 
uode cunque {-place to place) hoc 
illuc, oitro otioqoe 

Infomeplau, aliqu6 {-aaother place) 
alio {-the fame place)codem {-this 
place) hoc (-/^f pla^e) illuc 
{-what place p.) quo ? 

Towards what place, quoHom (-/A« 
place) horfum (-/« other place) 

To p/are,\oco, i. colloco, i.(-^^/ji) 
r^pono, 3, {6 f fore) prKpono, 3. 
{bebina) poftpono, 3. (-/r^)arto, 
I. (-««/) el oco. I, 

^ giving place t ccflio, 3, 

Tn bo placed \n view, in oculls cfle, 
robconfpe£ka efle 

Placed, locatus, poiitos {-againfl) 
oppoiiiQS (becweeo) iuieijedtus 
{-out) elocatos 

Flacrd, placidvs 

A p 'acin7, locatio, 3. {Utioeen) in- 
lerpof'tio, 3. 

.\ j'hgiary, plaglarius, 1. 

Hi plague, peflis, 3. peftilentia, i. 
(fore calamity) lues, 3. 

To plague J crucic, j. vexo,l. (-««r*f 

folf) fe affliftare 
Having the plague, infe^as 
F.aguid, cruciatus^ vexatbt 


A fiaicc, pfitta, i. 
Piaim (even) pianos, ieqvof 
fincervs (open) apertos (wi 
ernameiir)uiornatos (fimple 
p ex, roa diffimnlatos 
Plain, (adv.) diftinai 
To mskeplaim, explaao^ i. 
To be plain, pateo, l. ^ 
// it plain, patet, conf^t 
A pUio, plana faperficies 
Plain: d, dedolatua, complaoati 
Plainly, plane,. nMoifcfle, er 
ter, explanat^ diftin^c(fiii 
fimpliciter (openly) apert^ 
PUumufs, perfpicuitas, 3. (firi 
nefs) fimplieiUt, 3. (Imouthi 
plantties, 5. levitas, 3, 
To plain ifct complaim 
A plaintiff, accofator, 3. 
hp!a:jSer^ emplaftmsi, 2« 
To plaifter (^ y8r^)^mplaftnMn 
ponere {toithlime) gypfo, 1. 
Plaiflered, gypfatus 
Aplaifterer, czmentarios, 2, 
A plait, plica, t. finus, 4. 
TopLit, plico, I, 
Plaited, pJicatus 
A plaiter^ plicator, 3. 
k plaiting, plicator*, r« 
¥ui: of plain, finuMua 
A plan, exemplar, 3, 
Of planetree, plataninut 
A plane (tool) runcina, u 
A planet, planeta, i. 
Planetary, fideralis 
Planet'pruck, fideratns 
A plaining, dedolacio, j, 
A plank, tabula, i. affis, S« 
To plank, contabolo, f, J 

A planking, contabulatio, 3.* \ 
A plant, plaoU^ u virgultlODyl 


anto, I. fere, 3. (-tf- 

rOy 3. (tf caunti) tor- 

tifpOBJ&e (tf ^/Swj^) CO- 

nftitu&e {a vineyard) 


nligo, 3. 

.colouia, I. (of trees) 


otatiu, fatus ( aieutY 

twtem) interfitus {witb 

fts) confeminalis 

ed, fadvut 

»r, 3, plantator, 3. 

plantatio, 3. (of vines) 


ckj pafliiittm, 2. 

w) tondeo, a. {with 

«»g<>. 3« 

Btahis, arperfuf 

fperfioy 3. 

s fre^aeni 


tmd, agcllut 

n^$ 3« 

ico, I. intcxo, 3. 

id filvcr veflels) aurea, 

ea Taia (chafed) to- 

«/, lamina, i. lamella 

chcr) fciitella, i« 

iKtSre lamina 


rcuJarify 3. 

nlcut (-love) amor k- 

inipolusy 1. 



s» implexuf 

IS, 2. catinus, 2. 

ipHcatio, 3. 


tufihlene*s, ▼couftas^3. 

^, decore 



A play, ludus, 2. lufas, 4. (jMi/iC')\Pi!tyed on, polfas ^ 

fpe£laculum (/fii|^^-) fabula, M,lAf>layer,hi{orf$*i'C»abmf)ei 
' " '* * ithij 

comcedia, i. (-/foir/^) theatrum, 
{'feltaw) collufor, 3- ^^tbingt) 
crepundia, //. 

Belongingto flay^ Itiforius 

Full of play , ludibuodos 

To play, ludo, 3. {at bowls) globum 
iniltere {-away money) p*cuniam 
lufu perdere ( before) prxludc, 3. 
{at ball) fi\\9 ludere ( 'the cbila) 
pueriliter fe %txht{-tbe bey) ado- 
lercenturio, 4, (-at cards) cbar- 
tis IvidSre {-tbe coward) tergum 
dare (an engine) machinam ex- 
cercSre (at odd and even) par im- 
par lodcre (faft and loofe) praeva- 
ricor,i. {with a thing, or do it 
eafly) facit^ efficifrey ludiiicor,i. 
(as cannon) emitti (-atfncing) 
digladior, i. (-the fool) ineptio,4. 
nugas 9i%lxt(-ajuregame)tz^xt 
agJSrc (-on the harp) citharam 
puKare {on a fiddle) fidibut ca- 
nSre {-at hazard) alea ludere 
{-the hypocrite) fimulare picta- 
tem {'the knave)fA\\o, 3. defrau- 
do, I. {often) lofito, i. (-one^s 
part) officium praefhire {or vi- 
bratc)^ibro, x. (-the pbilofopher) 
philofophor, i. (-the thief) fu- 
ror, I. {'bis pranks) nequiter fa- 
cere {'fweetlj) moduior, i, (-at 
tennis) pili palmari ludere {-to- 
gether) colludo, 3. (-tricks) dolos 
verfare ('truani)tmzntOy s.ceflfo, 
I. {-the tyrant) fayio, 4, {^upon 
one) alicui illudSre (-upon an in- 

firuwunt) cano, 3, pulfo, i, per- 
fono, I. (-/i&^ wairl9ff)-lafcivio,4. 
{-the wharc) fe ptoftitu&e {the 
whore majler) mochor, I. 
To keep in play^ moror, i . 

rathifta, i. {of tricks) pmftigia- 
tor, ^, (on the flojge) hiftrioy 3/ 
(with jwrds) gladiator, 3. la- 
oifta, I. 
Of a ftage placer, htftricips 

Playing, ludcns 

Belonging to playing, Ittforius 

A pleying place^ iuionum, 2. 

ApAta, placitum, 1. (excufe) excQ'- 
iatio, 3. 

To plead, caufas agJSre {-for one) a- 
liquem defendere (-^ainft) con- 
traaliquem caufam dicere(^/7rjf) 
crimen fateri ('notgniby) crimen 
negare (-ijprartfvcr) ignorantiKf* 
excofatione defendere (-byccvin) 
prxvaricor, !• 

Pleaded, allegatus 

A pleader, advocatut> 2. orator, t* 

A pleadings caufse di&ie> or ae« 

Pleafanti amoenus, gratus (-fweet) 
dulcis, fuavit (merry) feftivut, 
hilaris {in Mfcowfe) lepidut, fi- 

To grow pleafant, hilarefco| 3* 

To make pltafant, exhilaio, x. 

Pleafant faying, facetis,^/. (-^mmtTs) 
deliciae,^/, dapet, cupediaBy^/. 

yery pleajant, amoeBiflimat 

Pleafantly, jiicund^, lepidi 

PUafantntfs^ ameenitas, 3. jacondi- 
ta«» 3. {infpeech) lepor, 3. (in 
tnanners) comitas, 3. urbankat,3« 

Pleafantry, jocofa dkacitas 

To pleafe, placeo, 2. complaceo, 2. 
(or delight) obledo, l,{ontsJelf}, 
voluptatem capere {or humour 
one y alicui obiequi (by fatrifiee) 
placo, I. propitioy x. 
jPleafed, dele£tat\is, o\Ae£UX>M 

P L E 

jfa^d to he f leafed, nuorofus 
Nat to be pitafnd, iinplac^bilU 
Jt pUafetbt placet 
Tlea/ing^ gratus, jucundus. 
A plecying^ %fZtificd^t\Of 3* 
Fleafir^nefi, amoenitas, 3. 
FUaJuridtlej (rratuSj jucunduS 
JPUaJure (dd'ght) voluptas, 3. dc- 

kc>aii6, 3. dele^ amen turn, 2. 

(will) arbitrium, 2. (fervice) be- 

neficium, 2. g*^atia, i. 
Oi pleasure t voluptarius 
A fkafure hoat, thalamegos 
To p/eafure, (or do a favour) g'ati- 

£cor, !• (or humour) morigeror, 

I. (or accomoiodate) accommq • 

^ I. (or take pleaiure in) de- 

laaor, I. 
Pkafured tvUb^ accommodatus ' 
Doing a pieafure, benignui 
P/eMatty plebeius 
AplKdgt (pawn) pignus, 3. (proof) 

teflimonium, 2. (furety) prars, 3. 

vaa, 3. 
To'pledge (pawn) pignero, i. (in 

drhking) pr<>pinantl vices red* 

Tkdgeiy pignorj oppofitas 
A piedgety peniculus, 2* 
A ptedglng, pigooratio, 3. 
Plenary^ perfe£Vus, planus 
A pl-pii^otentiary^ plena poteftate 

Plenitudcy plenitude, 3. 
i^kntecui^ abiindan?, coplofut 
*Vo bt plenteous, dhxxMO, I, 
Plentecujl:^ aKundantcr, copiolJ 
Pientecujnejiy copia, J, 
PlentifbU afflucns, copiofus(-/j&cw«-) 

Jarpus iniber 
Plentifully y uhcrtitn, copio{c 
P/er.tifuirtfz, plentyy €Opi^, I. abuo- 

dantia, i.' 
^^/Tif^Pj n»^w frumciiU'JOU- 1 

P L O 

mcrui (of honey) vis maxima 
mellis (of^ tvords) orationis flu- 
men ■ copia verborom (of leaves) 
fdicrum hixuria (of furniture) 
multa fupellez 

Fhhoric^ plethoricus 

ApMtUry, plethora, i, 

Apkuufy, pleuritis^ 3. 

Pkurirkj pleuriticus 

PuM^ flexiiis, flexibilis, trafta- 
biJj-j farilip, manfuelus 

PiiaJ^ft^/t of temper, facilitas, 3, 
(&r hooding) fiexibilitas, 3, 

To hi }lljnt, obliequov, 3, 

Tugy^upltttnty lentefco, 3. 

To ifmke pliant, emollio^ 4. 1 

F/Ja^snels'f ((&t pliablenefs \ 

Afh'ghtj ffatusj 4. conditio, 3. (of^ 
boify) hdbitudij, 3. habitus, 4. j 

Afiitifh^ plinrljus, 2. j 

To pi, J J fedulo operam navare 1 
Aploddtrj fcdulus I 

A //s/ (ccnipii^cy) confpifatio, 3. 
(d: I'lgo) coiiciJIum, a. rjtio, 3. 
[<f a tuilditig) ichnographia, i, 
{^fthefrtfif of a building) orrho- 
g a^hiJiii* (of ground) agellus,2. 
art-t, t, 
Ta/>j'-/ (confult) conAiltOi i. con- 

l^^i't) CDnfpiro, I. 
Fhtted^ dcfignatus 
A plotter, conjuratus, 2. 
Aplsfthgj confpiratio, 3, 
Tob f/Gtfingf machinor, i. 
\ plif^'P^i\ aratrcm, 2. (joiner's 
to'^l) pUnulaad oras afTerum f^ri- 
■nd 1 {man) arator, 3. agricola, 
J. {-Jbare) vomer, 3. (-handle) 
(Iba, I, ('Jfaff) ruUa, i. {-land) 
arvqm, z* 
^hLrb cxfrt, triones, pi. 
TopUugl, aro, I. fulco^ i, 
Fl9ughcdj aratus 

P L U 

,Mtyi bepbugbtdi arabilb 
ApUugUfigy aratio, 3* 
Aplucb^ txUypL 
Ttpluck, vello, J. Tellko, i. 

funder) di vello, 3. (-dbwii)di 

3' (-^ow) abftraho, 3* (-jkn 

flores carpcre ('^ decerpo 

(-out eyes) o<fdl6s effbdere (-ij 

/£>« roott) eradico^ i» (-tf^ 

fe colligere 
Plucked afitnder, dtvulfus (Jr 

ereptus, avulfus ( out) en 

('Up by roots) eradicatoa . 
A plucking away, avulfio, j. (- 

evrlfio, 3. ('Up by tbirotti)tM 

patio, 3. 
A plug, clxvus ligneu^ cutwM 
A f'um, prunum, 2. 
plumtree, prunus, i,f 
plumage, fertum piumatile 
A plumb-line, amuflis, 3. Iib«l»a 
To plumb, opus ad libdltm ' 

Plumbean, plumbeus 
A pfume offea-hers, apex pluflltf 
To plume ; (ec to f^rip, adtrn 
A plummer, plumbarios,!. 
Aplumni.i (ui'ca by btiildcr»)l« 

ad lihcllam penfilis 
Plump, nitidus, obefus 
To plump up, tumeO| %% inftfl^ V 
plumped up, i-^flatus 
Plumpnefu nit or, 3, venufla^ 1 
Plunder, pratda, i rpolium,!. 
To plunder, praedior, i, pecol^i 

fpolio, I. vafto, I. depopnkHy* 
Plundered, fpoliatusy vaftatBS 
A plunaerer, prxdator, 3. vaM 
A plundering, rpo]iatio,3. vaftiP 
A plunge, innmetBo, 3. (ortttd 

difHculias, 3, ' ' " 
To plunge, immergo, 3, ad b|i 

redigi (-often) mv(o^ !• (^^^ 

urino^ I. 


O I 

P O I 

nt, AibmeHbs Pmgiuna^ piungens, aculeatus 

rgeai A/0iVar^pugiOy 3. 

Dcrfio^ 3. ifiuneriio 'A/>0fff/, punAuiii,!. (^r cafe) caufa, 

I. ftatus, 4. caput, 3. lucus, 3. 
Gtas, 3« (tfr chief matter) caput, 3. (-f^ 

1 beneficia ecclefia- Una) cafus, 4. {•of land) pro- 
Kcapata montoriuin, a. (^r fubjeft ii 

ter hand) ar^mentum, ». res> }. 

Ulofus ex piHa c<m- confiliuoi, %, {iu tahles) punc- 

tum, 2. 

flefto, 3, (give a* The point {cf a nek) vertex, 3. ca- 

(-/o bvfintji\ ope- cumerK, 3, (o/'a weapon) cufpis, 

urge) turgco^ %. 3. mucro, 3. ^cies, 5, (c/<f J-*^, 

liAor ^c. ) gnomoii93 . ( -< ^ '^« ccwtpaft) 

Tentorum diverfi tradlus {of the 
3* matter) cardo rei 

maticus In point of, rtCpcA^ 

aaiatica, pL At the pointy jam jamqoe 

lo, I. (or kill game Point blank, prsecife 
ta venatione uti A nice point, fcrupulus, s. 
ovum forbile To point (or iharpen) acoo^ 3. (at) 

icita venatione uti- monftro, i. digitis defignoit. {or 

djftingaiih by pointi) iaterpongo, 
tio illicita 3. {a cannon) tormentum diri- 

I. gcrc 

arum veiHgia Pointed, acatuf, cufpidatus (at) di- 

lico afFc^tts gito monftratua (in writing) in- 

venereus terpunflas ' 

, ^4 ]oculus,a. {-of A pointer (dog) cams fubfidens 
(acchus A pointing, punAato, 3, {ai) indi- 

ilia condere (hide) catio, 3. 
affront) contuinc- Pointlefs, hebes, obtufos 
•c Topoife^ pondero, 1. pendo, 3. 

Kpoile^ pondus, 3. {equal ) aequi- 
3» pcndium, 1. 

fifl, 3. poetica, r. . Poifed, ponderatus, penfus 
vat«y3. {paultry-y Poifot^ venenum, x. virus, 3, 

To poifon, veneno toUere {or cor- 
i rupt) depravo, i . vitio, I . ( itbingt 

I. viitbout life) veneno inficere 

eticas Poi fined, veneno infie^tus 

A^yoir^r, ven«ficus, a* j 

Apoifoning, vene^cium, a. 

:o, I« 
itai, $• 

[Poifonouj, veaeaofus, rJruJeatus 


A poke, fac^uifi. faccolas 
To poke, digito, &c. explorare 
*A poker, tatum adignem cxltan* 

Polar, polaris 
A pole, perticy, i. {in the bemmtt\ 

polos, a. mtindi cardo {watef 

man's)tm6ctf 3. contut,a< {htmt^ 

ing) venabidumy 2.(-Mr] bipeft- 

nis, J. fecorfs, 3. 
A polecat, putoriua, a* 
PolemCrpoUmical, p^lemicos^ ^ 
Policy (art of governing) pclitia* I* 

(counfel) conftliom, a. (cnfc) 

calliditas, 3. aftutia, i. (ftrau- 

gem) ftratagema, 3* 
A policy (of afliirance) fyngrapha 

qua cavetor 
Apolijb, polttora, a. 
To polifii limo, f . polio, 4, 
Polifhed, politus, limatns 
Apoli/ber, polio, 3. 
Polite, tlcgans, politns, excoliaa, 

comptus, concinnos, oinatus, ur- 

Politenefs, urbanitas, 3. civili^> %• 
Politic, aflutus, callidus 
Politici^ politia,^/. 
Political, poUticus 
A politician, politicorom pentui 
PMckly, aftut^, callide 
Polity, politia, i. . ' 

The ppll (head) <aput, 3, (lift of 

votes) fu^ragantium catalogut 
A^d//, ele^io viritimfa6ta 
PelUmoncy, capitatio, 3. 
To poll (flic«r) tondeo, a. {for ma* 
gifiratesf &c,) fuffragium viutim 

A pollard tree, arbor caedoa 
I Polled (clipped) tonfus 
To pollute, polluo, 3. corrumpo, 3» 
Polluted, coiLUimTiil\i% 
A ^uliii]^, ^UtatoR) Y^Wa^^Q^ V 


To/©//, lapidibus petere 

Aif$/tron, ignavus, timidus 

P^fygatfy, polygamia, i. 

Afo/y/roft^ polygonia, i. 

Apolyput, polypus, i. or &//>, m* 

A pcmegranate, malum granatum 

To pommel^ pugno dimulcere 

^^ pommel, ephippii orbiculus 

Pomp^ pompa, 1. fplcndor, 3. . 

Pompoutt fplcndidus, ffiagnificvs 

Pompoitfly, fplendide, maghific^ 

Pompoufne/sy pompa^ i, 

A poffd^ ftignuiD, a, lacus, 4. (for 
fjh) pifcina, i. 

maffiponi, pifcinalis 

To pinder ; fee to meditaU, think 

Ponderous, ponderofus^ gravis 

Pcnderoufiy, graviter 

Ponderoit/nefi, gravitaa, J, 

A poniard, pugio^ 3. 

Pontic, ponticui 

Apcn^ijr, pontifex, 3. 

Pontifical, pontificalia 

A pontifical, ritualis poiitificixuil 

Pontificate, pontificataSf 4. 

A ponton f ponto, 3. 

A pony, equulus 

A pool ^ (tt pond 

^be poop, puppis, 3. 

Topocp, lubmifl^ pedere 

Poor (in circumftances) pauper, in- 
opsy egeas, humUis, tenuis (bar- 
ren) aridus, jcjunus^ frigidus 
(mean) vilis, Ibrdidus, mifer 
(lean) macer, maciienrus, ma; 
cic confe£tus(rrifling)nEialus9 ler- 

*TQbepf>or, egco, », 

To make poor, depaupero, I. (to be 
made poor) ad inopi^m rcdigi 

poorly, mi fere, t<'nujter, male 

Poorngfi, paupertasS- egeftas, 3. (of 
ground) fterilicas, 3. 

?^/S* /iKfi^ /^ jgavt^f ori indSrc 


(•^ff^ g^^\ fcloppum difplodere 

(-out) fubito egredi ("OUt a merd) 

temere verbum eflfutire (unte a 

place) Aibit* ingredi 
Apop'gufif fcloppus, 2* 
l^be pope, papa, a» m. 
The popedom, papatas, 4. 
Popery, papifmus, 1. 
Pc^ijo, papalisy pontifieiut 
^taplar tree, populus, 2. 
0{ poplar, popuieus pupa J !• 
P^ppy, papaver, 3. 
Oi poppy, papavereus 
Poppy coloured, papaveratus 
Poppy juice, meconium, z« 
The populace, plebs, 3* vulga8> 2* 
Popular (vulgar) vulgaris, slebeias 

(pleafing) popularif, vulgo ac- 

Popularity, popularitas, 3* 
Popularly, populariter 
Populous, populo frequent 
Populoufnefs, popuU frequentia 
Porcelain, vafa porcellanea 
A porcb, ponicus, 2. (of a cbuni) 

Veftibulum, 2. 
A porcupine, hiftrix, 3. 
A pore, porui %. meatus, 4. 
Tu pore, attentids confiderare 
Port, caro fuilla 

A poKket, pOrcellus, 2. r(efreodi8,3. 
Porous, poris abundans 
Porofity, or poroujneft, qualitas rei 

poris abundantis 
Porphyry, porphyrites, a, m, 
Theporpoije, or porpus, turfio, 3, 
PorreEiion, porreftio, 3. 
Porrige; (tc pottage 
Porrige pott olla, i. cacabus, 2« 
^porringer, fcutella, I. 
A port, portus, 2. 
I Port ivine, vinum rubmin 
I'j^he Port^ aula Turcica 


Having maty fortt^ portooTi^. 
Port, geftas, 4. vitCf ^. 
Pertaikf portabilis 
A portal, porticos, 4. 
A/orfaii/rV, 'poru clsaia 
To portend, pnefagioi 4* 
A portent ;, lee om^ 
A porter (at a gate] jiiutor> V 

ariu3,2 (carryitsg lurtbem)\K{ 
Porterage, baiulorum mercd 
Portholes, ftneftellae 
A portico i (ce portal 
A portmanteau f hypopera^ I* 
A portion ((bare) portioy p Ai 

pars, 3. (in marruge) 4m 

(to live upon) peco1ioiny>. 
Having a portion, dotata 
To fMtrtion, doto, I . (or dllHQi 

tior, 4« diftribuo, 3. 
Pottlitiifif corjyoris digatal ^ 
Portly, corporis djgiiitate.|ad| 
To pifi I fetp^isTiit 
A pafyf, ftorum ftTdcvIiit (j 

rf>:^) ajuiuJi fymboljUB 
A pofitiott, (placing) locttlOit 

litiOi 3« Hiut, 4. (tbefis) tP 
Pafiti'vf^ pofitiviii^ ceftnt [-•( 

nar, coofidens 
Pofitively, praecife 
Pofitivenefk, pefvicadat !• 
To Poffe/s, poffideo, 2. Ocai| 

(before) praeoccupo, J» 
PojMed, poflefTuSyOccnpttBifi 

efiate) hsreditate fnieiii(lj 

fpin't) a daemone obfefliii 
Bojfejfion, poiTeffio, 3. (fy/H 

tion) ufucaptios 3. (in tnfl 

feflio fiduciaria 
Poffejfive, pafTelT.vus 
Apopffour, poireflbr,3. JWBl 
A pofftt, lac vino cotgolatuB 
Pojfbiltty, poffibilitas, 3. 
Pojfible, poOiblUs 

tiiy 3. (office 
,. Tibtion) ftatioy. 
I (letter carrier) 
{'hgr/i) veredus, 
idorum ftatio 
acceflttt propior 
inim praefe£hi8 
cupai^ (or make 
(owe for a ccwara) 
im alicui palam 
in libmiB tranf- 
^Mc placet) pub- 

4 locatm 

ono, 3* 



es pofterior^ 




ti adiditamentum 

rum pracdu^r 

Utum, 2. 

jpoTitiQ {of mind) 

tffain) conditio,3, 

2. olla, 1. (/I; 

r, ollarii 
ondire , 

I ad (aponem con- 

cMnbibo, 3*(«^») 
. (-i^^i) olera^/. 
Uatea (-ladJeJ ru- 
d) operculum^ 2. 


> I* 


P O U 

Potentate^ princeps, 3, 
fotential, potentialis 
A potter, turba, i. 
A potion, potio, 3. 
fettage, jus, 3. jorcolum, s. (of 
harUy) ptifana, i. (thick) pul- 
msntarJQin, 2. 
Of pottage, pulmentarit 
A potter, figulusy 2. 
Belonging to a pvtter, figulinus 
A pottle, qaatuor librz li^uidorum 
Potvlent, potuleojtus 
A pouch, pera, i. n^arfupian, 2, 
Pouch mouthed, labeo, 3, 
}To pouch lips, labia demittere 
Pouder, pulvis, 3. 

To pouder^ pulvere confpergo {with 
/alt) fale condirc (tit hair) pul- 
vifculo crinem afpergSre {rtduce 
to pouder) in pulverem redigere 
Pondered, pulvere coniperfus (re- 
duced to powder) pulvis fac^ 
tU8 {'mitbf)>ot5) roaculofut (vflih 
fait) fale condittts, falitus 
Pcudering, pulvere infpergeos (ar 

reafonin^) falitura. i. 
Tovehy, paupertas, 3. inopia, x. 
To he in poterty, eg^o, 2« 
To poult, peto, 3, impeto, 3, 
Apottlt (blow) iftiis, 4. 
A'poulterer^ pullarius, 2. 
A poultice, catap!arina, 3. 
To poultice, cataplafma adhibcre 
poultry y pa)Iicies> 5. 
Keeper of poultry, gal^iflarius^ 2, 
tVbere poultry is kept, galUnanun),!, 
Ofpattltry, gallinaccus 
To pounce (as a hawk) ungulbus 
comprcb'eiidere {-papfr) pulvere 
chartam ad fcribendi u(um aptam 
A pourd (weight) libra, i, pondo, 
initccl. as, aj/is. m. [inmoffry) vi- 
gmj fold, Jibrjj^ /. tninti, t, 


P O W 

f Tfaf a pmmif felibra, 1 . 
1 Poundandhalf^ refqailibim, 
I Two pounds, dipondium^ xJ 
Of iiv§pennd$,hl\ihrit{'ehreap$mmhj 
trilibris {-fiur potndt) quadnli^ 
brit {•five ponndi) quiafQcAibafiv 
Ten pounds, decuffis, 3. 
Twenty pounds, viceffis, 3. 
Thirty pounds^ triceffii, 3. 
HnnHd weight, centipoudioai^s* 
To^ai^(bniife} conters. $. coa* 
tundo, 3. l-eetttie) pccora 6pt» 
inclufa detineie 
Poundag$, ve£Hpl tx fingulii minit 

Toumded, piftut, contritui (ai cattle) 

fepto iodufue 
Afom^ag, coatofio^ 3« (-^^Mit) 

10 fepio iachifio, 3. 

To pmr, fundo, 3. (.hack) ithudo, 

3. (-Aw«) defondo, 3, (./») ia- 

^ ftindo, 3. (often) fundito^ i*(m<) 

effundo, 3. (m <f onoHnto ama» 

thtr) tlutfio, I. transfundo, )| 

{upon) perfundo, 3. infundo, 3. 

Toured, fufusy refufua» iaAifiat, of. 

fufus, elutriatua 
May he poured, f uiilit 
A pouter^ fufor 
ApourJU, or profipiOure, catagia^ 

phuoi, 2, imago obliqua 
A pouring in, infufio, 3. (-hy dropsy 
inftillatio, 3. (all over) perfufio, 
3. (-oat) effufio, 3. traosfufio^3. 
To ponrtray, delineo, t* depingo, 3, 
Pourtrayed, depid^us 
A pourtrait,peurtrakure, piihira, u 

imago, '3. effigies, 5. 
To pout I fcepowe 
Powder I fet pouder 
Power, potentia, T. poteftasr- 3. 
virtus, 3. fafUtas, ^. (^iL\i\V^QviX>j\ 
auftoritts, ^. (^foTct,ot &xtii%\.\\^ 

P R A 

^%eftwen eftbe mnd^ dotes ^nimi 

{••fkmrope) princepet Europx 
Jn wispowoer^ penes me 
To ke in, or have power, valeo, 2* 

'polleo, a. atithoritate oiunlri 
JSimtrfid (having power) potem» 

▼i£do8 (efficaciook) efficax 
A!tf^o«vr/«/,inpotent (inefFedlual) 

Powerfully, potenter, efficadter 
, TofWvfrinep, vis, 3. potentla^ x. 
Ttpfawt, ftomacbor, i. 
Pifmtmg, morofus, ftomachofus 
Feittrtiftg/y, labiis exertis 
^hepox, lues venerea {fmall-) va- 

riolsSfpL {chicken-) variolae pu- 

ihilis albicantibus 
PrftSicahle, poteft fieri 
TnatHCfPraBicaty pradlctts 
Fra&lce, ufas^. experiential i. (c«- 

ftwa^ confuetadOy 1. (feeret-) 

aioltmen^ 5. 
TopraSifey exerceo, %, experlor, 4. 

{'law) legum nodos iohMtt{'phy' 

jEf) medicinam exercere (-vfr/fe) 

ad ftudia vtrtutit incumbere(-i^« 

mone) aliqnem allicifre 
To put in praSlicey exequor 
Pradlfed, exercitatus 
ApraElijer, exercitat*r^3. (-»'« law) 

caurarum a£tor (-/« fhyfic) me- 
dic! nx profeilbr 
Apr0&ijing^ exercitatio, 3, 
A praffitioner, exercitator, j. 
JPragmatical, pragmaticu8» ineptot 
PraSmatically, inepti, infulf^ 
Trafmaticaltte/s, infulfitas, 3. 
Fraiff, laas, 3. praeconium, ». ' 
Fraife worthy, landabilis 
Withprai/e, hudabilitcr 
Not praijfed, illaudatus 
To prai/e (commend) lando, i. ex- 

f^^^f^^ Jf fp»««} «ft«nQ, !• 


Iraijed, laudatus, aeftimatus 
Apraij'er, laudator, 3. (priier) afli- 

mator, 3. 
A praifing, ]audatio, 3. (prliing) 

aeflimatio, t. 
To prance, fubfultare 
Praftfing, fubfultans 
Aprati/f, ludus, 2« {wichd») Tcelui, 

3. flagitium, 2, 
To prate, garrio, 4. blateroj i. 

(foo/i/hly) ineptio, 4. nogor^ t 

(pertly) argutor, 1, (as a ntirfs } 

lallo, I. 
Prating, loquax, dicax 
A prating, dicaciCas, 3. loquaiicasj^, 
Hold your prating, tacete 
Prattic, commeatuS) 4, nego^ia^di 

Prattle, garrltos, 4. 
Pravitf, pravitas, 3, 
A praun^ carls, 3, 
To pray, oro, i. rogo, I. prccarji» 

(earne/lly) enixe petere [aga;n/{) 

deprecor, i, f-for) interceJo, 3. 

{'together) comprecorj, t. 
Prayed^ oratot 

A prayer, oratio, 3. deprecatio^ 3. 
Prayers, preccs, pL 
By prayer, prcce 

A praying, obfecratic, 3* rogtCfO,^, 
To preach, pr«dico, I. conciojior, 1 , 

(ajernton) facram orationem ha* 

bere {-up an opinion) opinionem 

inculcare {'O'ver one's cups) verbii 

n.uada viva fadTre 
Preached, condone di£la 
A preacher, pracco, 3.praedicatori3* 
A preamble, prooemi'um, 2. 
To make s long preamble, longl dr- 

cuitione uti 
A prebend, praebenda, t. 
A prebendary^ pneben^larius, 2, 
Prtcar'ms, prcwritii 


^PmariiofJJy, precari^ 
Frecarimf0e/s,wndi^o relpri 
A precatt:i&a, cautio, 3, 
To ufi precaution, praecaveo, 
To precautkn, pr«noneo« a, 
To prt^dt (go before) prcc4 

(pxre)} prjsfto, i« lupero, 
pTccedeifCc, precedency, jus | 

dendi uiieiiiiot 
Pratdcffti praecedens, anteced 
Aprttedent^ cxemplum, 2. 
Prtctdintlf^ ante, privaqaaiD 
A prttept, praec^toia, t» m 

tumi 2» 
Prrc^n cv, prasceptim/ 
A f^Kftitort prxceAtar, 3. 
A prcdn&t dftio, 3, 
Pricions, cams, pretiofbl 
Prrchtfjly, prctio(e, cari 
Frecia&jiefit tei caritas 
A precipice (fteep place) pisd 

umi jL, (danger) dlTcriiiNii j 

riculum, 2. 
Frea'pitaficyf tomeritas, 3» 
Pfrcipifant, cemerarin 
Fraipkantiy^ prsepropcri 
Tto predpittTte (caft headlong) 

cjpicD, I. (hurry) prcpropcr 

Prtiffitmi^ praeseps, j, teip» 
ijubji.) metcurius pneciil 
Predpiffftedf prcci^tatut 
PrtapitaTeiy, pnCprdpei^ 
Precipitation, praecipitatio^ Jt 
Precife (certam) certns, djtji 
(anicit) afTeftatus (frreif 
fcrupolofus, nimii religuM 

Precifeiy (ewaiy) accurall I 
catjy) mot liter, afreaate(ftl 
touny) fcrupulofc 

Pftd/caij't, hScStZilo, 3. 

El £ 


, paCUo antecedenf 
praecorfor, 3. 
^, anteceflor) 3. 
un, majoict, f/, 
Hy prsedeftinoy I. 
, praedeftinatus 
f prsedeftinatio, 3* 
rjoii,' pnedeterminatio 
fUf ante terminare 
re, ante defignatus 
'a, deceit elementa lo* 

ft, praedicaoientiiiD, 2. 
»nditioa} ftatut, 4. 
prxdico, I. 
y praedicatum, i. 
inedico^ 3. 
prxedidiOy 3. 
u, prseraleo^ t« 
nte elefhis 
tTxtle€Lk>, 3» 
praeeminentta, i.(ex- 
r^ftaotia, i. (Aipreme 
itntf 4. principatus,4. 
fsaoBptio, 3« 
, aati obligare 
twtf ohUgatio antece- 


prandfteiitiay i. 

r^KtOy 3. proflemium 

f, abrupte 



Feaos, ft. prsfes, 3. 

neftdon^ x* 


vance) eveho, 3. eflR^ro (exhibit) 
exhibeo, 2, (propofe) propono^ 3*. 
Preferable, praetercndus 
Preferanee, partes prioret 
Togfve preference j fee to pf'effr 
Prrfgrment, honor, 3. dignitas, J. 
preferred, praeJatus 3 prspofitus (/« 
aiffiity) promotus^ cvedus (ex- 
hibited) allatus, exhibitus 
Preferring, anteferens, prseponens 
Prefigured, praefiguratus 
To ptefx, praefigo, 3. 
Prefixed, praefixus 
Prrj^tfff^) graviditas, 3. 
pregnant, pra^gnans, gravtdus 
Pregnant wit, ingenium fubtile 
To prejudge, prcjudico, I, 
Prejudicate, prxj ud icatus 
Pr^udice (damage) damnum, %• det 
trimentum, r. (rafh judgi;ig) 
prffjudicium, 2. 
Without prejudice, falvo jure 
To pr^udice J fee to injure 
To be prejudiced, praejudicto abripi 
Prejudicial, noxiur, incommodus 
Prelacy, pravfulatus, 4. 
A prelate, praeful, 3. praelatus, 2* 
Prele^ion, praeleAio, 3, 
A preliminary^ prooemjum, 2. 
Preliminary articles, prolud|ittm^ 2» 
A prelude, praeludium, 2» 
Premature, prsmaturus 
Prematurely, praematur^ 
To premecUtate^ primed itor, i. 
Premeditated, premeditatus 
A premeditating, praemeditatio, 3. 
Topremije, prxfari 
The premtfes (fpolcen of before) 
praemiHa, pL (lands, 'houfes, or 
what* belongs thereta) fundi> pU 
A premium, pranmum, 2. 
To premomjbf praemoneo, s« 
Prenmifitd, ynemomt^i \ 


A premcnitlov, praemonitio^ ^« 
Apremunire, bonurum confircati^^ 

3. (danger) periculum 
A prentice j fee apprentice 
To prtoccupy^ praeoccupo, i. 
To preordain, pNeordino^ i, 
A preparation, praepaMtio, 3. (fir 

a journey) viaticom, 2. apt am* 

tU9, 4. 
With preparation^ prarparatd 
A ^r^rfffivf, praeparatus, 4. 
Preparatory, praRparatorins (-^/> 

courj'e) fermo parani ad r 
To prepare, praeparo, I, ptro, x. 
{-afeajl) convivium omare (-/» 
fgbt) ad pugnam inftrucre {for 
death) de aniraae falute cogitare 
{wBuah) opfonor, r, {-awty) 
viam parare, or munire (» be 
prepared for) ad agendum. ac» 

Prepared, paratus, inftru^hu .(if» 
painted) defignatut 

Prepenfe, prsmeditatus 

Aprepojition, pvaepo(itio, 3. 

To prcpojfrfs, praeoccupo, i, 

Prepojifjfed, praK)ccu|/*tus 

P''epoffif£ivn, praeoccupatio, 3# 

Prcpojhrous, perverfus, monftrofiiB 

Prepcfieroujly, monftrofc 

The prepuce, praeputium, 2, 

A prerogative, praeiogativa, i« 

Prerogative, prerogativus 

Apr^age, omen, 3. pratfagium,*. 

To prefage, portendo, 3. ' 

Prejdging, porteodena 

Aprejbyter, preibjter, 2* 

Prefbytery, prefbyterium, 2* 

A prejhyterian, calyinifta, a* m» 

Prefcience, praefcicntia, 1. 

To pre "cribe, pra^fcribo, j, {<^§utt4s) 
ttrrinino, j. 

Prejcribed, praefcriptu* 


A pnfcript, prsfcriptum, i, . 
prefcrifticny prafcriptio, 5. 
J>refettre, praefentit, i. (miea) oris, 
or t'ormx fpeclet (l<>ok} afpis^lus 
4. Tultos 
•^prefence, coram 
Prefatt, prseiens (at hand) praefto 
For the ^efenty nunc, jam, impre 
rentiaratn, in praefenti 
' By fhefe prejents^ per ha« praefcntei 

Pnfent manejff pecania numerata 
•To befrejent, adfum 

• ■ A frifent, donum, 2. 
Tofrefgttt to a &vhgt beneficiurt 

offerre, donare, largiri (-c«f'| 
Jelf Ufore one), compare©, ». (i 
coram aliqno fiflere {-a naked 
■ breafi) nudum peAus praeftarf 
(-/or a fault) avud curiam d4 

• re aliqiio qiieri {-» gun) bombardat 

aliaucm pctere ^ 

iifrefentatjotty pratfentatio, 3. {hya 

p0tron) vocacio ad beneficmm 
A prtfentment, citatio, 3. 
Prefented^ collatus, praefentatuf 
Afrefefiti'^gy prasfentatio, 4. 
Prcfutlyi ftatiro, illico, mox 
prtJtivatiMt confcrvatio, 3, 
A pre.ervative^ antidotug, %» 
A preferve, confeftio, 3. , 

T^prefirve, tuc«r, z, confervo, i. 

(./rww)eripio, 3. libcto. i. (-iti 

health) foipito, x. ('fruits) lac- 

charO condirc 
^r 'avedy confervatus libcratua (in 

health) fofpca {^fruUi) fni&ut 

Aprejerver, defcnibrjj. proteaor,3, 
A prefer^ifig, prefervation, confer- 

vatio, 3« ^ . , 

Toprefide, prahim, praefideo, «. 
A/^ident, prxica, 3. 
.J*/vyfa7a/, prx£dhlk9 

f^^i, tojcular, j« pr^uWf a. 


\-fir cloaths) armarium, 3. ( /or 
books) plutcus, 2. 

A prefs roomy torcularium^ 2» 

AprefsofpecpUf turba, I. 

To pre/s, premoy 3.deprimo, 3* ez- 
primo, 3.comprimo, 3. (or urge) 
urgeo, 2. inft>, i. {-for^oard) 
annitor, 3. cont'^do^ 3. {-upon) 
infto, I. {'fildiers) invitos con< 
fcrib&e, 3. {fogethfr) coarflo, i, 

Prefs money, anftoramentum, a. 

Prtffed, prefTus (or urged) efHagita- 
tus (^owff) deprf flus (.ott/).ex- 
pre(rus(-r0g-^i&«r)comprerru8 (-up' 
on) ingeftos (as ibidiers) invito 

ApreJJhdn, ve^ltarius 

ApreJ/ing, preiTora, i. prefTus, 4 
{-aown) deprefiio^ 3. {-iogetber) 
compreffio, 3. 

Aprejure, prtfiura, i. (-of mind) 
angor,3. aerumna,i. 

Preft (ready) paratus 

Toprefu^, be prefumttuouSf prae 
fido, 3. arrogo, i. (hope) fpcro, 
I. (Aippofe) conjicio, 3. reor, i. 

Prefumedy arrogatus 

Banting prefumed, aufus 

Prffurttptiofij arrogantia, 1. audacia, 
I, (conje^ure) fu^icio, 3. 

Prefutrptive, przfumptiTUS, proxi- 

Prefumptttous, arrogans, audax 

Prefumptuoujly, arroganter 

Prefumptuoujnefs, audacia, i. 

To prefuppofe^ praefuppono, 3. 

A pretence, praetextus, 4. color, 3. 

To pr(t§nd, prstendo, 3« fimulo, i. 

Pretended^ fimulatus 

A pretender (diflcmbler) fimnlator, 
3. (candidate) competitor, 3. 

Pretending^ flmulans 

Preterdirgfyy fub pretextu 

A (ntfvjiqn {,%\w\ N^Ui^lktio, 3 


poihi]8tto,3.(defign) confii 
(hope) fpesy 5. 

^n>e preterpgrfeff, prarteritos 

Preterimperfefff praeteritas 

PreternnturaU praetematnrali] 

Pret&nsturalh, pneter natur 

Pretirphtperfea , plotquamj 

A pretext \ feepretenet 

Pretious, pretioCus 

A pretor^ praetor, 3. 

Pretorian, praetoriantir 

Pruty, bellos, fcitus (merty] 
^QSy ftcctvs' 

Pre/rjris commonly ofed forfn0f 
and then is made fit^MM 
a comparative or a Mtai 
as pretty much cwcemtd^ tri 
a pretty big girl, gntd^ 
Sometimes 6y alifumtv, « 
comparative, as tM ^rr ^ 
favingy aliqoantd ad remi 
tiores fumna. And (btae 
hybene, Mt, pretty rich, brail 
matus, pretty eoriy, bene an 

A pretty t»hi/e, aliquamdia 

T^erypretty, perelegans 

Prettify, Ichi, bene, venuft^ fi 

Prettinefsy elegantia, i. vesifl 

;To prevail, valeo, a. pfjevala 

{by intreaty) impetro, t. cm 

(-over) fupsro, I, vinco, }. 

Prevailed upon, eviaus (i^& 
tits) piicibus fleAvt 

Prevailing, elHcax (.^raiii)i| 
recepta cr popularis 

Prevalence, prefoiemy, efBcid 

Prevalent, prs^valens 
Toprevan'atte, prsvartoor) li 
A prevaricating, pretunricMtimi 

Infio, :j. pranraricttib, 3. 
AprevarifatU^ (perfoa} hom 

R I 

I ("ffeteb) farmofi* 

prx w icAtor ) 3* 
svenioy 4. praeverto 
cipatQ«9 incifos 
npedicor, 3. 
firevtntun, anticipa- 
:cupatio»3. (binder* 
:>o^ 3. tardatioy 3. 
ilexipharmacBiDy «• 

, I. 

pnedor, i. 
ipntdatiOy 3. 

tf, tanti 

anlijem (^ « Stefe 

li [at p ireat frke) 

) punatim^ 2. punc- 
ad) acolensy 2. («r 
ihaara, x. (wiVift a 
sn^ioncula, t. {0/ 
sittltis, 2. morfasy 4. ' 
JO, 3. repiifigo, 3. 
ote 4own)dbligoo,i. 
icito,i. {uf the ear$) 
I {up OWf'f ftlj) it 
tiis in nuific) nota* 

IS {'f9rward) inci- 
te {-wm) Tinam 

^, ftimulans 

oncitatio, 3. 
I. fentia, 3. 
Bty fptniifat 

P R I 

TrM/ifyfuperbia^ f . faftosi 4. (glory) 

prima gloria, i« 
To ffiriit otitis fef, gloriory i 

ja6to, I. 
A pri^, facerdos, 3. 
Fri^btotl, racerdotiufiiy 2. 
frt^fy, /aeerdotalia 
A prig, Dxmic elrgantiae ftadiofos 
Prim I fee. formal, prig 
^primacy^ primatus, 4. 
Primage^ merces oautica pro one* 

randa nave 
Primary, primariiis, prinoi 
A primate, primal, 3. 
Primtj primus, pnecipons (ar chief 

men) prtmores, pi. 
In one*t prime, juTenis, attte flo* 

To prims a gun, pulyerem coMep- 
taculo imniittSre (in paindnf) 
prifflam co!orem inducSre 
^Primefy, praecipud 
A primer, liber elemtntariat 
Prim'tive, prlmitivus 
Primogeniture, primogenitura, t« 
Primordialf primordialit 
A primrGfg^ veris primuli 
A prince^ prjnccp9„ g* 
Prhct like^ principalLi, regalit 
Frincpfyj prindpaij^cf, regi^ 
A princtfi^ pTlficipifTj, I, 
Principal, princtpaDa, praecipiw* 
Jk prinf'pjl {of a f(xiffty\ pr«fei» 3, 
[cfa tof/ags^ pfapfefltuJ, i*(-tfj^ir) 
auftor, 3» caput, 3. dfiZ| 3, 
'The principal, fumma, f . 
Principality, principatus, 4* 
Prinetpalf^, potiflimam, maximi 
A principle (original) principium,2. 
origo, 3. {in pbilofopby) axioma, 
3. (opinion) fenfus, 4* opinio, 3. 
Principles {of art) rudimeflta^ pl» 

{ofaSHon) incitamentumy a. 
Principled, imbutoi ' 

P R I 

Toprhif exomo, i. 
A print (impieffiion) nota, i» im 
pre(iio,3. (p.^re) mago, fculp" 
tura (of a foot) vedigiu-n, 2» 
In print, litterts impreflis (nicely) 

a&bri, giapbice 
The prints, nuncii public! 
To print imprimo, 3. excodo, 3* 

i^dtep) infigo» s* infculpo, 3. 
Printed, impreflas, excufiia 
A printer^ typographus, 2* 
Printing, typographia, i« 
A printing, imprdliOi 3, 
A printing houfe^ typographenm, i, 
A prior, prior monach«iuin 
Prior (before) prior, . 
A priorefi, aixtiftitay I* 
Priority, primatus, 4. prToratus^ 3* 
A priory, cenobiam,2» priora^tt8>4« 
Aprifm, prifna, 3.' ." • 

Aprifon, career, 3. 'ergailultitty St 
To be in prifon \ - fee imprifonedi 
Aprifon^, vin^s.( ijfwar) cap*:- 

tivus, bello captm -\ , « 
Pri^'ii#j» antiquuay.priftitolM 
Prittkpraftle, geftfw, /^v fabubl 
To prietle prattle, hUton^ i* ^ « 
Privacy, (place) recdSua> 4. (-f« 

counfd) tacitomitas, 3. 
Private, fecretus, arcanas (-pA/m) 

homo privatua 
Pri'vatefy, privatim, clam 
A privateer, navis prasdatoria 
Privation, privatio^ 3. 
Privative, privativua 
A privilege, privileginm, 2. imma* 

nitas, 3« 
Priviliged, gxem^tun^ imnonia 
A priviltgefplofe, refugiuoiy 2. 
Privily, oecttlte,- feccetft 
Privy, privatuBj arcannSi Tecretoa 
{'to a thing) confcius, particepif 
tefMa ('chmM) peaectak, 3.gqpi* 
$z a\aK^ 


cla^e interiQs l-farti) pudeada^ 

Aprny, latrina, i. forica, i. 
To prize (value) xftimo^l. {"much) 

maqri xiiiino,« i. 
Aprixe^ palma, i. (plunder) fpo 

lium, 2. prsda, x. (trial of iktll) 

Certamen, 3* 
yrohah/e, pro^abilis, yerifimUis 
Pic6ahi/:ty, probabilitaSy 3. 
^rcbably, probsbiHter 
Aprohat, probatia, 3. 
A ^r0^tfriM,fiobatioy3.(«/'tf /AfTiKr) 

toaminatfo, 3* 
iProbationaffy ad probationem per* 

A probationer^ norichis, 2. tyro,. 3. 
"Probotiimtrjhipi ^rocinium, 2. 
A pfhty inftnxmentum argenteum 

ad Tulnera cxploranda 
^prche, cxplcro, I, tmto, i, 
A pr96iem^ prr)l)kinB, i, 
Prohkmatieit% problematicat 
J*robUmaticaR;f, pmbkmatic^ 
A prccfiiura^ prMcedingt ordc^ 3. 

forrna, T, ftfries^ 5. cbstiquatio 
^be procetd^ proventus, 4. tetlttus 
To proceed (po on) progrcdior, 3. 

procedo, 3. (m /f^zrr/v^) proficio, 
' *• (or rprtogfrooi) enafcor, 3. 

cxo. icr, 3, {in a de^ce) graduffl 

capcfTcrc (at U^) htcperfe^ui 
proceeded (Ijru/ig from) exortus 
Aprcc^ding. proceirut»4. («rti9Bf- 

•aion) tes gcfla (at law) coa- 

troverfia ja(!ici:trta 
A procejty proct.Tus^ 4rlKi'> '*w) 

fomnula, 1'. adtio,'3i'h»y 3. 
In preceft rf ttnu^ temporis pro» 

A p^oceffm^fTXHiMbt %• agmen 

inIHu£lo ordinc procedcns • {in 
r-^^'^v/ofr wv^J fafJcnnis jimitum 


To proclaim, procJamo^ x. denttn- 
cjo, I. ( -ivar) ihoico, 3. {'peace) 
promulgo, I. 
Proc/aimsd^ promulgatus, ijidi^las 
Aproclaiuter, proclamator, 3. 
A proclamation, proclainatid, 3. . 
Proclivity, procllvitas, 3. 
A proconful, proconful^ 3. 
ProconfuUr, proconfularit 
A procon[uljhipy proconruItuSy 4« 
To procrafiinfito, differo, 3. 
Procrafinatedy procraftinatus 
Procrafiinationt procraftinatio, 3. 
To procreate, procreo, i, gigno> 3. 
Proireoffidi procre^tus, iatus 
A procreating f procreation, procrea- 

^% 3* gcneratio, 3. 
A protlor, procurator, 3, 
Tr:S::yjhip, munus procuratOTts 
ProciiTulI:, rrocurandut 
A frocurati.'.A, procurator, 3. 
J^O procure (get) acquire, 3. pro 
; euro, I. (Air up) excito, i. 
' moveo, 2. 

frocured, pjrocuratUJ, acquifitus 
A ptocurery procurator^ 3. (male 
. bawd) IcDO, 3. 
A procuring, procurement, procufa- 

tic, conciliatio, 3. 
Prodigal, prodigos, profuf«i 
Prodigally, prodige, cftufe 
Prodigality, efTufio, 3. di0ipatio, 3. 
Prodigious (monArous) prodigiofus 

{'great) ingcns, profundus 

N. B. When prodigious iignifies 

excej/i've, it is probably a £gn of 
. the fuperlative degree, as, prodi- 

Etous rich, ditiiTiinus ; prodi^i^us 

ka/ned, dodiflimus 
Pnodigiotfjly, prodigiofe 
Ap*odigy^ portentiun, z» 
Prodition (frcafon) proditio^j. 
Produce i ittprodufl 
To f redact (bi'vn^ Cwl^^ioduco,v 


procreo, r. (propofc) In 1 
afterre (fhew) exhibeo, 

To be produced, provenio, 4. 
Produced, n^tus, editus 
A producing, produ£lio, 3, 
Produa (5* the earth) itni 
{ef irduflry) commodum, 3 
lumentum, 2* (or amc 
moncy^ fumrtia, i. (-ofrhi 
foetus ingenii 
Produ^icn, produftio, 3. (< 
maU) procreatio, ^. geaer 
{of plants) germiaalio, 3. (^ 
fruticatio, 3. 
A protm, proamiuin, z. prole 
Profanation, rci lacrae yiolatx 
Profane, profanus 
I0 profane, profano, 1. Tiol< 
Profanencjs^ kiipietas, 3, 
Tofrofeft (own) profitcor,!. 
tife) exerceo, 2«'(proteft)i 
ftando dcnunciare 
Profegedy profeiru8,cxercitati 
P r of effed enemy, hoftis apcrlu 
P^ffdl^dly, ex profcflb 
PrcfeJIing, pfofltens 
Aptofe^n (acknowledgmeni 
femo, 3. (calling 0r 1 1 a^e) 
quaeftus, 4. (way of living] 
vitae (proteilation) coatcfti 
nunciatioj 3. 
kprofeffour, profeflbr, 3, 
A profefforfbip, profieflbris 
Prof eft '^ ict prof effed 
A profer, ox goffer, (attempt) 
*"i» 4. (thing propofed) a 
■ oblata, or proppfita 
To profftf (or attempt) CM 
tento, I. (or propose) pi op< 
• ofFero 

Profferrtd, propofitQ8,~ oblatv 
Proffering, jpropOoens, ofitrei 
Proficiency, progreflus, 4, 

X 2. locninif 2. 

dditus, 4. fniAut 

, J, (-»» learning) 

diisfacere (or get 

Mr, I. 

I, commodus 



le, vtiUter 
I, provedos 


tus, nequam 

>«> 3* 

IS, alcm (« 


d^, alt^ 

oditas, 3, 


If, profufio, J. 
I obiboor, I. 
', aYQi 
cs, 5. 

)- oifonan$ (ra< 
imni 2. 
iolor, i« 

nedidio, 3* 
Mist^ 2« augur 
w, progre<rtt5;4. 
)4ter, 3-. drcui- 



nuy gradatim. 



K frobibition, prebihitmg, interdic- 

tuni| 2. prohibitio> '3. 
Prdhiiitory^ prohibitoriut 
A projeff, cooatos, 4. molimen, 3. 
To f'ojefff defigno, i. molior, 4. 

(jaft out) prom'^neo, !• 
A projeffure, projiSlirig, proJeC^uraj 

I. prominentia, i, 
ProjtffeJ, de/iguatus, excogitatus 
Aprojefior, deHgnator, 3. 
Aprojeffingi ftt projeSlwi 
Apnjiffionf de(i(;natio. 3. 
To pro/ft ven^r, i. aucupor, i. 
Pro-'^j pr*]ep(id, 3. 
PrcUptte, prolepticu^ 
Fniific, proiijical. fcecundus 
Proltpcy longus, prolixui 
PrMxfy, prolixe 
Pr$Iheify, prolixitas, 3, 
A prolocutor, prolocutor, 3. 

I A prologue, prologuB, 2. 
T<> prolong, protrahoy 3, evtendo, 3f 
{'life) vit^m prolatarc 
Frolonged, pfodu^lus, prolatus 
J^proEnger, dilator, 3. 
Aprolongativi ^ro/9ff^/f^,prolatatio, 

A prominenct^, prominentity X« 
Promhent, promineos 
Promifcuous, promilcunt 
Promifcuoufiy, promifcu^ 
Apr^mife, promiflrum, 2. ^•topay 

fHoney) 2Upulatib'nummai.ia 
Topromije, poUiceor, 2. promitto, 

3. (-m marriage) defpondeot 2. 

{'Often) poUicitor, x. {or ajjure 

ofifs/df)rihl pcrfqadSre, fpcrp,i. 
r {'Optnl^) profiteor, 2* {-fir an§- 

/ib<r)eyp]:oniUtto, y{'Conmi(tnalfy) 

(trpulor, li {'ttttttMolly) campro- 
, mitto, 3* {-again) repromitto, 3. 
Pronfifed^ promiffus^ obligates 
Having prpmijed, poUtcitus {in mat' 

riage) f^n^Vut, ddjpoaia^ 


A promt far, proraiiTor, 3. (/« 1 

riagf!) fponfor, 3, 
Aprotkybigf promiflio, 3. 
Apromjfory wtit^ ciutio chirogrt* 

A promontory, promontoriam, i. 
T\*fremoto, promo veo, 2. efllero (-« 
de/^n) coofilio faveie {-one to 
bonoitr) ad honoret promovSre 
{'learning) rem literariam juvare. 
Promoted, promotot, elatut 
A promoter, qui promotet ['offtrife) 

tax feditionit 
Promotion (honoor) honor, 3. dig- 

nitas, 3. amplitudo, 3. 
Prompt f promptus, paratus {-pay^ 

ment) pecunia numerata 
To prompt y foggero, 3. fubjicio, 5« 

concito, T. hortor,!. 
^Prompted, loliciratus, excitttut 
A. prompter, monitor, 3. hortator,3« 
Apromptirg, folicitatio, 3* horta- 

tio, 3. iuggtftio, 3* 
Promptitude, alacritas, 3* 
Promptly, parat^, expedite 
Promptn^s, facilitat, 3. alacritas, 3* 
Aprompiuary, penus 
To promulge, or promulgate, proxwtl* 

go, f • publico, I . 
Promulgation, promulgatio, ]# 
Promulged, publicatus 
Prone, pronus 
Pronefij propeniio, 3. 
A prong, furca, i. bidens, 3* 
A pronoun, pronoQien^ 3. 
To pronounce, enuncio, x. recito, r. 
prohuncib, x. profero (tv^/Qfer^ 
monem prdbd ionare 
Pronouncedf^ pronunoiatos 
A pronouncing, pronunciat{o, 3.(-»^ 
a leBurt) xecitatio publica litera* 
Pronunciation, ct peaking in puklie^ 

P U- F 

FMck weal, reptblic^e Alus 

A fuhlicariy publicanue^ ::. 

Afuhluati:,., po'clicathA, 3, CiJldo 

fubhchfy^ j u biice, ape r ' 5 

to pMifiiJh uhroad, putsh.0,1. nr^l- 
|tu, 1. c^vulgo, 1, piamuJEu, u 
\a Uek) libru:n ed^re 

Tuvhjht(l\ publicatui, pt-fui 

A pub.'ijker, voJg^tor, 3. editor, 3, 

A rvblprg ; Httpuhiuuttax 

tucehge, viiginius, 3. 

'l\. fucker, corrugo, i, 

Ptukere^^ roi'ro^atus 

li a pucker, confufus 

A;.iJ^fer, ft!fpitus,4. fBmultui,4, 

II pudding, faitum, a. (^i*f*.) bo- 
ttilus, 2. (^/a«i-) fat turn tiTJi 
je(ertuin (yir^-) fartairi febo «* 
feftuna (./«^^;^», ^^^] portel- 
Ivs Tiojanus {.bafj.) Aqs finf,^ 
coftus (-/■» any iritsikrii M}) 
▼etitriiulufi fartus 

in pud^ivg time^ oppid& 

A pucuie, foflola, i. Jacuna, u 

To pudd/e, fe in^uino^ 1, 

Fucri/e, puerilis 

J^uerirtty, otierittUt, 3, 

A pvg {of-tiUd^ flatut, 4. ('/«?/*} 
auftflbta, j,(want c?f breaih}itn- 
hclirus, 4. {i^rhfrs) inn rumen - 
turn ad pujv^rcm ifptrgendum 
(dcceptioo) dcccptio, j, 

To puff ^ flo, i.X-snd hh^) ahhtld^ 

fperno, 3. filled rarcj-e fcjttol) 

^xtoUo, J, (iJefthc) dccipio^ i. 

fraudor*( jif'i ti.ruLr.KJfl, 3* inj^o 
To-htpiiffid up^ Intvmtkot 5. 
Jufffd uty \smaXM\S^v3uh prtd^ fu- 

perb;a eUtus 
^"AfL* uhelo'% anheilani 
A ^*#«X» ftiffittio, ' 3/ -ni he n t us, 4. 

(^ mmoMCiiQn) iffim iCf fgfccUtio 

P. U L 

Ptfjfy, tumens, ioflatus 

A/wf (ape) fim»^ I. {'dog) c*jiu 

Tugb ! vah ! apage ? 

Tuiffknee^ poten ria, 1 •poteftii, 3 , vis , 
3. virtus, }. 

To oe pulffant, yalto, 2. 

Fuijantly, potenttr, validi 

ApuACt Tomirus 

Topifkcy vomjto, I. 

■^ /■:.ff, nifus, 4. 

To pu//, velio, 3. yellico.l. (^^ain] 
rcvvUo, 3. (dt) pervellQ, 3. f ii 
w<7y)aveiio,'3.divelIo, 3, f-Atfir*} 
retraho, 3. [back or bimfer) irst- 
pedio;4« (-do^vn) diruoj3, fub 
ruo, 3, demolior, i. (-dW^ 
^r;Vf) foperbiam coinpricn^re (6^^ 
force) rapio, ^, {away by fi>rci) 
cripiOj 3. {-fruit) Ckrpo, 3, dc, 
cerpo, 3. (./«) retraho, 3* con- 
traho, 3 (./» /:« ;fc5r«) retralici. 
3.('-/» rifr** rtfi/.i) itabenas f rcmcrt 
('fff) ex-o, 3. dctraho, 3. { ijff 
bark) drcQrt>cP, 1. {iffffathn) 
deplunio^ i. {-rjka'.r) dr|ljbro, 
1. {-ok) attraho, 3. {out) cjttra- 
ho, 3. evcllo, 3. {-out thf tyfi) 
oculos efibdi^re {-cut tbe mtrmh) 
ex«?fitcro, I. evifccro, i, {fjif 
tbe teetb) edcnto, x. (-rwf ;A<' 
tongue) clingiio, I. (-/> pietn) 
diftraho, 3. di:cerpo, 3. (-.'.) at- 
traho, 3. {-togethtr) contraho^ 3. 
convetlo, 3. ( up) evello, 3. ex- 
traho, 3 ^' up by tbe 70'}ts) era- 
dico, I. {'Up weeds) emoco, i. 
( up tbe tptrus) animos rcdigJSre 
Tujfcdf vuTfus {-away) detra*liTS, 
zvM\^\ii^-back) revulfus, rtti^aftai 
(-d^^n) dirutuSy fubvcrrus, dc- 
mohtus^ (i;alhered) carptu^ de- 
cerptiis (^rom) direptus, abt*p» 
ttti..(-/9) rctra&uf {-ajundfr) di- 


niiroi (-^ detraant (-«/ 
tulfua, extra Auf f./»}atttt 
(r^getbtr) cootndos (-a^)« 
futy extirpatos 

Pmikn^ pulatiei, 5. 

A puller up, srulfoTy 3* 

^ pmilHt gilliavla, I. pnlUiha 

A ptiikyy trochlea, i, 

Apuilittg, nifut, 4. ^Ilicatio^ 
[-away) tvalfio,3.(-o«r) vfxA 
3- (-fibber) coofvalfio, 3. ( 
iy tbe ro9ts) etadicatio^ 3. ei 
parro, 3. 

Pnhfomiry, pulmofiariiU 

The pah, pulpa, I. 

A pulptty rdftniin, 1. palpitoBj 

FulMui, pulpit abvndam 

Pt'jl'iJfiofl, puirattOi 3. 

P«^, legurben, 3. puli, 3. (■•f 
M)f) pulfus, 4. 

To fmherixe, pnfveriso^ I. 

*Puive} i^ifd^ in puWerem itdiAl 

Apr^fi-^ixittgy polveratio, 3. 

A p'-JT.'!ifty pC;.0, 3, 

,^ pbTnice flone^ pumex, 3* 
Ap:^mp, antlia, i. ( •fa'Pif) i 

tin a, I. (endeavour to fiad 

an intention) perfcratatxo^ 31 

ploratioy 3. 
Pumpt, calcei oitidi 
T 9 pump, exantio, i« fentiiOi 

(-a thing out o^Mf)confiiiiitt) 

hdi expifcari 
A puiff lufus verboram 
To pvi ; fee quibble 
Pttmh, finum aciufhim ti^xA i 

cUato & limoiiiit detempi 

turn ' 

A puncbion, terebmm, a. (^« 

V3? vinarium oAoginti cn| 

Apvtfcb, pumilio obcfas (-it/h 

]i&a«3m0lm) terebrt cavatA 
Topstncb (thruft) propdioi 3« 

U R 

lihilfy orlevis 


irau obfenratio 


erpnodio, 3. 


nO| 4. caftigOy x. 

morte mul^aie 


t, fflulAatua 

JOT, J. ul'^Jty 3* 

itio, 3. caftigatio 

lidum, 2. poMa^x. 


ttf impuni 

rvos,exigaus (lef-. 

ickly) infirmus 


> diiiipulu8y 2. (^ 

, 2. (filly feUow) 


y) cmo, 3. (get) 


tor, 3. 

cla/ey. em^lloj 3. 

us (clear) clarus 

(fine) tcrfus (un- 

iptus, immacula- 



ifico, I. luftro^ I* 


rificatio, 3. 

;re^ cafti, incor- 

{• finceritas 
\Zp catharticus^ 

PUR P 17 R 

To tbepurpofif tppofltus [not t§ tU 

purpefi) nihH ad rem 
To the fur^fif appofite, apt^ 
To good furpofe, bono confiUo 
Fit for tbeptnfofi^ idoneut 
7 o ancthir purpofi, aliorfuniy altd 

(to tvbatpurpde) quo ? quorfum ? 

{to tbmt purfoje) eo, aded, {to no 

purpofe)fT\i&n, incdflum, nequic- 

To purpofi, proponOy 3. ftatuOi 3. 

deftino, i. 
PurpoftJ, (^Atntoi 
Purpo/ely, cogitat^, eh, adci- 
Apurpo^rg, deAgnatio, 3. 
To purr, felis fonitutn cd^re 
A pur/ft crumena, i . marfapium^s. 
A purfi beurer, pratbltor argenta- • 

Purfeproud^' ^y\iiM elatut 
Apurjer, burf^riut, 2. 
Apurftvmt, appantor, 3. {m tfnws) 

Turfintft, obcfitat, ji 
Furjlan, portulaca, i. 
In purfu^nce of, perfequendo 
FuTJ'vant f-. ferwndum, juxta 
To" purfue, perf.quor ( Mligentfy) 

infenpor, ^. (-riff or bard) vc- 

ftislis adhwrcre {-a defign) ill 

propofito perfx(^ere 
P«r/»<f//, infcftatus ' 

Apurfuer, confe^J^ator, 3. 
A purfuing, purfuity confe€tatiO> %. 
Turfy (fat) obefus (ihort winded) 

anhelans, aftbrnattctia 
A purtettance, appendix, 3. 
To purvey, obfonor, I. {-fir kxfooi^ 

lignor, I, 
A p rveying, annon« cinptio 
A purveyor, annonae curator 
^Mrultncy^ pvKvs %%>ii\Aaxi\X\ 

PurgMory, putgatoriam, 2. 
A pvrgt, catharticum, 2» 
Topurggf purgo,i.repurgo>t.expur- 
pf,i,{tbeboJ^) alvuffl ctcrt {Kquid 
/^iif4)eliquo l{humours)\i\\mOTtB 
evacuare {by facrifce) expio, 1. 
{-^tie^sjeifof afauit) crimen <h'- 
Purged, purgatus, expurgatui 
Purging', fecpurgattvt 
A purging, purgatio, 3. {-by fa- 
crifko) expiatio, 3. (•/ the fea) 
maris eje^amentum, 2. 
Purification^ porificatio, 3. 
Purified, puriiicatus, defatcatus 
A purifier, purificatory 3, purgator 
To purify, purifico, i. expio, i. 
{-metals) metalla porgarc {-from 
dregs) dirfaeco, r. 
Purifying, purificahs 
A purifying, purification 3. 
A puritan, catharus, 2. . 
Purity, puritas, 3. munditia, 1. ca 
ftitasi, 3. (of languag^e) parus 
fermo (of the latin toogut) iiKor* 
rupta Ljtini fermonis ihtegmas 
ApurU limbMs, 2, 
Purl, notus abfynthio mixtai 
To purl, leniter flu^re 
Pur ling t Jenifer fluent 
To purkin^ Airripro, 3. 
Purloined, fiirrcptus ■ 
Apurloiner, fur orivatns 
A purloining, compilatio privataL 
Purple, purpura 
Of purple, purporeus 
Purple colour y murex, 3. 
To make puiple, purpuro, 1. 
In purple, purpuratus 
To become a purple, purpura fco^ 3. 
'Pbe purples, febris purpurea 
A purport^ ftnfus, 4, fignificatio^f. 
A purpofej propo/itumt 2S* 


Kfmfb (wheil) pnftula, i. (thruA) 
iin^us, 4. tdii^ 4. 

To^f pelioy 3. ioipelloy 3. (at 
or oi^w/r} moiiora 4. tento, i. 
(on in battle]acrii^t infiare(-^ri) 
tcpello, 3, (encourage) ioftigo,!; 
iH^ulo, z« {'forward^ or m^« 
iili|l0)reftiao, I. accelero, i. (for- 
ward in .a. de^gn) cooliUo pro- 

fujbedj pnlfas, impulftra 

A pufiar fwwsri, impuiror^ 3- 

A pujbhg back, repulfuf^ 4. (-en) 
impulfio, 3. inftigatio, 3. 

TttfilianimUyt tsmidit^f, 3* 

JfufilianimcMSf timidup 

A./J^»/tf9 puftuU 

PuftuiBits, paftolof^f 

A )>«/ 0^ mora, i, 

yuttbecafe^ ^'^ge^jfapppntf 

A forced put, inviti fa^uiii 

To put, pono, 3. colloc/o, i. ftatvo^ 
S. (-again) repono, 3, (-^4/»/) 
oppono, 3. (•/»^*r}fcpono, 3.,(-i« 
*rrtfy) inftruo, 3. (-away) aaac- 
▼eo, 2, (•tfw/zv « 7^it)fiJiain ab- 
dicau ('O^ay a ivtfe) uzorem 
T?pu(<iare {or fend away) aMego, 
3. {-back) depcllo, 3. {-before) 
fiptepr.r,o, 3. {-between) interpo- 
r»o, 3. interjicio, 3. {^y orjrw 
firatt) eludo, 3. fruftrar, (or lay 
h) fepono, 3, recondo,,3. {-to 
tifiatb) morte muldlare (or cafi 
^vwn) dcjicio, 3. {an end tp)(inem- 
dare {-forth) exero, 3. emttto, 3. 
(forth the band) manom porrigere 
('forth firengtb) vires exerere 
(-forth a Aoo*)Iibnim cd2re(-/flr/^ 
^tfvtfi) frondeoy a.- frondefco^ 3. 
(forwflrd, or Jlir up).^imulQ, I, 
eicito, I. pxovP^o, I. (/bf^iMn^ 



or promote) promoveoi «• (-fe 
/r^^O fttgOyX.(-/rMi0i7«) amo^ 
veo, 2. depello, 3* propello, %* 
(-t^Mbaxard) pesiculo expos ere 
(-tvtfXccv//M) execjuor (-in) im- 
mitto, 3. {-in autbortty) prae^* 
cio, 3, (-in fear) metum injl- 
cere (-in ftr a place) munusdl- 
quod ambire {-in the ground) in- 
humoy z. {-into the bead) fu|- 
gCTO, 3, {'in heart) animum ad- 
d«Sre {-in or<ilrr]compono, 3. rccle 
difpono, 3. {-in place of anothr) 
fuppono^ 3* fttbftituoy 3. {-in 
mind) moineo« 2. admoneo, z,{-in 
writif^) fcriptis mandare {-ittta) 
iniero^ indo, 3. {-to ufe) faaieto, 
1. (off or delay) diflfeio, procra* 
fHnoy I. {'offfn law) comperen- 
dino/ i.{offa thing artfully^ ca- 
lid^ vitare, aftute declinare (^^ 
tvitb aj^) JQCofe decUnare (or 
thruftoflQ protelo, i.detrud(3, 3, 
{rofftclothii) veftes exuJfre {\bAt) 
caput aperire {-Jhoes) foccos de* 
trahere, (0^) ioduo> 3. (or walk 
on) graclum accelerare (on a de- 
mure' look) vultum ad fevcntatLm 
comppa^re {-on mourning) lugu- 
bria induere {Jnto the bojom) ft in 
amplc^ti {-over) transfcro, tranf* 
mitto, 3. {-out) ejicio, $, expelJo, 
3. {or blot out) deleo, 2. expun- 
go, 3. oblitcro, I. (orextingnifh) 
exttpguo, 3. {-.out «f place) ma- 
giftratum, &c. abrogate {out ef 
conceit) abalieno^ I. {out an ord^r) 
rdiAum proponerc {out ofjo^n] 
foras ex^ludcre {-out of countr- 
nance) pudorcm incutere {-out tf 
humour) bilcm movere (-out tht 
/on^ur) linguam exerere {or drive 
mt) exigere {-in the rwm. of &no- 

P T 

ther) loco Tub 

figo>3» (or^»i^ 
for a place) m 
fale) venale 

. fubjicere {-out 

'. alendum comi 
excaeco, i. oci 

' hope) de fpe de 
diflocOj I. lux 
metum adimer 
favorem eripe 
perturboj 3. cc 
mind) exanim( 
opus locare (^ 
mo veo {-tofea 
(tofience)os ol 
fomptibus ali( 
fbame) pudorei 
to) Jmpedio, 4 
gladio interact 
periclitor^. i. 
tias finglorum i 
ing) excito, i. 
fupplico, i.(-tt 
rccondere {-a a 
fraude fallere ( 

V perfuadeo, 2. ( 
ther) culpam 

putt pofitus {-I 
oppofltus {-aiv. 
oc abandoned) t 
(-back) repulfu! 
fitus {-between] 
fepofitus, rccoj 
motus, dejefti 
elocatus, emif] 
gatus {-hard to 
daans {-off) 
fayed) dilacus 
letus, expund) 
ptifhed) cxtin 
tisneratua {-91 

Xy A 



ftimatnsi habitni 

>, ji (-betiveea ofd^t) 
»• 3. (-fnr«) immimo^ 
lilatio, 3. {"firward) 
4- (orblottiiif oot)«)e 
(-** of jire) extinab, 
^P1Kiiit{», 3. (-rpjfirfKr) 

SpWredo, 3. 
ifKitfircio, 3. ijarht^' 
P^^ ft. potrefcoy 3. 
P**^, poMdtia 
•^iPWfwIo, 3. 
> (Wd quefHoii) qoieftio 

i^i con^nde, 3. 

coiifufos, ad incitat re* 

urns, a. pamilas 
pjnamit, 3. 

pjfTD9iiantia» f • 
ijvrboiiifiDiia> s. 

lytliOBiflCiy t« 

m) ottaaoratnf (-wr/j ^chry, bnpiriee, «. f. 
tvrlMftiis {'f) adjvnC' I To fMc^, cmptricen mercert (at a 
IS (*m mmmO «<lAo«l auck) tetrinio» 4. 

^uttdn^e/bntdf quadngefimatis 
A quadrangle, area qoadrata 
Sl^adrdngimr, quadrangalos 
Aptadrant^ quadrana 
^tudratt, quadratut 
To fuadrate,<{n*6f, i. convehio>4. 
Blgadripartite^ quadripartitus 
A fuairutedy qoadnipes, 3* 
Tbt fuam-upk, qQadrupluxn, a. 
^gadmpk, (adj.) qnadruplez 
To quaff, pcpoto, I. (-aii tut) 

bibo, 3. exiorbeo, i. 
A qtufftr, ebriofus, a. 
A qu^png^ compotatio, 3. {"about) 

circmxipbtatioj 3. 
A fuafirtg cup, poculum, s. 
A f*«r>y«<»f»«?>w, vorago, 3. 
^'fggyi paludofus 
A fuaii, coturnix 
S^fit- (polite) eleganfy bdlas» feir 

Mt (odd, ftrange) raros 
faintly, compte, nitid^ 
^uaintnefs, elegantia^ 1^ nitor, 3, 
To qnakcy tremo, 3. trepido^ i, 

( -extrtmely) hcrreo, 2. 
To make r« quah, trrmefacio), ' »• 
\quaktr, tTtmn\}ai%, 2. 
Sluakerifm, cremulorum fuperftitia 
A quaking t horror, 3. tremor, 3. ^ 
A qualification (endowment) dos, 3, 
indoles, ^. (condition t ftatU9,4. 
Scarified, (appeatfed) pacatos, feda> 

tu8 (fitted) idoneua 
Tq quiUify (mafcr fit) Idc^lKam fi^ 
cere (appeafe) paeo, i. (mode- 
rate) tempe'rd, i. moderor, u 
A qualtfptig, (api)eafing)fedatio, 3. 
A f»tf/f^,qiia]itas>3. dos, 3. (de- 
giee) gradu*, 4. ordr», j. 

iMfCHt cifcvni#i'iuleiis < 

^ality (nobility) AbbiiiMif f, 

S^alities, mortt, pi, 

A qualm, kTtt ftomftdii a|ikt(i» 

S^ualmijb, crudus 

A quandary^ diltoirtM,>3. coiiMo 

A quautity, qoaatitat^ 3, via,- 3. 

A quataid'ain, n6ra ^adrq^tnriii 
in ftatione pre^tbr peAete 

'A quarrel, jorgiiim,'2. rHia,-n(MJ^ 
glmfi) vitri ^hombaa (ff-m^ii^ 
tow) fpecuhim quadrat^ 

To quarre/, Jlcigo, 1. rixor, rj, 

A quarreller, altercator, 3. 

A quarrelling, conte^tio, 3. 

SluarrttUug, qumrrelfomt, licigMn 

S^uarreljomenefi, hxiptxio, 3, 

A quarry, laptdum fodiiu 

A quart, iextarhtt,-2« 


A quarter, \vlatU- tmn (tfr ^etdR 
rc^o, 3. {'Ofe$rtt) cidoiMlil 

^jtMfi&s (lodgings) iMipitiam, «. 
{-forfoldiers) contsberoia ftirtSfs 
{-of the moon) phMcs {0imn^} 
hybema, pL 

Into alt quarters, in domes -partes 

^ ( 'from all quartgrs) undlqtt^ 

A quarter fiaff, batalns, s. 

Siuarter, (in fighting) fiilofy j,' 

, vka, 1, 

S(uarter feffious, trimcftria fadt ttt- 
ratorum comitia 

To quarter (int9 fiu!^ pkca) liT ^« 
tuor partes di^eeare \pr lod^ 
with) diverfor, i. (^ iccefve^idlo 
ahoafc) hoTpitinm p^aRre {or 
cut op meat) ifeanuo^ x ; Itirio^ T« 

'Quarterage, pdafio trtnffefttis 

gartered (in pieces) dM<seitt(lcldg« 

cd) hofpkio recepttis 
A quartering (ifi fdtees) dkRQllo^V 
lodging) hbC^ta\\lTCWi^'i:v> 

Q^U. E 

^fgtrUrfy, quolibet fpacio trimeftri 

(ad|j.) trimeftris 
A quartern, fexU pan 
To qttafkf qnaflb^ i. epprimo, 3. 
Sfutjbed, qaa0atui 
A fK^fff » qnaflario, 3. 
To quaver, captillo, i. 
i^ ga veriug^ modolans, vibram 
A juaveriug, moddatio, 3. 
AfBem, icortoiD,2. 
A ?««», Wgint, I. X-confirt) regiiia 

uxor (dowager) regina vidua 
^ueer, ioeptus, iofulfus (in health) 


?Beerfy, ifiepte 
o quell, dome, ii debello, I. 
Sluelied, domitas, y\6bx% 
A quelling, domitos, 4. 
To quench, extingoo, 3. (»tbirft) 

fidm fedare, cr conpefd^e 
^uaebable, extingoibilit 
0^embtd, extindus 
Aqumcbing, cxtindio, reftiiidio,3. 
^ermmeut, queribndut 
A quirk, tavUlatio, 3. 
Full of quirks, vct(\ito*t fobdolos 
A quern, mola tnifatilis 
A query | fee quefiion 
To query, dubito^ i . propono, 3. 
^gterulous, qaenilus 
A qu^, inquifitio^ 3. (-mm) qux- 

ncor« 3. 
To go in queft \ fee topurfue 
A queftionj qusftio, 3. interro|atio, 

3. (doubt) dubitatio, 3. 
Xo quefiion (doubt of) dubito, I. 

(-wieb) interrogOyi. (examine) 
. rad c;xtmeo» of jus Tocare, exa- 

niinOf i. fcrutor, z. 
^ueftionahle, dubiut, incertut 
^ueftioned ('xan;)ned) examinatas 
(dottbtcni) dobitatut 
^ fu^/Mitigl^ dubif^atio, 3* Inqoi* 
dw, J0 di/qaJ^tipj J# 


\ quejlor, quaeftor^ 3. ' 
A quibbU; caviUum, a.ibpfaifi&a,3^. 
Vo quibble, verbis ludere 
A qmbbler, cavil later, 3. ibphifta ' 
A fuibbling, captio, 3. caviliitioy 3. 
^ick (ninibie) apilis, cder (aJtve) 
vivin (bafty) fcftinos (diJigent) 
diitgens (in /cent) fagax (injigbt) 
perfpicax {of vnt) folers {loitb 
child) fcetu vivo gravida 
^ickt quick, fefUne, intper^ 
To the quick, ad vivuni 
To be qiack (or lively) vigeo, 2. 
(-with child) fatum vivum oteio 
A quick-fanJ, fyrtis, 3. 
^ick fetSf planuria viva (-i 

fepes viva 
S^ickJIlver, argentum vivum 
S(uick or^»iri(^,citd(fubtilty) acBte 
To quicken (enliven) animo, 3. 
vivifico, I. (baften) inftigo, i. 
(or make hafte) depropero, i. 
(-wine) vinum refufcito, i. (as a 
woman wi'h child) foetum vivum 
in utefo fentire 
Slnickenedf animatus 
Sluickneft (nimblcncfs) agilitas, 3, 
(livelinefs) vivacitas, 3. [afj^bt) 
perfpicuitasf 3. [ofttfit) lagacitai 
A quiddity, captlofa quxftio 
S^iefcence, quierrcntia, i, 
^iilfcnty quiefreDS 
^iet (fubft.) qniea 
^luiet, (adj.) quietus, tranquiUus, 

placidus (filent) tacitui 
To be quiet (filent) filco, a. taceo^ 
2. (live at eafe) otior, i. (>«/ 
quiet) quiefco, 3. requiefco, 3, 
To quiet, paco, I. fedo, i. 
Sluieted^ pacatus, fedatus 
Not to be quieted, iroplacabilla 
A quieter, pacator, 3, 
f A ^if /(/tffgi. fcdatio, p 

j ^/«r/p, quietc, tnffiquilld 

AqmO, peoaa, i. calamus, 
. a barrel) Bfho, 3. {-fir. . 
cal infirument) fieOram, 9 
A qui/t, cuicit» 
To quilt, pannum, &c, he 

farum confncn 
A^iraWe^.malom oydooium 
Sfuinqnennial, quiaquomis 
A quinfey, angina, i. 
A quintal, centum pondium, 
A quintejctnce, medulla, i. 
Aqaire, papyri fcapus {-ofj 
i^ choir {of a church) cho 
or locus ubi choms caoit 
A quirk } fee quark 
ii^t, abfolutus 
To quit (leave) relinqno^S* i 
3. {or yicW) cedo, 3. J[fc 
libero, i. rdalo, i, (ork 
virum fe prseftaie (.m/j 
provinciam, orfiadoneot 
( - claim) dooedere jure foo (: 
• par pari referre 
^w>,(adv.) io^pun^ 
S^ite, omoino, penitot 
A quittance \ fee receipt 
Spitted \ (tt acquitted 
^tted, (left) defertus, relift 
Slitting borfes, equis dimtfti 
A f »;miT^(leaving) defertio,3. 

log) liberatio, 3. 
A quiver, pharetra, !• 
I^itb a. quiver, pharetratos 
To quiver, contiemiftro, 3. 
com) prae frigore horrereif^ 
expavefto, 3. 
^ivering, tremulnt, horridw 
A quivering, tremor, 3. borro 
A quoil of a cable, rudentis ii 

culum convohitio 
Tofifo//^in circnlum convolvii 
. icrf«i^.dot^}n94ie'ag|dftii| 


s, 3. pfoporttc, 3* 
proUtio, 3. 


itatio, 3. 

R A 

fi CUDlCulut, t. 

Wrt, cavando conjong^re 

^us, rabioTus 
«H«, I. 

trfbi, 4. ftadipm, 2. 
^ 3. prbgcnitt, 5» 
jNlger) radix siDzibeMs- 
itf) genot 
I eqiwf cnrfor 
iMJft, falifca, f . (for 
Hent, *, (f*?* a ffit) 
h {for bacon) crates 
farhcttks) crates utri- 
r cbeefe) crates cafearia 
i fcw) harpago, 3. (o/* 
▼ix vervecina (for bay) 


le) fufflinQB 

unriTp otiofusi fatur 

>at upon a rack) crati 
(or tormeat) torqoeo, 
h 1. (-a^ i^*-, ^c.) 
ilk alia vafa trans- 
meg fi^ affiiao> i. 
vfTM) fkcigo^ t. {or 
K>r) opprimo, ^. 
fithfaim, excracior, x. 
/M>f/^ excriiciatuf (as 

K A O 

ft At 

A racker, extorter, 3, 

A racket, reticulum^ a. (ftir) ftrt- 

pifius, 4. turba, 1. tumultus, 4. 
To make a racket, tQinultuor, z. 
A radHng, tortura, i. 
Rackltg painty cmciamenta 
Hackif^ of liquofsy defaecatio, 3. 
Racy, faporis gratifiimi 
Radianee, nitor, j. fpiendor, 3. 
Radianty niteos, radians; corufcans, 

Radiathn, radiatio, 2. 
Kadica/, radicalis, Ti talis 
Radically, radici;ds 
To tadicate, radico, i. - 
Radicated, inveteratus, fixus 
A ^adj/h, raphanos, 2. 
(^radijh^ riphaninus 
The f«jf (refufe) rejeftanea; fU 
I0 raffle^ ^ea ladSre 
A raffle, or ruffling ^ alea^ t* 
A raft, ratisi 3. 

A rafter, tigndxn, 2. caotherius, t> 
To rafter^ lontigno, i. 
Areftyrhg, contignatio, 3. 
Rafty, fentibus obdoQus 
A ragi pannrculuf, 2. linteolunHj 1. 
Full of rags, pannoftiS 
A ragam>rffln, mend .cabal nm, 2. 
Rage^ rabies, §. furur, 3. ira, i. 

{oftbefea) xftus, 4, fremitus, 4. 
In a rage^ turiofus (adv.) f abide, 

To rage, infanio, 4. fseyio, 4. (fts 

a wound) recmde^o, 3. (as the 

fea) teftuo, i, (in drink) de- 

bacchor, x. 
kagttig, furiofus 
A raging, rabies, 5. furor, 3. 
Raging/y, furiofc, rabtd^ 
Ragged, pannofus (jagged) laci- 
1 niatus, dentatas 
\ Ra^gednejs, pannofitas, 3. 
A rageOf or ragfittty fu^cdife, //» 

A raH^ palu», 3. repaguluoi, 1. 

To rail, palis fepire {at) malcdk#» 
3. male loqui 

Railed at, conviciis infe£tatus (vfitlk 
rails) palis f'eptus 

A railer, infcdator, 3, 

Railing, convicians 

Railingfy, contumeliof^ 

Raillery y convicium, 2. facetia, !• 

Raiment^ veftis, 3. veftitus, 4. 

Rain, pi u via, 1. imber, 3. 

Of rain, pluvius 

fn the rain, per imbrem 

To rain, pluo, 3. {ditvn right) dei- 
pido^ 3. (-ill or upon) impluo, ]• 
{-tbrfugh) perpluo, 3. 

A rain hctv, iris, 3. * 

Rainy, pluvialis 

To raife, elevo, r» attollo, t, {*up 
onet fr(f) furgo, 3* {ones ft If .in 
the world) divitias induAria ac- 
quir^fe {or prefer) promoveo, !• 
{-anger) comtpoveo, 2. {-a wall) 
extruo, 3, {a battery) difpono^ 3. 
{-a bliBer) excito, 1, {.a bell) 
erigo, 3. (-« bui.ding) icdificO| 
I.erigd, 3, {-bread) fingo, 3. 
{'the pojfe comitatui) incolas col- 
ligcre {-credit) aeftimationem au- 
gere {-frotn the dead) excitarc ab 
iiiUt\% {'the de^il) inferaas um- 
bras carminibus elicSre [^emy) 
invidiam conflare {-^xpeffationi) 
fpem in^i ^re {-indsgnatton) biiem 
commovti . {-a kite) in aerem 
toUere {'a lie) ihendacium con- 
flare {-a mob) turbSis popnlarcf 
excitare {-money)- pecuniam de- 
ceirfifre {-pajie) farinam dcplaic 
{'phlegm) pituitam excxtaic 
(-plants) plantas fata: edocdre 
(-fib* price) pretium augere (-rt 
putatiof.) famam %m^V&^i2f> 
{-fiantiat\ \ik«V^^ «&A^^tci v^^- 
1J H%x>< 


R A L 

^re f-v/] excito, x. fufcito^ r. 
{font pfp) expergcfacio, 3. 
^•iiM»y iniiitcs confcribiSre (-a 
fa%) cenfum imponJre (-« fag^) 
obfidionem folvcre (or compel 
Another to raife « firge) obfi- 
dione oxbcm liberare (•//>« paf' 
Jhvs) animo* concitare {a (pint) 
jnaaes evocare (-tf duji) pulverem 
noveic (-a report) rumorem 
fparfiSre {-toater) aqoam in altuin 

^beraifeJ, attollor, 1. erigor, y, 
(^ interejf) augeor, «. adjuvor, i. 

Baifid (or lifteii up) levatoi, alle- 


to the charge) ex fuga convemre 

{or joke) jecor, i. irrideo, a. 
RaliieJ, reftitutus 
A rallying^ ioftaurado public 
A ram, aries, Stis, m. 
To r*M, fiftaee, i. (or fluff) la- 

fercioy 4. (-in ptn powder) pul- 

verrm nitratum virga adigert 
A rsmhU, vagatio, 3. error, 3. 
To ramble^ vagor, i. eno, i. ur- 

cumcurro, 3. (•iii difnurfe) i 

propoiito aberrare 
A rambRng perfin, ewo, 3, ('honfe) 

fparfa domut {'dt/foutjc) oratio 

RawTHed, fiflocatui 
A rammer, fiftuca, I. pavie«la, x. 

{'ofagun) Tirga fcloppctark 
A ramming, fiftucatio, 3. 
Rammijhy htrcoAis, olidua 
Ranmijbne^t, rancor, 3« f(Btoi^3i 
A ramp, viragaprocax 
To ramp, procaciter fe grrCre 
Rampant, procax (in heraldry) ia* 

ii liens (as a lion) ere£hi8 
A rampart t VAllum, %, agger^ p 

^atus (-up) exciutut (as foldicn) 

A ratjer, conciutor, 3. excitator,3. 
A rtiJiM, ura paffa {-of the fun) 

ova fole ficcata 
A Htijing, concitatio, 3. cxciUtio, 

y. {.of a bank) aggcftio, 3. {of 

moMy) exaaio, 3. {of f Mien) 

dclcaos, 4. {'o/afege) dilcfcfTus 

ab obfidione 
A rakt (tool) raflrum, 2. {-for an ^, ., , , 

oven) ruubulum, 2. (amongft : A rtfm^i;^^, exulutK>> 3« 

miners) todira, i. {-to pull up 'Raft, iee run. 

vueds) irpex, 3, (or fpcndthrifc) Raretd, or rank, raacidut 

prodigus, 2. homo diflblutuSj or Rancour, iovidia, 

To rake, farcolo, 1. farrio, 4. {or 

faape) rado,- 3 {-agatn) ttUx- 

€!•, 4. (-together ot up) cotri^do, 

3« (**/ /^') >F"C°> ci^eribus 

condere (-up tbeafies oftbt^M) 

xnortuum cooviciis profcindSre 
\or livfr as a rake) per luduin U 

laictviam tempos tranfigSie 
Rahed, r^ivki (-togitbfr) corrafui 
A faktr, farritor, 3. 
A rakingt farculatio, 3. 
^^raj^', Mmam'ittSLwmt (or rctorn 

, , !• odium, 1*. 

Rancorous^ malignus, invidus 
Rancoroujly, maligne, invidioi^ 
A ramdy margo, 3. ora, x« 
jit random, temer^ 
Random, fine fcopo emiflus 
It rang, fonuit 

A range (of a coaeb) temo, 3. (or 
order) ^hes, 5. (ar ratable) va- 
gatio, 3. 
7a range (fet in Order) difpono, 3. 
inftruo, 3. («r ftand in order) 
refta ferie difponi ( up and dvwn)\ 
Cvagofy u erroy i« (-wital) fa ' 


rinami cemSre 
Ranged in order, ordine inftrufl 
A ranger (letter in order) dige 

3. nearcher) exploratory 3. 

the fire/l) viridarii coftos 
A ranjpng (in order) digeftioi 

(or infpeding) luftratio, 3* 
Rsank (too mucl\; praefertilia, oi 

luxurians (injmell) rancidoi 
A rani rogue, nebolo, 34 ("pm 

acre venenom 
A^ank,, ordq, 3. finely ^ \» 

2. digiiitas,.3» 
yrank, illuftris 
To rank, ordioo, r«. 
To be rank, loxurio 
Toberankai, ordifM coOooA 
Tt rankle, fuppuro, i. puM^fl 
A rankRng^ {uppuratio, 3. ^ 

RanUy (offenfivsly) 

oriantly) luxurioli 
Ranknefs, rancor^ 3* 

growth) luxuriciy ^ 
To ranjack, dtripio, 3. 
A ranfaeker, fpoUator, 3» 
Rai^ched, fpoUattti 
A ranfacking, direptio,3, 
A ranf&m, redcmptio, 3, 
To ranfem^ rediino» 3. 
Ran/omed, redetnptut 
A ranfomer, redeoiptOTy 3* 
A ranjsnting, redemption 3. 
Rant, vaniloquentta, l« 
To rant, fuperb^loqui 
\ ranteh^ nepos inepCut 
Rantingfy^ inept^ infolft 
A rap, iAos, 4. aiapa, I. 

tbefngen) taiitmni 
To rap (ftrike) perciitiOp*4. fi 

4. pulfo, !• (or fwop) COM 

i^ (or fwear} juramentui 

mere proferre 



A S 

ividi : 

>^oufnef»^ npacltat 
IS, 4. peir ?iiB ftapram 
^) pordo^ 3. {or wild 
pnra, 2. 

r^y ftapro, 1, 
t, rapidos 

•^iif(jr. lapidtUSy ^ 
'*^ vclocitcr 
t^iS 3. venitttsif %. 
in*. X. 

lodcer) comix, 3. 
'ttiratio, 3. 

i^ if^ Vfitb jty, cfftt/l 

Aimi impetut 
, cxhnrttt 

■tftcio, 3, 1 


exioiia, fee a tttrUfky 
nbi idaei fniAttS 
^tro, 3. (w4r-) fur- 
10 mhHiy flagiti«fus, 
popali fa» 
niodas^ fceleflus 
) Jitan^ I. (fiaall 
e mlniM 

ii) ftringoy 3. (-«»/) 
eleo^ 1. expvngOy 3, 
everto,!. folo ar^uare 
ed) ftridus (demo- 
ns (rooted Out) ex« 
terataty temenuiot^ 



1A ro^Hr §fbac§tt^ oflfelU 
^ Rafihf, temer^, intfonrulte 
Rajtmefs, pra^dpitatio, 3. temeritu, 

3. i'ofhertzf) credulitas, 3. 
A rajtng, rafora, i. (demolifliing) 
fobverfio, 3. demolition 3. (Wot- 
ting out) deletio» 3, 
A rafour, fee razor 
A rafi, radula, I. 
To rafi, rado, 3. limo, i^ 
Raffedj rafus 
A raj/ifigf rafura, t, 
A rafure, rafura 
A roe, fofe», 3. mm, 5, 
Of a rat, fo'icimis 
Rafs bane, arfenicuTDy 2. 
To/m^lia rat, (ee to mifrufl 
A ratcatcher^ murtcidut^ x» 
A r«f rrtf;^, decipula, i. 
'Ratabff^ prorata 

A rate, pretimn^ 2. (proportion) 
prop«>rtio, 3. (tax) fcnfut, 4. 
(manner) modusy x. (fise) mag*, 
nittido^ 3. 
To rate (tax) raxo, i. tribotom 
imponSre (efteemj ae(Kmo, i. 
(chide) objurgQ, 1. tncrepo, 3 
Rateable, cenfuaiis 
RateJ, cenUu, apftimatoa (chidden) 

A rater, cetkCor, 3. aeftimator, 3, 
Raib, praecox 
Rather, potii^s, magis (/ bad rathar) 

malo, \ii 
A ratifieatiOH, rati^mg^cottRtmmo, 

3. ratifiicatJo, 3. fai)£lio» 3. 
Ratified, rattis, confirmatus 
To ratify^ confirmo> i. 
A rating, cenfuf, 4. (chiding) te- 

prehenHo, 3. ^ 

Ratiocination, ratiocinatio, 3. 
Rational, rationalls (reafonable) 

ration! confentaoeus 
Ratiotially, tratiaae^ geqac 

R A V 

~A rattl^ erpdltaculum, •• 
Rattleheaded, infulfus, loquax 
To rattle {mnke a noife) ftrcpiturn 
edgre(or«;hidc)iocrepo,l. (<•!« 
idlely) inepci garrire 
Rattled of, graviter increpitui 
battles for childreo, crcpundla, fk 
A rattling ((baking) concuflSo, > 
nquaflatio, 3. (-/Wtow) B»5"»*"*» 
tneptus (chiding) objurgatlo, 3. 
Rattlingi, fcaUrum nauticaruc^ 

Ravage, direptio, 3* Taftatio* 3. 
To ravage, diripio, 3. vafto, U 
Ravaged, direptus, faftatua . 
Aravager, fpoliator 
A ravaging, deprasdctio, 3. 
To rave, dcliro, t. infanio, 4. 
To ravel, retexo, ^. iwfolto, jf 
RaveUtd, retextua, iawolutna 
A ravtn, bonrua 
Of raven colour, conracioos 
To ranen, or ramn, yoto, i. 
A ravener^ hellyOi 3< 
Jtavemng, rawema^ avii)i9» vorat 
Raveaoajpy, avide 
Ravenoufnefs, voracitaa, 3. 
A raxMT, delirus, i« 
A raving, delirium^ l* 
To ravifi, conftupro, s. vitSo, r« 
(charm) 4tk&o, i. voluptate 
magna aificSre 
Ravijhcd (deflour^^) vitiatui (de- 
lighted) permuUiit {-from) ab- 
To be ravij/bed, fee /• be charmed 
and deU^Htd {-with love) ^more 
A ravifhor, raptor, 3. ftuprator, 3* 
A ravijbing, ramjbment, or »«- 
Viiting a raf^ raptus, 4. ^u* 
pratio, 3. {-tf the mind) eftafis,}* 
Ravijhing (it tbc tp\ cx\«vi«s 

R A L 

l^fliAv) m^litc^ conrcribfrc (-a 
fffx) cenfum inr.pouErc (-a J&ff) 
cbfidioitein foWtre (or com|icl 
ft^ochcr to raife 1 fiegc) obfi- 
^mne mb*m Ubcrare {-tbi pa/- 
fiw^i) &nimoa tonricarc {a fpinr) 
mintt cvotare (-a li^^y?) FU^verem 
jnovert (-a rr/i^rO Tumorcm 
fpirii^ie {--water) aquain ia altum 

^i>inraiffJi sttollor, I* ei-igor, > 

Miiifi^ (or /^iftf^ ^f J levaiuf, aUe- 
Tatua {-«f ) estciiatui (as loldicrt) 

A rfli/p| concitatOTt 3. eicitat(jr,3, 
^ r*i>, ti^a paUa {-of tht fun) 
u^a fole fictatfl 

J. C-o/ 12 hank} &Egcflio, 3. (a/ 
lue^^j;) cxaOio, 3* iff jMif^i) 
dek£tu*, 4, {%fa^tgt) (iiictirus 

4^ m4# (tool) f^flmtn, s, (-^flr *» 
ffww) rutabulunij 1* ^amongil 

^uctdt) irp«3t, 3. (ff'' ipcndUirifr) 
pro<iif,U5, %. home 4ii!Mutii$j 0r 

cit, 4» {-iagiiUr or 1//) c0! r**iD, 

condcr* ( -^f tbfajhis if' 

jnortuufli convicijt pi( 

(crlive a&arakc) ffr^ ' 

lafcir^atn Umptii 
Mahd^ nimi'ti 
A faier. 


to tbc diar^t) ei fuga c^nveiure 
(*r jokt) jo^ior, I. imdeo, 9.. 

A raUyitt^j! loAaoiatio pugns 

Tfl r*fli, fifttjeoj I. (cr fluff) m- 

fi^rci^j 4, ('ru j^# ^hj'w^r) pul- 

TETfiit n^tntum virga aiiig^c 
Aratmhtiy vagal 10, 3. error, 3. 
Tfl ramhh^ vagor, i, erro* I, cif- 

cumcurro, 3, f-in difctmrft) k 

prop oH to al^n-are 
Mi ramhling p.rfint eifO» 3, (-^w^) 

fjjaffa domui {'dJfimtKfi) oratki 

Rammtdf fiflucatui 
A rflPMWfT, flJhica, t. pavkalftr 1. 

{'^f ^ ffiTu) v)fi,!i fdopptEajrk 
A ramming^ fiftucatiQ, 3. 
Rammijh^ hircafui, oliduA 
Rajrimtjbne'i, ranco^ 3. fittoi^,!, 
A r^ftj^, viragO'procai 
To rflit!*' »procacittr it gfr?re 
Rumpanf, ptocaifi (in hcnMry) ii* 

jiiiena [ai a Lion) er^flui 
A Tompsrt, vallum^ %. a^er^^t^ 
A rempLigj eittJltatTO, |» 
^fiff, lee I'Ma 

i^^jnr^rpcii, m»%niu. iAvtinl 

Mjiirsrtitjh. tti ^ i i • "-* . n v (•••••' • 
A ftmi, it\> :- u. 

R A P 

rjfJtmH cerjii-re 
Ranged in wrder^ ordine loffin 
A ranger (ktter In ordci) di 

3, (fearchcr) rxplofitor; ; 

r^ fortfi) viridarii cuftcu 
A ranpng (in order] di|«A 

(ar ijilpeftinj!:) luftiatb, 3^ 
^ank (tfio mucJi) p^a^fertlJil^ 

k*uriam (xW ,»t*//) ismcida 
A rank T^gu^y nebuio, 31 (-^ 

»ct? ifciicnum 
A ^fl/f*j ordoj 3. ftiieii^ j 

2. dpgnitas^ 3, 
Of rank, xMsiilTh 
To ratfk, Ofdmo, r* 
T$Ae rank^ ioxtirio 

% rifnit//, fuppuro, 1 , 1 
A ramkisng^ JTuppuntio, 

Banktuisf wtLSitar^ y 
growth) i&zuriftj ^ 

A rj« W4i^» AoU 

A rWWA»^, in«, _ 

A Mr{^ r<i«ti||^i^t 3^ 

. f 

tft^ rapacitM, 1 

fr ^xtn ftnprum J 
tiOj 3. (ffr wild 

UpTO, T. 


rapiditas, ^ 

mtb Joyt. clFufl 



I rrit£liiff 


3. {-iifhtiLf) crcdulii-j*, 'J 
A r,'fy5'?i-j rafurj, i» {dimolifliing} 

fobvtrfir>, 5, i^emtiLiciQ, |. (blot 

dny; oul) ddetdi 3, 
A rafoUTy fee rffxior 

flafpfilj Tifus 

A rfl jSf'ff, rafurij t. 

A rajure^ rafura 

A r^, {6rer^ 3. mm, |, 

Of a rgr, lo'icmni 

Raft kiine, arfcmcum, i, 

A ratcatfbiTf rnQTicidui^ t 

A rat frap, deripulij t, 

itata^fff pro raim 

A ratti preijum, i, (pMpcFrtJiw) 
pfop-nio, %. (tw) fcnfm, ^ 
(minnct} modui, 1, (licj a^. 

TV «f* [ta«) riio, 
impon?ift (dkcm) 

R A V 

TV MrtJt (owkf a •».■*•€ -• "? 

^rfj//fi i .If t ^ kt • . ;-:?!•.. •• 
A raft^^ {hik. '*i t.'fc ..■ ■• 

bepnn{diK.-^ .•^^.f-;. •. 
lUnHf^ kilma: :^:* ^ i,x 

Rmm^ tin^^i^ aiiiu.*.* 


r^rtET^b*.!^ ■tor. 

jro, f, 

. ao, 3. 
.tfndo, I. (of 
^ to) faluto, I, 
M, connm'*ndatio, 3* 
^Mndator, 3. 
^ 1. mercc^f 


fgrtgius (/• the ear) faaviifimttS/ 
admirabilts, jucundiffimus 

$iaw, -cr^idus (opt foddefl) incoAus 
(unwove) Dondu 171 textus (un- 
ikilful) i^dis, imperitufl 

^ta^v fihoi/oTf Dovitius, 2. 

To grow raw, crudefcoy 3. 

Raw jjtfeather, tempefl^ frigid a 
& nubila 

Maw b^ed, fttigofut 

Rawly (cFudej prudAfn (unikil- 
fully) imperil^ 

Jiawnefst crudi^as, 3. 

A ray, radiua, a. 

To raze, rado, 3. (-foundatioffs) 
t'andamenta evertSre 

A raa»r, novacuja, i . 

T* reach (come tip to) alTeqaor, 3. 
{-one's meaning) ititelligo, 3. 
(-out) cxtendo, 3, (neut.) to 
reach, extender, 3. porrigor, 3. 
(or arjj-ive at) pcrtingo, 3. {in 
'if omit ting) vomo, 3. 

4 reach, ambijaiia, 4. tragus, 4, 
(fetch) dolus, z, (capacity, abi- 
lity) captus, '4. (power) poteflaf, 
3. {-of thought) fagacitas, 3, {by 
water) intcrvaJlum, 2. 

Of a defpre^cl^, fubtilii, yerfutua 

A reaching ^.vomtVi'iX nixus 

Reached (given) ailatvs, datus (ex- 
tended) porredus, eatentus 

A reaching, extenfio, 3. porre£tio, 
3. (vomiting) vomitio, 3. 

To read, lego, 3, (-eo/.T again) i;e. 
^^RO'. 3* {o§ten) leaito, 1. 
{•over) cvolvo, 3. ('-cttr) , publice 
TeciCare {-unto) praelego, 3, {or 
guefs) conje^Of i . 

R^, leflus {'openif) pubiki 1% 
. citatus (-ontfr) perle£tui 

W'^i read, dQ/£iif&isus 

/^^J^rrMe/, he Jefible ^ . 
^ f^M^ I^aor, J. (rinfcko(iU\ 

R E A' 

•pro^eflTor^ . 3. {-to fchollan) prae- 
ledlor, %. {or curatf) vicarius, 2. 

A great reader, heliuo librorum 

A reading, le^io, 3. {-openly) prae- 
le£tiQ^ 3^ ( over) evolutio, 3, 

To readmit, itcn\m adnutcei:e 

Ready, paraius, .promp.tus» pionus ; 
propenfus, expedituSj^ accin£ius 
{-to pleafe) afifabiUs, cotnis, niitis 
{or willing.) volens, iubcns {-to 
lie in) in ftat partus {^fMrniJbed) 
hoptium (upell^dlUi in^ruftum 

Ready, readfIy,.J3jaa, jsundudum 

0/ ready wit, fagax 

Ready rnomy, argeotum prae(cn- 
tancunr), pecunia numetata 

To be ready at hand, adeffc 

To get, or make ready, paro* I. 
cxpcdio, 4. {-hafiily) accclcro, 
I. {-firwqc) apparo, 1.. 

Jl^jde ready, paratu^ accmflus 

Readily, expedite, parate (without 
book) memoritcf (willingly) 
libenter^ xomiter 

Reqdineft, promptitudo, 3. alacri- 
tas,^. {-topleafe) obrequium, 2. 
comitas 3. 

Jn re^dinejs, In profl^ntu, pratfld 

Jt ii. in reauimfi, fuppetit 

Rtal, vcrus 

Arealeftate, patrin\oniom, », 

Reality, Veritas, 3. 

In reality^ rcvera 

To realixf, ad amufTim ^xprima 

Really (in earneft) revcr*, finccrp, 
fane (furcly) profefto, certe, fane 

A realm, regnum, 2. 

A ream of paper, fcapus major papyi; 

To reanimute, leanime, £• 

To reap, meto, 3. 

Reaped, meflfus 

Fit to reap, maturns 

A reaper^ mcflT r, 3. 


R ] 

Reapingtimex. mefi 

In reaping iiiue, pi 

Of reaping, tJ^pflbi 

The rear, .^itvci}^ 

agmen extremu 

To rear up, toUo, 

bvilding) exirui 

{uip ebilJfxn) i 

bimfelf) fe atto 

Reared, or fifted 

vatus (educated 

A rearing, ere£li<) 

To reafcend, denui 

R^afon (the faqult 

A reafon (caufe or 

caufa, I., argun 

Agsinfi reafon, al 

By reafott 0/*, ol 

propterea {by 


To reafon, argunr 

cinor, X. difce 

oppono,.-3. OPF 

ovfly) cavillor, 

Reafonable (ratioQi 

squus, jOftus ( 


R^ajpnablenefsy aeq 

J^eafonably, juflc 

diocriter, mo«Ji( 
^eefoned, difputat 
Having reajoned. 
Maybe reasoned, 
A rsafoner, ratioc 
A reafonirg^ rati* 
To re-ajfenb^le, or 
iterum convoca 
rurfum convcni 
To rea£ign, iterui 
A reaffignmenty ai 
To reajj'unw, real; 
Rfaffumed, denuc 
To rebate (phed 


>) faUoco, 3. {or make 
)itnOf I. 

[checked) feprcfiiit {h ac' 
I fttbduaui ^in hermldry) 

. . i refrenans 

fi rekgumem, TtprcB&o, 3. 
nUry) dtmiiiatio, s- 

dcficio, 3. icbeilo^i. 
') icbdlatof', 3. 
ft nktUia* rebeUio, 3. 
^lebellit, foaiofot (dif- 
K) penrerfst, oMinatus, 


^MMMun^y reperounus 
Ey, icpercuffio« 3. 

lesdificatiit / 

f, iccdificatJo> 5. 
Rprehmfio^ 3* 
iacrepoy 1. caftigo, i. 
jSiMr}ittgilio,I. Uharfly) 
y I. {rd^ttftdtf) CK. 

tncptnty reprelunfttsi 

objargatoTy 3* 
objoKgatio, 3« 
nbokm, s. 

etoco, I, (^iv*i wor^A) 
rerooado, 3. 
scanto, I* (-«« ofinhtt) 
■ nracara 

fp ncmUsHmp recanta- 
^iiodt% I* 
§Uj breritcr vepeto, 3. 


Recapitulated, fummatitn repetitus 

A recapitulation^ fumtnariutn, s. 

7o recede f rccedo, 3. fecedo, 3. 

A receifi (receiving) recepcio^ 3, 
^difcharge) acceptilatio, 3. (jn- 
grapii*, 1 , {Jy a pbyjkian) pnr- 
fcriptum,' 2. 

To receive^ recipto, 3^ accipia, -3. 
(-v/^) falutantes admitt&c (>« 
vjound) vtdnerory 1. {or drink, 
in) imbiba^ ^, .{-into com^my) 
admitto, 3. 

Received, acceptss^ exceptot^ re- 
crptus (as a coflom) invetbratus* 
\into cmpMKy) admiiTus 

A receiver, receptoi^ acceptor* 3, 
{-of taxes) pubiicaaaiy a« (chy- 
mical veifel) vas recipiens (-«/ 
the king*! demeifie) regit pro- 

Receiveri general, triboni Krarii 

A recti vit^,rtct^tio, 3, acceptio»3. 
admiffio,3*(before) anticipatio93, 

Recent, nuperua, recent 

Recently^ rccenter, naper, modd 

Reeeptaifh, capaz 

A recefnacle^ receptaculnm, %• 

A reception, receptip, 3, (enter- 
tainment) acceptio, 3. 
i Receptive, capax 

A rece/Sf receOus> 4* 

Recbleft, fccurus, remiilot 

Reciproeai, r^ciprocas, matuqt 

Rcc^rocalfy, inutuo» alternatim 

To reeiprocafep akerno, I. 

Reciprocation^ reciprocatio, |« 

Recijlony recifio, 3. 

A retitai, recitatio, 3. eaumeratio,3i 

To recite, lecitOp x. enumero, i« 

Recited, recitatus, narratut 

A reciter, recitator, 3, 

A reciting^ recitatio, 3. 

To reckon (count) numero^.i. com 
puto/ /# (judge) Mrbitsfir, i. 


(edeem) exiftimo, x. dbco, %e 
(defign) ftatuo, 3. conflituo, 3* 
(or depend upon) conAdo, 3. ('iU* 
tie of) parti pendj^re ( toitb) ra- 
tiones cdnferre, tr compooXf e 

Reckoned, numeratM 

May be reckoned^ computabilit 

Not to be reclmedp inoumerabilis 

A reckoner^ computator, 3. 

A reckoning, numeration 3. ('o/om 
witb child) tempos pregnationis 
(/Hot) fymbolum, s. coUada, r. 
eranut^ 2. (account to be given) 
ratio, 3, 

To reclaim, corrigo, )• ad bonia 
frugem rcducere 

Reclaimed, mi fmgem perdadaa 

A reclaiming^ emendatio, 3. 

TorecJtnep reclinoy f. 

Reclining^ recJinis 

A recluje, monachttSf I mundania 

To ree^pixci agnofco, 3. 

A recogniaung, rec^nition, agnltio^j. 

Jirecognizancej obligation 3. . 

To recoil, refiiio, 4, 

Not to recwlj fobfifto, 3, ^ 

A recoiling, recelTio, 3. 

Recoiling, reElient 

To recoiled, recoUigo, 3* 

A recoUeHing, recognitio, 3, 

To recommence^ renovo, inftauro, t* 

Recommenced, iaftaurarus 

A recommencing, inftauratio, 3. 

To recommend^ commando, i. (of 
fend compliments to) faluto, i« 

Recemmendabte, commendabilis 

A recommendation, commrndatio, 3* 

Recommendatory^ commendetitius 

Recommended, commendatos 

A recommender, commendator, 3. 

A recompenfe^ premium, !• merces, 

Tq rtcom^nlt^ icto^sitio, \% «^^ 


"Regtffdakttt confideratione digous 

Regardedy CQratufi, obfervatua 

Not regarded^ ncglcdlus 

*l'o be not regarded f fordeo, i. 

Aregurder^ ebfcrvator, 3, 

A fegardimg^ refpeftos, 4. 

S-egardhg, attincns, pcrtinein 

^egardlcfsy ncgligcns, remiflut 

Rtgardhp..j,\ improvidc, renrifl^ 

Regardiejr.ej's^ inc^iria^ I. 

Regency (gowmmpTit) regimen, 3, 
(of a kipgdomjadmiiuftratioregni 

To regenerate^ rcgenero, I. 

Regenerate^ regenerated^ rtgeneratus 

RegeneratitHy regeneratio, 3. 

A regent (in ftudles) moderator^ |. 
praefeaiM^ 2. reftor, 3. {-rf a 
realm) ref,ni procurator, 3. (vice- 
roy) prorex^ 3. (^^#/r-} rcgni 

. pro<?tiratrix 

To germmdti^ germ'no. i. 

A regicide, regi* intcrfcftor 

Regimen (govcroment) regimen, 3, 
moderament 3. rerum admini* 
AratiO {-in diit) dicfa, l. {inpty 
fie) mediciiUB rcgunen prarfcrip- 

A regiment, legio, 3, 

Regimental^ leg onariuf 

A region, regio, 3. tragus, 4. 

A rcgifler (book Of rccoHs) ada, 
/»/. archivum, a. [efnoma) no- 
mencldtuta, i, (ofEcer) regiftra- 
rius, 24 

To regifter^ in tabu las referre 

Regijlred^^ in a£ta rclatus 

A regijirittg, in tabuias relatio 

A '<?f i/?»> (o®f« ^^o' regirters) locus 
ubi a^a poblica conrervaotur 

^0 regrant, iterum donare 

5^ regrftte, praemerccr^ I, 

A regrater, mango, 3, 

^ ^^rf/jt, ff^reffus, 4, 
^Hr^^j iodjjfjuthj J, 

R E I 

TV regret^ aegrc ferrc (bemoan) dc- 

fleO| 1. lugeo, 2. 
Arretted, atgre latM, deploratus, 

Reg:/ far (according to art) ad nor- 

mam era£lus{ufual) u(itat\is (me < 

thodical) methodicus, ordine pro- 

grcdiena (moderate) moderatus. 

temperatuf (under a rule) regula 

Regularity, regularitap, 3. 
Regularly^ ex ordine, tertS 
7» regulate, difpono, 3. ordino, 1. 

moderor, 1, tempcro, I. prae- 

fcribo, 3. 
Regulated, ordinatus, temperatua 
A regMlating, reguladtn, moderatio,, 

3. temperatjo, '^. 
A regulator, mo'^•rator, 3* ordinator 
To rehear^ denuo andire 
A rehearing, audi tic iterata 
To rehear fe, recito, i. reptto, 3. 
A rehear jal, recilatio, 3. 
Rehearjed, recitatus, repctitus 
A rebearjing, enumcrat'O, 3, 
To renEly rejicio, 3, repudio, f. 

abdiro, 1. refpuo, 3> 
Rejeded, reje€lu8 
To he rejedtd, rcfpurndus 
A rejcSiiitg, rejeSliorjy re3c<5>io, 3. 
A reigHy regnum, a . 
To reign, regno, 1. (pievail) vigeo, 

2i ingravefco, 3. {or be in vogue) 

obtineo, %, floreo, 2. 
Reigning^ regnans {-diptrnper) mor- 
bus ingravefcens 
To reimhark^ navem rurfus con- 

A rtlmbarking, rcifnharkmmt, and 

reimharkation, in navem iterata 

To rtimburfe^ pec onias rependcrc 
Riimburfed, rer-enfus 
A rdmburfmcnt^ rcftitutio, 3. 

R E L 

Thi rein, habena, !• 

Reins fof government) tmperiani] 

{or kidneys) tenet, pi. 
To reinfrre, anftauro, r, reparo, 

{an army) exercitum fuppi 

{-an argument) adurgeo, s. 
A reitforcement, fapplementom, 
To r^ngeq;e {in fight) itenim o 

flign, 3. {^'in bufinefi) iterum 1 

gotio fe xmplicare 
To reinftate, reftituo, j. 
Reinftated, i;!efti tutus, repofitiit 
A reirHating, reftitutio, 3. 
Torejfsice (be glad) laetor, I. p»A 

2. (make glad) exhilaro, I. 1 
tifico, I. 

Rejoiced, exhilarttns, gififM 
A rejoicing, \x\\u», t. l^ndilMDy 

{-day) dies exultationis 
To rejoin (reply) iterum refpottiil 
A rejoinder f rcfponfio iterata 
To reiterate, itero," X« repCtO> )• 
Reiterated, itcratus '^ 
A rr.tcration, rfpetitio 
Tg rcland, in terram denu& expOB 
A relapfe, novus lapfos {or Ittui 

iteratus lapfua 
To relapfe, relabor, 3. recidoj ^ 
Relaffed, relapfut 
To relate, narro, i. enarro, X. 
Related (told) narratus (a kin 

blood) confangoiBeui (by m 

riage) affinis 
A relater, narrator, 3. 
A relating, relation, fee worrafim 
Relation (kindred) con f an g uinet 

3. affinitas, 3. 

A relation, lee related 
Relative, retativum, A. 
Relatively, pro ratione 
To relax, relaxo, i. remtttOy )• 
A relaxation, relaxing,' rt\vaL{i9t 

remiflio, 3. 
Reiaxed^ re!azatttS| remilTttt 


ftatiOy 3. 

fee Xofi^tUn 
(fet at liberty) dimitto, 3. 
IJcner) libero, i. {-from a 
Q ftipqlationi non iniiftere 
abfolutio, 3. liberatio, 3 
folutus^ relaxatus 
f, rtljtafementy folutio, 3. 
grow gentle) mollefco, 3, 
'» 3- (**' .*>* moved with 
Gon) mifericordiS moveri 
Toubled for) iblkitudine 
r yield) cedo, 3, 
f, it^ pUv'wg^ ppardouing 

iridow) vidua, |. 
mfort) confolatioy 3% fo- 

2. folamenj 3. (help* 
) foppetiae. fl, fubfidium, 
aw) relevittm 
'■ (comfort) confolor, i. 
fuccurroy 3. (<f town) op- 
foppetias ferre (-/i guard) 
m vices permotare 
[coDifortrd) cohToIatione 
(helped) fublevatus 

(helper) opitoJator, 3. 
^, auxilium> 1, 
religio, 3. , 
rdigiofus, pius (-/« af^ 
e only) hvpocrita^ ^t, m, 

jmn^aal) qui religiofe 

'1 religiofe, pie 
ijb, rclinquo, 3. dercrn- 
( a charge or offiff) ma- 
, or m-jaere fe abdicare 
de jure fuo abife 
ed, reli^tos 
/hing, derelidio, 3. 
rehquise^ ^/, 
;nftu«, 4, fapor, .3, 
hf infipidua -^ 



To relifi^ gufto, l. fapio, 4. (•r 
pleafed with) dclcftor, i,placco,2 
///^/& rttijbedfi^y acres acutique cibi 
ReliJhabU, guftui jucundui 
Re/uSIartcf, relu&aruy, faftidium, 2. 
ffi':ih relu^ancCf invite, acgre 
RtluEiantf abhorrens, averfans 
Torely^ confido 
Rilying upon, fretus 
To remain {or tarry) maneo, 2, re- 
maneo, 2. permaneo, 2. (behind) 
reAo^ I. (be over) fuperfum (at 
be tv/xs) antiquum obtinere 
It remainetb, fuper eft, rcfta^ 
A remainder^ refiduum, 2. 
Remdtning^ rcHduus, reliquus 
Remaint, reliquiae^ pL 
To remand (or fend for back) re-* 
voco, 1. {or fend back) remit to, 3. 
Remanded, revocatuB (ftnt back) 

rfemiflus ' 
A remanding, Rvocatio» 3. (difmif- 

fion) dimiiHo, j. 
A remark, tbfervatio, 3. notatio, 3. 
To remark, noto, i,. animadvertd, 3. 
Remarkable, nocabilit, infignis 
A rcfffarking, obfervatio, 3. 
A remedy (medicine) remedium, %» 
medicamentum, 2. medicinst, i. 
(^'for all dijiemptts) panacra, r. 
{-againfi poifon) alcxipharmacum, 
2. (helper relief) remedium, 2. 
To remedy, medicor, i* medeor, 2«. 
Remedied, fee helped 
RemedHejs, immedicabilis 
A remedying, curatio, 3. fanatio, 3, 
To remember, reminifcor, 3. retor- 
dor, I. memini (put in mind) 
moneo,z.commoneo,2. fnggero^l. 
Remembered, commemoratus 
To be remembredj memorabilis 
A rememberer, monitor, 3. 
A remcmbranctj r^oi'iai/ccntUj Z , 


A remembrancer, monitor, 3* 

To remind, moneo, 2. admoneo, !•. 

Reminded f admonitus 

A reminding, admonitio, 3^ 

RcnvKtfcency, rccorc'atio, 3. 

Remifi (flack) nrgligens, remUTut 

(flothful) focort, pigcr 
Rtmitly, ncgligenter, fupin^ 
Remifned, negligentia, i. dilatio, 3* 
Rcmijfton (pardon) venia^i. remifli» 
A reniijfion, relaxatio, 3. 
To remit (fend back) remiCto, 3. 
(grow lefs) diminuor, imminuor 
(refer unto) refero (forgive) ab- 
folvo, I. condoQO, I. {'money) 
tranfmitto^ 3. 
Remittable, remijffable, coodonandus 
A remittance, remiilio, 3. {-ofmoneyy 
pecuniae pro alio praefinita nu* 
Remitted (fent back) remiflTus (aba- 
ted) diminutus (forgiven) con- 
A remitting, remiflio, 3. 
A remnant, refiduum,2.rellquum»2* 
A r:monftrance, declaratio, 3. 
To remorjirate, declare, i. oftendo,3« 
A remora (obftade) impedimentum, 
R»morfe, anger, 3, ftimulus, 2. 
Remotfekfs, imrritii 
Remote, remotus, longinquus 
Remotetyy remote, longe. 
Remotevefs, dilhntia, I. 
Remweable, mobilis 
Not removcibi^, immobilis 
Removal {of per.Jons) migratio, 3. 

{cfgo'.dt) exportatio, 3. 
To remove, moveo, 2. -moveo, 2* 
Ixbrnaveo, 2. rcmoveo, 2. de- 
moveo, 2, [or be removed) re- 
movcor, 2.. (-goods) ali6 cxportaro 
{ywitb difkid^\ wc\oV\w^V VJ'^*'"* 
pldc€ to i)i;ace\ U»xfoi»a^^^^ **-*V5 

tl E N 

R E ^ 

dfveUing) naigro, v. (iead away) Jie/ioutteeds renunciatus 
amando, i. (^rktll) mterficiOy3. Renowrt, fama, i. ^oria, 
A remCvtf or removingy remotio^ ,3. Of rentmrn, infignis 
ainotioy3.(tfr one remove) gradus ^^**^'* — "-•• - J"- 


Jtem»ve,firt au^cr te hinc 

Memo^edf amotos 

"Not removed^ immotus, fixui 

A remowng, remctio, 3. amotloi 3. 

(-ones ^effing) migratio, 3, 
^9 remduht, rurtus afcen<J2re 
Vc remunerate, compenfo, <. 
To rencounttr, ocourro, 3. 
A rembttnter, occurfus, 4* 
^0 rend (tear) latere, i. 
To render (reftore or j'vc) reddo, 3. 

do, I, TeftitQQ, 3, (or iranflatc) 

vcrto, 3. la tine, JSfc. redderc 

(3rield up) trado, 3 dedo {-like 
Jor /ike) par pari referre {-a rea- 
fin) rationcm redderc (-tbanks) 

gratias agSre (with lime) fee ifi 

^enderedy redditusj[yWded upj ^e- 

Jl /renderings rcddifie, 3. (tranila- 

ting) inicrpretatio, 3. { uf) At- 

ditio, 3. , 
A rgndexvQus, conventus^ 4. loous 

To rendexvous, cenvenio, 4* 
■A renegado, apoi^ata, 1. 
T0 renew J tenovo, i. (-«r iatti^ re- 

dintegro, i, [-grief) commovec^ 

2. (-<2 /(f/i/e) integro, 1. 
A renewal^ renovario,3.integratio,3 
Jlenrwed, renovatus, integiatui 
To he rentwcdy integrafco, 3, 
A rentier, renovator, 3. 
A reatiaing, renovatio, 3. 
'Jiennet, coagulum, 2. 
To rentvate, fee r^«rw 
To renounce, reriuncio, i, abdico, I. 

i'the/aitb) fidem afetjuro, 1, (-^ 

Pl^fbaut renown, ingloriua 

Renozvnedi inclytus, clarus 

T<x hs remfwned, eniteo, a* 

Rrnt (torn) laceratus 

Ar««/(teai) fciflura. 

il^u/ (income) redrus» 4. ve^^igal, 

3. {-charge] ve£liga1 annuum 

» rent (let) loco, i. elocoy I. 

(hire) conduco, 3. 
Rented, elocatua 

To rf«/{Teiid) lacero, i. dUanio, 1. 
A rental^ ratalogus redituum 
l^he renter (hirer) -coaduflor, 3, 
A renting (hiring) conduflio, 3, 
Renunciation, renunciatio, 3, 
Repaidy iterum fnlufeus 
To repair, reficio, 3. -reparo, i. 

'{-clot bet) refarcio, 4. {-mtae) ixt- 

^uento, I. 
Repairable, reparabifia 
Irrepairabie, irreparabilu 
Repaired, reparaui» 
A repairer, reparrtor, 3, 
A reparation, repairing, reparation 3. 
Reparation, fee compenfation 
A repartee^ .argiitiae, pi, 
To repartee, arguie relpondeo^ %• 
To repttjsf tterufn traofice 
A repafl, refeftui , 4. 
To repays red do, 3. 
A repaying, folutio iterata 
To repeal, abrogo, I . relcindOy 3. 
Repealed, vecifTiis, abrogates 
To repeat, repeto, 3." itero, u 
Repeated, repetitus 
A repeater, rcpetitor, 3* 
A repeating, repetitio, 3* 
To repel, rcpeUo, 3. 
Repelled^ repult'us 
A repelUr, depulfor, 3, 
A npelfUfy {c^\iUlo, ^ 


To repent, relSpifco, 3. poeni 

Repentance, pcsnitentiay l« 

Repenting^ pcenitena 

Itr^entetb, pcrnitet 

To repeople, populum induce 

A repercujfion, repercuffio, ; 

Repercurfwe, retundeni 

A repertory, repertorium, ft, 

A r'^ittan, repetitio, 3. 

To r^ne, doJev, a. ^ueror« 

A repitur, queiens 

A repining, ^ueflus* 4. que 

{ending) invidentia, i* 
Repining, mutmurans 
To replace^ fuppleo, 2. fubfl 
Replaced, fubftitutus, fuppl 
A replacing^ fupplejnentuni 
To repUnifi, repieo, 2. imj 

con>pleo, 2. expleo, 2. 
Repkmjbed, repletoa, redui 
A reptenififing, ««pIetio, 3. 
Replete, repletus, abundans 
A repletion of Blood, pleih 

{-of burnout t) humorom 
A replevin, repkgiatneatao 
^0 replevy, replegio, i, 
R'plevyed, teplegiatus 
A replevy if^, repiegtatio, 3 
A replication, reply, refpoi 

refponfum, 2. replicatio. 
Torep/y^ refpondco, 2. repl 
Replied, relatus 
A replying, fee replication 
A report, rumor, 3. (in la^ 

ratio, 3. relatio, 3, {-^ 

funitus, 4. {a £eod') ev 

2. {abad-^ infamia, i. 
To report, n*mcio, I . narro, 

of) diflamo, i. calamnic 
By repnrt, ut fanoa eft 
Reported, relatus 
A reporter, nunciator, 3, ( 

fer) ac€ufator» 3. 
^ r^tifigi rumoris propa; 

E P 



let, 5. fomnof, 9^ \ '\^ n^roaeb, eiprobro, j. con?iclor, 

odor, quieko, j^^or 
mfido, 3. 
uietns^ rqwfitnf 
7, repofitorium. !•■ 
i, iteniin poffidire 
ef, iterati poflcifione do- 

ml, objurgo, 1. arguo, 3. 
eJ, objurgatiis 
ulerj coneptor,. 3. 
^V* reprehenioy 3. 
U^» repreheodeadiM 
oCf objurgacorias 
«-« reprxfento, »• eiht- 
. (or Aew). decJaro, i, 
, 3. defnonftro, K V'** 
alicojus perfonam gei^e 
rmofa thing) imitor, i. 
t>» I. afHaiilo, 1^ {jto 
\ Tcram fiinilicudinem de- 
['U omet Jelf) animo cer»> 

itatitnj declaratib> 3. [or 
1) fimilittido, 3« 
motive, vicem cujufpUm 

^1 ddineatus^ exhibitos 
rtMrf, fee rtpnfentation 
i> leprisio, 3. refrauio, r. 
i<no>3, coerceo, 1, cohi- 
i. domO) f^. f range, 3. 
^co> J. {-wckfdfufs) im* 
ateni refti ngoSre 
t leprcfllif, coeicitus 
•r, fiiDpljcii proro^atio 
woe, lopplicium prorogaxc 
wad, objurgatiOy 3. 
a«i^ oljJMrgo^ i« incrego,!. 
i^f ob/ijrgatus 
t, denvo iioprimere. 
^ deno^ imprefTua 
claiigatio, 3^ 

X. objeAo, I 
A rif roach, conTicium, 1. probnim, 

1. opprobrium, i. vicuperatio, 

3* exprobratio, 3. contuinelia> i. 
Without refrttch, integer, innocent 
RtfroocbJie, convicio dxgnua 
Rtpro0€h(d, exprobratua 
R'eproacbjul, probroius 
Reproachfully, contumeliofS 
A, reftoaching, exprobratio, 3. 
A re^thate, improbus, perditas 
To TtprUate, rejicio, 3, damno, i. 
Reprobatfd, repsobatus 
Reprobation, repcobatio, 3, 
A reproof, reprehenfio, 3^, 
To reprove, re<arguo, 3, ob}urgO|X. 
Reproveahle, culpandus 
Reproved,, reprehenfus 
A reprover,, reprehenfor, 3, 
A reproffitig, reprehenfio^, 3, 
A reptiJe, an ioial. repent 
A repuHie, respublica, i» 
A repubRean, libertatis faato» 
To repudiate, repudio, 1. dimitto,3. 
Repttdiatedy reje£lu9, fpretus 
To repugn, lepugno, i. oppugoo^L. 
Repugnancy repugnancia, x. 
Repugnanf, repugnant 
A repnlfe, repulfa, x. 
To repulfe, repello, 3^ piOpdlo> > 
Repuljtd, repulius 
Reputation, exiftimatie, 3* 
Reputable^ bonxfamae 
2r reputable, infamis 
Qfnorepute, obfcurus 
Reputableneft, cUritaa> >- 
Rtputahfy, cum bonore 
Repute f fama, i. aopien, 3^ 
Reputed; habitu9^ exiflioaatua^ 
\ requefi. petito, 3. fuppircatio, 3. 
To requef, rogo, I. fupplico, i, 

[-earntftlj) obfecro,. J^ (or de- 
l madjBonulo, t, pofcof. 3. cf- 

R E9 

flagito, f • 
InrefueJI, magao bonore 
^ my refuefi, mco rogato 
By requefy prcce, precarid 
Rtquefted, requifitui, rogatttt 
A reque/kr^ rogator, 3. 
A requeftwgt rogaoa 
A TfqueftMg,, logatio, J, petWo, ^ 
A requitm, oratio pro moftiiia 
JUquireabte, exigendut 
To require^ exigo, 3, poftvlo^ j^. 

repofcO) jfc repeto,.3. 
Refhiral, poftulatut 
A requiring, p^ftuiaCio,, 3«^ 
Requifitcy necc/Tariut 
A requital, recributio, y. 
To requite, retribuo, 3. conpenfikj^ 
Rtquited, retnbutut 
Having requited, rcmonentua 
A requiting, compenAtio, 3^ 
Rtreboiled, femicoAut 
The rerewat-d, tt}tiaa> aciet 
Rejaluted, refalatatua 
To refcind, refcindo, 3. abfogo^ f^ 
Refcinekelf refcifTus, abrogacna 
A refcijion, abolitio, 3, 
A rescript, rercripCum, %k 
A refcme, recoperatio,. 3- 
To refcue, recupero, i. libero^ iw' 

ex cuftodiavi eripSre (rfrom rm»i 

ab interitu vindicare 
Ri/cued, vi abreptus 
A refeareh^ ioqtufitio93.dirqHifitio,^ 
RefemBlance, fimilit^do, 3, 
To rejembltx re&ro {or compara f^y 

comparo, i. 
Refembling, aiJimilit 
A refembSng, aifimilatio, 3^ 
To nfentf indigne fenc 
Refented, dolore affeAiii 
Refentingy indignant 
A refentment^ \t\d\%TiaXV)^ n^ 
A rtjervation^ coi\tatNi\\o, "^^ Vj 

R E is 

JVttb refervationy diflimalanter 
To Ttjtroe^ rcfervo, i. rc^^ono, 3 

recondo, 5. fcpono, i.' 
A ^refirue (exception) exceptio, 3 

conditio intcrpofita {-of foUkrs) 

fabfidium, 2. 
Without referve, fine exceptsone 
Jieferved (laid up) repofitus, recon 

ditttSy fepofitus, refervatus {-in 

fpeech) uciturnui 
Referval/f, parce 
Rrfervednefs in Jpenb^ taciturnitas, 

3. (-in bebaviour) fa (hi s^ 4* 
79 refettU, denud Oabilire 
Rejettled, dcnui ftabilitus 
^orefidey habito, i. connmoror, I. 
A refidsnce, habiUtio, 3. 
Jlejidentj rcfidciw 
A refident, legatus inferior 
A refrkntiary, refidentiariuf, 1. 
"The refiducy reitduum, z. 
-r« refigtt (quit) refigno, i, cedo, 3, 

concedo, 3, trado, 3. ( to ano' 

tbert will) fe ad aJteriut ▼olan* 

tatem accommodare 
Jiefignation, ceffio. 3. conceffio, 5. 

(~ofa benefice) a beneficio eccle* 

fiaftico abdicatio 
Jtejign'dy conceffug, traditus 
A rejigner^ qui cedit 
A yifigmngi abdicatio, 3. 
Kefinouij refinaceus 
Refipifcence, fee repentance 
To refff, rcfifto, 3. obnitor^ 3, r»- 

pugno, 1, 
Mejt/fanee, repagnantia, i. 
Refified, oppugnatui 
A refifier, oppugnator, 3, 
Rejijiible, refiftendus 
Refijkngt repognans 
ffo refiffc (purpoff) ftatuo, 3. con- 
Ait'*6, 3. decerno, 3. (explain) 
exp)ano, j. explifo, i, enodo, t. 
(er reduce into) recuco, $0 tt- 


. fohp, 3. redigoy 3* (o>' di(cufsj. 
difcutio, 3. {or be rcCoIved) re- 
folvor, 3* redigor, 3. reducor, 3. 

Refoh'edy decretus, ftatutus (rcfo- 
lute) fixus, certus, tenax 

Refihent, difcuriens • 
A refoltrt'rtg, or dijfohf'tng, refolutio^ 
3. {of a queftion) explicatio, 3. 

Rejolute (bold) audax (firm) con- 
ftans, firmus 

Pefolutely, audaciter, obftinate 

A rejohttion (defign) propofituiny a. 

. (courage) animus, 2. fortitudo, 
3. (-0/ m;W) conftantia, i. {-of 
an ajj'emhly) decretum, 2. { of a 
quefiion) fuiutio, 3. (• of the nerves) 
nervorum refolutio 

Refoluttve, refolveni, difcutiens 

Rejonanty refonans, refonus 

Reforty frequentia, i. cofigrefTus, 4, 
(refuge) refugium, 2, (in law) 
jurifdidio, 3. 

To refort unto, frequento, i. {-toge- 
ther) conTenio, 4. conAuo, 3. 

Reforted unto J frequentatus, cele- 

A refortingf congreflus, 4, frequen- 
tia, I. {-unto) frcqucntatio, 3, 

Tore/ound, refono, i. (-one^s praife) 
iaudo, I. extol lo, 3. 

Refoundingy refonans 

A refaundtng, refonantia, I. 

A refource, tons, 3. origo, 3. 

RefpeS (regard) refpeftas, 4. ratio, 
3. (reverence) reverentia, i, ve> 
neratio, 3. honor, 3. 

/« refpeSf of prae, propter 

H'ortby ofre^By venerabilip 

To rejpeSl (coiifider, regard) refpicio, 
3. (orirelate to) ad aliquid per- 
tinere (efteem or honour) reve- 
reor, 2. vencror, i. (loYe) di- 
ligo, 3* amo, i. 

Rejpc^ed, cuUus, dileflut 

HE 8 

^r^peSer, amator, 3. 
R!Wt9fuly officiofus, reveieal 
Jii^fi^brefi^ revefent'a, t. 
RefpcSvye, ' ftciprocns, mutinis 
Refpeffi'vtij(^Anfffa\iXmi,- tnutuJ 
£f//>/V^/a«« kirpiratio, 3. 
To refplre, refpiro, 1. fpiro, I« 
Refpitey mora, i. relaxatio, 3. 
fVithout refpite, fine intermiffioi 
To refpife, di^ero, profero, tn 

3. lee fp reprieve. 
Refpited; procraftinatut, dilatw 
A re/piting, dilatio, 3. prorogati 
Refpiendencyy niror, 3. fpletidorj 
Reip/endent, refplendem, rutilw 
Refplendently, nitidis, dari 
A refponfi, rtrponfum, ». 
Refponfaile fable to pay) pecnaio 

{•for damages) obnoxiut 
To refufcitate, refufcito^ t. 
~ fij quies, 5. requies, 5. Olrii 

2. (peace) pax, 3. tranquilitii 
The refty reliouus, refiduus (ir 

others) capteri, reliqui, pi, 
Therefi (fubft.) retiduum, 2« 
A reft (in mufic) paufa, l. [eir pr 

fulcrum, 2* 
To reft J or take reft, quiefco, 3, 
compofe for deep) reqnlfcTco^ 
(or lean upon) innitor, j. 
cumbo, 3. {or tafry in a pll 
maneo, 2. commoror, t. («r 
main) f\ipcifnm{' between v^ 
interquiefco, 3. {-in a fimnk 
fuperfedere labor! itineri»{#rflj 
upon) ccnfido, 3. (or tely ijp 
confido, 3. {-fatiifyed) acqniel 

3. {-tcgetber) conqaiefco, %• ^ 
die) morior, 4. (-ppwi) rccwi 

ReftaUration, reflauratio, 3. 

Refted, (lying along) reclinii (^ 
ing upon) cjtonfidens (laid ar 
repofirus (rcfrcihed) rdaxatp«[l 
ried) comrnoratut 


R £ S 

y, RfraAorint (-hfirje) 

relodor, i. 

ctBknOf ). rcUxatio^ 3. 
ocas ^i«dt 

nictaty tnrbolaiCiif* itt- 

, reftitatio, 3. 
reftaanitjo, J. 
e, aoalepticaiDf s« 
live back 4fain) reddo, 3. 
3. repofio, 3. fctriboo, 
rftabliili) reflaoro, t. in- 
• {'to nherty) liberuteiD 
» («r replace} repono, 3. 
tck) redac<i9 3. {»betUtb) 
ten redigSrc (-r9«r]^r) 
ic^re {'ffgvomr) rccon- 
in ^ratiam tcftttvSre 
(Htutm (back again) red- 
I tfe) 2 morttift Meiutvs 
iKr)reftitutiis {"to/avour) 

vifldrx, 3. reftitator, 3. 
, reftauratio, 3. 
(curb) coerceo> s. inhi- 
refraeno, 1. reprimo^ 3. 
K 3. (faghn) modrror, 
eo, 3, domo, i. («r finlt) 

coercitnt, cfMBpreiTus^ 
I, reftridnt 

If, or r^hstni, coertio, 3. 
Jo, 3. cohibitio, 5. Umi- 

Mfy in 

«, fimitatioy 3. 

I ar r^tHtgt^t reflnngenty 

1^ aftnf>gefM 

taoav. h^r^iff 

•ftd) csiiMy 4« eflTedm, 

ddioa) Amm, i. {-of 



T0 fefmh^ orior, 4* 

79 rtfime, refumo, 3. (-fotrl) mrfus 
aggredi (-JhdieM) redire ad ftudia 

Refunud, rffumptut 

A refttmhig or rr/MK^f/Mryrafainptio, 3 

RefMrreHhn, rdurredio^ 3. 

By ivftfi/, Angulatim 

Retdile^f perticnlatim venditui 

Antailrr, propola, 1. 

A rttMliingf fingulatim venditio 

To retain, detineo, 1. (^ Ittuyer) 
bonorariam advocato dare 

A r4t0inery rliens, 3. 

A retaining fee^ honorarium 

To retdkif refumo, 3. {-afref) prasda 
hoftei evuCre 

R^akeitf itcrum capiat 

To reinfiati, compenfo, t. (-m I'ff- 
jmry) ulcifcor, 3. (-« iindmfi) re« 
■ muAcrOy l« 

Retaliation of tm snjuryt ultio, 3. 
Tindida, i* (-^ akindnefi) re- 
nmneratio, 3. {iawo of- ) lex tali- 

To rttard, inoror, i. retardo, i. 

Retardtd^ dilatus, prolatus 

A retarding, ft>Qr4, I. con^atio, 3 

Toretck, naufeoy i. fcreo, i. 

A retching to vomit, naofeay t« 

Retcbleff, infamia, focors 

Retention, reteotio, 3. 

Retentive, retentivua 

Reticence, reticentiay I* 

A rr/firM,famalitiuiii,i.eoinitat«s,4 

To retire, recedo, 3. regredior, j, 
{■in diforder) e6Fa(^ fe recipSre 
(-/If good order) turmatim abire 
{'home) domom fe recipSre ( from 
tomi)any)c\rc}a\o fe fubducjfre( from 
a blow) ab lAu declinare {-from 
bufineU) I, negotiit fecedSre (-into 
the toutftry) io nn feced^re (-/;•« 
danfi At periculo fe crip- re 

Retired ifF rmfffti, Aknoius^ fab 


duAus (iblitary) folitariot 
R/tiredfy, fecrttd, feorfdm 
Retiresnejs, fecefTuf, 4. 
Retiring, fecedens, recedena 
A rHiring, receflas, 4. 
Flaee of retirement, receflus, 4* 
A reiori, vas chemicuin colic retort* 

ad fuccutn elicieodum, rubje6fco 

igne, aptum 
To retort, retorqueo, <• regero, 3. 
Retorted, rerortos, regrihis 
A retorting, di6^i tranflatfo 
To rttraS, retraho, 3. revoco, i, 
RetraSed, recanCatut 
A TetraHation, retra^atio, 3* 
A retreat, legreiTut, 4. rcceptus, 4. 

{-orderly) Tnconfufnt itcurfoa 

{'Jbamefnl) fuga, i. 
To retreat, fee to rtA-e 
Place of retreat, receptatohimy ^ 

{for Ihrds) feceflut {for wildbeajlt) 

latibulum, a. 
To ntrencb (cut oflF) ampoto, i. de- 

feco, 3. circumcido, 3. {-expeneet) 

fumptus minuere 
Retrenched (cut oflF) ainpotataSt da-> 

fe^us (tortitycd) munitbs, cit- 

A retrenching (leiTening) diminution 

3. (fortification) munimentumyU 
To retribute, compenlo,i.retribuo^3. 
Retribution, compenfatio, 3. 
To rcirieve (recorer) recupero, !• 

{-a lofs) damnum refarcire {'O^ 

/«/>») rcftittto, 3. 
Retrieved, reftitutus» reilaurattis 
A retrieving, rcftauratio,3«/eftitutio 
Retrograde, retrogradus 
Retro^eS, retrofpeAuf » 4. 
A return, reditut, 4. regreflua, 4* 
reverfio, 3. (-of love) mutuua 
amor (in tTK^ilck'^ NtnSxVvo, V 
Days of return y A%c^ \t%\VvtcC\ 
To returft^rtSi^it) it^^ j^.xtstt^ 
U «^ 


reftitiio, 3« (-the fame 9oay) per 
eanden^ viaxn revrrti {thanks) 
gratiM agere (-^ kmdnejs) mu- 
tiwm graiiajn teferre (-^ir «»• 
fUiUr) rcfpondeo, «. replico, i 
(-nvoffry) remittOy 3. (-/« nvriting) 
, rekriboi 3. {•to aJubjtS) ad pro- 
pofitum revert! 

^tturfiahU, reddendus 

RerurneJ, reddituc, reftitiitas (come 
er gone back) reverfus (-/» wrr*. 
ting) refcriptus {-from abroad) 
redux, 3. {-\o life) redivivua 

A returning, reftitutioy 3. (coining 
lack) reditus, 4. regte/Tus (-c/ 
ttii>0' isfild) redhibitio, 3. 

A revcf pracfeftu*, 2. 

To r*»M/, revclo, i. (difcover) pa- 
tefacio, 3. tetcgo, 3, (make 
known) cvulgOy i. oflendo, 3. 
aperio, 4. 

Revealed, revflatvs (from heaven) 
divinities oAenfus 

A nveaiingy or revelation, rcv^Iatio, 
3. (tbe Revelations) apocalypfis, 3. 

To revelt comefTor, i. debaccbor^ i. 

AreveUer, comefTator, 3. 

A revelhngf comclTatio, 3. 

Maficrojthc revels, ludorum magifter 

Revet:zey vindi£la, i. ultio, 3. 

ToretKHge, vindico, i. uJcKcor, 3. 

Jkevenged, vindicatus, uhvz 

Bevenge/u/, vindi^tS gandens 

A revenger, vindcx, 3. ultrix,'3. 

A revenging, vindicatk), 3. ultio, 3. 

A revenue, reditui, 4. vefbigal, 3. 

To reverberate {h€at back) rcverbero, 
I. tfpercutio, 4. (In chymifl/y) 
La cinerem rcdigere 

Reverberated, repercuiUs { 

Reverberating^ reverberans 
A reverberating, r«percuffio, 3, 
>4 r^v!£r^iraurj, foTJiZX chemiciu 
7^ jv%wr, veuetor^ I, rcvttcor, 2, 


•Reverence, reverentia, i, cultus, 4. " 
To reverence, revercor, a. veneror, 

I. colo, 3. {-greatly) pcrcdo> 3. 
A flrrevcrence, merda, I. 
Reverenced, cultus, veneratus 
Worthy to be reverenced, venerabilif^, 

A reverencing, veneratio, 3. 
Reverend, reverenijus {right") rerc* 

rendus admodum {mofi-) reveren- 

Reverent, reverens 
Reverential, verendui 
Reverently, revere ntcr 
Reverfe, pofticus, averfus (contrary) 

contrarius, adverfarios 
To reverfe, inverto, 3. fubvertOy 3. 

{'lam) abrogo, i. refcindo, 3. 

rcfigo, 3. 
Reverfed (abrogated) abtogatuf, ref. 

€ilfiis (^rNMj infignia invert 
Reverfibk, lefcindendas 
To revert, reverto, 3. rcvertor, 3. 
Reverted, reverfus, reftituCus 
To ninvtfl, poflTeiTionem rurfus dare 
Rei/iwflea, iterum donatua 
A rexiew, recenfiio, 3. rccognitio, 3. 
To review, rccenfeo, 2. luftro, 1. 

{-a ()cok to h^ printed) retrafto^l. 
Reviewed, recen/itus 
A revie%vingf receufio, 3. 
To revile, calumnior, i. convicMr 
Reviled, conviciis laceffitus 
Having reviled^ cooviciatut 
Areviler, coo\*iciator, 3. • 
Reviling, maledicui 
A reviling^ exprobratio, 3. 
A rcvifal, recogoitio, 3. rceenfio 
'To rewfe, relego, 3. recenfeo, a 
(-tf ^oo/() retradloj i. 


• A revife, fpecimcn iieratum 
\Rivifeds reccnfitusy retra£laCus 

I JA revijer, qui recenfeC 

1. (To r«'i/«, wift\U| li 

A revivai, fee remwii^ 
To revive (renew) renovo^ i, 
tiio, 3. redintegro, 1. (-bri 
life) i roortub excUarc ;i 
rage) animo, i. exftimul 
tnf^igo, f, {'with fUa/ure) 
laro^ U {or be raifed to lift 
vivifco, 3. {or flouriih again 
rmn florere «r vigere 
Revived (brought to life) red! 
(coconFaged) animatos (renc 
renovatns {wth pleafure) 
tatus (flourkliing again) it 
florens or vigena 
A retfhmer, in vitam reduAor 
A reviving, in vitam rtdv€&o, 

matioy 3. renovatio, 3, 

A reuiuom (joining again) ift 

conjunaioy 3. (recoodJiit 

reconciliatk)^ 3. 

To retmite (join igain) itervni 

jungt^re (i«conci1e) reancilii 

Riunitfd, iterum coBJaaOoa (re 

cillii) recondliatus 
A reumitiug, fee rettium 
Revocable, revocabilii 
A revecatim, revocatio,3. aSoUt 
To revoke, revoco, 1, jretradi 
tefdndo, 3. (^ will) teftu 
turn 'rri cum fa' ere {-a gift) 
nam infc^um fac^re {-an et 
errorem dejit^re 
Revoked, revocatus, refciflus 
A. revoking, retraAatio, 3. 
To revolt, defick>, 3. rebellow I. 
A revolter^ rebeUis, 3. trantfii|p 
Revolting, (leficieaa, rebeilioi 
A revJt, TfiMbimgj 4eft0a», 

rebellio, 3. rebeiiium, s. 
To revolve, meditor* x. reco^ 
Revolved, * cogttatua 
A revoMngy oogitacio, 3, 
A revolution, mudatiOjj.retoltfi 


mets) corTDSy 4. (-•/ 0/. 
iciffitodo, 3. 

«i rerulfio, J. (in phy." 
icriK morUficae depulfio 
i pneflBium, »• merces, 3. 
^, Kimuiero, c^mpenfo, 
Hnio, 3. repeofo, i. 
Mrdoi, pnemio donari 
I conpeniatuft {according 
) ornatus ex virtutibus 
!»■« jcauneracor, 3. 
mg^ remoaeratio, 3* 
r, renraiienins 
ly rhapfodia^i, 
heoanusy rhentiifii 
'hetortca, t« - 

rhetoiicui, oratorius 
ff ornat^ 

AT, rhetor, orator, 3. 
rtrieisM, rlictorice 
eaina, 3. flmio, 3. 

I, rhcumatifmusi a. 
[of font equaly bat iiot 
lied ftAttythombM, z» 
hm •r rhacoma, i. ' 
rhyme, xhythmot, s. 
» fhjrtbmicaB 

fy coftatot 
porritieif <• 

twpiiy (^icna 
r rimm^ tarnia, x. 
y I. (for wiadbg'filky 

IffQflly S« 

I, locaplea» opolefitus 
f) pccaniofiis (in cattle) 
«ii {ttfy*) ditiffimus, 
tvrieeaa opibui (abound- 
afliKBS (magnificeiit) 
ly magnificiM (precious) 
('hsMput) convivium 
rhgoy) opima prxda 
nan fjBatnfum 


To hf richi locopletory i. 
To grow r'lcb^ dicpfco 
To mahncb, loca^leto, t. dito^ !• 
MaJe rich, locupletatus 
Riches, divitiae, ^/. opts, pi, facuL 
t^tSffl, fortuniey^. opulent} si. 
Richly f (plentifully) copiofe, lar^'i) 
ab-jnde (magnificently) opipare« 
fplendide, magnificc, optinnc 
A rickf ftrues, 3. acervus, •• 
Ricklusy auricula urfi 
The n'cketty rachit;s, 3. 
Rickety, rachitlde laboraot 
To rid, libero, i. expedlo, 4. rt- 
dtino> 3. {'from rubbifi) mders 
ezportare {'One efhis money) all- 
quam trgento emuni^cra {-Jr^m 
m/t) emufco, i. {-from ftuftti) 
elaptdoy I. (-^frsfrm/) feftioo^ I. 
{-work) opus properare 
To get rid of^ ft txpedire ab 
Rid from, extricatns, expeditoi 
A riddance, liberatio, 3* 
Tbgt may be ridden, equitabilis 
Not to be ridden, ineqnitabiUs 
RiJdinw, liberans, eztricans 
A ridding, liberatio, 3. expeditio, 3, 
A riddle, snigmay 3. (fievc) cri* 

brum, %. excerniculum, 1. 

To riddle, excemo, 3. 

To ride, equito, i. {-in a cart) rhrd^ 

vebi (-!» triumph) curru trium- 

ffbare (-about) obequito, i. clr- 

cum equito, i. {-at ancbcr) an- 

cborit niti ( upon the feas) navi^D, 

1. navigulor, i, {-away) at^p- 

quito, X. (-^jr) praeterequito, i, 

{-pofi) veredis publicis equitare 

{'through) perequito, f, {'t&g^~. 

iber) cocquito, i.(-»ff/a) adcquito^i 

A riddr, eques, 3. 

The ridge (lop) cuJmen, 3. cactunen^ 

3. (fteepn'*rs) dorfom^ a. jugum^ 


mouMaini) perpetuum dorfiifli " 
A ridge tile, imbrfx, 3. 
R{df[ed, jugofus (fluked) ftriama ■ 
R:dicule, irrifus, 4. derifus, 4. 
To ridicu/r, r>deo, 2, ludifieor, I* 
I To he ridiculed t irrideor, 3* 
A ridiculer, irrifor, 3. derifor, 3» ■ 
Ridlculsuif ridiculns 
A riding on horfeback, equitatio, 3^ 

{'in a carriage) veitJo, 3. 
A riding hood, pallium femirttum. • 
A ridinrrof a Jhire, divifiocomiUlUS 
R':^t, ff re* 11 ens, grafTans ^ 

Kig'r^fy qgifquilise, pU 
T: rip, dcfpalio, i. 
Kiffii, fpolijtus 

A ripry fpn liatPf, 3. ^ " 

A rijiifig^ iplijtio, 3. ^ 

Tr*rf^* inrt:ri.;o, "3. orno, i. armo> Xa 
R'iged, i uftruftu?, ornatus 
A Tl^i^r, navinn inftruftor 
The ngg'lng, apparatus tebrum Ct 

fun ill I n 
To riggie, vacillo, i, {or infinuate) 

infinuo, i. 
Riggling. vacillans 
Ri^ (foiM>.))«y> 3« aequuai, a. fai 
Right {z^v,) Ti^eii, aqui 
1^^^ (<i^j>) apiiis* idoneus {-in 
heaJtb) "^i a ny ? ( Straight ) rectus, 
diret^us (true) gen«mus {^banded 
ox fide) dexter, dextrorlas 
Right againp, e re^ione 
Rtgbtforth^ rt(\\ 
Right hand, dextra, i« 
Right honep, intcgerritnus 
Right over, perbelle, perbene 
To "ight, vindico, i. (or make right) 
emendo, i»corrigo, 3. for bring 
to rights) Tela iterum difpandcre 
Right or 'suruig, quo jure, qoifc 

On tbf right JUfi^'^K^tifKi^ . 


Jt'tgbt ofnatioKS, jus gentiom 
Jtigbteouit squti:, juftus 
Iti^UeotlJlyt reae, aeque 
Rtgbteoujftefi, juflitia, i, 
Jtightfu/f acquus, juftui 
Jiight/ui/y, arque, jufti 
Jtight/y, rt(ke, comtnoH^ 
A riglet, aflula lignea inter Iineas 

^igidj fee rigorous 
Rigor f afperitas, 3. Teveritas, 3, 
^TO/VA t^e utm^ '"'gor) iummo 
jur€ {-ofivintir) vjs hyeiria 
Jt-porous, ri|(idu», aulieius^ afper, 

ourus, Teyerus 
iRi^o'cuJly, rigrde, fever^ , 
J^goroufne's, rigiditas, 3. feveritai^3. 
A fi//, tivulus, a. 
A rim, margo, 3, labrum, 1. (-<f 

the belly) pcritonseum, a, 
A rime (mi ft) pruina, 1. 
Rime (meter) rbythmut 
^0 rime, veififico 
A rimer, verfificatofy 3. 
^inty (mifty) pruinofus 
A ritfd^ cortex, 3. tur.ica| i. 
A rirg, annulus, %, (u wedding*-) 

annulus pronubus 
Ring finger , ({igitus annularis 
0fa ritfg^ annularis 
A ringmaker, annularius^ 1. 
Ring of a door, cornix, 3. ( of peo' 
pie) corona, i. circu.'us, 2, orbis, 
5. (-^r boxings &c.) palxAra, 
I. (-0/ b^) , pliii;?t campans 
modulate fonantea 
. A rii^iUtdir^ antefignanui, %^ 
4^fhifd0V0, palumbuHA* 
\ fifstVBWw, inptt'go^ z*^ 
'yrufj^lhai^) Cono, i. tinnio» 4. 
' .1/ I'm Ml) ctmpaaaoi 
i'Mlt) c^paais modii* 

R I S 

r. (-a bog) roftro fuis aanutun 
Ringed, annulatus 
A ringer, pulfator^ J. 
Ringing" (fvunding) fonans, tinnulus 
{'barmonioujh) canorus, m^du- 
latus (-of beiis) campanas pulTans 
To rinfe, lavo, 1. proiuQ, 3. 
Rinfed, lotus, abiutus 
A tinjer^ lotrix, 3, 
A rinjlrg, lavatto, 3. lotio, j. 
A riot, turba, i. tumultus, 4. ( in 
Imv) coetus iJliritus («r laviflineri) 
luxaria, I. loxus, 4. 
?0 no/, tumult uoTf i. {-in luxury) 

Inxurior, 1, 
A rioter^ hcHuo, 3. fedlritfut 
RJotoust luxuriofusy tumultiiofus, 


Riofoujfyf frditioAi. profu(^ 

TV rip (unfew) diflbo, 3. releave) 

dimndo, 3* ( up en old fire) me- 

moriam malorom refricare 

Ripe, maturus ( befort tbe time) 

prarmatoruf, precox {'ef age) 

pubet, nubilis (-fv judjgmcnt) 

aDthnA tnafurus 

Ripefyy qiatuF^ 

7(9 ripen {or make ripe) 'maturo, I, 

{or grow ripe) maturefcOy 3. 
Ripened, maturatus 
Kipeueft, maturitas, 3, (-of age) 

pubertas, 3. 
Ripening, maturtfcent 
A ripening, maturatio, 3. 
Rtpped, diflutus 

To be ripped, difTuendus* difTutUii 
To rippie, detergo, 3. abftergo. 3. 
A rije (fourcc) oni^o, 3. fca'utigo, 
3, fiMis, 3. {-oftbefiia) ortus, 4, 
{-of ftocks) ingravrfcens pretiiim 
(prrfrrnncnt) promotio, 3* 
Tq rife, grior, 4. forjo, 3. {-^ain) 


Rfurgo(Mf0^or y>Mv) ex 
4. enafcor, 3. (-from bed) i 
fnrg5rc (-from •fa feat) de 
furgiSre {-Jrmm table) ^ n'lcnf, 
g2rc (-nirieb rejpea) hono 
affiirgiSre {or mount up) afa 
3. confcenao, 3. {a» a bird) 
\o, I, {-in price) ingravefa 
(-« fnging) irocem intci 
{'Up) aifnrgo, 3. confunso, 
{'Up ^gain) jofurgo, 3. (or j 
upy increfco« 3. innafcor 
fvrel)) tumeo, s, tvrgeo, a. 
of router, Ue-,) emrrgo« 3. 
tbe w0rA/)drttfiO,3.prom«ffeg 

Rifen, ortus, exortfiSy fatns, td 
prognatot {mt §f) em^fM (fi 
len) targidot, Ivmeniy ttm 

A rifing, ortti^y 4. esortM, 4* 
coming forth) emcrfqt, 4.' 
life) rcTurreaio, 3. (-^f # 
atcHvitas, 3. {fwdUagr) tobc 
tumofy 3. (tumnlr) lafooc 
3. tnntus, 4. feditio, ). tv 
to8| 4.' {mofvomttr) ftatarigi 

^f^S^^*^* tuiisuliift 2. 

A r/)i, periculuniy 4. difcrme 

To rtjk, periciitor, i, esperioi 
(make an attempt) pcric 

A rite, rittts, 4. caeremool 
(-atfufkrub) eaequie^ pL 

Ritual, ritnalb 

A rituaiy codex titualii 

A rivafp vmului, a. 

To rive, findo, |. fcindo> 3. 
ebft) dfhifcb, 3. fatifco, 3. 

RJwn (cleft) di^flut 

A river, fluviiu, s. rivUy a. 1 
flumen, 3. 

Of0 river, fluriatilii 

A nW, cUvtti retiUm 

O G 


via, I. {-forjbips) 

im ftatio 



• clamo, I. voct* 
^ y^^) fremo, 3. 
>, 1. C/«^ f*^*^ 
r '. 

jr, J. 

ns^ clamofus 

tf 4« cboiatio, 3. 

• fpolioy I. fupor, 
I. ciepr«edor, j. 

peculor, I. (-^n- 


, raptas 

|. iur, 3. (-•/ a 
jt, 1. (at fea) pi- 
fakUc) pecttlafeoTy 
V i^ Wf^/) bair- 

innj ft. rapina^ i. 

(^f the public) 
iColatiM, 4. 
tDnot ■ 

. vcftia, 3* ^Fefti- 
)f faoaoui^ itolay 
•pun, it. (/w/tf-) 
sma^ r. 
, vcHlftrittJ 


R O L 

' A r9cki nipcs, 3. pcrra, i. 
Of a rocky faxeus, petrafus^ faxatiliiy 

prAruptas, fcopulofus 
To rock (9r reel) vacillo, i. (-< 

cratilej cunas agicare 
A roekcr, cunas ai^tans 
A Jkf rackety ignm mHiJia 
Koclunefs^ faxis abumlans 
A rocking^ cunarum agitatio 
Roehty^' fee of a rock 
A roriry ^/jf^, f axetum, a, 
A roi/, Tiiga, I. (cr twig) vimen, 

3. \or whip) flagrum, a. flagel- 

Jnm, ' a. (-/9 meafure) pertica, I. 

(-iff meufure) fedecem pedei cum 

Miadt of r§dty Timlneus 
A romontade, glorijktio inepta 
TfiromoMtadff gloriole mentiri 
A roe^ caprea, i. {<'6uck) capreolut, 

2. { cfa fijh) pifcia ova {-fofi) 
la^tes, ^/. 

ile;«/i«n «;««/(, ambanralia, pi. 

A ro^ue (wicked perfon) fcelcftasi 

3. (-/» ^rff/fl) abingenio improbat 
Top/ay^ey Jalcivio, 4. 
Koguery (Jfnavery) fcelus, 3* flagi. 
. tiom, 1. oequitia, !• fr^^us, 3. 

(banier) jocatioy 3. carillakio, 3. 
Kogmtng A^/,'vagant 
RoguiJbQinsivKL) improbtif, neqiiam 

(wanton) lafciviens 
Koguifhly (knayiihW) fceleft^ 
Regul/bnrff (knaviftoeff) nequitia, 
I. improbitas, 3. (wantODnefs) 
Jafciirla, i. ^^ • 

To roift, fee /o Boafi ^ 
A rti/ (catalogue) cataiogus, a. 
alburn^ 2* (-</ any thing) volu- 
mea, 3. {-of cloth) paonuf in fe 
cooTolutus (-of bread) cmftulum 
panis obloflgum {or little wheel) 
rotuJa^ J. (/r//fi/ ofafiliar) volu- 

R O O 

rcriniutDy 2. 
K court roiiy^ volumen curiate 
The rolls, fcriniorum facrorum re- 

pftfitorium^ archivum, a. 
Ma/ler oftbz ro!ls, magiiler fcrini- 
orum facrorum 
ToroUf volvo, 3. pHco, I, (wind 
about) circumvolvoy 3. circntn- 
roto, I. (-again or back) revoU 
vo, 3. {-along) pervolvo, 3. 
{•dovtn) devolvo, 3. (or be rolled 
down) devolvor, 3» {-thi eyn*) 
oculos volvere (-/a mon^) pe^u* 
nia abuodare {-towMrdt) advoUo, 
. 3. (-from or out) evolvo, 3. ('land) 
'deocco, I. {'Unaer) fubvolvo, 3. 
'(-11^) involvo, 3. {'Mwatk) cy- 
lindro conaplanare 
RolUJ, volutus, complanatus {-hcKk) 
revolutui ^-up) convolutus, in- 
May he rolled, rDlubilis 
A roAb' (for heavy bodies) cyl*ndru^ 

1. ('/or tf vjound) hapfui, 2. 
Ksttlnff volubillsy verfatilit (tem« 

peftuous) proccilofus, turbidus 
A rolling, vo!ttbilitas> -3. volutatio, 
3. {'pin) cylindrus, a. magis, 3. 
("Jlone) faxum volubiic {'prefi} 
cr«e]um verfatile 
Roi/ingfy, :VoIubiliter 
ILomat, romanut 
A romancty nar ratio fi£Va (or fal* 

f ty) .mendacium, a« 
T? rx>n:an;e, fabulas fingerc 
A rcmancar, yaniloquus 
A tomanijiy papilla, i, pontificius, 2« 
RomaKtic', fiditius, fidlus 
A romer, fcyphus vitrcUK amplior 
A rood, pertica, I • {*ofland) quarta 
par« jogeri {or crofa) crux^ ^a 
(-/a/') h^tumvxm, ^• 

• W I (cuau\xt4\ 


mutth) pahtum, %. palattts, 2. 
A rtekf fornix {*ai chefs) elephan. 

^u»> ». («• cheat) planus, ». 

/raudator, 3, 
To rook, deFraudo, «. fallo, 3. 
^9okedt defrandatos 
^.rooktng^ fraudatJOy 3, 
i^tf0«9.1ociit, a. fpatium,!. (cbatn 

b«') conclaves 3, (aininfr-) tri 

clinium, a. ccenaculuniy 2. 

(tf w>iMnfwf«f.) pcnctrale, 3. 

{or ilead} f ice 
To oMJ^f rooift^ fubfnovfOsa* 
J^«pr, i)>aiiorus; arriplus 
A ''<»^, g^llinarium, a. 
TarM||9, quiefco, 3. dormio, 4. 
A roo/, radix, 3. ftirpa, 3. 
t?o Aio/, radicor, 1. radicffco, 3 

(-^itf %)ru<po, I, {.uf) era 

dico, I, extirpo, 1. 
Vp by the roots^ radic tiki 
Of the root, radicaiis 
Deeply rooted, altis radicibus 
Kooted, fjidicatuk {*out) eradicatus, 

May hi rooted out^ extirpandna 
A rooting, radicatio, 3. ( up) era- 

<ljcitio, 3. cst.rpa'io, 3. 
Full of roots, radicofus 
A rope, funis, 3r rcfti?, 3, (-oi 

onions) ceparuoi feries 
To be ropy^ vifcor, i. 
A roper, or ropemaker^ reftio, 3, 
A rope dancer, fonanibulus, 2« 
^pe yarns, funis retexti fila 
^'pyt vifcofus, glutinoAia 
A rofary, rofarium. 2. 
A ro/r, rofa, i. (-hud) alabaftms, a. 

( 'C^he) rofanim caput mortuum 
^ofry, rofeus, rofawcus 
A fofe poble, aureus nummui roia : 

**~ ^fntcM \ 

R O U 

Itofimsry^ rofmarinuti a* (-frfir) 

rofmaris, 3. 
Rofetoood, lignum rfaodiitm 
:^.o/i^, rtftp* 

Ofr^, refinareui 

hull cfro/ht re6qoAi« 

Rojinod, refinatui 

To rofi, afToy t. (fr deride) dcrideo, 
a. verbis cxdeie 

Rofl or rofled, a0atus, tofius {-mmt) 
caro aifa 

A rifling J aduftio, 3. 

Tberot^ morbus mortiferui 

To rot, pntrr facie, 3, (neut.) pa- 
trefio,^^! {'in goal) in ear- 
cere mori {-inwardly), tabefco, 
3. {or be crumbkd into earth) in 
terram refolvi 

A rotation, rotaiio, 3, (of govem- 
mrnt) viciiiitudo innperitaodi 

By rote, memoriter 

Rotten^ corroptiis, putridut (as a 
fore) purulentus {'tipe) fracidus 
(-«i«m/) lignum cariofum 

To he rotten, putrefio 

To grow rotten, ptttrefco. 3, 

Tu make rotfen, putrefaciO| 3, 

Made rotten, putrefadlus 

Maketh rottem^ tabificut 

Rottennefs, putredo, 3* putrefa^o, 
3* {4n bones &c.) caries, 5* 

Rotting inw-'rdly, tabtdus 

Rotunditj^, rotunditas, 3. 

To rove, vagor. i, 

Rot/ge, nbe-r. rubeni 

Rough, tfper, horndus (hairy) hir^ 
tutus (grim) aufterus (homely) 
rufticus, rudip (pJckly) ^ptnofus 
('ill temf.r) moroms (proud) faf- 
tuotns, inrolens {-in tafit) guftuj 
auftenor (bad way) falebrofus 
(tempeftuous) procellofus, durus, 
afper, feverus j 

R O U 

«f hm/^et) wt^tmm, a. (// 1 

eiUed) te^ua, pt. 
To he rough, horreOy t* 
To gr<Mo rvagjhi inhorreo, s. ( 

nafty) fquaieo^ a. 
Tomakorwgh, afpeto, i. 
To rough ca0j incmfto, i« 
kougbcaft, cmiUnil 
Rough hewn, nulis 
Roughly, afpere 

Roughnefi, afperitai, 5. {^of 
hiifutia, I. {-o/^fpajm 


Roving, vagaQ9» errabondus (pilfo 

ging) praedatorins 
A roving, vagatio, 3. erritio^ Ji 

(pillaging) pr«d«tio, 3. ^ • 
The rounce, manubrhun pfcli 
Round, rotundus, globofus (« i 
Circle) circularik (-andlong) tCiOl 
iftis (like a top) turbinatua 
Round about, circa, undique 
A' round or circle* crculoSt % 

(0r whole fum) fumma felida 
A half round, femicirciilii8| a* 
In a round, in orbem ^ 

The routd of0 laddtr, dimaatti ] 
To round, rotundo, 3* {-fythppi^ 

attondeo, a. 
Maderoufd^ erbicnlatos 
A round houfe, ergaftulum, %* 
A round root, bolbna, a, 
Rntinded, orbtcutatUs 
Roundly (in form) orbicntatim (ii 
pace) curftm (in (pea|ting) voir 
biliter, me rotnndo (^eely) ad* 
daArr, iibere (honeftly) ingfOii 
fmcer^ (Aarpiy) graviter, aciita 
(openly) fimplicitcr, aperti (dift 
genily) oiligenier 
Roundnefi, rotunditaa, 3, 
Tberoftnds, txcabix, pi. 



», 1. animo» I, 
e fenm cubili 
00, ej^tatut 
zciiatio, }• 
I galUnaria 
, 4* (9r oyothrow) 
'S^Of 3- (ualawAil 
concurfus illicitus 
f. tairba, i. 
J, fupero, I. (-1 
grunt) gnMiaio, 4. 
to> 3. (at fwioc) 

turbo, f . pertorb<>»i 

lAntj puUui 

patio, 3.. 

5. ordo» 3« 

Mto, Smh «» 

i, U 


I fpuf) ftiteulut} 2. 


^<3; . 

>aaianus> t« 

igium, %• 

> rotife 


rum partium.aflbfi^or 

regal iter 


[. (banter] jocuUre 

frico, I. afFficOj, t. 
«iv)attero, y<^ {with 

liiiio, 4. (-tf/ ^ow/s) 
(-0^ 4c(rico, I, 
s^ico, I. {'of ibi 
Op 2. detergeo, 2. 
rtero, 3. {-a f*rJot. 
bom alicui convi- 
w banter) tango, 3. 


coUIdo, 3. contero, 3, (-ir^) re- 

frico, 1. rrnovo, i. 
Rubbed, friaut, defrtdui 
A rubbiTf qui.or que fricat (-whet< 

ftone) cos, 3. 
Rubbers; gemina viftoria 
A rubbing, fricatio, 3. { bruJJb) pe- 

nituJtts fetis afpcr (mbrujb for tb$ 

*««J>) ftrlgil, 3, 
RubbJ/b^ rudut, 3. (forry ftuff) 

quifqoiliae, i, fi^ 
Rttbicifnd, red, rubcundus 
A rub^f, rubinoi, 2. (or carbuncle) 

carbt^nculus, 2. 
Rubble^ nidus, ifrts, n, 
Tp lojf rubble, rudero, i. 
To €aft 9ut rubblcy erudero, i • 
A rubric, przcepta literis miotatis 

fcripta or impreflTa 
Ruffmion, ruAatio, 3, 
The rudder, clavui, «• 
R^ddli, rubiica, i.' 
Mflrkt nvitb ruddle, rubricatut 
Full of ruddle, rubricofus 
Ruddy, ruber, rubeus 
To be ruddy, ore rubere 
Vogrmo ruddy, rubefco, 3* 
Ruddtnffsf rubor, 3. rubedo, 3, 
Rude (clownifh) nifticu8> rudia (im- 
pudent) procax, impudent (im 

modeft) impudiirat (unhandfome) 

iR^>oUtqs (unflulful) imperituf, 

Rudely (unikilfully) rudi minerya 

(clowniihly) ruftic^, iaurbani 
Rudeneft, inurbanitat, 3. inuno- 

deflia, I. ifflpu4entia, i« 
A rudiment, rudimeatam^ m* 
^iue, ruta, i. 
)' rue, rutaceui 
Made of rue, ruta Cut 

orire, doleo, 2. 
RttiJmJ^ Ja^gfffus, (rl/h'i 


TbertnUboft, patella, t* 
7%eruffo/M garment, plica §r finu^ 

A ruJisH, ficariu8> 2, ^ 
To rufie (difordcr) turbo, i. inqui- 

eto> I. (wrinkle) corrugo, 3. 
Rftffled (d:fordered) pert^orbatut 

(wrinkled) coriU^atus 
A ruffling, turbatio, 3. (wrinkling)^ 

coirogatio, 3. 
A rug, gaufape, 3, 
Ruggfd, afper, iniequalii {in condtm 

tiom) rigidui, durus, difficilia 
Rv/rgedfy, ^fperc, duriter 
RM^S^nefs, afperitas, 3. 
Rifiue, ruina^ i.-exitium, 2. (flaugh-« 

tcr) ftragea, 3. clades, 3. {*of a- 

flatt) interitttSy 2. {ruitut) ?»- 

ftigia, pi. 
To ruine (a houfe) demolibr, 4. dcse 

turbo, I. delep, 2. dijruo, 3. 

{-ones filj) diiiipo, I. (wallt, 

&C') dejiceoy 3. everto» 3. {-in 

reputation) famam laedifre {-one 

in bis morals) mores corrumpSr9 

(or deftroy) perdo, 3* peflundo, s. 
To- be ruined {mz buiding) deiuibor,. 

z. evertor, 3* {in ones goods). 

bonis exui {in oius fortune) for- 

tunii everti 
Ruined, collapfus, dimtot (deftroy*d} 

perditos,r peflundatot (-in for^ 

tune) bonis eyutus {in morahy 

cqrruptus, yitiatus, depravatut 
Ready to be nuned, periclitant 
A ruineri demdHjber, demolitor, 3* 
A ruiningf demolitio, 3. 
Ruinoui, ruinofus, ruitums (daiK 

gerous) periculofus 
T; be ruinous, collabefio 
Rule (government] domlti^^) V 

^ubetnatVo, ^, >TO^w\>ait«i> %• ww 


•dminjftratio, 3. (precept to be 
goverocd by) reguu, i. norma » 
I. praefcriptum, 2. (or niler) 
icgula, i»{'ofc»urt) prartcriptum, 
^« (ca'^Arn) ibos, ^. confuetodo, 
3« (examp.e) modolu^, z, ex- 
rmplar, 3. (order «r conditution) 
J«, 3. coniiitutio^ 3. inflitatani^ 
a. (w Ui^rJ prxceptutn, 1. (-/• 
/fve ^) vivendi difciplijia, ndrma, 
1. Jex, 3. 

Vnder rul9^ regtilarif 

Aetordfnjr,t9 rule^ rcgvUritcr 

Ouiofrufe, irregtiiafis 

T$ rtiFe^ rego, 3. impero. j. kii. 
hfltno, I. mo^rox,. i, admi- 
■jftro, 1. {..Mm felfhy example) 
imitor, i, (-aSte) iineatt dudfic 

^ rv/fy ad ainuf!iin 

Toberukdf legor, 3. 

Jtukd, impcratus {-vfitb a feticil) 
piambo dire^as 

9Vel/ ruled, beni conftltutos 

A ruler, dominus, 2, gubf^raator, 
3. ( if a province) prsfcdos, 1. 

Rulers, fttmattStpL 

Rulhtgf dominani 

ii»»> potuf ^ facchero 

JUttmhy curAra navii 

Td rtfw^/*, crepo, 1. crepito, r. 

JtuntiUw, fragofos 

A rumUing^ frvnituf, 4. fragor, 3. 
[-of tbeguti) tornuna, pL 

Tft rumUau, ruminb, 1, (think) 
fecum reputarCy revolvo, 3. 

A rutuJMtiug, ruminatio, 3. 

To rummage, fctutor, i . perfcrutor^i. 

A nftumagiag, inveftifatioy 3. 

A rummer, calix amplior 

A rupnur, rumoTy i. fama> !• 

T0 rumoHT, rumorem ferere 

I /• convgOf J, 



RumfJed^ comigatua 

A rumpling, corrogatio, 3. 

71»* nr» {of a Jh'if) t\K(\}s^ 4. (-at 
card?) fortune, i. ('in trade) 
facilis vcnditio 

To run, cuiio, 3, (make hafte) 
propero, i; feftino, r. (drop) 
Aillo, I. dtftillo, T. (flow) mano, 
I. fluo, 3. {at the iyes) lippto, 
4> (»tf/ the nofe) muco ilillare (as 
a fore) fuppuroy l. {-ones eoun' 
try) defcroy 3. patriam fugSre 
{'perpetmmlly, as the tongue) per- 
^tuo deblatero, i. ('obout) vagor, 
I. {abfut, at water) diffluo, 3. 
(•abroad) fee abroad {-a bead -of 
before) praecurro, 3. {-^fier) 
feqobr, 3. fubio, 4. {-after or 
perfue) inle^or, i. perfequor, 3. 
(«r dafli againft) occorro, 3. al- 
lido^ 3. elido* 3, illido, 3$ af- 
fligo, 3* impingo, 3. incurfo> i. 
{•agromidf a* a (hip) in terram 
itnpingere {-^/bip agrou/ufj navim 
ad terrain ducere {-along) per- 
curroi 3, {-along tvttb) comitor, 
!• conconro, 3. {-along, as a 
river) Rao, 3. labor, 3. mano, 
I. (or glide along) perlabor, 3. 
{-^h o^otff ) circumcurfo, 3. (-«// 
about, as water) circumfluo, 3. 
(^) peto, 3. {-away) fugio, 3. 
aufugio, 3. {-away toitb a wr- 
gin) virgincm rcpJJrc {-away witb 
an opinion) opinionerapi (-/row 
tbe fubjeS) digredior, 3, {-back 
again) recurro, 3. recurfo, I. 
{-back, at a river) relabor, 3. 
defluoy 3. {'before) praecurro, 3. 
{'bebivd bard) ad inopiam redtgi 
{•between) tntercarro, 3. inter- 
fluo, 3. intcrluo, 3. {-by) prse- 
terco, 4, ^«6y, ai water) ppr- 
iabor, 3 t-cwuMf to'^tt^>iV^<>>v\ 

R U I 

difcfcpo, t. (-to decay] 
3. dekbor, 3. (-/» cMt 
en«m oonflare ( Swn ) 
3. {-down J or difptfe) 
X. {"dozan an opinion 
{"down with etrgumen^ 
mentii (uperare ( -down 
words) conviciit pr 
(down ^/VA ywftf/) fu 
flujfre (as water) defiuo,' 
in a tourfe) cvrfo fupe 
ta^) rtfuto, i.» {-f^etp 
palma curfu contendere 
ot.fcamper away) fuga ft 
vare {-forward) proci 
{-forth often) procuifo, i 
fugioy 3.'aufagie, 3. {t 
from) prtnreaio, 4* {-ho 
ftino) i» (-a basUrd) p 
I. {-the baxardofa batx 
fortunarm expeiiri {-be 
Tuo, 3. {'bead long to 
exitium fucre {-b^b, 
ereafed) tifgeor» %, (-i«/< 
dior, 3. intro, t« Int 
{-into fn) in peccatum r 
ones mnd) animo recnrfa 
•I a fwofd) perfodio, 1 
I« {-into, at water) ill 
{nflooy 3. {-low, ai the 
liqvors, &c.) pene exhai 
(-mad) defipio, 3. infa 
{'from a dijttmrle) deft< 
f 'On« off bis legs) curfn 
ntigare {-ofien) curfitb 
go on) procedo, 3. progr 
(-0ft, or continue in < 
perfevero, i. {or pa^ ove 
cunoy 3« f-otwr a thing 
perfun£lorie aliquid facSi 
as water) inundo, i, red 
faperfluo; 3. {or boii e 
rftno, X. {rover m frec^ 


cjkeo, 3. i^ut)*t' 
Bty M water) emjino, 
1 Tefflsl) perfluo* 3* 
odigOy 3. conrumo, 
Wr/ib)2qoaU iiiter- 
[•0 crtft) tnuifcurroT 
|. (-4^ a» 4 fill- 
er flu^re ( thratqb ^ 
TO, 3. (at w»t*r) 
wtbsfioora) cranf- 
fodco, a, \^hretigh 
m)' qMevi^ pcncuia 
vcr, /^v' /i6f «u^^/^) 
iniar;^, ai a rcp^n) 
[wfo) accuirOj 3, (r* 
enfas aufcic (^ff* 
Uor, 3. coi|cujTii, 3« 
(-/9 feid^ in fcm&n 
I (iibt^Ubor, 3, fub- 
'Ufi a Vha^ txcruo, 
I. (-1^0 fc»r) n 
trahS^ (-Mfem ^r%} 
xwhrc ( lift ami dini n) 
rfprlngup) etiafior, 

illo, I. 

as («r fofear^d) ob- 

IfSmSfi.tiaiisfMgaj, 1 1 
lusj a. 

Iraotal, /V, tt. 
tt, 3. cxcurfaj'^ 3* 

I (-^Mffi2gqgi) vagus, 
rj a^iia viva at 

M, 4* (r/orf^) p»- 
vf) eicnt^o, 3< CI- 
>ver) tranifcurruf , 4, 
perflittity) abiiMdan 



lladiun, 3. curriculuiB, %, (-»/ 
/Af mffj) gonorrhoea, i. {-of tie 
fipjf} proAuvium aarium ('fart) 
ukuj^ 3. ["ttfttber) concurlus, 4 

Kuming hf/'irtf >rarcurfbrius 

A runming ttt/i, titulus fiagulis pa- 
lm is appofitus 

A rwntf juvenriiB pamUtit 

^JT aid runtt veUU, 1. anut, 4. 

4 ruptttit {or fal'iiig out) dilcordia. 
I. limiiJtM, 3 diffidiuoiy a* («r 
breach «/ |3ca€e) violatio pacia 
{-U tit TM^) hernia, i. 

Hav'ii^ s mpiurt^ ra nicofiis 

Rumi^ lufluitSy iruraLs 

A rvjhf }uii. ^, a. (cirpus, a, (•i^]t^) 
ca ,deU tx jqnco fad^ 

iJni^jfj joncojui 

Of- rif^, j^uictof, ictrpem 

Tfl fti^f ruo, 3. ('firw^rd^ pro 

■iTiio, 3, irrufnpo»3. ('^^O P>^' 

ruo, 3, (-fAfcufi^ perrumpo, 3, 
A JTyfc/W iff^ Irruptio. 3. 
RH§fft. fubrufuf I ravQa 
iJij^tf, rubigo, 3. {-of «!^5^) *nigo, 

|. ('f//iwi) fcrrugo, 3. 
TV ^j*^, rub «ine obduci 
Ruji colour t ferrugiaeus 
Kufik&i, agreftis, inurbanus 
RuHhiiy^ niifticitas, 3, 
Rujhrtfjf Of mufiintft^ rancor> 3. 
To rujiU, cicpo, I. ftrepo, 3. 
A rufilin^^ ftrepitu*, 4. crepitus^ 

4» [*ot armour) clangor, 3. 
Ruji;i, rubigioofus, fcrrugincus 
Rsift^ (as bacon) rancuius (aa cloth) 

fquajiduB, tritus 
TV rutj^ ad venerem pnirire 
T^f ftff (of deer) coi us defidieriiun 

[-of d ivhe^rj rotap veftigium 
Full of T tin, orbitis feflus 
Ruthjfiif milpricor?/ 4(r* ' 


Rutbfulnefi^ mifericordia, I« 
Ryt^ fecaie. ft, n, 
Ofrfe, iecalicus 

S A 

A SMstartan, fabbatariat, t* 

f\ Thtfabhatb, fabbatttai, %• 

Ofibufabhatt, fabbactcut 

i^abk, puUus. ater, niger 

A/aUe, mus ponticas 

Sacerdotal, f'acerdoralis 

Afacbei, faccus, a. pera, !• 

Sack^ vinuoi Canarium 

4/tffA, <accui, a. 

A fackbit. fambuca, x« 

Sackcioib, cilicium, 2» .^ 

Offackclotbr cilicinjit 

Tp/ak, fee lo^IuruUr (tr put intf 
a Tack) facco int'erere 

Saiked, vaftatus, ^poliatus 

Afackfr, fpoHator, 3* 

Afackit^, Ipoliatidy 3.* Taftatio, 3* 

Afacrament, facramentum, a. 

^pHjaaramenty euchariftia, x« 

Sacramental, facramentalis 

Sacredy facer, fan^^us 

To make/acred, c^nfccro, dedico» 1« 

Sacredy, fan^e, facre 

Afacrifice, facrificium, %\ [rftfrfin\ 
piaculum, a. {-for vifiqry) vic- 
tima, I, (^te 'the infernal 'gods) 

Offacrijice, facrificalis 

To ^acr'ifiie, facrifico, I. immolo, 
I. ina£lo, I. libo, i. (-or ruin) 
fee /» ruin (or devote) confecro, 
I, devovgo, 2. (or kill) occido, 
3,- intcrficio, 3. intcrimo^ 3, 
tnicido, I. (or quit, or abandon) 
relinqpo, "j, <le(wo, •^» 

Sacrificed^ immoUW^ m%.^«xw 


Afacrificir, facrificiis, %, 

Afacr:j1cir.^, immolatio, 3, 

Sacrf/r^e. i£rr:Jpi/iuni, 2. 

Satriltgiouiy facrilegus 

Sacriligeeujly, more racrllegii 

^•</(forrowful).acerbus, moleftas, 
gravis (fowl, nafty, horrible) 
fadus, iinmondus ipurctw, for- 
<lid«8 (fliameful) tnrpis, indignui 
infamis (wicked) improbui, ma- 
lu«, pravus {'feVa-m) homo pcr- 
ditt 8 (-oratsr) orator ineptufl (-of 
iook) mceftua, tiiflis {-if colour) 
pullus, fufcus 

Tolfefa^, moereo^ 4. contriftor» i. 

Td make fad, contrifto, i. 

Made fad, contriftatiis 

Making fad, triftificui 

A faddle, ephipplum, %, 

Saddle hackedt pnndus 

A faddk eloth, inftratum eqoeftre 

^ofaadte, epbip^ium imponifre 

£adii':'tdf ephippia»y8 

Afaddler^ cphippiArutn opifex 

TYit fadducreg, fadHacaei, />/, 

Sadly (rorrowfully) mccile (gn« 

. v^ufiy) accrbe, gravitcr 

SadnejT, tnMitia, 1. moeftitia, i 
grav.ras, 3, fobrictas, 3. . 

Safe, tutus, incoluiris (-and ibund) 
intcfer, iblidus 

A fefe, cella penana 

^ft^^piard, prafiJlum, 1. 

Seifelj, tul6, lecuic 

&/>/y, faJus, ?. 

Sajfrov. crocus, 2. 

Ofj'afron, rroceus 

Coloured nvithfaffron^ crocatM 

Sagacious, fubtilis, fagax 

Sagacity, (olcrtia, I. taffacitas, 3 

SagCy lalvia, 1. (-of wrtue) falvia 
minor (-of Jcruiklein) pulmo- 



Safierttf (zWtnt^ promiiieiUL 
Satine, falfus ' 

Salifue, falicDf 
Tofalivate, ^alivo^' 1. 
Saftvatfon, falfvatio^ 3. 
Afaffety olus, 3. aceUria,//* 

Salhiv, pallidos, laridnt 
A fallow colour, pallor^ 3. 
To rrtiw falkvf, pallefco^ 3, 
Ajilfy, eroptio, 3. impeta8,'44 
To faliy, in hofles erumpSre 
A fahion, falino, 3. 
Salt^ fcl, 3- 

Saltfifb, falfamcntay ^. 
SgHpetre, mtmniy 2. 
Mixed loitb fait fttre, nitlilV 
Full tf jtb petre^ nitfoibi 
Kfaltfelkr, falinum, a. ^loO'd 

falem continent 
A falter, fehrint, s« 
Of/i/r, falariuf 
70 /«//, falio, 4. fale coodiii 

l§ahed^ fale con^itttf , (aKAii ' 
To be fait (as a bitch) cttufio^ 4a 
Sak meats, falfatnenta, ^/. 
Salt pit t falina, T« {-mirfia)^ 

' aria, oirum, pi* n. 
Salt, (adj.) (ttftked 
Satti/b, fabfaltas \ 

Afaitfng, falrtorf, Z. 
A falttng tub, via fiilfaj 
Saltnefk, falfugo, 3. 
Salvation, fahis, 3« fthatio^ j^ 
■Brinr'mgfalvathn, fiilatiftf j 
Salubrious, faluber . ". 

' A Jflvtf uoguentnait %, OM 

nentum, 1. (9#-) coHjiiH| 
.Tojalvey vmffi, 3. (ir pitij 
' ieivo, r. conferrof i. (if' H 

nuatc) extenno, I« 
Salved, undai ; 

^ifffyi pnidenter, fapisnter 

Sagetiefs, faptcotia, >. 

Sagittary, fagittarius, !• 

.^fi/, diaoa 

A fail, rarbafusy^a. relum, 2. 
{main-) artemon, 3. (ro^-) tho- 
racium, a. ' (fprit^) dolon, 3. 
(ffHa:M-)cpidronH)«, a. {-offiips) 
plares naves iimul navi^au'es 

To fail, navigo, i, {-ahtut) circum- 
naTigo, f . {'bacHoards) renavigo, 
I. {'befcre) prcnavigo, i. {-fcr- 
noard) nave provehi {-over) nave 
trajicere {-oul of) en^go, r. 
('through) pernavigOw' i. ( unto) 
td navigo, li {-vfitb afair^wiud) 
irento fecundo vehi 

Of a fail, velaris 

Sailed, Aayigatns (-bati) rrtrJ na- 
vigatoi (-r/*r0Vfi')>6ttiavigatu8 

May be/ailed em, fiavigabilis 

A Jailor, orfeaman, nauta, x. 

AJailing, navigatio, 3. 

Sailing by, prseterna Iriga ns 

A faint, fanftas, orfan^a 

Saints in heaven, ceelitcs, pL 

To faint, fee t© canonize 

Sake, caufa. i. gratia, r. 

For GoD*6faie, per DauM oro 

Salacious, fibidinofus 

Afalad, acetarfa, pL 

A fa'amander, falamandra, i. 

A faljry, ftipendium, a. merces, 3. 

A Jalt, feniiitio, 3. {~hy inch of 
candle) venditio per prftfinitam 
mcnfaram candelae fa£la 

Open faU, auAi'9, 3. 

Set to fale, v^nalis 

To Jet to faliy anfbionem faccre, 
prefcribo, 3. vendo, 3. 

Tobiftttofale, venalis proftare 

Saleable, yeodibilis 

Saleably, Tanaliter 

i^falijmwy H%n^^ > 



icaUces ikumo fu- 

w, 3. extenaado 

, 3, ejiceptio, 3. 

rifl, faiuuris 

I, 1. (-^r jdfs) deo. 

mi^g) Taledtco, 3. 

«to, I. 


tor> 3. 


taiiM, ialnUtiot 3. 

utatio^ 3. 




fj ooucin t€inpotc> 


plar, oris I n. (pak- 

paro» I* 

aoaUicattOy )• con- 
kdkfllM^ 3* K °^ 
a£b*tatis iofufip 
apart for hoi^ ufes) 
ifecroy I* dfdicoy i« 
7]y) faoAttm facSrc 
I celcbroy i. 
scratuSy iandificatui 
indificator^ 3, 
fandificaciuy 3. ce- 
coitus, '4. 
idtitasy 3. 
dio, 3. <or decree) 


tas, 3. 
nAoarhus, 3 

labolum, 1. (-^ir<^) 
Mir, /»/. f. 
nsoi, fabulofni - 
ri/, fabvrro, 1. 
m liwrit . 


S^ujick Jandi, {yrtee,ffl» 
A fandal^ fandalium, i. 
Santfy, arenaceui {cr mixed with 
fand) arenatus (or \u\\ of large 
fand) /abulofus (vr full of fmali 
fand) arenofus 
Sawguifiary, i'anguinariiis 
Sanguine, r^ngoineuf* fanguino- 
lentus (cheartui) aiaccr, hilarii 
The Janbtdrim^ (yntdrion, 2, 
Sanity i TanitaSy 3. 
Sapf fuccusy 2. 
Without faff exAictut 
Tofip, (ttto vrMrjfUHt 
Sapphic^ fapphicus 
Thtfttppinfi fee undermininfr 
Sappinefs, humiditas, 3. (cr folly) 

ftulcicia, I. 
Sappy (full of fap) fuccofui (fool- 

iOi) Aultm, hebes 
Thtfaracentf faraceni 
A farcafm^ farcalmoi, u 
SareaJHcalf farcafticus 
S*rcafitcally, fatyricc 
Afarjk, cnbrum^ s. 
To far 'e, cribro, i. excerno, 3. 
A fajb, cingalum, s. (-wrWow) 

feneftra ex iignea compage con- 

SalJ'afras, lignum pavanum - 
Satan^ fatanas, <r, Jtt. 
Satanic^!, Utanicus, dIaboHcus 
h Jauheli iacculuSf 2. pera, !• 
T9ft^te, or fan'jtef fatio, i. 
Satiety, fatietas, 3. faturitas 
Satin t' panaus fericus dsnfiof .ac 

Satiifa^icfty fatitf|dio, 3. com- 

penfatio, .3. rclHlutio, 3. (eori- 

tent.'Ticnt) oMe^atio aniini 
To makt ^atiifaRi:,n^ fatisfacio, 3. 

compe'ifo, I. \^-fwr dam^^)j^ii^l£i•' 

num I'arcsre 
\ i'u gvjj/,.//*/aif/oaj dc to plea Jk 

S A U 

Satisfaaoryt fattsftcieos, acceptua, 
gratus, jucundus 

SatiiJUd (coo tented) contentos (af- 
fured) certior fa£tus (filled) fa- 
turatus, fatiatus (pleafed) ¥0« 
loptate perfufus 

Not to htfgtiffitd, I'nfatiabilit 

To fatis/y (liieafe) fatisfacio, |. 
{'omes htamr) animo moram ge« 
rtire {"OfRblthn) anbiiioacoa 
explere L'/mt injuries) de inJM* 
riis farinacISfi [-oaes reptejl) pe- 
tpnti fttisfacSre (-crtdtttrt) ca 
alienum diiTolvcrc 

Satisfying, fatisfocieoi 

A fatisjyiftg, fatisfa^tio, 3« 

To fafurate, fee to fatt 

Saturday, dies faturai 

Saturity, faturitas, 3. fatietaf| 3* * 

Saturn, fafurouSy a. 

Feaftt ojjaturn, faturnalia,^, 

Saturmn^ fatvrninus 

A/atyr/,.fat3mi8(inveai?e) (atyrt^ 
I. carmen mordax 

Satyricot, fatyrfcus 

Satyrically, fatyrlc^, mordacittfr 

Afaiyrifl, poeta fatyricus , 

Savage, ferus, immaois, crudelia 
(uocultivated) inculcos, horridua 

K famage beafi, fera, i. 

Tomakefmvage, eflero, x, 

Savagefy, crudeliter 

Savagcnefif feritas, 3, 

^aiice, condinientum, i, (-o/grdvy) 
eliauanveo^ 3, 

The jamefante; par pari 

Afaucer, atetamilomf %,% 

Sauce hoxf homo impudena 

S/^iry, pettflans, inrdeos 

Afaucy/eliofv, effrons 

Togrowjkucy, indolefco, 3, 

Saucily, petulantcr 

Saucinefi^ ^«XuWu%)i* 


8mf§ (except) praeter^ nifi, extra, 
prflKer qutin 

Yaftve (preferve) fervo, i. con- 
fer vo, I. ikivuin praeftare {or de- 
fiver firoim danger) libero, i. 
cripiSre aliquem periculo {-barm- 
life) incolumen fervare {-till 
another time) in aliud tempus re. 
Utrrwrt {'tW winter) in hyemem 
te«oii8re(0rfpare)parco,3. {-one*s 
inwr) taborem alicui demSre (or 
gain) lacror, i. lucrifacio, 3. 

Oovftveyou, falve, ave (at part- 
ing) falve et vale 

^atrf</ (prefenred) ferTatus, confer- 
Tatui; liberatus; repofitos 

Saving (frugal) parens, frugalia 
A faving (prefcrving) conferva tio, 
3. (exception) cautio, 3. exceptio 

j^/^(praftp.)praetery praeterqiianis 
extra {'that) nifi quod 

Savingfff fnigaliter, parci 

Smfingne/t, frugalitas, 3. 

Afavhttr, fervator, %, { of man- 
kind) humanae falutis inftauratOTy 
falvator, 3. 

Tofaunter, crro, i. vagor, I. 

A favour, fapor, 3. guft'us, 4. 

Il/favourj foetor, 3. 

To favour (fmell of) oleo, 2. («r 
tafte of) fapio, 3. 

Savourly, guftui jucundc 

Savoury, guftui jucundut 

Savoytf brailica fabaudica 

Sau/e, (ctfauce 

A faufage, ificiutn^ 2. l^^caQica^ 1. 

A little faufage f boteUns, 2. 

A faufage maker, botulariuf 

Afaw, ferra, l- ferrula, l» 

Like a [aw, ferratus 

Sato Juft, fcobs, 3. 

Tofaiv, feco, i. 

SatP^A, ferratus 
AJawyer, (knarlns, if 


kfrtvtngt ferratura, !• 

To fay, dice, 3. aio» 3^ {•again) 
repetOy %, {'againfl) conrradico^ 
3. {'before J^d) praedico, 3. 
(-nav) nego, i. {-yes) affirmo, i . 
(-by heart) memoriier pronun- 
ciare {-nothing) f\\eo, j.taceOy 2* 
{•nothing more) nihil aliud ad- 
^he (-til of one) maJedico, 3. 
{-well of one) benedico, 3, {-ones 
prayert) Oevm precari 

That is to fay, fcilicet 

Say on, pergc, age 

A faying, di^um, 2. {-again) re- 
petirio, 3. 

A fcab, fcabiffly 5. {a dry-) impe- 
'tigo,3. {'ofjbeef>,Scc,) poriigo,3. 

A fcabhard, vagina, i. {or fcale- 
board amongft printers) alfula 
lignea interlinear interferenda 

Scabbed, f cabby, fcabiofui 

Scabbintfs, fcabies 

A ftaffold, tabulatuRiy 2. (-for be- 
heading) locus fupplicii editior 

Scaffolding, tabulati conftruftio 

A fcalado, afcenfus in murum 

By fcaladof fcalis admotis 

To feald a thing, fervente liquore 
aliquid macerare (-a pig) por- 
cellum calida aqua perfundJSre 
{or fcorch) uro, 3. tubur?, 3. 

Scalded, uftus, fetnmfius j feivente 
liquore intinflut 

Sealdpated, /cabiofo capite 

Scalding bit, fervidu9, fcrvens 

A feale {of a f/h) fquama, l, {'of 
a balance) lanx, 3. {-of miles) fcala 
milliarium {ofmufic) fcala muftca 
{of a fore) crufb, I. (in mea- 
furement) fcala. t. 

Like a f cole, fquamatim 

Having fcales, fquamofus 

Scales in the bead, furfurei capitis 
(-of irw) ftri^uYie, fU 

S C A 

To fhak (-« fifb) pvrgo» I, < 
^uamoy i» (as a wound) cr 
excidcre {-ahom) offia fcabriti 
dendSre {"wallo) per ftalas I 
ros afcendlEre 

Seeded (at a fiA) defqatmatBt 

A. feeding {-of fjb) defqoafflatiOt 


ad muros 

{-of vf alls) per fcalat cooiM 

A feaUng ladder, fcalae,^. 
A fcalllon, afcalonia^ I. 
The^tf^, pericranium, 2* 
To fealp, plagis loculentia alifa 

Scaly, fquameat, fquamofci 


A fcamble, feambling, diflipatifl^ 

{or fcramble) ruptio i 
To fiamble^ vagor, i, {or fc»i 

away) prodigo, i. diiEpo^ i* | 

fcramble) certatim arripbtt 
A fcambling towm, oppidna ia \ 

aeiificia longii intervaliia ii 

fe diftant 
Scamblin^ly^ promifcfiiy ra^fli 
To Jcamter away, fugo, 3. 
Tofean (eaaoiiae) exanino^ i. f 

peodo, 3. {•a n/erfe) verfoffl I 

A fcandal {alPfence) offenfa, r.-(l 

grace) dedecus, 3. ignomiaHi 
To be afcmmial to one, aliquea^^ 

To fcandedixe (give offence) M 

exemplo ofFendSre (di%race el 

conviciorj, i. cahiinoior \ 
Scandalous, infamit^ uAfii (•dH 

Ubellus famoful 
Scandalous affion, flagkimn, I* ' 
Seandaloufy, malo cxeoipjlo 
Seandaloujtiefe^ dedecya, 3. 
Scanned (examined) exaTniniM^( 

a ver^e) pedlbus fuppatatii i 

r enftts 
Seem, exigaus^ mlao^Joflo 

S C A 

itft&wtf^ htviitn, p 

ixti, fix 

f, piopoitioy 3, (litOe 


r«ri«, 3. 
licatrico, I. 
1, cscstricoAtt 

e) nunit, Ctftti 

VIM, ttp^i difficuker 

TMnmrfs, caritaii 3. oiB< 
3. iaopU, !• 
0«o» tenkalom} »« 
mMH, I. fa(cia» I* 
f » fcariicttio^ 3« 

fcari0ooy 1« 

lie gntn) ooccnxn^ a. 
r) color c«ccineiMf oftfum, 

^tfiii) dibaphoa, coccd 
n (-cibtf^} coccus, a. 
im, 2, 

, coccincas, cbccUiui 
tfcmrktt cocciiuitiis 
In fortificidoa) ima tnuri 
tM (in benldfy} fafcia 

ekatrkibu obdodut 
5ft) ii|iBadm, i. 
»^P«fo»3- difp«r80, 3. 

fpsrfiiiy diiperAN 
tMiier'd, dittptbilis 
•|i5f, fperfioy 3. difpcrfio, 3. 
hf paffim, fparfim 

fcaVflflMDf 2* 

tr, TicOTMl pif|tt«r 

$ C I 

A /«»*, fccna, f. {-iff sfaiH) 
feriesy 5. prdo, 3. ftatus rerttm 

Belonging tojctnei, fccniciM 

A font, odofi 3, 

Scentedt odorat'ut 

Illfcented^ foetid us 

Swittfantuly odoriferas 

Tofcent, (fmcll out) olfjicio, 3. fub -' 
oleo, 2. (give a fmell] odorem 

. diffuodere 

kfcepur^ Iceptrum, 2 


Afciont loHtum, 2. furciilus, 2* 

SciJ/crtf forfex, 3, 

A/«/; diaerium, 2. fconcijns, 3. 

farcafmus, 2. 
Tofccf, rideoy 2. irrideo, 2, 
To btfcofftd at, ludibrio habed 
Afci^er, fcurra, i. derifor, 3, 
Scupngy fcorrans 
A,fctffingf deri/io, 3. irrifus, 4, 
of fciffiwg^ fcurrilis 

JcoU, muliisr rixofa 

AjUftic, fcepticus, 2. (In religion) . To jcddx xixor, i* (-«/) indamo, X 

dubitans, hzfitm^dc^dc 

Sce^tiealy (ttfceptie 

Sc^fm, fcepticayi. 

AfciiMe, fcbedula, X. 

Afcbeme, fcbema, 3. mcthodHS* 2. 

^f^^ifff fcapha, i. . 

Scbifiny fchifma, 3. 

AfcUfmatic, fchifinatlctts,^ a. 

Scbffmatica!, fcbirmaticas 

SthiJkaticaUf,' ichifmatici 

AJcbolar (at fchool) difcipulus, 2, 
Icholafticusy 2. (mau of learn* 
iog) homo literatus; eruditut 

SchoUarUkct dodie, truditd 

Sibollarjhipr cruditio, 3. (or exhi- 
bition) exhibitio in fcholafticua 

ScbolaJNc, fibolafiual, fcholafl'icus 

ScboUfiicJfy, fcholaOice 

A fchool^ fchoia, i. 

AfcbooJioy, dircipulus,.2. {-fwOow) 

' condifcijiulusy 2. (-iMii/fer) ludi 

magifter^ i, pneteptor» 3. (-mXfy 

trefs) ludimagiilraf 1. (-«Mn)^ 

fcholafticus, 2. . - 

Tofcbool, increpo, i. objurgo^- 3 

Tbijciaiica, fciati^ !• 

Scitnce, fcientia, i. 
SfiieofifiCf rcieniifi<;«|. 
A fcimutr, tcu\^t9f t* 
ScintrUativf^ fc3a(4fUtfO} ^ 

Iconviclor, x. increpo, 
Scolded at, ^onviciis Jaceffitus 
Given to fcolding, rixofua 
A fielding, jurgiam, 2, ' 
Scolloped, denticulatus 
A fiwfe (fort) propugnaculum, ;k. 


{-for a candte) l}chnucu8> 2. (m 
fine) mul^^a pecuniAria . ^ 
Tofionfi, mul^lo, I. 
Scon,idf mul^atus ' 

AjcoHpng, multatio, 3; 
A/coop, hauftrum, 2. 
Tofchof (make hollow) excafO, I, 
A fcope (deiign) fcopuis, 2. 
FreeJco}e, Jicentia^ i, copia, %• 
Scope (room) fpatium, 2, 
Scorbutic, fcorbuticus 
Tofeorcb, torreo^ 2. 
Scorched, aduftus^ torridus 
Scorcbingy torrens, torridui 
AfcotrcLipg, ado ft! 0, 3. aeftiis, 4* 
A pore (account) ratio, 3, noiQBft» 

3. merces, 3. (in number) &<< 

roerus vicenarius 
To fiore {'Hp) noto, I, figno, f. 

(-«/j>ofl) imputo, t. {wr maka a 

line under) Imeam (ub verba 

peered (marked) fignatut 
Afiorngy notatto, %% 


TofiofHf coDteinno, 3. dedignor^T. 
Scorned, contemptus, irrifus 
A /corner, irfifor^j. dcrifor, 3, 
Scom/ult faflidiofus, faftofus 
Scornfully, contcmptim, faftofe 
A [corning, dcdignatio, 3. 
A fcorpion^ fcprpio, 3. prcftor 
Of a fcorpion, fvOtpioniui 
A fcot (ftare) fymbola, 1. pro- 
portio, 3. {'and lot) tributttm^ 

2. cenfus parochialis 
Seotfree, immunis, impuois 
Scotfne (adv.) impone 
^ojcoul, frontem corrugate 
ScouJtng, torvus 
Scourtn/fy, tOTvi 
Afcoundrel, nequam 

5o fcour, detergo, 3. pvrge, i. 
(-wjels) vafa mundare (-a ditch) 
foffam tcrgcre (or run avay) 
fug'o, 3. 

Scoured^ puTgatus, dcterfus 

Ajcourer, purgatof, 3. 

Afcouring (cleanfing) cxpurgatio, 

3. (danger) perlculum> i. malum, 
2. (purging) alvi fluxus 

TJ) fCf)urge, Tcrbero, i. ^cai^igo, i. 

flagello, I. vcrb«ribu8 csedere 
To be jcGursed, plc£li 
A.Jcourge, flagellum, 2. flagram, 

2. i~oi Icttker) (cMtKI^, I, 
Scourged, vcrbcratus 
A fd-urger, flag^lator, 3. 
Afiourging, caftigatio, 4. 
A fiout, explorator, 3. 
Scouts, cxcubitorcs, //. 
Tdfcout (lurck) latito, i. {^upand 

duwn) explore, i. 
lofiofor, fee to fcour 
A Jctegt corpus ftrigofum (end of 

a neck) cervicis pars fanguinea 
S^'-a^/i^^fi'i xnacies, 5. 
^./af^j>, maeVcntus, /IrigofiM 
^v/t^a//, m^Ic fit Here 


Stratted, male fcriptus ' 

Afcraller, fcribamalus 

A fcralRng, fcriptio mala 

Tofcramhle, raptim coliig!!re. 

A fcramhle, direptio, 3, 

Tofcramble up, fee to vmlk 

Tofcrancb, morded, 2. admordeo>s. 

Serancbed, attritus dentibos 

Afcrap, fragmentum, 2. 

A f crape, difficulca$,3'periculumyl« 

To f Crape, rado, 3. fcalpo, 3. fcabo, 
3. \'av»af) abrado, 3, ('htfort) 
przrado, 3. (-ofl') deradO| 3. 
\-oj dirt) detergco, 1. (-Mrf) 
erado^ 3. deleo, 2. (-round abeut) 
circumrado, 3, {-together) cor- 
rado, 3. {'Up monefi, &c.; con- 
gerOy \, accumulo, i. {or make 
an aukward bow) poplltem in- 
concinne InfTedere {-acfuahp* 
tance) fe infmoare 

Scrapedy rafus {'off) abrafus (-Mtf) 
erafus {-together) congeftosji coa- 
cervatus, acpimulatus 

Afcraper (per Ion) rafor, 3. (inflru- 
ment) radula, i. (fiddler) fi* 
dicen, z,, 

Scrapirg f badly tuned) parum^ mo- 
dulate !• nans 

A fcrapingy rafura, I. {-out) dele- 
tio, 3. {'together) accumulation 
3. (-iron) Tcalprum^ a. 

Scraps, fragnieota, //. 

Afcratchy levis incifora 
To Jcratch, fcalpo, 3. {-out) cx- 
pungO| 3. {-out the net) oculos 
eftbdcre (•ones face) Uciem on- 
* guibus lace? are 
Scratched, fcalptus {-out) ef!bfllu> 

A fcratcher, fcalptor, 3. 
Afcratching, fcalptura, !• 
To fcraul, fee tofcrall 
Tofcnak^ ftrldto, a, ftrido, 3, ( 


SenMngf flridena 

Afcnaking, ftHdor, 3, 

Tofcreamf vocifen»v I. 

Afireaming, Todtentib, 3; 

Tofcreech, ululoy I. 

A ferierf, ambracahmi, z. 

Afercfv, cochlea, i. 

Tojerew, torquendo perforar 
faflen with fcrews) torqi 
firmare 'cochleam (or' op 
one} oppriffiOy 3. (-raft fr 
infinuo, 1, {-up tUfaet) f 
contorqaere («* pomp oat « 
cret) caUM^ eapiicari 

Ser'Me, fcribendi caceethet 

Tofirihhle, fcriptitOy i. 

Afirihler, malus fcriba 

AJcrthhlingt mala feriptw 

Afiribt, Icribay jr. al^ 

Afcrip^ pera^ i. 

Tht^fcrip^m, fcriptmrn fiwn 

Afcrrvmtr, fcribA, %, 

Afcrivener*tfi>9p, ti«pcsa« I* 

AfcroU^ fchraafa^ t** 

A ferub {-perfom) hoiDO tUis (4 
cquoa ihipfM (-^pMf) poeCail 

Tofcrub, frtco/i. icalpOf 3. » 

Scrubbed, fordidns, fqoafidst : 

Scrubbing, fcalpens, 4efricaaf ; 

A firubUngy . fricatio vefaeflMJ 
{'bnt/b) fcopola ( 
fetis confeda 

Afirucy ittfarivf 

Scruff, ejedameotum, S« 

Afcfupie (dottbt) rcnipolu% U 
con/Hence) ftimulus Mm' 
weight) fcrapulum, 1. 

TofertfU (doubt) dMto, U 

!• cundor, I. 
Scrupuioui, fcnpnlofiiSy 
Scrupttloufyf fcnipulo{2 

A fcrufineetf fcrntator, 3. 
A fcTUti^f . fcrvtUuuoii Q« 

rotor» I. explMD, i. 

, inbcr fubkot 

ium, t. 

rto, t. 4ecerto« i. 

icerto» I, cbnfligo, 3. 

afliai», 3^ 

I lateo, 1. latitOy i« 

irpedutn fu^re 

\9, htttau 

, latibulum, 2tf 

limn, X. €«lvik» f • 


•UeTf (boat) tymbela 

;it (auA) femex fin- 

atrina, r. 
a, se, M, 

pUray I. , 


x« fpniaataf, 4. (of 

a, t. {^0/ the petfle) 


^ MMfff^) ofcedo, 3. (fa f^ A^i) 

fceloturbe, », ^/. 
OK the fiurvtyy fcocbuticot 
A fcmt (tail) cauda, i. 
Afcutchumf fcatum, a« 
A Jrtf/r/r (baiket) fportolj|,i. corbli, 

3» (0/ « Jbi/f) naTit valvx 

( of tf Mi^) carcheGuip, %» 
Tbefid, pefaigut, 2. mare, 3, (imt- 

row.) fretum, 2. (maia-) akum, 

2. oceanus, %* 
Of.thg da, narinus 
At or iy m^n Jga^ man 
.Sr4t(%4') mantimus, narinvn 
Beyond feaf transmarinus 
A^feacalfi phoca, i. {'fat) farbo 

foflUia (-compafi) pixis aaatica 

(borfe) hippocampa • 
Off /i6tf^tf £m/?> maritimus 
Afeamanti naota, 2. nautlcut, t» 


A feapfiri, apidum maritimam 
Seajtckf naufeabundus 
Tobejeafick^ nawfea marina labo- 
««ry fpumatas TA^./^drySwr, litos marinam 

Cf tbi fea Jbore^ litoralis 
I A fealf fi^um, 2. figillum, 2. 

(fifh) phocsoa, i, 
Tojeu!, liglUo confignare (•« £tf/<r) 
tha» a. epiflolam fignare 

;(pumatiOf 3« To fet a feai tOy fubCigaOf t» 

lacrina na vails O/jifealf figiUixU 

Hi/, Scc^ porrigOy 3* Afealrlngy annulua fignatoriua 
mfta ulccrit . Sealed^ conHgnatus, fignatus 

Tus . AfeaUr, abngoator, 3. fignator« 3. 

9 !• A J^uig, Tignatio, 3. (fignature) 

ilitat, 3. Hgaatura, i. 

ilit . Afram, futora, i. ( of corn) fru- 

rri liter rocnti menfura o£lo modlos con- 

ihiearia, l« tinens (fat of hogs) adeps per- 

. improb^ cina (-0/ giafs) vitri qaaotitas 

robitas, 3* | 120 libras ponderans 

improbus ITofeam, aHTuo, 3. conl'uo, 3. 

rbut^ji. 2« (-i/L ^bfj^eaated, fuxiljf, conOuug 

SEA • 

¥uttffUam^ abundans futnrii 
SeamUjiy non confatus 
^feamfirefi, futrix, 3. C*/^^) "»* 

trina, i« 
A /earn (pet) fafcnSy i* 
To fear, uro, 3. uftula, I. innro, 3. 
Ajtardoiby ceratum, 2. 
Seared, adttftus, innftaf 
A feviag, uftio, 3. (-»>«) caig- 

terium, 2. 
Afiareet fee feive 
Tofearce, cribro, 1. incetao, 3. 
Afifircht inquifido, 3. 
To Jearcb, inquiroy 3. exploro, !• 
('Ofier) quaero, 3. {-out) exquifo^ 
t. (w examine) fcrutor, I. (•»• 
fi(h out) expifcor, i. («• * «u- 
ftom houfe officer) perfci;utor, 
I. i{or penetrate) pcnetro } infi- 
nno, 1. 1*^ woMnd) tentare w eic. 
I^orare vulnus (pccillo («r trace 
oat) inveftigo, i« 
Searched, exploratui, inTcftigatat 
Having fearcbed, fcrutatus 
Ajearcber^ explorator,3.fcrtttator,5, 
A/earehtMX, fcrutatio,3. indagatio,}. 
5^/011, tempeftas, 3. tempui, 3. 
Infeafon, tempeftivi, opportune 
Infeajon (adj.) tempcftiTttt 
A/ryitf/&i»,occafio, 3.opportanitas,3. 
Out offeajon, iatempcftivos 
To feafon, condlo, 4. (or accnflom) 
aflfuefacio, 3. (inftruA) imbuo,3* 
Seafoaable, tempe(fivu8^ 
Seafonabletufi, opportunius, 3* 
Seafonably, opportune 
Seafinedy conditus (accuftoroed to) 

affaefaftusy confuetus 
fTefffeafoncd (rclifhcd) bom fapprjt. 
(-timber) materia ytti^ * 'Ml 
fatis din expofita (.£»/) dolium 
liqaore imbutum 
A [MJoning^ cotvdvtVJ^ ^% 
Of yra/oniti^, coiv^v\.«^% 
X 2 


A Jeat, fcdei, 3. fella, 1, (-of 
jufike) tribunal, 3. [merby hat) 
propitiator; um, 2. {if fiate) fo- 
lium, 2. thronus, 2. {or Man- 
fion-hou<e) (iomus^ 2. tilia, i. 
{or bencii) fcatrnum, 2. (crform 
in a fchool) clafTi?, 3 (or pew 
in a church) fubfellium tircom 
c«ptlim {'Ofivar) fedes(«f place) 
locus, 2» (-«/* romm«r(T) ennpo> 
fium, 2. {'of empire) domici- 
liiim impciii {-in a Boat) tranf- 
trum, 2. (or fituation) fituatio, 
3. ftatio, 3. 
To Jeatf fedc locarc (flr fit down) 

fcdco, 2. confidco, 2, 
^catedj fede locatus 
Jifecantf fecans 
Secajjiony fecelTus, 2. 
ftofeclude, fecludo, 3. exclude, 3. 
Secluded, cxclufus 
Second, fecund u J 
£i'ery ficond, alternus 
Offeeondjort^ fecundarius 
Second bandf i>fu nonnihii tritnt 
A ficondf or anotbet^ alter (or 

affiftant) adjutor, 3. 
Second {tboughti) maturtx 
AJeCMdof time, momentum, 2. 

puuftum, 1. 
^ofecofid, juvo, I. adjuvo, I. 
Second time, feeund6, iterum 
Secundarvj fecundirius 
Seconded^ adjutus 
The frcondiney fecundae, //• 
Secondly^ recun<r6 

Sec^cy (file nee) filentium, 2. (re- 

. tirement) rcrefTus, 4, 

Secret,^ {t^cxetm, arcanuic, occultus 

(clande(une^ clandei^inum (not 

common) haud vulgaris (that 

keeps clofe) tacitus 

-^/r/vf/, c/ifiij, arcanQ 

'^/trret, dfcanum^ 2, fecfttum. 


' ('ebamBef') peoeirale, f$ t^n* 
tUve, 3* ('■p/aee) rlauftnim, t. 
fecedus^ 4. abditum, 2* latebra^ 
1. (-accufer) delator, 3. {totcu- 
fa: ion) delaHo, 3. 
To kiep/ecreti c«!o, I. 

Kept fecret, cclafua, te^s 

A JecretAry^ amanuenfis, 5, (-of 
fiate) fcriba rcgids pubtidt rebtts 
pfaepofitui •- » 

To fecrete^ celo, t. ©cculto> It 

Secreted, occultus, celatws 

Afecretlng, orrultatio futtivt 

Secretly^ orcultc, clam, fUrtiitt 

S'cretnejs, fee fecrecy 

A feEly fefta, \. fchola, i. 

OfourfeSi, noftf.^Sjtfm 

OfyourfeSif vcftra«j Stit 

fijeEiary,- fe^ator, 3. 

A'^^ioWi feftio, 3. 

Secular (worldly) mundanus, pfo- 
faaus {-prieft) facerdos fe<nflaris 
(•-affairs) nfgoda civilia (-atm 

or power) magiftratuum poteftss 
(belonf^ng to an age or loO 
years) fecularis 

A Jecundary, fubpraefeftus, 2. 

The fecundine, fecundae, ph 

Secure, tutus, fecurus (farelefs) 
npgligens, rcmilTus 

To jecurty falvom praeftarc ( frcm 
danger I a periculo defend^re, 
fervire, 6r eripere {-from enemies) 
ab inimicis proregcre (or appre-l 
hend, or iirprifon) Capioj 3. 
prehendoy 3. in cuAodiam tta- 

Secured, falvus, redditus 

Securefy^ fecurc, tute (carelefsh) 

rem) fie, negligentcr 
A ferro if}f,' m tutum co'locatio 

S E E 

miirttra) vis, 3. (rhe ' 
, \ debt) praes, 3. fpoofbr, 
. gagement) fponfio, 3. 
Togiiefecurity, fatif^o^ 3. 
To take fecutity, fiitis accipo 
Afedan, fdk portatitia 
SedOitf f<dato«, pacatng 
Sedentary, fcdentariut 
Stdgi, ulva, t. carex,.3. 
Sediment, 'fxt, 3. fediteenti 
Sedition, feditio, 3. 
Seditlouij feditiofut, faaiod 
Sedii'toufy, foditiofte, fa^6 
Tofeduee (deceive) fediico, 
cipio, 3, (debauch) co 
3^ depravoj t. , 
Seduced, fedoAus, corniptu 
AJeducementy irritMientuil 
A yif^/tf c^r, dectptor^ 3. eon 
Afttiucirif, fedudio, 3. dec 
Sedulity, diligentia, I. 
Sedul^s, djligeas • 
A fie (dioceft).rede»epifco| 
See! tn\ ecce! 
T9 fee, video, 2. cemo, 
fpicio, 3. (or take can 
2. euro, I. provideo, 2 
off) profpick), 3. (-f/rti 
jpicio, 3. {or look int 
fpicio, 3, {'onit inten 
netro, i. intelhgo^ 3. ( 
examine) examino, i. 
• 3. inveftigo, i. perfti 
I ( one home) aliquem doi 
I duccre 
Seed, fern en, 3. {-rime) tc 

tionis, fcmentis, 3. 

Of feed, feminaiis 

A fera plot, feminarium, ! 

Produced hyjted^ feminatu 

I A Jcecijman, feminum veo 

Security f fec^»rita?, 3. tranquilitas, I To /f^</, fj-menio, 1. 
* — 2. (bail) vadimonium, j 5«//m2, frmentaturut 

ISecunty, lec 
3. otiunij 
1. (,Vja\\, 

tVit ^tt<uik Vtt criminal ^ Sifedy^ fcmioofut 

SE ! 

arfyf -ocuUtttt 

'fieitg tbmty ^oando!, quan- 

em, qoooiaai^ 'iiquideinj 

qodo, 3. conqutro, i> 
ui) iaiploro> i. {-dUi- 

qoaerlto^ l. pcrfcrutor; 
eft'go, I (-endeavour or 
re) Conor, i. machtnorj 
iior, 4. ( one*^ death) in- 
r.ta ftni&« (-fir pre^r^ 
honoris Telincari (-out) 

ekf dencio, 3. 
iodagaror, 3. qnacfitor^ 3- 

indagatio, 3. 
f Tidecar 

diflcmbling) fimularns 
t fimuiate, extern^ 
, decorutn, i. decor, 3. 
ecens, decorut , 

\v.) decenter, decore 
> indecorus 
f, decet 
emfy, dedecet 
Sf cotilpe£liit 
enp TifibiJit 
lies, 3. pfOfheta, i. 
t, vacUlo, !• 
{»&) coqoo, 3. elixo, T. 

ferveo, 2. exseftun, l« 
over) ebuUioy4.exi»ndo,i« 
, co^Oy 3. abuliitio, 3^ 
, fegmentum» 2. 
/, fcgrego, I. feparo, t. 
, tegregatu's 

; dooiinui, 2. {jgrand-) 
im imperator 
', ditioy 3. dominiom, 2. 
leffio, 3. 
rake poi{eflloo} occtipo. 

S E M 


f. pciTe^nem capere (or ipprt- M /ww^^Mr, femicoloo, !• 

hrnd) cap:o, 3. «pprehendo,'3» 

Sfixtdt c J plus ^ 

Tfi hf ftix^d mitb pain^ See, dolore 
coriijjt {^ofa thing) aliquid pofli- 
dcre#f Eenere 
^Jlfz-urr^ occypatio, 3. captxo, 3. 

SfiiLm^ rarus, infoUtos , 

S.I^^t ( ,dv.) rar6 

Ttf fc/e^% ciigo, 3. fciigo, 3* 

S'li^, mfileRed^ UXtOiMt 

f\^JtkHtng^ fclcftic, 3. . 

kfthH&t^ We^or, 3. I 

*Vi-^, ^xjtlffame^ ipfc, idem 

^^yHh «^gomct 

fi/ un^i ffift folus 

^elfcifncfit^ arrogantia, x, 

S^if csnceittdf arr^gans 

Tp Irjflfc&nceited, almm raj>?re 

S'T/fdrntif/f fui ipfias aboegatio 

Stiftvidfmt^ manifcftttS 

Sr(fjlj^ aimis fc amans 

Selplhaeju amor fui 

Sf/f murdrr, fui'cldium, 2* 

Sflf^f!/^ contumacia, i. 

SflfioUisd, obftioatus 

Tj/*'/^ or txpoft tofafe, wndo, 3. 
Ventura, 1. (or be expofcd to 
fijc) rtnso, 4. {^by auSIiott) auc- 
tioriOFp I, (-intkt market) nun- 
dinor^ i* (-©/rr«) vendito, i. 

A fifiW^ venditor, 3,. venditriz, 3 
{-of si J things) fcrutariut, %, (-of 
s) nugivendulus, 2. 

enditk), 3. 
Afrhage, fimbria, i, 
Sti-ivstt ipfi, ipfae 
Semht^blt, aBimilit 
A,Jemhhji€i^ fimilitudo, 3, 
A /ffnif ^/ tirn, o^ inodii 
Stmi^fief, femibrevis 
AfimkireUf feoiicirculos^ 2^ 
SrmidrcuUr^ ifijukircujatuf 

A Jemidiameter, femidiameter, s. 

Circali radius 
Seminai, feminalis 
A feminofy, feminariom^ %• 
Seminary, feminarius 
Sempiterna/y perpeCuut 
Senary, fenarius 
A fenare, fenaCus, 4* 
Senate hui/e^ fenaculuiDy 2* 
AS effenafe, fenitt^s-confuUnn, t* 
A Jeaator, f'-nator, 3. 
VSenatorian, fcnatorius, patrtciat 
j Stfiators, patres confcdpti 
ToJ^d, mitto, 3. i^-about) ciroim* 
mltto, 3, {-away) Hblego, 3* 
amando, i. {-hack) remitro, 3* 
{'before) pr«mitto, 3. (-fir) ac- 
cerlo, 3. evoco, l. (-fortif) 
emitto, 3. {'fflrth breath) exhalo, 
I. ffiiro, I. halo, I. {-into exlie) 
r«lego, I. {-a letter) litenw dare 
{'.on an frrarMi) mitto, 3»iego, x* 
{-out of the *ivay) amovco, 2. ab- 
lego, I, ( over) tranftnitto, 3. 
{'%uord) nuncio, i, {-word back) 
renuncio, i. jefcribo, 3« 
K fending, miflio, 3. {-away) di» 
miflio, 3. rele^llo, 3. {-back) 
remifli?, 3. (for) accitus, 4. 
{-over) tVanfnaiflio, 3. (-w/J 
enrii(no» 3* 
A fenefebaly fcrefchallos, 2. 
Afenior, major natu 
Seniority, aetatis prserogativa 
Afennight (7 nights) feptimaaa, t* 
Senfatiott, facultas fentiendt 
Ajenfe (ibc faculty) fenfuj, -4. t«»- 
derflaoding) mens^ 3. judicium, 
2. intcUigcntia, i, (wit, fharp- 
nefs) tngenium, 2. folertia, i« 
fagacitas, 3. (prudencei wi(dom\ 
pruAtivlu, \, W>Ru^^^ 'I* ^«^* 

S E P 

i^iomt 2* (opinion) opioio» 3. 

fententia, t. /ignificatio, 3. 
Cf gccdjenjej fapteas 
U' ifkout Jenje^ abfurde, inepte 
Serfeleji (\vithoQt .feeling) nihil 

xr tiens (fooliOi) abfurdds, inep- 

ttis (void of reaCoh) expert ra- 

tionir, mentis inops (with cold] 

fh2p«fa£Vus frigore 
A ftufrkfsfellowt ftupidut, 2. 
^fifihil'ttyt fcnlihilitas, 3, 
^tnfible, {enfibiiii (of good fenfe) 

i'apisns (affeding the fcofe) 

fenfam movens, siifHciens 
Sifi/iSfy, or fit/iftgfy^ cum fcnfu 
Sefifitrve, feniitivur 
^enfual^ voluptnofus, mollis 
SenfuaKty, voluptas corporoa 
Senfualfy, juciindc, voluptarie 
Senty miffus (mabutt) circummifl^s 

(-tfwy) dimi(Tus, ablegatus ( be 
fore) prafmiflfas {for) accerfjtus, 

vocatus {.forthy or out) em'fTus 

('into exiie) relegatus (-over) 

yjent, mifi 
A Jentente^ fententia^ i. {-hy c 

jud^e) jodiciom, 2. (tf^ period) 

period us 
To fenttnce^ judicium ferrc orpro- 

nunciare, morti addicere 
Sentenced^ jiidicalus {-to death) 

morci damnatus 
Ssntentioui^ fententioAis 
Sonfen^oufiy, fcntentiofi 
Afentimenf, cfinion, fenfos, 4. 
Afintry, excubiae, pL {box) fpe- 

cula, !• {or fentinel) cxcubitor^ 

3« fpeculator, 3. 
Separable^ fcparabilis 
Separate, feparatus, disjan£tus. 
Sojii^amfe, fepsroj^ 1. frjungOy 3 


Others) fegrego, I, fecerno, 3. 
{'iand) diflerminoy I. [or par 
fighting) ccrtamen diriracre 

Separated, fepjratus, fejundtus (di- 
vided) div'fus, diremptus (-from 
company) a foci is femotus 

Not Jeparattd^ indifcretus 

Separately y feparatim, divifim 

A feparating^ feparetion^ feparatso, 
3. disjun^^io, 3. fccretio, 3. {or 
divorce) divorlitirr.i.repudium.i* 

k feparafjflf i publicis ritibus fc- 

S-^ptember, September, $• 

Septenary^ feprcnarius 

Siptenrtia/, ft-ptennis 

Septentrional^ feptentrionilli 

The feptuagtfrt, feptu5j:inta 

Septuple, ikptuplus, fcpluplcx 

Sepulchral^ fepulchralis 

A fepuUhre, fepulchrum, 2. mau- 

Sepulture, fepultura, i. 

A fequel, fcfuence, fequentia, 1, 
(or feries) fcries, 5. (or up /hot) 
«ventus, 4. exitus, 4. 

Sequent, fequens 

Tojequffler, profcribo, 3. coofifco, 
J. fequeflro, r. 

Scquefired, fequeftratus 

A fequeflrtngt fcqueflration^ feque- 
ftratio, 3, confifcatio, 3. 

A fequeJiratoTy fequeftiator, 3, 
, A fera^lio, gyn2eceum, 2. 

Serapbical, ferafhlc, fcraphicii4 

Aferapkinty fcraphini 

A ferenade, cantiuncula, T. 

Toferenade, oecentarc of^ium 

Serene, fefcnus^ tranquillus 

To make firene, fere no, 1, 

Serenely fcrene, placide 

Sf renews," frrertrti , tianquillitas, 3. 

S E R 

(«r ledre from) difccdo, 3. (t/r^erge, ^nni rafi genus 
treakcowfdnyJdiBbciOj^l f-frooi/ A jcrjiant, Vewi^i^. %:^^m\at^ v 

( at arms) ad arma ferv! 
La^v) ad legem (ervit 
mace) ferviens ad davai 
company) decario, 9. 
dec'irionum primarius 
Aferjcatitjbjp, apparitura, 
Ota ferjeanty I i Aori US 
Serjearty, f( ncantia, i» fu\ 
A feries y feries, 5. 
Serious, gravis^ fobrios, fer 
Scrioufy, ferio', graviter 
Scioulfieft, gravitas» 3, 
A fermon, con;io, 3» 
Serofity, ferum, 2. 
Scoui, feroftfs 
A/erpentf frrpens, 3. (-« 
i&f4id!f) amphifbaena, f. { 
ferafles, 3. {-burttirg) d 
(rtvath) hytiru5, 2. | 
exfkvae, pi. 
Serpentine, fefj entinus 
Like a frpent, i^exuofus, fii 
A fervanf, fer vus, 2, fam 
{'tvoman) ancilla, I. tar 
pedifrec{ua, i. 
An humble lei •vatU, procQ8> 
O^ a fervantj fimulars 
Tojerve{A% a fervant) al: 
vire {-up dinner) cibos 
(-^tnVA drink) porola 
ftrarc {or fupply Mrilh) ft 
I. praeb6o, 2. (w be uf 
profum {-one the fame) 
referre {or be fumcient) 
3. (or. make ufe of) a 
uti {-in/had of) vicem 
(or. oblige) alicui in(erv 
wages) mereo, 2. \a 
muniu exequi {-an appn 
fub aliqao tyrociitia pon 
an apprentice/hip) tyrocii 
pus conficcfre (-a ^vat 
jus Uaherc (-tfr worfhip 
^frved^ or fitrmjbed with 

menfae appofitos 
I) coitus (cr re- 
ifams, retributus 
Sr, fenritiunii 2, 
fr) opera, .i. mi- 
(refped) obfe- 
ium, 2. («r labubr) 
iroriliip) cultusy 4. 
fhk, ferculum, 2. 
'ice, &c.) prima 

)fum, y«/ 
'ui) utilisy com- 
m) obfcqucns, of^ 
ir fervice) ierritio 

ilitas^ 3. 

er, TerniHter 
firjy vernilitas 
tervant) ferviens, 
purpoft) aptus, 

«, 2. 

ido, 3. 

. fctaffs . 

;us juridicus (-ball) 


ment, parliameoti 



J8, 2. reilertium> 2. 
catus (appoimcfi, 
. ftatatus, fixus, 
'sefcriptus (/or tf 
^^J paratus (or 

la ftataria 

o corpore 



ira opeia i 

Xi6 reda£tut 

aiifaratbl, 4. io-J 


ftnimeptum, «• (-of rjrn^) faf. 

cuulus chartarum pi^arum (-o/* 
diamonds) gemmeus ornatus (or 
plant) planta, 1. {or Aip) pro- 
P^^o* 3' ("^^* or ornament) or- 
natus, 4. oioamentum, 2. 
To /rt (pot or place) pono, 3. col- 
loco, I, (appoint) (latuo. 3. 
conftituo, 3 (or go about a thing ; 
aliquid aggredt {-one about bufinejs) 
alquid allcui mandate (er plane) 
plantOy I. ('againfi or oppofe) 
oppono, 3. ( fhe mind againji) 
abalienare ariquena ab {-^ne 
thing Mgainft another) comp^ro, 
I. {-a gog) impello, 3. incito 
I-. {'apart) fepono, 3. (-in array) 
n(\l difponere ( at defiance) pr - 
voco, I. nihili facere {-at 
mugbt) temnoy 3. contemno, 3. 
fpcrno^ 3. (^at 'uaridHce) Jires 
ler?rc {'Otvay) fepono, 3, re- 
mo veo, 2. amoveOy 2. {-atory) 
diftoroueo, 2. {-back) repello, 3. 
{or lay before) appono, 3. prse- 
pono, 3, ( betivetn) interpoao, 
3. {-a bout) OS iuxatan in locum 
reftituJ^re {-botindt) modum po- 
rere (-^y, or eileem) sftimo, 1. 
{'UttU by) vili pendSre {-much by) 
magni pendcre {-a copy) Jitcras 
prasformarc {an example) tx- 
cmplum proponere (-a eryi^g) 
lacrymas excire {-on a dog) ca- 
nem immittSre {-down in wri- 
ting) fcripto mandare (or pitch 
down) dfpono^ 3. (-/aft) infigo, 
3. (-« faiL) mulfio, I. {-a fiot) 
pedem inferre (-a vaiue) ss&imOf 
I. {•'on/oof) inftituo, 3. {-forth 
or adorn) adoroo, r. exomo, i. 
decoro, i. expolio, 4. {-forth, 
or commend) Jaudc^ /• com* 

mciukf, t 4 (-/>/;//>, or ft^iit ia. 


▼er(e) decanto, x. {-foirth m # 
pttition) oftendo, 3. {'fortb^ or 
defcribe) defcriboy 3. {-forth on 
a journey) in viam (e dare {-fo^h, 
or publiA) publico, i. edo, 3. 
{-forvfard) progredior, 3. pro- 
cedo, 3. {-forward a dejigu) con- 
Alio fayere {forward^ or encou- 
rage; incito, X. animo, i. {-for- 
wardin lifo) promoveo^ 2. {-frte) 
emancipo, i. {free, or dieliver 
from) libero, I. eripio^ 3. (-« 
giofs) polio, 4. nitorcm ioducSre 
{'in) immittOy 3. indo, ^. (-in 
gold) aoro iofrrSre (er compofe) 
componO) 3. (-« tlUng in print) 
aflfabre coafidfre {-off, or im- 
belliOi) orno, i. polio, 4* ('hard 
to work) aliquid luicipere ('hard 
to writing) manu fubfcrib&«» 
obBgno, i» {'heart M rejl) 9nimo 
efle otiofo {'heart on a thi^g) 
animum adjicere ad rem {-a hen) 
ova gallinar fupponSre {or hire) 
mercede locare {-at liberty) li* 
htroj u (-limits) termino, i« 
pnefinio, 4. (-# met) ttndo, 3. 
{ones/elf againfi) oppugno, i. (-* 
fnare) infidiat ftniSre (-on* w 
encourage) inftigo, I* imp^Oj^ 
3. {-on foot) propooOy 3. (•0*- 
fire) incendo, 3. foccendo, 3. 
(•with a dog) inlidiart avibua 
C'M horjehack) equo impon^re 
(-at one, or reconcile) -rccoocilio, 
>• i-^fft <* account) deduco, 3, 
fubducO| 3. (-open) operio, 4* 
recludo ( oiU) expono, g. {^'out 
forfole) ve'nam proponere (-osri 
or appoint) affigno, z. defigno, 
1. ('Out of the way) fepono^^^ 
amoveoy 2« (-out of or<(er\ *^ 
fundo, 3. Iut\>o, i4 V^»»t < 

. oeugnoy 
epono^ «l 


4ifpon^re {•out, or adorn) orno, 
I. (-wf upon a journey) iter fuf- 
cipere [-one over a loork) prac- 
ficio, J. f-i price) pretiDm im- 
ponZre (-packing) abigo, 3. pro- 
pelle, 3. {'p'ttffti) planto, f. 
i-to rights) tmtndo, I. {to fait) 
pobliio, I. {-to mufic) ad har- 
Bnoniam aptare {fait) veia dare 
(-M ^^Mr) XTi terra m expon^re 
(.« /frffg- or ffalm) prapcino, 3. 
cantkom iocip^re {or appoint) 
prapfinio, 4, conftituo, 3. ( « 
tajk) peninm pracfcribgrc {-teetb 
•no^e) dentes hebetarc ( to) ap- 
pono, 3. {^together) componb, 3. 
confer©, tuli (-by /A* eari) dif- 
cordjam concitare {-together a- 
gflin) reconcinno, i. {-the vfatch)' 
cnftodes coHocare {-to wori) nc- 
gotium alicui dare {-a watch) 
horologii indicem re^lc locare 
(at the fun) occido, 3. {.up) 
•rigo, 3. ardiiico, i. extruo, 3. 
i-up fir a place) anibio, 4. {.up 
^ cry) clamorem tollere {-up at 
an imt) diverfor, i, {-up^ ot-by 
a rearh) abjungo, 3. {-up a coach 
fir ttfe) currum prcpiium pa- i 
rare {-up laughter) ndco, a. {-cne \ 
a laughing) rifum move.e { a\ 
fe^in\fe) fcalpellum acuccre f-up | 
fr^p) tdbernam apcrirc {-up trade) 
quaftum occipere {-upon one) ag- 
gredi^r, 3, adorior, 3. 

Set {ajide) amotus {-awry) diftortua 
(-4v. or cfteem^d) acftimatus 
{'d'.vjn) defcriptus, fcripto man- 
datus {-firth) editua, publicatus 
{'firth on the vjcy) egreflus (as 
plants) fatus, fativus {An) jm- 
miflus {or limitted) (^atus, prae- 
Jfn/fuff, trrm'tiatas (-bcur) com- 

po/iu Aora(-o9) impo6tus (-on 


or encouraged) inftigatut) ani- 
matus (-on, or refolvcd) cert us, 
intentus {-opm) opertus, reclufus 
{-in order) re£lc difpofitus {-to) 
appofitus (-*/») ere6ltts j c)c- 
ftru£los {-upon tvith violence) vi 
petitus {'together) compli^us 
A fetter (planter) fator, 3. {-to 
hire) locator, 3. (-firth) editor, 

3. (on) Hu6lor, 3. (or pimp) 
Jcno, 3. (er bailiffs follower) 
.lid^oris aflccia {-finb of games) 
munerarius, z. {or fcour) tx- 
plorator, 3. (k dog fo called) 
canis fuhfidens 

A fiting, pofitio, 3. (-a part) fc- 
pofitio, 3 . ( fortoard) progreflus, 

4. {'jUick) pa<!inum, 2, (-up) 
ereftio, 3. {-upon, or an afTauIt) 
iihpetus, 4. (-of the fun) foils oc- 
cafus {-dog) cams cubitor 

A fettle, (Vdile, 3. frlla, i. {-bed) 
le^ltidfcll.r/orrnam habens 

To fettle, ftatuo, 3. confHtuo, 3. 
firmo, f. confirmo, i. {-in a 
place) fedem figere {-a thing by 
argumenti) argumf ntis confirmare 
(•accounts) tat tones confrre {-an 
eflate upon ont) aliqtiem hxrcdem 
fuum facere {-ajfain) res dif- 
ponifre (-expenfes) fumptus mo* 
derari (-on the turgs) incumbo, 3. 
(-an bahitation) fedem figSrc (as 
dregi) fido, 3. (as beer worked) 
purgor, I. defervefco, 3, (or 
Ught opon) inddo, 3. 

Settledf condrtutus, ratas^ con- 
firmatus, partus, inftitutas 

Ssttlcdnefsy ftabilitas, 3, 

Afettlement, fettling, conftitutio, 3. 
(agreement) pa^tim, 2. faedus, 
3. ftipulatio, 3. fix*d placo of 
abode) fe6es, 3. babitaculam, 2, 


Seven, feptem (-at emrds) \ 

adis, f. (-times) feptiet 

old) feptennJf 
Stvenyevs^ feptennitim, s. 
SevenfJd, fcDtuplex 
Seven foot^ feptompedalii 
^ fevennight^ (ctfennigbt 
Seventeen, feptendecem 
Thefeventeenth, decimus fepti 
Thtfeventh, feptimos 
Strventh/y, feutinniim 
Seventy, feptoagtnca 
Offeventy^ (eptuag?nariua 
Seventy times, fepcuaget 
The feventieth, feptuagefiinM 
Seven hundred^ fepti ngend| ^« 
The /even hymdredth^fcptiafia^ 
To fever, fcparo, i. feceroOy 3 
Several (more than one) p 

nonnuUi (diftinA) diftu 

feparatus ^ 

Severally, feparatim, fiiigiilati 
Severance, feparatio, 3. 
Severe (hard, rigoroos) (b 

durus, afper, aofteros* bm 

(vrry cold) frigidifliinut (| 

fober)fobrius, gravit 
Severed, feparatus 
Severely, feveri, afperd 
A fevering, feparatio, 3. 
Severity^ fe Veritas, 3. tfpmtH 
To few; fuo, 3. (-before) pd 

3. (-behind) defuo, 3. (•;/») 4 

3. (-to) tOuo, 3. (-ff^ 

con fuo, 3. 
Sewed, futus (-to) afliitn (^ 

ther) confutus ^ 

Afajf be fewedf fotilit 
Afnver, fotor, 3. (officer) 4i| 

(cr common ibore) cloac% || 
Sewet, cebam •r imm, 2. (4il 

liqtiamen, 3, 
Offewet, fevofat, (ebaccM 
Mix*d vttthfimftf oiDSiiUlM 

1 A 

itura, I« ['together) 



u\is, 2. facrifta, !• 

ilus vefHtus 

homd trefiis 
oica, I. 

mpedibus vincire 
ra, 1, (worn by wo- 
os, a. 

)lO, I. 

tfmbror, !• 

) umbr£> pi* maoes ^' 
aBra, i. 
valde macilentOiB 

i, I. opaco, I. ob- 

'cnr, prote£lIo;)) tu- 
tvtelai I. (pretence 

ce) praetextos^ 4. fpe. 

in, trace ' or footftep) 
2. (type' or figurt) 

aduflDbratio, 3>. 
s, ombrofus 
inabraculuix), 2. 
m, 2. fagitia, I. {or 
h\% {-of a pillar) fca- 
a mm) fcaptenfula,!. 
Dfus, hirfutus 
H.) mceror, 3. foli- 
adj.) moeitus, foJicitus 
er^ Iquall corium 
rxcexQtcm create 
akingy inotii6,p4.'con-< 
/« ttw^r} modu]atio,3. 
iiiOi 3- concuiio^ 3.^ 

$ HA 

vibrcH I. exagito, x. [-bandi) 
manui conjuogere (.r^ i>MJ}' 
nuto, 1,' [^for fear) tremo, 3. 
contremifco, 3. horrco, 2. {-cff) 
excutio, 3, {-often) agito, X. ijuaf- 
fo, I. {-with cold) frigore tre-. 
mere {-in trotting) fyccutio, 3. 
(-«/> tf»^ ehtvn) jafto, 1. (in 
iinging) modulor, i. {-a rod 
over) virgam intentarc 

To bejbakeny nuto, I. titubo, I. 

Shaken, quxflus, agitatus, eon- 
cuflui^ ^mtoiotus {-offl exculTos, 

Ma^ be Jbaheti, agitabiUl 

-^Jhaker, conculfor^g. {-toftbprvt* 
ting) fuccuflator, 3. 

SbaMhtjj for fear, ' trepidus {-moitb 
cola) frigore ^oneni (-up and 
down) trenrnltts, mobilu 

Ajhaking (in an aftivc fenfe) quaf- 

; latio, 3^ concuflio, 3. (in a paf- 
five fenfe) tremor, $, {-vfiti^ 
tfoW) horror, 3. (►«* and d*wn) 
agitatio,3.(or jolting) fuccufltis^. 

Tojhale, or/»ffl'/decortico, 1. 

Shaledt decorticatos 

'%ally The fign of the future tenfe 

h JhaHcp, ijcapha, i. lembus, 2. 

Shallow (not deep) brevis, mimme 
profundus (in wit) ineptus, hebes 
(<iu]l, iofipid) infuKus 

A JhaUow place, vadum, 2. 

A Jhal/ow river, fluviua tenui 
fftiens aqua 

Shcllowly^ infulfe, inept^ 

Shatlownefs (of water) minima 
aqux profunditat (-i* under- 
fianding) imperitia, 1. 

Shallows, brevia,/>/. 

AJhalcty allium, t. 

fii Jhtm, fallacia, i. dolus, 2« 

Sham^ £du8, fi£ljLiu4^ commeii- 

8H A 

Thefbambiee^ macdlum» %* 

Offiamhles^ macellarlut 

Shame (ba/bfulncfy) pudor, 3. ma- 

deftia, i. (difgrace) dedecuSy )•. 

infamia, i« opprobrium, !• igr: 

flomiaia, f. 
To Jbame (make afhamed) p«de- 

»cio, 3. (or difgrace) infamitna^ 

5/fctf«a/, pcrfufos rttbore C<mBr«* 

ced) dedecoratus 
S^amLfaifd^ ^trocundus 
ShemffactfUy. verercunde 
Si>amefaceanefsf vcrt^KindU, ?• 
^humtful, f Of dm J turpi s, . probiW* 

fu£, inhcine^ua, ignoTniniofus 
Shanuftilly, Mirpiter, jtnpudcnier 
Shsm^iilM^ji, t ur pt I u do J 3 * probrum >a . 
ShameUfif impudeni, invcTCCUodut 
Sb&me!efi/yt inverciund^ 
ShimeieJJni^i, impudentlij t« g ^ 
{tOMmtb, pHdftt 
Sbaimt^ pedis rupkapre 
Tbejbank of the l^, tibia, x. €n|f* 

3* (rbofie) paraftata, i. (-of yt 

chimney) fumariuflit x. (-of ef 

eandi^ick) fcapus caodeUbri (^ 

a plant) plantae caulit 
Afhanker, ulcus, 3. 
Afiapt, forma, i. tgura, u 
Tofbape, formo, x. figuro, i* 
Shapedy formatus, figuratut 
Sbapelefi, informis 
llljbafeny deformit 
JVeUfbapen, yenuftttt 
Of twojhapet, biformrt 
Of tnanyfiapes, multiformia • 
Afiapingf formatio, 3. 
Afbardy or fherdy tefta frt^ 
Ox ajhardy teftaceut 
Ay&i3r^(gap) fepis ruina 
Ajhan^ p4t8, \ ^OTt\o» Y 
The JhartbQnty os Uctum 
'To flare td*mde\ diVui<J> V ^ 

S H A 

4. diftribuo, 3, («r give a (hare) 
impertio^ 4. \or take a (hare) 
participoy i. 

Sbaredy partitus, diflributos 

Udvingjbaredy forticus 

AJbarer^ partitor^ 3. (or partaker 
' Y) parriccpt, 3. confors, 3, 

ii paring hy lot^ lortiiio, 3. 

^ojbarkf let to^ cheat 

^i>arp (in aftion) accr (in tafte) 
aciduf, Aibacidus (in wit] acutus, 
aftutus (ia words) mordax {-fight) 
pugna atrox (cruel) feverus, 
rigidos, ferus, crudciis (or cold) 
frigui durum (rough) afper {-/et) 
famelicufly efurtent (or fewer) 
acerbus, aufterui {fghttd) ocu- 
• latus, perfpicax {'ofidge) acutus 

'Tt hejharp, aceo, 2. 

To gr&wparp^ acefco, 3. 

To fiarpttty icuo, 3. exacuo, 3, 
acumino, 1. {^at tbt end) cuf- 
pido, I. fpi^loy I. (-jf the top) 
cacumiaoy i, 

Sharpened) acotas, exacutuS (-at 
the end) cufpidatus, mucrbna- 
' tus (-attbe top) cacuminacut 

A Jbarpeningy exacutio, 3. 

Sharper, acutior, acrior 

A Jbarper, aftutus, vcrfutos (#r 
cheat) fraudator,3.defraudator,3. 

Sharply,-^ acdte^ acriter (by way of 
reproach) contumelioi^ (roughly) 
afpfre, acerbe (wittily) acute, 
fagacitcr, falft 

Sharpnefs{of edge) acies, 5. acu- 
men, '3, (fevetity) rifor, 3. fe* 
vcritat, 3. (fimartnefs) acrimo- 
nia/ *i. I'of toordi) mordacitas, 
3. (fourneis) acerbitas, 3. (-of 
wit) fagacitas, 3. foleftia, 
ingenii acumen 

A^j^, cingulom, 2. (or turbant) 
<^^ I, 


S ttE 

To (batter, quafTo, r. cofliminuo> 3. Shsepijbt lorutfos, infipieni 
Ai patter -pate, futiJis, iifeptua Sbeepi/hntft^ infulfitas, 3. 


Topave^ tondeo, a. rado, 3. {■ about) 
tircumradd, 3. (-off or away) 
abrado, 3. 

Shaved or /haven, rzCut, tonrus 
I'ahout) circumrafus {-cloje) ad 
cute-m tonfus {'off) abrafns 

A /haver, ton for, 3. 

AJbavifg, rafura, r, 

Oi paving, tonforius . 

Bhavingi, ramenta, pi. 

She, ea, ilia, ipfa, ifta, hsec 

A fifaf, fafcisj 3. manipoIuSj 
{-of arrows) phaietr^, 1, 
corn) fafcis, 3, 

To pear, tondep, 2. detondeo, 2. 
(or reap cornjmeto, 3. (rtkn as 
a (hip) labo, i. {• round about) 
cireumtondeo, 2. 

Apearer, ton for, 3. 

APear'tng^ tonfura, !• 

Shears f forfex, 3. 

Apeat (rope) fuoiculus quo Telum 
transfertur {-anchor) anchora 
max! 01 a (-^cahie) funis anchora^' 
rius {-p'rg) porcpllus, 2. verre8,3, 

Afeeath, theca, i. vapna, i. 

To peatb, in vaginanr recorder* 
( )s pip) alTuJas ad bakm narim 

Apeatb-maker, vaginarius, 2. 

Sheathed^ vagina: infcrtvs 

Aped (or cottage) cafula, \* (ad- 
joining to a houfe) appendix 

To ^^^ (liquor) fundo, 3. eflftindo, 
3. {'teeth) dentes amittere 

Shed^ fufus, effufus 
Pipeddivg^ fufio, 3. effufio, 3. 

SbedSf fepta, pi. 

A Peep, ovis, 3. {-cote) ovilc, 
(book) pedwm, £. 

cntia, I. 
Sheer, pnnis, merus 
T^pcercffl clanculdm difce 
A peet {fir a bed) lodix, 
paper) folium, i, (-tf lu 

mina, I. 
Sheeted, lodicibns ftratuf 
Sheeting, paiinus ex quo 

A /becle, fickis, 2, 
ApHlf, piuteus, 2. alMcas, 
fand) breVia. pL fyrtei^pi 
A JM/, tefta, I . {^0/ aff>) c 

1. {^faJnaU) cochlea, K 
To pell, decortico, i. 
Shelly, teftaceus 
Like a pell, conchatus 
Afinltir, refugium, 2« 
To pelter, protego, 3. defei 

tueor, 2. 
Sheltering^ defendeni, piote] 
Shelving, declivis 
Apepherd, paftor, 3. opilic 
Apepherd^t crwok^ pedum, s 
Ofap>^herd, pa^oralis 
Ap/pherdefs, femioa ovescu 
Soerbet, fuccus malorum : 

orum vtl iimonioruro ctfi 

et faccharo cominixtjis 
A/heriff, vicecotnes, 3. 
Tbeperiffdtm, vioecomirato 
A periffv>iA^ vicecomiti: 

Sberryy vinom Andalofiana 
A pew (outward appearan 

cies» 5. (fight) pompa, 

tacuflum, 2. 
Shew bread, panit propofiti 
To pew, monilro^ 1. dei 
oftendo, 3. indico, i. 

I. {before band) prsD 
[or espofe to view) pro 

To Ji 


[^catife) rationet 
pair of huh) tergum 
aft cf) oftento, i. 
nor, i« 
/bew of, confpici- 


of, fimalo, I. 
f, dDifo, 3. (-merey) 
('fear) timco, ». 
ereor, 2* veiierorf z. 

ratus, pneBitost oT- 
bitus, demonftntos 
Ikatio^ 3. 


eus, s. (cutttin, s. 

mtf%0»f} pelta, 1. 

m) cetra, i, 

1 pield^ dypeatDS, 


rfy fcotJ^eniluti 2. 

:ario89 s. 

ido, 3, protrgo^ 3. 

\ proCedut 

ttedk), 3. 

nt) ratio, 3. modus, 

remediuoi, a. (de- 
, 2. effugium, 2< 

techna, z. vafra- 

(a woman** AirO 
. fabucala feoniiiea 
pe) cvado, 3.. effu- 
hange) pcnnuto, 1. 
18 the wind) verto, 
«fto, 1. («r remove) 
removeoy %* {-from 


xffh facere 
d) mutatus 
ttatio, 3* migratio, 
lilac iay I, dolttSj %, 


T^o/binti fulgeo, 2. mice, i. niteo, 
2* luceo, 2. fplendeo^ 2. (•o^ff) 
aflFulgeo, 2. (-a^our) circumful- 
geo, 2. {-^rigbt) eniteo, 2. ef* 
falgco, 2. {rhefort) prxfulgeo, 2. 
{'likt goli) rutilo, I. (-tf iirr/r) 
fubluceo, 2. (-ott/) eniteO) 2. 
cnitefco, 3. {'tbrbugh) tran (pa- 
re*, 2. {'together) colluceo, 2. 
(•tt/on) alluceo, 2. illuftro, i« 

70 begin tofoine, fplendefco, 3. 

AfoingU (jath) ^flcr, 3. 

Tbejhingksy herpes, etit 

Shining (part) naens, fulgens, 
fplendens, rutUa^is (adj.) tutilus, 
corufcus, nitidus, fpleadidus,^ 
lulgidus {'through) peliucidus 

AJhining, fulgor, %, nitor, 3, 

Shiningly^ fplendide, nitid^ 

A Jhifj navis, 3. navigium, 2. 
{"with aflat hottom) navis pla«£ 

Mafter ofafiip, nauclerus, 2* 

Of a fit f, naval is 

Ship money, tributum pro navibus 

A Jbip hoat, fcapha, i, (.^)puer 
nauticui {-man) n^uta, I. {-tim- 
her) materia navalis 

Shipwreck, naufragiumj 2« 

Shipwrecked, naufragus 

Shtp carpenter, naupegus, 2. 

AJhipUfarCf naulum, 2. 

Tojbip off, in laves imponJSre 

To gover.nafiip, naviculor, I. 

A /hipping, in aaveon-conrcenfio 
(or putting on board) in nxvem 

Shipping, plures naves 

AJbire, prov.ncia, 1. comkatus, 4. 

To pirh- about, paraCtox, 3, 

AJbirt, inducium, %, 

Tojhite, caco, i, 

Sbittin, cacatuB 


Shittenfy, mifctl 

A fMttltcock, fuber penoatDm {jw 

nJly ftUow) levis, incooftant 
AJbive, or Jhiver, fxagmen, j. 
Tojhi^er, frango, 3. commiauo, f, 

confcindo, 3, {-mitb edd) m 

frigore honere (or b* fiiver*a im 

pieces) commiouor, 3. frangor, 3. 
Shivered to pieces, comminuCas 
Shivering to pieces, commimieiit («r 

quaJcing) tremulus, horrent . 
Afifi'aering to pieces^ dilTecaiiOy ]• 

(or quaking) horror^ 3. 
Injhtvert, adulatim 
The&oar, littus»3. terra, 1. 
AAtfci (of corn) acervus, 2. (^ 

.ba$tk) certamen, 3. confliout^ 

4. {-upon tiefpirits) impetuly 4. 

horror, 3. 
T# /bock, confligo, 3. €Oiigred«cr», 

3. terreo, 2. permoveo, 2. 
To htfioeked^ permoveofi !• 
Shod, calceatus 
Notfiod* difcalceatns 
Shod (as a horfe) terratog 
Afioie (of fiflies) grex, 3. agmei^ 

3. cater va, i. ( offaid) brcfia, 

Ifhone, loxif fulfi 
AJboe, calceus, 2. folea^ X« 
A high /hoe, pero, 3. 
Tojboe (or put on fhoes) calceare, 
calceot inducers {'a b$rfe) fer* 
reas foleas aptare 
To put ofjboes, ezcakco, 2« 
Aijhoe maker, Tutor, 3. 
Belonging toAoemakert, fotorint • 
Shofmaker^tfiop^ futrina, i, {-tradt) 

ars futrifia 
Shoe latchet, corriga, x» 
Sboefoie, folea, i, ( upper, leather) 

obAraguhim^ 2.' 
Pijhoeing, or//rmg^c6 jfeqt\, ^- 


tjhw^i Goncufli 

& fMutf-^grtMHi^ 3. forcnlas, «• 
^roopg -^ig) porcellat, 1. (from 
a^ow, 9k\ iftw, 4. jaaas, 4. 

•9idl-ff Jbt^ni farciilofui 

T0j000f.(ai tftet) gcrmino, i. {-an 

• mrttm^i ftc.)jacolor, i. emitto, 
■ ^3. (ti « cir of corn) fpico, i . 

(asHghtniog) ensico, i. €orufeo, 
%• ^ Jet o«) promineo, 2. 
cxto, tt (or run upon one) irruo, 

• 3, isfilio, 4. {fi^ pain) dolco, a. 
iiro, 3» («r grow up) crefco, \, 

(-a/ tf mark) telum coUineare, 
«d mettm dirig^re {rdt one) fa- 

• gittii =petcre f -^tf ^«) difplodo, 
^{•hefide the mark) tot$ via 
iberrdre (cr unload) exonoro» i. 

!'Oui of a Jack) factTwiv eTSCuare 
-rf /ewf in wisod) afleris onm 
lurcuratS runcinfi polite (-a Mt^^) 
fub (Fontis fbrnice navicoJt de- 
ferri {-a mafi) malum demittSre 
(or drive back) depello, 3. 
(-fi&r0tf/i&)'perfodeo,i. tranifigo«3. 

AJbooterofdartSf Jaculator, 3. (-of 

^hejbooting of a fiar^ trajeGio, 3. 

Ajbootingy jaculatio, 3. (-of ticei, 
Ac.) germinatio, 3. 

7o go ajhootingi aucupor/f» 

A/&o«ft«^7fflr, fidtiSTolans 

A Jhopi faberna, i. ofiBcIna, i, 
(barlter'f-) tonftrina, 1, {look^ 
yir//rr*i) bibliopolium, 2. Uberna 

Ajhtfketper^ tabtmarius, 2. 

Selongiilg to .flfiopy tabernarius 

A Jhore, fee Jhoar, {or prop) fal- 
cum, 2. {common-) Utftu/tr 

Tofion t/f>, AifFuicioi 4. 

^horedhf), fuffiiltus 

s H a 

Sborling (fteep) ovis detonfa (felt) 
OYis detonfae pcUis 

Sborn^ detonfus, tonfut 

Notfjem, iotonfuf 

Start, brevis, curtus, cohcifus, 
compendiofu^y fuccinftus^ com- 
pcndiarius, concifus 

Tohejborty brcvitcr 

In afhort time, brevi 

yt'y jhort^ perbtevis 

In ujbvrt manner, fummatlm 

Tojicpjhort, rcpentc confiftcrc 

Short of a place, cis, citra 

ToheJ[>ort,dcficio, 3. 

To take up fhort, incrcpo, t, ' 

Togrowjhcrty decrefco 

Shorter dayt, dies contra^ores 

Short /j'vedf caducus 

Short fgbted, luf.inus 

Sb^rt nvindid^ anhelus 

Short band, norac breviorei 

A jkort cut, via compcndiaria 

To Jhorten, contraho, 3. in com- 
p( ndium redigSre {-ont*s commons) 
cibum deducete 

Shortened, contra^us, curtus 

Ajbortening, contra£lio 

Shortly (in words) breviter, fum- 
tnatim, ad fummam (in time) 
brevi {-cfter) paulo polity mos 

Shortnej:, brevitas, 3. {-of brcatk) 
afthnia, 3. fpirandi difficulcas 

Shot (wounded by fliooting) yu1« 
neratus fagiRa or glande plum- 
beo {'forth) cmiffus {-of) dif- 
pl^ofus {'free) impenetrabiiis, in- 
vulnerabilis {-free, or unpu- 
niflied) tmpune {-frect or eicuied 
to pay the club) immunis 

Shot (fmall) pilulae plumbeae mi- 
norcs (large) glandes ferreae (•«/ 
a club) fymfaiola, i. colle^a^ |> 

IJbit^ jaculntHS Cum 

S H R 

IShotten^ efftftut 
Afiove, (tie. tbmft 
A fiwel, ligo, 3. {pre-) batl 

2. (^ring--) pa)a, I. 
Tofbowl^ iigone auferre 
A Jhovel'board, menfii lon^ 

IJbould, me opoxtebat. £«f I 

it m<di comnfeniy the fign { 

porential mood t amlfonatit 

is rendered by the g^und in i 
A Jhou/Jcr (of a man) humera 

(of a beaft) armus, 2. 
TVith great fnulden, bnmeraTa 
Tbefoouider blade, fcapuia, I. {-^ 

humerale, 3. 
Over left Jboulder, pammfceeel 
To /boulder, humero toHfin ( 

fuifulcto, 4. {-a fike) kdai 

humero attollSre 
A Jbout, acclamatioy 3. chBN^ 
Tojboitt, acdaxnoy i. cbunOiK 
Shouting, clamofut 
Ajhvto, pompa, f. ktf^^ 
A fixnotr, imber, t. plnvi| 

igreat") nimbu8« 2. 
ToftHUfOtr down, drplno, 3*. 
CauJmgjboffHrs, imbriftr 
Showery, nimbofuiy plating 
. vialts 

A firedf fegmentum pumi 
To fitted, concidoy 3^ prcfedS' 
InfmaU Jfbre4t* minuto. nuMi 
A fbredMJ^, cpaciiTnraf 1 . I 
A firtw» sbnlier rinCi (4 

mus araneut 
Shrewd (ilurp, cunnia^ j 

fsbdoluty aftutm, argufwl 

lifli, dangerous) diffidli%'^ 

culdfut (unhappy) inahl| 

probus, pravnt 
A firewti ftrm, maleficiuaii 1 
Shrewdly, afiotcy prav^, (oM 



iky I. exdamo, t. 


IbDi parva {3warf) 
punihu, ft. 
riitoijuin^ s« 

r ^rvtr 1^) ^ecrefco, 

antxaOiq, 3. [-fr 
) Rtraaatio^ 3. [-of 

xtdoci coofiteti 
iigOy i« cortvgOy i« 
1^ corragvr^ i* 
mofatiiSy nigofus 
ABcbanaiU, p. 
dter} tedBm, l. tu- 
KfiSimiy ft. )-fir the 
uinm ferale 
Aci Am^ ainiailBin 
nSre {fr cover) tego, 
4. velo, I. (or dc< 
odo, 3* ptofiigo, 3 
ccs) arboret tondere, 

Jicdead) amiculo fe- 
lt (or drfended) de- 

KPrMerjy fraticctwD, ft. 
SbnW^ Iconaf i. rtcuHifntmit ft. 
^•^ngt tremOy 3. f ^ the psd* 

dffi) IcapuUs attoUSre 
Shraaif contndut, dimiAutos 

To^i^t ailceo, ft. r-«W n/) 
tirpmlbry i. caUide cundari 
(•« U^) accelcnto et tremiJo 
(radn inced&c ^-offafauU) cnl- 
pam trauferre (-Wf« tnMfime 
hmfmeft) cxtricare 2e 
Sbmfflidf miftut, coaum^s 
A fevfiai, fstftura, I. (or bo{- 
uiog) caviUatio, i. terpver- 
latto, 3. (-ftfiV) acceleratos et 
treiDftlut gradns {^filknt or /huf- 
ftr) ter)^veifat)or« 3. homo fal* 
I ^* 

udeotes majorei 
etree) frotex^ 3. ar 
. (dwarf) itanQs, %f 
i. (liquor) potus ex 
O9 nialit aureis, 
HBniiftis confeftus 

IShuflh^j, dolo(2» frandnloiter 
To /6dhi, devito, i. fugio, 3. de- 

cUoo, I. 
May he €»ufmtdy evlubilit 
OmM be Jbennti^ inevitabilis 
Shmwin^t devitans, fugiens 
Aj(toinifffg,de?itati09 3. e?itati0|3. 
Sbuty daoAii (or barred) obferratus 

(-in) iodofus (-oirr) cwIuTut, 

To Jbui, claodo (or>ar faff) oc 

ciudo^ 3. obfero, x. (Wa) in 

dado, 3. {-out) fedudo^ 3, {-up) 

interdudo^ i. 
To get Jbut of btifiieft^ ab ali^o 

ncgotio fc cxpedire {-ofrnptrfon) 

aliquem amcvSre 
T^fimt vpfrop^ tabernam ocdudere 

{or leave oflF trade) foro ^edcre 
AJhutter, clauftnim, 2. 
A fruiting out, exdu£o, 3. 
et' The Jhutting in of the daj^ cro^f- 

culum vefpertinum 
k JbuttU^ radius textorius 
5iy; (wa»;r) ttuxus flilHsiflfitl) h 


ftom*, ittpercUlofut (apt t% flirt^ 
pavjdot (not-frieadly) vuitus in% 
nixae fntemos 
Shy (aiv.) frigid^, indifierenter 
Sfjneis, fafios, 4. cautda, i» 
Kfijin fibyUa, i. 
Siedty, aridius, 3. ficdtat^ 3, 
TheJUe feiut^ {jenio, 3. 
Sick, aegrotusy apger ( ^/ fitauffi 

Te bejkk, atgrpto^, i. (>i« M) U€tm 
«ger affigi (-danjKroufly) gra« 
vitcr acgrotare {^of a feicr) fc- 
bricito, i. {-^tU eboiic) dolcif 
ckoUco cruciari {-of the gout) ar- 
ticulorbin dolorc labonue {-•f m 
thing) acgri ferre 
Tofdijkk, languefco, 3* 
Sictifb, maid fe habent 
AjickU, fafat meflbria 
SlcUimfit egrotatio^ 3. 
Sicklft infinnui 

Afikfy time, quo plurimi irgroUvit 

Sickuffs, morbus, a. a?grotatio, 3. 

{gncm-) chlorofis, 3. {cwti^iots^) 

cofttagkuxn, 2. {faffiiig') tpi' 

lepfia, X. {or plague) pclUlentJa, 

I. pefti8,3. 

A fje, latus, 3. {-of cup, dec.) 

pars, 3. {or par y) pars, 3. caufa^ 

X. (-of a country) 6x%, L. regio^ 

3, {-of a leaf) pagina, 1. {-of 4 

rivtr) ripa, x. {or brim) roargOy 

3. {or the fhoar) littus, 3. {-of 

a bed) fponda, 1. {.of a hill) 

divaS| a. 

Belorgirg to a fie, laCeralia 

A fie board, abacus {-of fUle^ 

abacus vafis argenteis refenus 
fijidebloito, i£tus obliquus 
Side face, facies oblique depiAa 
A Jide[nian, adjutor, 3. quwfjtor, 
3 . (• of a fuvii\ \^\\AiXk ^ 

5 I G 

i lumbis diflcftae (-w/»</) vcntut 

^ide^ways, obHqaiis,| transverfus 

(adv.) oblique, traasverfe 
Sideling^ incqualii 
£y the fide oft juxta, prope 
Cf the fame fide^ collateralis 
Cn aWfidn, quaquaverfos, undique 
On both fiditi utrinque {'either 
'. '• fide) alterutrinque {-every fide) un- 
dique, ex omni parte {'tbt infide) 
' iniiis {-one fide and the other) 

m\uhy citr6que {-the cutfide) ex- 

trinfccis {-Keitber fide) neutro 
• {'the other fide) e contrario, ali- 
- orf&m {'this fide) cis, citra {-that 

fide) trans, ultrt. 
^efide lUith (or favour) partes fcqui, 

faveo, %, cum aliquo ftare 
Afidirg luith, partium ftudium ^ 
To fide along, corpore ioclinato in- 

A fiege, obfidio, 3. obfidium^ 2. 

obfeffio, 3. circumceflio, 3. 
To iay fiege, fee to befiege 
Belonging to a fiege, obfidionalis 
Afieve, cribram, 2. 
Belonging to afieve, cribrarius 
To fift, ccrno, 3. cribro, i. {-out 

a matter) czquiro, 3. pcrvcftjgo, 

1, fcrutor, I. 
Sifted out, patefa£lus, reteftus (as 

meal) cribratus 
A fifing of meal, cribratio, 3. {or 

fearching) fcrutatio, 3* 
£iftings, recrenaentum, 2. 
Kfigb, fufpirium, 2. gemitus, 4. 
Tofigbj fufpirq, 1. gemo, 3, 
A Jibing, fa fp'ratio, 3. 
A fizht (ihew) f;;e£Vaculum, 2. 
The fight, vifof, 4. conrpeftus, 4. 

obtutus (or * faculty of ieeing) 

facultas videndi (in a crofs bow) 
fcatalUfj. ^-c/tbe ryi) oruU ac'cs 

S I G 

At fir^ fight, prima facie .. . 

To ccme infighti apparro, 2. 

Dm fitted, lufcus, caligans 

^ickfirbttd, bene oculatus 

Sightlejs, caecus 

Sightly, fpedabills 

Afign (tojcen) infigne) 3. figniim, 

2. nota, I. indicium, 2. (-foot- 
' ftep) veftigium, 2. (prefagc) 

praefagium, 2. {^manual) chiro- 

graphum, 2. {-at a houfe) fig- 

num, 2* infigne, 3. 
'^ofig'^9 figno, X. obfigno^ i. 
Signal, notabilis, clams 
Afigttalf figflom, 2. fymbolum, 2. 
To fignalizx ones felf re gefU fe 

clarum reddcre 
SignaRsied, inlignis, illuftrit 
A ^gnature, fignatura, i. (in prist- 

ing) litera fchedae index 
Signed, fifnatns, confignatus ' 
Afigner, fignator, 3, 
Afignet, figiilum, lu 
Signifieancy (meaning) fenfps, 4. 

figniiicatio, 3. (force or weight) 

vis, 3. momentum, 2. ponduSy 3. 
Significant (denoting) lignificani, 

denotans, exprimens (of great 

force) magni moment! 
Significantly^ clare, plan^ 
A fignification (or flicwing} figni- 

ficati'o, 3. {or fenfe ^f a word) 

fe^fus, 4. vis, 3. poteftas, 3. 

n(ltio, 3. 
.Sigftificative, fignificatiws 
To fignify (mean) valeo, ». figni- 

nco, I. (declare) denuncio, i. 

declaro, x. notUico, x. (prefage) 

praedico, 3. portendo, 3. 
Signified, fignificatus, praediflus 
^fig^^fyi^Z* fign'ficati©, 3. figni- 

fi^atut, 4. praedi^io, 3, 
^'^i^^fy^"i9 £gniiicans, declarans 
Ajignipg, olifigaatiav jt fignatio, 3« 


SiUnstp fileotium, 2. {or £a 

reticentia, i. 
Silenct (inter).) au ! ft f 
To keefjaeaee, taceo, 2. fileo, 
Siknetdp cvX osobftruitar 
Afileueing, orif obftrudio 
SHeut, tacitos, filens 
To become filent, ebtkeo, 2. 
Siknthf, tacite 

Silk, fericum,2, bombyz, 3. 
Ofpt, fericus 
dover'd vntbfilk, fericatos 
Afilkmattf icricartus {-filtpf) 

bicini operis officina {-vk 

iericae teztor {-^worm) boot 

out) holoferictts 
Afill, limeh, 3. 
Afillabub, oxygala, iK^ tb 
Sillify, ioepte, abfurd^ 
SilRnefi, inep^a, r. iafiilfitaSi 
Silh, TCcors, ineptst (*yUln 

iinus, 2. {'oaiott) in^ h 
Silver, argentum, 2* (qdck^ 

geatuni vivum 
Offihter^ trgentent 
Silverjmith^ faber afgentatiot 
FuU^filvef^ argentofat 
Tofihoer^ argento ob^ocere 
Silver^, argentatus 
Similar^ nmilis 
.\fimile, or Jtmilitudf, fimilitl 

(example) exemplum, 2* 
Afimilitude (parable) partbflj 

(likeoefs) fimilitudo, 3. 
P^fimnel, libum, 2, 
Simoniacml, fimooiacui - 
Simony, ftmooia, x« 
Afimpir, lifut levit - 
Tofimper, ftt, t$ fmle 
Simple (unmixed) merof, fii 

purus (fingle, tlone) a 

(blus (harmlefs) innoxiM 

Aoccju^ ionocvus (plain, 

} I N 

ent) implex, inbr- 
re, 4own nfjbt^ ho- 
nc« integer^ probus, , 
ly) ineptiu, iD6pkns, 
ulfot [gr fimpleton) 
ingenii (triffling) fri- 
I, levis 

ng, habit €o|ligendis 

T Jmp^ity^ . fimpli. 
nceritasy ^. (•/» aw- 
inilpientia, x. ftui- 

^mpUft^ artisbotaoicae 

iliciter, fincere, {or 
oament) nuUo oraatu 
lept^x infipieiiter 
laoUdo, 3.- 
Dy 2. deit^iD, jt« 
» iacrificiofli piiculare 
, I. delinquo, 3. 
; that) cSloi, quam, 
[ttia, quandoquidem, 
qooniam (from that 
ftqiMuii« a^m, quod 
a time) ante, abhtnc 
stimes reDder*d by a, 
ft, as, jfinr^ the iirtb, 
c^Jim£g the death, ab 
ma that dsp, ex illo 
tbi world (ffan, poft 
atos, sifo ab orbe con* 

am j'nde 
ruf, integer 
cere, fimplidter 
neerity, Hnceritas, 3. 
wm vAi leliquije 

VDS, 2. 


ts, flagitidas 


Sinfuffy, impi^, flagitiofe 
Sinfulneft, impietas, 3. fceitfS, 3. 
Tojmg, cano, 3. pfallo, 3. canto, 
I. decanto. r. modulor, i. {'hal- 
lads) in triviis difperdSre carmen 
.{-h^e) praecino, 3, {'het%ueen) 
iotercino, 3. (as a nurfe) bUo, 
I. {"Aaffe) gravis cantus partes 
itiftinSre {-treble) medio fono 
modulari {-^ten) cantito, z. {-In 
parti) concino, 3. (*fo a birf) 
Aiccino, 3. 

tgfifige, uitulo, I, 

Siftgedf uftilatus 

AJinger^ cantor, 3. ctatator, 3. 

A^Jingingt cantio, 3. harmonia, x. 
(-/(f^ibfr) concentus, 4. {-piace) 
odeum, 2. {'fchool) fchqla mu- 
fica {-hfyt) pueii fymphoniaci 
{-man) cantator, 3. cantor, 3. 
{'Wman) cantatrix, 3. 

ShgU, fingularis, noieus {-bmrtei) 
integer,, probus 

A Jingle rife, cslibatns, 4. {-perfin) 
caelebs, 3. 

7^ Jingle out, feligo, 3. excerpo, 3. 

Singled (me, exeerptus, feleAus 

Sirtglene/s, integritas, 3.fimplicitas, 3. 

Singly, fingulatim 

Singular, (belonging to mte only) 
unicus, fimplex, fingulari^ (par- 
ticular) perticularis (rare, ex- 
cellent) clarus, egregiiis, exi- 
mius, praeftans (odd or afFe£bng 
(ingularity) a commiu^i ulu a- 

Singularity, affeflatio, 3. iingu- 
larjtas, 3* iofolentia, i. 

Singularly, finguiariter, unice 

Sinijlcr, (unlucky) finifter, mail 
ominis (unlawful, unjuft) ma- 
levolus, iniquus, injuftus 

To Jink t lido, $• defido, 3. confido, 
3. fubfido, y, Jado, I, ('/a couy 


rage) anlmo labare {-pnt's ^Irtu^ 
detre^o, i'. (-a Jhip) navcm de- 
mergere {-under its own nveirbt) 
mole fua roere {-credit) fidem 
imminu&re {-a tveO) putenm To- 
dere {-principal money) fortem 
alienare (or wafte by fickhefs) 
contabefco, 3. (or penetrate into) 
penetro, i. (-a mine) cuniculnm 
ag^e {-tbromgb, as liquor) pei> 
mano, i. pernuo, 3. (as paper) 
imbibo, 3. {or deftroy) perdo» 
3. difperdo, 3. {-other perfim 
m'iney) aliorum pecuniam pro* 
digere {or grow lefs} decrefco, |* 
{.inforttnu) fortonis imminui 

AJink, fentina, i. lutrina, i, {-bole) 
oftium doacaie V 

Sinkii^ demon, fubfidens, refidei^t 
{-in) imbibens 

Sinking paper, charta bibula 

A Jinking in fortune, fortuna indt-, 
nata, opes pene exhaoftae 

Tbejinkingrof ground, labes agri 

Ajlnner, peccator, 3. peccatrix, 3. 

A^, or /pping, forbitio, j. * 

Sir, demine, (fignifying a knight; 
miles, 3. 

AJire, pater, 3. genitor, 3, ' 

AJiren, firen, cnis^f, 

A Jimame, fee fumame 

Sirrab ! ftulte, improbe ! V9C» 

Sifefoint, fenio, 3« • 

Sijars, forfex, 3. 

Ajifier^ foror, 3. germana, t. , * 

Ofajijier, fororius 

To Jit, fedeo, a. {-at f able) tc-v 
cumbo, 3« {-hy) occubo, i* 
alTideo, 2. {-aiofs If^ged) cotim 
federe {-dawn) decumbo, 3. coitf- 
fidea, 2. {'down be/are m. tewn) 
ob/ideo, 2. {or cleave faft\ jij 
hxrcQ, ^.'j^-c^et» <u>ovk\4l 
diligeater uxcMrnVv^xt \^ia ^1 

y z 

S I z 

., AVIS incubare (-i« the fun) apjfi* 
' cor, I. {.fiiU) quiefco, 3. nihil 
•gcrc (-u/») erigo, 3. {-up, or 
watch) vigiio, i. {-uprigle in 
hed) toro rcfidSre (-upon) infideo, 
a. {-upon life and death) de ca- 
|)ite quatrerc [ufw ona Jkiru) 
vltionriD meditari 
^fih fituation, fitu8, 4. 
Sitting (as a garment) aptatus 
AJUttng, fcffio, 3. (as a hen) in- 
• cubatio, 3. (-^jr)afleffio, 3. (as 

a commlflloner) confeflio, 3. 
Belonging to fittings feffiHs 
Situate, Jituated, iitut 
To hejituate near, adjacco> 2. 
AJituation, fitus, 4. 
^x, fex, fcni, ^, a. 
Six at cards, or dice, icnio, 3. 
Six times, fexies 
^fjix> fenariua 
Sixfold, fextuplm 
For fix years, fcxenniunr, a. 
Tilt facth time, fextum 
^hefxtb, fcxtus 

Sixteen, fcxdecim (-/;««) fexdecies 
^hejxteenth, dccimua Textus 
Sixty, fexaginta, fcxagcni 
C/Jixfy, fcxagcnarJus 
Sixty times, fexagies 
The/ixtietb, fcxagcfimus 
Six hundred, fexcenti, //. (-//««) 

Tbefx hundredth, fexccntefimui 
Sixable, juflas molis 
Sixs, moles, 3, modus, 4. mcnfura, 
I. magnitudo, 3. (u'ed by plai 
ilercre) gluten c* corio faftum 
( -to gild ivith) chry focola, i . 
ff« /^i (mfafure) metier, 4. ad- 
; mcuor, 4. (or Imeac with fize) 
■ flut/ne illin?re {or wax thread) 
£Jum incerdr? (or hattis, as at 


college) cibaria certa propor- 
tione famSre 

Ajhier, fervitor, batalarius, a. 

Si»j, glutinofut 

A/kaittf glomus fili 

Tofkare, terreo, 2. territo, i. 

Ajiatty (etfcate 

A fkeUton^ fcelctoa, 2. (very lean 
or thin) admodom macilentus 

A Jktiijtr^ feftgca, i. 

^friff, kapha, I. 

^kill^ peritia, v, ars, 3. 

Skilful, peritus, expertus (in the 
law) jurij peritua 

Tt^ he Jkitfttt^ calico, 2. intelligo, 3. 

Skitfaiiy^ pcj-ittf , erudit^ 

Tg ikim^ defpumo, X. {-milk) CB»- 
XDorem eximere {or pais o?er 
lightly) leviter perftiing&re 

Skimmed, defpumttus 

Afiin, pellis, 3, eutis, ^. (rtttU-') 
cuticnla, i. {"ofa beafi) corium, 
2. tergus {'cf parchment) fcheda 
pergamenx {or huik) fiUqua, i. 
{-outboard of the brain) mem- 
brana cerebrum amiciens, dura 
mater {-imvard of the brain) pia 

Betvjcenfkin and fle/b, intercus, j. 

Having a thickjkin, callofus 

Of the fkin, cuticnJaris 

7'o fkin {or take off the /kin) de- 

gluboy 3. pellem exuere {-voer^ 

cicatricem ipducere (-a fiint) 

pumice ardior effe 

To fkink, ad cyathos ilare, admi- 

;iiftrare pocula 
A fiinher, a poculis^ pincema 
Sttnned over, cicatrix indodta 
A fkinner, pellio, 3, (V* $raJel 

ars pcllioris 
Skinny, macilentus 
fifkip, or jumf, faltu?, 4. (-;<w*) 



■rdelios 3. homuacalitty !• 

(alto, t, falio, 4. (-*• 
reHIioy 4. {-before) prvTolns 
{•^ttn) faltito> X. (-our) tn 
filio, 4* {-over, or mit) |irst< 
mltto, 3. omictOy 3. praeten 
4. (ovf) proiilio, 4. 

Skipped over y omiffui 

A fiipper (jumper) faltatWf 
{dutch ihtp) navis Hollai^ 
(or maftef t>f a fliip) naackn^ 

^ipbiag^ fakans, (altabttodM 

hfiippif!^, faltatoi, 4. Itltati^ J 

By Jkfps, per fait us 

Qtfkipp'mgi /altatoriut 

A fiirmijh, vclitatio, 3. 

Tofkirmip^ vclJtOf, It 

Ofrf^irwH)*, velitarii 
A jkirnttjher, velci, 3», TclltaCi^ )• ' 
A yiiV/, fimbria, I. <"*» Jj^" 

buij2. (-o/'tf rwMtf^) cwfclj- 
Skittifb (huinourfome, ^W"Hl' 

tulansy proterms* ^''■i ^ 

ftans, procaz, lafcivieiil \c^- 

equQs payidus 
A fkittifb bumenr, proterfitl% 
Skittijbfy, exultim 
Skitfijhnefi, protervitti, 3 
A fkreaking of a. fanuf ftridoTi 
TV fkream one, cxckaM^ l«^ 
A Jkreaming out^ excltmit^ 
Afireen, umbracolum, f. '" 

brickhiyers, &e,) cril 
Tbefiy, aether, 3. aethn, !• 
Of the fky^ aethereus 
Sky coloured, caerulent 
A Jlab (puddle) lacuoii f«j 

timber) aflcr extemus (sr m 

hearth) maroior focariMB ' 
To fitbber^ madefacto, 3^ (• 

vel) Saliva manare 
SlMei'd, m4def«aiit ^ 

L A 

^ pedorale Hntevm 
M, ccenofus 

t, hxo, I. remitfo, 
ce) gradum minu<^re 
:ned) lauuiri, remitti 
g:iieo, 7, tardefco, 3. 
remiflus, negligens 
I, tardus 
tus, remifTus 
axatio, 3. 
c, perfun^ori^ 
latiOy 3« mora, i« 

li) extiaguo, 3. fedo, 
ilcem aqua xnacerare 
mem explere §r fa- 
) fitim fedare 
:) aqua maceratus 
inia, !• 

mnior, i. detre^lo^i. 

lumniator, 3.* 
alumniatio, 3. 
Jedicua, calumniofus 
ivicia, pl» 

laledke, calumniofe 
, gracilentot 

colaphus, 2. i£hu, 
{'in tbefmce) alapa 

Mite, cito 

iTo^ I, percutio, 3. 

t^f or devour) de- 

' catch np greedily) 

r Qop) madefacio, 3. 

m/, madefaftus 
i€t»$y percufTus 
caefora, i. (blow) 

oond) vulnus, 3. 

0, ^f confcindo, 3. 

h a whip) flagro, i, 

Jiis^ CRfui' 

S L E 

AJUjbiffg, percuffio, 3. 

AJlate, tcgula, «. (-/or ^fphering) 

palimpfeftos, 2. 
Tojlatft trguJis obtcgcre 
Stated f tegulis cnnftratus 
A flater, fcandularlua, 2. 
AjUnern, muHer improvida 
A Jlavi, vfrna, i. 
To be a fiavfy mancipor, I. [-tt 

pajpon) cupiditatibus fervire 
To make ont a JJave, in fervitutem 

Tojlavty laborando fatigare 
Slaver, drivel^ faliva, i. 
AjUverivgf ialivs eTiflio 
Sla-uertng^ infptus, infulfut 
Slavery, fervitium, 2. Tervitut, 4. 

(hard labour) labor gravis 
5/<M//^, vcrnilis, fervilis (laborious) 

fatigans; crucians 
Sla'vijhly, ferviliter, abje£le 
Stawjhnefi (bondage) JervituSi 3. 

(laborioufnefs) laboris afliduitas 
Slaughter, caedes, 3. clades, 3. 

^^«g*»» 3* occi/io, 3. {general-) 

internecio, 3. {man-) homici- 

diiim, 2. {'houfe) lantena, i. 
To jLzugbter, fee tojlay 
A fiay for tveaverr, pe^en, n, 
Tojlay, mz€to, 1. neco, 1. trucido, 

f. occidoy 3. inter ficio, 3* in* 

terimo, 3. 
A yZ(iy«r,intcrfe£lor, 3.interemptor, 3 
A man Jlayer, homicida, i.. 
Slaying, ma^ant, trucidans 
A flaying, caedes, 3. interemptio, 3. 
Sleazy, laxus, levideaHs 
Ajledg*, traha, i. (-bammtr) mal- 
leus ferreus major 
Slcik, politut, Jxvis, planus {-ftone) 

lapis Ixvigatorios 
To Jlcek, la!vigo, i. pol'o, 4. 
Sleeked^ l.evig.itus, poHtus 
Ajlrch}f.g, Ixvi^jtic); J, 


Sleep, fomnui, 2. 

In onetjleep, per qttietein 

ToJUep, dormio,4. 

TofallafUep^ obdormirco, 3. 

To go tojleep, dormitum fe conferre 

Tobeha'f afieepy dormito, i. (.i» 

a found Jleep) altum dormire 
Tofitep in a wboU Jkin^ periciUom 

To fieep amay caret^ foipno cons 

pellere {-ones felf fiber) crapolam 

cdormire (-if^) indormio, 4« *. 
C^nfingflffPi foporifer 
Laid tojleep, fopitot t\ 

A fleeter , dormitor, 3. 
Sletptnefs, fomnolentia, i« ; 

J^er fieeping, a fomno 
A fleecing place, dormitotiumy ft* 
To be fleepy, dormito, X. 
Sleepy, fomnolentus, foporus, fom« 

niculofus, veternofus 
A fleepy difeafi, lethargus, a* 
Sleet, nil tcnuia \ 

Afleeve, manica, i. .?, . 

Sleeved, manicatus 
Sleeyeleft (infignificant) futiliv >A» 

neptus (adv.) fruftra 
Ajeigbt {or knack) dexteriut, )• 

artificium> 2. {-of hand) pw- 

ftigia, pi. 
Sleight ly, dextre, perit^ 
Slender^ tenuis, exiguut 
To makeflcnder, attenuo, !• 
Madeflender, attenuatus 
To gro^v (lender y gracile&o, 3. 
Slender and tall, junceus, a. 
Slenderly, tenuiter 
Slendernefi, gracilitas, 3. 
A pee {-of bread, &c.) ofiula, X. 

(-/ any thing) aflula, i. frag- 

mentum, 2. (to take meat u^) 

fpatha, I. 
Uflices, aflulatim 



SUeed^ concifus 

•A fiicing^ conciforaf t. 

SHck, Jaeviiy laevigatas 
Vo f.idty labor, ffus, 3. {-along) 
■ Tterlabor, j, (-away) clabor, 3. 

(-^i) relabor»-3. {-iy) prae- 

teriabor^ 3. (or fall down) dc- 
« labor, 3. (-/>, or /V/o) iUabor, 

3. /i^ to flip {-ever) tranflabor, 

3. ('tOf or itt»r) allabor, 3. [-on) 

perlabor, 3. 
sudden t lapfos (-aw^y, or from) 

dilapfus, elapfus 
A fliding, lapfus, 4. (-place) gla- 

cies pedibus laevigata 
Slight {thin) Icvis, levidenfis (fmall, 

of no momentj futilis, nuga- 

Ajljgbt, {ctJUigbt 
'^(^ flight, temno, 3. contemno, 3. 

deJpicio, 3. parvi facere {or 

flabb;:r over) pcrfunft\jrie agJSre 
^0 be flighted, contemnor, 3, 
Slighted, contcmptus 
Aflghter^ eontcnoptor, 3. 
"^ flghthg, contcmptus, 4, 
Slighting, contemnens 
'Slightingly, flight ly, levitcr, per- 

SUghtnefs, tenuitas, 3. levitai, 3. 
Slightly, levidenfis 
Slightly, aftutc, callidc 
Slim, gracilis, (ttfiender 
Slime, humor vifcidus 
Slimittfj's, vifcofitas, 3. 
Slimy, vifcofus, limofus 
7*0 hefiimy, lentefco, j. 
Sl'ttteft, aftutia, 1. vafricies, 5. 
A fing, fun^a, i. catapuUa, i, 

balifta {^ftring) fcutale, 3. {flajgr) 

fundibulum, a. {-for 4/1 arm) 

fafcis, 9. mttelia, 1. 

S L I 

A, (linger, funditor, 3. {'of Ji&mn) 
fundibalator, 3. 

A flinging, jaculatio ) fanda 

Slink, abortivus 

To fltnk away, clancul&m fefe 
fubtrahSre {*home) domi rcdirt 
clanculum {-haci^ Cth clam re- 

Slinking away, (cfe fubducens 

A flip {-with the foot) lapfuJ, 4 
{■of the tongue) lapfus, 4- {of 
miftake) lapfus, error levis {-sf 
yarn) glomus, 2 {or fmall piece) 
particula, i. fragment urn, 2 
fruftum, », {or fprig of "a pUot) 
furculua, 2. 

Slip fhod, crepida^us 

Slip flop^ cinnus, 2. | 

Fullofjlips, Airculofus 

To flip, labor, pfut, 3. lapfo, J- 
{or let flip) omitto, 3. dimitto, 
3. praetermitto, 3. {-afld^^ ela- 
bor, 3. {-away, at time) cUbor, 
3. tranfeo, 4. abeo, 4. tfBtio, 
3. {-dwon) cado, 3. concidot 3. 
decido, 3, {Anto private^) fab- 
repo, 3. irrepo, 3. (-/«/£», put ^r 
thruft) immitto, 3. infem, 3. 
{or put oflF) exuo, 3. {-hts bridle] 
caput e fraeno fubducjfre (&r crop 
off) decarpo, 2. {-over a pJaie) 
cith trandre {-over, or owiit) 
omitto, 3, prattermitto, 3. (-^wr 
<z thing lightly) leviter attmgert 
{-out ^ the band) ex mariu clabi 
{-out of memory) h memorim cx^ 
cidere (or make a miftakc) erru, 
f. fallor, 3. decipio, 3. labor^ 
3. hallucinor, I. 

Apttofiip^ lapfabandus 

Slipped, elapfus {-in) immlfllis, 
infertus {-over) omiffus^ praitcr- 

S L O 

App^, crepida, i* (blea, I* 

Sitpperly, lubrice 

Slipptt'tnefst lubricitaSf 3. 

Slippety^ luhncm, inccrttw (-W 
loquaiE, futitit (ar deceitful) 
dnlua, verfutuft, wafer (or 
iicujf) diificiljj 

A flppeff trick, dolui, i» fraoi 

Ta trtakejlfppefy, lutirico, I. 

S/ippingj iabens, bpfans ( a 
eUbeni (-dn^n] cadens, 
dens (-tn) Trrepens {-over) 
term it tent {^out) cicidens, 

A flisfpingt lapfuSf 4* lapfifl 
fff^o/" /ifdvtfi) froadado, J. 

5^%, htfipped 

Si% hWuAf difltdus {-intm^f 

A/ff, fifTtira, i. fiffus, 4, 

r^ jJ/^ or *,;/.'>, findor, 3. 

May be flit^ UMit 

AJh'ttfrj fiffor, 3^ 

kilning f findeof 

A JJitiiJig^ iiffurSf f^ 

A Jliv^^ Jliver^ iegme*, 3. 

Ta jff^'sff, lindcr, 3* 

Toflr*r, Ucjljdbfr 

Arjl^t, prunTim fylvcibc- 

To Jhp^ fee tajJap 

A fiep or trewfe, fubljgar, J. 

Ajhup^ lembu^p i. 

«^/i3^j ubliquus, tranfvejrJiit 

TQJispt, obliquot t* 

Shpenfftf oblttjuitu, 3, 

Shpirtgj obiiquus 

Madt fli^irig, ob I iquatu t 

Aflpiwg, obli^uatio, 3, 

Siopjrtgfy^ oblfique, tranfteril 

TV jlotf cJaudo, 3* * 

5/flf^, deddia, i* ignavia^ t« 

Shfhfrl, defidiofua, pifw 

Twbefliitb/Mtf d«ijde&,arCMft| 

L Y 

egnities, 5. torpor, 3. 
no inurbanus 
DO fordidtts, fqaalidos, 
fpurcuSy turpis 
fordes, 3. fqualor, 3. 
)ide, fqualide 
icana lutofa {-of a 
ria anguK (-o/* btari) 
tardus, lentus (doll) 

xgreo, s. cundor, i. 
totiont) lenti ag^re 
, pigrefco, 3. 
:, lente 
dtUSy 3« 
erfoD^orie agere 
I) Hmax, 3. (or flow 
t tarda (bullet) giant 

rmitator, 3. piger 
er» fegoit 
gijb^ fegnefco, 3, 
\twt\y fegniter 
igiMYia, I. deiidia> x* 
Bdaculuoiy 2. 
Ttater^ emitto, 3. 
tmnos levis 
dermitoy i* obdor- 
("Ovn bufinefi) alicui 

. I. 

» dormitatJOy 3. 


, 3. dcdecitf/ 3^ 

iilo^-i* inquinOi 

ulatot^ Mattti 

Di^akcio, 3. 


ilidtts, fordilufl 

, lordeo, a. fordefco/a. 

riid^ %ttalid) 

uinuuiiditiiii Zt 

S M A 

kjly fdlowt vcteratqr, 3, 

^^^, aihite, fubdole 

Slyneftf callidiras, 3. aftotia^ I. 

A fmack (reliih) fapor, 3. (-of a 
whip) flagelli fonus (kifs) ba- 
fium, %. (fmall fliip) lembus, 2. 
navigiolum, 1. kt /match 

Tojmack (taftc) gufto, 1. degefto, 
I. (or favour of) fapio, 3. {or 
favour a little oQ fubfipio, 3. 
(or kifs) fuavium premSre {-one^s 
lipt) lablis f^repitum edere (-a 
vbif) infonare flagello 

A fmall number, paucitas, 3. 

Small, parvus, exiguus, minutus 
(flender) gracilis, exilis {-h e- 
fieem) vilis, nuUius moment!. — 

N. B. Small may fometimes be ren- 
der*d by the diminutive only, as, 
a fmall account^ ratiuncula^ i. 
a fmall farm, agellus, 2. 

TV be ofjmall account , vilefco, 3. 

A making fmall, attenuatio, 3. 

Made fmall, attenuatui 

A fmall time, pinimper 

So fmall, taatulus (bow fmall) qoan* 

Small arms, fclopeti, A/« 

Smiall of the back, leg^ ice. pan 
gracillior dorfi, &c. 

Smaller, minor 

Smalkft, minimus 

Smallneft, exiguitat, 3. (flendernef^) 
gracilitas^ 3. 

Smally, tenuiter 

Smart, dolor, 3. cruciattil, 4. 

Smart (iharp) afper, aeer (-ia dif 
courfe) argutas, acutus, tcer 
{-words) verba roordada (-/ibt) 
acre certamen (-^oin) dolor ve- 
hemensy gravis {-fleader) ve- 
hemens ofator [ry>arfee) f«]funii 


Tofmart, doleo, s. 
To make tojmart, crucio, I. ango, 
'3. mordeo,2. uro, 3. pungo, 3% 
Ciiujing fmart, crucians, pungena 
Smarting, plenus dolore 
Afmarting, cruciatus, 4. dolor* 3« 
Smartly, argut^, ace r be , 

Smartnefi (livclinefs) vigor, 3. vis, 

3. agilitas, 3. (fournefs) acri- 
tudo, 3. acrimonia, i. (witti- 
nefs) fagacitas, 3. acumen in- 
genii (-of fain) doloris vehe* 

Afmatcb (tafte) fapor, 3. gufttiS;^ 

4. (or fmall remains) reliquiae^, 

Afmatterer, fciolus, 2. femidoftus, 
2. (-in grammar) grammatiftay 
I. (-/« ^oinrry) poetafterj x. (-r^ 
pbyfic) empiricus 

A f mattering, levis fcientia 

Tofmar, illino, 3, oUino, 3. con« 
fpureo, X. inqtrinoy !• {'Over) 
fuperlino^ 3. {'uider) fubter- 
lino, 3. 

Smeared, linitus, inquinatus 

Afmearer, undlor, 3. 

Afmearing, unftie, 3* litura, x. 

7o/iiitf/A(neut.) olco, 2. redoleo, 
2* fubdoleoy 2. {or fmell to) 
odoror, x. olfacio, 3. {or ctft 4 
fmell) oleo, 2. 

A fmell, odor, 3. {-fweet) firk^ 
grantia, i. {-ill) foptor, 3. (-0I 
meat or provi^nt) nidor, 3. 

Sweet fmelling, odoriferus, odoz«ti99» 
odorus, jucundd olent 

Afmellfeap, parafitus, 2. 

Smelled, olfaaos 

Afmelling, odoratio, 3* 

The art of fmeUiifg, odoratus, 4* 

Smelling rank^ xtXA\!iS^\ lqi;^^\ 
['OUt) odonM 
>l or pntlkd^ Qtot%Va* -* 

S M O 

to fmelt ore, metaiU cruda Itque- 

A fmelt (fi/h) apua violacea 
To finer k, arrideo, 2. 
Svterkingf arridens 
Smick fmaci, rcpetito iftu 
Ayi»/7f,,rifu8 lentus 
To fittiU, fubridco, 2« {-at) irri- 

deoy i. 
Tofm'.te, ferio, 4. percutio^ 3, 
A/iw/Ver,' percuffor, 3. 
A J^itifig, percufTiO) 3. 
Afmithf faber feiiariiis 
A fmitby, ferraraeotorom fabrica 
Smiting, feriens, percutiens^ 
Smitten, idlut, percuiTus (-tvitb love) 

perditus aoiore 
A {mock, fetjbifi 
^mockfaced, efTeminati oris 
Smoke, fumus, 2. vapor, 3. 
74» fittoke {or fend forth fmoke) 

fumo^ X. fumum emittere (-ro- 

iacca) tabaci fumum exhaurire 
1 (or offend with fmoke) fumi- 

fico, I. (.<2 buftnefi) perfeptirco,3. 
Caufingfmoke^ fumificua 
Smoked, infumattts 
Sptoking, fumans 
AJmoking, fumigatio. 3. 
Afmoking under', fuffitus, 4. 
Smoky, fumofusy fumeus^ fumo 

Smooth, Ixvis, aequus {-table) menfa 

accurate laevigata {-road) via 

piana (or without hair) glaber, 

^epilis {'Jlyle) oratio dulcis 

{■tongued) blandiloquus 
^ofmooth (coaks) adblandior> 4, 
Smoothed, complaoatus 
^ jmoother, Javigator, 3. 
Afiu^othing, laevigatio, 3. 
^''Ofbfyt plane ; dulcc 
^c^/j^a^s, Ixvitis, j# {-^f heha' 


To fmotlitr (ftifle) fuffoco, i. {or 
fupprcfs) extinguo, 3. {or con- 
ceal) ccio, 1. reticeo, a. 

Smothered, fuflfocatus; comprefTus ; 

A. finothering, fofFocatio, 3. 

Smug, continnus 

To pnug one's filf, fe concinnc or- 

Smugged up, cleganter ornatiit 

To J^uggie^ merces fine partorii 
folutione invehcre 

A f muggier, qui merces fine por- 
torii folutione invehit 

^**gif9 eleganter 

iVmi/^^i, . elegantia, j. 

Smut, foligo, 3. (obfcenity) ob- 
fccenitas, 3. 

Tofinut, inquinare fuligine 

Smutted, fuligine inquinatus 

A/muttifig, denigratio, 3. 

Smutty (obfcene) obTcoenos 

A fnackt pars, 3. portio, 3, 

Togofnacks, particeps efle 

A fnaffle, fraeni lupus 

Snaffled, lupatus 

AJnag, nodus, z. {-tooth) dens ultra 
caeteros prominens 

Snagged, nodofus 

Afnaii, teftudo, 3. cochlea, I. 

of a fnail, tpftudineus 

A fnake, angu/s, 3. coluber, ». 
{water-) hydrus, !• 

Of a faskei anguineus 

A Jhap (noife) crepitus, a. (mor- 
lel) fruftolum, 2. {-Jack) pera 

To {nap, crepitum edere (break) 
frango, 3. rumpo, 3. {or be 
broke) frangor, 3, ninripor, 3, 
diffringor, 3. (or catch hold) 
rapio, 3. corripio, j. (fnub) 
irate corripere 

SnaPptd'^ roajp^/fraftus 

S N I 

Snapping, frangens 
Snappijb, captiofas^ mordax 
Snappijbly, morof^ iracund 
A {ndre, laqaeus, x. Uifidiae 
To {nare, illaqueo, i. ioctic 
Snared, laqueatus 
Kfnaring, illaqucatio, i« 
To Jnarle (as a dog) rtngo, 3 
obloquor-^. 3. {'thread c 
involve, 3'. impiedio, 4. 
Snarled {as thread) involutus 
A{narHng, ri6tus» 4*^ 
Snarling, ringens {-at) more 
A /natch, morfiuncula, i. 

away) pracpropere 
To {natch, rapio, 3. corri| 
(-avoay) abripio, 3. furti] 
(-<if)capto, i» 
Snatched, captus, raptus 
A{n4itcher, raptor, 3. captati 
Snatching, rapax, rapidus 
A{natching, raptio, 3. rapaci 
To{neak (creep) tepo, 3. fer 
repto, X. (be aihamed) 
cundor, i. (cringe to) f« 
deveneror(or lurk about) 
2. latito, I, {-away) clac 
Sneaking (creeping) repeM 
garly) parcus (pitiful) ab 
fordidus {-firt) ignis maligi 
^ffM^/ff|-/)>,(niggardl]r) paroc( 
' ly) abje^e, fordid^ 
Sneakingnefi (niggaidtinels) pi 
nia, 1. (meanneis) ttonitti 
To {neer, irrideo, a. dcrideo^ I 
Sneerii^[, irrideas, deridens 
A {neerer, irrUbr, 3. 
To {neexe, ftem«o, 3. (-^ 

nQto» X, 
Afiuexiiig, fteraotamsntum, 
To {n*ggcr^ finugaodere . 
A fnip {or partj fe|meny 3 

rk)macttlay i, (-fnap) 


prstcldo, 3. decerpO> $> 

i:crptu», pnecifus 

, praecidens, decerpens 


cus, 2. ftiria^ i. 

nucunf reforbere 

'ei, mucofus 

' Jttortp ftertOy 3« 

rhoncusy z. 

arful) meticulofus 


ftrom, 2. nafas^ 2, (^-of 

»r) probofcis> 3. 


liogOy 1. 
'CUS, nivalis 
uf^ n'lvofut 

:bide) increpo, i« cor 
. (curb) frenq, 1, re 

orreptus ; frenatoi 
ioaepans, frenans , 
fr wick) myxa, I. {-fir 
ih) fternutamentum, 2. 

(-« ca/td/e) candclam 
re (-^kb difdaln) rhon- 
. (.«/> the noff) naribus 
{-at) irafcor, 3. {^t, or, 
roatemno, 3. 
iDunAoritiin, 2» 
. emadioy 3. 

Yocem e oarribas pro- 

r, feeret) fecretue, arcanus 
^ ) nitidus 
:^^, (adv.) fccrcti 
c,'ad hunc inodum, hoc 
To much ) adeo, ita, pc- 
iBtopere {trio that) dum, 
io, iDodOf ita fi,(i tantum 


{or Co then) quamobreniy qtia- 
propter, qaare, quocirca {-fstr) 
thf eatenus, in tantum, qu^ 
{•^ttr from) adconon, ut — iu 
non, ut— tantttm abeil, ut— nofi 
roodo, ne-nedum {-frr m) quCKi, 
quoad, quantum {-far off) tan* 
turn procul, tarn longi {-grtat) 
tantvs, tammagnut (4ittk) un« 
tulus, tantiilas, tam parvui (-^if;) 
tamdju, or tandiu ('kngsi) dum, 
donee, ufque dum, tamdiu dum,. 
taaadui, quamdiu, quoad {'much) 
tantum(>Mwr3, adv.) tim(-iRdnrf) 
Xoti^'oftat) toties ("fo) mcdiocriter 
{'fp, m health) meliufcuii 

7*4^ Jo matyt totidem 

^^ fit quamobrtm 

j^Bdjo forth, et fie dc cvteria 

To/oak, fttfike 

Soap, fttfofe 

Tofiar, foe to fire 

To/oh, fiogoltu), 4. 

A fob, Jobbing, fingultai,4» 

Sootr, fobrius, temperatut (of fobcr 
converfation) probis moribui 

Soberly, fobri^ 

Sobemefi, fobriety, fobrietiSy 3. 

Soceagg, foccagium, 2. « 

Sof table, ficial, focialis, ibciabills 
{not-) infociab/lis 

Sociablenefi, fociaiitas, 3, 

Society, focietas, ^. communittf» 3, 
fodalitas, 3. cdfifoctium, 2. con. 
. fociatio, 3. 

Aficinian, focini fedlor 

A fick, pedale, 3. udo, 3. {ufcJ 
by comedians) focctit, »• 

Wearing focki^ foccatus 

The focket {of a candleftUk) fcapos, 
{-of a tooth) loculamentum, 1, 

55^, fodden, lixatus, eo^us 

Halfjodden^ femicodtus 

A fid, Qii^t^, Itis, mn 


^oder, ferramen, 3. 

A,fodofititt, fodomiu, i. 

Sodomy, fodomia, z« 

Soft, mollis, tener, lentut (filly) 

ineptut^ ftupidus {-footed) mol- 

lipes, ^dis (-paee) gradus Icatua 

or fuTpenfus {'Voiee) vox fubmifla 
^rftifi, moUiof^olus 
To make foft, emollio, 4* {or ini- 

tigate) mitigo, i. 
TogTQ'wfiff^ mollefco 
Ta be fift^ moliior, 4. 
S^fi^eJ^ molUtus 
Saftijbi ineptus 
S^fifyt (e«fscly) leniter (^ffemi» 

natiely) muHebrittr, lafciv^ (let* 

furely) lente (not too loud) iab<* 

Softnefi, moUitia, x. moHitief,. 5* 

lenitat, 3. teneritai, 3. 
So bo ! htvi I 
A fill, folura, t. fundot, i« («!• 

tive-) patrla,!. {or filth) lbrdet» 

3. {or conpoft) ftercui, 3. la^^ 

tamea, 3* 
To foil, inquino, i« confpurco, i« 
To take foil, aquis fe credere 
Soiled, inquinatttt 
A foiling, xnquinatto, )• 
Tofojoum, diverfor, 1. comttiorw^f* 
\fej^^rrur, hofpes, 3. peregrinut,a« 
A Jojourning, peregrinatio, 3. ^ 
To foke, macero, i. (-uf) imbibo, 

3, abforbeo, 2. {-tbrougb) per-. 

Aiano, I. 
Soking, macerans, madefaciens 
Solace, confolatio, 3. folatium, %• 

levamen, a. folamen, 3* 
To folace, confolor, i. (-ones fclQ 

oble£iare fe( •/» the fun) apricor,l» 
Solar, folaris 
A filar, folarium, 2. 

I' Sold, venditus 


Seldeff ferrumen, 3* 

7q folder, fefrumino,r.conglutino,x. 

AfiUering, conglutiriatio, 3, (-iron) 

flans ferruminatrix 
Afildier, miles, »/i [feUow-) com- 

miles, 3, commiiito, 3. {ofd-) 

miles veteranus (cotnmon-) mileS 

manipniaris {-di [charged far age) 

miks emeritus 
Afoldier^s bey, lixa, 1. 
0/ a Joldiery militaria 
Jjtke a foldier^ bellicofe, fortiter 
The foldiery, militiai 1. copix- 

Mole (alone) folns, folitarius 
7be fole (-of the foot) phnta pedis 

(-of afioe) folea^ i .aflumentuna,i, 
ITo foU, calceo aflfumentum iodu- 

A file {fifki) {o\t2, I. 
Afolecifm, rolxcifmus, 2« 
S^ly, foK^m, folommodo 
Sohly and wholly y ex affe ' 
Solemn, folennis, feftns (authentic) 

ratus, comprobatus (facnd) facer 
Soiejnnitf, foleiBhitas, 3* 
To folemntKe, celebro 
Solemnized, celebratus 
A felcmnizing, celebratio, 3. 
Memnhfy fan^e, folemniter 
Tofolicitj folicito, 1. inftigOy (^/i(^- 

fliei) flagttare fubftdia 
Afoliciting, folicitatio, 3. 
Soicitation, foHcitatio, 3. 
AJolidtor, rolicitator, 3. (in law) 
. advocatus, 2. 
Solicitous, folicitus, anziua . 
Solicitude^ folicitudo, 3. anxietas, 3. 
Solidi^MWiy folidus, irmoi, certus, 

To makefolid, folido, i. 
Solidity, firmitaSj 3. foIiditaSy 3, 
Solidly, firaie, folide 

s 00 

Solitary, folitarius, folus (melan- 
cholly] triftis, moeftus 

Solitarily, privatim, fccret^ 

Solitarinefi, folitade^ folitudo, 3. 

TbtfolJUctt folAitiuin» 2. 

Of tbefolfiice, fodilialis 

Solvable^ diffolubilis (ubie to pay) 
par folvendo 

Tofdw, erodo, 1, folro, 3. 

AJolution, foMngt folutio, 3. (-0/ 
a fueftpn) en^atio, 3. 

Sdltuix/Cf fohrens^ cieas 

Some^ qaidam, aliqnis, nonnullut 
('body)9Mquh, aliquifquam (-wie} 
unuiquifpiana . 

Some Ktfbat (adv.) aliquantd^ ali- 
quantuldm^ nonnihil (Jometimes) 
aliquando, quandoque, interdum 
ij9me while) aliquamdiu (Jome 
where or tohither) alicubi, af- 
piatn (fome whether elfe) alio 
{at fome other time or in Jome other 
manner) alias {in fime measure) 
quadantenus {in fome fort) quo- 
da in modo 

f^fon, iUius, s. Jiatus, 2. (-in law) 
gcncr, 3. {ftepfon) privignoB^ 2. 

Sonftrip^ filiatio, 3. 

A fong^ cantilena, i« cantlcom, 
2« cantio, 3. carmeiiy 3. 

For a fong (cheap) vjli 

kfonnet, ode, i. 

Sonorous^ fonorus, canorut 

Soon, cith, ftatim, illicd 

Soon after, pauio pod 

Very Jfoon, extempld 

ToofooM, praemature 

As/oon as J quam primum, fimulac, 
fimul atque {asfoon as etfer) ciim 

Sooner, citius, maturius 

/it (ooneft, quam citiflimc 

A foop, hauftus, 4. ibrb:tio, 3, 

Vtofoop up, baurio, 4. furbe9> %• 1 

S O R 

Belonging fo/^t, fuligineiii 
SeoK^i^okuT"/, koiioplueiit 
Sv^tf^ fv^iginofbt, famofui 
[h fmh, vere, jfhtb (fir ^) 

r*ijc, profcilo- 
To ftiifhj bbndtof, I. adukr* i* 
S-^dfd lip^ Ictiociniis pennuKai 
Afisfhcr^ affentator, 3* 
A f^thitrg^ afl'entatio, 3. 
Afootifnyert ai^gtur, 3. 

Tojoothfayf auguror, i. omiaer^ l» 
A Jhnrhptyingt atigurium, 2« 
Afop^ ofl^j 1. o^ttla, I. 

Ti^j'ijy, intingo, 3. 

Off&pif fmegm^ttcBS 

'^, fqpo, 3. fmegmay 3. (-Mhr) 
fmegmatQ»f cms, 2. 

T& fops, faponc ungere' 

S^, fmegmatf; oblitus 

'The fiphy, fuUajlUS, 2. 

Afppkim, tophi frna, 3, 

A jtphifiy fophiita, x. 

S'^hipcal, fophifticut, fallax 

To fophi^icate^ adultero, I. coflii 
mi Iced J 2. (wafte) ronfomo) 3. 

Sophijficetfd, adulteratus, difpcr- 

A fiphifiicathig^ fopbifUcatimt^ kk 

Sophj^ry, caviBatio captioGi 

Ssperifroitit foporus 

Sfppsd^ fcpr, intio^na 

Ajorf/fff, vcncficus, a. - 

Afircgrefij *tnefica, i, faga, I* 

Ssrcery, Tcne^ciuniy 2. 

Sardidt (covetous) fordiduSi afiM 
(-in apparr/) fordidatus, ft^r 
r\t}(ai (bafp) infamls, fasdoii 
turpi 3, t^^amofui 

Sordidly, fardidcj, f«di 

S^rdidn^Sj ford^s, 3. avaritia. x. 

Sen, aJper^ gtmiij duhis, moletn% 

S O R 


(« fldh) tener (grie-iTo Jortt diftribuo, i. apti degere, 
. 3. (or be fuitable) accommpdor, 
I. {or come together) congregor, 
I. convenio, 4. 
exulcero, I. \Sorttd, apte digeHus 

ulceratut Afertingy apta collocatio, 3, 

raviier, ▼ehementer A fit, ebriofus, *• (fooi) ftuUuf ,a. 
:entio, 3. T<»>/. incbHor, i. 

hclviniw Sottijby fatuus 

mifecc Sotti/bly^ ebrio{2 ; iluhc 

3. in«ror, 3. Sottijhnejs, cbrietas, 3, ftuititia. 1. 

leo, a. xnqereo, i« '^wci? (pickle) falfugo, 3. ^ 
(i\i, ludtttofas ^0 /«<'^' (pickle) muria condire 

Bgri, maftc (plunge) immergo, 3. (or box) 

fulj triftis, maftus, colaphum impingere 
iftuofus (paltry, vUe) Souced, muria maceratus, (-wVA 
(•^i&w)honiunak>^3. ''^'a) pluvia obrutos 
>Jco, 2. mocreo/ a. 5«'««^ii,fuprerau8, Aimmat, max- 
ler) mos, 3. Iviodus, imus (moft eiBcacious) effi^a- 
enus, 3. ciffimus - 

«f ^^/^ plebsj 3. A fovtreign, doQiinui fuprt mut 
e/"-) honcfti, ^/. in- Sovgreigniy, iupremojure 

Sovereignty, principatm, 4. fo- 

prema poteftas or dominatio 
Sought, quaefitus, requifitiis 
The fou/, anttna, i, animuf, 1. 

(or perfon) homo 
Souls, raanes^ p/, umbrae, ^A 
Jllfouh day, feralia februa 
Afildier^ ittfoldier 
A Jound, Tonus, a. fonitus, 4. 
(noife) Crepitus, 4. crepitus, 4 
fragor, 3. \-of a trumpet) dan- 
gor, 3. 
Siutid (intirc) integer, fincenu 
(healthy, ftrong) validus, fanus, 
robttftus {-in judgment) fagax 
(-Iff faith) prthodoxas (-in frin- 
dples) probus {^and fafe) inco* 
himia (-of mind) xneotis compos 
{-/choIUr) apprime dofkus (-Jhep) 
fontnos alius or profundus 

quodammodo (-a aew 
Dodo ('this fort) hu- 
that fort) ejufmodi 
fort) itidem (-what 
toiodo f quo pado ? 
t foever) quomodo- 
yie fort) fimpliciter 
() duplicitcr {-many 

pariter, eodem modo 
ttique adeo 

omnium genrfum, 
(the firfi fort) pri- 
JO fkond fort) fecun 
hat fort) cujufmodi I 
vhat fort f6€wr) qua- 
-thiifcrt) hujufmodi 
ort) iftittfmodi, hvjus 
e jirt) fimplex (./wo 
X {-mMfy foTti) mol- 

To found (or yiild a fouiid)^ fono, 1 . 
Jftrepo, 5. [^QX'kirw an inOrnoentl 


bucciilam, &c. inflare {"miahrwH 
clafficiim can&e (-a Ml) tin- 
tinnabulum-puliare (-« manh) 
▼ala conclaraatc (-« roreai) ren 
ccptiii tViUkt ('4bt depth) ftofoo^ 
ditatem explorare (-mm intrnt- 
tioa) aoimom perfcrutari irfiithy 
extollo, laudo, I. 

The found hoard, pinax, g. . (-Ml 
o/a vhl) chelyos rima 

To make found, confolido, x« 

To gro^ found, folideiico, g* 

To be founds valeo, %• 

Sounded (as an inftrument] inflatttt 
{•forth qtpraifed) laudatus 

Smnding, fonans, refooana (-ill) 
dtflbous ( /briO) A>noru8, aif utui 

A founding lead, bolis, 3. 

Soundly, foUde^firmiterjfane, acriter^ 
vehfimenter, yalide 

Soundnefs^ rolidijjias, 3* firmitaa, .g« 
(-of hody) fi^nitas, 3. vigor, 3, 

A/oirri:«, origo, 3. fons, 3. 

Sour, acerbus, acidus, afper, auAc* 
ru8,inunitif {-in looks) torvjoa^ te* 
tricus (-/« temper) morofas 

Soumejs, acor, 3. acerbida, 3* a(^ 
perius, 3. {^of look) tonritai, g* 
tetricitas, 3. 

Sourly, tonre, moroie : Kcrb^. 
afperd J 

To become four, acefco, g. ^ 

To four (vex) exafpero, i. 

Soured (vexed) exafperatos s 

Soufe, ittfouce 

Tbefomth, auftcr, », meridiei, 5. 
{"Vftnd) aufter, 2. notut, tu 
{-eaji wind) evonotus, »• (-w^ 
wviwd) libs, is, m* 

Soitbern, auftralis, meridionalit - 

Southward, meridiem Terfut 

Afokthing, meridtatio) 3* 

A fiw, fusi wf, /. {-of lead) 


li p^ 

. plambi Inafla oblenga tf^ldtr) 

enaifciilator, 9. 
Sow (of 9 (aw) (uillot 
7^ fow9 fttd, ieroy 3. femino, i. 
■ conf«ro» 3. {'btixoetn) interfero^ 
3* (j|i|p tfiii ^9cp«) fpergo, 3. 
diffeminoy i. (-w/V^ a n^e) 
fuoy 3. fee f0/fw 
S«m4y Tjitot, feminatus 
AJtwefy fcminator, 3. fator, 3. 
Afmiing, femlnatio, 3. fatio^ 3. 
o/fowimg, feminalis 
Sowing litfie, fementit, 3. 
Stmif ftnhiaatwt, fatus 
A/faciy fpatium, ». {"of time or 
|lAife)intercapedo, 3 . intenrallmn, 
. .±» interftitiam, 2* {or term of 
life) vits curriculum {tr trzii 
of land) tnaot, 4. i-hawen 
filjari) intercolumoivm^ 2« 
SfacMUtf fpaciofuif amplu8> diffa- 
/ fosy pattnij laxot 
)Spacioujly, fpatiofi, ampl^ 
i^ettu/niftf amplitudoi 3. 
AffiuU (topi) ligo^ 3* {'in cards) 

Toroercttlos, 2. 
I/fake, aixi 

AJfMn, palmus, s. fpithama> Xi 
o/afpan, palmaris 
^^Jpmie, fee to wean 
AJpangle, bra£lea, i. braAeola/ i. 
^patigled, braAeatus {or fet with 

ftars) ftellifer, ftellatoi 
Afpanielt canis hifpanicus 
The fpanijhfy, cantharis, 3. 
Spavkingt magnus 
Afpar {9r bar) obex, 3* ve£Usy 3. 
{•of a gate) aflbla fpicata , 

^ojpary obdo, 3. 
AjfarahUy davulut, 2. 
$pare (lean, thin) macef, gracilis, 
iBacilentua {-borfe) equus deful- 
torius {.money) pecunia refidua 

The fpare rih, - coftae porcinae I 

T6 /pare, parco, 5. comparco {-en. 
hour) detrabSre hortm (-« vif^rd) 
aufcultare pancis {or forgive) 
condonOf i. remitto, 3* {or fa- 
your) faveo, 2* indulgeo, 1. 
Spare w fparirtg (fubft.) parcimonia, 
I. frugalitas, 3. (adj.) parcuSj 
A /paring^ fte /pare {^r laying up) 

GOnferratio, 3. 
Sparingly , paici, reftri^le 
Sparingnefs^ Ctt fpare 
A Jp«rk {-of fire) fcintilla, x. 
(lover) procu9» 2. amafius, 2, 
(beau) homo bellut 
Sparkijh, nitidi veftitus 
To Jf>arkle, fdntillo, i. {or glitter) 
fulgeoy 2. niteo, 2. corufco, i. 
(as wine) fubliiio, 4. 
A fparkling, fdntillatio, 3. (or 
glittering) conifcatio, 3. nitor, 
3. fulgor^ 3. 
Sparkling^ fcintillant } coniicut 
Afparrow, pafTer, 3, 
Afparrowbdtwk, frigillariuSj 2« 
Thefpafm, fpafmus, 9» 
Spatious, (ttfpactMts 
To [patter y fee to befoatter 
Spatter dajbezy peronea, pU 
Afpattle, fpathula, x. 
Having tbefpaminy fuffraginofus 
To fpuuly fpuo, 3. fputo, I. 
Ajpau/er, fputator, 3. 
Spawn, om,pL femina,/>/. 
Tofpawn, genero, 1, procrco, i, 
To /pay 9 femioam caftrare 
Spayedf caftratus 
Afpa^ing, caftratio, 3, 
Tojpeak, loquor, 3. dico, 3. {-aloud) 
eloquor, 3, {-againfl) obloquor, 
3. contradlco, 3. {-at random) 
garrio, 4, effutio, 4. {-before) 
fWlocjupr, 3. {.big) jaftagtil 


nrba proftrrs {-dfriefy) 
ftringo, 3. {-evil tf) ma: 
3. calumnior, i. {^fate tt 
in OS diccre (-^) ftrn 
pra?cipit*re {-for} interce 
{-merrily) jocor, i. (-/*« 
ad populnm, or in curis 
dicere {-of) traAo, i , m 
de re diiTet^re (-of before 
dico, 3. {'tfien) didlto, i. 
eloquor, 3. (-/o a perfon 
qoor, 3. altquesa af&ri 
fi)^r) colloquor, 3. 
A Jjpcaker, prolocutor, 3. loc 
{•of parliament) fcnatus pr 
Speaking, loquens, loquaz 
A /peaking, locntio, 3. did 
{-of) mtntlo, 3. cokmnem 
3. {-out) pronunciatio, j 
alloquium, a. {-^tb) 
quium, 2. (-ofexfil) inaled 
2* convitium, 2* cafannni 
A fpeary hafta, x. lancea, 
toar-) venabulum, 2. {ai 
fufctna, I. tridena, 3. 
A fpearman, haftatus, %i 

hallile, 3. 
Special (chief, parricular) 
puus, peculiaris, fpeciali 
cellent) exoelleiis, eximi 
minens, prsdarus, ^^g: 
Specially, fpecialiter (exod 

optim^, excellentfer 
Specialty, proprictts, 3. 

AfpeciA, fpecies, 5, 
To fpecify (mention) dene 
enumero,!. dc{bribo,3. de 
Speci/yed, notatus, enumen 
^lP^^\fy*"Sy fingulariumiM 
Specific, Jpecifaal, fpeeialisi 

laris, fpecificus 
Speeificalfy, fpecifici ' 
Specification, defignatio fpet 

amen, s .ext 111 pltTi 3 . 

»(iM, pUufibilit 

U, I. labet, 3. (or 

at, t. (or natural) 


rulis yariare 

btoty maculofus 

sdaculom, 2. 

K^y confpicillam^ 2* 

edator, 3. 

^xn, 2. 

icculor, !• 

ntexDpladoy 3. 


mo, 3* 

.0, 3. concb, 3* 

h, concionem habere 

blanditrae, fi. 

aperbiloqoentia, i. 


tie, 3. expedition 3. 

ccciTas, 4« 

, ciutim 

eleritast 3* 

feftino^ I. (tr haften) 

• maturoy i. 

ano, I. profpero, i. 

'J, aeceteratut 

riter, feftine 

[eritas, 3. 

» expeditm 

It amentum, a. 

bat conneAexe 

orthograiphia, !• 

afiuno, 3. expendo, 3. 

). iflfttroo> 3. ('« ^) 

jcJSrc (-Mtf^i /if^) «ta. 

the {'bis mouth, as a 

io, I. elatro, i. (-/tf- 

Jd^o, 3. prof undo, 3. 

ai a bnllet, 4^c.) elan* 

-•«^-i Jlrengtk) cooft- 

S P I 

Spitidiiigt confumena 
A fpending^ coBfumptio> 3, (-Ai- 
vifiyhf) prodigalitasy 3. prof alio, 3. 
Speni^ confumptot, exhaudus (laid 
out) impenfus, expenfut (paii 
over) exadus, tradod^us (tired 
out) defeflfus, nimis fatigatus 
Sperm, fperma, 3. femen, 3. 
Spermatic, ad fperma pertinens 
Tofpeto, Tomo, 3. (et fpue 
Ajpbere, fpbaera, x. globus, 2. 
Spherical, globofus, fphaerlcus 
Liks sfphere^ fphaeroidis 
Spherically f globi inftar 
i'h'ti/phirue, fphinx, 3. 
Spice, fpicery^ aroma, %• 
Tofpke, aromata iofpergerai 
Spiced, aromalibus conditu^ 
Tafiing of/pice, aromaticua 
Spick and/pMt recentiliimus 
AJpider, araaca, i. (-*i vieh) art- 

neum, 2. 
Full ef fp'tden, arancQfai 
hfpi^e, (cnfpy 
Afpfgff, cpiilomium, 2. 
A /pike, «lavo8 fcrreu^ major (or 
pointed iron or wood) ferri or 
ligni pars cuipidata 
To fpikfy or Jbarpen the end, cufpidoj 
I. fpico, 1, (orn?kii u^^) calvis 
ada€tis obftruere 
Spikenard, nardu<, 2. 
Oilo/fpiie, nardum, 2. 
hfpill, aliquid 
Tofftill, fuodo, 3. effundc, 3. 
Spilled, fpilt, fufui, afTuftta 
A f pilling, fuiio, 3. effuio, 3* 
Tofpin, nwo, %. (as a top) in gyrum 
verfari {-out or prploag) protrahoi 
3. produco, 9. pertraho, $• (^r 
iflue out) e^uo, 3. (Cttigp^ 3 
profilio, ^. 
SftHflgt, fpinacca, u 


A fptndle, fufua. 

2. (.c/ 4 
I, 3. (ox 1 



Spindle legt, crura exilia 
A /pinning, nctio, 3. {toisel) gjs« 

gillus, 2. 
A fpinfter, lanifica, i. (ia law J 

femin^ innupta 
Spiny, fpinofua 
Spiral f ad fpiram pertinena 
Afpiralline, in fpiram dudhi 
A fpire, pyramis, 3, {-of grafiy 

fpica, x^ 
Tojpire (as com) fpico, i, 
A fpirit, fpiritus, 4. genius, %^ 

(goblin) iarva^ i, fpodrum, a* 
The fpirit, mens, 3* aoima, i, 
(courage) animus, 2, virtus, 2^ 
(wit) indoles, 3. ingenium, 2^, 
'(briflcnefs) vigor, 3. alacritaa, 3. 
{of contradiEiion, or difcotttfnt, 
or fedition) cacocthes 
H^tbfpirit, folerter, inyeniofq 
To fpirit up (encourage) aaimoy !• 
inftig^o, I. hartor, 1, flimub, 
Xi {-awsy children) infaaic'a 
furtim obducere 
Sf:r:tcd up, animatus, inftlgstua 
Hi^hfjgirited, fupetbus, arrogant 
liow ipirited^ an mo fVa£lus 
Mean fpinied, abjcdlus, fordid us 
Public fpiritedr.f/s^ amor patri»' 
Spiriiual, fpiritualis (incorporeal) 
incorporalis (deveut) pius (be- 
longing to the church) cccl,e- 
Spiritualitiet, rcddiios eccleliafllcl 
To Jpirttualitue (in chemiftry) fpi-. 
ntui fubtiliflimos elicSre (in di- 
vinity) e rebus humdnis animiim 
I ad cdeftja fpirandum dnceie 
\ Spiritually^ pic, fpiritualiter 
I spirituous, fpirilu«^Cu% 
I A firt, \ift5%\^\, V 

S P L 

iplffltude, fpiHitudo, 3, 

A /fit, veru 

To yj&/> (meat) veru transfigere {or 
fpaut) fpuo, 3. (blood) fanguiDcm 
cxfcre'are {-down) defpuo, 3. (-e/*- 
Un) fputo, I. (-out) expuo, 3, 
3. cxfcrco, I. {-at) infpuo, con- 
fputo, I. {'VJitb reHb'wg) fcrto, 
1, exfcreo, x. 

J'o bt [pit upon, infpuor, 3. 

A fpitcbcock eel^ anguilla major 

Sfite, fpitefulnejs, nalitia, i.. mt. 
IcvolcnlJa, i. 

Tofpite, invideo, a. 

SptttJ, invtfua 

spiteful, invidus, malitiofm 

Spitefully, roalitiofc 

j^if, or Jpittfd upon, confputus 

A/pitter^ fpuUtor, 3. 

A fmitting^ fputttio, 3. expwtio, 3, 

Mpitth,, fSiva, 1. fputum^ %^ 

full cffpitt/e, falivofu^ 

Ajpittle, nofocomiumy %t 

A fplajby luti afperfio 

Sbiaped, luto afpcrfaa 

A jplopirgy lull aiperHt 

Bplajhyj bomidus, aquofut 

Mplayy diftortus 

To/play, luxo, 1. frango,^. 

splaying, luxatic, 3. infradio, 3, 

THfe fpleeti, fplcn, 3. lien, 3, 

(grudge) odium^ %, livor, 3. 

iimuitas, 3. 
OftbefpUen, /plenicus 
%plindint, fyJendcns 

S P O 

Splenftic, fplenedcut 
Tofplice, partes inter fe tex^re 
AJpiinter, fragmentum, a. aflula,!. 
To JpUrter (cot into pieces) in af- 
fulas fecare, diffindiSre 

To be fplintered, diffindi 

Tefplit Mfunder^ diffindo, j, (or ^« 
jprtt a/under) diffindi (-w^ « 
rock) in fcopulum impingSre 
(•^^es witb laugbirg) ri/n fere 

Spnt, fplittedt diffifTut 

Splitting, diffindens 

Spoil, vfpblium, 2. piada». i. (-« 
ofvfar) manubix,)^/. exuvfas,^/. 

Tojpnl (nbarr) vitio, 2. corrumpo, 
3. depravo, i. (plunder) com- 
pilo, X. fpolio, I. devafto^ i. 
depopulor, !• diripio, 3, (or dil- 
turb) conturbo, i. {or interrupt) 
interturbo, r» 

Spoiled (marred) vitiatus, eormptoi 
(plunder*d) fpciiatua ^ 

Having jpoiled, depopulatus 

A Jpoiter, corruptor, 3. cprruptrSx, 
3. vitiatoi», 3. (i)lunderer) praedo, 
i, populator, 3. priedator, 3. 
fpoliator, 3. dtrepter, p 

A fpoling (marring) corruptio, 3, 
depravatio, 3.. vitiatio, 3, {-of 
cbUdren) inepta leniias (or plun- 
dering) vafbtio,. 3. fpoliatioy 3, 
direptio* 3» 

A fpokt (of a wheel) radius, a, 
(de!ay) fcrupulus, a. mora, u 

Not to be fl>oken-y turge dido 

Splendid, (bright) ruti.'tt*, nUJdusl/favfff/yje>o^m, locutus, fatus 

(magniftcent) fplendidtiS| 


ilris, magnificus^ lantus, 

Sphndidfy, fpleodid^, laut^ 
J^/rjrJcr (brightneli) »ulgor, 3. 

" , 3, (magoificence) fpleniou 

$0 Uvtitia^ X. msgoiBctatis^ i. 

May bejpoken, effabilis 

A fpokefmatij orator, 3-^ {a good 

Jpokefman) fadUs ad dicendom 
Ajpondee, fpondaeus, 2. 
A Spondyt, fpondylus> %•. 
A fponfor, or furety^ fponfor^ 3, 


Spwtanmty^ Tokntas fponh 
Spontaneous^ fpontaneos 
Spomtamouflyy fponte, nltri 
Ajpoofy' fuius, a. 
Afpoon, cochkar, 3* 
Spoon meat, cibaria liquida 
Sport (play, paftime) lo( 
JDCus, a. oble£iamentu 
dele£bmentun9« a. obled 
(public fiiew) fpedaculan 
Tofport, ludoi 3. jocor, i. j 
u {'Vnib otbers) collodo, 
To /port, kt to trifle 
Tnjport, jocofcV per^jocam 
Having fported, jocatos 
Afpirter, ludio^ 3* 
Sportful, ffortie^^ fftrAnt, 
buados, jocuJaria, jocobtt 
porting wantonfy, lafeineni 
^portingfy, joculariter, faoeti 
Aborting, jqcatio^- j, ^ 
AJpot, macula* i. .Iabes,3. ( 
tucal blemiik). natfos, % 
Xn«"^) afeiios - 
Tofpot (ftaifi) nMcob, fk (r 

kle)inacoU8 notare 
Spothfs, immaCttlatus, laoocs 
Spotted, macolatos {[poited j 
. febris porpoiea 
Spotty, maculofttS. 
Affouje (hufband) maritus. %»^ 
fus, 2. fwifejJittonfa. 1. nxf 
A j^tff, tobolofy a. fipbo^ \ 
torrent) torrens« 3. catanfl» 
'Spouts, drains, gutters, CoUH 
' //. collicite, jkA 
\TofppMt (flow cot) effloo, 3. (■ 
I. (or pour oat) effundo, 3* 
ftindo, 3. (or pour ^^'^'^ 
fundo, 3» (or pour up) iAi<" 
Spoating oat, profiUens 
A tpontimg, or Wninjgt eroptil 
(or poniiog got) fi&io^ 2« 


S P U 


orior, 4. enafcor, '^. gignor, $•• 
{'Out,v liquors) efflflo^ 3. fca- 
teo> 1. (or bud out) germino, i. 
pallub^ 1. gemmarco/3. ['again) 
revircfco, 3. repMllulafco, 3. {or 
leap) falio, 4. profilio, 4. {or leap 
fudileniy upon) irruere in aliquem 
(or leap into « place) ia locum 
infilire {-a leak) rimas ag<Sre (-a 
tnajf) malum findere (-^ mine) 
cuntculo ignem applicare {-par- 
tridge) perdices excirare 

^/*r'*<^ /row (as liquids) effluent, ^, , , ,- 

fcaturiens {or bvddmg) pullolans^ (-mticeraent) illecebra, i. im« 
germinan* tamentum, 2. {-of a Jbip) rof- 

7be Ipringtng tftreet^ germiJiatio, 3. trum navis 
Afirink/cj afpergilluro^ i.' T0 fpur on, incite, i. ftimulo, l« 

To JprinMff Tparga, 3, { airtad)! i-gail) calcartbus fauciare 
difpergOy 3, (atj upon^ or mth)\ Spur ioiu, adulterinus^ fpurius 
J , ♦rpergo, s, oMiipergo, 3. in- 1 Vo j^«r», calcitro, i. afpernor, r. 
t (-MTf) ^anfiit {M a ^crgo, 3. ■ A.^urnery caleitro, oHis,m, 

itusy inftntvs (y^r«;y^|^rm>/n/,rpaifuS|.<xm%trf^^^ 
^e liXpfap diffulus difperfin {^npom, or with) af > 

perfus, conf^rfus, infperfus 
AfpftnkUtft ^K^P, 3 

izatioy 3. 

nembrum luxare 

iftortione loxatat 

rdina, i. 

homi protlrattfs jacire^ 

//if^, prafterno, 3* 
aium, £• 

extend) pando^ 3. dif- 
. expando, 3. extendo, 
ibroad) emanb, i . vagor, 
o, 3. ierpo, 3. (fcatter) 

3. fpargo, 3. {-a r»- 
norem ferere (-a tablt) 
nfternHre {-fait) carbaTa 
[-a plaiper) emplaftrum 
or fbew under) JTub- 

{'Upm) foperfternoy 3. 
3f tiee8)4Knfuiidor, 3. 
(asy paffut (ar a rebort) 

domi netot 
A fpunge, fpongia, r . 
To fpuftge, fpongia cxtergSre (-/« 

cowpary) alieno fumptu edSre or 

Spunged over-i fpongia exterfus 
Spunging upon, alieno fumptu vivent 

( ^heufes) caupons debitoribts 

cofflprehenfis accommodatse 
A fpunging, fee cancelling 
Spunginefsy fpongiofa qualitat 
Spungy^ fpongiofus 
A ffuTy calcar, 3. ftimulus, 1. 

diftentib, 3. (-of a dtf' 

mtagio^j. coauj^iom^. 


lulusy 2. fnKulnt^ 2. 

, furcolofat 

irva^ Y. fpedraiD, 2. , 

^ts, viviouty'alacer 

agilitai, 3.alacrita8,3. 
f Vfoter) fctturigo, 3, 
TT beginning) origo, 3. 

(-of a machine) mo- 
I, {-of a lock, gun, &c.) 
tlias partes movens ( -0/ 
itus principivm {-tide) 

s, fcaturiginofoi 
fofi, ver, 3. 
rerno tempore 
II a par/on or tkirgt 

tvitb) alperfio, 3. infperfio, 3. 
Tofprouf, pullulo, r. germino, i. 
Ajprout (young twig) furculuty 2. 
'Sprouts, caules prototomi 
Sprhitirtg, gtrminana 
A fproutingf gerrainatioy 3, 
Spruce, comptus, bellua {-fkUow) 

bqmo concicnus, elegant 
To befpruce, eleganterornari 
Sprucely, nitidc, bcll^ 
S^ruceneft, concinnitas,^ 34 
Sprung, ortui, enatus 
Tofpue, vomo, 3. 
Afpuer, vomitor, 3. 
Of fpuing, vomitorius 
Spume, fcuM, fpuma, I. 
Spun, nctus 
I Home fpun (mean ) inurbanus^ ru* 
fticusy incuUus {-cloth) paanut 

Afpurning, calcitratus, 4* 

Spurred, falcaribus armatus {-OfJ 
calcanbus ioftigatus 

AJpurrer, ftiipulatory 3. 

Ajpurrii^, ftimulatio, 3. 

A fpurt. Impetus praeceps (-cfwin/f 
flatus fubitaneus 

To fpun, or ca0 out, ejicio, 3. 
cxpuo, 3. {"Out, as liquids) exilio, 
4« profilio,4. erumpo, 3. emico,3«' 

A fputter, tumultus, 4. turba, |. 

To fputter^ i^uto, i. 

A Jpy, exploratory 3. (peculator, 3» 

Tofpyt (watch> or obferve) explore^ 
I. fpeculor» I. obfervo, x. (fbe 
or perceive) video, 2» confpicky 
3. cerno, 3. percipio» 3. intel- 
ligOj3.adverto, 3. aniaAadverto,!. 
A fpying (beholding) confpedus^ 4. 
intuitus, 4, {-afar off) profpedM 
A f^uah (couch) grabatus> 2. (>/i* 

geon) pipio, 3. 
Squab fadjA oV>«l>lS \!iUE^^^ 

Zx ^ 

S Q U 

f* fquahhle, litigo, I . 
A fquabble, turba, i. altercatio, 3. 
Sjuahhledy confufus, turbatus 
^uabblinfTy rixofus 
^ fyuadrofi, turma, i. [of Jbi^i) 

cUffis, 3. 
I« or into J fitadrons,. turmatim 
Tdfauai/, chmo, 1. vocifero, i. 
A fquallingt vociferatio, 3, 
Squaiidf fquajidus 

h"^^'^^^ ^i^^yf profundo, 5. 

ewiindo, 3. proiiigo, 3. diffipo, l. 
i^ fquanderer^ nepo?, 3. homo pro- 

Aifus, efifufus, luxuriofus, pro* 

i^fvare, qnadratus (hopcft) probusj 

integer, honeftus 
Afquare, quadra, 1. (tool) normo, 

I. (in checks) tcflblla, i. {^» 

cube) cubus, a. {-tf glafs) qua- 
dra vitrca 
iPwr Jquare^ qnadrarlus 
Squates, or matursi res, pi. 
Tofquare, quadco, I . (rul? or govern ) 

rego, 3. dirigo, 3," (or agree with) 

tongruo, 3. convenio, 4,, 
c5&o» tbefqudrcy aequi conditioae 
Squared, quadritus 
A fquaring, quadratura, I. 
"9^9 Jqu»Jb (daih againft) ilJido, 3. 

{or put an end to) finem impo- 

nere, fee to qu^Jh 
A fquajbingy ill ; fa 5, 4, 
^uat, brevig 4: compaftus 
^ofquat, fuccumbo, 3. 
^uatting down, fu cc u mbc|i» 
^ofqualJ, exclamo, i. vocifero, 1, 
. («» aniafant) vagi to, i. 
^quaUlng, vag/ens, vagitan« 
Uo fqueukf or fquealy argute vocr- 

ferare, or Aridcre (like a moufe) 
, <»litrio, I. 

Sf»fai/fig, argutUB, fJridolu* 
-A/fi^^aAw^y stridor, 3, 

S T A 

SqiiiakiAl^^ argute ftridcns 

SfHi&mifif naufcans 

To h jquiamiPy naufeo, X. 

Sqae&mtjhif^ taflridiofe 

Sfutam^pntfij naufea, I. 

To fqutsmfj fjrtmo, 3. comprimn, 

g, [^ou/J eaprimo, 3. eiicio, 3. 

{^atd} perif^rringo, 3. preflb, I. 

I'itgrihr) cclUdo,3.comprimo, 3. 
Squfe^df prefl'iir., compreffus 
X fqitetiiing^ prcffio, 3. preffura, i. 
A kuiht pyrobclus, 1. 
A jjji/// (fca onion) fquilla, !» 
Th^fqutmy^ angina,!. 
Squint tyfdy ArabJs, i. t-lbdi) if* 

peftus diflortiis, tfr obllqout 
To J faint J. rim is fpe^are 
A J^Mmrx;ifi oculomm diAortio 
A/fijjrrfj krmiger, 1, 

A jqUSFTfl^ (CJUl-US, 2. . 

AffUiTt (Ijimgt) jyrinx, 3. flooft- 
tiFi^} alvl fioluvies (mean per- 
fon) homo mhill 

Tit /quirt otit, (ii liquids) exilio^ 4. 

AJiabf vulnui gladio fadum 

Srabhd, cofifflfTus ^ 

A/abbirf ficcatius, 2. 

Sfjh/ifjf^ firmiui, 3. flabilitas, 3* 

5f*/3A, liiciiifi, fta bills, conftans 

A^sbki f^dbuJum, 3. equile, 3. 

Tff /ftfji>. fldbulD claudere 

5/^1 ^rntjt^ k c /^ability 

StabftKiy Hdliuhndi iocui 

Tujtabiijhf Uk cflabft/b 

A /^f-^ (pf ij3>, &c.) a;ervus, 3. 
cumuhLij 1. congeries, 5. ftrues^ 
3, Tneta^- f. (of chimnies) feries 

A /d^, bacubs, 2. bacilluni, 2. 
(jw atigur^i faff) lituus, 2. (^ 
fku%hp!fff) rail a, I. {-of a f pear) 
h.^i\[\tj 3, (.'« walkivnb) iciplo, 
5, (^Krf^rif- y?..-^) cbva, i. fuftis, 

, j^ (ctofi iUif \. baculus mathe- 

S T 

maticns (^r power) 

(or property J jus iui 

verfes) ftropha o<5la 
fio^f of old age) fcnc^ 

^ft^gi cervus, 2. 
■A fi^'g'f theatruni, 2. 

<!««) pegm*a, 3. {oj 

fiatio, 3. (-o///fc) g: 
A clear ft age ^ hber cam 
A ftage flayer f hiftrio. 
Stage playing, hiftrioni 
Oftheftage, hiftrional 

Toftagger (reel) titubo 

X* (doubf) dubito, r, 

haefiro, I, haereo, 2 

one doubt) fcrupulur 
Stagfefing (reeling) ti 
, ciilana (waivering) fit 

bitans lisfitana (a/3 

Staggeringly^ dubie, in< 
thtftaggers, venigo, 3 
Hawing the fingers, ve 

Stagnant, ftagnans, ftai 
Tojlagnate, ^agno, r. 
A ^tfm, macula, x, la 

reputation) dedecu9» 3 
Tojtain (fpot or fuUy) 

contaoHno, i» inquin 

3. (or difcolour) c 

{or violate) lasdo, ; 

{or dye) tingo, 3. ini 
Stained (fpotted) macu 

tin£l08 (dilgraced) 

Aftainer, inferior, 3. 
Painter ftainer, colon b' 
Aftahiipg (dying) ilnQ 

tus,4. (difcoluuring) 
A ftair^ gradus, 4. (p 

fcalas, arum, pU 

«Vs, {or ftory) ta- 


ides, 3. poftisy 3 

fe cattie tt) vacem, 

depoiicum^ 2» ^g< 

ericittor> r, 
:e3) depono, 3. op- 
prop tip) fulcio, 4. 
, palatus (-^0W0} 
(fhjs, tritus {-JfrtMd) 
3tai {-mauC^ virgo 
iquated) bbibletvs, 

I, I. lotium, s. 
iveterafco^ 3. obfo- 


Ic) miJigo, 3. 

plant) cauHs, 3. 

^ jfruit) petiolus, ft. 
Met,) thaHus, 2. 

qU, I. culmus, 2. 

itim ire 

ittle) ftabulum, 2. 

uilc, 3. {'for oxen) 

tbile, 3. (cr little 
z. taberna minor 
cboir) fcUa, i. 

iftrum, t. 

10, I. fatttrc, I. 

m, t, 

us (glutted) fatu- 

latio> 3- 

IS admiflarns (or 

arius, 2. 

jftus et agreftis 

atloy 4. 

bus, blaefus 


S T A 

A Jlammsring, balbuties, 5, {-at) 
hsefitantia, z« 

Stammerhglyj haefitantcr 

Kfiamp (mark) nota, i. fignam, 2. 
(made with th« foot) veftSgium, 
2.- (to qiark with) typus* 2. («r 
impreflion made) impreffie> 3* 
(cutor print) tabula, i. figura, r. 

to fiamp (kick) pedibus ferire 
(walk heavily) pedem fupplodSce 
(radfk) noto, i. figno, i, (or 
coin) nummum cud^re (pound or 
bruifc) contundo, 3. {^underjoot) 
conculco, I. procuico, i. 

Stampodunaerfoot^cz\Q9XU% (marked) 

Aflamping with the feet ^ calcatura, 
!• calcatus^ 4. (-itpon) concul- 
catio, 3. (ifiarking) fignatio, 3. 

Stanch, firmusj flrenuus (as a hound) 

To Jhnch, (et to flop 

Stanched, fuppreCTus 

Aftamchingt fuppreflfio, 3. 

A flanchiori, fulcra m, 2. 

Stancbnefs, boaitas, firmitas, 3. 

A ftand (flop) mora, !• interval- 
lum, 2. (ftation) feptum, 2. 
ftatio, 3. (donbr, fufpenfe) du- 
bitatio, 3. haefitatio, 3. {or prop) 
fulcrum, 2. adminiculum, 2. {or 
benches raifed up high) fedilia, 
pl.{'fora candfejiick) columella,!. 

To fiand, fto, i. {-ftill) fto, I. con- 
fifto, 3. fubfifto, 3, {-in one place). 
motor, I. commoror, I. {-ahout) 
circumfto, i. {'affeSlsd) affici 
{-again/) rcfifto, 3. obnitor, 3, 
oppugno, I. {-amassed) obftupeo, 
2. {'ajlde) recedo, 3. fecedo, 3. 
{-af under) difto, i. {-amay at 
fea) curfum avertSrc {by) afto, 
I. aflifto, 3 {-by or djpji) dc- 


S T A 

fendo, 3. tueor, 2. {-centry) di" 
cubias agcre {-one'^t ground) iiH^ 
dem vefVigiis inh^rere {--bard iH 
buying) multis verbis licitari (-/» 
be hired) profto, 1 . {or perfift in) 
perfifto, 3. ( -in or coft) confto, t» 
{-in fear) timeo, 2. metuo, 3, 
{-in danger) periclitor, I. (-/* 
need) egeo, 2. indigeo, 2. (•/• 
atve) revereor, 2. (-in doubt) du- 
bito, I. {-for a cypher) pro ni* 
hilo clfe {-good) vaieo, 2. {-in et 
lye) mendacium tueri (-/« fat 
land) ad terram dirigere pronM 
{-one in /lead) profum, juvo, I. 
{-in the way) obfto, I. {-for S 
p^fon) alicujus partes tueri {-cdn*' 
didate) munus ambire {-for ano* 
ther) alicujus locum fupplere, vic^ 
fiingi {-iff, or be backward) ab* 
fifto, 3. tergiverfor, i. (or jet 
out) promineo^ 2. exto, I. ('Out^ 
or pcrfift) perfifto, 3. (-out for 
fea) altum peierc {-a charge) im- 
petum fuftinorc {'ftHl) qui<UcO| 

3. {-to an a^TTf tr.^t) paflis ftar* 
(-it out, oj^rfcvere) adfto, U 
perfevero^ t, (-upon) infifto, 3» 
infto, I. (or infiii) pertinslcitetf 
urgSre, or defendgre {-upon pune'» 
tilios) de rebus levidimis altercari 
(or be confiftent with) convenio, 

4. (-trial) judicum arbittio 
caufam pcrmittcre (-up under a 
load) onus fuftincre {'Up for li" 
berty) liber tatem vindicare {-vp 
refpeSlfuUy) aflUrgere reverenter 
{-up for, as one people for a'tto- 
ther) confurgerc (-it out, as oitft 
people with another) ftfftinere 

To be at ajland (doubt) haneo, 2. 
haefito, I. dubito, i, (as work) 
pendere, 3, 
Z 3 >^ 

S T A 

hjianiard, vcjtillum, 2. {-bearer) 
: vcxiJlarius, i. fignifcr, 2. (-/« 

tViigbt And meafure) norttia pub- 

lica (patttrn) exemplar, 3. mo- 
. dulus, 2. 
Af.anaerhy^ aftans, arborea incaeduae 
Staff Jing, ftans 
Afiandmg place, ftatio, 3. 
Standing, ftans (durable^ ftedfaft) 

^abilis, fixus, |)ermaf;ens (-fcr/;) 

feges, 3. (-Twrtfr) ftagnum, 2. 
• i'^*fi) ci|>as tjuotidianus (-arw)') 

iTiilitia perpetua 
Standing out, cxtans, prominens 
. (-refokte) pcrtinax, obftiriatus 

(-w^)arreftus, ere£lus 
A ftjndiftg, or time, tempos, 3. aetas, 

3. {of a Jbort Jiar.ding) nupsr 

nit us or^brtus 
Aftundif>, Btramentarium, 2. 
A fijunary, ftanni fc^dina 
Afia,:^a, f<?ries, 5. ordo, 3. 
Aftttfle,^cm^OT\nmt 2. 
Staple commodities, mcrces priinariae 
. {fli:ple of a loci) civum, 2. 
Aftar, flella, t. fidus, 3. aftrutn, 

2. [the day or mcrrlrt^ Rar) vcnos, 

3. phofphorus, 2. {BiaTdttgfiar) 
. cometa, 1. fteiia crinita (/^C'^ 

'^<r) firias, 2. canicula, i. (the 
/««« fiars) vigil iae, />/. pkiadcs^ 
^/. (-/« writing) afteriicus 

fu/Zeffars, fielJatus 

frar chamber^ camera ftellata 

The jiarboa^df dcxtra pars 

kfiargaxer, aftrologus, ). 

jfari/ght, AiUttdris 

|torri&> ainyJum, 2. (-ready mfide) 
•oayium aqua diiotum / 

Xt^arcbj anayloimhuere 

\Mrcbedt assylo ieobutu^ (fpruccl 
Muoduiusj aiudiul'culus (al^cted} 

S T A 

pulidu8,homo aflFeftatis moilbus, 

To fiare^ obtuitu haerere [or look 
wildly) cfFcrato afpcftu intueri 
(-^^o.v/) oculps volvere (as hair) 
horreo, 2. inhorefco, 2. arrigor,3. 

Staring J raugb, hirtus, horrid us 
( ^J/r) arre^ae comae 

Staring ivi/d/y, efferatus 

Staringly^ ferociter 

Starkt pen it us, omrTino {blind) 
talpa caecior {-cold) rigens, fri- 
gorchoirens {-naked) prorfusnu- 
dus(»aw^(&/)nequiffimus {-mad) 

Starry, fteilatus, fydercos ('fiy) 
ccelum ftelhferum 

A/.zr/,f£lru8,4.impetits,4, motus,2. 

Tojlart or gi've a fiart, trepido, i. 
fubfiiio, 4. expavefco, 3. {-back) 
refillo, 4. ( a bare) leporem ex- 
citars (a queftion) quasilioncm 
prrept>nQrc {-a point in laio) quae- 
ilionem de jure facere {or men- 
t'fon ;6rft) infcrre {-an opinion) 
opinionem inferre (-a dljjiculty) 
fciupulum injicere [or devijte 
from) a propofito aberrare {-up) 
profilio, 4. {or begin a race, &c.) 
in curfum fe dare 

S^, ox ftartijh^ meticulofus 

^flurungplace, meta, i. rcpagula,^/. 

To Jiartle, trepldo, I. expavetco, 3. 
{01 make one to ftarrle) territo, 
I. i:ec opinantem opprimere 

Startlrd, repcntino motu trcpidans 

Sttiftiing, trcpidans (making afraid) 
terrirans, pavorem injiciens 

Toflarve <wifb bunger, fame necare 
{-a tcwn) oppldum fame premere 
{^'.r be ftaivtd with huntje ) tame 
cnccari (-with cold) orae t'rigorc 
hoirere (-« (aufe) cauiaxD frAudaie 

S ' 

Starved loitb bun 

{-with cold) frigo 

Starving ivitb bung 

Aftate (condition) ( 

tu8,4. fortuna, i, 

3. infti^utum, 2. 

ordo, 3. (charge < 

3. dignitas, 3. 

regnum, 2. impei 

lic.^, I. {-ijffain) 


apparatus, 4. poi 

ficcntia, i. 

A ftateroom, camera 

lfc£liis ad pompan 

To take fiate, fuperb 

Tc live in fiate, maj 

^/tff^i (nobility) pre 

Tbe fiatts general, 

ciarum foeoeratar 

To ftate (regulate) 

deror, 2. temporo 

definlo, 4. {-an 

inter fe conferre ( 

ftionem proponei 

Stated, ordinatus 

Statelinejs, onagnific 

Stalely, mzgni^cMS, \ 

elat^, magnificc, 


Statics, flatice, «, 

Stating, ordinan'*^ < 

A fiat ion, ftatio, 3 

or office) munus, 

Tofiationj in ftatio 

Stationers, (compan 

AfiationtTy chartop 

Ajiatuary, ftatuari 

Statuary, (art) fcul 

A ftatue (image) ^ 

lacrum, 2- (ignui 

fignum socum ( 


T E 


S T E 

itura, I. 

I confentaneus 


n, 2. ftatutoai, a. 

• {-of f^arliament\ 

urn, n. 

Ho, 3. protslo, I. 

Mcces) fr.-ingo, 3. 

berief) dolw fun- 

us, propulAis (-to 

of a barrel) affula 

apedimentum, 2. 
ying in a {^lace) 
p) fulcrexn, 2. (or 
lira, 2. 

anco, 2. rcmoror, 
I. irorcr, 1, {or 
!0, 2. fifta, 3. («r 
I. coerceo, j. {or 
4, placo, I. {-tbt 
n depeli^fC {or 
{'for) prseftolor, 
{or loiter) cunc- 
I. {-aivayy abdTe 
detentus (curbed) 
ibitus (appcafed) 
ip) fufFultus {-for) 
grave, fober) fe- 
erius, conftajis 
tator, 3. 

^ansj prs/^olans^ 
t) nixus, innixus 
ntatio, 3. 
3rax nexilis 
scus, 2. (ififtead 

5, 3. ftrmius, 3 

SttaJy, €rmus, ftabilis, fixin j cifcor, 3. pergo^ 3. rtdo, 3. i(er 

/\/ieak, ofTuIa, 1. hcht ^ , 

To JImI {rob) taror, i. Ittrocinor, i. Steerage^ Jfeerittg', fubernatio, 3. 
{'Otvay) Icccdo, 3. clancuhim ^/c^^/i^e, ntucleri ftatio 
Mc fubJac^rc {-a marriagi) nup- , Steered^ gubernatut, reilus 
tias clandeftinas cclcbrarc {-into) . A/<fer/iwtf«,gubernitor, 3. nauclcrut 

xrrepo, 3. {-or infinuatc into) in 
finuo, I. (-a look) furtim afpic?re 
{-uf>oM uftatvares) imprudent! ob- 

Kfieaier^ fur, 3. lafro, 3* 

A ^talingy diicptio, 3. fpolktio, 3 

Gi'veH to fiealingy furax 

Stealinglyy clanculum, clam 

Pertaining tojiealtby furtivus 

Afieawj vapor, 3. balitas, 4. 

To ff earn, exhalo, i. Taporo, r, 

Stedfafl, {ttfle^fafi 

A jieedy equus, 2. fopipet, %* 

Steely chalybs, 3. 

Of pel, chalybeius 

A Jiecl {to rfrik? fire) ignarium, 2. 
{'for a butcher) inftruraentiun ex 
chalybe fungens vice cotis 

A fteelyardf flatera, i. 

To fteelf chalybe temperare {-^ne'i 
face) OS induere 

Steeled^ cbalybe tempcratus ( in im 
pudince) pcrfriftsB fjontis 

AfietleitOy fica, i» 

Steep, praeceps, praeruptus (afcend> 
ing) acclivis (defcendiog) declivis 

A fieep place, praecipitium, 2. 

To fieep, macero, i. 

Steeped, maceratus, mollitiia 

Ajkfping, maceratio, 3. 

A fleeple, tempH pyramis . 

Steeply, praerupi^ 

Steepn^s {-of afcent) accliTitas^ 3.. 
(-*/•</*/<:*«/) declivitas, 3. 

A Psert juvcncu8, a. 

Tofletr (govern) guberno, i. im 
pero, T, rcgo, 3. rerum habenat 
gubernarc. (-^// mrfe) profi 

Tbefiem {-of a plant or h^rb) catilis^ 
3. fcapot, 2. {or ftock of a tree) 
trvncus, 2. {-of corn) culmus, 2* 
ilipula, 1. (race or parenfage) 
ftirpi, X, progenies, 5. prOfapia^ 
I. familia, 1. genus, 3. ftemma*" 
3. (-ofajhip) roftfum, 2. 

To f..m {or ftop) retardd, i. re« 
primo, 3« coerceo, 2. fifto^ 3^ 
cohibeO) 2. 

To grno to mjlem^ c^ulefco, 3. 

A/tench, fmtof, 3. {-of a thing burnt. 
Arc.) nidor, 3, {-of a foul brtatb) 
halitQs graveolentia, j. 

A Jleittorean •voice, vox ftentorea 

A^J^fp (pace) paffus,. 4, greflfui, 4* 

A fiep or footfiip, veftigium, 2. 

Stepi of t laddet, climafter^ 3* 
(before a door) podium, 2« 

Theftep of a door, limen, 3. 

Step by flep, gradatim . 

A Jhp father, vitricui {-mother) no- 
▼crca, I. {-fin) prifignus, 1* 
{-dsughtor) privigna, 4* 

To fiep, gradior, 3. inccdo, 3. (er 
90 to a place) pergo, 3* ptofi- 
cifcor, 3. (-<r//#r) fegoor, 3. 
{-alai^ with) comitor, I. (-« 
Jboar) in tcrram egredi {^afidi) 
fe^eid'o, 3, (-it away) gr^jliun ac» 
cclcrare (or tread. awry) diftofti* 
calceis incedere {'bifcfUi redeo, 4. 
regre^ior, ^.^-befye^ praecedo, 3. 

! -between) jnter alios inced^re 
-/^d«f)praBterirealiquem {-dovm} 
deicendo, 3. {-forth or forward 
procedo, 3. ^'f^iV \?i^^^ % 

S T I 

inked for) fupervenlo, 4. {^ofy 
or a^ay) difccdo, 3. (-o;t or apace) 
gradum accelerare {-.ut) egredior, 
3. {out df the way) locum dare 
(-over) tranfeo, 4. (-/o ore) ali- 
quem adire {-Joftly) lento gradu 
inccdcre (-throt/prh) per«rado, 3. 
{-ufuier) iubeo, 4. (-1/^) afcendo, 
3. (-//^«w) fupe-gredior, 4. 

^ade ^vttb Jicpi, gralatus 

^fteppir.g, giadatio, 3. {-cjide) fe- 
ccfliis, 4. (-iw) ingrcffus, 4. (-un- 
looked for) adventio inopinatui 

Bteril^ fteriiis 

Sterility ^ fterilitas, 3. 

Sttrlirtg^ bona et Jcgalis ffloneta, 
fterJingum, 2. 

Stern ^ feverus, tetricus, durui 

Thefieyn, navis d^rus 

Sfern/y, totvp, auftcre 

Sfsmefs^ totrvitas^ 3, aufteritas, 3. 

•Sternutation, i«e fnencfrg 

A/hxv (fi/h pond) pifcina, i. (-^n) 
aiithepfa, 1. («- bawdy Jioufc) 
iwpinar, 3, 

"Tojieja ineat, caroem lento igne co- 
<jucre (or put Jnto a fret) irrito^i. 

Afieivard, procurator, 3. 

ifjufe fit^soardt euntor doni^fticus 

Lordftevcmrdftftbthnfi boufehold, 
^omjnu; leQefchalJuc hoipitii 
i'^m^ni regis 

A Jhtvifj'dfttJp, n^QQUf pfncuratoris, 
d4'penfaiio, 3. civaiiQ, 3. admi- 
fifoatio, 3. 

^ Jh^p ^i^Miiy^ a* t^icvlumi 2. 
i^^^Jwm, a, fcipju), 3. (young 
F^?^) virgultum, 2. {of liC0rijp) 
♦ fa^.'X^y.cynhizae {-if rpfef^ary) 
f^r'iS ff}^rip'^ raipufcuTujs {-offeal- 
jf9g wax) ftrss ^gnatorise yirguja 

i#///r,J (fU)'^gQ, 3. af^go, 3. (-»/» 
/'//<>»«') praefigo, 3. (,c!eavc to) 

St I 

defigo, 3. ( aty doubt) bar (i to, x 
dubito, I* {a band at marked) 
vix emptores rcperire {cr put 
between) inierfefo, 3. (-4;> or 
fupport) fuftineo, 2. fuAento, i. 
( hy the ribs) nutriraentum pra- 
bcre {'in) infigo» 3. {in rliud) 
in luto haerere {-in the grotfnd) 
defigo, 3. {fa/ii cr be fixed in) 
inlideoj 2. (or jut o/v/) promjneo, 
t. exfto, I. (-ocrf or refufe) re» 
cufo» 1. renuo, 3. {-to a thing) 
fe ad aliqujd apRlicare 

Stickedy Bxus, affixus 

A ftickiftg uttt§, adhzfio, 3. 

Tojitckie, laboro, 1. muUum agere 
{'/or a per/on) ab aliquo flare 
{'for tf^tfr/y) parti fludere (-/<>/• , 
//^gr) libertatei tindicare 

A flicking, fludiom, 2. 

Sffcky, Tifcofus, tifcidus 

Afliefirbf^s, bara, i. 

Stiff (not pliable) rigens, rigidu^ 
(beoummed) torpens, torpidus 
(ioexo/able) incxorabilis (obfti- 
nate^refolute) pertiaax» pervicax, 
contufsax (full of aH^ie^tatlon) 
jiimiam elegantiaio afTedlans (ri- 
gid, fevtrc) afper, a^erbus, ri- 
fldus, 4urus, feverus (in draw- 
ing> writing, ^c.) exquiiltius 
elaboratu$(0r ftrong) vaIidus(-iifC' 
ked) pertinax, con tu max 

Tv bejiijff rigeo, 2, torpeo, 2, 

^Tofiijcn, indjuroy l. duro, i. {-with 
gum) guiQmi fublinere 

Stiffened, rigens 

i'j"^, rigide, obftinate 

^nffnefs^ rigor, 3. {or numnefs) tor- 
por, 3.' (obftinacy) pertinacia, i. 

t9ftifie, fufFoco, I. {-a report) fa- 
mam comprimere (or co.iccal) 
Cclo,,l. te£0, J. 

t'iffl^d, fuffocatus 

Ajiiffiings fuffbcatio, 3. 
'^i/'jTKjf.'/aje (mark with ho 

ingfTTitc not^re (brand rf 

fa my) fsmam aliciijas lie; 
i'r^ffs^i^d, *^tginaticus 
A/Jjf dim ax, 3^ fepTUfn, 
A tuofj^le, fci'tism iftifi^ilc 
Ajfh'* (in Wrilirg) (ttjiyfe 
T9 ^i/f, dencmirty, I. voco^ 
AJiilingt appeJUtio^ 3, 
StiU (yet, con^inuatly) idhu 

amnunij lilidLi^ 
S til! {aim t quiet) ttanquillu 

cidus, feddtus, qtiicius, ic 
Tohtffiiiy filco, a. 
Stili^n^ abortivui 
Afftlit aiembicus, 1, 
Ta paiy (cairn or pacify) p 

fcdo, 1. mulceo, 2. lenicj 
T&JfjlI, fee 10 ^^i7f 
Stiilii^ pacadusn fe^atvi 
Sfii^t fcdate, tranquiUe 
Srilliufit qui«*» 3< rerenitit, 
5f?/ff, grali«j pi* 
f^alker on fliltt^ grillatotj Ji 
To pimuhti^ ftimulo, 1, incij 
StiittuUtedy flrimuiatus, impn 
A J^fmklatmgjlimulittimi,^i^^ 
A ^irtgf Aimulua, 2. acok 

fpkuliLim, 2.. iTicitanientii 

(^ ^cwfcimee) angor^ Ji 1 

Tff ping, pHDgo> 3- {to k p' 

rojtfiience) mencU male fils 

fciic angonbus coniiej 
Havings fii}^ J aculeatus 
Stingfd, compunditSp ftirooli 
Sn'ti^ingf Himulans (attj.) Jlbn 

Sfingif^y^ ptuiaim^ fevcre 
Stittgififfs, nimia parfioionf* 
Stittgt'lyf petparcd, ibl^id<= 

$T I 

S T O 

>r» 3. faditas, 3. 

tteo, 2. (-w»;y much) 

tidus, putidus, olidus 
incide, fcetide 
Utio, 3. modus, s. 
limit, refirain, curb 
ipendium, 2. 
} ftipcndiarius, 2« 
<(ns, adCringens 
ftipulor, t. pacifcor, 3 
ftipulatio, 3. ptftio,3. 
ftipulator, 3. 
rt. tvmoItQs, 4* 
'c) fe movere (-«^ cr 
)r©voco, I. irtito, 
jceflb, 3. {•upt9angtf) 
ib, 3. (-tt^ feiUtioH) 
conunovere, or con- 
^ufiKefs) fummo Audio 
re(«r circulate) abundo^ 
r, I. [-.out ef doori) 
re, »r txire {-up) fuf- 
the JSre) focam exci- 
MMirn) hutnores com- 
MA fiumps) ocidt fc 
Aalce) agttOj i» (.a 

', tnmaltuor, i« ' 
*' (or tumult) tumul* 
flicttlty) aegre, vix 
d) motus, commotuE 
iiritatua, ioftigatUE 
tui {-abcut) agitatus 
irator, 3. 
h Ic&o furgf^re 
»eitati<i, 3. (<noving) 
irovoklng) infti^atio, 
igitatio, ^. 
'«T» diJigcjis 
tp, ftapec, £/;>, «r. 
ing) futura, 1. (>/« 
ritia^ 3. Uteris 4olor 

To/iitcb, fuo, 3. confuoy 3. 
Thorough fit tch^ omnino 
To go tkoro* ftitch^ pfrficio, 3. 
Sticbtd, ftitchtf futiis, confutui 
A ft tubing J futura, 1. 
Aftitbyy incus, «i//i j /. 
Tofiivg with beat, fuffbco, i, 
Stived up^ aertu pene fuflfocatus 
A fiiving beat, asftus, 4, 
Stivittg bet, calidiflimus 
A fiock (ftump) truncus, !• ftipes, 
3. (family) profapTa, 1. familia, 
I. genus, 3. ftemma, 3. (eftate) 
tes, pi, hon», p/, cen(us^4. {-of 
foods) copia, I. varietas, 3. \-'of 
CAttle) pccuariae, pi, (of flicep) 
ovjaria, 1, {or fund of money) 
nummorum vis, pecnnis cu- 
mulus {.for an anvil) fulcrum, 2. 
(•/tf graft upon), talea, J. {-to loan 
upon) fulcimen, 3. {.of card*) 
fafclculus ci)artarum pi£larum 
(-lock) fera ligno catato inferta 
{-of a gun) lignum caratum in 
quo iiftula fnrtritur 
Of the fame fiock, gentilia 
A fiock gUiiflnJuery leucoton, s. 
Sticks for building jhipt, lignea eom- 
F^ages in qua naves conftrui foJent 
(-/or punijbment) cippus, ». nu- 
mella, i. 
To fiock, or furnifb, ioftnio, 3. fup- 
P5<*ito, r. {-job) fordbus pccu- 
niariia negotiari (or root out) 
eradico, i. 
A Jfock jobber, fortibut fecuoia^iis 

Stocked funiifiM>d,(i>^]i^tA\tztMit{'WUh) 
goods) meraibus inftruaua (rooted 
up) cradicatus 
Afiock'ittg, furmfiiimf, foppeditatio, 
J. {or iiofe) tibiiilc,!^. caljga, i, 
A /tf/f, ftoicus 
Stoically, &ok.9 

S T O 

^toicifm, (foiclfmas 

Afio/e, ftola, t, palla, i. 

5/o/f «,furrep J u s, fu bd uft us(-^«odi)rcf 

furtiva {-hours) horac fubfecivae 
Having fioLn, furatus 
Tbefiomjcb, flomachus, 2. {or appe- 
tite) appetitus, 4. fames, 3. (an- 
ger) ira, I. (courage) animus, 
2. virtos, 3. 
To have afiomacb, efurio, 4. 
To get a fhtnacb, ftomachum acuere 
Tofiomacb, indignor, t. irafcor, 3. 
Afiomacber, pe£!orale, 3. 
Stomacbful, animofus, feroz 
Stomachic, ftomacho gratus 
A fione, lapis, 3. {fiint-) filcx, 3, 
{rock) fazam, 2. petra, i. {load-) 
magnes, 3. (pebble-) calculus, 2. 
{pretiottS') gemma, r, (pumice-) 
pnmex, 3. (whet-) cos, 3. (foucb-) 
coticula, r, lapis lydius. 
Tofione (or throw flones) lapido, T* 
fapiMibus obruere'(dr rid a place 
of f^ones) elapidoi .!• - 
Afione(-oft»ool) qoatuordeciffl librSB' 

{-of meat) ofhkjibras 
Tbofione (difeafe) caleulas, 2* 
Having tbeftone, calcvlofus 
Tbefiones, tefticnli^ pU 
^ffione, lapidaus, fazeui 
\poHKutier, lapicida, 4, Wtm 
Stout dead, peniti^s emortuus 
A Jlone quarry, lapicidioa, i« 
A fiouit mafon, latomus, 2« 
Stoned, lapidatus^ elapidatoc 
Stony, petrofus, lapidofua 
Afioningf lapidatio, 3, 
A fiocl, fclia, 1. fedes, 3, (tkrccy 

footed) tripus,, 3. 
Footfiool, fcabellum, t« 
Ciofefiool, lafanum, 2. 
A ^ool, or g'i'ir.g ">ficol, alVw, s^ 

To go tt fo^ly ilM\3LlB. >S.X<itVK^\*X^ Vj* 


X» ftoop^ inclinoy i» proclina, f * 
{or cringe) fcrvilitcr flcdere ffr 

Stooped f incljnatui 

Stooping, inclinis, pronus 

AJfoopifigf inciinatio, 3, 

A ftop (hindrance) mora, i, im- 
pedimentum, 2. (paufe) pawfa. i. 
(point) punftuai, 2. {JuU^) peri- 
odus, 2. 

^obtat afi&py confifto, 3. 

^0 flopy ptohibeo, t. coerceo, 1, 
impedio, 4, (-« journey) iter in- 
terclodgre (-t Iwfemjs) fift^rt 
alvum (-/ie breath) fpiritum In- 
terclodcre (w lUnd ftill) cond- 
ncre gradnm (the ears) inif! 
<laudere (-the month) os obftro- 
^re {'cbinhs) o)}K^o, i. (cr ctafc 
from) defifto, 3. (-i/j tmj^^) 
ipiritum fofpendere {-blood) fan- 
guinem reprim^e (-a couf^h) luf- 
fim reprimlSre (-mm i^ lik «^,/) 
•ogerc in^tum coofifiire (-k^) 
<)bftn)o. 5. oppilo, I. {'vp, fiU 
«r ftuff) impleo, s. replco^ 2. 
(-»^ #W(5f) Vi«n intercludfet (w 
tarry) m,br)9r, i. cuaflor, i^ {§r 
aflWagk) pacp, x. fedo, t. {^^ith 
fo'mts) pun^is diftiag«€re 

^Jhppage, obftruaio^ J, (-^/piiwy, 
&c.) retentioy }. 

^eppedy oirfiotiwitb points, iatet- 
piuiAuSy (hindered) impeditns 
(«flwaged) fedatut, pacatVG (fup- 
pxroed) repreflfut* coerdtnt (ar 
ihut op) occlnfut («r fiUcA up) 

^Jfopper^or/toppiefChtvTMm^T.tu m , a , 

Stringy impedUnSy retardifii 

Afiopping of the breathy fuffbcatio, |. 
(or holding of the breath) tttxn- 
tio hall tut 

^^* (plenty^ abucdantia, i» topij, 

S T 

1# (pro?i(i6n) pemis, 3. comme-^ 

»tus, 4, (military-) belli inftru- 

nteninm et apparatus 
TopAret fuppedltOj It 
Tohanefiore, abando, i. affluo, 3. 
Sforeii^ fuppeditatus, repofitus 
A flwiboufey armarium, 2. (-for 

t^iSiuals) promptuariumy 2. (-for 

£rrffirii/r)armamcntarium,2. {-keep- 

^r] conHus, 2, 
Sion'iSf fabalae 
AJJorkf ciconia, i. 
Afi^rm, procellii, i. tempeflas, 3. 

(-cjf rtf/fl) nimbus, 2. (-of tvirJ) 

luibo, 3. (tumult) tuniultuSj 4. 

fediiio* 3. (violent aiTault) Te- 

hetnens aggrefllo 
To fiijfm (rail) debacchor, i . furo, 

^i(-« temit) totis viribus oppidum 

Etunrndt CXfrngitatUS 
SttrwTft procellofiiB,. nimbofut 
A fi^ry, hlfbimzy I. aarratio, i* 

fabiihi, !• (if lie) raendacium, 2. 
Sfraffgijloij, ret want diffai 
T* ttfljUrief, fabaW,^ r. 
A fisry in buildinr^ ubulatuiq, 2. 
A #1^^ (hothoiue) vaporarimn, %, 

(Jirr-grate) craticvla f^s 
St9tit (ovnrageoos) ftrtnuus, fortis, 

intfcpidat (fferce, proud) ferox, 

fafHdiofus (ftroog, vigorous) va- 

lidiM, robuftus 
Stout (beer) cercfiia generofa 
Sunt hearted^ magnanimus 
Stsufi^ (courageoufly) ftrenuo, for- 

tk*r, intrepid^ (proudly) faiti- 

dkufe (^onglv) vaiide 
Siiititnefg (courage) fortitudo, 3. vir- 

£u$, 3. (haughrinela) arrogantia^ 

1. (ftrength) robur» 3. vires, />4I 
To J? JUT, loco, i.colloco, I. 
SrmvMge (-room) repofitorii capa- 

iiiA.1 ("money) locarium, z. 

S T R 

Starved, locatns, repoiitua 
Tojiradalef varico, 1. 
Stradlirtgf varicus, divaricatui 
Tojlraggle, vagor, i. erro, u 
Afiragler^ tvro, 3. vagus, 2. 
StragliKgf palans, errans 
Straight (not crooked) regies 
rtdtus ('irprigbt) cTt^Qt (di 
adv.) Te€&, reaS, dircae 
procerus (narrow) (ttjirair 
Straight againjl, e regione ( k 

ad amufllm 
Toftraigbten, reftum faccrc 
Straightttifs, fee tallnefs 
Sttaigbtii'aY, mox, ftatlm 
A firain (flrctchlng) cootentM 
(in fpeakingor writing) %!■ 
(•ofthejirefos) nerronuD ii 
tio {-in mufic) fuavis modol 
Tojhain (ftretch) intendo, 3.( 
kedof, 3. (bind hard) comp 
3. coarfio, I. conftfiago, ; 
prcff out) exprimo, 3. (or 
pel) cogo, 3. compello, 3. 
ftretch a point) plus jofto 
qoere {4iquids) percolo, h 
labour bard) enitor, 3. bi 
iriribv9 ap.ere (-a joint) lux^ 
(-a 6new) nervun iatendert 
5/rAffA/,con(lria:us ; expreflSi^ 
colatii»; diftortuSj luxinu 
Afiraher, colum, 2. faccus,* 
Mtrainiftg, conftringeni 
Ajhaining or firetcbiitgt inteofi 

(or premng out) expreffio 

Strait (nariow) anguftus, f 

(-banded) deparcus, tenax (-i 

oimis fcrupulofus 

Aftrait (difficulty) diflScttltai» 

Strai^ (waat) inopia, i. paop" 

3. (narrow feaa, &c.) fretoJ 

auguftiae, f>/. (-ofGihralter 

turn Gad^tanum or Hcrcuta 

Tofiraiten, arao, u coarfto, 


ligeo, ft. \Aflf4»bh€rry, fragum, ». l^trti) af- 

us, aoguflatiu I butue, &• 

Of the firawhfrry trse, arbuteut 
Siravy, flranriineas 
Aftray, beftia errant 
Tojhrayf crro, i. vagor, z* 
Strayed, erratic us, vagatst 
Ajfrsftttg, erratio, 3. vagatio, 3. 1 
A ftreak, ndius, 2. [-of /i wMj 

canthtu, 2, 
Toftriokf varjo colore Interftingu&t 
Strfokrd, Tario colore interftm^utf 

Afiream, fluenttim, 2. flumen, 3. 
AfmaUJtreitm, rivulus, 2, 
Toftnam, orJi<m>. ^iUng^ flutto, l» 
fldo, 3. proBuo, 3. l&f, 3. (-o«r) 
ctfflnoy 3* epiano, i. 
Afireamer, vexillum,2. Bgnuip, 2, 
Streaming, fluervi, floicans 
Streamingly^ flucfvtcr, profpert 
Aftreet, vicos^ 2. plateii} I* 
^fTM/ iyfiriety plateatijtn 
Stre/gh?, i^tfiraigbt and /rjrif 
Strenph, robur, 3. vires, //, fit- 
jnitas, 3. fanitasy 3* vigor, 3, 
fortitude, 3. (force) vis, 3. vir- 
tuSy 3. (power) pot^ntia, x, po 
tei^as, 3. (-o/" a place) rnxxm- 
mciiXttvn, 2, prxfidioo), 2. ('of 
anarpment) vis, 3. pooduSy 3. 
Full of firtngtht ncrwofua 
Of grrat firengt}), ffficax 
7o Jtrengtbent confirmo, i, {-a place) 
munio^ 4. {-tbefght) vifum acu- 
Strengthened, confirmatus 5 munitus, 

A ftrengthetitrg, confirmation 3. 
Strenuous, ftrenuus, fortis 
Strenuoujly, valide, fortiier 
Strenuoufnejsy fortitudo, 3, vis, 3, 
The firefi (chief point) cardo, 3. 
fumma, cajput, 3. [*of weather) 



/, canthae, a. 

pa, I. littoa, 3* 

3, 2. pHca, X* 



lienua (far fctch- 

(odd, comison) 

(fbj^ di/Uainful) 

IS, fupercUiolus 

iros, mirabilis^ 

iraculuflD, 2. por- 
in) homo mirus 
;, frigid^ . 

I, 3. (Aifiefs) fa 
mounciatiop) pere- 

1, x» peregrin Q9, 
metapb,) ignotusj 
imperltus, alienus 
>, 1. ftrangulo, x. 
;o interixnere 
icatio. 3. 
ingoria, i. 

oleos, 2. 
irtgo, 3. 
igcma, 3. 
3. palea, 
2, ftipola, I. (^r 

, nihili, fat: lis 
r melinus 


« T R S T ft 

tenpeftai^ f» prbce]ja, if. 

A fireteBf firttehingf diflentiay j.. 

T« /r<ffi&, tendo^ 3. extta^p. ij^* 
tendo, 3. pon-jgo^ 1^ {-stttai) 
expando, 3. difpaodo, j; j[ir en- 
large) dilato, 1. (-«»r, orl^eit- 
teaded) profendoTy 3, (•«ri^ 
f^ynitf) pandiclilor^ i; 

expaafus («r efilamid} oU^to* 
J£vy iefiretcUdt da^Hl 
A firetcbltmt difteati^ 3. (yMr^ 

Sng) paxiiicalatioy 3. 
Tp firew, 4>a^, 3. («r fpriBkle^ 

afpcrgo, 3. 
Strewed, ftratuv alj^at 
AftretifiMg, fparfib, 3. a/perfio, j^ 
Stricken (offtrike) percuflus (-<>«&() 
dcje^tps (-fa^fl atat* prove£(as 
{-aa) deletuf (-w/ifr furprixe} 
attoDitvt (-/Arw^^) traoafixua 
i^rrx'af (clofc) ardus (dtad) eea^s 
(accurate) accuratus (preclie, fov* 
mal) aafe^tui (rigid, feme) fU 
gidus, afpcr^ feverua 
nth ajhi& m, attenti 
Vitb a firia band, arfte 
^/r/<f7^, ar£l$, fanuliaritcii, (cr- 
aiafy, accurately) ac<;arat4, cx- 
quifite fpredfcly, formally) af- 
feaatc (rigidly, fevcrcly) rigidd 
3. ncceffitudo, 3. (exadltnefs) ac- 
curatio, 3. (precifenefs) afFec-^ 
tatio, 3.(rigidnef8, fpvertty) rigor^^ 
3. afperitas, 3. fevtritaa, 3, 
AftriSiure^ ifrifiura, i. 
A ftride, paiTus, 4. gradiis, 4. 
Toftride, varico, i. {•acrofs^ or wer\ 
fpatium diilentis cruribus xnetirk 
A priding^ diftentio ct>\x\i'cci 

rSfrf?, '3^T^\HtIV| ^v^\'»J\* 


S.T R 

ptJltffirifet rizoTus 

giftnke or htfiely modiut, i, 

WTeftriktf csdo, 3. fcrio^ 4. (.6«f 
of a Uft) endo, 3. (as a boric) 
caldUfo^ 1'. (or affeft) fee tfjr5 
#«rfoiuidy as a clock) iboo, i. 
1^ WM/ifTf) rado, 3. derado, 
(-It one) peto, 3. impeto, 
•donor, 4. (-«0 aim cr atumpc 
ibrdo) Conor, i. inoJior,4. (daib 
jjgainft) aUidio, 3. ( A«i) repelJo, 
5. (-«iMii;«nr) padicor, 3. (-^Aci/) 
«sco^ I. excaecoy i. (-^) ignem 
dicSr* (-i« ^Vrrs) diffiiogo, 3 
(i^ drive /»?c) infigo, 3. ( e>?^ 
pnecido,3*cx^cindo,j. (-ofiTrhe 
&ead) dccollo, I. (-•/# *^) ga- 
leram ezcot&e (ar bloroot) dieleo, 
S. czpongo, 3. oWitero, 1. {-fi'-i) 
«da deducere (-fiwvjrir^) trans- 
ibdi^ 4. ^-15^ or hepn) indpio; 
3. iggredior, 4* (-lotff) Ubcr^ 
nanb incliaaxc (-i^ M^) Inp- 
pUnto, T. 

Afirzkr, polfator, 3. 

AjhiMi^t poUJtio, 3. pcrcniSo, 3. 
{-iad^ repcrcuifioy 3. 

Afrifkie, radios, ft. radola, i. 

A firings fomoilas, 1. Ugala^i. 

Strings ifr—t%y fibrx, ^. (-ot mu- 
fical inftnurcnrs) fides, fi. 

^[htfiriMgwfaJart, amentum, 3. 

Thjfn^ MM inftrmmcMt^ nenrot iptarc 
(sr reften a dart) amento, i. 
{^-ftarhi) filo coa(4:ren: gemmas 
{-tbiogs together) res fttnicnloi 
trajeAo conne^re 

StrtMgedt filoin^j^us 

S^iigyf fibris almnduis 

Afirtf* fruftttlu«, a. 

9'^,^*'^ ipolics I, denudo. 1 



S T U 

r. far mafij) confoIidO| I. 
Stnmglyy fortitcr, vaLde 
I'ofiromf ftcmo, i. 
To bsjrruck in a teap, percelli 
AJhuShtre, aeJificiaaiy 2, (^ 1 

^rudion) ftrufiuxa, i. 
^J^^S^y conaias, 4. contentio 

A frripe, P^g*> »• i^us, 4. 
colours) virga varii coloris 

Full cf Jrr'ttts^ plagofus 

Tofirifej liocis varii colarls difiio- 

Strjttd, lineis Tarii colons dfftin^tus 

Srrtfj>fJ, firi/ft, fpoliar-js, cxutus 

A, Jiri/f:rgy fyohzzlOf 5. d:repiio,3. 

Aj!rip/igg,zd6U{ccas, 3 ephebas,x. 

Tcfirt^fe^ Conor, i. efiitor, 3. mo- 
lior, 4* {-ags-rfi) oboitor, 3. re- 
fifid, I. {-her J) obnixe moliri 
['ttgetaer) concerto, x. coaAigo,3. 

Having f:rrv€Hf nizct 

Sfrnrm Mgai^t^ oppngnatcs 

Afirroiugf lee erdiaz%urirg 

A firthj ia«s, 4. f bga, I. ( 
tbe ear) abpa, :. cohphus, 
{-vjita M pen) dudos pennae 

7j fir^y paipo, I . mukeo, a, 

Strcktd^ palpatss, p^nnoiius 

Ttefirtf'es^ pulios, 4. 

Afiraking, palpatio, 3. 

5?r»4r>ri, iac ultima manu emclfam OffzuhtU, hipaJaris 

Tsjirll, Tasor, i. o.m^-*w, fefra<aarios, pcrtiBai( 

Afhzlaer, erro, 3. cr) urprobus 

AfirilL'g cnr.pi'jy erra— . -itn »-rx 7*3 It^T-^hhcmy praefraide defend 

5.T.^rj (iafryj nrrc:;, "lu >u<, tj- Sr^itvnly, prarfraac, obftinati 
iiius (-/fli^tf^ iaceitj.js 'cisir) S::»hfnntejSy peninacia, i. 
cJariiS (earneii, Tchr^en:} f.!"- Sni:k (run through) perfodbs (« 
dctrs, Tehea:ras, *vcr ^forcible,! ncd) omatus 
efficacious) val^os, pox;:a5; efi- A/:u/, bulla, i. (.#^flura)cqHi 
car (majp.) fblidus ^migitr, pov- ■ anacntuxa 
ertul) potens, r^ltecs, rajsas St-Midsti, buIUtus ; omataf 

* I A Jiudezt, duiiofus, x, (pH 

Tcjfrjig^Z?, Conor, l. cootecdo, 
nJcor, 5. {'tegetbtr) con^ 
3. coUudor, I. 

Hav-Kj firKg;gUJy ladatos 

AfirMggler, Inftator, 3. 

AA^iT^'r. Icaatio, 3. ludaj 

AfirAM:*.ft, fcortum, 2, mcrctrix 

S:ru'.gy filo inftrados 

Hijiruty turgeo, a. tameo, 1, 
pcrbio, 4. [^-alsmg\ fuperK ii 
\ d're 

; Afrtttl:-gy fuperbns inceflBi 
; A i?a^ (of a tree) (11 pes, 3, 
■ A]^p .fj/7, clavns detritnt 
: Ta/iiA up^ eradico, i. eztirpo, 
' Sralilf, iHp'iIa, i. cnlaas, x. 

(numerous) nuxer:l'u3 (ih-.ra ia 
tafie) uztTj ac;c-y« ',>3 fciell) fcs-i hbroruai hclluo 
tens ,vil:jr.t'i forhi, iir;::ttas, 1 ^rj*!:*^, cluciibratui 
inircfidus ^-.'ijujn] liqucrcs gt- j Sttuii jux^ n-jdlofus 
; A ji'-ing hiU, crc::u£nacalja, a. 

T^i^ ipoiK\ i« ura««w% I. (-^1 7*- {.tprna^y i»jusc, 2 poll^o, 2* 

/J^) vt^n ffuvfC { 9f riju'j ' T» grixu jircMg, \zUk;:, 5 

^»W{4n> i« 

Ti mit jirfs{)^««M%, \, ^sctoIiwc, 

St!uii^:'a-fs, ftudium, 2. 1 

o^-jf (application of miod)iiA| 

2. oeiiratio 
yAfim^^ Bi'oliothctiy I 



jtuOf^ ^:9ikti^ t. meditor, i.^StNpefaffhv, fiupor, 3. torpedo, 3.' 

rxqniro, 3. iaveftigpf 1. fcrutor, 
t. czplora, I. 
Mfffiv, mcdkaiit 
f^Htm, mediutioy 3. 

Stufefaflwef naicoticus 
tcituptfy failonifh) lerrco, 4. per- 
turbo, t. (dull 0r kennm) hebcto, 

, ^, , ^ I. tundo, 3. obtunco. 3. 

kf (matcriali) materia, i. (cloth) ! To he fiufjfied^ (lupeo, i. 
paoooi, 2. (baggage) farciiur, | Stufifyejy fiupefa&us 
pi. [henfeMJ') TupeUex, 3. {kit- ^^Stu^ndicut, ftupendms, mirut 
rAfli-) uneflina, ^. \ Sfufid (Modclfh) ftupidos, iatuns, 

B. Staff n {generally nfed to es- j inept us( without foeling) ftupidus, 
prcfs coMtemft or diflikf^ as, inein, ' t«rpens, torpidus 
•tfaifidfimf Stupidity, ftupiditas, 3. ftupor, 3. 

►^(cramjfardo, 4. (one»brHy) Stvpia^ ft«picc, infulft 
CMk iogur^itare ^witb Rocks, Sfmdi/y, pertinaciter ^ fortitcr 
Ac) Aocco bifarcire {or choke) Sturatnefst contumacia, 1. fortirado, 
Ibflbop, f. («r f^op up) obflruo,3 i 3. (or Arength) robur, 3. 
ifUL f&rtut; coarflatua; infio- :Sturdy, oUtinatus j ferux,<icer, ro 
aon ; opplctos {-wtb cold) ^a- ^ buftus 
^tdiaofui ; Sturgeon, "ftorio, 3 . 

kMtr, fartara, 1. fagina, «. j 7« ftuf, ftuttrr, balbutio, 4. 
^tvt if ^ 9"*^^* tomentum, 1. , Ajftuttcrtr^ bambalio, 3. 
(-fcrveal, &c.} fartum^ i. Ut'\Stutterii^, balbuticns 
omtA, 3. I A ftye, fiiile, 3. (pimple) stumor 

'•jbvil^, titubo, I. offcnfo, i.|' ^palpebrae 
fifiicyr) inpingo, ^ (-at, or A//jAr {in a field) frpUtxn fcanfilcl 

Ir) hsfiro, 1. dubili% « 
'«;.] iKid4» ). 
«mr, oir-nAi, I. 
i^fv, offienfars, titiibam 
mmigbicfk^ ofFeadJculum, a. 
^ caudrx, "3. ffip«B, 3. tran- 
)t. ][{himpt) pedes, or cura, 
'broken limi) fneQibrum mtt«- 

», tninco, I. for boaA) gloi* 
f. jafto, J. oftento, i. 
afloniih) fhipefacio, 3. per- 
< >• IfPifb noife) aures ob- 

«fi. ftDpefio, ihipeo, 1. 

(afhmifhed) coni^ernatus 

«f7r) aures damore obtufae 

Aoa / 

ycnoKBfam impfdire J 

(in writing) ftylu5. a. dircndi 
genus (o^^orm) fosnaula, x. {-</ 
9 dfoi) gnomon. 3. (in tbe ac 
count of time) fftylus, £« 

Ho fity/e, appciio, 4. 

AfyJing^ appellatio, j. 

Stypfict ftfpiticuf, reftringrna 

Syafory, fuaforins, hortatlvua 

SuavTftj, fuavius, 3. dulcedo, s* 

A/uhahem, Irgatut, 2. 

A fubdeacon, fubdiaconus, 2. 

To fubdeUgate, fubAituo, 3. 

Tofubdimde, iterum divid(?re 

A fubdi'vidiKg, divifio iteiata 

Subduab/e, fuperabilis 

Tofubdue, donoo, i. fopero, T. de* 
helh, I, expugno, /. fuhigo, 3 


Subdtred, domitos 

To bt fuhdued, cedo, 3. Aiccvmbc^^ 

Ajubduer^ debcliator, 3. 

^ fubduing, expugnatio, 3. 

Subjea, lubjeAus, fubditua (oblige<l 

to) obligatut, obftriAua -(liabk 

to) obnoxios, -encpofitus 
A f^bjiO (perfonj^ivis, 3. ftibditu^ 

a. fubjeAot, 1. ^argument of 

dTcourfe) ar^mentum, materia, 

I. thefi5,3^in logic) fubje£tom,»« 
To bt >4;#^ /o, -pareo, 2. obedio, 4. 

\^-the}ubjt£lofJifioMrfe} ferioaaev 

To^uhj^a, ittfuhdin 
SubJefJiogf fervitus, 3. jogam, ft. 
Tofubjoin, fubjungo, 3. anne^o, 3. 
Subjoined, annexus 
To fubjugaee, fupero* i. domo, 1, 
Subjunirfivtf fubjun^vua 
To Jublimaief fublimo, I. 
'Sublimflte, pulvis rodaia ex «r|eBto 

vivo, nitre^ &c. confeflus 
Sifbllme, fublimis, excelfus (moft 

excellent) praeflantidimus 
Suhlin:eneftf Jubliwutyy fublimitas, 3. 

celfitudo, 3. 
Sublunary^ fub luna pofitus 
Stibmijfiffity obArquitim, 3. 
Huhmijjh'e^ fubmiffos, iivmilis 
Suhmrji'vefyt humiiitcr, fubmif!^ 
Tofubrn't, lubmitto, 3, cedo,>S. [-€9 

an^tbf)^ judgment) permitto, 3- 
Submitted, fubmiffus 
A J'ubtttittingf Tubmi/Iio, j. 
Subordinate, inferior, fablUtutut 
To fuborn, fuburno, i. 
A fubornation, fubornatio, 3. 
Suborned, fubomaius 
A fubptenj, citatio, ^, 
To/Mtyarna, dt%t*i \w^Mmt^ 
J To fubj^ribe, {u\iViWci> V 
1 Suhfcnltdy iu\i^«\^\xA 
\ A /«/-fcriber, l>aWn^'««^ V 

S U 18 

i fuhjcriliti^, fubfcriptio, y 
j\ Jubjcripion^ lubfcriptio, 3, 
iu^.equently, per modum confecu- 

$uhferviefitf fubrerviens 
•7t bt fubfervienty fubfervioj 4. 
•"> fubjiae, fubfideo, 2. 
^ub/i^ia*yt fubiidiarius, anxiHaris 
$uhjrdy (aid)auxilium, 2. rubfidrum, 
l; (tax) vefligal, 3, tributum, 2, 

■To fub^fti fobfiflo, 3. (maintain) 
Aiftenro, t. (continue) exifto, 3. 

A fubjiftence, fee maintenarice 

fubftance (matter) fubflantia, i. res, 
3. matftii, r. fnmmi, !• caput, 
3. (e(late) fbrtots, />/. divitiae, 
fL opr?, p/. pecalivnr>, 2. hx- 

(>f ftibftafire, opukntus, dives 

Same fubfrance, conruhftantialis 

fubftamitil fo]i:*a'), firmm, validasy 
fnvis, cerriiTiinus (wealthy) lo- 
cup]e«, opukntus, ^ives, pecu- 

$abftfititm/fyf foHd^, firing 

A\tubfttmntHi rubftantfTuro, :u 

fub/fttnttvffyy fubftantrvi 

A fUftifttte, fubftitutus, a* 

To fubftitutr, fubflituo, 3. 

fub/titvferi, fubfHtutus 

A fubftihtthigy fubftitutio, 3. 

Tofrbfirafi or fubrraSy fubtraho, 3. 
«N:traho, ;. f^bdvco, 3. <itid«co, 3. 

fubftraaeil, fubtradus 

fi.ptbJtraSkr.g, fubJtraSiimi^ ^hit»- 
tio, 3. dcdu^io, ■^. 

SubterJiKentf ivihicrfiutn$ 

A fubterfux^t cffugitim, %• 

Suherrdunus, fubterranns 

il^ubtj/, fnbtiliB, tenuis (ainning) 
fubtilis, ^nit»5, aftutns, talltdiis. 


BuhtiKUy^ fubtilitas, 3. aftutia, I. 
Tofubvert, everto, 3. fubverto, 3. 
Subverted, diiutus, fubverfus 
A.fubvertery fobverfor, 3. 
Suburbs^ fubuibana, ^/. 
Ofthefuburbx, fuburbanus 
Succeaatisoust fucredancus 
Tefucceedy fu credo, 3. 
Bucceedinzn fucceden» 
A Jufceeding, fucceffio, 3. 
Succefi^ fucccfTus, 4. exitus 
Succefsful^ fauflus, profperus 
Suecejifully, profperc, fauft^ 
Sucrejfiofiy fucccffio, 3. (er inttil) 

bsereditas, 3. (continuation) con- 

fecutio, 3. feries 
Suecejfi'oey fuccedens 
Succe£iv€lyy continuata feric 
A JuccejfouTf /uccciTor, 3, (our ftfCr 

cejftn) poftcri noftri 
SucatiBf brevis, Tuccindtus 
i^uccinSlyf breviter, concife 
^uecinQntfJSy brevitas, 3. 
Succory^ cichorium, 2. 
Succour^ auxilium, a. fee aid 
To fuccour (comfort) confolor, 1. 

(aid) fuccurro, 3. fubvemo, 4. 

{-a place brji^td) fee to rdivue 
Succour€df adjutus 
Afuccourery folator, 3. opitulator, 3. 
•Succouring, confolans, auxiiians 
Succulency, fucci abundantia 
Succu/etit, fucculentiis 
<S«r/>(adj.) talis, rjufmodi, iftivtffnodi 

(adv.) adeo, tarn 
^ucb asy qualts, iftiufmodi 
!n futh manner y tali modo. 
Tofucky fugo, 3. {-in) imbibo, 3. 

abfbrbeo, 2. forbeo, a. (•©«/) cx- 

A>go# 3. (-t^f) fwrbeo, ft. 
Togfve^ck^ U€tOf i. nutrlco* i* 
Sncked in Qt Mp, ab(brpfus 


A /ticking, fu£lus, 4. 

Sucking up, abforbens 

Sucking the breafi, la^cns 

Tojuckk^ lafto, 1. 

Suckled, mammis admotus 

A Jucklingy animal ladent 

$uSJicn, fuflus, 4. 

Sudatory, fudatorius 

Sudden, fuddain, fubitus, imp 
fus, repentinus 

On a fudden, repenting 

Suddenly, repente, inopinato 

Suddcnrefs, event us fubitaneua 

Suderifc, diaphoretcus 

Suds, fpuma faporis [to be h 
fuds) ad incitas redigi 

To fue at law, Jitigo, 1. Hfe 
fequi, in ju8 vocare (arinli 
dcprecor, i. fuppHco, !• ( 
peace) folicitare pucem 

Sufj at Ian, in jus vocatm 

Suet, fee fewet 

Tofuffer (bear with) patior, 3. J 
tolero, J. fuffero, (cr be punii 
poenas dare, lu2rc, folvere (• 
grace) in offenfam incorrftref*^ 
ht^t) aliquo incommodo t 
{-Jbipwreck) naufra|iuin ft" 
(or permit ) permitto, 3. 

Sufferable, tolerabilis 

Sufferance (roleration) toleranrtii 
(-of evils) malorum pcrpeffio (p 
miffion) permiffio, 3. veiua 

Onfufferanee, permiiTu 

Lon^ fufferanct, Icnganimitaii y 
Suffer^a (borne) toleratus (^ 

ted) permiffus 
Hawing fuffer*d, paflus 
Afufirer, damno affefto$ 
Sufftring, patiens, permittem . 
Long fufferityt^ ad iram tardai 
To/uffice^ itSciOy 3. 
ItfrpcetJb, fat, fati«, fafficit 
Sifjici4tfty, fufickati^ i. (caF<^ 



s t; p'- 

eritia, t. habi'Utis, 3. 
prudentia, i. (/<r//-) 

1. fuperbiay i. 

le) fafiicieps, capax, 
euSy habilis 


lyfatis, afPatim, abun^e 
utfoco, I. 
fufFocatio, j. 
xfocztio, 3. 
(uflFragan^ufl^ 2, 
iflfragit^m, z. 
'e, fufFragor, i. 

fu6ftiniigatio^ }. 
iFufio, 3. * 
rum, 2. {-dandy) fac- 
►r {-loaf) facchart meta 
na meJUfera 
haro ron4ire 
laro coiiditus {-^oris) 


ggero, !• .in<)iieo, 2. 

;geflils, propoHtus 

dmonitur, 3. 

fuggejtioiiy admdnitlo^ 

, 4; foggciiio, 3, 

liu!D, .2. 


\) petitib^ 3.' rogitio, 

») aftio, J. caufa^ x, 

si) Ypftitus^ 4. vefti- 

. {commute-) omnis ap- 

r Airi/f) genus, 3. 

b) adapiQ, i. aceoai- 

'V>itb) congnKy j, 

«, coqgruuf 

, coogrgenter 


ttiopef) Atpplet {-in 

•atpr, 3. (-/or an cjice) 

2. (wocr) procus^ 2. 

kfufting, accommodath), 3-, 
Sullen, contumax, mor.>fus 
Sutlentyf pioterv^, torvc 
SttlUnnep, tetricas, 3. torvitas, 3-. 
To JMUy, nn;iculo, I. inqumo, I. (a 

character) famam afper^ere 
Sullyfd^ coHcamlnarus (in charafler) 

intamil notatus 
Afullpng^ macula, 1. 
Sulphur, fulphur, 3. 
lV:'tb fulpbuTp fuJphuratus 
Sulphureous^ fittphury^ or cfJulphUTy 

fulphureus, fuiphu^ofus 
Thefultany turcoriim imperator 
A jultanefs^ regina turcica 
Sitttrintfsf Tia atrftCs 
Sultry, torridusj candens 
A fum {-0/ pion^) (nmrni petoniK 

( in cyphering) fumma, i . {-totaf) 

lamma totahs {-of a master) fum-, 

ma, i. ar^umeotum, 2. caput, % 

(bjrief rehearfal] fummariata, z; 
Tofum up, cojnputo, r. fupputo, t« 

{-a dijcourfe) rt% breyiter repeUre 

(-tf/7) denique, brevirtr 
Summl^rifyf hicviter, fummatim 
Summed up, compuiatu* } rcpetitus 
S/dtMmer, seftas, 3. (country houfe] 

/ubuTbaQuxn,2. (g^at beam}traii- 

flrum, 2. 
Ofjummer^ aftiviu 
'To fummtri aftivQ| i. 
A j'unHbifij up, caaopuutio, 3, 
The fummit, s^\tx^ 3, caciuafiq, 3, 
TV/iiiw/ffwr (cite) cito, i. arcefio, 3. 

(cr command) imperq, 1, (-up 

(outage) anlitiunj rip(;ip3re; 
Summoned, arcelTirus, citatmi 
A fumvtoiier, apparitot, 3. 
A fummorilrg, fummons, cttatib, 3* 
Sumpttr, onoiatus viatico 
Sumptuary, fumptuarius * 

Sumptuous (coftly) rumptyofut 
Sumptuoujiyj fumptiiofi 

^"SumptvQufnefs, fplcndor, 3. luWr,^* 
\Th^ fun, ibl, J. 
\pf theftn, ioUris 

^ur.lutnt, ekuAus fole 

Sun-dial, iolarium, 2« ' 

Sunjhine, apri«.itas, 3; 

Sisn rijing, ioWi ortu$ {'fef (A fetth^ 
falii occafus 

At funfet, cum fblc bccid?ntc 

T§ fun, in Colo, I.' 

Set in the Jun\ (oW tX^ofkX.\i% 

Sunday, dorhioica 

Tofur.der, fcparo, i[. fcjangp, %• 

cfundry, diverfu^i varius 

Sundry W0ytx divcrlc, vaii^ 

'Sung, cantatUs, deCanCatus 

TV ieJunM'tuifb age, clTc inutili? anhfi 

{-dfep in debt) ^erc glieab.dcmcrfu*- 
gunned, folatus, foli cxpoficus* 
A funning, apricatib, 3. 
To Jit in the fun\ apricor, i. 
Sunny, apricus, foil cxpofitui 
Afup, forbitiq, 3* forbillttaii 2* 
Tofup. forbco, 2. {-a little) forbillb^ 

J. ( ^g^in) rcforbcOi 2, {'Up) ab- 

foibco, 2. (?r catfupper) ccsno,ii 
SuperabUf fuperabilis 
Tq fuperaboundt redundo, i. 
Super abounding, Juperabundancif ire' 

diindantia, i. 
Superabundant^ fuperfluens 
Supetabunddhtly, reduodantet 
Tqfuperadd^ fuperaddo, 3. 
Superadded^ fuperadd'ttua 
Superannuated t anj>o(us 
' Ajupercorgo, o.avlum Qneris ctirtt^ 
Super ctticusi, fqpcrcUit^rut 
Supercilioujly, fuperbfi 
Superciiitufnejt, fupojcbia, 1 . JtAw,^ 
Supffeminepcyi cmincntia, |« 
Supereminektiy, etlmie^ 
To fuperercgate^ fMp^QXOgO, U 
Supererogation, fu perei o^ai io* $m 
SuferexQtHt'nX^ lVk^W^XDk\tv^^* 

A a* «^^ 

ttperficial^ fuperficiarius, Ievis> 
fuferpcialfyi petfun£lori2 
The fuperficies, fuperficiec, 5. 
^uperfine^ tenuilHRius 
Superfluity^ fiporfluoufaefs, fut>er- 

fluitu, 3. redundaotia, x. 
Suferfitous, fuperfluus 
Superfluous Jfendifig, profu/io, 3^ 
Ts he Juperjuoutf, redundo, i. 
Superfluoujfyi redundanter 
Tofi^inJuce, fuperinduco, 3« 
T» fupermtend^ cnm^i. infpicio, 3. 
SupemtewJencyt curatiOy3. inCj^Stio, 

3* primatus, 4. 
AfitperimeudefU, praefe^tos^ 2.. 
Afuperior, fuperior, 3. 
Superiority, magifterium, z« 
SMperluttvt (excellent) ezimlut, e- 

jninens, excellens, cgregius^praQ-' 

ihuu» praeclarus, prscdluis {-de- 

gree) luperlativus gradus 
SuperiutMv, cxcelienur 
Supernal, nipernus 
Sitpernulfy, Aipcrne 
Supernatural, naturam fuperans 
SupematuraUy, Aipernaturaliter 
Supernumerary, numtruai exc«deos 
S^o fuperjerihe, raperfcribo, 3. 
Superfcrthed, fuperfcriptui 
Afuperfcription, fuperfcriptiOy ^, 
7ofuperfede, fuperledeOi x. 
Afupetfedeoi, exau£toratneattia]>.i. 
Superflition, foperftitic, 3. 
Huperfi'iuous, Aiperftitiofus 
Superfiitioufiy, foperflitioie 
%Q JuperJtruS, Aiperftrao^ 3^ 
AfuperftTu£iure, ftruAura, i*. 
ITo fupervetu, fuperveniOy 4. 
VCp fuperviff, infpicio, 3. euro, 1. 
SuperviJ'ed, curatus 
Afupervifer, infpedlor, 3, 
Supervijings, inCpiciens 
9u^ne (face opwards) fupinui (caro- 

'^c/s^ negligeat)^ ixsproTSdiis^ isH" 

confideratosyofcitansj focors^ nef^r 

Afupine, fiipimiiD, 2. 
Supinely, negligehter 
Having fitpped, canatus 
A. /upper, coena, i. (Lord*fc-) coxna 


Of /upper, coenatoriui 

To vtijbfir/upper^ coeoaturio, 4^ 

To he at fupper, ceeno, l^ 

Supperlefs^ ixicoenatua 

Supper time, tempus caenandr 

Supping, coMiaos {-room) CfiBnaeuImn, 
s. cosnatio, 3. 

K flipping (fippiog) forbitio, 3. 

Tofupplant, AippLtBto^ X. per. dolum 

Sf^plantedi per dolum dejedhis 


^^fipplantii^f per doliiin dejiciens 

Suppie (limber) flejuHs, tencr 

Tofippie, ipollio^4« macero, &. 

To grtno /uppUf lentefco, ^ 

Suited, moUitus, maceracus 

Suppldy, \tViXl, laxe 

A /uppkment, fupplementumy ft. ap- 
pendix, 3. 

Suppkndt, Irntor, 3. mollkias, 5« 

A/uppfing, maceratio, ^ 

A/upplicant, fupplex, 3. 

Like a/upplicant, fuppliciter 

To/upplicate, iupplico, i, 

A Jupplication, iupplicatio, 3, 

Supply (belp^ relief) fubfidium^ 2. 
auxilium,.2. foppeditatio, 3, 

To fuppfy, fuppleo, 2. (or furnifli) 
fuppediro, i. (or relieve) leva, i, 
fuccurroy 3. fubvenio, 4. 

Supplyed, fuppleius ; ruppedPtatus 5 

levatust rele Vitus 
A/upplying, fuppcditatio, 3. 
A /upport (prop) fulcrum, 2, colu- 
mei^ 3. (favour) gratia, i. tu- 
tamen, 3^ fubfidium; 2* 

. S U R 

To fupport (bear up) fuftentoft v* 
(bear up under) tiolerp, i. p^iiwi 
3. (oefend) vindico, x. defend 
y (alhft) juTOy u auxiltor, i< 
iuccurro^ 3, * 
Suppvrtabli, tolerandoa 
Supported,. faflen*^us> fultut 
A fupporter (patroo) patrooot, % 
(in a building) tdanb, 3. (jwf 
porteri in beraldiy) aBMnanttaioi 
ta ruftinentta 
Supporting ongsfelf^ nizua 
,A /upportiug^ defeofio, j.. futv 

tatio, 3, auxUium, %» 
Suppo/tahU, opinabiltt 
To /uppo/e, fappono, ^. ^OH|flei 
opinor, i. rear, x. acdo^ |i (• 
allow a thing) admittot 3. eoww 
Suppo/ed„ opinione habicut 
Suppojing, ofnnans, Aif^catM 
AJuppoflng, fupf^Jitiou,, opiiM^ ^ 
Suppojitious, Aippofititiot- 
Tofuppre/s,i}^^jimo, f> abdko^l 
Supprefftd, fupprefTus, abolitnt 
Supprejfimg. fupprimena^ i 
A luppreffmg, fitppreffion, 

3* fuppreffio, 3. 
To/uppttrote,.^ iuppUTD, U 
Suppurated, Aip^uratua- 
Suppuration, fuppuratxOf 5* 
[Suppurative, fuppuratorioa 
Supremacy, primatut, 4. 
'-Supreme, fpmmus, fupremof 
^o furcea/e, fuperiedeo, 2*. fiV 

k/urcbarge^ oournorum ! 

■To /urcharge, (ec to cb€rgtj fwM 
^ K fitrcingU, cinguium eqaiudi 
4 /urcdati cuaica exterior 
jjiurd, furdut 

ISurdity (deafneftX fa(ditas» 3. 
VSure (ceruin) certus, madM 
F (faithful) fidelis, fidu (fii^ 
w tua, fecurus, incolmnia QhW 

U R 

milt {'footed) pes ml 


rtd fcirc 

inly) certc, profe£^6, 

leoi, fan^ (faithfully) 

(fafely) tutd, fecurc 

certainty^ faithfulnefs, 

/ity, fifoJfafifttfs 

s putting in furetteSf 

. fponfioy 3. 

, 3. (./or debt) pras, 

pond«o, 2. 
1^. fee /o bail - 
atfide) fuprrfilciesy 5. 
excefs) crapula, i. [or 
red W//5) faticta?, 3. 
rjf^ faturo, «, hdluo/i. 
iratps, cra0uk>ru$ 
uJtin, «r radidiuni; or 

irurguf , %, 

ra cbirurgic^ 

icina chirurfica 



danim tamultui 

^fitas, s. 

I, fcrojf 

rocio, 4. fuperino, 4. 

licio, 3^ 

aginor, i. 

xfupero, I. vinco, % 

peratus, evi£lus 

fuperator, 3. 

fuperatio, 3* ' 
^ovmtrt, 3. 
ctWo, 3. praeilto^ i. 

s u ft 

StirpaJJingj fuperand, vincens 
^furpa^ng, prxftaatia^ s« 
SitrpaJ/itigfy, optim^ 
A (nrplice, lintcum amiculum facer- 

Afurplus, au^ariom, 2; 
Afurprifif ftipprifal, fupervennis, 4» 
{or ailonifhment) confternatio, 3. 
animi ft^ipor, pavor, 3. torpor, 3* 

To furprtje {ov come fudH^nly) de 
ioRprovifd fupervenio,4. {or fright) 
tcrreo, a. cxterre-*, a. perturbo, 
I. (-a town) iinprovii'd cupjfre 

$urprifdf dc improviro intcrceptus 
(frighten*d) conftecnatiis 

Surprijipg (new, unexpected) nQTns, 
iiQproTifus, iftopinatu^ (ailonH^^ 
ixip a)a^eUous).rairus, mit%' 
bills, admirabilis) tneatem per*- 

\furrtnd<r, dedttio, 3. 

Tofurrender (rcftorc) reddo, %• re- 
ftituo, 3» refigno, i. Tas a pri- 
Toner) dedo, 3, {'Upon difc^etion) 
liberum arbitriom vi£lori de le 
permirtere {-upon conditioni) cer- 
tis conditionibus in dcditionefln 
▼enire {•an office) muaus depO' 
nSre, refigno, i. 

Surrendered^ deditus, redditus ; re- 
fignatus, abdicatus . 

Afurrendiring, deditio,3.abdicatiO| 3. 

Surreptitioust furreptitius 

Surreptitiovjly , furtini^ clam 

Afwrogate^ delegacns^furrogatus, 2. 

Toy«r/'otf W,cf rcumdo, 3 .circumflo, 1 

Surrounded^ circumdatus 

Surrounding, furcumdcns 


A furvey (viewing) infpeftio, 3. 
(mca(uring) mctatio, 3, 

Tofurvey (View) Inftro, i. infpefto, ^ 
I. (meafure) metior, 4. (over- 
^e^ cuia^ /, proQuto, /, 

procurator, 3. cyratoif, 3. (aicm^ 

tc£l) architc^us, a. 
^ furveyorfi^pi oiunus prociirttorii 
^ Survit/aifjurvivi^, fuperftitii fiatui 
Tofurvive, ruperviydi 3, fuperfuat 
AJurvivfrt fupcrftes» 3* • 
A jffr%*i'vorfi}^j niun'JS luperftitit 
StijcrpriSht facile fttlcipitoa 
T<> fnfiitstf^ fee to raij'e ' 
T^/if/j&fi?, fiifpkor, I, f^fpc^o^fk 

fulpifii^j J* 
Si^('p£<t?tJj i u fptfl u J 
S&JfieBing^ jyTfiicaDrt)?; fiifpicai) 
A fiffitilirtg , fu fp i c io, 3 , 
SufpfHffff dubiuctij t. 
in fulfenfi, dubiufj iJicertyLt«^ru£4 

pciitutf ffruptilt^riiis 
7fl ift iti [mfptnjt^ dubitcj, i. hs^.6tO|r« 
7a fyj)),-ftd (or defer) fufpeqdq, q* 

dtfkfo (an afctfiiM aiTeofuqi fuT* 

tintre (^remiive tor a time) a4 

tempds removere; »rinterdic^(e 
Sufprndfd, dilatus, I'ufpenfoa . 
Sujpendirg, fufppndens 
A fu/prn/ion (fwfpcnfp) fufpcnfir>, 3; 

hftfiratio, 3, {from an cffice) mu"'' . 

reris inteididtio {-of arms) inda- 

cia?, pi. 
/ifuff>inon, fufplclo, 3. 
Sujpichus (diftruftful) fdfDiCiordt 

(fulpsaed) ftafpeftui , " 
Sufptcioujlyt fufpiciofe "^ 
Su'-piration (fighing) fufpiratlo,* j* 
Tofufiain (prop, defend) fuftei oy 

I. fuOineo, a. fulcio,4. d^fendc^^ 

3. tucor, 2, (bear erfuffcr) fof- 

tineo, 2. fero, tulif tolero, t. pa« 

tier, 3. (-<* lofi) detriinemani ic«» 

SuffitinabUy fuftiftcndtfs 
Su/falfud (propped, defended) fiJ(^ 

tentatus, fuliu«« d^^*tTv^^'^^tA^\ 

.>»««'. "'rl-' j.glotior. i^ 

hauno,4^"°•. j. devofo. i. 
»«ratu» liauftu»> 4- 

^(-r: Cr-. !• «^"" n.A- K2J «--r "^'' 


5 W 1 

jlen^jr, fmootbly) lenitcr^ 
tc, piacidi, tranquitle 

dolccdoy 3. (-of fmfli) 
ly 3. ('•ffp^ci) blindittx, 
Uoqueniky i. (-©/"fm^) 
cas, 3. maofuetudaj 3* 

poff up) tuioeo^ %. tOTgco, 
Bcico, 3. («r grow ill Jeogth 
dth)cr«rcOy 3. accrcfeo^ % 
k 4* C'''^). promiaeoj^ i 

ipflf^y ^oiefacioj !(. 
w^idas,, inftitus, to mi dm 
If, tiuifor, p inflatiOj ^ 
neck^&c.) ftrama, x. (-of 
) aiqooris afperitai 
r, peni fufibcari 
y Mni foilbcatua 
erivjy conMrerfiis 
f (1:0 from) <?no, I, ^btrro,! 

wgfrtmy dcAcsQS, 4. 

l^, ycKm {'o/foot\ Jevipet, 

velocitOTj. celerirer 

. cderitasy 3. veJodtUf 3. 

ig9 wafh) collnviet, 5, 

ebibo, 3., ingurgim^ t, 
lavo, i; aHuQf 3. 
t ebrtoTufyi. 

pWMj ingurgitaii9j..ebibejii 
^, ebriofitaiy 3, 

nato, I. no, i. [^agaiwfl 
tm) adferfo flumiae navi^ 
with the fiream) fecondo 
; Tehi (-«/ ibe t^) fuper- 
( •Mvraf) abnato, i . ( -hack ) 
!• (Sefore or if) pr»iato, 
} iatuiOt I. {in richat) 
a^uere (-in pleal'urrs) vo- 
ws pcrfliicrq {-cut) ^nalo, 
i«r) tfaafiriltOji i« trajiO; x. 

s w o 

(-^0) adno, X. (-a^iv) fupenatoi 

I. (^-tfja^r) fubnatO, I, 
AJ^immtt^ natator, 3. 
A ptmmmin^^ natatio, 3. natatuf> 4. 

{-i/tht head) vcrtjgo, 3. 
S^immitf^Iyf profpeie 
hfwintM pore us, 2. fuf, 3. 
Ofjviittt, fuillus, porciilus 
A jic'mfttrd, fubukus^ 2. Iuarui8,i< 
Thi Jwint ^6X, boa, I. 
^winthhi more fuis 
A fivirg (to fwing with) funiculus 

quo it i^uis jaA^C (full de- 

Sre) ^niitids* 2. cupiditas, 3. («r 

jcrJt) impetus, 4. 
Ti/w/^j igito,- K jado, I. Ubro, 

f, ( f^btl.roro, 1. circumverto,. 

3. {or ^randifli J <orqueOj t. 
Ttijtitijigt, v<;cbero, i. fl^igell*, |, 
^^ftpfgedf verberatus, (lagitilauil 
Svj'sff^ed abtut, ro atu^, libratus 
AJhoinger, Jibratof, 3. 
S-Zi,^sf}giftg (banging) peodulut 
A /7itUgmg (fOifuig) IjbratiOy 3. 

(wheeling about) totatio, 3. 
S^}^trj (f try liirgc) ingcns 
A fiiiff^r tolJeno, 3. grus, 3. 
Aj^itkch (rod) Yirga, i. ¥ifne9) 3. 
TifwfCch, fl^gfllo, 1. 
AJkoivtt^ vqr^iculum, 2. 
SviuffZiVn, [umldus, turgidui 
To f's^M^n^ dcliquium pvti 
Tv fwap^ commuto, r. permutoi, x. 
Szvsp^edi coumutatus 
jA /itw^^/fff , permutatio, 3. 
A ftuordy gladius,2. ends 
Toptttto thefivord, ad intcmecionem 

Sw.rd bearer^ eitiifer, ft. ('piaytr) 

gladiator, 3. 
Ofaj'iVird, giadiacoriut i 

Sword playing^ gladialura, i. 
^viirn, jpratui^ adjuntut {-fiUnd) 


• juritiflitiijDC amicu* 
A ^cof i>tfiir,rycopbaiitayl.delttor, 3^ 

adulator, 3.a(rentator,3.riifoxTO|^ 
To pJay tht jycbpbauty adulor, !• 
Sy deration (blaiting) fyderati*, ^ 
Syliahic, Jytlabicalf fvlJabicui 
fiifyllabU, fyllaba, x. 
ByfyllahUii fylUbatim 
Of one Jyllabltt monofyllabut 
Of tHvo fyllahlet^ bifyiiabus (-3 kt^ 

UbUs) trifyllabua (-fiur mUL} 

A fyUogiJin, fyllogirmos 
SyUtgiJiical, fyllogifti<u» 
Sy//gifticaJJyy ryllogiAic^ 
To JylogiTBe, ratiocinor, f. per fyt 

iogifmos, or logice argumenCairi 
SylooMy fylvaticus, fyUannt 
AJymi?Q\ rymboium, 2, 
Symb^/icaJ, rymboUcui 
SymboUcailyt fym|>olic^, epert^ 
Tq fymbehfce (denote) per fymboluift 

ii?dicare {or concur) confentio,'4* . 

congroo, 3. 
Symboiizgd, per fymbolot 4rB0taM». 
A fymbolixingt fymbolica notatio 
iiymbojixing wtt, confentient 
Symmetrical, jufia ptoportione for* 


Symmen ff fyrometria, x. 


Sympatbetical, J^mfatbetic, 

Sympaibeticalfyt n;ut»o aflfe£lo 
To Jympatbtzif xnutuS miferatione 

amci, or moyeri 
Symfathizitig, fottemalicujug dolenft 

ex aniono 
Sympathy f xnutuus aife^s (natural 

agreement of things) fynnpaihi*,^ 
Symphony, fymphonia, J. 
Ajymptom, fymptomay 3. ^^^ 
Symptomatic, /ym^ttmUifJI^^ 

T?A B 

Sfnebrmufm, fynchronifmus, i« 
A'&ncbofe, /yncopa, i. concifio, 3. 

(iWDoning) deUqaiam, 2. animi 

defeaio ^ 

AfyiuUe, fyndicus, 2, 
A fynodt Tyoodus, 2. cOBTcnttis, 4. 
Synodal^ fynodicus, fynodalis 
SptonymtMs^ fimilis /ignificationis, 

' fyaonymut 
^Jjmoff^, fynopfis, /I,/. 
Ajffntax, fyntaxis> wf^f. vcrborum 

'^fyingtj fiftula, I. fyrinx, 5 


Syrupy fyrupus, 2. 

^Jyfitm; Arftemay s» corpw, 3. 

Syfiematical, ad fyftema perriaeat 

*ojynngey per fyringem injicHre 
Syringed, per fyringem inje£lu8 

T A 

A Tabard, paludamentum faeciale 
Taiby, textum ferlcam undu- 

A taSiy catf feles noaculofa 
A tabtr, tympanum tnl.ius 
A taberer^ tympanifta, i, 
A tabtrnacle, tabernaculutn^ 2. 
Tabid, tabidus, emaciatds 
A table, menfa, i. tabula, f, 
Tq table {cr board) in coiiTidam ali- 

quern pafto prctio admittJrc 
Table beer^ cercvifia cibaria (-f/o/A) 

mappa, i, (-difcourfe) fabulae 

conviralcs {bed) leftos menfse 

A table (in a book) fyllabur, 2. 

index, 3. (-for gaming) tabula 

TubUs, abacus tefTcranos 
A tahJfr, conviflor guotidianoi 

T A It 

Tacit, tacitus 

Tacitly, tacite 

Taciturnity^ filentium, 2, 

A rar* (nail) clavolu«» 2. (wind) 
ventus oblique flans 

To tack (join) conjungo, 3. afTuo, ij. 
(-<//>) afHgo, 3. {-about 9 as a fail- 
ing vefTcl) curfum obl'qnare (-tf- 
^ovf, in opinion, Sec.) confilia 

Tack' d together ^ conjnnflus, conCutus 
{up) affixus 

Tacking togetbir, afloens 

Tackle, tackling^ inftrumcnta, pi. 
{-ff^rjhips) armamfntum navium 

Taaics^ ta«flica, pf. 

Tag{yo\\n% fheep) ovicula, i. {cfa 
lace) brafteola, i. 

To tag a lace, brafleolam infeicre 
{'after) pone fcqui 

Ttig rag J faex popuii 

A tail, Cauda, r. (-of a garment) 
veftis traflus (or, htndermoft pan) 
poftfcmapars( /'/Vfi?) ornament um 
ad finem nppofituni 

Tailage, tribiitum viritim cxa^lutn 

Tjilcd, candatus 

A tailor, veftiarius, 2. fart or, 3. 

A taint (infe£tion) contaglum, 2, 
{-blemijk) macula, I. (crime) ac- 
cufatio, 3. 

To faint (a*^) corrumpo, 3. inficio> 
3. (ncut.) putrefco, 3. (or accufc) 
accufo, I. evinco, 3. 

Tainted^ inferos {-of a crime) ac- 
cuf^tus, conviAus 

To take, capio, 3 accipio, 3. recipio, 
3. futno. 3. (or fuccced) fuccedo, 
3. profpere e venire {or under ftand) 
iatelligo, 3. apprehendo, 3. {by 
//«/7tfff</)d;xtrasconjungere, manu 
prehcndere C-^T^car) ample^lor, 3. 
{a ditch) fofl^am tranfire {-after) 

t A K 

triflb, I. (-the air) 
apricOT, *. {-air) e 
lam ^tinciari {-txfa 
1. excitoT I. {—jji 
{-afunder) fcparo, i 
{-away, or clrar tin 
dc msnfa toUJSre (-, 
fpoHo, I . abripio, 
fitly) furripio, 3. (- 
3. {'before) anticip 
cupo, I . {-by affauh 
{-care) euro, i. {-c 
fu o, 3. providco, j 
main chance) rem fa 
denUT aJminifti are 
fortuaam perclirari 
el'go, 3. {-cognisiar 

3. judtCO, I. {-CO'ft 

alqueni {^-c if age). 
pete {-one's ezvn ci 
confiliis {-ofe'i cour 
foum perfequi {-ha 
probe vitam deger 
obleftamcnra capi 
from) drmo, 3. detr; 
or tanr^**) domo, 1 
{-eft-a) effcaumfo 
by) exemplum fequi 
offender, 3. (or ad 
3. {'in linm fee. 01; 
introfrro { in dud^e 
niffimo habere (-5«. 
lefto, I. (-the fie 
▼enire {-fire) ardeo. 
I, ignem conciuefi 
gam capere {-for^ ( 
timo, I. arbstror, 
credo, 3. {frgrai 
ceflb habere {-front 
ripio, 3. ( ill) indi 
ferri ( up haflily) c< 
upper hand) loco 
(-in hand) aggredio 
J. ('in ground) c 

*0» 3« (-» )5w^ COD* 
rciher meafures) aliter 
(or bay oflF) emo, 3. 
'"2**) €010 veo, x. (-off 
cificio, 3. (-^tf bat) 
*txkm {'to heart) argie 
O'Caveo, a, {-beid, or 
attcndo, 3. euro, i. 
^') altitudinem mciiri 
tenco, 2. rctinco, 2. 
3« ('btld 0/ words) ali- 
'bia captare (-.^mi o/*- 
c^uSonem amplefU or 
-Horfe) equum confcen- 
^'^ejioi) impreflionem 
''"or cheat) fraudo, 1. 
^ecipio, 5* (mi tf ZfV) 
"iliquen convinc^re (-in 
^»»ngo, 3, (-W « art) 
J- ^ (-in writing) fctipto 

** journey) iter facSre 

') dicam imping^re (-a 

*» 4. faito, I . {'leave of) 

■« (-one napping) ino- 

mndere {-nonce of) 

^ noro, 1. {-an oath) 

do affirm are {-oceafibn) 

>?re {-tfftbe edge) he 

»^/i6r Mtf^) perfenam 

iperte ag^re {-off the 

', 3. cutem dctrahere 

oculcs a vert ere ( off 

te inul£^are { off^a 

diminuere ('offence) 

»»di (•©« or grieve) 

0, 2. grariter ferre 

a -other) erro, i. 

r</^r fop) euro, i. 

mfulo^ 3. {-out) 

rofs) mam las elu- 

oro, I. Aido, I. 

■'1 j^tf/J 4 parte I 

» gooJ part) inJ 

T A K 

bonam partem accipj^re (-im iH 
part) indtgne ferre {-part with) 
participo, i. particeps eife (-/><>- 
tiently) «quam mentem fervare, 
paticnter ferre {-pet) irafcor, 3. 
ftamacbor, x. {-pbyft) medica- 
mentom fumJSre {pity upon) flii- 
fereor, 3. {-place of) prxcedp^ 3. 
{-the place of another) alicujua 
locum occupare {-place in a coarb) 
frdem in curm pa^a mercedc 
condurete {-a pride in) |[lorior» j, 
{ -prifoner) capti Y4iiii d ucErf (- fii»#* s 
pleasure) gsnio fuo indujgere prct/^ion) in tutelam teci- 
pcre (-nE/?)requieGco,^. {-revenge) 
penas futnere (-root) radiqem ca* 
pere {-Jan^iuary) ad afylum con«> 
fugSref<^/) navejm cooijpendSre 
(-hii pving) ^nimoaa luujn ex- 
plerc {-a fancy to) sUicui rei ftu- 
dere (-to one^i heels) aufu^o, 3« 
(-to the right hand) ad dextram 
defloftSre ( to tajk) ad examen 
vocarc {-thought for) provideo, 2. 
profpicio, 3. ( 1 rim/) ten>p!B8,ad- 
iii^erc {-a walk) fparior, i. de- 
ftmbulo, I. {-one^s turn) vice fua 
agere (-a tour about) circumire 
\~a -view) luihv, *. profpicio, 3. 
(up) tollo, attoJlo {-up armi) 
arma capere, ad arma. confugere 
( up money at intereft) pecuniam 
fcenorc accipSr^ {-up sti opinion) 
opin'^onem concipere {-up tr em- 
ploy) occapo, i.{-t'p room) locum 
occupare {-up, or hring into fa- 
Jbion) in morem inducSre {-the 
cudgels) certamen fufciperc {'Up^ 
or intercept) intercipio, 3. (-*/>, 
or reprove) incrcpo, 1. reprc- 
hendo, 3. {-upon one) audeo, 2* 
fibi afliimere {-up^ or be reclaimed) 
mooes GorFige re, ad. bonam fru|eii^ 

T Ah 

redirt (-up a trade) qu«fhim ae« 
cipere (-npon tick) fide fua emp- 
tum fumSre {^upon rafi credit^ 
temcr^ crec&e {-unawarct) ino«i 
pinaotem invadi^re {-unto bim) 
fibi adfcifcere {'toaming) mooUit 
aufcultarc (-m* let in wat«r) rimi» 
fiitifci^re, perfioo, 3. {windy •» m 
report) divulgor, i. palam fieri 
{'one'^s word) fidem adhibere, aii- 
cuj credere {-%tfork by the great}. 
opus faciendum redim<fre 

Takeuy captus^ fumptus, acceptut 
{-a^ay) ablatus, demptos, direp- 
toi {'btfrire) anticipatus, prxoc* 
cupatus (-{ajtily) coireptus {-in <t 
Jnare) ilUqueatuS {or pleafeS 
with) obleaatus, delefiatut (-^^ 
cr«]r^tf^Vtf^o<tf)occiipatus {-nnto^ 
aflumptus^. afcitus 

A taker of advice, delibentofy 3. 
(-away) raotor* 3. fpollator, 3. 

A. taking, affiimptio, 3. {-ofadnkey 
deUbcratio, 3. (wiw^y ) direptio, 
3, fpoliatio, 3. {-back again) rc-» 
fumplip, 3. (-before) aniicipatio, 
3. praeoccQ patio, 3. (-hold of} 
prchenfio, 3. (-of work by tha 
great) operis rcdcmptio 

Tahngupcn himfelf ad fc rccipiens 

A talbotf vcrtagus, 2. 

A tale, narratip, 3. (>//«) fignx"-* 
tuoh a. (-of a tub) :uii\ii fabula^ 
fictila pcrrae 

Tie tede rf money,Jheep, tec recenfi'o^ 
3. numerns 

A tale bearer, fufurro, 3. 

A teller of merry tales, congerro, j, 

A talent, talcntum, a. (endowment) 
dos, 3. facultas, 3. 

Of good talents, magni judjcii (^ 
mean talents) obtufi ingenii 

A talifman, ima^uncuU ma^^ca. 

T A M 

^ft (mineral) ta1cufn,i4 fdifcourfe) 
coUoquiam, z. contabulatio, 3, 

Idfetalkf nugs,^/. 

^ taOt^ coafabiiior, i. colloqoor, 3. 
{'Ot random) figmcnta cerebri c- 
▼omcrc {^'backwards and forwards) 
perplex^ loqui {-of a6road) vulgo, 
1. divulgo, I. (-idly) nugas di- 
%lxt (-foftiy) fufiiiTO,!. muflito, i, 
(-w/Vfi) cum aliqao conferre (•/« 
no purpofe) incaffum loqai 

l^sOtativo, loquax {-fellow) loqua- 
culus, a. locutuleiust z. 

Talkathfenefs, gamilitas, 3. 

talked tf, divoJgatus, vulgatus 

' hamng talked, lacatut 

A great talker, verbofus 

jim Idle talker, gerro, 3, 

talking, loquax, garrulus, 2. 

A talking together, confabulatio, 3, 
(-much) garrulitas, 3. (-r© one^i 
felf) /oliloquiuin, 2. 

Tall, procerus, altus, celfus 

Tallage, ve£ligal 

Tallnefs, proccritas, 3. 

Tallow, febum, a. (-chandler) can- 
delarum febaceaniro venditor 

To tallota, fcbo, i, fevo, i. 

Of tallow, febaceuf 

Tallow'Jb, fcbofus 

-A talU, teflera, i. talea, i. 

To tally (or mark on a tally) teflTerls 
numeruin notare (or agree with) 
convenio, 4. quadro, i. 

The talmud, liberritualis rabbinorum 

A talon, unguis 

Tame, manitietus, mitis 

To tame, manfuefacio, 3. domo^ i. 

To grow tame, manfuefco, 3, 

Tamed, domitus 

Tameable, domabilis 

Tamely, manfuete, leniter 

Ta/»efr^s, manfuetudo, 3. 
A ra^Kfer, domitor, j, domiix\ii, 3, 

ir A.R 

A tamtngy domitus, 4. 

To tamper, iolicito, i. (-with a dif- 

eafe) imperitc curationcm morbi 

Tempered with, fdliciCatus 
A tempering wttb, folic itatio, 3, 
Tan, cortex ad coria inficienda ad- 

To tan leather, corium cortice infi- 

cg.e(or' fun barn) fole aduiere 
A tan pit, fovea ad coria depl'snda 
Tanned leather, conum depilum (or 

{^ti burnt) fdleadudus 
A tang, fapdr ingratus 
A fangtntf tangens, 3. 
Tangthiltty, qualitas taf^itfs 
Tangible^ tadlilis, tangibilis 
To tang'e, implio^ i. irretio, 4. 
Tangled, impeditus, irretitus (-locks) 

comae impexae 
A tankard, cantharus^ 2. 
A tanner, coriarins, 2. 
Tanfy, tanacetum, x. 
To tantalixe, vana fpe al lire re 
Tantaliasfd, vana fpe alleflus 
Tantamount, aequivalens ^ 

Tantivy, velociter 
A tap, fjpho, 3. epiftomium^ 2. (or 

blow) i£lus levis 
To tap, dol unri relinire (or give a 

tap) leviter percutere (-the beRy) 

humorem epiftomio ventri infcrto 

Tape, vitta ex filo contexta 
A tjper, cereus 
Taper (adj.) pyramtdatws 
Tapi/lry, tapes, 3, au'x3, pi, 
A tiipejiry n^ker^ phiyg:o, 3. 
\ tap houfe^ cei€Vifiariu n, 2. 
A tapfier, caupo cere vi fur ius 
Tir, pix liquiJa 
Ti tar, pice liquida oblinere 
Tardily, lente, tardc, pigr^ 
Tardity, tatdlcas, 3. morai s« 

T A S 

Tardy (0ow) piger, tardus, ie 

(guilty) fons, n«cens 
To be tardy, pecco^ i. crfo, I. 
Tare, involacri pondat 
Tares, vicia, r. lieaoiuiD, %• 
A target, clypetrs, «. fcntun 

(round-) parma, i. ^/beH') p 

I. ancile, 3. 
To tdmijb, infufco, i. (or i* 

nifhed) infufcari, nitomn pei 

(-th- refutathn) ^tmain \t±A 
Tarnijbed, infufcjtus 
A tarpawUng, pannUs cannali 

piceliqoida iilitas (or jailor) 

rus nauu 
A tarrafi ivaOty ambttlacrHi 

Tarrafs, cflementum intritMi 
Tdrried,^aiOT9lii%i cnndatui (• 

A tarrier, monitor, 3. ceflator, 
To tarry, manco, 2, morary 1. (- 

expe^o, f. opperior, f. | 

night) pernodo, i. (-i«ifW) 

A tarrying^ cnn^atio^ 3. WMl, 
Tarrying /br,erpecbitio»3.(-«Zf«| 

pcrnox 1 

Tart (iharp) aciJus, accrbus, ai 

aufterus, acidulus \ aM)rdax 
To grow tart, acefco^ 3. 
A tartf fcriblita, i. 
Tartly, acriter, acerbe, aafltr) 
Tartttefs, acerb! tat, 3. acor, 3* 
Tartar, vini arida fx€, taitafli 
A tafi, penfum, t^ 
To tajk, penfum injunglrt 
A taking, penfi injunCtio 
A tafimtijier, cxa^r 0|«flt 
A tajle or tafting, gaftui/4* f 

tilings) fapor, 3. 
Witi>out tafie, Infipidut 
Tq t4^ lightly^ JUUv It jWH' 

A Y 

T EI> 

rj9re hand) prxguf^o, 
J. [or have a tafte 

}, delibattis, Jibatus, 

before) prapguAatus 

:u{(atorium, 2. 

itio, 3. 


itusy dllaceratus 

/. nu^, />/, {-bajket) 


y 4. blatero, i. 


lus, 2. nugax, 3^ 

iacitas> 3. 


'cAitus fplendor af- 

erna vinarU {-mAn) 
t. ' * 

, «do£lu8 

Uina, 2. convltlum, 
atcafmus, 2. 
oiofy I. convlcloi^i. 

)!ogia„ I. 

3. ccxirtts>4, (-ifpon 
n tributa 

I. cenfeo, 2, (-cofts) 
re (or blame) culpo, 
, cuminor, i, .rc- 
rcdarguo, 3. 

taxing, Uxatio^ 3. 
ling) accufatio, 3. 
(aqcttfed). accufatis, 

«•, 1. ^ 
txftutt cxi^itor 

Tm, tbea> X. 

To /wri», doceo, «. inftituo, 3. eru- 

dio, 4. i^'boyi) pueros literhim- 

Teaebtibk, docilis 
A taacber, do€lor, 3. prxceptor^ 3. 

m.gifter, .2, 
Teachltigy docens 
A teacbitif, in^tatio^ 3, 
A tfamt rhecia- 
A tear, iacryma, i. (or rent) finura, 

I. fcilTura, i. 
Worthy of tears f deflendus 
Ready taped tean^ JachrymabunduE 

{full of teart) lachrymofus 
To Jted teatSt iachrymo,.!. fleo, 2* 
Sbeddirg tears, iachfymans, flens 
A fbeJdivg of Tcars^ lachrymatio, 3. 
To tear{\ti pieces) lacero, i. fcinoo, 

3. difcindo, 3. dilacero, i. {or be 

torn) laceror, I. (o/'rant along) 

debacchor, i. tumultuor, i. 
A ttarer^ lacerator, 3, 
A rMr/»^, laccratio,^. diIaceratio,3. 
Tearing (loud or ftrong) ftcntofim 

(very fine) magnificus, fpleudidus 
To t$afe (vex) cnicio, 1. vcxo, i. 

torqueoy 2. (-wool) ianam ^ar- 

Teajed, vexatas, cruciatus 
A teajing^ folicitatio aflidua 
A teajter (6 </) fex deaarii 
A teat (or breall) ober, 3. (nipple) 

papilla, I. 
To teaxe, ice teafi 
Techily, iracunoe 

Tecbirefs, iracundia,!. protervitas,}. 
Tuhnlcal, artificialis, tecbnicus 

{-wcrd) vocabulujn arti proprlum 
Techy, iracundus, isoro/ui 
A tedder, retinaculum, 2. 
Tedious (laftixig Jong) diururnus, 

loogus (How) tardus, leatuf (irk- 

ibm) gravis, ooieto 

T E M 

TeefiouJIvf diutin^, long^j taxde*^ 
lente j moiefle, graviter 

Ted'iaufncfs^ prdlixitas, 3. tarditas, 
3. tiediuin, 2. moleftia, i. 

Ttrming, fecundus, faepe praegnans 

Teetb^ dcntes, turn, «. pi. {cheek-'') 
mnxillares dentes (eye>) deote-s 
canini {^ofacomb) pedtinis dentes 
(fore ') dentes incifores {jgag teetb\ 
dentet exerti 

Breeding teeth, dentiens 

A breeding of teeth, dentitto, jt 

Havirg ttetb, dentatus 

Breaking the teeth, dentifrangibulus- 

Teeth-powder, dentifricium, 2* 

A ttUJcobe, telefcopium, 2. 

To tell (relate) dico, 3. nuncio, i* 
narro, i. fignifico, i. {w blase 
abroad) pervulgo, u publico, l« 
{-again) rec:t«, i. repeto^ 3. (-^f- 
/orf ) praedico, 3. [or acqaaint OAC 
with) narro, i. indico, i. nuncio, 
X. {or admoniHk of) moneo, t« 
adinoneo, 2. (reckon up) numero, 
I. computo, I. {or rela(e) me-' 
moro, I, enanro, i. refcro (or. 
know) fcio, 4. (or didlate) di^o, 
X. (or prompt) fuggero, 3. {-a UeJ 
mentior, 4. {-mew*) annuncio, i. 
{-ftories) fjkbulor, I. {fii^fi$rittt 
calumoior, x« 

Tell on, perge, jige 

A tell tale, delator, 3. 

A teller, narratotf, 3. {-^ffiorles) ft-; 
bulator {-of fortunes) fatidicus (or 
numberer) nemerator, j, 

A telling, aarratio, 3. {or reckoning) 
numeratio, 3. computatio, 3. 

Temerarius, 'temerarius 

Temerity, tenjeritts, 3. 

Temper (conflitution of body) con- 
ftitutio, 3. corporis temperie« 
(hQHMvr, nature) in^«uA^ %« 

T E M 

«nimiJ8,2. indoles, is, f. (moile- 

ration) xquita; animi, muderatio 
Of an agreeable temper, facftus 
t)i gent :'l temper y liberalis ingenii 
Of an afptring temper yim^xW cupidus 
jin even temper, animus ceqtjus {an 

uneven temper) animus Icvis 
jigreeablenefs of temper f feftiviias, 3. 

idifagreeablenefs-) morcfitas, 3. 
The temper of flee/, tetnp«ratuia, I. 
To temper the pajfiont, animun) rao- 

derari (or mingle) mi^c»^o, 2. com- 

mifceo,*. (-7Vo»,&c.) temper©, i. 
A temperament (expedient) modus, 2. 

ratio, 3» {or conflitution of body) 

conflitutio, 3. corporis temperies 
, Tmr^rtf/fc«,moderatio,3.temperantia 
9f^tb temperance, temperate 
Temptrate, temperatas (calm) fe- 

renus, tranquillas 
Timperatenefs of weatber^ caeli tcm- 

periet arqualia 
Temperature, temperafnentam, 2. 
Temjpered, mixtui {good-) feftivus 

(///-) morofus 
A tempering, admixtio, 3, 
A tempefi, tempeftas, 3. 
Tempeftueus, procelloftis 
A temple, templum, 2. 
The ttmplet, tempora, pi. 
Temporal, temporalis (unhallowed) 

fecularis, profanus 
Temporalities, temporalia, pi. 
Temporally, ad tempus 
Temporary, temporarius 
To temporize, tempo^ fuccumblh^ 
A temporizer, qui fcenae fervit 
A tempsrixing, afTentatio, 3. 
To tempt (try) tento, i, aggredior,!. 

(entice) folicito, z/pellicio, 3. 

allicio, 3. 
A temftaeion (-inticemcnt) tcntatio, 

3. lUecebra, i. (-to anger) irri- 



Tempted (attempted) inceptnj (enti- 
ced) alle£lns, folicitus 

A tempter, tentator, 3. 

The tempter, diabolus, 2. 

A tempting, illecebra, 1, 

Tempted^ pcllax 

Ten, decern, dcni 

Often, denarius 

Ten times, dcries 

Ten years old, deccnni 

Ten years fpace^ decenainm 

Tnable, tencndus 

Tenfold, decuplus 

The tenth, decimuS 

Tenacious, tenax, pertinax 

Tenaciovjly, ttnaciter 

Tenacioujnefs, tenacitat, 3, 

A tenant, inquilinus, 2« teoens, 3. 

To /raJ (attend) comitor, i, euro, i. 
(-fo, or aim at) fpefto, i, tendo,3. 

Tended, Curatus 

A tendency (inclination) propenfio, 
3. inclinatioy 3. (drift or defign) 
propofitam, %, confilium, 2« 

Tender (foft) tener, mollis (nice, 
dainty) delicatus (-hearted) mife- 
ricors, benevolus (fcrupulous) ftni- 
pnlofus, hsefitans, dubitans 

Tender heartednefs, lAifericordia, I. 

A tender (guard) cuftos, 3. {or offer) 
conditio oblata (fmal) fliip) lem- 
bud, 2. navigiclum, 2. (or waiter) 
aiTecla, t« 

Made tender, emoHitus 

To gram tender, te nerefco, 3, 

To tender (or offer) porrigo, 3 . offero 
(or regard) indulgeo, 2. euro. i. 
(love or value) amo, i. diligo, 3, 

A tender of men^, pecuniae repre* 
fentatio, 3. 

A tendering, oblatio, 3 . 

Tenderly, tener^, molliter 

Tendernefs (love, kindnefs) benevo- 

l l^tia^ I, charitaiy 3. amor, 3. 


(rofalgence) iiidttlgeiitit( 
l9ofne(s} fcmpttle^ tilt 
tending to^ fpedlJM 
A tendinis cuntio, )• 
A tendon, tendo, 3. 
A tendrel^ cUvkda (tffdm 

cyma, 2. 
Tendrelt, cart)la^BC* bM 
Tenehrctttt (enembt 
A tememcni, tcnemeDtMi < 
A tenet^ dogma, 3* pIteiM 
A tennts iaU^ pila lafem 
Tennis fUpf, pile HmIiii 
A temor, tanpagei, ji ch^ 
The tenor, or chidT poitA 
nuater^ tenor, 3. fenoi ' 
intent mr purpofe) pnp 
f renfe «r meaning) km 
bomm Tit (in wmjk)t 
fonus fabgravit 
tenfe (granu) temput, 3». 
tenfhnf tenfio, 3. 
A tent, tentoriofny «• (-" 
velabram, s. (-fir ^ m 
namentnmy t. 
A tenter, pannitondinm, I 
Tenter haok^ uneuM, %,, hn 
Tte tenth, dedmvs 
The tenth time^ decimuBi 
Tenthly, decim^ 
Tenths, dedmae^ ^, 
Temu'ty, tcnaitUj 3* ginc 
A temn^, temm^ x« 
Te^, rxpi&MM 
Tepidity, tepor, 3, 
A terce^ triena, r» ; «. 
Ikt^giverfistiont teti^veiliil 
A/«nK(wdrd arrxpreffion 
2. (bound 0r limit) ta 
limea, 3. (limitted tin 
prseftitutom, 2. (condi 
diu'Oy 3. lex, 3, (« 
menfn^ pi, meni 


d ttrm, juftitium, i* 

foco^ 1. nunct|po,i, 

lulier rixofa 

icos, yocatos 

oiit) lioiito, !• ter- 

■) cerminari {-a dif^ 

compoacre, contro- 


iniiuitiii, limitatut \ 


•ounding) terminatio, 

ng) conclufio, 3. 

oding) teriniiiatio,3. 


teira 9$ aqua cooibns 

riufliy a« 



ill*, atroz (-/« looh) 

ikotut (very-) per- 

TOfy 3« borror, 3. 
iro, I. tcrreo, 2, 
loiteico, 3. terreor,!. 
rritufi, territut 
rens, territans 
ricoriam* 1. ditio, v 
, 3. foroiido, 3. 


xamen, 5. (witaefs) 
•«0r/>) facramencum 
authoritas pontificia 

ftamentuin, «• 
Ut©r, 3. 
I in denarii i-^f a 

niBcatto, g. 

r« I* tcftificor, x. 

ificator, 3. 


Tfftiifioniai, teAimonialis 

A teftimonial^ literae teftTinOnialek 

A tijtimony^ teftimoniutn, a. {-rftt 
good confdence) confcientia bene 
adae vitae 

To iear tejiimntyf f ftor, r, 

Ik teftimony ofrefpeff, caufi offieii 

Tffiif>*fi» fee tecbinefi 

A r^f/&fri retinaculum, «. 

To utber^ compedes injicSrtt 

A tetter, impetigo, 3. 

To tew, Conor, 1. nitor, 3. 

A text, tbema, 3. (words of the 
author] fcriptoris verba genuiaa 

TeMt ktterSf li^erx unciales 

A texture f textura, i. 

Tkan, in comparifons, it made by 
Mc, atque, or quam ; and fome* 
times by an ablative cafe 

To tkank, gratias ag^re 

Thanked, cui gratiae aguntur 

Tbank/uft gratus 

Tbankfully, grate 

ThankfulMefs, gratitudo, J. 

Thanh, gratiae,^/.' grates 

Thankfgi'L'ingt gratiarum a£l!o 

Tbmt (pton. demonftr.J ille, is, ifte, 
(for who «r which) qoi (a con> 
junction) ut, ne, qo^ 'qud 

Tbt Jam that, or as, idem ac^'atque^ 
er, ut 

Notes when tba fignifief^mrv/tr, and 
denotes time pad, before a verb, 
it may be rcnder'd into L'ttin by 
qMi^ as, / am glad that jrov ^e 
returned fafi^ qudd tu rediifti 
insoliunis, gaudc3» Butfib^rfig- 
nifying to the end that, denoting 
tine to coaaef and coming before 
a verb, which fignifies to difire, 
fear, command, labour, take cart. 
Sec, mnft b: made by vt, as, / 
difire xhztytu will oB thefl^, ut 
U fabuJam agas V9I9 


Agitrti fv^and ut may generally be 
better emitted, if the veib im- 
mediately following them be put 
in the infinitive mood, and itt 
nominative cafe be changed into 
tlic accufative» as, they faj that 
bemanagctb bii own hufinefi, fuum 
fe negotium aglrc dicunt, fot 
quod ille agit» 

S^eeiftg that, being that, txfinee tbat^ 
cum, quura, quando> quando- 
qaidem, qnia, qponiam, fiquident 
{Info much tbit) adeo ut, ufque 
adcj, ut— (Jo that) dum, dum- 
■modo, modo or adeo, ut ^ H. H* 
X^nKMfn {That wety) ilia, illuc (li 
the end that) co, ideo, el gratia, 
eo confilio, ut — , in iftum fioem^ 

Thatch, culmus, 2. ftipula, x» 

To thatch, culmis teg?re 

Thatched, culnJs tc5a 

A thaw, glaciei refoltitfo 

To thaw, regelo, i . (or hi thawed) 
regelor, folvor, x. 

Thawed, f^gf-latus 

The, bf fore a noun fdbfhntiv^, tnzf 
for the moft part be omitted ia 
tranflating into Latin, as, beio^ 
fufHcientiy included in the lioaa 
itfelf, except it denote the par' 
t:€ular thing mentioned before^ 
and then it it to be tranfltied bf 
bic, h4tc, hoc-, ille, ilia, ttludf 
ifie, ifta^ ifiud, acfcording to the 
gender of itt fubftantivci s^tid rbf 
particular thing thereby ra/crred 
to, whether this, thaCy .or the 
Other ; or, when it is emphatically 
ufed to iew that fomH perfofl of 
thiag it more than ofdisarilv to^ 
markable; as Alexander the tttmt 
Alexander ille ma^^^ 



Including in it {by hew muzbi by 
ft much) is to be made by quanto^ 
tntn» \ quOf eo, hoc j tam^ fuam 
A tbfme, thema, 3. 
A theatre, theatnimyi* 
^keatn'cai, ihcatricus 
Ttee^ te, ace. of ego 
Theft, furtum, 2. latro€iniorii,2. 
^hcirt or tbcin^ corutn, illorum, 
/ ip forum, gen, f.1, mafc, earvm, 
illaruip, ipi'arum, gen,fU/gmittir,e 
*rbm, cos, illos 5 e«i8, ilia's 
TothtTK, eis, illia 
tbimfel'Leit ie, fefe {cxntX, feipfos, 
femct ipfos ; feipfas^ femetipfas 
Qf tbetnfelws, ftii 
7key themfflvfs, illi ipfi 
TLen (at thai time) mm, tuac, ibi, 
eod«!m tempore (after that) turn, 
indc, pof(ca,deinde,exinde (therr- 
forc) ergo, igitur, id cire^ («ew 
an/i then) nonaunquAm, lubinde,. 
Whence (from thence) inde, illiac, 
iftinc (ihtreupon) eo, exinde, ex 
c(f {'forward) dcinceps, dcinde, 
Tkeo'egical, theologicua 
Ihee/ogf, theobgia, i. 
A tleofcger, thcologus 
A theorem, ihcofema, 3* 
Tbetremica/, theoFcmaticus 
The theory, theoren, i. 
Therapeutic, th^rapeutice, «, /. 
Tiere (in that place) iti, illic, iftic 
. (or thither, to that place) illi), 
' lilac, iliuc 

JV^#, yithcn there does no^ relate to 
plate, it has no particular /atin 
word s and in this fenfe, the 
■dininative cafe in Engii/b is gc- 
jicially fct after its Terb, and cot 

T H I 

fJacai kcf9i9 it; as, /i tberea 

meM^ that would fufTer it ? efine 
qui pati vellet } 
"thereabout {or about that affair) de, 
or in ilia re (thereabouts of place) 
circum, circiter, circa (of time) 
fub, circa, circiter (in number] 
quafi, ferme, feic, ad, plus minus, 
circa, circiter, prseter propter 
Thereafter, cxindr, deinde {-af) de, 
or in ilia re {-by) eo, imfc {-fore) 
id circo, ita, iiaque, ergo, igitur, 
pcrindc, proinde, prcin, propterca, 
ea propter, ea re {-from) inde, 
exinde, deinde i ab eo, ex eo 
(-Yii) in eo criBoloco, in lis or 
iIIm locis ; in ea or lUa re, in eis 
•r illis rebus {-of) ejus,, rliius, 
i riorum {on or ufon) exinde, de- 
inde, poftea, turn, ibi {-out) ex 
eo crillo loco {•'with) cum eodcB 
or iifd'em {'with, or withal) fimal, 
cadem operi 
The/e (of this) hi, hx, hare {aaJ 

thofe) hi et ilii 
A the^f thefis, 3. pofitio, 3. 
They, ii> iDi, ifti ; tx, \\\x, iftae 
Thick (nat thin) fpiffus,. denfus, 
crafliis Qvr^c) amplus, largus, 
latvs, rraffus (faf ) obeAis (muddy) 
ned) callofus {-Jkulled) pingue in- 
genium {together) frequeas, con- 
fertus {-cf hearing) funltfs 
Thick and three Jold, catervacim 
Through thick and thin, onMibus pe- 

riculis fe offerre 
To thicken, fpilfefco («r make thkJc) 

condcnfo, i. fpifTo, i. 
Ihickc/iedf condcnfatus 
A thicAifnfng, condenfat/o, 3. 
ijbickfft (clofeft) conferiifllAias 
A thiektt, duxnstum, 2« 
Thickly f dcnfc 

1 rx . 

nkkiiefi, denfitas, 3. {-rfkt 
aoditdf gravitaa (freqacocy) 
quentia, !• 
A thi^, fur, J. 
To thieve, fnror, i. furripit^ S< 
Thieved^ furreptas 
Thievery, fartmn, 2. 
A thieving, direptio, 3. cxpilat 
Thievifi^ fartinu 
\mevtjbfy, fimdter 
Thievijbnefi^ Airacicatp %, » 
Tkethiiby firfflur, 3. coxiy !■ 
A tbiU, ttmo, 3. 
A tbimifle, digitalea^ 3. 
Thin (not thick) rarui, teaair]|i 
to be difcoverM) peUaedMfl 
in frequent (lean) miaf, m 
Jcntus (light) levit 
To grow tht'n^ rarelco, 3. MtA^ 
Tomaketbin, rarefacioi 3. (arllU 
attenuo, i. trnoo, i, thaiib 
(or lean) tmadOp t. {-4 |M 
r^/«) difniiOy i. 
Made thin (rarify'd) nreMtf \ 
lender) attenuatM («r loi)' 
Hhine, tuas, a, um 
A thing, ret, 5. negotimit •• f 
Note, The word thing ^ <f4 
when included ill the adjeAitf 
often emitted^ aad the atjm 
h then made in the Dcatv f 
der J at, * it m Jhinm/^ rf 
indignum quidem eft ! T 
Note alfo, tkat Mwg is iw 
ufed tadenote fcom and cotf 
of a perfoD j at, ^ is ah 
thing, malier eft faftttiofib 
Things (goods) bona, ^. (c 
&c.) veftitus, 4* appan 
^{'ofio ^alne) ineptiae, at 
• tUnA (belicrei fsppofe, i 
pnto, 2, rrtr, t. credt> 

ntt I. opiaor, i. aiftinio» i. 
cnieop s. (-ifftftt) recogito, i. 
-«K* of m tbii^) aliquia acgri 
fare {.^ m, or upii) delibero, 
I. CBDtemplory z. confidero, i. 
l-^fire higm^) prKmeditor, i. 
r^f^ 4) prvi peodere {-other- 

UcMDprobOyi. {.<oovfeI/o/oM"s 
^fi alCBin fapSre (-wortty) dig- 
Mr, I. (.fcom) dedignor, i. 
pab^ cofitansy meditans 
^^nttf » cogitadOf 3. reputatioj 
(•^) meditatio^ 3. delibe- 
3« (-^f^^ bitMd) prsme- 

, tmuittr, exiliter ' 
taritasa 3. rarltndo^ 3. 
'1 tertioa 

•1 J. 
piM, tertianafl 

]^j tati^, tertK^a 
m^ penetxo, i. pcrforoy y« 
% itb, 3. (-^ riiribef, honour, 

;.) difituruin^ hooorHm, 


ft «tiOi 4- 
^Htedrfttr^ fitior, 4. 

ff/>|f, fiti fer^ ene^M 
trfy, finguinarius 
, tredecim 

«vr^ deciaus tertitti 
imett tredecin 
igiara, triceu 
V, Ecr deciesy tricies 
h, rrictffimas 
ifte {-man) bic (• 
^} boc 

Y. bioc 

T H O 

A thiftkt carduus, 2. 

Thither^ eo, tlld, illuc, iAhoc 

Tbithtrto, eatenus 

Tbitbemvardf iilorAim 

A thong f lorum, 2. corrigia, i. 

A thoTHf fpina, i. [black-) pninHs 
fylvafltris {tobtte-) oxyacanthaj i . 

Bearing thorns, fpinifer 

Tborney, fpinofus, fpineus 

JVhere tborm grvWf fpinetuiH^ 2. 

A thornback, raia clavata 

Thorough, per 

A thoroughfare, via pervia 

Thoroughpaced, perfeAua 

Tbofe, iJli, ifti 

Thou, tu^ ipfe 

Tbcughy or r/w* (although) nt, etfi, 
licet, tamtftfiy-eHamn, quanqi^ini, 
qaaviTis (neverthelefs) tamen, vc- 
runtamen, nihik>n]inus 

As thougbf veluti, vclut, perindc 
quafi, quafi, tanquam, tanquam 
fi, ut fi 

Thought (a thin1c*ng upon) cogltatio, 
3. mcditatis, 3. 
i A thought (thing thought on) cogi- 
^ tatum, 2. (care or concern) CHra, 
I. folicitudo, 3. anxicCas, 3. (con- 
trivance) inventio, 3. excogitatio, 
3. (aimor dcfign) propofitum, 2. 
conatus, 4. conGlium, 2* 
"To fake thought for, euro, c. pro- 
vidco, 3. confulo, i. (be con- 
cerned at) dolore afici 
Thought of (conHdered) pcrpenfus, 
deliberatns, (wary, conisderarc) 
confiderarus, providu<;, conrultus, 
prudent, circumfpe£his 
y Thyjghtful, roitcitus, anxias 
yTo be thoujhrful about (confider) con- 
tcmpior, I. fpeculor, i.con^idero, 
I. pcrpcndo, 3, {for or troubled 
abovt) angor, 3. perturbor, x. 

XoUcitor, u 

T H R 

TboughtfuUy, caut^, fonfuhi 

denter (anxioufly) ajixic, ft 

Ttoughrfuinefo^ lee caution an 

TboughtL'fs, inconfideratus, ii 

dens, temerarius, praecepi 
Thought /efnefi, inconfiderantia, 
A thmfand, mille, in fn^, tru 
urn, bus, pi. and is ui^cd both 
ftantiveiy and adjcflivcly 
Ttuc tboufand, duo mitlia or bis or. 
Ofathoufand, milliariui 
A tboufand times, millies 
Ti^e thaufandth, miltcfimus 
Thrall or tbral Jam, fervilus, 3. 
Tbrjj'onical, thrafonicus 
Thread, fiium, 2. (in cloth or* fill 
I liciiim, 2. (for weaving) linui 
I 2. flamcn, 3. 
To thread, tilum iBferere in foram< 

Thread iy thread, -filatim 
Threadbare, 'tritus, detritus 
The thread of difrourfe, tenor, 3. 
A threat, minatio, 3. minjc, pi. 
To tBroMten, comminor, i . minor, : 
Threatened, interrainatus 
Threatening, minax 
A fhreatening, comminatio, }• 
Threatening^, minaciter 
'Three, tres, -trim or terni 
Ihe tii-ee (at cards) trial, 3. 
Of three, trinus, trinarins 
Three divers vrjys, trifariam 
In three farts, tripcrtitus 
Threefold, triplex, triplus 
To make threefold, triplico, u 
Three cornered, triangularis 
Three dtiys fpace, triduum, 2* 
Having three colours, tricolor 
Three head-dp triceps {-bort^fd) trl 

cornis {-Jbapes) triformis 
Of three pound weight, trilibris 
Three fointtd, K\W^i^\k^ \. 


frcluding in it {hy bcv> muzbi by 
ft tnueb) is to be made by juantc, 
rtm» ; ytOf eo, hoc j cam| fuam 
Atbone, them a, 3. 
A theatre, theatrum^i* 
Tbeatn'cai, theatricus 
T/vtf, te, ace. of ego 
Theft, furtum, 2. latrociniaAy2. 
^heir, ox theirs^ eorum, illorum, 
. ip forum, geti, /•/. mafc, earMm, 
illarum, 'ii>laLT\im, gen. fL fimittir.e 
*ritm, cos, illos ; ws, illas 
TotbiTK, CIS, iilis 
Tbimfei-ves, it, fcfc femct, feipfos, 
femctipfos; feipfaSj femetipfas 
Qf tbemfehcs, fiii 
7i^ themf fives, illi ipfi 
*Tben (at thai time) mm, tuac, ibi, 
eodcm tempore (after that) turn, 
indc, poftea,deindc,exinde (there- 
fore) ergo, igitur, id ciree («ew 
and then) nonaunquAm, lubinde,. 
Whence (from thence) inde, illiac, 
iftinc (thereupon) eo, cxinde, ex 
ctf {'forward) deinceps, dcindc, 
Tbeofogiealy theologictis 
'JCbeoiogy, theobgia, i. 
A tleofcgery thcologui 
A theorem, theofema, 3* 
Tfbeoremical, theoFcmaticus 
'Ibe theory, theoren, i. 
rCherapeutic, th^rapeutici. es, f, 
'JCbere (in that place) ibi, iUic, iftic 
(or tbitbcr, to that place) illo, 
' iliac, iUuc 

jV*r#, yihtntherg does hoIp relate to 
plate, it has no particular latin 
and in this fenfe, the 

T H I 

man that would fufier it ? efine 
qui pati vellet ? 

Thereabout [or about that affair) de, 
or in ilia re (thereabouts of place) 
circum, circiter, circa (of timej 
fub, circa, circiter (in number] 
quafi, ferme, fere, ad, plus minus, 
circa, circiter, pneter propter 

Thereafttr, cxindr, deinde {-at) dc, 


Tbkknefty denfitat, j. (Y*J 
coditus paTitu (freftoff) 
quentia, i, 

A thiefy fur, 5. 

To thieve f furor, I. furripi^ ' 

Thieved, furreptus 

Thievery, fortum,s. 

A thieving, direptio^ $• ffP*** 

Thievi/b, furtinis 

ilia re {-by) co, imfc {-fore) \Thievijbly, fiuadter 

id circo, ita, iiaque, ergo, igitur, 
pcrindc, proinde, prcin, propierea, 
ea propter, ea re {-from) inde, 
cxinde^ deinde ; ab eo, ex eo 
(->■«) in eo criHo loco, in iis or 
't\\i6 locis ; in ea or ilia re, in eis 
•r iilis rebus {-of) ejus, rllius, 
illorum {on or upon) cxinde, de- 
inde, poAea, turn, ibi {•out) ex 
eo cr illo loco (• tvith) cum eodea 
or iifd'em (- w//4, or withal) fimalj 
eadem opera 
TbeJeLoi this) hi, bx, hare {-and 

tbo/e) hi et ilii 
A the/itf thefis, 3. pofitio, 3. 
They, ii> illi, ifti ; eas, ilia;, iftx 
Thick (nat thin) rpiffut,. denfus, 
crafliia 0^tr%t) am pi us, hirgus, 
latvs, rraflus (faf ) obefiis (muddy) 
ned) Cillojus {-j/iuiled) pingue in- 
genium ( together) f requeas, con- 
fcrtus {-cf hearing) funltfs 
Thick and threefold, catervatim 
Through thick and t bin, on-aibus pe- 

riculis fe offerre 
To thicken, fpiirefco {or make thiclc) 

condeafo, i. fpifTo^ i. 
Ibickcaed, condcnfatus 
A thickening, condenlat/o, 3. 

^vo^a 9 -«- — ' c. ■ ©# ' j- 

meininative cafe in Englijb is ge- Thicktfi (clofeft) confer tifliftiti 
nciaWy fct after its verb, and cot A thiehtt, duxnetum, 2, 
fJaccd bdf^ic it; as, h tktre M^^biokhf ^cnii 

Thtevififnefs, furacito, 3^ ' 
The thigh, femur, ]• c«i» ^* 
A thill, temo, 3. 
A thimble, digitale,^ 3. 

Thin (not thick) rami, teiW» ' 
to be difcover'd) peUod^l 
in frequens (lean) WCffi ' 
Jentos (light) levii 

To grow tbin^ rarefco, J. ■** 

To make tbin, rarcfacio, 3. (» B" 
attenuo, i. traoo, I, ^^ 
{or lean) tmado, 1. (•« I 
f^«)difrar6, t. 

Made thin (rarify*d) rarefbai 
ffeoder) atteavatui (r ki 

Hhine, tuns, a, am 

A thrngj res, 5, negotimn, s 

Note, The word tlni^ or 1 
when included ill the adjet 
often emitted^ aad the adji 
is then made in the dcbw 
der 5 is, it it m Jhtmt/^^ 
indignum quidem eft : ; 

Note alfo, tkat Mwg il km 
ufed tadenote foorn aodesM 
of a perfon j 9iM,peit*k 
thing, mulier eft faftttiofii' 

Things (goods) bona, f/. (d 
&c.) Teftitui, 4. appiiiH 
{-of no valai) ineptias, W^ 

r« tfink (beliere, fsppofe, W 

T H O 

'i !• ezrftlnio, i 
fium) recogito, i 
^H) ^I'^uid aegri 
ott^M) delibero, 
) I. confidero, i. 
I pnemeditor, i 
vi pcndere {-other- 
4. {-weUof) probo, 
. (-<» we// of wit 
Sre {-vortty) dig- 
<} dedignor, !• 
8, meditans 
itio, 3. reputatiOj 
litatio, 3. delibe- 
re hiuid) prsme< 

exjjiter » 
3. raritndo^ j. 



I. perf«fro» Y« 

^ nVibef, honour, 

y lu>ooriiin> &(. 

fitior, 4* 

re encAot 

BUS tertms 




cies, tricies 


n) bic I'tvoman) 

A thiftU, carduus, 2. 

Thither, CO, illo, illuc, ifthttc 

Thitherto^ catenas 

Thithertvardy iUorrum 

A thomgf lorum, 2. corrigia, x. 

A thorn, fpina, i. {blach-) prtimts 
rylv«ftris (white-) oxyacainhaj i . 

Bearing thorns, fpinifer 

'tborney, fpinofus, fpineus 

JVhere tborm grow, fpinetum, 2, 

A thomhack, raia clavata 

Thorough, per 

A thorough farey via penria 

Thorough faced, perfcdva 

Tbofe, ilfi, ifti 

Thou, tu, ipfe 

Though^ or tho" (although) nt, etfi, 
licet, tamtftfiy-eliamfi, quanqi^ini, 
quamTis (nevcrthclcfs)tamen, vc- 
runtamen, nihik>n]inus 

j^ thougby veluti, velut, perinde 
quaii, quafiy tanquam^ tanqtram 
fi, ut fi 

Thought (a thintc>ng upon) cogitatio, 
3. meditatis, 3. 

A thought (thing thought on) cogi- 
tatum, 2. (care or concern) aira, 
I. folicitudo, 3. anxieCas, 3. (con- 
trivance) inventio, 3. ezcogitatio, 
3. (aina or deHgn) propofitum, 2. 
conatuS) 4. conGlium, 2* 
"Tfl take thought for, euro, c. pro- 
video, 3. confuio) z. (be coa< 
cerned at) dolore afici 
Thought of (conHdered) perpcnfus, 
deliberatas, (wary, conisderarc) 
confideratus, providus, conrultus^ 
pmden*, circumfpefhia 
Thoughtful, folicitus, anxias 
To be though ful about (confider) con- 
tcmplor, I. fpeculor, i.confidero, 
I. perpendo, 3. {for or troubled 
abovt) angor, 3. perturbor^ x 

Solicitor, j„ 

T H R , 

Thoughtfully, caut^, confult^, piv- 

deuter (anxioufly) anxie, folicir^ 

Thoughtfulnefi^ fee caution and /•//- 

Tboughtlcfs, inconfideratus, imprvi- 

dens, tetnerariiu, praeceps 
Thoughtlefnefi, inconliderantia, I. 
A thoufand, mille, in fnj, miliia, 
um, bus, pi, and is u4d both Aib- 
ftantively and adje^lively 
Two thoufand, du^ millia or bis mille 
Of a thoufand, milliarius 
A thoufand times, miliies 
7^ thoufandth, millenmus 
Thrall OT thraldom, fervilus, 3. 
Thrafonical, thrafonicus 
Thread, fiium, 2. (in cloth offilk) 
licimn, 2. (for weaving) linum, 
2. ftamen, 3. 
To thread, iilum inferere in forasnea 

Thread by thread, €1811111 
Threadbare, 'tritus, detritus 
The thread of difcourfe, tenor, 3, 
A threat, minatio, 3 . minae, fl. 
To tBraatea, comminor, i . minor, !• 
Threatened, interminatus 
Threatening, minax 
A fhreateneng, •comminatio, }• 
Thrtaieningfy, minaciter 
Three, tres, •trini or terni 
The thee (at ^arda) trias, y» 
Of three, trinus, trinarins 
Three divert w^g, trifariam 
Jn three parts, tripertitus 
Threefold, triplex, tnplus 
To make threefold, triplico, t^ 
Three cornered, triangularis 
Three days fpaee^ triduum, 2* 
Having three amours, tricolor 
Three headed, triceps {-horufd) 0ri* 

cornis {-Jbapes) triformis 
OF three pound weight, trilibris 
I Three pointtdy XxxViSs^Wy -^^ 



T H R 

Jffavlng three teeth, tr^den«, j. 

^hree years /face, triyoiiuQ 

7'bree forked, trifurcui 

^hreefcore. fexiiginta 

Cf three fcuwe, (cxagsQan'm 

^'hreefctrt t'wm^ fcxagies 

^bree fcore and ten, I'epCuaginU 

^r^ bmdredf treceoti 

Three hundred tintes, trecemiei 

JTo tkrejh {-corn) flagdlo^ |, {-ot 

beat) cqpdO;, 3. 
A thrrjber, uiturator, 3. 
A tbrejhing,^ tritura, i. {'fio&r) ^xt^ 

tri r t ra; accottmcxhiu 
Ji thiijhold, ^ioMfU, 3, 
^hiice, xtx 

V^hrice as much, tripli, tripluft 
Thrift, f'rugalitas, 3, 
thriftily, fnigaliter, pwrci 
ThriUinefs, parfimonia, t. 
tr/>'///y/frugali8, parcus, fruji [-JeT' 

vanf) Tervus bona; fyu^i 
To thrill, itt to drill 
To tbri-ve (pro(pcr) rigeo, 2. valeo, 

a. fiorco, 2. dit^cQ} j. ('infijh) 

pingutfio^ 3, 
Thri-ven, ditatua 
-\ thriving (-/•« the world) profpc- 

jiu., 3. (tinfojb) corporis au^us 
Ttn-vingly, prortpeii, fcliciter 
V£>* /Ar<w/, guttur, 3. guity |« 
Of the tljroat, gutturtlii 
ThrsAtcut, juRulatut 
To thrch, palpito^ i. mko, f • 
-A throwing, paipitat o, 3. 
A throne, ToJiinnQ, 2. thfonuf, 2. 

regia digoita^, fumma pote(ias 
To throng or crviitfd, p?jemo, 3. (-Ifl. 

p/jctf) c<^tervatiin confluifre 
A tbrani, tuiba, I., fr^ucotia, l. 
Thronged^ pjcffu* 

^o flrofthf /Irang'ilo, i. (-/o ^Mfi^) 
/j^z/ro ijjterimece . , 
f^//ai (frangulmk 

r nfi 

A throttling, ilranguUtio, ;}. 
Through, a, ^x, per, propter 
Note, through it. often tht {ifnt 11 
4y> and then is made by !he pb- 
liiive cafe, as f^ro* are or ify my 
means, aper« mel. And through 
after a verb, is often implied in 
ir, efpecially ^hen the vsrb is 
compoundod with fer or trsni, as, 
to bore tbtovgh, perforo, i* i* run 
through, transfigo, 3. 
Through and throvgh, penituij, oaa- 

nino, prorfiis 
A thorough/are, via pervU 
Tiroughoutf per totum 
A tbrovt, or rtf/<, ja£lUt, 4, 
Ttf thri,w, cafi or Jling, jafia^ I, 
jacio, 3* ipitto, 3. coRJicio, 3^ 
{"arttts about the neck) collo darf 
brachia circufn (-« ftane at sAr) 
tliquem lapide peters (-bw'j >y' 
4/ r^f feet) fe ad ptdes pTi3|ic€rc 
{-all ab<yut) ^rcnmyc'io, %. fp4r|o, 
3. (-againji) allido, 3. iHidcij 3^ 
(««// a/oitf*) profternoj 3. «ibji{:io, 
3. (-^fide) rejicio, j, {-tnvay) 
abjicio,^ 3. (-away ene*i m&neyj 
pecuniam prodigKre {-aiifjy ;iW 
and labaut) operam et oleum pcr^ 
d<fre ("back) rejicio. i, {'M/fore] 
objicio, 3. {-behind) a ttrgo Tt- 
)icefe (-betiveen) interjkic), 3 
( dovvn) dfjicio, 3. diroo^ 3. fub- 
vcrto, 3. profterno, 3. {-dyv^^ 
arms) arma miitere ( off" scf^sif ^ 
tancc) Botos dcferere {-uf bnn 
liberty) abjudicare fibi hbcrtatsni 
{-dviun had long) praecipito, i- 
(idewn upon) ingero^ 3, {-f9*-tl'-) 
cmitto, 3. {-heufe out at 'Windt-xu) 
omnia conturbare {-in, or iv^r 
injicio, 3. imtn'tto, 3. (■!» anfV 
tgeth) exp!:obro, 1, ['into prif^n) 

rtjido, 3, ren 

gsTwunt) exuo (- 

efFimdcre {-out) 

tr^ijicio, J. tran 

adjicio, 3. {-up 

3, {up, as the 

{-up*n cffce) n 

{-vp<in) fupcrinj 

iortio. I, 

A rhro'UMT^ jsicula 

A tir^aing, jaftu 

{"OP^t'tio, 3. 

3. ( E/fl(/<(irf)jac 

dqe^io, 3, dcti 

lirio, 3. praDci 

a hmrje) ih equo 

j^-^io, 3. {-off) 

e}c6io, 3. repu 

Of beyond) traj 

Euperje^io, 3, 

ThtszLm, jaftus, t 

Te ht throiim out 

rejici, fufTragiis 

tanced) i ftadi< 

T^rpTtfff {-againft) 

pw]citixi {-aiva 

reje^his (-^rrt 

{ tfij<K;«) diratu: 

batui {-in a b 

accumulates ( 1 

TirtTt/Tj labores, ^ 

Thrums^ villi,*/. 

A ibrtffi (bird) tu 

The ihrffh (diieafc 

A ihrufi, impetus 

To thrufl, impeljo, 

a fieord) ferro 

{^againf) obdo, 

3* i-diwn) deti 

!♦ f forward) \ 

vford, or make 

acfclero, i. ( 

inirudo, 3. (>«, 


••■^i J. ^idfl, 3. abigo, 5. arceo, 
.!• ('^i*) ptrfodio, 3. trans- 
H^» 3' {'tognber) comprimo, 3. 
?5*«.i.(-i5^)premo, 3.0J- 

■^^'■FoHwjibiftus^ rcpulfus-, 

■ *ftAtw ; cMrftaius } pcrfofTus, 

2j!*Wi expulfus, exclufus, 

'•O impulfio, 3. {"together) 

. Ji^i digits 
' /?* ^"^**» 3» ottnndo, 3. 

|>yBy, poflatio, 3. pilfus, 4. 
i^^.tiaitru {'ftruck) fideratus ; 

•Ai*r, folnnino, !• 

^Mfr-rA^y fragor call (-^^) 

«»a, 3. 

maJerf falminetrs 

'kKderer, fulminator 

inJeriitf, fulminatto, 3. 

vmng\-fTom above) altitonans. 

wirr) Tox ftentorea 

•ifems, thnrifer 

/Kf^ feria qirinta (hofy-) dies 

sofionis domi ni ( Alavff<?tfjr-) dies 

u proxinui ante pafcha 

, ita, hoc modo, (tc, ad huhc 

idom (-far) haAenus, hue nfque 

ntb) cantum 

»0ck, i£bi9, 4« verber, 3. 

■wr>, verbero, i. faftigo, x. 

WMckiMg, verbentio, 3. 

ft, Cranfverrai, obliquus 

T I E 

TbtvartiTig^ contrariu*!, repugnans 

A tbioartin^y conCradiftio, 31 

Thy, tuus 

Thyvte, thymus, *, 

Belonging to tbyme^ thyminus 

Full of tbymSf thymofus 

To t'jce, all "CO, 3. 

A tick (infe£l) ricinus, *, (-./er o 
Bed) culcitra, I. [or truft) fides, 5. 

A ticket, tcfTera, i. 

Tof;f*/(p,titillo, i .{-thefan(y)zMoT,i 

A ticilirtf^^ titillati», 3. 

T/r*A/^,titiilacionis impatiens (cap- 
tious) morofus, captiofus (nice) 
tes Hbrica, dilficilis (daagerous) 

Tid -or dainty, delicatuUs 

Tid bitty dapes opimc 

To tidJliy nimts indulgere 

Tbttide, a;ftus maris {-efetb) reflincns 
maris (ji&«iwf-)€lu vies, 5. C*-'^-} 
»(his maris decrcCccns 

lyitb the tide, fecundo ftunine 

A^ainft ride, adrerfo flumine 

77<i^(time) tempus, 3. tempeftat,}. 

Tidings, nuncios, 2. rumor, 3. 

To bring tidings t nuncio, X. 

Tidy, fokrs, Kabilis 

A f/>, ■ficxuSf 4. vinculum, a. 

To "tie, or iind, alligo, i. ligo, i. 
oblige, I. vincio, 4. coallringo, 
3. obfhingo, 3. {-about) circum- 
ligo, X. circumvincio, 4. (-back) 
rcvincio, 4. {-bcfire) praeligo, i, 
praevincio, 4. {'together) copulo, 
I . {-to) adfhingo, 3. {"witb a knot) 
in nodum cogerc 

Tied, ligatus, vInAas, nexus ^ an- 
nexusy alligatus; conncKus, co- 
piilaCus, conJMn£tu9 

To be tied {-in bed) conflringor, 3. 
{-by the laivs) legibus impcJiri 

A tiff {^\9rrc\) contcntio, 3. lis, 3. 

j"r^i'jm^2.[-e/^rfrj»M) modicum;!. 


A tiger, tigriij, 3, {or cruel pcrfon) 
homo crudelis 

Of the tiger, tigrinus 

A tige efs, tigris femina 

To tighy, cachinno, i. 

Tight (neat) nitidus, comptus, bal- 
lus, concinnus, fcltus (fate) tuius, 
falvus (found) faBus, validus 

A tile, tegtila, i. 

Cutter tile, imbrex, 3. 

Of a tile, tegvlaris 

To tile, tegiiiis obduc^re 

A tiler, tegularum ftruftor 

The tiling, togulum, a. tegilluoi, z. 

Till (untill) dum, nee, ancea^uam, 
antcqoam, antea niH, quoad 
(befo:e a noun) ad, in, ante, 
ufqtie ad (before a verb) priuf- 
qaam, ante, antequam (a pre* 
pofition) in, ante, ad, ufque ad 
( - moo ) n unc primiim, adhuc (-/Sirib 
time M)quoad, quod, donee {-then) 
antea, ante (-« vtBik a goi) uaf99 

A ft//, loculus, ft. 

To till, colo, 3. 

Tillage, agricultura, T. 

Tilled, aratus9 cuitui 

A tiller of the ground, agn'cola, t, 
{-of a bow) arcus cornu {-of a 
boat) cymbae gubcrnarculum, a, 

A tilling, aratin, 3, cult us, 4. 

A ftVr cloth, tentorium, 2. 

To tilt a barrel, cadum indinare 

The tilting of a barrel, cadi indinatio 

Timber^ materics, 5. lignum> a* 
( nvork) matcrialura, x. (-jwr- 
chjKt) roateriariua, 2« {"yard) fa- 
brica materiaria 

Of timber, matcriafius 

//^f/i timbered, bene ftrufliia 

\ timbrel, tympanum, z. (-/^'^>* 

7i.w^ tcnr.pvi?, 3. (leifur^) ct'.»:a\, ir 
tcmo>i^ ^^.^ ^^^ 

T l.M 

Tor a time, ad lempus . 
J^eifure timvSy hora? fubcefivi» 
A iofig time, diu^ jaindudiun 
Jntiu.etime, icmpeitiTus 
Out of time f rOtempcftivuft 
*fime out 0f M/W, muttit aot^ feculis 
^4httit that time^ per id rempus 
^it this lime, in prnefenti, jam, ««inc 
{■another tlm^ alio trmpure (-r/xi/ 
//Vnc) CO tempore tunc {-atrf time) 
unquam ( -noirme) unquam {'^ui:at 
time) quando [-what time Joever) 
quandorunque (-tbt ti-ne that-) 
quo teonpore [^the -very fame tii»e) 
per idem tcnipus {-thi J€t ttm<) 
, tcmporu conftiiuio 
tfatany t.mcj ft quando 
^0- that timty ut temporibus illis 
From this time, in futnnim 
Jh 4^.time^ temprftite 
Jn a Jh'ire time, brevl tempore 
J% ay^an time, vertente anno 
^flate time, no per 
In time paj^^ o\\xsi, quondam {-time 
to come) deinde, dehinc ( the mean 
time) inrerimx ioierea {'the day 
time) interditt 
^ftfr a long time, poft diem lengmn 
Before ik^t tii^, antehac (• fhattime) 

Of time, temporalis 
Of old time, antiquirils 
From the begimtiiig of time, t^ SBTO 
Vo that timt, eatenus 
STo time lotll, tempe(live *gHrc 
Hi timed, iocempeilivns 
fVell tiwedj^ t^mpcftivus 
^hrte timet, ter (four-) quater («K>n>-) 

f£cpe, fapp^numer^ 
^t all timet, fern per 
irimt/y, opportuQiis, tCQipeftivus 

(adv.) tempcftive 
S7/Tf/^.Wj>, /yjOTJdiras. «, 

T I R 


Timoroitfly^ timide 

lim^roujnejS, timer, 3. metgg, 4. 

Tibe tim/>apy, tympauiteSi ^,m. 

Tin, n annum, 1^ 

Of tin, ftanncus 

A tinman, ftanneorum inftrumen- 

torum fabricator 
Tin glafi, bifmuthum, 9* 
To tin, ftanno obduccre 
A tinBure, tin£tura, I . (impreffion 

on the mind) mentis- fen fus 
Tinder, igniarium, 2. (-box) pixidula 
igniarium contiAcns 
\ To tingle, rtfono, i. cinnio, 4, 
Tivg'ing, r'cfonan.e, tinnulosi 
A tinker, fartor circumfcroneus va- 

forum aereomm 
Tinned, flannoobduAus 
A f inning, Aanni obducMo * 

Tinjei, pannus metailo aarei colons 
coiirextus, mctaph, fplender falfus 
Tinyt p<rpuliUu8 
A //y>(poipt) apex, 3. ( ofthenofe) 

oafi excrrmitaiS 
T* tip with filver, argento circum- 
cludcre ab labiis {-tJOith iron) ftrto 
praemunire {or throw down) dc- 
jicio, 3. ftemo, 3 . {-one th* tpink) 
ahcui annuere {-off^ or die) mori 
Tippfd, tipt, tuith fiver, argento 
ablabris circumc]^fu8 (-^ithirom) 
fcrro pirappiiatus 
A tippet, fafcia, |. 
To tipple, pergraecor, i. potito, I. 
A tipler, btbax, ebriofus 
A tippling houje, cauponu}^ J, 
A tippling, commefFatio, $• 
A ^//^^(officer) iiftor, %, accenfus, 

2. (inftrument) accenfi bacu|u« 
Tipfy, temulcntus 
A tire (rank) fcries, 5. ordo, 3. 
Ttresfor women, capiili afciti 
A tirewoman, ornatrix, 3. 
7? tirsy omo, 1% adomo^ i, (or weary) 

T o 

fht}$% I. laflV* I* dela^o, 
be tired) fatigor, %, defenf 
Tirejome, fatigans, labor .ol'u* 
Tirefotnenejs, fatigatio, 3. lab 
A tiring, defati^atio, 3. 
Tijfue, fericum auro^ «r argei 

A tit (little horfe) manQut, z. 
lus, 2. (or //Vnwir/«}p»xiUy 
Tifchy, morofus 
Tithe, decin\3e,p£» 
To tithe, decime, i. 
Tithed, deqimatus 
A tithe, diecimiitori^ 3. 
A m£>/>^,decimjt o,3.(-tfbB 
tithinga, i. decunaj. i. | 
decuiio, \, 
Titillation, titillatio, 3. 
A titU or iafcriptiem, titala^l 
fcriptio, 3. epignpbe, I. (• 
nour) dignitatis titalos or i 
{or right) jus, 3. yindicsti 
{or writings, deeds> &c.) 
teftantes, inflrumeota,^/. 
Titled, vocatus, infcriptus 
To titter (laugh) cachinoo, 1 

(totter) vacillo, !• 
A tittle, pun£tum, %^ 
Tittle tattle, dicaciUf, 3. 
A tittle tattle^ garruluSt 2« 
To tittle tattle, garriOi 4« 
Titular, titularis 
Tof ^ffir before a noun is al 
the ng]^ of the d«tive t^it* 
to before a noUn dcaoting OKI 
as going to, applying to^ k 
rendered by one of tbeie tt 
fkiom, ad, adverfom, apu/,< 
- de, erga, ex, prae, pro, in fi 
przpoHtion muft be omitted ^ 
the ftru£lure of the Latin 1 
renders it nfelefs, as» v)bat « 
wtan bdveyvu toj$ur viiftf 

mvlierii uXQrcm habcc ? 

... a Tcrb» moft comtnooly 
thc£gn oftheiniiaicire mood, 
nc it nay be renderM alio in 
Mm by a gerund in aiy zs, re- 
ihtd to fOy ceitos eumii: by a 
trond in i&jh, as. To take the 
umiet, mi cafitndam hoftes ) or, 
f a fubjunAiTC mood, as, Ihu'ue 
jtfi rigbi t9 do it, lequum eft uc 
Kiam. Or, by ■ future in rtis, 
s, 1 am to go to London, Loiidi- 
lOfomfr^ (iurut Jum 
mifnt hoc ilJuc 
htihfkta^ atro^ue 
nopKrfojt, fruffra 
mbiebeiul^ quamobrem 
lorf, nempe, fcilicet 
br (befbic a nounl cfle, fieri, ut 
im, qui fim. (Before a participle 
|f tVc pretcrperfcA tenfe, is ge. 
teiallj to be reqdcr*d by the m- 
Ui'lhenood of the paffive voice, 
S A dtfimk to be thought riebj 
pit baberi dives) If it follows 
r tenfe of the verb fum, may 
Tiadc a participle of the future 
'w, as, iifke dtfenied^ defen- 
us eft. Of, by the adje^tve 
Vi, aty h u ht cured, eft me 
".is. Or, by the relative 
id potential mood, as, tror- 
iv fent f9 Bedlam, dignus 
cgenir anticyras 
ufo, 3. rubeu, t. (-floo/) 
%. {'ffi) rana pifcatrlx 


rotiana, I. tabacum, 2. 
, tabaci venditor 

ti oQo librae 

t pedii {jnat') pedis 

I, a. (ewffcr oJm toft) 


Together (at the fame time or place) 

iimul, unik (without inter million) 

continentcr, per, &c. 
Toictber (adj.) coniinuus 
Tew/, labor, 3 {toUa, or nets) plagse, 

f>/» indxginc^^/. 
To t'Mf molior, 4. Uboro, i, 
Toilififf toiljome, Ijboriofua 
A tot ting f eUboratio, 3. 
A tckeHf ^gnum, %. pignuf, 3. oOden, 

3. noca, I. 
7eA/, did us, nanatus {^^efire) prae- 

ItclJ, dixi 
May be told (n^mhtrcA) numerabilis 

(may not be told) innumcrabiiis 

(or nor be expreftcd) ineaplica- 

bHis, inennrrabilis 
Tolerable f tolerabilis 
Tolerably, tolerabil.rer 
To tolerate, indulgeo, a. tolercv, i, 
ToleratJ, permifi'us, toleratus 
A tolerathg, toleration, tolenitio, 3, 

indujp.entia, i. perpellio. 3. 
T<M, veftinal, 3. tributum^ ^'(-/"^ 

grinding) emoiumentaiD, a. 
T# taki tJl, ve^tigal exigcre 
A toll gatherer, exaAor, 3* 
A toll booth, telunium, 2. 
To toll {a bell) ieviter pulfare 
Tolled^ Ieviter pulfatut 
A tolling, levis pulf4tio 
A tolfey, fee toUhooth 
A tomb^ (epuichrum, t. {'ftone) lapis 

A tome, tomus, 2. volumen, $• 
A tone, fonus, 2. tonus, a. 
Tongi, fo