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1. Frangm et Anglms.'"'^, ,AngUnB et Frangois, 




lei diff&reates Parties d'Onuson^Les Genres dei Noms FranQois— Let Aoeens de9 

Mots Anglois, pour faciliter la PrononciatioB wax Etrangera— Una LUte 

AlphaMtique des Noms de Bapt^me les plus unt£»— Des 

Noms PropKs les plus remarquaUes, et des 

Lieux de la Terre les plus connus. 



Revue, eonig^e, et augment^ de tous lies. Mot* Neuveaux ins^r^ dans la decnidre 

dfition dtt Dictionnaire National de Moutardier et Le Ckre, On y troure 

de plus les Irrigulariti* des Verbes et des Noms AogloiSj 

et un Pre<^ de Prononciation et de 

GramnuHre Frangoue, 





Leptix etc Deux Cwrtfc* Vifigt'Cinq Cem^ j 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 







X' Fffsnch and EngUsJu — r2. English and French 

■''■■•■ covTAtnsfa '■ 


Andautiimzed by the best Writers ; 

The seTCiBl parts of Speech— The Genders of ■ Ae Ffendi Nonns^The Accents of 

the Eoglisb Words, ibr the Uae of Foreigners— An Alphabetical List 

of the most usual Qhristian and Proper Names, 

and of the most Remarlcable Places 

in the known World. 




>Vith the addition: of the New Word* inserted in Moutardier^s and Le Clerks Ias« 

edjticoiof the National French Dictionary } the Irregularitiet of th9 

ISngKsh Verhsand Kmins ; and a Comprehenrive View 

of the Pronunciation and Syntax of ibit 

French Language. 




PrkeTxvo DoUan TmntyBve ^^|g ,y Qoogle 







The following Introduction having been approved by judi^ 
clous Persons, at the head of eminent Schools, the Author has 
revised it, in this Edition, with the utmost care. Besides the 
experienced utility of the Dictionary, there will be found, in 
less than sixty pages a SpeUing-Book, a Comprehensive View 
of the French Grammar, and an Elementary Guide for trans- 
lating French into English. 

OCT* Independent of such advantages, this improved Edition 
contains all the new Words and chief Locutions inserted in 
the last Edition of Moutardier^s and Le Clere^s national 
French Dictionary. 

,y Google 


J. HE sale often thousand copies, vithiti a short time, lea^hig no longer 
an; douht of this DietioBary's experieneed'ntility, no ti^onUe and cfzpeAce 
have been spared todes^^e a continnance of the puhlio edteetn. 

By the smaUness of its size, the fbtloving Repository 'of Wotds is be- 
eome poitable to learners of both languages, and it may property be deno* 
niinated a POCKET DICTIONARY, much better adaiited to d»ly use, 
particularly in ladies^ boarding-schools, than ^ny manual of its kind^ . 

Such care has been taken in forming this little volume, that we may 
alledge it contains as great a number of words as some of the largest Dic- 
tionaries. As for sentences and phrases, we have been obliged to continue 
the omission, in order to bring tKe'work within the compass intended. 
Besides, idiomatical expresnons are better acquired by the constant use of 
the best authors, than by detached quotations. 

Where a word is equivocal, or bears different significations in French^ 
we have inserted each of them in English ; but in general, no more than 
a nngle interpretation is subjdned to each term. 

The French participles are seldom inserted, as their formation must be 
known to every body who has learned the rudiments of that language. 

The French words are carefully accented, according to the rules of the 
best grammarians ; and we have also added the accents to the English 
words, in order to facilitate their pronunciation to foreigners. 

In compiling this manual, we have had recourse to the best Dictionaries, 
French and English, particularly to that of the French Academy, with the 
addition of all the new words and chief locutions inserted in the last 
edition of Mtoutardier'a and Le Clerks national French Dictionaxy. 

Besides that numerous addition of words, this edition has the convenience 
of a clear and comprehensive view of the pBoiruifciATioF, Accidencx, 

,y Google 


and Stktax of the French language, with a pariknlar section on GuaM" 
ULLB in general. Those subjects having been undertaken at the instance 
of judicious persons at the head of eminent schools, we cannot entertain 
any doubt of their general utility ; and no pains have been spared to render 
them worthy of the public support 

Another advantage of this edition is, that it contains all the In- 
BEGULABiTiES of the English language, both in the French and English 
parts : a oonveni^ce which is to be had in no other french and EngSsh 
Dictionary now extant, and which fills up. a deficiency so much and so 
justly complained of by foreigners. 

The supplement of proper names has been thrown into one alphabet, so 
that a name may be instantly found. 

.The ladiei^ ftt the. head of sabools^ and private gfyremesses, will fiad, ia 
this edition, tbetr laudable wish folly satisfied, i^i one point, as the most 
scropulocis eare has been taken to^xpupge all improper ex^reisionfl. 

The editor «qw dismisses his volume, and shall think hia Uboaps ampiy 
itfpaid, if it can be said that hft Imb faeilitated the attainme&t ofthe Frendk 
and English lanc^iagei. 

,y Google 


1 / ACCtfEOa favorable que le public a fidt k ce I)ictionoaire,e8t la preuve 
la plea flertame de bod utility. On n'a ^parga^^ dans eette edithm, ni sdn, 
ni dispense, pour en fiure le manuel le plua commode & le mcwa diapen« 
dieox dea oanrrages de ee genre. 

On en a dimioui^ le volume, en se servant d'uu caract^re ploa pietit • 
& I'on peut hardiment assurer qu'il renferme un aussi grand nombre de 
mots que la plupart des grands dictionnaires. 

Les Tabus relatives k la iGrammaire Frangoise, ajoat^es k cette edi- 
tioib peuvent aussi devenir trds-utiles aux personnes qui desireroient ap« 
prendre I'Anglois, parce qu'une traduction reoiproque y pr6Bente les 
parUea du discours des deux lan^eSy & ofiVe, sous le m6me coup d'ceU, ce 
qu'on ne trenveroit aiUeurs qu'avec beaueoap de terns £c de peine. 

Un autre ^vautage de cette edition, c'est qu'on y trouve toutes les ifW- 
^puUuit^^ des verbes Se des noms Anglois, non seuiement selon Tordre 
alphab^tique» mais partout oti se recontrent des mots irr^guliers. Aucun' 
autre Dlettionnaire des deux langues n'a encore ^t^ fait sur ce plan, Sc 
PEditeor 8*est volontiers impos6 cette tache p^nible, pour r^medier k un 
d^fiiut easentiel^ dont les Strangers se plaignoient avec raison. 

Notre bat a 6t6 de donner an vooabulaire, portatif & complet, de termoa 
simples. 8k Isolds, auquel on puisse avoir ais^ment reoours : & nous n^avon^ 
^paiign6 oi ^emes^ ni rechercifates> pour H res^Ure correct 

,y Google 


THAT the Reader may more easily an- 
dentiand the plan of this work, it has been 

AFIN que le Lecteur poisse plus th&- 

^ ._ meDt8iiiTreIephmdecetooviage,onaera 

thoagfat proper to ioaert the foUowiDg oh- deroir insurer les observations suinmtei. 

h Lorsque des ploysylhhes s^^erivent de 
la m6me manidi'e dans les deux lan^roeg, 
oo ne varient que dam les deux dermdre« 
syltaibes, on les trouvera terits ainsi : Abs 
breriation, f —tiofu AbominaMenimi, otf . 

II. Lorsque plotienn mots qdi appntieik' 
nent k la m6me partie dV>nUson sontplae£s 
de suite, la maniue de oette parde d^OTai 
son ne se troove qu^ipi^s le ^Rouer mot. 
& sert k tous ceux qui le suivent. On a 
suivi le ra^me plan pour le genre de nonu 

IIL LorsquHme lettre, on une syllabe, 
comme, «, re, euse, &e. uit un adjectif 
Franicms* olle sert i esa marqner le feminin. 
Comme les a4jeetifs que ae tenninent <ai e, 
muetf sont toojours des deux genres^ on ne 
leur a ^joui^ attcnne marque dist>actime» 
Les adjectifs tr^s-izr^^ien, sont imptimes 
sans abbreviations. 

I V» Quand tous troovereK one Kgne eom- 
me celle-ci — , oik commenoe nnnouyel arti- 
cle, elle annonoe-la repetition du root 
precedent, mais d*ovdinaire dam un sens 

V. Quand unmot, soit snbstantif ouad* 
jectif, nnit en er, ou en eer, la lectre e qu^on 
y ajoute pour former le feminin. doit ae 
prononcer S Ex BouUmgier. e, FanUUer, 

L When poUysyllables are spelt alike in 
both languages, or are only altered at the 
last, or two last syllables, they will he found 
in the following manner : Abbr^Tia^tm, f. 
•Hion Ahaaasutblement, tuU —biy, 

IL When seveml words of the same part 
of speech fidlow one another, the mark of 
the part of speech is only put after the first 
word, and answers to all the others. The 
same method has been followed with regard 
to the gender of the French words. 

in. When a letter or a syllable, such as 
e, re, etue, &e. fidlows a French adjective, 
it is to show its feminine. As the adjectives 
ending in e^ without accent, are always of 
b^ gender* in French, they hare no spe- 
cial mark in Uiis Dictionary. Those that 
are quite irregular, are printed without any 

IV. When you meet with a line tfaui— , 
that begins a new article, it means the re- 
petition of the preceding word, which ge* 
nerally has another sigi^Scatiou. 

Y. When an adjective, or a substantive, 
ends in cr. orter«the e, preceding r, must 
be pronounced i in the feminine. £x. Beu- 
longer^ e» FamiUer^ e. pronounce them, 
BnUangire^ FamiUire. 

VI. When there is but one meaning to 
ui adverb, if there be near it an adjective 
of the same root, and with liferent signifi- 
cations, the adverb generally has them all. 
—Thus: tendremerU, ad. has all the mean* 
ings of tendre, a. This observation, which 
serves for several hundred adverbs, and 
often for substantives, will be of great ser* 
vice to young translators. 

VII. As French verbs are to be found in 
the Dietionacy by their infinitive otAj ; 
when you meet, in reading, with some 
verbs in another mood, endeavour to find 
their infinitive, which always ends in er, 
ir. otr, orre. 

VIII. The ftequent asterisks in the first 

e.prononoez, Boulangire^ttmUiSre 

VL Quand une advexbe att(4iiel «ui n*a 
donn6 au^un sens, suit un aiMectif dont il 
derive, & qui a phuieursBigiriDieatioos, IHmI- 
verbe les a oininaiieman tootet. Ainsi 
tendrement, ad a toutet les significations de 
tendre. a. Cette observation, qui peot s\in. 
pliquer k quelques centaines dWverbes & 
k plusieurs substantift, sera trds-ntile aux 
personnes qui commeneent k traduire. 

VIL Comme on ne trouve les verbes 
Francis dans le Dictionnidre que par 
Pinjitutffs quand, en lisant, il s*en rencontre 
dans un autre mode, il faut tacher de s W 
surer de leur infinitif, qui finit toiyoun en 
«•, ir, «r, ou re. 
VIII. Les ftequens ast^risqaes (jui se 

part, show the following words to be irre> trouvent dans la premiere parde. indiquent 
guUur : and such irregularities are explain- l*irr^gulaiil6 * 

ed in the second part~ in looking for 'tboie 
wonb in their alphveticftl vs&t. 

„ 6e» mots qui les solvent : & 

ces irregularit^t s^expuquent dans hi se- 
conde nartie . en y eherchant les mots 
siuwit I'oxdR alphaMtique. 

Digitized by 






WE divide this Introdaetioiv ioto four Sections. Tlie first exemi^ifies the princi- 
ples of the Freueh Pronunciation; the second treats of Grammar in general; tl«e 
third presents a comprehensive view of the several Farts of Speech in the French and 
English languages; the fourth cputaios the fundamental Hules of the French Syntax. 


. Oftlte French Pnnunclatioru 

The French alphabet consists of 85 let- 
ters, in the order of this Dictionary: a, j^, 
c,d,<. /, g, A, i, j, fc, /, m, n, o /». y,T, #, 
t, tt, v, ae^ y, x. They axe divided, as ia 
JBuglish, into vtwelt and consonants. 

Sotat particular marks, called Accents, 
are essential cq the orthography of the 
French words, and af&ct their sounds- 

The acute accent (') is put upon e, and 
gives to it a slender and actite sound, nearlv 
Qs a in aJCypale. £x. iti, bont^.g^niiosifi. 

The i^rave accent C) is put chiefly upon 
e, and gives to it jin open and grave sound, 

nearly as a to p&ry, day* Ex. p'^re^^^ne^ 

The circumflex accent C) «> put upuiany 
vowel, and gives to it a broad sound Just ac 
tlie sound which differences halt fivm hat^ 
shawl from shall* fix. du /Mtre^ vcus Stes, 
Iti vitresyje brAle. 

The apostrophe indicates the elision of 
a vowel; as, CAmc for la dme ; l^arbre for 
le arbre. 

The cedilla gives to the c the sound of *, 
before a. e, t*. Ex. U langoy ma legon^ mu*' 


Observe, first,, that the French letters « 
and 4r, when added to the substantives and 
adjecuves to mark tlie plural number, serve 
likewise, ingeneral^ to lengthen the sylla- 
ble which precedes them Ex. un told&t^ 
ties soUtaft ; un fff^t^ des effets. 

Se)Bondly, a vowel with a ctrcnmficx is 
always broad; as vvus ii^ drdle ; but 

Open A ; sounded like a in shall 
BtoiA A; sotmded like a in sharf>l 

vowels are often pronounced broad, al- 
though witliout a circumflex, as will ap- 
pear in the (bllowing tables- 

The voweb a, e, i, o. «, prodace, by 
their combination with other lettors, many 
other simple sonnds, which we treat as 
vowels in tlie following order. n 

Bagne, cave, mascarade 
PRtre.hl&me, rare' 

,y Google 

Slender £ ; Munded like a in ale 

— er; "\aiid so soand ct, ee, 

ez; >a^ in the final syllables 

— — ai; J ofyerin 

Open £ ; nearly like ay in num 

-\ and so sound ai and n in finC 
—— ai ; and middle syllables ; ef in 
w^ ei ; final syllables ; e not ac- 
— et ; > cented, but followed by two ■• 
•— • (At i eonsMiants. or a final r, /. /. 
I* ; oi in the imjierfeot, and 
J conditional tenses of vertn ^ 

Broad E ; ") sounded nearly like e in' 

• -' - thete; and so sound ai, 

eie^ ait^ aix; alw oistmA 

* 9itw in tbe iinper.ect and 

conditional tenses of verbs, 

likewise et^olff,^* 

ai, aie ; 

ais, aix ; 



eu, aits ; 

Guttnral E 

}at the end c 
bleji. and in 
tion of won 

Th«, cai%. felecit^ 
Parler danser. jouer 
Vous pariez. dansez, joaez 
' J'ai. je sai>, il sait 

R^Rle, z^Ie, caractdre 
J'airae, vaine, fnramroaire 
Baleine. pein^, enseigne 
Bonnet, bosquet, bracelet 
Toilette, sagesse, dentelle 
Bee. chef, sel.enlbr 
II parloit. il porleroit ' 

N. B. WhereTcr oi has the sound of ^ or 
^, many authors change oi into aj .* Franr 
faU, Anglais, il parlaU, &c. 

Tempfete, l^te, eonqu^te 
Mattre^ aise, craie, futaie 
Jamais, d^stfrmais, fai paix 
Les Francois, les Angloii 
J'aimois. ils aimoient 
Sujeu, regrets, traits, bienfiuts 
Succds, procds, ici pr^s 

Mrlf, eu and^ 
e, bat much S 

\ at the end of roonosyllao 
ind in the composi- 1 
f words, is sounded [ 
" 1 Htter J 

eu, ceo, "1 So soand. nearly, eu 

eA, I ««— likewise rtf 

eux4 r osci and ctue, 
ens, j gnver 
ceuz, eu8e;J 

Silent ]$ ; Gives a ftall sound to a final con* 

sonant, whiob otherwise should 

be silent 
Slender I i sounds like re in «2tti;i 
OiienO; sounded like o in come: so 
'— ^u . sounds oti at the beginning and 

end of polysyllables 
Broad d,0; sounded like o in coUt 
•— — os,ou ; so sound the final sylhibles w, 

ott. aux ; likewise as ii» motio* 

l^eoder U ; these vovels have no similar 
Q i sound in EngUsb; H sounds like 

tt, but is a little longer 
Slender OU; sound^l like eo in cool 
Open nasal I7N,UM 

Je, me, que, devenir, ptrvenir 

Pen k pea. jeune, le peuple, voeu— 
Jeune,nuntenx. je meurs, tu peux 
(Eufa, veeox, creuse, beureuse 

Sain,saine; point potnte; cbarmaDt^cfiir- 
mante; m^deeiu, m^deeine 

Distributif.par ici. visible, v^t* 
rarolo, mode, niieroteope 
Bateau, tidikau, automata 

Aumdne, apdtre, anyone 
A nropos, repos, moU, abrieots 
Tnvaux, roetaux, un seau d*eau 

Perdu, vaincu, tumulte • 

Je br&le, tu brOles, il brfile 

Beauooup. dessons, junjoux, anmur 
Chacun, eomroun. tribon, impwtao, pitr> 

Cordon, manchon, ballon, chaifaon. 
Pompe, trompe, sumom, inten'ontpona 

Open ™«»» OJ» jncwly like on in n;ane 

Broad nasal IN, something of the sound of Clavecin, chagrin, qttinze,dindon 
im, ein, fn. as pronounced in/o/nf, Importun, timbre, le sein, les reins 
iin, aim ; pint Romain, demain, la laim, un daim 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Broad MAI AN, tonediifiK like on in 
— — am, t;n em, umnt, warmnt^ but 
— -. eat, aoB, aen, ttUl more oanl 

Saltan, ^luu cMbCMi i0i|t 

Amhre. chamfaie* venipeBiiee, priatans, 

stmTent, paon, fkoiv la TiUene Oaea 
SaiAiie (a liver), tmn (a gad lly),pniii. S9m 

ir. B.t. WlienaAerm«riiral1owi«n« mateintheiaBKiyUabletoraiiotherinorfi 
iR^ith a rowel in tke fotlowini; tyllaUe, tlie sound ccatet to be aaial Ei rAocun, cha- 
cune; mitteiiu, mitic-ifte ; /ripvnj'nponve ; Asrwt, torvnfw; p^itu.pointe 

2 Eru i» silent in the Uuid person plural of Terito, but the preeeoii^r conaQDMit baa a 
Tery full sound* Ex. Ut muenti iU dansent ; iU parlent ; m mangent. 


Farmed Jvm the Vvmit, 
anand eu. 
uu-i— eft; 


Qui. OQ — ^ I ; 

Ou^, on— — ^; 

Oaet, ou^ nnmt on — i; 

Oi,oit.od, o~— ^; 
Duets, ottoit, ouoieoC, . ou •^— e ; 

Ois, oient, o — — t ; 

Ouas, ou&t, on — — 4; 

Qua. ou— — as^nj 

Ouon, ou — • on j 

Ouin, ou— in; 

Oin, o — • in ; 

Ouan,oaen^ _ on— —an; 





U«, net, noit, 

Uets, uois, uoient, 






vw an; 

Formed frtm the t^oitelti 
u and en; 
n — eA; 

u — J; 
a Jj 

u a^ften; 

u k broad; 

n on; 

u— in; 

Formal from the Vowels, 

Ion, i and on ; 

lu, i u; 

leu, i — eu ; 

leux. i — eA; 

Iai,i^. i *; 

X«,iott. i ^; 

lois. iuient, iaisi i 6 ; ^ 

In, i ao^n; 

IA,ias, i — a6r«aif; 

Ian, i — an ; 

Ion, i — on; 
len, tdroayi in verbf^ 

and in semf nraiw, i — aii 
leo, in noimtt i — ~ ain ; md i -— ' ai 

Vat on grand joueur 
Des routes btNM-uses 
Louise est ^blouissante 
Vous 6tes tr^s-enron^ 
Jouet souhait. il lonoit 
II croit que c*est de la moeDe de pqioc&i . 
lis louoioit je louois. des jonets 
Que les rois soient ^ustes 
Tu jouas afln ^uHljouAt 
Ce rouai^ va trei-roal 
Nous jouont -. nous loQont 
II Oiitson joHJoud^un babouin 
Je vis dans mun coin sans soin ni beiDih 
11 vit eu jouant ; la viUe da Bouea 

Son front respeetueax 
Donner. lui un biscuit 
Cette nu6t: a rentu^ vers le sad 
llremuoit; un langage maet 
Je le saiuois ; ils eliercboient des Uuets 
11 continua d^observer le nnage 
Tu continuas ; tu substituas 
Nous nous saluoiis ; nous oontinuons 
Les liqueurs suintenten Jttin 
II a I'air d'un chat-huant. 

La ebiourme for9a de rames 
Les Confucius & lev Fabius 
Adieu monsieur le rieur 
J'aime ces vieux mtsneurs 
Je me confi«i i. son amiti^ 
Ma ni^ee eat vi^lte; il ^tudioit 
lis se fioieiit tk oe niais, et je m'en d^fioit 
Un diaddme orn4 de diaiuans 
Au diaUe ton galimatias 
Ce n^gociant est trop confiant 
Ses passions le tbnt rufiir ooouae tin Uoo 

Ce Ken ne tient & rien 
Le mainticn d*au client; le •atUiCDd'aa' 

,y Google 


y, by itself, or at the beginning of a word, 

or after a consonant, sounds simply like 

the Towei i. 
J, not beffinninsr a syllable, and followed 

by a Towel, sounds ti, and forms two 

distinct syllables. 
Two dots over a vowel, ealled trenut, or 

diccresU, indicate that those two vowels 

are not to be pronounced in the same 


Asb4 romtaRdhoie jenae, il y joMitle 

Essayec vo« eiayons. Ce royaiune ett loy- 
al. Les passans sont Joyeux. 

Ce poete a de la naivet^. Let vers 'ianBhfe» 
SaiUha'issoit David, 



"R has two soands ; A. 

Somewhat between p aad 6, 

C has three sounds ; before ffi «^ «, K 

Before e, i, or with f , ». 

In some words, nearl^ 
Gh has two sounds; 

In many words, ' -~» 

D has two sounds ; 

Belore a vowel or A mute, 
F has two MMiods ; 

Generally before a Towel or h mute 
O has three sounds ; before a, o, n, AoraA g. 

Before e, i, n 

In some w ords, *, 

On is generally liquid, ^nco, gnU^ 

Sometimes not liquid. gna^ gn»^ 

H has two soands ; aspirated. 
Not aspirated, 
K ha» one sound ; always as a harsh ^ 


L has two sounds; liquid. 
Not liquid, 

M has three sounds; m. 

With the nasality of m, 

As in English, gem, ttem^ hdm^ 

N has three sounds; noioL, 

As n, in tetij/en^ 

If- has one sound ; />, 

^ has three sounds ; in dropping «, A, 

With u in its natural souiiil, ru, 

With u sonuded mi, eau. 

Bonjour. mon bon ami 
U obtint uu pouroir absolu 
Do combl^ des grandeurs on fe eulbutft 

dans on caehot 
CMille. citroHD, lanca. lecon. recn 
La sefoiide fois; une Wane & une becas^ne 
Du cboonlat bien chaud ; un cheval Angloia 
La voix des baediantes ■■, un Mm 
DonneKHnoi des drag^ de Verdun 
R^'Mmrfnl a oe gntn</ homme 
Je sois f^pp^ de cette fhtale noaveDe 
Neuf hommes ; pendant neufans 
Gusnian de Goinale ; du gazon 
J'kime le girofle & le j^ngembre 
Suer sang Ift eau ; un long entretien 
Les vignobles de ]» fionrgogne Sc de Is 

La gnomonique ; des eaux stagnantes 
Les h^ros sont hardis ; un esprit batgneux 
Un homroe heureux & honn^te 
Le Kan des Tartares; la soude ett da kali 

Ce soleil brillant me blesse Toeil 
Achille attaoiia la viUe de Troie. 
Mene»«Boi ches ma.mdre 
Je sais son nom & son sumom 
Sem, Jerusalem, S^lim, Ephra'tm 
Ce chien ne prend rien 
L'ennemi est an^anti 
L'amour & Phyroen; il £t amen k tout 
Le paurre est sans pouToir & sans pain 
Quality vaut micox que quantity 
Une statne ^qtiestre; le quintuple de vingt 
Le vean mann est un qindrup^de aquatic 

Votre argent restera sans int^r6t 
Votre p^re a on autre prqjec 

H has one sound; 

Mute in nouns in tre beforea taO' 

S has two soands; «, So^ez sage & ^chez vous taire 

GeneraUy before two vowels, x, Voici une rose ; j^ perdu mon Aiseau 

T Jias two sounds ; f, Souvent la trahison a les dehors de lhuniti6 

In snbitantiTesin tion ; proper names'^ La patience est la portion du pauvre 

in tien ; adjectives in tinl, tiei, ^ «, Les Empereurs Domitien & Diocl^den 

tieux^ tkn^ and tbvir derivatires J Partial, essenticl, ainbitieuz, impatient 

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V hu one lound *. 
X has tour wands; 

Mg* in the Bn^Ush word tggs^ 
A hissing sound, «s ia Aim, 

JLike Kxompftt* 

V, Venez me voir Vendredi prochain 

k*, JjdA coiffijuses taxent le beau sexe 

gXt ExiR^ qu'il vous en donne l^exempkf 

#1, Soixaute. Bruxetles Cadix« Auxeno 

«, Deux ceufs ^< six amandes 

X, Lesdouzesignesdftz 

«, Je suis de Metz, & iai de 1 

As in xenl^ xephyVt 
Z has two sounds i 
When a final, 

M. 3* The consonants c. /, /, r, are eom- mute ; as. dainty ndntt ; prudent, /fnuknteg 

inonly sounded at the end ot' words : but LtuU^Lauue; RMudn, RomuAne } ptMiP^ 

the other consonants are «Imost always si- tUe» 
lent, unless- they are joined to a final e 


The rule gienenlly given, that 'a word 
endine with a consonant should be joined to 
a worn beginning with a vowel, is absolute* 
ly erroneous, and leads to a heavy afiected 

manner of pronouncing. It is tttte. that in 
reading verity and in public speechet^ conso- 
nanu are oftener and more strongly sound- 
ed before a vowel ; either to preserve the 
measure of the verse, or to give a quicker 
impulsion to the air, and be heard at a 
grater distance. But in cenvertatian^ and 
in tamiUar reading, nothing is more care- 
I'ullv avoided by all unaffected people. 

However, as there are many cases in 
which the consonants must be joined to the 
vowds, we will endeavour to give a clear 
rule, with its modifications, for thedireo- 
tion of foreigners. 

I. Let us observe that the consonants r./ 
I, r. ftw words excepted, are always joined 
to the next vowel of any word which fol- 
lows them. 

3. The same remark stands good for any 
other consonant that, by custom, is pro- 
nounced full at the end of some particular 
words; whiph./tfrtAemofl/tort, are ancient 
and modeiD/tffeti^n names. Thus, in the 
words Vintis, Bacchus^ Memphis^ Abraham, 
. &e. the final consonants keep their /u// and 
natural sound, either before a consonant or 
a vowel; therefore pronounee: Venus aim.' 

«&fe, BocrAut endormi, Abraham obdissant, 

&e. in sounding fully the final consonants 
. of such words 

3. The verbs are never joined, by unaA 
fected speakers, to the woid which fMvwa 
them, unless that word be their pronoun 
conjunctive, the indeterminate pronnuu 
0ff, or the supplying pronouns y and en ; 
vtiich tbsee Jan always Mnmd before and 

after veTbs.--Thns. read withmit prmmmcf 
ing tlte Jinal c^ntotiant of the verbs; j*avofi 
envie ; il parut accabi^ ; nous pariimes i 
Antoine.— But sound the final consonant, 
both of the verbs and pronouns (according 
as they meet either betore or atler one 
another), in sueh constructions as these : al- 
lonsv ; m*attend-on I DonntMn ? cMveK* 

vous ? On«»«ura ; vous idmez ma sceur ; 

& elle vous aime. PamtMl accabl^ ? Je ne 

puis quV fliure dit-elle. 

4. However, one may sometimes sound, 
but always very gently, the final conso* 
nant of a verb before the infinitives avmr 
and Stre. Jlfma avmr ; on doit Stre. 

5. The t of en and sent, from the veA 
6tre^ sounds before any vowel. II est adroU; 
elks torn aimables, ^ 

A. The t of the conjunction et (and) is al- 
ways silent* 

7. The final n in nasal sounds is never to 
be joine<lto the next vowel, except in these 
five words: ufi, on,bten^ ritn; and in mas- 
culine ai^ectives ending in n, when they 
precetle their substantives beginning with ■ 
vowel ; as, mou bon ami; jVi son argent; 

donoe moi ton ^p4e. 

8. S and x^ joining a vowel, take the 
sound of X, cfol' t, ; of /:, and /' the sound 

These observations being premised, we 
may now oiler the general rule. 

The final consonant of a woid (especialW 
n, #, f , «, ami x) is sounded bei|t>re a vowel, 

,y Google 

vhenarer Iht/rtt woid necenarily aT- at.anartiele sod its doob, a jivppositioD 
fectt the *rcwidr that is, either determiues. - ' « « .... 

qualifies, or luudifies its Mgnifioi»tion ; such 

N B The letters to be joined to the 
next vowel, have apprqochei (w) 
I<es arbres de mon all^e i 

its case, &c &c. with the exoepUona 
•hove mentioued. 

The tree* *f my alley. 

Les & de* aiioooeent le plurie) ; mon fie 

ton expriment la possession. 

The word* les and des show the plural 
number; the word* mon and ton announce 

Les jr & les en sont d*aii grand usage en 

Pnui^ois. . 

The /tronouns y and en are of great use in 

Vqus tAitez Tos firerds ; & nons aussi 


lUUu les ilOttQIDS 

Tou imitaie your brotben; and weaUo 

Unavit important; ' 

XJnjmportant aTis ; 
•An impvrumt QitvUx. 

References to the foregoing Oboervation* 
, and to the general Bute, 

Les and Tnon^ as aiticles. modify the 
words arbres and dlUe ; theKtare, by the 
general mie. the * and n ure tunadt-d. 

Tite s in les and des^ and the n in men 
and ton^ are siiat before the next ▼wwelt, 
because les. tie's, mon, knd ton are taked 
abstractedly, and do not a4R«t the iwst 
word with their right of Articles. 

Here s is pronounced before y and en, 
heCHUse les^ as article plural to y and en, 
deter mi nrs tlic extent o th*4r signification 
—d is suuuded before usage, because arand 
qualifies usage* 

Here the s o< vous sounds bcbre ImUex, 
because it determines imHez. being its eon- 
iunctive pronoun. Tlie u. vow n silent 
belore au:^ty because it does nor a&«t it, 
hut a r'aither word imifom^ the conjunetire 
pronoun of which it is. The « oi let w 
sounded heibre imiinm. by the second pa> 
xagraph of the tliird observation. 

The fi oi* un is sounded by the seventh 
observation. The * oi nvis is silent before 
imfimtanf, because avis does not qualify 
in^forfanf^ -but is qualified by it The I «f 
sffijterfatir soouds before /mir. because m- 
porttmt afieets avis by qunlityiug it- 

^Vlienever some words will ikppear to either an ambiguity or a harsh sound ? be> 

contradict the rule, let them be enamiped cau9(>. as says M. TAbb^ d'Olivet, the 

with care, and the reader will easily per- Pr^ich prefer an irvegularity to a diioor^ 

ceive that such licences are taken to avoid daut souud. 


The French have twae*s not 
luis been already seen in the table oftiie 
vowels. One of them is always silent, and 
ojnly serves (as far as rehites to pronunciar 
tion) to lengt(ien the syllable which pre. 
cedes it; as. un grand fmnti une grande 
pHnte* Unmiaecin^unemidecine, 

The other unaccented efaas a soand of its 
own, which coming :'rom the throat, as in 
the Buglish words daughter t sister , gives to 
it the name of guttund e. 

This e is sometiines pronotmeed. and 
sometimes not; and in that consists a great 
difiicuky tor foreigners, who. always pro- 
aouiicing it .ull, are long before they are 
•hie to follow a French conversation, and 
thence are inclined to believe that the 

French spj^k maeh fhster than any ether 
nation. The truth is that tbe French, tak' 
ing them in general, do not sfieak faster 
than other people; but in eouvenation, 
and in familiar reading, they drop the gut- 
tural e, as ot^n as they can do it, and thiis 
go quicker through a sentence than does a 
foreigner, who gives a full guttural sound 
to every e he meets with 

In this consists much ofdie neatness and 
elegance of a good Frencu accent, and m 
little attention to the fbliowing remarks 
will remove every diffieuitv. 

When a guttural e ends a second tylta- 
ble, it is not pronounced : and that it is ef- 
fected in the following manner: the first 
8}'Uable Joiofl the consomnt of the seeond. 

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vtA iktet, «in vampiMMrtad, reDuam-rilent: 
Ejc* AuAnd voui serezje rn^ine, ^raune 

trouverezle ra^me. 

Thii sentence eontaint thirteen tyllablet 
in proie : Quemd vow se rex It mime, voui 
me trou ve rex le niSme In rcwe mime 
woutd be diTided into two syllables 

In fkmih4tr reading and in oonvenation. 
it only cmitains eisrht lyllablea: Quand 
V0U4* ril mSme, voium trouv ril mimt. 

Obanrve 1. Ifthepittanatfortheaeeona 

S 11a Me is eiiher pi^eceded or folkm-ed by « 
ptho^g ur a vuwf 1 compounded ot turn 
letters, such as. au, ei, ou &c the- e tanst 
tben be genily lieard ; sucb we mark in the 
followinK examples with »n asterisk *. 

2. The consonant of an « KUttural. can« 
not be joined to a syllable ending in e mute. 

3. When you drop an e guttunl, let tbo 
junction be v«ry unootb, imd try to aviad 
a jerking barsk sound. • 

In order to apply the preceding obsenrations, we gire here some lines, of wUdk the 
eV, which foltow the approache*^ are not to be pronounced 

Je-me rendit le jo«y siiivKnt cliez le oomte 
dX>Ufarex, avant le tever de l*aiirore. 
Vous deriendres le coniSdent de ee sd* 

. / went the ixxt day to the funt.ofOU* 
varex' before the rinng of the mtu 

Tou will become the confident tfthai 
lord; ohould not you like it) 

It is what I do not vUh at all, nor ever 

I could not help laughing atthefoolhh 
vanity of my secretary y but I did not hovh 

That vfor became the tubject of aH t he 
meofurco ofSfiaiu, 

gneor ; aimeriez>Toas i le devoiir? 

C*est ee que je ne soohaite pas du tout, 
et ce que je ne sauhatoeral jamais. 

Je ne poa m^emp^eber de rite de la sottb 

vanit^ d6 me&seer^mire, et eependant je le ever oppooe 

laissai faire. • 

CettA. guene devtet le sujet de toutes 

let roesoves de TEspagnei 

Je ne pnis me nrpptelter le tonyener de / cannot call that town to my remem- 

"^ '-' ^-' brance^without cursing tUneteen (fit* in- 

cette Tille, sans maudiie lei trots quarts haiitanu out of twenty. 
et demi de set babitans. 

Je ne me plains pas de voas, r^pondit le I do not complain of you, replied the g 00/! 

^ ^ ^-^ oldmnn; levenconfessUtoyoUyitiovith 

bon vieillard ; je tous le dind m^me^ eVst nyprt I see myeelfm tlte necessifu ojbrt ak' 

^^ p ing my word with you ; and I oeg of you 

k regrett qne je me veis damlan^flessit^ de- to forgive it to me, 

▼oos manquer de parole, fie je Toaa eon- 

jare de me le pcrdonner. 


PPTiich Foreigners^ Jlnd dijflbalt to be pronounced. 
II y ft plat da vignobles en Bourgogne 4eelui de votre filfe. tJubdnpflneurVellki 
q^W Bcetagne. Ce procM6. est ignomi- sans cesse sur ses oualli^. 
nieux et indigne d*un EspMnol E>say«x Mettez dans ce bouillon des feuilles (Tb 
de me troayer un petit ^pigoeu), lemblable cerfenil & dWille, & joigne* y ufte eo<»*se 

,y Google 

^il. JVi pAss£ une heuie dan* le Mfeil, k 
nire uue partie de quilles Mon taillear 
m^a dit que tous let grands aeigneun ^<^ent 
«lun en deuil ft Versailles. 

Je mVmusai )a yeilie de No^l ii eonsid^rer 
one vieille Buurgnignone, qui jouoit de la 
Tielle.tranquiUement assise au soleil sur le 
scuil ae sa porte. Essayez de bien pronon- 
oer Tamour & la murt ; des citrouilles & 
des grenquilles ; an chien hargncux ; une 
abetile inaustrieuse- Ne b^gayez n^ en 
disant une anguiUe et une aiguilte} egay^it 
& ^gay^. 

On cimrond souvent la simpliclte avec la 
ttupidit6.&ia regularity avec la singularity. 
IJa diTisibilite ae la matiere nous donne 
nd^ de rinfinit^ & de r^emit^. L'^lce- 
tricit^ ^toit inconnue ^ I'antiquite. La (^ 
licit^ accomxiagne plus souvent la m^io- 
crite que la superiority. 

Les armeei entreront Manii en campa- 

gne. Marehae, nutres, marcbtf. ne vour 
endormez pas. CVst en Forgeaiit que vous 
devjendrez forgeroa Formez mieux cea 
lettres rondcs et oes lettres bAtanli^,et ne 
bacbouitlez pas tant de papior. Mon agent 
a mon argi-nt. Quant i moi qui n'ai point 
d*argent, je nVii pus besoin d*agent Pro- 
noneez les deux R des mots erreur, ter- 
peur, horreur, irrit6. terrible, ent>nn^. 

Quand un cordier cordant veut accorder- 
sa corde. 

De sa corde k corder trois cordons il ac-. 

Mais, shTun des cordons de la corde d6- 

Le cordon deeordant fait d^eorder la 

La compassion est une afl^tion toidre. 
Les tactions d^solent cette nation L'am- 
bition est une illusion qui condiut souveiit 
k des actions Crimioelics. 


Of Grammar in gentraL 

GRAMMAR M the art of reading, speak- A substantire ^rc)^, strictly speaking* 

ing,and writing a langoi^ by rules- only belongs to one person or one thing. 

There are rdne parts ofapuch : the arti- and name* xt—Shakipeare, Homer ; Sluik- 

de*, the noun, or substantive; the adjec- speare*s Othello^ Homer^s lUatl, 

ttve or adnoun ; the pronoun ; the verb ; A substantive common belongs to more 

the adverb ; the preposition ; the ca^juuc- than one object. Trer, bird, Jtnoer^ oak^ 

tion; and the interjection. tparrow, pink, are substantives common. 

I. The ir/ic^ declares a noun, and de* A, sniutantive ab^frdtt expresses an ob- 

termines tlie extent of its signification.— ject whicli is only conceived bv the mind. 

Hence articles are lUvidod into definite^ in- without Ailing under any of the senses.— 

dsfinke^ and partitive. Virtue^ vice, good-nature^ and peevisiinets. 

The word definite, in its literal accepta- are substantives abstract ; for, though we 

(ion, signifies something limited VfUfiin a may know and see virtuous, vicious, good- 

known space.— -The word indefinite designs natureU, and peevish men, we never saw 

tomeOxxngwithoia known iimits.—Thnvfoai virtue, vice, goofi-nwure^ and peevUhnes*^ 

partitive means dividing into parts, but only conceive them by tlie power of 

In English, the is dennite— a or an, and our mind, as particular haUts whii^ ren- 

likewise some or anyy in the sense of more der men virtuous or vicious, gouil^iatured 

•r lest and whatever^ are indefinite.— .9.;m«, or peevish 

inthesenseofaAM'^on 9f% i* partitive— Nouns may have either a singular or a 

The milliner has sent me (he hat I bought plural meaninie. which grammarians call 

yesterday -"A milliner Ims shewn to me a ««»!&«• —There are two numbers— the nn^ 

hatof a new fashion.— Here are fine oranges, gular and the plural, 

will you have any ? Yes I will buy some.— The singular designs one -^ An tOtple, a 

Here is a tine orange, will you have ony ? pen,a man, are in the singu^r number. 

Yes, 1 vrill be obliged to you tor some. Give The plural designs many^ or more than 

me some bread. Give me some apples* cne,~-Two apples, ten pens, a hundred men, 

i. A substantive expresses the idea of any are all in the plural number, 
ihing we may touch and see, or which we There are four genders in English— mas- 
may conceive existing by itself — Afa6{e,the euline, feounine. neuter, and common. 
sun, virtue, uni vice are substantives. The masculine belongs to all males.— il 

Substantives may be divided into^roper, man, a horse, are masculine. 

ctouaoD, and abitract nquns. The feminint belongs .to all females.—^ . 

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The neuter ia Bnglish beioQgv to iuMi- 
mMe olgttctt^— il .ooJE^* o pen, are neuter. 

Tbe rtmrnM beiomp to tiie order of 
males and/emates— CA«<cAictoi, (Ai^, am 
«f the common gcsMhr. 

3. An adjective or adnwn^ expresses a 
articular quality ascribed to a substantive. 
—A gMd man, a 6ad man, a ttwUouji man, 
a lazy maik— The words^ooc/, bad^ ttudkui, 
and Zeuy, express the partienlar quality 
wfaieh befcmgs to sudi or such a man 

Adjectives, aceording to the extant of 
their signifieatioii^ take the name ot' fiori- 
Uve, comparative^ and superlative. 

An adjective, in its natacal state, is in 
the positive degree. Sophia is «fucfiMM and 

An adjective in a state dther of inereaae, 
diiiunutiOB, oreqtnlity, is in die compara- 
tstre degree.— Menee oompamtivea are di- 
vided into comparatives of ntfierUrity, in* 

A comparative of si^erioritr haafosits 
sign the word m«rie, or an ending in er 
equivalent to m«rr.-- Cedlia is m«re MN/i* 
MM, and vfiter than her sister. 

A eompaiative of inftriority has for its 
aign the word /e», followed by than^ or Ae 
ivoid M with a negation, followed by a/.— 
Ton are le§9 studiou* than yoa» brother. 
Yon are not w attentive as you used to be* 
' The comparative ot' equality has for its 
4Bgn, the word os, followid by a.r.— She is ae 
good-natured m her mother. 

An adjective in its most extensive mean* 
iog, is in thesuperiativedegree, and has fbr 
its sign the word tnoit^ or an ending in est^ < 
equivalent to mM(. Your siMer is the moK 
prudent woman I know.— Me is the proud' 
eHy and the tnoet triJUng man in London. 

4. A proiMun\% a word which is used in* 
stod ot a noun, to avmd a trooMesome and 
imharmonioas repetition. 

Pronouns are mvided 'mtor-per9onid.pot» 
HiKoe, demonttrattve^ relative^aai <ndfrer> 
ffiinoes — N. B. A complete list of all the 
pronouns is given in tlie I'ollowing section ; 
our end here is only to give definitioiM, and 
tarolain them. 

Bersonal pronouns, as the wocd designs 
it fully, represent the names of persons.— / 
was yesterday with your sister; the was 
speaking of y«u, when your brother came 
tip to u« ; roe conversed with Acm, aud Ae 
invited it* to his housf. 

Possesnve pronouns denote possenion or 
propertyj-Tour horse is stouter than minet 

is a flouSie nmy of aiyinr* i^ harte nAtcA 
ifoupoiteteyieatoaaer than the horm which i. 

J>emoiistrative prenaaDs point out the 
objects of our observation m diicoune, and 
clearly distinguish them Iron any otht-r ojb- 
jeet—TAif boy is more attentive than that 
girl— TAeir pens are better than those. 

Betetive prenouns shew a reference lo 
some substantives which cithei pircede <a* 
follow them.— The man -who lives with bij»v 
and wAom you know —The pen ivAicA I 

Pive to your brother.— The grammar thett 
read.— ATAicA of tliese roses do you like 
best?— AH pronouns absolutely speat^, 
have a relatite signifieacion, but wAe, tfor, 
and vhkh are those which are property' 
called rebtive pronouns. 

The indeterminate or indellDite prr 
nouns denote their ofcgeet in a .genoal, 
vague, and uncertain manner.— One emnot 
always he happy— Spmrts ^ knocks at the 
door— One and MmeMv denme no parti- 
cuter object, and so they are Indeieffu*' 

. 0. Tbera^Mrt or nomlnoifvf of a verh is 
the woid which afltets the verb, and deters 
mines its person aud number —/ read ; we 
love ; your nrr«r sings ; your brothers plajr* 

The olmct or regtmen of a verb, is the 
won! which receives its aetioD —I know 
your brother; he hivca iftu ; we wiUA^g « 

A verhU a put of spaeeb wliieh tigiiifiea 
tobe,todo,cieiosujfer; that is to say. th» 
verb expresses either the actutd state of per> 
tosM and things, the oeCwns which they do, 
or the cm^remmf thev receive.— We -ore 
fYee ; he beeomeo nroud. We prmite eao^ 
dour ; I Aote dome dealing. Liars are cfe- 
spiMii; virtuous men A«ur been sometimefl 

Hence the natural divinon of verbs Into 
etibstantive. active, and /tatsive verbs. 

A rah siAttantioe denotes what kind of 
union subsists between a su^ect and its or- 
tribute, T9 6e is the onlv real verb sobstan* 
tive. Your brother is obedient; your bny 
ther will be rich ; that man is net stneere ; 
your brother was not guilty. 

A verb active deeteres an action, done, or 
to be done— I praise you ; we reprtnumU 
him; we wtUe«ftmin« his oonduet. 

A verb passive expresses the impression 
of an action which an olqeet is xeeetTing, 
has received, or will receive— He ii hated ; 
ifoat nfltsr was praised s we wUl be reprf^ 
maiidn/."-HeBce it appears, tint the diffiw- 
C • , 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


e^t tMies ttf tlM Tcrb /« i«, joined to i witbont sttnAifle:!]! need of a coajanetion. 

partieiple, form a verb ftattive, —You are happy, your rister htu been^ it, 

Be«iaes that general division, verbt re- and will be loved by ei^eiy body. I now 

ceive tlie names of ^auxilhary or helpings read Anachantt, and I vnll iaon make an 

r^/fecfeef, rec^seaU neuter^ pertonatf defix- extract of it. 

live, re/(itlar, and irrextilar. The mood itAjunctivet likeviae called 

The verbs (« 6«, and to have^ wt called conjunctive and optative^ cannot have a 

... _ ^ .^-.., . ^ ..- meaning without the help of a conjuno- 

tion. Its literal meaning is a complete 

auxiliary or h^ng verbs, because they 
help to conjugate all other verbs in many 

tenses. I have dined ; you areprai*ed ; we 
vHU have tung ; he would be corrected. 

A verb receded is a verb active, the mb- 
jeet and Meet of which are the same. He 
praises fnmself; I hurt myxlj ; you Hill 
ruin yourself* 

A verb reciftroeal is a verb active, the 

definition : it is a mood dependent on a 
conjunction, either cxpresKd or under- 
ntxtod.'^TViough the rich be powerful, they 
cannot avoid diseases, and bribe4eath. I 
wish vouf brother m&t/ come in time (that 
is understood). 
Tlie mood imfiertaive expresses a com- 

iubject and meet of which are not the mand, or a desire.— A»k/ your lenon. o« 
- tame; but, as in the reflected, they have a down by me. Let him tpiak. Let us take 
mutual action upon one another. Hence a walk. 

it follows that a verb re^i^rora/ is always All the objects ofourthoughu are either 
In the plural number. We love one ano- in a past, present, or future time —Hence 
ther} they wtite to one another. ycrbs have three tenses, the prenent, the 

A verb neuter has no regimen. lie fell patt^ and the future, .which remain suf- 
-down ; she rum well. flciently exoressed by their litenl denomi< 

All verbs which may be conjogated with nation, witinxyt any Atrther definition.—/ 
three persons in the singular, and three in sfimk^ I am specking, is a present tense ; / 
the plural, are called personal— I writes spokn, I have spoken^ is a past tense ; / vM 
thouterHea; he wriietf roe torite; ye Torlte; speak, I will be speaking^ is a future 
tftey write. teUse 

A verb impersonal is only conjugated Those three chief tenses are susceptiUa 
with the pronoun if, in the third person of subordinate divisions, as will be seen in 
■ingttar.— /< rains; U wiUsnow ; itconcems the paradigm of conjugations 
you: Verbs, like nouns, have a singular and a 

A verb defective cannot go through the plural number. Each number has three 
usual variations of other verbs. Metkinks, persons: /. thou, he, sbe,ovaL substantive 
methought ior tlie singular ; we, you, they, a substan* 

A verb rq^ular agrees with the usual for- tive, or many substantives, f<ir the plural— . 
nation of verbs, I praise; I praised; I Iread^thoureatiesf^hereafUtSuphiareadf; 
have praised; Hove; I loved J I have loved, we read, ^ read, they read, the boys read^ 
A verb irregular does not agree with the Mary and John »o<il— Modem politmess 
usual fiirmation ofvorbs. / go, 1 went, I will have, in writing and conversing, the 
have gone; I speak^ I spoke, I have spoken second person plural used instead of the 

Verbs have moods^ tenses, persons, and second person singular- 
nutnbersm 6 The adverb is a won! joined to a verb, 

A mood is the distinct manner of exprcs- to determine the extent of its signification, 
sing the various powers of a verb. There —For example, if 1 say : you run, you stwh/, 
aite tour moods; the infinitive, the indica- you write, lonly present to theJiearer the 
live, the stilgunctive, and the imperative, ideas of motion, study, ami wriiing. Out if 
The mood infinitive declares the power I make use of adverbs, and say ; you rua 
of the verb, in its most extensive significa- Jhst ; you study carelessly ; you write eh' 
tion. It is profUabU to study, to converse, ganily ; the adverbs fast, carelessly, and 
aadtor^ea. The words fo study to con- elegantly, measure, as it were, the parts 
verje, and to rrjtect, set no limits to the which are taken out of the boundless mean- 
ideas of study, convertatioa, and reflection, ing. to rdn, to study, to write 
but leave them in a boundless signiflca- An adverb it often formed of many words, 
tion. . ami is then called tjaadxfef^compaund.-^ 

The mood indtcoHve declares in a direct You run with grax; that is to say, gtacc- 
JMnner what a f «y«t is, does, or suffen, fully. 

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TheMiaewoniflMybetilcaiaiTeMiMIy icitf cv «e<2 ai your brother; km, thmiMh 
itt a soitenoe, and be a prepmition in ano> they are w hard to he perraaded, they wul 
ther.— Tou walk after me, and jpu should at length believe me, vfhen they hear you 

rtmd^tfrerae. I will go Af/<rrv, tf'you pro- read, 
niae to come nfter *-ln rach cireumttaneea 9. An imetjeetUn U an iadeelinahie word, 

the adverb is earily diitinguiih«d ftom the which serves to declare joy, surprise* liear, 

prepoiUiont lor the latter has always a re- griel'. aversion, desire, and other suddem 

gimen. and the ioimer has none. Indeed, emotions of the mind, which no eonm-cted 

lliose adverbs in appeaiviee, are real pre> sentenoes eould express -^Alae ! dear me I 

positions with the elUptis of a regimen. Ueee tul oh !fy ! pthaw ! xmtwte! and suck 

Thus, in the preceding sentenae, the com-, like eqimsions, are caUeit inugjectiom. 

plete sense is : I will go b^are yon, it' you There are emotions ot the smil so livciy. 

promise to eome e^ier^ me* ' and so very sudden, that every body ynXk 

7. A prepotUi'm is an indeclinable word, at that time make use of inteqections ; 

vat before a noun or a pronoun to govern but too tVequtnt an use of them, in a d** 

It, and shew tfie rdation it has to other liberate way oi' speaking, i» a sore maik of 

parts ot the sentenoe.— 1 have lived near ignorance, afieeation. and dearth of woids. 

your house durh^ three months and I Hkfnee we see that iUitente people abound 

never have hadthepleasureoi being tn your most in interjections, and in that wont 

company before this moment -^The prtrpo- kind of them which is called narartfyr- 
sitiaiis near^ during rn, bef^ connect the We finish this section in observing, that 

relations which vicinity, sociabieness, and in order to av«d repttitions. or an unhar- 

timc have to one another. monions style, w<MPds necessary to the 

8 A ciijunction is an indeclinable part graranMitical OMistructien of a senteneev 

of speech, which unites the diflerent mean- are often omitted ; and that omission is, by 

ings of \'arious words, or narts of a sentenoe, grammarians, called eOipaie, The aeterwL 

into one general complete soise —I saw in the following examples, uken out qf 

jour fhther and mother yesterday, and Milton^s Para<tti« A««f, points out the e^" 

7itfitAtfr Uq nor she wouU bc&eve xhat you m. 

O earth, how like • to heaven I (*tJmt art) 

Nor love thy life, nor hate * ; but, what thou livest, (*tt) , 

live well; how long or short *, permit to heaven. (*U u to be) 

Grecflily she ingorged* without restraint, (*t^/rinO 

And knew not * eatingdeath. (*tfiai she ivae) 

Grace was in all her steps, heaven * in her eye,<*aMij) 

In every gesture • dignity and love! (*xvere) 

The earth gave signs oi gratulation,aiid each hill *; {'gave eigne of gratuUuien) 

Joyous * the birds. (*TMiv) 

But who I was, or where *, or flnora what cause *, ( I rcae, I came) 

* Knew not t to speak 1 tri<id,a]Mi forthwith * spake. (*/, /) 

There ore few cofflponnd sentences witliout an elUfisis; and it may attach to any 
part of s|>eech. It is therefore >-ery necf ssary, for the grammatical analysis of a sentence} • 
to read-it carefully, and- observe where the etUpeie takes place. 


Of the eeveralparte of Speech, in French and Englieh- 

THE chief end of this section fs to present, at one view, those words which occur in ^ 
everf line or a book, and constitute at least one third, anil often the half ot ea«h' 
sentence. Whoever will take the trouble of learning than well (which may be done in > 
a tboit time) will yery non be abl« tn r«ad Fzench hovks with ease and pleasuxe. 

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WevlMOlconrider the puu of ipeMb in Ae iOhfikm iidws^^AJlMo; 

peenliar to SatMCftmives and Adjectiye*; Franoansi Vefbs) FxcpoiiiMUit; CoBtan^ 
^am ; Advetbt ; tnd Imeijectiotts. 

AhbrtmmoM tueti in the following Pttgeo, 
nu. Biascafine tinf^lar Jp. femivSnt plunil 

mp. mascaUiie plural it. imMCuKiHf «iid temiohie liaj^Wr 

ft, fiendnine linpilar ep, roaseuline and femiBiiie phumk 

N. B. For Deftaiitkms eomuh Seetaon 11. 


D^tdte Jtikkt matcuUne tkngubw, befart a Ctntonant^ w am h otp irme A 
Le, du, au ; Le pdre, du p^re, au p^re. ; father 

the, ^ at from the, to the; Le h^roi, du Mrot, au M ros ; fiero 

D^ke Article^ feminine tingular, before a Contonant^ oranh tupirated. 
La, de la, i la; La mere, de la mdre, k la n^re ; mother 

the^ of or from the, to the; La liaine, de la haiae, k la haine j hatred 

Definite Article, nt^^ntart htf^te a vowel or an h mu'e. . 
L^der,ikr; L*amour, de Tamour. A l^iaoor; love 

the, of or from f Ae, toihe; LVnrie, de IVnvie, A Ten vie : envy 

T&e apostrophe itands for e before imi- L*homnie. de l*hoinme, A Thomroe ; man 
QiKiie and for a befara feminine nouns. L*lieare, de Theure, A rheove ; hour 

D^nMt Artick, plural, before any Noun, 
Lei,dea,aux; Les fill, dea fill. aux fib; tont 

the, of or from the, to the; Let fillet, det fillet, aux fillet ; daughtert 

Let amit, det amn, aux amit ifriendt 
Du, -^ r*de le Make always me of the eontrMtion; anf 

Au, / f^jkle never write atwf: de k,it k, de kt, it 

Det, r/«^7delet let 

Aux, ^ ^A let 

Indefinite partitive' 

BonneKHuoi du pain *, give me tome bread 
, II a de la viande; he hattomemeal 
eome;anj/;a\ II a de l^gent, & de Thunumit^; montff, henoi- 
partM, I nty 

I Bile a det ffii 8c det fillet; ton*, daughtert 

De r ci. bej^ a 
vowtl or h mxue 

Det, cp, , „ 

De.M and cp. VN. B Some < JHai de Immi pain ; de bonne eau ; de bont amis ; 
before afijectivet* it often un- | bonnet pommet ; bread, tMtfer, fHendt, ^ipkt 
D' rt.andrp. derttood in I 
before arijeeuvet 
beginning with a 
voufd orlk mule . 

I II a d*bLoellent vin; d*excelleiitiespoiiM; ttinei^eBra 

Prtper Namet are declined with the Pr^totithnt de andk. 
Let liTret de Sophie ; y%\ pwrU A CMIe 8c 4 Emilie ; 

The bookt <f S^hxa ; J have epoken to Cecilia and EmeUa* 

Ijf feritt de Voltaire ; il ^criyit A Marmontel, 8c k Rouiican 

The worht of Voltaire ; he wrote to Marmontel and Soutteau* 

Les net de Paris 8c deLondret.i ildemeureiRome; 

. Thettreett of p^fria and LortOtn ; he Uyet at Rome, 

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W0IJN8, either etQeetive «r tubttattnve, Le bon I'lTre. let boiM livrM i 5Mfc 

ibra their planl by die addition of «n« to La bonne fiUe, les bonnetfiUciks ^ 

ObaenreiA. Noiuis«adinfcuif,«,orx, LefiIs.1eBfils: Mn , 

in the sinKnIart nerer ehaoge that temiui»> La croix, krt croix : er$u 

tkm. « Le nea. les nca * n^ic 

3. Nofomeadinnf i»4rtf andai, form their Le travail, let travaax ; vorjk 
plural by changing ail and al into aux. Le cheval. les chevaux ; hone 

Uu ^gal, del ^sauz : equal 
9 Noam endipir in a», ««, «t«i md roi Le bateau, let iiateaux ; le fen, tef ftu; le 
tttpAn «n « in tne filucaL bijouj les bijoux i le lieo.les lieux ; 6aar, 

• Jlre^jrweLtPlace 

4, Kaam <t matt dnn one sylbble, end- Un enfant ob£issant des enOuu ob^ioaiii | 
kiffiniir, are rmnrnmly written without r, ebe«/ient duld, ehiUren 

in the plaxal ; bat they always tal^ «, ae- Un serpent, des serpens ; eerpent 
cording to the general rule 

MofiosyUaUes ending in fit, nerer lose Une dent, des dents ; toeih. teeth 

lihcir I, to Ike ptaial. II est lent, ils sont laiti; turn 

Kourn whkh detriatefrnn the preceding Ridee, or whkh canntt be un^frtmly etaeeed, 

Bfea, trou, eou, eloa ; Mie, A«fe» iMdfc, nail 

I11oa,fou. matou. hitabu ; ehatper^ madman^ male eat, eml 

Moo, licoujIoup-garoQ-, a^ hatter.^ heigibiin 

nke s in tlie plural, centrary tethe third Tout ha$ tvu/er Ue muecuUm pi. toua 

iibserwiiion. les hommes ; atl men 

fial. caniavml. pai, r^sai, boeal ; and pro- Ball, coratooi, pale in heraldnr, a treat, « 

per nanus in al, when wed in the plural decanter. -hs grand Annibal ; les Annihak 

«en««, take ana in the pUtrelk eentmty u the sont rarei aujourd*hai ; such men as Manmh 

eecond ebserxmtien. M are uncemmen new 

Attirail , eannsl, A^tail ; Apparatus, priest's elsak^ partkulart 

£TeDta9, ^pouvgBtaU.goiiv«mail ; Fan. scarecrow, hdm 

^fail, portaii. serail ; form thetr plund in ital\ targe gate of a church, seragUa 
», coricntry te the eeconuebservatien. 

Tke fsUoming Ueuns are quite irregular. 

B^tail, /, bestSauz, pL cattle ; ceil. «. yenx,^ eyr : aYcul, s. grandfidher ; eHeax, pi aur 
cestors ; ciel, /. eieux, pL heaven ; aSI, s. eAU^pL garlkk ; mon, ton^son, s, aaes^ tes, se»,>ii 
my. thy, his, or her. 

Ciel has dels for its plural, when it signifies the tester of a bed, or the clouds in a pifr> 
tore. (Ei has aHls fair its piuaal. when it means an oval vindo».^M for other mimite 
exceptions, they are caiefnHy noticed in the Dietionaryt 


N B. Obsettethat xit sty adjecttoef, and net strneeUves and nr&franftnw.— SobstaBtircs 
never vary bat to Ibrm their pIumK— Beginners often fall into the error of adding an r 
to all the substandves feminine they have oetasion to employ. 

All attires ending with e without ae> Un homme aimaUe. una femme aimable t 
cent, oommonly called mute, have the mat- des hommes ou des lemmes aimables ; 
culine and feminine alike. wion, looman, men, vomen, amiable* 

Other adj|ectives jsenemlly tike an e Up homme savant, hanli, prudent, : une 
mate to foftt UftirfeoAlbiise. ttnme savame, haidie, prodcMe, tem- 

ed, beld,prudent. 

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riwn ig c c iato rAr, and toae mIkis imo <er^iec,aicke,i^Gn<r,Otrcqae,Cr«^ 
9iK^ to ftm their lisiiniBe. dton; pMbKc, fnHttae. ^hMtj Tvk, 

Vn hooune onif, Tif, nalT: «k Icn 
ooive, Tivc, naive ; imUeM,lwel^, « 

into euie fiir thel 

4 Adicocive«inl,widic,tf,aret1ierorel, Craei, cnelle. rrurl ; nnl, nnlfe, mc «ne ; 
ioubie tMa find /,and take an e mntei^ paieil, pmOle. oBkt 
The otben only take an f to fem' their Gcniil, ientetl, has ^ealiUt Ar iti fcaat- 


5. Of the ai^jeetive* endinif: in n, thow Un hon L_ . . , 

only doohle «, in their tinnimne, wbidi boone fcnune ; IViwiae anriwwM ; ^earf, 

have«faefoiefl,oreiKlin jnb— Theothen oncienr, torary. 


6 The adjec ti fct endini^in U ^th an e Ket, nettcrlMn; aot, taittjMStk. Stent, 

or »hefbreit,doDblethef, and takeefiir cainpfrf. and iI^mt do not doohle (« ba( 

their femimoe^Theothen only take e. oaijtakee; »cerete,emiiplite,itivtte, 

A^eetivti whkh deviate fr^m tkepmaSng Rula, •r cannm be tndfinnfy ckueed. 

Bas, m. hane. / Ivm ; ^pait, ^paiase, Une(ettrhat,aneamebaMe;nionfMieest 

CAicA;ex|n«s,expreMe,^mi«r; fatt^httse, tas.BiaMEQresthuK;ini boeufgras. une 

^red; nas, gnaacfat: Knw. groMe. 6^ ; 
bemn benigne, miUt ; long, longue. Um^ ; 

finune ; on natud henin. nne homeur 

ooaz, dooce. #iii«rf, mUd; fkaii, fratehe, bteigne:nnlHNDunefiiax bjahmx 

jl]nr/4 ; roux, rooase, reddith ; faux, fauise, 
fidte ; jalouz. jaloute, jea/ov« ; abioiu, ab> 

ime ehannm fh%iorite- Tw may /nnt the 
aoute. abtoheti ; dissoui, distoute, dittehf pluraL inMUwimf the rule/or thtfn-nuh 
td; fhyori, ihyorite, darting, faemuite. ti»n tfplyrat : Ex. hat, basse, sing, has. 

ti»n ffpfyrat : Ex. bat, basse, sing, faas, 
basKs, ^ hmg, ioogoe, eUtg. longs, km- 
gues. &C. ^ 

gues. &C. ^ 

Hon. m. roolle,/. ««^. IndMntf : foa, Un homme mon, de la eire molle ;H'*'>*' is 

fblle, mad^ foolish ; beau, belle. Aan4)«*nie, out of nse>— il est foa. un liil amusemeBt, 

.fine; nooTieau. nou^elle. new; Tieox, TieiUe, eile est tbtle : un bean ehapeau, un bel 

oM^ art formed from nicrf, iol, bd, nouvel, homiue, une belle femme ; vo nouveau 

vieiJ,w^^A are a vowtt ortmh dessein, un nonvel accident, nne mode 

mute. Vienx, however, m<ty be used before nouTclle : un vieux chend, un vidl ami, 

a Toivel : unvieUami, or tin vieux and. nne vieiUe roaison. 

But the masculine pinral is always fonn- Vn bel honune, de beaux hommes ; on noa-< 

ed from the maieuline nngular not ending vel accident, de nouveaux accidens. 
in I 

Comparatives in fur form their feminine Un meilkor roi une, meillnre reine; un 

bv the addition of an «, eontrary to the third g^nie sup^rieur, una fortune suj»&rieure ; 

o6ser^<atioo: maUewTt mdUeure; wpirieur, un lieu infi^neiir, one partie infericoie. 


Pa-nnal Pronoun*. 

"WKshall divide the personal pronouns into three classes —The firrt consists of thbao. 
which gorem the Terbsv the second of those which are go^'emed by the verhi; and the 
third of those which are governed by piepositioni —Some of than, as it will appear, are 
<MlQhtty gomniDg and goyeniedi 

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Nooi, cp, xae^ 

"ta, r«. t Aou ; 
Tui, c«.<A«u; 

VoQs,r«. and^^^ 
or you; 

Iht mp they; 
On, cs, one, they ; me, 
people, mens it ie, &c. 

Me. f0 file; . 
Mm. cff.ffie;. 
Moi, /o tm ; 
Nous, rp tu; 
jAAyfe. 10 her ; 
Jje. nu. htm; 
Se,e« Ikep. 
£a, c».%cp* 

Vons, ee. cp. you; 
Xni^nw. Aim; 
£axi m^* (Jhnn-; 

(Pentmt Prtnmau governing Ver^ 

, „**cri», jc dmiite ; / reorf, write, eing 

Vons & moi nous lorames cooteiu ; you and I are Mti^fieS 
Noiisd^jeuD&met,iioiudiiiftmet,iioiuMmp4act j webreMufeSt^, 

dined, supped 
Ta dunes, tu jouet, ta don ; thou daneeef, pfayeof, eltepeet 
Tot qui ftes lilBMoient, qui CMU ? thou xoho ope^seat eo loud^ who 

art thou? ^ ■ . 

Yotts mangez, tous birreE ; youeat, drink 

II etodie, il parie, il plent ; he omdieo, he opeako, it rahu 
Voos n*£tes p«s Amis voos & lui ; you and he arenot/Hends 
Elle Tiendia ; elle tomben (la maison) ; ehe vriUcome,it wta/tOl 

(the house) 
Ik out des amis; they have/Htnde 
£lles sont polies ; they are crvU 
Onaime^^tvebeureux; onelike*;we,men,pe^Ukei9hehdp» 

py. Ondit; UietauL 

Personal Pronouns governed by Verbs, 
II roe coimott ; he knows me 
Vous me paries ; you^eaktome 
SecoorezHnuii; hdp me 
ParlezHoo^ Fiancois ; speak French to me 
II nousestiNoe \ he esteems us 
Iluonsparla; heHfoketous 
Je te eonnois ; / know thee 
11 te parte ; he speaks to thee 
KoniTousaimons; we love you 
Nous rous parlenuis ; we miU speak to you 
Vous lui parUtes ; you 4>oke to him 
Nous lui eerivtmes ; ree wrote to her 
Jelenspecie; I respect him 
Je la eonnois ; I know her 

Nous k^ aiiuons; loe love them 7 , 

Je leur parlerai ; PU speak to «Acm5 "*" 
Himself, herself, thenuelves 
Of if, of him, of her, of them 
To it. to him, to her, to them. 

Personal Pronouns governed by Pr^otiUhns, 
Secant siioi. aprds moi; before, afier 
Avee nous, sans nous; with,without 
Pour ton, loin de toi; JorJ'ar,from 
Maiin^-vousi incite of you 
Derridre lui, vers lui; behind, towards 
Prds d'elle,auprds dVIIet near her 
Au-dessDus d Vux , below them 
Au-dessusd'elles; above them 
Crendre garde k soi ; to take care ofoneU self. 

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CM^wuHve p«t*eiHv9 PfMun*,. 

0^1 ««0 l<<n Kne, zsan tliev«l; book, htrte 

Mes, ep' J Met ti^iet, mes Ksun ? »rother*. nster* 

Ton. 9iM.'^ Ton cornige. ton pay* coMra;^. country 

Ta,/r. XAy ; T« verta, ta bont6 virtue, kindneio 

Tes, (^. J I'es ondn, tea caoiet ; uncloo. ttutiU 

« ^ - _ _ »,- gj^ P^jj^ ijju clieval; father, horoe 

S« n»e, A jQiie ; ^«nm. petticoat 
Set root, let myoiu ; wheels, tpohes 
Notre mi & notse nine . king aueen 
"*"' * Not couriiu. not counnet ; eoutin* 
..».^ . Votie niari. voire ^powe; htuhand^ wife 
y^^ ' Vot fiU, Tot fillet totu, daughters 

Sei,*:^. J Us; 

th^m > l^&n jardin, (ear maiton ; garden, house 
^^*^^» Ijeunarim«,leiinfkui»{ trees Jtovers, 

Notre, cs. 

Voire, e#* 
Jo$,cp. . 
Xeur, cs. 

N. B. Mon^ ton, son are uted imtead of ma, fa, «a, before a aoun fenrioine besrSoBiasr 
tvfth a rowel or an h mute, to avo id a har«lk articulation. Ex. Mon amiti^ , myfHenii- 
ship ; ma lincdre amiti6, my sincerefriendship ; ton intoleoee. thy insolence 9 tajmuade 
intolenee. thy extreme insolence ; won hittoire, his history ; aa ttvaate hittoiie Aiffeom. 

Observe, alto, that all potteaive prononni. either eon bmetive or relative, bat more 
dearlu those ot'the third perton. agree, in English^ with die poitettor of a thinff, and, in 
French, with the tliiaff potsevted Many miataket win be avoided by attendinfr to this 
•biervation Ex II aime sa, femme, sa filie. & ses iceura ; he loves hit xoife, bit daugh- 
ter^ and hit sisters Elle aime son man. son flit, & ses tHrei ; she loves her husbtmd^ 
her son, and her brothers* Votre fr^re a perdu son couteau ih sa bonne your brother 
has lost hit knife and hit purse. Votre loeur a perda son cooleaa & sa iMun^ j ganr 
^iifrr Aof lost ber Ami/!; one/ heri»ur«e« 

Relative possessive Pronouns* 

Le mien, »/. "1 pTotre livre & le mien ; 6o«A 

La roienne/r. ^nUne * -J ^(>^i% plume Ik la mienne 
Let mieni. mp> f ' ] Set arneaux 8c let mien* ; 

La mienne yV. \mine * < ^^^^ plume Ik la mienne peu 
Letmieni. n^> f ' ] Setarneaux & let mien* ; lambs 
Let miennetj^. J LSet ch^vret & lea miennet ; goatr 

Le tien. ms. ") rMon eanif Ki le tien ; penknife 

La ttenne./«. [^hine • i ^^ lei^an & la tienae ; lesson 

Let tiens. mp. f ' 1 Set crayont & let tient; ^ncOf 

Let tiennet. j>. J LSet tulipet & let tiennet ; tulips 

Le nen, ms, ") rMon chapcau & le tien ; hat 

La tieiuie,/*. L Ai# and 1 Ma montre Ik la tienne ; vatch 

Let tient, mp. fhers ; 1 Met bat & let tiena ; stockings 

Let aiennea.^. J • LMea manchettea & lea tiemiei, ruffles 

Len6tre.nw. "I fVotre laquait Se le ndtre :/»of man 

La n6tre.fs. ^ours ; ^ Votre tervante & fai nAtre ; maid 

Let nAtrea, cp. J (.Vot coorina & lea ndtrea ; cousins 

Le vAtte. ms. *) rMon ^ventail & le TAtre ; fkn 

La ybttej's. >youn; < Ma tabati^re & la vAtre . snt^ffbox 

Lea vAtrea, cp, J LMet souliert Sc let yotret ; stioes 

Le leur ms, -> rNotre payt & le leur ; country 

La leur JV. >thein ; < Notre arrote & la leur ; army 

Let kun, ep* J LNot chenittx & lea leon ; horses 

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AlAoosh an Pnaonm ]in« a telMthe lieaHtatl^ 
4hriy so eaikd — They are of both genien and iMiiiibm,cnept fev^ 

<)ui ; wAo, tfAam, that, that vhkh 

-<|tte; »AMn,«Aar, vAoe; haw* rohyf 

Pont ; wAo#e. if whom, vfvfhkh 

CUioi i «i^. vhat i what f (never aaid orpenoni) 

Oik ; of whirh. in whkh. &c. (ou -wUhmU accent or, either) 

<%uel i m«. qiielle/« queU, 9V> quellraj^ wAot.— It it aliniyi joined t» tomtoODRife. 

liquet iaquelle, lesqueh, letquelles, duqad, See. nkkh 

Jffilkatuat 4 the Waine Prmmm^ 
L*hoQUBe 9^ vmu parle ; (Ac man «nA« ^^edb l« yMi 

Xa femiiie qui TientdViitrer; the vmnan whojiuteami in 
^ui demanoes-ToiM ici ? whum do you wan* here 
Lcs ehowt qui me y la i i cm ; tketMi^ttthgt I like 

Apr^ qui coure^Toitt ? vfhom do you run qfi^ 
tht q«i pukx-w^tto I tohon art you tpeakwgaf 
Llwaune que j'estime ; die man whim I esteem 
Jm feaune que voqi voyctE : the womam whmn ffoueee 
Xes ehemux que j?ai ; thekoroet that J haoe 
Que Tous 6tu aiiuable ! how amUible you art 
'<^aen*et»4l pla» wee? why Uhenot wiser 
La daviedost ie parte* the My whom I speak of 
Les hoiametoontTotts parlea ; the men whom you speak tf 
l/aefgen*. dont j^ifaetuiB ; th!snoneythalt^^ 

Letloisdoaird depend; theUfws on wikk he depends 
* a jpraiannite dowt je* parte ; the grammar of which I 
quoi fCMMMEHwittt J wnaf are you thinking of 
«! quoi parleB^oui ? what are you tpeaking of 
p but ou Taspire ; thepwnt which I aim at 
ssideleoaiioiiimew; the age we live in 

A quoi MMMEHwittt 1 wnaf are you thinking of 

I>e <r • * -*^-' — '— " * 

1*1 , . . 

ljemitiaeAnmiariyrem»i theqget 

I>*oik vient TotrelVdre? whence does your brother came 

Quel livre Umx^ous ? what boAk do you read 

De qo^le .emine parko-voot ? what woman doyou^eakti 

Quels sont TOM tentimeot? whw are your senfimente 

C|ueile»^aaDgetiiouveUesI what etrange news are these 

Lequei aimcMroos le siieiade ees deux lableax I whkh ^these two pietuw ie ueu 
like href /— Avec laqoelte de eet dames aTcsfoiia danae I with whkh tfthtK todies dH 
you dance .' 


iCe,mt.(berocieaeoiiMmant)<Ai#, tAot; Ce ehapeaa ; (Aof tae 

Cet, me, {heSat€*YamtU«mha»t») this, Cet hfrnme^aot^aeaMitUt man, th^hird 

thaf f 
Cette Jk tUe^that i Cette aim^e, this year 

€ei. ip. these, those i Cet hommes, ees feaimei,men,wmen 

N. B. Ce, eec, eette, eet, are ahom/s Joined to a newu 
Gelui qui. he who ; Celut qui parte • he who tpeaks 

telle qui, she who f CeUe qui ehante ; she who sings 

Ceox qui, they whof Ceox qui tiavaittent ; work 

Gdiet qui, they wheg Celles qui chantent ; sing 

MiaHA,me.thieg VnoezcehAeiitakethie 


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C^vMA, nii. that ; Vendez ednMA ; wll that 

Ceox-ci. mp. thete ; Prenee eeux-ci ; take thete 

Ceax-li, thMC ; Vendee eeux-lji ; tell thoie 

Cell&ci /*. thi* ; G«rdez cell&«i ; keep thU 

CeUe^A, that : Donnez eelie>lA ; give that 

CfAlefelj^.theie; Garde* cellefrci ; keep then 

Cellet-l&^MMe ; Donnez eeUet4A ; give thote 

Ce qui, nu. that which} Ce qu. ^toU; th^ ^f^J^ t^/^'SZT^^It^^u 
Ceqw!,nu. that which g CequcjedU, «*«w*^^^'«y\S'^ of fte^^ 
Geei, tn*. thU^ thi^, thing ; Prenez oed ; take thi* 
Cda, nw. that^ that thing ; Donnezroaoi cela ; give me that 

K. B. a and Id are added, to point at the object more fbreiUy, or to mark the dii- 
tuiee Ex. Voyez-voiu ees liTret ? preoez ceuX'Ci. et laiues ceux-li . Do you see thote 
books f take these bere and leave those, Pteaez eelui^ et je piendzai eeloHA i take 
the nearest^ and 1 will take the Jtirthest, 


<:iiaqiie. es,each. every ; {i* Chaqoe payi. ehaaoe mode ; every country ha* iti au^ 

4dways joined to a noun) tom«.— tihaque homme. ehaque femroe 

Chacan,fiM.ehaciuie,/'«.«acA; Chacun le dit every one says so,r^bMicmMc de cat fem- 

<t# never Joined to a noun mes; each of those women, 

without the preposition de) 

i^uelqiie. cs. quelqiies cp. Qoelque traitre toos vendra ; some traitor will betray 

99me : (is alvmys joined to a you — JHai quelqoet amis ; / have some friends. 


^uelqa'an. ms qiielqa*uDe, QudquHin Tiendra ; some body will come ^Parlez k qud- 

fs quelque»>una, mfh quel- qii*uiie de ees dameiL speak t^ one of those ladies,^ 

^vt»uw»Jp, some one, some QuelqueMini de cei homroes, quelquessine* de oea 

ones ; (is never joined to a fanmei ; some tf those men, of those women, 

noun wUhoutthe preposition 

Qiueofiqae, cs whoever ; Quioonqne le dit. a tort : whoever says so is wrong 

Queleonqne, c«. any what- Un liTTe quelconque ; any book 

ever \body ; 

Pemmie, with ne, ms. no- Penonnenel^iinie; nobody likes him 

Fenonne. ms. any body : Pertonne le croit-il i does any body believe it f 

On, cs, one^ someboehf^they^ 'On le dit ; one. somebody says so ; we. people say so; it 

Toe, people, men— And it ii is said sO'-Onht^itlatynuM, tyrants are ha^, 

oftener changed -into a pat- 


En, cs. and cp. of it, of him, '% cs. and ep. to it, to him^to her, to them, to that, there^ 

of her, of them, any, some, -thither. 

Wee, in. away, &c. 

I am well aware that theK two meftil particles do not properly belong to the indetep- 
senate pronouns, nor even can be considered as pronouns in many of their meanings ; 
but, as they geneially have no settled sienification by themselyes. unless their antece- 
<dents be aseertttned, I have thougrht they mij^^ht, whhoqt any 8N<tt impropiiety^ be 
AlUKd amoog the ioddenniiiate partt of speech. 

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The taziliary verb AVOIR, to have^to potteii: 

' J^reHntf tvoir ; Gerund, ayant ; Participle, eu, ©ne ; era, eoes ; 

to have having had tM.fs, mp» Jp. 

Pretent Tense.; I hare. 

Compound Tentetl 
S. rai, 1 have ; to at, thou haH ; il a Af Ac* ; elle a, the JTai eu. 1 have had, .,.,^ 
h4u I on a one ha* : mon tr*te a my brother has; The compound trauet are 

PL Nous avons. we have; tous avez. ye have; ils ont, formed in adduiethe.^ar(«>* 
they have ; elles ont, they have ; me* ir^re* ont, my ctple tothe nmple tenacfc 
Mothers have. ^ .^ ,^ . 

Imperfect }IM. . 

TaTois. tn avois, U avoit ; nous avions vous aviez. in aroient —Jwnu ea 

Preterite or Definite tense ;lYaA(at such a Hme) 
J*eu8, tu ens, il eut ; nou eiitnes, tou efttes, it euient — J'eu» eu 

Future^ I shall or will havei 
J^iuai,auns,auva: nous aurons, aurez, auront W^uxaiea 

Conditional, 1 ^ould, could, should have. . 

J^urou, aoTois, auruit; nous aurious, auriez. auroient — Jvurois ea 

Present. tixBLX I have or may have. 
jQoe j^de, tu aies. U ait; nous ayons, vous ayez ils aient — Jtiie ea 

■' Preterite, that I had or miRht have. 

Que j*eusie, easset, e&t ; nous eusnons, etissiez, euisent — J*eane eu 


Aie, have thou ; qull ait, let Kim have ; qn'elle ait, let her have ;-tyiim, let us havey 

ayez, have ye ; qu'ils aient, let them have. 

The auxiliary verb ETRE, to be, to exist, 
N. B. For the sake of bievity, we will, in the following verhs. leave off announdiigr 
the tenses, and all the persons e&cept j«. Let the verb avoir be earet\dly leamt,aDd the 
•mission will not be felt. 

Etie, to be; ^tant; being ; ayant 6t6, having been ; H€. been 

INDICATIVE. Compound Tenses* 

I am. Je snis, tu et. il est ; sommes ^tes. font — J**! ^t6 

I rvas, J'^tois. *tow, ^oit ; 6tiom, Atiez, etoient — J'kvois *t6 

J was. Je t\is, fus, fut ; fftmes. flites, furent — J'eus^* 

I will be. Je serais, seras, sera ; rons, rez, ront — J'aurai Hh 

I would be, Je serios, serois, seriot j serious, riea, roient -J'aurois 6i6 

Tfto* / may be. Que je sois. aois soit ; soyons, soyez. soient — raic 4t6 

Tkatlmightbe. Que je fosse, nisses,mt ttions, ssiez, ssent Weoise4t6- 

Be theih 

Stit, qu'U soit ; soyons, soyez, qu*iU loient. 

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Examplu tf Tifht vmi Ma i ttgit t tOff mUi negathOy* 

Ami* Suitje ? e»4u ? eslHl ? iMn frdve ii*e« pa» eaint. il n'fest pu cndBt, noD 

ett-il? lommeMKHU? 6te*-¥oiu.'tunt4b? frdre u'ett pas cnint ; ratui ite «oinme» 

mes frdres soiitFiU ? pea cmintK. vuiu n'6tet mm craiitu ib ne 

Have If Arje i a«4« ? »441 ? mon firdre tont pas cmiits« luct Ireies ne wiut pas 
apt-il ? AiruDMiotit i aTe^^oMl ont-ik i 

[ frdres ont4l8 ? / have not feared, Je dVi pas enint ta 

ilVpas ereint. il b^ pai eraint mon 
tV^re jA pat eraint ; noui n'ayom paa 
eraint too* n^avex paa eiaim ihn*oiit 

il aim£ ? mon iVere estnl aini^ ? . . 

noin aimft i £te»>vous aim^i ? aout4ls 

anm^s .' mec ftittta som-ils aim4t / pas etahst. met rr^re« n^ont pu enUnt 

Bate I loved f Ai-je aini4 ? as-ta alm^ ? fr> Am I not feared ? Ne ^•••je pas taanx ? 

tfl i^m^ / mon f r^re M-il anii€ .' avonih nWta pas crriut ? n*ett*it paa eraint ? 

lloas aini6 ? aveZiTOus aim^ ?ODt-ilf tuu€ i men t'rdre n*esl-il pas eiaiut ? ne somrnet- 

mes trdres ont-ils aitn£ ? noas i^as craints ? n^6tes-vous pas eraiiits? 

J am not. Je ne siiis pas. tu n*ea pas. 9 ne sont*ils pas ciaints? mes I'rdies ne 

n*est pas. mon fHre n*est pas ; noes ne som«ib pas ecaint* i 

•ommes pas. vous n*est pas, ils nesom ffove / n««>!Mir«^ .' N^je pas eraintFn^ 

pas. mes I'rdies ne sont pas to pas eraint ? n'M.-il pas eraint ? man 

1 have not, Je nVii pas. tu n^ pas, il n^ ft^re n'a^-il pas crain* ? n*avons4Jona 

pas. mon rHrenVi pas: nous n'avons pas, paseiaint? n^rewous pas eraint? 

irous n^Tez pas, ils n*ont pas. mes fveres n*ontils pas eraint ? mes freres n*ant>ils 

n'ont pas pas tiaiiit i ~And »o tfany ver^. 

I am not feared* Je ne sois pas eraint, tu 

Verbs endinK in emvte in the first person ssBgular of the indiottife^ change it into ^* 
W*aime. i /oiw^ / aimeje ? ifo i love ? 


A verb is regular when all its tenses derive fVom die infiiutive, or ftora the geranit 
^lere fowi the coningntions in enir and cvoir, usually c lassed am ong the regular vatbMwa 

We admit, in thisintvoduetion, three regular conjugations. 
" li t ' in er, ant, e — parler, parlant, parle 

f re, ant, u,~venue, vendant, vendu 
Sd. branching intoi ?j^ mtant, a;,t,-H!onduire, conduisMlt, e« 
«!., «riw7M.#.»,v ««.»^ indrcignant, int,--joindre,joi|snant, joint 

Lottre, oissant, u,— paroftre, paroisMnt, par 

Many verbs, with those tenninations, are, however, ineguhtf, as will be seen aftei^ 

All verbs, either regular or irregular, acree together in forming die last syUable of 
nuMt of their tenses, as will clearly appenr ftom the following paradigm, whidl Hourly 
xedufietaHtbee«M^ugiitioDsto one* 


Td »hew the SimiUtrity of the French Verb4^ in the final SyOablg, 

INlflKITIVB. Prf«tfne,er,ir,oir,re; paT]er,agir, devoir rendn 
Gerund^ ant, in all verbs ; parlant, s^ssant; &e. 
fartidpk^ e, i, q, t, s ; pail^ agi, dO, tkit, mi» 

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Ic, e* e; ont, 
• 'i ^ i, t ; om, 

I •, • d ; om, 

^x. X. t; ons, 

oin, ate, oit ; 

fW ■», a ; 
J is, It. it;,ut; 
Ciiit, in*-, int ; 



















Imperfect, oii, ai<, oit ; ioni, 
-_• — - . Ames, 

inniei, inte«, inrent ; 
,FUiure. itti. ras. ra ; rona rez. rant ^ 

Conditional, rois.ruii roit rions, riez, roi^t; 
SUBJUNCTIVE Pre«»if e. es, e ; iom;iez ent; 

Preterite. sie. sse*,t, tnong^uiez, snent ; . _ 

IMPERATIVE Ce, tqu*?! qu1l» Parle, qn*!! parte 

Do thou X%. f e ; oni ez. ent Lis. qu'il ft»e 

Some persons of the yerbs avoir ftre» aller,Jkire,convoinere, and vaincre^ deviite 
fipom this Paradigm, as may be seen in their conjugation. 


Je sens, s, t ^ 

Jie vends, s. d 

Je veuX.X,t 

Je paiL is je lentob 

Je parlai j^imai 

J^ttKis je ns 

Je re^us je tm 

Je tins, je vins 


Je derrois j'ftimeroi* 

J'aimt. je sente 

J^umasse, je semiMe 


A r^ifular Teib keeps its radical letter* throoRb all the conjnf;ationt. 

The radical letters ot' a verb are those which stand beibre the ending eommon to all' 
die verbs oi the same conjugation- Thus, mparler^ dS^^ the syllables jbar/ »nd ag are 
tfie radical letters- So that, when you want to conjnijatea verb » iter a model given to 
you, observe what are the radical letters of both verbs. m«d add to the radical letters of 
yonr verb (aiScording to the tense and person you want) tlie endinfr which is after the 
ndical letcers of the model proposed to you. Ex. Suppose I want the first person pli»> 
nl of itudier for the preterite, and that 6or/^ be the model proposed to me in the 
grammar I begin with observing that the conjugation, being in er, the radical letters 
of the verb are itudi uvdparl: I look at the conjugation of /wr/er, and fiiid parMmes 
for the place required,! take <fme9, which stands after the radical letters, and I plao6 it 
after itudi^ which gives me etUtWtme*, the word re40ired.-»This, weU anderitood, wilL 
much facilhSRs the conjugation of the French verbs. 

I. Megulai' Conjvgatioru in EB, ANT, fi« 

Vaariet^to tpeak ; ] 

; v^^nt, Hteaking; pail^, 4e ; e»,eei,spoken» 
INDICATIVE, Compound TefiMe. 

P. / speak, 1 do tpeak,. Je, tu, il; nous votts,i1i 

Tom speaking, Parl^ es, e; ons, ez, ent— J^i parle 

Ittu 1 did speak, I was Parmn8,ois,oit$ ions, iez, oient^'avois parl6 

speaking, I spoke. 
Fret / l^oke, J have ParMii, as, a, ftmes, fttes, drent— Teas parie 

F, / vfUl or shall speak, Parl^emi, eras, era; erons, erea, eront-^aural pairl6 
€. 1 would, could, Parl-erois, erois, eroit; erions, eHesE, eioient-J^auKiif parte 
should speaft, 

Tr. Thm t may speak, Que je, que tu, qull; quenon»,que vous, qn*ils 
^^*^/j^'^'*** .. Pari-e, es, e; ions, ieK ent-^J^aie patle 

rtet,Thafl might speak} Parkuse, asse», at ; assions, assies^ assent-vPeuase paxle 
that J spoke, 

Parte, qu'ilparie; nations, parley, qunispartenr 
•ptQktfm^ fa him speak f htm speak, sptak ye, let them spc0^ 

The tote in Mr aU an e miite to tlie endinic, wliMcifer the f m^ 
• ; therefore write nous mangeoru, nou» man^e4tne* ; and not nou* tnangoru^ notu 
nuintf^Tne»,-^The Tcrfas ending in cer, ami cevoir^ change tbc c into f betbre the yowdi 
o, 0, u.-^e repots, nous commen^ftniei, il re9at. 

IL Regular Conjugatitm-in IR, ISSANT, I. 
N B. As the Endish verbs have but three variations, %e cease repeating the Engliah- 
vonl fhrther than at the inliDitive. The signs may easily be collected trom the- pre> 
cedinjf eonjugatioa 
INF. punith ; pntnuUit,punitMng ; pool e; it^ieii punUhed, 
IND.Pr, Je ta U; nous vous ils Compound Temet* 

Pun-is is. it; issons issez. issent — J^ai puni 
Imp. Pun^sioit iss(4s. issoit; issions isniez isstnent — J^avoispiuu 
J*ree. Pun-is is it; tmei. ttes. irent — J'euspuni 

Fut. PttiMcai. iras ira; irons irez. iront — J'aurai puni^ 

CondU Pun-inns irois lr;>it; irions iriez iroient — J^uroisponi 
SUB J. Pr. Que je- que tu . qu'il ; <|ue nour q ne vous qu'ib 

D....! — isses- isse; issions issiez issent — Pnieponi 

isses tt; issions is»iez issent — <reussepuni 



IMP, Punis qull punisse; punissons punissez. quHls pnnissent 
So are conjugated upwards of iOO verbs in cirt dir gir, mir, nir, Ur &&— l>iucir» ap» 
phMidir, mugir,a&rmir.t'oumir avertir, 

III. RegnUtr Conjugations in IR; ANT, I. 
INF. Sentir, to smell ; sentant, smelling ; senti ie ; is. ies smelt, 
ISD. Pr, Je tu, il; nous vous. its Compound Tenses* 

seal. sens, sent ; aentrons ez, ent -J'ai senti 

im^. Sent*ois, cms oit; ions, iez. oient —sTavois senti 
Pret. Sent-is, is, it; tines* ttes,^ irent -^^eus senti 
Fut, Sent-irai. irast ini ; irons, irez, iront — J^aurai senti^ 
Condit. Sent-iroist irois* iroit; irions, iriez, iroient -^J^aurois senti 
SUBJ. JPr. Queje. quetu. quHU que nous, que vous qu*!!*- 

Sen^e, es e; ions iez, ent —J^ide senti 
Pt-et, SenHsse, isses tt; issions issiez, issent -^Teusse senti 
IMP. Sens, qu^ilsente; sentons, sentez, qu*Ussentent 

N.B. The verbs of this conjugation aiding in fir, llropthar tin the first and seoonl'- 
person singular ot the indicative present; and the other verbs drop the letter they iiave 
before «>, in tlie three persons sing, of the same tensa— Parrtr ; je pan , tu pan, il parU— 
Dormir ; je dors, tu dors il dort.— 5fer»tr ; je sers tu sers. il sCTt, 
So are conjugated the following verbs* 








Se rendormir» 
Se repentir, 













se repentant, 




4*ai consenti —to consent 

4^1 dementi. . ""gvoe the lie 

jVii desservi --clear the table ; hurt 

j'ai dormi- -^sleep 

i'ftiendormi —lull asleep 

jemesuisendonni --fall asleep 

j'ai roenti< "lie 

jesuis, &j*ai parti —*rt«u* ^ 

Taipresxenti --foresee 

i*ai redomu —sleep again 

le rae suis rendormi —fall asleep again 

je suis & j*ai reparti —set out again ; reply,^ 

je me suis repenti —repent 

I'ai ressenti —resent 

je sius ressord —go out ^^ain 

j'ai seati ^'^tmelljeel 

■ ' Digitized'byCliOOgle 





jemeiuitaerfS 'tnakewetf 

je suit , fie j'fti tocti -rgo out 


*R«pwtir i^p«rtiiHiitr«0d>«fri6«Ce;*ionortif>itnortiai^ 
Kated like/»umr. ^^ j|ey„tor Cor^ugathn in RE, ANT, U. 

IND. JV-. 

SUB. /^. 


N. B. 

VendK to t^H } irendant. telling '; veada* iky 4is net *old 
Je tu. U; nous, voin. iU ComfioundTnue** 

vendt vends, Teiid; Tenl^Mis ex, eot ^— J^ veiida 

VeiMkiis, ois oic; ions iez,oient — vTavuis Teudu 

VeDd>ii. ii It; tines, ties irent "J eiu vendue 

Veml-cai , n»t n ; roQs res. nuit — J'aiuai vendu 

Vei>d^ou,rois,roit ; rioDs ries reient ^ — J*auraisTeiidu 
Queie quetn qa'il; ^ue noas. que von* qu^ 
vend^ es e; iods iez ent — J^ievenda 

Veod-i8si;,iMes. tt; iMi<»s Usiez, issent — J'eusse venda 

Veuds. quM vende ; vendons vendez qa*il ^ 

' 'So are conjugated thefoUomng Verio, 

_ „ The vniM with an aoteruk liave a slif(fat irveflrolarity in ffaeir orthomph^.. 
JSoffrr and its derivatives lose one t in t>ie tliree penons oi tbe indicative pr, siuff. andT 
adsine. iiapem-^bat^ tu da't. i2 tee j6a£«.—i?«fi%pre and iu derivatives and ^to/»for 
the 3d person singiudicat. pr.^ll rornpt^ corrompt, interrompt, 

'-topull down 

'-to expect ondtoUh/or 



. \ii attendn 





. *m combattn 



Con oitdie. 

-eon bndant, 

^ ai coniondu 



i*ai vorrunipu 

, e me luis 6batta 







. !Ri ^tenda 



, '«i entenda 



, *ai (endu 



. ^i ronda 


interron pant, 

, Vuinttrrompn 



, *ai mordu 












Vu rebatttt 







, Hii retbnda 

*ai leiidu 









. lai rompn 



' "ai tonda 










—play about 










—lay eggo 



—brat again 

—melt again 

—render restore 

•'•opill spread 



—bend, tend 


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V. aegid^r Ctt^ngoHti to UIR8, UISANT, «IT. 

Couipound Tctuer. 


j>r. Je, ta, il; noot, n 

Cdnd-qk, «»■ vk; «iaeu «m», iiMeBi-vju wmaic 

Im. CondHBUKM uitoii, uiMMt ; iritious uniez, uiaoieutN-Jlnrau condnit 

Pret* Cood^iis. uisis aidt;-iiistiaai, uitUet, iiicivnit— J^eus cosidoit 

Flit. Cund-uirai, lunu, aira; nmm» airez, uiMnt^-J'aonii ea ' 

Cwidi Coad-mriM,uiimt. airoit; uirioni, airieK, «iMiem— J^munjuc 

U; que nout, que voof, ^% 

uiaet, ui«e ; uitions uieriez, mmc_. 

IVer. Couiiiitiue,uJiisiei,uiitt,uifiarioDa,uUiMies uinMeufe-^euMeMiidiiit 


Queie. ttt. 
Coiid-ai»e, ul 

Conduii, quHl eaadniie ; coiiduiioot iiifeeK, qu^conluitent. 

So are conjugaUdthefMowing l^grbi. 































J'ai CHit 
j>i d^uH 
rai enduit 
j!^! iuduit 
^M imtruit 
Vta introduit 
jtailui iDoO 
^*jiinui Knot) 
^\Li pniduit 
j'ai reconduk 
j*ai recuit 
y»i r«dait 
rairelui (no*) 
i!ai sMuit 
fta tnuluit 

p ' reconduct 
f— agofti 

I — yteter 

VL Iteisrutor ConjugaHotu to INDUE, lONiUTT INT. 

INF. Joindre, jmgMuit-; joint, e ; s, es ; to join* 
IND. Pr. Je. tu, il; neof, yout, ils Comp, Tetuet* 

joint joim, joint ; jo-igiion« ignez, iin>ent —^ai joint 
In^, Jb^mii, ignoH, iffnoit; ignions, ipiiez* ignoieBt^— ^T&Toisioiat 
Pret* JoHgnit ignis i^it ; igniioes- ignttes. ignirent—— J'eus joint 
Fut Jo<indrid indnu indra ; indrans. indrez indront -^-%l*«urai joiM 
Cond* Jo^ndroisfindnrii wdroit; indrions,indrieB,iiMlroieBt-— J'anroiijoBiit 
SUB. Pr. Qaeje,^uetu qa*il ; aue nous, que vo«s qonit 

JoHgne. ignesigne;ignions igni6Kignent-—%T'ftae joint 
Jhtt. Jo4ni{we, Ignistes ignit ; ignitsions igniMiez,igniitent—J*eQsae joint 
1MP&SU Joint, qull joigiie^ joigiMia*, joignes, quHt joigneDl. 

,y Google 
















Poiiidre, to dawUy to 


So are eof^gated the following Verbi* 


i^ amine (obsolete) 

pa ceiiit 


li enceint 
li enfceint 
oi enjoint 

. ii ^teint 

J'ai liKiut 














Jyi peine 

ptoignant i*ai plaint 

hurt ; \\ poindra, he toitt hurt (obsolete) 
vestreignant, jVu restreint 

leigtuuit, j\i teint 

'—'paintt flrtno 

— i^y 

——<tiei colour 

VII. Regular ConjugatUrti in OITRE OISSANT, U. 

■rwrk n- ^^' ^■«>*^' P«w>»»«m; paru, ne; ni. iieis to appear, 

xSO,Pr. "Je. tu il; noui voui. ils Compound Tentet* 

, _ , par-<Hi. oif. ott; (Htsona, oissez oissent— — J^i paru 

Imp FaiH>isioi8 oissois, oinoic \ oission* oissiez, oiaMMent Tavoii para 

JPret. Par-US, , -lu, ut; 6met. Ates urent J*eu»paru 

■Fw<^ wo^trat ottra*, ottia; ottrous. ottrez, ottront J'toHnkipam 

£««« P«*^J[troi8 ottrois. ottroir; ottrions, ottries otuoient J*aiirois fwru 

SUB Pr, Que je.^etu,qu*il; que nous quevous qu'ils 

Parsnsse, oinet Oisie; oissiona oiniez, oUtent— vl'aie paru 

»%irfS""'®' *"*' ^^» usrioni usslez uneiit Teuaae parti 

IMFER. Paroii.qulIparoisK; paroiswns paroissez, qu'ils paroiMenu 











So are corrugated the folUnring Verbu 

J% accra 
4*ai appara 
yoA compara 
Pai conuu 
j*ai d^m 
j*ai dispara 
yai lueconnu 
rai reconna 
I'ai recni 










ai^ar (inlaw) 

■ -4cnoxo 




r emember 

In croitre and its derivatires, the letters of sound oSj and in the other verbsin oitre, 
the same letters oi have the simple sound of the vowel /. Many people chanjge oi into 
olio the latter caK. 


Let the learner obserre carefully that the compound tenses of the reflected verbs 
are tbnned, in French, hy the verb itre (to be), and not as thiey are in English, by the 
▼eih avoir (to have). 

tNF.' Se lever, le levant. s*^tant lev^, ^; k%, £es, 

to rise, risings having risen^ )Oq1c 

E o 


{le me Idvei ta te]«T«i,U ae 1^; moT) Ctmpwnd Teruetm 
nous ieroDf , toui yous leves, U» te 1^ C^SJ"^ ^\* ^^^* 

Om, Pr: . 

r»«n^ Ivent J Ihaverum. 

IMP. IdtdfJeioe levois. tu te lerob 9 te levoitq Je m'^toii lev£, 

rise; /7MU<notti nootlerioiu, tobs TiMuleviez,ib WAa</rwen, 

riHng Ue levotent- J , ^ . . 

Fret, 1 rote, fJe me levai, ta te levM , ilwleva; noos'l Je me fas leve, 

i dti/ rMff. < noiu lev&mef, tous voiis levAtes, ili te >/ Aocf n'^en. 

Uevdrent J 

J^f . / #Aa// rJe me leveni, tn te levenu, il le levera n Je me teni lev<6 

or wiU rite. < nous nout ieTeroiis> tous vous leverex, Us >/ vnll have ruen, 
Lse leveront- J 

CondU. fJe me lerenris, tu te leverois il se leve-^ Je me serios lev6. 

/ woutd or < roit ; nous nous leverioos, tous vous iere- >/ vfould have'riten, 

fAouMmff. LrieZfilsseleveroient. J 

SUBJ Pr fQue je me Idve, que tu te l^ves quHl se") Je me sois lev6« 
That 1 rise < 1^ ve; nous now ]evions,TOtts tous leriez >I may have risen* 

w may rise Lilsse Invent. . J 

Fret That I rQue je me levasse, tu te levasses il se le>"| Je me fnsse ley^, 

might rise x v4t; nous nous levauions tous tous le. >lhadrisetu 

that 1 rose. Lvassiez ils se levasaenc. J 

IMPERAT. LdTo-toi quHl se Idve i leroiU4ioufl. leTesc>T0ttSt quails se lifent 


JL y a, there is, there are ; 
lyaeu there heubeen^ov have been: 
II y aToit, il y avoit eu ; il y eut il y eut eu; 
il y aura, il y auia eu ; il y anroit, il y au* 
roit eu ; quil y ait, q«*il j ait eu ; qu'il j 
e<kt, qu*il y eftt eu. 

Y a-fru ? is there, are there ? y a4-il-eu ? has 
there heen^ have there been * il n*ya pas, 
there is not, there are not ; W nV a pas eu 
there has net heen^ there have not oeen.-- 
N'y a-t-il pas ? «* not there; are not there f 
n'y 9<i\ pfts eu ? has notthere been ; have 
nM there been? 

II (aut. one must^ it must^ it is necessary; 
il a fallu ; il fislloit. il avoit tallu ; il fallut 
ileut mUu ; il t'audra il aura lallu ; il t'au- 
droit, il aumit fallu ; qu'il tiiUHe, quil ait 
ftllu; quti fUl(it qu^ileAtfltllu — / must go 
to Parts, il tteut que jUlle k Paris; Tou 
must go to Paris, il fautque TousaJliezft 
Paris.— That verb is not impersonal in 
English and it always requires the subjune- 
tive in French, after the conjunction que. 

IL y a un homme, thereis a man ; 
il y ades hommes there are men~-—^ 
And tu on throufch the verb, in which the 
sini^ular in French answers to the singular 
and plural in English. 


Among the irregular verbs some have 
many derivatives or other veiiis which have 
the lame irregularities Several stand ir- 
ree:ular by themselves^ or only with one or 
two derivatives —The former we shall ilasa 
according to the termination of their infi- 
nitive, gerund, and participle ; and ot the 
latter we shall give an alphabetical list 

N. B Where only the first person of ^ 
tense is given, the other persons may easily 
be known by the Paradigm p xxviij. Thua 
firai. jebus, ftc. look Tor the future and 
preterite in the Paradigm, and yon will 
easily add: tu iras, U ira; tu bus , il but SoSa 

The leading irregular verbs ar o f aire, 
icHre^ thre^ tenir^devwr, mettre, courir^ 
prendre^ eouvrir. 

I. Class of irregular Verbs from FAIRE, FAISANT, FAIT^ 

F AIRE, faisant, fhit, j*ai fhit ; to do, make, 
Jef)siS:ftu8,fkit; fiiisonji,faites,tbnt- Jeftiisois.fis ferai fecois. fasse. fiste* 
Pais, quni fasse ; faisons,flaites,qu'iU fassent. 
ContrefUrev contrefaisant, i'ai contretiUt -—^o counterfeit 

D^fkire, d^&isant, j^ d^fait '-—^ndo 

Forfhire, only. atuf forfiut — 'forfeit 

PMaire, .parfawant, j'dparfait —complete 

Digitized by VjOOQ 




fai red^iait 
j*ai turl'tit 

II. rfo«# ofirreguUar Verbi in CRIRE, CRIVANT, CRIT. 

ECRIRE, ^rirant, £erit jU ^rit; to write. 

J'£cri8»tu toris, torit : ^rivons ^erivez. ^crivent. j'^rivois. ^rivis. ^rind. derivois. 

Que j'^crive. ^criviste ^is. qa*il derive, ^erivont. tonvez, qaHb tori vent 


















•to circunucribe 

ftA isucrit 
j*tti preierit 
i^i proierit 


•^—tvrite iwtin 


ni. CUu9 of irregular Verbs in IRE, ISAKT, IT. 







DIRE, ditant. dit, j'U dit ; to tauy telL 

Jedis,dis dit; diions,dites,aifent< Jediiois cTii dirai diraii. Qae 

je diie diise- Dit, qu*U diie ; ditona. ditei, qu'ils ditent 








jU conflt 
j\u contredit 
|e me suis dMit 
j*at intenlit 
Vai mMit 
Ytn prMit 

■o preserve Jhdt 
— ^oiifrmficf 
— liiway 
— :finbid 



* The fix vetbt with an asteritk^ nuike ditex in the woond nenon pluiikl of the iiidica< 
tWe prefent, woA in the same person imperatiTe ; votu conjUex, voiu contreditex, 

TV, CUus of aregiUar Verba in ENIR, ENANT, EKU. 

Tenir) tenant, tenu, j'ai tenu ; to hold. 



tenez, qu*ils 



ATeniir, . 
















tient; tenona tene».tiennent# Je tenoia. tim. tiendmj. tiendroit. Qoe 
ienne ; tpeniona, eniex, ieonent tinaae. Tiens, qu^il tienne'i tenona» 














pr^ Tenant, 


ae reaaouveoa&t) 


Je roe auia abstenu 
j*ai appartenu 
il eat arena 
j*au contena 
j*ai ccmtrevenu 
je auia convenu 
1 Vi detenu 
je taia derenu 
je aoia diaeonvena 
^^\ entretena 
ie auia intervenu 
. i*au maintenu 
je auia parvenu, 
iHA pre venu 
ie auia provenn 

Je me auia resaouvenu -recollect 
JVdretena ^etmn. 

Digitized by "VjOOQlC 

— *« abrtain 

















, jeiuitTeroMi 
i*aa soutenu 
i\ii suijyena 
je suU renu 

-—come by chance 

* Convenir^ in the aenne o;* to tidt^ takes avoir in its eorapound tenses Ex» Cette- 
maiaon m'a convenu. &ir suis convenu du pnx ; that home noted me ^and I have agreed 
about the price French Jcad. 

■ V. Cla»» of irregular Verb* in EVOIR, EVANT. U. 

Devoir, derant, d&, j^ai dA; to nve, to be obliged, 

Je dens, dois, doit ; derons. devez. doivent. Jt* devois dus. derrai deTiois. 
d-oive, oives. oiTe; d-evions, eviez, otvent. dune. Dois, qu^il dtave} devouL 
qtt*ili doiTent* t 

-^0 discover 
— obtain 














j'W appePfU 
I'ai concu 
j^fti d^cu 
j'ai pei'^n 


VI. CUu9 of irregular Ferfti/rom METTRE. MBTTANT, MIS. 

Je mets^ttt mets, il met; raettons. mettez, roettent Je mettois mis. inettnd.mettr<»i4> 
C^ue je mette. miase. Mets, qa^il mette ; mettous, mettez, qu*ils mettent. 





Se d6iiiettre, 



P. rmettre, 









se d^mettant, 








jHii admis 

j'ai cummis 

^*ai compromis 

j'ai d6mis 

j'e me suis d^mis 

^ me suis entremii 

yai omis 

/ai permis 

j'ai promis 

j'ai remis 

j'ai soumis 

J'ai transmis 

—to t^mit 




—resign put out 





—replace, deliver 



VII. Class of irregular Verbs from COURIR, COURANT, COURU. 

COURIR,counint, coarujj'aiconra; to run, 

Je conrs, cours, eourt; courons, courez courent. Je courots, courus. coumu* eourrois^ 
Que je coure. courasae Cours, qu^il coure ; courona, conrez, qu*i]s eourent. 

Aceourir, accoutant, 

Concourir, eoncourant, 

Diacourir, discourant, 
Encourir, . encourant, 

Parcourir, parcourant, 

Recourir, recourant, 

Secourir, secourant, 

le SUIS acconra 
]['ai concouru 
j'ai discottm 
j'ai eneoum 
j^i parcouni 
j'ai reooura 
J'ai s 

— <o run t0 

--^run over 
—recur to 

,y Google 


\UL Cktii of irregular Verinfrom PRENBRB, PREKAHT* TKLt* 

PRENDRE, pieiuuit, pris, jV prto ; to take. 

3e menda, preeds, piend ; prenoiu, pienez. prennent. Je prenois. pris. prendni. fvei* 
dnn*. Que je prenn^ et, e ; prennons, kx, prumenc pnne* Fiuidt, qu*U pRiiD»v 
pcenana, pxeneZi quU prenneau 


Se m^prendii^ 





•e meprenant, 



4*ai apprii 
f «i t'ompris 
j^i d^sappris 
j'ai eiitreprit 
-« me sois m^prii 

|V reprii 

*ai surpris 



— *o learn 





—take back, bUtmt 


IX. Cku* of irregular Verbs in IR, ANT, ERT. 

COUVRIR, couyrant, couvert, j^i convert ; to cover. 
JecoixTre,coaTret.coaTre; couTrons.couvrez. cirnvrent. Je couvroU. eoaVris* eourrirai* 
eonTiiroia. QuejeaouTve ooovriufs. Couvxe, qu'il coavre ; couvroos. couviez, ipi'Uv- 
4'ai entrWreit 
iVii ni6soffert 

* Oflfnr, 









yai recouvert 
j^ai r'ouvert 
yaa souffert 

— <• discover 
—open a Httle 
—cover up 
—open again 


^fthe irregular Verbs tohich cannst be classed, 

N- B. The asteridc (*) announees a verb defective in the tentei whieh are not men- 
tioned. The obeliak and asterisk together (t*) point at a verb at once defective and 

We have omitted the imperative mood, the third persona of which are supplied by 
the pr. of tlie subgunctive ; and the others by the pr- o' the indicative. Ex acquiers, 
qu^il acqui^ve ; acqu^nms, acquires. qu*Us acqui^rent. 

* Absoudre, to absolve ; afasolvant ; ab> 
aous.ahsoute; j^ai ahsous J*ahsous absous, 
nbsoat,nous abmlvons, absolvt-z, absolvent. 
J''absolvois. absoodrai absoudrois Que 
JVibsolve.— /nnocrot^ supplies it 

* Abstraire, to abstract ; abstrait. j'ai ab- 
strmit rabstiais, ais, ait. nous abstrayons, 
ayez.aient. J^straiiai— rois : the defective 
tenses are supplied by fliire abstraction 

Accudllir, to welcome ; acceuilhunt, ae> 
cueilli i j^i aeeueiUi J^ccueiile , accueil- 
lois; ftcraeilUs; accueiUerai ; aeciieillerois* 
Qnej'iaceaeiUe; aocueillisse. 

* Aecroixe ii only uicd in the inftnitivf 

with the help o/(kire ; as. faire ac^roire, en 
fkireaccrotre. to deceive; s'en laire accroire, 
to be self conceited 

Acqof rir. to acquire ; aequ^rant, acquis ; 
jVu acquis J^acqulem. iers. iert, nous ac- 
qu^rons,acqu£rez. acquidrent J^cqu^rais; 
acquis ; acquerrai ; acqnerrois. Que j'kcqu- 
i^re, i^res. idre ; acqu^rions, eriez, i^reut. 

Alter, to go i alfaint.alI6 ; ^tre all£, avoir 
4t6 Je vais, tn vas, il va; nous allons, 
alkz, runt. Tallois; allai or ftas ; irai; 
irois. QueiViille^aiUesiaiUej &Uions,aUieK, 
luUent ; aUatse, 

Digitized by 



t* Appunir, to be evidetajCta hnr). II Croife . to beUeve ; craytnt, era ; jVd cite 
appert ie i* eviderU Je cnrit, crois, croit . moot eroyont eroyez, 

AMaillir,f« tutautt ; aaaiUaat, ankilli ; croieut Je eruyois ; ertu ; crui-rai ; rois. 
jviaaMilli. J^u«im;, e*. e ; nuiu AMaill- ^nejecroie eroies, eroie} eroy^ioos, ies, 
ona, ex, eat J^wttiUoit ; asMUlit ; assail- croient . je enugep 
lirai i aaaullirou. Que i'a«saille ; anailliaae Cueillir, to gather ; eueiltant eiieiUi ; jlai 

S^uwoir, f rit devm i iVm^yant je me eueilli Je cueill« es, e ; noiu eueiU-ons, 
toil aMu. Je in^aMieiU. tu tVusiedt, il s*af ez. ent. Je eueill-ois , ii : end ; ecui» Qae 
awd ; nous nous au^yons ^yez, <Syent« Je je cueiile . eaeiUi*.ie. 
nvi^yois. je iu'a«sit. je m'tai^nu. je m^i*- * D^ahoir, to decay ; dMm ; Je rait d6> 
nerois. Que ie mVua^ye ; je m^ine — ehu Je d^thoii, ois. oit ; noui declHiyoiu, 
Oraaunariam do noc agree about the ortho- oyeK. d^ehoient. Je d^chut dechenai ; 
CwphT oi tbii verb ; we fiillow here the d^cherroit Que je d^cb-oie, oiea oie; 
Irencn Acad oyom. oyiez oient ; d^choiae -^Bauter, 

Boire, to drink ; buTant^ba, jV bu. Je decHner, lupply it. 
poii. boit, buit ; nous buv'oni. ex. boivent ; * D^lwre, to unclote^ to open ; j*ta de^ 
je buvoii; bat; boirai ; botroia Que je tU>o— conjugated tike elorre,aiMl wantii^ 
•on^e et. e ; boT-ioD*. iex, boivent ; basse the ainie teiues.— Ouvrir lopplies it 

Boulllir. to boil J booiUaut, bouilli ; j^i n^coodre, to unaew ; j'U d^cousu— /tibe 
bouilli Je bous, bout, biiut ; nous bouill- eoudre 

ons. ex. ent ; je b.»uiUois ; bouillis . bouilli- * I>efaiHir, to decay ; nous d^failloni, 
ni; boniilirois Quejebouille; bouillitse. aillez, aiilent J*ai derMiiii ; jed^faiilois; 

Biaire. to bray ; il brait, ils biaient ; ii je d^fkillU —DicUner. tomber. supply it. 
oraiiajW biairont. il biairoit ils hniroient, ^* D^mouvoir (a law term)* to make one 
•^Crier eomme un dne supplies it- deHH of Hi* pretennon*.— The infinilive is 

^ Bruise, to roar, bliuter ; ii bniyoit ; the only wora in use —Dibouter might sup* 
les flott bruyoiem. the wtvee roared»^^ phr the rest 
Gronder supplies i^ D^phUre, to dUpleate ; jii d^plu— /aite 

t* Choir, to^U ; cbiL/aton.— 7Vm4«r plaire. 
rapplies it * Distraire, to take from to dUturfr; j*ai 

, Cireoneire. to eireumcite ; eirooncisantt distrait— /lAv abstraire Enkver and dittU 
circoneis ; jU eircontis, Je circoncis, is, per may supply it. 
It; isons,isea, isent. Je cireoncisois ; eip- * Dissoudre, to dS^^oh^e ; j*aa dissous- 
oone>is; irai inns. Que jec^reono>ise; isse. '^ absoodie.— F«ndr« and annuUer may 

• Clorre to dote; closant. clos, j*ai elos; •upply it- 
je elos,ta clos il eldt Je donmi, je clor- Klire« to elect ; jHii 6\n^ike lire, 
vols Que je dose.— F^rrm^r Mod houcher Erooudre, to vhets ynk ^moola— JOv 
•upplyit. noudre. 

Comnlaire, to humour ^comply; j^ torn- Emouvoir, to Hir up;, to move ; jVi 6mii 
p\vf^ike plaire. "tike mouToir. 

Conclure, to conclude ; ooncluant, eon> Kelorre, to be hatched; mesversik soie 
da * j'ai conelu. Je conci-us, us, ut ; nous tont^elos. myHlk-worms are hatched-^ Uke 
coneKutms, uez, uent ; je condu-ois ; us ; clorre "STouvrir vuiparottre supply it. 
urai; ureis Que je conctne ; nsse * Endorre. to enclose, to surround; 

Con^tt^iir, to conouer ; conqu^nmt. eon> j^ endos— /tAa? eferre— Eftfottfvr and ren- 

5iuis. j'ai eonquis Je eonqiviers, iers. iert : fcrmer supply it- 
tmutirez. ierent. Je eonqu^iois; coo- Enqu^hv, s*enqa^rir, to inqukr after ; 
4uis ; conquenai ; eonquerrois Que je je rae suis enquit--<iA« acqu^rir. 
«onquHdre, idres. idre ; eonqu-^riona, ^riez, S*ensuine (imuersonal), to follow^ eneue; 
Kreot ; conquisse. s'ensuiTant, il s'est ensuivi ; il s'ensmt ; 

Convainere. to convjmv ; j*ai conndnca i^ensuiToit; s'entuirit; s*ens«iTra; s^en- 
^ike vaincre sniTroit Qu'il s^ensuive ; s'ensuivtt. 

Coodre,to«rw; eousant eousu; j^i eou> "Rrxtxcwkx^to have a glimpse at^ toguessi 
su. Je couds, oouds eood, nous cous-ooa, j^i entreTU— fiAe voir 
es, ent ; je euu^ois ; is ; je eoud-rai ; rois. Envoyer. to send ; enroyant, enT«»y«, j^ 
Que je coum; vuer^ amusAe w«#tw«, envoy* J*envoi-e, es. e ; nous envoy-onst 
^retodPreDdb ez^enrg'te^ti J'^nvoywjcnToyiijeaTer- 

,y Google 

mH envenob. C|ae j'envoVetef.e; envoys Moii?oif,e««B«oe;]ttoiMBt.M«,iU mi; 

ions, iez. envoient ; envoyaue. Je meiu. ineiu, meut ; noas mouTHmt. ex, 

Exclure, to exclude ; ocluant. ezelos, fte. mouTent. Je mouToia ; mu» ; mouvHrai ; roif* 

ezelue fl}^ exclude,/. 3^ ettlu; Jesuis <)ue je meuv^ es, e; mouT-ioBi, ko. 

excluf. je tuU ezduse, elle a ^t6 excliue. iiu:aT«>nt; je muue. 

J'exelus, us, ut ; uant. uez, uent.— J'exelo- Nattie, to be bom ; naiMint, ii4, je rait 

ois ; us ; urai . orois. Qiie je t;xelme ; usse. ii6. Je nais, uus, nait ; nous naisssmt. ez, 

* Extndre. to extract; yai exttait— /tAe ent Je naistois ; naqoii ', nattfai : nut. 

HbstDiire —fotre un extrait^ iUpouiiler, <)ue je naisse ; naquiwe, 

nay supply it. ^ * Ou'ir, to hear ; Tai ouY, / havf heard i 

t* Faillir, tofitiL be let*; faillant, j<U fouYs I heard qiaeyoaim:, that I might 

failli* Je fkax, aux^ faut , laill-ons. ez, ent hear ^-^oit. j*oyoii » oyez. &c. are otttM 

Je fhillis ; je Omdna-faillir jefaUtU, and o*#flfete.— Entendre ntfpUe* oulir. 

theeompottndttfnaes/at/atm,&e. are still * Pattn^. to graxe^ to feed: palt 

inuse.— Jtfc»gtter,#efrow<^r,«omAer,«up- ToisiAua pO. the birdhatjkd. Je r— , 

ply it ^ ... ^ . . ■*•• •^'^ nous jKaissons aissez aisseiit. Je 

* F^rir, to Hrike, is only ushI in this paissois; pattiai , pattiois C^ue je paisse ~ 

phiase ; sans coup fi&rir. -without striking a manger and nourrir supply tlie dd^ient 

otoTo— frapper avpplie* the rest. tenses. 

• Frire, tojr^ ,• mt. fVite, j'ai frit Je Flaire, topleate; plaiaant. plo, j^i plu. 
ftis, tu Com il Ant ; je mrai ; throis —Fri' Je pMs, ais att : plaiMins. ez aisent Je 
caj«(T supplies it PJaiMis; dIus ; pbtrai; pUtrois quej« 

Fuir.^0A;fuyant.f\ii,jaitui. Jefii4s, plaise: plusse. 
is, it ; nous fWons, ez, I'uient. Je fuyois ; Pleuroir. to rain ; il a plu, il pleut, plea- 
fuis; fbiiai; fuirob. QiiejetViie ;t'utsse— voit, plut. pleavra, pleuTToit. cfu*!! pifuve, 
Je pris la tuite. je prase la iuite are more Qu'il plAt.— T^ thirdperton plural w tued 
in tuefor the preterite tente*—n''evi€a\rj!'en- J^rat Les honneurs pleuvent chez luL 
Aiyant. je ate suis entui, it conjugated like honour* pour upon him, 
iWr. Puunaivre,ttf^ur«uff; j\d pounoivi— 

t*.6£sir, to lie; nous gisons, i!s gisent ; tike suivre. 
il Risoit ; ci-gtt. here lies ; tout git en cela, Ponrvjoir to provide; pourvoyant pourm, 
the whole point Heu in that,— Etxe 0imclv6, jVii pouvva. Je pourv^ots ois, oitToyons 
6tresitu^,TOoy*t(p/»/yii oyez oieiit Je pourvovois ; poumis : 

Hair. toAiite;ha'i9saBLhai(.jaihal Je pourvoirai ; poorvoirois Qoejepourv-oi& 
hais. tu hais. il liaiti qoui haissinis, ez. ent oies, oie ; pourv<«yiQns,oyiez. ofem : oourv- 
Je ba-usois ; is ; irai ; Yrois. €(ue je halisse ; usse - '^ 

Iiaisse.— The vnmt of the trema is the only Pouvoir. to be able; pouvant pu. j'ld po. 
irrf srularity of this verb. Je puis or peux, p^ux, peut nouspoiiT.«ns. 

t*lssiM«come/r<m»;i88ufinRenealoey) ez. |H;uveiit. Je pouvois; pus: nounail 
desccTided ; hbA tssant (m b&Mliry) rising pourrois Qoejepuisse; pusse- 
out, are the only woids in use —Deecendre Pr^ prevail; prtvalaut, prfvahi. 
supplies it. j\ii pr^vaJu. Je pr^v-aux, aux, aut ; noiS 

Lire.e0miJ;lisant,]0.j*aihi. Jelis,Ks, pi-tvalHjni, ez, ent. Je pr^val^iis ; us: 
lit ; nous ltB«ns,ez. ent Je fisoii; lus; Pr^vaud^vi ; ton. Quejepi^vale; pr^viu 
lirai; Krois. Quejelise; lusse hisse '^ 

Maudire, to curse j maudissant, roaudit, Pr^yoir, to foresee ; pr^voyant, pi^ru ; 
yaimaudit. Je maud-is, is, it; issons^iwu^, j'ai pr^vq. Je pr^v^ois, ois, oit; oyonsL 

issent Je maud-issois ; is ; irai ; irois. Que oyez oient Je pr^Toyois : pr^Tis ; pr^oi^ 
iemaodiiiet maiiriisse. »i; pr^voirois Que je pr«v-«ie, oies, oie, 

oyionsvoyiez, orient ; pr^visse. 

• Promouvoir. to promote; pramu, jVii 
promu— ^emcer supplies the rest. 

• Querir, tobring^ tofetch'-OrHj used in 
the infinitive, with the veAs a/fcr, wmr, 
-..J n ^^^j.^ go and f ■ 

un, to.ifittlejj 



Muudre,toj:nnrf ; moulant, raoulu, j'ai oytonsvoyiez,.4>ient ; pr^visse. 
noulo Je mouKls, ds, d ; nous moulons, • Promouvoir. to fi-omote; pramu, jW 

ez, ent. Je moulKAs ; us ; Je moud-nu ; rois. promu.— ^emc«r supplies the rest. 
Qnejemoul^; usse. • yv— •_ .... . «. . ^ . 

Mourir, to die; mourant, mort, je suis , ,., ^,„, 

iHort. Je meurs, meurs, meurt ; nous mour* and envoyer; as allex querir ^ go aiid fttchi 
oDs/ez, ipeorent Je mounns; us ; mour- Se Rasieoir, to sit again, tojfttle:ie me 

«i ; roit Que je roeur-e, es, e j mour-ioni| suis mmfr-like s'ftsseoir 
Kz, meurent; mooniisse. 


JEldMMatiCi UhoO again ; j% icSMMdlU* 
Che bouUlir. 

Reeoudre, to few agtdn ; j^ rettMua— 

R«cu«Uir,M Mather ^ to cottect; j^i re- 
cnetlfi— ^tAae eaeiUir 

Relire, to read again ; jlii relar^ike lire. 

Remoudre, to grind again ; jlai remoula 
'-4ike tuoudre be bom again to be revived 
— 4ike naitre, hat the putieipk rine U 
nther obsolete. 

* Rentraire. toftnedram ; j*ai leBtmk— 
nke traire and want* the same tenses-- 
Mejoindre may supply it. 

Rcrpaltve. to feed ; repaissant, repft ; j\d 
Kp&. Je ,rep4U«, ais, att; lUssons, aisses, 
aissent Je repaissois ; repus; repattrai; 
repattrais. Que je rapaisse ; repusse. 

Requ6rir, to require ; j'ai reqaii-^IXw 

R6so«dre, to resoVoe ; r^soWont r^lu, 
ywi rdsolu. Je r^soust ous, oat; noiu r6s- 
olvam oivez. olvt-nt. Je r^soWoit ; r^solus; 
r^udiai; resoudrms. QoejerfesolT^; r6- 
aolusse —Risoudre^ m the sense o( ehani!|^ng 
a thin^ into aaotlier, has ritou* fVirits pai^ 
ticipl»:. and it has no ieminine; as un 
brouillard r^us en pluie, a fog resolved 
into rain 

Revaioir, to be even vrith one ; je lui ai 
xeTalii— /i^ mloir. 

Revdtir, to invest vrith; rev^tant, rev^tu, 
rairev^tu Je rev-6u £ts, £t ; rev-dtons, 
^tez. 6tent. Je rev^6tois; Hit; 6tirai ; 6t^ 
xois Quejerevfite rev^tisse. 

Revivre, to revive ; , j'ai visykeat—Uke vt 
▼re. ^ 

Revoir, to tee again ; j'ai levu— /tA:e vcrir. 

Rire, to laugh ; riant, ri J'ai ri- Je xir*. s, 
t ; nous rions, ex, ent Je riois; ris ; rirai; 
rirois (^iie je ri-eies, e; ions,iez, ent; 

* SaiOir, in the senie of to gush out, it 
TCH^tar; but in the sense oetojta out, it is 
irracnlar, and has only the foHowiniit termi- 
nations— Saillir, to jut out ; ee haleon saiUe. 
sailloit, sailtera, sailleroit trop, this balcony 
jut* out too muchy &c Saiilant, si^Uante, 
salient, projecting^ is anadjective. 

Savoir, to know ; sachant. tu, j'ai sn. Jc 
•«it, ait. ait ; nous savH>ns, ez, ent- Je 
•aTois;sas;sattrai;saurais. Quejesaehe; 

t*Seoir,f«AM«m^, f • >I; T9etf-4hat ^erb 
is obsolete in theinfinitive^eotr, and Kerond 
oeyant. Tbe followinc tenses are still in 
uw-II ned, iM li^t ; seyoit, ilt feyoient, 

il rffin, flk «(^roDt; 11 neroSt, Ut liMimt. 
E^ Cette eooleur Tmu tied bien, thtst r«- 
lour Jks you well; eet mani^ict ne lui 
■itoit pas, such manners do not became 
him, Aller bien, eonvaur, may n^/ytte 

t * Seo!r,fa«f, be situated^ wkon^ sit- 
ting : sis, n9e,situated (law terms), are the 
only words in ute.— Etre ntod supplias U, 

t • Soodre. to solve, or resolve— nvktt 
dttooXeie^^Risoudre suppfies it. 

f * Sourdre. to spring out, has only ^ 
infinitive, and U soura; IVaa souid de ki 
terre, the rooter springs out of the earth — 
Sonir nuty supptu it, 

Sourire, to stnile s j'ai soari— JtJbc rire. 

*Soastxaire,f substract^to tak^from; j\ti 
toQstrait— /£fe flbstraire.^-Orer supplies it*. 

BulHre, to suffice ; suffiamt, suffl, jHd 
suffl Je suflKs. is, it ; noos suflNsmu. isex, 
iseut. Je suflkois; «ttlBs; sufltaU} snfr 
rois Qoejesufiise; sufflsse 

Sttivre, to follow; suinmt, suiTi, j*ai siiin> 
Je suis. suis, suit ; nous sniiMins, ex. ent. 
Je suiTois ; saiTis; snirnu ; suiTioia. Qqe 
je suive ; suivisse- 

Surseoir. to supersede, to put off$ only 
used in taw in the tbllowing tenses--Sa^ 
soyant. sursis, j'ai surris. Je surs^s. ois, 
oit; nous sur>oyons, oyez, oient. Je sur- 
soyois: sursisi surseoirai; surseoirois. 
Que je surs-oie, oies,oie; oyions. oyiex, 
oient ; sursisse.— Siupendre, remettre, dif> 
fbrer. may supply it. 

Surm-re, to outlive ; 'y*o& iarT6cu— leJte 

Taire, to conceal ; j^l tu— 9c taire. to 
hold oneU tongue, ievae suis tu--«Aarpfadre. 

* Traire, to milK; trayant, trait, j?ai trait. 
Je tr«is, ais. ait ; nous tray-ons ez, trai> 
ent. Je trayois; traini. trairois. Que 
je tr«ie, aies aie; ayi<ilis, ayiez, aient — 
Tirer may supply the two preterite tenses. 

+• Tistre, to weave (quite obsolete) ; is 
supplied by tisser, a Terb quite repihur, ex* 
eept in its participle ti^nt, woven. 

Trteaillir, to start; tressaillant, j^ ttcf 
sailli. Je tressaill*e, es,^e; ont, ez, ent. 
JetresstiIl*ois; is; irai; iroia. Que je 
tressailKe; isse 

Vaincrej to van^t/irft; ndneant Tainca; 
j'ai vaincu- Je nuncs, vaines, nUne ; ndn- 
qU'ons, es, ent Je vainquoi^ ; vainqiiis; 
vainerai ; vaincrois Que je vainqae ; vaii^ 
^oisse.— The three persons singular of the 
indicative present are better mpplied by 
je suis victorieux, &c. 

Yaloir, to be worth ; valant, nln, j'Ml tb- 


Ift. Je tttr, vaSx, Taut J Uriui «ft)«iiji,M, 

^ue je T-aille. ailles, ailfei alions, aliez, 
ailfenc; Wiume. , ...•» = 

Vfitir. fo rfre** ; vfttant, r*ta, j'Vu vAta. 
Je v^ts, y^ts, v6t ; noiu v^thoiu, eiiseuu 
Je vet-ois ; v6t-is ; v6l-iiai ; v^tirois. i^e 
je v^ ; yfitisse-— The tfavce iievsont sin* 
gular of the indicatiTe |^«sent aveibetter 
supplied by habitler. , 

Vivre, to Uve; vinmt,»v6ctt, j*a^«^ik 
Je vis, Tif, Tit j nous viT-«us, e2,.eQt*. Jie 

TiToit; T^cos; TiTni; TiTnus. ((ttc je 
vivei T^cu»«»* ^ 

Voir, f owe; vo)-a"ntiTn,j'aiTu. JeTob, 
vois i Toit ; nous vo]^ons, ez, voieot. Je 
voyoi* vis ; vcrrai ; vetrois. Que je v-oie, 
otes,oiei oyioiis, uyit- z, oient ; visse 

Vouioir, to be roillmgi voulant, voulif. 
Je veux, veus, veut; nous voul^ns, ez» 
veuiiiAt Je vouloij; vuulusi voudiai; 
Toudrois Que je v-euille, euiUe«, eidlle ; 
oulions,ottiiez,euiUent; vouiusse^ - 

WUh<a Ncun.t4tk(crmine their Mfgimcn* 


Aprds,q/ter, next to 

Aaprds, near^ with 

Avec. with, agairut 

A u tour, about ^ round 

Ch( z, at. tOf among 

Concernant. concerning 

Contre, againtt^ near 

Bans, m, into 

Be* ^f> from, bif^ &c. 

BeCAf 971 thi* side 


Depuis, *ince.from 

Bf stiu. on. upon aboroe \ 

Bf ssons, under ^ beneath^ 
Bevant, before 
Berridre. 6e/^nd 
D4$.J'rom very 
Buxant. during 
En. in, into 
Entre. between 
£rivers, to^vard* 
Environ. (Aout 
ExcepT^. exc^t. but 
Faute de^/or -want of 
Hors^horniis. except 
Hors de. out of 
Jusque, Ull. a»fkir a* 
Loin i^, far from 
Moyeniiant. bymtont 
Konobstant, nctwkhgtandir^ 
OucR*. beHdei, beyortd 
Par, by, through, &c. 
Parmi, emion^ 
Pendant, during 
Pr^B. near, next to 
Pfoene, ttear^by 

A trais Inures. Pftflez 4 Soplne 

Avant vous; avaut inidi 

Apr^s la «;uerre. Marcbez apr^s kit 

Auprds du lieu. II est bien aupr^s da roi 

Avec lua scenr. En guerre avec la Frane« 

Autonrde )a maison Autour de vnni 

Chez lui, chezelle ; chez les Roraains 

C^ooceniant cetCeaSaire importante 

Contre inon avis. Sa maison est contre la mienbe 

Bans ma chanibre. 11 est U)mb6 dans IVau 

La « ille de Pans Je viens de cliez v^us. Be neS^ 

Deck les Alpes ; en^^eci les Alpes 

Bi'li les Pyrenees; au-del4 du Uhin 

Bcpuis mon retoigr ; depuis Landreei 

Cherchez dessas &. dessous le lit 

Be^'ant le i'eu : devant le rairoir. 

Bem^re la porte; derri^re vous 

B^s ciuq heures : d^s ce matin 

Burant la guerre; six ans dimnt 

En liben^ L*eau s^^happe en Tapear 

X^itre vutre frdre & nta soeur 

EnversBieu. £nversltti.& moi 

Environ quinze ans ; environ deuX Ifeures 

Except^ voire cousine 

Faute U'^eonoroic ; taute d*aripent 

Hors votre li'^re. Hormis i*honnear 

Hors de danj^er ^ hors du royaame 

Jusqu^i Paris ; ^usqulau bout; juaque JSk 

Loin de la eour. Loin de set amis 

MalRn& -rotre pdre. Malgt6 les difficolt^s 

Meyennam sa protection ; raoyennant du lema 

Nonobstam ia trahison de oes eoqaina 

Outre ses dettes* Outre mer 

Par son ordre. Par la ten^tre 

Parrai la noblesse. Farmi vous 

]*endant Tautomne. Pendant le terraoii 

Pour la paix ; pour vous, pour moi 

Prds de la tour; prds d*- neuf heures 

Proehe le palais ; pcoche du palais 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Sans. vKthaut, teere it not for ; Point d'teniii^ itn» ftaudilie. Stnt ens tout iroit Inea 

StMF.exceifft.wUh deference to Tout est perdu Muf resp^mnce SftufTotieiDeUleuravU 
Sous, um/er Sous vbtre prot«etion. SouslataUe 

' ■ "~ '- Comportex^vous aelon let loit 

Suivant I'ordre du roi 
Sur ina pttrole. SuriKNtfitM 
Toueham eette inalheuirvuie afiaire 
Vert I'oriwit V^n IVinn^ 180« 
Vi9-ji-vts r^f^lise? vi»A-^ift do P^gUie 
Yu let circonttanoek pn^centet 

Selon. according to 
Suivant, acc»rrftn|r to 
Sur, on^upon, above 
Touchant, concerning 
Yen, toxvardst about 
Yi»A-Tia, opposite 
Yu, conHaering 


With a Vet^ to exemplify the Mood they require. 
The foITAiyine Conjunctiont govem the IndioatiTe* 

Ainii qne, «* ; at veU a* 
A ce que. according to ; as 
A nieiure que, in proportion at 
Apr^s que, tohen 
Attendu que, eu, because 
AustitAt que, as soon as 
Autant que, as far as 
Comme, how. as 
J>iB que, as soon as 
Bepuis que. since 
Lonque, wfien 
Parceque. because 
Pendant que ivhiie 
Puisque, seeing that, since 
Quand, -uhen 

Selon que. according to; a* 
*S\, if, whether 
SitStqw. as soon as 
Tandis quo, while 
Tanc que. as long as 
Vu que, seeing tliat;. because 

Ainti que je vous l^i dit 

A ce que je puis juf^er 

A inesure que je trtTaille 

Api^s que vous aurezdin^ 

Attendu quil h tott 

Aussitdt que vous serez rentrt 

Autant que je pais croire 

Yoyez comuie ils (Usputent 

D^s que U paix »era finite 

DepuM que vous ^tes A Londres 

Lursque le roi parottra 

Parceque je vous ain«e 

Pendaut que nous aonuneilibret 

Puisque vous ni*aimee 

Qustnd vous vieiidrez obex noi 

Selon qu*il ^tudiera 

Si vous ven«^z , sHt est pau>Te ou riche 

Sitdt que nous elimes dtn£ 

Tandis qu'il fait beau terat 

Tant que je serai k Bath 

Yu qu il est ignorant 

The following Conjunctions govern the Subjunetive. 

* A condition que, on condition that 
A Dieu ne plaise que, God forbid 
Afin que, that ; to the end thtU 
A moins que, ne, unless 
A^nt que. aefore 
Au cas que, in case ;if 
Bien ^ue, though^dklmigh 
De eramte que. ntjitrfear 
Be peur one, nt, for fear ; lest 
Bieu veuilleque, Cod grant 
£o cas que, in case ; y" 

A condition^inSl le dite ■ 

A Dieu ne plaise qu'il meure 

Afin ^ue vous soycz en repot 

A moins que vous ne veniez chez inoi 

Avant que nous lusrioni lev^t 

Au cas qu*on v.iut appeii^fnve 

Bien que je tois pauvre 

Be ciainie qu'il ne mcnre 

Be peur qu*il ne vienoe 

Bieu veuilie qull rmrienne 

En cas que je ne toit pat chez nuA 

* A condition que is also eonstmed with the Toture and conditional } but then it mcaiw 
cer^otnfy, and not mere supposition. ^ . t 

Digitized by V^OOQiC 

j^uKwe qaib^althoush 
iMin HMt, far from 
Moyeiiuaut qa6, provided that 
?hiscjt Dieu que, God grant 
"Po^u^^xc^tothcfndtfuU ■ 
Pourvu qne^ provided that 
-Quoique, although 
Sans que, 7««(A«u^ 
Soit que, rohtther 
Suppos6 que, suppose that 


Encore que vous soyez ri«he 
Loia que noustoyons vaincat 
Mo^cniiant quHl vieniie 
Plaise 4 Dieu que iiout ayons bl \ 
Pour que jViilte en Franoe 
Puurvu qu'eUe toit honorable 
Quuique vous lojrez sans amis 
Suns que j'f aille 
Sott que vous y alliez ou non 
Suppose qu*ib fissent la pais 

The following Coujonotions ^voni the InfinitiTe. 

Ai ^, in 


Pour, to ; in order to 

Par, by. rvith 

Aprds. after 


J^aime— j« "'^ pl^i> ^ convener 

Cessez de lui parler Le plaistr d^obll^ 

Pourjuiier; pour se divertir 

II finim par se ruiner 

Aprds avoir dtne ; apr6s s^dtte battv 

Sans aimer, sans boire, sans numger. 


ruinata^^ ^ - 

leave off with difficulty. 



Most of the French adjectives may become adverbs, by the addition of ment to their' 
masculine, if endin^ir in ^, t. u ; or to their feminine, ir' ending otherwise Ejp, ais^, poli, 
absolu, sage, doux, vif, adj. Aisement, poliment, absoiument, sagement, doucement, 
vivement, ad. &c. &c. Such adverbs we leave to the Dictionary, and practice in read- 
ing ; we only select here those that are radical of themselves, or the meaning of wh'^ch^ 
is not sufficiently explained by their etymology. 

A califoarcbon, a^rteAr 

A ^nti««teur, unvrilUngly 

A courertf sheltered 

A d^couvert, openty 

A dessein, on purpose 

A droite. on the right « 

A i^ux, wrongly 

•A foison. plentij\illy 

A fond, thoroughly 

A fleur d'eau. even vnth the roater 

A louche, on the lefi 

A mmstti, for ever 

Aiueurs. elsewhere 

Ainsi. thus 

A la file, in a row 

A lAtkAt^atonce 

A la Fran9oise, after the French way 

A VamUMef amicably 

A la l6f^reiWantonly 

A laTenverse, dacAnoarc/^ 

A Im ronde, round about 

A la vol^e, <a random 

A r^cart, aside 

A.r«odroit, on the right side 

Alter k califourohon 

J'agis ji contre<«(Bttr 

Nous snmmes k convert 

Parlez k d^couvert 

Je 1\ii tiiit 4 dess^n 

Toumez k droite, puis k gauche 

Vourm^ccusez & faux 

Nous avons de tout k ioison 

Je connois cet homme k fond 

La digtie est k fleur d'eau 

Prenez k gauche. & tournez ji droite 

II est 4 jamais ruin^ 

Je m'ennuie ici allons ailleurs 

Vous le voulez aiiisi, jV cq 

lis entrdrent tons 4 la file 

Vous entreprenez trop k la fois 

Nous vivons 4 la Fran^oise 

Arrangez-vous k Pamiable 

Ne faites rien k la l^g^re 

Vous tomberez k la renverse 

Buvons k la rondc 

II parle toujours k la vol4e 

Je lui parlerai k T^oart 

Resaniec eette ^toffe k IVndrmiv 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 

' xli? 

A renven, on the -utong Hde 

A reuTi, vffing vnth one anotner 

A rttourdie. ro*A/y 

A rimprovi rte unatcares 

Alors, then, at that time 

A %nerve\\\e. exceeding rveil 

A peine, harditf , 

A ^\%xe eo^xxaxtf ^totally i eoundly 

A plaisir, designedly ; veil 

A plein,/ii//" 

A ^iarah, perpendicularly 

A point nomm^ in the very thne 

Apr^s, ajter 

A propM, in time ipreperly 

A quaitier. ande 

A reeulons:do(?AnMW<f« 

Assez, enough 

A tfttxms grtping along ; in the dark 

A (DTtfivrofltg'lt/ 

Au d^pourvu unaware* 

Aujourd^hoi to-day ; nowadays 

Anp^ttiytnu before 

AvtUnt, as much, a* many 


Avant, /hr, deep . 

Autdur, round} about 

Beaucoup. much, many 

Bien, vfell ; much 

Bientdt, soon 

Ci gc lA, here and there 

C^ans. here 

CepexO&nt^intke mean time; however 

ertes. indeed 
Combien how mucht how many 
Comment, how 
D'aboi-d, atjirst 
De h'mt,slopingly 
Be bonne foi. sincerely 
Be but en blanc. oluntly ; rashly , 
Be fVont, abreast ; side by side 
Be guei-^/ftena^wilfiilly 
Be fcuingoU aivry 
Begre, willingly 
Behors. out ; not at home 
Bemain, to-morrow 
Be niveau . on a level 

Be plus, besidesy moreover « 

Be plus belle, <^ain and again 
Bepuis, sirux 

Be gaiet^ tie coeur, on purpose 
Berechcf, again 
Berridre, behind 
Bd«.lor», even then 
Be SOD chef, of hit own accord 

VosbMsoBti^rctBfen . 

Ces demoiselles ^tudiei|t & reBTi 

Yous avex agi k T^touxdie 

Votre Krkne est survenu k runprotiiU 

Je demeuruis alort k Paris 

Votre loeur d»Hse k aiervtiUe 

A (>eine sail il lire 

lis out h\k battvu k plate coutuie 

Cet habit est i ait k plaisir 

Frappez le rvlam A plein {sJluttlt<ocx) 

Cette luuraille est k plorob 

Yous 6tes venu 4 point nomm6 

Yous irt^ devant & lui apr^s 

Nous voici arrives lort k propo* ^ 

Je ne puis mettred'argwit k quartier 

Leurs tranpes marelieiit k recuioiu 

L'avaie ne Uit jamais assex 

Je «uis venu ici k tAtuns 

Yous me querellez k tort 

II nous a pris au d^pourvu 

II iait ehaiid aujourd'hui ; la mode aHjoar' 

Je veux dtiier auparavant [oliiii 

Ce diaraant vaut autaut que oe rubia 

C'^toit autrel'ois la mode 

N'allez IMS si avant. II creuse trop avant 

Regaidez tout autour 

Cet homme a beaucoup lu 

I) seportebien; il travaiUe bi«n 

BtneroDB-iioua bientdt , 

Bes bataillons ^pais (ii & Ui 

II dtnera e^ns 

Cependant la nuit s'approehe 

Gertes. ditril, vous a vez tort 

Savez-vous combien vela codte 

Je ne sais comment il peut vivie 

Apprenez d'abord votre le^on 

Je n'en dirai pas davauuge 

Ne coupez pas cette 6tonede biais 

Je votts parle de bonne tbi 

JVi gagn^ la partie de bon jeu 

II m^ querent de but en blane 

Marchons quatre de front 

On I'a tu6 de guet-apens 

Pourquoi vous tenezrvous de guingoia 

II le fera de gr6 ou de force 

Behors canaille 1 1 est all^ dehors 

II vaut mieux voyager dejouv 

Adieu jusqu*& demain 

Ce jardin n'est pas de niveau 

Nous partirons de nuit 

Bonnez quelque chose de plut 

lis s'est endettt^ de plus belle 

Je ne vous ai pas vu depuis 

Yous mlnsultez de gaiet^ de eoevK 

Que n'essayez vous derechef 

Marchez, ne restez pas derri^ 

Je le connoissiAs d^s^on 

II s'est i^uio^ de m «he£ 

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]»^iamm*ii. henetfortH 
Devaiit. before 
Doi^n«vaiit,/or the future 
Kneore, yet f eigain ; *tiU 

En luoiiM de f en in « trice 

Ensemble together 

EnsuUe, afterward* 

Environ, nhovt ; new about 

Ex|>r^s, on/nifpox 

i-ort & rerflae. stoutly ; pooitively^ 

Ga«re. firf/r ; but HtUe ; few 

Hier yesterday 

Adifl, long-ago; in the oldHmfi 

Jaman. ever (with lie, never) 

Ici, Aerr 

Jufqu'oiil how far 


Maimenam, noio 

Mieux, tetter ; rather 

Moins. Uoo 

Vmg^aiht. notlonrago 
NoUe Mrt no where 
Otk. where, whither 

Oui,ye« , ^ 

OuMli. ^« irufeed ; indeed ! 
Par ra^garde, inadver^ntl^ 
Far m^ prise, fry mittake 
Fkr tout, ever V wAcre 
P£le>in6te, tna eor\fuMn 
"Pumo^tK^ perhap* ; maybe 
Pis, woroe 
Plus, more 

Pour lor*, then ; therefore . 
Tt^oHtilffment, previously 
Ppdi, nemr ; iei prds, hert^y 
Quaii, almost 
Quelquerors, sometimes 
Clique part, some where 
Sans t'a^un, without ceremony 
Sens dessus dessous topsyturvy 
Soovent, qfien, iifUntimes 
Sar te champ. tmmecKfltfe^ 
Xant, '• much, so many 
Tfent suit pen. ever so mie 
Toajours, always ; stUl 
TAt otttani, soon or late 
Tour k tour, by turns 
ToutA'^t quite ; entirefy 
Tout iilsiM»,aU at once 
Tunc ^attait, just t/iat 
Tout A vebours* quite wrong 
Tout de bon. in earnest 
Tootde nite, tomiediote/y 
Tout droit, straight along 
Toat-^-coup, suddenly 
Trop^ too mticA, top mofUf 

Je iieleiP«iii||aiddMniiSl 
Passes derant, .|e voos suiTrti 
R^fl^ehissrz y bien dor^navant 
Easajes eucoce. Bile ^it encoM 
CVtteaffiuivtrst enfiu termini 
11 disparut en moius de lien 
Nous soinroes sout«:ot ememble 
MoQs Wnns chex vous ensuite 
II est environ six heures 
Nous sommes wnos ici tout exprifl 
J^m'V oppoaerai ion k feme 
II u*y • KU^ie de vrais patriotes 
Elle partit hierau niattn 
Jadis les 6v6qiies ^tuient pauviM 
Je nV cunM ntirai jamais 
Venez ici. mon bon ami 
Jusqu'oii dev«>£>votts live ? 
Nuus nHrons pas loin anjottrd^bui 
Etes-vous pr^t niaintenant i 
Je me porte mieux J*aime mietix y aUcc 
Moins de biens. moins de soint 
Je l^i TU naipi^re iil n*y a gudre) 
Je ne puis le trouvt* r nuUe part 
Od alleirTous si vtte ? 
Bites nioi oui ou non 
Oui^ii. le lui parlerai 
Je Tai fait par nt4f>:aide 
EUerousa atlu^ par oi^priae 
Je voutsuivrai par tout 
Touf mes livres sont p^le*re^]e 
J*ai peu d'arfsent & oeu d'amis 
Je vous ^crirai peut*^tre demaia 
Vous ne poorriez (aire pis 
Cela ne vaut pss plus d^ine |ainte 
Pour lurs que lera-t-^l ? 
Je veux prealablement pa jer met dettes 
II est \ag6 iei prds 

On se troinpe qnan toujours en politique 
(^uelqueCois je devine juste 
J'ai lu eette anecdote quelque put 
Je vous prie, vivont sans fa^on 
Tout ici est sens dessus detsoiu 
Paries sonvent Francois 
- Nous nous s6parftmes sur le champ 
Voici aint pour vous & tant pour auA 
Donnes ra>;n taut soi peu 
V<ius parlez toujounu II est toiuoun yivant* 
Cela arrivera t6t ou tard 
Pirlez tour i tuur 
Ma sceur est tout'd-iait retablie 
Je vous payerai tout k la foit 
Ce drap vaut tout autant 
II tiiit toot k rebours 
Je vous parle tant d« boa 
Venez tout de suite 
ADez tout droit 
II entra tputr4<coup 
Yoos parlez trop 

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Volontien, wUHngly 

INTBRJECTIONS Th^re are not 
"WordaeiiouHli iii anv lanfi^ai^. says Loelce, 
to exprvsi all our kioas *; especially in sud- 
den eittotions o ' the miiid — ienee the use 
oriuU'rit<otionu~ Is the ST<Aier pjart ufthe 
•xpreuiuns used cm such neeaaiom. are 
taken tVoni nature alone, the ival interjec- 
tions in most lauiruaiTes are lOHDnosyttahiefl. 
—We thii tk it n*'les« to give h«v an mv- 
meanitiK Hst of ah, oA, «Moi«, wfji ckut^ 
&e. &c ; they are in the diedonary. 

The samti imparity between UnKuasres 
and our ideas, (as iciven rise to tht> firwra- 
tive style by which, with proper judgw 
ment the speech acquire* much diyrnity 
and enen^y As many (Uru>«s o- rhetoric 
are often mentioned in common iprauunar, 
^ive will here define some oi' there. 

The ^mite illustrates one object by com- 
paring it to another, to which it bears a 
manii^t relation.— £« *' She ucTer told 
licr love, but let concealment, like a worm 
i* the bud. tced on her damask cheek *^— , 
He behaves bke a bear 

The ilTe^Aer is a figure by which we 
nake use oi'a word to express an ot^ject to 
'wbicJi that word does not IttecaUy bdong. 
Ketaphorieal expre&»an« give great energy 
to the laitf\iage One might say that^ a 
metaphor is a simile without the sign of 
comparison KAeorcur.— £x. Lifttisa stonny 
aea. That woman is a crocodile ; her sister 
is a lamb. £nvy scatters her venom oa 
ail ndess and otten Others the bkMoms 
of merit. 

An Alkgwy is a series of metaphors ctna- 
tittttcd to some length A table m^ht be 
teroMd an altegory We have the simile, 
metaphor, and alkupory combined througk 
the whole Song ot' Sohtmon.— "* I am the 
rose of Sharon and the Sly ot* the valKes. 
As the Kly among thums, so is mr lov« 
amoi^ the daughters. Astheapple^ree 
aomoog the trees, so is my beloved amoncf 
the sous ; I sat ander kit shadow, and his 
fhut was sweet to my taste^ Awake, O 
Kocdnriad ; and eome« thoa Soatk» blow 
upoa By gaiden, that its spiers may flow 

Tke Amtitktfis is a eaetrast of words 
wksehseive, like dttdes^tosetoffoaaosite 
«|aditiea -£». "^ la aU thy - 

taatky^ tetfy, r*f"»ftH'w hatfao Madh 

Je vuQs obligerai volontien.^ 

wit, and mirth, and spleea aboat the^^ 
there is no l.ving vrith thee, nor without 

The Hyferb9ie is a figaie by which the 
realitv of thrnics is either exeetsWely rn- 
largea or diminished — £«• *' So light was 
Caiuilla. that she might have run over the 
waveriuit ears -of com without bending 
thetn **— ** His pttnd'roiis shidd behind bin* 
he east ; the hruad eircum.emnce hang on 
his shoulders Kke the moon**->A eomie 
piK't said ut a nobleman proud nnd poor : 
His estate is not larger than a LacedeoHK 
nian «»istle, and his pride leaehes fhNU 
' one pole to the other- 

By th«- h^ntf we let understand the con- 
trary otNv»iat we say. Thus we call a uol 
a Solmtit ; and a scoMing woman a iomd. 

By tlie Aputrfkhe we suddenly address 
our speech to any object, wheciier present 
or absent, animate or inanimate. " Ye aa- 
gels. sing his praise on earth join, all ye 
. creatures. Air. and ye daneats, praise 
him ; eanvey ha praise, ye winds ** 

The Prfoptpeia calls forth abseat and 
dead pmosis, and soMioses lite and reason 
in inanimate and irratioaalolqects. lliere 
is a great amilarity betwixt this figare aad 
the apostrophe : iathe hitter vre snddenly 
address our speech to any object, aad ia 
the tbrmer we lend voice and pserioos to 
it.— £r. * Hear the voice os'yonr eoantry, 
Ca61ine, thus die spelts to yo|^: tt^ire, 
Catiline, retire ; your ciisses have ovcr^ 
thrown njiy laws, your atrocities desotete 
me. my veins are open ; retire; Catiline^ 
ami allov some rest to year desolate mo> 

As it is very fi w ati a l to the thoraagfar 
learning of a language, not to saiaAnke one 
part of spee^ tor aaothnr. we fiassa this 
section by giviag a rlaiiieal aad met bu i B . 
cal scheme Mr parsinaa seatesne. The 
examples, with very ittle cfaaage. bhij 
s«nt any laagaagew 

Article. Q mt iti m u : Isit dsfiaitewor in. 
definite partitive ? What gender? WIAt 
aamhcr f 

^tiktiJSi: !■ lihen«dE»kuauae«.% If. 
ierty^mea. J^i dte paia. de la eiande, 
A» ponmes ; / Aa«e fcrad; ascar, ap- 

,y Google 

^ppUeaUM. Z.«,ikAiiitB,«C^iat»-N/ii, agnm wiA ; 

camnwiion of dele, definite «itn«—I.«»: oommon geiM. ,_„ 

ddinite— dfj^etintnetioDoicff /e#» hemtne. QueUjfte* pronoun indi^ter. pi* 

def art. eoQi. gender. pK— 4fc/, in Uie Msnae- ooniboD gender, agtee* with annie*. 

ol tome, indefinite ptrt ms "de la, in tbe Verb Qutttumt : Nune it» lufimtire— 

lenae of *ome„ indei. ptrt. l«.-de»» in tbe ita pecsiA^iU nuuiber—tu tense— iti mood, 

seme oi •ome, iu4et pan. common gender. Example** Pendant qu^iU itoient entem- 

pl. ble,jVn(rfi//t«K>nnerroMi; nAiferAcy twre 

Substontive Question* : Wliat gender I together, J hcmrd ntvelve o'clock Hrike. Quol- 

what number .' It the nouii boNJtgiilar, quU paroute beuveux n'eiwiex pas son 

name its pluial ; ii it be plural, naine its wrt ; Otoukh he ntaif aeem Anppy, do not atvy 

lingular. hi» tiUMum 

EMunpleS' Lepouvoir du roi ; la Ubert^ Application Ktoienf^ from itre ; 3d. pen* 

d^bomraes: le^ijrdesdenr^e«f tbe price pi iinpert- tense, indie. UMMid. Entendio, 

ofpfovmons. iromenirai^j lstpers.»ng. pcetnitede- 

JffpUeaHen* Pouvoir. siibttantive. nis. finite iiidicatiTe mood. Parouoe from 

^^ottvMrjioritspi.— Lidcrt^, sut»t.^s liber- paroitre 3d pen. sing, pr tense, subjunc* 

^g for its pi.— Prtor, subst. ra« prix '.or its moud. Envtex from envier ; sd pers. pl« 

pi.— Denroio, subst, t pU denrie ibr its sin- imjueini. mood, 

gidar. rrepositiom Wbat does it gofiern in the 

Atljeetive Quntion* : Wiiat gender? sentence? 

vbat namber i What doe* it axree vritli in Exanpkt. Jvanr midi ; Mini argent ; be- 

the sentence ? II it be masculiiie naraeiu fore noon; nitftout money, 

fem, li it be feminine, name its raa*. Application Avant^ a prepOtition, go- 

£;tamift/l?i Un60auebapeau,a^n«Aat j Terns mu/i. San«, a preposition, goveiiis 

ees femmes sont^'o'tf «« ^^o^'* ifidiei artpretiy; argent, 

tatteti\leesiorgueilleu*e,thatgirlis proud Conjunction. What mood does it required 

Application. Sean, agrees Name tlie verb it acu upon in tbe sen* 

with chapeau ; it has belle t<M' its leminine. tcnce. 

Wi>ft>i.notin adj i pU agrees \t'u\\Scmme*; Example*, Lortque le roi entra, when the, 

k tiasjottfor its nuucuMi •e^-'OrgueiUtuse^ king came in Quoiqve vous soyez richct 

noun ad.i. is. agrees with jSife ; it lias oigiuil' though you be rich Je lis^ur m''amuser, 

feuo-fot its masculine. I read to amuse my*elf 

Pronoun. Question*: Is it personal pos* Application. Lorogue^ a conjunction, re- 

sessive, relative, demonstrative or. indetev- quires the indie Hire it governs entra, 

minate? What gender? What number? J^u^ft^^r, a conjunciiun, requires the sub- 

Witb w>. at dfies it agree in the sentence? junct Here it governs *wez P<mr, a 

Ejeonu'lr. EUt^m mon \i\re^ the Kas my conjunction, requires the ionnitive Here 

hook, Cette plume ne vaut rien, Mu/v-n f« itg^ivemsamuier 

goodfarnethipK L'bomnie ^u vous parloit, Adverbs an</ Interjections. 'Only name 

the man who xoaa opcakiu/f tn you II y a them 

quelqtte* annees, *ome year* ago- Example, Ah ! mon ami. agissez pru- 

ApM' ation LIIa, pronoun pers. ft. agrees detnment ; ah^ my friend, act prudently, 

with a Mon, nrmioun pqs. ms- agrees Application. Ah is an intttaeciion— iVw 

with Itvre- Cette, pronoun demonstr. U. demment is an adverb. 



^^ GENERAL DIRECTIONS. Never ne- subject, and observe whether it has an ob- 

gleet to ascertain the pans of speech whieb ject. 

compose the English sentences yoo have 3 For a Sabstantire— Ascertain its gen- 

to turn into French. derand number. 

1 For a Verb— Make sure of its mood, 3. For an Aiiyeetive— Find tbe Siobttan- 

person, jyumber, ftnd t«nse i look for its tive with vrbicb it agrees. 

,y Google 


4. ForaPie|MnltioB«iilaC«iMimeiiM»- B«milMr«HiliififalHlntffe,.«Mlw4otte> 
thsueryi what word or wonb they coven aAjeetiveafMl promnui. Ex. Le bon v^te* 
In the Kntence. ub imwhaiit pdrr>. In bvnt pidiKt i M boii- 

5. Never lose liKht oftwo fnaJ w en u J w* in^R;, uiw m^chiutte wdre* les hMUMi 
rules that oceur in almott every French 
lentenee The 1st The v^rtb aj^Kses in 
Mrson and number with its subject. £*» 
Je parle vous uarlez. il patle. mun Ir^ve 
pane; nous parioiu, its parlent, nies fr^res 
Mtleront, mon fr^re et ma s<eur ont piirlf;. 
The ad. The artick agrees in jsender «nd 

This |H««i«MH ease really shortasa the 
time «ai|«irBd Ibr srriiini; an exercise , and 
prevents tiiat random manner oi cunifiof 
ing, which tormeou the juasteis^ moA dts? 
gusts the pupils. 


V, B. When tibe learners eome to this 
aeetion, it may be suppowd they are able 
to make out a common French sentence; 
therefore no translation will he gi«eii to 
the exatnples But, in supposine the con- 
trary . they may first be emphiyed in tians- 
lating the examples, which will thus acci* 
dentally become doubly useful 

1. NoiiQs uwd in a general sense, take 
no article in English, but they mim liave 
the ddllnite article in French Ex Le pain 
est Cher. La vie n*e«t qu*un sonfi^e Les 
xt>is ire sont que des bommes La paix et 
Tabondanee rendent les hommes hetrrens 

2. By a consequence ol the precedinir 
rale, iwmes o. countries, kini^oms and 
provinces take no articit- in Eng-liih,but 
they receive the definiit article \\\ French. 
Ex, La France est plus gmnde que T Anf le- 
terre. plus petite que la Russie et aussi 
grande que TEspai^ne La Bretaf^ne e«t 
moins erlile que la Normandie LWrabie 
a la Perse k Test, et TAFrique au smi 

3 I the senunce expresses the ifoinff to 
a C4(untTv (in Europe), ur thecomine from 
it, tlu' article is commonly supplied by the 

greiMisitinns en and de But, ilthe country 
not in Eurofpe. the preeetlinfir rule has 
generallif its tViJI orei> Ex, Quand irez- 
vous en France en Eapagne. en Italic, en 
Turquie? II vientd'arnverdePortupal de 
Russie de Polofrne, de SuMe. II est alle 
au Ja|ion, k la Chine, au Mexiqiie, au P- • 
rou. J*arrive du P^rou. de la Guiane, de 

4. When two comparatives hre set^tlier 
■n oppoQtion. or in compare, in the same 
•entcnice. the definite article expressed in 
JSnglish. is not to be rtrndered into French, 
Ex, Plus je la vois. plus je Taime. Plus je 
le fr^quente, moins je Testime. 

5. A noun of measure and weight takes 
the article a or an in English, and the defi- 
nite ie^ la, in French* Par often supplies 

let ^ in speakine of reckonings salary, at* 
tendance kc. £x. La viande se vend huit 
SIMS la livre. C<rtte dentetle vaiit nne gut> 
n^ I'AUne. JDe dtiier nous co^hera six 
cheliiis par t^te On vons^ieiaaiiilenideitx 
chelins par niille- Je lui donne cinqnante 
guiw^s par an. Je donne deux guinf es 
par niois etje re9oisdcitx lemons pacse* 

0. Of 19 frequently understood in English, 
and supplied ny an apoBtn«|»he but it must 
be expressed in French Ex Le cbapeau 
de mon irerC' Le manehon de ma soeur. 
La niodcstiede- arolme. Les t'olles d^iien* 
ses de votre ailii. 

7. Of\* likewise suppressed in ELnglish 
in many compeund nouns but it must be 
expressed in French, vie : 

Sometimes by d^au iila.h V^aux to ex- 
press how tMngs ate pret ^ared or vonibined, 
01 to define their fitness and instrumental 
use. Et \5n rooulin icafl'(^- De la poudre 
A canon. Le march4 au lOin Dut'mmage 
k la cr^me La lx)Uteilte k rencre.-^Like* 
wise to describe a person or a thing by some 
distinctive sign or habit. Ex La lemme 
aux btiltres La demoiselle au niban bleu. 
Sometimes by </e, to express a simplo 
rdatt«Hi between two nouns the seennd of 
which has always the meaning oi an adjec- 
tive. Un habit d'ecarlate Un {M>nt de 
Eierre. Des has de soie. Vne raaison de 
rique. . Un carrosse de remise, a gUus- 

8. When a preposition and a noun, or a 
verb and a noun present the sense of an 
adjective or oi an a<lverb ; that is, express 
only one idea, no article is to he used. £jr. 
Je suis sans amis. Nous -vivons sam sooek 
EtudicK avec attention. II a confianee ea 
vous. Pai compassion de lui 

9. Proper names take no article, except 
those of some renowned Italian poets and 
painters ; and some names of places, cfaicAy 

Digitized by 



^«mi6d fttm wamtat same*, tnd adjee- 
tivea. Eje. Alenmdre, Pyrrhus, et Ctuu 
ontd^ul^ta tenerle TaNe.l'ArioMe,et. 
ie Titten ont illauir^ Vltalie. Liaes les* 
f ableMie te FvKUiaey et lea cuactdres <le fat 
Bray^ne. • 

lOw When Mmr or onyare either expieg*- 
ed omnderfiniidiii Eulialir they are xeor 
dered into French by the jMurtitiTe article 

before an adjective* Ejp. J^ai du papier, 
iSelaidce,ilei^8BciRetetdcsphimes. Avezr 
v(ma:«ehet6 du xh^, de la moutarde, de 
rindigo, et de ceriies IU% du.courB|!^ et de 
la fpte^foric^W^i de. beai^ papter, d'ex- 
celle*tedre$ae banns eaciQirec debaones 
pJumes. ^ .- » 

11. ButfiftfaeadjeftiTeandtobataDtnre 
form taf;ethera.kind.«of.coaipou]id 1MMIO4. 
ttnt^u, pteaent but .one idea, the article 
vesamet its tiffiiU'Sx, C^eaC an admiratenr. 
dubentoo-etda beteapiit Cet btoune a 

-19. TheFrenehnakeaiieofifeiDMme 
partieular phnues. Afttr^quelgue ckote 
rien,quoi^ quelqu*un,per9waie,ptitfPnntf 
mutdntM*9eXt heauctip, andalladwerbsex- 
preiring: quantity ; Hefove a participle pre* 
oedad faw a nonnxifmtniber. Ex» Qoelque 
flhaie a^^tonnant. Je ne aaia rien de aoii-' 
veaa* .Quoi de plusjost^ que ^ettelm 1 Y 
a-tpil quelqu^im d&wcontent ? II n*a pas 
d^arKeat. Je n'^ jMsatd'aadntian. Noaa 
avDBc aatmaffe.krrcft. que. Toua. Elle a 
lieaaleoup dVaifbna'It-y aeudeux officiera 
de bleaaesy ct^dix homvaa de ta^ 

IS. Bierti in the aenae of beauc^up^ re- 
quires tbedefinite actiele,wheteaa beaucntp 
takaa only de, . £«'. Bien du chagrin— 
baadcoop de ehasrin. Bien del araia— 
beaucou p dViiQia. Bi«n de l^risent— beau- , 
eoupd*arg«nt. BiendelaiBodeatie— beau- 
eoupde modeatie. 

14. The artielea a and £^e are often in- 

serted ill the Aon of a ahart parentheth. 
when they are net to beespitaaed in 
French. Ex,. Le I>uc d-Orieaiis urince da 
aanj;. a 4^<k xruiUorine k Paris* Alexandre, 
fits de Philippe, tua son ami Clytus.* La 
gnene. fii&an dea peuplea. est le jeu des 
princes. Lea plus belles fleurs, naturelie 
image de la benit^, ne duient gudiv plus . 

15. A afid one used in Eng:liah beibre 
hundred and thotuand^ are not to be ex* 
PRssed in Fxtnch. Ex. J'ai gagn^ niilie 
guin^cs. Je vous en pr^terai cent. L'an 
rail huiteent six* ]>attion»qoas vivre Cfiit 
am, diaona la^roe nilie ana,il nouareateraic * 
eneore bien detchaae, k apprendrub 
. 16. The article 'a it not to be esprassei 
in French, after the verbs ftre^ devenir, 
palter pour Jkc* when they have not ce ibr 
tbeir subject. Ex.- II est medecin. £li<^ 
est ducheaae. Vous deviehdrez royaliste^— * 
C'est un luMeein. C'est unc ducheaae. 

The reason of the rule is, that^in the 
construction without ce, the substantive is 
taken adjectivelyj and the French syntax 
does not. permit ta place an article before 
an adjective, separated from its subsUntive 
by a -verb. We etplain, in the syntax of 
the verbs, when c« is to be used. 

17. The article is to be repeated in 
Fveneh befoi'e all the substantives that are 
either the subject or the object of tlteaarae 
verb. Ex, Le bled, Ie vin, Phuife, et les 1^- 

awmea sunt les richesses naturelles d*un 
eut. JHalmive la patience rindustrie, i'i- 
Qonomie, la sobriet^, et la perseverance 

d^un bon agriculteur. 

IB* The preposition tn, which follows a 
superlative iu Eugii&h, is lendeied int* 
French by du, deta^deP, de*,de. £j:..£Ue 
passe pour la plus belle femme de Londtes. 
C*estle plus Man teiosde Tana^. Jenom- 
raenHS bien lea plus grands cuquinsdu ruy- 
anme. La plus grande ville des Pays-Bas. 


1» .We repeat it again, as a very essential 
rule, that the adjective roust agree with its 
substantive in gender lOid number. Ex, Un 
Iiomnie adroit, des hommes adfoits. Une 
feaame adroite,des femiaes adroitea. 

t. When two or more substantives have 
a common adjective, that adjective roust be 
in the plural-—- If the substantives are of dif- 
ferent sender, the adjective must be of the 

roaacoline nlural. Ex, Mon frdre et mon 
oncle sont hardis. Ma sceur et raa tante sent 
hardies. Mon fk^re et ma soeursont hardis. 
S. If there is no verb between tlie sub- 
slantives and the adjective, that adjective 
agrees with tlie last substantive. Ejc. Cet 
acteur joue arec ungoftt et une noblesse 
channaiite. Cet acteur joue avee une no- 
blesse et un goat cfaarmant* 

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. 4. The place •fan adjective in FMheh, 
at comtMnly after its •iibstantive*. Ex, 
•>e hats le terns froid. JViime U nnii^que 
. Italieone. EUe avoit une robe bleue. Une 
Ibmnoe Uouoe et modeite. 
. 5. However, we may ohaenre here that 
the adjectives bcm, bouygrand^petU jeune, 
J9U, mauvai*, and m/^Eroftfape generally 
placed before their sQbsttntivea Ex, Un 
beaucbeval. Unboneoflut. Unegraade 
femme. De petits oiseaux. Une jeune 
AUe. De joiii rubans. 0e inauvais vin. 
Un m^hant hommei ■ 

'«. ifu naked, and denU half, agree with 
their substantives, when they follow it ; and 
remain indeclinable when they prveede it* 
Ex, II va nu>pieds, nn>t6te ; il va les pieds 
nof , la t^te uue. J*ai aehet^ une aune et de- 
mie dedrap. eiunedemi'Aunede dentelle. 

7. Tout^ in the sense of all and whole, 
agrees ingeiidar and number with its sub^ 
stantiire. Ex, Tout le royaume, tout ia 
terre ; tous les honmes,toate« leslbmmes. 

But, tout in the sense %itthough^ever to 
7nucA».and quite; has a very irregvilar coi»> 
ttructton -hefoie adjectives, substantives 
taken adjeetively« and adverfas.^Ifthead* 
.iective is masculine , tout is alxvay* iade- 
<:Iinal^le«— Ifthe adjective is feminine, mowt 
•writers make tota declinable bet'ore a cmi- 
Hoaant. and indeclinable before a vowel — 
Ex, Un homme tout plein de coear ; ties 
hoinroes tout pl^m de.eomr. ^out brate- 
qu'il est ; toutbravies quails soni— Elleest 
tout afSigee ; elle est toute r^jouie ; ellet 
■ont tout afilig^; elles sonttoutes r^jouies. 
—Tout aitnable qu'elle est ; tout aintahle» 
qu^Hes sont.-*Toute jolie qu^elle est ; tou- 
tes joties qu'elles sont— £Ue est tout teil et 
tout orrille ; elles soat tout ceil et tout 

8. Quelgue, in the sense of #9me, agrees 
wlt!> iu substantive. Ex, Quelque homme, 
qaelques h<mimes^ 

Quelque with que in the sense oT though, 
tvhatever^ b decUnable^vfltein it is joiiiea 

to a nibribniUve aloiia«o«n,t0>»aQhttaative 
followed by Htadjeotive-«r, to an ad/ec* 
tive emmei/krMiy ibllawedhyitt suhatan- 
tive.— But, it is indecHnaUe before an ad- 
jective, not irMnedutteif^ • f oH< ro cd by its 
substantive.— In all these eases the verb 
must he put in the aubfuactive. Ex, 
Quelqties litres que vous. ayes* Qoelques 
titres, ^'clatans que vous aycn Ghieiiittes 
grands titres ^ue vous ayez. ' Quelque pa- 
issans que soient les rois. - ' 
Quelquet'inxhe time tifrabateoerr imme> 
> diately ibiloweil by a verb;iii French, is 
resolved into the dccUnableadjeettve gueit 
gueik, gueU, quetttt^'witU miechNe^oit, 
and the verbiBtbe«itl^mietivft'£4r. Quel 
que soit oet homme. Quelle que parrvisse 
sa wtuation. Quels que paitsent ^tre vos 
titles. Qudtes:que«<neBttvesraisons. 

9. The adjective, ivithoCita lobstaaKive, 
is of the masculine gender and takeathe. 
article ; has.'tUen the fitU value 
of a substantive. Ex, Pr^fl^roas Tutile & 
l\igr^ble. Iwea^'enlVna alment le rouge. 
Le beau n^est *pai' toujoan bpn^ J^aime 
roieux ICTcrt que le blen. 

10. The a4j«ct>ves .of dimennon; sueh as 
high^ deep^ broody loe.have a peculiar con> 
atruetioiT in FreiMAk -HObsene oaxefiUiy ; 
iff, to use avoir instead of i^^rrt \vhen the 
adjective-of dimeasion.i» uicned into a sub> 
stantive \ s<f ^, • to - repeal tta, before lihe 
number,- land hsr&He the substantive <if di> 
mension.with ihc verb Art*, ited with voict, 
v^h, ^Ex, Crtaara vingt piedade hau- 
teur ettroisdelaifceur. VcuUitin murde 
vingt pieds de hauteur, et de trois de lar- 
geur ; «r, de haut large. • 

We might likewise say with the terb^tr<r 
and an adjeetive-«Ce unrest hautde ylngt 
pieds et large de trois. 

tl> When anoxdinaloaaiber teadded in 
English to proper names, iu older to point 
out their older or rank, -we make use bf a 
cardinal number tu French,except for first 
and second^ that remain ordinal. Ex, 

* I have said commorUy, because it often' 
Itappens that the same adyectives may be 
-placed either before or after the substan- 
tives. Battlmt depending oh a nicety of 
criticism and ear. which notliing but a long 
practice can give, and which it would be 
injudiciotts to supi*ose in beginners, I think 
it necessary to avoid suc!i a dissertation in 
these elements- When the learners are 
well grounded in the fundamental rules ; 

and have, by reading much, suflaci'ently 
harmonized thiAr ears to the elegant and 
select turns of the French language, they 
raaf have recourse to the Complete Sy stent 
oft\e French Language^ by Mr. SALMON, 
fhim page S97 to 3i(V ; an excellent trea- 
tise, which I have eareftilly consulted, with 
great pleasure to myself, and considerable 
advantage to this little work. 

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Henti premier, «eeoiid,ttQis,^[aMteieikiq, 
rix, wpt, huit« 

13. An adjeeihre becomes eompsnithre in 
French, by adding to \tpUi* more, motor 
teM, ausH so, font >o much, autq^ as mueb. 
£«. £lle estt>lus belle, looias belle, autti 
belle que sa soeur. II nVi pas tant de vani- 
ty que son fV^^re, ViMsavez autant d'en* 
nerais que dHimis* 

It appears firom thoseexamplei tkat tton 
and a*, lu tbe second terra of a cumparlson, 
are expressed by que, 

Tbe piepositiou dy» after a compamtive, 

and belbre. a noon e^preniBfC < 
or quantity, is eotunoiily rendered into 
French by de, Ex. Vous £tes plus bant 
que moi dedeux ponees. 
13. The snperlatiTe i» expiesaed in 

French by 2r, fa, le*, prefied to fitus ott 
rnHnr -^In is rendered by»'dlr, dm, «r, /a,8ce. 
and que after a superfaittTe requires tbe 
snignnctive. Ejc. Le plus bei iMinme de 
tatTille. La plus belle fenune que jeeoi^ 
noisse. Les plos fvands eoquins de i'£it> 
rope. Leplntbeareuxjonroemavie. 


Perfnal PrMio«fW.'~l. A promran per- 
sonal tubject }<:ovems the verb ; and a pro* 
noun personal object is governed by the 

«• 0. t, ; 

Ex Je. Tousairaet Vous nous consoles.^ 

*, O, 9, 0, 

Nous Jes procegeons. II lui parleia. Coih 

.«. •. 

so}ea4a. Parles4eur 

S. A pronoun personal subject cannot be 
parted tVom its verb bot by a pronoun per- 
sonal object, tlie supplying: pronouns y, en 
or the negative n«. £j:. Nous voyons sou- 
vent votre fr^re. Je vous aimerai toujours. 
Vous en parl^ sans eesse. Je ne ni^y fie 
pas.— ilnrf not ; Je toujours vous aimerai ; 
nous snuvent vnyom sec. 
• 3. When many pronouns of different 
persons are the subject of a verb, they be- 
come disjunctive, and a pronoun conjuno* 
tive in the plural number and of the no- 
blest person, is {generally added to rvpi^ 
sent them all. Ex. Lni, elle, et moi, nous 
ali&fues hier ji la com^die. Vous,, hit et 
moi, nous ne nous aecordcrons jamais, 
Vous et lui vous apprendrez le Francois. 
You might plft(;e the disjunctive pro- 
nouns after tiie verb, tod say— Nous aU 
rftntes bier k la comMie, lni. elle, et moi, 
ike. but not— luiv elle, et tmA allimes ike. 
Vons et lui apprendrez. &c. 

4. However, when third persons only are 
the subject of a verb, no other pronoun is 
to be repeated £r. Mon fr4re et lui vien- 
dront demain. Lni, elle, enx , et ma steur 
apprennent le Francois. 

5. Whcv a pronoun personal is Hjovtrned 
by a verb, ulaoe it between the subject and 
the verb. Ex, Je le eonnois. Vous la con- 
notssez. Je les comiois, et je teur parle 
«o«tent.— ^N. B. No pronoun ai&cted with 

dr, except «n, can be placed beforea verb - 
wliich^vemsit, without beini; tollowed 
by que conductive. Ex, Je parie de vooa 
— e>stde vous que je parte. Vous aves 
medit de lui, dVlie, de nous— c'est de lui, 
d^elle, de nous, que vous aves mMit. 

d* If the verb is in the imperative vnth' 
out a negation^ then the pronoun eomea 
al\er the verb —If there is a negation, fbh 
low the precetling rule. Ex, Dite*4noi, 
dites-lui, dites-nous — Ne me dites pas, ne 
lui dites pas. ne leur dites pas. 

7 When two imperatives, without a ne- 
sation, come together with pronouns, it ia 
better to place tbe first pronoun after the 
1st verb, and the second before tbe 2d verb* 
Ex, Voyez-lt'.et lui dites de venir roe voir. 
Parlez-leur, et leur dites de se mieux com- 

8. With reflected verbs— with prnjer a(> 
ler and venir, or any verb taken in a sense 
in which it cannot receive a direct object, 
place, the pronoun personal at\er tbe verb. 
—Ex, Je me plains de vous. Elle s'esC 
adress^ h mm. Je pensois A eux. Cet 
enfant vent alter ft vous. II veut venir iL 
moi- Courez&lui. II est account a moi. 

9. When tM'o pronotuts personal are go- 
verned by a verb, the indirect object cornea 
before the direct.— N B. Thedjrertoft^ 
is never affected by a preposition ; and the 
indirect object is always affected by de or it^ 
expressed or understood. Ex Je vous le 
dirai. Vous nous les donnerez. II voua • 
laTccommande. Nous vous le recomnuuk> - 

10. If the pronouns are both of tbe thUd 
person, the dii^ct pronoun eomes before 
tlie indirect. Ex, Je le lni dirai. Vous lea 
lenr donnerez. 

1 1. The supplyinir pronouns y and en ' 
come close to tbe verb, wbra they arc «»* - 

Digitized by 


nraed with any oftber uronowi ; anden a!- . union at pmnaaBt tad vieriM, rithef inteTr 

ways follows y, when they both happen tw nigatively or negatiTely. You are to tup- 

. meet together. £.r. Je vuus les y spportt^ pose the pronouns in each line to br in the 

mi. II Dout endonnecA. Vout leur y en place of the tuterUk* ; read them often in 

enverrez. Je leur y en t^moignerai mon that order, and it will loon he out of your 

A^contentement. power to place them wrong:.— TAt<« .* II me 

The following list mayt with a little in- le donnera; be "will give it f me^ &e. II 

Kenuity be of great uie to beKinnen, and nie Ty enverra ; he will tend U to me, &c; 
Mou accustom their eyes and ears to the 

Me le, me hu me les, m'en.— II ** donnera 

B I'y, me les y. ni*y« mV en.— II •• i 
Te le, te la, te les. t en.- * » d 


__ _ ' enverm 

, , » dunuerai-je ? 

Te I'y, te les y, t'y. t'y en.— • • envenai'je f 
Noosle, nous la, nous les; nous en.— II ne * * donne pas 
JNous Ty, nous les y, nous y,iious y en.'^Il ne • • envrrni pas 
Vous le, vous la. vous les. vous en.— Ne • • donnerai-jejpas ? 
Vous I'y vous les y, vous y, vous y en,— Ne • • enverrai-je pai t 
Se le,8e la, se les,— s'en.— II * * promet 
Se I'y. se le* y. s'y— s'y en —II • • procura 
Le lui, la lui, tes lui, lui en.— Nous * * promettons 
Leleur, la leur, les leur, leur en.— Vous ne * * donnez pas 
Le leur y, la leur y, les leur y, leyr y en.—* • envemi-je ? 
From this list it appears, that no pronoun 14 On must he rt;peated before every 
affected by iIp, except en, can come belbre verb that has the same subject. Ea. On 
«verb. Ex. Je me moquede lui ; il mMit ^pie la fuiiune. on travaille, on se fatigue, 
de vous i and not} Je me lui moi^tte ; il vous on eherche tous les moyens de la fixer ; et 
in^t. apr^s bien des soins, le tombeau s'ouvrt 

The foregoing list stands good, all Ton s'apper^wt trop tard que tout ici 
through, for verbs in the imperative vdth a n'est que vanity. 
tie^a^on.— Ne me le donnez pas ; ne me 15. Avoid the passive turn so common in 
I'y envo)-ez pas. &c. English ; and. by tlie means of ori,biiTigtbe 

But, with verbs in the imperative -with' verbs to an active state, in such sentences 
etU a negation, make the following observa. as tlie following ones. Ex, On n'a pas en* 
tionsi.- 1st, The pronouns are placed after cure recu les lettres qu'on attendoit. On a 
the imperative. £«. Donnez-Ie>uous ; en- fhitdegrandesr^ I'onnesait 
yoyez-le-nous. trop poorquoi. On a envoy6 ordre de ra* J 

2dly, Me and te become mot and toi^ ex- mener les troupes, et Ton espdre qu'elles 
cept when they are linked with en ; but arriveront deroain. On seroit toujuurs en 
tlie pronouns ot'the third person are not to paix, si Ton diminuoit de moiti^, en tems 
be altered. Ex» Conduisez-moi ; amuse- de guerre, les profits des gens en place, 
toi; donnez-m'en.- DimneZ'le'lui, la-lui, 10. £n, in some narticuUr phrases, and 
les-lui, le^leur, 8cc. with the adverbs of quantity, is not to be 

Sidy. Moi toi, nou*, and vous^we placed expressediu English ; but iteannot bedis^ 
after le, to, les ; but the pronouns of the peused with in French. Ex. Vous avez 
third person, linked together, suffer no plusd^oranges que jen'en^i. Vous n^avez 
change. Ex Donnez-le-moi ; procure-lea- pas tant de livres quej'en ai. Avez^yous 
tm ; promettez-Ies-nous -, assiirez-les-vous. autant de chevaux en France que nous en 
— Donnezple>Iui, la-lui. les-leur. &c. avons en Angleterre ? II en est de vour 

12. On. The pronoun indeterminate on oomme de moi. II en est de cela comme 
may be renderea into English by one, toe, dela plupart des choses dn roonde. 
people^ men.—L'on has the same meaning, 17. Le is often used to rapresent either a 
and is only employed to avoid ambiguity, part of a sentence, or an adjective, or a 
or a harsh sound. ;tubstantive employed adjectively, and it is 

13. On lias generally a. plural meaning, then indeclinable.— It is rendered into En- 
hut it always governs its verb in the singu- glish by «o, and sometimes not expressed 
lar number. Ex. On craint desevoirtel at all. Ex, Ditet>moi, mon ami, ponr« 

Ju'onest, parcequc Ton n'est pas ce qn'on riez-vous aller & pied de Londres k 'Sork ? 
evxoitwU^. . Qui, je le pQQm>ts. £t hi^ mesdamss^ 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

etts^oii5tt^»«ecQnto? Rfellementnoot 
le sonunes. Estille filte {unmarried/) 
Ou'i. et je peiise q«*elle le fen loDK-temt. 
But, vvhen the vroni represented is reallv 
a sutMUuitive, or an adjertive employed «i/fr* 
*tanttvely^ then make nie of fe, to* fe«, ac- 
conling to the g«aider and number of that 
substantive. Ejc, Etet-vous la fUie de Mr. 
>Vest? Ou'i, Monsieur, je la siuis* £tes- 

vout k mahde que Madante CKaton tn^^ 
reconunand^e ! Non, Moasieuri Je ne la 
suis pas. 

If the substantive is of the plural nunk« 
ber, it is better to avoid making use of fav, 
and stfjpve an easier turn to the sentence^ 
Ex. Etes-vous 1^ fiUesde Mr. Coke? Oui', 
Monaeur— nritAou^ nous les sommes. 

POSSESSIVE PRONOUNS. See page xxiv, and the N. B. 

1. All possessive pronouns, either con- 
jiinctive or relative, but moreclearly those 
of the third person, agree in Engli&h, with 
the possessor oi' a thing, and in French, 
with the thuiR pfMsessed. Ea. Votre fr^re 
a perdu son chapeau ; votre sceur aperdu 
son chapeau. Votre mdre a perdii la 
iMurse ; >otre p^re a perdu sa bourse 

Translate these examples, and you will 
see that the English are ruled b> the rai- 
der ot the poiscssors. />-^rff, socur. niere^ 
pSpe; md the French, by the gender ot' 
the- things possessed chc^au^ boutte* 

S< When a noun leminine begins with a 
vowel, or an h mute, the French sacriiice 
-the syntax to harmony, and make use 
of mon^ ton^gon, insteadxtf Tna, ta^ «a. Ex, 
Mon ame est fort* au^lessus de ma tortune. 
— Ton iiidustrie te mtnera loin. Son in- 
solence lui fera pei'dre tous ses amis. Mon 
humanity, ton humeur. son humilile. 

3. The personal prunuuns supply in 
French the possessive pronouns, when we • 
speak of the several parts ot the bod>, or 
even of any thing belonging to the body, 
such as /J/ic, courase compkA i'Jtit sights voicr^ 
mind &c., if that turn creates no ambi- 
guity— £jr. Tai mal i la t£te II s'est 
coup4 le doigt Vous avez Toeil enfl6- II 
m^a attaau^ l%onneur. Veus m'airache- 
riez plutot la vie- Le courage lui manque. 
—But tay : Je crois que ma jamlie est en- 
fi^e. Pourauoi vous raoqnez-vous de ma 
t6te chauve i—Lajambe and la tite wouM 
render the sentence ambiguous. 

4. In a ftunilar way of addressing pel*' 
sous, the possessive pronoun is lett out in 
English, but not in French. Ex, VouleX' 
vous faire un tour de jardin ma soeur ? R4' 
ellement, je ne le puis mon f>^re 

5. In speaking of inanimate objects, the 
possessive its and their are expressed in 
French by en— Ex. Cette plante est lort 
commune, et oependant je n*en connoii 
pas les vertus. Cette maison me platt ; j^ea 
aime la situation. 

6 In the English phrases in whieb the 
word sake is jouoed to a possessive pro]H>un, 
the French make use of a personal pro- 
noun Ex. Faitefr-lepoorl'auiourdenioi, 
de lui, de nous, &c. Do it for my sakcm 

7 . The relative possessive pronouns mine 
thine yours &c. agree, like the conjunc-^- 
tive, with the nouns to which they relatet 
and they take the definite article in 
French. Ea. Votre tV^reetle mien; votre 
soeur et la mienne— Seepage xxiv. 

8. When the verb ^o 6^, in the seme of to 
belong to, is ioircd to a relative possessive 
pronoun, and has a noun for its subject, the 

S«»s£essive ]M-onoun is rendered into French 
y a personal pronoun. Ex- Ce livre est A 
moi. Cette maison est k nous '' Cet ^ven- 
tail est i elle« 

9. The English idiom ofmine^ of yours, 
&Cr is render^ into French by a conjunc- 
tive possessive. Ex. Un de mes amis m^ 
montve un de vos livres ; a friend of mine, 


1. Qui and gue^ without a preposition, 
and bel'ore a verb, are applicaUe to any 
substantive. Ex. Lliomme qui parle ; la 
iemnte quichante ; le cheval qui court ; les 
oiseaux qui volent ; les ^tniles qui brillent. 
— LUiomme que vous connotssez ; la femme 
que vous.lonez.j les oiseaax que vous 4le 
vez, les chevaox que yptit ftvez achet«:8j 

les t^toiles que vous obscrvez.— Hence it ap- 
pears that que is used, when it relates to a 
noun that governs the verb ; and qve is 
used, when it relates to a noun that is go- 
verned by the verb. 

2. When a verb ^vems its object with 
the help ot a prenosition . gut cannot be a^ 
plied to inatiooiu asd4iianimate<b6ings } it 

Digitized by VjOOQ 

is iQppUed by cfoftf, duguel, de laqueUe, det- 
%[ueUf desqutllet i auwtl^ d Utquette^aux* 
queU^ auA quelle*. Ex, Le cheval dnquel, 
or dont je me ten ; la icieBce h taquelle 
je m^pplique, See. 

3. Dont is nseil fur all genden aftd num- 
bers, and it is applicable to any lubstantiTc, 
but it can never be interrogative—— •£«. 
L*bomme dont je parte ; la temme dont 
Tous uarlez ; la montre dont je me sers, 

4. Od is ot'ten an elegant equivalent for 
a relative pronoun, in speaking oi situation, 
place and time. Ex. C'est une affiiire oti 
il vaut mieux ne pas entrer. La maison 
oi!^ je demeure. Le si^cle oH nous vivons. 

i' Que uniting two verbs, and after a 
noun is often understood in Englitb ; but 
it is always expiessed in French. Ex. Je 
erois que vous avez raison. On dit que 
nous auroua bientdt la paix. Les livres que 

voos avex aeliet^i. Let femmei que yoxa 

6. When tAitf,aflnravetb, signifies tatAe 
end that, translate it into French by «^n 
que^ vnpour gue^ with die subjunctive ; or 
afin de vatipour with the infinitive. Ex. 
Je vous enseigne afin que vuus api>reniez. 
Je vous le dis pour que vous le sachiez. II 
est vena afin d'obtenir cette grAce. J*ai 
fait tout mon possible pour gagner mat 

7. Qiioi is only said of things, «nd can 
neverbe used but with verbs that require 
a preposition. Ex. A quoi pensei^vous .' 
C^est de quoi je ro'inqui^te pen. C*est k 
quoi ie ne pense pas. But say : Qpe dites- 
vousr C^e me conseillezHvous ? Queeber- 
cheZ'Vous? And nof: Qum dites>v<iat,lScc> 
It is very bad language. 


Demomtrative Pronwru. The list (page 
xxv ) is tufficient for our purpose Jn these 
elements, and we shall only make here the 
following remarkar. 

1. Ht xvho^ the wAo, th y who^ &c. are 
never to be rendered intci French by il qui, 
elle qui, &c. bat &v celui qui. celle qui. 
ct'ux qui, celles qui. Ex. Celui qui m^prise 
r^tude, n'en coimoit pas le prix. Celle qui 
iie compte que sur sa beaut^, kAtit surle 
sable. Ceux qui se battent contre leur pa- 
triet sont des sc^k^rats. Celle« qui ^cou- 
tent les fiatteurs, ont souvent & s^en repeit- 

2. Avoid all the inversions by which the 
subject of the verb is parted from its rela- 
tive ; and, by the means of the demonstm- 

tive pronouns, or some other turn, bring 
the ienteuc«*to a less comphcated order, 
Ex. They are not always happy who seem 
to be so; or. such aie not always, Stc— 
Imitale the following turn*: Ceux qui parois* 
sent ^tre heureux. ne le sonr pas toujourt. 
Cen'est pas ton jours (&tre heureux que de 
le paroltre. Qnoiqu'on parwsse heureux, 
on lie Test pas tou jours. On purott souvent 
heureux, sans T^tre en effet> Or, nearer 
the English, by addin^r Ih Ceux-li^ ne sont 
pas toujoUrs heureux, qui paroissent T^tre. 
3. Cc qui and ee que are expressed in 
English by what, and that which, Otii 
directs the verb, and que is governed by 
it. Ex, Ce que vous dites. Ce qui me 


1. The verb agrees with its subject, in 
person and number E*. Je parte, tu dan- 
ses, il chante, elle farvde. on s*arause, mon 
frdre demeure & Bath ; nous jouons, vous 
^udiez, iisdessinent,elles travaillent, mon 
oucle etma tame viennent d'arriver. 

2, The subject beinff sometimes far from 
its verb, try to find it, before you write a 
sentence, and you will avoid many errors. 
Ex Le Don chunoine si^roaginant au'un si 
grand mMecin ne pouvoit fkire oe faux 
raisonnemens, se lat*sa saigner sans resis- 
tance. Don Alphome, apr^s avoir re^u ses 
patentes, ^ar£i£ de Madrid avecsafamille. 

3. Many nouns, in the singular, connect- 
ed as the subject of a verb, wilt have tluit 
verb in the plural number Ex, Sa douceur, 
sa poiitesse, sa franchise, et son savoir lui 
font trouver des amis par^out oiH il va. 
Votre insolence, votre grossidret^, Totre 
duplicity, etvotre pManteriefiitiguenttous 
ceux que voos fV^quentez. 

When we conclude an enumeration of 
ob.iects the words tout and rien may deter- 
mine the verb to the singular, and give ft 
lively turn to the sentence. Ex. Meta 
simples, ragoCits, chair, poisson, l^nies* 
tout est boaquaod oq n fliim. Gastes»'- 

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icgsxds,pemto, liiem nMchappe it 

4. ARor adverbs of qmntitjr, fueh m 
6Mucou;^,/b«i, tone, Ike. uid after collective 
nouns, such as le plupart. nombre^ sorter 
etpiee^ trwpe, Sec followed iijr a naun plu- 
ral^ the verb beeomes plonl. Zx. Beau- 
coup de penouoies sont eapablesde ftire 
une action nge; mais bien pen saventihire 
tine action gen^reuse* Un petit nombve 
d'amis lui lestdient* Tant de fiuMiUsies 
deviennent ennujantet, &c. 

5. WheDtwoverbsconietocether,ifthe 
second has no subject, it is to be put in the 
infinitive ; whether the si^n f be pcefixed 
to it or not. Ex* Vonlez^ous me pr^tw 
votre dietioniiaire? Jen'ose lui parler^ 
JWfaii sur le champ desoendre k une hAtel- 
lerie, prds du cfafUean. 

6. If the first verbis the a«zjliar]r tohavc^ 
mttbct the second verb must be used in 
the participle. Eat, II a abus6 de OMin 
amiti^. Nous avons rendu nos cbevaux, 
Voas 6tes arriv^ tmp tard. lis teront 
s^vdremeat punis. 

7. When f be expresses a neeessitr, or 
aa ihtention, it is lendeied by devoir ^ with 
the sceond-Terb in the infinitive- Rx. 
2>evez«voas partir oe soir I Nous devons 
slier demain a Windsor. 

S. A dt^ and pttn A verb, or a noon, 
may fi^ovem another verb in the infinitive^ 
«3tther with d, de„ and poi/r, imt sometimes 
without any nreposition. 

9. ^ is nsea before an infinitive— when 
f mi^t he expressed by tn with a gerund 
— to express an tnr/ifMtton to somethings 
todenote«^/«ymenf, teeupatioiu «ie— when 
the verb has a passive turn which is, or 
xnight be, rendered by to Arinto English — 
Ex* II se platt A deniner. Je ra^muse A 
ecrireetiklhv. JVime i converser* Vons 
disposez^^vous ft partir pour Oxford ? Elle 
sTaKaclitf ft vons plaire en tont. II mVi»* 
seiftne ft jouer dn violon. Vous m^utorisez 
s\ vous parler sinc^rement. C'est une a^ 
fliire ft vous ruiner. Cela m^aide ft vivre. 
Ce eheval roe sert ft tirer et ft porter.— 
Voiift des fruits bons ft cueillir. Sa com* 
mtrnie est ft ^viter. Cctte guerre est dif- 
nette ft soutenir. 

10. /> is used before an infinitive, when 
U may he supplied by a/* or firvm with a 
)>enu]d. Ex* Vons ra^opccbez de travail- 
ier. J*eMs bientdt une autre occasion d*em» 
ployec mon credit. Ne vous lasses pas de 
vous montcer ft la cour J^affectai de re- 
ceroir set asdres dHin air graeieux. 

11* Ppur befitie a verii, ilrtniwinn U» 
eoiMe or theemf oTan action, and commoo- 
If answers to in m-der <« in English. £«•• 
JUnterompis mon secr^ire poor Ini de* 
mander ou il avoit pris ces lines. II no 
ferajamais rien pour vous obiiger. Nona 
eelations souventde riie, mains poiirap* 
plaudir ft ses saillies que poor nous en 

IS Some verbs govern the infiiutive 
without any preposition before it. The 
most usual are aUer. venir, devoir, oht^ 
paroltre^ ten^ler, pnmeirJaUoir^ vulmr^ 
croire^ compter, dttigner^1k». Ex, Alles 
diner. Veues me voir. Je dms ^crire 4 
votre fr^re. Oseipvous tne r^pondie de la 
sorte / Vous paroissez vous ennuyec Je 
pouRuia me passer de lui. U flint savcir sa 
taire. Je ne veux plus le voir. Je sata 

li. The infinitive is elegantly used with- 
out a preposition, sometimes as the subject 
of the sentence, and sometimes with the 
ellipsis of the verb which governs it £»• 
Mourir n*est rien, quand on a hien v^n. 
S^oecnpcr de t%tes et de danses, quand lea 
nauvres meurent defaim c^est insokern 
i*humanit^. Moi ! revoir eet horome ! Ja- 
mais. Vous ! ramper sou eet ignorant San- 
grado! N^Ai taitc^rien. 

INDICATIVE. 1. Let us observe that 
the Ekiglish turn of the verb to be joined t» 
a geruiMl, must be avoid^l in French. ' Ex, 
lam writing; he was dancing, we were 
dining,&c --J^^ris'.il dansoit,nousd!nions. 
--Or. with the preposition, d : Je sais ft 
eerire; il 6toit a danser; nous ^tions ft 
dtner.— But ttever : Je suis ^crivant, &c» 

8. The prewnt^ in Enelish, answers to 
the present in French. Ex. Jc traraille, 
je vois quelques amis, et je tftche de me 
croire heureux. «. 

3. The present tefuee\eKtaA\f supplies 
the preterite, in lively descriptions ; and 
sometimes it represents the future. Ex, 
La fUreur qui ammoit eet audacieux.exdta 
la mienne. Je mVivance pour le pnnir, et 
nous coremen^ons un rude combats Dona 
H^l^na et sa suivante entendent le bruit 
des ^p^ ; elles poussent de grands cris, 
qui oUigent les valets ft se lever. lis sont 
bientdt sur pied, et ils aceouient pour s^ 
parer les combattans ; mais ils arriv^rent 
trop tard.— Je pars demain, ave& vous quel- 
ques oicdres ft aoe donner ?— Ltf poste arrive 
ee soir : attendcz-vnus des lettres ? 

4. The/ueure is generally used in Ffcneh 
as in BngUsh. Ex. La philosophic ^bire* 

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w Im iMmnci: Hi ceMBfMtf cnfin d*«tR 
tigrei. Nm petitMiereux te demanderant 
€« qa*on «ppeloit soMau dtim 1e dix-huitid* 
me tidclevtrhaiminit^ leurf^mTenerde* 
iutiiM. en licant notre histoice. 

5. The preterit ind^Anke^ or compound 
of the pretrnt (j*ai aimi,Pai fini, tat.) de- 
notes an aetion whidi iMt happeiwd tn 
the day in which we speak— or, in a time 

Eit, but not specified— or« In a time ptst 
t whidi hoUs to a period still CKistinK*— 
Ex* J^ai d^j^und ee matin avec votre soeur, 
€t nous avons bMraeoup)iarle de rous. J*ai 
▼Q votre-ft^re, il y « quelques jours ; jVd 
toojours dit que llnconstanoe seroit la 
cause de sa ruine; il roVi souvent promts 
de s^appliquer mais il ne m*a jamais tenu 
parole jVii eu te fiCvre au commence' 
ment -du -printems* J'ai dtn6 deux fbi» 
avec vutre pin: dan le coun de ce mois 
Noui avons eu Men des revolutions pendant 
«e si^cle. Here the time of the liiVer, &e. 
is really past ; but the whole of the sprinir, 
of the week and of the century, is not 
•lapsed, when I am speakinfn therefore 
■ocli a time is eonsidereiJ just at the day in 
whidi I exist* 

6. T}m imperfect (faitnoU ieJtnittoU, 
See.) expresses an action begun before the 
time we now brin^ to our coilsidenition, 
amd ftnUhed we know not wArn— or an 
action expressed as habitual-H^t an action 
which might hare been habitual, if nothing 
had hindered it from uking pkce. Ex, 
Poorsuivis par les Maures, ces infortun^s 
vivoient sur les montagnes,ou demeuroient 
dans des sonterrainc JHtpper^as des cui- 
siniers qui pr^paroient uu festin. Ceux-ei 
mettoient det oouverU, ceux-R remplissoi- 
ent de vin des eruchesde teri-efet les autres 
tournoient des broches. oH il 7 avoit toutet 
sorte»de viandes. Richelieu respiroit la 
liauteur et la yengeance; Mazarin ^toit 
sonple et avare. Si les horames ^toient 
plus saoes, sMIs vivoient en trdres, s'ils sa- 
voient appr^eier tous les avantages de hi 
pais, la guerre cesseroit bientdt d\exei-cer 
ses ftireurs. 

itThefireterite or definite tense (fau 
•maltje regus^je vim, Jke.) denotes an action 
begun und finished in a time entirely past 
and spetified. Ex Nous vtmes alors sortir 
du village et entrer dans la nMne, un 
icnind oonconrs de personnes ; cYtoiottles 
deux^poux. -NousallftmesatiHclevantd'eux, 
et Di^go se fit connoUre. Des cris de joie 
i^<Jlev^rent dans l^uiemU^e, et chaoun 
t^empresHideeoQTlra.laa. Noaspanftmet 

la ntttt dnu ct bottfit, et noUi part&in^te 
fendemain poor Cucs^ 

(O* As tlMse tenses are very poczHng to 
beginners, let us try to azplain them far- 

In mj narration a time of aetien ircba- 
sen, which time the speaker supposirta pre- 
sent; and all the actions that happen thm 
andtmishtAm,are to be rehited in u pre- 
terite tense— The Actions which existed be> 
fbre the time chosen for the nanration. and 
are supposed to eoatimie existing durinr 
the time of die narrative.nie to bedeseribed 
in the imfierffct tense. The actions which 
have happened beibre the time Mioaen for 
the narration, but without our knowing 
precisely when they have happened, are to 

be related in vt preterite imkfinUe^Bj whscb 
it appears that the imperfieet deieriif ; the 
preterite indefinite relate*j -without maik- 
ing. any time ; and the pwterite rebate* a 
scries of facts, past in atihie specified, and 
made now present. 

(0*Xet the beginner try to apply the 
preceding definitions and remarks to the 
fbllowing past tenses. 

J'etois dans cettedisporition, qiiand j*ap- 
percus dans le jardin un paysan qoi me re* 
gardoit avec attention. Je cms qnee^^tolt 
unjardinierxje renvisageai,etje ra*imagv 
nai reconnoitre ie malhenreux Alvar. Je 
pt>assai un grand ert* J*^tois seule avec 
In^s qui avoit le plus de part k ma confix 
ance; je lui di« lesoupcon qui mVigitoit.— 
Elle descendit an jardin, et peu de terns 
apr^s je la vis reutrer fort 6roue. CVst 
Don Alvar, me dit«lle. Come je poorots 
le reeevoir 4 l*heoro mfrme, pareeqae le 
Marquis ^tmt& Burgos, je chargeaima sui* 
vant de IHunener. Je m*^va»ouis d«s ^u^il 
entra. Rassurez-voos, nadMne, me dit4l, 
je suts initruit de toutes lespers^utioni que 
vous avez souflbrtes. On a r^pandule bruit 
de ma mort,et vons Vwez eru, pareequHiu- 
cnne lettre du ma part ne vous assmnjt 
dn contmire« Je sais de quelle manidre 
vous avez vten, et one hi necessity, pintdt 
que Pamour, vous a jet^e dans les bnuda 

SUBJUNCTIVE. We have here tw« 
questions to examine. The Is^-When is 
the subjunctive to be used in French ?— 
The 2<^What is the correspondence be- 
tween the tenses of the indicative,and those 
ofthe subjunctive ? 

Some conjunctions, all cfompoundcd of 
que, always require the subjunctive; for 
which, see page zHi. But que, by itself, 

,y Google 


sbmetlmei nqtiiilAg tbe robjane^Te, and 
sometimes not, we must examine the cauie 
of that variation. 

1. After an vcrtis (either vnth or vnthout 
a negation) expresnngtfouACjter.TmA un- 
certainty ^comrna nd,neee*rityi or indeedany 
passion^ affection or &■»«** o; the \rAvA,qtte 
governs the subjunceive. Ex Jedoute qull 
vienne Jecrains^u'iln'yaitle. Jevuudroia 
quMIs fussent partis II est possible qu'elle 
parte sans vons fe diie Je suis surpris qu'ils 
vous aient parl^de la sorte li taut que je 
sorte toat4-l^eur^ II sehrit f&eheax que 
les mini'stres n*adoptassent pas ctr plan. 
J'admire quil dorme si traiiquiUe* Je serots 
bien aise que nous les battissions- Suppo- 
sons que ce bruit vienne A se r^pandre ; que 
ierfs-vons? La piuie emp^cha qu*on ne 
s^all&t prornener II est ^ propos. t( est vA' 
cessaire, il est juste que j'aille le voir. 

2 After all verbs (Without an inter roga- 
Hon or a negation) declaring neither </«u6e, 
fear. &c. but merely expressing certainty 
and belief, tbe conjunction que governs thr 
indicative. Ex Je crois qu*il viendm Je 
r^poudis que j'avois tort Nous vtmes qu'ils 
nous trompoient. Je demenire dVscord 
qu*elle sait 4muovoirles spectatears Nous 
s^nttmes qiie nous avions affaire k an ha- 
bile homnie 

3. But, if such verbs are used either in- 
terrogatively or n^gativelvj que govems 
generally the subltnicttVe. Ex. Jeheerois 
pas qu'il puisse reusstr. Pense&voas que la 
paix se fiissc cet hiver? I] n'est pas certain 
que vous puissie2 lui parler- Auroit'On cm 
que des hommes libres eussent voulu se li- 
guercontre la liberty ? 

(CT* I my generally because it sbmetiraes 
happens that que does not require the sub- 
junctive aHter a verb used either interroga- 
tively or negatively —This distinction ««• 
qdires some care and judgment ;— if the 
interrogation or negauon supposes uncer^ 
tatnty^ then que requires the subjunctive 
but m the contrary case que requires tbe 

Indeed, this renugrk might serve as a 
j'fncra/rute tor the use of the subjunctive 
inaof ease, bat it would perhaps be sup- 
pctfing too much grammatical accuracy in 
young people. 

4 Qui, que, dont, 01^ or any relative 
pronoun, serving to connect a verb with a 
relative superlative, sudi as leplutwge^ la 
plus eage. &c will havQ that verb iu tlte 
fluhiunctive Ex G 'est la plus belle femme 
qaejcGonooiaK. Vous pariezdu pins gmiid 

roi qui ait jamaip exMl^. Un Vi^ritakleaiai 
est ic tr^sorle plotprtfeieuxdonton puisse 
jouir. II sYigit des affiures les pluk'mlic»> 
tes o«^ jamais mtnisiresewit tronv^engag^. 
5. By a coDsequenee of the | 

rule, oui^que dont, &c. generally require 
the suqiuQctiveailer«et//,unt9i/r,^reinter, 
flernier, per tonne, &t. when tinry have the 
force of A superlative. Ex C'est, le msiI 
homme qui iivas ait oblig^ C'est Tuniqae 
nioyen qui puisae les c«n«ainere de leor 
folie Cesduex mintstves M»nt les premiera 
qui aient calculi de sang Ihnd les ressour* 
ces de la ;raudeetde llatiunie. CVst le 
dernier remade aaquel vous puissiex avoir 
recours. Vous- ne trcMiveRZ pcnonne qui 
vous soit plus sino^rerjeiit attach^ Quel- 
ques effinrts que vous iksnes. Je n^en ai 
parlfZ k qui que ee sott. 

8 When afbsris, 9ue is nsed in the sense 
ot 'm, it teqiiifes the subjunctive. Ex S« 
vous entivz dans son jardin, et. qae vous v 
rassiez le moindre degAt, vous le mettroE 
de mauvaise humeur. 

7 In many cases tbe subjunctive is used, - 
without having any woitl to govern it ; bat 
it is always easy to perceive that a wish, a 
condition or a supposition is to be under- 
stood Ex Piiissiezrvous niavoir jamais be- 
sdlndfs m^bansl (Iwi*h) Busstecpvoua 
la patience de Socrate. cet bonme vous la 
tefoit perdre—f'/ *ufip99e)' 

After having exphdned when, the rab- 
junctive is to tc used, let ut see what cof- 
respondenoe exists between the indicative 
and the subjunctive. That is$ when the in- 
dicative in English; is to be pot in the sub* 
junctive in French, to which oi tbe tensea 
of the French subiunetive goes each of the 
tenses of the English indicative i 

I. The ^r0«en£ and the/uture of the in- 
dicative go to thepreeent otthe subjunctive. 
Ex. Je ne crois pas null le fkuse expr6s— Je 
necrols pas qu^l le/bMeexpi^s— 1 do not 
believe he doe* it— or wll do it on purpose. 

a. The imperfect tM\ preteriu definite 
of the indicative, and likewise the condi- 
tional go to tlie d^nite o the sulyOnctlve. 
Ex. Quoiqueje ne erusse pas oe qu'il mo 
disoit- Je ne savois pas que \ovufiusiez 
amis— Suppos^quenousfftfcouvriMton^leur 
coquinerie.— TIu>iigh Id!u/ tialbelieve uhat 
he said I did nor know you tvere friends. 
Suppose we should diacarver their knavery. 

3 The conipound tenses follow the order 
of tlic simple tenses. That is ;— the conv- 
poiind of iSiO. present and future ol the lu,- 

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svlj^The eompouad of the imptrffct, d^ yrvm pvleiez ik nMW^|i«ffe. Jgain : after Ms 

tuning Kiren ui that MCQunt, he n«lted 
into tran~A|ur^a noiuwnnri^ eed6t»il, 
illbntitenlarmes II now fit ce detail, et 
il fpodit anssttdt en larmea II ttfi. nou^ eut 

eu plqtot ftit c« d^tiMl qv*i|. fi»iidit vn 
rmes. Again : my being pgor afi4 your 
being, rich, it no rrtion twcyfinr, insuUing 

Jk& ami cQnditionat o£ the indupative. go 
to the ramj»oum2 df/intte of the tubj- Ex, 
Qpoiqu^ oirJK bieniles Un»a,il ne lait 
rfeii. Ccojebvous qa*i] o/ttfu HmiMrudeiiee 
dTen parier i- Je n^ m'tniaginois pas quails 
von* en augent patU. Je iie.cH>yois pas que 
TOO* eutmz voti pour. Ini. II auroit lou- _ . 

hait^ qncj nous euftion* vu son jaij^in. me— Pareeqn* je sy^ paavre et que vous 

PAR'riqiFLB& Tkeiieai»,two sorts of ^tts riche,il ne s'ensuit p9# que vpfis jOeTk^ 
partieiplcn ; one is CBUedgerund^ wpartir m^imulter. H est im\ qi|? je siiif pavvre, 
c^Ie active, always oidiiiic in ant,; ami the et que row ^t^ riclia ; ufu e[da,iie vmu 
other is ealled^arftrt^;>a«t«^The former dpQi|^ pfs le dvwt de n>*ipfiMlteB. FUree- 
we simply call^erun«fio the folloving. oh* quejesuis paiiyreiet que vous ^tesnehe, 
I, and the latter partidpk, _ ciiBye9»>vous aroir le droit de m^iiuultar ?~ 
My plan eaupot permit me to bq more 
difl^a^ ; but,I i«peilt it ftF^ carefuUy tlse 
£n«[lish phnseolegy in svc^ sentences- 

07 Rememhrr tha|r a ire>b, may have 
tW9 objeets— Oqe direet s thf t is, without 

^ any ptupoiition^^The.otqer imUrtct ; that 

Tbe«Bniiidt«sonietimet nsedas an epi- is.with the prffp^mition d or </«, expressed 
thet, and is declinable. Ex. C'cst un homme or mideot09d« En, «lwi|yt Implies de, apd 

5 hutet porticipkt 
. 'riie^rum/isalwaysmdrcliflBUe.£4?. 
Oeoi;^ vyant luie rose, vouiut la. cueillir ; 
C4cile voyant une rose. See DdKe et Car» 
line TEB^mnne nne, voulnrent la eueilllr ; 
G4iilhiume et Ooiistantiin voyant une rose, 
voDlarentlf cueillir. 

cbaranrit $ ePest liilefeninie efaarmante<.~-A 
little practiee will sooa dear up the difi«> 
nnek. We shall only observe hece tbattbe 

yal««ys implies d. 
has. a 

The participle ooDJiuMed witli Ore 

, ^. . I passive nieBainK,ai«lA/«Poy#a|;rem> 

genind, » epithetor aiQcetive, may with immmer and niHDberi witb the fu^fcet of 
-^ — gobelbre or-aHter the substantiitesi **■ ^ ^" **— "'-*—"'• -*>^— — — 

vtheveas the^erundi as participle^ caimol* 

2. We use the Kenui4 as. seldom tfl.w^ 
can in French, and above all in the same 
sentenoe; It-rodkes it appear stpffMMl aT 
ed.-BntJureidMrc^/2ythe En^ 

that peimifs tb use the s^mud with an ai> 
tiele. olr.a pfononnr-it is had Freneh, very 
bad .£nncb»'^Iii such a case, make use ot'a 
noun, or of a tense of the verb, fitted, to 
the apnrencft you have to translate. Brn^ 
tice, in this, wi\\ go mneh farther than any 
rule; bat however, we shall g:ive you here 

the. verb- E», Mo» M.rees^ ckiri et rt- 
spectS ; ma soeur est chirie et retpcctie; 
mes frdffcs. I^nt chirU ei reepectd ; mcs 
soon sunt fkHit* et retpecfie^. Ces houb* 
mesont ki^rifirimandistxpuni*} cep fem. 
met oqt dt^ rifprimaritUp* etpunie* — 3y 
tbe last examples you may perceive that 
when M is joined to any of the tenses of 
the verb ovatrwith another pajrtictple, the 
meaning is passive, and the seeond pastici' 


ng IS passu 

as. b^ts ceIuugf^ed with 

4, 'The particlpte A«uu| 
las an active nieanir«. and aipreea i^ geo* 

, . - , -. ^— deit and number with itt(fir#ct^ycrt»wbw 

I tUnk that.uour tpeakinq to ray flKher, that direct ol^ect i>f<pMP# tb« parfieiple ; 
WQuWbk bsndl tpyouWecfois que si vous but, it'.the direct opjc«tj/s2tow# the particr 
parlieK & mon pdre, vous vous en trouve- pie. orif tthfi oblecs i9 J¥>t 4r«SM^ P«trt|* 
riezbitp» Jfecrois qu'en pfurlant. i mom ciple remains indeclinable.~-N. B« I^ lt« 

some examples to direet. your styj& EiX. 

* Thii rule is easy to be understeodrbut 
itsprindiile lois often perplexed me, when 
I have tritd to account ibr that tiansitioii, 
ttftpqrently arbitrary, from dectinabili^ to 
indecUnability^ and vtce versa, t beg leave. 
foraiiMroent to turn flrom myphin,aml 
veutore a remark which, I think, has never 
been made on this subject. Ifl aqa VrODg. 
I shall only have lost some lines* 

The participle. Is s» callsd, becao^it 
participi^s of the piopetties-ot' an t4jp»' 
tive,ai^ of those of a verb; being, vaoable 
through genders and nonihers, like the 
former ; and regarding timci motioiir and 
passion, like the latter. 

When the participle is before its diepet 
object, nothing is Uiere to limit it» right* 
as a verb} it oelpi to lead the aeotitiite^ 

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Jeet. Bfi)TjQi4leur,dlonii«8ce4-Hne,, fiir no ml ftfcent, ukl thiM th^ y^b U lOft- 

iMM vwat (impmtm kw^MOe tmi, d pen^nali but tl ami imm 

*iMe,&e^)t«»refleMtheiiMtfrtic<«4^torthe e^axnfia tie ie»l agentt ; 

pftrdtilple. £».Mdhipdie«v«tes'Ar«aur eeasing thtu imptnc 

Jeet. Bfi)TjQi4leur,dlonii«8ce4-Hne,, fiir no ml ftfcent, uid tbiM tiMp mb it 

" '^'-^it orde,M(fe tmi, t pen^nali but tl ami n«i<«, in tot: otW 

■ *• " " - - ' agentt ; vmI the ynb 

t imptnooalt the rufc, 

guev^ufe^achftfii' Mttniremrefula No. 4, renwiiu in tteee. , 

■p^mmes que y4fak M twz^envySii ; elle 7. In the fotlowtBir aentaiioeii ^M.*" 

ni'an m il<mtt^ie*i dl»iMStn«f JVi /b sveb «ny lenieaee oi' the like cooitrttction, tSb 

mveatkat Is /aefie bue ^us mVitev ^crtA^ tmniciple U iodeelinRble becaoM it hn* no 

>fa KBUr a rttrweot }ei^«ner ou'ette avoit ohjeer to ajcree with the object being gy* 

igar6«. IjtttMtint dam twmm\wet parti TnUedbyaniAfinltiTewhiehfbilowg^either 

■e r§«itiltMitlM| expreued or undentood. Ex.lAVMntn 

ft. Sritre Ml icfltetcd end betSproeal que j'sncoit tooIu. que j*aara|t pa, <p«e 

-vetbt. has Ae sh^eati^n ot *vo^. aiid j^ranitdftac-Atfter. La Effort ^rii« Tf as «vec 

ftaHofri the Mine ntldi £« HCon fVr^re Jb eomnieiic^ d'itudier, Je loi ai.remlu tooi 

teroite.xctui ; ma iceur ie teroit extunie ; fair terviee* que j*ai pu (lui rendre it under* 

mesftCr^s «ii tMtitem exctuis ; mek toian ttood) Ette ne s*e*t tias doling toutes let 

eetaateantxxmti^t II te wnoit attirilm j|teine«4|u*dleattroitd&(se<£onn«risttiider' 

Meine^ 8oe« III «e teroielit attire hi Aaim; ttoedl. 

tke Ellet«etei^Meriti^r^faiAo>ne,lkc— 8 Some graminariain have pretenoeB 

La haine qiie vtttne ft^re te leroH attirSet that ttie paVticipte «h<ukl l>e ifideelinabl^ 

lesennemu que votn? sceor ae aerait attirfe* hrhen the nil^t followt the verbv oi when 

0. Bti Mdfalhi aie inT*riable» And to the pirtictple is Trtmediat«ly joined to m» 

•re tike partloipiei ot' rtf^n osed impev adjeetivs which ^innes %vith thc^diieetoh- 

sonally- Ex. Get homme a Sti ee que voOs ject. Thus, Uiey would writit : Xiet ordref 

etes;*ettefhfiNlK«^f^,eesfeinmtttfnt^^ ql^ad^niieroi Cettetipuwiqyequean 

Cce-^Lei(pmiidei<!hatetmqa*t<a^it ont mrnetaHvattTendufwUsante^Mfnttsdanni^ 

dfeotd beaatoap d« mAadies: le« fk«ndel reHdw,totigrte-withorttmnD^r&puhtiquth 

chatean m^it fueu. Bat- 1 shoutd write : Our beat avthbrt now folhiw, in tueh case* 

Les gzaadei dispenses ^W {sma^ody) a the sieneral nile< 

OF THE VERBS eVK, ttiAUesti ilyai ilfmt; U/imt. 

1* r*M,eV(«tft&e.areewiaumlyii8ed— live; and befbA ai subciantiTe wilhaiii 

Beftmrs ittlMtaat»re,either tinfiie or joined article. Ex^ Ii est prudent de ne pat: trof 

to ah artjeetHtf^Bfifbre an aqfeetive pre- compter tur ravenir. iJ est tepnt de d1ne«> 

ceded «r fallftwtid by a* adrerb. or H» eqai^ —U ctt midi i ma roontM~ff^c squ*. c^t 

Talent— Betore an adverb alane—Befbre Trai.eVst bon.&c in sentences without a 

pronouns ; and before h teib itf the infini}- M^meif, by «t^ or answer, oras a remaik, 

tive Kx, C*est un niMeein ; c'6tuit le in a (hrailiar manner of spcakingr-ce it 

laq[uais de ma soeur > ^ett hnejolte feramif; then a aeal ahbrevlatioO oF cela. 

c*estunef«mmecharmante— Ceseroittrop 3 With these same verbs, when a fob- 

in<pnidem; c*ect fidth raerrdihs^^^^stas- ttsritiTe i» taken ddjeetiaeip, we makej" 

aez; d'eM deihain ffuni dovt tenir^^Vitt M'i/,cfle.<{f,rtfe^aeeo(dinKtothenuiinw 

elle qo^ me 11a di t-^*ett noat qnS sommet Ex. II est medecin , elle ett comteMO } ^ ^ 

lei aKJeweu r fM O'ett voalohr se perdre que' sont soldats'; dies sont duetieatet* ^il« !^ 

d^tuq^ ce» gens'ljl. filte^amrnarrta/.-^C 'eat h»fiUede Mr. jpiiuc 

2 wlthtlieie same vtebt.t/tv commonly e^^est hi doehetsc dte, &e. &^ 
niett befeie an adjestive whhcMit subttin* 

llM«rtiibaMi««ilWftillo»dierobjeet,and tene^ partly leadi if, har a primary feri«^ 

it not at dR sabinitMll trV ic v Ihevefori it on the pa Aiciple, wiwh thny loan its rightf 

KAttsC then ramnitriMleellniMe £«. J*M at a verb', become an ad|WtW«^ an* fiiK 

r«fW «otrtt tettre i jfai rvfc/ voi fatf rer>. low« the fjcmder and numMr of the ikkMur 

Beit whm the direel ahjeet pmoedet the thsM. comnandt ii Ex La lettre que jV 

participle, the former announeet the •en' re^ue $ Ics tettres qoe j ai rtgues- * 

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4 Vfhea ee is followed by a noon or a 
pronoan in tlie thiid |ienon plunl, the 
reib may be either singukir or plural, but 
ce does not change However, when » 
quotion is aiked the verb mun remain in 
the tineuhir. Ex. C'eat eux, or ce sont 
eux qui ont gaf^i^ la victoire Ce aera le« 
Sspaii^bf or ce teront les Eip«KiH>U qui 
J perdront.— Kkt-ce eux qui unt ^gii6 la 
▼ictntre ? Sera-ce les Espagnols qui y pen)* 

5 It jj.followed by TottA,ii renderedinto 
French by U en ett^ with de^ or its eqm- 
Talent Ex. II en est dn vous eomme de 
mot. II en est, apr^s la mort. du paavre 
coinme du riche- 

6. 11 y a. ilv avoir t &c See Mge xxxiv 
—This Terb does not vary in French as It 
does in English ; it is always in the thjnl 
person singular Ex II y a de boones 
. %ens dans tous les {lays. 11 y a trop de 
poirre dans ee ragodt 

7. II est, &c. is sometimes elegantly used 
instead ot t/ y a Kcc Ex Ilestdesfiruces 
d*homnirs et deftrmmes pour qui la toilette 
ae pent rien. 

8. Jljidt, ilJktUoit, fcc. This verb is the 
translation or If t>. itvMu, &c. in English 
todeuote the disposition and nature of the 
air and ot' t^e weather* and of the ways 
£x II .era beau demain II a fait froid 
aujourd^hui. II fhit crott<^ ; the road* are 
dirty It likewise extends to the nature 
and disposition ot places with the help of 
tn adjf«tive Ex II lati cher vivre 4 
X<ondret. II feroit bon en Italic, si le gou- 
nernement y ^tmt moimdespotique. 

9» JiJauttil/altoUylkc see paf^ xxxiv — 

Thb TeibisnotinpeiKinal in EnKKsli,iiiid 
it is always so in Freneh. Hence tHe eon- 
slam miktake of yuutig beginnen. who, 
instead oi saying— 11 i aut que j*^lle k Lon- 
dres II taudra que vous joyeztle xetuar a 
quatre heures— n'ou/d *ay : Je fkut nous 
flut Tons taut, krc It is a gross error. 

10 Itiis Tcrb. ilfaut, Ike when used be- 
fore to have is rendered into French by 
placing have in the subjunctive widk que ; 
or more deftly, by inserting a personal 
pronoun £«-. I must have money. Ike. II 
Ibut que j*aie de Targent ; il (km que vous 
ayez de Tifrgent; il taut quails aient de 
l'argent,&c. Or^ttill better : U me fautde 
Targeni: il vous fkut de raigenti il leur 
fautde Tai-gent, &c. 

tl. In sucli sentence* as the following 
one, avoid carefully the passive voioe.etther 
by making use of on witli the verb devoir, 
or. in rendering subject in Freneh the word 
which is object in English ; or, by any other 
active turn. Ex» Tlte laws must lie obey 
cd— On doit oli^ir aux lois ; il faut ob^ir 
aux lois ; ob^issons aux lois ; nous devons 
ob^ir aux lois. 

12. Imleed, I had almost said : Always 
avoid the passive voice in French, The 
French language bears it with great diffl> 
culty ; and, when We cannot bring a verb 
to an active sense we give it an active 
appearance in lending a reflective fbrm to 
the verb Ex. Le vin se vend trois chelins 
la bouteille II se trouve des gens que 
rien ne pent contenter Cela ne peut se 
fkire The passive sense is so freqaently 
used in English that begufmers ^re long 
betore they can unfetter tbeir styte. 


On Prepositions^ Conjuoctisns^ Adverbs, &c. &c 

(t7* We hope the reader has not neglect* 
cd to stikly attentively all the practical 
sentences from page xli . to xlvi We liave 
only room here lor some remarks. 

1. Prepositions do not always correspond 
in French and in English. 1 mean; tmth 
cannot always be traushitcd by avec. nor of 
\iy de^ &c. 5c c. .Ex Je suis content de 
TOUS ; je pensoit ft vous— I am satisfied with 
>on ; I was thinking o/'you — Sofne of than 
are not even expressed at all. Ex Notn 
^ions seab^We were by ounclves —Be 
caiefnl in translating and composing; eon* 
•alt your dictionary and you will soon 
write witboQt Anglicisms. 

8. The verb of a sapposition, affected by 
the conjunction si. can, in French, be nei- 
ther in tlie future nor the conditional Ex, 
Si vons me pritiex (or, si vous voulex me 
prater) votre livre, je vous pr^terai le 
mien. Si votre tr^re venoit (or, si votre 
fVdre veitit) avant cinq ham. pKiez>lede 
m*attendre —TVe may say : Je ne sais s'it 
viendra. Je ne sais sll Tie poun-olt— But 
then the supposition affects another iMrt 
of the sentettce*^Sui}pos6 que jeTinvite, je 
ne sais sHl viendra, jene sais ril viendroit, 
&c On the contrarv, in the first examples, 
the tuppoiition fUls oil the very voiis 

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affected l]T*t*^Suppos* quevoiu mepr6- 
liez, &e Je vous prfrterai . &C. 

3. fyhen. be: ore a present tenae, and fol- 
lowed by a present tense, has the same con- 
itructiou in French and in English.— £*- 
Quand il vient. il est toujonrs press4; when 
be comety he i*, &c.— But, this sanie con- 
junction -when, beiotie a present, in English, 
and followed by a Aiture, must hare a Tu- 
tui-e. in French, histead of the present Bae. 
Quaiid Tous JWrt'reas, vous ferrz bien de 
prendre un narapluie ; when you g9 out^ 
&c yoo ieiUt &c. Quaadje nuratdessi- 
ner, le feiai Totre jpactraitx ^Aeri 1 know, 
&& I nill, &e.— The same remark stands 
good tor any eonjunetion , cquiTalent to 
lohen, as au9riSt que, dit qiie. 6ce- 

4 The adverbs, in French, are eommon- 
ly placed after their verbs ; and, in com- 
pound tenses, between the auxiliary verb 
and the participle. Ex Vous ne venez^- 
mai* me voir. Je nVii pas encore appris ma 

5. WhenjamaU^toujour* VivAtouvent, 
meet another adverb, place them first. Ex, 
Nous sorames souvent ensemble.. II ne 
parte jamais trop. Comportea^vous tou> 
jours pofiment 

6. Never place tusex, enough^ after iu 
substantive, as they do in BngUsh Ex, 
Vous n^avez pas assez de patience. J''ai 
assez de livres, mais je n*ai pas assez de 
terns pour les lire. 

7. A mohu qut^ de erainte que^ depeur que, 
will have ne with the verb which, in En- 
KKsh^i* not negative, and nepat, when the 
verb is motive Ex, A moins quHl ne 
▼ienne ; k mains qull ne r'xeae pas, De 
erainte qu'il ne vienne i de erainte qull ne 
vienne p€u ; de penr qu^il ne vienne * de 
peur qu'il nt- vienne Aa». Unlet* he comes ; 
vniest he should not come, &c. 

8. We apniy the aune rule to the verbs 
cxpresangjrar, risk and, hinderance^ fol- 
lowed by que. (with the restriction. No. Q ) 
— Ex. Je crains qu'il ne vienne ; je crains 
qu^il ne vienne fias ; j^ppr^hende qu'il ne 
vienne ; j'appr^bende qull ne vienne pas, 

0. AinteracomnanitiveCofnt^ertoriYyor 
inferiority), which is expressed in French 
by plus, moins, outre, autrement, or their 
equivalent, ne is prefixed to the second 
verb, wlien the first verb is affirmative, or 
interrogative vrith a negritiM. Ex Eileest 
plus riche que vous ne pensiez N'est-elte 
pas plus nehe que vous ne pensiez i 

But, if the fint vexb is negative or in^er' 

Togatboe without a negition, ne most not ba 
used- Ex, Elle n'est pas moins btrlte que 
sa sceur T^toit. Elle-est moins belle que sa 

The same nileis true forveriaespmsinf 
ffar^risk,m kinderance. Ex- Je crains 
qnll 7(0 vienne. Necnugne^voasnasqaHl 
ne vienne? — Je ne crains pas qu*il vienne, 
Craignez-vous qull vienne ?-%r«nip^cbe- 
lai qti*il ne vienne. N'emp^chere»-vou« pas 
quM ne vienne ?— Je nVrop^hetai pas 
qu^il viennek £fflp^chere>>vous qu*U 

Le is sometimes added to ne; it it a point 
(rf" taste, which cannot be felt without prae* 
tiee Ex. Elle est plus riclie que vous ne 
frpcndez N*esteUe pas moins belle que 
ne r^toit sa soeur. 

As some very respectable graromartant 
give it M a rule (without exception) that 
ne is always used aiter a comparative, we 
think it necessary toret'erthe readers fif 
they should entertain any doubt) to Mr. 
Salmon's Compute System, where they will 
fiitd the rules suppoirted by the anthoritj 
ofthe French Academy, Vol/aire, MarivauXf 
FeriHon &c 

10 When a verb, used negatively, is in 
the infinitive, ne and pas come together be> 
tore that verb. Ex. J'aime mieux ne pet 
6tre richc que de faire des bassesses II 
est impossible de ne pas d^tester les ty* 

11. Ifo, as an answer, is non in French; 
and not 4hat. as a eunjuction is rendered 
by non qur, or non fm* que, with the sub- 
junctive Ex Voudricz-vous 6tre roi. lui 
dit tieobule ? Non, r^pondit-il, j^aime trop. 
la vertu J'^vite la cour ; non pas que je 
haisse U societe mais je d-. teste les fiat- 
teurs Nous ne nous voyons plus ; non que 
nous so)'ons ennemis, mais not humeurs ne 
s'accurdent pas. 

IS. Point denies more strongly than pas^ 
and both require the preposition de fielbre 
thdrrrgimfn. £«. II u'a point d*amis II 
n^ pasd'argenr. 

13 I • an ad verb follows the negation, pas 
must be used ; because point denies abso- 
Incely and consequently cannot be limited 
by an adverb- Ex Je ne vois pas souvent 
votre frt're Vous n^avrz pas bt^ucoup 
d*arbres fVui tiers dans votre j^anlin 

i 4 When fii is repeated in a sentence, in 
tlie sense o. either, or, and nor, join ne to 
Uie preceding verb in French. £4:- Je ne 
suisni d^mocrate. ni aristocrate; je suis 
honn^te homme, Je ne me plais ni 4 chat- 

Digitized by 



tee, iiiJ^i«iMr,«i 4 Wife} inline i ctD- IfiM^rj to M fiWQB the pbMe «lieve 

VBner one is ; To jnuoe. &t. Memz eet enMkt 

li 4rier4lievetbi.itofW7eir,MVMV,«#rr, Al*^eole. Heaez inott diev»l i Teentie. 
and cetter ne is curamonly «Mjd without Jhnentr i to faring; to the |>fau9e where one 

pm0.-Ex. II n*«se pwokre en poUic Nous is. £« Amenex-moi eet ctiAukt. Vous 

me pmwan* i^sitlar ^ k ealouinie. ^ ne wacnem^-il vocre eheval. 
Mis«e f u'il vent 4ife- Ce paunc hnmwf JBmmrfwr ; to ^arrjr awfty. £d:. H eon 

.Be eoMe lie se wndie ridicule. Bern deux ti^taaeM avec l«d. 

M Veiilier pat not ptfinr cab apyctr iab Memetut ; to carry back. Ex. AelneneK 

•mhiBUt inAJmnmt,pliu, ni,auctini nul^ eet emluit i son odre. 
^erMBfw 191M q^ee4oit rien,^u»i queee These four verbs geneiiltys. 

B9it^quelc9nque, when thty Me usedai n^ tSon ab the olyects; they ate J 

^ofivf terms. Ex II nefkut jamais sefier bTM 
mm ro^ehaiw. Horn me voyens plat vatre Porter; to earry from the plaee wbete 

■eenr- Ik nVntni argent, ni amis. JenV cue is. Ex. Portez tta fiwes daaa ma 

to aneuH des livves que toos m*avex «n ahambiB. 

vo^s T«Hn*aveznuUeexaetitHde» Per* i^^orter; to bring towards 0ie plate 

Sonne ne le sait Je ne le dis k pcfvonne. wheae one is- Ex Afpunjo^caai dtt fVuit. 
#e VMBB dn |*re ; je B'y ai tu qui que ee En^orter ; to carry away. Ex. £mpor' 

soit de wa eonBoissanoe. C'est un homoie tea eette table- 

qui aVUme rien. qui ne se soucie deriea. Meporter ; to carry back. Ex. IL^ortez 

Jeaelaiai jamais rieadtt. IlsBepeuvcat aeft hvres daas ma chambre- 
reassia A quoi que oe sait. Thele four verbs geneially suppose that 

17. Try to avoid the errors often eoBt> die objeets are umiDle to move «f them- 

BBitted ia tbeuse ol'the ibllowing vecfas. seivea; they affeft«rfi«,aiid not t^. 

^ Now, I leave my young readen to a|>ler bamli, with the hopei bowcver, «f Aot bar^ 
sae keen Badass to ihem . 

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N. B,, 2ni<f J^mdtr u desired to observe Oe Qbservatiims at^the begimting,^ iw «rdet 
tfit understond the BdUor*s^ ^plan. 

Men, WuseDk Empires* Kangdona« States, 

B«|wbliiRi, IvUiKb, Ffspinioliis, ProviDees. Cittei,. 

TAwmb. Mauntaioi, Volcanoes, Promontories^ Capea, 
Sms, Qidphs^ BftySk Stveigttts, Rivora, 

AodentandiDnclcqt UttiunSf &c. see tile S^pplemast at the uid. 

A tin. OAsilik 

tn, into. nrf^Ain, aoo^^ oe^ 

cordingtQjfiriofymmt^K .A^mm^'n^.elmrgfofckar* 

AbaUse, »f. underKrwtf in 

fedli Aunm^i dmimt. 

AbaUaeTi va. i» eibwai Inth 

ert* Utiimmi * humbk> 
S'ahftiB«r,i»r.***/«/^^ de- 

ereotef ^fktk-i cringf 
Abaisscur, *m. depressor 
Abalou)(^tia> to.stvMfif 
AbandoOj em. oQcndome^.t 

Ah«mlwm4»<m»<g rake 
Abaodonn^, »f.proeti(i4e 
A h stf i dai iw fc^e. ^eJugnefuti 

AbandomMBUtt. «*■< tOmi^ 

donittg ; a4tMx»g up§ d^ 

roUetim .,* pniftkgifpy. 
Abandonner, voa t» *^/«f^ 

MAtt<i •jfina, oner ; *iewe. 

«f ; dHner^^:; '*kti90Hi 

deeert ; pr0nkme 
SV^MUidoiHieFi TWi inihAis« 

nie?i eelfs de»p9nd 


a column 
AbasoorAir •oa^to stun^ 



Abatantj shtOttr^ fltifi 
AtaiaiflHry v«. <« cwruptj to 

9'—, Tr. fo degenerette 

Abattemfint, aQitc(iio«ifiwu^ 

Abatteur, a feller 
Abattis, qffiali rubiifb; over' 

throw rptd&njt'ido^vn- 
Abaitre, va^puu dovm^ of. 

bate s offHct 
StabliMtn^fr- •fyHdomi.; 

despond ; fyH 
Abattu. ec tt^^JUctedi dc" 

Akktamet, tf^Jnlmg. 
'bavpienu sm. pen^^howe 

of a steeples fence Sffp^iH 

Abat-Voik •. sm* th^, campy ftr 

bove apv^^ 
Abb^e, sf dam; bay 

Abliatial. a. of or belonging 

to an abbot 
Abba} e, sf abbeys 
Abb6. sm. abbot 
Abbette sf abbess 
Abcbd«r, tur» into aa 

abscess, or twmeur 
Abc6t. sm. obscess^ itnpost- 

Abdaias.««- aPersianmwk 
Abftioatioo, sf ^^tra. 
AbdiqiKX, va. to abdicate 
AbdwMn^ sm. abdomen 
Abducteur. a s —tor. 
AbdaetioB^ sf -^ion 
Ab£cdda4re.3.a»«. nwiee 
Ab^oher, v. a. to ^feedbird^ 
AbeiUe,*/. a bee 
Ab6quer, va»t« * feed a bird > 
Aberraxion jf -^on 
Abetiri rci to stupify, 
S'*ab^ir, vr^ to * ernf>.sntpid 
Ab h«e< & . ab -bae, at raft- 
-. dem.. to abhor, detest 
Abif^t,/}». cattle-robbery, 
Ali^ttoih sf —tim- 
AbjeCfte- a abject, mean abyss ; hell 
Abimer, va, to destroy^ ruin 

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SVdrimer.vr .eo ruin one** telf 
Ab-iutestat. ab4nteatate 
Abjuration. {/*. —Hon 
Abjurer, va- 1» abjure 
Ablactation. *f the weaning 

of an infant 
Ablati t*,«m. ablative 
A bluer, va. it revive old 
Abultion */" — *£©n [writing 
Abnegation, sf --tion 
Aboi, ikboiement, *m. bark- 
ing Ibay 
Abois. pi. point of death ; at 
Abolir. va,to abolish; annul; 
obliterate i baniih; * for- 
give ; destroy 
S'— , vr. to * be abolisJied 
Abolissement, rm. annulling 
Atiolition. if —tion 
Abominable 2. a, — noble 
Abominablement, ad, —hlg 
Abomination, sf —tion 
Abominer, va to abominate^ 

dbhor^ detest 
Abondamment, ocf. abuu' 

Abondance *f abundance 
Abondant e. a. abundant 
Abunder, vn. to abound 
Abonuement sm.agreement 
S*abonner,f r. to bargain^ to 

Abonnir, v. to * make good 

mend; improve 
S'— . vr. to "^ grow better 
Abord, sm» access ; attack ; 

Abordable, t> a. accessible 


Abont^ e. a pUteed end f 

Abo« to border on$end 
Aboatintmt, 6. a. bordering 

sm. vfotering- 

Abordagfe.^m. boarding 
Abopder, t>o. to accost ;board; 

land : <Mack ; resort 
Aborif^enea,» —gines ; 

Abornement. sm. the .fixing 

of bounds ; boundarv 
A^mer^va to • tetooun' 

Abortif, vetO abortive 
Abortif. *m, abortive child 
Abouchement, conference 
Aboucher. va, to *'brinj^per^ 

sons together ; to confer 
S'aboucher, vr. to confer 

Abougn,e.a stunted 
Abououer. va, addfrtth salt 

to old one 
Aboat, am, end 

Aboatinaat, am. dbtOmetU 

dbuttcUs; limits 
AhoutxMemem. eking-piece ; 

Aboyant,o. barkifig 
Abojer. vn to bark 
—k Ml lune^^o bark when one 
cannot bite [clicker 

Aboyeur, sm, barker ; dun ; 
Abrege,«m. abridgement 
Abr^ to (bridge 
Abr^viateur *m -<or 
Abr^viation sf, —tian 
Abreuver,T>a. to vater^soak 
S'abreuver. vr to * drink 

Abreavoir, » 

Ain*yer, va. to shelter^ keep 
Abri, shelter [from 

Abricot, sm, apricot 
Abricot^, candied apricot 
Abricotier. apricot-tree 
AbriterfVO. to shelter 
Abrivent, sm shelter from 

Abrogation. «/* —tion 
Abroger, va. iOrogate.repeal 
Abrupto (ex), out of hand 
Abrutir va to brsot 
S'abrutir.Tr. to grow stupid 
Abnitisaeraent, sm. brutish- 

Abacitse, *f. part of the a^ds 
of a curve \dering 

Absence, «/ tfitfence ; wan^ 
Absent, e a, s, absent 
S^bsenter, absent one** 

Abskle, »f. arch^vault 
Absinthe, wormvfood 
Absola, e, a absolute ; per- 

Absolumentt adi ^solutely ; 

quite ; utterly 
Asolution. sf —Hon 
Abaolutoire, 2. a. tjtsoliaory 
Absorbant, a. s. absWbent 
Absorber, va. to dbtorb ; 

stick up 
Absorption sf—tion 
Absoiubne, vn. to absolve 
Absoute. sf, absolution 


AbMAme, 8. a. « tOntemitus 
SHibatenir, vr. to abstain^ 

refrain , 

Abstergent, a, s- abstrrgent 
Abct«rger va to cleanse a 

Abttersif, ye a. abstcrriroe 
Abstersion sf. —Hon 
Abstinence, —nence 
Abstinent, e. a —nent 
Abstraction, sf —Hon 
Abatraire va. to abstract 
Abstrait e. a. abstracted 
Abstrus e. a. abstruse^ dark 
Absurde^ 8. a. absurd 
Absurdement, ad. litsurdly 
Absurdity, */ —dity 
Abas, sm. abuse ; error ; 


Abuser va. to abuse ; to de- 

'— , rr. to • ndstake 
Abuseur, sm, seducer, de- 

Abusif, ve. a. abuHve 
Abusivement. ad. abusivelu 
Abater va to • throw -who 

shall play first 
Ahutiion, sm. a sort of 

Acabit good or bad taste of 

Acacia, acaeia (a tree) 
Aeademicien member rfan 

Acad^mie, sf, academy ; 

gaming-tabit, or house; 

Acad^uiique, 3 a --^mical 
Aead^miquenient, ad -^-cally 
Acad^miste, sm. academic 
S^acngnarder, "br. to grow 

Acajou, sm. mahogany 
Acanac^ e.o thorny ■ 
Aoanthabole sm. —bolus 
Acantlie, sf brar^ursine ; 

Acare* sm -'^us; hardtoorm 
Acariatre. 2. a, peevish 
A caiM de- c, because that 
A cause que, because that 
Accabtant, e. a. grievous ; 

Aotiablement. sm, oppres- 

ston;faintness ; hravtnes* 
Accabler, va. to overwhelm';: 

crush ; oppress ; Hre 

,y Google 

Acnimreinent, m. 

Aecilparer, t>. forestall ; eu- 

A^earer, to confront 
AccMer, vn. to accede 
Acc^l^nitear, sm —rotor 
Acceleration, sf —tion 
Acc^l^rer. va, accelerate, 

Accent, sm, accent; tune; 
note , 

Accentuer, va, to accent 
Accentuation, sf. —tionipr^q- 

Acceptable, 8. a, refisonablc, 

TDorth acctpting 
AcceptAnt. e. s, acceptor 
Acceptation, sf. acc^tance 
Accepter, va, to accept ; re- 

Acceptenr, sm, accepter 
Aeeepii<husf—ti0n; accept 

tatton ; respect 
Aqc^s. sm access ; fits 
Aocessible, 2. o. accessible 
Accenion, sf, accession ; in- 
crease ^ 
Accessit, «7n. the second best 

Accessoire, smtoccessary 
— ,a. accessfiryj contributing 
Accident, sm. accident ; 

Accidentel, e. fl. -nlent^l 
AcdidenteUement, ad. --ally 
Accise. sf excise 
Acclamation, —Hon;/hoi/t; 

Accointance, tfjamiliarity 
Accoiser. va. to calm^ still 
Accolade, «/ embrace; dub- 
Accoie, e. a joined 
Accoler, va. to ♦ clip and 
cull ; • put together in a 
dish ; aad into one sum ; 
iCecomraodable, 8. a. that 

may be accommodated 
Accomniodage. sm. dressing 

of meat ; fitting up 
Accommodant, e. a. good- 
natured i complying 
Accomodation, {/*. —tion 
Accomraud^, e. a,Tvell jpro' 
videdfor ; drest out;f.ttcd 
Aceommodement, sm, agfee- 



ment ; expedient s 

modation • 
Accommoder, va. to 

modate; to dress; At 

concile ; mend; cook ; 

ill ; • sell 
SHiceoqimoder,-9r.t« • make 

much of one^sself; like; 

agiee with ; seize upon ; 

• be made up^ 
Accompafpiateur. sm. one 

■ hoho accompanies 
AecoiniiaKneinent, retinue^ 

Accoinlifigner,va. to aeemn^ 

pany; attend; match ; 

S'hicconipiigner, va, • to keep 

company; be attended by 
Accoinplir,f a to acfiompltsh^ 

fiilJU: perform 
y-. vr to * be fulfilled 
Acoomplisaement, .sm ac- 

comprishment fulfilment ; 

Accon sm, a flat boat 
Aecoqainant. e. a.engaging ; 

S'accoqiiiuer, vr, to grow 

fondff * 

Accoquiner, va, to entice 

Accord, sm. agreemtnt^ cone 

Accordable, J. a.grttntable 
AceoraaHIes, sf espousals 
Accordant, e. a. tuneable 
Accorde, sf kerp stroke 
Acconie, sm. bri'cb'groom 
AccordAe, sf bride 
Accordenr- sm. tuner of 

any musical instrument 
Accoi-der, va. to grpnt ; re- 
S'accorder, vr. to agree 
AccoTdoir, sm. a, tuning key 
Accover. va- to prop to stay 
Accorne, e a.norned 
Accort, e a. complaisant ; 

sagacious ; courteous 
Aceortis. */ complaisance 
Accottable, 2. a. affable 
Acco9ter,ro. to accost^*come 

up Ivnth 

S'— , vr. to • kg^ company 
Aceoter. va. toprop up 
S'*— , vr. to lean against 
Accotoir, sm.prop 



Aeeondi^, s. 

Accottcbement, snu delivery 
Accoucher, va. to * lay u 

— . vn. to* be brought to bed 
Aocoucheur, sm. man^ndd- 

Aceoucheuie. sf mid-wife 
S^aceouder. lean oa 

one^s elbow 
Accondoir, sm. a leaning- 

place Cf^JI* 

Accouer, twi. to * strike a 
Accouple, sf a leash 
Accouplenient, sm, copulas* 

Accotipler, va to couple 
Acooufeir, to shorten 
S*— . vr. to * grow short 
Accourcisaement, sm. short* 

Arcoiirir, vn. to run to 
Accoutrement, sm. garb 
Aecoutrer va. to accoutre 
Accoutumance. f habit 
Aceoutum^, e. a accustom* 

ed ; usual 
Aceoutamer, va- to accut* 

torn, use , 
S»— . vr, to use on^s self 
Accra^-anter, va. to cr^ush 
Accr^ter, to *give esteem 
S'— , vr. to* get a name 
Accretion, sj accretion 
Accroc, sm. rent ; hook ; stop 
Accroche, {^. hindrance 
Accrocher, v, to * hang on a 

hook; • catch; delay ;grap- 

Accroire (fure), to * make 

one believe. 
Accroisienient sm. increase; 

increment ; greivth 
AcCTottre, vn, to augment, 

SViCcroupir, vr. to squat 

Aecroupissenient, sm, sit» 

ting squat down 
Accru, e- a, increased 
Aecueil. sm. reception 
Accueillir, vti. to receive; 

* overtake 
S V, vr. to hire one^s self 
Accul,«m- strattness 
Accoler, va, to * put one 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 



S'aeculer. to * betake one^i 

Mlfte a corner or xoall 
Acciimalationi \f.^tion 
AceumQler,va. accumulate 
S'— . vr to increate 
Acctnable, i. a. hlamable 
Aceuateur. trice, #. accuser 
AccuiatU;«m. accuwive 
A^uaatum, sf.-^tion, charge 
Aecuatriee, she accuser 
Aceus^, sm. party accused 
Acemer, va, to accuse; mdict 
Acensenenu sm, lease^ 

Acenser.tjfl. to lease, * let out 
Aeerbe, 2. «. acerbe, sour 
AcM, e a.shttrpes keen ; 

Ac*rer»t>a to steel.temper 
Ac6t^, e. a. acetous sour 
Ae^ttnte.sf, sorrel 
Ac6teax,K a. sharp, tart 
Ac^tum. alcalia^, snu dtstO- 

led vinegar 
Achatonder, va, to •get cus- 
Achamement, sm, rage^ 

Adttrner, va» to enrage^pro- 

. S'— tW. to ' Jhllfuriously 

Achat sm. purchase 
Ache,«m. smallage 
Aeheniinenient, «in* means 

to bring a thing about tofortvard 
S'— , vr, to set offi * g9 oneU 

aSSct, va. to purchase, 

Acheteur, te. *• purchaser 
Achey^, e. a.perfe^ 
Aeh^vementi mujln cnu , 

complete s^put to death 
Aehopperoent. sm, obstacle f 

rub; stumbling 
Aebor(tusm,pl, the thrush 

(a disorder) 
Aeide ^ a acid, sharp, sour 
Acidii^,*/ acidUyi sourness 
Atiduler, va. • make sour, 

Ader, sm. steel ; sword 
AcoXyie, acolyth 
Aconit» sm, acomte ; VfolJ s 



AcouaCiqoie, if £if^<>ti^f irt 
Acqn^reur, sm, purcfuutt 

Acqucrir. va. tv iia/uirc ; 

•get : • buy 
Acquit, sm, acijueif 
AcquieKetncDL toniptiaru:^ 
Aeauieieer. vn^ f s acquutacc. 

yield } comply 
Acquis, #m Kmwltdge^ ac- 
Acquiritioii, sf.—ti&fi ; pur- 
Acquit, «m. aapiUttincc 
Acquit, lie (I6utini>, corkAt 
Acquit, (aa jeu dc bilUniX 

tne lead 
Acquitler va to char ^ arqtiif 
SVicquitter. vr^l^ttUrimrgc. 

performJulfiL tm ^M 
Acre. 2. a. sharp, tart, tour 
Acre sm acre 
Acret6 sf. sharpnfis acri- 
Acrimonie, eurimmiy 
Acroatique, S. «i tjrroafiirt^ 
Acrobate, sm rofje-i(firinT, 

among the anrlffnit 
Acrocbordon,— ^«ri ; vnjrt 
Acn>cume,«« tahv ft^^ io^Ti^ 

Acromion, sm. —m tun 
Acronique, S. a acrouicfil 
Acrostiche. 3 a.arra^iu: 
—,sm. acrostic 
Acrotdret. acrt^er*^ pinna- 
Acte, sm act. arriufi, drfd 
Actet. records, mtij i erf* 
Aeteur, rice. * rtt/*r; actress 
Action, action ; Jtharr iit 

stock ; battle xutt at to'u 
Actions de gracait sf. thank.u 

Actionnaire, sm » if ackholdsr 
Actidnner. ^a. f o sue 
Activement ad arHvdy 
Aettm,va,topu{ in moHon, 

stir up 
Activite,*/. activitsf quicks 

Actrice, actress 
Actuel, le. a. actuitt ; real 
Aetuellement, aU. nciit ; 

,Acut e a. acute 
i Aeutangla, 3« asuUtiugukr 

' Digitized 


A(Ias;e> Tm (sdagc ; ptort^ 
Aitftptrntiuh. rj% Qdaptotiou 
AilA]iLcr. t'Q.. to adapt ; rept'j 
Ad^Himi, €■ s, ri/mftltte 
Adiliumt, fjf addition 
AcklitiuiifiL-ii \f a atifiiii^ntal 
AdiiHlttnuKt, vij ttt * fiojrf up 
8^dtlunihi?rK vr, t^ ada^tt 

uttr"^ ^clfji^* toAe to 
AdiJuc.ttfur, #m* addaerfti 

Adrinpiion, sjw adfttiptiBTi 
A<lt'pli; $tn (liiept 
Ad' jiifi, I* on tM right hand 
Ailhi'n'iici;. <r/. Btfh'Ttturti 
AdJit^^rmt, e^fj.M. (tdiu-rrnt 
Ad li i rer, i e tidfitre • tU£k it 
AdJi^iwik,^/ Bithc^iifA 
AdjAct-ntn e. e, ailjacati 
Ailiantti sm, T^aitejt^oif' 
AA'm\ihutv. a u^ intfiffer£tit 
Adjt-ciiCjW" adketiTX 
AdbcctiDn, if atfjerti^a 
Adjectivt'iBfiitH ad—tefu 
Adieu. Id', affievjbmsitii 
A Jj^pus, ciULSD* ai^po^ J 

AdiuindnfT^o '* ftjjfoaij 
AdJqUiti sfH, assitiam, ad- 

A4hiFikiit *«"' adjutatit 
Aiigiidjf^iniie, loi- kigMa 

AdjiiilivaiiD^n . ^f. ndjmt^mi 
Ad^uj^r, I'D, ta adjudge 
Acliuntitin^c/ adjurittg 
Adiuwr. va f« adjure 
Ad'n^eiirB, va. to admit ; d'- 

Ibip 'f 
Ad mill KCiite^ sm nVigh tpr^if 
AdinininmULiur^ managrr 
AdmjnistraUoii. */ -<iofi 
AdtTiLniiiratriCi?. — trntrix 
.VdmMiiitr^f va adnilnhttr 
AduiirtiblCH ^ 1- aditiirablr 
Admirabit rnvnt^ ad. -^■raiiv 
AdiiticaTeiiir. itni adrHirtr 
Adirt^radii a^ Jr» ft«f ufadmi* 

Ad tul ration, */ — ffon 
AdTniratriee, ^ke^ftmir^ 
Adruin r, iffl ^a adniirt ,- *i> 

Adniiatibk, i o- allowd^le 

Admoiii^i^i twr fAe ■*** 


ABV, ad- 
Adnioniteur, sm monitor 
Admonition, »f v>arn*ng 
Adolesceitee, adoUiseeney 
AdolesceBt, #m. ywh. 
Adoiiien. ne a. adot^ 
Adonis. «m. i beau ; tpark 
Adoniser,* make fine 
S*— •, tn trick one's xl/out 
Aduniseur. «m. a beau 
Adopter va, to adapt 
Adoptii ▼& a. ai/^tve 
Adoption, sf adt^ion 
Adorable* i- wlorable 
Adorateur «m. attorer^ tsor- 

Adoration, sf — fiflti, w*r^ 

Adocer. va to adore^wonhip 
Aim. sm. shehfUut fted 
Adossenient, backing 
Ado««er. va to * pw back 
to hack; strengthen bach- 
S'— , vr. to lean om^s back 

Adoiiber, INI. torrp-tir 
Adouci,«m st^ning^tMdish 
ifg ; a a<^ grinding'^one 
Adoucir, to sweeten; ^pease ; 

tame; stfUn; mitigate 
S*— , va to • become sxveet ; 

to relent ; grow milder 
Adoucisaant, e a. softening 
— , sm. noeetening ; softener 
AdoueiMenient, sofrenrng ; 
allay ; medium, lenitive; 
Adoa£. e. a. coupled ; paired 
Adragan, sm gum-ftragant 
Adretse sf direction of a 
tetter ; address, iniustry^ 
Adrmer, v. to address ;* hU 

the mark ; direct 
8'—, vr to apply ; • be dU 

Adroit, e. a. dexterous; sly 
Adroit, sm. sharp fellow 
Adroit^ment. ad. dexterously 
Advencir. re. a. •^ttiaus 
AdycflKt sm» adverb 
Adverbial, e. a -^ial 
AdTeibialement. ad —aUy 
Adversaire, s.-~sary^ o/tpoter 
Adverntir. Te. a —five 
AdTcne, t, o, adverse 


AdfOfih^t sf adversty 
Adulatrur, #if» adulator 
Adulatif, ve. o adulatory 
Aduiativn sf fattevy 
Adaler,tMt tofhtter meanly 
Adulte. s. an adult 
Adulte. S. «. aduU 
Adultdre, sm, adultery; a- 

AduU^re, »f aduUrets 
Adulr^re %. a adulterous 
Adulterer. va» to adulterate 
Adidt^rin, e. born in odtif* 

Adutte, % a. adust, over 

Adustion, va, to aduHeratt 
Adnstton, sfi—don, burmng 
A@r4, e. ff> well aired 
A«rer,TMr to air 
Airier, va, to air (byfUnd' 

Aerien, ne. a. cetherieA; at- 

Aerof^iaphie sf. aarograpby 
Aeronoancie. sf oeramanry 
A^roniifrcre, sm. aerometer 
A^rora^rrie, sf aerometry ; 

Ai^rooaute, tm, air^alloaih 

Aerophobe, snu one who is 

nfiaid of the air 
Aerostat •u ^'aineaa a£ri* 

en sm. air*ialloon 
A^rostatiqae, S. a —Uttk 
Afiabilit^, ft "Uity 
Affiible, S. a. ajfable, eour- 

Aflkblement, a//« nffnhly 
Afiadir. va, to cloy 
Afiaditsement. sm. eolyment 
Affiiire. of affkdr^ business ; 

tMnq, matter ; concern ; 

duty ; dispute ; action ; 

trouble^ scrape 
Af&ir^, e 0. busy 
Affainement, sm, sinking 

Afiainer. va. to press down 
S^flbitter,vr to* sinktiown 
Afiaiter, va. to tame a hawk 
AiBil6, e. a. -Oind-bound 
Affiiler, va to lower 
AQinier. tofandthy ttarve 
Aflbm^ e.a greedy rf; scan' 

ty ; notstrot^ encugh 



AIRagement, sm, leasdtM 
Afi^ftiscr, va, to * jfipe in 

Affecution, «/ ->r<on 
Affect^, e. a affected 
Affectfr,iNi to affect; mort* 

AlTectif. Ye. a. that moves the 

Affeedoi^ sf. affixtion. love 
Afl««tioun£ e. a, affection- 
Afiectionner, va to love 
S"^ v'\ to delight in 
AffectueuKnient, ad^ kindly 
ASectueuz. «e. a. affecttorf 

Affermer. vr, to farm ; rent 
Aflfermir. to *trengtJien 
S'— , vr to* he strengthened 
Affhrmisieraeot, stta- oup' 

Sort, strengfhen'ng 
^t4. e. a. affected 

Afi^terie, t/ fffecafion 

Affiche, sf bdt posted up 

Afllcher, va. to pot* up 

Affieheur, «m ar^wlvertiser 

Affide. e. 9. trusty, copjldmtt 

Affier,wi to graft 

A filler, to sharpen 

Affiliation, sfTjlliatlon ; » 

Affllier. VQ, (• viopt^ ini- 

Afflnage, sm. qffinage, refin- 

Affinement, r^nitig 

Afflner, vo. to rrfine 

Afflnerie, sf.^nery 

Affinmir, sm riflner 

Affiiiitd, sf iffinitUf relation 

Aninoir. #m. hatchk 

Afflquet, a hollow piece rf 
wood to keep the knitting 
needles in 

Afflqoeti, fin. pretty •ma- 

' merits 

Affirniatif, ve. a peremptory 

AiBrraatiao, sf —tian 

AfflrroatiTe. —tive 

Afflmtttivenient, ad. pcsif 

Afflffner, va. ajftrm^ auert 

Affittoler, to drest, to adorn 

AffleuDer. '• level ; smooth 

Afflietit*, ve. a afftictive 

Affliction, sf, affliction 

AflifMBt, r» eu afflict ing;s::^ 

6* AFt* 

Ainiffer, to. to afflict, vex 
S'ttffliger, rr. tof(rieve 
Affluence jf.ajffktence ; con- 

Affluent, e. o-fowing ; run- 
Affluer, vn. to resort; a- 

bound; *fiova 
AffoiUir. ra. rve^Jcen ; allay 
S'affoiblir, vr. togrmv weak 
Affbiblissemeut, jm. roeakr 

AfToler, va. to infatuefe 
Affblir, vn. to * grow faoU 

Afforage, *wi. assbeedprice 
Aiforer. va- to tunxe 
Aflburcher, to moor across 
Aifourager, afiuurer, to foOr 

Affouragement, sm fodder- 

AflTranchi, a freed man 
AffVanchie sf freed woman 
Affranchir va, to • set fi-ee ; 

— nne\eltre, to frank 
Affranchisseinent, sm. deli- 
very ; exemption 
Affiles, */. pL greaifi'igM 
Affretemeut, snu Hire of a 

Affrfetcr, va» to hire a ship 
Affreteur, sni freighter 
Afl&euseraent, ad, horribly 
Affieux. 8e. a. dreadful, hi- 
Affriander, va. to use dtHth 

ties ; to aUure 
Affrioler, to allure-; entice; 

Affnter,, to prepare apan to 

fry xoUh 
Affront, sm. affront; re- 
proach # 
Atfrontailleg, »/. boundaries 
Affront^, e. Q- facing (in he- 
Affronter, va. to face ; cheat 
Affromerie,*/: cheat 
AffVonteur «.«. a cheat 
AffuWement sm- covering 
Affubler mufflleup 
S»_. de qnelqu'un to * be 

•wrapptd up toUh one 
AffiCit, sm. frame of a con- 

non ; lurking ithce 
Affutage, im. set of toots 


Affhtaie, «m. the dressing qf 

an old hat 
— , the grinding of tools 
— , the mounting of a piece of 

Aff'ater va. to sharpen ; 

Afin ({ne,c. to the end thai 
Afin de, in order to- 
Aga, ou Agha, snu an ago, 

Turkitn officer 
Agacant, e- a- inticing 
Agace. sf magpye 
Agacement, sf sating on 

Agacer.'^seim edge $ to 

enliee ; vex, provoke 
Agacerie of inticemtiU 
Agapes lone feasts, aga^ 
Agapetes, sf agafietas 
Agaric, sm. agaric 
Agate, */agorc 
Agatis, sm. toaster damage 

done injields 
Age. sm age 
Ag6,e-a. aged; old 
Agence, sf agency 
Agencement, sm. arrange- 
Ae^-neer va. to ^ set in order 
S'— , vr. to rig one^s self 
Agenda, sm. tnemorandum- 

S'agenouiiler, v. to kneel 


Agiiaticn, sf. agitation. 
Agiter. va. to tmtate ; move; 

stir ; disturb ; disorder ; 

Agnat, sm. descending from 

a collateral mate line 
Agneau, sm. a lamb 
Agneior, va to yean 
Agneiet. sm.lambkin 
Agnelihs, sm pi. lamb-9kins 

Agnels. sm pi ancient 

French coin 
Agn^B,«/ a young raw girl; 

a simpteton 
Agnus, sm a religious toy 
Agonie, sf. agony 
A|j;oni>ant.«m. a dying man 
Agonisant e. a. dying 
Agoniser vn. to* Mat the 

point of death 
Agraffe, sf clasp 
Agrafl^ va to clasp 
Agraire. 3 a. agrarian 
Agrandir va to enlarge; 

S'— .vrf • be enlargedrais- 

ea, promoted ; to increase 
Agrandissement m enlarg- 

ing ; promotion 
kgreable, * 

Agenouilloir, sm. hassoe 
Agent, sm. agent 
— de change, exchange-bro- 
Aggravation,— £ion ; provo- 

Aggrave, sm. threatening 

Agrraver. va. to aggravate 
Agile 2. a- at[ile, nimble 
Agilement. ad. ninAly 
Agilit^, sf. agility nimble- 

Agio, sm. course of exchange 
Agiotage, stock joftbinfi 
Agioter, va. to stockyob 
Agioleur, sm. stockjobber 
Agir, act ;*tio; deal ; 
• have an influence ; be- 
have ; negociiite ; sue 
Agissant, e. a, stirring, effi- 
Agitatcar, sm, agitator 


Agr^ble,«m vhat pleases 
Agr^able, .' a. agreeable 
Agr^ablement, ad.pleasant- 

Agr^er, v. to allow ; acc^ 
ofi'please. like 

Agi-^er un vaineau, to rig 
a ship 

Agr^gat. sm. assemblage 

Agr^gatioa sf admission 

AgT^g6, sm. fellow 

Agr^ger, va. to aggregate; 

Agi"6raent, sm. agreeable- 
nets; consent 

Agr^men^, -;- omcmients; 
charms ; music and danc- 
ing in a play 

Agres, rigging 

Agresaer, va* to aggress 

Afi^resaeur, sm, a^essor 

Agression, sf—ston ; assault 

Agreste,?. a. agrestic.rustic, 
clownish ; acid, sour 

Agr^ur,«m. rigger of a ship 

Agriculture, sf—ture 

Agri^re. ground-rent 

S^srifiei'tTT. to * cling fast 


Agripp^r, t>o. to match ; /a- 

'Agroiioiiie,«m* vnriter on a- 

gricutturcy agrictUtwrUt 
Atnaipfr, va, ft» grwp fi- 

gure* in painting 
Agueir tr^atht^inmn' 
S'— , vr. inure on^t self to 
A|[aet« {^txe mat) to- * lie 

in wait 
Ah I int. ah/ oh! alar 
Ahtaty mt. trouble ; tJ^Part 
Aheurt^, e. a. obstinate 
Abenttemexkt tm obttinaey 
S'aliearfer, rr. to * be obsti- 
Ahi, int. oh dear 
Ahurir. va. to astonish ; httr* 

r\f ifret 
Aide, sf. aid, he^ ; chapel of 

Aide, 4^ heater^; aid 
ASAet,fs. subHaies extise 
Aigail, sm. moming-d^w 
Aigayer, va. to baine^ wash 
Ajgle.^. eagle ; Superior ge- 
Aiglon, sm. eaglet 
Aiere, 3. a. sour ; brittle ; 

shrill ; sharp ; s&oere 
Aigre. sm sourness 
Aigredon, veryjfne down 
Aigi»4oux, ouiHt/g. sourish} 

gwdntltf polite- 
Aigrefia, a sharper 
Aigrelet, e. a. tart sourish 
Aigrement, ad stvtrdy 
AJgremoine. sf. t^rimony ; 

Aigret,e as^rish 
Aigrett*. e a tfijied 
Aigrette, sf. egret ; tujt of 

Aigreor. soumtst ; sharp' 

ness^ ! spite, spleen 
Aigrenn,pi. heefrt^urning 
Aierir, Tc. to • make sour ; 

trritate incense 
S^grir, va. to turn sour; to 

• be angry 
Aiga, e. a, sharp acute ; 

Aiguade fresh loater 
Aiguoyer, soak} water 
Aigne marine, sf, sort of 

precious stone 


Aigqidr6e, emerfull 
Aiguille, sf medle ; spire, ; 

hand ofu watch 
Aiguill^ if. nctdkfuU 
Aigruiller, sm.^needle'Viaker 
Aiguiliette. sf. toggedpoint ; 

Aiguittctter, va,totie toUh 

Aiguiilier. «. needle-oase 
AigutUon, goad ; sting ; nut' 


Ajgnittonner. va- to • sting , 

drive wsUiagoad\ to incite 

Aiguiier,f» sharpen whet 

Aiguiiement, snu shatpen- 

Ail, garlic 
Aile sf. ivitig ; swerp ; aisle 

of a chuch ; ale 
Aili§, e. a whtged 
At)eron,fm. fin; small wing; 

Aiiiitide.garUc-ragoo or sauce 
Aitlenrs. ad elsewhere 
Airooble. s. a amiable^ love- 
ly ? agreetible 
AitKsxAysm. loadstone 
Airriftnter, va. to touch with 

the loadstone 
Aitnttititi. e. a magnetic 
Aimer, va to love; Hks; fan- 
cy ; * be fond (^ 
Aiiie, */ grUn 
Atn4. e» a eldest. Mrst bom 
Ain4, m etdfr. older, senior 
A\Me tf. eldest daughter 
Atneaie. sf eldership 
Aiiui. ad. so i thus ;just so 
Aiiili qftie as} even as; so as 
Ajoui^. e. a pierced 
A joumetnent, sm. summons 
Ajoumer va. to summon ; 

^ put off 
S^ajournefj-nr to adjourn 
Aioutcr. va. to add^oin 
Air, sm, air ; vent ; wind 
Air. snu manner; carriage; 

Air sn%.tune 
Airain sm brass 
Aire sf area; wind 
Aire, bam Aoor ; airy (nest 

of a bird of prey) 
Air^e, a barn floor full of 



iheaves ready to thrash ^_.^__. ^ 

• mokt one's Al^grement,o</- briskly 

Airer, va. to 

Airier- va. to fusnigate 
AUsSm board; plank; shelf 
Aisaiice, sf. ease (in mam- 

Aiaance ready money 
Aiwnces, sfpl privy 
Ai*e,2. a. glcd ; joyful 
Aiw sf ease; content f eoto- 

veniertey ; leisure 
Ais^ e a. s. easy ; rich 
MxToent,a privy ; leisufi 
Ais^iTient,a(/ easily ;J¥eelf 
Ainelle, sf a>mpit 
Aisii, sm shingles 
Aiuieu, esiieii. aale4rte ; 

Aitres, sm. pi roams of « 

A^ttftt^tC a,fkted ;sstned 
AjuntemeDt^ftn adjusting; 

agreement ; attire \ 
Ajustetnena. convenienet^ 
Ajiister,va to adjust; frame; 
trim ;Jft ; use ill ; recon. 
cil* ; * take one*s aim la ; 
S'— . vr. to prepare one self; 

suit ; trtm ; agree 
Ajustoir, sm. coinage-scale 
Aiaiter, va. to suckle 
A iambic, sm. limbec ; still 
SVlambiqner, vr. topuxxle; 

rejine too much ttfton 
Alan,«m- bound 
Alarguer, vn» to '^ stand off 

to sea 
Alarme sf. edarm ;fear 
Alarmt-rra. to alarm;friMht 
S'— . • brfrighteaat 
Albittfe. sm alcbaster 
Aiberge, */. early peach 
Albran. sm. a young wild 

Albrener va. to * shoot ai 

wild dueks 
Album, sm album; memo* 

Alcade, a/cat</, sheriff 
AI«aKque £• a alcaic 
Alchymie,^ alchi^mu 
Aiehymygte, sm. alchymist 
Alcoran alcoran 
Alcove sf alcove 
Alcyon. sm. king's fisher 
Aiderrnaii. alderman 
Aldgre, *j a.brisk ; chearfSd 

AMnswe, $ ahcrUy 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 




A PeMontre ad. agaiiutihy 
Al^ie. if. an awl 
Alentir vt . to slacken 
AleiiKNir. ad. round abma 
Aieiifnari. sm pi neigh- 

touring placet; intimate 

friend* ; inmate* 
Awrion, em eagkt 
Alt- rte, t a- aiert ; brUk ; 

Ai«rte */ a warning of being 

upon one** guar it 
''.ad. be 'pon your guard 
Aleu (rniiic), em freehold 
Alexrandrih, e- a- alexin' 

AlexiplMumMqiie. e- a.awtif 

Aleziin. #. a iorrfl horee " 
Alezan. e- a eerrel colour 
Algarade. *f ineuk ; firank 
AlK^i>i«l(que, y. a. algebrai' 

Ali^tnc, ef algebra 
Ali^hriaer. v o* epeak, or 

• teritc upon alg^a 
AlR^*>ritte, em. algebriet 
AlguazU. ^xiL conetable in 

Allele efeeorioeed 
Alibi em atibi ; aheence 
Alibi-itoiinf pretence ; bad 

excute [fellow 

AKboron, em. a conceited 
Alidnde, croee-etaff 
Alienable, 2. a. aUenable 
Ali^iiatioD ef "tion, aver^ 

A]i6n4.e. a. ineane 
Aligner, twr. toaliennte 
Ali^Dement, em. line t rem 
A]ij(ner va- to * lay out by 

AlimenC, #m. aUment ifood 
AfimeQS,^^ aHmeny 
AltmentBire, «. a -"tary 
Alimenter* va, to maintiUn ; 

AliineiKeiix, le. a. nutritive 
AUneft.#m. aUnea 
Alinfter. va tofurnieh linen 
S'— , vr. to * beepeak linen 
Aliqiuinte, »/. aUquant part 
Aliqoate, ahqu(4part 
S'aliter, w. rt • ke^ eneU 

AUt^, e. a. bedFridden 
A|f3B^(vents)/i tradC'xH.nde 


Alkalivaiion ef -^ien toalkaUee 
Alkrriu^*, em alkemtee{% 

e<iiTtp()iind dnifc) 
All^iieiuait. em. allurC' 

ntent ; enticement 
All^clM'r,va^« allure: entiee 
All^e. </*. entry ; walk 
Ali^Rati'.m. quoation 
Alk^f^. a. tender ; Ughter 
Ali^rtaiice. allegiance 
AW^genitnU em. alleviation 
All^Rier. TNI. to ease ; lighten 
All^ieurie, */• allegory 
Allefforique, 3 a -rtcal 
All^uoriqnemeiit, ad. ->H- 

K^kf^meex. va to alle^oriee 
Alle^oriieur em one who i* 

altoaye allegorizing 
Allfgurist'. em aUegoriet 
AII^Rtu. lively. UveOly 
All^lpjer va. to allege^quote 
All^luiSffm. praiee the Lord 
AUeinand, the German 

AlleiTiande. */ aUtmande 
AHer, va to • go ; walk 
Allen, «m freehold 
Alitafce, em. mixture tfrne- 

Ailianoe, tf *-«e ; covenant 
AUi4 e e, relation $ ally 
Allier.tM to ally ; mix 
S^allier, vr^ to match 
Allier^ sm a net to catch 

auatle. i 
AllobroKe, *m. a clownuh 

Allocation, ^f. allowance in 

an account 
Allocution, — tcon 
Allodial, f a —dial; free 
Allodialit^ af freehold 
AWmoKt. eking place 
Alloni;eraent, em. lengthen^ 

AUonxer, V. to lengthen $ to 

etreuh ; prolong 
SVillonger,vr. to • grow lon- 

ADraable, 9. a allowable to allow; admit 

Allou^. em. a journeyman light ; fatulle 

S'-, vr. to* be kindly . . 

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Alltiinctttt tf- a tnoteh 
Allumeur: em, the enuffer 
Allun^ of. gait; pace; way ff 

AliuHon, — «Mfi ; guibUe ; 


A\nuitfet^em,abnageet, or 

a aduxtioH of aotrononUoal 

Alnuuiach. em tUmanaik 
Almandine {/* eort efruby 
Alo^a em tUoee 
Alu^tique^ft a. aloetic; bitter 
Aioi, em. alloy | value 
Alors ad. at that time ; then 
Aloie, ef a ehad 
Alouette. a lark 
Aluurdir va. to dull; *tun 
Aloyace, em^iUaying ; miX' 

Aloyau '.deboeiif)<«A»rf H6« 
Alphabet, #m alphabet 
Alphabetiqoe, s* a. --AeCs- 

Aipbabetiqnement ad* 

Alpiite «m. a kind ofdog*e 

Alterable, %. a. changeable 
Alt^rem, e* a that eaueee 

Ah^mtif. rt a. akerative 
Alteration, ^. —tion ; adui- 

teration ; exceeiive thiret; 

Altercation, centeet 
Ah^re e a thirety ; euiuU 

terated ; altered 
Alt^rtf, em. agriping miser 
Alt^rer va. to cauec t^ret ; 

dieorder ; aUer ; aduUertde 
Altematit, Te. a alternate 
Alternative, ef —ive ; choice 
Altemativement, ad, — note- 


Alteme, S. a aUemaU 
Altette, ef, 
Altier,e. a. haughty ; loftu 
Altidrement ad haughtily 
Altimetrie. {^. altimetry 
Alv^ole/m. cell;tooth eocket 
Alam, allum 

Alumelle, rf blade of a knife 
Alumi^ie, ef allum mine 
Alumineux, le.a- alluminoue 
AmabiKt6,#/. — /i/y, <m»ao^ 


AiMKloa. smMnder 
Anifldouer, vo. t» Jimdle; 

AnuMlouear, «m eoaxer 
Amaigri, e. «• emaciated 
Aroaigrtr,va. f ''make kan 
Amaig^rir, vn* to^grow leaiti 

* fall away 
Amaigriitement, sm. falling 

AmalKamadon, 4f —Hon 
Anwlj^wne, *m —gama 
Aouili;Biiier> va. t» amalgO' 

Amaode, almond ; kernel ; 

alio a ftieee of rryetol • cvt 

in the form of an almond 
Amandier, #m. almond-tree 
Aauaxt, lover ; etrifor 
Amante. ^* noeetheart 
Amacante, amaranthuM 
Amaiiner, va- to * tend Mh 

lorg, &c, to redact thoee of 

a taken MhUt 
Amarqne, *f tea-mark 
Amanage, anehonng 

Amarre, a rope ; 

makef^ i 

Amarm, ef. fL ehedi-u or 

tide-posit of a wind beam 

w crane 
Amas, tm. heab ; pile 
Araasfleniem, heaping up 
AnuiMer, va, to Heap up ; 

* lay up i gtuher f collect 
SHunaMer,va togMher 
Amassette, tf. painter*t knife 
Amasseor. tic. t. heatter up 
Amateloter, to. to iHvide the 

company of a thip 
Amateur, tm. virtuotof lover 
Amatir, to* to unpoUtk me- 

Aroazone, tf amaxon 
AmbaKet, *J. pt preamble^ 

Ambasiade, tf.emba$»y 
Ambanadeur, tm. amtetjo- 

AmbaaiBdrio^ tf. ambatta- 

Ambesai, «m. anAt^are 
Ambienc, e. a ambient 
AmbidcKttf. %%u* '■^xter 


Ambiicai e. a. anMguMti 
Ambiga, tm medley 
— a gantf at rardt 
Ambiguk^. tf. ambfquUy 
Ambigunient. ari —guoudy 
Ambiticuaemnit '~*towly 
Ambitieox, le a omMnmu 
Ambitinn, 9f- ambition 
Arabitionner, va. to affect i 

to ^ bit ambitiout 
Amble, #m. anMf^ 
Anibleir, va. to amble 
AmMear, tm. offirer tf the 

king^t tfoblet 
Ambre. amber 
Ambre-griSi ambergrit 
Aiiibrer va. to perfume 
Ambroiaie ti ambrooia; dt- 

liciout rating or drinkitgi 

Atn'^roiiien. ne. a, ambrotian 
Ambulant, e. a. ambulatory f 

Ambtilant, tm. exeiMeman 
Ambulatoire 8.a.— teftry 
Aroe, tf tout ; tfdrit 
Ame, midfite part tfa foggol 
Aim^e. a. well-beloved 
Am^ioration, tf improve' 

Am^liorer. va to improve 
Aro^liArinemrnt, tm, im^ 



Amen, amen ; tobeU 
Araenage, carriage 
Ameiiflable 3. a. finable \ 

Amende jf afine 
Ameudenient, rni. bettering 
Amender. va to fine j mend't 

*/hU in price 
Amendier, tm. a receiver of 

Aniener. va. to * bring; 

" ttrike; lower; reduce i 

Are^nit6, tf. pleam^nest 
Am^nuiaer, vaao * make thin 
Amer, e, «• bitter 
Amer, tm, bitter nett ; beatU* 

Amdveroeut, ad. bitterly 
Amerturae. tf. bUternett 
Ara^surement* tm, appralt- 

Am<surer, va. to appraite 
AmM e- a, Umitrd^ bounded 
Ami6tlirite^ tf. awetbytt 

Amenblement tm.fumihtra 
Ameubler v vid Meubler 
AmeuUir va to '^ make 

Ameubliaaenent. tm, the 

making moveable 
Ameuluner, va to hetifp tOt 
Aroeutement, mob; coupUng 

Ameuter, va. to couple 

houndt ; to <tir up ; main' 

UUn a good underttanding 

among a body ofmldien 
S^raeuter, vr to contpire 
Amfi^oiiri tma burletque 

Ami, friend ; rweetheart 
Ami. e. a fnendty ; tvurteout 
Amict. tm. amice i prietVt 

thoulder cl<4h 
Ain\f . tf. friend ; mittrett 
Amiable, i. a fi-iendly^ ami- 

A Tjmiable, in a friendly 

AmiablemeDt kindly 
Amiante, tf. amianihut 
Amieal, e a,cotateouttttmi^ 

Amicalemeot, ad, lovingly 
Araidoii.#m ttamh 
Ainidonner, vo. ft ttarch g 

Amidonnier^«m ttarchman 
Amif(dal«i */. pi little ker- 

Ainigiiarder, vq, to fondle ; 

Amignoter. tofvndle; cocker 
Amiueir. to • make thin 
Amineur tm. ttdt^meter 
Amiral, admiral 
Amirale.W' admiraCt thip g 

adndrart toijh i Speh 

nith admiral 
Amiraut^. tf. admiralty 
Amissibiiite —bility 
Ambiible, 2 a admistiblc 
Amiti<^,«^ friemit'iip; lover; 

love; favour; tympathyj 

plrature ; mellownett of 

Amities, compUmentt 
Amman, tm. a title tf honour 

in SvritXfTland 
Aromol) come d*amroon,/. 

a kind oftpiral sheet 

,y Google 



Ammoniac, tnugum ammo^ 
Amniitie, tf amnesty \_niac 
Amoiivtrir, va to lessen ; a- 
bate [crease 

Amoindriuenent, #m.. de- 
Amoin* de, c. under ; ex- 
Amollir, va to sojien ; mol- 
S'kmioUir, vr. to • groia effc' 
minate j • grew safi ; *be 
Aroollinement sm. shutt- 
ing ; effeminacy 
AinoucHer va to heap t^ 
Amont, ad. up the river 
Amorce, sf bait ; primt; 

Amorcer» va, to htdt; allure ; 

Amor^oir,«m. on augur 
Amortir^va quench ; redeem; 
alloy ; * put outs fade; 
deaaen ; iveaken 
S^— .vr to*growvieak ; o- 

AraurtisMtble, 8. a. redeem- 
Amortiasement, sm, redeem; 
mortm^fm : JlnisMng ; a- 
Amovibilit<^, sf. removing; 

moving aioay 
'AmoTibile, ?. a. removable 
Amour sf. love • passion , 
Amour propre, «»« //W^w 
AQioiin<m plsfiorts.smUes; 

Aninun^ mistress 
S'amouraeher, vr t» "* be 

Amourette, sf intrigue 
Amoureuieroem, ad amo- 
Amoureux, le. a. in love 

Amoureux, snu a lover, wooer 
Amphibie, 4. a. -^ious; neu- 
Amphiboloeie, */ — i^yy 
Amphibolo^qiie. i.a --ifical 
Amphiboloffiquenient, ad 

Ampmctyons. sm pi repre- 
sentatives ofthepfopte of 

Amphigouri «m. nvnseme 


scure. offoeud 
Ainphisciens. sm. '-scions 
Amphit)i4&tre« -HAeatrei 

Aniphore, sf, u measiure ^ 

Ample % a large . wide ; 

hmj}VimKat/ad.fuUy^ amply 
Ampleur, sf an^litude ; 

Ampliatit, ve> a. tm^Hating 
Ampliation, sf.dupiteate 
Antplier, va. to prolot^ : to 

Aropiificateurt sm- ronuuh 

cer ; artful pleader 
Amplification. {/^ -Wion 
Amplifier, va to amplify 
Amplitude, «/t -de exteiU 
Ampoulle. bubbles blister; 

Arapmi)l4,«« a. bigh',fiossn 
AmpumtioD sf'—ti^n 
Amputer * cut qff" 
Aroulette. sf. amulet j charm tostretckacoble 
Amusant e. a, amusing 
Amusement, snu —mer^; dt- 

lay ; toy 
Amuier, va*to amuse 
Amusette,*/" tri,fikr^ 

Amuseur sm, seducer 
Arauioire,^- amusingtr\fle 
Araygdales, kernels in the 

neck ; tonsil* 
Ka.'Sm. year 
AnalMptisme. — ft«m 
Anabaptiate, — <Mt 
AnachorKte. anachoret 
Amiehroniame, —nism 
Anacr^ontimie, 3. a. ^-tic 
Anagogie, ^, mystery 
Anagogique. 2- a, mystieal 
AiMignimmBtiaelr,Ta. to atuh 

AnagTamiMatisle,«m. maker 

Anagramme, sf anagram 
Aiiaiectc'B,>m. pi* analects ; 

*chosen Judgments of an 

Aiialemroe- sm, emalemma 
AmUeptique, s. a anaUptie; 



AwMI|iie^S.A -pBtd- 
AAalonquement. ari>*>>vai<v 
Analogiasie* «m. -^stism 
Analogue. S. «u oMMgoue 
AnaJyie, <f. Mnalyris 
Analyaer, va- to analyse 
Analyste *m» on onoluot 
Analytitvne. io-^^ieal 
AnalytiquenMint. atf. — <a//y 
Aiiam*. sm. orumm $ pine- 

Aiia>ehie.</: ofMrcAy 
Anarchique, 8. a anirchie 
Anaihteatiiet. tKi' to oo^ 

AaatMme, rf.'^mo i person 

Anatomiqqe, t. o. —onietd 
Aaa t f a q oaiuet ad* —mi' 

eoUif .. . . 

AnatoraMdir, vfi. to -"^nisae 
Anatomiice* «m. .-«iiiw 
Ane^wieit, tm, pi.Mteestors 
Aachais, »mjiaac/to»y 
Antifii, jie;.4i, old 4 ifHe ; on- 

Ancieii«vna» elder ; oenior 
Anciennement, od. ondent 

ly - 

An^nbgU^t .xmcientness ; 

Aaeihs/m.^^ stteredohieUk 
Anaiaga. itnu tmckoroge 
Anere. »f anchor; iron brace 
Ancr^, e a anchored ; on- 

kerd^mancree-ix^ bcnM) 
Anerer. vn. to anchor 
S^anerer. vr. to settle 
Ancrure, sf a ittth pUdt at 

>U in aloth* 
Andante, moderately 
AadouUle. sfju^s puddif^ 
— de tabae, roll of tobacco 
AodoaillaNB, sm, deers-ont- 

lere IbolU 

Andouillette. sf forced meat 
Androgrne. sm ' ^gynue 
Andrajwe, sm. automaton 
Ane, sm, ass ; ideot 
Antentir, va. to nnnihibote 
S^-^fto humble one*4 self to 

* come to nothing 
AnAantbaevaeot, em* emni* 

Anecdotet sf.,pl. anoedote* 
An^ {^ th^load of on aso 
Angfflociftpbiei -^kf 

,y Google 


An^mom^tre. *m, -'meter 

An^moive, tf, anemony 

An^rte, tj.^ost igporenee 
Anesse. a the ust^ 
Anetxm. anUe^dUl 
AnfVactaeu^. euxe. a, unt 

ven ; toiii^injr 
Angar, *m- shed 
Ange. angel; chain-shot 
Aiijc^liquef % a. nngeUctd 
Ang^fique, </! angelica^ 
Angt^liquanent, ck/ —aUly 
Angelot. #m« a sort of Nor- 
man cheese; ancient coin 
ADg^liu. Ave Maria 
Angle, angle 
AngUcau. e a. angUcan ; ^ 

AiigUeUine,«m. anglicitm 
Anglois, e. a EnglLih^ 
Angoi«ae, {/*• anguish,pang 
Aagoo, em, javelin of the 

Angaichure, {/* huntsmtn't 

Anguillade. Uuhiag 
Anguille, eel 
Ai^^llidre, an eel-pond 
Angnlaire, i- a. angular 
Aiiguleiix, >e> a. angulou* 
AngQstifeffr'a angust; nar- 
Anicroche, c/*- hindrance; 

Anier, em* aet-driver 
Anil, aiu/; indigo-plant 
AmmadrersioD, */! —won ; 

Aniiaal, em. animal; brute 
AnUnalf e. a. animal: eentu- 

al ; tennble ; blockhead 
Aaimalcple *m.—cule 
AnimaUt^. tf —Uty 
Animation,— {son 
Anim^, e. a. ammutedi hritk 
Aaimer, va. animate ; enli- 
S'aniroer, vr* to * be angry 


Anoate, if. annate 
AnDeau,«m ringiba»;eUrl 
AnB^,{/'. year 
i— — Unextile. leap-year 
Anneler, va, to curl^ to 

• ring 
AnDelec,«m little ring ; an- 

Annelure. sf curling 
Aoiiexe, eaineje; chapel of 

Abnexer, va. to annex; to 

Annexion, of. annexment 
Annihilation, -^on 
Annihiler va to annihilate 
Anuivenaire, a. * —eary 
Aanonce, of. banne ofmntri- 

mony ; notice of a play 
Annuiicer. va to • make 

• knoion ; * give out 
AmiQDCiade, *f, annonciada 
Annoiiciation, annunciation 
Annoneiatieur, sm.procUum- 




nit, em» anioe ; anieeed ; 
eitgared aniseed 
' e. a. annual 
of. pi, annals 
sm» annalist 

Annotateur. annototor 
Aitnoution- sf^r-tion, inven- 
Annoter, va. to * to^ an yt- 
verttory;* makeremnMs 

; yearlu 

Annuel, e. a. annuati 
AnniKliemoit afL ann\ 


Annuit^- sf annuity 
Aiinulaire, i, a. (doigt) ring*- 

Annulation, sf. —Hon 
Annuler. va- to annul; dis- 
Anobiir va. to ennoble 
Anobliisetnent, sm, 

Anodin. e- a. anodyne 
Anoinal, e. a anomalous 
Anomalie. */ irregulariti 
i^ion,, American fruit ; ass- 

nonner, vn. to hesitate; to 
Anonyme, a. a —mons 
——.sm.—mious author 
AnUnosit^, sf ttnimosUy'';LAxwi ^f, handle ; ear ; creek 

Aiiaeatiquei. 2 (rilles) hanse- 

AnipeMBde^m. lanrepesado ; 

under corporal 
Antagoniste, antagonist 
Antarctique, s. a. antarctic 

Am^cMeuAent, acE. — ilrRfr* 

Anwccdent, e. a forgoing 
Ant^edent. snu untecvlent 
Asu^ceneiit^ predecessor 
Ant^chmt, antichrist 
Ant^ens sm pi anteeei, . 
Antenne, sf. sutlyard 
Antennes.i»^ home ef but- 

terfhesy &e, 
AnteMftnaltSdmr, a. #. — ftV 

ma i the Uut but twoo 
Ant^rieir, e> a foremost 
Antf ricttrement, ad before 
Ant^riuht^, ^pri^rUy 
Anthologie, — M|ry • 
Anthropologie, --^ogy 
Anthrop<Maiorplrite. sm, at- 

triJbutiMg a humanfomi to 

AntbropopatUie. -pathy 
Anthropophagei, sm. pL 

Anthropophagie, sf -^phagy- 
Anticijainbre, —chamber 
Antichr^te, antichresis 
Antichrttien, ne. a. —chris- 
Antichristianisine, sm, 

Antieipation, sf —Hon 
Anticiper. va. lo anticipate ; 
forestall Ivade 

Anticiper snr, to usurp ; in.- 
Antidate. sf. antedate 
Antidater. va. to antedate* 
Antidote, snu antidote 
Antidoter, va. to mi* with 

Antieiine. sf anthem 
Antilof^e. antilt^y 
Antimoine,#m antimony 
Antimonarehique. S. tf. 

Antimonial e- a —mitd 
Antinomiedif/r —my 
Antiiiomien. ne s. —^mian 
Antipape, sm. antipope 
Antipatalirtiqiie. «. a- s. —He 
Aniipathie, sf.— pathy 
Antipathtqne,8 a. averse 
Antip^risiaie, sf —tasis 
Antipestiientiel. le. a. —tial 
An^iphonet ^. antiphone 
Antiphonaire, Antiphonier, 
rntiphonere^ book of an- 
Antiphnie, sf. -phrase * 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Xpertetnent, ad, t^ertly 
A-pe«i-prda, aeU nearly^ aU 

Aph^lie, ^m. aphelion ' 
Aphorisme, tm aphorism 
Aphoristique, 2. a aphoristic 
Aphronitre, sm. salt-petre 
•A pi. delicate sort tf apple ; 

alio smallage 
Apttoj^er, va, to move, affect 
Aplaner, va. to nap cloth 
Aplanear, *m. he toha nap* 

Aplanir, va. to level ; clear 
Aplanissement, sm. levelling 
Aplomb. ad.perpendicutariy 
Apocaljrpse. sf apocalypse 
Apocaliptique. 2 a —tic 
Apocope, sf ajinal elisiofl 
A pocryphe, 2. a. apocryphal 
Apocryphea, sm*pl. apocry- 
Apudietique, 2. a. —cttcal, 

Apojj^e, sm, etpogamm 

Apographe, —phum ; copy 
Apologetique, 2 a. sm. — il- 
Af^loRie,**/ apology 
Apolo^iste. sm. apologist 
Apologue, apologue Jable 
Apophthegrae, —thegm 
ApoplecUque,2. a. apoplectic 
Apopiexie, sf. apoplexy 
Apostasie, apostacy 
Apoatasier, vn. to apostatise 
Apodtat, sm. apostate 
A poster, va. fo suborn; ap- 
Aposth^me, sm. rwelling; 

Aj^stbume, sf aposthume^ 

tmposthume, abscess 
Apotthumer, vn. suppurate 
ApQitittej f postscript, mar- 
ginal note 
Apottiller, va. to * torite 

AEuk!iti»li]t. -tin aptsstle.thifi 
A[>L»i;f|[|iqiic, 2, 0. fjpintintic 
A rnpujtitliqiie, ntl. mtUij 
A pu&tr4iqML-EncnU9</.— 6>d7y 
AjjtistTfujjIie, jtf tip^^^-dphe 
Apo*tm|jlKT. tin* ID ■ upeak 

A ] n"il h I'-ij^t: , .if f}tmfI\f',i 
Aii.p;:n:u^r.'v(i t/fl"/V 'T "ion 
Aytuhi^sah^itm, apathctury 

Antipoda], e- a- *<bii 
Antipodes, sm. pi. —podes 
Antipude, contrary ; contra- 
Aotiptose sf. antiptosis 
. Antipyrotiques, a. s7n. pi. 
ren^dy good for a burn- 
Antiquajlle sf anamiaue 
Antiquailles,/)/. old rtUibish 
Antiqoaire sm —quaru 
Antiquariat, tlie knon'jdge 
qf antiques and ani^uUtes 
Antique, a. s. antique ; an- 
Antiquity, sf. antiquity 
Antisciens.jr7n-^/. AntiscU 
Antiscorbutique, 2. a. —tif 

Amistropbie, */. —phe 
Antithese, {/.-tAffm 
Antitrinitaires, *m* unitari- 
Antitype, *m. antitype ; Jig-^ 

Antiv^n^rien, a. sm, —ne- 

Antiv^roliaue, 2. a. good 

against the smallpox 
Antre, snu den ; cave ; 

S^annuiter, w. to * be be- 
Anus, sm, anus ; fundament 
Anxi^t6 sf.anxiety;anguish 
AoMte, sm. aorist 
AoAt. sm. August ; harvest 
Aoftt^, e. a. ripened by the 

Aoiiteron, sm. harvest-man 
Apanage, appanage ; apiien- 

Apanager. va. to settle on 
Apanagiste, sm. a prince 

who enjoys an appanage 
Apanthropie, sf. ^apanthro- 
pia, i. e. aversion for the 
company of men' 
K^KOA^^m. an aside 
A^th\e, sf apathy 
Apathiquc, 2. a. apathic^ in- 

tenswle • 

Apatluste,«m. void offeeling 
ApMente, an illiterate man 
Apereeytnuva. to perceive • 
Aper^u. »m. note^ observa- 
Aperitif, vet a. aperitive, 


Apothicairerie. *f. apothect^ 
ry*s shop, or business 

Apothicairesse, the apotheca' 
ru in a nunnery 

Apdtre,/m. an t^ostle 

Apoz^mef«m apottem 

Appaiser, va. ta appaue ; 
quiet ; pacify ' 

Appai:at, sm. preparation ; 

Apparaux, all appur- 
tenance^ of a ship 

Appareil. sm. proration ; 
bandage; equipage ^height 
or thickness of a stone in 
the quarry 

Appaveiller. va, to match ; 
^ get ready 

Appanilleur, sm. a marker 
of stones to be cut 

Apparemment, ad, -~rently ; 

Apparenae, sf, appearance ; 

Apparent, e. a. Tent ; emi- 
Apparent^, c. a. related 
S%i^renter, vr, to marrv 

S*apparesKr, vr. to * grow 
^ lazy [sort 

Apparier, to ptnr^ match, 

S* , vr. to couple 

Appariteur, sm. —tor; beadle 
Apparition, sf.—tion; vision 
Apparoir. vn. to appear 
Aypnoitrc to appear 
S'-*. vr. to. * shew one^s self 
Appartement, sm. apart- 
ment; dravfing^oom 
Appartenance, sf. appurte- 
Appartenant. e.a. belonging 
Appartenir, vn. to belong to; 

to * become 
Appas, sm. charms, attrac- 

App&t, bait ;nllurement 
AppAier,to allure: to *feed 

infants, birds, '&c. 
Appaurrir, to impoverish 
S*^— , vr. to * grow pcsr 
Appau^rissemeBt si;n. impo- 
verishment ; decay 
Appeau, bird-call ; quail- 
pipe ; decoy bird . 
Appe\.ttffpeal;call; challenge 
Appelant, e. a. s» appeaUng ; 

,y Google 


■ AppelUtif, ve. a, appelia-, 

Appelation,.;/. appeal < 

Appeler, va to cail ; appeal 
■ S^ppeler. vr to* be called 
Appendice *m. apperuUXy 

Appendte, ra. ;» tffttenrf 
Appentis, *m. a sned 
Appeicevabie, 2. a.perceiv- 

Appesantir va. to * mafx 

heavy <»r dull 
S*— ,w to *be*made heavy; 

to* grow dull 
Appesantissementf *w. A«a- 

Appetence. */ appetency 
Appfter,T>a tocovrt 
Appetibilit^,jr/' —toy 
App^tiMe.2. o denrable 
App^tis, sm. fmall onions 
App^tiaer, 7>a. to diminish ; 

lessen ; * shrink 
• App^tissant e. a. relishing 
App^tissement, sm diminu- 
Ap|>^tit,fm. appetite ; desfre 
App^itit'. ve a- —tive 
App^tition,«/ — t««n, desire 
AppK?eement, smf^iecing 
Appi^er vn. to piece 
S'appi^trir, i>r, to fade 
Aplaner,va toraisethewool 

with bristly cards 
Aplaneur. sm, wool-carder 
Apfanir vd to smooth 
A|>laniBaement, sm, smooth' 

Aplanni8sei]r,«e.«. apoUsher 
Aplatir, va to flatten ; lank 
A^iatistement, sm, flatten-^ 

Appkttdir.v. to^ applaud 
Applaudilsemefit, sm. ap- 
Applaudineur. commender 
Appl^geme^t, bailing 
Appl^^r, va, to bail 
Applicable, S. a. applicable 
Application, tf. -^tion istudy 
Applique, inkiying ' 

Appliquor, va, to 
^ set;* put;* lay 
bestOTo; * stick up 
Appoint, sm. odd money 
Appointement, oHvwance; 



Appointer, va. to * give aU 

Appoiuteur, mt, partial 

Apport, market; country- 

Appovtaf^, carriage 
Apporter, vcu to * bring ; 
convey; cause; use; raise; 
Appojer. to put to or in ; 

Apposition/ {/• "tion ; put- 
Appr^ciateur, sm, appraiser 
Appreciation.;/' appraising 
Appr^ier,ro. appmise ; » ate 
Aiipr^faeiider, to apprehend ; 

Appr^heiwif, ve. a. fearful 
Appretidre, va to le>trn ; 

hear ; inform ; discover 
Apprenti, e *. apprentice; 

Appivntissai^e, sm. appren- 
ticeship; trial 
k\fpt^t,prepatation ; paint- 
ing on glass ; dressing of 
food t stiffening 
Aj>pr^ter, vcu to prepare ; 

Appr^teur, sm^ painter on 

Apprivoisement, taming 
Apprivoiser, *. to tame s to 

S*— — , to *^roio tone 
Appfr^hension, sf —ston 

fear _, 

ApprobatefiT,fm. approver 

Approbatif. ve a. af^roving 
Approbation, sf. — <«on 
Approbatriee, approver 
Approchant, e» a* some- 
thing like 
Approchant. ad. about 
-'^— de, pr. near about 
Approchc.^/: approach to approach; 

* draw near 
Apprafondir, to * make deep- 
er ; to search into 
Approfondisaement, sm 
making deeper ; investiga- 



A ppropriation, —tion 
Approprier, va. to appropri- 
ate ; to ndapt ; tojk up 
Apprunsionnement, *m. 

supply ofprovisions 
'Approvisionnfr. va. to mp- 
ply vtUh provisions ; pro- 
Approvisionneur, sm. pr^ 

Approuver. va to-approve; 
to tike ; to allow ; to consent 
Approximation, sf —Uon 
Appui, sm. support ; prop } 

stay ; help ;jiufenaer . 
Appui-main. sm, maulstick 
Appuyer, va to support : 
* *pr<:p ; protect ; lean ; back 
\ vn, to press or dwell uoon 
S»— , vr. to rely ; Iran ; rest 
A pre, 2. a. rough; eager;, 

Apretnenf, ad. ' harshly; 

Apr^sPr. ad^ after ; next tv 
Apr^s-quoi, ad, qfter that ; 

Apr^9-qQe,c when^ ttfUl* 
Aprds^eraain, ad, after to- 

Approprianee, ff. the act of Arabisme, *m. Arabitm 
^ teking pomsnon \ AiaUe, S. a» artfik 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Aiirf s-dlnt, sf, afternoon 
Apr^s>mkli, afternoon 
Apret^, roughness^ sharp- 
ness; eagerness 
Apte. 2. «. tipt,,fit 
Aptitude,*/' aptness 
Apureraem, sm. cleanness; 

Apurer, va, to cleanse ; settle. 
Aquatiie, 2. a. aquatic 
Aquatique, 8. a, aquatic; 

watery . 
Aquedue, sm. aqueduct 
Aqueux, se. a- aqueous; 

Aquilin, e. hawked 
Aquilon, sm. TUtrthmind 
Aquilonaire, 2 «. northerly 
Arabe, sm. griping usurer; 

Arabian; Arabic 
Arabetqoes, *f-pl- arabesks ; 

whimsical ornaments (in 

painting ) 
Arabesae,j/if roMon xooman 
Aralrioue, Arabesque, 2. a* 




Arae, «m. arrack * 
Anucnte ff. ipider ; ueb to grapple 
Amng^sm. a Uu^ printer 
Anueoent, «m equal height 
Anser, va. t% level a vialL, 

A nitoire, o. belonging f hus- 
ArtMil^te,crM4^0iv; Jitc^^s 

Acfauete ft, jalet, Hont^ivw 
AHwl^ter, vo. tothoraup; 

Arbal^tien. em.pUpieeee of 

timber thai * bear up the 

rafhfTs of a roof 
Aitei^uier, em. crou-bow 

ArtNtnge, arbitrage; refer' 

Arbitral rp, S. a. arbitrary ; 

Arbitrairement, ad. arbUra^ 

Arbitral, fr a. (letttence) *f. 

ArbitraleoMBt, ad. by -way 

of arbitration 
Arbitratear, em, —tor 
Arbitration, tf. eetimation } 


to ar^rate; 

Arbitrer, va, 

Arboier, to heist i* est up 

Arburb^, a* leaved; ttffxed 

Axboufier, enu strawberry' 

Arfare, a tree ; beam t mast 

Arbre de diane, chynueul 

ArbriMOiii, #Aru6 ; small tree 

Arbuste. shrub ; bush 

Are, a bo9 ; arch ; section 

Arc«ii-eiel rainbow 

Arttde sf vmult; arch; ar- 

Arcane, Areanom, sm, par- 
tieuiar secret of a quack 

Ardbootam, sm, buttress; 

Ardwuter, va f * prop ; 

Arceau sm*arch 


Axvhasge, axxha»gti 


ktehe,sf. arch i ark 
Archie, sm, archeus ; ifUal 
A reheltrt, sm- little bew 
Archer, an archer; terma^ 

A rehire, sf a bow'V?omim 
Arehet, sm. fiddle-stick \ 

bow ; hoop 
Archetype, arcketypr; model; 
AreMv^th^^ nrchbtshoprick; 

archbishop's palace 
Areh^v^que. archbishop 
Archidiacooat, archdeacon- 

Arahidiacoii^, archdeaconry 
Arehidiaere archdeacon 
Archiduc. archduke 
ArchMuch^, archdukedom 
Archiduchei«e, sf. archdu- 
ArcM^piaeopal, e- a. —pal 
Archi4piicopatf fm. an arch- 

bisMp^s dignity 
ArchipMant, arrant pedant 
Archip^tre, sm, archpriest 
ArdiSp^tr^. arehpriesthood 
Architecte, architect 
Architeetnre, sf —tare ; fw 

Architrave sm. —trove 
Arefaivea^ */. pi, archives ; 

records ^ 

Archi^tte,«m. keeper of the 

records • 
Arcbivolte, arcliivauh 
Archonte. archon or chief 
magistrate in the Greac 
Ax^on, saddle-bow 
Arctique, 2. a. arctic^ 
Aretium, sm. sort of petty 

Arctaxe,«m Charles'* s wwn 
A'rd^liun, sm, a. cringing 

Ardenomeot, mf. ardently 
Ardens,^m St Anthony's fire 
Anient, e. a. ardent ; burn- 
ing \ ei^eri violent ; red; 
Ardent, sm jacha-lantern 
Aideur, sf ardor ; heat; sxal 
Axdillon, sm. tongue of a 

Ardoiae, sf slate 


Aidns, *bumi consume 
Ardu, e. a. arduous, hard 
Are. sm, fourteen square 

lards English 
Ar^iie. sf sand, gravel', are- 
na, amphitheatre 
Arener, vn. to * sink under 
Ar^iieoi^fc a. sandy 
Ar^ole. sf circle of a p«^ 
Ar^mdtre, sm. areometer 
Ar^opa^, Areopagus * 
Ar^opagite,— ^te 
Arertvo* to drae the anchor 
Ak^vh, sf ^h Bone ; edge ; 

Ai^^mone, thorny poppy 
Argent, sm, silver ; money : 

— vit'. quicksilver 

— moulioy^ coin 

— blaiic, silver coin 
Ai^ent comptant, ready 

Areente, ^ a, of a sUver 

ArKcnter, va. to silver over 
ArRenterie, sf plate 
Agenteux, se a. moniefi 
Argentier,«m silversmith; 

house-stewed ; purser 
Argeutifique, a. a, ^-Hfk^ 

that vfhtch makes sitoer 
Argentin, e. a* *ilver co- 

, of clear sound 

Argemine sf silver-xoeed 
At^gentuvej sf. silverpUaing 
Atf^lte^whtte clau 
ArgileuSfie. a.clayeu 
ArgoUfm. dead bough; stub; 

Axgpter, va, to * cut the stub 

ofa tree above the eye 
Aigouno. sm, gaUey-sesjgant 
Argoe, sf, were^dratDing * vnre-draio 
Argu^r, t<) argue ; reprove 
Argument, .»» argument 
Argumentant, disputant 
Argamentateur, arguer 
Ai^rtientation, sf arguing 
Aniniinenter, vn. to argue 
Argus, sm, Arifus 
Argutie, sf, quirky cavil 
Ananiame, sm. -nism 
Aride, 3. a. arid^ barren 

Anlois^. e. a, of a slate colour I Aridit6, sf, —ty;. barrenness 
Ardoisi^re, «/*• ffoto quarry | Arien, ne. a^ Arian 

Digitized by VjOPQ 


Aries, MKer. mi. AH£», ran 
. Ariette tf' '-titi tune 
Ariaet. vo. l» kmer'(a sea 

Arutarqoe, «m. a critic 
Aristoec|te, «tn« — erot / a 

Aristocntie, */. "^racy 
Aristoeratiqae- «. a. '•iieal 
Aristocratiquenient, ari^ealiy 
Aristod^moemqe, 4f --crmy 
Ariatoditeiocnuiqiie. S. Ik ci- 

AritfaiD^ticieB, nn — ocm 
Afitliintfti(|ue s/.-^mede 
Arfthm^tique, 2. a. "^ieei 
AriiluBedanement ati^-raUy 
Arleqmn«&e Ti<<. Harlequin 
Arrandine. «/ Uttfe ^^amriM 

armada ; • %4«>«««e 
Armand, MR. mmcA 
AroMteur, privateer 
Ame, arm; weapmi or- 

mottr, r«tf fl/vfm# 
Armei bbnebes, haynefi 
Arme i feu, a^re^urm } gun 
Anne de tmit» o ift«w, cr4sf 
Ami^e, #/ army ; keet ibaw 
ArmdiBe, ermliitf 
Armenwiit, nn. arnminent ; 

>bfiitff Md a «A^ 
Avm^nwa. ne. «• •. mrm e nkm 
AtmhBa!aa>it^f.a bUOtheUne 
Armer do, to arm ; fJU ; 

* btnd ; coek 
S'amier, w. «• arm cm'e.4elfi 

fvrt^f f tb^ntd- 
Ariaet, tm. helmet i head 
Armillaire, S. (spladw) A>tf#v 

Araiillei, *f, pl> nmtUings 

of a deric coktam 
Armmiaiiiinie, m. -ttiem 
Arminien, ne. «. f. — niait 
Aitaistioe, «m. — jrfictf ; tfuee 
Armnie, «^ cupbmrdf ficett: 
Atmmitk^coat •farms 
Armoite. mugvfort} mothmsrt 
Armbinn,«m. sort of terete 

made in ltafyandL\/vHs 
Annoniae. armomae 
Armorial, book ofarm&itrf 
Armorier, iwi. to paint eovts 

of arme' 
Armoriqitti 8 o. mariHme 
Armoriite, snu armorist ; ^ 

Armare, *f armour 


AimuiiartMn. armourer^^un^ 

Aromates, em» pL aromatics i 

Anwiatiqiie, 2. a. armnttUe 
Aroaiatiaation, sf -<^'«n 
Aromatiier, va. to perfume 
Aromatite, »f. a piecioa 

sfone, like myrrA 
Arpent, tm. 'French acre 
Arpentaice, land suroey 
Arpenttf, vo. to survey bmd; 

Arpenteur, sm. surveyor 
Arqu£, e> a arched ; oetd 
Aiqtidbaiade. sf, —sade 
Arquebuae, tfr^ue&uM 
Afqaebnaer, va. -to * shoot 
Aj^qudMMerie, sf. trade of a 

Arquebuner, sm-'-sier igun^ 

smith « 

Arqner, vn. to * bend 
Arrachemcnt, tm. pulling out 
Arraeher.tia topuU^o * draw^ 

*piek, * pluck mt or up 
Arraclienr de dento, sm. 

tooth drawer ; dentist 
— de con» a com cutter 
Arraisonner, v. to argue the 

Arrangemoit, sm scheme $ 

iHspooal $ contrivance 
Amuifper va. to* set in order 
Arbs, snu ' 4 sort of large 

Anrniement, leveUing 
AmMer, va to level 
ArreDtement, sm. renting out 
Arrenter. va. to * let out; rent < 
Attingeo, sm. arrears 
Arr^raffvr. vn. to * be in ar- 
Arr^t, sm, decree ; arrest ; 
dUtrainir^; rest; stay;, 
set; stop 
Avr^tf^. resolution. [count 
-rde eompte. a settled a- 
Atr6ter,va. to * stop; balance; 

def ermine ; arrest 
S^tt&tetfVrjo • stop ; * stay; 
^ be at a stand; tarry; 
Arretiste, sm. compiler of 



Arrhe, sf, etamest ' 
Anbement, sm. the btdUngt 
or giving tecwity " . 

Arrher, va»te* give e 
Artiste: ad. away 
Arri^renle,^- farjrom 
Arridre, sm. stem, abaft 
Arri£r£4>an arriere^n 
Arridre4}outiqiie, {^ fteefc- 

Arri^r&^hanfse, sm. itOerest 

upon interest 
Arrid««<ooar, sf back yard 
Arrtdre»taax, sm. after.birth 
Arri^ie-ferroier, under fe> 

Arrid:e*fiet; mesmfee 
Afridre^nle, ^ the rear of 

an army 
Arri^R-oiain, «m. back ^ihe 

hand; back-stroke 
Arri^rMieveu, son of a 

grand-^hiltl^ or nephew 
Arri^re petite fiUe, sf. a 

Arri^re pedt filt, sm, great- 
Arridre-point, wristband 


Arri^re-saiiont. sf latter end 
of autumn ; old age 

Arri^re-vasaal, sm, under- 

Arri^re, e. a. in arrears 

Arri^ver, va. to • throw be- 
hind hand » 

SHirri^rer, vr, to * be in m- 

Arrimage, sm. sttmage 

Arrimer, va* to st»w 

Arrimeur sm.stower 

Arriier, va, to lower (the 
sails ^ a ship) 

Arrivage. arrival ofgoode 
ioat; n 

Arnv^sf arris. 

Arrjiver, vnjo arrive; * come; 

* come tf pass happen,* bc» 
fail, *faU out, chance 

Anrogamment, ad. proudly ; 

Arrogance, sf. arrogance; 

Arrogant, e. a.' arrogant, 

S*ftTrager, vr, arrogate; claim • make round; 

• give a good turn 
S'arrondir. vr. to^groro} round 
Arroodisiementi sm, round'^ 

Afrosage, watering 

^ Digitized by 




ArrcMemeDt, wttiering^ fak- 

Arroser, «r. <• TMfer ; hasU 
Arrosoir, «m war«rinf<^ • 
Aneiuil- tm. arwenal 
Arsenic, ar«m«r orpint 
Arsenical, e a- — ra/ 
Art, «m 0ft, «An0(, oAifafy 
Art? re, */ artery 
Art^rii'lje a, arterial 
Art^rieux. se arieriotu 
Arteriole, #/". tmaU artery 
Art^rioloRie, »f —l»gy 
Art^ritomie ^-totiw 
Arthritique, i- c ^-tk 
Anichaut »m. arftchake 
Article, flTf'cte.join^ nuiuer 
Articubure. *■ a, —4ar 
Articulation, sj —fion 
Articaler va toartinJiOe 
Arti6ce tm* tkUl ; craft; 

Artificiel, le. a. artificial, 

arrful } flctitieu* 
Artifieiellement, ad ciaUy ; 
s by art 

Artificter. *m fire^worker 
Arcificieasenieur, ad. crtiftUy 
Artificieux, ae a. cunning 
Artillerie */, artillery ; ord- 
Anilleur. *m. artillery-man 
ArtiUier, «m. nuUret* 
Artimon, tnu tnixen mcut 
Artisan, e. #. arttjker; 

Artiaon, »m. vood-lmue 
Artisonn^, e« a. womireafen 
Artiste, *m. artist ; artificer 
Arti$te,2. aski'ful}curmuli/' 

Artistement, ad. artfully 
Aruspice, diviner ; soothsayer 
As, fm ace » 

Asbeste, asbestos^ a stone 

vohkhfire cannot consume 
A savoir, ad, to wU 
Ascatides, sm. pL ^-des 
Ascendant, sm. —dant ; in- 
J JUitnce 

Ascendant, e. o. ascending 
Ascension, sf. atcension 
Asoensionel,le.o ^nal 
Ascite, #. ascetic ; anchoret 
Asc^tique, 2. a. ascetic 
Asciens, sm. pi. ascU 
Ascite, sf, ascites ; dropsy 
Aieitiqufe,3. a,—iiG 


Ateynm, stn* St* t/iiAfi V west 
Asiatique, 2. a s. asiatic ; 

Asine (M()e^,Ac or the ass 
Aspect sm, aspect ; look ; 

vision , 

Asperge, tf. a*paragus 
Aspergier, va, to besprinkle 
Aspei^s. sm. holy 

Asp4rit6. sf roughne*s 
Aversion. besprinMtng 
Aspersoir,«m holy waterstkk 
Asphod^le, <m. day lily 
Aspic, sm. asp. skintierer 
AspiCf orAir, tlanderer 
Aspirant, e- a. s, amdidate 
Aspitante. sf. probationer 
Aspiration, sf. —Hon ; pious 

Aspirer.-D. toraspirCt * drato 

barath ; a»pirate ; *Atrac* 
Aspre, sm Turkish coin ^a- 

bout one penny) 
tLus^Ast. choke- up toUh sand 
S*— , vr. to * run aground 
Assailant, »m. assailont ; ag- 
Assaillir, va, to assatiU^ at- 
AMaisannemoit, sm. season- 

Assaisonner. va. to season 
Assaisonneur, .(m seasoner 
Assaki, sf. the favourite sut- 

Assassin, assassin^ vWain 
Assassinam. e- a verytedimu 
Assassinat. sm.atsassinatUni 

Assassinateur, assassin, mur- 

Assassiner. va. to murder^ 

kill ; plague; vex. tire 
Assaut, sm. assault, storm 

Ass^eher, va. to dry up 
Ass^Ur, sm. a collector 
Assemblaj^ sm. assembl^^ 

joining union ; heap 
AstemfcA^ */*. assemblypneet- 

ing ; ball; rendezvous i call 
Assembler, va. to atsemMe ; 

Ass^ner. to * hUthe mark 
AisentemoDt, sm. assent, 
Asseoir, va. to * set ; * lay ; 

assess ;pi(cli!jbf 


5*—-, vr. to* sH dsvon 

Asscrmeottf va. to * 
tme ; to ronfirm by oath 

Auenem^sm.astertop ; res- 

AMoiimi, »f. asierfpsts 

Assertivement, ad. i^firma- 

Asservir. va. to sts^fect ; m- 
Stave [;ant 

Assesseur. sm. assessor; ov* -j> 

Asieasorial, e- a. betengiag 
to an ttisesjtor 

Aisex. ad mottgh 

Assidtt. e a assidumu; con- 

Assiduity, sf. assiduity, difr 

Assidument, ad. assiduwdy 

Asfi^RCMit. e. «i s. besieger 

Assi^ger, va. to besiege ;* be- 

Assi^K^, snu the besieged 

Atn&ckie.*f.ilave4rade; As- 

Assientitte, sm. one vha hat 

a sheave in the Assiento 

Assiette, sf. pUffe ; ^ueition ; 

anessment;fund ; terrier ; 

AUieiit^ pktfefuU 
Assifi^t- sm. mnrtgage ; 

French er»iit paper 
Assignation, sf. cusiqnment ; 

summons^ subfKtna 
Assigner, va. to assign ; it 

Assimilation, sf. — fi«n, e 

maktn^ like; irsemblanee 
Assimiler, vtu to assimiiate, 

• makelike 
Animii^.e a. ccpnpared 
Assise, ff. lay ofstonee 
Assises, «/ />< assizes 
Assistant, e- a* s. an assist' 

ant; helper 
Assistante. sf. a nun that 

assists the abbess 
Assistance, -^» ; audience 
Assistans assastbly 
Ataiiter, va. to assist ; to*be 

fircfcnt ; to help 
Association, sf —tian ; part- 
Associ^. e. s. partner 
Associer, V0« (• 


3y Google 


AMOOimer, f knock doton ; 

maul ; •fpre»s 
Anofnnio\ load-rtonein 

a motue-trap 
Abomption, tf. eutumptUn 
Assonance, rhyme 
Assonant, e a. tutonam ; 

Assortiment. *m. sortmeiA ; 

iuit, tet • to * ttcp; match; 

AsBortiiMnt, e a. matching 
Assot^. e. a doaHng;find ^' 
Assoupir, va* to * make 

drowy s to mppreso 
S'— w to • grow dutl, or 

Assoupissant, e. a- oommfer' 


Assoupmeroent. rm, heavi" 

neos ; tupfireonon 
Assouplir, va. to tupple a 

Atsoodir, to dgqfen 
Assoavir. to glut ; *aH*fy 
AsaoQvissement sm glutting 
Assujettir, va, to siMue ; 

*overcome ; submit 
S'— . vr. to subject, tie oneU 

Assujettiasant, e. a slavish 
AssuietUssemost, sm, sulriec^ 

AnOranee, sf. —ee^ safety ; 

conjidence; trust; boldness 
AssiAr^, snipTiiprietorofaH 

.. -^ ., Atonrs, sm- woman*s attire 

insured ship • A-toiit«m trump 

At%i x4y e a sure; confident Atnikiiftire, 3 a —larious 
Assortment, ad.assurcdly •a.-^i.^i^ ./• M^^t-^h^i^ 
AssQrer, va assure; insure; 

Assistance, sf. insurance 
Assftrenr, sm. insurer 
Asterisme, asterism ■ • 
Asterisque, asterisk (*) 
Asthmatiqae, 2. a. asthmatic 
Astbme. sm. asthma 
Astraf!:ale astrtigalt sham 

liquorice . 
Astral, e. astral^ starry 
Astre, sm. star 
Astreindre, va. to confine, to 

tie up • bind 
S'— , w. to stick to 
Astringent, ۥ a astringent^ 

Astrolabe, «m. erois staff 


Astrolop^ sf,,^logy 
AstruloKiqoe, 9. a. —gictd 
Astrologiquenient, aa. — o 

Astn»lo(tue,^m. astrologer 
Astnmome. astronomer 
AstmiKrtniqiie.. i. a,~-mieal 
Astronoraiqiiement, ad. 

Astuce. sf vrile^ crqft 
Asyle sm asylum ; shelter 
Asym^trie, s/m symmetry 
Aterrooyement, sm» delay 
Aterrooyer, va. to ^putyTi 

Athanane,^.— #y 
'AtharuLie,{/'- —ate 
Athfe, 8. a. s. atheist, athe- 

Ath^isme. sm, atheism 
Ath^nienne. sf. glass bowl 

to kerp curious fish 
Athlete athlete champion 
Athl^tiqoe. i. a athletic 
Atinter. va- to *trKk up 

• setmt 
Atlantique, 2. o. Atlantic, 

Atlas, sm. Atlas ; also In- 

dian sa'in 
Atmpsphdre. j/I atmosphere; 

ambient air 
Atone, atom 
Atomiste, atomist 
Atunie, sf, atony ; faintness 
Atonmer, vcmto eittire^ dress 



Atrabile. )f black choler 

Atre. sm, hearth 

Atroce i- a heinous, gfiev' 

ous. nefarious 
Atrucit^, sf heinousness 
S'«ttat>lf r, vr. to * sit doton 

at table 
Attachant. e. a, tngng^g ; 

endearing \eageme^s 
Attaclie, ff. a. tie i string ; 
Attachement, sf, affection; 

tie ; adhesion 
Attacher va. to tie ; fasten ; 

apply ; endure ; allure; at- 
S*attacher,Tr. to apply one^s 

self; to * stick to 
Atuqnable, 2. a, that may 

be attacked 

Atttqimt ^ a. s. aggressor 
Attaqiie qf. attack fmult I 

Attaquer, va. to attack^ *faU 

upon; ittsuU 
Atteindre, vn. to reach ; at- 
Atteint^e. a. arndgned ; af, 
fiicted ; hit toith at by ; 
charged -with 
Atteinte, sf blovt ; hurt ; fit 
Atuslage. sm, set of harness f 

or horses 
Att^le, sf splint ; haum 
Atteler, va. to * put to, ok 

Attelier. sm. workshop 
Attrloir, sfiteg or pin 
Attenant ad, next to ; near 
Atteiiant. & a. contiguouo 
Attendant, e. a. that waits 
Attendra, va. rfo wcut iyx- 

pect ,•♦ stay ; * put off 
S*attendre, vr. to rely upon ; 

to CJtpect 
Attendrir, va. to soften; af- 
S^— , to * grow tender; to 

• be affected 
Attendrissant. e. a. moving 
AtteudrisseiQjent,«m. relent- 
ing ; comttUseration 
Attendu,>ir./or, on account 

Attenduqae Cm seeing that 
Attentat sm, outrage, at- 
Attfutatoire. 3. a. illegal 
Attente, sf. expectation, 

Attenter. vn. fo attempt 
Attentif, ve. a. attentive, in- 

Attention t */* attention; care 
Attentiveinent, ad. — vely 
Atl^iiuant e a zoeakentng 
Attt^nuatif, ve-a. attenuating 
Attenuation sf —tion 
Ait6nuer,vo toatteuuate 
Atterai^e sm. landing place 
Attehssement sm and in- 

creaseiJby sea-slime 
Atterrer,va.£o *throwdown; 

Attestation, */. — <wn ; cer- 

-—sous serment, affitJavU 
Attester, va, attest; aver; call 

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AttielMi^. #m. attkism 
AttiMP, vtt. to e«0l 
AttiMinetneDt. *m cotlnet* 
Attifer,v<i tQ* trick up 
AttiteC. *m Vinkeu 
Attique,8.o. mtHek 
Attiqueinent, af'er the man. 

ner of the Atheniano 
Attiniil *m. hat^gage f train; 

equipage ; dre*o 
Attitiuit, e. a attractive 
At^ter^va to attract^*draw 
8%ttirer, vr. to *get into : to 

AttiMT le fell, va to ttir the 

fire s to inflame 
Attiaear, se* # onetchottir* 

AttUcr, va. to iubom 
Attitrer, va. to appoint ; to 

Attouchemem, «m. touch 

Attouciier vn. to* be reUOed 
Altourmuice. of attumment 
. Attournement, attumment 
A o. attroctive 
Attraction, tf. attraction . 
Attractiounaire, i- a —nary 
Attnetrice, a. eOf/raetvoe 
Attraire, va. to entice, allure 
Attniit. 9m. allurement^ bait 
Attraits pi. charmg^ beauty 
Attrape, */*. gin^ tnare 
— mouebe. om. gnat^napper 
Attr8per,va to^catch; ^hit ; 

*get ; cheat ; reach ; "over- 
take ; turprite 
Attrapeur, se. *. catcher; sur- 

priieri cheat 
Altiapoir, */ trt^ ; vnle 
Attrayant e. a. attractive 
Attreniper, i^o. to temper ; 

Attribuer, to attribute ; a#. 

cribe ; euoume 
Attribut. *m. aitrtbute 
Attributif, ve- a attrAuting 
Attribution, of allorvance ; 

Attrlitam, e. a. tad, grievous 
Attrister, va. to grteve; af- 

Attrition, tf, attrition 
Attroujjenient, om. tumult. 

Hot Zther 

AxtcMifer,*get toge- 


IS*^, vr» ujlo^k in etomdo 
Au ore m,tothesimtoithi 
SSkYftcbir vr lojag 

Avapei^m hangniaH*ofK9 

ATaI,«m euretyforpaifinen 

Ayl, ad. downward*, doun 

tbe river 
Amlage, snu letting down 
Avalaiwn. of flood, tarrent 
A'nAMOt. torrent 
A^laaiten^fpl faU ^onmo 

from the mountain* 
AvJlianc, *m ebbing^ going 

down a river . 
Avaler, va. to ovsaUowi *let 

Avaler,vn o^godoxonthe 

river ; to hno off 
S^vakr,*go down^ to 

"hangdown too much 
Avaleur, le- s* greedy-gut 
ATalevrdeeouleuviies toad' 

eater ; meanparante 
Avaloire, of large throat 
Quelle avAloiiti I what ( 

Araiiee, f advance ; ttep 

out-juUing • 

ATaucement, em, prefer- 

tttent ; advancement ;pro- 

greso \forwardneoo 
Avaneer, va. ' to adv 

**et forth i forward 

ten; *go loofatti avaUijut 

S^avanoer.vr tomotKi 
or • go forward j • get pre 
Jhrment \, • 

AyniCiOf oppreooion; intuit 


AynM.'ioto6ttm.fort dkdk 

Avant, tm. prow [deep 

AyoxA»pr, before i/orwardi 
Avantage, tm. aaoantage ; 
endoioment iPriviUgCi ho- 
nour \vict0ry\0dd9\ breide- 
Avayairer, va. to' bestow; 

Avantaijeosement. orf. pro. 

JUalily '.favourably 
Avantageux, se. a. advanta- 

Avant-bec. *m,jutting-ttone* 

of a bridge 
ArtaH'CoiepOi fore part 
Avant-cour, tf.fore court 
Amiit-eoareur{«m. forerun^ 
ner ; warning 

Avaut-f oftt om.foretaote 
Amufcier. ad. day before 

yesterday . 
Aitot*l«KM, *m,forehouee 
Avant'^nur, outward wail 
ATaal-^viUe, tffore-mgU 
Avau^jour• time before eun- 


/depart aim hone 
AvaoMiiidk(im« before iimb 
A'nati'propoo. preamble 
Avare, i a. covetout^ oOrtEd 
Avare, # a miter 
ATarem^t, ad, covetoutly 
Avaote, of covetoutn^t 
Avaricieux, le. a emariciout 
Avari^.e. a averaged, da- 

Avarie, tf avePage 
Avariet,i»/. average, iooo 
Avaste, ttop (tea term) 
A-vao-reau, ad- down tie 

Aubade, tf attbade ; rtprir 

Attt>ain,#m aUen< 
Aubainage eoeheatage 
Aabainet tf windfall ; a* 

Aube, tf daybreak ; aibe 
Aubeinne, hav^orn ■ 
Aub^^, tnn : alberge 
Aubeffifie,« innrkSeper 
^Attbier, «m. hatJe4ree ; tap 
AuUfoin, em. corn-flower 
AuUn whiteofanegg^a»Mii 
Aueun, e. a* «i« ; none \ oomt 
Aucuiiement. ad. not at ail 
Audace, tf. boklnest s au4a' 


AudaeieuseaKnt, cm/, boldly 
Andafeieux, le. eu attdaciout 
Au4eci pr. onthio eide 
Audience, of eatdiettee; hear* 

Audieneier, f m> cryer of a 

AodHeiir, '-tor ; dieciple ', 

Aoiiar, TB. d. mtditory - 

,y Google 


Audition, {f. audits hearing 
AvA\uAreinn.set9ion** hottse; 

Avec,^. xcith ; h)Uhal\for ; 

agairut ; by ; in 
. Arvtndre,va.*takei fetch out 
Aveline, tffilberd 
Avelioier, rm. JUberd-tree 

Avenagc. avenage ; kind of Avidittf , sf. eagernesi, gree^ 

Avenant, e- a, becoming \ 

Av^nement, rm, acce*siQn ; 

Ay&a\t,vnjto hafi)ten; chance 
Aveiiir, m, summons; fu- 
A Kavenir, ad. henceforth 
Avent, gm. advent 
Avimture, tf. adventure ; 'e- 

vent i fortune ; love 
Aventurer, va, to venture 
Aventui^eux, k. o. venture- 

Aventurier, e. a. ' 9. adven- 
Avenue, avenue ; ttfolk 
Av^rer, va to prove ; aver 
Axeme,nn. hell (iitpoetry) 
Averse, */I heavy shower 
Aversion,^/*, aversion; hatred 
Avertia, vn. craxiness 
Avertineux, se- a. frantic 
Avertir, va. to vfarn\ inform 
AvertiMement,^ «». tidver- 
tisementi warning; caution 
Aveu. confession ; consent 
Aveuf^Ie, 2. a. s?^bUnd 
Aveugle, n^. e. stone-blind 
Aveug^lement, sm. blindness 
Ayeuffi6mentfad. blindly 
Aveugler, va. to blind ; daz- 
— , toerect a battery against 
Aveugflette, ad. groping 
Auj^e, */ trough-, tray 
Augee, a traxjjfutl 
Auget, sm, dratver of a bird- 
cagCy spout of a mul'hopper 
Auginentjoinfiirc; augment 
Augmentatif, ve. a. —tative 
Augmentation, sf. "Hon 
•Aogmenter, va, to augment, 

increase ; enlarge 
Augural e. a. of an augur, 
augy.rlal [omen 

Auf;vtre,sm. augury; augur; Avocat, sm* 
Augurer, va. to augur ate cote 


Aaguttl, tm. auguttalit 
Anguste, 3. o. august ; royal 
Aqgascement. ad, majesti- 

Ai^j^attin, sm. Austin friar 
Augustine, {/*. Austin nun 
Avide, «. a, greedy ; eager 
Avidement, ad. eagerly 



Aviiir,va* to disgrace^abase 
Avilisienient, «?». abate- 
Aviner, va^ season-vHth wine 
Aujourd*bui,a</. to^ay ; 
Avfroir, sm. oar 
AviroDoer, va, to draw with 

Avi&, advice; oj^inicn ; intel- 

ligence ; mUion \projrct 

Ayis^, e. o. prudent ; ci'afly 

Aviser, vn, to consider : spy ; 

descry ; warn \ look to ; 

*think of I resolve 

S'aviver, vr, to *bethiilk 

me^s self 
AvitaitleiDent, sm, victual- 
Avjtailter, va. to victual 
Avitailleur; iM» victualler ; 

agent ^ 

AvivCT, va. to brisk t(P; po- 
lish; hew 
Avivesi, sf,pU vives 
Auiique, 2. a. aulic act 
AumatUes, »f,pl. black cattle 
Aumdoe, sfalms^ charity 
Aumdn^ giving of bread 
to t^ poor After J'uneral 
Aumdner, va. to bestow alms 
Auikionerie, sf. almoner'^s 

dignity ; almonry 
Auin6nier,e. a. charitable 
Aumdnier, sm, chaplain 
Antnuoe, *f, aumuss 
Aunage, sm. measuring by 

Aune, sf. an ell 
Aune, sm, alder 
Auner, va. to measure by the 

ell ; to beat 
Auneur, sm.alnager 
Avocasaer,, vn. to * be a pet- 

Avockt plaidant, barrister 
"^consultant, chamber coun- 
Avocate, sf, advocate, me- 
Avoine, oats 

Aymsui%,pl, stoning Oflts 
Avoir, va, to* have, • have 

^ot; to*be 
-taini, to* be hungry 
—soif, to * be dry 
— «baud, to* be warm or hot 
— ft-oid, to* be cold 
Avoir beau—, in vain 
Avoir^ sm, substance 
Avoisiner, vo. to border on 
ATortement, snu miscai^ 

Avorter, rm to miscarry g 

Avorton, sm. abortive child ; 

Avoue, avowee ; protector 
Avouer^ va, to ovm ; avow 
Avouene, sf, advorvson 
Avou^, snu avoyer J avoyee 
Aupatavant, ad, before 
Auprds, pr. near-; fAout ; 
by i to [by 

Au|>f«s, ad. hard by ; cl^se 
Aureole, »f glory, crotcn 
Auriculaire, i. a, —lor- 
Teoioin — , ear uitness 
Aurifiquc, % a, that convert* 

into gold 
Aurillas, cheval aurillas, long- 
eared horse ^ . 
AVril, sm, April; prime 
Aurone, j/*. wild wormwood i 
Auroiv, sf, dawn, aurora ; 
yellow; the east; a fair 
Aurore boreale, aurora bo- 

Auspice, #m, auspice, omen, 

Aussi. c. also, so, too, but^ 

truly f ass 
Aussi-faien, for ; as well 
Ansn-pcu, as little 
Attssi'tOt, ad, immediately ; 

as soon 
Aussi -t6t que^ c, as soon as 
Austere, 2, a. austere, rigid 
lAust^rement, ad,oevereli/ 
AvotasserTe, sf. pettifogging \ Au»terit^, sf, austerity, rigor 
'„ taw ' - ■ - • ■' 

lawyer : a(/v<^ , Austral, e. a. southern,' a us- 
' tralU 




• Aotui, «m. foutA ircntf 

Aatann «'/. o» much, io 

^tichf at muck, to t/utny 

Jittlant que, c. at much at ; 

at far at ; at — to . 
AuteJ, aitar ; religion (in 

Autear,«m. author ; maker ; 
writer ; owner ; inventor 
Authenticity, tf. —city 
Authentique, 2. a. authentic 
Authentique, ^ authentic; 
' xfoman lawt 

Aathentiquement, ttd.—calljf 
Autbentiquer, va. make —ttc 
Autoc^pluUe, tm, — /«*, i. e. 

his own ruler, or matter 
Atitocmtie, tf. detpotic go- 
Autoctbone8,i»/. aboriginet 
Aat(Miu-f(&, tm, ayto-defe 
Atttograpltie, tm. autogra- 
phy^ original vrriting 
Automate, automaton ; a 

Automna],e. a, autumnal 
Aatotnne^ tj. autumn 
Atiaatimie, autonomy ; U' 

berty ,. , 

Autopne^ttf oA«y; meattittum. 
Autorintioii, tmp«wtring 
Autoriser, va. to inipower ; 

S*-^ vr. to *. get credit 
Autorit6, t/MuthorUy; power 
AxiXWttipr, about ; round 
Autour, tnu gott-hawk 
Autre, pr. other, another 
AutxercM, formerly, hereto- 

- fore 
Autre Fois, tf, another time 
Autrement, ad. otherwite ; 

. alto 

Autrepart, eltewhere 
Autruche, tf. ottrich [pie 
Antrui, tm. othert, other peo- 
Anvemat, a sort of red hear 

Anxj art, pi. to the 
Auxiliure, t. a. auxiliary 
Aw,tm.axit; axle-tree 
Axillaire, 3. a, axillary 
Azinomantie, tf, --mancy^ 
Axioine, tm, axiom: maxim 
Ay, Aye, int, ah / ok / ah I 
Ayeul» tm, grandfather 
Aycule, */. granOmvthev 


Ayeuxy tm^pLforeJkiher* 
Axe, *m. an att 
Azinut, azimuth 
Azimutal, e. a. aximuthal 
Azur) tm, lapit lazuli, azure 
Azur. tky colour 
Azur^, e. a. tkjrcoloured 
Azyoie, s . a unleavened 
Azymet, tm. azymet 
Azynite, t. axymite 


T>— inoI,*m.B.7to 
■^ B quarre, B-tharp 
Bftbel (tour de), tf confused 

place or aj^air 
Babeurre, tm, butter-milk; 

Babiche, tf. lag-dog 
Babtdion, tm. lap-aog 
Babil. chat, talkatvvenett 
Babillard, e. a, chatterer, 

Babiller, vn, to chat, prattle 
Babine, tf. lip of beasts 
Bafaiole) bauble ; toy 
Babord, tmt larboard 
Babonehe,^/: Atiatic tlippert 
Babouioj^m. baboon; timpk' 

Babouiner. v. play the rogue 
Bac, tm. ferry boat 
Baealiau, tt^k-fith 
Baccalaureat, bachelorthip 
Bacchanale, if. tumultuous 

debauch ; Bacchanal 
Bacchaualiser, vn. to biaccha- 

nalite ; to revet 
Baccliante, tf. termagant; 

Bacha. tm, a bathato 
Bachelette, tf. damtel 
Bttchelier, tm. bachelor of 

arts ; a knight 
Baebique, 2. a. drunken 
Bachbt, tm, -wherry 
Baehotage, rvherryman't bu- 

Badhoteur, tcherryman 
Bacler. va, to * make fast ; 

Baeulerj t9 thrah, audgel 


Baeulom^tri«, tf. -4iM(ry 
Badaud. e; t, booby ; cockney 
N. B. Badaud at Paris an- 
twert to* the word Cock* 
ney in London 
Badaudage, tiltitiett 
Badauder, vn. to gape about 
Badauderie, tf. tUly heha- 

Badigeon, muplatter ofPa- 

BadifjBoner, va. to platter 

with platter of Parts 
Badin, e. a.t, playful^ wan- 
ton • 
Badiiog;e, tm. tport,play 
Badinant, a horte of reserve 
Badine, tf. light walking- 
Badinement, ad. wantonly 
Badiner^ va, tojett,play 
Badinene, tfjett ; ttlltptrifk 
Badines, tmall tongt 
Badouiage, tm, tXafider 
BadouJier, tlanderer 
Baifvus, a tort tf-cotttm 
Bafouer, va. to ridicule; 

BUfrctf. guttling 
BAfrer,vn, to guttle 
Bftfteur, >e. t. guttler 
B»R«g«» tm. baggage jLuggosc 
Bagiane, */. ^awl, strife. 

Bagatelle, trifle ; toy 
Bagatelle, int. stuff t atoa^i 
Bagatellier, tm. trijkr 
Bagatelliste^ toy-man 
Bagne, the place where the 

Turkt confine their tlaves 
Bagnolet, tm. Bagnole^^. 

a kind of woman^s head- 

Bague, tf, ring 
Bagiies sauves, clear, safe 
Baguenaude, bladder-nut 
Baguenauder, vn, to trifle 
Baguenaudier, 9m, trijier 
Baguer, va, to baste ; t6 *give 

rings and jewels to ane*s 

BaguettCf tf, wand i rod ; 

Baguier, sm. ring-case 
Bahut, frtinA* 
Babutier, trunhmaker 
Bai, e. a* biiy-colovre^ 

y Google 


Bfu-bnm, brown hau 
Bai-chatain, ofachesnta-eo' 

Bai-claire, hrighthay 
Bai-dof^, yellrno dun 
Bai-mirouett^, bright d^ 

pled bay 
Baie, */*. bay-berry f 
Baig^er, va, tb bmhe; took; 

to Toater 
Baigneor, ae. /. bather ; bag- 
, nio-keejier 

BaigiKiir, mu bathing /^ace 
Baignoirp. ff. bathingiiA 
Btdl, sm, leate 
BtalCfthe Venetian ambeuta^ 
dor, at Conatantinople, o 
judge, in Languedoc 
BaiHe, fflHarge tea tub 
BiLilkiiient, «m. yawning 
BdLi*er, vn, to gap, yavm* give, reach, 

—ii f enne to lease, * let out 
Bftilleur, te. «. yavmer 
Baflteur, rm. lauor . 
. Bailleresse, */*. leasor 
BaiUi, baiMffi judge ; gene- 

BaillWe, «/. bailiffs -wife 
BAillon, jrm. gag 
B&illonner. vcu to gag 
Bain, tm, hath, bagmo 
Bain-marie, balneum marim 
Bajoue, hog*t cheek 
Bairam, snu a solemn Turk' 

ish holiday 
Baisemains, sf, pi. c^mpU- 

ntents service 
Busement, sm, kissing 
Bvser, sm, kiss, buss 
Baiaeur, le. a kisser 
Baisotter, va, to kiss often 
Bax%se^Mminution in value 
Baiaser, v. to* let down; bovr; 
stoop ; lower ; • strike ; de- 
crease i •fall ; *9ink 
Baissi^re. sf. tilt; sediment • 
Batsare, kQsing crust 
Bal, sm, a ball, a dance 
Balade, ^. a ballad 
Baladiia, cs, dancer at shows; 

buffoon i fop 
Balance, sfgash ; slash ; rent 
BalaTrer, va, to slash fgash. 
Baiai, sm% broom ; besom 


Bdaii (mbia), a balasi ruby; 

a very red pintle 
Balanoif, sf. balance; libra ; 

Balance, sm, m balance, (in 


Balancer, va, 

poise, waver 
Se ' ', * swing t hover 
Balancier. sm. balance-mof 

ker;'baiance of a watch; 

fly of a jack; beam of the 

BaUadnes, sf.pL lifts 
Ba]anCoir,«m. see-saw 
Bal%nunD, et Balandras^ old 

fiishioned great coat ; ill 

•made garment ; clumsy 

Balayer, va, to •sweep 
Balayer, to kill, or * drive 

out^from a post (in war) 
Ba^iyeur, se. *. sweeper, 

broom-man, or woman 
Balayures */ sweepings ; 

what the sea throws up 
Balbutiemeiit, sm, stammer' 

ing {lisp 

Balbutier, vn, to stammer ; 
Balcon,^m. balcony 
Baldaquin, canopy 
Baleine, whale ; whalebone 
Baleinoo, «tn. young whale 
ti^ienUfPixxle of a whale 
Baldvre, sf, under lip 
Baliae, buoy, or mast 
Baliser^ V- to'^set buoys, masts 
Balittaire, a military officer 

in the Roman and Grecian 

Baliste, sf, ballsta 
Balivajre. sm, the marking of 

pollards in a forest 
BH\\eBM,pollard, stander 
Balivemer, vtu to triHe 
Balivemea, sf,pL rihaldry ; 

Balladoires, rustic dance 
Ballant, a, swinging 
Balle, sf, bullet ; ball ; bale 
Balle ram^, a cross bar shot 
Bt\\er,vn, to dance 
Ballet, vm. interlude; ballet 
Ballon, sm, foot-ball ; baU 

loon ; sort of boat in Siam 
Ballon a^rostatique, air bal- 

loon, vid* Aerovgtt 



BiSkstmimj'oot-ball maker ' 
Baln^Ue, s. a, belonging f 

the baths 
BaloC, sm. bale, packet 
Balotade, sf, bounding of a 

Balotttion, balloting 
Bai ote, voting ball 
Baloter,vn. toballot; discuss; 

Balodn, sm, the boy who re- 

cdves the vatinfHtall, &c, 

9t\wo a squall bate; sort of 

Bi^ounl, e. s. loggerhaa^ 
Balourdcrie, sf, cAsurdtty 
Balourdise, sf, absurdity 
Balaamine, sf, balsam 
Balaaniique, i, a, balsamic 
Balustrade, {/*. baluster; rails 
Baluatre, sm, rail, baluster, 
Baluatr^, e. a, ornamented 

with balusters, or raUs 
B9\\utsev,Va,torailta • 
Balzan, black or bay>, horse 

with white spotted feet 
Bambin, stn, a babe 
Bambocl^ade, sf grotesque 

Banboche, shrimp ; puppet 
Bambou, sm, bamboo, sort of 

Indian cane 
Ban, banns ; outUriry ; exil^ 
Banal, e. a, common 
Banaht^, */. tlie right of o- 

bilging one's vassal to bake 

in on?s oven, &c, &c, 
Bititiine,sf, banana 
Bananier, jm. banan»tri( 
Bsioe, bank,; bench; seat; 

pew;fi'rm; sand 
Banc at tsla^e, sandbank 
Banc da roi, King^s bench 
— comonun common pleas 
Btatc»,public disputations 
Bancalle, sf, little bandyleg- 
ged woman 
Bancelle, */. long form 
Baneroche, ^m. mlebana\f-_ 

legged man 

an^j^e, bandage; truss; 

binding iron plates 
Banda^iate. truss-maker 
Bande, sf, band:fUlet; gang; 

Hnk ; throng ; side 
Bandeau, sm, JUlet ; veil t 

peak; Vfreath 
BwOdeite, sf.Uttl^flll^ 

,y Google 


BftAttie, 9f, 'barbarity i rudt' 

Barbaiisme, tnubarbetrUin 
Barbe, «/. beard; lappet. 

Jiappet f vaddle ; barbie 
Barbe, tm. a Bar bar y hsrse 
Barbes, {f* Pl* toliiikett of a 

cat^ hcjeather of a guUl, 

Barb^,e. a. bearded 
fiarbeau, »m, a barbel 
Barbell, e. a. bearded 
Bttberie, */. profession of 

Barbet, o spaniel, a ^lUtak 
Barbette, sf. stomacher for 

Barfaiche, sf lap-dog 
Barbiehon, snu small lap- 

Barbier,<i barber, tonsor 
Baiiafior, va, to shave 
Barbillon, sm» little barbel 
Batbrm, a grey beard 
Barboii, ne, a, moiose spee- 

Barbonnise, stn. peevish' 

Barbote, sf, eel-powt 
Barboter) v. to mutter; mud- 
Barboteur, sm. a muddling 
Barbotine, sf, worm seed 
Bsrbouillage, sm, daubing ; 

Barbouillcr, va, to daub; 

perplex; scribble 
Se— ,ur. to daub one^sface 

* lose one's character 
Oarboiiilleur, se* dauber 

Barba, e, a, bearded 
Barbue, sf a dab ; quickset 

Barlmquct, sm, chap ; scab 
Barcarolle, sf. a Venetian 

Bardane, sf, burdock 
Barde, bard; slice of bacon 
Bardeau, sm. shingle 
Barder, va, to cover with a 

sUce of bacon ; to bard 
Bavdes, snupL Bardi 
ardeur, day-labourer 
Bardot. fmar/mu/e ;drudge; 

incomplete book 
Barge, sf, a barge ; a fish not 

unlike a cwrkTo 

Bander, vo. to*bindistirrt^; 

*bena; *stand; cock; banMf 

Se ■^. vr. to cover; overlook; 

Wttte in a league 
Bandeieau, #m. string for a 

Banderolle, sf. streamer ; 

Bandit, #m. robber ; pander 
Baiidouljer, vagabond 
BaiidoQli^re, sf, bandoleer ; 

shoulder belt 
Banne, tmf^r a boat ; cabin 
Banner, va, to cover with a 

Banneret, a, m, banneret 
Banneton, sm, a cauf 
fianiiette, */ sort of basket ; 

a certain number of hides 
Bannidre, banner, standard 
Bannir, va, to banish 
Se — , vr, to withdraw from 
Bannissable, 2. a, banishable 
BanniNeroent, sm. exile 
Banque,{^ AanAr 
Banqueroute, bankruptcy 
Banqueromier, te,s, bankrupt 
Banquet, sm, a banquetjeast 
Banqueter, vn, to feast 
Banquette, sf, raised way 
Banqoier, sm, banker 
Bapt^me, vid, Bat^me 
Baptumal, e, a. btiptitmal 
Bapcitte, {/*• cambric 
Baquet: sm, bucket ; tray ; 

trough {nmter 

Baqueier, v, to scoop out 
Baquetures, </*. droppings 
Bar, sm, hana-barrowf barb' 
Baraque, ^f, barrack , fiut 
Baragoiun, gibberish, cant 
BarBKOuiner, v,to * speak 

Baraisouinear, te. who speaks 

Bartaquer, va. ^0 rruzA^c bar* 

Barratte, sf a chutn 
Barrater, va. £9 chum; cheat 
Barbatene, sf a kind of fort ; 

a barbican 
B^rbare, <. a s, barbarous ; 

rude ; barbarian 
Parbarement, ad . barbarous- 

. ' • BAS 

BargmQKr, haggle : waver 
Barj^gneur, ae. *. naggler 
Ban], sm, barreL rundlet 
Barillet, keg; barrel of a 

Bariolage, medley of colours 
Barioj^. e. a. speckled 
Baraabite, sm, bamabite 
Barnacle, rf. sea duck 
Baroclier, va. to daub 
Raromdtre, sm, barometer 

Barom^rique, 2. «. —triaU 

Baron, «m. a baron 

Baronage, baronage 

Baronet, a baronet 

BaronnetSf, baroness 

Baronnie, barony 

Baroque, 2. a, rough ; odd 

Baroscope, sm, ^roscape, 

Barot; a beam 

Barotin, small beam 

Barque, sfabark 

BarquerdUe, f/^ little fishing 

Barrage, sm, passage toll 

BarrageK toll-gatherer 

Barre, «/; a bar ; spar ; whip- 
9taff; cross bar ; barrier 

Barret, patt of a horse's ne- 
ther j iW 

Barreau, sm. bar ; little bar ; 
court ; lawyers 

Barrer, va, to bar ; * sttp ; 
* knttfast : erase 

Barrette, sf, bonnet, cap 

Barricade, barricaao 

Bandcader, va. to barficmle 

Barridre,{/*. barrier; hind- 
ranee ; gate ; list 

Barrique, sf, hogshead 

Baniquot, sm, small barrel 

Bartavelie, {/*. large red par- 

Barses, if, pi, canister {in 
which tea is brought from 
China) . 

Bas, se. a. low, shallow; base; 
mean ; faint; short 

Bas food, sm,fiat shalloro 

— ^uple, populace, mob 

— relief, basso relievo 
Bas, a stocking, hose 
Bas, ad, down, low. [part 
Bas, sm, bottom ;toot ; tower 
Basaltes, a kind if black mar-- 

ble, a touchstone 

,y Google 



«/. tanned «Aa^V 

BaMui6. e. a. ttncney 
Baibord, #m. the larboard 
Bascule, #/. rwipe ; tmng' 

gate; seesaw 
Baw, baH* ibliah 

Baser, va. to tettlej^, ata- 
ffasilic, «m. basUtikg tweet 

BasilicoD, — c«n 
Basitique, ef'. etatdy ehureh; 

C9utt tfjuitiee 
Baflliqne, 8. a, bariUcol 
Basin, em, dimity 
Baaoebe,.^ the company ff 

Uneyer* clerkt of the par' 

liament of Paru 
BasoehieO) *nu an officer of 

the company of lawyers 

Basque, sf skirt of a doublet 
Basse, the bass, or base 
Bane coociiuie, a thorough 

" valief cotmter-tenor 
— de Tiole, bass viol 
Basse«our, inner-yard 
BsLiOirfomef dungeon 
Basie^oile, the main wfore- 

sail ' 

Basses, shallows, flats 
Basseiiieiit,atf* lowly,meanly 
Batsesse, sf, base action 
Basset, «*». terrier dog of a 

low statute 
Batuette, sf, a basset, a game 
Bassien, sm, pL flats ; heap 

Bassin,«m. basin; pan; vase; 

'—'^a wet dock 
Bassioe, sf, a pan 
Bassiner, va. to xoarm; batbe^ 
Bassinet, sm. smalt bason or 
paiu nozxle ; pan of a gun 
— -— (near), btitter:floroer 
Bassmoire, sf. toarming-pan 
Basson, sm, bassoon 
Bsstant, e. a- sufficient 
Baste, aiL int, be it so 
Baste, sj'.basket, sort ofstujff 

made of the bark of trees 

Baste, sm, basto, ace of clubs 

Baster, va, tt^eufflce 

Baiteme,{/1 —na,a vehicle 

used by ancient Romanf, la- 



Baitide^ sm, neat country 

seat (so called in Provence) 
Bastille, sf. the bastille 
Bastille, e. a fortified with 

tnoers (in heralary) 
Bastion,ffm, bulwark; bastion 
Bassionn^, e. o. in the form 
■ ofabnstion 
BastoDoade,.*/** bastinado 
Bastonner, va. to bastinado ; 

BAt, snhpacksaddle ; tail 
Bataille, sf, a bcttle, fight 
Batailleryvn. to struggle hard 
Bataillon, snu battaRon 
Bitard, e a. s, bastard; wildi 

false ; mongrel 
Batanlr^, sm, a dam 
BatBididn:'. sf. nursery 
BAtardise, bastardy 
Bateau, sm, boat 
Batelagc, leger-de-mainj fare 
Batel^ ^A/a»'c i boat-full 
Baielet, sm. little boat 
Bateleur, merry-andrew 

I»teber, waterman 
Bait^ne,bafitism, christening 
BAter. va. to saddle mith a 

pack-saddle (saddles 

B&ri^. sm, maker oj pack- 
Batifoier, vn to romp ; to toy 
BAtiuient, sm, building ; ship 
B&tir, vn. to * build; to baste 
Batiser, to baptise, christen 
BAtisse, sf, the building 
BAtiseur. sm. great Sutlder 
Batiste, baptist 
Batiste, {/Tramdrtf, lawn 
BaAst^re, sm. church<erti- 

BAtoo, a stick, staff, cudgel 
Batonner, vado cudgel^core; 

Bltonnet, snu a, tipcat 
fiSitonnier. staff man 
Batta^e, thrashing 
Battant, clapper ; folding ; 

Batte, sf, rammer ; paving 

— — , beater ; sloping bench ; 

holster ; tail ofa^h 
Batte ^ beurre, churnrstajf 
Battement,«m. beating; clap- 
ping ; damping 
Batterie, sf. btOtery; squalAle 
-de cuiiiiie, kitchen tackle 



B«ttew,ae. o, beaterf thresher 
Batteur de pav^, sm, idle 

—en grange, a thrasher 
Batteui-s S^ntnAe^scouto 
Battoir, battledoi e, beetle 
^attologie, sf, tautology 
Battre, va, to •beat ; *strikei 

3e— .vr.eo '^^ght 
Se ftore — , to * get one^s self 

beat iscout 

Battle i^estittde, to scour ; 
.— monnoye, to coin 

— le bi^,t9 thrash com 

— le beurre, to churn 

— les cartes, to shMe 

— dus mains, to * cUip 

— de Pailf , to flap, flutter 
Bauures, sf, pi, breakert ; 

^vanl, e. s, boaster ; babbler 
Bavarder, vn, to boast 
Bavarderie, of. boasting 
Bavaroise, tea sweetened with 

syrup ofcapiltedr 
Baubi, stn, a fiatier; large 

hound Ihammock 

Baudet, sm, an tiss ; trestle g 
Baudrier, sm, shoulder^U 
Bave, sf. slaver^ drivel 
Baver, vn. to elaver, drivel 
Bavette, sf, a bib 
Baveur, se. *. slabber<hi^ 
Baveusei f:htar),sf.proudflesh 
Bavocher. va, to print atmly 
Bauge, sf. soil of a wild boar ; 

sott if mot tar ; sort of 

Baume, sm, balm, balsam 
Baumier, balm-ttee 
Bavoch^, e. a rough ; dim 

Bavolt't, head-dress 
Bavolette, sf. country-Jass 
Bayer, vn.Jto gape 
Baj-ette, sf, a ktnd ofbatse 
Bayoniiette, sf. bayonet 
Bfant, e. a. gaping ; open 
B6at. e. s, satirtitnonious 
B^aofication, sf. "tion 
B^atifier, va. to beatifu 
B^Qfique, 2. a. beatific 
Antilles, sf. tit bits; giblets 
Beatitude, -tude ; bliss 
Beau, bel, belle, a.fl^; hand* 
' someioeautiftf^iJ"^ • 






)ite, tm.father-itt' lam 
Is, toririnJaw 

— frtre. drpther-in-law 

Uno • 

— fille, daughter4n4apr 

— icear, tute'-in-taw 
Bean, *m.excelle' ce,Jintnet$ 
Bettuooup, ad much, many 
Be«u-pre, *m,ib'>xMptit 
Beaute, n", beauty ; Jineneg* 
lRv«,mJbenk; biU; r,tb;*n 
Bee, A^f^^K,guikt 
Bee de corbin,^/Mrerr ; hal- 
berd; cane with a curved 

— de larape, socket 
— detcrte,)»«mt 

— de idame, nib 

-> de a^opnow beede nap, 
geramum ; ttork-biil, c^ 
Bee de Ji^Tre, hare^ 
Btoirre, a b sharp 
Bioki&e, *f. tfOMKOck 
B^casse de aier,#c»^ 
B^easseaa, *nu a ymtng 

B^canine, *f. a snipe 
Beefigiie, sm. feoca/|jr« 
Bfrehe, sf, a spade 
BMt^ouheemt^ biU-/uU 
B^ber, va. to * dig 
B^ehique, S. 0. pectoral, sto- 
Becqa^ sfL bUlJull 
Becqneter, va. to *peck 
Bedaine, sf, paunch, guts 
BeAeaxky sm.oeadle ; verger 
Bedon,/ae man ; tabret^ 
B^er, vn. to gape ; hanker 
Bffler, va, to * moek, banter 
Beffioi, sm, belfrey ; alarms 

B^gayeiiient, stammering 
B^yer, v. to stammer, *Msp 
B^gue, t. a. «. stammerer 
B^ueule,^ a sillg conceited 

B^fpiin, sm, biggin, cap 
B^f^nage, nunnery 
B^jniine* *f» *fo^ maid; nun 
B^jaune, sm, young bird ; a 

Wkignet,a ftitter . llents 
B«iaan,oneof the Turkish 
M,a.jlTi^ handsome, vid. 


B^lant, e. a. dlaoffiv 
B^lement, sm. bteattn^ 
B^ler, -on. to bleat 
Brh'tte, of. rteaset 
Seller, ram ; Aries } htdier^ 
ing ram [v*'^ 

BeUjH>e, sf. sort of Hnsev- 
B^ltcre, a seoundtH, laseai 
B^trene, sf„ rmmsbness 
B^Ie^ie-nidr, nightshade 
Belle-fille, tf, daughter-in- 
BelkyMear^ sister-in-Uao 
Bellement, ad, softly 
BelKf;^rant,e. a. at war 
BelUqaeax, or, martial, war- 
BtiWoUtt. pretty iUke 

Belouse, sf, billiard, hazard 
Belottier, va, to hazard 
Se — , vr, to • mistake 
BelvMer, sm. a turret ;ter^ 

B^mohs^, e. a. marked with 

BenMicit^, sm, grace befrre 

B^n^ct, an elMttfory 
B^nMiedon, sf. a blessing 
B^B^ce, sm bene^, Umng 

— ample, sinecure iHvinr 

— ft charge d%iDec,«>irta>A 
Bte^ficenee, sf, bounty 
B^ii4fi«ial,e. a, belonging to 

B^ii^cier, sm, incumbent 
Bendt, a. s, silly ; a ninny 
B^n^Tole, 2. aMnd./rierutty 
B^nignement, cd, kindly 
B^nignit^, sf, --tysgoodness 
Benjamin^rm adarbng child 
Benjoin, sm, benjamin (a 

Benir, va, to bless, preserve 
B6mt, e. B6m, e. a. blessed ; 

praised; holy 
Benitier,«m holy "water pot 
B^queter. va to* peck 
B^qidllade, snu one that 

walks with a crutch ; old 

B^oille, sf, a crutch 
B^oiller, vn, to walk with 

Benui,*heipfridi pale 

Bereer, va. torockfOmmse 
Se — , vr. tofeiter on^s self 
Bergame, tf sort of hang- 


Bci'gaiBoUe, bergametepear ; 

essence, perfitme^ m eort «/ 

Bcrge, nigh oeocA ; betrge 
Bcvgcr, sm. shepherd 
fie^K tf.ohepkerdeos 
-~,sortofwoman''s cap, sort 

of easy Hb0w chair 
Benreiie, sheepf*U,JUck 
UePKexieo, pfutorais 
Beig!en»iiieite, sf, wqgtoil ; 

coui'try la-s 
BetKemt^ sm, Ut tbs sh epherd 
Benchac hedgespurrow 
Beril, beryl 

Berie, 5/. »aeer parsley 
Bcrline aberlin 
BerihwM, •> Brebngot, sm. 

small carriage,gig 
Betine,dimness ofaigki 
Berme, aberm ; cove r ed way 
Bemabk, % a. who deserves 

to betossed in a blanket 
Bemaidi^re. sf,sort of pear 
Betne, toss in a AtoiAef ;an 

oversight • 

Benwinent, smu tosHng in a 

blanket ; banter 
Becner. va. to * fss in a 

blanket, to rii&ade 

ernear, sm, tosser in a 

blanket ipshaw 

ermcle^ sf. pL notMng ; 
Benee, «^ o TooUef 
Beaacier,«m b^gar 
Besaigre, t, a, sourish 
Beaigue. */*. a twy<MII 
Beiant, sm, besant 
Besidet, sf. temple glasse* 
Beugne, loork, labour 
Beti^ner, vn, to vtHb 
^eMiO, sm, want, need, lack 
BasioB, ne. a. twin 
Bestiaoe sf, a ninny 
Besciaire, sm. one that is ex- 

posed tovnld beasts 
Bestial, e. o. beastly, brutish 
Bestialemcnt, ad, beastly 
" " ilit^, sf, beastliness 

^_iiix, sm,pl. cattle 

Be*tioie$«/. little beast, in- 
sect i o young foot 

,y Google 


BeiaJumyniuprew; xrild beast 
3^t«, tm. HtnpletMf betoy 
B^UtiL cattle 
Bitf^y.beatt, brute, block- 

B6te ftwve, wiM deer 
Bdte iKnre, wild bear 
— - asine. an q*^ 
B^tvl, ou h^ire,snt, betel 
B^tement. ad, nliily 
Betill^ {/. /Off rfmtuUn 
B^tiie, ftupidltyjblly 
B^toinef betony 
Bettenve, redbeel 
Benf, mu vid. Boeuf 
Beug:iement» bellovnng 
Beugler, vn- to belLtrw ; low 
Beurre, mt. butter 
Beanc^, butter Pear 
Beunr^ «/*. bread and but- 
ter s butter Jiewer 
Beurrer, va,t9 butter 
Barrier, e. #. butter teller 
B^yue, *f, over.sight, mittake 
Bezoaid, *m, bexjoar stone 
Biais, elt^, angle, wtm. bias 
"BvaigsmbiA^feUh ; afiQi 
Biailer, vn. to shuffle, dodge 
Biaueor, wu a shuffier 
Biarqae, nctier, caterer 
Biatse, tf, raw silk 
Bitteron, ne. s, tipler ; the 

Up of a vessel 
BibU:,sf.^e Bible 
Bibliofcnphe, snK —pher 
Bibliofijapliie, sf. —phy 
Biblioniaiiey sm. one that is 

'mad after books 
Bildiomanie) sj. bookishness 
Bibtioch^caire, sm, librarian 
Bibliotbdque) {/*. library 
Bibns, sm,paliry ; sorry 
]Qift£tre, sm, unruly boy 
house of correcttop in 
Biche^ sf. a hind, Iqp-deg 
Bichon, ne. s, lap-dvg 
BieoqtK^ sf, a paltry tvwn 
Bidet, sm. aponey;a tit; 

Joiner^s bench 
Bidoik a can 
Bisons, little poney 
Bien, good, wealth, benefit 
Bien, ad, we//, rtght, many, 

much very 
Bient-^tre, sm, comfort^e^fe 
Bien-tOtj^ffnaVrry ^#09 


BieD-loia, very far off 

— — knn de,^r, so farftmi 

— que, c, although 

loin mae,JarJrom , 

fiieiMiim^. e. a, s. beloved 
Bientiusance, sf, beneficence 
r-— iaiouit, e. a, Uberal, 

— lait, sm^ilaroour, benefit 
Bitaifaitmr, benefactor 
Bienfaitrice, sf, benefuetress 
Biens t'onds, sm. lauds 
Bieuheureuxy se. a, s, blessed 
Biennal^a. lasting two years 
Biens^aoe, «/• decency, con- 

Biens4ant, e. a, decent, con- 
Bienveillance, sf,good will, 
free gift, benevolence, love 
BieDpvenu,.eia. welcome 
Bien-venue, sf, entrance mo- 
ney ; initiation ; garnish- 
money ; happu coming 
Bidce, beer ; toMn 
Bidvre, snu a oeaver 
Biez, sm, water-mill, chan< 

Biffer, va« to erase, cancel 
Bigame, 2. a. «. twice mar- 
Bigamie, sf, bigamy 
BiRarade, a scur orange 
Bigaireau, mi, hard cherry 
Bigarreautie^ hard chesry 

Bigarrer, va, to party-colour, 

Bi&:arnire, sf. variety of co- 
lours^ TKedlej/ , 
Bige, sf chariut and two 
Bigle, sm. a beagle 

^ 2. a. s, squirUcoged 

Bifrler, vn. to squint 
Bifpie, sf, a bunrh- 
Bi^net, sm, ajritter 
Bigorne, sf, an anvil 
Bigomeau, '«7n. little rising 

emvil, periwinkle . 
Bijcot, e. a, s. a. bigot^ hypo- 
BifCBterie, sf^bigotry 
Bijou, smjexvelf pretty seat 
Bijouterie, sf. Jewelry, toys 
Bijoutier, sm, toyman^ rir- 

Billf a bill in parliament 

BIS sr 

BUboqQet, «m. a eauh ; cup 

Bile, */, eholer, bile,jgall 

— (choKre), anger, passion 
Biliaire, 2, a, bilious 
Bilieux, ae. bilious, choleric 
Billaid, sm, billiard^ the 

muss, a billiard-table 
Billaider, vn, so * strike a 

bail t:pice 
Bille, sf, billiard-ball, taw, 

packer's stick, rolling pin 
Biltebamrr, va, to checker 
BillebAode, sf, confusion 

Biller. va, to *pack with a 

Billet, snt, note, t.cket, Ullet 

bill, ballot 

— de loterie, lottery ticket 

— doux, love-letter 

— de banque, bank no'e 
Billettr, sf, a sign at a toll ; 
li\\hiyes^ idle trash [billet 
BiUiun, sm, thousand milr 

Billon, bad coin 
Billonage, debasing the coin 
BQlonement, putting nff 

had coin 
Billonner, vn, to *put it/f 

bad coin 
BiUoDDeur, sm, forger 
Billot, billet; wedge; cudgel; 

Bimbelot, a toy 
Bimbeloterie, {/: toy-trade 
Bimbelotier, sfn, a toy^nan 
Binard, a large cnrt 
Biuaire, 2. a. binary 
Binement. sm, digging again 
Bider, va. to * dig again 
Binet, sm- a save-all 
Biugraphe, fm biographer 
Biomphie, sm, biography 
Bipedc, 2. a, biped; with two 

Bique, sf a she-goat 
Biqtiet. sni. a kid ; scale to 

vfcign gold 
Biqneter, vn, to kid 
BiqOeter, va. to wdgh money 

with a money scale 
Bir^me, sf a ship uith two 

rows qfroipemt on each side 
Birettey'a kind of cap 
Biribi, ifn. a game ofhaxard 

Digitized by 





JiiMfinCenetre , break;ablanhirvhUe:sUce 

BiMieul, greatgrandfather j o/^he briast of a fowl 
'BitaiieoJ^iSf, great grandmo'] fibinc, tvhiting 
ther Blanchaille, */. ymtt^/ry 

Bisbille, *f. quarrel ; ducut- 

Biscoruu,e. a, ill thqped, odd 
Itiscotin, #m. mgar cake 
BiMCuit, bUcuit 
Biir, sf. horth-eastvnnd 
BiieaUfSm cut of a diamond; 

kitting crust* 
Bisei^Ie, a ruler 
Biser, vn, to • grow brown 
Biset, tm, stock dove 
Bisette. */*. narroxo lace 
fiitettiere, narrow lace »io» 

Bison, o st^rt of -mild ox; aUo 

buffalo (in heraldry) 
Bisquaitis, horst clotht 
Bisque, *f» bhk, cullis^ odds 
Bissac, im. a ivallet 
B'isiexte, bissextile 
Bistuuri, sm, incision knife 
Bistre, sf, bistre \ prepared 

Bitter, va. to bit a cable 
Bitume, tm. bitumen 
Bitumiiieux, se. a. —nous 
Biviaire, 8. meeting of two 

Bivoie, sf parting of a road 
Bivouac, sm, extraordinary 

night'guard > 

Bivouaquer, vn, to pass the 

night without shelter 
Bizarre, 3* a. fantastical ; 

Bizarrement, ad. fantasti- 
cally ' 
Bizarrerie, sf.. fantastical- 

nets. oddness;v}nlm/:aprice 
Blatlird e. a, noan pale 
Blaireau, sm, a badger 
fil&mable, 3. a, blamt^le 
B]Ame, sm*,a blatne, a fault 
BlAiner. va, blame; repri- 
Blanc, he. a white, clean, 

blank, clear 
Blanc-sic^n^, sm, carte 

BUnc-inanger, a blank-man' 

Blanc«beo, a novice 
Btllct-biauc, a blank 
Blanc, a mark at shooting; a 

Blanch.^ tre. 2. a whituh 
Blanche, «/. miuum 
Blanchenient, ad, cleanly 
Biancherie, sf, whitsters 

field • [coat 

Biaucher, sm, under-teaist- 

, printer's blrmket 

Blanciieiir, sf, whiteness 
Btanchiment, f m. bleaching f 

a wash for silver 
Biancbir, v, to whittn, clear, 

* groiv grey, blanch, -wash 
— au soldi, to bleach 
Blanchissage, sm, washing, 

whitening, bleaching 
niancliissaiit, e. a- whitish 
Blanchisserie. sf, whitening 

yard or field 
Blaiichisseur, sm, lohittter, 

Blanebisseuse, sf, washer- 
Blandices, cajoling^flattery 
Blanqne, blank lottery 
Blanquette, jr/. delicate tort 

of w /life wine; sort of pear; 

white fricassy 
Blaser, v. /o dry up, * burn 
Se — , to impair one*s health 

by hard drinking 
Blasun, sm, heraldry, blo' 

xon, arms 
Biasonnement, blazonry 
Blasonner, veu fo blazon, 

traduce [blazer 

Bl3*omi4^ur, f?n, blazonner, 
Blii^j.h- inatuur, blasphemer 
BU^]vhd.,rmtuire, s* a, bias- 

Bi^iplif oie, sttr. biasphemy 
Blai^jj^liiL^4ii4^r, i^-fy >laspheme 
Blautrr, *"i.rorji ii:^or 
B I n vrT* c flrft-y/o w t J' , or blue- 

Bt^ OH Mtd^ ciem. wheat 
Bl ^ciH% 2r ^, J* ireakj silly 
Bli^mtr, 2, fl, njeiKpaie 
Bl^mir, tro, to ' cnnopale 
B|i>mi«.?ment, jtVi, paleness 
BW'o iiw^r itf. ]lL&iL't.fiU 
fill v,M, T'ji, to * hftrt, wound 

Se — , vr, to miscarry, to • be 

Blenmt^ sf, vfound^ bruise, 

Blet, te. a. half rotten 
Blette sf, bnt,or blit* 
Bleu, e. a,sm. blue 
Bleufttre, %, a, bluish 
Bleuir, va, to * make blue 
Blinder, to cover wi/h blinds 
fitindes, sm, blinds Hump 
Bloc, ragged metrbUf^ blocks 
Blocage, ou Blocaille, tm. 

rubbishy shards 
Blocus, sm. blockade 
Blond e.a,s,fair,Jtaxen 
Blond ardent, red at a cttr- 

Blonde, sf blond lace ; fair 

Blondin, sm. a beau 
Blomhne, sf a fair girl ' * grow fair 
Blondissant, snte. a, yellow, 
golden [m/> 

Bioqner, va. to block up, fill 
Blot, fm. log'line 
Bldttir, le. blottir, to lay 

squat ' . 

Blouser, va, to * throw ^ball 

into the hazard 
— se blouser, tofcUl into a 

Bluet, sm, a btue4>ottk, or 

Bluette, sf, little spark 
Bluteau, sm, a boUstp- 
Bluter, va, to bolt, sift 
Blutene, sf, bolting room 
Blutoir, sm, a bolter ; tieve 
Bob^che, sf tahdlestick soc- 
Bobiiie, a bobin, quill {&c, 
Bofainer, va, to wind tHk, 
Bobineuses, tf. windert 
Bobo, tnu small ailment, 

Bocag[e, a grove^ thicket 
Bocager, e. a, rural 
Boca], sm. djug 
B(xline, */ keel of a ship 
Bodruche, thin parchment 
Bo^te, via. Botte 
Boeuf, sm, an ox, Ae<f 
Bicur JL la mode, alamode beef 

Bogue.«/. the rough prickly 
shell of • 


Jbht t* * pitt up vtUh 

— ', m. drinks drinking 
B<Ms,n^Mcf; deer''* /Mmt 
— • ehablit, chablUh 
— taiirii,oc«j»«e 
—— de eharpeate. tMber 
-'— de lit. a bedstead 
Boisafi;e, tUmber^ jMbuem 
Bois6, e. 0. vmintettud 
Boiler, vo. to miituett 
Boi§erie, {/! wainsett 
lloiteiu, le. a, wtidy 
Boi«IIier, jm. Aaoer §fw99d 
BoiMeiu, a kuhet 
Boissd^ if. buJhelfuU ; at 
much ground at a hutktl 
^ wheats &e.can§&n 
Boinelicr, *nu a turner 
Bomaa.sf. drink 
Bolte, JU thnt f drink neat 
Botte,aHr Cm'qe 

—-de moDtre, vMUch case 
— — deprene, Aoie 
Bofte i fusil, tinder-box 
— k poudre, ponder-box 
Boitement, sm. hcdting 
Boiter, * go lame^ limp 
Boiteox, le. a. #. lame, cri/h 

pfe, limping 
Boitier,<m. turgeon^t com; 
box of jewel* ; ccue makef 
Bol, 0tt m>1as. a bolu* 
Bol -d^Arm^oie, bol armo- 

Booibanee, *f,eating ; riot 
Boxnbaxde, a bombard 
Bombaidement, tmt bom- 
bardment Ibomb 

BomlMirder, va. to bonaard^ 
BomlMiidier» tm. -^ier 
Bsmbasin, bombaxeen 
Bombe, tf, a bomb lout 

Bombebient, om, bunching 
Sotohet, va. to noell ibonuo 
Bon. sm.promite, aeaManee^ 
Bon, ne. a. good, klndi brave, 

skilful, exuUent 
Bon-mot, om. wiiticitm,jeH 
Bon air, good btck, grace 
Bon, int. pohaw / 
— , #m« gaodt clear, the cream 
— , ne #. dear, honey 
Bon, ad. rveU 
Bonaee,^/*. calm calmneso 
BoDMae, S. a oiUUy good- 
naiurid ibox 

Bonbooiitire, of, mettmtat* 


Boii4n»i, «m.dbififieff 

Ban hfotaaitt^f. ougar pbtmo 

Bonif rOoundf gambol.; atdp 
Sonde.*/, sluiecfiood-gate f 

bung, bung-hole 
Bondir, vn. to fri$k, rebound 
Bonditiant,e. a. tkipMng 
BondissemeDt. *m.jriMktng 
— de osur, a ruing tf the 

otomach Ihole 

Bandon, bung^ etopple^ bung- 
Bondonner, va tobung,*ttfi 
Boudonnidn^, */, cooper* tool 
Bondr^e, a bird tfprey 
Bonbeur, *m. hastate**, good 

tuck, ble**in0 
Bonhomie, sj.good-naturt. 
Bonifler, va. to improoe 
BoniAtation, *f improvement 
Htmne fortune, good advert 

ture; lady* t favour* 
Bonneftu,«m. buoy hone*tly^v>dl 
Bonnes, sf trump* 
Bonnet, *m. a c^p, b*unet 
Bonnetiide, tf. capping^ cring- 

Bonneter. wr. to • cap, cringe 
Boimetene, *f hotter'* bu*i- 

Bctoueteur, *m. *harper 
BoaaeiieT, capmaker, hooler 
Bonnette, <^ a bonnet of a 

Bonx^fgoodne**, Hndneu 
Bonze, *. bonxe, cheat 
Boqneteau, *m. a lUtle wood 
Boottillioo, a paltry wood- 

cSever, thirt, lace 
Borax, b^rax 

Bord, edge, brim, brink, *hore 
Bord il bord* ad. leveUeven 

Bord (navire), *h^ ; a-board 
Bonlage. oidepUink* tfa *hip 
Boidayer, traveroe, *aU 
Bord6, *m. hem, edge, lack 
Bord6e, tf. broadtide tack 
Border, «n. to edge bor> 

dtr, lace 
Bondereau, *m. noli, account 
Bordure, offrame, edge, hor- 
Bo'r^l , « . a. northern {der 
Borix, jm. north wind 
Borgne, 3- a, one-eyed 
Bwgao, one'Cwd man [man 
Bgiineite» tf, one-eyed wo- 



Borgnibos. «m. a rott toe* 

Boinage, oetting bound* 
Borne, *f. a bouna ; Umit s 

*tone *tud ; poH tnarrow 
Bom£. e. a. ohaUow, *mall, 
Bomer, va. to bound, limits 

end Iboundo 

Sc '. vr. to • keep within 

Bomover, va. to look over a 

turface with one eye 
Bospho^ *m.~ru* ; *treighu 
Bosquet, thicket, grove 
Busud, *m. a ecerued tulip 
Bottngtjruttickt; embootment 
Bosse. tf bunch on the body ; 

rtlicve t bruite ; knot ; Hmip 
Bofselafie, tm, a relitvo, ero> 

boonng Ukvo 

Bosseier,* work m re- 
Bosselure, tf, crimpUng 
Uosseman, *m. boatnoain 
Bossette, *f. bridle-ttud, bot* 
Bosstt,e. a. a. hunc/hbaeked 
BoMoer, va. to bruioe batter, 
Bot, «m. a boat 
Bot, pied bot. lame of one foot 
Botanique. tf. boitaiy 
— , 2. abo'dnic,botanleal 
Botaniste, *m. botanitt 
Bataooiogjie, tfbotanology 
Botte^ boot ; bunch ; thrutt ; 

but i batik ; bottle ; *lep tf 

a coach 
Bott^o, pi. clodttf dirt 
Bottetailie, *m, bottling tfhay 
Botteler, va. to boule hay 
Botteleur. *m. maker tfhau 

into bottle*^ ibootson 

Botter, va.*makeboott^*pul 
Se — , vr, to *put onc^t boot* 

on, to clog on^* *hoe* [kin 
Bottine, tf. jockey4>oot, but- 
Boue. tm. he-goats kathem 

budget ; oloven 
Boucaner, va. to tmoahdry 
to Aunt oxen 

Boucanier, «m. buccaneer 
Boocasnn, bocattine iheadL 
BouGftttt, *m. a kind rfhog*m 
Boache, *f the mouth 
Boucb^, mouthful, mortel 
Boucher, vn, to *ttop up, **hut 
BouchtiT, tm a butcher 
Bouch^re^ tf butc/it.r woman 
Boucherie, thambletjbiitchery 
Bonehtiime, Jence, tnclaoura 
Bottche>UoU} tm. pin basket 



BouehoiTt lid of an oven 
Bouebon, ttoppk^ ctrk, buth 
Bouchonne, */. darling hmeu 
Bouchonner, va. f rub roUn 

Bouelp, tf. buckle ; kiucker ; 

curl ; ritiff 

d*oc«ille, earning 

Boaclementy^m. ringing 
Boucler, wr. to buckle ; *ringi 

•make an end of; tecwt 
Bouclier, m buckter^ shield 
Boueoti,*»» fiouom gudgeon 
Boudellc, */ Jiret quiU of a 

goooe^e wing ; fnnions 
Bouder, T»n. to pout, look gruff 
Bouderie, ef,powing [fcn 
Boodeur^ *. who pout* tul- 
Boudin, «m. black-pudding 
Boudhie, of* middle knot in 

a glare pane 
Boudini^re. tf. a little funnel 
Boudoir, */*• a clooet where 

one retires to *be alone 
Bone, sf, tiirt, nuuter 
Bou^«a buoy [yenger 

Boneur, tm; dustman ; sca^ 
Boueux, tc. a, muddy, miry 
Bouffant, e. puffing 
BoaSe, sf the cfMis ,[/*' 
BouflSe, ptiff'! olast ; slight 
Boufler, va. to puffi *oesul^ 

Bouff&tcj/Tear-fcnoe of nar- 
row ridfr«i» 
BaafStr.vtt. to bloat, *puffup 
Bouffi»ure,{^ rwelUng^fur- 
gency [/»•» 

Boaffun, ne. a. s- Jocose; buf- 
Bouffoner, va. todroU;jtM 
Boufibiinerie, sf buffoonery 
BcMcge, sm. a lodge 
— • f/ie middle of a cask 
— i-, a budget, or bag 
— , sort ofpenr {sHck 

Bottgeoir. Jht wax eandk- 
Bouger, vn. to budge stir 
BouKette» sf budget^ or bag 
Bougie, a wax candle ; bou' 
gee •wax candle 

Bongier, va. to sear with a 
Bougonner, v?u to mutter, be 

Bougran, snu buckram 
Bouniftnt,e. a>hot. hasty 
Bouilli, sm, boiled meat 
BouUUe, sf. thkk mUk^ptp 


BoQillir, «n. to boil ; wmk 
Boailioiie, sf boiler, kettle 
Bovillun, sm. broth ; gust of 

pffg Mvn : seething up ;puffi 

bubble ; froth 
BoutUoa bUmc, mullein (a 


Boaillonneiientf bubbling 

up. eoutlitien [ti/^ gush out 
BoiiilktDiM^r, rii. to bubble 
Boulaoger, bake 
— — , sm. a baker 
Bouiangdrt, sf. baker*s wife 
BouUmgerie, baking, bokC' 
Bouli*, a bawl, bail [Af " 
llouleau, sm. abirchtree 
Boul^, vn. to pout, as pige^ 

one do, to swell 
Boulet snu a bullet, ball 
Bouletbe,sf. a little ball 
Boukracd. em. bulwark, for- 

Bottlevenement, total ever- 

throw, disomfer 
Boolerener, va. to *ever. 

Bouleux, sm. Udtorious man, 

short thiek horse 
BwkW. a tea pot 
Boulier, aflihing net 
BouUmiet sf bukmy 
Bouiin, sm. ^geon*s cove 

puthg; eraffolding hole 
Bouline, of. Imdine ; tack 
Boulin^r vn. tack about ; shift 
Boulineur, m. a camp thief 
BouKngrin, bowling green ; 

BouUniM', a ship that *goes 

with QSidevdnd iiveight 
Boulon, iron pin. steel yard 
Bonlonner, va. to fasten; to 

pin down 
Booque, */* a straight passage 
Bouqiier, vn. to truckle ; 

buckle to 
Bouqtiet, sm. a nosegay 
Bouquetier, aftemer-pot 
Bouqvefidre, •/. nosegay-wo* 

Bonfinetin, sm-v toild^oal 
Bonquin, old he-goat ; lecher 
Bouquiner, vn. to hunt after 

old books s to couple as a 

Bouquiner'ie, sf. a heap of 

quotaitanefrom old books 
Bouquiiwur, sm, bookworm 

Bouracan, barraren [her 
Bouracanier, barraeem-on» 
Bouraique, sf. suddentueem^ 

a caprice 
Bouroe, mud, mire 
Bourbelier, sm wUd ^ear''e 

Bourtieux^ a. muddp^ miry 
Bourbier, snu slough jfiUtnge 
BouHmIIod, matter from a 

Bourcette, sf com salteui 
Boiodaloiie, tm. hatbanti 
Bourde. tf sham, Jib, fun,- 
Bourder; vn. tojib^ tell sto- 
Bourdeur, te. e. a Jibber 
BuurdilloD, sm. cleft weed 

to make casks 
Bouixlon, drone, staJF 
Bpuidonnant, e. a.'^uxxing 
Bouidonn^, e. a. pome" 
Buurdonneinent, snu 
ming; buzzing § mu. ..... 

Bounlonner, vn. htm ; mat- 
ter ; buzz 
Bounloiinet, sm, a doirxf 
Bourg< acountrytamn 
Bourp;ade, tf. a little towH 
Bourgage, sm. burgage 
Bourgeois, burgess, citizen ; 

^— , e. a. fit for a dtixen 
Boui^oise, sf citizen's wife 
Bourgcoitement, ad. citizen- 
like icity; thecHixfns 
Bourgeoisie, '/.freedom of a 
RourgeoiMm. a bud, a pimple 
Boai^onner, vn. to bud, 
*shoot " Iter 

Bourgmestre, sm. burgoMnas- 
Bourgu^pine. sf. bucklhom 
Bonrraehe. sf. oorage 
Bourrade. betAing, cuff 
Boiirrasque, eudden etorm : 
caprice Isfuff 

Bourre, wad, cows hair ; HUy 
Bcttrreau, sm. executioner ; 
butcher ; tormentor [vm 
Rourr6e. sf chat wood, bO' 
Bonnie (thnse), a boree 
Bourrelet, snu a pad, hood 
Boiirrellier, harness-maher 
Bourrelleraent, em. torture ; 
remorse [roeib 

Bouiveller, va, to torment^ 

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BwutXk!ne» */. racking pain 
UownaaCf va, Utpad ; ram * 

Bourriehe, */. a basket in 

vthich game ia »cnt 
Bounier, e. a. made 9fc9w » 

hair, &G. 
JBourrique, */*• OJ«,«*Vcw// 
JBoui'riquefy tnt» hand-boT' 

row, ass's colt 
Boun-u, e. a. morose^ cross 
Sonne, W*. a pursr^apo^i 

an exchange* vesicle^ bag 
Boursette, small purse 
Bounier, sm. treasurer, 

purse-maker, burser 
BouTsiner,vn. ^rnake ago- 

BounoD, sm- a fob i 

Bounoufler^. to blaat^puff 
BouraoiifiUge^ sm, Boursouf- 

flure, */. swelling, pompo- 
sity idcer^s dung 
Bouiardy ou Bouzanl, mu 
Botue, if. cvuPs dung 
BoHsillage, sm, a mud wall ; 

Bou«iller,«'a. * make a mud 

toall, to spoil a -work 
Bousilleur, sm,muU waller ; 

Bousquier, vs. to plunder 
Boussole, */. compass, guide 
Baux,end,tip,ntf^le, chape, 

button, heel piece, ferrule 

Bout d'^iley sm. pinion 
Bouts rini4s. rhimes 
Bouts saij^ieux, neck ff mut- 
ton, scrqg 
Boutade, sf. freak, whim ; 

Boutadeuz, se. a. -whimsical 
Bowt-en-txain, <rm. tiecoy' 

bird, merry companion 
"Bxmt-fcn, gunner ; linstock ; 

Boate^uu«aire. sm, a 

BoateillaKc butlerage 
Boutdlle, sf a bottle 

■ f vetsie dVau) . bubble 
Bouteiiler, sm, butler , 

Boucer. va. to *put ; pare off" 
Boutique. */ skop;impTe- 

ments ; stalli trunk 
Bocitiquier, snu shopkeeper 
BoatouT) sm, snout fiuttress 


BoQtoB, button ; bud.pimple 
BoutouiHrr, va, to button; 

bttdt* break out 
Boutonnerie, sf, button-toare 
Boutpanie vn. button-maker 
Boutbnuidre, sf, button Jtolt 
Bouuii;e^/tp of a tree,sucker 
Bouvart, sm, yqung bull 
Bpuverie, sf core-bouse 
Bouvet, sm, a plane [boates 
Boifviei') e. s cowhcrd,clov>n^ 
Bou\ilJon, jm bullock 
Bouvi-euil, sm, bullfinch 
BoyAr, a Rusian nobleman 

, branch of a trench 
Boyaudier,Am Jiddle-stHng- 

Bracelet, «(drace^f 
BrAcber,fn tobratol 
Brachial, a, brachial 
Brachraane, snu braman, 

BracnniteTyVo to poach 
Bracoimier,fm. a poacher 
Bna, pitch and tar mixt 
Bioif sf back clouts 
Bi-aies«^/. trowsers 
Brail laid, e. a. ^i bawHng, 

noisy persp;i 
BralUer, vn. to bawl 
Brailleur, se. s,fynvler.scold 
Braieraeiit, sm. braying of 

an ass 
Brair^, vn, to bray asana^s 
BnA^ftflive coal; small coal 
Rraisier, sm, trough 
Bran, sm, coarsest bran 
Bran, int. pshaw 
Branctind,«m. a litter^ shafi 

of a coach ; hand-barrow s 

chairman's horse 
Brancanlier, a litter driver 
BranchagejeroficAr*, boughs 
Braiiche, */ brancli, hough i 

stick of a Roman balance 
Bc^ncher, va, to f hang on a 
— ^, vn,to perch i tree 

Branchier, sm, a brnncher 
Bvanchu, e. a, f*ranchy 
Brande. sf, heath, bough 
Braiid(>Dour(?h, sm, surtout 
Brandevin, ^m. brandy 
Brandevimev, e. s. sutler 
Brandillement, sm, swinging 
Brandiller, va, to swings see- 
Bnuidilloire, *f, a sving 



Bnindir, va, to brandish g 

• stop ; strengthen 
Brandon, sm, ajtrebrand i 

uisp of straw 
firandonner, va to naU vris^ 

qf straw at th* door ojm. 

seized inheritance 
Branlaut, e^ a, shaking 
Bnn\e,itm^ogging; hammock 
Branlement, sm. jogging j 

Branler, v. to jog; • shake i 

waver; • give ground; tot- 
ter, move 
Brahleur, se. s, shaker 
Brauloiiv, sf, swing; see-sfiw 
Braque, sm, a setttng-dog 
Braquemart,acMe/aM X.^on 
Bi-aqueroent,^oinf<»j7 a can- 
Braquer, va, topoint to turn 

a carriage Ihandle 

Bras, sm arm^ claw, sconce, 
Brascr, va, to solder 
Biasier, sm. coaUfirca great 

clear fire ; pan for coals 
Brasiller, va. to broil 
Brassage^ sm, coining's fees 
Brassart, brassets ; oracers 
Brasse, sf a fathom 
Bi-ass^e, an armfuU 
\\x9iisex^'aJbrew.mix; devise 
Brassene, sf, a brewhouse 
Brasseus, se. s, a brewe^' . 
Brassidres,^/*. night waistcoat 
Brassiii, sm. brewer's copper 
Brasure, sf. soldering 
BniA-ache j a swaggerer ^ bully 
Bravade, sf, hectoring 
Brave, i.'as. brave spruce 
Bravement,oi/. stoutlyjinely 
Braver^ va, to brave, bully 
Brayene, sf finery 
Bravoure. valour ^courage . 
Brayement, sm, braying of 

an ass 
Rrayer, a truss, pannel 
Bray eSfSfpUhitdren's clout* 
Biayette. the codpiece 
Bryant, sm, a siskin 
BrebiaKe. tax on sheep 
Brebis, sf a sheep, ewe 
Brdche. breach; gap; notch 
Br^chedent, 2. a s toothless 
Brechet. sm, brisket 
Brecin, sm. iron hook [chat 
Biedi-bi-eda, stupid noisy 
Brvdouni«. sm, doublepoints 

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at French baclq^amtMn 
•llTedoaniement, ttammering 
Bredouiller, vn. to hammer 
BndoiiiIleiir,ie.«. stammerer 
Bifef, ve. a, briefs short 
Bref. od. in short, shortly 
TtivPf tni* o brief, calendar 
llr^hAicue 2, n. barren 
Hit land^ jWi. ti gunning house 
.. — , tort sff(^me at cards 
deistuT^T. T'lp f^ ganfe 
Brelflswlitr, srti, u gamester 
Breluiiiiiiifr< <■* f- «• deafer 

B relitbK'luq m.^^d, heedlessly 
Hrtllt. // <ifff/t 
nrvJcMiu*:, ti ^rtitvavf, toy 
BrL4QcKF, thvtnfenanawor. 

sted stuff 
Brdnie, a bream Cfish) 
Br6nl. snu Brastl -wood 
Bristlier, re to • cut small, 

to dye with Braril wood 
Br^sillet, sm, Branl wood 
Bretailler, vn, to tilt 
'Bretnl\ear,sm.atilter, bully 
Bretander, va- to * jcrop 
Bretelle, */. a strap ; handle 
Brette,a rapier^ long sword 
Brette, e. a. toothed, notched 
Bretteur, *m, a bulley, hector 
Bretture, sf, teeth of tools ^ 
Br^ve, a short sylldble 
Brevet, sm. warranty com- 

mission^ indenture: bill of 

lading ; charm, spell 
Breretaire, bemer of the 

king^s warrant for - 

church preferment 
Brereter, va, to • give a 

Br^viaire, /m. a breviary; 

Breava};e, drink^ potion, 

drench, beverage 
Bribe.*/, a scrap, lump 
Bricole, bricole s rebound; 

back-stroke; toll 
Bricoler, vn, • toss sideways 
Bride, */. bridle, stay, loop 
Brider, va» to bridle, curb, 

tie fast 
Bridoir,«m. bridle onawO' 

man^s headdress 
Biidon, a snaffle^ a bit 
Brief, ve. a. qulck,short 
Sii^vementj ad, briefly 


Bri^vet^9 ^. brevity, shfi- 

Briier, va- 19 guttle, eUsw off 
Briteur, te. s, a guttler 
RriKade, sf. brigade, troop 
Brigadier, sm, origadier 
Brigand, highwayman ; ed> 

tortioner ; aristocrat 
Brigandage, robbery 
Bri^nder, fn. to rob on the 

Bri^antin, sm, brigantine 
Brignoles, sf.pUprunet 
Brignon, sm. kind ^ plumb 
Brigue, sf, solicitation, cabal 
firiguer, va, to soliciie, sue 
Brieuenr, sm, candidate 
Briilant,e. a. shining, bright 

sense { a brilliant 
Brillanter, va. to* cut a dia- 
mond into angles Iglit'er 
BriHer,vn.t0 *shine, sparkle, 
Hrimbale, sf, brake; handle 

of a shiprs pump 
Bnmbaler, tmi. to *set agoing 
Brimboiions, #m.^/. baubles^ 

Brin,#ni. bit; sprig ;slip; stick 
Brinde, sf a toast, a health 
Brioche sort of nice cake, 

Brion, sm, moss on trees 
Briqae,{/*. a ftn'cA; 
Briquet, sm, a steel 
Briquetage, bricks ; brich 

work ; brick-like [like 
Biqueter, va, to 'hnake brick- 
Bnqueterie, sf brick-kiln 
—— , brick-making 
Briquetier, #m. brtck-maker 
Brit, wreck, breaking open 
Briians, sm, breakers,shetoes 
Briaant, sm, shelf; blind 
Hriie, sf, a breeze Trock 
Bris^es. sf, pi, tracks 

hunting ; design ifellow 
Brise-fer, sm, a very strong 
Brite-glace, starling 
Bri«e»vent, shelter 
Briie-oou, break-ntck place 
Briae-ndsou, sm, noisy chat. 

Britement, dashing; rending 
Briser, va, to • break; *split ; 

dash ; bruiee ; • rend ; de- 
stroy ; *fbll out 
Se briaerj vr, * break; fold up 


Briaeor, sm. breaker 
Britoir,a brake ftrjkue 
BriMiue, sf, britque (game of 
B risure^ rebatement Crordr 
Brittaninqu^ 2. a» British 
Broc, sm, a katkemjaek ; a 

great jug 
Brocanter, v.fbea broker 
BroncanttHir, tA. •. a broker 
Brocard, sm. brocade; tmunt; 

Brocanler, va, to taunt; * n^ 
Broeardeur, ae. s, a taunter 
Broeatelle, sf, Unsey-w—lsey 
Broccoli, sm, broeou 
Broehe, tf, spit ; knitting- 
needle ; faucet ; stick,peg, 
puncher ; stem 
Brocher, tw. to *knit^ ^stitch; 
•do in a hurry; *w9rk -wUh 
gold, silk, &c. to • stick ; 
Brochet, sm, a pike [fasten 
Brocheton, a small pike 
Brochette, sf, a skewer 
Brochetter, va. to meamrt 
the limbs and side planks 
of a ship; to pin on 
Brocheur, te. #. a^nitter 
Brochoir, sm. smithes shoe- 
ing hammer 
Brochure, sf. a pamphlet 
Brod^, e a. embroidered ; 
streaked [Amu 

Brodeqmn, sm. buskin ; the 
Broder, va. to embroider ; 
romance imancing; knot 
Broderie, sf. embrnderu; ro- 
Brodeur, te. s. embrinaerer, 
Brudoir,#m.a6oMtn {spoUer 
Bronehade, sf. ttumbling 
Bronchement, sm, failure 
Broncber, va, to ^tumble^ 

Bronchial, e. a. bronehitU, 

of the lungs 
Bronchotonue, {/I ^^omy 
Bronze, S. s, bronze, bran 
BroDzer, va, to bronze 
Broqiiait, sm. a brocket 
Broque, vtd. Broccoli 
Broquette, sf, a tack 
Brossaillei, bushes, briar* 
Broste, a brush.pencU 
Brosaer, vr, to brush 
— — , vn. brush ah^g 
Broirier, sm. a brush-moker 
BtoxL^e, sf,fog,mist 

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Brooel, Ml. boiled nUlkf 

grvci^ thin broth 
Broaette, sf, wheehbarrow, 

paitry coach \man 

Brouetuer, om.vjheel'barrow 
Brouhaha, clafiting 
Broaillamini, hotchpotch 
Brouillard, ntiot ; dau^book 
Broui}ler,va. to thuffk. • mix 

together ^embroir^ perplex, 

jumble^ * set at variance 
Se — , vr, to fill out, *be out, 

•be overcast 
Brouillerie, sf. broil, quarrel 
Brotiflleriesy snutU trinkets 
BroaUton, sm, foul copy; 

day-book i marplot 
BrouiHon, ne. a, *. shuffling 
Brouirjwa. toblasf^busy^oay 
Bromsaement, «m. a raftttff j- 
BiouiMure, sf. blight, blast 
Broustfilles, sf.pU brambles 
Broosshiy sm, excrescence 
Brout, browxt'Jwood ; green 

shell oftvalnuts 
Brouter, va, to browse 
BroutiUef. */. *prtngs, trifles 
BTOje, a brake for flax 
Broyement, sm pounding 
Broyer, va. to *grind^pound 

Broyeur, sm. ^tnder 
Broyon, a brayer 
Bro,«/I a son''svfife 
BmaDt,nn* yellow^ammer 
Brugnon, a nectarine 
Briune,//*. rime ; hoarfrost 
Brainer, vn. to drixzk 
Braire, to roar, bustle, *ring 

Braissement, sm, roaring 
Bru*it,a noise,report4Uproar, 

Brfttant, c «• burning, hot, 
BrAI6, sm. burning [eager 
BrOlemeat, burning, flre • 
BrQler, va, to ''burn, scorch, 

Brftleur,*m. incendiary 
BrAlot, aflre-ship^pt/robolus 
Brfilure, sf, a burning,blast 
Brumal, e. a. winterly 
Brume, sf. a fog at sea 
Brameax. se. a, foggy, misty 
Bran, eMJbroion; dusky; dun 
Bran, sm,brown colour\man 
Bnm, c *. brawn man or wo- 
Btimet,te« a, brownish 


Bmnet,«in. a bromn youth 
Bnmette, sf. a broton girl 
Brunir, v. to burnish, to turn 

Bninitsage, sm, burnishing 
Bnjnttieur, a burnisher 
Bninissoir, bumishing-stick 
Branissure, sf.polishiruF 
Bruae, knee-hollu {hasty ' 
Brusque, 8 it. blunt ; orders 
Brusquement, ad bluntly ; 

Bn]squer,va. fit affront 
Bnisquerie, sf. rudeness 
Brut, e. a, rough ; brute 
Brutal, e. a. bitaish rude 
Brutal, sm. churl ; blunt ; 

Brutale, sf. shrew ; clown 
Brutalemeut, ad, inconside- 
rately, beastly, clownishly 
BrutaKier, va. to use roughly 
B rutalit^. */. —lity, rashness 
Brute, a. brute, brutish 
Bruyant. e. a. blustering, 
roaring {German wool 
Bruy^re, sf heath ; a sort of 
Boanderie, a xoash-house 
Buandi^re, a washer-woman 
Btthe, a pimple, blister 
Buberon^rn. a tucking-bUtle 
Bubon, buboe, blotch 
Buccinateur, a trumpeter 
Buccine, sf. a cornet 
Bucentaufe, ftn. bucentaur 
Bgc^phale. Bucephalus 
Buche, sf. billet ; blockhead 
Bucher, sm. wood-pile, wood- 
house. Juneral pile 
Bucher, va. to fell wood 
Bucheron, sm. wood-cleaver, 
Buchette,*/.*iicA: Cor*r/fcr 
Bucolique, a pastoralpoem 
— -,»2 . a. bucolic, rural 
Buflfet,*m. bujjret; sideboard, 

table ; set ojf plate 
Bufl^tei'. va. to suck wine 

out if a peg-hole 
Buffeteur. sm. one who sucks 

wine out of a peg-hole 

BufFei\er,snubuJfeteer ; who 

stands at the side^able; 

hence, by corruption^ the 

English 7iJ<Mrf, beePcater 

Duffetin, a buj'-coat 

Buffle. buflalo ; huff skin ; 

blockhead ; huff-coat 
Buffletin, a young buffalo 


Bugle, ^. bugle 
Br ■ " * 


(aire, ot ' 

ou buie, a flagon 

Bum, sm- box, box-tree 
Bu\9aene,sf. board to make 

hogsheads witA 
Buisson, sm. bush^ thicket 
Buistonnet, little bush 
Bttissonni6r,e.o. truant 
Bulbeux, te. a, bulbous 
Bunaire, snu eollection of 

bulls N ' 

BQlle,sf, a bull, bubble 
Bulletin, sm, ballot, certifi- 
cate of health, billet 
Buraliste, a receiver ofdw 

Burnt, sm. a coarse kind of 

cloth Icleth 

Bure, */ a coarse kind of 
Bureau, sm. offlce; laaxourt; 

factory; bench; committee; 

scrutotre; kind of coarse 

cloth (crystal bottle 

Burette, */. cruet for oU 
Burin, sm. a graver 
Buriner, va. to engrave 
Burlesque, sm, a ludicrous 

way of writing rmock 
Burlesque, S. a. buriesgue, 
Burletquement, ad. c«mt* 

cally , 
Bunal, e. a. pecuniary 
Buiard, sm. a buxxtfrd 
Buae, busk, whalebone ^ 
B\xte,sf, buxxard, a ninny 
Busquer, va, to pursue ; to 

stiffen ; to prop 
Buste, sm. a bust 
But, a but ; mark ; jack ; 

aim ; design 
Buti but, aa. even hands 
Buter, vn. • hit the mark, 

aim at 
Se buter,T»r. to clash jbe*flxed . 
Butin, sm, booty, sboit, prize 
Butiner, va. topiiiage,plunf 

Butireux, se. a, buttery 
Butor, sm, a bittern, a lob 
Butorae. sf,a stupid woman 
Butte, sfnillock^ask. point 
Buyable, 2: a, drinkable 
Buvetier, sm. a publican 
Buvette, */. a tavern, a 

Bureur, le. *. tipler, toper 

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BoTotter, vtut»*tip, tipple 

ptA. int, come on 

^ Ca, an lAbreviation of 

*oelA, that; cm in, t' ' 

Ck b U, ad. hither, up and 

Cabale, of, a cabeL club 
CalMler, vn, to cabal. 
Cabalear, »nu a caballer 
C atelUte, a cabalut 
Catelistique, ^ a. cabnUttic 
Cahane, 9f, cottage^ cabin, tilt 
Cabaret, tm, fnMic-housCf 

Cabaretier, e. «. a publican 
CtAMa^tm, a frail, basket . 
Cabettan. a cqfittan 
Cahillaud, a cod, chub 
Cabille, sf clan in Arabia 

and Abistinia 
Cabinet, snu cloid, , ccAinet, 

tummtfhouse privy study 
Cable, a cable 
Cablcau, snutll cable 
Cabler, va. twist threads into 

a cord 
Caboehe. sf. a larger headed 

nail; head; old nail 
Caboehon, snuprecious stone 

net *cut 
Cabotage, sm. coasting 
Caboter, vn. to coast 
Cabotier,'«m. a coaster ■ 
Cabrer, v. toprance^ irritate 
Se — , to be refractory i to*fall 

irao apasston 
Cabri, snu a young kid 
Cabriole, sf. a capriol; caper 
Cobrioler, vn. to caper 
Cabriolet, sm. hght low 

Cabrioleur, ae. *. tf caterer 
C«bron, sm, a kid^s skin 
Cabrouet, sm. little cart 
Cabai (<}houx), cabbage head 
Cacade, sf. sad balk, baffle 
Cacao, sm cscoornut 
Caeaotier, coceatree 
Cacaoy^re» *f' place planted 

with cocoa^trees 


Cache, lurking^Mle 
Caehement. sm. hiding 
Caelier, va. * hide, conceal, 

Cachet, sm, seal, signet 
Cacheter. va, to seal, seal up 
Cachettcf/I lurking-hole 
Caehot, sm. a dungeon 
Cachotterie, sf. affectation ; 

Cachott, carhee, akind of nut 
Caeoehvnie, 2. a, ill-complex- 

ionea, ill-natured, cross 
Caouchyiitie, sf.cacochymy 
Caeopliunie, tf. ra aphony 
Catlaitre, sm, terrier Irous 
Cadav^reox, le. a. cadave- 
Cadavre, sm. corpse, carcase 
f adeatt, a flourish, a feast 
'-'adenas, a padlock 
Cadenasser, va. to ftadlock 
Cadence, sf. cadence, harmo- 
Cadenc^ e. a. cadenced {ny 
Cadencer, va. to cadence; 

Caidenette, sf, hair tressed 
Cadet, sm, younger ; novice 
Cadette, sf, younger sister 
Cadi, sm. a judge among the 

Cadit, a kind of serge 
Cl^iran, snu a dial 

solaire, sun dial 

Cr<dre, a picture frqme 
C4drer, va. to quadrate, suit. 
Caduc, caduqui', a, decayed 

Caducee, Mercury*s wand ; 

Caducite, sf, decay, craxi- 

ness • 

Cafiird, e.a.s. hypocrite 
Cat'arderie, sf. hypocnsv 
C9.U, snu coffee, coffee-house 
Cafetier, coffee^nan 
Cafetidre. sf. coffeepot 
Cafier, snu coffK-tree 
Cage, */. cage, jail 
Cag;natd,e. a s, lazy, idle, 
Cagnarder, vn, to mump 
Cagnaidiae sf laziness ' 
Cagneux. le. a. s boxvle^ged 
Cagot, c. hypocrite, bigot ; 4 

Cng^tetietsf. hypocrisy \tion 
Cagotiskne, mu affected devo^ 


Cagoa, an owl of a nun 
Cague, sf Dutch AsMng'baptt 
Cahier. sm, stitched b^k 
Caltiihcaba. odl outwardly 
Culiot, sm ajolt of a coach 
Cahoter,v. to jolt, shake 
Cahutte, sf a hut, cottage 
Ca'ieu. via, Cayea 
Caiil^. sm, curds and whey 
CaiUeootte, {^ curd* and 

CaiUebott4,e. a, curdled 
Cailie^ttis, sm. gratings 
Cailleintaxt, curdling of too- 

'maiCs ndlk 
Cailler, va. to curdle ; coa- 

Cailleteaa, snu young gwdl 
Cailleiot, a vouxj^ turbat Isip 
Caillette. sf. rennet; silly gos^ 
CtkWm, sm. a clod »f blood 
— — roiat, rose-water pear 
Caiiiou. afintjlint stone 
Cailloutage flints .rock-work 
Ca'iniacan, an officer among 

the Turks 
Cajoler. va.tecmole, wheedle 
Cajolerie, tf. cajojing^ coax- 

ing rcoaxer 

Cajoleor, so. s. wheedler, 
Caitte, sf. chest ; cash ; drian 
Caissier, snu a. ceuhier 
Caiuon, ctmeredrogggen 
Cal, snu callosity 
Calaison, sf. depth of a ship 
Calamine, sf, calamine ; Uf 

pis calamtnaris Zpress 
Calamity, —ty, misery dis- 
Calamiteux, se a. calamitous 
Calandre, sf calender ; xoee- 

Calandrer, va, calender cloth 
Calendreur, sm, a calender 
Calcaire, 3. 0. that may be 

reduced to chalk; calca- 

rious, limy 
Calc^dotne, sf. chalcedony 
Calcination, calcining 
Calciner, va. to calcine 
Calcol, calculation t the stone 

in the bladder 
CaleaUble, 3. a, cemptaable 
CalculateuK, sm. accom/Uant 
Calcaler, va. to calculate, 

• casi up 

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Cdculeux, le. a. calcuUnu 
Cale, *f. roo9den weftge; creek; 

ducking ; ship** hold ; fat 
Caldtesse, »f. a gourd [cap 
CniMiesf calash; chariot 
Calef on, *m. dravierg [her 
Cftleconnier, drawer* ma- 
Cal^taction, «/*. — (/«n, beat' 

Calemar. »nu ctittle-Jlth ; pen- 
C alemboarsr. a pun \ceue 
Calendes, yf. calends ; convo- 
— grecques, never {catUm 
Calendn«', tnu a calendar 
~-^ Or^gorien, Gregorian 

Calenture, sf. burning fever 
Calepin, *m, book of extracts 
Caler, va. to Imoer (the sails) 
Calt'as, sm, calking, oakum 
Calfat, a calker, calking 
Calfatage, calking of a ship 
Calfatter, va to calk, pitch 
Calfateor, sm. a caiker 
Calfktin, <alUtrU boy 
Calfeacrage, stopping chinks 
Calfeutrer, va. to *ttop chinks 
Calib^, e. a. chalybeate, im- 

pregnated tcith steel 
Calibre, snu bore, size, sort 
CaKbrer, va. to dispart 
Calice, sm. chalice, calix, cup 
CalifoiiTchoii. k califoax^ 

ebon astride 
Caligineox, te. a- gloomy 
C&lin, e. s. laxu beggar,oooby 
C&Iiner, va. tooeggar 
Se — . w. to * sU, or rest like 

a beggar or booby 
Calleux. se. o. callous, hard 
Calloaite, *f callosity, hard- 
Calamande, ctUUmanco 
Calrae, 2. a. calm, quiet, still 
—, sm. calm at sea, ddm- 

ness, qidetness, stiUness 
Calmer, to. to calm, afr 

pease, quiet, stili, pacify 
Calommateur. «m. auun> 

niator, slanderer 
Calonuuatrice. «/*. eabimni- 

Calomnie, calumny, slander 
Calonuiier, va. to ' ctUumni- 

ate, slander [derously 

Calomnieusement, ad. tlan- 
Calomnieasj se. a. slanderous 
Calot'iB, a foppMi clergyman 


Calotine, sf, a groiesgut 
toorkf mfgure [poon 

Calotte, leather cap; Idni' 

Calottier, sm, leather<ap, 

Calquer, va. chalk the out- 

Calvaire, sm. Calvary 

Calyinisme, Calvinism 

CaWiiuste, 2- a s. ctdvinitt 

CalTitie, sf. baldness 

Caiuniet, sm. large Indian 

Caliu, hard knob in the skin, 
hardness of heart 

Calyphe. ou calife, a caliph 

Camtiiea, precious stone, pic- 
ture of one colour 

e-mail, a camail, a a^u- 

Caiiia]dnle,a kind of friars 

Camarade, a comradejillow 

Camard, e. a. s fat-nosed 

Cainbiste, sm. change-broker 

Cambouis, ;7omr. coom 

Cambrer, va. to vault, *bend 

Se —, vr. to warp as wood 

Cambrure. sf bending 

Cam^ sm. cameo 

C&m^leoD, a camelim 

Canielot, camlet 

Camelote, e. a> woven like 

Camelotine, sf. a kind of 

Cam^iier, sm- chamberlain 
^ a pope or cardinal 

Camerlinfl^t, the pope's great 
chambniain's place 

Camerlingae. tfie pt^s 
great chamberlain 

Camion, very small pin ; 
cat" s claw ; little cart 

Camisade, sf. assault by night 

Camisard, sm. fanatic, en- 

Camisole, sf under waiscoat 

Camomille. camomile 

Camoufiet sm puff tf smoke, 

Camp, a camp ; tm army 

Campajrnard, e. a. of the 
cifuntry, rustic 

Campagnard snua country- 
man, a clown [woman 

Campagnatde, sf. a country- 

Campagner country ; cam- 

CAN 95 

Canpane a tufljiringe 
Campanelle, -~ntUa 
Campanette bluebell JUmer 
Campanille sm. steeple, bet- 

Carap^che (bois de). log-^wood 
Caniperoent, encampment 
Camper, v. to encamp, place 
Camphre, sm. camphire 
Camphr^, e. a, camphorated 
Campine, sffne pullet 
Campos, sm. a play-day led 
Camus, e. a flat-nosed; baulk- 
Camuson tf.fiO-nosedxirl 
Canaille, therMk, moo 
Canal, sm. canal, ehannei, 

gutter,p^ ways meam 
Canap^.tt. fanipy^oueh 
Canapia, a kw^sack 
Canard, mallard, water. dog 
Cananler, va. topeb ; *shoot 
Canardidre, sf. a decoy 
Canai;ie, sm. canary-fyrd 
Cance). chancel 
Cancellation, sf. recission 
Canceller, va. to cancel f 

raxe [cer 

Cancer, sm, a canker, can- 
Cancre. a crab-fish; poor $ 

Candelabre, a chandelier 
Canduer, {f candour, franh' 

ness Icandy 

Candi (gncre), sm. sugar- 
Candidat a candidate * 
Candide. 3- a, candid sincere 
Candidement ad. sincerely 
Cane sfa duck, coward 
Caneler. to channel chamfer 
Canellat, sm. sugar cinnt^ 

Canelle, sf cinnamon a lap 
Canell^, e. a. of a cinnanwn 

colour ; chamfered 
Can^lure, sf. 'channelling, 

chamfer, ftutings 
Canepin, sm.fine aheep-skin 
Caneter, vn, to waddle [twist 
Canetille, sf gold or Hlver 
Canetiller, va. to tie with 
Caneton,«m duckling [iwiH 
Canette, sf. duckling 
Canevas sm. canvass, rough 

Caiiiche. sf s^niel bitch 
CaniculairesjouTs) dog*^ 
Cdnicutei tf, dog-star, 


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Cantf, im. a penknife 
Canin, e. a,camne 
Canne* tf, cane^ stick, mea- 
Canon, «m. cannon, gun- 
barrel, quiHrbarrel, ca- 
non, gun, catch 
Canunial, e. a. canon -cal 
Canouicat, *m, a prebend 
Canoniqtie, S. a, canonical 
Canouiquement, ad. —-caUy 
Canoniste, sm. a canonist 
Caaonisation, sf* —xation 
Canonber, va. to canonize 
Canonnade* sf. cannonade, 

cannon ihU 
Caiiunnage, sm. gunnery 
Canonner, vo. to cannonade 
Canonnier, snu gunner 
Canonnniftre, sf. embrasure; 

drain-holef loop-hole 
Canot, sm, a small boat, co- 
Cantate, sf, cantata inoe 
CantatUle, a little contata 
Cantharide. I^nithjly 
Cantine, sf, a bottle^ase ; a 

tavern for soldiers 
Cantique, snu a canticle 
Canton, district ; part qf a 

Cantonnementy cantoning 
Cantonner, va, to canton 
Se — T>r. to fortify one''s sell 
Cantonnidre, sf, cafiton ; ad- 
ditional curtain to a bed 
Canule, sfpipe, tube 
Cap, sm, a cape labt 

Capable, 3. a, capable, a'de, 
Capablement, ad, skilfully 
Capacity, sf, abiUly, sHll, siax 
Caparasson, sm, caparison 
CapanuMuer, va. to cqfta- 

Cape, sf cape of a cloak, 

riding-hood ; main sail 
Capelan, sm, apoor ignorant 

Capillaire, nuUden-hair 
Capilutade,^^. a /utsk; slander 
CapHaine, sm, a captain 
CapUainerie, sfgoverntnent 
of a castle, office of a ran- 

Capitainesse, ou capitane, ad' 

miral galley 
CapilAl^e. a, capitalf chief 
Capital, sm, matu point; 

stock principal 


Capitale, sf chief city 
Capitales, sf.pC capital let- 
ters Ito death 
Capitalem^it, ad, capitally^ 
Canitan, sm, boaster, hector 
— XM^toi, Turkish admiral 
Capitane, sf, the admiral 
Capitanie, c^otnry [galley 
Capiteux, se a. heady 
Capitule, sm, capitol 
Capiton, silk tvelt 
Capitoui, principal magis- 
trate ofTouloiue 
Capitulaire, 3. a. of a chiMer 
Capitulairement, ad, cne^ 
terly [o chetftter 


Capitulant, sm, member oj CKto\Aa»A'e,sf, a rook's trick 

Capitulation^ sf, -^ion, nr- 

ticles, agreement [parley 

Capitnier, vn, to capitulate, 

Capun, sm, idle scnooUboy ; 

Caponner, vnjto*trick (ment 
Caponnidre, sftrench^lodg- 
Caporal, sm, corporal 
C%}foX, great coat, cloak 
Capote, sf. riding-hood,cloak 
CApre, a caper, m, privateer 
Caprice, mi. -a/him, ca/irire 
Se eaprtiJtT* vr. to * Utkt- pet 
C&pric ieu>eiiu.-ii i, mU^i u „tly 
Cspricieus^ *l^ a. capririous 
C9.\ifk*irm, nn. f^npricmn 
Cfl [J nMty a laftci-^iV [ ft 'Jse 
Capri/.ojtL, ipiAiUJr tiuvven 
Capxnk'T '/' ^ '^jc 
Capciiti:urt^ jm, aw inve\gler 
CtLit^M'iiiiu rf invei^tiHg 



Catitujtj va. to inTJcigfe 
Cautieusement, ad, subtilly, 

Captieux, se^ a, deceitful, 

subtil, sophistical 
Captif, ve. a. s, captive 
Captiver, va, to captivate, 

Captivitd, sf, captivity, great 

confinemem [xure 

Capture, capture, booty, sei- 
Capuce, sm, a cowl (cowl 
Capuchon, riding cloak ; 
Capucin, capuchin friar 
Capucine, sf, capuchin nun ; 

nasturtium [mon 

Capuctnide, cridicuhus ser- 

Caqoiffe, sm. harrelling vp 
Caque, t^ a cog, barrel 
Caque-demer, sm. pinch^ar- 

Caquer, va* to barrel up 
Caquec, sm, babbling, tedk 
Caqueter, vn. to chat,prattlc 
Caqiieteur, sm, a great talker 
Caqueterie, tittle-tattle 
Caquetoiie a chair of rest 
Caqaeur, sm, he that guts 
herrings in order to biu- 
ret them up 
Car, cfor, because 
Carabe, sm, yellow anAer 
Carabin, carabineer ; rook 

Can^bUie, a carabine 

CaralHuer, vn. to fire and 
then retreat ; to play the 

CaraUnier, sm. a canAinetr 

Caracole, sf, • caracal, or 
-wheeling about 

Caracoler, vn, to wheel about 

Caraeouler, to coo 

Caractdre, sm. character; 
style ; hand ; humour ; 

Cacacteriier, va. to charac- 
terise [tenstk 

Cacact^ristique, a. o, chatac- 


Carafon, sm, an ice-pail 

Carambole, carambol 

Caramboler, va, to caranAoL 

Caramel, «m. barley-sugar 

Camquey sf, a carack 

Cacao—, sm, the Best cocoa 

Carat, a carat 

Canvane, sf, a caravan 

Caravanier, sm. leader of a 

Caravaniite, one belonging to 
a caravan 

CaraTanseti^ sm. caravan- 

Carboncle, sm. a plagues 
blotch ; ruby 

Carbonnade, sf. a carbonade; 
a rasher [collar 

Carcan, sm. necklace ; iron 

Carcane, sf. carcase, skeleton 

Carcinome, sm, —ma^ a can- 
cer Zch^cc 

Carde, sf. stalk of an arti- 
',a card 

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j fi/r thcpurts ofo 


Canler,.TJo;«o cprt/ ., Iwool 
Cardbir, se. s, a carder 
Cartiijlgic, ^.heart-^urn 
Caitjiaque, 2.' a, *. cordtal 
Ci^^f.rm, a card tfmkcr 
CattTinill, e« a. qardinai 
— — wm. a cardinal . . 
Cargiiiaiat* tardinal^hip 
Cardiuale, j/I (pfauie) car<ft> 

Cardinalisery va i« piake 

car.dingl / ti» pqint rfid 
C^irdom «m. card^orkhUtle 

Un c^^jne-pr^iMiit, « ridk 
cutousfelioio IplOce 


ship under voter 
Ctt^jiieXf va tp careen £m^ 
Caressanr, e. «^ ^nd^Jb^ter- 
^HTfsa^ jfj^ carfijses, vheedte 

Caf^isoDy^f/^/ZMfyo [«mte 
Curgiier, mv>, fyrm , up the 
Cai7!;ues, sf.pU braUM- 
CancHtui-e, j/, ^n iX9eTch»ge. 
Carie, rattennt^* in the benet 
Carier, va» to rv^^ taint . 
Carillon, nn^ chimes ; troid- 

CanllonnetDeot, chimmg 
Carillaqj^^ pn, ^ thimc . . 
CEnllonQettr.^in* a cAtiMffr 

/J noisy felioio 
Cariol& if ajkinid i^caiaeh 
Ctx\%tvA^,fifnks, .ffy^ity 
Carix^ *m, a . earm^Uc 
Carmelite, if,,efirmelste rnin. 
Carmin, mu carmine (^t^ 
Carmii\%tir« vi^ «. camuoOf 
Camagi;,jrm carnage^ sUt^gh^ 


Canuusier. t, a, cariUvoroutf 

CamaMi«re^ *f, pouchy bog 
CanuMu>ii»' {/; -hUh ; Jhsh- 
. colour . 

Camava],#m> conu'vcrf. 
Came, *f, angle^ cvm^r 
'Cam^, e* a. car«0(i0f» 
Caniet»^m.a4!e^«)0it. . 
CamWinie, s. a comivotous 
C^rnosit^, *^. fftmnity ^ 
.Carogne, ajade 
Carsn, gnu a «lice offal baeoti ; 
tvltnovt lean 


CaipDCiile, «/. a 9mallglamdi 

CarotteTf vn* ropi^tfy <«p 
Carogwf^ «^ caiouxing 

Carpe,m. th^vrristi ' 

Carpcau. «.^(r e«r/ii 
C«ip«ct«fc ^r, packing-cloths 
CarpilloiH »m, a young earp 

SrnvuH$f a quiver .. t. 
rre, sfi crfvn of a haft } 
*hflfKHif.a coat. toes qfttehoe 
Carre, e a. square 
Carr6, #i?i..a oqwtrCt gairdkn* 

Can% de moutwH Mteagt^of 
Caneaus #v««re ; patie^gmi* 
. d^n.iiedi\CU*h:on; diamomd 

at.cmae; .the graumd; 

thunder bolt ; ihunder- 

9t,oue I tq^or's goo^e t Mt 
CarraiiiHH'* a croonaiay 
CarrejnBke«» . passing with 

square tiles, &c. 
CarreHir) fflu to pave vrith 

sauares tiles ^&e. to mend 

Carrekt» *m. ajloumer 

Car^elc<ii<«.nn. onethatpaoes 

wi(h. square tiles^ &e* 
Carre^uce, >i»/ ^ 

CAS ^r 

Carti^r, a card-maker 
CanilaRineuXfSc. a.gristhf 
Carton, srn pastsboardtband" 

box • • •. • • ■ 

Cartaiiner, wr. to add a leaf to 

abmk immkrr 

Cartonnier, sm. jn^HiSoard- 
CariMnhef sf* a charge ; car- 

CanqMie, «n. a eolleetion 
' ^fehai-fers . • 
Cm» ««aff) ; Jaet ; chance ; 

matter f value 
Casaaier,«Mi. dose house- 

ktepe*' ; taxy drone ' ' 
Ca«nier, e a. rctiedf idle 
Caaaque, of. a great em ■ ' 
CaiAqviii, tnu a short gtnen 
Cascade, if. edocade. a fall 
Caw4 -o paint at bacA^am^ . 

mou f>. square in a draught- 

boatdf.mean haMtaHon i 
Casemate, a rawmitftf [ftatr 
CaoBinMer, v^,. to fortify, to • take^ point at 

Caserne, sf a barrack r 
Caienier,«vn ,io* be in bar- 

C«rrer..i?fr .to.tqaare 
Se.-r, w. to strut 
C«Ki)etr.#9i. rn&f yam 
Carrier, a gparPY^nan 
Carrotie, «m* o eaaeh, 

— demiimney stagt*eeach 

— cewpf , a ehatxet • 
^ brit^.-<i iantdau -. [eaaih 

— 4« loiMge, « Aoefcfirir- 
Carrbts^e,4^/«^ir«iKrA .. 
GftfTOto'er^ntt* a coaeh-asahet 
Cut rpusel, a car«itfa/ 
Carrous«, «/• riotJoose mirih 
Caprmre, saape ■ ^a aaat 
ianayei'. pu. to ftoircer 
Ca^t^fisji card^ naPf pait^ 

.bopird ... .. 

Carte-roanne, setHfhdrt . 
Gartcly snu cartel ; challenge 

:art^ein, Ca 

Cart^eln, Carthesian 

CasiHeiu,.aB. «. brittle 
Casque^ em. e helmet' - 
K-^aidei^.a/tarttyOham • 

CWMttt, e. a. trjttfr, tgoting, 
Camtion,.«/: rqfte«/, oftrS- 
OaniiH «aMca, pen'oatey tnue 
Casse-eou. sm, umitfe place : 

iimooeit ground 
Casa^e [vmx),brokm voi6e 
easier vnjto^break^bruise ;' 

^aititcwala;^ a stew-pan ftfr 

Case-^Aie, - puxxle-brain ;' 
AflCMlt^ ii*ie Oup^r 

Cttiseitr^ ^, c^eret ; ^Wv^' 

CMseiir, sm, cracker^ouncer 

CManot. cassia ttee ' 

Cassolette, sfpeffitntingpan. 


Caataqnetles^ tastanets 

asteme. sort ^greenplum. 

CCftJ|si«d«Bie,tAeCarfAeiiaA iCastilie^ biehring; contenrf 

Casior, xtm. a 'Aeaoer 




Casttd, le. a, casual ; preea- 

Catael, #m. prufits, perfui' 
CanieUement, ad, catuaUy, 
: 61/ chanee caauist 
rataer^ie, 9f, cataererit 
Cataconiliei, catac0mh9 
jCatadoupei, vntter ftUU 
Cataflili^iie, *m. /antral de- 

CaUlepiie, »/, aUakptu 
Cauleptiq w*, i. a. ^^Hek [>«// 
CAtakgue, #m. -"loguey li*ty 
-Cataplajftne, fiouUice ' 
Cataracte^ {f* a eatiiract 
Se catacMta*, va. te jrrkw 

' Catarre» «m. a etitarrh 
Catarreux, te. o. catarrhmu 
CatMtrophe, {^ -iphe 
CAt^hiwi, vaf t" eatecbiM f 

U endeavour ; to pertuade 
Cat^cNiinie, am- a adechUni 
Cat^chiste,a eatecbut 
Cat^chUindne> 8. #. — m«> 
Cat^gori^ */. — ^-y, cto#* 
Categoriquemeiit, oa. eorff- 

. ^ofically * 
Cmlmrtique, 9i.a. ««Aaf«ic 
Catli^rale, sf* a cothednU 
Cath^dnnt, snu a lecturer 
Catbolicisme, -^icitm 
Catbtdidt^. */» cathaUciom ; 

the catholic countrie* 
Catholicon, *m. -<oh 
j;atbolil|oe, 8. a. <r. voe^fir ; 

CaihoUqiie, 3. <• JZWnan co- 

thotic, a papist . 
Catholiaaenwnt, mL Chris- 

CaU,«m. a press 
Ca'timini, ao. #£t/y 
Cadn, sf^ an immodest girl 
Catin, «m« afoundery vessel 
Catir^ va. to press cloth, 6*r.> 
Catoptrique, «/*. catoptrics 
Cavaieadc^ a cavakade, lit- 
tle journey • 
Cavalcadour, mu on equerry 
qavale, */. a mare 
Caval^rie, cavalry, horse 
Cavalier, «m. trooper ; gen' 

tlenian, horseman,sfiark 
CavaliC*® a./>lutttf haughty 
CavaU^remem, odL haughti- 

^^geittleman-likc, bluntly 

Ctadataire, mnn-Mr^'* 
C««e, #/. oefter ; mm of hot' 

ties ; vault ;pool atftlay 
Cave, 8. a. hollow {ndnr 
CaT«an, sm, little vauH or 
Cav^, sf. a hollow noy 
Caver, va, to hollow ;^ ^ock 

at play 
Caverae, sf a etroem 
Cavemei«x,t^ a. cavernous^ 

, ch^k- 
sf, sophistical 

Cavcnoii, s9n, 
tame a horse^ 

Cawiiu vm. « deJUei' cavity 
Cavite,.^ hollowness, cavity 
QaaailitI, cotMtftf^t/ ' 
CaQsati.,vie. a. cot/M/ fflrn; 
Cause, t£ tfor«e, reason, rhe- 
Cause, d*a|fpel, ««fi«ft t/ten 

Caaser, vn, to coftst ; talk ; 
''Causevr, sew «. ioMer 
Cnserie,// babbling^tandef 
Causticity, maHgnUy 
Cwistiaue, 3. a. caustic ; 

Catfteleusement, ad, silly 
Cauteleax, se a> roUy, sly 
Caut^re,«m.<in issue famery 
C«n4ri«er, -va. to cauterise ; 

• bum {surety 

Caution, of,' bail, teeurity, 
— bourfpeoue,^90if sector^ 
CautioaAefaent, «in. hailing 

Cayeu, n sucker f off-set 
Ce, eet, eette, pro, this, that, 
Ce que, what, that \it 

C*est pourquoi, therefhre 
Ce n'ea pas que, not that 

C^aasyAcf. 'utthxn,athoiraj i, e, empty tomb 

Ceei, ^ra. this, these 
C6cit^, sf. blindness 


CMaat, e. s^- grantor {sign 
CMer,vo, to cede, yield, re- 
QMiWe, sf,cediUa(^) 
CMrat, stn, a kind qf citron 
Cddre* cedar. 

CMule, sf. bill, note, cedula 
Ceiudre, V>a. to inclose ; *put 

on s gird 
Celntre, e. a. orcAetL vaulted, 
^eintiire, sf, girdle f the 

waist : inclosvre ; einc^ttre 


Ccuitnwry«m. o b tU m aker 
CeinturoD, a belt 
Ct^pro, that, those, so 
Celadon, sm. sea green ; af- 
fected sentimental man 
C^l#brant, offMating priest 
C^l^ratioD, sf solehmity 
C^l^bre, 8. a, famnts emi- 
nent . ' JfonA 
C^I^brer. va, celebrate, * set 
Ci\&Kit€, sf,'-^, solemnity 
C^ier, va, to conceal, * hide 
Ctfleri, sm. ielery 
C^lfrit^. sf.^^rity: raijl- 
nesSf speed T^crtlu 
Celeste, 8. a, celestiaf, hea- 
C^estins, am, pi. a sort of 
friars llife 
C^ib»t,sm,eelibaey ; single 
C^iibataire, 8. a. of celibacy 

, sm, a bachelor 

— — . sf unmarried -woman 
Celle, pro, f, she, that 
Cellener, e- *. eaterer ; eel- 
larist (ground 

CelUer, sm, ceHar above' 
Cellule, sf, a cell ; boso-casc ; 

hole in the honeycomb 
CeMi,pro. Aey that 
Celui-cl, celled, thia 
Celui-l&,eefte-li, fAof 
Cement, sm, cement 
Cementation, sf, -^on 
Cendve, sf, ashes 
Ceiidr6, e. a, ash'CoUnared 
CeaAr^,sf. dross of lead ; 

CtMdmmer,va,tobait,war^ smalishot ^ of ashes 

\ rant iboek Cendreuz, le. a, ashy^ full 

Cayer, sm, a ^re. Hitched Cendrier am, aahpan 

C^Re,aj^the LoftTo aupper 
C^nelle, holyoak*a berrtf 
C^nobite, sm, monk 
G^aobitique, 8. a, —4ictd 
Cfnouphe, am, cenotaph ; 

Cens, qu&rent 
Censable, 2. a, of a manor 
Cental, am. n broker 
Cease af, a/ie-finrm {pitted 
pens* e. a, ftccounted; re 
Censenr, am, eenaor, a critic 
Censiev, the lord of a manor . 
Censier,«e. a, a fee farmer 
Censitaire, am, a copff^older 

8eraiTe af, a manor 
ensivement, ad^ in a feudal 
Gcnsucl, le« a, feudal 

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Censurable, 2, a, —ftfc, dfr 
serving censure 

Censure, sf. cehsorshipi cen- 
sure; criticism 

va. to censure f 

Cent, a. a. hundred 

^snu an hundred Idred 

I Centsdne, {/• ^^<^ <''* A"'^- 
• C^uVBMve, 9tfi* a centaur 

, CenUitr^f ^/: centaury 

, Ccnti'Daire, S. a. centenary 

Centenier, centuiion, snu. 

cqptain of a hundred; 

, centurion 

Centi^nie, i, a, hundredth 
Ce^iton, sin, rhapsodu 
Central^ e- a. tentrai 
Centre, snu centre 
Centrifuge, J. o. centr{fugal 
Centrip^te, 2. a. centripetal 
Centnpfe, 2. a, sm, hunfired 
fold [greatly 

C«ntupler, t»«, to increase 
Centuriateur, sm, —fttof. 
Oenturje,^ — ry,Auharcrf 
Centurion, jm. —rioa 
Oep, sm, a vine 
Ce^endant* ad. in the mea^^ 

time, nevertfieless^ yet 
cApiiaiajtogie, »/;-^« 

C^pbalique, 2. a. cepfuilzc 
C eps, srh. stocks^fetters 
C^rat, cerMey plaster \ 
CtjAi^Vi^ Cerberus 
Cerceau, a hoop, net, ring 
Cfercle, *'». a circle^ assenu 
Cercler, va. to hoop \bly 
Cefclier. sm- ho(p-nuiker 
Cercueil, a coffin 
C^r6monia], e. a, ^nial 
C^r^momid, stru —mial^ fU 

C^rtfmonie, sf -'ny, rite 
C^remonieux, ae. a, ceremo- 

nious ; formal 
Cer^ sm, a stag ; a hart 
Cerf^voiant, sm, h6m^£ette ; 

Cerreuil, chervil 
Cerise, 9f, acherry 
Cerisier, snu a cherry-tree 
Cerne, a ring, circle 
Cemeau, kernel t^ama 
Cemer, va, *take wt the 

kernel of a nut, tap a tree 
— yfc«x, cem^i, eyes sur- 


rounded -with black wtd 

blue ^uts 
Certain, e. a, certain, sure 
Certain, sm. certainty • 
I— 4]ne oottvelle oectaine, 

sure nevts C'"??'*^ 

— u]wcercaineiMMnreUe,a 
Certainement, ad. cerUtinl^ 
Cartes, truh/^ indeed 
Certificat, sm. a certifiaOe 
Certificateoi^ a voucher 
Ceriiiicatioii, sf, -^tion 
Certifier, va, to certy^ as- 

sure Ibility 

Certitude, sf, certainty, *ta- 
Cervaison, venison-season 
Cerv^au, sm, the brain 
Cer\-elas, ctrveias, kind ff 

sausage [brain 

Cervelet hind part of the 
Cervelle, sf. bratns 
CeVvical, e. a. — c»/ 
Cervier, (laup), sm, a lynx 
Cervoise, */. tort iff beer 
C^rufc, vhite lead 
Cem^ro. th^sejthose Inustiom 
Ces^tioo, *f —tion, iraer- 
Cesse, ceasing^ in^rminion 
Cesser, v» cease, * leave fff 
Cessible, 2, a. trans/aralble 
Cession, if, a yieldt^g up 
Cesnonnaire, ^•s oessienary, 

Cesfe, sm, cestuSy girdle 
ensure, *f, cmsura, pause, 
Cet, pro. thi4, that [rest 

C^tac^, a. m, cetaceous 
Ceux. ceiies.A^e* these, those 
Cbabler, va, fasten to 4i car 

ble [per 

Chableur, sm, a voter 10- 
Chablis, vfindfallen wood 
ChaeuAQe, of, chocoon in 

Chacun, e. pro, every one, 

each ; (it * ma never • be 

ioinenl to a yubs^ntive) 
CnaTouin, e. a, s» a mean' 

looking feilovt | apolpcat 
Chagrin, sm, gri^l vexa- 
— , shagreen Ition, sorrow 
Chagrin, e^ a, morvse. sad 
Chajninant, e vexatious 
Cha^riier, va, to vex^ to fret 
Chaine, sf, chain ; vrarp * 

ridge ; bondage 



CiuiLQeau, sm, 
Cbfflnetier, a ch 


Chataette, sf. Utile chain 
Chatnon, sm, a link 
Chair, sf, Jtesh. skin^ ftdck 
Chair nve, the quick [tory 
Chaire, a pulpit ; Jee ; ora- 
Chaise, a chatr, sea, sedan > 
Chaland. e. f. customer ; 
hapman Jwill 

Cbdaadiae^ sf, custm^ gwd- 
ChAlet, sm. » hsA, ccann 
Chaletir, ef. heat; vermth;^ 

Chaiib^, e. a, ehalybeate 
ChaUt,«}n bedstead 
ChakMipe, ^f great boat 
Cbalumeam smf sitni ; a 

Chamade^ sf, tt parley 
Chamailler, vn, to fight : 

lurangle [Wr; skiiinish 
ChaniaiUis, sm, fray, squab- 
Chamarrt^r. vo. to lace, dawO 
Chamarrure^f/. tociA^ . • 
Chambaion, *m, a yoke (to 

caiTy nuT*-, wtOer, ^c.) 
Chambellan, chamberlain * 
Chambianiek jambs; man' 

Charobre, 4/1 chamber, room 
Chamlw^f persons luing in 

one rt/om, housefuU . 
Chambrelan* sm^ chamber 

artificer ; a lodger [ther 
ChambNir, vn. t» lotlge toge- 
Chvtn^iKHXei »*f, little room- ^ 
Cbambri^, sm, chamberlain 

in a monastery 
Chambri^va, */ chamber- 
maid ; horoe-vfyip ^ 
Cbarobrilkm,V«tti|8r n^"^ 
Ch«mt«u. tm, a camel 
CliameKer. cfimeUdriver 
Cbaroes. sm, m^ucles 
Chamois, shamoy ; wild goat . 
Cbamosseur fhamoy-dresser 
Chnmp, afield; matter 
<- de Uataille, ifeM o^6a«(fc? . 
— clo8< camp list 
C|Munpaf;ne, »f. chatnpafgn 
Cbampart, sm, afield-rent 
Champarter* va, coUettfkld- 

rents [edleetar 

Champarteur, sm, JkHibrent 
Chanip^re, 2. cl rural 
CYmrawgaox%^nmmushroom ; 

thief in a candle 
Champii^noraiidre, *f a bfd 

for mushrooms 

1 42r?83 

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Cuttelyle. a. casual i fireeo- 

rwu9 Isitet 

Carael, *m. proJU», perqui' 
Caniellenient, ad. catuaUy^ 
. by chance 
Casuiste. #m casidtt 
rataer^se, $/, eataertnr 
CatacomlHft, catacanUw 
.Catadottpei, waur fatU 
Catafiilt^iie, *m. fungrei de- 

Catalepiie, sf, catal^_ 
Cauleptiq w*, i. a. -iu% [>-«// 
Catalogue, #m. —ioguej luty 
■Cataplasmc, fiouU'we * 
C atavacte, {JT. a ca&ract 
Se catai*eter, va. ea gr^ 

" Catarre, *m, a etttarrh 
Cataneuxt se. o. catarrhmu 
Catjmtrophe, *fi —phe 
CAt^biser, voi to ^ateciuM f 

t9 endeaotur ; to pertuade 
Citt^cNiin'e, vn- a ctOeckihH 
Cat^ch»te«a eateckiat 
Cat^chumdne, 2, #. -^mtn 
Cai^eori^ if.—g^ff, cku» 
Categforiquement, tm* cate- 

goricauy * 
Caih%rtiqiie, ai.a. mthoptic 
Cath^rale, sf* a cathedral 
Cath^draMy<nn. a lecturer 
CatbolicUme, -^icism 
Catholicity, sf, cathalicism ; 

the catholic countries 
CathoUcon, sm» —con 
f;atholhiue, 8. a, s,catholi»f 

Caibolique, 3. <. Moman ca- 

tholic,apatAH . 
Catholiqoenient, ad» Chris- 

Cati,«m. a press 
Catiinini, ad, sWy 
Cati% sf an immodest girl 
Catin, sm* afoundery vessel 
Catir^ vo. impress cloth, 6*r»' 
Catoutriqae, sf cMoptrics 
Cavaieadc^ a cavalcadCf Ut- 
ile journey 
Cavalcadour, sm» an equerry 
qavale, sf a mare 
Caval^, cavalry f horse 
Cavalier, sm. trooper i gen- 

tlernan, horsemaHf spark 
CavaliC** a^luntt heuighty 
CavaU^rement, ad!, hattghti- 

ly^geutleman-iikct bluntly 


Cindataire, train^bfarer 
C»te, sf cellar ; case sf bot- 
tles ; vault ; pool at'^lay 
Cave, 8. a. holloto l*^llar 
CaT«an, sm, little vault or 
Cav^, sf a holloto vmy 
Caver, va, to hslhw f^to stock 

at play 
Caverae, sf a csrvem 
Caverneux, i^ a. cavernous. 

Cavecsori, sm* muxtUe 

tame a horse^ chfck 
Cavfliation, sf sophistical 

Cm'in^ sm, adeJHe^' cavity 
Cavit^y-WI hollovmess, cavity 
OmvMiHijcausaHty ' 
Caasati/, ve. a. causal fHve 
Cauie, t/, cause, reason, mo- 
Cause, d*appel, action upon 

appeal {hlab 

Caaser, wi. to ca$tse ; talk ; 
Causear, le. s, a babbler 
Cacnerie,«/ babbling^lander 
CaiMtidt^, malignity 
Ganstique, 3. a. caustic i 

Caiitdeuaement, ad, sllbj 
Cauteleox, te- a. vMy, sly 
Cautftue, sm^an i*sve;ctimery 
tMwr, va. to cauterise ; 
bum [surety 

, sf,'baU, SMtrity, 
— bouigeoue, ^0Oif security 
CamionftefBcnt, «m. bailing 
Cautioimer, va, to bait, roar^ 

rant [book- 

Cayer,«m. a ^re, stitched 
Cayeu, o sucker f ^-oit 
Ce^ cet, eette, pro, thiSf that, 
Ce que, what, that [it 

C*estpoarqaoi, therefore 
Ce.n'ea pas aue, not that 
Q^tmnsjad, v>tthin, at home i 
Ceei, ^ro. tJm, these [here 
C^te, sf blindness 
CMant, e. s. grantor [sign 
CMer,va,tocede. yield, re- 
C^ilW, sf.cediUaii;) 
CMrat, f m. a kind tf citron 
Cddre> cedar 

CMale,«/ bill, note, ceduia 
Ceindre, W to inclose ; *pwt 

on ; gird 
Ceintte, e. a. arched, vaulted, 
0ekntun, sf girdle i the 

VHdst ; inclfsure ; cinefvre 


Ccutnier^tm. o keUmiiakar 
CeinturaD, a belt 
CtAtfPro, that, those, so 
Celadon, sm. sea green ; af- 
fected sentimental man 
C^l^biant, offMating priest 
C^l^iatuRi, sf sole^h^ttty 
C^16bre, 8. o. Jkmous emi- 
nent . • ffonh 
C^l^brer. va, celebrate, • set 
C^)^lint4« sf, '•^, solemnity 
C^ier, va, to conceal^ * hide 
Ctfleriy sm. t^ery 
C^l^rit^. sf.-^rity; enift- 
ness, speed tp^^^ 
Celeste, 3. a, celtttiaT, he^ 
C^lestint, sm, pi, a sort of 
friats llifk 
C4Uhat,#m.«rUd(ury; single 
C^iibotaire, S. a, ^ celibacy 
— , sm, a bacftehr 

, sf unmarried xooman 

Celle, pto,f, she, that 
Cellener, e- *. caterer ; cet- 
iariH [ground 

Cellier, sm, ceHar above' 
Cellule, «f. a cell ; boa>casc ; 

hole in the honeycomb 
Cel«t, ^ro. A«y that 
Celai^i, cetle^, this 
Celui-l&,eclle-li, that 
Cement, sm, cement 
Cementation, sf, -^on 
Cendre, sf, ashes 
Ceiidr6« e. a, ash<olaured 
CenAr^sf dross of lead; 
small shot f of ashes 

Cendivuz, la. a, ashy^ full 
Cendrier em, ash-pan 
Cine, sf the LotiPs supper 
C4nelle, holy-oak*s berry 
C^noUte, sm, monk 
C^aobitique, 8. o. — fceol 
C^ttpbe, snu cenatt^h ; 

i. e. enuMy tomb 
Cent, quit-rent 
Ceniable, z. a, of a manor 
Ceiwri, sm. n broker 
Cenae sf, afn-Jbrm' Iputed 
peiis6 e. a, 0ccounted; re- 
Censenrf snu tensor ^ a critic 
Censiev, the lord of a manor . 
CeiMier,«e. s, a fee farmer 
Censitaire, sm, a copy-holder 

8emlve sf, a manor 
eiuivement, m/.' in a feudal 
Gcnsurl, le« e,Jbuifal 

,y Google 


Ceiuurable, 2. a, —ftfc, 'dfr 

senoing censure 
Censure, rf. cehsprshipi cCrh 

sure; criticUm 
Ceniurer. va. to ceruurei 

*cmdb I 

Cent, 2. a. hundred 
— — , «n. an hundred Idred 
Centaine, sjl about an hun- 
Ceauuire, 9itu a centaur 
CenUUr^j, tf, centaury 
CcntfnaiiCi S. a, centenary 
Centenier, centurion, sm» 

detain of a hundred i 

Centi^me, 2. a, hundi-edth . 
Cepton, sm, rhapsodu 
Centnl^ e- a. central 
Centre, tm. centre 
Centrituge, 2. a. centrifugal 
Centrip^te, 2. a. centripetal 
Centnpfe, 2. a. mtu, JUtr^red 
fold [greatly 

C«ntu|»Ier, va* to tncreate 
Centuriateur, tm, —fUvt 
Centurie, rf -^ry, huwfred 
CenturioD) *m, —rion 
Cep, sm, a vine 
C'f pendant* ad. in the mta^^ 

tunCf nevertheless^ yet 

C^phalique* 2. a. cepiuilic 
C eps, sin, stock s,fetttrs 
C^fat, ceratCy plaster \ 
Cgrlj^re, Cerberus 
Cercesu, d hooPf net, ring 
Cercle, */«• a circle^ assenu 
Ceroler, va. to hoop \bly 
Cefdier. sm- hoopmaker 
Cercucil, a coffin 
C6i-6monia], e. a, —nial 
<^r£moDifld, stru -—nials ft- 

C^r^monie, sf —ny, rite 
C^remonieiu, ae. a. ceremo- 
nious ; formal 
CerLxm. a stag ; a hart 
CerP volant, sm, HomrOeetle ; 

Cerituil, chervil ' 
Cerise, sf, a cherry 
Cerisier, snt, a cherryiree 
Ceme, a ring, circle 
Cerneau, kernel (^amit 
Cerner, vc. *take wt the 
kernel of a nut, tap a tree 
— jtva., cental, eyei sur- 


rounded xrith black end 

blue spots 
Certain, e. «u otrtmn, sure 
Certain, «m. certainty 
>— - 4]ne pouvelle eertaints 
I sure ne,ws [rrf>«rt' 

u»e certaine nouveUe, a 

Certainemcnt,a</. certaini^ 
Certes, truly, indeed 
Oertificat, sm. a certifieate 
Certificating a voucher 
Cenificatioo, tf. -^on 
Certifier, va. to certifyk as- 
. sure Ibiiky 

Certitude, */. certainty, sta- 
CervAMon, venison-season 
Cerv^au, sm, the brain 
Cervelat, cervelas., kind ff 

sausage Ibrain 

Cervelet hind part of the 
Cer^'elle, sf, brains 
CeVvicai, e. a, '-cal 
Cervier, (loup), sm, a lynx 
Cervoiae, */. tort iff beer 
Ceruje, xphite lead 
C*i$,pro. thesejthose Imissiom 
Ces^tioo, sf, — da», inter- 
Cesse, ceasing, intermission 
Cesier, v, cease, * leave off 
Cesiible, 2, a. transferable 
Cession, sf, a yielding up 
Cetnionnaire, 2.«. tsessi^nary, 

Cesie, sm, cestuSy girdle 
ensure,- sf. .cnwttra, pau^e, 
Cet,pro. this, that [rest 

C^tac^, 0. m, cetaceous 
Ceux. oelle*. pro, these, those 
Cbabler, va, fasten to « car 

ble leer 

Chableur, sm, a water offi- 
Chablia, xtfindfallen wood 
Chaeuiupe, sjf, chocoon, (a 

Chacun, e. Pro, every one, 

each i (it * mat never * be 

ioineid to a yuk^Dtive) 
Cnafottin, e. a, s» a mean- 

looking feilow f apolpcat 
Chagrin, sm, gri^i vexa- 
— , shajfreen [fion, sorrow 
Chaifrin, e. a, morose, sad 
Chuf^nasA, e vexatious 
Cha^riifer, va. to vex, to fret 
Chaine, sf, cAotn ; warp ; 

ridge; bondage 
ChaUieau, sm,pipe of a le€(d 
Cbalnetier) a cfimn^naker 



ChatMtte, sf. little chaiti 
Chalnon, sm^ a link 
Chair, sf, Jfesh. skin, quick 
Chair tive, the quick ttory 
Chaire, a pulpit ; Jee ; ora. 
Chaise, a chair, sea, sedan • 
Chaland, e. r* etutomer ; 

ihapman Jitoill 

Chmn^ittS sf, cusionu g§o4' 
ChAiet, sm. » hid, cabin 
Chalevr, sf. heat; warmth; • 

Chalib^, ew a, chalybeate 
ChaU(,«in bedstead 
Chaloupe, ^f great beat 
Cbaluineaii, tm, stem ; a 


Chamwie, sf. n parky 
Chaoiailler, vn, to fght : 

wrangle [Wr ; skirmish 
Chaniaillis, sm, fray, squab- 
Chaoiarrer. vo. to lace, aawb 
Charaarrure, «/.'aciR^ . • 
Chambaion, om. a yoke (to 

entry milk, water, ^rc,) 
Chambbltan. chamberlain « 
ChambiBAlek jambs; man' 

Chamhre, </*. chamber, room 
Chambr^, persons luing in 

one rtfom, houseful* . 
Chamhrelan. «^>»- chamber 

artificer ; a lodger {tker 
ChambNir, vn. ta lot^ toge- 
Chambvette •«/. little roonh 
Chaiinbrtv, sm, chamberlain 

in a monastery 
Chambri^rt, . */. chatnber- 

maid ; horoe-wf/ip ^ 
CbaB)brillain,V'<<Aflr ^P^^ 
Chanu-au. *m, a camel 
CliameKer. cpmeUdriver 
Cbaroes. sm, m^tscles 
(Chamois, shamoy ; wild goat . 
Chamoueur fhamoy-dresser 
Champ, afield; matter 
<- de Uataitlc, iftr/tf o/&a<^ . 
— elos, camp list 
Champagne, sf. chatnpaign 
Champart, sm, Jteld-rent 
Champarter« va, collect fields 

rents [eolleetor 

Champarteur, sm, fieHdrent 
Chanip^tte, 8. & rural 
QfOifttWgX^on^nmmushroom ; 
• thief in a candle 
Champii^nonnidre, sf, a bfd 

for mushrooms 

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1 42r^8r? 

100 CHA 

Cbampion. jm. a champion 
ChkXKiti'Wf, ehanee.'hamrd 
Chaiteelaiit, e. a. tottering ] 

Ciitticeler, vn. to totter ; to 

Chancerier, Jm. ehanc U<f 
Clmnc^tt »f ehaneeltor^j 

ClMucfiUeDientf *m, totter- 

inj vneteadtnu9 
CJianctliene. *f, ihancery 
Chiiiicetix. ae- o. lucky Idu 
Chaiitir, va, to *grow inoui- 
ChaudMure.' *f, mouUUnest 
Chauvie, *♦»». cancer, gore-; 

foKh)e*9 in the teeth 
Chancreux, le. a cancerous 
. Chajuielewr. »f candiema* 
C^ideliet, 9m' condteetick f 

a talUnxhamUer 
CJwndelie, sf, a eavtOe 


OtMuitrelTi, 'tnu forehead of Chapier, j»*, cofic^arer 

4 hone 
Chance, exchange, change. 

banker'i trade Ifidcte 
Clian[Geant e.,<i; ekangeabte, 
OhiiDgeanent, rm.'^nan^; 

alteration {efren 

CIiwDii;eotter, va, to change 
<^tui|cer. va, to change ; H- 

ter; ehijt; barter' 
Changeur, enu banker, mO' 

Chanoine, 9m: a prebendary 
ChaQoinet»e,{^. a eanoneu 
Clianoinie, ehnonry, canon- 

Chani6n, a 9ong, idle 9tory 
Cbaoaonner, vai to lampoon 
Chanfdnnette, »/, little oong, 

lay ' ■ Zker 

Chanioiinier, em. baUad^nO' 
Chant, singing tune ; canto 
-*M do eoq, eochcrow 
Chaotant, e. <r. tuneable; 

singing - » , , 

CbMleaa^ snu nuncn of 

bread ; quarterfieee 
Chanter, vt. to • sing ; to 

crow { praise 
Chanteralle, sJ^trOte-string ; 

decoy bird 
Cham«ar, te. s, a sHtger 
Cbantt«r, snu timber'uardi 

stocks, gatmry ' la bed 
Chantourn^, a head-piece itf 
Chiitte, a chanter^^ a clerk 

Chauvrier, hemp^iressfr 
■ hMM,chaos:wokfuiion 
Chape, sf cope. Mm 
Chtpeau, stn. a haf; man 
CiMpelain, a caaptain 
Ghapeler.^ tatp bread 
ClMekn, *m, chaplet. bead , 

sttrrvpkatheP ; cAtfin 

Chapetter. e- s, a hatter 
ChapeKe, Jtfi chapel, benefice 
Gfaapeilttnie, ckapkunnhip 
' 'bapeiure chippingsy cfups ; 

r«u pings 
Chap«»iia^ »m h»od ; coping 

of a -uall t holster cap ; 

top } companion " 
Chaperoituer, va, to * cap 

one ; to protect ; to hood- 
'nk the hawk 

Chppiteau, chopite^, capital 
Chapilte, chapter ; cht^ter* 

Ohapitier, «c. to reprimand 
Chapon, sm, eapon ; trusfof 

bread boilettin broth ' 
Chaponneau^m yownj^ ct^n 
Chaponnetr« va. to capon 
Chapoonidie, sf. caponery 
Oha^ue,/>W. car A, every (•is 

always jmned to a tub- 

Char, snu chariot, car 
Qharan^on, a weevil, mite 
Cliarbcm, coats; vlter 
•^^— -de boit. charcoal 

■> ^wm^pk^eoal 

CharbooD^e sf short rib of 

bed" Ivfith a ctml 

Chanoimer, va. to daub 
Cfaarboimier, sm, eoal-mer- 

chant ; collier ; coal-hole' 
ChatbMini^ve, sf. colliery; 

chnl-house ; toal-iubman 
CharbouUler,*tMt. to stain; 

to blacken 
CbarcuteCi va- to hack, man- 

gle [tttttsaees, &c, 

Cbarcmerie, sf, hoi's Jksh; 
Chareotier, e; s,^no kecPs a 
pork-shop • fhtad 

Chatilou, Sm. thistle ;%pUte- 
t^hstdoniMHr, va, to imp clo*h 

Chardonneret, sm, goldfinch 

Ch^idonaidre, sf. t 

Charn, load, elmgu car* 

toj' mplhyme>tSTpiace, 

Chaihf^iit, le. q, eiogginz ; 

tedious ' ^ 

Cblirgefflent, /m. bUl ^lad- 

««^ ' inery 

Chargeoir, charger, in gun- 
Cli»r/?tr, tfa. to load; charge ; 

burden, lade, dog 
Be -/e> » taktupoh on^s self 
i^bareeur, sih. dtotdtr 
Charhige, carrtiigb' 
Charier, v. tti cafru along 
— droit, to mind one's hits 
Chariot, sm, waggon, cart 
Charitable, 3. a. charuabVd 
tharitaM«ment,o(f. —itib'ty 
ClMuit*, if charitht atihi 
Charivari, sm,paary music ; 

a clutter 
Charlatan, mountebank; 

Cbartatauerf/: cunninggipsey 
Charlataher, va. toguu 
ChfirHHaneriie, sf. quackery ; 
. Tcheadlihg " ■ " 
Charroaiit e. a. charming : 

ChArtd^ *m, chqrni, ypke- 

elm ' lalU^ 

Charmer, va, to charm ; 
ChannUIe, sf^^bet^ of yeJte- 

elm frees 
Chamage, «m, ficsh^tin^ 
Qbamel, le, tt. carnal i sen- 
. stuA ' 

ChamellemenL ad. camalljf 
Cbarnens, ae a* ftcshg 
Chami<;r, snu charndl^ouse i 
, a larder ' 
Chaxm^n, sf a hinge 
Cb9riiii,e. a.fic'hy.-fit%unp 
C hkrawK^sfJIesh , skin. . 
Cbar^^e, carrion, carcOse 
Charpetice, timwr-tvork 
Cbarpenter, W to work 

timber ; to mangle 
Charp^iiteri& sf, carpentry 
Charpentf«*,'»m- carpenter 
Charpe, sf. C\ia,n\ii situ lint 
Charrte, sf. buck-dshes 
Charret^e, d cai^ IfaA 
CharTeiier, chartier, sm, car- 
Charrettii sf. n cart {age 
Charrcfi, sm, carriage, wafn^ 
Charroa, a ctsrt'Vnght 

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CharroMffe, cartrwr^^^^ 

Clitrru^ge, artMe {i*nd^ 
Charrue, */. a plough; 
Chaite, ciMrtre. if flwfrtef 
C|)arce-iiai-tie, cltArttt-pitrty 
Ctmitii, chartis, ^. a pern- 

'house for carts ; jfreat cari 
Cbuwsf, tharter;gpai 
Chartreuae, charttr-hmise 
Ch'attveui, «. *. CartAutian 

friar or nun , 

Cliartri^. »Vlh *^SPW */" 

Chas;m. needieej/e 
Ctaaseiet, little Mfuh frame 

to make cheese 
Chasje,"*/ Mrlne;, scales 

frame ; cheeks^ • 

Cb&Me'^Si oedasman 
Ch^S^CQUsip, 9m, bad trine 
ChasieeoQuin. headsman 

^a Avn^ • <^«>« 

ChaMrretie, */ a hurUrm ; 
Chaw^ucm. hunterJoxOtr. 

Chasttc,ftfta*"cy<^'* ^ 
CluMieiu. ■£. a. blear-fyed 

chase . 

Chasioir, c**prt*'# <«rwir 
Ciiafte, 8. a. cAo^ iP^J^J, 

neat Sj^^ety 

ChaawmgaU ad- ch^ftely } 
Chastetft, *fcfmtit^,Pnrtty 

Cliafu!irier< sm. maker of 
ectleei^stif^ vnamentf 

Ct»U cat ^ • ^ 

Petit tthki^littU dear 

Cliat*. e«f*i«f. , 

ChAtaigne, "^^^ a jf Ae»ntt?. 

Chitaiiinefaie' sf. c%nt«. 

CUAtalgiiieK«wi. thesnfmree. 

Ch&tain, a. m, ,cAtf*nl<f-co?owr 

Cta&teau« m* a '^<M<K or itf(^ 

Chiteuix^ en Bv^nfi^P ctii;;)^ 

Ch^tel^iBT ^cf eTa meinfr f 
govet-nor of a cfui}^ ; ca*- 

Oikttdet, Mttfe cattle 
Cbatellenie, »f castlis-tvard. 
ChAt^iliajit. m. screech-owl, 

sullen nian 
Chfttiable, i. a,punishable 
■Chatiet, va to chastise ; 

mind ; correct 
pb^i^re, */ acat^k. 
(^hAtinieiiU tm, chastisewept 
Chfiion, o kitten ; bezel i cau 
I kitu^ collet 
ChatdttHement, tiekUng 
'<;hatouilkc» ^^ ^<' tukle; 
; ;»2«ue [delicate 

C»atoi4lleux, te. a ticklish ; 
Cfaatte, */ o ah^(0,i puss; 

daitity woman 
'Chaitije, ftrcorf ofapus* 
(phatterait^. demure hypo^ 

critt Ikaien 

Ckatter, ehattoimer, vn. f0 
Chaud, &.a. A«; Toarmi 

(^haiiil,m MotjAot 
,Cha}id. atf Aof, UMimffi/ 
Ghawleaa,^"** caudle 
QhaudeuiA acf Aot, iram ; 
' hotlu [dron 

ChaucU^r^Dt sn^. a kettle chaU 



CliauMe«, breeeies 
Cliad«a^, ei 4. cr«««^rrainc4 
Chauiie«, sf. causexoa^ 
ChauMe-^jie,«m *hoetnf^-haffk 
Cbauner, va to ^ put on 

shoes or noekiVig», mgi» 

9hfies ; t9 fit 
— le cothume, to tltrn a 4Hh 
. mfftic KfrUar 
ChaaMetier, sm, hosier 
^'hanifirtaip^ {/*. a caftrt^ 
Chaiiwette, «nWb>«t»cAtfif 
Chausson snu socks, pwt^s 
CbiuiuuKe, </*. anu Qovcr «f 

the kg and foot 
Chauve, ^ o. Bold 
Chauve-murii, sfabat 
Chauretf. &«£t/iMM 
Chaux» sf, lime 
Chef, m. head, chUfyleaderi 


CLeif de tkraille, house-he^ 
Cbtfd*owiyKe» a mastenpiUce 
Cfcr-lieu»t> nuinor-Aouyrr 
Chefde ptrti, a rin^-teocfcr . 
Cbelim *'n, shiltinr ^ 

Cbemin. way. road,'cMtrse 
Cberaineei {/• a chimney 
CheiuiiMir, vnjo walk, or *i:« 
Cheniiaey *f- shirt. sh\ft 

Chauderoiui^e. sf. Asrt^Wt//r Chepiisette, under-xoaistcoat, 

qhauderuonene,'' iraztei 
' were (linker 

Gliauderaqnier, <m. brazier, 
Chaiididr^ *A. cauldron ; 

copper, great k:ttk. 
t|I)aunilge» mfuel 
Chuuffe, sf. furnace 
qhaufte-|»e, afoot-stove 
t^uflfer, va. to heat, warm 
ChftufFerettei. */! afoot-stave 
Chau^ne» « **«« «//•»»? 
qhauPNTf spt,warnierofa 

C^auffMr, wamdng-place ; 

toarm e<<«y"w: a sick Per- 

|iaufour,a(fMesA:{/n [*<"> 

li%uii>ivi)i^K| a.linie-mfiker 

liarirer, thju to turn upside 

down iJUUf 

Chaumet en^ etubbkf stuhpie. 

,C)iaunier, va^ to *cut stubble, 

tothatfih, [cottage 

Chaami^re, */ a thatched 

ChaumUie» imtfll cot^e 

C|AtisKliit, t, a,easy tfpvf 0n 

Ch^joaiet a grove ^foaki 
Chenal, sm. channel 
ChenapaD* a vagflbmid 
Chfine, 6n oak 
Ch^ae-veFd, holm-oak 
Ch6iieau« t^oun^ oak 
Ch^neau, « ptpe to. coAvey 
rain water from thegutter$ 
Cbenet, hand-iron 
Chencyiftre, */J Itempfild , 
CheuevU, fVi- hemp-seed 
Chenevotte,*/ buUen 
ChenevoUerwpn. to pill hentp' 

Gheiiil, -»m* a d9g:kennel 
Ch«Dilte«{/> B caterpillar 
Cheno,!. o.. Asary; ^r«y- 

Cher.e. dear i cottlyi beUved 
Cbe]?cber, va^.to * wtfA* look 

for, * *cor<;A . [searcher 
Chercbear, ot^ *. *«^*""» 
Chire, */ mfer, treat, enter-- 


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CMrement, ad, dear, dearly 
C Wrir, vr, to cfterUn, love 
Chersondie, sf peniruuta 
Clicrt^, dearnesf, dearth^ 
Ch^rubin, *m. a cherub 
Ch^ruWque, 3. a. chervbin^ 

Chervil . *m. chervil 
Cfa^tif, ve. a. mean^ eorry. 

CMtivement, ad,pitifuUy 
Cheml, «m. n horse 
CbevaKondii, I " 
Cbevaletie *f. 

Cheml^, em, rveeden horsey 

bridue ef an instrument ; 

eaeet; tretsel; buttreee; 

CheTalier, a knight 
—^ d'indosuie, sharper 
— de la eonpe, taper 
— d'honneur,^rrt gentle- 
——da guet, captain 9fa 

vmteh on horseback 
Cheyalidre) {^ Ami^AfV lady 
Wievalioe, #. (Mtej horse ex 
mare {stance 

Cbevanee, one*s whole sub- 
Chevaneh^e judge*s circuit 
CheTaacher, vn,t9 * ride (ob- 
Cheveau-l^gen, Ught horse 
Ch^yecier, vestripcetper 
CWveccrie, sf, office of a 

vestry-keeper ^ 
Chevdn, e. a. long'haired 
Chevelure, »f. head of hair; 

beams t fore 
Chevet, sm. a bolster 
Chev^tre, a halter (oU> 
Cbeveu, a halr^JSbre, thread 
Cbeville, sf. apfg; anclebone; 

broach ; botch 
Clievill^.e. a. branched (in 

Cbeviller, va. to peg, to pin 
ChevUtette, sf, book^^nder** 

Cnevillon, sm, tumer^sjpeg 
Chevillure, tf. the broches of 
a deer^s head [rufe 

CbeTir, vn. to managCf oroer- 
Ch*?rc, sf a she-goat i crab 
"Chdrre saumg^, arUdope 
Cberrean, sm,'a kia 
iCiidvrefeuille, honeysuckle 


Chdnepied, a. m, goat footed 
ChevreOe, sf, a doe $ syrup 

pot s little h§nd4ron > 

Cherreiul, sm, a roebuck 
Chevrier, a goat-herd 
ChevrilUudf^ivn of a roe 
Chevnm, a rafter ; chevron 
Cherroimfiy e. a. chevrony 
Cbevroter, vn.- to kid ; to 

fret i * slap ; to • have a 
^ trembling voice in singing 
CherfDtin, sm a kid's skin 
ChevrotiDe, sf deer sh^ 
Chez, pr at, or to one*s 

house, among, v^th 
Chiasse, sm, scum, dung 
Cluaoax, a Turkish ba^/f 
Chicane, sf efUcanery, cavil 
Chicaner, va. to chicanes 

* vex ;. quarrel ; cavil 
ducaoerie- sf. chicanery 
Chieaneur, le. s, chicaner s 

shifter [yiller 

Chicanier, c. torangler, ca- 
Chichement, ad. stingUy 
Chiehet^, */ niggaroiincss 
Cbieorde, succory andive 
Chicon, sm, coss-lettuce 
Chicot, a sturrip \trife 

Chtcoter, viw to v>rangle ; 
Chicotin, sm, orfiine 
Chien, a dog, amk of a gun 
Chieii-c£leste,«m. dog-star 
Chien^ent, dog's grass 
Chien mann, 
Chienne; sf. a bitch » 
Chienner. vn, to zohelp^uppy 
Ch'ifie,^/. sorry iUk,w stuff 
Chiffon, snu a rag, clout 
Chiffoni, millinery wares 
Chiffoner, «a* to rumple, 

tumble [Picker 

Cbiffoimier, ei *. a rag- 
Chiflnmudref^/*. lady's work- 

Chifffe, sm. cypher] figure, 

a number 
Chiffirer, ra. to • cm up ; 

* write in cyphers 
Chiffteur, srru an aceomptant 
Chignon, the naps ^ the 

neck! hind curl 
Cbimdre, sf, chimera, idle 

Cliiin^riqiie, 3. 0. chimerical, 


Chim^riquement, ad, — ri- 
Chimie, tf, chymistry {caUy 
Chimique, 2. a. chymiLXil 
Chiinute sm, a chymiet 
ChkNirnie, sf, a gaueiTs crew 
Chipoter, vn. topidate, trlAe 
Chipuut:r, e s, uiddlerti ijkx 
Chiquenaude sfafUUp 
Chiquec, sm, a bit 
Ciurugxaphaire, written Un^ 
der the disposer** awn 
Chirviumrie, sf, palsniHry 
Chironuuieien, ne. s ^-man' 
Chirui^oal, e. a, —cal [per 
Chiruri^c, sf. surgery 
Chtrurgien. sm, a surgeon 
Chirurgique, i, a,—gtcal 
Cbiore, sffkes dung 
Choc, <n» shof:ki dashing; 

onset i clashing 
Chocailler, vn, to tipple 
CkiOfeau\lon,sffuddUng gossip 
Choeolat,«m chocolate 
Choeolatier, one who keeps a 
chocolate house^ chocolate- 
makert or seller 
Chocolatidre, sf chocolate- 
Choeur, sm. choir, chorus 


Choir, vn.t»*/a/l 
Chbivir, va, to * choose, * 

out, elect 
Choix, «in chnce^ option 
Chdmable, %. a,tohe kept as 

a holiday 
Chomage, sm. reMe^ rest 
Chdmet. V. to •hap holiday; 

to want work ; rest from 

Choline, sf French half 

hirlt ; English pint 
Chopioer, vn to tipple 
Chopper, to stumble, blunder 
Choquant, e. a, shocking; 

Choquer,v. to • shock,offend, 

* dash, * clash, to touch 

Se — , vr. to * take offence, 
abuse one qnother^* dash, 

• strike, engage 
Chor^graphte, sf,-^hy {tho^ 

Chor^v^qae, sm, « rural bi- 
Chociate, sm. chorister 
C horographie, »f —phy [cal 
Chor6gra{>hiqae, 3. a, ^-phb- 
Chonit,faixe choruf, ta * sing 

Digitized by VjOOQ 



together^ * make choru* 
C\KKt,*f, thing 
Chou, #m. cabohge; coletoerti 

Choa-fleur, coUnJtotoer 
CboQcas, *ni, a jackdaw 
Chooette, */• tcreechewl; 

iaughing-ttock; play of one 

person againtt two 
Chouquet, jm. moor*fheod 
Choyer, va to cocker; to 

* take great care of 
CrcniCf sfift cftrtttn 
Chr^meflii,- cArirm cloth 
Chr^den, ne. * s, ckrUtian 
Chrtfcieiiiiemeiii^ ad, chria- 

Clfrftieiit^, »f, ChrUtendom 
Chntttaadtme, «m. chrUtkh 

Chroraatiqne, 9, a. sf. —tU 
CbroDiqae» »f, chronicle 
Clinnuque, 2. a, chronical 
ChroDiqaeur, *m. a writer 

of chronicle* 
CbroDoffitunme, —gram 
Chronoiogie, *f, —fogy ' 
Chronologique, 2. a. —gical 
Chronologiste, tm. —gut 
Chronolonip, —loger • 
Ciiryialide, *f, chrysalis 
Chrytocolle, chryiocolyborax 
Chrywdite, —lite 

Ehn.bart.fhllen down 
hue&eter. vn. to pip oi a 
Choebotten vn, to whisper 
Cbuchottene. */*. whispering 
Cfinchotear. te. *, whisperer 
Chot 1 int. hush ! 
Chnte. if./flW, difoHer. ca- 
Chyle. *wi. the chyle \ aence 

Cl-devant, her^ofore 
Ci-aprda, hereafter 
Ordessous, under here 
' Oi-dcnas, afoteeMd 
Cihoire, «n, apyA^'box, cup 
Cit/onle, sf scaUim, chiobot 
C iboulette, chivet 
Cscatrier, a scar 
CScatricDle, little tear 
Cicatxuer. vff. cicatrize, gash 
fiicerOfpQa (printing t^) 
Cin, em, an Artfiian cKkf 
Ci^re^ cider ' 

Cifl, lAvy h^mfen, earn 
Cld de fit, tester, top of a 
Des eieU de lit, bed-testers 
Cierge, sm, a wax taper 
Cieux, tm, pi, tad for its 

singular ^ heavens 
Cigate, sf, chirping kind of 

.de mer, a kind of sea 

CixoiHie, sf, a sfrk 
CigogrneaUfrm. ayoung stork 
Cigue, sf, hemlock 
CiL sm, eyelashes 
Caice, sm. haircloth [eyes 
Cillement, twinkling tf the 
Ciller, va, to twinkle, tcink 
Cime. smJthetoPiridge^itight 
Ciinent, cement, union 
Cimenter, va, to cement 
Cimentier, snu cement mts- 
CSmeteri^e, a cymeter Iker 
Ciineti^re a churchyard 
CimiWf crest,, buttock 
Cimier de cerr, haunch of 

venison llead 

Cinabre, sm, cinnabar ; red 
Cib^raire, (nme), urn 

eluding ashes 
Cin^ration, */. —Hon Hash 
Cinglage, sm, ship^^ course ; 
Cinfcler, vn, to sail before the 

wind, to lashf • cut 
Cinnamoine, sm. cinnaman 



Chn.Part,fhllendoim cinq, %, a. sfn fihe 

Cbuebeter. vn, to pip as a Cinquanttine, */. /y/?^ 
Cinqiiante, 2. a.fijty 
Cinquantenien* sm, con 

mander of fifty men 
Clnquanti^me, 2. a.flfiieth 
Cinqtiidroe, 2, a, sm.Jifth 
— — deiiier, four shillings 

. . , in the pound 

Chymie. &c. vid. Chifnie. Cinquidmement, a<Z.j^/i/y 
Ci^ ' C&c/ Cintraee, sm. the cords 

which either encircle, or 

tie a ship 
^intre, an arch ; centre 
Cintrer, va. to • make arcli- 
G«ppe, smt cippus \xoise 
Cxxstfse, waxing 
CirconcirG^ va, to circumcise 
CircoDCiseur, sm, circum- 

Cif c<meision, sfcircumcision 

ICivcont'^rence, circdmfe- 
rence f^x 

Circonfl^e^ S; a, circum^ 

CirconloeatioD, i 

Ucution iscriptiom 

Citconacriptioa, . circum' 
CiRcnicrire, va, ts droim- 

scribe [spect 

Cireonspect. e* a, cireui» 
CirconnHxtwn, sf, circumr 

spection •' 

Circonstance, circvmitance 
Circonstances 8c d^pendeD- 

ees, apjturtenances 
Circomtancier. va, to relate 

a thing with its circum, 

CireoiiTalbuion, sf, circvof 

Circonvenir, veu to drcvm- 

vent, deceive 
Circonvention, {/; deceit 
Circaavoiaia,e. a. neighbour' 

ing Ivotution 

Circonrolation, {/*. circum- 
Circuit. sm. circuit, ambit ; 

district^ compass 
Circulaite, X. a, circular ^ 

round [larlff 

f ireuUirement, ad. circu' 
Circulateor, mi. ?-«or 
Circulation, if, —tion 
Circulatoin, 3. a. —kuory . 
Circuk^, V, to circulate 
Cire, sf, wax, gum, seal ; 

shoeblack ^ 
•r- d'eipaxne, sealing wax 
Cirer, va. to wax 
Cirier, sm. waj%chandler 
Ciron, d hand-worm i little 

Cirure, sf. wgxplastering 
Cirque, sm, circus * 

Cirnkas, kas (kind of 

Cirure, sf. waxing [cl«tl» 
Cisailler, tjc to • clip, * shear 
CisaiUes, sf, shears, clippings 
Cisalpine, a. on this side 

the Alps 
Ciseau,fm chisel, gretver 
C'wMix, scissors , 
Cisel^, va. to chase, carve 
Ciaeldt, ffTi. a graver 
ClKleur, chaser, pinker 
Ciselure, sf, chasing, carving 
Citadelle, a cUat^ 
Citadin,e. a, s, cUixen 
Citatioo, sf, —tion, st^mipohs 
C\t6y a city, a town ' 
Citer, va, cite^ qiMe, *»<»»■" 

mon^name ., 

,y Google 



Cit*rfear,«.ff.rtf<*rt«' ; Mtke^ 
CfteiM, *f, a cistern 
Cittie, sm, eUUui 
Citoyen, He. #• a dtiati 
Citnn, e. a, lemon-totound 
Citron, *««. rttrvi, lemm 
€itIonQa^ candlfli orange^ 

or femon 
Cknmn^. e. a <9kaf Atf.r the 

tiute^f lemon 
C itronneilft. */: dalmg^le 
CitroDnier, *m. tf fem«»'/rdp 
Citreullle, *f^ftmpi0n,gourd 
Cive, f/. AiM of onion 
Ctrex tm. hare^etgoo 
Civette, */*. chiver ; civef-cati 

Ctvi^i-e, a hand-harrow 
CiviU e. a. tfhrtf, totH-bred 
Crnltement, mf. trM/fy, 

Cirilissiion, rf.-'xMion 
CiTili>«r, vff. fo cMliiot 
Civility, */ civiiUV' courtesy 
CiTili t^ rofpeeti 
CiTii{<ie, a. /I dvtc C^nr 
ClabMd; an, Har s Misyjk^ 
Clabftudftge. barking ofdbgt 
Clabftuder, tJft; to bark ; bawl 
ClUMtffcrie, #/l ekmour 
CUlMMldti«r,ie. 9 noiey man 
or Ttwman. abHwler 

cSi^'iuclSrf Uj^ttMn; 

bright $ plain 
Cktr, adi clmrly. plainly: 

CUiir. mu shine Ugkt* 
Chiir^luM, fH^wflrWhff 
eiairement; <ni ckarly ; 

CMnK, te. «. rfartf DawrA/ 
Cliire-Yote, *f, raiU In d 
CWnlrt, glade in^vood 
Ofadron, em, ctaHon 
CtaiMeiii«,«.a. t/An enm; 

thifSf eearee 
Chiifwvoyahoe, ef, tagodty ; 

Cteirroyatit,' e> «.' c2aftfv 

OUmevr,^ clamour, ofMry 
— — de hara, dMcm' 6e^rc 
the judge ^ [land) 

Clan>«m. o tri&e- (in* ScM" 
Clandestia, e; o. cian<fe«tirt0 
CfauiderttiRinient, ad. —niely 

CRitiier, 4m, cdney-btltroUt ; 

raSbU.a fahie rabbit 
tluplr.vh tbfaueak 


Claqaeinont, clapping^ chat- 

nnpiemiu^r. va^ tb *put in 
a stone doublet 

maH'like , 
fcl^Hfiftihne, sf cUh-kthip; 

state of a elergynutH 
CItebt, e, s. a f uenf , 
Clientele, tf, protectvm^ pa- 



Cli^<iHiniussett^ if hide 


Claqueoneille, stn JUipt hat QUmat.fiR. 
Claquef , viu te * clap, * snap, CGmatlnqu 
cMttef Ichat] teric 

Clind'ceUftm. the twhAkitg 

ClttoQelv Mu mijlcUpi 
CkurifVctftiOD, sf. clarifying 

C iarilier, va ■ to etarify 
Se — - vr, to • grow clear 
Crarintw 4f. d bell fdt 

necks of animals 
Claiin&ne, cBurrnet 
Clart6, clearness; 



Cligner leu yeux, ro. to tmnk 
Oiifnoteineal, im^ ivf nititur 
Clig;noter, vn to tptnJc ^en 
qfimdte, clii^ 
irique, 8. a. r&noe- 

•f fln eye 

CUneailfeV */• 

base coin 

furrdaaare ; 

C^caiU^rie, iron mate 

CImcuinier, e- s firohmonger 

CliTiquaht, sm\ tinsel, 


Ciiqueter vn, to c(ach^ 

Cliquetia, sm, datnmg sf. 

swords . Xcf^Pf 

Qfiq«i^tte«, *C, snappefjs i 
Cllta^, liUle Hurdle g ipUnt to * make hiarales; 

spUnt , 
.Cloaque, fni- cAhhton etvBer^ 

nttliypldhe _, , , 

Cloeh^Vva ^^^ '^^^t 
tll^mi^wi. Roping 

CJo^err vHto 4m> hobbie 
ClMhetf^ if. hmdien^ beU- 

Cl^a^ partition , . 

Cloilonnage, siiu partmam.' 

.Clottre; a vleitter 
CloHrer, v«. to cloister i^i . 



Clu, sm, kneil ; passing bell 
Clasie, sf,dla:is;'ortldr sfirm; 

Clanement, sW. dItpaHtiont 

Clasier, va. ta disppse, to lety 
Cinnlque, s; a. classic . 
Claude, a.fodlish', simple 
Ctauditiati^. sf lanufii^sk 
Clayeau, sfA; the roL-«:lib 
Oarel^j'sfthe scab 
Clav^le, e, a..scabby 
Clafvessiii, ou clavedn, ■ «m. 

Claviette. sf, a' key ; peg 
Claviente, thlf cotlar-bone 
CtaHetr, sm: a key -chain ; tJEe 

keys of an pr'gan, &c, 

latiift, sf, clduse^ptotisb 
ClatistnU, e. a. claustrtdt 

Clayon,**n little hufdle! A(nottxi»r^sm.claustralrhonk 
Clayon»ii^.<^ fent^e' nUiUi Clopin^louaiuU ad, hMluig 

wUh hurdles aMtUtfs ^ 

Cl^mbnoe. sf. -clemency 
C16nient, e. d, clement 
Ciiiaien^Tii^ySfthe coMtitv- 

tions of Pope Clement V, 
Cleptyd^e aii 'heur-glass 
Clerc, snt, clerf^^ clergymH" 

blo^ner. va. to KiiSbIc tiong 
Clopdhe; snu a wo^Nouse 
Cloporteuz, te^a, i>eryrot^h 
Ciorre, va, to twlose, dose 
QHn, sm. a close' 
Cjofl, e. a, closed, e^ose: shut 
Clowiu. sin:smlaU,pm\ 
Clolsem^t, sirucluefttng 

Digitized by 



Clotdre, »fianinch»ure 
Cloa, mt,naU; a boil ; clotv ; 

CJ008 de girdfle, clw^t 
Clou 4 eroehet, tenterhook 
Ciouer, vol to naii 
Cfouter, vcr. to ttud . • 
Cloutene. of- nml trade 
CJbutier, sm. a nailer 
Cloutidre, *f. nail mould 
Club, «m. a clud^ toetety 
Clubist^ sm, member of a 

Clyttdre, *m. a duster 
CoftceuB^, one accused lakh 

one^ or several persons 
Coaoervation, */". -^tion ^ 
Coaettf, .▼«•«, coereioe 
C^oaction, */I coercion . 
CoadjnteuT, nft. acoai^utor 
CoadjutoTerie.j^. -^orsNp 
Coaajmrice, coadjutruc 
Coagulation, a conffsaling 
f:akgaht^va.coagMate, curd 
Cobalt, sm, cobah 
Pay a de cogac^ne, snu a land 
' ofmUkandhone^ 
Coearde, sf, codcade 
Cocasae, 3. a. odd. condcal 
Cocatrix, sm, cockatrice 
Coche, caravan, larf^eeoaeh 
Coche d'eau, apassage-boia 
Cocbe.#^. notch; oldsoxo ;fat 

iUshaped -woman 

ochemar, sm. night^nare 
CoebenUle, sf, cochineal 
CoebeniUier, smi cochineal' 
Cotbet^a coachman . Itree 
Cdcher, vo. ^0 * trend 
Coehet. sm. a cockrel 

CoebODi a hog, apig • • Ipig 
Cochon delude, sm, guinea- 
Cochoiin^, sf. Utter of pigs 
Cochoiroei^ vn, to farrow 
CodMonene, sfJUthiness 
CXMhonnet, sm,jaek at botols 

Cocon, the cod of a sUh-vsorm 
CoGotior, a eocoa-tree 
CoetioB, sf, coetion,digestion 
Cocu, sm,>cuckoidtCur-ifish . 
Cocaage, cucknldom 
Coeafier, 'aa,h*miFy 
Code, sm, codt^ codex 
Cod^eiaiateur, snu partjs^ 

in tithes . 
Codiclllaire. Z- a, contained 

in a codicil 


Codtenie,«m. eodtcU 
C««IUIe(gjiRner,, vn to win 
Codofiataire, 2. a. he or she 

to whom a thing itgincn 

Jointly -with another person 
Co-^tat, smi divided sove^ 

reignty ' 
Co^gal. e. a, eo^equal 
Co^icitiC, ve. - coercive 
Co^i-eitioD, sf, coercion 
Co^ternel. le. a. coeternal 
Co^ternit^, */*, — «rty 
Co^v^qae^im. c0-duAq^ 
Coeur, the A«qr-f ; courage 
Coezittencc^ sf, — ce 
Coexistert vn. to co-exist 
Cuffln; sm, small neat basket 
CoftVe^ sm, chesty trunk, 6o.r* 

c((ff'erj coffin^ belly oj a 

lute* ire 



^rty strong box 
Coffrer, va, to * put miaU 
Coffret, sf. a mle chest ; 

Coirretieff , m trunk^maker . 
Co^asse, sf, wild quince 
Goguassiar. em, ^tnee€ree 
Cof,tmtj kinsman 
CagxaiMim, sf'-tionf kindred 
Cogii»fttu. sm,a trijicr 
Cugn^e, o hatchet, ax 
Ccwtier. va, to *drvve in^ beatt 

Cohabitation, sf, "^imi 
C(^bater,«». to cohabit 
Cfif^reaoe, sf, coherence 
Coh^i'itier, e. s, co-heir, co- 
CtAkinan, sf, cohesion 
Cohober va. to thicken^ for- 

Hfy ' • ■ 

Cohorte, sf, eokort^ rmnpany 
Cohue, a rout, croxod 
CoUfe, sf, coif hood 
— de nKAt,nigit-€op 
— d'wK pienciiqiie. &c eawl 
— >de chapeaa»./teiiv ofq hat 
Cotffer, va to dress one^s 
*htadj *stopaiotti€ 
Se cotfier de. vn to He fond- 
ly attached'to 
Se eotflTer, to *get drunk 
Se — — de q«e}«a*u% d'one 
opinion^ to.* Seprepossess- 
^t^or somdtodyjin opinion 
Cot&nrvse. s^mlllirter; hair- 

CoUliire, sf u headdress 
Coin, snucomer ,v.edge4coin*, 

die ; lock of a wig j chek of 

a stocking 
CoiucideneeyV* coincidenee 
Coiueidyr, vm to coincide 
Coing.ow eoio, sm, a quince 
CoL ou con, neck ; d^fUe ; 
Col,a«tocA [strait 

^tAvx^ySf, anger, wrath,p»i' 

Coldre« 2,a,passionate 
Cdlerct^ sm, sort qfnet 
Col^rlque, *, a choleric 
Colibri,na. humming-bird 
Gotificbet, gewgaw, toy 
CoUu*maiUard, buntanan''s 
C0lique» sf, a colic IJn^ff' 
Coliiee,s;m. colisceum 
Collateral, e. a, '-rat 
Collateur, sm, '-tor, patron 
CoUatii^ ve.«. -Hive 
Collattoii»«/: — Twn, advow 

— , afiemoon*s luncheon, 

Collation ner, va, f collate 
'"^to *eat between dinner 

and supper^o * drink tea 
CoWe, sfpaste,glue, size 
CoUe de ]fOM»onii*inglas* 
Colieete, collect, gathering 
CoUeeteur, sm. a collector 
CoUettify a, «• in. collect toe 
CoUectiflD^^.— rion 
Collectivein«nt, ad, --vely 
Coll^gataire* a,s. collegatory 
CQlldeie,Mi. colUae 
Coll6giai. e. a, coU^iate 
CoUeKue, sm, colleague, fek 

CoUer, va, topaste^glue 
— *du vin, to clarify vdne 

with isinglass 
Se eoUeivvr to Ue^closf^ca^ 
CoUorette.^/I wotfum's neck 

Collet; jfn; collars *nare i 

neck ofvieat 
Cci\fA,eapet nerk; hemdigin 
CQltei'in4>nte, aff^ed 
Cotleter, va, to collar ; * set 

Collier, sm, necklace ; collar 
CollifCer, v«. #« collect, in fe% 
Com^ion, —sion 

Digitized by CjOOQIC ^ 



CollMfttiOItt, --41 9n 
CoUoqae, «m. coilpquy^ cm- 

CoUoquer, vo. U ptaee in 


CoHoder, vn, f eottudet 
Collaaion, tf. juggling 
Conusoiie, i. a. tarif 
Collaioiienient,oif. ^-Bvrilif 
CiAtjttf 9tru rffrtWj ffyt' 

ColombAfe, raw •fpHUm 
etAomhe, */. a dtme 
ColoraUer, a dcve^use 
Colotnbiii,e« a coktmbme 
Cofcni, *m» a Planter, colon 
Colonel, o coUnrl 
Colondle, «/. the tdoneTi 

ColODie, a colony i plantation 
CohMmade, cohnade 
eoloime, dcoitonn. pillar 
Cdones d-un tic, beopotto 
Colophane, rosin, kard-rooin 
Co\otta»tlC^coloqtrint^da ' 
Colorer, va. to totmr, dye, 

^fgttife^ elodk 
Cbloner, f 

Cblorier, to varnish [plcxion 
Colorisy em. ^fotouring^ com- 
Colori»tt,«; eoUuriet 
Cd^MtaXft, a* gigantic 
Celeste, «tfk eoloeeu* 
CdhMJrtiige, hanker^e trade 
Colporter,iMi. fo luaek about 
Colporteur, miu a hamker. • 
Coluie, eo/lurij€olura. 


Comateux, le. a.90b§rifirou» 
Combftt, em, afgHt, battle 
Cgnrthattaiil, o combatant 
CoudMttre^ v. to *Jlght. com- 
bat, oppugn, contend with 
Coampti^ mm much; how 
...-^^Hn^price imany 

•— «4iue,ai^AMwA 
Combiner, wfc to combine • 
CwkXAe^t. a. heaped 
ComUe, em. the top, height, 

Hmber^-work efa roof 

Combteii, cordage 5^ « <»»; 

non {one; fill 

Combler, tw. hee^ up, load 

Comblette, */. cfefi, at part- 



taiUel, V. 


CombosHble, 1. a, -bU 

Combuition, ef, -^lon, tu- 

Com£die, aplaytplayJtouee; 
ehamming ; epert 

ConMien, #m. an actors die- 

CoiinMienne, of. actrese 
Comcmible, «. a. eatable, e. 

Com^te, rf. acomet 
Comioefl, enupL comitia 
Connqoe, 8. a. comical 
Comiqueincait. ad, c»mieally 
Coroite, em, officer ofagaUey 
Comics, committee 
Comltiftl, a. em, conutial 
iConmuuMttit, commander 
ComoMtndemenC, em. com- 
mand ; commandment 
Commander.TW^ command, 

order,* bid,* beepeak 
Cominuiderie, ej^ comman- 

C ontflMUKKW, etn, comm/in- 

derofan order 
ComOModite (loci^^ ed), a 
partnerehip, wherein one 
of thepartiee laye out hie 
money, without performing 
any ^JUefututione 
Commei ad, ae, like, aknoet 
Comrae. c, ae, whereas 
Comro^nieraliony ^, —^ion 
Commenfrant* e- e, beginner 
CoromciiceiHept, em* begins 

Commenoer. v. to * begin 
Commende, ef commendum 
Coinnienial,a. m,mesemate, 

eating at the same table 
ComroemalM, of, ''■4ity, fel- 
lowship of table 
Commemunibilit^ ef, —Uty 
Commenrambie, 3. a. "-ble 
CoRHDcnt, ad, how, wky 
Commentiiie, em. eomenem 
Commentaienr, "tator 
Conimenier,tMr#t« commentm 
' to romance [rieoni 

ComfDer,vn tt^makecompa- 
Comm er^blc, a . a nqoeia- 

ble, commercial 
Core reeiy nt, e. traAng^ 
ConnDnrfantf em, trttder, 
merchant ^intereoam 
Commerce, — c?/ trade; 


\^oniiuuuiMa vji. to trade 
CainiDcvQM« e^ tf • ' ■ "icwil 
Corom^ie, sf, agoeeip 
ComnietlsBf* fin* trueter / 

Commettre, va, to commit ; 

Se — — , expoee, or •venture 

Commimtioii,!^ threatetung 
Comoiinaioire, 2. a. "-tory ; 

Commia. em, clerk ; deputy; 

Commise, */ forfeiture 
Conunia^nrtion, —tton,pity 
CoraiauoiiKe. em. eommte- 

eary, eommieeioner f over- 
-de gncRC. mueteronaeter 

— de police, justice of the 
peace (tneeeage 

CommiMioB, sf, cemmieeion} 
CommMon^fe, ein» fitctor ; 

an errand boy 
Comraittitor, —ftir ' 
ComiDudat, em, a loan 
Commode. 9. a, commo£ous; 

convenient ; good-natured 
— , */: aeommede\ chest of 

Commod^ment, ad,eonvetd' 

ently ; comfnrtaBly 
Commodity, sf, cowoeidency 
Cociimodit6s,tAtf neeeoeery 

d'nne maisoii, aecom* 


Commotion, commotion 
Commaer«t>a. to eonunute; 

Gommiin, e. a. eamsnon; 

ueuttl s mean sPvbHe 
Comrouimnt^ t^ communi- 
ty f corporofiott 
Commune. {/I cotporation 
Commanei, itAubitante ef 

villages ; comnwn pasture; 

the house ofeommone {ly 
Commun^ment odL comimon- 
^ ^ilwciX^generaUyi^saukinft 
ComfiiadMit,e.#. coenmunl^^ 

Communicable, 2. a. —-ble ; 

Cemmunicatif, ve. a* ^^tivc 
Communication, sf. ->-4£on 

intercourse i society 
Commuaier, v, to veeeirr. 

,y Google 


or odndnUter the mars- 
ment [Icwthip 

ConMoanioo, 9f»—w»n\ftl' 
Communiquar, va» t» cmt' 
murdcate ; to * hffoc cm-- 
retpondence ; to produce 
Se^,f a. to * be toeiabfi 
Comn^uutift ye. a, —tive 
Coromutatioiu sf. ^tien 
ComiMtitd, cfo*enes4 
CcokpmettfZa eompacf: dote 
CoiU|Nigiie» *f. 4ije$nalp conf 
. ponton } contort 
<!oiii|iagiiie, company 
ConfMignoa ^*m,companion; 
JoMrneifman; fellow ; part- 
ner \in€Uithip 
Conp^pMnase, journey 
Comparable, 3. a» ->— *aUe; 

ComparaiMm, ef, comparieon 
Comparant, epO* *, a^^earUg 
Conparati^ veb a. — itve [^ 
Coooparativeineiit, ad,—iive 
Comparer, va, to cotnparc; 
Se — kftevie -with (conjer 
Comparoir, vn»to*to make 

one** appearance 
Coinparaitjpe, to * makeoneU 

Compartiment* «m» romp 
partmentfpiot in a garden 
Cumpardr, va to cottMirt 
Compartiteiir,«m. —titor 
eonaparation, t/Mppearanoe 
CotnptUf em. compaue* 
— — de coidonnkr, size 
— de mer# compt^o 

de proportion, sector 

Coropa««£, e. o. starched i 

formal ; ufftded 
Compatsement, ti^ meaeur- 

ing with compatsee 
Coii»aMer, va. U measure , 
topropmtUn ; order vieU 
Cimpasiion, *Ji companion ; 

Compatibility, -—lily 
Compatible. 2. a.-'^—'jle 
Compotir, vn. to cmnmite- 

rate ; suit ; * he^r vith 
Compatittanr, c a eompas- 
. tionate 

Conipatriote,S.«. oneU coun- 
tryman^ or country-ipo' 


Compendinm, *m. -^ium 
Compcnmtion, of -^ion 


Cmnpemer^vQjo cen^pejuate 
Comp^faset enu.the heing 

godfather or god-mother 
Compare, a jtomw.jovm/ fel- 
low s arch blade 
Coik^lKitiiitnent, ad, eompe- 

trntli/ I ennugk 
CoTflp^ient*, fjl competence ; 
C'Ttitpetiiian } Jurisdiction 
CtiFiiiit'teat, r- d competent J 
Comp^Ttr, vn. to belong [fk 
Co^] p^' ci tiru ft * m.contpmter: 
rivmi Irtval 

Comp^triee. {/*• ^-^rix ; 
Compilat««r, em, compiler 
CompUatioii, {/*• —'^'n 
CofnJMler, va. to compiles 

Compitalet. sf pi. Soman 
feasts in honour of the do- 



CorapUirentenr, se.#t com- 

C<»opliqu^ ■ e. a. compUcate 
Coropkit. snu aplot / conspi- 

racu i*P"^ 

ComploteK; v,to plot; cotr 
Compunetaoi^ tf.remorse 
CompoD^, ^,a,eomponed 
ConqMrtement, sm. demea- 

near T^bear 

Coraporter, va. to allow qf, 
$c -^ va. to behave ; act 
Compost, sm, a contpound 
Cooipoter, compose: to 

Composer des almanacs, to 

'* be star-gaxing 
Secompoorr, vr. tofaehien 

one^s looks 
Composeur, aptdtry vriter 
Compoiite, 3. a, composite 

CoraplaiKiiant,e.«. plaintiff Compositeur, *». a comber 

Coraplainta« {f. complaint 
Complaire, please ; to 

Se -^, vr. to delightin $ solace 

Complaisance, sf --"•sance : 

con^lacency idvil 

Complaisant, e. «. s. ^-sant ; 
Coraplant, muvineyard 
Coraplauter, va, to plant 

vineSf &c* 
Complement, sm. -^ment 
Complet,eb a- cemplete; per- 
Complet, sm. cempl^eness 
Complctement, ad. —tely 
Completer, va. to complete 
Camplexe, 'Ln. complex 
Complexion, «/. -^xutn ; conr 

stUution i temper; humour 
Coroplexionn^, e> !>• temper- 

Complication, sf. '-tion 
Complice. 3. a. s. complice ; 

Complicit4i«/^ the being an 

Complies, if pL evening 

prayers [reremony 

i^ompiimeBt, sm, r^—ment ; 
Complimentaire, he who in 

m trading society carries 

on the whole business in 

his own name 
Complimenter, va, to com' 

pliment; to .flatter 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

(in music) ; a compositor 
Compositiou, sfxon^osUion^ 

Composteur, sm. a composr 

ing or setting stick 
Campott, stewed fruit, &e. 
Comprehensible, S a. —ble 
Compr^hensioi}. sf.^sion 
Comprendro, vo. to compre- 
Compresae, sf. con^ress^ 

bolster C^toy 

Compressibility, comprei- 
Compressible, S. a. — 6fe 
Compression, sf^'-^ionjtres- 

Comprimer, va, to compress 
ComprQmettrr,v. tocontpro- 

ndte^ to expose 
Compromis, srA, compromise 
Comptable iuta. eutmmtahle 
Compuun, argent eomptant, 

ready money 
Compte, sm. account, varue 
Cample borgme, o«W money ; 

sutpicious account 
— rond, even money 
Compter, va. to count, settfe 

arounts; charge ; purpose; 

teckoTii value 
Compter, vn. to depend on 
Compteur, sm, acromptant 
Coinptmr, counter fsountiri^- 

houie I factory ; bar of^Q 

Compiilter,T«. to compel 



Coropii1ioire,«m. a warrant 
Compat, eomputation of time 
Compatute* — <w* 
Comtal. e. a. belonging to a 

count m earl 
Comte, «m. n county an earl 
Camtk, county t earldom 
Comtesse, */*. a eountet* 
CoDCUser. va. to pound 
Concave,^, a. *m. coTfOve 
Concftvit^, sf» concavity 
CoQcMer, va. to grants yield 
CoQcentnitioii. #/. —*ion 
Coneentrer, va* to concenter 
Conoentrique. 2. a —trick 
Conception, jr/.-^JMi ; breed- 

Coucernant,/»r. cdncermng 
Cuncerner, va. to relate to ; 

Concert,«n. concert; iconsent 
CODcerter, va. to concert ; try 
Concert^, c a. Hatched ; of' 

CoDcenknu 4^ a grant {tee 
€oneetfkinnaire,#m agranr 
Concetti, *m.falie mt 
Concerable, 2. o. conceivable 
Gonceroir, va, to cotueive $ 

to* breed } to -word • 
Conche, */ garb ; ttate 
Conchyliologie. *f. 

concerning shdU 
tToncierge, 8, *. hwtekeeper 

of a palace ; keeper of a 

Conderenie, */. a keeper's 

CaaA}e,*m, council 
Conciliafault, cihventicle 
.ConcilimDC e. a. reconciling 
Contiliateur, riee. «.' recon- 
ciler iment 
Conciliation, */. reconrilt' 
Coneilier, va. to reconcile ; 

Coneit, e,-a. concise^ short 
Contttoyen« em. fellow cm- 

xen ; coustrjpnan ; eotn- 


ConclamatioD, if Hon 

Conclave, «m. conclave 
Coiiclavitte, attendant on a 

card/Jial during a con- 

Concluant, e. a, ioncludiig ; 

convincing * 


Conclnne,' "rw te conetude] 

infer ; convince 
Conclusion, ef. -^on ; ittue 
conclusions, demands; opi- 
nion leenclude 
Conclusion, ad. in thort ; to 
Concoction 9f.~'^i»n 
Concombre, em. cucumber 
Concniaitance,{^ —'ante 
Concomitant ca.-Hant 
Conconlance, ef agreement ; 

coneotdatKe » 

Concordant, e. a. '-dant 
Concordat *m» concordate ; 

compact; agreement 
Con *t^rde^. ff. conctrd i union 
Cbneiiurirj'vn. tocom-ur; to 

• put in for [concourse 
Concoun, sm. concurrence ; 
Coneret, e- a. concrete 
Concretion. */ — fwn 
Concubine, A^ mittrete 
Concupiiicenee« — ernce! luit 
Concupiscible; 8. a, -bte 
Concurrenunent. ad. in conu 

pedtian"^ jointly 
Concurrence, *f —ce; com- 

Concurrent, e. s, competitor ; 

Concussion. *f exaction 
Conen^ounaire, sm. exactor 
Condaninable, 3- a. eondem- 

Coodamnatioa, *f fondem- 

Condaroner* va* ie condemn ; 

to blame 
Condensation, «/*■ -^ion 
Condenser, va". to Condense 
Condeseendance, of. —denee 
Condeseenilant, e. a. "-ding 
Condewendre, vn. to conde- 
scend^ to • bear with 
Condiscipte,«m. schoolfellow 
Condition, sf. —turn ; service 

proffer table 

ConditioDn^. e. a. merchant- 
Conditiownel. >. condUiiinat 
ConditioneUement^ ad» eon- 

Conditionner, va. to article, 

to • mtdce weV 
Condolence tf. eondolenee 
Condouloir, vn, to condole 
Condiicteur, nn. csmductor ; 

guide ; ttfor 
Condactrice, sj, conductress 


Conduire. to. f conduetf 

steer: * drive; convey 
Se condniie, vr, to behave 
Conduit, sm, a conduxt^ptpe 
— de la respiration, ntind- 
pipe [visttr j core 

Condoite, sf, conduct ; behe- 
Condyle, sm. a prwmistence 

Cone, a cone 

Cont'aboiatenr, taleteller 
Conlabnlation, sf. '-tien 
Coniabnler, vn. to cenfdini- 

Conrection, sf* an electuary 
ContMemtitm^ confhderacy 
Se eonfgd^rer, vr. to confi- 
derate irates, alties 

Conr<M^r^ sm. pL cenlede- 
Conference, tf. '—tencej 
comparison Imit 

Conterer, v, to confer^ ad- 
Caafesse.sf.eonfesH9n . 
CooflBsser, va, ' to confess ; 
own tpriest 

Se — , vr, to eon fete to a 
Confesseur, em eorU'bteor 
ConfksMon^ sf.conJe»sim [al 
Confbsnonal, sm. confesstosir 
Coniiance, sf. confidence ; 
trutt [confident 

Confiant, e. a. sanguine; 
Cimfidemntesit, asU confi- 
dently [Unusty 
CimSAeaee.sf. trusting; in- 
Confident, e. s, a confuknf 
Oonfidcsit^rire, sm. wAa holds 

in trust 
Colkfier; veu to Intrust 
Se — , vr. to confide in 
Configuration, sf. "tion 
Gonfiner, va, to confine ; 

border upon 
Cobfins,, confineo 
Conflre, va. pteservs^pidde 
—one peao, to4ress a skin 
CoDfirmatif, tc a, confir- 
Confirmation, sf. —iion 
Confirmer, va. to confirm 
Se— — ,T>r. strengthen one*s 

self f to* be confirmed 
Confiscable, 3. a. —ble ; for- 
feitable Iforfeiture 
Confiscant, e* a. Itable to 
Confisjeation, sf. '-tint, for- 

Confiieur, fm. eM>/to<aner 


Confitcfiiec^' c^nfiwaU 
Confitures, sf, comjks^ sweet- 

tneott * 
Cou&tiirier, tnu co^fecUoher 
Conflagration, $/• — twn 
Conflict, tm, swOentUnt con- 

Jlict tence 

Confluent, c«nfiux, confiu- 
Cont'oadre. va,to em/ound 
Confirmation, {/: -i^on 
Contbroie, B. a. eonfjrmable 
Conform^ment, ad, con/or- 

Confbrmer, va, to conform 
Conforaiistet B. ^. cerif'om^t 
Coniormit^, */*. "mUy, omo- 

Contort, <Mn. comfort^ aid 
Conl'ortatit', ve. a. corrtAo- 

rative; con^urtaltl^ 
Conibrtation) V* corroboro' 

Conrorter, va, to invigorate 
Confratemit&Confr^i-ie. »f» 

bretherhooa; society 
Confrere, em. brother, fel- 
low [ing9 comparing 
Confrontation, */. confrmt- 
CoiitVonter, va* to confront, 

to cempare 
Confus, e. a. confuted Hy 
ConfuBdment, ad. coi^fueed- 
Confusion, ef.confiui«n,*u- 

per-abundante ; disorder ; 

shame « 

Conf utation. sf, —tion 
Conge, sm^'congius 
Cong^, leave ; discharge ; 

■warning ; play-day 
CongMier, to. to dismiss 
Congelation, sf. — < on 
ConMler, va, to congeal ; 

C<mgestion, sf -^tion, mass 
CongltttiuMlon, f/l t i ofi 
Conglatiner, va. to glue 
Congntulation, sj, •— ^ 
Congratirier,. -VB. to emgra- 

Congre, sm* a cMger 
Congr^ganiste, a //erson be- 

longing to a cor^regation 
Congregation, #/.- — tion 
des fiA^ieMsthe univer- 
sal church 
Congrds, snu congress 
Coagm, e. a. congruous ; 



CoBffnieBieDt, ad. exactly 
CoDgrueot, e. a, congruent 
CoDgraite,^/ congruity 
Conjectural, e. 0. — -»•«/ 
Conjecturalement, ad, fty 
guess iguess 

Conjecture, sf. conjecture; 
Conjtcturef, ra. to conjec- 
ture iturer 
Coujecturenr, sm. conjee 
Conif^re, a, m,cordfefaus 
Conjoindie, va, to conjoin 
Conjointt, Mn. pL husband 

and wife (in law) 
Con^nUtnokt, ad, jointly * 
CunjonctitVve. a conjunctive 
Couiuuction, sf. conjunction 
Conjonetive* a ctmjuncUun 
Conjonisnnce, {/*. congratif- 

Coniqiie* 3. a, conical 
ConjogaiaoR. sf conjugation 
Conjugal, & a, conjuml 
ConjQgaiement, aa, —gaily 
ConjuRuer, va, to conjugate 
Conjorateur, sm, consitira- 

tor } conjurer 
Conjuration, sf --tion, con- 
>Connurations, intreaties 
Conjuiea, sm, pi, conspira- 
Coi^urer, va, to conspire; 

to conjure ; to intreat 
Conn^table, sm.a consiabk 
Comietabie, sf constable''s 
wife irisdction 

Conn^tablie, comtable^s jw 
Connexe, 2. a. connected 
Connexion, sf, connection 
Connexit^, conoccaon, rela- 
Conml,««i. coney trabbU 
Conniller, vn, to shift} to 

play hose 
Connivence, sf connivance 
Conniver, vn, connive at ; 
• wink at [b(e 

Coonoisuble, 2. a, knowOf 
CounoiKance,*/'. knowledge^ 
Cf^niaance^ acquaintance: 
Coonoissanees, learning 
Connoisaeraent, sm- btU of 
ladit^ {critic 

Connoi«4eur te.f • conniHsseur, 
<;on&otti«, va, to * know^ ac- 



cotMt * take c^niamtce of 
Conqne, sf a conchy skeU 
Conqu^nianne, trumpet 
Couqtt^rant, sm, a conqueror 
Conqu^nr, vq, to conquer j 

Conqufite, sf conquest 
Con<acian{, o. sm. a bishop 

.who ordains a person 

named to a bithoprick ; a 

priest who says mass 
Consacrer, va, to consecrate 

to devote | adapt f ordsUst 
Se conaavrer, vr. to devote 

one's seif 
Consanguin, brother on the 

jkiihePs side 
Cun&ajtguinite, sf.—wiy 
Comcieuce, conscience 
Conaeiencieuiement, consct- 

cntiously {scientiou* 

Consciencieux, ae. a, coif 
Cons<fcrat«ur, sm. •— crater 
Consociation, sf. —tion 
CoDs^cutif, ve. a.— live \ly 
ConsOcutivement, <K/* —<»?«• 
Cunseil, sm. counsel ; coun- 
cil; resolution ; advice 
Conseilier, c. s, counsellor ; 

adviser (advise 

Conseilier, va, to counsel 
C.unseGitant, e. a, consenting 
Consenteinent, sm. consent 
Conseptir, vn. to consent 
Consequemmeut, ad, douse-' 

quen ly $ accordingly 
Consequence, sf, conse- 
quence ; precedent 
Consequent, sm. consequent 
Conservateur, preserver 
Conservation, sf tion ; 

preservation . 
Conserratrice, sf —trix 
Conserve, comerve^ coinfifs 
Conserves, sf preservers, 

Conserver, va. to conserves 

serve, to • keep in pay 
Se — , vr, to • keep ; mind 

one*s self 
Considerable, 3. a. ——ble 
Consitierableoient, ad. ~ad/y 
Coiisiderant, e- a. considerate 
Con«ideraUoii, sf. —lion, note 
ConsiUerement, ad- consi- 

Consi«ierer,va. to consi^ ; 

* have^ value for 

igitized by CjOOQ* 



tfi«Bf ««n. a irwiee 
Com^tioD, «/• di^*it ; 

carriage * ivfwd 

CoDsiKne, a trtut; toatch- 
Coonfcner, va. t» defiant 
CoDsittanee, */. consUtetux $ 

Comiittnt, e. o. cmristing qf 
€oDii«ter, va. to eonmt i*lk 
Consistoire, tm* c*iuiaMry ; 

Connstorial, e. a. —"^ial 
CbaristorialiBment, atf« in a 

M>nsolable, 8. 4. cmuiUble 
^rnisolant, e- tf- cwnfurtoiMe 
Coiuolateur, tm- eon^'orter 
Q>iu6iation, «/*. —^ion,e«m- 

CotMohtotre, t. a- —/ory 
ComroUtrice, *f- evmforter 
Coniole, a bracket ; corbel 
Conioler, va. to comfort 
CoQsolidatioD, {/! ~^ion 
Coiuolider, va. to coiuoli' 

date; to heat up 
Consommateur, onuJiMaher 
Coiuommatimi, »f. comwn- 

motion, contumption, end 
Cantommh, »m.Jetly^roth 
Ckiniomioer, va. to c«nrtifn- 

mate; conoumcf boil to 

CoiupmptH', re. a. *• con- 

CoDsomptiony »/. cnuump' 

Hon \rhyme 

Conioiinaiiee« harmony ; 
Contonne, a canfonant 
Ca9uort,e. «. aooociate 
Contoude. *f, comfrey 
Conaplnteur, mt, —rator 
ContpiTation,*/^ —^racy 
— dei pondresy gun-powder' 

plot iPlot 

Cmi^irer, va. to conopirci 
CoDtimer, to * tpk vpon 
Constamincnt« ad» conHant- 

lift certauily 
Conitanoe, of, conrtancy ; 


e. a* conHnra ; 

certain [prove 

(kmstater, va» to verify $ 
ConstelhiUoD, «/ -^on 
ConsCell^. e. a. made under 

a certain conotellation 
ComternatioD, tf, ^-Hon 


Constemer, wu diopintf dU^ 

may leoHiveneu 

CoDMpatioD, of' — <i«»; 
Coofttiper, *a. to constipate, 

• bind Ltnt 

Comtituantyca. «. conotitu- 
Ceostituer, va eontUtute ; 

place : raioe ; *put 
— — une pension, to oettle a 

Consdt«tiony-(i0n| annuity i 

coa^otitwn i order, decree 
Comtitutionnaire, S. «• a»> 

Con«tri€tettr,«m. — ^ttr 
Comtrietion, ^f.— (itn, cm^ 

CoottHngent, e. c.-— jwif, 

C|mstnietHHi» sf. -tim 
Construixe, va. to construct, 

*buiUi; construe ; frame 
Contubiumialit^, sf —lihf , 
ComulMUuitiel. le* «.— (to/ 

CcKonHysm. connU 
Coniolaire, % a. consular 
ConsuMremeot, ad» -^arly 
Cunnilairei, «m. pU former 

Consulat, sm. cmmlthip 
Coniultanti o. sm, one who 

is consulted ; counsellor 
Contultation, {f* -^ion 
Coniulter, va. to eensuli 
— -> ton ehevott to deliberate 
Consumant, e. a. consuming^ 

devouring [cooitf 

Consumer* va, to consume ; 
6e — , vr. to vMUte away 
Contact, «m. contact, uueh 
Contagieux, le. a. contagious 
Contajskm, *f. S^^^S^^. 
Contamination, dejUh^g, pol- 
Contaminer, va. to defile 
Conte,sm, story, tale 
Contemplateur« rice. #.-^ 
Contemptetif, ve. a. —tkve 
Contemplation, sf. -^'wi 
Contempl^, va. contem- 

plate t •behold 
CoDtemponrfn, e* a, *• eotem- 

porary, coetaneous 
Contempteur, sm. deofriser 
Contemptible, S. a. ~4le 
Contenance, sf, tt^ta/amu' 

^ Digitized by 

nmiilppmraneeipmture ; 

Contenant, sm. container 
Comendaniy am»» «» rival; 

contending V^Md 

Caataagp vs. to contain; 
Sc eontenir, vr. to refredn 
Content, e. a, conttaud; 

Contentenent, ras* cement; 

sati^Ktion, pleasMfT 
Contenier, va. ta eomeM; 

satisfy ; please 
Se ', vr. to* be weli pleased 
Cqptcntieax, ie« a. cmniea- 

timu Itemioasly 

Contentienaement, ad. con. 
Contention, sfi ^Hian ; strife; 

ContoDtt, onu coatento 
Conter, vo. to rekae^ •tell 
Contestable, 3. a. dUputcMe 
Coiitestant, e. a.eontendt^ 
Contestation, sf, -^sm, con- 
Conteste, tOspute, oMo 
Contester, va. contest, cat 

Conteur, se* 9. atdkr 
Conteur de sornettea, enu a 

tiller of idle storiee 
Conmturey tf. eotOeJieture 
Contigu, e. a contiguous ; 

Contijpxit^, di cont^ity 
Continenee, -«eiicyy c4AfiJ^ 
Continent, e. a-eonttotent 
Contiribit, sm^/maia land 
Condngenee* sf, ' g e n ctf 
ContiaRenty sm, quota 
Continjtent, e a. casual 
Contiim, e. a. cotuinuai 
Contino, sm, close bfdy 
Cominuatenr, — <«• 
Caotrnne, sf,conUmmnee 
Continuation, sf. —tian. 
Gontinael le, aocontimul 
ContinaeUemaoty ad, — «» 

Cotttinnemeiity ineetaonify 
Contfinoer, va. to continue, 

Contimthe, «^ cMtfttnance ^ 

coldneso ; cohesion 
Contortion, contortion 
Contour, em, contour ; out' 
; circumference; 



Contoamer, va> tt 
tkec^ntmn §f a picture 

Contnetanty e. a. «. cmmtoo 

Contiaeter, va, f contract 

— det dettet* w •"« tii£« 
dUl [i/A 

Se tofntmetUfVr. to * «ArM; 
Contnictioii, «^ < i>n; 

Contnctn^ le. Hiptdated 
CootradietMnr jm. i^^^/Mncr 
Coiitradia((oB, rf. ^-rton ; kt 
ComndittMR^ A a. etntro- 

dietoru $ ferempury 
ConiiMietoireineoty tuL c&rt- 

trmk cfoniy , peremploriiy 
Contnindrey wo* ff cciuftioifiy 

e« otraUen 
Concmuitiet «A conotraim; 


— |Murc(M|n,8 «r£fto«rf«ff 

ContnuMf S» a» couttoty g 

CofMnriant) e. a. cotOrmH^ 

Contmner, vo. <• cMlro- 

Contxari^tf , «/*. c«ttfraHrty 
ContniiMi, tiMeultiet ; 

cTMoto \jibat9ckt 

Contmitfe, wu coturaot ; 
Contrastcry to* to contMUt 
Contnrti #ni« coHtfoct i cove* 

— de donation, dM »fjgijt 
-de mariage^ articlet of 

ContmventioB, of, 
Cwsae^pr, again* , 
Coatte«Jl^, of. a , omail 

walk aUmg ttde ^a great 

Coiit»e<«ppraAei, rf, ctufi* 
ter afpraacheo ' 
0. to 

— iMUMie, of, trokMted at 
smmletfgootio Igler 

ContveteMliery e, o, omug' 

— Immejf. eounttriaoo • 
~~ battsriOy caunter'vatiery 

— earrar, va, U tkmart 

— eoap^ onu retouad 

—• dnws of* contitry ebntee 


CoBtMBUCi vfi* to coatrauet 




Contreilitt, «m. pi, otjec- 


Contrte, of, country, region 
CoBtrefiicon, eounterfeinng 
Contrefiiire, va, to counter^ 

ftit, to apCf dugaUe^/eign 
Contre4atte, of, coutito'^ath 
CoBtnr-latier, va- to cnm> 


— mattre^ om, a mate 

— naandement, om, counter- 
ntand {mand 
mander, va, to counter- 

— marque, of co unterm ark ; 

CoDtfiMnine, of. countermine 

— iBiner, va, to counter' 

— minear, om. counterminer 

— mntiOrn,countemture 

— mover, va, to eottntermure 

— onhe. «m* tounter-order 

— partie, */. firot and oecond 
part in muoic 

— pewr, va, tO' counterpoioe 

— pi4, *m. wrong oenoe, re- 
vrroe . 

— poid«, counterpoise ; rope- 
dancer^o pole, wOanee 

— p<iil, onu wr^g eouroe-^ 
k coatee poil, againot tke 

^polBter, tMk.#0 quik on 
bath oideo f to thmtrt 
ponon, «m. counterpoioon. 

— prenvf , tf» cauntetprotf 
-~ promeMOf of eousUerhond 
ContKMsaipe, of counter- 

CoiitiiBMai|Mif, va, to coun- 

CoB t rwcd j *m.. coanter-oeal 

— se«-lltr, va. to counter- 

Contresein^, na. cwtvlter-oigyi 

— aeni, wrong .aente^ wrong 
oide • 

CantfMigDer, va, to coun- 

tereign ; tofirank 
Contiftyalkir, em, hedge row 

.Caabnftam^ «m. nUochance ; 


Contittifer, no. f« * cmio- 

CoDtrevallatkn, «f. ~fi«n 
Contrevmam, e. o. ifffender 
ContntTvnirf vn, contno- 

vene, to infringe 
Contnyvwti «m. an aaCtftft 

Contrev^riti, of irony 
CoBneviiite,«e«»nd MsrrA 
ContriboaUe, 9. a. tadroMe 
Conf riboant, im, "-^utor 
Contribuer, va. to contribute 
Cuotriboiaon, of. — «m 
Contristerj va, to grieve 
Contrit, e. a, cof,triie 
Contrition, of — «•» 
CfNiu6)e,«in. control ; mark 

ContrAler, va, to control; 

verify ; mark plate g caip 

CoAtrdleur. ihu comptroller^ 

overoeer ; a critic 
Contfovenp* sf, controoeroy 
Contnrren^, e, a, coi^ro- 

Controipcftiste, om, — verCJif 
Comrauver, voifhrgeg in- 
• vent 

Contumaee, of, contumacy 
Contumaeer, va to * eaotfhr 

nonroppearaneei to ouUmw 
ContuBiax, cu a criminai 

that doeo not appear he^ 

fore theiudgt 
Contum^be, of —mely t «- 

Contum^lieiMeBBent, ad, out- 

CdDtaiD^liefB* oa, a. ahaotoo 
Contat, e. a, brmoed 
Contanon, ^- a bruioe 
Convaincaiit, e. a. conoic- 

CoanoDCie, va. to convincct 

to convict 
Convaleiaenee, ef ''^ence t 

Conmleteent, o, a. —eent^ an 

the mending hand 
Convenable, a. o. Jk; aro* 

per ; becoming ; befittmg ; 

CottTenatriemant, ad. otiit* 

Caattmaw, of ouitableneoo 

,y Google 



Conyenant, e. a, iutttAle; 

Convenir. vru U agree^ suit ; 

• be proper^ * become ■ 
Conventicule, sm, converUi- 

Convention,^ ^^Un^ con- 

tract ; assembly . 
Conventionnd, le. o. convert' 

Convtmtionoellement, ad, 

Conventuel, lea. conventual 
Conyentuelleineut. ad, -du- 
Cunvenu, e. a. agreed on 
Convergent, e^a, —gent 
ConTen, e. a. s. lay brother^ 

or sister 
ConversHtion. sf, -Mion 
Convener, vn, to converse 
Conversion, sf.~r*ionf change 
Convert!, e, s* a, convert 
Convertible, 3. a, —ble 
Convertir, va, to convert 
fle — , vr. to* be converted ; 

change, turn 
Convertissement, sm, change 
ConvertiNear, a convenor 
Convexe, 2. a. convex 
Convexite, sf. convexity 
Conviction, -—^on 
CoDvi4, sm, a guest 
Cmivier, va. to invite ; incite 
Convive, % s. a guest 
Convocation, sjl—tion, < 
Convoi, sm, convoy, funeral 
Convoitable, S. a, c&oetabie 
Convoiter, va. to covet 
Convoiteax, te. a covetous 
Convoitiie, sf, cavetoutness 
Convoler, vn, to marry a- 

ConvcHiuer, va, /o eonvofce ; 

Convoyer, va, to convoy 
Convuifl6, te. a, convulsed j 

Convubir, ve. a. convulsive 
Convuhion, sf, -sion 
Convubionnairettm. one who 

has con-duMve JUs 
Coop^rateur, sm, -•^^or 
Coop^mtrice, .{f.. -matrix 

Cooperation, tion 

Coop^rer, va, to co^rate 
Copegu, sm, chip^ shaving 


Co|rie, tf. a copy, picture 
Copier, va. to copy, mimic 
Copieuiement. ad copiously 
Copieux, Bt> a, copious 
Copiste, sm, copier ; promp. 

Copropri^ire, S. *. joint 

proprietor or owner 
Copter une dadie, to tint a 

Copulattf, ve. a, copulative, 

Copulation, •—^'tion 
Copulative conjunction 
Copuie, copulation 
Coq. sm, a cock, church 

Coq de bruyere, a heath-cock 
Coq de marais, a moor<ock 
Coq k r4ne, nonsense - 
Coq d*Inde, turkey-cock 
Coq de bois, apheasant 

Coqo&tre, a young cock 
Coquew sf» egg sheli, cod 
Coqueiicot, wildptppy^cock^ 

Coqueliner, vn, to erow 
Coqueluche, cochin, fa- 
vourite : heoping^owh 
Coqueluchon, sm, hood ; 

Coquemar, a boiler 
Coqneret, Mnter<herry 
Oon^p^HTacj sf idle talk, 

Co«i 1 1 ^'t , te* n r J- a coiiuet, beau 
Ccijib?T£ir, Tjpi, to coquet 
Coqueiier^ tnu a higgler . 
CoqiiettFTte, jjC eoouetry 
Coqiiilb^f 4iii, snelts, shell- 

IfiSjrt^ Ithrfi-Jish 

Co(|iiLlk^ jr/V fl ithell 
CoqL]iLlj4^L% mi. epUection of 

CoqniMidre, (viiexK},sf, stone 

in which shells are found 
Coqotn, e. s, a rogue, jade 
Coquin. e. a, idle 
Coquinaille, *f. pack of 

Coquinefj vn, t# loiter^ idle 
Coquinene, */• knavery 
Cor, sm. trench hom^a com 
Coraily Coral, sm, coral 
Coralhn, ^ a. cortOUne, red 

as coral 
Coralloides, sf, seed «f white 



Conax, sm, pL esMs 
Coibem, sih, raven, corbet, 

votpse^bearer . 
Corbeille, */. bread or fruU 

CorbeUlte, sf, basket-fitlt 
CorUIIaid, sm, a large tra- 
velling eoach, hamper 
Corbiiloih small flat basket ; 
crambo {cords 

Cordafiies, cordage, ropes. 
Cordage^ va, to • maJxr^u 
Corde, sf. cord, rope, string 

de drap, thread afcUtk 

& haiyrui, cat-gut 

^— de bob, cord nf roood 
Conl^, e. a, twisted, stringy 
Cordeau, sm. a line, a cord 
Cordeler, va, to twia 
Cordellette, sf, small cwrd <nr 

Cordelidre, Franeiwean nun 

'. cordelier^s girdle ' 

Coroelien, sm, greyfHars • 
Coidelle, */. party, gang 
Corder, va, to twist, to cord 
Se — , vr. to * grew stringy 
Corderie,^. a rope walk ex 

Cordial, e. a, cardial 
Un cordial, sm, a cordial 
Cordialement, ad. cerdsaUy 
Cordiidit^, sf. cordialness 
Cordier, sm, a rope-nuiker 
Cordon, twist, string, band, 

girdle, late, stone-piint, 

ring-edge of coin, muling 
Cordonner. va, to tttdst, null 
Cordonnene, ^, shee-makis^ 
Cordonnet^ sm, '" ' 
Cocdonnier, a . 

Coriace, 3. a, tough 
Corintbein, (in an 

sm, the Corinthian 
Coriieu, sm,curiem 
Conne, a service, 9arb-4tpple 
Connier, the service-tree 
Cohnoma; acormsoyint 


Comae, agroom^ 
Comaline, sf, c&rnelidn 
Come, horn, hoof, comet 
~4'abondanAe, eormncopia 
Oom^e. oomea oftne eye 
Comeille, a rook^ a crow 
Cornement^ sm, tin^Ung 
ComemUaei a bagptpe 
jCdnwr, vn, to • blow a horn. 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Covnet, mu horn^ ink-htm, 

dicfiSgji, rolhd rvofi^ 
Conietier, a horn-<frtwer 
CSornette, *f a cornet, mtb 
Cornecte» *m. cornet of a 
iroop W" haroe^ a a 
doirt*s broad pennant 
Corniche, */ a copnke,g^[ 
Conucfaon. em. a little norn, 

Corni^re, 'f. a eloping drain 

on the tep ofhoueee 
CorniUaSf em. young rook 
CArnooille, ff. cornil-berry 
Comouyier, em. cornil-tree 
Cornu, e. a. horned^ comute 
Coraue, tf. cucurfiite 
CorolUdre, em, eordlary 
Conaaaxet 9. a. coronary 
Coronal, e- a. coronal 
Coiporal* em, a corporal 
CorporatioD, ef, —turn 
CorporeL le. a, corporeal 
CorporellemeQtf ad. "radly 
Corporifier» va, to corporify^ 

eappoee a hody^ aieembk 
Carps, em. a body, ehape 
— de Jupe, pair ofetaye 
-de togu, side ofa great 

--— de feT) eteel bachdoard 

' mort, a corpee^ carcase 

— — jk corps pemu, ad. head' 

Corpulence, sf. corpulency 
Corpiuculaire, 3. a. —lar 
CorptucuJe, fin. a^orpuecule 
Corteet, e. a, correct, exact 
Corceetement, ad. correctly 
C#rreeteiir, «m, a cm'rector 
Correctif. corrective, tahe 
Correetiflm */". — — <wn 
Coneetnee, she who corrects 
Correeidor, enu -'^or 
Corrdfaiti^ ve. a. e, correla- 
tive ^ [ness 
Cbrr^lationT sf. correlative- 
Ci»rre»pandance,. — •dettce 
CorrespoDdant, e. o. suitable 
Corresponkutt, em. --dent 
Corre^poodre, vn. to corree* 

Conij^r, va. .to correct, 

Se — , vr. to mend^ * forsake 
CorhgiUe^ 3. a. corrigible 


C w t u l i i na tify ye, a, — tfioe 
CorroboKer, 'va. to corroio- 

CocTodar, to corrodefgnaw 
Comxnpiv* (• corrajfU, taint, 

mar, oribe, alter, tender 
Corrompu, em. a debauchee 
Corro«if, ve. a. corrosive 
Corrorif,«m. a corrosive 
Corrosion, sf corrosion, 

gnawing Tther 

Corrai,«m. dressing of tea- 
Corroyer* va, to curfy,plane^ 

to join 
Corroyear, em. a currier 
Cormpteur, sm, debaucher 
ComiptibiKt^ sf. "tity 
Corruptible, «. c -^fc 
Corruption, */• —<»«», bri- 
Comiptricey corruptrix 
Con, em horns 
Cortt^ shapCfform 
Conaire. corsair, privateer, 

Conelet. corslet 
ConeSi,jumps, boddice 
Cortege, a retinue^ train 
Cortical, e. a. corttcal 
CwT^aUe, 2. a. averrable 
Corvee, of, a Job, average, 

statuie*work, or kd»our 
Corvette, a cutter, eloop^ 

Corvoyeur, em. etatute-da- 

CoruicatioD, sf. "tion, flash- 

Cnryoante .sm.Cybele*s priest 
Cocymbe, corynwus, tuji 
Corymlufdre, 2. a. —feroue 
Coryphee, em. chief, leader, 

Co»dgneur, joint lord tf a 

manor . 
Cosm^tiqiie, 2. a, cosmetic, 

Cosmogunie, sf, —gony 
Cosroogratphe^ em, —pher 
Cosmoj^phie, sf, -^hy 
Cownograptdquet 3. a, -phi- 

Counoloeie, #/*. -^— ;^ 
Cosmopolitain, e. s, —lUan 
Cosmopolite, 3- e, ~'lite 
Cosse, sf. shell of peas. Sec. 
Coster, va. to butt like a rani 
dutmoi^fntccrnrmite .. 



, e. a. shelly, rich 
Costume, em. the costume 
Cote, cotte, sf a paticotd ; 

number, quota 
CAte. a rib, coast, declivity^ 

COte i fedte, ad. abreast 
CCtvi, em. sidCj side roau. 


ChtetM, em. hillock 
CAtdette, sf, chap, cutlet, 
little rib IcUe 

Coter| va. quote, endorse^ 
Cotene, ef, a club, society 
Cothume, em, a buskin 
Cl^^cr, a, sm. a coaster 
Cdtidre, sf, a range of coast. 

Cotijraac, em. quince mar' 

Cotillon, under-petticont 
Cotbation, sf, assessment^ 

Cotiier, va. to assess, to dub 
Cotisiure, sf, bruiei^g of 

CotoDf em* eetten.doTon 
Cotonner, va. to * Huff' rvith 

Sf—fVr. to • be covered 

with cotton 
Cotonneuz, te. a, spungy, 

Cotonnier, em, a e^on^ree 
Cdtnyer, va. to coast ahng^ 

to walk by the side 
Cotret, em, a little faggot, 

— huile de «otret, a eeund 

drubbing, oaken towel 
Cotte d^armei, ej. coat of 

—. de maillei, coat. of mail 
Cotteron. em. short petticeat 
Cotuteur,.a co-guardian 
Cou, the na:k, narrow pas^ 
Cou du pied, the instep 
Conaid. e. a. e. cozoard 
Couardiiie, sf. cowardice 
Coiichant,a. m. settirtg 
Couchant, sm. the west 
Coaebe,«/: a bed, bedstead, 

delivery, lying in, itake at 

play, hot bed in a garden, 

out end, stratum^ a lay 
Conch^e, an inn where one 

lies an a journey, nigf'ts 


Digitized by CjOOQIC 



Coucher, va» to * pvt ttrhtd, 

to- • lay or ttake^ * Ik damn 

Ckiadier en joue f* abn at 

— par ^^rit, U • irn«e d»i»« 
Seeoucher, vr.U*tit thwm, 

to* go to bed to*tet 
Coacber, «m. bedtime^ bed' 
ding, nightie lodging, ceu- 

— du loleil, ouneet 
CouefaetTe. if, a coueh 
Coacbeur, se. *, be^feilam 
CoMi «oaek wbeoeo 
Coaopa, «m. a cuckoo 
Coiide. the etbovf, any angle 
Coud^, sf. eibno-room^ ««- 

Coude>pi^,#m. an ineUp 
Cooder, va. to • bend 
. Coodoyer, to elbow^ huneh 
Coudmie, *f, haxle wood 
Coodie, om, a haxU^ee 
Coodre, va to tewy etHeh 
Coadrier« im« haxle nvit tree 
Coo^ane. «/. kog\9 ojdn. 
CwKHteJeather bed 
Coalai^e, eni, leakage 
Coateminieot, ad» Jkteniltf, 
freely ^ Zing 

Coulant, sm, necklace of' 

€ouf<^, *m, a auick finking 

sbeft in dandng 
CaffiAef^f^ running-hand in 

CoaliBneDt, em, running of a 

UmtiA. Amx 

flam, mek. 

Cmiler. tm. to 

etrain, • run 
— — 4 fimd, va^ta* eink 
Se cooler, vr. to * elip aleng 
Coulenr, tf. colour., suit at 

CoaXeaxOf ef livery . 
Cottleniae, etOoerin 
Coaleyr^ enakemeed 
Gooleime. <^. an adder 
VoitHMjaKti wind that emnee 

through a chink 

>,#/*. groove^ teeneef 
a play^Miut, gutter 

€«auNr. em, a etrainer^ cut- 

Coulpe) treapan^ ain 

CisaXnx^ of' running 

Conpt^m. blox9f throat, qcti 


time, o#Mi itMOBy MW} 
a bit, a atroke, a draught 
Coapde pied, a AicAe 
CaMK>«rap, coHnter-hhm 
Coupablev i. a, cuipeMei 
^guilty (ci|^l8 

Coupe, af cutttng, cut, cup, 
Coup#,«m. a caupee, couped 
Coupesu,*^ of a mil 
Coapei^rge, cutthroat place 

— jarret, a ruffian, aaaaaain 
Cottpelle, af, cappd, teat 
CoapeUer, wo. to aaaay gofd 
Couper, va to • cut, ^cutogr, 

* cut out 
Se -» rr. to fret (of atuffa), 

to contradict one a ae^ 
Coaper ckemin, |» atap the 


— la parole, to intern^ 
— eourc. to*be ahort, in ahort 

— du vin, to brem mine 

— la rteine, tv — pi6 h,to 
root Ota 

^ la t^te, to behead 

— la bourse, to rob 
Coaperet, am, a cleaver 
CiMptmtae,af copperaa . 
Conperoa^, e a. fuU afred 

pimpiea, bloated 
Coiipe^^te, am, kapfrog 
Coupem*, le '«w a cutter 
-— — de boune^ cutpurae 
Couple, af, couple, brace, 

yoke [«on«) 

Couple, am, eoeple {^per- 
Coupi^ va, to couple 
Couplet, am, a atqff\ couplet 
— — aatuique, faini>«t» 
Coupleler, va. to lan^ofn 
Coupoir, am, cutter 
Cowpaim,af cupola 
Coupon, am. remnant, dtoU 

Coupure, afacut 
Cour, court, eourt-yard 
Counire, am, courage, heart, 

Courage^ cheer up Tgeoualy 
CourageOieineBC, adTcoura- 
Cowgageax, »eb a, eottrq g eoua 
Ooummment, ad, currently 
Courant, f a, current, rut^ 

Courant, am. current^eourae 
Cottiante, af, courant, looa^ 

CouriMtQ) e, 9ifaun4ertd 




Coube^ af, a crookedpieee 
of timber, r» of a •hip. 

Couibemcnt, «m. ifwdihw 
Comber, va.<« * ^end, tobom 

Couibette, */ curvet, t 

CoQilMettei^ vn, to curvet 
Conrbettes (fiui:e de^, «» 

cringe, to.,faprn ^ 

Courbure, af,curvitu,hetit 
Counodllet, am, qwata-e^M ' 
Coureur, am, a nirmifif>yW0» 

man, rambler, racer 
Couieur, scout 
Coureuie, af, 

Courfpe, a gourd, a yoke 
Couner, am, courier 
-de cabinet, ataie>anei 
Courir, vn. to * run^ 

with full apeed 
— — la pone, to^rUepoot 
— — le cerr, to hunt at «tar 

— la pTetantauie» to gad 
up and dovm Tatot 

— les mew, to ia^/bat the 
Courlii, am. curlew {net 
Couronoe, af, a crown, eoro- 
Coorannemeot am, coromh 


Coufomwr, va. to emon 
CouNNurarey af awnadt of 

a atafa hornt 
Coumie, af, leather aMng 
Cduiroueer, va. to irrUnte 
Se eonrroncer, vr. fa *l» 

greatly ineenatd, to r^ 
Connroux, am, wratAx f^' 

ing [pkSa 

Coun, courae, run, eSrjM^ 
Coun de ventre, looo emaa 
Coune, af. rt^nning^ raee^ 

Counier, am, eouraer, ehw^ 

Court, e. flu ahort, hritf 
Court, ad* ahort, gukok 
Courtage, «m« hrokerege 
Counnid. a thichoet m0ii 

cropped horae 
— de boutique, ahtpman 
Coortauder. va, ia * crop Cm- 
, hme'stvil) 

,y Google 

Cottrtep«intei «^ ctuniet' 
• pane l^kmmmt 

^•unibaut, 0m. tkick and 
Courtier, tm. m ^ mUt 

de bhtn^ui^aj^ckty 

CoartuMf. if. m cwiain (in 

Coorta«iv«fn.a emotUr 
ComrtMUiev 4A « twrteMUi 
<^ouitisei> M. !• c^urt 
CouftnM, eb «. cMfneMff, 

Coartoiwnent. ad, eturtf 
Courtmncv «f. c9ur(««iMiieM 
Cquhih «> «• CMMiA- jrOQf 
CousiMg«^ tm. cmmimA^, 
. kindrtd 
Cooiiiier, sor. M eaC cMMra, 

C<»iiatu<rQ» 9f /tnce (fgauste 

Cousoir, #«!. « we^nf^freu 

Cousaioet, 6(v» A^ $trtf(rorf 

Cousu,e. a.«nMtf 

— — 4 pi^, theand&r't cirt* 

C9u«el6) ei Ik tUniftkterei 
CoucHieri«» i/l corfery 
CoutelUdfe^ ^/I . # «Me ff 

Cdftter, vn. fo (««r, '^ttttnd in 
CfMtftliBey {^ CMr« cntic* 
Cofttenx^ww a. eaipenmm 

goD^ CMua. tltricifl^ 
«?outre, cvubtrt pimih^han 
Coattune, {f ei«t<«m e«a 

— >- 4* BUea, nuanery 
Coaver» iv* /• br—dm ait 

Mt, * oiiae< inetoaUt 

CMverele, «m. « tne, Ud 
CMvect, lAe c/aCA, cmcr, 


iUtf, c{«r, «A«rtire, /itUt 

haitedy dark 
Couverte, *f. a deck^ enamei 

^Ckina wm 
CoQTertemeHt, ad- mfttthi 



Aef, ft^, r«^, rteA 
Cownxtuntifil: btd<l^he9 
CouTerturier, «m> bedding- 

CcoTetft « ««n ^fitvot 
Coaveuse, «/: rAot ArMdi 
Cooti, a. nu odotir. r«rren 
CouTW^hef, 91th Koxhief 

— fe«, curfewjire^reen 

— pi^, cootrfeet, quilt 

en ttwume, thaicher 

de chaise*, chair maker 

CoQvtir, M. f ctver^ * Ajdirr 

ceneeai, dtfentt, had 
^ — » inr. * Of ffucnoft, * ^ 

ftneV Aa< mh *iM<< ^ <> '*'<^ 
Crabier, «m. a crab-tater (a 

West ImyMi bird) 
CtM) fjM. crwA>) cradding 

Cnc, <A#> a/l 

CiaebemeDt, ^fMng 
CiMher, va. f o • tpu 
CMKhcur, ae. ». « «;4(fer 
Crachoir, snu a 9pktingpot 
Cmeliateinait, spitting Utcn 
Cnehoter. vn- to *^ 4^kn 
Cnie, */' ctUdk 
CraMit, «ft K/ter, «Ereatf 
Cninte, tf.fear^ aae 
CxmattAiit^forfiar tf^leH 
Cnintif, ve a. fearful^ th 

Kcr^ a Mtatn^T€99. 
Couvfe,* M»qr,«W flf ISV' 

Coavtttt, tnh aHmtm 

Cnintivenieiit, ad. fearfully 
CnWMMii, «m. erifiwra 
CEunflifli, e.' a. trimtnh dyed 

Csumpot if , cramp 

Cimpon, MM. e mm pirtn 
CimmiwiiDer, vcu/oMca wM 

a crtunf^iron 
Se ommpoiiiier, f * cUng if 

flf^f fMng 
Cninponnet, tm. Uttk eromp 

Cnm, nwteh 
CiAne» rAr «cu/^ a A«t4rais< 

Cnipiuad,a fwaf 
Cmpaudaille, «/: thin erape 
CKa|»udi^iiev nMn^^cs 
CnpAwUne. toadatanet irnh 
vvrt maU'Worm, nrt tf 


fla cnini 

eepnt ^ fai craiiai 

CMpoussin, snu a tittle Hl» 

Cnmouiniie, tm, a little ilk 

thaped xo9man 
Crapule, gres* intemperoaee 
Cmpuler, vn. to • eat and 

• ttrinic t0 erctta 
Crapuleaz, ae. a. intemperate 
Craque!in,fm. cracknel 
C »c|«eraent, crack 
Craquer, va. to cracky beaet^ 

Cnuiu6teiiieiit,«»i. craekii^ 
C mqueter, vn, to rracklr . 
Craqueufj le. *. a boatfer 
Cratie, jf, dirt, natHneee, 

nut, droet 
Crtue, o. groae, thick 
CiMMNK, ae. a.JUtiaf, tordid 
Ctatiie, «m. crater^ roumL 

Cnvate «/*• a cravat 
CrBTAte, «m, a croat 
Ccajonr, pencHt' dttcriptian 

rough draught 
CmyoBner* va** draw., sketch 
CnyonDeiir. em- a drawer 

with crayont ^ 

Ct^tnee, *f. truet^ ^*^A 

Cr^uicier, e. e. erector 
Crtet, »m. an usher in a 

Griateur, Creator, Maker . 
Cr^tion, sf, ct eation 
Crteture, creature 
Cr^eelle. afattle 
Ct^aereX^kesteral, hawk . 
GM«he, a manager^ crib 

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OMeoce, little cuftboard 
vftere the church plate ii 

€r^it, *m^ creaUf intereit 
CrMiter, va. to credit one 

in the day-book 
CrMo. <m. creed 
CrMulc, 2. a. credulous^ 

Cr^ulit6, *f. credulity 
Cr^T,va,to create 
Cr^inaiU6re,{/*. a pot-hanger 
Cr^maiJlon, sm. a hook 
Cr^roe, */". cream 
— fouett^, emptjit frothy 

Cramer, vn, to cream 
Cr^neau, battlement, pitu 

Cr^nel^, e. a, embattled 
*Cr*neIer, va, to indent, 

Cr^nelare, sf. indenting 
Creole, tt. #. Creole, Creom 

lian [crapes 

Cr6page,«m. the glossing of 
Cr^pe, crape, pancake 
Crtper, va, tofrixxk,* crisp 
Cr6pit sm, rough cast 
C ri pine, */. fringe 
Cr6pir, va, to parget 
Cr^pissure, sf. rouirh cast 
Ci-^pitttion^racWtn^ of^e 
Cr^pon, sm, thick crape 
Ci^pa, e. a. crisped, fri» 

Cr^puscule, sm, tmligfit 
Crenon, cresses 
Creuonni^re, sf. cresseiplot 
Crtte, crest, cock** comb ; 

bank ofg ditch, tuft 
Saisser la cr^te, to decline 
Cr^te mvnne, samphire 
•^de bl6t pi(ramidal pile of 

Credit, c. o. tufied 
Cretonne, sf. sort of white 

Cr^imne, guttling 
Cr^vasfe, crevice, gap, 

Crevasses anx naixu, chi^t 

in one"* hands l*crack 
Cr6vaster, va, to • chap : 
Crdve-coeuT, sm; heart-break 
Crev<»i*, va, to *burst, cramp, 

* put out 

Crevctte, */". jSrawn 
Creusement, srh, digginjf 
Creuser, va. to * dig, or 

• drive into 
Creuset. am, crucible 
Creux. holloxif, pif, mould 
Creux, se. a, noUew, dap, 

Cri, srh, cry, shriek^ motto 
Cnailler> ra. to bawl, scold 
Criailleiie, */. bawling 
Criailleor, se. s, a bawkr 
Criaid. e* a. s, bawling; 

Criaat, ante, •«. glaring, 

Crible,im.a sieve 

Ct\\Aer,va,to sift' 

Criblcur, sm, a sifter 

CribJure, sf, sUHngs 

CnhntAon, sifting 

Crie, sm, engine for lifting 

Cric-ciiic, eric [burdens 

Cri^, j/. an auction, outcry 

Crier, vn. to cry out, pro- 
claim, inveigh, clamour 

Crierie, sf cry,dlamour 

Criei»r, se. *. a bowler ; 
.cryer, undertaker 

Crime, sm, crime^sin 

Crime de Idze-majest^, high 

Criminaliste, sm, a, writer 
upon criminal matters 

Criminel, le. o. crimintd, 

CnmineJf snu malefactor 

Ciiminellementyoa. —nally, 

Crin, sm, horse h*Ar 

Crine, e. a, hairy 

Crinier, sm, roorker or dea- 
ler in hati" 

Crini^re, sf horse or lionU 
mane. paltry wig 

Cxiolet Creole, S. s, a Creole, 

Crique, if. creek 

Criquet, sm, a tit; bad horse 

Crise, sf, crisis 

Crispation, sf, — <i«n,tortnA- 

Crisper, va,to draw, squeexe 

Cristal, sm, crystal 

Cristallin, e. a, crystalHne 

Cristallisation. sf, —^zation 

Cristalliser, va, to erystalize 

Critiquable, 9, a. censurable 


Crltifpie, eriiUiiii, a^nimit 
Critique, sm. a iirtttc 
Critique, sf, erUictsm; cri' 

tic, censure 
CritiqueT: va. to criticise 
Croaatement, nn.cr9aking 
Croasser, vn, to croak 
Croc, sm. hook ; fetngs; 

Croc enjambe,fr^ 
Crocs, «ni. pi, whtsker9 
Croche. t. a. crooked 

, sf, a quaver 

Crochet, sm, hook, steelyard^ 

picklock . crochet 
Cmt\iitt»,fangs, braces 
Croeheter, veuo *pick a lock 
Crocheteu^r, sm,porter,pick' 
lock iman 

Crocheteuse, sf basket^o- 
Crochu,e. a, crooked, hooked 
Crocbuer, vaJo • bend, crook 
Crocodile, sm,a crocmcUte ' 
Crocus, saffron-fiower 
Croire, va, to believe, • ihitdi 
Croisade, sf cmsade, kolit 

war\ madness 
Crois^, sm, a croise, a dupe 
Cfois^e (serge) sf, kersey 
Crois^, casement ; cros^ 

bar window 
Croisement, sm, crossing 
Croiser, vcu to • lay cross- 
wise I * strike out g cruise; 
Se — , vr, • lie cross ; • take 
upon one the cross of the 
holy war ; to play thefvsl 
Croiseqr, sm, a cruiser 
Croisidre, sf cruise 
Croissanoe, growing age; 

Croisaam, sm, crescent, hook 
Croisare, cross web 
Crott, increase 
Crottre, vn: to * grow, in- 
crease, wax 
Crmxysf a cross 
Croquaht, e. a. scrancMng, 

crackling ~> 

Crbquant, sm, a poor -wretch 
CroqueJaxdon, tpunger 
Croquer vn, tv scranch ; 

crackle; devour; pilfer 
Croquet, sm, a thin and 

hard gingerbread 

Croqueur, a devourer 

Croquignole, sf, nJiU^ 

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f Croqvinol^, va. to JUHp 

Cxoqais, tm. sketch 
. t^iroM^ sf crosier, bxa find^ 

bat, drumstick, or pestle 
. Cras6, a. -who has the pri' 
, 'viiege of carrying the crc 

^ sier 

Crosaer, vn. tojplay at crick- 
^ et ; treat vnth qreat con- 


Croiaewtf sm, a cricket-player 

Crotte, if, dirt, mud; dung 

' of animals 

Crotter, va, to dirt l&c, 
' Crottin, sm, dung of horses, 

Croulenient, sinking {tf a 
house), shaking 
I Croaler,* sink^ * shake 

Ctou^t, e. a, boggy 
' Croupade, sf, bouncing of a 
! • horse 

' Croupe, croup ; top of a hilt 
' C jcoupi, e. a, stagnated 

Croupier, sm, croup, crouper 

Croupidre, */". crupper 
' CroopiOn, sm, ntmp 

Cioujfit, vn, to * stand still ; 

Croupissant, e. a. standing 
Croanille, tf.pie(e of crtst 
Cnrastiner, vn. to * cut a 
' crust 

Croustilleuaoncnty nd, conu- 
" cally, with mirth 
Croustilleux, se. a. droll, 

Croute, sf, crust f scurf; 

Croutdette, a little crust 
Crouton, snu a crusty piece 

of bread 
Croyable, 2. a, credible 
CToyance, sf. beHef, trust 
Croyant, sm, a believer 
Cruaut4, sf, cruelty ; grzev- 

cus thing 
' Cruche, a pitcher ; blockhead 
Cruch^, a pitcher full 
Crtiehon, sm, little pitcher 
Crncial, e- a, crucial 
Crucifdre, J. a, cruciferous 
Crucifier, va. to cructfy 
Crucifiemcait, sm,cructfbnon 
Cracdiix, a crucifix 
Crueifixion, *f, -^xion 
Cni. e. a, raw ; blunt ; hard; 
- unmannerly i indigested f 



era, sm, growth , soil 
Crudiu^, tf, rawness ; erv 

dity^ indigestion 
Cnie, increase 
Cruel, le. a, cruel, hard 
Cniellement. ad. cruelly 
Cwiemem, bluntly, rashly 
Crural, e. a. crtn-al 
Crustacde, a, crustaceous 
Ccuzade, sf. cruzado 
Crjrpte, sf, burying vault 
Ca, Cul, sm, OiMom 
CA de laiupe, a taU-piece 
Cfl de plumb, a sedentary 

Cd de sac, a blind alley 
ca-blanc, jphite-tait 
C6 dejatte, a lame man 
C^ df bas-ie tbsse. a flungeon 
Cfid'ai'tlchaut, bottom uf an 

Cube, sm. a cube 
Cubation, */. cuboHon 
Cnbique, 3. a, cubical 
Cubiul, e. a cubital 
Cucurbitains, sm, pi, flat 

Cocurbite, sf, cucurbife 
Coeille, a breadth of sail 

Cueilleret, sm, the rent roll 

of a manor 
Cueillette, sf, , harvest, ga- 
thering, cotleetion 
Cudlleur, ae. s, a gatherer 
Cueillir, va, to gather, to 

Cueilioir, sm,fruii'basket 
Cuiller, sf a ipoon, ladle 
-— ^ i-put, a pot'ladie 
Cuiller^ a spoonful 
Cuilleron, sm, bowl of a 

Cuir, leather ; hide 
Cuirasae, sf. a cuirass 
Cuirass^, e. sf. with a cttt- 

rass ; prepared 
Cuiras»ier, sm, cuirassier 
Cuire, v, to cook ; digest ; 

smart ; bake s to • do ; 

*dress ; digest 
Cnisant, e. a . sharp, smart 
Cuisine, sf, kitchen ; cookery 
Cuisiner, va, til cook 
Cuinnier, e. s, cook 
Cuissart, sm. thigh armour 
Ctaase, sf, thigh ; leg of a 




C tAt$an^e9sing^victuttU; 

Cnissot, sm. hauiuh of a 

deer, &c, [peaant 

Cuistre, servant in a college, 
Cuit, e. a, dene ; dressed i 

boiled, baked, roasted 
Cuiie, sf, baking 
Cuite (Tes briqucs, bwming 

of bricks 
Cuivre, sm, copper 
— jaune, ftrats 
Cuivrer, va. to copper over 
Culaste, tf the Breech of a 

Cmbnte, sf. overthrow ; 

heels over head 
Cuibuter, v. to * over th ro w ^ 

*break ; tumble 
Cul*e, if, butment of abridge 
Culminant, a, m. -siting 
Culmination, sf, — «j«fi 
Culihiner, vn, to culminate 
Culot, sm, a nestling ; tfrost 
Culutte, tf. b.eeckes ; back 

part oj apfgeon ; rump of 

Culottin, sm, close breeches | 

child newiu breeched •- 
Culte, worsn^ (culture 
CultiTable, 2. a. capable of 
C ul tivateur. snuhusoandman 
Cttltiver, va. cultivate, ma- 
Culture; sf culture, tillage 
Cumin, sm, cumioe 
Curaulatif, ve. a. accuniiS' 

Cumulati^ment, ad, aetU' 

Curou)ei',va to aeetnuubae 
Cupidit^, sf4:upiditu, lust 
Cupidon, sm. Cupid 
Curable, S. a. curable 
Curage, mn. cleansing 
Cuiatelle, sf guardwnship 
CurateuT, rice, s, guardian 
CuratiffVe a. curative 
Cure, sf. a cure i livings 

parsonage; cleaning 
Cur6. sm. a parsons rtiXor 
Cui e^Ient, a tooth'pick 
Cur£e, of. houndTifees, ear- 

CureK>ieilIe, sm. ear-picker 
Curer,T'a«f« eleanse,to *pick 
Cureur, svu night-mani 

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Curie, tf. part tfa tribe in 

ancient Rome 
CurieaaeiBeiit, ad, curiotuiy 
Curieux, se. a virtuoso 
CurioD, a priest instUttted 

by Romulus 
CwHkot^ tf% curiosity traret- 

Curvilig;iie. i. a. curviUneal 
Curvit^, */. curvUy 
C4inile <,eliai3c), curule chair 
Curwiies, sf» pU dregs of a 

tvett or s'mk 
CqatadfC, sji hoister-cap<, pyx 
Xi^ustude, snu varden 
GiMfUM^ S. a, cutuneous 
C uticule, sf, cuticlSi thin, skin 
<Cuyet a tub 
CuveMU, sm» Utile tub 
Cvyer* vn» to vtork,fret 
Cuvette, sf, « ci^ern i 

Uttle ditch 
Cuviei, «m. a fish tui, buck- 
ing tub 
'CwK't cude 
Cycle lolAke, cycte tfthe sun 
-Cyele lunaire, 0tt nombre 

d'ar. c^te ^f «A« moon, or 

golden number 
Cyclt^ie, a cpcUp, a smith 
Cyene, sm. stvan ; great poet 
CyHndie, cylinder^ roller 
Cylindrique* eu cyUndrical 
Cyinlmles, <A. cymbals 
/Cynique, 4. o. cynical 
•Cyikifiiie, svu a cyme 
Cynisme, sm. moroseness, 
. imftudenpe 
Cyft^i^ cyprese4ree . 
^£z»r, cxar 
CzariBfB, *f exmrina 


DkCTYLR^ snudactyle 
DwUM«,#m. a bo^ 
nm^ue, */. dagger ; pricket ; 
tusk {tails 

— — <te pr^rdty cat ^mne 
l>afrher, va. «• «ea& 

DugQerjxra* to deign,v9uch- 


Daimi Ml. a 6url; ; dber 
D«ine, sf adoe 
Dais, a canoAy 
DaUe, {/; a.Ar 'flat stone) 
DalnatiquB, a dqlmatic 
Dam, «m. ' ost ; losxitorments 
Damas, damask, damsvn 
Damasqttioer, veu to damask 
Damasquinure, {/; -^tuning 
DaioaMe,«m. damasked lit^en 
Damasser, va, to -work So- 

mask like 
Daiuassure, sf. damasking 
Dame, Itdy, goody ^ dr€tughts 

— de trifle, queen of clubs 
Dame-jeanoe, a large bottle 
Dame, a(U nay, marry 
Damer, va, to crown (at 


— le pion to • outdo one 
Dameret,«m a beau a spark 
Damier, draught board 
Daiiuiatile, 2. a. damnable 
Damnablement, ad. dam^ 

Damnation, «/ — ti«» 
Damner, va, to damn 
Damoiseay, «n». a/(^, spark 
Daraoiselle, sf, a dtpnsel, 

(law term) 
Daneb^, e. a. indented 
Dandin, sm, a ninny 
DandiBemflnt, sm. jolting 
Daudiner, oa. to behave like 

a ninny 
Daager, sm, dasher 
Dangereuaementf ad, dan^ 

DangereoL le. «• dangerous 
Dans, pr. tn, imo, within ; 

Danse,t {/*. dance, dancing 
Danser, v. to dance 
Daoaeur ae. «. a dancer 
Daxd, sm, a dart, spindle 
Darder va. to dart. * shoot 
Dardeur, snu dartjlinger 
Daviole, sf, a autard 
Hwa^ slice offish 
Darse, a v/et dock 
Danine, a small wet dock 
Dartre, tetter ; ringworm 
Dartre laiineiue, morphew 
Dataire sm,datary 
Date, sf, a date 
Dater. va to date 
Datene, sf dataryU «^ 

Dattier, sm, deie^m \ 

Dayantage, ad. mmv s B^ 

sides, moreover 
Daube, sf a kind afs^uce . 
Dauber, va, to drub, to jeer 
Daubeur, sm, b aau itr ; 

t>a.yier fpincer for teeth 
Dauphin, dauphin s doiphin 
Dauphiue, tf daupkiness 
D'autam que, c, whereas 
D'autam plus, ad, the more 
— ^— mieux, the rather 
De, pr. of, from, same, to, 

with, bu, at 
De nuit, m the nijgh^ 
De la torte, so, t^As 
De plus, moreover 
De parkin the name tf 
De ce que. c because, thmt 
D£, sm, dte ; thimble 
D^b&clage, sm, clearing 
D^b&cle, sm, breaking of$ 

froxen river 
D^bSLdement, sm, brtaJtisig 

?fthe ice 
bftcler, vn, to break as iee 

in a river ; clean a hm- 

hour at door 
D«backur» on. water^^ 

liff frandom 

D^baeonler, va, to * talk at 
D^ballcr, to unpack^ topadt 

up or • go away 
D^fiandade, & la d^tiUKbdev 

c^ufmedly, disorderly 
Di^baxutement, «m. retiaa- 

tion [tar 

D^banler, va^ tt unlock, fv> 
Se — , vr. to slacken; disperse 
D^baoquer, va to rum the 

banker (gaming ternoi) 
D^barassemeot. sm. clearing 
D^barasser, va, t& clettr : 

* get out 
D^barbouiller, M wath tlk 

D6bareadour, nn, place fsr 

the landing of a srUp^scatgo 
DdUanlage, unlading 
D^barder, va, to unlade 

D^bardeur, sm. a /igAtermdn 
D^baxqoeoiienc, t&emhariB- 

D^barquer, v. dhtn/mrf^i 

umdi unlade 

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JMlwuiiTt. debate, ttrifi 
l>*bater,To. • «aA>e •fftht 

Pefattber t9 u w hrUUt i 
I>^l«ittre, w ifc*flte 
Ife Mhattte, vr. t» ttm^le ; 

D4b«ache, »f, tkbmitheru 
I>^bauch6, ^rm^ a debanchet 
I>€'j«uehi§e^o Arm/ tpornmi 
D^lmicber vo. to debauch 

to brfbtf to entice away 
f^'~,vr,to/oilotp ill course* J 

• le-jve o/fone"** work 
D^bet, tm. balance.d^or 
P6bifier, va. t« ditonkr ; 


'Ae^i, a.feeble 
, Uement, <wt 

I>6bi.'iUilioii. tf.^^on 

I%6MKter, va. M enfeeble 
l>4bit, ftn MsAr, utterance 
Jf^YAvsr,va,toi}tnd, utter 
<«- en Kt9s, to * m// ^ wAo^- 

—. en detail) f o * nil by retell 
TrtliAxieat, se. «• tprtader qf 

ti&n%eat, xioe, o de6for 
D^blayer, va. to *rid^o clear 
D4boire,fm. mang, grief 
B^boitemeot, ditiointing 
D4boiter, va. to * /ut ouf ^ 

ytfifi^. to tearp 
D^booder, to open the dam 
D^bonder, via. Se d^bonder, 

•or. U *hAce out} * break 

B^bondgAoer, to. to unbunq 
XW^boniudre, »* a. aJbOe g 

graeiou*: kind f good 
I>6boanauemeat2 od. kindly 
l3eboniudret^} #/• kindness 
i;>6bord, sm, Reading of 

bad humours 

S^bord6,e a.dissohite 
^bordement, snu wer-fbrw 
*ng ; prq/Hgacy 
0i&border, vn Se d^botder, 
vr, to over,flow [Jut out 
D^boid«r. tin. to leap aver ; 
Deborder,t)n. to unborder 
Mimtcii to pull off one** 

Dcbondieef Diboacbcitiefdf 

*m% tfpentngj opportunity, 

means [open 

O^boaeher, veu to * unstop ; 
D^bouder, to tmbuckle; un- 

eurl^ * unwring 
Debotnlti, «m. the trying of 

colours (in dying) 
O^bottillir, to try colours (in 

Dcbouquement, dtsembtgu- 
ing ; sailing off 

D6boaquer, vo. to sail out qf D^e^lement, sm, dettctioh 

Wbonrber, va, to cleanse 
D^bourrer, to polish a young 

D6boun£, sm, money Itddout 
D^bounement, disbursement 
D6bourst*r, vs. to difburte 
Debout, aa, up, standing 
D^bouter, va. to reject (in 

O^boutonner, to urUtutton 
B^brailler (Se , vr, to open 

one*s breast 
D^bredoiuiUer, va, to ^ave 

the lurch 
D^brider, to unbridle ; iHs- 

patch [rubbish 

Debris, sm, wreck ; waste ; 
D^brouillemeiit, clearing 
D^brouiUer, va. to clear 

D^baehet, vn. to start out vf 

the wogd (hunting u>rm) 
Dfebasqnentent, fm. driving 

D4busaaer, va. to • drive out, 

supplant ; turn out 
D^but, sm. the lead, the be 

ginning of an enterprise 
Debuter, vn. to • begin ; to 

knock away : to play first 
Beca, ad, on this side 
Decacheter, va. unseal 
Decade, sf, decade, number 

often [ruin 

Decadence, decay ; decline ; 
Ip^gone, sm. decagon 
X>^isser, va, to • take out of 

a chest 
B^ealogne, *m decalogue 
JD^caraeron. decameron (ten 

P^eampemfcnt, decampment 
D^caraperK va, decqmp i 

march qff 

no; nt 

DcMBM) Ml. ocniify 
D^canuition, 9f decanting 
D^e^ter, v<i. to decant 
D^caper, to part the verdi- 

grisefrom the copper 
D^pitatioD, sf. beheading 
D^capiter, va to behead 
D^carreler, to unpave 
D^casquer, to * take qg^me** 

helmet [die 

Ovccder^ vn. to decease i to 
O^ceindie. va. to ungird 

O^celer, va. detect, disclose^ 

Dto:leur, le. #. informer 
Dfeembre. *m, DecenAer 
D^cemraent, ad, decently 
D^eemvir, *m, decemvir 
P^cemtiral, e. c —re/ 
D^cemvirat, «m dwcemfoittde 
D^cence, sf decency, deeo- 

D6cennal, e. a, deeenniai 
D<^cent, e. o. decent becon^ 

ing [ceit 

Deception, sf, dectptlon^ d^ 
D^erner, ^a, to ttkree ; or* 

D^cds, sm. decease, death 
O^eevant, c a, aeceiful i 


, m^ctevoir, va, to deceive 

D^bnitir, to polish, clear off" D^cfaalneraent, sm. outrage-^ 

ous talk 
D^hatner, va. to unchain j; 

to exasperate 
Se — , vr. • break loose^ail at 
D^chAlander, va, to * hurt 4 
shop'^s custom [note 

B^cbanter, to chtmge one** 
Pt^char^^. tf. unloading $ 
volley; storehouse ; case- 
ment ; discharge ; acquit' 
D^charger, va, to unload ; 
' discharge ; ease ; open 
D^hargeur, sm, porter, dlf 

D6charmer,va. to unbeivitch 
B^cham^, e. a, *craggy^ 

O^chamer, va. to *pick off 
the ^eshf*make lean thin. 

Style d^harn^, a jejune style 
Dechaussement, ti>e pullwa 
. off shoes or stockings 

Digitized by 


1^, DGC DBO 

O^diaatoire. —torft 
D^diner, v. to declines decay 
D^livit^, tf. (■ecUvity 
0(§clMitr^, e. a, unctoUlered 
O^clorre^ v. to unclose; epen 
D^dos, e o. duclosed, tAened 
D^louer, vr, to unnaii 
D^ochement, *m. shooting 
D^eocher, vo. to * shoot 
Decoction, sf. decoction 
D^coifiTeTtVa. to uncoif; un. 

cork ; discompose nair 
Decollation, sf beheading 
Dfcolleuient, snu unglidng 
D^ollet^, e. a. tohoseln-eagt 

is bare 
D^coller, vo. to unglue ; be- 
head Inish 
D^colorer, to discolourf tar- 
D6colleter. va. to uncover 

the breast 
Decombrer, to clear from 


D^combiicSf rubbish 

Decomposer, va, to discom^ 

pose ; to dissolve, resolve 

Decompositiun, sf. dissolv- 

Decompte« sm, discount 
Decorapter. va, to discount, 

deduce ; * give way 
D^coQcettet, disconcert: con- 
found, * pat out, baffk 

Se ■, vr. to be out ofcownr 

Dficoiifire, va, dtscomJUi rout 
Deconfiture, sf. &scotnfi- 

turf, rout, defeat 
Deconlbn, sm. despair 
Deconforter, va. to discom- 
/ort, * cast down, despond 
Decoaseiller, to dissuade 
D6contenancer, to put out of 

countenance, confound 
Dgcum-enue, sf, misfortune 
D^corateur, sm. decorator 
D6coi-ation, sf, ornament 
Decorations, scenes of a the- 
atre i scenery 
D€corder, untwist 
D6corer, to decorate, adorn 
Decortication, sf. —tion 
D6conim, sm, decorum, de- 
D6coucher, veu to * lie abroad 
D6coudre, vn, to unsew ; 

* rip up 
D6couler, vr,' to trickle, t0 
*run awn 

B^dinuMr, va. to pull 9lff 
oner's shoes and stockings ; 
bare the roots of tr^s ; 

.clear the tooth of a gum 
D^hauuoir, sm. steam 
D^ch^ancc!, sf. forfeiture, 

D^het, sm, diminution^ loss 
D^heTeler,va. to dishevel 
D^heT^trer. to unhalfr 
D^chiffmble, 3. a, that can be 

B^hiffrement, sm, decipher- 
ing icUar 

D^ehiffrer, va. to decipher ; 
D^ehiffveur. sm. a decipherer 
Dtfcbiqaeter, va, to pink ; 

slash ; • cut 
D^chiqueteur, sm. a pinker 
D^hiqiieture, sf. pinking; 

slashing ; cutting 
D^hirage, sm. breaking of 

old boats, &c, liui 

D^ehiveinent, tearing, break 
D^chirer, va. to * tear ; de- 
I>§ehirure, */ rent 
Dechoir, vru to decay,*fall off 
DSchouer, *get off 
Didder, decide; resolve; 

dispose ; * put an end to 
D6clmable, 2. a. tithable 
Decimal, e. —mal 
D6dmateur,«m. tithingman 
D6dmatiou, sf, —tion 
Docimer, va. to dkcimate 
Ddcimes sf, the tenths 
D6cirer, va. to free from 

wax; to clean 
D6cisif, ve, a. decisive, clear 
Decision, sf. decision 
DecUivement, ad. positively 
Df dsoire. 1. a, derisory 
D.^clamateur, sm, orator 
Declamation, sf, —tion ; a* 

buse ; bomJbdst 
Declamatuire, 3. a dectama- 

Bedamer, v. to declaim ; in- 

Sedaratif, ve, a. "rative 
Sedaration, sf. —Hon ; list 
Dedaratoin;, 8. a. —ratory 
Bddarer, vn, to declare; 

show [end 

B^clin, sm, decline ; wane ; 
DeclinablQ, 2 a. — Afe ' 
B^clinaiton, sf, deqlensionj 



B^eoyfenent, tnutn 


B6eouper, va, to * cttf into 

figures ; to pink; to carve 
D6coiipeiir, le. #. o pinker 
Decoapl6,.e. a. well-set 
D^couptert va. uncouple; 

let loose 
jyicoupwK, sf pitikuta ; cut 

cloth, cut paper-work 
Decouragemeat, sm* tKseoO' 

D^courager, va, to discou- 
Decoors, sm. decrease, wane 
D6coiisu, e. a, unstwed ; ota 

of order ; ribt 
Deieousuxe, sj, a breach of 

D6eouTOrt, e. a. uncovered; 

discovered ; reroetded ; 

D6c«uvertef ef, discoroery 
Decouvnr, va, to uncover ; 

discover J perceive; re- 

Se— — ,t>r. to puil qjff on^s 

hat ; * make artpt self 

Decouvrir le pot mux ioms, 

to discover tne mystery 
D^craater, va, to clean ; po, 

DgcrMitement, sm. discre- 
D6crediter, va. to discredit 
D6cr6pit, e. a. decrepit; 

Decrepitation, sf, — tron 
D€cr6jpiter, to. to dry st^ 

by thefWe till itcrdcMes no 

Decrepitude, «f- —euife 
Decret,*m. ttecree. warrant 
Deeretalet, decretals 
Deere ter, va. to decree, a- 

ward; order 
Deeri, sm, crying down; 

Decner, va. to cry down ; to 

disgrace ; * make odious 
Deenre, to deserve ; * dntw 

a line 
Decrocher,f9 unhook 
Decrocbeter,£o unhook 
Deei'oire, to disbelieve 
Decroissement, sm. decrease 
Becnatre, vn, t9 decragre 

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JMcMtter, va* to rub off the D^fidifiier, va, to defalcate 

dirt ; cUan 
D^rotteur, *nu a shoe-boy 
D^rottoire, sf, a ohoe-bnuh 
X>^riier du til, to prtpare 

Bifkveair, sf, disgrace 
D^favorable, i. a, unfavour- 

raw thread 
Bteuirasier, to*tahe offon^s 

B^cttple, 3. a. «m. tefjfeld 
D^cupler, va, to increase 

]>^urie, sf. a committee of 

ton judges ; band of ten 

Bdcunoo, im, a decunon 
B^daigner, v. to disdain, 

scorn {dainfuUy 

D6daifniecueinait, cuL dis^ 
D^daigneux, ae. a. disdain- 
ful, scorr\ful 
IDMain, sm. disdain^ scorn 
l>Male, a labyrinth^ a maze 
D^amen vn, to *ptita man 

out of the first row {at 

Bedant, ad,pr. in, within 
Dedans, sm, the inside 
B^icaee, sj, dedication i 

BMieatoire, 2. o. dedicatory 
BMier, va. to dedicate ; ad- 
B^dire, to disown, blame 
Se — , -or, to recaru, *go 

from one's xoord 
Bedit, sm, a forfeit 
- B^ommagement, indemni- 
fying, satisfaction 
BMominager, va, to indents 

\ ^\fy 

B^doubler, to unline 
BMuction, sf, —iion; enu- 
meration (,duce 

iBedaive, va, to deduct; de- 
X>6ease,sf, goddess (fied 
Se d^l'&cher, vr, to • be pad- 
B^faillance. of, fainHng, 

B^Aiillant. sm. he that con- 

temno the court 
B^iailiir, vh. to fail; to de- 
cay ; to swoon 
Se defaire, vr. to *be dashed ; 
• rid one*s self of; kill 
one^s self; *setl off; *leave 


B^fiivorabtement, ad. unfa- 

D^faut, sm, defect; blemish; 
vfant; defatik ; flaw 

D6faut des cdces, small of 
the back 

— de la lone, chaiige of 
the moon 

B^iectii, TC a, defective 

B^feation, sf defection 

B^.ectueusement, ad, im^ 


B^ftloitiioii, -tieii 

Betectueox. «e. <£ defective 
B6iectuotit^, sf, defect 
B^feuderesse, sf. she defend- 
B^tbndeur, sm, defendant 
Beiieiidre, va. to d^end; 

prohibit; * forbid 
Se d^ifendre, vr. to defend; 

to excuse oneU self 
B«r*eoie, sf defence ; pro- 
U^Eemeo^pl, reply in law ; 

Jknce; tusks 
B^t'enseur, sm, defender 
B^lenrit, ve a, defensive 
B*f<&quer, va, to defecate; 

refine; clarify 
B^tereiit, e a, con^lying 
Befi&rence, sf, coittpUance ; 

Xy^dexeaU «• *m, deferent 
B6ii6rer, v. to yield ; inh 
peech ; defer ; decree ; 
Bt&rter, va. to unfurl the 

B^ferter. vn, to * be dashed 
—,va, to unshoe ; nonplus 
Se— , to * be con founded, 

come off 
B^fet^vm waste 
B^fi, challenge. H^nce 
B^aanee, sf, distrust ; mis- 

'rust, suipicion ^Jealousy 
B^fiant, e. a, diffdent ; jea- 
B^ficit, sm. wanting 
B^fier, va to tlrfy, cHatlehge 
Se — — . vr, to miarust, tut- 

Befij^^arer, va. to disfigure; 

B^fiW, sm, a. defile 

B^filer, tw. (• * unehiitg,ftle 

off ; feaxeitts a cabk) 
B^finir, to define; appoint i 

B4finiteur, em. dffinitor 
B^flniUt; ve. d-OefiMtivei 

B^nioou, */. -Hion 
B^finitivt:ineBt,ad. —vely 
B^finitoire, sm. the chapter 

of a retifiotu order 
BeflaefiauoD, sf. —tioti 
B^fleunr, vn. to * sited blos- 
B^fleunr, va. * fiM» off the 
B^fluxion, sf drfikxion 
BefoncSenk'nt. sin. staving 
B^ioncer une futaiUe, va. to 

• stfive a cask 
B^former, to * put out t£ 

Bdiourner, * dror* out of the 
Betiaycr, vo. tod^y 
B6tjriehement, rm, grubbing 

Btfncher. va. to grub up; 
Bef'richeur, «fn. hethatgriAo 

up umiUert ground 
Bet riser, va, to uncurl {thers 
Beironcer to • undo the ga- 
Se detroquer. • throw off the 

monkish hebit 
B^tVoque. */: goods, move- 
ables l^iydn abbot, &c, 
when he tiles 
U^t'uner.vo to unrig 
B^fuDt.e,a 'leceasedflate 
B^icap4, (d^gr6), sfiubdck- 


*>z . idecm disengage; re- 
Begaioer, va. • draw on^s 

B^gaineur, sm, a hector 
D^ganter, vo, to pull off 

.•ne''s gloves 
Bijgarnir, to unfurnish ; 

• siri't ; unrig 
B^gasconner, to * teach a 

Gascon to • speak true 

B^gftt, sm. havoc; waste; 

opoii llevcl 

Begauchir, ra, to plane ; 
Begaadiissenfent, sm, levtl- 

ing <4 

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^icel, *nu thaw 

I>^l?6n6rer. va» to degenerate 
l>^f?iDgande, e. a. rwinging 

in one's gait irid tf 

BSf^laer, va. tounglae; get 
I> JA:lutiUon, {/: degMitien 
D6goiser, r/i. /« Maft, • chirp 
I>€gorf^fiaieAtt tm. overjhvs 

I^^Sorj^er, vn, tockar,purge, 

spread out 
£e — , vr, to overflows 
■Degoq^r, tm. an engine to 

dear a gun 
Degoufdi, e. a. iharp, acute 

B^ji^rilir, va. to quicken^ 

to vfarm (water) ; topoUsh 
D6g)oarfis3einent, «m. guick- 

^^^g S removal ofnundh 

D^goAt, disgust ; satiety 
D^godtant, e, a. disgtts'Jhl 
B^goAt^, e. a. squeamish; 

out of conceit with 
D^go&ter, va, to disgust 
Se — . vr* to •fie out of con- 

eeit rnth 
BCgoutlant, e. a. dropping 
D^goatter, -vn* to • drop 
I>6gnidiiti<»i, sf.~-tion^ -waste 
Bitgnder, vd. to degrade; 

l>6gni^r, to unclasp 
D6gnisieinent, sm, scouring 
D6grainer, va. to scour; 

clean ; * take away thefiu 
DSgraisseuT, sm, a scourer 
D6grapiner, vn. Ufi the 

small anchor 
D6gr€, sm. stair ; step; de- 
gree; staircase 
Degringoler, 'vn. to * run 

down stairs ; to tumble 
I)6grossir. to chip ; to clear 

t^ ; to fashion 
D6gneniU6, e. a. tattered; 

in rags fhurry 

D^guerpir, vo. to qutt in a 
DtgaerpistemeDt, snu quit' 

D€giiisement, sm, dist^uise 
Dfiguiser, va, to disguise 
Dfiguststion, sf, —tion 
mRftler, vo. take ^ the 



I>6luincii6, e. a. Np-shet 
IMbftrmeher. va. (a tinAor- 

ness ; • set free 
Dehon, ad, pr, out ; abroad 
Dehors, sm. outside appear- 
ance ; outworks 
DeiA, ad, already 
D^ickle, sm, deicide 
Dejection, sf, a stool; de- 
Dejeter, vn, to jet out 
Se — , vr, to watp [fast 
D6je6n6,ddje0tier, smJbreak- 
De^eftner, vn. to breakfast 
I>6iftcation, tf. -Hon ; apo- 
Driller, va, to deify 
Dgjoiuiire, to O^ein. warp 
D€vttnt,sm, deism 
D6ute. a deist, who believes 
in God, but admits no rfr 
vealed religion 
D6ite, sf, deity 
D«Jnc, sm. time when the 

birds come from roost 
Mjoeher. vn, to unroost ; 
come down ; * bring down 
De-lft, ad, off ; from thence 
Deca & de-ia, up and down 
De^pr. beyond, over,above 
06iabrenient, sm, ruining ; 

ruinous condition 
D^labrer, va, to rend ; im- 
pair : ruin 
Delaeer, to unlace rment 
I>cUi, sm, a delay, adfoum- 
D61«ineinent, desertion 
msusaet, va. to forsake; 
• cast off Iment ; ease 
D^Iatfement, sm, refresh- 
D€lasser, va. to refresh 
Delateur, snu an informer 
Delation, sf, an information 
D6 latter, va. to untath 
J>6lav6, e. a, weak in colour 
D^layant, «m. diluter 
Delayer, va, to dilute ; tewh 

D«teetab1e, 8. a, deli 
Delectation, sf. deUs 
D61ecter, va. to delight 
Delegation, sf, —tion, comr 

Deiegatoiie, 8. a, del^atory 
Dei6gue, sm. a tkputy ; de- 
legate [point 
D6leguer, va, ddpgate ; ap- 
DeieMtge, sm, unhalkuUng 


Deicrter, va, to unhaUagt 
Deicftetir, sm, unbalhuter 
DeiibacioB, sf, —tion 
Deiibenmt, e. a, unresotded 
Deliberation, sf. —tian^ re- 
Deiibemtir, re, a, —tive 
D€lih6r€,e,a.bold, reoaluU 
Deiiberement, ad, boldly 
Detiberer, v. to deliberate ; 

determine, resolve 
Deiieat, e. a, deUeate, nice ; 

Deiieatement, ad, -^ely ; 

daintily ; tenderly 
Deiieater, vok to pamper ; 

DeKeateoe, sf, dOicacy t 
scrupuhusnes* ; fHeeness 
Biliee^sm, delight 
DeKees,«/.p<.<&%Af [ausly 
Delieieawnent, ad. delict- 
DeSeieax, te* a. delicious: 


Se deficoter, vr. to unhalter 

Dene, e. a, stenUer ; acute ; 

loose ; fine ; thin ; untied 

Deiier, va, to untie^ eAsolve 

Delineation, sf. tien 

oeHnquant, sm. delinquent 
Deiinquer, vn. to offtnd 
Deiire, sm, delirium, raving 
Dt^t, fault, crime 
Oeiinance, sf. delruefance; 

delivering ; release 
Deiivre. sm. after-birth 
DCHrrer, va, to deBver, free 
Delogement, sm. a removing 
Deioger, va. to remove ; to 

turn out 
— , vn. to go away, trmaoe 
— i la toatdine, to leave 

oneU house cUmaestinely 
Deioyal, e. o. disloyal, per* 

Deloyalemeiit, ad. perfidi- 
Deioyaate, sf disloyaUy 
Deiuge, sm, deluge, mod 
Deiater. va. to * take away 

the lute of a vessel 
Demagonner, va. pull down 

the walls 
Demagogue, fm. demagogue 
Demmgnr, va, to * cut •ff 
Deinaigrissenient, sm, cut- 
ting off 
Deaiilloeter,va. to nnsTPOthc 

,y Google 

Denudny «m. ad, f 04»«rrotP 
J)6niaiicher, va. to unfu^ 
Sc — , rr. t&'beoffthe hinges 
Demaude, tf. demand, quef 
Hon, peation, suit, postu* 
Bemander, va* f demand; 

beg. ask. require 
Hemandeur, se. s. an asker ; 

a dun 
Deroandeur, sni,0laintiff' 
Deraandereue, sf. plaintiff 
I>6inanfsieauon, itching 
l>6inaiiger, vn, to itch 
I>6jnanteleinent, snu dis- 

mantling, undoing 
Digmantder, va, to dismantle 
D6iiianticu16f e. a. broken ; 

out of order 
D^marage, sm- unmoorii 
Demarcation, tf. (ligne dc) 
an imagUaary fine to di- 
vide countries, seas, he 
P6inarcbe, gait, proceeding 
D^maner. va, to unmarry 
Dfimarquer, ^0 unmark 
D^raamer, va. to unmoors 

» set sail 
DeiiiaM]|uer, to unnuisk 
D^mastiqucr, va, to 

rate^ to free 

I>^iiift-ter,to dismast, unmatt 

D^m^lS, sm. debate, quarrel 

D^m^ler, va. to s^arate^ 

discover, contest, utira- 

vel, disentangle, decide, 


Se — , vr. to • get ^ff clear 

D6ni^loir, sm, a vending- 

reel., a large comb 
D^membreraent, sm, du- 

membering, cantling 
J>£iiieinbrer, va- tomsmem- 

ber, cantle 
Demenagement, sm, remov- 
Demenaser, v, to remove ; 

march away 
Demence, sf. madness 
Se d^mener, vr, to * make a 

I>6nienti, sm, lie ; balk 
D^mentijry va. to * give one 
the lie ; to contradict $ to 
Se-',* be inconsistent ; 
tofall^ to Tvarp [sert 

]>em€rite, *m, demerit ; de- 

p€mfiftoF, vn. to"* d9 muUt 
T>%mesnT€, e. a. huge; ex- 

D6inesureinent, ad. out of 

measure ; immoderately 
Demettre. va. to disjoint; dis- 

card ; dismiss 
Se — , vr, to resign ; • haoe 

out f^ joint 
D^meubleiDQit, sm, unfur- 

D6meub)er, va, to unfumish 
Demeurant, sm. remainder 
Demeurant, e. a, living; 

dwelling ; abiding 
Demeure, sf. dwellmg, stay ; 

]>eineuiier. vn» to live, contir 

nue, * stay, remain, tarry 
Demi, e. a. naif, demi 
Demi, ad, half 
I>em\f, sf.haff'an hour 
I>eini-lui)e, half-moon 
Demi-in6tal, sm, semlmetal 
Deiniidiamdue, semirdia- 

Demi-setier, half a pint 
Demi-queue, sf, a hogshead 

of Champaign wine 
Demis, e. a- Put out ; remov- 
ed ; out onoint 
Demission, >/. resigning 
D^mocrate^ sm, —crat,fond 

of a popular govern ment 
Democratie, sf democracy 
Democratiquc, 2. a. —Heal 
D6moiseIie, /. a miss, wait- 
ing woman ; rammer 
D^molir, va, to demolish ; 

Pull tUnvn 
Demoruion, */ demolishing 
D£mun. sm. a demon, devil 
Demoniaque, demoniac 
Demonstrable, 2. a. —-ble 

Dfimonitrateur, sm, tor 

Demonstratir, ve- a, — — ftwe 
Demonstration, sf, —^ion ; 

assurance [clearlu 

Ddmonstrativement, ad. 
D6monter, va, to unhorse ; 

• take to pieces, confound, 

dismeuntf * undo, nonplus 
D6montrer. to demonstrate; 

to descrwe 
Demoraliser, va. to corrupt^ 

D^mordre, vn. * let go tn^s 

hold ; recede from 



D^miniToir, va, to * take ^ 
D6muiur, to unprovide 
Demurer, to clear a place of 

Demurer, to unwalt 
D^n^tter, to untwist, unmat 
Denature, e. a. tmnatural$ 

D^naturer, va, to pervert ; 

to misconstrue 
Dendrite, sf, stone vith^ 

gures of trees 
Den^gauon, sf. denial 
D6ni, svrudemal, refusal 
Deniais6 / unningfellow 
D6niaisement, sharping tricft 
Deniaiser, va. to • teach tpit. 

to bubble 
Se — , vr, to • learn wit; to 

• frrow shorp 
D^maiseur, sm. sharp fhlUm 
Deniclier,va. to unnestle^ta 

dislodge iaway 

— , vn, to * brush off; march 
Denieheur, sm, icho goes a 

bird nesting 
Denier, money, interest Jar- 

— de i»oiaa,penny.weight 

— k dieu, earnest penny 

— yingujtve per cent. 

— Tinf(t-cinq,/oi/r per cent. 
D6nier, va, to deny, refuse 
Deniers du roi. sm,pi, king*t 

treasure {sage-penny 

— d*Qetroi, a toll or pat- 
DSniiriiement, sm, aspersioj^ 
Wniifrer, va. to asperse; 

Dfiiiomhrement sm, enumc" 

r4ition, list, survey 
Dehominateur, sm, --nator 
D^nominatif, ve. a. ——five 
Denomination, sf, — *f«» 
D^nommer, va. to name 
D^noncer, to proclaim; to 

inform against, impeach 
D€nonciateur, sm, an in- 

D6nonciation, sj. informing 
Denotation, sf.-—<ion 
D6noter, va, to denote 
D6nouer, to unite ; * make 

supple i unravel 
Denouement, sm, discovery, 

catastrophe ofapiay 
Denv^e, sf. commodity^ ware 





Dense, S. a. denser thick 
l>€xuiit^y*f,deruify, thickness 
I>ent, a tooth, notcn^gap 
Dents, A/, teeth, notches 
Dents de demnt foreteeth 

— mAchelidres,j0w-teetA ; 

— — incUires, incisors 

— de lait, young teeth 

— oeilldret, eye-teeth 
Dent de lion, dandelion 
Dental, e. a. d<rn^a/ 
Dental, e. a. notched, dental 

Dentelle, */. bone lace 
ipentelure, indenting, notch- 
ing^ ; dented work 
Denticule, denticles 
Dentier, *m. set of teeth 
DentitKce, dentifhce 
Dentiste, dentist 
Dentition, sf, ^—tion, cut' 

ting of teeth 
Denture, */". set of teeth 
D^nttdation, denudation 
Dinner, vr. to bereave^ *strip 
D€naenient, sm, deprivation 
D^paqueter, va to * unpack 
D^parager, marry a girl 

betow her condition 
D6DaTeiU^, e, tu not com- 
plete, unmatched 
D6paretUer, va. to unmatrh 
D^parer. to • strip, Oiffigure 
D6paiier, to unmatch 
D6uarler, to * give over talk- 
ing ling 
D6part, sm, departure, part- 
D6partaRer, vn, to • give the 
■ casting vote 
D^partement, snu depart- 
ment; distribution; di»r 
trict ; quarters 
D6partir, vo. to impart ; to 

Se — , vr. to desist ; recede 

Dfepasser, va, to * go faster, 
to • get beyond^ to pull out 
D6paver, to unpave 
D^payser, to carry one into 
another country ; to *put 
on a wrong scent 
D6p6cement, sm. cutting up 
3)6p6eer, va* to * cut up ; 


D^tdie. sf. dispatch ; ex- 
Dep^eber, va. to dispatch 
Se — , w. to * makcnaste 
D6peindre, va to depaint, 
ttescribe^represent^ express 
U6pe|iaill6, e. a ill clad 
Dfipendamment, ad'—dently 
Ddpendance sf. dependence 
Dependant, e. a heldofanth 

ther } depending 
D^pendre. vn. to depend on ; 

• hang oni * take down ; 

* hold 

D6pen8, sm^l rxpence ; cost 
D^pente, sfi expence ; tHl ; 

Depenter, ro. to • ^nd 
Dcpcnuer, sm, expensive 

man ; caterer 
D^perdition, sf. —tion 
D^pfrir vn, to decay 
D^pcrissement, sm, decaying 
D6pt-trer, va to . disengage ; 
to* git rid of UaHon 
D6peuplemeiit, sm. depot 
D6peupler. va, to dispeople 
D6pilatif, re. a, depitiaory 
D6pilation. sf -^ion 
l'>^pilatoire, sm, —toru 
D6pi)er vn. to cause the hair 
to come ^ff \ment 

D^piqoer, to allay resent- 
D^pit, «m. vexation; pet ; 
an^er [yoke 

D^piter, va, to vex ; topro- 
Sc — , vr. to fret 
D6piteox, se^ a. fretful ; pas- 
D^placement, sm. disj 
Deplacer, va, to displace; re- 
D6plaire, vm to displease 
Se — , vr, net to like 
D^plaisance, sf, dislike 
Deplaisant,e. a. disagreeable 
Deulaisir, snu displeasure i 

ill office ; grief; trouble 
De planter, va, to * pluck up 
Df'ptantuir, sm. deplanter 
D6pldtrer, va. to unplaster 
D6plter, to unfold ; open 
D6pli8ser, to unplait 
Dgplorabie, '2- a. deplorable 
Dgplorablement, ad. -^rably 
D6plor6, e. o. desperate; 

past hope 
Deplored, va, to deplore 


D^plojrer, to display 
D6plumer, va, to plume ; 

* strip 
D6polir, to unpoHsh 
Deponent, sm, a deponent 
D^popubti-iier va,tod^nive 

Depopulation, sf. • — -fs«n 
I>€pon, sm. de&yx/lrstfhritt 

Of a living 
Deportation, sf. transporta- 

Deportemoit, sm, tfcport- 
oeporter, va, f banish; 

eMle i/rom 

Se deporter, vr. to recede 
Depoiant, e. a, s. deposant 
D6 poser, vn, to depose ; f 

resi^ ; to deposite 
D6positaire, s. depositary; 

Deposition, sf. tio^ ; de- 


Deposseder, va. to dispossess 
De possession, tf. turning out 

Deposter, vo. to • drive J^vm 

a post 
Deniit. sm, dtposU ; trust ; 

chest ; settling ; sediment 
Depoter, va, to out-pot ; to 



comb out the 

Depouille, sf. skin ; east off 
clothes ; books; crop; em- 
ployment or effects of a 
deceased persons spoil; 

DepoQiilement, snu selfde- 
fiial ; parting with any 

lepoiullek'* va. tv - rtnp g t0 

* get in the crop ; depri-cez 

• raaf tkW 

Depoinper. vff. to * strip ; to 

cast off" 
Depourvoir, vadounfumieh ; 

* leave destitute ; ^rvve 
Depravation, sf, —tion, cor- 

Depraver, va. to d^trene 
Deprecatif, ve. a, -^-tvve 
D^preeatibn, sf. —turn. 
Deprecier, va, to underoa- 

lue Trobber 

Depredateur, sm, —^-dator. 
Depredation, sf —Hon, rob* 

bery , 

Dep^^der, no, to depredate 

Digitized by VjOOQ' 


D^lirendie, va« t9 parti 

Sc — , to extricate oneU hIJ 
I3£pr^occope, e. a. unpr& 


Se^pr^t, ad. near 
I>£presaioB, sj» d^restini 
IMprier, vo. to diiinvite 
JDdpiimer, t« d^r«#, eMcue 
I>6pTuer, £0 deapiKf vilify 
Depois,, Hnce ffrom ; 

— qimnd ? A««r long ? 
-- DCH, fMf long Hnce 

— lonjf ten». thit great •while 

— que, r. *ince 
I>£puntion, »f. —tUn 
D6buninf, ve. a. purifying 

B^puTatoire, «. 0. — «My 
p6puT^, va to derate 
I)6putati<m, tf. —tion 
D€paU,*m, a deputy, dele- 

. eputer,va todt^ute,* tend 
Bequd, pro, whereteithal ; 

tohut ^ ; reaaon ; matter 
D6ncineinent. tm, rooting up 
l>6nciiier,vai to root up or 

D6i«i9on,«>^ nonterue 
p^nusoiualile* 3. a, unrat- 

sonable, unjutt 
]>6nuoiuMlilenient, ad. un- 

J>€aaaonDeTfVn, **peaknon- 

j>6naifEeiiieot, dUorder, con- 
fusion Ibroil 

I>ennger, va. dttorder, em- 
Be — , vr. to * take to bad 

I>6nit£, e. o. cunning iharp 
Se d^nyer, vr. Ex» Une roue 

Zoi le derft]re, o wA^e/ vith 
wse spoke* 
Dereehef, ad, again^ anew 
J>€r€g\^t e. a. disorderly f 

p6r6gleiBenU sm, irreguUtrir 
'■ ty, fk^bauehery, disnrder 
D6rerl6niait, ad. disorder- 

ly. loosely y unruly 
DfeicKtef' "»« '• disorder 
Se — , vr. • jfTflw fcrorf ; • ft^ 

otrf of order 
P^xider, vo. f« ffnootA, cfear 



D^risioOt «/*. derisisn ; ridi- 

cule Irisive 

D€riMBre, 2. a. derisory, de- 
Dfiriratioo, sf, -^tion, origin 
O^rivatif, ve a, —tive 
D6 live, sf. a ship's lee-iaay 
Deriv^, sm. a derivative 
D€ river) TO. to *pu* offfrom 

the ihore ; dt^/kct from the 

course ; dervoe ; unclinch 
Dernier, e. a. last ; utmost ; 

roorst i greatest ; highest 
Dernier, sm. the last; the 

Demidremoit, lately, neroly 
D^rober, va. to rob ; emceal : 

deprive ; • hide ; diveit 
Se — , vr. to * steal awuf 

D^rogHtion, {/". Hon 

D^ropitoire, ». D4rogeaiit,ef 

a. derogatory 
D€rogewice, 9. degrading 

Deroger, vn. der$gate $ de- 

gradf {pie 

Deroidir, va. unstiffen ; sup- 
D6rouillement, sm. rubbing 

off" the rust 
Deroiiiller, va to rub off the 

D£rouller, to unroll 
D^route, sf route, disorder^ 

defeat Ide 

D^router, vo. bewilder^ pu» 
Bfrn^re, pr. behind ; back- 
Derri^re, sm. back part 
Dervis ou Derviehe, a dervis 
D^s, pr. from, which, at 
D^a que, c. when, since; as 

soon as 
D^a aiyourd^hai, this very 

day [then 

D4s lors, from that tlmr ; 
Dcsabuaement. sm. unde* 

D6saboser, va, to undeceive 
Drsaccorder, to untune 
Deiaccoupler, to uncouple 
D^necoutumer, to i^ran 

D6«ic1uilander, to * hurt the 

custom of a shop 
D6«iffottrclier, va. to heave 

up an anchor 
Df ngencer, to disorder 
Deawptable, 3. a, disagree- 



IM«|r€aMcBient, ad. ^m- 

DeMgT€er, vn, f displease f 

to unrig 
D^Mgx^ment, sm, disagree^ 

ablmess ; vexation 
D6taju«ter, va. to discon^ose 
D6salt6rer, to quench the 

D6sanerer» vn, to weigh 

DciappareiUer, va, to ut^ 

D^iappU^ucr, to divert front 
D6sappmiiter, to cashier ; al- 
io uaeil new by many peo> 

pie in the Englith Kme cT 

to disappdnt 
D^sappreiidre, to * forget 
DCaappropriation, sf, dives' 

Se d^Mppraprier, vr. to di- 

vett one's self 
D6iapprouver, va. to tRsap- 

frove [nortplus 

saxi;oantr, to unhorse; to 
D^sargenter, to* wear offtha 

silver ; to drain off cash 
D6iarmeinent, sm. reduction 
of forces; unrigging of 

Detarmer, va. to disarm ; te 

unrig; to appease 
Df sarru, sm. disorder, coth 

fusion Ipieceo 

De«asseinbler,twr. to * take te 
D^iassortir, to unmetch 
D6iastre, sm. a disaster 
D£sastreux,se. a, dimstrous 
DeMvantage,#m. disadoan- 

D6 lavantageuieineDt, adjUo- 

D6tavanta8eax, se. a. disai- 

vantageous [denial 

Df taveu, sm^ disavewment ; 
Di^iaveugler, vn. to unbUnd 
D6iavotter, va. to disavow ; 

decry ; disown ; deny 
Dekendaoce, sf, descent 
J)e«eendant, sm, offspring ; 

the ebb 
Detceudre, vn. to descend; 

• came down; Ught offix 

DeKcendre, va. to take down 
Deicenre, sf, descent; tak- 
ing down i decUvity ; i*- 

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g flutter 
eieriptioiH —titfn 
^flemMllage, »m, unpack- 
B^terubaiier, va, to * unpack 
JD^geniborqaement, #m. land- 
B^Kmbarquer, va, f urk- 

lade ; to disembark 
Betembourber, to • take out 

of the mire 
Bewmparer, to quit a place; 

* lay up a ohtp ; dioable 
B^sempemi^ a. at random, 

helpleto void) 
B^ieiBpeser, va. to unHarck 
B^aetnplir, to empty a little 
B^Mfitchfiiner, to unchaiu 
B^tencliantement, #m. dit- 

enchanting Ichant 

B^tenchanter, va, to dtsen- 
B^teocloaer, to unnail a 

B^ndormi, e. a. just a- 

B^nfiler, va, to unthread 
B&enfler, to remove a stoel- 

ling ; unsxoell 
B^ienflure, {/I unswelUng 
B6seniTrer, vn, to remove 

Se d^senlaoer. vr. to disen- 

tangle one's self 
B^aennuyer, va» to divert 
B^nnyer, no. <o * unbind a 

wheel ; to • leave work 
B^senrdler, to dismiss (a soi- 

diet) Iness 

H^otaaoner, cure the hoarse' 
B^ttxirhumer, to cure a cold 
B^centaUer. to get off a boat, 

&c that has run aground 
B^tensevdir, to * dig out of 

the grave 
B^aensoreeler, £0 unbetoiteh 
B^ntoroeUement, om, un- 

B^sent^cer, va. to undeceive, 

to • bring to reason 
B^wntortUler, to untwist 
B^ntraver, to unfetter 
B£aert,e- a- deoert, solitary 
B^sert, «in. desart; wilder- 
B£«erter, va»to*lay wastes 

to desert s io * run away 
B^aeiteor, mi. deanrter 


D^aeriioii, of* -iionf daert' 

B^setp^rade, k la d^aetpe- 

rade, desperately 
B^fesp^r^. snu a despernrfo 
B£«esp^r6e) *f* despertfie 

woman Zrauly 

B^tPtp&r^ment, ad, detpe- 
B^seap^ivry vn. /• despair 
D£ies|>^rer, va,to * ttrive to 

despair; prov^ce; make 

Se d^seip^rer, vrJo *be frai> 

tic } to * make away with 

one^s self 
D^Mspoir, sm, despair, grief 
B^shiu>iU^, om. an undress 
D^shabiller, va, to undress 
D^<ihabit^, e. a, uninhabi'eU 
D£«habiter, va. to dispei^ 
D^shabituer, to disaccustom, 

B^sherencef «/*. tRsherison 
D^th^riter^T'o. to duinherit 
B^sbonn^te, 'J, a. dishonest ; 

indecent; shameful 
B^shoondteroent, asi, disho- 
B6fthoim6tet^«4/. dishoneety 
B^8honnear,«m. dishonour ; 

disgrace; ditcredit 
DMioiiorable, 3. a. dtsgract- 

ful Ishamefullu 

B^hoiKurableroent, ad. 

Dishonorer, va, to disgrace; 

D^shumaiiiMr, to dtoest «/ 

humard*y {dcscrif^ion 
D^ignadoa, sf. tApointment, 
D^Afcner, va- to describe ; de- 
note ; appoint ; assign ; 

design [rate 

D^sincorporer, to dUtncorpo- 
D^sinance, sf. termination 
B^sinflatuer, va. to undeceive 
D^sinl'ecter, to disinfect 
D6iinfeetion. sf. disinfection 
Ddsint^ren^, e. a. disinte- 
rested, unirueretted ; in- 

D^unt^ressement, tm, dio- 

D^sintdren^roentt ad. im- 

partkUly [nt/y 

D^iDt^renert T«^ to indem- 
D^%ta^tiex,to disinvife [ing 
D^ir, snu desire, wish, long' 
Desirable, 2^0. txetirable 


Bauer, vo. to dettretWUb, 

B6rireuz, «e. a. denrauo 
D^tutement, em. desisting 
Se d^sister. vr. desiU ; * five 

Dda lora, ad. from that Hme 
D^sob^ir vn, to disobey 
D^Mb^isMMe, sf. dUobeiS- 
ence Tent 

D^b^iaiant, e. 0. di»e6et&' 
D^bligeamment, ad. un- 
kindly ibliging 
Ddsoblifpeant, e. a- diso. 
D^tobligeante, sf a narrow 
carriage for one person ; a 
D^bliger, va. to displease 
D4sorcupatioD, sf. leisure 
D^soceup^^e. o. unemploy- 

ed i at leisure 
Se d^socenper, vr. to retiri 

from business 
D^ioeuyre, e. a. out ^work 
D^aolant, e. a. grievoue 
D^solateur, rice, #. desolator 
Desolation,' sf, •'-Hon; ex- 
treme griqf; ruin 
D^soler, va, to ajffUct ; to 

• lay waste 
D4sopiler, va, to open^o clear 
D^soidonn^, e. a, inortiinate 
D4sordonn&inent, ^euL dis- 
B4sordre, sm. disorder ; de- 
bauchery ; tumult ; home 
D^sorgianiiateur, sm. a dis- 
D^sorxaniser, va. to unorga- 

nixe^ to disturb 
B^Miienter, va, to * put out, 

B^rraais, ad. henceforth 
B^tomer, va. to * take off 

an ornament 
D6sosser, to bone, urtbone 
D^uidu:« to unravel; un- 

Despomatiom sf. a solemn 

engagement of marriage 
Bespote, sm, a despot; a 

Bespotiqne, S. a, despotic 
De4>ottqiieinent, ad.~-tieallu 
Detpodsme, sm. despotism 
Despumation, tf. dispunus- 
tion [scufH 

B6spunier,i». to * take off the 

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Se demiiif , vr. I* dinebpe, 

ttt * give t^ Z"^**^ 
Dessaismementt nru digpn*^ 
DetMiionner, va, to manure 

Thtmlk, e. a, unealtedt cun- 
ning (toll 
DeMaler, va. U freshen ; un- 
ThsaaKaasTy to ungtrd 
I^ess^dumt, e. a. desiceative 
I>ea*Mkeinent,«m. a drying 
I>e»6cher, va, t9 wither; td 
^rfrrtw ; to dry up 

ing: ptan g pattern 

— * deMclD, atf, ©n J>ttf* 
Beneller, i»a. f o Kfuadtffe 
I>eMenne, «/. opening tfthe 


— dur k la desioe, dogtjbt- 
edj ttingy {wrench 

Boaener, vo. f© loosen f 
Sciaeit, j}ii« daert^fruit 
I>eaterte, {^ rto «p^A coyn«i 
yrwn tAr table i parochial 

Dcwetvir, wi. to rt«rr ffe 

to6/^ f to* do an office 

Deniefttir, ve. a. deHccalhe 

Besoilkr, va, to open one*s 

eyes i undeceive 
DeuinMcnrt #m« a designer $ 

Deuiner, va, to design; 

* draw ; dtHneate 
Desso/er- to onsole 
Benoadar, to unsolder 
DesMMidurev rf. unsoMeriru 
XkeMouIer, v, • moAr, ot*Se 

sober 0*^) 
X>eMQafl, ad, pr, under ; be- 
]>e*soiii, sm, tfte underpart 
Desnu, ad. ft. above ; upon 
I>ettiu, sm, the top; treble ; 

SestiB, nil. destiny ; fide 
Seftination, sf, —tion ; ap- 

SJesdnte^stlny; fate; pros- 
"Dmtiner.v, to design; appoint 
Destitinihle, 2, a. that may be 
turned out tf his place ; 
Detdcu^, e« destitute; de- 




Dettitution, «/: deposing 
D<!tCracteur,fice. «. destroyer 
Deftniction, sf. -^ion^ rutti 
I>6ia£tade, cessotion from 
being accustomed ; disuse 
Detuiiion, disunion; vart- 
ance Ivide 

D6ninir- va. disunite; €&- 
Se — , vr. to *Jhll out ; • come 

IHnehemeiit, sm. detach- 
ment ; disengagement ; inu 
Detaeher, va. to detach ; un^ 

tie ; • take of; • undo 
Se — , vr. to loosen ; • leave 

Detaeber, to* take qff'a stain 
Detacher use made, to kick 

D6t^ sm, retail ; particu- 
lar account ; particulars 
D6taiUer, va, to • cut in 
pieces ; retail ; • tell par- 
D6taUlear, sm. a retailer 
D^taler, va, to * shut shop^ 

scour off; • run away 
D^tewdref va, to discolour 
Se — . vr, to • lose itt colour 
B^tdler, va* to unyoke ; un- 
team [down 

I>6tendre,fo • unbend; •tnke 
D€teDir,to detain; *wahhotd 
D6teDte, sf, a trigger 
I>6tenteor, rice, s, one that 
^ke^s wrongfully another 
num's estate {ing 

Detention, sf. -^tion, detain- 
Deterger, va, toputge^ clean 

D6t£rionition, ^ • tion ; 

waste [• ^oU 

D6t6riorer, va, to waste-. 
Determination, sf, ——don 
D6tiennin6, e. a, bold, fro- 

D6tenDin6, sm. a ttesperado 
D€temiin6ment, ad. abso- 
lutely : boldly ; positively 
Determiner, va. to deter- 
mine ; resolve 
Se — , vr. to • be resolved 
D^terrer, va. to * dig out of 

the grave ; to discover 
D^teneur, sm, a discoverer 
D^tenif, ve. a. detersive 

uctctlMiBi ^ &, dttestoMt 
D^testablement, ad. abomi- 
Detestation, sj, '■-tion 
Ty^ detest ; abhor 
D^tirer, to • draw otd a stuff 
D^tiser, fo rake out the fire 
Detonation, sf. -^^ion 
Detonner, va, to tor ; * Af out 

of tune 
— & fuInoDer, to expel frstn 
minerals the volattle parts 
D^toidre, untwist, sprain 
D6torquer. to wrest, to fbrce 
D£tone,{/: a sprain 
D^ to untwist 
D^tonpillomier, va,to lop m 

D^toor, «m* winding ; by- 

D^toum^, e. a. turned away 
D^tonmtT, va. to turn o- 

side ; wrest ; embezzle ; 

tHssuade ; deter ; divert 
Se — , vr. to • go tAout; 

• leave off 
D^tracter, va. to slander 
D^tracteur, *m. tlanderer 
Distraction, af --^on^lander 
Ddtraquer. to *pttt out of or* 

der ; seduce; * take from 
Ddtrerape, sf, water-colours 
D^tremper, va, to dilute ; 

soften steel 
D^treoe, sf distress 
D^trier, sm. a led hone 
Detriment, sm, —ment, loss 
DitxmtfStraits ; frith ; dejile; 

precinct; district 
D^tromper, va, to undeceive 
D^trdneroent, sm,dethrotiing 
Deti6ner, va to dethrone 
D^trouisei-, to untuck, rifle 
D^trooneur. sm, a robber 
D^tmire, va, destroy; dt* 

Se — , vr, to *fall to ruin 
Dette, sf. debt ; duty 
Dette active, a debt due to us 
paisive, €lebt owing to 

D^raler, v. to* let down 
Ddvaliser, va. to rob 
Devancemem, sm, out-run^ 

Dtjvanoer, va, to outstrip ; 

^outrun ; prevent ; precede 
Derancicr, e. s.predecessor 

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18S OfiV IMA 

D€rofai,«ai. Iqftae ^r^htj 

D^Tolutioa. *f* - 
D^voiant, e. a. 

D^vontear, «m. a devturer 
DCvover, t«. t« lirvovr, c«n- 

tume^ bnmkj Hijk 
D^vot, e. a. «. devut ; ry- 

D^voteraent, tti/- devoutly 
Devotion,^ —thon^ duputal 
D ' voaeniieiit, nu/devmednets 
D^vouer, va, t9 dcvtte ; de- 
dicate [n««i/# 
Devoye, e. a. aHroy ; err^ 
D^Toyer, va. r« mufead, t 
Deuteronome, fin. —••my 
Deu^, ', 
I>eax-iais, twice 
Deiix, gnu a tw0 
Deuxieme. 2. a. t. tectnd 
Detixi^roeneat, ad, tec0ndly 
DexKrit^. *f —rity ; tkiU 
Dextre, the rigki hand .oU) 
Dextrement, «/ dcjArtuly 
Diable am devil, the deuce 
D'lablement, ad, devilUhly 
D;a -.lerie, tf. witchcraft, 

drviU*- trick 
Dablesse o threw 
Diablotin. «m. a little devil 
OiaUutinSf «m ^ ckactlaU 

Diabolique, i. a. dkab»Ueid i 

DiaholiquemeBt, oA — /icatty 
Diacode, gf, —4^m, nrup 

D'.AConat, dracvnry 
Diaconesse. sf.deacone** 
Diacre snu a deacon 
Dia'i^me, a diadem ; crown 
Diagnostique, i. a a. tBttg- 

Dmi>:oDale, *f a diagonal 
DiagonaleineDt, ad, —nally 
Dialecte, «m. Saket ; idiom 
Dialecticien, a legieian 
Dialectique, */. -^, Uric 
Dialeetiquement, ad, Uke a 

Bialogiste, *. -*u* llom 
Dialogue, tm, diedogue^ col- 
Diaioppier, V to dkMgue.i to 

*pu' grenet in dialogue 
Diainant, tm, tUamond^ a> 

Dennt, heforti ••er* 
^gwut Itkef: 

Bevmnt que, hefore ; btfore 

Be^naat, tm,for^mrt 

Bevantier, om. coarse qfiron 

B^rattadon, gf. —tion, dcsc- 

I>6ira«er,* lay watie 

I>^veloppeiBcnt, «in. unfold- 
ing [unravel 

JJ^veloppep, t>a. t9 unfold ; 

D^venir, tm. to • become ; 

Bcventer, r>a, to * looe the 
vindiwuA of the sails of a 
thip when the wind shiiXs) 

D&Ter)ponde,e. a. ^utmetegt 

I>»irerrouiller, va. to unboU 

Jibv^ro^e, a. warped; crook- 
ed; ntJt perp- ndicular 

Berertf^r. towardg, dbout 

Plar -^ 6y, to 

B6ver>er, vn, to • bend, lean 

Bey^Cir, va. to * gtrip ; un- 
dreggy deprive 

Se — , vr. f divett one'g gelf 

Deviation, gf. --tion 

B^viitase, «m. the winding 
into a bottom 

Binder, va, to • wind to a 

Bfivideur, ae. *. thtd windg 
gkaing, a winder 

B^vidoir, gm. a reel, gpindle 

Beuil, mourning, gorrow 

Bevin, e. g. conjuror 

Beviner, va, to divine, gutgg 

Bevineresse, gf, a, divineregg 

B6vineur, gm, diviner ; con- 
jurer * 

X>evi$, egtimate of a build- 
ing i dialogue ; talk 

B^nsftK^r tw. to dUfigure 
. the face Lp-*y 

Bevite, gf device; motto; 

Bevistr vn, digcourge ttge- 
tner ; to chat 

B^voilement, gm. unveiling 

B£voiler, va. to unveU ; re- 

B^Toiement, gm, loogene^g 

Bevoir, duty ; a boy^g task 

Bevoir, vo, to oror ; to* be ; 
*piugt ;*be bound; *uughi 

B^vnlc, gf, the fuxving no 
trirk at cardg 

B€to1u, e. a, devotoed ; er- 


,^» iqpUknry 
IiSaBifi«a],e a. -trml 
Biaaiitoslemeiit, ad. ^ 

tricaUy ; directly 
Biam^Cre, gm. diameter 
Diapatine, dtapalma, a pkdr 

Biapasiiie, diapagniy perfume 
Biaphjme. S. a, trangparent 
Diaphan^it^^f. trm u ptue n cy 
DiaphurMque, 7. a. pmwig 
Biaphngme, gm. mxdrtff 
Diapr6, e. a. dupered 
Diapnire gm. diapering 
1Jiuiit6et*f. diarrhoea 
Diatlole, dloKatt, gUatoHon 
Diatoniquie, S. a. doatonic 
Dichocomae, *f, My; the 

hat/ of the moon 
Btctame^ fin. dituuay 
^ctateo^fn* dictator 
Dietataie, «/*. dicttttorohip 
Bict^, dkttmten^ what ir 

thctared et one time 
Bicter, va. to dictate^proa^ 
Dictioo, g/, diction s gtyie 
Dkt'onnauet «m. dietiomay 
Dieton, common 9aying, pro- 

Bidactiqiie, S. a. dUiactic; 

Dvkrioe. gf duereaU. dioigim 
Di^K, thhoM, dSe«t» ; tbarp 
Bidie. gf dut, attenMu 
Bieo-donu^, Bra dbettf 
Di Amant, e. a. defandng 
IHfflunateur, «m a defdmer 
Bifianiatioa, of, ctdumnu 
Biffitmatoire, %. a. dgamo^ 

tory \*tander 

Biffiinier, va. to defame; 
DifflN^onment, ad, different- 
Biffi^cenoe, of difference hy 
BURreneiar, va. to dUtin- 

guUh Ififi-ence 

WRttaA^gnu variance; d^- 
BiflSmitye n, differing; un- 

tike; varioug 
Bifl^h«r, V. to differ ; delay 
Biffieiie, 3. a digkult, hant^ 

BifBcilenaeiit, fldL with d^fffi. 

cuky s hardly 
Difficult^, gf d^SeuUy ; 

doubt Itiau* 

BilllcQitQeax, ae. a. exctp. 
Btflbnae, S> «• mjf Anftcn 

,y Google 


Difformit^, «f. defomUiy ; 

Diflrus, e. a» diffuse ; ■aOimA 
Diifusdment, a(k iMj\uelj/ 
I>ifii8nHi, sf„ ipremUng 
I>igeste,*m digeHs^pandect* 
Digestif, ▼e.-o. digutioe 
Digestioo, «f. digeftttthcon- 
OigjiVil^foX'gUw (coctioH 
Digtte, S.O. wtthpfdeterved 
— — de tbi, rmASi^ 
Dign^reent, ad wtrthilff 
Digmtaire) rm. dignitary 
Signit6, 9jl dign^^ bwnaur 
Digression. <%n>m0n ' 
Diipie, a dyke^ bank^ pier 
Diuc^httiOD, ^^-^9n 
Dilae6ier.T) lacerate 
]>ilafiinfaitioB. «/.— -^tiati 
Dilapider, vo. to dilapidate 
nUmMtkn,*/. widening 
IMuatmK,*m, dilator 
Djlater, va, todUate, extend 
DilMoire, S. a. dHatmy ; 

making delay* 
jyiSAjetftm, to pw tj^ 
Djlection, «/. •-«>«», wt« 
Dilemmey^m. ^sMnnma 
Di]tgeroroent,atf. (Ml^ently 
Diligence, «/*. diUgenee, cvre^ 

fulnet* ; tutgemaelune 
Diligent^.o. mtigera f qtddi 
DiHgenter, «n, tv AoMro 
Diouaie|ie, fm. Sunday 
HXme, (fonoe, ^.eftAe 
DimemioBy dimennon, Hxe 
Dtmeur, dixmear. S3tua ti- 

DimiQuer, vu, to diminithg 

Bimtaiutif, ▼«. o. dindnutive 
!Dimimitif,«m. a diminutite 
Diminution, sf. ^-fton $ de- 

create [feOer 

DifflitMive. «m. difnissory 
Diminorifel, e. a, Mmissory 
Dinanderie, *f- braxiei** 

Dinandier^ snu « t^mtder 
Diode, sf, a ivrkey-hen 
. JHoAoiuertu a larheyvocfcr 

a blockhead 
IMndontieati, a utrkeyfowt 
Dindimnier, o ^urArejf^Mrd 
Dindoiim^rv, */ a country 

dffxerfy ; a turkcy'keefier 


Dtai, diner, tm, dinner 
ptn£e, «r. tke dining^lme ra 

a journey 
DUi^fVn, to dine 
Bioc^iain, <mi. a diocesan 
Di<xi6iaSn, e. a. of a biohqpi*t 

IKoe^ae, em. diocese 
Dioptrique, tf, dioptric* 
Diphfhonguejd diphthong 
DiplomaHque, ^-ttcal iter 
DipI<Mne> om, diplomo^ ctiar- 
Dire, tio. *te/L 'wiv, *speak^ 

*mean^*hid * 
IMie, tfOfc wAa£. one sayoi 

Direct, e a. direet; straight 
Ditfecte,4/: l^outv in c^tte 
Dfreetement; o//. diitotly 
Dieeeteur,* ric^, «. directory 

manager i governes* 
Direcuon,sf- —tion. conduct 
iKiwetoHte, sm. exeeuHvi 

pffwer in Pfunte ; rtArie 
Dinger, wo. direct : rule ; 

frame [annulling 

Diiinunt, tmtt, dunderingt 
Discale, sm, tret ; -waste 
T^tetmemeaxt^jwigment^ dis' 

Unction ; ducretion 
Discerner va. to discern 
Di«oipie, sm, diadplet (ntpU 
DiacipiinoUe,'!. a. d^cUe 
Discipline, */, dtse^Hne ; 

DiieSphiie*^ va. to discipline i 

to chastiM 
Diiomitiiiuation, of. tRscon- 

Diseontkitfer,, vq. to iftsltm- 

tinue ; to cease ; *give over 
Disednvemnee, of, disagree 

ment^inoqualiiif . 
DiscoDvenir, i>n, to disagree; 

Dttcdid,e a» discording 
Di^mimitf^.diosonant ; jar- 
DiiciM!def.r^ discotd; vari- 
ance; debate l***^^ 
Oiseorder, vn, to *6tf out of 
Diflcoaraur, ae. t«a father . 
Diseourir. vr* to discourse; 

to talk idly 
Diicoui), sm, diseotirse 
— ^ fig«r€, tropology' 
DifOourtois, ("■• a* disroW' 

teons • > . • 



(HnmrtOMie, tf,discourUsif 
Discredit, im. discredit 
(tkeret, «. a, discreet^ vwy 
DUcr^teioent, ad, discreetly 
DiNv^tion, sj^ -^on, wisdom 
Diieuip«r, vo. to exculpates 

to clear lir\g 

DiMunif, ve. a. — jiw, rov» 
t>iscussif, w. a. -^stve 
Discussion, sf, eUseussion i db* 

Discuter, va. to dlscuoi; 

Disert, e. a. copious; elsquent 
Diterteiaent, ad, at larger 

hMyi learnedly 
Duette, sf, want ; scarcity 
Disetteux, t^. a, needy 
Diaeur, k. *, • teller 
DisKtace, sf, disgrace; mie- 

Disgrad^, a. a. dtfortnedt 

homely^ out ^favour 
Disgraeier, va. to *pta out tf 

favour Igroeably 

Di^cracteuseroent, ad. disa- a.'dioagre^ 

oSie Ifptic* 

Ditgr^gatlan, f/l — <w« in 
Disgr^gev^ va. to separate in 

Dis jotndfe, to di^n 
Duionctit; Te. a»dio)unctive 
OisJon«dttky-«/ disjunction 

atioa; bone out ofjotm 
Diiio^wr, 900. 10 dislscate 
DiipAmt,e. «. unsuitable 
Disparate, sf, impertinence ; 

Disparity, disparity; diffkr* 

ence . 
Difphritioo, dM«r»wHiv 
Dispardhiv, vn. to disappear 
DnpesDdieuXysei a, expensiot 
Dispensaire, sm. dispenoSAmy 
jyiApemaaemia difpfin*cr 
Dispensation, sf. -^*-^on 
Dispensatrice, disposer 
Dispetne, dispensation; |j»^ 

cence tt^ 

Dispoiier, va,^ dispeme 

with ; distributft. dfspoof,' 

expose iaion€^ 

Se — , vr» to ^forbear, *let 
bispener, vok dHp<TSe, scat" 

tkispert'ioiv^ — ^ion 
Dis])ns, ffv m, active^ fiinwle 

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I)isposer,va. f di^oitf^make 

evert enact 
Se — , vr. tii *get ready ; *be 

Diipositif, ve. a,preparat9ry 
BUpositif, enaetBif douse 
Buposition, if, — ffon, di#- 
posai i getdus ; gwd will ; 
Btsproportion, —tion 
OUproportionnfi, e. a. -4l«»> 

Bisproportionner. va, to tfl«- 
flr^orHoTtf *make unequal 
Difpatable. 2. a, difiutable 
Dispute, tf. quarrd, dispute 
Bisputer, va, iHspute ; con- 
tend idisputant 

Bnputeur, sm. wrangler; 
Bitque, duk^ quoU 
BitquintioD, *f. '^iow* (Us- 

Bisseeteur, sm, —for 
Bineetioiu sf, -iion 
Bissembtable, 2. a. unlike 
Binembiante, sf, untikeness 
Busgniiner, va, to dissemi- 
nate Istrife 
Btssention, sf. dissention; 
Bin6qner, vo. t» dissect 
Biaieqaear, sm, an anatomisi 
Bissertatear, author of o 

BiuertatioD, sf, —ti4m 
Bisserter, "vn, to treat u/fon 
BiM'iniilaire« 3. a, dissimilar 
Biirimilftteur, lice. s, dis- 
Bif simulation, sf, —tien 
Bitsimuld . e. a, dts^mhling 
Bissimul6, e. s, dissembler 
Bii^muler, va. to' dissemble ; 

to *take no notice of 
Biaii^teur, rko,-** spend- 

Bissipatioii, */. -ism, waste 

Bissiper, vn, to dissipase; 


a, mscwdaitd 
', to dissolve; 

S0 — , vr, to relax oneU sdf^ Biyersifier, va, to diversify, 

Binolu, e. a, dissolute, lead 
BiMolvam, e. a, dissolving 
Bhsolvant, sm, a dissolvent 
Irissolttble, 2. a. dissoli^le 
Bissolttinent, dd. lewdly 
Bistoludf, je, a, dissotvem ; 
dissolvable Iness 

Bissolution, «f, —£«•», tewd' 
Bifemiaiice, atssonance 



Bissuader, va. to dissuade 
DisBuaaon, sf. -^ion 
Bistyllabe, sm. d&ssylUAle 
Bifsyllabe,3 a dissylUMeal 
Distanee, «/*. diftancCt intet^ 
Distant, e. a. remote [Mi 
Distention, {/*. stretching 
Bistillateur, sm, a distiller 
BistiUation, rf. distilling 
Bistiller, va, to distiU ; puz- 
zle one^s brains 
Se— en larmes, vr, to melt 

into tears 
Bistincl,e. a, distinct^ clear 
Distinetement, ad. distinctty 
Distinctaf, ▼& a. iRstinctive 
Diitinetion, af, "Hon, note 
Distinguer, vaJto distinguish ; 

to note , 
Se diftinruer, vr, to *make 

one's se{f eminent 
Distique, snu a distich 
Distorsion, ^, —Hon 
Distiiietion, sf, -tion, s^- 

rationf absence of mind 
Distratre, va, to separatej to 

divert from; dissuade; 

quU Idtvide 

Bistribaer, va, to distr&iae, 
Distribotear, sm.-^uter 
Distiibatif; re, --butive 
Distribution, sf. —tion 
Distiibntrice, she-diipei 
District, sm, district^; 
Bit, saying ; apt ' 
Dithyrarobe, dith\ 

THXittkitnu second iinm[ 
Divaguer, vn, to ramble; 

•6e incoherent 
Diran, sm, divan 
Divergent, e. a, —^nt 
Divers, e. a. 4&verse ; many 
Diversement. ad, diversely 


Biverrion^ sf —sion 
BivenitB, •^^oity^ variety 
Divertir, va. to Mvertf em' 
bezxle ; recreate ; convert 
Se — , vr, to *take one's plea- 
sure, *make merry or sport 
Divertiksant, e. a, diverting, 
pleasant ^ entertaining^ 


DiwtiMeiDeiity em» uiver^ 
sion; embexxlement : en- 
tertainment qf^ a play . 
Dividende, dtvkknd 
Divin« e. a. divine 
Divinatenr, sm, 

Divination, sf, —tion 
Divineawnt, ad. dtvinety 
Biviniter, va, to deify 
Bivinit6 ' sf divinity^ deky 
Divis, sm. division, share 
Diviteis va, to divide $ part; 

Biviieur, sm, diinder ; <Svt> 

Bivisibait6, sf. —Uty 
Divisible, s. a. i2fvj«i6fe . 
Division, sf, —Hon^ dieuaion 
Divoiee, sm. divorces 'z^o- 

Divorcer, va. ea iltv«ree ; to 
sendaway Itie 

Bitar6tiqiie,8. a. em, diure- 
Biuxnal, sm, daily prayer- 
Biumfr, 9, a, diurnal 
Dividgation, sf, divulging 
Divulguer, va, to dtvulge 
Bit, 8. a. ten 
Ii\X'\k\)ktj% a, eighteen 
Dix-Inutidjiie, eighteenth 
Di&i6nie, 3. a. tenth 
Dixldme, sm, o tenthpatt 

— denier, %t, in the pound 
Dixidmemejit, ad, tenthly 
Dix4ieui; 8. a. nineteen 
Dix-neuvidme, nineteeath 
Dix-aept^ seventeen 
Dix-septidme, seventeenth 
'^ain, sm, a stanza tf ten 


\ne, often.; tithing 
»u,«m. shack; heap of 
X^heaves of corn 
^, a tithing-man 
Doeile,X;^a. docile^ tractable 
Doeilemem,a£{. dficiiely 
DoeHite^sf. docility 
Docte, 3. a, s. learned 
Doctetaent^ad, learnedly 
Doctear,«m.a doctor 

— v6f;;entt a professor 
Doctoral, e. a, doctoral 
Doctorate sm, doctor^o degree 
Doctorerie. sf. disputatiou 

for the degree of a doctor 

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l>oetrina],'e. a. daetrinat 
Doetrine, tf, doctrine ; tetuU 
Boeumeiity if, —ment s pr^ 

l>«lefiner, va. to rot 
Sedodiner, vr. to 

Dodo. «m. nurte^tluiiaiy 
]>oda, e- ApUmfij/at 
Dd^t, #m. <%M»y qfa doge 

J^ofSaa^jt/. adage** lady 
Dofpmitique, nu dogmatual 

Dogntttique, 7. o. — ^ieol 
Dopuuiqaeamit; tdL "rally 
negimniier, vn. e« *teirA mo> 

^HeriaUy ; to dogmatioe 
Dofpnadaettr, «m. a d^tna- 

llognuuistie, d^gmatUt 
JkiipBae, dogtiuu tenet 
Doff oe, a flmfi^ {tiff 

DQifuin,e« #. »A(r(^ {fa miif. 
Daifft, #m* ajlnger ; claw ; 
Doif;t du pi6,a toe Zdigit 
Doifftfier,«m. cover for ftnger* 
Doi Jraud. deceit 
DoWiyiee, tf. complaint ; 
■ grievance 

Botemmciit. ad, moanfuUy 
Dolem, e. a. doUfulf queru- 

Doler, va, to fdam 
DoKmui, om»a Turkioh dren 
Doloire, *f, plane; trust; 

Dom,«m. don; lord 
nvtoaiiOfdomathj demesne 
DonMoikUy e. o. V^or belong- 

it^to a demesne ' 
Ddme- sm* a. cupola • 
Ddiseftidt^, sf, the being 

servant [tame 

Domestique, 9- a. domestic; 
DomeMiqne, sm. a domestic 

of a house otfiimiiy ; set' 

. , ad, ser- 

vUdy ; famHiarly 
Domicile, sm, dij^elUng, 

house} abode 
Se doiDieilier. vr to oettle 

in a place 
Dominant, e. a. reigning ; 

ruling t predominant 
DoRdDatettT,«m« ruler, lord 
Domination, *f, dominion 


', vri. to rule ; pr& 

dominate; command 
Dohainicain, sm. a Dondai' 

canf or toniteMor 
Doroinicaine, 4^/t Domimcan 

Dominicale, Sunday sermons 
Domino, snu short cloak 
Dominocehe, sf,paper»stain- 

ing Ter 

Dominotier, sm. paper-statn' 
Dommi^e. damage, lost 
Dommag:tfab)e, 3- a. damage- 

(Ale; hurtful 
Domtahle, domptaUe, S. a, 

DoDiter, dompter, tie. to 

subdue; to tame 
Domteur, dompteur, sm, e«» 



Don, a. giftj knack 

Donatatre, s. donee 

Donat«ur. rice, s, a, donor 

Donation, tf. grant; deed of 

Done, c. tkerefttre ; then 

'^ornlon, tf plump jolly w«- 

Donjon, «m a turret 

Donnant, ante, a, generous 
Ot» chief QIC if with a ne- 
gation) — il n^eitpMdon- 
nant, he is stingy 

Donne, ff desding at card* 

Donn^es, sfpl. *la'a 

Donner, va. to "^give, toft- 
ther on ; *deal ; engage 

Donneor, ae. «. a jjaver (in a 
sUght sense) 

"Doat, pr. where^ ; of whom 

Donzdle, »f. a young reatle- 
woman (by way of ridi- 
cule) [head 

Docade, dorado, (a fish) gilt 

DortnaTant, ad. henaforth 

Dorer, va. to *gild 

Dorenr, sm, agilfler 

Dorien, a. s- Greek dialect 

Doriqtte,a*« Doric 

Dorloter, vd^^to fondle ; pam- 
per (nant 

Dormant, e.' o. sltepUtgf stag- 

Dormear, le. s. sleeper 

Dormeuae, sf, a sedan with 
a bed in 't an easy chair 

Donnir, vn. to *sleep 

Dormir, sm, siting ; sleep 

Dormitu; te. a, s^orijte 

TktiUATf dormitory 
Dorurc, if gildingf washing 

Dot, sm, back ; ridifc 
Dotd^Ane, ohetoing on both 

'Dwfftf,a dose 
Done, plank ; JKtch of wood 
DMieret, sm, a little pilaster 

jutting out 
Dossier, back of a seat, or 

coach ; head board of a 

bed; file of law papers 
Doc, sf. a portion ; dcwry 
Dotal, e. a. of or pertaining 

to a dowry 
Doter, va, to endow, portion 
Douaire. sm, jointure 
Douairierr, sf. a dowager 
Douane, cusiom^httsse ; duty 
Douanier, sm,a custom house 

a^fieer [ful 

Douhie, S. a. double; deceit- 
Doubie, mi. twofold, copy 
Doubleau, cbufarch tjout 
Doublenienr,atf. doiAly 
Doubler, va to douUe ; to 

line; multipli/ 
Doublet, sm. false ttone ; 

doublet* (at tWee) 
Donblon,a doublom 
l)ottblure« j/I a lining ; substi- 
Douae, «• /. • sTceet ; tnild f 

eaoy ; ojfabio 
DoQCeAtre. 3. a, sweetioh 
Doucemem, ad, softly; gerh. 

tly; pretty well 
Doucereux, se. a, eweetith ; 

Doucette.*/: a^rimi 

Vmus^s &okmg-glass , 
Dodcet, te. a,s, t^ctea 
Douceur, sf. sweetness ; soft- 
ness^ ; mildness ; profit * 
Douceurs, svxet things ; fig- 
uring exprestiono 
Douche, medical pumping 
Doueher, va. topump one 
Doueine. sf waved moulding 
Oouer, va. to *make a s^Q- 

ment ; endow 
Douillagc, om^ stujf badly 

Douillc, sf, a socket 
Douillet, te, a, soft ; nice 
DuOillet, tnu a selfiover 
Dooillettemeat, ad. tcndpr/y 

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Boolean if. pain ; akeapitf 
Ooalonmneiaenty vtLgrievo 

Boolouicm, le. eu ptdnfid 

torrtw/ui ; tender 
Xkmter, vn, to doubt; qm*- 

Boote, 9nu dndrt ; fe^r 
Sc— vr,to»utpm 
Soateaseineot, ad: dubhtuly 

, le- a. dmbthU 
Itoavain, #m. ymd ft 

mtUce Have* for caaJa 
DoaVe, 9f.pipe atqffi tide- 

Doux, a. fit. Donee, a. J 

nteet ; mild; ea»yi affa 

hie i safi . rmooth 
Bouziiine^ «/*. a dozen 
Hwiutn*. a. twelve 
Jtoaxi^me, t. a. twdph 
Doiuj^me, am. twelfth part 
BovzititiemeDt, ad, twelftUy 
DoyeOf dtoit, ocnior 
Doyeang, a,deanry 
Dractuncdragme. tf, drachm 

Dngve. «/. avgar-plumb ; 

Drageoir, am, a eamJU-booc 
t>n^fion,a auoker 
Bkagpeoimer, vn. to 

forth auckera 
j9ni|(oii, am, drtigon g Oirma^ 

gant f dragoon 
DragoBDadev af. dragooning 
"bngamer, va, ta dragoon 
Drairue, af, greina ; aandaho- 

Prater, va, to aearch aome- 
■ thing thta Ilea wuler xDatair'' 
Dnui^^tique, 3- a, dramatic 
— — , am. dramatic poetry 
DnpfCMJh 'fifct 
Brap, moitofttre, a pall 
]>rapea«, a pair of coloura ; 

a rag ; a clout 
BnipevMi. to *hang with 

tnouming ; to mill atoeh- 
' iflga s to jeer ; to *make 

cloth [drt^ 

Drwpent, af cloth-trade ; 
Brapier^ am. a rvooUen dra- 
per ; a cloth maker 
Brdche, ^. malt 
Dr^Ktt *^ •/«« for turbota 


underlay a aboe 
Iheawr, va, to fmake atrait s 

raise ; train up ; iHreet 
Se — , w. to •rue, "atandiitff 
Dretwir, am, a aide-board 
IMXke^a fellow i hdrd oak 
Drille, af, old rag t^make 

paper with 
•^-^ a borer, piercer 
BriUev, vn, to aeoui^ away 
BnUier* am, a collector of 

fid raga 
DroKmaa,#m. interpreter 
Droj^ af, a drug ; a aorry 

commodity; atuy 
Brogoer, vo. to phyaic too 

much ; *give bad retnedica 
Se— ,t»r. to *take remediea 

vnthout prober care 

Brofruet, am, drugget 

Brofnii^, a virtuoaeHa cabi- 
net ; drug box 

Bro^Ute, adruggiat 

Broit. e. a, atnrit; right ; 
jua. } upright; good f up 

«— , am, right, law; claim; 
fee ; tax ; equity ; privily 

— iliviii, divine law 
— aatxatU ^''^ *f nature 

— canon. ron«R law 

— civil, nvil law 
•~ eoramun, common law 

— de« geiui, law of nationa 
Dn>it, ad, ttrak ; directly 
Broite. af the rightrhand 
-* (d'une, anncc), right wing 
Broitement, uprightly ; wiae- 

lyaincerely ; roundly 
Btoitier, e. a. right-handed 

nrpii^ef. adryod 
J>Si,tnKdue } duty 
Bn, art, aome, of th^fram^ 
from the 

— moint, at lean 
^tanuaimll (ought 
BA, e,a.due; owing, awed; 
Bubitadon, af *4aon 
BubitatiTe. a. f, — ^iva 

Boc, am, duke ; ham^ntl 

Bacal tt. a. ducal 

Bacale. af patent of the 

Venetian atate 
Bucat^xm. tlucat 
DucMon, dtteatoom 
Bucbc, duehy,dukedoon 

— |)Airie» '/ duchupeierdtm 

Brohure, af, uprightneaa 
Broitetir iTesprit, aoundneaa 

Drtie., 2. a, droll ; funny ; 

comical (fellow 

—' de corps, crnnical or queer 
Brdle, am.feliow 
BrOlement, ad. comically 
DvdXenef af droUery^' merry 

DrA\eae,a toeneh 
BromadMre* am, dromedary 
Broaine, af, a tinker^abag 
Broaineur, am, a tinker 
Bni, e* «• fledged ; briak"; 

thick ;pert ; Yank-dMe 
Dmide, «m.. a druid 

BtiebeMe, af. ducht 
Buetile, a. tkmalleable 
Baetilit6,«/: malledbleneao 
Bu^pie,aduenna, gove rnma 
Bael, «m. iluel; alto dual 

number in Greek.neima 
Baiie, vt toM, aeplaaaei 

train t^ vold^ 
Buit, e, a, trained ttff ; in- 

Bttloifler, va,toduleonae. 
Bulcin6e,{/! aweetheart 
BiUie, eulte de 4v^ war* 

Baroent, dnement. ad, duly 
Dunes, afpl ihxona ■ 
Bunette; poop (of a aJtip) 
Dwi amtduet 
Ba^, tf, a dtipe ; bulAU ; 

Bvper. va. to duM J.toguU 
I>tip6nB,af.fraud ; cheat 
Duplicata, am, aduplicate 
DapIicati0ii,4/;-4{*ri . 
Bwpllciie, -. — cfiyj double 

D<q>lique, rejoindetr 
Dui^aer^ vo* to rejoin 
BiiqueU pro of Vfhom, of 

which; whereof 
Dor, ei.<h heird;flrm;tovghs 

harah ; Hale $ aad; cruel ; 


■ d'oreille, dull of hearing 

— k Ut^saene^ctoae-Jiaitd 

— A la fatigue, hardened to 

Dure vfi^rfi,.tif, dttra mater 
DanUci 8.01 fasting 

Digitized by Vj'OOQ 


■"^'^ ^06, ad* wbUtti, wAen 
Hxvfdv, via, Uf bmnkn f to 

Dnree, #/ duration; cm- 

Durement, ad, hard; httrshi 

Diuerw t». r» Aztfii * koidotit; 

Buret, te. 4k tfime»hat hani 
B«ret6, «/? iardnewi ban^ 

ncss; rowhnu* ^ erudtif 

(ToMyie, dullue** of 


— *— (de ityH raugkitwo 

— (de itnweav) tti^tu 
Bunttts.jki' hard-vxtrd* 
I>millon,#«n. eaUotitiff hard 

^dn ihard 

Sttrivscslef % «• 9*n*imhat 
Buvetf pL dpt^ ; ease 
DuveteMs, te. a, detony^ 
B«iHinTiMt^M»4 >a> magiotrth 

cy among the Remant 
Duumvin^ mu pL tHS' name^ 

of wome Mmnan magiv' 






£ barfaet, *q, to thave. ; barb 
£ft«Botti «. « de9¥xm«4 
£bat, ^tettement, «n*. di> 

S'6b«tti«, V. *w<l*<. Off *^ 
Eli^raU. e. ammnaxpd 
IBSaaxK^sf.asketcbt rofugh 
draia^M . l/lfw 

Ebaucher, v sketch ; roiigh 
EltaaeliQiCfMiBf At vrft Uafchet 

^ ^ if, 

bioich : runt 
£6aeliement, tnu bndsbtg 
Ecmbn^vq, to. *ciyf Aj«9ttu4 
£citiieur d*or, sou goltt- 

Ecaill^, e. e. saUy 
£emilter# «« taocah,, «li«ilr 

Eeailleur, sm, oyster^man, 
£cailleust.^«e» a,^K«hf- 


a peltg M«e- 

Bynaite^ «frt* 

Dynutie, f^ rfi 
Bynenterie, btoody flaas 
Bys9aic6rique, 9. a, sm,0ue 

ajHeted ivith tAe bloody 

Bysocieff/: dyH»yt retention 


EAU, sf. wider; ralnf 
wet ; tearr ; ghss i juiee 
Eau douce, /rifiA ivvrf^ 

— de raer, tait water 

— de fontatfie, jr^tn^ mtf fff 

— de source, sf>ring vMer 
' — de puitt, pump wdtdr 

— de rividre, river water 

— (lustre), wmer wgfoet 
— de Tie, aqua^oita, brandy 
-> t6gale» ofuo rmi^ir 
—forte, a5w»,/^»> ■ ■* 

£l»udiE, "Ott,. cheer^ ^nrnke 3'6caler, vr. f o come 0^ 

Ehe, s/,ebbj:hm water 
£b^Ti«. cdrajr 
£b£ner, re. «• V'*'« voec 

the colour of ebony 
Ebenier, sm, an^ebonyfree 
Bbeniite, a 6abinetmmak«ir 
£>bIo«ir, t;a. to deaeade 
Ebiuuissant , e. a. daxxUng . 
£bli«i«sement,«m. daaadtng 
£burg«er, va^ te *put etti an 
'Cyei tp blind . , . . 
'6DoufR?r de rire, to *bur*t 
ifito IttugfUer (low) . . . 
lEbouillir, vn toover^il 
Eboulemeat, sm* falling 

ffywn {of a bunding) 
:&hou\«^,vn*to*f9U dewn. 
Eboalis,- snu ruboiah 
EbourgaormemeDt, pruning 
Ebaurffeonoer, •va,'.te^firufie 

vines s trees . 
Sboarflfeonnear, snMiPrwur 
labour we, e4 a. dief>rdered 

with the vufui 
Ebranchementy 4m. lapping; 
, fanning [the brtinchee 
£lK«iKlier, veu to *Uip (^ff 
BbraBkiqienii^ svcu. shaking ;. 

Ebmnter, va: to " tbake i 

SVpranler, vr. to movei*give 
>Ebr6«ber, Mb tr notch . 
iKllK^er^ to clean n <:Mld 
;£bri^, «^\dxtmkenness 
£bnliade,>»^ with ike bri- 
-S^brover, vr^ to snort 
iSbrulter, vn. to divulge 
S'ebrouer, vr. ft* *be talked 
of; to^* fake air 

£carbouak»v^v«<« 'erwufr; 
: sguaeh , . 
£carlate,{/t tcarkf 
-x^onmiaini, exarktt^ dyi4 

in grain • 
£carlatim,6dn« ^cwtetigMi 

scarlet-fever . iiffgwi/ft 
KcarquUteiaent, m*. ^remi^ 
EoarqHiUer iBs jamM% wb 

Eaart, Afftk ramkk : csrtfc 

kudeut^ .. . \jpmna^ 
£cartel6, e. a. quartered i 
EcartekT) «««.<# fuofter 
£cai^r, to.dieperMV *mi^ 

lead; diecard; avert; 

scatter . 
S:6eaiteE, wr, t^ rmnblei 

noerve ; to lose 
EeeKaiaste,«iii. Eaeleeiaftee 
£ocl6sia8tiAtt% ScdesUieHsus 
« eknrehman ^ 

, 2 a. eccleeiaelic 
Ee^siattiquomott^ oA <e> 

Eoerfal^. e^ a^ kt^jerkroiM^ 

brainles* . 
l^^htfiaui^ em, a^scafold 
Echafaudage, scqfohfing 
Echa&taddr* vn« t« eet^ffisU ' 
£elialai». jm* o prop fair a 

vine ; apHe 
EcbslteKiiieatf.Mi* ttrepping 
EchalaMetftMi, f«j>rf|^ A^ine 
Ecbalier, fm«ii/c7K«. 
Ecbalote, {^. #Ao/ot, seulUpri 
Echancrer»v«ft Ht *cM dlef^ 
£chancniBe, 4/; <l«^/k 
Eehaiige> Mk. 9i(ebatigms 

EiiekaA9rt..««. t^emeMange ; 


,y Google 

134 EGH 



1, tm. a cvp bearer 
\nene,*f:tke kiag>e 

Eeluuitilloa, «m* sampie; 

X«hai|tiIloni]er, va^eMimine 

by the Handard ; *cut out 

Edmppttde, tf, mUiake, slip 
Eebftmitnre, aromec^r - 

Ed^ppfe, o^ranA 
KclMipp6e «le vue, a vUta 
Ecbappev. va- feecape; *iet 
fail; *forgee eneFg. telfg 

Bduifde, tf. epUnter 
Echaidonner, va, to pull out 

the thietlee 
Eeharpe. tf.aeemfi aeling 

for the arm 
Ednoper, va, to tUuh 
Echan, e, a, rUggardty 
Eehanes,^;. eHUespoteerpleo 
EchaubouM, e. a. fidl ofp^ff 
Eei«aboulare, <^. apimple 
Ediaud^, em, loig ; Hmnel; 

bun .N .. 

Eehtuder, tMi. to mcoU 
S^ehander, vr, "to •bum 

•n^e finger* by ill eueceee 

in eome affair ; to emart 
Eehandoir, em, eeeMing> 

houee ' 

EebanliUKm »/. an over- 
heating one'* edt 
Echau&emeitt, em. heating ; 

Sehaoflfer, va. to heat ; 

vtarmi etirup < 
SdMiHfer, vn. to *grem hot 
S^^chaufier; vr. /• over-heat 

oneU eel/; •grov angry ; 

EchaulibTCy of» red pimple 
Eehavfooree, a rash enters 

prize f abaffle 
Eehangoetce, 4^i^to« 
E«h6anM, expiratim 
Echee, em. cheek ; loee ; in 

Eclieei, em, pU chese 
Eebdette) ef,a little ladder 

u trm „ 
in the Levant 

ladder; eetde 


Eeheloii, em. a ladder ^etep 
Ecbeniller, -om, to clear ^ 

caterpUlare • 
EcheTtfan, em, a ekain 
£chei«16, e. a, dUheveUed 
Eeheriu, em, a eher^ 
Eehe^nage, theriffaky 
Echiiie. «f: chine; spine 
Echinee, a chine (vpork) 
Ediiner, va. to *break the 

head; to knock on the 

Ecldqnetfi, e. a. checkered 
Eehiquier, em. a cheee board; 

Echo. em. an echo ; a toil 
Eehoir, vn. to eecpire ; *fall 

due ; *fall out ; happen 
Eehometre, em, a ecale to 

meaeure eounde 
EeiMppe, ef, etalliflat graver 
Eebouementy enu running 

Eehover, vn. to *run o- 

ground ; to miecarry 
Echu, e. a. expired $ fallen 

Ecimer, vo. to *cut the top 

of a tree 
Beliboitsfer, to Maeh 
Edabounare, of, the dirt or 

water one is epkuhed roith 
Edairf em. Ughtniw 
Eetauieir, va, to cuar ; cla- 

rify;thin; inform; un- 

Sxclaireir, vr. to *become 

clear i toinjbrm one*e eelf 
Eelairdsseuent, em, ee^li- 

liion; hint 
EclaM, e. a. lighieome ; 

knowing ; underetanding 
Eelaiier, va, to light i en- 
lighten ; eparkh ; watch 

— , vn, to glitter ; *ehine 
Eelanche, *f, a lq^(6fmut' 

Edat, em, pomp ; lustre ; 

slender ; ori^htneee jpletp; 

uproar ; buret ; noiee 
EcttitaBt, e. a, ehiningi 

bright; tranocendant 
Bdater, vn. to buret ; crack ; 
^ efdver ; to eexlaim ; glitter 
^a\^oe,ef. eclipse 
Edipier, va, to tcUpfe 

. . vr. !• ' 

way; to *beeelipeed 
FaueedipMr, to ecUpee ; to 

help to make ont^e escape 
Ediptiqoe,*/: theecltptie 
EdiMe, a sptint ; cheese-vat ; 

side ff a /ttfc, &e, 
Edisser. va, to sjflent 
Etloppe, e,ei. lame 
Edorre, vn, to *be haUhed ; 
•blew ; pe^ ; •come to l^tt 
Ecluae, sf, a sluice ; dam 
E^m^ eiuieefuUff 9a 
£«olatm. Ml. profeeeor 

Ecole, sfa school^ eoUege 
Eoolier. e,e,a scholar Foff 
EGoiidiiice,va. r^iioe; elUit 
Economat, em, Hewckdsbsp 
Eeonome, 2. a. «.«av<nf; a* 

steward; houeeke^er 
Economie. sf. economy^order 
Eeomiiiiique, % a* eeesumi- 

' 'f em» economtee 
Eeopomiqnemfiit, oeL fru- 
Econoniiier, va* to use spa- 
ringly s to manage weu 
Ecorce, bark; shell; pad; 

£coreher« vo. to Jhy ; 

gall ; to eecaet upon. 
S'^eordier. •tear ^ff enis 

ekin ; *6e galled 
Ecordieri«, ' sf, slaughter 

house; cut-throat place 
Eeordieiiri en^. a fioj/er ; 

Ecordiear. excoriation 
Eeore, a eteep ehore 
Eeorner, va, to •break the 
home; curtail; •break the 
comere of a thing 
Econiiflar, to etunge 
EcorniAerie, «/> spungistg 
Ecomifleur, ae. s, spunger 
EcoMe, sf. sheU ; pod ; Scot- 
EMMet,va. to shell 
Eeoueur, te. e. hem she who 

are eheUing 
Ecot, sm. scot; club ^ com- 
pany ; reckoning 
EeoiMuie, em. mintJUe 
Eeouaaer» vo* tojue ^ffgold 
or viver te its standard 

Digitized by VjOOQ 


£MQfle,«m. aputtock ; kite 
Seoolcamenty/owifi^, iilapae 
£eouler, va. to ^run or 

S^Semler, vr. to *tlide away 

£eoDneon, «f. a tpecua of at the heel 

barUy / 

Ecourter, x« <» 'fV 
£cotttuit, e- o. *. bearer 
£ooate, */ aprtvtOe place 

for lUterUng 
£couter, va, to *hear, litten s 

to hearken ; to mind 
Ecoatenr, em, a listener 
SeoateoXtO. *kittuh 
JSooutille, of* eeuttle, htUcA 
£«oaTette, a brush ' 
BcouyUlon, em. maulkin ; 

drug ^ _ 

XltouvillouaeT. va. to •noo^ 

with a maulkin or drag 
SLcfMi, «m.>> ecreen 
Scaler, vaJo crueh ; equaeh; 

Scriture^ tniting^tcripture 
EerinUo, em, a vtriter spur- 

eer rfa e)^ 
Scrou, fiur t^a tcreu 
"ExKwi^gaoler^a botk 
£cn>ueUe«, »f, pL the kiti^e 

ScroQcfr* va* enter into the 

gaoler 9 book; deliver by 

£eraair, to coldbeat metale 
Bcrowhwimfm, sm, the cold- 
beating tf metal* 
:EcxovilententJalling in 
£crouler, vn. to **hake dovm 
S*6cnNi|er,vr. to*JaU dewn^ 

te *give away 
EcTDOter, vd, to *cm off the 

cruet Ithread) 

Ecru, e> a, raw (of silk and 
Ecu, em, shield { escutcbeoni 

croanpieix , . 

IBtxMeu, htrwaere 
Ecneil, a rock ; sand} shelf 
fieueUft sf. a porringer 
Eeuell6e, a porringer full 
•" ' - to * tread down 



Eeumey #/*. seumffrothjoam^ 

Eeumer, va» tofoant ; skim 
Ecuroer, let men, to infest 

the seas 
Eeuioear de mer,Mn. apirate 
— -» de marmite, a spunger 
Ecumeoz, le. a frothy 
Ecomoire, sf a skimmer 
Ecurer, va, to scour ^ cleanse 
Ecureoil, sm, a squirrel 
Eenreor. a scavenger 
Ecuxeose, sf a char-voman 
Ecntie,staole ; equipage 
Ecunop, sm. an escutcheon 
Eeunonner, va- to ingraft 

vt^to skimnUlk 
kL sf, cravffUh ; lob- 
ster i ihesign Cancer 

S'eerier> vr, cry out; ex- 

Eevin, sm, a jewel-box . 

Ecrire. va, to *torite 

£erit» em. a writing^ work 

Eeriteau, biU ; sign ; tUle 

Eeritoivet sf, an ink-stand Edification, sf, -^ion ; im- 

em, grafitng- 

kn^ . 
Ecuyer, esquire ; gentleman 
0/* the horte ; riding mas- 
ter ; gencleman-usher ; 
equerry ; groom 
Ecuyer txanchant, a carver 
EAeatbf e, a, toothless . 
Edenter, va, to "break a 

tooth, a notch, &c. 
Edifiaot, e. a, edifying 
£dificateur snuabtulder 

provement ; edifying 
Edifice, sm, edifice; buUd. 

ing } fabric • 
Edifier, va» to edify; im- 
prove ; please 
Edile, sm, edile 
EdiUt6. sf offce of an edile 
Edit, sm, eatct, ordinance 
Editeur, an editor 
Edition, sfetHtion, impress 

Edredon, snufne down 
Education, sf. —tion; tn- 

EdulcoiaUon, sweetening 
Edulcorer, va. to sweeten 
Effacable. 2. a, that may be 

Eifiieer, va, to efface ; ^strike 

out i deface jTolot out 
Eflbenve, sf blot ; dash ; cross 
Effar^, e. a scared, aghast 
S'effcrer, vr,to*be scared 

£0kroacher, va, to fright i 

to disgust ; to startle 
S'effiiroucher, vr. to *grem 

wild mr fierce 
Effaufiler, va. to baet€\ l» 

"draw a thread 
S^efiaufiler, vr. to unravel t 

to "drop a stitch [twd 

Effectif, ve. a, — <itw. eiRv 
Eflectivement, ad, really 
Eflfectuer, va, to ^ect, per- 

Eff%min6, e* a.effendnate 
Eife miner, va. to geminate 
EflTerveicence, sf tmillition 
Ef&t, 'sm, effect ; deed ; ex^ 

eutton ; msign ; product 
Efieuiller, va, to 'strip ^ 

Efilcace, 8. ccfflcacieus 
Efiicace, sf, efficacy^ force 
Eflkacement, ad, ^eetualU^ 
EfflGacit6, sf, influence, vir- 
Efficient, e. a. efficient [tm 
Efflgie, sf effigy, likeness 
Effliner, va, to execute te 

Emie, e. a, slender j un- 
woven travel 
Effiler. va, unvxavei un- 
Effiloeher, va, to draw 

Efllanquer, to "make lean 
Effleurer, toglance on 
Eflbndrer, va. to "break into g 

"draw a fowl; "sink 
SVfibndrer, vr. to"sink down 
Efllbndrilles, sf. pi, grounds g 

SWoroer. vr. to "strive ; (e 

"do one^s endeavours 
Effort, sm. effort^ attempt, 

Effraction, sf burglaru 
Effirayant, e. a,frQ/itful 
Efliayer, va, to JHghten ; 

Eflfrtine, e. a. unruly ' 
Efiriter nne terre, to exheutt 

EfTroi, sm, fright ; terror 
EfTront^, e. a, shameless 
Effront6,e. *. brazen flue 
Efiironterie, sf, ^rontcry i 

Effroyable, 2, a. frightful ; 

hideous ■ 

,y Google 

136 fecit 

fully ; hmrifftjf 

, "tf. t^non ^ over- 


£galenient,«n« >^v/^^.7f/r/ ; a/'iAc 
Egaler, wa. ttjvnl % *tn^ake 

even ; ewi/Httr* ; tri^t;h 
1B*egaIer, cwti/mrf ftnr\ 

teif Itquui 

JEg»|it6, */ efiit'iiifift ev 
nest, rightt n/' men 

*£gar6fe*a* wnnd'^r^fn^t mild 
JSieuesxka^sni, going mi/! uf 

the ^tvay, ^af&iukring, mi*- 

Egacrer, va. to *mi*i'wrf; fo 

mislay a tMrn^ 
B'ftgare^ vr, ni ten one** 

rvay ; to vantkr 
lB|^yert va, to fniiven j t€- 

%«^ tf. J^pi^*» jh^fi 
iEfislttitier, im. fgiantiru: ; 

1Bg!l«ntuie, */*. Tttfrf rfJK 
EjTlue, a cAarc/i i rcli^ivii 
S^otgue, a n eehf^ m 
Ego'iser. t>n. £• ru^H^ 
'E.gctittat, 9m. trj^n^j.rm 
EjCoiste, 2. -*. <MJ ^i'^cuwt 
^gorget, va, to "ru^ fAe 

throat i to ilcughur 
'8*6eoi8Uler,T>r.~^& ^Mfj*? aticV 

throat tore by v&r.fferatiim 
Egout, #m. r« nuing of \vq- 

tert -, common j^«ti?fr ; finA ; 

house eave* 
Sgoutterytin.^o ^ra^rt 
S^egputters tir. tv firuin 
Egoottoir, 9m, ti drains 

<rf va» to ictvirh 
itigneur, le. *, xcraichct>\ 
Egratiniare, 9f. a rcratch 
Eglfttmoiilier, TfT. to ung-ra- 

Egifener, to *shaife *iif the 

Egrillard, e. tt. upright (i/ ; 
mettlesome ; pett ; jEfirdoa 

Cgmer, va, to *gtinii dm- 

< tnonas 

^rtiwir^smM b&^f or gr tid- 
ing dkononds 

Bgniget^t amnTiftr 


EfjiK-ulcf. I'tr. to *irvakthe 

tlhrtnf.ah: ifiiit.' pton 
Eliiiucht^ c ai hsfiithot 
Bliimii:^ *^^ fAarfje'fe/r 
Elidtkptr, tTfl, to *cvt the top 

of a trst 
Ejucuktiuni sf. ^ihn 
lijdciilHteul-, JPB. —lattT 

F:]abi>rntiun. 4/. —ii9n 
E\s^nvl^^ylr. a TirrtTUght^done 
E[oj^ucT,iffl to' lop, t^ prune 
Elan, frti an cift 

Elnncci'. VR 71? ruM Upon ; 

FjiIhuIh^ n4</e7-^> ienjft^ Tt/pture' 
KX\ax%%\\ Td ^« u'idbt; re- 

miJT? J rrUast ~--- — 

Eltwrtlditt, ftiy 

EJjksliqu?, S;. B> flartic 
Ei<?ctEiiir, jm. fm ciaitor 
Eltftjtir, ve. ffr/:rn.'c 
Eltciiun, #/' fiiin, thi^a 

-El(?s;toml»e* mf 

Eleclm-atf j?ra, — rrtflf 

Elpciriei-, #f ftrdortst 

Kk-cthcilS, ri^y 

■RlMtriqiie, a. n* tlfttrlc 
K lee tlijeT, na . f p phctrify 
Ek-ctuaire. fF». rtj ffe^fuorif 
E K' CAmmem , ad- c Ugantly 

EI^^HQi^ e, n* eiegfuif^Jhie 

; «fce^, 

i'^l«?er, w. to •♦<*«, ^ ttrUej 

"EAvmn, sj", piimpU i btUter 

ER^r, T0. to *m4tke em eli- 

EligibUit6, if, -litis 

Eligible, S. a. eHgiole 

S'euitier, vr.t* *vfear 9Ut 

Elire, va, toehct^ *ch^te 

Elision, sf,. elision 

^Mxe, choice i best part 

Elixir, sTn. elixir 

lSA\e,pro,f, she, her i U 

Ellet, they, t^tem 

ElTebore, sm, htllobwre 

Eltipae, sf, eU^ttit 
EMptiqiie, % 0. *-tkml 

Eloeutiofi, sf, —ti«n ; tttfk. 

Eloge, int. Ho^y.fnttite 

ElariMe, V/tfjfifif - 

Ekngne , tuuremtfoed^iRsfant 

Eioigiieaient.»tai. Ttmewtl} 

absence r aistmneeg aoer- 

sion; estrangement 

Eloigiier, va, le rem^oe; de- 

fay J oHenme; t&trangti 


^^Wguer^r. remove i^f^ 

S*— -de ton deViAr, to *be 

vmntin^ in on^s duty 
S'-^de son st^jet, to rin^ic 

ftom one*s st^ject 
I^oi^^n, oft ■- ■ tim i 
Eloquemmeiitt »f,doqnemty 
Eloquence, sf^ eloquence 
Eluqaent, e. -a. «f»g«ieftf 
Eia, e. a, elected; chesen 
Elueidaflon, sf, ■"' H o n ; ejv 
position Itrate 

;iiider, va, to ekukjji'uo' 
Champs 6t3r«lfes, ClvskMj e>- 

iysian, happy JkU* 
Email, sm, enamel 
Enuuuer, va, to chamet 
Emkilienv^snu nn enam^ler 
EmaiUure, tf, enamelling 
Emanadon, issuing J^^m, ff- 

EL'F^ie, s/L an elegy 
YAvmeni, jm* itffrteitt 
ET^menfiiifeH 2. u.—twy 
ElH'phant^fiFu nn^lcpfutni 
El^v&tiuiiT */■ rinsing groundi 
jiicft^rmtnt j frmtt view % 

ElpTft, a pufiil i disf^pie 

Elev 6, f. a. ftrtd^ Sftuaited S^numoiper, vr, to ^ietke toe 

Eltfver* T?ft. to raise t ejfait\ I much liberty 

^ffring up i extol; lEmamr, vn. to emanate; te 

Emancipation, ' ' tU n 
Emancipei:. va, to ettutnci' 
pate, to *set free 

^pu^ vp 

proceed from ;' issue 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

£miisea]ation, #f. — — <Jon 
Bmasculer, va. to tmatcuUt^ 
£inaux, ftn^colours^ enameit 
£mlMboaiuer. va. to inveigle 
Smbaltare, im. packing %& ; 
packeirt/be iter 

£nilMller,va *paekup;ban- 
£mljalleuir, tnu packer ; ro> 

Embargo^ un embargo 
£mbai*queinteiit, etnbarka- 

tion i undertaking 
EtnlMirqtier, va, to embark; 

te engage 
EmiMims, sm. embarrafa- 
ment ; impediment ; trou- 
ble i crotod 
—^ d^eaprit, perplexity of 

£mbarTassant.e. a. treubte- 

tome : perplexing 
JSrubamsaer, va. to embar- 
rass ; incumber ; peplex 
S*— , vr. to •6tf at a stand; 
entangle one*s self; * be 
£inbarriUe, e; a, barrelled up 
Embater, va. to *put on a 

pack-saddle ; to teaxe 
Embauchage, hiring ; decoy- 

Embaucher, va, to hire ; de- 
Embauuiieur, sm, a recruiter 
£mbaurae>nent, embalming 
Embaiiiner, va, to embalm ; 

EmhSeuiner, mu^ M 
S'embeeidaer, w. to^ bein^ 

fatwUed with 
Embellir, va, to embelUsh ; 

adorn t"* setoff 
— , Tin. to • grow handsome 
JSmbelKsieraent, sm, embeU 

SVmberlueoqaer, va, to * be 

fondly taken up with a 

thing ; bUnd one's self 
EnibeiogD^, e. a, busy 
£inbI«Ter.vo.*f 9nr with evn 
Emblavare, sf, a piece of 

land sown with corn 
Embi^matique, 2. a. —Heal 
Embleme, sm. an emblem 
Embler,* steal, purloin 
Emboirc, to soak in 
Emboiser, tocoax^gull, decoy 
Entboiseur, se. s. a coaxer 
Emboitenient, snu jointing 


Embdtefr, va, to joint ; * set 

in i * put in a box 
Emboituve, sf, a joint 
Enbonpouitf sm, a goodcate 
Emboraarn-, va. to frame 
Embouchement, sm, mouth- 
Emboocher, va. to bite a 
horse ; to *give one his cue 
S^emboucher. vr. to dis- 
charge {at a river) 
Emboudioir, «i» a boot-tree 
Embouchure, sf, river*s 
mouth; bit; mouthpiece; 
socket {inud 

Emboaer, va, to dirty with 
Embouqaer, va. to enter a 

strait ; to * begin 
Eaibonrb6, ^ a, mired 
Emboarbcr, va,to*put into 

the mire or mud 
S'— , va, *be mired ; to en- 
tangle ; • Hnk ; pester 
Embourter, va, to stuff" 
Embourrute, sf, stuffing 
Emboonement, sm,pocKeting 
Emboaner, va. to pocket up 
EmbraaeiDent, sm, confla- 
gration ; commotion 
Einbraser, va. to* set onjlre; 

S*— , vr. *takefire ; *burn 
Erabraisade, $f. embrace, hug 
Embrassemeuti sni. embrace 
Embrasser, va, to embrace ; 

comprehend ; encompass 
Embrasure, sf, embrasure; 

port-hole; chamfretting 
Embrener, to. to foul; to 

Embrion, sm, embrio 
Embroeatton, sj. -^tton 
Erubrocher, va. to * spit 
Embrooilleinent, snu eonfif 

sion ; intricacy 
Embrouiller, va, to perplex ; 
to intricate 

mbruinC,' e. a, blotted; 
EmbruinS, e. a, foggy 
Embuehe. sf, ttmiwh ;snare* 
Embuscade, ambuscade 
S*erobusquer, vr, * Ue in am- 
Emender, va. to amende 
Ememude, sf. emerald 
Vimetfient, a, emergent 
T.nwriySm, emery 



Em6ri]lon, nwUn [merry 
Emgrilloune, e. sprightly; 
Emerite, s, a, who hat serv- 
ed his time 
Emersion, 4/** emersion 
S^emerveUler, vr. to wonder 
£m6tique, 2. a. emetic 
Emeute, j/. uproar; commo. 

Eiiieutir, vn. to ntutei to dung 
Eraier, vo. to crumble 
S*cnner, vr, to crumble 
Eiuietter, va, to crumble 

bread ^ 

Emif^tion, sf, —-^ion 
Emiin^^, e. a, emigrated 
Emierer, vn. to emigrate; 

* leave one^s country 
Emincer, va, to • cut thinner 
Etninemment, ad, eminently 
Erainenee, sf, eminence ; 

Eminent, e* a, enUnent ; im- 
minent ; high ; Iqfiy 
Emineutitsimef S. a. most 

Emir, sm, emir 
Eraissaire, emissary, spy 
^taiMxan^/xjectim; emission 
Emmaxasiiter, va, to store 
Emmatlloter, to swathe 
Emmancber, to haft: hehe 
Enunaiicbeur, sm, a hajier 
Emroantel6, e* a, covered 

with a cloak 
Emmantel6e (eomeille), sf, 

a water crow 
Emmarin^, e. a. hardened 

in seo-ssrvict 
Emmariner, va. to man a ship 
EmmenaKement,#m« the fur- 
nishing of a house 
S*emm4na£er, vr. to provide 

one'^s sey^vrith furniture 
Emmener. carry away; 

to •lead 
Emmenoter, to handcuff 
Emmielter, to sweeten with 

EmmieUare,ir/'. ointment for 

EminUoufler, muffle up 
Emmortaiaer, to mortoUe 
Emmuselcr, to muxTJe 
Emoi. sm. trouble, atuciety 
EmolBeut, e. a, emollient 
Emolument, sm, emolument 
Emolon)entcr,vn. to gain 


Digitized by v 





Emcnetofat, toi, emunetmy 
Kraooder, va. to prune^ * t^ 
Kinondes,j/l brnncke* UfipeU 
Kmonde, dung tf biras of 

prey [tUn 

'Rsaotitoti,enutian f iniitrrec- 
£motter, va, to break clod* 
^moiicher va^to • rid i£fiif 
Emouefaet, *m, miuketlunvk 
£moucheUe, #/*. a hfirte cloth 

to • AeejO offthej&e* 
£nMN|c|icqrf«m aj^ifdriotr 
Srooudre, va fo * grind 

{krifveir ^c) 
Emouleurt rm. a grinder 
Emoatter. va, to blunt ; dull 
Emouvoir, to rmve ; qjfbct 

extite ; Hir vp. ; Hart 
Kmpailleur, 49. 9, chmr^men- 

Empailler, va. to * put in, or 

Jul loUh Mtraxo 
Empftlement, 4m. empaling 
Empfiler. empale 
Eropan,>m. a fpan 
Eoipaimcher, vru t9 adorn 

Empaqu^ter) to *make in^o «[ 

bundle i to * pack up 
S^cmparer, va, to teixe i in^ 

EmiMuroe, sm, perfume 
Empftteroent, base efvatt 
EmpSLter, va, toVnakcgluUh; 



Emphyt^oae, j/* a Ung k 

EmiAture, if. Joining ttge- 

Empauroer, va. gnup^ whe^ 

Enap^chejoient, *m* kind^ 
ranee; qbt^fKk^i impedi- 

Emp^cJicr, va, to hinder ; 
'prevent ; disturb ; Hop 

3'eiBp6chei', va, to * forbear 

Empeigiie, af, the upper leg' 
ther of a i/vtes a, vamp 

Kmpennelle, a Sttle anchor 

Empenner, va, tofeatfier 

EmiiereMjri sm, an en^pergr 

Empett^^e, otarchihg 

EmpMer, va, to Harch 

Empeieur, ae. «. a Horeher 

Empetter, tio. to infect 

Enp^treiTt to intangle ; en- -^ une ihhibb, c» - sukc « lamn 
gage {ergff l^de haute lu,te,^ fa carry 

Krapbaie, if, emphasis, eti-l one^s point ivith a higl^ 

Kmpliatique^ t. 0.— — '••^'•' t ».--^ 

Emphyt^ole, , . 

tMue, s, he or fka who en- 
joys a long Uase 
Empieter, va, to inermck 
Empiffl^nent, sm, guUUag 
Empiffrer, va-to guUie, crom 
Empifirerie, sf, cramsnit^ 
Empiler, va. topiie vp 
Empire. *m, empire; coon- 

ruand ; sway ; power 
Empirer,t;a. to • majke worse 

, vn, to • grow worst 

EraprTtqae. %, a,-rricai 
Enipimnie, sm, empiricism 
Eraptacenient, ttaU ; seat ; 

ground i place 
EivpULtro, sf, a plainer 
Emplette, a bargmsi f pvr- 

Empltr, va, iofil ; fill op 
Emploi, sm, use made of 

any thing ; emplqument ; 

i{0ce lemptoy 

Employer, va, to we, to 
S^iQ^loyer vr. to apply one'* 

self ; use oneU intctcst 
Emplainer* va, to feather i 

to pen (a spinnet, &e.> 
EiQpoclMir^ to pocket up 
Empojgner, 10 gripe, eroj^p 
Empois, sm, starch dilute 
EtopQifQQoeoient, poisoning 
Eiopoiiionner, va, to poison ; 

to infect; to put an ill 

construction upon 
Empoi«Qaqeur» ae. s. a, p/ti- 

£mpoinev» vtu topitch oeoer 
EmpdiifQiuieinentt 9m, stock- 
ing a pond w\thjpsh 
EmpoUonner- va. to stock a 

pond withJUh {hasty 

Eiopor(e, e.o. s, passionate; 
Emportenieut, sm» passim 
Eraporte pi^ce. n&iptxig tool ; 

home jest 
Emporter, va, to carry a'Skty, 
ejfcel i prevail ; obtain i 

* take ijBf 

• la balance, to prevail; turn 
t/te scale 
^ une place, to * toAe a town 


Empotcr, veutopot ; inclose 

in pots of earth 
Empoorpr^, e. «. bloodg 
EmpreuMic; va. to imprint 
Efl^weintc^ if, imprtsoion ; 



Empresieyco. eageri in haste 
Emprenenmu, sm» eager- 
ness jeame^neso baste 
S*etnprEHer» vr,to* be eager 
Empriaonnenwity mi. in^if 

£mpiiMoner,i>ai to imprison 
Emprunt, sm, borrowmj^ 
Empninter, va. to horrovt 
Empnuiieiir, le. «• borrotser 
Empnantir, va, to cause an 

iU smell 
Enpauntinemeat, sm, stench 
£mpyr6e, o. empyreal 
Emu, e, a, movai ; angrg 
Emulateur sm, a rival 
EmiUation, if emulation 
Emule, sm. rivtd, competitor 
E(BHl|^ot, e. a, emulgent 
EmnlsMQ, sf, emulsion 
l^pr, in, into ; for by ; of; 

Hke—jt vous parte en ami. 

I speak to uou like a friend 
Ea AVMit, ad,fomarfi 
En tant que, as 
En hauu tdtove 
En bai, below ; down 
En suite, afierroards 
Enfin, at length 
En, pro, of hiin^ ff ker^ ff 

them ; of it^ on tt $ for it, 

<tf it, ««!/, ity any^ sosne 
Encadremeatafm. the putting 

in a frame 
^oadrer, va. to * pi^t in a 

Eaeager, to cqge^ to * Iqyby 

the heels 
EncaisseiQent,f«i*^t^>V in 

Encai9i«ry v^to* pa^ up ; 

case [(Iff* 

F*mssai,sm*puhlic. sale^ auc- 
S^encaaailler, vr, to. * hea^ 

low contftany 
S^encapuctKHUienvr.eo cover 

one's head with 4 hood 
Encaqoer, va, to barrel itp 
Encasteiui«, *f, the bein^ 


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to a groove 
£ncaf Iter, vo. to^ i* »et itut 

SneaTenient, sm, lirtvtrlng 

into a ceUar 
Zncaver, vo. to * put in a 

Kncaveur, mu a vnnlf-porter 
Rne«iiidt-e, vtt. to inelote 
Knc«inr, «/*. intloture ; dr- 

eumftrence ; compasf 
KneeiDte. «• wlrh enild 
Eiwenf, *m, inteme ; prtAn 
— de teite. ground pine 
KiieenienieDt, ceruing ; per. 
f timing ipralsc 

KiitHMer, v, to een^ ; to 
Kheenseur, sm ttfmterer 
Kncensoir. a center 
Knchainement, eonnedlon 
Biichtinery va, cfutin ; con- 

Bnehtinttre, ^. chain, links 
EnehanteiA^tt, 91H. enchant- 
ment ; charm ; wonder 
Encbttnter, va» to enchant ; 

charm ; to dei^ht 
Enchanteresse, *f. torcereft ; 

a beauty 
Enehilnteor. vm. a magkian 
Eiiehapcranner. vd. to hood 

a hawk 
Encti&sser, to enchase 
EnchftssUre, t( enchaHng 
Ench^re. auction, ottt&iddtng 
Ench * t\r, va, to otaiid ; ex* 

eel; raUe the pride of 
En6li^rir, ««. to raise in 

pri^e tin price 

Efieh€ristement, tm. rising 
Roeb^rttseiir, outbidder 
Enc^cvfttrer, va. to hdUer 
S'enchey^ti«r, entangle 

on^s self in a dMeuUy 
EJnchtttlnn*, sf, excorfa- 

tionj cfrimnetfjoint 
Encfai(kn6,e. a. whose head 

is repped ttith rheum 
Eocbifrenenienti sm, stop- 
page in the head 
Eiichl('re9ieir,«/r. to stuff ones 

head ot note 
Encjrer, tw. to ioax over 
Enehive, sf, a boundary 
Enclavemcnt, sm. bounding 
KnclftTw, va, to inctote ; 

in ortise 


Endln^e. a,ineUnetf.prone, 

apt.gfveh t^ftn/?«< 

Eiicloitrer, va. to cloister up; 
Encldnf, to inclose 
Entlof) sm, an inelosure 
Enelouer, va, to nail up 
Encloufire, */. pricking a 

horse's fodt; a difficulty 
Etidumc, tm tinvil 
Encocher, va. tv notch 
Entoffrer, *» •toy up in a 

Encu^nuW. sf, corner, angft 
Encolure/Ac chest of a horse; 

looks, mifp 
EncuTiilme, snu ctrmber of a, 

Encombietoeat, incumbering 
Encombrer, va to incumber 
Encontre, sf. tuck, chance 
EticMT/re/. yet; again ; even; 

besides ; still; also; more 
Encore que, c, although; 

Encrttw^, «i «• homed 
Encouragement, sm, --ntent 
Encom:a^er, va, to encourage 
Eiicourir, frt. to incur 
Encnuser, tn daub^ to soil 
S'encra«s»*ir,w. topow natty, 

or rusty 
Encie sj. ink 
Ehcrler, wn. an iTik-horn 
S*enctiinu3er, rr. to • grtlw 

EncUvertient, *m,puttlng in- 
to a tub 
Etieuver, t>a. to * put into a 

tub fdia 

EncycIop^Qe, */ encyclope- 
Eneyclopedique. % a.-^ical 
Endente , e- a. indented 
S'endetter, vr, to • run in 

Eml^v4, p. o. mod 
End^ver. vn, to ♦ tie mad 
Entfiabie, e. a. devili*h; mad; 

aiendimaneher, vr. tot ♦ put 

on Sunday clothes 
Ktidivt, sf endive 
Eiidoctriner, va. to instruct 
Endormeur, sm, a ttfheedter 
Endormir, va, to lull asleep ; 

to coax, benumb 
S*endorniti', vr, ^fatl asleep ; 
I *be sleepy 



J&Kfomtiisemenr, snu drtto- 

iiness ; numbness 
Endosse, sf trouble, toil 
Etidoiiemcnt, sin. endorse- 
ment Ion 
EndoMer. ve, to endorse;*pttt 
Endoiteur, sni. an endorser 
Etidroit, a plate ; a bit ; the 
right side of a itujf; part 
EncTuiris t«. to * do over 
Enduit, sm,plaslering 
Endurant, e. a. patient 
Endurclr, va, to harden; 

Eiidurciifenient, sm, hard-> 
^ncss of heart 
TEUwluriT, va. to endurti 

En ide, sf ar.eid ft poem) • 
Encrgle, energy, farce 
Encrjfiqoe, i. a, energical 
Encrgiqueroeni, ad, —gicalty 
Energnradn^, *, o. demoniac 
Enerver, va, to enervate $ 
Vffaken [ing 

Enraitebientf sm, leatl-ctver' 
Enfauer, va, to cover a house 
Entkflce, j/. infancy; child- 
ISxifstM, »' ehild ; infimt 

— de choeur, singing hoy 

— trouVC, a foundling 

— fl U mniiifclle, sucking 

EniaM «(e ttviiwe,the Fretich 

king's children 
Enhm petAui, forlorn hope 
Enfanteroent, sm, bringing 

forth a child ; delivery 
Enianfer, *tf. fa • bring firth 
En&ntillaKe. .rm. childishness 
Enfantin, e. a, childish 
Enfarine. e, prepossessed ; 

Enfariner. w». to *make nhite 

■nith meal or vrithpovfder 
Enfer, sfn, hell i a chymical 

vessel to calcinate mercury 
EnfVrt '/. pi' the hell of the 

EnFerroer, va, to*shut ; to in- 
close ; to contprtfxnd 
Eiiterrer, *runthrough ' 
S'— , r^ to • hurt one^s sttf 

Enfeu, sm. a burying vault 
EnfiCfeler, vd. tie close ivith 

a string 

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Km|]hyt«^Di«, rf a long leaM 

EmpiieiLT, TFfj. r» ifteroack 

£i:m]^|(fn.T, vn^tw guttle, crmn 
fclmiiitFirerkr, */^ craimnt^g 
Rmpilfr, i'£t it pile up 

mtitifl ; flimy ; povter,y\t^f^va ta" make worse 

-^ vu*t^ * groxo wonte 

Kmphiijue i. a«"rf'ica/ 
EtihjMmiue, ^fHi, rmfiirieutn 
Eiqjjlacejutjit, i^ate ; teat ; 

tLi tt jnilut-s if. a pUmtcr 
EiMpletti:;, a htifgain f pw 

YA\kyi\l^\Vil. ioJUl ; fill up 

fin^ t/iii!g ; trii^Qument ; 

^i«- lemploy 

Eri;L|ili>S^(?r, I'o, to K^y to 
SVmulioyer v r,tQ apply onif'* 

^■''if i liiC vtirU interest 
Emeilunier, tifl* tofyathcfi 

iff/«f;i ffl: fpintiet^ etc) 
£tupiH;ttt.>rH, ^c^ /JVTiJref up 
Einpuii|;iH!r. fo gfipe^gva:^ 

EqipuiKiiuicj.iitait, poisming 
MinpcituniterT vo* t» poison ; 

LLuipuifraQH&iirise. S, <U pifh 

Rtnpnifl^r, va^ to pitch otw 
E 111 [raiiiQLtni: I iienty sm» stock* 

ittg a pi>Tifi \eitJijtsh 
Eiij|iuli(]iU]L'r va* t» stod^ a 

pttitd jpiifijish [hatty 

ElmpurUj «n.ri. i^ passionote I 
blm\Kiv\jmiivnu am* passim 
EmjHjTic ii^ii^cL^ n^p^^ tool f 

Einportjfr, t'a* to carry a^fayi 

e^ai ; firtvaif ; obtain i 

* take w 

Ll baljtu ctr^ ta prevail; turn 

■^ iinc^ l>la£e^ f * foAe o timm 
— Ce liButiC: line, to carru 
iiw's fmi-'it Tvlth a kig(t 
Kfnpbatiqu^ 3, fl.*^-f/itf»' I fmmi 

EmoQCtdre, nji. emumtsry 
Kraonder, va. tn pruue^ * iufi 
Kmondesjf/*. brqndte^ i/^Ppfv 
Emonde, dunjf of ifirtl^ e/j 

pre^ [fitfji 

'E.taot\on,em^ioji f ituun-ev- 
Emotttrr, va, t» iirenk clitdr 
Emoiicher. vaJo * riti^lfiifs 
Emouchet, sm. iTifijkrt hatrk 
Emouchelte, j/* a htr^e ctoth 

to* heepoj^ iheJHti 
£moqc)icur,«T;^ a ft^ driver 
Eraoudre, vcl t^ • grmti 

(knives, ^i-.} 
Emouleur* ^jj'4 n jfi-fjiefcr 
Emouiser. va. lo Uhtut ; tlt^U 
£mou\'Yiir, to move ; t^ffhct ; 

Empaiileur, ic* s. dmr-ifven 

Empailler, va. to • /m^ iR, or 

Jill with stmv; 
EmpiUenienU ^ttr tfiipftVing 
Empaler. va. ro empale 
Einimn,>m. a ^pan 
Empaimcher, vn* ts miom 

Empaqu^ter, fa ^make i/jffl i 

bundle ; to* pttcfc up 
S-emparer, va, tu jtia: ; hi 

Empftiine, «m< pcr/ttmff 
Kmpftternentt 6a^e j/' vnll 
EropSLter, va, ttf^maseghds/i, 

to jmn together 
EmpAture, sj\ jeining fsflr- 

ther \tlte 

Eitipauraer, vn. gt^tp^ k'"'"^ 
Enap^cheotent, *"(- fiifi*^* 

ranee; obstacle; i^ipcdi- 

' ment 

Emp^chcr, m, t& hinder j 

'prevent ; tf-^^Hr*; ^fop 

3'emp£cher, t;a. to ' Jontear 

Empeigne, sj. the upper itw 

tner <^a shor ; a ^lain^fi 
Empennelle, iitflt asifMr 
SSmpenner, vhm fofaiihtr 
£n4)ereMjr, sni. att f^mpersr 
Empenge, sttircldng 
Eio pw er » v«. fa Hatch 
Kmpeteur, ie<^ s. a ftarcher 
Erapettec, vo. i:b infect 
Emp^tter, to Ituaif^iie ; en* 

Eraphaae, {/. emphwtis^ at- 

S^empqcber, «. f • *Jlu »«<• « 

Empoter, va, to tot ; inclose 

in pots of earth 
Empourpre, e. «. bloody 
Empreiodre, to. to imprint 
Empreinte, ffi impresswi s 

Enipren6,e.a. eager; in haste 
EmpreMem*»»t, sm, ectger- 

ness, earnestness haste 
S'einpresaer, vr,to* be eager 
EmpriaoniieiQeaCy sm, impri- 
EiupriMmner, vc to imprison 
EmpruQt, *m, borrowing 
Emprunter, va. to borrovf 
Einprunteor, le. s, borroKer 
Empuantir, va. to cause an 

iU smell 
Enpauntitsement. sm. stench 
Empjrr^e, a, empyreal 
Emu, e. 0. moved ; angry 
Emulateur sm, a riveU 
Emuiation, *f emulation 
Eniule, sm, rival, competitor 
EniHl«^ot, e, a, emulgent 
EmulsioQ, sf, emulsion 
El^ Ar, in, into;Jor by ; of; 

/j«e— je vouft parte eo ami. 

/ speak to you like a friend 
En avMM, aiLfomwrd 
En tant que, at 
En hauu awroe 
En bai, heloivo ; down 
En suite, afterwards 
Enfin, at length 
En, pro, of hin^ of ker^ ^ 

them ; of ft, on its for it, 

at it, to u, it, any, some 
Encadremeavi^ the putting 

in a frame 
Encadrer, twr. to * pi^t in a 

Eneager, to cqge^ to * Iqy by 

the heels 
EncaisseiQeQt5f»*^qft|»Xr in 

Encaiuer, va»to* pa^ up ; 

case Ittmi 

F'ttean^snupuhlic sale, auc- 
ii'encaaailler, vr, to * keep 

low cony>any 
S*eiicapuchooDer,vr. to confer 

one's head with a hood 
Encaquer, va, to barrel up 
Encascelui«, sf. the beit.p, 


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£fteaitri!Aelit, ^m. tcttifig i»> 

Encastrer, va. to Jit ,* • set itut 

Sncavenient, «m. loietring 

into tt celiar 
Bncaver, va, tb * put in a 

Kncaveur, *m. a xnnt^arttr 
Bh<^itidi«,va. to inclose 
Kn<*«int; i^, inctoiure } cit' 

cumference ; compost 
Kncinnte, «. with child 
£m*ens, »m, incense ; prtdn 
— - de tett^ ground pine 
Kiieexisenient, censing ; per- 
fuming [prcUse 
£ndnrMer, v, to cense ; to 
fihcenaeur, sm. tfmterer 
Knoensoir. a censer 
BtichaiiteTnent, connection 
Enchaxiier, va. chtiin / con> 

Eitehainare, itf. chain, links 
Knchsntemetit, srti. enchant- 
ment ; charm ; loonrfer 
Enchanter, rer. to enchant ; 

chitrm ; to delight 
EiMshanteresse, «/; sorceress ; 

a beauty 
Eiichiinteor. fm. a fnagkian 
Enchapcronner, vtf. f0 AooJ 

KnchRsser, to enchase 
Ench&ssiire, sf enchasing 
Knchin. auction, outhid^ng 
l&ncMtir, va, to outbid i ex- 

eel; raise the price of 
Endi^tir, t>n, to raise in 
prire [in price 

Eneh6risfiement, im. rising 
Embeiltseiir. outbidder 
Efichcvfitrer, ta, to halter 
S'cnchey^ti«r, vrJo entangle 

oneUselfin adiMcvlty 
Emchet^tmre, sf, excoria- 
tion ; clrimneyjoint 
Enchilten6, e. a. whose head 

is sopped teith rheum 
Encbinvnenient, sm, stop- 
page in the head 
Eitchil're»eir,t><r. to stujff'ond's 

head ot nose 
Encirer, vet, to ivax over 
Enehive, */ n boundary 
Enclavemcnt, sm. bounding 
Eoctarer, tra. to inclose t 
m ortise 

EBc!tn> e. tt. incUned.pftne, 

apt.gfoen C^6/>/l»w 

Eiicloitrer, va. to cloister up ; 
£nel<>n^, to (hclose 
Entlot, sm. an inclosure 
Enelouer. va. to nail up 
Encloufire, sf. pricking a 

horse's foit; a difficulty 
Endume, an ttnvil 
Encocher, va. to notch 
En^crffrcr, to * lay up In a 

£ncug:nnr^. sf. corner, angle 
Encolure^A^ chest of a horse; 

looks, mifti 
EncoTubrej sm* cumber of a 

Enconibretnent, incumbering 
Encombrer, va to incumber 
Encontre, sf. luck, chance 
lE,incwto,ad. yet; again ; even; 

besides ; still ; also : more 
Encore que, e, although; 

Encomf, c e. homed 
Encouragement, sm. —nteni 
Eiicotnager, va. to encourage 
£iicuunr,vn. fo incur daub, to soil 
S'encrasjK'r,^. togrottf naxfy, 

or rusty 
Encie sj. ink 
Encrler, Jtn. an ink-horn 
S*encuira>ser, vr. to • gntw 

rus y 
Encuvefttenl, tm.putting in- 
to a tub 
Etteuver, tm. to * put into a 

tub rdia 

£ncycloT>^die, */ encyelope- 
£neyclop(diqae, 3. a. —tical 
Endente , e- a. indented 
S'endetter, vr, to • run in 

Emlt-v^, r. 0. mad 
End6 ver. vn. to * Ite mad 
EndiaUlc, e. a. deviUth; mad; 

3ieiiUiman<her, vr. to • put 

on Sunday clothes 
KoAive, sf endive 
Eiidoctriner, va. to instruct 
Endormeur, sm, a tbheetller 
Endormir, va, to lull asleep ; 

to coaxt benumb 
S^emiorroir, vr. ^fall asletp ; 
\ *be sleepy 



Ifindorntiisement, sm. drtiv- 

iineSs t nun^ntss 
Endosse, sf. trouble, toil 
Etidouementf tin. endorse- 
ment [on 
£ndos«er. va. io endorse f put 
Endosseur, svA. an endorser 
Etidroit, a plate ; a Ut ; the 
right side of a ituff; part 
EnJiiirts*do over 
Enduit, sm, plastering 
Eixlurant, e. a. patient ' 
Endiirclr, va, to harden ; 

Eudurcissenicnt, sm, hto'd. 
^ness of heart 
"Ewltirer, xmi. to endure i 

En ide, sf. ceiseid (u poem) - 
Energie, energy, farce 
Eneij^qoe. 4. a, energical 
Energiqucineni, ad, —gically 
Energnmdn^, s, a* demoniac 
Enerver, va, to enervate; 
weaken (ing 

Enraitetnent, sm, lead-cwer- 
Enfaixer, va, to cover a house 
EnfUnee, sf. infancy ; child- 
EnfaAt, *. ehild f inftmt 

— de chqeur, singing boy 

— trouyt?, a foundling 

— ft U tnanjelle, o sucking 
child ^ 

Eqian* de tnnce,the French 

kitig*s children 
EfttilM perdu*, jf&r/om hope 
Enlantement, sm, bringing 

forth a child ; delivery 
Enfanfer, * bring firth 
En&ntillage.«m. childishness 
Enfkntb, e. a, childish 
Entarine. e, prepossessed f 

Enfariner, wi. to *make tohite 

rtith meal or with powder 
Enfer, sm. Ml ; a chymical 

vessel to calcinate mercury 
Enftri* */• P^' *^ hell of the 

EnPermeri va, to*shut $ to in* 

cldse ; to comprehend 
Euferrer, *run through ' 
S'— , vi*. to • hun one^s self 

Enfeu, sin. a burying vauU 
Enficfeler, rrf. tie Close ioiih 

a string 

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finfikule, sf, a range «/* 

ehamoert, a long intiftw 

£nfiler.T>o.<o thread }*stringf 

*go through ; Van through 
Ennu, ad, tn fine ; at last 
Bnflaramer, va. to inflame; 

*aet in a flames *catchfire 
£nflr:chaic«, */. pi, raltUnga 
Enfler, v. <• * swell, ^pxiffup 
Eniiure, if, nvellingf pride 
— d« ftiile« bombatt 
EnfoncemcDt, sm, bottom; 

hole; breaking open ; sink- 

£nfonc€, c> a. immersed; 

Enfoncer, va, to* breafc i^f n; 

to 'thrust ins to *sink; rout 
S*enfoiKer, vr. to plunge 

one's self wholly into ; to 

* sink 
EnfoiHXur, sm, one that 

breaks open 
EDfon9ure, sf, boorded bo'- 

torn of a bedstead; a hoi- 

Enforeir, va. to strengthen ; 

to gather strength 
Enfouir, to *hide in the 

Eniburcher) to bestride 
Enfourner, to*put in the oven 
Enfteindre, to infringe' 
Ent'rante, */; infraction 
S*entroquer|Vr. to turn monk 
S^enfuir, * run away ; leak 

Bnrumer, va. to besmoak 
Enagctnt, e. p. engaging; 

EnfilUReftutes, sj,pi, w<anen''s 

long ruffles 
Engafpement, sm, m ent ; 

mortgage; inlisting 
£D|(ftf;;er, va, to induce ; in- 

list ; mortgage ; engage ; 


oT^s sdft • run in debt ; 

EnBuctetet sm, a mortgagee 

of the king^s demesnes 
Ei^^ainer, va, to sheathe 
Engeance, sf. breed ; spawn 
Engelurei chilblain 
EngexKlrcr,va. to engender; 

tktadtirfi'i * beget 

produce ; ' 


Enger. to encumber ; pester 
Eneeroer, * bind up into 

EngiD, sm. an engine ; tool 
Engloberyvo. to unite ; *mix 
Engloutir, to sicallow up ; 
squander away Uime 

Engluer, to daub with bird- 
Engoncer, to cramp; con- 
fine ; straiten 
EDgorgement, sm, being 

chonked up 
Engoi^er, va, to choak up ; 

EngouemcDt, sm, cheaking ; 

infatuation ; fvndness 
SVngouer, vr. to choak one^s 

sey; to* be infatuattd 
S'ei^gouffrer, to* be ingulphed 
Engouler* vc. to gobble up 
Engourdir, to benumb; to 

Engourdissement, snu. numb- 
ness ; stiffness 
Eagrai9, pasture ; manure; 

Eiignisier, va, to fatfen, 

manure^ cram, marl 
Engranger, to inn, * get in 
Engnvw, to * run aground 
Eugr^iure, sfpurl; edging ; 

JSakBt&mKtfSnuthe tRspesUion 
of several wheels ' which 
* catch <me another 
Engrm^Ft vn, to *catch 
— , vd. *piit the com in the 
mill^hopper, "feed with 
Engrou6e, a-f- g^ wiYA child 
Engrosier, va. *get with child 
SVngnimeler, vr, to cloti, to 

Enhardir, va, to embolden. 

S*cnhardir, vr, to *grow bold 
Enhamachement, sm, bar- 
' nessing ; strappings 
Enharnacher* va, to harness 
En haut, ad, above; up stairs 
£nhaz€,e. g, busy to no pur- 
Enbuiler, tw. to oil 
Enivre, ^ a. ilrunk ; infa- 
tuated ; conceited 
Enivreroent, sm, fuddling; 
infatuation \_iUtoxicate 
EDivrei\ vn, to*make drunk ; 


S'enivrer vr, to get drunk ; 

to intoxicate one*s self 
Ei\}amb6«, {^. a stride 
Enjambement, sm, running 

of a verse 
Enjamber, v. to *stride ;pro- 

ject ; incroach 
Enjjawler, va. to *bind into 

Enjeu. sm, a stake (atplayl 
Enignnatique, S. a. entfniO' 

tical ^Uy 

Eniginatiquement* ad. — fj- 
Enigroe, if. enigma ; riddle 
Enjoindre, va, to enjoin; 

Enjdler, to wheedle ; cajole 
Enkileur, le. #. a wheeaier 
Enjotivement, sm, embellish- 
ment itff- 
Eiijoliver, vo. embellish ; •«f 
EnjoKveur, sm. setter ^ 
Eniou€, e. a, chearfvl^gay 
Enjouement, sm, cheatfui- 

ness, sprightUness, gaiety 
Eniouer, ya. to *make merry 
Enlaceincnt, in^qngUn'g 
Enlacer, va* to intangle; 

*string [/o *grow ugly 
Enlaidir, v. to * make ugly ; 
Enlaidiuemeaty^m, thegrmo. 

ingugly La rape 

Enlevement, a carrying off; 
£nlevei\ va, to lift up; car- 
ry off ; charm ; engross ; 

*take off t pimple 

Enlerure, sfpustule, blister^ 
Enluminer* va» to galour 
Enlumineur, sm, a mtip or 

Enlumineur, sf, cohuring 

maps ur pnnts [foe ; fiend 
Ennemij e. s, an enemy; 
->, e. a, unfriendly, hostile 
Rnnoblir, va, to ennoble 
Eonai, sm, tediousness ; vex- 

ation ; lassitude; heeiviness 
Ennu^-er. va. to loeary ; tire 
S — , vr. *be wcary^ or tired; 

to 'be tow spirted 
Ennny«useineiit,ac/. tediouHy 
Ennayeux, se« a,' s» iceari' 

some ; tiresome ; tedious 
£noii^6 (qn nmple. ud ftiux), 

an assertion withoitt proof , 

a false declartaion 
Enoncer, va. to express ; dc 

dare ' 

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S'6iMMieer, vr. to e:efiret9 

0ne*9 •elf 
Booneiatii, Te. a. eapretfive 
£iMinei«tion, sf, exprettUm ; 

£Doi^«llir, -DO. to ^ fn«^« 

proud; puff up 
»**-» w. to • groT» promt 
£norine, S. a. cnorm«««. 

huge ■ ImnUily 

"Rnotvsk^mentf ad. unmea- 
BnormivS, tf^^ndtyt helnmu- 

ne*9 s hugeneit ;-va»tneo» 
Sriqa^raiit, e« a, in^uiiittoe 
SVnqujShr, vr. to inquire 
"Rnqu^X^^sf, inquiry ; Mureh 
S'eiiqndcer, vr, to inquire 
Enqii&tear, mu an inMtioUor 
S'enrmeiner. vr, to • take root^ 
"to * pram invetrrate 
Snnfpe, e. a, mad ; eutra 

J^nrageajat, e, a^provofdng 
Enraijement, m.- being mad 
Sntagcr, vn.$o*ife mad^^en^ 

EnraTer, va. to * -put the 

fpikeo to awheel ; totrig a 

Tvheel ; to * make the first 

/ttrrmo } to beein 
Eurayare. sf, the first fur- 
row ; a trigger ' 
Enr^gimenter, vtu to^ enrol 
Etu^gistremenu tmiWguier* 

ing, recording * . 

Eoregistrer, va, to register ; 

ta record 
Enrhuraer, to cmtsr.a eokt 
S**eoteh cold 
Enrichir, va. to enriph : 
S'entichir, rr. to *grow rich 
Enri^iMeinent. em, enrkf*- 

ing i embellithment . 
Enrdlemant, lUting,enrol'ing 
EnrOter. va, to list. enrol- 
Enroaement, #m. hoarseness 
Enrnaer, va, to *make •hoarse 
S^enrouN', vr . tofgrov^oarse 
£nrauilkfr,t^. to*rnake rusty 
S*— , vr, to * grow rusty 
Enroulement, sm, rolling 
Enrouler.TMi. to roll; -wrapvp 
Emabler, to • run aground 
EnMiblement, sm, heap, of 

sand ; sands 
Enaaeher, va. tofput in a bag 
Eniusinenient, sm, seizin 
EQttistner, va, to invest 


Simnitlaiiter,*t}i4iA« bioodg $ 

Eitttiime, sf sign; token; 

mark ; colours ; clutter of 

diamonds [the army) 

Saieigne, sm, an ensign (in 
Enteigiietnent, inttruction 
Emeigner, va, to * teach ■ 
Ensell^, e. a, saddle-backed 
Emembte, ad. together 
Ensemble, sm. ttte tohofe 
Ensemeno^nent, sowing (of 

Ensemeacer, vatto^s^ 
Eoserrer, to*shut up ; contain 
Eiuevciir, <• 6ttry ; to inter 
Enwrelisaeineut «m. burying 
Enioreellemeat, bewkcMngf 

Entorceler, va, to bemteh 
Enaoreeleur, sm. htwitoher 
EnMiUffrer, va. to* dip 

brimstone {then 

Ensuite, ad, afterjvards ; 
Ensaite de cela, after 'that 
Ensuivaiit, foUoinng next 
S^eniuivre, vr, to-foUow^ 

ensue ^ure 

Entablement, sm, entabla- 
!Entacher, va, to tatnt^infiuf 
Emaille, entailline, sft fiotch; 

Enuiller, va, to notch, toiag 
EntaiDfer, to * make the first 
I art, • brgin, enter «y»an, 

Entam^ (homme), a suspici- 
ous character . 
Entamure, sf cut, first cut 
Enttut que, ad, as, because- 
EntBMement. sm. a heap 
Entasaer.vo. heap up 
JEnte, sf. a grafi, grafted 

Enteinent, sm, grafting 
Entenrieiaent, understand- 

ing^ judgment 
Enteitdeur, understander 
Entendre, va. to hear., * tin* 

derstand^ * mean 
S'entendre,t»r. to*be skilfuk; 
have secret intelligence; 
play booty ; juggle 
Entendre malief, to * take 
something in a bad mean- 

' finesse, to *find out seme 
•wit in a thing 



Entendu, e. a. knowing ; 

well performed, skHfi»l 
Entente, sf. meaning, skill 
Enter, va, to grqfi, ingraft 
Entfinner, to grantf confirm 
Entfirinement, sm, a grant 
Enterrement, burial^ fune* 

Enterrer, va. to bmryu inter 
Entdt^, e. a, infatuated. 

— . sm, obstinate man 
Em^t6e, sf, obstinate wtmayi 
Ent^tement, sm. infatuation 
Ent^ter, va. to afftet the 

bead, cause the head nehe, 

to prepossess^puff up 
S*— , vr. to •be ceneeUedg 

• be prepossessed^ * be fond 
Enthudatme, sm. ewhusi-. 

asm [port 

Enthouiiasroer, va, to trans' 
^nthoosiastei sm. enthusiast- 
Enthym£me, — mrwi 
Enticher, va. to taint,to mar 
Entier, e. a. entirci whote^ 

complete^ Astinate 
Enti^rement, ad. entirely, 

Entit6, */. entity 
Entoiler, va. to *put Hntn to 
Entonneraeut, sm, the put' 

ting in a catk 
Entoiiner, va. to barrel up, 

to * blow ; chaunt ■ 
Entonnoir. sm. afunnd 
Bmorse, sf sprain 
Entortilltiment, sm. twisting, 

Entortiller, va, to • wind, to 

twist, to perplex, entangle 
Entonrs, sm, adjacent part* 
Eutonrrer, va. to sun^nmd 
Entournurc sf. ctiff, slepe 
Entr'acte, sm. an tnterlude 
S'eiitr*acc«ser, vr, lo accuse 

one another 
S'entr'ftider, to *help one 

Entraillei, sf. pi. enlraUt, 

bowels, tenderness 
S*entr*aimer, vr. to love one 

Entrainer, va, to drag^ to 

hurry away 
S'entr'appeHer, vr, to call 

one another . 
KntTVivcT, va, to shacMe 

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Eatnlintt» vo. <• HUeriace^ 

Eattt^^god^if. interlintatmn 
EjMMlue, V* to *read cm*' 

S^ntrehmef, w. e» praim 

SVotremanger, vr. ro * M& 

Elntreiafeler, va» t4 inters 

S^tiem^ler, vr. t§ * miv to- 

EntreneCs, «in« a by duh f «6' 

Enuemectant, e. «r. tnetldUng 
Entremeueur, tie, 9* a go^tf 

S*4!ntrVi^'ertir, vr, to * give 

^me anathtr tmUe 
EntniTei, {^. pL ^Hackktjet' 

itrt, clog {in 

Entre, pr, between^ tmwngf 
£at«e^eax, between 
— «hi«n <le loap, tovmrde 

evening Itpen 

Entns-Milkr, vn* f gape^ 
S*eatjt^m$ex, vr. te kite me 

S*eDtMtattre, to * beat one «► 

nether [etber 

S*eBtreble«ier, to wound each 
Eiitrecfaat, em, croes-caper 
SVatnehoqiier, vr. to *Aft 

Scdmt one another ; 
S^«otre-ooiMQiiniq«er, vf. to 

impart to one another 
Sntrecouper, va, to traveree, 

intertpciee^ interrupt 
S^trail^aure, vr» to defeat 

one another 
S^eBtned^tniire^ to deetroy 

each other 
Kntre-deux, em. middle 

S^entredire, vr, to • say some- 
.^"gto one another 
S VBUediuiqeiv ^f* * groe^oeh 

Entree, sf, entry ^ admieeien, 

entranc6'money ; fir at 

course ; duty ; importa- 
tion t hint 
SVntref&cher* to quarrel to- 
£ntref8ltes->sur on entre' 

CttteSf in the mean time 
S^ntvefbvetter, vr. to * whip 

ene another 
S'eRiRrfhipiier, to*ttrike each 

SVnbregOKger, vr. to * cut 

one another^* threat 
S*entttfirffniier, tcold or 

chide one another 
9^«Btralieuner, Ar * knock one 

against another 
BimvlMs, em, pi. knot within 

— d'ttmo«r, hve4tnet 
Entrclarder, va,to interlard, 

EDtretasseiaent. em, interlac' 
ingf fwietf muetwe 

tnx ipeee 

S*e]iu«fme Tie, vr. to inter' 
Entveraiie, ef, interposition 
S'cntr*enip^her, vr. t^clmsh 
S'mtreinonire, *6tfir one tfn- 

S'entieiiilire, * hurt each 

Entt'ouir. v. to *hear by the 

by, to • overhear 
S*em»p|iarler« vr. to ttdk to- 
Bmrepai^ em, a broken anMe 
S'entrep^teer, vr. to *run 

ene tmetherthrotfgh 
S'entvepMder, tp sm one 

Entrepot, stn, astt^le^ nia- 

S^entrepoutfer, vr. to * push 

one another 
EiKivprenam, e. a. bold, 

suv/dng^ venturesome 
Entreprcmite, v<r. 69 * under- 

Entreprenear, sm, undertO' 

Entreptis^. impotent, cripple 
EnU'eprise, */. enter 

undertaking, incrooci 
S^entreqoefdfter, Vk . to 

rel together 
Entrer, vn. to enter, *■ go in, 

• come in, express, foil) 

side wif*» embrace, * bfgin 
— en ftge, to* be of age 
S'eii«rei«gftnler, vr. to stare 

at one another, 
S*eiitre^pon4Te, /• answer 
ne another 

S^cmnMtleur, to MrlMte one 

another £ether 

VentK^feenmaAT^ to, help each 
EoocmL enh a little room 

between tioofioore 
VUtteevaknat vr, to follow 

each other 
Eutifrtailhne, ^f. et emt^n 

the kg {time 

EniKtemt, sm. intermtdiale 
Entietenir, va, *hald. togc 

ther, *keep, convene, prt' 

-oerve^ maintain^ *keep t^ 
EfittntieD» sn* nudntenmnee, 

keeping, in repair^ die- 

Entre^otie, «»• eut-wark 
£ntte-td»6, t/^o craetquar- 

terqf timber 
S*entre4oiiefaery vr* to *be 

caatignout [lAer 

'entre-toer, to kill one erne- 
EntM^oiiv *Aave a glimpse 

«/t *httoe a ear^fereesBe 
S*cn6rev«iff4 vr. to -oioit eaiA 


RtrtToe, sf» interviem 
^'entr'aUKler, vr. to libUge 

Entr*oavrir* ifa, open. half 
— une porter t» "^i* a *«• 

S^eMir'mvrhr, vr. to open, 

to gap e ^ 

J^vahir, va. to invMe, usafp 
EnHbiuemcatk smi iemasioB 
Emrekmpr, ^. ucever 
EnveloBikemeBt. «m« vrafi- 

Emelopper^ va, u *wre^vp, 
hem iMf carer, surroudi, 
S'— , vr. to muffle one'*s ettfup 
Enveniroer. vs. to e nv em tm , 
exasperate.frster, irritate 
E n f wfcuei ', to *bend tfta sails 
Eiivcrgfire, ef, bend^g of 
saiUj their breaith, length, 
&c the extern between ihe 
tree extremities of the 
wings of a bird 
Env«rt,j&r. tomarde,t9 
Enven. sm. tlte wrong side 
"BiBsox ; k VeiWi, -witk emula- 
tion ; '•ylng with fjw ano- 

,y Google. 


finvie, ^f. ensoy d|wlw,.jftiH 

the tntther'a unging 
BnYie de vomir, a giMim 
£nvietlU,e. c invetcrme 
£nvi(ur, vo. ro envut to with 

/Wf to vi9 
Knvies, {/*. pL ffm dh^ut 

the natUfaftmiti 
Envieux, ae. «. «• envioue ; 

jealou* Ivbrnt 

EnvHCou, pr, ^bQUti f^ere- 
£nvivons, em, pi, oiijqeent 

pqrte i eintiren* 
£nvironner. va. envlren t 

Barisager, to eye^ viem, eitn- 

eider \^fU 

£oan»«nitioQ, ef. "^tien^ ao 
£num£rer« txi. <» enumerate 
£avoi» #»»» 4«fU«Hg i envoy 
S^envoilor. vr. <a * Uud 
Envoitine, et a* 10^0 * hw 

Snvofer, Tin. to *fy away 
S'envolers vr* to wing ft 


Itavoyer, w«. to*een4, to emU 
— qucrir, to • eenUfor 
^ en l>itttt« mondof f • A;w 
£o)ypile, «m. eoHfiUe 

£paf[:neul, «m. a Jj^tmicJ ; a 

£p«flp««I«i if, t^ankl Hnch 
£pailler, vfii to chm goid or 

£pai V 4f»« (Mekneee, thiek 
^MmMft if* thifiknete 
ILpiMfHr, tMk to thicken 
Ep> iMM t croB B t . em* tMtkon' 

Kpuaywr* v«b to unkave 


J^gemehoi vtu tppwr eut ; 

S'— , vr, to merfiow^ trtui 
Epabdie, v«» ecatter ;.* aAl. 
a%|Miie«ir, wuto* blom g to 

bloom i cheat up 
£MjM«ineiiiMit««ntk lAemng 

offiemere^ ehearfulfitee 

ftr, mirtA 

EjMirpMilt, «. a. Mviftf ,A8^ 



BpAipw, 4f. eavingtueefpar- 
MviagoeKt vn* <» #^aiv ; to 
eave [ing 

EfMnnlhment, «ra. a eeotter- 
ElMurpiller, vo. r« eeatler 
Spwt. e* a. eemtteredf Uoee 
Epurin, iin. ji^otM 
Sptt6, a. <Tene> a jt'o" 

~ Cues), hroadJUd noee 

to •break tit 

f^ ofaglaee 
Epftve, ft. a./. «er^etf 
Epauterd, em.iatgeoeo:flsh, 

like the *MphiH 
'ExgnvAe^ef.eheeMer^ flank 
E|iMil£e, a etriving vrith the 

Epauleinciit, em. ehotdder* 

h^Hrieee; demUbaetion 
Epanler. va, *eUp one** eheed- 

der ; *prop ; back; cover 
Kfankstte, ef, ehmddet'piece 
Elieftotve, em. epett (ft kind 

of com) 
Kp^, tf, a emtrd 
Speler, va. to * epell 
^petdut A tu extremely die' 

ordered^ dismayed 
Eperdaaient, ad, deoperately 
jEpeiten, em, a smelt 
Eperon, spur; *hip*e beak- 

bead; buttreee f etarUnge 
Eperano^, e. a. ipurred 
Eperanncr, va. to epw 
Bperonnier* em, oepurrier 
Eperaom^wot */» spur4eather 
]^»«rritr, em, eparrowhawk; 

Ephftbe, a yevth juet ceme 

to the age of puberty 
Ephilide, sf. large freeUe 
£ph6indre, 3. a, ephemeral . 

existing only a einfle day 
EpMm^ndes,«/'.^t ephemt. 

Bphoiey sm, ephorus 
Bpi,an ear of corn 
£]ri»le, a f eoatmual 

"-• ' epiee 

pounded gin- 
Epioes, */. pi. ftee^ druge 
Epicene, 0. sm, epicene 

Epioene^ sf, eptcee ; grocery 

Epiticr, e. *, a grocer 
Epiotttien, ne. a, epicurean 
EpicuiicD, em, an tpicwe 
Epicycle, an tpleude 
Epidenue, sj. epsdemu 
Epid^miqiie, X. a. epidemical 
Epidenae, em» epidermic 
£pi«r. va. to «sr, toehcet 
— -, va. tpwateh^ to spy 
Epierrer, tc clear ofeionee 
Epien, em, t^car javtHn 
Epifi^ramnntiqne, iL «b-€ioaf 
EpignunmMMey em. — «iif 
Epigramme, sf, an epigram 
^pmr^fjeptgraph. motta 
^^Wpo^ failing eickneecf 

Epilepttque, X a. epU^tie 
Epileptiqne, s, one troubled 

with the tptkpey 
Epilopier, v. carp at, een: 


Epinatfdf, ef. pL eptmnage 
Epine sf. a thorn ; prickie j 

rub f intrieaciee ; craseea 
Epine blanche, hawthor n 
Epine noire, black thorn 
Epinc'Tinette, barberry 
fipiM do dot, bacMottcs 

Epkiette, a spinnet ; vh^nai 
Epinenx, ae. a. thorny f dtf- 

Epingies, a pair of glaeee 

£piii{B:liet, e.s.a pinnmkei ' f 

or seller 
Spinieri, sm, pi. a thorny 

EpipbMii& ef, epiphany^ 

Epiqoe, 3. a, epic^ heroic 
Epiaeopal, e. a. tpiscopal 
£piBOopet» sm, tpisctpaey 
Bpiicopettx, p aliane, 

E^iifeopiaer, vfi* f0 * make <■» 

terestfor retttr^ a bishop- 
ric ; to cringe 
Episomi Ml. an ^ieede 

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Eprif, e.a. 9miuen, token 
EprouTer, va. to try, f prtvc 
EpruuTettei *f. a fi'obe 
Epti^loDe, 4m. heptagon 
Epucer, va. to ^feo 
EpuasableyS. a, that may be 

Epuisemenc, #m. feuntnee* ; 

£puiier,va. to drain ; waiter 

exhauH ; *wear out 
Epurer, va. to n^ne ; purge; 

Eqiuurrir, va, to square 
EquarrisMge, em, eguareneee 
Equarrisseineat, equaring 
Eouai-rissoir, nutrwnent to 

'make equare holes 
Equateur, sm, equator 
Equation, sf equtaion 
Equerre, equierre, 

Equeatre, 2. a, equestrian 
Equiangle, S. a, equiangukir 
Equidistaut) e. a. equidtstata 
Equilateral, e. a. -'teral 
Equilibre, sm, eqtMbrhan 
Equinoctial, e. a, -Hial 
Equinoxe, sm. equinox 
— du Printems, ^ yemat equi- 
-de l*Aatomne» Autttmnal 
equinox [crew 

Equipage, equipt^i ship*s 

Epiiodique, S. a. episotBcal 
Epnser, va, to splice 
Epifsure, sf, a ipHce 
Epistolaire, %, a, epistolary 
Spitaplie, sf. on epitaph 
Epitase, tpuasis 
Epithalame, sm, —lamium, 

a wedding song otpoem 
Epithftte, sf, an epUhet 
Epithyme, sm, dodder (herb) 
Epitope, sf, a Roman great 

£mtome, sm, epitome; a- 

Epttre, sf, an epistle 
£plor6, e. a, all in tears 
£nloy6, e. a, .dispiayed (in 

Epluehenient, sm, picking 
Eplucher, va, to • pick ; to 

sift; * lop off; * cut off 
Eplucheur, oe. a picker 
Eplachoir, sm, a basket-ma^ 

ker^s knife 
Eplachures, sf, pi, pickings 
Epode, sf. an ^ode 
£ pointer, va. to blunt 
£poit« sm* trochings ff deer 
Eponge, sf. a spunge 
Eponger, va. to wash with a 
' epunge 

Epop€e» sf, epic poem 
Epoque, ^ocA, aira 
Epoudrer, va, to dust ; *beat 

the duH off 
S^dp4raffrer,vr. to*sUal away 
Epouiller, va. to louse 
S'epoumonner, vr, to tire 

the lungs 
Epousailles, a wedt&ng 
Epouae, sf. a spouse ; consort 
Epoos^e, a brtde 
Epouter, V. to marry;espouse 
£potttieier» to dust ; brush ; 

EpouAiettes, sf, pi, a brush 
Epouvantable, 2. «r. dreadful 
Epouvantablemenc, ad, ter- 

Epouvantail, sm. a bug-bear 
Epouvante, sf.fright,terror to frighten 
Epoux, sm, spousCf bride* 


£i«di«ttir, Tt. a, — *h« 
Ertdets va, graze on^srratcft 
Eraflufe, */. flight hurt; 

Etailter, va, to fray 
•-ceii «rain6, blovd^hH eye 
Eraillure, sf, fraying 
£nic6, e. a brisk ; Intety 
Ei>ter, va. to •cut the spleen 
Ere,jr/<i " 

£pr«iiidre, va, to squeeze out 
£preinte, sf, a tenesmus 
S'eprendre. vr, to*besmitten 
EpreUfCy */• trial ; proof I 

Equips, sf, fooksh design; 


iqidpement, snu equipment; 

Jktsng out [fit out 

Equiper, va, equips accoutre; 
EquipoUence,{/: equal value 
Equipollent, e. a. equtoalem 
EquipoUer, va, to *be equi- 

vaknt Uust 

Equiuble, S. a, equitabte ; 
Equitablement, ad, justly 
Equitation, sf, the art of 

Equit6. equity, justice 
Equivalent, e. a. s, -^nt 
Equivaloir, vn, * be of equal 

value [words 

Equivoque, sf. pun ; play on 

Equivoque, S. a, equivocal 

Equi voquer, va, to equivocate 

S'equivoquer, vr, tir mistake 

one word for another 
Erable* sm, a maple 
Eradication, sf —tto/i 

. ^ atrtt^ epoch 
Erecteur, sm. erectvr 
Bttcivm, sf, erection, stand- 
in)r [6ack 

Ereiuter, va. to •break one't 
Erfmitique, 8. a, —tieat 
ErJ«ypeie,#/: St, Amhony^s 

JSX^PHsm, therefore 
Ergot, a code's spur 
Ergote, e. a, spurred 
Eirgdter, va, to cavU: wrangle 
Erpotear,^m. caviller 
Enger, va, to erect ; raise 
S'eriger, vr. to •set up 
ErooioD, sf. erosion 
Erotique, 2. a, belon^ng to 

love ; amorous 
Errant, e. n, straying ; va- 
grant ; wandering $ errant 
Errata, sm, an errata 
Erratique, 9. a, wanderine : 

wild, erratic . 

EtoiUes erraUqiwt, of. the 

Erre^i)/, the traces of a stag 
Errement, sm. last proceed- 
ings (in a lam suit) 
Errer, vn, to err ; wander 
Eneur, sf,an error; foUy 
Erroni, e. a, erroneaue 
Erron^mem. ad, erroneously 
Erudition, sf, --Honjearmsig 
Erudita, sm.pL thelenmed 
Emgineux, Mb a, eruginous 
Eraptif, ve. a, entpttoe 
ErtiptioD, sf. eruption^ burst 
Bseabean, snu a stool ; joint 
*l—l ' (stool 

EMabelle, sf. a etoolt Joint 
Eseabelon, sm, stand fir a 

buH. pedestal 
Eioaclie, sf. a seeteh 
Escadre, a squadron (of 


rille, sf. a Utile squa- 
Eseadron, tm, sqtmdron {tf 

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fiaeadranaer, vn, to tquadrM 
SKaMtftf. tcalade 
Bsealader, va. to *cate 
Bscalier, sm, a *taircate 

— ^vis, vnwHng'tttiiT* 

— def|;ag£, back-sttdrt 

— d^rdb^, private *toV* 

— drmt, ttraii 9iairt or 

— en liuace, jr^'fal, or 
vnnding *tar0 

SioaiiV-a Z?M^cA shilling 
£jMaiBote» #/^ juggkr*a cork' 

Eteamoter, va. to juggle ; to 

£ae«iDoleur, nn* a /ZZcik«r j 

pilferer {awm 

Bscamper, vti, U pamper 
Stcanniette ; prendre de I* 

poodre d^eseampettfe, /o 

JSscftpade, »f, •prank; JRng 

of a horte 
Sfcartjot, tm. a heAlt 
SMubtMcte, {/• acailMwle 
IlMftrbottUler, va. to squash 
Eflosraelle, sf, a large purse 
Bteftrgot, sm. a snail; ill- 

shaped man 
EteariBMiebe, sf, skirmish 
£s«uniMMidier JMh/0 skirmish 
Stewnouabedff, «m. «ikir* 

Smrpey tf^searpitfa diteh) 
Samper, «a* to* cut «e«e> 

Eicarpolette, ff, a swing 
XMBtte^ slough, eschar, gap 
^Mkt&^sm escheat 
Eietandie, sm, a disaster 
K— l m g c , slavery, bondage 
E n friiHi itf sj^unger,a shab- 

£Moiii|>iei o discount; d^- 

r.iromptBr,tyg. e« ffi«covft# 
JSMopette, «^ a «ort ^coro- 

Biftyrttrrie, a w/toy 
Kteocte, sf. anescprt, guard 
EteorteTf -Mk t*eocort^eonvog 

of afoot company i a de- 
tmhment ' 

EteoQfK^e,a stourge 
Eteoui^seon, sm. anne^sm; 

Eicoutte, sf, a spring in ru» 

ning or leaping 
^Ktimejencing I tihing 
E^rimer, va, to fence ; to 

tilt X fo dispute ; debate 
S^escnmei'de, vr, to dabble 

Eteriinenr,fm' ajbncer 
Escroe, a sAatper, pilferer 
Eicroquer, va. to * trick ; 

Eseroquerie. sf, sharping \ 

EaerMueur, te. «. a sharper, 

Espaoe, snu a^fiace, iSstanee 
Bapaeemetit, mstonce, space 
Esplicer, va, to distance 
E^Midon,#m. atwhandUd 

sword; swordfish 
Efpodonner, vn. to * fight 

with the Sack-eword 
Etpunoleue, sf.Jine t 
Euwfier, sm, Aatge-rt 
fruit'trees ; Jtrst rower in 

ce, tf* species ; Ufui\ 
£spd€es,c«ifi i goods; farms 
Etp^ruioe, hope^ hifes, truH 
Eap^rer,tia. to h^; to ex- 
EifM^gle, 3. a. 

waggish trtr'k 
Etpiditf sm, a spu^ a scout 
EspimuMtfpe, the being a spy ; 

_. ^ 9py Ids 

Espltnad^, sf. a parade^ gUh 
" • ho: 



EMiii snuessuy^ protf^frt^ 
toHe, specimen 

EMHimer, vn. to swarm 
Buuiffer, va. towet fsnd li- 
nen btfore washing 
Ettwter, to grub up, to msert 
EtMyer, totry^ attempt, taste 
Enayerie,*/. the assaying of 

EsM>-c<ir,«in. assuyer 
Esse, sf, any piece of iron 

EnefiMy essence; nature; 

perfumed oil 
EncHtleU I& c essential; real 

to n<^;toex- 

us, waggish; a 

"B^viver Jo esthew ; avoid ' 
S'efquiver, vr. to * stettiaway 


EsMiiUI« eb «• /«fiei«Me 
Einea, «m. orlMree 
E«iar,^Af j soarvng op 
Enorer, vn. to soar i^ 
BAover, va. f air, to dry 
EsM>nller,f0 * eut^theemrs 
E«KMfler to*pta out tf breath 
Emui, sm. Sought ; drying- 
Eifil^iMili, « lond 
Enajrer va. to wipe; dry 
nf\ *bettr ; endure 4 *go 
Est, nn. awe 
Estteade, ef. a Htkxmdo 
Eitaflbt contributm^meney 
Eaorfiecte^ a courier, eeepress 
Ettaffier, «m. bodftfhoeman 
Estafilaidey sf. ^ttsh ; rent 
EflddlWeis va. to slash 
Eitame, tf, worsted 
Eitamiiiet, sm. #«*« kole; a 

club ^fdrtaUoarde 
Estampe, of.pnnt^cnt,tttmp 
Ettamper,. va. to •stamp ; 

EttanpUle, of, et 
Eidiauk, %■ a. 

EspionDer, va, to 
Espltnad^, {/. o 
Etponton, sponten; halfpike 
£«|wit,^m. spirit : minaj^c- 

nius ; sense; wit; motrve ' 

ghost ; soul 

laquif, em. skiff Co boat) 

Isqoine, ^^ J^linter {of a 

broken bone) 
EnninuKie, squtnaney, tore „ . 

throat (ney box' Mmtaer, ««. to esteem $ op- 

EMpiiptit, sm, Aarber*s mo- praise ; reckon ; estimme § 
Eaquiste, sf. a sketch 
" \va. to sketch 

Ettimatenr/ifn. anappraUer 
EfdnAtiott) rf^'Hiont cuA- 

EstimiS tsteem ; value i rt- 



IttiYe, sf, trimming a ship 
jrtoe, *w* stock ; (inea^ 
U$toeadit,sf, a thrust 

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»,va»to tfiuti dim 

Eitoirae, tm. the tanntrh 
SVMooiqarr* va. t« ^^rfi * 
ISstrade, *f to* akvvf ; pQth 
— btttre. iVscnde; f o * ^e mi 

Estnma, «m* terrasan ^{jn 

«o6fv, a cut mm- the f^ad 
EstsuniiQQiiBer. v^. t^ pisy, 

mjfght vnth m mfttv 
£itmii«de,{(: ttrafitiafio 
Ettnpader, tw. to * give tfu 

S«trop«6, e. #. moittiM' &«/y 
Bstn^ier^ivo. <o lattte i mmmi 

£stnr|{eoD,«m. Hurge^n 

"Etcmtexa^ and io 9 Jit fo forth 
EtabUge, sm Haht'tng 
Eoriile, ^ cmp-h^rsc; «3> 

£iabler)va. «• *lnit i 4 u # iiin^/f , 

EttbK, *m. tMp-^imtd i j^i- 

ner*» bench ; hunk ^ «f 

printing>pres* i u-^unter In 


Etahlir, va, tt effaftti^k ; afi- 

potrU ; attert ; *7jmktgmtt, 

state; *lay} brmch ; grttte 

S*£talilir, vr. eettia, *Kt tip 

Etahlia«»eDt« «m- ara&iuh' 

ment f tetttemeni -, futitu 

Eta«e«0«(MY>(fe§rr« ^ ^ 
Etigcn va to * eiathc mir 

Etait *nu a stay^met^hip) 
Etaie, </: a /»r^, ti/pport 


Etal, a butchei^t of Jbh- 

monger'* Hall imv 

Eta!age» ttalfiru. mmpU. 
Etiler, iMt. (• * An-nf- vutpt 

tales to * mate/rrjrfKjf «/' 
Etaleur na, a stall &int£ijit- 

ler^ &Ck 
EtalMf . a etattbuUher 
EtaliiiKiier.vo. to ^ htnd lite 

cable to the.anehor^t ring 
Ettlomwnent, the laarking 

by the MtandBrU 
■EviwaeTtva*i»^iiamp witf* 

a pubUc matfB 


EULlo9QKUFt fnu ejjker ap* 
puiM^d U mark mtosurei 
Etauiai^^ the tinning 
ElmiDtrt TJs f* fin ff^cr 

Eapiibe^ ^f* imlfing clithf 

iltmmiw!. sieve 

— puitr |wr r^tKOiiap^ to 

examine, or '^ ejnwUned 

in lig^ir 
KuiiniuHjfamina tffjtuwfrs 
Ettnnrre, unning 
Etmichefneiit, tnu ^fsfurhmg 
Etiiitc lii^r veu r0 itancA, tt@Pj 

tftjench ; dr^ up 
EimrnniRftm^ itartr/iem fpnp 
EtniH^onaert va. at * prop; 

UUi\Si *tn,ii pandj lake 

nippim uneii at the. inint 
£t>iM:« jtf* Mtuak ; ittrchGure; 

ttiditT't 'iQity ntt&jetincr 
¥.i»fnKf, tm- su/ttr 
£t3r^ tfate^ carct ™a^« pur^ 

pvrc cJimifti*'n, ^wf, fji^ 

tna'ft pligh\,arcounl 

iUAyrmiinUitafjiftg. pro^ittg 
Eiiy^r TiO' t9 tupparti to 

Etfi, fm. rtmmicr : ftfr»t part. 
£it4g[hMr. ejetmguijfier 
Erlnndrei fiJ. ^ o r^tingnhh _ 

Si'fitimlre.iT. ^11 • jfi out 
FLtiiift, 1.% o fXtiugititAtd ; 

quenched^ tiuii 
PAi'iiiJaf^i iFf], line.! 

f^trndoiir, fl prmttr'^ peet 
E»(M!rt, Ha- (ff txlenti ; 

'ttprmd^ gtmtcfit e^fifain^ 

S*4j If iM^. vr. to itretch ont»* 

ielj]t noch, * gif, tuJtf^ en- 

Euen^y.e. it. sptfnd, iargti 

teng ; fa'^^iix ; tetUtmi ; 

sprawling, tented 
Ktrfidguj Jif e.xt^f^ extent 

Ettniel, le. a, fitrnal^ fwr- 

Ifiiting, mtlifs-x 
EtitTicXWmtxiu od- ftrrnailiff 
cverltfitinsiyjjer tvfr 


E tetniier , !>•.<• qggywtte 
Eterait€f f^ ettt'oily 
Etemuer, vn. r« sneeze 
Etenraement, sm. sneering 
Eteraoeor, se. s, sneezer 
Bttwiei^m,pl.Etesian vinds 
Et^temelit, sm. lopping 
Et*ter, va,to*l»p •ff'the top 
EteuT, snu a ttwnis^beUl 
Eteule, {/: stuHAle, etalk of 

Ether, sm. ether 
Eih€ r^,, c a, etherial^ subtle 
Ethiqae, sf* ethics, moral 
Etineelant, e. a, sparkling • 

bright ^ t^ ^' 

EtiDcelle, ^ a spark 
EtiiiceUemait,«m sparkling 
Etinceler vn. to sparkle 
EtiolagiG, sf, ""-gy 
Edque, 8. a consu mp t lv c t 

lean , 

Etiqaeter, va. to*put a note ta 
Etiquette, sf, note, tkket, 

ceremonial^ concert^ titk 
Etoffer, va, to * stt^, ga^ 

Etoile, if, a star^ starch 


— fixe, a fixed star 

— errante, viandering star 

— coarante, shooting star 
Etoii6, e. a starry^ cracked 
EtoUer, S'etoiler, tm* t$ 

crack to shiver 
Etole, sf. a stole' 
Eionnaminent ad, toanden 

Etonnant, e. o> wonslerfulj 

amazing, strange 
Etonnement, snu antaxe- 

ment^ vfonder, terror^ 

Etonner, va to nstmti^ 

surprise, stun 
S*— vr, to ^Hfonder, moKr 

vel^ be concerned 
Etoufikm, e. >a sultry, close 
Etouffement, snu a Hoppage 

tf breathings Ai/Ung 
Etouffer, va, to sHjte, smo- 
ther, choak, supprcst 
Etoaffbir, sm, an extinguish, 

er (for coals) 
Etgupe, of. ton 
Etouper, va, to * stop {wfk 


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Ktourderie, *f,a Munder 
£toaEdi, e. a. hair-brained 
£touidi, e. «. blunderer 
"Ktonr^xaenuad, raahly 
Ktmirdir, va. to stun, par- 
boii, • take off the cMU, 
S^etonrdir, rr. to • beat out 

of one* 9 brain 
£tourdis9ant, e. a, stunning 
BtouriMiiu, a itarling 
Btnnge, i a, strange, silly 
Btnui/sement, ad, strangely 
Ctnui/!!er, e. a, foreign, 

£tnnger, e^ s, a foreigner, 

stranger, aUen 
(k>rps — , extraneous body . 
Btvaag^, va, to * drive a- 

vfoyy to * forsake 
Stranpement, sm, contr^io 

tien, wringing 
Eumgler, va. to strangle, 
to *ntake too scanty,*choke 
£tnu^;uiIlou, «m. the stran- 
Etre, on. to*be, exist, belong 
Xtre debout, to * stand 
IStic 6e nioitie,<» *go halves 
Xtre, sm,a being , existence 
Btres, /»(. the several parts 

of a house. Sec. 
Etr^cir, va- to straiten 
S'€trecir. vr» to *grow strait, 

to * shrink ling_ JEvaluer, 

JBtr^eiMeroent. sm, straiterP — *' 
Ett^cinmre, sf, straitening 
EtKiiKlre, va. * to bind, or 

* noringhard 
Etreinte, sj, binding 
Enenne, a Christmas^ox, 




laces Ushtptkks ^is- 

Etroit, e. a, strait, narrowA copacy 

iniimate^ strict, tvact ' 'EveU, sm. hint; warning 
Etroitenieiit ad. strictly,] T^vaU^^ e. «k eprightiy, ^ 

loer, va, to • give a new 
yearns gift, to • niakea 
present, to handsel,* take 

£tr6riUon. sm. a prop 
:^tt-4stlloDer, va. to prop 
£trier, sm, a stirrup 
Etrille, «/. a curry-comb, 

Etriller, va. to eurry^ to 

Etriper, to unboioel, to un- 

Etn<ni6» e. a.nalrow^ s.canty 
Etrimre, */. ttirrup-kather 

Etronconner, va. " cut the 

branches of a tree 
Etrousser, va, to adfw^e, 

Ettide, sf. study, learning 
EtudUmt, sm, a student 
Etudter. v. to study, mind 
S'^tudier, vr, to endeavntr, 

addict one^sself 
Etudiole, sf a scrutoire 
Etui, sm. a case; tweever 
Etuve, sf, a stove, hat-house 
Etiiv6e, aewing, stewed meat 
Etuvementy sm.f!nnenting 
EtQver, va. to oathe, to ^ 

Binvivie, sm, whv keeps a 

Etymologte, sf, -^ogy 
Etymoiugique, 2. a, '-fical 
Etymoic^iste, sm. -ye*« 
EvacnatiT, an evacuant 
Evacuation, sf. —ttan^ void- 
Evacuer, va. to evacuate; 

S^evader, vr, to make ow?s 

EvaK^tion. sf. —Hon 
Evaluation, estimate, rating 
~ " U appraise \ 

Evang^Uque, 2. a, —^ical 
EvaogeliqoemenT, ad. — /»• 

EvanK^Iiter, v. to preach th^ 

Evang61iste,#m. '-UH 
Bv&n^le, the gospel 
S'6vanouir, vr. to #i 

Evanouissement, sm. swoon 
Evaporation, sf, —Uon ; 

Evapor€, e. s, giddy-brained 
Evapornr, va. to evaportue \ 

Evaier, va to widen 
Evasion, sif. escape ; evasion 
Evasure, wUiining 
Eachariste, eucharist 
Eucharistiquef ». a, --tioal 
£rdch6, sm. a bith^*9 pa- 

Eveiller, va. to awaken ; to 

awake ; rouxe 
Evt-nenient, nn. event; end; 

Event, «m. smack; twatu^; 

vent^ siax 
Eventaih sm. a fhn 
Evcntulliste, fan-maker^ or 

Eveutaire, sort tfjiat bas- 

Events, e. i.JSghty ; giddy i 

Eventer, ikt. to fan; air i 
divulge;* tqke vent 

S*€venter,* growjiali 
to *take wind, or vem 

Etentoiie, sm, afire4Uk 

Eventro*, va. enmswet ; 

• draw 
Eventiiel, It. a, everuual 
EventueUenaem, ad. eveih 

Ev^ue. sm. a bishop 
Everrer, va, to worm out (a 

Everdon, {f. ooern^n, ruin 
S*eTertatr, vr, to eaceti one*e 

eelf to * take pains • 
Eviction, sf, eviction, evi^ 

Evidemment. ad. evidently 
Erklence, sf, evidence ; de* 

Evident, e. a.'evident^pUdn, 

clear^ manijbst 
ETider, va. to unstareb, to 

• cut sloping; • make a 
Bvler,«iR. a sink [groove 
ETincer^va to evictrrecover 
Evitable, i.f a, avoidejble 
Evit6e, sf breadth of a ri- 
ver ; or channel to * be no- 

Eviter, va. to avoid, shun 
Eunuqoe, sm, an eunuch 
Evocable, %. a, that may be 

• brought before a higher 
/court [summon^ 

Evocation, sf eotywratim ; 
Evocatoire, %. a. summoning 
Evolution, tf. .-f-tion 
EToqoer, va, to eoftJurtr.iip^ 

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t» * bring btfare a bSghtr 

EojKtaire. if,noeei maudlin 
SopliQoie, —ny, harmony 
£aplioHie, *n». —bium 

fnx^pro. them^tliey 
xMt, e- o. exacts accurate 
'F^jnttemaaX, ad. exm:tly, 

Fiiftapr, tm. an exacter^ 

CAttt tidttef 
Encticn.^/; •"Hen, extortion 
Kxaetitiiae. exactneu, occti* 

racy, carefUlneu, care 
Xdngerateur, am, amplifier 
Exag6mtif, re. a. exagge- 
ExaifC^rAtion, «/. amplifying 
Ei^agr^rer, va. to exaggerme^ 
aggravate- ampUfy 

£ialt«r, va. to ^oraZr^ f extel 
I, «m. examtnatien 

Examinateur.on examiner 
ExamineTf va. 19 examine i 

t9 vefgh ; di*cu*» ; HJi 
synnriner, vr. to weigh out 
Eurehni, em. exarchate, ex- 

Exairque, an exarch 
Enueer, va. to * hear fO' 

vounMff llonlng 

Ezcaymtion, rf* — fioR, hoi 
Evover, vo. f o hollow 
£aBe6diiiit,«m. onerplu$ 
£xe64ery «0f t« A»owd^ td»u»e 
Excelkattment, od orcv)- 

ExMUencc^ </*. excetlenoe; 

excellency , eminence 
Etodlmt, e a. excellent; 

nobabk iexoeUent 

ExeelleniiniiDe^ % a. mott 
Etedler, veu f excel, our- 

Kxoentricit^y ef, "-c^ 
EstBentrique* 2. a. pxentrk 
Excepts, ai/. except, eave, bm 
Eicejtter, vo. to exc^ 
Exception 4/1 "tion C^Mtf 
Ezeda, «m. exceee^ riot; o- 
Eaeeuir.Te a.e«tef/h« 
Eaeemvement, odl — «r/jf 
Exeiae, ef, tax on g^ede; 

Eseitatir,ir<h a, excitative 


Eiatier,«a. to excite, incite» 

ExclanuitioB, V^ — tion 
Exduire, va. to exclude^ 

Exdiistf, re. a. —^eive 

Exelurion, */*. */on 

Excluuveinent, ae(L — tw^y 
£xeommaiucanoD,«^ Wton 
Ezeomroitni^. e. Ai oft e» 

commurucated perton 
EacominniiieK. . va^ to e4> 

Exeoriation, «/*« -^ion, fret- 
ting of the skin 
Exoorier, va. to * take off the 

Exeartieation^efpeeHng ^ 
ExcrS ment, tm. —ment 
Excrenientenx, le. a. excre- 

menH'iout, excremental 
Eixenaoeuoetef, excre.Tcnce 
Excretion, excretion 
Excr^ioire, 3. a. —tory 
Exeroqoer, vid. Escroqner 
Excursion, sf -^ion^ inroad 
Excusable, 3. a. excusable 
Exeuwtlop, sf. exemption 
Excuse, excuse, pretence 
^KnaetfVa. to excuse 
6*excasar. vr. fo desire to ^be 

excueedftb decline 
Ex6at, *m. a pass to * en ota 
Ex6ci«ble, 2. a. execrdble 
ExSenMemeDt, od. execra- 
bly [horrenee 
ExScratinfi, sf. — tton, ab- 
Ex6cntoire, 3. o. accursed 
Ex^cuter, va. to execute 
— qudqa*un, f distrain one, 
Execnteur, em, executer, ex 

eeutioner^ hangman 
Ex6eatM»i, sf, -^on, per- 
formance, diitraining 
Ex€eatoiie, em, a writ of 

Ex6ctttoire, S> a. executive 
Ex€eutrice, sf. executrix 
Exemplaire, ^. o, exemplary 
Exenplaire, snu a pattern ; 
a copy sfa book Zplarily 
Exemplairement, ad, exem- 
Exemple, sm, &/ example ; 
pattern; incident; instance; 
written copy ; a copy 
Exempte, e. o. exempt, free 
ExffinpCy sm, an exetnpt; 


free' ' ^ '" "^' 
ExempticD, ef, r^ensfree^ 
£xeiQer.t VMi« to exest^tt ; 

train up ; to practise 
Exeveice, sm exercise, firae^ 

tiee, trade 
Exemie, exergue of a ftieribf 
Exfoliation, «^-<iMi 
S'extblier, vr. exfUiateifiate^ 

Exhalation, sf, exhalation 
Exbalation, — Cson 
Exhaier, vo. to exhale ; to 

evt^iorate, to vent tbaghi 
ExhauMement, sm. raising ; 
Exhauner, va. to raise 
Exh^rtdBDOO, tf. diHnherit' 

ExhlrMer, va, to disinhait 
Exhiber. to exMMt, produce 
Exhibition, sf. --tion ; pro- 
Exhortation, — C<«R lap 

Exhorter. va. fo exhort, sttr 
AdiutnatioB, sf. w^wrying 
Exhumer, vo. to 'dtgaeorpse 

out «/■ the ground 
Exigeant, ante, a, t xacting ; 

hard to please 
Exigence, //. exigence; tir- 
gency, occasion iexact 
Exiger, va. to reqidn, to 
Exigible, i, a, demandaNe 
Exifu, e. o. exiguous, small 
Exi^it6, sf. exiguity, smaU* 

ExU, rm, bmti$hment, exUe 
Exil^, e. s. an exile 
Exiler. va. f banish, txUe • 
Exilite, sf, snaqUnets, weak- 
Exiitant, e. a. existent 
Existence, sf, existence, being 
""'^ , va, to exist, to *ba 

sm. Exodus 

Bxoiable, 2. a,exordbfe 
Exorbitamment, ckL exorbi- 

tantly, extravt^antlu 
Exorbitant, e. a« exorbitant^ 

l&KoiVMer, va. exttrcise^ con* 

- _, ofn* exoTcisnt 
Exorcistev an exorcist 
Exorae, exordium 
Exotique, S. a. exotic, /©• 

,y Google 

Sipamifale. s. a. — -^(r; 

Bxpamion , tf. eapaoHon^ $»■ 

Bxpatricr, vo. t« eapairiate 
S'expMrier, vr. |o gvit «fi«V 

country , 
Expecunt, «m. an ef^ctaH t 
£xpeetam'er 0. {/! txptctU' 

tianj rfvernon irative 
£xpectoiaii;i e. a< fJCpecf- 
Expectoration, *f. —tivn 
Sxjieetorer, va, t9 exfiect§' 

£xp6(Iient^ «m. eapedient, 
JBxpfidjent, a. m^priAer^ 
£xp6dieT, vo- to dl^atch; 

t^tpeditc, *»end, *drav> t^ 
Expeditif, Te. a. eApeditiotut 
£xp€ditioo, {/: HiMi j <ft* 

jiatch ; c^fty 
£ 3q»^(litioQ«» </*. A', ^spalch- 

w, misnon, patent 
Kxp^rience, </*. experiment, 

£:xp6ritnental, e. a. "-"^al 
£xp£riinont6, ^ a. ftrie«f| 

SipMimenter, voi «• ea^ri- 

Sxpett, e. «. tafpert^ Mlful 
JBxperts, «m.^^ t>anp«r« 
Sxpiation, */. atonentenf 
ExpiatoTe, a. a. eaptat^ry 
£xpier, vs. te expiqUf. f 

ExpinuSoo, rf.-^iomj end 
£xpiier» vtu to f^ire, die, 

Expl^tif. Te. « •^•4ive 
Expliaible, 2. o. eapUcabte 
Expliettii; vew a. e^^Hcattoe 
ExpUcMioa, {f. espianetion 
£xjplicHe, a. a. explicUtpliUn 
Explidteroent, oiil eapUcitly 
Expfiqner. tw. eo txpkdn^ 

txpmmdi signify 
Exploit, «m. f«3»Aiir; 0^ 

cfdevement ; vrit 
— (TMsigMitkNi. • eummam 

— de wtUtCftmexectOifiti tiptm 

Exploitable, 9. a. that nwy he 

dutrained, hemed 
Sxploitant, Mb ^^Bker Hro- 

ing '- 



^ tome work* in agrictd' 

Bxpknter, va. to * defeat* j 

toork; felli eeroe war* 

Explorateur, sm. —rotor 
EAplonWy,*/* explosion 
Exportatioii, —/ten 
Expoiaati e. «. a petitioner 
Ex||o«6, »m, suggeHion of a 

petition i preamble; pre^ 

Expoicr rrt. to expose ; to 

*tvijui- '/i,e xpoimd 
¥Ls\im\^i.\\ vt. eu expositive 
£.%pQ>ki4i]if if. —tion^ expos- 

ius(. th^Ktiunt. situation 
Esiiirrt. sv, ii» express, pUd»t 

ciear^ 't.finiftst 
J^ipr^i,^^^. an express 
E\pR^B, r.iL purposely t on 

Exjm »tf lut At, aA exprenlft, 

E^cpn-ftiii; v«. tf. expressive 
£^i>rii^;4>iu {/l expression, 

, squeextrig out 
ExpriniaDie, 8. & express&le 
Exprimer, tio. to express ^ 

squeexe out 
BsprovineiaL, sm. a ^^nk 

that has beenprovinciat 
Expulier, va. to expel, turn 



Expulu^ Te. «• expulsive 
Epulsion, sf. expulsion, .ex. 

Bxpurgatt^, a. m. '-gatory 
ExquM, e. a exguisite, fine 
Extant, e. «. extant 
Extaae, 1/; extasy, rapture^ 

S^extaner, vr. tQ*^ in rapr 

tares ; to^Jiy inf • an ex' 

Extatique, t. tu extaMc 
Extensible, s. a -^fcr 
Extension, sf, —tion^ extent 
Extenuation, -^tion, a JhlU 

ing oBoay 
Extenueri va. to extenuate i 

ExtCrienr, e. a. exterior, out- 
ward, external 
Ext^rieur, sm. the outside 
Esterieuxtment, jid. out' 


«. m. *• 


Exteraupet^ tw. to extern^ 

note, fxtirpate, tiestroy 
ExtenKy 2. 0. external 
Exteme, s, day-schokir 
""xtinetioo, sf '—Hon ; 

Extiipateiir, sm. a destroyer 
Extirpation, sf. --tion 
Extirper, ro. to exiirpatef 

root out. 
Extorquer, to extort, wrest 
Extorsian, rf. exisr^ioH g ex- 

EnractkNi, •««iM; *w« i t, 
Extaire, vo* to axtomti » 

Extrait, Ml. axtsmet ; «A- 

— ^ de pttwH, « A^evipr 
EktvaiiMHeWie, 9. a, -nlicM 
ExuaiudioWraiBeiit, ad. ex- 

E&traeidtaiaivr, 8. a. 

ry, uncomsnon, «i 

, snu extraordinary 
— , « suppkatent t^ the gu- 


senary Juna (in time ff 

Bxcnotdlnaifieaieat, ad. es- 

traordinarily ; extremely 
BjL ' lia w M t a mMicat, ad, extra- 

mampaiite, ef, — cc 
ExtiSTaicant, e, «. a --ffn/ ; 

silty g mad 
Extnk^aganiei, »f» deerato of 

the popes, added to the 

BxtiB«a«uer, vn, to esBtrmtm- 

gate, to reve, to dote 
ExtrawasatioB, af. —Hon 
S^extirwvaier, vr. extravasate 
Extr^n^, I. o. extremt ) at' 

most^ eaetessive 
Extreme, sm. extreme 
Extr^meflMnl, ad* extreenHy 
Bxti fiBi&4MictioU[f Of* ex. 

Extr^mlcA, —mityf 
part s ^xtremci 


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EnlaitMin, iji 
leaping for jty 
M ttnrff, t9 

* leap fir J9V 


t?A, tm^fa or / (muHcal 
•■■ iMte; 

WtHtn^f^fiile^ story 
Fabliau, f/I a tale in verte 
Vabneatear, mmct i /•fjer ; 



*m* churckvar- 

Fabiiqnnt, a manufacturer 
Fftbrique, «/. iWri^ 

fitetitrCf coinage 
Fabriqaer, ini. to tnanufac' 

ture, t0 coinj to forge 
Fabuleiuement, acL 

^baksQx, le. a-fiibuto 
Fabalute, onujabulUt 
Fa^ad^ if^frimufrotitiipiece 
VMot.ficeJ'orcfiovt^ r ^ 
Faire fiMe, va, to face 
Fae^tie, of. pkaeantry, vlr- 

FK^tieiueineiit* aJ. face- 

Fac^tieox, ae. a, facetioiu ; 

nktyijnnali merry 
Facecte, tf, facet 
Tmeettex, vtL to • cut into 

Wjcanjfry; tarry 
FAcher,«a. to * vex.grieoe ; 

Be -^ vr. f « * 60 aiurry 
FAeherie, {^. veMttton,gritf 
FIcbeiu, le. a. grievou* ; 

iUwttttred ; . hard g pec 

FMle, 3. a. eaty,free 
FadleiBCBt, ad, easily, vnth 

Fadlhfi, of. "ty, eaeineto 
, Faeifiier. w. tofoiiUtate 
Fa^on, sffiuMon j manner ; 

cerenmy i offteMbKoo 


y^Mon ^i«iT, de fldie, cw». 

mef. proeeedingf bdut- 

Faponoin-, va, to form, fih 

ohitn^poli'h, compHmem 
Fa9onmer, e a #• onvm** 

Faet^ur, «m. a factors poet' 

Fac'iee, s. a. factUioues 

cvined # 

Faetiettx, te. a.faetieu* 
Faetieax. oe 0. a ringUader 
Faetirai, *f, faction, cabal 
Factioimaire, em. private 

Faetomie, of. factory 
Factotum, em fac'otum 
Fkctum, a case (in aplea) 
Factare, sf, invoice 
Faculty, «f. faculty, 


jiolery; tr^let 
Fade, 9. a. insipid 

Fadeur, sf. insipidnees, oUti- 

Fagot, snu fagot, btmdie 
Fagotage, making of fa- 

Fagoter,va. * make intofih 

goto s to * dregs up auk' 

Fagoteur, tm, afagot-maker 
Fkigotin, jackpuadlng, sor- 

Falanee, fkienoe, sf. deUt 

FaYance, e. a. cUnaJike 
Fataneerie, if. china-trade 
Falaneier, sm, cHnammn 
Failli, sm. a bankn^t 
FaiUibUit6, sf/aUure 
FailKr, vn. tofaiU * mistake, 

• come shorty • be near, *be 

ready, to miss 
Ftillit^ sf. bankruptcy 
Faim, hunger ; stomach, tt- 

sbre ■ 
Fain€aiitv e. a. laty, idle 
Faineant, e. s. sluggard 
Fain6anter,vn. to Mter, *be 

Faiii6aii&e, sf. slothJuUieu, 

Fi^ntiae, fUtttise. deceit 
F«lie, vn. t9 niake,to*do 


Faire IUr, « bespeetk; to 
prompt to 

uoe qoettioii, f mk a 


Se 'aire, vr. improve g 
AociM?i€ J turn g " 
use s iMure- 

TumaA,sm. a pheasant 

JUnnder, vr. to • kert* meat 

till it gets a vmUon taste 
Faimideri^ sf pheaoatO- 

breeds or seUs pheasanU 
Faiaceau, sm. a bundle 
Fiuelle, *f a chees^fsnn 
Faiaeur, ie- s. maktr^ deer 
Fait, snufaetg act g case g 

VUt<4€ait, inpnportiou 
Fattage, sm, covering of a 

h»use g roofttmber g rH&e- 

Faitaidiae, sf idleness^ sloth 
Falte. snu top, ridgr, pia- 

Faf U«re, sf. a gutttf^le 
Faix, sm. a burden, weight 
Fakir, a Mahometan friar, 

FUaise, sf. asleep shm 
Falbalai, sm.fur6elaw 
— volam, afUunce 
Fallaee, sffottaey 
Fallaeiaisenient, ad, falkt- 

Fallaeienz, le. a.falladous 
Falloir,TK imp. to «Ac neei^ul 
Falot, sm. cresset: Jaekan- 

opes ; sort of ktntem and 

large lamp. 
", e. a. ridiculous, merry 
Falotement, ad, ritScuiouolu 
Falotier^m. the lightmm. 

at the king*s court 
Fatoiude, sf. a great fnot 
FaUificateiir, snh. afiUstfier 
Faliiftcation. sf. -— -^m; 

FiffiJ^w. to falsify, fofge, 
adulterate imarl 

Ftiuner, va. to manure vith 
FAme, sf fame, reputation 
FAm^ , e. a. bien (M mal f&mC>- 

tfgood cfT bttdfame 

Fanneliqae» S. a. ' 


,y Google 


Se Ovmiiariier, vr. to fanur 

UarUc one"* ^ 
Familiarite, *f,fantiUaritji 
Familier, e. a. JktmiUar^frtc 
Faimii^retneat atUfreety 
Famiile. *f, family, hou» 
' hold, kindred^ Hoek 
Famine, *f,fandnet dearth 
Fanage, «m. hau^nakinr ; 
. leaved bramJut i naif- 

maker'^a talarif 
Fanaiaon. */» metoing4ime 
Fanal. *m, iUfi"* tanthern i 

Ught-hotue ; match-iight 
Fanatiqae, Si a. a.fanatic 
Fanatitme^ em. fanaticum 
JFtener, va to cause to fade ; 

U *makeMy 
Se faner, vr. to wither; to 

Ttmeutf le. «. a hay-maker 
F^anfiui, S. 1. dear child; 

Fanfare, rf. a JUurith tf a 

trun^et ; parade^ shew - 
Fanftron, ne. a bragging 
Fanfaroo, #m- a bully 
FanfkroQoade, tf. bragging 
Fanfkxonnerie, hcfiitv^^og- 

FanfKluche, ef, gewgan 
Fange, mire^ tHrt, mud 
FaxMteiB, M. a, miry, muddy 
FanioQ, sm, a banner 
Fanon, dewlap: fetlock ; 

pendant ; fanne\'(wtrd 
FaxioaM,pU the dreettnge of a 

broken leg oethtgh 
Fantaiiie. »f fancy* mind, 

whhn, humour^ ^Inien 
Famaiqiic^ i, a. Jantasticalj 

Fantaaqoement, ad, fmtae- 

ticidiif, whimMicoUy, oddly 
Faatasan, em, foot'-epUHer 
Fantaatiqae, 8. a. fhntattic 
FamAin& «m« phantom^ chi» 

mera,tmage . 
Famdines, pU <ffl«ver often- 

eible things 
Funiier, vo, to 'iiimn, to 

eahfe '' ' 

Faquiiu sm* d stikmdttl ; a 

voddth statue Ko run it ^ft 
FawnnbC/O. A4(e, vffe, mean 
nf9fAinf?.rtness, , 


Fanmgn» sm. a UgM^nut, 

Farre, sf, ttuOIng, farce 
Faitcr, vn. To drolL tojett 
FBKcear, ffii. a buJToon 
Farein,/arcy, a horse disease 
Faroneux, a& a. that has the 

FiTCir, Tw. to stuff, cram 
Fareitsure, */. stuffing 
Fard, sm. paint, Hnsel, dU- 

stmulation Itaeight 

Fftrdeau, burden ; load 
Fanler. va, to paint ; trim 
Farftdet. sm, hobgebUng^rig 
Farfouiller, va. to rwnmagt 
rwrihole»,tf. pi idle talk 
Farine, sf, meal, flower 
Follie-Auine, miltdust 
Farioer, va, to flour over 
Faiineos, se, a, white with 

Fkiinier, sm, meatman 
Farioiive, sf. meal ac flour* 

warehouse, miller^s wife 
Farloaae, tf. a meadow tark 
Faroaehe, 2. a, -wild ; stern 
FAidnage, snufascim-work 
Fascination, sf, inchantment 
Fasctnet/wctfie, bavin 
Fittdner, va, to inchant 
Faner, va, to qutver (sea 

Fute, sm,p^geantry, pomp, 

pride, vmn shew 
VMftM, pi, calendar ; record 
Fasti^easement. ad, nause- 

Futkheuz, se. a. tiresome; 

FastueusemOTit. ad, proudly 
Fastueux, se.*0. ostentatious 
Fat. sm", a coxcomb 
Fatal, e. a,fatai, unbteky 
Fatal^ment, ad, fatally ; 

Fataliste, sm. fatalist 
Fata1it6, ^, fatalUy i dee* 

F»ti(fiqae, i, a prophetic . 
Fatigant, e. a, fatiguing ; 

Fatigue. <f. fktigtte ; weo- 
" tiness ; ^irdnest 
Fatigner, va, t9 tire^ to fa- 

tigtte; teaxK' 



Fttiti. em, trash, trifles 
FatQlt^ , ef, Hlttness, foppery 
Faoehage, sm, mowing 
FauehaiioD, </*. mowing time 
Fauehe, mowing ; re^ng 
Faqeher, va. to mow 
-le giand pre, * fte agaUty^ 

Faucbet, sm. a rake 
Faueheor, a mower, spinner 
Faaeille, sf, a sickle 
FaueoD, sm. a falcon, hawk 
Faucooneau^yd^ron (a gun) 
Fliuconneite, sffkdcowy 
Fiueonnier, sm, a falconer 
Fanconnidie,^/: hawking-btfg 
Ttkreur, favour, kindness 
FaufUer, va. fo baste 
Se— , vr. to • Aog» cempanu 

vith ^ [ooeni 

Faulde% tf, pi, eharvoah 
Faune snuflnm Uand 

Favomble, S. a, flnourabte, 
Favoamblement, ad, flnmtr» 

ably^ kindly 
Favori, te, a. s, favoured; 

favourite^ a mifdon 
FavoriKT, va, to favour i 

Faonajre, sm, a forger 
Fausiocottche, tf, mtsear- 

masmmejidse coin 

— porte, a back door 
Faunet-manehes^/i; shame 
Faossement, ad, falsely 
Fausser, vo. to* break; to 

•bend; tofllneh 
— sa parole, to • break •!«*« 

Faussec, sm, faueeti peg ; 
faint treble (in'mmie); 

Faasset^, sf. fidsehood, fbr- 

Pavte, fUuH, error, waM 
Faute de,/or tpant tf 
FiiQteoil, sm, an efbow ehaif 

— a roulettes, easy chair that 
runs upon wheels 

Faatear, rice. t. a favourer 
Faqjdf , y^ a. faulty 
FauTes «. a. fallow, nffiis 
Famrette, */. tomtit ; ken 

Faux, sm, a jcyMe 
Faux, finissB, a,fld»e, sham 
, — — jHidi vsroag^ftdse 

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FAUt<lMMirS, tuAurb 

— fViyant, a shift, evision 
— . ibonnojreuriJhCK trotn^ 

— lemblaiit, ikcaffiU qp- 

— booidoi^ ehurchmune 

— pli, 8 wrong fold 
Faux-tamttgefffn. 9tnu^ling 

FAux-Muuuer, nnt^jrir'^r qT 

F6al, «n», F6aux« )>!. /iqge 

Ffibrlcitant, e. a. trtubkd 

with an ague 
rjbnftige, «m. fi^rUiige 
Ffodi, */. pl.fice$, drtgt 
Feeood, e. eufruUful, teen^ 

Fteondit^ {/*. fecuwSty 
F^eule, MBf, tedtmeid 
F^euleacey *eiUmeiU 
F^ulent, e. a,feciiUnt^Swl 
F6denliier| va« <« unite, <• 

Fedfiiatif, ve. a. fcederative 
Fee, */: ayUry 
F6eT, vob t4 inchant 
Faerie, rf, ftdryitm 
Tt&ndn, va, feign i dUsemc 

Fdnte, ff.fiintt duguiae 
FeistiMt mMtttAimg 
F^ler, va- to • track 
FilMttatMiit «r. c«njrraei4» 

iFfiWiatd, felicity, bUtt 
F«lieitar, tw^ to 

late i to vdih joy 
F^lom iie» 0. 

Fiunie, ^ ^my^ reM^im 
F€Iure. a era*, cAinfc 
F6melle, S. m^femak 
Ffimiuin, e. a. >/%mtiiuM| 



FrOre le fendauti f tuUgt to 

F6niiniser. va* *make , 
Femme, «/• « «M«Mt»t v^ 
•-•>«de oMVKe^ AM(#iAa^er 

Fendeffe, *f. the cutting of 

iron ban, chdfeiy 
reoAeat. sm, cuaretr 
—~ de naw?au.T, a bully, hec- 

toting Uade 
Fcndoir, a cltafoing tool 
inendre, vo. to •tlMt/tt **pttt, 

• crack, * rip up, • break 

Fea^ttogc,*nu the windowo 
Fcnfttre, <^ a window 
Fenil, ifn. a hay loft 
FeoonW. fhmel 
FenouiUette, of. annitectt' 

brandy ; gort of apple 
Fente, a, clefts ehink, crock, 

olit, chap 
F6odal, e a.feudal,Jeodal 
Fer, rm. iron, o\o9rd 
Fer k friser, a /wiif of pinch- 
ing tongo 

— k pauer, tmoothing tron 

— de laeet, tag of a lace 

— d*une cuaib,firrel of a 

— de cheval, horseshoe {in 

Fer blane^ fin 

YetuchainOf tUcoery^etter* 
Ferbumtier, om, a (in^nmi 
Ferler, va, to furl 
Feraaagfi, sm, re^tf hire 
F«nne, if* a/orm 
fiajl ii ferme, «m, 6 ^x tf 
Feme, 2. a, firm. Heady 
reoohOe, otrong^luity 
' rt^Tuitd 

Ferme, ful.fiut^ 
Feraaeioeqt, firmly i 

FermeDt; #m. ferment, lea- 
Fennentatift ve. a. *-iaiive 
FermeotationT *f*fermenting 
FeramatiOFfViu tofirment . 
Fernter, to * ohuf, to close i 

• stop 
— au verroCi, to bolt rup 
Se ftMner^ or*^® * '^*^ <^^ 
Fennet4,«/;/fmin«f«; ^rcT- 

nu$ itcfourags 
Feimetiire, jAutteri.' &o.ybr 
tAc security qfahouae 

Femier, e. t.'n farmer 
FeEtnoir, «m. a efa*^, cftiift 
F^roce, s. o^ jZnrr, ravfl^ 
F6r ocitft, sf ferocity, so- 

F^BrrailleK, triu <• fsnetj to 

tilt m 

Fenailleur, sm, a tiUtr, hut' 
Fetvandiiderf snu fkmaif 

Femmt, (nuu^etaal), fbrrier 
Ferremeot, an iron tool 
Ferrer, va. to * btnd about 

with iroH work 
—an dkeval, to shoe a kwse 
•^ im laeei, to tag a lace 

— une canne, <d * t|^ a cone 

— la oHile,' to chettt one 
F erret, sm,atag 
Fentat, a tuAer ^ Itteo 
Feniete, sf.jarriet^o pouch 
Ferronnene, sf. irom-warf 

Ferr0tmier,e.». tronmonger 
"'enttgineio. he. a» fbrrugi- 

Fentire, sf, ironwork, shoe 

ifig of a horse 
Fertile, S. a. fertile^ frmt- 

fuljitll of, teem' 
Fertilemem, od>J 

Feitiliier, m. tof 

FevtUiti, sf fhttHty^piemy 
F6ra, e. a. smitten with ; 
J'ondo fathtng^ 
Fervcnsnientf ad, f^venttg 
Fervent,^ a»ftrvent 
Ferveur, ^, fervour, xeti 
Fintie^&ruUu palmer 
FesaUe, s. «. feaHMe, ktwfiil 
FeaeuK, ae. a*, sm, maker ; 
. doer 

Fesae, sf. buttock 
Fesse-calikr, em. a hUTei 

FesiMSmathiett, a mUer; a 

Fener, ya. Jleg^ **^hip ever 

Fentear, te. s. a ftoggif 

FettiBv, sm. bottom 

team, e- 0. that has good 

Fes^ snu a feasi^^m^qm 
FestUKT, i>a. tofittst 


Feitonj «m. fhstbortt scollop 
JFestdnner, vd, 'to fiHoon; 

'Fenboff&tf^ tofaut 
F^te, //I a Jbtut ; hiiiduy ; 

fjuHval * 
Fdce det iDortt} il/( soul* 

day. • • rete|/ 
F^e^ieu, ,Carpui Cnristi 
VHes du- ^ateUy tacation 

F*ter, va. fo 'keep hoGday r 

to * make -welcome 
Fetiche, v^. thenaine ^'idals 

amoiut the naroes 
7otii, sTfik ftraWf mpte 
Feo,^«rj Qffiicon; family; 

— dejoie, bonfire 
-de waiie, a nNiefen di^is<f 
— dh cid, rAttn^ anrf 


— f<3lec igniifatuus* 
-^^^t-wiM fire . 
-> saint elme, ignis fiiluus 
Feu, c. a. late, deceased ' 
Feudatiirei sm-fiudatory 
Fettdiste, a. sm^Jeudist 
9«Te, «^ fteon 
-Ade imnU, a garden bean 

— debaricot. Wrench bean 
— de caflfe , cojfbe-berry 

Feoiltaffe, #». fcdnsf ^ a 

tree; branched work 
F'emilaiM,* snu pU begging 

Tea\\luk^titt^/.pastry *made 
. ofpuffpiute 
Feuiliantihet, pt4 vit/nf of the 

ordtP of Str Bernard 
l^eailk;, too/, sheet , of paper^ 

fait, minutdt bill; foliage 

volante, base sheet 

TeuWllef a bovfer ; shady 

FeatlleHnorte, a^JUtemot 
Feoiller, vn. to* ipvvf the 

Feuillet, sm leaf of a book 
FeaiHet^, a Itght take 
Feailleter, va, to turn over 

a book ' ■ 

— to pAt«, f « » fwhf pvff 
paste* ' " 

FMSlife^, «/. hdlf^i^shtad 
^e<]^ttj e. a. full ofltaves 
^ennlare. sf the groove into 
which difors^ &c, * are in- 
, sMed ■ ' • 
Ffivrier, snu February 
Feurre, straw, chqff" 
Feuue,feU, scurvy hat 
Feutrer. va. to felt 
Vil fy! fy upon r 
Fiaerey sm, a heukney-coach, 
: a sdoundret 

msak<;aAnes^fpl d, betrothing 
Fianc6, sm, bridegroom 
Fiancee, sf bride 
Fianc^r, va. tb betroth 
Fibre, sf»fibre^, filament 
Fibreux, K. 6. fibrous 
Fibrille^ sf. a very small 

slender fibre 
Ficeler, va. to tie^ to * bind 
Ficelle, sf packthread 
Fioellier, sm. a reel 
Fiche, sf. hinge4iookf fish 

(at cards) 
Ficber, to. to,* stick in 
Ficha« sm. a woman^s noch- 

Ficha, e. a.pitiful, silly 
Ficbainent, tuC pitifully 
Fictif, \9. a. fictitious^ suP' 

'Sie{\Wf.sffittion, lie^ story 
Fid^i-evmnui, sm, feoffment 

qf trust 
•~<— comminairo, feojiee oj 

Fideie, a. a. s. faithful loy- 

aL believer . 
Fld^ilieht, dd. fdithfuily 
Fid6Ut6, sf. fidelity i faiths 



Fidrement. ad, htugktily 
Fiert6, sf, fiHde, haughth 

ness ; stateliaus ; fierce' 


TvetX&t shrine for relics 
Fiivre, a fever, ague 

— intermittente, intermit- 

— lente, hectic fevtr 

— ttariatine, scarlet fever 

— iniliaire»int/taryjH*er 

— ardeute, calenture 

— cbaude, a violent fiver 

— tkree, a tertain ague 

— quarte, a quartan ague 

— pourprfie, spotted fever 
Fieweux, aew «. ftverish; 


Fi^vroie, */. lUtlefever 
Fifre, snufife^fifer 
Fiffement, congealing 
Figer, va, to congeal^ coa- 

FignoleT) ou fipioler, vn, to 

strive to excel others ( lorn) 
Figuci »/. afigt a sneer 
Figuerie, orchard of fig' 

Figuier, «m. afig4Tee 
Fii^Oratif, ve. a, figurative 
FtgurativMBimtt a^- —vely 
Figure, sf figure " 

Jform ; 

_faXnessi loyattu 
Fkfudaire, 2. a, fiduciary 
Fief, sm, flrf.f tenure; fee; 

manor ;feufl 
— dominant, manor belong- 

inttto a lordparamount 
Fietre, e. a, arrant f mere, 

Fieiler, va, to infioff 
Fid, sm. gall^ grudge 
Fiente, sf. dung 
Fienterj va. to dung, to mute 
Fier. va. to intrust 
Se ter, vr. to rely., trust to 
Fier, e. a. proud; lofty; 

Fier & bni», sm. hector, bully 

Figur^neiit, ad, 

Figur«r, va. to figure ex* 

Se— , x>r, to imeigine^ fancy 
Figurer. vn. to look well; 

to match; suit; rank 
Finuine*, if. pi, very little 

fgures inpaihting 
Fd, sm. thread ; wire ; edge ; 


— reton, twine 

— i''ott gold wire 
RIage. sm.sirinning 
Filament, jfoimen^ thread 
Fihunenteaz, ae. a. that has 

filaments, filaceous 
Filandidre» sf, a spinster 
Filaudres. sea^weeds on a 

ship^s bottom; motes; fi- 

Filandreux, ae. o. full 

landerSf motes^ ere, 
Filasse, sf, fiax or Itemp 
' t9*be*sp 

ready to* be* spun 

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Filasuer. »m. Jlax or hetnp: 

Fihtare, af» spinning 
n^^JUCf r0W^ order 
— i la fiJIe, aeU in a ram 
Filer, va. to" • jjpin, • trirt- 

rfraw ; v«. to ripe ; ^fe 

Filer doux, <» • ^'w fair 

Filerie, ^ *Ae pkiee where 

hemp^ 9r,fia» • if • spun 
Filet. «m. ttringt JUet, net^ 

ri^ ; thread 
Fileur, se. j. spinner ; vrire- 

drawer ; string-maker ; 

m«l, e. cTflw^ 
FiKalemenu «</. sun-like. 
Filiation, sf, —tion^ descent 
Fili^re, wtre^raxmng iron ; 

Fili^iie, sm, JH^rune^ or 

Fille^/. girlf maid, daughter 
Fitfette, a young lass 
Pilleul, sfn, agod-son 
Filkale, sf, a godniaughter 
Filon, snu vein^ in a mine 
Filoselle, sf.ferrehsUk; gro- 

gram-yam " 
Filpu, sm. sttarpert ^ek- 
■ pocket 

Fik>uter, va.topVfer ; cheat 
lUooterie,- */ 'Wl^^^S* 

Fils, *m. sonichita, bow 
Filu-atien, */ straining 
Ffltre, sm* itumjdrstt'aining 

Uquors, a fitter, charm 
FilU-er, va» toJNtrate 
Filine, sf. spin!ningt wire- 

Fin, end, ahn,set^e, design 
Fin, »m, cunntr^ ; tnain 

point; cream 
— , e. o. JIne, thin, subtle : 

Fioage, sm, eastern if a jw 

Final, e. a. final, last 
Fuiatement, ad, finally, 
Finance, sf duly, tax 
FinancesiJInancef , treasury. 

exchequer; spuhge 
Financer, v. to raise money 

eunmnghf t^iUBBi^er^viutogUsiier 

Flair, «m. scerA {in hunting) 
Flairer, va. to *smpH: to 

* foresee 
Flaireur, sm, a» Parasite 
Ffatmbant, e. a» omang 
¥\»xa\te,jffiag {fifiowpf) 
Flambeau, sm, a, flambeau , 
a candlestick: a light'; 
a lin/^ ; af^ebrandt boute^ 
Flamher, va, to singe, to 

, Flamber, vn, to blaxe,fitffh 

Fiteimeier, sm.fimnder Flftinbei*sej, sf. a raph' 

Finasseur, ^e* «» *ly tmn, 

or woman 
Finasserie, sf, cunning, cr^ft 
Finaud^ jg,'lloiweunnmg man 
Finement, ad, finely ; ct4t^ 

Finesse, sf, fineness; artu 

fice; slyness; ingenuity ; 

jest; delicacy 
Fwec te. a, subtle $ sly- 
Fininient, sm, the finishing 

of a picture 
Finir, va, to finish ; loenff 
Finisseur, sfn- ii/intsher 
Fioleysf. vial 
Firmament, sm, the firm^ 

ment, sky^ cfpe of heaven 
Fisc, the kinx*i tr&sure 
Fiscal, e. ft jftrctt/ " 
Fissure,*/* jwjt/re, &rack 
Fistule, j/t^fub, ulcer 
Fistiileux, se. q. fistulous ' 
Fisauon, */. -^iou, setting 

*/■ rates 
Fixe, J. a.fipced.ttef^y 
Fixeirient, ad, fix^qtyx *t9d- 

fastly . ^*fi^,fatle 
Fixite, frf^y^fi^tty 

FlNicon. sm, a atcttntfr 

FlaffellatiOA, J^/: scHtrging 
Ffaigeltef, *a. » scourge 
Fla^olet, sm, _ a ffagtHet 
Fhigumer, vn. ikl^Mik thinks, 
Flagornerie. sf, pickir^ ^ 

Flag>rnf!vr, se. t. a pkk- 


Flaminei' sm.'fimten (o Ro- 
man prietfy 
rUtmm^ sf, Jkrme i ship's 

Pendant} steam 
Ffainm^«he, a ^rk of fire 
FUn, sm. custard; plate 
-^ fianLs/Ot , UeOav 

Flangiier, V9* to Jtank; 

to ^gtue 
Flaque, «r. ptash; p«nd; 

Fl#<iu^e, ajdashof-anter 
Flsquer, va, to dmk, to shUce 
Flasfj^ue, S. a» faint, flabby 
Flatrer, va. to *burn in the 

Flatter, to Mtert' please, 

*nmke much (f, hug 
Se Qattp^ w, foJUatcr one's 

*<•'/. , '^ ling 

Ftetterie^, */; fiattgry, favn- 
Flatteur, se. a,s- fi^Ucritig; 

FJetteusenent, aO, Jlmur- 

ingly;fQviniogly k 
Flattieut, s^ a^fiatulent 
Vlsxnatnxk^ffiqtuqsity, wind 
Fleaw,«n. afiait, api^»e, 

Fldeh^, (f. arrov, stitch, 

F16«(iir, v^to * bewL to sof 

ten, to relexHi to swmit 
Fiecbissable, %» a, fiejeiUe. 

VmUUmrnyti^ *m, g/snu- 

fiexioH, bending 
FfeehiMem;, kendifr 
Fleicmaaque» a, «..— tic; 

Flltrir, v. U fade, to ble- 

Fl^trUsuf^ sf, withering, 

blenUsht mark of having 

been bratuted^ diigrace 
Fkur, (f^fiawir'^^lossom; 

bloom i lustt^e; choice; 

Primf ifiourish 
Fletir 4e «ri<wJ?>icJf««r 
Fleurde4i«i » finaer-de- * 

Fleur iTe la passion, passSon- 

— — i lleift, adt^even tvlflh 

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FleunuMn. if. the btovring 

timeofjHnieri ^ , ^ 
Fleurdeluer, va, to JtwrUh 

•with fetter-de^lucet ; tP 

yieurcr, ftrtrtf, wi. tt^smett 
FIcuret, *m. a ftrYit^ fern- 

Fleuietis,/tovri»A inmvstck, 

empty 4tujr lcaj9ling 
Flfeuretw, sf. a littte Jtnoer, 
J'leiirir, vtu to dlbuoni, " 

*btbw, te^JUurixK Vi 
neuriste./.a/bWif [howry 
FJeuron, *m ajlmempotk, 

Fleiirir, vru to dUtUMi^ to 
*btbw, to^JUurigtt * 


FJeuron, *m ay?"* 
rmit border; tbot 

Ficuve, a I 

Ficuve, a large river 
FtexiWIUA, tf plUtblenet9 
Flexible, «. tujkxibte, tupple 
Flexion of,flexHm berft&ng 
Flibastier, tm, a buccaneer 
Flic floe; ad, thvtek tfmack 
Flocoii, 9m,Jfake.Jlock, tujt 
Floral, e. o.Jtoral . 

Flocentiiie, */. #•« •/ 

•wrought tatin^ alf a sort 

Florin, nn. aforin, we shit- 

Uvg and ten petice 
PlotiMnt, e.' a, f writhing 
Flot, em, a wave^ tide 
Flottage, the currying nJlMt 

ofvfood doten a river 
Floitam, e. a^fodting^ vto- 

Florte, V: ajleet, a crend 
Flott^, vn, to ffoatf Jtiictv- 
Flotiile-, ^.JtmtH Tate 

Fluant, e. a, runnings blot' 

tlnjf, sinking 
Fluctuation, «/' ~'i^ 
Fliictuoux, ie. a, Jtuctuow ; 

boieterotts . 
Flutf, vn, toJCnb ; to • run 
Ffncf & KflOfer; tb ebb and 

Flnei, te. a,puny ; .tender 
Fluide. a- a,fMd ijtuent 
Ktuidit6, ef, -^y, votubitity 
FIQte, a flute ; Pink (a ehip) 
FlAte AlJeroanoe, ou tFaver* 

sidre, a Germaiii flute 
Filter, vn, to pipe, to tope 
F|(^teur« ttn, a piftei' 
Flikviatile^ «. fl. •/ fresh 

Flux, sm. flood ; tide ', flux ; 

flush at cdrds 

Ftttx db rtiifc, Miedyflux 

— de venire, looseness 
—■ iTBilne, aid&etes 

— de boudte, yrt/jr, altotsys 

FItaxionj sf, defluxion^ coM^ 
inflamn^liouj rheum 

— aux jeux, a course of hu- 
mours in the eye* 

Fluxionaire, %,0, rheumatic 
Foeuiv *m, focus, centre 

foBintJietuSf eijibrub 
i)Ltf, faith i evidence ; fi- 

Foible, 2. a, freble^ weak, 
Fbible, sm. foible, rvenk side 
Fmblement, ad. weakly. i 

Foiblesse, sf. weakness ; 


— de eotit9gt\ faint-hearted- 

Foibiir, vn. to slacken ; to 

Foie, sm, tne liv&r 
Poin, hay t^ath 

Foin d^ini^re taiton, afler- 
Foin d*an artlchaut, the 

thoke of an artichoke 
Foin ! if^t,fu upbn ! 
Fofte, sf.fairjuiring ; loose- 



Foitetix, te. a, s, troubled 

wUh a looseness 
Foil, sf. tirrie^ bovt 
Foison. plenty^ abundance 
Foi«onnd^, vu, to abound, 

I'olAYre, t, a, s, playfUl, 

wanton, waggish^ a t'omp 
Fbtfttrenent, ad, wantonly 
FoUtter. vn, topla^f. to toy 

FoncS, e. a. moniedy well- 

grounded m 
Coulenr ftmc^e, 4/*. a deep 

Fonceur, va, to supply with 

* put i head to a cask, •fall 

Foneier, c a. skilled in, 

Function, tf, function, ^ce 
Fond, snu bottom, ffrntnd, 

matnp^nt, backpart^ hem 

efa cask 
Foiul de cale, hold of a ship 
Foud de Itt^ tester imcntql 
Fondamental, e. a. fundo* 
Pierre fomttraentale, if, 

foundation stone 
Fondamentalement, ad, fun 

Fondant, e. a, melting 
Fondant, sin, dissolv€ta 
Fondateor. a founder 
Fondation, sf, foundation, 

Fwidatrice. a foundress 
Fonderoent^ sm, foundation, 

basis, cause, fundament 
Fonder, v«u tojieund, ground, 

to • lay thefiundaiion ; en- 

Se — » vr. to • be grounded 
Fonderie^ sf, afoundery, the 

art ^casting 
Fondeur, am. a founder 
Fondre, v, to melt, •castf 

•fall in,*fallaway, 'sthk, 

•push upon, stoop down 
Fondri^oe, ^f, a quegnure, a 

Folaurehe. sf, playing, wan- 
ton tfick [a wag 
Foltchon. ne. tf. s, sportive, 
Folie, if, foily, madness, 
dt^auchety, fondness j 
wanton trucaurse 
Folic, a. r vid. Fou 
Fdknient, ad. madlyt foot- 
Foflet, tc. a. wanton [Ishly 
Folliculaire, S; a,fa/licular 
Follicnie, sm, JoUlcula, or 
the bladder ^ the gall,fol- 
Fomfeniatibn, sf,—tion 
Foroentert va% to foment, 

Fondfillcs, grounds, i 
Fonds. sm, land, soil, fuwt, 

9to6K [ingfuiid 

Fondt d'aroortiatenient, sink* 
FonR«r, T>fi. to sink, to blot 
FongiUe, 1, a, consumt^ie 
Fongueux, ws* a, ^ongioite, 

Fongos, sm, excrescenee 
Fontaine, sf fountain s 

springs cistern, issue 
Fontange, a top knot 
Fonte, melting, east, hruse 
Fonteuier, im. a condait- 

Fonticule, sf. fonfanel, issue 
Fonts, sm, pi, the font baP' 

tismai bason 

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Fonif^e) itih dutjf on mine 
Fonin, e. a, fereigrh alien 
Foniin, e* t./ereif^er, aHen 
Forban, «m. a ptrate 
For^t, a galle^lave 
Force. *f. strength^fortUude, 

vittencctforee^ power ^ mag- 

fianimity, energy 
Forer^ t. o. fnany^ plenty^ 

Forc^ment, atf,forcibly ^ury 
Fercen€, e, a. mad^ in 
Foreener, vn> to * be mad 
Foreer, va. to force i to 

*break tipen [fiincer* 

Forcppt, mi, pi, ntr^ 
Forces, »f. pi, thears, flnrcs, 

troop*, strength 
Forcettes, imall 'shears 
Forclorre. va, to forejudge^ 
. fnrehuk 

Forclarion, *f,foraudping 
Forer, va, to'b'ore^to drill 
Foreitier, sm, forester, ran- 
Forftt, */■. a forest [ger 

Foi«t, #m. a gimbletf a pier- 
cer ifoU 
Totfaiie, V, to trespass^ for- 
ForfaJt, sm, a crime ; misdo- 

Forfliture, »/. forfeit, offence 
Forfknterie, rotfianeery. 
Forge, a forge [^qttdckery 
Forger, va, to forge, to ham' 

mer, to invent 
Foii^er, vn, to over-reach (as 

some horses do) 
Forgeron, sm, a blacksmith 
¥orweur,forger, hammerer 
Forligner, vn. degenerate 
Se forlonger, vr, to • rtin a 

(ength, linger 
Se fbrnaliaer, to * take of- 
Forroaliate, S. a* t, formalist 
Formality, */. formitlity ; 

form ^marriage 

Fortmiriaee, snu clandestine 
Forinat, Jftte of a book 
Forznabon, sf, fanning 
Fomuitrioe, a,f,Jormative 
Former sf, form, last^ shape^ 

Jhsurei manner, forma' 

hty; blocks stall in 

choir . . 
Forme (pour de« \jaa), a leg 
-*«■ de chapeaa, cr^nrn 0/ 


Tonnel, le. a, formal, pre- Touet^apef^ faucet 

Fossette, sf, chuck'hoU, dun- 


Formellement, ad, formal- 
ly t explicUly 

Former, Tfl. tb form^frame^ 
*makeJashion^ start, *ina 
up }[siege 

— un ridfc^, • lay a formal 

— le proc^i, • dram an in- 

— (imtruir^; to inform $ 
train, • brin^ up 

Se — , vr, to* be made, to 

• be bred; to arise; to 

• grow a man 
Formidable, S. o. formidable 
Formier, sfn, a last-maker 
Formulaire. a. formulary 
Formule, sf, set farm 
Fomicatenr, snu fornicator 
Fornication, sf, — ttwi, idplfh 

VotSipr. save, except 
Fort, e. o. strong, stout, hard 
Fort, sm, master-piece ; skilly 

main point, middle, height, 

heat, oias,fert 
Fort, ad, very, very much, 

Fort et ferme, stoutly 
Fortement, strongly, stoutly 
Forteresse, sf. a fortress 
Fortifiant, c a. strengtfien- 

ing [er 

FoTuficatear, sm, strengthen- 
Fortification, sf, —tion 
Fortifier, va, to fortify, to 

strengthen, corroborate 
Se — , vr, to gather strength 
ForUn, sm, itttle'ftrt, sconce 
Fortraire. va, to cotivey away 
Fortuit, e. a. fortuitous, ca- 

Fortmtemetit, ad: aafiden- 

tally, ca*ua{lu^ by chance 
Fortune, if fortune, luck, 

condition, destiny, chance 
Fortune de mer, storm 
Fortun6, e. a, fortunate ; 


Fouile,S«o* sm, fossil 
¥oo9byer,va.tomoat round 
Fouoceur.#fn. a grave-dig- 
ger, ditcher 
Fou, fol, le- a, mad ; sUly s 

very fond ; foolish 
foil, sm. a fooT; jest 
bishop at chess ; beech tree 

Fortv^ln, sm,' a scoundrel ; 

upstart, beggar 
Fonire. t/". key-hole, bore . 
FoMe, grave, pit; hale 
Fosse de Testomac, pit of flie 

stomach ' 
Fos§4, snii ditch, moat 

Fouaee, hearth mot»ey 
Fouailler, va. tojfog. to lash 
Foudre, {/*. thunderbolt 
Foudre^ stn, a large tun 
Foudroieme&t, sm. thunder- 
striking {dreadful 
Foudroyant, e. a,t7tundering^ 
Foodroyante, sf, sqiao; 
rocket resembling a thun- 
Fottdroyer, t><i. to thunder- 
strike t batter ; fuhmnau 
Foudroyer, vn, to ftomt 
Fou6e, sf, fowling by can- 

Foh^t, sm, nhip, nhipcord, 

rod, lash 
FoHctt€, c. a, vjfttpt 
FQuetter, va. to * wA^, hull, 

to * cut 
Fouettear, ie« s, ajlogger 
Fouger, va, to rooe, fo * <% 
Fougeraie, of. ferny ground 
rouj?^re,/<?m |^ tfup) 

FwgoDt sm, a cooh-roem (in 
Fwig^ sf. heat, impetuosity 
Foa);eas, le. a, Jlery, hot ; 

FtiuiHe, sf, trenching, rak- 
ing up 
Fouin««u-pot, sm, a scul- 
' Ron 

Fouiller, va, to trench ; to 

rake up i to rummage; 


Foulne, tf. a pole-cat 

Fouir la tei^, va, to * dig 

the ground {herrings 

Foclage, sm. the pressing of 

Foule, sf. crowd; throng; 

oppression ; i\tlling 
Fouler; t>d. io tread j to full; 
. trislhipXe 0)1 ; oppress ; gall 
'Fouler ^u dhtp,. to mill cloth 
"FovAetie, sf.' natter^s ot ful- 
ler*s work-house ; wine- 
press * 

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^ouleur, «m, a grape4peod' 

er ; a fui/er 
l?&al€t»,*f,pl. deer"** tract* 
iFooIoar. sm, haUcrU work* 
ing board; trough of n 
:Foiilon, a fuller {press 

Poolun;, */. iprainytvrbaUn^i 
Four, «m. oven j kiln ; bake- 
"Foifrht, cheatfimpojaor . 
Fourbe, i. a. cheating ; df 

ceit/ul, crqfiy 
foqrSe, sf. imposture, chea6 
Fourtier, so. to cheat; to 

Fooiberie, imposture, cheat 
Foarbii, r*. to furbish 
Pourbis«eur, sm, a smord- 

Fcmilusrare, ^*furbishiog ' 
Fourbu, e. a» foundered 
Fourbure, sf.faundering 
Fonrehe, apitchfork {bet 
Foarches iMitibobures, " 

Fonrchery vn. to * grow fork- 
Fourehette, sf. ajfotk X.ed 
Foarchon, «m. a fork inth 

three prongs 
FoiiTChon,/>rofur ofafurk 
Fonrcbu, e. a, forked, cloven 
Fourgont sm. a sort of wag' 

gon, an ovenfork, poker 
FoOTf^tner, ro. to stir the 
Jirei. to pokti to fumble 
younn\,sf, aftt, pismire 
Founnilnntt e. a*svmrming 
FoormiUemeut, sm. prick- 
ing { itchitig 
. Foanmllei% vn. to stparm 
with, to * be full of 
Fouonilli^re, sf, an anfs 
nest ; a throng ; a stsarm 
Foomatse, a furnace ; kiln ; 
trial Xsmall mine 

Jnaraeau, sm, a stove, kiln^ 
Foam6e, tf, batch of bread, 

' oven-full 
Foucni,e. a, full, Viick 
Fouitkier, sm. an oven-bender 
Founril, a bake-house 
Fournirosnt, powder-flask 
Foarnir, "«. to furnish ; 
*Jind ; affvrd ; • make up, 
Founur, vn. to serve the turn 
Foamissem^nt, sm, furnir. 
• ture, equipajge 

Founritvre^ 4f*. fumiskiagi 
provisioh^. furniture, fr- 
mittance, trimming, eitudl 
Fonrm^t sm. fodder, fo- 
rage ivage 
Fourrager, v. tofurage, rs- 
Fonrmgeur, sm,jvrager 
Fonrwiu, a case, a scabbard 
Fourreau de robe, afrock 
Fourrer, va. t» thrust in ; to 

• stHffinth; tofur 
Sc — » rr. to intrude m^V 

self; U engage . 
Foiirieitr. sm^ furrier, skin- 
Founrier« harbiriger, pro- 
" vider 
Fourri^re, sf. a woodiford, 

PfiUnd 'X 
FoiuTuisie, afii^,fw4ining 
Fourvoyement, mu a going 

astray; error . 
Foarvoyer, va, to * mislead 
Se — , vr, to*gooM^ one's 

waff, to err { 
FouteAu, snua beech tree 
Foyen o hearth ; he(U ; house; 
centre ; seat ; a tiring- 
room; focus 
Fracas, crash^ clatter^ noise 
Fracfluer, vtm to * break in 

pieces . 
Fraction, sf, fraction 
FractaoiiMire« -i^atfraetiorutl 
Fractqrp, sf fracture, break- 
Fracture, e. a* hroken [ing 
Fmgile, S. a. frail, brittle 
FwRilitfe, */. —lUyyfroUty, 

britttemss . 
Fragment, sm^ a fragment 
'Fxiii,spaionJ'ru, wearing out 
Fraiclie, Otfeool, fresh, new 



ruff; 4riU 

Fraicheinent, ad* coolly; 

newly ;frvh^y,,„ 
Fraicheur, '*A coolness ; 

Fraichir, Tf). to increase 

(spcakingoC th^ wind) 
Frairie, sf.^ pierrff-tnaking. 

Fra:^, fraieju;, a; co,ol, fresh, 

new, neiafy, recent, raw 
FraiSf snu cool; .'coolness 

fresJtair .. . t . 
Tni\s,pl. charges, CA-penccs 
I Fiais, «rrf^ n^Jy,.cQ9ly 

^u^ eair* pluck 

Frailer, va« topiait ; kneeut ; 
driU . fry 

Fraiteite, ^f, small strsmSer- 

Fniisi,«m. cinders 

Fraitier, stttoxsberry plant 

Ftunhai&tf-sf rtupberry 

Framboiier, va« to * give a 
taste ^Tuspberry 

Fcambovinv «in raspberry- 

Franc, Uvnt, a piece tf mo- 
ney, value 20 pence French 

Frfuie. fnnche, a. f*eei 
fnmk ; mere ; arrant ; 
true; open . 

Fiaoc, ad,, plainly ; Jhtiy I 
corhpletely \stdt 

FVBBC-Mle. sm, aUofwamct ef 

— tenancier, afreehdder 
Franchemeac, ad, ple&niy, 
Fmnchic, 'ea, to • leap every 

to overcome 
Francliiae, i sf, immunity I 

Fianeisec, va. to French^y 
Francois, sm. Francis 
Francois «•«•«. French 
Fttiiicois, sm. Frenchman, 
Fran^oiset*/. Frenehwaman 
Frangeon, em, Uttlefrmge 
Fraoffer, va. to fringe 
Franker, e. s,fringe-maker 
FnmgipaBr, sf ktnd of per- 
fume, ciran% ana atmond 

eake . . » > . 
Franquc^ a, (la lansue). 

loBguage wed in the l 

vant ; lingua franea 
FrBliqnette,-^. Hi 

.qnettr^ toio freely ; 

Frappant,«. a. striking ; ei» 

ftndali.nmterial . 
Frapije, sf, stamping \ \ 
Frappe'Hnain, sm, Mt cockks 
Frappemem de maana^ ciap- 

Finp^fi vaJo*itrike,*emife9 

knock ' . .> 

-"df»4a rootmoie, te stamp 

tnonty ... 
'" de*.m»«ns, to f clap 


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»- nuque, */. a triek [er 

Fnuer, ^m, a ylntng^ barit 
Fntemel, !«• «(» br^herly 
FraterneUeinent, ad. f rater' 

ftaUff ; t*vingl(f 
Fraterniiery vn. t^Jive it 

brotherly tnanner 
FntemiUT, »f, —ttitys brt- 
• ther(y l»ve, society 
Fntrickle, *m.Jiratrieide 
Faml, ^. fraud I deceit i 

Frtuder, va» to dejrmul; 

-«— < les droitt« to tmunie 
Fmodeur. *m. dtframler 
-^— de douane, « tmuggler 
Fnodulenwineot, «/. y»»«fi- 

dulentlyg by a trick 
Fnadnleux^ se. a. yhiwffi. 
^n/, JhntdatoWt ertdttf , 
rnyetjV, toopen^ to • thew^ 

rtib again»t^graat-> opawn, 

agree Ifiar 

Fnweur,*/. /H^to; dread; 
Fredaine, a prank ; frolic 
Fiedon^ #m. frilling; quet 

vering ; a glee 
Ftcdonner, i»a t0<r{U,9tta> 

Fr6x«te, */ a frigate 
Frein* m, bit^ bridle^ curb 
Fielam^er, a mere oerwb 
Frelater, va. to a«h/UereU 
Ftelfterie, #/. oophittteation 
Fr?le, ^. a* frails weak; 

FreluD, MR. a hornet, drone 
Freluquet, em, a prig, opark 
Frlmir, vn. ro Auader; 

ehafkt to roar^ to eimmer, 

FrSmittement; onu a, ehud- 

dering; tPetitbafig ; hum- 
Fr^neiie, of. afivnxy, mad- 

rteet • 
Frftn6tique« %^a» e» frantic 
Frequence, af* frequency 
Fy6<|u«m, e. 4u fivfuenti 

Ffffiqaeatttir* ^* a, -ftwfte 
Frequentation. */". frequent-, 

ingi httttfttingt cofn»efrtng 

,va» tofitquent^ 
kenmtf Hiep company toUh 
FT6qiMnter» vn. to tue a place 
Vf^n^om, a brother 
VHre (reURieux)./r»sr, monk 
-.— d« kit, footer brother 
Fr^s jumeaux, tTvitit 
Flrdvot, mit brother 
FiciaiCf ef» ocrtcch owl' 
Fteoque (peindra k), topatnt 

FieMuredevetu, calfepluek 
' ' 'elmkt 


role, S. a.. 


Frivolite, i 

— de ooohan. hog'i 

Fwtik, *m,fMght 

Filter va, to fright 

Fr^eor, em^Ji'e^hter; ow- 
ner Urieking 

Fi4tinant« e« «. fhttteHng, 

Fr6tUlcinent, *m,frioking 

Fi^liller. v>»i tofriok^JMter 

Fretin, «m. cr/ry ; traoh . 

Frette^ #f. fUrrule ; ferril : 

Fretti, e. a. fretton (in he- 

Friitbllit^, «/. •: — Hty 

Friable, t. a. friable, bHttle 

FriMd, e. «k dojfity ; frfee 

Fritnd, e* s, eneet4ooth 

Fjiandise, of, daintineoe 

Friandites, i>/. fiiMft# llope 

FricMMleatti tm, Stotehcol- 

FTktM^, tf.fHtaetee 

Fricasaer, »«» to fry, to 
eqtmnder away 

FricaMCWk om, a paltry cook 

Friehev of. kmduntUled 

Fiictton. -^w; rubbing 

FrigidHe, natural friguaty; 

Frigorifique, S. a. coding 

FrHleas, ■& a, ehillu 

Frintts, am. rime ; noarfroH 

Fringant, e« a* gameeome^ 
airy^ briek 

Fringuec, t^ tofritk ; to rime 

Friper, tm. to rumple ; gob- 
ble damn ; *apcil, oquander 
awau iclotheo^hop 

FripeHe, ef, a oeeond hand 

-.— , broker*e trade 

r— , broker"* street 

Fripe^ancet am, lld^pU 

Fripeur, a ioaater ^broker 

Fripier, e, a, tt aaleaman; a 

Fripon, ue. a. a. roguiah; 
regue ■ 

FttponMHut am, fi^^ rogue , 

Digitized by VjOOQ 

. play thet 

T<n fa cneol't f^ 
_ _ _ _ truant 
Friponiieriekf ^irnovnrA trick 
FMponnicT, am. a sharper 
Fri^uety a alice ; a prig;, a 

ktnd of farrow 
Frirc, vn, toJVy ; aguartder 
Frt«e. af, frieze ;Jfunnel 
Friaer, va, to curl^ cri^s 

trwte; ruffles nap • 
Fhsuir, am, hair bodkin 
FiiioD, under petticoat 
PVisotter, va, tofrhcxle, crisp 
FriMiiiette,«/; afrioket 
Fiision, #m. a shiverity[; a 

cotdJK rwef'ifs 

FriMimoDent^ fivertsh sAt- 
Frissonner; vn, to shtoer^ 

Fviraie* sf cttrang ; ctttt 
Fritithare, sf. la ry (a 

flower) J 
Ftiture. frying; fried Jlsh; 

■frivtiotia, vota, 

, affHooimtaneoa 
FroCy am. monk s mmtit 
Frocatd; a monk {tronieaUy) 
Ftxicqucy a, who wears a 
monk*s habit (grave 

Froid, e. a<. cold; frigid; 
Froid, sm. cold; eolehtesm 
Faire ou battre Imkl^ ta re- 
ceive coldly; to look cold 
on lip 

Frndenient; ad, eoiaty ; weak- 
Froideur, sf. cotdneea ; coM 

reception ; indijfftrenoe 
Froidnr, vn, to • vrirw cold 
Froidure. sf cold (of the air) 
— — , winter (in poetry) 
Froidnreux, le. a, chHly 
Froiuement; sm. comdsn-; 

bruising; dashing 
FroisKr. va, to bruise; to 

rumple ; f0 dash to pieces 
FroUsnre, f/1 a bruise 
FrOiement, sm, grazing 
Ffftter, va, to graze 
Fromage, sm, cheese 
Froroufiery e.s, cheesentonger 
Froniagecie, sf. cheese-mar- 
ket; place where cheese is 
* made 
Fromageux, se. a. chcestf. 
Froment, sm. wheat 
■-4'I»Kie, Indkm com 

ntu ofwhAt 

Vronoer, vd. f gathctypucktr 
— le MiiMil«/o/ro7Wi 
Fnoo^i, «fn, gather^ pucker 
Fronele, a bikyjelm 
Fronde. *f. u 4Uf^ ijbctien 
Fronder, vmUo *#%jur itticitie; 

to hUmei to teruure j«» 

Tmodtur^ ftfU ^UMgeti 

courtier ; a tikk&r 
FroDt, Mk /or«Afiatt: fronts 

Trootk^ewtjaee tofyci 
FhmtaJ, em. a frontlet 
FrontMu, frentkt ; hea4» 

eudl {dere 

Fronti^fe, efijrvdierefbe^ 
Fh>ntitpiee, em, frentiepkee; 

.tttW^oge , ' 
Fronton, a.pedimeiU 
FrotteoMBt, kii^tim; rub- 

bing [Imng 

Frotter« tw. f • ri«6 ; ^dewer; 
Se — , v**. f« meddk with 
Frattear, •& «. o rubber 
F-mttoir, «m.d mwii^ ciMA 
Frouev. vff. f o ««/{ Mr«<K 
Fractifler, t?. to frwtyiy ; <9 


Fuligineux, le. a,jfuligitww^y 

eoottf • (mad 

Fulminant, e. a. ««rmiivi> 
FalniioftdoB,«^ •Mftfn 
Falroiner, «, <» ftginUnate ; 

*«yrrt muifame 
^UMBt, «* a. «maU»Mr/ 

FamCe, </; emoke; etetm 
Fum^es, pK/umew ffumete 
Fnmcr, «. toemokei to dungj 

to fret if chafe 
Funiet, «m../l«Mur / fwtr 
Fumeiir, « emoker 
Fnneax^'ae. m^^mokvtjkimyi 

heady (dunghHt 

Fumier, #m. mi^; di^gi 
Fumigation, efi'-^ton 
Fandger, wr. tofimigale 
Fun^bre, ^.tuhtneHUi 40«- 
Funer, «& f* rtf fffo«/ 

Fun6niillet9 ef. pi^ obeequke 
Fane laive, «.«.«. ftmermi ; 

Tmien^%d,Jktali unlucky 
FunestemcBt, aA fiftaUy 
Funeur, em» a rigger 
Fur-A fw et *^ nmuttjirmn 

hondtontouth • 

FaveiflB^ V. tv Jkmt§ u 
* eeoTc h iPJy' 

ForeMnv ^f^ o ftrreuer ; 

FiunewTyfir yivys ^vgtf^iMn^ 
ne«*f eagernen 

FnriboM. c» «. -A >kirlMr« ; 
fl«^*fur mad 

Fuiie, effury^ pateitn^ hem 

Vat & m km mwdr^ceee^iveiy 

Furieux , ae. «• mad ;furlout>i 
C'^tooma» prodigioue • [jcmIvA 

Ftiiit»^--<iHi, aij«voi£Ot IVurtiftTe. o. «&m<feieiftr, dy 

FruebdouiOD. 4/; —^•ihti 
Frnetoeiuenent, . ad. euc' 
eeeeJkOy / prMbly 

FrUffaL ^ «, eober ; yn^ 
FraitRleinent, «^ eobeHy ; 

FrugaUtB, #/". /r«g|a£i^ ; #•■ 

Fcufi Vora^ s. cufnm^rmie 

Fruit, em.fruU ; a<fv«aHQr«; 

PriKfiaprVveee ; q^W# 

Fro^Si^ *fjrvkcry>,fmt- 

Fruitier, .«• /r i|ifi4Mrjii9 ; 

Fn&tiec^ «»• ihflc«tirdbi ; 

fruiterer [tr 

FCiiitidrei, #/l AJ^Mie, oc Am6 

Fnuqnio, em,^me^i aU 
FnMMr, va, t0 frudfaie i 

balk; deprive ^; diei^ 

FuBitif, ye. &. s.fkigkioe 
Fiigue, ef^ fvgue^ cbaee (in 

F«iOy rntall pigemhhmue 
Fuir, vaUo*fhf^ i«*rvfi AMiyf 

Fuir, vn. to appear at a ccr- 

tain dietmnce ; topuj^ 
VythtJSghti atmd&igf€9m- 



FortiTeocM* mdk by tttakk 
FiHataf tm4 the tpi ndk ttee 
Vuoem, epindik I bobbin 
F«n£e,«/: atthtUe^vii f rtik* 
eti »quiS\fk»eti terrvl ; 

D«m«ler uae Ait6e, N tkar 

ma intricate bueiueee 
Fofler,«ke*-4tiste# « ruiif 
Faiil»ttl6« ^ -4tf y i*epnad 
Fusible, S. a Atfi^/e ;yiM<«r 
Faiil, 4ttHTjl»cMb} ttrndtt- 

boxioUelf Hghtgun 
PuiiotH .^«/nf<Mif ov imMm j- 
FuttlKer, «ni«*.4r«urjv* iduA 
Fit, fin. gWfHock ; ehmft of 
a pillar -i ilraim4nrrel r 
caekfotn^ . tfrm* 

Fotaie, «/: « fimei oTl^ 
tofht om -' 


FjitiilleEfee, tpood/kfor eatkt 
VatakeK^futrianj dimity 
Fntainier^ em^fuetian or 4f«> 

mity weaver 
FjHtA, e» a. crafbu^ emrming 
Futile, «. a trtJUng j iMin | 

FutUit6, effwtlUty, nmmty 
Fatur, e^ ov/vfii^ <• iWNfl 
Futur, em. fkdutt unee | Ai- 

Fvtur, Cb lO^ Mid On law) </* 
pereone •o^oart fn the 
point ^vtbrtiage 

Faturitioo, of. —*^tom 

F uyatd^ em. orun-anayj 
coward {fl^^^i f^ti!ff^ 

Foyaid, e. Ck apt to run 


Gxn SHE., ef a lighter 
GalMH,«^d-fhMl^^Ar ' 

thip-buib Ur^ 
OnMUWf^ Kgwi/fmaii 
Qabdage , thed rifing of edit 

in a itfi^eoctae • 
Oabeler,*ktealt dry 

Oabeleoi, em* a gabehuan 
Oabelle, of- exctetf duty on 
GaUonv^m* agabion Ctatt 
dabionaMe,' ef^-imdt 

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160 GAI ' 

^^•••ntop, Iff Attr^MBNi 
Qaheiage, the drying tf nOt 

in omtuaxine' 
ChiMer, vti. f* let mlt drtf 

in a magazine 
Gabeleur, *m, agtJbelman 
Gftbeile, tf.eaeeiati duty m 
G«bion, mu a gabim XnUt 
Gainonnade, tf. — Mwfe 
Otintma^t^ va. U voter wUh 

\f*f ttapk^xcalWimk 
Gieher, va, %•> ^ mMr, riiwe 

G|«lieiix,9eb-«. ntiry, •'lobby 
GAchis, 9m. tlabfplath 
Gadelle, sf, currant* 
G«deUier, »m, ettrrantJmsk 
Qadottard, a night-ynan 
Qadoue, fflerdtircJUUt < 
G«ff«, gaj'^iran^iook 
Gage, Mnuparon, ttken,pUdge 
GUj^E, vaJo hirCff bet^ * Jay 
Gages, Ml. pi, "magan nUary 
Gugeur^ae.,*. abetter 
Ga^are, */. «wf«r, bet 
Gaeiste,«m, hired man. in a 


^^^Sn^e, paHure^grouhd 
GajcBBget, GiKiii)ria,cn;/to 
Gagnai\t» e. ^ a tvtmier, - - 
Gai(De4c»tter..mi et^labmrBr 
Gaghe-pam, livelihood' 
Gagne;^lJ!t,/ffMvef» or.dd*- 

eart grinder. \ 

Gagner, va* to » gtt, gain, 

* wtn«carryf reoo^ cam, 

*jr«!<f. ., . .. •. .;■!.. .. 

Gaeaerau pifijcafnpermoay 
Se s«;;:99r, vr. h Hcca^Bbing 
Ga^^i, »/. jolly plump girl 
Ga^ e. flU ^«y, merry ^ Uvely 
Gaienient, ad. nrnrrily^ gaily 
G%\eit , if. gaik^^ mirth 
Gaillani, e. a. merry, britk, 

tipty, gallant^ jolly, ptea- 

tan^-\ :.'••■ 

Gaiilaru. dVa^ti -ami fori' 

Gaillard Hlvpnlbt^t . gwtrter- 

Gttllanle, sf, a .tprightly 

ctofice . 
Gaillardemenu iuU merrily^ 

G»iUanfi«e, *f. fruUcgqiay 
^^j/^K^w". luvrf.projit 


Gaioe, tf, a tktttth 
GaMer, tm, a thaatk or 

Gala,y»ue, entertainment 
Galamment, ad, genteelly, 

ff^^gmUondy, -mUely 
Galaut, e. a. genteel t dever 
Galant, via. fpairk, tweeiheaH 
09iant,kn9t ofribbeno ■ 
Galanterie, «/: gaOantry^ in- 

Galavie, the mitkyway 
GaUMpqnu enu-^num (gum) 
Qale, */: the itch, the mange 
Gaieace, a gaUey with taU* 

Gal6«, a printer** galley 
S&caler^vr. t9 terateh^torub 
GaKre» ef.gmllty, eohdee 
Gnlane,gmerg, balcony 
G,okt,'a>t/tuffbiboard, pebble 
Galetas, agarret 
Galem, w&, a« tfcAy . 
GalostXi. te. e»eeabby^mani or 


GftUiQUiia*, em,, bambatt, 

Gaiioa,aM(/to«n. • 
GalioittA bomlbe»,.bomb4at(A 
Galip9U*mk rosin.' 
Galle (noix de), *f, gaU-nt^ . - 
GaUieao;«>.a. ^/ia«n 
GaUiciHne,#n».^«4m» i - 
OoXocX^ if , galosh ,■ . 
6a)on, jfpt, gaUocn.t,.lace, 

gallon^.groCer't box . 
Galonner, va. to lace . ■< 
^\oT^, smr^ gtdlep 
galopMev«#< goUopittg 

<^aloper, vn. ttgatiop^ hunt 
<^alopiu, sn%0 errandSoi 
low kmguage 

alopiu, «nu ertandmu. 

U vender ;\ v9i to scfiU -in 

low kmguage 
^»mMiehm'^<<t tptdterdaah -■ 
GaiAbadek-a gaat^olj jeot ■ 
Gambader, tm. to gambol 
QtmokkiMf tm..mak-tuap ' 
Gambiuer, vn, to^pU^f^ rmth 

•oneUlego - 
Gamelle. ȣ. a wooden bowL 
Gammer tw 4iamut 
CIttBterlagamraes, to rtpri' 

wand; to^rattk . . 


ChuMr de Ramtne^ft ater 

one's conduct 
Ganaflke, ^ffnck-sk^ledfO- 

low, nether jaw tf a horee, 

Gangrene, */. gangrme 
Se gangr^iier, vrjto gangrene 
Gnnoe^sf.a loop ■ 
Gant. tm, a glove 
Gantel6e, s/foa?starves 
QtmUiVst, sm, a gquntlet 
Ganter, va. to *put on gloves 
Oaolerie^ {/T glwe-makiiu^ 

or Of lliug \ 
Oafltjtir, ei» s', a gtover 
Garanoe, sf, madder 
GattBcer, Mt. to dye with 

Garant, • em. ■ wmruat e t^ 

voucher f guarantee; author 
Oanmtie, *f. ^wimmn/ 
Ganntir, iJifc to *—— 

jargon, sm, a, boy if tt haehe- 
^ lor,ajs^neym)aii 
feir?onnet, a mttboy 
GavcoiAii^iteV of- a romp, ru 
Garde, guard, keepimMiurte 

.watch, %^Hng,' prvtec. 

tUn, charge 
Garde (d'dp6e),Alft 
Gatdf , sm, a ke^ter ; warikr 
©«de*oi8, Ml. -o forest. 

Gft^^utiifae, tm/athioff 

abk warrsf ohop^kSeper 
Gmiie da eorph, Rfcmrd 
Ganl»«etidi«t, afeAr 
Gaide«dte, a t^^ruUer 
Qaide-fbn, iron bare before 

a fire i fender 
Onrde^bn, raife along brhh' 

eo,keyr,»CC - • 
G«»de*magaztD, - a Here- 
' 'keepef " ^ 

GaritfiattiK«r, /ottfer, 6ttf* 
. tety,9tore-room 
•GavdcknevMe, a jwardrobe, 

yeoman of ditto 
G«lde.iw«e,« ftWof^ - 
Garde^ioble, //. gtUardksn. 

o^ofMnoblaman**, chiU 

Gaideia*oit«ter*iire, ef, pi, 

ward* of a lock '^ 

Gaider, v, to^ke^*tmke heed 
Gatder(iiiilMdiAiy, t^nuroe 

,y Google 


Se gftrdet de. to • keeftfrmt 

aotng any thing tarn** 
Gatderobe, */. vmrdrobe ; 

cl&fet. frocK 
Gftrde-r/Me, «»» tJienufttir of 

the rolls 
Gardc-vaisaelle, a gentieman 

of the ewry 
Gardear, le. 9. u- h«rd4c«iper 
Gardieu, ne s. a guaniun, 

a seguetfrte 
GanUm, «m. roaeh 
Gare, int, make way, take 

Garenoe, #/*. a toarren 
Garennier, #m, e varrtner 
Garer, «f fsaver, to *<a^& rarr, 

f protect m^*9tlf 
«e gareariaer, vr. to gargle 
Gargansme, *nu '-^^rinns 

•Gan?otage, iag>mag, ghabby 

Gargote, ef, fiatry eafing- 

Garg^er, vn, to haunt hedge 

a&housee^ to * eat .and 

* drMc vndecemlu 
Garedtier, e. #• pakry vicUt- 

Gar^onille, «/. agutttr^out 
Gargnatll^e. spouting 
GarcrouUtement, stn.a- grunt' 

biing in the bowels 
Gvarg^Maner, vn, to deiAle, 

Gargoailtfs, am, noise of a'. 

<]*«f|Sousse, sf, treartouck, a 

Ganorassidiie, a poush fbr 

OaroeiiMtat, sm, a prolate 
Garmraoit. apparatus 
Gamir, va. to furnish, trim, 

storct adorn, gartdsh^ind 
Se gapmir, vr. to sricee 
<5«niM0B, *f, garrison, peo- 
ple put en « house on oa 

GarniMeaT) sni, halterdaohet 
iG<Hniit««. sf furniture, gar' 

nishment, trimming, set 
Oaroa (loap), *nu vooro'-wsilf 
Garrat, wtthers f packing' 

stick, bow 
Ganocier, va* to * bind Tvith 



0an, em. a lad, bo^^etrip' 
ling tcr' 

6aicoD,ne. s.a boaner,rrick' 
Gtaeosmtae, sm. gaaeotdsm 
ChMDonnade, sf, gasconade, 

GsaMnttejr, vn. toboatt 
GaspiHage, spoiling, toasting 
Qnt^ler, va, to lavish, to 

7vaste^ to * ^eil 
Gas|riUear,.Mw s. spendthrift 
Gastrique, a, s. gastrie 
Gfstrilbqiie, sm.veutrikq^det 
GastrelAtre, aglutton 

qf, dttiatineso 



GRtaau de miel, honey^anA 
GAte-ro«der, a epoii-tmde i 

one roho toorks or seits at' 

under price 
Gbnet, va. to • epoii^ vmste, 

soil^ mar, corrupt 
Se -gitar, to taint, to be spoil- 

ed >* . Irupter 

Gitear, te^ *. spoiler, cor- 
Ganefai^ 3. a. left, aukword 
Gaachement- ad, aukwurdly 
Gaucher, e. o.«« left-banded 
Gauehoic, sf, aukwardneu 
Gaiichtr, vn. *shrink back, 

shift ling back 

GautthiMement, sm, abrinio' 
Gaude, sf, -wood 
Qm aA cT f va, to dye with tooad 
Se gaudir, vr. to • be merry 
GanfTre. of. a hoaeyf^mb; 

pastry t zoafcr 
Ganffrer des €tJofE»,to figure 

Gauineur, sm, one mho fi- 
GauilUer, vn^er iron 
Gteoffrare, sf. figuring . 
Gaule, a stoitcK,pole 
Gaoler, vn, to * tea( demn 

•with a pole . >. 

GaoUa, sm, long sprig. 
GKvoMetsf.gavot (^adaitee) 
Gaupe, a slut, troUep 
9« gaaaer, vr. to jeer ^ banter 
Gausserie. sf, jeering, jest 
Gaoatenr, se. s, ajeerer 
Qift, sm. the aromatic vrior 

tile part of a plant 
,sf gauze 

ile, an antelope 

Gazer, va, to cover vrith 


Gaxeruneevpivtiiiim toveU 

an indecent word 
Gazetier, snu gwsetteer ; 

Gazetin, little gaxetfe 
Oaxeue, «/. a neyospapcr, blab 
Gazier, snu a gauKO-makfr 
Gsaaa, green turf 
Gazonnmaeitt, covertttg vith 

Gazonner, va, line with turf 
OazouiUemeiit. ^m. u^qri- 

ling $ purUng 
GnaKHiiiler. vn. to vmblts 

p^K chirp 
0«i, sm, ajay,jackikne 
Gten«, e. *. giant, giantfu 
Gshexme, sf hell, torment 
Geindre, vrt, to rohinfi 
G^lattoeux, se. a.jeftu^ike 
OtXt^sf, frost, jelly 
— blanahc, hoarfrost 
Geler, vn to *Jrfet(e 
Geiine, sf a A^ 
Gelwiotte, ajfne tit pullets 

toood-heni vfOter-qmal 
G€iivnwt JYeexing of trees 
Gemeaux, sm, pL the sign 

Gemir, vn, to groan, to 000 
G^mineiaent, snu groaning 
G«iMim, e. ft. froublesames 

Gfiiicive. tf, t/iegun$- 
Genflarme, sm. lifeguards 

a termagOMti spark ^ 
Se senlanner, vr. to blusttf 
Gendarraeri^ Kf, horse of fbg 

Geii4re, sm, setfin4aw 
GJnj^. rack^ pdtn, eon- 

G|a&a]ogie, geneiUsgy, p3»^ 

O^afiaWgMta, sm, -*'-»gist 
G^ner. va. to clog, constrain, 

cnanp, straiten 
Gfinecal, sm, q genendteklef 
06n^ral,e. a, general 
Cr^s^sklMt, generalship 
0£n6iale, sj the geeeral (a 

beat if drum) 
G6n6raleinent, ad. — -rally ; 

universally^ eommonlu 
G£n6rfdiier, v, to ^ mwte ge- 

3y Google 



f^enlukime, *fw. « geriera- 

Gftn »aUt6, »/ -<y precinct 
Oeuiralites, */". pi general 

G^Dcniteur, tm, generating 
Gcn^ratif, ve. a, -^ive 
Ocn^ntion, #/ —tion ; pro- 
gem prapagatitm, descttu 
Oenereuiemeut, ad, gene- 
^e^neieux, le. a. generous 
Oentriqoe, a. a. —rical 
oen^mnt^, sf generosity 
Oendae, GenesU 
Gen^t, «m. broom, genet 
Genet, a ^Otanish stone-horse, 

a little horse 
Genette, */. a tvild cat 
Gen^nier, sm. ajunifier-free 
G6nie, genius^ talent, tern- 

G^nidyine, a Juniper-berry 

geneva, or gin 
G6nitse,«/ a heifer [rative 
Genital, & a. genital, gene- 
G^itttif, sm, genitive cate 
G6nitoires, sm.pUgenitaL 
Gfiniture, */. ^spring 
GcnoA.ftn. AmM 
Genoaill^fe, tf. the top of « 
, boot Ider 

Genre, sm. kind, style, gen- 
OeiM, jy; folks ; people ; ser- 

N. B This roord is f token 

preceded by an «. and id. 

wAfn «•*<? a follvws 
Gens d'cgliKi churchmen 
Geni de guerre* military men 
Gem de conoition, jgpejtf/b> 

Gent, */. natUm, tribe, people 
Gent, e. a, gent, neat, iptttce 
Oentil, em, a heathen,pagan 
Gtntil, ks. a. genteel, pretty 
GentilDomiBe, sm a gentle- 
man ; nobleman 
GeBtUhommerie, sf. gentle- 
man's seat,gentuity 
GeotUhommiere, neat coun- 
trykwse [thenism 

aenMht6,theheatberu, hea- 
Gentillfttre, sm, petty coun- 
Gentillesse sf, genteelness; 
pretty 9aying,prttty trick ; 

Qihelitt,sm, a gimlet 

Gibelotte, sf. a fncossee of 


GemiiBcnt, ad.preUily, neay 

Gt'nuJBexion, sf kneeiing 
Oeoeeiitriaae, 2. a. -^nc 
Gcode, {/". an eaglestotte 

'kiwi of pebble) 
G^o{(nH»he, sm, --pher 
Gcoj^raphie, «f -:pAy 
Geofpraphique, i. a. "phical 
Geolage. sm, prison fees 
Geole. sf, a ga^, prison 
Geoliei', sm. a gaoler 
Geolidre, sf, agaaler*swife 
G6onianeie. geomaney 
G^oraaneieD, sm, gemnancer, 
G6om4tral, e. a^geotnetrtcal 
Geftmdtre, *m, a geomtter 
G6om. trie, sf. -^ry 
Gcon* trique, i a,—triettl 
Gcom€ triquement, ad, --caUy 
Georgiqoei, sf pU Cenrgus 
G6nniuin, sm stork-bill; 

crane's bill or geranium ' 
Gerbe, */*.«'*««/ 
Gerbee, bundle of straw 
Gerber, va to *make up in 

Gerce, sf. bookworm 
Geroe4r,'v. to chop, *creu:k 
Gercuve sf. chops cl^,fkm 
Gerer,t>o tomannge 
GetOmt, sm. ageifakon 
Germain, aine. a. 


jTrie cousin 
Germe, sm. bud^ shoot, sperm 
Gernier, vn, * shoot, bud. 

spring up 
GermiiMtioD, sf. —tion 
Germare, buddmg 
G6roiMfi ', sm, a gerund 
G^iier, axizxard 
GtAve,sf, lying-in 
Gcslr. vn to Vie 

Geutnysf veuh gloves 

Gette, sou gesture, action, G\ncer,va.toyreexe,tochm 

gests Glacial, e. oipoxtn^ sharp 

GettedetAte, a nod Ghciitve, tf, an ice-hause 

Gestietttatieur, a man full of Glacit, sm. a slipping bank 
GiacoD, apiece ot^ke ^ict 
Gladiateur, a gktdiatmr ; 

tution in speaking 
Gesticulation, sf. -tion 
Ge»ticaleT, vn. to use much 

action in taUcing 
Gestion, sf. '-tton 
Gibkeux, «e. a, gibbous 
Gibbosite, sf. gibbosity 

Gibeci^re,^iipA,^af , terip 

Gibeme, a cartouchhax 
Gibet, sm. a gibbet, gallows 
G'lbier. j:ame 
Gibuulre. sf a shower 
Giboyer va tofbmlfhawk 
Giboyeur, sm. a frnvler 
Gii^antesque, 2. a. gigantic 
Gi^;ot. sm. leg of mutton 
Gigot6, e o. well limbed 
Gigotter, vn. to * ktck about 
Gigue, sf. a jig ; a tailfridsy 

Giguer, vn, tojin about 
Giie, sf. large fishing net 
Gilet, sm, under-vmistcoat 
Gimbtette. tf gimbet, ginr 

Giugeii>br«, sm. ginger 
Gi^embrier, ginger-se&er, 

Ginguet, tart wine 
Ginguet, te. a* poor, sorry, 

Girandole, sf, a chandelier, 

a cluster of diamonds 
Girofle, sm. doves 
Giroflee, */ stock giUyfimc€t 
Giroflier, *m a clove-tree 
Giron. lap, pate, gir on 
Ginmner, va. to round 
Girooette, sf. weather-cock; 

fiag, vane Z*etHemt) 

Giaeraent, sm. bearing (a 
CUgXt, here •lie,, Ikiu 
Gite, sm. har^sform ; when 

one lies at nght on a Jour- 
ney; lodging 
Givre, sm. rime, hoarfrost 
Glabre, j. o. bare, smooth 
GlaceL sf. ice, glass, Jlaw 
Gams glac6t, snupl. glaxtd 

. rixe fighter 
Glaire, sf, slimy matter; 

elstr ; white of an vgg 
irer, va. to glair, to smear 
with the wldie ^an eg^ 
G^ii^iff, le. a, sHmy^ r^tj 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Glftise, if.pMerU twrthy elay 
Glaiser, va to* do-voer wUh 

potter'* earth or etay 
Giaiseux, se. n. clayey 
OlaUi^re. */ cluifpU 
Olaive, sm,a »v>oid, glaive 
Olanage, fileanivg^fiicking 
Gland, acorn^ matt, dand^ 

string, giant 
Glande, »/* a glam/, kernel 
Glande an cou, mumpt^ ten- 
sih {gumdert 

Oland^, e. a, that hat the 
trlanMe, tffiirrtt-^matt ■ 
Glffndiile, tmalt gland, or 
kemrt ilout 

Glandttletix. se. a. glandu- 
GJaite, */. gleaning 
Glane d'oignons, a rope of 
oniont [ptari 

Glane de poires, chatter pf 
Glaner, va. to glean, to lease 
Glaneur. se *. gleaner 
Glanure, *f, gleaning 
Glaptr. vn. to ye^p^ to squedc 
GlaiHssant, e. a, squeaking, 
shrill Isgueakitig 

GIApissement. sm, yelping / 
Glai, sm tolling of a itell, 
Gta^eul, roruj/fai {kneU 
Gl^be, */. gbw: land, ore 
Glissant, e. a. *iifipery 
Gliuer, vn. to * slip, sUtk 
- glance iinto 

Se prKsser, vr. to *slip^ ^rreeft 
GKsseiir, *>n. a slider 
Glissoii-e, sf, a tlide 
Gtobe,«7n. a globe, the world 
Cfllobenx, se a. round sphe- 
Globule, sm» a globule fricai 
G1<A>o)e«x, se. a. gMuhus ; 
globular fnotir 

"GWk, sf. glory, pride^ ho- 
Glorieux, se. tu ffUtriotu;. 
oaentatisut; proud; glo- 
rified [oi* vomcm 
Glorienx, se. s. a proud man 
Glorification, sf* -^«o 
Glorifier. vti. to glorify 
Se glorifier, vr, toghry in 
Glosateur, Glotsatipur. • sm, 

a gtostngrapkery sehoUatt 
Glose- sf, nloss^ comment 
Gloser, vn, to comment, •een* 


Glosnlre, a glossary 
Glottoerniphe, ^-pher 
Gloisop^tn-s, sm, pt. petri- 

Giotte,sf, glottis 
6loU8:Iou, sm. guggling of 

liquor out ofaoottle 
Glouelouter, vn to cry as a 

GloQssemcnt, sm, ducking 
Gtousser. vn, to cluck 
Glouteron, sm. a bur 
Glouton, e. a. gluttonous, 

grerdy [gut 

GloQtott e. s, glutton, grady 
Glouton, #m. .\ort of badger 
Glotttanm*ment, orf. greedily 
Gioatfinnerie, sfgluttmy 
Glu, birAlime [clammy 

Gbiant, e. a. viscpd i gluey ; 
Gluaiit, sm, a lime-tttig 
Gltier. va. to make elamhty 
Gliii. sm, tfiOtcU 
Glutineux, se o, glutinous^ 

viscid, clammy, giuish 
Gnome sm.gnirrte 
Gnomide, sj, female of a 

«nome, (both inere vdeaJ 
Gnomrque, 3. a, senfrntious 
Gnomon, sm, style: index 
Gaomouique, 'f. dialing 
Go (tout de go), vnt/iout ce 

rem' ny 
Gobbe, sf, a poismerl gob 



Gobelet,' ami. goblet., cup,Jugi' 
gler^s boje, tfte king^s bui- 

Gobelin*, pi, a famous cor- 
' pet manufactory in Paris 

Gobelotter, t>n toguxxle 

Gbotier, va, to' gulp down, to 
nab, to swallow down 

Se gn^erger, vr, to banrer, to 
^' make much tfone*s self 

Qouer^es. sf. pi boarded bot- 
tom of a oedstead 

Gobiet, sm. a snap, a hasty 

Gobeter^ va, to plaster the 
joints of a -wall 

Gobiii, sm, a hunch^back 

Goblin, a goblin 

Godsille, sf paltry urine 

Gmlailler, vn, toguxxle, tip- 

sure [pet: Godeltnneau. sm. a fop, a beau 

€rioseary #m; txmixnr^ etir-\Q9it!aat, ajiiggler^s puf^ 

Godet, a little cup mnmg 
Godi^eau, sort offi^ 
Godron, apt{jg^yplatt in lir.en 
Godronner, va- to plait linen 
Qolfe 3. a, ill-shaped, awk- 

Gogaille, tf merry-making 
Gogo— viv're k gogo. to koe 

in plenty * 

Gogaer>aad, e. a. s,joeotii; 

pleasant ^tiroll 

Giiguenarder. vn, to joke ; 
Go^uettes, sf pi. merry sto- 

— chiinter goguettes, to call 

one names 
Gomrre,*m- a toss-pot 
Goinf\%r, vfu to guttle and 

Goinrrierie, sf, guttUng and 

GoUre, sm, hernia gutturit, 
mumps [ten 

Gottreux, se. a. throat-burs- 
Golfe, «m, a gulf 
Gomme^ tf, gum 
Goromei', va. togwn 
;Gomineux, se. a. gummy : 

Gomoiier, sm. gum^ree 
Gond, hinge 

Gondole, sf, gondoUi, ct^ 
GondoUer* sm, goMolier 
Gonfklonifr, a holy atan 

Goiitler, va, to sufelt,*pu]ff^up 
Goret, sm a Uitlepig 
"oree, »f, throat; breast; 

defile, 'netkn gorge, gule 
Goiige chaude the hawk's 

fee, banter, insulting joy 
Gorger, vn. to gorge to cram 
Se — , vr, toglut one'^s «elf 
GorgeiYtte, sf, xo>iman^t>necl^ 

handkerchief, a tucker 
Gur^^erin, sta. neck-piece 
Gosier, gullet^ zveasAnd 
Gothique, 2. o gothie 
Gotiche, sf a (Minting in 

Goiidmn, sm- pitch and tar 
Qondronner, va. to 'or 
Goufiiie. sm, i^ss^pit,gulph 
Gouf^e sf gouge, trull ■ 
Goujar, sm. soldier's boy; 
black-guard; hod-man 

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GouTenmnciitf tnu Jftntfl^ 

merit, governor** hnue 
Gouverner, va to govern, 
rvle, steer, fuaband, ma- 
Gouvemear, ttn. gavertur ; 

Giaba«, a tntt^le-bed 
Grabataire, -2* a. nekly 
Grabuge, «m* a tquoboie 
Grace, #/ favour ; grace ; 
pardon ; thanke ; ogreeabie* 
Graciable, 3. a. pardonable 
Gracieuieraeht, ad. kindly 
Gcficieiiser, vnjo treat kindly 
Gracieuset^, *f. kindnen^gift 
Graeieax, se. a. kind, grave 

Gi-aciUt6,{/*. ghrillnesSf elen' 

Gcadation, —/ton, climax 
Grade, sm, degree 
Gradin, a 9t^ 
Giadiuiion, of, —'<•?» 
Gradu^ , xou a graduate 
GrfUlu^, e. a, graduat0f gra- 
Graduel. le. gradual [?y 
Gt^dodleioent, ad. -^ual- 
Graduer, va. to confer degrees 
GrailluD, »m. a renfuuUt 

Grain, corn, grain, berry^ 

ke!mel j teed 
Grain de corail, bead of coral 
Grain de raisin, a grape 
Grain de petite verole, pirn- 

/'- r.ffhe ^mall'poje 
Gr^Lin L^.: ipiOutAtdetmwtard- 

Gnun d'-r, a bit of gold, as 

* /jh'ul in a river 
Giisin iN IbKe, crocA; brained 
GfJiM iEl cr^le, a hailttone 
Grain cir? \&M^iquallofwind 
Gra'mc, Ji'. oeedn, kernel 
Graiif p^ f,-}t^ grease^ dripping 
G\"S- -, ->a,togreeue 
Gi ! i^patte, to gttin^io 

Graiuei^ oe. a. greaotj 
Gramen. *m, cow graoo 
Grannnaire^ of. grammar 
GraniniairieD, tm. grammn- 


Gonjcm, a gndgeon (a Jbh 

and a pin »o ^led) 
Gottjooner. va. to pin (with 

iron wr wooden pint) 
Goiiloe. of. a large mouthful 
Guulet. Jtw, a nan ow ' en- 
trance of a harbour, hole in 
. a bomb 

Gouliat're, a. *, a greedy gut 
Goiriot, om. neck of a bot- 
Oooiu, a ohark {tie. &c. 

OoUIu, e. o. » gluttonous ; 

Goulununt ad gluttonously 
Goupille, sf. avratehpin 
Goupiilon.* sm. a holy tettter 

sprinkle ; a bottle-brush 
|(&nii|fnionner, va to cleanse 
■ battles with a brush 
Oovrd e. a, numb, stiff 
Oourde sf. a gourd 
OouAlin, em. a cudgel 
Qourdiner. va. to cudgel 
Goorgandifie, sf a truU 
Otiornuind, e. a s, glutten 
Oonrmander, vn to scolds 
.curb ' • 

Oourinandiite, sf. glutter.y 
Goume, the Hrangles (c 

disease in young horses) 
Ooamer,va to curb, box 
Oourmet. sm. connoisseur in 

Odimnette, sf a rvrb 
Gousse, eod. husk, shell 
Goiuiet, sm. fob; gusset; 

bracket^ arm-pit 
Oodt. taste j pdlate; smell; 

reiith otyle>,fancy 
Go^kter, va. to taote, approve, 

retish^^eat ^ 

Goikter, srh beaver ; collo- 

tion, a luncheon 
Gobtte, sf drop. gout, jot 
^WMte iTpseui^, chatkgout 
-^ sciati)^>6. ociaic gout 
— sereSne, gutta screna 
— , ad. not at all 
Goutte & gontteyflrf. by drops^ 

drop by drop 
Gouttelette, sf. a little drop 
GoQttenx, we. a, gouty 
Un gouttetix,«m.a tfouty man 
Giilitti^re, sf. gutter 
Ooavemail.«m. rudder, helnk 
• Goatemante, of. governess ; 

^r^ernante^ Housekeeper 


^tmaat^sm 01 French ro^ht 

tf nineteen grain* 
Grand, e. «. great, large 
Grand, sm. g'.ani^e 
Grand-Qeavre, pkilooop/ier's 

Granddet, te» a. prOty big 
GtanderaentiO/y. largely 
Grandeue, sf the quality of 

a grdndee ^Sbain 
Grandear, talineoOf large- 

nest, greatness, lordohip, 

honour, grace [mg 

Grandir, vn, to grow tall or 
Grandiiiime, %. a. verygrtat 
Grand-raattre. em, lord otew- 
- ard, chifj master^ great 

master t wad mooter 
Grange, ^ a bam 
Grangier, sm. a farmer 
Gran|[r>^K, sf afarmer^s xnfs 
Gramt, em. grcmite 
Granulation, sf. —tion 
Grannler, va. togranuUOe 
Graphique S. a. graphic 
Graphiqaementy ad, with 

Grapho«n^tre,«in. —meter 
dnrppe, sf. bunchy cluster 
Gtaj^pilier, vru gkai}, scrape 

up [gktner 

Grtippillenr, te. «. a gr*^ 
Grappilkmt snu c little oum:h 

Grappin.|r''0[A^'<'*,;4ron, lit- 

Gras, oe. a. fat ; plump ; 

greasy; ^scene 
Gkas, om.fat [the leg 

Gras die la jarabe, Me ce(/' ^ 
Gras doable, double tripe 
Gras-ibndu, sm. molten grease 
Giasset, te. a.fatty,plumpish 
Graooeytneat, sm^Uspit^ 
Gtass^yer, vn- to lisp 
Grass^year, te.o.a tioper 
OranoniUet, v&. a. plump 
Gratification, of. gratuUy 
Gratifier,tNi. t* * make a pre* 

sent [a oauce^an 

GraliR, om. the bumtrto in 
Ovatis. ad. for nothings grati* 
Gratitude, sf. gratitude ; 

Gtatt&ctt, sm. hip (a bem) 

Grammatical, c a. —cot f/t^ Gratte-papier, ^m. a ocrd^' 
Gnromattcalement, ad^-^al- bter, a paltry ^lerk 

,y Google 

Oiatteleux, ie. a, itchy 
Gracter, vu, to teratehi 

*cr^peipUfer . 
Omuer Ie impler, ta 6e a 

tcrtbUing drudge 
Gnttoir, «m« Mcraper 
Gratuit, e. a, graiuitout, vo» 

Gratait^) ^f, fn€ny^favur 
Gratuitement. atU/rtely 
Grave, 2, a. grave y Mric%u\ 

GiSTe, *>n, grmvity 
Gravf ywm»tsey,pitfed/ace 
GiavelleetJ/' tartar^ leet 
Gnvellciix le* a. gravelly \ 

troubled with thegraoel 
GrareUe, »/*« gravel 
Gravemeaty arf. MrUnuly 
Graver, vo. to grave, euh, 

Graveur sm. engraver 
Gavir, vtu to clamber up 
Gravitation* ef, — — fwn 
Gravite, j^rovt^^ in^ortance 
Gravtter, vn, to gravitate 
GtrvtQ\^m. gravel, rubbieh 
Gravure, if, engraving 
Gt6 em. accord,will 
Grec,Grecque, a.*. Greek 
Gv^ebrae^ om. Greiism [to 
Gredin, e. a. #■ heggarly^aht£* 
GreiUnerief {/*- beqgarlineo* 
Gr6er, va» to rig (a ehifi) 
Grefie^ em, the rolU ; o rr« 

Graffi-r. tw, f • grqffae graft 
Greffler, »in» « regUter 
^TK^Bnr.grafHng knife 
Gr^Kueti *f* pi, oreeche* 
Gr^. ^,Jiitil letone 

Gmin de gr^ie, fm* Aot^* 
Gr^iOi 3» a, ^#/t»^ lankyshrill 
Gr^l^, e 4k nmch pined tnt^ 

the emall'PoXipoor 
Gr^ler, va. to /uut, to ruin 
GreKn, em, email cable 
Gr6k«,« large hail-$tane 
GttS^^u little bell 
Grekytter, tpfi. to shiver 
Gr^ftKnc *m. rigging 
Gtenade. <*M <a pomt^ranate, 

a grenade 
Grenadier, sm» pomegranate, 

tree, grenadier 


OienaUier, va, to pound 
Ordnaison, if, ptantefmn- 

ing two eeed 
Grenat, sm,granate 
OttnwkX., garnet (afiib) 
Grenekr, va,to *make totq^ 

Uke ehagreen 
Grener, to pound eeed^ to eeed 
Gven^i^riet 9 f. corn-trade 
Grenetier, e. *. corn<hand, 

ler^ a huckster, comptroU 

ler of the kingU magaxine 

of tall 
Grenetis, em, ingrailetl ring 
Grenkr^ granary^ lofiy gar, 
Grenkr k fbin, hatfAnt (ret 
— A iel, mtfgasdne of oak 
Greiiouille,{/'.0/riKr . 
Grenouiller, vn, to tip^ 
Qrcnouilldie, */. a fen 
Grenti, e. a. full of corn, 

Gr^St^m. a sort oj * made 

brovnh-Hone, freestone 
Giie«i), hoar-fi oei, rime 
GfcBiilement, ehrivelling^ 

Gr^nller, va, to shrivel 
Gresserie, «/. stone ware 
Gi^yet strand s t?te gallows 
Grever, va. to oppress 
GriUette, tf. a pork steak or 

griskin.ehilterling in slices 
Gnbouinage,«m. scrarvl 
GriUuiiille^ morose or stdlen 

Gribouillelte, if, scramble 
GrMeKn, e, a, of a grey vio" 

let colour 
Giidche. 2. a, speckled 
-- — pie^rieeLe, a scolding 

Grief, tm, grievance^ injury 
Gtitf, re* a, grievous 
Gki^vement, ad,gritvously 
Gri6v€t6, sf.grievousnes* 
Griffey acktw^ a clutch 
Gr'iffaAi;, clawiitg 
GrtiKA, sni, a griffin 
Q<ritfoiiai;e, scratoHng 
GriWoniieflieat, rough drat9- : 

GrittbiMtec vn. to scrawl, 

Griirnon, sm. a crusty piece 

GrignotcTjifo to nibble 



Grigoii, em, a b^ggaiy fok 

lose, a sordtd mber 
OxiU a gridiron 
Gxiltaile. if, broiled meat 
Gtme^a grate 
Griller, va, to broU, Ung 

impatiently grate t^, 

Grillon,«in. a cricket 
Grimace, ^f, grimace, xory 

faces^ dissimulation 
Grimaetr, vn, to * make wry 

faces, grin 
Grimacier, e. s, one loho 

makes vry faces *, A||pa> 

Grimaod, sm, a raw scholar 
Grime, a brat [gameeter 
Gtimeliiiy mean ooy, lorn 
GrimelinaKe, playing^for a 

trifle^ trifling gain 
Griakdiner, v,to play for a 

trifle \book 

Grimoirt, sm, a conjuring, 
Griropeinenl, climbing up 
Grim|»er, vn. to climb 
GriraMreau, sm. a vmd- 

Grimpeur, $e, e, climber 
Grincement, sm, gnashing 
Gnncer, vn, to gnash 
GriiHTotter, vn, to warbU 

V ""O, to hum a tune 

Gtlotte, sf. a black cherry. 
Gri«uier, em, black cherry 
Grippe, {/I vtkim [fret: 

Gripper, vo. to dutch, ocive 
Se Kiii>pcr, vr. to * hare 

crochets^ to shrivel 
Grippe-«ou, sm- a petty agen t 
Grict e. a-grey, brown, tiptV 
Gris'm* grey cotour 
Gris de Ua. gridelin 
GrisaiiUf, sf. daubing 
OrisftiU«r« va, to dtoA 
G'ris&tre, 2. a,greyish Tdle 
Giist-r, v. to *groMPgreyJaif- 
Gri«ite, sf. grey gowni 

Gn«»n,'iie. a, s, greyheaded, 

Gnsonner, vn. to *growgrey 
Gri^% sf, a thruih lied 

Giivel^ e. a, dtfppted^ speck' 
GriveliSe, sf. extortion 
Gn\fikx%va to extort 
Griveleiie, sf. plunder 
fievnAtMrfom. eatsrtoomr 

,y Google 

166 GRU 

ChrSTois, ojnialjknmm 
GriTOMMf.a »otdier''9vttnth, 

ttoocc^ grotcT 
OrogneiBent, fm. grunHng 
Grof^nor* vru » grunt,gr0wl 
Onwneur, le. 9. a grumbler 
Oroin, »nu €ima e/* a hpgt 

Gramnider, vru t» grumble 
OfiMider« V. to grtwl, tcold 
Gronderie, // tcokUng 
Grondeur, we. a, grumbUngt 

— , *. grumbler^ threw 
Gmm, w. a Ug.large^caane 
GroMe viudey iutrher^t meat 
Gros tenuy foul weather 
Gros meubie, lumber 
Gros^ «m. main Jmrt^ chitf 

GtM^a dram 
Grns de Naples, gr^gram 
Gros, ad, much 
GroseiUe, sf»goonberry 
"^— rouge, currant 
Gr(Metller,#m. a currant or 

gooseberry bu*h {writing 
Grone, «/*. grot*, copy iff a 
Gffouerie, irwt ware 
Gresiene, pregnancy 
GroMeor, bigtiets, twdling 
Grottier, e. 0. coarte, t&ek, 

rough, ram, rude, grott, 

GroMiirement, ad, eoartely, 

clowni9hly, in genrrtU 
Gronidrete, sf, coartenett^ 

elewnithnett, rudenest 
GroMir, va. to • make bigger, 

enlarge, increase 
Grasair, vn. to *grow bigger 
Grouoyer,va. to etigrost 
Groteaque, i,a,grotetque^ 
Grotesqtiemeot, ad, oddly 
Grotesque*, *f, pL antickt g 

Grotte, tf,grotto 
Grouiilant, e. a. ttirring i 

marming ; crawling 
Grooiller, vn, tottir,'twarm, 
Gronp^itm, group Icrawl 
Groupper, va, to group 
Gruau. tm. «(tf<4nea/, waur- 

gruel, young crane 
GruCf tf.a crane Jool 
Gruerie, court «r juetiee in 

Gniger, » cnrncA,*jrrin4 


Graneta, «m. a eUd, lump 
Gruineler, tm. (• grunt (<tAr 

a ttag) 
Se srumder, vr, to elod 
GruiQelHix, ae. a. rugged^ 

Gruyer, tm,Juttiee in eure 
Gruydre, a tort of rheete 

*made in Switxerland 
Gu6, a ford, a pott 
Gu^^able, 3. a,fordable 
Gtt^de. tf woad 
Gut-der, va, to woad^ to cram 
Ga6er, va, to ford, took ; 

GneniDe, tf. a rag, tatter 
Goenillmi, tnu a Htde rag 
Gu«;nipe, tf, a tlut, strumpet 
Goenon. nn ape homely pute 
Guenuche. a young ape 
Guenuchoo, a very little the 

ape or mtnkey 
Gn^pe,a watp [nett 

Gofrpier, tm, a tnare. watp^t 
Gu6pidre, tf, a watp*t nrH 
Guerdon, tm. reward (old) 
Gueidooner va, to reward 
Gudre, Gudret ad but little, 

not very, not long, but few, 

not much 
Gu6ret. tm, ftUh 


Gu6ridoii, a ttand l^beeured 
Gufrir, tn, to eure, heal, to 
Gu6rison, tf, cure^ recovery 
Gnerisuible. S. a, curable 
Gvk€rite,tf, tentrthbox, tur- 
Guerre, war. rvarjhre [r«* 
Gnerrier, e a. martial, war- 

Guerrier, c. *. warrior 
Guerroyer,>n to*nutkewar 
Guerroyeur. *m a warrior 
Gnet, tm, the watch 
Guet h pens,am&iMA Ider 
Un guet i pens, wilful mur- 
Gufttre, */. tpatterdath 
Gu^tr£ , e. a, who hat epat- 

terdanhet on 
Se gn6trer, vr to *put on 

e^tterdathet \for 

Guetter, va, to watch, wait 
Gueule, tf, the mouth of a 

beattffttb, oven, &e. 
Gueulee, a huge mouthful, 

free talk 
Gneuler, vn, to baud 


eiUumtSSi^ee^nptttty of b^- 

GueuMBllar, vnJte beg, mump 
Gueaant^e o,brgging 
Goeaie, tf a tow (if iron) mump, beg 
Gueuiene, tf begtpory^ t»a»h 
Guenx, ae. a. bafjgarty, ptar 
Gueax, se. «. a beggar 
Gueux rer^m, tm, upttart 
Gui. mitleioe 
Gviehec, vricket, thutter 
Guiehetier,a turnkey 
Guide, jTuidr, tutor 
Guide, {^. a rein : conduct 
Guide-Bue, tm. a direetary 
Guider, va, to guide, * lead, 

conduct, * bring 
Guidon, tm a rSddon, ttan- 

dard. sigftt fTa gun 
Goigne, t/Mack heart cherry 
Guigner. V to leer, to • have 

in enrteye 
Guignier, tm. black heart 

rhtrry tree 
Guignon, ill luck (aiplayj 
Guil6e, tf a thawer 
Guilledin, tm. gelding, nag 
Guilledott— oourir, ie ffoiUe- 

dou, togad. about • 
GviUev-ets, tm, pi. 

OvaUemot, tnu tort of plover 
Guilleret, te. a, tprigmiy,gafi 
Guilloeher. va, to rvave 
Guilloehta, em, waved work 
Guillotine,!^. beheatStig ma- 
Gitinunve. marth^maVow 
Guimbaide. aneieni dance; 
game at card* ; tort of 
waggon; Jew* t harp 
GoiiBpe, mm*t otaameher 
Guamper, v, to * make a wo- 
man nun,to turn nun 
Guind^, e* a, bombattic ; 
ttarched {overstrain. 

Guinde^ va. to hidet up ; 
Se guinder, vr, to soar up 
Gumderie, tf, constraint; 
GKiinee, a guinea Ibambati 
Guingols, tm. a wrunete ' 
Guingette, tf a public house 
out of town, a little country 
Onifrnte, vellum lace 
Guirlande, t 

GtUie, wayJancVf humaar 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Qniuae, gjuUar 
Guttunl. e a, guttural 
Gymnase, #m. gyi^tuuium 
Oymfiasdqae, 3. a. — dc 
Ojnrinique, 3. agymidc 
Oyniiiosoplri8te,«in. "pfikt 
Qjni-d^ gynacia ; women''* 

Gyiv'oencie. if. gynaocroey 
Gypwe fgrn. parget Hme 
Oypaeux, K. tu of the nature 

Gyraroaneie.f/^ —mancy 
€tyrovHguc^ em, vmndering 



Habitor. vo. t» inhabit, Uv^ 
eeMnt [quai\ 




N. B. Ttid H'« that are a*> 

pirated in Fteueh mte 

tbuM madced* 
XJ a, int, ha! oh! 
^ ' H«bUe, ?. a. knormng ; 

fldic, clever f active^ quali- 
Habileioent. a</. iki{fuUy 
HaWlete, <idi%, «iki//, />arf« 
Habiliniinc, 3. a. very able 
Habihter. va. to qualify 
Habillement, em. attire ; 

■— de tftte,c head-piece 
UaMUa*, va. to dress; to 

clothe ; palate ; to ekin ; 

• draw 
Slialuller, vr, to dress one'** 

«(r» ^ «n«»* sel/out 
HaUlleur, snu a skin-taylor 
Habit, suit of c*othes, garb, 

Habit de chasae, afi'ock 
— de deuU, mourning 


dc^ehir^, rtwged clothes 
o^remonie, for- 

Habits de 

— — d^ordonnanoe, regimen^' 

talSf uniform 
Habitable, 3. a. habitable 
Habitade. sm, habitation / 

Habitant, e. o. ir^tUtiting 
Habitant, «m. inhabitant 
Habitation, sf, ——tiim^ 

bodti colony tpl^ptqOm 

Habitude, sf. i^,^ i 
Habituel, le. a. habUual 
Uabituellemeot, ad. —tually 
Habituer, va. to accustomjue 
S*habituer, vr, to use one*s 
self Iplace 

S*— en an lieu, to settle in a 
*HabIer^ vn. to romance 
*Hablcne, sf. romanriug, lie* 
*HabIcur, se. s. romance' . liar 
'Hache, f. an uxe^ hatchet 
*Kache d'Wines, battle axe 
'Hachette, sf, hatchet 
'Hacber, va. to iuzsh^ mince^ 
haggle, hatch Imeat 

*Hacms, sm. hash^ minced 
Uachoir* chopping-board 
Hacbure,{/1 hatching 
'Uaisard, e. a. wM, fierce^ 
haggard [piier 

najibe, sm. hagiof — 

[ugique,2.a --gfcat 
sm. a prospect-opening 
Hai, int hey ! 
Iteie. sf a hedge lone 
*— vive, quickset hedge 
'HaiUon, sm. a rag, tatter 
Haine, sf. hatred^ grudge 
'^Haine cachfe, secret hatred 
'Haioeuv, le. a. full of ha- 
Ha'ir. va. to hate, abhor 
'Uaire, sf. hair<loth ; poor 
tvretth Tuus 

Haiaaable S. a. hattful^ odi- 
'Hala^e, sm. towing 
*Halbnn,a ymng wild duck 
*H4le, suniurntngt diying 
witid ; burnt 

*H&Ie, e. a, tanned^ aun- 
Haleine, sf the bieah 
Halen- e, breathing 
^Halener, va,to* smell one** 

breathy to • get scent of 
*HAler,vn. to tow, to halef 
to *seta dog at one ; to ton 
Se *haler, vr. to tan, *&f sun- 
burnt [panting 

llaletant, e. a. out of breath, 
*HAleter, vn. to pant 
'Hallagie, sm. market-duty 
*HaIle, tf. a market-hall 
<Hallebaide, an halberd 
'Hallebardier, sm. halSerAer 
*Ugiretati|i, «^ o tvlbberly 

A//t»;a tall ungtdnlw 
'RalKer, sm. a thicket 
'tUtJohulo, circle i*is dried 
'Halur, theplace where henUi 
*H»lot, a rabtt^s hole 
!JW^'./ ^*» rtfrrshment' 
•Haltt-li. *t^, silence, no 

•Halter, vn. to halt, • Hop 
|Uamao, sm. a hammock 
*Hamadriade, sf. - — driad : 

wood nymph 
*Hameau, sm. a hamtet 
Hauie^on, afish^>ook 
'Hampc sf. 4tmjt of a ipm^mi 
*Hanap, sm. clumsy drmh- 

*Haii(^ar, sm. a vort-home 
•HaiucrcKTlie, sf, hindrance; 
rub ; difficulty * 

*HBnneton, snu a May bug 
♦name leuicmique, */. teu- 
tonic Hans 

Hamidre, sf. a halser, haw' 
"***" ihaunt 

'Hauter» vn. to firequem g 
^^^^/f *!«Png compa- 
ny, fellotifship . ^ 
;Happe, a cramp4ron 
•Happ. fi^seixun.distre** 
*Happe>tiNe, sm. a sea-bird 
'Happc -chair, catcf^ole 
*Happelopin, a catch bit 
'Rappekwide, sf false dio- 

mvnd^an empty fop 
Rapper, va, to •snap, • catch 
•Haquence, tf, nag; pad ; 

staff; Spanish genet 
*Haquet, #m. a d!ray 
•haquetier, a drayman 
Harangue, sf. speech, oratieu 
*HaranKuer, vn, to harangue 
Harangueur, sm, a speech- 
maker , a preacher 
Haras, stud breed of horses 
*Haraster, va, to harass, tire 
Haroeler. to tease ; to veaf ■ 
'Harde, tf. a herd of deer 
Haider, va to leash hounds 
Hardes, sf.pL clothes, goods 
'Hardi, e. a. bold, impudent 
HardieHe, tf, boldttess, eou- 

liment, ad, boldly, stout- 
*Harenfl:, sm. a herring Uy 
*iiftieng4»l»ne,/mA htn^g 

,y Google 



^ _. jtf Ttd henrlng 

'HucDgeidiiui, */' herring' 

*HBCftng6re, aJUhwmnan, u 

^Rarangerie, herring market 
'HftTpwaK, wt> a. morete, 

petvUh IharUat 

*Iuiricot. #m. kUtnhf-bearit 
Hjirleqain, rai. a harlegtHn, 

Harlequinade, tf» buffoonery 
HamwiDlea. tm. uteftf mw 

steal gUutes 
Harmome, 9f. harmonif 
Harmonf^iement. tut, har- 

moniowly ImeMfm* 

Hamumieox, le. ck/. '-niout^ 
Harmoniqa% t- a, —nical, 

in mutic^ jfeography, ana 

mathematic* t^^V 

Hannomquement* ad, "nt- 
'Harnaehement, » m. harncst 
'Hamaeher, va. tt haraitt 
'Harnaehear, mk harngsf- 

^Hamois, armour ; horte 

trappingt, hornet*, a dray 
*Haro, a hue and cry 
'Harpagon. a miter 
Se 'barpailler, rr. to icuffle 
'Harpe, tf.harp, totthir^ 
•Harper, va. to yappte^ to 

*string'haU. to narp 
Ifarpie, */• harpy ^ shrew 
Se 'harpiffnec, vr. to quarrel 

Tptth and * J^H one ano- 
ther Iple 
'Harpoo. tm. harpoon, grOp- 
*IIarponner, va. to harpoon 
'iiarponoenr, tm. a harpoonr 

er Thalter 

*1Iart if, band tf a faggot ; 
*Hasara, em. hwtard, ritk, 

chance. periU danger 
<Hasarder, v. aJto ritk;oemure 
'HaiaideiueiDeitt. ad, ho^ 

xarilouetyt by chance 
'QaMideQK.euae.d- danger, 

«itf, ventureseme 
*naie^ ttad^tMre^av caney 
'iUte, naate. tpeedy hurry 
HAtelctte, of* a smaU dainty 

*B&ter, va0 to batten^ for* 

toard tPaee 

*H4ter le pas, mend one"* 


8e liiteri vr. t» make haste 
RAterani, em, Uver and ba- 
<H4tettr, #m. overseer of the 

roatt in the klng*t house 
*H4tier, spit^ack 
'Hatif, ve. a,Jbnvard^ bold 
•H4tiv«iia, sm, hatty pear 
'HAtivement, ad,/ortoardly 
'HAtive(6 , sf. fonoardness 
'Ham^, tm, hangman's Jbe* 
*HaolMiiis, sm. pi, shrouds 
*Haabereaa, vm, n hobbyt u 

petty country squire 
'Hauberi^Dier, haubergeoth 

*Haiiberc80Dt haubergeon, 

com tfmait 
*Haubert, large coat of mail 
—Fief de kajibent, a tenure 

by knighi*s service 
*Hftve, «. a. pale^ wim, <iUs- 

mal, ghastly 
Havir, v, to scorch, as meat 
•Havre, sm, haven, harbour 
'Havrene, a knapsack 
*Hatuse» sf. a piece of leather 

to underlay the shoe, bid' 

'Hansse-«OQ, JAf.a gorget 
•Haustement, raising {shrug 
*Haussement d'gnaulet, 

HauMer, va,to* rise,^ swell 
Se 'hauacer v€Lto * stand a 

tiptoe, clear up 
'Haut, e. a, high, tali, upper, 

lofty Icards 

*Haute* carte*, sf,pL court- 
'Hftutes marges, spring tides 
*ilaute^lie, sf. a trtMe 
•Haut*bout, sm, upper'end 
*naut, height^ top, ridge 
'Haut, ad. high, atoud;big 
Haiit<ji4Mis, a pedhr 
Raat-&«l»*niaui, gd, vith a 

high band 
*Hautaio» e. a* hau^hty^ojid 
*Hautainemenl^ ad, proudly 
ISMSUlbfAS, sm, hautboy 
'Ba.v.tCacl$mMaei,brfiechef - 
*Haut«5t^, breast of mutton 
*Hatt.tft-eo&tre, sf, counter-te- 
<Haute-fntti€. l^ty-trees 
*Haate>Jiaw, tapestry 
*IIa«te>jnar6e, hlgh-xoatar 
4iance-paye, nlghpay 


>Haa(e-taiUe, aUe, 

^HaveeBWDt, ad. hata^htUy, 

openly, brisUu^ 

hillock, haughtiness^ bold- 

nesstfirule, ^r^atness ;fuU 

length, altitude 
*Iiattteur de batalKon, tl^pth 

of a batallion £or skip 

*HatM le eorpa, snu bound. 

*He bien, well 
H6 ! ha ! soho 
'Heaume, sm. f^lmet 
'Meaumier. armour or hel- 

Hebdomadairc, 2 a. weekly 
Hebdomadier, sm* ho whose 

woekkUiobe on duty toharbmo' 
Hebetgyo. 0. sttMd, besetted 
Hebet6,e.f. nAryKV 
H6|»6ter, va, to stupUy. to 

H6bmiqu^ 2. a. Hebrew 
H6bra'fsme, sm, an Bebraism 
H^breti, «. s Hebrew 
M6aitoinbe, sf. an hekstooA 
H^irire, snu hegira 
Herauqae, an Bufigartan 

foot soldier 

r^laa / int, & sm. tOas ! 
micr, vs. to hail a ship 
Ht\iM<iue,i.a. heUacnf 
li^liaitet sm. pi, hetiattes 
H6Ite& sf, a spiral tine round 

a cynnfter 
H^Koieope, sm» 

peet glass 
Heliotrope, a tumsol, stm- 
'Htauint,hem ^' 

H^mieyele, i 

H6siine,#f. hemina,mettettre 
H^nusphere, sm, kpniaphere 
H^miq>h6«^tte» t. a. --rol 
H6mistiche, tm, half verse 
H6iQorrac;i«, sf bioodifJUuc 
mmonlK/idal, e. a, --dai 
Himoa-bPYdet, tf,hl, pile* 
<HeQBir. vm to neigh 
'Hennitaenient* sm. neighing 
li6 paUque, tf, Uver-wart 
H6(atiqae, s. «. h^atic 

I day^ily 

,y Google 


Hev^MnHAttrf, heptarchy 
H6nildiquei- 3. tuheraUtnf 
*H€nnit, *m, a herald 
Hcrtne^e. S. a. htrbactouf 
Herfaiiiie, tm^herbage^gnens^ 

pasture ground 
Herbe, sf gratt, herb 
Herfoe-Robertt gen 

Hork^ltf or craneMU 
IBertieri vo, to * 4>read m 

thegrast [gri*^ 

Heibecte, jf. grase, tender 
lierbenx, ww a, grassy,^ her- 

Kertaer, «m. Aerda/ 
Kerfaidre, tffherbwoman 
MetbotiaBp, vfu te * go a 

HeriMffist^ em, an herbeOei, 

vho teltt rimpke, a heta- 

niet ireut 

KertKV'ew a, grotty^ hehife- 
*H«re. em, a poor wretch 
Hgr6ditaire, i. <r. hereditary 
H6r6ditairemem, ad. "-to- 

HdT^dM, «f. hebnhip.h^ 
H6r6«iftr«|iie, em, heruiarch 
H^r6tie, sf, hereey 
H6r6tiq|ie, 3. o. «. heretical, 
an heretic fjet 

H6rU»6,e. a.6ru(«»^,tA«rrik- 
*H€ riser, vn. fHanden end 
Se "h^iisier, w. to stare 
*H6riMOD, «m- hedge-hog ; 

H^rimge, inheritance, eetate 
H6ril«r, vn. Urinherit 
H6ritier, e. «. heir, heiree* 
H6ritier pr6iomptif; heirt^ 

Hermapbrodite, *nu ~-dite s 

one n both oexee 
HernMtaqae(«eSeaiee), aicAv- 

my [edly 

Herm«ti<|iiemeBt, ad. .•-«- 
Uermine, »f. armine 
Hermiatv & a. «r}nifieif<i» 

Hermitacef 'm. hermitage 
Hermite, Acnnft, ancA«ref<^ 
HemiAk»9 3. a. ArrnttfiM 
Hemiaire, ou Hemiole* tf. 

'Hemie, sf. rupture^ hernia 
*Hemieux, se. a,bur$ten 
H6Toii-coDiiiqu«r 3, th htrfk 



nkroUe, of, heroid 
H^ine, an heroine 
HeroVqne, 3. a. Aerwir 
II^ro'iqiie,4tti. toffu otyle 
H€ro'<qaenaent, atLherokaliy 
H^ruismei «m. heroum 
*R^ron, a hem 
^H^ronaeau, young hem 
H^roiinidre,{^. hemehaw 
*Hen»,em. a hero 
'Her«ge, harrowing 
*Hene, *f. a harrow^ a port' 

culUs^ raiU 
*Hener, vo. to hatrorn 
*Heneur. <m. harrower 
H6tttttiom«/'.— ti«n 
H€aiter. vn. to keaUaU, w» 

-D^r, aemur 
H6«6roelite. 8. a« imgftiiar, 

H£t€rodoaLe,' 2. a. -h/m; 

H^terog^ne, S. — «efK0u# 
H6t6ioi!eBi6lti6, h: -^ 
H6ti6ratBieiii, sf pUheteroi- 

H^tre, sm,the beech-tree 
Hea! int,goodlaek ! 
Hair» «m. FMd tecA; 
Hevre, of. hour, time 
Heuiw, pi, primer, prayer' 

HeiM«a«em6Dt, ««'• fu»ppUyi 

luekily,fortunately, oafe 
Heiuenx, te* a, happy, lucky, 
'hie feed 

*Heurt,.rm. Aif, niehi^ 
Hcarter. «. * h» ; knock ; 

dttft ; tffend; clash 
'HeoitMr, em. knocker 
HezKKoney -^on, six angteo 
--^, 2. a, ^-gonal ghet 

Henmdtre, a. s. -4er ; six 
Htatns, em, gap, interg^ftg 
HUMNiy an owl, cross feium 
*Hic, «m. the knot,principal 

fSHteaoemtiaU ad, hideously 
'Hideux, te. hideous, ghast^f 
*Hie, sJimniour*s ehtb 
HieTj a<£ j^terdoy 
Hier au unr, yesternight 
'Hi^nrehie, {/*, — cAy 
mi6rarehiquci, S- a. -^hieal 
'^Hidvarchiqaeineitt, ad. •— < 

Hi^roglyphe, snu -^lyphic 
pl€iOBlyphlqw, f . Q. -C8' 



Hi6ro|rlypbiqiiemeiit, ad: At- ' 

Hiiartte. sf. hUarity, chear- 

Hippiatrique, the art of cur^' 

nig the diseases of animals 
Hippodrone, sm, a place for 

HippoKloMe, horse's tongue 

HippogrMTe, la feigned mon- 
stir, half horse and hall' 
Hippopotaite. a sea-horse 
Mironaelle ^a swallow 
Hiraauittne, sm, Spanish 

<Hinen va. to hoist 
Hiitiodrorafe, sf. 

HUtoixe. lUstery, story 
Hittorien, ne* #. m» historian 
Hv/tantt,va. toembelUsh 
Hittorietttt. sf. a nonel, story 
Hicloriogiaplie, sm, -^pher 
Histonque, % a. historieal 
HiBtonqueiuent. ad. -<ally 
HUtrion, sm. a buffbonj strol- 
Ifiver, winter, olaage ller 
HivemMe, vnlUer'rest 
Hivemd, e. a, xohtterly ; 

Hammer, vn, to winter 
S*liiTerDer, xir. to innure one* a 

self to cold 
Ho! int. ho * {try squire 
Hubereao, sm. a hoboy, coun- 
*Hoe, «da Tous- eit hoe, you 

* cannot avoid it, you * are 

sure tf it 
*Hoeheiiie]\t, sm. jigging ; 




*Hocher, va. to jog, • shake ; 

*Hochet» snu a child's coral 


Hoir de qaenouil]?, heirejts 

Hoirie, sf, inheritance 

*Hola ! ad, hold i peace i ho 

^Hollander, va. to cleanse 

quilts, to dutch them 
Holueaaste, sm, a bnnn 'of. 


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Houifiile, Mb iiMiicKlrj 
murder, murderer 

HoniiSile, S. a. mifnfen^ 

Homraafter, A«iniMy«r 
Booinuw, s* «> «e"4r 

fkir, a grown man 


Homoseneit^, if Mbtf^gene- 


fmtjrmtuim (knp term} 

Homdiigve, 1 ff. ImmUmmu 

1|opiiolag«ier, ^o. t9 a!6w ; 

cfifirm imauM 

RoioonyBse. 9, a. htmony- 


cient 4reu 

^, tart o/wn- 

*HonKrie, tf, Hungary 
HonaHe, t« a. ^flc«t : 
tcw»4; c^ ; cretHtohk ; ^ 

004^ nwM uu hoaune huo* 

Honneteinent, ad, Smettlu ; 
decently ; pK9Uy vM f 

Hoim^tetd, tf. cMUt^^ vir- 
tue, htnat)tinM4e^ty 

HoniMD;, em* kmuuPf ««- 

Hoimean, regalia, honour » 

Ifeimeott fiip6farai> yiaunit 

,. oolemmtie* 

<fl«»i Mit xivm vaX j penie^ 
evU to him that evil thinks, 

Honorable, S. a. Ihnoureble, 

IlononUeOmt, ^ honour- 
ably [tUuiar Mottmni^ 

U«ioiaire> 9* a* h^norarjt "" 




Htiam^^ekm^' m»ie*t9 


lonteox* tc; «. 
^Hoqmutht kioough 
•HoquetoOvC «i8t, MTPMt 
Hontre, «. OL korery 

*Hoxibn, jin.a jicM Mnvfl 

bumper, helmet^ tke nf 
HeriiaB.«n* Atfrmn 
HorizoniaL a> «• — M< 


.noraUL pTm CSfCfptifKU 

Horognphie sfhor^n^fiHn 
Uoro«DDpe, 4911. cueiiHg oor» 

nativity iuOthiity 
Horoteoper,v»- to * one mw'4 
Honeur, tf hor *- -* 

Bering Jrigbti 


HmnUi.2.a. kombie^ fmr- 


Honriblement, a<f. -^dy^ta- 


Hura,^. otrt* oarcM [tion 

Hondedoate. imiout fttev^ 

HoM de caitoD, unr«Bf0n«M& 

*Jtfon4*faeare. unoe^sonohie 

Uor« de bttjgae» fcee.fvmiX rywork 
bdame (*4*wi "' 

*HcN» d'ceuvm, vitAti«> fiitf 
'Hon d*(anir8e, ««• mrvAxfc ; 

Hortolage, snupUmktrht:' 
I^Mfiee, o ' oort qf.hatfutm 


Hoapiulierte. a. ho^Mle 
Hospitalier,e.#- kotfAMer' 
HospiuOitfe *f,hofpmUtif^ 

' itic, victim, host, vmfifr 

UuBtife, a. 4k AoMiA: 
H<MiHoiiiei»t. (Mb ifi 



HAteldr 4fw. * • »■<■/ /ir 

BAtd ^ |» <» ii ini i| « i i > r 4es 

HAtesse, A«rte«r, Sawttadu 
*Hatte. a dewier, «fiirk 
^]t/otwx, v% 10 ceriy «« do** 

^liolKar le. » nte came» 

<9oiM«Ee, 'boioi^e, «m. • 

*fiwUonB*r, vauAop 
*^ublonBi«w» <^ A^k. 

'HoutA tw t9 Aoe;. ^ <% 
Homlle»«/ >*^4<; <^»0*; 
'iIoiik.Mtt«ui,«Nlk T'hv 
^Ho«lette,a cro#4 j 

'iiiMlleui, MS. a. kiilim. 

Vioupper, vo. to tttfk 

^ Bouppicr, «iii. "iM o i cgiiiftflr 
(ioufKillei^Mk^o humfmitk 

floarder, va^to^rmgi^Htorii 
^^owot, ^ ate^ AousMi 
Woiuv sf, name tf vmomr 

■ mett in MarmdU^ 

"^oarvui, a greaf ttpgvar ; 
stormy ttvhd tn i^ IVtot 
Xwliui the retuna, ff t^ 
hound* when- thay^ hare 
louse, e. a. dirty 
^onaem* rm. ph otarsd' 

of: "^y Uordi 'Housmltor, v^ t^'pttil ^and 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


a windmill, sweeping 
HouMsiei hM^-vUk grove 
*MaimuAi tm, a hxttter 
•Honttt. ^. a horse cMh ; d 

vast for a rtol** 

'Huasteur, te* #« sitfttper 
'HwMrine. */» « »<««•* 
"^HiMttMr, »i«. htttr*rtim; 

*Hoy80) a thottitck 
*H«ielfe. *,'. a AirtrA ; a£n ; 
tTM^A ; mill-hopper ; ffital- 

liutlicr, rm, U hoSvw qfier 
one . ^ 

«Ha^luet, rm.Mit fttfyV^ «r 
AuiKvMnm'Y mrft 

*Hiifefc, ijT* ko9ting,hmH9i 

^Hof^ttttnot, e.s.-not 
IHiE^^tfofe, if. aplpktn 

Hnile cte cotetet, o «fc* 

HuAma, te. a; «asr ^, 

Htilfier, *m. an ou'ttkin ; 
-Hi3iiit^« i'"' itoor-k^ptr ; 


1-Tmll*ii>enicn(ta£/* dgkthhj 

liiiraiiiiHjntenr, At/. Aitfnafl^if, 

IhUnRif st«?f *«!• ^1 rT#,jerflm- 
nuiriOII i phHogaifHtST 


Hv*n«6si «/ pi. eltarEdbf 

MiliuMef t» dm hwiwli i 
Hantbiem^ ad. humMp 

HomecuilRnH *f --eton 
Romeettr, tiist. to ihoitten 
♦Hume*, to •sup npiOTU* in 
Hmnexir, sf. humour ; nuts' 

ture ; c6piiiX 
HiUkid^ S. 4. dam/t^ moiifc 
Hamide,«m. moisiire 
Hubod^eiit, ad. damp plate 
Humidit6 //. --^Utyt Hamp- 

HuinillMit. e. fl. mm-tif^ng 
Hamliifltitfn^ */*. -— ^rt»n 

HmnHft-r, vtt to bangle; to 

^*h«nriH«, w. h humble 

HvmiHt^, «/. hvnMitf 
Humoral, e. a, humortd 
Humortlte, f. ft. sm. -fist 
•Httne. j/, »rtfttte ^f" « ««w< 
*HutiierJ snu toP'nuut, top. 

sail P'(/i 

'tUifft, if. pua ; ^P^gi 
'Htippe, e. fl. tufiedj top' 

ping t tunning : rith JJofl 
•Hure, */. wt/rf boaf^s headr 

'HUTlefntTit- Jm- D AffiBliflg' 

Uurlubrt'di. aiL uhiufMy 
Un huHnhi^lu, ^ni, Aair- 

*5if htitter^ Tir. to isdge in a 

Hjflt'imhd, j/ —finihipur- 

Hyiiili.'R, Kf^pL T\gudes 
Hj(lraiil]r[iiL% i, «^ *f —/«>*; 

liyiW^,^TApht\.fm. —pher 
J I J i! rtjprfl v»hi e^ ♦/: — >At/ 

HytiruTTiiuiiiit'T ,f/ — f'S^ ['*''' 

HifilrupliohtP, */. fityffropftobs 
H>itn>piqiip^ 2. n. j* — /)«? 

Hv(!r^)iuCet^* wn?ip drinker 
RJrl1n>«tlticLlK^ */;. — EJf* 



, Hyliite66| IFyMCn; 
Hyruat^tm, &f, a hfpnn 
Hyperbole, #/*. —bole ; Jib 
Hyperboiiqtte, 2. a. — ticdf 
HyperboUqoement, ad, — — 

Hyperboife^ a./ —htreak 
Hypercridque, a, snu "fie 
Hypocondre, Hypoeondrfii- 

que, 2. a. —driaet hippish 
Hypocnu^ MH. hffpoertu 
Hypocrisije, sf, —sy 
Hypocrite, 2. «. *. --tieal; 

'hypocrite ; dissembler 
Hypostaie, tf» persfindUty; 

sediment Utcai 

Hypostatiqne, S. ff. kyposta- 
HypostntiquemeAt, Cd, —ti' 

Hypoth^ nn§e,jr/I hypothhtuse 
Hypoth€cftire.,'i a. —cary 
Hypoth^caireiDent, ad» by dn 

ac 9n of mortgt^e 
Hypottt^que, i/. mortgage ji 

HypQthCqder, to nwrtgdge 
Hypothd»e, */. 'thesis 
Hypot!i€tiqu*, «. t. —tical 
llvpoth6(iqyenieiit, ad, -^ 

Hypotypos*, sf, -posit 
Hykope, hyssop 
Hysteiique, 3. a IntMeriml 
Ao^t bysterif^oe, nytterics; 


Vi,^ See with the J ibhti 
yoit do hotjtn/i ndth I. 

I sm. firott comme nn x^af 
* 5 straight ns an ar*row 
•lambe, n. *. iambic 
IWs, sm, a kind of stork 
Icpitti. iceltfr, pro. he, Aftn, 

hisj she, hfr^ it 
Ichneumon, sin, -^-^cn^ a 

rat of Egypt 
Ici. ad. here, hiiher 
Ici prd«, hard by 
Icl t?«9. Jhera below; in th^ 


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, tTfU 

Id^at, e. a. ideal {emceit 
IiKe,^. idea; tuition % /dnti 
Identintrr, va. t« identify 
Ueotique, s. a. ulmtjc, the 

tame ieatly 

Identiquement, ail, tdenti- 
I^entace, *f. iiientityi 

Idiooke* em. dialect, idiom 
Idiot, e. a. *, eiUy, idiet, 

Idiotione, em. iiUotiem 
IdolAtre, S. a. #. idolatrmte, 

idolater, exeeetioely Jena 

3dolAtn>r» va» to varek^ 

idohj idelixe 
Idolatne, *f, idolatry 
Idide, an idel^ ^atue^post 
Idyllc idyl (ihortpeem) 
If, em. yen, yru>tree 
Ignare, 8. a. HUierate^ 
Ign6e, 3. a fery, igneuue 
liniieole, *. an aderer effre 
Ignition, ^, ignition 
Igttoble, % a. ignoble, baee 
T];:iioblenient, ad. Ignobly 
Igiiomjnie, ef, ignominy, in- 
famy Jeuelu 
iKnonumenferoeiit, ad.-'ni- 
Ignomimenx, te. a. ignomi- 

Ignorammcot, ad, ignorantly 
Ignonime, *f, ignorance 
iRnomntf c a, s, ignorant 
I|^(»rantiuinie, 3. a, meet 

1%0MtT, va. net to • knim 
11 pro, he, it 
lie* *f. an island^ iele 
Ilet, sm,pl. ilia 
Iliaque, ft* a. iliac 
Ill^f^l, e a, illegal 

m^gitiroe, ft. a, iOegal; tile- 

IlKeitimement. ad, ilkgidly 
I116eitimit6, af, -^imacy 
IHicite, i, a. unUnoftU 
Illicitement, ad, unlawfully 
tlliniitf ^.a,immited 
Iliominatif, Tfc. a, -noted 
Illumination, #/. —tion 
IIiarmn6, e. a» ligbtsome ; 

cle(tr • 

va,to ittumbmte ^ 

niMion, if iUttei»nJiiUacy 
IMuniflkr, 8. a. iilueive, prth 

tigiMte i deceitful [Yuily 

luwiRment, ad, deceit' 
lllustntiun,«/. — <*«n 
Illmtre, sL a. Uluetrieue, fit- 

mmif, nobie, neted 
lUnttrae, va. to iUuetmies 

adorn ; * «ct ^ 

% a, right re- 

IlM. em. a email iehnd 

lh,pro. they 

N. b. The lyltablei tm, in. 
ttfn, tm, in the eomporition 
of wonb. aovwer to notj 
and of late the French 
mtJK uie, rather too fkee- 
Jjr, ol' these pardekt 

Image, ef, irngge^^fimcy 

Imager, e. a, printteUer , 
a print,el^p! tmago'ma- 

Imaginidile, ft. a. —nabh 
Imaginaiie, ft. a. intof^nary 
Imaginatif, re. -^ivCffuU of 

Imagination, ef, -Hon, fan-, 

cy, thought 
Imaginer, va, to imagine 

contrive , 

S^imaginer, va. to tmagine ; 

T think ipriest 

Iman, em, a mahometan 
Irab6eiUe^ S. a, e, roeak ; 

Imb6cillit£, sf, imbecility 
Imberbe, 8. a, beardleea 
Imbiber, va,.to imbibe, eoak 
Slmbiber, vr. to eoak i * be 

Imbnaque, e, drunkard 
Imbricee, tuile imbriefie, 

Imbroille, enu coitfution 
Imbu, e. a. imbued ; pneu- 

Imitidile, 3- a- imitable 
Imitateur,«m.cfin(a{or ;/«^ 

Imitation, ef -r-tion 
Imitatrioe, —tatria: lion 
Imiter, va, to imitate f fol- 
Immacul6, e* a. unepettea 
Immangeahle, a. not eatable 
Immapquable, 2. «• inftilH- 



InmatnMItt, ef,- , 

Immaflfeiid, le. a. ienmeOie- 

tied imateriaUf 

Inunat£riellenient, euL cm* 
ImmatticnkitiaD, ef, matrix 

culation, regieterinjt 
Immatrieufe, moerecttAiexMt 
Immatriculer, va. to inr o lt 
Iminatarit£, {/*. unripemu^ 
Imm^diat, e^ a. iaunediate 
Inini£diatenient,a<t — l«/y 
Imiii€motial,e. a. —rial 
ImMense^ 2. a, immeases 

ImibeBa€vaent,ad. •oaatly 
Xmmcuit6, {f» —eity; vaet' 

Inunefrif, re, a,' 
ItvmeMlte, em* real eetate • 
ImmiDent, e. a, imminent 
S'immiieer, vr» to intermed- 
dle [mmiM 
Iromiifneoidiep?c, ae. cm- 
Immobile, ft. (u inunenoeMe 
Immobilier, idre, a. ina^ 

rable , 

IramobiIit£. tf. — Ofy 
Immod^iaaon, intend 

ranee iratf 

Imm«d6r€, e. a. bnmode- 
Imrood^r€iDeiit, a, '-ratefy 
Immodestly ft. a. —dM( 
Immodestement, ad^—detOy 
Immodestie, tf, immodeety 
Immolatini,— <Mn. eacHJkt 
Imrooler, va. to aoerifke 
Immmide, 2. a, unclean, foid 
Imroomfiicei, ef JUth, dut 
Immortalise, va, to immor- 

Immortality, «/. —iity 
ImroorteL le* a. immortal 
Immortelie, Jtf- amaranth 
ImmnaUe, 8. a. immutable 
Immuableinent, ad, imnuf 

tably ■ 
Immunity, ef, immunity 
ImmutahiKte, —-^Uy, no* 

Impair, 8. a, odd 
Impalpable, 8. a, —He; net 

Impudoonabl^ 8. a, ut^ar- 

donable [defective 

Impaiih}t> er at ^npef^fii 

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ad. . _ 

Impaitaceable, t. a, indivi- 
Impartiid, e. a. impartial 
Impsniilemeiit, ai. -HiaUy 
%snp^ftuait€, tf,^lity;jiw 
Hee l*»lenf9s 

ImputilOe, 8. o. -^ 
Iippatieinnent, ad.^4iently 
ImptttieiNe, »/. impatience 
IiBfiMieiit, e. a. tntfugient 
ImpMienter, to. to *put out 

of patience i prwke 
•S'iniiMitientcT, vr» f fret 

SlmptttTonner, to * get au' 

Ih9rttv ; t9 • be forward 
Impttyable. /. a. inettimabte 
Impeeeabilit^. «/. —toy 
Iinpe«aifale, 2» a. impfccebie 
lDip6nJ^tnbi]it€ *f, ~^iiy 
Xropto6tnible, S. a. — rra6/« 
Ii^i^n^trabtament, ad, — 

Isnp£mtenee,#/* —tenee 
Iropimtent, e. o. impenitent 
Imp^xstif, *nu '—^tve^ t 

.mood [ft/i 

Impj&Fativenmit, ad, hau^h 
Iroperatnee, *f. an emfnte* 
Iroperoeplible, 1. a. "^le 
Jmpetceptibtement, ad» —ti- 

Impevdiible, S. a. inantisM' 
Xmperf):ctk»i, ^, 

Imperial, e. a. imperial 
imp^riale. i/*. ceack*t roof; 

the in^erial lily 
Im|»6riaiiz, *m.pL imperio' 

lute lotulj^ 

Imp^ricqieipeDt, ad, —rt' 
Irop^rieuz, le. a. imperiout 
Iimriittble, 8. a, imperiih 

Imp^ritie, ef, ignoranee 
Impenonwl, ie. a. imprr- 

eontU Ipereonally 

ImpersanneUeroent, ad. iw 
jLmpeTtUieminent, —tinent' 

ly ; *miy 
Impertinence, »f. -^nente 
Impertinent^ e. a. *• imper^ 

tinent f absurd ; nlly ;foel- 

ith ; intrtuive ; meddling 
Ih»pertarlMlntit6, sf, immo- 


InmcrtoriNible, 2. a, immtoe* 

Inpeiturtelileinem, ad, eteo- 

ImpetTftble. S. a, obtainable 
Irop^trant, e. a, «. grantee^ 

Impetmtion, tf. -~tion 
Imp6trer, vd» to obtain by 

entreaty [oiuly 

Imp^teueuKnient, ad, — («- 
Imp^ a, impetuome 
Irop^tttont^, tf. -tky.fury 
Impie, S. a, tmpiout; tin- 

godly [line** 

Imfii%t€,»f, impiety tungod- 
Impitoyawe* 8. a, meralee* 
Impitoyablement, ad, un- 

mereifiuUy^ cruelly . 
Implflcible, 8. a. tnplacabie 
Implexe, 8. a, implex 
Implication, #/*.-— wton 
Implicite, 8. a. implicU. 
Implicitemei\t»e4. —fitly 
Impliquer, va, to tmbar- 

rate; impUcofie } imply 
Imploratkniy ff-^ the ad of 

Impforer, va, to, implore^ to 

ImpoU, e. a, unpolite ; ciemn- 

Impolitette, of. rudeneso 
Importance* importance ; 

consequence; toork; m#* 

Important, e. a. important 
Importation, of —Hon 
Iroporterr vn. to import; 

Impormn, e. a, *, importu- 
nate; troublesome; sad 
Impoctun^ment, ad. -lately 
Importnner, va. to import 

tune; to trouble; vex; 

Importaiiit^, sf —fdty. dun- 
ning [taxed 
ImpotaWe, 3. a. liable to be 
Imfioaant, e. «• striking; 

awful [on 

Impoier, va, to impose^ *lay 
Impontion, sf, —tion; tax 
ImpoMibilit£, ^lity 
ImpoHible. 9, a. impossible 
Impocte, sf. impost [cheat 
Impofteur, sm. impostor ; 
Iropoit^Ry sf, imposture 



ImpAt, Ml* impHt tta* t 

custom [tax 
Imptt rarehaqve t^te, ^^ 
lur chaqM ftu, ^MitA- 

Impotent, e. a. impsteid ; 

Iropratieable, S. a. trnprac' 

ttcable [cutee 

Imprecation, sf, 
Impr^catoire, 8. a. 
Impregnation, sf — 
Ifflpr€gner, va. to impreg' 

note ln«£k 

Impr^ltnable. 8. a, impreg' 
Iinpr6«eriptibi1it4, sf '•^IHy 
Impr^acriptiMe, 8.a.-4»Afe 
Irapmtion, sf. impression i 

persuasion ; printint 
Irapr€Toyanee,waiit of fore- 
cast (datt 
Impr^voyant, e. a. impromi' 
Impr^vtt, e. a. vftforenen 
bnprinh^, sm, any thing 

Imprinter, va, to print ; 

prime ; engrave; * stamp ; 

Iroprimeri& if, printing; 

printingAouse ; press 
Imprlineur,«fH« a printer 
ImpriuHue, #/*. eanvass^Uu* 

Improbable, 9, a, improbeMe 
Ireprohatenr, trioe. a, cen- 

tur^ ; condemning 
Iraprohation, sf diepraoing 
Improbite, sf. want of bO' 

nesty [unfit 

Impr<q>re, a, improper ; 
Improprement, ad. "fierly 
Impropriate , */. ^—^firtety 
Impromptu, «m. extempmre 
Improviste, h. rimproviite, 

suddenly^ unexpectedly 
Improover, va, to disapprove 
Improdemment, ad. tmpru' 

Iropruilence, qf, -—^ence 
Imprudent, e. a, imprudent 
Imprudent, e. s. a fool 
Impubdre,S. a.s, notaduUt 

under age [dently 

Impndemment, dd. impU' 
Impudence, sf. —dence 
Impudent, e. a, s. —dent g 

Inipudicit6, sf, kutdJi^^J 

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S. A ImmidtH f 


*** *TCf*-^ 

._, ^ #r. AidAWryi 

Impaiittiit, e. 

Impofaran, «f. ... 
Inrpun^mem. orf. 

, pitnity 

Impuni, e. o. unfiunuhe4 

Inmir« e. a. impure ; ZnMf 
ImjniTeinent,aa. tmpurely 
Impttiet^, If. mpunty ; 

Itii]ratati«n, -'^Im ; cAcr^re ; 

SmMKr, ve. f# 
charge wkhf ntrfi 

Xmbonfaiblef 2. a. Htaceetelble 
litteoeniMKt^, *f. HuucteH- 

wifihef de- 

. _ irtaettieible 

ItMoeomniodible, nott9* be 

InaeeoMKble. utisotUAie 
iMttiotitiniie, e» «« ufiaeeuh 

XnMtion« »f. intutien 
XmdmtniNe, s. 0. it<e edndt' 

table {jgvertight 

fi*H^mible.2.a.-4te led 
InMNftMe. fW tan^ be mix- 
Imftembte, unalterable 

iiMmis>iMm6,#/: -^my 

ItmtdMOAt, % a. *^le 
ItmtH/iMt, unrenuroelble 
Iiumim^, e. a. inanimate 
tannitiMi. *f. weaknesi Jbt^ 

roam offied 
ImppKcabie, 3. a. — d£r 
Xiuii>(MieftG6ti, heetBeeineit 
impplUititf e. <r. supine; 

carelea lable 

Imppr^ialie, 8. tf. fntni/u. 
lnnpikude, sf, want efafti- 

Smrtaenl^, 6. o. inarticu- 
iMtttqutMe, 8. a* <Aat eon. 

Xinttcndtif e» tttuntxpeetod 


lattteiitMVte. MiMrMTtve 
Inattention, 9f. heedletenm 
Imupirtition. "fa n 
Inavfnuer, va. t» initiaie 
laea^adtMm, t. «. iM m * 6e 

emnptaed m rtdtened 
locanutiun,//: •f<M,dhrr»r 
Incapfltotei 2. a, '••Mr, trfiA 

^ [Mtovr 

IncamadUl, e. «. ff/fA/ .^inA' 
inottMt, e. «. conwi — 

IiMarmtioD, ^. — — «i«fi 
Incarner, vo. to etfoer [a 
wound] i»(fA newjk»h 
tncatner, vr. f« * became 


mtn (maHdatg of Cbriit) 
Incartade, #/« iniult, freak 

Incemlle, *f a great Jhes 

eombuetien ; brtiU 
IneeAdier, va. U * Mtjhie to 
iDo^ntioD, jjfC mlMtifv of 


Inoeftaiiii t* A wteeftoin / 
doubf/uif irreeolme i in 
nttpente liainly 

lenrtaiiienMM, otf* tinceN 

Incertitude */» incertitude ; 
iMMfftftftty f tuspenee 

Inceoamment. ad, inceuant- 
ly,fottktfUh; every mo- 

Iflteisible, 8: a. indUenable 
Inoet te, «m. incest 
Intt^tnwattueuti, cd» ineet' 

IttCestoeux, te. a. ineettuoue 
Tociderament. ad. inctdently 
iDCUIeiMe, */ --denet 
Incident, tj: incideAt, aec^ 

dent TtMual 

Incident, eb a. inHdental ; 
Inektenter, inu f * tpUl a 

Ineindntioii, ^ reducing to 

IncircoDCti, « cn f • frtteir' 

eunuised [einoh 

Incireoocision, ^ unarewn^ 
Tneitfr.Da. to * Moi 

Inctser, txi. f • ' '*' make on in- 

tirion, to •cut 
Inciiif, vt- a. — iriw, cutting 
InCiston, s/.-^siont cutting 
IttCiMftre,!. tf» ineisorfftinci' 

rive Ition 

to. <iir«tt # mite^ ,' 
indure ^^ 

IncHil, c> Ai ttntwtt 
InciviteMent, otf unHvilfy 
laelnlit^. «i^ incivmty;c 

iMivlime, ffi. iMiytf tff m^ 

jeerion to the I*i9» 
Inei^di«nea. »/ UteltfltHiey ; 

nhirpnets Twre 

Ind^ment, e. a. -••'Mm. «r- 
IneKnant. e. «. UteHning ; 

Inclinaittm, *f. inthMHoH 
IbcilniitittH« -ffM, l»M> 
Ineliner, r. «• Inrf Hi^, •iwirf ; 

b&w dotfih 
Inelas, e. d. itielbstd 
fnehitir, tb d. i ncfttifflf 
Inclaritemeiit,4Mt ^ Mtfa 
locoatif, Tfta. 6c9ti«fm«Mf 
Ineogtnte,-^*. crMlbWlDSi 
IneombQstibltit^, «/: .u«^ 
IneombiMtiMe, 8» ft. -^^fiiji;* 
Ineommensunfatlit^ , |f. .^.^ 

fiiConilntesferAbfe, S* a.—** 
lotomRRidaot, c. A #rmiNK 

#^e; inconimfnie/ im* 

Incoraniddfe. % <i. frMlN^ 

smet ineoretHftdeni tsttf 
JCuniidaAcfiiMitf liA wieih 
Intonmoder, vs. t« t}ie*nt> 

mode ; ^ttistrHsf dErtar*; 

Incommode, e. a.disfuHM, 
indispntdt mttdfted i et • 

Incoromodk€, sf, < g f y, in- 
contfcnieney; inOnpoSUo^ 
Toant ; distress 

InCbm^lrtinicaMe, 2. A -Ife 

IneommQtabiKtfe^tf* ^ 
Iiieommatable^ ». tf. ^f^, 

that cannot be exchanetfi 
IneomparaMc, 8i a, --Afe 
IneutApatablbrntilt, mH ^b 
Incompatibility, {^ -«ttta 


InoompatiUe^ «r. 

Incorop^toi^, *f. ■ ' ■ft i ti ^f 
Incompetent, e- tf. — «rf 
Ineomptaisanee, */l "^ 

ptiance ; stdlefinen 
Incomptaisam, e. ir. n>/J!^ 
iQcomplete, e^ok -fdOe 

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InooMUiiOdo* <i^ * M«Mur 

ljacoiid«4be«4r- miKWfMft«c« 
locongni. e. a. tfWMfuri(«itf > 

InooDnut tt. a. A ui^m9am 


Inconsid^HnteiiC, od r4i^ 
Ijicoiuobbleroent,W T4a% 
Incoiutance tf.^kkmst 
Iiicaiitestablce, a, -^^Hs 

Inconteite, e. a. uncometMt 
lutaapaemaieaif oA 

lPCaprtlWnft , 4f. •nrr-l 

Ii|Ca»tijMnt««.«. 'T-rr 

IiMumsiueat, od; iawwiiaedly 
IncoiMreiiKii^s *m. incorvtp^ 

Inenrponitioii, #/C --^o 
l u cur y pB d yiet «• bttdiUa* 
Inooipor^. VA l« inetrfiih 
rate ^ anatux; a4mit s uuitc 
Incocrectioo, «/l — £io«; iuv 

Incon^MiSK, ^. Wily 

Ii|0iaMibaift6, «/V Wi^ . 

htu : on unbeliever (titf 

Iner66 , e. a< tMicfft^ 

iDCco yl i k t nt , Oit. imKtd^ 

Iiwnuter, vo. <• incnut 
IftciilwniMi, 4^ «>-iKaa, <i« 

iDfWiqwar* ^ i*i«w^c8lc 
Incqke, X a. vncuMocMil 

iDCunble, 8. a. #. — ^'e 
tnottrie, «/; earekunet* 
Ineunwv. #/. — «ion, mroatf 
Iiklet (les), £ai« XnceiM 

Indccence, *f. "•eeney 
Indt eeDt, e. a. — <»nl 
Ii«d6«UffmUe 2. a, not *a*te 
4ecy^hend. inej^iicaitla 

Indi'teUicMi, *f, '■niMn 
|Dd6cfiMUe,S. «. -^luMc 
Indecjcott^iie, S. «• fld 



Indefini. e. unci^niic^unU- 

lad^finiment, ad. ^nkely 
IndefinUavfele, 2. 

tndenfiiaatioq, {/* 


indeniaili, «|f* tiMemni;iB«- 

}nd6pendaninient, odL—dbtf- 
ladependAiice,^. - ' 
Ind^penduit, e»«. 

iodestruetibUitgy tf. *,4ity 
tnilestnietible, % a. -^h 
I^detein^mtioD, *Ji inne»o> 

lBd6tsnBi]|6, «. a. uulttet*^ 
mitmU ; undeterwdntd^ ir- 
fjetUaU Uiaulu 

Ind^Ctrodnteieiit, ««£ -i^W- 
In(Ui(^ e. a. irrxllgiaiu 
iBd^votement, mL uhgodHly 
lude^otion, ef. -^ion ; tnne- 

iBdklMtfv TO. o. — Nv0) M««» 
IndieftUoo,^/*.— <ion, w«trk 

InHenae, *f. priaUd coMm 

Indiff^Mnt. e. a. tiMli^SrrcH* i 

tm^orliai; inaenstke 
Indig^nat, «m. ftctn^ a nafiot 

Indigence, <^-;ffCfice, «aM 
Indigepe, 3. «. in " 


Indigeite, 3. a. undigested -, 

lndigeiti«o,4^ ^^^t$»m, tupfHt 
Indignation, -Otm 
IndiKue, 2. a. unvwrfAy; 

Indign£. 0.0. very e«|fry 
ludigneflKBt, «c^. Ao«^ 
Indiaaer, va. <• trrHata 
S'ioiljmer. w. (• • Ae/Qtaf 

vt/A indignation, toffat 
Indifirnite, «^. ttnw«rtA<n«ff j 

Indigoterie, */. indigo-mmtu- 

factory ipaint 

Indiquer, ««. to indieate% i^ 
Indixect, e. & -^itrect, «t«i#ter 
IndireGtemait,a«(L -^«tf^ 
Indisciplinahle, 3. «. titd^ 

cileffrowardi unruly 
Inditaplin^, e.- not di^i. 

Indiscipline, »f. want of dU' 

cifilme; rawneoo 
Indiacret, te. a. «. --ereei 
IndiscMtioD, of, — fMn foffy 
iBdMrtttemttkifOd raoUm 
IndMp«Mttble. % a. '^-ooMe 
|ndUpen«abtoB«nt, ad, —hf 

diooffeaed} ottagtunot 
IndUpoiar, va. to tfMiae#w>, 

to* ott agaiiMt 
Indispmitlon,«/k illnaoo; dla* 

la&p rt a Mo . ». a -«»/« 
Xndi»p«itaMoineac,«dS. ^o6^ 

llndUioiuble, «• o. '--Jkie 
XndiisoliiMement, ad!, — A/jt 
IiidiMlBet, «• c in0oHna 
Hxidivtinctenient, ad.-iPinct- 
iys ind^ffhtntlif 

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175 IN£ 

Indhidn, *m, indMdual ^ 
ImUndoeK le. a. — rftia/ 
lodiTiduellemait, tuL ^ 

attff [divtdtd 

laliYb, e. a. unparttd ; ur^ 
iMlivinliUit^, sf, —Utu 
IndivniMe, & a. -^rifrfe 
ImliTmbleaieiitt cuiL -^/v 


lodoleiieey indolence} 

Indoleot, e. tu indolent , tU" 

Indoaiptabte, 2. a- untame- 

aOief ut^fovemaMe 
ladompt^, e, €u net tamed ; 
In^ouze* *m, a book in 

twelves or duodecimo 
Indubitable, 2. a. — &ie 
TndubitaUenient, ad. —bly 
InddctioD, «/'. — fwit, infe- 
Zndu, e. a. undue 
liiduetnent, ad. unduly 
Induire, va. to induce ; * lead; 

infer {i^entlu 

IiMluU(enament, ad. tndtd- 
Induleence, sf, '-gence 
Indulgent, e. a. —f^ntj kind 
Indttlt, «m. an indulto 
ladiilulre. one that *fuu ^got 

an indulto 
Industrie, sf. industru 
Industrieusement, ad. indus- 
Induftrieox, se. a. industn- 

ous; inetnious 
Infebnntaoie, a. unmovea- 

ble ; steady ; firm 
iD^bnailablenient, ad, uth 

moveably ; steadily 
laeffiibiUt^, jf. unspeakable- 

Inei&ble, 8. a, ineffabk 
InefTagabte, indeme 
loefficaee, twffec'ive 
Inefffcacit^, tf. inegleacy 
In^i^l, e. «. unegualt uneven 
la^galeinent, ad. uneaually 
1n£g»lit6, sf. inequamy, w> 

In^Ujiane, e. a. '•^tant 
IneliKiMct, 8. o. -who* cannot 

•be elected (able 

fh^nim^liy % a. uflspeak- 


Inqite, !■ m. fnept; unfit ; Hi- 
loeHie, ^.foolery [ly 

lB6puifliblB, ^ a. inexhaus^ 

iole ; exhaustless 
Inertie; sf. inertia* dullness 
Iiiesp6r^ e. a, unexpected 
IiKfi»€r6iiient, ad. unexpee- 

loettiinable, %a. inestimahle 
liifivitable, 2. a. inerriteAk^ 

In^TitaUemtnt, ad. '•^tyi 

Inexjiet, e. a. inaccurate 
Inesactitude, sf, inaccuracu 
Inexeimble, S. a, inexcusable 
luexeeution, tf. nonper- 

fortnance . 
Inexorable, 2. a. —ble 
InexomMement. ad, —bly 
Inexperienee, *f. —rience 
loexp^rimeiil^ye. a.inexpert 
Inexpinble, i. a. inexpiable 
InexpIioaUe, 8. a. unexpU- 

InexpriinaUe, 2. a. inex- 

presible [noMe 

luezpaR^ble, 2. a, imfireg- 

Inextin^ilHtiti, sf. quality 

ofbdttg ur^uenchtwe 
Inextinsoible, 8. a. inextin- 

gtushable^ unquenchable 
Iiwxtricable, —cable 
InftiilUbiUt6, sf. infaUibility 
InAuliiMe, 2. a. infallible 
lafiiilUblemcDt, ad. infalli- 
bly ^^ 
Infkitable, 2. a* not to * be 

* done t impossibte 
Infanaant, e. a. defimatory 
InfamatioD, sf. defaming 
'nfknie, 2, a. s, infamous ; 

sham^\U ; sordid ; JUthy 

iRfiMfBie,^, infiunvtscando' 

'mm; foul \ 

lousaeiiL ,, ^ 
Infimt, e. s. infant t —ta (a 

title oi' lioiMMir in Spain) 
Infiinterie, sf.infantry^foot 
Infanticide, mi- — cMfe, niw> 

der or murderer of an 

infant [gableoess 

Inthtigahatlfii of. indefati- 
- " • •• 8. o. indefati- 

ad. iMkJk- 
sf, infatuatient 



Infltfiier, -es. u imJi^HML 
InfifecMMl, e a. unfrtti^ul 
lni(Mondk6,«/. bar^enneme 
Infect, e. a, infected^ tainted 
Infeeter, va, to infect, tmnt 
Inleotion, sf. —tiou^ tmmt 
In£'6 liekte,-^-cityMnhqppinese 
Inf^odation, ityeo ffi m eM 
InC^oder, va, to infe^ 
Inf^bcr, to infer, conclude 
loftrieor, e. a, tttfeHar^ 

Inf£rinireBient, ad.heiom 
Inf«riorit6, qf, —rity 
Inferml, e. ajnfemal* keUUh 
Infertile, 2. a, unfruitful 
Infertility, sf. barrennese 
Infestor, va.tatn/Suf 
Infiddle, 2L a. ut^aUkfid ; 

sf. infideWyi 

Infiddle, ef, infideii wdie- 

Infiddlement, ad, unfisHA' 

Infini, e.a.i»/Zfitlc f t 
lofinimait, -^-wtely ; great 

Infinitg. sf. infinity ; a world 
Infinititt »m, —ttve mood 
Infirmacif, ye^a,armuUing 
Inavme, 8. a. t-infb-m^esddy 
Inftrmeri va, to invmUdate ^ 

!, ^f- i i^uuuf 
Infivmier, e. «• overaeer sf 

an infirmary 
Infirmit^, sf -^ ; eiekness 

2. a. tn/lom. 

Inflammation, sf.- 
Inflammataiv^8. a, t on 
Inflexibility, sf. ^Uty 
Inflexible, 2. a, in/kxiMejstig' 
Inflexiblement, ad,— bly 
ludeMUuL, sf,in flexion, bend- 
Inflietif, ve. a . -^Uve f iw 
Infliction, <A —tion, fitmish- 

Infliger,«a. to tnOicti^mmsh 
Influence, sf. influence 
Influer, va. to influence 
In-folio,«i». a folio book 
Inlbrmatkn, <)C — «i«n, t» 

Iftfbrnier, v,t« infstm, * tOl 

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5*fnfiinna>, vr. t« enquire 
Infartnne^ rfi nw fortune 
Infonune, e.a. «. unbtckyi 



^. injringemt 

Infbictioo, «/. _ 
pToftuAlyi tont^ 
Intruetueux^ we, a» 
Int'us, e. a. infiuea 
liifuaer, va. teiafueef * Ue^ 
Infttaion, sf, —nen 
Ineambe, 8. a> actitfej mm' 
blct agile (mean* 

S^inie^nier, vr. to look fer 
Ingenieur, em. an engineer 
Ing^oieasement, atC vUtUy 
IiiK^nieux, le. ingenioue 
InRom. e, a, ingjenuuutjree 
Iiig6nuit6, tf, ingenuotuneee 
ing^BQinenty ad, frankly 
S*iag6ter, vr, te intermetkOe 

Ingxat. e,a.9, ungrateful 
iBematufe, ef, ingratitude 
InirSdieot, em, ingredient 
Iiuru6iiMahle, i, a, incurable 
IiSabae, 3. a, unqualified, 

intMbable^ unapt 
lohabiUt^, ef. incapacity 
InhabittUe, t. a, uninhabi- 
]ahabit6»e.a. uninhabited 
Inh6reofie, rf. -^rency 
lahfirent, e. «. — mK 
InUiiber, va* tefirefubU 


In humain* e. a, e. tnhuman ; 

fi cruel man w wenum 
mKanutinpmept. ad, cruelly 
Inlturaamt^ efi—nity, cruel- 
Inl lamstion, interment ity 
Inl Miinerr va, to inter, bury 
Iiuecter, toittject, * caet in 
in fc 3fttioD) ef, -^on 
ImlnuigiiMble %,4i. not f be 

it nagined 
Inii nitable, 2. a, — 6£e 
Inii (utl€ ,.tf, enmity 
Inifl iceUigaoie, i> a- unintelli' 

gibie _ 
Injo netioD^iifrirtfunctien 
iDiq ae, S. a. iniquitous ; un- 
just • 
Isiq uemcDt^ ad. unjustly 



lahiatiODttf.— fton 
Initier, va, to initiate, admit 
liuare, of, injury ; tOueive 

language, iUtuse, names 
lujurier, va, to call one names 
iDiurieamnent, ad. —riously 
Injarieux, le. a, injurious' 

abusive ; wrongful 
Injuite* t» a, unjust^ unrea- 
Inyagtememt^ad, unjustly 
lojiudee sf, ityusttce 
Inn6, e. a. innate 
Irniooemmeot, ad, innocently 
innooence, sf innocence 
Innocent, e. a, innocent; 

Innocent. e,s*an idiot 
Innooenter, va, to acquit 
Innombiablf^ t, a, wnume- 



. od, in- 

numeroblyf nna nombre 

— ooDtmt innomd, recipr^ 

cat agreement vtithout 

loBomine, e. a, nameless 
Innovaieur, sm, innovator 
InnoYktion, sf^tiom change 
Innover, va. to innovate 
Inobwrrance, sf. non-ob- 
servance [ance 
Inobservation, nonFuSsero- 
Inoenkitew, lioe. s, -^or ; 

InocalatioD, sf, —tion ; graf- 

flng iingraff 

Inoeuler, va, to inoculate ; 
Inociilistej sm, apartixan {/' 

InofBcieox, le, a, unkind 
InoiKlati<Hi,'{/*. inundation, 

flood; everjlowing 
luiuider, va, to overflow; 

• overrun 
S*inonder, vr. to • drown 

on^sselfi * drink much 
Inopin6, e. a, unforeseen ; 

sudden (.tedly 

InopinfineDtt ad, unexpect- 
Inoui, e. a, unheard of; 

Iivprumptu, sm, extentftore 
In-qiiano, a book in quarto 
luquiet. e. a. uneasy; restless 
Inqui^ter, va, to disturb'. 


S^—^bevexed; -fc 

uneasy leasiness 

Inqni^CQite, {^. disquiet; uflr 
Inquiritenr, sm, if^uisitor 
liiquuition, sf, — <>«n 
Insalubrity, unwholesome- 

ness; unheaUhfulness 
ImatUbilit^, msatiabienese 
Inntiable, S. a, —ble, intati- 

InntiableiDeBt, ad, -^iably 
Inaciemroent/ial not knowing 
Inscription, if. inscription 
Intcrire, va. to inscribe 
S'~, vr. to • undertake a 

Inscrutable, t. a. —die^ unfa- 
Ins^u & mon iiu^u, without 

my knowledge 
Insecte, sm. an insect 
In-strize, a book in sixteene 
Inaenso, e,a. s. senseless ; 

Insensibility sf. ^lity [fioi 
Insensible, 9,a. —ble not •felt 
Inseniiblement, ad, —sibly 

Ins£)iarable, 3. a, —ble 
Ins^parablement, ad. -^rably 
Insurer, va, to insert ; add 
Insertion, sf. tion; ino* 

Insidieusement, ad, —dioxuly 
Insidieux, se. a, insidious 
Insifcne, i. a, notable, notori- 
ous ; noted; signal ; arrant 
Insifcnement;, ad. notably 
Insinuant, e. a, engaging g 

pleasing {JHstering^ 

Insinuation, sf. -^ten; re- 
Insinuer, va, to insinuate^ 

register [• cr^ 

S'insinuer, vr. to * steal in; 
Insi|>ide, 2. a. insipid, flkitf 

Insipidity, «/. —dtfy 
Insister, vn. to insist ; itrge 
Iniociabilit6. sf. unsociable 

InsociaUe, 2. a,unsociable 
Insolation, sf exposition ff 

avessel to the nm 
Insotemment, ad, insolenthf 
Insolence, sf-^lence ; pride 
Insolent, e. a. insolent, proud 
iMoter, va. to dry in the sun 
Imolite, i, a, unusual ; «6- 

InwlvaWllt6,#/'. insolvency 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



lMo1vab1e,l.a. insolvent 
Insoluble, 2. a. insolubte 
Inaomnie, *f, vnnt of rea, 

Insoucumee, carelesstUMf 
Insoucianti e. a. devoid of 

insoumis, e. <l ttneonquered^ 

Insoutenablet 3. a. indefen- 

tibki unwarrantable 
iiupeGteur, sm, inspector i 

Inipection. tf, -<ion 
InspiKition, —tion [gesl 

Impirer, veu to insfnrt, sug- 

jnstaUe, 2> a» taistablc 
Installation, of. -^on 
Installer, va* to instal 
Instamment, ad. urgently; 

instance, sf, entreaty; pro- 
cess; proof 
Instant, sm, instant 
Instant, e. «r« urgeni^pressing 
Instantan6e, 3. a. instanta- 
A n^star, ad, like Zratian 
Instannuion, sf. —tion ; resto- 
InstigatMr, sm, —tor, abettor 
Instigation, */". —tion (&c 
Instigatriee, a she abettor, 
Instiguer, va, to instigate ; 
entice [gently 

InstUler, to instil, pour in 
Instinct, sm, instinct 
Instituer, va. to institute; 

* teach ; train 
Institat, sm, institute 
lusututaire, a reader of the 
institutes Itor 

Institnteur, snufounder, tu- 
Institution, sf. —tion ; found- 
ing ; instruction ; training 
Ittititdtrice, she-founder 
Instructeur, sm.—tor, teacher 
—- des proems, a solicitor 
Instructif; ve. a. instructive 
Instruction, sj, —tton 
Instraire, va, to instfuct, in- 

Instruisant, e» a, instructive 
mstrument, sm, —ment, tool 
Instrumenul, e. a. —tal 
Instrumenter, vn\ to * make 
decdlt ^ 


InsufRsamment, ad. —fin- 

Imaliteance, sf, —fcieney 
InsuiBsant, e* a. insufficteta^ 
vnftt, ignorant [der 

Insulaire, i,a,s, —Utr, isian 
Insultable, S. a, assailable 
Insuhan^ e. a, abusive 
Insulte, */. insult, affront 
lusulter, va. to insiM, abuse 
InsappomUe, 3. a. —table 
liisQpportabtement, ad^—ta- 

Insnrgens, «!»./><. Hungarian 
militia; revoUers (cible 
Insorinontable, 3. a. inviih 
Intact, e. a. wlu^^pure 
Iiitarissablet 3. a. inexhaust- 
lnt6gx^\,e. a, integral \ible 
Integrant, e. a, integral , 
tnt^gre, 3. a. honest, upright 
Intdgrit^, //. integrity, ho- 
Intellect, sm, intellect 
Intelleetif, ve. a, intellectual 
Intellectael, le. a, —tual 
IntelliKenunoit, ad, knem- 

Intefligience, sf. —ce; un- 
derstanding ; skill ; spirit ; 
union {kn»v»ng 

Inteltti^nt, e. a, intelligent ; 
Intelligible, 2. a. inteUigible ; 

IntelUgiblenient, ad, —gibly 
Intemp^ramoit, intempc 

Intemperance, sf, —ranee 
Inteu)p6rant, e. a. —perate 
Intemp6r6, e. a, immoderate 
Intemp^rie, if. —perature 
Intendance, management , 
office of an intendant ; dis- 
trict, tntendanfs house 
Intendant, sm. lord-lieute- 
nant i steward; comnUs- 
Intendante, sf, lordMeute- 
nanfs, stevmrd^s, or com- 
mlssioner*s vnfe 
Intense, 3. a. intense 
Intensity, sf, intenseness 
Intensiveraent, ad, intensely 
Intenter une action, v. *bring 

an action, institute a suit 
Intention, sf. intention^ in- 
tent; purpose; design; 
me/u^gi accourtt 


Bicn ou Rud intmiioim^. 

weUvft ill affected 
Interoalaire, 8. a. irOeraUi^ 

ry^ odd 
Intercatetf on, sf —tion 
Intercaler, va, to insert ; /« 

IntereMer, vn, to intercede 
Intereepter, va. to intercept 
Interception, sJ, —tian 
Interoesaenr, sm, —eessor^ 

mediator [jdiation 

Intercession, sf, —sion, me- 
Interdiction, —liion 
laterdire, va. to prohsbU ; 

* take out an act tf lunacy, 
amaze ; *shut ttp ; suspend 

Interdit, sm, intereSetion ^ 

suspension Ifortndden 
Interdit, e. a, confounded ; 
Ittt6ressant, e. a, sf greA 

concern, affecting 
Int6ress€, e, a, selfish ; cove 

tous, concerned 
Interess^, sm. a party et» 

cemed ; proprietor 
Int^resser, va, to concern ; 

affect ; prejudice 
S'— , vr, to *be concerned, 

Int^r^t, sm, interest, pro^ 
Interjection, sf. —tion 
Interjecter an appel, ve, » 

* bring in an appeal 
Int^rieur, e. a, interior ; in. 

ward; inner 
Int6riear, sm, inward parts; 
inner rooms ; mah*9 heart 
Int^rieurementf ad, inward- 
ly [time 
Interim, #m. interim; mean' 
Interligne, sf. interline 
Interlin^aire, 2. a, interlined 
InterlocateuT, sm. ~-cutor 
Interlocution, sf. —tion 
Interlocutoire, 3. a. x . —f»ry 
Interlope, sm, a smuggler ; 
an interloper [imp^latut 
Interloquer, v, to ^rant an 
Intermede, sm, an interlude 
Intenn^diajre, 3. a. —medid ; 
Interm^iat, e. a, —iUate 
Interminable, 3. «. — lU^, 

that * cannot be decided 
Intermission, sf. sion,pa use 
Intermittenee, discon&nvf 

Inteimitteiit, e« 9* — «?^ inx 

,y Google 


Interne, S. a. internal^ 4u- 

Intemooce, «n. intemuticio 
Intcnioneiature, </ pioceyt 

dignUy of an internuncio 
Inttrpellaiion, -*-— -— 

, —fion, nan* 

IntCTpeWer, va» t9 ntmmm ; 

to require 
Intetpolateur, *»». "latmr 
InterpulatioD, tf, --tion 
Interi*oler, vtu to interpo- 

lute ifout 
Inti-rpoarr, to interpote 
Interpo»ition,*/i —tion 
Interpretation, — <*•*», «*• 

Interprfitatif; ve. ff. — fiw 
Interprttfttivenient/w/.— Wtf 
Inierprtte, «. prefer ^ca- 

Xnterpr6ter,*a. f« interpret i 

tramlate^ explmn 
Interpreter mal, to miHnter' 

Interr^gne, »m. interregnum 

Interrex, ^* 

Imerrogateur, an examiner a. --tive^ 
Interroi^tioo, #r. t*on; 

demand; question 
InteiTogatoire* tm, exam> 

InteTroger, wi. to interro- 
gate ; examine t ask gues- 

loterrompre, to interrupt; 

disturb i *breakoff^ leave 

Tntentiptcur,*m. interrupter 
Interraption, #/". —tion 

Intertectkm, tion 

Interstice, #m. intersttce, Ifl- 

Intenralle, interval, space 
Intervenant, e. a, '•evening 
Intervenir, vn. to intervene 
Interrtnoaotsf, — <iofi, me- 
IntetreTtioa, disorder 
Interrertir, va. to •overfhrow 
Intestable, t. a. intestable 
Intestat, e. a. intestate 
Inteatin, sm. bnoelt etHratl 
Intestin, e, a» intestine^ in- 


Intimation, sf, a sutnmens ^ 
Intime, S. «• «. intimate, 

Intini6, e. s.a defendant 
Intime0»ent,ci</. intimately 
Id timer, va* to tuntmon; 

* give notice ; intimates 

Intiniidation, sf, threatening 
ImlDiirier, va. to intimiOatr, 

Intiniiie,^/'. intimacy 
Intitule, sm. title of an act, 
Intituler, va. to entitle [&e. 
S»— , vr, (• cali one^s self 
IntoierBbie, «. a. --able 
Intoierablf nient, ocL '-robly 
Iniol6nuict, sj\ — ««cc; im* 

Intolerant, e. a. one who op- 
poses a toleratitm 
Intoteiantisme, sm, intolera- 

Intonation, v* — fi»n 
Intraitable, 8. a . vntractable 

Intransitif, ve. a, five 

Intrepkle, S. a, intrepid 
Intrepidcnient. ad, boldly 

Intrepidit€, */. dity 

Intrix;itant, e> a. s*an intrp- 

gver [plft 

Intriprue, */. intrigve, amour; 
Intriguer, -oa. to embroil; 

plot ; puxxJe 
sWnsner, vr. to bustle ; 

•put one's self forward 
Intrtnseque, «. a, intrinsic 
Introducteur, ricew *. intro- 

Introduction, »f. —tion 
Introduire, v0« to introduce 
Intn'it, smJntrMt^beginning 
Intromission, sf, —tion 
Intrfinisation, tnthroning 
lmrbrAm, Hithrone 
Intronvable, S. a, not to • be 

/«««<' . ^ . 

Intnis, e. a. s, intruded; in- 

Intrasion, sf. '•'—sion 
Intnitif, ve. a, intuitive 
Intuition, sf, --tien 
IntuitiTement,flK/« —tivelv 
Intumescence, sf, a stvelnng 
Invuncu, e. a.wnvanguished 
Invalide, S. o. s. disabled! of 

nof$rce § invaiid 



Invalidement, ad. withtut 

Invalider, va, to invalidate, 

to annul, to * make void 
InraHdite, s/.-dlty; nuUUy 
Invariabilite, immutability 
Invariable, 8. a. — 6fe, cfn* 

Invariablement, ad. Jhmly; 

Invasion, sf invasion 
Invective,— /fw, railing 
In^-cctiver, vn. to inveigh 
luvrntaire, sm, —toryt oar* 

tion itri^ 

Inventrr, to. to invent, eon- 
Inventeur, sm, —lor, forger 
Inventif, ve. a. ingenious 
Invention, sf. -iion, device 
Inventorier, va. to •draw up 

an inventory 
Inventrice, sf "-tra 
Inversable, 8. a, that * caMlo 

• be overturned 
Inverse, s. a, inverted f s, 

Inversion, sf, -^-^sion 
Investigation, — ^-rlwi 
Investir. va. to invest; ^st ; 

Investissement, sm, investing 
Investiture,^. -<tire, vesting 
Inv6l6r6.e. a, —terate, old 
Inv6t6rer, vn. to 'grow old ; 

or inveterate 
Invincible,), a, —hie 
Invincibleraem, ad. ~-cihly 
Inviolable, S. a, —ble, —Inte 
Inviolableroent, ad. —iiAly 

Invisibility, sf bHity 

Invisible, S.fl.-*te 
Invisibleroent,o(/. ' eibly 
Invitation, */. —ri*n 

Invitatoire,*ni. tory 

Inviter, v. to invite, ^out 
Invocation, sf —.-^ion 
Involontaire, 2. a,—luntary 
Involontatrement, ad, invo- 
Invohition. sf, "—"tion 
Invoquer, va, to inx'oke. call 
upon llikely 

Invraisemblable, 8. a, tin* 
Invraisemblance, sf, unlike 
lihood [used 

Inusite, e. a, unusuaL nee 
Inutile, 8. a. useless ; heed-: 

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Inatilonent, ad. tueOettfy; 

Iiralilit^, »/. Uty ; trijk 

Imniln6nible, «.«. — *fe 
lonique, t.a,*m, ionic 
Iota, nu a jut^ a tittle 
Iiweau, Ihdch elm 
Ipso facto, ad. immediateiy ; 

at once (Lttin) 
IraiciUe, 8. a. ^Mp, apt to be 

xv^tf "wrath 
Irii, iris, the rainbow 
Ironie, irony 
Ironique, S. a, ironical 
IvoniqocjneDt ad.—nieally 
Irradiation. {/*• —tion 
XmiMmnabte. S. o. irrational 
IxniMmnaUemeDt, ad, irra- 

Imtiond, le. 0. 
Irr/^eoneiliftble, 1. o.—citeable 
Irreeoncileablanentt aA ir 

Irr^dnetible, ^ a irrodueible 
Irr6forinabIei not to be re 

IrrCiragablef undeniable 
Irrfeifularitfi,*/; clarity 
Jrr^gulier, e. a, irregular 
lTr6|nilidreinent, ad. -^arly 
Irr61igieiiseineut, ad, pre 

Irrfiligiaix, se. a» ^-gieus 
Irreiinon, tf. '-gion, atheijtm 
Irr^idediable. ». «. — *fe, ir- 
Irr§iD6diablement, ad. irre- 
ZrremiBtibleineiit, odL —ribly 

In^pamble, «. a. ble 

Irr^panblement, ad. —rably 
Irr^pr^hennble, 3. 0. ^-tible 
IiTfipr^bennblement, ad. — 

Irr^prochable, 9. a. bUmelett 
IrrtproehablemeDt, ad. ufh 

Irrtsiitible, «. c. — 6te 
InesirtibleiDent, ad, —t&ly 
Ivrtsolu, e. a. -—^ute, unde- 
Irrdaolument, ad. -^^^utely 
Irrtiolution, tf, •^■'4ion 
Irr€veremment, ad. irreve- 


Irrtvirmt. e. a. '•rent, rude 

Irrtvocabifit6,{/: m 

IrrtTucable, S. a. M e 
Irr^vocabkmenr, ad.^cabl$ 
Irritant, e. a. annuliing 
Irritation,//*. — — <ifn 
Irriter, vm. t9 irritate^ tn- 

Irmption, ti wi, inroad 
Iiabelle, a. *. i-ellow dun 
Isocdie, s. a. ^' two equal 

Iso16, e, a. inndate, lonely 
Itolement, «m. distance {in 

Isser. vo. to heitt up 
Issu, c a. bornt "oprung 
Inue, {/: iisue ; outlet ; pur^ 

Itthm«, fm. itthmuo 
Itajien, ne. a. *. Italian 
Italiqne, s. a. «• italic 
Item, ad. item ; alto 
It^catif, ve. a. repeated 
It^rativement, ad. r^teatedis 
ItiR^raire, em. itinerary 
Ivoire, ivory [man 

iTDirier, ivorjf'tvmer; totf 
Ivre, t. a. drunken 
IvreiK, tf. drunhennets 
lyrogpue, %a.*.a drunkard 
Irrogner, vn, to fuddle, bib 
Ivrognerie, */ drunkermeti 
Irrt^niene, a drunkemooman 
Intae, taree ; bad doctrine 

Jk, ad. already (oU) 

•^ JaMe, sm. nouh of a cask 

Jabler un tonneaa, va, to 

croe a caek 
JaMoir^ om. a notctdng tool 
Jabot, a bird*o crop f the bo. 

iom of a ohirt 
Jabotter. va. to prattle 
Jae^. of. heart** ea*e 
Term jaeentet, bmd* in a- 

Jach^re, tf. fallow ground 
Jaeherer, va. to plough fbr 

the Jlrot time 
.lacinthe,#/ hyacinth 
Jacobs, ragwort 
Jacobin, *m. q vhitefrior, 



HttMlm,*m. pi. a parts in 
France. *o called from the 
Domimean convent where 
they aotembled 
Jaoobine, *f DonUniemnmm 
Jiaeobitei. *m. pL Jaeobiteo 
Jacobas, *m, Japobuo, broad 
Jmemxicei, rf.boatting Ipieee 
Jaeulatoire, 8. eh-~~4ory 
Jadit, ad. if old, in oUtimea 
Jaillir, vn. to *pout out 
Jailiisiant, e. o. opouting out 
JaUlinement, #m. spouting 
39M,Jeti black [Mrf 

Jalet, *m, a pebble, a atone 
Jalonner, vn. to * etiekpokt 

in the ground 
Jaloaier,TW, to * bejeedoua 
3oiMnfi^*fjealou*3', awe 


Jalonx, se. a.jealou9 
Jamaii, ad. never, ever 
Jambage, *m.jamb* ; stroke ; 

Jambette, cUup-kntfe; janAt 
Jan)bon,«m. gannnon ; ham 
Jambonneau, a email hamt 

or gammon 
Janiuaire, ajanieoary 
Jans6nisme, —nirm 
Jam^nitte. —nut 
Jante, *f. jaunt of a wked 
Janvier, *m. January 
Japoner, va. to imitate china 
Jappement, *m.3e^ping. barl> 

Japper, vn. to yelp, * bark 
Jaquemart, *m a jack (to 

etrVce the hour) {mml 

Jaqoe de maillet, *f. coat 4 
Jaquette,cA»/(f/ coat 
Jarain, *m, garden {den* 
Jardinage, gardeiUng ; gar- 
Jardiner, va. toeartkn 
Jardinet, *m. a Hale garden 
Jardinier, a. gardener {wife 
Jardiniere, *f. a gardenei'a 
Jarron, *m. jargon ; gSdte- 

rt*h ; cant 
Jarg(»mer, v. to jabber 
Jargonneur, k. *. jabberer 
Jarre, *f. a jar ; a pitcher 
Janet, «tn. the hamf houfi 
'■— de bceuf, *bin tfbttf 

,y Google 

— 6e ireni, knvtkk ^veal 
Jarrrti^re, sf. a gorier 
Jan, m, liarge gander 
Jaaer, vru to chatter, to blab 
JsKTie, sf prating 
Jtuenr, ip^ *. a prater, a blab 
Jumin, sm. jasmine 

J»gpe,Ja3fier , aim green and 



to ^trinkle 

3asper« tmz. ta marble^ to vein 
Jatpuxe, #/*. marbUBg 
Jane, a bcwl 
Jtittii€,a bowlfiil 
Javart, *m^ noeUing in the 

foot of a horse 
Jvi^Ty rh to*bind in t^eaoeo 
Javeleur, «m. gatherer of 

Jareline, sf. ajeoelin 

Javeiot, sm, dar^; truss ff 
Jauge, sf. gage^garing, stan- 
JauagcBge, sm. gagmg Idard 
Jauger,«ff. to gage 
Jangeur, sm, a gager 
Jaiuwtre, 3. a. yellowish 
J«iiiie,t. 41. sm,yellom; the 

yolk of an egg 
39niietfSm. aoutter^ower 
Jannir, va. to * make yellom; 

• grow yellom 
Jaimine, sf. the Jaundice 
Je, Prom I {complaint 

J€reniiade, sf. a frequent 
Jetuite, sm, a Jesuit 
Jet, east, throw ; swarm ; 

sprig ; *et i jesses ; casting 
Jet d^ean, a waterspout 
Jet^y sfjetteey bank, mole 
Jeter, tw. to • throw ; *cast ; 

suppurate; swarm; * shoot; 

spout ; * shed 
Se je«er, vr. to fall upon; *get 
Jeton, snu' counter 
Jeviy gome ; sport ; play ijest 

— de mail, a mall 

— de th^fttre, attitude ; ges- 

— d'^cfaect, chess-board 

— de Murae, a tennis-court 

— de uUard, a bitUard-table 

— de boole, a bowling-green 
— de qail)ea,a set of pins 

— de caite«, a pack of cards 

— de nudo, rou^hpfay 


— de mot, gmbble^pun 

— d*orKue9, row tf pipes in 
an organ 

— de la nature, any forma- 
tion out ^'the common or- 
der ; tusut naturoB 

Jeudi, sm. Thursday [day 
Jeudi-Saint, Mount^f Thurs- 
Jeune, S. a young ; younger 
JeAne, tm.fut ; footing 
JeQner, vn. to fast 
Jeunesse, sf youth^rolic 
Jeunet, te. a, very uoung 
JeAneur, oe, s. a faster 
Jeux, sports 
Joailterie, *f. jeweller's 

trade ; jewels 
Joaillier, ere. #• a jeweller 
Jocrisse, sm. simpleton ; cot- 

Jodelet. an empty fellow, fool 
Joie,, delight igladness 
Feu dej\me, sm. a bonjlre 
j6ignont,pr. hard by. next to 
Joigtaait,e.vfjoininr, TWJct to 
Joindxe. vn. to join, ^ooertake 
Se joinure, vr. to * meet close 
Joint, sm, joint seam 
Joint que, c. besides, to which 
Joints, e. a, Ugged [add 

Joint^c, sf. two handfuls 
Jointure, joints, juncture 
Joli, e. a. pretty, genteel 
Joliet. te. a. pretty eiiovgh 
Jolimeat, o</. neatly, prettily 
Jolivet6«, sf. pi. toys ; prety 

doings or sayings of ckU- 

Jonc. sm. rush ; hoot^ing 
Jonch^, sf. screwed^owers ; 

Joncher, va. to * strew 
Jonction, sf joining; eon- 
Jonjflerie, sf.jugffUnK 
Jongleur, sm. a juggler 
Jonque. an Indian boat 
Jonqaiile, a jonquil 
Jouailler, vn. to play /or a 

trifle, fbr nothing 
Joubarbe, sf. house4eek. jvr 
Joae, the cheek [barb 

Jou^e, thickness of a win- 

Jouer, V. to play ; to act ; 

Se jouer, v. to sport ; droll ; 




Jonovati, sm, a bungler ut 

play ; one who plays low 
Jooet, plaything ; sport [er 
Joueur, K,s. gamester ;play 
— de gobelett, ajuggkr 

Jonflv, e. a,jof^ir% 

Joup:, sm. yok^max 

Jovial, e. tujvoitd. merry 
JoujoQ, sm. a plaything 
Jouir, vru to enjoy^ possess 
Jouisttnce, {/. enjoyment ; 

Jooisttnt, e. a, eiuoying 
Jour, ; light; tkiy light 
Jour de l^n, new-yearU day 
Jour de* nris, twefthday 
Jour det cendrei, Ash-Wed* 

Jour des mortt, Allsouls^day 
Jourde cong^.^^oy day 
Jour de la uaisnnce do rai> 

the king*s birth-day 
Joiir(inoyeD), xoay, insight 
Jour space ; cUar space 
fouinai, sm. journal ; day^ 

book; diary; acre 
Joomalier, e. a. daUy ; d»* 

WTtal. changeable 
Joumalier, sm,journeyman 
Joumaliste, -^—noHst 
Jourm^, sf. day; day^stour- 

ney ; day^s work ; a oattte 
JoumelloaAcnt, ad, daily 
Joute, sfjust ; tilt 
Joute de coqs, cockfghting 
Jouter, va. to just ; to *fgkt 
Jooteur, sm.justter; ttlter 
Jouvenceau, a lad, stripling 
Jouvenee, sf. youth (old) 
Joavencelle, a lass 
Joyaa, sm. a jewel 
Jo^eutement, ad.joyfuUy 
Joyeutete, */. a joke, jest 
Joyeuxjse. a. joyful, merry 
Jub^, sm. a lobby 
Jubilation, sf rejoicing 
Jubil6, sm. a jubilee 
Jubiler, va. to grant an a* 

nutty to an old servant 
Jucher, vn, to roost 
Juclioir sm. a roost 
Judaique, S. a. Jewish 
Judaiser, vn tojudaixe 
Juda'ismef sm. Judaism 
Judicature, sf. judictdure f 
JudiciaiK, judgnknt llam 
Judiciaire, S. a. Jat^lctaryi 


,y Google 



JudiciaireiDeiit,<Kf. —dally 
JMicifOKinent, -ciousfy 
Jndicieux. se. a. Judicious ; 

Jage* *m, a Judge ; umpire 
Juf^vaenttJLuagment ; gen- 

tence pF 
Jntiet,va,tojudj^ ; try 
Jugulainpt 2/<7 jugular 
Juif. ve* o. i, ^radshf a Jew 
Juiilet, «fn. Ju/y 
Jnin. ji/ne . 
Jujube, sf, jujube . 
Jujubier, 9nujujube-tree 
Juiverie, #/. J«cV quarter ; 

brokcrU street 
Jnlep, sin»julap ; drcortiMi 
Juk's, Itauan coin, sijcfience 
Julleiiue, sf. Julian'Jlower 
Jujiiart, sm, a mule 
Junteaa, Jan* lie, o. s. taint 
Jumeaux. sm,pL Gemini 
Jutneiles, sf. cheeks, side 

beams of a press^ &c, 
Jumellen va. to strengthen 

vnth cneeks, beams, 0"c. 
Jumem, sf, a mare g mould 

to make monep 
Jvinte,junt4t ; aUfol 
Jape, a ttetticoat 
Jupe |)iqu6e, quiUed petti' 

Jupiter, sm, Jupiter (a pla- 
Jupon, under petticoat 
Jurande, sf. xoardenship ; the 

<Jarat, sm* alderman, sheriff" 
Juratoire, ii. a, to* be *sworn 
Jar6, e. a, rwom 
Jur^, sm, roarden of a com- 
pany ; Juryman ; Jury 
■ Jurentent, an oath 
Jurer, V. <o *szoear 
Jureur, ae. *. a swearer 
Jaridiction, sf. jurisdiction 
Jatidiqne. U a.jurttlica 
Jaridiquement, ad[, "^ieally 
Juriacimsulte, sm, a lawyer 


Jaiqa*i, Jtatqa^o, ctwr, very 
JuMjues jk ^iiand ? how hngf 
Jitsques 1&9 so for^ hither 
Jusqu^oA ? jhonfar ? 
Jusquuune, ■*/, hen-bane 
Jussiuii, contfuand 
JuBte«u^or'4)s, sm, close coat 
Juste, 2. tt sm. just; fit; 

Juste, ad, ri^ht ^exactly 
Juaxement, justly ; exactly; 

Jiutesse, sf, justness 
JvMwe, Justice I law; rfgk- 

Justiciable, ]. a, ^-—ciable 
Justicier, rat to eccrcute 
Justtcier, sm, a judge 
Justifiable, s. o. —ble 
Justifiant. e. a. Justifying 

Justifirateur, 'in. tor (a 

letteHbtmder^s instru- 
Justification, sf.'-tion; de- 
Justifies va,JuHifti; prove 
Se justiner, vr, to clear one^s 

Jure'r, v, to • rwear j jar 



Jarisprudence, «^ --dence 

Jariste, sm. civilian ^jurist 

JuTon, afftxted kind of oath 

Jua, iuice, gravy 

Jus de r4glisae, ^nish lico- 

Jasant, refux^ ebb 

Jusqne, Jusques,/M*.^0; as far 
a^S until i tilli even to 

fTABAK, sm. the name of 
■■■* somi public houses in 

Kabin oil k^bio. second mar- 
riage, or hired wives among 

the Turks 
Kali, sm. kali (a sea weed) 
Kan, a commander among 

the Tartars 
Kanb^, yelivw amber 
Eannesses. sf, annual fairs 

in the Low Countries 
Eazine, the grand signior'^s 

Kennes, sm, kermes 
Kiosque, a tort tf pavilion in 

a garden ' , 

Eynelle. sf a legend, a long 

tedious story 
KyrieUe, the litany 
Kyste, «m» a tumour, tweU 


\ A, art. the 
-^ Lm,pro, her, it 
la, sni. a (note ^' music) 
LA. ad, there, yonder, tkf- 
ther Iseftljf 

LA, \k, so so; come, come; 
La-liaut, above 
LA-bas, below 

LA-n>^nie, in that very place 
LA-dessus, upon that^ up there 
LA-deuous, under there, nn- 

der tliis or that 
L&-dedans, wUhin, tn ihct 

Labaniin, sm, Cofist9ntine*s 

imperim standard 
Labeur, sm, labour $ rtork 
Labial, e« a. labial, verbal 
Labi^, e. a. laMated 
Laboratoire, sm, -^tory 
Laborieusement, ad, hardly 
Laborieux, se. a, laborious 
Labour, sm, tillqge 
Laboafable, S. a. arable^ ma» 

Laboumg^ sm, tillage 
Labourer, vo. to till ; * Ag; 

— awe la cbarroe, to plough 
Laboureur, sm. ploughman ; 
tiller iUttrieaey 

Labjrinthe, — rInfA j maxe; 
Lac, a lake 

Lacer, v. to lace ; to tag 
Lacei^ation, sf. .^—tion 
Lacerer, ve. to lacerate, *iear 
Laceran, sm. sow-thistle 
Lacet, lace ; snare ; noose 
LAche, 3. a. loose; slack; 
faint; slothful; cowardly; 
Un lAche, snu a poltroon, a 


Mcheroent, ad, basely ; 

slackly Ifire; "fo of 

L&chet,v, to loosen; * let go', 

Se lAcher, rr* to slacken ; 

to •flyoff,to*vnbend 
Lfichet6. sj. cowardice^ sloth; 

Lacini6, c a, ladnimed 
lM>A9tSfih noting 

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I^acontqiiement, ad,~-nieaUy 
LaconNme, »m- ~-^rd*m 
I^aerytnal, e» a. — 'ma^ 
LjKcryinatoke, «in. lackry 

Ijics, laqs, «m« «erlnjf ; n«Me; 

tpring ; wart; nn; knot' 
IiQCt6e, 3. o* laeteai; milky 
Lacune, sf, a gap in a book ; 

tomething • left out 
L.adre, 3. o. leprotu, itingu 
Ladre, esse, «• a. fe^Of r, mtstr 
l4ulDerie, */. leprogy ; laxo' 

retto ; sordid avarice 
"LJtKaa^ ef, Venetian canal 
IjU, e. a. e, lay^ layman 
Laid, e. a. ugu/. homely 
Laideron, tf, a homelupuu 
LAideur, ugUnett, deformity 
' ' . •mild tow ; lane thro* 

lAinage, em. woollen good* 
lAine, 'f, wooljleece 
Ij«inerie, woollen trade 
Laineux, ae. a. woolly 
I^inier, e. «. a woolmonger 
La'ique, S. a. e, lay^ layman 
Xaine. lisie, ef. a leash; a 

Lainer,o& t« * leave; to* let 
lAit, em. milk 
l4Ut de diaiu, whiting, eixe 
lAitage, milk food 
Idutance. lute, ef. miU ; 

while lime 
Lait6, e. a, ooft roed 
Laiterie, «f. a dairy 
Laiteroo, em, eow-thietU 
lAitettx, se- ff. miUiy 
Laitter, em. ecummy matter 

of melted iron 
JjaSaiK^ *f» a milk-woman 
jAAtea, enu Uttten $ braee 
lMtL\v».tf, lettuce 
Jjaatejareadth of cloth or Huff 
Lama, «m a prieet among 

Lamanear, coaetpilot 
Lambeau, a rag, a ehred 
LambeU a (afr^r 
Lambin, e. «• a humdrum 
Lambiner, va, to * dream^ to 

Lamboaide, {/^ a7«trf . 
Larabris, enu cetttngt r9aln- 

ioH; Cttwp9 

_ -eeUingt 

LambriNor, -vo. to ceil; 

Laine, ef. a pi *ate of m 

blade; wave; /mke; reea 
Lainf, e, a. plated 
Lamentable, i. • a. —^-table 
LainenuWemcii t, ad» moan^ 

Lamentation, sj ', —-^on 
Lamenter, 1Mb to lament; 

Lamie. sf, lam ia (a kind of 

Laminaf[^,«m. the fattening 

of metal* Ital* 

Laminer, va, t ojtatten m^ 
Larainoir, *m, a, fUtttener 
Lampas, lampa* * 
Laropatifi, e- o. 'languid 
Lampe, *f, lamp 
Lamp€e, bumpn *, brimmer 
LauperfTn. toH o** off brim- 
Lampenm, *m,pt pe of a lamp 
Lampion, a *ma 11 lamp for 

Lampritlon, lamproyon ; 

enudl lan^retf 
Ijimproie, tf. a U tmprey 
Lanoe» a lance^ *} "tear 
lance & feu, a*qu^ 
tMncer,v€utoda:rt; **ting; 

launch; route; * ea*t 
Se f ancer, vr. to r u*h ; •*hoot 
Lancette, »/. a lancet 
Lancier, *m, a case for ctu- 

rurgieal inetrument* 
Laneiere, *f,am ilfjt eluice 
LanCoir, am. a nuilMam 
Lande, *f. heath 
Landi, *m, a fair near Sf. 

Deni*f and remarkable 

holiday Jor tht' college* of 

Landgrave, em* — grave $ 

German count 
Landgfraviat, '^graoiate 
Landfo^vine, tf, German 

counts** [iron 

Landieff *nu a kitchen hand- 
Lanertt, lanner (hawk) 
Langage, language, tongue 
Langesjp/* amuSling clothe* 
Lange,jrm. a printer'** blanket 
LanKoureusement, ad% Ian- 1 

gifithinglg * 

Langonieos, se. o* languid ; 

Langoutte, </*. btrge tob*ter 
Langoaatin, *m. a prawn 
Langue, */. tougue^ language 
Laiiguette, tongue of «ro» 

rat thing* 

Langueur, languor ; pining 

away ihog"** tongue 

Lanpi6yer, va, to examine a 

Langu6^eur, «m. *earcher o 

hog** tongue 
l4inguier, dried hog** tongue 
Languir, vn, to languish ; 

pine away; linger 
languissainment, ad, Ian, 

Langaitnnt, e a. languith' 
ing ; pining ; weak ; faint 
Lanier, *m, a lanner 
LaLn\^re,*fMrap ; lash ; lure* 
Lanifdre, i, a. lamgrrou* 
Lansquenet, *m. --net, Ger* 
man foot eoldier ; a game 
at card* 
Lanteme, *f, lantern, cupola 
Lanteme sourde, dark lan- 
Lauteme de roouUn, trundle, 

head of a null 
Lanterne magiqne, nu^e 

Lantemes, pLfoolerie* 
Lantemer, vn. to triffe, bam- 
Lanternerie, sf, *iUy *tuff 
Lantemier, e. *, lantern- 
maker ; tediou* talker 
Lantiponnage, sm, nonsente 
Lanti|>unner, vcu to talk non» 

sense; toteaee 
Laniigineus, ae. «• hairy; 

Laper, vn, to • lap, * lick up 
Lapereau, *m, young^ rabbit 
Lapidaire, lapidary, jeweller 
Lapidation, sf stoning 
Lapider, va. to stone to death 
Laptdification, sf "tion 
Lnpidilier, vn, to lapidify ; 

tn turn into stone 
L&ipidifique, 2. a, —fical 
Ltipin, *m. a rabbit 
L:apine, '/ a doe rabbit 
Lapis, sm. lapis lazuli 
I<aps, e. a, lapsed, fallen 
Laps, sm, lapse 
Laps de terns, length tftitne 

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>— , 'fc. J* 

i-«r ttM 

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XiBDteiiiait,«& tlojuHy ; he» 

Lenteur, *f. slonnn*^ dutna* 
Lenticubnre, a. m. — ctttor 
Lentilie, «/. o l€ntil ;Jteckk; 

Lentilleux, ce. a. freekied 
Lentisqae, «m. maMic*ree 
Leonin. e^o. k^nine, unequal 
L^opanJ sm. a leopard 
I^oparde, a. poitant, guar- 

Lfipreiu, «e. a. «. ^roM 

o /^Apt 
X^proserie, {/I a laxarMo 
' quel ^ro. m. which, vAo, 





Les, art. p/. ;!r pro. thc^ them 
L^ae nHi>^6, ^. high4rea*m 
l>e»aefVeuf9 wrang 
I'6aine {/* ruggardUnet* 
' I'6niier, vn.te * be sordidly 
J^non. sf. Tvrong 
Lesqoeto, pr«. m. />f. which ; 

LesqneUea. /. that, lohici 
Lesae, </: hat-band 
Lestive, /yeco wwA v&A 
' LessiTer, va» to • wash in lye 
Lett, «m. ballast, last 

■ Leste, a. a. Jpruoc; ncaf . 
» cte»er [fw/y 
' Lestement, ad. sprucely, cte- 

Lester, va> td bhmtt . 

Lestenr, snu a Ughter 
' Lethaivef ifi lethargy 

Lethaigique, 2, a, s. lethar' 
' "LetXK.sf, letter, epistle Qgric 

— de ehuwe, HU tf exchange 

■ Jjstact, pi. literature 
Lettce* de cr^ance, i^eMerj, 

^ crcfHt 
' Lettret de teeiiion, a writ 
' f o antitt/ a eoatn^ 
' Lettr6, e. a, lettered, literaU 
Lettxine, sf, very small let- 

ter 9t type (in printing^} 
L^ttru^, t. a. \}ii jfwxcfi 
that bigins vfUh the same 
Levain, sm, leaven ; yeast , 

relicks i oldgrudge 
Levai>t,e he east, the Levant 
Levantin, a. snu Levantine 

raising s reeest ; harvest j 
trick at cards ; riding 

Lever v,to litl up j levy ; re- 
move } collect; * shoot ; 
• take up or ojf ,• • rise ; 

Se lever, vr. t'o *rise; *brcak 
upi * arise 

Lever, snu levee 

— du soleil, sun-rising 
Levear. tax-gatherer 
Levier, a lever 
l^vigation, sf levigafion 
Lt*vig«r. va,to leviga:e 
LcTiie, sm. a Levite 
LeviUque, Leviticus 
Levii, pont'levis, draw- 

LeuXfpro, their f them 
Le tear, les leuit. theirs 
Levniatj^m a leveret 
Ldvre, jf.theUp 

— tuperieore, t4iper Gp 

— iofexieure, under l& 
Ley tette^ greyhound bitch 
Levretter, vn. to hunt hares 
L^vrier, sm. a greyhound 
licrron, little grey hound 
I<eurie, a lure ; decoy 
Leurrer, va-to lure ; decoy; 

to^teachwit . 
Levure, sf. yeast . . 
Lexieographe, sm, —Pher, a 

writer of dictionaries 
Lexicon, iexique, a Greek 

L^aarde, sf, a chink or, cre- 

vtce in a wall tstone 

Lmt, sm. very hard free- 
'•iaiiou, sf binding ; connec- 
tion ; stroke of a pen ; tie 
LiaiM>nner,T)a. to'bind stones 
Liant, e. a. qffable ; mild 
Liard, sm. afart/dng 
liarder, vn. to club small 

sum* i to join 
liaite, of. bundle qf papers ; 

LitNition, —don. offering 
Libelle» sm. a Uhtli a bdl 
Libeller, vtu to declare upon 

an action ff trespass, debt. 

Liberal, e, a. liberal, free 
Lib^ralement,, acf. — rally \ 

Lib^ratear. riee. a, dUverer 
Liberation, {/t discharge 
Libv rer, va. to free, cUar 
Se libt'rcr, to clear onc*s 

debts ; *getf'om 
Liberte,/. libcity ; facility ; 

Live, tf.hoUom mallet freely \roidy 

Lcfee,e^jf fct^i rf»(»tfr ;JLibei«tttf, if. r-m^i gv^ 

Liberun, e. a. licentious: 

LibertlQ, e. s,a lewd person 
Libertinage, sm. lewdneu 
Libeitiner, vn, to* be liber- 
tine llewd 
Se UbertiDor, vr, to • grow 
Lib&neux, le* a, lewd 
Libidinaii-es, sm. pi. "UbUina- 
rti, undertakers tfj\inerals 
amottg the Romans 
Libraiie bookse'.ler$ st^tUorter 
Librairie, t/*. boahtraite 
Libcaiion, —tion ; pointtg 
Libie. 4. ajrte ; easy ,- i^cn ; 

bold; loose 
Libremeitt, ad. freely ; easily 
Lice, sf. list for combat Jt ; 

Licence, licence; lioeTUiout- 

Lioencie sm. lifentiate 
Lieeneiemeiit, disbantUng of 

Lioencier, va. to Msband 
Se liceocier, vr, to *grow Ij-, 

Liceucieuseaiait, ad, lewdly 
Lioeiicieux, ae. a licentioui-, 
LiGiuxioa,sf, auction [lewd 
Licite, a. a. lawful 
Uciteaaeat,<K^ lawfully 
Lidter, va. to'* sell by auc- 

lMasne,sf an unicorn 
Licou, sm, a halter 
Licteur, lictor 
Lie, sf, lees,dregs,groun4s 
Li^jp}, sm. cork 
Linger un filet, t9,^put corks 
along anet ^ , .. . 
Lien, sm. string ; tie; band 
Liens, bonds, cnoins ; irons 
Lienteric sf. lientery 
Lier, va- to *bind ; tie; kntf ; 

I'oin; unite; tfucken 
Se lier, vr. to *bind one'^s 

self to kaf;ue ; thicken 
Lierce,*f».*»i/. , . , 
Lierr6, e. a, with my leaves 

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Liea, gm,place ; rtunni cauxf 

Lieiix,/M; hottse ^off.ce 
Lieux-cominunsy cvrntMia* 

place bMk 
Lien de plaiamoe, a Jine seat 
Lieue, sf. a league^ 3 mile* 
J.ieur. /m. tier ofthettoet 
Li^meteau, tucking young 

Lieotenance tf. lieutenancy 

— de roi, lord UetAttiant 
Liisameut* a ligament 
Lixiunentewr, Itb a. stringy 
LiKance, of. a ligature; bhmi 
Lixe, 3. liejK^ wuoal 
Lige, om. allegiance 
Lif;eoce, sjlattegianre 
Ligement, oc? Imalie fiance 
lagntLge, tm, linecfget qi 

spring ^{family 

Lipia^ier* one of the tame 
t,\^fa»,tf,line\ race 
I«ign6e. linmge i issue ; rare 
I'lfSneulf tm, thoemOktrU 

Lhpwux, SCO. tooody 
Liffue. tf, league ; Jhetion ; 

Liguer, va. t$ teague' 
Lijhieur, k, s, ti Itaguer 
lAlUf tm,lilac pipe-tree 
Limaee. tf. finias,«m> a tktg 
Lima^on, *m» a snail 
Lima^oti de mer, fier iwiiikl e 
limaode* ourt or bret fish 
Lunbef fm« Itmofborder 
LimbeMiL Umbv 
Lima, tf.JOey Ume^teofroth 
Limer, va, to Jtte, polish 
UaoKwe^tm* aJUer 
Limifer, a bltmfhwnd 
liiminaioe* *• a> 4edieat»rjf ; 

LunitAtift Te. a. reitrieU^e 
l.itmwJMiftf.'^hH . 
Uaatety'va, to Halite confine 
Linkes, Umittsbotmds 
I4nutropliei S. a. bordering 

Linujn« sm. nufdi tUme ; lor 

mon: shaft 
XiQianade, tf lemonade 
ymomdier, e» «. a tdkr 


Limonenx, se* a« . mwtdy ; 

slimtf ; marshy ' 
Limonier, tnu a thUt horse ; 

a letnou4ree 
Limpide, &i». limfrid^ clear 
Limp'idk^, *f, clearness 
limuK, filing 
Lin, tnufiaoe ; Unseed 
LknKivi, a sheet 
Lin^aire,)* a, linear 
Ijn6al, e. a. lineal 
Lin6aiii«at, tm. a lineamenti 

Linge, linen, linen doth 
Unger, e. s. one -who mafuSf 

or sells Hnens d Hnen- 

draper a teenuter, seamr 

LiDKerie. sf. linen^rade 

the plgce in a nunnery 

where the linen is kept 
Lingette sort offiannel and 

Lingot) sm. in^oty xoet^e 
Lingotidre, sftngoi'mould 
Lu^mtl, e. a. Itnguadental 
Linrue, sm,tori of cod fish 
Linidre, sf. fiax plot ijlax* 

I4mment» sm. a Unimtnt 
Linen, Ufton 
Linotte, sf. linnet 
Linteau, sm, lintel 
Lion, a lion, Leo 
Lioneeau, a yung lion 
Lionne^ «/* a lioness 

lippe, Muiber-lUt 
LipMei a mouthftU 
— , fVandie lipp^. free scot 
Lippitude, if. —dp, bleared' 

lippQt e. 0. blubherMpped 
Liqii6fhetk», sf. — (imi 
Uqu^fier, V. to liquify ; to 

liqueur,*/, ^or 
Liqneun, drams ; cordials 
Liquidattoot seOing^ clear- 
Uquide, S. a. Ugitid, ckar 
Liqaideinent, ad,clear 
Liqukter se» dettes, H dear 

one's debts 
Liqua^iti^ */. UquidUg 
'' ' ie,iuluKi( 

Liqaoreux, se. lb tttsriout 
Life, va. to freadyttudg 
Lh, sm, a W0 

of Lite, 

Lu€itge^ tm. enAroidering 
Lis^rer. va. to embvoidcr 
Liaeyr, se* # • a reader 

Lisiblemenr,atf. legHiy 
Lisidre, sf. list; leading 

strings ; tklrt ^ a place ; 

ritlge, stlvage 
Liste. S a, tteek s tmaath 
Liner, va, to tleek^ etnooth 
Liuoixe; sf, a steeking^oal 
Listure* sleeking 
Iitte,a list, a trit^ cataltgne 
Lit, sm, a bed; channel €f 

a river ^ 

— de ulumeJewAmderf 

— de duvet, dmajkbaid 

— de bourre,/iK:ibM 

— de paille. Hraw-bed 

— de parade, bed ofttate 

— de repoi^ a couch 

— nantial, rvedding^bed 

— ieiusa!oe,Jvdgment-teat 

— d'aneci bfid under a ca; 

— de ewip^field<bed 

— i la difttelie, raised $cf 

— ^ roulettfis. truckle-^ 

— en forme de g«cd«-ro1ie, a 

— en homvi^angeUied 
— de saoglet, horse^d 

— de vdilc. 6<tf /fr a. nurse 
Litaaiet, sf,pL lUanjt 
Lmigue litiittie, Ibng^ibiaded 

Uteaii, #m. a vfsffs haunt 
Liteaux^, blue ureaks' 

in nqfikBt* 

Uiholoipe, -tIo^ 

Iid«tie, titter ; sedau 

litigant e.. a. s,. litigart ; | 

L4t|ge, sfn» a eait at law 1 

LiQipeax, te. a, Utigiaue 
JUdapendanoe, sf, the etaro: 

titn of a lawftutt ^ 

titrau, tm. .^ woodtn tnep- 

Uttftaire«S.o. literary 
Litteral, a a. flenol' 
Lin^ratem^nU ad, tkeralfy 
LittCratear, tm, a great 

tcKolar , 

Litt6rauire, <f. lU^rature ' 


Li'vide^S.A. Uvid, black dud 

l.Wm.i,tf, dtty 

LiTraUon, delivery o/gtod* 
XiOre, binding, rope* 
Xivre.^m.o &ok 
Lirre, ff. pound, Itore (coin) 
Livr^e, uverys servants f 

bear'd'Vtagei Ifi 

lavir^c dc to noee, wedding' 
lavrer, va. to deliver vp 
Se livter, vr« to eonjfde in 
Livret, *m. a little book 
l4)Cal« e. a, UcaK of a place 
XocataiKf «• lodjger, tenant^ 

roeatif, ve a.. <, or Mm^ 

ing 10 a tenant 
Xocation, i/*. a jetting oot 
JLocber, w». h *be looee 
XAeution, */". —tim,phra»e 
licidi^r, «m, guiUed counter' 

pane (of alienation 

Jwods Sc ventes, /m. pUJhte* 
JmjS^ma. lM/ofo*htp 
X«ftBrithin«, logarithm 
liO^rithiaiqiie, 3. o. /ojT*- 

jMge^*f. ha: eeUf box; 

Vo^e; booth 
Xogeable, 1 a* fenonteftfe 
3Uogenie&t, «m. (oc^pMnf ; a* 

I.ofer,v. t« 2o(^, Aarfreur; 

to quarter {ing 

Se iQgec, vr, to ^take a lodg- 
JjOgette, if* « tmatl cotti^e; 

a little boot 
I,offieieii, tm. Itipciaa 
rogiqae,*/: W 
iMDMf «m< dwelUngi home ; 

Urging f inn 
l.MtaMilt*alpgiot^ magistrate 

I^oKitti^ue, </*. l^ittic \die 
Log«4i;npbe, snu rtbiu, rid- 
Iboffonutcfaie, t/". ^jpute on 
vordo Inion 

hoL *f. law ; decree i domif 
Xotti, ad,Jar,jar ^ 
iKMn de, lAn que» Jar frmu 
IdAa k loisy at a great dis- 
Loin d*iei, nooy, b^one 
Lointtfin, e. a- remote, far 
JLohr. em. m dormouse 
JjBMt^^^ a, lawful 
I^iljjr, sm. (eitute ; time 


Lok, Iw, to emnpute tl*e vmy 

tfd ship , electuary 
Lombaire, 8. a. lumbaty 
Lombapd, nn. aparonbroker 
Lombes sm^pl. the Mnt > 
Lonii:, longiie, a» long i great 
Long, MR. length, long, along 
Longjoint^, e. a. lonk-jointtd 

Longlmimit^, of forbear 

Lonfce, totn ; «trap 

2 per, va,. u^goby the side 
fcmeue main, long ago 
LongituQe. sf iongitude 
JLoi)jt>tudinaJ,c« a. — im/ 
LoDK'teiBs, ad. a long vhiie 
a long time 



Lnnguet. te. a^fireitu long 
Longoenr, *f, lengtn i saw* 

Loqulidt6, of excessive ta/A:. 

attvenesoi loquacity 
Laque, a rag^ tatter 
Ixquet, sm. a latch 
LoquefMui, little latch 
Loqueleux, ae. a. ragged 
Loquette, sf rotlebit 
Lorgaer, xtf. to ker, to ^gh 
Lorgrterie, sf, ogling 
Lovgnette,a spying-glass 
Lorineur. te. <• on iwUt 
Loridt, sm, loria (a biid) 
Lort de. ad,atthe time ^ 
Lorsque c, when 
J^oHinge, «f, a lozenge 
Lot, sm. lot; portion ; prize 
Lotene, sf, a lottery [toaoh 
Lotion, if. lotion ; medicinal 
Locir. va. to divide into lots 
Lotilaftipe, sm. tHstrAut^u 
LotineBoit, distribution 
Lotitseur, distributor 
lAMef sf. eel-pout 
lMtMe,9. a, lauddUe; cam- 

Looaiblenient, ad, laudtMy 
Loaage, mu hire ; rent 
Louange sf praise 
Louaiwer, va. to trumpet ; 

cry vp [JUuterer 

toiMngettr,«m* panegyric ; 
Loacbe, 9. a. squim-eyed; 

IxHicber, vti, to equint 
Loueur, se. s, one who let* 

out i c/htterer 

LouSt d V. a loui* d'or 
IxMip, vtolf u/orf , black mask 
Loup<^rou, untoaable man 
Loup-inann, base (*eajt*h) 
Loup-ccrrier. a lynx 
Loupe tfavjen^akmbtfa 

tree; round snagniMng 
, *fe« . {hard 

Lourd. e. a, heavy ; dull ; 
Lourdeau. de. *, an aukward 

fellow or wench 
Louidf tn«nt,ac/. aukwardly ; 

heavUa [a blwtder 

LoMidene^f/*. a gro** faults 
Lunrer, va, to unite (in ma- 

Loatre, * offer 
Louve, sf. a she-wolfs *Ungs 

of a crane 
Loa>-cteau, tm.wtUp* cub ; 

wtdgfs of iron 
Louveter, vn, to whelp 
LouTeterie, sf, wolf-huiaing 
Lonretier, sm, the master of 

LouTi^i-e, sf the haunt tf a 

lioavofier, va. to tack about 
Louvre, xm. palace in Paris ; 

any magnificent house 

oyal, e« a, loyal j just ; 

Loralenent, ad. logallu 
Loyaut^, sf, loyalty^ fidelity 
Loyer. *»i, rent ; salary ; re- 

Liibie, */ erotchet,whim 
Lttbnch€, lubricity^ lechery 
Lubrifier, va. tohJtricate 
Lobrique, S. a. lecherous 
Lubnqnement; ad, icantosdy 
Lucarne, sf. dormer-window 
Lueide, i.a, lucid, bright 
LacUer sm. Lucifer 
Lucmtif, ye. a lucndive 
Lacre, sm. lucre^gain 
Luecte, sf. uvula,palate 
Luette aDattue,/D«/aee down 
Lueor a glintmerJaint light 
Lugiibi«,S. o. doltfiil^ saa 
Lajnibrement, ad. deuffiiUy 
Im^pro. Ajm, her $ tohtm^ ta 
Lui*ni^ine, UmseJf {her 
Luire. vn. to glitter^ *shine 
Liacam, sm* the gloss of a 

Ver lutsant glow-worm 
LvUfDAe, sfa f hitting st^f 

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LDHtmon. gnu tnuff of 9 trefoil 
CO' dl' Lyrff, rm. lyretan 

LumirHrire luminary I'ght l,yn>p1wtiqiie, 2. «. '^ic 

turoiiKOX, «. «. /wmen«i/* I>)»nph<" if lymph 

Luiwitv, -1. o. lurutr^ itmary I.yn\. «m fyrur 

l,uiraire, #/^ lunory^ moon- Lyv^, {/t a Ure, tfc harp 

Iamumhi, lunation [tcort Lyriqoe, 2. o. ^nir, lyrical 

Lnmtiipie, S. a / lunatic 

LorrfK.'m. M'-nday 

Luitf., /^ <A' m«on. #t/T«r 

Lonrtle <T^ppmek j 
««»r /r'offf, t^lftcope 

Ltinnte 4 fseettet o muhi- 
fAytngglast iingglast 

LunHte polj'Mre, ntagrul'jf 

Xun^ie. merrif^hought 

Lunette*. ipttUieleo 

Lup^Tcalev, «f. ^/. —fa/fir 
Lupin, #fn {f(f>fiitf 
I<U9tral,e a rtrry^Ayror 
Lustration. */ — <«w 
Luirre, tm luotre; glots ; 

$coneei luHrum, i. e.Jtve 

LoitrfY, wr. «o ^give agloto 
LuitiveTy ♦>»». ff. calender 

LuBtrine, *f, glo**y HUcstuff Maehiavelisce, tm a erafiy 
T.n*. MM. 'lift* nr rh^nti^* tiiffn. a fnvourer of ttf 

Lut, ftn. 'litte^ or chemitV* 
Lut, 0» Luth. a /uer [r/oy 
Lmation, sf, — -Wwi 
Luter, Mr. to ItOe, or cover 

Luth^, a. like a lute 
Luthenmitme, «m. •-'nUm 
Lttth^rien, ne. *. Lutheran 
Luthier, om, a lute-maher 
Lutin, a hobgoblin ; a child 

full oftric/^ and noite 
Lutiner, wi. to plague ; to 

^m^e a great noise 
Lutrin, tm. a rrading-4etk 
Luftr, tf, wreotliftg, Uruggle 
Lutter, vn. to r&regtle, strut- 
Liittenr, tm* a ivrettfer [gk 
I'UnatiOD, tf, disjointing 
Xttxe,«m luxury 
Liner^ va, to • put cut of 

Se laier, va. to luxtUe ; or 

•be Ota ofjoint 
Luxure,'*/: lu»t 
Luxurtanee, --c«, eanOeranee 
Luxnrienx, le. a. lascivious : 

.libidinous {trjsfbU 

Laaernei'/. Iwittn^Sptnith 

1^^ K^prOtft wy^ nine 
*^'-, macaroon 
MjMBToni; mactfrotii 
Manroiuque, 9. a. —rrnie 
Maceration, sf. — <ion, morti- 

f&ef^ rer,t)w. to mortify ^ ^stap 
Miche. sf corn-sathd 
M - cheftr, sm, dross of iron 
IVnti m4e!ieli*ic«, grinders 
Mrchenioan^sf, biscuU-^kist 
MAcher, tc. to chew ; to claw 

Midicur- iew ». great eater 
Maehiavf It«nie,mi. duplicity, 

spirit of despotism 

man, a favourer tf ty- 

Maehiniil, e. a. medkanieal 
Machinalement, ad, merha- 

nically [contriver 

MachinatcuTt sm, n ploeter g 
Machination, sf, contri- 
vance } plot ; device 
Machine, maclnne ; engine ; 

sly trick 
Machiner, va. to devise; mo- 

chinafti hatch 
Machiniste, sm, a maekiiAst 
MAchmre, sf. the jaw ; chops 
MRehonner, vn, to mutter g 

'^eat slow 
Machurer, va, to daub 
Micis, sm, mace 
Mllcle, «/• water-cketnut 
Ma^on, tm, a mason^ bricHf- 
Miconnaice, masonry [Unfer 
Ma^onner, va\ to * build; 

xoall up a door ; to* d& in 

n bungling manner 
lAi^annerie. sf, masonry, 

Macqne. tool to *break hemp 
MiMquor, -da. fMak hfmp 

tf, sethduek 
Maculature. a macle, a watte 

sheet tf printed pesper 
Manrie, a spot, a stasn 
Macuicr. va to spot, to stain 
Madame, sf, my lady, lady' 

ship, medam^ mistress 
Mademoiiene, mttdam, miss 
Madr^. e. a. ^teckleet, slu 
Madreporp, sm, sort of sea 

petrified plant 
Madrier.o hick plant 
Madriiral. madrigal 
Madn^let little madrigtd 
Midnue, sf speckle, tf>oti 

Mafll^, e. a. chsOhcl^rked 
Majcarin. sm, nu^axine ; 

coachhasket; warehouse 
Magannage, kire tf a ware- 
house Ihoute 
Mag:asiner, vtu to fBla ware- 
Mai^asinier, sm, warehouse- 

keeper, or rlerit 
Mac;e, awisenutnam0^g the 

Magicien, a sorcerer, eortju- 

rer [si 

Magicienne, tf. a _ 
Magie, magic^ black art 
Magioue, 2. a, metgie, 

Magisme. sm. mtfgism 
Magiiter, cewttry 

master ; pedant 
'MigiAfn.magistery: grand 

mastership of an order 
Magistral, e. a, imperinu 
Magistnilement. ad, intperi- 

mMgxttxfA^ sm, a magistratt 
Magittrature, sf, nte^traey 
Magnaidme, S. a. nu^nanv 

mous (nanhnottsly 
Magnanimement, ad, mag- 
Magnaniniit6,^^. nity; 

greatness tf mind 
MSpK Magn^ae, 9tt Magn^ 

ne, magnesia, mineralstom 
Magn^tique, %. a» magnetic 
Magnetiter. va, to agUate tha 

spirits andfimey 
Magn6tinne, sm, —Hsm 
Mai;;niftcenee, sf simiptuomt 

iiess, state 
Magnifier va,tomagfdfu 
Magnlfiqu«, 8. a,imagidjkenll 

Magoifiqqemepti «a* iM«y 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Jtfbffot, fin. bi^tm; ugly 
JeUaw ; hoards grotesque 
Xahum6tan, ne. a. r —Con 
>fdiom€ti>iiie, mi. '^titm 
Itfaj, May, May-p«le 
3faiest6. */". majesty 
>U]estueusenieiit, ad. nobly 
^lajettueux^ae. a majestic 
Maiear e. a, tf age, senior 
^iageuve, jj^ mafor of a oyU 

Mu|irre, S. a. lean; thin; 
'M^ign, em. tht lean 
Maigrelet. te. a leanish 
]M«i||frement, o//. poorly 
M«i|(vet, te. a. /eon, ihiii 
Maifcrear, «^ leannes*^ lean 
Maigrir. rn. *o • ^ow lean 
IMaiU «m. a mallet^ a mall 
MaUle, */. meoh, ttftcK »«* 

in the eye ; mail ; haw 
Idailleau, em. eon of mallet 
MaiUer, v. to * make the 
meohet of a net; to arm 
•with a eoat of mail; 
* grow speckled ; bud 
Maillet, sm, mallet 
Maillier, chttin-maktr 
Mailloelie, *f. small wooden 
mallet Iring 

Mullon, sm, sort of sintM 
. ^JiaaWiX, twaddling cMhes 
Main, sf. handi trick at 
cards ; tassel in a coach ; 
pale ; quire 
1S»n chaude, hot cockles 
Main levrfe, r^levy 
Mtili inorte, mortmain 
Main d*(BUTre, workmanship 
Mun pote. a lame hand 
Sn on tonrneroain, in a trice 
Maint, e. a, many 
Mamt noininei Hiatus a man 
Maintefois, aa. oftentimes 
Maintenant, c(/. now 
Maintenir, r. to maintain 
Se — ,W. to • keep up 
Maintnra, e. a. maintained 
Maintenue. sf, a possession 
adjudged upon a full trial 
Maintien, sm, mmnienance ; 

Major, o major 
Majofdoroe, a majordcmo 
JfymntifSf, majority ^ of age 
Maire, sm. a mayor 
"iflifk, 9f mayoralty 


Mftlfy^iR. Indian or Turkey 
Mais, c. but ttorn 

Maison, sf, house^ home, fa- 
mily Thold 
Maison da roi, kingU Tious^ 
Maison de ville, town-heuse, 

— seirneurtaIe,fR(in3fon house 

— r«;figieuie, convent, mo- 

— de correction britbvfett 

— de terfi:eDt, spunging house 

— de ptaisance, country- 

— rustique, a farm Thouse 
Maisonn6e iheyWholejamitSy 


Manonnette, a small house 
Mattre, sm. a master, orvner 
Maitre gar^oB, head jour- 

Maitre d'hfltel, steward 
Mattre d'ficole, schooUma^er 

— k danter dandng-master 

— k cbanierf music-matter 
Petit mattre, a fp 

Maitre nripon, arrant knave 
Maitre homme, a clever man 
Mattre clerc head clerk 
Matti-e aliboron, a bury body 
Mattre autel, high altar 
Mattrease, ^ mistress^ sweet- 
heart \woman 

"MattreMe femme, a notable 

— pi^ce, chief flece {par.y 
Mattrise, /r«a«m of a com- 
Mattriser, va, to domineer ; 

Majuacale, sf. capital letter 
Mai, sm evil^ ill. ake, dis- 
ease ; harm ; tore i hurt ; 
Mai dVnflmt, labour 
Mai de mer, .tea sickness 
Mai d'aventure, mischance; 

Mai de dent«, tooth-ach 

— de t£te, head-ach 

— de gorge, sore throat 



— d'yenx, *ore ryes 

— contagieux, the plague 

— cadne, /a/Zin^ stckness 

Mai, ad, badly, ill, not ivett 
Maladt, 2. a, s, sick; ill; 

Mafadie, sf, sickness; dis- 

ease i ftwle 
Maladif, vc- a. sickly 
Maladrerie, {/r iw(ir^ri» 

IbMdnne, unMMneot 
Mk1<«droit« e. o. mmandy 
Mal'Mlrott, e. <• ankward 

Maladroiteraent, oA Mk- 

Mal-aiae, rf. trouble ; itafe 

of hardship 
Mal-ais^, e. a. dtJIcuU ; itn- 

easy ; under mfsfortuneo 
MaI-«is€nieDt, ad. with much 

Mai ft propot, unseasonoKy 

— arentuTe, if, miseflanee 

— avii6 , e a, imprudent 
^Mti. e. HMaped ; in- 

'— content, e. o. Ussarttfed' 
MAle, sm, male, rock, he 
MAle S. a, male ; manly ; 

MaleMte, sf. a Hadman 
MalMiation, a curse 
Mal^fioe. sm, sorcery, witch- 
Malefici6, e. a. sickly ; /aa. 

Mal^fique, «. a. malignant 
Malencontre, sf. ndsemrf 
Malencontreusement, ad, tm- 

Malencontreux,te. a. vnlucku 
Mal-enpoint, ad, at an ffl 


fal-entendn, sm. a mistake 
Malepette, int. udsbuddikins 
MaWtre, sm. uneasiness 
Mal^Tole, 3. a. nudttfoleni 
MaMaiaant, e. o.mUchieimts, 

Mal-falt, e, a. itUnadr,w 

dove ; ugly ' 
Malfidteur, sm, malefhetor 
Malfamf, e. a. defamed [ly 
Malgracieas«*»^nt: flrf. rtufe* 
Halgracteux, se> a. clownish 

aukward; ungentetl 

wtthstanding (bred 

Mftf^abtle, 9. unMfM: iU- 
Mal-babitet6, sf want of 

parts : incapacity ; ill, 

Malheur, sm, misjortunet W- 
Malheur, ad, woe to liuek 
Malheurenx, te. a. unh^U $ 

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190 WLh 

hmaUfi^Uow {haf^lg 
Malhciureuaetaient, €d. un- 
Mftlhonn^te. S. a. 

rude; dUhonat 
MBibohn^tement, ad, diiho- 

neMly ; rudely 
IfalbDimtot^, if. twkne**} 

Maine, niauce^ fguUh trick 
Sfalieieoiement, ad, muU^ 

IdMieienx, w. a. mi»ehiitv9%tt 
libdiniemciit. «k/, rrith an ill 

thngn i mitciUevoutly 
Malifnut^, f/1 tnaiice, moHg' 

ttnhii^ ; hurtful I bad 
If ftKn^ 9/. tpring^ide* 
Maline, MechUne laee 
Maliagie, 8. a,pinb»gwkly 

^/bPted ' C«qsoin> 

Malitome, a, *, aukward; 
MaM«M;<, 4m, Ukgal dtcrte 
mitt, 9f, trunk, mail, box 
"ManUhtor^ «• malltoble 
WIetier, «m. trunhnutker 
Mallette, «/*. tittte (ronAr, 

Mattiert «m« apeck-hw^e 
>lal>meiier, vcr. to ute ill 
Mak»dFa,e a*iad\ ungninhf 
Idalotru, jm* tad Jpfttful 
lMal-peiKn£,a«2&vfn tjnrach 
MJRl-pbMBBti e. a. duagr^ 

VtUfptopttt/^^ ^. dirtineoti 

MalMln. ■«. A iicft^; tm- 


UaltoiiiMBt, e.a»iU tmndo 

ingi ^enoive 
Mahdte, *f. tfpnuivetax 
KaltAtier,^«fn, ta»gathtrer 
2falttaiter, va, to uae till 

wrong lopite 

Matyeiflaiiee, tf, il^vHUt 
If alveiUattt, «m. nudcvoUnt 
Mahrenatian, ^ mUdemm* 


lifiS>Td^f e. 0. hated 
MamaB, «/• tnomnui 
MVPie, nteetheai't, honey 
Manelle, (Ae breaH^pap 
Mammelon, «fM 6 fi^2tf 
Mammelu, e. a.full'breaoted ; 
M*aiBoiK. love, dear 
Manant. «n. o clown 
Mandie, handle, helvt, fujft 
— k hafcii. broom-etick 
Manch«,«/^ d'tleeve 
La Mnwhe, r/le JEiw/tM 

Mancbette, {/*. a n^^ 
Mancbon, «m. a mu/T 
Manchot* e. eu nudmed, lame 
Mandarin* em. d mandarine 
Manoat, mandamut, bill 
Mandataire, a proxy 
Mandement, order, mandate 
Mander, va. to *wrUe word 
Bfander qaelqu\iD, to eend 
lie, ef. fottmanU great 
„„ jBdc, a email guitar 
Vfuaiiae, mandore f lute 
Mandianpore. mandrake 
Mandaeuile, i. a. eattAle 
BfandacatioD, *f, -— efon; 

Man^f^ em. nmnaging a 
horeei rtdin^mee; in- 
MAnes, pUhadCi ghott^manee 
Mnngeable, 3. a, eatable 
Mttjige»\\k,sf.Jbod; victttale 
Mangemre, a manger 
Manger, va. to * eat ; diet 
Manger, om, food, meat, eat' 
ing t^on 

Mangetie, •/» eatings ejcae- 
Mangeur, se. ». eater 
Maniabie, %. a. mpple ; trac- 
Maniaque^ 8» a. em. maniae, 

Maniciet, ef. pi. hand-Jettere 
Manie, »f matbieu; excee* 
eiveJoHdneee [manage 
Maniet, va, to handle i to 
Manid, e. a. elegant {ofxaordi 

Manieroent, am. feeling ; 

JiandUagi management 
Manidre, {/. manner, \ vay ; 

3toj^ W»».c«rnflpy&d|cwa»4r 
1MUiiet€, e« o* t^fhcteH 
B&oil^ritte, em. ah pffttttd 


Mlini<vsUticiD, ef. tion 

Matiiftttr, S. «. mimifeaij 

Maniftcte, mu manifeato 
Manifest^iftent, ad. clearly 
Mbnifekter, va. ta diciare 
Se numire8ter» vr. ta *ahe» 

one.f self 
Manigance« ef. tly dealingt 
ManigiUDtco^, va, tahrew^to 
Manule, 4/1 Manilla Iplot 
Manioc em. yucca taat 
Manip(l]e,fnan(^<e; handfal 
MaoipulatioD, ^ -4ian 
Manique. ef a haiHUeather 
Mani^-eau, am, a Kth-btuket 
Manivelle, tf- handle; raunce 
Maiine, mafma; voider ; era- 

die ; basket 
Mannequin, <t». a hanger 
MuianvtCtt*/ tackling of a 

ehip; mtHian ;.proceduTe 
ManceuTrer, vtu to -work a 

MancenTiier, em, ekilfUl sea- 

man [nor 

Manmr, manriifhhaueei mt- 
ManoQ, sf. Mol^g 
Manqae,'/*. want.-leick 
Manque dev ad. far vant af 
Manquement, am. faulty el^ 
Manquement de parole, the 

breach ef one*e ward 
Manquer, veufail fmiat ; *do 

amies ; want; *falleharti 

*be mitsing 
Maiwanlc, */. roof of a hamee 
Manwi^tude, gentleneae Tvril 
Mante, mourning manueaft 
Mantean, tm a claat:i meat- 

tua ; preteiwe 
Mantele, e. a. manOed 
Mantelct« em. mantlet ict^- 

chin; mantle i pept-hauee 
Manteliae> Jr/. riding-haad 
Manuel, le. a, manual 
"Manotl.eTH, a manual 
Manudiement, ad. manuaUifi 
Manuttcture, tf. — f vrv 
Manufacturer, va, tama*u- 

factwre [facturer 

Manuracrarler, em, maau- 
Maniimisd0n,«/\ ~^idn 
MKnusOrii^ if, a merttucrif^ 

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TbCsquemra, rm.- a fnatktarti 

fe^*. by fire 
Ma^tiiii^ikon, im,J9eke]f 
:Mmi\mfrnat\naL}se^J^h^9hip ; 

intrigue ■ 
>laqttigpnoiiner on cheral* 

• THi. /97?# a hone/or sale 
^laquiKnonner, to, play the 

pkrt of a broker {boat 
iMaquilfeQr, «!». ^ mackar^ 

MJiraM, in«rM ; emwmp ; gar- 
den ground 
Mands nlamt tait^ptm* 
Marmm e, «fi>. martumus 
Maratre, sj. a-Hepmother i 

a crtiei mother 
Maismt «m. romzJ, xlOUAn 
MataudaUle, «^ rmcnU 
MkmaOe^jatit ; maraudit^ 
XCaraader, vn. to* go a nut 

rottdlnf , or roM»^ 
MatMdear, sm. a marauder 
itoxKtiHt^^tiifi Uttit Sjpa- 

nUh coin 
sSavwp6( fiMirote 

^Urbcier, marble<utter 
Miffmire^ *f, marbling 
Msr^ #». eight ounces ; 

hiuk* i grounds 
Mareaige, tm* tax on tea^h 
Maxcasiin. poung -wUd boar 
MareM^ite, ofr morcasite 

Marchaod, ou a. merehavtt^ 

ble ; fradmg ; navigable 
Maich^nd, om, a merchant ; 

dealer ; ehe^tnum '' 
Mtfeband en ffros, a whole- 

taledealif Idealer 

Mai«ln|iMl en 4iBttiL a retail 
Mtordwod liteaii^ bookseller 
Xaiatenddesoie, Hlkman 
Marehand de t/aato^ linen dra- 
. I diapier, a JoopVen 
laode, if. merchant** 
p S a tront 

3ff AH 

0r ; haggler 

hrtbandue, «/: m^rrAon- 

<fije I jptfoif^, -ware 
Marche, march ; way t Hep 
Marelie«,i»f mar^M^bounde. 

Mitrwi6) tm% marhetf bargtdti 
«- au pain, bread market 

— aux tierbes, herb-market 

— aux j;)cmie%tpouttry'market 

— au foin, ha^-market 
''wnhtmAi footstool; foot- 

MarcfaeL vfi.fd walk; march; 

* go ; rank ; • tread 
Matcher droits to •be honest, 

to behave weti 
ouKfmbtt #191* gait'f vajf of 

Miuclinir, m. s. a walker 
Marcotte, sf, layer i sho^ 

*png *^ 

Mai«oerer,«A to * set shoots 
Wirdiysm, Tuesday 
Matdi*gras, ^rort Tues^ 
Mue^sf^apond! meerf pool 
MMsttigetSTh, mdrshfSwainp 
Mar^cageiiXf ae* a. marshy ; 
STodmpy .{^hol 

MAR m 

Wufo gmlllan, «^ • «!« 

Mirier, ve to marry t jei^ 
8e roarier,w..f)0fnarr|f 
Murieur, oe» s. mateh^maker 
Mari]i« e. o. Mmj^i^ totke 
Marin, sou d seasnan [tea 
fMsuvMOe^sf. pfdtlt 
Marine, rmvy ; j a» <f Btf M i 

marine; seat^rs^^teaehi 

Mftriner, vn. toplckte ; tMwr 
Marinaoain, cm. amttrA^ira^ 
Marinler; marinrr^ wonum 
Mamlaine,V* marjoram 
Marlolet, im. a fop 
Marion, <^ Folly luoin 

Marechal} stn»fiirrier ; mar- 
MaT6e)Hil des lofps, a quat^ 

ter-mflster " 
MaredMU dc Miinp j fit^nfmif • 

Mar^chalat; marshUship 
Mar«e|iaierie, ff farrier- 
MaretiiaQss^ morshidship 
Mar^, tide ; firesh seajtsh 
Marf^jat, svh. urchintbrat 
Moege,*f margin 
Margelle, brim of a well 
Mary^inal, e. a. marginal 

Mai^oilbt, sm. a puddle 
Margrave, margrave 
Maigrsviat, mwrgraviate 
Margu erite, sf, daisy; pearl 
Marraiflene) ckureofoardeti- 

smp {warden 

Marguillier, tm» a church^ 
Blan, a AtuftanJ, spouse 
Mariable, 2. a. marriageabk 
Mariaga, sm, marrkusefWcd' 

l!i^ipor0on ^ 

Marionette, a puppet; a imU 

Marital, e. a. mairimoniat 

Maritelement, oASk^a hus* 

Miririme, a. a. maritime 
Maritocne, sf a clumsy «fa». 

Murle, &c vtd. Iftnw 
Manaaille, «/*. brats 
Marmelade, marmelade^ jfit. 

'V 9ffl^vlto 
*^ boil narmentctn, sni 

ornamentiU trees Iks^lc 
Marmite, tf, Ptrr^gepot, 
Marmiteux, ae. a!, wfunmg 
iStaniuAt »m. a scuUion 
MarmoDiwr, v. to mutter 
Marinot, tm. a kind rfmost^ 

key: apHppet; abrat 
Marmottei */- mountaino-ai 
Manmotter, ve. to mutter 
MaroMNiaetf^io.^ a grsiifMqyp 

Jlgure ; marmoset 
Mame, ^. marl 
Manwr, vn, to, mar\ 
Mamidce,«/1 marl pit 
M«roti4W« S. a. BudiJbrm$Slo 
Marotte. if whim ; hobbjf 

horsej foots bauble Toy 
liaroufle* sm. scoundrel, aoo* 
Marane, {/". mark g token $ 

print ; mole, spot ; note | 

proof; sign 

*igtufy ; *thmk HeU 
Marqueter, to ^meklci tnUty 
Marqiieterie, sf^ kilatd w9rjk> 
Marqucor, se.«. a marker 
MarqiUa, sm, a marguis 
Marquiaat, m»quisate 
Marq;iiiM^ sf, mare/ffontm 

^9^ tttent 

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Judieiairement, ad, --cially 
Jtidicifuseinent, -ctous'y 
Judicieux. se. a, judutous ; 

JuRe, rm.a nidge ; umpire 
JueevaenuAjudgment j sen 

tence #r 
Jufier^va.teiudfie ; try 
Jugulaiiv, 2. a jvgular 
Juif. ve. a, i. ^nvish^ a Jew 
Juillet, «m. Ju/jy 
Sum ^ June . 
Juiube^ sf. jujube . 
Juiubier, sm. jujube-tree 
Juiverie, «/• Jno^s quarter 

broker** street 
Jnlep, am^julap ; decocMn 
Julf.-s, ItaUan coin, eUepence 
Julienue, */'• JuUan-Jioner 
JuBiart, am, a mule 
JuTiiean, Jum» lie, o- s.twiru 
Jtimeaux, sm,pL Gemini 
Jutnelles, */". cheeks, side 

beams of a press^ &c, 
Jumeller,' va, to strengthen 

roith cheeks, beams, &c. 
Jument, */. a mare } mould 

to make money 
Jtuite,jtint4) ; cabal 
Jnpe, a petticoat 
Jape piqu6e» quiaexi petit' 

Jupiter, *m. JvpiUr (o pla- 
Jupon, under petticoat 
Junuide, sf. wardenship ; the 

JTurat, sm, alderman^ sheriff 
Jutatoire, a. a, to •be •sworn 
Jur€, e. a, sworn 
Jui-^, sm, warden of a coni' 

pany ; Juryman j jury 
. Jureniaitf an oath 
Jurer, v, to * sivear 
■Jureur, «e. s. a swearer 
Juridiction, sf. jurisdiction 
Juridiqne. t, a. j uridica 
Juiidiqueroent, ad. —dically 
Jurisconauke, sm, a lawyer 
Jurisprudence, «f —dence 
Jurittc, »m. civilian .jurttt 
Juron, arreted kind of oath 
Jus de r4«:li8se, ^msh lico- 
Juniit. rejlux, fW 
Jusque, JTOqnes,/w. fo; as far 
Ots xtntUi tiUi even to 


Jasqu% Jfutqu^n, even, very 
Juftques k ^uaikl? how longl 
Jiisques Ift, so for, hither 
Jusqu'oA ? Jivwfar ? 
Jiisquiamet -sf. hen-bone 
Jussiuii, conumand 
Juste4u-cor',ps, sm, close coat 
Juste, 2. fib sm, justj fit; 

Juste, ad, right.exactly 
Junementy Justly ; exactly; 

Jnstesse, sf, justness 
Jwthce, justice I law; rigk- 

Justiciable, 2. a, -^—ciable 
Justicier, ro. to extcute 
Justtcier, sm, a judge 
Justifiable, i. a, —ble 
Justifiant. €. a, justifying 

JustificateuT, .m. tor (a 

letterfotmder's instru- 
Justification, sf^ion; de- 

Justifier, vajustifu; prove 
Se justiner, vr, to clear oneU 

Jurer, v, f • swear j jar 


KABAK, sm. the namf of 
sami puhlk houses in 

Kabin oii k^bin. second mar- 

riage, or hired xoives among 

the Turks 
Kali, «m. kali (a sea veed) 
Kan, a commander among 

the Tartars 
Karab^, yellow amber 
Karmeases. sf, annual fairs 

in the Low Countries 
Kazine, the grand tignior^s 

Kermes, «m. kermes 
Kiosque, a sort tf pavilion in 

a garden ' . 

Kyrielle. sf a legend, a long 

tedious story 
KyrieUe, the litany 
Kyste, ««• tumtWi ttveh\ 



LA, art. the 
La, sni. a (note of music) 
Li, ad, there, yonder, fAi- 

ther Isottly 

Li, li, so so; come, come; 
Li-bas, below 

Li-n>£nie, in that very place 
Li-desaua, upon that, up there 
Li-desaous, under there, un- 

da' this or that 
L&-dedaus, within, in that 

place . , 

Labarun), sm, Constttnttne^s 

imperim standard 
Labeur, sm, labour $ work 
Labial, e> a. tabi^d, verbal 
Labi^, e. a. laUateti 
Laboratoire, *wf. — tw^ 
Laborieusement, ad, hardly 
Laboiieux, se. a, laborious 
Labour, sm, tillage 
Labourabk, 9. a. arable, mo* 

Labouwge, sm, tillage 
Labourer, va, to till s •^g; 

toil 7 ^ 

— avec la cbarrue, totlough 
Laboureur, sm. ploughmen ; 

tiller iintricoey 

LabjTinthe, — HntA ; mexe; 
Lac, a lake 
Lacer, v, to laee ; to tag 

Lace^tion, sf. tron 

Lac^rer, va, to lacerate, •tear 
Laoeron, sm. sow-thi^le 
Lacet, lace; snare; noose 
Lftcbe, 3. 0* loose; slack; 

faint; slothful; cowardly, 

Un l&ebe, sm, a poltroon, a 

Licbement, ad, basely ; 

slackly Ifire ; *go off 
lAehet,v, to loosen; •let go', 
Se l&cber, vr, to slacken } 

to • fy off, to • unbend 

LAcbetl.{/' cvwardicei sloth; 

Lacini6, e. a, laciniated 
lMi9,sttH noting 

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&teoii8<iiie^ S. 

Lncoiiiqiiement, aiL—nieaUff 

Laconttme, *m. m ~ 

I^aeryiml, e. a. —mat 
Ijieryjnacoke, snu ItKhry- 

I«acs, laqs, 9m, Hring ; n«0«ff i 

spring i tnart; nn; knot' 
Iiact€e, 2. a* lacteal; milky 
Lacune, sf. a gap in a book $ 

something * iefiout 
LiBdre, 3. a. leprouo, ttingy 
Juadre, esse, 9* a. leper, muer 
JLantcerie, ^ leprosy ; taxa- 

retto ; sordid avarice 
LJifcaae, 9f, Venetian canal 
Lai, Ck a,9» tau^ layman 
!Laid, e. a, ugly, homeilf 
I^aideron, sf, a homelvpU99 
Laidear, ugWne**, defwmity 
Lode. wild90w ; lane thro' 

lAinage, sm, vooUen good9 
Laine, 'f, -woolyfieece 
I^itnerie, •woollen trade 
Laineax, le. a, woolly 
I^iinier, e. f. a vfoolmonger 
La'iqae, S. a. 9, lay^ layman 
Xaine^lisse, 9f, a leash; a 

Xjdsier, va. to * leave; to * let 
Jjkxt, 9nu mtik 
Lait de dumx, lohitlngt 9ixe 
lAitage, milk food 
laitanee, lute, of, mitt; 

white Ibne 
Lait6, t.a,9ofl roei 
lAiterie, of, a dairy 
Laiteron, «m. 9<nv4m9tle 
l4iitettx« 86. a* milky 
Laitier, sm, scummy matter 

lAiti^m, 9f a mUhwoman 
Laiton, 9m, latten ; tra99 
Lai toe, 9f, lettuce 
IMzitJbreadth of doth or otuff 
JjAouLom a prie9t among 

I<amanear, coast-pUot 
lAmbeau, a rag, a shred 
Lamlriii. e. Jw a humdrum 
LambUier, va. to * dreamt to 

* be a lounger 
lambourde, of, a Joist 
Ijimbns, onu cetUngt 

sort; am0p9 

LanbriiiBge, •€eUingf iMte- 

LambriMer, -va, to ceil; 

Ltine, 9f a pi *ate of metai ; 

blade; wave ; /lake; reed 
Lam^, ca.pUited 
Lamentable. 2. • a. —'•'table 
LainenuUemen t, ad, moan^ 

Lamentation, oj '. -''^^on 
Lamenter, vom to lament; 

Lamie. of, lam ia (a kind of 

Lamina|re.#m« .the flattening 

ofmetm \faU 

Laminer, va, t o flatten me- 



Lampas, lampas s 
Laaaymut.e a, 'languid 
Lampe, sf. lamp 
Lamp6e, bumpn *, brimmer 
hmnper^vn, toH oss offbrintF 

Uimperon, sm,pt pe «/*<> lamp 
Lampion, a sma It lamp for 

Lampritlon, lamproyon 

small lar^rey 
iJimproie, sf. a U mprey 
Lance, a lance, *j tfor 
Umce k feu, aoquib 
Lancer, TO. fodkcrt; *9ting; 

launch; rouxe ; * cast 
Se lancer, vr, to rush; *shoot 
Lancecte, */ a lancet 
Lancier, sm, a case far chi- 

rurgical instruments 
Lanciere, sf, a m ilPs 9luice 
Lancoir, 9m. a miUl'dlam 
Lande, sf, heath 
Landi, sm, a fair near Sf. 

Denis, and remarkable 

holiday Jor tht: colleges of 

LandRrave, *m, -^grave $ 

German count 
Landi^Tiat, -^graviate 
Land^nnvine, sf, German 

countess [iron 

Landier, sm, a kitchen hand- 
Lanem, tanner (hawk) 
Langage, language, tongue 
l-amKeOtpl, swaddling clothes 
Lange^^m. aprinter^s blanket 
LaueoureuseoKiit, ad% /an* : 

gmthi^^^ * 

Ltngonienx, se. o. languid ; 

Langouste, </*. large lobster 
Langoiutin, sm. a prawn 
Langue, sf, tougw., language 
Laiieuette, tongue of «eo» 

ra/ things 
Lan([^eur, languor ; pining 

away ihogU tongue 

Lanp:u€yer, va, to examine a 
Langu6yeur, sm. searcher o 

hog^s tongue 
l4in)|fuier, dried hog's tongue 
Laiiguir, vn, to languish ; 

pine away ; linger 
Languissamment, ad, Ian, 

Langaitnnt, e a. Umguish- 

infg ; pining ; weak ; faint 
Lanier, sm, a tanner 
lAm^re^sfMrap ; lash ; luret 
Lanifdff, i, o. tanigrrous 
Lansquenet, sm. — nef, Ger- 
man foot soldier; a game 

at cards 
Lanteme, sf, lantern, cupola 
Lanteme sonide, dark Ian- 

Lauteme de mouUn, trundle, 

head of a mill 
Lanterne niagiqiie, magic 

Lantemes, pi, fooleries 
Lantemer, vn, to trife, bam' 

Lanternerie, sf, silly stuff 
Lantemier, e. s, lantern' 

maker ; tedious talker 
Lantiponnage, sm, nonsense 
Lantipunner, veu to talk rion- 

sense; to tease 
Lanugineux, se. a. hairy ; 

Laper, vn, to * lap, * lick up 
Lapereau, sm, young^ riAbit 
Lapidaire, lapidary, jeweller 
Lapidation, sf. stoning 
Lapider, va. to stone to death 
Lapidification, sf. "^ion 
I^pidifier, vn, to lapUHfy ; 

<4 turn into stone 
L&ipidifique, 2. a, —flcal 
Ltipin, sm, a rabbit 
Lrapine, */ a doe rabbit 
Lapis, sm. lapis lazuli 
I«aps, e> a, lapsed, fatten 
Laps, sm, lapse 
Ijips de terns, length eftHne 

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LttfBueTfV.t* latinite 
Latiiusme,.rm. LatinUtn 
Latiniste* LatinUt 
Luinit6, »/. Latinity 
Latitade, latitutte 
Latitudinairet a. «. —natian 
Latomiet, «/*. pi, quarries 
Latrie, calte de lacrie, ^or- 

thip of Cod 
Latnnes, sf. hotue of^e ; 

Latte, sf. a lath 
Latter, va. ta lath 
Lattis, tin. lathing 
Lavagie, washing ; huddit 
Lavande, *f, lavender 
Lavandi^re^ a laundrest 
Lavangey jfall of snowfr^m 

the mountains 
Lavasse^ violent rain 
Laudanum, sm, laudanum 
Laudes, sf, pL laud 
Lave, *f. lava [Im; 

Lavement, sm, glitter ; vnnh- 
Laver, va, to • tnuk ; cknn 
Se laver, vr. to * tooth, ur 

clean one^s self 
Laveton, sm, short wool 
Lavette, sf, a dishclout 
Laveur, se. a toasher 
Laveuse d'^euellei, sf. pew- 
Lavignon, sm. sort ofcockk 
Lavis, a wash (in drawing i 
Lavoir, a wash-house f asi ;U 
Laur^at (po6ie},p«rt laurtut 
Laur^, sj» crown fflaursi 
Laur^ole, spitrge-laurcl ; 

wreath of laurel; bay 
Laurier, sm, laurel f bay 

— d*A.merique, ou dTude, 
Indian laurel 

— eeriae, therrybay 

— eb^ne, kind of c»rk4ra 

— rose, rose-laurel ; rosc^Hiy 

— thym, wild laurel 
Lavure, sf, dish-waster, hag- 

Laxatif, ve. «• "tive ; qptn 

ittg ; loosening 
Layer, vtuto* ctda lane 
Layette, sf a drawer ; box i 

shelf; childhed-linen 
Lazaret, sm, a pest house 
1.MZ21, dumb-show i triek 
Le, art, m, the 
he, pro, him; it g to 
Xn^i «ni» ^txadth ofUmn 

Iiqi«& rdtiph a, lapsed and 

Laquaif, tm, a lackey, foot- 

iMque, tf.gum-lae; lacker 
I«aque tm, chinavamish 
LaqaeUe,i»ro. /*. that, which, 

X4trcin, sm, theP, robbery 
Lard,6iacon, lard {through 
lArder, va. to lard; * run 
Lardoire, sf, a^arding-j^in 
XsxHatLisnu thin slice of bacon 
Lanlon, tneer, sarcasm 
Large, 2. a, large i wide; 

broad; free 
ZJtrge, sm, breadth 
Largemeat, ad, -^ely, fully 
Largesse, */. largeness ; gift 
Largeur, largeness^ breadth 
Largo, ad, slaw (in music) 
Largue, sm, ajjlng 
Larguer, va, to * let go 
Larigot, sm. fiuU, or pipe 
Larix, the larch4ree 
Larme, sf a tear; a drop 
Larniette, a small tear 
Larmoyant, e* a, toe^ing, in 

Larmoyer, vn. to • weep 
Larmoyeur, se. *. xoeeper 
Larron, nesse, *• thief; tlie 

pith of a quill 
Larronheaa, tm, a young 

thief; pVferer 
Larves, sm, pi, hobgoblins 
Larynx, sm, larynx 
Las, int, alas ! 
Las, lasse, a, wearied, tired 
Lascif, vc. lascivious^ lewd 
Lascivement, ad.—viously 
Lashivet6, if, lasciviousness 
Lassant, e. a, tiresome ; te- 
Lasser, va, to tire ; fatigue 
Se — , vr, to * grow or • be 

tired iness 

Lassitude, af, -de, weari- 
Laste, sm, a last ; two tons 
Latanier, tm, American 

palm-tree {hidden 

Ijitent. e. a. latent ; hid ; 
Lateral, e. a. ~^al 
Lat6ralement,aA^— raf/y ; 

Latin, e. a, Latin 
Latin, sm. the Latin tongue 
lji^fiear^ped§ntic katimtt 



Lf cTii-fHir, a dripping-pan 

Lecun, uf, tucturr ; lessen 

tnrt'r; forter 
LcctTictf, jf af&u^ reader 

I'ri a nunner-y 
I^ciuru, ridding ; lecture- 

jship ; study 
L^^^l, li a, Irffot ; Imvful 

L^{:aliKitioi), tf* tfte makii^ 
n winning au-dienfic 

Lf-fpiUvix, Tift, tn * fttake au- 
I L^^liiiTd, f/I haneufy ; sqfiitff 
• Li^jf'iL .r'o-a fttipi'^j *egate 

T.i^j^iiTjiirL', «, ti f'-gfJi^tlegttcy 
,i ].(*ff]j,iiuzi, ff, icgfitrjthip 

Li'gfi. *. a, cft^tj (weA term) 

Lt^j^ciiduime, tm* u vrriter ^ 

I>K»-'«*lt', i/pi^gtf^'/j insaiP' 
irai ; tcdifm* ftorrtttive 

l,ftwr, e. ^ %A/ i nitnble i 
P^-ir i f rifling 

t.vf^^rKtntTtuUghtl^; nimbly 

Lt^i^nft^i sf lighieee* ; «^ 
ilfy; iumitif^ti€jji i levity 

rl'e^iirit, ieviiif ^ mutd 

i^*'f^\on, icj^iflu* ^asi number 

T.rj^k^EiLeH^ <t^giitattr, lam' 

I Lf'^liittionj ^f Irgisitmtre 
I hf:^i]Atritit^a^Ar!fiwgiver 
hi'^^iiTiSm. aviliistt^tawyer 
L'''j;itiouiE,iaii, jf, "kon 
hlf^ilrae, i. a^ kgitmoUi 

JHSt i ikisftil 
— «, af. HBTiiBn 
iJ'f^itinit^iKnu tid^jftjtly 
L^t^timer. VDi to les^mmate 
Ljr<itiniit6j */- icgitimacy 
Lt^Sj^fM, l£g^S 

LeK^auK^ sftt- itgujne, pulte 
Lijfijine*, f*^- grteri^, roots 
Aj.i*uimni&u\, tuie- 4. — «i 
Lvridemtiin, t/te i'l^aV: day 
LtfiidfiiTt tn* ^ f- 

L^iuiier, Tin. fo Icnify, toften 

Ijeni,*. a, slow i ditdi 

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Xtetemeot, ad, tlwly s he» 

Lenteur, */ flonnets^ dutnas 
Iientieulure,a. m. -^«"* 
I^entille, */. a twtU ; freckle 

LentUleuj, «. a. freckled 
JLentisque, tnu moMW^ree 
I^tioiun. tueulfiwiae, unequal 
L^opanl 9m, a leopard 
I^opatde, a. poitantt euar- 
L^pr6, j/ Upraty ^dant 
L6preax, «e. a. *. Upr6U9 i 

a leper 
X-iproaerie, tf* a laxarOto 
JLequtlpro* m, which, xoho^ 

!.«, aru pU fbr pro the, them 
lAte nmjest6, ^. htgh-treasm 
ItSaer, veu f wrong 
Lenne sf niggard&tten 
L^anerf vn. to * be sordtdly 


I. m, pi, tohkh ; 

LesqmeUea. /. that^ which, 

Leniver /yec« wwA mth 

LeniTer, va. ro * wash in lye 

Lert,«^n3. ballast, last 


Lette, a, c *^rM(T; neat j 

ctever Cx'erjy 

Lestement, ad, tprucety, cle- 
Lester, va- to bhaast . 
Losteiir, sm, n lighter 
l.exhaxtpe,sj: lethargy 
LettairgiS^w, a. a. s,lethar^ 
'LeLtK.sf, letter jcpidle [gic 
— de chiKDire. bUl ^exchange 
Ututa^- lit^ature 
Lettm oe creance« lettare, 

tfcredU I 

Lettre* de " recirion, a vrU 

Lettr6, e. a, lettered, literate 
lietthne* sf. very small let- 

ter M type (in printing) 
L^tns6, ^ a. (in poeu^/ 

tAo^ 6<gr^R« wteA the tame 

Levain, f m. leaven ; ynut ; 

rdicA* ; oldgrudge 
Levanue he east, the Levant 
Levantin. a, snu Levanttne 
l.^re,tr.helUno mallet 

Levee, ei^; ffvyi n>(v;. 


ratrifur «' «'««'« ; futrvest s 

trkk at earth ; riding 
Lever v,to lift up ; levy ; re- 

move; collect; • shoot ; 

• take t4p w ojf i * rite ; 

Se lever, vr, t'o *riK: ^break 

up; * arise 
Ijever, sm, levee 

du soleil, 9un-risiitg 

L(?veor. tax-gatherer 
Levier, a lever 
l^viRHtion, sf levigathn 
Le viger. va, to ievtjga'e 
Leviie, *m, a Levite 
Leiitique, Leviticu» 
Lem, pon^levis» dranh 

Leur,^ra. their f them 
Le lear, les leun. theirs 
Levniatj^m a leveret 
I^vre, jf. the Up 
— — tuperienre, i^pper Up 
— ioTerieure, under Up 
Ij^iytette^ greyhound bitch 
Levretter* vn. to hunt hare* 
L4vner, sm. a grty hound . 
LevJon, mU grey hound 
Leurae, a lure ; decoy 
Leurrer, va. to lure ; decoy; 

to* teach vfit . 
Levure, sj. yeast . 
Lexicogrephe, sm, —pher, a 

vrrUer of dictionaries 
Lexicon, lexique, a Greek 

Lteaid, d Uxard 
L^aarde, sf, a chink- or, cre- 
vice in a wall tstune 



. sm- very hardfree-- 
Liaison, sf. binding ; counec* 

tion ; stroke of open ; tie 
liaiiDuner, va. to'bind stones 
Liant, e. a. qffable ; mild 
Liard, sm. a farthing 
liarder, vn. to club small 

sum* ; to join 
limtte, if. bundle qf papers ; 

Litiation, —tion. offering 
Libelle, sm, a libel i a bdl 
Libeller, va, to declare upon 

an action tftrespass, debt,\,e. a, liberal, free 
Ub6ra]ement, pd. —raUy; 
fi-eely IrosUy 

Lib^ntear. rice. *. d Hverer 
Lib^mtion, {/*. discharge 
Lib. rer, va, to free, ckar 
Se libcrvT, to clear one'* 

debt* ; * setfYom 
Liherte,/. libeity ; facility ; 

Liberutt, e. a. licentious; 

LibertlQ, e. «. a lewd person 
Libertinage, sm, letvdnets 
Libcitineri vn, to* be Utter- 

tine llerod 

Se t,ibt:rtiDerf vr. t9 • grow 
Libidineux, se. a. iewd 
Libidinaiies, sm. fU.'UbUina- 

rii, undertaker ifffUnerals 

amotig the Romans 
Libraite bookseller f statioricr 
Librairie» tf. book-trade 
Libtation, —tion ; peixitig 
Libre, i. a,free ; easy ; open ; 

bola ; loose 
Libreraeitt, ad, freely ; easily 
Lice, */. listjor combat* ; 

IdctAC^i Ucetue; licentious- 

Lioencie sm, licenttate 
Lieeneiement, disbanding of 

Ltoencier, va- to msaand 
Se liceocier, vr, to *grow li-. 

Liceucieusement, od, lewdly 
Lioencieux, ae. a licentious. 
l.icttSitioa,sf. auction itewd 
Licite, i. a. Idwful 
Ucitenent,a<2. lawfully 
Ltciter, va. to* sell by auc- 
lAeostMe,sf. an unicom 
Licou, sm, a halter 
iMtear. lictor 
Lie, xf, lees,dregi,grtiun4» 
Li^ge. sm, cork 
Lifijer un filet, I9*pvf corks 

along a net 
Lien, sm. string; tie; band 
Liens, bands, chains ; irons 
Lier, va. to *bind ; tie; knil ; 

join; uniie; thicken 
Se lier, vr, to *bind one'^s 

self to league ; thicken 
Lierre, sm,tvy 
Lierr€, e. a, wUh wy leaves 

Digitized by CjC5(jy IC 



Lien, $m, place ; roont't cause} 

Lieuxtp/; house ef office 
Lieax-Gommuns, commvo' 

place book 
Lieade plaiumce, a Jkne seat 
Lieae, sf. a league^ 3 miles 
J.leur, sm. tier (if sheaves 
Iji^rrtfO Hare 
Li^vreteau, sucking young 

Lieutenance sf. lieutenancy 

LieatMwat, soh tenant 

— de roi, lord Ueuttnant 
Liicameuty a ligament. 
Lixiunentettx, le. 0. stringy 
LiKance, ff, a ligature t oUnd 
Lifle, 3. liexe^ vassal 
Lige, snu allegiance 
LiKeoce, sjlaitegiance 
Ligemeot, oc? l/XaUegianee 
LiKnage, sm, lineage i 9/ 
^spring ' Jfhmtly 

Jjpaigerj one of the same 
I>tKne, sfi line ; race 
J^ijSa€e, lineage ; issue ; rare 
Lijtnear, sm, shoemdktr^s 

tA^fitaXt <^^ v>oody 
Liffue, sf, league ; Jhction 

Liguer.vo. t$ Hague' 
L^ueur, k. s, h aaguer 
LiUM, sm,lUac,pipe-tree 
Limaoe. sf, finias,«m. a sktg 
Lima^on, sm, a snail 
Lima^oti de mer, per iwitAt e 
LimaUle, sr,ftle-iMt 
limandet ourt or hret fish 
Limbe^tm. Umb, border 
J^ivahco^pl, limbo 
Lima, •f.JOt.limeySeafroth 
limer* va, to Jtte^ polish 
Limtfer, a blood-hound 
Ximirattoe* *• a, dedieafry ; 

LioutMtif* vct a, restrictive 
UtsAwJMifSf-^lon . 
I>iniitar,'M(i to UtnU^ confine 
Limket, s/,pX, UmtsMunds 
Limitropliei S. a. bordering 

lAtBontsnu nufdf sHme ; le>- 

man; shaft 
XiQianade, of, lemonade 
y momdier, e» «. a teikr of 



Limoneaxy te« a, . muddy ; 

sUmp i marshy 
Limonier, em, a ihilt horse; 

a letnott4rte 
Limpide, t,a>limpidf clear 
Limpidk^, sf, clearness 
lAmwK, filing 
Lin, sm,fiax ; linseed 
LiD6aiire,3. a, linear 
Lineal, e. a. lineal 
Lin6aiu«at, fm*« UnemnfMi 

Linge, lineny linen cloth 
linger, e. s, one roho malust 

or sells Unen; a Hnen- 

draper a seemster, seamr 

Lingerie, sf' Unemrade ; 

the pl^ in a nunnery 

•where the linen is kept 
Lingeue sort of flannel and 

Lmgott sm. tngot, wedge 
Lingotidte, sf.tngot-mould 
Lingual, e. a. tinguadental 
Lin{(ue, sm, sort of cod fish 
Linidre, */. fiax plot sjlax* 

Liniment, sm. a liniment 
Linon, laion 
Linotte, sf. linnet 
Linteaut sm, lintet 
lAon, a Umif Leo 
LSoneeaii, a jfoung lien 
lAtmut^sf a Ueness 
Uppe, hat6ber4tp 
Lipn6et a mouthful 
— , frantibe Ilpp^, free scot 
Lippitude, if — de, bleared' 

lippQ, e. 0. blub6er4ipped 
Iaqu6faetion, sf — (mm 
Liquefier, v. to i^uify ; to 

liqueurs'/. Utfuor 
Liqneun, drams ; c'ordkds 
Liqaidatioo, settings dear- 
Liqtude, S. a. Uguid, clear 
Liqutdement, ad, dear 
Liquider se» dettes, to clear 

one't debts 
Liqua^it^ sf, liquiditg 
Uqaoreiix, se. tu bsseiout 
Life, vo. to freadyitudg 
Lb, sm, a Itlfi 

Lisdige, sm. em&roidlering 
Lis^rer va, toembtoidcr 
Liseur, se. «. a rMefn* 
LisiblementlddL legibly 
Lisidre, sf. list; leading 

strings ; sklH of a place ; 

ri«(jff , stivage 
Liste. S a, sleek ; smooth 
Lister, va, to sleeky smoot/t 
Lissoiie,' sf, a sleeking^ooi 
Lissure, sleeking 
Iiste,a list, a toll, vatalsgne 
Lit, sm, a bed; chtmnel ^' 

a river • . *- 

— de uluttiitjdsther-bed, 

— de uuvet, dona^ad 

— de bourre,.^*>A«l 

— de paille. Hraw-bed 

— de vfoadc, bed of state 
-" de repoa, a couch 

— nuptial, wedding-hed 

— 6eii\jisaiot,Jt/cdgment-9eat 

— d^aoeet hfid under a ca> 

— de evaifiificld<hed 

—A la diAKeaie, raised tet- 

— A ro\ilett«. truckleM 

— en tbrme de garae-robe, a 

— en hwwst.angeUfeti. 
— de saoglet, horse^ed 

— de ydWfu bed ffr a.nurse 
Lougue littittie* hng-ibiadei 

Uteau, #m,. a rasffs haunt 
Liteaux, sm. ph olue otreaks' 

Lilholqgie, -*logy 
litigant e. a,.sp litigant ; 


Litige, «fn. a etdt at law 
Litigieux, te. a, Ittigious^ 
JUtltpenditnce, sf, the da^ 

tion of a lawf<sutt 

titrou, sm, .a toooden mea- 

IiU$rairetS.o. literary 

Littoral, a a. Uteral 

hm^nlenMeaUad, tttendfy 

Litterateur, sm. a grad 

Litt6ratttre, tf,.Hter«ture 

h^pat^U$iifgy ' 

Lmde,8««r. livid, black i»d 


L'lTiait^, */, dHy 

LiTraUon, delivery ^fg^Mk 
XiOre, binding, rope* 
Itivre. stn, a book 
lirre, ff. pound, Uvre (eoin) 
livr^e, uveryi uromntsf 

board-vtage* \Jm>ntr 
X'lTT^c dc la noee, 'wedtBng' 
Xavrtr, va. to deliver up 
Se livver, vr« ^o eonjfde in 

l^MsaL e. a. <«ca/, «/* a place 
Xocataire, «• lodger, tenant, 

roeatif, ve a., of, or Mm^ 

tf^ /• a tenant 
Xocation, ej. a Jetting ottt 
iMchct, vn. to *be looee 
XAeution, *f. —timfphraee 
IdjUeVi, em, quilted counter' 

pane {of alienation 

2«d« Sc ventesy fm. pLJhtee 
Lot;.**, loojofaehip 
Xofiarithme, logarithm 
XiomriUiiBiqae, 3. a. logtt- 

lAtge,*/. hut; eeUf box f 

«ffr< ; booth 
Lofceable, 3. a, tenantable 
liOgeroe&t, cm. lodgment; a- 

Loger, t>. f« Iwfe^ harbour ; 
to quarter Xing 

liogette, {f. a MM/i coMi«re; 

a //tt/e box 
LoKieien, /m. li^iciaa 
IxHCiqae,*/: W 
Lottia» «m* dwelUng, home ; 

lodging^ inn 

•7 ^Am» 
LoBi»ti9«c, </*. legielie \iUe 
LogofCnphe, ^m. r«o««, rid- 
lxiioina«bie, ef, Aipute on 
-wordo. [«<•« 

IaA, *f. law ; decreei domtf 
Xoin, ad,Jar,Jar ^ 
JUmii de, Uiiii que> Jar frma 
IdAa k loisy at a great dis- 
Loin dlci* omiy, ^on« 
Lointtfin, e. a. remote, far 
lioir. ««•.« dormouse 
Jjmmt,% a, lawful 
l^U^, em. (citure f timt 


Lok, (m", McflDipufir tJie way 

tfa ship , electuary 
Uinibaire, 8. a. <ufn6atY 
Lombard, sm, apannbroker 
Lombes sm^pLtheMns v 

Long* jm. Icngthj long^ along 
LoBgjoint^ye. «. loruMoinftd 
Longiadinit^, sf.firb^rance 
Lonfi:e, loin ; strap 
Loorer, va* to*goby the side 




Longituqe.^. ifl 
LoDK-tems, ao. a long while 
a long time 

fcHirae main, long ago 
Longituqe. jf. ioiigkuae 

Loniniet. te. o. pratu Imtg 
Longueur, tf, kngtn ; sav> 

Loqufaeitef^/*. excessive talk* 

ativenessi lo^aeity 
Laque, a rag-, tatter 
Lcqaet, sm. a latch 
Loquetcau, little latch 
Loqueteux, ae. o. ragged 
Loquette, sf. iiUlebit 
Lorgaer, vo. to leer, to egk 
Lorgrterie. */. ogling 
Lorgnette, a spying-glase 
Lorgneur. ae. <• on ogltT 
Loriot, sm. loriot (a biid) 
Lort de. ad,auhe time ^ 
Lorsque r. T»Am 
J^oaange, ttf, a lozenge 
Lot, sm. lot; portion ; prize 
Loterie, sf, a louery [wash 
Lotion, sf, lotion ; medicinal 
Lotir. va. /• divide into lots 
Lotiaaage, sm. distribution 
LotiaaeBoit, dietrtbution 
Lotilseur, distributor 
UMefSf, eelpout 
LaamVie,9,a, laudtMe ; cam' 

Looablenient, ad, laudaity 
Louage, «Mu hire ; rent 
Louange sf, praise 
Lomnga, va. to trumpet ; 

cry up \ flatterer 

tMmnjs&UySnu panegyrist ; 
Loudics 8. a. squint-eyed; 

Ijoucher, vn* to squint 
iMuetiv^. to kire; *let;praioe 
Loneur, sew s, one mo lets 

out ; a^atterer 

Louis d V. « louis d'or 
IxMip, wolf ulcer, black mask 
Loup-earou, unsortable man 
Loup-warin, base (seajlsh) 
Lottp>CfrTier. a lynx 
Loupe tf, a wen, a knob *>fa 

tree; round magnifUng 

gktss ihard 

Lourd, e. a. heavy ; dull ; 
Lourdeau, de «. cm aukward 

fellow or wench 
Lounk-nHntfOc/. aukwardlu ; 

heavila {a blwtder 

Louidencf/*. a gross fault: 
liMuer, va. to unite (in niu- 

Loutie, «m. an offer 
Loan, sf, a she-wolf; slings 

of a crane 
Louvcteau, sm,wolf*s eub ; 

wedqes of iron 
Louveter, vn, to whelp 
LouTeterie, sf, wolf-hutaing 
LouTetier, ssn, the master of 

Louvidi-e, sf the haunt ff a 

lioavofcr, va. to tack about 
Louvre, xm. palace in Paris ; 

any magnificent house 
Lojal, e. a. loyal; just; 

LoralenieRt, ad, hsalbf 
hafatu^,sf, Iqyal^f, fidelity 
Loyer. sm, rent ; saktry ; re- 

Luliae, sf. crotchet, vhtn 
LttbriehC, lubricity^ lechery 
Lobrifier, va, to lubricate 
Lubrique, S. a. lecherous 
LubriqaeRieot ad. wantoedy 
Lucarne, sf. dormer^oindow 
Lutide, i.a, lucid, bright 
LucUer om, Lucifer 
Lucmtir, Te. a lucrative 
Lucve, sm. lucres gain 
Luette, sf- uvula, palate 
Luette Bbatttte,/ia&ate down 
Lueor a gUmmerrfirirU light 
Lugubre^s. o. Baleful^ saa 
Lugubrcment, ad. douffiiUy him, her ; tohinu to 
Lui*ni^ine, himself [her 
Luire. vn. to glitter, *shine 
Linsant, ^nu the gloss of a 

Ver luisant glow-worm 
LuisfDrte, of a shining stop 

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J. nmx^re. ligfit : t&uch-hole ILuzeraidre afield tcnn with 
Lumienon. *m. »nvjf of a, trefoil 

CO' til^ Lyeee, snt. lyreum 

LumiMnire. luminary, light Lymphatique, 2. a. — «ic 
jAxtuiw'xix^ s^. a, lumiriovs L)mphe sf lymph 
LuiiHire, t2. ft, lunar^ Ittnary Lynx, *m lynx 
l.ui!ai)-e, */*. lunary^ moon- Lyre, */". a lyre, of harp 
Lanaison, lunation [xvojt Lyrique, 2. a. lyric^ lyrical 
Linmttque, 2. a s lunatic 
ItmAu *m, Monday 
Luiie," moon, silver 
Lunette d'approch- perspte* 

tbor glass^ telf scope 
Limftte k fkcettes a mufti- 

plying glass ling glass 

Lunette polyddre, magnil'y- 
'Lurn-tie, merrythought 
Lunettes, itpeetaeles 
Lunettier, tm, spectaele-ma' 

Lupercalest */' Pl. "calia 
Lupin, #m lupine 
Lustral, e a every Jtflh year 
I.usti-«tion,«/ ——tion 
Lustre, «m. lufjtre; gloss, 

sconce s luttrum^i, e.Jtve 

Lustrer, va, to *give a gloss 
LustivHr, sm, a. calender 

MA^pro./. my^ mine 
Mticaron. sm, macaroon 
Mac&roni; macnrrmi 
Macarouique, 2, o. — rwiie 
Macf ration, af, —tion, morti- 

f cation 
Mac6rer,T«. to mortify^ *steep 
Mftche, */ corn-sal Ird 
M^chefer. sm, Hross of iron 
Dents mftcheliires, grinder* 
Mr chenioure, »f, biscuit^ttst 
MAchcT, va. to chew ; to claw 

it off 
MAclicur- lie* ». great rater 
Machinvelisnie,fm. duplicity, 

, spirit of drspotism 

Lustrine, sf, glossy silk-stuff" Maehiaveliste, am a crafty 

Lut, sni, 'lutCy or chemist*s 
Lut, ou Luth. a lute [clay 
Lutatiori, sf, ——Hon 
Luter, va, to lute, or cover 

-with clay 
Luth^e, a. like a lute 
Luth^ranisme, sm. —nism 
Luth^rien, ne. s. Lutheran 
Luthier, sm, a lute-maker 
Lutin, a hohgtfblin; a child 

.A/" of tricks and noise 
Xutiner, va. to plague ; to 

*make a great noise 
Lutrin, sm' a reading-desk 
Lutte, sf, vyrestling, struggle 
Lutter, vn. to x^estk, strug- 
Lutteur, sm, a xorettfer [gle 
I'Uxation, tf, disjointing 
Xuxe,«m luxury 
Lijxer,. va* to • put out of 

Se luxer, va. to luxate ; or 

*be out Bf Joint 
Luxure,' sf. lust 
Luxuriance, —ce, exuberance 
Luxurieux, se, a. lascivious ; 
, libidinous [trjcfoU 

LQaerue,*/. luttrn^^ftnish 

man^ a favourer of ty- 
Maehina), e. a. mechanical 
Machinalement, tid, merha- 
nically [contriver 

Machinateur. sm, a pUxUr ; 
Machination, sf, contri- 
vance i plot ; device 
Machine, machine ; engine ; 

Macniner, va. to devise; ma- 
chinate; hatch 
Machiniste, sm. a machinist 
MAchoire, sf. the jaw ; ch^s 
MRchonner, vn, to mutter; 

*eat slow 
Machtirer, va. to daub 
Micis, sm, mace 
MAcle, »/• water-ckesnut 
Macon, sm, a mason^ bricff 
Maconnaf^ nm«onrv [layer 
Magonner, va\ to * build ; 
wall up a door ; to* do in 
n bungling manner 
Maconnerie, sf, masonry, 

Macque. tool to *break hemp 
MjRcquQTi tls. f9 *Mah h^p 


Maerrase,{/*. sea-duck 
Macuhiture, a macle. a waxte 

sheet of printed paper 
Macule, a spot, a statn 
Maculer, va to spot- to stain 
Madame, sf. my lady, lady' 

ship, madam, mistress 
Mademoiselle, madam, tnis9 
Madrf , e. a. speckled, sly 
Madrep>re, sm. sort of tea 

petrified plant 
Madrier, a hick plant 
Madrip^l. madrigal 
Madi-igalet little madrigal 
Mtdrure, sf speckle, spots 

Mafil€, e. a. chub-cherked 
Magasin, sm, magaxine } 

coach-basket; warehouse 
Magasinage, hire of a ware- 

housi [house 

Magrasiner, va, to ftU a Toare- 
Magasinier, sm. warehouse- 
keeper, or clerk 
Marpn t! tvise man cnnong the 

Pi ri.-tjtht 

Maffjcirii, a sorcerer, conju- 
re v . [sorceress 
Mfif^-lcf'-riTie, sf. a witck s 
Mnjrij-. magic, blade ent 
Mnii-i 1.(111-, 2. a, magic, core- 

M). . sm. magism 

ML„ti.^i, country schooi. 

master ; pedant 
Mti^ntf're.mtigistery ; grand 

mastership of an orehr 
Magistral, e. a, imperious 
Mag^stnilement. ad, imperi- 
Magiftrat, sm. a magistrate 
Magistrature, sf, magistracy 
Magnaidme, 8. a. me^gnanp- 

mous [nanimousty 

Mi^gnanimement. ad, mag.. 
Magnanimity, sf, nit y j 

greatness tf mind 
>ugne Magn^se, ou Magnd- 

tie, magnesia, mineral stone 
Magn^tique, %. a, magnetic 
Magnetiser. va, to ag&ate thm 

spirits andfimey 
Magn^tisme, snu —tism 
Magnificence, sf. sitmptuouts 

iiess, state 
Magnifier va, to magnifu 
Magnlfique, 2. a.\magnlficent 
MagiiifiqiKlBiQQt) 09* fVsity 

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f^tatv ; htird; grotesque 
■ china 

Mahomftan, ne. a, 9 -^an 
Mahomgtuoie, 9tn. — (i^m 
Mai, May, May^«k 
Maj€«t6. */". majesty 
Majestueusement, od, nobly 
Majestueox^ae. a majestic 
MaieuT e* a, of age, senior 
Majeure, *f, major of a syl- 

logism [sUgbt 

Maigre, «. a. lean; thin; 
Maiipie. sm. th^ lean 
Maiipnelet te. a. ieanish 
Maigvenient, txd. poorly 
Maifpvc, te. a. lean, iMn 
Miai|npeiir« sf, Iranness^ lean 
Haiiprir. tti. to • proro lean 
Mail, «m. a ma/tef, a mall 
Maille, sf. mesh, stitch, veb 

in the ejfe ; matt ; haw 
Mailleaa, sm, sort of mallet 
HaiUer, v. to * make the 

meshes of a net ; to arm 

toUh a coat, of fpail ; 

• grow speckled s hud 
Maillet, »m, mallet 
Maillicr, chain^meUcer 
Mailloehe, sf. small toooden 


Maillon, sm, sort of ttna't 
. Msdilot, twaddling clothes 
Main, of hand; trick at 

cards ; tassel in a coach ; 

pale ; quire 
Main chaude, ha cockles 
Main lev^e, replevy 
Main morte, mortmain 
Main d'ceuTre, workmanship 
Mttn pote. a lame hand 
En on toornemain, in a trice 
Uaint, e. a, many 
Mrinc honme, fhafxs a man 
Maintefoii, adf, ofirntimes 
Muntenant, fl(f. now 
Maintenir, v. to maintain 
Se — ,'rr. to • keep vp 
Maintenn, e. a. maintained 
Maintenue. sf, a 'possession 

adjudged upon a full trial 
-Maintien, sm. maintenance ; 

Ma^or. a major 
Majordorae, a majordemo 
^\oit\t€,sf, majority, of age 
Mairc, sm. a mayor 


MMs, «m. Indian or ttrkeff 
Mais, c. but (corn 

Maison, sf, house, home, fa- 

mUy {hold 

Maison da roi, king*s nous- 
Maison de viile, town-heuse, 

— 8eirneuTiate,»w<wj#on house 

— rvligieuie, convent, mo-- 

— de cotreetjon ' bridewell 

— de sergeot, spunging house 
-* de plaisanee, country-- 

— rustique, a farm T house 
Maisonn^e ihCiWhoteJamitS^ 

^ftuisonnette,^ a small house 
Mattre« sm. a master, orcner 
Maitxv gar^on, head jour- 
Mattre d1i6tel, steward 
Maltre d'€coIe, school-maAer 

— k danser dancingmaster 
-— k cbanier* musio^notter 
Petit mattre, a f>p 

Maitre ftripon, arrant knave 
Mattre homme, a clever man 
Mattre clerc head clerk 
Mattre alibornn, a buty body 
Mattre auteJ, high altar 
Mattresse, if mistress, swcet- 
heart [womnn 

Mattresse femnie, a notable 

— pi^ce, cftief piece tpany 
Mattrise, freedom of a com- 
Mattriser, va. to domineer ; 

Majuscale, sf, capital letter 
Mai, sm evil, ill. ake, dis- 

ease ; harm ; sore ; hurt ; 

Mai d*enftat, /oftour 
Mai de mer, tea sickness 
Mai d'aventure, mischances 

Mai d(> dents, toofh-ach 

— de t^te, heati-ach 

— de Rorsje, sore throat 

— d'yeux, sore eyes 

— contagieux, f he plague 

— cadiic,/a/Kw^ stckness 
Mai, ad, badly, ill, not toell 
Maladi', 2. a, s, sick; ill', 

Matadie, sf, tkkness; dis' 

ease i fwble 
Maladif, vc- a, sickly 
MaJadreric, */r tM«ir^» 



MiaMdveaaef unMfiOnest 
MaVadroit, e. o. wtMndff 
Mal-adroit, e. s. aukumrd 

Maladroitement, ad, auk' 

Mal-aise, sf. troubles stafe 

of hardship 
Mal-ais^, e. a, difficult ; Vn- 

easji ; under msforfunes 
Mal4is6nieDt, ad: with mneh 

Mai ft propot, unseasonaXfly 

— atrntui^ if, misehaticc 
— ■ avisfe , e a. imprudent 

— Mti. e. ilMttped ; in- 

«— content, e. a. dtssartsfled' 
MAle, sm, male, rock, he ^ 
MAle s. ff. male ; manly ; 

Maleb^te, sf, a Had man 
MalMittion, a curse 
MaI6fice. sm, sorcery, witch- 
Malffici6, e. a. sickly ; fat' 

Mal^fique, 9. a. malignant 
Malencontre, sf mfsehuf 
Malencontreuseroent, ad, ttn- 

Malencontrenx,se. a. vnlucku 
Mal'enpoint, ad, at an Si 

Ma]<entendti, sm- a mistake 
Malepeste, int. udsbuddikins 
Ma Wire, sm. uneasiness 
Mal^Tole* 2. a. mnlevoleni 
Mal-fkire, vn. to * do iil 
MaMiaisant, e. o.nilschievout, 

Mal-fait, e, a, itLsnade,- or 

done ; ugly ' 
Malfaiteur, siti, malefactor 
Malfamf', e. a, defamed f/y 
Malpracieusrtii^rit," flrf. rudf 
Malpnacieiix, se. a. clownish 

aukward'; utigenteet 
Malgr6, pr, in spHc of not- 
withstanding {bred 
Mat-habile, 9. unskilful, iU- 
Mal-habilet^, sf want of 
parts ; incapacity ; ill, 
Malheur, sm» misfortune; W- 
Malheur, ad, woe to {luck 
Malheurenx, se. a. unh^U. i 

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,. Jw IJ^JSk/9 

MUheumiietaBeiit, oit tm- 
Haltionn^te. S. a. tiufeontf ; 

rudtf duhonett 
Makbohn^tement, od. c&Ao- 

nestly ; rtukly 
jMalbonn^t^, ^. rudenets; 

Ui«e« ifiaftce, r«jgrtn>A trick 

Halieieaieiiient, ad, nuiU- 

Sfaficieux, le. a, mUehkvnt* 
HUignemcDt. ad, -with an ill 

design ; nufcAievoufly 
Maligmt^, {A malice, malig- 

Mtlin, ioM. Oi nutchievMt ; 

unhtcky ; kurtfuti bad 
UtAxko, */» *fring4ides 
Marine, MeckUne laee 
Sfaliiiffiey 8. a. pining HMy 
Mal-int«nti(Kme, e. a. iltcf- 

l^ed [ungainly 

Afalitome) o, «. aulnoardi 
Mal4i^^, «m. iU^oL dterte 
jMAlk,'«^ frufiA;, fiiat/, box 
>fatt6itblo„S» a. maUeable 
Maltetieri «m. (ruiiJb«fMrXwr 
Mallette, «/*. Uttle trunk, 

MaUier^ #m. apack-htrte 
31 al>inener, va* to we ill 
Matotra, e a« «i<f ; ungainly 
Mfllotru, inu tad JHtifitl 
IM-peam^ a sloven [tvretch 

Matrropie, 8. a. tluttish ; on- 
Maliifopreinent. ai/. tlevenls 
Sltl&PM^IMet^, {/f- dirtineti 


iU imnSo 

ingi ^emive 
Matt, ««. matt 
MaHOte, {/*. ^)(»rw«4ve eiur 
MaltAtieiv ««n, ta»ffatherer 
Sfakniter, vo. tf tMt <//{ 

vronr C«^itt 

Ma1v«n«Doe, {/: iA^//; 
MiriveiUaAt, «m. malevolem 
Jtlalvenation, {^. misdemta* 



Malv«isief if. Mabnaey witie 
Htt'TOiilii, e. ff. Aotecf 
HOuman, sf, mamma 
lAMHie, r^eetheat% htney 
Ikbabelle, t^ hreaH,^ 
Mammehm, « m. a ni/^l^ 
Munmelu, e. a^full'breaaed ; 
jifamouz. iovff, <itor 
Manant. nn. a clown 
Manche, handle^ helve, haft 
— 4 bakiL hrwm'$tick 
yLutdut^ff- d'tleeve 
La Manehe, tie 'E9gHsh 

Manchette, tf. a rufftp 
Blanchon, sm, a muff 
Mancliot» e. a« maimed, lame 
Mandarin, em. a mandarine 
Manoat, mandamue^ bill 
Maddataire, a proxy 
Mandement, order, mandatt 
Mulder, va, to *torite word 
Mander qudqu\ui, to eend 

for [coat 

Mandille, tf. footmanU great 
MandoliDe, a email guitt/r 
Mudoite, mandore ; lute 
VbanAragme, mandrake 
Mandneable, 2. a. eatable 
MandacfttiaD, of. — «o»; 

Man^fie, *m, nmnaging a 

hortei riding^outei in- 
MAnes, pl,ihade\ ghoet^manee 
Mnngnble, S. a, eatable 
Mangeaille.f/'.Jfborf ; victttaU 
Mangetnre, a manger 
Manger, va* to * eat ; diet 
Mraier, «m. food, meat, eat- 

ing \tion 

Mangerie, •/ eatings exac- 
Mangeur, le. «. eater 
Mamabie, 3. a. tt^ppie ; trac- 

Maniaqae, 8» a, em, meniae, 

Manidei, tf pi* hand-fetters 
Manie, sf madneus excee- 

eivejontiness [manage 
Maniet, loa, to handles <« 
Manid, e. a. elegant (of words 

and phrases) 
Manieraent, sm. feeling j 

handlings management 
Manidre, sf, manner, \ -way ; 



Bfatnefiite, sm. erti i^ffkcted 

MiKtti<tf<Uti(m, sf. tiost 

Mitiiftttf, «. a. mkriifesl, 

Manif^e, sm, manifesta 
Muiifestement, ad, clearly 
Manife»ter, va. to dtchtre 
Sc man^rester, vr. to ^sAev 

•rifc J seff 
Manjgancei sf. sly dealingo 
MAniglaicer, va. to hrev, to 
Manille, ^. Sfanilla Iplot 
Manioc sm. tfucca root 
ManipiUe, man^fe; handful 
])fanipu1atioD, sf, —Hon 
Manique. sf o htrnd-temher 
Mani\-eau, em. a fLshAaskee 
Manivelle, {/t handle; rounee 
Manne, mahna ; voider x cra- 
dle ; basket 
Mannequin, sm. a hanger 
Manceuvren *f tackling of h 
ship; mnion ;,procemtre 
'Manceuvrer. vn, to -work a 

Maxioenrrier, sm. skiffid sett- 
man [nor 
Manoir, mansthn-house; mit- 
Manon, sf. Molljf 
Manque, «/*. want.'lttck 
Manque de, ad, for want of 
Manquement, sm. faulty il^ 
Manquement de fttrole, the 

breach ofoneU word 
Manquer, va,fail fmit* • odo 
amiss ; want; ^fall short', 
*be missinf^ 
ManianJe, */. roof of a house 
Mamu6tude, geutleneos Xv^ 
Mante, mourning manOeoK 
Mantean, tm acloaki man- 

tua s pretence 
Mantele, e. a. mantled 
Mantelett sm, mantlets et^- 
chins mantles pejuhouse 
Manteliae, sf. riding-hood 
Manuel, le, a. manual 
Manuel. Ml. o numwal 
Manneltement, ad, mamuUgi 
Manufkcture, tf. -^'ture 
Manufacturer, va, to-manu- 
facture {facturer 

Manufactozier* tnu masm- 
Manuoiisia0n.<A — **m« 
Mnusttity^ u menuscs^ 

,y Google 


MftppemoiMe, a mpp iff the 





Mft<|uerefta, rai.- a ntatkard 
ivfa^erenux. pUspoUinthe 

tegs, byjire 
Ma^ttlKnon, mujpcknf 
lAai<f\^v^fBtJ«eheg9Mp ; 

MaqUiginoiixier an cheralf 
• vfl. r^T?* a hopeefor tale 
Maquixnoimer, to piny the 
jpkrt 9ftt broker ^ Ib&at 
Maquiif^r, *m, ^ mackaret' 

Sfarais, menh ; swamp; gar*- 

alen ground 
Marais iaianst mU^pans 
Mftrasme, *m, marasmus 
Maratre, sj. a -stepmother i 

a cruel mother 
Maiand; em, rascal, viilain 
Maraadaille, sf, rascals 
^tU9»de.Jade: marauding 
Marauder, vn. to* go a ma- 
raudings or roWng 
MatMdear, sm. a mansuder 
Maia^As,— dwi -Uttie S^ 

MtttWei marble 
Mftcbrer»x>a. temarble, vein 
Marbre«ir, sm. paper^marbler 
^iarhricr, marhleJmttter 
Martwure, tf.marbfing 
Mare^ stn. eight ounces i 

husks ; grounds 
Marcaiee, sm^ tax m sea^hh 
^reasAn. young wild &oar 
Marea«iite, sfr' marcasifie 

Marchandy ^ a, mercljfanau. 

hie ; irnmSigi rmvtgabie 
Maich^nd, sth, a merchum ; 

dealer ; cht^mum ' 
MiRbaiMl en sros, a whole- 
saledett&r idealer 

MardMintf en 4i9taiL a.i-etait 
Mnthaqd lilvalK, heokseller 
Maiflhamtde sote, silkman 
Marchand de ^tej linen dra- 
per Idn^er 
Marebimd dtupier, a 'wooVen 
Marefaaode, sf. merchant's 
wi/i? t <* tramt^ woman 

le. 9, cheapen- 
ler . 
Marebanilue, «^ merekan-^ 

disc ; geodSf ware 
Marche, march ; way f step 
Maretietf^f marcheSthoUMs^ 

lifiurwi6) sm, marfoetf uetrgafii 
f- au |>ain, bread market 
— > kax herbes, herbmarket 

— aux {mules, ptftr/tr^ii-marAaef 

— an foin, hay-market 
Marchenied^ footstool} JUft- 

Mar«faet vnJfo toaOc; marchi 

* go ; rank ; * tread 
Maveher droits te*be honest, 

to behave welt 
Mfllreher, sm, gaU'$ way of 

Mjaveheiir, te- s, o roalker 
Mfucotte, sf, layer I shoot; 

MareoCter^voL to *iee shoots 
Macdi-gras, &iroveTuesday 
Msae,sj:apond; meer; pool 
Hu€tige^9Th, mdrsi^wamp 
Mar€cagea3^ «e* a. marshy ; 

sxodmpy Sshm 


Mat^c\ia.],sln,farri& ; mar- 
Mftr6c1ial ^des Ipfs^o, a quar* 

ter-m/uter ' 
Marednl tut dunpf ai^itaitt- 

nitf'ChoHt, marshkbhip 
MartfeHalerie, ff farriet- 

trade ■ • 

Marte, tide ; Ji-esh seajtsh 
Hargajat. «m. urefanivrat 
^Hegeu sf. margin 
Mai^dle, brim of a well 
Mary^nal, e. a, marginal 

Miaf^aiUis, sm. a pumte 
Margrave, margrave 
Itlai^nmat, margravitae 
Mariii^nte; *fmsy; pearl 
Mammlene, churekfoarden- 

sf^ . Iwarden 

Matguiliier, »m^ a church- 
Man, a husband, spouse 
Mariable, 2. a. marriageabk 
Mariag*} *»», nwriggetwed^ 

(9^* ; porthn 

Marier,-ra to marry ; mil 
8e toam^vr.U marry 
MurieuTj te. s, matchfUaket 
liarin, e. a. belot^r^ to the 
Marin, sm. a seatnan Tsea 
>brinade,«/. pickle 
Maiinet navy ; PaolgV(iot{ i, 

marine; sea tyfrnrstpeaehi 

Mariner, viu topiekle ; some 
Marinfsonin, sm. a niiuklf9^ 
Marinfeiv mariner, seaman 
Mau9laine,V^ marjoram 
Marjolet, Hn. a fop 
Manon, sf. Pof^ C»*>llMiL 
Marionette, apupfiet; a UttU 
Maxital, e. & matrimonial 
Maritelemoit, tkUUkta km* 

Miritime, 3. a. maritime 
Mariume, sf a clumsy iM^ 

Marie, &e, vid. Iftma 
Manaaille, »f. brats 
Macmelade, marmelade^ je^. 

lyoTfi-uHts ■"^«* 

— i- boil mamentam, nm 

ornamental trees ikeulti 
Marmite, tf. porridgepot^ 
Marmiteux, se. «, whining 
tiarmitott, km. a scullion 
MarmoDiitr, v, to mutter 
Marmot, sms, a kind rftMss- 

key ; aptmet ; a brat - 
Marmotte. sf. moufitidihrat 
M.vmtiiter,ifa. to mutter 
Blarinoaaet,^ m.^ a grot^qpu^ 

Jtgute ; marmoset 
Mame, sf. marl 
Muner, vn*to, marl 
Mami^re, sf. mar I pit 
Marodque, %, a. Hudihras6Se 
Marotte, sf. whim ; hohbu- 

horse ; fooPs bauble rby 
Maroufle, sm. scoundrel, aoo* 
Maraoe, {/*. mark ; token { 

print ; mole, spit $ note | 

proof; sign 

*igrufy ; •#»fe ^4 
Marqueter, to smcklei *nky 
MarqiKseriie, sf.. inlaid mrA 
Marqneor, se. «. a marker 
Marquia, «m. a mar^uM 
M vquisat, marqwsate 
Marquke^ sf. marctjfOtteHil 

^MT a t€jft 

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MaTr9a]ie»/i^odi9«<A«r . 
Mam. e. a. torryt concerned 
Marron, m. Idr^e chesnut; 

buckle <if fMtri rukng 

vtig Itoxi, a run-Qway 

ttave; a toork printed 

ctartdestinely s . *<"■< 'if 

CTflcAcii - • . 
MarronMnJe, harte-chesnut 
Marronlier, va, to curl in 

great curls [fret 

Marronnieryrm. large chemut 
Mai'i^onUier delude, horte- 

Bfarronnier, o iledge^rtver 

on the Alps 
•mnwl^f^n,Turke1t^ Spavish, 
• Russia^ Morocco leather 
Jdaitoqaluer. va, to counter- 

feU Turkey leathery &c 
Manw»iiM;ri<^..*/. ,<»';« ^ 

making the above leatner 
Jfcirroiiuinier. sfh, Turkey 

leather maker . 
Mairs, Mvrch ; Mara 
Manouin, porpoise, seo-hog 
TOktvugon, mounlain-lUy 
2farteau, hammet , knocker 
Martelt uneasiness . 
Martelage, mark set on trees 

reserved for ship-building 
Mart61ees, \(/: pi: dung of 

faHow^deer '^ 
>Iarteler; va. to hammer ; 

'* vex 
Martelet, sm, littlt hammer 
, Martel^tir, fomman in a 

forge . , Uike 

S&irtial, c. fl. martial, tvar- 
Martin «ec, sm,. stony kind of 

Martin, or marUnet-p^cb^ur, 

Matting, fa tandUstick; 

a tnill hanrmeri a cat 

o*nine tails; a kind of 

■ iwatloto 

Mi«rtnigale««/*- martingale 
Martre, marfien, marten-skin 
Martre zibeline, a table 
Maityr, e. s, a martyr 
Martyre. sm, martyrdom i 

MartyrisCT, vw. to torture 
Martyrologe. sm'* — Iwy 
Marty rologtste,^ -^ogtgt 
Mascarade, sf. masquerade 
Mai«u3ct, f m. eddy of wdttr 


MlMftran, agr^tesgue M 
Masculin, e. a. maseuUne, 

male ■ • Iness 

MasCuUnit^, sf, mascubnc 
Maaiiue» snr. a mask ; a 

masquerader ; sf an ugly 

Masqat, e. a. masked; coun- 

terfeii ; dissembling 
Masquer, va. to * mask; u 

Se -r, vr, to put a mask on 
Massacre, sm, massacre ; 

Massacrer, va, mauaere f 

Massacreur, sm, bungler j 

Masse, «/. mass;Hock;maaet | 

mace; bullion i club 
Mj^ssepain, sm, mqrch-pawe 
Masser,'ra. to stake 
Massicot, sm, masticot; yeU 

low colour 
MiAsier, mact-bearer [dull 
Massitl ve. a, ntassy ; heavy ; 
Massif, sm, masonry work 
AlasiLvemeot, ad, heavily i 

Massue, *f.a club ; maee 
Mastic, «m- mqitich 
Mastication, if chewing 
Mastitatoiie, sm» -r^ory 
Mastiquer, va, to cement 

with mastica 
Masulipatan, em^fne Indian, 

Masure, sf Uie ruins of a 

house ; a fialtry house 
Mat, te. a, unwrought ; heavy 
Eohec et utat, c/ieek-n»ate 
M&t, sm, a mast 
Matador, matador [lu 

MtLtBimoK,Drawcemtir ; bul- 
Matelas. mattress i wad 
Matelasser, va. to quilt ; wad 
Mattdassier, sm, quilt maker 
MsiieXiA, sailor ; consort-ship 

Matelotagi:, a stdlor^spay 
"latelote, sf huchbotch aj 
several sorts offih 

Mater, va. to n»ate ; subdue ; 

MAter. va, to mast 
Mat^fiaUsibe, sm, "Usm 
Mat^rialiste, —^ist 
Mat£rialit6, sf •'~-,4Uy 
Mat^rlans, tnupL materiale 

' lumpish ; dull ; heavy 
Mat6rietlenent, ad, -^rusUy 
MatemeMe. a. moferna/ Zlg 
MatemellemeDt, ad, mother' 
Maiemite, sf '—"nity, mm- 

Matetir, enu a mast^makfir 
Matb^maticien, — -€xrtan 
Math6matiquet, sf, pL '-tice 
Math6roatique, 2, a, —cal 
Math^matiqueaient, ad, 

Matidie, */. matter, subfect 
Matin, snu&ad. m»mis»g 
MAtin, a mastiff if^^ 
Matinal, e. a. an early riser- 
MAtine, sf a she maadff 
Mfttineau, sm, a little mast^ 
Matinee, </*• forenoon 
MAtiner, va. to abuse 
Matiues, {/*. pi, matins 
Matineux, te- a, early riser 
Matois, e. a. s,, cunnfttg ; 

sharp ; a sharper 
Matoiserie, sf cunning trkk 
Matoa, sm, a he-cOL 
MAtrta^ a matrass: vial 
Matricaire, sf. mether^taert 
Matrice, matrix i wmtb i 

Matriculaire, sm, metrieulate 
Matricale, sf—cular register 
MatrimoBuM, e. a, ^nial 
Matroiie, «/*. matron, lady 
, Mattir, to* makf unpoUehed 
Mature, sf, mastiogt masts 

of a ship 
Matuiitfi, ripeness 
Maudite, va. to • curse 
MaudissoDy sm, a curse 
Maudit, e. a, s, cursed^ ac- 
Maugr^er, • curse 
Maure, vui. More, &e. 
Mausol6e, sm, mausoleum^ 

tomb Oy 

Maussade, 2. a,sl9veniy, clum- 
Maussadenient» ad, aastUy 
Maussaderie, n. sloveniineu 
Mauvais, e. a. bad, evU^ iU 
Mauvius, sm, bad 
Maavais, ad. bad, ill 
Mauve, sf maUeme 
Mauviette, a kind of lark 
Mauvii, sm. mavis ; thrvsh 
Maux, evils, pi* otmai 

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ManiwHiBi, Ml. the MghtH 

P9irUi gntUH price 
MiuEette, tf, a tit i a nnice 

Me, pro, me; tow€ 
M^ctaammeniy <k2. wickedly 
MeehanceU, «f. vnehednett, 

tricked octkon 
M^chaaicaeiH enu mechatUe 
MfectMinuiiMi, «^ mechanic* 
M^clMoique, 3U a. mec^Air; 

MfeehukiquemeBt, mf. — n^ 

crvtfy; eurdUUjf 

M^cbMiitiuig, #m. u ttm 

Mechaaty e. a •mcked^ bod^ 

Me«lie, 9f. wiski match i 

M««hef, «ifi. mi*tA«ace(okl) 

wjf Av/^Mrfi9fl|^ AnMftontf 

Se Bo^sooiptpjrr «f . f mU' 

reckon [py 

MecoBHim, #m> jKjee ^f P^ 

M£«oaaoinftt^ S. a. rue to 

M^ooBiMiMUioe, {^ ingram^ 

tude fjul 

M£cumiKMUt,«> a. unthank' 
M6eoiiiiottrei va. to *forgeti 

not t» *knom ; to aitown 
9e — , vr, tofnget one** *df 
Mecoateq^ e. a. di**ati*fied 
M^oontentement, *nu diiioti' 

M^eooteirtery wf, todi*plea*e 
M^«rauit; em, a miecreant, 

a vi/4it%an ir{fidel 
Mecroice, va. to ditbeUeve 
M^dMlHer. em, cabinet of 

medale [guary 

UMeuBiMte, medalUet, an^ 
M^daillom a medalHon 
M^deeiii. aphyrieian 
M6dfe««ii^ *ft phyeiCf purge 
M6deeiiKC, va. t06h9*ic 
M6diaue, 4/. metSan vein 
M^diftnocM, em, midnight 

M6&it e. 0. m^sdMitff 
M6diiitenMyt,.fMi 6y m«an« 
M^^Mtieiir, «m« a mediator 
M^distfon* {/*• mrd&uton 

fnM0(ctfie icai 

MMieamentaue, ^ a ^AyM* 
Mfidiciuiwptar, va. tophyek 
MfedHMtmcBtew, ae. a, me^ 

Medicinal, e a, medicinal 
M6dioev», i. a. middlings 

moda^tte Zrently^ *o *o 
Mediocreraeat^ ad. indtjffh' 
MMiocrit^, *f. medtocnty^ 

MMire, va. to •epeak eoU ; 

rails reviles *umder 
M^ittiee» tf, evil speaking 
M6duiiut, «» a, e,evihpeaker^ 

elanderer s *landenng 
M6diiati(^ lift* a. < * i»e 
Meditation, 4f. 
M6dtitt, vo. to 

Mgdiain, mi. fncdbim, 

MedulkiiretS.a. medullar 
M6fUce« vn. to Hniedo 
M6ftav ^m. misdeed Icion 
Mi^fianoe, {/^ ndftru*t^*u*p*- 
Mi&fiam, e. a. mittrustful 
Se m^fier. vr. to mivfritft 
Megdve, </ ftMrr «coM, #AfVif 
Meiie^ fawifv •/* « ^^» 

Megimer, *m. • tawer 
M61aaeoUc,*/ mekmchUy s 

*adnu9 Icholy 

M«laiiOQUqu«« 2. a, *, mdan- 
M^laneoKquemeDt, ad. roUh 

melancholy ileu 

Melange, *m. mixture, med- 
'yk&ku^;pa tomingle^bltnd 
M#las>e, *f, molaeoe* 
M«i4e, the thick ofafghts 

pray, or dtbate 
Midler, va,. to mix, blend s 

— one aeirare, epeU a lock 
Se mftler de, to meddle, to 

*beeonctmedm . 
M6lis9e, 4/. balm, mint 
M61odie, melody 
M^lodieusement, ad, melfi- 

M^lodieux, K. meladioiu 
Melon, em, a melon lien* 
""' — ^» enej9li9^e\l9me' 

MEN 19^ 

Mdonnidre, ^f. a meUnitHl 
MembouM membrane 
Membianeaz, ot. «• men^ 

Membre, *m, member, Umb 4 
Joint} moulding 
Meiiibru« e. a. *tout 
Membviue, tf. a panned 

*quare ; cord far mea*w> 

M6ine, 3. a. *ame i *e^fs U*eif 
M6me| ad, even, verys al*o 
Mfrmeneut, Itkewiee 
Memento, em, a memento 
M6nioire, *f memory 
Mtmoiic, *m. nmmonmdum ; 

notes bill 
Memoires. * memoir* 
M£morable» S. 0. memorabU 
Memoimtii; ve. a. remember- 
ing lwd*te-biok 
Memorial, em, memorial ; a 
M^morialiMe, ^— 4irt 
M^naipaut.-e. a. threatening 
Menaot; of threat 
Menaeer,va. to threatens hmff 
Meoaoeur. em. threaener 
M£iiBde. *f a bacchanal 
M^ntkf^ *m housekeepings 

houerhoid, famUy ; goo^t 

MeiMi^ement, em. regatdf 

conducts diecretion 
M6iiafFi'r va. to hutbands 

mattages *he ttnder ofg 

proi-urr , cotarive ; condStci 
Se mbftagef, vr. to *make 

much of one** *e\fs to *keip 

fair with 
ii^nofset, e. *- thrytys houee 

M^nag^re, *f. houtemitt^ 

houoe-kdper g ca*e for 

Mino^f,place for keeping 

foreign btrite and beast* ^ 

a poultry yard 
Mendicite,^/; beggarg 
Meudier, va tobfg 
Mcne^, '/•' underhand dfi> 

vice s plot 
Mener, va, to, *lead ; *drive 

heads amuec, carry; ^bring 
M^nfitrier, *m^ a fiddler 
Meueur, geutleman'Uther g 

partner, dr ver 
Mg^a^ 4 minion ; tittendant . 

Digitized by CjOoQ IC 



MeiM>tte,{^ a Uttk hand 
MenotKs, pr. tMndenffk 
Meme. tf income^ tt^ 
Meosole, keif Hone ^a vault 
MenMBXe, tm^teet ilkuion 
MeaioDgee,e.«. Hlusory^faUe 
Menstruel) le. «. menstrttal 
Menstnie, em, mettHrutim 
Memtraes, f,phinen*e9 
Metistreux, ae. a, ritenttruou* 
lientai, e, «. mental 
Mentaleoent, «M& menPitilff 
Meuterie, if. ajfd^ a Se 
Mekitein', ae. a. #. lifi^ ; liar 
Meuthe, jf, mint 
Mcntimi. mentt^n; pamfitg 
Mentkmner, va, to metttitm 
Mentir, vn* to Vk, fa Jib 
Mentoo, tm* tk^ chin 
Mentonpi^reT «f. ckiti-cloth 
Menu^ a.eiender^eninlljffdn 
Menu boii.^MMtMMtf; hav^ 
Menus pteisiTs. ptivu pane 
Menas Droits, hoantr*jee» 

Seuu peuple, vu^r, tnoA 
enus grains* »af«, terfey, 

Menne ntonnoie, eepper- 

Menu, »m. ftif/ of fare, till 

of parcel* ; smm -linen 
Mentiet, a minuef 
1klenuis«r, va, to iwir* i/j 

IMenuiaerie, tf, joinery 
Menuiiier, «m.jf\rin«r 
9e m^prendreyvr.f * 'mheoAe 
M^priSf *»!•• contempt^ scorn 
Mepria, e. a- mistaken 
lil^priflRMe, % a. cmAmij^MH- 
M^priaablement, ad. eon 

Mepnatnt, e. a. dinhinjut 
Mfiprue, {/*. a tRMte^, 
* blunder 

M^priaer, t>«. to ^mtsttOee 
Met. ^. tie sea 
lUereenRire, t. o. f. in»w> 

nary i^an hireling 
MeraeiunTeRieHt, m* fntfrfip* 

Mereerie, j/1 mefctiy 
Metoerot, sm.pedlatt hawker 
Merci, sf. mercjf;ptty}potaer 
Mercier, e. «• a haberdasher^ 

mercer „-,._. 

I Bfereiirimte, sf, a rtpHmtnkd 
Mercuriel, le mti^euriai 
Mdre« sf, mother^ 4»n • 
MSridien, em. the meridian 
M^riUcnytto^ ^ikmeridkm • 
M^ridienne, sf. ni^ aftfr 

liieTidioiHil,«i a. sostl^erty 
MMse, sf, tart kind of cherry 
M^risier, sm, tm'M cherry 

M6rite, merit, deserit w&rth 
M6rtter, t*. f deserves pr^ 

Mi^ntoHncy %• a* merftofious 

McIttOtrGflMflftf iWi ■ ' " ip^ 

Mertan, sm. a whbime 
Merles biaek*ini 
Ur fis merle) a <futinihg 

MeilessCi sf* ww vhwmmAivv 
Merlet, *m. kan/ement 
Meiiettef #/*. a i»Mr/«( ' 
Merlin, sm, eonfuret* 
Merluehe, tf. sfoek^Mt 
Mermin, sm, sMp^fmder 
Merreilte, sf, tvonder^ m(ir* 

vel ZdfrfktOy 

MerfeilleUMMiiif ad, mon- 
Mervetltein, «e. a powder- 

fulf strangtt admfrahtt 
MerveilleiBc, sm, nmrvHkfve 
Ue»,pro. pi my 
M6saiae, sm, trauMe * 
M^llnmee, 4f, -marrying 

beneath one"** self 
MftaftlBer. M. f » undUfmanh 
Se m6aaHi<ff. vr, to mm r y 

bcloTo one's se^ 
M^aanee, tf tt tonuft 
M^sftmveir, W». to •come to 

any harm ; fo sueeeediU 
'M^y^vaxk'sf, misckome 
M£adamea,/iA ladies 
McaentfifV, 4waiViie*enftfrif 
Mftaeutfinque, «. a. — teHe 
M4ae«ti)iier, m. <• dbr<;fc»-if, 

f o undervalue 
M^ainteUi)?enee, ^ «»i<n/ft- 

M^ff rir, tw. to •unOer^rid 

Me«quin, sm, niggardly man 

Mesquine, {/*. niggdrmyxpc 

Me«s4[«r, e» # messenger ; a 
carrier^ apen h^p wa i w wa 
Meaasgerie, «/; tA« piHi^honK 
Mcaaosiicef atiactfif nt. y 

MeMeigiieQn;«v»ijM.myl«rd> , 
MGflaeoii'f Vti, Mr f# strit 

Metaier, Keeper ^f^oineyardi 
H^nisvixt, gentlemen, sirs I 
Menire, rt«fe iif A«M«ttr, «tr 
" wdec- - - 

MesmaMe, li s. mawri/ ryt ftfe 
MekunigCj-«*n. mta^isr vrn e nt 
Bleture, sf measutt, tfme, 

si^Bf nMtre' • 
Meaute, e< o> cliTUtiiJlMef 
Mteauretitia. tomeaittnf, /» 

ik«i|f A, fprsporHaii 
Se fneaflteir wpgci fia' enter 

Mfasquin, e. a. m 
Bfesquiodnest). a< 


Meiureur, «iH» -MiAtvrer, 

M£a«er, tW. M mlttue, •»«« 
Mea*vtnidre, «#.«» *»eaa9t 

derprict ' • 
Mii9.«Mtet sff Hit wM- farx 
Mfcmirie, a/orm 
Weial, 4in.'fifctB* 
MetAUiqae,4;ii,— fie 
MCtftthiegfe, tf. netaitur^ 
9Cb tsl iQi^atet tm> metatlitt 

MetatiawtplioiCt'^ tkik^ fa wift 

Se —V v^. <»<rar Me/ »» w eitf'j 

M^uphirfe, yf. -^^fear 
M^ph«iHque, «• o. •*-rfcirf 
Metaphoriqtieineiie, «A mf- 

taphericdlly - 

M^taphyaicien, r j U n 
M^taphyiiqtte, «/i ^tAre 
M^taphysiqiie, a. A. - * 

Mecauli} ii<|ueuamCf wi« ■ i»* j 

MctayeT) fiR* afatiditr 
Mecaveve^ #^' cyuirtMW i wt/c* , 
M6teil, ^m, meWiit ; VrwR 
M6temp«yelMae, V^ - ' 
M^tftorer ♦"*• » **"' 
M^t^orolcigie, ^^ - ^. 
M6te oroi<>Ki4vet %» th * 

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M^thodiqaenient, fld. — t«/«|f 
Mfthodiite, gnu, metfutdut 
Mhiier, trade ; loom; /rami 

Metif«», sf pU harvett-ttmi 
Metivver, e. ua reaper 

Metriqiie»a«« --irMa/ 
Metroinane, . #/*. a vialetu 
desire of making vertt* 

cc/y, imtMnemrch 

Mets, #ii>, m«r^ s dwA 
Meltable. S. «. wearable; 

pofoblie C^ 

Metteur en ceiivrc^ ttane-tet- 
Mettrr. lea- <• *^w'* **«*» ^^V 
Meuble, 4io>. imucMldgwiin 

M e«bie, «« #- nt^veabla 
Meubler»v<i, t^fyrnuh 
Mevendre, fo * underttU 
M6>'ente« ^- uwUrwlUng 
Meii^teiDcnt <sm WUovung 
Meug^ler, «i». t« ^«w* te//«w 
Meitfe, «/;.mi//-^«n«,irrin^ 

M«ule de foio. a Asi/r«cA; 
Meule de paille, stack of 
ttraw Liicad 

Meulei. burr of a aeerU 
MeiiU^ miiktwe quarry 
Mfunier em. miller ipellard 
Meoni^W, */, mUlerU wife 
Untm^eaa. murder 
Meurtrier» e. fl. murdertve 
Meurtrier, «» *. « murderer 
Meeito^ite, sf. aUsp hole 
)Mrtri^ rjiui9 bruue 
Meu^triMure. #/• a bruite 
Meute^^McA of hounds 
Mesz»^t»y 4m» tnCKXofin- 
Mi, haif^ middle Uo 

Mi^cardine. mUt-ietft [gust 
M'di«liim> e. a. mewing 
MiauleiDCMC, tn mennhrvf 
Miauler* t>ji« to meiVf ~ 

IMe, sf, manehet^ loaf 
Micmae,«m. in<r^ttf»>M 


Mieromitre, micrometer 
Miecoicope^ mkroscrtpe^ 

magnfyt\g glass 
Microscopique i.a.-'Pic 
Midi, sm» noon^ south 
Mi& sf. a crumb ; nursfi 
ma^snh honeu 
Mielat. honef-dew 
Mielku* K. a luscious 
Mien,iie.^rQ- mine, my ot 
Miette. tfl ^<<<(^ crumb, lit' 

tie bit 
Mi^uge, {.a. unli^ky^ roguish 
Midvreri*, «/I a prank 
Mienx, .oe/. 6e&er, rof Aer, 

Ae«f [delicats 

Mafi:fiaid, e, c i»r<r.'tj/, /mV*, 
Mignntderoeot, ad. nicely^ 

tenderly . 
Migoorder, wi. to cocker; 

tofondte \fatures 

Mii?iiAidue» #f delicacy of 
MigTWcdiae, CAina />r7I^' 
MisiuirdiKs, /»/. beauties; 

delicacy offeaUtres j #f i//^ ; 

Mif»nons ne- a. delicate. preUy 
Miraon. ne, s. a. darlings a 
. Javourttr. 

Mignonnt-nienf, ad. delicate- 
ly^ curiously 
MigiMnneite, ^f. minionMle 
Mignouer. va, fo fondle 
Mlgiaiiie, sf nKgrim ; hcad- 

Migration, —tien^hassoge 
Mijaurce» affected -woman 
Mij^a(ec» va. to boii gently ; 

t4A fondle, pamper 
MU^jm mHiet 
Milan, a kite, gurnard 
Milice, sf, militia, soldiery 
MiHcieo^xai. miUtio^nun 
Milieu, middle, medium, i 

Militaire, /*. a. «. military 
Militairednent* od, —tartly 
MiUtante, 2. a. militant 
Mititer, vn. to militate 
MUlet ou wilf #m. thousand; 

a mile 
MiilefeuiUe^V^ mt^/; }|<i«e- 

MiUe-tbb« ad, often 
MMenttre, B. «. «. mi//enary 
MUl^ane, «m. Me date of 




LWaire, S. a. miliary 
nniar, nn. thousand mU^ 
Miliiiuie, sf. vorld, thoit 

sanits qf thousands 
Milli^ine, 2. o. thousandth 
MUUer, sm. a thousand « 
Million, a million 
Milliouaive. a very rich man^ 
Milord, a lord Qa Crasut 
Mime, farce; bi{ffoon 
MinSKe, measuring jf corn 

by the mine ;fee t&reqf 
^finaiider, vs. to prim it 
Minauderie, sf, primming 
Minaud;er, ^ #. a pi'int man 
ov woman LsmalJ^ 

MinSe S. a, thin, slender, 
Minetf/*. a mien ; hreunco | 

<Afw ; looks I niine ; ore 
—— de plomb, black-lead 
Miaer, va. to undermine^ 

prey on 
Minora), jm. aniineral; M» 
MinSral, e. o. mineral 
Mini talogie^ */• —'•^y 

MiiiSrfllo^ste, sm. iogisf 

MinenOague, mineralist 
Minerve, */'. Minerva 
MineC, te* tpfttUt kitten 
Miueur, sm. a miner 
Mineur, e. a. s, minor ^ under 
age [painter 

Mimateur, sm. miniature 
MimMure,^/: miniature 
MTiiiatumtet sm, miniature 
Miniitc, tf. mine [painter- 
Minime, sm. sort ^ monk ^ 

duu colour 
MinUt^re, tffice ; agenfjl ; mi- 
nistry; ministers 
MimstericUle. a. —terinl 
Miqistre, sm, ministerjtarsim 
Minium, minium ; red paint 
Minois, look, face 
Minon, « pust^ kitten 
Minorit6, sf. —rity^ non-age 
Minot, sm. half a mine, mea- 
Minouure, minotaurtu 
Miniiit, midnight 
Minuscule, sf, smedl letter 
Minute, mtflf</« ,' nnaUwrit^ 

Minuter, va. to • make a 

rough draught ; to propose 

m»ViU9,sf, tryfe, minuteness 

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dividttt into 

iMuratieiiz, le. a 



Miqaelet, mt. banditti 
Miquelot, a young begging 

Mirahelle, «/. a sort of plum 
Sfiracle, *m, miracU, wonder 
Mir4cult^8eroeiit, ad, won- 

derfuUy. miraculously 
JMincnlem, le a mime 

Uiiis^ wonderful 
IMiraudf r. va» to gaxe 
Hire, sf aim of a gun 
Mirer vn to aim ; look at 
8e mirer, vr to •mew one*« 
. self in a glass 
Mirmidon, «m. conceited Ht' 

tie man 
Miroir loehng'glasSj mirror 
Miruiterie, sf lookingiflais 

Hiroitier, sm, a looking'glas* 

seller or maker 
Mroton, #m. kind of hashed 

Huaine, sf. fsremast ; fore- 

Misanthrope, s, misanthrope^ 

Sfiaanthropie, sf, -^thr^y 
Miacellanee, sm, miseetlany 
Mtscible, S. a. miseibk 
:^Gse, sf, disbursement ; cur- 
Miserable, S. a. miserable ; 

vficked g tporthless 
Mis^raMement. ad, — d/y 
Mis^re, sf, misery, calamity 
Miserly #m. the fvristing of 
' the guts : moment 
Mis^Tteoide, sf, merejf. pity 
Hisericorde, int, bless me ! 
Mii^rioordieaieineiit, ad, 

Mia^rioordieux we, a. 

passionate^ merciful 
Hissel, sm, mass-bo^ 
ISUtdon, sf, mission 
Misrionnaire, sm. missionary 
Missive, a. (lettre) sf. epistle 
Mitaine, sf, a mitten 
Mite, a mite ; cheese^ite 
Mithridate, snu mUhridate 
MitiK^tum, sf, '-Uon ; abate- 

]|^ger, va, to mitigate 
mlQ/h sm» furred gme 


\ V. to * la MMk 


— queiquHm, to humour one 

— une afiaire to * let a bu- 
siness ripen ' 

Mitoyen., ne. a. middle 
Mur-mitoyen, partlHrn-totdl 
MitraiUe, sf irot,, or brass 

vatire ; case shot 
Mitre, tf, mare ; bawble 
Mitr^, e. a, mitred 
Mliron. sm, jottrneymttn 

^xie, 3. a, mixed, rriixt 
Mixte, sm a mzjrt body 
Mittion. sf mixture 
Mixtionner, va. to * mix 
Mobile, !. a moveable,Jkkle 
Mobile, snu mobile or mover 
Mobilier, e a moveable 
Mobilito, sf, -^iiy, 

Moca, sm, best eafflee 
Mode sf mode, fashion, toay 
Mode, sm, modaHty ; modU" 

lotion ; mood 
Module sm, model 
Modeler, va. to model 
Mod^rateur, sm. a president 
Mod^ratiOD, sf, moderation ; 

abatement Ibated 

Mod^r^, c a, moderate ; o- 
Mod^r^ment, ad, soberly 
Mod6rer, va. to moderate ; 

repress ; dbate, lessen 
Se moderer, vr, to refrain 

one^s self 
Modeme, 2. a, m^odem 
Maiemta^sm. pUhe modems 
Modette. >• a. modest ; grave 
Modestement, ad. modestly 
Modestie,t/. modesty 
Modieit4, smallness 
Modificatif, sm, -Hve 
Modification, sf, tion, U 

Modifier, va. to modify 
Modillon, sm, tnodUlon, 

bracket [smalt 

Modique, 8. a, moderate, 
Modiqnement, «r 

Modalation, sf. — — <<en 
Module, snu a model, module 
Mocflle, sf, marrowmpith 
Mbeileax, se. a. fuU of mar- 
row ; pithy ; substantial 
M oel^Ot *m* rmtgk itoneo 

Mttnriy sf, pi, 9iMNiwr#,<i0qp# 
MohatA.2.a usurary 
MoifPro, me, I 
^Sohmttac, myself 
Moinioii, snu stump 
MoinaiUe sf the 

(term y contempt) 
Moindre, 2.0 less^ least 
Moine, sm, a monk, fHar ; 

wooden wKnUng-ptm 
Moineau. a sparrow 
Moinerie, sf, monkery 
Moinesse, nun, by wary of 

Bloniillon. sm a petty nunik, 

by contempt 
Momo, ad tees, eax^t, but 
Moim sm, the least 
A mains gne, e, imiet* 
Moire, sf^ mohair 
Moir6, e. a. clouded, watered 
MoiS} sm. a month 
Moisi, mouldy hoaristeos 
Moisir. va, to mould \da 
Se moisir, vr. to ^growmmi- 
Mmsiflsnie, sf, nwuidineso 
Moissine. a branch fuU of 

Moisson, harvest, crop 
Moissonner, va,to * teqp^ to 

make the harvest 
Moissonilear, se. «. «r reaper 
Moice, 8. a, moist, damp 
Moitear, sf. moatneeo^ moiS; 

MtM»€, half, moiety 
Mol, le. vid. Moo 
Molaire, 8. a, dents moiaiRs, 

Mdle, sm, a mole, a pier 
Mdle, sm, a mooik^aUf, kind 

of abortion 
UoiHnle, particle 
Molester, va, to molest, * vex 
Molets. sm, pL 

grounds, bugs 
M!olette, sj, a rowel 

spur; pttinlerU — 

Moti^re, quagmire $ mill' 

stone quarry 
Mollasse^ 8. a, Jlabby,Jlim*y 
MoUe, a, f, vid, Maa 
Mollement. ad, s^ly, faint* 

/v, effeminately 
Molletse, ^ sifineoo, ssff^niig 

naey, easiness 



»«..,«i, «m. the calf tf - the 
Her, short fringe ; nipper; 
'MoUetoDy noan^in 
Mollifier, va. to moll^ 
Molfir. V. to*often,to •gro» 

9oft ; to flag ; staeken 
Mofy, *m. moly (apiant) 
Moment* moment, minute 
Momentaa^, 8 a. momot- 

Xlonierie, tf, mummery, hy- 

Momie, a mummy 
'Momaa^tm, bet-money 
Most, pro, my 
Moaaeal, e. a. monachaU 

Monacalemeiit, ad, like a 

Itfonacbiime, *m, monherff 
Monade, of, monad unity 
Monarebie, a monarchy 
Monardiiqiie, S. a. -^hical 
lAomrque, sm, monarch 
Monastere, monaHery 
Mnnaatiqae, 2. a mormstic 
Ifonceau, a heap 
Ifoodain, e. o< «• vorldly 

Momlaiaeinent, ad, after a 

•wordhf manner 
>foiidstmte- of, •worldlineu ; 

Monde, om, the world ; oer- 

vanto ; lompanif 
Mooder, va. to cleanse ; peel 
Mondifieatif, ve. a, #• claim- 
MoDdi6er, va, to cleanse 
Mon6uire, sm. toarden of 

the mint 
Moimde, sf, a nun . 
Moniteur, sm, monitor 
Sfomtion, sf, -^tton^ tvarn- 

MoDitoare, 2. a. monitorjf 
Momioie, sf. money^ coin, 

mint, change 
Monnoyage, sm, coining 
Moopoyer, va. to coin^ 

* stamp 
Monnoyeur, sm, a coiner 
IMoiwchordet monochord 
Monocolaire, 3. a. one-eyed 
>fonogramme, sm, mono- 


MiliM^le, sm, "ly ; 
Monopolar, va, to monspoUaee 
Monopoleur, sm. mositAolist 
Monosyllabe. monosyltabk 
Monosyllafaique, 3. a.— dice/ 
Monotone, 3. a. -^nons 
Monotonie, {/*. monotony 
Moni, sir (scornfully) 
Monseiipaair, sm, my lord 
Monueur, sir, master j mon- 

Momtre^ a monster 
MonstrutiOKment, ad. prodi- 

Monstrueux.«e.0. monstrous 
Monstraosit^,^/'. mmutroiity 
Mont, sm. a. mount. Mil 
Montage, coming up 
Montaj^fnatd, e a. s, moun- 

ttuneery highUmder 
Montague. {/- mounteun, hill 
Montagneux. w. a, nioun- 

tainous, hilly 
Montant, sm, the upright in 

abuildiM; total ; /lowing 
Mont^e sf, staircase, step, 

Monter v, to * go or* come 

up. ^rise, ascend^ *getup\ 

to *fhf up 
Se monter, to amount^ *come 

Monticule, «m. little moun- 

Mont-joie St. Denis, the an- 
cient cry of %car of the 

French ; also, the first king 

at arms 
Montoir, ajossing block 
Montre, sf a watch, sample, 

muster ^ shew 

— k r^ii^titton, a rtpeater 
x^d'orgaes outside of an 

Montier, va, to *shew, *teach 

— les dents k quelqa'un, to 
resist one 

— ses talons, to * run away 
Montueux,ae. a, mountainous 
Monture, sf. a beast for a 

toddle; stock; frame 
Monument, sm, a monument 
Se moquerde, vr. to lavgh 

at, ridicule^ scorn, jeer 
Moooerie, sf, mockery^ fool' 

ish thing 
Vjifinexxe, mockadoes i yarn 



^ ,iej*. modboJcAcT 

Moqueur, se. a, jeering jc^ 

Morailles, of* pi, horm bat* 

Moiaillon, sm, eiatp of a 

Moral, e. a, moral 
Morale,*/, morality 
Moxalement, ad, m^rallyi 

Muraliser, v, to moraUst 
Moialueur. sm, a moraiser 
Moialiste, moralist 
MoEaKt6, sf, moralityi noral 
Morbide, S. a% morbid 
Morfaiftque, t. a. morb\fic 
Morbleu, iM, xounds 
Morceau, sm. bit, piece,. 


— de la souris, vemson bit 

— gras d*iuie €cku}che^' 
pope's eye 

forceler, va, caMJe, parcel 

Monlaeit6,— ^fty, eorroHve^ 

ness, acrimony tf speeeh 
Moidant, e. a, sharp, smari 
Mordant, sm, a printer^ vi- 

sorium ; twopointed nail i 

Monlicant, e. a, acrid, sharp, 

Mordiller, va. to* bite a lit- 
tle and ^en ; * carp at 
Mordor^, e. a. brownish red 

colour icarp at 

Mordre, va. *bUe: corrode; 

— JL la nappe, to like a thing 
-IzfSttSsS. to •be killed 
More, sm. a Moor 
Moreau, sort of bag to •feed 

a horse as fie* goes afong 
Morelle, sf. nightshade, morel 
Moresque, 2, a, Moorish 
Moresque, sf. morris dances 

a she Moor ; moresk work 
HoxR], sm, areirs-edge ; «n- 

wrought el^hant^s teeth 
Se morfondre, vr, to dance 

attendance, to wait in 

■vain, to * catch cold uton 

heat Iheat 

Morfondure, sf. cold upon 
Morgeline, chick-weed 
Morgue, bonchouse^ haughtg 

surly look 
Morguer, voi to kyUy^ ^dttrt 

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Moribmif e. a, in a ilflmig 

Morioiad, sm, a tawnji man 
Mohttsic, «/'^ afovny «m- 

Morile, */ m»re/, §frt ej 

muthrtm ' 
Morilon, tm, Jlne blade 

gn$e; fri oftmermU 
Morrne, *f chkhweed 
Morim, sm. tmrioa 
Mone, 9. a. OuU ; wilen 
Mon6. e. a, tipt^ blunt 
Monlfle, 9f box §h the ear 
Monsey i* o. marote 
J4onnt€^*f. tnT9$ene*t 
Mor^ ion, «in. a ertMeuse 
Mon, a Ifree bU 
Morture, sf. a biie^ bUing 
Mort, tf, aeathf deaeate 
MoR, c ff. deadf decemted 
Morte mar^, netrit^de 
Iilort,^.^ #. a dead body 
Mort attx rata, #/. rat^^ne 
Mone«au, /nv ^Mr 
Monadkile, RaiUtn rntut^ 
Moitatte m«rtue,jeint 
Monalit^, mortality ^piagne 
Moitel, le* a. i. morftrf 
Morteliement, ad. mortally 
Moite.p«yc. #/: a mldier in 

ordinary pay dufing life 
Morte-aaisoD, the dead time 

^f the year 
Mortier, em, metftar 
Mortii^re, 3. a, deadltf 
MortrAant, e. a, gneveue, ead 
Mortiflcation« ef -^^4ion } 

eries^ grirff gangrene 
Mortjfier, va, te mortify, 

* vex 
Hartne, e. a. eUlt-born 
Monoa'tre, s. a. funeral 
JAorvtCi */. a cod; Hock-Jlsh 
Morve, inot^glandero 
Morretix, se. a, *. enotty 
Mota'tque. sf. Mosaic work 
Moaeateline, mtish^oeed 
Mosqu6e, a mosque {tayir^ 
Mot, sm, vord^ note, motto, 
Mot du f(uet, a vatch-word 
Mot pojir rire, a joke, jest 
Mot a doable eotente, a pun 
Mot ft mot, -word for word 
Motet* sm, anthem ■ 
Moteor. an author, contriv- 

erf mover 


Mrtiiaa, sf. motjan, aeOan 
MMver. no^ to relaU the 

Matte, sf. elod^ turf, hii- 

ioek,p,Qt ., ^^ 

Se inottinr, vr. t» * lurk be- 

Motus^tat. busk, mum 
MoQ, sm, ligbts ff a sheep, 

as cafs meat 
MoQ, molle, a soft, metloto, 

dull; loose, sluggish 
Mondund. em a sp\, rascal 
Mouche. sf, a fly ; patch 
Mwiehe i m\A, a bee 
"Momi^agame at cards 
Moueher, va. to •blow an«V 

nose to snuff" [per 

Moacfaerole, sf, gnat^nap- 
Moucbeian* sm,gnat ; snuJT 

of a candle 
Moncheter, va, to*pink; spat 
Mouchctte, sf. a kind of join- 

er^s plane 
Moudiettet,^/. snt^ers 
Moucheture, pinldug ispeta 
Mouehenr,«m. a snt0er 
Moncboir, handkerchitf 
Mouehure de dandelle, sf, 

the snuff of a eandk 
Moudre, va. to *grind 
Muue, sf grimace Jace 
Palre la moue, ««/>•«< 
Moaette, */". sea-men; a gull 
Moufibtte, fbul air (in 

Moaflaxd, «• s» bloated fiice 
Moufle« sf. mitten; bloated 

face; pulley 
MovAer, do. to *svell the 

MduiUane, sm, anchorage 
MoaUl^fMaeliei sf. berga- 

MonilTCT, va.toToet; anchor 
Monillette,*/. slice if bread 
Mouilloir. snu spinningvessel 
MouHlore,*/. watering, wet- 

Hng islones 

Montage, sm. moulds, miU- 
Moutant, a mHler's man 
Moule, a mould, model 
Moule, sf, a muscle 
MouWe,/srnnder'# ctof 
MoQlar, va. to mouldy ^east, 



MouUu, a mill 
Moulin hyesa^vin^mUl 
Moulin 4 can, Tiwfqrwirt 

Mcnlin 4 ya^,apapemfsssB. 
Moulin 4 ca V^, e^fiernuU 
Moulin k lkiialon,futiinganiR 
MoaJin 4 cotan, acatta»mMl 
Moulin kdtMst.mmit'mUl 
Moulin k jiler, grindiag'SaiU 
MlDuiin 4 wHn,Jttnnit»M*miM 
Moulin ft net, a miU SomH on 

a boat or vessel 
Moulin 4 brai, hamUmiU 
Moullnage,nn the bat drese- 

Bois DiouUne, fottem mood 


mill. tumHile, chocoiate'- 

mHl, milled money 
Moultf ad. muckf wry much 
Moulutet sf, m moulmstg 
l^foumm, e. a. dgingipala 
Mouvant, sm a dying aoasi 
Mourir, vn. to dfe, to *ga md 
Se motirir, vr. to •be • dfM 
Mouron, snu chic k win i f ; 

MMuqact, sm, musket 
Mousquetade, if musket^et 
Moasquetatre»«iM. musk/Har 
Mousqueterie, sf. a vaticy of 

small shot 
Mousqueton, sm, a nwske- 

too» ; blunderbuss 
Mousse, {/*. moss; lather Jroth 
Mousse* sm. a cabin-boy 
Monsseline, tf nuuUn 
Mousser, v. tofirath, lather 
Mouiseron, sm- small ukUe 

Mousieux, se, a, frothy 
Mousson, sf. monsoon, trmd^ 

Moksu, e- a. mossy 
Moustavbe, sf whiskers . 
Modt, sm, must, loort 
Movtarda, sf, mustard 
Moutardier, sm. a mttsisard- 

pat, a mustard maker 
MEHitior, monastery, omm 
Mouton. a wether, mutton, 

sheep ; rummer 
Moutotts, billotoo 
Monconna;^, tax on ske^ 
Mmttonnaille, if. a pmreH 

^ sheep 

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jAom^HM, « f»nn< ^ /W«e lUtette, #* a fnvltUtt 

Slouvanee de fleMQgfMtaKtf 

tfafe^ uptn unmet 
Mouv«iit,e. 9,mM*Hg^ 

Mwtver, vtt*f ttirthe mmtU 

Mottroir,va. f» m«ve, «ltr, 

ibMdDfy iffv ii/l • 

M ouvoir^ vn. i4*ftM, depend 
Moyeu, tut, mumt^pvwer 
^ u*midmHg;me 

-<- que, c'prvoided that 




va* «o pr9ewr€i 

nave ; a prueroei pUin 
Mil, e. a. irm^fl^ Htrnd 
lluiMev S. 8' •.Ni6^«tf to 

chonf^ mntobie 

Mae, ^/mfifA ; «Ain ; tmp 
' Mhed 

Mnftt, Mr MHplUi, M«/)i» 

Mugir, vn. te /mir, beUtw, 

Mii|;;ineineat, jm. -tov^, 

t|p«r» ; ftivu 
Minaeceiv vo. frvoiirt, aim 
MvM, em, hegtkeiui ■■ {m 
MttU de mS; r«m6 W 

Mulcte. */. mulct, Jtn^ • 
Moleter, vo. eo/ntf, ttf tkUfcf 
Male, 9/. a wMfioftV il^pper ; 

#A« mufe ; «noi^ of ^¥tk 
Mam )M. A;f»e#;e^'l»ft}<n» 
Motet, «m. Af ln«rZ^, mcrffet 
Muleuer, o mtpfc rfriwr 
Mttlette, *f: • ^^off^ «mMir 
Mulot, «ni a,fie(d meute 
Mnltfple, S. & »* multiple 
Multiplnble. 2. a. -iHtaUe 
MuitipKcande, em. -^-cansl 
Midtiplieaceuri '"eater 
Multi|>lieatranj «f. —fton 
Multiplicity, --ciey, miiAi- 

Multiplier, va. t« muMpUf 
Muliitudei tf. maOtttwk 
Mtmicipttl, e. a. mtmietpal 
Muiiicijmlit6. tf corpetMen 
Munificence, — <r, bounty 
Munir.ver. to supplp^previtle 
Manitioni,, emmmnitien 
Munitioiu debonobe. previ- 
ew ne 
Munitibnftiiii«; em. cemmie' 

tttfy efetoree 
MuMsrmrff > •. [wfM 
Mur mituyen, a partuieti- 
MAr, MAre, a.Yipe, mature 
Bforaille, rf, a eeetl 
MAre, a mulberry 
HtLtement^ad, uttttuM^' 

Murer, va, to rvatt, mit>*eu/> 
MQrier, em. vmUbetTy^fte 
Mftrir, w. te ripen 
MurmuTe^ mwmHr ^purling, 

bumming nobe^ gtunuh 

bling, rumbkng 
MarMtirer, v. to mttrmut 

to whtefier ; pufl^ teorble 
MiiMfdf «. fi, e.'n loiterer 
Mute, em, muekj 

MoKsde. efi nutmeg 
Maieadelle» muek pe€tr 
Mmcadet, em. muecudine 


uftcadler, ntttmeg-tree 
ltueadiB« mueeadine; dutnttf 
c^foe;Jop ' 

(tm), mneoaaine 

Motcftt, mueceOiiee gmpe 
MiMDle» €t nfincte 

MnttoAtb.ef, --eity 
Muwulaire« ^'o, muevbir 
Mutculeux, iK tt. mucuteue 
Muse, ef muee 
Maim*, em. mai«K«««iMr, 

Muidiece, eji a maucxk 
Muter, vn, U f««rr, trJIe 
Muserole, cf. the heiSibeHd 

ej a bridle ^ 
Mnaette,<r/. uhet^pipe 
MutftiOBt «m/«BMieun« !«• 

peeiterif . ef etaiMitm. 
Matinlf e a» nKMJrcU- 
MuacakneiitfW^. rnvtcof/y 
Mu«icien, ne. f . a fnimewn 
Mnii^Qe, «/. mtiwc liim 
Miinqae cuwigce^ faj ' » tt i » Y « 
Mutqu«r» vo; r« .rcmr wirA 


e muiseit, vik. (• fbrilc in « 

comer ■ 
M«inriniftn>«m. f-mofi, Tur* 
Musulman, e. a. Turlaehy 

MoOMion, ^tien^ 
Matil«Kioot"*«(ofly milkting 
Mutiler, va. te rnvtUatef 

Mutin, 9. tu e, hemdetreng^ 

etubborn, mutimtue 
Be routiner, vr. te tMrttey, 

" riee in arme^ • be fro- 

Mutiiieriev ef, muUvef^fr^ 

Mttuel, le. a myleml 
Mtttuellement, orf. mututUly 
MYtveiefen tk e He imd ; nwn- 

berleee ; ^^flnH|f 
MjTobotem em, Indian plum 
M)rrhe, {/^ mjfrrk 
MyrtSy eau mgHle tree 
Myic^Nt, a mtfetery, eeeret 
Myst6rleu«eiiia»t, ad, myMe^ 

Myst6rieux,ae. a, myeUrieue 
MysticitA, ^> mefetkakme 
Mystifier, tio. to ridieule m 

man eUUffto quix him 
Myatique, 3. a, myeticat (Iff 
Myvtiquemeiiw ad. mfetical 
My tholoffie, ej. '-iogy 
Mytboloffique, % a. '^^kal 
MytliolviviM, 4r. Myiliolo* 

Ciste, em* -^ogtet 

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Naeanc, e. a« light red 
Jiws^,rf,n naall boat 
Ifticx&.tnothef of pearl 

Naeeore. */*. An^ cork, <lrc. 

for \zntnndiyf ; lid 
Nages vn> to^smm^il, row 
A la laget ^^ tmntming 
Nageur, «. *. a rarimmer 
l^ageor. #m. waterman, 

Vn^oin^ad, not hitg ago 
-Na'iade, ofi lutiadf nymph 
Na'ir, re. a* artlettt down- 

rights natural 
Nain.^i a. «• dm/arf 
Naine, ^f. tort of Sean 
Naissance^ *f» Alrth, noHvi- 

ty, rite <■ 

Naiuant, e. a. nascent^ r uing, 

growings neioly born 
Nattre* vn, to * be bom ; 
• breed, * arifCf * oprmg, 
, * grow 

Na'irement, ad, plainly 
Na'iTete, sf, ingenuowfnett, 

Nanan^ ^ootf, good (childUh 

Nanti, e. a. postetted of ■ 
27 antir, va» to insure 
Se— ,t»r./» wcttrtf 
Nantineaieat, tm, security, 
pledge isldn 

Nappe, af, tablecloth $ deer- 
Nappe d'eau, a *heet ef'water 
Naqueter, m. to dance at- 
tendance [ed 
'Swxiuit^m.daffodil, conceit- 
Nareotiqiie, S. o. t. narcotic 
Naid, im. spikenard 
Kareuer, va. to hector, to 

Naqsoe de vout. a fig for you 
Narine, of, nostril 
Narauois, e. #. a aharptr ; 
gvberith, cant tier 

K>nMeur,«m.a relater^tel' 
Nanadft ve. a . —Uve 
Narration, tf. a narrative, 
a relatifitit <kc«i«r<, re- 

Narr^, inh a recital^ a ma^ 

NacKK, vn* to refatet to * tell 
NanK e. <i. niMai 
Naaarde, «/. oJiU^ 
NaMuder, vq. M r^p on the 

note, to jeer 
Naseau, *m. nostril of a beast 
NastUan). e.o. one who speaks 

through the nose 
NaciUeiv vn,to * speak thro' 

Naste, </. an onerflsh-net 
Natal, e. a. nataL native 
Natation,. «/*. tAe art tf 

Natif, ye. a, native^ bom 
NatioQ, {/*• notion^ race, tr^ 
National, e. a. national 
Nativite.Jt/; nativity, birth 
Natte, sf, a mttt, twist 
Nattier va^ to tjoist, plait 
Nattier, «m. a mat-maker 
Naturalisatiqh, sf —xation 
NaiuraU^pr, va. to nans- 

raUxe [list 

Natumttste,^ tm. a natunt- 
Naturalit^, sf, being a native 
Nature, nature^ eonstitutiun^ 

Natuoel, 'le. a. natural, na- 
tive. Sue, ingenuous, 

NatUQl,,. sm, nature, conr 

^ttuti»n» genuine tet^tery 

Natuiellemipnt, ad. natUf 

rally, plainiy,fredy 
Nave^ sf, a b^rgg/ull 
Niivet, sm, a turnip {root) 
Narette, sf, rape-teed ; shut- 

ttei smMlves^l;pig of lead 
Nauftage««m* shipwreck 
Naufrag6, e. .a. wrecked, 

Navigable, 2, a navigable 
Navigateu^ 4nh -^ctor, 

sailor [age 

Niavigation, sf, -'tion, voy 
Naviger, Naviguer, v, to na- 
vigate, to saii, steer 
Navueitm. a stup, vessel, sail 
— de guerre, man of war 
— . xomkiisvpA,,merchant^man 
Naolage, vaaSSMjreight,J!are 
NaiuDacb^ 4/* a mpck ieo-\ 

jNaTrer^ vo. to woiwd^ * 4r 

Naua^e, {f. a quatm^ rds^ 
Nautique, 3. «. nawiaal 
NautoBBier, sm. a mariner^ 
Ne, ad, ii«e. no [a 'mUr 
N^nmoiiu c, neverthelem 
N^aut, snt. nothingness 
N^t>u)euz. ae. a. cUttdy^ 

dark, gloomy 
S&huli,e^ a. cloud-like 
N^naire, 3. a. necessa ry 
N£oeuaue,Mn» competettcf 
N^oesaairement, ad, necenth 

Necesattant, e a.necessitattngr 
Vetemt^tsf necesMty, mecU 
N6ceasite8,p(. necessaries 
N6eei»it)er, vm to mecessitate, 

force . 
N^e(»aiteq3E, se. a. necessi^ 

N6crologe, sm rt^gister of 

the dead 
N6eromanoie, sf -«ficy 
N^Geomaneien, ne. s, — flaos* 

cer, conjurer 
Neaiar, sm, neetar^good mine 
Net.i tf, nave or b^fy of a 

church i ship' 
aiOe^sf a medlar 
Nf&fliec sm, a medlar tree 
N( gatif,vet a,tugative 
Nigatkm, sf, rrtuH 
Negative, negative, refiteaZ 
NegaUvewewti (Hi "vely 
V^ligPt sm. undress 
Ncgiierwiiwnt. ad, neg&i 

Nfegligeiit, e. a, nt^Hgent 
Nif^JsatfVtutanMct, sUgM 
Negooe$: sm* frade, cotfuneree 
Negaeiable, 8* a. negoeiaMe 
N^goeiant, ssih merebant, 

N^goeiateor, a negodater 
Negoiiatiuik, {f. n^oeimtien. 
Negoeier, va. to tradOf ne- 

Nigre, ndgreaae, s. a negro 
N^gtsnie^ sf» negro yard 
N^griUon,iie. s, a little neg/ro 
Ne^t/^ emw, whiteness 
Neiger, v« imp- to snow 
NagQiax, Kk a, snowy 

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V6me»9 tf.pU nenia 
Henni . w, no indeed 
Kenupluur^ «m. xoater4Uy 
J^6oiolCK, «f. lAc making of 

new wordf 
IN6olofpque «. o. cat 

l<f6oiogue, g tn. 
If^phytie, a. i, -tt, 

]N6phr6ti<|ae, 2.0,*, nefihri' 

ttc ; tton^olic 
276potitme, *m. nepwitm 
l>f ertYde, sf, sea-nj/mph 
Nerf, im, tineuf, nerve, band 
Verr'optique, opHe or visunl 



Kerf de boeaf, a bulCe pizxte 
K^roli, am ettence^o/ oranges 
Kerprun, buckthorn 
Iferver, va, to cover vrifh 
einrwo ibrawny 

Kerreux, te. a fi«rv«fAr. 
l^enrin, a. nervine 
J^erruK^ sf, a twisty' round 
Verwax^mouidjigo [edging 
Ket, te. a, neat, clearUy 

cl'-ar^ clean 
Net ad,clearh,cleverly 
NettemeDt, act neatly^ plain- 
ly {ness 
"SettKt.^, sf. cleanwst^ plain 
Nettoyenoent, «m cleaning 
Neuoyer, vn. to rlean, ocour^ 

to clear, to * sweep 
Neveo, snu a n^hew 
Veu-yi, a. nine 
Veutf em. a nine 
Neaf, ve. a, new, unexpe- 

Neutralement, ad, neutrally 
Neutrality, sf neutrality 
Neutre, i. a- neuter, neutral 
NeuTBine, *f, a nine day. 

NeuTi^me, 2. a. #. ninth 
Neuvieoie. snu ninth part 
Neavidimementt ad, ninthly 
Nez, *m a nose * 

Nez & mS: face to face 
Ni, c. neither ; nor 
N'dible. 3. a. deniable 
Ifiais, e. a- mV<(/> nn^le 
Mmii, e> #• simpleton 
Niaiaement, (Ut nV^u 
Miaiter, vn. to * standttifiUtg 
HiaiKiie, {^ silUnete 


NkhcL {^ niche; 

Nicbee, whole nest of biras 
Nicb^ de waris, brood of 

Nieber, v. to place, nestle 
Niehtrt, sm. nest-egg 
JiichoiTt breeding cage 
Nid, a nest 

Nidoreux, enac. a. musty 
m^ceisfa niece 
NHie mildew, blast 
Nieller, va, to blast, mUdew 
Nier, to deny, disown 
Nigaad, e. a,sMl/y^ umpleton 
'^--aud«r. Tin, topUty thefool 
Rudene, {/I silUness, silly 
-dng , 
Nilie, vine tendril 
Vitnbe, glory (in painting) 
Nipper, va, rig out 
Ni|»|iet, sf, pL goods, clothes 
Nique, faire bi nique. to 

• make game of 
Niquedouilie, sm, sUly sim- 
pU'on Icrrfe 

Nitouchev sf, demure hypO' 
Nitre, #m. nUre 
NitTf ux. te. a. nitrous 
Nitridre, V* ndrous vein of 

Niveau, sm, a level 
Nivfler, va, to level 
Nireleur. snu leveller, trifler 
NivellemeDt, levelling, sur- 
Niwtte, sf, Sfirt of peach 
NobiUaii«,nn 600^: -f peer- 
age [man 
Noble, i. a. s, noble ; noble- 
Nftblenient, ad, nobly 
Nobletie, sf. nobility, noble- 
ness Itials 
Voce, noeei, martiage, nup- 
Noce, wedding, the company 

at a wedding 

Nocher^^m. a piiot^tteersman 

Noctambule,#. one who walk^ 

in hi» steep ; noctanU)uUs 

Noetiluque, i. a. shining in 

the dark 
Nocturne, i,. a* sm. noctur- 

nal; the planet Venus 
Nodui, sm, nodus, notie 
No^l, Christmas ; Christmas 

Un NuSI, a Christmas song 
Nondi knet 9 Hrteti titp 



knuckle ; node ; 

band g intrigue 

Smx, e. a. black, base. tS^ 

mat {black 

Nuir de fbm^e, sm, ian^ 

Noir, sm, a black, negro / 

the black 
NiirAtrc, 2. a. blackish 
NoirHud,e a s, dark, tawny 
Notcveur, sf, blackness, black 
spot [perse 

Noircir. v, to blacken, <m- 
Noirciuure, sf, blackening, 

a black spot . 
Notre, a crotchet 
Noite, striff, squabble 
Niaaetier, sm, a. haxle tree 
Noisette, haxle-nut.JUbert 
Noix, *J, a \o(Unut 
Noix de fcalle. a gall-nut 
Nuix confites, candied nut* 
Noli itte t«nij;ere, *m. a thorny 

fdant^ a bad uUrr 
Nolit, ou nulikseoDcnt, sm, 

hiring of a thip 
Noliier, va. to hire a ship 
Nora, sm, name, noun, fame 
Noinade. S. a, wandering^ 

Nombi«, sm, number^ many 
— noiuttnuit, mulfiplier 
-r noinbr6 muUtpUcand 
•^iPw, golden number 
Nombrer, tMi. to number ; 

10 • till 
Nocnbreux, ae« a. numerous 
Nombril, «fn. CAe navel 
NoiUi , law i order 
Nomenclateur, '-for, remem' 
brancer fry 

Nomenclature, sf vocabula- 
Suaiioavem,sm,palron ; ad* 

Noininatif, nominative case 
Nuiuinatiop, sf nomsntOian f 

Nomina ment, ad, namely f 

Noiumer. va, to name ; no* 

Nomptreil, le. a. rnatchlese 
Norapueille, tf. crimp, rj^. 
bon ; nonpareil} email 
sort of 4ugar-plume 
Noil, ad, no^ not 
Nou-seulenieiit, ad, not only 
Noiiogj^naiiiB, S* 
fttir* of Me 

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292 NOT uea 

Kovale, tf. mtw pUugktd 

NoTMeur, muen innavtttat 
VoM«, e. m. tied ; < <cfci«y 
NoTembcCt #m* NtvcnAtt 
NoueinMit, lyti^ 
Nouer, v«. r« tie, t4 ^ knit i 

Se noner, vr. to *Mr, f^knit 
Noutwi, Kw a. kmttjf 
Nougat, sv^. tmku made •f 

almond* and honey 
NoioUcs, ^. pi Ctrnum vtr 

Noaitt, nu, a drtttn 
Novice, t,tu*,u noviee, ma 
NoviffiM, tm,prokmi0m4ime 
Novioiaie, ad. itdeljf, Jutt 


NooiMdn, cm. yotmf fiy 
Nottiriee, of. a x»H>-nu^»t 
Nourrkier* e.'«. '" 

ifoiMmte. fUnety 
TUmmn^^tut, s« «• nkuMk 
Kouce, onu a fmneio 
KondMlainineitt, ad, ft^lne- 

NoncIiateiK, e. tf. «* •»/{««; 

negHgtnt^ carftpt* 
"SaatvfKare, oj nvneiature 
iTanooaforioistei «. a n«n> 

conformiH^ a dinenter 

None none,prayer 
Ntonnau), 4m. a nun 
Nonnant, sm a kindofoprqt 
Nomine, pomiette, ^ « rhm 
Nonobctant, pr% notwith- 

Iton-pphr, e. a. odds not even 
Hdn-paycmeiity enu wanto/ 

Non plas oltra, ad, utmott 
Non>r<^ndenee, *f. toant of 

Non-valeur, defeiene^^ wate 
NotMrue,/oj, mirty wepther 
Hm-unf^^ om, dwae 
Nord, north 
Nordkst, northeast 
Kontouest, n^rtA^wert 
iJoajpr6,pL our 
:Nota, «fR. n«fe, mart; 
Notable, t. o. cnunen^, re- 

17a«il)len»ent,flf/. fidfo^'v 
Notablei, m. ph ek^rSen 
IVotamtnent, ad especiaUif 
l^kftariat, «n}. notaryU vuii- 

ne*9 {tary 

Noturi6,e. a, settled hu a no- 
Note, tf note, remark 
"Noter, va, to observe, noti 

to brandy 

Voteur, snu eepkr ofn 
Ifotic^ 4^. account. 


to disgrace 
.... -^i^y^^^ 

, A;non»> 

Notifieation, —tifiru decla- 
Kodfier, vo. f notifit^ *ignifii 
Kotion, sf, notion. Idea 
Notoire, S. a. notorious, plain 
NotouemeBt, ad. mahijtsth 
]VQtori6t6. {/I notoriety 
Notre«pre. «ur 
Lesndtretjpi ourpespk or 

Noup * 

suckie, *nitrse up. imstruei 
8e — , vr. to l\ve or ^f'eedupon 
Nourriasant. e. a. nourishing 
Nourriueur, sm, a groKUr^ 

a coti>4ceeper 
Nfitmnson; snujooler-ckild 
NourrissoQsdes muses, ou da 

Parnate, JpMa^s #«n#; 

Nourrhure, *^/>«l J breeding 
'Stmo.pifo, n«, tM, to u« • 
Noa>-eaa, nouvel, le. a. fww 
Noayeaal6, */". nrwneM* no- 

veity. innovation, change 
Nourelle, news $ a novel 
NouTelie ^poejrypiie* doubt- 

ful piece of naps 
NQqvellemeDt, ad, ntnoly 
Nouvelliste, sm. newsmon- 
ger, gaxetteer 
Noyale, *f. coarse canvas 
Koyau, sm, (he newtel ofQ 

winding staircase 
No>au, the stone ofa/hdt, 

kernel, mould 
Noyer, roalnut tree 
Koj^, tw. to drown 
8e ^, vr. to * be dmsned; 

drown one*s self 
Nojop. n&jon, sm, the end 

tfabowting rrcen 
Na,nue,>a. nokedtpiain 
Vu, sm. a ftakedpmt 

Noannx, «. a. eiaosd§ 
Vms», «r « oettied wtotf 

Niianec, okmtowkig 

V uancer, vm, to shade, xo- 

Nubtente, of. a optt an the 

rfUm of the eye 
Nubile, 9. «. mtarisogeable 
Nawric«, sf. — --^ " 

vS&b, of. 

Nue, a eloud, okg 
Nue, 0. *. vid. K«i 

Niienatnt, ffd, catuHii^ 
Ntter, 90. fd shadow,ilo bteffd 

'Parioue e^ottrt 
-Noire, vn,H* Avrt, simay 
NaiMiMe. of, —off, dJuinsM 
Vvidlle, S. a. Aurtfitt, prt 

Nuit. «m. n^fht 
Naitammenl; In tke night 
NQttee, sf. a n^ghTs esfence 

at on inn, a rtlghfo work 
Nul, le. a, voitt i naqc ; «a( 

qnf$ no 
NttHepart, ad. no vhere 
NuHjB, sf. a nfiils 

KvAneauttd. by not 
Numerate, 9. a. numerary 
NniD^ral, e. a. numeml 
Num^teur, sm. —tor 
Nqm^iatioD, of, —Hon 
Nam^riqve, S. a. numerical 
Niitn^riqueipent, ad, exact- 
ly, precise number 
Nuraero, sm. nutnker 
Nuinfroter, va. to number, 

to mark with a number 

Numumatique, 8. a, —mafic 

Numismatograplne. sf. — 

phy i i. e. knowledge qfanr 

eicQt medals andcHns 

Nuneupatii; ye. «. -ttoe, 

verbal, nominal 
Nuptial, e. a. nvptiaf. brkkl 
Nuque. sf ni^ of tie neck 
Natriti:, TT. a. nutr i t i we 
Nutrition, sf. —Hon 
Nyctalope.s.« owi-ejfed 
Kympiie, sf, nyn^ ; nym^ 

Vjmylhbt, ptMe bath 

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fXl iaf.ohl 

^^ * O C4, tiota, tveu ntw 

ObeilTencter, tnu obi 

ObeiUeaUel^ le. a. — ^f 

•Ae eatyf ^bevfought 
ObeUsante, «^ 4)bediencei 

Ob^itnDt^ e. a. abedient 
Ob6lisque,#m. on obtUaTt 
Ob6rer, i«z. to *run in fkbt 
O^ecten, va, to o^ct^ re- 
Objectify MR. oSjecf'gItu* 
Objectif, ve. a. -^ive, itkal 
Obiecdon, sf^^tion,. difficulty 
Obter, 9UU mapUtrte 
Objet, object, aim^ motive 
Obituaire^ book ofSuriah 
Oblat, oblitt -r dNtubkd t^dtUer 
Ob|Rtk»i|;«/ •bImioTKofftHim 
Obligati<m, obligatioji, bona 
Oblfgateice^ 2. «. mblhratery 
^mSBkmaeat^d* obUgingtjrt 

Obligiianee, «/; kdnd temper, 

Ottji(8e^ln^«. ». obligUig^ k$M 
^^B^^yvaitoodUgt; Hind 
Obliwiev 3. e. tlbliqu^y fraif 

dulout, indt^eet 
^JV»^%mtm ml, obl^ptelf^ 

Oblong, uc a. ©ftfinjr . 

VA <# conceut, 

5*;i5t»««\ ». «» otAreptUUna 
^webtioTi sf,—tion 

utacur, e. a. dark, glomtvi^ 
ubjcttrour,. ra» t»^ darken; 


. cd: obtcurtlu, 
li^tf, */. otscuftt^t 
Obs6cHitfoii«, ff pU -titms 
Obs6d€r, ». to *bestt^ possess 
OBxd^ues, {^.jML ohseguies 
Observmnce. s6sefi}ttftce, rife 
Obsen'ateiir, rite s. cbidfvet 
ObsewiKioii, x/. -^*»o; re- 
mark, observaHct, keipiHg 
Observatoire, *m. —^^if^iory 
Obaerrer, va. fo 9lfsii*t>i, 

S*obxefver, vr» f * be upon 
one*s guard; to witch onts 
se{f [tisi 

ObaessioD, sf. obsessit/n, Lett 

ObsidionaU e. «. nal 

Obstacle, srh. t^Aacle, bdt 
Obstiuatien. sf» oltstinacy 
Obstin6, e. a,s, stubbomt ob- 
stinate, stlff.Jirm 
Obitiii6iseBt, od. obstinately 
S*obstiner, vr. to persist, to 

*be obsiinate 
Obstructifj^e. d. obstructive, 

Obttruetion, sf, sbsiruclUm, 

sioppoge, hindrance 
Ot^ftFue}-, vo. to db truct 
dbtemp^rer, vn. tit obey 
Obtenir, re to obtedA, • gtt 
Obtenti«i» *f- iJbtaining 
Obtus; e. a obttiSCs diiit 
Qkner, vn, to obviate 
Obas^ Obagier, sm, how^t/er 
Oca. CzvifSm, a kindof Ame- 
rican ptiatoe 
Ooea«io*, sf, occdsion, oppor- 
tunity^ fgU 

O«oii«oael. le* fl. -nal 

OccaiiiNiellementv ad, -nallj^ 
OcoasiMer^ va^^to occasiorr, 

t»cause^ to produce 
Occident, snu west, dcclim 
Occidemid, e^o* toesttm 

OccipHalt e. a. tal 

Occiput, sm. occiput 
Oecire, 'vsh to *slau, to OU 
Oceiaion. sf, murder 
Ocenltatioii^' —~^ion 
Oeeuke, S» «. occult, secret 
OcciqMmt, «» Si an occupier 
'^ecMINitwRf sf* fceupamni 

business, employment 
Ovetifi^, e. a» busw^ taktin up 



S*oeeaper, vr, to busjt •"«*« 

Occorftiide, sf. oecurrtHit, 

wcurrent, 6. a. otcurring, 

QtHn, sm. Me oteiin 
OcbkiciMie, Af. power qftbe 

mob, anarcAu 
Otiae,oeie, sf: oktf 
Ociant, sm, a guadrara 
Octantieme, S. a, aghtieA 
Octave?, sf, octsrve, diapason 
O^taviuc, j/Mff sphtndt 
Omuvej, sm, an ocUtvo 
Of itttHrir, Uftober 
OciDR^-iHjix ,8. 0. *. od^genst' 

ru3n, ti^kfy j/eiars dfage 
OMngont , i, a* sm, octatigu- 
Ottrtii , sm, grant liar 

Otito^jit^-ai. togrdtdi 
Otninlt% .i, .'A eightfold 
Ot-Hi- . SI a, ocular 
Ocujjiiibv^a^iitf a<f. visibly 
Ocaliii^, sfh. an ocuUsf 
Ode, sf. ah ode, ahumn 
OdeuFy ocfeur, smell, scent, 

OdieucrroeiK, aid, odioueljf^ 

Odienx^ te. arodimuyhdnmzs 
Odom^ue,. srh, odomokr 
Odontalgie, sfi toothach 
Od«mnt,«^ a, odorous\fra- 

Ock>rat. sm, smeU, smettins 
Odwif^rant, e. a, odorift' 

roHS, sweel'SiHelUng^ fra- 

(Ecum^niqiie, % — — nkoi 
CEil, sm,eue; bud; gloss 
CEil ^raiHf, blood-shot eye 
OSil de boeuf, on emal 
(Eillade, sf. ogle,, leer, gkmee 
(Eillader, va. to *cast aslmp*sf 

eye; tosvie 
OSm^iv, sfTa *orsti's eyejiap 
(EiHet, snu tarnation, pink 
(EMIet, an eye^ hole 
(Eille(erie» sf, abed of eat* 

naiions- and pinks [pink 
(Ei14etoki, sm, suekffr of a 
(EHIetenner, vo, ta *tak^ 

suckers off plants 
' (Enai . sm, a wild pigeon 


ens* <iiirA> OGeiiper,va.£o*!^/K«^;«n^ CBsophage, ^-phagtis, wind 
I pls^pHeasi*hMi pk^id\^^a,eggfspt^v}n^T9€ '"^ 


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CEuv6, e. a. hardtved 
<EuTre, »f work, action 
OfTensant. e. a. offentive 
Offense, tf. offence, trtipaUy 
tin ; injury ; abiue 

Off:>ns6, *m, the party offen'f- 
ed {Jure 

Oflenser, va. to offend ; m- 
S'ofivnser, vr. to * hranj^ry 
Offenv^ur, *m an offender 
OfR-niif, ve. a. offensive 
Ofil;n«ive, *f attauif^ attack 
Ofl^nsivement. ad, — w^ 
OflTerte, tf, offering 
Offertoire, sm, the offer'ory 
Office, nfflce; part; good turn 
Office, »/*. a buttery, pantry 
Official, tm. official 
Officiality. »f, docfort* com- 
" mont^ rpiiropa/ court 
Offlcianr,a t,off!eiating priett 
Officier, vn. to officiate 
Offlrier. tm, officer^ butler 
Offlcieiisement, ad, officiau*- 
lu obligingly ffriendty . 
Offideux, K. a, obligingf 

kind, officiou* 
Offrande. */ an oblation 
■ Offirant, a t b'dder 
Offre, .*/. offer, proffer, ten- 
der [der 
Offrir, va, to offer, • 6»rf, ten- 
Offiiiquer, 'o darken, cloud, 

ecl-pse, daxxle 
Og;re, »m. an ogre, glutton 
Oh » int, ho ! or oh ! 
Oie, »f, a goose 
Oies, tf pi, geese Imings 
— petite oie giblets, trim' 
Oif^ieraent, «m. ointment 
CMg:non, an onion, root 
Oif^nonette, sf, small onion 
Oiffiionidre, a bed of onions 
Oille, <Vfli«t rich soup 
Oindre, va. to anoint 
Oinir, «m cart grease 
Oiseau, a bird, a Hod 
Oi«eler, va, to * go a fowling 
Oiieleiir, sm, bird catcher 
Oitelier, a bird-seller, fowler 
Oineilerie, *f, birtt-selUng 
Oiseux, ae. a. idle, laxu 
Oisif, ve. a, idle, not busy 
Oisillon, sm. young or tittle 

Oirivement, ad idly 
Oi»vet6, */. idleness, laxiness 
Oifeo, sm, a gotUng, ninny 


Ol^ai^neax, w. a oJeagtMUi 
Ol^^andre, sm rosebay 
Oifactif. olfactoiie. a, t, ol- 
Olihrius. sm. conceited fo0l 
Olifrarchie, sf, —chy 
Oli^rchiqne, S. a. —chical 
OKm, ad, formerly 
Olivaison. sf crop ofoUve* 
Olu-fltrr. % a, of ive-coteured 
Oliw, If. ttlitir 
OiirHie-, sort offenu^eek 
tiffi.ttt 'jffid 

Oiivrtu-^ fit* the hmf makers 

{ii rujtt\frif danrv) 
Olivier, sm, an *J^Tif tree 
OUiT>tw: i}{i/mpus. iktf 
Oiymlnm^e^ tfl oiym/ii/id 
Ol>n>fnen, ne a, vf^ifric 
Otvntpi:qi|4^ {j(*UxX 'fn, pU 

vh/mpic jsamcs 
Olljl'ltife ff, urifbel 
OmWiUf^rr', s, 1], unihelHfe- 

Ombilical, e. a. umbilical 
OmbnttefSm,shadr; umbrage 
Ombra^per, vn, to shade 
Ombraseux, le. a, skittish 

suspicious, jea'ous 
Ombre, sf shade, shadow, 

ghost ; protection, pretence 
Orabrer veu to shadow, shade 
Ombreiix, a^. a, umbrageous, 

OmeRa. sm, last letter bf the 

Creek alphabet; end; the 

Omelette */ om let, pancake 
Omettre, va, to omit, * leave 

Omission, sf omission ^neglect 
Omnisciene^ omni»cience 
Omoplate, Jnoulder-blede 
On, pro, it, they, one, some- 
body, a man, people 
Ondft it is reported, they say 
Onc,onques ad. never 
Once, sf ounce 
Onee (sorte d" panth^re), an 
Oncle, sm, an uncle jounce 
Onetion, sf, unction, grace 
Onctaeiix, se a unctueusfiily 
Onctuont^, sf, unctuosUv 
Onde, a wave, surge, bilhw 
Ond^e. shoToer 
Ondoteroent, sm, a private 

Ondoyanti e* a* undulary 


Ondoyq; vn. f undukte 

wave, christen 
Oiidalation, sf, undulatimt 
Ondnler, vn. to wave, undih 

On^raire, a, (tateur) guat' 

dian in trust 
On^rrox. se. a. anerotts, bur- 
Oni^, sm, a nail^ claw 
Ongl^e, a armed (in Aerdd,) 
Onel^e sf, a numbnest at 
the fingers* ends ; whitUm 
OnKlet, snu a sharp graver ; 

inverted comma 
On^ent salve, ointment 
Oniroeritie, sf, interpretation 

Oiiaerotale, sm, a bittern 
Ononiatop^e, sf, likeness of a 
word vnth the thing it sig- 
Onyx, sm, onyx 
Onze, %,a. sm eirven 
Onzidme 8.0 eleventh 
Onzidme, sm, eleventh part 
Onxi^raeroent, axL in the 

eleventh place 
OoKtes, sm.pL petrified little 

Opacity, sf, opacitv, darkneu 
Opale, tpal, precious stone 
Opaque, 3. a. opaque, dark 
Op^ra, sm, opera ; master- 
piece ; troublesome businat 
Op^rateur. opertaor, quack 
Operation, sf. -^tion, effect 
Op^ratrioe, a female opera- 
tor, or quacK 
Op6rer. va, to operate, work, 

or* do , 
Ophite, a, s, green yellawisk 

Opiat, sf, opiate {tor 

Opiiiant, snu a voter, opinio- 
Opiner,tm. to vote ; to 'give 

one*s opinion 

Opiner da bonnet, to vote as 

others [stiff 

Opinifttre, 2. a. s, obstinate^ 

OpiniAtrement, ad- obsti' 

OpiniAtrer, va, to maintain 
obstinately; to render ob- 
S'opinifttrer, vr. to • be obsti- 
nate in a thing, to* be bent. 

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» ORB 

Opiiikiii,«!^t4m; mind i be- 

Utf; c0ncrit ; vote 
Opiam, *m, 'tpHsm 

Opilatif, vc a. thv, •*■ 

struetivet ttopping 

OpiJatioii, *f tion, «di 

OpUer. va. to obstruct 
Opporttin, e, a. of need^ con- 
venient^ seafonobie 
Opportunity, tf -~.-^ity 
Opp<want,e.a afipnent 
Oppowr.ra. to ofipose^ altettge 
Opporite, 8. ff. «m oppoHte 
Op^tion. *f, oppontion, 

mndrance^ exception 
OppiCMer va. to • 9ppn*a 
Opfiiwneur, «m. oppres''or 
Oppress)f,ve. a. impressive 
Oppressioa //. oppression 
Oppriiner,va. f« oppress 
Opprobie, sm. disgrace^ re- 
OptatU; optative mood 
Opter, va, to • choose 
Opdcien, sm. an optician 
Optidsnie, optimit^ 
Optimiite. ontimist 
Option, if. choice, option 
Optique, %. a. sf optics, optic 
Opulemment, ad, plenhfulljt 
Opaletiee^ sf opulence, rihes 
<^nieiit, e a, opultnt^ri'h 
OpQDtia, sf Indian Jig (a 

OpuMule, sm. a smaU piece 
Or sm. ifold ; or ^in herald) 
Or, r. but, now, and 
Or 9a« now 
Or nu, come on 
Oracle, sm. an oracle 
OrajTR, a storm, broils 
Ora|;;eux, ae. a. stormy 
Oraiaon sf. speech, ordtion. 
Oral, e. a. oral [prayer 

Oranii^ sf orange 
OranK^, e a, orange-coloured 
Oianffeade, *f orange-sherbet 
Orani^cat, sm, orange-rhips 
Oranger, an orantfc^ree 
Orangeiie, sf a green-house^ 

an orangery 
Oratenr. rm. an orator 
Otatoire, 9. a. ormorial 
Oratoire, «m a house-chapel 
Oiatairement, ad, orator-like 
Orhe, sm, orb, circle 
Pite, 9« «• obscure, dark, hid 


Oxbleulaire, S. a, -^Utr^rmmd 
Orbteulairement, ad, —ktrly 
Orbite sf. orbit ; socket vf 

the eye 
Orehestique, art of dancing 
Orchettre, sm, orchestra 
Orebis, orchis satyrion 
Ord, e. a, nasty, lilt hy 
Ordalie sf. ordeal, trial 
Ordinairp, sm, the post, a 
courier ; an ordinary f 
commons ; custom 
Ordinaire, 2. a, ordinary; 

Ordiiuiireni«nt, ad, ordina- 
rily, usually 
Ordinal, e a.--nal; sm, ritual 
Ordinand sm, one that is to 

* be ordained 
Oidinant, a bishop, See. toho 

confers the holy orders 
Ontinatiun, sf, —tion 
Ordonnanet, oreHnance ; pre- 
scription ; xoar^emt 
Onlonuateur, jm di poser 
Ordunner, va. to order, dis- 
pose ; prescribe ; ordam 
Onire, sm. order, rate, dis- 
position, Toord vMirrant 
Ordure, sfjilth, dust, sweep- 
ings, corruption 
Ordurier. sm, dust-basket 
Onluri«r, e. a. s, obscene 

Ore. sm treasure, mine 
Or?e, sf the skirts of a wood 
Orelllard e. Oriliaid, e. a, 

Vfide-eared, as a horse 
Oreille, sf, the ear, fold 
Oreiiler. sm. a pillow 
Oretliette, sf the auricle of 
the heart; wire for the 
ear [collect 

Or€m\u,sm, prayer, orison, 
OrfcTre, a goldsmith 
Orfevrerie, sf, a goldsmith's 

ware or trade 
Orfmie, screech-owl 
Organe. sm, organ ; means 

Organique, 8. a. nical 

OrKanisaiion sf, tion 

Organiser, v, to organise 
Organiste, *. an organist 
Orgianain, sm, sort of twisted 

Organsiner, va, to twist silk 
Orfi^atme, sm, orgasmtts, 



Orge, sf, bttrleg Xwau 
Orgeat, sm, sugared barku- 
OrKiet, sf. pL orgies, frantic 

Ortnse,sm Orgoeo,'^sf organ; 

ship*4 scupper holes 
OrgueiL sm pride, lojiiness 
OrgneillviMenient ad, proud- 
Orjceuilleax, mu a, proud C(y 
Onent, sm, cast [tal 

Oriental, e. a, eastern, ortet^ 
Orienter, va to * set in an 

eastward cAposure 
S*orieiiter. vr, to consider 

where one is 
Orifice, sm. an orijke 
Oriflamme, sf, ortflam^rog- 

al standard 
Origan, sm, wild matjoram 
Originaire, s. a onginaUy 

issued lnally,primdh>ent 
Orifi^inairement, ad. origh • 
Original, e. a. original, pri- 
mitive Ifellom 
Original sm. original an odd 
Originalit6, // ongiruUity 
Origine, origin, cause 
Originel, le a. original 
Originellement, atL -^naUy 
Orignae, OrigimU sm, tlk 
Orillard. e. a, wide^eared 
Orillon, sm, ear ; handle i 

swelling about the ear $ 

Orin, buo^rope [lotion 

Orion, orton, a fine constei- 
Oripean. tinsel^ thin brass 
Orme, an elm 

Ormeau, a young elm [elms 
Orroille, sf. a bfd ^jfoung 
Ormin, sm. a sort ofeutry 
Ormoie, </*. an elm plot 
Orne, sm, a wild ash 
Omement, ornament, set off 
Orner, va, to adorn, embellish 
Ornidre, {/*. a wheel-rut 
Omithogale, star of Beth' 

Oroitbolugie, ^l^gy 
Omif hologiste. sm. —logisi 
Omitfaomanrie. sf. ^maney 
OruolNinche, chokfweed 
Orpailleur, sm, cokector tf 

Orphelin, e. a. «. orphan 
Orpiroent, «m. orpiment 
Orpin, orpine 
Orteil, a toe 

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OitlMKrni^ -^v, opening 
OrthoKniphie, -^hy, ftronk 
OitlM|[mpWer, va. f tpM or 

* write true 
ORfaognipliMiue. S. a.-4ra< 
OftlwfcwipliBm^ia gtmfi/ier 
Ortho|i6ilie,<f jrM<>< nmrmng 

^ children 
Ortie. <f. « n«ffir ^^^ 

Ornde, *f. ctmy 
€)rfi#ciii, «m« #f*vicMM 
Ofl, a dww 

OMdIUitSM, If.' 
OteiUitMve, 8. a. -^mv 
Ofldller, vn, f mmt iikt ( 

Oienie, i/- on otier^kl 
Osier, «)««. en Mter, wicker 
Osadec, fiisffU ftvne ; c«ofarf7 
Ouemai^ t«nte i ftmra </* 

0«ie«ix, «ew a. deny 
-OtaifieMiOD, tf. -^s 
Oitifier, v«. f b m«(/V 
©Mitjague, */. M«*>*:^«» 
Osalion, rm. •uuie, nmll 

On«, e. a- Jai^v d wi wi 
Oit, em. hott^ atmg 
Oatemiftle, S «• -— ^fe 
Ostentation, «^ MirfittKlMi, 

OwMoipe,— -/^(fy 
Oilnete, 9 «. •Hraeemu 
■ Ottractsme, «m. — ciim 
Ottncite, *A ostraeket 
OftreliN, *m. eaeterUng 
OMTOgot, 6arbarkiH^ elewn 
Oal^^ef mpt&t M •neVeor 
Ot6, adl except, save, but 
Oter, pg. gtf * take osmy , i»«« 

^^ Tetntfve 
OttttBMm e, *f . « *W8B *•• 

pAa, • town 
Ou, c. cr, «ttAer,«ffe 
OA. fld. TpAffiT, t 

^ ' iit wJtfrA; *• 

OnaUle, *f,Jtoek ^ofia^ter 
OraoKt tm* ovittjf 


OMiitI im, hey-d^if! Utek- 

OvSKf %» 0* Mil* tfOOl 

Ooate, sf. -wadding 

«a. ffumkhwtlk 

Oubli, «!». fbrgetMmu^ 
OubiiB, *f» a wttfer 
OuUier. va. U ^ farget^ f 

* leave ota 
S^mbiier, vn to • forget 0ite*9 

Oabi{ett«% *f-Jd,m dungeii 
OubUeur, «m. « snq/bHMifi 
Ottttieox, icw a,f§rgetjyl 


Ouf ! t;tf. OA / ^« / 
Oui, ad, «m. 9e», ajf 
Oui^lfe, yee imked 
Ou'i>direk «*». heartau 
Ottie, r/ <Ae Aewiiif 
Ofiaare, 9. «, ai^ p w i i * 
Over, vo. f • A«8r 
OonffSBf 49ti« a httrrtetMe 
Ourdir,«a. tv ^warfif frame ; 

to brew; pht 
OnntkiMnrf siri 

team, or /•««» 
OuidiaMire, ^. warping 
Ourler, TNk te Aem . 
Oarlet, #m, a Aem 
Oiirt, a Afar 
OUne, {^ a ahe-iear 
Ourtiu, $m. eea-hedgeheg 
OnrsoB* a bear** cub 

Outaide^ *fi a buttard 
OutaideaQi Mn. a young but- 
Oatil, a tool [tard 

Onm€^^g»fktmi9bed with 

Outiller, va. to set vpt to 

Outran sm, outrage^Utjaryt 


Otttnifpcaot, «• a, outragaont 
OutnKer, to. to i^ont in 

t/tt moot grot* manner^ to 


Ouurajscux, le. o. otUrageoust, 

OiicrMiee,^ oiitnine«,4tMite 

outxance, eaxeftivflf 

Ooit^ o^ 

Onvee, ad, ftnkePf I 
Outr6, «, o. ineemed^jftie^* 

ed : ramk ; veaeed^fiiriauo 
Chenri ««tr^, korae godit 

Ontr^OMBt, md^ ejoa oa i u e l i h 

beyond rueasfore ^ 
Outremer, «. beyomd otaa^ uU 

Outfe«iefl«te, ad. 
measure^ extesoioeijf 

OuiK»|UMaer» vm» to e»eeed 

OMrer, (•*oncno«nkv* •wr* 
ride ; ineeooe ; * nnt into 
eMreneo f ovarotndio 

Ounttf e. Ok opoMf fcowArj 

OiMcrteneac oA tpenty, 
Oufierture of, an ^ntng ; 

hoie;ipporttmiti^i hintf 

Ouvertnre dVifni^^finiftir 
OuvnMe, jour vemMe^ 

Oavnige, om, workf work' 

manship \gmtd 

Ouvrafg, 6 o. tormtg^ p 
Ourror, tr, to ^ vtork 
Ouvrnir, s& «* • koof-kteptf 

ni the pUsykouto . 
Oovriev ew #. ortt/lcfr, 4» 

6M«rer, wtAor, m«far 
Ouvrir. V, to open, b ^ kn 
S'oovri^ vn to open and* 

Ourvarn reciUl of a pack of Ojez, *Arar ; silente (oklini* 

Ouvroir.MikA warkit^pkui 

peratiTe of tiie meite narf) 


FAcant, «m. «on^ JUin», 

Paciftatenr, *m, prndfier 
Pacifier, va, taparifir 
PacifiqiM, S. a, pemeedUe, 



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PMflMVy Vfl> ♦• C9WIMIV 

PajKDe. a ^tecr of mtontmh 

tuea kp the negrtet 
Pa{?ne« #m. /ftui^ar (•eB:/Si*) 
PftgvMlet e0wofo 

umbnUafor tcindtw* 

9a3^ »f. ttratg.jiaw, chaff 

ftUla-y 9m, far n t M ar a ; 

AAlfet, tm. light red trine i 

Paillette, ef. ^ngk ^ geU- 

Paillevr, em. a etrtm teller 
PaiMeax, cue. a, brittle 
Patllon, em. Hnkf Mftfer 
P^in bread; letf 
VeaWyMpter; mate 
9aiwet*f,aptdri braee 
Pair«««e, apeereee 
Pais, vid, Pays, &c. {eahn 
Paiaibje, %. lupeaeeMe, eHH. 
PaisttAement, ad, quietly 
PMannt, e. a. graxing (in 

Pals se an , #in. a/^r^ /br vine* 

Se patlre» M. 


Piaix, ef.peaee^ pax ; bUuk- 

bant afmuttm^ Uo. 
Pakulia, em, knight^errant 
Palais, pahee^ eouH •/ ju^ 
dicature; tkepatate\ taeU 
Palanque, *f. pakmka 
Palan^ner, «a. te heiet 
PabMiquin, em, « jeoUfi 
Pawtiiit a Pata^ine 
Palattnat, em, ——note 
Palaiiiie. 4/ a t^fet 

^la, t. a, pale; wan 
PaMe, #/ f A«7Eat ofoii ear ; 

pOe* of IT weeden brie^ 
Paleftenier, em, agraom 
"Beixfyoi^patf^reyi tmtn^eheree 




Paleter. vtu te play atfuette 

Palette, ef, battleiere,'pairt- 
ter'e pallet ; priHter*eeUeei 


PaKer, em, a lamdingpiaee 
ParuMidie,if recanttttien 
PftUr, xw. io • grew pale 
Palis, em. fence efpalee 
PaKssade tf. palisade ;etake; 

hcrge; reweftreee 
PaKsnder, va. tepalieade 

Paltsser,«a. /ojtoi. 
Palot, em, eiUy down 
Palliatir, ve. a. palliative 
Palliatif, em a palliative 
ralKation, ef. palliatien ; «r- 

tenuation; celeuring 
Pallier. va, toptOUate, celeur 
PaiHrnn, mi. a pall ; cleak 
Palma Cbritti, -ti {a plant) 
Palme, rf. a branch ef the 

palm tree 
Palme, em, a handle breadth 
"PeimkTfpaltn^ree; date^ree 
Patombe, ef, a kind efpigeen 
Palonneau, Pakmnier, em, 

epring-tree bar ef a coach 
Palpable, 8. a. palpable ; dear 
Pfiipabtemcnt, aApalpabty 
Paipe<r. vn te * fid 
Palpitant, e. a,penting 
PsIpitadoB, ef. palpitatien 
Palpiter, vn, te palpitate; 

Pattnquet, em, a elovm 
tie ^Mfier, vr, tenoeen^iAnt 
Pamflet, em, a fiompMet 
Pftmoison, ef, a eween, or 

Padipe, cern^leavee^ 
Pampre, sm.vinc-leavee 
F9mpr€f e. a. decked reHh 

vine4eaoe9 [ frem 

Pan, em, lappet ; flap ;pane; 
Panned, if, panacea 
Panaebe, em. bunch ef /ha- 

there; mixture ef cetoure 

PviacHe, ef, a pea-hen 
Se paiiacbar,or. teHe etreak- 

ed wth varieue celeur e 
Pantde. ef- panade 
Se panader, vfs teetrut wiih 

.Paiage» 9m,paeiuirep9k» 

Furaaria, tsM<2MP, /fclten 
Pancaliers, em, pi, eert ^ 

cabbage " 

Pancarte, ef. b Ulpoeted ^ 
^uicnas, em, paaepeaet at 

PaMereatiqiie.iL a,pancreuHe 
Pandeetes, ef, pL pandKU$ 

or digeete 
Pan&om^ef Pandera Idler 
Pandour, em, Hungarian ee^ 
J*»negyrlqiie, a pcmegtrbe 
Pan^nrriste, apanegyriet 
Paner, va te *do ment emer 

with crumie of bread 
Panerie, ef, a baekfefuH 
Panetier, em.pantter 
Panetidre,^. ekephertPeerrip 
Panic, PaDicom.inn panieeh 
Panier, batkety heeppeuieeat 
Paimeau, em. pannel ; pome | 

trap; enare 
Pannetoa, the keg-Mt {lied 
Fansard, e. a, e, paunch ^'* 
Fame, ef, pauneh ; gute 
PaBsemenc, em, dree 

reeunde ; leelangafier 
Panaer, vn, to * dreee a 

vfound; te * leek teller a 

Pansu, e. a. e, paunch-beHied 
Pantalon, em. "ieen^buffeee^ 
Pantalonimde,^^ dreUdemiee^ 

PanteleVf vn. tepant 
Panth^oo, em, pantheon 
Panth^re, ef a panther 
Panti^i^ a draw-net 
Pantograpfae, enu '':graph 
Pantois, e. a, ehert-windett 
Pantomime, em, •'•mimic; 

Pantoufie, ef a elipfier 
Paon, em, a peacock 
Paone ef, a peahen 
Paonneau, em, yoftng peacock 
FajM, papa, father 
Papable, 2. a, that may be 

nuede apofie 
Papal, e. a, papal 
Papaiu6, efMaeytpepedem 
Pape, em. the pope lat 

Papegai. wMdbi bird to ehoet 
Papelara, e* e. an hyprecrite 
Papeianliae, ef. hypoeriey 
PapOioi^ poplin 

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TApenne^ duHy vrritingti 

t$atte paper [bUng 

FftpenMer. vn. *be ever acriS- 
Pftpesie, 1/ afomiOet^pe 
fftp^terie, ptqter-mU^ papers 

trade Ittationer 

Pftpetier, e. *, paper-maker ; 
Pttpier, paper ; manutcript ; 

Book; writing Inry 

Papier-moDDtne, paper-mo- 
PapiUaire, i. a, papillary 
rvpiUe, sf papilla ; teat 
Papilles, #/'. ^t *ma« «nt- 

nences on the tongue 
Fapillou, tm. a butterjiy 
PapiUouner, vn, to Jtutter 

Papillutage, em. the putting 

hair upon pipe* 
Fapillote, *j. »pangle ; curU 

Papilloter. va, to * put hair 

upon pipes 
Papilloter, vn. totwMele 
Papiime, m, pcpery 
Papiite, f . a papiH Ipopisk 
Papittique, 3. a, paplttical ; 
Papolfltre, *m, a papitt 
PAque, */t the pattnver 
PAqueretft, Easter-daisy 
P&ques zUndffiogcttion Sun- 
day May 
P&ques fleuries, Palm Sun- 
Piques, Easter devotion* 
Pftque, Pftques, sm, Easter 
Paquett packet ; parcel ; 

Paque>bot, a packet boat 
Paqueter, vn, to packet 
. PaquU, sm, pasture 
Vu,pr. by; on ; thro* : out 
ef; fori vUh f about} 
in ; over ; at 
Faroa^ which way 
Par-ici, this toay 
Vw-Mi^ that way; thereby 
Par de 14, on the other side 
'PaMout, every where 
Far>tout-oii. wherever 
Pamlesiui, eroer \ on ; upon 
PAr-deisoui, under, under- 
Far le haut, upwards Ineath 
Far en hao^ upward* 
Far le baa, downwards 
Par en baa, doronwards 
Par haiit & par ba^ tfpwoflf:* 
and dmtnpttrds 

r upper 


Par decaff Aw aidr 
Par deoaiu, within 
Par debwa, wUhout 
Par derant, before^ forwards 
Par derri^re, behind ; back- 
wards [there 
Par iei par-lft, adm here and 
Par fuia, sometimes 
Par trop, too much 
Par devera, by Ibola 
Parabole, sf pareAle; para- 
Parabolique, 3. a. —lical 
Paraboliqnement^e/. —Ucaliy 
Parachevenient, sm. ending 
Pamchever. va. tofinish^ end 
Parachroniime. snu —nism 
Parachute, /»a achute 
Paraclet, the comforter 
Parade, sf. parade ; state . 

shew i parrying [del 

Paradigtne, sm —^gm^ mo- 
Paradis, paradise^ t/te u 

Paiudoxal, e. a, -~doxical 
Paradoxe, snu a fiaradox 
Parafe, Paiaphe, a flourish 

added to one's signature 
Parafer Pvapher, va, tosign 

with a flourish 
Parage sm, part of the sea 
Paragre, extraction ; lineage 
Paragoge. sf.paragogue 

Pang^gique, 2. a, gic(d 

Pdragrapfie. snu paragraph 
Paragtiante,«/: pair ofgloveSi 

a present 
Parallaxe, parallax 
Paralldle, 2. a. tf. parallel 
Paralldle, sm. comparison 

Parall^Uame, litm 

Parall^logranune, gram 

Paralogiame. gism 

Paralyser, va» to tkprive </" 

feeltng ; to numb 
Paralysie. sf a palsy 
Paralytique, i. a. *, paralytic 
Pai:angon, sm. type, primer ; 

model; black marble 
Parangonner, va, to compare 
Paranomasie, sf, affinity of 
, ipords 

Parant, e. a. adorning 
Futmymjfhe, sm. public elo- 

Paranyropher, wu to praise 
'Pta^pe!C,*m, parapet \ breast' 

Pftiapluaae, sf.paraphrue 


Puaplimaer, va, U c amnt e nt , 

to romance „ [cfcr 

Paraphraste, sm, an eApoun- 
Parapluie, an im^r^Uu 
Parasange, sf.parasang 
Panselene, sfa mock moon 
Paraaite, snu a sputter 
Paraaitique. {T* ^^rafi rf a 

Pamsoif «m. on umbrella 
FArttynnit folding screen 
Parbouillir,vn. to parboil 
Pare, sm, a park ; a fold 
Pai-cage, sheep f4ding 
Parcelle, sf a parcel; parti- 
Parceque, c beceuue . (de 
Parcbentin sm.parduneni 
Parcheroinerie, sf, place 

where parchment is made g 

Patclietniniar, snu purely 

Parcuurir, va. to travel overf 

* run over ; survey 
Punlerriere, ad, behind 
Pardeasoaa,>jbr. underneath 
Pitrdeauia^ sm. over and o- 

Paitle8sua,>>r. over ; higher ; 

Panievant, btfore ; in pre 
Perdevera, by [sence 

Pardon, sm, pardon ; /or- 

giveness . (oMe 

Pardonnable, 2. a, pardoss- 
Pardonner, va, to pardon, i 

* forgive: 9pare fmatch 
Pareil, le^ a, s. like ; equal i 
Pareillement, in like manner 
Par6Ue, sf, a mock tun 
Parement, snu facing of gar- 

menfs ; free st«ne ; pave- 
ment on the ride* of 
streets s mantle-ires 
Parent, relation t ktnsman 
Parente, sf kinswon^an 
(Hirentage sm. —-ge^eUtliono 
Parena,«m pU parents^ptaren- 
Parent^, sf. kiwlred [tage 
Parentdle, relation 
Parenth^ae, parenthesis 
Parer, va. to • deck • set ojF; 
parry; ward off i weather 
Se parer, vr, to adorn one"* 
selfi boast of; avoid 
Krere, sm, sentiment of 
merchants upon quettiont 


JPareueiu, 8e. a* *. tMfl^lf 

idiaf ic«y; Muggard 
WmMns^vft. toptrjtct 
Pinait, e. a, perfect, cw^ktc 
I'iAniAt, Mnu ftfPtXtriit 
Airfoitevaeat, vi.perfketlji 
PkrfoU* sometime* 
Part'ooare« va. l« »ie/( 
l^rfaoxiiir, va «» twnplap 
Pariumer. va, t9 perfume 
Parfunaeiir, aei r perfafntr 

Baiwlle^ #f /uuri/w ftme ; 
Plariet^ vs. to Ace, * wy 
Farieuare, *m.peUitwy-oftfie 
SVirraiir, « better fimiff 

VmAti, »f. pttriiif, nmattty 
IHiriiue, i. A *,peryttrer 
FSaqfure, #m. perjury 
Se [MMjw^r, vflk «o fj^krMww 

Ptalement, *m, paramtent, 
Farleaeataiie. t. c #< « wAt^ 
Pariementcr, vn. to parley 
Parltf « c» * tpeak. tcAk 
Se parler, vr. to canvertt 
Ptaitec; Ml. fpeecA ; Atcoiirsf 
Parterie, */. fa^wxriry; iatk- 
'ParksaT,wo**.ataacer. Ting 
PnMr, jm. parhur (tn u 
mmuutery) {wseMer 

Farme. 9h a UtOe tmrnd 

- ,Ptkna*eu»^ 

FarnMtUn,** of or bghnging 

uMmMb Panunnu 
rmSie, if* parody 
Taaninetf9ii'*9 parody 
Faroditte, «m parodist 
Parol, #/ partmmi-matl 
Paroif. j*n. o/«rrfcrV*ii«. 
BaraiiMi,' j/. « A«»^»* P^^'^'f 
Buroiniai; e. a, parotkkil 
Par^wieii;,ne. i parUhione- 
Farattre, vn. toappeatt 'i^ 
PatvAe, flf: Vford i ^eeeh 


Parotic *»». parolf 
Pmrotwe, */*. >»«i«» 
ParoxUme, m, pqroanrfni, . 
Put|«cs, 4f. dutinyifi^t - 


. r, r. popark^ fM 
Parquet, om, bar of « eourt 

ofjattiee ; inkiid floor 
Bwq«eta)(ts inltdd toork 
Parqueter, vo. to * intoy 
Parrain,«n<. agodfitther 
Parrteifile, t. a. *. parricide 
Pantner, vo. c* * femp 
PaninioDie, */* — — mwijy 
Patt,>>ia7f ; concern ; share ; 

Part -.Ml. dirt A ; child 
PanaKe, « #terA bft, divition 
Pamger, va. to thare^ tHvidt 
Fartance, of *aiUng, depar- 
ture of a thip ffore 
FanantyC. ther^ore^ vthere- 
Parterre, «m. power-garden, 
graso-ptot i pit of a piatt 
9iutit party ; meatu ; ojfhr ; 
resoiuHon; place; side; 
Partial, e. a. partial [way 
Partiaiement, ad,partiat{y 
96 paAiahier, vr. to *be par- 

ParS^Mit^. ef partiality 
Partii^pant, e. a. partaker 
PartH^tHHii «f.— <ton, share 
Par^pe, em, '-^^partmr 
Partici|Jer, vr^ to partake 
Partical^naa', va* to parti- 

RMtieitlaric6, sf partiada- 

rity; partiemar 
Vmt\tn\e, particle 
Parheulier, ^ a. particular^ 

odd; singular 
Un partieuBer, private man 
Particuli6rement, -^cukirly 
Partie, */*. part; gwdifica- 

tion ; sum ; game ; party ; 

eHent S match 
nirtiel, le. a. not the wApk, 

a part of 
Paitir, *setotd; to*go; 

*go away ; proceed j start ; 

* *pi^^'g i depart ; *flmio 
Partir, «a. to pur t ; divide 
Partisan, sm. partisan, eon^ 

iP^rtiteur, a rltoisor 
Partltlf, ve. aipttrmoe ' 
Partitipor^/^ ^-twn, division. 
Ptir4.witf ad. everywhere 
Parvenir, vA. w arrive; 

reach; *come to prefin^ 

mmti attain 



Fanit, Vm. 'rourt before a 

Parufe, sf, finery; attire: 

dress ; set 
Pararet, shags ; parings 
Paa, sm. step ; pace ; stite 
Pat, ad, no, not 
Pascal, e a, paschal 
Pasquinade, sf. a lampoon 
Pasquiniser, vn, to slander 
Passable, 3. a. passiible, t»t 

PassablecDent) ftd. so so 
Passade, sf, going thro\ turn, 
Passage, sm, passage ; xoay $ 
toll Csiene 

Passager, e. a, passing ; troth 
Passager, e. s, a passenger 
Passag^reioent, ad,fot a lit- 

tie while; lightly 
Paaaaat. sm. a passenger^.a 

Passavant, a;»a«r 
Passe, sf. pass; channel g 
overplus ; way ; hen-spar' 
Passe, e. a, past ; over ; out 
of use; last; dead and 
gone [paa 

Pass6,«m. time past ; things 
^ssc'droit, induigences 
. wrong 

PaaaSe, sf passage oftrotpt 
Passeflear* hoUpwek 
Pasttoient, sm, pris, lace 
Passeinenter, va, to cover 

with lace^ silk, ISac. 
Passementier, sm, a lacemar^ 
Passe-partoat, a master^ecf, 

a saw 
— - port, apassport 
Paase-pied, Scotch step 
Passe-poil, Hst cf cloth 
Paiaer. v. to * pass i excel t 
^go bnyondi exceed; *come 
ox*go by; *sk^; *out'rui%s 
Se passer* vr, tofitde ; *4» 

Passerage, sf, tUuqnd^ 
Passereau, sm. ^p^rroip 
Pass^rose, sf, holly-hock 
Pmff^,pastime, sp^ 
Pftsie-velottrs, amaranth 
Passrar. ajerryman 
P<l«»WJit^, sf -lUy, ^n^ 


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PasttUe, 2. a -bk ; tfpt t» 
FAssif, ve. «. ptusive {tt^ffer 
V9MSkxai^*f,pa9noni love 
Panionne^o^ar«ioriote/y in 

love; prepo9Mi*ei ; gri^ 
Panionn^ment, ad,ptu$ion' 

Pasrioimer, v<u to humour a 

tune, a part 
Se passionner, vr. to *kave a 

ttrong desire ; *fall itdo a 

Passirement, o<f. --vely 
Plissivet^, sf, passiveTiess, 

Paaaoire, a cullender^strainer 
Pastel, «m. woadi^piutel 
Pasteur, shepherd ; pastor ; 
. minister 

"Pastille, sj.pastil ; crayon 
Pastoral, e. a, —raU rural 
Pastorale, sf, a pastoral 
Paitoralement, ad, like a 

gfiod pastor 
Pastoureau, sm. a svfoin 
Pastoiirelte, sf, a lasi 
Vhthchtt advice boa 
Pata[i^n,«m. apatag'oon 
Pataraffe, sf. a scrawl, a 

dash in vtriting 
Patard, m, the smallest coin 
Pataud, «m. thickfooted 

young cur 
Pataud, e. *, great plump 
,, boy oi girl 

Pktaairer, vn. to walk in 
. muddtftoater 
P4te, sf paste ; doughs con- 
stitution ; temper 
Pftt6, sm. a pie ; pasty} 

bht ; patte 
Pat6e, */•. paste for poultry 
Patdin, sm, a crafty fellow 

SteUiiag;e, wheedling 
teliner. v, to wheedle} 
gull s • trick 
Patelineur, se. #. toheedkr 
Patdne, ^f» chalice^s cover 
Fatendtre, chdplet ; bead 
Patendtxerie, bead4rade 
Fatendtiier, sm, bead-maker 
Tattakt,e. a, patent 
Patente, */, a patent 
Pater, *m. the Lord's prayer 
Tiiter^va. to paste 
Patdre, */. a kind of cup [nal 
IHmviAt ISM.fatherljffpater' 


Parena pateniels, jrelai^tm 

on thefather\s side 
Patemeliement, ad, .-^nally 
Patemit6, sf—tyJatb(rhopd 
Pater-Doster, sm. — :-4er 
Pftteiix, se. a. clammy . 
Path6tique, 3. a. 9m,pathetic 
Path^tiquement, ad, -HticaUy 

Pathologief^/*. lof^ 

Pathologique, 9. a. -^« 
Pathos, sm, patho*, moving 
Patibulaire, 3. a, —lary 
Mine patibulaire, a gallows- 
Patierament, ad. patiently 
Patience, sf patience 
Patience, ad, well and good 
Patient, e. a. pafzcnf, constant 
Patient, snu nuilefactorijgo- 

inq to be hangsd 
Patienter, vtu to • have pO" 

Patin, sm. skait. cltg^ fiatiten 
Patiner. vn. to fkait 
Patiner, va. to fumble^ paw 
Patineur, snu skaiter, Tum- 
PAtir, vn, to suffer \hler 
Patis, sm, pasture [work 
P&ti»ser, vn. to *make pastry 
Patisserie, sf. pasfrywork 
Pfttissier, e. #. juutritcook 
Patois, sm, gibberish 
P^ton.fattening ball , 

Patraqae, sf.gewgaw.oldki^ 
Pfttre, sm, a herdsman 

Patriarcal, e. a, chal 

Patriarcat, *m. chtoe 

Patriarche, a /bo^narrA 
Patricef^iit;-id//n, noble 
Patricien, ne* a, ——dan 
Patrie, sf. native country 
patrimoine, sm. patrimony 
Patrimonial, e. a, —nial . < 
Patriote, sm. a patriot , 
PatriQtique, 8. a, patriotic. 
Patridtisme, sm, —iism 
Patrociner, va, to preach 
Patron, snuPcUron ; pa^ern 
Patronage, —o^e; advowson 
IHitroniinique, 2. a, -^mic , 
Patronne, sfpatronness 
Patroi^Uai^ sm, paddling ; 

Patrouille, sf, patrol^ rounds 
PatrouiUer, vm to paddle } 

PatreuiDisj tnt,puddle 


^ii^'sf, rap inth Jj^Us 
PaitepelQ, iw. « cAeoelMr 

PAtumg, sm. pe^turagei 

PJiuiie, sf, provender, food 
PAtureau, sm, a green or 

P&turer,v}i.e0 • fged 
PAtur^ur, m, i feeder of 

horses in the im^, in 

Imuran, a pffttem 

Pavane, */. o pavam tkmee 
|*^^» '»»• Pavemesu 
Pavement, >H»wmcnt, paved 
Paver^.r»/to« •^rWgir 
Paveur, sm, apairiSr 
Pane, sm. neetonne4ne 
Fimf, a nectarine [/«» 
Pavilkio, ArofW«», tentb3, 
P»«"»^/'2'm of the hands 

hands fives; tennis 
Pawner, va, to • give a slap 
Pauiniet,«m.,fA0 jnajftTaf 

a tennis court ^ 

Pavois, a great shield 

Pavot, sm, Qpopp 
Paupi^re, s" ^■ 

Pauser, -ou. lo pause, to * jCMft 
Pauvre, 8. a, s,peor ; beggar 
P«ivrement, atL pwly ; 

Paavret,te. a. po«ri*A . . 
Pauvret6.#/: AOTKMty, mean- 
^ness^siUji thing 
Payable, 3. a. ^^JK 
Payemeat* sm, payment 
Pairen, ne. ^ #. pagan 
gayer, va, to*pqy InUstras 
Payeur, ae. *. paymaster 6c 
Pays, sm, country 
Paysage, landscape Yter 
Paysag^tc, Uuidscape-paith 
Paysan, ne. *. countryman or 

woman ; peasant ; clown 
Fay ^an, ue. a, cUwnish.rustit 
Wage, «m. toU ; tttnpih. 

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lican I 

Peaanerie, skinner** iH4e 

„ J skinner Iring 

Fe«, hareng pee, pfckiedhep' 
Peccable, a. a.percable 
PeecadiUe, tf.peeeadilh 
Peccari, #m. TMAtmAmcff 

^eche, enuaHn 
^€cher, va, to sin, trmigress 
^^dier, sm, a peaehiree 

Jwear, pe«faerene, s.asm. 
JAchenr, »m. a fisherman 
* ^eow, if. a «eu/>td creature 
^e(l«e, a tttf y wvmon 
'^ectonl, «m. o brotst-pla/e 
^ectora1,eo. — ra^ jf «m«rAtc 
P^eala^ «m. tmhexxtement 

^^fpubhc muney 
P6cule,/iaru/t/M. niftMincv 
P6c«Me, «/: mmey 
P^cuiriaiTe, 2. a. pecuniary 
P^OQtiieux, le. a. mmted 

Pfdagogique, 3. a -gie 


Pedant, e. s. a pedant 
Pedant, c. a. pedantic 
P6d«nter, rn. to *6e a school 

Pedanterie, af. pedantry 
P^dantetque, %. a, pedanti- 

cat Itieally 

PedantexiQenmit) <Kf • pedant 
P^dantber, va* to act ape- 

dants fiart 
P6daiitisHie, sm, pedantry 
P6d«Wre. 8. a, peaestrimts 
PMiealatie, «. a. --lar, lotuu 
P€&eule, sm, statk ; pedicle 
'Bk^sm, pegnsus 
Peigne. comb^ cards, brake 
Peigner, va, to eomb^ to card 
8e peigner, vr, cornb one*s 

keati [comber 

Peignear, sm, a carder i 
Peignier. comb-maker^ &B 
Peignoir, combing-cloth [off 
VtAgnnnSfSf.pL Hair combed 

tandre* vr- to *dram i paint } 


Se* lifiiiidie, vr, to^be repre- 
sented ipakts ; iroublt 
Peine, sf pain i penalty j 
— — k petne, ad. hardly 
Pelnar, va. to pain, trouble, 

• tpork hard 
8c peiner, vr- to • takerfeat 
pnins IJmgue 

Peineote (geinaine), a^oteek^ 
Peintre, sm, apmhur 
Piintvm, sf. patnting i pic- 
tures court-card 
Pein«Qr6, e. a. painted only 

with one colour 
Pefmnrer, va, te paint lokh 

one cohur f to colour 
Pcintoitarer, va, to davib 
Pelade, sf. falling of the hair 
P^le^n^fe, ad. confusedly 
Pder, va. to * tnahe baldf 

petiref ped 
Fei^, sm. a baidpated man 
Pel6e, sf a baldpated wo- 



P61erin, e. s,pHgrim ; sharp 

fellow ; amninf gipsy 
Pelerinage, sm, pilgrimage 
Pelican, a pe/iran 
P^Iitse, ^. a furred robe 
P6l\i9on,sm. furred petticoat 
„„.- .Peilt sf a stivvel 
\ low key of Peil6e, Pelleree, shovel full 
Pelleron, sin. a Uttle oven- 
Pellcterie, sf, skinner*s or 

J urrier*s trade ; fur-sktiss 

skinner^s street 
Pc!teticr,e*./wrr»fr , skinner 
Petlieule, sf a pellicle, cuticle 
lPe\ate, /ktH%ishion ; bottom 

of thread ; clew ; ball 
Pelote, ou etoile, star in a 

■horie*s forehead 
Pe\otetrVa,to'H»ss', to bang; 

to throw snow-balls 
Peloton, #m. a clew of thread, 

snow-baU ; knot of' people 
Pdotonner,' va, to * run into 

heaps ; tiaster 
Pelouse, tf, ' down $ given 
Pelu, e. a. hairy [sward 
Pelvche, sf she^ ; tufi 
Pelure, paring ; peel 
PoMiIle, monkery 
Penaillon,«m. a ragf (in con 

tempt) a monk, a friar 
P^nal, e. a. Penal 


Pfnahl, sm, a doiard f otM 

ntsty fellow 
P«nates, dieux 
househotd gods 
Penaud, t. a, out of counte- 
Pencluuit, «m. decHotty, pro- 
pension ; decline ; brink 
PcndMtit,e. a. leaning f bmd- 

ing i declining 
Penebement, sm. leaning ; 

PeDcher,tP<i. to * beitd ; to in- 

eline; to* beineUsud • 
Se peneter, vr, to * stoop i 
*lmn }hu • 

Bet ain penehCt, lolttng 
Pendable, «. hanging matter 
Peiidaiion, sf. idmging {of 

TesstMntfPr. during 
Pendant qae, ad, whilst 
Pendant, sm- ear pendasit i 
ship*s pendemt ; hanger of 
a lelt [pendanti 

Pendant ik 3 gratni, 9 drtp 
Pendaid, e. s. a vUUanJode 
Pendeloque, sf. an eariob | 

hanging crystnls 
FeudentiT, sm, arch, veuU 
Penderie, sf, hanging 
Pendilier, vn. to dangle to 
and fro {con on 

Pendoir, #m. cord to hangbor 
Pendre, v, to * hang 
Pendale, sf. a clock 
Pendale, sm, apendidum 
P^ne, bolt of a lock 
P«n€trabtlic6,f/. -lity 
P6n€trable, S. a,pcnetrtAle 
P6ntoant,ie< a. penetrating ; 
sagacious, quick, sharp 

P*n?tratit;">-e. troe 

P6netiation, */. — rtcn, m- 

PenCtrer, v. penetrate s *go 
* get, pierce, or tooA; thrv $ 
^unfterstand, dive into 
P^nible, s. a, ItAorious, hard 
P^Wletneau ad, painfully ' 
P^nJntule, sf, peninsula 
P6nitenee, repentance, pe- 
Penitencerie, the penitenti- 
ary court at Rome 
P6nitenciel, le. ^^entiol 
P^nitencier, sm, -tentiary 
Penitent, e. a, s» peniteijc 

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IP^nitentieV 99n4fentmee^ok 
Peniiape, the feather of a 
hawk [fiawk 

Penne, sf beam feather of a 
P^ nom}it€^ penumbra 
Pensee, thinking ; rare ; no- 
tion ; thought ; sketch 
Pem^e, heart"* ease 
Pwser,v. to think ; imaginei 

believe ; suppose 
Pefxer, «tn. thought 
Peiiseur, #. a thinking man 
Pehrif. ve. a, pensive 
Pension, sf boards boarding- 

home S school: pension 
Pensionnaire, s^boartier^pen- 
sioher [pension 

Penaiouner, va, to * give a 

ftaMiiixn. stn* imppsiiion 
'entag;one, a pentagonal 
PentaRone) «m. pentagon 
Pentamdtre, — — mrttfr 
Pemateu<|ue^nR.-^fVcA, {^ e. 
■ thejhe books of Mosei 
Fente, sf decHvity^vtdance ; 
/&oneness [teoost 

PeiitecAte, Whitsunday^ peik 
Penture, iron-work tf a 

door, or Vfindow 
P6iiu]ti^me, S. ff. s, last but 

one : penultima 
P^ntirie. sf — ry, indigence 
VeoXe, small Dalmatian ship 
PfeBJe, pip ; thirst 
Papier, t»n, top^ ; *chirp 
P6pin, sm. kernel i Hone 
PBpinidife, sf. nursery, seed- 
plot [gardener 
Pep ni^riste, sm. nursery 
Pereant, e. a. purcing 
sharp } acute ; boring 

Perce^ en perce, ad. broached 
De perce en perce, ^ite 
throughout [ter 

Pertefor^t, sm. a great hun- 
Peree-Iettre, a bodkin 
Perce-neiee, sf, snato-drop 
Perfe-oreOle, snuear wig 
Perce-pierre, sea-fennel 
Percement, an opening 
Perceptible, 2. a.——Sle 
Perception, sf. —tion^ receipt 
Percet, va. to pierce ; *tap ; 

• break through ; bore 
Percevoir, va. to gather 
Perceur, sm. a borer 
Percbe,#/; aperchtpote^ rod 


Ferdbcr, vn^ to perd^'nett 
Pei«heir, sm. a perching 

stick or roost 
Perchit»i e. a. who has last 

the use of his limbs; im- 
Per^oir, »w. a piercer [ed 
Percu, e. a. recttved^ gather- 
PevcutNoD, */■ —tion, stroke 
Perdam, e. s. loser 
Perdiiion, sf penfition ; 

Perdff, va* to • /we; ruims 

§e pepilire, vr. to * losepw?s 

self; to • be cast envoy 
Perareau, sm. young par. 

Penlrigon.Mrf of plumb 
Perdrix, sf. a partridge 
Perdu, e. a, lost ; kwd ; vn- 

Ferdurable, 9. a. hasting 
;Pt=re, sm. father 
Pdr(e-nourri«)er, fosterf other 
Peregfrinatioii, sf. -^tion 
Peremption, non-suit 
P6reinptmre,S. a.peremptory 
P^remjptmrenient, ad.—tor^ 
Fierenmal, e. a, perennial 
Perfection, ^. perfection 
Perfectumnement, sm, un- 

Peifectionner, va. to perfect, 

to finish [prove 

Se perfi:ctitjttt]er, tt. to im- 
Pertjdi , ^ a, s, p^ft'ions 
Perfidi (iK-nt, arf. ^Oi^usly. 
Perfidit. if.p^rjiditjolsdtood 

Perforation, tlon 

Perforer, va, to bore; to 

pierce [ger 

Pericliter, vn. to • be in 
P^ficr&ne, sm. -—-cranium 
P^iidot, '-dot, a precUuts 
Perii?€e, perigee [stvne 

Perih^Iie, ^^lium 
P^ril. danger, peril [ly 

P^rilieuseDientf ad.fterilous- 
P^riHetiJt, se. a. dangerous 
Perimer, va. to nonsuit 
P^ripidtre, 9m. circimfe- 
Pferin^e, perinceum [rence 
^(noAe. pitch ; summit 
T^riode^sf, period 
P6riodique, 2. a. —dical 
P^riodiouemest, ad.-^dically 
P^ripatiticieii, a*peripatftK 

P*riv<Jiie, sf. nuiden *ttrn eT 

P^i-ilfJriuse, -^_/j/^rB*it 
Hij V lirasf^r. vn^up^riphwmt 
fen^'firujiiiujiir. H. —ny^ ft 

pijQfnwatwn of the- iMvif^$ 
PltiTp -Dti. titperit/i I toiieesf 
feriwrTi-iu, jiPf. pt. ptrisrii^ 

■r ;■■--:■ h,i\^ 
P' =i.-..:.-.. , ■- tupcrU/iabr 
Perwt^tet sm. ^—^h 
Peiitoine, •m.perktHmm 
Perte, sf.apiart; raritu 
Perl4, e. a. pearledi atrlei 
Perluret, sf pL ctiHk^ of a 

d^r [to ^ra§-0fie^ 

?eriuttver, wuto^ tv»oner% 
ei manence, sf. - n tney 
Pennanent. e. a, lasting 

** ure, yo. to permit ; 

r; '^let; allows giti 

leave ; tolerate ; to • nink 
Verv^^B. a. lawful . ^ 
Permission, Sjf. permtooioHS 

Permutant, snupermtiter 
Permutation, sf. r-rM% e^ 

change of living 
Permuter, rn, to ejtch^ngem 

Uving [cioud9 

Peitoicieuseroent, dd* perm- 
Pemicieux,ae a-permtioiu 
Peron^, sm, the shin 
P^ronnftle^j/ slut, saueyjeA 
Peroraison,j&^oro^<«i^ close 

of an oration 
P^roter, va. to sum vp, f* 

capitulate [tar 

Peirp«niUcaUi««, ». tu*firH» 
Perpendicalairenioit, euif 

Perpendicttlatit€, sf, —nty 
Perpeod«cule,fm. apiwmnet 
Ferpetrec, va, to tomm» 
Pexp^tnation, sf. -Hon 
Perp6tuel, le. a, perpetu^ 

perennial, endless 
PecpetueUeinent, ad^-tttaUy 
Perp6tuer, va, to perpetuate 
be —. vr. to • be perpetrated 
Pei|>^tHit6, sf perpetuity 
Peipfcxe. a. a^ perplexed 
Pei^ilexitg, sf. perplexity 
Perquisitton, strict inftmys 

thorough scorch 
Pori^re, a ttwe qvmrM 

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stepf biffm HtJUrtJarwuMiitt 

l^enoqnet* a parrot ; « l^ 
MUanMiiMt i t«p'*atl; 
l^emwlM;, {/*. aparaquet 
Perraqoet a vrig^peruke 
PerrUqitter* «in. fiervrng- 

Per»« e. a. biuuh^fy 
]Perse, {Z*. PertUin cmmw 

Y«r9^o«|f r, vo. I« perucvie $ 

t^^iti^piitune [««r, 

JPersmteifr, rice* uperMvu' 
Persecution, *f.per*ecMtUtn 
Pers^e rao^cet^f 'Mperonce' 
PenfivtsnBt^e* o. «. cotutanti 
, result 
Per86v«rcr«tm. teper*everei 


^kumu Uquor 
f^an^Gsme^ «J. Venetian nsin- 
. doiw-bUsid 
TexnOasb^muJeering ; ^c^- 

^ersi^ei^lva. f «^*wr ; ridiade 
"PeniBifVx^tm.Jeercrt sctffftr 
PenUIadc, *^ Utf-tteakt 

tokh partlqf . « 
Penique, lar^e peach ; or- 
der m areintecture {pm 
Peniste^,«M; ^huui 
fetvaisamfC^ *m,pei'son;per' 
soiiage ;pan InaUze 

Peraoiinatiaer, va* to perto- 
PenoBoalite, sj. perjonaiitjjf 
V&nemnetp«f*on lone 

PcrsomMvpr*. nfihdtiy ; any 
FenoBneJ, le. o. personal 

I'lOEidBiuto:, tvr. to personify 
l^enpeciif; a. ^ttca/ [vtCTp 
Peripecthe* */i perspective^ 
Perspicac ite , pcnpicacUy 
Perspicuity, perspicutty 
Ferspifatiasv— /um, STveaing 
Penttftdantf e« «. persuanve 
Fercuader, vo* to persuade, 

satisfy ; advise i induce 
Se p«rraader, vi. to fancy 
Penuasible, 2. a. -^le 
Pertuasit; vfr «. persuasive 
PcrtimtioDf ofi persuasion 
Fene, ;«« f 9* dampge ; rtrin 

•tf. JMrfx- 

Pertinetat, e. 0. pertinent,pat 
J?en\m^KmMarroiwpa*si hake 
Pertuisaiie, </*. pattixan ; 

kina ■/ halberd 
Pcrtwb*teor, riocb «• di#- 

PcnnrbatioB, j|^— et«f^ irou' 

ble (kerb) 

Perrcfidwi ptriwimkte (an 
F«rvers4 ^,ih perverse 
Pervcuminii, sj'—sien^ corrvp* 

tU»% . 
PeTTersit^,— ««|y, vncksdness 
'^^nrcnir, m. toperv^rt 
^eai9in«Qt, ««<• heavily 
Peuuit, e.. Oi ktavy ,* dull 
?c«apt, «m« tMv^<< 
Pesanteur, sf weigid', bea- 

•mfws i dullness ; bulk 
Pes^, weighing i ail that is 

•wofjghedat ome 
P^ie-UqueUTt 9^* areometer 
Peier, tia« ft vf^a i ponder 
Peaeuft Sfn» a teeigUr . 
V^win^a 0^elitatd } "whirl 
Pester^ Mk to rttilati *teU 

tales to the mastery *.be 
■ madf * tear 
Pestif^re, 8. a» •-ferouSf con*- 

PcB4it^r^ e. a. 


vnth the plague 
PettikMc, 4/. pootOfmce 
Pestilent, e. a,pestUetu 
Pestilcbtiel, le. pestileiiti 
. «iia^-e^iifd»a,pesUlennial 
Pet, sni, crack ; wind 
PetaieipHal liimpt 

Petemde, sf. a sign of con^ 
Petaxd. om, petard ; cracker 
Petardeiv vo* toHlsw up vitk 

a petardf or mortar 
PfcUmier. stn, a petardeer 
Petaudidrie, sf, a bear-gar' 

den } u confused company 
Peter, vn. crackle } bounce 
PfteroUe» «/*■ small cracker 
Petiliant. e. fl. sparkling ; 

mettlesome lisl>arkliiy[ 
Peti)leiBeMt« m». crackling; 
Petiller, »*». to crackle ; 
I sparkle; long^ * be eager 

I Petit, e. a* iktie^ smaU,pet- 
Petit late, rohey ity, short 

PtiSaviciH maU¥H9 
PetitementfOf/. Uttle^ ntemht 
PetitesK, </b Httieneos ; iam 

PfititioB, -^on, demstnd 
F6titoircv «m. sttnmfod 
Petfio, a litttefsot 
PctMwlev *A a cockle 
F^treau. sm, opt ig.wild stock 
P«lc^, if. a^pettcem^ stony 
F^irifier, ««• topetnfy 
P6trin,«ink kneadin^^roagh 
Vi^x^va. to knead 
P£tri>seur,fe.#. a kneader 
Petnilv, n». — /y, or rock oU 
F^iulaniineiit, ad* "-Aanthf 
Pfetttiance) ^- petulamey 
Petulant, e. fl. pttulant^ skU" 
Peiun «iR. rsiocta [ca 

Petuner^ vn. t« MM/ipr/o/^n/E 
Pen, ad. Uttle^few 
Pei>4>pea, w* by drgreeo 
Feu s'en fiiut que, there 

waves bvt Uttle of it 
Un peu, «fR. o iitftoy «eme 
F««pWe,{^ eotonn f pUmt/o, 

Pevpley sm.people g natiomi 

the vuigar 
Peupler, va, to people ; stock 

a pond, propagsge i mulH- 
Peupliei*, sm» ptptar \ptg 
Pcuiv of' fear, dread, fright 
Peurenx se. a^feaiful 
t*eui-^tre, ad»peihaps 
Ptjaetou. *ni. phaeton 
Phakuige, V> phaksnx ; sdso 

St ssrt of- dawgerow 9p> 

der ; the bona of' the hand 

Pkataugite, sm. soldier 6^ 

longi*>g to ihephalanje 
Pbalaiique^ of. —riea >• long 

opaar ,, ^ L«fW 

Pkiri«ue» sm* a kind of but<- 
PhaiaiM, a chanc^^ianw 
n\Aret sm* a lighthouse 
Pkarisft1ique» S. s. —smicai 
PliariMkuiBef *»»• — -i««n ; 

hypoeriey . 

Phariiieii. em»phartsee 
Ptot«a*e»tiqHe»,2. a. -^fc 
Pl«rniaeie» if^pharmacy 
^ Kiclir wutipothecary 
PlMncmaeopee, U* '^eopeta. 

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2114 PHT FIE 

Mnnneopole, tHu^p^Btt; •fmu?4 temper by the f09kr 
aptthecary Phynonomktt, nn^phytiag- 

Phase, tj.phasis^ atpeet 

Phas^le, FreneMtean 

Fti^bai, *m. botrUnuti the ntn 

"PMnix^ a phenix [— mCTio 


PbiUatrape, humane 

l*hiluitropie, ef. philantlw- 
py^ humanity 

PhiUutie, tf, »elf-lme 

Pfaitodoxe, em, an egotiet 

Tiaiologie^s/.phUolagy, uni- 
vertal learning 

Philolofsique, «. a, -gical 

Philologue, em, --ger 

Philomdie, ef. —melt night- 

Philosophale (pierre), the 
phiUntepher^g ttene 

Philosophe, enu phiUnpher 

PhikMupbe, iM.phUotophical 

Philoiopher, vn. to philoeik^ 
pAwc ; moraltaae 

FiiUoaophie, tj, philosophy 

Philosophique, o. philosophic 

PbiloMDliiquemeDt, otL phi- 

FhaloBophiame, enu iOphietry 

PhUoiopbiate, em. a eophiit, 

Fhitttis, tnu —ter^ leive potion 

Phimosis, phimoeie 

Phiole, *f, vialf gla**»boule 

Phl6botomie, — mjf, letting of 

Phljbotomiser, vn. toilet 

Phj*botoiniite,<m. -temist 

Phl^rmauqoe, i.a.e.-Hic ; 
tiull ; sedate 


Ph egmoneux, ^Ta. --now 

Pblogisiiqae, «n. -gisten 

Phosphore, -phorus 

Pbosphoriqae,*, aphotphoric 

phrase, */. phrase, expreosion 

PhxMier, ^hna&u,snu emp- 
ty pompous talker 

Phthine, ,/. phthisic^ con- 
*w«^*n ieonsumpttoe 

Phthwique, a. a, phthisical ; 

*'lj«eien, a natural philoso- 
/"ier. a physician 

Phrs|oiiomiter^T«. tf 

Pfaytiqne. sf, physic ; nata- 

ral philosophy 
Physique,i. a.— ^nro/, natural 
Physiqiiemeat, ad, -sieatly 
Pmcuiaire) i. a. piaeuiar 
Pmffe, *f. Mruttingt parade 
Pinflbr, vn, to strut 
PUuller, to scoUt, bmot, p^ 
Piaiilerie, sf, scolding, (fowl- 
ing Isqutttkr 
PUuUeur, ae. «, a scold i 
Pima, ad. gently 
Piaste, sm, a native of Poland 
Piastre, sf. piece of eight 
Piauler, va, to vmne 
Pic, sm, afnek-mxe; tooed- 

pecker g peak 
Pica, longingtgreernickneu 
Picber, apucher 
Pichofine, ef small olive 
Pitor^e, plundering 
Picorer, v». to * go a plun- 
dering ipU^pary 
Pieorenr, sm, freebooter f 
Picotemeat, a pricking 
Pieoter, vn, to •prick j *pecki 
anger ; tease ling 
Piooterie, sf, dickering ; teazr 
PieotiBt em, a peck 
Pie, *f magpie, pied horse; 
a In-oUedbladt^one of mut- 
Pi6, pied, «m./aoe,*Mr,/>fanf 
— — suf le pied, in propsir- 

Hon, as 
DVunrache pied, wiihout ceas- 
Pi^ce, f/*. a piece, etonfocher 
Pt6dettal, sm. a pedestal 
pi6douehe, Uttle pedestal 
PiMroit, fdedroUfpier 
Pidge, snare ; spring ; wile 
Piernille, «/■ a heap of small 

Pierre, a stone, drain 
Pierre-ponce, pwniee-stone 
Pierr€e, watercourse, drain 
Vkmxko, Jewels 
Pierrette, little stone 
Pierreux,se. a stony 
Pierrier, sm, swivel-gun 
Pierridre, sf, a quarry 
lPi€tk, piety, godliness Zpkty 
Pi€ier, vn, to • etandfair at 

PMtoB, ne. «. a walher^Jbtt- 
Pi^tre, % a. paltry [evidier 
Pi^trement, ad,pStifuUy 
Pidtrerie, sf trash ,• pitiful 
Pieu, sm, a stake \tmng 
Pieuiemciit, ad. piously 
Fieox, w. a,pmu^ godly 
Piffre, esse. s. a glutton 
Pigeoii, sm. pigeon ; bubNe 
Figeoia»e,sf.Uttle dsrve, honey 
Pigeonne&u,fm youngpigeon 
Tiffjeooxuer, pigeo»Jk0uee 
Piemce, a ptgmy, dmettf 
Pignoeher, * €m elm^ 
Pignon, sm, gable end; pine- 
apple; kernel; toatch^ 
Pikutre, a pUaster- 
Hk, »f a pile, a loop, pier 
Piler, va, to pound ; bndee 
P iller. *m. a pUtar^ a poet 
Pillage,i>««fl^e ; plunder 
PiUaid, e. a, e, JUchsng; 

plundering ', plunderer 
PiHer, va, to plunder, pirate, 
•steal; * eet adegaone 
Pillerie, tf, plundering^ ex- 
tortion ll^ry 
Pillenr, sm, plundererl pla- 
Pikm, peetU ; drumetiik 
Pilore, pilorue 
Pilori. the pillory 
Pilorier, va. to •eet in the 
pUlery ., Iwork 
Pilotage, em. pilatage ; pile- 
Piloter, V. to • drtoeinpikts 

to pilot a ehip 
PHoua, snuapile s a etake 
Pilule,*/ o/>i« C"»«* 

Pimb^c^e, afflected HBy wo- 
Piment, em, alUspite ; pi- 
mento {gaudy 
I'impant, e. a. flaunting ; 
Pimpesou^ sfuijormal lat^ 
Pimprenelle. bttrnet 
Pin, sm, a pine^ree 
Pinacle, a pinnacle 
Pinasse, sf. a pinnace 
Pinastre, snu wHdpine4ree 
Pince, sf. nippers; erowg 

toe tfa horse*s foot 
Pinees, horse's gatherer* or 

foreteeth ; lobster's clerws 
P'inceau, sm. pencil ; brush 
Pino§e sfcpmeh 
Pinoelier, sm-pmnHrU enuffi 

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P'riWe^MBle, pinchpcfMH 
Pincement, a pinching 
Pinoer, va. f» ^ftinch^ *n^t 

Pinoete^, to *mp nffthe hair 
Pincette, tf, ttoeextrt 
Pincettes, pi. tong* ; pineer* 
Pinchina, sm. a land of 

coarse roooUen cAeA 
Pincon, the mark tf a pinch 

on the tkin 
Pindariqae, %- a. Pintinrit; 
Pindariser, vn. to affect kfti- 

nets ofexpresHon 
Pindariiear. *m. wjc thur 

•peakt affecttdlu 
Pin6e« */*. tort ofdrietl i-^d 
Fin6alei a. pineali* iii^pl^ 
pinnu, 0U unna, om, Aifie- 
Pinqoe, of. a pink (a ohip) 
Finaon. «m. chqffbich 
Pinsonne, of. henFchqfflnch 
Fintnde, a Guinea-hen 
Finte, pint, N. B. quart in 

Pinter, va. to tipple 
Fintereau, onu a dauber 
Fioule, of. pinnule; oight 

(ofrm inttumem) 


Picjoe^xetir, a drofoer^ Hupid 

fiUow {reckoning 

PiqiieDiqae, pluhBing at a 

Pfqner, va. to *priek ; ^tting ; 

guilt ; lard ; angrr 
Se inquer, vr, to pretend to, 

to^takepet; be angry 
Piquet «m trolake, picket 
— , pbiuet (game at cardo) 
Piquette, of. tart oort of wine 
Piqaear, «m. huntoman ; 

overoeer i ' 
Piqaier, apikeman 
^ PiqAre, */ pricking ; oHng ; 

quilting ; pinking 
Piiate, om, a pirate 
Pinter, va. to pirate 
Piraterie, tf.pirocy^Mctortion 
Pire. 8. a. /. tooroe; worot 
Pirocroe, of. pirogue^ Indian 
Pirole, winter-green iboat 
Pirouette whtrUgig ; turn- 
ing on oneU leg 
PironCtler. vn. to turn on 

one*o leg, whirl about 
Pirrhonien. ienne. a, toho 

doubu of every thing 
Vvhonutidder; dug 
Pii, a. 9, woroe wont 



PituSteox, le. a. o.phlegnmtie 
Pirer, om. woodpecker ; 

PiToine, of pionri 
PiToine, onu gnat^onqpper 
Pivot, pivot ; omo ; trendle 
Pivoter. va. to • hang m a 



nodie, of. mattock, pich-axe 
Piocher, va. to * dig the 

ground wHh a mattock 
Pioehon, om. email twibUl 
Piole, e. o. opeckled, spotted 
Pioler, vn. to *pip, 'chirp 
Pion, om, a pawn at cheoo ; 

a man at draughto 
Fionnier a pioneer 

Fiotfirlntf (injeft) , , 

Pipage, duty on each pipe of Pitaneieri sm. pitancer 

Piochaf^ om. digging of Fisdne of. a pool, at pond 
— —• -'' Piteine probatiqite. thet>ool 

ofSUoam or Betheoda 
Piitache. a piotachiowtt 
Pittaehier, #m pUtochio4ree 
Pitte, ^f. a track, fhttotep 
Ti*t\V om. pistil 
Pittole of a pistole {pistol 
Pistoler, va- to *thoot with a 
Pittolet,«m a pistol 
Piston, a sucker 'fa pump 
Pitance,f/* amonk^smess 

„.,sm. inlaying 

Pkrard, bUl posted up, libel 

Placarder, va. to pool up, ^ 

libel one 
Place, of. place f room; 

oquare; spot 
Plaee,cfe0r the way, make 

roorh f • lay 

Placer, va. to place ; • put. 
Placet, sm. low stool, petition 
Plader, e. *. owner of a 
Plafond, sm. the ceiling 
PlafinHier, va to ceil 
Plage* ff flat shore, regivt 
Plagiaire, sm. a plagiary 
Pfatriat, plagiarism 
Plaid, speech of a pleader 
Plaider, v. to plead, to sue 
Plaideur. se^ a. s. one who is 

at lerw, litufious 
Plaidtnrie, sf pleading, laoh 

Jour plaidoyable, court day 
Plaidoyer, sm. plea, plead- 
ing ; brief 
Plaids, pU court-leet 
Plaie, sf, a wound ; sore 
Plaiif^Mmt, e- a. s. plaintiff 
Plain, e. a. pfain, flat, even 
Plain^hant, m.churchmuoii 

Tipe.of.a pipe [wine 

Fipeau, sm. a pipe, hird-call 
Plh^cof. awaa of catching 

hirdo with a birdcall 
Piper, va. to • catch birds 

with a bird-call; to cheat 

at play 
Ff per, vn, to excel 
Pipene, of. a cheat, a slight 
Pipear,se. *. sharf>er. cheat 
Piquant, e. a, prickling, tart, 

poignant; keen ; prickly ; 

Piquant, sm, a prickle 
Pique, sf. pike; bickering; 
ViiiQe,9m.spadet Igruage 

Pitaud, e.s,a clown 
Pite, sf. a mite, eld coin 
Piteoaenient. nd. pftifully 
PitCTix, se. a. pitiful, woeful 
Pitif , sf pity, compassion 
Piton, snu a pin, or nail with 

a round eve 
Pitoyable, 8. a. compao- 

tionate ; pitijul ; paltry 
Pitoyablement, ad. piti/itlly 
Pittoresque. S. a. picturesque 
Pittoresqnenient ad. in a 

pictureoqw manner 
Pitmtaire, S. a. behnging to 
I thepituite 
Pituit*. */»i>*««»n 

Plain pi6, a floor 
Plaindre«vo to pity ; grudge 
Se plaindre, vr to complain 
Plaine. sf. a pkdn [tion 

Plainte, c0mp/atnf, lamenta- 
Plaintif, ve. a, pUdntroe i 

Plaintiff sm. plaintiff 
Plaintivement, tuU moan- 

Plaire, v«. to please ; * be 

Se plaire, vr. to love, delighti 

to • thrive in 
Plaisamment. ad, pleasara- 

ly ; ridiculously 
Plaisanee, lien, maiton de 

plaisanee, neat villa [sane 
\ Flaisaot, c. «. pleasing, pfen- 

Plattanterie, */. o.|«*f* 9jen 

Pfaiisanterie * pmeU ifrUtuty 

Ftahir, rm. pktuurtjj^yi 

diverHon ; 9p9rt t fiineif 

Plan» e a. plain ; even 
Planche, *f. pbmk ; kmrd | 

thelfigartknJbed; evpper- 

ptaie ; prece4ent 
Plancher, #m.>tocr 

a *Atf//- [««»»•'' 

Pteueliejvr, vtu ^ J^ f 
Plan^an, tm, a tef, a tw^f 
Plane, oAton^free ^ 
PtoBe.«/:«/**anf (<••*) ^ 
Planer, t>n. to h*ver, f^t 
Planer, tw. to plane, pUmuh 
P]an6tai(e,«. o.-tarif 
Plan^taiie. em, frery 
Plan«lie,tf.aA'flm««. ^ 
Plantar, em, a pfaniewr 
Planim^tne, *f. — mefrf 
PlanitpMre, *m. --ep^re 
P)ant,a«0l; a/»te«< 
PtefHade, #/*. « «?« oftreee 
Plantain, tm, plantain 
Pfauitage, plaxahig, plmita- 
rhintui,aeet,atwig ttion 
PlaiMatinn, */. -^«#n, ptant- 

ing ; colony 
Plante, a pkmt t the -k of 

the feet i -oin^^dr^u 

eet lfhf,*mvein 

Planter, va, toptant ; to *»ef; 
8e pteiiier, vr. to pUmt, w 

*put one"** eetf 
Ptancenf , em, a planter, «rf. 
FUmtiAt,ambte Iter 

■Manfttreu«ement, ad, plenti- 
fully ^ int^undanoe 
Piamureox, se. n, plentiful 
Planute, */• a chirpy a plain 
PUque, opiate; a enmnof 

avftg ; ehell of a ewerd ; 

back of a chimnev 
Plaqntr, wfc to plate, to inlajf 
Plaquetie, */• French coin 
Plastron, em, a breaet-pUHe 
Se plastronnrr. to *wear a 

fMfttled brtfoetitlate 
Plat, sm, diehg me9st,fh^-eide 
Plat, e. a, Jktt: ine^id ; 

mean , uon 

Tie plat, «m. o wntehedfgl- 


Vtetao, the jhiAwif fnv 
Fkteao, a -wooden eeale ; a 

tea^mrd^ a platform 
PlM^banfc, tf, pku^Aandi 

border i/h^rf 

PtetfAkima, a pWorm; a 
Platine, eeuie^on ^ a lock ; 

plaleo of axoi^eki platem i 

npron of a mmm 
PkittCtMle, duhutei ineipld 

Platonique, 1. a. platanic 
Piatonisme, enu '—niom 
Plfttmge, pheterforerk 
Plitras, em, nMieh 
PI %tre, ptaeeer^ parmi, pu 
PlAtrer, va, to pketer, 

*ehttk J pmteh up 9 daub 
PUtmnc M. a, limy [over 
PlAtfier,,«m. a plaeterer 
Plautilalhd,— Mv l<otm9 
Plausible, t. a. phmte^Me, epe- 
PhmMenent, ad. "-^ty 
PlfeWkdi, we. «. e. Plebeian 
PMliisake, em, puhieaium ? 


Fleeter, TM. to tetf^ ^ , 

Pleifrotanc ehureh^muete 
Pleine, with young 
PWnement, ad, faHy f en- 

Plfinier. e. a. plenary, free 
Pi^Vnotenltere, •»». -«fary 
Pldnitnde, »/. — *. fulneoe 
Pl^nasme, em, —naem, re- 

dundancy ofworde 
Pl6tlH>tc, efplethoryJuUof 

PletiTard, e. e, iMwoerer 
Plenrer, v, to •we^ ; tfff; 

He«r?»ie, ef, a pleurtry 
Pleur6tiqw>, «. a. *, -'HHe 
Ptenreur, se. *. weeper^ movr- 
Vlmnmehefplrvupere [ner 
PleiimicTier. vn. toeham cry- 
ing i to whine 


n&fm, em, a «»%, mt atier 

Pliable, «. a, pUaftle^flexMt 
PKaice, em. a folding np 
Pliant, *m. afMing eMatr 
PHant e. c Msm^ /fe«lMk 
pfie, tf. a plaice 

yield; •givegrmmdJiM 
SepUer, vr. to ^bendf em- 

furm ow?* •eelf 
Pfcur, se. #. o fidder 
Plioir, em, a foMng-^Htk 
Plitser, va. toplak,foid 
Pllssure, */•. puatkigt ^Minjn 
Plomb, #m. 2eiUf / plummet i 

level i buttete ; ehat 
Plombasine» ef, leaiauieU- 

Plomber, va, to die veer vdA 

lead; to lead 
Plomberieyf^ IcoeMvm^ or 

Plombier, em. a plumker 
Plongeon, diver, tea find 
Plonger, va, to • dip ; im- 

merte; di^ t pktnga 

Plonnfeur, em. a^ 
Ployatal«,l.a.A<^6te , 
Plover, va, to ^bend, fehm 
¥Me.*frain Imi^ 

Plumage, em, feaehere, put- 
Plnmail, feetther^roam 
Plaman, teiye fb ^ h et^reem 
Plumasseau, a hai'peioherd- 

quill; a pledget 
Plttmassier afmher^mm 
Plume, *f feather q^i, pen 
p]um(ie, penfUl •(^^ 
Plumer, va, to *pick,jleee€ 
Phimet, em, a fbt^ker/^ a 

hat ; aplume; a baau ; a 

Plumeux, se. a downy, toft 
Plumitlf, sm. a minute-iook 
Phtrelh*. •/ "Sty* nu^ertiy 
P\une\,\e, a, plural 
Pluriel, em, plural member 
Plus, more, most 
Plus. adL more. Hem, dUte 
Le plus, <Ae w»«rf 
La pJupart, moetfthc^re^tM 


Plusieun, 9. 9,pU nmHf 
Pins loin, < i<t>ag er 
tka pi^t, neartf 

,y Google 


Jftu-lmi, later 
rVlatAt, mmter ; -rather 
'Plutftc que de, c. rot Aer ikon 
Ptuvier, S'tu a pltroer [to 
VlwntxBL. le. o. rmny 
Pneamatique. %. a- '-^mati 
•PueufDatoloiae* V* ''~^'V[y 
.SiBeainoiiiqne, 3. a. «. •— ntr 

gtodfvr the lung* 
Poclie, y/* /Mribt, %>, kit 
craw ; fwree-net ; crease 
Puelier roeil, va f« *give a 

black eye 
fndMtier, 9m, peekeHnaker 
Poelietie, «/ purte^net ; Of' 

tiepurie^pecket, or bag 
Podeigrct i. a «. gout m the 
PodtitMt,*au MOettate if-ef 
Poeie, a Hne ; pall ; cati^py 
Po«Uf, tf,rrying.pon 
Poelier, x^m. irmmenjfer 
Potion, t/dliet, eaureiian 
Poelonnee tfaekUleHuU 
'PoStwsj em. a iteem 
Po^sie, f, paetry ; ptety 
Po^«, s» a poet, a poeteee 
Poi>«ereaii, tnupoetatier 
Po^tiqtie, W. a. poetical 
Po^tiqut;. »f. art tf poetru 
Poetiqueniait, arf •^ieaf 
Po^tiiier, vn, to *atake veree* 
PoKli, tm. toad ; VKiqku ; 

Potfpimwe^. A^rnanr, «Aat]^ 
pDirnanl, em. dagger t po. 

Poajpiaider. va, to etab 
Fbiniie, ef. hami^, hamik 
oja tword 

Paii« Aoir, ctlMir afabeaet^ 

beard of men 
Poile, Me PoJile, fke. . 
Poiloax, «m. a mvfcA 
P«nlu. e. a. Aoiry 
Pain^on. «m. 6«ilUii,/HmeA» 

Fvindre, vfu f« dawn, * ehoet 

forth ; • *rt«yf 
'Pmngi em. theJUt 
Points o'iL not not, none 
Point da toat. not at all 
Vemt,*m, point ; dot f hole 

in a etirrup leather j 

ttiteh; tixe \,t1awn 

Point da Jour, break of dam ; 
Pointe, ^ point \tep ; «pHr ,* 

POL . 

ekifi I graving tool; p 

ter*e bodkin ; tartneo* 
Poincemeiit, em- pointintif tc 

veiling (a cannon) 
Pointer, v. to * ttUch ; dot ; 

point ; level ,* 'toar high 
Poinceur, em- a pointer 
FountUlage, dottint[i pricking 
Pointille, *f bickering ; ca- 

villing i punctilio 
FoliitilMr va. to dot; qitar- 

rel ; nettle ; *prick 
PoimiJIerie *f» bickermg 
PointiUemu «e. a, captiout 
Poimu,ew a. points ; tharp 
Poire, *f. a pear, pomler- 
Pokr.^em pnry [hern 

Poireau, a leek ; wart 
Poiroe, sf. beet 
Poirier. enu a pear4ree 
Pou, pea ; pease 
Pui'sou. sm.poiton (etyle 
Poinard (style), BUlingegate 
Poiuacde, sf.Jtsh woman 
Poiaier, va, to *jtitch ; toglue 
Poiswn enuajish 
PuiMon d'ArriU an April-fool 
Poisiont, Piece* (one of the 

twelve eigne) 
VoMmmimUCf tf,fry 
PuiMonneri«,JijA market 
Poitiooneus, ae* a. full of 

PuiMonmer, e. e.ftelanonger 
PoiawoBi^re, ef- afieh-pan 
Poitrail, em, breaet of 

horse I breaetpieee 
Poitrinaiiv, e, eoneun^ive 
Pottrinal, e. a, which affhcte 

the breaet or the lunge 

P«itriae, sf the breaet, lunge 

Poitnm, em, eort of yell^ 



PoivnMfe, *f. a pepper and 

Poivre, em, pepper 
Poivr^e, ef pepper-wert 
Poivref,va to pepper 
Poivrette, {f. btehap** woH 
Poivrier, em, p^per-pUnU; 

p^iper^x; pt^pper-teller 
Poimdre. *f, epkebox, pep- 
9mx, pitch [per-box 

Poltere, lappel-coat 
Polaere, ou Pofaique» a (etton* 


PAIe,«iM. a pole 
Poleraiqiie, 2. a, -fiucaZ 
f uU, em, poUeh, gloee 
PuU, e. a, polite t neat ; po- 
lished; bright} terse 
Puhce, \f,poUtx, policy 
Polioer, va> te govern or ir- 
der {punch 

P«iUchiiMH, em, punchinello ; 
PoUiueni, polishing ; bright- 
Poliiuent, ad. poHtely 
PuUr, va. topoiun; emoothg 
burnish i brighten ; civi. 
Poliateur, em, polisher [five 
Poliiaoir, poUsntngiron 
Puiissou, blackguard^ wqg 
Poiisiuiiner, on. to play the 

foolf tocrackjaku 
Polisionuerie, sf, waggery; 
playing in the street* {Tag 
PoUsture, poluhing, emooth" 
^olitea^ politeness [ Jul 
Politique, %. a. politick, art.' 
Politique, sm a politician 
Potitlque. sf, pontics, policy 
PoUtiqueinent, Of/. -^rico/^y ' 
Pulitiquer,vn. totatkuolitiee 
Poltron, ne- a. covmrdly 
Poltron, ne. s» a coward 
Poltrounerie, sf, cowardice 
Polygame, e;^, polj/gamist 
PoLygjiinie, sf, — wny 
Polygarchie, ■ " 'chy 
Polyxlotte, i. a, rrgiet, ff 

several language* 
— , *f, the American mock' 

pun ipweitdgtigwc of a \ Potaire, S« u^poXar 

Polygone, t, a, 
many anglee 

Poiype, *m. polypue 
Polyp^ade,t.a.— ' 
Polyiyllabe, !.«.«. 
PoIytUeiMe, "-Hneut 
Pommade, *f pomatum ; « 

^at of fwreemanehip 
jSe pomaaader, vr. to usepe- 

Pommaille, ef, indifferent 

sort nf apple* 
Pomme. a^ki head of n 

cane, lettuce, «ce. 
Pomme e.a. headed 
Poaim6, em, cyder 
Pomroeaa, a pommel^ knob' , 




,y Google 



IT. * grow 

Se pommeller, 

Poinmer, va* to pome ; cofh 
Pommeraie, »f. an triple or- 
chard {yoood ormeto^ 
Pommette, pommeU ^il of 
rommier, om, apple-tree ; 

Porape, sf,pompn oplendor 
Pompe. (engine) a pump 
Fomper,«a to* pump 
Pompeasement, ad, stately 
Pompeax, le. a, pompous; 
Pompier, tm. pumper {lofty 
Pompon, trinJut; rose if 

Pomponner, va, to adorn 
Ponant, »m, the west 
Ponce, sf, small coal dust 
Ponceau, snu red poppy, deep 

Pomier. va, to pounce a 
print ; to rub with a />«- 
Ponche, snu punrh 
Poncirade, sf, briony 
Poncire, sm, great lemon 
Poneis, print pricked and 
rubbed over with coal- 
dust [ping 
Ponction, sf. puncture ; tap' 
Ponctualitf . punctuality 
Ponctuation, punctuation 
Ponctuel, le. a. punctual 
Ponctuelfement, ad. exactly 
Fonettter,iNi to point 
Pondre, to * latfeggs 
Pont, tnu a brutge ; a deck 
PontpferujO drawiriifge 
Ponte a punter 
Ponte. sf. laying ^ 

Pontd, e. a, tokh a dect,, 
Ponter, vn, to* be thepunter 
Pontife. sm, a pondff 
Pontifical, e. a. ponUflcal 
Pontificalement, ad. —calty 
Pontfficat, sm, pontificate 
Ponton, a Hghier \ ponton 
PontoD^f pontage, bridge- 
toll [lerman 
Pontonier, Timy^nikf}, ligh- 
Populace, ^. populace ; mob 
Populaire, 3. a, popular 
Poputoirement, ad. —larly 
- Popularity, */. — -rUy 
Populeux te. 0. popu&us 
Populo, «m. a plump little 

Pore, a hog^pork 
Poie-^pic, porcupine 
Pore-«anelier, wUdbomr 
PorcHoann, oearhog 
Porcelaine, sf. cfUna f per* 

eeUUn; Ventu shell 
Pocchaison, venisoiHime 
Porche,«m« porch 
Pordier, a svnneherd 
Pore, a pore 
Poteiix, te. a. poromt 
Poroiit6, of -~sHjf 
Porpbyre^ sm, porphyry 
Porpiijrriter, va. to * grind 

or pound on porphyry 
Poneau, sm a leek} wart 
Fwuport; harbour; wharf; 

burden f postage; gait ; 

Portaite, carriage 
Portail, front gate of a 

Portant, hand or ring of a 

Ponatif, ve. a. portable 
Porte,*/, a door, a gate 
Porte, the porte (the grand 

seignior^s court) 
Porte M»6eyffl4Ut»-door 
Porte k % tmtMUfJohUng- 

Porte vitr£e, a ghuo door 
De porte en porte^yrtfm door 

Porte de devant. Jf7«e^dtor 
Porte de derriere, a back- 

doori asubtetfuge 
Porte«siiette, snu a tobte- 
Porte4ialle,a/»«/far isttmd 
Porte<hape, a cope-bearer 
Porte«rayoD, a pencit<ase 
Porte-^roix, cross-bearer 
Porte^roiie, crosier-bearer 
Porte^liapeaux, ensigthbear^ 

er {er 

Port&«naeipBe, ent^ihbear- 
Porte«p^, swordbeartr 
Porte-ep^, belt [bearer 
Porte^tendard, etandard- 
Porte-fUx, street-porter 
Porte-feuille, port - foUo ; 

Fonoifn'^gnon, a person who 

brings another iU-luck < 
Porte-lettre, letter-ease f post- 
Porte>nianchQo, sm, the ring 

of a mniT 


oanteao, pmt-nmn- 

teau } doak-oearer tpan 
Porte-moochettes, enujfcre- 
Porte^mootqueton, #w<vel 
Porte^ueoe, trainAearer 
Portend, salt^askee 
Portei>reHe, book*inder''e 

•haoing^ub fSoe* 

PorteTent,pl>r ^an orgun^ 
Porte-verse, a verger £pet 
Porte>Toix, 'peaking^rtan- 
Port^e. tf. brood; Utterg 

reach ; capacity i length 
PonetfVa, to carry f *bear ; 

* roear ; induce ; convey 
Se porter, to • be inclined ; 

to behave on^s self 
Porteur. sm. a porter : bear- 
er ; chairman [hearer 
Totteawttsf, basket^woman ; 
Portier, «m. a house-porter g 

Portidre, sf. coach door; 

door-keeper in a nunne' 

ry ; wind-screen 
Portioiv part; portion ; al- 

lonance; ohare [piaxxa 
Portaqoe, «m. c portico ; 

H>rtaqae, < 

*ortoir, a tray 

PortcMT, marble with 4e^ yet- 
low veins 

Portndie, va, to * draw ; 

Povtndt, om. portrait ; pic- 
ture ; description ; likeness 

Portulan, beeping and pUm 
of harbours 

PoMge, sm, Poae, sf.theloit 
ing of a stone 

Pote, e. a. statd^rrave^ sober 

Pat6me&t,ad sofily^gravely 

Pater, va. ro set s ^iay : sup, 
pose; grant', aamit ; *bear ; 
rest f^ lean; •He: *put ; 

Fooem,snua layer of otones 

Potitif, ve. n. positive 

PositioD, if. position, situa- 
tion; maxtm 

Pontivement, ad, —^vely 

Potpolite. sf. the armad Po- 
lish fMSty 

Fao^^,vajto possess senjoyt 

* have; • be master «f 
spoaraer,* ' ** 

; vr, to* keep ontU 


PosiM6,e.«. a4t9sse^sed tvith 
the devil 



Po«9etnf, a, AouesHoe 
PoMCMion, iT' pouetnm f eth 

P<M«s«oire, tm* p999e§H«n 
Possibility. tf.pMtibUitv 
Possible, 2. fl. «in. pntible 
PoMtblt:, ad.perhap9 
PMtoeiHinmilon, /f, --nitn 
Postdate, postdate 
Postdater, vff* t9 postdate 
Poste, sm. pott ; elation ; 

Poite, *f,Po9t,PoetAmf^ poet 

office ; hail'tnet 
Tooter, va, to poet,place 
Potter, vn, to * run vp and 

Se poster, -rr. to * takeapott 
Post€rieuT, e. o. poetenor; 

latter; hinder 
Poflt^rieaiemeiit, ad, after 
Posteriority, ef. potterurity 
Post6rite, —my ; offsprmf 
Posthume, S. a, poethumous 
PiMtiehe, %. «. **«»», faUe ; 

prepoiterou* i done after 
PostiUon, em. a poitillwn 
PoMpoMnr, wi. to esteem kss 
Postscript, sm» postscript 
Postulant, e. a, s. eanditlate 
Postnler, v. to •beacandi 

date ; to * stand for an em 

ploifTnent ; to plead 
Posture, sf> posture^ wajf 

Petit pot de terrc, a pipkin 
Pot k eomercle, tankard 
Poifpourn. hotchfpoteh 
Poubie. i. a, drinkable 
Potage, snu pottage f soup 
Poor tout potage, in ail 
Potaffer, a stave for cooking i 

a kitchen-garden 
Potasse, */*. pearl-ashes 
Pote (main), swelled hand 
Poteau, em, a post, a stake 
Pot£e. */. a pot full; Putty 
Botde , e. a. plump, chubby 
Potenoe, sf. gallows, gibbet 
Potenees.^t. crutcltes 
Potentat. sm. potentate 
IVMentiei. le. a. potential 
PotentieUement,0ii/. —tially 
Poterie, sf. earthen-ware; 
Apttfrs xodrkhtute 


Potenie, poetem-qttet back- 
door ^ sallyport 
Potier, e. s» a potter 
Poller d*6 tain, sm, pewterer 
Putin, brittle brass 
Potion, sf. draughtfpotion 
Potiron,«m. a large mush' 

room, a pumpion 
Pou, a louse (liee, pL) 
Poua! int. fy ! faugh ! 
Pouacre, 8. a. nasty, sloven 
Pouacrerie* sf. nastinesf 
Pouce, sm, thumb, inch 
Pooeier, worker''4 thisnbk 
Poudie, of. powder, dust 
Puudse ^ camm, gunpowder 
Poudrer, va, to powder 
Poudreux, se. a, dusty 
Poudrier, sm. a sand-box ; 



gunpowder-maker ; hjsur- 
out \ plump ! bang I [gi 
Poufier de nre, vn. to *Ai 


xoith laughter 
Ponill6, sm, a registry of li- 
vings, with an account tff 

thdr revenues 
VomOet^tf* pi* blackguard's 

Povilwnx, te. -a. t, husjf 
Pouillier, uouillis, #m. an 

hedge alehouse 
PoobSlie. sj. domestic fowU 
Poulailler, sm, hen-roost ; 

Poulain, colt ; bubo ; pulley 
Poularde, sf.puikt 
Poule, hesi $ pool (at cards) 
Poule d'liKle, turkcy^ien 
PoutedVau, moar^hen 
Ptrtilt^snua chick i lsve4eb^ 

Poblette, sf. young hen ; girl 
Pouliche, pouline, sf, she<oU 

Fottlie, a pulley 
Pouber. va,to*lfJ 

WVj vu« 


lift up with 

Poulier, sm,puUey-maker,9r 

Pouliner, va. to foal 
Pooliot. sm, pamifr^al, 

Pouloc, mie child 
Poul^e. sf. pulp 
Podls, sirt, pulse 
Pounion, the lungs 
Poupard, o Ud»e, bnbif 
Povpart, a kind tfcrab 

Poop^e, sf, a dotl r/Mhe 
Poupelin, em, sort of soft 
Poupetier, a dalUmaker 
Foupin, e aa. bemush^spruee 
Poupon. ne. s. plump; a pret' 

ty rtild ; darting 
Poupe, sf. stem, poop 
Vaar^pr.for ; in order ; to 
Pour Ion, at that Hme, then 
Pour peu que, c. if ever sn 

Pour to moint, at least 
Poor cet effet, therefore 
Pour que^f* the end /tat 
Pour ainsi dire* as it were 
Poor boire, sm, pet-money ; • 

Poaroeau, snu hog,* swine 
Ponrcbasser, va. te pursue 

{in humtngjito •seek after 
Pourt^Midie, to split ; dath 
Ponrfiler, va, to * mix with 
Pourparler, sm. parlejf, con- 
Pourpier, fntrslain 
PouriMant, a doublet 
Toarpre, purple ; the purple, 
Ponrpv^. e,4upurpie colour ; 

spotted [ sure 

Pourpris, snupurprise, inclo- 
PourooM ? ad. c. why f 
Ponmr. v, to rot,putrify 
PourrituKjB. sf, rottenness, 

Poursuite. ^rniit ; process 
Poursuivanc, tm, a candi- 

tiate, a suitor, a pursuer 
Poursuivre, va, to pursue; 

to prosecute; *put in for ; 

Ponrtiint, c. however, net- 

Pooitour, sm, eircumfhvnce, 

compass ■ 
Poarrof r,v. to provide; look to 
Se pouryoir, vr. to *mtdce cp' 

piication ; to sue 
Poiiinroyeur. «m. a purveys 
Pounru, on incttmHent 
Pourru que. c prooidetl that 
Pousse, sf shoot ; purtiness 
Pousser, v, te •push, •thrust, 

shove, force^ *shoot ; jut 

cut ; *drive in 
Pottssier. sm. cMMtut 
Powsidre, »f. dust 
Poussif, ye. a, pursy 
Pouuin, sm, a yatms chick 

,y Google 



or seven starg ; a cagt /or' 

young chick* 
Poutre, a beam 
Poutrelle. a small beam 
Fouvoir, V. t9 *be able; *n«iy; 

•r//» irett 

Pwivoir, *m. power'; inte- 
Pragmatiiiue, «/. regulation 
Prairie, a meadoro^ afield 
Praiine, crisp almond 
TtHme^JlaMaetomed boot 
Pmticable, s. a, practicable 
Prativiai, n». a praetitUmer 

in t/ie law^ or ph\f»ic 
PratiqueyT^. practice^ custom^ 

skitf, customer 
FntiqQe^ S. o. praetieol, skU- 

Jul [devices 

TOtiqiiest */:/»/. cldKdeHine 
Pratiquer, vn» to practise ; 

* Aanp company with ; tant- 

per with 
Se — , vr, to * beinuse 
Pr6, sm. a meadow,jfield 
Pr6aehat, payment befyrf 

Pr£alable, 2. a. previous 
Pr6alablement, previously 
Pr6all€gae ,e. aJbefvre-quoted 
Pr^amlnili^. «fn. a preamble 
Preau, a green, a yard 
Pr^bende, sj, prebend 
Pr^bendaer, sm. a preben- 

Pr6caire, at request^ by de- 
Pr^caire. S. a»preeaHaus 
Precaivement. orf. preeari- 

9usly Ition 

Precaution, sf, — fton, cau* 
Se pr6cftutioiiner, vr. to "'be 

Pr4e6d«mment. ad, former* 

lu, heretofore 
Precedent, e. a former 
Vt€ e€der, va* to precede^ *go 

Pr6eepte,«m. aprecept; rule 
Fr^ceptteart preceptor^ tutor 
Pr«oeptorat, tutm-ship 
Pr^eeptnriiile, sfi '-4ory 
Pr^ceMion, ' o i on 
Pr^^e, «n. protestant 

church i a sermon 
Prober, v, to preachf cry «^. 


PrecfheiDVMnaiz sorry preact^ 

er fmai 

Precieuse, sf. a finical too 
Pi^cieowment. a</. choicely 
Fredeux, se. a. precious ; af" 

fected ; over-nice 
Precipice} sm, a precipiee, 

Pr^ipitammcnt, ad. hastily 
Precipitation, sf '-Hon 
Prfeeipit^, sm» precipitate 
Pr^ipit^, e. a. — -tatcv/j 

over-hasty ; hurried 
Fr6c)piter, va, toprrc^nta^i 

Pr^ciput, sm. jointure 
Vtktan^summary, substance 
Fr6cia, e. precise, fixed 
Pr^cisement, ad, precisely 
Ft^a»er,va. iofix^ determine 
Pv^irion, sf, 'Sim, exact' 

Pr^eoce, S. a,formtrdj early 

Precnee«, sm,pl, battings 
Pr^coeit^, sfijomardness in 

fruits,pulse, &€- 
Pr^compter, va. to deduct, 

Pr^coiiinttioD, sf. report, d^ 

Pr^eoniser, va, iopreconise, 

*make a report} to extol (a 
V Jocular verd) 
Pi-^cuneiir, sm, forerunner, 

Pr6d<'c^er, vn, to die before 
PrM6e^i, sm. death befvre 

that of another 
VxtAkwou^w, predecessor 
Pr^d^ce^tseura. ancestors 
Pr^destinadon, ff —tion 
PrMectin^, e. f • an elect 
Pr^destiiier, va, to predesti- 
PrM^temuiiatfoil. «/*. — — 

Pr€d6cenniner. va, to predc 

terminr \gtc 

Pr6dicable, S. a. — 4/ff, in lo- 
PrMicament, sm, ment^ 

Predicant, apreacher 
Pi-Micat, predicate 
PrWicateur, a preacher 
Predication, sf, preaching, a 

sermon [preacher 

Pridiestrioet a 


Pte£Mion« pretUctienr 
Prediiection; fredileotian 
H edire, va, to foretel 
Pit-dott'inam. e. a. — nmi; 

Prr dominer, vn. topredomt* 

note, frevidi 
Preeminence, tf preemi- 
Preentiiieut, e^ a* -"nent 
Preexistent. e. a. ^tent 
Preexiitence. sf. -fce 
Pre:ace« prefact 
Pi-efecture, ——ture 
Preamble, v. a.pre/krable 
Preierablement, fd, —^9 
Pr^feter, va. toj^fer 
Prefet, sm,prefect^ in^itcior 
Pr6finnr. va. to"^ set ; appoint 
Prefix, e. a, prepAed, stttit* 
Prefixion, sf, sealed time 
Pregnant, e. a. acute, violent 
Prejudice, sm. dttrimentf 

Prejudieiafale, S. a. hurtful 
Prejudieier. vn. topr^wSee 
P»TJMR*» *»w precedent s pre- 

sajfe f prepossession 
Prejnger, va. f conjeetaitf 

Se pre latter, vr. to otrut 
Prelat, sm, a prelate; a drone 
Prflation, a/— ftoii 
Preiature, prelacy 
Preie. htnsetatlim phoit) 
Preier,va to rub vkh isrte- 

VtHevet, to deduct 
Preiiminaire, 2. a. sm, ^-nary 
Preiire, va. to prepare a copy 

for the press 
Poudre de preiinpin]rin, sf. 

powder tfpM- ; quaeherjf 
Preike. va. to *readandcor' 

red a copy 
Prrlude, sm prelude 
Pi-eUider, wn. to prrlude 
Premature, e. a. premature, 

not yet ripe 
Prematiirement, oeL prema- 

turelij, too soon 
Prematutite, sf. ^-tureme* 
Premeditation, - 
Premediter, va. to j 

Premiees,^/: pUfirttfinOto \ 


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Premi^rement, tut, frit 
Pre ID iues, 9f, firem ins 
P»^ r»otioD^«dtrrr«nt«ai!ton i 
Prtonnir, vo. tofbreurm . 
Se prtmainr, vr. toprwUe 

OTUi'^s Mclf [taken 

PfetmMt:, 3. a* tkm mog h^ 
Prendre;, va. to ^take, *cateh'i 

*put on [le9i€e 

Preneiir, se. *» a taker; a 
Pr^nora, mi.frgt name 
Pr^notioflr, if fiM^n, eur- 

Plp6oecu]»er. va?- teprepoeteti 
PjT^opijjsnt, 9m,JiTst voter 
Pi^opiner, vn. to vote bejort 
Pr€paratit, re. u.— ^ire 
— , om» pr^taraUon 
Prt jMntioD, *y: — -<i«» 
Pr^paratokv, 3. a.prrparaio- 
'Ptt^Viv^va, to prepare {ry 
8e preparer, -or. to V«r one*» 

setfrtadjf Ideroney 

Pr^pond/nnce, */• firepon- 
Preponderant, e. a. •~r«^»»^ 
Propose , em, on ooertetr 
Pre poser va. to *.tet over 
Proposition. */. -^^ion 
PrOpoee, *m foreskin 
Pr6 rogathre, of. — ««c, prM- 


. .e», pr, 0rt, near, hard bp^ 

almoot ; by 
A peu pr^i, wUHn little 
PtfiasKc, em, preoage^ oign, 
omen [tend 

Pi^Mger. va. to presage, por- 
Presbjrte, one who can ont 

tee at a tUstance 
Pi««l»3rt€ml, e. «. *-^t«/, 

Prc*yt*re, »m, parsonage 
PreAyteriamune, '■^ism 
Pxetbytfiriat, preobyterthi/t 
Pres1iyt6rien, ne. o. *. — mrn 
Prescience, */"• a foreknow- 

Pr^seriptiUe, 9. n. ftfc 

Prescription, of. ^—4ien 
Pr68crtTc, vn, topreocribe 
Pret^ant, of* precedence 
'Pr^scnce^ presence 
Present, e- o. pretent, ready 
Present, <tn. />re*«i« «»w ; 
^«j«ttrt tente; a gift-, a 


PfCMMftMor, patten of tt O0> 

Fr^seatHtion, of — — <iwi 
Fresrntenient, otf at pt^eoent 
PrtotRxeT;oa^to present, ^ffer 
Se pr^ientier, vr to *tomet 

atpear ; tffer itself 
Fresenratif, ve> a. em, —dne 
Pr'^serrer, va* to preserve^ 

Pr6sidence, of.prtMenty 
President, «»n. presiaent^ 
speaker [dy 

Pretidente, sf,pretidenVt lo- 
Pr6sider, vo. t« preside 



Pr6sidia), mi. "^^ilal-eourt 
Prandial, c. a, of ox belonging 

to thcpreoidial<oart 
Fr6sidia]enicac, ad, vnthout 

Preiomptif, ve. a^presu^ip- 

fivf, apparent 
Fr6tomption, sf preowni 

Pretomptueux, s«. a. pre- 

Fn-cque^'t atntoot,verri ne 
Pk«s^'Ue, sf a petdnouki 
Pretqu\»mbre, penumbra 
PreasaiaBient, ad,pveoeingiy 
PivsMBt, e. a. pressings ur- 
gent [ry 
Preste, tf. crowd, trreso ; A«r> 
Presse, e. 0. in haste ; in a 

hurry ' 

Pres«emcnf, *m. compression 
PresseutimeBtj swrmise, pre* 

Pressentir, V to*ftreoee 
Pressentir qaelqtt*uD, oift one 
Presser . to *preoo i sgueexe ; 

croTvd; close; urge; hasten; 

require haste ; teaste 
Se presser, vr, to •6e in hartr, 

*lie close 
Pressier, sm, a pressman 
PRSfion, sf. pression 
Pressis, sm. juice or gravy 

squeemed out 
pvessoir, a press; saMngtub 
Pressurage, pressing ; wine 

expressed ; pressfte 
Pressurer, va, to *press, 

squeeze, Storing 
Pressurear, #mwi pressman 
Prcnatiec, sf neUt tmriage 

Pnsfm^sm. chkfromofam 
' organ Jaktngan oath 
Fkestatia» de sement^ of. 
Prette, ^. a. ftdek^ mnUUa 
FresteyAsti asdeic 
PmtciiMnl. Mmm^ haoMu 
Frestetse, {^ t^giU^ niame' 

ness ffisw 

FnstKKB, #9tB pweoligtf mh^ 
Frestigiateor, vtimrd 
Presto, sm. ad '^to^foAck 
FrOsumcr, va. topremane, 

Pr^supposer, v, taprasa^pme 
PrdsuppositioD, sf. <— (ssii 
^t^t, soKma Utatfmontif. kai 
Fr6t, e. a, ready ; at hand 

FrflL^ilaiit, Ci s, pretender, 
Pr6temdie, v. to praendi 

cUum $ eaepect ; Oipire at; 

maintain ; dettf^n 
Fretendu, «. a. suppooed 
Fr6te«onH snu one viho kmdt 

to another his name 
Pretention, sf. — fiM, cUdm 
Prater,^lend; stteteh 
Se pr^tei . vr, to comply ; *be 

accessary ; hunnour i cottif 

nance fjeroour 
Prfiter, sm, iendtn^, Um$ 
PvitMtf pre.'er-tenoe 
PvtteritioB, sf. — /l«i 
Prfteur, se. o, lender 
Priteurpraeor, Roman ftdtr 
PrHexte, "text, ptetence 
Pretexier, wo. topretend 
PieHntailles, vfonmK^s 

trimmings, trinkets 
Pretintai)lcr,vo. tofurbOmv^ 

to trim 
Pr#toiin, em, judgmem4aU; 

prater's palace 
pfetorien, nr. o. s, —rim 
Pr^tre, sm, priest 
Pr«tresie, */ « priestets 
Pr^ttiwe. priesthood 
Fr^tnre, prcetor's digniijf 
PrtTaloir, vn, to prevail 
Se prfei-aloir, vr. to •take ad- 

vantage, to glory in 

Prevarieateur, sm, tor 

Prevarication, sf collwnm 
Fr^variqver, wu to prevari' 

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38S PRI 

PrtveiMDiee« »f,forwartki§»9 

to oblige 
3?r^yeiuuit, e. a. forward to 

tbHge, engaging 
Pr^veiuv, va» toprevent; Ai* 

der ; firtposseu; anticipaW, 

*get tht start of 
Prevention, *f,prepo»$emon 
Pr6venu de crime, arraigned 

of a crime iteming 

FreviaioD, *f, foresight, fort' 
Fr6voir, w. to • foresee, *be 

Pr6vdt, sm, provost^ sheriff 
Pr6vd»lemait, euL by mar- 
tial latp 
and precinct tf a provost- 
Prtvoyant, e. a. providem 
Preuve, sf. proof ; ordeal 
Preux, a, s, courageous; brave 
Prie-Dieu, #m. praying-deskf 

private chapel 
Prier, V, to pray ^ beg^ invite^ 

desire ; ^beseech ; *bid 
Pridre, sf, prayer, desire 
Prieiir, sm, a prior 
Prieupe, sf a prioress 
Priear^, 'sm» priory 
Primat, a primate 
Pritnatie. ^f, primacy* 
Primaote, ttritrity ; eltiest 
hand at play \_ prime 

Prime premium, prize, 
IPrime, the finest l^panish v/oot 
Primer, v. to surpass ; pre- 
vent TcowsUp 
Prime*vdre, sf, primrose; 
Primeur, prH coming in of 
fruits ; newness of liquors 
Piimieier, ^m. the dean in 

some churches 
Primipile, the first centurion 

among the Romans 
Priraitif, re. a, sm. primitive 
PrimitiTement, ad. —^vely 
Primo, ad, sm, —mo,,first 
Primogeniture, */. birth-right 
Primordial, e. a, —dial 
Prince, sm. a prince 
Priaeetse, sf. a princess 
— de ooQlisse, actress 
Principal, e. a, principal. 

Principal, sm, principal, car 
pitalsum; main point 


PrincipalexDeDt, od^ -^ptUly, 

Principality, {/; the place tf 

a principal 
Principe, sm, principle 
Principion, a petty prince 
Printanier, e. a, of the spring, 
vernal {youth 

Printems, sm, the spring i 
frwnu priorship 
Priorite, sf. priority 
Pria, e. a. taken, seized 
Fnvtjsf taking; prixe; dose; 

hold ; sctfffk ; pinch 
Pris6e, an auctioneer's prixe 
Priser, va, to rate, to value 
Priieur, sm, an auctioneer 
Prisroatique, 3. a, ——tic 
lPntvae,sm. prism 
Prison, {/I a prison^ gaol 
Prisonnier, e. a, s. prisoner. 
Pritan^e, sm, the council- 
house at Athens 
Frivable, i- a, deprivable 
PriTattire, sm, treasurer of 

a church 
Privatif, ye* a, —tive 
Priyatiffli, sf, —iion, vmnt 
PrivatiTcmoit, ad, eaxlw 
sively icy 

Privaut6, sf privity, intinut- 
Priv^, sm, a privy; house of 

Priyfi, e. a. private ; tame ; 
privy ; familiar ; intimate 
Priv6ment, ad, intimately 
PriTer,i7ii. todeprive,hereave 
Se priver, vr, to deprive or 

d^tar one*s sef 
Privilege, sm, privilege, ad- 
vantage . 
Privil6gi6, e. a, s, -—Uged 

Priviligier, v, to privilege 
Prix, sm, price, rate, prixe 
Vn prix, a premium 
ProhftbiJitfi, */. -toy. likeli- 
hood '' Uy 
PzohaUe, 2. a. probably, like- 
Probablement, ad, probably 
Probage. ou Provin, snu lay- 
er of a vine 
Probateur, snu —tor 
Probation, sf, —lion, trial 
Probatoire. 8. a, probatory 
Probit^, sf. probay, honesty 
Probl6iiifitiq6e, 9« at --tictii 


Prdbl^matiquemeDt, a<L — 

Pitkbldme, snuproblem 
Prvevdi^ procedure, diapute 
Proceder, vn. to proceed^ act 
Procedure, sf, proceeding at 

Procds, sm. Urn-suit, mtion 
— verbal, verbal process 
Processif, ve. a, litigiouo 
Procession, sf, ——<9ion, pro- 
Proceasionnel* sm, —siomU 
Processioneltement, ad, in a 

Procbain, e. a. next, near, 

Piocbain, sm. neighbour; 

Procbainenient,.ad. next 
Procttes, sm. pi, relations {to 
Procbe./>r. near, nigh, close 
Proche, ad, by, hard by 
De procbe en procbe, one 

after another 
Proclamation, sf. —tion 
Prodamer, va. to proclaim 
Proconsul, sm. - ' o ul 
Proconsulat, —oulsfup 
ProcrtatioD, sf, — <t©ii, g^ 

Procr6er, va. to *beget 
Procurateur, sm. —tor 
Procuration, {/^ a letter of at- 
Procurer, va. to procure, *get 
Procureur, sm. attorney, 
proxy Iwife 

Procureose, sf, attorney's 
Prodigaleraent, ad. —gaUy 
Prodigalit6,«/ extravagance 
Prodige, sm. a prodigy 
Prodigicusement, ad. —gi- 
ousTy Ivast 

Prodigieux, se. a. ——gious ; 
Prodigue, 3. a, profuse, pro- 

Prodigue, s. spendthrift 
Prodiguer, va. to lavish, 
waste Irously 

Proditoireraent, ad. treache- 
Production, sf —tion ; pro- 
duct \ proof 
Produixie» va, to produce^ 
yieldt cause, *make, * shew 
Se — , vr. to *put ©neV self 

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Prodait, «m. prtducCf prO" 

Pro6nie» pr^em, prcendum 
Frofanateur, aPrt^aner 
Pro&uition, «/. —tion 
Pro&Be, 3. a. *. prtfane , 

~-Tier labtue 

Profkner, va, to prtfane, 
Prof(&rer, to lOter, to * speak 
Proffrs. te. a, f, prtfessed 

monk mt nun 
Prof^aer, va. to profess 
Profesaear, sm, a professor 
Frafesaion, sf. profession, bu- 
siness, catling ; art ; vow 
FrofeMMttt. '"*• —oorship 
Profiler, va, to * draw the 

Profit, *nu profit, goint pro- 
ProfiteMe, 8. a. —bk, useful 
Profiter, vn. to gtdn^mprove; 

profit ; *thrtve ; *take ad- 

Profond, e. a. de^, profound 
Profbnd^ineiit, ad» deep, 

deeply '^ 

Profondeor, sf. depth 
Profonti^ (nuneau), ship 

drawing much water 
Vroibrma, out of form . 
Profut^raent, ad. profusely 
Profurion, sf. profusion, pro- 

ftuenessy plenty 
Vrog^vae, progeny, offspring 
Programme, sm, bill upon a 

door; hand-bill 
Pro^s, progress^ro^ciency 
Progresnf, re. a, —sive 
Progrenion, sf, sion 
Prohiber, va. to •prohibit, 

* forbid 
Prohibitif, vc. a, prohibitory 
Prohibition, sf, -Hion 
Troie, prey. Sooty 
Pro.iectile, sm. projectile 
Projectile, sf. —tion ; casting 
Projeetare, jutty, projecting 
Projet, *m. preject, rough 

araught, design, scheme 
Frojeter, va, to project, de- 

ProUtioiif sf. —tion 
Prol^gomdnes, sm, pL — 

mena, long pnface 
Prolifique, 8. a, pro&fie 
Proltze, %% a, prolix^ tediotfs 


FvoGaeiiieiit, ad, tediously 
Pidizit^, sf, -Hy, tediousness 
Prologue* sm. —gue 
Prolongati<m, sf. —tion, de- 
PMlooger, va, to prolong 
Froltuton, «f. rssaig, trial 
Promenade, walk, walking 
Fromener. va, to walk, to 

* lead about 
Sc promener, vr. to walk 
Fronienoir,fni. walking place 
Fromesae. sf. promise, note 
Prometteur, se. s, promiser 
Fromettre, va, to promise 
Se — , vr, to hope ; believe 
Froniinence, sf. —ce, jutty 
Fromisdon, terre de promis- 

sion, blessed land 
Promontoire, sm,—tory, cape 
FromotPur, advancer^ pro- 
moter, Procter 
Promotion, sf, promotion 
PrumouToir, va, to promote 
Prompt, e. a. quick, sudden^ 

active; passionate 
Promptement, ad, quickb/ 
Promptitode, sf, haste, riim- 

blenesi ; passion 
Promulgation, — — <i«n 
Promulguer, vcu to promul- 
gate, publish 
Frdne, sm, sermon, scolding 
Pr6ner va, to cry up i to 

preach tediously 
Pronear, se. s, one who cries 

up ; a great talker 
Pronom, sm a pronoun 
Pronominal, e. a — nal 
Frononcd,<m. what is utter- 
ed by the judge 
Pmnoncer, va, topronounce, 

Prononciation, sf, pronounc- 
ings delivery 
Pnmostic, snu progtutstic, 
omen ication 

Pronostication, sf. prognosti- 
Pronostiquer, va, to presage, 

to *foretel 
Pronoitiqueur. sm, foreteUer 
Propagande, sf. propagatiun; 
the congregation de propa* 

Fropagateur, sm, —io 

Propagation, sf. —tion 
Fropager,vnt to propagate 



PropeiMion, sf, — «to 
Frotiliasti, via, Frdknit, hi^ 
PropWfti?, tm n pr^hrf 
Frrjplirteiaif, :(f a praphstttt 
Pntlih^ tict prophcff 
Prapheiiqtie :. a, —ticat 
Fro}jh(^xiqueiDent.| atL ^-fi- 
, caliy 
FrQph^t>Kf f V, ioprapher§, if 

Ffopice, ^. a. prcpiriiruM 
Fn^^iitlaiiDn, sf, fir^nemem 
Pr^^tkiatoin':.*. u^ ^^ary 

, jnt. ftierrjf-Meat 

Pruliortion, irf. -*fisit 
PrT»[wiit>o«iie, p^ a, jar»/itr- 

"■''•.ft->f ; fjjfjijtsleif 

F iBiiiel, le. B. ^(M-q^i 

Proportionn^ment, with pro- 
portion [tion 
Proportionuer, va. to prepor- 
Fropos, sm, discourse ; pro- 

posat ; tiesign 
A propos, ad. suitably ; now 

J*think of it 
ProposaUe, 8. a, that may be 

Froposant. sm. proposer; stu- 
dent in divinity 
Proposer, va, to propose ; of 

fer ; move ; •make a motion 
Se proposer, vr, to purpose ; 

Proposer, vn. to deliver a 

trial sermon 
Proposition, sf. —tion, pro- 

posaly mtaion 
Pain de — , shew bread 
Proposition d'erreur, a writ 

of error 
Propre, 8. a, proper ; ovm ; 

neat; self;Jtt; apt 
Propre, sm, property ; real 

Proprement, ad. prtperly, 

Propret, te. o. nkely, neat 
Propret6, sf, cleanliness 
Propr^teur. sm. pro-pretor 
Propri^taire, *. proprietor, 

owner Iperty 

Propn«t6, */. propriety, pro- 
Froquesteur, sm, a deptoy 
Prorata, au prorata, in pro* 

FfOiogfttiQtn, sf, ^ion^ delay 

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ProaAqiie, i. iufiriale 
AiMMMT, i*m. aPru^vn 
ProwriptMHT, aoanlrAfr 
ProMipdott, f /. •trttoBiry j 

j^merit <«n* an •utbm^fi^ 

Proselyte, «. a protelifte^ cm-*. 

Pltaer. »«. ^» • »r«f ' 

PhModimie, 3. a. beUnging to 

prtoay * 
»powipop*e, *f. -MMa 
Prospeetitt 4m. plan of a 

«mA; ; 9ubferifition 
.ProBp^n^ 2. a. prupermu; 

•PratpcKr) TOi. ^* firofficff '* 

Pmp^rit^, f/. -H»tty, ^aarf 

Prastenmtion, firoitratimi 
Prmtecnenent, #m. prottra 
tion [mcV #*//" 

Be prMtProer, vr, to pr9ttT«e 
Prostitute, f /t pvttUvte 

f, prottUutim 
Proitntion, " Hon 
-Pmtsie, af.protnri* 
Pxotectear, #fn* a prttectof 
Proteetim, tf. — <i«n. thelter 
Proteetrice, a proteetrtts 
Protie, tn aprotetu 
PfoteMT, va, to protect^ de- 

Protestant e.a. #. Protestant 
Protetttntisme, im» the prO' 

testant reUgion 
Protestation, *f. protestation 
Piotester, v. to protest.^ af- 
firm ; oummon one to dU- 

charge a hilloftxchange 
Prot^t, sm, a protest, sumr 

Protoeole,a register^protoeol 
Prototype, '^pe^firtt m«W 
PeoCQb&Mnee sf. -^ranee 
Prastkner,v& to prostitute 
Prone, sf prow of a ship 
Ppifv.'ulitow, snu '-tor^ ooer- 
seer [arising 

Froveoftnt, «. a. acerutng^ 
Provende, «/. provender 
PiwwBinde^ vib f proctei 


iBnpM t toMcemei to inue 
Pfivfvnu, tin. pr^ 
Proverbe, proverb, saving 
Proverbuil, e. a. "Mai 
Pruveibialenient ad.-Mally 
Prouaue, sf prowess, exploit 
Pfonienefi, provUhnee 
~ ' , to ^ 

Provin, sm. loffertfavine, 

new vincsprH^ 
PtwvmooMiaprovinee, shire 
"^rmrincuu, e. o. *. --•wil ; 

eotmtryMkef coantryifrw 

tieman crgentlemonum (by 

iMi.y of contempt) 
Pronnaakit, sm, ^—olal^ip 
Ptavmemt, provisoTf patron 

of a college [t«aU 

Prorimon, sf, provision, vie- 
Provisions, pLrrants^ patenU 
ProvisionneU te a. —sional 
ProvisumneUeneiit, ad. o^— 

Pnovisoire, «. a. -^itffia/ 
Pnmsoivement ad.^-'Ohnally 
Provfloation. sf. "-Hon 
Prsvoqtier, va. to provokes 

urge ; move ; promote 
Proximity, sf nearness 
Prode, t. a.s. sober, prudish 
Prailemmcnt,a«f. Mwlenth 
Pmdciwe, tf. — «, vfisdom 
Prudent, e. a. prudent, wise 
Praderie, sf. fowlerg^ affect- 
ed reserve 
Prud1ioinme,«m. honett man 
Pnid^liommte, sf.prohity 
Prune, a plum 
Pruneau, sm. a prune 
Pninelaie, sf. orehard of 

Pvmoa^asioe; thtpupUtf 

the e^ 
PraaeWer, sm. a slo^tree 
Pranier, a plwndree 
PMImiste, psalmist 
Ptalmodier,v. to'*sing psalms 
Psalt^rion, sm. tsaMery 
Pseaame, o psalm 


9tib9!iUi^tf. ripe sue 

PubKe, que. a. pubOe, ««»- 
Pabkie,fm.tAe/)fi6l(c [nm 
PabHeun. ■ can 
Publicadon, sf — tiMi, iM^ 

PvHAicli^,ptibllcness [out 
Pabiier, va. topuMsh $ *pat 
PubliqneraeBC^d. publiefy 
"""^ — "in* gruo, vtnt' 

Poamment, ad. stinhtnglu 
Paant, e. o #. sUnking.fUstj 
Poanteur, sf stin/e. stench 
Pab«re,8. «. tf age format- 

PuehotyO water»spout 
Pndeur tf. modesty, rhaslily 
Podibond. e. a. bathftd 
Foi&atd. sf "^ity virtue 
Pudique, 2. a. chaste, modeot 
Pudiqaement. ad. ehastefy 
Puer, vn. to • sHnii fw* 
Pn^nle, S. a. puerile, child- 
Pu^rilement. ad, childisMy 
Pn^nXUd, tf.fiuerHity 
PufCiUt, sm. boxing 
Puin6,e.ii. nounger, seeond 
Putn6, sm younger son or 

broth^ Z<at*it*fr 

Poin6e, sf. wmger dtugkter 
Puis. ad. thn. afterwards 
Puisa){e» em* the drauing t^ 

Puisard, draht^weU 
Puuer, va. to • dram up 
Puisque c. since i seeing that 
Paissaniment,<vrf mightUu 
Puissance, tf. power, migm 
Puissant^ a.powpetfulilust9 
Paits A ntell 
Pulluler. vtu to muUiplf ; t* 

• spring up 
PvlnuwaSe, % a. pulmauarf 
Pulmonairr. sf. lungwort 
Pulmome. consusnption 
Pnlmoaiqae, :i. a. comtump- 

Polpeaz, oo,ttpulpttu. soft 
Pulsatkm. sf "-tion, beattng 

tf the pulse ider 

Polverin. om. priming peoh 
FttlTdcisatioD, tf. —xatssn 
PaMrider, va. topuloerixt 
PamMa, sm. painooU 
Punais, e. a. s. one who * has 

a fcefidnose ; buggy 
PunissaM e^s. a ,ptMasha hle 

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FapOtene, t. a,^Uiry,^u 

Papiltofkt. *f,pupUlage 
Fupilie *, v)ara.pnitU 
Papille, «f. the eyeball 
Papitie, inu a ae*k 
Tar, e» a* pure i mere; dean 

entire ; clean 
Pur^ tf. pease eeap 
Pavement & iiinpL. 

xuithma any reserve 

PaiwneBt, oA uprightly ; 
\ entirely s merely 

Pitvet6, Mf:/>8f 

Parecte, dlaek eMntr^ *anH 

Pui^itir, Te. a. *. purging j 

«^''*? ^ 
Poigation, ff.^uTM 

P ttilCit iom, montMy couth 

Poinmoitej ffti. purgatory 

Puj^ger, PC to purge^ clear 

Se poriper, vr. totakephyric 

Porfferie, »/: refMng, whit- 

Porifteation,— tion. deanring 
Pari Aeatoire, *m. — e«ry 
PoriBer, va. (e purtf^ { 

cleanse [o/e:tpresHon» 
Purume, «m. nicety in the ute 
Poviace, a purist Mnists 
Ttuiaum^—tanSfEngbsh Cat- 
Pnrpnrin e. a> purplish 
Pnrporinesi sf, groundirass 
Pumtait, 6* Ot-^lentf matter J9 
Pfitf sm»pus* matter 
Posillsaime, t. a, "•nimou* 
Panniniinic6, sf. —nimity 
pQstale, pustule, pimple 
Patatii; re a, supposed^ r^ 

Patm, #m. a /Meveat 
Pvtr^ftetiao. sf. -^ion 
Patr^it, e. a. puirified 
Pmr^fier, va» ts putrify, *rot 
Patride, l. o. putriiK rotten 
PyUfm^e, 9m,a pigmh dwarf 
Pylore, — /»»» lower orijiee 

of the stomach \ 

PynmidftI, e. a. ^-daifpy- 

Pymittide; sf, pyramid^ heap 
Pyrrbonien, ne. aw s ^-mit^, 

sceptic {sc^tidsm 

PynrnoiiiinW) SM, ^^nism^ 
Pyrrhiqae, sf» a mititmry 


PywoSy sim% RythoHf a fhrni- 




P7thiek«/./»rliN»i ofApf»» 

r\ UADBRMEVm./M. two 

^^'^^ fintrs (at dice) 
C(vumuff€fm\te, 8. a. «. - 
rioiUf farfy years old 
qmdmJrAsiiiial.e. a.— ».^ 
'/, or Monging to Lent 
(lUMinHPgsinie. ^. —mo, the 
Jlritt Sunday in Lent 
q<ndniii«le, sm»^e, square 
Quadram^Wre, <.a.-4Br 
Quwlnt, rm. ouadrat 
Qoadmtiire. s/.-^-turt f squar- 
ing f motisn 
^wAnr^ vid. CmItct rnlal 
C^aadrennal, e. a, quaaren' 
QiudritbKuai, sm, sort of 
trefoil or clover with four 
leaves (later 

Quadriiatdre. snu quadr^ 
Quadrille, sf. troop if horse 

for a carousal 
Quadrille, sm, quadrit 

Qoadnipede, a quadntfted 
— % i. a. quadruped, four^ 
Qaadniple^ S. a. snu fourfbld 
Qoadniplor, v. to quadrupU^ 

Quai, sm, thehet/ona river 
Qiiaielie,4r/ a ketch 
Quakre« ease, s, a quaker 
Quakeiitme, jm, —rism 
Qiialificateur, -^catsr 
QnaKfioitioii, sf 

Qoiit, #m. a quarter ; a tea- ■ 

man's watch 
Quart, e» a. fourth 
Qnarcanier, snu awUdboar^ 

four fears old 
Qaartaut, a quarter cask 
Quarte, *f. a quart ; a fourth 

in music, at picket, in* 

fencing^ 8ce. 
Quartemer, snu alderman of^ 

Qualifier, va. to call ; to*give 

the title of; to qualify 
Quality, sf quality, tule 
Quand, c though, if 
— ' mdine, thS'^ attho\ if 
Quand, ad, when 
Quntti6me,S. * mi. what, 
which f day of Ute memth 
QwUttit^. sf,qukntityi ahurh 

dalux. •' vast deal 
i^mn^mt^bkuc forty ; quaran- 
QoarantB, I* a. /Wey [fine 
Quaranti^me, %a,forHeth 
QunR^) vMf CMkc* Ik* 

Quarteron, quarter sf a' 
pound ; quarter tf a huh" 
Qoartier^ a quarter g quar- 
ters; ward 
Quasi, ad. almost ; even 
Quasi mudo, sf. Low Sunilay 
Quatonaine, a fortnight 
Qnatorze, %,a. snu fourteen 
Quatorzienae, s. a. o. fhur^ 
teenth [verses 

Quacmin, sm, stanza of four 
Quatre, 2. a, four 
QiiaireHems'^. emBerioeek 
Quatre^inj^ S. a,fyurscore 

viii|irt-<!ix, S. a, ninety 

— • ¥101^^1116, s. a,eigMeth 
Quatridme, 2; a. sm, north 

, tf. fourth (at picket) 

Quatridmement, ad,fourtkli^ 
Qtiatriennal, e. a. quadren- 
Quaya|(e, sm. key^tott [nial 
Que,/»r». that, wmch,whom^ 

Que, c, that, till, if 
Que, ad* haw^ MW mttch | 
than, but, less, unless^ itt, 
Quel f qtielle f/iro, a. whe0 
Quelconque, whatever 
Quel que soit, whatever 
Quelquefots, ad, sometimtM 
Qnd<tu^an, somebody, one 
Qnenotte, *f first teeth 
QuenoiliHe, disiaf, bedpost 
Quenooilifie, distaff' full 
QuenouiUeCte,afit)ffe distaff 
Querdle, a quarrel^ debate 
Quereller, vn, to scold, quar- 

Se qaeri$ner, vr, to quarrd 
QuereHesr, oe, s. a quarrel- 
some man or woman 
Querir* va, to */ktch Iter 
Questeur, sm, qucstor, pur- 
QnestioD, sf question, query, 
er, dfibate ; torture 

Digitized by CjOOQIC . 

2^. Q^I 

Queftiomier, va* tt *Q*k quet- 
tiont iner 

Qqeiliixiinew, #m. uttejuamh 
Quetture, #/• qutturthip 
Qii^tet ffu«#^» tearcht^nther' 

a gathering; *goa(><gging 
Q<i64«iifyi^ «. cwTiiAa makes 

n gathering 
<tue<le, {/: Ui»49 traia, hath 

4k, cm/, latter eml, ioia ; 

twf^e/, cue, ffaffi:, rrar 
q«ieti«, V*' " ^***< C^^^ 

Queux, «m. the khuU nuffter 
<tui, /nr«i, i/wi, TOA4V ivAom, 

wlkicA I vhoever 
Qui qiM od aoit, vh9ever ; 

qolQOfique, ^r^. whniver 
<)iwl«n^ «»>. a fcrtain man 

i^iUeC e. «• qukt^ at rttt 

Qui6tittc, -^i9t 
€||ii6tu4et «/. 9tttftf:0««, vest 
QuiKpKWi «m. funcAMfi o^ 

qnttlace, q «At/^«W/ 
Quills, »h o Vtf^/fin^ keel 
QuUIer, vn. f« *thr«vt vh» is 

AMetVf't a( nine-pinsf Kcc 
Qttilner.«m. nine-pin square 
quinaud, e. o tAashed% silly 

Quincailler, 4m- tr«nm0»;i<r 

CT'ipise ? 

quines» «m. pi. twojhas (at 

QttiiH>toi knave ^hearts (at 

Qu'mqmgeiHMm, «. tu9.Mu 

years ola [Sunflay 

Mntiuag^iime, if, ^^sima- 

C[u|nquin«,nn,M«tM^> tori; 
Qamt, e. a. /tT^a 
Qvjntaine, «r'9vindn . 
Qumial, sm. qtUntaif Mtme 

qninte, {/; p ia«Am< j^^ o^ 
coughing ; o/rroA; ;.«ii»nf * 

qamte^ille» eittquefril 


Qtuintesseneier, va* ts * 5« 
nice or eritlftU {peliish 
Quinteux se. o. whimsical. 
Quintuple, 3. a* cuintuple 
QuiKizain, «m. fifteen all 
Quinzaine, sfiffieen ; fort- 
Qoinzfiu 2. a*J!ftetn 
Quinzieme, 9* a. smtJifteemh 
QttiiHmiuo, sm» a mUtake 
QutqttevoH, a mgktman 
QtiitiMwe, {/*. am aeqitUtmntt^ 


QnHttineer, va* f ^ write a 

recrifit Md 

Qiiitte, 2« a. quit^ ekar^J^i 

QukieineBt, ed. ctear 

Quitter, vn, te quit. • fkp" 

4«A»i p«<< «r * eaet «f; 

* /<bve yie/tf, * Ittge^de- 

(^Heiir,ie. *. „ 
C(Hi-vtve ? -mhc *goee there 
^ ^txe sw le quifTHre, to •be 

vatehful; to * be unea*^ 
Qooailler, vm, nati^ •stand 

sfUt [that 

Qaoi, pro, wMpA« wAof, 
Cta«i 1 vhat ,*■ how njtfw I 
^uoique, c. alfhoughf thamh 
^uoUaetktfm qmrk^pimtjAe 
Quotepan, sf. qusta^ 

InulMiU- «fR. fftiatienf 
4uotit£, «. quota, share 

•*•* some r^petkhm m 4i«- 

Aabftohen vn. te * mabetit^ 

some repetitions 
RabAcheur* w. s. one wksi 

* makes tiresome tipeti^ 

&^b«M. saft» t/fatementtfaU 
IUM«s«ineiitv teesvning 
Rabtliier, v. to abate; Umtn 

•check; *fatlilinoer , ' 
A«I»C> 4fn. a band,iJheitipn 
. ping at nine-pins 
Rabaume^ tare, deduction 

BalMIM, M. #9 oftqlt I li^«c 

•Up ; */!i// on f^f^jv ; fmU 

down qfaifi f te kHniAlei 

lessen f plaU ami sew 
Rabfat, m RabUa, am^ f«Mf 

(ir rdAfrfh | Jinnok daefer 
RaUantn, Mc «f«K^ of the 

rabbis^ books 
Rabbiniqufl^ % «. — ftlcci 
UM i hin i iiae , «m. —Jiintt, Ar- 

Rabbinbte, —nist 
Ha)^ t»r, Vk la etuptfy: g •gmr 

duU {p^ 

tUWHaffe, sMspa^Mtig.piee^ 
Rakitler, no. la * ^oft^, te 

Rftble. #m. Aadb of a kamei 

rake for an avau 
RAUii< ^ o. «#rwu4odbnl 
RabaMiner, va, tS^pmteh^p 
RabMiiff, to meliorate 
R4bai,«ifi» •^joar} *Mfap 
Raboteri ««• «• ^nc 
Raboteux, se^ o. r aj ^ ^wA 

rough latuated 

Rabnmcni^ vn, to * mw 
Rabeit^re, sf. a roM^ 

Ao^ {^tateA 

RaboMlifY «f» fo ^£000^ fa 
RabvQitfr, to otmb^ to cMde 
tUtapouemv «e» <• a «MMA6«r 
Raeailk, #/, rubble^ treseh 
lUaaattniodaieB, «9i. tMiMi* 

RaceomnMrfanwDCt fvcanrife- 
RnaraModpy V9« tevemdi, 

• ee$ right, foseiteiie 
RacooaainadeBr* m« «. • me»- 

Raecorderoent, sm, leteUtag 
RaeeoTiler, vtu -to reetteit 

again s H^nem time r inei 
lUee<Mipler« to ooupk attain 
liaaeoiirci Mn, abridgment 
Raocgsitii^ V4. tt enotH 

«^fMr, abridgimg 
RaoeoutremeMI, -iiMWtey 
RaoequQwa, va. to mam 
Raecoatreur, te. «. « keteher 
Se VMCmiHHUM^ vtN «a 1M 
. on^eselfagaii^ 
Riw0i«Mkev. va. to Aodfc a- 

^i4iia; fo fmevcrj to* be 

Race. {/: race ; breed f ki^ 

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tust«m Mr euttomer* 
Hartiiu «m. tmUmfitum^ rt- 

IUt}ie. <^ firm offiitph 

Murftn the Mad 
Ra«hf table, S. a. rerkmuMe 
Racheter, tw (« *A»y mr«*ff > 

r«c{rem, regain 

sratd head 
RacliVdqiie, S. a. rkkeUy 
RacMiii, #nt ririiert 
R^eioe, ♦/. r»*, iMwc^lP 
iUeiner. ». M * *pring »p ; 

dye with rest* 
iUele-boraii, «m. ecraper^ 

Racter, va, Ut tcmpe ; grpU ; 
dean s to* itrjtke ojf eotn 
Ra«l6ur,;tfm. eeraper ; terry 

Ra6lolr« seraper, reke 
Raelnife^ {/' n etrkkle 
Raclnre, ecrapmg 
llAMlige. *ihi the emdng 

mtf «k to ket *hem»tlwt$ 
Racoler, va. to entice men to^ 

OH thMuelvee 
Raeoteur, enu a erimp 
RaeiMnter, tm. to reiate, * tell 
Raeonteiw, em» a tvUiter 
Ractrtinr, pa, f ''make tough 
Kacquit, sm, Tvinning bwik 
'Sft mbMitiam^*t»tnimek 

-Ra^<4ui4 **», raft •fthnbtr 
Rader. vn. to * edme imo a 

•a^e read 
Raddir, en^, Mlt-iteter 
Radial, e. o^ radM Ima 
Radiation) sf.^^ionioreteing 
littdical, e> a. rodlcai 
•Radi€|ilein6BC, ad. "CaUif, 

VLaAidnnh, »/ rgdicatUn 
HaOi^iie^ tadUle 
RadKUX, sc a, radkml 
Badiom^tre, em. radionuuefi 

Jacob^e etaff-t creee-etaff 
Radiv) a khid of h^ree^adUh 
Radius, Ravoti, radiue, ray 
Radotaj^e, dotagei raving 
Radotet, vn, to dete^ to rave 
Radoterie, */". d»t4^ 
Radoteur, *e,*,a dotard 
Aadoub, enu rtfittidg m e&ip^ 

. rtsfittiag efa 

Radaidier, an. to ttfit t eauUt 
Rad^iipliettr, sm, a caulker 
Raae&eiti wu to tweetent tof. 

Bt n*, vr. *grow mild i reknt 
KadouciMeinenC, em, muiga- 

Raikie. sf. a eguall 
ho nnmttvr. to^Hnkdiomi 
\ v^ to etrtugtherit 
S« -.-» vr.t9*he confirmed ; 

settled [linking 

HafiwiaiMfement, em, e*ta6' 
RaffiiMffe, refinement 
Mai&nbi^ieiii, rrfimng \ af- 
fected nicety i eubtUt^ 
taffinet, vo. to rrfiae f « be 

Sf tuStum^.ie,'*grow»harp 
Htifflnerie, */. sugar boko- 

VMRmet»f9m, a tugar-bakeri 

Raffoter* vn, to * bepaeeion- 

ateiypnd of 
-.atiulir, vn. to * ffra\ 
RltAiiter, vb. to * dreee 

clean a hitt 
Rafie, si', pedr-reyal at dice ; 

grafjb*s stalk ; roffie-net 
RafleVj va, io * sweep the 

RMfitiehln v* to eooi^ refit, 

revive^ relieve, *crop, *cut 

•Jf the ends 
Se — , vr, to grow coot t to. 

*blow fresh ; refresh one*s 

Rftflia«hi«tt&t, e. a, eoolitit 
Rafradiiftaanejit, snu a eooj- 

ing i refreshment 
Ragaill«rdir,5Mk /o brisk up 
Rafre, if. madness^ rage 
Ra^t, t, a.' thirk and short 
Ragot, e. 4r. dwarf shrimp 
Ragoter, vn, to grumble 
RagoQt, ^m, rdgoo, intice- 

Raiecodtant, e< o, reliekingf 

pteasantf savoury 
Rago6ter, va. to revive one's 

stomach ; to quicken ; a(tr 

vp ' [cfficirt 

Ragrafier, va, to • ciasp 

RAI4 ma^ 

Ragr^ment, ffn. new fkont 

iftg^ &«. 
Rasreor, va, to mmft^otg 

to finish pitie 
Raie, of, line, etrpke* streai., 

Jurroto, thorshbark ; striiie 
-"^ h la laie, «ffi^ nt/A oH- 

RiJeiMiir, va, to ^msdce youMg 
iii^uMr, vtu to *grow young 
Rajeuaitsement, sm,^$romr^ 

young again ^ 

Hailort, A«)'W4'flcttfA . 
Uailler, va, to raUy^ bautet. 

Se — , vr. tojeert *laugh at 
RaiUerie, sf, bantering, jest 
RaiUeur, m. a, s, bantering i 

bdnterer^jester^geerer . 
Raiuceau, sm* ieaj§ bough 
Bmatj ef, a frog 
Rainuve, a groove 
RaijKmoe, rampion 
Eaiiis, V. t.o shave ; M/09 . 
Rais, im, a spoke of a toheel 
RaUi^rn ^ light (jinpneah^i 
Raisin, a grape [griipes 
Raitine, tnitk confecdeu lif 
Raisou, sf, reason^ ^eiise ; 
pro^, cause^ matter j salti* 

Raison (d*tiiie toei^t^), afirrh 

(in trade) 
Raisonnable, i, a. reasona- 

bicy rationaif juett righi, 

toise, competent 
RaiiQuiuiblement, ad, ra, 

tionaliy, justly t reasonably 
Raisonne^e. a, rational ; at- 

RaiftOiuieDient, snu reasorh 

ingjudgmentt argument 
Raitonner, vn. to reason, ar* 

RaisoDtieur, le. s, a reasoner 
Rajust^meiit, sm. reconcilia- 
RajuiftT, va, to • set in order 

bgdin^ reconcile 
RAle. rm, rayi ; rattHng in 

t/ie throat 
Rfiiemem, rtittiing in the 

Raiemir, va, to slacken a 

bate, lessen, relent 
Ralemissemeut^ enr slack- 
ing ■ 

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mUn,wiu u rattle inOe 

8e raliter, vf. to rdapte 
BaM ic wt m , m, raUgtnif 
Ballier, va. f ntfy 
Balloufor, w- U lengthen 
BaUuroer, va. Ugkt again 

out again 
Tomadan ; i. e. Mahame' 
tan l^ent 
Bamadoner, vs. tp tmx 
BaiMdoux. am, Indian rai 

tie warbling tf 

birfU. JIamering s a rigt 

of cutting branektt in a 
■ forut [\hirp 

Vi0Bmtser, vn, to warble, 
lUnmiiprir. v, to* make or 

* ^aw lean again 
BAmailler. va. to •dreoo 

goaU* okins thamoyiike 
lUnMs, em, colleetim^ heap 
BamMK, */» tUdge uaed on 

Sanittter, va, to gather, eoU 

Itctf *pick up ; bang 
SanuiMer, to * leadoT*drive 

oledgeo on the enew (wr 
Banuuieur. em, a tUdge dri- 
Ramasiis, heap of' rags^ &«' 
BamberKe, »/. advice*oat 
Bambour, em, oort of fine 

BambouiK, ou Namboarj;, 

#m> oor* qfcaek for pickled 

salmon [otake 

Bame, of, an oar t a ream ; 
Pois raro^t, *m, pease that 

grow upon iticks 
Baroeau, em, a bough^branch 
Bameau, (in anatj ramifl- 

— , (in war) branch, return 

galley, or arroignee of a 

— , CingenealJ branch 
— , (in nat. Met,) veim of 

gold, Oliver, &c* in mine* 
Biiiii6e, f/; arbour, a gteen 

Bamender, v. *Jall in price ; 

mend ; recover Ireclaim 

Se maifirr, vr. to ram^,to 

pari iMobranehea 
Baaniiigiie. a, reotive, otub- 

born [minioh 

Banubdfir, va, to leooen di- 
BamoHir, (« * aamp.moioten 
BamoUir, tm orfier*, olackeu 
BaittnWiwanf, am, emoltient 

BaiiMillitii; TB. a. 

BanioD, am, old bn 




'awe^ a chtm^ 


; am. a oMmiMy- 

Rampaiit, e. o. --pant ; 

crawling, eringing^Krvile, 

Runfoaat,am,aort rf truss 
BaiDpet af Jligkt of a atair- 

taae ; babtatrade -, #/«^ 
Bampeaent, am, ertePtng 
Baniper, vn. to crawK*creep, 
' cringe i to * be mean 
Bamare. af. horns of a deer 
Bailee. 2. a, am, rancid^usty 
Banddit^, sf, ruatinesa 
Bancir. vn, to *grow rancid 
Baucinure; sf. rqncidneaa 
Ban^oPt ransom 
Ban^onnement, am, extoF' 

tion, exacting 
Ban^onner, va, to ratuomf 

to extort, exact . 
Ban^onneor, le. a. extor- 
tioner ^ exacter 
Bancune, af. rancour ^[rudge 
Baneamer, e> O'.s. rancorous 
BaoK, sm, rank, row, turn, 

rate, stack, class, order 
Baiifcee, tf. ^ row, range 
Banger, va. to *set in order , 

range, rank, "put, * draw 

back, subdue, tame 
Se langer, vr. to * aumd by, 

to aide, to veer ^ 
Bangter, am. vld. Beone 

awmer, va. to reanimate, 

revive, atir up 
Banalairt 9. a, ranular 

, ^^ bring back g , 

Bamequin, am, Welch rabbit t Banule« af. ranula ; tumour 
Bamer, vn, to row ; * set upl Bapaee, 9t a« rapadouafgtxe- 
stis/csf9rpeate,9tc, \W 


Bapatrier, «a. t« reeomile 
Bape, af, grater, rasp, file ; 
sUipa, am. ikw wiite • yrepe 
Baper, va. to grate, *n ' 
" i4**patrhup 

apeDswr, vjto leaaen i*grow 
leaa or ahort ; akrink 
Ba|Mde.S. a, roMtU. ewifi 
BapidencBt^ «£ViM^ 
BapidU6, if,^-ty, awifhteu 
Bapi^cer, va. to piece, *palek 
Bi^idceiase, anu patched 
work ipieee 

Bapi^ceter. va. to •patch / 
Bapidre» ^. a rentier 
Bapiiie* rapine plundering 
Bapiner, v. to pillage, rdb 
Bapinerie, sf. plunder 
Bapinfenr, am. plunderer 
BappaieiUer, vn. to * aetaiul 

Bupparier, to * match agsia 
Bappel, anu reeali ; ouond 


Bappeller, va. to call back ; 

call over again s reeaU; 

trace back , * drttw back 

Rapirfiquer, to apply again 

&e-,vr,to apply «ae> adf 

BappoKt, am. 
mice', affinity', reapect; 
ririt^ of the atomack ; re- 
lation, tale 

Bapporter,ra. t»*bring backi 
relate ; yieki ; teU talea 

Se rapportier. vr. to agree ; 
joinuaue ; r^r ; reAtfe 

Rapporteur, w^s.a telltale 


protractor [main 

Bappiendie, va, to * fearn 
Kapprivoiicry to tame again 
BapproclieiDentf anu recon- 

Bapprooher, va, to * dram 

near ugatn; reconcile 
Be — , vr, to • come nearer 
Rapwdie, ^. rhapaody 
Bapndiste, anu rhapaodiat 
Bapt. rape ; violence 
Raptore, */. raspinga 
Raqoe, rack, arrack 

B«qiKCie» a rUfket 

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Baqaette^ou figoier tflndt,. 

Indian /^iree 
IUquettier,#m. racket-maker 
Rare, S. a. rare, uiic0mtit«ny 

*car^ t/dn^ exquidte 
IUr6{kctii', ye. a. -Hive 
IUr6ftcti«B, </• -^«n 
IUr6fiant, a. rar^fiaNe 
Har^fier, vo. /• f^rtfj/t 

Se — , w, f *grcw thin 
RareuieDttOcIL rarely, tetdom 
Ranit6, {^ rori^, scared 
RftriwiiDe, t. a, very rare 
Bm, «. a, ikaoed cIoh, 

smoetA (per 

Saode, tf brtmmerf,.Sum 
Baae, axwdng pitch 
lUuement) mu demolithing 
Raser, va. to »have \ raxe ; 
Ranbus, ad, close {grase 
Raamr, »m, a razor 
Raacade. «/ gla** beads 
BasMsUnt, e. a. cloying 
Rasaaaiement, em. satiety 
Rassacier, va. toJUl ; satiate 
Se — , wr. to* be satisfied, to 

*be closed 
Rassembler, v«t. to gather ^coU 

leet i join together qgain ; 

*meet again, reassemble 
Baaseoir, vn« to settle ; *put 

Se —J "fr, to *U down agaifi 
Basse r€iier, vo. to *m3ce se- 
Se ram^r^ner, vr. to clear up 
Ram6ger, va.(o besiege again 
Ra$si«,e. a. stales staid; set- 
tled s calm^sedtue 
Ra«ia,#m the act of setting 

on again on horses fute with 

new naile 
Rutoter, va* to *besai ; in- 

RaMuier, va. to secure ; *set 

in heart again 
Se rawaier, vr. to cheer up 

agtttn; settle 
Rat, em. a rat ; small rafi 
Batafia, "-JlOy cordial liquor 
Se ntatiner, vr. to *shrink^ 

Bate, */ the spleen 
Bateau, snu a rake ; ward of 

a lock 
Batel^e^ *f» a raking 
Rateler, va* to rtikc 


Batid««r,nii. ai^fdeer 
Rateleu, ae. a. #. splenetic 
Baielier) sm» rack ; set of 

teeth Ithepan 

Bater, on. to *snap; *Jtash in 
Batier, snu a humourist 
Ratiire, *f, rat or mmtse 

trt^ ; a small room 
BatiticatioD, — iton r,^riii 
Ratifier, va. to rtaifyy con>- 
Rattllon, sm» a little rat 
Ratine, </'. rateen Iment 
Ratiodnatlon, '■Hion, argw- 
Ratiociner, vn. to ofgue 
Bation.«/: share ojprmisisns 
Rationnel, te. a. ra^mial 
Ratiser,va. to stir the fire i 

e*eite Inf 

Batisier, va. to scrape, rake 
Batifsmr,.{ir. an iron rake 
Batiasures, scrapings 
RatoOt snu cheese-cake i 

small rat 
Baciacher, vo. to tije again 
Raiteindre, to •c/vcrtake 
RattTaver,(e "^overtake, rfr 
. gain,* catch again 
Raiure, sf, rasure, scraUh 
Batui-er, va. to erase, scratch, 

blot out 


plastering of a wall 
Baraler, va. to debase; 

swallow down again ; 

•fall; *lop 
Se — , vr. humble one's stif 
Baraudage, snu bctching 
Bafauder, v. to botch ; scold ; 

to trife ; to plague 
BaYBuderie, sf. silly stxtff 
Ba^-awleur, se. «. a botcher 
Baiicit^, ^ hoarseness 
Bare, a radish 
Ravelin, 'm. ravelin 
Bavigote, sf, a shalot'sauce 
BaTiffoter, va. to revive 
Bavilir, to vilify, disgrace 
Bavin, sm, a hoUsw road f a 

gutter caused b^ ajhod 
Bavine, sf, a greitt Jhod} 

hollow in a road 
Bavir, va. to *ravish ; to 

—A rtivir, wonderfully well 
Se raviaer, vr.<a *thit^ bet- 
ter of it ^ . 

charming {rapture 

Raviiaemeiit* sou ravishing^ 

Raviaaeur, a rmisher 

BaTitaiUeneBt, supply of 

provisions and a mw u m ^ 

tion iagain 

BaviiaiUer, va f visual 

Baviver, vo. to brisk up; re* 

Vive icover 

Bavoir, to *get again, te- 

Bauque* S. a* hoorsct harsft 

Bayer, v«. to streaks orof^i 

Bayon, snu a ray ; furrow f 

^oket radius 
Rayonnuit, e. a» radiant 
RayomieaMnt, sm.radiation 
Rayonner, vn. to emit rays 
Rayure, sf, stripes, the rifle 

of a gun 
Baze, *<fid of serge 
R6, snu df musical note 
Re, and R(,a ledttpUeaiive 
paxtMe which enters in 
the eompoaicioD of many 
woids, and is tranalated in* 
to Boeliah by the word a- 
gahu Ese 6erire, to •wrUe^ 
r^erire, to *urHe tuain ; 
bAtir. to HuUd ; xebAtir, 
to *buUd again-^All the 
words in which Jie or ^ is 
merely reduplicatiTe, are, 
for the most part^ omitted 
m thia dictionary, and in 
that ot' the French aca« 
Reaction, sf, reaction 
Reaggrave, sm» last threat' , 

ening monitory 
Rdaggraver, vr. te re-aggrw 
vate Isummons 

R^aioomement, snu new 
Rfol, e. a, regal, royal 
R^aie, sf. eomtnander^s gal- 
ley i real (Spanish coiti) 
R^alj^l, sm, red arsenic 
Realiaer, va. to realise 
R6aHte, sf, reality [survey 
B^pentagcam. accond land 
Reaasignation. sf, new as- 

tignment, new sitmmons 
Reateler, va. to *put to again 
ti^utxx, sm.pL reals (Dan- 
ish coin) 
Rebaibatif, ve. a. crabbed 
Rel«tue, to * beat again i 

Digitized by 


9hume agidni rtptat 99tt 

Rebuidir, vs. t» enetuntge 

the houfuig 
Rebec #in. r§^;JUUl€ 
Rebeil'e, >.«.#. rebeUiout ; 

Se febeUer, «r. f« reftff 
Rebeltion {/: rebeUi»n 
Be ieb6qiter» vr. to *be nux- 

Refaondi, e. a. r«imc/, pftniijO 
BdMiiKUr, on. /• rebpuntt 
Reboiidi8aement,rm. rebmnd 

Reburder, va, to nev border 
Rebonn, em, wrong tide 

wrong eeHoe^ reveree 
RebMin^a. eroee^ained 
A rebotto, «« reboun, «• 

jTmni^ tAff grain 
Rebrasser, to brew ifgain ; 

*mue together OgMng •<!«:* 

v^ •»«*« elee^ee 
RebMder. to 9m6rotHJln*qfatn 
Rtbraiister^ tw. to (irrn tt^ 

Rebroutser, -on* to *go baek, 

to *run or "/tow *tfcA 
A rebrousse^poil, against 
■ the^raUi ; peevishly 
Rebninnr, to burmok again 
Rebuae, af, Jfcw'* harp 
RebuffiK)^, a refrujf, denka 
R^bus, #m. rr^M, oiUj/pun 
Rebut, repuUe ; fro/A, r^iwr 
Rebut AM, e* a. ereMetl / for- 

bidding ; loathsome 
Rebiuer, va* to r^fktee with 
harshneot t "thrust away, 
ditliearten ; dioguiet 
Se — , vr. £9 detpond ; *be 

Recacber, va, to Hide ^ain 
Se —J Hide ©ncV eelf again 
Ricaieitrant, e. a» reluctant 
Recalchrer, vn, to He obetV' 

Reeamer, va* to emboes in 

fold, or Htver 
capittilatiaa, *f. — e{«» 
Rtoipituler, va, to recapi- 
tulate, to attm up 
Reearreler, l# new-pave^ 
new'sote \jpin 

Ree6.ier, to rettore back a- 
Reedlemcpt, enu conceal' 


Rtoder, iw. to eoneedl^ H' 

crtitei to receive etoien goods 

Reetileqr, we* *, receiver of 

stolen goods ; concealer 
R^eemhient, ad, lately^ re- 

ReeeRsement, sm, a new ve- 

rijtcation of good* 
Recemer, va, to verify goods 

ageUn Inew 

R6cent, e. o. recent, Jreeh, 
Recipage, «m. lopping a tree 
Reeeiwr, va.to4optne tope 

Ree^iM6 , em, a receipt 
R6ei'pt«ele, a ree^Httr/e, 

nest i commen-oewer 
Rieeption, sf, reception, ad- 
ReMtte, receipt s recipe f re- 

cciver*o sffiee 
ReeervUe, 3. a. recekotdtlei 

Receveur, te* #• a #wort«rr 
Recevoir, va» to receive; 

adtnit [scaffold 

R^ehafboder, va, to neip 
Reehtmge. #m. change of 

arms, cordage^ fee. 
Rechanger, va. to thange 

Retiianter, to *Hng again f to 

•*f W over and over 
R6cbapper, vn. to eooape 

Recharfi^, sf, fresh charge ; 

additional tax 
Rechasser. to Heat bsek, 

* drive vackt turn out a driver back 
Rechaud, chaffing disfi 
Rgehanf, hot dung 
Rfiebauifer, va, to warm 

again, stir up again ; i*. 

R6chauffoit» sm, smaU stove 

for cooking 
Rechautser, va, to • put on 

again ; * lay itew earth or 

dung (Aout the roots of 

Reetierche, sf, inquiry i 

search ; courtship 
Reebereb^, e. a, ^r-fetehett^ 

Reebercbe, va, to • seek 

again; •make infHi^Si ^* 



to */uU ogmw I ft- 

iapoe [Jell 

Reclmce, ff, retapecf second 
R6cidi^ a rekipoa 
R6cidiver, 170. to Tdapee 
R«cip6, «m. preoeriptieUt 

R^cipiendaire, « candiditte 
K^iy4ent^ --pient, veesel in 

HfictpnaaaMi, of, '•^thn 

ReciprequeA o»*, reeiproetl 
R^ciproquementy M^-^ro» 

R^ciproquer, vs. to requite 
Reoiier, va, to wax again 
R««bi«n, ^. '•fioN, dud^ 
' nuiUng 
Recit, tin, recital^ account^ 

relation, repert, retda- 

Hoe [rtter 

R^aitatenr, -rahearoer, re- 
Wivwktotiff necitattot 
R6eHati«ii, «f. rehearsing 
Reciter, va. to rerfio, */e//, 

fclefe^ Tepeatf dtdattn 
a^ekmiateart em, ^l^imatit 
R^hmatHm,^/: '■ 'rton 
Rftclante, dirtfCtioHf «r oatck- 

Reelibier, va, to ekdm, iur 

plore% Wjtct agatitoe 
Se r€clanier de, vr, to • iwia^ 

use of omfs name 
RCclaroper, va, to mend a 

broken »»«r#J or ymrd 
nC' cWnct, to recUne 
Rcclouet, to rttdl again 
Rfchire, to cloister vp 
R^clus, e. a, a, rednee 
Rwsogner, v, to •boat back; 

* knock in again 
R^coin, «m. ftoo* ; by^plme 
R^colement, re-eoNmiination 
R6co!er, va. to re^ammine 
RtcoUeciion, Sf. —lion 
Recoller, va, paste or glue 

RccoIIet, te. *. Ftanetsean 

friar at nun 
Se rfecolliger, w. <o eteoUeet 

R€culte, sf, crop, harvest 
HfiooUer, vo. i0'«m«Aec/k 


,y Google 


Rg ctWmin ii d rtte, '<• o. ewt*' 

RecomnwIiidM cMC , #/. "* ip#- 

9Mm i#Ao keeps <ni agkef^ 

mnid* and nurses 
RecommamdAtioii, sf, — ««i- 

4tf iwtf esteffti 
lUnmmninider, vtu f te^ 

commen/l, desire, prayfsr 
Se 7-, *f. M Ifkjhr phtec 

RiscommcMOBKnity Mi» fiftp 

ReeonnMBter, va M'jqr'n 
R^eompense, «fC a reivarrf, 

amends^ nerd 
Bn rScompeme, a«f.lnr0f«m 
Rf eompeRser, va. to re^mrd^ 

'moAr wiieftd*, evmpensate 
ReeMBfMMr/o cMt^«w(mitn 
ReeompMMMi, 1/; — ^n ' 
R^eon«tli«Me^ 9* «. rer»n< 

Reconctliatenr, sm, ree^n- 
cil&r {ment 

R^coneMMkni, sf, -— -d^ 
RfcoBtifier, viL td i^eeoncile 
Reeendtiir^ ta reconduct 
Rdesnfbrt, Mfu eomfiirt 
Rfteenforcer, va. fo cAe^ ,• f» 


ReMnlWmtmioft, »/^ »A« «9n- 

fronUnff ogtdn f^'" 

RMonf¥6iic<(!Vf fO* !• ess^frent 

Re«annoisable, 3. a. easy to 

• be known 0gatn 
KeeoiMoisMiti6e, >/• grati- 
tude, reward, confession, 
u hnetsttig ogtdn 

YuctofMtAmkm, e. 0. grattfkly 

ReconnottK^ 'tfo, to know 

agakn^ su^nsMlo0ge^ ob- 

Se reconnoitre, vr,to* eotnt 

■$• etui's itfffj t» PBpent 
Reconqoerir, va, to »vwm- 

qver bvoin 

Reconter, to relate or * teU 
Reoopier,M cspys^n 
R«e«|uilIemeiit,Mi. shrink' 

ing ; curling up 
Re«otMi|lter, va, to ew4 ; 

• sArMe. cock vp 
ReaoMlcr « leooaf vo.. fo «»fi 

oTMeU lesson (eord 

Ree«vjler^lo <v»rt again ; f^ 
Reconiger, «• ftvke- 

RMON, fffk. htdMHfil^noer 

RMMeher, va. '*^ f0 W 

iffiein [het again 

— , to "throw down again ; e« 

Se — , »r. f» •^ff to &d again 

Rctoudre, ««. <• mw aj'H/n 

Reconpe. sf. rubble ofstvnes\ 

chipping of bread ; first 

bran, pollard 

Reeoupement, sm. recess in 

a wall or building 
Recouper, va. to •eta again 
RecoVpette, sf. coarse meal 
Re«oiiiiier, t>*, to • bend 
Recourir, vn, to • rttn again^ 

» • A«w recourse to 
Recottrve, va. to rescue 
Reenun, sm, recourse ; re- 
ReCttOite, sf. rescue, help 
RecouTer. va. to brood again 
RecoovniUe, «. a.recoverabk 
RecoaTieinent, sm.recovery; 

gatherinjf oftajret 
Retonmrer, va. to recover, to 

retrieve ; levy, gather 
Reeonvrir, to cover agedn 
R6cr(anee* sf. a provisional 
possession given in a «u<f 
R6cr£atir, ve* a. diverting 
R€ creation, tf, —efon, sport 
R6cr6cr, va. to recreate, re- 
fresh [generate 
R^crier, to create tmew, re- 
Be — , vr. to rtfresh or divert 

one's self 
R^r6 meot, snwment^ross 
Recrdpir, va. to parget aijain 
8c rt crier* vr. to reclaim, 

cry out 
Rfcrimteftrion. sf, --tion 
R(^crimiDer, rs. ta recrbtni^ 

RecroqucTiller. vn to shrivel 
to • shHnk up. to roll up 
Reeni, e. a.jaaed, quite spent 
Rccrue, sf, recruit, recruit- 
ing [up 
Recniter,vtf, to recruit, ml 
Recta, ad, diroctly, straight 
Rectang^le, % a, s. rectangle 
Rectanftulaire, 2.a.—lar 
Recteur, sm, a rector 
ReetlficatioD, sf, —4ion, re 



Rectifier,«a. to rectify rei 

RtWimde, sf, reetUude 9 

Rectitude de ta toe, direct. 

nets of the sight lleof 

Recto, snu thefrstpoM of a 
Rectuial, c. a. rectorat 
Reetorat, sm. rectorship 
Rcctorerie, sf. rectory 
Recu, sm, -a receipt, dU» 

Reeoeil, a eolleetion 
Recueillement recolkction 
RecueilKr, va. to gather i 

• reap ; recollects compiles 

sum up [one's self again 
— tet eiprits, to come to 
Se — . vr, to meditate 
Recuire,TO. to roast atboU 

again ; to neal 
Recuitt e. a» over-done i 

nealed ; done again 
Recntt, c. s. neaUng, baking 
Recul, sm, a recoil, reeoiUnm 
Rreuhde, sf. drawing back 
Recuie, e. a. distant, remota 
Reciilement, sm. putting off\ 

drawing back, dela^ 
Reculer, y, to • put book, 

•fall back} retard: rp^ 

ceil ; extend ; sh^, •give 

ground ; to • run awag 
A xecnlons, backwards, uth 

R6eup^rert vn, to recover 
RfcasahftB, ». a. excrpHon' 

oble [law 

Rftcumtion, sf, exception in 
R^caser.vs. to except qgMUt 
RMacteur, sm, compiler 
Redaction, {/*• digesting, com^ 
Redan, sm, redan JpUing 
Htdarguer, va. to rebuke^ 

reprove Igioing up 

Reddition, sf, surrender^ 
Rt d6fliire. va, to •undo again 
Redemander, a«A; <(f ain ; re* 

Redemptenr, sm. Sedeemer 
Redemption, sf, -^lion 
Redevable, S. a. indebted t 

Redcvaoce, 4^ rent, service 
Redeirancler, e, s, tenant, 

vassal [agdn 

Rfiderenir, vn» ta * become 
Rederoir, to owe sHll 
,R^d<ger,^0 eonmU to writ* 


Digitized by kjOOQlC 



HediDgote, »/. riding cmA 
Redire, va. t» * «ay «« 

jauXt [tale 

Rediteur, «m. repealer, tell- 
Bedite, *^. repetition, tatP' 

Il6daadance, redumhnce 
R6dondant, e. a, tuperfluotu 
R6donder. va* to redound ; 

to reflect Con again 

Redooner, *give again ; *full 
Redorer, to new gild 
Redoublement, om, a violent 

fit; increase lyonu 

Redoublemens, pi, farox- 
Redoubler, va, to new tine ; 

to increase ; redouble 
RedoRUble. 2. a. formida^ 

hie, awful 
Redoate, of, a redoubt 
Redouter, tmi. to fear, dread 
Redressement, snure/orming 
RedresKT, va, to rectiftf ; 

• make Hraight again; 

• oet up again ; redress ; 

• do justice i*be trimmed 
Sc— ,»r.*jpr«w otraightagain; 
Redresseur, om, redresser ; 

a sharper, opunger [tesan 
Redretaeate, sf subtle caur- 
R6ductible. S. a. reducible 
RMuetif, ye. a, reductive 
RMuction^/:— <ion, reducing 
R^duire, vn. to reduce, suh- 

due; compel i reform} d». 

gest : confine 
Se r^duire, vr, to amount ; 

*be reduced ; mend; ^come; 

R6duit, sm, a little habitO' 

tion, byiilace ; nook ; in- 

Rgdupticatir, ve. a. — rtw 
RgdapUcfttion, sf. —Hon 
R66dif\cation, re-edtfying 
R^gdifler, va. to re^difif; 

• rebuild 

, 'R€^,]f:,a»real,true,current 
R6£lectioii, sf, reflection 
R€eUeinent, ad, really, in- 
R€er, vn, to hollow (as a 
red deer} f to groyne (as a 
fallow deer) 
Ref89onner, to form agaij;^ 


Re(kite,fo *do at'* make » 

gain ; mend; -^deal again 

Se refaire, vr, to recover; to 

Refut, sm, a drawn game 
R6fection, sf, repast, repair 
R^fectoire, *m. refectory 
Refend, mur de refeiid,/Mir- 

tition wall 
Refendce, tmi. to*cleave main 
R6f(&r^, sm, report icem 
'R€e6r&aiaAre,--dttry in chan^ 
Rfiftrer, v. to refer, nport 
Se r6f6rer, vr. t» *be refer- 
red, relate 
Rerermer, v,to* shut qgiUn; 

close up again, to heal 
Referrer, va, to new-shoe a 

R6fl6cliir,fo*f Atnit o«, reflect 
R£06chissaDt, e. a, reflexive 
Rfifl^ehinement, sm, refiec- 

R( ' I. I'Jlection of the light 
R«ib rtt> va. to reflect the 

R< fl . < I •ri'i. , sm, second sort ^ 

.svvjrH^/j roool 
R<-Hl iinr, vn, to blossom or 

jh>tn-iAh again 
R« ilf\r, i^ a. refiected 
RMli'Mbilitfe, sf, —aty 
m^'-U ,i,a,-hle 
Rb..cA.uu, sf, refieaion s me- 
Refliier, vn,to* reflow 
Reflux, sm, ebb, refiux 
Refonder, va, to refund 
Refondre, new-cast', melt 

again ; reform 
Refonte, tf, meking down 

R6fornMble, 8. a, that may 

* be reformed 
R{*fonnateur, snu reformer 
Reformation) sf —tion, re^ 

R6 forme, reformation t re* 

ducement of troops 
R6fbrmd«, sm,pl.protestants 
R6rorm^,e s, a puritan 
R^fbrroer« va, to reform ; 

Refi>aler, to full ; * stamp 
agtAn ; dib ; * go tigainst 
tide; to rami to worit 
abatosjfotfV, imer 

R<fi>aloiri «m» fannit»ram' 


RefomWr. va.if» newfufMoh 
R^fraeuiret ^ «• r^ractorg 
R6ft»ction, sf, ''—tion 
Refmin, sm. a burden {of a 


R4fnuig:ilHrrt6, «f titu 

R6fhiiigible. S. a. «r*i^ 

Refr^ner, va, to refimn, to 

RHnft^rtaxt, e. a, coaUng 
Refrigerant, sm, the cooler 
R^fri^ratii^ ve* a. «• —f i ve 
R6frig6ration, sf, a eooHng 
Refringent, e. a, refraeHvi 
R^Vognemieott snu aouUen' 

ness of look 
Se x^bog;a6e,vrJto*kmt one's 

brows ; to * lookgrim 
Refnndir, v. to cool,reflrah ; 

* make cold; *gromcooi 
Se— , w. to • became cool; 

to slacken $ to relem 
RefroidiMcmfntt «m. eooUng; 

Refage, refiige ; exctue 
R6fu|a6, e. «. a refugee 
Se r^fugier, vr, to *Jly/or 
''uge ^ Crefi«e 


. «m. rtfuoat, denial, 
Refbaer, va, to rejuoe, denjf 
Se refuser queloae ehote, to 

deny ont^s self something 
R^fonon, sf. refimding 
R6rutatk»9 —don^ eonftiUh 

tion Ifute 

R6 niter, va, to refute, con- 
Regagner, vo. f« *ivcn back; 

reach Ultin 

Regaillardir, to efUtoen a- 
Regain, snu ajtergraoo or 

R6gar, a treat ; afeoH 
Regale, «/*. regale $ right 
Regalement, «m. aooeosmenii 

R^galer, va. to treat ; aosus, 

R6galiste, snu incumbent of 

a bmtfiee 
Regard, a look, view 
Re^udant, looker-on, spec- 
—, a, regardant, in henUdrif 
Regarder, va. to * lookat,at 

Ml, '^beholdt faces fiokti 

consider; eo 

BMis»,rf>pLfmeet ^gtnf 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 


Wl^gkyet, M. to evntbJUue 
Re^yoir, Jm. ajlaiocvmb 
R«gAyure, »f. r^u»e tffiax 
K^ltpence. regency ; tchtoU 

R^K^B^ration, fegeMrattm 
R6g6nerer, xw. w regenerate 

R6|>«nt, e. a *. regent ; ^ff- 
factor I gehotkniuter 

RefperiDer, t9 bud oraifi 
R^/rScide, »m; — <fe; *f»i^- 

A?i7fer ; murder of a king 
R^gie, {/! administration 
RegimtlieineDt, «m. kicking 
R^iDber, vn. to * kit* ; to 

Regime, sin. dkt ; regimen ; 

administration ; govern- 

R'^roent, a regiments i 

great number 
RdKhigrlette, tf, a b&dtrop 
Rtjpon, a region 
R«gionnaiTC,a m, regionary 
R^gir, V, to govern ; to rule 
R^gmeur, sm, a monger 
R6 gittrftire, a regitter4ceeper 
R^gtstratenr, sm, a recorder 
Registre, rrgtue, register. 

Begittrer, regttrer, v, to re- 
Regie sf. rule ; rukr ; pat- 
tern ; model ; sum 
tLM€, e.a,set! regulate or- 

lierly; exact 
Kf gleroent^ sm. regulation 
li^^lewent, ad. regularly 
R6gler, vc^o rule; regulate, 

order ; asrign 
Rfiglet, sm, a reglet; ruler 
R6gleur, »e. *. ruler of books 
Reglisse, */. Heorlce 
R6gk»r, sm. a ruler 
R^glure */. ruling ; lines 
R€gnaiit,e a, reigning^ pre- 
dominant ; chief 
R^gne, *rn. reign, kingdom^ 

the popes triple crown 
R6gner, va to ragn ; rule; 
reach along ; •6e in vogue 
Regnieole, *. a denizen 
Regonflement, sm, the noel. 


ling of the waters by some 


Regonfler, vn, to • swell (of 

waters) Ung 

Regorgement, snu oroerjlow- 

Regorger, vn, to • overfaw ; 

Regouler, va, to sn%A ; to 

*give a crabbed answer 
Regournier, to * cuff" again 
RegoAter, to taste Aqmn 
Regrat. sm, regrating, huck- 
Regntter, va. to • scratch a- 
gain, scrape the outside of 
a house ; new vamp ; huck- 
Regratterie, sf, huekster*s 

Regnttier, cs.a huckster 
Regrefler, va, to newgraft 
Regrds, sm. a regress 
Regret, regret ; concern ; 

Regrets, sm- pU complaints, 

woes, lamentations 
R^rettable, %, €u to be la- 
Regretter, va* to regret ; to 

Regulaiiter, va. to arrange, 

R^larit6, sf, regularity 
R^gule, sm, regulus [tual 
ReguKer,e. a. regular, punc- 
Rtfgulier, sm. regular monk 
R6guli^rement, ad, regular- 

Rehabilitation, sf, -^tion; 

R^habiUter, va. tore-instate 
Se r6halntuer, vr. to useon^s 

Rehacher, va, to mince again 

or smaller 
Rdiaunement, sm. raising 
Rehauster, va. to raise ; en- 
Rehauts, sm, pU ^y parts in 

Rebearter, v, to • knock or 

• hit again 
RejailUr, vn. to spurt up ; to 
r^ect {ence 

ReiaiHissement, mu resUv- 
Rejet, sucker; new assess- 
ment of a tax; refusal 
RejetoDj suckfT ; sprig 



Re jrtablf , s. a, that deserves 

tij hf rejrrtfii 
Rej.. [ler, vn. fo 'throwback ; 
J^ V osf r/i, rtject, waarm; 
■'i^' ts^a^i; to*lay 

5f' ''! r-i», Sf, reprtntitig 

Rtii\v\iuini:i: va, to reprint 
RciJi, j.«, the rein, kidney 
Ren II, r/dc f\/tfis, the back 
Rtine, nf fT ft Keen 
Reine, jm ofjine tulip t sort 

of ancient 'bin 
Reijie clnmAe, greengage 
Reinctte rennet, pippin 
Remstaller, v. to reinstall 
ReiDte, e, a, strong-back^ 
R€int^grande«{/: a r^levy 
R^integrer, oa to restore one 
to his own ; imprUen agiin 
Rejoindre, to • put together 
again ; to 'meetagmn ; re" 
join; 'overtake 
Se — , vr, to * be Joined toge- 
ther again ; to 'come toge- 
ther again , [v^ 
Rgjoiiir, va. to rejoire ; re* 
R6juuissance, sf. r^oicing 
R^iteratioB, sf^-^tion 
R£iterer, va. to repeat 
Retire, sm. reistre (Gerttian 

un vieux r^ttre, an old 

fox, a sharp fellow 
Rel&che, sm, relaxation 
ReWche, */. road, harbour , 

Relach^, e. a, loose, remiss 
Rel&chement, sm, slacken^ 
ing; relaxation;abatement; 
Rel&cher,va. to slacken, re- 
lease ; remit ; *put into 
Se rel&cher, vr, to'tprew re- 
miss ; * forego; ^unbend 
one'^s mind 
', fresh horses; re* 

lay for hounds ; leisure 
Relancer, va. to rouse ; to 
* give one a Rowland fot 
hts OUver 
Rdapt,^ «« s, relapse 
R6largij:*make wider 
Retoter to new lath 
RelatiA ve. a, relative 
RelatiK sm a relative [Hve 
Relation, ^f --tion, narra- 
Relativement, ail. —vely 
Relfundg re. a. lateativc 

igitized by V^: ° 



Helaxation, if. —tion 
Kela^er, va. to releate 
Relayer, to relieve ; * take 

frith norses 
Se — , vr, to rett one's self; 

to relieve one another 
Reldgation, sf banishment 
Rel^guer, va. to banish, exile 
Relent, sm, a musty smell 
Relevailles, the church- 

ing of a woman 
Rdeve, e a. raised ; noble ; 

lofty \ high 
'Relev^f sm, raising again ; 

extract of a reckoning ; 

shifting of a horse's shoe 
ReleT^e, *^ the afternoon 
Reldvement, sm, raising up 

ReteTer, va, to raise again: 

*set off'; extol; relieve ; lift 

u// ; turn up ; *tuck up ; 
. ease ; quicken ; raise 
Se rdever, vr, to recover a 

losr, *get up again ; appeal 
Reliage,«m. nevhhooping 
Relief, relief; relievo ; or- 

nameru;fine; offals 
Relief, va to • bind; tie 

again ; to new ho^ 
Reuenr, sm, a book-binder 
Religieuaement, ad, godly 
Reliiieux, se. a, religious ; 

Relijrieux, se. «• a religious 

monk, or nun 
Religion, sf, religion ; piety 
Religioniiaire, s, a dissenter 
Reliqoaire, sm. shrine Jor 

Reliquat, remainder qf an 

euxountj a remnant 
Reliqoataire, one that is be- 
hind-hand in his accounts 
ReKque, sf. a relic [ders 
Reliques, relics ; remain- 
Relire, tte. to * read oter 

ReBure, sf. binding 
Relouer, to* let again; un- 

Reluire vn. to • thine, glitter 
Relaisuit, e. a, shining 
Relnquer. va. to *cast sheep'' s 

eyes or (eer upon 
Refnttrer, xw. to *give a se- 


:,t9 c'hew again 

Remaf onner, to r^mir 
Remander, to * send word 

Renianier, to handle again ; 

to * do over again 
Se renwrier, vr, to marry 
agmn [able 

Remarquable. S* a. remark- 
Remarque, sf, remark ; note 
Remarquer, va, to * make 

another mark ; observe 
Remarqueur, sm, an obser- 

vator (in contempt) 
Se remasquer, vr. to * put on 

one's mtuk again 
RembaUer,va. to "* pack up 
again {barking 

ReintMirquement, sm, reim- 
Rembarquer, va. to reign- 
bark ; to engage ogain 
Rerabarrer, to baffle wUh 

keen words ; repulse 
Remblai, sm, the workir.j 

for a bank ; a causey 
Remblaver, va, to *sow again 

with corn 
Remboitement, sm, setting 

into joint again 
Remboiter, veu to*set into 
joint again [up 

Renibourrenient,«m. stuffing 
Rembourrer, va, to • stuff 
Remboursement, sm. r^n- 

RembDuner,va. to reimburse 
Rembrocher, to * spit again 
Rembrunir, to *make darker 
Rembrunissemeuty snu the 

being, darker 
Reinbuchement,cfnv(rjr back 

into the lair 
Se rembachert vr, to *go back 

into the lair^ to * skulk 
Remdde, sm, remedy ; me- 
dicine ; glister 
RemMier, vn. to remedy 
Remembrance, sf, —brance 
Ran6rootatit; ve. a, remem- 
Rem^morer, va, to put in 
mind tback 

RemeHer, carry or • bring 
Remercier, to thank^ dismissi 

divest of 
Remerctment, snu thanks 
R6m6r6, potoer of redemp- 
tion iUtw) 
R6iaerer, w. to redeem (in 


Renettret va. to *ptu mFtet 
again ; delay ; zforgioe ; 
restore ; recover; resign i 
commit ; remit ; * setut 
Se remetcre, vr, to recoUeet; 
' refer ;*ae reconciled g re- 
cover [nisk 
Remeubler, va. to new fur- 
R^minisoenee, sf, memory 
Remise, a coachhouse ithtch' 
et ; delajf ; remittance ; 
shelter Iriage 
Remiser, va, to back a car- 
Remissible, 2, a. remissible 
Remission, #f. remission 
R^missionnsire, snu tie par- 
ty who has a pardon 
Remener, to carry back 
R6molMle,if.a kind of sharp 
Rtfmole, whirlpool \saucc 
R^fflollient, e. a, emollient 
R^molbtif, ve. a, em^Uent 
Remonte, sf new horses (to 

Remonter, va. to * go t^ 
again i * make up ^gain ; 
•wmtf up again J 'run 
back ; remount $ *set up 
again ; lift up ; trace up 
Remontranee, sf, remon- 
strance ; advice 
Remontrer. va, to remon- 
strate ; shew again g *teach 
again ; advise, r^eseat 
Remordre,(o * bite again 
R6mora. snu obstacle^ dday 
Remords. remorse 
Rgmore, sf. sem-lamprey 
Remorque, towing of a ship 
Remorquer, va. to tow a imp 
R6motia, A r^motis, aside 
Remoadre» vo. to * gritid 

RemouiUec, to wet m*iEp 

again ; anchor again 
Remoulure, snu a grinder 
Rempailler, va* to stt^.^neiid 
Rempaquementf barrtl&s^ 
of herrings C<V0>» 

Rempaqueter, va, to'*piiek up 
Rempanlidre, sfM prostitutei 

Remparement, snu a fence 
Se rempaier, vr* to enfreneh 
one's self I fence 

Rempart, sm, a rampart; 
Rempbicement, r^lacing ; 

,y Google 


ICemplMer, va. to rep^nx, 

RemirfaKe* «m. aJUiing vp 
IRemjiMifUtHng in, taking in 
Rempiier, ta. t& * take in ; 
turn in [ytoin ; cram 
Remplir. to jiU up\ Jill 
Remplitsa«^ «m. iaee-mentl- 
ing ; a filling %A [dtr 

Reroptisaense, »(. laee men' 
Remploi, «m. replacing ef 

money^ eempentatian 
Rcmpl^per, va. to tue again 
RerapIiiRier,<« new feather 
Se — . t9 *pui en new fea- 
ther* ; to • begin to thirive 
Rempoelia', to pocket up 

RempoitMnneoient, «m. the 

nemttocking of a pond 

Rempoisaonner, vo. to n 

etoek wUh)fish 
Rempurter, va. to carry 

back ; obtain } • get 
Remuifte, «m. m moving 
Remnant^- e. a. etirring; 

unquiet \ uneaty 
ReBitie^6niM(ie. em. remov 

ing ; commotion* ; noiae 
Remaement, revfwving^ di*. 

turbancfi ; stir g motion 
Remoer, va. to move, ttir 
Se cemiier, vr, to move, *tir, 

remove, beetir one** eelf 
Rennieiise« »f. a woman who 

rock* a child 
RemDgle,«m* mustine** [er 
R6roun6nteur$ «m. reward- 
Kimnn^ntion, *f, reward 
R^mun^ver, va. to reward 
RemisMnee, sf» new birth ; 

regeneration, revival 
Remltre, vn. to revive; 

* ofiring up again ; *be 

born again ; *n*e again 
R6iiftl, e a. renal ; of the 

loin [ning-man 

Renud, *nu a fox, a cun- 
Raiftrde *f.a*hefox 
Renardeau, *m. a fox** eub 
Retuiidier> a fox-catcher 
Renaididre ef.afox''* bury 
Remsqner, vn. to inugk 
Reoduiiiier,va. t0 cfiain up 

Reneb^rir, v. to * make dear- 

er, * '^nv dettrtr^ excel 


RcnoMriMemeDt, tnurhlng 

in price 
Renohior, large rein-deer 
Rencun^er, va. to pre** clo*e 
Rencontre, *f- accidental 

meeting ; accident ; ren- 
counter ; pun ; occasion 
ReneontKT, va. to * mem 

hit; pun; *Jlnd ; *fall 

in with 
Se — , vr, to meet together ; 

to agree ; to taUy 
Renconer, va, to * make a 

new botUee or otay* 

a rendetter, * run in debt 

Rende&voai, em, a»*igna- 

tion ; the place of meeting 
Rendoikn^, 4/. the winding* 

of a hunted animal ; te- 

diou* talk 
Rendormir, vs. to lull to 

eleep tfgain 
Se — , vr. to *fall aeteep 

again { fold up 

Retiduubler, vo. to turn in ; 
Rendre,f« render; re*fore; 

produce ; void ; turren. 

der, express ; bear 
Se pendre, vr, to ourrender ; 

yield} repair; resort; *run ; 

*be*pent; to * lead to; to 

•fall into 
Roiduire, va, to new plas- 
ter ; iiaub over again 
Rendufcir, to harden again 
R6ne« *f. the rein of a bridle 
Ren^gat, *m» a renegado 
Renette, if. applepippin 
R^nette, farrier''* paring 

knife {hou*e 

Renlalter, va to new roof a 
Reii(brm6, *m, mu*ty 
Renfenner, va. to * *hut up 

t^ain ; inclose ; include 
Se — , vr. to recollect one** eelf 
Renfiler, va. to thread again 
Renflaramer, to new kindle ; 

inflame t^tin 
RenflemeDt, *m. noelling of 

a pillar 
Renfler, va. to * swell again 
Reiifoocemenr, *m. hollow 

RenfoDcer, va. to new-fiead 

or bottom a cask ; * sink 

again i^ing 

R«of«Neinent, «»• etrength- 



Renftre€ , e. a. thick, strong 
Renfbreer, va. to reinforce ; 

etrengthen ; fortify, raise 
Se — , vr. to gather etrength 
Renfort, sm. sufjply, recruit, 

RenKagement, retngage- 

Rengager,va. to pawn again ; 

re-engage oneU self 
Rengaiiier,<o *heatlie,*put up 
Se renfrorger, vr. to bridle it 
Se rengoufiwr, to * be in- 

gulphed again 
Rengr^gemeirtt sm. exaspe- 

rating of a disease 
Rengreger, vo« to increase 

oa^s disease or sorrow 
Rengrfiner, to • put again 

com in the mill-hopper 

Renhanlir,^* spirit up again 

Rentable, e. a. that may * be 


Reiiieinent,m>. cursing and 
Renier, va. to deny ; abjure $ 

*curse and *swear 
Renieur, k. s, prophstne 

Renifler. va. to * tnujf again 
Reniflerie, {/I enuff.ngup 
Renifleitr, le. «. one iioho 

snuff* up 
Reniveler, va. to level apiece 

of ground again 
Renne, *f a rein^deer 
Renoireir, va. to blacken 

Renom, *m, renown Jame 
Renomm6, e. a. renowned $ 

famous i noted 
Renomro^, effame, report 
Renominer, va. to "give ret 

Renonee,«f. reneunce;trump 
Renoneeroent, *m. renounc- 
ing [self-denial 
Roionceroent k aoi-mfiine, 
Renoncer, v. to renounce i 

• forsake, revoke [tUn 
Renonctation, sf. renunciOr 
Renoncule, ranunculus 
Renovation, renovation 
Renou^e, blood-wort [tion 
Renouement, sm, reconciUa- 
Kenouer, va. to tie again ; 

renew, reconcile, resume 
Renouear, sm, a bone-setter 
Renoavefta, the eprinf 


^tf REP 

Kenouvellenieiit, renewing ; 
reviving [rexnve 

B«nouveIler, vo» to renew ; 
Se — .* be renewed 
^mei/cnement, #m. a token 
Keiuemencer, tuo. to new tow 
Hentamer* to * cut again 
Rente, sf, rent ; yeor/y in- 
Renter, va, to endow 
Rentier, e. e, annuitant ; te- 
Kentoiler, t>a* to • put other 

linen to 
Rentonner, to turn up again 
RentortiUer, to new tuitt 
Rentndre. to fine-draw 
Rentcaiture, 4/I fine-draw- 
,«««■,• darning 
Jentmyeor, o6,*,flne-drawer 
-Kentr6e, */ beginning of 
term ; opening of the oe*- 
Hon* ; taking in at cards 
Rentrer, vn* to * come, *go, 

<ir* getin again 
Renvene^ bi lenTene, back- 
RenTenement, *m. over- 
turning; rvin; putting 
Renvener, va, to * throw 
down f ^overthrow ; rtun\ 
Renveneur, *nu overthrower 
Renvi, a revy 

Renner, vn, to revy ; hn- 
prove upon ; *urjm** . 

• oufdo {reference 
RenToi, *nu tending back 
Reiivc»yer,T>fli, to**end again , 

Id back ; diemi**, *put 

_ , return^ deng^ refer 
Repaire, *m, haunt or den 

of wiid beaet* ; *heUer of 

thieve* ; hare^* dung 
Repairer, vn. to haunt, a* 

R^paittir, -v. to thicken again 
Repattre, to * feed, bait 
Se— , vr. to * feed upon; 

tlelight in 
Repaurir, va* to knead again 
R6pandre,iNi. toUpill, •*hed, 

scatter ; * epread ; leak 

Se — , vr, to •be tpUled, or 

• *hed \t»*be Unlth of 
ReparaUe, 9. a. r^taitxibte 


R^parateur, enu r^pairtr ;\ 

R^pantion, #/*. repair ; rf-' 

Reparer, va, to repair ; re\ 

trieve ; * make amauU ; 

Reparottre, to appear again 
Repartie, *f repartee ; r^ly 
Repartir, v to **et out again 

* go back again^ reply 
R^>partir, fo dtstribute^aue** 
Repartition, sf, at*e**ment 
Repas, *m, a repast, meal 
Repatser, v to repa**. carry 

over again^ whet again; 

toiron, call over, reviae, 

Repaver, va, to new pave 
Repayer, to *pajf a eecond 

Rep^er, tojfeh up again 
Repeigner, to comb again 
Repeindn:, to * draw, or 

paint again 
Repenser, to *think of t^in 
Repentance, */, r^entanee 
Repentant, e. a. repentant 
Se repentir, vr. to repent 
Repentir, *m, repentance 
R^pereurif, Te. a.--cu**ive 
R^peiconion, *f -^«n 
R^pereuter, va. to reper- 

cute; to reflect i * drive 

Reperdie, to io*e again 
Repdre, *m, a mark 
Repertoire, —lory 
Repeser- vcu to weigh again 
R€p€tailler, va, to r^fint 

over and over, tire 
R^P^ter, to rtpeat ; to* do 

again, to Heaeh inprlvate 
R^p^titeur, *m, private 

Repetition, of --tion, tauto- 
logy^ r^earetd, recovery 
RepeQplement, tm. eupple- 

mem, renewing 
Repeopler, va, to repeople ; 

replant, ttock 
Repic, em, repeck (at picket) 
Repiler,VR. to pound again 

in a mortar 
Repiqtter, to * prick again 
R6pit. *nu reipUe', delay 
Replaoer, va, to place or 



R«|)lriier,i» ^uktmagidn 
Replanehejner, to new-jSmr 
Replamer, to truntplant 
Repttties, to new-pUuter 
Replet, le. a. replete f fofat 
Repletion, of, -Hofi^ omitit 
Repli, *m. a fold, winmng, 

■ rece*9, wrinkle 
Replier. va, to fold <qpstfi ; 

turn in 
Se replier, vr. to *faU back ; 

''origgle (a* a enahe) 
R6pliqae, *f, reply, irpUca- 

Repltsaer, to plait again 
Replonger, to *d^9t *drive 

agmn; to involve again 
Repolir, to MM cmSii 
R^ponoe, «f. ranunone 
R6ponilant, em, bail, eurety^ 

R^pondre, V. to anewerftc 

ply, agree ; * lead; bml ) 

warrant, equal, eolve 
Rgpoms, «m. retponee 
R6poDse, *f, aneioer, r^ty 
Reporter, 'no* to carry Mdb 
Repos, *m. rest, quietj Imad- 

Repose, #/: fair of deer 
Repoier, v. to re*t, tlunAer. 

Se reposer, vr. to * take rett, 

RepoMir, em. reaUng-pUue ; 

altar (among the pafHttt) 
R6poiuer,va. to marry again 
Repoastementffin. recoiltiy, 

Repooner, v. to repel ; re- 

puiee, recoil, bud i^fain 
RepooMoir, tmjdrtoer^hbtel 
R^prgbeniible, S. a. ^^eible 
R6pr6hennon, *f, —-eion 
Reprendre, vo. f * retake ; 

renew ; resume ; *ckidei 

*earp ; pr^ ; reply : 

•take up a etUch 
Se reprendie, vr, to eoUect 

one''* *elf, to close orafn 
Repr6iaillefl, *f* reprUiO* 
— par repr^iUet, through 

revenge ; tUfor tat 
Repr^sentant, sm,m proxy 
Repr^ientatif, ve. a. —tive 
Repr6senta(ion, s , • 

ejifhMtion ; acting 

,y Google 


Bepr^tenter^ 1Mb to iMiM- 
sent ; produce ; eali lo 
mind i act % act like ru^ 
9^lf% personate 
Se — , nr. to fancy 
Rc^^ier, wi. to * lendan^iu 
R^primandc, «/. reprimand 
R^primander. va, to reprvoe 
R£ primer, to reprett. curb 
Reprise, »f retafaxig; re- 
neving, harden ofaionjn 
time ; return ; a »tdp re- 
taken ; a game fatcardt) 
Ileprim> va,te neroappraite 
R^nrfMtioDt ^ -Wum 
R^rochable. 3. a. reproach' 

Jui ; excepUonolUe 
RJeprocbe,#m. reftroach ; up- 
braiding ; exception 
Reproches, pi. exceptions, 
charge* againrt a wHnet* 
Reprurfaer, va. to r^oach, 
exc^ against, to grudge 
Reproduction, af. -^ion 
ReprodaiiiB, vo. to reproduce 
R^proor^, «m. a reprobate 
R^proirrar, va, to reject ; 

aitailowf reprobate 
ReptiJe. $. a. em. reptile ; 

R^publieam, e. o. ». repub- 

ItQon ; a whig 
Repobheanisine, em, spirit 

Ma rtpublican 
Repnblique, sf. republic ; 

R^pndation, —tion, divor- 
cing L*Ptd aroaji 
R6padier; va. to r^udiate; 
Repue, */• meal, repast 
R^piHprance,— c^, reluctnncy 
Repugnant, e. a. repugnant 
R^pogner, va, to*clash toit/i, 

• go against 
R6puUuler, to * grow or bud 

again exceedingly 
R^oUion, of. —sion 
Repurt^er, va, to purge e^in 
R^potatioD, tf, T^ion ; cha- 
racter ; repute ; fame ; 
name [count 

R6pater, va. to repute \ ac- 
Req«6nible, % a,demandahle 
Reqa^rant, e. *. plaintiff' 
— — , e. a. requir