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Full text of "A new pocket dictionary of the Italian and English languages : in two parts : I. Italian and English. - . II English and Italian"

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Printed for Longman and Co. ; T. Cadell ; J. Richardson ; Hntchard and Son ; Baldwin and 
Cradock ; J. Booker ; J., G., and F. Uivin-toii ; Dulau and Co. ; Hamilton, Adams, and 
Co.; Whittaker and Co; J. Duncan; Darton and Harvey; Bichter and Co. ; G. Couie 
and Co.; J. Souter; Simpkiu, Marshall, and Co.; Black and Armstrong ; Smith, Elder, 
and Co.; Houlston and Son ; E. Lumley; J. Rolandi ; J.W'acey; Stirling and Kenney, 
Edinburgh ; and G. and J. Kobinson, Liverpool. 


Price S'uv Shillings, neatly bound. 


Printed V,y W. Ci,ov.-es and Soss, 



In presenting the Fifteenth Edition of Graglia'.s Italian Dictionary to 
the Public, the utmost care and attention has been bestowed upon its 
revisal, and an exact accentuation placed upon the infinitives of the 
verbs. Some hundred useful and necessary words have been added, 
without, however^ increasing its bulk, so as to render it inconve- 
nient, as a Pocket Dictionary. The open and close pronunciation 
of the e and o has been pointed out, by a small line over the e and 5 
when close, and without the said line when open. The single z and 
double zz, when pronounced like is. are also marked with the same 
line z — zz, which is omitted when they are to be pronounced like 
ds. The Editor flatters himself that these improvements will be of 
the greatest utility to students of the Italian Language. 


London., Sept. 7, 1829 


When Mr. Graglia's Dictionary appeared for the first tune, it 
was received with general approbation ; and we feel happy that a 
Continuation of this favourable Sentiment in the Public, permits 
us to say what would have been thought presumptuous in the 
Author — that liis work really deserved a liberal Welcome; chiefly 
on account of the Simplicity of its Plan, which renders it the 
cheapest, and the most convenient Publication of the kind, for 
Schools, and for Travellers. 

Several attempts have since been made, with laudable intention, 
to surpass this Dictionary ; but it still continues to maintain its 
advantage ; and each successive Edition surpasses the preceding in 
rapidity of Sale. 

Such successive Preference deserves the care of the Proprietors, 
and they ha'e spared no expense, to merit a Continuance of the 
public Favour. In order to meet the wishes of many Persons, who 
desired to have the Book reduced to a Size more portable than the 
square 12mo. form, they have had this Edition printed after the 
same Mode, and in a type similar to that of Nugenfs French Pocket 
Dictionary ; with a considerable addition of Words, but, above all, 
of Idiomatic Sentences. — Indeed, in the last Edition and this, the 
Reader may easily perceive that there is not one page without some 
essential addition, and general improvement. 

A short, but comprehensive Italian Grammar will be found in the 
present Volume. As it was written chiefly for Beginners, all 
scientific Disquisitions have been carefully avoided, in order to pre- 
sent nothing but clear, easy, and methodical Tables of Pronuncia- 
tion, and of the several Parts of Speech. The Verbs, regular and 
irregular, are treated to the full ; and various detached Remarks 
will be found interspersed through the Work, to aid the young 
Student. The Publishers therefore cherish a hope, that this short 
Treatise will be found a convenient Step to Works more voluminous 
and scientific. 

Walcot Place, Lambeth, 1826. 






tongue has twenfy-two letters. 

Sounds in English. 

Italian Examp. 




tskay, before t, i 


kay, before a, o,u 






djay. before e, i 


gay. before a , n. u 


acca is a siyiiu yvilUou! r.,:y sound 


et; long 



IVI anno 





coo and kcw 






ou or oo 

K and ir : 

Jir.mei. C suii 

before a vawel, and 

n foreigr» X is commonly changed into *. a», and 

5 changed sometimes cc : — Xerxes, Scrsc ; Alexander, 
before a AUteandro ; excellerit, eccellciile. 

Ph becomes/.— Philosopher, Filosofe. 


On the letters a, t, i", and J ; o, u, and v ; c, g, h, t, t, s, m, and n. 

N.B. For the sake (if simplicity and brevity, the translation nf the Italian n'oi 
dispensed with, wherever it was judged not to be absolutely wanted. Should a 
become necessary to the reader, the dictionary is at hand. 

A is alwajs sounded broad, like a in 
alarm, fathom ; thus, padre, madre, amare. 
But a -with an accent at the end of words, 
has a quick sharp sound; thus the a in 
calamità, calamity, is sharjper than It is in 
calamita, a loadstone. 

B has generally a close sound, as in the 
English words pen, fen, y:enerous ; thus, 
maledire, pede, bene. But sometimes it is 
open, as in there ; thus, teina, mènsa, péna. 
No sure rule can be given on this point. 

/ sounds Uke double ee in sleep ; — diritto, 

J is always a Towel in the Italian, and 
sounds like i, but somewhat longer, as y in 
the English words you, yonder, yield. Its 
chief use is to form the plural of nouns in io 
short, that is, pronounced in one syllable; as, 
tempio, temple, tempj ; principio, beginning, 
principi ; which otherwise would be con- 
founded with tempi, from tempo, time ; and 
principi from principe, prince. — It is also 
employed by some grammarians in the tenses 
of verbs where two ii should meet ; but this 
ought to be done only when the two ii form 
but one syllable, as ch' io studj, che tu studi, 
&C. but not io sentj, io udj, in which words 
the letters ii form two distinct syllables. 

O sounds sometimes open, as in the English 
•words globe, cold .-^pòvero, pàpulo, tòlto. — 
Sometimes cioàe, as in English come, some : — 
tornamento, volere. Practice alone can teach 
the difference. 

U has always the sound of u, as in the 
English words "iuH, rule, or the double oo in 
■moon, soon : — unico, publico, nudrire. 

U before o, in the same syllable, is pro- 
nounced faintly: — buono, fuoco, uomini, 
figliuola, suocero. Except in duo, tuo, suo, 
virtuoso, in which the u has its full soimd, 
because then the « and the o form two 
distinct syllables. In any other case, vowels 
combined together form but one sound, as in 

V, which is a real consonant, is pronounced 
as the English v ;— verso, tavola, velo. "When 
two I't» come together, thev eire pronounced 
like a single one; thus, avvenire, read 
ovenirt avventuri, lead aventura 

C before a, 

I, sounds k, 3 

do in EngUsh, 
in U>e English 

C before e, i, sounds like ch 

words cAiW, cheek: — cicerone, , 

In this case, when two cc meet, the first 
takes the sound of a soft t ; thus, accento, 
accidente, read atshento, atshidente. 

When after ci follows another vowel, as 
da, eie, ciò, ciu, they must be pronounced in 
one syllable, and the i has a faint sound : — 

Ch sounds k : — chiodo, chioma, chimico, che, 
chi, read kiodo, kioma, kimico, &c. 

G before a, o, u, sounds as in the English 
words gadfly, goblin, gunner : — gamba, gobbo, 

G before e snd 1, ha.<; the sound of dj, as 
found in the soft g- of the English words 
gender, agent, giant : — genio, gesto, giro. 

Già, gio, giù, are pronounced dgia, dgio, 
dgiu, in one syllable, and the i has a faint 
sound : — Giaccio, giostra, giubba. 

Gna, gne, gni, gno, gnu, cannot be re- 
presented by English sounds ; they are 
pronounced like the French words Espagne, 
campagne, mignon, lorgner : — Campagna, 
agnello, incognito, ignudo, giunto. 

G before li has a liquid sound, which the 
English language has not, except perluips in 
the words million and vermilion. It is 
nearer the French words Jille, bouillon, 
famille : — Figlio, megliori. medaglia. But it 
keeps the English sound in the words Angli- 
cano, negligere, negligente, negligenza, ne- 
gletto, and its other derivatives. 

GG. ÌVhen two gg come together before e 
or i, the first g has the soft sound of d, as in 
the English word edge :— oggetto, oggi. 

The letter h between g and e, i, strengthens 
the sound, which becomes then as the English 
words get, gift : — GhicKcio, ghigno, botteghe. 

Hence it appears that the letter h, although 
it has no sound of itself, contributes to alter 
the sounds of other letters, namely c and g. 
For thus che, chi, and glie, ghi, by the inter- 
position of an A, lose the sounds of ce, ci, gè, 
gi. It also serves to distinguish some words 
alike in sound, though diflerent in meaning. 


as hanno, they have, and anno, year; ha, he 
has, and the preposition a, to; /mi, thou hast, 
and fl!, to the. — Many persons write now 
these words and some others witliout the h . 
thus, 0, ai, a, anno, instead of Uo, hai, ha, 

S. This letter has t\?-o sounds, one strong 
■with some hissing, and the other soft, some- 
■what like z. It is pronounced strong in the 
beginning of words, as in English, safety, 
tnon-y :— sapere, santo, senno, subito. It is 
commonly soft between two vowels, as in 
caso, guisa, tesoro, rosa. Likewise before d, 
g, I, m, n, r, v ; as sdegno, sguardo, svelare, 
disiiare.— Yet it sounds harsh in così thus, 
«1 yes, and roso^ tosa, from the verb rodere, to 

Sc before a, o, u, sounds ska, skn, thu ; 
thus, scabro, scolare, scusa, sound like the 
English words scalp, score, scurvt/. 

Sc before e, i, sounds like sh, in the English 
■words shave, shipping : — scena, scinto. 

The sounds scia, scie, scio, sciu, form one 
syllable only, and the i has a faint sound :— 

T. This letter joined to ia, te, ti, io, in the 
middle, or at the end of words, is pronounced 
as Is in benejits ; thus in gratia, naiione, 
jiatienza, and other such words of Latin 
derivation, pronounce grattia, natsione, 
patsienza.— This orthography has now be- 
come obsolete, and the letter t is supplied 
■with r, which has also the sound of ts. The 
/ is, however, kept in verbs, and in some 
nouns ; and it is pronounced like the English 
I in time, trusty, tulip. Thus read with t, 
portiamo, partiamo, &c. and malatia, ques- 
tione, molestia, natio, in the sense of no/ire : 
with some other words, perhaps, which 
practice will teach. 

read cesta n 


ZandZZ. This letter, as well single as 
double, has two sounds ; one strong, like ts 
in benefits, and the other soft, like ds 
In Windsor. The strong sound is the 
most general: tlms, for nozze, fazzoletto, 
bellezza, zana, zio, zucca, read uctse, fatsa- 
letto, &c. 

The sound is generally soft in the word» 
ending in anza, enza, onza : and in these 
words, which, in Latin, and in English 
words derived from the Latin, are written 
with a z, a c, or a t, pronounced like a soft r. 
Thus for costanza, pruden- 

pnidenilsa, &c. 

No certain rule can be given to distinguish 
when the s is soft, and when harsh ; for, 
although most words written with a double 
zz have a strong sound, many of them, how- 
ever, have a soft sound; such are rezza, 
mezzo, &c. 

Remember that in pronouncing words in 
2, either strong or soft, a slight pause is to be 
made on the somid t or d, by doubling them, 
as it were. Therefore in pronouncing nozze, 
bellezza, prudenza, azuro, tr; to pause thus : 

nótt-se, béUett-sa, prudénd-sa, dd-suro 

Indeed this remark attaches equally to the 
letters m and n, and above all to the doubled 
letters mm, nn ; and even to every doubled 
consonant, such as dd, II, tt, &c. between 
which a slight pause must be made ; and 
every sound, either guttural or nasal, ought 
to be carefully avoided. Thus in reading 
immenso, parlammo, innocente, prudentemente, 
addio, rebelle, attentare, mark the m and n, 
nearly as in the English words, brim, fan, 
dim, men, and read im-men-so, parldm-mo, 
in-noc^n-te, pru-den-tcmén-ie. 


a A'nima casa d^za mtislca paròla 

à Cecità felicità darà sarà parlerà 

e (dose) Bène male pedóne maledire córrere 

e (open) Mènsa téma péna èrba rèndita 

» Mirifico inimico chiavistèllo cibo ripièno 

j .Iaspide jàculojaclnto gli studj i tempj 

(open) Pòvero pòpolo tòlto òggi galòppo 

o (close) Tomaméiito volére órdine chiòma cuòre 

u before o Buòno fuòco uòmini duo tuo suo 

iti, uoi Jliéi tuoi suoi mietitura miète 

i' .;.-.... Avéna movévcle misventùra viatòre 

vv Avventuróso misawenlre avviso avvertènza 

ca Castèllo cattivo cavalcare incanto mancare 

co Còllo copèrto accòrto giocondezza fico 

cu Cùcùlo cùpola accurato curvatura cur^a 



ce Cervello cento infeUce faceto céce 

ci Ciceróne pacifico cicalalrfre dièci cfljo 

ce before e, i . . . • Accénto cappuccino accecare accigliare 

te btfore a,o,u. . . Accanto accóncio accordare accusa 

eia ....... Cidncia ciarlatano ciascheduno mancia 

eie . Cielo ciecamente freccie ^ruccie 

eia ...,,. . Ciòcca cioccoI<(ta cioncatóre lùccio 

«1» Ciurma ciurmàglia ciiischero ciurmare 

eh Chiòdo chiòma duchezza chi che 

ga t . . . . . Gamba garbato gareggiante ragazza 

go Gòbbo gòffo pèrgola règola pago 

gu Gusto gustóso aguzzare egualmente 

gè Gèmma germano degenerato agévole 

gi Girasóle girèlla agitatóre digito legióne 

già Giaciménto cervògia giardino giallo 

gio ....... Giostrare giovanézza regióne prigióne 

giù Giunchiglia giumèlla giudèo digiunare 

gna Campagna pugnare ragnatéllo cagna 

gne Agnélle degnévole magnètico plgnere 

gni Dignità incognito ingégni régni 

gno Ragnólo indégno ignoranza ségno 

^u Eagnuòlo ignudo ognuno isnudàre 

gli Figlia figlio mèglio medaglia quagUa 

^g' Oggetto òggi protèggere leggerézza 

ghe, ghi Fatfghe luòghi ghiàccio gherófano 

», strong Sapere santo stùdio sénno sènso 

3, toft Sdégno sguardo guisa usuriére 

tea Scabro scacciare riscaldare invescato 

SCO Scolare scòglio mescolato discólpa 

scu Scusato scudo scucito scuòla 

see Scèna scegliere discépolo scematóre 

sci Scilòcco disciplina scinto fàscia 

scia Sciàtica lasciato ambasciadòre sciagura 

scie Sciènza scierpellòne scientifico cosciènza 

scio Scioccamente ùscio disclòlto fàscio 

sciu Asciutto sciugàto presciùtto sciugàre 

22, 2, like ts . . . . Nózze fazzolétto zucca zio 

22, z, like da . . . Zodiaco azùro mèzzo prudènza 

m, mm, n, nn, or anj other doubled letter, as bb, dd, JJ\ /ic. 

Bambino fimbria immènso sómma dónde danno inganno 

dabbène addoppio diffuso ermellino fèrro gattòne làppola 
latte matto addolorato affacendàto aggugliànza baccante 
ballando favèlla gennàjo lijipitùdine mottéggio. 



THERE are two accents m Italian, the preterj.erfect tense of verbs, of which the first 

grave (') and the acute ('). jierson ends in two vowels ; thus amò, credè. 

Orare accent. 1. It is put on nouns in ^i from amai, credei. But write without the 

and )i, which have the singular and ])lural grave accent, vinte, prese, from vinsi, presi 

alike; as bcltìi, bontà, viriti, gioventit. Such 3. On the first and third person singular 

nouns ended formerly in arfe and a<e, urfc and of every verb in the future tense; thus, 

u<e, and they are stili used in poetry. amerà, antera^ crederò, crederà, sentirà, 

2. On the third person singular of the sentirà. 


, there, /a, the and her, 
lì the and tliey; dà he gives, da from; rfi 
day, di of; si yes and so, si one's self; è he 
is, e and; però therefore, pero, a pear-tree. 

Some otlier words are also written with the 

costi and costà there, cosi thus, già already, 
ciò that which; with many others which 
practice will teach. 

5. Wlien a word, having the grave accent, 
is joined to anothel word, the consonant of 
the latter word must be doubled, and the 
accent be taker, off; tails <;i and dà, joined 
to mi. become dimmi, tell me, dammi, give 
me; furò and lo are made farollo, I will do 
it; pili and tosto become piuttosto, sooner, 
&c. &c. 

Acute Accent. This accent is used only on 
the i of words ending in I'o and {a, whenever 
iu and (a are pronounced in two distinct syl ■ 
lables : as pazzia, desio, galleria, addio. 

Some writers use it likewise on words 
which have a double signification ; as tenére 
to hold, tènere tender; ancóra again, àncora 
an anchor ; nettare nectar, nettare to cleanse, 
&c. but this nicety is not strictly observed 
now, unless the sentence should offer an am- 
biguous meaning. 

Apostrophe and Elision. The apostrophe 
is a mark to show that one or more letters 
are cut off; and the elision is the cuttini; oft 
of those letters. They are used in the follow- 

1. After the articles lo, la, li, gli, le, and 
their oblique cases, when they meet before 
words that begin with a vowel, or when thev 
are abbreviated ; as l'anima, Uonore, de' libri, 
a' padri, &c. with the exceptions noticed in 
tlie following chapter. 

Vet, in poetry, several licences are taken, 
and we find : lo amore, lo eccesso, lo impera- 
dorè, lo ingiusto ; and even lo'ngiusto, lo'm- 

The i of the arUcle i7 is cut off after a word 
ending with a vowel, but not the vowel of 
ihat word; a.s tutto 'I paese; mi dica 'I «mo 


2. Mi. a, ci, vi, ne. se, di, receive the apo- 
trojihe before a vowel; as voi m'intendete, 
egli l'intende, s'ingannerà, &c. However, ei 
s'.iffers no abbreviation before a and u, in 
order to avoid a harsh pronunciation. 

3. The words which have the grave accent, 
as dirò, farò, felicità, &c. are never abbre- 
viated, except che with its compounds, per- 
chè, benché, sicclii, &c. perch' era, bench' cn- 

4. These sis words, unn, bello, grande, 
santo, quello, buono, before masculine nouns 
that begin with a consonant, are abridged 
thus : un, bel, gran, san, quel, buon ; — a:i i 
before vowels : — un, beli', grand', sant'. quelC, 
buon' : as un libro, un bel libro, gran cavallo, 

an Pietro, quel soldato, buon pane, — un amico, 
-'" uomo, grand' ingegno, sant' Antonio, 

uelP a- 

of these words are abridged by 
correcL writers, before feminine nouns, exccp't 
grande : as gran barca, grand' armata. 

Observe also that neither these words, nor 
any others, should be abridged before an * 
impura, that is, an s followed by a conso- 
nant; as jpeccAzo, «<'u(/io, &c. therefore wiite 
bello specchio, quello studio, &c. C!ontrary 
examples are to be met with, but they are 

5. All words in the singular numl>er, wlùch 
have one of the liquid consonants, /, m, n, r, 
l)efore their final vowel, may lose their final 
vowel, unless they should meet before wortls 
that begin with s followed by a consonant. — 
Vowels are seldom lost in the plural number. 
— The vowels after I and r are oftener lost 
than those after m and n ; except in verbs, 
for then the vowel after m is very often cut 
off; as altendiam, andiam, Jtngiam, &c. for 
attendiamo, &c. 

6. Infinitives joined to mi, ii, ci, vi, si, ne, 
lo, la, le, gli, or any other word to which they 
are united, drop their final e ; thus, per ve- 
derlo, sentirsi, pentirci, &c. instead of pet 

As to minute exceptions concerning the 
apostrophe and elision they must be left to 
practice, or to larger treatises: this was 
thought enough for our present plan *it»> 
;oung students. 


The Itólians have three deanite Articles, »;, lo, la. 




Ablative dal dallo dalla /roi 




Ifomiiiative i gli le 

Genitive dei or de' degli delle 

Dative ai or a' agli alle 

Accusative i gli le the 

Ablative dai or da' dagli dalle from the 

The definite article il is used before mas- 
culine nouns which begin with a 
litiok, libro. 

y. il libro 

G. del libro 

D. al libro 

A. il libro 

-46. dal libro 


dei or de' libri 
ai or a' Ubri 

Si an i followed by 
Study, studio. Zeal, scio. 
gli studj 
degli studj 
agli studj 
gli studj. 
dagli studj 

The definite article la is used before fL-mi- 
ne nouns which begin with a consonant.— 

a consonant, and 
beginning with s.— 

JV. lo studio 
G. dello studio 
D. alio studio 

Ab. dallo studio 



vowel. Friei 

gli amici 
degli ami( 

The article la before i 

and una for the feminine; alcuni, 
alcune, f. for the plural. Un is used before 
". uno, before an * followed 

A book, un libro 
A scholar, uno scolare 
A lady, una donna 

Some books, alcuni libri 
Some scholars, alcuni scolari 
Some ladies, alcime donne 

The prepositions di, a, and da, are used in 
the indirect cases. Di is made d' before a 
vowel or an h, and a is made ad in the same 
circumstance; da suifers no change. 

D'un sigTiore D'una signora 

Ad mi signore Ad una signora 

Da un signore Da una signora 

Di Roma D' Avignone 

A Roma Ad Avignone 

Da Roma Da Avignone 

Ri-marks. 1. The article lo is never a 
bridged in the plural, unless the following 
noun should begin witli an ». Therefore 
write gl' ingegni, gt imtrumenti, but gli 

■2. The article la is never abridged in tlse 
plural, unless tli8 following word should 
begin with an e, as Peloquenxe ; but write 
li ombre, le anime, le invenzioni. &c. How- 
ever, some nouns beginning with e, which 
end alike in the singular and tlie plural, 
receive the article le without an apostrophe. 
Thus write le effigie, the images, to distin- 
guish it from its singular, Peffigie, the image. 

3. A\'henever the prepositions con, in, su, 
ver, in the sense of tvith, in, upoii, for, or 
by, meet with the definite articles «7, lu, la, 
they are altered, as will be seen in tlie fol 
loving table:— ne/ for in il; nello for in lo, 
&c. The Italian words printed iu italics 
have become obsolete. 



Singular. Plural. 

Nel, nello; nella, nei or ne', negli ; nelle, in Me 

Col, collo ; colla, coi or co', con gli o- cogu ; colle, nith tit 

Sul, sullo ; sulla, su' or sui, sugli ; sulle, upon the 

Pel, pello ; fella, pelli, pei or pe*, per gli ; pelle,/or the 

As, nel giardino, nello spirito, nella camera, an t is added to the word, for the sake of 
»«' giardini, negli spiriti, nelle camere, &c. pronunciation. Therefore, instead of in 

4. "When the prepositions ijt ajnd fon, and strada, con spavento, non stare, yo\i will find 
also the particle non, meet with a wor" 
beginning witli an » followed by a 

n istrada, con ispavento, non is 


Adjectives. All the Italian adjectives end 
either in or in e. 

The adjectives in form their feminine 
singular in a, their masculine plural in i, 
and their feminine plurul in e. 

The adjectives ending in e in the singular, 
form their plural in ;, and they have the 
masculine and feminine alike m both num- 

~ ■ . dotta, fs. dotti, mp. dotte, fp. 

ind {. sing, cortesi, 1 



A djecti ves 
JSuriiber with their substi 

Vn signore dotto e cortese 

L'Asia é piit popolata dell' Europa: Asia it 
more populous than Europe. 

Questo giardino è meno largo del vostro; 
this garden is not so large as yours. 

The word than not followed by an article, 
or meeting before proper names, is rendered 
by di ; as. 

Cicerone era piti eloquente di Hortensio; 
Cicero was more eloquent than Hortensius. 

Sono meno ricco di voi ; I am not so rich as 

AVTien the comparison is made between ad- 
jectives, adverbs, verbs, or substantives, with» 
agree in gender and out articles, //laii is rendered by cAe : as, 

; as, Mia sorella è più gentile che bella ; my sister 

3 donna dotta is more graceful than pretty. 

Questo mi darà piti fatica che profitto ; inis 
' ■■ ■ ■ ... ■ trouble than profit. 

Signori dotti e cortesi — donne dotte e ortssì. 

Vn prato verde ; una gonna verde ; i prati 
verdi ; le gonne verdi : Meadow, '.own. 

Comparatives. Adjectives become compa- 
XHlives with the assistance of piit more, and 
meno less; thus, caro, dear; piti caro, d.-arer, 
meno caro, less d^ar. 

The particles via or vie ; assai, mollo, in the 
sense of «iKcA, a great deal: are often added 
to comparatives, to increase their energy. 
Ex. Cesare è stato via più or assai più, or 
inolio piti, felice di Pompeio, Caesar was much 
more tortunate than Pompey. 

La sorella è vie meno, or assai meno, or 
t>io//o tnf Ko ostinata del fratello : tiie sister is 
far less obstinate than the brother. 

The word than after comparatives, fol- 
lowed by an article, or a pronoui' possessive. 
Is expressed in Italian by del, dallo, della, de', 
degli, delle, suitable to the gender and num- 
ber of the noun ; as, 


Siiperlative$. The superlatives are formed 
by changing the last vowel of the adjective 
iiito itsimo, with the variation of oUier adjec- 
tives in gender and number; as, 

Do«-o, learned; dottissimo, dottissima , dot- 
tissimi, dottissime, most learned. 

But if tne article the be joined to most, 
then the superlative is exprssssed by il più, 
la piit, i più, le più ; as, il piti felice, la più 
felice, i più felici, le più felici, tlie happiest, or 
the most happy. 

Sometimes tìie repetition of the positive is 
enouijh to form a suijerlative ; as, 

// temvo è freddo freddo, the weather is very 

Sofia è ia bella delle belle; Sophia is the 
finest woman m the world. 

Quello : 

The following adjectives 


tedioso tedioso ; I think the formation of their comnaratives and sv,- 
inregular in 

Positive. Comparative. 

Buono good, megliore better, 

Cattivo bad, peifgiore worse, 

Grande great, maggiore greater, 

Piccolo little, minore less. 

ottimo the best 
pessimo the worst 
massimo the greatest 
minimo the least 

One may likewise say; piti grande, più cat- 
tivo, più piccolo. 

Observe that meglio and peggio, in the 
sense of in a better, in a worse manner, are 
adverbs, and cannot be joiiied to substan- 
tives. Therefore say; un megliore libro, a 
better book ; un peggiore temperino, a worse 
penknife; and not meglio, peggio. But say. 
farà meglio, farà peggio, he will do bette'r, 

Adverbs of the superlative degree are 
formed by changing the last letter of the 

learned, is formed dottissimamente most 
learnedly; from santo holy, santissimamente 
most holily, &c. but this manner of express- 
ing one's self must be used cautiously ; and 
instead of such long words, it is better to 

employ substantives. Thus, for eloquentis. 
aimamente, imprudentissimamente ; say ra- 
ther, con 7nassima eloquenza ; con grandissima 

Augmentative! and Diminutives The sij- 

nification of many nouns, both substantives 
and adjectives, may be either increased or 
diminished, bv the addition of certain syl- 
lables to their termination. 

I. The augmentatives, reducible to rules, 
.... ^ • „ 0, ni. orta, f. 

i, in a good 


The addition ame, e.tpresses a great abun- 
dance of any thing. 

Libro, book ; librone, a very large book. 

Ragazza, f. a girl; ragazzona, a stout 
jolly girl. 

Ciisa, a house; casotto, casotto, a good 
roomy house. 

Sata, a parlour; salciia, a good sitUng- 

Ciivallo, a horse; cavatacelo, a great ugly 
Casa, a house; casaccio, an ugly large 
Genie, people; gentame, a great crowd of 

Observe that many nouns have a natural 
ending in accia, accio, and ame, without 
being augmentatives. 

Observe also that the augmentaUves mas- 
culine often come from feminine nouns, as 

2. The diminutives reducible to rules, are 
formed in ino, elio, etto, with the variations 
incident to adjectives and substantives in o ; 

Carino, ms. carina, fs. < 
fp. dear pretty little create 

Poverello, poverella, poverelli, poverelle, poor 

Liliretto, a pretty little book. Acquetta, a 
rlear small stream.— Such diminutives de- 
note generally endearment, and smallnets. 

Other diminutives ending chiefly in uccio. 

uccia : and uzzo, ,uzza, indicate something 
small or contemptible ; as, 

Casuccia, a small mean-looking house. 

Votnvzzo, a puny little fellow. 

Yet all these rules are liable to exceptions, 
which nothing hut practice can teach; for 
besides the terminations which we have just 
given for augmentatives and diminutives, 
many others are freely used in familiar con- 
versation, and in books on light subjects. 
Thus from rfon»irt, a woman; casa, a house; 
libro, a book ; may be formed the following 
augmentatives and diminutives ; 

Donnone, a tall stout masculine woman. 

Donnona, a tall strong healthful woman. 

Donnaccia, an impudent shameless vi- 

Donnetta, a pretty little prattling woman. 

Donnicciuola, a mean-looking little wo- 

Donnicina, a pretty little woman. 
Donnaccia, a pretty, but vulgar woman. 
Donnaccione, a bold impudent stout wo- 

Casone, a very large house, a mansion. 
Casaccia, a large ill-contrived house. 
Casamento, a well-built roomy house. 
Cosatone and Casolare, a large ruinous 

Casolaraccia, a large roofless decayed 


Cosile, a poor thatched cottage. 
Casella, a small low -built house. 
Catotta, a snug comfortalile house. 
Casella, a snug house, also a neat kennel. 
Casetlina, a very little, but genteel house. 
Casellino, in. Casetlina, f. a neat pretty cot. 
Casina, a very small house. 
Ciuino, a small neat summer house. 
Librone, a bulky heavy book. 


Libraccio, an ugly large book. 
Libricoln. and Libercolo, a small contempt! 
Die pamphlet. 

Libretto, a pretty neat little book. 
Librettino, a very little and pretty boot; 

And so on, with thousands of other -words, 
in all the range of humour and whims ; 
but few augmentatives and diminutives 
are admitted in a style strictly correct, 
beyond those in one,ame, accio for increasing, 
and those in ino, etto, dio for diminishing. 


VROSOVya Personal ; Possessive ; Relative; Demonslratiix : Indetern 
Pronoum Personal, 

Da me, from me 
Second Person, Singular. 

A te, ti, to thee 

Te, ti, thee 

Da te, from thee 

Third Person masculine Singular 
Beli, et, e-, esso, he, it 
Di lui, of him 
A lui, gli, to him 
Lui, lo, il, him, it 
Da lui, from him 

Di noi, of US 

A noi, ci, ne, to l 

Da noi, from us 


Di voi, of you 

Da VOI, from you 

Belino, essi, they 
Zh loro, of them 
A loro, loro, to them 
Loro, gli, li, them 
Da loro, from Ihem 

1 Person feminine Singular. Plural. 

FMa, essa, she, it Elleno, esse, they 

Di lei, other Di loro, ot them 

A lei, le, to her A loro, loro, to them 

Lei, la, her, it Loro, le, them 

Da lei from her Da loro, from tliem 

The reflected pronoun te, one's self, is of all genders and numbers . 
Di se, of one's self, himself, herself, itself, themselves 
A se. si, to one's self, himself, herself, &c. 
Se, si, one's self, himself, herself, &c. 
Da tCf from one's self, himself, herself, &c. 


This pronoun acquires still r 
and elegance by the addition of , 

stessi, stesse, which are also often joined to 
the other personal pronouns ; — per se slesso, 
per se stessa, per se stessi, per se stesse, by 
himself, herself, &c. Lo farà da me stesto, I 
•will do it myself. 

Wrth me, niith thee, with himself, herself, 
:. take the Latin turn, and aie expressed by 


i a pr 
nd fer 

placed wlth the prepo- 
noun personal, and it is 
inine, as is its plural 

si loro, with them, men 

strength In effecting this union, «u, H, ci, ti, and vi, 

IO. stessa. change the i into e, and become me, te. Sec. 

gli is changed into glie ; and luru reu^iiia the 

Mene darà, he will give me some. 
Tene darà, he will give thee some. 
Sene procurerà, he will get some. 
Gliene darò, I will gire him or her some. 
Cene darà, he will give us some. 
Vene darò, I will give you some. 
Ne prometto loro, I promise some to them. 
The place of /oro, in the sense of to them, 
is always after the verb. 

The union with the articles is made after 


In reading the following lines, you have 
only to suppose melo, mela, &c. to be ia 
the place of the asterisks. — Thus : melo 
darà, telo darà, &c. he will give it to me. 

Melo mela meli mele • darà, he will give it to me, Sec. 

Telo tela teli tele * manderà, he will send it to thee, &c. 

Glielo gliela glieli gliele • darò, I will give it to him, &c. 

Selo sela seli sele * procurerù, he will procure it to himself, 4c. 

Celo cela celi cele * dirà, he will tell it to us, &c. 

Velo vela veli vele * procurerò, I will procure it to you, &c. 

The articles sboi 
Singular. Plural 

Pronount Possessiva, 
sufficiently the gendar and number. 

la nostra 

e, my, mine. 
', thy, thine. 
', his, her, its. 

1 the then the article is used ; a 

wanted, but il 
number; as, 
Mia sorella, di mia 
Vostro fratello, di 
But say, le m 

t be used with the plural 

■elle, i vostri fratelli. The 

pronoun may, however, be transposed, and 

orella m 

il fratello mio, la 

Obspjve also, that all possessive pronouns 
agree m English with the possessor ofa thing, 
but in Italian, always with the thing possessed; 
as, mio fratello ama sua moglie e le sue sorelle, 
my brotìier loves his wife aìid his sisters. Mia 
snrellaama suo marito, ed i suoi fratelli, vay 
sister loves her husband and her brothers. 

All pronouns have a relative signification, but the following ones are peculiarly so called. 

Singular and Plural ; Masculine and Feminine. 
Che ; di che, di chi, or di etti ; a che, a chi, who, that, which was speaking to you. / 
"r a cui ; da che. or da chi : that, who, which ; libri che comprò, the books that, which he 
of whom, whose, of which, &c. as, la donna bought. i« case che sono larg-'j*, the houses 
ehe vedete, the lady whom, that, which you that, which are large, 
see. // signare che vi parlava, the gentleman 


, is susceptible of an or la madre di cui avete veduta, tlio lady vliose 

as. Il signore il di cui mother you saw. 

ir il padre di cui cnnot- I soldati al di cui capitano, or al cui capitano, 

ose father you know. or al capitano ài cui parlammc, the soldiers 

madre, to tlie captain of whom we spoke. 

onoun$ Demonatrative. 

, mp. qurste, f^. this, these. 
, quelle, f. that, those. 
,1. and f. this, these ; he, she, they. 
Cului, m. colei, f! coloro, m'. and f. that, those ; he, she, they. ' 

Quello is made quel before a consonant ; gular number ; as. questi fit felice, quegli 

and quelli is often contracted into quei.— sfortunato: this man was happy, and that 

Quegli, in the sense of quelli, is singular and unfortunate, 

plural. Cotesto, cotesto, cotesti, coleste, in the sense 

Qui and là are sometimes added to give of (/»>, Mwe, arestill in use ; but co<«/hi, this 

more strength to tlie pronouns ; as, questo qui, man, and cotestoro. these or those, have be- 

tliis one here ; jueWo /.I , that one there. come obsolete. Codesto, codesta. Sic. is a cor 

Questi and quegli are often used iu the sin- ruption of cotesto. 

Pronouns Indeterminate or Indefinite. 

O^ni, m. and f. sing, each, every.— Ti(«o, Altro, altra, altri, altre, other, others; 

tutta, tutti, tutte, signifies all, every one, a which makes altriii, in its oblique cases ; as, 

totality. d'altrui, ad altrui ; of other and others, to 

Ciascheduno, ciaschedujui, ciascheduni, cias- other and others. Altri is often used in the 

chedune ; and ciascuno, ciascuna, ciascuni, singular instead of altro : altri ride, altri 

ciascune, every one, every body. piange, one laughs and the other cries. 

Qualche, m. and f. sing, some ; and in the Si, one, people, men, they, it is ; as, si diet, 

plural, alcuni, m. alcune, f. some, some one says, people say, it is said. 

Detached Observations on the Pronouns. 

Veruno, veruna, veruni, verune, none, not 1. Ci and vi, which signify us, to us ; yov. to 

one. ypu, when they are personal pronouns, are 

Nessuna, nessuna, nessuni, nessune: and likewise adverbs, in the sense of Aere and Mere, 

niuno, niuna, niuiii, niu7ie, nobody, no one, no '2. A'e, without any accent, is sometimes a 

ones. personal pronoun which signifies us, to us ; 

Certo, certa, certi, certe, some, some one ; sometimes an indeterminate pronoun, in the 

a certain one, certain ones. sense of tome, any, o/iV, o/ Mem, &c. But n*. 

Tale, m. and f. sing, tali, m. and f. plural, with the grave accent, signifies not, nor, net- 
such, such another, such others. iher ; and ne' with an apostrophe, is an abbre- 

Chiunque, m. and f. sing, whosoever, who- viation of nei, in the ; ne' campi, in the fields. 

*>ver. 3. Si, an indeterminate pronoun, in the 
sense of one, people, men, they, is of extensive 
use in Italian, as will appear by the following 

any. examples. — Si is written se, when it meets 

Ae, some, of it, of them. with ne. 

Si dicono incredibili cose, they say incredible things. 

Si sono prese molte navi, they have taken many ships. 

Non si paria di pace, they say nothing of peace. 

Se ne saprà qualche cosa, rve mill hear something of it. 

Vi si domanda del pane, they ask you bread. 

Witiimanv other turns which we shall have Essential Remark. AVTien the Italians 

occasion to notice more at large in our ob- wish to show a piirticular regard, they 
servations on passive ve bs. make use of the tliird person of the Texb, 


)r sometimes Votsipnorla takes the place 
ui voi ; and run of vostra, for the singular, 
applied to men and women. Lor tignnri, 
masculine and feminine, supply the second 
person plural. Vossignorìa is an abbreviation 
of vostra signoria, and lor signori, of le sig- 
norie toro : but ella or lei are now more 
fashionable than vossignoria. 

This manner of speaking -«rill become quite 
familiar, if we accustom ourselves to the idea 
that we are speaking of a person, instead of 
speaking to her, as will appear in the trans- 
position of the following pronoun. 

trarsi dagl' impacci, che viaggiar l Italia. 
Re ella entrerà da Venezia, vedrà una città 
unica al mondo, per la sua situazione ; ma 
non sarà questa 1* unica cosa che la sorpren- 

Ferrara le farà vedere una bella e vasta 

Bologna presenterà a suoi occhi tin altro 
bel prospetto. 

mli di Jlodena, come patria dell' 

illustre Muratori. 

a ella sta- 

Buon giorno, signora, come sta ella ? 
Benissimo per servirla, la ringrazio. 
Signore, favorisca di sedersi, la prego. 
Le sarò sempre intimo suo amico. 

Singular, Masculine, and Femmine. 
Ella or /«, she- -you, sir or madam. 
Di lei, of her- of you, sir or madam. 
A lei, le, to her — to you, sir or madam. 
La, her — you, sir or madam. 
Da lei, from her — you, sir or madam. 

Plural, Masculine and Feminine. 
lyOr signori, they — you, gentlemen and ladies. 
Di lor signori, 'of them— of you, gentlemen 

and ladies. 
A lor signori, to them— to you, gentlemen and 

Lor signori, le, them— you, gentlemen and 

Da lor signori, from them— from you, gentle- 
men and ladies. 
The following examples will render these 

observations plainer. 

You cannot do better, sir, to divert rfoiir- 
telffrom affairs, than to travel through Itahj- 
Should you enter it on the side of Venice, «oh 
mill see a toivn, the only one in the v»rl,l >..r 
Us situation ; but this it not the only thing 
rvhich mill surprite you. 

Ferrara mill offer to you a beautiful and 
vast solitude, 

Bologna mill present to your eyes another 

Good day, madam, how do you do f 
Very mèli, at your service, I thank you. 
Pray, sir, do me thefavotir to be seated. 
I shall almays be your most devoted friend. 


VERBS '.—Auxiliary ; Regular ; and Irregular 

Ob. 1. The personal pronouns io, tu. Sec. 
are placed above the tenses of the verbs. 
In the following pages, to distinguish the 
persons ; but it will be better to conjugate 
the verbs without them, except in the 
three persons singular of the present of 
the subjunctive, and the first and second 
persons of the preterite tense of the same 


>t of a similarity in the end- 

2. As the persons who apply to the Ita- 
lian tongue have commonly begun already 
to learri either the French, the Latin, or 
their own language by rules, we suppose 
them able to conjugate an English verb ; 
Uierefore, we hare inserted the first per- 


311 sirgular only, for tlie sake of brevity, and verb; Thus, when we have ho tiviilo, it is 

he neatness of the tables. easy to add hai avuto, ha avuto, abbiamo avuto, 

3. For the same reason we give the first avtte avuto, hanno avuto, &c. &c. 

erson singular only of the compound tenses, 4. There are four tenses in all verbs, whe- 

s tliey aie merely the repetition of the verba Iher regular or irregular, which have the same 

roe or easere, with tlie participle past of any termination. 

The Imperfect qfthe Indicative. 

Futute of the Indicative. 
rai rà remo rete ranno 

Imperfect Conditional. 
restì rebbe remmo roste rebbero 

Somilimes, — chiefly in poetry ; — 
ria ria riamo riate rianno & rebbono 

Preterite of the Subjunctive. 
•c is the onlj verb \rhicb does not follow tliis scheme; i;nd tliat onlj- in the ii 

Conjugation of the Auxiliary Verb avere, to have, 


Avere, to have, to poitett. 
Avendo, con avere, coll' avere, in aver 
f. Avuto, ms. avuta, fo. avùU, m. pt. avt 


J have. Compound Tense. I have had. 

Io, fu, egli; noi, voi, eptino. 

Ho, hai, ha; abbiamo, avete, h.lnno, — ho avuto, &c. 

ai, à ; abbiamo, avete, dnno. 
Imperfect. I had — / had had. 

Aveva, avevi, aveva; avevamo, avevate, avevano. — aveva avuto. 
Preterite. I had. —I had had. 

Ebbi, avesti, ebbe; avemmo, aveste, ebbero.— ebbi avuto. 
Future. I shall or will have —I thall or will have had. 

Avrò, avrai. avrà ; avremo, avrete, avranno avrò avuto. 

Conditional. I rvnitld, could, should have. I would have luid. 

Avrei, avresti, avrebbe; avremmo, avreste, avrebbero. — avrei avuto. 


Present. That I may have, —that I may have had. 

ch'io, cheta ch'egli; che noi, che voi, ch'eglino. 

A'bbia, dlibia & abbi, dbbia; abbiamo, abbiate, abbiano.— abbia avuto. 

Preterite. That I might have. —that I might have had. 

Avessi, avessi, avesse; avessimo, aveste, avessero. — avessi avuto. 

* ^Ve likewise say vn, vi, va ; and perhaps vo sliould be preferred to fa, as it distiiiguishoi 
the first person from the third ; but custom lias prevailed, and va is now commonly used in- 



Abbi or abbia tu, have thou ; abbia egli, let him have : abbiamo noi, let 
have ye ; abt>iàno eglino, let them have. 

Conjugation nfthe Auxiliary Verb èssere, to he. 
Present. Essere, to be. to exist. 
Gerund. Essendo, c 
Part. past. Stato, ms. 



fii ; fumi 


/ shall a 

r will be. 



sarà ; sarér 


I eould, 7 

vould, .should he. 



sarebbe; saréii 


Campound Tense. Z have been. 

iamo, siete, s<5no. — sono stato, &c. stati, &c. 

— / had been. 
ravamo, eravate, èrano. — era stato. 

— I had been. 
fdste, furono • — fiii stato. 

— / shaU or mill have been. 

Present Tense. Thai I may be. —that I may have been. 

Ch'io, che tu, cV egli ; che noi, che voi, eh' eglitio. 

Sia, sfa&sfi, sta; siamo, siate, siano. — sia stato. 

Preterite. That I might be —that I might have been. 

Fdssi, f(5ssi, fdssej fossimo, fdste, fdssero. —fóssi stato. 


Sfi & sia tu, be thou ; sia egii, let him be ; siamo noi, let us be ; sidte voi, be ye ; siano egWno, 

let them be. 
The reader must have observed, that the «/u re, to remain, are often used in the sense of 
compound tenses of the verb essere are essere ; as, 

not formed as in English, by the help of Egli vien riputato per un uomo dabbene, he 

avere to have, but of essere to be. So that, is looked upon as a very honest man. Ciò mi 
instead of saying / have been, I had been, vien detto da molti, I am told so by many 
Sec. the Italians say,—/ am been, I was been, people. 

&c. Io vo facendo qualche cosa pel vostro van- 

Observe also, that in conjugating the com- faggio. I ara doing something to your ad- 
pound tenses of essere, the pairticiple agrees vantage. Andrà tosto rovinato, he viilhe soon 
always with the nominative ; so that a man ruined. 

must say, sono stato, ^nà. a woman, sono stata ; La cosa sta come vi dico, the thing is as I 

for men, siamo stati, and for women, siamo tell you. Stavamo leggendo quando vostro 
state, &c. fratello entrò nella camera, we were reading 

The verbs venire, to come, andare, to go, when your brother entered the room. 

REGULAR CONJUGATIONS m are, ere, and ire. 
There are three regular conjugations in Italian, distinguished by the termination of the 

First, in are, ato, as amare, amato, to love. 

Second, in ere, ul 

Third, in ire, ito, 
Of the verbs in ere, some have the e 
It short, as leggere, scrivere, perdere ; bu 






1. Am-are 


ito mi. 


àti mp. 


2. Cred-ere 





3. Sent-ire 













sent. { Cred-o, 




1 Sent-o, 


( Am-àva, 





:>erfeet. { Cred-éva, 





I Sent-f va. 





f Am-ài, 





,-,^ JCred-éi, 




érono 1 
éttero j" 

"""■ i <;tti. 










C Am-erò, 





tire. •{ Cred-erò, 




( Sentirò, 






? Am-eréi, 






dit. i Cred-eréi, 






(, Sent-iréi, 







( Scnt-a, 
( Araissi, 
{ Cred-éssi, 
( Sent-Issi, 


a ; iàmo, 
asse ; issimo, 
èsse; éssirao, 
Isse ; Issimo, 




( Am-a, 
i Cred-i, 
1 Sem-i, 





I. REGULAR CONJUGATION in ire, ito, through all Ut Stood», Temei, and Persom. 


Present. Amirc, io love, to like. 

Gerund. Amindo, ron aniire. coli' amire, in amare, nell' amAre, loviag, in loving. 

Part. past. Amato, amata, amili, amate, loved. 


rémmo, rèste. 




I did Ime. 

I loved. 


I rviU love. 


I rvould lovi. 


e tu, eh' egli ; che noi, che voi, ch'eglino 

, love thou ; ami egli, lei him love ; amiamo noi, ii 

Ali the Terbs in are are conjugated like anuire. 
zmì ilare, to remain ; with the verbi; ending in c 
which will be noticed in their proper place. 


Present- Credere, to believe, to think. 

Gtrund- Credendo, con credere, col credere, in credf-re, Del credere, believing ii 

Part. past. Creduto, creduta, creduli, credute, believed. 

crediamo credete credon 







crede; . 

Crede- va 


( Cred-ei 



■( Cred-etti 




rà; ' 1 



rebbe ; i 


cA< tu, eh' egli ; che noi, che voi. 

Credi tu, believe thou ; creda egli, let him believe ; crediamo noi, lei tu btlieve; credete »<4, 
believe ye ; ciedano eglino, lei ihem believe. 

Present. Sentire, to hear, feel, perceive. 

Gerund. Sentendo, con sentire, col sentire, in sentire, nel sentire, hearing, in hearing. 

Part. pati. Sentito, sentita, sentiti, sentite, heard. 


Io, tu, egli; noi, voi, eglino. 

Present. Sento senti sente; 

Imperfect. Senti-va vi va; 

Preterite. Sent-ii isti 1; 

l'uliire. Senti-rò rai rà; 

Condii. Senti rei resti rebbe 

Prtsent. Sent-a 

Preterite. Senli-s 



a egli, Ut him hear ; sentiamo 


Among the verbs of the third conjugation, ending in ?><;, many are irregvlar at tl 
of the indicative and subjunctive, and likewise at the irajierative. All their other 
like .ie?itire; and these we present here by their lirst person singular only. 

Blandire, blandendo, tilandito, to caress. 


Present. Blandisco, blandisci, blandisce; blandiamo, blandite, blandiscono. 

Imperfect, é^c. Blandiva; blandii; blandirò; blandirei. 


Blandisci tu, blandisca egli ; blandiamo noi, blandite voi, blandiscano eglino. 

Many of the verbs in ire, isco, end likewise in are, o; as, colorare and colorite, to colour; 

indurare 1I.THÌ indurire, &c. to harden.— Poets do not always observe the iiTegularity in isco, 

and tliev write equally njpro and offerisco, mugge and muggisce, langue and languisce, fert and 

ferisce, '&c. 

Reflected and reciprocal verbs are conjugated alike in Italian. Si, joined to the infinitive, 
answers to one's self: and the persons in the other moods are expressed as follows: 
Sing, mi, ti, si ; myself, thyself, himself, herself. 
Plural, ci, vi, ti : ourselves, yourselves, themselves. 
They seldom have the addition of the pronouns to, tu, egli, noi, voi, eglino. 


Divertirsi, io amute one's se(f. 

Divertendosi, arnusing, or in amusing ene"* lelf. 

Divertitosi, having amuted one't self. 


Sing, mi dii 
ch'io mi divert 

PRESENT. I amuse myself, &c. 
?erto, ti diverti, si diverte; PI. ci divertiamo, vi divertite, si dive 
vith the other tenses~t»i divertiva; mi divertii; mi divertirò, 
;a ; ch'io mi divertissi, &c 


• mi divertircij 

Divertiti, amute thyself; divertasi, lei him amuse himself: divertìamoc 
ourttivet; dÌYeititeyi, amuie yonrtelvei; divertansi, '.et thent amuie themselves. 

1, let ut amuit 

The corapennd t( 


d tenses are conjagated with tlie verb ettere : 

Ì myself, &c. Sitig. mi sono divertito; ti sei divertito; s' è dirertito. Pltir, 
ci siamo divertiti, vi siete divertiti, si sono divertiti. — And so for the other tenses : m'era diver- 
tito; mi fui divertito; mi sarò divertito, &c — For the feminine: mi sono divertita; ci siamo 

REMARKS on here it, there is, &c. 

The English adverbs here and there, are expressed in Italian by ei and vi. Ci is commonly 
used when we speak of a place in which we are, and ri of a place in which we ar« aot, as will 
appear in the following scheme: 

C è, ci sono, there is, there are ; here is, here are. 

V era stato, v erano stati, there had been. ' 

no stati ? had there been t 

here f are there f 

was there f taere there f 

ino stati ? had there been f 

sono, there is not, there are not, 

Brano, there mas nut, there mere not. 

Dn c' erano stati, there had not been. 

erano, there mas not, there mere not. 
on v' erano stati, there had not been. 

Non c' è ? non ci sono ? is not there f are not there f 

Non vi fu ?" non vi furono ? has not there been ? have n 
Non V* era stato ? &c. &c. had not t/ 

The tone of the voice marks the difference between a simple affirmation or a negation, and 
an interrogation. Thus:— C è del pane, there is some bread. C è del pane? is there any 
bread ? Non v'erano molle donne nel giardino, fhere were not many ladies in the garden. Non 
v'erano molle -donne nel giardino f were not many ladies in tlie garden ? 

REMARKS on the verb bisognare, in the sense of mutt and ought. 

The verb bisognare is an impersonal verb of extensive use in Italian ; and its correspondent 
English verbs, mutt and ought, not being impersonal, beginners fall into constant mistakes. 
To avoid this, let the English phraseology, / vtusl ffo, you must go, he must go, &c. be turned 
into : it must that I go, it must that you go, it must tliat he goes, &c. and then the following 
examples will be readily understood and applied. 

Bisogna eh' io gli parli, Z must speak to him. 

Bisogna eh' impariate questo, you must leam this. 

Bisognerebbe eh' io lo facessi, / should do it. 

Ci bisogna morire, me must die. 

Vi bisognava vederlo, you ought to have teen him. 

Bisognerà eh' egli mi paghi, he must i>ay me. 
We see by these examples, that che, after this impersonal verb, requires the subjunctive. 


1. The Italians use frequently 
tives of verbs instead of nouns si 

fertile masculine singular; as,:/;...-, „, ^ — , 

is frequently used instead 


of the imperative, chiefly in spealcing to 
inferiors, or in poetry; as, non dir questo 
alla moglie, do not teli this to your wife; 
non chiudere il tene alla pietà, do not shut 
your breast to compassion; non ti lasciar 
vincere dalC ira, do not let yourself be con- 
quered by anger. 

3. The participle passive, conjugated with 
essere, agrees a/n'oyj with its nominative; as, 
la virtù è lodata, ma il vizio è tenuto a vile, 
•virtue is praised, but vice is despised 

The participle conjugated with avere, 
agrees generally with its accusative, when it 
is placed after that accusative ; but it re- 
mains in the masculine singular when it 
precedes its accusative; as, ho ricevuto la 
vostra lettera, I have received your letter; 
la lettera che ho ricevuta, the letter which I 
have received. Avevano fatto gran cose, they 
had done great things ; le gran cose che 
avevano fatte, tlie great things which they 
had done. 

The participle present having and being, 
joined in English to a participle past, are 
elegantly omitted in Italian ; as, detto questo. 

Si dice cosi; 

Si dicono molle cose ; 

Si dirà, or dirassi che l'avete insultato; 

Si loda l'uomo modesto ; 

Si lodano gli uomini modesti ; 

Amasi, or si ama d'essere onorato, 

Sieguansi i grandi esempi ; 

Mi si domanda uno scudo ; 

Mi si domandano tre ghinee; 

Che si dirà di voi se fate ciò ? 

Si direbbe, or direbbesi che siete un spende- 

Se ne saprà qualche cosa ; 

Non se ne parla ; 

Cene sarà parlato ; 

Mi vien detto da molti ; 

Vene verrà scritto ; 

Siete domandato ; 

Mi fu dato un libro ; 

Ci fu scritta una lettera; 

Vi saranno mandate molte lettere; 

tiscì dalla camera, having said Uiat. he 
■went out of the room; finita la predica, 
uscimmo dalla chiesa, the sermon being over, 
we left the church; vedutolo, having seen 

Likewise, rvhen, at soon as, or such like 
expressions, are not erjiressed in Italian, 
when they meet in English with the verb 
to have, or to be, joined to a participle 
past; as, fatto cW ebbe, as i - ■ ' 

i che fur, 

e had 

4. The pronoun they, when used in the 
indeterminate sense of one, n-e, people, men, 
it is, it was. Sec is rendered in Italian by 
si : but by se, when it meets with iie ; and 
the verb is put in a reflected form, either 
singular or plural, as happens to be the 
noun to which it relates — Sometimes the 
Italians employ a passive term, peculiar 
to their language, with the help of the verb 
essere, which is often supjilied by venire, 
— Let the following examples be carefully 
observed : 

It is said so. 

People report many things. 

They will say that you insulted him. 

One praises a modest man. 

Modest men are praised. 

One likes to be esteemed. 

They ask n 

What will be said of you if you do sof _ 

One would say that you are a spendthrift. 

We shall hear something qf it. 
People say nothing of it. 
They will speak of it to us. 
I was told so by many people. 
They will write it to you. 
Somebody asks for you. 
I received a book. 
They wrote a letter to us. 
You 7vill receive tnany letters. 


The following obsen-ations will greatly 
facilitate the general system of the Italian 
irregular verbs. 

1. \\'Tien a verb is irregular in the pre- 
sent of the indicative, it is always so in the 
present of tlie subjunctive, and in tlie impe- 

8. Verbs are irregular chiefly in the present 
of the indicative, the preterite of the same 
mood, and the participle past. 

3. Some verbs in nére, lère, long, and in 
nirJ ; and likewise some in nere and cere 

venire, verrò, verrei ; porre, porrh, porrei ; 
condurre, condurrò, condurrei , &c.&c — Fare, 
dare, stare, take arò arci, instead of erh crei. 
in their future and conditional; /arò,/arci, 

4. Most of the verbs ending in lère and 
nére long, and in lire and nire, take the 
addition of a g- in their present tenses, and 
in the imperative; as, tenere, to hold. 

vtRgo', venga 

5. Some verbs in rere a 
lel'.er r in tlieir present ten; 
perative ; as parére, j>aio, t( 
moto, and muoiu, to die. 


ce, ticlgo, dolga 

Caution. — In the tenses wherein will be 
found the first person sin^ilar only, the others 
may be formed easily by tlie general paradigm 
(pape xix.) Thus, when you have cresco, aioco, 
amhissi, &c. you have only to observe their 
proper tenses in the paradigm, and you will 
readily form cretco, cresci, cresce, &c. &c. 


e the only irregular of the 

Infinitive. Gerund. Parliciple. 
Andare, andando, andato, fo gu. 

andate, vanno. Andava. Andai. 

id vadino. Andassi. 

Vado or to, vai, va ; andiamo, anda 

Andrei or anderei. 
Cli' io vada ; -vada, vada ; andiamo, i 
Va, vada ; andiamo, andate, vadano. 

2. Dare, dando, dato, to give. 
Do, dai, da t diamo, date, danno. Dava. Diedi or detti, desti, diede, deste, diedero or dettero or dierono. Darò. Darei. 
Ch'io dia, dia or dii, dia ; diamo, diate, diano or diino. Dessi. 
Da, dia ; diamo, date, diano. 

or dette or die; 

3. Fare, facendo, fatto, to do. 
Fo, fai, fa; facciamo, fate, fanno. Faceva. Feci, facesti, fece; facemmo, faceste, 

fecero. Farò. Farei. 
Ch' io faccia. Facessi. 
Fa, faccia ; facciamo, fate, facciano. 

4. Stare, stando, stato, to lie, to live, to stop. 

Sub. Ch'io sUa. 
The verbs in ce 

n the ti 

Peccare, pece 

Pregare, preg 

Pecco, pecc/ii, pecca 

Prego, pregali, preg; 

!S where the e 

7»/. Participle. 

mdo, peccato, io sin. 

indo, pregato, to pray. 

pecchamo, peccate, peccano. 

. preg'iiamo, pregate, predano. 

prcg/ierò, pregherei, &c. &c. 


Ob. There are but four verbs In ère long, wnich are irregular in their participles; namely, 
parére, parso: persuadére, persuaso- rimanére, rimase; solére, solito. AH the others make 
their participle m uto. 

N.B. Let this remark be attenttvely considered. — The third person singular and the 
third person plural of the preterite tense of the indicative, are formed from the ./irj< 
pmon singular of that same tense; but th; second prrton lingular, and the Jirct and 


as, from dolere, giacere' 

Dolti, dolesti, dolse; dolemmo, doleste, dolsero. 
Giacqui, giacesti, ^acque ; gi 
Conobbi, conoscesti, connobbe , 

Infinilive. Gerund. Participle. 
1. Cadére, cadendo, caduto, io fall. 
Ind, Cado or caggio, cadi, cade; cadiamo n 
Cadeva. Cadd-i, esti, e; emmo, este, er 
Sub. Ch' io cada or caggia. Cadessi. 
Imp. Cadi, cada or caggia ; cadiajno, cadete, cadano. 

2. Dolersi, dolendosi, dolutosi, to complain, to ache. 
Ind. Mi dolgo or doglio, ti duoli, si duole; ci dogliamo, tì dolete, si doglio^ 

Doleva Dolsi, dolesti, &c. Dorrò. Dorrei. 
Sub. Ch' io mi dolga or doglia. Dolessi. 
Imp. Duoliti, dolgasi ; dogliamoci, doletevi, dolgansi. 

3. Dovére, dovendo, dovuto, io orve. 
Ind. Devo or debbo or de^gio, devi, deve 

deono. Doveva. Dovei or dovetti, doves 
Silfi. Ch" io debba. 
Imp. Devi, debba; dobbiamo, dovete, debbano. 

4. Giacere, giacendo, giacciuto, io Uè down. 

Ind. Giaccio, giaci, giace; giacciamo, giacete, giacciono. Giaceva. Giacqui, giacesti, 

&c. Giacerò. Giacerei. 
<f»6. Ch- io giaccia. Giacessi. 
Imp. Giaci, giaccia; giacciamo, giacete, giacciano. 

5. Tacére, tacendo, tacciuto, io be sileni. 
Taccio. Taceva. Tacqui, tacesti, Acc. like Giacere. 

6. Piacére, piacendo, piacciuto, io please. 
Piaccio. Piaceva. Piacqui, lìiace^ti, &c. like Giacere. 

7. Sapere, sapendo, saputo, to know. 

Ind. So, sai, sa; sappiamo, sapete, sanno. Sapeva. Seppi, sapesti, &c. Saprò, 

Sub. Ch" io sappia. Sapessi. 

Imp. Sappi, sappia ; sappiamo, sapete, sappiano. 

8. Potére, potendo, potuto, lo be able. 

Ind. Posso, puoi, puòj possiamo, potete, possono. Poteva. Potei and poletli, potesti, 

potè, &i:. Potrò. Potrei. 
Sub. Ch* io possa. Potessi.— l'ivo imperative.;— Poterò and Poterei are the future and 

conditional of the verb polare, to prune vines. 

9. Volére, volendo, voluto, io be n'illing, io tvish. 
Ind. Voglio, vuoi, vuole ; vogliamo, volete, vogliono. Voleva. Volli, volesti, &c. N'oiTò. 

Sui, Ch' io voglia. Volessi. — f^o imperative.)— Volerti and volerei are the future and 
conditional of the verb volare, to fly. 


10. Persuadére, persuadendo, persuaso, io periuade. 

Znd. Per»nad-o, i, e; iamo, ete, ono. Persuaderà. Persuasi, persuadesti, &e. Persil» 

derù. PersuadereL 
Sub. Ch' io persuada. Persuadessi. 
Imp. Persuadi, persuada ; persuad-iamo, ete, ano. 

II. Tenére, tenendo, tenuto, to hold. 
Ini. Tengo, tieni, tiene; teniamo, tenete, tengono. Tenera. Tenni, tenesti, &c. Terrì», 

12. Rimiinère, rimanendo, rimaso, and rimasto, io stay. 

Ind. Rimango, rimani, rimane; rimaniamo, rimanete, rimangono. Ri 

rimanesti, &c. Rimarrò. Rimarrei. 
Sub. Ch' io rimang-a, a, a; rimaniamo, rimaniate, rimangano. Rimanessi. 
Imf. Rimani, rimzmga; rimaniamo, rimanete, rimangano. 

13. Parére, parendo, parso, to appear. 

Ind. Paio and paro, pari, pare; pajamo, parete, pajono. Pareva. Pani, paresti, &c. 

Parrò. Parrei. 
Sub. Ch' io paja, paja, &c. Paressi. 
Imp. Pari, paja ; pajamo, pzirete, pajano. 

14. Solére, solendo, solito, to be uted. 
Soglio, suoli, suole; sogliamo, solete, sogliono. Soleva or era solito, eri solito, &c.— 
and so of all the other tenses -which are corapoimded of the verb <«rrtr, xaA the 
participle tolilo, m. solita, f. thus, ero solito; sarei solito; eh' io sia solito; ch'io 
fossi solito, &c. 

15. Valére, valendo, valuto, to be rjorth. 
Vaglio, vali, vale; vagliamo, valete, vagUono. Valeva. Valsi, valesti, &c. Varrò. 

16. Vedére, vedendo, veduto, and visto, to tee. 

Ind. Vedo and veggio, vedi, vede; vediamo, vedete, vedono ani veggono. Vedeva. Vìii 

and viddi, vedesti, &c. A'edrò. Vedrei. 
Sub. Ch" io veda and vegga. Vedessi. 
Imp. Vedi, veda; vediamo, vedete, vedano. 
The compound verbs follow the conjugation of their ùmple; as, rivedere, like vedere, &c. 

All the irregular verbs in ere short, are reducible to one of the following terminations in 

1. Cere; preterite ssi, si, bi, qui; participle to, i 
Infinitive. Preterite Participle. 







io thine 



— knon 









— \uH 



— ttviit 








to bring 




- conduct 


- infer 


— induce 

— dussi 

— durrò 


— lead in 



- feadback 


— urrò 





■■■ reduce 



- ' seduce 






3. Bere ; preterite si, iti ; participle so, sso, to. 







to allude 




— applaud 



— besiege 




— ask 




— shut up 







— deceive 




— mock 




— divide 



- exclude 






— include^ 


— bite 



perso and perduto 



— shear 




— laugh 







— grant 



The verb cedere, to yield, is regular. 

4. Ndere 

; preterite 

si ; participle 

eso, uso, osto, uto, to. 






in light 



— hang 









ascoso and ascolto 



— attend 







- dispute 

























dipesi and dipendei 

dipeso S^ dìpenduto 

Fendere, to cleave, and pendere, 
5. Gere, and ggere ; preterite 

reso Jlc renduto 


come donn 


spanso Jr spante 





spill, scatter 
spend, emvloa 
stretch, lead <* 

tdere, to hang, ar 

e regu: 


ite si, ssi ; partici 



e. Participle. 





to gird 




- compel 





— descriU 




erto S; eretto 

— lilt up 










— cometa 








- weep 





- i'a^«'_ ^ 






— spring Olii 




sparso S: sparto 

— thrust 







— stretch oui 





— turn 




— anoint 




— correct 





-fix, secun 























— n-ear out 

The letter 

g is often transposed ii 

1 many verbs of Oii: 

icla^; as. 


; pignere, c>> 

spignere, for 

piangere, pingere, 


e, spingere, &c 



; preterite /*i ; 

participle Ito. 

Verbs of thiò class contract 

often gliere into rre 

, and 

even intc 

, r, alone 

, as corre, cor, 

cogliere ; then the fiilure ends i 

and the conditi 


in rrd ; as, 





Cogliere, cor 



to eather 

Lui Cogli 

io and colgo, cogl 

i, coglie; cogliamo, i 

cogliete, coglioii 

10 and colgono. Cogiii 

Colsi, (OgI ics 

.li, &s. Cor-ò. Correi. 



Preterite. Participle. 

Accogliere, accorre, accor 
Distogliere, distorre, distor 

Scegliere, scerre, scer 

Stogliere, storre, stor 
Togliere, torre, tor 

accolsi accolto 
distoLsi distolto 
raccolsi raccolto 
scelsi scelto 
sciolsi sciolto stolto 
tolsi tolto 

to welcome 

— gather 

— take off 

— lay hold 


Gtiere; preterite nsi ; participle nto. 




Preterite. Participle. 
esfTnii estinto 
Lere ; preterite Isi ; participle to, so. 

— put out 



Preterite. Participle. 








avelsi avulso & avello io root out 
colsi colto — reverence 
disvelai disvelto — putì out 
espulsi espulso — cxpel 
svelsi svelto — pluck up 

9. Mere ; preterite ssi, si ; participle sso, to. 






i compressi compresso 
espressi espresso 
impressi impresso 
oppressi oppresso 
repressi represso 
assunsi assunto 

presunsi presunto 
redensi redento 

— impress 

— oppress 

— restrain 

— presume 

— redeem 

The verb 

premere, to press, is 

; regular : premo ; premei, premetti, and pressi ; premulo. 

10. Nere contracted into arre ; preterite « ; participle 


Verbs of this class contract n 
po/i re. The future ends in nò 

ere into arre, and even into or alone ; a: 
, and the conditional in rrei ; as. 

5 porre, por, in&teai' 


Preterite. ParticipU 

Ponere, porre, and por posi posto 

to put 

Ind. Por 


Imp. Pon 

igo, poni, pone; 

Porrò. Porrei. 

io ponga. Ponessi. 

poniamo and ponghiamo, ponete, pongono. Poneva. P 
, ponete, pongano. 



Preferite. Future. Partici; 




composi comporrò compost 
disposi disporrò disposto 
riposi riporrò riposto 

to compose 

— dispose 

— replace 








Prcient. Preterite. Future. Participi 

frapongo fraposi fraporrò fraposto 

oppongo opposi opporrò opposto 

pospongo posposi posporrò posposto 
11. Pere; preterite pi ; participle rto. 

Present. Preterite. PaHiciple, 





concorro conce 

)rsi concorso 

— run together 


discorro disco 

rsi discorso 


13. Tere ; preterite si, Si 

li; participle to, so, and ssi 





assisti S,- assistei 


to assist 


aversi .Sr avertei 

averlo c<r avertilo 

- turn off 




consisti Sr consistei 






— kneel 


insistei <S- insisti 




— put 




— strike 




resìstei <.V resisti 






— refect 






14. Vere ; preterite isi, 

, «•; parUoiple <o, «0, Mo. 







to take a lunciieon 



assolsi assoluto iS" assolto 




— dissolve 

]\Iovere or muovere mossi 




— resolve 

Piovere fimp. 

verbj piove & piovve 




solvei iS- solsi 



sosc rissi 


— subscribe 


vissi vissi 

Ito liì- vivuto 

15. Bere. The verb bevere, to drink, is a 

Sub. Ch io bea, beva, and bewa. Eev 

regular verb. 

conjugated like credere: but 
ntracted in the following man- 

vessi, and bessi. 

it is often CO! 

Imp. Bei, bea; bevi; 

imo, beete, beano. 

Infinitive. Gerund. Participle. 

Bere beendo bevuto, to drinV. 

hid. Beo, bei, bee ; beviamo, beete. 

beono. Beeva. Bevvi, beesti, bevve; 

beemmo, bteste, bevvero. Berò. Berci. 

This contraction has something uncouth, 
and is not adopted by correct writers ; the 
regular form is by far preferable. 

Assorbere, pret- assorsi ; part, assorto, 
to suck up. to absorb, is otherwise conjugated 
like credere ; assorbo, assorbeva, assoiberò. 


16. An 

; contracted from Latin verbs i 

Verbs of this kind take commonly a double 
gg in the present of the indicative and sub- 
junctive, and in the imperative; the prete- 
rite is made isi, the participle tto, the future 
rrb, and the conditional rrei. 



Ind Trao and traggo, tì 
and tragghiamo, traete, traono, and traggono. 
Traeva. Trassi, traesti, &c. Trarrò. Trarrei. 

So are conjugated its ci 

tto, to dram 
ie : traiamo 

i; traiamo and trag 
" -ind traggano. 


Ind. Dico, dici, dice; diciamo, dite, 
dicono. Diceva. Dissi, dicesti, &c. Dirò. 

Sub. Ch' 10 dica. Dicessi-. 
Imp. Di, dica; diciamo, dite, dicano. 
Its chief compounds are; contradire, to 
oppose ; ridire, to repeat ; mcdedire, to curse. 
2. Morire, morendo, morii, morto, to die. 
Ind. Moro and muojo, mori, more; mo- 

iri, &c. 

Morrò and 

The future and conditional morrh and 
morrei, are preferable to morirà and morirei. 
— Morsi and morso are the preterite and par- 
ticiple of mordere, to bite. 

3. Salire, salendo, salii, salito, io go up. 
Ind. Salgo and saglio, sali, sale ; sagliamo, 

salite, salgono and sagliono. Saliva. Salii, 
salisti, &c. sometiirua salsi, salisti. &c. Salirò. 

Sub. Ch' io salga and saglia. Salissi. 

Imp. Sali, salga or saglia; sagliamo, sa- 
lite, salgano. 

4. Udire, udendo, udii, udito, to hear. 

Ind Odo, odi, ode; udiamo, udite, odo- 
Udii, udisti, udi, &c. Udirò. 


Ch' io oda, oda, oda, udiamo, udiate. 
Odi, oda ; udiamo, udite, odano. 

enire, venendo, vermi, venuto, lo come. 
Ven^o, vieni, vie 

vengono. Veniva. Venni, venisti, venne, 
ic. Verrò. Verrei. 

Sub. Oh' io venga, venga, venga; ve- 
niamo, venite, vengano. 

Imp. Vieni, venga ; veniamo, venite, ven- 

The letter g is sometimes found transposed 
in this verb and its Gompounds ; thus, vegno, 
vegna, vegnono ; instead of vengo, venga. 

The chief compounds of venire are con- 
venire to agree, revenire to return, sovvenire 
to help, divenire to become, svenire to faint, 
sconvenire to be unbecoming, pervenire to 

6. Uscire, uscendo, uscii, uscito, to go or 

Ind. Esco, esci, esce; usciamo, uscite, 
escono. Usciva. Uscii, uscisti, usci, &c. 
Uscirò. Uscirei. 

7. Gire and l 

I, uscite, ei 
2nd sometime» gir and il 

are chiefly used in poetry, and they have the 
following tenses only. 

Gite, you go. Giva, givi, giva or giaj 
givamo, givate, givano, / did go, &c. Gii, 
gisti, gi or giò ; gimmo, giste, girono, I 
tvent, I have gone, &i'. Girò, girai, gira ; 

gissimo, giste, gissero, / miglU go, &c. Gito, 
gita, giti, gite, gone. 

Ire, or ir, tu go ; ito, ita, iti. ite, gone. 
ira, he did go; ivano, they did ^o; irono 




Grammarians give the name of licences 
to some peculiar changes which writers 
have made in the formation of certain words, 
either by lenfrthening or shortening them, or 
by altering their usual orthography. 

'l. The third person plural of the preterite 
tense of the indicative, ending in arono, is 
often contracted into aro ; as, amaro, legare, 
andare, for ainarono, legarono, andarono. 

2. The letter v is trequently left out in 
some tenses, but chiefly in the imperfect of 
the indicative ■,:''''' 

I, deve, devono, beve, 

cut off in the parti- 
5, instead of colmato, 
iato, osato, we find 

'ee, deono, b 
poteva, fini 
beva, &c. 

3. The letters a< 
ciple pEist of verbs ; 
adornato, chinato, 
colmo, adonto, chino, domo, oto. 

4. The letter e is often found added, in 
ancient poetry, to the third person singular 
of the preterite tense of the indicative, and to 
some other words ; as, anwe, parloe, canioe, 
fue, pine, giue, &c. for amb, parlb. cantò, fu, 
più, giù, &c. — Sometimes o is added to verbs 
ending in ire ; as, rapio, finto, empio, uscio, 
for rapì, finì, einpì, usci. 

5. Sometimes g- and gg are used instead of 
other letters; as, seggio, veggio, caggio, 
reggendo, cheggio, veglio, speglio, &c. instead 
of sedo, vedo, cado, vedendo, chiedo, vecchio, 

6. We find e instead of a and i in the 
second and third person singular of the indi- 
cative ; as, cele for cela, celi ; serbe for serba. 

7. The articles dello, della, degli, dei, delle, 
are often written by the poets, de lo, de la, de 
gli, de li, de le. 

Besides these licences, the Italian poets 
employ many words seldom used in prose, 
by which they form a language peculiar to 
themselves ; such are the following ones : 

Aer j'or aria, the air. Brando for spada, 
a sn-ord. Canne for verso, verse or poem. 
Ksca for cibo, food Leguo for vascello, 
ship. Lumi for occhi, eyes. Palma for 
mano, hand. Squilla for campanella, bell. 
Unqua, unquanche, unquanco./or mai, ever. 
Vate fur pi^ta, a poet. Viri for uomini. 

men, heroes. Sec. — Chiefly Latin words, of 
which thousands will be fotmd in reading 
the poets. 

Expletives. These are certain words which, 
in some particular locutions, cease to have 
any real meaning, and are employed only for 
the sake of greater emphasis, or more "ele- 
gance and harmony. The Italians give to 
those expletives the" name of Ripieno, which 
literally signifies.^// up — The following words 
are those which are more frequently used as 

Pure, mai, poi, già, così, mica, non, via, 
egli, ella, esso, mi, ti, ci, vi, si. 

Dite pur quel che volete ; say rvhaiever you 

E pure ardite negarlo ? and do you dare to 

Ora sono pur disposti a renire; they are 
now disposed to come. 

Toma mai sempre a dire di nuovo IHstesse 
cose ; Ae is always repeating the same things. 

Non è poi vero quanto mi diceste ? is noi 
nhat you told me true ? 

Non vorrei già eh' egli partisse ; / would 
not be glad that he should go away. 

Non credo già che ve n' avrete a male ; / 
do not believe that you will be hurt by il. 

Con e»a lei, con esso loro; with her, with 

La dottrina è di più gran prezzo che non, 
le richezze; learning ft of greater value than 

E più dotto eh' io non credeva ; he is more 
learned than I thought. 

Io mi son giovinetta ; / am young. 

Io mi credo che non è vero ; / believe that 

I giovani sono via più inclinati a' piaceri 
che non allo studio; young people are more 
inclined to pleasure than to study, Sec. &c. 

The limits of this short grammar do not 
permit me to be more diffuse ; but I ear- 
nestly recommend to the learners to peruse all 
the idiomatical sentences inserted in the 
Dictionary, as this will greatly forward theii 
progress in the Italian language. 




n tell, Jell. like oi 

pare, participle, 
conj. conjunction, 
ititerj. interjection. 
. d like in open, oral. 

, towards the 
Willi; dolente a morte, 
grieved to death: a nome 
(lei Ré, in the name of the 
King; a crédito, upon 
trust; V aspètto a casa, 1 
.thall stay for you at hojne; 
da qui n tre giorni, in thres 
days ; a for/a di braccia, by 
strength of arms 
.A;baca,/. a Icind of linen 

A badéssa, /. an ahbess 

Abate, m. an abbot 

Abatone, m.'\a fat, a big-bel. 

lied abbot, a rich abbot 
Abazia,/ (badia) an abbey 

! confns 

Abbachiare, to be beat 

with a pole [cian 

Abbachista, m. an arithmeti- 
Abbacinaménto, m. dazzling 
Abbacinare, to dazzle, ditn, 

Abbacinato, adj. dazzled; aria 

abbacinata, a foggy air 
A'bbaco, m. arithmetic 
Abbadiire (badare), to mind, 

take cate; abbàda a te, take 

care of yourself 
Abbadéssa,/. an abbess 
Abbadia,/, an abbey 
Abbagliaménto, »i. dazzling, 

Abbagliare, to dazzle 
Abbagliato,. a</;. dazzled 
Abbàglio, »». daxxlins 


r/c, tat. 


Abbaiato, adj. barked, bayed 
Abbaiatóre, in. a barker; mal- 
dicènte, a slanderer 
Abbaino, »t. a dormer-mindoro 1 

Abballatdve, m. a packer 

Abbalordire, to stun 

Abbambagiare, to quilt, to trim 
with cotton yioning 

Abbandonaménto, m. aban- 

Abbandonare, to forsake, ijuit, 
give over ; abbandonarsi, to 
give one's self orcr ; abban- 
donarsi a 

Abbassato, pait. diminished. 

atify s, 

AbbandonatOre, m. deserter 
Abbandóno, m. leaviiig, for- 
saking ; lasciare in abban- 
dóno, to leave at random 
Abbarbagliare, to dazzle 
Abbarbagliato, adj. dazzled 
Abbarbicarsi, to hike rout 
Abbarbicato, adj. taken mot 
Abbarràre, to fasten rvith a 
bar [aaarrel 

AbbaruiTTaménto, m. a scuifle ; 
Abbaruffare, to scuffie, dispute 
Abbassaménto, m. fall, dimi- 


Abbasso, adv. below, down 

Abbastanza, adv. enough 

Abbate, m. abbot 

Abbàttere, to throw down, to 
abate; abbàtter la vela, to 
strike the sail ; abbàttersi, to 
meet rvith ; s'abbatè ài dire, 
he happened to say 

Abbattiménto, m. weakness, 
faintness ; abbattiménto del- 

Abbatuftblare, to mix promis- 
Abbell.-ire, to please, beautify 
Abbelliménto, an ornament 
Abbellire, to paint, adorn 
Abbellito, adj.painted, adorned 
Abbenchè, adv. although, not- 
Abbendàre, to bend, to croma 
Abbeverare, to water 
Abbeverato, adj. wai 





; abbietto d'ai 

Abbiezióne,/ abjection 
Abbigliaménto,»! Ji (ieri/, Jie.'s 
Abbigliare, to adorn, furnish 
Abbigliato, part, furnished, 
trimmed up 

AbbioscWre, fo fall : abbios- 

cidrsi, to be dejected 
Abbisognare, to want, to he 

indigent; abbisogna eh' io 

vada. / mutt go 
Abbasso, m. an ribi/sa, a boi- 

tomfess puJf, or pit 
Abbituinare, to cement 
Abbiurdre, fo abjure 
Abbiurazidne,/. abjuration 
Abboccaménto, »?i. an inter- 

Abboccàre, to fill up : abboc- 
carsi, to confer ; abboccarsi 
con qualcheduno, to have an 

Abbcccatdjo, m. the mouth of 

Abbocconttie, to cut iiery rmall 
Abbollre, to abolish 
AbboIiSidne,^. abolishment 
Abbominàbile, adj. erecralile 
Abbominazio'ne, /. detestation 
AbbaminiSre, to detest, hate 
Abbominàto, pati, detested, 
hated [ble 

Abbominévole, adj. abomina- 
Abbominevolnriénte, adv. a- 

Abhomindso, adj. dete-^table 
Abbonacciaménto, m. a calm 
Abbonacciare, tn pacify; ab- 
bonacciarsi, to grow calm : 
il mar s'abbonaccia, the sea 

Abbonacciato, part, calmed 
Abbonaménto, m. agreement 
Abbonare, to mend ; abbonarsi, 

Abbondaménto, m. abundance 
Abbondante, adj. abounding, 
phntifnl ■ [tifully 

Abbondantemente, adv. plen- 
Abbondanza,/, plenty 
Abbondanziére, vi. a victual- 

AtibondrCre. to abound 
Abbondévole, adj. plentiful 
AbbondeTolraénte, adv. plen- 
tifully [ously 
Abbondosaménte, adv. copi- 
Abbondoso, adj. copious 
Abbonire, to' perfect; abbo- 
nirsi, to improve 
Abbordare, to board a ship, to 


Abborriménto, m. abhorrence, 

Abborrire, to detest, loath 
Abborrfto, part, abhorred 
Abbottinaménto, m. plunder 
Abbottinàre, in pillage, rob, 

plunder; abbottinàrsl, te 

Abbottonare, to button 
AbbottonahSra, /. bullon and 

button-holes [draughl 

Abbozzaménto, m. the first 
Abbozzare, to sketch 
Abboszàta,/. a r„de draught 
Abbozrato, part, begun [ed 
Abbóf zo, m. the first draught 
Abbracciaboschi, tn. honey- 

Abbracciamdnto, m. an em- 

Abbraccldre, tn embrace, to 
contain, include, to under 
take: chi molto abbr<(cria, 
nulla stringe, all grasp, all 
lose : abbraccerò tutte le 

take all opporiunitiei 

Abbracciata, /. S,- .Abbràccio, 
Abbraciàre, fo set on fire 
Abbrancare, fn sunfch. grasp 
Abbreviare, tn abridge 
Abbreviatrfre, m. nbridger 
Abbreviatura,/, abridgment 
Abbreviaiidne,/. abbreviation 
Abbrivare, fo be under may 
Abbrividàre, .S" Abbrivfdire, 
to shiver [or sun-burning 
Abbronzaménto, m. crisping. 
Abbronzare, to tan, scorch. 

Abbruciente, adj. burning 
Abbruciare, to bum [ing 

Abbrunaménto, m. a darken- 
Abbrunire, 4" Abbrunire, to 

burnish, to hum bromn 
Abbnistii5re, to singe 
Abbrustolare, to crisp 
Abbrustolire, to loasl, scorch 
Abbucinare, to deafen, to stun 

Abbuiiirsi. to grom dark 
Abburattare, to bull, or sift 
Abburattare, m. a bolter 
Abdicare, to resign 
Abdicato, part, abdicated 
Abdicazióne,/, abdication 
Abeced.-!rJo, m. the A, B, C 
AbetXja, /. a mood, or forett 
Abéte, m. aJir-tree[ofJir-trtes 


Abigeato, m. eattle-tiealiitg 
Abigeo, m. cattle-stealer 
Abile, adj. skilful 
Abilità, Abilitàde, Sr AblU. 

tite, ability, address, art, 

gli fece abilità al pagare, h» 

gave him time lo pay 
Abilitare, to enable 
Abilitato, part enabled 
Abilmente, cdv. cleverly 
Abissdre, to precipitate [hell 
Abisso, m. ahyss, obscurity, 
Abit.ibile, adj. habitable 
Abitàcolo, m. habitation 
Abitante, adj. an inhabitant 
Abitare, lo inhabit; abjure ua 

palagio, to live in a palace 
Abitato, part, inhabited 
Abitatóre, n-ho inhabits 
AbitaJioncélla,/. a small hout» 
Abitazióne,/, an habitation 
Abitévole, rtrfi fon?'eni«i< 
A'bito, m. dress ; uso, use, cui- 

Abituale, adj. hahitual 
Abittialménte, adv. habitrutlly 
Abituare, to accustom; abi- 
tuarsi, to accustom one's self 
Abitua'to, adj. acciutomed 
Abitùdine,/ a habit 
Ablativo, m. ablative case 
Abolire, to aMish, annul, r» 

peal, annihilate 
Abolito, adj. abolished 
Abolizióne,/ abolishment 
Abominabile, adj. see Abbo- 

Aborrévole, adj. abominable 
Aborrire, to abhor 
Abortire, Abortire, Sf Abor- 
tirsi, to miscarry [tivt 
Abortito, adj. miscarried, nltor^ 
Aborto, m. a miscarriage 
Aboslno, n». plum-tree 
Abrogare, («e Abolire) 
Abrogazióne,/ abrogation 
Abrostine, and AbrosU'no, m, 
- the niild vine 

Abusare, abn.<ie, mitute : abu- 
sarsi della paziènza, to put 
out of patience 
Abusivamente, adv. abusivenj 
Abusivo, adj. ahusix^e 
Abuso, m. (raal uso) an abuse 
Abiitilo, m. yelloro marsh- 

Abuzz.-lgo, m. a buzzard 
Acàngio, m. brank ursine 
A'caro, «i. a tick, handn-nrm 
Acca,/ the letter H ; non vaia 

un acca, ìwt worth a pin 
Accadèmia,/ an acaditny 
Accademicamente, adv, ae»- 

jiccadSmico, an aendeynist 
Accadere, to happen, come (o 
press : come tal volta accade, 
as it sometimes happens; 
non accede che Toi mi dici- 
rfte il contrario, you need nut 
tell me the contrartj 
Accaduto, part, happened 
Accaffare, to snatch [Hon 

Accagionaménto, m. imputa 
Accagionare, to imptits 
Accalapp:à-e, lo catch in snare. 
Accalorire, to heat 
Accalorato, part, heated 
Accampaménto, m. encamp- 

Accampare, to enee 

camparsi, to pitch one's camp 
Accanalare, to flute 
Accanalato, part, fluted 
Accanare, A ccaneggiàre, an 'I 

Accanire, to uncouple, (chase 

term) [ly 

Accanitamente, adv. fur' - 
Accannellare, to rvind 

skein or bobbin 
Accanto, adi: aside, vear 
Accapacciaménto, m. Iieavi- 

AccapeZj^re, to finish 
Accapigliaménto, in. pluckim: 
by the hair [by the ears 

Accapigliare, to fall together 
AccapitoMre, to make head- 
bands for bnoK-s 
Accap]iat<5io,»/i. atinrfo/cMnt 
Accappi^-e, to tie tvilh a run- 

AccappiatiSra,/. slip knot 
Accappondre, io make capons 
Accapricfiàre, aitd Accapric- 
ciarsi, to be struck rvilhfear. 

Accatto, Accattatura,an</ A( 
catterfa. f a loan: (also) 

un buon accatto, to make o 
good bargain 
Accattóne, iii. a hrggar 
Accavalciare. <o ride a straddle 
Accavalci.-Jto, part, sit a strad- 
dle [thread upon bobbins 
Accaviglidre, lo n-ind silk or 
Accecaménto, ni. blindness, 


Accec-ire, to blind; I'amdre 
acciéca I'udmo, love blinds i 
man [teeth 

Accetfàre, to snatch ti'ith 
Acccggia.^ a nmodcnck 
Acceleraménto, «V Acieleràn- 
za. hurry, haste 


àbile, adj. accessible 
iióne.f. accession 
Accèsso, m. access, admittance, 
aft [sorily 

accessori aménte, adv. acces- 
Icce^sorio, adj. accessory. H 
prmcipale e l'accessério, tilt 
principal and the accessory 
Accètta,/, an axe 
"icrettàbile, at'j. acceptable 
iccettirc, to accept: accct(<?re 
una lèttera di cambio, lo ac- 
cept a bill of exchange 
Accettato, part, accepted 
Accettatdre, m. an acceptor, a 

partial jtuigc 
Accettazidne,/". acceptance 
AccettéToIe, adj. acceptnVe, 
agreeably [iu^ly 

Accettevolmdnte, adiK nnll- 
Accetto, adj. grateful: far 
opere accétte a Dio, io do 

icceadiménto, m. burning; 

allurements [die, caress 

Accr-reSfare, to flolter. whee- 
Accarezzafo, part. flattered 
Accarezzévole, adj. flattering, 

Accamàre, and Accanare, io 

fall foul on one 
Accasaménto, m. medding 
Accasare, to begin house-keep- 
ing : accasarsi, to marry 
Accasato, adj. married, settled 
Accasciaménto, m. dejection 

and rreakness 
Accascidre, and Accascijfrsi, 

to be dehilifaled and dejected 
Accastellaménto, m. the quar- 
ter deck 
Accatarraménlo, m. a cold 
Accatarrdre, to take cold 
.Accatarrdto, part, n-ho has got 
^acold . ^ 


Accennare, to nod, beckon : to 
pretend; m' è stdto accen- 
nato, / had a hiut 

Acchetato, part, appeased 
Acchiappare, to catch, to cheat 
Acchiappato, part, caught 
Acchiocciolarsi, to sit squat 

upon the tail 
Acciabattare, to cobble 
Acciabattato, pari, cobbled 
Acciacc-ire, to squeeze : to 

pound [indisposition 

Accia'cco, m. nfJVoni, niroug, 

\cciaiud!o, a steel io strike fre 
rvith [hastily 

icciappindre, to do any thing 
Acciarfno, »i. (.?ee Acciaiuolo) 
'cci-Jro, {see Accidie) poeli- 

caHy it means a sword 

Accider.tdle, adj. accidental, 

—sual [dentally 

identalménte, adv. acci- 

Accidénte, m. accident, chance ; 

per accidènte, by chance 
Accidia, f. laziness, sloth 
Accidiosamente, adn. lazily 
Accidióso, adj. slothful, idle,. 

sluggard [sorrnnr 

Accigliaménto, m. sadness, 
Accglidrsi, to frown 
Accfgnersi, and Accingersi, to 
--—one's self 

tento, m. prefarnt inn 
Accileccdre, to allure, io de- 
ceive with vain hoptt 
Accento, adj. ready 
Acc'd, adv. (acciochè) thai, io 
the end that 

„ ........ „ ,.. Acciottolare, /ofci'eMc rcjJ» 

d'amore, inflamed n-ith love | rvHli flints 

S. AS 

■ntudre, io accent 
Accentuato, part, accented 
Accerchiare, to surround, to 

go around 
A ccerchielldre, to hoop [Hon 
Accertaménto, m. confirma- 

vcrrant; v' accerto che Io 
farò, I promise io do it 
Accerta; idne,/ assurance 
Accertello, a kesirel (a bird of 

Accessaménte. adv. eagerly 
Accéso, pari, kindled; accéso 

.Acciuga.^: anchovy 
Accivire, iti furnUhyio procure 
Acclamare, io exclahn 

.Vccoccàre, io tiotch; accoc- 
c.-irla ad uno, lo put a trick 

Aacoccolàrsi, to stonp dorvn 
Accodarsi, tofilhni dose 
Accogliènza,/. >eceplion; fare 
accogliènza, io male; one 

a kind reception 
Accójjliere, to receive, enter- 
tain : to assemble 
Accoglimentaccio, m. cool re- 
Accogliménto, m. reception 
Accoglitóre, m. receiver 
Accólitcì, m. acolyth 
Accollare, to embrace; accol- 
larsi un debito, io take upon 
one's self another's debt 
AccolpiSto, all), criminal 
Accoltellare, '<o strike with a 
knife [knife 

Accoltellata,/, a thrust jvith a 
Accolto, a'lj. received; j-a- 
thered [Hon 

Accomandagióne, /. protec- 
Accomandare, to recommend : 
accomandarsi, to recommend 
one', self 
Accommezzirsi, to unite in the 

lefve ofourjriends 
Accommiatato, part. 

Accomodàbile, adj. that »; 
be accommodated 

Accomodaménto, »n. an ag 
meni : far l'accomodaménto 
d' una querela, io make up 
a difference 

Accomodare, to amend, to a- 
sree : accomodarsi, to sii 
down, or in be reconciled 

AccoraodatamiSnte, adn. suit- 

Accomodato, adj. suitable 
Accompagnaménto, in. a trair, 
of attendants, accampani- 

A crompagndre, to accompany 
accompagnarsi, io be a com 
panion. partner [panied 

Accompagnato, part, accom- 


AccompagnatiJre, companion, 
one who accompanies (in 
sic) [niiy 

■munaménto, m commn- 

nienthj. politely [daiion 

Lcconciamento. m. accommo- 
Lcconciare, /.<./!/ : totnend; to 
make ready ; acconciare il 
capo, to dress the head : ac- 
conciarsi, to dress one's hair, 
and t; be reconciled [perly 

Lcconciatore, m.'a mender 
Acconciatrice, /. « milliner 
Acconciatura, /. the ornament 
\>f a rvoman's head .- perder 
l'acconciatura, to miss one's 

Accóncio, m. advantage 

incio, adj. mended, dress- 
J addicted 
Acconsentiraénto, m. consent 
Acconsentire, to assent ; chi 

Accoi>pàre, io knock down 
Accoppiaménto, m. copulation 
Accoppiare, to match ; accop- 


Accoppiatura,/. conjnnctio?i 
Accoraménto, m. heart-grief 
Accorare, to grieve at heart 
Accor.-tto, pari, grieved, vexed 
Accoratóio, »». disaster 
Accorazióne, /. (ice Accora- 
ménto) [ing 
Accorciaménto, m. a shorten- 
Accorcidre, to shorten, to di- 
minish [„iarily 
Accorciataménte, adv. sur 
Accorciato, ]>art. shortened, 

Accordatóre, m. abhrerialot 
Accoreiatura, J', decreasing 
Accordaménto, m. Sr Accor- 
dànza,/. agreement in tune 
(in music), also conformity 

Accordatamente, adv. unani- 

Accordate, m. the harmony <>f 
all the parts in a picture j 

Accordato, adj tuned, agreed ' 


Accordatóre, m. mediator 
Accordatrice,/. mediatrix 
'Lccordatura, (see Accorda- 
Accordévole, adj. that may be 

agreed, tuned, proportioned 
Accordo, m. agreement, liar- 

accòrdo, to make friends 
Accorgere, to make sensible; 
accorgersi, to perceive; ac- 
corgersi del suo erróre, to 

Accorgévole, adj. crafty 
Accorgiménto, m. foresight, 

Accórrere, io run, io ìiasten; 

córrer dietro, io pursue 
Accorruómo, inter j. help ! 

Accortamente, adv heed fully 
Accortaménto, m. shortening 

irtare. io shorten 
Accortézza,/, circam-ipection 
Accòrto, adj. wise, prudent, 
' 'Kf'y; state accòrto à quel 
e tate, consider nhat you 
: far accorto, io forewarn : 
corto sene, he perceiving it 
Accostaménto, m. approach 
Accostante, adj. supple, pli- 
ant: vino accostinte, pedo- 

Accostare, io approach; ac- 
costarsi, io come near 
Accostatùra./. conni-ciion 
Accostévole, adj. accessible 
Accòsto, prep. near io 
Accostumare, io tise : accos 

tumàrsi, io inure one's self 
Accostumatamente, adv. chs- 

Accostum4to, adj. accustomed, 

good, honest, virtuous 
Accotonare, to nap cloth 
Act-otonatóre, m. he who naps 

Accozzaménto, m. striking 

one against another 
Accozzare, io butt at, like 

rams, to meet 
Accreditare, io give aredii ; ac» 

cre<Utàrsi, to get a name 
Accreditilo, adj. responsible, 

Accrescere, to increase 
Accressìménto, m. improve 

meni, addition 
Accresciuto, adj. increased 
Accudire, to dispatch, to takt 


Accumulare, in treasure up 
j\ccumulataménte, adv. abun- 

Accumulato, heaped together 

mento, m. and Accuraulan- 
za, /. accumulation, heap, 

ceuratdmeute, adv. diligent- 

ly, exactly 

a,/. c< 

?, dilig, 

Accusare, to accuse, impeach 

confessarsi colpévole, tn ow 

one'sfauU [cru 

Accusativo, VI. the accusaliv 

Accusato part, accused 

Accusatóre, m. accuser, in 


Acerbaraénte, adv. ohslinate- 

hj: bitterly, cruelly, too soon 

Acerbézza,/, sourness.shyuess 

Acerbità, Acerbitide, and 


Acqua rdsa, or rosata, /. rest- 

Acquartierarsi, ic take a lodg 
Acquarzente,/. anua vifce 
Acquatico, adi that lives in 
water [wine and wate, 

Acquato, adj. vino acquato, 

Acquavite,/, brand., 
Acquazzóne, a great shorcer 
Acqueréccia,/. ewer 
Acquerèllo, m. water-colour 
Acquerei l.-ire, to paint in wa- 

Acquetta./. ,uine mixed with 
Acquicèlla,/, rivulet 

Acquidótto, »!. a.jutduct 
Acquietare, to appease, pacify 
Acquisizióne, /. and Acquis- 


Adastiire, to envy 
Adattàbile, adj. that can ht 

Adattaménto, »!. and Adat- 

t.-inza,/. application, adapt- 

tng, aptness [dapt-s 

Adattante, ad), one who u- 

Adattcire, to 'adapt, to fit; 


i, (« 

• "p'/.'y 


Acquisto' ",' 

■ acini 

cd, ol,. 

Addat. _., ,„ , 

Addaziare, <«Lv«<ax«i,o« 
Addebolfre, to weaken 
Addeboliménto, m. weakness 
Addecimare, to lay, or gather 

the tithe Ithe teeth 

A<ldentare, to seize upon rvitk 
Addentato, part, iiif, bitten 
Addentellare, to leave toothing 

Addt„. ..,.„, „,. „„,,.„<,.. 

cafe; addestrarsi, to exercise, 
practise [usher 

Addestratóre, m a gentleman- 
, adj. adjacent 


Addié..„, „„ 
addietro, J 
addietro, t. 

Acéto, m. rine^'ur 
Acetósa./, ssrrel fan herb J 
Acetosèlla, /. pretty salad. 

Acetosità, Acetositade, aiid 
Acetositilte,/. acidity 

A'cido, adj. sharp, sour 

A'cino, m. the kernel qf a 

Acònito, m. rveifs bane 

Acunzia,/. the darting serpent 

A'cori, m. ringworm 

Acqua, /. water ; acqua sor- 
gènte, spring nmter ; acqua 

Aquacedràta,/ lemonade 
Aquacchiare, to groiv weak 
Acquacela. J', muddy water 
Acquafòrte,/, aquafortis 


Acroterio^ i 

Acume, m. point, quick wit 
Acutamente, adj. smartly 
-"spondere acutamente, ' 


Addiniandare.^nrfemanrf, ask, 
addimandare una grazia, te 
^'^S "Javonr ; addimandiirsi, 

Addio, adieu, farewell 
Addirimpètto, prep facing 

irill Vi 

It fevc, 

ad Antonio, to 
d uno ad une 

Adacq"ùaméiUo, m.^^wì/e'rin 
Adacquare, to water ' 

Adacquato, part, watered 
Adagiare, lo accomodale 
adagiarsi, to be slow, to tak 

• AAA^L'^"m"da""^ 

■ Adagio, adv. letsurely, slnwiu 

I Adamante, m. a diamond 




■mhellis'i : addobbare | una I ^ddottrinaménte, 0(^1'. learn- 

Addottrinato, pflirt. imtruded 
Adduare, to double [lege, cite 
Addurre, to brinir, coni-ei/, al- 
Adeguare, to make equal, even, 
to compare, to balance an ac- 

Addobbato, pati, adorned 
Addobbo, m. ^finery ; dress: 
addòbbi di casa, houtehold 

Addolciménto, m. mitigation. 

Addolcire, to sn'eeten, anften, 
alleviate : temperare, to rule. 

Addolcitivo, adj. lenitive 
Addolcito, part, sweetened 
Addolorare, to prieve: add 

Addolorato, pari, affihied 
Addomandare, to send for 
Addomesticaménto, «i. fan, 

Addomesticdre, to tame; a 

domesticarsi, to befamilia 
Addomesticatóre^ m. he w 

n tpite of 

Addop}>iaménto,m. redoubling 
Addoppiare, to donile 
Addopi'.iato. part, doubled 
Addopjiiatura,/. re^^uubling 
Addoppio, adv. doubly 
Addormentaménto,»!. slumber 
Aildormenlare, to lull in sleep, 
to decoy, amuse ; addormen- 
tarsi, to fall asleep : lascidrsi 
addormentire dalle lusin- 
ghe, to lujjer oiu's self to be 
Addormcntdto, adj. sleepy. 

Addossaménto, trouble, toil 

Addossare, to lay upon one's 
back; addossare la colpa ad 
uno, tu lay the blame on ano- 
ther , addossarsi la cwra d'un 
nego'cio, to take upon one's 
self the cart of an nJTair 

Addosso, adv. upon one's back ; 
l'abito che ho addòsso, the 
clothes I have on : métter le 
unghie addosso, to lay hold; 
métter rocchio addòsso, to 
cast an eye ; non ho dandri 
addòsso, / have no money 
about m.t : tenére addosso 
alcuna cosa, any thing at 
one's own expense 

Addétto, part, brought or put 

AddottonSre, to take the highest 
or doctor's degree 

Addottorato, part, having ta- 
ken a degree 

Addottrindre, to instruct . 

Adeguatamente, adv. equally 
Adempibile, adv. feasible 
Adémpiere, to accomplish, Ji- 

Adémpiménto, ni. accomplish- 
Ademp.'re, to fulfil, to execute 
Adempitóre. m. who executes 
Adempiuto, part, fulfilled 
Adtntro. urfc. inwardly; trdppo 

adéntro, ,^00 yartn 
Adéntro, adv. within 
Adequare, (see Adegudrc) 
Adequataménte, adv. exactly 
equal : rispondere adequa- 
taménte, to give a right an- 

Adequato, adj. proportioned 
Adequazióne.^' equality 
Aderbare, to feed witn^rass 
Aderènte, adj. adhering, fa- 
[m. adherence 
AderénSa.y. and Aderiménto, 
Aderire, to adhere 
Aàfitaie. to entice; i sensudli 
si lasciano facilménte ades- 
care, sensual men are easily 
Adsscdto, part, allured 
Adescatóre, m. and Adesca- 

trice,/ a wheedler 
Adesióne,/, adhesion 
Adesso, adv. non., at this in- 
stant; ddéss' adesso, by aiid 
by [hand 

A destra, ado. on the right 
Adetto, «I. an adept [dering 
Adiacènte, ndj. adjacent, bar- 
Adiacenza,./', an adjacent pic - ■ 

. maiden hair (a 


Adimdre, to lower, to descend 

A dio, adv. adieu, farewell; 
dire a dio, to take leave 


Adipóso, adj. full if fat 

Adiraménto, in. anger 

Adirdre, to anger, provoke; 
adirdrsi, to be angry 

Adiratamente, adv. angrily 

Adirato, adj. angry 

Adire, to accept an inheritance, 
(law term) [against 

A dirimpètto, facing, ovtr- 

A diruto, adv. straightly 

A dimisùra, adv. beyond mea- 
sure, immoderately 

A dispétto, prep, i 

Adito, »l. (accesso! access; St 

avrò mai 1" adito di serrirla, 
la servirò, if ever I have the 
opjMrtunHy to serve you, I 

Adiunziónc,/ addition 
Adiutóre, m. helper, protector 
Adizióne, f. accession (law 
t-rm) [ogle 

Addocchiaménto, m. a' look. 
Adocchiare, to gasc, to stare 

dolescénte, >»i. a young'man 
Adolescènza,/ youth 
Adombraménto, m. shade 
Adombrare, (ofluscdre) to over- 
shadow, to shade, to fancy : 
adombrarsi, to start back fur 
Adombrato, part, shaded 
A dombrazióne, /. a shade 
A donare, to lower, to subdue, 
- ss [spile 

adv. (a dispétto) in 
Adontdre, to insult, to ojiiud. 

Adoperaménto, m. usage 
Adopeidre, to use, employ: 
adoperdrsi, to interest one's 
self; voglio adoperarmi per 
voi, / will speak in your be- 
Adoperatóre, to. »i7io employs 
Adoperazióne,/ use 
A doppiamente,»!, drowsiness 
Adoppiare, to give opium 
Adoppiato, HI. an infusion of 

Adordbile, adj. adorable 
Adorare, to adore, worship 
Adoratóre, m. and Adoratrice, 

/. adorer 
A doratóri o, m. a temple 
Adorazióne, /. and Adora- 

ménto, «i. adoration 
Adordindrsi, to get rea-ly 
Adornamente, adv. elegantly 
Adornaménto, m. ornament, 
Adomdre, to adorn [finery 
Adomataménte, adv. 'neatly. 

Adomdto, part, \adomed 
Adomatórc, m. and Adoma- 

trice.f. one who adorns 
Adomatùra, and AdomézZa, 
/. decking, trimtning, elegance 
Addmo, to. ornament 
Adórno, adj. adorned, etnbel- 

Adottaménto, m. adoption 
Adottare, to adopt 
AdctUtivo, adj. adopted 
Adottatóre, m. and Adotta- 

trice, f. one rvho adopts 


Adottato, adj. chosen, adopfei 
AdottazJdne./. adoption 
Adottivo, adj. belonging to a- 

A due a due, adv. ttvo and two 
Aduggiaménto, m. a hurtful 
tjmde ^shadc 

Aduggiàre, to hurt plants by 
Adulante, adj.Jlattering 
Adulare, tojlattcr, to fawn 
Adulate, part.Jfatteicd 
Adulatóre, m. ^u7id Adulatn'ce, 

f flatterer 
Adulatório, adj. fiat ter ing 
Adulazióne, j: Jl-atteri/, adu 

Adultera,/, adulteress 
Adulterare, to counterfeit 

forge, adulterate 
Adulterato, pari, mingled. 

Adulteratóre, m. adulterer 
Adulteratrfce,/. adultress 
Adulterazióne,/, cnrruvtio 
Adultèrio, «,. advllery ' 
Adùltero, m. adulterer 
Adnltfvo, adj. growing 
Adulto, adj. at full "age : 

adulta, luarriageahle 
Adunrfuza,/. avd Adunamén- 

to, »H. assembly, congrega 


Affabilménte.adt). courteously, 

Aftaccendrfrsi, to be busy 
Afi'accendiito, adj. busy 
Affaccettare, iu facet, to cu 
facet n'ise [,„or, 

Affacchinare, to do porter\ 

to make, 

iftaccidrsi, to look o 
..ffaldare, to fold, pi, 
AiTamare, to famis. 


Affatichévole, and AffaUcdso, 

Affatto, adv. quite, entirely; 
sono afiatto guarito, / am 
_rjKfecih/ recovered 
^iffatttirdre, to bewitch, charm 
Affatturatóre, m. a tnagiciait 
A itatturatrfce, fa sorceress 

Affazzor.aménto, m. ornavient 


Affannato, adi. 
_ tressed "^ ' 

Am, adv. fai, 
1 Aftcmnamént 

AfTbrmare, to uffirm^assert"' 

Afrennativaménte, adv. I'osi- 
' ^'•'^'(^^i'ijo, adj. a£irmative 

Afl_ermatóre, vi. he tvho af. 

a Affermazióne,/, assertion 
y Aftérr.-irc, to holdjast, catch 
Affettare, to cut to pieces ; hra- 
mare, to hunger o.fter ■ af- 
fettare il parlar TÓfcano, to 
affect io speak Tuscan 
Affettatamente, adv. with af- 

issemhle together 


./ (see 


AdunaSióne, m. (see Adi 

Aduncare. to bend, crook 

Adunco, ndj. hooked, crook 
Adunghiare, to take in c 

Adiinque, covi. then, therel 
Adustàre, to burn, and cri- 
Adustézza, and Adu.stiune 

Adustivaménte, adv. drily 
AdustiTO, adj. drying, scorch- 
Adusto, adj. dry, scorched 
Aere, m. (aria) the element of 

Aèreo, adj. airy, ethereal 
Aerimante, m. he who div. 


Affabile, aaj. ojiahle, courteous 
Affabilità, Ai^abilitdde, and 




m. bcjvilcher 


, / rvitch, sor 


confuse ; to dc 

any thing a 


J, m. fatigue, toi 

Afratic.vr.te, a 
Affaticare, t 

y. indefatigable 


trurk hard, to 

endeavour ; 

ch; s'affatic 

a per una cosa' 

affaticherò di sodisfarvii 

Affaticato, adj. tired, harassed 
Aft'aticatóre, m. and Affatica- 
•"'ce,/. a laborious person 

aff'ezionarsi, to take a liking 
-frezion-.t-nié-, 'i'Ur'cHon 

iriezióne,J'. love, benevolence 

Affi „. 


, to button, to 


...^c.ncr [gether 

Iffibbidto, adj. fasteiitd to. 
-ifìrìbbiatóio, m. a button-hole 
AflihbiatUra, / {see Allibbi- 

Aflidàre, to trust, ccmtnit : 

affidarsi, to think one's -self 

safe; io ti voj^-lio affidare una 

rviih a secret" ' """"prtuie 
Affievolire, to iveaken, to diiii- 
Affievolito, adj. weakened 
AffVgere, ioJU, set 
I fìfiguramónto, 7)1 . and ACigu 

Affigurare, to know ''again 
affigu.ràrsi, to iuiagine 


sotigliare, t,, 

het, o 

Affilato, adj. whetted, s 
^ned; naso affilato, , 


tome noie; Tolto afGIàto, 

Affilatura,/, an edge 
Affinaménto, m. perfection, re- | 

Affinare, lo refine, rvhet, sharpen 
Affinatrfio. m. a crucible 
Affinature, m. refiner 
Affinché, conj. to the end that 
Affine, atlj. 'a coimn, a kint- 

Affinità,/. aff.nity, alliance 
Affiocaménto, m. and Affioca- 

Affiociire, to grow hoarse, to 
f-iow weak [gttishing 

Affiocato, part, hoarse, lan- 
Affissaménto, nu staring 
Affissa're, and Affisare, io stare 

III : attaccare, to stick 
Affisso, a -f /. fastened,fixed 
Affittaiu(jio, m. farmer 
Affittare, to let, to hire, to take 


>, adj. let o, 

'ho len out < 
cavallo d- 


AfTortificire, to fortify 
Afforzaménto. m. fortification 
Afforzare, to fortify 
Affossare, to moat round 
Affossatore, m. a grave-digger 
AffraKre, to nreahen 
Affrancare, to make free : af- 
francarsi, to take courage 
Affrancato, part, freed 
Affiangere, to break 
Affranto, weakened, n'eary 
Affratellaménto, m. Affratel- 
lanZa, /. intimacy, fami- 
liarity [Ihers 
Affratellarsi, to live like bro- 
Affreddare, to make cold, to 
grorv colder; affreddarsi, to 
catch cold 
Affreddàto, part, grown cool 
Affrenaménto, in. restraining 
AffrSnàre, to restrain 
Affrettaménto, m. haste, hurry 
Affrettare, to hasten, make 

:ttataménte, adv. hastily. 


I, speei 

affitto, hncknev horse; pig- 
liar ad affitto, '<o rent 
AffiiVere. /.) afflici; affligersi, 

to he afflicted 
Afflittivo, adj. affiicling 
Afflitto, adj. ajflicjed, dis- 
tressed {tion 
Afflizioncélla,/ a little afflic- 
Amìzióne,fsor'ow, grief 
Afriuente, adj. abundant 
Affluentemente, ade. abun- 

Affluénza,/ abundance, plenty 
Affocare, to set on fire 
-'^^o^^^'-'ine. f- stoppage of 

Affoj;aniénto, m. and Affoga- 
tura, f. sujjbcalion, stran- 
g ing 

A ff i;;àre, /o strangle, to clioak; 
aftbi^Kr nell' acqua, to drown 

Affogato, «r?;. strangled, stifled 

Affo!' - ■ 


Affolt.-ire. Affoltàrsi, to rush 

vpon.toeatgreulily | 

Affondninento, in. sinking, ' 

AffondUre, lo sink; to he 
drowned ; alla^re, to over- 
fiom • ■ [ginginto 

Affondatara, /. sinking, dig- 
Affi5ndo, adj deep, hollow 
Affóndo, ndr. to tk bottom 
AfTbrtiticam.into, 771. fortifica- 

Affrettato, adj hastened 

Affrica,/, .ijrica 

Affricano, m. an African 

AWptteUare. to fry 

AftVontaraénto, m. and Af- 
frontata, f. an attack 

Affroi'.tare, to engage in front, 
to attack, provoke, or chal- 

Affront^to, ad), attacked, af- 
fronted, almscd [afferò ■ 
Affrontatdre, m. who altackt 
Affrónto, affront, abuse, 

rencnunler [en yvith stnoke 
Affumare, to perfume, to dark- 
Affumicaménto, m. and Affu- 
micata, /. fumigation 
Affumicare, to smoke 
Affumicato, adj smoked 
-Affuocare, («ce' .affocare) 
Affusolare, to embellish, adjust 
Afitto, {see Affitto) [sUion 

Aforismo, m. aphorism, vropo. 
Afretto. adj. souruh 
Afrézza,/ sharpness 
Afro. adj. sharp 
Afroni'tro, m. aphronite 
Agarico, m. agaric [gate 

A'gata,./'. (piètra prelidsa) a- 
Agata,/. a needle-fidl 
Agente, m. agent, factor 
Agente, adj. active 
Agenzia. / agency 
Agevolaménto, m. facility 
Agevolare, to facilitate 
Agévole, adj. easy to be done, 
swift, niriiblt 
, Agtyol6zi.3, f facility 


Agerolménte, adt. easily, 

Agga-riinàTe, to grasp 
Aggelare, to make freeze 
Aggelsimne,f freezing 
-■igsentilire, to enable, adorn, 
embellish [lije 

Aggettivo, m. a noun adjec- 
Agghermi^liare, to hold tight 
Agghiacciaménto, m. frost 
Agghiacciare, to freeze, con- 
geal, quake: agghiacciarsi, 
to be frozen; mi s' agghi- 
acciò il sangue per la patirà, 
fear chilled my blood 
Agghiacciato, adj. frozen 
Aggliiaccio, m. a dote (for 
sheep) [i„e 

Agghiadaménto, m. benumb- 
Agghiadàfe, and Agghiadire, 

to be benumbed 
Agghiadato, pari, benumbed 

with cold, wounded 
Aggiacénia, /. places adja- 

A'ggio, m. agin, or change 
-aggiogare, to yoke 
Aggiogato, adj. yoked 
Aggiornaménto, »•. adjourn- 

Aggiornire, to appoint a time ; 

be dayliglU 
Aggiornato, part, appointed 
Aggiraménto, ni. and Aggi- 
rata, turning, going round. 

Aggirare, to go about, to sur- 
round ; aggirarsi, to wander, 
to lose one's way 

Aggiratóre, »n. and Aggira- 
trlce,/. cheat, deceiver 

Aggiudicare, to adjudge, give 

Aggiugnere, and Aggiùngere, 
vostra fdiiia aggiùgne per 

Aggiunta, /. increase, addi- 
Aggiuniloiie, /. and Aggiug- 

Aggiustaménto, 711. agreement 

Aggiustare, to fit, to compound 
reconcile : aggiusttre i conti 
to settle accounts 

Aggiustaménte. cdv. in gooJ 

AgpustatéSza./. eracinets 
AggiiistSto, part, adjusted 
Aggobbire, to become liunch- 

4.ggomitoIàre, lo r. 

the sink nf a ship 
Ag.iomitolato, part. 

clue, to entpti/ 

- „ ,. ..ii;> 

Ag.iomitolato, part, wound up 
Aggottare, to pump water out 

afa ship 
Aggradévole, adj. acceptable 
Aggradire, to accept, to receive 
kintlhi : questa casa in' ag- 
gradisce, this hoìise pleases 

Aggradito, part, accepted 
Aggraffare, and Aggraffiàre, 

t„ clasp 
Aggranàre, to produce seed 
Aggranchidre, to lienumh 
Aggranchiato, part, benumbed 

with cold 
Aggrancfre, to catch 
Aggrandiménto, m. prefer- 
ment, advancement 
Aggrandire, to enlarfre, ad- 
vance one's self; gli udmini 
virtuosi s' aggrandiscono 
colla loro propria virtù-, men 
of learning raise themselves 
by th- 

Aggrapiiare, io,£! 

aggrapparsi, I, 

Aggraticciarsi, I 

Aggratiglidre, tc 

cast dor»,,; aggravdrsi, t„ 

to r,'r„ng one's self; peggio- 
rare nella malattia, to gron 

Aggiàvio. m. impoaiiion, in- 
jury ■ [fully 
Aggraziatamente, adv. (;i 
Aggregare, to assemble, ., 

tugethrr [gnguted 

Aggregato, a a-tsembleil , ag 
Aggregato, »n. association 
Aggregazione, /. and Aggrt 

gaménto, in. admission int 

Aggressóre, »i aggressor 
AggreaZdre, to benumb, i 
freeze [froze 

AggrezSdto, part, benumlie. 

Aggrinzato, aclj. wrinkled [up 
Aggroppare, io knot, to ' - 


A ggrottfire, to frown 

-•Vggrumoldre, to hoard up 
Aggruppamento, m. making a 

-Aggruppare^ (.«e Aggroppare) 

Agguaglianza, /. nod A gguag- 

haménto, m. equality, equity. 

Agguagliare, to compare, In 
match ; agguaglidri,i, to com- 
pare one's self [ly 
Agguagliataménte,(Z</i). equol- 
-igguagliature, he who equals 
Agguaglia/ione,/, uniformity 
Agguantare, to seine with quick- 

-■Vgguatdre, to lay in ambus- 

sere In aggudto, to lie in 

of war 
-4gguindolaménto, m. winding 

to a skein, deceit, artifice 
Aggustàre, to give pleasure 
A ghétta,/, litharge 
Aghétto, TH. a tagged point 

Agiaménto, ease, conveniency 

Agibile, feasible [swift 

A'gile, adj. nimble, .irtixe. 

Agilità, Agilitdde, and Agili- 

tate, /. nirnbleness, srvift- 

Agilitare, to render nimble 
A'gio, m. ease, conveniency ; a 

vostr'agio, at ynur leiswe ; 

se avrò agio, if I can spare 

Aglia'ta,/. a t^urlic ragout 
-Vglio, m. garlic 
Agna,/. {see Agnélla) 

A'go, /. a needle : ago ;da bus- 
sola, the needle of a seu- 
compass ; ago da capo, a 

Agognare, to twist, to covet: In 

aspire [dy 

AgognatiSre, m. desirous, gre'e- 

Agdne, m. a large needle, a list 

for combats 
Agonia, f. agony, horror 
Agonizzante, adj. dying 
Agonizzare, to he tit the point 

-■igordio, m. needle maker. 

Agnzzfno,m. a species ofbuck- 

Agraménte. adv. sourly, sf- 

Agréste, adj. rural 

Agrestezza^ ru.ttieity, acidity 

.Agrestino, adj sourish 

Agrèsto, m. sour grapes : man. 
giar r agresto in giugno, to 
spend one's rent brfore it is 

Agrestùme, m. acidity, sharp- 

Agrétto, m na.iturtium, cress 

AgTtUn,a,li. sourish 
Agrézza,/ .^l.aipui-.-s, tarine.^., 

-Agricoltura,/ husbandry 
Agrifòglio, (alldro spinóso) m-. 

Agrigno, ad j. fierce, sour 
Agrimensóre, m. surveyor of 

laud [ing 

Agrimensura, /. land suroey- 
Agrimònia, /. agrimony, c/r 

AgriOtta, /. agriot, (a sour 

cherry) [sharply- 

Agrissimamente, adj. most 

Agro. adj. tart, so,',r ; agre 

Agrume, m. sharp fruita 
-Aguaglidnza./. equaliti/ 
Aguarddre, to look sharp 
Aguastdre, to spoil, watte 


Aguatdre, to lie in nuii 
.^guaulto, aJJ lyiri^ in ivAl 
Aguatatóre, Vn. insrmrer 
AgucchiiSre, io knit 
Aguglia,/. an obeliak, a nee- 
Agugliata,/, a needle-full 
Agundre, (see Adunare) 
Agùra, and Agurla, /. a pre- 
Agutéllo, in. a lack {'age 

AgutézSa,/. aharpnesx 
AguZZaWre, m. a grinder 
Aguzzatura,/, rvhetting 
Aguzzino, ni. a tlave-keeper, 
«n inspector over galley - 
Aguz2aménto, m. and Aguz- 
zata./, sharpness 
Aguzzare, to sharpen, rvhet, 
file; aguzzar 1' ingegno., to 
sharpen tte nil ; aguzzar 
l'appetito, to whet the sto- 

Aguzfo, ad. pointed, sharp: 
aver l'occhio aguzzo, io be 
clever, or cunninsc: ha I' 
occhio aguzzo in questa sorte 
d' aliare, he is rveli versed in 



t of bus 

ah, alas! ah 
gógna,' ^/id fur sitarne! ali 
lasso, alai : 
Ai, to : ai libri, to the books 
Aia, /. barn, threshing-floor, 

Aimè, interj. alas! 

Aio. m. governor, tutor ; Aia, 

Aiòne, tx. vagabond; andar 
aióne, io wander about 

Alta,/, help fin poetry) 

Aitante, adj. courageous, vi 

Aiuòlo, m. a bird-net 

Aiutante, m. assistant : aiu 
tante maggióre, an adju 
taxU in a regiment: aiu 
tante di campo, aide- de 

Aiutare, to aid, assist, re 
lieve : Moii ho nessuno che 
M' aióti, I have no one io 
help me; aiutarci (servir- 
si) lo use, make use of any 

Afutatlvo, adj. serviceable 

Aiutato, adj. helped 

.•.aiutatóre, ' m. Aiuiatn'ce, /. 

Ahito, m. aid, assistance: 
aiuto, aiuto, murder, mur- 
der ; il vostro libro m" é 
stdto d" aiuto, your òook has 
oeen useful to me 

e, f. she rvho helps 

ne [provoke 

set dogs to Jight, to 
iizzatdre, m. Aii23trice, /. 
instigator, one tvho pro- 

\1, to : al Re, to the King 
ila, / nring, protection ; ala 
d' armata, the tving of an 
army ; ala di remo, the blade 
of an oar; ala d'una chiesa, 
the aisle afa diurch ; tenérsi 
su r ali, to stand upon one's 
guard; far ala, to make 
room : star su 1' ala, to be 
Just going 
Alabarda,/, an 6a//;fr<f 
Alabardiere, m. an halberdier 
Alabeistn'no, adj. made of ala- 
Alabastro, m. alabaster 

.f. alacrilf/ 
Alamanna,/, a kind of mus- 
cat grape [surtout 
Alamanno, m. a German, a 
Alamaro, m. frogs (on a coat) 
Alano, m. a large kind of 

English dog 
Alare, m. an hand-iron 
Alare, toj'asien on wings 
Alatèrno, m. privet (a tree) 
Aldto, adj. n-iuged 
Aiba,/ the dawn of day 
Albagia,./', ostentation, pride 
Albàgio, m. a kind of coarse 

Albagióso, adj. proud 
Albana,/, a white grape 
Albatro, m. albatross fa bird) 
Albégine,/. whiteness 
Albeggiaménto, m. lustre 
Albeggiante, adj whitish 
Albeggiare, to dawn 
Alberare, to set up: alber>ire 
un àlbero di vascèllo, io set 
tip a mast; piantar diberi, 
to plant Ir-- 
Iberato, p 
»n. (see Albicòcca, and Al- 

Alberèlla,/. aspen-free 
Alberello, m. a little vast 
Alberése,/, limestone 
Alberètto, m. a shrub [go) 

Allargaménto, m. (see Allier- 
Albergdre, io lodge, lo dwell 
Albergato, pari, lodged 
AlbOrgo, »n. imi, lodgings 
Alberino, m. a shrub 
A'ibcro, m. a tree: dlbero di 
vascèllo, the mait qf a thip , 


al primo cólpo non cadel' 
albero, Ihe tree will not fall 
at the first strol^e ; andar sa 
per le cime degli alberi, io 
pretend to more than one 
Albicante, and Alblccio, adj. 

IbicBcca,/ apricot 
Albicòcco, m. apricot tree 
Albiligùstre, adj. as white as 

a privet flower 
Albo, adj. white 
Albóre, »«. ihe dawn of day 
Albóre, m. (albero) a'tree 
Alborutto, m. rumour, commo- 

Albùme, m. the white of an 
Alburno, to. a white hazel- 

Alodldo, m. Alcade 


I of alchy 

Alchemico, adj. belonging to 

Alchimista, m. alchymist 

Alchimizzare, to practise al- 
chymy [tic bird) 

Alcióne, m. alcyon fan aqua- 

Alcordno, m. the alcoran 

Alcdvo, m. an alcove 

Alcunamente, adv. by no 

Alcuna Tolta, adv. sometimes 
Alcuno, adj. somebody 
Aleggiare, to spread one's 
Aléna,/, breath ['"ings 

Alenamento, m. breath, breaUi- 

Alendre, to give or take breath 
Alepdrdo, m. leopard 
Alétta, / o little wing; alétte 

de' pesci, .^ II* 
Alfa ed omega, the first and 

the tasi [eally 

Allabeticamé4ite, "" alphalteti- 
Alfabético, ad), alphabetical 
Alfabèto, m. alphabet 
Alfdna, /. a mate, (so called 

Altière, /. and Alfiéro, m. en- 
sign, standard-bearer, bishof 
(at chess) 
Alga, and Aliga,/, sea-weed 
A'Igebra,/. algebra 
Algebrista, m. algeltraisl 
Algènte, adj. cold, freezing 
A'igere, to freeze 
I Algóre, m. hard frost, cold 
I Algóso, adj. full ofsea-weei 
' Alia,/, wmg of a buildÌ7ig 
.Aìice,f. anchovy 


Alidamente, adv. drìly 
Alitici, adj. dnj 
Alidóre, {see Aridità) 
AUenàhile, adj. alienable 
Alienare, to fiart ìvith; alie- 
narsi, io rvithdra».; io part 

Alien;!to, adj. alienated, wan- 
dering, straj/ed 

Alienazióne,/, separation, dii 
traction, alienation (cession 
cf one's property) 

Alièno, adj. foreigner; robba 

contrario, averse, enemy 
Aligero, adj. winged 
Alimentare, to nourish, feed 
Alimentàrio, m. alimony 
Alimentiito, pari, kepi, main- 
tained [sustenance 
Aliménto, m. nourishment, 
Alimentóso, adì nouiishing 
AliOsso, m. a cockle 
Aliqudto, adj. an aliquot part 
Aliséo,m.(venti alisèi) the traile 
Alitare, to pant [winds 
AlitjCre, m. panting, short- 
A'lito, m. breath ; far buon 
àlito, to sweeten the breath, 
to va-)our, fume, steam 
Alivelòce, adj. trvift-winged 
Alia, /. a public place, false) 

an ell (measure) 
Alia, to the; alia casa, to the 
house ; alia budna, adv. in- 
genuously : alia Francése, 
after the French fashion 
Allacévole, adj. entanf^led 
Allacciamènto, m. tlte art of 

woman [toninf: 

Allacciatura, f. binding, but- 
AUagaménto, m. and Allaga- 

AUagiSre, to overflow 
AUagdto, part, overflowed 
Allampanare, to rage with 

Allampanato, a,]), thin 
Allargaménto, 7)i. ampliation 
Allargare, to enlarge, ampli- 
fy : allargare la mano, to 
vse lilieralitu: allargar il 
fréno alle passióni, fo gratify 
the passions [plijied 

Allargato, adJ. enlarged. 
Allargatóre, in. entarger 
Allarmare, io alarm 


dére allato, to sit h^ . , 

allato, hard by ; è nulla al- 
lato alle obligazióni che 
profésso, it is a trifle to wh, 
I owe you [of a child 

Allattaménto, m. the sucking 
Allattante, /. a nurse (who 
suckles) [to suck 

Allattare, to suckle; poppare. 
Alleanza,/, confederacy 
Alleato, adJ confederate, allied 
Allefirrirsi, to strike root 
Allegagióne,/ Allegaménto, 

»i. {see Allegazióne) 

Allegare, (citare) to allege, 

quote, produce ; (also) to form 

a confederacy 

Allegato, adj. ally, confederate 

AUegatóre, r?i. Allegatrlce, /. 

Allegazióne,/, quotation 
Alleggeriménto, m. relief, com- 

Allegòrico, adj. allegorical 
Allegorista, m. an allcgorist 
Allegorizzare, to allegorize 
Allegramente, adr. joyfully ; 
star allegramente, io be merry 
Allegrante, adj. cheerful 
Allegritre, and Allegrarsi, to 

Allégratfvo, adj. recreative 
Allegrézza, /. joy; giomd d' 

allegrézza, rejoicing day 
Allégro, adj. merry 

Allenire, to decay, to assuage 

Allenito^ adj. softened '^" '' 
Allen - ■ ■■ 

Allettante, adj. alluring 
Allettare, to allure, entice. 

Allettativa, /. and Alletatfvo, 



Alletévole, adj. alluring 
Allevaménto, m. and Alleva- 

tdra./. education 
Allevare, to bring up, train 
■ foster; i 


Alleviaménto, n 


relief, c 

Alleviare, fo relieve, alleviate: 
alleviare il dolóre, <o u*««a£-e 
a pain [ed 

Alleviato, adj. eased, appeaa- 
Alleviatóre, m. comforter. 
AU:A-Aza,f- an alliance 
Allibire, to become pale through 

Allibrare, to hook 
A\Ue\Axsi, to grow up 

Alligatóre, m. alligator 
Allignare, to take root'. 
Allindare, and Allindare, to 
embellish ; allindarsi. 

adorn , 


; lentézza, slow- 

llentare, to loosen ; allentar 
la briglia al cavallo, to let 
loose the reins to a horse; 
allentar la voce, to stop one's 

Allentatilra,/. a rupture 
Vllen-- • ■• ' 

Allindatóre, m an embellisher 
Allineare, to draw up in line 

of battle [chattering 

Allinguato, adj. praitling, 
Allividiménto, m. lividity 

(black and blue) 
Allividire, to grow black and 

Ano^'AuClgVi, Alia, Alle, 

prep, to, at 
Alloccire, to lie in wait 
AUoccherta,/. the owl's holes 
Allocco, m. an owl, a booby 
Allodiale, adj. allodial (free) ' 
Allodialita,/. allodialiiy 
Allòdio, m. allodial (any thing 


illódola,/. a lark 
Allegagióne, ,/'. and AUoga- 

s, to bi 



, about; se- 

Allessamente, m. boiling 
Allessare, to boil 
AUestare, and Allestire, to 
allestirsi, io prepare 
, adj. prepared, got 
Alletair.àre, io dung [ticemeni 
' "'"' — ' -'.o,m.alturement,en- 

Allogare, to let, to fan 

; allo- 

iogatóre, m. landlord 
Alloggiaménto, m. inn, lodg' 
ing ; levar gli alloggiaipenti, 
to march off"; alloggiaménto 
di soldati, soldiers' quar- 
Alloggiaute, adj. a lodscr 

Atlosgiire, to lodge; star di 
casa, to dwell 

Alloggiatóre, m. host, init- 

Alloggio, (see Alloggiaménto) 

AilogliSito, adj. stupid 

AUoTitanaméiito, »n. itnd W- 
lontananza, f. distance, re- 

Allontanare, to remove, to 
drift amay : allontanarsi, to 
go from: allontanarsi dalla 
virtù, to forsake virtue : al- 
lontanarsi dal vero, to be 
false : allontanarsi dalla 
str.ida, to lose one's vay ; 
alloTrtanarsi dalla patria, to 
fly from one's conrUry : al- 
lontanrlrsi dal suo soggètto, 
to rambUfrom the stibject 
'" '-o.a'—-^ 

fox's evil, the falling of the 

Alpe,/, the Alps 
Alpèstre, ndj. mild, mountain- 
ous, rocky: paróle alpèstri, 

Alpigho, adj. K'ho inhabits the 

Alloppiare, te cast ii 

Alloppio, nt. any thing that 
causes a profound sleep 

Alldra, adv. then, at that time ; 
d'allóra in qua. since ; allóra 
allóra, ai the very time 


t. the I 



Allucignoldre, to trri 
Allucignarsi, to mistiiKe 
Allùda,/, sheep's lenther 
Alludente, a,,';. aUuding 
Alludere, to allude to 
Allumare, to set fire to 
AlluminaJióne,/. (sec Illuini- 

Allungare, to lengthen 
Allungato, adj. lengthened 
Allungatura,'/ prolongation 
Allupare, to starve tvilh hun- 
Allusing^re, to flatter [enei 
Allusióne, /. allusion, refer- 
Allusivo, adj. allusive 
Alluvióne,/, alluvion 
A\m^,f the soul (in poetry) 
Almanaccare, fo build catties 

Almanacco, m. almanack, ca- 
Almanco, and Alméno, adv. 

Almirdnte, m an admiral, the 

Almo, adj famous, excellent 
Alci, m. aloes, (a kind of herb) 
aloes fa shrub J 

Alopecia, and .Alopézia, /. the j come 

some friends ; alquantiinc 

Altaléna, /. a srving for chii 

Altalenare, to swing 
Altaleno, m. a srving gate 
Altamente, adv. on high ; jirc 
fondamente, deeply : ad alta 
vote, loud ; nobilmente, no- 
bh), generously, splendidly 
A\tina.,f. a turret 
Altare, m. altar 
Altèa,/ a sort ofmallon's 
Alteràbile, adj. alterable, 

Alteramento, m. (see Altera- 

Ai» — X — /_ _,/._ change; al- 


! Alteratamente, adv. furiously 
Alterato, adj. changed, al- 

I te red 
Alterazióne, / alteration, 

Altercare, to wrangle, chide, 

' Altercazióne,/. chiding, alter- 

Alterézza, Altierézza, and Al- 
terfgia, / ostentation, pride, 
\ insolence, arrogance 
' Alternamente, adv. by turns 
1 Altemiire, to turn, to vary 
Alternativa,/, alternative 
Alternativamente, adv. by 

Alternativo, adj, by turns 
Alternazióne,/, redoubling 
I Altèro, and Alteró.io, adj. 
I proud, scornful, disdainful 
' Altézza, /. height, loftiness : 
una statua dicci piedi d'al- 
tézza, a statue ten feet high ; 
profondità, depth ; potéiìxa, 
power; sublimità, sublimity 
Altézza, /. highness: S. A. R. 
or Sua .A.ltez2a Reale, his 
royal highness 
Alticcio, adj. tipsy 
AUieraménte, adii, proudly, 


infdmie, ìu>m he pridi him 
self in his infamy! pom- 
poso, splendid, magnificent, 
noble: io vo altièro" delle 
grazie che ho ricevute da 
voi, / think myself ,;er.y 
much honoured with your 

Altifronduso, adj. tvilh a tufted 

Altiioninte, adj. (see .Sonòro) 

Altissimamente, adv. very 
highlii, most deeply 

.Altissimo, m. (Sod Almighty 

Mthiidme.f. height 

* "-vol.inte, adj. any thing 
,t flies very high 

Alto, adj. high, tall : più alto 
di me, toller than I: alto 
raare, high sea: voce alta, 
loud voice; di alto, from 
above ; uòmo d' alto sapere, 
a man of great learning; 
pericoloso, dangerous, ha- 
zardous ; panno alio, broad 
cloth ; mirare in alto, to 
look above : far alto, to halt ; 
far alto e basso, to do as 
one pleases ; alto, (in music, 

Altramente, adv. otherwise 

Altresì, adv. also, too, like- 
wise : io ho altresi rice- 
vuto una lettera da lui, / 
likewise received a letter from 

Altrettale, adj. such another, 

the same thing 
Altrettanto, adv. as much, as 

altrettanto ricco che voi, / 

wish I was as rich as you 
Altri, proH. other 
Altriché, adv. (see Altroché) 
AItrié.n, adv. the day before 

Altriménti, adv. otherwise, 

else : non altriménti, just 

Altro, pron. rei, other, an 



adv. tomenhcrt elte 

Hid AlTcdrio, 


m a canal, the bed ofc 
AWmo. adj. from the Mh, 
Alunno, wi. and Alunna, / 

Ah.o"m. the belìi/ 

Alzàia,/, u cu Wf 

Alzare, to raise, to lift up 
alzar le véle, to hoist Ih. 
sail : alzar uno a qualche 
digiiità, to advance to some 

to lift up one's voice ; alzar 
!e carte, to cut the cards ; 
alzarsi, to rise up 

Alzato, part, risen 

Alzatura,/. lifting up 

Ani.-ibile, adj. ajjiciionafe. 

Amabilità,/, affability, mild- 

Amabilménte, adv. amiably, 

Amaca,/, a hummock 
A madóre, m. a lover 
AmadOtta,/ a kind of pear 
Amaglidre, to heat.flax 
' " uialgamation 



Amanuènse, m a copier 
Amardccio, adj. disagreeable, 

hitter [grievously 

Amaramente, adi) bitterly. 

Amareggiare, to embitter, to 

Amarézza, /. and Amardre, 

m. bitterness, affliction 
Amaritùdine, /. bitterness, 

Amdro, adj. grievous, un- 

Amatfsta,/. amethyst 
Amative, adj. lovely 
A mdto, pari, beloved 


Amiizonp,/.' amazon, a tvar- 

Ambage,^' preambles 
Ambasceria,/ emluissy 
Ambifscia, /. shortness of 

AmbasciadiSre.m. ambassador 
Ambasciadortìzzo, m a deputy 
Ambasciadrlce, /. ambassa- 

Ambascidre, to pant 
Ambasciata, /. embassy : 
messàggio, message 

iffbio, adj. ampliitjiout 
Amiàno, ui/; spotless 
'— -ànto, m. amianthus, 


so, «</J. full of grid- 

both : ambe le mani, both 

Ambedue, Ambediii, Ambi- 
duo, p,on. bolh 

Ambiante, adj. ambling 

Ambiare, to amble 

Ambidestro, adj. ambiderter 
(who uses both hands alike) 

Ambidiie, Ambidùi, Ambi- 
duo, pron. both 

Ambiente, ni. circumference, 

Ambipuamtnte, aJv.'~ ambi- 

Ambife-uita,/. double meaning 

Ambiguo, adj. ambig,w„s, 

doubtful; udmo ambiguo. 

Ambio, m. amide 
Ambire, to aspire to 
Ambito, m. cabal 
Ambizidne,/. ambition 
Ambiziosamente, adv. ambi- 

tiously [man 

Ambizidso, aéj. an ambitious 
Ambo, pron. (see Ambe) 
Ambedue, Ambodùo, pron. 
Ambra,/, ar^iler [bath 

Ambracanàto, adj. perfumed 

with ambergris ' 
Ambracane, m. ambcrgtii 
Ambràre, to perfume with 

Ambretta,/, amhret (ajlorver) 
Ambroglna, /. a kind of al- 
Ambrdsia./. ambrosy [mond 

Ambulatorio, 0(1; ambulatory 
Amenamente, adj. agreeably 
' mendue, Amendùni, Amen 



nendùe, (tutti due) both 

meditate, f. pleasantness 


^no, adj. pleasant, delight 


nlmente, adi: ami- 
cably, fritndly ; vi parlo 
amichevolmente, I speak to 

amicizia, jf'. friendship, amity 
.mico, m. friettd ; amico 
strétto, an intimate, a 
gallant ; amica (amàntel 

m. starch 

Amistàde, and Amis- 
friendship. alliance 
caménto, m. a con- 


Ammacchidrsi, to hide one's 

self beh ind a bush [ed ly 

Animaestraménte, adv. learn. 


Ammagrdie, and A mmagrlre, 

nith le:nes 
Ammaidto, covered or icckea 

Ammainare, tZ stri'ke, or 

Amml\àre,'to gron< sick 
Ammalaticcio, ad], sickly 
Amn-.aldlo, adj. sick, ill; mi 

ammalato, a sick person 
Amnialiaménto, m. enchant- 
ment, Lctritchiug 


Ammaliatóre, m. a sorcerer 
Ammaliatrice,/, a n'«cA 
Animaliatùra,/. (see Arama- 
lia:nénto) yiciou» 

Aininaliziàto, ailj. grown ma- 
Ammanettàre, ' - • - 

r, to (ire. 



; to adorn, em- 

Ammannaiàre, io behead with 

Ammanire, to prepare, to put 

Ammansare, to soften, to tame 
Ammantare, to cover, to cloak 

ami hide any thing 

••■•- adj. covered, 


Amraarcimento, m. piilrefac- 

Ammarrire, in rot [itse!f 

Ammarginàrsi, to cica' - - 
Ammartelldre, to tormen 
give jealoiuy 

get together 
Ammassato, ad), heaped up ; 

Ammassatóre, ni. accumulator 
Ammasso, m. a heap 
Ammatassare, ■■ --- 

Ammattfre, to grow distract- 
ed : far divenir mitto, to 


Ammattonaménto, m. a pav 

ing rvith square marble tiles 

Ammattonare, to pave rvitl 

Ammattonato, adj. pavec 

with square bricks, &c. 
Ammaìiaménto, »n. slaugh 

Ammaliare, to murder; am- 
mazzarsi, to kill one's self 

Ammazzasètte, m. a vapour 
ing Hector [hous 

Ammazzatojo, m. a slaughter 

Ammazzatore, »i. and Am 

Ammazzolaie, to make nose- 
Viucielmire, and Ammem- 

mdre, to sink in a mire; 
ammemàrsi, to entangle 
o,ie's self in a hud affair 
Ammènda, /. (risarciménto) 

fine, penalty; condandr all' 
ammènda, to fine ; incórre- 
re 1" ammènda, to forfeit 
Ammenciabile, ddj. corrigible 
Ammendare, to correct, re- 
claim, to indemnify ; am- 
mendare il danno, to make 
good the /o.!j ; ammendarsi 
dal bere, io refrain from 

mmèsso, pari, admitted 
A nmSttere, to admit, receive ; 
; rnmi-ttere le giustificazióni 
di qualchedùno, io give one 

Ammezzaménto, m. divisimi, 

iniccatóre, »«. rvho minks 
minicolàre, io prop, assist 
minfcolo, m. support, help 
ministrare, io administer, 
anage, govern ; sorami- 
stràre, ^o supply, or ajford 
ministrate, pari, supplied 
ministratdre, m. adminis- 
ator, manager \iratrix 
AmministratrCce, /. adminis- 
imministraziòne,/. adminis- 
tration, government 
Amminutóre, <o cui very small 
lirdbile, adj. wonderful, 
e, excellent 
AmmirabUità, /. tlie marvel- 

mmirabilmt!nte, adii, rvon- 

mmiragliàto, m. office of ad- 
miral^, admiralty uiR« 

idmire, wonder 
stupirsi, to be amazt 
lirativo, adj. admirit __ 
Ammirato, part, admired, 

Ammiratóre, m. Aramiratri- 

Ammlrazitine,/. admiration 
Ammissibile, adj. admiasible 
Ammissióne,/ admission 
Ajuuiissuràre, to measure 

Ainmoderncire, io make a 

thing fashionable 
Ammogliaménto, m. marriage 
Ammogliare, to mar>-y 
Ammogliato, adj married 
Ammogliatóre, m. a malch- 

Ammoinàre, to caress 
Ammollare, to mollify, soften ; 

to let go, to let loose 
Ammollalivo, adj. moistening 
Ammolliente, adj. vmoltient 
Amiaollilto, adj. from Am- 

— 3".l^re 

spinage is loosening ; le 
'., or affect 
Ammollito, adj. loosened 
Ammonire, to admonish,warn, 
to, part, admonished 
Ammonitóre, m. admonisher 
Smmonizioncella, /. paternal 

mmonizióne,/- admonition 
Ammontare, to heap up 

Ammissiiràto, adj. temperate, 
amice (a priesft 



Ammonticchiare, to In 


iticcliiàto, heaped, pilrd 

Ammorbidare, and Ammor- 
bidire, to soften, loosen , 
ammorbidirsi, io grow ef- 
Ammorsellato, m. a hash 
Ammortaménto, m. extinction 
Ammortare, to extinguish 
Ammortire, to extinguish, to 

Ammortito, pari, extinguished 
Ammorzare, to quench, to re- 
press, mitigate ; ammorzarla 
supèrbia, io humble pride 

izzicdre, to cut in pieces 
ZZicilto, ailj. cut in pieces 
iccliiare, to heap, amass 
isàre, to pout, to ineet 

itinaménlo, «n. mutiny. 

à:o, adj. raised in 

Ammutinatóre, m. a rtbel 
Ammutolire, and Ammuto- 
lire, io he dumb, mute 
Amrautolàto, ami Ammuto- 
lito, adj. speechless, mule 
Amnistia,^, a getterai pardon 
Amo, m. huok, a Jìsh-hook 

Amóre, j». love, iijìection; 
amor proprio, self-love; por- 
tar amóre, to love 

A moreggiaménto, m. rvoning 

Amoreggiare, lo make love 

Amorévole, adj. kind 

Ammorevoleggiixe, io cajole, 

Ainorevolézza, f. friendship, 
love: amorevolezzina, Arimi 
nords [friendly 

Amorevolmente, odv. loving. 
Amorino, m. a liitle lore 
Amorosamente, adv. amorous, 

Amorosello, or Araorosètto, 

adj. lovely, genteel 
Amoróio, adj. amorous 
Amoróso, ni. lover, gallant; 

Amoretto, m. rising love 
Amoscfca,^ a kind of plum 
Amovibile, adj. removable 
Ampério, m. hawthorn 
Ampiamente, adv. amply, fuUy 
Ampiézza,/, extent, amplitude 
A'rapio, adj. large, wide, spa- 
cious ; ampie promésse, grtoi 

Ampioeiovdnte, adj. ft for 

Ampioregndnte, one nlio reigns 

Ampliare, to extend, enlarge 
Ampliato, part, enlarged 
Amiiliazióne, /. ampliation, 
, (à law term) [extol 

Amplificare, to ampUfij, to 
Amplificato, adj. Ofnphfùd 
Amplificatóre, m. amplifier 
Amplificazióne, and Amplia- 

zióne,/. amplif,eation 
Amplissimamente, adv. at 

Amplitudine./, trmplitude 
Ampólla, /. boHU, Jlagon, 

Ampollina,/ a bubble 
Ampollosamente, and Ampol- 
lóso, adv. bombastically 
Ampollosità,/, bombast 
Ampollóso, adj bombastic 
Amputa2ióne,'/. amputation 
Amuléto, m. amulet 


Ana, a nord used by physicians AncoTTJiggio, m. anchorage 

in their preicriplions, signi- Ancùdine,/, .rnvil 

fying an eiual quantity of Ancusa,^: orchanet fa plant) 

each - ' - . . • 

.4.nabatlsta, in. anabaptist 
Anacorèta, m. anchorite, hi 

Anacoretizz^e, to live like on 
Anacreòntica, / Anacreontic 

ode [tic 

Anacreóntico, adj. Anacreon- 
Anacronismo, »i. anacronism 
Anagdllide, to. broo.klime, 

Anagallo, m. pimpernel (herb) 
Anagnoste, m. a lecturer 
Anagogia,/ anagogy, mystery, 

elevation [tically 

Anagogic.iménte, adv. mys- 
Auagramma, m. anagram 
Anagrammatizzare, to nuike 

Analisi,/, analysis 
Analitico, adj. analytical 
Analogia, f. analogy, resem- 

AnalOgico, and Anàlogo, adj. 

analogous, alike 
Anands, m. pine-apple 
Anarchia,/, anarchy 
Anàrchico, adj. anarchical 
Anatèma, curse of excommu- 

; Andaménto, m. 

, depcri- 

Anatomia,/. anatomy 

Anatòmico, aJj analm 

ist, a professor of 

latomizzare, to anatomize' 




I,/, haunch, hip 
Ancèlla,/, maid, damsel 
Anche, adv also, too, likewise ; 
per anche, yet, as yet: ne 
anche, neither, not : quand* 
anche, though, although; vi 
sono stato anche, / have been 
there also; 1' a%Tei fatto, 
quando anche fosse stato 
presente, I would have done 
it though he had been there 
Ancheggiare, to wag one's legs 
Anci^ere, to kill 
Anelila,/, a maid 
.Anco, adv. also, yet, rfifj 
A'ncora,/. an anchor 
Ancóra, adv. also, likewise, 

Andana, J', a rope-walk 

Andante, going 

Andantemente, adv. fluently, 
easily, wilhout interruption 

Andare, to go ; andare a piede, 
to walk ; andare alla lunga, 
to draw out in length ; andar 
a vela, to sail : andarne la 
vita, life at stake; andare 
ornalo, io dress well ; andare 
a marito, to marry , andar 
bene, to succeed; andar a 
secónda, to favour ; lasciamo 
andare questo discorso, let 
us talk no more of this-; i 
vostri afifari vanno à secón- 
da, your business prospers ; 
né tempi andati, in time 
past : andar facendo, io go 
about something; andare m 
collera, to be angry ; andar 
altero, to be proud ; andar- 

le, to t 

■ gone 

Andata,/, gait, 

a purging [P-'rging 

Andatacela,/, a very copious 
Anddto, part, gone, past 
.Andatóre, m a traveller 
Andatura, walking 
Andirivièni, m. tvindings, in 

coherent discourses 
Andito, m. passage, entrance 
Andróne, m. antechamber 
Anèddoto, m. an anecdote 
Anelante, and Aneldso, adj. 

panting, blowing [pant 

Anelare, to breathe short, to 
Anelazióne,/. short breath 
Anelito, m. shortness of breath 
Anellètto, and Anellino, m. a 

small ring 
Anello, »n. a ring; dar 1' a- 

néllo, to betroth; a-ièllo di 

capélli, /otfco/Aair 
Anellòne, m. a large ring 
Anellóso, adj. made like a 

Anemone, m. a flower so called 
Aneto, ni dill [sense 

Anfanaménto, m. prating, non 
Anfanare, to ramble in dis- 
course ; anfanarsi, to wau' 

Anfanatdre, m. prattler, blah 
■ '■ la,/i| '- 

Anfibologia,/, uncertain mean- 

Anfihologicamc-nte, atlv. am- 

AiVuoH./.v [ubscire 

Anfibologico, aHj. ambiguous, 
An&sci. wi. Amphisciam fiu- 

ìuibitamt of the torrid zone) 
Anfiteatro, m amphitheatre 
A'nfora,/ kilderkin 
Anfratto, m a narrow dark 

place [charme 

Angariare, io force, tu over- 
Angariatore, m an oppressor 
Angelica,/, a plant to called 
Angelicamente, adv. like an 

angel [of an angel 

Aiigeliché/za, /. tlie likeness 
Angelico, udj angelical; viso 

angelico, charming face 
A'ngelo, m. angel : angelo cus- 

ttSde, guardian angel 


io fo ciò per angheria, / am 
forced to do this 
Anghcriare, to compel, to op- 



Anglicano, adj. Anglican ; la 

of England 
Anglicismo, ni. Anglictsm 
Anglo, m. an Englishman (in 

poetry) [nered 

Angolare, adj. angular, cor- 
Angolarménte, adj. angularly 
A'ngolo, »i. angle, corner 
Angolóso, adj. having angles 
Angore, j.i grief, pang 
Aiigoscévole, adj. sorrowful, 

Angoscia, /. «lid Ango 

Angosciare, to grieve, to v, 
Angoscidtn, udj. sorronful, 

Angosciosamente, adv. sori 

falhj [fui 

Angoscidso, adj. anxious, pain 
A'ngne, m. a S7iake (in poetry J 
Anguflla./. <c» eel 
Anguin jglia, f .groin, a botch 
Angustia. / distress, scarcity ; 

ai:gust)a di tempo, shortness 

Angustiare, to afflict, to harass 
Anunstiato, adj. Angustii5so, 

adj. auxions,, grieved 
Angusto, adj. nanorv, close, 

Animale, adj animal 
Animalesco, adj. beastly 
Animaletto, m. animalcule 
AnimaUno, m. animalcule 
Animalità,/, animality 
Animalone, m. a great beast 

a dunce, an awkhiard fellon 
Animaluccio, and Anima 

1Ù2ZO, m. animalcule 
Animante, rvhat is animated 
Animare, io hearten, to aw 

] Annsjrfre, to smelt, to com» 

] Annasato, adj smelted 
Ann^i^re, to wind yarn 
a Annata,/ ./.ar 

Annebbiaménto, ni. dark « 

Annebbiare, t 

Annebbiato, ai 

Annegaménto, r 

cloud: anneb- 


Annegare, to drorvn, to deny 
Annegato, adj. dromntd 
Annegaiióne'.f. self-denial 
AnneghitUre, and Anneghit- 
.iidtcfiLc^ I tirsi, to grofir lazy 

nimated \ Anneghittito, adj. idle, slighter. 

'., f. «ni>«<w?-jAnneraménto, fii. a ' * ' 

I tiira. f. black-ness 
I A ^- ■ •■ ' 

annerare, to Mac 

ken, to de- 

fume : annerars 

1, In grOTV 

dark; annerar 

la fama d' 

uno, to blait 

e's reputa- 

Animazióne, /. at 

(the firming of the soul) 
Animella,/, a sort qf tongue: 
animèlla di pompa, the 
sucker of a pump ; animèlla 
di vitèllo, srveet bread ! Annerato, part, lacked 

A'nimo, »n. mind, understand- \ Annesso, part, anneofed 
ing, courage: volger nell' I Annestaménto. ni. ^To/^ing- 
dnimo, to consider with one's I Annestare, to grafi 
self; dnimo vile, spiritless, j Annestato, part, grafted 
sneaking : tarsi ànimo, to ' Annevàre, to refresh with 
pick up courage; sofferir 1' | snnn- 

ànimo, to have courag^e i Annichilaménto, m. annihi- 
enoiiizh to ; dar l' ànimo, has- ! latinn 

I ! Annichilare, to destroy; an- 
' lichilUrsi, to debate one's 

nichilato, part annihilated 
nichilazidne, /. destruction 
nidàre, to nestle ; annidarsi. 

pretend to 
Animosamente, adv. violently 
Animosità, Animositàde, and j , 

Animositàtt;, /. animosity, . 

Animóso, adj. brave, valiant 

Anisétte, m. o 

silly Si 

d (a liquor) . 

Anitrio, «1. neighing of a 
Anitrire, to neigh, to whii 
Annabatista, »i. an anabap- 
Annacquaménto, n». watering 
Annacquare, to mix water with 
wine' [water 

Annacquato, adj. mixed with 
AnnafR'aménto,' ni. the act of 

Annailìàrc, to water 
Annaffiato, part, rvatered 
Annaffiatóio, ni. a watering 

Annàle, adj. yearly 

Annalitta, m. a wri 

nénto, m. destruc^ 

Anninnàre, to rock, to luii 

Anniversàrio, m. anniversary 

Anno, m. year; capo d'anno, 

new year's day; d'ai '- 

mill- anni di vederlo, 1 long 
io see him ; entrar negli 
anni, to grow old 
Annobilire, and Annobilitàre, 

Annobilito, adj. ennobled 
Annodamento', ni. the tying 
Annodare, to tie, to knit, to 

bind together 
Annodato, part, tied, conclu- 



Annoiaménto, ni. r 


Annoiare, to freight (as ships 

Annoraàre, to name, to call 
Annòna, f. provisions 
Annoso, adj. old, ancient 

Annotazióne,/, a note, remark 
Annottare, and Annottarsi, tu 

grow dark 
Annoveraménto, m. enumera- 


Ansamdnto, m. panting, sito 

Ansante, adj. out qf breath 
* - -re. to pant 

1./. perplexity 
■la,f. sorrow 
A'nsio, adj s 

f precedency 

Antelucano, adj. bfure day- 


itemurale, m. defence 
Antenato, m. progei 

Annoverévole, adj. that may 
le computed 

Annovero, ?n. ccymputation 

Annuale, adj. yearly 

Annuale, rn. (tutto il corso 
dell' anno) the year 

Annualmente, adv. annually 

Annugolare, In grarv cloudy 

Annuvolato, clouded 

AnnuUagio'r.e, /. and Annul- 
laménto, m. abolishing, sup- 

lullàre, i 


Annullato, repealed, abro- 
AnnullàzJóne, /. aboliihing, 

Annunziaiiiine,/. the an, 

Annùnzio, m. message, ne 
Annuo, adj. annual 
Annuvolare, to overcast 
Annuvolato, adj. cloudy 
A' the fundament 
Anodino, oilj. anodyne 
Anòmalo, a^lj. irregular 
Anonimo, aiìj. nameless 
Anatomia, f. dissection 
Anotomistd, »i. anatomist 


Antichrfsto, m. Antichrist 

iilata,/. antedate 
Metto, adj. foretold 
A ntidlre, to foretell 

tdoto, m. antidote, counter 

, Antifona,/ anthem 

itifonario, m. an anlhem- 
■inger ; (also) a book of an- 

Antifras^,/. antiphrasis 

\ ntigiudicàre, to prejudge 

intiguardàre, to foresee 

intiguardia,/. vanguard 

Intiniettere, to pilfer, to et- 


>ndU, c 

.ntènna, /. sail-yara, lun 
Antepenùllimo, adj before i 

last but mie 
Antepórre, to prifer, to esiti 
Anteposizióne,/, preference 

• ' ■',pnrt. preferred 

a,f. priority 
lénte.aJr. before 

Aiiteserràglio, jii. ajicid gale, 
a fore close 

ntesignano, ami Antessi- 
gnano, 7<i. standard bearer 
ntitaglia,/ antiquity, monu- 
ments of antiquity 

Anticamente, adv. anciently, 
of old 

Anticàmera,/, antechamber 

Ami< ' 


itipdpa, m. uHtipope 
itipàsto, VI. dishes first 

■ Antipatia, f. natural aversion 
Antipàtico, adj. aver.-.e 
Antipatizzare, to bear anavev 

Sion tn 
Antipatizzàto, part, hated 
A nti pensare, to premeditate 
Antipensato, adj. premedi- 
Antipodi, m. antipodes 
Antipórre, to prejer, esteem 
Antiporte, /. and Antipòrto, 

gate ' ' [hand 

AnliprCndere. to take hefore- 
Anticjuario, m. an antiquata 
Antiquato, adj. obsolete, old 
Antisapére, to foresee 
Antisapévole, adj. that may be 

ntichita, Antichitdde, and j 
Anticliitate,/. antiquity 
Aniicipare, to prevent, to fore- 
tell Ihanc 
Anticipatamente, adv. before- 
Anticipato, adj. anticipated 
AnlicipaziSne,/. preveiitit>n 
Antico, adj. ancient, grand- 

'Antiserraglio, m. a kind of 

'Antivedére, fo>r< 

.Anticórte,.r. afore court 
Antichristiino, adj. antichri 


Antirigflia, /. the evening be- 

Antologia, anthology 
Antràce, and An tracia, /. a 

A'ntro, m. den, cave, grotto 

Anulare, and Anulario, ndj. 
pertaining io a ring ; dito 
anulare, àie ring finger 

Anzi, adv. rather un the con- 
trary, even, also ; non è soia- 
ménte liberale, anzi pro- 
digo, he is not only liberal, 
but even prodigal 

Anzi, prep, befirre ; anzi ch'io 
moia, before I die ; andate 
si che venga, go arvau 


re he CO 

conj. nay 

Aniianit;Sde, and 
AnZip.iiitite, /. antiquity, 

Anziano, adj. old, ancteiit 
Anziché, adv. sooner, before 
that ; anzi pure, rather than 

Anzichéno,arfti. rather, soencr 
Anzinàto, adj. first born, eldest 
Aolirfto, a. oily 
Aoncinare, in make crooked 
Aorcare, to strangle, choak 
Aorcato, part, strangled 
Aormàre, tohasf term) to quest 
A otta, adv. often ; a òtta a 
òtta, non' and then 


pelióta, jii. east wind 
pen-lino, ,n. Apennine mcu,i. 
taws in Italy 

' o, and Apertfvo, adj. 

ApSrta,/. {see Apertiira) 
Aperta:r!;.'nte, adv. openiy, 

ApSrto, adj. open, plain, hold ; 
un flòre apèrto, a blown 
Jlower ; riavòr uno a braccia 
apèrte, to receive one tvith 

AperUire, m. rvho opens 
Apertura, and Aperziòne, /. 

hole, means, opportunity 
A'pice, m. top, hciglii 
A])Ucolo, 1)1. a little height 
Apocalisse, and Apocalissi, /. 

Apocrifo, ad}, apocryphal , 

libri apocrifi, the apocry- 

Apogéc, m. apogeon, or apogee 


ApolUneo, (di Apollo) tói \f 

Apologètico, adj. apologeti: 
Apologia,/, apology, defend 
Apologista,»!, an apologist 
Apologo, in. apologue, fable 
Apoplessia,/, apoplexy 
Apojiletico, adj. apoplectic 
Apostasia,/, apostacy 
Apòstata, »rt. apostate, rette- 

Apostafdre, to apostatize 
Apojtèma,/. an imposthume 
Aposlemare, to suppurate, to 

Aposteraato, adj. imposthu- 

ApostoìàtOjtn. aposlolate, apos- 

Apostolico, adj. apostolical 

Apostrofare, to put an apos- 

Apostrolataménte, adu. nilh 

an apostrophe 
Apostrotatura, and Apostro- 

fazione,/. the art of putting 

Apostrofe, m. an apostrophe 

Apostrofo, ; 



ApOstumc, adj. posthumous 
ApotCgma, f apophthegm, (a 

sliort and pithy senlenee) 
Apoteòsi, / apotheosis (the 

deifying of a man) 
Appaciamèiito, m. pacifying 

Appatliu'lionare, to incamp 
Apjiadiglionito, adj. incamped 
Appag.'ibile, adj. that may he 

Appagamento, and Appigo, 

m satisfaction and content 
Appagare, lo satisfy, to please : 

d' altro non m' appago che 

della solitudine, solitude ia 

my sole delight 
Appag-Jto, adj. satisfied 
Appaiare, to pair, io match , 

appaiarsi, to join one's self 
Appaidto, adj. matched 
Appalesare, to discover, to de- 
clare : appalesarsi, to make 

one's self known 
Appalesato, part, discovered, 

Appal t.<re, to let, to farm 
Appaltatóre, m. farmer 
App;Slto, m.fami 
Ai>paltciiie, m. intriguing, that 

puts hinuelfforward 
Appannaggio, m. appendage 


Appantiaménto, and Appan- 
natura,/. dÌ7,ines.i 

Appanndre, to darken, io 
cloud; to tarnish, dull; to 
fall into a snare 

Appannato, pari, caught in 

Appannatóio, m. tvliat ditnà 

Apparire, to learn 
Apparito, adj. learned 
Apparato. tn. preparation; con 

apparato, sumptuously 
Apparecchiamènto, m. prepa- 

Apparecchiare, to prepare, to 
treat ; apparecchiare la ta- 
vola, to lay the cloth; appa- 
recchiarsi, to get one's -felf 
ready, (also) to furnish one"* 

Appareggiàre, to put in com- 
petition, to match 
Apparentire, to nuttch,tomake 

one's self familiar 
Apparentito, adj. related to 
A pparente, adj plain, evident 
Apparentemente, ade. appa- 
rently [probahilUy 
Apparènza, /. outside slwm, 
Apparére, to appear 
Apparigliire, v. to pair 
Apparimento, »i. apparition. 

Apparire, io appear. 

srnce, a fine cat-riage 
Apparita, Apparizióne, and 
Apparsidne, {see Appari- 
Apparito, part, appeared 
Ap;>aritòre, m. a bailifi' 
Apparizióne,/, apparition 
Appartaménto, m. apartment, 

Appartare, to sever, to put 
asunder ; appartarsi, to with- 
Appartatamente, adv. asunder, 

Appartato, pmrt. separated. 

Appartenènte, and Appartrg- 
nénte, adj. belonging, apper- 
taining, suit alile 

App.'.rtenènza, /. appuri»- 

Appassionaménte, adv. pas- 

Appassionàre, to make one suf- 
fer, endure ; appassioTidrsi, 
to have a strong passion for 

Ajipashionaio, aHj. endured, 

suffered, ajrcciionate ^ 
Appassire, and Appassirsi, to 

Appastave, to stick as paste 
Appellàbile, adj. that viny be 
appealed [pellant 

Appellante, m. appealer, ap- 
Appellare, to name, call, ac- 
cusi, ^ impeach ; to appeal to a 

Appellativo, adj. susceptible of 

Appello, % 

appeal, a chal- 

Appéna, adv. hardly, scarce 
Appenare, to svjjir, to be dia- 

Appendere, io hang, to hayjg 

tip " [pleine7it 

Appendice, f. appendix, sup- 

Aiipennecch'iàre, <o Ji/i a dis- 

t.ijr [pose 

Appensdre, to dcsif^n, to pro- 

A|>pensataménte, adv. matiire- 

ly. seriously [on 

Appc'so, part, handed, hinig 

Appestare, to infect, to cor- 

AjjpetSnza,/. appetite, desire, 

Appetibile, an), desirable 

Appetitivo, adj. that provokes 

Appetito, m. appetite, desire 
Ajipetituso, adj. that provokes 

the stomach 
Appetizióne,/, appetite, desire, 

Appettare, to hare at heart, to 

Appetto, adv. in comparison ; 
{for dirimpètto) over a- 
f^ainsl. facing! combattere 
appetto appètto, to Jight a 


AppiaoeToIire, to appeas», n 

Appianare, to remove, or sur- 

mount difficulties 
Appianato, adj. levelled 
A jipiastrdre, to o'eave tot ap- 

piastrdre un diamante, to set 

a diamond; appiastrarsi, to 

ApiMastrdto, part, daubed niith 

Appiastricciiire, and Appias- 
Apjiiattament», m. t/ie act of 

Appiattare, to lie concealed. 

appiattarsi, to hide one's self 
Appiattaraénte, adv. by stealth, 

Appiattato, part, concealed 
Appiaccdgiiolo, m. a hook, 

Aiipitcamt'nto, m. hanging at 

fastei,ing to 
Appiccante, adj. viscou», glu- 

Ai)piccàre, to tie, to fasten : 
appiccarsi, to keep close, to 
stick, to catch, to thrive, to 
slander; appiccarla ad uno, 
to play one a trick ; appiccar 
la zuifa, la battaglia, to give 
Appiccaticcio, adj. clammy, 
sticky ; male appiccaticcio, 
a contagions distemper 
Appiccaticcio, m. a trouble- 

Appicc-ativo, adj. contagious 
Appiccato, adj fast, sticking 
Appiccattira, /. the ironwork 

Appicci.-ire, and Appiccicare, 

to stick fast to 
Appiccinire, to make smaller, 

to lessen 

Appiccolaménto, m. lessening, 

Appiccolare, antZ Appicciolire, 
to diminish, to retrench; to 

Appiè,an<? Appieda, adi). don;» 

ut the foot 
Appièno, adv. fully, entirety 
A.i)pisionamènto, «i. re«< qfa 

Appigioniire, to let, to hire 
Appigionasi, m. a bill upon a 


lidrsi, to confirm to; m 
appiglio al vostro consiglio, - 
/ n-illfollvw your advice 

Appierfrsi, to grow idle 

Appillotàrsi, to trifle amay 
one's time 

A'ppio. rv. parsley 

Appiuiilo, mela ' appiu(5Ia, /. 
golden pippin 

'--' " the tree that 



Applaudente, adj. 

pia ads 
Appliiiidere, and Applaudire, 

to applaud, to approve 
Applaudirsi, to have a jirvud 
- gait 

Applaudito, part, applauded 
Applàuso, m. applause 
Applausdre, m. who applaude 
Applicamènto, m. application 
Applir.-tbile, adj. applicable 


> ap 

AppMcatamènte, adv. atten- 
Applicato, part, applied 
Applicattóre, m. who applies 
Applicazione, /. application, 

Api>ò, prep, tvith, by, near 
Appdco appòco, adv. by little 

Appoggi aménto, r>i. an elhotv- 
Appoggiarc, to support, to pro- 

Appoggirfto, ndj. propped 
Appoggiata. /■ Appoggiatilio, 
and Appòggio, 7>i. prop, sup- 
port, defence 



Appórre, to impute, to oppose, 
appone la sua disgrazia, they 

you ; che potete apporre à 
questo? what have you to 
say to this ? 
Apportante, adj. that brings 
Apportare, to convey, to pro- 
Apportatóre, m. Apportatrice, 

Appositiccio, adj. postick 
Appositivo, adj. (hat may be 
joÌ7ied [addition 

Apposizidne, /. application. 

Appostare, io spy, t 

AppostJccio, adj. added 


olàto, T 

Appostolicaménte", adv 

Appostólico, ailj. aiioslolical 
Appostólico, m. (/or pap; 

ponti-fice) the pojje 
Appóstolo, m. aiioaile 
Appratire, v. to form land ini 

Ai>pren(lénte, adj. that learns 
Apprèndere, to learn, to coi 

ceire, to ttack ; apprénderi 

Apprendévole, adj. comyrehei 

Apprendimtlnto, m. learning, 

skill, knon-/cdi;e 
Appiendi'sta, m. an apprei 
ApprenditcSre, m. scholar 
Apprensfbile, adj. to be 


A pprocciàre, to approach 

, Approccio, m. approach 
Approcciato, adj. approached 
Approdare, to arrive, to be pro- 

■ Approfittare, and Approfit- 
■ irsi, to profit, to draw ad- 

Approfondare, and Approfon- 
dire, to dig, to make deeper 

■ Appropinquarsi, (see Appres- 
aci', a propos. 

Appropriarsi, to appropriate; 
appropriare, to apply one 

appropriato, part, appropri- 
ated [atioH 
.Ai>propriA£i(ine, /. appropri- 
Approssimante, adj. 

Appurare, to purify, to nnl» 

Appresentare. to sherv, t( 
present another [thickened 

Ap]iréso, adj. comprehended, 

Appressaménto, m. approaeli, 

Appressare, to dratv near, to 

Appresso, prep.near, by, after. 

iso a poco, al- 

r almost 
and Appresto, 


7/1. prepara 
Apprestare, to prepare, lo make 

Apprestato, adj prepared 
Apprezzdliile, adj. valnable 
Apjit-uzriamento,' m. valuation, 
esi.matiuii [rale 

Apprezzare, in appraise, to 
Apprezzato, adj. appraised, es- 

Apprezzato're, ».t. an esteemer, 
Apprezzazidne, f. appraisi- 

Approbàre, io approve, to like 
Ai>proMto, adj approved 
Al>probazi<5ne,/. approbation, 




Ajipuntellato, adj. stayed, or 

propped up 
Appuntino, adv. precisely, jusi 
Appunto, adv. precisely; per 
r appunto, exactly ; met- 
tersi m appunto, in órdine, 
to get ready ; sUvo per par- 
tire per V appunto quando 
lei venne. / «u* i:oiug away 
the moment you came 

Apiico, adj. sunny 
Aprile, m. April [ing 

Apriménto, »«. the ad ofnpen- 
Apripdrta, m. a door-keeper 
Aprire, to open, io cleave; 
aprirsi, io chop, io guage, 

Apritivo, adj. aperitive 
Apritòre, m. he that opens; 
apritdre di case, Itouse 

I, a tign 

.Vppvossimàto, adj approached 
Approvàbile, adj. laudable 
A]>provagióne,/ approbation 
Approvare, to approve, to con- 
Approvataménte, adv. in an 

approvable manner 
Approvato, adj. approved 
Approvatdre, m. and Appro- 
vatrice,./'. approver, allvwer 
Approvazione,/, approbation 
Approvecciàrsi, to get some 

Appuntainénte, adv. precisely 
Appuntaménto, m. agreemei ' 
restare in appuntaménto. 

Appuntare, to sen', to blame, 
to sharpen, to set dorvn, to 
find fault, to fix, appoint 

Appuntatamente, adv. exactly, 

Appuntato, m. an 
agreed upon 

Appuntato, adj stitched, sharp- 

Appuntatdre, m. critic. 

Aquàrio, m. Aquo 

Aquarticiàre, t;. to quarter 

troops [ish 

Aquàtico, adj aquatic, rvater- 

Aqueitk, Aqueitade, /. (set 

A'queo, adj. watery 
Aquiddtto, »i. an aqueduct 
A'quila,/. eagle 
Aquilino, adj hawked 
Aquilonare, adj. north wind 
Aquildne, m. the north 
Aquosita,/ {see Acquosità) 
Aqudso, !«/;. ,«e Acquóso) 
Ara,f. altar 
Arabésco, adj Arabic 
Aràbile, adj. arable 
Aràgna, f. and Aragno, m. a 

Araldo, tru a herald \ing 

Araménto, 711. tillage, plough- 
Arància,/, an orange 
Aranciata,/, a kind of cooling 

adj. ploughing 
'" P''"'S'' ^ 

and Aratolo, i«. a 
. „'« 
Aratóre, m, husbandman 
Aratro, m. plough 
Aratura,/, tillage, ploughing 
Arazzerla, /. tapestry, viauu- 
faclory [upholsterer 

Arazzière, m tapestry maker, 

Arliitràggia,/. arbitration 
Arbilr' .:-..- 

Arbitrare, to adjudgt 

to judge, valie 
Arbitrariamente, adv. arbi 

rily, despotically 
Arbitràrio, adj. arbitrary 


Arbitrato, ptiru arlAt'oM 
Arbitrato, m arbitration 

Arbitrio, m, will, power; li- 
bero arbitrio, ^lee will 

A'rbitro, VI. and Arbitra, /. 
umpire, arbiter 

A'rbore, m. irre 

Arboreo, adj. full nf trees 

Arboréto, m. a place planted 

Noè, the ark of Noah 
Arcàccia, /. an old trunk 
A'rcade, and Arcadico, adj. 

Arcadc5re, m. a bowman, a 

deceiver, knave 
Anale, ni. arch, centre 
Arcarne, m. skeleton 
Arcanamente, adv. secretly, 

Arcangelo, m. archangel 

Arcare, to bend, to arch, to 

Areata, f. bow-shot: tirar un 
areata, to pump one ; tirar 
in areata, to judge at ran- 

Arcato, adj. arched, bent 
Arcavola,/, great-great grand- 
Arcàvolo, m. great • great 
grandfather [arch 

Archeggiare, to bend like an 
Archeggiato, adj. like a bow. 

Archetipo, m. first example, or 

Archettino, m. a bow (to play 

Archetto, m. fiddle-stick 
Archibugiare, and Archibu- 

Archibugiata, and Archibu- 

snta,./;' arquebusade 
Archibugière, and Archibu- 

Archibiigio, Archibùio, and 

Archibuso, vi. a hand-gun 
Archimandrita, m. leader, pre- 


Archipdnsoio, m. a plummet 


] Arcrrctcorale, adj. arehitfiit 

Arc\\\ie\.Vùra.,f. architecture 
Archivista, m. the keeper of. 

arco trionfale. 


joke, a, 
rcibeilo, adj. 


rcicr.nsolo, m. first consul 
Arcidiaconàto, m. archdeacon 

rcidiicono, m. archdeacon 
rcidilca, m. archduke 
Arciducato, m. an archduke 

iepiscopdle, adj. belonging 
Arcière, and Arcière, m. 
Arcifanfana, and Arcifànfano, 

ignamtnte, adv. sharply 
ignèZza,/. iharpness 
Arcigno, adj. grim, sullen ; far 

viso arcigno, to frown 
ArcimaesUiso, adj. most ma- 
jestic _ [inaster 

rcimàstro, m. first master 
rcimentire, to tell a most im- 

rcióne, m. saddle-bow 
Arcipèlago, »i. archipelago 
Arcipoéta, m. the first of poets 
Arcipoltrdne m. very idle, 

rcipresbeteràlo, and Arci- 
pretato, »n. the dignity, office, 
and jurisprudence of an arch- 

Arcipréte, m. arch-priest 
Aiciricchissimo, adj. very 

Arcisquisito, adj. very exqui- 

Arcivéro, adj. most true 
Arcivescovédo, m. a-chbishop- 

Ardènte, adj. hot, burning^ 
violeiit, amorous, desirous 

Ardentemente, adv. velie- 

Ardènza,/, a great heat 

A'rdere, to burn, to be velie- 
mently iii love, to shine, to be 

Ardiglióne, m. the tongue qf a 

Ardiménto, wi. impudence, 

fredom, courage 
Ardimentóso, adj. bold, cou- 

Ardire, fi 

n. boldnt 

,, confidence, 
. courageons- 

Arditaménte, a 

ly, stoutly 
Ardito, adj. courageous, Jar- 

Ardóre, m. heat, love, passion, 
'-• -Jging ^ 


te, adv. 

Arduità," Aniuit^cie, and Ar- 
duitàte, /. great diffici'lly, 
(also) steepness of a moùa- 

_'rduo, adj. difficult, perilous 
Ardiira,^'. ardour, heat 
Aréna,/, sand, gravel 
irenosità, Arenositade, and 
Arenositàte, /. sandy mai- 

Areiidso, adj. sandy, gravelly 
Areopagita, m. A .'eoiiugilc 
Areopagitiro, adj. bttoìiging to 

an Areopagite 
Areopago, »«. Areopagus 
Arfasatto, and Arfasatéllo, a 

mean, base, pitiful fellow, a 

paltry ftllow 
A'rgano. m. windlass, crane, 

Argentaio, «t. gold or fiVrer- 


Arg&iteo, adj. eo!our of silver 
Argenuarfa, /. plate, silver 

Argentiera,/, silver nnite 
Argentiere, m siliersmith 
Argentino, uilj. silver-colour- 
ed ; suiino argentino, clear 
ArgSnto, m. silver 
Arcante fiWto, m. silver mire 
ArgSnto solimàto, or Argènto 

vivo, guicksilver 
Argiglia, ararf Argilla,/, tvhit 

lestial si^ns 
Arietta, /. a short air, at song 
Ariettina, /. a little song, or 

clay, patte, 


Argigl'iiso, and Argillóso, adj. 

Arginaménto, m. the making 

of banks, 7noles, Src 
Arginare, to fortify, 

Argindso, adj. full of banks 
Argnóne, m. a kidney 
Argomentare, to reason, to 

Argomentato, part, argued 
Argomentatore, m. a reasoner 
Argomentazióne,/, argument- 

. argil- 

Aringa, /. discourse, speech; 

aringa, herring 
Aringaménto, m- discourse 
Aringàre, to hat angue 
Aringato, adj. harangued 
Aringatdre, m. speaker 
Aringhiéra, /. chair, pulpU, 

Aringo, and Arringo, m. lists, 
i pulpit, liar 
! Arióso, adj. lightsome, airy; 

{aha) preHy, graceful 
Arista,/. cAineo/porfc 
Aristarco, m. a severe critic 
Aristocràtico, adj. aristocra- 

Aristocrazia,/, aristocracy 
istolochia, and Aristologiaj 
■. aristolochy (hartnort) 
istotèlico, adj. belonging to 


I'aimi, to declare tvar : Tat 
d'arme, to fight : far il vis» 
delle arme, to look angry: 
sospension d'arme, cessation, 

2, (in heraldry} coats of 

Armeggieria, Armeggiata, /. 

Armeggio, and Armeggia- 

lEénto, m. jostling, tilting, 

or tourtiament 
Armeggiare, to jostle, 

'": armeggiare ur 

Argoménto, i 

Argomentóso, adj, expert, con- 

Arguire, to argue, to repri- 
mand, to conclude, to infer 

Argumentante, m. opponent, 

Argnmentàre, (see Argomen- 

dà dell' àrie, 

Aridamente, adv. drily 
Aridità, Ariditàde, and Ari- 

ditate,/, dryness 
A'rido, adj. barren, poor 

Aritmetica,/, ar 
.4ritiTietico, »». ariKimtiiti"'» 
Aritmetico, adj. arilkmetical 
Arlecchino, m. harlequin 
Arli3tto, m. glutton, devourer 
Arma, /. arm (in the ancient 

poets, instead of Alma) 
Armacòllo, adv. cross-wit 

Armeggiatdre, Hu a jostler. 

Armeggio, m. fighting in plaxf 
Armellino, m. «rmine 
Armentàrio, m. a cattle-keep~ 

Armentàrio, adj. belonging to 

Arménto, m. herd, drove of 

Armeria,/ annour 
Arraetreméndo, adj. dreaaful 

Armigero, adj. martial 
Armflla,/. a'óracetó 
Armillare, adj. like a hollont 

Armipotènte, adj. powerful in 


/. coat of mail, 
Armadurétta-, /. a light ar- 

Armoniosamente, adv. Iiarmo- 

Armonizzare, to make harmom^ 
onizzàto, adj. set in order 

èsser bene in arnése, to be in 
good order; èsser male in 
arnése, to be in a -disorderly 

Armare, to arm, to put or 
movr : armare un vascèllo, 
to Jit out a ship ; armarsi, to 

Armàrio, and Armàdio, i 

Armatamente, adv. rvith arms 
Armato, adj. armed, har- 

Armatóre, m. captain efa pri- 
Armattira, /. armour 
Armej and Arma, /. < 
armour, harness : muòver 

Arnióne, m. a kidney 
Aromatario, rn. druggist _ 
Aromatichézza, Aromaticità, 
Aromaticitàde, and Aroma- 
ticitàte. f. aromatic, odori- 
ferous quality of plants, Sec. 
Aromàtico, adj. odoriferous. 

Aromàtico, m. a mixture ofaU 
sneet-smelling spices 

Aromatizzare, fo emia/m, per- 
fume [spicei 

Aróraa'.o, and Arómo, m* 

Arpa, nnd Arpe,/, harp 
Arpeggiaménto, m. harping 
Arpeggiare, io play upon the 

Arpia,/, an harpy 
Arpiciire, to ctinib vp : arpiclr 

col cervèllo, to rejiact 
Arpicordo, m. a harpsichord 
Arjiióne, m. a hin^e, hook, 
Arra.f.earneH [tenter 

Arrabiaménto, jn. ragiiigmad- 


jbiàr della fame, 

k hunger 

lite, adv. oui- 


Arrabbiaiéllo, adj. enraged, 

mad, furious 
Arrabìiiàto, adj. mad, fierce. 

Arraffare, and ArrafEire, to 
match, to catch, to tear luith 

Arratfaràto, adj. mretted, 

Arramaccidre, to drive one in 

A rram picare, to climb 
Arrancare, to go lame, to limp 

Arrancato, adj. voga arran^ 

Arrangolare, to Jly in a pai- 

Arrappàre, (o wring, to mrest 
_Arrapprfto, adj. snatched, 

Arrappatdre, m. a ravisher. 

Arrecato, part, brought 
Arrecatore, in. and Arreca- 
trice,/. one rvho brings, cat- 

Arredkre, to prepare, to equip 

Arrèdo, jk. forniture, imple- 
ments ; arrèdo di nave, rig- 
ping of a ship 

Arrenare, to run aground, to 

Arrendaménto, m. a lease 

Arridersi, \o surrender, to 

stretch : (speaking (if piata») 

ArrendevolméntCjdJi'. submit 

Arrendebilità, /. (see Arrer 

Arrendaménto, m. a surrende 

to arrest, to detain 
i, to ftay, to tarry 
la lància, to couci 


Arrobbidre, to dye r.'ith mad- 

Arrocdre, to grom hoarse 
Arrecalo, adj. hna'se 
Arroccare, (ci fìll a disiafT, to 

astle (at chess) 

rocchiire. tna.hhle. to bungle 

rofjantàccio, m. a xx:ry inso- 

Arrogante, adj. proud, haughtv 
Arrogantemente, adv. ur,.^ 

Arrogant(5ne, adj. very arro- 
Arroganza,/ arrogance, pride, 

Arrogare, and ArrogKni, tr> 

Arrogiito, part. arrogated. 

Arrogere, to add, to giv^ to 

Arrogiménto, m. addition 
Arroliire, to enlist; arro'.drti, 

Arroncàre, to need 

>ssiménto, m. reddening. 

Arrfdere, to smite, to fan 
la fortuna arride alle nt 
imprése, /ortwne smiles o 

ArriHfSre, to play at tneep- 

Arringàre, (see AringSre, t 
its derivatives) 

Arrischiaménto, m. risk, dan- 

Arrischiente, adj. bold, hardy 

Arrischiare, to venture, to ex- 
pose ; arriscyiiiirsi, to be bold 

e, to i/K.? 


uid Arrosi 

■,. parch 



Arrischiato, part, ventured 
Arrischiévoie, adj bold, hardy 
Arrisicare, (see Arrischiare, 

and its derivatives) 
Arrissare, and Arrissdrsi, to 

Arrivare, to arrive at, fc 
reach; arrivar bene, to suc- 

Arrivamènto, m. and Arrivata, 

/ arrival 
Arrivato, part, arrived 

Arrigzare, to rai 



Arrotature, and Arrottno. m. 

a grinder [bull 

Arrotolare, to make vv a 
Arrovellare, to be angry, i,> 

make one mad with aoger 
Arrovellaménte, adv. furi- 

Dvellàto, adj. mad, furious 


AiTovesciato, part, orerthroin 

Arrozzire, to maks rough, 
harsh, rugged: arrozzirsi, to 
grow rough ; il freddo arroi- 

zlsce te mar.i, cold makf the 

hands rungh 
AnuRare. to entafigh, or rnrd; 

arruffarsi, to take one another 

Ay the hair 
Arruffato, adj. entangled., un- 

cnmhed [tangles 

Airutt"atóre, m. he that cn- 
Amiffianare, to pimp 
Arrugginire, to grow rnsty 
Arruotafórbici, in a isriiider 
Arruotare, (see Arrotare) 
Arruotolare, {see Arrotolare) 

A'rso, adj burnt, poor 
Arsura, ' /. burning heat, 

drought, extreme misery 
Arutaménte, adv. artfully, 

A'rte,/. art, slyness : fire arte 
a'una cosa, io folloni a husi- 
ìiess ; per arte, con arte, a<l 
arte, on purpose, maliciously, 

Artefatto, ad} artificial 

Artéfice, m'. rvor'kman, arti- 

Arteficéllo, Arteficiuòlo, and 
AWeficiuzzo, TO. un unskilful 

Artemisia,/, mugrvort 
Artèria., f.' artery 
Arteridle, iidj arterial 
Arteriologia,/. arleriology 
Arteriilso, adj. arteriotts 
Arleriotoinla,/. the opening of 

Aneriuzzà./ a little artery 
ArtStica,/. Me gnut 
Artètiro, adj. gouty 
Articella, /. a business of a 

little profit 
Artichiocco, m, artichoke 
Articfjia,/ industry 
A'rtico, adj. the arctic, or nor- 

them poie [tinctty 

Articolare, to pronounce dis- 
Articolrfre, adj. articular 
Articolatamente, adv. dis- 

Articolato, adj. articulate 
Anicolaziònei/. articulation 
Artfcolo, m. article, head, 

point, clause {care, art 

Artificazioiie,/. (in painting) 


Artificidle, and Arteiiciato, 

adj. artificial, artfrd 
Artilicialménte, eidv. artfully 
Artificio, m. industry, skill, 

instrument, engine, imple- 

Artificiosaménte, adv. tvork- 

manlike, craftily 
Artificiosità, Artitìciositade, 

and Artificiositàte, /. art, 

Artificióso, adj. skilful, subtle, 

Artigiano, m. tradesman, ar- 

Artigidno, adj. of an artifcer 
Artigliare, to seize, or scratch 

mith the claws 
Artiglieria, f. artillery, ord- 

Artigliére, and Artigliéro, m. 

gunner, matross 
Artiglio, ?»i. claw, talon 
Artiglidso, adj. armed with 

Artimóne, m. the mizen sail ; 
arbore dell' artimóne, the 

Artista, m. tradesman, artisan 
Artistaménte, adn. artfully 
Artritico, adj. articular 
Amspice, m. augur, diviner, 

An>sp(cio, »i. a soothsaying 
Arzagógo, tn. a kind of kite 
Arzlca, /. ,. kind of yellon 

Ai2igogol2lnte, adj. (see Fan. 

Arzigogolare, to invent, to 

Arzillo, adj. lively, bold 
Asce,/, an axe, a hatchet 
Ascella,/, arm-hole, arm-pit 
Ascendentale, adj. linea as- 
cendentale, »i. ascending line 
Ascendente, adj. ascending, 


Ascendenza./, rise, ascent 
Ascendere, to climb, to mou 
Asiendiménto, m. 
Ascensióne,/, ascei 

nsóre, m. he who goes up 
Asc&a,/. ascent 
Ascéso, adj. ascended 

Ascetico, adj. ascetic, practical 
Aschismcfo,' adv. across, a- 



Asc'irore, to envy 
Ascia,/, an axe, a hatchet 
Asciatone, m. a bracket 
Asciare, to chip, to square 
A sciogliere, to absolve, to re- 

Asciòlvere, m. breakfast 
Asciolvere, to breakfast 
Asciugàggine,/, dryness 
Asciugaménto, m. drought, 

dryness, the drying of 
Asciugtinte, adj. drying 
Asciugare, to dry, to wipe 
Asciugatóio, m. towel 
Asciuttamente, adv. dryly 
Asciuttézza, /. and Asciutto 

Asciutto, adj. dry 

Ascólto,/ and Àscoltamé, 

m. listening 
Ascoltante, m. auditor, listen- 

Ascoltare, to listen, to mind; 
ascondere, to conceal, to 
dissemble ; ascondersi, to 


Ascoltazióne,/, listening 
Ascólto, m. star in ascólto, ti 

hearken privately 
Ascóndere, to conceal 
A scone, /. a comet with , 

Ascosamente, adv. secretly 
Ascóso, part, hid, lurking 
Ascostaménte, adv. secretly 
A scòsto, adj. concealed 
Ascritto, adj. in rolled 

minous stone 
Asfodlllo, »i. the duyUhi 
Asia./. Asia 
Asiàtico, i2({; .i4»i(7/i<; ; costiim 

Asiatici, Asiatic manners 

loose customs 
Asflo, m. asylum, refuge 
A'sima, /. the asthma 

Asinàccio, afoot, a booby 
Asinaggine, /. clorvnishness 

Asinescamente, adv. stupi 
Aiinésco, • and Asinfle, 
stupid, dull 


Asinino, adj. of an ass 
hrut„l,ruttic, silly 


, .^...litàcle, and Asi- 

nitate, [see Asin^gine) 
A'sino, »i. 071 ass ; àsino sa!- 

vàlico, a wild ass 
Asinóne, m. a great ass, a 

Asma, asthìna 
Asmàtico, adj. aslhmalie 
Asolare, to breathe, roam, ram- 
ble about 
A'solo, m. breath, (also a but- 
ton-hole J 
Aspàrago, m asparagus 
Aspe, m. an asp, serpent 
Asperàre, to exasperate, tu stir 

Asperatéria,/. the windpipe 
Asperèlla, /. horse-tail fa 

Asperétto, adj. a little harsh 
Aspèrgere, tu sprinkle, moist- 
en; aspèrgere di sale, lii 
ziicchero, &c. to strew with 
talt, sugar, S(c 
AspSrgitcire, m. he who sprin- 
kles ^ 

Asi>erità, and Asperitiidine, 

harshness, severity, adv, 

sity, inconvenience 
Aspersióne, and Aspergir 

welting, sprinkling 
Aspèrso, 'part, dashed, spri,^- 

klea [sprinkle 

Aspersòrio, m. holy- water- 
Aspettàbile, adj. respectable, 

Aspettare, tu exi 

aspettare il ter 
e; aspettar 

Aspirato, part, aspirated 
Aspirazione,/ aspiring 
Aspo, m. blades, yard-mi 


assassin, ruj^ 
iole to satisfy 

[ Assassino, m. 
nd- Assaziàre, lo satiate to sat 

A^oi^e:t;:xport . rT^'sji] ^tj^:f^ 

Aspomiióne.J. exportation I Assecondare to stcon,l 
Aspramente, adv. roughly, \ Assedére, tò sit bi, or « 

severely; conibàttere as- 1 one ; assedérsi, to sit o 

praménte, to fight obstinate- \ self down 

... aspramente, <o Assediaménto, m. (see Ai 

. lerely 

AsprSggiamento, »i. the act 
provoking [„ 

Aspreggiare, to vex, exasi 
Asprétto, udj. a little harsh 
asprézza, f. harshness, sn 

rity, hardship 
asprigno, adj. sourish 
L'spro, adj. fierce, rugge 

^.u.„,.,.„, lingu 

aspra, a satirical tongue 
AssafeUda,/. assafcetida 

isaggiaménto, m. the act of 

! dio) 
of Assediarne, adj. gli assediànti. 

Assediare, io besiege, to beset 
Assediato, part, besieged 
Assediatdre, m. besieger 
Assèdio, m. siege ; volare ur.a 
per assèdio, to wish fat 
"- ~-'d to get it by hook 

or bye... 
Assegnamènto, m. 

ment, an income; iax as- 
segnamènto, to depend up 

^Ì^^ÉHr % r*' '," '""P'-' '^"^S^^^e^ io "O'ign, aUege, 
assaggiar l'oro, to nssmi /.n^.y.v..*» ° ° ' 

'cct n 



Aspettato, part, expected 
Aspettatdre, m. and Aspett 

trfce, /. expecter of any 

Aspettazióne,/, and Aspetta 

mento, m. expectation, hope 

Aspfitto, m. aspect, counte 
nance, look, presence ; ne] 
primo aspètto, at first sigìU 

Aspide, and Aspido, 7?i. an 

Aspirante, adj. trómba aspi- 
rante, a pump that draws 
up water by attraction 
Aspirare, to aspire, aim at 
Aspiratamente, adv. with aspi- 
AspiratlTo, adj. that must be 

~--r,a — •"•", to assay 

assaggiato, part, tasted 
-xssaggiatdre, m. taster, c 
wine-conner, (also) an as 

^ ssaggiatura,/, and Atiàggio 
m. proof, trial, essay 


. pi. 

adv. enough; assai bene, ...,^^„,„,„.c . 

pretty well; ass^ più, ynuch Assemblèa, V. 

more; assai per, se?—~' '-■ 

times ; assai per tempo. 

Assegnataménte, adv. particu 

larly, sparingly 
Assegnatèzza./ savingness 
Assegnato, part, assigned 
Assegnazióne,/, and Asségno, 

m. assignment 
Assegnfre, (see Esseguire, and 

its derivatives) 
Assemblare, to assemble 



— iaissimo, adv. very much 
Assalimènto, m. and Assalita, 

/. assault, attack 
Assalire, to assault 
Assalito, part, assaulted 
Assalitóre, j«. assaulter, ag- 
gressor, robber 
Assaltante, adj. assailant 
Assaltare, to attack, assault 
Assalto, m. onset, attack ; dar 

issàlto a 

a place 

Assannare, to bite, squeeze 
Assanno, m. biting 
Assapére, to let know 

iporaménto, »i. the act of 
Assaporare, to feel, to prove 
■A ="5sare, to stone, to pelt with 

Assassinaménto, m. and Assas- 
-^-atnra,/ assassination 
ismàre, to murder pri- 

Assassinito, part, assassinated 

braménto, m. onset 
Assembrare, to assemble, tc 

appear ; assembrarsi, to vitti 

together; to draw up un 

ai my in battle 
Assennare, to advise, warn 
Assennatamente, adv. wisely 
Assennatézza,/, sense 
Assennato, adj. wise, judi- 

Assènso, m. assent, consent 
Assentamènto, m. absence 
Assentàre, to keep off 
Assentarsi, to absent one"/ 

Assentatóre, m. flatterer 
Assènte, adj. absent, missing 
Assentiménto, m. consent, ap- 

ogee, inattention 
Atsén2io^ »n~ *iiormn>ood 

,/. at- 

Asseràrsi, io grow late 
Asserenare, to make clear 
Asserente, adj. mho asserts 

Asserrire, to press, squeeze 
Assertóre, m. a drfeuder 
Assertòrio, adj. affirmative 

Assessóre, m. a Justice, coun- 
sellor, assistant 

Assestare, to counterbalance, 
to adjust, to agree; assestar 
uno schiaffo ad uno, to give 
one a box on the ear 

A&selrJre, and Assetire,tomake 
dry; queste scarpe m'asset- 
tano bene al piede, these 
shoes fit me very rvell 

Assetato, adj. dry, thirsty 

Assettare, to adapt, to settle; 
assettarsi, to prepare one's 

Assettatamente, adv. neatly, 

Assettature, m. who adjusts, a 

Assettatura,/, decency, beauty, 

Assettatuzzo, adj. dressed with 

Assetto, in. accommodation, 
agreement ; mettersi i 
setto, to make ready 

Assevàre, to thicken, to congeal, 
to pant after 

Asseveranteménte, adv. 

Asseveranza, /. and Asseve- 
rarat^nto, m. affirmalion 

Assererdre, to affirm, avouch 

AsseverarfTO, adj. affirmative 

Asseverazidne, /. (see Asse- 

Assicella,/, a staffi 

Assicuramento, m. and As- 
sicurània, /. trust, confi- 
dence, assurance, certain- 

Assicurare, to aver, to pro- 
mise; -v'assicuro che m'é 
stato detto, indeed I hare 
been told so ; assicurare 
un vascèllo, to insure a 

Assioui-azicine,/. insurance 
AssWerrtre, io chill, to quake 
Assiderato, adj. ehiUtd, be- 
r.umieg, amazed 

A ssiderazióne, /. chillness 
Assidere, to besiege 
Assidersi, to sit down 
Assiduamente, adv. assic 

ously . 
Assiduità, Assiduitàde, and 

Assiduitàte,/. assiduity 
Assfduo, adj. diligent, con- 

Assiepare, to inclose 
Assillare, to rage, fume 
Assnio, m. a hurscfiy 
Assimigliànza, and Assimi- 
laSidne, /. resemblance, com- 

Assimigliàre, and Assimilare, 
to compare, imitate, counter- 
Assioma, m. axiom, maxim 
Assfsa,/. tax, duty, excise 
Assiso, adj., sitting 
Assistente, m. assistant 
Assistenza, /. presence, aid, 

Assfetere, to be present, assist 
Assistito, part, assisted 
Assistit<3re, m. a helper 
Assiuolo, m. a horn-owl 

ridùtto in asso, to be reduced 
to beg , lasciar in asso, to 
forsake quite 
Associare, to accompany ; asso- 
ciarsi, to associate 
Associaìióne,/. association 
Assodamento, m. solidity 
Assodare, to make firm, esta- 
blish, settle 
Assodato, adj. solid, steady 
Assoggettare, to subdue 
Assoggettiménto, m. subjection 
Assolato, a. exposed to the sun 
Assolcare, to furrow, to plough 
Assolcato, part, furrowed, 

Assoldare, to recruit, to enlist. 

charge. finish 
ssolutaménte, adv. absolutely 
Assoluto, adj. arbitrary, abso- 

Issomigli^nta, Assomiglia- 
girfne, /. and Assomiglia 
mento, m. resemblance 


Assomigliare, to compare; a» 

somigliarsi, to be like 
Assommare, to finish, perfect 
Assonante, adj. harmonious 

Assonanza,/, consonance 
Assonnaménto, ju. sleep 
Assonnare, to lull asleep ■ as- 
sonnarsi, to fall asleep 
Assopito, adj. drowsy 
Assorbente, "arfj absorbent 
Assorbiménto, ni. swallow- 

Assorbire, -.nd Assórbere, to 
swallow, absorb 

Assordare, and Assordire, t» 
make deaf 

Assortiménto, m. suit, assort- 
ment, election by lot 

Assortire, to sort, to choose by 
lot, divide 

Assórto, adj. (in poetry) 

Assottigliaménto, m. and As- 
sottigliatura, /. Isssening, 
extenuation, perfection 

Assottigliare, to thin, to di- 
minish, sharpen : assolti • 
gliàrsi, to fall away, gron 

Assottigliato, part, diminished. 

Assottigliature, »n. one »r/io 

Assozzàre, and Assozzàrsi, to 

make nasty, to spoil 
Assuefare, and Assuefarsi, to 

Assuéto, part, accustomed, ii> 

Assuetùdine, /. custom, long 

Assuggettlre, to subdue, -vbmit 
assumente, adj. one who as 

Assùmere, to t 

ne, to c 

Assùnto, part, taken, assumed 

Assùnto, m. charge, care 

Assunzióne, /. assumption, 

promotion ; assanzióne. the 

assumption of the Virgin 

Lssur£tà,/ absurdity 
Assurdo, adj. absurd, silly 
'/sta, and Aste, /. spear 


'staco, m. a kind of lobster 

stallaménto, m. abode 
AstallSre, to stop, stay, rest ■ 

astallàrsi, to fix one's abode 


Astante, adj. auditor, assiti- 

Astata, /. a stroke with a 

Astato, adj. armed with a 

Astergente, adj. abstersive 
Astergese, te riib clean 
Asterisco, »«. an asterisk (in 

Asterfsmo, m. an asterisnu, or 

Astersione,/, cleansing, purge 
Astersivo, adj. abstersive 
Astiare, to envy 
A'stice, m. a kind of lobster 
Astinènte, aJj. forbearing, 

Astinènza, and Astinénzia, /. 

abstinence, temperance 

Astióso, adj. envious 

Astóre, m. goss harvk ; asto- 
ri celestiali, the angels (by 

Astrarre, and Astrarre, to se- 
parate, abstract 

Astrale, adj. starry, influenced 

Astraniia,/. black hellebore 
Astrattamente, adv. abstract- 
Astrattézza, f abstraction 
Astratto, adj. separated, sever- 

Astrazidne, f. separation 

4 strétto, part, forced, con- 

Astrignénte, aìtd Astringènte, 
adj binding, astringent 

Astringénza.and Astringénzia, 
/. ad of binding 

Astringere, and Astrlgnere, to 

astro, unluckily 
AstroWbio, m. an astrolabe 
AstrologaitrO; m. a bad astro- 
Astrologare, to practise astro- 

Astrologo, and Astrólago, m. 

astrologer, furtune-teller 
Astrologia./, astrology 
Astrologico, adj. astrological 
.-Vstronomla,/. astronomy 
Astronomico, adj. astronomi- 

I Attecchiménto, : 
, __j. --„-.,, -- — Attecchire, to gro 



Astutézza,/, cunning 
.Vstùto, adj. crafty, subtle 
Astuzia,/ knavery, sagacity 
A tante, adj. robust 
A'tavo, m. the great-grand- 
Atelsino, »i. athtis7n 
A'teo, and Ateista, m. atheist 
Atlèta, m. wrestler 
Atmosfèra,/, atmosphere 
Atomo, m. atom ; in un àtoino, 

Atrabile,/. ò/acArcAo/fr | 

Atrabiliàrio, adj. troubled wif^ 

the spiceli 
A'trio, m. a portico, vestibule 
A'tro, adj. black, mournful. 

knit (speaking of 
Attecchito, part, grorvn 
Attediare, to n-eary, to te 
tedious; attediarsi, to grom 
Attediato, adj. tired, impor- 
tuned, slow, lazy 
Aiteggévole, adj. mimicked 
Atteggiaménto, m. gesture, de- 

Atteggiànte, adj. one full qj 

Atrocità,/, cruelty. fierceness 
Atrofia,/, consumption 
Attaccamento, m union, con- 
nexion, attachment, pas- 

Attaccàre, to hang, fasten ; 
attaccarsi, to apply the 
mind ; attaccarsi un male, 
to catch a distemper ; at- 
taccar il fudco, to set on 
fire: attaccar la guèrra, to 
kindle war; attaccarsi di 
paróle, to quarrel; attaccir 
la battiSglia, to engage in 
battle ; attaccar lite, to pick 
up a quarrel 

Attaccaticcio, adj. gummy, 

Attaccato, part, tied, fastened 

mento) ; attaccatura del 
pane, the kissing crust 
Attacco, m. sticking, cleaving 

Attanagliare, to pinch, tor- 
ment, to tear ojr the flesh with 

Attapinaraénto, m. lamenta- 

groan ; attapinarsi, to la- 

Atteggiataménte, adv. being 
!ggiito, part, well reprt- 

A ttempatétto, adj. oldish, 
somewhat old 

ttempàto, adj. aged, elderly 
ttempatotto, adj. old, but 
ttemperamènto, m. modera- 


, sobernl 
A tterajjerare, to gover 

Attemperato, part, ruled, go- 

Attendaménto, m. encamp- 

A ttend^re, to encamp 
Attendato, part, encamped 
Attendènte, adj. who waits 
Attendere, to mind, consider, 
to wait ; to keep good a 
promise ; attèndere a fare, 
to continue ; attèndere il 
tempo, to watch the oppor- 
Attenditdre, m. one that ex- 
pects; attenditdr di donne, 
Attenènte, adj belonging to 
Attenènza,/ appurtenance 
Attenére, to keep promise ; at- 
tenérsi, to holdfast 
Attentamente, adj. carefully, 

Attentare, to attempt; atten- 
tarsi, to dare, to be bold 
ttentiito, part, attempted 
Attentato, m. enterprise, en- 

', action, deed; 
) di partire, to 

Attenuato, part. 

AttenuazMne, /. diminUhing ' Attizzaménto, m. ttirring 

(in law) the diminution of a < the Jire, provoking, incen- 

cnme sing 

Attenzióne, f. and Attendi- ' Attizzato, part, stirred, pro- 

ménto,7n. attention, diligence voked 
AtteTg.ÌTe,totumthe back upon A'tto, m. 
Atterraménto, m. and Atter- i star in 

iay.ióne, f. casting, oi cutting \ be readi 

down atto, to put : 
Aitenaxe, to pull dorvn, debase,] --^-. 

humble, to submit : atterrar j 

gli occhi, to look down ; at- 

terrr.!, o pros ra e ones 

Atterrito, adj. pulled down, 

overset j 

Atterratrfre, m. a destroyer I 

Attraversato, part. 

Attraversa tore, 
)r thwarts 

that a 

. gestu, 

stava ill atto come se volesse 
parlarmi, he looked as if he 
would speak to me : atto, 
ad;, proper. Jit, suitable, 
Attònito, adj. astonished 
Attopato, adj fuli of rats 
Attorcere, and Attorcigliare, 
Atterrire, to "Jfrìght to twist, to twine, wring 

Atterrato, adj. astonished, dis- Attóre, m. maker, doer, a 

couraged | plainti^-, an actor 

Atterzare, to reduce to a third \ Attoria, /. conduct, govem- 
Attesamér.te, adv. attentively | metit 

Attéso, aiìj. attentive . Attorniamènto, m. compass. 

Attesoché, because, whereas , circuit 

Attestare, to bear ivitness. Attorniare, to encompass, t,o 
attest ; attestarsi, to fight, enclose ; attorniare altrùi 
dispute con benifici, to load with 

Attestato, m. Attestazióne, /. ! kindness 

certificate . Attórno, prep, about ; andar 

Attestatóre, m. a witness I attórno, or qua e là, to go 

A'tti, pi. acts, or deeds | round about 

Atticciato, adj. strong, well- Attortigliare, to wrap, roll, 

limbed j twist 

A'ttfco, adj. Attic ' Attortigliato, adj. twined 

Attignere, to dram, reach. Attorto, wrung, twisted 
arrive; attignere I'inten- Attoscare, <o powo» 
diménto d'un autore, to pene- Attóso, adj. wanton, waggish 
irate into the meaning of an Attossicaméuto, »». the act of 

Attigniraénto, m. draught \ Attossicare, to poison 

Attignitóio, m. a bucket, scoop. Attossicato, part, poisoned 

pump Attraènte, adj. attracting, en- 

Attillàrsi, to adorn one's self gaging 

foolishly ' Attraiménto, m. attraction 

Attillatamente, adv. finely, Attrappare, to catch, to over- 

sprucely 1 reach 

Attillato, adj. nicely, elegantly Attrappito, part, seixed, sur- 

dressed \ prised 

Attillatura, and Attillatézza, Attrapperfa,/. deceit, fraud 

f. neatness, spruceness Attrarre, to allure, to wheedle 

A'ttimo, m. a moment, an in- AttratUva, /: power of cliarm- 

Attraverso, adv. across 

Attrazióne,/, attraction, con- 
traction of nerves 

Attrazzare, to rig a ship 
.ttrazzatóre, m. a rigger 

Attrézzo, m. and Attrazzo, in- 
ument, engine, tool 

Attribuiménto, m. accusation 

Attribuire, to ascribe, to im- 
pute ; attribuirsi, io assume, 

AHribuito, part, attributed 
Attributo, m. an attribute, or 

Attrice,/, actress 
Attristaniénto, m. and At- 

trist^zióne, /. melancholy, 

Attristante, adj. vexatious, 

Attristare, to trouble, to 

grieve; attristarsi, io ./rrf, to 

Attristito, adj. grown worse ; 

vexed, grieved 
Attrit4re, to mince; to dffeat, 

Attritato, part, yninced, de- 

Attrito, m. an altrition 
Attrizióne, f. attrition 
Attruppato, part, gathered to- 
Attuale, adj. actual, real 
Attualità,/, what is actual 
Attualmente, adv. actually, 

Attuare, to do, perform 
Attuàrio, m. register, notary 
Attuato, part, effected, per- 
Attuccio, m. a puerile action 
AttuiFaménto, m. a plung- 

Attuffàre, to plunge; attuf- 
farsi, to dive; attuflUrsi, 
lie' vizj, ne' diletti, &c. to 
give one's self up to vices, 
and to all manner of plea- 

Attingere, to touch, to air 

Attiraglio, m. baggage 
Attirare, to draw, to attract 

I Attrattivo, adj. attractive 

I Attratto, pari. aitrc 

attratto, (storpiato) a 

Attuflevole, adj. apt to divi. 

Attutfve, to finpose silence 
Attutatóre, and Attutitdre, 

m. a paeifier, an appeaser 
A'va,/ grandmother 
Avàlle, adv. downwards 
Avanguàrdia,/, vanguard 
Avania,/. wrong-, mjury 
Avannotto, m. a simpleton 
Avanti, and Avante, prep. 

before ; poco avanti, just 

Avanti, adv. forrvard; più 
avanti, farther, deeper ; 
avanti che, adv. before ; 
avanti, rather 

Avanzaménto, m. advance- 

Avanzànte, adj. surpassing, 
abounding, overflowing 

Avanzare, to get, to increase, 
improve; avanzar tempo, fo 
avanzarsi, to take 




Avanzato, adj. in year 
Avanzo, m. remainder, resi- 

due, profit, gain 
Avaraccio, m. stingy 
Avaramente, adv. niggardly 
Avarètto, m. a little miser 
Avarfa,/. average (sea term) 
Avarizia, /. avarice, grecdi- 

Avaiizàre, to be niggardly 

Avaronaceio, and A Tar(5ne,m. 

ruretched miser 
Audace, adj. audaciously, 

Audacemente, adv. boldly. 

Audàcia, /. audacity, daring- 

Audienza, and Audiénzia, /. 

Audfre, to hear 
Auditorato, m. an auditorship 
Auditóre, ni. inferior jud gè 
Auditòrio, m. a court, session- 

A' ve, (Latin) God save you 
Avellino, f filbert 
Avello, m. grave, tomb, sepul- 

Avéna, /. reed, pipe 

Averef'^tare -'a^er 
to be glad ; che avete ? 

nthat is the mailer f far 
avere, to procure ; aver a 
sdegno, to detest ; aver in 
ira, to hale : aver in balia. 



aulic council of th* 


ivér agio. 

aver in grado, 

aver in prègio, 

esteem ; aver pentiménto, 

to repent ; aver vdce, to 

speak ; si ha vóce, 't 


Aumentativo, adj. increasing 
Aumentatóre, m. an improver 

1 uno, . Aumentazióne, /. increase, 

al sóle, improvement 

iver in Auménto, m. growth, addi- 

ed to ; I Hon 

accept : l Auncicàre, to take away, ra- 

» whis- 

., to h 

Avere, m. estate, riches 
Avèmo, m hell 
Aversióne,/. aversion 
Avèrtere, to turn away, ave 
A uffo, adj. gratis, for 

thing: vivere a uffo, to i 
_ at free cost 

r, vrosve. .. _, 


Augelletto, and AugelUuo, m. 

a little bird 
Augèllo, m. a bird 
Auguméntare, to increase 
Augumentàto, part. aug- 

Augumentazidne, /. augmen- 

Augumènto, m. increase 
Augurale, adj. of an augur 
Augurare, to conjecture, to 

Augurato, part, conjectured, 

Auguratóre, Augura, Augure, 

m and Auguratrice, /. 

soothsayer, augur 
Augùrio, m. guess, omen, divi- 

Auguróso, adj. superstilions , 
scrupulous, good-omened, ill- 

Augusto, adj. sacred, impe- 
rial ; augusto in volto, a 
countenance full of ma- 

Avidamente, adv. greedily, 

Avidità, Avidltàde, Aviditàte, 
and Avidézza,/. greediness, 

A'vido, adj. greedy, covetous 
Avito, adj. hereditary 
Aula,/, a royal palace 
Aulico, adj. belonging to the 
court ; ii cons/glio àuUce, 

ind Avoltóre, m. 

Aura, / g-u/e," breeze : àura 

popolare, popular applause 
Aurato, adj. goldlike, gilt 
A'ureo, adj. golden 
Aurètta./. a gentle breeze 
Auricolare, adj. auricular : 
la coìifessióiie auricolare, 

Auricóme, a. golden-haired 

Aurora, /.' break of the day, 

Au.<;àre, to accustom 
Ausiliare, adj. auxiliary 
Auriliàrio.arfJ. auxiliary troops 
Ausiliatóre, m. helper, pro- 

Ausdnia,/. Italy (by poets) 
AusOnico, adj'. lialian (by 

Auspice, director of the rved- 

ding (among the Remans) 
Auspicio, m. presage, omen, 

protection, guidance 
Austeramente, adv. austerely, 

Austerità, /. sharpness, seve- 

Austèro, adj. grave. 

Autenticamente, adv. au- 
Autenticare, to authenticate 
Auteiiticazióne,/. aulheniiea- 

Auténtfco, adj. authentic, 
original; per autentico, i« 

Autogrclfo, adj. autographical 


Autorévole, adj. creditable, 

Autorevolmente, adv. im- 
Autorità, /, auihorily, power 
Autorizzare, to authorize 
Autorizzato, adj. authorized 
Autrfce,/. authoress 
Autunnale, adj. autumnal 
Autunno, »i. autumn 
Avvallam'énto, m- a cavity 
Avvallàire, to let down 
Avvalloraménto, m. valour. 


Awampaménto, ni. turning, 

Avvampante, adj. burning, 

Avvampare, to singe, to con- 
sume : avvampar d' amore, 
to burn with love; avvam- 
par d' impaziènza, to be im- 

Avvantaggiàre, to have the 

Avvantaggiato, adj. advan- 

Avvantaggio, m. benefit, in- 

erest ; s> 

i deli- 

tàggìo, to improve the ad- 
vantage; dar dell' avvan- 
taggio, to give the odds 

Avvantaggióso, adj. advan- 

Avvantàrsi, to boast 

Avvedérsi, to perceive, ii 
understand, find out 

Avved^vole, adj. clear sighted 

Avvediménto, «i. foresight. 

Avvedutamente, adv. tvarily, 
prudently, carefully 

Avvedutézza, /. foresight, 

Avveduto, adj. wary, provi- 

Avvegnaché, and Avvegna- 
diochè, adv. because, 

I. poisoning 


Avvelenare, to p 

Avvelenato, adj. poisoned; 
ànimo avvelenato, trans- 
ported with rage 

Avvelenatóre, m. poisoner 

Avvenènte, and Avengnte, 
adj. handsome, genteel, 

A Tvenenteméute, adv. " be- 

vvenénza, and Avvenen- 
tézza,/. beauty, grace 

Avvenévole, adj. fair, gen- 
teel, agreeable, proper, fit, 

wenevolézza, /. grace, 

Avvenevolménte, adv. hand- 

Awengachè, adv. because 

Avvéniménto, m. Avvènto, 
m. citante, danger, event, 
arrival ; a tutto avvéni- 
ménto, rvliatever happens ; 
l'avvéniménto di Cristo, the 
feast of Advent 

Avvenire, to happen, to 
thrive, prosper; avvenirsi, 
to light upon, find, meet 
with ; non t' av\enga più 
di far ciò, do so no more ; 
temo che non gli avvenga 
qualche disgrazia, / noi 
afraid lest some misfortune 
should befall him 
vvenXre, m. future; per 
r avvenire, henceforth 
vventaménto, m. throwing 
with violence 

Avventare, to shoot, dart, 
fiing ; avventarsi, to run in, 
to rush upon 

Avventatàggine, /. impru- 


Arreràto, adj. averred, pro»- 

Avverbiale, adj. adverbial 
Avverbialmente, adv. ad- 
Avvèrbio, m. adverb 
"vverdlre, to grow green, to be 

Avventizio, adj. adve 
Avvènto, m. event, arrival 
A.vveiìtóre, m. customer 
Avventura, tf. accident, ad- 
venture; all' avventura, by 

Avversàrio, m. adversary, 

;V rversario, adj. contrary 
Avversàrio, tu', the devil 
Ar\-ersat(5re, m. an adver- 

f. loathing, ab- 

Avversità, /. sorrow, misery, 

vvèrso, adj. adverse, con- 
trary ; avverso, opposite, un- 

A\-verso, prep, against 
Avvertente, adj. cautious, 

Avvertenteménte, adv. ad- 
Avvertènza, /. care, heedful- 

Avvertiménto, m. admonition, 

Avvertire, to warn, advise, 

to inform, take care; stare 


Avvertito, adj. warned, in- 

Avvezzamente, m. habk, 

Avvezzare, to accustom ; av- 
vezzarsi, te inure one's self 

Avvezzato, and Avvézzo, adj. 

vventurataménte, adv. hap- 
pily, luckily 
vventurato, adj. happy, 

vventuvevolménte, adv. for- 
tunately, luckily 
vventuriére, m. aivetUu- 

A wenturoszunénte, adv. 

AwtnturdsOj adj. successful 
Avvenuto, adj. happened, 

Avverare, to aver, to verify 

\ Avviato, adj. forward, n-ise. 

Avvicendaménto, m. succeed- 
ing, alternately 

Av\'icendàre, to do turn by 

Avvicendévole, adj. one after 

Avvicinaménto, m. Avvici- 

nànza,^. approach 
Avvicinare, to draw near ; 

avvicinarsi, to approach 
Avvicinato, part, approached 
Avvignare, to plant the vine 
Avvignato, adj. planted with 


A^Tiiiménto, m. conslemalion, 

Avvilire, to undervalue, vilify; 
avvilfrsii to desfond, lose 

minima disgrazia, the least 

misfortune disUeartens him 
Avvilfto, adj. astonished, 

Avviluppaménto, m. disorder, 

Avviluppare, to rvrap up, in- 

iangte ; avvilupparsi, to per- 

pUx,one-s self. . 

Avviluppatamente, adv. in- 

Avviluppato, part, wrapt up, 

covered. A I' avvilupiiàta, 

adv. disorderly 
Avviluppàtòre, m. disturber, 

deceiver, glutton 
Avvinaccidto, adj. drunk 
Avvinare, to mix wine rvith 

Avvindto, adj. mingled Tvitk 

Avvinazzarsi, to drink plenti- 
fully, to get drunk 

Avvincere, and Avyinchiare, 
to tie up, ta encompass, to 
comprehend ; avviuchiiSrsij 

Avvinto, part, tied, tvrapt 
Avvisàglia,/, combat 
Avvisaménto, m. advice, nevjs, 

Avvisare, to advertise, consi- 
der, remark ; to perceive, tc 

Avvisatamente, adv. circum- 

Avvisato, part. advertised, 
prepared ; far avvisato, to 
give notice ; avvisato, adj. 
mise, discreet, crafty 

Avvisatóre, m. monitor, prizer, 

Awisattìra,/. look 

Awiticchiaménto, m. twist- 
ing: knot 
Avviticchiare, to twist, to en 

Avviticchiato, adj. twisted, 

Avvitolàto, ad;, rough 

Avvivare, to enliven, give vi- 
gour; avvivarsi, to grow 
strong, to flourish 

Avy'ivHo. adj. revived 
vvivatrtjo, m. a burnisher 

vvivatrfre, m. Avvivitrlce,/. 
a burnisher, one who bur- 
Avvizzire, to fade away 
Avvocare, to follow the law, to 

Avvocarla, /. office of an ad- 

a lawyer, protector 
Lvvocatrice,/. a she- 

\f. a she-advocate, 

vvolgere, to wrap, to roll, 
to bamboozle ; avvolgersi, to 
lose one's self, to stray 

Avvolgiménto, m. winding, 

Avvolgitóre, m. he thai wraps 

Avvolontataménte, adv. rashly 
Avvolontato, adj. rash, strong 

Avvolpiiiàre, to dupe,deceive 
Avvolpinato, part, deceived, 

Avvoltare, to encompass 
Avvolticchiare, to wreath. 

Avvolto, adj. wrapt, involved 
Avvoltolataménte, adv. Iiastily 
iltura, /. winding, ol 


Azzimina,/. a coat of mail 

Azzoppare, io maim, cripple 
Azzoi)pàto,a(y. maimed, imied 
Azzulfamento, m. quarrel, de- 
Azzuffarsi, to come to blows, 
■ driiik like ajish 
••"■-'■'— 'lusly, pas- 

Avùi.culo, m, uncle 
Auzzaménto, m. making sharp 
Auzzàre, to sharpen, i,--'—- 

Auzzato, adj. irritated 

Aziènda,/, domestic affa 

concern, claim, righi , 
tentar azióne a qualchedùno, 
to bring an action ; azióne, 
claim, right; ho azióne 
sopra questa casa, I have a 
right to this house 

Azzanipàto, adj. that has paws 

Azzannato, adj. caught with 

the tusks 

Azzardare, and Azzardo, m. 
hazard, danger [bold 

Azzardóso, cdj. adventui 

Azzeccare, to strike 
Azzicare, to stir, shake 
Azzimirsi, to aderii one's . „ 
Azzimélla,/. unleavened L read 


Azzuólo, adj. dark blue 
Azzurriccio, Azzurrigno, Az- 
zuiTlno, and Azzurrc'giiolo, 
adj. coloured with azure, or 

Azzurro, m. azure, blue 


T) ABBACCIO, arul Babbac- 
••-' clóne, m. a fool, a dunce 
Babbeo, ?». blockhead , fool 
Babbióne, »i. dull fellow, 

Babbo, m. papa. Contratto a 

babbo morto, a post obit 
Babboccio, ad. rashly, inccnr 

Babbuassaggine, /. stupidity 
Babbuasso, adj. simpie,foolish, 

awkn-ard fellow 
Babbuino, m. monkey, la- 
boon ; babbuino, a monkey- 
face booby 
Bacalare, m. a great man, a 

great wit (ironical) 
Bacaleria,/. bragging, vaunt- 
Bacare, to breed worms 
Bacato, and Bacaticcio, adj. 

.sickly, rotten 
Bacca,/, a berry 
Baccalà, and Baccalare, m. 

Baccanale, m. a tumuitiunu 

crowd, a bacchanal 
Baccanella,/. a rout, mob 
Baccano, m. noise, uproar 
Baccante, /. a priestess of 

Baccellerfa, /. degree qf Ba- 

Baccellière, and Baccelliéro, 
m. bachelor of arts 

Baccèllo, 7(1. husk ; baccelló- 
ne, shell, blockhead, dunce 

Bacchetta, /. o rod, mace- 


comandilre a bacchétta, to 
commajid imperioutly ; bac- 
chétte, gantUl, a milUary 
punishmtnt ; passiir per le 
bacchétte, to run the gantlet ; 
bacchétta da rino, a tavern 
Bacchettata,/, blow with a rod 
Bacchettoncinoj adj. little 

Bacchett<5ne, m. and Bacchet- 

Bacchettoneiia, /. and Bac- 

chettonlsrao, m. hypocrisy 
Bacchiare, to cudgel 
Bacchiata, /. a blow with a 

Bàcchico, aiy. of Bacchus 
Bacchinone, m. a fool, dunce 
Bacchio, m. a ttaff, a cudgel : 
parlar a bàcchjo, to talk 

Bacco, m. Bacchus 

Bachèca, m. a fine fellow, a 
blockhead, a glass case 

Eacherdzzolo, m. a tvorm,grub 

Baciamano, nt. a compliment 

Baciamente, repeated kissing 

Baciente, culj. kissing 

Baciapfle, and Baciapdivere, 
tn. bigot, hypocrite 

Baciare, to kiss: baciarsi, to 
kiss one another ; baciar la 
scópa, to have patience 

Baciato, part, kissed 

Baciat<$re, m. a kisser 

3aciatrice,f. a kissing woman 

Bacfle, TO. a basin 

Bacinella,/, a tUl 

Bacinétto, m. a helmet 

Bacano, m. basin 

Bàcio, m. a kiss ; un bàcio di 
Giuda, a treacherous kiss 

Bàcio, exposed to the north- 
wind ; a bacfo, towards the 

Eaciocco, TO a simpleton 

Baciozzo, TO. a hearty kiss 

Baciucchiare, & Baeiuecàre, 
to give many kisses 

Baciuccio, m. a slight kiss 

Baco, TO. a worm, maggots 
mite ; bachi, worms 

Bacdcca, m. apricot (by the 

Eacoh'uo, TO. a maggot 

Bacucco, TO. a hood, a corvi 

Bacùccola,/. a nut 

Bada, used as an adverb : te- 
nére a bada, to keep at bay 
star a bada, to stand tri- 
fling ; star alia bada d'uno 
to teatch, to observe 

Badàggio, m. an amorous look 


Badaluccare, to skirmish, 
iuse the enemy ; to idle 
''s time away 
Badaluccatdre, m an idler 
Badalucco, to. skirmish, play, 

Badaraénto, to. delay 
Badare, to amuse one's self, to 
stand trifling, take notice of, 
take care, to covet, to look 
amorously upon 
Baderla,/. a silly woman 
Badessa,/, abhess 
Badia, f. abbey 
Badiale, adj. great, large 
Badigliàre, to yawn, gape 
Badile, m. shovel, spade 
Baffi, m. plur. whiskers 
Eagaglia, /. Bagaglie, /. pi. 
and Bagàglio, 7n. baggage 
Bagaglióne, to. a soldier's boy, 

Bagagliudle, tattered clothes 
Bagagliume, m. bag and bag- 

Bagàscia,/, harlot 
Bagascióne, m. strumpet's man 
Bagatella, f. trifle, toy ; ba- 
gatelle, fa negative "expres- 
sicnj no such a thing, not at 
Bagatelliére, m. a juggler 
Bagattelluccia, and Bagatel- 

luzza,/. a very trifle, a toy 
Bagattlno, to. the smallest piece 

of money 
Baggéo, TO. a simpleton 
Bagginàccio, to. a great btock- 

Baggianàta, /. foolishly said. 

Baggiane, /. pi. enti 
fair or kind words, false 

Baggiano, to. blockhead, fool 
Baggiolàre, to support, to 

Baggidlo, TO. a stay, prop 
Baglióre, m. lightning, dax- 

Baglfvo, TO. a bailiff 
Bagnaiudlo, m. bather 
Bagnaménio m. the act of 

Bagnante, adj. moistening, 

washing, bathing 
Bagnare, to >vet, to wash : 

bagnarsi, to bathe, cr wash 

one's self 
Bagnato, adj. wet, washed 


Bagiiatdre, m. a bather [to) 
Bagnatura,/, (see Hagiiamén- 
Bàglio, 7»i. a bath, bagnio. 

Bagnomaria, S,- Bagnomarie, 

m. balneum marix 
Bagnudlo, to. a little bath. 

Bàia, /. sham, idle story ; dar 
la bàia, to banter ; bàia 
(spiàggia) a bay or road at 
sea ; I'ar le baie, to wag 
Baiare, to bark 

,,/. a trick 
Baiétta,/. estamine (a French 

Bailo, TO. a sort of magistrate 
Bàio, adj. bay or chestnut- 
colour ; bàio scuro, brown 
Baiocco, TO. a piece of money 

about three farthings value 
Baionàccio, m. an impertinent 

Baióne, to. a scomer, banterer 
BaionetU,/. a bayonet 
Baiiica, and Baiùcola, /. very 

frivolous thing 
Bala, /. the banana tree 
Balanino, adj. of a whale 
Balaùstra, /. the flower of the 

pomegranate tree 
Balaustrata, /. balustrade, rails 
Balaùstro, m. a rail, a banister 
Balbettante, adj. stuttering 
Balbettare, and Balbutire, to 

Balbo, and Balbuziènte, adj. 

tongue-tied, that stamtners 
Balbùzie,/. *taTOmei-ing', stut- 

Balbuzzàre, and Balbuzzire, 
Balcóne, m. balcony 
Baldacchino, to. canopy; as- 

petàre col baldacchino, to 

look for homage 
Baldamente, adv. boldly 
BaldSnza, /. presumption , 

Baldanzeggiàre, to live merrily 
Baldanzosamente, adv. boldly, 
valiantly [rash 

BaldanzoséttcarfJ. bold,hardy. 
Baldanzóso, adj. stout, valiant 
Baldo, adj. daring, coura- 

Baldória, flame, bonfire ; 

baldòria, to rivl,feast 
Baldràcca,/. harlot, drab 


Balenaménto, m. Iighhti7ig 
Balenante, adj. shinivg, biigìit 
Balenare, to lig/iien, to stag- 
Baléno, m. lightning; in un 
baléno, in an instant ; far lb 
scoppio e'I baléno, to Jo a 
thing at once ; arco baléno. 

Baléstra,/, cross-bow ; caricijr 

la baléstra, to Jill one's belly 
Balestralo, «i. a maker of 

Balestrièra, /. a loop-hole in a 
wall (to shoot through) 

Balestrière, m. a borv-man, a 

Balestro, m. a cross-bo,v, or 
stone-bow ; andare su balé- 

Bàlia, f.,'mrse'^"" " """ * 
Balfa, /. pon'er, authority; 
tener in balia, to K'eep one 

addict one's self; darsi in 
piacéri, to fellow 



Ballato, m. power, authority 
Ealio, m. a tutor, a husband 
Balióso, adj. strong, hisly, 

balle, to pack away 

Ballare, to dance, to shake; 
i denti mi ballano, my teeth 
are loose ; ballar sulla cor- 
da, io dance oh a rope ; bal- 
lare in campo aziirro, io be 

Balata,/, a dance, a ballad; 
qual ballata, tal sonata, to 
give like for like; fornir la 
ballata, to make an end of 
any business : guidarla bal- 
lata, to have the management 
(if any thing 

Ballatóio, m. a gallery 

Ballatore, and Ballerino, m. a I 
dancer [dancing-rvoman '. 

Ballatrice, and Ballerina, a 1 : 

Ballerino, m. daneing-master ; : 
ballerino da corda, a rope- I '. 
dancer [ 


Balletta,/, a little bale 
Ballétto, m. a ballet, a dance 
Ballo, wi. dance, ball [dance 
Ballónchio, ni. a country- 
Balldne, m. a large bale 
Ballonzàre, & Ballonzolare, io 

dance without rule 
Ballottare, to ballot 
Ballottazióne,^', ballotling 

Baloccdggme, and Ballocche- 




Baloccare, to arnuse 
Balòcco, m. a booby, simpleton 
Baloccóne, adv giddily 
EalordiJggine.& Baldrderfa,/. 

Balórdo, adj dull, foolish, tilly 
Balsàinico, m/J. bi "* ' 

I balm tri 
ml Bàlsii 


Bàlteo, JH 


Balusante, adj. dim sighted 

Balza, /. a 'rock, hill, eliJT, 

dojvnfal, edge, border 
Balzana,/, lace ovfrittge 
Balzano, adj. giddy-headed ; 

cervél balzano, a strange 

Balzante, adj. bouncing, leav- 
Balziire. to climb, bound, skip ; 
dal tuo,/u 


'ipon you , 

:i balzò 

Balzellare, to skip, to burden 
Balzèllo, m. additional burden 
BaizeWóni, frisking, skipping 



Bambagia, /. 

col Uaston della bambagia, 
to chide mildly : allevai nella 
bambagia, to bring up deli 

Bambagino, m. calico 

Bambàgie, m. (see Bambsigia» 

Bambagióso, adj. soft (like 

Bambttra,/. agame (at cards) 
Bambina,/, a little girl 
SambinSgine, and Bambine- 
ria, /. childishness, childish 

Bamboccio, m. a simpleton 
Ba'mbola,^: a puppet, doll 
Bamboleggiare, to do chii.iisli 

Bambolino, and Bambolo, m 

an infant, babe 
Barnboldn'e, ni a large child 
Banca, an office, vihere soldiers 

are paid ; passar la bjMic?,, 

to muster 
Bancàrio, m. a bank-bill 
Banchettare, to give a feast 
Banchetto, m. a feast, a little 

Banchière, and Banchièro, m- 

Banco, f?i. a bench, a shop 
counter ; metter banco, tc be 
a banker; banco in una 
cìiiésa, a pew ; banco di 
rena, a sandy bank 

Banda, sideways ; dall altra 
banda, on the other side ; 
metter da banda, to put a- 
side; banda, ^'«"g^, ic.iirf 
company ; passai; da banda a 
banda, to run through ; m' è 
sempre à banda. Ae is alwayt 
by me , andare alla banda,'i'o 

Bandeggiàre, to banish 
Bandeggiiito, adj. banished 
Bandèlla, /. <Ae hollow iron 

rvotk of a door or window 
Banderuòla, /. a tveather- 

Bandiéra, /. a standard, ban- 
ner : a bandièra, by chance ; 
bandièra, a whore, a prvsti- 

Bandito, adj. published, biz 
nish'ed ; tener corte bandita, 
io keep open house ; baiidito, 

landitóre, m. a common crier 
ìdndo, m. a proclamation , 
bando di testa, a rejvard 
for taking a criminal: ban- 
do, banishment ; dar il 
Bdndo, io banish; irar di 
bando, io recali from banish- 

Bandolièra,/, a bandolier 
Bandolo, m. the head of a skein 
Bara,/ a bier, coffin, litter 
Barabùffa, /. a J'iay, al'ercr 


Baracdne, m a kind of clelfi 
Baracca,/, a barrack, a tent 
Baraccare, to pitch tent), raise 

Baracchiére, m. a sutler 
Baraqcùiza,/. a hut 
Barii'e, to cheat, merreach 
Bàratro, m. dungeon, abyss, 

hell , ^. 

Bardita,/, strife, quarrel, dis- 

Barattaménto, m. and Barat- 
taztóne,/. exchange, truck 

Barattare, to barter, exchangi 
to cheat; barattare '— 
mercanrfa, to run goodt 


Barbicato, adj. rooted 
Barbicella, and Barbiclna, /. 

a little root 
Barbiéra,/. a barber's nnfe 
Barbière, ?«. a barber 
Barbieria, and Baiberfa, /. 


, shop 

Barattat<5re, m. a trucker 
Baratteria, /. guilt, deceit, 

Barattière, and Baratuero, 

deceiver, cheat 
Baratto, »n. truck, exchange, 

deceit, truck 
Baràttolo, m. a pot for medi 

Barba, /. beard : far la barba, 
to shave ; barbe, rout, princi- 
ple ; alia barba, in spite 

Barbacane, m. barbican 

Barbaccia, /. o shabby long 

Barbagianni, m. an owl, a sim- 

BÌ'rM?lio, «I. dimness of sight 
Barbaramente, and Barba- 
rescamente, adv. barba- 

and Barberésco, 


Barbogio, _^ 

Barbóne, m. a long beard, an 

d dotard, a shaggy do 
Barbugliaménto, m. cor. 

Barbugliare, to slammer 
Barbuta, m. a helmet 
Barbuto, adj. bearded, full of 

Barca, /. a barge, a boc 
far andar uno in barca, 
make one angry: far u 
barca ad uno, to play a trick 

BMS;cia, /. an old barge 

Barcaiuòlo, Barcar(51o, a 
Parcarudlo, m. bargeman, 

reel, s 

Barcata, /. a Ziar^c 
Barchetta, and .B 

/. a little boat 
Barco, nu a park 
Barcollamento, m. 

Barcollante, adj. 

Barcollare, to wave. 

Barcóne, m. a ship 
Barda,/, a sort of saddle 
Bardana, /. burdock 
Bardito, adj. caparisoned 
Bardatura, /. trapping' for a 

Bardella,/, a pack-taddle 
A bardosso, adu. '" '" 


without a sadf 




Barbai(5ssa,/. o kind of grape 
Barb.lta,/. roots 
Batbatella,/. a slip of a tree 
Barbato, adj. bearded, full of 

btard, roottd 
Barbaizàle,/. _ 
Barbarésco, m. a Barbary 

Barella, /. a hand-barrorv, 

kali, saltwort 
Barellare, to carry in a bar- 


JBargagnàre, io bargain, 
cavil or Tvrangle; star 

-Hi^hc^ir^^^B^P'^^-^k -i 

■ ' bargéll 

.,..eqf the barbs 
Bàrbero, «i a Barbary horse 
Barbetta, /. a little heard 
Barbicaménto, m. the act .' 

taking root 
Barbicare, to take root 

meet rvilh 

pi. a cock's rattle; 


Barfle," a pipe, a hogJiead, 
barrel; barile de ruòta, the 
stock of a wheel 

Bariletto, and Barilòtto, m. a 
little cask 

Baritono, m. a musical term 

Barlàcchio, adj addled 

Barlettiio, m. a cooper 

Barlette, m. a holdfast 

Barlume, m. dusk, a hint; 
notion: la vidi solamente 
al barlume, I had only a 
glimpse of her ; ne ho un 
barlume, / know something 
of it 

Baro, and Barro, m. knate, 

Baroceiàjo, m. a carter 

BarOccio, m. a cart 

Baròcco, and BarSccolo, «t. 

sharking, spunging 
Baròmetro, m. barometer 
■Baróna., f a baroness 
Baronàceio, m. rogue, rascal 
Baronàggio, m. fcarony 
Baronàre, to beg, to spunge 
Baronàta,/, roguery 
Baroncello, m. vagabond, 

bler : a little baron 
Baroncio, ni. an idle slovenlif 

Baróne, m. a baron, a vaga- 
bond : baróne di campo fióre, 
a pick-pocket; baróne di 
Francia, one that has the pox 

Baronéssa,/, baroness 

Baronetto, m. a baronet, at 
Icnight and baronet 

Baronlsi, f. barony 

Barra, f. bar, harricado 

Barrare, to bar: barrare la 
strada, to stop the way 

Barrato, adj. inclosed, beset. _ ^ 

Barreria, /. a cheating, m 

Barricata, /. harricado, ««- 

Barrièra, bar, partition, bar- 
riers, (a martial s^ort) . 
Biro, a cheat at gaming 
Baruffa, /. and Baruffo, fray, 

BaruUà/e, io btiy and sell at 

Barùllo, m. a retailer, a fori- 

Barzellétta,/, a jest, a banter 
Basalisco, m. a basilisk 
Basa, and Base, base, boHom, 

Basaménto, m. the pattern cj 

a pillar 


Basottiine, m. one mho has long 

and fine mhiskers 
Basilica, /. cathedral church, 

Basiménto, m. falliti 
Basimentóccio, m. a 
Basfre, to be at the point of 

death, to be iti agoni/ 
Easfto, adj. expired, dead 
Basdso, adj. stupid, dull 
Bassamente, adv. basely, 

Bassamente, m. a fall, dimi- 

toTver ; bassàr gli occhi, to 
look downmards ; bassàr la 
testa, to stoop 
Bassato, part, down, let 

Bassetta, /. the gatne of bas- 

Bassètto, m. countertenor 
Bassetto, adj. somewhat low 
Bassézza, /. jneanness, lowli- 
ness ; fare una bassézza, to 
debase one's self 
Bassflica,/. the basilic vein 
Basso, adj. low, shallow, 
base, mean ; marèa bassa, 
lorn water ; paesi bassi, the 
tow countries; la gente 
bassa, the common people, 
the vulgar ; il sole è già 
basso, the sun is going to 
set; di bassa nascita, of a 

di basso ingégno, a low- 
nntìed man ; basso discórso, 
a fiat discourse ; panno 

Bassòtti, m. pi. a mess of mac- 

Bassotto, adj. stout and short, 

Basta, adv. enough 
Basta,/, a long stitch, a trick 
Bastàbile, adj. lasting 
Bastàio, m. a saddler 
Bastaléna, (a) adv. with all 

Eas»Snte, adj. tiifficient, able 
Bastantemente, adv. svffi ■ 

Bastanza, /. duration, suffi- 
ciency ; a bastanza, e- 

Bast ardercelo, and BastardSIIo, 

Bastardàggine, and Bastar- 

dtgia,/. .bastardy 
Bastardèlla,/, a copper pan 
Bastardo, adj illef^ittmaie 
Bastardume', m. bastardy 
Bastare, io be sufficient ; basta, 

io non -voglio vedérlo piu; 

little I hav. 
Bastévole, adj. sufficient 
Bastevolménte, adv. enough, 

rvell enough 
Bastfa, /. a rampart, trench, 

Eastiére, m^ a saddler 
Bastiménto' a ship, or vessel 
Bastionare, to fortify with bas- 

Bastionato, part, forti fied, S,-c. 

Bastióne, m. bastion, bulwark 

Bastìta.f fortress 

Bàs'to, HI. a packsaddle, the 
ace of clubs ; da basto e da 
sella, fit for many things ; 
non son uomo a portar bas- 
to, I am not a man to bear 
an affront ; serrare il basto 
adesso ad uno, to press, or 
urge one 

Bastonnàccio, m. a club stick 

Bastonare, to cudgd, to re- 
prove; bastonare i pesci, 
to row ; mandar a bastonar 
i pesci, to send to the galleys 

Bastonato. /. a blow with a 
stick; dar delle bastonate, 
to cudgel 

Bastonatura, /. blows with a 

Bastoncèllo, and Bastoncino, 
ft. a small stick or cudgel 

Bastóne, m. staff, support, 
prop; bastóni, jn. pi. club» 
at cards ; giuocàr di bastóne, 

Bastracóne, a lusty man 
Bastùda,/. a sort of net 
Batacchia, /. a blow with a 

Batacchiare, to beat, knock 

Batacchio, m. a cndgei 
Batista,/, cambric 
Batistéro, m. the baptismal 

Batòcchio, m. a blind man's 

ctick ; a bell-clapper 
Batòsta,/, noise, bustle, tumult 
Batostàie, io contend, to quar- 

Battàglia, /. a battle, fight ì 

battàglia navale, a sea-fghi 

Battagliare, to fight, to skir- 

Eattaglidto, part, fought 
Battagliatóire, m. comlmtarU 
Battagliero, m. combatant, 

Battagglierésco, adi. rvarlike, 

Battagglievolménte, adv. in a 

fighting manner 
Battaglio, m. the clapper of a 

Battaglióne, m. a battalion 
Battagliaóla, and BàttagH- 

ùzza,/. a skirmish 
Eatlelletto, m. a little boat 
Battello, m. a small boat, a 

Battènte, adj. beating, panting 
Battènte, m. the rabbet qf a 

door or window 
Bàttere, io beat; bàttere alla 

E érta, to knock ai the door ; 
àtter la campagna, to scour 
the country ; bàttere i denti, 
to shake with cold; bàtter 
le palme, io clap hands ; 
bàtter il grano, io thresh 
corn ; bàtter monéta, ta 
coin ; bàtter gli ocelli, io 
mink; bàttere, io walk fast; 
bàttersela, to go away ; in 

rvkilst 'tis hot ; 
bàtter il butirro, ti. chum ; 
bàtter Tali, tojlutttr • bàtter 

'o tra 

n foot ; 

bàttersi le, to repent 
bàttersi, to fi^ght a rlicel ■ 
bàttere una città, tn batter a 
town; bàtter il fuòco, io 
strike fire ■ bàtter »^ óre, io 

Batteria,/, ij^eny 
Battesimale, adj. b.iptvimal • 
il fonte battesimale, the font 

Battésimo, and BattCsrao, ni. 
baptism, tener a battéBiir.u, 

Battezzaménto, »»;. act of bap- 


, adj. that chris- 

Battezzare, to baptint 
Battezzato, adj. christened. 


Battezzatóre, m. a baplizer 
Batticuòre, m. palpitalion, 

Battifuòco, m- a steel 
Battfgia, /. the falling sick- 

BattiUno, m. a carder ofrvool 
Battilòro, m. a gold beater 
Battiménto, »n. striking; bat- 
timénto di mani (per alle- 
grézza) clapping ; batti- 
ménto di cuòre, palpita- 

Battinzécca, >». a coiner 
Battisóffia, and Bàttisóffiola, 

f. fright, start, out of fear 
Battistério, and Battistèro, m 

thefojitfir baptism 
Battitóio, m. {see Battènte) 
Battitóre, m. he that strikes; 

oattitòre di strade, a scout 
Battitura,/. _i/oro, stroke 
Battuta, /. time in music : 
n'ay, road ; andar per la 
battuta, ^0 follorv the course 
of the world; battuta di 
polso, the beating of the 

Battiito, pati, beaten ; via bat- 

Battùt.0, m. leads of a house 

Batùffolo, nt. a heap 

Bava, /. foam, drivel, thin, 

coarse silk ; bava de' metalli, 

the dross of metals 
Bavàglio, ni. a slabbering 

Bàvero, m. the collar of a cloak, 

a Bavarian 
Bavièra,/, the vizor cfa head- 

Baùle, m. a trunk, a travelling 

Bavóso, adj. slavering 
Bazza, /. good luck, a trick 

made at cards ; esser di bdzza, 

io get the better 
', f. frivolous thing 
Bàzzica, /. conversation, con. 

pany, things of smalt value ; 

a game at cards 
Bazzicare, to converse, fre- 

Bazzicatùre,/. pi. tr\fles 
Bazzotto, cij. tomervhai hard, 

half cooked 
Beare, to bhsi 
Beatamente, ada. happily 
Beatificare, to beatify 
Bpatifictito, part, beatified 
Beat-.ficatòre, ni. and Beati- 

ficatrfce, /. that makes 

Beatificazióne,/, beatification 


Beatitvidine,/. felicity, bliss 
Beato, adj. blessed, fruitful 
Beato, m. biased 
Becca,/, garter 
Beccàccia,/, a tvoodcock 
Beccaccino, m. a snipe 
Beccacelo, m. an old he-go 

rascal, cuckold 


ridicnle,Jeer, banter.; bèffa, 

trifles, frippery 
Beffardo, m. a jester, banierer 
Beffare, to ralhi, jeer, cheat, 

nerreach ; beffarsi, ta scorti, 

'o laugh at 
Beffato, part, jeered, laughed 


BeccaUte, m. a litigious man 
Beccaménto, m. a pecking 
Beccamorti,»», a grave-digger 
Beccare, to peck, sn-allow, 
>p : beccarsi il cervello, to 

zzle c 

Beccaréllo, and Beccherèllo, 


Beccatella, /. a hawk's lure, 
(also) a trijfe 

Beccatello, m. a bracket 

Beccatóio, m. the trough of a 

BeccKeggiàre, v. to pilch, 
speaking of the motion of 

Beccher/a,/. sHambles,slaugh- 
ter-house ; andare alla bec- 
cheria, to go to market ; 
carne di beccheria, butcher'i 

Becchetto, m. prorv of a 

Becchino, m. a grave-digger 
Bécco, m. the bill or lieak . 
mouth ; helm of a ship ; pipe 
of a still ; buck, goat, cuck- 
old ; drizzare il bécco agli 
sparvièri, to atttmpt impos- 
sibilities ; ho trovato il becco 
più duro à mugnere di quel 
che mi pensava', I found th 
fask harder than I thought : 

Beccùccio, m. the tpoiU of a 

Befana, /. a puppet, an ugly 

Befanàccia, a frightful phan- 

Bèffa, /. trick, banter. Joke ; 
giuocdr da bèffa, to play 
for nothing ; farsi bèffe, to 

jggiàre, to mock, icojf, 

Beffeggiatóre, m. {see Beffa- 
Beffévole, adj. contemptible, to 

bè slighted 
Beghino, m. one who vears a 

religious habit, but living i» 

the world 
BÉSi,le,f pi. trifles 
Belamèiito, ni. bleating 
Belare, to bleat : (also J to cry 

like children 
Bel Bèllo, hold! hold! not so 

Bel che, m. a fine thing indeed . 
Bellamente, adv. fairly, 

bravely, slowly, eloquently, 

Bellétta,/, mud, slime 
Belletto, m. paint, or wash 

for the face; bellétto, adj. 

Bellézzti, /. beauty, pretti 

Beflicàto, part, placed in the 

Bellico, m. the 


Bellicdnchio, m. navel-siring 

Bellicòne, ni. a pitcher 

Bellicosamente, adv. in a 
roarlike manner 

Bellicóso, and Belligero, adj. 
martfal, warlike, valiant 

Bellfno, adj. pretty fine, hand 
some enough 

Bèllo, m. (beltà) beauty • 
Bello, adj. convetiient, pro- 
per; aspettar il bello, to 
nail for an opportunity : 
sul bel del discórso, in the 
middle qf the discourse; 
Bello, ailv. prettily, very 
well ; veder il bello, to 
know the opportunity ; 
bello e nuòvo, (juite new ■ 
bello e fatto, quite finished , 

far il bell* umóre, to he 
j^rotid ; bello somelimei 

jiression ; di bel mezzo dì, 

belle dóppie, it costs me 
ten pistoles ; sul bello dell' 

thai bleats 


Belzebù, m. Satan 

Beltà, j: beauty, fineness 

Belva,/, a wild' beast 

Benacconcianxénte, adv. very 

Benaffetto, adj. affectionate 
Beiiagurataménte, adv. with 

Benallevato, arfj . rvell-brcd 
Benandata, /. money given 

upon going away 

venturóso, adj. fortunate, 
B5n bene, adv. very well, en- 
tirely ; non è bene guarito, 

'e well 

Benché, at _ 

Benda,/, a band; a fillet; 
aver una bènda avanti gli 
ocelli, to be blind-folded; a 
mist before the eyes ; blinded 
by pastion 

Bendare, to blind, to crown 

Bendatura,/, bandage 

Bendella, and Benderglla,/. a 

Bendóne, m. lappets 

Bendiiccio, m. a child's neck- 

Bene, m. good, benefit, 



, favour; voler del 
bene, to have kindness for ; 
un uòmo da bene, a repu- 
table man ; chi fa bene 
bene aspètti, do well and 
have well ; pigliar par be- 
ne, to take in good part. 
Bene, adv. well, right ; voi 
dite bene, you say right ; 
bene, an emphatic expleti 

' 3/0" 

, I'll 

ingly : beni stàbili, beni 

mobili, chattels 
Benedétto, adj. blessed [ness 
Benedetto, m. the falling sick- 


Benedicite,/, grace at meals 
Benedicitóre, tn. a blesser ; 

rvho speaks well of 
Benedire, to consecrate; Dio 

vi benedica, God bias you 
Beneditdre, m. he who blesses 
Benedizione, /. benediction ; 

Dar la benedizióne ad una 

Benefattóre, m. benefactor 
Benefattrice, ni. benefactress 
Beneficante, adj. beneficial, 

liberal, kind 
Beneficdre, to do good, to bene- 
fit a person 
Beneficato, part, benefitted 

Beneficente, adj. kind, oblig- 

Beneficidto, part, beneficed 

Beneficio, m. kijulness, advan- 
tage, profit 

Beneficióne, in. a church-liv- 

Benèfico, adj. beneficial, libe- 

Beneffiio, »«. (see Beneffcio) 
Benemerènza,/ desert, merit 
Benemerito, adj. deserving 

Beneplacito, m. good-will . 
leave : io f'o a mio beneplà- 
cito, I do us I please 
Bene spesso, adv. very often 
Benestante, adj rich, wealthy 
Benevivere, to live happy 
Benevogliénte, adj. benev 

gliénzn, f. good-will, love, 
Benevolo, adj. kind, affec- 

Benefàtto, adj. well-shaped, 

ciato, ben gli sta, if he was 
turned out., he deserved it 
Beneficènza,/, beneficence 
Benignamente, adv. courteous- 
ly, kindly 
Benignità,/, tenderness, good- 

Benfgno, adj. courteous, lov- 
Benino, adv. tolerably well 
Ben' insième, m. the ivhole of 
Benissimo adv. very well 



ÌSem\'Ognenza.f. benevolence 
Lìenivolente, adj. friendly, hu 

Beiilvolo, adj. ■ affectionate, 

Benlavoràto, adj. wei, done 
Benmontito, adj. well-mount 

Bennato, adj. i 
Bensài, adv. ce ^ 

Benservito, a servant's dia 

Densi, adv. certainly 
Bentemito, adj. we'll kept 
Bentornato, adj. state i! ben 

tornato, you are welcome 
Benvolentièri, adii, very will- 

Benvolére. m. favour, kind- 
ness ; benvolére, to love ; si 
fa benvolére da tutti, he is 
beloved by all 
Benvoluto, adj. well beloved 
Beone, m. a toss-pot, a toper 
Berberi, Berbero, m. the bar 

Bercildcchio, m. a squint- 

Bei-e, to drink ; bore un uòvo, 

m berla, / must submit. 

gli occhi, to devour with thi 
eves ; here 6 affogf ■■'' '■■ '■ 
obliged tc do a th.,.^ , 
bianco, to be disappointed 
Bergamotto, m. the bergamoi 

Bergolin^re, to pun, to quib- 

Bergolo, tn. o sort of basket 
Berillo, m. beryl, a precious 

Berlina, /. the pillory ; a 

Berlingàccio, m. the last Thurs 

day in Carnival 
Berlingaraento, m. chit-chat 
Berlingare, to drink freely ; to 

talk at random 
Berlingatóre, m. a jolly fel 

Berlinghiére, m. a greedy-gut 
Berliiighiéra,/. a talking gos- 
Berlingòzzo, m. a French 
brick, a small loaf (of 
Bernesco, adj. burlesque 
Bemia,/. a riding-hood 
Bernoccolo, m. a swelling 
knob ; a hard kernel 


Bernoccoluto, adj. knobly 
Berrétta, /. flat cap, or b 
net . trarsi la berrétta, far 
di berrétta, to salute iviit 
the hat ; avere il cervelk 
sopra la berretta, to proceed 
rathly in an affair 
Berrettàio, m. a cap-maker 
Berrettino, m. a small cap 
Berrettuccia,/. a little cap 
Berri"<51a,/. o night-cap 
I, :.: — .„ _ highway- 


ruffian, a verger. 

Bersàglio, m. a mark to shoot 
at, a laughing stock ; io 
sono il bersàglio della for- 
tuna, lam the sport of for - 

Berta, /. a trifle, ge?vgan\ 
foppery ; dar la berta, to 
joke, to banter ; berta, a 
magpie, a gossiping moman, 


Berteggiaménto, m. a laugh- 
ing at, a mocking 

Berteggiare, to ridicule, jeer, 

Berteggiatdre, m. a mocker, 
Bertolotto, m. a sponger ; scot- 
Bertóne, »t. one rvho keeps a 
Bertovello, m. a net made of 

Bertùccia, /. and Bertùccio, 

m. a monkey, an ape 
Bertuccidne, m. a baboon 
Berùzzo, m. a clown's bt 

Berza, /. the shin-bone of the 

Berzàglio, {see Bersàglio) 
Bessàgine, and Besserfa, /. 

foolishness, simplicity 
Bisso, adj. simple, foolish, 

Besso, «I. one rvho stammers, 

or lisps 
Bestémmia, /. blasphemy, 

cursing, bad language 
Besteramiaménto, m. impious 

Bestemmiare, to blaspheme, 

Bestemmiato, part, blasphem- 

Bestemmiatoràecio, m. a great 

Bestemmiatóre, m. a blas- 
Bestia, /. a beast, a brute , 

andar in 'béstia, to fall into 
a passion 
Bestiàccia, /. a nasty beast ; 
bestiàccia, a fool, a block- 

Bestiàle, adj. beastly, heavi- 
ly, lumpish 

Bestialità, /. bestiality, bru- 

Bestialmente, adv. beastly, 

Bestiame, m. calile 

Bestiàrio, m. a keeper of wild 

Besticciudia, «juf Bestióne, /. 

a liltle living creature 
iestionnàccio, and Bestiòla, 

m.- a great beast, a brutish. 

Bestiudia, /. a Utile creature 

(also) a blockhead 
Béttola, /. a cook's shop, a 

Bettolétta,/. a lo7V public-house 
Bettoliére, m. keeper of a cook's 

,/. ripeness (of wine) 

Bevéna, /. and Beveràggio, 

;. drink, beverage, drink- 

Beveratóio, m. a vessel for 

Bévere, to drink 
Beveria,/, drunkenness 
Bévero, m. a beaver 
Beveronàccio, m. a horse-be- 

Beveróne, m. a drink, a drench 
Bevibile, adj. drinkable 
Beviménto, m. d'ir.king 
Bevitóre, m. and Bevitrfce, f. 

toper, tippler 
Bevitura,/. drinking 
Beuta, and Bevuta, /. drink- 
ing boKt ; ad ogni bevuta, at 
every glass 
Bezzicare, to peck, to scold. 

Bezzicato, part, pecked 
Bezzicatura,/, a pecking 
Bezzi, m. pi. money ; non ho 

bezzi, / have no money 
Biàcea,/. white lead 
Biada,/, corn, oats 
Biadaiuòlo, tn. corn-chandler 
Biadetto, m. bluish paint 
Biancastro, Bianchétto, and 

Biancheggiante, adj. whit- 

Bianeheggiaménto, m. whit- 

Biancastronàccio, m. at white 

Biancastróne, m. excessive 

Biancheggiare, to turn white • 

il mare biancheggia tutto, 

Biancheria,/, linen 
Bianchézza,/, ivhiteness 
Bianchiménto, m. a washing~\ 
Bianchire, to whiten, to grant 
hoary ; al bianchir del gior- 
no, break of day 
Bianclilto, pari, whitened, 

Bianco, m. white ; capélli 
bianchi, grey hair; lotto 
bianco, a blank in a lot- 
tery ; lasciar in bianco, to 
leave a blank : dar carta 
bianca, a carte blanche ; 
restar bianco, to be at a loss ; 
bianco, pale, wan 
Biancóso, adj. very white 
Biancospino, m. the hawthorn 
Biancùcclo, adj. whitish 
Biànte, m. a vagabond, a ram- 

Biasciàre, to chew with diffi- 
Biasciaménto, m. chewing 
Biasimare, to find fault with 
Biasimato, part, blamed, com- 

Biasimatóre, m. and Biasima- 

Biasimévole, adj blamable 
Biasimevolménte, adverb, bla- 

Biasimo, and Biàsmo, «i. 

blame, reproach, fault 
Biasmàre, (in poetry) to blame, 

find fault with 
Bibbia,/. Me BiA/e 
Bibita,/ potion 
Biblico, adj. belonging to the 

Bibliografia,/, bibliography 
Bibliomane, m. bibliographer, 

a bookish man 
Bibliomania, bibliomany (book- 

Bibliotèca,/, a library 
Bibliotecàrio, m. a 'libra- 


rick of 

com or hay. 



su la bica. 

to fly in 





Bicipite, adj. itvo-headed. 

Bicocca, /. a Utile ctulle, a 

Bic5mia,X <» rising anvil 

BicSrne, Bicorno, and Bicor- 
nuto, adj. double-hotned 

Bidèllo, m. a beadle 

Bidente, »i. a pitchfork, a 

Bidetto, m. a little pony 
Biecamente, ado. squinting- 


Bièco, adj. grim, stem, sour ; 

occhi bièchi, squinting eyes ; 

rimirar con occhio bièco, 

to look n'ith an envious eye ; 

atto bièco, a bad action 
Bienmo, adj biennial 
Biéta, or Biètola,/, beet 
Bietolone, m. a simpleton, a 

Bietta,/, a wedge 
Bifdglio, m. double leaf 
Bifòlca,/. an acre of land 
Bifolcerla, /. husbandry, til- 
lage, the charge of a farm 
Bifólco, m. a ploughman 
Biforcaménto, m. separation 
Biforcato, and Biforcuto, adj. 
forked, cloven ; piede bifor- 
cuto, a cloven foot 
Biforco, m. a fork, a pitch- 
Bifórme, adj. of two forms 
Bifrónte, adj. double-faced 
B'ga,/- a dung-cart 
Bigamia,/, a bigamy 
Bigamo, m. a man tvho has 

Bigatto, m. a silk-worm. 
Bigàttolo, «I. o worm that 

Bigerognuólo, adj. greyish 

Bighellóne, m. a' booby, a sim- 

Bigheràio, m. a Jester, a 

Bigheràto, adj. adorned tvilh 
thread lace 

Blghero, m. thread lace 

Bigia,/, the Jig-pecker 

Bigfccio, aJj. greyish 

Bigio, arf; rtisset, grey, brown 

Biglfa,/. the billiard-: " 

Bigliardo, m. Miliardi 

Bigliétto, m. a billet, , 

Bigóncia, /. a sort of great 

Bigotto, m. bigot 

Bilancella, and BU&icia, /. 
a balance, a pair of scales 


ser in bilancia, to be irre- 
solute, in suspense ; bilancia, 
a hoop-net, the splinter bar oj' 

lilanridio, m. a scale-maker 

Silanciàre. to balance, i 
mine, ponder, to : 
bilanciarsi in ària, i( 
in the air 
Bilanciato, part, balanced 
Bilancière, ni. the balance of a 

clock or watch 
Bilancino, m. small scales 
Bilàncio, m. comparison, pa- 
Bile, /. choler, anger, passion , 
non mi fate montar la bile, 
don't provoke me 
Bilènco, adj. crooked 
Bilia,/, a packer's stick 
Binàrio, adj. bilious 
Bilicare, to set in equilibrium 
Bilicato, part, poised, level- 

BiUngiio, adj. deceitful 
Bilióso, adj. passionate 
Biliottàto,'arfJ. spotted 
Billéra,/. a Jest 
Bilustre, adj. of ten years 
Bimbo, a sucking bab* 
Bimèstre, adj. two months 
Bimmólle, m. a musical te 
Binare, to pair, to twin 
Binàrie, adj. binary 
Binascènza, /. the delivery of 

a twin 

dèlia,/, a ribbon 
Bindoleria,/, artfulness 
Bindolo, m. a swing 
Biòccolo, m. a lock qf wool ; 

lana in biòccoli, a fleece 
Biografia,/, biography 
Biografo, m. a. biographer 
Biondeggiare, to look yellow 
Biondèlla, /. centaury, 

Biondello, and Biondello, adj. 

BiondMza, /. a fair com- 
Biòndo, adj. fair, flaxen ; ca- 
pélli biòndi, light hair 
Biotto, m. poor 
Bipartire, to divide in two 
Bipartito, adj. part*d in two 
Bipede, adj. that has two feet 
Bipènne, /. a two-edged hat- 



Birba,/, a wanderer, a loUerer ■ 
la birba, to rnumf 

, (also) a phaeton 

Birbante, ai'.d Birbóne, m. a 

Birbonata, and Birboneria, f. 

Birboneggiare, to beg 

Bircio, adj. near-sighted 

Biri bisso, >n. a hazard game 

Birilli, m. pi. nine-pins 

Biròccio, m. a cart 

Biroccino, a one horse chaise 

Bli-ra,/ beer 

"jnàcchio, m. a year old 

BiiTàjo, m. a brewer 

Birresco, adj. wicked, impur 

BIrro, and Birrovière, m. a 

isaocia, /. a bag with two 
pouches; esser alla bisàccia, 
to be reduced, to be very 

Bisànte, and Bisantlno, m. a 

Bisarcàvola, /. great-great' 

Bisarcàvolo, m. great-great- 

Bisàva, and Bisàvola,/, great- 

Bisàvo, and Bisàvolo, m, a 

Bisbeticamente, adv. oddly. 




Bisbigliare, to whisper, mutter 
Bisbigliatóre, m a whisperer 
Bisbigliatório, m. a parlour 

grate (in convents) 
Bisbiglio, m. I whisper, ru- 

Blsca, /. a gaming-place 
Biscaiuòlo, m. a gamester 
Biscanlàre, to sing repeated- 


Biscanto, m. a duet 
Biscazza, /. o gambling- 

Biscazzare, to game 
Biscazzière, m. a gamester 
Biscazzo, m. and Bischénca, 

/ a dh-iy trick 
Bischero, m. a pm, peg 
Bischizzo, m. invention 
Biscia, m. a snake, adder 

camminare a biscia, to mind 

Biscoldre, m. motley, party 

Biscottare, to bake fn'ice 
Biscottato, adj ttvice baked 
Biscottino, »t. a little biscuit, 

a fillip on tlie note 
Biscòtto, m. a sweet biscuit ; 

entrdi in mar senza biscotto, 

to go hand over head 
Biscroma,/, a musical term 
Bisdòsso, adv. bare-backed ; 

cavalcar a bisdòsso, to ride 

Tvithout a saddle 
Bisestilre, to be leap-year 
Bisestile, and Bisesto, adj. 

anno bisestfle, leap-year 
BisfOrme, adj. (see BiKrme) 
Bisgènero, m. a niece's hus- 
Bislacco, adj. capricious 
Bislungo, adj. longish 
Bisnipóte, m. great • grand- 

Bisncjnno, wi. great-grandfa- 

Bisógna,/, business, labour 

Bisognare, an impersonal iv 
used in the- 3d pers. sing. ; 
bisógna, it must ; bisógna 
ch'io vada, I must go ; ci 
bisógna morire, rve must 
die ; mi bisogno partire, / 
tvas forced to go ; vi bisc 
gnerà farlo, you must do it 
bisognerebbe che io gliele, 
facessi sapere, / should let 
him know of it ; se vi biso- 
gnassero danari, if you should 
tvant money 

Bisignévole, adj. useful, need- 

Bisógno, «1. want, neces..,^ . 
aver bisógno di qualche cosa, 
io stand in need of; al bi- 
sógno si conósce un' amico, 
a friend in need is a friend 
indeed ; bisógno, convenience, 
ease ; ho tutti i miei bisógni, 
/ have ali my conveniences; 
al bisógno, to the purpose, 
opportunely ; a un bisógno, 
upon an occasion 

Bisoguosaménte, adv. need- 
fully [si. 

Bisognóso, adj. needy, ne 

Bistent4re, to be in rvant ; 

Bisónte, Bissónte, m. </ie bison 

Bisticciaménto, m. dispute^de- 

Bisticci^re, to strive, contend 
Bisticcio, m. a pun, a quibble 
Bistóndo^ adj, almost round 

BJslCrto, adj. crooked, deceit- 

Bisunto, adj. filthy, nasty ; 
■— bisunto, m. a sloven ; 
a bisunta,/, a slut 

Bitórzio, and Bitòrzolo, m. a 

Bitòrzolàto, and Bitorzoluto, 
adj. full qf bumps, knotty, 
uneven (of wood) 

adj. bituminous 
Bivio, m. the highway 
Biùta,f. thick plaster 
Bizza, / anger, rage . mon 

Bizzarfa, /. conceitedness, 

briskness, whim, passion 
Eizzirro, adj. whimsical. 

Bizzeffe, (a) ad. abundantly, 

Bizzócco, m. a rustic, a pu- 
ritan, a hypocrite, a bigot; 
una bizzócca, /. a ivoman 
that lives like a nun 

Bizzocóne, m. a clown 

Blandiménto, m. allurement, 

Blandire, to flatter, decoy, ca- 

Blandizia,/, caressing 

BUndo, adj. kind,JiaUering 

Blasonare, tó blazon a coat qf 

Blasóne, m. heraldry 
Bloccare, to block up 
Bloccato, part, blocked up 
Bloccatura,/, a blockade 
Boato, m. bellowing 
Boattiére, m. a grazier 
Bobólca, /. a herdsman's, 

ploughman's wife 
Bócca,/, the mouth, the tasi 
dire a bócca, by word of 
mouth ; piacévole alla bócca, 
pleasant to the palate ; bócca. 
people : ho più di dieci bóc- 
che a mantenére, / have ten 
mouths to feed ; stdre a bóc- 

tively : metter di bócca, te 
add, invent; parlar a bócca 
apèrta, to speak too much ; 
esser largo di bócca, to talk 
inconsiderately; io - - ''- 
to' por becca, I tvo' 
die Tvilh it; esser di buòna 
bócca, to be a gt eedy eatt 
bócca a bócca, /ace to fai 
lasciare a bócca dolce, 


enteHain one with fair 

hopes ; la bócca d'un fiume. 

Me mouth qf a river ; la 

bócca dello stomaco, the pit 

of the stomach ; bócca di 

Boceaccévole, adj. Boccacce- 

volraente, in the style of 

Boccàccia,/, an ugly mouth 
Boccale, »»j. a mug; egli è 

scritto pe' boccali, he is 

known by every body 
Boccata. /. a mouthful, a box 

on the ear ; non ne saper 

boccata, to know nothing of 

the matter 
Boccétta,/, a button, bud of a 

Boccheggiaménto, m. {.anting-, 

Boccheggiare, to agonize 
Bocchetta,/ Bocchino, m. a 

small mouth 
Bòccia, /. bud, (also) a bot- 
Boccinolo, m. a button 
Bocconcéllo, and Bocconcino, 

m. a little bit 
Boccóne, adj. groveling ; m. a 
mouthful ; buon boccóni, 
dainty bits ; tagliare a boc- 
cóni, to cut to pieces ; dar il 
boccóne, to brile 
Bocconchiótto, m. a tit bit 
Boccuccia, /. a little mouth- 

Bociàre, to divulge, publish 
Bofonchiare, to grumble 
Bofonchino, adj. grumbling 
Bogia, / first appearance qf 

the itch 
Bogliénte, adj. boiling, bum- 

Boiàrdo, m. a boyard 

Bolcióne, m. a battering-ram 

Eoldróne, m. blanket, cover- 

Bòlgia, /. budget, bag, port- 
ground ; far bòlgia, tu make 
provision : bòlgia, a horrible 
dark place 

Bólla, /. bubble, blister, pim- 
ple ; bólla acquaiuóla, a 
watery llister ; bólla, a 
stamp, a seat, a Pope's 

Bollare, to stamp, to brand a 

Bollato, adj. sealed, branded 

Bollènte, ùdj. boiling 

Bollettino, m. a bilUa note 


Bolliménto, m. a boiUng, the 
snitlling nfl/ie sea 

Bollire, io boil, btibble up, 
ferment : mille tose mi bol- 
lono neir ànimo, I hav< 


jnd thin 

ìind ; 

■ bolle, 
body grumbles ; bollire a 
ricorsóio, to boil fast 

Bollito, adj. boiled 

Bollitura, /. boiling liquor. 

Bdllo, m. a seal, a stamp 
Bollóre, m. bubbling, spouting : 
bollóre d'animo, passion. 

Bòlo, m. a pili 

Bólso, adj. short-tvinded 

BolZonitré, to shoot at 

Bonificalo, adj. mended, im- 

Bontà, /. goodness, excel- 
lence ; per bontà, for the 
sake of, upon account 

Borbogliaménto, m. noise, 

Borbogliare, to mutter, to 

Borboglio, m. a rumbling 

Borbottaménto, ni. a ìnutter- 

Borbottare, to grumble, to 

Borbottato, part. niutter- 

Éolzondto, part, struck with 1 

Bolzóne, ni. a battering-r, 

or dart 
Bom, m. a boom 
Bómba, /. a mark, a bomb ; 

Bombànza, /. feasti 

Bombànla, /. a mortar- 

Bombardaménto, m. bomhard- 

Bombardàre, to bombard 
Bombardiera, /. Me place 

where the tomb is mounted 
Bombardière, m. a bombar- 

BombettiSre, to sip 
Bómbola, /. a pitcher 
Bompresso, m. the bowsprit 
Bonàccia, /. a calm at sec 
happiness, tranquility 

Bonarietà,'/: kindness 
Bonàrio, adj. good, m^ek 

Boncinello, m. the staple of i 

Bonificaménto, m. and Bo- 
nificazióne, /. a bettering, 
an improvement 

■ Bordeliàre, to frequent bro- 
thels ; andar bordelldndo, to 

Bordellière, m. a hunter of 
^ thels < 

Bordello, m. a brothel, stews : 
andare in bordello, go and 
be hanged ; fare il bordello, 
to banter, to be vociferously 

Bórdo, fit. ship-board, the 
fa ship ; andare 

border, hem, ! 

Bordóne, m. a pilgrims 
staff: bordóne, the sluynps 
"f feathers in young birds ; 
bordóne, a prop of a build- 

Bórea,/. the north-wind 

Boreale, and Bóreo, adj. 
northern, northerly 

Borgata, /. a borough, a vil- 

Borghése, and Borgése, m. a 
■ rgessofatown 

Borghesia, /. the state of a 

Borghetto, m. a hamlet 
Borghegiàno, m. (see Bor- 
Bórgo, m, a suburb, borough. 

Borgomastro, m. a burgq- 

Bòria, haughtiness, self- 
conceit i aver bòria, to 

Boriàre, and Boriarsi, to be 

Boriosità, /. vanity, self- 

Borióso, adj. puft up, 

Bornio, adj. one-eyed, short- 

Bomidla, /. mistake, blun- 

Bórra, hair to stuff saddles ; 

superfluous words 
Borraccia, /. bad, bad stuff, 

Bórro, and Borrone, m. a 

gutter tnadc by a water - 

jlood ;" ( also ) a great water- 

.flood - 
Bórsa, /. a purse : tenet 
' bórsa strétta, io h: stingy ■ 

far bórsa, to hoard money , 

bórsa de' mercanti, the 

\ Borsàio, ni. a purse-maker 
Borsaiuòlo, m. a cut-purse 
1 Borsellino, m. a fob 

Borzacchlno, m. a buskin 
Boscàglia, /. woods, forests, 

Boscaiuòlo, m. a wood 

Boscàto, adj. woody 

J nymphs 
Boschettlno, and Boschétto, 

m. a grove, a thicket ; 

a tree limed to catch birds 
Boschino, adj. (see Bosche- 

BOsco, m. a wood, forest ; 

viera, to be Jit for any 

Boscóso, adj. woody 
Bosforo, m'. straits 

Bossolàio, m. a box-maker 
Bòssolo, m, a box, a die» 

Botànica,/, botany 
Botànico, adj. botanicat 
Botànico, »!. botanist, Mrb 


Botirc, to vow, or promise ; 
botarsi a Dio, io devote one's 
eelfto God 

B<5to, m. a vom 

Botola,/, a trap-door 

Botta, /. a toad, a blorv, a 
stroke ; armatura di tutta 
botta, armour, musket- 
proof ; botta- risposta, a 
■repartee ; botta, a pass in 
fencing: una bella botta, a 
fine stroke 

Bottaccfao, m. a flask 

Bottaglie,/. boots 

Bott^o, m. a cooper 

Botte, /. a cask, a vessel ; 

Bottéga,/, a shop 
Bottegàia, and Bottegaio, ni. 

a shopkeeper 
Botteghetta,/. Botteghino, m. 

m. a great 

a Utile » 

Botticella, /. a small toad : 

a small barrel, a small 

Bottiglia,/, a bottle 
Bottiglière, m.'a butler 
Bottiglieria, /. a butler's 


Botto, m. stroke, blow; botto 
di campana, the toll of a 
bell. Di botto, adv. pre- 

Bottonatura, /. the buttons of 

Bottóne, m. a button ; hud 
of plants; sputar bot- 
t'dni, taunt ; dar o git- 
tar un bottóne, to give a 

Bovicida, m. an ox-killer 
Bovile, m. an ox-stable 
Bovino, adj. of the oxen 

Bovina,/, corn's dun^ 

Bozza, /. a swelling ; boz- 
za, the rough draught 
ill sculpture, or paint- 

BozzochiBto, adj. deformed, 

ill-shaped I 

Bozzétto, m. a button, rough ; 

BozzoUre, to pick up 
Bozzolétio, m.a little swelling, 
- pimple 


the cud of 
norm ; tliat measure which 
the miller claims for grind- 
ing ; a stone cut pyramid- 
ally ; a throng of people 
Bozzolóso, adj. fuU of tu- 

Braccare, to quest (in the 

Braccheggiare, to haunt, find 

Braccheggio, m. quest 
Braccheria,/. hounds 
Bracchetto, »n. a setling- 

Bracchiére, »n. a dog-keeper 
Bracciale, m. a bracelet 
Braccialetto, to. little bracelet 
Bracciata,^: an armful 
Bracciato, adj. fat, lusty 
Bracciére, m. a lady's usher 
Bràccio, m. an arm, a sort 
of measure ; star colle 
braccia in cróce, to stand 
nith one's arms across, to 
be idle : a forza di braccia, 
with main strength ; fai 
alle braccia, to ivrestle ; il 
bràccio secolare, the iem- 


a bra 


Bozzo, m. a cuckold 

Bracco, »i. a setting-dog ; 
bracco da quàglia, a spa- 
niel ; bracco di manigol- 
do, a bailiff, a catchpole ; 
bracco da séguito, a blood- 
hound ; bracco da fermo, a 
setting-dog ; bracco da leva, 
a questing-Jog 

Brace,/, burning coal 

Brache, Brachésse, and Bra- 
ghésse, /. breeches 

Brachieràio, m. a truss- 

Brachière, m. a truss 
Bràcia, (see Brace) 
Bracière, m. a brazier 
Braciìióìa, f. a steak 
Bracóne, m. breeches , a 

Brado, m. a bull 
Bradùme, m. hulls and calves 
Brage, and Bragia, /. (see 


Brago, m. slime, mud, clay 
Brama, / desire, fondness, 

Bramante, adj. wishing 
Bramare, to desire, to long 

Bramato, adj. wished for- 

Bramito, m. the cry of 

Bramosamente, adv. greedily, 

Bramosia, /. a longing 
Bramóso, adj. desirous ; eager , 

Branca. / the fang, clam, 

paw, gripe ; capitar nelle 

branche, to fall into on^s 

Brancare, to gripe, to seize 

Brancata,/, a handful 

Brànchie,/, the gills ofafsh 

Brancicare, to handle, to feel 

Brancicatóre, m. who han- 

Brancicóne, adv. groping in 
the dark, crawling 

Branco, m. a herd, a drove, 

Brancolare, to grope, t» 

Brancolóne, and Brancolóni, 
adv. groping along 

Branda,/, hammock 

Brandèllo, m. a bit, a small 

Brandiménto, m. shaking 
Brandire, to brandish 
Brando, m. a sword . 
Brandóne, m. piece, bit 
Brano, m. a piece, a part, a 


BraTamènte, adv. bravely. 

Bravare, to brave, affront 
Bravata,/, a bravade 
Bravatório, adj. threatening 
Braveggiare, to brave it 
Braveria,/ valour, courage 
Bravo, adj. valiant, courage- 

Bravo, m. a bully, a swag- 

Bravo, interj. very tvell ! 

Bravura,/, spirit, courage 
Breccia, /. a breach ; questo 
non nil t'a bréccia, this 
thing dies not affect me at 


Brenna,/, a jade, a bad horse ' 

Br€tto, adj. sterile, barren 

Brève, and Brieve, a brief, 

a church- calendar. Brève, 

adj. short, brief. Brève, adv. 

shorily ; in brève, in a short 

Brevetto, m a brevet 
Breviario, m. breviary 
Brevità, f. shortness, bre- 
'Brézza., f. cold, rvindy misi 
BrezzoMne, in a cold mind 
Briachézza,/ drunkenness 
Briaco, adj. drunk 
Briacóne, m. a drunkard 
Briàreo, m. Briareus, a giani 
Bricca,/, a steep craggy place 
Briccóne, m. a knave, ~ 

Bricconeggiare, io lead 

rogue's life 
Bricconerfa, /. knavish trict 
Brfcia, and Brfciola, /. 
small broken part, (also) a 
little crumb 
Bricioletta,/ a morsel 
Briga., f. trouble, disquiet 
dar briga, to be troublesome ; 
briga, debate, variance, dis- 
pute ; comprar le brighe a 
danari contanti, io pick 
quarrels ; non viSglio t 

Brigare, io strive, io shift, 
to be busy ; brigare una cà- 
rica, to make interest for a 

Brigata, /. company, troop, 
cren, a brigade ; brigata 
di starne, a brood of pc 
tridges . andar di brigata, 
go to'rether 

Brigatife, m. a brigadier 

Briglia, /. a bridle; córrere 
a tutta briglia, to run fui 
speed ; a briglia sciòlta 
headlong, rashly ; tirar 1 
briglia," <o keep one under 
tener in briglia, to bridle, i 

Brigliaio, m. a bridle-maker 
Brigóso, adj. litigious, quar 

Jrillànt«, m. « brilliant 

Brillare, to sparkle, glitter, 
leap for joy 

Brillato, adj. cleansed 

Brillatóio, in. a sieve 

Brillo,, gladness 

Brillo, adj. tipsy 

Brina, and Brinata, /. tvhite- 

Brinato, adj. speckled, spot- 

Brindisi, m. far brindisi, to 
drink somebody's health 
rinóso, iidj. frosty, misty metti e,fu-e, life 

"-'-3Ìaménto, m. a chillness, 

Brivido, m. piercing cold 
Brizzolato, adj. variegated, 

Brocca,/, pitcher, ivater-poi 
Broccàre, to spur 
BrocG<ita,/. a blow, rencounter 
Broccato, m. a brocade 
Brocchière, m. a small buckler 
Brocciare, to prick, to spur 
Brocco, m. a peg, a stump of a 

tree ; dar nel bròcco, io hit 

the mark 
Bròccolo, m. sprouts, broccoli 
Broccolùto, adj. full of 



Bronzino, adi. sun-lurnt 
Bronzista, m. a founder 
Brónzo, m. cast copper, ox 

Brucare, to strip off leaves, io 

go arvay 
Bruciare, io itch, smart, bum 
Bruciata,/, roasted chestnuts 
Bruciatàio, m. a seller oj 

Bruciato, adj butned 
Bruciolàto, adj. noim-eaten 
Brùciolo, m. a ivorm, shavings 

Brucióre, m. burning, smart- 


•r up 


setta broccósa, knotty . 
Bròda, /. swill, hog-rvash, 

mire ; versar la bròda, io lay 

the blame 
Brodaiuòlo, adj. loving broth. 

Brodettato, adj. done in broth 

Brodetto, m. fine soup, broth ; 

andar in brodétto, io feel 

Brodolòso, adj, slovenly, 

Brogliare, to embroil, en- 

Bròglio, m. tumuli, noise 

Bróncio, m. passion, vexa- 
tion ; fare il bróncio, io 

Brónco, m. conger-eel, tlu 
stump of a tree 

Broncóne, m. a branch, a vine- 

Brontolare, to gruinble, t( 

Brullamente, adv. poorly 
Brullo, adj. naked, destitute 
Brullótto, m. ajìrc-ship 
Bruma,/, the rviiiter 
Bi-umàle, adj. winterìsh 
Brunàzzo. and Bmnétto, adi. 
brownisk, swarthy "^ 

Brunézza,/ swarthiness 
Brunire, to polish, burnish 
Brunito, adj. polished, bur- 

Brunitóio, m. a burnishing 

Bruno, m. mourning ; por- 
tar il brtino, to ivcar 
mourning. Bruno, adj. 
brorvn,^ dark ; una bnina, 
a brotvn woman ; un bi'ù- 
no, a brown man . bruno, 

gloomy air : vista briJna, a 
melancholy look ; color 
bruno, a dull colour ■ il 
regno bruno, hell 

Brusca,/, a brush 

Bruscamente, adti. bluntly, 

Bruschetto, adj. sourish 

Bruschézza, /. sourness, 

Brusco, adj. sour, tart; vin 
brusco, rough wine ; brus- 
co, harsh, ill-natured. 
Brusco, adv. soxirly ; perchè 
mi parlate cosi brusco .' 
rohy do ycu speak so roughly 
to 7)ie f 

Bruscolo, m. a fescue, a 

Brustolare, to scorch, or toast 

Brutale, a. 

brutale, a 

Brutalità, /. 

j. fierce; un 
brutish man, a 

brutality, rash- 

Bnitalménte, ado. brutally 
Bruto, «I. a brute, a beast 
Bruttamente, adi;. dirtily, 

Bruttare, to soil, Sjiot, stain : 
bruttarsi le mani nel 
sàngue di qualchedilno, to 

i/ood ; bruttare I" ondre 
qualchedùno, to stain i 

Bruttato, adj. soiled, spotted. 

Bruttézza, /. ugliness, nasti- 

Bruzzàglia, J". the poor, the 

Bruzzo, m. the trvilight 
Bubbolare, to bubble, to de- 

Buhbolato, adj. bubbled, de- 

Bubiilca, or Bubulcàta,/. an 
acre (of land) 

Buca, f. a hole ; buca sepol- 
crale, the grave 

Bucare, to pierce, io make 

Bucato, adj. bored, pierced 

Buccia. /; rind, bark, shell, 
skin ; tutti d' una buccia, 
all of the same cMk 

Bùccina,/, a trumpet 

Buccin.^re, to sound a trum- 
pet : si buccina, they say 

Buccio, m. (see Buccia) 

Buccidso, adj. barhy 

Buccolica,/, pastoral verses 

ship at Vet 
Bucherarne, m. buckram 
Bucherare, to stand a candi 


Bucine, /. Buciuétto, m. a 

Buco, nt a hole, a key-hole 
BucoUno, »n. a little hole 
Budellame, m. the bowels, or 

Budello, m. the gut 
Budrière, m. the belt 
'ìùe, ni. an ox ; bue salvà- 

tico, a wild bull : lingua di 

bue, a neat's tongue ; bue, a 

Buessa,/. a cow 
Bufèra. /. a storm, a whirl- 

Buffa, /. trijle, trick, cheat ; 

fare una buffa, to play a 

trick ; prèndere una buffa, 

tn take in jest 
Buffare, to trijle, joke, to play 

the fool 
Buffetto, «1. a fillip ; pan 

buffetto, a French roll ; 

tiufFetto, a sort of cup- 

Buffb, m. a whiff; adj. 

Buftbnàre, and EufToneg- 
giàre, to play the buffoon 

Buffbncfno, jii. a buffoon 

Buffoneria, /. pleasantry, 
btifTvonir.y, raillery 

Buffonescamente, adv. plea- 

<l of holes. 

Bucinaménto, m. muttering, i 
buzzing, humming 

Bucinare, to whisper ; s 
bucina per la città, thet 
nhisper about the tiwn 

dark. Bùio, adj. 
gloomy, difficult, obscu 

Bulbo, m. scallion, or bulbous 

Bulbdso, adj. bulbous 
Buldriàna,/. a harlot, a Thore 
Bulésia, f. Bulésio, m. thcfet- 


spring, a 

Buffonésco, adj. droll. Jest- 

Bufoldccio, a clumsy, ignorant 

Bùfolo, and Bùfalo, 

buffalo, a wild ox ; pelle di 

bùfolo, buff-slcin 
Bufonchiare, io mutter, to 

Bugia, f. a lie, a hand candle' 

Bulicare, to bubble 
Bùliraa,/. a crowd 
Bulimo, m. bulimy (canine 

BuUno, tn. a graving tool 
Bulletta, f. a ticket, a war- 


Buonavòglia, m. a volunteer 
Eudno, adj. good, wholesome, 
fit : buon' atria, healthy air ; 
buon mercato, a chtnp bar- 
gain ; darsi buon tempo, to 
live well ; buone paróle, fair 
words; Tax buon viso ad 
alcuno, to receive one kind- 
ly; andate alia buon" ora, 
God bless you ; èsser in buon 

di budna fede, sincerely ; di 
buon volére, unanimously ; 
di budna voglia, willingly. 
Buòno, m. advantage ; be- 
nefit ; colle budne, pi. 
tv'ith good words ; trattar 
colle budne, lo use one 
kindly ; tar buòno, to make 
good, to grant; buon per 

Bugiardo, adj. false 
Bugiarddne, m. a great liar 
Bugiare, to lie, to bore, tc 

Bugietta,/ a fib 
Bugio, m. a hole 
Bai;ióne, tn. a great lie 
BuglOssa,/. borage 
Busno, m. a bee-hive 
Bùgnola,/, and Bùgnolo, m, 

Bugr;ine,,r. bnekram 
Buietto, adj. darkish 
Buino, aiij. belonging to the 

Bùio, m. darkness; far le 

veil for 
Bùra,/. a plough-fail 
Burattèllo, and Buratto, m. a 
I bolting cloth for 

Burattino, m. (fantocclno) a 
puppet [ing 

Burbdnza, ostentation, vaunt- 

Burbanzàre, to brag, to boast, 
to glory 

Burbanzosaménte,adu. proud- 
ly, haughtily 

Bu'rbaiiidso, and Burban- 
zésco. adj. arrogant, pre- 

Bùrbera,/. a crane 

Burbero, adj. (austero) rude, 
rough, crabbed ; guardar 
bùrbero, a sour or surly 
look ; viso bùrbero, a proud 
and angry face 

Burchiello, m. a boat 
Bùrchio, m, a tvhtrry,, 

Burèlla, /. a dungeon, a pie- 
bald horse 
cturiasso, m. a boaster, a 
braggadocio, (also) a he- 
Burla,/, mockery, raillery 
Burlare, to ridiculu, jeer, ban- 
ter ; burlarsi, to joke 
Burlatóre, a banierer 
Burlésco, adj. facetious, merry 
Burletta, /. comic opera 
Burlévole, adj. wretched 
BuTlonàccìo, and Burlóne, m. 

Burrasca, /. a tempest ; córrer 

burrasca, to run a risk 
Burrascóso, adj. stormy 
Burrattàre,;<o discuss 

Burróne, m. a cliff 
Burròso, adj soft as butter 
Busbaccare, to deceive, to 

Bustaccherfa, /. craft, trick, 

Busbdcco, anrf Busbaccóne, m. 

Busbo, »i. sharper, cheat 
Busca, /. a search darsi alla 
busca di qualchetìiino, to be 
in quest of somebndy ; andiir 
alia busca, to go a begging 
Buscacchiare, (o procure 
Buscare, to hunt after, to rvatch 
Buscato, part, got, caught 
Buscatóre, m. searcher 
Buschette, /. ft. little sticks, 
or strarv ; tirar le buschette, 
to dram lots 
Buscióne, a bush of thorns 
Busco, ?n. (see Bruscolo) 
Buscolmo, in. an atom, or 

Bus€cchio, m. garbage 
Buso, adj. empty, bored 
Busna,/. a kind of trumpet 
Elissa, /. trouble, grief, fa- 
tigue, labour ; a blow, a 

Bussaménto, m. a knocking 
Bussare, to knock 
Bussato, part, knocked 
Bussatóre, m. he that knocks 
Busse,/, pi. thumps, strokes 
Busso, m. noise, box-tree 

pass ; pèrder la bùssola, to 

Butirro, m. butter 

Buttàrga, /. (caviale) the 

smoked sparvn offish 
Buttare, to throw, fling, 

Butteriito,"j>i«ed nith the small 

Buzzicare, t» sneak away, to 

pABALA, /. knowledge of 
^ secret things 
Cabalista, m. a cabalisi 
Cabalistico, adj. mysterious 
Cabottàggio, m. c'ruizi7ig (sea 

Cacalucchio ! an interjection 

Cacào, jrt. (see Caccio) 

Cacapensièri, m. one who 
raises difficulties 

Cacare, to void, to evacuate 

Cacasàngue, m. (dissenteria) a 
dysentery, a bloody flux 

Cacasòdo, m. a conceited fel- 
low, one that affects to be 




Cacata, /. the easing of the 

belly, a baffle 
Cacataménte, ac^. slowly, awk- 

Cacatura,/.<Ae action of easing 

Cacchióne, m. a certain worm, 
or maggot, a drone 

Cacchionoso, adj. full of mag- 

Caccia, /. hunting, chasing; 
prènder càccia, to fly away . 
dar càccia ad un vascello, 
to give a ship the chase ; 
egli ha fatto buona càccia, 
he has had good sport 

Càccia, /. (cacciaggióne) 
game; andar in càccia, io 

Cacciadiàvoli, m. a conjurer 
Cacciaffànni, adj. merry 
Cacciagióne, game, venison, 
bosco da cacciagióne, a wood 
for hunting 
Caccjaménto, m. expulsion- 
turning out 
Cacciare, io hunt, io pursue. 

r gli occhi ad 


Cacciata,/, expulsion 
Cacciato, part, chased 
Cacciatola,/, pincers 
Cacciatóre, m. a hunter, a per- 

Cacciatrfce, / a huntress ; in 
forma di cacciatrfce, in a 
riding habit 
Càccole,/, pi. hlearedness 
Caccolóso, adj. blear-eyed 
Cacherèllo, m. the dung of 

sheep, rabbits, Sfc. 
Cacherfa,^: dalliance, wanton- 

Cacheróso, adj quaint, soft. 


: far il 

cheróso, to bi 
Cachessia, f. a bad habit of 

Cachettico, adì. (etico) hec- 

five, consumptive 
Cachinno, m. a loud laugh 
Càcio, m. cheese ; èsser pane 

Cacìuóìa, f. flat round cheese 
Cacofonia, cacophony 
Cacografia, /. ihult in writing 
Cacografizzare, to wi ite incor- 
lacunie, m, top, height, sum- 
ladavero, and Cadàvere, m. a 

dead body 
;adavéricb, and CadaveróoO, 

Cadente, sdj. faHing, declin- 
Cadenza, /. cadence in music 
Cadére, to fall dutvn; far 
cader morto, lo slriUe dead, 
io happen ; cader nell' àni- 

tltoughtt; cader in discor- 
so, to fall into discourse : 
cader in tàglio, to fall out 
for one's purpose; cadére, 
to decay ; cader ammalato, 
io fall sick ; se cadesse mai, 
if ever it should happen ; 
non cade à voi di ripren- 
dermi, it is not your busi- 
ness to correct me 
Cadetto, m. a younger brother, 

Cadévole, adj. frail, perish- 

Cadiménto, m. destruction, 
fall, setting, despondency 

Caduceo, m. the wand of Mer- 

Caducità, /./rat-«7/ 

Caduco, ad) frail, perishable ; 
caduche speranze, deceiving 
hopes ; mal caduco, the fall- 
ing sickness 

Cadàta,f. fall, falling- 

Caduto, adj. fallen, abject, cast 

&pr rvith dice 
Caffè, m. coffee, coffee-house 
CaiTefeta, m. a coffee-di ink^r 
Caffettièra,/, a coffee-pot 
Caffettière m. a coffee-house 

Caffo, m. an odd number, sin- 
gular, rare, extraordinary 
Cagionaraénto, m. cause, oc- 

Cagionare, to occasion, impute, 

Ci^onsCto, fart, occasioned, 

Cagionatdre, m. one that causes 
Cagionceila, /. a Utile cause, 

Cagióne,/, cause, reason, mo- 

Cagionévole, adj. sickly, vale- 
C%lia, {from Calére) ove non 
caglia a te, provided you care 
„^«tforit [faittt 

Cagliare, fo decay, io gran 
Cagna,/, a bilch 
Cagnàccio, m. a mastiff dog 
Cagneggiàre, to show cruelty 
t-'agnescaménte, odv. surlily 


Cagnésco, adj. doggtsh, brut- 
ish ; guarciare in cagnésco. 

Cagnoletto, Cagnolino, Ca- 
gnòtto, Cagnùccio, and Ca- 
gnuólo, m. a Utile dog, a 

Calmine, m. caiman, a species 
of crocodile 

Cafaa,/. a place in Dante's hill, 
where traitors are punished 

Cala, /. bay, road for strips ; 
(also) ducking, a sea punish- 

Calabrdne, m. a hornet 
Calafatare, to calk a ship, fo 

stop her leaks 
Calafato, part, calked 
Calamàia,/. Calamàio, m. an 

ink-horn, or sca7id ; (also) 

Calamandrf na, /. germander 

needle qfthe compass 
Calamità,/, misery, distress 
Calamitare, to touch iron tvith 

the loadstone 
Calamitato, alj. belonging to 

Calamitosamente, adv. unhap- 
pily [tressed 
Calamitóso, adj. miserable, dis- 
Calancà, m. printed cotton 
Calandra,/, the bird woodlark 
Calàppio, m. a sliding knot, a 

Calare, to descend, decrease, 

decay, to ebb and flow 
Calata, /. descent of a hill, 

lessening, fall 
Calca,/, crorvd, multitude 
Calcagnare, to run arvay 
Calcagnino, m. the quarter of a 
shoe, the heels : andar a cal- 
cagnfni, to malk slipshod 
Calcagno, m. the heel ; dar delle 
calcagna, to spur ; pagar di 

Calcaménto,m. pressing,tread- 

ing npon 
Calcara, /. a kind of oven, or 

furnace for vitrifying 
Calcare, to press, tread upon, 

fo oppress [reous 

Calcàreo, Calcarlo, a. calca- 
Calcataménte, adj. closely 
Calcato, adj. pressed, crarvded; 

via calcata, the king's high- 
Calcatére, m. a trader ; calcà- 

tor d'uva, a treader of grapes ; 

calcatrfce, f. a woman tread- 


Calcattira,/. a trampling under 

Calce, Càlcio, m. the but-end 

of a gun 
Calcèse, m. a step,in a ship 
Calcètto, m. a sock, pumpT 
Calcieàre, to resist, to trample 
Calcidònio, and Calcedònio, 

m. a sort of precious stone 
Calelna, /. lime : calcina fio- 
rita, slacked Ifme 
Calcinàccio, m. rubbish, ruins 
Calcinàjo, m. a lime-kiln 
Calcinare, to calcine, to bum to 

Calcinato, adj. calcined, re- 

dueed to powder 
Calcinazione, and Calcinatura, 

/. calcination, reduced to 

Càlcio, m. a kick ; dar de' cal- 
ci, to kick 
Calc/o, m. the foot ; dar calci 
alle richézze, lo despise 
riches : dar calci al vènto, io 
kick the air, io be hanged, 
Calcitrare, lo kick, in resist 
Calcitrazidne,/ kicking 
Calcitròso, adJ. kicking 
Calco, m. chalking (a design 

or print) 
Calcolaiudio, m. a weat-er 
Calcolare, and Calculàre, te 

complete, calculate 
Calcolato, part, reckoned, com- 

Calcolatore, m. an accomptant 
Calcele,/, pi. a weaver's treadle 
Càlcolo, and Càlculo, »n. com- 

Càlcolo, the stone in the bladder 
Calcolóso, adj. troubled with 

Calculazidne,/ calculation 
Calda,/, the ad of heating 
Caldàia,/, and Caldaio, or Cal- 

dàro, wi. caidron, kettle, pot 
Caldamente, adv. ardently, 
eagerly, furiously ; pregar 
caldamente, to entreat ear- 
Caldana, /. a cold ; mid-day 

Caldano, »i. a brazier to warn* 

Calder^o, m. a brazier, < 

Calderino, m. the goldfinch 
Calderóne, m. a great kettl* 
Calderotto, m a^pot 

Caldita,/. heat 

Caldo, m. heat 

Caldo, adj. hot, Tvarm, kind, 
hearty, proud. Caldo cal- 
do, adv. in a moment, imme- 

Caldùccio, m. a small heat 

Caldura,/, sultry heat 

Calefetare, to calk ships 

Calendàrio, m. an almanack 

Calende,/ pt. calends,thejirst 
days of the month 

Calerne, adj. careless 

Calepino, m. a calepin (a dic- 

Calére, to care, to be concerned 
for : il vostro onore mi cale, 
/ am jealous of your honour. 
Méttere in non calere, to 
neglect. HÒ messo in 
calere ogni pensiero di 
detta, I think no more o. 

Calmato, ad), calmed, appeased 
Calo, «1. decay, diminution, 

fall (of money, S;c.) ; also, 

descent, stream 
Calóre, m. heat, rvarmth 
Caloria, f. fierce heat 
Calorifico, ac/J. warming, heat- 

tro, m. a thermometer 
Calorosamente, ado. ardently 
Caloróso, adj. hot, rvarin tem- 

Calfa, /. gold-dust, a jot, no- 

Càlibe, m. steel 

Calibrare, to dispart (a piece 

of ordnance) 
Calibro, m. the stamp, parts^ 

S-c. of a person ; the bore of a 

cilice, m. clialice, commu 

Calidità,/. heat, warmth 
Cdlido, adj. hot, marm 
Califfo, m. a caliph 
Caligare, t» grow dark, dh 
Caligine, /. mist, blindness, 

Caliginóso, adj. dark, misty. 

Calla, and Callàia,/, entrance, 

Callaiuóls,/. a net, or snare 
Calle, m. path, road, street 

Callidità,/, craft, cunning 
Callido, adj. crafty 
Calligrafia, the art of tvritin, 

rvell {te 

Calligrafo, m. a tvriting-mas 
Callista, m. a corn-cutter 
Callo, m. a corn, a hard skin 
Galloria,/, dunging fields 
Callosità,/, hardness offiesh 
Callóso, aaj. callous, hard 
Calma./, a calm 
Calmare, to ^uief, pacify 

Calpestare, to trample, slight. 

Calpestata,/ high road 
Calpestatóre, m. a trampler 
Calpestio, m. stamping, clat- 
tering with the feet 
Calterlre, to gall, to rub the 

skin off- 
Calterito, adj. sore, galled, im- 
pure ; consciénza calterita, 

Calteritiira, /. scratch, exco- 

Calvàre, to make bald; cal- 

varsi. to become bald 
Calvézza, Calvizie, /. and 

" ' 'o,m. baldness 
Calugine, and Calluggine, /. 

Calvinismo, m. Calvinism 
Calvim'sta, m. a Calcinist 
Calumare, to veer the cable 
Calùnnia, /'. slander 
Calunniare, to slander, asperse, 

Calunniato, adj. calumniated, 

accused falsely 
Calunniatóre, m. slanderer 
Calunniosamente, adv. falsely 
Calunnióso, adj. calumnious, 

Calvo, adj. bald ; calvo, in. 

the bald part of the head 
Caluria,/. manuring 
Calza, / stockings, a strainer. 

Calzacela,/, old stockings 
Calzaiuolo, »». a hosier 
Calzaménto,7n. shoes andstcck- 

Calzarétto, m. pi. Iiaif-boots 
Calzarino, m. buskin 
Calzato, adj. having shoes and 


Calzettàio, m. a hosief 
Calzolàio, m. a shoe-maker 
Calzoleria, /. a shoe-maker'» 

Calf óni, m. pi. breeches 
Calzuòlo, m. the shape of a 
" scabbard 

Cama,/. a kind ofshell-fsh 
Camaglio, m. a coat of mail 
Camaleóne,/, the thistle 
Camaleónte, m. a reptile, ca- 

Camamflla, and Camomilla, 

/ camomile 
Camangiàre, m. greens, dishes 
Camarlingato, m. a high ch.ani 

Camarlingo, m. chamberlain 
Camàto, m. a brush, stick 
Camàuro, m. the popifs triple 

Cambelletto, m. camlet 
Cambiàbile, adj. changeable 
Cambiadore, m. a banker 
Cambiale, /. a bill of ex- 
_ change; cambiale pagàbile 
al latóre, a bill payable tu 

Cambiare, to turn, change, 
alter; cambiare, to change, 
to track, to drarv upon for 
money ; cambiarsi, to change 
colour; cambiarsi in male, 
to degenerate 

Cambiato, adj. aitered, trans- 
formed ; é tutto cambiato, he 
is much altered, quite another 

Cambiatóre, m. exchanger ; 

Càmbio, m. change ; exchange, 
in càmbio, instead: co- 
glier in càmbio, to be mis- 
taken ; lèttera di cambio, 
bill of exchange ; càmbio 
'" —-'^nge without al- 
ider il cambio. 

lomance ; 
to regnile, to be eren with 
one ; dare a cambio, te lend 
at interest 
Cambista, m. a banker 
Carabraia, /. lawn, cam- 
Camera, /. chamber, room ; 
camera locanda, furnished 
lodgings : camera di letto 
, bed-chamber; camera c 
I udiènza, audience chamber ■ 

camera terréua, parlour ; 

camera di poppa, a cabin 

Cameraccia, /. an ill shaped 

Camerale, adj. belonging to a 

Camerata. /. club, society ; un 

camerata, a companion 
Cameretta,/, a little room 
Camerièra, /. a cliamber- 

Cameriére, m. a valet, groom 

of the charhbera 
Camerino, ni. close, small 

room, a cabin (in a ship) 
Camerllngo, m- a chamber- 
Camerdne, m. a large room 
Cameròtto, ni. a dungeon 
Càmice, m. ^a priest's rvhite 

Canitcia,/. a shirt, shift 
Camiciotto, m. a linen petti- 

CamiciucSIa,/. a rvaistcoat 
Cammello, m. a camel 
Cammèo, m, precious stone in 

Camminante, adj. a traveller. 

Camminata, /. a rvalk , fare 
una camminata, to take a 

Camminatóre, m. nalker. 

Cammino, m. may, road, jour- 
ney ; a chimney : méttersi 

journey ; 

1 negòzi 

Carao, m. a bridle, bit, rein 
Camorro, m. a clown 
Camosciare, to drest leather, 


m. tanned lea- 

Camòzza, /. a wild goat, a 

Camp;igna, /. the country, a 
campaign ; méttersi in cam- 
pagna, to take the field 

Campagnudlo, adj. rural ; un 
campagnudio, a country- 

Campale, adj. pertaining to 
the field ; battaglia campale, 
gioi-nata campale, a battle. 

Campamento, m. encamp 


Aver le czunpane grosse, to 

be dull of hearing 

Campanàio, and Campanaro, 
in. a ringer, a bellfounder 

Campanella, /. and Campa- 
nello, m. a small bell : 
corapanélla, the blue - bell 

Campanfle, m. a belfrey, a 

Campare, to preserve, to live ; 
campare dalla mòrte, to save 
one's self; campar dalla 
giustizia, to fiy from justice; 
non ne campò uno, not one 

Campàio, adj. escaped 

Campeggiare, to encamp, to 

Campéggio, m. lognood 

Camperéccio, adj. wild, ru- 

Camperello, and Campicello, 

?n. a small field 
Campestre, ana Campestre, 

adj. rural 
Campidòglio, m. the Roman 


Campióne, m. a champion, c 

journal, a shop-book 
Campionessa,/, a heroine 
Campire, to paint the sky oi 

Campo, m. afield, a square 
levar il campo, to decamp 
dar campo, to give oppor 
tunity : dar campo aperto, ti 
give liberty ; campo della 

Camuffare, io disguise, to mask 
Camuft'àto, adj. disguised, 

Camuso, adj. flat nosed 
Canàglia, and Canagliàccia,/. 

mob, rabble 
Canale, m. a canal, kennel 
Canaletto, m. a little canal 
Cànapa,/, hemp 
Canapàia,/, a hemp field 
Cànajie, and Cànapo, m. rope. 

Canapino, adj. of hemp, hempen 
Canapuccia,/, hemp-seed 
Canarino, m. a canary-bird 
Canata,/, scolding 
Canatteria,/. many dogs 
Ganattiére, m. a dog-keeper 
Canavàccio, m. canvass, tornei, 



Cancellaménto, m. cancelling, 

Cancellare, to cancel, deface, 

yield, to close with rails 
Cancellato, part, cancelled 
Cancellatura, and Cancella. 

ziòne,/. dash of the pen 
Cancellerésco, adj. belonging 

to chancery 
Cancelleria,/, chancery 
Cancellière, m. clei-k, chan- 

Cancello, m. pales, balustrade» 
Cànchero, «i. a canker, sore 
Cancheróso, adj full of sores 
Cancrèna,/, a gangrene 
Cancrenare, to gangrei 

Candéla,/, a canJ/e 
Candelabro, m. a candlestick 
Candelàia, Candelàra, Can- 
delòra, and Candellàia, /. 
Candelliére, m. a candlestick 
Candellottàjo, m. a tallow- 
Candelòtto, wi. and Cande- 
ltiz2a, /. a small candle , 
candelotto di ghiàccio, an 
Candente, adj. burning, red- 
hot, shining 
Oandidaménle, adv. candidly 
Candidato, m. a candidate for 

Candidato, adj. dressed in 

Candidézza, /. brightness, sin- 
cerity, candour, purity 
Càndi<lo, adj. white, sincere. 

Candito, adj. zeccherò can- 
dito, éugàr-candy ; candito. 

Candore, vi. whiteness, since- 

Cane, m. a dog ; the cock of 
a gun : dog-star ; cane liv- 
riére, a greyhound ; cane 
segùgio, a setting dog ; cane 
barboTie, or da acqua, a 
shagged dog, a poodle day 

Canesù-a, /. and Canèstro, m. 
a basket 

Canestrèllo, nt. a little bas- 

Cangiabile, ailj- changeahle 
Cangiante, orf;. changing 
Cangiare, tu change, tur 

Cannibale, m. a cannibal 
Canicola, /. the ' dog-star ; 

giórni canicolari, dng-dayi 
Canile, m. a dog-kcnnd 
Caninaménte, adv. dog-like 
Canino, duggisli, canine ; 
fame canina, canine hun- 
ger : denti canini, the eye- 

Canna, /. a enne, a rerd ; the 
gnllet ; un di ; canna d'archi- 
bùso, the harrel of a gun: 
canna d' òrgano, the pipe oj 


•ter-pipe ; 

Cannellato, adj. seasoned tvith 

Cannéto, m. a place where 

Cannibale, adj. rustie, rough 

Cannocchidle, and 6anoc- 
chiàle, m. a perspective 
glass ; a telescope 
Cannonata,/ a cannon-shot 
Cannoncèllo, and Cannoncino, 
m. a little cannon, a rvater- 
vìpe ; cannóne del collo, the 

Cannoneggiare, ta cannonade 

through : a poit-hnle 
Cannonière, m. a gunner 
adj. full of reeds 



tion, sainting 
Canopé, m. a canopy bed, a 

Canoro, adj. harmonious 
Canossa../-: the dog-fish 
Canova,/, a celiar, a buttery 
Canovàio, m. a butler, a siure- 

Cansàre, io retnoie, lo escape ; 
cansàr di pericolo, lo secure, 

Cansato, adj. taken aniay ; 

Cantàbile, arfj. cantabile (mu- 
sic t^rni) 
Cantaccliiàro, to sing badly, 

Cantante, adj. a singer 

praise ; cantar il vespro a 

qualcheduno, to rattle, scold 

Cantaro, 7/1. a stone weight, a 

Cantata,/, a poem set to music 
Cantato, adj. messa cantata, 

high mass 
Cantatóre, m. a singer 
Cantatrice, /. a female sing- 

Canterellare, (see Cantacchi- 

Canterflle, / pi. caniharides, 

Cantennai /. and Canterino, 

»n. a chanter, songster 
Càntero, m. a close-stool pan 

a./ a 


Canònica, /. the place rvhere 

Canonicale, adj. canonical 
Canonicalmente, udì', eanoni- 

Canonicàto, m. a canon's place 

/. the song of 

Canticchiare, to sing lori' ; to 

^ Càntico, »i. a spiritual song 
j Cantilenacela,/, bad singing 
I Cantilenare; to sing 
I Cantimplòra, /. a great bottle, 

to put in an ice-pM 
I Cantina,/, a care, a cellar 
! Cantinètta,^'. o little cellar, an 

Cantinière, and Cantiniérb, m. 
Cantino, m. the smaller 

tide; m'è sempre a canto, 
(angolo), COI ner ; mettetelo 

Cantóne, m. (sasso angolare) a 

li degli ' Svizzeri, the 
rteen cantons of the 

Cantonièra, /. a strumpet, a 

Cantdnùto, adj. cornered 
Cantóre, m. a'singer 
Canturciàio, »H. a pastry-cook ; 

Canzona, and Canzóne,/ .e 
canzonet ; dar canzóne, 
give fair words ; nietten 

Cao, tn. a sea-calf 
Caos, »i. confusion, chaos 
Capaccio, adj. obstinate, stub- 

Ca]iàce, adj. capable, skilful. 

Capacitare, to com 

cità<-si, tobeptis. 

Capacitato, adj. cot 

ottage ; cajianna del caiii- 

Capanniscondere, m. the gome 
of hoop [cottage 

Capanno, m a thatched house, 
Capa.móla, f. an assembly, club 
Capanmtccia,/. a little totlage. 


a bonfirt 


Caparbieria, and Caparbietà, 

/ obstinacy, rvUfulnes, 
Capàrbio, ad), f toward, rvtiful, 

stubborn; spirito capàrbio, 

fierce, brutish 
Caparra, '. and Caparramén- 

to, m. earnest money 
Caparrare, to bespeak, to give 

Caoarrcjne, ad), foolish, stupid 
Capassòne, adj. silly, foolish. 

Capata, f. a blow with the head 

Capecchio, m. trash, orjlock 

Capellamémo, m Capellatu- 
ra, and Capellièra, /. head 
of hair, periwig, false hair, 
a hat-box 

Capello, m.AatV 

CapelUito, adj. hairy 

Capelvènere, and Capelvènero, 
m the kerb maiden-hair 

Capestrerfa, /. (see Vezzo, 

Capestro, m. a rope, halter ; 
a wicked fellow 

Capestniizo, m. a rascal. 

Capetto, m. a little head 
Capévole, adj. capable 
Capezzale, m. a band; ah,, 
ster esser al capezzale, to 

be at the point of drath 
Capézzolo, m. the nipple 
Cap:cério, m. a vestry-keeper 
Capiculato, a. head to head 
Capidòglia, J-. and Capidòglio. 


rfa, /. the command of a 

Capitanato, part, commanded, 

Capitaneggidre, to comtnand 

Capitano, m. captain, com- 

— "— governor; minister 

Capitare, to,arriveat; capitare 
male, to fall into misfortune ; 
capitar nelle mani, to fall 
into one's hands ; far cap 
be der 





t. afire 

Capillare, adj. i 
CapilUto, adj. /..... .V , . 

Capillizio, 7(1 a head of liair 
Capiménto, m. capacinusnes 
Capinascénte, m. a live-hi 

Chinerà,/, and Capinére, 
the blackcap (a bird) 

Capip.-irte, and Capipopolo, 
the head of th.' parly 

Capfre, to c.n„.,chemi, nnd 
stand, hold; non capfre m 
stésso, to be overjoyed 

Capisoldo, m bounty, gralui 

Capitale, m. capital, wealth, 
stock, esteem: far capita 
d'uno, to depend on ; fiicci 
'n tutto, di 

Capitato, part, arrived 
Capitazióne,/, poll-money 
Capitèllo, »ii. the head of a 
pillar, the head-band of a 
bo.-ik ^ ^ 

Capitolante, m. a member qf a 

Capitolare, to capitulate, to 
treat : to divide into chap- 


Capìtolo, m. a chapter ; chap- 
ter, or as.'.eml>ly; a chapter- 
home, the head-band of a 

Capitoli, m. pi. accord, conven- 

Capitombolare, to fall head- 

Capitómbolo, m. a tumble 
Capitóne, m. a gull; coars, 

Capitóso, adj. obstinate 
Capitozza,/ the pollard oak 
Capo, m. head; beginning at 

end. Da capo, adv. again; 

da capo a piedi, from 

top to toe; capo per capo, 
• .. i.i.. . capo, chief. 


to one; tar capo, to oppote, 
resist; non aver altro in 
capo, to think of nothing 
else ; capo d'anno, ne'v year't 
day ; capo di contrada, al- 

Capobandfto, m. chief of ban- 
ditti, ofhigh»-aymen 

Capobombardiére, ni. a com- 
mander oflioml)adiers 

Capocaccia, »i. a prijice'* chief 
huntsman [stick 

Capòcchia, /. the head of i 

p„^'(--'.,:~ -,•//.. /*/,/,f;*A 

Capocénso, r, 
Capoclifno, » 
Capocrdce, rr. 

Capocuòco, m. a clerk of the 

Capogatto, m. the staggers 
Capogirlo, m. giddiness 
Capogiro, m. a frolic, crotchet. 

Capolavoro, m. a masterpiece 
Capoletto, m. the bed's head 
Capolevare, to fall the head 

Capolino, m. a little head ; far 
rapolmo, to spy through a 

leader, 'captai 

poèta di Ro..,<», ..- j — 

himself to be the best poet 
in Rome ; métter nel capo, 

capo del mese, at 


, adì e 

m vie' 



suffered deatk 
Capitana,/, the admiraF.i ship 
Capitanània, and Capitane- 

j an end. 

Capo, 'a cape, or promon- 
toru : métter capo, to dis 
burden ; rimaner col capo 
rotto, io have the tvorsl; 
far capo da uno, to apply 


Cilpolo, m. handle 
Capomaéstro, m. a master 

builder, a chief, superin- 

Caponàggine, and Caponeria, 

Caponaménte. adv. obstinately 
Capóne, adj. obstinate 
Capóne, ni a stubborn man 
Capoparto, ni. the after-hìrth 
Capopiéde, m. a folly, error 
Caporale, m. a corporal, cap- 

Caporióne, ni. a commander 
CaposOldo, «i. a bounty 
Caposquadra, ni. a commo- 

Capovérso, m. the beginning of 

CopovOlgeiB, and Capovoltare, 

to turn upside down 
Capovolto, part, upside down, 

Cappa, /. a cloak, the scalUy 

fish, a churchman's cap 
c'appare, to pick, choose 
Cappato, part, picked, cuiied 
Cappella,/, a chapel, aprivate 
chapel : musicians of a cha- 
pel; maestro di cappella, 
the head of a choir of singen 
in a church 

Cappellàccio, m, a large bad 

('appellano, »n. a chaplaitj. 
Cappellètta, a:id Cappellina, 

f. a small chapel 
Cappelletto, and CappelUno, 

Cappelliera,/, a hat-box 
CappelIini(io, m. a rack (to 

hang things on) 
Cappello, m. a hat, a cardinal's 

hat ; cappél di fungo, the top 

Cappelline, m. a large hat 
Cappelluccio, m. an old hat 
Cappelluto, part- tufted, crest- 

Càpperi ! interj. {see Ceppita) 
Cilppero. m. capers 
Capperóne, m. a capuch, a 

Capperuccio, m. a camail, 

Cnppietto, m. a sliding knot 
Cappio, m. a running knot 
Cdppita! iiiterj. heyday ! 
Capponàia, f. a men) or coop, 

(to keep fowls in) 
Capponare, to capon 
Capponato, part, caponed 
CapponcCUo, m. a young ca- 
Cappóne, m. capon 
Capponiéra, /. a sort of trench 
tvith luop-hotes^ to fire out 

Cappuccino, m. a capuchin 

Cappùccio, m. a corvi, a hood ; 

cappuccio, cabbage-lettuce 
Capra, /. a goat : salvar la 

capra e i càvoli, do good 

to one rvithout hurting an- 

Capraio, atid Caprdro, m. a 

Capresteda,/. a frolic 
Capretta, OHiiCapréttina,/. a 

Capretto, and Capraltfno, m. a 
^ *W 
Capribarbicomj'pede, adj. goai- 

Capricciare, to ^tiaie, to 

Capriccio, m. shaking in a 
fevir ; capriccio, freak, 
nhi,-^. fancj/ ; aver ca- 


, to long 
iv. capri- 

Cspriccióso, adj. humour- 

Capi-icSmo, m Capricorn 
Caprifico, 7(1. a wild fig-tree 
Caprifòglio, and Caprifólio, 

m. honeysuckle, or shrub 

Caprigno, adj. goatish 
Càprio, and Capriudio, m. a 

n:itd goat, a roe-buck 
Capriòla, and Capriuóla, /. a 

icild she-goat : capriòla, a 

caper in dancing 
Capriolare, to cut capers 
Caprioletto, m. afar.:n 
Caprone, m. a he-goal, a cuck- 

CAvabe.f a sort of amber 
Carabina,/, a carabine 
Carabinière, »i a carabineer 
Caracollare, to wheel about 
Caracollo, m. wheeling about 
Caraffa, ajlagon, a bottle 
Caraffino, »i. a small Jlagon 
Caraff'óné, m. a large Jlagon 
Caramente, adv. dearly, ten- 
derly ; vi prego caramente, 
/ entreat you : me la pa- 
gherai caramente, you sitali 
pay dear 
Caramógio, m. a droarf 
Carapignàrsi, to juirfc, to 

ratàre, to consider, to deli- 

Caratato, part, considered, 

Caratèllo, m. a keg for liquor 
Carato, rrt. a carat ; un sciòcco 

di ventiquattro carati, a 

great fool 
Caràttere, m. character, mark, 

print : hand ; letter; dignity, 

Caratteristico, part, charac- 
Caratterizzare, to characterize, 

CaravSUo,/. a small ship 
Carbonàia, / u coal-pit; a 

ditch, a dungeon, prison ; a 

Carbonaio, m. a coal-man 
Carboncello, and Carbónchio, 

ni. a carbuncle, a little coal 
Carbonchióso, adj. burnt, 


Carbóne, 511. coal; a misura 

di carbóne, plentifully 
Carcame, m. a carcass ; (also) 

Carcàre, to /ua<i 
Carcàsso, ni. a quiver for 

Carcerare, to imprison 
Carcerato, «4i- imprisoned 
Carceratóre, Vn. lie mho impri- 

Carcerazióne, /. hnprison- 

Càrcere. m. or/, a prison 

Carcidfano, "'Carciofaio, and 
Carciófo, m artichoke 

Carco, m. charge, burden, load; 
questa nostra vita é carca di 
guai, this life is full of trou- 

Cardare. to card wool 
Cardato, part, carded 
Cardatóre, m. a carder, a 



Cardelletto, and Cardellino. 

m. a finch, a linnet 
Cardinalato, >n. cardinal- 


Cardinalésco, and Cardina- 
lizio, adj. belonging to a 

Cardinali, adj. pi. principal, 
le virtù cardinali, prin- 
cipal virtues ; punti cardi 
nàli, cardinal points ; nù- 
meri cardinali, cardinaC 

Càrdini, nu pi. and Càrdine, 
m. the hinge of a gate ; i càr- 
dini del mondo, the poles of 
the earth 

Cardo, m. a thistle ; a card for 

Cardosanto, m. a holy thistle 

Careggiare, to coax, Jlaiter, 
wheedle ; careggiare, to 

Careggiato, part, coaxed, ca- 

Carena,/ the keel of a ship; 

«, io CI 

Careizaménto, ni. 

Carezzare, to caress, cajole 
Carezzato, part caressed 
Carezzevole, aJj. caressing, 

Jlatterhifr, alhn-ing 
Carezzevolmente, adv. kindly 
Carezzlna,/. allurement 
Carezzoccia, /. clownish ca- 

Càrica, /. burden, load : the 
charge of a gun ; io ho la 
càrica di questo, / have 
charge of this ; dar la cà- 
rica al nemico, io attack the 

Caricante, adj. charged 
Caricare, to load, burden ; 
caricare un archibùso, to 
charge a gun, to charge 

memdiia, to clog the me- 
mory ; caricar uno di ba- 
stonate, io beat one severely ; 
caricarla ad uno, io play 
tricks tvith one : caricarsi, 
to take upon one's self 

Caricato, part, loaded 

Caricatóre, m. and Caricatrice, 
/. he or she that loads 

Caricatura,/, a caricature 

Càrico, m. burden, load, care, 
blame; nave di càrico, a 
merchant ship ; dar il càrico 
di qualche cosa ad uno, lo 
intrust a person ; càrico di 

Càrie,/, rulfen ., 

Carino, and Carina, adj. Utile 

Carióso, ad], rotten, tvoim- 

Carisma,/, a grace, favour 

Carità, Caritàde, n/id Cantate, 
/. charity ; far la cariti», t,> 
give alms ; carità pelósa, 
selfish charity 

Caritatévole, adj. charitable 

Caritatevolmente, and Cari- 
tativamente, adv. charita- 

Caritativo, adj. merciful, cha- 

Carlóna, /. alla carlóna, adv. 
coarsely, clownishly, 
dially, openly 

Carmeìitàno. a Carmelite 

Carminare, io card moot 
Carminato, par*, carded 
Carminio, /. carmine (fine red 

Camàccia,/. carrion 
" iacció:.o, adj full of flesh 

laggio, m.jiesh-meat 
Carnagióne,/, the complexion ; 

"~a carnagióne bianca e 
àce, a fair lively com- 

fratello carnale, an o 

'.arnalità,/. sensuality, Inst 
Carnalmente, adv. sensuali; 
Carname, m. carrion, carca 
Camascialàre, io give up 
unlawful pleasure, gì 

Carnasciale, m. the three l 
days of the carnival 
amascialésco, adj. of e 

Came, /. flesh, meat, pulp of 
fruit; esser in came, to bt 
fat; far came, to slaugh- 
ter ; métter troppa carne 
a fuòco, io undertake toc 
much ; came gròssa, but- 
cher's meat ; tagliar fin alla 
carne viva, to cui to tht 

Carnéfice, in. a hangman , 
executioner ; a bloody-minded 

Càrneo, adj. fleshy 
Camesalàta,/. salt pork 
Camesécca, /. salt neat 
Carniere, m. budget, pouch 
Camificfna,/. vintder ; slaugh- 
ter ; the place of execu- 

CamivoTo, adj. voracious,flesh- 

CamosStto, and Carnóso, adj. 

fleshy, plump 
Carnosità, /. fleshiness, car- 

nosity (a disease) 
Carnovale, m. carnival 
Camovalesco, adj. of the ear- 

Camiito, adj (tee Camdso) 

Caro, adj. dear, costly , nel- 

come, grateful, beloved ; mi 

sarebbe caro di vederlo, / 

should be glad to see him ; 

m' è più caro d' esser in citi. 
eh' in cEunpagna, / loi-e bet 
ter io be wi torvn than in ih 


Carógna,/, carrion, carcass 
Caronnàccia, fan old prosdluie 
Caròla.,/, dance, couniry-dance 
Carolare, io dance country- 

Caròta,/, a carrot, a fib : cac- 
ciar caròte, io He : a me non 
ficcherete questa caròta, 
you shall not make me be- 

Carotàccia,/. a rotten carrot, a 

Carotàio, m. fibber, liar, car- 

Carotare, io tell a lie 

Carovana, / a caravan ; a 
company of ships 

Carovèllo, m. a kind of pear-tree 

Carpàcco, »i. a kind of Grecian 

Carpare, io snatch from , to 
creep along, to walk upon 

Cari)èntiére, m. a cartmright. 

Carpicelo, m. a great quantity ; 
dare un buon carpicelo, to 
bang, thrash one soundly 

Càrpine, m. a lime-tree 

Carpióne, m. a carp 

Carpfre, to snatch 

Carpitella, / a kind of light 

Carpobalzamo, m. the fruit qf 

a balsam-tree 
Carpóne, adv. crawling, andar 

carpóne, fogo crawling ; star 

carpóne, to sit squatting 
Carradóre, Carràjo, m. a earl- 

w right, a carter 
Carrata,/, a cart-load 
Carratello, m. a kind of barrel 
Carreggiare, to drive a cart 
Carreggiata./, highway, road; 

uscir della carreggiata, to be 

Carreggiatóre, m. a carman 
Carreggio, »i. carts, carriage, 

CarrStta, a kind of cart 
Carrettàio, m. carman, carter 
Carrettata,/ cart-load 
Carrettiéra, the carman's wife 
Carrettière, >«. a carter 
Carretto, m. a wheelbarror» 
Carrettóne, m. a waggon 
Carriàggio, m. equipage, bag- 
Carrièra,/ career, course, race 
Carrino, m. a barricado, or 

Carriuóld,/ a truckle-bed 

load ; un carro di liCno, a 

^ , ìtellatwn ; 

far il carro colla vela, to 

shift the sail 
Carròzza, f. a coach 
Carrozzàbile, adj a place 

where a coach may no to 
Carrozzaio, ni. a coach-maker 
Carrozzata, /. a coach-full 
Carrozzière, m. a coachman 
Carrozzino, m. a chariot 
Carruba,/, a sort of bean 
Carruccio, m. a go-cart 

cl"ico\ir{: V'inZre, over- 

Carrucoletto,/. a small pulley 
Carta,/, paper ; carte, cards : 
giuocare alle carte, to play 
III cards ; dar le carte alla 
scopèrta, to speak one's 
mind; far le ciirte, to deal 
the cards : carta, a map ; 
carta ila navigare, a sea 
chart ; carta, u page of a 
book : carta ainmarezzSta, 

Cartapècora, /. parchment, 

Cartapesta./ macerated paper 
Cartastraccia, /. blutting-paptr 
Cartasugànte, /. sinking-paper 
Cartata,/, a page 

C^sa, /. house, home, habita- 
tion, parentage, family ; ove 
state di casa, nhere do you 
live? star con l'occliió a 

aprir casa, io take a house; 
èsser di casa, to be inlimate ; 
casa maladètta, hell ; andate 
a casa maladètta, go to the 

Casacca, / a coat : a great 
ceat, a surlout ; voltdr ca- 
sacca, to be a turncoat 

Gasacela, / an old ruinous 

Casàccio, m. a strange accident 
Casale, vi. a hamlet, village 
Casalingo, adj. domestic ; 
donna casalinga, a !wuse- 
Casamatta, /. a sort of fortifi- 
cation: ajail for soldiers 
Casaménto, ni. a large house, 


to the compass ; to keep a 

Cartéggio, m. correspondence 
Cartèlla,/, a book cover 
Cartellare, to challenge by 

Cartèllo, m. a manifesto ; 

libel, a lampoon, a chatlen. 
Cartellóne, ni, a placard^ 

Cartièra,/, a paper-mill 
Canilàgine, f. cartilage, gri, 

Casata, /. and Casito, m. 

Cascàggine,/, a drowsiness 
Cascaniénto, m. a fall 
Cascamorto, m. far il casci 

mi5rto, to be street upon 

Cascante, adj. hanging djmi 

bethink one's self; cascare, 
to fall into sin ; 1 denti mi 
cascano, / lose my teeth 
Cascata,/, a cascade 
Cascaticcio, adj frail, ruinous, 

' d: casa cascaticcia, a 

ready to fall 
Cascatolo, adj. one who easily 

falls in love 
Caschetto, m. a head-piece 

,fapluce to keep cows 
Cascino, m. a cheese-press 
tall h 

break, a blank 
'ng posts 

Cartolare, Cartolare, nt. 

■ Casellini, m. t 
(at races) 

Casereccio, adj. belonging to a 
house ; pan casereccio, house- 
hold bread 
asSrma,/ a barrack 

Casièra, /. a housekeeper, 

Casimfr, m. kerseymere 
Casina, /. and Casino, 

the keeper of a 

Casista, 1)1. a casuist 

Caso, ?(i. chance, aceideut : a 
caso, by chance ; dato il caso, 
put the case, suppose; casOj 

'tis »i, 


■ ; fact ; 

; of c 

caso di qualche 
cdsa, to make much oj' any 
thing : caso che, in case 
that ; uòmo a caso, a care- 
less 7nan; questo è il caso, 
this is the point 
Casolare, m. a paltry house 
Casóne, m. a great house 
Casi5so, adj. anxious, pensive, 

careful ' 
Casetta, /. and Casotto, nt. a 

snug house, a sentry-box 
Cassa, /. chest, trunk, cask ; 

cassi d'art'i^li'Jfa," a" car- 
riage for ordnance ; cassa di 
lètto, a bedstead; cassa, a 

d'occhiali, Me case for a pair 

of spectacles 
Cassare, to blot out, cancel, raze 
Cassato, part, crossed out. 


ward wall, the upper deck 
Casseróla,/. a copper pan 
Cassétta, f. a box for cash, a 

Cassettàio, ni. a box-maker 
Cassettóne, m. a great box 
Càssia,/, the drug cassia 
Cassière, m, a cashier, a cash- 


Casso, adj. 'empty. 

oid. Vi 

Castagnétta. /. ca.itanet 
Castagnfno, and Castagno, 
adj. bay, or chestnut-co- 

Castalderia, /. lailiffship, 

Castaldo, m. baillffofa manor. 

Castamente, adv. chastely. 


It of a 

: ! Catapuzza,/, rparge (a plant) 

Castellano, adj. belonging io a 

Castellare, m. an old castle 
Castellétto, and Castèllo, m. 
Utile tnrvn, or castle : cas- 
tèllo della nave, the fore- 
cast! <- of a shii, 
Castelletto, »i. a large borough 
Castellùccio, m. a little castle 
Castigaraénto, »i. puìiishtnent. 

Castigare, lo reprimand, ad- 

Castità,./; chastity, purity 
Casto, ar,. chaste, pure 
Castóne, m. that part of the 

■nng ti'herein the stone is set 
Castiirio, m. castor 
Castòro, and Castore, m. a 

a beaver hat [camp 

Castrarne tazions,/. pitching a 
Castrapórci, and Castrapor- 
célli, HI. a gelder 
Castrare, to castrate, cut ; 
castrare un libro, to curtail 

Castrato, m. a wether sheep 
Castrato, part, castrated 
Castratura./ the part curtailed 
Castrènse, adj. pertaining to a 

Castronaccio, and Castróne, 
m. a castrated lamb : a block- 
head, a booby ; a name of 
contempt for the soprano 
Castronerfa,/. dulness 
Casuale, adj. accidental; una 

cosa casuale, an accident 
Casualità, f. casuality 
Casualmente, adv. accident- 
ally, liy chance 
Casuario, m. the cassiorvary 
Casùccia, and Casùpola, /. a 

small house, a cottage 
Casufsta, m. a casuist 
Casùzza,/. a poor little house 
Catacómba, /. a vault where 

martyrs were buried 
Catafalco, m a scaffold 
Catafuscio,(a) ad. rashly, topsy- 

Catafratta,/ a coat qf mail 
Catalessfa,/. catalepsit 
Cataletto, m. a bier, a cojgin 
Catalogo, m. a catalogue 
Catapécchia,/, a desert 
Cataplasma,/, poultice, caia- 

Catapulta, /. a warlike engine 
to shoot darts, SiC. 

Catarrosamente, adv. rheum- 

Catarróso, that which causes a 
c.-ild. he that has a cold 

Catarzo, *. coarse silk that 
cannot be spun, dirt 

Catasta,/ a pile of wood, <S-( 
a funeral pile ; a certain 
whereby wood is sold 



Catastrofe./ catastrophe, fatal 

Catechistico, adj. instructi 
Catechizzive, to catechise 
Catecùmeno, m. one newly 

Categoria,/, category m logic 
Categoricamente, adv. cate- 

Categòrico, adj. categorical 
CateiUno, and Catèllo, m. a 

little dog, a whelp 
Catellón catellóne, adv. step 
by step ; andar catellón ca- 
tellóne, to go softly 
Caténa,/, a chain, a necklace : 
uscir di caténa, to get loose ; 
caténa di monti, a long 
Hdge of mountains 
Catenàccio, m. a bolt 
Catendre, to chain 
Catenato, part, chained 
Catenèlla, /. and Catenùzzj 

/ a little chain 
Cateratta, /. a flood-gate, 
shiice, a portcullis at a city 
gate, a fall of water, a cata- 
ract, disease of tite eyes so 

Catèrva, / a multitude 
Catinàio, »n. a potter 
Catinèlla, /. and Catino, m. 

an earthen basin 
Catòrcio, m. a bolt 
Carrafosso, m. a precipice 
Catrame, m. a sort of gum a liti^iousfellow 
Cattano, m. a lord of a manor 
Cattare, to get, obtain ; cattar 

la limosina, to beg 
Cattedra,/, a public chair; a 

CitteHra. the Papal Set 
Cattedrale,/, a cathedral 
Cattedrante, m. a master in a 


Cattedràtico, m. a lecturer, or 

Cattivacelo, adj. wicked, lewd, 

kniivish ; un cattivacelo, »n. 

a cheat, a bravo 
Cattivamente, adj. unjustly, 

Cattivanàuóla, /. knavery, 

Cattivare, to enslave, to mas- 
ter; to induce; cattivarsi 1' 

animo di qualchcdùuo, to 

win one's heart 
Cattivato, vaH. captivated 
Cattivege-are, to lead a bad 

life ; to grieve 
Cattivèllo, m. wretched ; con- 

tei,iptih>e; egli è un catti 

Tello, he is a crafty rogue 
Cattivellùccio, adj lean, weak 
Cattivézza, /. knavery, ro 

Cattività, / slavery, distress ; 

villany, mischief 
CatUvo, adj. captive, wicked; 

ìin cattivo, a slave, a rascal 
Cattolicamente, adv. as a 

Cattolicità,/ Catholicism 
Cattòlico, m. a Roman catholic 
Cattura,/ catch, seizure 
Catturare, to seize, arrest 
Cava,/, a hole, a cave, a vault, 
a mine ; cava, a hiding- 
place, a den ; cava di me- 
talli, a quarry, a mine; cava 
del marmo, a marble quarry 
CavaboUètte, m. pincers 
Cavadènti, m tooth-drawer 
Cavalcante, adj riding 
Cavalcare, to ride on horse- 
back; cavalcar il, to 
take a view on horseback, 
to rule, direct ; cavalcare il 
bisdòsso, to ride without a 

Cavalcata, /. a troop, cavai- 


Cavalcatolo, m. . 


Cavalcatóre, «t. a horseman 
Cavalcatura, /. any beast for 

the saddle 
Cavalcavia, /. an arcade, a 

Cavalciàre, to sit astride 
Cavalcione, and Cavalcioni, 

adr. astride 
Cavaleggiére, m. a light- 

Cavalierato, ni. knighthood 
Cavalière, m. a trooper , 3. 
kniglil ; a gentletnan, a plat- 
form ; cavalière, a nofc/eman 


cavalier servènte, a ìailij's 

ci' imlùsuia, a sharper, 

cavaliere, io have the ad- 

C^valierótto, m. a petty 

gentleman, an esquire 
Cavalla,/, a mare 
Cavallàccio, m. ajade ; a bad 

Cavallerescamente, uiiy. nobìy, 

gallantly, genteel.'y 
Cavalleresco, adj. gallant, 

free, noble ; dignità cavalle- 

Cavalleria, /. knightiiood ; 
cavallerfa, cavalry, horse 

Cavallerizza, J'. manege, rid- 

CavallerfZJo, m. a master of 
the herse 

Cavalletta, and Cavallino, / 
a Incus/, griisskopyer ; far 
una cavallétta ad uno, io 

Cavalletto, and Cavallino, 
m. a litiU horse ; caval- 
iétto, a hobby-ìiorse ; ca- 
vallo Bàrbero, a Barbary 

Cavainénto, m. digging, un- 
dermining, trenching 
'avare, io draw, ivrest, take 
anay ; cavar di bócca un 
segréto, lo get a secret ; cavar 
un dal fango, io astisi, io 
■ - -^ - " ' - diri; cavar 


e io 


i cavallina, 


Oavàllo, ni. a horse: andar a 
cavallo, io ride ; cavallo di 
razza, a stallion ; cavallo 
intiero, a ttone-horse ; ca- 
vallo marino, a sea^h.nrse ; 

death ; cavarsi la vógli , 

satisfy one's desire; cavarsi 

la sete, to quench thirst ; 

cavar acqua, io dram rvaier ; 

cavar sangue, io let blood ; 

cavar gli occhi, io pull out 

the eyes ; cavar le macchie, 

io lake ovt stains 
Cavare, io dig ; cavare una 

fossa, io dig a gì ave 
Cavastràcci, m. a screm or 

norm io tirdoad a gun 
Cavasùghero, m. a cork-screrv 

Cavato, pari dug 

a Itole, a pit 
Cavatóre, m. a digger, a 
miner ; cavatór di dènti, a 

avatùra,f. a hole, a cave 
Caudatàrio, 7n. a train-bearer 
Cavèlle. f. pi something ; 
'-- hai cavélle, something 

Cavèrna, a den, a cave 
Caverr.ètta,f. a small cave 
Cavernosità, f. depth, con- 
Cavernóso, adj full of holes 
Cavézza, /. a halter for cri- 
minals ; levar la cavézza, io 
sei ai liberty ; romper la 
cavézza, io addici one's self 
io debauchery 
Cavezzfna,/. a bridle 

i sort of muzzle 

Caviale, m. i 



lash ; far una 


iminsilion : cavallo d'aftitt 
« hackney-horse ; èsser 
cavallo, neither to lose m 

Cavalmariiio, m. 

Cavalocchio, » 


Cavamaccliie, »/, 

Caviglia, f. a pin, a peg, the 
peg of an instrument ; ca- 
viglia del piede, the ankle- 

Cavillare, i 

vii, to t 

Cavillatóre, «?. a caviller 
Cavillazióne, /. and Cavillo, 
m a wrangle, cavil, 


Caviliosamente, adv. capri- 


Cavilióso, adj. carping, cap- 

ervi, hollow eyes ; i 
Cavolfióre, «i. caulijlon 

Cavretto, m. a kid 

"avrióla, /. a caper ; far ca- 
vriole, io cut capers 

CàiTiolètta,/. a little caper 

Cavriuóla,/. a she-goat 

• avriuólo, m. a he-goat 
ausa, /. cause, motive, tub' 
Ject : a càusa di, o del, for, 
on account of; a càusa che, 
because ; per che causa, on 
fi'hat account 

Causare, to occasion 

Causato, patt. caused 

Causatóre, m- a counsel. 

Causidico, m. a barrister. 

Caustico, m. a caustic 
Caustico, adj. caustic 
Cautamente, adv. heedfully 
Cautèla,/, caution; tvariness; 
security, bail ; assòlvere 
a cautèla, to dismiss upon 

Cautelato, adj. cautious. 

Cautèrio, m. a cautery 
Cauterizzare, to cauterize. 

Cautissimamente, adv. moti 

Cazjóso, adj. captious 

Cazza,/ u ladle 

Cazzare la scótta, to draw the 

Caziavéla,/ a bird so called 
Cazzottare, to strike hard 
Ca-ZzOtto. m. a blu,,' : far a 

Cazzuòla,/, a hull-head 
Ce, (pron dai. plur.) to lit; 
ce ne mandò, he sent to ut 
some; qui ce la godiamo. 

Ceo.-iggine^/wz!.7H««, error 

Cecàre, to blind, to darken : 

le passioni cécano i cattlTi, 

passions Mind the wicked 

Cecito, part. hlind.:d, darkened 

Cece, m. vetches ; non può 

tener cece, he cannot keep a 

secret ; insegnare à rodere 

cece, to shew one his faults 

Cechézza, Cecità. Cecitide, 

and Cecitite,/. blindness 
Cecino, m. a wild swan 
Cedente, arf; yielding 
Cedenza,/. C«c Cedevolézza) 
Cèdere, to submit, to resign ; 
non vi cedo in nulla, / do 
vol yield to you ; cèdere a 
chichesfa, to comply with 
any body's rviU ; to renounce ; 
tn grant 
Cedévole, adj. flexible, pliant 
Cedevolézza',/ suppleness 
Cédola,/, a note, a schedule 
Cedróne, adj. cedar colour 
Cedronella,,/: balm, mint 
Cedrire, lo season rvith le- 

Cedrato, m. Cedrino, adj. made 
of cedar ; tavola cedrina, a 

Cedriudlo. m. cucumber 
Cedro, m. a citron, or cedar 
tree ; di cedro, 0/ cedar 

Celatone, m. a targe helmel 
Celeberrimo, adj. very much 

Celebraménto, m. celebration, 

celebrity, reputation 
Celebrante, adj. celebrated : il 

celebrante, 'the priest that 


Cendcolo, m. a supper-room 
Cenrfre, to eat supper 
Cenato, jmrt. supped 
Cencereilo, m. a small rag 
Ceiiceria.f. a hea^ if rags 
Cenciaia./ rags ' 
Cenciaiuòlo, in. a dealer t 

Celebrare, to 

Celebrato, a 

Celebra t<5re. 

celebrate, c 
1. he that cele- 

2i(5ne, /. celebration 
'"Jj. renowned,famon 

Celebrità, Celebritride, and 

Celebrit.-ite, /. solemnity ; 

Celere, adj. quick, swift 
Celeste, adj. heavenly; celeste. 
Celestiale, adj. heavenly. 

non aver cencio di che che 
sia, to he destitute : non prfsso 
•rovar chi mi desse fuoco à 
cèncio, / have 710 help in the 

Cencióso, adj. ragged 
Cenerata../: lye-ashes 
Cénere, f. ashes : il giórno 
delle céneri. Ash Wednes- 
dai/ : ridurre in cénere, lo 
destroy l.yfire 
Cenerina,/, a slender supper 
Cenericcio, adj ash-colonr 
Cenerino, adj. greyish, ash- 

to be cheerful, : 

adì. vrvei 

Cèfalo, tn. the mullet fish 
Ceifàta, /: a box on the ear 
Ceffatelia, /. a slap on the 

Ceffaùtto, m. a sot. blockhead I 
ceffo, m the snout of a dog ; ' 
an ugly face: o che bel 
ceffo! (I pretty figure in- 
deed! far ceffo, to dislike a 

CeffJn^, m. a cuffon the car 
Ceffuto, adj. hroad-faced 
Celamènto. m. u hiding, con- 

ccali-ig : celamènto di cose 

rubate, concealment qf stolen 

CeUre, to secrete, dissemble 
Celata,/ casket, helmet 
Oelataménte, adv secretiti 
Ce\Aio, part, hid, or hidden, 

concealed ; vi prego dì te- 

nd Celienti 

m. a cellarist (in a monas- 

I Celialo, CelK-irio, anrf Cellière, 
' m. buttery, cellar 
! Celletw, and Celluzza, /. a 
little cell, or room 

Celonàio, m. a carpet-maker 

Celdne, m. a carpet 

Celsitùdine, /. highness, ex- 

Cembalo, and Cembolo, m. 
cymbal; (igiira di cérabaK, 

Cemban'éÙa, /. (see Cenna- 
Cementiire, v. to cement 
Cemento, m. cetnent, a I 

Cena,./*. suppeK^ 

Cennamo, and Cinnamo, m. 

dj ^f;'Snijjem 

bell ; dare o far cenno d* una 
cosa, to mention a thing 
Cennovanta, adj. a hundred 

Cenobio, m. a monastery ; 


notaph, an 

.^ empty to 
Cenquaranta, adj. a hundred 
nd forty 

isessanta, adj. a hundred 
nd sixty 
Censeftanta, adj. a hundred 

and seventy 
censo, m. tax ; subsidy, re- 
censóre, m. a censor, critic ; 

reformer, comptroller 
Censoria,/, censorship 
Censuario, adj. tributary 
Censtira, /. rei>ro<./, criticism, 


Censurare, to cens 

, chide. 


Centellùio, and CentSHo, m. a 

tip, a small draught 
Centesima, and Centesimo, 

adj. the hundredth 
Centina,/, a frame for arches 
Centinaio, m. a hundred 
Centinàre, to turn; 7nake an 

Cento, adj. hundred : mi par 
cento anni di vederlo, I lou(; 

Centogàmhe,m. asoi/ rf cater- 

Ccntomfla, a hundred thousand 

Centrdle, adj. central 

Centreggiare, to incline to the 
cetUre, to fix one's thoughts 

Cen trina,/ a porpoise 
centro, m. the centre, the depth 
Centtìmviri, m. pi. the ceritum- 

Centuplicdto, and Centuplo, 

m. a hundred fold 
Centura./, («e Cintiira) 
Centùria, /. a band of a hun- 

Centurtno, m a n-aistbett 
Centurióne, m. o centurion ; 
the captain of a hundred 

Cenuzza,/ a poor supper 
Ceppàia,/. the root of a tree 
Ceppatello, Cepperello, and 
Ceppo, «1. the trunk, or 
stump of a tree, a log, block ; 
stocks . fetters ; origin ; reppo 
d'incùdine, the stock of an 
anvil ; ceppo di case, a stock 
of houses 
Cera, /. ti-ax, vax-candte; 
torches, taper; céra, (vol- 
to) face, mien, countenance, 
far budna cera, to make one 
welcome; di budna cera, 
Ceraiudio. m. a ivax-chandler 
Ceralacca, f sealing-wax 
Ceramèlla, /. a pipe, a bag- 

Cerbaia, /. a plantation of 
Cerbero, m. Cerberus, the dog 

Cerbottana, /. a long hollow 
pipe to shoot with ty blowing 

Cerca, /. search, inquiry : an- 
dar alla cerca, to go a beg- 


Cercante, adj. searcher, a beg- 

Cercare, te seek, search, stroll, 
ramble : cercar del pane, to 

nodo del giunco, to look out 
for difficulties; cercar un 
partito, to look for a good 
bargain: cercar rogna, io 
seek trouble 
Cercata,/, inquiry. search 
Cercato, fart, searched, sought 


Cenare, te combat 

Certézza, /. certainty, assur 

Certificaménto, m. assurant', 

Certificare, to certify, ascertain 
Certificato, adj. assured 
Certificato, m. and Certifica- 

zidne,/. a certificate 
Certissimamente, and Cèrtis- 
simo, adv. most certainly 
Certissimo, adj. most certain 
CerUtùdine,./-. {see Certézza) 
Certo, pron. some : certo, adj. 

l)i < 

, al 

Cerchiato, part, sur, 

Cerchiatura, / act of encir- 
cling, hooping 

Cerchietto, m. a small hoop 

Cerchio, m. a hoxp, circle; 
cerchio di ruota, the circle of 

Cercine, m. a roll, a porter's 

Cercdne, m. sour wine 
Cérebro. m. the brain 
Ceremdnia,/. ceremmixj 
Ceremoniale, m. a ritual 
Ceremoniàle, adj. ceremonial 
Cerfoglio, »i. Me herb cherril 
Cerfuglione, m. dishevelled 

hair; compliments 
Ceremonidso, adj. ceremonious 
, remony, rite 
iniére.flHd Ceremoniére, 


moniosaménte, adv. conrie- 

Cema,/. refuse, dirt, ojffal 

Certdsa, a Carthusian mcnas- 
iery [monk 

Certosino, m. a Carthusian 

Cerva, f. a hind 

Cervellàccio, m. harebrained, 
stubborn, conceited; (also) a 
great mind 

CervelMggine, /. whim, mag- 
got [sage 

Cervellata, /. a kind ef sau- 

Cervelletto, and Cervellino, 
m. brainless, hare-brained 

Cerrelliera,./: a light helmet 

Cervellinaggine, /. tnvaeity, 
ervello, m 
cervello, to take ct 
Mrsi il cervèllo, io puzzle 
one's brains : métter il cer- 
vèllo a partito ad tino, to 
make another think ; udmo 
di cervèllo, a wise man 

Cervellóne, >n. an extravagant,. 

silly m 

: (aUo 


Cerdna,/. a large fact 
Ceróso, udj waxy 
Cerottino, m. a little n 

Cerotto, m. a wax taper, 

Cerpellóne, m. an error, fault. 

Cerretano, m. a Juggler, a 

m. a wood of green 

power of mind 
Cervètto, m. a young stag 
Cèrvia, {see Cerva) 
Cerviàtto, m. a fawn 

: stubborn man 
Cervière, m. a lynx 
Cervièro, adj.' quicksighlcd : 

Tièro, ( 


cervio, m. a stag, hart 
Ceriileo, adj. sky-coUnired 
Cerume, >h. the wax of the e 
Cervo, jn. a stag, hart ; ccr 

volante, a hoy's kite 





Cerussa,/, while lead 

Cerzia, /. the rvoodpecfcer. 

Cerzia murajola, j. the rvall 

Cesare, m. Cessar 
Cesàreo, adj. imperial : opera- 

Sidne Cesàrea, the Cesarian 

Cesellare, <o tvork with a chisel 
Cesello, m. a chisel 
Cèsio, adj. that has blue eyes 
Cesóie,/, pi. a pair of^cissars 
Cespo, m. turf, sod, bush 
Cespùglio, m. bush 
Cespuglióso, and Cespugliato, 

adj. bushy, thick 
Cess'agióne, /. interruption, 

cessation, departure, distance 
Cessarne, m. scum of the people 
Cessaménto, m. cessation 
Cessante, adj. ceasing, negli- 



escape, dispel, mitigate; la 
pioggia cesserà tosto, the 
rain jviìl be over presently ; 
i rimedi cessano il dolóre. 

Cessato, part, ceased 
Cessazióne, /. cessation 

Hon : far cessióne di beni, ta 
resign one's property 
Cèsso, m. a water-closet ; an- 
dar al cèsso, to go to the wa- 
Cesso, part, given up 
CSsta,/. baskri, chest 
Cestàccia,/. an old basket 
Cestaio, 7n a basket-maker 
Cestella, /. and Cestello, m. a 

little basket 
CasUto, and Cestito, adj. thick, 

Cesto, m. a gauntlet: il césto 

di Vènere," Venus's girdle 
Cestóne, m. a large basket 
Cesura,/, a syllable in Latir 

Ceteràre, and Cetereggiàre, 

Ceteratóre, and Ceterista, m. 
a performer on the guitar 

Ceteriztóre, to sing to the gui- 

Cetfna, /. a pit in which char- 

Cèto, m. a whale ; (also) rank, 


Cétm, f. a cithern 
Cetrina,/ balm, balm-gentle 
Cetriuólo, m cucumber 
Che that, which, whom, what, 
how, because, why, until, 

whatsoever, otherwise, than ; 
m'ha scritto che non poteva 
venire, he wrote io me that 
he could not come: il libro 
che m" avete mandato, the 
book which you sent me ; non 
so che fare,' I know not what 
to do . che volf'te ? what do 
you want ? ditegli che venga 
da me, tell him to come to 
me : non ha che un cavallo, 
he has only one horse; che 
piccoli che grandi, both 
small and great: che In- 
glési cljje Italiani, some Eng- 
lish and some Italiaiu; che 
bella donna è questa ? what 
fne woman is this? che 
sarei feUce d'essere in cam- 
pagna ! how happy should I 
be in the country! datemi 
tempo che possa risponder- 
gli, give me time that I may 

venite oggi, anderó 
cause, if you don't 
day, I shall depart; che 
non p.irii ? why do you 
speak ? aspettate eh' io 
ga, stay till I come ; finita 
che avrò questa lettera, 
aerò, as soon as I have 
written this letter, I shall 
go; sia che che sia, what- 
soever it may be : un bel 
che per andare in còllera, 
a fine subject indeed for an- 
ger : a quésto mi rispóndi, 
o che mi parto, answer to 
this, otherwise I go; è più 
ricco che dótto, he is rather 
rich than learned : che c'è ? 
what is the matter? Che, 
(as a substantive) thing, 
matter, suhjeet 

Ch" è eh' è, adv. often, now 
and then 

Chèle, /. Me claws of a scor- 
pion, lobster, and crab 

Cherere, {see Domandare, and 


Chérico, m. clerk, clergyman^ 

Chermes, m. cochineal 

Chermisi, m. crimson ; furbo, 
matto, ignorante in cher- 
misi, a knave, fool, ignorant 

Chermisfao, adj. erimson-co- 

Cherubino, m. cherub, cheru- 

Chetamente, adv. by stealth, 

Chetànza,/. an aci/uaintanct 

Chetare, to quiet, silence 
Chetézza,/. calmness, silence 
Chetissimamente, adv. very 

Chéto, adj. quiet, still: state 

cheto, be quiet : ogni cosa 

era chéta in casa, every body 

was asleep. Chéto, chéto, 

adv. softly 
Chi, pron. who, whom, who- 

chi è, / know who he is ; & 
chi avete parlato ? whom 
did you speak to ? chi di 
voi ha detto questo? who 
of you said so ? chi osserva 
i commandaménti di Dio 
sarà salvo, whoever observes 
the commandments of God 
shall be saved; chi diceva 
una còsa, e chi un' altra, 
some said one thing, some 
another: non vi sarà chi 
dica il contràrio, no one wili 
say the contrary 
Chiàcchiera,/, chil-chal 
Chiacchieraménto, m. prat 



Cherical ménte, adv. in a cle- 
rical way 

Chericàto, m. clerkship, func- 
tion of the clergy 


Chiacchierata, /. chit-chat, 

Chiacchieratóre, m. a tattler 
Chiacchierella,/. idle talk 
Chiacchierino, m. a jeerer, a 

prattler, a blab 
Chiaccheróne, m. a long, te- 
dious talker 
Chiacchillàre, to tillle-tattle 
Chiamaménto, m. invocation 
Chiamante, part, invoking, 

catling upoii 
Chiamare, tn call, to name: 
mandar a chiamare, to send 
for: come vi chiamate? 
what is your name? chii. 

m^rsi contènto, 
tented : dna 

he t 

_ seìf; chia- 

marsi offéso da qualche- 
dùno, to think one's self 
ivrunged ; chiainiir fuórij io 

Chiamata,/, vocation, calling; 

batter la chiamata, io beai 

a par let/ 
Chiamato, part, called 
CliiamatcSre, m. a caller, an 

Chiana,/, a standing pool 
Chiamare, to impose upon 
Chiappa,/, buttock, breech 
Chiappare, to snatch, pull, 

force : to catch, overtake 
Chiàppola, and Chiappolerfa, 

/ a tor,, trijle 
Chiappolare, to lay out one's 


idle silh. 

Chiàppolo, m. a denial, a re- 

Chiara,/, the white of an egf; 

Chiaramente, ado. clearly, 

Chjaràre. to explain, resolve 

Chiarézza, /. light, bright- 
ness, satisfaction, security, 
perspicuity, nobleness of 

Chiarificàre,io clarify, brighten. 

Chiarificato, adj. clarified, 

Chiarificazidne, /. illustration, 

evidence, plainness 
Chiariménto, to. and Chiari- 

Chiartoa,/. clarion, hautboy 
Chiarfre, to clear up, explain. 

Chiarità,/, light, splendour 
Chiarito, adj. lucid, shining, 

Chiaro, adj. clear, luminous, 
charming, famous, hearty. 
Certain : far chiaro alcuno, 
io inform one ; chiaro di 
luna, moonshine ; comincia 
a far chiaro, the day breaks 

•Chiarosctiro,7M. (d'un ritratto) 
the light of a shade (of a 

Chiaro, adv. clearly, plainly 

Chiaróre, m. splendour, bright- 

Chi&ssatello, Clù;uisétt< 

)«; street, 
•t (or lane 

Chiavàio, and Chiavaiudlo, m. 

a turnkey, a locksmith 
Chiavare, io drive in, to nail, 

to lock 
Chiav,àto, part, pitched, nailed, 

Chiavatóra,/. a fastening 
Chiave, / a kiy, authority, 

el' cuor di costui, / 
s of that man as I 


Chièsta,/, a request 
Chièsto, part, rcjuesled 
Chiglia,/ Me A-ecY 0/0 jW» 
Clamcàye, to digest 
Chilificuziune,/ digestion 
Chillndro, m. a n-aiir-snake 
Cmo,m. the chyle 
Chilciso, adj. of the nature of 

Chimera,/, chimera , fancy 
Chimèrico, adj. imaginary 
Chimerizzàrei to dream, to 

Chimica, /. chymislry 
Chimicamente, adv. chyrm 

himico, m. a chymist 

himico, adj. chymical 

hina, / declivity; lasciar 
andar 1' acqua alla china, to 
lei things go how they ìvill 
Chinacliina,^: Jesuit's bark 

a,/, a e< 

Chia ,„ 

Chiavichetta,/. a«nfc 
Chiavistello, m. a bolt for a 

Chiazza, /. a scab 

Chiazzato, adj. speckled, spot- 

Chlcchera, /. a tea or coffee 

Chicchirillare, to cluck, toprate 
Chicchirillo, m. nonsense 
Chichè, pron. whosoever 
Chichessia, pron. whosoever, 

any body 
Chiedente, adj. requesting, or 

Chiedere, to ask, beg, sue for ; 
che chiedete .5 what do you 
want ? chiedere in prèstito, 

Chiediménto, m. request, peti- 



chinare il \iso, to look down ; 
rliinàr gli occhi, io cast down 

consent, submit ; chinar la 
tèsta ad uno, io boni; chi 

yhinàtk,f. a descent 
Chinatamente, adv. privately 
Chinato, udj. crooked, bentf 
colle ginocchia chinate, with 
bended knees 
:hinatiU-a, /. a descent 
Chincàglia, and Chincaglieria, 

/ hardware 
Chinéa, /. an ainbling nag; 

chinéa Inglése, a gelding 
Chino, m. declivity, steep- 

Chino, adj. inclined ; bended ; 
caminàr col capo chino, to 
walk with one's head down 

Chino, adj. lorn, deep 

Chiijcca,/. a sound beating, or 



a,/ a 



1; / . 

e Chéri( 

Chièsa, /. a church: Chi 
sètta, Chiesicciudla, and 
Chiesina,/. a little church 

Chiesàstra,/. a devotee 

'^"- ■■fna,/ac/«ij.e/ 

Chiocciare, io cluck, to begin to 

he ill 
Chiòccio, adj. hoarse: stir 

Chiocciola,/, a snail, the .ihcll, 

tike; scàia a chiòcciola, a 


! Chioccio- 

lina, / , 
Chiodaiuòlo, m. a nail-ma- 

Chiòdo, m. a nail ; ayer fìsso 
il chi<5do, lo he resolved 

Chiòma, /. hair, head oj hair ; 
trarre la chioma alla rdcca, 
to spin 

Chiòsa, /. glosi, comment, ex- 

Chiosàre, to comment 
Chiosato, part, interpreted 
Chiosatóre, m. a commenta- 

Chiostra,/, an abode 
Chiòstro, m. a cloister, a mo- 
nasteri/ ; chiòstro virginale, 
the neck of the 7V07nb, or ma- 


i, io n 

Chiovàto, part, nailed 

ChioTatùra, / a nail-hurt in 
a horse's hoof 

Chiòvo, m. a nail 

Chiràgra,/. goni in the hand 

Chiragiico, adj. gouty fin- 

Chiragrafo, m. a bond iindet. 

Chiromante, m. one skilled ir. 

Chiromanzia,/', palmistry 



Chirurgo, m. i 
Chisciàre, to rake, weed up 
Chitàre, tu quit, forsake 
Chitarra, f a guitar 
Chiucchiurlàia, /. a btizzini 

Chiudénza, /. a palisado 

Chiùdere, to shut, contain, 1, 
bar, hide, coiicea/;. chiùdere 
il pu^no, to clinch the fist 
il dolóre ini chiùde il cuòre 
gritf presses my heart ; chiù- 
dere gli occhi, tu dose the 
eyes in death 

Chiudiménto, m. conclusion 

Chiunque, pron. n-hoever 

Chiùsa, /. an inclosure, or 

Chiusamente, adv. secretly 

Chiùso, m. inclcsnre 
Chiùso, ad), dose, locked in 
Chiusura,/, inclosure, a lock 

he tnld US ; non so quel che 
ci faremo, I know not n'I ' 
me shall do; ci, oursclt: 

télli, we love one another tike 

Ciabatta,/ an old shoe 
Ciabatte,/ pi. old rags 
Ciabattaio, and Ciabattano, m. 

Ciacciamellàre, to chat idly 
Ciacco, m. a hog, a swine, a 

spunger, freebooter 
Ciaccóna, / a chaconne, (a 

Spanish dance) 
Ciiido, m. a n-afer 
Cialdonàio, ni. a mafer-scller 
Cialdóne, m. a wafer rolled 

Cialtróne, m. a rogue, a vil- 

tà, and Ciambel- 

Manceiella, and CiancCtta, / 
trifle, toy, story, sillines; 

" '" "'i / foppery, jett, chit- 


Cianciaménto, m. a Joke, prat- 

Cianciare, to play the fool, toy, 
prate, chat, prattle 

Cianciatóre, m. a mag, a bab- 


Cianciatrfce, /. 

Ciancicare, {see Cianciare) 
Cianciéro, adj. prating 
CiancioUno, /. impertinence 
Ciancióne, m. idle talk, 

Cianciosaménte,<j(/i'. pratingly 
Ciancióso, adj. full of play. 

Cianfrusaglia, f. trash, rifT- 

Cinghelh'no, adj. naughty, 

Cidnta, (a) ad. slip-shod 
Ciantellino, m. a sip in drink- 
ing ; here a ciantelllni, to 
Ciaramella, /. a bagpipe, a 


ciarlante, adj. talkative 
Ciarlare, to prate 
Ciarlataneria, f. quackery, lo- 
Ciarlatano, m. a quack 
Ciarlatóre, m. a talkative 

CiarlatrJce,/. a gossip 
Ciarleria./ talkativeness, chat 
Ciarliero, m. a chatterer 
Ciarlóne, m. a tattler, a ro- 

Ciàrpa,/. « bandoleer 
Ciarpe./, pi. rags, tatters 
Ciarpame, »i. old clothes, 

Ciarpàre, to cobble, to babble 
Ciarpiéra,/. a bad woman, a 

drab, a slut 
Ciarpióre, and CiarikSne, »i. a 

bad man, a rogue, a shabby 
Ciascheduno, and Ciascuno, 

Cibàccio, m. bad, or coarse 

Cibale, adj. nutritive, nourish • 

Cibam.ónto, m. nourishment 

Cibare, to feed; cibar di spe- 
ran?.a, to feed with hopes; 
cibarsi, to live, or feed up- 
on : to please one's self; ci- 
barsi di iiruttì, to live upon 

[libazióne,/, («e Cibaménto) 

Cibo. m. food, victuals 

Cibòrio, m. the pix in which 
the host is kept 

Cibóso, adj. fruitful, plenti- 

Cibrèo, m. a made dish 

Cicada, and Cicala, f. a cer- 
tain chirping insect 

Cicallàccia,./-. idh- taller 

Cicalaménto, m. «nrfCicalerfa, 
/. chattering 

Cicalare, lo chatter 

Cicalata. / and Cicaléccio, m. 
babbling, prating 

Cicalatóre, m. a great talker 

Cicalatòtio, adJ chattering 

Cicalatrice, and Cicaliéra, / 
a prattling gossip 

Cicalio, m idle talk 

Cicalor.accio, m. a great 


. talkat 

e persoi 


Cìgnalàccio, m. a large nVa 

Cicisbea,/, a coquet 
Cicisbeare, to dangle uhout 

Cicisbeato, m. and Cicisl)ea- 
tdra, /. dangling with the 

Cicisbèo, / a dangler on the 

Ciclo, m. cycle 
Ciclometria,/. cyclometry 
Cicógna, f. a stork ; the beak 

Cicognino, m. a young stork 
Cicdrea,/. rvild endive 
Cicuta,/, hemlocic, henbane 
Ciecamente, adv. blindly. 

gner la spada, to gird on the 

Cigno, m. a srvan 
Cigndne, m. a large girth 
Cignolaménto, m. the creeking 

of a door, Src. 
Cigolare, to creek 
Cigolfo, »>i. a creeking noise 
Cilestrino, adj. sky-colour 
Cilfiitro, atlj. blue 
CilSstro azzuro, adj. sky-blue 
;iIiccio, and Cilicio, m. luiir- 

Ciliégia,/ a cherry 
Cilimdnia, /. ceremony (in 

Cilindrico, adj. cylindrical 
Cilindro, ni. a cylinder 
~ ma, / top, summit ; cima. 
excellence, eminence ; cima 

ate, concealed : dark, givo- 

life; lantèrna cièca, a dark 
lantern ; bastonate da cièco, 

èchi beiito è chi ha un dc- 
chio, IH a land of blind men, 
happy he who has one eye ; 
un cièco, a blind man ; cièco 
d'un occhio, one-eyed 
Cielo, m. the heaven, para- 
dise, air, sky, country, cli- 
mate, the top, the ceiling; 
il cielo del letto, the tester 
of a bed; il cielo d'un fdi 

s the i, 

■ of an 
cielo, the hir 

A cielo, àdt 


u do not look well 

ra, and Cifra, /. a cypher 

rista, m. a writer in cy- 

lo, m the eye, the eye-brow. 
• eye-lid, sight, look: voi 
i late inarcar le ciglia, 
u surprise me: aguzzarle 
dfastly : 

cima di ribaldo, an arch 

Cimare, io shear cloth, to cut 

offthe head 
Cimasa,/ {see Cimazio) 
Cimato, part, shorn 
Cimatóre, m. a cloth shearer 
Cimatura,/, shearing 

Cimba, f. a'bark 

Cirabalo, m. a tabor, cymbal 

Cimbérli, adv. èsser in cim- 
bèrli, to be in consternation 

CimbGtto, m. a fall, a tumble 

Cimbottolàre, to fall 

Cimbóttolo, m. (see Cimbotto) 

Cimentare, and Cimentarsi, 
to attempt, venture ; cimen- 
tare la prdpria riputazióne, 

cimentarsi, to engage 
Cimentato, part, attempted 
Ciménto, »/i. experiment: es- 
say ; métter a ciménto, to 
expose, endanger 


to have something in view 
Ciglióne, m. a ridge (of land 

Cigliuto, adj. that has thick 

duna, f. a girth 

ri Cimicióne, m 

the crest of an hel- 

Chnfno, m cummin 
Cimltério, attd Cimitèro, m. o 

Cimurro, m. the glanders 
cim-urro, la sow one's 

wild Oi 


Cinabro, m. cinnabar 
Cinciallégra, /. the titmouse (a 
Cinciglio, m. a bUt [hird) 

Cinciglidne, m. a large belt 

Cincischiare, to cut, hack; to 

hesitate, stammer 
Cincischiato, part, hacked 
Cincischio, ni. a cut tnade with 

Cinerizio, adj. ash-coloured 
Cingere, (see Cignere) 
Cinghia, /. a girth for a 

Cinghiala./, a vein in a horse, 

near the girthing place 
Cinghiale, m. a wild boar 
Cinghiare, to encompass, sur- 

Cinghiato, part, girded, envi- 

Cinghiatura, /. the girthing 

part of a horse 
Cinghie, m «VciiiV, a circle 
Cingolo, >»i. a girdle, sash 
Cinguettaménto, m. chit-chat, 

stammering, lisping 
Cinguettare, to stammer, to 

Cinicamente, adv. cynically, 

with asperity 
Cinico, adj. cynical 
Cinico, m. a cynic philosopher 
Cinigia,f. hot cinder 
Ciniglia,/, chenil 
Cinismo, m. the sect of the 

Cinnamo, and Cinnamòmo, m 

Cino, m a wild plum 
Cinoglossa,/ hmtud's-tongue 
Cinquanta, and Cinquantina, 

Cinquantèsimo, adj.fiflieth 
Cinque, )H. and adj. jive 
Cinquecentesimo, u<ij. tlie Jive 


to, aJj. five 


Cinquefoglie./, cinauefuil, fan 

Cinquemila, adv. fire thousand 

Cinquina, /. five : datemi una 
inquina d'ova, give me five 


I sash ; cinta di spada, 

Isi belt 

adj. girded; cìnte di 



ti lari thai bind a 

Cintola, /. the n'aist ; tenérsi 
le mani a cintola, to stand 
idle ; strétto in cintola, covet- 
ous, niggardly ; largo di cin- 
tola, liberal, free 

Cintoilno, m. a small girale 

Cìntole,/, pi. garters 

Cintura, Cintolo, and Cintu 

Ciò, \tronome, that, this, rvhich, 
Tvhat ; ciò mi piace, that 
jileases me ; fate ciò che 
Ti piace, do tvhat you please ; 
con tutto ciò, nevertheless 

Ciocca, /. a bunch ; ci<;cca di 
fióri, a nosegay ; ciòcca di 
capélli, a lock of hair 

Ciocché, pron. wliai 

Ciocco, 7)1. log, stump 

CioccoMta,/ and Cioccolato, 

Cioccolatièra, /. a choeolate- 

Cioè, adv. that is io say 
Ciomperla,/. rudeness 
Ciómpo, m. carder, a clown, a 

Cioncare, to drink, carouse; 
io cut, io fell, maim, man- 

Cioncato, part, cut down, in- 

Ciònco, ailj. drunken, cut, 
maimed: lame : rimase ci- 
6neo d'un bràccio, he lost an 

Ciondolaménto, and Cióndolo, 

m. dangling 
Ciondolare, io hang dangling 
Ciondolino^ vi. anear-rtng 
Cióndolo, «I. any thing that 

floats, shakes, Jfc. 
Ciondolóne, adv. danglingly ; 

èsser per ària ciondolóne, "- 

hang dangling in the air 
Ciónta,/. a bastinado 
Cióppa,/. an under-petticoat 
Ciòtola,/, a cup, a basin 
Ciotolóue, m. a large cup, a 

dottare, to nViip 

Ciotto (zoppo) lame; Ciotto 

and Ciòttolo, m. a flint, a 

Ciottolare, in sione in death 
Ciottolata. /. a blow n-ith a 

stime i dar delle ciottolate, 

to throw stone» 
Ciottolato, part, stoned to 

Ciottolone, m. a I 'rgefiint 

Cipigliàre, to look askew 
Cipiglio, m. sourness, sullen- 

ness ; guardare non cipiglio, 

to frown upon 
Cipiglióso, adj. passionate. 

Cipòlla, /. onion : egli è più 
doppio d'una cipolla, he is 
a treacherous jèllow ; ci- 
pòlla squilla, sca squill, a 
physical herb : tagliar la ci- 
polla ad uno, io cut off one's 

Cipollata, /. silliness, imper- 
tinence; non fa che delle 
cipollate, he always acts like 
a fool 

Cipolletta,/ a scallion, chives 

Cipollina,/, a shallot 

Ciporro, m. blunder 

Cfppo, m. a vtilestone, a ioml- 

Cipressétto, m. cypress-rnood 
Ciprèsso, m. the cypress-tree 
Ciprigna,/. Vtnus 
Circa, prep. about; sono cir- 



ing, concerning ; 
dirvi circa questo parti 
lare, I know not what 
say to you concerning this 
Circaintellezione, /. a perfect 

Circolare, to circulate, to dis- 

Circolare, adj. round; motto 
circolare, a circular motion 

Cir;;olarménte, adv. circlewise, 

Circolato, adj. round, circu- 

Circolazione,/ circulation 
Circolètto, m. a small circle 
Circolo, m. circle, circuit 
Circoncidere, to circumcise 
Circoncidiraénto, »n. circum- 
Circoncfnto, part, surround- 


Circoncfso, adj. circumcised 

Cirtondaménto, m. and Cii- 
condazióne, /. the act oj 

Circondante, and Circondato, 
adj surrounded 

Circondare, to environ, encom- 

Circonferenza, /. cirtumfe- 

Circonflessióne, /. the act of 

turning round 
Circonflèsso, adj. circumflex. 

Circonfiiso, adj. spread a 

Circonlocuzióne,/, circumlocu- 
Circonscritto, part, circum- 

Circonscrlrere, to limit, to 

Circonscriziòne, /. bound, li 

Circonspetto, adj. circumspect, 

Circonspeziòne, /. cautious 
Ciruonstante, adj. present, a- 


ae, / 

Circonvicfno, adj. neighbour 

Circoscritto, part, {see Circon ■ 

Circospètto, adj. {see Circon- 

Circospezione, {see Circonspe ■ 

Circostante, m. a bystander 

za,/ c 
Circostanziare, i 


Circuiménto, m a going about 
Circuire, to encompass ; to ram 

ble about ; circuire cogli oc 

chi, to take a view 
Circuito, part, sttrrounded 
Circufto, m. circumference ; 

circuito di paròle, a compatì 

of words 
Circuizióne, /. circuit, sur 

Circulàre, {see Circolare) 
Circunclngere, to surround 
Ciregéto, m. a cherry or 

Ciriégia,/. the cherry 
Ciriégio, m. a cherry-tree 
Cirimònia, Cerimònia, /. cere 

Cisoie, ni. a boundary, a land- 

Ciscrànno, tn. a thelf for 

Cfcpa,/. blear-eijedness 
Càspita, Cispitide, and Cis- 
pitàte, /. a disease of the 

Cltara,/. cithern, guitar 
Citare, io cite, summon, 

tice ; to quote, allege 
Citarista, w». a minstrel 
Citarizzare, to play upon the 

Citilo, part, summoned, quoted 
Citatóre, m. one ivho quotes 
Citatòria, f. summons 

Citerióre, adi. nearer, nigher 
Citiso, m. alcind of shrub 
Citrdggine,/. balm, mint 
Citrinézza, and Citiinita, the 

Citrino, adj. citron-colour 
Citriuólo, m. a cucumber 
Citnillo, m. a blockhead 
Città, Cittade, and Gittate, /. 

Cittadèlla, /. a little torvn, a 

Cittadina,/, a citizen's wife 
Cittadinamente, adv. civilly ; 

■viver cittadinamente, to live 

Cittadinanza,/, a community 

or corporation, privileges, 

freedom, civility., humanity 
Cittadinàre, to people a city or 

Cittadinèllo, in. a poor citi- 

Cittadinescamente, adv. ci- 
Cittadinésco, adj. citizen- 


dino, one faithful to his 
Civàia,/, peas, beans, SfC. 
Ci^^nz^,fbenejit. profit 
Civan-Zare, to_ provide, fur- 
nish ; civanzàrsi, to procure, 


retta,/, an orvl; far la ci- 
i'étta, to lurk 
Civettare, to play the nag, 
ijle, coquet 
stteria, / coquetry 
Civettino, >n. a vain mning 

Ciuffagno, adj. ready to seize 
Ciuftare, to gripe, catch 
Ciuffetto, aiid Ciuffo, m. a lock 

of hair, a tounee 
Ciuffble, /. pi. trifles, non- 
Civico, adj. of a city, civic 
Civile, m- a register 
Civile, adj. civil, affable 
Civilmente, adv. courteously, 

Civiltà, and Civilità, /. civi- 
lity, gentleness 
Ciurma,/, the crew in a gal- 
ley ; a crowd, a multitude 
Ciurmadóre, ajid Ciurmatóre, 
ni. a tvitch, a sharper, an 
impostor, a quack 
Ciurmaglia,/, mob, rabble 
Ciurmare, to cozen, to deceive 
Ciurmarsi, to get drunk 
Ciurmato, adj. accustomed to 

Ciurmeria,/. tricks, deceit 

Ciuschero, adj. tipsy, drunk 

Ciacche,/, clogs 

Clamare, to speak loud 

Clamaziòne,/. the act if speak- 
ing loud 

Clàmide,/, the upper vest of a 
Roman soldier 

Clamóre, »n. clamour, outcry 

Clandestinamente, adv. pri- 

Clandestino, adj. secret, pri- 
vate ; matrimonio clandes- 
tino, a clandestine marriage 

Clangóre, m. clangour, noise of 

Claretto, m. claret 

Clarificàre, to clarify liquors 

Clarino, 7n. clarion, a sort of 

Clarità,/. light, brighttiess 

Classe, / a class, rank, or- 
der : egli è un briccóne di 
prima classe, he is an arch 
rogue; classe, a fleet of 

Classico, adj. classical 

Clava,/, a club 

Claudere, to comprise, 

Clavic6mbalo,a7i<i Clavicòrdio, 

m. a harpsichord 
Clavlcola./, theclancula, (thi 



Claiisola, and Clausula, / 
clause, condition 

Claustrale, adj. monastic 

Claustro, m. cloister, monas- 

Clausura,/, a cloist< 

, adj. gradi 


Clementemente, adv.favoura' 
bly, mercifully 

Clementine, /. pi. the con- 
slitutioHS of Clement the 

Clemènza, and Cleméniia, /. 
demand/, mercy 

Clèro, m. a clergyman 

Clessidra,/, o vessel for mea- 
suring time by running of 

Cliente, m. a client 
Clientèla, /. patronage, pro- 
Clima, TO. climate 
Climatèrico, m. climacterical 
Clipeo, m. a shield (in po- 
Clistere, m. clyster 
Clivo, m. the ascent, or descent 

of a hill 
Clizia,/ turnsol, afower 
Cloaca./ a sewer, a sink 
Co-, pron. (con li) with 
Coabitare, to live together 
Coaccadémico, m. a fellow- 
Coacervare, to heap up 
Coadiutóre, »n. an assistant 
Coadiutoria,/ coadjutorship 
Coadiuvare, to help, assist 
Coadiuvato, part, assisted 
Coadunare, to assemble 
Coadunazidne, / assemblage 
Coagulare, to congeal 
Coagulaménto, m. coagulation 
Coagulativo, adj. coagulated 
Coagulazióne,/, coagulation 
Coàgulo, tn. eurd, rennet 
Coartare, to limit 
Coartazióne,/ a straitening 
Coatavo, adj. coercive 
Coazióne, /. coaction, con- 

Cobalto, m. cobalt 

Cocca, / the notch of an ar- 
row, shaft : a cock-boat , 
the tip of a spindle ; caeca 
del capo, the crown of tht 

Coccare, to put the bowstring 

(also) to ridicule, mock, scoff 
corcarla ad uno, to trick 
Coccheito,/. autUk 


Cocchiiita, /. a serenade in a 

Cocchière, m. a coachman 
CocchigM^, /.shell of, fi4ii 
Còcchio, m. a coach, or coach- 
box [hole 
Cocchiume, m. a bung, a bung- 
Coccia, /. a pimple ; coccia 

d'ovo, the shell of an egg 
Cocciniglia,/, cochineal 
Coccio, m. broken earthenrvare. 



: 1- albero del 

Coccodrfllo, m a crocodile : 
làgrime di coccodrfllo, trea- 
cherous tears 
Coccola,/, a berry 
CoccoUna,/ a Utile berry 
Corcoldne, adv (coccolóni) 

star coccolóni, to sit squat 
TorooTéggia,/. an owl 
Coccoveggidre, to move like 

Cocènte, adv. violent, burning ; 
doMre cocènte, smarting pain 
Cocentissimo, adj. most ar- 

Cdcere', {see Cuòcere) 
Cochiglia,/ coejcle-jish 

Cocito, m a river in hell, Cocyte 
Cocitura./, and Cociménlo, m. 

dressing, scalding 
Cocleària,/, scurvy-grass 
Cocolla,/, a cowl 
Cócoma, /. a tea-kettle, (or 

Cocomeràio, m. a nater-me- 

Cocomerello, m. a small water- 
Cocòmero, m. a water-melon 
Cocuzze, and Cocuzzolo, m. 

pale, noddle, top 
Coda, /. tail, train ; coda di 
f.avàilo, a horse's tail : coda 
di pavóne, a peacock's train ; 
guardar colla coda dell' oc- 
chio, to leer upon ; lisciar la 
coda, lo fialter ; nella coda 
sta il veléno, the venom is in 
the tail 
Codardamente, adu. cowardly 
C.Ddardfa, f. cowardly 
Codardo, adv. cowardly, timid ; 
un codardo, a poltroon, a 

Codazzo, tn. retinue 
Codétta, a little tail 
Codiare, to watch, to spy 
Codiatóre, tn. an inquisitive 

man, a spy 
Codibùgnolo, «i. the water- 

Codice, m. the civil law 
Codicfllo, m. a codicil 
Codimóizo, adj. without a tail 
Codióne, and Codrióne, m. a 

Codirósso, m. a species of wood- 

Codiito, adj. that has a tail 
Coeguale, adj. coequal 
Coerède, adj. coheir [ing 

Coerente, adj coherent, agree- 
Coerènza, /. coherence 
Coesióne,/ cohesion 
Coetàneo, adj. cotemporary 
Coetemo, adj. coefernal 
Cofaccia,/. cake, bun 
Cofanaio, m. a trunk, or has 

Cofanetto, m. a small trunk 

CSfano, m. s òaakei, chest 
COfTa,/ the round top in a ship 
Cogifabóndo, adj. petisive, sad 
Cogitativo, adj. thoughtful. 

Cògliere, to gather; còglier il 
frutto delle sue fatiche, to 
reap the fruit of one's labour ; 
cogliere il suo tempo, to take 
time : cògliere in iscambio, 
to take one thing for another : 

take : 

, to c 
all' irapro- 

bastóne, he hit me on the 
head with a stick; il vostro 
pittóre v' ha colto molto bene 


painter has made your pi 

ture a great likeness 
Coglitóre, m. a gatherer 
Cognata,/, sister-in-law 
Cognato, m, brother-in-law 
Cognazióne./, kindred 
Cògnito, part, known 
Cognizióne,/, knowledge 

Cognominare, to surname 
Cognominato, part, surnamed 
" ' ' know, fin taw) 

U, take c 


Cognoscenza,/. knowledge, ac- 

Cognosci'ble, ad], that can be 
known [nrted 

CognosciutJssimo, adj. most 

Coiàio, and Coiàro. m. a tai^ 
Coiaine, m. leather, hides 

Colà, adv local, yonder, (here: 
vedi colà queir uòmo, see 
there that man ; colà un poco 
dopo, a short lime ajìer ; 

Colaggiù, and ColaggiùsOjOdy. 

Colaménto, m. a purging 
Colare, to strain, melt, liquefy ; 
gli occhi gli colano. Ai» eyes 
drop : colar a fondo, to sink 
Colagiòne,/. running through 
Colascióne, m. a sort of guitar 
Colassi!, adv. there, above, 

Colauvo, adj strained, fluid 

Colato, pari, strained 

Colatóio, m. a strainer, cullen- 
der, melting-pot 

Colatura, /. remainder after 
being strained 

Colazióne,/ breakfast 

Colcare, and Colcàrsi, to lie 

Colèi, pron. rei. f she : questa 
é colèi 1 h'in odio hai tanto, 
this is she that you hale so 


. your 

Còlere, to honour, revere 

Coìeaóne.f. breakfast 

Colibrì, m. the humming-bird 

Colica, f the cholic 

Colico, adj. cholic 

Colla, prep, with ; colla vostra 
sorèlla, with your sister 

Còlla,/, glue 

Collana, /. a necklace ; col- 
lana di perle, a pearl neck- 

Collàre, to glue, to pasts to- 
gether ; to let down a rope ; 
to torture, rack, give the 

Collare, and Collarino, m. a 
collar, a band 

Collai-ettàio, ni. a sellar- 

Collaterale, adj. collateral 
Collaterale, tn a paymaster : 
a .judge, delegate, commis- 
CoUatòre, tn. a patron (that 
has a living in his gift • 

y a child upon 
ir allungare il 
, io make one 


lonnéllo d'un lilir 


a hill 

Colléga, m. a colleagtie 
Collegaménto, m. union, ««■ 

Colleganza,/. co«/eJfr«<r.v 
Collegàre, to make an alliance, 

to connect, to Join 
Collegato, part, allied, unit- 

Collegato, m. ally, confede- 

Collegature, m. a plenipoten- 

Collegaiidne, /. alliance 
league \ < 

Collegialmente, adv. with con- ' i 
sent of the college, in com- 

Collegiare, to consult, con- < 
Jlr i 

Collegiata, /. a collegiate ' 
church I 

CoUegidto, adj. collegiate I i 

Collègio, m. a college: far j 

I Collocaménto, »n. disposing 
of things in order > 

Collocare, to place, settle ; col- 
locdr una fJiflia to marry a 
daughter \ 

Collocato, part, placed, set- 
tled I 

Collocazidne, /. placing, dis- I 
posing " \ 

ConocuHdne,^/ communica- \ 

CoUoqufntida, /. a certain j 
1 Colloquio, m. a dialogue 
■ Colloróso. adj. choleric, bili- 


bad colour 

.ivaménte, adv. collu- 
Ivo, adj. done by collu- 




Collettrzio, and Colletto, adj. 

collected. Collétto di cuoio, 

a Jerkin 
Colletto, in. a hill 
Collettóre, m. a collector 
Collettorta./. office of collector. 

Colotanfa,/. hard r< 
Colomba,/, a dove. 
Colombaccio, ni. a 


B, /. collectioi 

CoUibéto, m. a collection 
ColliciSrsi, to lie down 
Colligiano, m. a mountaineer, 

Collimare, to aim at 
CoUinn, f a hill 
Colline,/, pi. a row of hills 
Collinetta, /. a Utile hilt 
Colliquare, to liquefy 
Collirio, m. an i-ye salve 

'.,f. collisio7i, striking 

Colombo, m. a pigeon ; co- 
lómbo selvàtico, a mood- 

Cdlon, m. celen, the great 



. / ' 


'. pi-on, 

<e again. 

. the neck, shoulder. 

support ; le colónne d' 
;rcole, Herciiles's pillars; 
le colónne d'un letto, the bed 
Colonnata, /. and Colonnato, 

Colonnello, m. a colonel; co- 

Coloraménto, «I. dying ; 

in occhi,' °d?«m«"o/ the 

Coloràra, to colour, dye, paint, 

stain, to adorn, beautify , to 

cloak, to disguise 
Coloratamente, adv. feignedly, 

Colorato, adj. coloured ; likely ; 

prohable, false, ' "'' 


lordto, i 



Colóre, m. 

se, they 

un colòsso, a giant 
:olpa, / sin, offence: c 
lessare le sue colpe, lo < 
fess : dar la colpa, to 
with a fault : aver la ce 
di che che sia, to be in 



Colpàbile, adj. guilty, cul- 

Colpabilménte, adv. guiltily, 

Colpàre, to blame, tasin. to fall 

( olptpgia 


■, to strike 


(riuscire) to tucceed; ha 
colpito in quel che deside- 
rava, he succeeded in hit 

Colpo, m. a b!orr, a stroke : 
colpo di fortuna, a lucky 
hit ; colpo, ;'a/i(5ne) ac' 
deed, attempt: avete fatt 
un bel colpo, you hai 
done a fine thing ; nn co 
pò da maèstro, a masterly 
■stroke ; rènder il colpo, tu 
requite ; di colpo, a un col- 
po, at once ; colpo di tó- 
glio, a cutting Iilctv ; colpo 
mortile, o mortai rvound ; 
colpo di mare, a billorv, 
surge, or a mighty sea ; col- 
po di diàgriSiia. a ìnisfor- 
tune : colpo di disperazione, 

Cólta,/, gathering, levying of 
a tax; far colta, to strike, 

Coltella, /. a coulter (plough- 

Coltelliiccio, m. a hanger, 

Coltellata, /. a blow, a cttt : 

far a coltellate, to fight with 

Coltellièra,/, a sheath, a case 

of knives 
Coltellinàio, m. a cutler 
Coltellino, TO a small knife, a 

Coltello, «1. a knife; coltèl- 
lo da càccia, a mood-knife, 

Coltelldne, m. a great knife 

Colti-.-amènto, m. husbandry, 
tillage ; worship 

Coltivare, to till, manure, 
improve: coltivar le arti e 
le sciènze, to promote arts 
and fscicnces ; coltivar la 
memòria, to exercise the me- 

Coltivàto, part. {l\i6go col- 
tivato) a cultivated spot of 

Coltivatóre, »». a ploughman, 
a husbandman, an encou- 

Collivatùra, /. tillage. Col- 
ti vazidne,/. husbaiidry, cul- 

Coltivo, adj. cultivated, plough- 

Colto, m. ploughed land, tvor- 

Culto,' ad), gathered, eollect- 
cil ; cheated: surprised; se 
mi vien colto, if I have 


Cóltre, a guilt, counterpane, 

a pull, rod, perch 
Collrlce.J'. a feather-bed : wife ; 

a woman employed in hus- 

Coltriclna, /. a tittle feather- 
Coltro, m. a plough 
Coltrdne, wi. a counterpane 
Coltura,/, culture, tillage 
Colubrina,/, a culverin 
Colubriuètta, /. a small cul- 

Colubro, TO. an adder, a snake 
Collii, pron. he, or that : clii è 
collii che vi parlava ? who 
is he that spoke to you t 
Coluro, TO. colure 
Coma,/, a head of hair 
Couiandaménto, and Co- 
mando, »n. command, order. 

Comandante, and Comanda- 
tóre, m. a commander, com- 
Comandare, to command 
Comandata,/, the king's com- 

Comandito, part, command- 

Gomandlgia, /. recommend- 

Comare,/ a godmother, a gos- 
sip, midwifi 

Comasco, m. a kindofplutn 

Cornato, adj. hairy 

Combaciare, tofit 

Combaciarsi, to kiss one ano- 


Combattènte, m. i 

Conibiittere, to fight, attack, 
besiege, to agitate, disquiet, 
oppose ; comb.^ltere le sue 
preprie passióni, to tesisi 

Combattiménto, m. fight, con- 

Combattitóre, to. a combal- 

orabattiito, part, combated, 


ombiatàre, to dismiss 

Combinaménto, to. cotnbina- 

Combiilatóre, to. he who con 

Combinazióne, /. combitK 

Iccola,/. c 

istlbile. a 

Combustióne, /. confiagra- 

Combùsto, adj. burnt, con- 

Come, adv. as, like, how , be- 
cause, when, Src: come! 
lion volete venire? how > 



per a 

if h. 

air ar 
had 6 
ditemi il 
how ; so ben io il come, I 
know what way : come non 
tì sia, io ci verrò, proride'd 
he is not there I shall come . 
come yedróUo, when I see 
him, <S'c. ; come prima, as 

Comecché, and Comechè, con;. 

although, b'ecause 
Comentare, to expound 
Comentirio, and Commento, 

m. a commentary 
Cementato, part, commented 
Comentatóre, m. a cimimen- 

Cementazióne,/, a comment 
Comèta., f. a comet 
ComirCto, to. (see Commiato) 

umico, TO. author of a co- 
Còmico, adj. comic 
Comignolo', to. the top, OT ridge 


Cominciaménto, m. 

, 'ginmng 

'ominciàto, part, commenced 
Cornino, m. cummin seed 
Comit^lnle, adj. attending 
Comitato, TO. company 
Comitiva,/, attendants 
Cdmito, TO. a certain officer in 

Commacolàre, to stain, ble- 

Commdndita, /. a sleeping 

Commèdia,/, a play, a cmnedy, 

Commediàio, to. a comedy 


Commediante, m. a 

Commedi^re, to viake 

,lies, or get then acted 

Commemorabile, ailj. 



cine, / , 

Coinm5nda,_f. a command 

Coinmenddbile, ailj. commend- 

C ommend aménto. 

Coramendftre, to 

Commendatàrio, a 
mendatdre, m. 
holds a benefice 

Commendatfzia,/. a letter of 

Commendatizie, aiìj. com- 

Commendiito, part, praised, 

CommendatiSre, m. and Com- 
mendatric», /. one that ap- 

Commendazióne,/, eommend- 

Commendévole, adj. ruorthy 

io he praised 
Commensale, m. f. a guest at 

Commensurare, to measure 

Commentfire, (see Tomentdre, 

Commessaria,/ a commission- 

er-s office 
Commessfco, and Commis- 

a commissary ; commessane 
di città, a judge by commis- 

Commessazidhe, /. debauch- 


Commesso, part, appointed, 

Commesso, m. a deputy 
Commesse, m. and Commes- 

srtva./. a seam, a chink; a 

suture : lavóro di commésso. 

Mosaic trork 


Commestfbile, adj. eatable 
rommestióne,/. a mixture 
Commettente, part, enjoit 

Commettente, m. a corri 

Commettere, to command, 
charge : intrust; Vi commet- 
to i miei aflFàri, / leave my 
ajrairs to you : comméttere 
alla fortuna, to hazard, to 
sin : commétter discòrdie, to 

Commettimiile, m. a firebrand 
of sedition 

m. he that 

Commettitura,/, joining 
'"ommidto.i ' 
prènder c 


,s; dai 

piacéri, to bid adieu to 

Commilitóne, m. fellorv-sol- 

minatòria, m. commi- 

Comminazióne, /. threaten- 

!ommischiaménto, m. a mix- 
Commischidre, to mix, to 

Commischiàto, part, min- 

ommiserabilménte, adv. la- 
Commiserdre, to take pity 
- — miserazióne,/. pity, com- 

Coir.miserévole, adj. piteous, 

■etched _ 

Commissionàrio, m. a commit- 

Commissióne, /. a commission, 

Commisto, part, mixed, jum 

bled [adjust 

Commisurare, to measure, to 
Cómmodo, m. (see Comedo, 

Commotivo, adj. apt to bt 
' Try 

noviménto, m. disturb- 


Coramovitóre, m. a disturb' 

Commo'vitiira, Commovizi- 
óne, and Commozióne, / 
commotion, disquiet, dis- 

Commuovere, to «ione, stiy, 
vex, disturb, auger, pro- 
voke ; to fright ; commu- 
òversi, to be agitated, 

Commntaménto, «i. change. 

Commutante, adj. changing. 

Commutare, to change, ex- 
change, barter, truck, chaf- 

pena, coinmutation of punish- 
Comodamente, adv. conve- 

Comodataménte, adv. conve- 
niently, ha,idsomety, n-ell 

Comodato, part, (accommo- 
dàto) flit ed, f urn isUed, dress- 

I loan (a law 

Comodato, » 

Comodatore m. a lender 

Comod«evolméiìte,arft'. comma- 
dioiuly, comfortably 

Comodézza, and Comodità, 
/. conveniency, conveni- 
ence, e'ase, oppoitumty ; 
la comodità fa 1' uòmo la- 
dro, opportunity makes a 
thief; la comodità d' f— 

■ ../ a ho; 


Còmodo, m. advantage, gain, 
profit, benefit, interest; H 
vostro ceraodo, at your 

Cvmoào, adj commodious, pro- 
"'ible, good. rich, rveaitfiy : 



Compa^iévole, adj. tociahle, 
complaisant, of good com- 

Compagnfa, f. company, cor- 
poration, lociett/, club, cun- 
gregation, confraternity ; 
compagnfa di soklati, a 
company qf soldiers; (di 
cavalleria) a troop of horse ; 
andar in compagnia, to go 

Compagno, m. and Com- 




Compagnóne, m. (u(5mo pio- 
«•iàlc) a good companion, 
a merry fellonf, a Jovial 

Companatico, «i. food, meat, 

Comjiiràbìle, adj. compar- 
able, tike, that may be com- 

Comparagidne, /. the act of 
appearing before a court " 

Comparare, to compare, set 
gether, confer ; comparai 
to compare one's selftvith; 

Comparativamente, adi: com- 
Comparativo, m. comparative. 

Comparato, part, compared. 

Comparazióne,/, comparison, 
parallel : sen/a compara- 
zióne, nnthout, beyond com- 
parison : a comparazióne, in 

Compire, m. a godfather, a 



Comparire, to appear in public, 
go out, to appear before the 
iudge, to make a show, citt a 

Compariscènza, f. beauty, 
figure, appearance 

Comparita,/, appearing 

Comparizióne, /. (see Com- 

Comp.-irsa, /. appearance, 
outside-shom ; far compar- 
sa, to make a figure, or 
short) : (also) a summons to 
appear in court; an at- 

tendant, or dumb figure, in 

plays, operas, dfc. 
Comparso, part, appeared 
Compartecipare, and Com- 

participàre, to partake 

Compartécipe, adj. sharer 
Compartiménto, m. parti- Compensare, 
tion, division, compart- mends 

Compartire, to partake, di- Compensato! 
vide, share, impart, commu- ' ' 

Compartito, part, shared, di- 
vided, imported unto 
Compascuo, m. a common 
Compassare, to measure with 
to ponder, cou- 


Compendioso, adj. comptn 

Comjiensabile, adj. thai can be 

Compensaménto, m. and Com- 

pensagidne, j: recompense. 

, /. amends. 


Com passito, part, measured 
by the compass, pondered, 

Compassionaménto, vu com- 

Compassióne,/ pity 
Compassionévole, and Com- 
passivo, adj. moving, piti- j 

Compassionevolmente, adv. 

pitifully I 

Compasso, m. a pair of com- 

Corapatiménto, m. compas- 

Compatlbile, adj. compatille, 

agreeing i 

Compatibilità, / compatibi- < 

Compatiménto, m. compassion, 

patience, indulgence 
Compatire, to commiserate, 

to pardon ; mi compatisca 

excuse me that I did not 


Compenso, m. expedient, re- 

Cómpera, Comperazióne, f. 
and Comperaménlo, m. pur- 
chase, bargain, buying 

Comperare, to buy, pur- 

Comperito, part, bought, pur- 

Comperatdre, part, purchaser 

Competènte, adj. convenient, 
fit, suitable : ora competente, 
a seasonable hour 

Competentemente, adv. ho da 
vivere competentemente, / 
lune enough to live compe- 

Competenza, /. debate, quar- 
rel, competency, conceni- 

Competere, to be competent, 

I mill have no competition 

Compatito, patt. pitied, ex- charming 

Compiacenza, /. complaisance, 

Compiacére, to humour, com- 
ply: si compiaccia, be pleased. 

Compiacévole, adj. agreeable. 

Compazientemente, adv. pa- 
Compendiare, to abridge, to 

Compiaciménto, »«. pleasure, ' 

Compiaciuto, part, delighted, 

Compidgnere, and Compiàn- 
gere, to ben-ait. lament 
Compiànto, part, rtgretled. 

Compianto, m. lamentation, 

Compiere, to finish, aecotn- 

plish, perform 
Compieta, / evening prayers • 

in su la compieta, SomarJi 


Compigliàre, to embrace, ex- 

Conipilàre, to compile, to 

Compilato, part. collected. 


Comi.ire, t 

^finish, to perfect ; 

. compire con 


alia volt 

, I cannot ser 

e ali 


ènte, adv. perfectly 


to comput 

, to 


ne,/, spelling 


a,i'- good breec 


Compito, > 

i. a task 


mrt. finished. 


fected, ex 

cellent ; ])agan 


full payment 


«. afuisher 


f. seed 





part, fini 


piiiti, 'tis not quite three 

Compleménto, m. comple- 

Complessionato, adj. com- 
plexioned ; ben complessi- 
onato, strong, lustt) ; mal 
complessionato, neak. 

Complesso, m and Compli- 

Complesso, adj. bulky, fat. 

Completivo, adj. completing 
Complèto, adj complete 
Complii-tito, adj. complex. 

Complicazióne, f. and Com- 
plèsso, m co».j,Hca«on 

Complimentare, to compii 
Compliménto, ni. civility 
Complimentdso, adj. full of 
Componènte, m. auth, 


Componiménto, m. composi- 
tion, rvriting, deportment 

Componitóre, m. a compositor 
(at a printing-office) 

Compórre, to compound, mix, 
to agree, contrive, adjust ; 
compórsi, to compound tvith 

act, do 
Comportévole, adJ tolerable, 

Com])ortevolménte, adv. so as 

Compòrto, m. a delay granted 
by the creditor to a debtor 

Compòsito, jn. the composite 
order ,f architecture 

Compositoio, ni. a composing 

Composizióne,/, compositioi 
Compósta, /. mixture; cor 
pósta di pére, preserved 

Compostamente, adv. neatly. 

Compostézza, /. modesty, 

Compósto, m. mixture, com- 

Compósto, adJ composed ; 
paróla compósta, a com- 

>rd ; 

with a 

mnd 1 

Cómpra,/, and Compraménto 

Comprare, to buy, purchase 

Comprato, part, purchased 
Compratóre, m. buyer 
Comprendénza, /. comprehen 

Comprendiménto, coyi 
Sion, understanding. 

Comprenditóre, m. w 

CoCp'/endrmico, adj. , 

Coinprensfbile, adj. intelli- 
Comprensióne, and Coni- 

Comprensivaménte, adv. ivith 
Comprésa, /. and Compréso, 

Compromettere, to compro- 

méttersi, to engage, pro- 
mise; compromettere l'au- 
torità, Tonùre, ^c. to ei 
pose one's character ana 


Comprovare, to approve, al 

Compiìgnere, and Compùn- 
Compugniménto, ri. torn- 

mpùngere, (see Lompi'ig- 

mp,mt.-vo, adj. ajfectivg 
mpunto, part. grieved, 
)e.Ted, penitent 
Compunzióne, 7'. revwrse 
Coniputaniénto, m. computa- 

Computilre, to compute, 

Compatito, part, enumerated, 


muneménte), commonly, 
Comunanza, /. corporation, 
company, society, community 

Comune, »«. the commons 
Comune, ad} common, uni- 

versai, usual, trivial, vulgar ; 

Comunglla, /. a common 

Comunemente, adv. common- 
ly, vtilgarly 
ComuniciSbile, adj. sociable. 

munication, imparting, 

Comunicante, and Comuni- 

Coraunieàre, lo con 
irrìpart, reifeal, 
comunicarsi, io t 

! the 

Comunicato, pari, imparted 
Comunicativa, f. facility in 

making others comprehend 
Comunicativo, adj. communi- 
Comunicatore, m. ke who com- 
Coraunicazidne, /. communi- 

of making common 

Comunichino, m. the conse- 
crated wafer administered 
in the Roman Catholic 
church : a consecrated wafer, 
the host 

Comunióne, f. sacrament of 

Comunità, /. community, 


nità, io teli publicly, oi in 

Comiino, adj. cntnmoti 
Comùnque, adv. however ; 

comùnque si sia, however it 

Con, prep, with; con che, so 

Cónca, f. a large vessel ; sliell, 

Concatenare, io join 
Concatenato, part, linked ; 

un disco'rso concatenato, a 

L'j^ical discourse 
ConcatenaSidne. /. and Con- 

Concavità,/. hollorvness 
Còncavo, m. concavity 
Concedènte, part, granting 
Concedere, to grant, permit, 
bestoTV, acknnrvledge ; con- 
cedere la sua liglia, to 
marry a daughter 
Concedibile, adj. allowable 
Concediniénto, m. concession, 

Conceditóre, m. granter 

Conceduto, part. granted, 

Concènto, m. harmony 

Concentraménto, nu and 
Concentrazione, /. concen- 

Concentrare, to concentre ; 
concentrarsi, to abscond 

Concentrato, adj. concentred 

Concèntrico, adj. concen- 

Concépere, to conceive, to 

Concepibile, adj. conceiv- 

Concepiménto, m. conception. 

Concepire, to conceive, to 
breed, to comprehend ; con- 
cepire speranze, to enteHain 

Concepito, part, conceived 
Concernènte, part, concern- 
Concernènte, and Concemé- 

vole, adj. belonging 
Concernènza, f. relation, 

Concernere, to concern 
Concertare, to contrive 
Concertato, part, concerted 
Concertatóre, m. a contriver 
Concèrto, »«. concert, har- 
mony : far una cosa di con- 
cèrto, to act by consent 
Concessionàrio, m. a grantee 



Concessióne, /. permission, 

Concèsso, adj. granted 

Concètto, m. conceit, fancy, 
esteem, repute ; ha perdute 
il concetto apprèsso di me 
with me he has lost his credit 

dotto, he is esteemed learned 
also jest, witty repartee ; 
un libro pieno di belli cor 
celti, a book full of fu 
Concettóso, adj- full ofjestt 
Concezióne, f. conception, 


Conchiglia,/, shclt, sea-shell 

Conchiùdere, to infer, to fi 

nish ; to convince ; to resolve 

Conchiusióne, /. conclusion, 

end. inference 
Conchiùso, adj. concluded 
Cóncia,/, tan, bark ; a tan-vat, 

or pit 
Conciacalzétte, m. and f. a 

butcher, a stocking-mender 
Conciare, to meiul, fit, dress, 

trim, abuse, tame, castrate, 

to adjust, agree ; conciar 

vini, to adulterate wine ; 

conciar uno pel di delle 

feste, to ruin, (also) to 

Conciatètti, nj. a tiler 
Condito, part, mended, fitted, 


Conciéro, m. menrling 
Conclglio, a council 
Conciliàbile, adj. that may be 

Conciliàbolo, an,d Concilii- 

bulo, m. a conventicle 
Conciliaménto, m. rcconcil- 

Conciliare, to reconcile : con- 
ciliarsi, to be reconciled : 
conciliare il sonno, to obtain 

Conciliato, adj. reconciled 


I. a sy: 


Concimar^ to dung land 
Concimato, part. dunged, 

Concime, m. muck, marl. 

Concinnità,/, ornament 
Cóncio, adj. dressed, mended, 
used ; mal cóncio, abused , 
assettato, fine, trim, com- 
pact : in concio, »« readinest 
Conciofossecosaché, Concio- 
siachè, and Conciosiaco- 
sachè, conj. (perchè), be- 



Concistoriale, adj. cons 

Concistorio, ni. consistory 


Concitaménto, m. incUemeni, 

m. disturber. 

ConcI<i''e, m. a conclave 
Conclàvio, m. a closet 
Conclavista, m. a conclavUt 
Concludente, adj. concluding 
Concludentemente, adv. filly, 

Conclùdeve, io finish, deter- 

Conclu'sióne, '/. end, conse- 
quence, inference 
Conclusivo, adj. conclusive. 

Conclùso, part, concluded 


Conconriménto, m. 

Concotto, adj. digested, con- 

Concoziòne,/. digestion 
Concreàre, to create, to be- 
Concreato, part. created. 

Concrédere, to believe ; con- 
crédersi, lo agree 
Concrèto, »n. concrete 
ConcreZidne,/. concretion 
Concubina,/, a concuhine 
Concubinàrio, and Concubino, 

:ubindto, m. concubinage 
Concubinèsco, adj, belonging 

to a concubine 
Concùbito, m. coming ioge- 

panying; grazia^ 

Concordare, to agree, to recon- 
cile, to conform 

Concordatamente, Concorda- 
ménte, and Concordevol- 
ménte, adv. unanimous- 

Concordato, m. a concordat». 

Concordato, adj. agreed upon 
Concorde, adj. unanimous, 
peaceable ; di concordo pa- 
rére, cfthe same opinion 
Concordemente, and Concor- 
devolménte, ad. agreeably, 

culcare, to tread i 


Concudcere, to 

Concupire, to o 


pi^cènzia,/. concupiscence 

Concupiscévole, and Concu- 
piscibile, adj. concupiicilde, 

Concupiscivo, adj. concupis- 

Concupiscibilita, /. unlarvful 
issare, to shake 

'.o desi 

Concussioniirio, i 

Concordévole, c 

Concordia, f. i 

many, peace ; 


Concorporato, adj. incorpo- 

Concorrente, m. competitor. 

Concorrènte, adj. concurring, 

Concorrènza, /. concurrence. 

Concórrere, to concur, agree 
m optnw'i. concórrere alle 
*pe.e, to yay one's share 

■ Condannàbile, adj. 
Condannaménto, m. 

Condannatdre, m. a con- 

Condecènte, and Condecé- 
vole, adj. decent, becoming 

Condecen'temente, adv. de- 

Condegnamente, adv. wor- 
thily, deservedly 

Condegnilà,/. desert, merit 

Condégno, adj. worthy 

Condenniire, C«ce Condannare, 
and its derivatives J 

Condensaménto, m. thick- 


Condènso, adj. thick, con- 

CondescendSnte, adj. com- 

Condescendènza,/. atid Con- 
descendiraènto, m. conde 

Condescèndere, to conde- 

Cond.iscensidne, f, conde 

Condescensivo, adj. easy to 

Condescéso, adj. condescended 
Condiménto, m. sauce, piekle 
Condire, to salt, to preserve, to 


Condogliénza, /. condolence 
Condolérsi, io contphiin 
Condoluto, pari, cond.led 
Condonàbile, adj. pardoned 
Condonare, /.. forgive 
Condonato, part, pardoned 
Condonatóre, m. he tv. 

Condonazióne, f. forgireneis 
Condótta, /. conduct, cu, 


Condótto, part, conducted 
Condótto, m. conduit, pipe 
Conducènte, adj. conducting 
Condùcere, (set Condurre) 
Conducévole, adj. conducting^ 

Conducfbile, adj. Jit, pro- 


vioiir, de- 

f. repeti- 


Condurre, to conduct, lead, 

Conduttóre, and Conducitóre, 

Conduttura, /. a journey, 

Confermilto, ^ t. monfirmed 
Confennatóre, m. a rvarrant- 

er. voucher 
Confermazióne, J", confirma- 
Confessaménto, m. confession 
Confessare, to confess ; con- 
feisirsi, to confess to a 

Confessatóre, m. a confessor 
Confessionale, and Confes- 
sionario, m. conjissional 

Confessóre, and Confessóro, 

m. a conlissnr 
Confettare, to preserre : far 

Slima, to cherish ; confettare 

' ! Confettato, part, preserved 

, Confettàtore, and Confettière, 

Conestabilerfa, f. the high . 

constable's jurisdiction ' ' 

Confabulare, to talk together 
Confabulatório, adj. of con- 

Contabulazióne, /. confabula- 

Confacènte, adj. convenient 
Confacènza,/. agreeableness 
Confacévole, adj suitable 
Confiire, to become, to be 
suitable ; il vino non mi 
confa, n ine is not good for 
me ; confarsi, to answer, 
ta agree ; questo discorso 
non si confà ad un par suo, 
Ihit rvay of talking does 


ì Confetto, adj. preserved 
: ■ Confetto, 7». Confettura, and 
Confeiióne, /. preserves, 

Conferire, to confer, impart 
Conférma, and Confermagi- 

óne,/. confirmation 
Confermare, and Confirmare, 

/.. confirm, establUh, rati- 

Conficcdto, part, nailed, fast- 
ened, convinced 
I Conficcatura,/, a fastening 
Conficere, to consecrate 
Confidanza,/, trnst, confidence, 
hope ; abbi confidanza, de- 
spair not 
Confid.-ire, to trust, confide; 
I confidiirsi, to depend 'upon 

idàto, part, trusted, con- 

I fided 
Confidente, m. confident 
Confidentemente, adv. confi- 

I denily 

I Confidenza,/, confidence, bold- 

Configere, (see Conficcare) 
Configimcnto, m. a nailing 
' Configurato, part, fashioned 
I Configurazióne, f. configura- 

!, I Confinante, adj. bordering 
'" '■ ' to border, to limit; 
to banish 
, part, confined 
Confine, and Confino, m. li- 

Confiscabile, adj. confiscable 
Confiscare, to seize upon 
Confiscalo, part, conjiscaled 

on fire 
r. conflagra- 

Conflato,' part, joined toge- 

Conflitto, m. conflict, com- 

Confluente, m. conflux 

Confóndere, to confound, to 
destroy, to waste ; confon- 
dersi, to be confused 

Confondiménto, >n. confusion 

Confonditóre, 711. rvho cotf 

Conformare, to conform ■ 
conformarsi, <u conform one's 

Conformatlvo, adj. conform- 

Conformato, and Confórme, 
Confórme, adv. according. 
Conformemente, adv. pursuant 

Conformevole, adj. suitable, 

Conformista, t/i. a confoi-mist 
'onformita, /. conformity. 

In conformità, adv. con- 

Confortagióne, /. and Con- 

fortamento, 7n. (see Con. 



Confortativo, Confortatòrio, 
and Confortévole, adj. com- 

Confortatóre, m. and Confor- 

Confortin^io, 7rt. gingerbread- 

Confortino, m. gingerbread 
Confòrto, m. (see Conforta- 

Confràte, and Confratèllo, m. 

Confraternità,/, fraternity 


ContrJnto, m. confivn 
f erring. A coiafrd 

in comparison 
Confusamente, adv. i 



a liti 



Confusidne,/. d, 

Confuso, aJj. confounded 
Confutabile, adj. confutable 
Confutaménto, m. confutation 
Confutare, to confute 
Confutatóre, m. a refuter 
Confutazióne,/, confutation 
Congedare, to give leave 
Congèdo, m. leave, permis- 


cmjunciure, ! "oningaziùne,/. conjugaUon 
I Coniùgio. »i. marriage 
^junction j Coniùntivo, adj. conjunctive 
izióne, /. Connaturale, adj. con-natu- 


Congiunzione,/, co: 
f:n,i,riùra, Congiui<i<, j. 
I Congiuraménto, m. plot, 

•■• a compin 



gedo, / e, 


posso dar quel 

/. aasemblage, 

Congegnare, io connect, joi 
Congegnato, part, connectt 
Congelaménto, m.freezin- 
Congeiàrsi, lo congeal, freìze 
Congelato —-' 

^e,f. congelai. 

o -j.-^^-^, hoard 

Congettura, and Conghiettiira 

/ guess 
Congetturale, adj. conjectural 
Congetturalmérite, adv. by 

Congetturare, to conjecture 
Conghietturàle, adj. conjee 

Conghietturàto, part, guessed 
Conghietturatdre, m. a conjee- 

Congiugdle, adj. conjugal 
Congiugare, {see Coniugare) 
^°^S^"Sa2i'5ne, /. conjuga- 

Congiùgnere, and Congiùn- 
gere, to join close ; congiù- 
gnersi, to approach 

Congiugniraénto, and Con- 
giungiménto, m. conjunc- 



Congiù .„, .^^ 

L,ongiuntaménte, adv. jointly 
Congiuntivo, m. the connine 

tive mood 
Congiuntivo, and Congiùnto 

adj. joined 
Congiùnto, m. kindred 


Congiurare, to conjure, con 

spire, plot 
Congiurato, part, conspired 
Congiuratóre, m. conspirator 
Conglobazióne, /. congloba- 

Conglomerato, part, heaped 

Conglutinare, to glue, knit, 

le. f. and Con- 

v-uiigraculàrsi, to congratulate 
Congratulato, part, congratu- 

Congratulatóre, m. who con- 

CongratuIa2ióne, /. congratu- 

Congrega, and Congregazióne, 

/. a congregation 
Congregaménto, »n. an assetn- 

v^ongiegare, to assemble 
Congregato, part, assembled 
Congresso, port, congress, meet- 

COn|rua,/. a sufficient income 
ongruaménte, adv. congru- 

Congruènte, aij. suitable 

Congruenza, /. congruence, 

Congruo, adj. congruous, pro- 

Congnagliàre, to equal 
Conguàglio, 7/1. a levelling 
Coniare, to coin, to bind 

, part, coined 

Coniatóre, m. a coir 
Conicalménte, adv. 

-—-■■ — yf (see Congettura) 
Conietturàre, (see Congettu- 
rare, and '■'• J—.—. .-•-.-* 

Connaturare, v. to sympathize 
Connazionale, adj. national 
Connessióne,/, connexion 
Connessila,/, affinity 
Connèsso, adj. connected, ioin- 

ed "^ '-' 

Connest.1bile, m. a constable 
Connèttere, to connect, join , 

non connettere, to speak non- 

v^onnivènza, /. connivance 
Connùbio, m. marriage 
Connumerdre, to enumerate 
^""^"■"eràto, part, enume- 

Conòcchia,/, rock, distaffi 
Conoscente, adj. knowing, 

thankful, acquainted 
Conoscentemente, adj. knom 

Conoscènza, /. acquaintance 
Conóscere, to know; darsi a 
conóscere, to make one's 
ieif known ; riconóscere, to 
tcknonledge ; far conóscere, 
.0 prove ; conóscersi, to un- 

Conoscfbile, adj. cognizable 

Conosciménto, m. and Conos- 
-itùra, / sense, wit, judg- 
ment, experience 
loscitdre, m. a skilful man. 

Conosciutamente, adv. Judi- 

Conosciutfssimo, adj. 

known, skilful 
Conosciuto, part, ktwi 



Coniglio, m a rabbit 
Cdnio, »?i. a stamp for coir 
(monéta) money 
oniugale, adj conjugal 
v^oniugare, to conjugate 
Coniugato, part, conjug 

lo pieces 
Conquassare, to destre 
Conquassato, part, destroyed 
'^onquassazidne, /. and Con 
quàsso, m. havoc, destruc 
tion ; andar in conquasso, to 
Conquidere, to affiict 
'"""f".'."' ! Conquiste,/, conquest 

Coniglieria, /. , Conquistare, to conquer 

j Conquistato, part, subdued 
j Conquistatore, ,n. a conqueror. 
mg ; Consacrare, and Consagràre, 

1 Consacrato, and Consagràto, 
I part, dedicated 
d. I Consacrazione, and ConsagTA • 
I gidne, /. cgnsecrcitifTi 


Consanguineo, adj. related, 

Consanguinità, /. relationship 
Consapévole, adj. conscioiu ; 

far consapévole, lo iinpart 
Consapevolézza, /. notice ; 

Consapevolmente, adv. rvith 

Consciénza,/. {see Cosciènza) 
Cònscio, adj knowing of, con- 

Conscritto, part, (registrato) 
enrolled, registered, written 

Conscrlvere, (registrare) to 
write, to pen, to register 

Consecrire, {see Consacrare) 

Consecutivamente, adv. one 
after atiother 

Consecutivo, adj. one after 

Consecuzióne,/, acquisition 

Consegnare, to deposit, con- 
sign, intrust, to deliver 

Consegnato, part, consigned, 
delivered, described 

Consegnazidne, /. deposition, 

Conseguente, part, consequent. 


[ try : far consèrva, to make 
provision ; consèrva d'acqua, 
a water-house ; andar di con- 

> serva, fsea term) to keep 

\ company together 
Conservàbile, adj. preserved 
ConservadiJre, and Conserva- 

j tore, support 

' Conservaménto, m. 

I Hon 

I Conservativo, adj fit to keep ; 
I m. a keeper, protector 
1 Conservato, part, preserved, 
I kept, saved 

Conservatolo, m. a reservoir 
[ Conservatòrio, nt. a work- 
I house, a nunnery 
I Conservazióne, and Conser- 
I vagidne,/. preservation 

Conservo, m. a fe.'low-ser- 

Consesso, m. assembly 
Consideràbile, adj. considera- 
! ble 

I Considerabilménte, adv. con- 
I siderably 

' Considerante, adj. consider- 
. 1 ing 
■ Considerare, to think, to medi- 

Conseguenteménte, adv. by Consideratamente, arfi». i 

Conseguenza. /. consequence, 
inference, conclusion, sequel ; 
{impoTtónz3i)momenl, weight: 
(termine in logica) conse- 

Conseguiménto, m. adoption, 1 

Conseguire, to obtain, -gel, 
gain, succeed in the pursuit 
of a thin_g ; (succèdere) to | 
succeed, follow, come next \ 

Conseguitare, to follow; (also) 


Conseguitatdre, m. who o6- 

Consènso, and Consentiménto, 

m. consent, approbation 
Consentàneo, adj. agreeable. 

Consentiménto, m. consent 
Consentire, to consent 
Consentito, part, consented 
Consentitdre, m. mho con- 

Considerato, part, considered 
Consideratdre, m. who consi- 

. Considerazióne, /. and Con- 
sideraménto, »t. considera- 
1 tion 

Consigliànte, adj. advising 
Consigliare, io advise ; con- 
sigliarsi, to consult with ; 
lasciatevi consigliar da me, 
take my advice 
Consigliatamente, adv. ad- 

Consigliatlvo, adj. fit to advise 
Consigliato, part, advised 
Consigliatdre, m. adviser 
Consiglière, m. counsellor, an 

Consiglio, m. resolution ; prèn- 
der consiglio, to resolve ; stai 
a consiglio, to talk secretly ; 
consiglio di stato, a council 
board ; consiglio dì guèrra, 
a eourt-martial 
Consigndre, m. t ioint-lord, 

Consimigliàre, to resemble 
Conslmile, adj. resembling 
Consistènte, adj. consistent 



Consistere^ to consist 
Consistdiio, m. a consistory 
Consobrlno, m. a cousin-ger- 

Consociazidne, /. association, 

Consocile, m. a companion 
Consolamènto, m. comfort 
Consolante, adj. comfortable 
Consolare, to comfort, \comole 
si consola facilménte di 
questa perdita, he is not much 
troubled for this loss 
Consolare, adj consular ; di- 
ità consolare, consular 
olarménte, adv. consul- 

Consolatfvo, adj. comfortable 
Consolato, m. consulship 
Consolato, adj. comforted ; 
questa pioggia vien conso- 
lata, thU rain is cmnfort- 
Consolatore, m. comforter 
Consolatòrio, part, comforting 
Consolazióne,/, comfort 
Console, and Consolo, m. a 

Consolida, /. rvallwort, com- 
frey, btigle (herb) 

Consolidaménto, 7n. soldering 

Consolidare, to consolidate, to 
confirm, corroborate : conso- 
lidare l' amicizia, to strength- 
en friendship 

Consolidativo, adj. consolidat- 

Consomigliàre, to conform 
Consonante, adj. harmonious 
C onsonantcraénte, adv. con 

formabty, pursuant 
Consonanza, /. harmony ; vi- 
vere in consonanza con qual- 
cheduno, to live in good un- 
derstanding with somebody 
Consonare, to agree, to sing 


e., this 

suitable to my in 
consono, adj. agreeable 
Consórte, rn. and f husband, 
wife ; ambo consòrti, hus- 
band and wife [pany 
Consorteria, / « society, com- 


Conserto, m. a ecmpumon 
Consòrzio, m. fellowship, com- 
pany, familiarily 
CÓnspfcere, to discern 
Conspfcuo, (see Cospicuo) 
Conspiràre, lo plot, conspire 
Conspirato, part, conspired, 



Conspirazidne, /. conspiracy 
Constóre, io appear : consta 

tutti, every body knows 
Consternaziòne, f, consterna- 

Constipàto, adj. dose, 

Constitufre, to constitute, ap- 
point : constitufre alcuno 
in dignità, to prefer to ho- 

Constitulto, part, constitut- 

Constitutòre, m. he rvho 

Constituziòne, /. constitu- 

Constrignere, and Costrin- 
gere, to constrain, force 

Constrigniinénto, and Cos- 
tringiménto, ni. compul- 

Construfre, fo build, to c( 
strue words 

Constrùtto, part, built 

Constrùtto, »«. profit, gai 
Non so olle sarà il construtto 
di quest" affare, / do not 
knot» what will be the result 
of that affair 

Construzióne, /. construction, 

Consuetamente, adv. as u- 

Consuèto, adj. usual, accus- 

Consuetudinàrio, adj. usual. 

Consuetudine,/ custom, use 
Consulta,/, consultation 
Consultare, to consult, take 

Consultivo, adj. Jit to < 

lyning; sapi- 
àta, a perfect 


Consumante, adj. wasted, eon 

sumed, accomplished 
Consumare, to waste, destroy ; 

Consumativo, and Consume- 


Consumatore, m. waster, con- 

Consumazidne, /. consump- 
Consumo, m. waste, decay 
Consuntivo, adj. consuming 

Consunzione, / consumption ; 
de' sècoli, the 

Contdre, < 
Contilo, part, reckoned, told 
Contatóre, m. a computisi 
Contatto, »i. touch, contaet 
Contazióne,/, an account 
Cónte, m. earl, count 
Contèa,/, county 
Conteggiare, to compute 
Contégna, /. a grave, proua 

Contégno,»», appearance: ca- 

~ inàr in contégno, to walk 
ih gravity 
Contegnóso, adj. sober, grave 
Contemperanza, /. proportion. 

Consustanzialmente, adv. con- 

Consustanziazióne, /. consub- 

Contadina, /. a cnuntry-ruo- 

Contadinélla, /. a country- 

Contadinèllo, m. a country- 

C outadinescaménte,a(i» donn- 
ishly, rudely 

Contadinésco, and Contadino, 
adj. rustic, rude 

Contadino, m. a countryman 

Contado, m. fields, shire, coun- 
try ; (also) the vicinity of a 

Contàgio, m. and Contagióne, 

/. infecti07ì, plague 
Contagióso, adj. contagious. 

Contamente, adv. properly, 

Contaraento, m. an account 
Contaminàbile, adj. what may 

be contaminated 
Contarainaménto, m. pollu 

iion, defiling 
Contaminare, to contaminate, 

Contaminatissimo, adj, quite 

Contaminato, adj. infected, de- 
Contaminatóre, m. mho pollutes 
Contaminazióne, /. contami- 

Contemperazione, /. temper 

Contemplaménto, rn. contem- 

Contemplante, adj. contemn- 

Contemplare, io contemplate. 

Contemplativo, adj. eontem- 

Coiitemplatóre, m. a centem- 

Conteraplazióne,/. contempla- 

Contemporàneo, adj. canlem- 

Contempràre, to temper, mo- 

Contendente, adj. contend- 
Contendènza, /. a conten- 

Conténdere, to quarrel, debate, 

fight, to strive 
Contendevolménte, adv. liti- 

Contendìménto, m. contention, 

Contenditóre, «i. a qua-rreller 
Contenente, adv. directly 
Contenènte, adj containing 
Contenènza, /. continence, ca- 
paciousness, gravity 
Contenére, to contain, com- 
prise, refrain: = 

Conteniménto, m. modera- 

Contgnnere, to despise 
Contentaménto, »». content, de- 
Contentare, to content, please, 

voglie, to gratify the indi 

nation : contentarsi, to be 

Content4to,a(//. tatisjied, pleas- 

Contentatura,/, content 
Contentévole, adj. pleasing 
Contentézza, /. content, plea- 

Contentibile, aàj. contemptible, 

Contènto, adj. contented, pleas- 

tcnto se non lo vedo, I shall 
never be easy if 1 do not 

Contènto, m- contentment 
Gonteniito, pait. contained 
Contenuto, m. the contents 

dirò tutto il contenute 

shall tell you the story 
Contenzidne, /. debate, dis- 

ContenSiosaménte, adv. con- 

Contenzióso, adj. quarrel- 

Gonteria, /. glass of lariotu 
colours to form necklaces, 
crorvns, S(c. 

Conterminale, end Contermi- 
no, adj contiguous 

Conterminare, to border upon 

Contésa, /. striving, strug- 
gling, quarrelling 

Contéso, part, hindered 

Contèssa,/, countess 

Contèssere, to join, tvarp 

Contestàbile, m. constable 
gran contestàbile, (in tin 
order of St. Stephen) thi 
grand prior 

Contestare una lite, to bring 
an action of law 

Contestazióne,/, contention 

Contèsto, adj. woven 

Contézza,/, information, news; 
non posso darvene maggfor 
contezza, 1 cannot tell you 

Conticlno, m a small bill 
Contfgia. /. ornament 
Contigiato, adj. adorned 
Contiguità, /: neighbourhood, 

Contfguo, adj. contiguous 
Continènte, adj. continent. 

Continentemente, adv. chaste- 

Continènza, /. circumference, 

contin enee, ^firmness 
Contingente,"ad;. accidental 
Contingentemente, adv. co- 


Contingènza, /. contingency, 

Contlngere, to happen 
Contingibile, adj. casual 
Contingibilità,/ casually 
Continovàre, {see Continuare, 

and its derivatives) 
Continuamente, adv. conti- 
Continuaménto, m. Continua, 
and Continuazióne,/, conli- 

Continuànte. adj. assiduous 
Continuare, to continue, to last 
Continuatamente, adv. per- 
Continuato, part, continued 
Continuatóre, m. a continua- 
to r 
Continuazióne, /. continua- 

Continuità,/ continuity 
Continuo, m. a close body 
Contfnuo, adj. continual ; fèb- 
bre contìnua, a continual 
fever. Del, or Al continuo, 
• • ,ntly 

persóna, io esteem ; non 
cónto di nessuno, he vali 

1 di cónto. 

nobody ; 

reat n 


cónto, cheap ; per che conto, 
for what reason f far i cónti, 
io settle accounts; conti chitó, 
amici cari, even reckonings 
make long friends ; voi m- 
ne renderete conto, you sita 
be accountable to me for it , 
non mi toma à conto, I do 
notjìnd my account in i 
Contòrcere, io twist, w 
writhe ; contòrcersi, io 
wry faces 
Contorciménto, m. contai 

Ttomàre, v. io delineate, de- 
ign, to sketch 
Contornarsi, io have recourse 
Contornato, part, turned about 
Contórno, »i. precinct, circuit ; 
contórni, the contours of a 
Contorsióne, /. a convulsion, 

Contòrto, adj. twisted, crooked 
Contra, prep, (cóntro) against 
Contrabbandière, in. smug- 
Contrabbando, »i. prohibited 
goods ; fai il contrabbando, 
to s^nuggle 


Contrabbilanciare, to counter- 

Contraccambiàre, to recom- 
pense, reward, to truck 

Contracciinibio, m. mutual 
exchange : rendere il con- 
traccàmbio, to be even with a 

Contracchiàve,/. a false key 

Contraccffra, and Contrac- 
ci'fera,/ a key for decipher- 

ContraccWglia, /. the keel of a 

Contrada,/, country, province, 

Contraddanza, /. country- 

Conlraddètto, «n. contradic- 
tion ; sènza conuaddétto, 
without dispute 

Contraddicénte, adj. contra 

Contraddiciménto,a«<J Contra 
diciménto, m. contradiction 

Contraddicitóre, ni. he who 

Contraddire, to contradict, op- 
pose ; contraddirsi, to falter 

ContraddirXtto, m. fine, j>e- 

Contraddistìnguere, to distin- 
guish, to signalize one's self 

Contradditóre, m. antagonist 


Contraddittorio, adj. contra- 
dictory propositions 

Contraddiviéto, m. prohibited 

Contraddizióne, /. and Con- 
traJdiciménto, m. contra- 

Contradiàre, {see Contrariare 
and all its derivatives) 

Contradi're, {see Contraddire, 
and all its derivatives) 

Contràere, {see Contrarre) 

Contraffaciménto, m. counter 

Contraftàcitóre, and Contraf- 
fatóre, m. counterfeiter, imi- 


Contraffattùra, and Contraf- 
fazióne,/, counterfeiting 

Contraffòrte, m. a buttress, a 

ContraWga, /. counterfiigue. 

Contraggénio, m. antipathy 
Contraimento, m. contraction 
Contrafre, to oppose, 7 esist 
Contralettera, /. a counter- 
Contrallùme, m. a false light 
Contralto, m. a counter-treble 
Contrariialia, /. a counter- 
Contramdrca, /. a counter- 

Contrainmandàre, to counter- 
Contrammand;(to, m. a coun- 

Contrammdrcìa, /. a counter- 

Contrammiraglio, m. a rear- 

Contrammoménto,m. counter- 

Contraoperazidne, /. a con- 
trary effect 

Contrai\-irte,/./ÌM< and second 

Contrapolènza,/. resistance 
Contrappiisso, m. the lex ia- 

lionis, limb for limb 
Contrappelo, m. against the 

Contrai)pesaménto, m. equi- 

Contrappesàre, to cotmter- 

Contrappéso, m-. a counier- 

poise, weight 
Contrapponirnénto, m. oppo- 

Contrappdrre, to oppose ; con- 
trapporsi, to be against; to 
intcfere [tion 

Contrapposizióne, /. opposi- 
ContrappSsto, m. the oppo- 

ContrappiSnto, hi. counter- 
point : far il contrappunto, 
to accompany (in music) 

Contrariamente, adv. con- 

Contrariare, to contradict 

Contrarietà, /. opposition, dis- 
agreement tribolazióne, ad- 


Contràrio, adj. contrary. V 
contràrio, adv. on the cc 
trary. Al contràrio, au 
quite contrary 
Contràrio, m. the contrary 
Contrarre, and Contràere, 10 
contract, covenant, to unite. 
Join ; contrarre debiti, to 
run into debt ; contrarre 

Contrarispóndere, to rejoin 
Contrarispósta, f. a rejoinder, 

or duplication 
Contrascambiaménto, m. a 

counter- change 
Contrascàrpa, /. a 

Contrnunére, to run against 

Contravvallazidne, /. counter- 

ContravTedére, to look at one 
with an evil eye 

Contravveléno, m, counter- 
poison, antidote 

Contravvenire, to infringe a 

Contrawersilh,/. con 
Contrazióne,/, contri 
Contribuire, to contri 
Contributóre, m. wh 

Contribuzióne, /. 


Con trascrivere, 

Con trascritto, n 


Contrassegnato, paìi. counter- 

Contrassegnatùra,/. a counter- 

Contrasslgillàre, to counler- 

Contrassiglllo, m. o counter- 

Contrastàbile, adj contentions 
Contrastaménto,' m. a dispute 
Contrastante, adJ. resisting 

e (for, 


Contrlrsi, te 

Contristaménte, adv. rvith con- 

Contristaménto, m. and Con- 
tristaZióne, /. ajfìiction, 

Contristare, to affiicl ; con- 
tristarsi, to be afflicted 

Contristatlvo, adj. afflicting 

^MUtristàto, adj.- aj/icted 
:ontristatóre, i?i. one who 

Contritamente, adv. jviih con- 

Contritàre, to mince 

Contrito, adj. minced (also^ 

Contrizióne, / sorrow fur 


Contrastatóre, m. opposer 

Contrasto, m and Contras- 
tanza,/, debate, quarrel 

Contrata, /. cou,Ury, (in 

Contrattaménto, m. and Con- 
trattagióne,^'. dealing, trad- 

Confrattàre, to contractH'ar- 
Contratempo, m. mischance 
Di contratémpo, adv. un- 
seasonably : fare una cosa à 
contratémpo, to do a thing 
Contratto, m. deed, instru- 
ment, agreement ; contrat- 
to di donazióne, o deed of 

Controstòmaco, adv. umvill- 

Controvàre, to invent, feign 

Controvato, part, invented, 

Controversia, /. debc.te, dis- 

Controverslsta, m. a contro 

Controverso, adj. coiUroi-er- 

Controvertere, to dtba/e 
Controvertibile, adj. douilful. 

\ shrinking 

Contumàcia, /. and Contu- 
n.dce, m. 7vilfulne,s, stub- 

ContumeUa,/ affront, abuse 
Contumeliosamente, adv, out- 
Contumelióso, aiìj. aeronave 
Contundente, a. bruising, that 

Conturbaménto, m. Contur- 
bagióne, and Conturbazióne, 
/. disturbance 

Conturbare, to disturb, vex, to 
tkrorv into a confusion 

Conturbato, adj. disturbed. 

Contusióne, /. contusion. 

Contùso, ad), bruised 
Contuttoché, ce>ij although 
Contuttociò, conj. however, yet 
ConTalescSnte, adj. recovi 
ing; èsser convalescènte, 

ConvalescgnSa,/. recovery 

Convalidare, to confir,.,, 
strengthen ; convalidarsi, to 
get strength. 

Convalidato, fart, corrobo- 

ContàWe, f. a valley 

ConvenSnte, m. deed, agree- 
ment ; osservare il conve- 
nénte, to keep a promise 

Convenenza, /. agreement. 

Convenévole, adj. conveni- 
ent; convenévoT cosa è, it 
it reasonable; fare i con- 
venévoli, to make compii- 

Toli, io stand upon cere- 

Convenevolézza,/. conveniency 

Convenevolissimamente, adv. 
most comfortably 

Convenevolmente, and Con- 
venientemente, adv. com- 
modi^-usly, conveniently 

Conveniente, ni. a decency. 

Convenienza,/, decency 
Conveniménto, »»■ agreement. 

Convenire, to agree, to meet, 
assemble: to be necessary; 
ci conviene partire, tve must 
part [doctor 

Conventire, to make one a 

Convenla/ióne, /. coronation 
(of poets) 

CoTivenUcoIa, /. and Con- 
venticole, m. private me2t 


Convento, m. an auembly , 
convent, monastery, house ; 

Conventuale, adj. frate con- 

Conveniito. part, agreed- 

~ rtvenzionàle, adj. conven- 

iivenzionarsi to agree 

Conversa, a lay-sister 

" ersàbile, adj. sociable 

fersaraente, adv. on the 

adj. conversant 


Conversato, pari frequented 
Conversatóre, m. mho con- 

onversazióne, /. and Con- 
versaménto, m. discourse, 

■ • adj 

Converso, pari. ^u,,^^. .■.••, 
changed. Per convèrso, adv. 
on the contrary 
Converso. »i. a lay-brother 
Convertibile, adj. transform 

Conversare, ,_ 

Con versa tlvo, 


Con versi' vole, adj. si 

: to ( 


o oe converted 

, part, converted 

Convertitóre, m. a converter 

Convesso, adj- convex 
Oonvidre. to convoy, guard 
lonviato, part, convoyed, at- 
Convicino, adj. neighbouring 
^Convincente, adj. convincing, 
clear [dently 

Convincentemente, adv. evi- 
Convincere, to convict, eon- 

Convfnto, part. convicted, 
Convinzióne, /. conviction 
Convitare, to invite to keep ar 

Convitato, part, invited 
Convitato, m. a guest 
Convitatóre, m. an inviier 
Convito,»» banquet; and Con 
livio, m.. feast, living togeth 




Convivere, to lire together 
Conviviale, adj. belonging to a 

Convocare, to call together 
Convocato, part, convoked, 

Convocatore, m. rvho convokes 
''on vocazióne, /■ and Convo- 

caménto, wi. convocation 
Convogliare, <o convoy, attend 
Convoglio, m. a conro»/ 
Convolare, to marrjj again 
ConvOlgere, io tvalloiv, tumble, 

ConvGlto, adj. dirty, tumbled 
Convòlvolo, tn. convolvulus, a 

Convulsioncélla, a slight con- 
Convulsióne,/- convulsion 
Convulsivo, and Convulso, 

adj. convulsive 
Cooperaménto, m. co-operation 
Cooperante, adj. marking togt- 

Cooperante, m- co-operator 
Cooperare, to co-operate 
Cooperatóre, m. a feUotv- 

Cooperazióne,/, co-operalwn 
Coordinato, adj. set in good 

Coordinazióne,/, order 
Coorte,/, cohort of soldiers 

Coperchiella, /. a eunning 
shift, trick 

Coperchio, m. a cover ; a lid , 
il soperchio rompe il coper- 
chio, too much of any thing 
is good for nothing 

Copèrta,/ a cover ; copèrta da 
lètto, a coverlet ; copèrta di 
lana, a blanket ; copèrta d 
una casa, the roof of a house : 
copèrta di vascèllo, the 
deck: sotto copérU, under 
pretence [closely 

Copertamente, adv. secretly 

Copertina,/, coverlet 

Coperto, adj covered; dark, 
obscure ; parlar copèrto, am ■ 
biguous words, discourse , 
méttersi al copèrto, io shelter 

Copertóio, «I. a cover, roof; a 

double net 
Copertura,/ (see Copèrto) 
Cdpin, /. plenty, copiousnfss ; 
far còpia di se, prostitu- 
tion ; copi» (»«raplilre), a 
copy, tran.icr:pt, extract . 
quésto ci darà graii copia 
di ragianare, this n'U 

afford tu great matter for 

Copiglia,/, a linchpin 
Copiosamente, adv. copiously 
Copiosissimo, arf;. most pienti- 
Copiosità,/, abundance [fui 
Copista, m. a copyist, a tran- 

Copistàccio, m. a scrawler 
Cojipa,/. the nape of the head ; 
Tiso, a cup : servir di còppa, 
to be a cup-bearer 
Coppardsa, /. copperas, or 

Còppe,/, plur. cups, a suit of 
certain cards used in Italii,S;-e. 
Coppèlla,/, o coppe/: argènto 
di coppélla,.^?ie silver ; met- 
tere alla coppèlla, to put to a 
Coppellare, to try gold or silver 

by the coppel 
Coppetta./, a cupping-glass 
Còppia,/ a couple, a pair 
Coppière, m. a cup-bearer 
Còppo, m. pitcher, a cup 
Coppdni, »/i. pi. chips 
Coprente, adj. covering 

ha copriménto addsso, he is 

Coprire, io cover, hide, dis- 
semble, si copra, put on your 
Copritore, m. a coveì-er,aiiler, 

Copritura,/, a covering 
Còpula,/, coupling, conjunction 
Copulare, to couple 
Copulativamente, adv. copula- 

Copulativo, adj. copulative 
Coraggio, ni. courage, valour 
Coraggiosamente, adv. vali ■ 
anlly [bold 

Coraggióso, ad}, stout, brave. 
Corallino, adj coral colour 
Corallo, m. 'eorul 
Coralmente, adv. cordially 
Corame, »n. dressed leather 
CorampGpolo, adv. in public, 

Coraravdbis, m. a lusty felloiv 
Corata, f. the pluck 
Coratello, /. the liver of an 

Cortacchiiio, m. a silly felloni 
Corbàccio, n. a tort of raven 
Corbàre, to puff with pride 
Còrba, /. curbs : corba d'una 

Corhel'mre, to make a jest of 
Corbellatdre, he that jests 
Corbellatura,/ scoffing 
Corbelleria,/ idle stuff- 
Corbèllo, m. a basket' 
Corbezzola,/, the arbutus 
Corbézzolo, m. arbuttts-tree 
Corbicino, m. a young crorv ; 
5rbo. m. a crutv; aspettar 

Corbdna,/. a purse 
Corcare, to go to bed 
Corda, / a cord, line ; corda 

del collo, the tendons 
Cordame, ra. cordage, the rig 

Cordeggiàre, to be in a line, 

even [cord 

Cordèlla,/, tape, riband, small 
Corderia,/, a rope-yard 
Cordiale, adj. iiiicere, affec- 
tionate : nemico cordiale, a 

declared enemy 
Cordiale, m. a cordial 
Cordialità, /. cordiality 
Cordialmente, adv. heartily 
Cordicèlla, and Cordicina, /. 

a small cord 
Cordiglièro, m. a cordelier, (a 

Franciscan friar) 
Cordiglio, m. a band, He, 

Cordogiidre, tin. to grieve, be 

Cordòglio, m. grief, sorrorv ; si 

è fatto gran cordoglio della 

sua morte, his death has been 

greatly lamented 
Cordogliosaménte, adv. grief 

of heart, sorronfully 
Cordoglidso, adj. sorronful 
Cordoncino, ni." a small string 
Corddne, m. a string 
Cordovaniére, m. a tanner, a 

Cordovano, >n. cordovan lea- 

thi-r : tirar il cordovano, 

to use thifs, to play fast and 

Cdre, m. heart (in poetry) 
Coréggia, and Coregina, / a 
strap; tirdre una coréggia. 

Coricare, and Coricarsi, to lie 

down, stoop down 
Coricato, adj. lying 
Corifèo, m. the chief, princifol 

Corimbo, m. ivy berries 
Corintio, m. Corinthian order 
Cdrio, m. the skin ; (out of 

Joke) io ti trarrò il cdrio, l 

ivilljlay thee alive 
Corista, m. a chorister 
Corizza, / a pose, a rheum 

stopping the nose 
Còma,/, pi. of Como, horns 
Cornàcchia, / a rook 
Cornacchiaménto, m. prating. 

Cornamusa,/, a bagpipe 
Comamusàre, lo play on the 

Cornare, lo sound a horn 
Cornea,/ a portion of the eye 
Corneggiare, to toss about 
the horns ; la luna corneg- 
gia, the moon is in its in- 

Cornètta, /. a musical instru- 
ment ; a standard, a troop of 

Cornétto, m a small horn 

Cornicione, m. a large frame 
Comicoldto, part, horned 
Corniòla, /. berry, hedge- 
Còrniòlo, »i the corn il-f ree 

I. horn : far le coma 

eak wind 

Coreggiaio, m. a ttrap-n 
Coreggiàto, m. ajlail 
Coreggidne, «i a large strap 
Coregrafia,/ chorography 
Coriandolo, and Coriàndro, m. 


C1,ckold ; 

a ad 1 

Comucdpia,/. plenty 
Cornuto, adj horned, a cuc- 
Cdro, m. chorus, choir; coro. 

Corografia,/, chorography 
Corogràiìco, adj. chorographi- 

Corollàrio, m 

cosa, to take the advantage <\f 
an', thins- 

it, kingdom. 

oronàio, m, a chaplet maker 

'.nrnnA]f>. nrli nf n rrnm» 

Coronalo, »«. a ch 
Coronale, a<^. of 

Corona2ii5ne,/. coronation 
Ccrpacciàta,/. a belly full ; far 
una corpacciata, to stuffone's 
Corpaccio, m. a bulky body 
Corjiacciùto, adj. corpulent 
Corpetto, m. a rvaUtcoat 
Corpicello, and Corpicino, m. 

a weak body 
Corpo, m. body, shape; so- 
ciety ; bello m corpo, tvell- 
shaped; egli ha il diàvolo 
in corpo, the devil is in him ; 
combàttere corpo a corpo, 
io fight ; andar del corpo, io 
void ; nascere ad un corpo, 

son nati ad un corpo, iliey 

Corporale, adj. corporal 
Coiporalità, and Corporeità, 

/. corporaliiy 
Corporalmente, adu. corporally 
Corporatura, and Corpulènza, 

/. bulk, size, plichi 
Corpòreo, adj. bodily 
Corpulènto, adj. corpulent 
Corpulènza, /. corpulency 
Corpùscolo, m. a corpuscle 
Corpusdómini, m. a certain 

festival, called Corpus- 

Corp\ito, adj. bulky, big-bel- 

Corpiizzo, m. a corpuscle 
Corre, isee Cogliere) 
Corredare, to equip, furnish. 

Corredato, pari, equipped 
Corrèdo, in provision, feast ; 
corrèdo di nave, rigging. 

Correggente, pari, correcting 
Corrèggere, io correct, io me 
Correggèvole, adj. corrigibli 
Correggìménto, m. corree- 

Correggitòre, m. reformer 
Correggiuòlo, m. a crucible 
Corregnàre, io reign together 
Correlativo, adj. mutually re- 

Correlazióne,/, a mutuai rela- 
tion, correlation 
Corrènte,/, a stream 
Corrènte, adv. fluently 


Correo, «i. an accomplice, flarv 

Córrere, io run; córrer la 
pósta, lo ride post . córrer 
al fine, io be a dying ; uór- 

member; córrer voca, they 
say ; far córrer voce, io 
spread nervs; córrer dietro 
aduno, io entreat one : córrer 
addòsso altrui, io fall on. 

Correrla, /. incursion, excur- 

Correspettivaraénte, adv. re- 
Correspettività, /. relation, 

Correspèttlvo, adj. equivalent, 

Correttamente, adv. correctly 
Correttivo, adj. corrective 
Corretto, part, amended 
Correttóre, m. and Conrettrice, 

Correttorla,/. a correctorship 
Correzióne, /. correction, 
punishment, reproof: cor- 
rezióne degli abusi, refbrma- 
iion of abuses 
orridóio, nt. a gallery 
Corridóre, m. covered nay, 
scouts, a horse 

Corrimónto, m a race ; cor- 
riménto di vènto, bloiving of 
the wind 

Corrispondènte, adj. agree- 

Corrispondènte, m. 

Corrispondentemente, adv. 
aptly, fitly 

Corrispondènza,/, correspond- 
ence ; proporzióne, propor- 

Corrispóndere, to agree niith, 

to match, to deal 
Corrispósto, part, ansrver 
Corritòio, m, a corridor 
Corritòre, m. a scout 
Corrivo, m. a silly fellorv 
Corroborante, Corroborato, 
and Corroborativo, pati, 
corroborated, or corroborat- 
Corroborare, io strengthen, 

Corroborazióne, /. confirm- 
1 •"^' ~. 

corródersi il cuòre, io 

Corrompévole, adj. corrupti- 

Corrompiménto, m, corrup- 

Corrompitóre, m. a corrupter, 

Corrosióne,/, corrosion, gnan- 

Corrosfvo, pr.rt. corroding 
Corróso, adj. corroded 
Corrottamente, adv. corrupt 


Corroltibile, adj corruptible 
Corrótto, pari. corrupted, 
bribed; corrótta fede, bro- 
ken faith; testimóni cor 
rótti, suborned, or bribed nit 

Corrótto, ni. weeping, mourn- 
Corrucciàrsi, io be in a pas- 

Corrucciàto, adj. provoked, 

ComiCL-io, m. anger, passion 
Corrucciosamènte, and Cor- 

rucciatamènte, adv. angrily, 

Corniccióso, adj. passionate 
Corrugare, io bend, contract 

one's brorv, to rvrinkle 
Corrusco, adj. sparkling 
Corruttèla, and Corruzione, 

/. corruption, spot, ble- 

Comittibile, adj. corrupti- 

Corruttibilità, /. corruptibi- 

Corruttóre, m. corrupter 

Corsa,/, race : corsa di cavalli, 

Corsale, and Corsare, m. cor- 
sair, pirate 
Corsaletto, m. (corazza) a 

Corseggiare, io rob at sea 
Corseggialo, adj. piratical 
Corsia, / a current, stream 
Corsière, m. a courser, a 

Corsivamente, adv. running 
full speed : passar corsiva- 
mente una cosa, to take mo 
notice of a thing 
Corsivo, adj. running; Tersi 
corsiivi, flowing verses 

stile cors 

carditeli __ 

Córso, m. cotti 


,vo. t smooth tlyle ; 
i, italic types 

in corsoT to ■pirate; far il 

cdrso dpgli studj. io make a 

course of studies 
Còrso, part, passed : run ; 

l'anno còrso, last year 
Còno, ad j native nf Corsica 
Corsóio, adj. rumting : càppio 

Cortàldo, m. a cropt horse ; a 

Cortamente, adv. shortly, 
■ rlejly 
irte, I 

Cortedre, to accompany a 


Corteccia, /. bark, crust : 

corteosiu i51a, f. a small 

Corteggiare, to attend, court 

CortCcKio, and Corteggia- 

Cortegiar.esco, adj. of a 
Cortegianfa, /. court-in- 
Cortéo, m. a train, or re- 
Cortése , adj. courteous, affable 
Corteseggiaménto, m. gene- 
rosity, living at a high 

Corteseggiale, to spend high. 
Cortesemente, adv. courie- 

Cortcs'fa, /. courtesy ; mi fac- 
cia la cortesfa, be so kind 

Cortézza,/, brevity 

Coriicma., f. a sinall yard 

Cortigiana,/, a common n'O- 
man, (also) a court lady 

Cortigianamente, adv. cour- 

Cortigianeria, /. (see Corte- 

Cortigianésco, adj. belong- 

mónie, compliménti cor- 
^ tigianésclii, fair empty 

i Cortigiania, /. courtier's 

Cortigiano, m. a courtier, a 

Cortigiano, adj. of, or belong- 
ing to a court 
Cortile, m. court-yard 
Cortilitto, and Cortiluffo, m. 

Cortina,/, a bed-curtain 
Cortinrtggic ' " 


Córto, adj. short ; córto di 
■vista, short-sighted. Di córto, 
adv. shortly ; tener córto, to 
keep in ; legar córto, to deal 

Córto, à<ii>. shortly 
Corvétta, /. curvet 
Corvettare, to prance 
Corvettatóre, m. a horse that 

guénza, a serious matter ; 
cose da nulla, baubles, 
Cosaci-hi, m. pi. Cossacks 

Coscéndere, (see Condescén- 

Coscia, /. a thigh ; còscia di 
pónte, the Jhot of a bridge : 
còscia di castrato, a leg of 
mutton ; còscia di manzo, a 
leg ^beef ! 

Cosciale, m. cuisses fan ar- 
mour of the thigh } 

Coscienza, /. conscience; far 
cosciènza, to make con- 
science, or scruple of any 

Coscienzidto, adj. conscien- 

Coscienziosamente, adv. ton- 

Coscinétto, m. a bag 

Coselllna, Coserella, and 
Cosètta,/. trif.e 

Cosi, adv. so. thus, after this 
manner ; egli mi disse 
cosi, Ae told me so ; cosi, 
I rvish : così, cos), so, so ; 
cost fatto, such like ; non 
ho detto cosi fatte cose, / 
did not say so ; ditegli cosi 
e cosi, tell ' ■ - — • - 


Cosmogràfico, adj. cosma- 

Cosmógrafo, m. a coanogra- 

CosmoUbio, m. an instrument 
like the astrolabe 

Cosmologia,/, cosmology 

Cosmològico, adj. cosmolo 

Cosmopolita, and Cosmopo- 
li tdno, m. a cosmopolite, 
inhabitant of the 


Còso, m. 


nny, silly fet- 

Cospàrso, Cospàrto, and Cos- 
perso.par*. strerfed,natered. 

Cospergere, and Cospàrgere, 

to disperse, sprinkle 
Cospetto, m. presence 
Cospetto, interj. xookers! 
Cospettòne, hi. a vapouring 


adj. clear. 

Cospirare, io conspire 
Cospirato, part. conspired, 

Cospiratóre, m. conspirator 
CospiraJióne,/. plot, comlina- 

COsso, m. a wart, hunch 
Costa, /. a rib; spiaggia, a 
coast ; andar còsta còsta, to 

Coita, adv. there, thither; via 

di costà, get you hence 
Costaggiù, adv. here, below. 

Costante, adj. constant, stead- 
fast ; per costante, for cer- 

Costanteménte, adv. assi- 

Costanza, / consfanty 

Costare, to cost ; caro mi còsta, 
/ pay dear ; costare, to be 
plain ; còsta a tutti, every 
body knows 

Costassù, adv. there, above 

Costato, m. side, ribs 

Costato, part, cost 

Costeggiare, to coast along 

Costèi, pron.f. she, or this 

Costellazióne, /. constella- 

si lettamente, adv. i 


1 this i 

Cosmetico, adj. 

Cosmografia, f. cosmography 

Costernazióne, /. '. 

there, in that 

Costière, m. a coasting pilot 
Costinci, adv. thence ; uscfte 

Costipare, to constipale, 

Costipato, actj. bound, cos- 

Cosfipazidne,/ costii'enets 

Costitute, to constitute, ap- 
point, to raise, prefer 

Costitufto, part, appointed, 

CostituitcSre, and Costitutóre, 
m. a constitutor 



Ì, deer e, law 
CCsto, »i. charge, expense ; 

sènza cdsto, rvithout any 

Costola,/, a rib 
Costolati\ra,/. all the ribs 
Costoliére, m. a wood-knife, a 

Costollna,/. a small rib 
Costóro, proa. m. pi. these, 

Costrettfvo, adj. astringent 

Costretto, part, constrained, 

Costrfgnere, and Constrln- 
gere, to cotistrain, oblige : 
la necessità mi costrigne à 
fare quel che non vorrei, 
necessity forces me to do 
■what I would not 

Costiigniménto, and Cos- 
tringiménto, ni. compuls ' 

Costrizióne, /. conttrici 

Costruire, to build, to con- 
st me 

Cosn-utto, m. profit, gain, 
interests, contents, bottom ; 
voglio sapere il costrutto, 
1 will know the bitttom 

Costrutto, part, built, made 

Costruttura,/. building, struc- 

Costru2iune,/. a Imilding 
Costui, pron. m. this man 
Costuma, Costumanza, /. 
and Costume, m. custom, 

Costum.-ire, to be customary ; 
costumare alla córte, to 




Costumato, ff^rt. used, ac- 
customed ; di buoni costumi, 
Costumazióne,/. instruction 
Costume, ni. custom, usage, use 

Cotài, and Cot^li, pron. m. pi. 

Cotale, pron. such ; in cotàl 
modo, in such manner 

Cotale, m. a dunce 

Cotanto, so much, so long, thus 
much ; perchè siete stato 
cotanto a venire ? why were 
you so long a coming f 

Còte, /. a nhet-stone (in poe- 

Cotenna, and Cótica,,/, the 
skin of the head 

Cotesti, pron. this, this man 

Cotesto, adj. this, that 

Cotestùi, pron. this ; pi. Co- 
testóro, these 

Cotidianaménte, adv. daily 

Cotidiàno, adj daily 

Cotógna, jr. a quince 

Cotognéto, ni. marmalade 

Cotógno, m. guince-tree 

Cotóne, m. corto» 

Cotomfce, and Coturnice, /. 
a quail, a partridge 

Cótta,/, a coat, a surplice 

Cotttccio, adJ. half-baked 

Cotto, adj. cooked 

Cottura, dressing meat 

Coturno, ni. a buskin 

CÓTa,f. a tortoise-shell 

Covacelo, and Covacciolo, m. 

Covante, atlj. hatching 
Covare, to hatcti, brood ; co- 
vare il fuòco, to sit close to 
Covata,/ eggs for a brood 
Covatura, and Covazidne, /. 

Coverchiare, to cover 
Coverchio, m. a coverlid 
Coverli'na, /. a housiitg, a 

Coverta, /. a cover, pretence 
Covertamènte, ado. secretly 
Coverture, to hide, conceal 
Covertàto, part, concealed 
Covertfna,/. a horse-cloth 
Covfglio, m. a bee-hive 
Covile, m. a den, a cave 
Cóvo, and Covolo, m. a den, 
hole, lurking-hole, the form 
I of a hare 
Covóne, m a shea f of corn 
Covrire, (in r"'l'ry) (see Co- 
I prire, and its derivatives) 


Cozzóne,/, boiling, dressing 

Cozz^e, to butt, as rams ; to 
strike, to contend 

Cozzata, /. and Cozzo, m. s 
6/on' with a horn ; che giova 
nelle fata dar di cozzo ? 
wltat signifies striving 
against fate t 

Cozzóne, m. a horse-dealer 

Crànio, m. the skull 

Cràpula, /. drunkenness, de- 

Crapulare, to eat and drink to 

Crapulóne, m. a glutton 

Crapulosità, gluttony 

Crassezza., f filth, grease 

Crasso, adj. fat, greasy : 
ignoranza crassa, o gross 

Cravatta, / a cravat, a stock 

Creante, adj. creating 

Creanza, /. civility; non sa- 
rebbe buona creanza se voi 
faceste questo, il would not J 
be civil in you to do such a 

Creanzato, adj. polite, tvell- 

Creàre, to create 

creato, ill-bred 
Creatóre, nt. creator : in- 
gégno creatóre, an original 

Creatura, /. creature 
Creaturina, and CreaturSlIa, 

/. a little creature 
Creazióne, f. creation 
Crèbro, adj. (in poetry) thick. 

Credente, a<Ij. believing ; i 

credènU, the faithful 
Credenza, / faith, beli^, 
credit ; pèrder credènza, to 
lose credit : far credènza, io 
trust: dare a credènza, to 
sell on credit: pigliare a 
credènza, to buy on credit 
Credenziéra,/. a cupboard, a 

Credenzière, m. a btitler, c 

Credere, to believe, trust 
Credévole, adj. credulous 
Credibile, adj. credible 
Ci«dibilménte, adv. credibly 
Crédito, m. credit, trust, name, 
esteem, interest ; èssere iu \ 
crédito, _ = . - J 

métter in crédito, to put itk I 


Crédo, m. ike creed 
Credulità,/, credulity 
Crèdulo, adj. credulous, 

Credulo, part, believed, sup 

Crèma./, cream 
Crèmisi, m. crimson 
Cremisino, adj. crimson co- 

Créolo, adj. Creolian 
Crepaccià'to, adj. cracked, 

Crepàccio, m. crevice, gap 
Crepacuòre, m. grief, sorrorv 
Crepare, to burst, chap ; crepar 

di sete, to be thirsty 
Crepato, part, burst 
Crepatura, /. crevice, chink. 

Crepitare, to crackle 
Crepolare, to burst 
Crepùscolo, m. truilight 
Crescente, adj. growing 
Crescenza,/, growth, increase 
Crescere, to grom, increase, 

Crescévole, adj. disposed to 

Cresciménto, m. increase. 

Crescióne, m. mater-cresses 
Crescitdre, m. increaser, ap- 

Cresciuto, part, grorun 
Crèsima,/, consecrated oil 
Cresimare, to confrm 
Cresimatdre, m. he that con- 

Créspa,/ « 


pezza,/ rvriJtrtiiJtg 

Crespare, to crisp, or plait 

Crespèllo, m. a kind of frit- 
ter ; tar crespèlli delle 
ciglia, to contract one's 

Créspo, and Crespóso, adj. 
wrinkled ; cappellatura 

créspa, coloured hair : 
■viso créspo, a wrinkled 

Crésta, /. crest, top, height ; 
crésta di gallo, a ctckS 

Crestaia,/, a milliner 
CrestiSso, and Crestùto, adj. 

Créta,/, chalk 
Cretóso, adj. chalky 
Criàre, (see Creare, and its 

, and Cres- 

I lose i 

Cricca, /. a game at cards , 

rout, a company 
Cricche, m. crick, creak 
Cricchio, m. whim, caprice 
Crime, m. a crime 
Crimenlèse,»n. a crime against 

Criminale, and Criminóso, 




1 criminale. 


Criminalista, m. a lawyer in 

Criminalmente, adv. crimi- 

Criminàre, to prosecute, to 

Criminazidne,/. accusation ^ 
Crimine, »n. crime, sin, 

Criminóso, adj. criminal 
Crinale, m. an ornament for 

the hair 
Crine, m. hair 
Crinièra,/, a horse's mane 
Crinito, and Criuùto, adj. 


Critico, m. a critic 

Critico, adj. critical 

Crivellare, to sift, to bolt, to 
find fault with 

Crivellato, part- sifted 

Crivèllo, »n. a sieve 

Croccare, to snap, crack 

Crocchiare, to strike, tattle 

Crocchio, m. prating, chat' 

Crocchidne, m. prattler, blab 

Croccia,/, a crutch 

Crocciare, to cluck 

Crdce, /. a cross ; torménto, 
supplizio, torment, pu- 
nishment ; afflizióne, af- 
fliction ; a occhio e crdce, at 

Cròceo, adj. saffron-colour 
Crocesignàto, ad^ 

with a 
Crocevia, /. 



Crisolito, m. a chrysolite 
Crisopazio, m. a ckrysopaze 
Cristallino, adj. bright, crys- 

Cristallo, m. crystal, trans- 
parent ; il mormorar de' 
liquidi cristalli, the mur- 
muring (if the clear stream 

Cristéo, and Cristére, m. a 

Cristianàccio, m. a bad chris- 
tian, (also) a good plain 

Cristianamente, adv. chris- 

Cristianella,/. a silly woman 
Cristianèllo, and Cristiandne, 

Cristiano, m. a christian 
Cristianissimo, adj. most 

Cristiére, and Cristiéro, m. a 

Cristo, m. Christ 
Critèrio, m. geod sense 
Critica, and Criticazióne, /. 

Crocetta,/, a small cross 
Crociaménto, m. affliction 
Crociare, to torment, offici 
Crociata, /. crusade, holy 

Crociato, part, crossed, af- 
Crociato, m. torment, suffering 
Crocicchio, m. a cross-way 
Crocidare, and Crocitàre, to 

Crocifiggere, to crucify 
Crocifiggiménto, m. an<f Cro- 
cifissióne, / crucifixion 
Crocifisso, adj. crucified 
Crocifisso, m. a crucifix 
Crocifissóre, m. the crucifier 
Crocidne, m. a large cross 
Cròco, m. crocus, saffron 
Crogiolarsi, to dress, or boil 
nicely ; (also) to cocker, 
pamper, or make much of 
one's self 

Crogiuolo, « - -•■■'- 

Croio, adj. • 
Crollante, adj. shaking,,folting 
Crollare, to shake, jolt, jog 
Crollo, m. a shake, toss, 
1 Cròma,/, crotchet, quaver 


Cromàtico, adj. cinto 

Crònaca, aiid Cronica, /. 

Cronicàccia,/. a bad chronicle 
Cronista, and Cronlchfsta, m. 

an historian 
Cronico, adj. chronic, tedi- 

OronolOgico, adj. chronolo- 

Cronolotrfsta, m. chronologist 
CronOm(5tro, and CronOscopo, 

m. a chronometer 
Crosciare, to pour, to rain 

hard, to fling, throw, strike. 

Croscio, m. a crushing, 
squashing ; cròscio d'acqua, 
a shower, tempest 
Crosta, /. crust, scurf, scab : 
cròsta Francése, the French 
disease ; non intèndere che 
la cròsta d'una cosa, to have 
but a superficial knowledge 
of a thing 
Crostata,/, a kind of pastry 
Crostatiira, /. pavement, in- 
crostino, m toasted bread 
Crostóso, and Crostuto, adj. 

Crostellino, m. a small crust 
Cruccévole, adj. passionate 
Cruccevolraénte, Crucciate- 
ménte, and Crucciosamente, 
adv. passionately 
Cruccia,/, a mattock 
Crucciare, to anger, provoke ; 

Crudo, adj. raw, unr 

Cruentare, to make bloody 
Cruènto, adj. bloody, horrible, 

Cruna,/ the eye of a needle 

Crusca./, bran, the Florentine 

Cruscante, m. one who aims 

Cruschèllo, m fiì 

Cruscòne, m. eoa 

Cruscóso, adj. full cfbran 

to catch 


Crucciato, and Cruccióso, 
aner», nrovoked ( 

. passion, anger, 


Cùbico, adj. cubic, or cit- 

Cùbito, ni. the elbow, a 

Cubo, m. cube, a solid body 
Cuccagna, /. the tiame of an 

Cucchiaia, /. a charger (for 

great guns), a shovel 
Cucchiaiata,/, a spoonful 
Cucchiaiéra,/. a spoon-case 
Cucchiàio, m. a sjwon 
Cucchinone, m. a soup- 

Cucchiàre, /. a trowel, (also) 

a charger for great guns 
Cùccia,/, a couch 
Cucciare, to lie down 
CuccioUno, m. a young whelp 
Cucciolo, and Cuccio, m. c 


, (for uòvo) m. c 

Cruciaménto, and Cruciato, 

Cruciare, to tor7nent 
Cruciato, part, tormented 
Crucifiggere, (see Crocifig- 
Crudamente, adv. bitterly, 

cruelty, bluntly, rashly 
Crudelaccio, adj. cruel 
Cru.Iéle, adj. inhuman, fierce, 
barbarous ; un crudele, a 

Crudelissimamente, adv. most 

Crudelissimo, ndj. most cruel 
Crudelmente, idv cruelly 
Crudeltà, f. cruelty, inhtt- 

mnnity, barbarity 
Crudetto, adj. almost ran 

Cuccù, and Cùcùlo, m. 

Cucina, /. a kitchen ; di 
buona cucina, good for 

Cucinare, to cook 

Cucinato, part, dressed, cooked 

Cuciniéra, /. and Cucinière, 

Cucino, m. a cttshion, pillow 

Cucito, part, sewed, stitched 
Cucitóre, »n. Ae that sews 
Cucitrice, / a sempstress 
Cucitura, / and Cuciménto, 

Cuculiare, to laugh at, scoff, 

Cuculiatùxa,/. raillery 


Cucùrbita, /. a distilling 

CucùrZa,/. a gourd 
Cucuzzolo, m. the top of the 

Cùffia,/, a cap 

Cuffiàre, to eat immoderately 

Cugina, / a,id Cugine, m. 

Cui, pron. wlwse, of which, 
of whom ; di cui la belléì- 
za, whose beauty ; a cui ris- 
pósi, to tvhom I answered ; 
voi, cui fortuna tanto fa- 
vorisce, you, whom fortune 
favours so much : da cui 
ebbi una favorevol risposta, 
from whom I had a favour- 

Culatta, / and Culo, m. the 
breech, bum ; culatta, the 
bottom of a church lamp ; 
culatta d'un cannóne, the 
breech of a gun 

Culiséo, m. an amphitheatre at 
Rome, the Coliseum 

Culla./ a cradle 

Cullare, to rock the cradle 

Cultivàre, (see Coltivare, and 

Culto, m. worship 

Cumino, m. the herb cummin 

Cumulare, to heap, hoard 

Cumulataménte, adv. abun- 

Cumulativamente, adi», ac- 

Cumulativo, adj. accumulative 

Cumulato, part. heaped, 

Cumulatóre, m. mho accu- 

Cumulazióne,/, and Cumulo, 
m. accumulation 

Cuna,/ a cradle 

Cùneo, m. a wedge 

Cunlculo, m. a mine; far cu- 
nlculi, to undennine ; (co- 
niglio) a rabbit 

Cuòca,/, a female cook 

Cuòcere, to dress meal : (af- 
fliggere) to vex, fret : me ne 
cuoce il cuòre, my heart 
bleeds; (also) to concoct, 

Cuòcersi, to get drunk 

icióre, m 

ing, baking, 


[iio, m. Itatker, sk!n, parch' 
ioi(; tirar le cuòia, to the 
ire, m. heart, life, mind 

ilve : far cuòre, to cheer up . 

preRiSr di cuòre, to 
aver a cuòre, to 

heart Con gran cud 
coHuti^eously. A ma 
■Uingly. I 

Cupézza, /. depili 
Cupidamente, adv. gladly, 

Cupidfgia,/. covetoutness, lust, 

CupJdfne, m. (in poetry) Cupid 
Cupidissimo, adj moit desir- 

Cupidilh, f. fondness, covetout- 

Cupido, »n. Cupid, love 
Cùpido, adj. desirous, eager 
Cupo, adj deep ; uòmo cupo, 
a cunning man: nel cupo 
del mare, in the depths of 

Cupola,/, a cupola 
Cujiresso, m. {see Ciprèsso) 
Cura,/, care, diligence ; darsi 

cura, to mind. Cura, parish ; 

cura d' anime, cure of souls ; 

cure amoróse, amorous tor- 

Curabile, adj. curable 
Curagiòne,/ cine, curing 
Curandàio, m. bleacher 
Curante, part, caring, minding 
Curare, to value, esteem ; non 

curo di voi, / esteem you not ; 

medicare, to cure, attend, 

protect, defend 
Curasnetta, /. a buttress or 

Curata,/, the pluck 
Curatella,/. the liver 
Curativo, adj. physical 
Curato, m. a curate, a parson 
Curato, part, cured 
Curatóre, m. and Curatrice, /. 

keeper, a guardian, a trustee 
Curazióne,/. cure 
Cùrcuma, /. a kind of Indian 

plant employed by dyers 
Curerta, /. administration, 

Curia,/, a court of justice 
Curiale, adj. of the court, or 

Curialita, /. kindness, civility 
Curiandolo, m. coriander 
Curiosamente, adu. curiously 

man ; (dilettante di 

rare) a virtuoso 
Curro, m a roller 
Cursóre, m. a courser, a kind 

Curvare, to curb, bend 
Curvato, part, curbed, bent 
Curvatura, Curvézza, ana 

Curvità, /. curve, crooked- 

Curvilineo, adj. curvilinear 
Curvi'pede, adj. curve-footed 
Curule,/. a c'urule chair 
Curvo, adj. arched, bent 
Cùscia, /.' a hotbed 
Cuscinétto, m. a small pillotv 
Cuscino, m. a cushion, a pillom 
Cuspidato,!!, cuspidated, sharp 

Cùspide, m. cusp, point 
Custòde, m. a keeper, a guar- 

Custodire, to keep guard 

Custodito, part, kept, secured 
Custoditòre, m. a keeper 
Cutaneo, a. cutaneous, relat- 
ing to the skin 
Cute, /. skin, bark 
Culérzola,/. a species of wing- 
ed ant 
Cuticola,/ cuticle, skin 
CutrStta, Cutrettola,/. a frag- 
Cuvidòso, adj. greedy 
Czar, TO. the Czar f emperor of 

DA, prep, from; da, about; 
èrano da venU, they were 
about tnienty. Da meno, of 
less tvorth ; da più, of more ; 
da, to, for to : buòno da 
mangiare, good to eat; da 

ada n 

: da, 
e da 

to ; questo no 
fare, things not fit to 
Dà, (/roni dare) he gives, or 
give thou Da che voi vo- 
lete cosi, since you will have 
it so : da banda, aside ; da 
bèffe, IH jest ; da indi in- 
tìàm.i , heucefor rva rd ; daindi 
addiètro, llience backward ; 

i indi i 

in poi 

Dabbenàggine, /. simplicity. 

Dabbène, good, honest; da 
uòmo dabbène, as an honest 

Dabbridà, m. a psaltery 
Dacbé, conj. since 
Daddovèrd, adv. in earnest 

Daga, a dagger 

: Dàin 


Dallato, orfu. aside, n.^ 

D' allóra innanzi, from that 

A' allóra in qua, hithertn; 
dalla, of, from ; da lungi, 
at a distance, far off; da 
una volta in su, more than 

the fine lady"'^' 
Damare, v. to king (at the 
game of draughts/ 
ainaschlno, adj. damasked 
Damasco, (see Dommasco) 
Dameggiare, to court the ladies 

jella,/ a ymtug /ady' 
Damigèllo, m. a page 
Damma,/, a doe (in poetry) 

Damù'zza,/. a low nwwan 
Da molto, adj. of worth, of 

Danaióso, and Danaróso, adj. 

' ' . tonied 
Danaresco, adj. ready 

mall money 
Da niènte, adj. worthless : un 
' ' ■ an insigni- 


Dannàbile, adj. damnable, 

Dannabilmente, adv. damna- 
bly, dangerously 

Dannare, to condemn, to damn, 
to blame ; to erase. Dannare 
la ragidne, to cancel a debt. 

Dannato, part, damned, con- 

Dannati, pi. m. the damned 
Dannatore, m. a condemner 
Dannazióne, /. damnation. 

Danneggiamento, m. damage 
Danneggiare, to damage, to 

Danneggiato, part, damaged, 

Danneggiatóre, m. he that does 

Dannévole, adj. shameful, in- 
famous, prejudicial 

Dannevolraénte, adv. damna 

Dannificàre, to damage, hurl 

Dannificàto, part damaged 

Danno, m. cost, hurt, damage , 
a m(o danno, to my cost 

Dannosamente, adv. hurffully 

Dannóso, adj. hurtful 

Dante, adj. giving ; tra'l dante, 
e'l ricevènte, belrveen giver 
and receiver ; dante, a kind 
of leather 

Dantésco, adj. in the manner 
of B^nte, the poet 

Da nulla, adj. good for nothing 

Danza, /. a dance ; èsser in 
danza, to he talked of; en- 
tr.<r in ddnza, to do as others 

Danzare, tu dance 

Danzatóre, ni. and Danzatrice, 

Danfètta,/. a short danct 
Da oggi innanzi, adv. for the 
future ; da parte, aride, se- 
cretly: da parte a parte, 
through; da per se, by him- 
self; da per tutto, 'every- 

Dappiè, adv. from the foot 
Daopociggine, atid Dappo- 
chezza,/. ignorance, idleness 
Dappòco, adj. idle, coward 
Dappoi, adv. since,after, after- 

Dappoichè, conj. since thai 
Dapprèsso, prep, near, just by 
Da prima, adv. at first 
Da qua innanzi, adv. for the 

Jnirdeggiare, to dart., cast, i 

, to full 
upon , dar compimento, to 
finish ; dar bando, to banish ; 
dar da dormire, to lodge : 
dar fondo, to cast anchor ; 
dar il buon viàggio, to vish 
a good journey ; dar in uno, 
to meet one ; dar la bàia, to 
jest; dar la corda, to give 
the strappado ; dar la mano, 
io consent ; dar a credere, to 
make one believe ; darsi ad 
uno (parlando d'una donna) 
io prostitute herself; darsi 
pace, to quiet one's self; 
darsi buon tempo, to live a 
merry life; darla a gambe, 
io run arvay ; dar che dire, 
io give occasion to talk ; dar 
le carte, lo deal ai cards; 
dar (aver qualche somi- 
gliànzà) io incline io ; questo 
panno dà nel rosso, this cloth 
inclines to red, or is reddish ; 
non si dà à tutti d'entrare, 
it is not permitted to every 
body to go in 
Dàrsena, f. (la parte più in- 
téma del porto) a rvet-dock 
Da scherzo, adv. in jest 
Da senno, adv. in earnest 
D'assai, adj. (sufficiènte) suf- 
ficient, very able; tenéi 
d'assai, to think '- " 

DasseZzo, adv. lastly 

Data,/, a date 

Dataria, and Dateria, /. thi 

datary's office (at Rome) 
Datàrio, »i. a Roman officer 
Dativo, ni the dative case 
Dativo, part, rvho gives 
Dato, part, given 
Dato, o dato che, conj. sup- 


!, *c. 

Datóre, m. and Datrice, f. i 

Dattórno, prep, aboi 

Davàntc, or Davanti, before ; I 

pararsi davànte, to runem- 

Davvantàggio, adv. more, m 
Davidico, adj. nf David 


DàSio, m. custom, toll 
Dazióne, /. donation, surren- 
dering; dazión dell' anéUo, 
De', art. (for delli) of the.' 

De', (for deve) he mutt 
Dea,/, a goddess 
Debaccàre, to storm, to fiy in 

a passion 
Debaccatóre, »«. a furious man 
Debbiare, ». to burn the stub- 
ble, to manure by burning 
Debellare, io overcome 
Debellato, part, vanquished 
Debellazióne,/, conquest 
Débile, adj. feeble, n-eak 
Debilità, and Debilitaménto, 
ni. feebleness ; debilità d" ani- 
mo, faint-hearted ness 
Debilitate, to rveaken, ener- 
vate : debilitarsi, to grow.' 
Debilitato, pati, weakened 
Debilitazione,/, weakening 
Debilménte, adv. weakly 
Debitamente, adv. deservedly. 

Débito, m. a debt 
Débito, adj. dice ; -vi sono de- 
bito per tutti questi favori, 
/ am obliged to you for all 
ihes favours 
Debitóre, m. a debtor 
Debitiizzo, m a trifling sum 
Débole, adj. feeble, wecik 
Deboletto.'and Deboluzzo, adj. 

weakish, faintish 
Debolézza,/, weakness 
Debolmente, adv. ^veakly 
Deca, decina,/, decade, ten 
DecacBrdo, m. a psaltery 
Decadènza,/. decline,faU 
Decadere, to decay, decline 
Decadiménto, ni. a decay 
Decaduto, part, declined 
Decàgono, m. a figure of ten 

Decàlogo, nu the ten command- 

Decanato, m. a deanery 
Decano, m. a dean 
Decantare, to publish, to de- 
cant, to boast, to ertol 
Decantato, part published 
Decapitare, to behead 
Decapitato, part, beheaded 
Decapitazióne,/. Micuding 
Decennale, adj ten years old 
I Decenn.irio, adj. pf'ien 
\ Decènnio, m ten years 
I Decènte, adj. decent 
' Decentemente, adv. decenih, 
I Decenviràto, ni. decemvirate 
1 Ueceuviri, m. pi. decemviri 

Decènza,/, decency 
Decévole, and Dicévole, adj. 

decent, becoming 
Decevolèzza,/. decency 

;. to 


Deciferare, fv deciph 
Deciferàto, part, deciphered 
Dècima./, and Dècimo, m. tht 

tythe. tenth 
Decimàbile, adj. tytheable 

(laru term) 
Decimale, adj. decimal ; 

— ■'•■— decimale, decimal 


'■> to g 



Dècimo, m. a tenth jiait 
Decfna,/. ten 
Decisióne,/, decision 
Decisivamente, adv. peremp- 

Decisivo, adj. decisive 
Deciso, adj.' determined 
Decisore, »i. rvko decides 
Declamare, tu declaim, in- 

Declamatóre, wi. a declaimer 
Declamatorio, adj. declama- 

Declamazidne, /. declama- 
Declaratòrio, adj. declara- 
Declinàbile, adj declifiable 
Declinaménto, m. declination 
Declinare, to decline, decay ; 
abbassare, to humble, de- 
press ; il tempo declina ver- 
so '1 freddo, the weather 
grows cold; la bellezza de- 
clina coir età, beauty decays 

e,/, decline, decay. 

Declino, wt. decline 

Declive, and Declivo, adJ. 

Declività, /. and DecUvio, m. 

declivity, descent 
Decollare, io behead 
Decollaz'òne,/. beheading 
Decorare, tu adora, emiel- 

Decorazióne,/. decoration 
Decòro, m. grace, decorum 
Decorosamente, adv. honour- 
Decoroso, adj. decorous, de- 

Dec<5rso, m. a cour.v, the end ; j 
la campagna decórsa, the last j 
campaign > 


Decotto, m. a decoction, a 

Decozióne, /. decoction, bank- 
ruptcy (in law) 

Decreménto, m. a decrease 

Decrepità, and Decrepitézza, 
/. old age 

Decrèpito, adj. decrepit, de- 

Decréscere, to decrease; le 
acque decrescono, the waters 
ebb ; i giórni decrescono, the 
days grow shorter 

Decresciménto, m. (see Decre- 

Decretale, m. decretals ; decree, 

Decretalista, m. a canonist 
Pecretalménte, adv. decisively 
Decretare, to decree, enact 
Decretato, part, decreed 
Decréto, »i. decree, order 
Dècuplo, adv. ten timet as 

Decurióne, m. captain over 

Decussare, ti. to cut across 
Dedicare, to dedicate, conse- 
crate ; dedicarsi, to devote 
one's self 
Dedicatória, and Dèdica, /. 

Dedicazióne,/, consecration 
Dèdito, adj. addicted 
Dedizióne,/, a surrender 
Dedótto, part, deducted 
Dedurre, to deduce, reduce; 

dedursi, to resolve 
Deduzióne,/, inference 
Detalcaménto, m. deduction 
Defalcare, to abate, deduct 
Defatigare, to fatigue 
Defensóre, m. a defender 
Deferènza,/, deference 
Deferire, to defer, to delay, 

to esteem ; io deferisco molto 

for you 
Defesso, part, wearied, tired 
Deficiènte, adj. deficient 
Deficiènza,/ deficiency 
Defintre, to define 
Definizióne,/.(«ee Diffinizióne, 

and its derivatives) 
Deflorare, to deflower j 

Deflorazióne, f. defloration, or 


Defraud^e, to defraud 
Defunto, adj deceased 
Defunto, m. a dead man 
Degàgna,/ a dragnet 
Degenerante, adj. degeneraf 


Degnaménte, adv. worthily 
Degnare, and Degnarsi, to 
vouchsafe, to value; se de- 
gnerete favorirai, if you 
condescend to favour me ; 
non degno la vostra com- 
pagnia, / do not value your 
Degnazióne,/ complaisance 
Degrièvole, adj. gentle, ajffh- 

Degnevolménte, adv. worthily 

Degnificàre, lo make worthy 

Degnila,/, dignity 

Degno, adj. worthy, deserv- 
ing, convenient, jit, tuH- 

Degradare, to degrade, dt- 

Deh ! inteij. alas '. 

^ei! interj. gods! Dei, (for 

devi) thou must. Dei, (art. 

pi. m) of the 
Deicida, m. a deicide 
Deicidio, m deicide (the dsatU 


■ Savio 

Deificaménto, to. (see Deifi- 

Deificare, to deify 

Deificato, part, deified 

Deificazióne, /. deification^ 

Deifico, adj. divine 

Deifórme, adj. god-like 

Deismo, m. deism 

Deista, in. a deist 

Deità. /. divinity ; deity 

Del, art cfthe 

Delatóre, m. an informer. 

ddlon „ 
-•eflusso, m. flowing, illapse 
Deformare, to disfigure 
DL-formazióne, /." deformity 
Defórme, adj. deformed 
Deformemente, adv. deform- 

Deformita,/. deformity 



Delegare, to depute 
I Delegato, »?i. a delegate 
. Delegazióne,/, delegation 
Delettabile, adj delectable 
I Delettamènto, m. delightt 

Di-lettàre, (see Dilettire, and 

iU derivatives) 
Deietto, m. a choice 
Delfino, m. the dauphin, (also) 

a dolphin, (a,fish) 
Deliberare, to deliberale 
Delil eratìvo, adj. delibera- 

Delicatezza,/. delicacy 
delicato, adj. delicate, weak 
Delimdre, tu corrode 
Delineaménto, m. delinea- 

Delineàre, lo draw, delineate 
Delineato, part, delineated. 

Delineatóre, m. a designer, or 

Delinquènte, m. an offender 
DeUiiquere, to transgress 
Dclfquio, m. afaintingjit 
Delirante, adj delirious 
Delirdre, to rave 
Delirio, m. delirium, mad- 

Deliziare, and Deliziarsi, to 
make merry 

Deliziosamente, adv. deli- 

Delizióso, ad), delicious 

Del pari, adi), even 

Del tutto, adv. entirely, guile 

Delucidazióne,/ clearing up 

Deludere, to delude, mock, 

Deludiménto, m. and Dela- 
zióne,/ delusion, cheat 

Deluditóre, m. a deceiver, de- 

Delùso, part, deluded, mock- 

Demente, adj. mad, frantic 
Demenza,/, madness, f illy 
Demeritare, to do amiss 
Demeritévole, adj. unworthy 
Demèrito, m. demerit, punish- 

Demo'fre. io demolith 
Demolizióne,/, a demolishing 
Demoniaco, adj. furious, mad, 

possessed of a devil 
Demònio, m devil, demon 
Denaio, rn. {see Danàio) 
Dewgrare, to darken, ob- 

Denigrazióne, / slandering 

Denominare, to name 
Denominativo, adj. denomina- 
Denominatóre, m. a denomi- 

DenominaSióne, /. denomina- 

Denotante, adj. signifying 
Denotare, to denote, remark 
Denotazióne, /. significa- 

Densàre, isee Condensare) 
Densàto, and Dènso, adj. thick. 

Densità, /. density, ihick- 

Dentàccio, in. a bad tooth 
Dentale, m. ploughshare 
Dentime, m. and Dentatura, 

Dentilo, adj toothed 
Dènte, m. tooth ; tener l'ani- 
mo co' denti, io be almost 
dead ; mostrare 1 denti, 
io look fierce ; pigliar il 

stinate; stare a denti sec- 
chi, lo be idle; to be very 

Dentecchidre, t> to nibble 
Dentellato, pari, dented, in- 

Dentello, m. lace denting, 

Dèntice, m. a shark 

Dentifricio, m. dentifrice, tooth- 

Déntro, prep, within 

Denudare, <o sttip naked, ex- 

Denudato, adj. naked 
Denunzia,/, a declaration 
Denunziare, to infortn against 
Denunziatóre, m. an in- 

Dependente, adj dependent 
Dependenteménte, adv. de- 

Dependenza,/. dependency 
Depèndere, to depend . farò 
tutto quel che depende da 
me, / will do whatever ties 

Deploràbile, adj. lamenta- 

Depl orare, io deplore, 6e> 

Deponiménto, m. deposition. 
Depórre, lo depose, deprive. 

Depositeria, /. the deposi- 

Deposito, m. trust, charge 

Deposizióne, j: a deposition, 
degradation, evidence 

Depósto, part, deposed, put 
out of place , deposto ogni 
timore, laying aside all 

Depósto, m. attestation, testi 

Depravare, to corrupt, vi- 

Depravàto, adj. depraved, spoil- 

Deprecazidne,/. entreaty 
Depredare, to ptey upon 
Depredatóre, m. a rubber 
Depredazióne, /. and Depre 

daménto, m. depredation 
Depressióne,/ depression 
Deprèsso, adj. depressed, 

Deprimere, to deprei 


Depurare, to purge, cleanse 
Depurato, part, cleaned, puri- 
Depurazióne, /. depuration 
Deputare, to depute, appoint; 
a questa sorta d'alberi bi- 
sogna deputare un terreno 
grosso, we tnnst fat 
ground for tìiat sort of 

Deputato, part. deputed. 

Deputazióne,/, deputation 
Derelitto, adj forsaken 
Derelizióne,/. forsaking 
Deretano, adj. behind, back- 

Derisivamente, adv. conitmpti- 

Deriso, fari, derided, laughed 

Derisore, Deriditdre, and Dirl- 

Derisdrio, adj. derisory 
Derivante, adj deriving 

Tizi derivano dall' oìio, 
idleness is the root of all 

Derivativo, adj. derivative 
Derivato, part, derived 
Derivazióne,/, derivation : de- 

rivazidne di voce, etymology 

Derogabile, adj. disparage- 

Dcrog,-ire, to derogate, lessen 
Derogatòrio, adj. derogatory 
Derogazióne,/, derogation 
Derrata, /. ware: questo è a 
bucina derrata, this is very 

Descendente, adj descending 
Discendenza, /. (see Discen- 

Dcscendere, (see DiscSn- 

Desrenso, m. a descent 
Deschétto, m. a footstool 
Désco. 7(1. a table ; stall 
Descritttbile, adj. describable 
Descrittivo, adj. describing 
Descr/tto, part, described 
Descrittóre, m. a describer 
Descrivere, to describe 
Descrivibile, adj. that can be 
•- cribed 


Desiderosamente, adv. 

Desideróso, adj. desirous 
Desidia,/ idlene.'ss 
Designare, to design, assign 
Designazióne,/ design 
Desinare, lu dine 

Desiosamente, adv. ardently 
Desióso, adj. desirous 
Desiràre, to desire, rvish 
Desistere, to forbear 
Desolare, to desolate 
Desolato, adj. desolated, ruin 

Desperazidne,/. despair 
Despétto, m. spite, malice 
Despoticaménte, adv. despo- 
DespOtico, adj. (see Dispo- 
Déspoto, m. a despot 
Dèssa, pron. f. she, she her- 

mi par désso, / do not think 

this IS the same 
Destaménto, m. awakening 
Destare, to awake, revive 
Destato, adj. awaked 
Destatolo, m. alarm-clock, 

Destatóre, m. maker 
Desterità./ dexterity 
Destinare " ' 

Desèrto, m. a wilderness 
Desèrto, pari, abandoned 
Desertdre, m. a deserter 
Deserzióne,/ desertion 
Desiare, to desire (in poetry) 
Desiato, part, (in poetry) dt 

Desiderabilmente, adv. de- 
Desiderante, adj. desiring 
Desiderare, to desire 
Desiderat/ssimo, adj. most de- 

Desiderativo, adj. desirable 
Desideratóre, m. a desirer 
Desidèrio, jn. desire ; desi- 
dèrio di vendétta, resenl- 

to, pa: 


Destinazióne, /. appoint- 
Destino, »n. destiny, fate 
Destitiito, adj. destitute, de- 
prived, abandoned 
Désto, adj. awaked, sprightly 
Dèstra,/ the light hand 
Destramente, adv. dexter- 
Destreggiare, to manage dex- 
terously [ness 
Destrézza,/ dexterity, eiafti- 
Destriére, m. a horse; des- 

Dèstro, m. opportunity; the 

subito, che mi vedrò il destro, 

an opportunity 
Dèstro, adj. dexterotu 
Desti liggere, see Distrùggere) 

DestruJióne, /. (see Dislni 

Desviare, to dram away, de- 

Detenére, to detain 

Detentore, »i. one that keeps 
wrongfully another man's 

Detergènte, adj. detergent 
Detèrgere, to scour, rub off 
Deterioraménto. m. and 
Deteriorazióne, /. depra- 

Deterioràre, lo grow, or make 

Determinare, to determine, to 

Determinatamente, adv. reso 


Determinazióne,/, resolution 
Detersivo, adj. cleansing 
Detestabile, adj. detestable 
Detestabilmente, adv. detcst- 


abominate, • 

Detestazióne,/, abhorrence 
Detrarre, to detract, slanUer 
Detratto, part, slandered 
Detrazióne,/ detraction 
Detriménto, m. loss, damage 
Deuimentdso, adj hurtful 
Detronizzdre, to dethrone 
Détta, / a debt ; tagliar la 
detta, to cume to an agree- 

Dettàme, m. dictates, precept* 
Dettare, lo dictate 
Dettato, ni. diction, style 
Dettato, part, dictated 
Dettatóre, m. the dictator 
Dettatura,/, dictation 
Détto, m. word 
Détto, part, spoken, called; 

détto, fatto, said and done 
Deturpare, to disfigure 
Devastaménto, m. devastation. 

Devastare, / 


Deviato, part, deviated 
Devoluto, part, devolvea 
Devoluzióne,^: devolution 
Devotamente, adv. devoutlv 

Devóto, ni. devout, qffietion- 

Devozióne, /. devotion 

Di, prep. of; di, n-ilh. than, 
from, to ; più ricco di me, 
richer than I; di giórno in 
giórno, from day to day: 
godo di vedérla, / am glad 

Di, m. day : di d(, day-time ; 

il di fra di, the afternoon ; 
di df in di. from day to day 

Di, (from dire di arditamente, 
tpeak boldly 

Diabéte,/, diabetes 

Diaboiicaménte, adv. diabo- 

Diabolico, adj. devilish, mick- 

Di.iconàto, ni. deaconship 
Diaconessa,/, a deaconess 
Diàcono, m. a deacon 
Diadèma, m. diadem, cromn 
Diafanità,/ transparency 
Diàfano, adj. transparent 
Diagonale, adj. diagonal 
Diagonalmente, adv. diametri- 

Dialettica,/, logic 
Dialetticamente, adv. like a 

Diafettico, adj. dialectical 
Dialettico, a logician 
Dialetto, m. dialect 
Dialoghetto, »»i. short dia- 
logue [n'riter 
Dialogista, «i. a dialogue 
Diàlogo, m. a dialogue 
Diamantàccio, m. a bad dia- 

Diàmetro, m. a diameter 
Diana./, the morning star 
Dianzi, adv. before 
Diàrio, m. journal, diary 
Diarrèa, and Diarria, /. the 

Diàscolo I inierj. the deuce '. 

Diaspro, m. jasper 

Diàstole, f.'the heart's dilata- 

Diàvola, DiaTolàccia, and 
Diavoléssa, /. a ferina- 

diavolàccio, a good-natured 
Diavolerfa, /. a devilish qf- 


Dravolélto, TO. a yoitni^ denl 

DiavoUni, Diavoloni, in. «ugar 

Diàvolo, m. devil, evil spirit ; 
far il diàvolo, to play the 
devil ; diàvolo scatenato, 
a devil in the shape of a 
man ; sapere dove il diàvolo 
tien la coda, io be cunning ; 
diàvolo di mare, the sea-cor- 

Diavolóne, m. a great devil 

Di balzo, adv. at once 

Di bando, adv. gratis, far no- 

Dibarbàre, to root up 

Di bassa lega, di bassa mano, 
adj. base, low, mean 

Dibàssaménto, m. fall, abase- 

Dibassare, to debase 
Dibassato, part debased 
Dibastire, to unsaddle 
Dibastato, part, unsaddled 
Dibàttere, to shake, to beat, to 

Dibattiménto, and Dibàttito, 

m. collision, striking 
Dibattitóre, m. rvho debates 
Dibàtto, m. a debate 
Di bel nuòvo, adi', again 
Di bisógno, adj. necessary 
Dibonarietà,/. affability 
Diboscamento, m. felling 

Dibàtto, adv. immediately 
Dibrancàre, to dilate, spread 
Di brigata, adv. altogether 
Dibrucare, and Dibruscàre, io 

Dibruscàto, part, pruned 
Dibuctiàre, to peti bark 
Dibucciàto, part, peeled, bark- 
Hi buon ària, adv. cheerfully 
Di buon ària, adj. jovial, merry 
Di buon mattino, adv. betimes 
Dfcco, m. bank, causeway 
Dicembre, m. December 
DicSnte, adj. saying 
Diceria, /. discourse, speech ; 

tener diceria d'una cosa, to 

talk much of a thing 
Di certo, adv. certainly 
Dicervellarsi, to think in- 


Dichiaratamente, adv. plainly 
Dichiarativo, adj. declaratory 

flaw term) 
Dichiarato, part, declared 
Dichiaratóre, m. a declarer 
Dichiarazione, /. and Dichi- 

araménto, m. declaration, 


Dichinameiito, »»i. stooping 
down, descent, decline 

Dichinire, to decline, decay, 
stoop down 

Dichino, m. decline, decay : 
non bisogna molto per met- 
tere un uòmo in dichino. Me 
least thing dis»rders a man 

Diciannòve, m. aiui adj. nine- 

Diciannovesimo, adj. the nine- 

Diciasette, adj. and m. seven- 

Dicibile, adj. that can be 

Diciferàre, to decipher 
Diciferàto, part, dtciphered 
Dlciferatóre, m. decipherer 
Dicioccare, to break off fruits, 

Diciótto, m. and adj. e-.ghteen 

— consèrva, adv. together 

— continuo, udt>. continually 

— córto, adv. shortly 

— córso, adv. in running 

— Costa, adv. close by 
Dicòtto, part, withered, dried 
Dicrescere, to decrease, nane 
Dicuóccre, to make a decoc- 
tion, to dry in the sun 

Di cuòre, aàv. heartily 
Di dentro, prep, within 
Didiacciàre. io thaw 
Didiacciàto,pnr<. thawed 
Di diètro, prep, behind [ten 
Diéce, and J>iéci, m. and adj. 
Diesis, m. a musical tone 
Dièta, /. diet, a diet, (assetn- 

Diètro, prep, behind, after; 
farsi in diètro, to draw 
back; tirar ic diètro un 

affare, in pvi off an affair ; 
tirarsi dietro qualche dis 
grazia, io bring some mis- 

Dietroguàrdia, /. the rear- 
Di fatto, adii. eJTectively 
Difèndere, io defend, protect 
Difendévole, adj. dffensible 
Ditendit<5re, and Difensóre, m. 

Ditenditrfce, /• a proteo 

DifenslTO, adj. defensive 
Difésa,/, defence, support 
Diféso, part, amended 
Difettare, v. to be defective, to 

be Tvithout 
Difettivamente, adv. defec- 

Difettivo, ad], defective 
Difètto, m. default, defect 
Difettosaméiite, adv, defec- 
Difettóso, adj. defective 
Difettuccio, and Difethiizo, 

m. a small fault 
Difettuosita,/. imperfection 
Diffalcare, to abate., cut off 
Diffalco, m. defalcation 
Diffalta, /. fault ; crime : 
per mia diffalta mi trovo 

Diffamazióne, /. and Diffa- 

Differgnte, adj different 
Differentemente, adv. dif- 
Differènza,/, difference 
Differenziare, io distinguish 
Differenziato, part, dislin- 

Ditteriménto, m. delay 
Differire, to differ, to defer 
Differito, part, delayed, put 

Differmdre, to refute 
Difficile, adj. hard, diffcult 
Difficilmente, adv. diffxuUly 

Difficoltare, to start diffculties 
Difficoltóso, adj. difficult 
Diffiddnza, f and Diffida- 

Diffidàre, to mistrwt, n 

Diffidato, pari distrusted 
Diffidènte, adj. mistrustful 
Diffidènza,^, diffidence 
Diffinire, to define, or decide 
Diffinitaménté, and Diffiniti- 

vaménte, adv. definitively 
Diffinitfvo, adj. definitive 
Diffinitóre, m. a definitor in 

convents, (also) one who de- 

Diffinitório, adj. definitive 
Diffinizióne,/. definition 
Diffóndere, to pour out 
Difformare, to deform, spoil 
Difformataménte, adv. de- 

Diffbrmato, part, disfigured 
Diffórme, adj. deformed, ugly 
Difformità,^, deformity 
Diffusamente, adv. diffusive- 
Diffusióne,/ diffusion 
Diffusivo, adj. diffusive 
Diffuso, adj diffuse, ample 
Difimre, to file off 
Difilato, marchfd off 
Di filo, and Di "filato, adv. 

rvithout intermission 
Ditiniménto, m definition 
Difinire, (see Diffiiùre and its 

Diformare, (see Difformdre, 

Di fresco, adv. lately, newly 
Di fuòri, adv without 
Dfga,/. a bank, mole, or pier 
Digenerdre, (see Degene- 
Digerire, to diaesi, discuss ; 
digerire un affrónto, tobrook 

Digiundtore, m. a faster 
Digiune,/, pi ember weeks 
Digiuno, m. fast, fasting. A 

digiuno, arf;./«s^-»g- 

già di veder costui non 
son digiuno, / do not wish to 

Digiùnto, part, disjointed, 

Dignissimo, adj. most worthy 
Dignità,/ dignity, greatness 
Dignitóso, adj. worthy 
Digocciolàrei to drop 
Digozzare, to cut the throat 
Digradaménto, ni. a degrad- 
ing, degradation (in paint- 
Digradare, to shorten, io de- 
scend by degrees, to de- 
Digradataménte, adv. gradu- 

Digradato, part, degraded 
Digradazióne,/, (see Digrada- 
ménto) [degreet 
Di grado in grado, adv. by 
Di gran lunga, adv. by fa'r, 

much rather 
Digrassare, to lake offfat 
Di grazia, ,7(/r. jray.prilbee 

"'?;• fi 


Digestions,/, digestion 
Digestlre, to arrange, order ; ic 

Digestivo, adj. digestive 
Digèsto, adj. digested 
Digè.sto, m." digest of civil law 
Dighiacciàre, (see Didiac 

lo, adv. by day 

prep, below, beneath 
ii giù, adv. up 07 



igrossaménto, m. forming, 

Digrossjire, to form, fashion 
Digrossato, part, fashioned 
Digrumare, io chew, ruminale. 

Digrumato, part, ruminated 
Digruminàre, to ruminate, con- 
sider [shaking 
Diguazzaménto, m. motion. 
Diguazzare, to siiake, to stir 
Diguazzato, part. sitaken 

Digusciate, lo shell 
Digusciato, part, shelled 
Di là, prep, heyfnd, from 
thence; secondo il costunre 
di là. according to the cuslo^n. 
of that country 


Di qua, di là, adv. here and 

Pilaccàre, va. to tear to pUecs 
Dilacciàre, to unlace, untie 
Hìilaceraraénto, m. laceration 
Dilacerare, to rend, tear, 

Dilacerato, pari, rent, torn 
Dilagare, to overjlon. 
Dilagatamente, adv. impe- 
Dilagato, part, overjlon 

Lilétto, to 

adv. directly, at 

Dilapiddre, to rvatte, squander 
Dilargàre, to thin, rarefy 
Dilata,/ delay 
Dilataménto, m. tvtjening 
Dilatante, Dilalatlvo, and 

Dilatato, adj dilated 
Dilatare, to dilate, spread 
Dilatazióne, f. extension 
Dilatòrio, ari';- dilatory 
Dilavaménto, m. washing 
Dilavare, tu tvash arvay 
Dilavato, part, washed arvay 
Dilazioncella,/. short delay 
Dilazióne,/, delay, stop 

Dileggiaménto, m. and Dile 

gidne,/. mockery, scorn 
Dileggiare, to deride, scoff 
DileggiaiezSa,/. effrontery 
Dileggiato, part, bantered 
Dileggiatóre, jester, banlerer 
Di leggieri, adv. easily, pro 


Dileggino, m a spark, a fop 

Dilégine, adj. weak, soft 

Dileguare, io run away; Ai 

leguàrsi. to go off: si di 

leguò come da corda cocca 

he ran away as swift as ai 

Diléguo, m disappearance 
Dilemma, m. dilemma 
Dileticire, to divert, flatter 
Dileticàto, part. tickled, 

Dilético, m. a tickling 
Dileticóso, adj ticklish 
Dilettabile, udj. delightful 
Dilettabilità, /. delight 
Dilettabilménte, adv. delight- 

Dilettaménto. m. delight 
Dilettante, m. a lover of ani, 

.zióiie, f. delectation 


Dilettévole, adj. delightful 
Dilettevolmente, and Dilet- 
tosaménte, adv. delight- 
Diletto, m. delight, pleasure 

andar a dilètto, to go , "• 

ing ; prèndere a dili 
laugh at 
Diletto, part, beloved 
A diletto, adv. on purpose 
Dilettosaménte, adv. agne- 

Dilettóso, adj. delectable 
Delezióne,/, benevolence 
Diliberaménto, m. deliverance 
Diliberare, to set at liberty, 
to deliberate, resolve, 

Diliberataménte, adv. 

Diliberatlvo, adj. deliberative 
Dilibeiàto, part, determined 
Diliberazióne, /. determma- 

Diliberdrsi, to tumble, trip 
Dilicataménte, adv delicately 
Dilicatézza, /. delicateness, 


"licàto, adj. soft. 

Diluviare, to run hard: to 

overflow, to devour 
Deluviatóre, m a glutUn 

no, m. deluge, great rain, 

DimagTJtre, to make lean, dimi- 

,iiih, lessen 
Dimagrazióne,/. the growing 

Dimanda,/, demand, request 
• andante, m. petitioner 
andare, (see Domandare) 

Dimàn da sera, and Diman- 
dasséra, adv. to-morront 

Dimandatóre, m. rvho demands 

Dimandagióne,/. a demand 


Diligente, adj. diligent 

Diligentiménte, adv. carefully 

^■•ìgènla,f. dilige! 

liquidare, to liqui 

liquiddto, adj. explained 

Diliscare, <o ica/e, r 

Diliticàre, to tickle 

Dileggiare, lo remove, to steal 


Dileggiato, part, removed 
Dilombarsi, to break the 

Dilombato, part, broken-back- 
Di lontano, adv. at a distance 
""■ ;idaméiite, o<iu. p/ain/r/ 
;idàre, to clear, explain 
;idazid:ie, /. explana- 

Diluente, ad), diluent 
miMire, V. to dilute 
Dilungaménto, m. distance. 

Dilungare, to stretch, e.Tlend 

dilungarsi, to ramble, ti 

Dilungato, part, removed 
mi son molto dilungato da 
mio proposito, / have tmid 
a long digression from mt 

Di l'ungi, adi!, far off. D 

lungo, adv. continually 
Dilusióne,^; delusion 

Dimenaménto, m. agitation 
Dimenare, to sliake, agitate 
Dimeno, adv. without, other- 
wise ; non posso fai dimeno 
di non ridere, I cannot help 
Dimensióne,/, dimension 
Dimentare, to make mad, to 

Dimenucànza, and Dimenti- 
càggine, /. forgelfulness 
Dimenticare, to forget 
Dimenticato, part, forgotten 
I Dimentìcatóio, m. oblivion ; 
lasciare nel dimenticatóio. 

!« put 

1 oblivi 

>ntichév»le, and Dimén- 
co, adj forgetful 
Dimentlre,' Co give the he, lo 

Dimessióne,/ resignation 
Dimesso, part, left, laid 

Dimesticaménte, adv. fami- 

Dimesticare, to tame ; dimesti- 
carsi, to fiimiliarize 

Dimesticato, and Dimèstico, 
adj. tamed, familiar ; sono 
dimestico alla fatica, I am 
inured to labour 

Dimestichezza, /. familiarity. 


Pimezzàto, pari, divided 
Diminuiménto, m decrease 
Diminuire, io diminish 
Diminuito, adj. diminished 
Diininutfvo, adj. diminutive 
Diminuzidne,^. diminution 
Dimissdria, /. dimissorij: lèt- 
tera dimissdria, dimissory 
DI modo che, adv. so that 
Di molto, adv. very much 
Dimòra,/, delay, abode 
Dimoràzione, /. Dimoro, m. 
drvelling-place : delay ; senza 
dimoro, without delay 
Diraoraraénto, >n. residence 
Dimordnte, jiart. living, dwell- 
Dimorare, to dwell, reside 
Dimorsare, to break with one's 

Dimostràbile, adj. demonstra 

Dimostranza,/. demonstration 
Dimostrare, to show, testify 
Dimostrativamente, aiitv de- 
Dimostrativo, adj. demonstra- 

Dimostrazióne, /. demom^ra- 

Dindnzi^ prep, before ; lì Temo 
dinanzi, the preceding win- 
ter ; come dissi dinàn?!, as 
I said before ; dinanzi che 
venga, before he comes 

Jinasato, adj. without a nose 

Diiiascóso, adv. secretly 

Dinegare, to deny, refuse 

Dìnegaziòne,/. 'denial 

Dinervàre, to weaken 

Diniègo, m. denial 

Dinigràre, to blacken, defame, 

Dinoccare, to break the head 
Dinoccolarsi, to break one' 

Tìinodàre, to untie a knot 
Dinominare, to name, men 

Dinnminàto, part. named, 

DinorainaJidne, /. denu. 

Dinotare, (see Denotare) 

Di notte, adv. by night, night. 


Dintomamento, n 
Dintornàto, part, i 

Dintdmo, m. adjacent plac 
(also) the contours, 

Dinudàre, to strip naked, to 

Dinumeràre, to number 

Dinunzia,/. declaration 
Dinunziire, to charge, accu 
Dinunziativo, adj. denou 

DIO, m. GOD 

Diocesano, adj diocesan ; 
véscovo diocesano, a. dio- 
cesan bishop 
Diòcesi, m. diocese 
Dipanare, to reel, to wind 
Di jjàri, adv. alike, equally 
Dipartènza, and Dipartita, /. 

Dipartiménto, m. a parting. 

Dipartire, to divide, separate, 

Dipelare, to tnake bald 
Dipelato, adj. bald 
Dipelldre, tojlay, to skin 
DipelUto, part. skinned, 

Dipendènte, adj. depending 
Dipendentemente, adv. de- 

Dipendènza,/, dependence 
Dipèndere, to depend on ; 

questo beneficio dipende 

■lai rè, this living is in ihf 
ing's gift ; ciò dipendi 

da 1 


by hitnself. 

I'glio, adv. is always joined 
with dare ; dar di piglio, 
take hold 

Dipfgnere, and Dipingere, to 
point, describe 

Dipinto, part. painted. 

Dipinto, m. painting, a pie- 
Dipintóre, Dipjgnitdre 
Dipingitdre, m. a pair, 
Dipintura,/, a picture 

Di poi prep, after 
Dipopolàre, to dispeople 
Diportarsi, to divert one't 

Diportévole, adj. diverting 
Dijidrto, m. diversion, sport 
Dipositàre, fsee Depositare, 

Di posta, adv. at once 

— prèsso, prep, near by 

— prima, adv., first, before 

— qua, prep, this side 

— quando in quando, adv, 

— qua si>, adv. from henct 

— qui, di quinci, adv. froT% 

— quindi, adv. from thenee 

— qui à poco, adv. in short 
Diradare, to rarefy, to thin 
Diradarsi, to grow thin 
Diradato, p-att. rarefied, 

Diradicare, to root up, to over- 

Di rado, adv. seldom 
Di ragióne, adv hy right 
Diramare, to spring out 
Diramato, adj. pruned, lop- 

Diramazione,/, branching 
Bite, to speak, talk, relate , 
voler d(re, to mean ; che 
vuol dire ciò ? what is the 
meaning of that? 
Diredàre, to disinherit 
Diredàto, part, disinherited 
DiretiSno, »n. the last, the 

ro, adv. 

Direttamente, (irJ IV directly 
DiretUvo, adj. directing 
Dirètto, ad), straight, right 
Direttóre, m. director 
Direzidne,/. direction 
Dirigere, to direct, rule, gc 

Dirimènte, adj. impediménto 

Dirimere, to divide 

Di rimpétto, di rincdntro, 

prep. over against 
Di rintòppo, udì;, mith oppoti 

Diripàte,/. a precipice 
Diritta, /. straight road ; ; 

diritta, on the right hand 
Dirittamente, adv. directly 
Dirittézza, /. squaring, or . 

Diritto, m. the right, justice, 
tar ; niuno ne sa il diritto 
■vero, noivdy knows the real 
truth of it 

Diritto, adj. straight, direct, 
just, crafty 

Diritto, and Dritto, adj. right- 
ly ; la diritta è di' restare 

Dirittrfne, m. an old fox, e 

cunning rogue 
Dirittura, /. integrity 
DiriSfaménto, m. direction 
DirizSànte, part, directed 
Dirizzare, to direct, to maki 

itraight, to addrttt one'i 

), part, made si 



Diroccaménto, m. dismantling 
Diroccare, to destroy, demolish 
Diroccato, part, destroyed, 

Dlroccat<5re, m. a destroyer 
Dirocciare, to fall down from 

Dirogàre, to derogate 
Dirogatório, adj. derogatory 
Dirómpere, to break, to soften 
Dirompiménto, ni. interrup. 

Dirótta,/, a shower 

Dirottamente, adv. immode- 
rately ; piàngere dirotta- 
mente, to shed a shower oj 

Dirozzale, to polish, smooth 
Dirozzato, adj. polished, in- 

Dirugginàre, to polish oJTrvsi 

Dirupaménto, a fall from a 
precipice, a precipice 

Dirupare, to precipitate ; di- 
ruparsi, to throro one's self 

Dirupato, part, fallen from a 
precipite , 

Dirdpo, and Dinip^tOt v>. a ' Disamatdre, to. hater, en» 


biriSto, pari, demolished 
Disabilita, /. incapacity 
Disabellire, to make ugly, or 

groiv ugly 
Disabitire, to depopulate 
Disabitato, part, deserted 
Disacconciaménte, ado. un- 

Disaccóncio, adj. disorderly, 

Disaccordire, to be out of tune 
Disacerbare, to assuage, ap- 

Disacerbàto, part, assuaged 
Disacquistàre, to loose, free 
Disadattàgine,/. impropriety 
Disadattamente, adv. foolish- 
Disadatto, adj. unapt, unfit 
Disadórno, adj. careless, un- 

Disatificarsi, to rest one's self 
Disaffezionare, to alienate 
Disagévole, adj. difficult, 


, f. inequa- 

Disagguaglidrsi, to differ 
Disagguagliataménte, adv. dif- 
Disagguàglio, m. difference 
Disagiare, to trouble, dis- 
Disagiatamente, adv. incon- 
Disagiato, adj. troublesome 
Disàgio, m. inconveniency, 
poverty, want ; stare a dis- 
àgio, «0 be uneasy 
Disagìosaménte, adv. urua- 

Disagióso, adj. inconvenient, 

Disaiutare, to trouble 
Disaiuto, m. hindrance 
Disalberare, r, to dismast 
Disalberato, a. distnasted 
Disalbergàre, to remove 
Disalbergàto, adj. without 

Disalloggiàre, to dislodge 
Di salto, <idij. immediately ; di 

salto in salto, leaping 
Disamare, to hate 
Disamato, part, hated, dis- 

Disamèno, adj. disagreeable 
Disamiclzia,/. enmity, grudge 
Disàmina,/, examination 
Disarainaménto, m. examina- 

Disaminante, adj. who exa- 

Disamóre, m, hate, grudge 
Disamorévole, adj. unkind 
Disamorevolézza, /. insentU 

Disamordso, adj. insensible 
Disanimare, to discourage 
Disanimato, adj. lifeless, dis- 
Disapparàre, to unlearn, for' 

Disappassionatézza, /. in- 

Disappassionato, adj. inten- 

Disapplicàre, to live lazily 
Disapplicatézza, and Disap- 

Disapplicato, adj. inatten- 

Disapprgndere, to unlearn 
Disapprensióne,/, courage 
Disapprovare, to disapprove 
Disapprovazióne, /. a disap- 
Disarborare, to unmast 
Disarginàre, to demolish 

Disarginàto, adj. nithout 

Disarmaménto, m. disarming 
Disarmare, to disarm 
Disarmato, part, disarmed 
Disarmonia, /. discord, ir- 
regularity, fault 
Disarmònico, adj. discor- 

Disascóndere, to discover 
Disasprire, to appease 
Disassedi àto, adj. no longer 

Disastrare, to toil, to cause 

Disastroso, adj. disastrous 
Disattènto, adj inattentive 
Disattenzióne,/, inattention 
Disavanzare, to Le a >V(ef 


flisnvaiizo molto in questa 

loser by these goods 
Disavanzo, m. detriment, lost 
Disautorare, io degrade 
T^: taggiiire, to wrong. 


, hurt 

Disavvantaggio, >n. disad- 

Disavvantaggioso, adj. dis- 

Disavvantaggiosaménte, adv. 

Disavvediménto, ni. careless- 

Disawedutaménte, adv. in- 
Disavvediito, adj. imprudent. 
Disavvenente, adj. unplea- 

Disavventura,/, misfortune 

Disavventurosaraénte, adv. 
Disavventurato, adj. un- 

Disavvertenza, / itiadver- 

Disawezzare, to disaccustom 

Disawezzato, part. disac- 

Disavvisaménto, m. impru- 

Disbandeggiàto, aJj. banislied 
Disbarbare, to shave the 

Disbarbàto, adj. beardless 
Disbarcàre, to land 
Disbramàre, to gratify 
Disbrancàre, to sever, to part 
Disbrandàre, to disarm 
Disbrigare, to dispatch, hasten ; 
disbrigarsi, to disentangle 


Discacciare, to expel 
Discacciato, part, expelled 
Discacciatdre, m. an expeller 
Discadére, to fall away 
Discadimento, m. waste, de- 

Discadiito, part. decayed, 

rvasted aniay 
Discalzare, io pull off shoes 

Discalzo, part, barefooted 

DisciSiiito, m loss ; ho fatto 
con discapito in queste, I 
lost a great deal by that 

and Discà- 

Discaricare, to unload, ease 
Discaricato, part, discharged 
Discarnàre, to pick the Jlesh 

Discavalcare, io alight 
Discédere, to depart 
Discendente, part, descended 
Discendenza, /. ' ■' 

Discendere, to descend, to 

Discendiménto, m. descent, 

Discensdre, m. mho descends 
Discente, m. learning 
Discente, cedj, and s. scholar 
Discepolato, m. a scholar- 

Discépolo, m. and Discépola, 

adj. discerning 

Discemévole, adj. quick- 
Discerniménto, m. act of dis- 

Discetre, to pick, separate 
Discésa,/, a descent 
Discesso, adj. descended, de- 

Discettare, to dispute 
Discettazióne, /. a dispute 
Disceverare, to separate ; 

disceverarsi, to part with 
Dischiaràre, to declare 
Dischiattàre, to degenerate 
Dischiattdto, part, degtnerai- 

Dischiavàre, to unlock 
Dischieràre, to disorder 
Dischiomare, to cut hair 
Dischiùdere, to open, discover 
Dischiumàre, to skim 
Dischiuso, adj. open 
Disciógliere, to unite, dissolve 
Disciogliménto, m. loosening, 

the discovery of a plot 
Discioglitdre, m. he that in- 
terprets, explains, unites 


Discidto, adj vntied, freed 
Disciorre, (see Disciosliere) 
Discipare, (.lee Dissipare, and 

DiscipUnju, /. education, dis- 

Disciplinire, to instruct, to 

Disciplinato, adj. disciplined 
Disciplinévole, and Discipli. 

nàbile, adj. docile, teach' 

Discolamente, adv. licen- 

Discoletto, adj. Tvaggish, 

Dfscolo, adj. dishonest, lewd, 


grow pate 

Discolpa, /. 

ind Discolorare, 
ir ; discolorarsi, to 

and Discolorfto» 
uted, pale 
le, f. paleness 

and Discolpa- 
excuse, justijica- 

Discompagn^re, to separate 
Discompagnato, part, unac- 
Discompagnatiora, /. separa- 

Discompdrre, (see Scora- 

Discompdsto, part, dtscom- 

DiscompotézZa, /. unbecom' 

ingness, negligence 
Disconciaménte, adv. va 

Disconcidre, to disorder 
Disconcio, adj. unhandsome 
Disconclùso, adj. broken 
Disconcórdia,/ discord 
Disconfessare, to deny 
Disconfìggere, to rout, </e- 

Disconfftta,/. rout, defeat 
Disconfftto, adj routed 
Disconfortare, to afflict 
Disconfdrto, m. ajjliction 
Disconoscente, adj. ungrate- 
Disconoscenza,/, ingratitude 
Discondscere, to take for on» 

Disconosclutaménte, adv. un- 
Dist:onsentiménto, m. dita- 

Disconsigli^re, io dissuade 
DisconsiglJàto, adj. dissuaded 
Discontinuàre, to leave off 
Discontìnuàto, pari, discon 

Discontinuazidne, /. discon 

Disconvenévole, and Discon- 
veniente, adj. indeceni 

Disconvenevoiménte, adv. I 
decently _ ^ . , 

Disconvemenza,/. indecency 

Disconvenùre, to misbecomi 
disconveniensi à signor d 
esser si parco, it is unh 
coming a gcUieman to be i 

Discoperto, adj. discovered 
Discoi>riméntó, m. discovery 
Discoprire, to discover 
Discopritóre, mdiicotwer 
Discoraggiaménto, m. di 

couragement, affright 
DisGoraggiante, adj. di 


Discortése, adj. i 


■sfa,/, discourtesy 
■so, adj. steep : dis- 
io, m. a precipice 
Discostaménto, m. departure. 

Da discòsto, adv. frc 

rt afai 

Discoraggiare, to dishearten 
Discoràre, to frighten 
N. B. Such words as cannot be 
found by Disco, look for Sco 
Discoralo, adj. discouraged 
Discordaraénto, m. disagree- 

Discordante, adj. ditagret 

Discordantemente, adv. h 

Discordanza, and Discòrdia,/. 

discord, strife, debate^ 
Discordare, te 



Discòrde, adj. discordant 

Discordemente, adv. disagree 


Discordérole, adj. conteniwus 
Discordia,/, discord 
Discordióso, adj. quarrel- 

Discorrènte, adj. iattling 
Discórrere, to discourse : e 

cosi va discorrendo, and so 

Piscorrévole, adj. rvander- 

Discovirto, adj. discovered 
Discovriméntó, m. discovery 
Discovrlre, io discover 

Discredente, adj. incredu- 

DiscredSnza,/. incredulity 
Discrédere, to disbelieve -, 
discredersi, to undeceive 
one's self; tutto il mondo 
non mei' avrebbe fatto dir 
scrédere, ali the rvoild could 
not have made me believe the 
Discreditare, io discredit 
Discreditato, adj. discredited 
Discrédito, m. discredit, dis- 

Discrepanza, /. distension, a 

contrast ofopiniens 
Discrepare, to disagree 
Discrescénza,/. decreasing 
Discrescere, io decrease, de- 

Discretaménte, adv. dis- 
creetly, wisely, warily, pru- 
dently, distinctly, clearly. 

Discretézza, and Discre^òne, 
/. prudence, wisdom 

Discréto, adj. discreet, pru- 

Discucire, to unseni 

Discuoiare, to skin 

Disdegniire, to disdain, scoi 

disdegnarsi, to be angry 
Disdegnato, adi angry 
Disdegno, m. anger, disdaif 


Disdegnosaménte, adv. dit 

Disdegnóso, adj. disdainful, 

irritated, furivus 
Disdétta./, contradiction 
Disdétto, adj forbidden 
Disdicciàto, adj. unlucky at 


Disdicévole, adj. unbecoming 
Disdicevolézza, /. indecency 
Disdire, to refuse, deny : dis. 

dfrsi, to go from one's word . 

disdire il fatto, to give wam- 

Di'sefcaménto, ni. and Di- 

seccazióne, /. drying up 
Diseccare, to dry, to rvither 
Diseccatlvo, adj. apt to dry 

Disegnaménto, m. design 
Disegnare, to design, sketch 
Disegnatóre, m. designer 
Disegnatura./. ('«e Disegno) 
Disegnetto, m. a sketch 
Diségno, m. design, sketch ; 
far disegno sopra una co- 
sa, to set one's heart upon a 

Diseguàle, adj. uneven 
Disegualmén'te, adv. vne • 

Disellare, to unsaddle 
Diselldto, ad), unsaddled 
Disenfiare, to reduce a swell- 

Dìsenfiàto, adj. not swelled 
Disennato, adj. senseless 
Disensàto, adj. unwise, stupid 
Disenlerta, and Dissenteria,/. 

bloody, flux 
Diseppellire, to unbury 
Diseppellito, part, unburied 
Diseredare, to disinherit 
Diseredato, part, disinherit- 
Disederaziòne, /. disinheriting 
Diserrare, to open, unlock 
Diserrato, pari, opened 
Disertatòre, m. a destroyer 
Disertazióne, / and Diserta- 

ménto, m. desolation 
Disertare, to ravage, spoil, 

Disertito, part, spoiled, pit- 

Disèrto, adj. desolated, aban- 
doned, unhappy, misera- 

Disertóre, m. a deserter 
Diservfgio, m- an ill office 
Diservlre, io disserve. 


Biservfto, part, disserved 
Disfaciménto, m. destnie- 

Disfascitdre, m. a destroyer 
Disfamaménto, m. defama- 

Disfarnire, to fill, to si 

defarne, traduce 
Disfiire, to undo, rui.. , 

mi lasciar tosi disfatto"dó 

not leavt me in this misera, 

Disfatta,/, a defiat, a rout 
IJistavillante, adj sparklins 
Disfavillare, to sparkle ^ 
Disfavóre, m. displeasure 
Disfavorévole, adj. unkind, 

adverse, contrary 
^^f^vorevolménte, unfuvour 

Disfavorire, to oppose, cross 
Disfavorfto. adj. out of fa- 

Disferm^re, <„ enervate 
Disferràré, to draw out iron 

disferr^re un cavallo, io ur, 

shoe a horse 
Disferràto, part, unshod 
Disfida,/, challenge 
Disfidante, adj diffident 
Disfidànza,/. distrust 
Disfidare, to challenge, defy 

Disfigurare, to disfigure 
Disfigurato, adj. d,-fo,:med 
Disfigurazidne,/ disfiguring 
Disfingere, to dissembli 
Distìngiménto, m. dissimula 

Disfi nfre, to define, e:rptain 
Disfinitóre, m. mho defines 
Disfioraménto, m. dehorati 
Disfiorare, to deJlo„4 
Disfiorato, part, deflowered 
Disfogaménto, m. relief 
Disfogare, to evaporate 
Disfogliare, to strip oJTleavc, 

Disformare, to disfigure 
Disformato, part, deformed 
gisformazidne,/ deformity 

Disformità, i'.dejhrmUy 
Disfornare, to take out of ai 

Disfornfre, to unfurnish 
DisfomXto, part. ^ unfurnish- 

Disfortunàto, adì. unfortu- 
nate ■' •' "• 
Disfrancàre, to weaken 
Disfrenaménto, ,n. profit. 



Disfrenare, to unbridle 
Disfrenataménte, adv- fiercely 
Disfrenato, adj. unruly, 

Disganglieràre, to unhinge 
Disgénio, m. aversion 
DisgittiCrsi, to be dishearten- 

Disgitìngere, to disjoin 
Disgiungiménto, 7»i. separa- 

Disgiuntamente, adv. sepa- 

Disgiu'ntlvo, adj. disjunctive 
Disgiùnto, part, disjoined 
Disgiunzidne,/. separation 
Disgombraménto, m. part- 

Disgombrase, to remove; V 

brdrsi, the air beeins t( 
clear ^ 

Disgradare, to dislike, de 
sptse, scoru: io te ne dis- 
grado, I do not thank you 

Disgradato, part, disliked 
Disgradévole, adj. disagree 

Disgradiinénto, m. contempt 
Disgradire, to dislike dis- 
Disgràto, adj disagreeable 
Disgravaménto, m. unload- 

Disgravare, to unload, ease 
Disgravidaménto, m. deli- 

Disgravidàre, to bring forth 
Disgràzia, / disaster. Pei 
disgràzia, adv. unfortunate- 

Disgra?iàre, to disgrace 
Disgraziatamente, adv. un- 

Disgraziato, adj. unhappy, dis- 

Disgrazidso, adj. uncivil, 

Disgregare, to separate 
Disgregato, part separated 
Disgregazióne, /. Jissipa- 
- disgregazióne di spi- 
a wandering of the 


^i^Sn^iévoìe, adj. disagreea- 

Disgusto, m. displeasure 
Disgustóso, adj. sad, grievous 
Disiare, and Disiderlre, to de 

sue, wish, long for 
Disiato, and Disideràbile, adj, 

Disidério, m. (see Desidèrio) 
Disiderévole, adj. desirable 
Disiderosaraénte, adv. desir. 


ideróso, adj. desirous 
^.oigillare, tou7,seal 
Disimpacciato, adj. disintri- 

)isii,Yparàre, to forget 
lisimpedfre, not to hinder 
•isimpegnare, to disengage; 
disimpegnarsi di sua parola, 

Di^imnt^"i'J "'"' ^■■"'"^"^'■"^ 
Dis mpiegdto, a. unemployed 
DismclinaziBne, f. aversion 


Ditgrignàre, to grin 
Disgroppare, to undo 
Disgrossare, to sketch 
Disguagiiante, adj. unlike 
Disguagliàre, to be unequal 
Disguagliàto, a,lj. unequal 
Di.sgustàre; *" -'---• 


to feign, d.^^emuic 
Disinfintaraénte, adv. sincere- 

Disinfmto, adi. sincere tlm 
pie •' ' """ 

)isingannàre, to undeceive 
)isingann<ito, part. undeceiV' 

Disinteressato, adj. impar- 

DisinterSsse, m. disinterested- 

Di"fnvitàre, io disinvite 
Disinvolto, adj. free, dexter- 

Disinvoltura,/, dexterity, vi- 

•-'ity, skill *' 

^.o.„, m. desire 
Disiosaménte, adu. desirous- 
Disidso, adj. de-tirous 
Disistancàrsi, to rest one't 

Dislacciare, Vo extricate 

Dislagàre, to spread, to ex- 

Disleale, adj. unfaithful, trea- 
cherous, false 

Dislealraénte, adv. perfidioiu- 

Dislealtà,/ dislpyalty 
|Dislegàre, to untie, loose; to 

■-■'B^o^'^^j, iu aispiease, vex;\ explain, to discover 
disgustarsi, tojegin to loath j Disleghévole, ad^. dissolubln 


Dislocitre, io displace, re- 

Dislogare, and Disluogdre, to 
mU out ef place 

Dislogazióne, /. and Dislo- 
gaménto, m. putting out of 

Dismagire, to draw, to entice 
out of the right road 

Dismagliàre, to open the 

Disraantàrsi, to uncloak 
Dismarriraénto, m. comterna- 


I die- 

Dismembrare, to dismember 
Dismemoràto, adj. stupid, for- 
Dismenticàntc, euij. forget- 

Dismentieàjiza, /. forgeiful- 

Dismenticàre, to forget 
Dismésso, part, dismissed 
Dismettere, to dismiss ; ho dis- 
mésso di bere, / have lift off 
Dismisura, /. excess. A di 

misura, adv. exceedingly 
Dismisurire, to go beyond 
the bounds, to act rvithout 

Dismisurataménte, adv. im- 

Dismisurdto, adì. invneasura- 
ble, excessive "^ 

Dismodiito, adj. disorderly 

of a conveid 
Dismontare, to dismount, a- 

Disnamorire, to love no more 
Disnaturire, to change tut 

Disnaturàto, adj. unnatural 
Disnebbiare, to gran' fair 
Disnebbiato, aJj. unclouded 
Disnerràre, to enervate 
Disnerràto, part, weakened 
Disnidirù, to leave the nest 
Disnodare, to undo, untie 
Disnodevole, adj. easily un- 

Disncire, m. (in ptetry) dU- 

Disnudàre, to slrip 
Disobbediignza, /. disobedi- 

Disobbligàute, a<lj. ditoUig- 


Disobbliganteménte, adv. un' 

Disobbligcire, to acquit, dis- 
charge, displease, disoblige 

Disobbligazidue, /. requital, 
reward, displeasure 

Disoccupare, to free from care ; 
disoccuparsi, to free one's 

Disoccupato, adj. at leisure. 

Disolaménlo, m. desolation 
Disolàre, to ruin, lay waste 
Disolàto, part, desolated 
Disolatùra, /. the cutting ojf 

the sole of the shoe 
Diiolaziiine,/. derastaiion 
Disolfire. to ejeiract the sul- 
phureous parts out of a body 
Disonestà, f. dishonesty, ob- 

Disonestàre, to dishonour 
Disonestarsi, to be dishonest 
Disonestàto, adj. dishonour- 
Disonèsto, adj. hrvd, disho- 

Disonoràre, to dishonour 
Disonorato, adj. dishonoured 
Disonòre, m. and Disonorànìa, 

f. dishonour 
Disonorévole, adj. dishonoura- 
Disonorevolmente, and Dison- 
oratamente, adv. disgrace- 
Di soperchio, adv. superfluous- 
ly, much 
Disoppiàtto, adv. secretly 
Disoppilàre, to loosen the belly 
Di sdpra, or Disdpra, prep. 

Di soprappiù, adv. over and 

Disorbitante, atlj. exorbitant, 

Disorbitantemtnle, adv. ex- 

Disordinare, to disorder; dis- 
ordin^e nel mangiare, to coi 

Disordiuataoiér.te, adv. diter- 


Disordinato,' <!<(;• tofcy, into- 

lent, debauched 
Disardine, m. confusion 
Disorganizzato, adj that hat 

tke organs disordered 
Disorrévole, adj. aishonoura- 



to unbury 

, idv. too much 

DisoTol<ito, adj. dislocated 
Dispaccare, to cnt asunder 
Dispacciare, to dispatch 
Dispaccio, m. dispatch 
Dispaiare, t» unmatck 
Disparàre, io forget 
DiS5>a»ato. part, forgotten 
DisparScchi, pron. pi. «»#• 


clear ih. 

Dispargiménto, vi. dispert- 

Dispdri, adj. unlike, uneven ■ 
nùmero dispari, an odd 
number ; noi siamo dispari, 
d'età, »i'e are not o/ the same 

Dispariménte, adv. unequal- 

Disparire, and Disparére, t» 

Disparisc^nte, adv. unsightly, 

Disparità, f. inequality; dis- 
parità d'opinióni, contrariety 
of opinions 

Disparito, adj. altered, pale 

Disparfaménte, adv. here and 

Dispartitaménte, adv. asun- 
Dispartito, part, parted, at' 
Dis]iartit()re, m. mho di- 
Disparu.t£Zza, /. slender 
Dispaiiito, adj. thin, slttdtr 


Dispassionaménto, m. apa- 

Dislfastoiàre, io take oj- the 

fetters frmn a horse's leg 
Dispendere, to expend 
Dispèndio, m. expense, cost 
Dispendiosamente, adv. cost- 

Dispendióso, adj. chargaahle 
Dispeiinàto, ad), featherless 
Dispensa,/. '•-■■• "- 



Bispensdbile, adj. dispei 

Dispensare, io distribute, di- 

Dìspensatfva, /. the dispensa- 

Dispensàto, part, distributed 
Dispensatdre, m. dispenser 
Dispensazióne, /. and Dispen- 
saménto, m. dispensation, li- 

Dispensiéro, and Dispensière, 

Disperàbile, adj. despaired 

Dispen(re, to despair ; deh i 
perche mi fate disperare? 
ft'/i^ do you tease me so f 

Disperatamdnte, adv. despe- 
rately ; alia disperata, rash- 


Disperato, adj. despaired of, 

Disperazidne, /. and Dispera- 

ménto, m. despair 
Dispèrdere, to consume 
Disperdiménto, m. disper- 

Dispèrgere, to scatter, to 

squander, disperse 
Dispergiménto, »i. scattering, 

ruin, rant, defeat 
Dispergitore, m a destroyer 
Disperse, adv. separately 
Dispersione,/, dispersion 
Disperso, part, dispersed 
Dispettdbile, adj. despicable 
Dispettàre, to despise 
Dispettàto, part, vexed, slighl- 


Dispetti vamén te, adv. disdain- 

Dispetto, m. an affront, spite : 
avere in or a dispétto, to 
despise. In dispétto, adv. 
in spite of 

Dispettosamente, adv. {spite- 

Dispettóso, adj reproachful 


Dispiacènte, adj. displeasing 
Dispiacenza, /. and Dispia- 

row ; pigliar dispiacenza 
d'una cosa, to take something 

Dispiacévole, adj. unplea- 

Dispiacevolménte, adv. griev- 

Dispiacevolézza, /. and Dis- 
piaciménto, m. discontent 

Disjiiaciuto, jMrt. displeased 

Dispianàre, to explain ; dis- 
pianàrsi, to lay end's self 

Dispianàto, adj. plain, explain- 

Dispiccàre, to pull up 
Dispicciàre, to dispatch 
Dispiegare, to display, set 

pispietataménte, adv. cruelly 
Dispietdto, adj. unmet ciful 
Dispodestare, to put out of 
power ; dispodestarsi, to 
resign one's porver, autho- 
Dispogliare, to undress 
Dispogliato, part, undressed 
Disponiraénto, m. disposition, 

Disponitdre, m. mho disposes 
Dispopolatdre, m. a destroyer 
Dispórre, to dispose, prepaie 
Dispositóre, m. a dispo'ser 
Disposizióne,/, disposition . 
Dispostamente, adv. orderly 
DispostéZZa,/. disposition 
Dispósto, part, disposed 
Dispoticamente, adv. despoti- 
Dispotico, adj. arbitrary 
Dispotismo, m. despotism. 
Dispregévole, adj. despica- 

Dispregevolménte, adv. scorn- 
Dispregiaménto, m. contempt 
Dispregiare, to despise, scorn 
Dispregiato, part, contemned 
Dispregiatore, and Disprezza- 

tóre, m: despiser 
Disprègio, and Disprezza- 
ménto, m. contempt, scorn 
Disprezzàbile, adj. despicable 
Disprezzànte, adj. disdainful 

Dispreizare, to detpise, flight 


Disprezzativo, adj. confemptti- 

Disprezzato, part, contemned 
Disprezzévole, part, contempii- 

DispreZzevoIménte, adv. scorn ■ 

fully, disdainfully 
Disprèzzo, m. contempi, scorn 
Disprigionàre, to free from 

DisproporZioriàto, part, dis- 

Disproporzióne,/, inequality 
Disprovvedutaménte, adv. un- 

Disprovvedùto, part, unpro- 
vided, unfurnished 
Disprunàre, to rut thorns 
Dispulzellare, to dcjlimer 
Dispumato, adj. frothy 
Dfsputa,/ dispule, debate 
Disputabile, adj. disputable 
Dispiitaniénto, jn. anil DispU' 

tazióne,/. disputatian 
Disputante, adj. disputant 
Disputiire, to dispute, debate 
Disputativo, adj. disputable 
Disputito, part, dispnted 
Disputatóre, m. a disputant 
Disquisizióne,/, disquisition 
Disradicare, to root up 
Disramàre, to prune 
DisredSre, disinherit 
Disredato, part, disinherited 
Disregola'tamént-e, adv. disor 

Disruvidfre, to smooth, polish, 

Dissagràto,' pari, polluted 
Dissalare, to unsatt 
Dissaporfto, adj. insipid 
Dissavoróso, adj. insipid 
Dissecazióne, /. dissection 
Disseccdre, to dry up 
Disseccativo, adj. apt to dry 
Disseminare, to sorv, spread 

Dissenteria./, bloody Jlux 
Dissentèrico, aiìj. one that [it 
troubled rvith the bloody Jlme 

Disseparàre, to separate 
Disserrare, to open, unlock 
Disserrato, part, unlocked 
Dissertazióne,/, dissertation 
Disservtgio, m. disservice 
Dissest^e, to disordrr 

OUsetire, and Dissetarsi, to 

Disieziòne,/. distectwn 
Dissigillare, io break a seal 
Dissillabo, m. dissyllable 
Dissimigliante, adj. unlike 
Dissimiglidnza,/. difference 
Dissimigliare, to differ 
Dissimile, adj. unlike 
Dissimililiidine,/ unlikeness 
Dissimulare, to dissemble ; dis- 
simulò la moneta, he debased 

Dissimulatamente, adv. co- 

Dissimulato, part, dissembled 

Dissimulatóre, m. a dissem- 

Dissimulazidne, f. hypocrisy, 

Dissipaménto, m. and Dissi- 
paZidne, m. dissipation 

Dissipare, to scatte. ; la neb- 
bia si dissipa, the fog dis- 

Dissipatfvo, and Dissipato, 
part, dissipated, dispersed 

Dissipatóre, m. a waster 

Dissipazióne, f. a squander- 


Dissuria, /. difficulty in mak- 
ing water 

Distaccamento, m. a pulling 
away, a detachment, (in 

Distaccare, to dram by forcf ; 
distaccarsi, to part ; non 
posso distaccarmi da questo 
luogo, / cannot leave this 

Jistagliàre, io cut in pieces, to 

Distagliatùra, /. separation. 

Distante, adj. distant 
Distanza, and Distanzia, /. 



Dissolubile, and Dissolutivo, 
adj. dissolvable 

Dissolvente, adj. dissolvent 

Dissolvere, to dissolve 

Dissolutamente, adv. disso- 

Dissolutézza, /. excess, licen- 

DissoluzicSne,/. dissolution 
Dissotnigliante, adj. unlike 
Dissomigliiaza, f. unlike- 

Dissomigliare, to differ, vary 
Dissomigliato, adj unlike 
Dissontiigliévole, 'adj. different 
Dissonante, adj disagreeing 
Dissonanza,/, jarring 
Dissonarsi, to awake 
Dissovvenlre, to have forgot- 

Dissuadére, io dissuade 
Dissuasiónp,/. dissuasipn 
Dissuaso, part, dissuaded 
Dissuasòrio, adj. dissuasive ] 
Dissuetùdine,/, disuse 
Dissuggellare, to break a 

Dissuggellato, adj. unsealed 


DistinzixSne,/. dist'metion 
Distògliere, to divert from 
Distogliménto, m. the act oj 

Distonire, to go out of tune 
Distórcere, to twist, wreath 
Distomaménto. m. hinderarut 
""■ inder 

Distemperaménto, m. diste 

Distemperànza, and Diste 

peratezza,/. intemperanci 
Distemperare, to dissolve 
Distemperataméule, adv. i 

Distemperatura, /. disord 

Distenebrare, to clear up 
Distensióne, f extension 
Disterminàre, to exterminate, 

Distésa,/, a stretching. AUa 

distésa, adv. at large 
Distesamente, adv. extensive- 

Distéso, adj. large, long; \ 

distéso, spranUiifg 
Distico, m. a distich 

Distillaménto, ni. distillation 
Distillante, adj. distilled 
Distillare, to distil: distillarsi 
il cervello sopra qualche 
cosa, io puzzle one's brains 
about something 
Distillato, part, distilled 
Distillatóio, m. a still 
Distillatóre, m. a distiller 
Distillazióne,/, distillation 
Distinguere, to distinguish ; 
distinguersi, to sigrtalizt one's 
Distintamente, adv. distinct- 
Distintiva, /. and Distintivo, 

m. mark, sign, token 
Distinto, part, dlstingtiished 

Distórre, to dissuade, rc„m^ 
: Distorto^ adj crooked, bent 

Distraére, and Distrarre, to 
I avert from ; quando uno 
invecchia in un vizio^ dif- 
I ficilmente sene distrae, ai» 
I old sinner seldom repents 

Di strafóro, adj. by stealth 

Distratto, adj. absent 
' Distrazióne,'/, distraction 

Distrétta,/ distress 

Distrettamente, adv. rigorous- 

Distrettatezza,/ severity 
Distretto, adj. pressed, crowd- 
I ed ; amico distrétto, inti- 
mate friend, parenti dis- 
trétti, near relations 
Distrétto, m. district 
Djstribuiraénto, m. distribu- 

Distribuire, to divide, share 
Distribuito, part, distributed 
Distribuitdre, m. distributer 
Distributivamente, adv. dis- 
Distributivo, adj. distribu 

Distributóre, m. divider 
Distribuzióne,/, distribution 
Distrigare, to disintangle ; to 
unfoljt: distrigarsi, to dis- 
Jtit angle one's self 
Diitrlgnere, to tie : bind : ès- 
sere distrétto di paura, to be 
in a fright 
Distrigniménto, m. binding, 


Distruggere, ■/(> destroy; dis- 
truggersi, to melt 

Distruggiraénto, m. and Dis- 
— = /. destruction, over- 

Distruggi tlvfl 


Distniggitóre, wi. j dtsiroyer 
Distruttivo, adj destructive 
Distrùtto, port, destroyed 
Distruttóre, m. a destroyer 
Disturàre, to unstop 
Disturbaménto, m. and 'Dis- 
turbànza,/. disorder, confa- 

Disturbare, to disturb 
Disturbato, part, disturbed, 


Disturbatóre, m. a disturber 
Disturbo, m. disturbance 
Di SÙ. prep, above, upon 
Disvalére, to prejudice 
Disvalóre, m. weakness 
Disvantilggio, m. disadvai 

Disvariaraénto, m. variation 
Disvariire, to differ 
Disvaridto, adj. different 
Disvario, m. difere,ice, co, 
troversy, a mistake ; v'd gran 
disvàrio fra questo e quello, 
there is a great different 
between this and that 
Disubbidiènte, adv. disohediei.^ 
Disubbidientemente, adv. dis- 
Disubbidienza,/ disobedie 
Disubbidire, to disobey 
Disubbidito, part, disobeye 
Disudire, to pretend 7101 


' to 

Disvelare, to unveil 
Disvelato, part, discovered 
Disvelat(5re, »« a discovere: 
Disvèllere, to pluck, to pull 

up, mrin^, get out 
Disventre, to faint, rvaste, 

cay [hap 

Disventura, /. misfortune, mis- 


fortun „ 
Disventur^to, adj. unhicky 
Disvergindre, to dejlorver 

Disvestire, to undress 
Disvezzare, to disuse 
Disvezzato, part, disused 
DisuggelUire, to unseal 
Disuggelldto, part, unsealed 
Disuguaglianza, and Disugua- 
lità,/, inequality 
Disuguale, adj. unequal 
Disugualmente, adv. unequal- 
Dif viaménto, m. a wandering 
Disviare, to draw out of the 
nay, to degenerate ; disviarsi, 
to wander 
Disviataménte, adv. wander- 

ingly _ 
Disviatezza,/. a straying 
Disviato, adì wandering 
Disviatdre, m. and Disvia- 
trfce,/. a wanderer, debaucher 
Disviluppàre, to disentangle. 


Disviscer*re, to unbowel, 
Disvischiàrsi, to get rid of a 
Disvjtirchiàre, to disemba 

man ; disumanarsi, (u 

Disunianiito, and Disumai 

adj. inhuman, cruel 
Disiinfbile, adv. divisible 
Disunióne, / a disunion 
Disunire, to disunite, divide. 

Perche, crudo destine 

stringe ? why, cruet destiny, 
do you part us, since In 
unites us f 
Disunitamente, adv. separai 

Disùnto, adj. lean 
Disvolére, to refuse 
Disusanza, /. disuse; av 

disusània d'un luogo, to be 

a stranger to a place 
Disusare, to disuse 
Disusatamente, adv. unusually 
Disusato, adj. unusual 

Ditra5i(5ne,/. detraction 
Ditrinciàre, tu cut in piece» 
Dittamo, m. dittany (herb) 
Dittare, to dictate 
Dittato, m. a dictate, a precept 
Dittatóre, m. a dictator 
Dittatorio, adj. diclaiary 
Dittatura,/ dictatorship 
Dittòngo, m. a diphthong 
Diturpàre, to disfigure 
Diva,/, (in poetry) a goddess, 

a mistress 
Divagaménto, m. a wandering 
Divagare, to wander, rove 
Divallaménto, m. a descending 
Divallare, to descend 
Divampare, to flash, flame 
Divanzare, v. precede 
Divano, m- the divan (in Tur- 
Divantàggio, adv. more 
Divariare, (o vary, differ 
Divàrio,»!, variance': è grande 
il divàrio, the difference is 

Divastiménto, m. and Divas- 

tazióne,/. devastation 
Divecchìaménto, m. growing 

Disùtile, adj. useless 
Disutilità,/, uselessness 
Disutilmente, adv. unprojita- 

Di l^àglio, adv. with the edge 
Dita, m. j,l. the fingers 
Ditale, m. a thimble 
Di tanto in tanto, adv. nor 

Divedére, to show, convince; 
dare à divedere, to con- 
vince ; vi darò à divedere 

vince you that you are in the 

Divellere, and DivSrre, to pluck 

up, root up 
Divelllménto, m. plucking 
Divelto, part, plucked out 
-^i^enire, to become: to befall ; 

il nùmero divenne più 

grande, the number g>ew 
' '■ :>? 7vhat 

)iterminàto,' adj determinate 
)iterminazióne,/. resolution 
)itestazióne,/ detestation 
)ito, m. the finger, the toe 
il dito grosso della mane 
the thumb; dito, an invi. 
a finger's breadth; mos 

at one ; aver qualche cos 
su la punta delle dita, to 
have a thing at one's finger ' 

Ottono, adj. of two parts i 

ppàre, to steal 
Di tratto, adv. suddenly 
Di tratto ir. tratto, adv. noi 
and then 

vili bl 



w: diventar 

Diventato, pmt. become 
Div&bio, »i. a dialogue 
n: ^,, ,.. ;^„/^^ ;„ i^^ff^. 

; adv. diversely 

Diversificaménto, m. dijjer- 

Diversificàre, and Diversare, to 

ficàio, part, diverti- 
Diversificazióne,/ variation 
Diversifico, adj. different 



Diversi, pron. pi. 

Di verso, prip. towards 
Diversdrio, m. inn, tavern 
DiT3rtere, to divert 
DiTerticoIo, m. a digressicn 
Divertiménto, »«. att of divert- 
ing, diversion 
DiverWre, to divert, interrupt ; 
divertirsi, to take one's plea- 

DivestJre, to undress 
Divetl^re, to beat tht rvool 
Divettfno, m. beater of the 

Divezzare, to mean 
Divezzo, part, unaccustomed 
D' ivi, adv. from thence 
Diviàre, (see Deviare) 
Diviatamente, adv. nimbly, 

quickly, readily 
Diviito, adj. quick 
Dividendo, m. a dividend 
Dividente, adj. dividing 
Dividere, to divide; dividersi, 

Dividitdre, m. a sharer 
Divietaménto, m. prohibition 
Divietare, to forbid 
Divietato, part, prohibited 
Divietazi<5ne, /. and Divièto, 

m prohibition 
Divinamente, adv. divinely. 

Divinaménto, m. divination 
Divinare, to divine, guess at 
Divinatòre, conjurer 
Divinaménto, in. and Divina- 

zidne, /. conjuration 
Divincolaménto, m. and Di- 

vincolazidne,/. con<<»r/iou 
Divincolare, to wrest 
Divinità,/, deity, a god, a god- 

Divinizzafidne,/. a deifying 

Divino, adj. divine 

Divisa,/, division, a livery, j 
coal of arms 

Divisamente, adv. separately 

Divisamente, m. separation, 
thought, project 

Divisare, to think, imagine, to 
describe, divide: share, de- 
termine, diversify 

Divisataménte, adv. distinct- 

Divisato, part, disfigured, al- 
tered : è tutto divisato, Ae is 

Divisibile, adj. divisible 
Divisibilità,/ divisibility 


Divisióne, /. division, diiunionj '. 

Divisivo, adj. separable 
Diviso, part, divided 
Divisóre, m a divider 
Di vista, adv. by sight 
Divizia, /. plenty, a_ffluence ; 

i firutti quest' anno sono in 

gran divizia, fruit is this 

year very plentiful 
Divizidso, adi. plentiful 
Divino, adj. heavenly 
Divo, adj. (in poetry) divine, 

excellent, heavenly 
Divolgaménto, m. divulging 
Diveltare, to divulge, publish 
Di volgari zzare, to translate intc 

vulgar language 
Divolgato, part, divulged 
Divolgazióne,/. divulgation 


Ddga, /. the side-board, clap 


/ gluUw,y 
Divoramento, m. greediness, 

Divoraradnti, m. hector, quar- 
releome fellow 

Divorante, adj. devouring 

Divorare, to devour 

Divorallvo, adj. devouring 

Divota'to, part, devoured 

Divoratura, and Divorazidne, 
/ ,!cvoa,i„g 

Divdrzio, m. divorce, depar- 

Divotaménte, adv. devoutly 

D'vdto, adf. pious, godly 

Divozióne, f. devotion 

Diuretico, adj diuretic 

Diurno, adj. daily 

Diuturnamente, adv. diumal- 

Diuturnità, /. long eontinu- 

Diuturno, adj. lasting 
Divulgare, io diottre, ytifc- 

Divulgato, part, divulged 
Dizionàrio, m. a dictionary 
Dizidne,/. diction, dominion 
Doina,/. (see Dogana) 
Dobla, /. and Dobldne, m. 

Doccia, /. an earthen ca 


»ogàre, to gird about, to 
put, or mend the clap- 
Ddge, m. doge, eaptain-gene- 

D' oggi in domani, adv. eveiy 
Ddglia, and Dogliénza, /. 

grief, pain, complaint 
Ddglie, /. pi. labour, travail 

(in child birth) 
Dogliènte, adj. grieving 
Ddglio, m. a tun, cask 

^g msam n 

Doglióso, adj. grieved 
Dogma, m. tenet, doctrine 
Dogmàtico, adj dogmatic 
Dogmatizzare, to dogmatize 
T ogni intdmo, adv. on eveny 

Dolce, adj. sweet, fresh, plea- 
sant, agreeable. D.olce dolce, 
adv. agreeably, little by lit- 
tle : partirsi a bocca dolce, 
to retire quite happy ; came 
dolce parla! what a street 

Dolcemente, adv. softly, gent- 
ly, foolishly 

D»ìcé-Zza,/. sweetness, charm, 

Ddlcia,/. snnne's blood 

Dolciàto, adj. sweet, charm- 

Dolcicandro, adj. melodious 
Dolcificare, to calm, appease 
Dolcificazióne, /. a sneeten- 

, adj. 'mild', (of ivealher 
- J) 
Dolentemente, adv. doleful- 

DOcile, adj. tractable 
Docilità,/ tractableness 
Documénto, m. instrvction 
Dodicèsimo, adj the treelflh 


\ dolente! : 

Dolere, _.- 

grieve, suffer ; mi dudle la 
testa, my head aches : ben 
ho di voi onde mi doglia, 
/ have good reason to com- 
plain of you 

Dolorato, adj. abided, vexed. 


DoMre, m. pain ; i dolrfri del 

parto, pangs in child-birth 
Dolorosamente, adv. grievous- 
ly, mrrorvfully 
Doloróso, adj. painful, sorrow- 
ful, imhappy, rvicked 
Dolosamente, adv. deceitful- 
Dolóso, adj deceitful 
Doluto, part complained 
Dolzafna, /. Dolzaino, m, a 

Domabile, adj. tameable 
Domanda,/. ,«ee Dimanda) 
Domandare, to demand, re- 
quest : inquire : il vostro 
padrone vi domanda, your 

, to 

Domandasséra, adv. to-^mor- 

rom niffht 
Domandato, part, demanded, 

Domandatdre, m. a demander, 

Domandaziòne, f. a request, 

Domane, m. {see Dimane) 
Doman l'altro, m. the day after 

Domare, to tame, humble, con- 
Domato, part, subdued 
Domatóre, m. conqueror 
Domattina, m. to-morrorv 

Doraenedlo, «i. (Dio) God 
Doménica,/; Sunday 
Domenicale, and Dominicale, 

adj. belonging to Sunday; 

l'orazióne domenicale, the 

Lord's prayer 
Domenicano, m.. a white 

Domesticare, {see ^Dimcsti- 

Doniestichgzza, /. familiarity, 

kindness, love 
Domèstico, 7(1. a servant 
Domestico, adj. familiar, 

Domévole, adj. tameable, do- 

Domicflio, m. habitation 
Dominante, adj. reigning 
Dominare, to domineer ; un 

monte che domina la città, 

a hill commanding the tnrvn 
Dominatóre, m. ruler, lord 
Dominazióne, /. and Doraf- 

nio, m. dominion, power, 



Damine ! inteij. the deuce ! 
Dominicale, adj. dominical 
Dominio, m. dominion 
Dómma, «i. a dogma 
Dommaschino, adj. rose e 

Dommàsco, m. damask 
Donagiiine, /. and Donaménto, 

m. a gift, present 
Donante, adj giving 
Donare, lo give 
Donatario, m. a donee {law 

Donativo, m. and Donazióne, 

/ gift, present, donation 
Donato, part, given 
Donatóre, m. a giver 
Dónde? adv. whence? don- 
ron. relai. rohereof, 

.of whom 

Dondolare, to swing, loiter 
Dóndolo, m. the thing fwing- 
volére il dondolo, to 


Dondolóna,/. and Dondolóne, 
m. a loiterer. A dondolóni, 
adv. dingle-dangle 

Dònna, f woman, wife, mis- 
tress; Nostra Dóima, the 
Virgin Mary; donna no- 

Donnescaménte, adv. effemi- 
Donnésco, adj. ejffeminaie, 


Donno, m. master, lord 
Dònno, adj. gentle, happy 
Dònnola,/, a weazle 
Donnóne, m. a jolly woman 
Dóno, m. gift, present ; in 

dono, as a gift 
Donùz70, m. a small gifl 
Donzèlla,/, and Donfello, m. 

bachelor, knight, bail^, es- 
quire, tipstaff 
Donzelletta,/ a damsel 
Dopo, prep, after, since, be- 

Dopo che, conj. after that 
Dóppia, /. pistole, a hem, 

DoppiatCira,/ the act cf di 

I'ling, avgmeniution 
Doppière, and Doppiéro, 

Do,.piezza, / slyness, ci 


:o più riccu 

you; duplicity; (also) in 
chimes of bells 

Dóppio, adj. double, deceit- 
ful ; donna dóppia, a preg- 
nant woman ; febbre dóppia, 
a continual fever. A il, or 
al dóppio, adv. doubling, at 
much again ; è il doppio più. 
ricco di voi, he is as rich 
again ae you 

Doppióne, jn. a Spanish pis- 

, adv. every n 

Dorare, to gild 
Dorato, adj gilt 
Doratóre, tn. gilder 
Doratura, /. and Doraménto, 

Dorè, adj. of gold cc 

1''/- 1' 

J plate 

nalfuóco, m. a sleepy idle 

Dc>rmentório,Dormentóro, and 
Dormit<5rio, m. a dormitory 

Dormicchiare, and Dormi- 

Dormiénte, adj. sleeping 
Dormiglióne, «i. sluggard. 

Dormiglióso, adj sleepy, dull 
Dormire, to sleep ; dormire al 
fuòco, to he negligent; non 
si può dormire e far la guar- 
dia, one cannot do ttvo tliings 

Dormìtóre, m. {see Dormigli- 

Dorso, m. the back of a beast ■ 
piegare il dorso, to submit 

Dosa, and Dose, /. a dose cf 

Dossi, m. pi. skins oj squtr- 

Dossière, and Dossière, m. a 

blanket, coverlid 
Dòsso, m. the back; dar il 
dòsso, lo turn one's back; 
levarsi da dòsso, to gel rid 


Do^re, to jninfure, to endorv, ' 
to bestow ; la natura 1' ha 
doWta d'una gran bellézza, 
nature has endowed her rvith 
great beauty 

Dotilo, part, \endorved, adorn- 

Dote, and Dota, f. portion, 

Dotta, '/. an hour, a favour- 
able opportunity ; fear; te- 
nere in dotta, to keep in 

Dottamente, adv. learnedly 
Dotto, adj learned 
Dottorale, adj. doctoral 
Dottorare, to lake or give the 

degree of doctor 
Dottorato, m. doctorship 
Dottóre, m. teacher, doctor 
Dottorello, Dottorùzzo, and 

Dottoràccio, VI. an ignorar 

Dottrina,/ doctrine 
Dottrinale, adj. instructive 
Dottrinare, to instruct, teach 
Dottrinato, part, instructed 

Ognuno il suo dcviUo, to 

give every one his due 
Dozzina, f. a dozen ; tenére 
a dozzina, to board : met- 
tersi in dozzina, to intrude 
one's self; poeta da dozzina. 


Dozzinante, m a boarder 
Dragante,/, gum-dragant 
Draghinassa,/, a rapier 
Drago, m. a dragon 
Dragom.-inno, m. interpreter 
Dragondto, part, dragooned 
DragcSne, m. a dragoon 
Dragontéa, /. grass plantain 

Dramma, /. a dram rveighi 
bit, piece: a tragedy, o 

Drammàtico, adj. dramatic 
Drappelldre, to display the co 

Drajipelletto, m. a small troo} 
Drappèllo, m. a troop, a flag 
Drapperia, /. drapery, sii, 

mercante di drappi, . 

going t dóve, whereas, when 
D(5ve, m. (luògo) a place. 
sapete il dóve ? do you knorv 
the place t La dóve, adv. 

Doverhè, adv. any where 

Dovechesfa, adv. wherever 

Doventàre, to become 

Dovente, adj. owing 

Dovére, to ' owe : must ; dev 
èssere cosi, it must he so 
che dobbiamo fare ? who 
must we do? devo andare 
in città, I am forced to go 
into the city ; mi deve diè- 
ci scudi, he ones me ten 

Dovére, m. duty ; farò il 

dovére, I'll do my best; 
più del dovére, more tha. 

Da dovére, adv. in earnest 

Dovizia, /. store, riches : fa 
dovizia, to make presents 

Doviziosamente, adv. pienti 

Dròga,/, a drug 
Droghetfa,/. drugs 
Droghière, m. a druggist, 

Dromedàrio, ni. a dromedary 
Druda, /. a sweetheart, a nils- 

Dnido, m. a lover. DriSdo, 

adj skilful, valiant 
Druido, m. a Druid 

and Dubbitativaménte, 

■t/«ity ^ ,^ 

Dubbio', m doubt ■ méttere ii 

dubbio, to doubt 
)ubbiosità, /. uncertainty 
Dubbióso, Dubitóso, and Du 

bitativo, adj. dubious 
DubiUbile, adj. uncertain 


DuMtaménto, m. doubt, ;u<«- 

Dubitato, part, doubted 
Dubitazióne,/, uncertainty 
Dubitevolménte, adv. doubt- 
Dùca, m. a general, command- 
er, chief, a duke 
Ducale, adj. ducal 
Ducalmente, adv. like a duke 
Ducato, »i. a dukedom, a 

Ducatóne, m. a ducatoon, a 

Duce, m. (in poetry) a captain, 

general officer 
Ducéa, /. a dukedom, duchy 
Dùcere, to lead, conduct 
Duchèa,/, the territories of a 

DuchSsco, adj. ducal, (of a 

Duchéssa,/, duchess 
Duchessina,/ a young duchess 
Duchino, m. « young duke 
Due, m. and adj. two ; tra le 
due, cosi, cosi, so. so; in- 
differently; stare intra due, 
to be irresolute 
Duecento, m. and adj. {see 

Duellante, m. a duellist 
DuelUre, tofght a duel 
Duellatóre, and Duellista, m. 

dueller, or duellist 
Duèllo, ni. a duel 
Duetdnti, adv. as many 

DuEtto, m a duet (in music) 
Dugencinquànta, m. and adj. 

two hundred andjifty 
Dug'nto, m. and adj. imo 

Dulcicanóro, adj. melodious 
Dulcificànte, a<y. softening 
Dulciiìcàre, to soften 
Dumfla, or Duemila, m. and 

adj. two thousand 
Dumo, m. (in poetry) bush, 

briars, brambles 
Duna,/, plains, downs 
Dùnque, adv. then, what. 

Dùnque ! non son io capace 

di farlo ? what ! am I not 

Duo, m. and adj. (in poetry} 


Puomo, m, a cnthedral , 
Duplicare, to double 
Duplicatamente, adv. doubly 
Duplicato, part, doubled 
Duplicazióne,/ a doubling 
Duplicità, Duplicitide, and 
Duplicitàte, /. dissimula- 

Duràbile, adj. durable 
Durabilità,/, continuance 
J)ìrrabilméatc, adv. continually 
Duràcine, adj. hard (said of 

Duramente, adv. cruelly, 

roughly, difficultly 
Durante, adj. during, lasting 
Durare, to last, to continue, to 
hold Ota : il suo dominio dura 
fin là, Ms dominions extend 
io that place 
Durata, /. duration : questo 
tempo non avrà lunga du- 
rata, this weather rviìl not 
last hng 
Durativo, adj. lasting, steady 
Durato, pari, continued 
Duretto, cdj. hard, tough 
Durévole, ailj. durable 
Durévolmente, adv. corUinu- 

Vwro, adj. hard, firm, strong, 
robust, cruel, obstinate, la- 
borious, harsh ; capo duro, a 
DurStlo, adj. somewhat tough 
Dùttile, adj. malleable 
Duttilità,/, ductility 
Duttdre, m. a leader, guide 
Duumvirato, m. duumvirate 
Duùmviri, m. pi. duumvirs, 
(magistrates in the Roman 

E ed, con;, and; questi 
' quello; this and thai 


Ebdomadàrio, m. head of 

convent for the week 
E'bere, to grow weak 
Ebete, adj. weak 
Ebolliménto, m. and Ebol- 

E, is ; egli è, 

i è, J 

. /■ 

; ebol- 

lizione, J. oo-.iing; enoi- 
lizidne di sangue, heat of 

Ebràico, adj. Jewish 
Ebraismo, m. Hebraism, I 
Ebrèo, adj. Hebrew, Jew 

to get 

Ebanista, m. a worke 

ebony, a cabinet-maker 
E'bano, m. ebony 
Ebbré2éa, Ebbrietà, and Eb- 

briachézza,/. drunkenness 
Ebbriàco. adj. drunk, drunk- 

E-bbrio, and Ebbrioso, adj. Eccitare, ti 

Ebnàto, ad], drunk, fuddled 
Kbréz?a,and Ebrietà,/, drunk- 

E'bro. anrf Ebridso, adj. arunk- 

Ebùmo', and febùmeo, adj. 

white as ivory 
Ecatòmbe, and Ecatùmbe, /. 
an hecatomb (a sacrifice of 
a hundred cattle) 
Eccedènte, adj. exceeding 
Eccedentemente, adv. exceed- 
Eccidgnza,/ excess 
Eccèdere, to surpass, excel 
Eccellfnte, adj. excellent 
Eccelìenteméhte. adv. excel- 

Eccellènza, and Eecellénf la./. 
excellency. Per eccellènza, 
adv. excellently 
Eccellere, io excel 
Eccelsr.mèr.te, adv. loftily 
Eecelsitudine, /. h'ghness 

(title of a prince) 
Eccflso, adj. high, lofty 
Eccentricamente, adv. eccen- 
Eccentricità, /. eecentncity, 

deviation from the centre 
Eccentrico, adj. eccentric 
Eccessivamente, adv. excesa- 

Eccessivo, adj. excessive 

Eccetera, /. note of abbrevia- 
tion. cS-C. 

Eccetto, and Eccettochè, conj. 
but, except 

Eccettuare, and Eccettàre, to 

Eccettuato, adj. excepted 
Eccettuazidne, and Eccezi- 
óne, /. e-rcep/ion, ./(^èrence 
Eccheggiànte, a. echoing, re- 

Ecclieggiàre, to echo, to ~- 
Eccidio, »i. ruin, slaughter 

Old Testament) 
Ecclesiasticamente, adv. eccle- 

Ecclesiàstico, adj. ectlesiasti- 

Ecclesiàstico, m. a clergy- 


book; eccolo lì, > 

pronto, here 1 am ready ; 

Echio, m. hart's tongue (an 

Eclessàre, to eclipse 
Eclissalo, part, eclipsed 
Eclisse, and Eclissi, m. an 

Eclittica, ecliptic line 
Eco, and Ecco, m. and f. the 

Economato, ni. stewardship 
Economia,/, economy 

m^cllìy^"'^'' ^' " '" "'^° 
Economico, adj. sparing, 

Economo, m. an economui 
Economa, /. a good housewife 
E converso, adv. on the con- 

Ecùleo, m. an instrument 
of torture 

Ecumènico, adj. general 

Edace, adj. voracious 

Edacità,/. greediness 

Edera,/ ivy 

Ederóso, and Ederàceo, adj. 
full of ivy 

Edificamènto, m. a building, 

Edificare, to build, edify 

Edificato, part, built, edified 

Edificatóre, m. a builder 

Edificatòrio, adj. edifying 

Edificazióne,/, ediiication 

Edificio, and Edifizio, m. 

Edile, m. a sort of magi- 

Edilità. /. the i^ce of edile 

Editore, ni. editor 

Editto, ni. edict, decree 


Edizióne,/, edition 
Educare, to educale 
Educato, part, educated 
Educalidne, /. education 
iffe, f. the letter F 
Effemèride,/ ephemeris 
EfFeminaménto, m. effemi- 

Effeminatézza, and Eff'emi- 

natàpgine. /. eff'eminacy 
Effeminato, adj. effeminate 
Efferatamente, adv. cruelly 
EfferaleZZa,/. cruelty 
Efferato, aàj. fierce, cruel 
EfieTith,/., fierceness 
Effervescènza, /. heat, vigour, 

Effettivamente, adv. effectively 
Effettività,/ efficacy 
Effettivo, adj. effective ' 
Eff'etto, tn. effect, success. In 
effètto, adi;, in fact; l"hò 
fatto a quest' eff'etto, I did it 
rvith this intent ; in effetto è 
come voi dite, really it is as 
you say 
Enettóre, m. a maker, a 

Eguale, adj. equal, impai 



Effettuare, to , 

Eftezidne, /. 

Efficace, adj. efficacious 

Efficacemente, adv. effectu- 

Effiodcia, /. efficacy 

EiBgiàto, part, drawn, pmrU- 

EffKgie,/. image., picture 

Effluvio, m. an overflowing 

Effondere, to pour out 

Effrenataménte, adv. excess- 
ively, rashly 

Eff"reniito, aJJ. immoderate, 

Effusióne, /. and Effbndl- 

Eftmera, /. a one-day fever . 

an animal which lives bttt one 

Egli, pron. he, it, they 
E'glino, pron. pi. they 
Egli stesso, pron. himself 
Egloga,/, pastoral poem 
Egramente, adv. grievously 
Egregiamente, adv. egregi- 

Eligl^ile, adj. Jit to be chosen 

Elisio, m. Elysium 

Elistre, TO. elixir, quintet' 

Eutropia, /. c 
f a green c 

rvith red 

. the herb turn- 



Elaborare, io take pains 
Elaborato, adj. elaborate 
Elàstico, adj. elastic 
Elasticità,/, elasticity 
Elaziòne,/. haughtiness 
Elee,/, the holm-oak 
Elefante, m. an elephant 
Elefant/no, adj. belonging to 

an elephant 
Elefaniia,/. a kind of leprosy 
Elegante, adj. elegant, fine 
Elegantemente adv. elegant- 

Eleganza, /. elegance 
Eleggere, to elect, choose 
Elegia,/, an elegy 
Elegiaco, adj. elegiac 
Elegiaco, in. a nriter of 

Element4Ie, and Elementare, 

adj. elementary 
Elementare, to compose qf 

Elementito, part, composed of 

Eleménto, m. the element 
Elemòsina,/, alms, charily 
Elemosinarlo, and Elemosi- 
nière, adj. almsgiver 
Elènco, m. catalogue, index 
EletUvo, adj. elective 
Eletto, part, elected, chosen, 

Elettorale, adj. electoral 
Elettorato, m. electorate 
Elettóre, 711. an elector, title of 

a prince 
Elettrice,/, an electrix 
E!§ttrieo,a(y. electrical 
Elettro, m. amber 
Elettuàrio, m. an electuary 
Elevaménto, m. elevation 
Elevare, to raise, exalt, be 

Elevatezza,/, elevation 
Elevazióne./ exaltation 
Elezióne./, election 
Elidere, te retrench 
Eligente, m. e/e«<or 


Ella, pron. she, it; vuoi ella 
venir meco .' mill you com» 
with vie. Sir, or iladatn t 

Elli, egli,pron. he 

Ellèboro, m hellebore 

EUera,/ ivy 

Ellisse./ ellipsis 

ElUtico, adj. oval 

Elmetto, and Elmo, «i. hil- 

Elocuzióne,/. elocution 
Elògio, m. eulogy, praise 
EloquSnte, adj. eloquent 
Eloquentemente, adv. elo- 
Eloquènza, and Eloquènzia,/ 

Elsa./, and E\to, m. a hilt, or 

Elucidarlo, adj. explaining 
Elucubralo, part. carifiUly 

nir ought 
Elucubrazióne, /. composing 

in the night-time 
Elùdere, to elude 
Emaciare, to make lean 
Emaciato, part, emaciated 
Emaciazióne,/. leanness 
Emanare, to proceed from 
Emancipare, to set at liberty 
Emancipato, part, emanet- 

Emancipazióne, /. etnanet- 

Ematlta,/. a bloodstone 
Emblèma, m". emblem 
Emblemàtico, adj. emblema' 

Wmhiice, f. tile- trifle 
Embrióne, m. an embry 
Embroccàre, to make an em 

Emènda,/, emendation 
Emendàbile, adj. eaey to 6* 

Emendare, to correct, mend 
E-menddto, part, corrected, 

amended, improved 
Emendatóre, m. a corrector 
Emendazióne, and Emenda- 
mento, emendo, »»t. correc- 
tion, reparation 
Emergente, adj. emergerti ; 
necessità emergente,,» pr£*t« 
ing necessity 


Emètico, adj. and m. emeticai, 
Emk-rànJa, and Emigràiiiaj /. 

Eminente, adj. eminent, ap- 

Kminenteménte, conspicuoiu- 

Kmin5n5«,.f. eminence 
Eniisterio, and Emisfèro, m. 

£inis5A:io, m. an emisaary, a 

stallion, spy 
Emissióne, /. emtsswn, vent. 


)r tetter 

I semitertian 

Empiamente, adv. wickedly 
Empiastràre, to plaster 
Empiastràto, m. a plasterer 
impiastro, Jrt. a plaster 
Empièma, m. gathering cf 

Empiente, adj. filling 

Empiere, and Empire, to sa- 
tisfy, fill, accomplish 

Empietà,/, impiety 

EmpiezJa, /. impiety, (also) 
an accomplishing, perjbrm- 

Empiménto, m. a filling, stuff- 

Èmpio, adj. impious 
Empireo, adj. empyreal; ci- 
elo empireo, the highest 

Empireumàtieo, adì. smelling 

Empirico, m. a quack 
Enipfto, m. impetuosity 
Empitura, filing, sttrffing, 

Empiuto, adj. full 
Empòrio, m. a market-place 
Emulare, to vie with, to 

Encotnfato, pari, praited 

Endice,/, mark, token 
Endivia, /. endive 
'Energi?i,f. energy, force 
Energùmeno, m. one possessed 

of a devil 
Ènfasi,/, emphasi» 
Enfàtico, adj. emphatical 
Enfiagióne, EnCatOra, /. and 

Enfiata, m. a swelling, iu- 

Enfiare, to swell; enfiarsi, to 

be puffed up 
Enfiatàménve, adv. proudly 
Enfiatfccio, adv. something 

Enfiatlvo, adj. swelling 
Enfidre, m. imposthume 
Enfiteusi, ni. a grafting, ot 

Enigma, and Enimma, m. a 

Enigmàtico, and Enimmàtico, 

Enormemente, adv. griev- 
Enormità, and Enormézza,/. 

Ènte, m. a being ; ente reale, 

gidne, an imaginary proud 

E'Sf. existence 
Entdmato, m. an tnsect 
Entrambi, Entrambe, and Ea- 

tràmbo, adj. both 
Entraménto, m. an entering 
Entrante, adj. entering; (ar- 
dito) bold: ragióni entran- 
ti, convincing arguments ; 
air entrante del mese, 
in the beginniiig of the 
Entrare, to enter; entrare à 
tàvola, io sit ac table; en- 
trar in cammino, to set out ; 
entrar in ballo, io lead the 
dance: entrar in altro, io 
change discourse : entrare 
in paróle, to begin a dis- 
course; entrare ne' fatti d* 
altri, to meddle with an- 
other's ajuirs ; entrare m 
religióne, to go into a con- 
vent ; enuàre in collera, 
i 107 


io fan Into a passion ; 
questa cosa non m'enti», 
I do not comprehend thii 

Entrata, /. entrance, income, 

rent, beginning 
Entrato, part, entered 
Entrature, ni. a man making 

an entry 
Entratura,/, enfrancf, access; 

acquainted with 
Entro, prep, in, within 
Entusiasmo, m. enthusiasm 
Entusiaste, m. an enthusiast 
Enula, /. elecampane (a 

Enumeraménto, m. enumera- 
Enumerare, to enumerate 
Enumerato, part, enumerated 
Enumerazióne, /. enumera- 

Enunciare, io declare 
Enimciatlvo, lulj. expressive 
Enunciato, part, proclaimed. 

Enunciazióne, /. expression 

Eòo, adj. eastern 

Epàtica, /. Uier-woH (a 

Epàtico, adj. hepatic (belongs 

ing to the liver) 
Evàtta, f. the epact 
Epicèdio, m. a funeral song 
E'pico, adj. epic, heroic 
Epicurèo, adj. epicurean 
Epidemia, /. epidemic dis- 

Epifania, /. twelfth-day, epi- 

Epigramma, »n. an epigram 

Epilessia, and Epilesla, / 
epilepsy, falling-sieknets 

Epilettico, adj. epileptic 

Epilogare, to sum up 

Epilogazióne. /. concluiion^ 

Epilogo, ni. an epilogue 
Episcopale, adj. episcopal 
Eiiiscopato, ni. a bishopric 
Episòdico, adj. episodical 
Episòdio, m. digression 
Epistola,/, an epistle 
Epistolare, adj. epistolary 
Epistolàrio, «I. htter-book 
Epitàffio, m. epitaph 
Epitalàmio, m. nuptial-tong 
Epiteto, m. epithet 
Epitomare, to abridge 
Epitome, m. abridgement, ah- 


Eplttimslre, to makt or apply 

Epittimazjdne,/. the applica- 
tion ofepithenu 

E'poca, /. epoch, an 'epocha, 
cera, period of lime 

Epuldne, m. a glutton 

Equàbile, ad), equal, like 

Equabilità, i: equality 

Equalità,/, equality, evenness, 

Equanimità, /. eqtiantmUy, 

Equànimo, adj. moderate 
Equatóre, m. equator, the 

equinoctial line 
Equazióne, f equation, an 

Equestre, adj. equestrian, be- 
lon^ng to a horseman, or 
Equiàngolo, adj. equiangular 
Equicrùre, adj. ejiiicrural 
Equidistante,' adv. equidis- 

Equidistantemente, zdy. equi- 

Equidistànìa, /. an tqual 

Equilàtero, m. equilateral 
Equilibrare, to equiponde- 

Equilfbrio, m. equilibrium ; 
méttere m equilibrio, to 
poise : tener 1' equilfljrio, to 

Equinoziale, adj. equinoc- 
tial •' ^ 

Equinozio, m. equinox 

Equipàggio, m. equipage 

Equiponderàre, to 7veieh 

Equisèto, m. horse-tail (herb) 

Equità,/ equity 

Equivalente, adj. equiva- 

Equivalentemente, adv. egui- 

Equivalènza,/, equivalence 
Equivalére, to be eqiiivalent 
Equivocale, and EquivoccSso, 

adj. equivocal 
Equivocamente, adv. eauivo- 

Equivocante, adj. equivocal- 


Equivoco, m. and Equivoca- 
zióne, /. equivocation 

Equivoco, and EquivocdsOj 
adj. equivocal 

E'quo, adj. Just, ejuilcblt 


Eradicare, to eradicale 
Eradicatóre, m. a destroyer 
Eràrio, m. the exchequer, 

E'rba,/. grass ; ogni mal erba 

pace. Non è erba dal vos- 

doing. Far fascio d'ogni 
erba, to go through thick 
and thin 
Erbàccia,/, rveed 
Erba colombina,/, vervain 
Eri'àggio, m. kitchen-herbs 
Erba giùlia, / sweet maud- 

Erbàio, m. grass, pasture 
Erbaiuòlo, m. an herbalist 
Erba trastulla, /. ribaldry, 

idle words 
EThSlteL,f fine grass 
Erbolaio, m. an herbalist 
Erbóso, adj. grassy, full qf 

Erbucce, /. pi. imall herbs. 

Erède, m. andf. heir, heiress 
Ereditàggio, m. and Eredità, 

/. inheritance 
Ereditare, and Eredàre, to 


Eroicòmico, adj. burlesque 
Eroina, /. a heroine 
Erpicare, to harrow 
Erpicato, part, harrowed 
Erpice,/, a harrow 
Errante, and Erràtico, adj. 

Eremitàggio, and E'remo, 

Eremitico, adj. solitary 
Ereniitdrio, and Eremit<5ro, 

m. solitude, hermitage 
Eresia,/, heresy 
Eresiarca, m. chief of an army 
Ereticale, and Erètico, a^j. 

Ereticalmente, orfu. heretically 
ErSUco, m. a heretic 
Erètto, part, erected, raised 
Erezióne,/ erection 
Ergàstolo, in. a prison 
Èrgere, and Erigere, to en 

build, raise 
Erlne, or Erinni,/. p/. erinnyt 

(the infernal furies) 
Erisamo, m. wild-cresses, 

Ermafrodito, m. hermaphro- 

^rre.fthe letter R 
£rro, >n. a hook, brace [ly 

Erroneamente, udì', erroneout- 
Erróneo, adj. erroneous 
Erróre, m error, fault, sin 
Erroruccio, m. a small fault 
£rta, and Ertezza,/, declivity : 
stare all* erta, to stand on 

Erto, ■adj. steep, upright ; fra 
l'erto e piano era un sentiero 
sghembo, between the hill 
and the plain there was aa 
oblique path 
Erubescenza,/, bashf nines» 
Eruca, /. the herb rocket, a 

Erudiménto, m. learning 
Erudire, to teach, instruct 
Eruditamente, adv. learned ■ 


Erudito, adj. learned, skit ■ 

Erudizione,/, learning 
Eruttare, to break wind, to 

Eruttatóre, m. a belcher 
Eruttazióne,/ belching 
Esacerbare, to provoke 
Esacerbato, part, irritated 
Esagerante, adj. exaggerating 
Esagerare, to amplify 
Esagerato, part, exaggerated 
Esagerazióne, /. atnplijìca- 


!. the sixth part of an 

Esagitare, to agitate 
Esagitazidne,/. agitation 
Esagonale, and Esàgono, aàji 

six-sided (having six sides) 
Esàgono, m. hexagon 
Esalare, to exhale, steam, 

recreate ; esalare gli ultimi 

spiriti, to breathe one's last 
Esalato, part, exhaled 
Esalazióne, /. Esàio, and 

Esalaménto,/. exhaUition 

Esalbiménto, m. preferment 
Esaltare, to exalt, extol 
Esaudito, part, exalted 
Esaltatdre, m. he that prais- 

Esaltazidne,/ advancement 
Esame, m an examination, 

(also) a swarm of beet 
Esàmetro, m. hexameter 

Esaminrfto, part, examined 
Esaminazidne, f. examitu 

f of life 


Esasperato, part, irritated 
Esasperazidne, /. irritation 
Esattamente, adv. exactly 
Esatézza,/. punctuality 
Esatto, adj. exact, strict, care- 
Esattdre, m. a collector 
Esaudévole, adj. entreated 
Esaudiménto, »n. and Esau- 
dizióne,/, a hearing 
Esaudire, to ^ant 
Esaudito, part, granted 
Esauditdre, m. he that grants 
Esausto, adj. empty, exhaust- 

Esazidne,/ exaction 

£sca, /. bait, allurement: 

. avvicinar 1' esca al fudco, 

to expose to danger 
Escandescènza, f. anger. 

Escara, /. Me scab of a 

Escardtico, adj. bringing a 

, tn. a going out. 

Esclre, to go out 
Escfta,/. a ,vay m 
Esclamare, to c\ 

Escoriazióne, f. and Escaria- 

J^aying ""' 
Escrementale, and Escre- 
mentìzio, adj. feculent, dreg- 
Escreménto, m. excrement, 

Escreraentdso, adj. excrementi 

Escrescénla./ excrescence 
Escusabile, adj. excusable 
Escusare, to excuse, justify 
Escusdto, part, excused 
Escusazidne,/. an excuse 
Esecrabile, and Esecrando, 

Esecrare, to curse, detest 
Esecrato, part. execrated. 

Esecuzidne,/. execution 

Eseguiménto, m. execution, 

Eseguire, to execute 

Esempigràzia, adv. for exam- 

Esèmpio, m. example, model. 

Esemplare, m. a copy, model, 

Esemplare, adj. exemplary 
Esemplarità, / equity, justice. 

Esemplarmente, and Esem- 
plativaménte, adv. exam- 

Esemplatìvo, adj. exemplary 

Esemplato, part, drawn, co- 

Esemplificare, to exemplify 

Esemplificato, part, exempli 

Esemplificazldne, /. exempli- 

Esemplo, m. and Esempio, 
exemplar, copy 

Esentire, to exempt, dit- 

Esentato, part. exempted, 

Esente, adj. exempt, free 
EsenzionSre, to present one 

with a freedom 
Esenzidne.X- exemption 
Esequiale, adj. funeral 
Esequiare, to perform obse- 



Esequiàto, adj. buried 
Esèquie, /. i>l. funeral obso- 

guies. funeral 
Esercitante, adj. exercising 

Esercitare, and Esércere, to 

Esercitatdre, m. exerciser 
Esercito, m. an army, a num- 
ber of people 
Esercizio, hi. and Esercka- 

zidne,/. exercise 
Esereditilre, to disinherit 
Esibfre, to offer, present; 
m'esibisco di serrirla, I of- 
ffr my services to you 
Esibita, /. presentation, (lato 

Esibltdre, m. he that offers 
Esibizidne,/ offer, proffkr 
Esigenza,/, exigency 
Esigere, to exact, require 
Esile, adj. thin, slender 
Esiliare, to banish 
Esiliato, part, banished 
Esilio, or Esfglio, m. banish 

Esimere, to eiempt,free 
Esimio, adì. ch-osen. singular 
Esistente, adj. existent 

Esitare, to sell, to hesitate, te 

doubt, to vend 
EsitaSidne,/. hesitation 
E'sito, m. issue, end, event, 

sale : metter qualche cosa 

nel libro dell' esito, to givi 

a thing for lost 
Esiziale, adj. destructive 
Esizio, Ml. destruction 
E'sodo; m Exodus 
Esdiago, m. the throat 
Esorbitante, adj. exorbitant 
Esorbitanza, /. extravagancy 


Esortare, to exhort, persuade 
Esortativo, and Esortatòrio, 

adj persuasive 
Esortazidne,/. exhctiation 
Esdso. adj. odious, hateful 
Espanzid'ne,/. expansion 
Espediente, adj. expedient 


Espedizidne, expedition 

Esperien temente, adv. experi- 

Esperienza, and Esperiénzia, 
/. experience 

Esperiméntale, adj. experi- 

Esperiment^re, to experience, 

Esperimentatdre, wj. a maker 

of experiments 
Esperimént<\, m. experience, 

experiment, trial, proof 
£spero, m. the evening star 
Espertamente, adv. expertly 
Esperto, adj. expert, skilful 
Espettinte, adj. expecting 
Espettare, to expect, mail 

Espettatlta, and Espettazidne, 

/. expectation 
Espiare, to expiate, atone 
Espiazióne,/, expiation 
Espirare, to die, expire 
Espirazióne,/', expiration 
Esplicàbile, adj. explicable 
Esplicare, to explain 
Esplicatdre, m. commentator 
Esplicazióne,/, explication 
Esplicitamente, adv. explicit- 
EspUcito, adj. explicit 
Esplòdere, to explode 
Esplorare, to explore, search 
Esploratóre, m. scout, spy 
Esplorazióne, /. an exploring. 

Esponente, m. expounder 
Espórre, to expound, explain; 
espórre l'ambasciata, to open 
an embassy ; espórre i fan- 
cfuUi, to expose children; 
espórre alle fière, to expose 
to rvild beasts 
Espositivo, adj. explaining 
Espositóre, m. expositor, inter 

Esposizióne,/, interpretation 
Espósto, part, expounded 
Espressamente, and Espresso, 
adv. expressly, clearly, evi- 

Espressidne,/. expressive, sig- 

Espressiva, /. an exprei- 

Espressfvo, adj. expressive 
Espresso, adj. plain, manifest, 

a positive order 
Esprimente, adj. exprest- 

I'spn'mere, to express, uller 

Esprobàre, to reproach 
Esprobazidne, f. reproach 
Espugnàbile, and Espugnato, 
taken by force, or that may 
Espugnare, to conquer, force 
Espugnatóre, m. a conqueror 
Espugnazióne, /. a conquer- 
Espulsióne,/, expulsion 
Espulsivo, adj forced out 
Espurgare, to purge, cleanse, 

E squisitamente, adv. exjtti- 

Esquisitézza./. exquisitenets 
Esquisfto, adj exquisite 
Esquisitdre,m. observer, nearch- 

i^^se,f. the letter S 
Essecrazidne, /. execration 
Essgrapio, m an example 
Essènza, and EseSnzia, /. es 

Essenziale, adj. essential, ne- 
Essenzialmente, essentially 
Essere, to be, to exist, to be- 
come ; può essere, perhaps, 
it may be ; che sarà di lui ? 
Tvhat null become of him ; 
sarò da voi domani, / rvill 
come to your house to-mor- 

JEssere, m. elate, condition ; 
di grand' essere, of great 
quality ; le cose sono in 
budn essere, things are in 
a good nay; non conviene 
air èsser mio, not suitable to 

Essiccante, and Essiccativo, 

adj. apt to dry 
Essiccazidne,/. a drying 

voi, along with yon 

Èstasi, /. ecstasy, rapture 

Estate, and Està,/, summer 

Estàtico, adj. ecstasy 

Estemporàneo, adj. extempo- 

Estèndere, to e-vtend, stretch, 
enlarge; non m'estèndo à 
dir più sopra questo sog- 
getto, / will not dwell any 
longer on this subject 

Estenzidne, /. extension, ex- 

Estensivo, and Esterno, adj. 

Estenuato, adj. lessened; es- 


tenuàto di forze, exhauxt- 
Estenuazióne, /. extenuation, 

rìóre.adj eriernal 
r-sieriorità,/. the outside 
Esteriormente, adv. outward- 
Esterminàre, to exterminate 
Esterminàto, part, destroyed. 

Esternamente, adv. external- 


Estemo, adj. external, of yes- 

EsterslTo, adj. detersive, cleans- 

Estesamente, adv. extensively 

Estéso, adj. extended 

Estimare, to esteem, value, fo 
examine, appraise 

Estimativa,/, discernment 

Estimato, part, estimated, va- 

Estfnguere, to extinguish 
Estinguibile, adj. quenchable 
Estinguiménto, m. and Es 

tinzidne,/. extinction 
Estinguitdre. m extinguisher 
Estinto, adj. extinguished 
Estirpaménto, m extirpation 
Estirpare, to extirpate 
Estirpatdre, m. extirpator 
Estirpazidne,/ extirpation 
Estivo, adj. estivai, summer 
EstoUènza,/. pride 
Estdrre, to except, exempt 
Estorsióne, /. extortion 
Estraneamóite, adv. strange 


Estràneo, and Estrànio, adj. 

Estraordinariamente, adv. ex 

Estraordinàrio, adj. c.rtraor 

Estrarre, to extract 
Estrattivo, adj. extractive 
Estratto, m an extract 
Estratto, part, extracted 
Estravagante, adj. extrava- 

Estravagànza, /. extravaganci 

Katieraità, /. extremity, mi- 

Estrémo, adj. extreme, last 

Jistrémo, m. extremity 

Estrinsecamente, adu. extt 
sieally, evidently, external- 

Estrinseco, ad.j. exterior 

Estro, «1. pneiic rage 

Esti-udere, to thrust out, to ex- 

Esuberante, adj. exuberant 

Esuberanza, f. luxuriance, 

E^sula, /. milk-thistle, (a 

Esulare, to banish 

Esulcerare, to make ulcers 

EsuIcerazicSne,/. exulctration 

E'sule, m. an exile 

Esultante, adj. exulting 

Esultare, in exuir, rejoice 

Esultazióne,/. cxjiHalion 

Età. /. cifje ; (sècolo), one hun- 
dred years, century 

E'teve, m. the pure air, ether 

Etèreo, adj ethereal 

Eternale, adj. eternal 
■ Eternamente, adv. eternally 

Eternare, to eternize 

Eternità, / eternity 

EtSmo, adj. eternal. Ab e- 
tèrno, adv. from the begin- 

Eteróclito, adj. extravagant 
Eterogèneo, adj. heterogene- 

E'tica,/. ethic, hectic fiver 
Eticamente, adv. morally 
E'tico, adj. consumptive 
Etimologia,/, etymology 
Etimologico, adj. efymologi- 

Evacunmento, »n. evacuation 
Evacuare, to evacuate, void 
Evacuativo, adj. evacuating 
Evacuato, part, evacuated 

Evangelicamente, adv. evan 

Evangelico, adj. evangelical 
Evangélio, m. the gospel 
Evangelista, m. evangelic 

Evangelizzante, an txpoundei 

of the gospel 
Evaporaménto, m. and Eva- 
porazióne, /. evaporation 
Evaporare, to evaporate 
Evaporatlvo, adj. evaporat- 
Evaporatdrio, m. evaporation 
Eucaristfa, /. eucharist, sacra- 
Eucaristico, adj. encharistical 
Eveniménto, and Evènto, m. 

Eufòrbie, »i. euphorbiua (a 

Evidènte, adj. evident, clear 
Evidentemente, adv. evident- 
Evidènza, /. evidence, per- 
Evirato, a. emasculated 
Evirazióne,/, emasculation 
Evisceratóre, m. an embowel- 

Eviscerare, to embomel 

Evizióne, f. eviction 

Evoluzióne,/ evolution 
Eupatòrio, m. liverwort 
Euro, m. the east ivind 
Europa,/. Europe 
Evviva, interjec. long live! 

Ex abnipto, adv. abruptly 
Ex profèsso, adv. by profession 
Ex proposito, adv. on purpose 
Ex tempore, adv. in an instant 
Eziandio, ado. also, even 
Eziandio che, adv. although 

pA'BBRICA,/. building.fa- 
-'- brie, workshop, manufac- 
Fabbricare, to build, form. 

Fabbricato, part, built 
Fabbricatóre, m. a , builder, 

workman, intriguer, liar 
Fabbricazióne,/, construction, 

Fabbrfle, and Fabrile, (in 

poetry) adj. belonging to 
smiths, or to any manual 

Fabbro, and Fabro, m. (in 
poetry) a smith, forger. 

the c. 



Fabuleggiàre, to recount, at 

compose fables 
Fabulóso, adj. fabulous 
Faccènda, /. business; far 

faccènda, to be in business 
Faccendiere, m. an active 

man, a busy body 
Faccenduzza, /. small busi- 

Faccènte, adj. active, busy. 

Faccetta, f. facet 
Facchinàccio, m. a mean fel- 

Facchineria, /. a work for a 

Facchino, m. a porter, scoun- 

Fàccia, /. face, appearance, 
outside ; far fàccia, to dare , 
non aver fàccia, to be a- 
shamed. In fàccia, prep. 

Facciata, /. front, face 

Face, / (in poetry) a torch, 
splendour, light 

Facèlla, and FaccelUna, /. 
flambeau, taper, link 

Facetamente, culo, merrily 

Facèto, adj. facetious, c-ami- 

Facezia, /. merry conceit, at 

Facialménte, adv. facing, face 

to face 
Facibéne, m. a good child 
Fàcile, adj. easy : uomo facile, 

a good-natured -man 
Facilità, f. facility 
Facilitare, to facilitate 
FaciLnénte, adv. easily 
Facimale, m. 
Facimènto, « 

Facoltà, and Facultà,/. power, 

faculty, riches 
Facoltóso, adj. rick, wealthy 
Facondamente, ado. eloquent-' 

Facóndia, and Facondità, / 

Facondiuso, adj fluent 
Facóndo, adj. eloquenf.JlueM. 

raggelo, m. a place full of 

Tiggio, m. beech tree 

Fagiano, m a nheatani ; 
guastar la coda al fagiano, 
to leave oul the beet of the 

Fagiiiolàta,/. silliness 
Fagiuólo, m. a French bean 
Fagotto, m. a fagot; tax 

fagotto, io bundle off 
Fafna,/ a pole-cat 
Falange,/, phalanx 
Falàngio. m. a tarantula 
Falbo, arfj. yellow, tarvny 
Falcare, to bend, to crook, io 

. 'off 
Falcistro, m. a h\ 

Falcato, pari, hooked. 

Falce, /. a scythe, or sickle; 
métter la falce nella biada . 
d' altrui, to meddle with ano- 
ther's business 1 
Falcetto, m. a little sickle 
Falchetto, m. a young fal- 

FalUre, to fail, offend, err, 
omit . di poco fallò eh' io 
non cadessi, I n-as very near 

ran(bììe, ad), fallible 
Fallibilità, f. fallibility 
Falliménto, m. fault, failing 
Falltre, io fait, sin, transgress. 

Fallire, m. error, fault, 

Fallfto, pari failed 
Fallitdre, m. offender 
Fallo, m. fault, error, ires- 
nétter il piede in 

FàlcolE,/. and Falcolótto, m. 

a n'ox-candle 
Falconare, to hunt with a fai- 

Falcóne, m. harvk, falcon 
Falconeria, f falconry 
Falconetto, m. a young fal- 
con, (also) a piece of artil- 

Falconière, m. a falconer 
Falda, a fold, or plait, flake 

flo.r. skirt, border, hem'; 
falda del monte, the side 
of a hill. Falddne, m. a 
large fold 
Faldato, adj. folded 

Faldiglia./, a hoop-petticoai 
Faldistorio, m an elbom-chair 
Falegname, m. a carpenter 
Falimbèllo, m. a rvag 

scupper hole (in a 



adj. deceitful, crafty 

FalOtico, adj. fantastical 
Falsamente, and Falso, adv. 
! falsely 
Falsamonéte, «t. a false coin 

Falsiirda,/. a tviick 
I Falsare, to falsify 
Falsariga, /. aiack-lines (for 

wfiting on) 
Falsàrio, and Falsatóre, m. an 

impostor, forger 
Falseggiare, to falsify 
Falsetto, m. a false treble (in 

Falsfdico, adj. deceitfid 
Falsificaménto, m. a falsity 
Falsificare, to falsify, coun- 
terfeit, forge, adulterate, em- 

Falsificàto, part, falsified 
Falsificatóre, m. a falsifier 
Falsificazióne,/, falsification 
Fa.\ihk,f. falsehood, lie 
Falso, adj. false ; mettere il 

piede in falso, io make a 

wrong step 
Falta,/. want, fault 
Fai tare, to want : be deficient 
Fama, f fame, report 
Fame, /. hunger, scarcity ; 

Famèlico, adj. hungry 
Famigerato, adj. fatnout 
Famiglia, /./amiVy 
Famigliare, and Familiare, m. 

and adj. servant, foUotver, ■ 

bailiff, intimate 


Famigliarità, ami FamUibritS» 
f familiarity 

Famigliarménte, and Famili- 
arménte, adv freely 

Famiglio, wi. a servant, thief- 

Famigliuóla, /. a small fc^ 

Famosamente, adv. publicl}/ 

Faraosita./ fame, report 

Famóso, adj. famous, known 

Famùccia, /. a small appe- 

Fanale, m a lantern 

Fanatico, adj. fanatic 

Fanciulla,/, a girl 

Fanciullaggine, childithnest, 

Fanciullàia,/. many boys 
Fancinllerla,/. childishness 
Fanciullescamente, adv. child- 

' Fanciullesco, adj. childish 
Fanciulietta, /. and Fan- 
ciuUétto, m. a giri, or 
Fanciullezza, /. childhood, in- 
Fanciullo, and Fanclullùzzo, 

a chile 

Fandonia,/, a 
Fanèllo, m a linnet 
Fanfala,/. {see Farfalla) 
Fanfalùcca, /. spark, whim, 

fancy, gewgaws, trifles 
Fanfano, m. a romancer 
Fanferina, /. jesting, mock- 
Fang^ccio, m. and Fanghiglia, 

/. mire, puddle 
F<ngo, m. dirt, clay; fer delle 

sue paróle fango, to break 

one's word 
Fangóso, m. and adj. dirty, 

Fantaccia, , 


1 bad servant- 

Fantasia, f. fancy, imagina- 

Fantasticamente, adv. fantas- 
Fantas'ticàre, to devise, in- 
Fantasticatdre. m. a thinking 

Fantastico, adj. fantastical 
Fante, m and f. man-servant, 

Fanteggiare, to perform do- 



FantoccSria,/. childi 
Fantòccio, ni. a simpleton 
Farchetola,/. a teal fa hit 
Fai-ciglidne, m. a sort ofti 
Farda,/. spittle 
Fardàggio, m. bagftage 
Fardèllo, m. truss, bundle; far 

fardèllo, to pack off 
Fare, to do, make ; farsi, to 
approach , fatevi a me, come 
near me : farsi alla finèstra, 

i fa, 

r> the 

al far del giórno, l,reak of 
day . al far della notte, dusky 
eveuiu!,' : farsi tardi, to grow 
late, far sembiante, to dis- 
.tto, to men- 

. faraj 

to, to I 

Faréa,/. a sort of serpent 
Farètra,/, a quiver 
Farfalla, f. a butterfly 
■^—'"-"""•- "■ a little butterfly, 


I f,b 

farfallóne, /o A/i 

Fdrfaro, m. footstool, coltsfoot, 

Farfna, /. meal, ,flour; questo 
non fa farina, this is useless ; 
tu non sei farina da cialde, 
you are a cunning fdlom 

Farinàccio, m. a die marked 

Farinello, m. an assassin 
Farisèo, m. pharisee 
Farmacia,/ pharmacy 
Fàrmaco, m. a drug, remedy 
Farneticare, to jave 
FarneticliCzza,/, dotage, mad- 

Farnètico, adj. delirious 
Faro, m. a light-house, strait 
Farràgine,/ mixture of grain, 
mixture of, rords {corn 

Faricéllo, »i. spelt, a kind of 

dlubìiT^"' '"" " ■'"' ^' 

Farsettàio, m. a iarket maker 


Farsetto, m a doublet 
Fascetto, »i. a little bundle 
Fàscia,/ a hand, fillet : h 
bin tènero in fàscie, 
infant in smaddling cloth 
Fasciare, to bind, tu tie 
Fasciato, part. swaddled ; 

I, and Fasciata, /. 

Fascina,/, a fagot 
Fascinare, to fagot mood 
Fascinata,/ a yénce 
Fascinazióne, /. and Fascir 

Fàscio, and Fastèllo, m. 
bundle : andare in fàscio, to 

Fasciame, »!. a heap of rubbish 
F!^&chiólR,f a little band 
Fastel làccio, m. a large bundle 

Fastidiare, to molest, disturb. 

Fastidiato, part. molested, 

troubled, scorned 
Fastidio, m. and Fastidiosàg- 

tion : èsser i'n fastidio, to be 

Fastidióso, adj. tedious, loath- 
Fastid/re, to detest, abhor, ic 

Fastigio, m. height, elevation 
Fasto, 171. pride, poynp 
Fastosamente, adv. vainly, 

Fastóso, adj. proud, haughty 
Fata, f fairy 
Fatale, adj. fatal, destined 
Fatalith, f fatality 
Fatalmente, adv. fatally 
Fatiippio, m. a sort of bird 
Fatare, to destine 
Fatatamente, adv. (see Fatal- 

Fatatura,/ a charm, sorcery 

Fatica, /. fatigue, toil : mia 

fatica, my rvork, mages, 

reward; le mie fatiche, m^ 

Fatic^bile, adj. laborious 
Faticaccia,/, labour 
Faticare, to tire, fatigue ; 
affaticarsi, to labour 

Faticato, adj. rreary, tired 
Faticliévole, adj. laborious 
Faticosamente, adv. laborious 

Fatticcio, adj. fictitio: 

Fatto, m. fact, deed, action ; 
andar pe' fatti suoi, to go 

fatto, so large; un pomo 
così fatto, an apple so large ; 
uòmo fatto, a full grown 
man ; ho inteso iiarlàre 
molto male di fatti vostri, 
I heard you very ill spoken 
of. Bl fatto, adv. really so 
Fattoiàno, m. one' that rvorka 
at an oil press, (also) a busy- 


Fattucchièra,/, a witch 
Fattucchieria,/, witchcraft 
Fattura, /. fashion, make, 

witchcraft, charm 
Fatturato, part, bewitched ; 

■vino fetturàto, adulterated 

Fatuità,/, stupidity 

Fàtuo, adj. stupid 

Fava, /. 'a bean, a vote, pride, 
presumption; pigliare due 
colombe ad una fava, to kill 

Favagello, m. the herb celati- 

Favata, /. a ragout made with 
beans, foolish pride 

Fauci, /. ;-;. throat, gullet, a 
river's mouth 

Favellare, m. and Favella^ 
/. speech, discourse, lan- 


Favellaménto,. m. a word. 

Favellare, to tpeak, diicourae : 
favellar con le mani, io 
Favellatóre, m. a talker 
Favellio, m. cajoling, chat 
Favnia,/. a spark of fire 
Favillare, to sparkle 
Favillùzza,/. a little spark 
Fàuno, m. farvn, Syh 

Favo, TO. honey-comb 

Fàvola, /. a fable ; èsser 
fìvoia al p<5poIo, to be the 
common talk 

Favolare, and FavoleggUre, 
to tell stories, banter 

Favoleggiatóre, m. a teller of 

Favolfsco, and Favolóso, adj. 
fictitious, fabulous 

Favolane, m. a romancer 

Favolosamente, adv. roman- 

Favolóso, adj. fabulous 

Favònio,/ rvest wind 

Favóre, m. favour, benefit, 

Favoreggiante, adj. favour- 
Favoreggiatóre, m. favourer 
Favorévole, and FavonSbile, 
adj. favourable ; lettere 
favorevoli, letters of re 

favorevole, heaven prosper 

Favorire, and Favorire, to 
favour, assist ; mi favorisca, 
do me the favour 

Favorito, m a favourite 

Favorito, adj. and m. favour- 
ed, a favourite 

Favoritóre, m. a favourer 

Fàusto, adj. fortunate 

Faustóre, m. a favourer 

Favule,/, a bean field 

Fazióne, /. fashion, action; 
faction : èssere in fazióne, to 
be on duty 

Fazióso, adj. factious 

FaSzolletto, m. handker- 

Febbràio, m. February 
Fèbbre, /. fever ; febbre ter- 
zana, a tertian ague : feb- 
bre pericolósa, a hard fe- 


Febbricóso, adj. feverish 
Fel.brifugo, m. febrifuge 
Febbrile, adj- belonging to i 

Fèccia, /. dregs ; excrement 
la fèccia del pòpolo, the mol 

Fecciàia,/. bunghole of a cask 

Feccióso, adj full of dreg, 
ill-natured, tiresome 

Fecondamente, adv. fruitfully 

Fecondare, to fructify 

Fecondatóre, m. one \ 
makes fruitful 

Fecondévole, adj fruitful 

Fecondità, /. fertility 

Fecóndo, adj. fruitful 

Fede, / faith : dar fede, to 
give credit ; di buòna- fede, 
sincerely ; uòmo degno di 
fede, a credible man 

Fedecoramessàrio, m. feoffee, 
he rvho is infeofied 

Fedecomraesso, pari, com- 
mitted io care 

Fedecommèsso, m. feoffment. 

Fedecommèttere, tofeoff 
Fededégno, adj. credible 
Fedéle, adj faithful, ìtonest 
Fedelmente, adv. faithfully 
Fedeltà, f. fidelity 
Fèdera,/, a pillow-case 
Fedilk, ffillhiness 
Fegatèlla,/, liverwort 
Fégato, m. the liver 
Fegatóso, adj. diseased in the 

Yeìce,f.fem (an herb) 
Felce quercina, /. polypody 

(a plant) 
Fele, m. (in poetry) gall 
FeU«e, adj. happy 
Felicemente, adv. happily 
Felicità,/, happiness 
Felicitare, to felicitate 
Felicitatóre, m. one that makes 

Fellóne, and Fèllo, m. (in 

poetry) a thief 
Fellonescamente, adv. fe 

Fellonésco, adj. felontout 
Fellonia,/: /e/on^ 
Félpa,/, plush, shag 
Feltrare, io filtrate, strain 
Féltro, m. fell 
Feluca, a small ship 
Fémmina, f. female, woman 
Femminàccia, /. a large ivo 

Femminèlla,/, a poor tvomanf 

Femmineo, adj. belonging io a 

Femminescamente, and Fem- 
minilmente, adv. effemi- 

Femm\nézzzi,f. female sex '■ 

Feraminiéra, adj. woman't 

Femminile, and Femminino, 
adj. feminine 

Femminùzfa, /. a despicable 
little n'ornai» 

Fendènte, m. cut 

Fèndere, io cleave, split, cut, 
sever, plough ; fendere 1 
campi, io grub up the 
ground ; la HI osa e'I Reno 
fendono l'Olanda, the Meuse 
and the Rhine go through 
Holland ■ 

Fenditóio, m. a cleaver 

Fenditura, /. clift, crack, 

Fenestra,/ (see Finèstra) 
Fenice,/ a phcenix 
Fenicóntero, m. a sort of bird 

of a crimson colour 
Fenile, to. a hay-loft 
Fenòmeno, m. phenomerwn 
Fera, /. (in poetry) a wild 

FerAce, adj. fruitful 
Ferale, adj. deadly, mortal 
Feretro, to. a coffin, tomb 
Fèria, TO. a festival, holiday ' 
Feriale, adj. common, ordi- 
nary, trivial 
Ferialmente, adv. commonly 
Feriate, adj. vacant ; giórno 

feriéto, festival 
Feriménto, m. a wounding 
Ferino, adj. wild, savage, 

fierce, cruel 
Ferire, to wound, strike, hit; 
la barca feri sopra '1 lido, 
the boat struck upon the shore 
Ferita, f. a wound, hurt, cut 
Ferita, f. fierceness, cruelty 
Ferito, part, wounded 
Feritóia,/: a loop-hole 
" óre, m. a striker 

Fermàglio, m. a buckle, clasp 
Fermamente, adv. firmly 
Fermamènto, m. and Fer- 
manza,/ the firmament, sky 
Fermare, to stop, slay ; fer- 
marsi, to pause : mi fer- 
mai di non partire senza 
vederlo, 1 was resolved not 
to go away without teeing 


Fermata,/, rest, pout e 

Fermdto. part, stopped 
Femientóre, to ferment 
Fermentato, part, fermented 
Fermentazidne, /. leaven, 

yeast, fermentaiion 
Ferménto, m. ferment, yeait 
Fermézza,/, flrmness 
Fermo, adj. jìrin, fast 
Feróce, adj. fierce, 

horrid, rough 
Ferocemente, adv. fiercely 
Feròcia, and Ferocità, /. 

fierceness, cruelty 
Ferràccia, /. a fish rvith a 

poisonous sting 
Ferràccio, m. bail iron 
Fehragdsto, m. lammas-day 
Ferràio, m. a farrier 
Ferraindlo, m. a cloak 
Ferraménti, m. pi. iron tools 
Ferrare, to bind rt'ith iron; 

ferrare un cavallo, to shoe a 

Ferrata,/, an iron gats 
Ferrato, adj. done rvith iron 
Ferratóre, m. a farrier, 

Ferratura,/, iron work 
Ferravècchio, m. a broker 
Fèrreo, adj. <ifiron 
Ferrétti, m. small iron tools 
Ferreria,/ a quantity of iron 
Ferrièra,/ /org^f 
Ferrigno, adj hard 
Fèrro, »n. iron ; venire a' 

ferri, to come to the fact ; 

métter a' ferri, to chain ; 

battere il ferro mentre è 

caldo, to strike the iron while 

it is hot 
Ferruglgno, and Ferrugineo, 

adj. iron like 
Fertile, adj. fruitful 
yettì\\tò.,f fertility 
Fertilmente, adv. fruitfully 
Ferventemente, adv. ardently, 

Fervènza,/ fe 



Fervidamente, adv. fervently 

Fervidézza,/. /ertene^ 

Fèrvido, Fervènte, and Fer- 
voróso, adj. fervent 

Ferula, f. palm, (a plant) 

Fervóre, m. fervour ; il fer- 
vor del sole, the heat of 
the sun; in sn'l fervore del 
giorno, J» the middle of ih 

Fèscera, / nhite vine, (i 

Tesso, m. and Fessura,/, chop, 
crack, chink 


Fèsso, part, chopped, cleft 

F*sta,/. festival, holiday, joy, 
mirth: far fèsta, to feast: 
far fèsta a qua-lcheduno, to 
use one kindly 

Pestante, and Festeggiente, 
adj. merry, gay 

Pestare, to revel 

Pesteggévole, and Festévole, 
adj. feasting 

Festeggevolménte, and Fes- 
tevolmente, adv. cheer- 

Festeggiaménto, and Festeg- 
gio, m. exultation 

Festeggiare, to feast, desert, 
solemnize, celebrale 

Festeréccio, adj. holiday ; 
panni festerécei, Sunday 

Festichino, adj. sea-green 

Festinamente", and Festinata- 
ménte, adv. hastily 

Festinazióne, /. hatte, dili- 

Festino, m. entertainment, 

Festivamente, adv. solemnly, 

Festività,/. Joy, gaiety 

Festivo, adj. festive, solemn ; 
giórno festivo, holiday 

Festóne, m. a festoon 

Festosamente, adv. merrily, 

Festóso, adj. merry, gay 

Festuca, /. fescue, straw, mote 

Fetènte, and Fètido, adj. 
stinking, nasty 

Fetidamente, adv. stinkingly 

Fèto, m. thefcetus 

Fetóre, m. slink, stench 

Fétta,/, slice, cut, bit 

Fettùccia,/, ribbon 

Feudale, adj. of the manor 

Feudatàrio, m feudatory 

Fèudo, m. feud, fee, fief 

Fiaba, f. fable 

Fiacca,/, a noise 

Fiaccare, to break, bruise, cut. 

Fiaccato, pari, broken, tveak- 

Fiacchetto, adj. a little 

Fiacchézza, /. weariness. 

Fiacco, adj. weak, faint, 

Fiacco, TO. ravage, ruin 
fiàccola,/. torch,fiambeau 


Fiadóne, and Fiale, m. « 

Fiala,/ vial, bottle 
"^iàmma, / flame, splendour, 

blush : méttere a fuòco e 

fiamma di vascèllo, streamer 
Fiammante, adj. flaming ; 

nuòvo fiammante, quite new 
Fiammasàlsa,/. a dry-itch 
Fiammeggiante, adj. blazing 
Fiammeggiare, to glitter. 

Fiammella, and Fiamètta, f. 

a little fiame 
Fiancata,/, a blow on the side, 

Fianchtggiàre, to support, 

assist, to coast along 
Fiancheggiato, part, defend- 

Fiancùto, adj. broadsided, 

having large flanks 
Fiàsca, and Fiaschétta, /. a 

flat bottle 
Fiascàio, «1. a bottle-maker / 
Fiascheggiàre, to buy wine by 

the bottle 
Fiaschètto, m. a small bottle 
Fiasco, m. a flask 
Fiascóne, m. a large flask 
Fiata,/, time; una fiata, once,' 

spesse fiate, often 
Fiataménto, and Fiato, »». 

Fiatante, adj. breathing 
Fiatare, to breathe 
Fiato, ni. the breath 
p'llibia,/. buckle, clasp 
Fibbiagglio, and Fibbiàle, -n. 

buckle, clasp 
Fibbiàre, (see AfEbiàre) 
Fibbietta,/ a small buckle 
Fibra, /. fibre, filament 
Fibróso, adj. fibrous 
ricaccio, ni. a little fig 
Ficàia./, the fig-tree 
Ficeàbile, adj. that may be 

Ficeaménto, m. and Ficca- 
tiira, /. thrusting, driving 

Ficcare, to fir, drive ; ficcar 
gli òcchi, to fix the eyes 
ficcarsi, to introduce one 
self; ficcar carote, to tell 
Ficcato, part, driven, thrust in 
Ficheretto, and Fichéto, m. a 

, Fico, m. a fig-tree, a fis 


fichi fióri, green ftgs : fi 
Fidagiòne, /. "a pledge, i 

Fidanza, /. confidence, irui 
sdtto fidanza, with promii 
dar fidanza, to gite bail 

Fidanzare, to warrant, to p 


Fidata,/ an oath of fidelity 
Fidatamente, adv. confidently 
Fidato, and Fido, adj. trusty, 

Fidecomrafsso, m. (see Fede- 

Fidelità, /^tóiVj/ 
Fido, a. faithful 
Fidùcia,/, confidence, hope 
Fiducìalménte, adv. boldly 
Fiduciario, m. a trustee 
Fiele, m. gall ; non aver fièle, 

to be good-natured 
Fienàio, and Fienale, adj. be- 
longing to hay ; falce fienàia, 
/. a scythe 
'"ienfle, m. hay-loft, rack 
/■■"iéno, m. hay 
Fièra,/, a rvild beast, a publi 

Fieramente, adv. cruelly 
fiercely : fieramente acceso 

Fierézza, ' and Fierità, J. 
fierceness, dexterity, ala- 
Fièro, adj. cruel, savage, wild. 

Fiévole, adj. feeble, weak, 

Fievolezza, /. frailty, rveak- 

Fievol ménte, adv. weakly 
Fifa,f a lapwing 
Figgere, (see Ficcare) 
Ffglia, and FJgUu(ila, /. a 

V.igliàre, to bring forth, pro- 

Figliastra, / and Figliastro, 
m. a daughter-in-law, son- 

Figliatlccio, adj. proper to 
beget children 

Figliatura, /. th! time a fe- 
male goes with young 

Ffglio, and Figliuòlo, m. a 
snn, a child 

I FìgliuoIànSa, 

Figliuoltoo, m. a little child 
Ffgnere, to feign, forge 
Ffgnolo, m. a bile, felon 
Figura, /. figure, fashion, 
firm. Poniam figura, let us 
Figuràbile, adj. figurable 
Figurale, adj. mysterious 
Figuralmente, adi', figura- 
Figuraménto, m. a figure 
Figurare, to figure, fancy 
Figuratamente, and Figura- 
téme, adv. figuralive- 


Figurativo, adj. figurative 
Figurato, part, figured 
Figurazióne, /. figure, form. 

Figurina,/, a little image 
FUa, /. file, row. AÌla fila, 
adv. together, one after an- 
Filalòro, m. a gold tvire- 

Filàre, to spin ; fiUr dell' . 

o dell' argènto, to wire-dram 

gold or sitve 
Filare, m. a r 
Filastròcca, Filastróccola, 

Filatèra, and Filattéra,/. a 

story, tale, trifie, prolixity ; 

dire delle filastrocche, t 

talk idly 
Filaterfa,/. philactery 
Filatessa./, a confused rank 
Filaticcio, m. a thread made of 


1. part, spun 

■t of eledtf 

Filosofale, adj. phibisophical 
Filosofante, and Filosofo, m. 

Filosofare, and Filoteggiàre, 

to philosophize 
Filosofastro, m. a smatterer in 

Fil osofi'a, ilosophy 
Filosoficamente, adv. philo- 
Filosofico, adj. philosophical 
Filosomfa,/. physiognomy 
Filugello, oi. a silk-morm 
Filunguello, m. a chaffinch 
FiluZzo, m. a fine thread 
Filza,/, a row, string 
Fimbria,/, hem, edge 
Fimbriato, part, bordered 
Ffme, m. dung 
Fina.\e, adj final, last 
Finalménte, adv. finally 
Finanze,/. ;;/ finances 
Finamente, and Finemente, 

ado. perfectly, excellently 
Findre, to desist, finish 
Finattantochè, atid Finche, 

conj. until, as long a* 
Ffne, »<t. and f. end; giii- 
gnere al fine, to come to an 
end ; io 1' ho fatto a buon 
fine, / did it tvith a good 

Fine, aij. cmfty, subtle, thin, 

fine, ejrcellent 
Finèstra,/, a window 
Finestrate, adj full of min- 
Finestrèlla, FinestniZza, /. 
Finestrino, and Finestrii- 
colo, m. a little window 
Finestrdne, m. a large win- 

Figliuoldggio, m. infancy 

Filiale, adj. filial 
Filiaìióne, f filiation 
Filièra,/, a goldsmith 

drawing instrument 
FiUggine,/. soot 
Filigginòsq. and Filiggindto, 

adj. full of soot 
Filo, m. thread ; filo di perle, 

a striìig of pearls ; filo di 

ferro, wire : mandar a lìl di 

spada, to kill with a sword ; 

per filo, exactly ; filo delle 

reni, the backbone 
Filologia,/ philology 
Filologo, m phitoìoger 
Filomèna,/, a nightingale 
Filóne, m. the principal 

threcd, S^c. 

Fingente, adj. pretending 
Fingere, to feign, forge, dit- 

Fingiménto, m. fiction 
Fingitóre, m. a dissembler 
Finiénte, adj. finishing 
Finiménto, m. conclusion 
Finimóndo, m. a great ruin, 
thei - •"- -'• 


f^nftimo, ail), cìnse, »i 

Finfto, parl'.fmished 

Pino, adj. fine, pure, ^ 

yino, finóra, jirep. and adv. 
until ; fin addésso, till non. 
Jin a Roma, as far i, 
Rome ; fin dal tempo, fro> 

r'innOccio, and Finocchfn( 
m. fenn-d ; Toplio la mi 
parte fino al findcchio, / ^ 

f £nta, /. dissimulation, guise, 

Fintamente, adv. feignedly 
Finto, pari. counterfeited, 

Finzióne, f.Jiction, invention 
Ffo, m.fee , pagar il fio, to pay 

Fiocaggine, and Fiocagidne,/. 

hoarseness [faintly 

Fiocamente, adv. weakly. 
Fioccare, to snom 
Fiocco, m. and Fiocca, /. 

snow: a tassel, tuft of 

hair ; un abito coi fiòcchi, a 

fine suit 
Fioccóso, ad], full offtakes, 

tufts, S;c. 
Fiochétto, adj hoarse 
Fiochézza./, a hoarseness 
Fiòcina, f. a Itook, or harping- 

Fiòcine,/ a grape-Mone 

Fiòco, adj. hoarse 

Fiòco, adj. flint, feeble; acque 

fioche,' stili water 
Fionda,/, a slìng 
FioraUso, blue-b 4tle,Jlomer 
Fiorcapùccio, m. larkspur 
Fiordaliso, »i. lilly, Jloner-de- 

Fióre, m. ajlorver, bloom, blos- 
som ; fior di latte, cream ; 
fior di farina, Jlour ; se 
tu mi volessi un fior di bene, 
if you loved me a little ; 
un fior non fa primavera, 
a swallom does not make 

Fiorellino, and Fiorello, m. a 

little, flower 
Fiorante, adj. blooming ; stato 

fiorente, a flourishing con- 

Fiorentinamente, adv. like a 

Fioretto, m. a little Jlower ; 

<also) a foil (io fence with) 
Fiorino, m. a florin (a coin) 
Fiorire, io blossom 
Fiorito, pari, blossomed; elect- 


Fittamente, and Fittivaménte, 

adi: feignedly 
Fitteré'ccio, 7n. solid measurt 

of corn, S,-c. 
YiMvo, adj. feigned, formed 
Kittiziaménte, adv. feigned. 

Fisàre, to fix one's eyes on 

Fiscale, avvocato fisciSle, n 

the attorney-general 
Fiscella, and Fisclna, /. 

Fischiare, io whistle 
Fischiata, a whistling 
Fischiatóre, m. a whistler 
Eischio, m. a whistle 
Fisco, m. an exchequer 
Fisica,/, natural philosophy 
Fisicdggine,/. caprice 
risicale, adj. natural 
Fisicdre, to invent 
Fisico, m. physician 
Fisico, adj. physical 
risicóso, adj. difficult, scrupu. 

Fisionirao, and Fis 

Fisionomia, and Fisonomia,/. 

Fiso, (in poetry) adj. fixed. 

Fiso, adv. fixedly, attentively 
Fisonomia, /. physiognomy 
Fisonomico, adj. physiogno 

Fisonomfsta, m. physiognomist 
Fissamente, adv. attentively 
Fissare, to fix one's eyes 
Fii&o, adj. fixed, steady ; occhi 

fissi, a steady look 
Fistella,/. a wicker basket 
Fistiare, to whistle, hiss 
Fistierélla, /. a kind of bird 

Fistola, /. a fistula, pipe, 

Fistolare, adi, belonging to a 

Fistolazidne, /. fistulation, 

Fistolo, m. a demon, devil 
Fit'jne, m. spirit of divination 
FitonPssa, and Fitonissa, /. a 

Fitonico, m. a conjurer 
Fitta, /. stitch, acute pain ; 

Fittaiuòlo, m. farmer, tenant 

Fitto, part, drove, thrust; a 

capo fitto, the head down 
Fittone, m. the principal root 

Fittuario, m. (see Fittaiuòlo) 
Fiumàle, adj. river, coin 
Fiumana, /. a river, rvhirl- 

Fiumàtico, adj. of a river 
Fiume, m: a iiver 
FiumicEllo, Fiumicino, and 

Fiutare, to smell, to scent 
Fiuto, m. the smell 
Flagellaménto, m. flagella- 

Flagellatóre, m. a scourger 
Flagellazióne, f. a whipping 
Flagelletto, m. a little whip 
Flagello, m. punish-ment. 

Flagrante, adj. notorious 
FWmula, /. heart's ease (an 

F\ani:-na,f. flannel 
Flato, and Flatuosità, m./. 

wind in the body, in the 

Flatudso, adj. subject to 


màre, to bleed 
Flebotomia, and Flebotomia, 

/ bleeding 
Flemma,/, phlegm, patience 
Flemmaticitk, /. the nature, 

quality of phlegm 
Flemmàtico, adj. phlegma~ 

FlesslTiile, adj. pliant, ten- 
F\eìsìhima,f flexibility 
Flessióne,/, a bending 
Flèsso, part, hent, declined 
Flessuóso, part. winding, 

binding, crooked 
Floride, adj. flowery, florid 


FlSscio, adj. faint, weak 

r\5tt:i. f a Jteet 

Fluidezza, and Fluidità, /. 

Flùido, adj. Jluid, fluent. 

Flùido, m. a fluid 

Fluire, to flow, run 

FlusElbile, adj. fluid, fluent, 
loose, slothful 

Flussióne,/, defluxion 

Flusso, m. flux : flusso e ri- 
flusso, ebbing andfiotving 

Flutto, m. a nave 

Fluttuaménto, m. floating, a 

Fluttuóso, adj. stvelling rvilh 
the waves, stormy 

Fluviile, adj. like a river' 

Foca,/, a sea lion 

Focàccia, /. a cake ; render 
pane per focàccia, to re- 

Focàia,/, a flint 

Focaiuólo, adj. flinty 

Fóce, /. the throat : foce d' 
Un fiume, the vioiith of - 

Focheréllo, Focolfao, and 

Foconcfao, m. a little Hre 
Focne, m. a steel to strike 

Fòco, m. (in poetry) fire 
Focolare, m. a hearth, 

Focóne, m. pan of a gun 
Focosamente, adi', ardently 
Focóso, adj. unruly, furioui 

Fòdera, f alining 
Foderare, to line 
Foderato, part, lined 
Foderatura,/, a lining, a fui 

Fòdero, m. a scabbard 
Fog^,f fury, impetuosity 
Foghctta, and Foghetttoa,/. a 

little bonnet 
FSggia, /. fashion, form ; se tu 

fil à questa foggia, if you go 

on in this manner 
Fòglia,/, a leaf: la fòglia delle 

parole, the literal sense of the 

Fogliame, m. leaies 
Fogliare, to leaf 
Fogliato, adj. full of leaves 
Foglietta, /. a small leaf, a 


Fòglio, m. a leaf of paper ; 

dare ad uno il foglio bianco, 

to give one full po'wer 
Foglióso, and Fogliuto, adj. 

full of, or covered with 

Fógna, /. a common server 
Fognare, to make sewers, 
or conduits ; fognare le 

Fognato, part, dug, dived 

Fòia,/, lust 

Fòla, fa story, a tale, a cronrd, 

Fòlaga./ a coot, a moor-hen 
FoUla, a flight of birds, a pvff 

of wind 
Folgorante, adj. thundering, 

Folgorare, to thu-ider. 

Fólgore, or Fulgure, m. Zan- 
der, lightning 

Folgore, «1. brighine 

Folgoreggiànte, «Wj. thunder- 

Folgoreggiare, to thunder 

Folla, ^^ crowd, multitude 

Fólle, adj. mad, foolish 

FoUeggiante, adj. playing the 

Fol leggiaménto, m. folly. 

Fóndaco, m. a warehouse, 
p: fondacbétto, a smaA 

Fondamentale, adj. funda- 

Fondamentalmente, and Fon- 
datamente, adv. funda- 
meniully, learnedly, iound- 

Fondaménto, m. foundation, 

basis, principle, beginning 
Fondare, io lay foundation 
Fondato, part, founded: di- 
scorso fondato, a learned 
discourse. Verno fondete, 
the middle of winter 
Fondatóre, m. founder 
Fondazióne, /. foundation 
Fondèllo, m. a button-hole 
Fóndere, to melt 
Fonderia,/, afoundery 
Fon'digliuòlo, m. lees, dregs qf 

Fóndo, m. depth, bottom 
Fonduto, part, melted 
Fontana, / fountain 
Fontanella, /. a little foun ■ 

Follemente, adv. foolishly 
Follétto, m. hobgoblin 
FoU/cola,/. a«(f Follicolo, n 

husk, sheU 
Follóne, m. a dyer 
Folia,/, a company, cromd 
Foltamente, adv. crowding- 

Fólto, adj. thick ; folte tenebre. 

Fomentare, to foment, soak 
Fomentato, part, fomented 
Fomentatóre, m. afomenter 
Fomentazióne, fomenlalion 
Foménto, m. a poultice, a 

Fòmite, m. an incentive, tin- 

Fónda, f. a purse 
Fondacàio, nt. a warehouse- 
Fondàccio, m. and Fondata, 

/. Itts, dregs 
Fondachi^re, m. a draper 

■ Fónte, m. and f. fountain, 
tpring: levare al fonte un 
cambino, to stand godfather 

Foracchiare, lo pierce through 
Foracchiato, adj. pierced 
Foraggiare, to forage 
Foraggière, m. a forager 
Foràggio, m. fodder, fy- 

Forare, to penetrate 
Forasièpe, m. a tort of littlt 

orata,/, a hole 
ForattCrra,/ a dibble 
" - - • ! 


Foratóre, m. one that make» 

Fòrbice, and Fórbicia, /. 

FerbicBtte, /. pi. small «cib- 
ici, /. pi. scHsara ; (al 
scorpion , «Tetc un* 


nelle forbici, to have 
. vmier one's thumb 
Forbiciata./, d cut, a snip 
Forbire, to furbish; forbirsi 

gli cicchi, to rub one's eyes ; 

forbirsi le làgrime, to tvipe 

cway tears 
Forbito, part furbished, cleat 

ed, polished 
Forbitdio, m. a furbishing 

Forbottare, to beai again 
Forbottato, part, beaten 
Fórca,/, a pitchfork, a prong 
Forcata,-/, a fork-fiUl, tin 

Forcato, part, forked 
Forcatóra,/. the parting of the 

Forcella, /. a little fork 
Forcellùto, adj. JbrRed 
3"orchEtta, and Forcfna, /. a 

fork to eat rvith ; favellare in 

punta di forchétta, to speak 

rvith ajfectalion 
Forchettièra, /. a sheath for . 

Forchiiidere, to exclude 
Forcóne, m. an iron fork 
Forcutamente, adv. like i 

Forcuto, part, forked 
ForelUno, m. a littte hole 
Forense, adj of the bar 
Forése, m. a rustic country 

Foresdzzo, m. a countrt 

Forèsta,/, a forest 
Forestière, adj. strange, fo 

Forestierla, / a quantity of 

s franger», (also) an inn to 

Forestieraiùénte, adv. stran- 
Foresto, adj. savage, wild 
Forfattura, /. cheat, imposi- 

Forfecchia, /. a sort of worm 

rvith a forked fait 
Ferfice, s. shears, scitsars ; 

èssere tra le firfìci, to be in 

Forficctte, and Forficùie,/.p?. 

little scissors 
Forficiàta, /. a cut with the 

Fórfora, and Forforàggine, 

scurf, dandrifofthe head 
Forière, m. fore-runner 
Fórma,/ form, shape, fgure 
Formàbile, adj. nhich may be 
. formed 


Formàggio, m. cheese 
Foimàìe, adj. formal 
Formalità,/, ceremony 
Formalmente, adv. formally 


Ite, adj. forming 
Formare, to form, make 
Formatamente, adv. formal- 


Formatóre, »j. former, fn 

Formazióne, /. forming, foi 

Formella,/, a furrow, ditch 
Formentàre, to ferment 
Fermentato, part, leavened 
Ferménto, m. corn, ferment 
Formica, and Formicola,/, a 

Formicàio, m. i 

throng, a croy 

il formicaio, to 


Formicolàio, m. a swarm of 

Formicolaraénto, m. a pr 

ling in the body tike the 

slinging of ants 
Formicdne, m. a large ani 
Formid.-ibile, adj. terrible 
Formidine, f. fear 

Fdrmola, arui Formula, /. 

t'ormosita,/ beauty 
Formóso, adj beautiful 
Vomàce.f. kiln, furnace 
Fornaciàio, m. a kiln^man 
Fomacella, and Foniacctta,/. 
-furnace, a kiln 
rnàia,/ a baker's wife 
Fornàio, m. a baker 
Fomelle, m. a small oven, a 

Fornicare, to commit fornica- 

Fornicatóre, and Fomicato- 
réllo, m. fornicator 

Fornicatrice,/ a harlot 

Fornicazióne, /. fornication 

Forniménto d'un àbito, trim- 
ming nf clothes : fornimento 
di sèlla, the harness 

Fornire, to finish, to expire, to 

FomiW, part, furnished, en- 
dowed, adorned 

Fórno, m. an oven, a baker't 

Fornuólo, m. a lantern to hunt 

birds l)y night 
Foro, m. a court of justice, 

a market-place, a hole, a 

Forosétta, /. and ForosCtto, 
m. a nàie countryman 

Fórse, adv. perhaps, why , 
forse di si, may be so; forse 
di no, may be not; 
non bello? tvhy not hand- 

Forsechè, adv. perhaps, that 
Forsennatàggine, and For 
sennatéìza, /. foUy, ,nad- 

Forsennatamente, adv mad- 

Forsennato, adj. mad, extra- 




desidero t 

fa forte tempo, i 
Forte, m. Jlowe: 


izo, adj. rather strong 

Fortézza, /. steadiness, for. 
titude; a fortress; for- 
tézza d' ànimo, conslan- 

Fortificare, to fortify 
Fortificatóre, m. a fortifier 
Fortificazióne, /. and Fortifi- 
caménto, m. fortification 
Fortino, m. a small fort 
Fortitùdine, /. fortitude 
Fortóre, m. force, sharp- 

Fortuitamente, adv. casual- 
Fortùito, adj. accidental; caso 

Fortume,' and Fortóre, m. 

imgs s 

ongly la 

Fortuna, f.fortL. 
Fortunale, adj. ca.^ual 
Fortunàre, to make fortunate, 

to try one's luck 
Fortunatamente, adv. lucki- 


Fortunosamente, adv. by 
Fortunóso, a-irf FortunéTol», 


flrfj. fortuitoui, haxard- 
Forrdglia, adv. agaimt one't 

Fòrza, f. force, power : a forza, j 

adv by iì^rce; far forza, io , Fràgi-, 
compef \ Fragile S 

Forzaménto, m. for 

putrifac- j 1 


Fràdicio, adj. mei, rotten 
Fragellàre, (see Flagellare, 
atid in de; ivatives) 

idi. brittle, frail 

a, and Fragilità, /. 

Frànto, adj. broken 
Frappa, /. lappet 
Frappare, to 

jag, t 


Forzatamente, adv. by fon 
ForZdto, part, forced 
Foriate, VI. a galley slave 
Forzatóre, m. he that e 

Forzt5vole, adj. forcible 
Forzevolraénte, adv. violent- 

Forziére, m. chest, trunk 


Fràgnere, to break 
Fragola,/, strarvberry 
Fragóre, m. noise: fragrancy 
Fragrante, adj- fragrant 
Fragranza, /. fragrancy 
Frale, adj. rveak, feeble 
Fralézza,/, (see FragUézza) 
Fralmente, adv. rveakly, 

Framménto, m. fragment 
Frammescolare, to mix, min- 

l thing i 

and Forzóso, adj. 

Fossa, /. ditrh, trench, grave : 

Frappàtto, part, jagged, cheat- 

Frappatóre, m. a sharper, 

Frappeggiàre, to paint foh- 

pórre, to interpose ; senza 




Frammesso, : 

Frammesso, part, ptit be- 

Frammettente, adj. putting 


s, to mix rvith 

Fossaccia,/. a ditch 

Fòssile, adj. any thing dug 

sal fòssile, mineral salt 
Fosso, m. a ditch 
Fotti vento, m. a kestrel 
Fra, prep, (tra) between, o- i «.", fra me, to rny. Francheggiare, 

self: fra quài 

Franare, ._^ 

Francamente, adv. freely, 


Francare, to free, release 
Francescaniénte, adv. French 


m. a safety. 

Francescano, tn. a Francis- 
Francesco, adj. French ; Fran- 

Fra, m. (for Frate) brother, 

,nonk : lazy rogue 
Fracassaménto, m. clutter. 

Fracassare, to destroy, break 
Fracassato, paH. broken 
Fracassio, m. crash, ruin 
Fracasso, m- crash, ruin, havoc, 

Fracidàre, to rot, putrefy ■ 
Fracidezza,/, rottenness 
Fracidiccio, adj. rotting 
Fràcido, pari. putrefied ; 

Franchezza, /. boldness, 
grity, freedom, liberty 

Franchigia, /. franchise, pri 

Franco, adj, free, bold, si; 

Frasca, /. a bough, a bush, 
branch, an idle story, a vain 
man ; al buon vino non bi- 
sogna frasca, good wine needs 
no bush 

Frascato, m. arbour, a 

Frascheggiare, to hustle, rnur- 
mur, to play the fool 

Frascheria, /. wantonness, jeet. 

Fraschetta,/, a small branch 
Fraschettlno, m. a hare-brain 

giddy peri 


Frascóni, m pi, dead branches 
to burn, (also) silly thing o» 

Frase,/, phrase 

Frasinéila, /. fraxinella (bas- 
tard dittany) 

Frassinetto, m. an ash-.grove. 

Fràssino, m. an ash-tree 
Frastagliaménto, m. and Fras- 
tagliatura, /. a cutting, a 

I birdingf 

llngisa fracida, venomous • Frangiménic 

Fràngere, to break, split 
Fràngia., f. fringe 
Frangibile, adj. brtUie, fra- 

FràngihWìta. f frailty 

Frastagliantv.; a^j. cutting, 

Frastagliare, to cut, -vftch 
Frastagliata,/, confusion, dis- 

Frastagliatamente, adv. con- 
, fnsedly 
Frastagliato, part, notched. 

Frastàglio, m. a cut, gash 
FrsistornàJe, to disturb, in 
terrupt : frastornar uno dal 
cammino, <o mislead 
•'rastuóno, »n. a tomnA, od»- 
, fused noise 
Fratóccio, m. a wicked friar 


Fratanto, adv. meanwhile 
Frate m. friar, brother, fath., 
Fratellanza, and Fraterfa, /. 

Fratellévole, adj. hroiherly 

Fratèllo, m. Lrolher 
Frateria,/ nntkerkood 
traternàle, adj fratcmnl 
Ff^^emalnu^nje, and Fratei 

!• ratemo, adj. brotherly 
Fratésco, adj. of a -nmik 

Fratfsmo,*»!. monkery, monk, 
lTàtta,.f. a place, or bush of 
riffcpd piai 

a rugpd place: 
I e frjfrte, to be . 

Frattaglie,/ the entrailt 
Fraudato, part, cheated 
Fraudare, to cheat 
Fraudatóre, ,n. a cheat 
Frauàcf. fraud, cheat 
FT^^fe^oUnéme, adv. fraud:c- 

Fraudolènte, adi. fraudvhni 

^raudolenteménte, adv. fran- 

dulenlly •' 

Fraudolènto, ad) fraudulent 

Fraudolènza, ami Fraudolèn- 

^i}^,f. fraud 

Frivola./, strawberry 

Frazióne, f. breakin'r 

Fréccia, f anarro?,,: darla 
fréccia, to borrow from every 
one, or to affront every one 

Frecciare, to. hoot a da,i 

Frecciata, /. the mowid of an 

Frecciatóre, m. an archer 
Freddamente, adv. coldly 
Freddare, to i;et cold : non la 
lasciate freddare, make haste 
Freddato, adj cold 
Freddézza, /. coldness, indif- 
v{Z7"- ^"''■i- '^oldish 

Freddicelo, and Freddolóso, 
Freddo, m. COM; è fréddo, " 
Freddura, / cold, violent cold. 


Fréga, ^ lust 

Fregacciolàre, to marie, trace 
Fregagióne,/an</ Fregaménto, 

m. rubbing, friction 
Tre^àt^, fa frigate 
Fregrito, part, rubbed 
Freg:in\y!i,f. friction 
Fregianiénto, m. ornament 
^reg,dre, lo embellish, adorn 
^ regidto, part, adorned 

fS «. or„a,ner,t. lace. 

Frégola, / 'spa"!^;J,,p'!'/2g 
fancy : gli veime la fréj 
d andare alla campagna, 

e, a«(i Fremire, ;o 

. idle7t, 

fregaménto, m. and Frega- 

gióne,.^ rubbing, frictio, 
FreeaK.torub,toplay or. 

Frenesia, /: fren::v 
Freneticaménlo, m 

Freneticante, adj. , 

conduct; ródere il fréno. 
Frequentare, to frequent : fre- 
quentare con qualchédunc 

Frequentativo, ad), freque. 

Frequentato, pari, frequented 
t requentatóre, ni. a freque ' 

Frequentazióne, /. usage. 

Frequènte, adj. frequent, usual 
!• requenteménte, adv. ^ 

Frequènza, /. frequency. 

Frescamente, adv. newly, Ju» 

I TTeiché2ìa,J. freshness 


Freschètto, a. cooli.-<h 

^^coot'' '"■ "'"' ^'■*"'^"''2. /• 

Frl^o7"rfJ. eoo., fresh; ,,an 

/-■«co ^ stiànTo'fréschri^ 7s 
hard with ,.s ; di frésco, adu 
ncwly, lately; è arrivato di 
tresco, he is lately come 

Fretta./, haste, sp^-ed 

frettolosamente, adv. hastily 

Frettolóso, adj. hastu 

FriAhWe. a. friable 

Friabilità,. r-.^>,„/„7,V„ 

Frl^'erf '/■ ".{"""''' 
Fx,gHhva,f frigidity 
ì- rigido, adj. impotent 



"r a chaffi 


^ rf 





l, mill. 




a vanrake 


tèi la 

■ }■ 






. and 

Frittura, /. 







rp, SI 





, a -man oj 

Froda, / and Frodaménto. 

Frodolénte, and Frodolénto. 

"dj fraudulent 
Frodolenteménte, adv frauda- 

FrodoìÉuza. f. fraud, deceit 
Frollaménto, m. tenderness 
FrolI;$re, to make tender 
Frollo, adj. tcider. tveak. 

I -.-... oa,/ asling 
Frombatóre, m. a slinsc 

Frómbola, /. a sling, (also) 
Fromliolàre, t.TsIim stones 


Frondeggiare, and Fronddre, 

to produce leaves 
Frondifero, ad), leaf-bearing 
Frondfre, and Fronzlre, to 

shoot forth leaves 
Pifondóso, and Fronduto, adj. 

Fronidra, /. a pcantity of 

Frontale, /. frontlet, head- 

T fonte, f the forehead, head, 
face front ■ alia fronte dell 
armata, at the head of the 
army : portar in fronte il 
suo pensiero, to speak as one 
thinks ; s'il nome tuo nel 
mondo tegna fronte, tf you 
enjoy the esteem of the world 

Frontegriàre, to resist 

Fronticpfzio, Frontespizio, 
and Frontesplcio, m.frontis- 


of wood, a blorv nith one's 
Frufre, to enjoy 
Fniizìóne,f fruition 
Frma, f a trifle, toy 
Frullare, to roar: il vento 

frulla, the wind hlon-s hard 
Frullo, in. a whizzing, nothing 

at all; non ne darei un 

frullo, I fvould not give a 

FruUdne, m. a bolter to sift 

Frumentirio, adj. of corn 
Frumentiére, m. a sutler, pur- 
Fruménto, m. com, wheat 
FrumentiJso, adj. yielding 

Frusco, and Fruscolo, m. 

Frùssi, m. a kind of game at 


I, f. frontier of a, 
, adj. bold, brazen- 


Fronzuto, ad), green, leajy 
Frosóne, and Frosóne, m- ar 

Frottola,/, a fioZiflil 
Frottolàre, to compose baHads 

to banter 
Frucóne, m. a blow with the 

Frugacchiaménto, «i. a sound- 
ing, probing 

Frugacchiare, to sound with a 

Frugalità, /rug^a^iVy 

Frugare, to grope, sound, to 
seek impatiently 

Frugata,/, a groping, souna- 

F^fat<51o, m. a long pole, 

(such as bargemen use) 
Frugatdre, m. one that tries 
rragifero, adj. fruitful 
FrugnuoUre, to go a bird 
ina-, or fishing with a Ian- 

l-rusta,/. a wmy, u. ■.•->'-■ s- 

Frustàgno, m. fustian, dimuy 

Frustamat<5ni, m. a lounger 

an idler _ ^ 

Frustale, to whip ; frustare un 

àbito, to wear out clothes 
Frustato, part, whipped, used, 

frustrated, deluded 
Frustatóre, m. a whipper 
Frustatdrio, adj. vain, useless 
Frustatura,/, a whipping 
Frusto, m. a piece 
Frusto, adj. worn out 
Frùtice, m. shrub, sprout 
Fnittaiuólo, m. fruiterer 
Fruttare, to yield, bear, pro 

Fruttito, part, f rudi lied 
Fruttifero, Fruttévole, Frut- 
tificante, and Fruttifico, adj. 
fertile , ^ 

Fruttificare, and Frulluare, to 

vUtto,m. fruit, rent, interest 
Fruttuosamente, adv. usefully, 
F^^li^osi^, ffruUfulness 
Fruttuóso, adj. profitable, 

FÙ, adj. deceased ; il fu re, the 


Fugace, adj. twift, fugitive 
Fugaménto, m. rout, disor- 

Fugare, to cha^e 
Fugato, part, chased 
Fugatóre, m. he that chases 
Fuggènte, and Fuggevole, adj. 

flying away 
Fuggiascamente, adv. oy 

Fuggiasco, adj. fugitive 
Fugglbile, adj. unavoidable 
Fuggifatica, ni. an idler 
Fuggiménto, m flight 
Fuggire, to fly away, shun, 
avoid: mi fugge 1' ammo 
di vederlo, I have not the 

Fvigg(ti,f flight 
Fuggiticelo, and Fuggitivo, 

adj. fugitive 
Fuggito, part, fled away 
Fuggitóre, m a runaway 
Fùio, adj. obscure, dark. 
Fulclre.'<o underprop _ _ 
Fulgente, adj. thtning, 

Fulgfdézza, and Fulgiditìi, /. 

Fùrgfdo,"^»*?;. shining, bright 
Fulgorato, adj brilliant 
Fuliróre, m. splendour 
Fuliggine,/, «oof 
Fuligginóso, adj. smoky 
Fulminante, adj. thunder- 

te kin: 


with a lantern \ 

Frugnuòlo, m. a hunting Ian- 

Fragollno, m. a child full of 

tricks and noise 
Frugolare, to poke, /""^'«j 

frugolare il fuòco, to stir the 

Friigolo, m a waggish boy 
Frugone, m. a broken piecu 

hunter , Fucato, par*, painfed, disguii 

Fucile, «I. the steel to strike 
fire ■ fucile dell' archibùgio 

Fucina,/, a forge 

Fucinata,, r. a great number 

Fu-'a! f. flight, escape : mét- 
tersi "iu'fuga, to run away; " 
fugue in music 
^ ^ 193 

Fulminare, to thunder, rage, 
■ nee, to be in a pas- 

Fulminàto, part, fulminat ■ 

Fulminazióne, /. fulmina 

Fùlmine, m. thunderbolt 
Fulmineo, adj. thunder-like 
I Fulvo, adj. yellow, ruddy 
Fumàcchio, m. fumigation, a 

coal which smokes much 
Fumaiuòlo, m. a smoky coal, 

the chimney-top 
Fumale, adj. smoky 
Fumante, adj smoking 
Fumare, to smoke 
Fumata,/ a smoke madejor a 

Fumèa,/, smoke 
Fumicante, adj. tmnking 
Fumicare, to perfume 
Fùraìdo, adj smoky 
Fumicazióne, Fumigazióne 
/ and Furalgio, m. fumiga- 
Fummàre, (s« Fumare, and 
all its derivatives) 


Forno, m. smoke, fume 

fume, vapour ; aver fumo, to 

Fumosità,/, fume, steam 
Fumdso, ad) fumy, hntif^hty 
FumostSrno, m.. fumitory, (i 

Funaiòlo, m. a rope-maker 
Funata, /. many people tied 
together ; fare una funata, to 
make many prisoners 
Funditdre, m. a stinger 
Fune, /. a rope, rack, tor- 

fune, to keep one in sus- 
Funebre, and Funèreo, adj. 

funeral * 
Funerale, m. funeral 
FunSsto, adj fatal, unlucky 
Fl'ingo, m.' mushroom; fùngo 

Fungdso, adj. fungous 
Funicèlla./: a Utile cord 
Funicolo, m. a small cord 
Funzióne,/, duty 
Fudco, m. fire, passion, dii- 

mani al fudco, I could take 

troppa came al fudco, to 
undertake too many things 

Fudra, and Fudri, adv. and 

prep, out, ahr»ad,from home ; 

fudr di mdno, out of hand ; 

fudr di misura, very much 

Fuorché, prep, except, only 

Fuorchiiidere, (see Forchiù- 

Fuormisdra, adv. excessivelfj 
Fuorso'.amdnte, adv. except 
FurascJto, m. an highway. 

Furace, and Furante, adj. 

Furdre, to steal 
Furato, part, stolen 
Furatrire, m. a thief 
Furbàccio, »n. rogue, knave 
Furbamente, adv. cunningly 
Furberia, /. a cheat 
Furbescamente, adv. roguishly 
Furbésco, adj. deceitful 
Furbetto, m. a knavish man 
Furbo, m. a knave, a rogue 



Furfantaocio, m a scoundrel 
Furfantare, to live the life of 

Furfante, m. a rogue, rascal 
Furfant-IIo, and Furfantino, 

m. a little rogue 

Furfanteria, /. nickednets. 


,. a great rogue. 

Fiiria, /. fury; passion; a 

furia, adv. furiously 
Furibondare, and Furiare, to 

rage like a madman 
Furibdndo, and Furióso, adj. 

furious, raging mad 
Furibdndo, and Furiato, adj. 

full of madness 

Furiosamente, adi', madly 
Furidso, adj. fierce, mad 
Furdre, m. madness 
Furtivamente, adv. secretly 
Furtivo, adj stolen ; furtivo 

desio, unlanful desire 
Furto, m. robbery ; di furto, 

adv. privately 
Fusdggine, /. the spindle- 

Fusàio, »n. spindle^maker 
Fusaiudio, m. a whirl for a 

Fuscèllo, m. strarv, a skewer, 

(also) meal, mill-dust 
Fusciacca,/ a silk sash 
Fusco, adj. dark, brown 
Fusidne, f. fusion, melting. 

Fuso, m. a spindle, shaft of a 

Fuso, part, melted 
Busdne, m. a sort of stag ; a 

fusdne, adv. plentifully 
Fusta,/. a sort of light galley 
Fustagno, m. fustian 
Fusto, m. stalk, stem, shank. 

Futuramente, adi», for the fu- 
Falùro, adj. future 

GABBADE'O, m. a hypo- 
Gabbaménto, m. a cheat. 

Gabbanèlla, /. ridinghood, or 

Gabbano, m. a felt cloak 
Gabbrfrc, to deceive ; gabbarsi, 

G-abbato. part, deceived 
Gabbatdre, m. deceirer 
Gabbia,/, <i cage, a jail 
Gabbiàio, m. a cage-maker 


Gabbiano, m. a sea-mew, cob. ' 

Gabbiano, odj. clotvnish, un- 

Glblnàta,f afidi cage 
Gabbière, and Gal)bit;ro,jn. an 

Gabbiollna,/ a small cage 
Gabbi onata,j; a bulwark 
Gabbidne, m.. a large cage; 

mettere nel ■ gabbidne, to 

allure by flatteries ■ 
Gabbo, m. jeering ; prender a 

gabbo, to baniei' 
(iabma,f. toll duty, tax 
Gabellare, to pay duty ; non 

gabello quel che dite, T da 

not believe a word of what 

Gabellière, »». custom-house 

Gabinetto, m: fl^set 
Gaggia, /. the skuttle of a 

Gaggia,/, acacia, (a tree) 
Gàggio, m. hosfage; pledge 
Gagliardamente-, adu. briskly, 

Gagliardézza, and Gagliardfa, 

/ strength, courage, prowess 
Gagliardo, adj. stout, strong, 

far del gagliardo, to brave 

m. rennet, that turns 


,, iudlo, m. end, husk, shell 
Gàgno, m. a plate abounding 
th hurtful beasts, (also) 

Gagnolaménto, and Gagnolio, 
m. the howling of a dog 

Gagnolare, to howj, roar 

Gaiamente, adv. ttierrily, plea ■ 
sanity, gaily 

Gaiézza, /. gatety, cheerful- 

Gàio, adj. gay, joyful 
Gala, / ornament, finery^ 
• 'SS ; star siine gàie, to fòt- 


Galantemente, adv. genteelly 
Galanteria,/. civilUy, bravery 
Galantine, ailj. preti}/, delicate ; 

un galanU'no, a beau, a spruce 

(jalantuiimo, m. a gallant man 
GaliSppio, «I a trap 
Galassia. X. the milky rray 
Galeno,»», thegi.m galbaniim 
Galea, and Galèra./, a galley 
Galeazza,/, a double gatiey 
Sale(}i)e, m a galleon 
Galeòtta,/, a small galley 
Galeòtto -.« a galley-slace 
Galèra,/ (;ttf Galea) 
GdUa, /. an acorn, gall-nut ; 

luck Essere a galla, to get 

Galleggiante, aJ]. snùmming 
Galleria,/, a ^a««ry 
Gallétta, /. «i kind qf grape. 

Galletto, 7«. ti rmaj' nock, (also) 

Galliclnio, cock-crowing time 

of the night 

Gambettare, lo play tvith one's 

Gamb'tto, m. a trip up ; dare 
il gambétto ad uno, to turn 

Gambière,/, harness for the 

Gambo, m. stem, stalk 
Garabuccia./. a small leg 
Gambuto, high stalked 
Gana, /. fare di gana, to do 

7piltingty, tvith a good lieart 
Ganàscia,/, the Jaw 
Gàncio, m. a hook 
Gangherare, to set on hinges 
Gangherato, arlj. on hinges 
Gànghero, 7»i. a hinge, pivot : 

dare ne" gàngheri, to take 
uscir de' gangheri, to 


. /• 


fare a gara, to be rivals 

Garabullàre, to cheat 

Garbare, to smile upon, please, 

{^iho) to have a gent el air 

i Garbatamente, adv. graceful- 

' i . '•'' 

Garbaté2za,/. gracefulness 
Garbato, adj. un uòmo gar- 
Gallin.-lccia,/. (I «s</f« Aen bito, a tnan if address 

Gallinaccio, adj. of a hen \ Garbino, m. t!ie svulh-rvest 

Gallinàccio, 7„. a kind of. tvind 

mushroom, (also) a turkey- 'i Gdrho, m. garb, carriage ; con 
cnrJc bel garbo, civilly 

Gallinàio, m. a poufterfi- Garbùglio, m. tumult : confa- 

Gàilo^ r,i. a code; gallo d'In- j sion ; mettere in garbùglio, 

dia, a turkey _ to put in di.mrder 

GailJne, m. galloon, lace (ìareggiaménto, m. (.?es Gara) 

Gallòria,/, transport qf joy ;. Getiegsiinte, adj. striving 
far gallòria, to make a 'holt- . Gareggiare, to contend ; gareg- 
day giare nello stùdio, to study 

Gallò.za, and Gallòzzola, /. ' — * ■ 

It-gall (also) bub 

■.s for,, 

Galoppare, to gallop 
Galoppatóre, ni. a galloper 
Galòppo, m. a gallop 
Galuppo, m. a poor object 

I Gareggiatóre, »n. a rival 
I Gareggiòso, adj. a litigious 
Garètto, m. the Ihigh, the ham 
<;argapIiàre,<o murmur 
Gargagliata, /. a paddling, 

GarganUglia,/. a necklace 

Gambci, /. leg; dolersi di | Gargarismo, »/i. ^ar^/< 
gamba sana, io complain , Gargarizzare, to gargU 


gambe, to run arvay 
Gambale, m. a stem of flowers 
Gambaruòlo. and (xamberuòlo, 

m. {see Gombiéra) 
Gambata,/, a gambol, a kick \ Garofanare, 

•gòzzo, /. atiil Gargozzùle, 
m. rvindpipe, throat 
iariandro. n». a sort of pre- 

"JfS . 


Garpa,/. spavins 
Garrevole, adj. scolding 
Garriménto, and Garrito, r 

Garrire, io chide, blame, si 

Gàrrulo, adj. prattling, chat- 

a,"/. a jay, (a soi-t of 


:onàccìo, m. a stout lad 
Garzoncèllo, and Garzoncino, 

m a young lad 
Garzóne, m. a boy, a lad, ter- 

Garzonèzza, /. childhood, fan- 

Garzonlle. adj. boyish, childish 

Gcirzuòlo. ni. tire heart of 
herbs, *<:. CiU>bage, lettuce, 
^-c. (also) a sort of hemp 

GasOmetro, m. a gasometer 
(ia.stigagiòne, /. and Gasti- 
gaménto, ni. punishment, 
chastisement, (also) educa- 
Castigante, adj. chastising 
Gastigàre, to chastise, to 

Gastjgatòre, m. punisher, cen- 

Gatt^jo, m. a cat's meat setter 
Gattaiuòla,/ a cat's hole 
Gattària,/, catsmiui (herb) 
Gatto, m. and Gatta. / a 
he-cat, a she-cat ; vénder 
la gatta in sacco, to sell a 
pig in a poke ; far la gatta 
morta, io dissemble; voler 
la gàtu, io be in earnest: 
chiamar la gatta, to speak 
GatUno, m. a kitten 
Gattomammóne, m. a kind of 

Gattòne. m. a large cat : fare 
il gattòne, to connive at 

Gattozibftto, m. a civet cat 

Gavazza, /. Gavazzo, and 
Gavazzaménto, in. shout for 
J'-.V _ 

Gavazzale, to rejince much 


Gavazxiiire, m. lie that rejo'icea 

Gaudentemente, adv. joy- 

(ìàaiio.m. joy, mirth 
Gaudioso, ailj.jnyjul, glad 

Gavi'gne,/. pi. kernels in the 
(5avill.-irè. (see Cavillare, and 

a,/ a 

t sort of eel 
■t offish 
■zera, /. a jay, 

!?.Iogfa,/. pene 

Generalato, m generalsMi 
Generale, adj geieeral 
Generalissimo, m. and adj. the 
supreme commander, very 

Genera\Hh,f. generality 
Generalmente, ado. generally; 
generalmente iiarlandojcoj»- 

Gener;lnte, adj. begetting 
Generare, to beget, bring 

(7azzétta./. gazette 

Gazurro, m. noise, thundering 

Gelaménto, m. and Gelata, /. 

GeUre, to freeze, to be frozen 

tviik cold ; gela, it freezes 
Gelatamé-nte, adv. coldly, 

Gelatina, and GelerSa.f jelly 
Gelato, and Gt'Iido, adj. frozen, 

Géklrà, j: rabide, mob of people 
Geliti'dio, m. flosty weather 
Gelidézza, /. cooling, fresh- 

'jé\o,m. ice, frost, cold 

(ìelosaménte, ado. jealously 
Gelosia,/, jealousy; a lattice. 

adj. jealou 

■m.clli,' m. pi. the celestial 
.■manie, adj. groaning 


GSnte, /. nation, men, peo- 
ple, cron-d, kindreil, fa- 
mily; la gènte del re, the 
king's soldiers ; gènte a 
cavalle, horsemen ; buòna 
gènte, good people ; di 
bassa gènte, of "u mean 

Genterella, f. cofnmcn peo- 
Gentildònna, /. a gentlervo- 

Gentile, and GentilPtto, adj. 
genteel, noble, vice ; gentili, 
gentiles, pagans 

Gentil!?sco, adj. handsome, 

Gentilésimo, m. heathenism 

Gentilézza, /. gentility, cour- 
tesy, kindness 

Gentilire, to make nnUe 

Gentilità, /. heathenism, no- 

Gentilizio, adj. common to a 
country, or family 
- Gentilmente, courteously, rich' 
■ ly, splendidly 

GenalCtto, m. a country 

Genericamente, adv. (see Ge- 
Genèrico, adj. generical, com- 

Grnero, m. a sonin-larv 
Generosamente, adv. gene- 

Generosità,/. generosity 

Genesi, /. Genesis, (the first 

Book of Moses ) 
Gengia, aied Gengiva, /. tht 

I Gentiludmo, 

Gctitiiccja, f. rabide, mob 

Genuflessióne,/ gennf.e.Tl 

aflrsso, adj. knee':ng 



I spirit; ,ril, lafents, part 
' and<Sre a gènio, to please 
I Genitale, adj. genital 

Genitivo, m. the genitive cc 
I (in grammar) 
I Genito, adj. begotten 
■ Genitore, »i./uMcr 
, Genitrice,/, mother 
' Genitura, / birth ; la prir 
geniiiira, birthright; t 
\ men, casting one's nativity 

Gennàio, m. January 

(Ì en tàccia. Gentàglia, /. and 
1 Gentàme, m. rabble, -noi 

Geografia,/, geography 
Geografo, m. geographer 
Geomante, m. geonumcer 
Geomanzia, /. a kind of di- 
Geòmetra, m. geomrtrician 
Geometria,/, geometry . 

Geometricamente, adj. geome- 
Geomètrico, adv. geometrical 

' [Gerarca; "L'i// "P""''rV../ ^ 

Geràrchico, adj. of heaven, 

GTrgo, and Gergòne, m. the 
obscure ca,:t of thieves, slung 
CZrXa, fa dosser 
Gern-.ànico, arfj. German 

Germano, aJj. right, proper. 

Germinare, m. a budding, 
shooting forth 

GerminaUvo, adj. Jit to engen- 

Germogliaménto, m. a bud- 

Germdglio, m. bud, blossom 
Geroglificàre, to make hiero- 

Geroglffico, m. hieroglyphic 
Gerott'iffico, adj. hieroglyphical, 

Gerretiéia, /. order of tìie 

Gessato, and Gessóso, adj. 

G6<;so, m. chalk 



use too much gesture 

GEsto, m. action, gesture 

Gesuita, m. a Jesuit 

Gettare, to throw, shoot, 
hurt ; gettar sospiri, to 
fetch sighs ; gettar \ia, to 
throw away ; gettar motto, 
to mention ; gettare, to bud, 
bloom : gettar la sorte, lo 
east lots ; gettir a male, to 
consume ; gettar il tempo, to 
spend time ; gettare, to cast 
in a mould; gettarsi ad una 
cosa, to apply one's self to a 

Gettata,/, a cast, a throrv 

Gettito, adj. thrown, cast 

Gettatóre, m. caster . founder 

Getto, m. throw, cast ; canndm 
di gètto, a brass cannon 
ad un gètto di pietra, at e 

Gheppio, ni. kestrel ; far 

ghéppio, to die 
Gherblno, m. the south' 

Gherlino, m. a hawser 
Gherminella, /. juggling 

Ghermire, t 
Ghermfto, part. tnatchtd, 

Gherofano, m. a giUyJlo 

or elove, pink 
Gherone, m. gasset 
Ghétto, m. an abode for 

Ghézzo, m. a nioor, a negro 


Ghiacciàia,/, an ice-house 

Ghiacciare, to freeze 

Ghiacciato, adj. frozen 

Ghiàccio, «I. ice 

Ghiacciudlo, ni. icicle 

Ohiacciòso, adj. of ice 

Ghiac<nto, m. a stone so 

Ghiado, m. extreme cold 

Ghiaggiuólo, m. corn-Jlonier, 

liiàia, /. gravel: Ghiera, 
Giaiàta,/. 1 g-rat)e/-p/ace 

Ghiaióso, adj. sandy, gra- 

Ghidnda, / the acorn 

Ghiandàia,/, a jack-dam 

Ghiandlfero, adj. bearing 

Ghiàndola, /. kernel in the 

Jlesh, glanders 
Ghiandùccia, and Ghiandózza, 

GhirabalSànza, and Ghieral- 

dàmi,f.trijles, nonsense 
Ghiazzertno, m. a coat of mail. 

Ghignatdre, ni. a grinner 
Ghignazzare, to laugh, grin 
Ghignettlno, and GhignStto, 

ni. a smile, simper 
Ghigno, »n. a smile 
Ghiótta, /. a dripping-pan 
Ghiottamente, adv. greedily 
Ghiotterellfno, and Ghiotte- 

rello, adj. dainty, nice 
Ghiótto, m. a glutton 
'"■ltto,aJ). greedy 

.ttóne, m. a glutton 
Ghiottoneria, and Ghiottómia, 

/. gluttony, daintiness, ) 

gishness, knavery 
Ghióva, /. clod, turf </ 

Ghiòzzo, ni. a bit, morsel, 

blockhead ; agudgeon, {ajish) 
Ghiribizzare, io devise, forge 

Ghiribizzatdre, m. a faniasti 

cat whimsical fellow 
GliJribizzio, m. a device, in 

Ghiribizzóso, adj. fantastic 
Ghirigòro, m. a dash, a stroke 

of a pen 
Ghirlanda,/, garland 
. Gliiro, «1. a dormouse 

Ghironda,/, a musiealin>tru- 

Già, adv. formerly, already : 
già la sera è venuta, it ii 
already night 

Giacché, conj. since 

Giaccherà,/, a play, a roguish 

Giàcchio, «1. a sweep-net, 

uhio tondo, lo spare no 
person ; gittàre il giàcchio 
sulla sièpe, to do a pteju- 

te, adj. situated, seat- 

Giacére, to be indisposed, io 
lie down, to be situated: 
Londra giace alla ripa del 
Tamigi, London is situated 
on the Thames 

iacére, m. a hare's form, 
iaciménto, m. a lying 

Giaco, m. coat of mail 
Giallamina, and Gial'ionnina, 

/. lapis calaminaris 
Gialleggiante, adj. yellowish 
Gialleggiare, to grow yellorv 
Giallttto, and Gialliccio, adj. 

Giallézza,/, polene»» 
Giallo, adj. yellow, pale 
Giallógno, and Giallògnolo, 

adj. yellow, pale 
Gialios^nto, m. a light yel- 

Giammài, adv. never, ever 

GiammEngola,/. a small mut- 
ter, or Ming- 

Giannetta,/, a sort qf arms, 

Giannettirio, a soldier amiti 
with a pike 

Giannettàta, /. a blow with a 


Giardino, and Giardinétto, m. 

a garden 
Glarfjdne, m. a ttone so 

Oiarro, m. ajar 
Giattanza,/.' brag, boast 
Giàva. f. magazine, ttore- 

Giavvellòtto, m. a javelin 

Gibbo, m. a hump 

Gibbóso, and Gibbuto, adj. 

Gibèrna,/, a scrip 
Giélo, m. ice, frost, cold 
Giga,/, a jig 
<Tigante, m" a giant 
Gigantescamente, m. gianl- 

Gigantésco, and Gigantéo, adj. 

Gigliato, m. fiorentine (piece 
of money) 

Gigliato, adj. ttrerved rvith 

Gigliéto, m. a lily garden 

Gigliétto, m. a S7>iall lily- 


a lih 

Ginepràio, and Ginepréto, 
m. a place rvhere juniper 

Ginépro, m. a jumper-tree ; 
and Ginépra,/' the berry 


a,/ 4m 

Ginestréto, »n. a place tvliere 

Gingia./ the gums 
Gingillare, to be fantastic 
Gingillo, m. a subtle but fan- 
tastic invention 
Ginnàstico, adj. belonging to 

Ginnetto, m. a Spanish horse' 
Ginnico, adj. of a rvrestler, of 

Ginocchiello, m. a hog's foot, 

or knee-piece 
Ginocchio, m. a knee 
Ginocchióne, adv. kneeling- 


vjiocàre, to play 

Giochévole, adj. merry, jo- 


adv. vier- 

Gio'c'o, m. (see Gindco) 
Giocoforza,/, necessity, force 
Giocolare, adj. jocular, mer- 


Giocolarménte, adv. merrily 
Giocolatdre, »i. a juggler 
Giocolo, ni. game, sport 
Giocondamente, adv. joy- 
Giocondàto, adj. contented, 

Giocondévole, adj. joyful, 

Giocondézza, and Giocondità, 

/ mirth, jollity 
Giocóndo, adj. merry, gay 
Giocosamente, adv. merrily 
Giocóso, adj. gamesome, S}iort- 

Giogàia, /. the dew-lap of an 

ox; ridge of hills 
Giogliàto, adj. mixed tvith 

Gióglio', m. darnel 

Giógo, m. a yoke, slavery, 
bondage ; top of a moun- 

Giòia, f.jervel, joy, mirth 

Gioiante, adj. cheerful 

Gioiellato, adj. set with 

Gioielliere, m. a jerveller 
Gioi-llo, m. a jewel 
Gioiosamente, adv. joyfully 
Gioióso, adj. meity, cheer- 


■ chee 

Giornale, m. journal, diary 
Giornale, anil Giornalièro, adj. 

Giornalménte, adu. daily 
Giornata, /. a day ; giórno di 
lavóro, a day's rvork. Alia 
giornata, adv. daily, now-a- 

Giórno, «i. day, day -light ; 

buon giórno, good morrow. 

L' aspetto di giorno in 

giorno, I expect him every 

Giostia, fjusting^ilting.Jight, 

Giostrante, m. a justler, 

. ijustler 

Giovaménto, m. good, benefit 
Giovanàcciò, m. an unexpe- 

Giovanàgiia,/. youth, quantity 

of young people 
Gióvane, m. and /. a young 




adj. yc 



and Gi 


, ad 

. vers 




of a 




Za,/, vo 


Giovanne, adj. yo 








0, m. a 




to help 




or deligh 


mi gio 


good: a 

che gio 

va .3 




Gio vati vo 

, adj. p 

ofUable, use. 


GioveiiHe, adj. juvenile 

Gioveréccio, adj. agreeabU 

Giovévole, adj. tueful, profit- 

able. avuilabU 
Giovevolézza,/. profit, utility 
Giovevolmente, adv. usefully 
Gioviale, adj. jovial, plea- 

Giraffa, /. a beast like a camel 

and panther 
Giraménto, m. a turning 

round, winding, wheel- 

Giràndola, /. a sort 'of cAan» 

wheel fire- work 
Girandolare, to feign, devise. 

Girare, to itirn, wind, rove, 
encompass : questo luogo 
gira tre miglia, this place 
is three miles about ; gi- 
rare i danari, to assign 

ad I 

oney ; far girar 

■t.ike c 

Girasóle, >(7. sunflower 
Girila, f. turn, way, compjss • 

far una girata, to take a 

Giratlvo, adj. circular, orbicu' 

Giravolta, /. a turning and 


Gire, to t'o 

Girli la, /. a tmall rvheel, 
rveathercock. pi<//ey, turn- 
itile; dar nelle girèlle, to 

Girellalo, m. a maker nf 
pulleys ; an inconstant pei 


• Giudicare, to judge 

Giudicativo, and Giiidicatòrìo, 
, adj. judicial 

Giudicato, m. jurisdict _, 
office of a judge, judgmetU, 

■la,/, defraud, deceit 



Girèllo, 71 

■irete, rveather- 

i (a 

Gixo.m. a turn, tour 
adj. hy turns. Per 

Giróne, m. a g-reat circle, or 

Gfta,/. going, Tvalking 
Gittare, tn throw, cast 
GittàtSi, fa cast, throw 
Gittate, adj. " ' ' 


Gitto, and Gittaniénto, a 
throw, loss, damage. 
gitto, adv. exactly, to a 

Ghiàicazióne,/. judgment 

Giudice, m. judge 

Giudichevolraénte, adr. justly . 

Giudiciale, Giudizi>ile, and 
Giudiciario, adj. judicial 

Giudicialniénte, adv. judi- 

Giudtcio, and GiucU?.io, m. 
comi nf justice, judgment, 
sentence, decree, reason, un- 
derstanding, opinion 

Giudiciosaménte, and Giudi- 
ziosamente, adv. Judicious- 


Giudicicjso, and Giudizióso, 

Giùgero, «i. an acre of land 
Giùggiola, /. the fruit of {he 

i,f joint, seam 
. to play for trijle, 
GiuociJre. to sport 
Giuocatóre, ni. a gamester 

o, I tvill see the end of thie 

icofurza, /. unavoidablt 

icolare, to play, toy 
Giuocoiatóre, m. a toyer 

Giubba, /. 


Giubberéllo, and Giubbétto, 
m. a little doublet 

Giubbiléo, m. a jubilee 

Giubbóne, m. a doublet, under- 
coat ; córrere in giubbóne, 
to run very fast 

Giubilare, to rejoice 

Giubilatóre, m. one leaping for 

Giubilazióne, /. and Giùbilo, 

Giucire, (see Giuocàre, and its 

Giudàico, adj. Jeroish 
Giudaismo, m. Judaism 
Giudaizzare, to imitate the 

Giudaesco, adj. Judaic, qf the 

Giudèo, wi. and Giudèa, /. a 

Jew, Jewess 
Giudèo, adj. Judaical, of 

the Jews, obstinate, unbelicv- 

Giuggiolino, adj. 

muddy red colour; (also) 

sirup of jujube 
Giùggiolo, in. a jujube-tree 
Giùgnere, to arrive,join, reach, 

Giugniménto, nu union 
Giugno, III. month of June 
Giuladro, m. a bujffhon 
Giulebbe, and Giulcbbo, m. 

Giulivamente, adv. jnyfully 
GiulivEtto, adj. joyjul 
Giulività,/, gaiety, mirth 
Giulivo, adj. merry, gay 
Giumèlla,/, trvo handfuls 
Giumenta, /. a breeding 

GiuraenUére, m. a driver 
Giuménto, m. a labouring 

Giuncàia, /. and Giunchéto, 

m. a place full of rushes 
Giuncare, to slrerv flowers 

Giuncato, adj. coverea mith 

?nto, m. judgment, 
-■ cdj. judging 

Giunco, m. ru-xh, bulrush 
Giuncdso, adj. full of rushes 
Giùngere, {see Giùgnere) 
Giùnta./, addition, increase; < 

m. gund measure; prima ; 

giùnta, adii, immediately , i 


Giuratóre, m. a swearer 
Giuratòrio, adj smearing ; or 

to be swnrn {law term) 
Giure, »i. law, right 

Giuridicamente, adv. 'legal- 

Giuridico, adj. lanful 

jiuridizion.iie, cutj. belong, 
ing to a judge, or jadg. 

G iuridizióne, /. jurisdiction 

Giusàrma, /. a sort of hatch- 
' used antong the au- 

Giuso, adj. down, belato 
'Jiùsta, prep, according 
ìiustaménte, adv. Justly. 

GiustézJa, /. exactness, jv» 

Giasxìfìc.lììie, adj.justfying 
Giustificare, to justify ; gius 

tificàrsi, to clear one's self 
GìastUìcaViménte, adv. Justly, 

Giustificativo, adj. justifia- 


itificàto, part, justified 

stificazión'e, /.* ju'stifica 

Tuii^, f. justice; clUa 


Giusto, ailj. just, right ; 

questo abito è trojuJO giusto, 

ihìt coat U lw> tight 
Giusto, m. an honest man ; 

Giusto, adv. jii.-tly, precisely 
Glaba. /. a' young plant, ci 


ciàle, a,y. o/ice 
Gladiatóre, m. gladiator. 

Gianduia./, kernel, gland 

GlanduMso, adj. glnndùlovs 

Glèba,/ glebe, clod of earth 

Gli, the; gli scolari, the 
scholars^ gli, io him : gli 
dissi, Itold him ; gli parlai, 
l spoK-e io him 

GItfbo, m. a globe 

Globosità,/, ronndnfts 

Globóso, adj. globular 

Glòria, /. glvry, honour ; a- 
spettàre a glòria, lo tvait 
with patience 

Gloriente, adj. boasting 

Gloriare, to praise, extol, to 
boast, praise one's self 

Gloriato, adj. glorious ; and 
Gìorióso, fanwns 

Glorific-ire, (see Gloriare) 

Glorificatóre, m. glorijier 

(ilorificazióne, and Gloria- 
z.ì6ne, f. glorification 

Glorio'saménte, ado. glorious- 
ly, n'ith honour 

Glorióso, adj. gloriotis 

Glósa,/. commentary 

Glosdre, to comment, ex- 

Glosdto, part. commented 

dosatóre, m. commentator 

Glossàrio, m. a glossary 

Glùtine,/, glue 

Glutinóso, adj. glutinous 

Gnaffe ! inlerj. faith ! 

Gnatone, m, a parasite 

Gnaulare, to mem as a cat 

Gnòcco, m. dunce, blockhead, 
a dumpling 

Gnomóne, m. a gnomon of the 

GnSrn, adj. ignorant 

Gobba,/, hump 

Gobbctto, m. humped 

Gobbo, m. and adj. hump- 
backed ; (also) a Spanith 

drop, a crack in the rvall. 

Gocciare, and GoccioUre, to 
fall by drops 

Gocciolaménto, m. a drop- 

Gocciolante, adj. dropping 

GoocioMto, part. dropped. 

Gocciolatóio, »n. gutter, drain 
Gocciolino, J', a small drop 
Gócciolo, m. a drop 
Gocciolóne, m. a duice, a 

(jocciolóso, adj. dropping 
Godente, adj. rejoicing ; wi. 

order of knighthood 
Godere, to enjoy, rejoice; del 

presente mi godo, e meglio 

aspetto, I evjiiy what t have, 

and hojefr better times 
Goderéccio, rrdj. agreeable 
(lodévole, adj. pleasant 
Godiménto, m. enjoying 
Goditóre, m. à luxurious 

Goduto, pari, enjoyed 
Goffaggine, Gofterra, and 

Goffézza, /. dulness 
Goffamente, adv. foolishly 
Goffo, adj. foolish 
Gógna. /. an iron collar, 

string, net, embarrassment 
Gogna, m. a villain 
Góla, /. the throat; lust, 

passion, mouth 
Goleggiàre, to wish ] 

Golétta,/, a gorget, a stock 
Gólfo, m. a gidf, a bay ; an- 
dare a golfo làiiciàto, to sail 

straight to a place 
Golosamente, adv. greedily 
Golosità., f gluttony ' 

Golóso, adj. ravenous \ 

Golpato, adj. bad, spoilt 
Golpe, /. a fox, rust which 

falls upon corn 
Golpóne, m. a large fox, a 

sagacious, crafty man 
Gómblto, and Gómito, m. 

elbow, a cubit 
Gómma., fa cable 
Gomitata, /. blow with the 

Gomitolo, m. a ball of thread I 
Gomitónc, adv. star gomitóne, > 

to lean upon the elbows \ 

Gómma, /. gum, a sort of 

disorder I 

Gommaràbica, /. gum arahic I 
Gommifero, adj. producing 1 

Gommóso, adj. gummy \ 


Góndola./, a Venetian hoot, a 

Gondolière, n ^ . 
Gonfalóne, »n. a ìl , 
Gonfalonieratico, m. the dig 

Gònfia, m. a glas. 

Gonfiagióne, m. a sw 
Gonfiaménto, ni. pt 

to behai-e proudly 

Gonfiato, part, swelled; gon- 
fiato di supèrbia, concciltJ 

Gonfiatóio, an instrument to 
fill a balloon, a cannon 

Gonfiatóre, »n. a srveller. 

proud; paròle gonfie, boast- 
ing, swelling words 
GonfiOtto, m. a bladder 
Gongola,/, sore throat, smelt 
ing in the glands 

gown, petticoat 

Gòra, /. a canal, aqueduct, 

Górbia, /. a ferrei ; the point 

Górga, and Gòrgia, /. throat ; 

tirar di g<irgia, (o «/«arer 
Gorgheggi.-ire, to quaver 
Gorgneggiatfóre, m. a war 

Gorghidra, f. a neck-piece, 

Gorgióne, m. a drunkard 

Gorgogliaménto, »i. a gar 

Gorgogliante, ndj. thai grum- 
bles in the brw'tls 

re, io, bubble, 

Goreoglidto, adì. gncrved by 

n-ievils, or mils 
Gorgóglio, m. a warbling. 


<ì(5tto, m. a glass, a cup 
Gottóso, adj. gouty 
Governale, m. helm, rudder 
Goveniaménto, m. govern- 
ment, conduct 
Governante,/, governess 
Governare, to govern, rule 
Governalo, part, governed 
Governatóre, m. governor 
Governazidne,/. governme,it 
Govemfrae, m. dung 
Governo, m. regimen, care, 
conduct, government ; senza 
governo, at random. Far governo, to spoil a thing 
Govèrno, m. government, a 

rudder of a ship 
Gozzaia,/. a men 
Gozzo,m crop of a bird 
Gozzoviglfa, /. pleasure, 
mirth ; far gozzoviglia, to 
make merry 
Gozzovigliare, to be inerry 

Gozzovigliata, J", mirth, good 

living, revels 
Gozzuto, adj. wide-throated 
Gracchia. /. a rook; m. a 

G racchiatdre, andG racchidne, 

m a prattler 
Gràcculo, m. a jackdarv , jay 
<;raciclare, to croak 
Gracidatdre, m. a babbler, 

Gràcile, adj. small, thin 
Gracilità,/, thinness 
Gradare, to go step by step 
Gradatamente, adv. by de- 
Gradazione,/, gradation 
Gradella, / a grate, hurdle 
Gradévole, adj. grateful 
Gradevolmente, adv. loving- 

Gradiménto, m. favour, kind- 

Gradinita,/. a flight of steps 

Gradino, m. steps 

Gradire, to accept, approve, to 

mount up 
Gradito, part, accepted tviih 

Grado, m. degree, dignity ; 
CIO mi viene à grado, Hiat 
Tpleases me ; mio mal grado. 


Graduale,./?^;, graduat 
Gradualmente, adv. gradually 
Gradudre, to distinguish by 

degrees, to confer degrees 
Graduatamente, adv. gradu- 

Graffiante, adj. scratching 
(Jraffiare, to scratch 
Graffiasanti, m. an hypocrite 
Graffiato, part, scratched 
Gr;Sffio, 7)1. a hook 
Gragnuóla,/. hail, drizzling 
Grama gli a,/, mourning 
Gramàre, to make unhappy 
Gramigna, and Gramignudla, 

/ dog-grass 
Gramignato, part, overgrown 

tvith rveeds 
Gramigne, m. a sort qf olive- 
Gramignóso, adj full of dog- 

Grammàtica, /. grammar 
Grammaticale, adj. gram- 
Grainmàtico, m. grammarian 
Grammaticalmente, adv. 

Gramo, adj. wretched, poor 
Gràmola, vi. a brake (for 


Gramolare, to bruise flax 
Gramolato, part, mashed 
Gràmpa, /. the pam of a 

Grina.f. grain, cochineal 
Granàio, adj. of corn, wheat 
Granàio, m. granary 
Granaiudlo, m. comchan- 

Granare, to grain 
Granaro, adj. of wheat 
Granata, / a broom, a gra- 

Granato, m. pomegranate 
Granato, part, grained 
Granatuzza,/. a little broom 
Granbestia, /. a certain beast, 

an elk 
Grànchio, m. a lobster, crab, 
crayfish, Cancer, one of the 
twelve signs of the zodiac ; 
pigliar il granchio, to catch 
a Tartar ; to be '.aught ; 
i granchi voglion morder le 
balene, they give themselves 

% the 


tea crab; pigliare un g>£n 

cipdrro, to mistake 
Grancire, to snatch, to grub 
Grancito, part, hooked in, 

Grande, m. a nobleman, lord 
Grande, adj. great, large, tall, 

Grandeggiare, to play the 

great man 
Grandemente, adv. greatly 
Grandétto, adj. somervhat big. 

Grandézza,/, largeness 
Grandicciuólo, and Grandi- 
cèllo, adj. pretty big 
Grandigia, grandeur, great- 
ness, vanity 
Grandinare, to hail 
Grandinata,/, a hail-storm 
Gràndine,/, hail, calamity 
Grandinóso, adj. tempestuous 
Grandióso, adj. great, haugh- 
Grandfre, fo augment, to 

Grandlto, part, augmented 
Granduca, m. a great duke 
Granducato, nu a great 

Granduchessa, /. a great 

Granello, m. grain, com. 



Granfàtto, adv. so much, 

Granigióne, and Granitura, f. 

seeding, pounding seed 
Graniménto, m. becoming seed 

Granito, part, grained 
Granito, m. granite 
Granmaèstro, ?n. grand-mas- 

rranmercè, adv. I give 
Grano, m. wheal, grain 
Granóso, adj. full of grain 
Grappa,/, the stem of fruit 
Grappare, to g-apph, seize 
Grappo, m. grapling 
Grappolino, and Gràppolo, m. 
srrmll hunch of grapes, a 
uster : nuovo grappolo, a 
Gràscia, /. provision; a 
court of justice, a Roman 
rascino, m. a commissary oj 

Grassamente, adv. with fat- 

Grassatóre, m. highwayman 
Grassello, m. a little piece of 
fat, (also) a sort of very fine 

Grassftto, adj. somewhat fat 

Grassézza, f. fatness 

(JriSsso, adj. fat, fertile, 

Grdsso, m, fat ; stare sul 
gi-dsso, to be in easy circum- 
stances , questo fu un jiatto 
grasso per voi, this njas a 
f/ood bargain for you 

Grassòccio, adj. fat, one in 
good condition 

Grassóne, m. a very fat man 

Grassotto, adj. pretty fat 

Grassume, m.fat things 

Grata,/, a grate 

Gratamente, adv. gratefully 

Gratèlla, and Gratfcolo, /. 

GraUccia, /. a how net, or 
Graticcio, m. a hurdle, grate. 



Gratificare, to gratify 
Gratificazióne,/, gratuity 
Gratis, adv. for nothing 
Gratitùdine,/, gratitude 
Grato, adj. grateful, agree- 
Grato, m. mill, desire, pleasure 
Grato, adv. voluntarily 
Grattaca'po, m. itching of the 

grattare, scrape : grattar gli 
orecchi, to.flatter 
Grattato, part. scratched. 

Grattatura,/ a scar 
Grattùgia, /. a grater 
Grattugiare, to grate 
Grattugiato, part, grated 
Gratuitamente, adv. freely, 

for nothing 
Gratùito, adj. gratuitous 
Gratulante, adj. congratu- 

Grave, adj. heavy, majestic. 
grave, serious, firm 

Gravecémbalo, m. a Itarvsi- 

Gravédine, catarrh 

Gravemente, adv. grievously, 

Grav5tto, adj. rather trouble- 
some, hard, difficult 

Gravézza, /. heaviness, dis- 
quiet, weight 

Gravicémbalo, and Gravicém- 
bolo, jn. harpsichord 

Gravidézza, and Gravidiinza, 
/ pregnancy 

Gràvido, adj. full, pregnant 

Gravità./, gravity, authority, 
majesty, weiglit 

Gravosamente, adv. grievous- 
ly, severely 

Gravoso, adj. heavy, ponder- 

Grazia, / grace, agreeableness : 
di grazia, I desire you ; mi 
dica di grazia, pray tell me : 
far grazia, to forgive ; le 
grazie, the gracts 

Graziare, to favour 

Graziato, adj. loaded tvith 
kindness, gratified, gra- 

Graziosaménte, adv. grace 

fully, for nothing 
Graziosita,/ gracefulness 
Grazioso, «((;. graceful, agi ee- 

Grecamdnte, adv. after the 

Grecian manner 
Grech-sco, adj. Grecian 

Gravaccio, adj. dull, heavy 
Gravame, m. weight, burthen 
Gravaménto, m. weight, hea- 
viness, duty, tax, aj'ront. 

Gravante, adj. heavy, weighty 
Gravare, to aggravate, trou- 
ble ; mi grava molto della 
vostra disgrazia, / am very 
sorry for your misfortune I 

Gregario, adj. of the flock 
Gregge, m.jlock, herd, drove 
Gregeia,/, sheepfold 
Greggio, adj. rude, unpo- 
Greggiuólo, m. a Utile flock 

Grembiata,/ a lapful 
Grembiule, m. a woman's 

apron, a riding apron 
Grumbio, and Grémio, m. lap, 

middle, womb 
Gremire, to gripe, lay hold 

Gremito, adj. thick, locked. 

Gréppia,/, rack, stall, man- 



Gréto, m. a sandy ground, 
marshy, swampy ground 

Gréto, aJj thick 

Grétola,/ bar of a cage ; way, 
means, opportunity; trovar 
la grétola, to find the oppor- 

Gretóso, adj. gravelly, sandu 
Grettamente, adv. r.-.ggardìy 
Grettézza, and Gretti tùdine. 

Grève, adj. (in voetry) heavij, 

weighty, grievous 
Grevemente, adv. heavily, 

Grezzo, adj. coarse, clownish 
Gricciólo, m. caprice, fancy 
Gricciòne, m. a kt-id of water- 

Grida,/, edict, rumour, report 
Gridare, to cry, scold, murmur 

Grido, m. cry, clamour 
Grieve, adj. heavy, dull, 

grave, serious, majestic 
Grieveménte, adv. heavily, 

Grifagno, adj ravenous 
Grifàre, to rub snout against 

Grifo, m. snout, fece of a 
man ; deliberar tutti tre 
di trovar modo d'ugnersi 
il grifo alle spese di Ca- 
landrino, ali three resolved 
lo find means to have a nice 
dinner at the expense of 

Griffo, and Grifóne, »?i. a 
griffin ; griffo, face, mouth; 
tòrcere il griffo, to grin - 
dare un grifóne ad uno, to 
give a box on the ear 

Grfgio, adj, grey, grizzle 

GrilHre' to simmer 
Grilletto, m trigger of a gun 
'^-'"o, m. a cricket, gross- 

iper. maggot, rvhim 
Grilloso, adj. fantastical 

GrimaMillo, m. a picklock 
Grinza,/ wrinkle 
Grinzóso, adj. vninkled 
Grisòliti, TO. chrytolite 
'-risopàzio, TO. a tert of 


Grisplgnoìo, m. sow-lliistle 
0'-óTnn\z..f. tartar, mud 

Gronda, and Grondàia, /. 

gutter, the eavei of a house, 

a tori oftìle 
Grondante, adj. dropping 
Grondare, to drop, lo Jlow in 

Gròppa, /. ciupper, rump : 

portare :n gròppa, to taks 

up behind on liorsebuck 
Groppièra,/, crupper 
GrOpjJO, m. kni'l, bunch, knob : 

solvere il gróppo, to clear a 

Groppóne, m. group, crupper 

Gròssa, /. a gross, tn-eire 

Grossacciuòlo, aJj. ill-buUt, 

Grossn|ràna,/ a sort of stiifT 
Grossamente, cdv. ilorvnishhj, 

severely, rigidly, in a great 

drotseria, f. blackness 
Grossézza, /. a:id Grossume, 

m. bigness, thickness, preg- 

Grosso, m. the biggest part ; 
il gròsso della gdmba, the 
calf of a leg: il gròsso 

army ; vendere in gròsso, 
io sell liy rvholesale : mer 
rante in gròsso, ri'holesale 

m. tnout ; far il 
3, to pout 
adj. tulle, 
drowsy, benumbed 

Grum<Slo, m. a sort of mttsh- 

Cinirno, »i. clotted blood 
Grùmolo, m. a cnhlmge, let- 
tuce, the head of greens 
Grumóso, part, doited, thick- 

Gruógo, «I. saffron 
Gruppetto, T<i. a knot, hnnp 
Gruppo, in. a group, knot 
Gruzzo, and Grùzzolo, m. a 
ieap, quantity, a heap of 

Guad.ngii;4bile, adj. to be at- 

(juadagnire, to gel, gain, de- 

Guadagn^to, part. gotten, 

Guadajjnatòre, m. a gainer 
Guadagno, aiid Guadagna- 
«I. gain, profit; 
a guadagno, to 


1 dirò 
rvilt tell it you ii 


ishly, coarsely, adj. coarse 

Grr,ttn,f. grotto, cave ; a stce^ 


Grovigliola,/. trvisting, rvind- 

Grò.ftke crane, a bird 
Grùccia,/, a stick, crutch 
Grufol<ire, to grunt, to grub 

Guanciata, /. a box on th* 
Guanciòne, m. a sound slap 
Guantièra, f. a silver basin. 

Guardacorpo, m. a body- 

Guadagnòso, adj. profitable, 

(iuaddre. to ford, trade 
Guade./ a sort 
Guado, m. a ford : rompere il 

guado, to undertake a thing 

before ajiy body else 
Guadòso, adj fvrdabU 
Guafme, m. after-grass, (also) 

Guài! inter), fvae! alasi guài 

a me ! trie to me .' 
Giiafna,/. a sheath 
Guaip.ato, m. one that makes, 

or selh slieatlis 
Guàio, m. ,ni!:f,rlune 
'iuaire, (iuaioMre, and Guai- 

olfre, to hnn-l like a dog : to 

bewail, to bark (as a dog) 
Gualcliiéra, /. a calender. 


Gualcito, pari, rumpled, crush' 

Gualdrappa,/ a horteclolk 
Gudncia, „/: cheek : bdltersi la 
guància, to repent of some- 

t. the gunri 
a napkin 



(Suardarifdio, »] 

Guardare, to look, to behold: 
to keep guard, defend : 
guardate a' fatti vostri, mind 

(Juardaraba,/ wardrobe 
Guardaròba, m. a yeoman of. 

the wardrobe 
Guardatòre, m. a keeper, in- 

Guardatura, /. regard, a 

Guàrdia, / guard ; prènder 

gu;lrdia, to have a cars 
Guatdianéria, /. office of a 

Guardiano, «i. keeper, guar- 

Guardinfante, m. a hoop-pel ti- 

Guardingaméntc, adv. cau- 

Guardo, m. regard, look 
Guarenttgia-, and Guaréntia, 

/. guarantee, safely, d^e- 

Guarentire, to narrant, de 

Guari, adv. much, long, 
many ; gviàri di tempo, a 
great while ; non è guari, 
not long since ; questo libro 
non è guari più hello del 
mio, this book fs not much 

fiuarigidne,/. cure, recovery 
Guar&e, to cure, io heal, 
to recover; guarirsi, to he 

Guarito, part, cured, re 


Guarnitccia,/. night guivn 
Guamalletto, m. a tlii7i veil, or 

summer's garment 
Giiarnello, m. fustian 
Guarnigióne, j; garrison 
Guamiménto, m. furniiure, 

(iuamfre, {see GÙernfrc) 
Guarnitura, and Guami- 

2i<5ne, /. trimmi,is for 

Guasc.-tppa, /. c 

Guasclierino, adj. young, little, 
_ (as birds in a nest) 
Guasco, and Guascóne, m. a 

Guastalla,/, a decanter 
(iuastafgsta, m. a disturber 
Guastamestiére, m. one who 

undertakes rvUat he knows 

, de- 


faction aga'nsl the Empe 
Guercio, adj. squinting, one- 

Guemfre, to , 
munition : to 

f clothes, defence, 
'ore with am- 
stored, adorn 
id Gueniitura, 

(juidonerfa,/. rogftery 
Gufn<lo!o. m. a reel, sjiinite 
Guin7%lio, m. a cane-knot,, 

Guirmlnéll' *• " *-i'i- 

Gui22dnte, adj. gliding, slid 

Guizzare, to slide along 
Guizzo, m. the sliding of c 
jLsh ,n water, or of a s,uik, 

ur, strife, , 
I di guèrra. 

Guastare, to spoil, » 

.sijunnder, destroy ; guas- 
trfrsi, to hurl one's self 
Guastato, adj. spoiled 
Guastatóre, 'm. a squanderer ; 

Guastatura. /. Guasto, and 
Gtiastannento, m. spoil, de- 
solation : tiare il guasto, to 
lay waste 

Guasto, adj. spoiled 

Guataraénto, m. and Guata- 
tùra, /. a prying, watch- 

soldier : odiare u 

Guerregióvole, and Guerre- 




Guefreggievolménte, adv. ter 

Guerresgiaménto, m. a battle 

Guerreggianle, adj. fighting 

qlarrei] dispute 
Guerreggiatóre, m. one iha 



ciuola, /. a sllg 

-|Gust^bile, adj.' iatta'bU, that 

• Gustaccio, til. a depraved 

' Gustaménto, m. a tasting, the 

; CuitAre, to tasle, relisli 

I Gustdto, part, tasted 

■ j Gu.-itatiire, m. a taster 

1 Gustévole, adj pleasant 

di vedérvi, I am glad tu see 
, : Gustosamente, adv. pleasant 

I 'j/ 
t ' Gustóso, adj. relishing 
I (iutto, m. <i cruet fur oil 

• Gutturale, adj. guttural 

Guatalura, /. look, eye, i 

and Guatteraccio, 

Guazzare, to shake, loss ; to 

wade, ford; to rejoice 
Guazzato, part, shaken, nad- 

Guazzatóio, i 


Guazzéto, m. 

J watering- 
a fragmei 

Guerrlt^ro, and Guerrésco, adj. 

warlike, brave 
Gufdre, to mock 
Gufo, m. an owl 
GtS^Iia, /. an obelisk, a nee 

Gugliata,/, a needleful 
Guida,/ guide 
Guidaiuóla, / the leading 

beast ofihejlock 
Guirialérco, m. a fraction 
(ìuidaménto, m. conduct 
Guidante, adj guiding 
Guidare, to guide, govern 
Guidato, part, conducted 
Guidatóre, m. and Guida- 

trfce, /. a guide, director, 

governor, governess, con- 

t GuiderdonfSre, and Guidardo- 

nàre, to ren-ard, gratify 
: Guiderdondto, part, reward- 

G uiderdóne, and Guidardóne, 
j in. reward 
1 Guidóne, m. a rogue, cheat, 

rpHE teller H formerly 
•* claimed its place in the 
Italian as well as other 
languages Modern writers, 
however, discard it as af- 
fording no increase of sound 
to tlie vowels, and therefore 
useless. For instance huonio 
I» pronounced uomo. The 
tame rule is observed in ali 
words beginning with this 
letter ; but by pvtling it with 
the letters C and G. and the 
vowels E, I, the H between 

snnants are Joined with A, 
O, U, as "Chino, Cheto, 
Gherone, Ghiro, which musi 
be pronounced thus, kino, 
ketc, <*!c. It should, how 
ever, be used in the begin- 


ning «f tome nordt, at in 
ho, / have, hai, thou, hast ; 
ha, he has ; hanno, thetf 
have; in order to distinguish 
them, more to the eye than 
the ear, from o, or ; a, to ; 
ai, to the ; also anno, year 

laculatório, adj. a short, fer- 

I'ade, /. pi. the hyades 

iambic (said of IdrCiii 


.doWtro, ni. idolater 

I'dolo, ».. idvl, image, or 
statue of false deities : idolo, 
an object that one is fund 

Idoneamente, adv. sufficiently, 

conveuiently, aptly 
lùoneìtk,, aptness 
Idòneo, adj., fit, proper 
Idra,/, hydra, a fabulous ser- 
Idraulica,/, hydraulics 
Vana,f. a sort of pitcher 
Idróleo, »i. a sort of medica- 

Idromànte, ni. a conjurer 
Idromanzia, /. hydrumaney, 

f. hydromel, c 
_^ honey and fvai 
, adj. hydropical 

adj. winterly, hye- 

of medicinal 


Ignòto, adj. unknc 

Ignudare, to strip 

Ignudato, and Ignudo, adj. 

Iguana,'/ a water-rfl 

II, the, him ; il cavallo, the 
horse ; il conósco, / knoTO 
him: il cui, (il di cui) 
ti'hose : si sa il perche ? do 
they say upon what ac- 
count ? 

nare, adj. merry, joyful 

Ilarità./, mirth 

II di che, adv. wherefore 

Illacciàre, to tie, embarrass, 
entangle, to be entangled 

Illanguidire, to languish, to 
be sick, or faint 

Illanguidito, adv. languid. 


Iato, m. (apertura) hiatus, i 

Iattanza, /. jactation, vai 

lattlre, to yelp, squeak 

Icneumone, m. the ichneumon 
Iconoclasta, m. iconoclast 
Iconómaco, adj. averse to 

images, iconoclast 
Icóre, m. ichor 
Iddtide,/. a bubble, or blister 
Iddio, m. (Dio) God: Iddio 

non vòglia, God forbid 
Idea, /. idea 

Ideale, adj. ideal, of, or be- 
longing to an idea 
Ideare, to imagine from ideas 
Ideato, part, imagined 
Identità,/ identily, the same- 
ness of a thing 
Idi, m. ides, certain days in the 

Idiòma, m. idiom 
Idiòta, mdj. idiot, silly, fool- 
ish; un idiom, an idiot, a 
fool, a ninny 
I diotaggine, /. foolishness 
Idiotismo, m. idiotism, vulgar 

speech, expression 
Idolatra, m. {see Idolatro) 
Idolatraménto, «t. idolatry 
Idolatrare, to idolalrize 
Idolatria,/, idolatry 
Idolàtrio, adj. qf, or belonging 

lerarchla,/ hierarchy 
leràtte./. a precious stone 
Ieri. m. yesterday 
leraltro, m before yesterday 
lennatuna,/. yesterday morn- 

lenTotte, /. yesternight, the 

cipher, a kind of 

lerséra,/ last night 
Ignaro, adj. ignorant 
Ignatòne, m. a great eater, a 

■man of no worth 
Ignàvia,/, ignorance 
I'gneo, adj. igneous, fieri/ 
Ignlcolo. m. a spark of fire 
Ignito, adj. flaming, burning. 

Ignominioso, adj. igrutmini- 
Ignorantigg^ne,/. folly, igno- 

Ignorante, adj. ig 

Ijniorantòne, m. a 

Ignoro la ca;?i 
/ do not know 

Illecitamente, adv. unlawful- 
Illécito, adj. unlanful 
Illegittimo, a. illegitimate 
Illéso, part, unhurt 
Illibato, paH. unspotted 
Illiberale, adj. illiberal, covet- 

itSto, adj. boundless 
Illiquidire, to liquidate 
Illùdere, to illude; delude. 

Illuminaménto, m. an illumi- 

Illumininte, adj. enlightening 
Illuminare, to illuminate 
Illuminativo, adj. illumina- 

Illuminato, part, enlightened 
Illuminatóre, m. eniightener 
Illuminazione, /. illumina- 

Illusióne,/, illusion, cheat 
Illùso, part, mocked, railed at 
Illusòre, m. a decAver 
Illustraménto, m. an illustra- 
Illustrante, adj. explaining 
Illustrare, to illustrate 
Illustrato, part, illustrated 
Illustratóre, m. one tliat illus- 

Illustrissimo, adj. tnost illiis- 
II perchè, aav. rvìiy, tvh 

Imagine, /. (see Immàgine, 

atid ali its derivatives) 
Imbaccolato, adj. bearing a 

Imbacuccare, to disg^iise, io 
mask, (also) to dress, cover 

Imbacuccato, part, disguised, 

Imbagnito, adj. net, saga- 
cious, cunning 

Imbalccnato, adj purple, (said 

_ of a rose) 

ImbalMre, to pack 
Imbalordire, to stun 
Imbalordito, pari. 

JmbalsimAre, to spread bai- 

Imbambagiato, part, wrapped 
in cotton 

Imbambolàre, to be ajfecied 

Imbambolato, part, affected, 
itaving tears in one's eyes 

Imbandiménto, in. and Im- 
bandigióne, /. a dish, or 

Imbandire, to get dinner 

Imbandito, pari, dressed, pre- 

,imbara2zàre, to perplex ; im- 
barazzarsi, to entangle one's 

^ self 

imbarazzo, m. confusion ; em- 
barrassment, intricacy 

Irabarben're, to grorv barba- 

*mbarberlto, adj. cruel 
Imbarbogire, to grow chilalsh 

through, age 
Imbarbottato, adj. made like a 

Imbarcaraénto, m. emharka- 

Imbarcdre, io embark; im- 
barcirsi, to engage ; im- 
barcarsi senza biscòtto, hand 

Imbarcato, part, embarked 

(Imbarcatóre, m. a sea cap- 

), »i. embarkation 

Imbardare, io allure, capti- 
vate, procure a friendship 

Imbarràre, to bar ; imbar- 
rdre la strada, to stop the 

Imbarràto, pari, barred 
Imbasaménto, »i. a basis 
Imbascerla,^'. embassy 
Imbasciaddre, and Imbascia- 

t<5re, m. ambassador 
Imbasciata,/, embassy 
Imbasciatrlce, /. an ambassa- 

ibastare, to pack-saddle 


Imberettito. n'ith a cap on 
Imbertonarsi, to fail in love 
Imbestialire, to become <t 
beast ; mad, or cruel, brut- 
Imbestialito, adj. like a beast 
Imbestiarsi, to be like a beast 
Imbére, and Imbévere, to im- 
bibe, infuse, to inspire, to 
drink up 
Imbevuto, part. imbibed, 

Imbiacciaménto, m. a paint- 
Imbiaccare, to paini tvith 

Imbiadàto, part, sonin rvitk 

Imbiancaménto, m. a rvhiie' 

Imbiancare, and Imbian- 
chire, to wash, whiten, to 


■ grey, 

> suborn. 

bastitilra, /. a basting 

piece of cloth, serving on 

Imbastire, to baste, or sew with 

long stitches, to lay a table, 

begin an affair 
Imbasto, »i. a pack-saddle 
Imbàttersi, to meet with 
Imbàtto, m. an obstacle, kin- 

Imbavagliato, part, having the 

fate covered 

m bavàre, to slabber 
Imbeccare, to bill as birds, 
lit a horse, to give one his 

Imbeccata, /. a bill-full; 

pigliar r imbeccata, to be 

bribed, to swallom Vte 


Imbeccato, part, fed with a 

bill, deceived 
Imbecherare, to suborn, cor- 
Imbecille, adj. weak 
Imbeciìlilà, j: feebleness 
Imbèlle, adj. cowardly, fear- 

Imbfrbe, adj. beardless 
•mberciàre,'fo hit, stick 

tnberetescàre, to fortify with 


Imbiancato, part, whitened 
Imbiancatore, m. a whitsier, 

Imbiancatura,/, washing 
Imbietolire, to be affected, to 

Imbiettare, to put in the 

Imbiondire, and Imbidndere, 

to grow fair 
Imbisaceiare, to put in a 

Imbizzarriménto, m. waspish- 

Imbizzarrlre, to fall into pat- 

Imbizzarlto, adj. very angry 
1 mboccàre, to feed, cram ; to 

discliarge, disembogue, to 

Imboccato, part, fed, dis- 
charged, instructed 
Imboccatura, /. a horse-lit, 

the entrance of a street, 

mouth of a river 
Imbolare, to rob, steal 
Imbolatdre, »i. a robber, 

Imbollicaménto, m. blister 
Imbollicàre, to break out into 

Imbolsiménto, »i. itraiiness of 

Imbolsire, to be short-winded ; 

io grow pursy 
Imbolsito, adj. pursy 
Imbonire, and Imbuoirfre, 61 


re, io li, 

Imboscata, /. and Imbosca- 
ménto, m. ambush 
Imbosciito, adj. in ambush 
Imboscliire, to «rom wild 
Imbosclifto, adj. grown rvooiìy 
Imbossolare, to lay the bsi 

Imbottare, to put in a cask 
Imbottatóio, m. a funnel 

ito, ad,. „ „ 
Imbrunire, and Iml>runire, 
to urrow briinin, black, d< 
suir imbrunire, about dusk ; 
il tempo comincia ad im- 
brunirsi, the Tveather begint 
to grow cloudy 
Imbruschlre, to grow sharp 
Irabruschfto, adv. sharp, 

Inibrattamdndi, m. a spoi, 
frude: a busybody 

Imbrattare, and Imbruttilre, 

/-> snU. to slain 
Imbrattato, part, soiled 
Imbrattatóre, m. a dauber 
Imbrattatura. /. and I 

brattaraénto, m. Jilthi- 

Imbucatire, to rvash tvith 


Imliufonchiare, to grumble 
Imbuire, to become ignorant 
Imbullettare, to dram a bill 

Imbullettdto, part, that has a 

■ Imbuondato, adv. abundantly. 


, food 

Imenèo, m. nuptials 
Imitabile, and Imitativo, adj, 

Imitinte, adj. imitating 

f. and Imbriacaménto, wi. 

Imbriacdne, m- a drunkard 
Imbriconire, to grorv kttav- '■ 


igamento, nu perplexi- 
, to perplex 

«igdrsi, to shift, endea- 
vour ; non t' imbrigar de' 
fatti miei, <7,) not trouble 
yourself about my ajfuirs 
Imbrigliare, to bridle, to keep 

ImbrigIic-(to, part, bridled 
I mhrocciii'e, to oppose 
Imbroccato, part, opposed 

Imbroilolitto, part, daubed 

Imbroglio!''' aVd ^Imbroglia- 

Imbroglióne, m. a trijler, 
Imbroncidre, to be angry 

Immaginamdnto, rn. imagina- 

Immaginare, to imagine ; im- 

raaginàrsi, to believe 
Immaginariamente, adv. ima- 

gina'rily . . 

Immagijiario, adj. imaginary 
Immaginativa, f. imagina- 

Immaginatlvo, adj. imagina- 

Immaginato, adj imagined 
Immagina/iòne',/, fancy 
Immagine, /. itnage, pic- 

Immaginevolménte, adv. in 
Immdgo, /. (in poetry) an 



Immalsanire, io neaken, tth- 

Imraarginàto, ad), joined 
ImmasLherarsi, to mask 
Immascher^ito, adj. disguited. 

Immelàre, to give the taste of 

Immeldto, adj. siveef, agree- 

Immelatura,/. a mixing with 

Immeniordbile, adj past me- 

Immensaménte, adv. »•» iufinitcly 

Immensità,/, immensity 

Immenso, adj. immeuse 

I m meritamente, ado. unde- 

Immeritévole, adj. undeserv- 

Immérito, adj. unworthy 

Immersióne,' f. dipping, 
mraerso, adj. immersed 

Immezz.-ire, and Immezzire, 
to grow flaggy 

Imminente, adj. immin'nt; 
pericolo imminènte, a threat- 

Immirienza, /. declivity, pro- 
pension, threat 
Immisuràbile, adj. unmeasur- 

Immòbile, adj immoveable 
Immobilità,/, immobility 
Immobilmente, adv. immovt' 


Immoderànza, f incontinence, 

Imraoderataménte, adv. ir. 

Immoderàto, adj. .excessii 

Immodestamente, adv. imm 

Immodestia,/, immodesty 
Immodesto, adj. immodest 
Immolaménto, m. a sact 

Immolare, to sacrifice 
Immolato, part, sacrificed 

dipping, soaking 
Immollare, io net, di 

Immondézza, and Immon- 
dizia, /../Ì/M, dirt 
Imm.ijndo, adj. foul, dirty 



Immòto, adj. immoveable 
Immune, adj. ixetnpt,free 

Immutabilità,/, imimilabilify 

Immutato', jiart. changed 
Immutabilmente, adv. un- 

Immutazióne,/ constancy 
Imo, m. the bottom, lon-est 

part ; da imo a sómmo, 

from /.aid to foot 
Imo, adj. Ion,, deep 
impaccianiento, m. embar- 

; to I 


bte my hea. 

cio, / do not trouble my head 

Impacciatlvo, adj. trouble- 

Impacciatóre, m, one n'ho 

Impacciato, part, hindered 

Impaccio, m. hinderance, oh- 

eiricle, pain, vexation ; trdr 

d'impaccio u:io, to relieve 


Impaàronfrsi, and Iinpadro- 

Impaduldre, to be marshy, or 
Impaduldto, part. become 
Imp.-.-liàto, adj. packed with 
Impalandrandto, adj. cloaked 

shake he 
mpalmdto, part, promised, 

mpalpàbile, adj. not to be 

Impalpabilmente, adv. im- 

Impaludarsi, to grorv marshy, 

fenny, moorish 
Impancare, to J down at 

Impaniare, to daub with 

birdlime ; to ensnare ; al- 
Impani.-ito, ad}, entangled in 

birdlime : in'love 
Impannicciàre, to plaster. 

Impanio, m. a trouble, in- 

Impannata, /. paper-wtn- 

Impannàto, O!?;. having paper, 

Impantanare, to be mired ; 

Impantanato, adj. muddy 
Impappoldto, adj. dirtied, 

Imparacchiare, to learn lit- 
Imparadisare, to make happy 
Imparagonàbile, adj. incom- 
Imparante, adj. learning 
Imparare, to learn, teach 


a,li lea 


'.0 be di- 
vided, indivisible 

Impassibile, adj. that cannot 

Impassibilità,/ impassibility 

Impastnidre, to put shackles 

upon one 
Impastoiato, adj. having 

sfiuckle.,, tied 
Impastura, /. a pastern, the 

Imjiatlbile, adj. in.tvfferable 
Impatridre, to return tu one's 

Impattare, to be quite clear, 

Impaurire, and Impaurire, to 

Impaurito, part, frightened 
Imp^iienie. adj. impatient 

Impazzare, to grow mad 
Impazzato, atid IrapaJÉito, 

adj. mad, distracted 
Impecciibile, adj. that cannot 

Impeciare, to pitch, glue. 
dovunque va vi s'impecia, 
there is no getting rid of 

Impeciato, part, pitched 
Impeciatura,^: a pitching 
Impedalare, to gather strength 
Impediménto, iii. hindcrance, 

Imptdire, to hinder 
Impeditivo, adj. hindering 
Impedito, part, hindered 
Impedildrc, m. one that hin- 

ImpegnJJre, to pawn : impe- 
gnane. In engage : inipe- 
gndr la fede, to give one's 

farlo, I promise you I will 

Impegnato, ai!J. engaged, 
promised, pledged 

Impegolato, part, pitched 
Impelapare, to embarrass, to 

Iinpellicciàre, to put on a gar- 
ment iliade of skina 
IinpendGnte, adj. duliioua 
Impenetràbile, adj. impenetra- 
Impenetrabilità, /. impenetra- 

Impenitènte, adj. impenitent 
Impenitènza,/, impenitence 
Impennacchiato, adj. plumed 
Impennare, to be jledged, to 

Impennatura,/, fine, condem- 
Impennellére, to give a stroke 

Impensatamente, adv. sudden- 

Impensato, adj. sudden, un- 

Impepàto, part, peppered 
Imperadore, and Imperatóre, 

m. an emperor 
Imperadrlce, and Impera- 
trice, /. an empress, queen. 

Imperare, to command 
Imperativo, adj. imperative 
Impercettìbile, adj. imper- 
Impercettibilità, /. impercep- 

Imperché, nt. the reason nby 
Imperché, adv. because 
Imperciò, adv therefore 
Imperciocché, adv. rvhereas, 

Imperfettamente, adv. imper- 

Irapertetto, adj. imperfect 
Imperfezidne, /. imperfec- 

Imperiàle, adj. imperial, emi- 

Imperialménte, adv. imperi- 

Impericoloslre, to be in dan- 
Inipericolosfto, part, hazard- 

Impéro, and Impèrio, m. em- 

pério, adv. imperiously 
Imperiosità, /. pride, arr • 


Imperióso, and Imperante, 

aJj imperious, ruling 
Imperitamente, adv. igno- 
rant ly 
Imperito, adj. unskilful 
Imperizia,/ unskilfulness 
Imperlaqualcósa, adv. tvhere- 

Imperlàre, to embellish tvitk 

pearls, to ornament 
Imperniisto, adj. unmixed 
Impermutàbile, adj. un- 

changeable, constant 
Impermutabilità, /. immuta- 

Impernare, to tveigh, poise 
Impeméto, part. poised, 

Imperò, adv. therefore 
Imperocché, adv. because 
Imperscrittfbile, thai cannot be 

Imperscrutàbile, adj. incon- 
Imperseverànza, /. incon- 
Imperseveràre, to be incon- 

Impersonale, adj. impersonal 
Impersonato, adj. corpulent, 

fat, well made 
Impersuasibile, adj. not to be 

Impertànto, adv. horvever 
Impertinènte, adj. imperii 

Impertinentemente, adv. im 

Impertinenza, /. imperti- 

Imperturbabilità, /. uncon- 

Imperversànte, adj. waging, in 

a passion, disturbed 
Imperversare, to rage, rave 
Imperversato, adj. exaspe- 

Impervertlto, adj. possessed, 

cruel, furious 
Impervertfre, to pervert 
Impestare, to irtfeci, cor- 
Impetìgine, / a tetter, ring- 
Impetiginóso, adj. having 

tetters, ring-rvorms 
Impetuosità,/, impetuosity 
Impetudio, adj. impetuous 
Impetragiòne, /. an obtain- 


Impetratlvo, adj. obtainable 
Impetrato, part. obtained, 

Impetratdre, m. svpplicatot 
Impetrazióne,/, entreaty 
Impetricàto, adj. hard like a 

Impettito, adj. straiglit, up- 

right, erect 
Impetuosamente, adv. impe- 

ImpiacevoUre, to make, render 

Impiagare, to rvound, hurt 
Impiagato, part, rvounded 
Impiagalura, /. a wounding 
Impiallacciare, to tpecMe, 

Impiallacciatura, /. inlaid 

Impianellare, to pave tvitk 

square tiles 
Impiantarsi, to place one's self, 

take a stand 
Impiastragidne, /. and Impi- 

astraménto, ni. ingrafting. 

Impiastrare, to plaster, pa- 

Impiastrato, part, plastered, 

Irapiastrazióne, /. unction, 

applying a plaster 
Impiastricciare, to apply a 

plaster, to daub 
Impiastricciato, and Iinpia- 

striccicàto, part, daubed, 


Impiccato, pari. hanged . 

ognuno ha '1 suo impiccato 

all' uscio, every body has his 

Impiccatolo, adj. old enough 

for the gallows 
Impiccatilra, /. act of hang- 

Impicciare, aid Impicciarsi, 

to intermeddle 
Impiccio, m. incumbrance 
Impiccolire, to become little, to 

Impidocchire, to breed lice, to 

Impidocchito, adj. lousy 
Impiegare, to employ ; im- 
piegar male, to mit- 


Impietosire, to assuage 
Impietrire, and Impietrire, to 

Impietrito, and Impietrito, 
a.:], retrificd 

Impigliare, to stop, take, to 
embroil, to bustle, put one's 

Impigliato, part, taken, ar- 
rested, embroiled 

Impigliatdre, m. one that 
arrests, or embroils, a busy- 

lmligno,m. trouble, care 
implgnere, to push, impel, 

I mpigrfre, to grorv idle 
Impigrito, part, grown idle 
Impilaccherire, to Jill with 

Impinguare, to fatten 
Implnto, part, forced, impelled 
Impinzare, to Jill over ; '~ 

pinzarsi, to be filled 
Impio, adj. cruel, wicked 
Impiombare, to colour 

Implacabile, adj. implaca- 

Implacabilménte, adv. im- 

Implicare, to entangle, per- 

Implicdto, part, embarrassed, 


Implicitaménte, adv. impli- 
Implicito, adj. implicit 
Implorare, to implore, be- 

Impoetarsi, to become a poet 
Impolminato, adj. pale, yel- 

•Imporporato, adj. in pur- 

Imporrare, to mould, gram 
Impórre, to impose a tax, to 


Importante, adj. important 
Importànàa.X consequence 
Importare, to import, denote, 
mean .- to amoant to ; questo 
importa a me, that concerns 
nte ; non impdrta, no matter ; 
il tutto impdrta dieci scudi, 
the whole comes to ten crowns 
Importazióne, X- importation 
Importunamente, and Impor- 

Importunare, to importun 
Importunato, part. ir 

Impossibile, adj impossible 
Impossibilità,/, impossibility 
Impossibilitare, to render im- 

Impossibilmente, adv. itnpos- 


Impostato, adj. placed to jne't 

Impostatura, /. posts, door- 

Impostemlre, to imposiumate 
Impósto, part, ordered, com- 
Impostóre, m. an impostor 
Impostura,/, imposture 
Impotènte, adj. impotent 
Impotènza,/, impotency 
Impoverire, to grow yior, to 

Impoverito, adj. reduced to 

Impraticàbile, adj. impracti- 

Impratichito, adj. conversant, 

Imprecare, io curse 
Imprecativo, part, cursing 
Imprecazióne, /. impreca- 



Imprcgnaménto, m. and Ira» 

pregnatura,/. pregnancy 
Impregnare, to impregnate 
Impregnato, part, impreg- 

Imprendente, m. a scholar, 

Imprendere, to learn,undertake 

Imprendiménto, m. under- 
taking, enterprise 

Imprenditóre, »t. he that be- 

Imprésa, /. undertaking, en- 
terprise, attempt, design, an 
emblem, a device 

Impresàrio, m. one who under- 
takes a public job, a manager 
of a theatre 

Imprèso, adj. undertaken 

Impressionare, to insinuate, 

Impressióne,/, impression 
Impresso, adj. printed 
ImpretendCiite, adj. indif- 

Imprezzàbile, adj. inestimable 
Imprigionare, to imprison 
Imprigionato, part, imprison- 

Imprigionatóre, he that im- 

Imprima, and Imprimaménte, 

adv first, firstly 
Imprimere, to print 
Imprimieraménte, adv, first 

Improbàbile, adj. improbable 
Improbabilità,/: improbability 
Improbità,/, wickedness 
Impromessa, and Impromes- 

Impromesso, part promised 
Improraettere, to promise 
Imprónta,/, a print, type 
Improntaménte, adv. with 


Improntaménto, m. impres- 
sion, importunity 

Improntare, to print, stamp, 
to importune, to request ; to 

Imprónto, adj. importunate, 

Imprónto, m print, stamp, 
image, request, demand 

Impropèrio, m. a reproach 

Impropiamente, and Impro- 
priamente, adv, improper 


Improprietà, and Impropietà, 
/. impropriety 

Impròprio, and Imprdpio, adj. 

Improspeifre, to he Imppjj 

Improsperlto, part, become 

Improvatfvo, adj. that does not 
prove,make good 

Improverare, to reproach 

Improvidaménte, "arfj. incon- 

ImprSvido, adj. unheedfid 

Improvvedutaraénte, adv. im- 

Improvveduto, part, unpre- 

Iinprovvisaménte, adii, sud- 
Improvvisante, adj. making of 

verses extempore 
Improvvisare, to make rhymes 

Improvvido, part, uncrpected 
Improvvisto, part, unprepared 
Imprudente, adj. imprudent 
Imprudentemente, adv. im- 
Iinprii.'lènza, y. imptudence. 

Imprimere, to enclose with 

Impùbe, and Impubere, adj. 

Impudente, adj. impudent, 

Impudentemente, adv. impu- 

Impudènza,/, impudence 

Impudicamente, adv. wanton- 
ly, obscenely 

Impudicizia, /. wantonness, 

Impuuico. m. loose, obscene 

Impugnaménto, m. grasping 

Impugnare, to seize, gripe, 
grasp, to oppose 

Impugnato, part, seized, op- 

Impugnatdre, »i. he that op- 

Impugnatùra 'di spada), /. 

the hilt of a sword 
Impugnazióne, f. opposition. 

Impulito, adj. rough, un- 
n'roughi, unpolished 

Impunemente, adv. ruith im- 
Impunità, /. impunity, indul- 


Impunito, part, unpunished 
Impuntire, to point, to break i 

-"■ in discourse, to forget 
•'s self I 

Impuntito, adj. stuck in, 

stopt i 

Impuramente, cdv. impure 

Inaiare, to spread the sheaves 

upon the barn floor 
Inalbnniénto, ni. a making 

Inalberato, adj. up in a 
Inalidire, to grow dry 

Imputare, to impute ; impu- 

putire ad onore, to take it as 

an honour 
Imputato, part, imputed 
Imputatóre, m. an accuser, 

ImputaZidne,/ imputation 
Imputridtre, to rot 
Imputridito, part, putrefied 
ImpuzzoIIie, and Impiizzare, 

to stink 
Impuzzolito, adj stinking 
In, prep, in,' in the, into, 

at, for, upon ; sarò in 

casa, / shall be at home ; 

movendo in me gli orchi, 

turning his eyes towards 

Inabile, adj. incapable 
Inabilità,/, incapacity 
Inabilitare, to disable 
Inabissare, to swallow up. 

Inabitabile, adj. uninhabit- 
Inabilito, adj. uninhabited. 

Inaccessibile, adj. inaecessi- 

Inaccordibile, adj. disagree- 

Inacerbire, to exasperate 
Inacerbito, part, exasperat- 

Inacquito, part, mixed, di- 
luted, watered 
Inaddiétro, adv. formerly 
Infigguagliiiiza,/. inequality 
Inagrire, and Inagrcstire, to 
grow sour ^^ 

In alto, ado. highly: in alto 

Inamidavo, to starch 
Inamistdre, to enter inti 

friendship with any one 
Inamendibile, adj. incorrigi- 

Inanellire, to curl, put ia 

Inanellato, part, curled 

Inappellabile, adj. not to be 

appealed .from 
Inappetente, ed;, squpamish 
Inappetenza, /. inappctency 
Inarbordre, to plant trees 
Inarborato, part, planted with 

riglia ad uno, to astonish 
Inarcato, ndj bent, crooked 
Inarcatóre, m. one thù 

Inargentare, to silver over 
Inargentilo, part, silvered 
Inaridire, to dry up 
Inaridito, part, dried up 
In.iniicire, to climb 
Inarrivibile, adj. inconceii 

Inarsicciito, part. 

Inarticolato, part, i 

Inassinfre, to he a fool, 
Inasperrire. to t-ex, exi 



Inaspettato, pare, unexpecl- 

Inasprito, pari, exasperated 
In avanti, ail», before ; d' or in 

avvinti, hermifter 
Inaudibile, adi. not to he 

Inaudito, part, unheard 
Inaurato, adj. gilt, of gold 
Inavvedutamente, udv. imjjrii- 

Inavveduto, adj. unwary, 

Inavvenenteménte, and Inav- 
vertitamente, adv. inconsi- 

Inavvertenza, /. inconsidera- 

Incagliare, to stick to ; to be at 
a stand : to run aground 

Incagliato, jiart. stopped 

Incalappiare, to snare, to con- 
found, to plot, embroil 

Incalcdre, to trample under 
foot, to press, squeeze, 

Incalciaraénto, m.JligUt 

Incallire, to grow hard 
Incallito, vart. hardened 
Incalvare; and Incalvire, it 

grow bald 
Incalzare, to chase, pursue 
Incalzato, part, chased, pur- 

Incalzati^re, m. a persecntor 
Incalzon^re, to put on 

Incamerdre, , 

Incamerato, part, impris 

Incanùciàre, to tvhite.vash a 

nail, or house again 

Incamicidto, part, 


Incamiciatura, /. a rough- 

Incamiciata, /. assault by 

Inctlmbio, adv. instead 
Incaminaménto, m. putting 

begin, to si 

5, port. 



Incamuffato, f 
Incancheràre, and Inoanche- 

Incancherito, part, festered, 

Incanito, jmrt. enraged 
Incannare, to wind bobbins, to 



Incappato, part. catched , 

Incappellare, to put on one's 

hat, to caver 
Incappellato, part, covered 

Incapperucciare, to be dis- 
guised, masked 
Incappiare, to entangle, to tie. 

,., , ,„.t. entanglea 

lncà\>\-,o,m. .stumble, fall 
Incappucciare, to put on a hood. 

Incappucciato, jiart. hooded 
Incapriccirsi, tu fall in love 
Incaràre, to make dearer, to 

IncarbonchiiSre, to take the 

: gua> 

l'incinto, to 


incanto, to do a thing agaii 

Incantucciiire, to hide one's self 

Incauutaniénto, m. grey hai 

old age 
incmutire, to grow grey 
Incan\Uito, hoary, grey 
Incapace, adj. incapable 
Incapacità,/, incapacity 
Incaparbire, to be obstinate 
Incaparbito, adj. obstinate 
Inca])ir»i, tube obstinate 
Incaparràre, t, 


part, haltered 
•a, /. manner of 
r 0» a muzzle, (also) 
/.• of a muzzle, or 

Incappare, to stumble. 


..,i„c..,jue.,. uncle 
Incarcàre. to load, to charge 

Incarcerato, part, imprison- 

Incarcerazióne, and Incar- 

ceragirfne,/. imprisonment 
Incàrco, m. (in poetry) charge. 

ncaricàto, part, charged 
ncàrico, m. charge, load, 
tax, affront, offince; non 
voglio prendermene 1 ni- 

Incamatino, m. flesh-coloured 
Incamativo, adj. incarnative 
Incarnato, part, made Jlesh, 

Incarnaziiine,/. assuming the 

Incarognire, to become carrion 
Incarrucoldre, to get out of the 

Incartdre, to mrap in paper 


I, to 


Incastellare, to fortify 
Incastellato, pari, fortified, 

Incastonare, to enchase 
Incastonato, part, enchated 
Incastonatura, /. enchasing. 

Incastrato, part, enchased 
Incastratura,/, enchasing 
Incdstio, »n. buttress 
Incatarrire, to catch cold 
Incatenacciare, to fasten a door 

nith a bolt 
Incatenare, to cliain 
Incatenato, part, chained 
Incatenatura,/. cluiining.Join- 

ing together 
IncaCorzoliménto, wi. « ynottl- 

dering of fruits 
Incatorzolire, to wither a- 

Incatorfolfto, part, faded, 

Incatramato, part, tarred 
Incattivire, to gro7V wicked 
Incattivito, adj. rvicked 


o pio 

Incaralcàto, part, laid upon 
Incavalcatura,/, a laying one 

thing over another 
Incavallàre, to provide oTie's 

self nith horses, to mount a 

Incavare, to dig 
Incavato, adj. dug, holloro 
Incavatura,/, hollowing 
Incavernato, part, laid in a 

lnca\icchiàto, part, joined, set 

Incavigliare, to peg, or pin 

Incavigliato, part, pinned, tied, 
joined together 

Incavo, m. cave, hole, ditch 

Incautamente, adv. unn»i- 

Incauto, adj negligent 

Incèndere,' to burn, to in- 

Incendévole, adj. easy to be 
biirtU, combustible 

Incendiare, to burn 

Incendiario, m. an incen- 

Incèndio, and Incendimènto, 
m. conflagration, burning 

Incendentfvo, adj. kindling, 

an incendi- 

Incenditòre, i 

Incenerire, and Incener^e, to 

Incensaménto, m. and In- 


censita,/, a perfuming niith 

Incensare, to incense, praise, 

Incensière, m. a censer, per- 
fuming pan 

Incenslvo, adj. inflaming 

Incènso, part, kindled 

Incènso, m. incense ; dar 1' in- 
cènso, toflaiter 

Incensuràbile, adj. unblame- 

Incentivo, m, an incentive 

IncentTcirsi, to meet in a centre 

Inceppare, to fetter, to put in 

Incerare, to tvax 

Incerato, part, waxed 

Incerato, m. oil-cloth 

Incerconire, to grow sour (as 
wine does) 

Incertezza, Incertitudine, /. 
and Incèrto, »i. uncertainty 

Incèrto, adj. uncertain 

Incèso, part, kindled, burnt 

Incespare, to entangle, to grow. 

Incessàbile, adj. continual 

Incessabilmente, and Inces- 
santemente, adv. incessant- 

Incessànte, adj. continual 

Incessanza, /. and Incessabi- 
léZza,/. continuance 

Incestare, to lay in a basket 

Incèsto, m. incest 

Incestuosamente, adv. incesiu- 

Incestuóso, adj. inastuous 

Incètta,/, a purchase 

Incettare, to buy (to sell again) 

Incettatore, m. an ingrosser, 

Inchiavàre, to lock 
luchiavistellàre, to belt 
Inchiedere, to ask 
Inchièsta,/, inquiry 
Inchinaménto, m. proneness 
Inohinàre, to humble, to submit, 

to affirm with a nod 
Inchinata, /. humiliation, a 

Inchinato, part, humbled 
Inchinazidne,/. humiliation 
Inchinévole, adj. inclinable 
Inchino, m. a courtesy 
Inchiodare, to nail ; inchiodare 

un cannóne, to nail up a 

piece of ordnance 
Inchiodato, part. nailed. 

Inchiostrare, to slur '"!!)• 

Inchiòstro, m. ink-, scrivere 
ad uno di budn inchiòstro,/» 
rvrite sharply : il tuo inchi- 
òstro non tigne, your credit is 

Inchiùdere, io enclose, con- 

Inciampare, and Inciampi- 
care, io slumble 
Inciampo, m. stumbling. 

to grave, to cut 
Incielare, io place in heaven 
Inciferàto, and Incifràto, 

part, made, or written in 

Incfgnere, io impregnale 
Incùlto, adj. pregnant 
In circa, prep. about 
Incioccàre, io knock, or run 

Incipriato, pari, powdered 
Inciprignire, to exasperate, to 

fly in a passion 
Incirconciso, part, uncireum- 

Incirconscrltto, adj. bound- 

Inci«chiàre, io mince 


tirrtng, pro 

Incitare, io incite, egg on 
Incitativo, adj. inciting 
Incivfle, adj. uncivil 
lncivi[iie, to grow polite 
Incivilmente, adv. uncivil- 

Inclemènza, f.iCfenVy: incle- 
mènza dell' aria, dèi vento. 
&c. inclemency of the a» 


Inclinato, part, benf, dU- 

Inclinazióne,/: inclination 
Inclinévole, adj. inclinable, 

l'ncUto, adJ. famous, noble 
Includere, to include 
Inclusa, /. the enclosed let- 
Inclusiraménte, adj. intlu- 

Inelùso, part, enclosed 
Incoccare, to notch, stammer 
Incoccarsi, to be obstinate 
Incodardire, to despond 
Incoerente, adj. discordant 
Incoerenza,/, disproj^oriion 
Incogitdbile, adj. inconceiv- 

dgliere, to c 

cO happen, btfu.^ 
Incognitamente, adv. incog- 
Incognito, adj. unknotvn 
I'ncola, m. an inhabitant 
Incollare, to glue 
Incollato, part, glued 
Incollerire, to be angry 
Incollerito, aJJ. angry 
Incolorare, to colour, dye 
Incolpàbile, adj. blameless 
Incolpare, to biame : incolpare 

un altro, to lay the fault 

Incolpato, part, blamed 
Incolpatdre, m. an accuser 
Incolpévole, adj. unblame- 

Incoltaménte, adv. carelessly 
Incólto, part, uncultivated ; 

IncombattfliUe, adj. incontest- 
Incombènza, /. a commis- 

Incombustlbile, adj. incom- 

Incomlnciànte, m. a beginner 
Incominciare, to begin 
Incominciato, part, begun 
Incominciatdre, m. a begin- 

Inconimensuràbiie, adj. in- 

Incommensurabilità, /. ineom- 

IncGmmodo, m..{see Inotfraodo, 

Incommutàbile, adj. constant 
Incommutabilità, /. eoa- 


Incomodamente, adv. tncom 

Incomodare, to incommode 
Incomodità,/, inconveniency 
Incòmodo, m. trouble, disad- 

Incomodo, adj. incon 
Incomparàbile, adj. 

Incomparabilmente, adv. in- 

Incompatibile, adj. di 



Incompetente, adj. 

Incompetenteménte, adv. in- 

Incompetenza./, insufficiency 
Incompiuto, adj imperfect 
Incomplèsso, adj. jvith 

Incomportabile, and Incom- 
portévole, adj. intolerable 

Incoraportabilménte, adv. 

Incompdsto, adj. simple 

Incomprensibile, adj. incom- 

Inconcepibile, adj. ii 

Inconcepibilità, /. incompi 

Inconciliabile, adj. incom 

Inconcludente, and Incon- 

In conclusióne, adv. finally 
Inconcusso, part, unshaken 
Inconfusaménte, adv. con- 
Incongiungibile, adj. that 
-mot be Joined 
ngiunto, part, divided 
IncongruSnte, adj. incon- 
Incongruentemente, adv. im. 

Incongruenza, /. incongruity 
Incongruità,/, disproportion 
" icongruo, adj. incongruous 
iconnocchiare, to rvind a 
iconquassàbile, part, un- 

Inconseguènza, /. in conte- 

Inconsideràbile, adj. incon- 

Inconsiderataménte, adv. in. 

Inconsiderato, adj. rash 
Inconsiderazióne, aiul Incon- 
sideratézza, /. inconsidera- 
Inconsistente, adì. inconsistent 
Inconsolàbile, aJj. inconsolable 
Inconsolabilmente, adv. in- 

Inconstànte, adj. inconstant 
Inconstànza,/. inconstancy 
Inconsuèto, a. unusual, extra- 

Inconsultamente, adv. incon- 

Inconsulto, adj. inconsiderate 

Inconsumàbile, a. inconsum- 

Incontaminàbile, adj. incor- 

Incontaminatezza,/, purity 

Incontaminato, part, unde- 

Incontangnte, incontinènte. 

Incontentàbile, adj. imatiable 
Incontentabilità, /: insatiable- 

Incontest^ile, adj. indisput- 

Incontinente, adj. unchaste 

Incónto, part, unadorned 
Incontra, prep, against 
Incontrainénto, »n. a confer- 

Incontrare, and Incontrarsi, 

to meet, to happen 
Incontrastàbile, adj. indis- 

Incontrasto, part, incontest ■ 

Incóntro, m. a rencounter, 

cóntro, to advance 
Incontrovertibile, adj. not to 

be questioned 
Inconveniente, and Incon- 

venévole, adJ, income- 

Inconvenienteménte, adv. in- 



enza, /. inconveni 

Incorraggiaménto, m. encou 

Incorraggiare, to encourage 
Incorraggiàto, pari. ani 


Incorare, to persuade, to take 

Incordare, to be hennmbed 
Incordato, part benumbed 
Incordatura,/, a stiff neck 


] ncorporà'.e. 


IncoTjjorare, to incorporate 
Incorporito, pati, incorporated 
IncorporaziiSns, /. incorpora- 
Incorpòreo, adj. incorporeal 

Incorruttihilmente, adv. in- 

Incortiiidre, to set cvriaim 

Incortinalo, part. surround- 

In I 

ciénSa, adv. in con- 

Iiicostante, adj. inconstant 
Incostantemente, ado. inctm- 

Incostrlnza, and iHcost^zia, 

Incjtto, part, boiled, bak- 
ed; incòtto dal sole, sun- 

InoresccTolm«-nte, adv. tedi- 

Increscinnénto, m. rveari- 

Increspare, to carl, to shrink ; 
icrespàre la fronte, to con- 
. act one's e</e-bri>ms 
Increspato, part. curled, 

Incret«tre, to daub with clay 
Incrinare, to crack 
Incrociare, to cruise {a sea 

Incrociato, part, laid across 
IncrocicchiJre, to cross 

icchidto, adj. cross 

o%tatùra,f. a CTtistim; 
Incrudei;re, to grow cr-uel 
Incrudelito, port, bec-.nne cruel 
Incrudire, to make harsh, 

Inculcataménte, adv. ear 

Inculcato, vart inculcated 
Incùlto, part, uncultivated 
Incurabenza, f. charge ; as 

sùmersi 1' incumbénza, I 

take upon one's self 
Incuòcere, to boil, or bake i 

little, to scold 
Incuorale, to take in one" 

Incuràbile, adj. incurable 
Incùria,/, negligence 
Incursióne, J', incursion 
Incurvrfre, to bow, bend; in 
to prostrate one' 



Increato, adj. tut created 
Incredibile, adj. incredible 
Incredibllménle, adv. inci 


Iiicrepazióne,/ a reprimand 
Increscere, to be tired ; to com- 
miserate, to be sorry ; quanto 

s.i2ióne, hotv tired I am oj hi 
Increscévole, adj. tedious 


Incurvito, part, bent, crooked 
Incurvatura, and Incurva- 

ziòne, /. incurvation ; or 

Incurvo, adj. bent, crooked 
Incusàre, to accuse, blame 
Incustodito, adj. not guarded 
Incùtere, to tllrnst loith vio- 

I'ndaco, m. indigo, (blue to- 

Indebolire, to grow weak 
Indebolito, part, treakened 
Indecente, adj. indecctit 
Indecentemente, ade. inde- 

Indecènza,/, indecency 
Indeciso, part, undetermined 
Indeclindbile, adj. indeclin' 

Indecoraménte, adv. sitarne 

Indécore. aJj. (in poetry) 

Indecóro, adj. indecent 
Indefessandéutp, adv. inde- 

Indefèsso, adj. unwearied 
Indeficiènte, adj. not deji- 

Indeficientemente, adv. conti. 

Indeficienza,/, abundance 
Indefinito, adj. titUimitcd 
Indefinitamente, adv. undeter 

Indefinito, adj. indefinite 
Indegnamente, adv. unnor- 

Indegnazióne,/. itidignaiion 
Indegnità, Indegnitàde, and 

IndegnitXte,/. indignity 
Indégno, adj. unworthy 
Indelebile, adj. that catmot le 

cancelled, or blotted out 
Indelebilmente, adi: inde- 
Indeiicatire, to become dcli- 

Indemonialo, part, jtossessed 

with a devil 
Indenne, adj. titihvrt, safe 
Indennità, attd Indemiit^de, 

/ ittdetnnily 
Indennizzare, to indemnify 

Indennizzaiiòne,/. indemnifi- 
cation (law term) 
Indentro, prep. wilUiti, iii- 

Independcnte, adj. itidepend- 

Independenteraénte, adv. in- 

Independenza, /. indepen- 

IndetenTiinatain<!nte, ado «t ■ 


Ihidetermindto, ailj. undecided, 

naveiiiif^, doubtful 
Indeterminaziijne, /. indeter- 

Indettare, in agree, resolve 
Indevòto, adj. ungodly 
IndcToziòne,/. ungodliness 
Indi, adv. frmn thence ; after, 

aflemards : Indi à poco, a 

Utile after ; indi à poclii di, 

aferv days after 
Indiamantire, to counterfeit 

Indiana, adj. Indian stuff', 

printed cotton 
Indiarolàre, to fall into a 

Indiavoldto, adj. mad, furi- 

Indicàre, to shew, indicate 
Indicativo, m. the indicative 

mood (in grammar) 
Indicativo, adj. demonstra- 

Indicato, part, indicated 
Indicazióne, / and Indica- 

I'ndice, m. index, contents, 

Indicere, to imitate 
Indicibile, and Indicévole, 

adj. ineffuble, unuttera- 

Indicibilménte, inexpressi- 
I'ndico, adj. Indian, of In- 

Indiétro, adv. backrvards : 
volgersi indiètro, to look 
back ; córrer indiètro, to run 

Indifferentemente, adv. in- 

Indifferenza,/, indijffirence 
Indigeno, adj. indigenous 
Indigènte, adj. indigeni 
Indigènza,/, indigence 
IndigesUbiie, aJj. indigesti- 

Indigestióne, /. indigestion 
Indigesto, part, indigested 
Indignalo, part, provoked 
Indignazióne, /. indigna- 

IndigrOsso, adv. one with an- 
other ; compr<ire, or vendere 
indigrósso, to buy or sell 

Indimostràbile, adj. not de- 




Indirettamente, adv. indirect- 

InairCtlo, adi. indir» 
Inàirilzire, to direct 

Indispensabilità, /. an indis- 
pensable necessity 

Indispensabilmente, adi 

Indisposizióne, /. indisposi- 


Indizióne, /. indica 

ludo, adj. Indian, from India 
Indocile, adj. indocile, dull 
Indocilire, io render docile 
Indocilità,/, indocilily 

Indisciplinàbile, adj. undl 

ciplinable, indocile 
Indisciplinato, adj. unruly 
Indiscretamente, adv. indis- 

Indolenzire, to benitmb 
Indomàbile, adj. uutameable 
Indomandàto, a. unasked 
Indòmito, aJj.jince, wtruly 
Indonnarsi, to seize upon 
Indoppiàre, to donhle : l'In- 
ghilterra s' indoppia colla 
Scozia, England and Scot- 
land are contiguous ; la 
vostra bellezza va indop- 
piando, you groru more 

Indisputabilmente, adv. 

Indissolùbile, adj. indissolu- 

Indissolubilità, /. indissolu 

Indissolubilmente, adv. in 

Indistintaménte, adv. con 

Indistinto, adj. indistinct 

Indistinzióne,/ confusion 

Indivia,/ endive 

Individuale, adj. individual 

Indiridualità, /. individuality 

IndividualniC-nte, adv. indi- 

Individu:ire, to specify 

Individuazióne, /. a speci- 

Individuo, adj. inseparable ; 

\m individuo, an individual 

Indivisamente, adv. insepa 

Indivisibile, adj. indivisible 
Indivisibilità, /. indivisibi- 

"*y. . 


ilménte, adv. indi- 
Indiviso, adj. undivided 
Indi vóto, arf;. irreligious 
Indivozióne,/. irreligion 
Indiziare, io give suspicion 
Indizio, m. sign, token, no- 

Indoratùra, /. and Indora- 


Indormentlre, to stiipify 
Indormlre, to care very little 
Indonnito, adj. drowsy 
IndSsso, adv. upon the back 
Indotàto. adj nnthout dowry 
Indótta,/ inducement 
Indottamente, adv. unlearn- 

Indottivo, adj. persuasive 



Indottrindbile, a. indocil 
Indottrinare, io instruct 
Indovinare, to divine.foreiell 
Indovinatóre, m. a diviner. 

oitlfio^lTan eni-^ 

Indovino, ji 


Indovino, adj. prophetical 
Indovutamente, adv. unduly 
Indovuto, adj. undue, unlaw- 

Indo^zamènto, m. sorcery, 
IndozZare, to bewitch, to faU 


Indragàre, and IndracàrCj t. 

grorv furious, io rage 
Indragonlto, adj. furious, mad 
Indrappàie. io make cloth 
Indrappellare, io drarv up an 

army in bailie 
Indriéto, prep, behind 
Indrizzàrsi, (see Indirizzarsi) 
Indrudire, to grow amorous 
Indubitàbile, adj. indubila- 

Indubitabilità, /. certainty 
Indubitabilmente, adv. un- 
Indubitilo, adj. undoubted 
Indùcere, (see Indurre) 
Induciraénto, m. inducement 
Inducit(5re, m. an enticer 
Indugévole, adj. slon:, late 
Indagia, /. Indugio, and In- 
dugiaménto, m. a delay, 
hinderance ; senza indugio, 
without delay 
Indugiare, to delay, hinder 
Indugiato, part- delayed 
Indugiatóre, m. a delayer 

forgiveness, pardon 
Indùlgere, to indulge, grant 
Indulto, m. pardon 
Induménto, m. a dress 
Induràbile, adj. that grows 

Induraménto, m. hardness 

Indurire, and Indurire, to 
harden ; Indurarsi, to grorv 

Indurato, part, hardened 

Indurito, adj. obdurate 

Indurre, to induce ; indurre 
a tumulto, to stir up a re- 
bellion ; indurre per forza, 
to force 


Industriàrà, to dofo'r ih? best 

Industriosamente, adv. in 

Industrldsol and Industrio, 

adj. industrious 
Induttivo, adj. inducing 
Induttóre, m. an enticer 
Induzióne,/, induction 
Inebriare, m. (see Imbriac&re, 

and its derivatives) 
Ineclissàto, part, eclipsed 
Inèdia,/, a iiet, abstinence 
Inèdito, adj. unprinted 
Ineffàbile, adj. ineffable, un 

Ineffabilità, /. unutterable- 

Jnefi'abilménie, adv. ineffably 


Inefficace, adj. ineffectual 
Inefficàcia,/ ineffcaciousness 
Ineguaglianza, and Inegua- 
lità,/ inequality 
Ineguale, adj. unequal 
Inelegante, adj. inelegant 
Ineligibile, adj ineligible 
Ineluttàbile, adj. unavoid- 
Inemendàbile, adj. incorri- 
Inerrabile, adj. not to be rt- 

lated, told 
Inentro, adv. within 
Inequàle, adj (see Ineguale, 

and its derivatives) 
Inequivalènte, adj. not equiva- 

Inerbare, to cover with grass 

Inerènte, adj. inherent 

Inerènza,/, inherence 

Inèrme, adj. unarmed 

Inerpicàre, to climb 

Inèrte, adj. sluggish 

Inerudito, adj ignorant 

Inèrzia,/, sloth 

Inesauribile, adj. inexhausti- 

Inesàusto, adj. unexhausted 

Inescaménto, m. allurement 

Inescare, to entice 

Inescato, part, allured, en- 

Inescogitàto, part, unthought 

Inescusabilménte, adv. ine 

Ineseguibile, adj. not to 

Inesercitàbile, adj. not 

be , 

•crted ; 

citàbile, an impracticable 

Inesiccàbile, adj. inexhaustible 
Inesoràbile, adj. inexorable 
Inesorabilmente, adv. inexora- 
InesperiSnJa, /. inexperi- 

Inespèrto, adj. inexperienced 
Inespiàbile, adj. inexpiable 
Inesplicàbile, adj. inexpli- 

Inesprimibile, adj. inexpretsi- 

Inespugnàbile, adj. impregna- 

Inessiccàbile, adj. ineihausti' 

Inestimàbile, adj. inettima- 

Inestimabilmente, adv. in- 

Inestinguibile, adj. inexiir- 

Inestricàbile, and Inestrig^» 

bile, adj. inextricable 
Inestricàto, part, entangled, 

Inetumo, adv. for ever 
Inettamente, adv. foolishly 
Inettitudine,/, incapacity 
Inètto, ailj. inept, foolish 
Inevitàbile, adj. inevitoMe 
Inevitabilmente, adv. intvito' 

Inèzia, f. folly 
Infaccendato, adj. very busy 
Infacèto, adj insipid, cold ; 

uòmo infacèto, a sorry jester 
Infallibile, adj. infallible. 

Infallibilità, and Infallibi- 

\é,f. infallibility 
Infallibilmente, adv. infalli 

In fallo, adv. in vain; tuttì 

i colpi cadevano in fallo, 

all his strokes fell upon the 

Imamàre, to defame 
Infamato, part, defamed 
Infamatóre, m, a defamcr, 
' calumniator 

Infamatòrio, adj. defamatory 
Infamazióne, /. and Infama- 

Infàme, adj. infamous 
Infàmia, dud Infamità, /. in 

famy, disgrace 
Infando, adj. frightful 
Infangare, to dirt, mire 
Infangato, part, dirtied, full of 

Infantastichire, to grow fan- 
Infante, m. an infant, a child 
Infante, adj. infanto, title of 
the children of the kings cf 
Spain and Portugal 
Infanteria, /. foot soldiers 
Infantile, adj. childish 
Infanticidio, m. infanticide 
Infànzia, and Infantilità, 

Infarcire, to stuff 
Infardare, to besmear, foul 
Infardato, adj. foul, dirty 
Infaretràto, part, armed with 

Infarinare, to pender with 

Infarinato, part, whitened with 
meal ; who has a superjiciat 
knowledge qf a thing 

Infarinatura, /. small know- 

Infastidiraénto, m. neari- 

Infastidlre, and Infastidiire, 

Iiiastidfto, part, nauseated 
Infaticabile, and Infatigàbile, 

adj. indefatigable 
Infaticabilmente, adv. inde- 

In fatti, adj. in fact 
Infatuare, to become stupid 
Infatuato, part, infatuated, 

Infaustamente, adv. inaus- 

Infàusto, adj. unlucky, omi- 

Infecondità,/. barrenness 

Infecóndo, adj. barren 

Infedéle, adj. injidel 

Infedelmente, adv. unfaith- 

Infedeltà, and Infedelità, /. 

Infederare, to put on a pillorv 

Infelice, adj. unhappy 
Infelicemente, adv. unhap- 

Infelicità,/, misfortune 
Infellonire, to grow cruel 
Infellonito, adj. cruel 
Infemminire, to be effemi- 

Infemminito, adj. e^eminate 
Inferióre, adj. inferior 
Inferiorità,/, inferiority 
Inferire, tu infer 
Infermamente, adv. rveakly 
Infermare, and Infermarsi, to 

fall sick 
Infermato, and Inférmo, adj. 

infirm, feeble 
Infermeria, /. infirmary, a 

Infermiccio, and Infermdccio, 


Infermità./, infirmity 
Infernale, adj. hellish 
Inferno, m. hell 
Inferno, adj. infernal, hell- 

Inferrato, m. and Inferriata, 

Inferrato, part, changed 
infervorare, and Iniervorire, 
to animate 

Infervorato, adj. fervent 
Infestaménto, m. and Infes- 

tagidne, / molestation, 

Infestamente, adv. impor- 

Infestdre, to infest, annoy 
Infestalo, part, infested 
Intestatóre, m. a disturber. 

Infestuto, m. the foundering of 

Infettare, io infect, taint 
Infettato, and Infètto, part. 

infected, tainted 
Infettatóre, m. a corrupter 
Infeudare, to infeoff (lam 

Infeudazióne, /. infeoffment 

(lam term) 
Infettivo, adj. infectious 
Infezióne,/ infection 
Infiacchiménto, m. aneaken- 

Infiammataraénte, adv. ar- 
Infiammatlvo, adj. inflam- 

Infidamente, adv. unfaithfully 
Infidelità,/. (see Infedeltà) 
Infido, adj. faithless 
Infielàre, to make bitter mith 

Infievoliménto, «t weakening 
Infievolire, and InfieboUre, to 

Infievolito, part, weakened 
Infiggere, to nail, or drive 
Inflgnere, to feign ; infl- 
gnersi, to disguise one's self ; 
s' infinse di non saper nul- 
la di queste cose, he pre- 
tended to know nothing of 
the matter 
Infignévole, part, feigned, 



Infigniménto, and Infingk 

mento, m. dissimulation 
Infignitóre, and Infingitdre, 

Infilare, and Infilzare, to 
thread, string ; infil2ér un 
discórso, to tell a long story ; 
infilare le péntole, to fail ; 
infilzarsi da se, to fall into 

Infilzata,/, a ribblercm 
Infilzato, and Infilato, part. 

l'nfimo, adj. lamest, extreme. 

Infinchè, and Infinechè, adv. 

since, until 
Infin da ora, adv. hencefor- 

Infine, adv. in short 
Infingardaggine, and Infia 

garderla,/ laziness 
Infingardire, to grow idle 
Infingardito, and Infingardo, 

adj. lazy, idle 
Infingardo, m. the sloth (a 

Infingere, to feign 
Infingiménto, m. and In- 

fingitudine, /. dissimulation 
Infinità,/, infinity 
Infinitam.énte, adv. infinite- 

Infinito, and Infinitivo, m. 
the infinitive mood (in gram- 

Infino, prep, till, until ; fci ■ 
fino dal principio, from the 
beginning ; inuno ad ora, 
till nom,from that moment, 
inflno allóra, /rom this time, 
till then, until then ; infine a 
quando, until, when, horn 
long ; andò meco inflno alla 

Infinoattantochè, adv. until 

Infinocchiare, to impose 
Infinocchiatura, /. deceit 
Infimamente, adv. deceit- 

Infintànto, and Infiatantochè, 

adv. till, until 
Infinta, / and Infinto, wt. 

duplicity, dittimUafion, iif 




Infinto, pari, feigned 
Infintiòne, /. simulation 
Infiorare, lo blossom, to adorn 

Infiorire, to bloom, or blorv 
Infirmità./. infirmity 
Infirmo, adj. infirm 
Infi scire, ia confiscate 
InSiiso, pari, fixed " '- 


into a fis. 

Inflazióne,/, swelling 
Inflessfbilc, adj. infiexible 
Inflessiliihnénte, adv. obsl 

Ii^essione./. inflection 
Inflettere, to bend, curb 
Inflitto, part, inflicted 
lTì&uénzz,f. influence 
Influire, and Influere, to i 

Influsso, part, influe 


t Infortunaménte, adv. 

Infortunato, adj. unfortunate 
Infortùnio, m. misfortune 
Inforzare, to strengthen ; to 

Inforzato, adj. strong 
Infoscato, part, darkened 
Infossare, lo bury 
Infossilo, pari, laid in the grave 
Infra, prep, betrveen, among, 
amidst, in, about; infra il 

infra me, within myself; 

Infracidaménto, and Infradi- 
ciaménto, m. corruption 

Infracidare, and Infradiciare, 
'.0 putrefy ; infracidare 



Infrequènza,/, unfregueney 
Infrescaménto, m. refreshment 
Infrescatdio, m a cooler 
Infretta, adv. in haste 
Infrigidente, adj. cooling 
Inft-igiddre, and Infrigidfre, 

to cool, to grow cool, frigid 
Infrtgno, part, rvrinkled 
Infrlngere. to infringe 
InfrondàKi, to shoot forth 

In fròtta, adv. in a company 
Infiruscare, to confuse 
Infruscato, adj. dai 

Infruttifero, adj. unfruitful 
Irifruttuosaménte, adv. un 

Infruttuóso, adj. nnfrmtful 
Infunare, to tie with ropes 
Infunatiira, /. a binding rviln 



md Influì 

Infracidatiira, and Infradici 

Infocaménto, Infuocaménto, 
m. and Infocaziòne, /. con- 
flagration, hea 

Infocare, to he 

Infundfbulo, m . 
Infuocare, (see 

all its derivati 

Infonire, and 


nd Infuocazi- 

Infocato, adj. 

Infocaziòne, i 

dne,/. heat. 

Infóndere, to i 

Infondiménto, m. infusion 
Inforcare, to fork, hang 
xaforcato, adj. caught tvilh a 

Inforcatura, /. a body cleft, 

(also) a forkful 
Informare, /o inform; infor- 

Informàto, part, informed 
Informatóre, m. informer 
Informazióne, /. information, 

Infórme, adj. formless 
Infornapane, m. a baker's 

Infornare, to put in the oven 
InfomaU,/. an oven-full 
Infomito, part, baked 
Inforsàre, io put in doubt 
In forse, in doubt, in dan- 
ger ; lasciare una cosa in 
forse, to leave a thing at 
■ random : io era in forse se 
dovessi farlo o no, / did not 
know whether I ihould do il 

red- Infragniménto, 


Infragrànti, ad 

m. and In- 
in the fact 
Infralii ... - - 

Infralire, lo grow weak 
Inframèssa, /. and Infra- 

mSsso, m. interposition 
InframSttere, to insert, to in 

Infranciosato, part, diseased 
Infràngere, to break 
Infrànto, pari 
Infrantolo, m 


Infìirìàrsi, t 

liiftiriataménte, adv. furiously 
Infuriato, adj furious 
Infusamente, adv confusedly 
Infusióne,/ infusion 
Infuso, part, infusi 


oil-mill, ( 

Infrantùra, /. (see Infragni- 
ménto) ! 

Infrascaménto, m. a stripping 
of leaves 

Infrascare, to cover with 
branches, to entangle. 

Infrascritto, part. under- 
written, subscribed 
Infrascrivere, to subscribe 
Infrazióne, /. rupture, frac- 
tion, (also) a breach, viota- 

' Infreddare, to take cold 
Infreddativo, adj. giving cold 
Infreddato, pari, having gut 

Infuturarsi , 

be prolonged 
Ingabbiare, to put in a cage 
Ingaggiare, to engage ; in 

gagi^uire a usura, to pawn 
Ingaggiato, part, engaged 
Ingagliardia, /. weakness 
Ingagliardire, to grow strong 
Ingagliardito, adj. brisk, 
I strong 
Ingallappiàre, to catch in a 

IngalluZzàrsi, io be proud 
I„ga!luzzato. adj. proud 
Ingambàre, to run away 
Ingangherare, to put, or hang 

Ingannàbile, adj. deceitful 
Ingannare, to cheat ; ingan- 
narsi, to mistake ; s'io non 
m' inganno, if 1 mistake 

Ingannato, part, cheated 
Ingannatóre, m. a cheat 
Ingannévole, and Ingannà- 

, adj. r, 

adv. de- 

to strengthen 


Inganno, and Ingai>.namónto, 

«I. cheat, trick : trar d' in- 

giivao, <c undeceive 

Ingarabu.Iire, and Ingar- 
buglidre, to deceive, per- 
IngastigtCfo, pari. unpunUlted 
Ingastigidiie,/. impunity 
Ingegnaménto, m. craft, cun- 

Ingegnarsi, to endeavour 
Ingegnere, arid Ingegnerò, m. 

ery body doe3 what h 

Ingegnosamente, adv. ingeni- 
Ingegn<5so, adj. ingeinous, 

Ingegnurflo, »ii malice, craft 
Ingelosire, to grow jealout 
Ingelosito, adj. become jea- 

Ingemmaménto, m. an adorn- 
ing with Jewell 
Ingemmare, to deck with 

Ingemmato, adj. adorned with 

In generale, adv. generally 
Ingenerare, fa engender 
Ingenerazidne, /. and In- 
generaménto, m. genera- 

Ingenito, aJj innate 
Ingentilire, to become noble, to 

Ingentilfto, adj. ennobled 
Ingenuamente, adv. sincerely 
Ingenuità,/, sincerity 
Ingenuo, adj. ingenuous, free 

Ingerirsi, to intermeddle 

Ingessato, part, chalked 

Ingessatura,/, a chalking 

Ingésto, adj. inserted 

Inghiottiménto, m. a swallow- 
ing ; pool, pit, abyss 

Inghiottire, to swallow, ab- 
sorb; inghiottire altrui, to 
surpass one; ingliiotUre 
un' injuria, to put up an 

Inghiottito, adj swallowed up 
Inghiottitdio, m. the throat 
Inghirlandaménto, m. a 

crowning with a garland 
Inghirlandare, to crown with 
garlands ; fuor di quel mar 
che la terra inghirlanda, out 
of that sea which encompasses 




Ingiallire, and Ingiallare, to 
dye, or grow yellow 

Ingiardinato, adj full of gar- 

Ingrandire, to increase, en- 


large, advance, to aggran- 

Inginocchiarsi, to kneel 


Inginocchiato, adj kneeling 

Ingrandito, adj. enlarged, ad- 

Inginocchiatóio, m. a stool to 


Ingranditore, m. an ampli- 

Inginocchiatura,/, a bending 


Inginocchiazióne, /. a genu- 

Ingrassaménto, m. a fatten- 

, adv. kneeling upon 

Ingiovanire, to grow young 
Ingiù, adv. downward 
Ingiugnere, to charge, con 

Ingiuriare, t 

injure, , 

Ingiuriato, adj."injured 

Ingiuriosamente, adv. inju- 
Ingiuridso, adj. injurious 
Ingiustamente, adv. unjustly 
Ingiustlz^a,/ t7,juslice 
Ingiusto, adj. unjust 
Ingobbire, to grow hump- 

Ingóffò, m. a Jiaty-cuff, (also! 

Ingolfato, adj. addicted 
Ingolldre, to swallow 
Ingollato, part, swallowed 
Ingombraménto, m. incum 

Ingombrare, to hinder, stop 
Ingombrato, adj. hindered 
Ingdmbro, and Ingombrlo, nt 

Ingorbiare, to put a ferrule o 

Ingdrdo, adj. greedy, eager ; 

bitant price; struménto in- 
gdrdo, a sharp instrument 
Ingorgaménto, m. gorging 
lugoTgire. to gorge : fiume che 

s' ingorga, a swelling river 
Ingorgato, adj. gorged 
Ingorgiàre, to swallow down 
Ingoz/ire, to gorge, cram. 

Ingrassare, to fatten : ingrassic 

i campi, to manjire 
Ins^rassatlvo, adj. fattening 
Ingrassato, adj. fattened 
Iiigi-ataméute, adv. ungrate- 

Ingraticolare, to enclose, to 

Ingraticolato, adj. railed 
Ingratitudine, and Ingratézza, 

/. ingratitude 
Ingrato, adj. ungrateful 
Ingravidaménto, m. ingravt- 

Ingra-vidare, to impregnate, (o 

Ingraziarsi, to ingratiate 
Ingrediènte, m. ingredient 
Ingicsso, m. ingress, access 
Ingroppare, to add, to carry on 

Ingrossaménto, m. an increas- 
ing, swelling, thickness 

Ingrossare, to make big, to get 
with child 

Ingrossato, adj. grown biggtr 

Ingròsso, adj. the whole • 
vendere all' ingrdsso, to sell 
by wholesale 

Ingrugnàre, or Ingrognare, to 
be angry 

Ingrugnato, or Ingrognate, 
adj. angry 

Inguainàre, to put into the 
scabbard, sheath 

Inguar.tarsi, to put on one'a 

Inguantiito, adj. that has glovts 

In guisa, adv. like as 
Inibire, to forbid 
Inibita,/ inhibition law lerrn] 
Inibitdrio, adj that pmhibils 
Inibizióne,/ prohibition 
Iniettare, ^o inject 
InieSidne,/. inject 


enemy ; inimicarsi, to mal« 
Inimicato, adj. used like etn 


Inimicfzia, /. enmily 
Inimfco, m. an enemy 
Inimico, adj. unfriendly 
Inimitàbile, adj. inimitable 
In infinito, adv. infinitely 
Inintelligibile, adj. obscure 
Iniquamente, adv. perfidiout- 

Iniquità, /. iniquity, (also) 

Iniquitdso, adj. wicked 
Iniquo, aJj. unjust 
Injuria,/, injury 
Injustlzia,/. Ì7iju>tice 
Iniziale, adj. initial 
Iniziare, to initiate 
Iniiiato, adj. instructed 
Iuiziat<5re, in. a beginner 
Inlacciare, to fall into snaret 
Inlaccidto, adj. ensnared 
Inlanguidlre, to become Ian' 

Inlaqueire, to entangle 
Inlaudàbile, adj. unniorthy qf 

Inlecitaménte, adv. unlarv- 

Inlécito, adj. unlawful 
Inleggiadrlto, adj. embellish' 

Inle^ttimità,/. illegitimacy 
Inleglttimo,/. illegitimate 
Inletteràto, adj. unlearned 
Inlibtare, to balance 
Inlividlre, to bruise 
Inlilnga, Inlungo, adv. mandir 

in lunga, to procrastinate ; 

in lungo andie, in process 

of time 
Inmalinconlre, Inmalinconi- 

chlre, and Inmalinconicare, 

to be melancholy 
Inmarclre, to rot, putrefy 
Innabissàre, to be srvallowed 

Innacqn^e, to tvater, soak, 
sprinkle ; imiacquare il 
vino, to mix wine niitfi 

Innacquato, adj. watered 
Innaffiare, to mater 
Innaffiato, part, watered 
Innaffiatóio, m. a watering- 

Innamoracchiarsi, to fall in 

Innamoraménto, and Inna- 
morazzaraéiito, m. tourt- 

Innamoràre, to fall in love ; 
innamorarsi al primo ùs- 
cio, to fall in love at first 
Innamorata,/, a mistress 
Innamoratamente, adv. lov- 


Innamorazfire, lo be in love 
Innanellàre, to curl, to give the 

nuptial ring 
Innanelijto, adj. curled 
Innanimire, and Innaniralre, 

Innanimàto, part, heartened 
Innànto, ajid Innanti, prep. 

{in poetry) {see Innanzi) 
Innantichè, adv. before 
Innanzi, m. a model, origi- 

Innànzi, prep, before. In- 
nanzi, adv. rather, better, 
afterwards ; andare innan- 
zi, to grow ; Tenure innanzi, 
to present one's self; più 
innangi, farther ; méttere 
innanzi, to propose ; non 
andate più innanzi, say no 

Innanzi t 

, adv. first of 

Innagresslre, to grow sour 
Innalberire, to gel up a tree 
Innalzaménto, m. and lunal- 

zattìra,/. exaltation 
Innalzare, to exalt, raise, ad- 

Innamìdàre, to dai \ 

Innarsicciàto, m. a burning 
Innascòndere, to hide 
Innascòso, adj. hid, con 

Innato, adj. innate, natural 
Innaturale, adj. unnatural 
Imiebbiàrsi, to grorv dark 
Innebbiiàre, to make drunk 
Innegàbile, adj. incontest- 
Innestare, to ingraft 
Innestato, adj. ingrafted 
Innestatura, Innestagi<5ne, /. 

I and Innestaménto, m. o 
graft, a scion grafted 
Innesto, m. a graft 
Inno, >n. an hymn 

I Innobilità,/. ignobilily 

I Innocente, adj. innocent 
Innocentemente, adv. inno- 

I cently 


Innocenza, and lunoc'nZia,/. 

Innoltràrsi, lo advance, exceed 
Innominato, adj. nameless 
Innondare, {see Inondare) 
Innóssio, adj. harmless 
Innostràre, to cover with scar- 

let cloth 
Innovare, to innovate 
Innovatóre, m an innovator 
Innovazióne,/, change 
Innovellare, to renew 
Innumeràbile, adj. innumer- 
able, numberless 
Innuzzollre, to excite a desire 
Inobbediènte, adj. disobe- 

Inobbediénza, /. disobedi ■ 

Inoculare, to inoculate 
Inoculazióne, /. inoculation 
Inodorlfero, adj. without any 

Inoliare, to oil 
Inoliato, j)art. oiled 
Inoltrarsi, {see Innollràrsi) 
Inóltro, and Innóltre, adv. 

Inondare, to overflow 
Inondazióne, /. and Inonda- 
ménto, m. inundation 
Inonestà,/, dishonesty 
Inonesto, adj. dishonest 
Inonorato, adj. dishonoured 
I'nope, adj. indigent 
Inòpia, f.' indigence 
Inopinàbile, adj. credible 
Inopinatamente, adv. una^ 

Inopinato, aAj. unthoughl qf 

Inopportunataménle, adv. un- 

Inopportuno, adj. unseason- 

Inorare, to gild over; to ho- 
nour, beseech 

Inordinataménte, aifiv immo- 
derately _ 

Inordinatezza, /. confusion 

Inordinate, adj. out <f or- 

InorgogUre, to make proud; 

inorgoglirsi, to groiu proiid 
Inorpellaménto, m. a painting. 

Inorpellare, to counterfeit, to 

with false t 
InorpelUto, adj. 



Inospitale, adj. inhospitable, 

barbarous, cruel 
Inospitalità,/, inhospifalify 
Inóspite, uninhabited 
Inosservàbile, adj. itnobserv- 

Inosservanza,/. unoLsetvance 
Inosservato, adj. unobserved 
Inottusfre, to become dull, 

obtute, without taste 
In palése, adv. publicly 
In paragóne, adv. compara^ 

tivelx) to 
In parte, adv partly 
In particolare, adv. particu- 
In perpetuo, adv. perpetually 
In persóna, adv. personally 
In piedi, adv. on foot 
In protfilo, adv. in profile 
In pùnto, CUÌV. ready; sono in 

pùnto, T am ready 
In qua, adv. since, this side ; 

da allóra in qua, siitce that 

In quanto, and In quanto che, 
adv. in as much as, con- 

for my part 
Inquietamente, adv. tinquietly 
Inquietare, and Inquietli'e, to 

Inquietazióne, /. the act of 

Inquietézza,/, uneasiness 
Inquieto, adj. umjuiet 
Inquietùdine,/, disquiet 
Inquisire, to accuse 
Inquisito, part, accused 
Inquisitore, m. inquisitor, 
sheriff, coroner [search 

Inquisizióne, /. inquisition, 
Inraccontabile, adj. that can- 
not be related 
Inragionévole, adj. (see Irra- 

llirazionàbile, a'dj. 'irrational 
Inregolare, adj. (see Irre- 
Inreiigiosità,/ irreligion 
Inreligióso, adj. irreligious 
Inremediabile, and Inrime- 

diàbile, adj irremediable 
Inreprensfbile, adj. irrepre- 

Inreprobàbile, adj. irreprov- 

Iiu-epugi\àbile, adj. tinittet- 

Inretrattdbile, adj. irrevocable 

Inrevocal)i]ità, /. irrevocabilily 

Inricchfre, to enrich 

Inrigidire, to grK,tv sti^l hard 

Inritrosfre, to grow unruly 
sly, stubborn 

Inriverente, adj. {see Irre- 

Inrossare, to dye with a red 

Inruvidrre, to mark hard 
N.B. For all the above and 

other words beginning with 

Inr, (see Irr) 
Insaccare, to sack, to bag 
Insaccato, part, bagged, sack- 


a,/ a s, 

1 have 

Insalato, wij. salt, salted 
Insalatura, /. a salting, or 

Insaldare, to starch, (also) to 

Insalvatichfto, adj. mild, sa- 
Insalùbre, adj. unhealthy 
Insanàbile, wlj. incurable 
Insanamente, adv. foolishly 
Insanguinare, to make bloody 
Insanguinato, part, bloody 
Insània, /. madness, folly 
Insanire, to grow mad 
Insanito, part, mad. 
Insano, adj. insane, mad 
Insaponare, to soap, flatter, 

Insaziabilmente, adv. insa 
Inscampàbile, adj. unavoid- 

Insciènte, adj. ignorant 
Inscrivere, to inscribe 
write, or to engrave ai 

:i;lto. adj. engraved. 


Inscusàbile, adj. intxcut' 

Inségna, /. arms, colours. 

Insegnaménto, m. document. 

Insegnato, part, taught 
Insegnatóre, m. a teacher 
Insegréto, adv. secretly 
Inseguire, to pursue 
Inseliciàto, part, paved 
Inseliciàto, m. pavement 
Inselvàre, and Inselvatl- 
càre, to grow woody; in- 
selvarsi, to take refuge in a 

Insensatamente, adv. foolishly. 

Insensatàggine, atjd Insensa- 
tézza, /. stupidity, folly. 

Insensato, adj. foolish, tense- 

Insensibile, adj insensible 
Insensibilità,/, insensibility 
Insensibilmente, adv. imper- 
ceptibly, by degrees 
Inseparàbile, adj. insepa- 

:nseparabilménte, adv. inse- 
'nsepólto, adj. unburied 
Inserenàre, to elear ttp, to 

Inserenàto, adj. serene 
Inserire, to insert 
Inserito, part inserted 
Inserràre, to shut up 
Inserviènte, adj. good, tueful. 

•fi* . 

nsetàre, io wrap up with silk, 

(:iho) to graft 
nsetaZióne,/. grafting 
nsetto, m. an insect 
nseverlto, adj. grown te- 


Insidiato, pati, p, 

Insidiatóre, m. a traitor 
Insidiosamente, adv. treachc' 

Insidióso, adj ensnaring 
Insième, and Insiememénte, 
,dv. together, likewite. 



Inciepiirsi, to hide one » self in 

Insfgne, adj. renomned, excel- 

Insigniticinte, adj. insigiiifi- 

Insignemente, adv. noiabiy 
Insignire, t» decorate, adorn 
Insignito, part, adorned 
Insignorire, io make one 

Insinattanto, Insintànto, In 
sintantoché, Insfno, Insi- 
nochè, and Insinché, prep. 

Insinuare, to imintiale : in- 
sinuarsi, to steal, creep in 
Insinuazióne,/, insinuation 
Insipidamente, adv. foolithly 
Insipidezza, /. insipidili/, jiat- 

Insipiente, adj foolish 
Insipienza, and InsipiSnfia,/. 

Insistenza,/, obstinacy 
Insistere, to insist, persist, to 

I'nsito, adj. innate, natural 
Insoave, adj. unpleasant 
Insociabile, adv. unsociable 
InsofBciente, aJJ. (see In- 
sufficiènte, and its deriva- 
Insoffribile, adj. insufferable 
Inseggettabile,' adj. untame- 

Insognàrsi, to dream, fancy 
Insegno, ni. dream, fancy 
Insolcare, to draw the plan of 

a building 
Insolente, adj. insolent 
Insolentemente, adti. insolent- 


Insolentire, to grow saucy 
Insolènzà, and InsolSnzia, / 

Insolito, adJ unusual, rare 
InsolUre, to ^tow sitft, to di 

minish, weaken 
InsoUIre, to rise up in arms 
Insolùbile, adJ imlissoluble 

argoménto, problèma, iVc. 

insolùbile, an argttment, o 

problem, S;e. that cannot /« 

Insolubilmente, adv. indis- 

In sómma, adv. at last 
In&onnàre, to lull asleep 

Ins<5nte, adj. innocent, harm- 

Insopportàbile, adj. insupport- 

Insordire, to deafen, to become 

Insorgere, to rise against 

Insormontàbile, adj. insur- 

Insórto, part, risen up 
Insospettire, to groro luspi- 

Insospettlto, adj. suspicious 

Insostenibile, adj. unwarrant- 

InsoJiàre, and Insozzile, to 
foul, stain, grow dirty 

Insperàbile, adj. unhoped- 

Insperataménte, adv. unex- 
Insperato, adj. unexpected 
Inspessamén'to, wi. conden- 

Inspettóre, m. an inspector 
InspeZióne,/. inspection 
N.B. The letter n in the fol- 
lowing words, as far as In- 
stupidlto, may be left out, 
(see Ispezióne) 
Inspirare, lo inspire with, to 

suggest, to prompt 
Inspirato, part, inspired 
Inspiratóre, m. he who in- 
Inspirazióne, /. and Inspira- 

ménto, m. inspiration 
Inspontàiieo, adj. involun- 

Instàbile, adj. unstable 
Instabilità,/, instability 
InsUncàbile, adj. indefati- 
Instancabilmente, adv. inde- 

Instantaneaménle, adv. imme- 
Instantàneo, adj. momentary. 


Institute, m. 
Institutóre, »i 

Instruire, to instruct 
Instrulto, part. instKueted 
Instrumentdle, and Ini 
mentdrio, adj. 


Instigazióne, /. and Instiga- 

Instiltóre, to instil, it\fusc, 

Instilldto, pait. instilled 
Instlnto, ni instinct 
Institulre. to institute: insti- 

somebody one's heir 
Initituta, /. institutes 
Instituttsta, m. a reader if the 

jntal ; 

strumetital music 
Instruménto, m. instrument 
InstruttlTO, adj. iiistructive 
Instnitto, part, instructed 
Instruttóre. m. a tutor 
Instruzióne,/. instruction 
Instupidlre, ta be surprised 
Instupidlto, part, stupified. 

In SÙ, adv. above ; andare in 
SÙ e in giù, to go up and 
down : da due in su, except 
' '- - '■ la tàvola, upon 

InsufficifnZa,/ insufficiency 
In SUI, adv. upon ; "in sul fa 
del dì, by break of day ; i 
su'l bel del discorso, in il 
middle of the discourse 
JnsAiso. adj. foolish 
Insultare, to insult 
Insultato, adj offronled 
Insulto, m. an insnlt, affront 


Instanteménte, adv. instantly 
Instànza, and Instan2ia, /. 
instance, eolicitation ; ad 
instànza vostra, at your re- 
Instare, to urge, in.tist, press 
Insterilire, to grow barren 
Instigàre, to instigate, sug- 

Insuperblre, to grow proud 
Insuperbito, adj. proud 
Insùrgere, to rise against, to 

resist by force 
Insórto, part, risen up 
j Insussistènte, adj. not sub- 
sistenU not snl<siating 
Insussistinza,/. the invalidity 
of any thing 
! Insusurràre, Io murmur 
I Intabaccarsi, to fall in love, 
{:xHo) to g,ve one's self up ^ 
I Intaccare, to jag, juilch, » 


tiffcn^, hurt, injure, contract 

Intaccato, part.Jaggeil, note! 

ed, injured 
Intaccatura, /. a notching, c 

Intagliaménto. m. incisior 

Intagliato, i>art. engraved 
carved, jiroportioned, nel 

Intagliatóre, m. an engraver 

Intaglio, m. and Intagli 
/. an engraving, ea 
intàglio d'acqua fórte, ar\ 

Jntagliuzzàre, to mince 
Intamburàre, to accuse, im- 

Intamburazidne, /. impeach- 

Intandre, and Intanarsi, te 



Intantochè, adv. whilst, so 
that ; asiiettatemi qui in- 
tanto eh' io venga, stai/ here 
till I come 
Intarlaménto, m. n<orm-hole 
Intarlare, to be muth, or worm- 

IntaiMto, adj. moth, or tvorm- 

Intarsi.-tre, to inlay 
Intarsi<ito, part, inlaid 
Intarsiatura,/, inlaid rvork 
Intartarito, adj. covered with 

Intasare, to set slits close toge- 
ther, to fill with tartar 
Intascare, to pocket up, to 

Intassàre, to bend a bom 
Intatto, part, untouched 
Intavolare, to wainscot, or 
rail in, (also) to make 
a drawn game at chess, 
draughts, J<fc. to set in notes, 
to place boards ; intavolare 
un negòzio, to propound an 
Intavolato, parf. wainscoted 
Intavolatura,/. watnscof,rule, 
instruction, a tablature, 
(mu4i< term) 


Intendevolménte, adv. ieanx' 

edit,, carefully 
Intendiménto, m. understand' 

nénte, adv. i 

Integramente, adv. honestly, 

Integrare, to make entire 
IntegriSto, part, made entire 
Integrità, / integrity, perfec 

Integro, a/ìj. whole, entire 

honest, Just 
Integuménto, m. integument 
Intelaiare, to put upon the toon 
Intelaiatura, /. the skeleton of 

a building, jj-c. 
Intellettfva, /. and Intellato, 

m. understanding, intellect, 

Intellettivo, adj. intellectual, 

Intellettuale, adj. intellec- 
Intellettualità, /. intellectual 

Intellezióne,/, intelligence 
Intelligente, adj. intelligent, 

well knowing, skilled, learn- 

Intelligenza,/. knowledge, cor- 
respondence, learning ; in- 
telligènza secreta, a colla- 

Intelligibile, adj. plain, easy 
Intelligibilmente, adv. intel- 
Intemerata, / perplexity, con- 

adj. undpfiled. 
Intemperante, adj. intempcr- 
IntemperdnJa, .and Intempe- 

ra, / e 

Intemperàrsi, to grow temper- 
Intemperato, adj. immoderate. 
Intempèrie, /. intempera- 
Intempestlvo, adj. unseasona- 

IntendSnte, adj. intelligent, 
ski/led, knowing 

Intèndere, to understand, to 
design, intend, to agree to- 
gether ; intènder gli dcchi, 
to fix one's eyes 

ImenSitdre, m. an understand- 
ing man ; a budn intendi ti5r 
poche paróle, a word to tks 

Intenebraménto, m. a darken^ 

Intenebrare, and Intenebrare, 

to darken 
Intenebrato, pari, obscured. 

Intenerire, to mollify, soften ; 
intenerirsi, to be affect- 

Intenerito, part, mollified, 

Intensamente, adv. intensely 
Intensivo, and Intènso, adj, 

intense, excessive 
Intentamente, adv. attentive- 


Intentare, to attempt 
Intentato, adj. atttmjited ; TKt 

Intentazióne,/ attempting 

Intento, adj. attentive, ready. 

Intenzionale, adj. intention- 

Intenzionalmente, adv. intcK- 

Intenzióne,/, intention 
Intepidire, to grow luke- 

Inter^me, m. the entrails 
Interamente, adv. entirely 
Intercaldre, to add, to insert 
Intercalare, m. intercalar, <X 

Intercettare, to intercept 
Intercetto, part, intercepted 
Intercezióne./ intercepting 
Interchiudere, to encli'-e 
Intercidere, to divide in two, 

to hinder 
IntercoICnnio, m. space be- 

Interdétto, m. interdiction, 
suspension, prohibition 

Interdire, and Interdlcere, to 
prohibit, forbid 

Interdizióne, /. and Inter- 
diciménto, m. a sutpen- 



Interessante, adj. interetlitig 

Interessare, to inlenst 

Interessato, part, interested, 

Interesse, and Interesso, m. 
interest, profit, (also) loss, 
prejudice ; badare a suoi, 
interèssi, to mind one's own 

Interézza,/, entireneas 

Interiezióne, and Interghie- 
zióne,/. interjection (a sud- 
den exclamation) 

Interiora, /. pi. and Interidri, 
m. pi. entrails 

Interiormente, adv. infernal- 
Interlineare, io interline 
Interlineare, adj. between tine 

Interlineato, part, interlined 
Inter!ocut<3re, m, a speaker. 

Interlocutòrio, adj. interlocu- 

Intermèdio, m. an inter- 

Intermèdio, adj. interme- 

Intcrmentlre, to be benumb- 

IntermSsso, part, intermit- 

Intermettere, to interrupt, dis- 

Intermettiménto, m. discon- 

Intermèzzo, adj. intermedi- 

Interniinito, adj. bound ■ 

Intermissióne, and Intermit- 

Intermlsto, part intermixed 
Intermittente, adj. intermit- 
Intermittènza, /. intermilten- 


Internamente, adv. internal- 
Internare, and Internarsi, to 

Internato, part. pierced 

Interno, adj. internal, in' 


ailj. entire, perfect, 

Interponiménto, m. interposi- 

Interpdrre, to interpose 
Interpositóre, m. intercessor 
Interposizióne, /. inierposi- 

Interpretàto, part, interpret- 

Interpretazióne, f. interpreta- 

Intèrprete, and Interpretatóre, 

m. an interpreter 
Interpunzióne, f. punctua- 

Interrare, and In terriere, to 
do over with clay, (also) to 

Interrégno, m. interreign 
Interrogare, to examine 
Interrogato, part, question- 

Interrogatòrio, to. and In- 

Interrómpere, to interrupt, 

Interromplménto, m. and 
Intemizzióne, /. interrup- 

Intersezióne,/ intersection 
Intertenére, to detain 
Interteniraénto, m. entertain 

Intésa, /. intention, under- 

1 niesaménte, ado. attentively 


Inteachi^to, adj. stubborn 
Intéso, part understood 
Intéssere, to rveai-e 
Intessuto, part, woven 
Intestarsi, to be obstinate 
Intestato, adj. stubborn ; in» 

Intestino, adj. intestine 
Intestini, m. pi. intestines 
Intiepidire, and Intiepidire, io 

Intiepidito, and Intiepidito, 

adj. cool, lukewarm 
Intfgnere, to dip, soak, steep 
Intimamente, adv. intimate' 

Intimare, to signify 
Intimazióne,/, intimation 
Intimidire, to grow fearful 
Intimidito, adj. timid 
Intfmido, adj. bold, intrepid 
Intimo, adj. inward, inti- 

Intimorlre, to terrify 
Intimorito, part, frighted 
Intingolo, and Intinto, m. a 

ragout, sauce, gravy 
Infnto, part, soak.d, plun- 

Intirizzire, and Intirizzire, ti 

stiffen, to be benumbed 
Intirizzato, part, stijflned 
Intisichire, to grow consump 
tive ; far divenir tisico, ti 

Intitolaménto, to a title 
Intitolare, to entitle a thin>, 
to, to inscribe, give a title 
intitolarsi, to assume 
Intitoldto, part, entitled 
Intitolazióne, /. title, dedica 

Intolleràbile, adj. intolera 

Intollerante, adj. impatient 
Intonacare, and Ir" -■-^-- ' 

d Intonicdre, Ic 

Intònaco, Intonicàto, and In- 

tònico, TO. plaster 
Intonare, to tune, to sing 
Intonato, part, tuned, resound- 

Intonatdre, m. a tuner, sing- 

Intonazióne,/, tune 
Intonchiare, to be eaten up 

with mites 
Intonicaliira,/. rough east 
Intoppaménto, m. hinderaiKt 


Intcppdre, io meet with 
Intoppo, m. a meeting 
Intorare, to put one's 3 

Intorbidare, Intorbidare, and 
Intorbiare, to make thick, 
or muddy; to disturb, vex, 

Intorbidato, adj. thick, muddy, 

Intormentiménto, m, numb- 
ness, stiffness 

Intormentire, to benumb, make 

Intorniare, and Intomeiire, to 

surround, encompass 
Intomiainénto, m, a turn, 

Intorniato, part, surrounded 
Intórno, prep, about, con- 
cerning ; air Intdrno, round 
about ; guardar intdrno, to 
look about ; là intdrno, 
thereabout ; d' ogni intdrno, 
from all sides ; v' ho cercato 
intdrno intórno, I have look- 

Intossicàre, io poison 
Intossicato, part, poisoned 
Intozzàre, lo grow thick 
Intra, prep, between, amongst 
Intrabescare, to fall in love 
Intrabiccolàre, to clamber up 
Intrachiudere, to enclose, en- 

Intrachiuso, adj. shut up 
Intradùe, adj. doubtful, un- 

Intrafàtto, adv. entirely 
Intralasciaménto, m. interrup- 

Intralasciare, to interrupt, to 

intermeddle, leave off 
Intralasciato, part, interrupl- 

Intralciaménto, m. an in- 

Intralciire, to embarrass, in- 

Intrambo, Intr.-imbi, Intràm- 
be, and Intramendue, adj. 
both, both together 
Intraménto, m entrance 
Intrainèssa, /. interposition, 


intraméttersi, to tnlermed- 
Intramésso, adj. put be- 

IntramischiiJuza, /. a mix- 

Intramischidto, adj. mixed 

Intramissidne,/. mediation 

Intrapdrre, to interpose 
Intraprèndere, to undertake 
Inuraprendiménto, m. enter- 
prise, undertaking 
Intraprenditdre, and Intra- 
prénsore, »t. an under- 
Intraprèsa, f. undertaking, 

Intraprèso, adj. undertaken 
Intràre, lo enter 
Intrardmpere, to interrupt 
IntratSssere, to ititermix 
Intrattabile, adj. intractable 
Intratt^nto, adv. in the mean 

Intrattenére, to entertain 
Intratteniménto, »n. delay, 

Intra venire, to happen, befall 

IntraTersàre, io cross, to lead 

astray, go astray, to op- 

Intraversàto, adj. laid across, 

Intraversatiira, /. opposition, 

Intrecciatdio, m. ornament for 

the head 
Intrecciatura, /. a tress, gar- 

IntrSccio, and Intreccia- 
ménto, m. mixture, tress, 

Intrementfre, to shake for 

Intrementfto, adj. shaking for 

Intrepidamente, adv. intrepid- 

Intrepidézza,/, intrepidity 

Intrepido, adj. intrepid 

Intrescàre, io involve, intri- 

Intricàre, [see Intrigare) 
Intridere, to temper, dilute, 

allay, soil, dirty, stain 
Intrigaménto, m. intrigue, 

perplexity, difficulty 
Intrigare, and Intricare, io 


embroil, confound, mingle, 
Intrigataménte, adv. intri- 
Intrigato, adj. intricate 
Intrigatore, m. a shvjffling 

trinsicato, adj. intimate, fa- 
trinsichézza,/. familiarity, ■ 
trtnsico, and Intrinseco, adj. 

Intrfnsico, and Intrinseco, jr. 

an intimate friend 
Intrfso, m. a hotch-potch 
Intriso, part, kneaded, tern- 

Intristfire, to grow nicked 
Intristire, to dry away, not to 

Introcque, adv. (by Dante) gi 
the same time 

Introdótto, part, introduced 

Introduciménto, m. an intro- 


Introdurre, io introduce 
Introduttóre, m. introducer 
Introduzióne,/, introduction 
Intròito, m. entrance 
Intromessidne, /. introduC' 

Intromesso, m. dainty dishes 
Intromesso, part, introduced 
Introméttere, to let in : intro- 
mettersi, to intermeddle 
Intronare, and Intruonàre, io 

Intronato, part, stunned 
'ntronatùra, /. and Introna- 
ménto, m. stunning 
Intronfiare, to put one's self in 
a passion 

Intrusióne./, intrusion 

Intriso, part intruded 

Intuitivamente, adi», intui- 

Intuitivo, adj. intuitive 

Intùito, m. a looking upon 
), adv. quite, entirely 

Intuzzàre, to blunt, abate, re- 


Invaghiccliidre, io be a Utile 

Invaghiménto, m. dtsire, 

Invaghire, to inflame rvilh de 
lire ; Invaghirsi, and In- 
vaghirsi, to fall in love 

Xnva;Wto, adj. in love 

Invaiare, and Invaiolàre, to 
grow black 

Iiivalidaménle, adv. vainly 

Invalidare, to annul 

Invalidità,/, invalidity ' 

Invàlido, adj. rveak, invalid, 
of no force 

Invalorfre, to grow strong 

Invanire, to grorv proud 

In v^no, adv. vainly 

Invariàbile, adj. invariable 

Invariabilmente, adv. con- 

Invasare, to invade, attack, 
possess, to be surprised, dip, 
plunge : invasarsi qualche 
cosa nella memdria, io 
imprirt a thing on one's 

Invasato, part. possessed, 
amaxed, stupid ; invasato, 
nel giudeo, addicted to gam- 

Invasazidne, /. obsession, be- 

Invasellare, to ' put into a 

ludtto, adj. unheard of 
ivecchiàre, to grorv old, to 

ivecchiàto, part, grorvn old 
iverchiuzzàre, to rvaste, de- 

i vece, prep, instead 


Invericdndo, adj. immodest 
Inverislmile, adj. improbable 
Inverislmilitudine, f. unlike- 

Invermigliàre, to redden, to 

Invemiinaménto, m. 
tion, breeding oftvor 
Inverminire, to breed 
Inverrainàto, part. 

Invernare, to winter 

avemàta,/. a winter 
. .verniciare, to varnish 
Inverniciato, part, varnished 

In vero, adv. in truth 
Inverso, adv. towards. 

Invertere, to invert, to ov 

Invescato, part, entangled 
Investigàbile, adj. not to be 

Investigaménto, m. an inves- 
Investigare, to investigate 
Investigato, part, investigat- 


Inviare, to tend 

Inviato, part, tent ; m. an 

Invidia,/, envy 
Invididliile, adj. enviable 
Invidiente, adj. enviuu» 
Invidiare, to envy 
Invidiato, pali, envied 
Invidiosamente, adv. envious- 
Invidiatdre, m. an envious 

luvididso,. and I'nvido, (in 

poetry) adj. invidious 
Invietare, to grow obsolete 
Invigorire, tu strengthen 
Invigorito, part, strengthert- 

Invilire, to discourage 
Invilito, part, affrighted 
Inviluppaménto, m. confu ■ 

Inviluppare, to wrap up 
Inviluppato, wrapped up 
' liliippo, m. bundle, parcel ■ 

Invincibile, adj. unsonquera ■ 

Invincidire, to soften, to groro 

Invio, m. direction, address 
Inviolàbile, adj. inviolable 
Inviolabilmente, adv. inviola- 


tion, t 


Investire, to invest ; inves- 
tire un vascello, to board a 

Investiménto, ni. Investi- 
gidne, and Investitura, /. 

Inveterato, adj. 
Invetràre, and Invetriare, 

reduce to glass 
Invetriata, /. a glass win- 


Inviperàrc, and Inviperire, to 
rage, to be fierce, cruel, to 

Inviperito, part, enraged 

Inviscàre, to ensnare 

Invischeràre, to penetrate the 

Invischiare, to daub with bird- 

Invisibile, adj. invisible 
Invisibilità, /. invisibility 
Invisìbilmente, adv. iuvin- 

i, superfluous words and 

[nventàre. to invent, desire 
Inventariare, to make an jn- 

nveutàrio, m. an inventory 
r. ventato, ;;ar/. invented 
nventdre, and Inventatóre, 

Inverdire, to grow green 
Invericdndia,/. impudence 

Invettive, adj. railing: pa- 
ròle invettive, abusive words 

Invezidne, /. invective, excla- 

Inuggiolire, to set one a long- 

Inùgnere, to anoint 
Inuguàle. adj. unequal 
Inviaménto, m. a way, or 

Invitato, parr, invited 
Invitatóre, m. an invitcr 
Invitatdrio, adj. invitalo- 

ilire, io wither, decay 
nanamente, adi', cruelly, 

Inumidito, part, moistened 
Invocare, io cali upon 
Invocato, pari, invoked 
Invocatóre, ni. he that invokes 

Invoglia,/, a wrapper 
Invogliare, io give a desire ; 
invogliar 1' appetito, io whet 

Invogliato, adj. with longing. 


vrapt Vi 

Invoglio, m. bundle, parcel 
Involare, io rob, steal; invo- 

Irfrsi, to disappear 
InvoUto, adj. stolen 
Involatóre, 7rt. a thief 
Involgere, lo wrap up, to cover 
Involgiménto, m. a beating 

about the Irush 
Involio, m. theft 
Involontariamente, adv. in- 

--' ntarily 

-"^-■- - - 'nvolun- 


-- ydeed 
Involontàre, adj. involuntary 
Involpare, to be blighted 
Involpire, to grow cunning 
In Volta, adv. about, here and 

there ; anddr in volta, to go 

put iojlight 
Involtare, to wrap up 
Involto, part. wrapt, in- 

Involtura. /. a round-about 

luziOne, /. a wrapping up, 
craft, deceit; involviménto 
di lingua, an idle story 
Inurbanità,/ incivility 
Inurbano, adj. uncivil, dis- 
Inusàto, and Inusitato, adj. 

Inusitatamente, adv. uncsm- 

Invulneràbile, adj. invulnera 

Inul£olire, (see Inuggioiire) 

InJaccheràre, (o eovtr tvilh 

Inzaccherato, adj. dirty 
InSampognàre, to impose upon 
InZavardare, to soil, to grease 
InJavarddto, part, dirtied, 

Inieppaménto, m. a heap, an 

eggins on 
Inzeppare, to gather up, amass 
Inzibett^to, part, perfumed 
InzoccoUto, adj. having 

wooden shoes 
Inzotichire, to grow awkward, 

Inzuccherare, lo sugar 
InSuccheràto, part, sugared 
InJuppaménto, m. soaking 
Inzuppare, to sop, or soak 
InSnppito, part, soaked 
Io, pron I, myself 
ionico, adj. the Ionic order 
Iòsa, a iosa, ad. abundantly 
Idta, m. iota, ><; non vene 
darei un iòta, / would not 
give you a tittle for it I 

IoZzo,m. a seajish of greenish 

Ipecaquàna,/. ipecacuanha \ 
Iperbole, and Ipérbola, /. i 

hyperbole 1 

Iperboleggiare, to exaggerate I 
Iperbolicamente, adv. hyper- ] 

Iperbòlico, and Ipèrbole, adj. 


Irascibile, adj. passionate 
Irascibilità, 7: wrath, anger 
Irataménte, adv. angrily 
Irate, adj. angry 
I'rco, m. a he-goat 
Ire, to go 

I'ride, a 

I iri, / (in poetry J 

Ironia,/, irony 
Ironicamente, adv. ironically 

Irradiare, and Irraggiare, to 

Irradiato, part, irradiated 
Irradiazióne,/, irradiation 
Irraggionévole, itdj. unreason- 

volménte, adv. \ 


Iperico, ni. Saint John's wort 
Ipocistide,/ the herb cistus 
Ipocondria, /, melancholy 
Ipocdndrico, adj. hypochon- 

Ipocritdne, m. a great hypo- 

Ipos^rca,/. a sori of dropsy 

Ipostitico, adj. hypostatical 

Ipotéca,/, mortgage 

Ipotecare, to mortgage 

Ipotesi,/, hypothesis 

Ipotètico, adj. suppositiiiuus 

IppOmane, m. a bit ofjlesh on 
the forehead of a calf 

Ippopotamo, m. a sea-horse 

Ipsofàtto, adv. presently, im- 

Ira, and Iracòndia, /. anger. 

Iracondamente, adv. angrily 
Iracondo, Iracóndo, Iracon- 

diOso, and IracundiOso, adj. 

hasty, passionate 
Iràre, to be angry 

Irrazionabilménte, adv. un- 
Irreconciliàbile, adj. irrecoit- 

Irrecuperabile, adj. irrecover- 
Irrefragàbile, adj. undeniable 
Irregolare, adj. irregular 
Irregolarità,/ irregularity 
Irregolataménte, adv. irregu- 
Irregolato, part, disordered 
Irreligióne, f. irreligion 
Irreligiosamente, adv. irretì- 

Irreligióso, a. irreligious 
Irremeabile, a. irremeable 
Irremissibile, adj. unpardoa- 

Irremiisibilraénte, adv. un- 

Irremuneràbile, adj. not io be 
rewarded [ed 

Irremunerato, (tf//. not reward- 
Irrepar<ibile, adj. irreparable 
Irreparabilmente, adv. irre- 
parably [ble 
Irreprensibile, a. irreprehensi- 
Irreprobàbile, a. irreprovea- 

blc, irreproachable 
Irrequièto, adj. restless, uneasg 
Irresistibile, a. irresistible 
Irresoluto, adj. irresolute 

Irretito, part, caught in a net 

Irreverènte, adj. irreverent 

" . - ^ ^jy^ irrf 

ently, . 


I,/, rudeness 
Irrevocàbile, adj. irrevocable' 
Irricordévole, adj.unminf^fut 
Irrigare, to wet, moisiea 


Irrigatóre, m. he that waters 
Irrisione,/, derision 
Irrisóre, »n. a mocker, jeerer, 

Irritaménto, m. irritation 
Irritare, io incense 
Irritativo, aiìj. provoking 
Irritato, part, irritated 
Irritatdre, m. a provoker 
Irritazióne,/, irritation 
Irriverènte, adj. (lee Irreve- 
rènte, and its derivative!) 
Irrugginfre, to rust 
Irrugginfto, adj. rusty 
Imigiadare, to sprinkle 
Irsuto, and Irto, (in poetry) 

cJj. rough, bristled 
I'schio, m. a holm-oak 
I'sola,/. island, isle 
Isolano, m. an islander 
Isolato, part, surrounded tvith 

water, that stands by itself 
Is<5po, and Issòpo, m. an 

hyssop (an herb) 
Isoscele, adj. isosceles 
Ispezióne, /. (see Inspezitfne, 

and its derivatives) 
I'spido, adj. rough, bristled 
Ispfgiiere, to efface, put out 
Ispressaménte, adv. expressly 
Istantaneamente, adv instant- 

Istantemente, adv. instantly 
Istanza, /. instance, entreaty, 

Istàre, to insist 
Istèrico, adj. hysterical 
Istesso, pro», (see Stésio) 
Istigare, to instigate 
Istinto, m. instinct 
Istòria, /. history 
Istoriale, adj. historical 
Istorialmente, adv. historically 
Istoriato, adj. set out tvith 

figures, painted 
Istericamente, and Istorial- 
mente, adii, historically 
Istèrico, m. an historian 
IstoriStta, /. a little story, a 

Istori5grafo,m. historiographer 

Istrióne, m. a comedian 
Istupidito, part stupified 
Itiiliro, adj. Italian 
Iterare, to do over again 
Iteratóre, m. he that doe» a 

thing over again 
Itineràrio, m. itinerary 
Ittèrico, adj. having the yelloro 

Itterfzzia,/. the Jaundice 
Iva, f. St. John's rvort 

Iugulare, adj. Jugular 
Ivi, adv. there 
lure, m. lam 

luridicaménte, adv. lan'fully 
lurldico, Iurisperit< 

lurista, m. a lawyer 
lurisdizióne, /. Jurisdiction, 

lus, m. lam, or right 
luspatronato, m. patronage 
lusqueslto, m. acquired right 
lusquiamo, m. henbane 
Izza,/, anger 
Izzapàre, to dig 

T A, art. and pron. her, she ; 
-■-' la donna, the rocimin; la 

redo, / see her. Là, adv. 

there ; andate là, go there ; 

là giù, belorv ; qua e là, here 

and there; correr qua e là, 

io run up and down ; passar 

più là, lo search into 
Labarda, /. halberd 
Labbiàle, a. labial 
Labbidto, a. labeated 
Labbreggiàre, to move the 

lips, to pray rviih the lips 
Labbro, m a lip, brim, edge 
Labbrtito, adj. lipped 
Laberlnto, m maze, trouble 
Làbile, adj. sliding, slippery 
Laboratòrio, m. laboraicry 
Laboriosamente, adv. lobo- j 

Laboriosità,/, labour, trouble 
Laborióso, adj. laborious j 

Labrace, m. 3 pike (fish) 
Labrùsca, /. a wild grape I 

Lacca, /. a bank, descent, a 
leg; lacca di salvaticlna, a 
haunch of venison ; lacca di 

( tptinge tv 

: to 

Lacciuòlo, m. 

catch birds 
Laceraménto, m. a laceration 
Lacerante, adj. tearing 
Lacerare, to lacerate, 

defame, slander 
Lacerato, part, lacerated, di 

Lacerazióne,/, a tearing 
Làcero, adj. torn, ragged 
Lacerto, m. a sinew in tlie 

Làco, m. a lake 

Lacrima,/, (see Làgrima, and 

all its derivatives) 
Lacuna./, a fen, or marsh 
Lacunàle, adj. like a marsh 
Lacunóso, adj. full of fens, or 

Ladano, m. laudanum 
Laddóve, adv there, where 
Ladrino, m. a pilferer 
Ladro, m. a thief, a robber 
Ladro, adj. bad, nasty; non 

fu mai vista la più ladra 

disgracing affair 
Ladronàia. /. a set of thieves, 
gang, (also) mal-adminis' 


Lacche, m. a tunning foot- 

Lacchètta, /. a racket, leg, 

buttock, haunch 
Lacchezzfno, and Lacchéz2o, 

m. a dainty, or savoury 

Làccia,/. a shad-fish 

uscir dal laccio, t» gei out 
(tf trouble 

Ladroncello, m, 


Ladróne, m. a robber 
Ladroneggio, m. robbery 
Ladronesco, adj. of a rob' 

Laéntro, adv. there, within 

Lagèna,/, afiagon 

Laggiù, and Laggiùso, adv, 

down, yonder 
Laghetto, m. a lake 
Lagnaménto, m. and La- 
gnanza,/ complaint 
Lagnare, and Lagnarsi, to 

grieve, moan, bewail 
Lagnévole, adj. plaintive 
LagnosaméBte, adv. with com 

Lagnóso, adj. plaintive 
Lago, m. a lake, concavity 
Làgrima,/ a tear 
Lagrimàle, m. the corners oj 

the eyes from which the tears 

Lagrimàre, to weep 
Lagrinièvole, and Lagrima 

bile, adj. deplorable 
Lagrimòso, adj. tveeping, 

Laguna, /. and Lagume, m. 

Lai, m. pi. moans, plattrft 

Laicale, adj. secular 

liaicaménte, and Laicalmén 
te, adv. profanely, 

Làico, adj. secular, ignorant, 

Làico, m. a layman 

Laidamente, adv. ugly, basely, 

Laidézza, and Laidità, f. de- 

Laidire, and Laidire, to foul, 
soil, dirty 

Laidfto, part, btfouled, dir- 

Làido, adj. ugly, deformed. 

L'altro ièri, adv. the other day 

'Lama., f. a blade, a - thin 

plate of metal, also) a 

plain open field ; venire à 

Lambiccato, part, distilled 
Lambicco, m. a still 
Lambiménto, m. a lapping 
Lambire, to lick, to lap 
Lambitlvo, m. an electuary 
Lambrusca. /. and Lambrù- 
3, m. mild grapes 

Lamentabilménte, adv. la- 
Lamentànza,^, lamentation 
Lamentare, and Lamentarsi, 

Lamentato, part, lamented 
Laraentatdre, m a lamenter 
Lamentatdrio, adj plaintive 
Lamentazióne,/, lamentation 
Lamentévole, adj. plaintive, 

Lamentevolmente, adv. la- 
Lamento, m. complaiitt, groan. 

Lamentoso, adj. lamentable 
Làmia,/, a lamia, (sea dog) 
Lamicare, to drizzle 
Lamiera, / a cuirass, an iron 

Làmina,/, a plate of metal, a 

Laminóso, adj. made like plates 

of metal 



.a fairy, a nymph 

Lampa,/, a light 

Làmpada, and Làmpade, /. ( 

Lampeggiare, to shine, blaze, 

Lampeggio, and Lampo, «i. a 

flash, blaze, lightning 
Lampóne, m, raspberry 
Lamprèda,/, a lamprey, eel 
Lana,/ rvooljleece 
Lanaiuòlo, m. a clothier 
Lanato, adj. rvoolly 
Lànce, /. a balance 
Lancetta, /. a lancet, a little 

lance, (also) the gnomon of a 

dial, hand of a watch 
Lància,/, a lance, a spear 
Lanciare, to hurl, dart, throrv, 

shoot, to strike, or mound 

with a lance 
Lanciata,/ a darting, a blow 

with a lance 
Lanciato, part, hurled, darted 
Lanciattire, m. a lancer 
Làncio, m. 2 jump, rous- 
ing a deer, starting a 

hare, unkenneling a fox ; 

di primo làncio, at the first 

Lancioniére, m. a thrower of 

a dart, or javelin 
Lanciottare, to wound with a 

Lanciottàta, /. a mound nf a 

Lanciòtto, m. a dart, or Ja- 

. (also) a lancet 
Landa, /. a plain, common 

Landò, m. a landau 
Landra, /. a strumpet 
Lànfa,/ orange water 
Languente, adj. faint, feeble. 

Languidézza, /. faintness, 

Lànguido, adj. languishing 
Languire, to languish, pine. 

Languóre, m. weaktuss, fee- 

Lamato, part, mangled, torn 

Laniatdre, m. he that mangles, 
tears to pieces 

Lanière, m, a lannier, a star- 

Lanlfero, adj, employed in 
the woollen business, lani- 


Làno, adj. made of wool 

Lanóso, adj. woolly 

Lanterna, / a lantern : mo- 
strar altrui lucciole per lan- 
tèrne, to make one believe 

Lanternàio, m, a lantern- 

Lanterniito, adj. thin, lantern- 
Lanùgine,/, down, wool, cof- 

Lanugindso, adj. downy 

Lai'ilito, adj. woolly 

Lanzo, m. a Cei-man foot- 

Laónde, ado. whereupon, 

La ove, adv. there, where 

Lapida, /. a stone, tombstone^ 

Lapidare, to stone, pelt with 



Lapidato, part, stoned 

Lapidatóre, m. a stone, one 
that stones 

Lapidazióne, /. lapidation, 
stoning to death 

Làpide, m. a stone, a tomb- 
stone, a precious stone 

Lapfdeo, adj. stony, hard 

Lapidóso, adj. stony, full qf 

Lapillàre, to cut into small 
■ into tmall 

LapilUto, adj 

Lapillo, m. trnall stone, 

Lapislàzzalo, Lapislàzzari, 

Lapislàzzi >li, and LapisìàE-. 

zuli, lapts lazuli, a sky- 

Làppola,/, burdock, bur 
Laqueàto, part, piled, board- 

.ardatiira,/. a larding 
Lardellare, and Lardare, <> 

lard, grease 
Lardello, m. a lardoon 
Lardo, m. lard 
Lardóne, m. bacon 
Largamente, adv. largely, 

freely, fully 
Largare, to enlarge 
Largato, part, enlarged 
Largheggiare, to give Itavt, tft 
i deiU bountifulln 


Largheggiatóre, m. a spetul- 

J.arghetto, arf; rvide [thrift 

Larghézza, j'. breadth, wide- 

nfjr», (also) liberality, bounty, 

abundance, liberty, leave 

Largo, adj. broad, wide, large; 

farsi far Idrgo, to make one'- 

telfto be retpecled. Al largo, 

adv. largely ; parlar largo d' 

una cosa, to speak at large 

upon a thing 

Largo, m. iargenett, space, 

Largo, adv. largely, abundant- 
ly; andar largo da che che 
si sia. to avoid all diffieulliet 
Largura,/ mildness, extent 
Lari, m. pi. lares, household 

Larfce, m. the larch-tree 
Larictoo, adj. of the larch-tree 
Laringe, m. the larynx, or 

Ldrva, /. a ghost, phantom, a 

Larsigna,/. a kind of paste 
Larsagnàio, »i. one that makes 

Lasagnóne, m. a coxcomb, a 

Lisca,/, a mullet 
Lasciaménto, m. a leaving 
Lasciare, to leave, to forsake, 

to abandon ; lasciatemelo 

vedére, let me see it ; lasciate 

stare, let that alone 
Lasciato, part, left, abandoned 
Ldscio, m. a legacy, mill 
Làscito, and Làscio, m. a le- 

Lascivaménte, adv. mantonly 
Lascivia,/, wantonness 
Lasciviente, adj. lustful, 

Lascivfre, to grow wanton 
Lascivo. adj. lascivious ; 
paróle lasc/ve, obscene words 
Lassa, /. a collar for hunting 

Lastre, io weary, tire 

Lassativo, adj. laxative 

Lassato, part, wearied 

Lassézza,/, lassitude 

Lasso ; interj. alas .' 

Lasso, adj. wearied, tired, 
fatigued, unhappy, miser- 

Lassù, and Lassuso, ^in poe- 
try J adv. there, above 

Listo, m. a load, a last fmta- 

Listra, /. a fiat broad stone ; 
porre uno in su le lastre, io 
kill one upon the spot 

lastrico, to come to beggary 
Lastricatura,/, a paving 
Lastróne, m. a slab, a marble 

Làtèbra, /. obscurity, lurking- 

Latente, adj. secret, hiddt 


Laterale, adj. side-way 
Lateralmente, adv. on tn 

Laterlna,/. a sink,prit'y 
Latinamente, adv. largeh, 

comfortably, like the Latins 
Latinità,/, the Latin tongue 
Latinizzare, and Latinàre, ( 

speak or write Latin, to play 

the pedant 
Latino, m the Latin tongue, 

language, speech ; Latino di 

Latino, adj. Latin, plain, 
intelligible ; (also) spacious. 

Latino, adv. of Latin ; can- 
tavano gli augelli ciascuno 
in suo Latino, the birds sang 
every one in their way 
Latitare, to hide one's self 
Latittidine, /. latitude, (also) 

largeness, breadth 
Lato, m. side ; lasciare da Mto, 
to leave aside. A lato, and 
Allato, adv. by, near 
Latóre, m. bearer ; latóre di 

leggi, legislator 
Latraménto, m. barking 
Latrare, to bark, to cry 
Latrato, m. a barking 
Latrato, part, barked, bayed 
Latratóre, m. a barker 
Latria./, worship {due only to 

Latrina, /. a dunghill, a 

Latrocinio, m. theft, robbery 
Latrocino, adj. detestable 
Latta,/, tinned iron, tin 
Lattaiuòlo, m. young tooth 
Latt.-inte, adj. tuck-ing ; nu- 
trice lattante, a wet nurse 
Lattare, to give suck 
Lattata,/, orgeat 
Lattato, part, suckled 
Lattatrice,/. a nurse 


Latte, m. milk; latte rap- 
prèsilo, curdled milk ; vi- 
tèlla di latte, a sucking 
calf: fratèllo di latte, a 
fatter brother ; latte di 
gallina, the best : la bocca 
gli puzza di latte, he is very 
Latteggiànte, adj. milky 
Làtteo, adj. lact'eous, rriuky 
Latteruólo, m. curdled milk 
Latticinio, m. milk food 
Latticinóso, and Lattifero, 
adj. milky (speaking of 
Lattlme, in. scurf 

•eking calf 
Lattovàre, Lattuàrio, and 

jattuàro, m. an electuary 
Lattuga,/, lettuce 
Lavacapo, m. a rebuke 
Lavacéci, m. a blockhead 
Lavacro, m. a bath, bagnio, 

Lavagna,/, a slate 
Lavamàne, m. mash-hand' 

Lavaménto, m. a mashing 
Lavanda,/, lavender (herb) 
Lavandàia, and Lavaudàra,/. 

a washer-woman 
Lavare, to wash ; lavar la testa 
ad uno, to speak ill of one , 
lavar la testa all' àsino, to 
lose one's labour 
Lavascodélle, »n. a seuUion 
Lavativo, m. a clyster 
Lavato, part, mashed 
Lavatóio, m. a laundry 
Lavatura,/, a mashing, bath- 
Làuda./, an hymn, praise 
Laudàbile, adj. laudable 
Laudare, (see Lodare, and its 

Laudato, part, praised 
Laudévole, adj. laudable 
Laudevolménte, adv. lauda- 



LavSndola, /. lavender, 

Lavoracchiare, to work slow- 

Lavoracchio, m. clumsy mark 

Lavorare, to mark, labour : 
lavorar a giornate, to work 
by the day ; lavorare di sot- 
to, to work tinder hand 

Lavorativo, adj. arable; gi- 

«Imo lavorativo, a ' work- 

Lavorato, pari, tilled, plaugh- 

ed, worked 
Lavoratóre, m. rvorkman, hus- 

Lavorerfa, atid Lavoriéra, /. a 

cultivated land 
Lavóro, and Lavorio, m. roorfc- 

J.anrea,f. crown of laurei 
Laureato, adj. laureate ; poèta 

laureato, poet laureate 
Làureo, adJ. of laurei 
Laurèola, f. spurge-laitrel 
Lauréto, m. a laurei grove 
Lauro, m. laurei 
Lautamente, adv. gallantly 
Laut(5zza, /. gallantry, mag- 

Lduto, adj. fine, stately 
Lauzzino, m. he that lashes the 

Lazeggiare, to be droll, cotnic 
Lazo, m. drollery, jest 
Lazzeretto, ni. a pest-house 
Lazzcruòla,/, a small medlar 

Lazzo, adj. sour, tart 

Le, art. the; le donne, the 
rvomen. Le, proti, her, 
them ; le conósco, / knorv 
them ; parlatele, speak to 

Leale, adj. loyal 
Lealmente, adv. loyally 
Lealtà, f. fidelity, loyalty 
Leardo, adj Cavallo leardo, 
leardo pomato, grey, dapple 

Lébbra, and Lebbrosfa, /. le- 
prosy, (a dry scab) 
Uebbróso, adj. leprous 
ueccaménto, m. the act of 

Leccapiatti, m. a spunger 
Leccarda,/, dripping-pan 
Leccdrdo, atlj. greedy 
Leccare, lo lick, lick up 
Leccatamente, adv. effectu- 
Leccato, part, licked 
Leccatóre, ni. a spunger, or 

greedy gut 
Leccatura,/, a scratch 
Leccéte, m. intricacy, maxe 
Lèccio, m. holm-tree 
Lùccio, m. gluttony, lechery 
LCcco, in. the Jack or block (at 

Leccóne, m. a glutton 


Lecconeria, arni Leccomfa, /. 

gluttony, daintiness 
Lecctime, m. a dainty, or 

tit-bit, (also) an excitement 
Lecitamente, adv. lawfully 
Lécito, adj. lawful 
Léga, and Leganza, / league, 



„ arter 
Legale, adj. legal, lawful 
Legalità,/, legality 
Legalmente, adv. legally 
Legame, m. ligature 
Legaménto, m. and Legatura, 

/. bitiding, umo7t 
Legare, to tie, bind, con- 
■ in : legarsi, to make a 

Legatàrio, m. legatee (law 

Legato, tn. the pope's legate, 
(also) a legacy 

Legato, part, tied, bound 

Legatóre, m. a binder; le- 
gatóre di libti, a book-bin- 

Legatùra./. ligature, filiti 

Legaiióne,/. legation 

Lrgge, a law 

Leggenda, /. legend, a silly 

Leggendàrio, m. legendary 

Lèggere, to read ; ti leggo 
fronte il tuo disegno, 
know your design ; mandare 
i vestiti à leggère, to pawn 

Leggerézia. and Leggieréiza, 
/. nimbleness 

Leggermente, adv. lightly, 

Leggiadramente, adi: beauti- 
fully, charmingly, sharply 

LeggiadrPtto, adj. genteel, a- 

Leggiadria, f. beauty 

Leggiadro, adj. handsome 

Leggiadro, m. a lover 

Leggibile, adj. legible 

Leggieraménte, adv. lightly 

Leggiere, adv. very easily 

Leggiero, Leggieri, and Leg- 
giere, adj. light, easy, little, 
.'light, swift. Alia leggiera, 
adv. rashly. Di leggieri, 
adv easily 

Leggiermente, and Legger 
ménte, adv. lightly 

Leggio, m. a reading desk 

Legióne, f. a legion 
Legislativo, adj. legislative 

Legislatvlta, f. legislative au. 

Legislazióne,/, legislature 
Legista, m a lawyer 
Legittima,,/-, portion l<y law 
Legittimamente, adv. lawful- 

Legittimazióne, /. legitima- 

Legittimità,/, legitimacy 
Legittimo, adj. lawful 
Legna, and Légne, f. pt. fu e 

Legnàggio, m. family, race, 

Legnaiuòlo, and Legnamelo, 

ni. a carpenter 
Legname, m. timber 
Legnare, to cut wo^d 
LegTiàta, /. a blow 

>,ith < 

Légno, m. wood, a ship 
L-egnoso, adj. rvoody 
Legorizia, /. licorice 
Legume, m. pulse, (a* peas. 

Lei, pron. pers. f. her 
Lellàre, to dally, to linger 
Lémbo, tn. hem, edge, bcr- 

Lémme-lémme, pian piano, 

adv. gently 
Léna, / strength, vigour. 

Lendine, m. a nit 

Lendinóso, adj. full of nits 

Léne, adj. kind, humane (in 

Leniùnte, adj, softening 

Lenificaménto, »i. softness 

Leniiicàre, to ease, assuage, 

Lenificatlvo, adj. lenitive 

Leniménto, m.'a softening 

Lenire, to suflen 

Lenità, and Lenitàde, /. le- 

Lenitivo, adj. lenitive 

Leno, adj. faint, weak, f.exi- 
ble, pliant 

Lenocinlo, ni. pimping, charm 

Lentamente, udv. slowly 

Lentarsi, to slacken 

Lènte, and Lenta, f. lentils, a 


Limteménte, adv. slowly 
Lente palustre,/, tvater-lentil 
Lentézza,/, alorvneis 
Lenticchia, /. a small lentil 
Lentiggine, /. a freckle, pim- 

Lentiggin<5so, ad], freckled 
Lentischio, m. the lentUk tree 
Lènto, adv. slowly 
1/C-nto, adj. slow, idle 
Lèntòre, m. heavinesi 
Lenza., f. an angling-line 
Lenzuolo, m. a sheet 
X>eonc£lIo, and LeoncmOjm. a 

young, or little lion 
Leone, m. a lion 
Leonfno, adj. leonine, of a lion 
Leopardo, m. a leopard 
Lepidamente, adv. pleasantly 
Lepidézza, /. facetiousness 
Lepido, adj. pleasant, Jocose 
Leporalo, and Leporario, m. 

park for hares, a warren 
Lepóre, m. gracefulness 
Leppare, to rob, steal 
Leprotto, m. leveret, or young 

Lèpre, m. a hare; far lepre 
vecchia, to be cautious ; levar 
la lepre e un altro la pigli, 
to have the trouble, and ano- 
ther the profit 

Leproncèllo, and Leprotto, m. 
a young hare, a leveret 

Lerciàre, to soil, sully 

Lèrcio, adj. dirty, foul 

Lesina, /. an awl, thrift, 

Lesióne, /. wrong, hurt 

Léso, part, wronged 

Lessare, to boil 

Lessato, pa >•<. boiled 

Lessatura,/, a boiling 

Lèssico, m. lexicon (a die- 

Lessicografo, m. a lexicogrt- 

Lesso, m. a boiltng, (alio) 

boiling meat 
Lesso, adj. boiled 
Lestamente, adv. nimbly 
Lestézza, / nimbleness, (also) 

cunning, craft 
Lesto, adj. nirnble, quick 
Letale, adj. mortal, dead- 

ziiJne, /. a manuring, marl- 

Lelamindso, par<. covered with 

Letanle, and Letine, /. li- 

Letargla,/. lethargy 
Letàrgico, adj. lethargic 
Letargo, m. and Letargia, /. 

Leticóso adj. litigious 
Letificante, adj. rejoicing 
Letificare, to make glad 
Letificato, adj joyful 
Letìzia, f. mirth, jny 
Lèttera, /. a letter; letter» 
di càmbio, a bill of ex- 

Letterale, adj. literal 
Letteralmente, adv. literally 
Letterato, adj. learned 
Letteratura,/, learning 
Letterato, m. a learned man 
Lettièra,/, a bedstead 
Lettiga, /. a horse-litter, a 

Lètto, m. a bed 
Lettóre, m. a lecturer 
Letteria,/, a lectureship 
Lettuccino, and Lettuccio, m. 

a couch, a couch bed 
lyettùra,/. a lecture 
Leva, /. a lever ; leva da 
milizia, raising soldiers ; 
méttere o dare a leva, to 
lift Uf with a lever ; far 
leva di soldati, to enlist 
Levàbile, adj. moveable 
Levaddre, m. a tax-gatherer 

(law termj 
Levaldlna, /. a theft, rob- 
Levaménto, m. a raising 
Levante, m, the east : andare 
à levante, to turn highway- 

Levantlno, adj. one born in 

Levare, to lift, heave; levar 
il bollóre, to boil : levar 
soldati, to raise soldiers ; 
levar il cappèllo, to take 
off the hat ; levarsi, lo get 
up ; levar le carte, io cut 
at cards ; levar la piànta, 
io take a draught; levare il 
capo, to be ptiffed up with 

Levata, /. a raising up ; le- 
vata del sole, the sun- 
rising; un uomo di gran 
levata, a man of conse- 
quence ^^^ 


Levatóio, m. a drarrbridge 
Levatóre, m. a puffer 
Levatrice,/, a midwife 
Levazióne,/. a lifting up 
Levistico, m. the herb lavage 
Levità,/, levity 
Levitare, to ferment 
Levrière, m. a grey-hound 
Lézia, /. and Lèzio, m. en- 

Lezióso, adj, wanton, effemi- 

Lezzare, to stink 

Lezzo, m. stink 

Lezzóso, adj. stinking 

Li, ari. the ; li fiumi, the ri- 
vers. Li, pron. him ; li ho 
détto, l told him ; li, them. 
Lì, adv. there; eccolo 11, 

Libazióne, /. and Libaménto> 

m. a libation 
Libàraina,/. pi. perfumes 
Libare, to taste, to sip 
Libbra, /. a pound weight ; a 

tivre, a pound sterling 
Libecciata, /. a gale of south- 

Libéccio, m. the south wind 

Libèllo, m. libel 

Liberale, adj. liberal; paro- 
lètta liberale, a licentiout 
word; arti liberali, //.e libe- 

Liberalità,/ liberality 
Liberalmente, adv. liberally 
Liberamente, adv. freely, ab- 

Liberamènto, m. delivery 
Liberare, to free, release 
Liberato, part, freed, releat- 

Liberatóre, m. a deliverer 

Liberatrice,/ liberairix 

Liberazióne, and Liberarfdne, 
/ d./iverance 

Libero, adj. free, frank 

Libertà,/, liberty 

Libertinàggio, and Liberti- 
nismo, m. debauchery 

Libeitino, m. the son of a freed 

Liberto, r. 

Libidinosamente, adv. lust- 
Libidinóso, adj. wanton, lenr 

libito, m. pleasure 

Libra, /. Libra, (a sign of the 

Libraio, m. a bookseller 
Libraménto, m. a n-eighing ; 

libraménto della luna, the 

Librare, to tvsigh, consider 
Librato, part, weighed 
Librazióne,/, libration 
Libreria, /. a library, (also) 

the bookselling business 


Licenziaménto, m, a dismis- 


, dis- 


band ; licenziarsi, 
leave of 

Licenziato, part, dismissed; 
un licenziato, a licentiate 

Licenziatura, /. licence 

Licenziosamente, adv. licen- 

Licenzióso, adj. licentious. 

Licere, imp. to be lawful ; non 
mi lice sperar ciò, / cannot 
hope that; se mi lice dirlo, 
if I may say so 

Lìcitaménte, adv. lawfully 

Licitézza./. right. Justice 

Licito, adj. lawful 

Licóre, ni. (in poetry) a li- 

Lietaxnénte, adv. gladly, m 

Lietézza, f. Joy, mirth 
Lièto, adj. merry, cheerful 
Liéva, /. a lever 
Liéva, Liéva, adv. stand out of 

Lievézza, and Lievità, /. 

Lievitare, to ferment 
Lievitato, part, fermented 

Ligàme, m. a tie, binding 
Ligamento, m. a ligament 
Ligamentdso, adj. full of iiga- 

Ligclre, to tie, bind 

Ligio, adj. sulject to, servile 

Ligittim'are, {see Legittimare, 

Lignaggio, m. race, lineage 


Ligneo, adj. woody 
Ligustro, m, u privet, shrub 
Lima, /. file, correction ; egli 

è una lima sorda, he is a 

contriving fellow 
Limacelo, m mud, mire 
Limaccióso, adj. muddy, miry 
Limare, to file, consume, 

waste ; to polish 
Limato, part, filed 
Liniatiira, f filings, file-dust 
Limbèllo, and Limbellùccio, 

m. shavings of leather 
Limbiccàre, to distil 
Limblcco, and Lambicco, m. 

a litnbeck 
Limbo, m. limbo 
Limitare, m. threshold 
Limitare, to liinit 
Limitativo, adj. that limits 
Limitilo, part, bounded 
Limitazióne,/, limitation 
Limite, m. limits, bounds 
Limitrofo, adj. bordering (law 

Limo, m. mire, mud, dirt 
Limóne, m. a lemon 
Limonéa,/. a lemonade 
Limosina,/. a;m« 
Limosinante, adj. mendicant 
Limosinilre, to beg, to give 

Limosinàrio, m. an alms- 

Limosinàto, part, begged 
Limosinatóre, Limosiniére, 
and Liniosiniéro, m. alms- 
Limosità,/, muddiness 
Limóso, adj. muddy, miry 
Limpidézza, /. clearness,' 

Limpido, adj. transparent 
Lince, TO. a lynx 
Lindamente, adv. fluently 
Lindézza, and Lindiira, /. 

Lindo, adj. neat, spruce, fine 
Linea, /. a line, lineage 
Linealraénte, and Linear- 
mente, adv. in a direct 
Lineaménto, m. lineam*at, a 

Lineare, to draw 
Linearlo, adj. linear 
Lineato, part, delineated 
Lineazlóne, /. delineation 
Linfa,/, mater (in poetry) 
Linfàtico, adj full of water 
Lingeria,/, linen 
Lingua, /. tongue ; pigliar 
lingua, to inquire; avere 
il cervèllo nella lingua, to 


*ay well and do ill; egli 

molle, his tongue runs upon 

Lingua buòna, /. bugloas 

Linguàccia,/, a bad tongue 
Linguacciuto, a prater 
Linguàggio, m. language 
Lingua serpentina, /. the herb 

Lingueggiare, to chatter 
Linguella,/. a felt, or lingel 
Linguettàre, to slammer 
Lingudso, aLJ. chattering 
Liniménto, m. a liniment, or 

thin ointment 
Lino, m. line, fiax ; panno 

Lin^-^me, m. linseed 

Liofànte, and Lionfànte, m. 

Lione, TO. a lion 
LionSssa, /. a lioness 
Liopardo, m. a leopard 
Lippitiidine,/. blear-cyedness 
Llppo, adj. blear-eyed 
Liquefare, to liquefy 
Liquefatto, part, liquefied 
Liquefazióne,/, a liquefying 
Liquidaménte, adv. clearly, 

Liquidare, to liquefy 
Liquidazióne, /. liquidation, 

settling accounts 
Liquidire, to become liquid 
Liquidità,/ liquidity 
Liquido, adj. liquid, fiuid, 

clear, plain 
Liquido, TO. a liquid 
Liquirizia./, licorice 
Liquóre, to. liquor 
Liquoretto, to. a light liquor 
Lira, f. a lyre, a harp 
Lirico, adj. lyric ; poèta lirico, 

a lyric poet 
Lisca, / fish-bone ; a trifie, 

(also) the coarse herds qf 

jlax, or hemp 
Liscézza,/ smoothness 
Liscia, / a sleek stone 
Lisciamente, adv. fluently 
Lisciaménto, m. smoothing 
Lisciare, to smooth, polish, 

flatter, wheedle 
Lisciarsi, to paint 
Lisciato, part, smoothed 
Lisc-atóre, J», a polisner 
Lisciatura,/, polishing, print 

Liscio, TO. pamt 
Liscio, adj. polished, smoothed 
Lisirvlte,/. a cordial 


Lista, /. list, banJ, filUl, 

stripe, roll, catalogue 
Listare, to strip, to lace 
Listulla,/. a small square 

UUTglif. lethargy 
Litàrgico, adj. lethargic 
Litarglrio, Litargiro, and 

Litargilio, m. litharge ; silver 

Lite, /. 


tà, to take physic 
ivnen one is ,veU [pute 

Litigaménto, m. contest, dis- 
Litigante, m. a pleader 
Litigare, and Liticare, to liti' 

Litigato, part, contended 
Litigatòre, m. a pleader, a 

litigious mrangler 
Litigio, m. strife, debate 
Litigióso, adj. qtiarrelsome 

Litologia,/, lithology 
Litorale, and Littorile, belong- 
ing to a shore 
Litteràle, adj. literal 
Litteralménte, adv. literally 
Litterano, adj. literary 
Litteratura, /. literature 
Littóre, m. a Roman lictor 
Litóra,/. a blotting off 
Liturgia,/, liturgy 
Livella,/, a level [level 

LivelUre, to level, to make 
LiTellario, m. a tenant, or 

Livellato, part, levelled 
Livellatóre, m. a leveller, a 

lord of the manor 
Livello, m. tribute-money, a 


, /. envy 

, spile, li- 



Lfvido, ti 

1. livid. 

black and 


m. and I 




adv. Just 


Livóre, ni. mvy, rancour, 
(also) a lividity, (black and 
blue spots) 

Livorosaménte, adv. malig- 

Livoróso, adj. envious 

Livrèa,/, livery 

Liiito, and Leùto, m. a lute 

<ical iiistru 


er. (also) < 

Za, / Hi 
impart, pales 

(articolo mascolino) the; 
I stùdio, the study ; (pro- 
ome), Aim, it; Io vedo, / 


Loràle, adj. heal, costdmi 
locali, local customs 

Localmente, adv. locally, per- 

Locanda, / lodging ready 

Locandière, m. one that lets 
ready furnished lodgings 

Locare, to place, settle, lay up 

Locato, pati, placed, settled 

Locazióne./, position, place 

Loco, m. (luògo) place ; occa- 
sione, opportunity, time 

Locusta, /. locust, an insect, a 
shellfish, a lobster 

Locuzióne, / locution, phrase, 

Loda,/, praise 

Lodàbile, adj. laudable 

Lodabilità, /. what is com- 

Lodaménto, m. a praising 

Lodare, to praise, commend; 
lodarsi d* uno, to be well 
satisfied, or contented rvith 

Lodatf vo, adj. demonstra 
Lodatóre, m. a praiser 
Lodato, part, praised, 

Lode, /. praise, comn 

liodévole, adj. laudable, com- 

Lodevolménte, adv, laudably 
Lodo, m. opinion, sentence 
Lódola,/. a lark (a bird) 
L5ggia, /. a lodge, an open 

gallery, a high ter race 
Logica./ logic 
Logicale, adj. logical, of logic 

Lògico, m. a logician 

Lòglio, m. tare, darnel, cockle- 

Loglióso, adj. full of cockle- 

Logoràre, to near, waste 
Logoralo, part, rvorn 
Logorizia,/. licorice 
Lógoro, m. a lure (a hawk's 

Lógoro, ragged, tvom out 
Lòia,/, dirtiness, dirt 
Lóica, f. Jsee Lògica, and its 

LCUa,/. cluiff- 
LoUigine, /. cuttle-fish 
Lómbo, m. loin, haunch, 

I<ombrico, m. an earth-norm 
Longanimità,/ patience 
Longèvo, adj. long-lived 


Lontananza,/ distance 
Lontanare, to send away 
Lontano, adj. far distant. 

Ua lontano, adv. at a dit' 

Lónza,/ a panther 
Lónzo, adj. enervated 
Lòppa, /. choff, the htisk qf 

Loquace, adj. loquacious 
Loquacità,/ talkativeness 
Loquèla,/, speech 
Lordamente, adv. nastily 
Lordare, to foul, dirty 
Lordézza,/, nastiness 
Lórdo, adj. nasty, filthy 
Lordura, and Lorddmei m. 

Lorica,/, a coat of mail 
Loro, pron. them, those : diKsi 
loro, I told them; U lor« 
libro, their book; il loro, 
their property 
Losco, adj. purblind, short- 
sighted, dull, blunt 
LotAre, to plaster mith 

Lóto. m. mud, dirt, mire 
Lotolànte, Lotolènte, ami 

Lotoso, adj. muddy, dirty 
Lotta, /. a wrestling, dispute. 

Lottare, and Lotteggiàre, t» 

Lottatóre, m. a wrestler 
Lotto, m. lottery, hi, chance 
Lóva, /. a she-wolf, (also) a 

Lubricativo, adj. loosening 
Lubricità, and LubrichézSav/. 

Lùbrico, m a slippery place 
Lùbrico, adj. slippery, falla- 
cious, deceitful, loose in the 
Luccarfno, m. the goldfinch 
Lucchetto, m. a padlock 
Luccidnle, m. an eye (joeose- 

Luccicante, adj. shining 
Luccicare, to shine 
Lùccio, Ml. (J pike 
Lùcciola,/ a glow-noì-m 
Lucciolato, ni. a kind qfglottf- 


Lùcco, m. a gotvn, 
(rvorn at Florence! 

Luce, /. lii^M, hrightf, 
méttere alla luce, to publish 
a rvork ; venire in luce, to 

Lucènte, nitj. shining, bright 
tùcere. to shine, to be bright 
Lucerna,/, a lamu 
Lucemata, /. a lamp full <if 

lyucsrtola, and Lucèila, /. a 

Lùchera, /. mien, look 
I^ucidaménte, adv. brighili^ 
Lucidare, to elucidate, unfold. 

Lucidato, pari, illustrated 
J.ucidezza, and Lucidità, /. 

J,ùcido, adj. bright, lucid 
Lucifero, v\. the morning star, 

Lucificàre, to shine 
Lucignolo, m. the wick qf a 

candle, or lamp, (also; a dit- 

Lucrativo, adj. lucrative 


Luminello, m socket of a 

Luminosità, and Luminosi- 
Ulde, /. brightness, spten- 

Lumindso, adj. luminous 
Luna, /. the moon ; luna nu- 
òva, the new moon ; luna 
crescènte, a half moon ; 
luna scema. Me nane of the 

I. the 


Lupanare, m. a brothel 
Lupattino, and Lupicfno, m. t 

young wolf 
Lupesco, Lupigno, and Lu 
pino, adj. belonfring to t 
"•olf, qf the nature of < 


Lupo, m. a rvolf 
Lupo cervière^ »/i. o lynx, 
cni ha il lupo per com- 



Lucróso, adj. prqfiluble 
Ludere, to play, sport 
Ludibrio, m a mockery 
Ludilicire, to dcceii 

., f > 


or Jecei , 

LùtTo, m 



Lumacdne, m. a large snail, 
sneaking fellow 

Lume, j/i. light, brighine 
knowledge : far lume ad un^ 
to light one : pagare il lume 
eida"' ' ' ' " 

n affili) 

end of 

, adj. 

Lunaria,/, lunaiy (an herb) 
Lunàrio, in. an almanac 
Lunarista, in. an almanac- 

Lunatico, ai^j. lunatic, whim 

Lunato, adj. like a half- 

LunaZi<5ne,/. and Lunaménto, 



e of the 

Lunedi, , 

Lunga, adi>. long; alia Mnga, 
at long run ; andar in 1 finga, 
to linger : raanddr in lunga, 
to put off 

Lungàgnola,/ and LunghiiJre, 
/. a kind qf net, a tedious 

Lungamente, adv. long while 
Lunge, adv. fur, a great way 

off (in poetry) 
I,uughes6o, adv. long, near 
Lunghézza, and Lmigheria,/. 

^gidre, to illumin, 


Liingo, adv. a long time 
Luògo, m. place : room ; ce- 

preference ; avere il luògo, 
to have the precedency ; 
non ho luogo di creder al- 

Luogoten?nte, m. li tute- 

Luogoteii«n2a, /. lieutenancy 

Ltippolo, TO. hops (an herb) 
Lùrido, adj black and blue, at 

Lisignuòlo, m. a niehtingaie 
Lùsco, adj. purblind 
Lusinga, Lusingheria, /. and 

Lusingaménto, m. flattery 
Lusingare, to flatter, coax 
Lusingato, part. flattered 
Lusingatóre, m. a flatterer 
Lusinghévole, adj. flattering 
Lusinghevolmente, adv.Jiatter- 

Lusinghièro, and Lusinghière, 
adj. flattering ; un lusing- 
hièro, a flatterer 
Lussazióne,/, a luxation; {the 
^ being out of joint) 

Lussureggiare, to be wanton 
Lussùria,/, sensuality 
Lussuriare, to be sensual, to be 

Lussurióso, adj wanton 
Lustra,/, den, cave 
Lustrante, adj. shining, bright 
rare, to illustrate, polish. 

e who calen- 

Lustre,/, pi. shifts, evasions 
Lustrino, m. lustring, a cloth, 

(also) spangles 
Lustro, und Lustróre, m. lustre, 

splendour ; the space of Jive 

Lutifigolo, »rt. a potter 


ruttare, io lament, mourn 
iùtto, ni. mourning 
Luttuosamente, adv. mourn- 

Luttuóso, and Lutt<5so, adj. 

sorrowful, tad 
Lutulento, adj. muddy 


MA, conj. bui, nay; ma 
che prò ? to rvhcU pur- 

Macc*a,/. plenty, store 
Maccatèlla,/. a defect, flam 
Macchéria, /. a calm, still- 

Wacchcrdni, m. pi. a sort of 
paste meat , un maccheróne, 
a blockhead 

Màcchia, /. spot, stain ; a 
note of infamy; (also) a 
bush, or bushy place ; mo- 

9 Ti'.^-/-1ii:> ;,/>,7 ^n. 

néta a la E 


Macchiare, to slain, spot, blur 
Macchiato, part, stained 
Màcchina,/ machine, plot 
JVIacchinàle, adj. machinal 
Macchinaménlo, m. a machi- 
Macchinare, to contrive 
Macchinato, part, plotted 
Macchinatóre, m. plotter 
Macchinazióne, /. plot, de- 

Macchinfsta, m. a machin- 

Macchiòne, m. a thiih bush 
Macchióso, adj spotted 
Macciànghero, adj. strong- 
limbed, dull, stupid 
Macco, m. beans boiled to a 
nuuh. A macco, adi;, rlen- 
Mace, /. the middle husk qf a 

Macellàio, and Macellaro, m 

a butcher 
Macellare, to butcher, kill. 

Macèllo, m. shamble, slaugh- 
ter-house ; massacre 
Macerare, to steep, or soak, to 

Macerato, part, macerated 
Macerazióne,/, infusion, mor- 

tificafuin, maceration 
jflàcero, adj. nioeerated, soak- 

Jiraceróne, m. a kind of pars- 
Ma che ? adv. but what f 
IMàcia, /. a heap qf stones, 
a lurking-hole, a scerei 

Maci;énte, and Macilento, m. 

lean, thin, pale 
Macilenza,/, leanness 
Macinaménto, ni. MacinatlSra, 

and Macinata, /. a grind- 

Macinàre, to grind 
Macinato, part, ground ; m. 



Macinatóre, m. a grinder 
Màcine, and Màcina,/, a mill 

stone ; esser alla macine, io 

be very poor 
Maciulla, /. a brake (for 

Maciullare, to mash flax 
Macro, adj lean, thin 
Màcula,/, a spot, stain, a note 

of infamy 
Maculare, and IVtacoIàre, to 

stain, blemish, to b*at 

Maculazióne, /. a staining, 

Maculóso, adj. spotted 
Madama,/. Madam 
Madamigella,/, a young lady, 

Mademo, adj. maternal 
Màdia,/, a hutch, a trough 
Màdido, adj. damp 
Madie, atid Madìò, adv. in 

troth, tn faith 
Madonna,/, the Virgin Mary 
Madre, and Màue, / mother ; 

origin, spying, root, a mould 
or frame to cast any thing 
in : madre di latte, a foster- 
Madreggiare, io be like one's 

'«ladrepérla, /. mother of 

Madrigaleggiare, to r 

Jlaestà, Maestide, and Maes 
tate, /. majesty , delitts 
di lesa maett^, high trea 

Maestosamente, and ]tlaes- 
tevolraéute, adv. majesti- 

Maestóso, and Maestévole, adj. 

Maèstra, and Maestréssa, /, 

Maestrale, m. the north-west 

Maestràre, to give otic the 
degree of doctor, or matter 
of arts; (also) ti teach, in- 

Maestràto, m. magistracy 

Maestràto, adj. cm mede a 
doctor, ^c. 

Maestranza, /. a amipany qf 

Maestrévole, adj. masterly 

Maestrevolmente, adv. curi • 

ig, authority 

Maestro, adj. skilful, chief; 

strada maéstia, the high 

road; mal maèstro. Me /nW- 

ing sickness 
Jlaéstro, m. master, or teacher : 

maestro di casa, a steward; 

maestro di càmera, a Lord 

Maga,/, a sorceress, a witch 
Magagna, /. and Magagria- 

ménto, m. fault, blemish, 

Magagnare, io corrupt, spoil. 

Magagnato, part, corrupted, 

Magazzino,»!, a warehoute 
Maggése, and Maggiàtica, /. 

a fallow ground 
Màggio, m. month qf May; 

adj greater 
Maggioranza./, suptnonty 
Maggiordòmo, tn. a steward 
Maggióre, adj. greater, eider, 
superior : maggióri, fore- 
fathers ; dare il suo maggióre, 
to do the utnuKt 
Maggiorello.m. a little older 
Maggiorenti, m. pi. the chi^ 

5Iaggioria,/. superiority 
Maggiormente, adv. mare 

better, particularly 
Màgica m. magie 


ìHgico, aJJ. magical 
Jlaggiornàto, m. the eidtst 
Jlàghero, adj. lean, thin 
Wagfa,/. magic 
Wagicile, mnd Jldgico, adj. 

magical, magic 
Wagicalménte, adr. magi- 
Slagidne,/ abode, habitation 
JlagiOstra,/. haitlboij (a large 

Magisteriàlo, m. a freen 

Magistrale, adj. magisterial, 

great, noble 
magistralità, /. doctrine, sci- 

Wagistralménte, adv. chiefly, 

Magistrato, m. magistrate, a 

Maglia to, adj. made qfmail 
Màglio, m. a mallet, a beetle, 
mail ; far con màglio, to dc 

Magliuòlo, m. layer, shnoi 
Magnanimità,/ greatness 
Magnànimo, adj. magnani- 

Magnano, m. a locksmith 
Magnate, adj. principal ; i 

magnati, peers 
Magnesia, /. magnesia (c 

Magnète,/, loadstone 
Magnètico, adj. magnetic 
Magnificamente, adv. stately 
Magnificaménto, m. a praise 
Magnificare, to magnify 
Magnifit^dto, part, extolled 
Magnificatdre, m. a praiser 
Magnificènte, and Blagnifico 

adj magnificent 
Magnificenza,/. ìnagnvficence 

Magnifico, adj. magnificent 
Magniloquènra,/. emphasis 
jragndoquo, adj. emphatical 
Magnitùdine,/, greatness 
Miglio, adJ great, eminent 

Magramente, adv. poorly 
Magrftto, and Jlagrfao, adj. 
thin, lean 


Magrézza, /. leanness, scar- 

Magro, adj. lean, meagre ; 
orno magro, fish-day ; 
langiàr di magro, to for- 
:ar meat ; il magro, lean 
■.eat ; ten-éno magro, a bar- 
'.n ground ; far magro, io 

Mai, adv. never ; mai più. 

Maiale, m. a hog 
Maiestà,/ majesty 
Mainò, adv. no, not at all 
Màio, m. a green buugh, a 

Maiòlica,/, earlhenn'are 
Maioràna,/. marjoram, (a sort 

of herb) 
I\raioràsoo,m. an elder brother's 

]\Iaiordómo, «t. a sieroard 
Mai più, adv. never before ; 

mai sempre, always 
Maisì, adv. yes, truly 
Maiùscola,/, capital letter 
MalaccOlto, adj. ill-received 
Malaccdncio, adj. ill-used 
Malaccòrto, adj. artless, in- 

Malacreànza,/. incivility 
Maladetto, part, ciirsed 
IWaladfre, and Maladicere, to 

Malarrivato, ladj. unfortw 

Malassettito, part, disorder- 

Malattfccio, adj sickly 
Malato, adj. sick, ill 
Malatolta, or Mala tolta,/ a 

robbery, theft, (also) a tax, 

Malattia, disease, sickness 
Malaventura,/, misfortune 
Malauguróso, adj. ill-omen- 

Malavòglia, and Malarogli 
énza, /. ill-nìill, tnaltvo- 

Malavvedóto, adj. impru 

Malavventurato, adj. unfortu 

Malavventurosamente, adv 

Malavézzo, adj. ill-bred 
Malazzato, adj. sickly 
Malbigdtto, adj. ill-minded , a 

Ion word) 
Malcaduco, m. falling sick 

Malcapitato, part, ruined. 

Malagévole, adj. difficult 
Malagevolezza,/, difficulty 
Malagevolmente, adv. diffi 

]\IaIagl:5to, part, unprovided 
Malagurito, adj. unfortu 

Malagurio, m. a bad omen 
MalaguricJso, adj. ill-omened, 

unhappy, ill 
Malaménte, adv. badly, 

Malandare, to ruin one's si 
UTalandato, adj. wretched 
Malandrino, m. a robber; adj. 

roguish, knavish 
Malanno, m. mi^orlune, dis- 


Malcóncio, adj. abused 
Malcondesceridénte, adj. un- 

Malconddtto, part, ill used 
MalconoscEnte, adj. ungratt 

Ma! consigliato, adj. inconsider 

Malcontènto, adj. discontented, 

Malcostumato, adj. uncivil, 

Malcreato, adj. ungenleel 
Malcubato, adj. sickly 
Malcurante, adj. supine, care- 

MaldicSnte, and Maldicitdre, 

adj. slanderous 
Maldicenza,/, slander 
Maldispósto, adj. ibl-minded 
Maldurévole, adj. of a short 

Male, m. evil, mischief, 
harm, damage ; sickness, 
disease ; far male, to dc 
wrong ; tarsi male, to hurt 


Malèdico, adj. slandering , m. 

a slanderer 
Maledire, to cune 
Maledizii5ne, /. cursC; male- 
diction, plague 
Malefica,/, a lorceress 
Maleficiàto, part, ben-itched 
Maleffcio, m. tvitchcrajt. 

MalfvoUnZa, and Malevo- 

gliénza,/ hatred 
Malèvolo, m. adversary 
Afalfaciménto, m. a crime 
Malfare, to do rvrong 
Malfatto, m. a crime, gvilt 
Malfatto, pari, deformed 
Malfattóre, m. a malefactor 
Malfattorra,/. witchcraft 
Malfondato, adj. ill-grounded 
Malfrancese, m. the venereai 

Malgrado, prep. in spile of; 
m. displeasure, spite; vostro 
malgrado, in spite of your 

Malgrazioso, adj. disagree- 


Malifizio, m. (sec JMalencio, 
and its derivatives) 

Malignamente, adu. malicious- 
ly, enviously 

Malignare, to grorv malig- 


Mal/gno, adj. malicious, hurt- 
ful : m. the devil 
>ralinc6DÌco, adj. melon- 

Malinconia,/, melancholy 
Malinconicamente, adv. sad- 

Malióso, adj. enchanting 
Malisc^lco, ni. a quarter- 
master, a farrier, a noble- 


IWaliìiàto, and Malizióso, adj. 

malicious, mischievous 
Maliziosamente, adv. mali- 

Malleabile, adj. malleable, 

(said of metals) 
Màlleo, ni. a hammer 
Mallevadóre, m. and Melile- 

vadorfa,/. bail, security 
Mallevare, to bail one 
Mallevato, m. and Maleverfa, 

/. a bail, security 
Millo, m, the green sheU of 

Mai maestro, m. the falling 

Malmenare, to afflict, torment. 

Malmóndo, m. hell 
Malnato, adj. uncivil, rude 
Mdlo, adj. bad, ill 
Malóra,/, andar in malóra, to 

Malordinato, part, disordered, 

Malóre, m. evil, disease 
Malparato, adj. destitute, de- 
Malpiglio, m. angry look 
Malpr;<Uco, part, unexperi- 

Malprcpaiito, adj. ill-pre- 

Malprò, m. hurt, damage 
MalprocEdere, m. incivility 
Malpròprio, adj. improper 
Jlalprovvedùto, adj. ill pro- 
Malsania,/. ill habit of body 
iMalsanlccio, adj. sickly 
Malsano, adj. unhealthy, in- 

Malsicuro, adj. uncertain 
Malsiniréro, adj. unsincere 
Malsofferènte, adj. impati- 
Malta,/, dirt, mud, mortar 
Maltolto, »i. tax, exaction 
Maltornlto, adj. rough, un- 
Maltrattaménto, »i. ill usage 
Maltrattare, to ill use, abuse 
Maltrattóto, part, ill used 
ISIaltrovaniéntu, m. a bad in- 


Malvagio, adj wicked ; mal» 

vagió, a villain 
Malvagità,/ wickedness 
Malvavischio, m. marsh-mtU' 

Malvedére, to look with an evi 

Malvedùto, m. hatred 
■"Tal vestito, part. shabbily 

[al vicino, m. an iU neigh- 

Malvisto, part, heated 
Mai vivo, adj. half dead 
MalvogliCnte, adj. malevo- 
Malvolentièri, adv. unnilling- 

ly, with difficulty 
Malvolere, m. ill-will 
Malvoluto, odious, liai^ul 
Maliiria,/. bad omen 
Malusato, part, ill employed 
Mamma, /. mamma, (also) a 

woman's breast ('in poetry) 
Mammalucco, m. a block- 
Mammina, f. a governess, a 

Mammella,/, a breast 
Mammollno, adj. childish 
Màmmolo, m. a child, an in- 

Mammóne, m. and Mammó- 
na, / the god qf riches • 
a marmoset, monkey, nil.. 

JMancdre, to want ; to fail . 
mancar di parola, to break 
one's word: mancar il col- 

Manchévole, adj. imperfect 
Manchevolézza, and Man- 
chézza, /. fault, impcrfec- 

M^ncia, /. drinking, mo 


Iato mancino, the left 

Manco, m. mani; né manco, 
neither; mànce, left, left- 
handed ; unhappy, dUaatrout, 
defective. Manco, adj. less, 
even ; venfrsi manco, to faint 
Mandaménto, m. a mandate 
Mandare, to send, order, ii 
/'■>•)«, acquaint ; mandar 
«re, to send nord ; mandi., 
furfra. to pour out; mandar 
ad effètto, to effect ; mandar 
a male, to squander; man- 
dar giù, <» rum ; to swaUow 
down; mandar via, to dis. 
miss ; mandar in lungo, to 

Mandata,/, a sending 
Mandatàrio, m. a commission. 

Manda'to, part, sent ■ man- 
dato m. an order, warrant 

Mandola, and Mandorla, f. 
an almond 

Mandòla, /. cithern (a musi- 




Manganare, foca/enrff,. 
Manganala,/, a cross-bow 
Manganelle,/, pi. benches (in 

Mangeréccio, adj. eatable 
Mangeria,/ extortion 
Mangiaf&rro, ,n. a cut-thro 

Mangiaménto, m. an e • 

Mangiapane, m. on. 

'- nothing but to , 




MSndra,/. nfloek, herd 
Mandracchia,/. a piostitttte 
MandrJigola, /. mandrak 


(a p. , 

Mandriiile, and Mandria..^, 

m akc-eperoflargtcattle 
Manducare, to eat (Latin 

Mdne,f morning 

Maneggiabile, and Maneg- 
gievole, adj. tractable 

Maneggiaménto, m. manage- 
ment " 

Maneggiare, to govern, direct, 
to feel, touch ; maneggiar 

Maneggiato, part, handled 
Manéggio, m. a riding honsi 
(also) a negotiation, manage- 
ment; manéggio occulto, a 

Mangila,/, a sheaf 
Manére, to remain, stay 
^^^^j^^càlco, m. (tee Manis- 

Manescamente, adv. with tne's 

Manésco, adj. handy, offfhand, 

passionale, angry 
ManSlte, f pi. handcufls 
^an&iiiJe, m. the iumdie of a 

Mangiapélo, m. a moth, tint 
la worm) * 

Mangiare, m. the act of eat- 
!«§•; (also) food, victuals 

Mangiare, io eat, waste 

Mangiata,/ beliyfuil 

Mangiativo, adj. fit to eat 

Mangidto. pari, eaten 

Mangiatóia, /. a manger, a 

Mangiatóre, m. an eater 
Mangióne, 7n. a great eater 
Manfa, /. madness 
Manfaco, adj. mad.fnrioi^ 
Mamca, fa sleeve, the handle 
a knife, S:c. Questo é 
altro paio di maniche, it 
ts quite another thing 
Manicaménto, m. an eatin" a 

torroding, or corrosion "' 
Manicare, fo eat (low word) 
manicarsi, to detest one 
Manicarétto, m. a ragout 
Manichino, m. a ruffle, 
muff, a small handle 
famco, rn. a handle ; m^mco 
d- xm violino, the neck of 
.fiddle; uscir del manirn , 

Manifattiira, / workmanship 

Manifestamente, adv. plainly 
Mamfestaménto, m. manifeil. 

Manifestare, to manifest 
Manifestato, part, manifeited 
Manifestazióne, /. maiùfèsta- 

Manifésto, adj. plain, evident ■ 
m. a manifesto, (a decree) 

Manfglio, m. and ManlgUa,/. 

Manigóldo, m. executioner 
Mannnésso, adi. cut 
Manina./ anà Mainino, m, a 

little hand 
JManmconla, / (see Malin- 

Manipolare, to work with 
tìie hand» ; adj. soldato 
manipolare, a common sol- 

Manipolazióne,/ composition 
'>-f'"ipolo, m. a handful, (also) 
maniple fused by popish 

isralco, m. f airier, 

na, / m.anna, an ex- 
lie food ; (also) a sheaf 


ia, /. . 





Manicrlsto, m. a kind of con- 

fection -^ 

Manièra,/, manner, way, sort. 


and Manièro 
asant and 

adj. tame, t 



of co 

I annero, adj. lupo man- 
naro, a mail of the rvood, or 
-.1 annerino, m. a lambkin 
Mano, / hand, hand-nrif- 
ing ; (also) aid, assist- 
ance; porger la m;lno, io 
favour ; cader per mano, 
to happen ; menir le 
mani, to beat ; menar per 
mdno, to lead ; tener ma- 
no, to assist ; fuor di mdno, 
out of the way; ugner le 
mam, to bribe ; uscir di 
mino, to escape : venire 
alle raiSni, 

alzdr le : 

N. B For a more copious 
collection of idiomalical, compounded with 

IMdno, see Alberli's or 
Baretti's Diet. 
Manomettere, to make thi 


first cut ; to set free ; to de- 

Manopola, /. a gauntlet ; a 

haif sleeve 
Manoscritto, m. a. manu- 

'• Manóso, adj. soft, tractable 
"'■'«fanotenenza, /. (see Manu- 
Manovalderfa,/. tukion 
JtfanoTàldo, m. a tutor, or 

Manovale, and Mancale, m. 
a manual, a bricklayer's 
Manovèlla,/, a lever 
Jland^-ra, /. the tackling, or 

the wotking of a ship 
Manrovèscio, and Manro- 
vèscio, m, a back stroke 
Mansàre, to tame 
Mansionàrio, m. a chaplain 
'Mansióne, f. abode ; baiting 
Mànso, adj. mild, tame 
Mansuefare, to tame, ap- 

MansuefàttD, part, tamed 
Mansugscere, to grorv tame 
Mansuetamente, adv. meek- 
Mansuèto, adj. mild, tract- 
Mansuetùdine, /. meekness 
Màntaco, m. bellorvs ; the 
.,- lungs; mantacare, to blorv, 
■^' Sfc. 

Mantèca, /. pomatum 
Mantellare, to cloak ; man- 
tenersi, to cloak one's 
Mantellètta,/. a rocket 
MantelUno, m. a veil, a cur- 

Mantello, ni. a cloak; sott-o 

mantèllo, under colour 
Mantenente, adv. just nom 
Mantenére, to Reep, maintain, 
support ; mantenérsi, to sub- 

Manteniménto, m. mainte- 

judged upon a full trial 
Mantenitòre, m. a preserver 
Mantenuto, part, f.iaintained 
Mantice, m. bellorvs 
Mantlciàro, m. a bellorvs- 

Mantiglia,/, a rvoman's cleak 
Manale, m, a tt/rvel 
Manto, m. a cloak, a mark: 

pretence, a rvoman's ck ik 
Mantdre, adv. cfteniinui 
Mantrugiare, to run'pU 

Manuale, adj. manual ; m. 
bricklayer's labourer 

Manualmente, adv. manu- 

Manùbrio, m. a handle, 

Manucàre, to eat 

illanumissióne, /. manumu- 

Manuscritto, m. a manuscript 
Manutenzióne, /. a posses- 
n culjudged upon a full 

Manzo, m. 071 ox 
Manzotta,/ a heifer 
Maogàni, m. mahogany 
Maommetduo, m. a Maho- 

Jlaragnuóla, /. a hay-stack 
Marame, m. refuse, parings, 
(also) abundance of every 



Maraviglia, /. wonder. A 
maraviglia, ady. wonder- 

Maravigliàbile, and Mara- 
vigliévole, adj, wonderful, 

Maravigliaménto, m, admira- 

:Maravigliàrsi, to wonder 
Maravigliosamente, adv. won- 
Maraviglióso, adj. marvel- 

Màrca, /. token, sign ; a 

Marcare, and Marchidre, to 

mark, to border upon 
Marcasslta, /. marcassite fa 

Marcato, part, marked 
Marcescibile, a. corruptible 
Marchésa, and Marchesana, 

/. a marchioness 
Marchesato, m. a marquisate 
Marchése, m. marquis 
Màrchio, and Marco, m. 

mark, sign 
Màrcia, /. and Marciume, 

m. corruption, pus, thick 

Marciapiède, m. causeway, 

Marci<tre, to march, rot, 



Màrcido, and Màrcio, adi. 

roilen ; à tuo màrcio dii. 

petto, in spile of yuu 
Maroigióne,/. corruption 
Marcióso, part, ccrrupied. 

farcorèlla, / m 

ercury (an 


late, m. the sea ; 

mar grosso. 

a rough sea 

larèa. and Jlareggiàta. /. 
the tide, flux and reflux ; 

marèa màssim 

a, spring 

tides ; alta m 

area, high 


lareggiàre, io fn 

at upon the 

sea ; luareggiàrs. 

, to be sea 

Maréggio, m. the billonting of 

the waves 
Marémma,/ near the shore 
](faremmàno, adj. maritime. 

Maresciallo, m. a marshal 
Marésco, adj. marine 
Marése, m. a marsh, pond 
Marezzare, to marble, vein 
Marézzo, m. a marbling 
Màrga, /. marl (a sort qf 

Margarita, and IMangherlta,/. 

Margheritina, /. a daisy (a 

Margo, m. margin; bank (in 

Margolato, m- and Margòtta, 

/. a layer (of any plant) 
Margottare, to set layers 
Margùtto, adj. ugly and ma- 

Maricello, m. a bay, gulf 
Marina, /. the sea coasi. 
Marina marina, adv. along 

Marin*e, to pickle 
Marineria,/, a naval army 
Marinésco, .^Marinarésco, and 
Marino, adj. belonging to the 
sea : vento marino, the west 

Jlariolàrc, to cheat, trick 
Marioleria,/, a cheat 
Mariòlo, m. a rogue, cheat 
Marisciico, m. marihai 

Slaritaménto, m. matrimony 
Alarit^re, to marry 
Maritato, part, married 
Marito, m. husband, spante 
Marittimo, adj. maritime 
Mariuoleria,/. a knavish trick 
Mariudlo, 7n. a knave, cheat 
Marmdglia,/. the mob 
Marmo, m. marble 
Warmorària, /. sculpture. 

Marmoràrio, ?n. a stone-cutter 
Marraoràto, m. incrustation 

pieces of marble 
Mormorato, adj. marbled 
JWarmdreo, adj. like marble 
Marmòtta,/, and Marmotto, 

m. a marmotte 
Mardso, m. a rvave, billom ; 

a marsh, a boggy place; 

(also) perturbation of the 

Marra, f. pick-axe, mattock ; 
ferro di due mirre, the an- 
chor of a ship ; ferro di 
quattro marre, the any,iMr of 
a galley 

MaiTaiudlo, in. a pionee-, a 

Marrano, i 

Marretto, •.... „ 

Marriménto, m 

Manritta,/, the right hand 

Marrftto, adj. right-handed 

Marròbbio, to. horehound (a 
sort of kerb) 

Marrocchino, m. Morocco 

Marróne, m. a mattock, (also^ 
chestnuts ; far un marróne, 
to blunder 

Marronéto, m. an orchard of 

Marrovéscio, m. a back stroke 

Marte, m. 3Iars (a planet) 

Martedì, m. Tuesday 

Martellare, to hammer ; 
tease, plague, to beat, or 

Martellata, /. a blow rmth a 

Martèllo, m. a hammer 
Martinello, m. a crane (an 

I. a mattock 

Martirio, and MartTro, 

Martirizzaménto, m. mart\ 

martirizzarsi, to torment 
one's self 
Martirizzato, part, martyred 
Martirològio, 7h. martyrology 
Blàrtora, /. martin (an ani- 
Màrtore, m. a martyr (also) 

IMartorèllo, m. a poor felloni 
Martoriaménto, m. the rack 
Jlartoriàre, Martiràre, and 

Blartorezzàre, to rack, to 

Martorio, and Martdro, m. 


Marzo, m. March 
Marzocco, m. a fool, a cast, or 

painted lion 
Marzolino, and Marzudlo, 
adj. belonging to, or grow- 
ing in the month of March 
JMascagno, adj. cunning, 

Mascalcia, a furrier's art 
Mascalzóne, m. a ruffian, a 

Mascèlla, f.jatv, cheek 
Mascellare, m. side teeth 
Mascheraio, m. setter of 

Mascherare, to mask 
Màschera, /. a mask ; cavarsi 
la maschera, to speak one's 
mind freely ; mandar in 
maschera, to steal a thing 
Mascherata,/, a masquerade 
Mascherato, part, masked 
Mascherlzzo, m. a livid 

Mascheróne, m. a sculptured 

or painted head 
Maschiamente, adv. manly 
Maschiézza, /. virility, man- 

Maschfle, adj. manly 
Màschio, m. the male ; 

maschi pensièri, noble 

Mascolinità,/, the being a male 
i\,ro.^„i/„„ and Mascolino, 

, a family, a company 
iière, m. a soldier. 

Massa,/, heap; la massa del 
sangue, the blood ; far masia. 


Massàia,/, housewife 
Massàio, m. a steward 
Masseria, /. a farm-house, a 

quantity of goods 
Masserizia, /. furniture, 

Massiccio, adj. massy, strong 
Màssima,/, maxim, rule 
Massimaménte, adv. espedally 
Massimo, adj. supreme, verj, 

^'lasso. m. a rock, a large stone 
Mastello, m. a bucket, pail 
Masticare, and Masticacchi- 

àre, to deliberate upon, to 

chew ; masticar paternòstri, 

to play the hypocrite 
Masticato, part, chewed 
Masticatura, /. and Mastica- 

ménto, m. chewed meat 
Masticazióne,/ mastication 
Màstice, m. mastic, (a gum) 

Mastiettàre, to thrust in a hook 

fora hinge 
MastK-ttatUra,/. the iron work 

of a door 
Mastietto, m. a hook for a 

Mastino, m. a mastiff dog 
Màstio, m. the male 
Mastrevolménte, adv. in a 

Mastro, m. master ; adj. prin- 

Mastrusciére, m. a door- 

Matassa,/, skein, heap, parcel 
Matassata, /. several skeins, 

(also) embarrassment 
Matemàtica, /. mathematics. 

Materassaio, to. a mattress- 

Materasso, m. and Materassa, 

, / qvilt, mattress 

Materia, and Matéra, /. 

- .ibiect, cattse 
Materiale, adj. material 
Materiali, materials 
Materialità,/, the substance qf 

Materialmente, adv. material. 

ly, coarsely 
Matemale, adj. materiial, 

Maternamente, adv. motherly 

Maternità, /. j 


Matitatóio, m. a fencU-case 
Matràcrio, m. a retort (a glass 
vessel) [(AerA) 

ÌMatricàle, m. molher-nwrt 
:^[atv;ce,/. momb, m»uld 
Matricida, m. nyirderer of a 

mother, matricide 
If atricfdio, m. matricide, mur- 
der «fa viother 
Matrfcola,/. matricular, book, 
money paid at setting up m 

Matricolare, to matriculate 

man-tgna, to pout 
Matrigndre, and IMatrigneg- 
giàre, to use roughly, like a 


Maturare, to ripen, tofinUh 
Maturato, part, ripened^ old 
Maturazióne, Maturezza, and 
Maturità,/, maturity, ripe- 
ness, (also) rviidom, modera- 

Maturo, adj. ripe: età ma- 
tura, advanced age; uòmo 
maturo, a discreel man ; 
consiglio maturo, mature 

Mausolèo, m. a sepulchral 
edifice, nmusoleum 

Mazza, /. 


Matrimònio, m. matrimony 
Matrfna,/. miditife 
Matrisalvia, /. clary (a sort of 

aiattaccindta, /. 

Mattamente, adv. madly 
Mattiire, to mate (at chess) 
Matteggiare, to play the fool 
Mattematica,/. ( see Matemà- 

Mattézza, and Matteria, /. 

Mattina, J', morning 
Mattinare, to sing under one's 

rising [the morning 

Mattinata, /. o serenade, in 
Mattfno, m. the morning 
Matto, in. mad, foolish 

■ la 

Me, pron. » 

Meandro,». — „- 

Meato, m. a pore of the body 
Meccanicamente, adv. mecha- 
nically . 
Meccànico, adj. mechanical. 

I, Ion 


with square 

Mattonare, t 

Mattonato, ptrl. paved; 

mattonato, a pavemeiU 
Mattóne, m. brick, an arrant 

MattorUére, m. a brick-maker 
Mattutinàle, adj. matutinal 
Mattutino, m. morning-prayer, 

matins, (also) morning 
Mattutino, adj. of the inorn- 

Mazzafràsta,/. ballast 
Mazzamarróne, m. a uwcn.- 

MaZzamuiro, m. the crumbs of 

Mazzapicchiire, to strike with 

a millet 
Mazzapicchio, »n. a mallet 
Mazjasette, m. a bravo 
Mazzata, /. a blow n-ith a 

Mazzeranga,/, a rammer 
Mazzeranghe, to ram 
Mazzero, m. a knotty stick 
Mazzétta,/, a mallet 
Mazzétto, m. a small bundle 
Mazzicàre, to beat, bang 


Mazzière, m. a mace-bearer 
Mazzo, m. a bundle : mazzo di 
carte, a pack of cards : mazzo 
di fiori, a nosegay ; aliar i 
mazzi, to run away 
Mazzocliiaia, /. a ivoma 
that 3resses hair, (also) the 
whole hai ' '' 

Mazzòcchio, m. a kind ofeot 
the sprouts of succory, (ali 

Meccànico, m. a mechanic 
Meccanismo, m. mechanism 
Meccére, m. master (jc 
Meco, proli, and prep, ivitn mc 
Medàglia,/, medal 
Medaglióne, m. a medallion 
Medaglista, m. medallist 
ÌMedémo, a<y. {see Medésimo) 

Medesimamente, and Medis- 
simo, adv. likcrvise, also 

Medesimézza, and Medesi- 
raità,/ idenlily, sameness 

Medésimo, adj. same, self. 

Mediante, j.rej). hi one's help. 

Mediataménte, and Mediante, 

adv. mediately, by means 
Mediate, adj. interposed, (a.lsQ) 

Mediatóre, m. mediator 
Mediazióne,/, mediation 
Slédica. f. lucern (herb) 
Medicàbile, adj. curable 
Medicaménto,' and Medi- 
:àme, m. a medicament, a 

Medicamentóso, adj. 

e bundle of a, 

Medicante, m. a physician 
Medicare, to heal, cure 
Medicastro, Medicastróne, & 

Madicastronzólo, m. a me. 

dicaster, a quack 
Meilicato, part, medicated 
Medicatóre, m. a physician 
Medicazione,/, a remedy 
aiedichézza, /. a female phy- 

Medichévole, adj. , 


land, crorvd, 

M"a22occhiùto, adj. knotty, 

Mazzoino, m. a nose^^ay 
Mazzuòla,/, a small stick 
Mazzuòlo, m. a little bundle, or 
segay ; (also) a pick, a kind | 

Me", adv. bettei 
(in poetry): p 
through the 

Medicina,/, physic, 

the nrtof physic 
Medicinale, adj. rn 

Medicinalmente, adv. physi' 

Medico, m. a physician : ad). 
•■ nal; medico d' acqua 
a quack 
Medio,'»», the middle finger 
; or middle ! Medio, adj. of 'the middle 
er me", adv. j Mediocre, adj. mc'- '- 
middle, be- Mediocremente, 
1 ferenily 



Jlediocrità,/. mediocrity 
Meditare, to meditate 
Meditatamente, adv. detign- 

Meditativo, adj. given up to 

Aleditato, part, meditated 

Meditazione, /. and Medita- 
ménto, VI. meditation 

Mediterràneo, adj. Mediter- 
ranean : mare Mediterràneo, 
the Mediterranean tea 

Méjjlio, adv. belter, betl, rather 
more: andar di bene in 
mèglio, Iv -row better and 
better ; alia mèglio, for the 



Melacftola,/. balm-gentle 
Jlelacotdgna,/. a quince 
Melaciolcito, aJj. iweetened 

Jlelagrana, and Melagranàta, 

.f. pomegranate 
Slelagràno, «i. pomegranate- 

Melansàggine, and Melensàg- 

Melarància, Melàngola,/. and 
Melàngolo, m. an orange 

ÌWelaràncjo, m. an otange- 


elàta, /. the Aug,, 

(also) un apple-marmalade 
Melato, adj. honeyed, srveet as 

Mele, m. honey ; mèle, /. pi. 

Melea'grida, ]\Ieleàgride,/. the 

^Melensàggine./, silliness, folly 
Melenso, adj. silly, foolish 
Meléto, m. an apple-orchard 
Melichtoo,m cider 
Mèlico, adj melodious 
MeUfero, adj. fruitfitl in honey 
ÌMéliga,/ Turkey corn 
Melfssa,/. balm-gentle 
Mellificare, to produce honey 
Mellifluo, adj. mellifluous, 

smeet, agreeable 
IVIeHiSne, m. a waler-melon, 

(also) a blockhead 
Melma ': mud, dirt 


Sfelmdso, adj. muddy 
Jlelo, m. an apple-tree 
Melocotógno, m. a ijuince-iree 
Melodia, and MeWde, /. 

Melodiosamente, adv. melo- 

Melodióso, and Melodico, adj. 

Afelogranato, m. pomegranate 
AJekiggine,/. the crab-apple 
.Meluiiie, m. a hat blighting 

Membro, m. limb, member 
.Af embruto, adj strong-limbe4 
Mémma,/. mud, dirt 
^femoràbile, adj memorable 
indo, and Memorévole, 

Memorativa,/, tin 

Memorato, part, mentioned 
Mèmore, adj. mindful, recol- 
Memòria,/, memory, remem- 
brance: imparare a me- 
mòria, to learn by heart 

Ména, /. negotiation, staie^ 

cintdilion, quality 
Menagerfa, /. a menagerie, (a 

Menale, /. the cliord of an 

Henare, to lead. In bring, to 
loosen, to produce, to beget : 
menar un pugno, to beat, 
to strike : menar buòno, to 
grant ; menar per la lunga, 
to delay ; menar le mani, 
to beat, strike ; menar mo- 
glie, to marry ; menar via, 
to lake an-ay ; menar i gi- 
órni, to spend one's days : 
menar a capo, tn accomplish : 
menar :n servàggio, to en- 


Jlenatura, /. a joint, motion, 

Méncio, adj. lhin,iender,{also' 

Mènda, f. amendment, pt- 
natty, forfeit ; defect 

Mendace, adj. lying 

Mendacemente, adv. deceit- 

Mendàcio, m. a falsehood 

Mendàre, to amend 

Mendicante, adj. begging ; un 
mendicante, m. a beggar ; 
frate mendicante, a begging 

i\f endicàre, to beg 

Mendicato, adj. begged 

Mendicatòte, m. a beggar 

Mendioazióne,/. a bagging 

Mendicità, Mendicitàde, and 
Mendicagiòne, /. beggary 

Mendico, m. a beggar 

Jlendòso, adj faulty 

Menno, adj. beardless, drftc- 

Jlèno, adj. less; il meno, 
the least'; non posso far di 

non si può far di meno, one 

Menomanza, /. fault, nant, 

diminution, depression 
Menomare, and Menomenàre, 

Menomato, part, lessened 
Menomo, and Jlénimo, adj. 

less, least 
Mènsa, /. a table ; apparec- 
chiar la mènsa, io lay the 
cloth : mensa episcopale, 

Mensàle, adj. belonging to the 

Mensuàle, adj. monthly 

Menta./, mint 

Stentale, aiij- belonging to tht 

^Iemalmente, adv. ttunlal- 

Mentastro, m. tvilJ mint 
Ménte, /. understanding • 
por ménte, to reflect : im- 
parare a ménte, to get by 
heart : uscir di ménte, /• 
forget : sapere a ménte 
lo know by heart : tetórc 

metter la ménte di fuor 
del tondo, io rave, be half 

Mentecattiggine, /. foolish- 

Wenticàre, , „ 
Mentlcùrvo, adj. inclined to 

Mentire, to lie: mentire !e 
sue paròle, to ditsemble ; 
mentire altrui, to give one 

Mentita,/, a lie 
Mentitamente, aJv. faltely 
Mentito, adj. false, lying 
Mentitóre, m. a lidr 
Mento, m. chrn 
Mentdsto, odu. much less 
Mentovare, and Menzionare, 

^Mentovato, adj. mentioned 
Méntre, or Mentrechè, adv. 
tvhilst ; méntre ch'io vivo, 

Mentuto, adj. with a long 

Menzionare, to mention 
Menzionilo, part, mentioned 
Menzióne, /. mention 
Menzognèro, adj. lying, false 
Meramente, adv. merely 
Meravigliare, (see Maravi- 
gliare, and its derivatives; 
Meraviglia,/ wonder 
Mercanteggiare, to trade 
Mercantfle,a4;- mercantile _ 
Mercanzia, and Mercatanzta, 

/. goods-, merchaitdise 
Meitatinte, and Mercante, m. 
merchant, tradesman : far 
orécchie di mercante, to pre- 
tend not to mind ; mercante 
in di gròsso, a wholesale 

Merratantóne, m. an opulent 

Mercatore, to cheapen, to 

Jlercàto, m. market, a bar- 
gain ; treaty ; commodi- 
ties ; a buon mercato. 

Mercatura, /. the art oftrad- 

Mérce, /. commodity, goods, 
merchandise, recompense, re- 
ward, kindness, favour, pity, 

Mercèi /. help, aid, compas- 
tion, pity ; mercè, gran 
mercè, i thank you ; an- 


dare all' altrui mercè, io im- 

Mercechè, adv. because 
Mercéde,/, reward 
Mercenariamente, adv. mer- 
Mercenario, adj. mercenary 
Merceria./, mercery 

Mercoledì, and Mercordl, m. 

MercorEUa,/ dog's caul 
Mercuriale, adj. mercurial 
Mercùrio, m. mercury, quick- 

Merenddne, m. a blockhead 
Meretricàre, to play the 

Meretrice,/, a strumpet 
Meretriciaraénte, adv. tvhor- 

Meretricio, m. trenching, 

nhiiring (a barudy-house) 
Mérgere, to plunge 
Mergo, m. a diver (bird) 
Meridiano, adj. and m. meri- 



Meriggio, Merigge, m. anc 

Meriggia,/, mid-day, noon 
Meriggióne, adv. at noon- 

Meritamente, adv. deservedly 
Meritamente, m. a reward 
Meritare, to deserve, to reward 
meritar d' uno, to do one t, 


•.e of Si 

M^ritito, part. deserved. 

Meritévole, adj. deserving 
Meritevolmente, adv. deserv- 
edly, duly, justly 
Mèrito, m. desert, reward, 

Jleritoriaraénte, adv. meri- 
Meritòrio, adj. 

Merlare, to build battlements 
JWerletto, MBrlo, and Mer- 
luzzo, m. lace 
Merlo, m. a battlement, (also) 
a blackbird 



Merlotto, in. a loggerhead 
Merluzzo, m. à meCwell, (a 

small cod) 
Mèro, adj mere; acqua mera, 

clear mater : mero sciòcco, a 

downright fool 
Mesata,/, an entire month, a 

month's pay 
Méscere, to mix, or pour 
Meschiaménto, m. and Mes- 

chiànza, /. mixture, a 

Meschina,/, a servant-maid 
Meschinamente, ade. poorly 
Meschinèllo, and MeschinEtto, 

adj. poor, wretched 
Meschinità, and Meschinia,/. 

misery, poverty 
Meschino, adj. miserable 
Méschio, adj. mixed 

a cup-bearer 

Mesciròba, r 

Mescitóre, m ^ 

Mescolaménto, m. and Mes- 
colanza, /. mixture, mis- 
cellany, a salad i/ small 

Mescolare, to mix, blend, mid- 
dle ; mescolar le carte, to 
shuffle the cards 

Mescolatamente, m. promis- 

Mescolato, part, mixed, blend- 

Mescolattìra,/. an<{ Mescùglio, 

Mése, m. month 
Mesenterio, nt. mesentery 
MGssa,/ a mass, a service at 

table, (also) a stock, a shoot, 

Messaggeria,/, an embassy 
Messaggiéie, and Messaggiéro, 

m. messenger 
5lessàggìo, m. a messenger 
Messale, m. missal 
Mésse,/ harvest 
Messère, m. sir, master ; met- 

ser si, yes, sir 
Messia, »i. the Messiah 
IMessióne,/ remittance 
Me.'.siticcio, »M. a bud 
Mésso, m. messenger, a ter- 

Jeant, a course at tabU , 

mésso di Juno, the rain- 

Mésso, part, put, placed 
Messóre, m. a reaper 
Mestare, to mix, stir 
Mestatóio, m. a tool to mix 

Mestica, /. a print, impres- 

MesticiCre, to plaster a cloth, to 

Mestière, Mestièri, and Ses- 
tièro, »). business, trade, 
rvant ; aver mestière di 
quattrini, to rvant money; 
fa mestière, it ìnust 
Mestizia, y. melancholy 
MEsto. adj. sad, pensive 
MFstola, /. a ladle, (also) a 

Mestolone, and Mestola, m. a 

fool, a lofrgerhead 
Mèstruo, m. monthly courses 
Mèstruo, adj. monthly 
Mestùra,/. e mixture 
Meta,/, the half, moiety 
Mèta,/, limit, boundary 
Metafisica,/, metaphysics 
Metafisicale, and Metafisico, 

ad) metaphysical 
Jfetkfora,/. metaphor 
Metafòrico, adj. metaphori- 

Metaforizzare, io speak meta- 

Wetàllicc- and Metalltao, adj. 
metallic, metalline 

Metanièra, m. lie rvho rvorks on 

Metiillo, m. metal 

Metamorfosi, and Metamór- 

Metatèsj,/. metathesis 
I\/etei5ra,/. a meteor t 

Bleteorològico, adj. lelongìng 

Metodico, adj methodical 
Mètodo, m. method, rule 
Metricamente, adv. in verse 
Mètrico, adj. metrical 
Méto, m. metre, measure 

cammino, to set out ; mèt- 

méttersi in cuòre, io re- 
solve; méttere in assètto, 
to prepare ; méttere in ab- 
bandóno, to forsake ; mét- 
ter la tàvola, to lay the 
cloth ; méttere alla véla, 
io set sail; métter amdre, 
io Jìx the ajfection ; mét- 
tere a fil di spada, to put to 
the sri'ord ; méttere a sac- 
co, to pillage ; métter 
paura, to frighten ; mét- 

ter bottéga, to set up in 
business : métter indtìgio, 
io delay ; métter le mani 
addosso, io seize; métter 
sotto sopra, io put topsy- 
iurxy ; méttersi a correre, 
méttersi alla strada, ti 

ready, (also) io set out ; 
méttere a partfto, io pro- 
pose ; méttere a petto, io 
compare; métter cudre, io 

zi, io propose ; métter in 
forse, to doubt ; méttere 
in novèlle, to rail at ; 
métter in punto, io gei 
ready ; méttere nella via, 

méttere in opera, io ac- 
complish, (also) to make 
use of; métter in serbo, io 
put by 
Mettilòro, m. a gilder 
Mezzaiuolo, m. a farmer 
Mezzana, /. the mizen-eails, 
a square brick, (also) a 

Mezzano, adj. middle 

Mezzóre, to grorv flaggy 

Mezzina, /. a pitcher 

Mézzo, m. the middle, half; 
nel mézzo del cammino, 
half -way ; in quésto méz- 
zo, in the mean while ; 
prodikre in mézzo, to al- 
lege ; torre a mézzo, io 
take in common : mézzo 
ubriaco, half drunk. Méz- 

tion ; andarne di mézzo, 
to be a victim to ; produrre in 
mézzo, to allege; star di^méz- 

Mezzocérchio, m. a semi- 

Mezzocolòre, m. a weak 

Mezzodì, Mezzodfe, and Mez- 



;. me ; mi pidce, il 

Mi, pron. 

phases me 
Miagolaménto, m. and Mia 

gelata,/, metuing 
Miagolare, to mem 
Mica, adv. not, not at all : 

credeste, / tvould not have 
you believe ; mica di pane« 
crumb of bread 

Micànte, adj. shining, hrigld 

Miccia,/, match 

Miccio, m. and Miccia, /. an 


! Micida, a^. 

liso) the . 

Micio, »?i. a cat 
Microscòpio, m. microscope 
Midólla, /. marrow, pUh, 

Midóllo, m. marrow, sub- 
stance, the best ; pervenire 
al midóllo, io come to the 

Midollonàccio, n». a block' 

Midolióso, adj. full of inar 

Mièle, and Mele, m. honey 
Miètere, io reap, mow, crop 

Mietitóre, m a reaper 
Mietitura,/, harvest, crop 
Mietuto, part, mowed, reaped 
Mfga, adv. not at all 
Migliàccio, m. a millet pud- 

Migliàio, 'm. a thousand 
migliaia, by thousands 

Migliardia, /. shot, haU- 

Miglio, m. a mile, (also) »ni7- 

Miglioraménto, m. amend- 

Miglioràre, io mend, grotv 

Migliorato,' pari, grown tet- 

Miglidre, adj. better, best 
Mignatta,/'» leech 
Blignéllo, m a miser 
Mignolo, m. the little finger 
Mignolare, to bloom as ti. 

IMigndne, m. darling 
Migrare, to migrate 
Mila, pi. of Mille, thousands 
Milensàggine, / foolishness 
Milenso, adj. silly, foolish 

1 Mill 
1 BliUt; 


chièsa mllitónte. the church 

Wilitire, to militate 
Militare, adj. military ; drdir 

militare, knighthood 
Milit^tore. m. a warrior 
Mflite, m. « Wrf.Vr, a knight 
MiUzia, /. milttia, the art of 

mar ; miUzie, troopt 
Afillantàre, tn amplify ; mil- 

lantJlrsi, to boast 
Millantatóre, m. a vaunter 
Millanterfa, /. and Milldnto, 

m. boasting, bragging, otten- 


Dille a 

%nd adj. thi 

dj. thousand; 

lie, by thou- 

tanas : star in sul mill'», to 

lord it 

Millèsimo, m. a thousand 

years, the date of coins. 

Millefoglie, m. milfoil (an 

Milza,/, the spleen 
Mfmico, adj. mimic 
^■■-- ■ ■ ■ -mffo 


. /• 


Minaccévole, and Miiiaccidso, 

adj. menacing 
Minàccia, and Minacciatùra, 

/. threat 
Minacciare, to threaten 
Jlinacciato, part menaced 
Minaccio, 111. threat 
Minaccióso, adj. full of 

Minare, to mine 
Minatóre, m. a miner 
Minatòrio, auj. threatening 
Minchionare, to jest. 

Minchionatóre, m. a railer 
Minchionatiira, /. bantei; 

Minchionerà,/. folly,fopp»Ty, 

Joke, jest, error, fault 
Minchióne, tn. a blockhead 
Minerale, adj. mineral 
Minerale, m. minerals 
Minestra,/ pottage, soup 
Minestrare, to serve up 

'ingherlfno, adj. thin, lean 

si. to paint 

JMiniéra,/. mineral, a mine 
Minerale, adj. mineral ; ac- 
qua mineriSIe, mineral 

Miniménto, m. diminution 
Minimire, to diminish 
Mfnimo, adj. least 
Minio, m. vermilion, painl- 

Minktro, m. a minister 
Minoranza,/, minority 
Minorare, to lessen 
IMinoratfvo, adj. diminutive 
Minóre, adj- less, least; m. a 

minor (of writing) 
Minorità,/ minority 
Minugie, adj. of a low de- 

Minufre, to diminish 
Minùscolo, adj. least 
Minuta, fa minute 
Minutamente, adv. minutely, 

Minutézza, and Minuteria, /. 

« trifle, smallness 
Minuto, m. a minute ; adv. 

precisely, very small ; adj. 

thin, exact, particular ; 

véndere a minuto, to sell by 

retail; popolo minuto, the 

common people 
Mimifia,/. a small thing 
Minu^dme, m. a great many 

AlinuZzàre, to consider, to 

Minuzzilo, par<. minced 
Bliniizzolo, m. a morsel 
Mio, pron, my, mitie 
Mira, / airn, intent ; pigliar 
di mira alcuno, to prosecut'e 

Miràbile, adj. admirable 
Mirabilmente, adv. tvondtr- 

Miracolo, m. miracle, 
Miracolóne, m. a gr 


Miracolóso, adj. miraculous 
Miràglio, m. a looking-glass 
Mirando, adj. wonderful 
Mirare, to behold, to aim at 
Mirato, part, beheld, viewed 
Miratore, m. a spectator 
Mirifico, adj. wonderful 
Miro, adj. surprising (in 

Mfrra, /. myrrh 
Mirteo, and Mirtino, adj. of 

myrtle, or made of myrtle 
Mirtéto, m. a myrtle-grove 
Mirtillo, m. a myrtle-berry 



Mfrto, m. myrtle-tree 
Misàlta,/. pickled pork 
Misaltare, to pickle pork 
Misàntropo, m a man-hater 
Misaweniraéuto, ni. mis- 

Miscéa,/. old stuffs, trifles 
Miscellàneo, adj. miscelta- 

Mfschia, /. riot, fray, dis- 

Mischiànza, Misr.hiàta, /. and 

Mischiaménto, m. mixture, 

Mischiare, to mix, blend. 

mischiarsi, to intermeddle 
Mischiataméntc, adv. rim- 

Mischijfto.m. and Mischiatlira, 

/. a mixture, medley 
Mischiato, adj. tnixed 
Mischio, m. mixture 
Misconoscente, wlj. ingrate 
Misconóscere, and Misco- 

gnóscere, to despise, not to 

MiscontSnto, adj. dissatis- 
Uliscredente, ailj miscreant 
Miscredènza,/, incredulity 
Miscrédere, to misbelieve 
Muscuglio, m. a mixture, 

Miseràbile, and Miserévole, 

adj miserable 
Aliserabilita,/. calamity 
Miserabilmente, and Mise- 
raménfe, adv. poorly, tniser- 
M iseràccio, adj. poor wretch 
Miseramente, adv. miserably 
Miserando, adj. wretched 
Miserazi(Sne,/ compassion 
Miserano, adj. wretched 
Mistfria, /. wretchedness, ava- 

Misericordia,/, mercy 
Misericordiosamente, adv. 

Misericordióso, and Miseri- 

cordévole, a4j. merciful 
JIfsero, ailj. sad, wretched, 

Blisertà,/. stinginess, misery, 

Misfàre, to do wrong, to con- 

Misfàtto, »n. misdeed 
Misfatlóre, m. a malefactor 
Misleale, ad), dislaycà 
Mislealtà, /. disloyalty 

Missionàrio, j>i. ù 

MisteritSso, and ÌMistico, adj. 

mt/slical, oliscnre 
Jlisticaménte, adv. mystically 
Jlistichità,/. mystery 
mistione,/ ■ ' 


iirt. m 


baffle. Fuor di i 
excessively; a i 




Misuratézza,/, moderation 
Misurilo, part, measured 
Misuratóre, m. a land-sur- 
Misurazióne, /. (see Misura- 
Misurévole, adj. measurable 
Misusàre, to abuse 
Misùso, m. abuse 
Mite, adj. gentle, mild 
Mitemente, adv. mildly 
Miterlno, adj. roguish 
Mitigaménto, m. mitigation 
Mitigare, to pacify 
Mitigativo, adj. lenitive 
Mitigato, pari, allayed, eased 
Mitigazióne,/, mitigation 
Mitologia,/, mythology 
Mitologo, m. a mythologist 
Mftra, Mitria, and Jlftera, /. 

Mitrare, J\Iitri4re, and Mite- 
rare, to make a bishop 

Mitrato, adj. mitred 

Mitridate, m a mithridale 

Mobilare, to furnish 

Mobile, m. movements, move- 
ables : adj. light, moveable 

Mobilità, /. mobility, incon- 

Moccéca, m. and f. a block- 
head; (also) idleness or fool- 

Moccicare, to be full in the 


or lamp ; a bougie, (also; the 

tip of the nose 
Mijda,/. mode, fashion 
Mddano, rn. a mould, model 
ivr«lellare, to frame 
Modèllo, m a model, rtile 
Moderare, to moderate 
Moderatamente, adv. mode- 

Moderdto, adj. moderate 
Jloderr.tóre, m. a moderator 
Jlodorai-ióne, f. and Mode- 

ZModérno, adj. modern, recent 
^\oàC-<.\.\a,f: modesty 
Jloddsto. adj. modest 
Modificare, to modify, limit 
Modificato, adj. limited, mode- 

MolestéTole, and Molestérile, 

5f olésto, adj. troubUsome 
Molla,/, a jp-iH^ 
Mollame, m. sofifesh 
JI oliare, to loosen, unbend 
Molle, adj. net, weak, f-eble. 

soft, i 



'Molle', /. pi. 

5f olleggiare, to spring 
^follemente, adv. tveakly, 

slowly, effemiudtely 
Mollette,/. ;;/ pincers 
Mollezza,/ sojiness, delicacy 
Mollica./, cnnnb 
Molliccio, «ry soff,tvet 
Bfollilicamento, m. a viollify- 

I MoUificare, to mollify, soften 
I IMolIificatfvo, adj. softening 
I Mollificato, pari, mollified 

modo, tu tion 

\ Mollificazidne, /. mollijica 

find the way; oltre mòdo, 

MolUre, to soften 

very much; di mwlo clie. 

MoUitfvo, adj. softening 

inasmuch ; a mio mòdo. 

MoUme, f.sofine.':s 

as 1 please : ad ogni raddo. 

Mollóre, and Mollume, m. 

by all means ; far in mddo. 

to endeavour ; in die mcido ? 

Mdlo, m. mole, pier 

how sot 

Molosso, m. a bull-dog 

Modulare, and ModoMre, to 

Moltfccio. m. mud, dirt 


Moltiplicàbile, adj. multipUca- 

.Modulazidne,/. art of tuning 


MiSdulo, «1. a model 

Moltiplicare, to multiply 

Moggio, m. a certain measure 

Moltiplicato, part. muUi- 

ofco,n; mdggio di grano, a 

Moltiplicazidne, /. and Mol- 

bushel of corn 

Mogio, adj. diJl, stupid 

tiplicaménto, m. multiplica- 

my wife 

Moltiplicità, / multiplicity 

Mogliàta,/. thy wife 

Moltfplice, m muUiplication 

Mogliazzo, m. nuptials 

Moltitùdine./, multitude 

Móglie, Mogliéra, and JIo- 

Mólto, adj. much, many, very; 


molto bello, very pretty; 

Moine, f pi. endearments, al- 

molto mèglio, much better: 


molto a buon ora, very early. 

Moiniere, m. a coaxer 

Mólto, adv. much, greatly. 

Mòla, /. a mill-stone, (also) 

Molto, in. a great quantity 

tympany, moon-calf 


mole del mondo, the vast 

structure of the world : la 

Moménto, m. moment, im- 

mole dell' imperio, weight of 


to, business of consequence 

Molestamente, adv. grievouslii. 

Mònaca,/ a n«H 


Monacale, adj. monkish 

Monacare, to tliul 


i a I Monizione, /. (ste Ammoni- 

Monachismo, m. a monkish life 
Mònaco, »n. a monk, drone 
Monarca, m. a monarch 
Monarchia,/, monarchy 
Monàrchico, adj. monarchical 
Moniro, m. a miller 
Monastèro, and Monastério, 


la, /. mistress, dame, . i 

Monocòrdo, Sf MouacSrdo, 

monocìiord (an instrument) 
Monodia./, monody 
Slonopòlio, m. monopoly 
MonopoUsta, ni. a monopo- 

Monosfllaba, /. and Monosfl- 

labo, »n. a monosyllable 
Monotonia, m. tnonotony 
Monotono, adj. of one and the 

Mondamente, adv. cleanly 
Mondaménto, m. a cleaning 
Mondana,/, a common rvoman 
Mondanamente, adv. worldly 
Mondano, adj. morldly ; un 

mondano, in. a tvorldling 
Mondare, to peel, pare, cleanse 
fiondato, part, cleansed 
Mondatura, S( Mondazióne,/. 

a paring, cleansing 
Mondézza,/, neatness 
Mondezzàio, m. a dunghill 
Mondiale, adj. rvorldly; la 

macchina mondiale, the 

Mondificaménto, m. a cleans- 

Mondiglia, /. chaff, paring 
Mondizia,/. clea.Uiness 
Aldndo, ad), clean, neat, pared 
Móndo, m. the world; uni- 
verse : mankind ; dar al 
mondo, to be brought 
Monelleria,/, knavery 
Monellésco, adj. knavish 
MonfiHo, knave ; cheat 
Monéta,/, ynoney, coin ; batter 

monéta, to coin 
Monetaggio, m. a coining of 

Monetare, to coin ; falseggiar 
la monéta, to coin false mo- 
Monetato, part, coined 
Monetiére, m. a coiner 
Mongana, adj. vitèlla mon- 

gàna, o milk-calf 
Monile, m. a necklace 
Moniménto, m, admonition 
Monipólio, m. monopoly 
Monistérq, and Monistérìo, m. 

a monastery, a convent 
iioxùuìas, m. a monitory 

?.ronsignòre, m. my lord 
Jlonstruoso, adj monstrous 
Mónta,/, the coupling the male 

witli the female 
Montagna,/, mountain 
Montagnóso, adj. mountainous 
Montambànco, »t. a quack- 

IMontaménto, m. a mo,unting 
Montanaro, m. a mountaineer 
Montanèllo, m. a linnet (a 

Montanino, (^ Montanésco, 

adj. boorish, rustic; (also) 

Montano, adj. mountainous 
Montare, to mount ; (also) to 
cover (as animals do) ; to 
grorv ; increase ; montare in 
còllera, to grorv angry 
Montata, /. ascent, progrest 
Montato, part, mounted 
Montatóio, »n, a mounting - 

Montatóre, m. a stallion 

heap, lump. A monti, adv. 
tn a great number 
Monticéllo, m. a hillock, hill 
Montone, »n. a ram, arits, (a 
celestial sign) , a logger- 
head, a dunce 
Montuosità,/, an eminence 
Montuoso, adj. mountainous 
Monuménto, 7nonument 
Monzicchio, m. a heap, a 

Mora, /. mulberry, (a fruit) ; 
mora prùgnola, a black- 
berry ; (also) a heap ({/" 

Moraggine, /. {see Morosità, 

and Indugio) 
IVIoraiuólo,/. a mulberry 
Morale, adj. moral 
Morale,/, morality, morals 
Moralista, m. a moralist 
Moralità,/, morality 



Moralizzate, to moralixe 
Moralizzato, part, moralized 
Moralmente, adv. morally 
Morato, adj black, or blackish 
Morbètto, m. an indisposi- 

Morbidézza, /. softness, wan- 
tonness, delicateness 

Morbido, adj soft, voluptuous 
smooth, delicate 

Morbisciato, adj. sickly, tick 

Mòrbo, ni. the plague, corUa- 

Morbogàllico, /. tlie French 

Mordacemente, adv. satiri- 
cally, sharply 
Mordacità, /. sharpness, mor- 

Mordé'nte, m. a whiting (a 

Mordènte, adj. shar.p, tart 
Mordere, to bite, to censure ; 
tene faro mòrdere le brac- 
cia, / will make you repent 

Mordicaménto, and Mordi- 

Morditura,/. a bile 

Morèlla, /. morel, or garden 

Morésca,/, a Moorish dance 
Morésco, adj. Moorish 
Morétto, adj. tawny 
Morféa, /. tlte morpherv, (a 

Mórfìa, /. the mouth (jocosely) 
Morflre, to devour 
Moria,/ jtlague, contagion 
Moribóndo, adj. dying; esser 

moribóndo, to be at the point 

MorlGcia,/. ruins 

Morice, and Morici, / pi. th* 


vdglia, to long for ; morir di 
checchessia, io be passion- 
ately fond of any thing 
Mormoracchiare, to speak ill 
Mormoraménto, m. a murmur 
^Mormorante, adj. murmuring 
Mormorare, to murmur, mut- 
ter, rv/ùsper, buzz, (also) 
Mormoratóre, m- a detractor 
Jf ormorazidne, /. detraction 
Mormoraggiàre, to rvarble 

ing, detraction 
Mdro, ?«. a Moor, (also) a 

Moróide,/ pi. (see Morice) 
Blordso, adj. slotv, tardy 
Morsa, /. toothing: a corner 

stone, or brick left for more 

building ; a vice. Can iron 

Rlorselletta, m. a pill 
Morsèllo, TO. a bit, a mouthful 
Morsicare, and Morsecchikre, 

to bite 
Morsicatura, and Morsecchia- 

tura,/, a bite 
Mòrso, m. a bite; dar di 

mòrso, to bite : the bit for a 

horse ; a mouthful, a morsel 
Morsura, /. a biting 
Mortadèlla, /. Bologna sou- 

Mortilo, m. a mortar ; pestar 
r acqua nel mortàio, to la- 

IMortile, adj. mortal 
Blortalità./ mortality 
Mortalmente, adv. rtiortally 
Mòrte,/, death. A morte, adv. 

Mortèlla,/. m.viWe 
Morticelo, adj. half dead : 

color mortfccio, pale colour 
Jlorttfero, adj. mortal 
Mortificaménto, m. (tee Mor- 

Mortificare, to mortify ; to 

check ; mortificar le passióni. 

Mortificativo, aij. mortifying 
Mortificato, adj. mortified 
Mortificazióne,/, abstinence 
Mortine, and Mortina, /. (s 

Mòrto, m. and Morta, /. a 

Mòrto, adj. dead pale ; acqua 
mòrta, standing water 

Mortòrio, and Mortóro, m. 

Morridaménto, m. [see Morbi- 

Morviglióne, and Morbiglióne, 
m. the measles 

Blósca, /. a fiy ; non si può 
avere il mele-eenza mosche, 
there is no rose without 
thorns; piijliar le mosche 
per aria, ^o be easily angry 

Moscido, m. musk ; nocemos- 
cdda, a nutmeg 

Moscàio, TO. a large number of 
flies together 

Moscaiuòla,/, a safe 

Moscardino, and Moscardo, to. 
a sparrow-haivk, a tassel 

Jioscatello, m. mttscadel wine 

Moscato, m. dapple-grey 

Moschea,/, a mosque 

Jloschettàre, to wound with a 

Moschettata,/, musket-shot 

Moschetterà, /. a volley of 

^Moschettière, to. a musketeer 

Moschetto, m.,a musket 

Móscio, adj. flabby, sqft 

Moscióne, to. a gnat, (a little 
fly I a great drinker 

Moscóne, m. a hornet 

Mòssa, /. the J^rst motion ; 
mossa d' armi, a march ; 
mosse, /. pi. the starting- 
place ; dar le mosse, io give 
the signal 

Mòsso, part, moved 

Mostàcchio, TO. whiskers 

Mostacciaccio, m. a frightful 

Mostacciàta, /. and Mostac- 
cióne, TO. a box on the ear 

Mostàccio, TO. face 

Mostarda,/, mustard 

Mósto, TO. must, new mine 

Mostra, /. a show, an appear- 
ance ; muster, review ; far la 
mostra, to pass muster ; a 
mark, fign, token 

Mostraménto, to. a show, 
showing, demonstration 

Mostrare, <o show, demonstrate, 
discover; to feign 

Mostrato, part, snowed 

iW estrazióne,/, a show 



part, showed 
Mostruosamente, ado. mon- 

Mostruosità, / monstrousness 
Mostruóso, adj. monstrous 
Mota,/, mire, mud 
Jlotivare, to mention, propose 
Motivato, part, mentioned 
Motivo, t». motive, cause ; adj. 

fit to move 
Moto, TO. motion, impulse 

Motteggiare, to jeer, latigh 
Motteggiato, part, jeered 
Blotteggiatóre, to. a banterer 

a Jester 
Motteggiévole, and Motteg. 

gióso, adj. facetious, merry 
Mottéggio, TO. a jest, joke. 

Mottétto, TO. a jeer, joke 

Mòtto, TO. motto, or device; a 
word, a jest; gittàre un 
mòtto, io mention ; non ne 
fc te mòtto, say nothing of it ; 
far motto ad alcuno, te salute 
one; mòtto di rimando, a 
witty answer 

Movènte, adj. moving 

Movere, to move, stir 

31ovibile, and Movévole, adj. 

Moviménto, m. MovJtiva, and 
Mozióne,/, motion ; fare una 
cosa di suo proprio movi- 
ménto, to do a thing of one't 

Movitivo, adj. affecting: »"• 

origin, cause 
Movitóre, 7.i. a mover 
Mozzaménto, m. mutilatiottt 

maiming, a cutting off 
Mozzare, to cut off 
Mozzato, part cut off 
Mozzétta,/ the episcopal drett 
Mozzicóne, to. a stump 
Mózzo^ adj. cut (ff 
Mózzo, TO. bit, fragment; 

mózzo di stalla, a stable-boy; 

mòzzo di nave, a ship-boy; 

mózzo della ruòta, the nave 

or stock of a wheel ; móz2o 

di càmera, a drudge 
Mozzorécchi, m. pettifogger 
Mùcchero, m. an infusion oj 

roses and violets 
Mucchierèllo, MucchiEtto, m. 

a small heap 
Mùcchio, TO. heap, mass, pile 
Mucellaggine, mucilage (a 

\s extra 


Miicia, and Muscfa, /. a putt. 

le,/ « 



Muono,TO. Mucina,/,^ kilt*» 
Mucosità,/, sliminest ' 
AIucóso; adj. mucous, tlin>ìf 


MuJa,/. a mew, or mewing 
Muda, /. a change, turn ; a 

muda, by turns [thers) 

Jf udàre, to mew 'to catt fea- 
Jlufta,/. mouldinees 
Muffare, to grow musty 
Muffato, and Muffo, adj. 

musty, motUdx, 
Muffètto, nt. a beau, spark 
Muflone, m. a species of deer 
^ witli ram's horns 
3U ugeltóggine, /• {see Mucel- 

Mugghiaménto, m. a beUowing 
Mugghiare, to bellow, ov roar 
^Mugghio, m. beUowing. roar- 
ing (of the lion) ; (also) a 
groaning noise 
Mùggine, m. a species of tea- 
fish without scales 
Jiuggfre, to bellow, roar 
Muggfto, m. bellowing 
Mugherino, m. Jessamine 
Mughetto, m. a lily of the valley 
MugnSja,/. a miller's wife 
Mugnàio, ni. a miller 
Mugnere, to mUk 
Mugolaménto, and Mugolio, 

m. lamentation 

Mugolare, and Mugiolare, fo 

groan, lament [talion 

MugoUo, m. groaning, lamen- 

Mula,/. a mule ; a slipper ; an 

obstinate woman 
Mulàcchia,/, ajatkdaw 
Mulacchiàia, f. a prating, 

(also) a flight of daws 
Mulàggine, /. obstinacy, per- 

Mulattière, m. a muleteer 
Mulazzo, m. a mulatto 
Mulénda,/. the miller's fee for 

Mulièbre, adj. womanish 
Mulinare, to resolve in one's 
Mulinerò, m. a miller [mind 
Mulinèllo, m. a hand-mill 
Mulino, m. a mill: Urar r 

acqua ai suo muUno, to bring 

grist to the mill 
Mùlj), tn. a mule 
MiKa.f. a fine, or penalty 
Multildquio, m idle discourse 
Multilustre, tój. eld [cation 
Multiplicaménto, m. multipli- 
Multiplicàre, to multiply 
MuUiplicataménte, adv. di- 

Jlultivlicàto, part, multiplied 
Multiplicatore, nt. a multipli- 

Multiplicaziéne, /. multipli- 
Multfplice, adj. various, dif- 


Muttiplicità,/. muttirlicily 
Multitudine,/. multitude 
IVrùmmia,/. mummy 
Municipale, adj. municipal, 
belonging to the freedom qf 
the city 
Municipio, m. a free town 
Munificénìa,/. liberality 
Munifico, adj. splendid, liberal 
Muniménto,'m. {see Monimen- 
Munfre, to store [to) 

Munistéro, and Munìstèrio, 711. 

monastery, convent 
Munitdiio, m. a monitory 
Munizióne, /. fortification; 
muniti(5ne di guèrra, am- 
munition, (also) amtnunition 

Munifioniére, m. the person 
mho is charged with the dis- 
tribution of ammunition and 
provisions to tlie soldiers 
Miino, m. reward, recompence 
Miinto, part, milked 
Munuscolo, nt. a small gift 
Muòvere, to move, stir, alter, 
take off; muòvere a pietà 
to touch one's heart ; ritor 
nai al luogo onde mi mossi; 
Z went back to the place fr'orr, 
whence I came ; questa strada 
muove da qui fin alla borsa, 
this Street raaches as far 
the bank 
Muraglia, / a wall 
Muraménto, m. Trailing 
Giurare, to wall about ; murare 
una porta, una finèstra, 1 
shut up a door, ov window 
Murata,/, citadel, keep 
Murato, part, walled 
Muratóre, m. a mason 
Murèna,/, a lamprey 
Muriccia,/, a heap of stones 
Jluricciudlo, m. a little wall 
Muro, m. a wall ; muro d'tma 

Jlusa,/. muse, a pipe, aflagelet 
Muriccia./, a hcup of stones 

Musardo, a. idler, gazer 
Musare, to gaze, stand idle 
Muscato,/. a nuimeg 
Bluseata, part, musked ; rii 

muscato, muskadine wine 
Mùschio, ^ Musco, m musk 
Muschidso, adj. mossy 
Muscolare, adj. muscular 
MuscoUeggiKre, to articulate 
Mùscolo, «I. muscle 
Muscolóso, adj. musculout 
Musèo, m. a museum 
Museruola,/, muzzerolt 
Mrtsica,/. music 


Musicale, adj. musical 
Musicalmente, adv. muiicallg 
Musicare, to play upon music, 

to sing 
Mùsico, adj. musical 
Mùsico, m. a musician 
Muso, muzzle, snout, face, 
phiz {jocosely), mouth, gri- 
mace; torcere il muso, to 
make faces 
Muso, adj. pensive, musing 
.^fusolièra,/, a muxzle 
Musóne, m. a dallier, delayer, 
(also) a box on the ear, a 
surly fellow 
Musórno, m. a dallier, a dunce 
Mussolina, /. Mussolo, and 

Mussoltno, m. tnuslin 
Mustacchi, »i. pi. whiskers 
MustSlla,/. a weasel f Latin) 
Mustio, m. moss, musk 
Mula, /. change, alteration ; 
muta di cani, a pack oj 
hounds : muta di cavalli, e 

VdJ:' by turns'" """ 
Mutàbile, and Mutévole, ad;. 

MutabUità,/. mutability 
Mutabilmente, adv. cha'iigeably 
arutànde,/. pi. trnirsers 
Mutare, lo chaoge : mutar 

course ; mutarsi, to put on 

one's shirt, or clothes 
Mutato, part, changed 
Mutazióne,/ and Mutaménto, 

Mutilare, to mutilate 
Mutilazione, /. and Mutila- 
ménto, m. mutilation 
Muto, m. diul Mutolo, adj. 

-vrABISSARE, to bluster, 

Nabfsso, m. hell, (also) a mis- 
chievous boy 

Nàcchera, /. a kettle-drum, a 
child's rattle, snappers, any 
stnalt an'"uil, (also) moilier 
<lf pearl 

Nacoheriiio, m. a kettle drum- 

Nafta,/, naphtha 
Nàiacìe, /. a ivater-nymph 

Nino, m. a dicarf, a shrimp 

Nappa,/ a tastel, a puff 
NappSllo, m. acoiiite (a plant) 
Nappo, m. a cup, or bowl 
NarcJso, and Narcisso, m. 

daffodil (a plant) 
NarcùUco, adj. procuring 

Nardo, «i. gplkenard 
Nari, Nàre, and Narici, /. pi. 

the nostrils 
Narfce,/ a nostril 
NarrKnte, adj. relating 
Narrare, to relate 

NariatiTO, adj. narrative 
Narrato, part, related 
Nanatdre, m. a relator 
Narrazione, Narragióne, /. 
aud Narraménto, m. reci- 
Nasale, aefj. nasal (throtigh the 

Nascènte, adj. growing, rising 
Nascénza, /. nativity, birth, 

(also) sn-elling, tumour 
Niscere, to be born, to spring, 

Nascita, / 


Nascóndere, to hide, conceal, 

Nascondévole, adj. hidden, 

y .ascosamente, and Nascos- 
tamente, adv. secretly, 

Nascdso, and Nascosto, adj. 
hidden, concealed. Di nas- 
cósto, adv. ptivntely 

Naso, m. nose ; rimaner con 
iin palmo di naso, to be put 

Nastraio, m. a ribbon-maker 

Nastro, m. ribbon 

Nasturcio, and Nastùrzio, m. 

nativity ; il Santo Natile, 

Natalizio, adj. natal, of one's 

Natàre, to swim (Latin word) 

Natatòria,/, a pool, or pond 

Nàtica,/, buttock 

Nativo, adj. native 

Natività, /. nativity ; la na- 
tività del Signore, Christ- 

Néto, pa)i. born 

Natrice,/ a water-snake 

Natta, /. a trick, a bunch 
(a soft tumour in the 

Natura, /. nature. Di sua 
natura, adv. naturally 

Naturacela,/, ill-nature 

Naturale, adj. natural, easy, 
free, unaffected ; a bas- 

Naturalézza, /. nature, way. 

Naturalista, m. naturalist 
Naturalità,/, naturality 
Naturalizzato, part, natural- 

5 natural, 

Naturato, adj. natural, innate 
Navale, m. a dock-yard 
Navale, adj. naval, navy 
Navata, f.'a ship's freight 
Ndve,/ a ship, boat; la nave 

d'una chiesa, the nave, or 

body of a church 
Navetta,/, a small ship 
Naufragare, to suffer ship- 

Naufragito, and Nàufrago, 

adj. shipwrecked 
Naufragio, m. a shipwreck 
Naufragdso, adj. tempestuous, 

Navicare, (see Navigare, and 

all its derivatives) 
Navicèlla,/, a boat, a barge 

Navicellata,/. a boatful 
Navigàbile, adj. navigable 
Navigante, ni. sailor, mari- 

Navigare, to sail 
Navigato, part, sailed 
Navigatóre, m. a sailor 
Navigazióne, /. navigation 
Naviglio, Navllio, Navlle, 
and Navlgio, «i. a fleet, a 

* '^ IBI 

Nausea,/. / 
Nauseante, au 

turnip, a log- 

Nàutico, adj. nautical 
Kaumo,m. the nautilus 
Nazàrda,/. a canoe 
Nazionale, adj. national 
Nazióne,^; nation, people, ex- 

I né l'amo, / neither 

3 lose one's 

Nehbionàccio, and Nebbióne, 

tu. a very thick mist, or fog 
Nebbióso, adj. misty, cloudy 
Nebula,/, a fog, miv 


Necessitóso, adj. necessitous 
Nefandézza, Nefandfgia, and 

Nefandità,/. wickedness 
J^efando, attd Nefario, adj. 

Negàbile, adj. deniable 
Negaménto, m. negation 
Negare, to deny 
Negativa, /. negation, a de- 

Negativaménte, adv. 7iega- 

Negativo, adj. negative 
Negazidi.e,/ negation 
Negghienza,/. laziness 
Neghittosamente, adv. negli- 
Neghituso, adj lazy, idle 
Negletto, part. -tegtecied, 

despised, disrega aed 
Ncgligentare, and Negligere, 

to neglect 
Negligènte, adj, negligent. 

Negligentemente, and Neg- 


lettamente, adv. negligent- 

Negligènza, and Negleziòne, 
/. neglect 

Negoziante, m. dealer, mer- 
chatU, negociator 

Negoaàre, to trade, negociate, 

Negoziato, jiart. negocialed 

Negoziato, m. a treaty 

Negoziatóre, m. negociator. 

Negoziazióne,/, negociation 
Negtizk), m. trade 
Negozidso, adj. careful 
Negreggiàre, to be blackish 
Neglètto, adj. blackith 
Negrézza, /. and Negrdre, m. 

blackness, sruarthiness 
Négro, adj. black 
Negromante, m. magician 
Negroioantico, adj. necro- 

Nsgromanzfa, f. a conjura- 

Némbo, m. a sudden storm 
Nembóso, adj. stormy 
NeniichéTole, adj. unfriend- 
Nemico, m. an enemy 
Nemico, adj. adverse, cross 
Nemistà, /. enmity 
Néo, m. a mole, a patch 
Neofito, m. a convert 
Nepitella, /. the herb cat- 

meno, adv. neither 
and f. nephem. 

Né più 

Nepotismo, m. nepotism, the 
influence of nephews over 
Neputa,/. mint fan herb) 
Nequitóso, adj. nicked, vicious 
Nequizia, and Nequità, /. 

Nerbo, m. (nerve) a nerve, a 

Nerboruto, and Nerbuto, adj. 

nervous, stout 
Nerbdso, Nérreo, and Ner- 

bordso, adj. nervous 
Neieggiaménto, m. blackening 
Nereggiante, adj. blackish 
Nereggiare, to grow, or incline 

to black 
Nerétto, Nericcio, and Ne- 
ricante, adj blackish 
Nerézza,/, swarthiness 
Néro, m. black, wicked 
Narro, m. nerve, «inetv, 
vigtur, strength ; un buon 
nervo di gente annata. 


number of armed men ; és 
Bere di buon nérro, to be 

ervosità, /. strength, vigour 
Nervóso, and Nervùto, adj. 

Nesciènza,/, ignorance 

Néscio, and Nesciente, adj. 

Nespola, /. a medlar ; nès- 
polo, m. a medlar-tree 

Nessuno, adj. nobody ; nes- 


aiuòla, /. 


Nestare, to graft 
Nesto, m. a graff, cion 

Nettamente, adv. neatly, 

mannerly, honestly 
Nettapanni, m. a scourer 
Nettare, to clean, scour, to 

make a sudden flight 
Nettare, m. nectar 
Nettatlvo, adj. cleansing 
Nettato, part, cleaned 

Nettatura,/, and Nettaménto, 

m. a cleaning, a cleansing 
Nettézza, /. cleanliness, neat- 

Netto, adj. clean, neat; 
cosciènza nètta, a clear con- 
science : portar via di nétto, 
to carry off at once ; farla 
nétto, to do it cleverly : ho 
guadagnato dieci doppie al 
netto, I have cleared ten 
pounds. Giuocar nétto, to 
proceed cautiously 

Neutrale, and Neutro, adj. 
Neutralità, /. neutrality, in- 

Nicchiare, to lameni 
Nicchio, m. a cnckle-jish 
Nidiàce, m. a fool, a dunee 
Nidiata, and NidiSa, /. 

Nidificare, to build a nest, 

breed, to tit 


Nfdio, and Nido, m. a nest, ' 

roost, habitation 
Nidóre, m. the unpleasant smell 
of the snuff of a candle, or 
of a rotten e/;f 
Niegàre, and Negare, to deny , 
Niégo, m. a denial, refusal 
Niènte, and Neènte, m. no- 
thing, not at all ; non ho 
dormito niente la notte 
passata, X did not sleep at alt 

Niènte affatto, adv. nothing at 

Nientedimdnco, Nientedimé- 
no, and Nientemeno, adv. 
nevertheless, and yet, not- 
withstanding, however 

Nfffo, m. snout, bill; levar U 
nlffo, to pout,fron)n 

Nighittóso, adj. idle, lazy 

Nirabóso, adj. stormy 

Nimicare, to hate, persecute ; 
nimicarsi, to quarrel 

Nimichévole, adj. inimical 

Nimiclzia,/. enmity 

Nimico, m. an enemy 

Nimico, adj. adverse 

Nimistà,/, hatred 

Ninfa,/, a nymph, fairy 

Ninfèa,/, a water- rose 

Ninfèmo, m. hell 

Ninnare, to lull to steep, to 
rock [niece 

Nipóte, m. and f. nephew, 

Niquità,/. iniquity, cruelty 

Niquitóso, adj. furious 

Niscóndere, (see Nascóndere, 
\nd its derivatives ) 
isùno. ad}, nobody 

Nitidézza,/, brightness 

Nftido, adj. bright, shining 

Nitóre, m. cleanliness, or 

Nitrire, to neigh 

Nitrito, adj. neighing 

Nitro, m. nitre, saltpetre 

Nitróso, adj nitrous 

Niùno, pron. nobody 

No, adv. no ; dico di no, I say 

Nobile, adj. noble 
Nobilita,/ nobility 
Nobilitare, to make noble ; 

nobilitarsi, to make one'» 

self illustrious 
Nobilitato, part, ennobled 
Nobilmente, adv nob'ly 
Nobiltà, and Nobilitide, f. 

nobility, nobleness 
Nòcca,/, knuckle, joint 
Nocchière, and Nocchièro, m. 

[òcchio, m. a knob, or knot. 


Nocchior<5so, Nocchioso, Noe- 
chiordto, Nocchienlto, Noe- 
chierdso, and Norchioliito, 
adj. stony, knotty, knobby, 
(speaking of fruit) 

NoccioUno, m. a small fruit- 

Nocciolo, and Nocciolètto, m. 

a fruit-stone ; non valere 

una mano di ndccioli, 

good for nothing ; sono 

anime in un nòcciolo, they 

are like hand and glove 

Kocciudla,/. nut, filbert 

Nocciudlo, m. a nut-tree 

Ndce, /. a walnut-tree, .. 

nut ; noce del odilo, the 

neck-bone; noce del piede, 

the anele-bone ; una noce non 

suona in sacco, one cannot 

accomplish rvhat many can 

Nocella,/, a filbert, hazel nut 

Noceraoscdda, /. nutmeg 

Nocénte, and Nocévole, adj. 

Nocentìno, m. a foundling 
Ndcere, to hurt 
Nocévole, and Nocivo, adj. 

Nocevolménte, adv. inis- 

Nociménto, and Nocuménto, 
m- nuisance, hurt, damage 

Nocivamente, adv. pernicious- 

Noderdso, Noddso, and No- 
derito, adj. knotty, knobby 

Nddo, m. knot, knuckle. 
Joint; nodo corsdio, a run- 
ning knot, a noose 

Nodosità, knottiness 

Noddso, adj. knotty 

Nodrlce./. a nurje 

Nodriménto, m. food 

Nodrire, to nourish 

Nodrlto, part, nourished, kept. 

Nodritura, /. education, nou- 

Noi, pron. we, us 
Ndia, /. vexation, sorrorv ; .7/ 
words ; venire a ndia> to dis- 
Noiare, to weary, to tie 
Noiàto, part, tired, wearied 
Noiévole, and Noidso, adj. 

tedious, tiresome 
Noiosamente, adv. tediously 

Nomenclat<$re, m. Tiomenelator 


NomenclatiSra, /. nomtncla- 

Ndmina,/. nomination 
Nominanza,/, name, fame 
Nominare, to nanie, call ; 

(also) to present to a living 

Nominativo, m. the nomina- 

Nominàto, pari, natned, call- 

ed, famous 
Nominatóre, m. a patron 
Nominazidne, /. nomination, 

Nomisma, m. a mtdal 

Ndnà, /. a 'none, one of thi 
canonical hours 

Nonagentóo, adj. fo 
and ten years old 

Noncorrispondènza, /. dis- 

- oncurànte, adi. supine 


Nondiméno, and Nondimàn- 
co, adv. nevertheless, al- 

Nondormire, m. want c^ sleep 

None,/. Roman nones 

Nonescerclzio, m. want of 

ion meno, adv. not less, net 

Nònna, /. grandmother. 

Nonno, m. grandfather 
Nonnanndme, adj. anony- 

Nonnatuiàle, adj. unnatural 

Nonnulla,/, nothing 

Ndno, adj. ninth 

Non dstante, conj. notwith- 

'on per ciò, and Non per 
ciò di meno, (see Nondl- 

on so che, / know not 
what : un non so c^è, a 

Ndrma, / a rule, model 

Norte, m. the north 

Nosco, adv. (in poetry) with 

Nostrale, adj. qf our tonn, cr 

Ndstro, pron. our, our own 
Ndta, /. a note of injiimy ; 

mark, sign 
Notàbile, adj. notable, re- 
markable, eminent 
Notabilmente adv. notably 
Notaio, m. a notary 
Notamente, m. swimming 
Notindo, adj. remarkablt 


Notarla, and Noterla, f. pro. 

fession of a notary 
Notàio, m, a notary 
Not.-Uo, i^ait. signed, marked 

Notévole, adj. notable 
Notevolmente, adv. notably 
Notificare, to notify 
Notificato, jìurt. notified 
Notificazióne, /. and Notifi- 

mento, m. notification 
i.^L.zia,/. knowledge, notice 
Noto, part, known, noted 
Noto, m. the south wind 
Notomla,/ anatomy 
Notomista, m. anatomist 
Notomizzare, to anatomize 
Notomizzàto, part. anato- 

Notoriamente, adv. notorious- 

Notorieta,/. notor 

Notdso, part, stainetl, spotted 
'^'"♦'are, to grow dark 

àta,/. a whole night 

Notte, f. night 

Nottetèmpo, and Nottetém- 

pore, adv. in the night-time 

fOttola, / a bat, a wooden 

Nottolàta,/ a whole night 
Nottolo, m. a hat 
Nottoldne,»» one who is active 

in the night 
Notturno, adj. nightly 
Novamente, adv. ntwly 
Novanta, adj. ninety 
Novantèsimo, adj. ninetieth 

Novellare, to relate tales, to 
prattle ; novellarsi, to renent 
Novellata,/, a tale, story 
Novellatdre, m. a relater 
Novellista, m. a news-monger 
Novellizia,/ the first fruits cf 

the 1 


Noverca, /. a mother-in-laiv 
Nòvero, nu a number 
Novésirao, «<y. ninth 
Novilùnio, m. new moon 
NoTissinao, adj. very new 
Novità, /. novelty ; che no- 
vità son queste ? w!tat is all 
Novizia,/, a novice 
Noviziato, m. probation-time; 
(also) a place where novices 
are kept 
Novizio, m. a netv monk 
Novizio, adj. unexperienced. 

I idea, notion 

N evizióne, 

Nozióne,/, notion, idea 
Nózze, /. pi. marriage 
Nozzerési-o, adj. nuptial 
Nube,/, a cloud (in poetry) 
Nubile, adj. marriageable 
Nubilità,/. cloudiness 
Nubilo, and Nubildso, adj. 

cloudy, glMmy, dark 
Nuca,/, nape of the neck 
Nudamente, adv. nakedly 
Nudare, to strip naked ; to de- 
prive, to baffle 
Nudato, adj. naked, deprived 
Nudità,/, nakedness 
Nudo, adj. naked, uncovered, 
un paese nudo d'acqua, a 
country without water 
Nudriménto, m. nourish- 

Nudrtre, lo nourish, feed 

Nudrito, Tiart. nourished 

Nudritòre, m. a tutor 

Nudritùra,/. nourishment 

Nugazióne, /. a trifle 

Nugola, /. (s e Nùvola, and 
its derivatives) 

Nugolosità,/. cloudiness 

Nugolóso, adj. cloudy 

Nulla, nothing ; non ne so 
nulla, / know nothing qf 
it ; vuoi tu nulla ? do you 
Tvant any thing? per nulla 
altra ragióne, for no other 

NuUadiméno, adv. however 
Nullità,/, nothingness 
Nullo, adj. null, void 
Niime, and Numine, m. 

Numeràbile, adj. numerable 
Numerale, adj. numeral 
Numerare, to' number, count 
Numeràrio, adj. numerary (of 


Numerazióne,/, numeration 
Numèrico, adj. numerical 
Nùmero, m. number, a quan- 
Numerosamente, adv. nu- 
Numerosità,/, abundance 
Numeróso, adj. numerous 

senger, ambassador 
Nunciare, and Nunziàre, to 
amiounce, tell 

Nunziàto, part, announced 
Nùnzio, m. the pope's ambas- 
sador ; (also) a messenger 

Nuotatóre, a sraimmer 
Nuòva,/ news, notice 
Nuovamente, adv. newly 
Nuovo, adj. new, inexperi- 
enced ; mostrarsi nuòvo, t(. 
dissemble: io son nuòvo, J 
want experience 
Nutrlbile, adj. nourishing 
Nuf- --- 

Nutricare, and Nutr/re, 
nourish; nutricarsi, to feed 

Nutricato, part, nourished 

Nutrice, /. a nurse 

Nutriménto, »/i. Nutritura, 
Nutrizióne, and Nutrica- 
ziòne, /. nourishment, nur- 

Nutritlvo, Nutriraentòso, 

Nutrichévole, and Nutri- 
mentàle, adj. nutritile 

Nutrito, part, nourished, fed, 
brought up 

NuvoUto, m. a great many 

Nùvolo, m. and Nùvola, /. 

cloud; nùvolo di pécchie, a 

swarm of bees • nùvola di 

buriana, /()§■ 
Nuvolosità,/, cloudiness 
Nuvolóso, adj. cloudy 
Nuziale, adj. nuptial 
Nuzialmente, adv. wedding' 

like ; vestito nuzialmente, 

in a wedding-dress 

diente, adj. obedient 
Obbedienteménte, adv. ole 

Obbedienza,/ submission 
Obbedire, and Obedlre, lo 

Obbedito, part, obeyed 
Obbietire, and Obiettare, ti 

Obbiètto, and Obietto, m. an 

object, motile 
Obbiètto, part, opposed 
Obbiezione,/, objecli.m 
Obblatòre, m. an qjferer 
Obblaziòne,/. offering 
Obbliaménto, m. and Obbli- 

ànza, /. forgetful ness, ob- 

Obbliàre, to forget 
Obbliàto, part, forgotten 
Obbligante, adj obliging 
Obbligare, to oblige, to en- 
gag: ; obbligarsi, to be 

Obbligato, part obliged, bound 
Obbligatorio, adj. binding 
Obbligazione, /. and OCUsa- 
ménto, m. obligation, the 
engagement; fare un obbli- 
gazione, to give bond 
O'bbligo, >n. obligaticn, duty 
Obbllo, m. oblivion 
Ohblióso, adj. forgetful 
Obbliquaménte, adv. indi- 
rectly, obliquely 
Obbliquita,/ crookedness 
Obbllquo, adj. oblii^ue, crook- 

Obbròbrio, m. infamy, dis- 

Obbrobriosaménte, adv. in- 

Obbrobrióso, adj. opprobrious, 

Obbumbrare, to overshadow 

Obbumbrazióne, f. an over- 

Obedire, (see Obbedire, and 

Obelisco, m. an obeliik 


Obiòso, adj. stupicions 
Oblato, m.« /ay /War 
Oblatóre, m. a bidder at 

Oblatratóre, m. a slanderer 
Obliire, {see ObbUàre, and U 

ObliteriSre, to erase 
Oblungo, adj. oblong 
Oboe, m hautboy 
Obolo, m. a small coin 
Obtrettaiirfne./. detraction 
Obtùndeie, to blunt 
O'ca,/. a goose ; a simpleton 
Occare, to harrow, to grub 
Occasionale, adj. occasional 
Occasionare, to occasion 
OccasioniJto, part, caused 
Occasione, /. occasion, pre- 
Occaso, m, (occidènte) the 

nest, fine, end, death 
Occhiaccio, m. o large eye ■ 

fare occhiacci, <o look "'" 



I. the hollow of the 
m, a spectacle- 


Occhiàie, m. spectacles, tei 
scopes ; dente occhiàie, an ey 
tooth ; occhiali di conser» 

Occhiata, / a look; glnnc 

Occhiato, adj. full of eyes 
Occhiazzùrro, adj. blue-eyed 
Occhieggiare, and Occhiare, 

to ogle, to liiok to 
Occhiellatura,/. Imiton-holes 
Occhiello, m. a buHon-nok 
Occhio, ni. an eye, sight, a 
bud : (also) an oval chiefly 
in churches ; òcchio mio, 
my dear, my precious ; ès- 
ser 1' òcchio d' alcuno, to 
be one's favourite ; V òcchio 
Tuoi la parte sua, rve must 
pUase our eyes: far d'dcchio, 
to wink : guardar sott' 6c- 
chi», to ogie : andar a chiusi 
dcchi, to nalk n-Uhoulfiar ; 
in su gli òcchi, or negli 
<5cchi, before one's face ; 
piagnere a cald' dcchi, to 
tveep bitterly; gettar l'occhi, i 
to cast an eye upon : guai- ! 
d^re con mal òcchio, t» look I 

Occhi Sto, adj. full of eyes, or 

Occidentale, adj. westerly 
Occidènte, m west i 

Occftlere, {see Uccidere, and , 
its derivatives) I 

Occip<2io, m. the nape qf the 

Occoltàre to conceal (in poe- 

O'dio, m. and Odiosità, /. ha 

tred, odium, aversion 
Odiosamente, adv. odiously 
Odióso, adj. hateful, odious 
Odoràbile, adj. tweet scent 

Occórrere, to happen, occur ; 
to come to pass : to meet : 
to present one's self, to want. 


mento, « 

a meeting, 

Occórso, m. a meeting, want 
Occórso, part, happened 
Occultamente, adv. secretly 
Occultaménto, m. and Occul- 

'., f. a hiding, conceal- 

Occultàre, to conceal 
Occultato, part, concealed 
Occultòiza, /. secrecy, a hid- 

OcciSlto, adj. occult, secret 
Occupare, 'to possess ; occu- 
parsi, to apply one's self; 
occupare una casa, to occupy 

Occupato, part, usurped 
Occupatóre, m. an usurper 
Occupazióne, /. and Occupa- 

Oceano, ni. ocean, sea 
O'chè, coHJ. or else | 

Oculare, adj. ocular (of the j 
eyes) ; testir. jnio oculare, j 

'Ocularmente, adv. with one's 

Oculatamente, adv. cautious- 

Oculatéfia, /. circumspec- 

OcuWto, adj. ocular 
Oculista, m. an oculist 
O'da, and O'de,/. an ode 
Odiare, to hate, detest 
(idiilo, part, hated, detested 
Odierno, adj. daily, hodier- 


Odóre, m. a smell, odour, 

hint, knowledge ; dar di se 

buon odóre, to have a good. 

character ; avere odóre d' 

, una cosa, to have a hint of a 

\ Odor - 

ròs_. ^ . 
Odoróne, m. 
Offèndente, adj ojjindiiig 
Offèndere, to offend 
Offendèvoie, adj. offensive 
Offendlcolo, m. an obstacle 
Offendiménto, m. an offence 
OfTenditòre, m. an offìuder 
OffensfTO, adj. offensive 
Ofiensòre, m. an offender 

Offerire, and OH'érere, io offer, 

Ottlrut/. offer, proffer ; an- 
dare a offèrta, to make an 

Otfèrto, part, offered 

Offertorio, ni. offertory 

Offesa,/, offence, injury 

Offéso, adj. offended 

Officiale, OT. an officer 

Offirfna,/ a shop 

Offfcio, m. an office 

Officiosamente, adv. offcious- 

Officiosità, urbanity, kindness 

Officióso, adj. obliging 

Offuscaménto, ni. and Offus- 
caziòne,/. a darkening 

Offuscare, to offuscate, darken 

_..aóso, adj. officious 
Oftalmia,/, ophlhalmtf 
Oftàlmico, a. ophthalmic 
Oggetto, m. an object 

O'ggi, adv. ic-day ; oggi a otto, 
tliit day se'ennight; star 
d'oggi in dimani, to wait for 

O^icU, and Oggigiorno, adv. 

O'glio, m. oil 
OgnaccSrdo, m. a psaltery 
O gni, every, each, all 
Ognidì, adv. every day 
Ognissanti, m. All-saintt day 
Ognivdlta che, adv. rvhen, 

Ogu<5ra,Ogn5tta, and Ogniótta, 

adv. always 
Ogniino, pron. every body 
Oi, or Ohi, interi, alas ! ah I 
Oimè, and Ohimè, interj. 

alas ! oh ! 
Oisè, interj, alas ! poor he, or 

Oitù, inter}, no to thee ' 
Olà, interj. oh ! ah ! 
Oleàceo, adj. oily 
Oledstro, m, tvild olive- 
Olènte, adj. odoriferou* 
Oleóso, adj. oily, greasy 
Olezzare, to smell 
Oliàndolo, »n. an oilman 
Oliato, part, oiled 
Olibano, m. incense 
Oligarchia, /. oligarchy 
Olimpiade,/ olympiad 
Olimpico, adj. Olympic 
Olimpionico, m. a conqueror 

in the Olympic games 
Olio, m. oil; tener 1" dio, to 

Olidso, adj. oily 
Olire, to scent, smell 
Oliva,/, ulive, olive-tree 
Olivastro, adj. sniarthy 
Oli veto, m. a grove of olivet 
OUvo, m. an olive-tree 
Olla,/ a pot 
Olméto, m. a grove of elm» 

Ològrafo, adj. testaménto 
olografo, a mill all written 
tvith the tettalor't orvn 

O'ltra, prep, (see Oltre) 
Oltracciò, adv. moreover 
Oltrachè, conj. besides that 
Oltraggiaménto, m. and 01- 

traggerla,/. an outrage 
Oltraggiare, to abuse, af- 

OltraggiaUJre, m. an abusive 

Oltraggiosamente, adv. out- 
Oltraggidso, adj. outrageous. 

(a colour) adj. foreign 
Oltramiràbile, adj. most non- 
'.«Itramagnànimo, adj. most 

Oltramisurito, adj. im- 

Oltramo'do, adv. extraordina- 

Oltramondàno, adj. celestial 

Oltramontano, adj. beyond the 
mountains, northern 

Oltramónti, adi;, beyond the 

Oltranza, /. i 

outrage. A 


protection ; umbrage, iutp> 

Ombrare, to start as a horse 
Ombràcolo, and Ombraculo, 
m. a shady place, or proteo- 

Ombratile, adj. shady, feigned 
Ombrato, part, shaded 
O'mbre, m. ombre (a game at 

Ombreggiaménto, m. Ombra- 
tura, and Ombragióne, /. 

Ombreggiare, to shade 
< ombreggiato, part, sttaded 
Ombrèlla,/. uviireHa 
Ombrellàio, m. an umbrella- 

Ombrello, m. an umbrella 
Ombrifero, adj. shady 
Ombrosità, /. shade, dark- 

Ombrdso, and Ombrifero, adj. 

shady, dusk 
Ornella,/, a homily 
Oma-o, m. shoulder, back 
Omésso, part, omitted 
Omi?ttere, to omii, leave out 

O'ltre, prep, besides, beyond, 
very far ; venir oltre, to 
come nearer ; andar oltre, to 
go fart her 

Oltreché, and Oltredichè, 
conj. moreover, besides that 

Oltremare, adv. beyond the 

Oltremiràbile, adj. most ad- 

Oltremddo, and Oltramddo, 

adv. very much 
Oltrementi, adv. beyond the 

Oltrentimero, adv. 


Oltrepassare, to surpass 
Omàccio, m. a silly man 
Omàggio, m. homage, respect 
Ornai, adv. norv, at present 
Ombè, adv. noni, nell 
Ombelico, m. navel ; om- 
belico di venere, navel- 

O'mbra, /. shadon, shade, 
ghost, spirit : protection ; 
patronage ; all" ombra del- 
le vostre ali, under your 


a Utile 7. 

Omicciudlo, m. a silly man 
Omicida, m. a murderer, an 

Omicidiàle, and Oraicidiàrio, 

adj. murderer 
Omicidio, m. manxlavghter 
Omissióne, and Oraraissiòne, 

/ omission 
Oramesso, {see Omésso) 
Ommtttere, (see Ométtere) 
Omogénio, adj. of tlie same 

Omologare, to approve of 
Omologaziéne, / approbation 

(law term) 
Omòlogo, adj. agreeing 
Omònimo, adj. homonyynous 
Omordso, adj. full qf hu- 

O'nagro, m. and O'nagra, /. a 

Oncénso, m. frankincense 

O'ncia,/. an ounce, an inch 

Onclno, m. a nook 

O'nda, / wave, surge, bil- 
low; onde, fin poetry) the 
main. A onde, adv. float- 
ing ; andar a onde, to stag - 


Cnde, adv. rvhenct^; therefore : 
ondectiè, adv. from whatever 

Ondeggiaménto, m. jloaling 
Ondeggiante, adv. tvaving 
Ondeggiare, io rise in rvaves, 
to disturb, perjilex : ondeggio 

thousand thoughts rush on 

Ondóso, adj. wavy, full of 

Ondiinque, adj erery tvhere 
Oneràrio, ndj.'tutdre oneràrio, 

a guardiaii in trust 
Oneróso, adj. heavy 

Onestare, to embellish, cloak, 

Onestdto, adj. honest 
Onesteggiàre, to act honestly 
Onèsto, m. decency 
Onèsto, adv. honestly 
Onèsto, adj. honest ; modest 
O'nice,/. an onyx 
Onninaménte, adv. entirely 
Onnipotènte, and Onnipos- 
sènte, adj. almighty ; 1' On- 
nipotènte, Cod Almighty 
Onnipotenza, /. Omnipotence, 

Onnisciènza,/, omniscience 
Onoràbile, Onorévole, and 
Onorando, adj. honourable, 
deserving honour 
Onorante, arfj. honouring 
Onoranza, /. honour 
Onorare, to honour, to respect 
Onoràrio, m. fee, reward 
Onoratamftite, adv. honoura- 
Onorato, adj. honoured, loyal. 

Onorificàre, (see Onorare) 
Onorifico, adj. honoured 
O'nta, /. scorn, disgrace . 
onta tua, in spite of your 

Ontano, ni. an elder-tree 
Ontàre, to dishonour 
Ontosamente, adv. shamefully 
Ontóso, adj. shameful 
Onusto, adj. laden, loaded 
Opacità,/, opacity, darkness 
Opaco, adj. opaque, dark 
Opera, /. work, labour, ac- 
tion, deed ; an opera, (a 


Operàbile, adj. feasible 
Operàggio, vi. a work, deed 
Operagidne, /. operation 
Operàio, ni. a workman 
Operare, to work, operate. 

Operativo, adj. operative, la- 

Operóso, adj. 

Oplfice, and Opéfice, m. o 

Opimo, adj. rick, magnificent 

Opinare, to think. Ito fancy, 

(also) to vote, or give one's 

Opinióne,/, opinion 
Oppiare, to give the opiate 
Oppiato, m. the opiate^ 
Oppilàre, to obstruct, Hop 
Oppilato, part, stopped 
Oppilatfvo, adj. oppilative. 

Òppio, nt. opiate, (also) the 

Oppórre, to oppose ; opporsi, to 
be against 

Opportunamente, adv. oppor- 
tunely, conveniently 

Opportunità, /. opportunity, 
necessity, need 

Opportuno, adj. seasonable 

Oppositaménte, adv. opposite- 


oppósto, he told n 

the 1 

Oppositóre, m. an opposer 
Opposizióne, /. and Opponi- 

ménto, m. opposition 
Oppòsto, m. the contrary 
Opposto, adj. opposed, con- 
Oppressare, to oppress 
Oppressióne, and Oppressiira, 

/ oppression 
Oppresso, part, oppressed 
Oppressóre, and Oppressatdre, 

Oppugnare, to oppose, confute 
Oppugnato, part, opposed 
Oppugnazldne,/. opposition 
Opra, /. (in poetry) work, 


Oprare, to work 
Opulente, adj. opulent 
Opulènza,/ riches, wealth 
Opùscolo, m. a tract, or small 

Cra, / an hour, time: ts 
in buon' ora, 
you. Ora, adv. non 
ì' uno, ora 1' altro, some- 
times one, sometimes another; 
d- ora in ora, from ti,ne to 
time ; di buon' ora, early, 
betimes ; in poco d' ora, in 
a short time. Tu sei venuto 
nella tua mal' ora, you are 
come in an unlucky tinte Jbr 

Oràcolo, m- an oracle 

O'rafo, m. a goldsmith 

Oragàno, m. hurricane 

Oramai, adv. now 

Orare, to pi ay, adore, to make 

Ordta, /. the gold-fish, or 

Oratóre, m. an orator, orato- 
rio ; a private chapel 
Oratoriamente, adv. eloquent- 


Oratorio, m. an oratory, a 

Oratorio, adj. oratory, <if an 

Orazióne, /. prayer, an ora- 

Orbacca,/, a berry 

Orbare, to blind, to deprive 

Orbato, adj. blind, deprived 

Orbe, ni. orb, sphere 

Or bene, and Orbe, adv. well, 
well now 

Orbézza,/. a depriving 

Orbicolàre, adj. orbicular 

Orbfculo, m. a pulley 

Òrbita,/, an orbit, or the rut of 
a wheel 

Orbita,/, blindness 

Orbo, adj. blind, or deprived 

Orca, /. an ork, or whirlpool 
(a sea fish) 

Orchestra, /. orchestra, a gal- 
lery, or place for musicians 
to play in 

orcio, m. a pitcher. jug,jar 

Orciolàio, m. a potter 

Orcipdggia,/. larboard-sheet 

Orciudlo, m. a Jug, a pit- 

Oreo, m. a hobgoblin (a spirit) , 
Pluto, hell 

Ordigno, and Ordegno, m. a» 
engine, tool, machine 

Ordinale, adj. ordinary, usu- 

law, order 
Ordinare, to order, rai 

vose; (also) lo oro 

confer holy ordert) 
Ordinariamente, ade. 



Ordinàrio, adj. 
at the usual 

Ordinàrio, m 

(also) the pott (a courier/ 
Ordinatamente, adv. oiderty, 

Ordinativo, adj. ordinal 
Ordinato, pari, ordered 
Ordinatóre, m. a disposer, 

Ordinazióne, /. 
order, decree 

Órdine, m. order, dispositio 
files; (also) a religiotis i 
'der ; all' ordine, ready : ès- 
ser bene in ordine, to be nei I 
dressed: mal in ordine, ill 
dressed. In órdine, adv. rvith 

Ordfre, to warp, to plot 
Ordito, pari, rveaved, project- 
ed, contrived 
Ordito, m. a neaver's warp 
Orditóio, m. a loom 
Orditóre, m a rveaver 
Orditura, /. a rvarping, or 



OreJEainénto, m. 

Orfanéz2a, a,id Orfanltà, /. 
hanism (the stale of an 

Orfano, and Orfanello, m. an 

Organale, adj. organical 
Orgànico, adj. organic 
Organista, m. an organist 
Organizzare, and Organare, to 

Organizzato, adj. organized 
;e organizzata, a melodi- 

Organizzazione, /. an organi- 

Orgogliosamente, adv- haugh 
Orgoginho, ad], proud, loj 
brass, yelloTV 
bottle for 



Ornine, m. 0)-ion (a eonttcUs- 

■onlàle, adj. horizon 

Orizzontalmente, adv. hori 

Orizzónte, m horizon 
Orlare, to hem 
Orlato, part, hemmed, set 


latùra,/. hemming 
Orllccio, m the kissing-crust, 

(also) a brim, hem 
rlicciuzzo, m. a little 


, foot- 


Orecchtno, : 


Orécchia, /. and Orécchio, 
«I an ear ; parlar all' oréc- 
chio, to whisper ; dar oréc- 
chio, to hea'ken; sMr colle 
orécchie levate, to hearken 
attentively : far orécchie 
di mercante, to give n( 
tar; tirar gli orécchi, t< 
reprimand; cantar a oréc 
chio, to sing by ear ; Tenlr< 
alle orécchie, to have no- 

^ ; orecchioni, 

swelling about the ear 
Orecchiuto, adj large eared 
Oréfice, m. a goldsmith 
Oreficeria, / a goldsmUh'. 

.„ „^. .vith) 
Orichlcco, and Orrichlo, m. a 

Oricrinito, adj. that has golden 

Orientile, adj. oriental, east- 

Oriénte, »»t. orient, east 
Orificeria,/. (see Oreficeria) 
Orifìcio, and Orifizio, m. ori- 

Jiee, entry, brim 
OrJgamo, Origano, m. origan, 

wild marjoram 
Originale, »>». the original 
Originale, and Originàrio, adj. 

Originalmente, adv. original- 


and Orézzo, m, 
I gentle gale 

Ormkia, adi», now (in poetry) 
{see Oramai, and Omài) 

Ormare, to trace 

Ormeggiarsi, to moor across 

Ornamentale, adj. omamen ■ 

Ornaménto, m. omamtnt, 

Ornare, to adorn 

Ornatamente, adv. tlegani 

Ornatura,/, an adorning 

: m. the wild ash 

O'ro, «i. gold : ciò che luce 

non è sempre oro, ali is not 

gold that glitters ; 


■ take. 

. urinai, ehamier- 

Originàre, to give, 

beginning, to ortgii 
Orf<'ine, Originazióne, and 

Originaménto, m. origin 
Origlière, n». a pilloiu 
Orina,/ ur- - 
Orinale, ni 

Orinare, to u 

Oriolàio, atid Orluolàio, m. a 
clock, or watch-maker 

Oriolo, and Oriuólo, m. 
clock, or watch; oriuólo 
pólvere, an hour-glass 

., to li 


solid gold ; 

potable gold 
Orobdnche, m. strangle meed 
Oróbo, m. a kind of tares 
Orològio, m. clock, or watch 
Oròscopo, m. horoscope 
Orpellare, to conceal, cloaks 

dissemble, to adorn with <»n- 

«' , ^• 

Orpellato, part, covered, dtt ■ 

Orpello, m. tinsel 
Orpeménto,, m. 


Orri?ndo, adj. horrible 
OrreUzio, adj. obrepli- 

Orrezióne, /. obreption flan- 
Orribile, adj. horrible 
Orribilmente, adv. horribly 
Orridézza, OrribiUtà, and Or- 
ridità,/, horror 
O'rrido, adj. horrid, hide- 

Orrdre, m. horror 
O'rsa,/. a ahe-bear 
Orsàla, /. complaint), gib- 

Orsino, aJJ. of a bear 
O'rso, m. a bear, (also) a 
shovel : pigliar I' orso, to get 

OrsiSio, >n. the silk that ttands 


terj. come ! away ! 

Ortaggio, m. greens, herbs 
Ortfca,/. a nettle 
OiticheggiUre, to sting mith 

O'rto, m. a kitchen-garden : 
birth, nativity; (also) east 
(in poetry) 

Ortodossia,/, orthodoxy (a true 

Ortodfisso, adj. orthodox 

OrtogratYa, /. orthography, 

Ortogràfico, adj. orthographi- 


Or via ! interj (see Orsù) 

Orùra,/. gold piate 
Ozaiudlo, «1. a sty fa sore in 

the eye-lid) 
Orzare, to bring the ship to 

Orzata,/, a barley decoction 
Orzo, m. barley 
Osare, to dare' 
OsbGrgo, m. a cuirass 
Oscenamente, adv. obscenely 
Oscenità,/, obscenity 
Osceno, adj. obscene, jlilhy 
Oscuramente, adv. darkly 
Oscuraménto, m. a darken- 

Oscurare, to darken, to cloud, 
(also) to blemish 

Oscurato, part, darkened 

Oscurità, Oscurazióne, and 
Oscurézza, /. darkness, ob- 
scurity, ignorance 

Oscuro, adj. obscure, dark ; 

Oscuro, adv. darkly 
Ospitale, and Ospit^ile, adj. 

Ospitile, m. hospital 
Ospitalità,/, hospitality 
Ospitalmente, adv. hospitably 
O'spite, m. guest, stranger,, inn-keeper, landlord 
Ospizjare, [see Alloggi,ire) 


«pRio, m. cm hospital fo 
monks ; a dwelling-place 
Ossalida,/. sorrel (an herb) 
Ossame, ni. a heap of bones 
Ossatura, /. disposition of the 

0ss5o, adj. bony 
Ossequiare, to be obsei]uiotis 
Ossèquio, m obsequiousness 
Ossequióso, and Ossequènte, 

Osservàbile, adj. observable 
Osservaméuto,' m. and Osser- 

Tagióne,/. observation 
Osservante, adj. respect- 

Osservanza, /. observance, 

Osservare, to observe, re- 

Osservatlvo, adj. remark- 
Osservato, part. obserÉed 
Osservatóre, m. observer 
Osservatdrio, m. an observa- 


Ostidrio, m. a daor-kteper 
Ostico, adj. morose, surly 
Ostière, and Ostiéro, 7n. 
lodging, or an inn, (also) a 

Ostile, adj hostile 
Ostilità,/, hostililij 
Ostilmente, adv. inimically 
Ostinarsi, to be stubborn 
Ostinato, adj. obstinate 
Ostinazióne,/, ubstiiuicy 
Òstrica,/, tn/sler 

Ostruire, to obstruct 
Ostruttivo, adj. obsirucl- 

Ostruzióne, /. obstruction, 

Otiiàca, /. treacle (a sort of 


!,/. observatìot 

Ossuto, and Ossóso, adj. 

Ostacolo, m. obstacle 

Ostàggio, m. hostage 

Ostante, adj. opposing. Non 
ostante, conj. notwithstand- 

Ostare, to oppose 

Ostàtore, m- who opposes 

O'ste, m. an inn-keeper, guest ; 

Otta, /. an hour, or time. A 
otta, adv. every 

Otta per vicènda, adv. from 

^ttagésimo, ad], the eighti- 
Ottagonale, adj. octangu- 

Oftalmia,/ blear-eycdness 
Oftàlmica, adj. bleureyeJ 
Ottangolare, and Ottangulàre, 

ad) octangular 
Ottangolo.m. octagon 

; Ottanta, adj eighty 

! Ottantèsimo, adj. the eighii- 

Ottans'/lle, m. tigkhj-seven 
- Ottàrda,/. a buitard (a bird of 

Osteggiare, to encamp. 

OstelUère, and OstTllo, i 
inn, abode, or lodging 

Ostélo, m. stalk, blade, stem, o 
shank of a plant 

Ostensibile, adj. demonstra 

Ostentare, to boast 

Ostéssa,/ hoitess 
Ostetnce,/. a midwife 
òstia, /. the conseerated 
wafer, the host, (also) a 


(in g, 

/. eight days ; 
0/ eight ve. 

pasqua, first Hunday after 

Eaite r 
Otlavo, m. the eighth part 
Ottavo, adj. the eighrh 
Ottemperare, to obey (Latin 


Ottenére, to obtain, get 
Otteniménto, m. acquiii- 

Ottenuto, part, obtained 
" • i,f. optics 

}, adj. optic, optical 

Ottimamente, adv. perfeclly 

Ottimate, m. the chief man in 

Òttimo, ad), perfectly good 
Ctto, adj. eigìU 
Ottóbre, m. October 
Ottomano, adj. OUoman 
Ottonaio, m. a braner. 

Ottóne, m. brass 
Ottuagenàrio, and Otlogenélio, 

adj. eighty years old 
Otturare, to stop 
Ottusità, atid Ottusézza, /. 

bluntncss, stupidity 
Ottùso, arf;. obtuse, blunt 

Ovile,' and Ovato, adj. oval 
Ovazióne, /. oration (a tri- 
umph at Rome) 
Cve, adv. where ; (also) pro- 
vided that ; óve siete ? mhere 

Ovile, ni. sheepfold; (also) 

O'vra J", work (in poetry) 
Ovveraménte, conj. or, else 
Ovviare, to obviate 
Ovviaiióne./. a hinderance 
O'vvio, adj. comynon, tri- 

Ovunque, adv. wherever 
Ozio, m. and Oziosàggine, /. 

Odiosamente, adv. idly 
Oziosità,/, idleness 
Ozióso, adj. idle, lazy 
Ozzimàtoi adj. full <if sweet 

Oizimo, m. sneet basil 


^ P 

<^«h . 
Pacchetto, m. a packet 
Paachiare, to eat greedily; to 

eat together (vulgar) 
Pacchióne, m. a glutton 
Pacciume, and Pacci&ne, m. 

Pace,/, peace : con buòna pace, 

with leave : porre in pace, to 

patify, calm 


Paceficàre, (see Pacificare, atid 

its derivatives) 
Paciare, to pacify 
Paciàro, m. a peace-maker 
Paciénza,/ patience 
Pacificàbile, adj. placable 
Pacificamente, adv. peate- 

Pacificaménto, m. act ofpaci- 



Pacificato, part, pacified 
Pacificatóre, m. a pacijica- 

Paclfioo, adj. pacific 
Padella,/, a /rj/ing-.pan; (also) 

the Tvhirlbone of the knee; 

(alsol a bed-pan 
Padellalo, and Padellare, m. 

a maker or seller offrying- 

Padellita,/. a panful 
Padiglióne, m. a pavilion 
Padre, m. father; pidri, an- 
cestors, fathers; (of the 
church, of a state, Sfc.) 
Padreggiare, to be like one's 

Padróna,/, a mistress 
Padronàggio, and Padrona- 
to, m. protection, patron- 
Padronanza,/, superiority 
Padronàta, m. patronage. 

Padróne, m. master, lord ; 
patron ; protector ; padróne 
di casa, a landlord ; padróne 
di càuse, a lawyer; padróne 
di vascèllo, captain of a 
ship; ella è padróne, do as 
you please 

Padroneggiare, to command, 
to patronize, protect, de- 

Padronerla, /. (see Padron- 

Padron5ssa, /. a mistress 

Padùle, m. a marsh, a bog 

Padulóso, adj. marshy 

Paesano, adj. of the same 

Paese, m. country, land, re- 
gion ; tutto '1 mondo è paese, 
one may live any where ; 
scoprir paese, to view, ob- 

Pae^Ctto, m. a landscape 
Paesista, m. a landscape painter 
Paffuto, adj. plump, fat 
Paga,/ pay, salary ; egli è una 

I cattiva paga, he is a bad pay- 

' master 



Pagàbile, adj. payable 
Psgaménio, m. payment 
Paganamente, adv. pagan- 

Paganèsimo, m. paganism 
Pagànico, and Pagano, adj. 

pagan, heathenish 
Paganizzare, to live like a 

Pagano, m. a pagan 
Pagare, to pay; pagarsi di 

ragióni, to be reasonable. 

fio, to lie revenged ; pagàr 
di contanti, to pay ready 

Pagato, part, payed 
Pagatóre, m. pay-tnaster 
Pagatorello, m. a bad pay- 

Pàggio, m. a page, servant 
Pàgina,/, a page of a leaf 
Pàglia, / straw, chaff; col 
tempo e colla pàglia si ma- 
turàn le nespole, time brings 
about every thing ; fuòco 
di pàglia, a blaze ; uomo 
di pàglia, a mean, pitiful 

Pagliàccio, and Paglierfccio, 
m. a small straw, a straro 

Pagliàio, m. a rick of straw, a 
rick of reaped corn 

Pagliolàia,/. dewlap (of an ox. 

Paglióne, m. chopped straw 
Paglióso, adj. full of straw : 

vicious, defiled 
Pagliuóla,/. spangle 
Pagliuólo, m. chaff, small 

Pagliuzza,/ a bit of stram 
Pagnotta,/, a small loaf 
Pago, adj. contented (in 

Pago, ?«. payment 
Pagonàz-Zo, and Paonazzo, adj. 

Pagóne, m. a peacock 
Pagoneggiàrsi, to admire one's 

Pàio, m. a pair ; pàio di carte, 

a pack of cards 
Vaiolata, f. a kef tlef III 
Paiuólo, TO. a kettle, pot 
Pala, /. shovel, spade; ih 



Paladino, m. a hero, paladin 
Palafitta,/, a fence of pales 
Palafittare, to drive in pila 
Palafittata,/, apili-nork 


^alafreniére, m. groom of the 

Palafréno, m. palfrey, a state 

Palàgio, m. palace 
Palamita,/, a pilchard (a kind 

of tunny) 
Palanca, /. board, lath, pali- 

Palancato, m. a boarded 

Palàndra, a bomb ship 

Palandràno, m. and Palan- 
drana,/, a great coat 

PaUrs, to pale, fence, to prop 

Palata, /. .palisade ; a shovel- 

Palatinate, m. palatinate 

Palatino, adj. palatine 

PaUto, m.' the palate, (also) 

Palato, part, paled, propped 

Palazzo, m. a palace 

Palchetto, m. a scaffold; 
palchétti d' un teatro, 

Palchistuólo, «I. n penthouse. 

Palco, ?n. a floor, stage, scaf- 
fold ; (also) the horns of a 

Palèo, m. a rvhipjiing-top 
Palesaménto, m. a declaration, 

Palesare, to declare ; palesare a 

Palesato, part, declared 
Palesatóre, m. a revealer 
Palése, adj. public, mani- 
Palesemente, adv. openly 


,/. wrestling, a rvrest- 

Palestrita, m. a wrestler 
Fulétla, f. afire-shovel 
Palétto, m. a hasp, (for a case- 
Palettdne, m. a shoveler, (a 

Palicciàta,/. a palisade 
Pàlido, adj. pale 
Palificare, to palisade 
Palificata,/, a palisade 
Palificato, part, palisaded 
Palinddia,/. a recantation 
Pàlio, m. a pall, mantle, ca- 
nopy ; (also) a prize ; cor- 
rere il pàlio, to run a 

Palidtto, m. an altar-piece 
Paliscalmo, and Palischérmo, 
m. a skijg; canoe, or ship- 


Palizzata, /. and Palizzàto, 

Palla, /. a ball, bowl, bullet ; 
aver la palla in mano, to have 
in one's fojver; prender 1 
palla al balzo, to seize a. 
opportunity ; la palla balz 
in sul tuo tetto,/or<Kne smile 

Pallaccorda,/. a tennis-court 
Pallàdio, adj. of Pallas 
Pallafreniére, m. a groom of 

the stable 
Pallàio, m. a marker fat tennis, 

Palleggiare, to play at ten- 

Palifnte, ad), pale (in poe- 
Pallerlno, m. a player at ten- 

Palliaménto, m. palliation 
Palliare, to palliate ; palliare 
una malattfa, to patch up a 

Palliatfvo, adj. rimèdio pal- 
liativo, a palliative re- 

Palliato, part, palliated 

Pallidézza, Pallidità, and Pal- 
lóre, m. paleness 

Pallidfccioi adj. palish 

Pàllido, adj. pale, wan 

Pallidóre, m. paleness 

PalUni, m. pi. shots 

Pàllio, TO mantle, pallium ; 
(also) palliation, disguise 

Pallóne, m. a balloon (a foot- 

Pallottoliéra, /. a notch in a 

Palma, /. a palm-tree ; palm. 
(the inner part of the 

Palmata, /. a blow with the 
hand; dare la palmata, to 
bribe a magistrate, victory 

Palménto, m. a mill ; (also) a 
wine-press; macinare a due 
palménti, to get two ends at 

Palméto, m. a palm-grove 
Palmière, m. a pilgrim 
Pàlmite, m. a branch of a vine 
Palmizio, m. a palm-tree 
Palmo, TO. a span 
Pàio, m. a pale, a stake, a 

Palombaro, m. a diver 
Palombfna,/. a sort of grape 
Palómbo, m. a wild pigeon ; 

a kind of dog:fish 
Palpàbile, adj. palpable, 



Palpare, and Palpeggiare, ta 

feel, touch, flatter, coax 
Palpatóre, m. a flatterer 
Fa.\pébTa.f. the eye-lids 
Palpeggiare, to handle, feel- 
Palpeggiatina, /. a gentle 

Palpitaménto, m. a panting 
Palpitante, adj. panting 
Palpitare, to pant, throb 
Palpitazióne,^', palpitation 
Paltonàto, adj. beggarly 
Paltóne, m. a vagabond 
Paltoneggiàre, to beg about 
Paltonerfa, /. beggary, disso- 

Paltoniére, m. a wandering 

beggar, a debauched felloiv 
Paludàle, and Paludano, adj. 

marshy, boggy 
PaluQaménto, m. a paluda- 

ment, a cjat of armour among 

the Romans 
Paludóso, and Palustre, a<y„ 

marshy, fenny, moorish 
Palvesàta. /. a pavoisade, a 

Palvése, TO. a shield, a defensive 

Palustre, adj. fenny, boggy 
Pampanàta, /. a burning of 

Pàmpano, to. vine-leaves 
Pampanóso, and Pampfneo> 

adj. full of vine-leaves 
Pampino, to. a vine-leaf 
Pampintfero, adj. bearing 

Panacela,/, a confection to pre- 

Panàce, and Panacea, m. 

wound-wort, or panacea, (jn 

universal remedy) 
Panàggio, to. a 'provision of 

Vanita, f. apanado (a soup) 
Panattiéra, /. a pantry, a 
shepherd's scrip, a bread- 

Panattiére, to. a baker, jiani- 

Pinca, /. a bench, a stool 
Pancàccia, /. a bench in pubi, 

places where people meet 

Pancacciuólo, m. a co 

Pancàle, to. a bench, carpet 
Pancata,/, a /uHiencA 
Pància, / paunch, belli/ 




old n 

Pancièra,/, a cuirau \ Panteòne, m. pantheon 

Panci511e,ad. stare a pancWUe, Pantèra, /. panther, (also) i 

to rvantfor nothing draw-net 

Panciuto, adj. big-bellied \ Panierino, adj. of a panther 

Panconcellàto, part, covered , Pantòfola,/, a slipper 

with laths n-.-^^--<- ^ 

Panconcellatùra, /. covering 

with laths 
Panconcélo, m. a lath 
Pancóne, m. a plank, a board, 

a bench for a joiner 
Pancotto, m. a panado 
Pàndere, to publish (Latin 


Pandette,/, pi. pandects 

Pdne, HI. bread; render pan 
per focàccia, to be revenged ; 
pan di zùcchero, a sugar- \ Papa, m. the pope 
loaf; pan di céra, a cake of Papule, adj. papal 

Pantràcola,/. { 

Pantiifola,/. a slipper 
Vania, f. paunch, billy 
Panzane,/, pi. 7wnse>tse 
Panziéra,/ a cuirass 
Pàolo, m. a silver coin 
Paonazzo, adj. violet colour, 

Padne, m. a peacock 
Paoneggiare, [see Pavoneg- 
giare) ■ 

bread ; pa 

Panegirico, m 
Panegirista, ti 
Panétto, m. a 
Pània, /. I 

Panictuna,/. a strumpet 
Tanica, ni. panic, millet (a 
Pànico, adj. panic [grain) 

Panièra,/, a basket 
Panieràio, m. a basket-maker 
Paniere, ?n. a basket 
Panificarsi, to become bread 
Panidne, m. a lime-twig 
Paniuzza, PaniùZzola, /. one 

Paniùzzo, »n. a smalt lime- 

PaJinaiudlo, and PannicJre, m, 

a woollen-diaper 
Fannatura, /. and Panneg- 
giaménto, m. drapery, c 

term in paintinsri 
Panneggiare, ; 

PannicùUo, and Pannicolo, ni. 

a little cloth,{3lso) diaphragm, 

Pannolino, m. linen-eUth 
Pannina,/. rvooUen cloth 
Panno, m. cloth ; panni, 
; starsi né suoi panni, 

sontented with t ^ ' 

a ìnarsh, fin. 
Pantanoso, adj. marshy, miry 

paint dra- 

Papato, m. papacy, the pop^s 

Papàvero, m. poppy ; papà- 
vero erràtico, a wild 

PaperSllo, and Paperino, m. a 
gosling (young goose) 

Pàpero, TO. unii Papera, /. a 
green goose 

Papésco, adj. papal, popish 

Papilidne, m. butterfly 

Papilla,/, the nipple 

Papiro, m. papyrus (a 
plant; (also) a sheet of 

Papista, m. a papist 

Pappa, /. pap (an infanfs 

Pappachidne, ni. a glutton, 

Pappafico, 7)1. a hood 
Pappai,'àlIo, wi. a parrot 
Pappalardo, ni. hypocrite, a 

Pappalécco, m. a dainty bit 
Pappare, to gormandise 
Pappatóre, ni. a greedy gut 
Pappino, m. a servant of an 

Pappolata, /. an idle story, 

(also) a hash-mash 
Pappóne, m a devourer 
Parabola, /. parable, 



Farad/so, m. paradise ; para- 
diso terrèstre, the garden of 
Eden ; méttere una cosa in 
paradiio, to extol a thing up 

Paradosso, nt. a paradox 
Paraféma,/. paraphernalia 
Parafrasare, to paraphrase 
Paràfrasi,/, a paraphrase 
Parafraste, »k. a paraphras- 

Paràggio, »n. a comparison 
Paragonàbile, adj. compara- 

ParagonànZa, /. (see Para- 
gone) comparison 
Paragonare, to compare, to 

Paragóne, m. a touclutone, a 
comparison ; far paragóne, 
to put in competition ; metter 
in paragóne, to set against , 
oro di paragóne, pure gold. 
A paragóne, adv. compara- 
Paragrafo, ni. paragraph 
Parallasse, /. a parallax (in 

ParalSllo, m. a parallel, a com 

Paralisia,/. palsy 
Paralitico, adj. paralytic 
Paralogismo, m. a paralo- 

1 Parabola 
I Parabi5li( 

I, adj. false, t'àii» 

I adj. parabolical 

i, adj. paracen 

' tapping for thi 


Paràclito, the Comforter, or thi 

Holy Ghost 
Paracudre,m. 'see Polmóne) 

Faram òsche, n 
Parapètto, nt. / 
Parapiglia,/. c<j 
fusion ; crowd , 



Parata,/, a parade 
Paratio, m- a partition 
Parato, ni. (*« Paraménto) 
Parato, part, adorned, decked, 

prepared, ready 
Paratura,/, adorning 
Paravento, m. a screen 
Parca, /. death, destiny : 

parche, thefales 
Parcamente, adv. iparingljf 


Pàrcere, lo ftrgive (Latin 

Farcita, /. mnderalion 
Frfrco, aiìj. paraimoniout, lav- 

iiiz;. soher, moderate 

Varegdrico, adj. paregoric 
Parentado, wi. parentage, kin- 
dred, extraction, hirtli: fare 
un v^^'entado, la make a 
match : rompere un paren- 
tado, io break a match 
Parentale, adi. parental 
Parente, aJJ. ukin, related ; un 

Parentela' and Parenterla, /. 

Parentétco, adj. paternal 
Parentesi,/, parenlhesit 
Parentévole, adj. protector 

of parents, cordial, ajfec- 

Parentorio, adj. {see Peren- 

Parére, to seem, appear: to 
think, judge ; mi par cosi, 
in it appears to me ; che ve 
ne pare ? tvhal think you of 
it? parérsi, to shoiv one's 

Parére, m. opinion, judg- 
ment, esteem, thought; al 
mio parére, in my opinion 

Paréte, unJ Pariéte,/. a par- 

Pargoleggiare, to grow boy- 

Pargoletto, adj. and s. 


Pargolézza,/, infanaj 

Pàrgolo, m. an infant 

Pari, m. a peer (a title) 

VAri, adj. equal, alike; pa- 
ri pari, very equal. Pa- 
ri, adv. equally: pari, an 

CO' pari miei? is it thus 
you . deal nith men of my f Posso farlo a! par 
di voi, / can do it as well as 

Pàriet4ria, and Paritària, /. 
pellilory of the nail 


atnénto, m. (set Pareg- 

Pariménte, adv. likewise 
Parità,/ equality 

Parladiira../'. a speech 
Parlamentare, to confer in 
parliament, to come to a 

Parlamentàrio, adj. pai lia- 

Parlaménto, m. parliament, 

(also) a speech, discourse 
Parlante, adj. speaking : un 

Parlantina, f. talkativeness, 

(also) a reprimand 
Parlantlno, adj talkative 
Parlare, to speak, talk ; parlar 

alla muta./o speak by signs ; 

parlar finir de' denti, tu 

speak plain 
Parlare, m. a talk, discourse. 

Parlatóre, m. speaker, ora- 
Parlatòrio, m. parlour 
Parlatura,/, a discourse 
Parlético, adj. paralytic 
Parlévole, adj. expressible. 

Parlottare, to mutter 
Parnasso, m. moitnt Parnas- 

Parodia,/, parody 

Paròla, /. n'ord: perder la 

paròla, io loie one's speech; 

romper le parole in bócca, 

Parolàccia, /. lewd lan- 
Parolàio, m. a tattler 
Parolina, f. a sweet word 
Parolona, /. and Parolone, m. 

Parolòzza,/. a rough nwrd 
Paroslsmo, m. paroaysm 


Parotide./, a parof.d lasnelt' 

Parricidio, m. a parricide 
Parrucchi:i,/. parish 
Parrocchiale, adj. parochial 
chièsa parrocchiale, parish 

Parrocchiano, m. the parish 
priest : parrocchiani, pa- 

Pàrroco, m. a parish priest 
Parrucca,/ peruke 
Parrucchètto, m. a paroquet, 

Parso, part, seemed, appeared 
Parte, /. part, share ; (also) 

party, faction ; in ogni parte, 

every whe 

parte, thrCf,.. ....„ .,...,..^,.. 

da parte di tutti, in the 
name of all : ditéli da parte 
mia, tell him from me ; star 
da parte, to withdraw : da 
parte in parte, throughout; 
dar parte, to impart. A 
p^rte, ado. aside, apart ; 
parte per parte, separate- 
ly : io son parte in questo 
negozio, / am concerned in 
this qffhit . In nissuna pane. 

Partecipare, and Participdre, 
to participate, to impart, ac- 

Partecipe, and Partufice, m. 

partner, sharer 
Parteggiaménto, m. partition. 

Parteggiare, to follow party 
Partenére, to appertain, belong 

Partenza,/ departure 
Partére, and Parterre, ni. par- 

Partévole, and F.irtlbile, adj. 

Particella,/ particle 
Participat<)re, ?n. a sharer 
Vsirticip^liónc. f. participation 
Participio, m. participle 
Particola,/, a particle 
Particolare, aJj. parlinilar, 

y, il ate man 
Particolsjritii,/. particularity 


PartiL'olarizzàre, to give a 
farticuiar account of, to 

Particolarmente, adv. parti- 
cularly, distinctly, especially, 
in particular 

Particulare, adj. (see Parti- 
colare, and its derivatives), 

Partigiana,/, a partisan (hal- 

Partigiano, m. a partitan, a 

Partire, to share, divide ; par- 
tirsi, depart, set out 

ParUta,/. a departure; (parte) 
a portion ; (divisa) devise, 
colour: partita, a match, a 
set ; fare una partita, to play 
a game; V ultima partita, 

Partitaménte, adv. distinctly. 

Partito, in. way, means, nii 
ner, bargain : conditi , 
resolution ; (also) danger, 
hazard ; non voglio mèi 
a partito, I rvill not 
danger; a mal partito, to 

cervèllo a partito, to puz- 
zle ; prender partito, to en- 
list ; ingannarsi a partito, to 
he mistaken ; donna di par- 
tito, a strumpet 
Partito, part, divided, depart- 

Partitdre, m. a divider, a fire- 
brand of sedition 

Partizióne,/, partition 

Parto, m. child-birth, child- 
bed, child, infant: èssere 
a mal di p^rto, to be in It 
hour : donna di parto, a h 
ing-in moman : d'un nàrti 
at one birth : parto (effetto) 
questo è parto, this is the 
effect ; parto del s-io ingégno, 
the product cf niit 

Partoriènte, and rartori- 

Parvénza, /. appearance, tmall- 

Parvificàre, to diminish 
Parvifico, adj. iiiggardly, 

Parvipèndere, tn despise 
Parvità,/, smallness 
Parvo, adj. little, small 
ParvolStto, and Parvolino, m. 

an infant, a little child 
Partita,/ appearance 
Parutu, part, appeared, seem- 
Parziale, adj. partial 
Parzialeggiare, to be partial 
Parzialità./, partiality 
Parzialmente, adv. partially 
Pàscere, to feed ; graxe : to 
ipport, nourish ; pascersi. 

lies i 

Partorito, part, brought to bed, 

Parturire, {see Partorire, and 

all its derivallve-i) 
Parvènte, adj. visible, pia 

t dune 



Pasciménto, m. a pasturing 
Pascióna, /. a pasture-ground, 

Pascitrfre, m. a grazier 
Pasciuto, part, fed, grazed 
Pasco, m. a pasture (in 

Pascolare, to graze 
Pàscolo, m pasture 
Pàsqua./ Easter ; darla mala 

pàsqua, to ajjlict; Pàsqua 

rosa, Whitsunday 
Pasquale, adj. paschal 
Pasquino, m. and Pasquinata, 

/ a pasquinade, or libel 
Passàbile, adj. tolerable 
Passàggio, m. passage ; èsser 

di passàggio, to be a passen- 

Passamano, m. lace, livery 

Passamente, m. a passage, oi 

Passante, adj. and s. passing, 
or a leather band 

Passapòrto, m. a pass, pass- 

Passare, to pass, go through, 
or go by : pas.sàr il co- 
mando, to transgress ; 
come vela passate? hon 
goes it? passar di sapere 
to surpass ; passar di vita 
to die ; passare, to be re 
puled : passarsi, to be con 
tented; passar agli órdini 
to be admitted to orders 
passar una sùpplica, ti 
grant a request; passar la 
serata, to spend the even- 
ini; ; passar una strada, ur 
fiume, &c. to cross over ù 
St net, a river ; passar da 



banda a banda, to run 
through : passarsi d' «ma 
cosa, to be cimtented rv-ihout 
a thing: passar a mieto, to 
smirn over 

Passata, /. a passage; dar 
passata, to omit 

Passatèmpo, m. sport pof 

Passato, adj. past; passati 

Passatóio, m. a stone to eros. 
; adj. easy to be got 

Passatóre, m a passenger 
Passavogare, to row amain 
Passavolante. tn. a pass-volant, 
a fagot in the mustering of 
soldiers ; (also) a piece of 

Passeggiamento. m. a tvalk 

Passeggiare, to walk 

Passeggiata,/, a walk 

Passeggiére, & Fasseggiéro, 
m. a passenger, or a toll- 

Passeggiéro, adj fit to trans 
port, (also) transitory 

Pagsègio, m. walking-place 

Pàssera, / and Pàssere, m. a 
sparrow ; pàssere di Canària, 

confused chatter ■ 

Passerino, m. a great needle 
Passetto, adj. a little musty 

bràccio passétto, an ell 

Passibile, adj. suffering 
Passibilità,/, possibility 
Passino, m. the length of the 

Passionare, to torment, suffer 

Passionato, adj. ajffectionate, 

Passióne, / passion, affliction^ 

love; la passióne di nostro 

Signóre, the suffering of our 

Passivamente, adv. passively 

Passivo, adj. passive 

Passo, m. pace, step; pèrder 
i pàssi, to lose our labour : 
uccèllo di passo, a bird of 
passage ■ uscir di pàs.'*, to 
mend one's pace. Passo 
passo, adv. softly, gently : 
a passo a passo,' one thi'nr 
after another; il più duro 
passo è quel della sòglia, 
the beginning nf every 
thing is always the hardest 

Passo, part, dried, tvilhered 

timi hat suffered ; uve passe, 
PSssola, adj. uva pàssola, rat- 
Passonata,/, a pile (a wooden 

Passùro, adj. that is io suffer 
Pdsta, f. faste; udmo di 
gT(jssa pasta, a dunce ; 
udmo di buòna pasta, a 
good-natured fellorv ; métter 
mano in pasta, to be med- 
Pastàccio, adj. silly, foolish 
Pasteggiare, to feast, to eat 

Pastelliére, m. a pastry-cook 
Pastello, m. a pie, a pastel, 

or crayon, (also) a little 

Pastfcoa, /. a pastel (a kind of 

Pasticceria, /. a pastry-cook's 

Pasticciime, m vastry 
Pasticcière, m. a pastry-cook 
Pasticcio, m. a pie, pasty 
Pastìglia,/ a pastil 
Pastinaca,/, a parsnip 
Pastinare, to dig up the earth 
Pastinazidne,/. a digging up 
P^sto, m. food, meal, a 
feast, or meal ; far pasto, 
io feast : mangiar a pasto, 
io eat at an ordinary ; tre 
p^sti al giórno, three meals a 
Pasto, adj. fed fin poetry) 
Pastocchia,/. aJlam,otfib 
Pastocchidta,/. nonsense 
Pastofdrio, m. the archives of a 

Pastdia,/. a pastern, a shackle 

of a horse, a pasture, a 

Pastorille, m. a crosier (a 

bishop's staff") ; a pastoral 

fa sort of poem) 
Pastorale, a<lj. pastoral 
Pastoralmente, adv. like a 

pastor, or shepherd 
Pastorare, {see Pasturare) 
Pastdre, t/i. shepherd, pastor 
Pastoraccio, adj. pastoral 
Pastorèllo, m. a young shep- 

Pastosità,/. softness 

Pastoso, adj. plump, fat; 

pane pastóso, doughy bread 
Pastriino, m. a cloak 
Pastricciano, m. caraway, 
(also) a dunce, simpleioti 
I PasttiiEe, adj. fostry 


Pastura,/, pasture 
Pasturale, m. the pastern ; 
(also) a crosier fa bishop's 

Pasturare, to pasture cattle, to 
lead cattle a grazing, to 
feed upon, (also) to have the 
charge of souls 

Pasturévole, adj. of a pas- 

Patèna,/, the paten of a chalice 

Patènte, adj. evident, plain i 

lèttera patènte, letters pa- 

Paternale, adj. paternal 

Paternalmente, 'jadv. pater- 

Paternità,/, paternity 

Patèrno, adj. paternal 

Paternòstro, m. the hordes 

Pateticamente, adv. patheti- 

Patètico, adj pathetic 

Patibolo, m. a gibbet 

Patiménto, m trouble, grief 

Patire, to suffer, endure : patir 

Patito, part 

Patitdre, m. 

Patològico, adj. pathological 

Patologia,/, pathology fa part 

of physic) 
Fàtxe,m. father fin poetry) 
Pàtria,/, native country 
Patri&ca, m. patriarch 
Patriarcale, adj. patriarchal 
Patriarcato, nt. patriarchate 

ftitle, dignity of Sec.) 
Patriarchla,/. the residence of 

Patriclda, m. murderei 


Pàtrio, adj. native, paternal 
Patriziato, ni. patriciate fa 

patrician's dignity j 
Patrizio, s. and adj. patrician. 

Patrizzare, to be like one's 

Patrocinante, adj. protecting 
Patrocinare, to patronize 

Patrocinio, m. patronage 
Pattare, to make even 
Patteggiaménto, m. an agree- 

Patteggiare, to bargain 

Patteggiato, adj. agreed on, 

Pattino, m. a skate 

Patto, TO. compact, agreement. 
Con patto che, adv. on con- 
dition that ; per alcun pdtto. 

Pattuire, to bargain, to agree 

Pattùglia,/, pa'ii-o/ 

Pattume, m. sneepings, dirt; 
(also) graving (sea tenni 

Patulo, adj. open, large 

Tavefàtto, part, terrified 

Paventare, to fear 

Paventato, part, fared, or 

Paventévole. frightful 

Pavènto, m. fright, fear 

Paventóso, adj. afraid, timo- 
rous; (aha) horrid, terrible 

Pavése, i 

Patriclùio, 1 

. patricide, (also) 


ravese, m. a large sn 
Pàvido, adj. fearful, I 
Pavimentà-e, to pave 
Paviménto, " 

Pavonàzzo, adj. purple 
Pavoncèlla, /. a lapwing fa 

sort of bird) 
Pavoncèllo, \m. a young pea- 

Pavdne, m. peacock 
Pavoneggiarsi, to strut 
Pavonessa,^-, a pea-hen 
Paura, /. fear, dread; far 

paura, to frighten 
Paurosamente, adv. timorously ■ 
Paurdso, adj. timorous, suspi- 

Pàusa, / pause, rest, stop 
Pausare, to rest, pause 
Paziènte, m. a patient fa sick 

Paziènte, adj. valient 
Pazientemente, adv. patiently 
PaJiènza,/ patience 
Pazzà^rJo in an arrant foot 

Pazzamente, adv. foolishly " 
Pazzeggiare, tu dole, or rave 
Pazzeria,/ falty, madness 
Plgzarésco, adj. mad, foolish 

Pazzeicaiiìénte, cdv. fo-dishly 
V^zìésco. adj. foolish, mad 
F37.zi3.f. folly, madness 
Pazziàre, to play the fool 
Pazziuola./. a foolish thing 
Pazzo, udj mad, also) rvhim- 
ncal ; un pazzo da caténa, a 

p-cca,./: vice, fault, defect 
Pet^cahile, adj apt to sin 
Pei-,cadiglio,'m. a peccadillo fa 

venial sin) 
Peccaminóso, adj sinful 
Ppxcante. adj. faulty 
Peccare, to sin, transgress, err, 

Pe£cato, m. tin, offence, harm. 

Péce, /. tar, pitch: pece 
greca, rosin, macchiati d' 
una pece, all in fault 

Pècora, /. <i sheep: peco- 


Pedagnuólo, adj. cut, pulled 

from the trunk of a tree 
Pedagògico, adj. pedantic 
Pedagogo, m. pedagogue (a 

Ped.-lle, m. the trunk, slock of 
a tree : peddle d'organo, pe- 
dal (the lorj key of organs) : 
pedale di rorreggi;lto, the 
handle of a.flail 

Pedana,/, a coachman's foot- 

Pedineo, adj. giudice peddneo. 
Pedante, m. a pedant fa school- 

Pedantésco, adj. pedantic 
Pedantucolo, and Pedantùzzo, 

m. a paltry schoolmaster 
Fedit^,f.f,u'ftep, track : (also) 

a kick : seguitar le pedate. 

lilo, m. pedicle (stalks 

ind plants) 
re, adj, pedicular 


Peggióre, adj. worse 
Peggiormente, adv. in a tvorst 

Pégno, m. pawn, token, mark ; 
dar la fede in pégno, to 
pledge one's self 

Pégola,/. pi7cA,<ar 
Pelacdne, m. - ' 

Pecoràggine, /. foolishne 
Pecoràio. »i. a shepherd 

Pecorfle, m a sheep-fold 
Pecorino, adj. of a sheep 
Pecorino, ni. a lamb, (also) 

Pecoróne, and Pecorino, m. a 

Peculato, m. peculation (the 
robbing of the public trea- 
Peculiare, adj. peculiar 
Pecùlio, »M. a sum, stock, ef- 
fect, (also) cattle, a herd 
Peculiarmente, rtdu. peculiarly 
Pecùnia, / ready money 
Pecuniale, and Pecuniatfvo, 

Pocunialménte, adv. tvith ] 

Pecuniario, adj pecuniary 
Pedàggio, m toll, custom' 
Ped.^gié^e, m a toll-gaiherei 
Pedagna,/, the foot-board i; 

■ Pèdo, m. a sheep-hook 
I Pedona,/, a pawn at chess 
Pedonaggio, m. and Pedonà- 
glia, /. fool-soldiers, iufan- 

Ped'óto, Pedótto, ani Pedótta, 
I ma pilot, a steersman, a 

Pedùccio, m. petty-toes ; (also) 

a corbel (in architecture) 

I Pedule, m. the foot part of 

I Pegaséo, adj. of Pegasus 

Pègaso, and Pegaséo, 
j winged horse, or a northern 



worst: aver la pèggio, to 
be worsted; al pèggio de' 
peggi, let the tvorst come to 
the worst ; di male in pég- 

eggioraménto, m. a getting 

j Peggiorare, to make worse , 
peggiorare nella malattìa, to 

Peggiorativo, adj. worse and 

[ Peggiorato, part, grown morse 

Pelam^ntelli, »i. a 'i 

Pelame, m. hair, the quality of 

Pelaménto, m. a pulling of the 

Pelanfbbi, m. an oppressor 
Petapièdi, m. a mean fellom 
PelapóUi, m. a noddy, a »iin- 

Pelare, tu make bald, or 

Pelatina, /. a scald qf tht 

Pelato, adj bald, fleeced 
Pelatura,/, a picking. Sec. 
Pellame, m. skin 
Pelle, /. skin, hide, pretence; 



der show of fi iendihip . 

non capir nella pelle, to be 

extremity glad ; scampar 

la pelle, to save one's self. 

Pelle pelle, adv. superfi. 

Pellegrinàggio, m. pilrjrimagt 
Pellegrinare, to travel in 

foreign countries, to go in 

Pellegrinazióne, /. pilgrimage 

Pellegrinila, /. a rarity 
Pellegrino, m. pilgrim, tra- 

PellcgTlno, adj. singular, rare, 

Pellicano, m. a pelican 
Pelliccieria, /. a skinner 

trade, or street 
Pelliccia,/, a furred coat 
Pellicciàio, m. a furrier 
Pellicciare, to make furred 

Pellicciére,"m. a skinner 
Pelliccilo, m. a hand-worm 
Pellieeo, adj. of a skin, or 

Pellicino, m. the bottom of a 

Pellicola,/ pellicle, skin, film. 

Pellùcido, adj. IranspO' 

P^lo, m. hair 
lo, ht l,e a k 


lasciar il pe- 


Penetraménto, m. (see Pene- 
trazióne) ; 
Penetrante, adj. penetrating 1 

isriy : 

k pelo. 

molto a pelo, I like you le 

Pelos-lla, /. moute-ear (. 

her I, I 
Pelost-tto, m. a little hairy 
Ve\6:.o, a,lj very hairy 
Peltrdto, part, tinned, tinn 

Péltro, m. pcvler 
Pelvi,/, pelvi. 
Peluria./ Me rfon.« 
Peliizzo, m. a little hair, 

f Penetrativo, ad), pcnetrativ 
\ I Penetrato, part, penetrated 

Penetrévole, adj. (see Penetra- 

Penisola, /. a peninsula (land 

A péna 
sance, with difficnily 

Penace, adj. that grieves 

Penale, adj. penal 

Penalità, '/. penalty (a fu 

Penalmente, adv. vnder pt 




Penato, adj. torn 
Pendàglio', i ' 


Pendente, m. a pendati, 
hed-curlains, hangings ; 
precipice ; (also) necklace, c 

r/j depending 


lere, to hang, to bend, de- 
ne, to depend, to be depend- 
ing (law term) 
Pendévole, adj. hanging 
Pendice, /. the side of a hill; 
pendfci, /. ;./. the utmost 
bounds of a city 
Pendio, ni. steepness, declivity 
Pèndolo, ni a level, a plumb- 
line, a pendulum clock 
Pendolo, adj. hanging 
Pendolónè, adv. in a hanging 

Penduto, part, hanged 
Penetrabile, adj. net 

nord pari ,f a 

f. penetrability 

i,a, / feather, a pen (also) 
■ ■ ■ ■ i. pénni 


Pennàcchio, »(i. a pit 

bunch of featliers 
Pennaiuòlo, m. a stationer, 

also) a pen-case 
Pennamatta,/ Me down 
Pennata,/ apenfulofink 
Pennato, adj feathered 
Pennecchio', ni. a distaff- full 
Pennellare, to dram, to paint 
Pennellata, aud Pennellatura, 

/ a pencil stroke 
Pennellato, part. drawn, 

Pennellcggiàre, to paint 
PennPllo, ra. a pencil; fatto a 

pennèllo, elegantly done 
Pennino, m. a t,ft of fea- 

Pennito, m. barley-sugar 
Pennóne, m. a flag, banner 

Pennuto, part, feathered 

Penosamente, adv. pain- 

Penóso, adj. troublesome, pain- 
ful ; la settimana penósa, 
the holy rveek 

Pensaménto, m. and Pensa- 
gióne,/ thought, thinking 

Pensante, adj. thinking 

Pensare, to think, intend, 

Pensata,/ thought 

Pensatamente, adu. purposely 

Pensatóre, m. n thinker 
Pensierdto, adj. thoughtful 
Pensièro, and Pensiére, m. 

Pensive, a> 
adj. pensiv 

iòne,/, pension, allowance 
li.o, adj. thoughtful, anx- 

Pentàcolo, 7(1. a talisman 
Pentatilo, ni. cinquefoil (an 

Pentagono, and Pentangolo, 

tn. and adj. a pentagon .(a 

Pentire, a,'.d PenUrsi," to re- 

Pentito, }>nrt repented 

"éntola, /. a pot ; saper quel 
che bolle in péntola, to 
know what one U doing 

Pentolàio, arid Pentolare, m. 

Ventokil3L, f a polful 

Penùltimo, adj. the last but 
e : la periiiitima sillaba? 

Penùria,/ penury 
Penuriàre, (o be in tvant 
Penuriiiso, adj. penurious 

Penzolare, to hang, to dangle 
Penzolo, adj hanging dorvn 
Penzolo, m'. grajres, or banche* 

of grapes 
Penzolóne, adj. hanging, 

Veónid, f piony, or peov^j (aa 

Pepaiuóla,/. a prpper-box 
Pepato, part, spiced ; {latve 

pepato, gingerbread 
Pepe, m pepper 
Peperóne, m. caiisicum 
Pèplo, m. puril,:in (an herb) 
Per, prep, ly, through, in, 

per quindi, this 


3. per 


ano, each of us; per parte, 

part ; de per se, by liinuelf; 
per modo, in manner; per 
vàén\e,for nothing ; mandar 
per uno, to send for a per- 
fon ; star per cadére, ready 
to fall ; è per morire, he is 
dying: per altro, horvever; 
' "re, 1 dare say ; per 


ro, her 

innanzi, hereafter; per ap- 
punto, exactly ; per lo meno, 
at least ; per lo più, at most ; 
per minuto, by retail. Per 
ora, adv. now ; per tempo. 

Péra,/, a pear 
Percettibile, adj. perceivable 
Percezióne,/, comprehension 
Perchè, adv. rvhy f because, 
though ; il perchè, the cause ; 
si sa il perche ? is it known 
tvhy ? mi maltratta senza 
dargliene il perchè, h'. abuses 
me rvithout any manner qf 

Pérchio, m. a padlock 
Perciò, adv. Iwivever, yet, 

Perciocché, coni, and adv. 

since, for, in order to 
Perclpere, to conceive 
Percórrere, to say in a few 

tvoi ds ; percóiTere uu libro, 

to run over a baok 
Percossa,/ stroke, blow 
Percosso, ad), stricken, beaten 
Percossura, Perco:sióne, /. 

and Percotiménto, m. a 

Percotitorp, and Percussóre, 

Percotitiira,/ a blow 

Percuòtere, to beat, strike 

Percussióne,/, a blow 

Perdènte, m. a loser 

Pèrdere, to lose, to waste ; pèr- 
dere il procèsso, to bt cast ; 
perdersi d' animo, to be dis- 
couraged ; to despond ; pèr- 
dere la vergógna, to become 
impudent, or dishonest 

Perdice, /. a partridge 

Perdigidne, /. ruin, perdi- 

Perdigiomàta, m. an idlt 

Perdiménto, m. lass, perdi- 

Pèrdita,/, loss 
Perditóre, m. loser 
Perdiiidne, /. perdition, 

damnation, destruction, 


Perdonànza,/. indulgence 
Perdonare, to forgive, to 

pardon ; la morte non la 

perdona a nessuno, death 

spares nobody 
Perdonato, part, pardoned, 

Perdóno, m. pardon 
Perducere, to conduct 
Perduràbile, adj. durable. 

Perdurare, to last 
Perdurévole, adj. lasting 
Perdutamente, adv. dissolutely 
Perduto, part, lost ; èssere 

perduto, to be lest 
Peregiinaggio, m. pilgrim- 

Peregrinàre, to go in pilgrim- 

Peregrino, m a pilgrim 
Peregrino, adj. foreign 
Perènne, adj. durable, last- 

Perenneménte, adv. incessant- 
Perennità,/, perpetuity 
Perentòrio, m peremptory 
Peréto, m. a pear-orchard 
Pertecitóre, rn. a finisher 
Perfettamente, adv. perfectly 
Pert'rtto, m perfection 
Perfètto, adj. perfect, com- 


Perfezionare, and Perffcere, 

to perfect 
PerfezionaUvo, adj. Jit to per- 

Perfezionàto. adj. perfect 
Perfezióne,/ perfection 
Perfidamente, adv. trecche- 

Perfidia, /. treachery, obsti- 

Perfidióso, and Pèrfido, adj. 

perfidious, base 
Perfigurare, to imagine 
Perfor.^mènto, m. perfora- 


Perforare, to bore, pierce 
Perfbra2ióue,/. perforation 
Perfrequentare, toj'requent 
Pergamèna, /. parchment, 

(also) a lantern 
Pergamo, nu pulpit 
Pergiurare, to forswear 
Pergiuro, m. perjury 
Pergola,/, vine arbour; (also) 

Pergolato, and Pergolètto, m. 

a vine-arbour 
Pergolése,/. a sortofgrapa 
Periclitàre, to be in peril 
Pericolamènto, m. danger, 

Pericolante, and Pericol 

adj. dangerous 
Pericolare, to be in peril ; to be 

ruined ; to risk 
Pericolo, m. danger, peril 
Pericolosamente, adv. danger- 

Pericrànio,/. pericranium 
Perielio, m. peril (in po 

Periglioso, adj. dangerou* 
Perimetro, m. perimeter 
Periodico, adj. periodical 
Periodo, m. a period, a close 
Perire, to perish ; to be ruined ' 

cast away ; to die 
Peritamente, adv. skilfully 
Peritanza,/, modesty, bashful' 

Peritasi, to be bashful 
Perito, adj. expert, skilful; 

(also) perished, dead 
Peritóso, »•{;. bashful 
Perituro, adj. iransitorj/f 

Periurio, m. a perjury 
Periuro, m. aperjurer 
Perizia./ *A-i7Z, experience 
Periato, adj. pearl-coloured 
Perlismaltàto, part, enamelled 

Perlóne, adj. idle, lazy 
PerlongiSre, to prolong 
Permalóso, adj. 

_. _^ .sul- 

Permanènte, Peimanèvole, 

and Permansivo, adj. last' ^ 

ing, durable 
Permanènza,/ duration 
Permanèie, (o preserve 
Permesso, adj. permitted. 

Permesso, m. and Penned 
sióne,/. permissior: 

Perméttere, , „. . 

mi permetta eh' io le dica 

da amico, iet me teli you cu 

a, friend 
Permischiaménlo, m. a tnix- 

ture, (also) an insurrection 
Permischiàre, to mix 
Permissidne,/. pet mission 
Permissivamente, adv. by per- 

o, adj. permissible 

Permoviménto, to. emotion 
Permutàbile, adj. changeable 
Permutare, to exchange, alter, 

Permutato, part, exchanged 
Permutaménto, m. Permuta- 
zióne, and Permuta, /. per- 

Permutatdre, m. an exchang- 

Vernice, f. partridge 
Pemicidso, and Pemizidso, 

Pernizfe,/. ruin, loss 
Perno, TO. pivot, hinge, axis 
Pernottare, to pass the night 
Péro, TO a pear-tree 
Però, adv. therefore, rvhere- 

Perocchè, conj. because 
Perorare, to make, or close a 

Perorazione, / peroration 
Peniendicolàre, adj. perytn- 

Perpendicolo, m. a level 
Perjietrare, to perpetrate 
Perpetuamente, adv. perpetu- 

Perp'etu^re, to perpetuate 
Perpetuazióne, and Perpetu- 
agidne, /. perpetuity, per- 
Perpetuità, and Perpetualità, 

/. perpetuiti/ 
Perpètuo, adj. perpetual 
Perplessità./, perplexity 
Perplesso, adj. perplexed 
Perquisizióne,/ perquisition 
Perrucca,/. a periwig 
Pèrsa,/, marjoram (an herb) 
Persecutóre, m. a persecutor 
Persecuziòne, /. persecution 
Perseguire, to persecute ; to 

prosecute ; to go on 
Perseguitaménto, m. (see Per- 

Perseguit^re, to persecute, to 

Perseguitato, part. perse- 


PersegTiitatdre, m. a perse- 

nilnr, a keeper, afollorver 
Persoguitazidne, /. (see Per- 

Perseguito, m. persecution 
Perseguito, part, pursued, 

Perseguitdre, m. persecutor 
Perseo, TO. Perseus (a constel- 

Perseverdnte, adj. persever- 
Perseveranza, and Persevcra- 

zióne./. perseverance 
Perseverare, to persevere, con- 

Pérsica,/. a peach 

Pèrsico, m. a peach- 
Persistere, to persevi 
Pèrso, adj. lost ; (also) bluish 

Persóna, /. a person 
body ; somebody ; ir 
sona d' alcuno, instead of 
any body ; vedete se e' è 
persóna, see if any body ' 
there ; è ben fatto di p< 

, he is rvell made 
Personàggio, m. a perso: 
Personale, adj. personal 



Personalità,/, personality 
Personalmente, adv. person- 
Perspettfva,/. perspective 
PerspicicB, adj. quick-mit- 

Perspicacità, ar.d Perspic^c- 
cia, f. quickness of nit, 

Perspirazidue, /. perspira- 


Pertinicia,/. stubhornnes» 
Pertinènte, adj. belonging to 
Pertinènza, and Pertinénzia, 
/ appurtenance, depend- 
Pertrattire, to treat, manage 
Pertugiare, to bore 
Pertugiato, part, bored 
Pertùgio, m. a hole 
Pertuìbaraénto, m. pertur- 

Perturbare, to disturb 
Perturbato, part, disturbed 
Perturbatóre, m. a disturb- 

Perturbjtzidne, /. perturba- 

Pertusàre, to perforate ■ 
Pertnso, TO. a hole, a chink 
' Pertùtto, adv. every where 
Perveniménto, m. an attain- 
Pervenire, to reach, come, 

nire al suo intènto, to obtain 

Pervenuto, part, arrived. 

Perversamente, adv. perverse- 

Per versare, to scold, chidt, 

Per(ersidne, /. perverse- 

Per\'ersità,/. perversity 
Pervèrso, adj. perverse 
Pervertire, to pervert, con- 

Persuasidne,/ persuasion 
Persuasiva, /. the persuasive 

Persuasivo, adj. persuasive 
Persuaso, part, persuaded 
Persuasóre, m. a persuader 
Pertanto, adv. therefore, yet 
Pertenére, to belong to 
Pèrtica,/, a pole, a perch 
Perticare, to strike rvith a 

Pertinace, adj. obstinate 
Pertinacemente, adi', obsti- 


Pervicace, adj. stubborn 
VeTS-ìcàcÌ2i,f obstinacy 
Pervinca, /. perireinkle (an 

Pèrvio, adj. open 
Pesaménto, m. a weighing 
Pesamdndi. m. a boaster 
Pesante, adj. heavy, iveighty 
Pesantemente, adv. heavily 
Pesantézza, and Pesànza, 
/. rveight, sorrow, keavi- 

Pesdre, to weigh, examine ; mi 
pesa molto di non poterla 
servire, i am sorry that I 
cannot oblige you 

Pesatamente, adv. cautious- 

a, / a peach : (also) a 
ck eye, a lividity 
Pèsca, and Pescagióne, j: a 
fishing party 

Pescàia, /. < 

Pescato, pari. Jiihed 
Pe>cat<5re, m a fitherman 
Péice, m-fish : (also) Pitcei (a 

Peacedurfva, ami Pesceduòvo, 
HI. an umeUt, an eni: pan- 
cake r./ùAtrv 
Pescheria, /. a fish-market. 
Peschièra,/, afish-pond 
Pesciaiuòlo, m'. ujiihmonger 
Pescrna,/. a fiih-pand 
Prscio, m. aJUh 
Pesci<5so. adj. full ofJUk 
Pescivéndolo, »i. a fishmonger 

vV^c°'J^',' ai^'^fithj! full of 


Péso, m. n 

gran péso, a man of 

Pésolo, and Pesolóne 

danglifìg^ }ifin^in^ do: 
Pessdrio, m. p'citary (a tort of 

Pesiimaménte, adv. rurelched- 


Pessimiti, /. estreme nicked- 

Pèssimo, adj. most wicked, 

Pessundàre, to trample 
Pésta./, crmid, throng: (also) 

t, ock, footstep : scguitiralla 

pésta, to trace ; lasciar nelle 

péste, io leave in the lurch 
Pestaménto, m. a pounding 
Pestapépe, m. a blockhead 
Pestare, to pound, bruite, 

trample upon 
Pestata,/, pounding, bruising 
Pestato, and Pésto, part. 

beaten, bruised 
Pestatiiio, and P«'.téllo, m. a 

Péste, /. plague, pestilence 
Pestifero, and Pestilènte, 

adj. peitilential, hurtful. 

Pestilènza, and Pestilénzia, 
/ pestilence, plague ; (also) 
stink, inf ction 

enziàle, and Pestilen- 

!0, adj. pestilential 

:>, m. a trampling upon 




Petecchie,/, pi. red spirit 
Peteréccio, m. a whitlow 
Periture, m. demandtr, 

Petitório, adj. petitioning 
Petizióne./, petition 
Pélo. m. a fart: mind 
Petràia,/. u i/narry 
Petrena,f. a little stone 
Petf'lle,/. pi. a mould 
Petriére, m. a little cannon 
Petrificaiióne, /. petrifiea- 

Petrlfico, adj. petrifying 
Petrigno, Vetrino, and Pe- 
tróso, edj. stony, hard at a 

Petronciàna, /. and Petron- 
ciàno, m. a pompion, or 

Petrosémolo, m. parsley 

Petnizza,/. a pebble 

Pettinagnòlo, ni. a comb' 

Pettinare, to comb, scratch 
Pettinato, pari. combed. 

Pettinella./. along spear 
Pettiniéra,/ a comb- case 
Pettirósso, wi. a robin red 

: of courage ; prender 

r at heart ; aver a petto 
bambino, to suckle a 
I. A petto, adr. in 
petto à petto. 


Pettóccio, m. a fine breast 
Pettorale, m. a poitrel 
Pettorale, adj. pectoral 
Pettoreggiare, io hit breast 

Pettoruto, adj. kigh-breasted 
PetiiMnte, adj. petulant 
Petul.1nza,/ petulancy 
Peiicédano, m. bng.fcnnel 


Pévera,/, a wooden funnel 

Pcverada,/. meat-brolh 

Pévere, m. pepper 

Pèzza, / a piece, bit : (pé22o 
remainder: tuona pézta fa, 
a good while since ; uòmo di 
péììa, a great num. A 
questa pèzza, adv. notv 

Pezzame, ni. remainder, mint 

Peizato, (w/j. dappled 

Pezzéndo, ' adj. anddr pez- 
zéndo, to beg about 

Pezfénte, m. aiul Pézzenta, /. 
a beggar 

Pèzzo, »n. a bit. piece : un 
buon jiézZo, un pèzzo, a 
long while : essere d'un 
pèzzo, io be tincere 

Pezzolata, /. a breaking to 

Pezzuòla,/, a handkerchief 

Pezìuólo. »rt. a piece 

Placentare, iojlatter 

Piacènte, aJj. pleasing 

Piacentemente, adi: willingly 

Pia.eenterÌA,f. flattery 

Piaoentiéro, m. a flatterer 

Piacén-jj,/. charm, grace 

Piacére, to please ; piacesse a 
Dio, would to God ; piacérsi, 
io be pleased 

Piacére, m pleasure, delight, 
favour, kindness : far pia- 
cére, .'o pleate, (also; to tell 

PiaceTolare, and Piacero- 
leggiàre, to banttr, jest. 

Piacévole, adj. pleasa.-it, af 

PiaceTol'tto, adj. mild, agn-e 

PiacevolèHa, /. pleasantness, 

Piacevolmente, adi», agreeably 
Piaciménto, m. pleasure, mill, 

content, delight 
Piaciuto, J). * 

PiJicolo, m. crime, sin 
Pi.iga, /. a wound, trouble : 

rinfrescare le pidghe, io 

renew grief 
Piag.-lre, to rvound, to hurt 
Piagato, part, wounded 
PiaggerClla, and PiaggStta,/. 

. pleased, de- 

a hill, t 


/«acc, ui cua/«ry; andar 

piaggia piaggia, U keep clo4€ 

riasnévole, ari], (see Pian- 
Piapiistéro, nwl l'iagnistéOjm, 

PiaKiiucoUre, lo cry a little 
Pialla, j: rt cariieuler's {liane 

Piallrftai f. a stroke n'ith a 

VìMóne, m. a moulJlng pian. 
Piamente, atlv, pioutly 
Piana,^: a plank, a board 
Pianamente, adv. softly, fru- 

Pianare, to make even, 

Pianella, f. slippers; mules i 

slates; tiles 
Pianellaio, m. a shoe-maker 

Pianeta, /. a priest's cope, a 

rianetto, adv. fair and soft- 

Pianézza,/, a plain 

Piangere, to weep 

Piangévole, adj. deploratile ; 
piangévoli onde, tears (in 

Piangolare', to cry a little 
Piano, ,». a plain, or floor 
Piino, adj. plain, smooth, 
flat, clear, (also) affable. 

.'. softly, gently, 

piano d'una casa, 
of a house: al 


11. piano-forte 
plant : the sole of 
oo[ ; plan, draufrhl, mo- 

igginc, /. plantain (an 
iménto, m. a planting 

(also) offspring, descent 
Pianura, f. a plain, or r 

metal ; a dollar, (also) a dry 

Piastvmia,/. tiles, ora qvoit (to 

play rvitUJ 
Piastrello, m. a jnece of cloth 

to spread plasters 
Piastr(ccio, m. a hodge-podge 

Piatfre, to plead, to sue at law 

to contest, contend 
PJatit<5re, m. a pleader, a quar 

reliome fdlorv 
Piiito, m. plea, suit in law ; 

(also) a dispute, debate, ai 

affair .work 
FiAna.f aflat boat 
Piattafórma,/, a platform 

Piattello, m. a > 
Piatteria,/, a set 
Piatto, m. dish. 


Piàttola, /. a crab-louse: egli 

è un^'^attdla, he is a miserly 

PiattoliSso, adj. lousy 
Piattonare, to strike with a 

Piattonata, /. a blow with a 

Piazza,/, a square, a fortress ; 

la pia-ila ? horì) goes market t 
far il bello in piazza, to be 
idle ; piazza d'arme, a for- 
tified town 
Pica,/, a magpie, a chatterer 
Picca, /, pike, spear, pique, 
dispute. Picche, spades (of 
Piccante, adj. sharp [cards) 
Piccare, to prick, sting; to 
offtnd; piccarsi, to pretend 
tv ; si pfcca d'essere un ga- 
lantuòmo, he pretends to be 

Piccata,/, a hit with a pike 
Piccatigiio, m. hash-meat 
Picchemao, pai t. spotted 
Picchrtto. 7)1. game at piquet 

Picchiare, to knock; to beat; 

picchiarsi, tojigl.t 
Picchiata,/: a blow 
Picchiato, adj. stricken. 

Picchière, m. a soldier armed 

wilh a pike 
Picchiettare, to speckle 
Piccl-.iettatdra, /. spots 
Picchio, m. a bloi", a stinke: 

(also) a woodpecker (a biid) 
Pfccia, f several loaves tvge- 

Piccfno, adj. little, small 
Ficcio\ézzà,and Piccolézza,/. 

Picciolo, adj. little, smalt 
Piccioncino, m. a young 


5, »i. a pip 



0. Vi. ti 

e stem of 


and Piccato, adj. 


za,/, smal 


adj. little ; 

da pfccoloj 




, «j. pick 

xe; il ca- 


li, the go- 

of the pick 

axe (jocute- 

Picconière, m. a 

digger, a 


Pici <5so, adj. easily angry 

Piccòzza, J', a hatchet 

Ticé?i,f. the pitch-tree 

Pidocchieria, f stinginess, 
(also) idle stuff, trijle 

Pidòcchio, m. a louse; (a!so> 
a miser scorticare il {pi- 
dòcchio, lo be stingy 

Pidocchióso, adj. lousy 

Piede, and Pie, m. a fott; 
(also) the stump, the steiH 
of a tree ; support, basis 
ground; levarsi in piédi- 
to get up ; sono restiSto in 
piedi, / sat up ; questo va 
co' sudi piedi, that goes 
in course : officiale in pi- 
edi, an officer iu full pay : 
èssere in jjiéde, to exist ; 


.■de, 01- appiè, adv. e 


PiedestóUo, and Piedestflo, 

a redestai 
Piédica, /. snare, (io catch 

Piedistallo, m. a pedestal 
Pièga,/, plait, or fold; liabit. 

Piegato, part, bent, inclined 
Piegatura, /./uM, plait 
Pieghévole, adj pliant, pliable, 

Pieg'ne'volézza,/. Jlexibilily 
Pieghevolmente, adv. pli- 
Pjeggieria,/. a bail, security 
Piego, m. packet of letters 
Pièna, /. a flood ; plena di 

ptfpolo, a throng 
Pienamente, adu. fully, com- 

Pienézza, and Plenitùdine, /. 

plenitude, fulness 
pièno, m. plenitude ; due ; 
idj. satisfied, full; luna 
pièna, full moon ; in pièno 
consiglio, before the whole 
of the council ; nel pièno 
della notte, in Me middle 
of the night; nel pièno 
dell' inverno, in the depth of 

Pienotto, adj. pretty full, 

plump, fat 
Pietà, /. sorrotv, pa7>g (in 

Pietà, and Pietide, /. pity, 

compassion ; per pietà, for 

God's sake 
Pietanza,/, a small portion 
Piètica, /. a horse (a niooden 

Pietosamente, adv. piteously 

Pietoséf- -—' -' ' 


Piètra, /. stone ; piètra viva, 
flint stone: piètra focàia, 
a flint ; piètra filosofale, 
the philosopher's stone : 
piètra di paragóne, a 
touchstone ; piètra molala, 
a grinding-slone ; trar la 
piètra, e nasconder la mano, 
to do mischief, and to deny 

Pielrdta, / a blow mith a 

Ptetrificire, to petrify 


Piève,/ aparish-cht 
Pifanla,/. Epiphany 
Piffero, m. afife 
Pigamo, m. wild rue 
Piggioraraénto, m. (.fee Peg- 
gioraménto, and its deriva- 

Pigiàre, to trample upon 
Pigiatóre, m. a trampler 
Pigiatura, J'. a trampling 
Pigionale, and Pigionante, m. 

a housekeeper 
Pigióne, / liouse-rent ; stare 

a pigióne, to lice in lodg- 

PigUamènto, m. seizure. 

Pigliare, to take, seize, 
catch ; receive, accept ; 
(also) cheat ; pigliar àni- 
mo, to take coinage; pigliar 
partito, to determine, deli- 
berate ; pigliar a vettura, 
to hire ; pigliar ad irapres- 
tlto, to borrotv ; pigliar di 
mira, to aim at; pigliar 
paróla, to get intelligence ; 
pigliar querèla, to quarrel ; 
pigliar terra, to land ; pi- 
gliarsela con uno, to re- 
sent; pigliarla per uno, to 
take one's part ; pigliar 
pròva, to experience ; pigliar 
pòrto, to come to an harbour, 
pigliar fiato, to breathe, 
pigliar a male, to take amiss ; 
pigliar consiglio, to take 

Pigliato, part, taken 

Pigliatóre,m a taker 

Piglièvole, adj. that may be 

Piglio, m. hold; (also) look, 
countenance ; dar di pi- 
glio, to take hold ; dar di 
piglio alla spada, to dram the 

Pigmèo, m. a pigmy, dwarf 
Pignatta,/, and Pignatte, m. 

Plgnere, to throw, push ; (also) 
to paint ; pignérsi, to ad- 
vance; pi'giiere 1' uscio ad 
uno, to shut the door against 

Pignéta./. a wood of pines 
Pignóne, m. a wharf, a dike 
Pignoraménto, m. a seizure 
Pignorare, to give, or take as 

a pledge 
Pigolare, to pip, (as little birds, 

S,-c. do) 
Pigolóne, m. brawler 

Pigramente, adv. idly, tlovt- 

Plgro, adj. lazy, idle 

pila battesimale, baptismal 
font ; pila dell' acqua santa, 
the basin where the holy 
water is kept in the Romish, 
Pilastrata,/, pilasters 
Pilastro, m. a pilaster, pillar 
Pllatro, m. St. John's grass 
Piliére, m. a pillar, pilaster 
Pilacchera, /. dirt, splash- 

Pillare, to pound 
Pilliciaio, »n. a furrier 
Pfllo, m. a pestle 
Pillola, and Pfllora,/. a pill 
Pillotta,/, a ball, (also) a kind 

Pillottare, to lard 
Pflo, m. a javelin 
Pilóne, m. a pilaster 
Pilòrcio, adj. niggardly 
Pilóso, adj. hairy, full qf 

Piloto, and Pilòta, m. a pilot 
Piluccare, to pluck grapes, to 

Piluccóne, m. a pilferer 
Pimàccio, m. a bolster 
Pimméo, m. a pigmy, a 

PirapinSlla, /. pimpernel {an 

Pina,/ a pine-apple 
Pinicolo, m pinnacle 
Pincérna, m. a cup-beater 

(Latin word) 
Pincóne. m. blockhead, fool 
Pincióne, »i. a chaffinch ; 

meglio è pincióne in mano, 

che tordo in frasca, a bird in 

the hand is worth two in the 

Pindareggiàre, to speak a^ect- 

Pindaréico. and Pindàrico, adj. 

Pindaric, after the style qf 

Pineale, adj. gianduia pine- , 

àie, pineal gland ; 

Pinéto, «1. a pine-grove 
Fingere, to paint ; pingersi, t* 

Pingue, adj. fat, plump 
Pinguedine, //«;,«« 
Pinguedinóso, adj greasy 
Piniéra,/. a gallery 
Pinna,/, theji't ofajish. 


Pinnacolo, m. a pinnacle 
Pino, m. a pine-tree ; (also) a 

thip fin poetry) 
Pindcchio, m. pine-seed 
Pinta, f. a thrust, push, an 

Pfnto, part, painted, (also) 

pushed, inttined 
Pintcire, m. a painter 
Plnt(jrio, adj. picturesque 

Pinzdcchio, m. a mite, or 

Pinzétte./, pi. pincers 
Pinzochera,/ a beguin (a sort 

Pinzochero, m. hypocrite 
Pinzocherdne, m. a great hy- 

Pio, adj. pious, merciful, godly 
Pidggia,/ rain 
Pioggidso, adj. rainy 
Piombarne, /. a lead- 

Piombare, to be perpendiai- 
lar, to fall down plump ; 
piombarsi, to lay heavy 

Piombarla, /. lead and silver 

Piombata,/, a leaden bullet 
Piombato, adj. leaden, heavy 
Piombinàre, to level, (also) to 

empty a privy 
Piombino, »i. a plummet, 
a plumb-line; a bucket to 
empty with ; a crayon, a 
pencil ; adj. of the colour of 

Pidmbo, m. lead, or a level. 
A pidmbo, adu. perpendi- 
cularly ; fa che abbi semt 
pre il pidmbo à piedi, be 
always cautious in your 
undertakings ; andar col 
calzar del pidmbo, to act 

Piombóso, adj. heavy as lead 
Piòppo, »». a poplar- tree 
Pidta, /. the sole of the foot ; 

(also) a green turf 
PidTa,/. rain {in poetry) 

charge of a pai 

Piovlfero, adj. rainy 
Piovigginare, and Pioveggidre, 

to mizzle, or drizzle 
Pioviggindso, and Piovóso, 

adj. rainy, damp 
Piovuto, part, rained,' or 

Pipa,/, a pipe 
Pipistrello, m. a bat 
Pipita, / a flaw, or raising 

skin about the nails ; (also) 

pip, a disease in fowls 
Pippidna, /. a sort of common 

Spanish wine 
Pippionaccio, m. a blockhead 
Pippionata,/ nonsense 
Pjppidne, m. a young pigeon 
Pira, / a funeral pile, (also) a 

Pirajnidàle, and Piramiddto, 

pyramidal, of a pyramid 
Piràmide, f. the fusee of a 

watch, (also) a pyramid 
Pirdto, m. a pirate 
Piroétta,/, a whirligig 
Piromanzia./, divination byfire 
Pirometro, m. a pyrometer 
Piróne, m. a lever 
Pirdpo, m. a carbuncle 
Piscatòrio, adj. of a fisher 
Piscia,/, urìne, water 

laccane, m. choke-tveed, or 

Pisci^cchera, /. ' and Pisci- 
alletto, m. a piss-a-bed 
Pisciare, te ' 

Pisciarono, thin wine 


èlio, V 

, adj. acqua piovana, 


Piscio, m. and Piscia, /. urine ; 

foul water 
Viscióso, adj. full of urine 
Piscdso, aJj. full offish 
Pisèllo, m. pease 
Pispigliare, io muller 
Pispiglio, m. a muttering 
Pispino, m. a nater-work 
Pissi pissi, m. a buzzing 

Pisside,/, apyx, (also) a hol- 
low, a cavUy 
Pistacchio, m. pìstachio-nut, or 

Pistàgna,/ ^ap o/a pocket, or 

collar of a coal 
Pistile'nza, /. (see PestilénSa, 

• and its derivatives) 
Pistola, /. an epistle, a la- 


Pistoléssa, /. an ìU-mriiteH 

Pistolettata,/ a pistol-shot 
Pistóre, m. a baker (Latin 

Pitàffio, m. an epitaph 
Pitale, m. the pan vf a close- 

PitOcco, m. a beggar, (also) a 

Pittima,/, a cordial medicine 
Pitto, pari, painted (in 

Pittóre, m. a painter, a limno- • 

pittdre da sgabèlli, a daub- 

Pittorescamente, adv. painter- 
Pittorésco, adj. picturesque 
Pittura,/ picture 
Pitturacela, /. a daubing 
Pitturare, to paint ^ 

Pitùita, f phlegm 
Fituitdso, atìj. phlegmatic 
Più, adv. more: al più, the 
most; assai più, much 
more : più tosto, rather ; 
per Io più, for the most 
part ; più d'un anno, above 
a year: è più ricco di me, 
he is richer tlian I ; èsser di 
più, to exceed; io son da 
più di lui, I am above 


; più. 

presto, faster ; più che più, 
much more: più fa, long 
while ago ; più volte, several 

Piva, /. pipe, bag-pipe 
Piviale, m. a priest's cope 
Pivière, m. precinct of a 
parish, (also) a plover (a 
Piuma, /. down; a feather- 
bed, hair, a tuft of fea- 

Piumaccio, m a bolster 
Piuraacciudlo, m. little bol- 
ster, (also) a pledget, or 

Piumata, /. down, feathers. 

Piumato, adj. downy 

Piumino, ni, a tuft of fea- 

Piumóso, adj. full of feathers 

f4vo, m. a spark, a beau 

Piudlo, m a peg ; scala a 
piudli, a ladder 

Più presto, and Piuttosto, adu. 
sooner, rath.r 


Pizzicagnolo, »n, cheesei.icngtr, 
pork -shop 

PilSicaquestidni, m. a litigious 

Pizzicare, to pinch, peck, 
itck. smart ; il pepe piSzira, 
pepper bites; egli pizzica, 

PiZzicarrflo, and Pizzicamelo, 

m. (see Pizzicàgnolo) 
Pizzico, Pizzicotto, m. Pizzi- 

cottitó, and Pizzicata, /. a 

Pizzicóre, »n. itching, tick- 

Placabile, adj. placable 

Placabilinénte, adv. peace- 

Placaménto, m. an appeasing, 
an atonement 

Placare, to pacify, calm 

Placato, part. appeased, 
pleased ; mare placato, calm 

PlacazicSne,/. an appeasing 
Placidamente, adv. quietly, 

Placidézza,/, mildness 
Placidità,/ gentleness 
Plàcido, adj. pleasant, gentle. 

Plàcito', m. mill, pleasure 
Pldga,/. a climate, or coast 
Plagiàrio, m. a plai^iary 
Plàgio, m. plagiarism 
Piantarlo, m. far piantano, to 

Plasma, /. a sort of g, 

stone; (also) an earthen 
Plasticare, to make clay-rvork 
Plàtano, m. a plane-tree 
Platèa, /. plan, model, < 

grnund-n-ork, (alsoj the pit 

in theatres 
Platònico, adj. Platonic 
Platonismo, m. Platonism 
Plaudènte, adj applauding 
Plausibile, adj. plausible 
Plausibilmente, adv. plausibly 
Plàuso, m. applause 
Plaustro, m. cart, chariot 
Plebàglia, and Plèbe, /. the 

mob, populace 
Plebeiaménte, adv. vulgarly 
Plebèo, and Plebéio, adj. xml- 

gar, mean 
Plenariamente, adv. fully 
Plenàrio, a</;./Hrt 
Plenlunio, m.full moon 
Plenipotènza, f.full poiver 
Plenipotenziare, n». pltnipo- 

Plenipoteuzjdrio, m, plenipo- 

Plenitudine, /. ftilne 

Plfco. m. a packet of letters 
Plinto, m. plinth (the square 

foot of a pillar) 
Plorare, to tveep (Latin 

Plumbeo, adj leader» 
Plurale, a(f;.p/ura/ 
Pluralità,/. p/.,ra/,7y 
Pluralmente, adv. in the plural 

Pluviale, Plùvio, and Plu- 

vidso, adj. rainy (iMlin 

Poàna,.f. a buzzard 
Pooània. f. smatlness 
Pocciàre, to suck the breast 
Pocciòso, adj. large, fat 
PochStto, m. un pochette, a 

Pochézza, /. scarcity 
Pdco, adj. a,id adv. little, 

few ; poco innanzi, a little 

while ago ; poco stiCnte, a 

little after 
Pocofila,/. a silly woman 
Fo(ìéiera.,f. the gout 
Podagrdso, adj. gouty 
Podàre, to prune trees 
Podére, m. power, authority ; 

a manor, estate, farm 
Poderosamente, adv. power- 

Poderóso, adj. powerful 
Podestà, m. a governor, a 

Podestarto, /' the power, or 
jurisdiction of a governor. 

Pòdice, in. the anus 
Poèma, m. a poetn 
Poesia, /. poetry, {the art) a 

poem, a piece ^poetry 
Poèta, m a poet 
Poetacelo, m. a paltry poet 
Poetante, m. a rhymer 
Poetare, to make versej; to 

rhyme; poetarsi, to be 

crowned a poet 
Poetastro, m. a paltry poet 
Poeteggiare, and Poeteziàre, 

Poetésco, adj. poetical 
Poètica,/, the art of poetry 
Pooticaménte, ath: poetically 
Poeticheria, / a poetical 

Poètico, adj. poetical 

Poggergjlo, and Poggétto, tn. 

a hillock, a little hill 
Poggia,/ starboard 
Poggiare, to steer, sail, point : 

poggiarsi, lo lean upon 
Poggiato, vart. steered, sailed. 

Pòggio, m. hill, eliff, ascent 

Pdi, «df. then, ofter : da oggi 

in pòi, e.rccpt this day : po' 

pòi, in fine, in short, Src. ; 

pòi a pochi giórni, a fern 

Poiché," 'adr. when, since: 

poiché vi piace cosi, «iti» 

you insist on it 
Polare, adj. polar (of the 

Polédro. m. a co» 
Poléggio, m. penny-royal (on 

Polèmico, adj. polemical 
Polèna, f. the beak, or beak end 

of a ship 
Polénda, and Polenta, /. pud 

ding of chestnut-flower 
Poliarchia, /. city-govern 

Poligamia,/, polygamy 
Poligamo, m. potygamisf 
Poliglotta,/ a polyglot, a bibl: 

in several languages 
Poligono, m. knot-grass, (also) 

a polygon {in mathema 

Poligrafo, m. a poligrapher 
Polio, m polium (an herb) 
Polipo, m. polypus (spongy 

Polip<5dio,m. polypody {an herb) 
Polire, {see Pulire and its deri 

vatires) to polish 
FoUticn, f. politics 
Politicamente, adi: polilieally 
Politico, adj. political, (also) 

crafly, shy; m. a politi- 

PoUzza, f a note, bill, receipt . 
polizza di lotto, a lottery- 
ticket : polizza di càrico, a 
bill of lading 
Pólla,/ a spring of water 
Pollàio, m a hen-roost, coop 
Pollaìuólo, m. a poulterer 
Pollame, m. poultry 
Poìlàiita,/. a young turkey 
Pollare, to pullulate 
Pollastra,/ a p«//c< 
Poliastriére, a phnp {jocosely^ 
PolK-Lstro, m. imllef, chicken 

Polleria,/, a fouUerer's shop 
PoIléZzola,/ shont, a sprout 
Pollice, ?n. the thvmb 
ro\\ina,f. hen's diaif,' 

Pt<llo, m. a chicken: pollo 

d'India, a turkey ; portar 

l>olli, io pimp 
PoUcine, m 



art. i 

bud, sprig, 

Polosratia.i'. polngraphy 
Pdlpa, /: the tleshi/ part: prfl- 
pa della gamba, the calf of 

PolpacSiùlo, adj. fat, fleshy 
Polpétta, /. minced-meat 

Pólpo, m. many feet, a fish 

Polpóso, and Polputo, adj. 

PolsCtto, m. a bracelet 

Pólso, m. pnl.te, vigour, power ; 
senza bàtter pólso, imme- 

Pólla./, pap, or a hasty pud- 

PolUgiia,/. mud. mire 
Poltiglióso, ad). ?mtddy, 

Poltracchio, »«. a colt 
Poltrire, to sleep, (also) to 

rd, poltron. 


I id le fell 


Poltronescaraénte, adv. idly 
Poltronésco, adj. idle, lazy 
Poltroniéie, m. an idle fel- 

ìxizzéxe, topulve 


Polveriizàto, part. piUveriz 
Polverizzazióne, /. pulveriza 

Polveróso, adj. dus 
Pomàrio, m. an 

Pomata,/, pomatm 


X ki,ul of «.; 


Pomellato,' a((;. dapple grey 
Pomelo, m. an orchard qf 

Pomefólige, /. tulty (a sub- 
stance in brazen furnaces) 
Pómice,/, a pumice-stone 
Pomiciare, to rub tvith a pu- 

Pomiérs, and Pomiéro, •«. an 
orchard, or any place planted 

Porarfero, adj. fruitful 

Pómo, m. 'an apple, fruit; 
pómo sal vàlico, a crab: 
pómo cotógno, a quince ; 
pomo granàio, a pomegra- 
nate : pomo della spada, the 
potnmel of ' '" 

Pomposità, /. pomp, gra 

Ponderatainénte, adv. malure- 

Po'nderazióne, /. ponderosity 
Ponderóso, adj. tneightu 
Póndi, m. bloody fhix 
Póndo, m a weight, load; 
(also) importance (in poetry) 


ml: po. 
garbino, south-west 
ponènte libéccio. 
est and by south : pa- 

shove ; pontare i piedi al 

levatóio, a draw-bridge : 
tenere in pónte, to keep one 
in suspense 





i ficàie, ridj. pontifical 
m. a book ' of pontificai 

Pontificato, m. popedom 
PontiRzio, adj. pontifical 
Pònto, m. the sea (in poetry) 
Ponto, adj. pricked, ttiiug 
Pontóne, m. a pontoon (a 

bridge of boats) 
Pontura, {see Puntura) 

Ponzare, to strain, or "strug- 
Popolàccio, m. the populace 
Popolano, and Popolare, udj. 

Popolano, m. inhabitant ; pa- 

Popolare, to people 
Popolarescamente, adv. popu 

Popolarésco, adj. populnr 
Vopo\a.xith, f popularity 
Popolarmente, adv. popular- 

Popolàzzo, m. the populace 

Popolésco, adj. popular : lu- 
ògo popolésco, a frequented 

Popolézza, /. ignobilily, mean 

Pòpolo, m. people, nation ; 
the common people: (also) 
a poplar-tree ; far popolo, to 

Popolóso, adj. populous 

Popóne, «I. melon 

Póppa, /. a woman's breast, a 

Poppare, to suck 

Poppatola,/, a doll 

Popputo, adj. that has large 

Pópulo, m. fin poctiy) (.c-.- 

Populóso, adj. populous 
Pòrca, / a i< w , a slut ; a 

ridge of land 
Porcaio, aod Porcaro, m. a 

ware : (also) purslain, (an 
herb) sea snail 

Porce!15tto, m. a pig 

Porce;io, Porcellctto, Porcel- 
lino, and Ffifthetto, m. pig, 
porker, (little pig) 


Poicheria.,/. Jilthinets 
Porcile, m. a hog siy, art in- 

Porclno, adj. came porcina, 

Pòrco, m. a hog; porco spi- 
nóso, a hedge-hog; aclj. 
nasfy, dirty 

Pòrfido, m. porfhyry 

Pòrgere, to offer, afford, 
reach, present ; pòrgere 
aiuto, to assist: pòrger 
orécchi, to hearken; pòr- 
ger le mini, to stretch out 
t/te hands ; porgetfmi quel 
cappèllo, reach me that 
hat : pòrger credènza, to 
give credit; porgersi, to 
present one's self; la cosa, 
non è cosi come la porgo- 
no, Ihe thing is not as it is 
represented to be 

Porgiménto, m. ihe ad qf 

Pòro, m. a pore 

Porosità,/, porosity 

Poróso, adj. full of pores, 

Pórpora, /. purple, (also) pur- 
ple cloth 

Porporato, adj. in purple 

Porporeggiare, to incline to 

Porporino, purple coloured 

Porrata, f. a leek pottage 

Pdrre, for Ponere, to pui, 
place, fix; pòrsi a sedere, 
to set dorvn ; pórre agudti, 
to lay in ambush ; pórre 
bocca, to meddle tvith ; 
pórre in carta, to tvrite 
dorvn; pórre in luce, to 
publish ; por legge, to 
give larv ; por ménte, to 
fix the mind, to suppose; 
por mano, to set one's hand 
upon a thing; pórre caso, 
to suppose ; por da canto, 
to lay by ; por da parte, to 
hoard up ; por giù, to lay 
down ; pórre in uso, in 
opera, &c. to make use of, 

Porta, /. a gate, a door ; m. a 

Portabile, adj. portable 
Portacàppe, m. a portmanteau, 

Portafiaschi, m. a hamper, or 

Portafògli, m. a port-folio 

Portal'ttere, m. a pocket-book, 

(also) a post,nan 
Ponarazmteilo, m. travelling- 

Portante, adj. carrying ; ca- 
vallo portante, an ambling 


Portaménto, m. beltav 
look, presence, a carrying 
or bringing 
orlante, adj. 
vallo portim 

Portare, to carry, or bring ; 
to produce, allege, cite; 
to near clothes, S,-c to con- 
duct, lead; to fnduce, ex- 
cite ; to protect, favour ; 
porter via, to take arvay ; 
portarsi, to behave one's 
self; portare in palma di 
mano, to esteem ; portarsi 
in qualche luògo, to repair 
to a place ; porta la fama, 
it is said. Portar la fede in 
grembo, to be apt to break 

Portata, f. equality, condi- 
tion, reach, shot ; (also) 
the litter of a she-animal ; 

Portabile, and Portalfvo, adj. 

Portatile, adj. portable 

Portato, part, carried; m. a 
brood, litter ; (also) a service, 
a course of dishes 

Portatóre, m. porter 

Portatura, /. a burden, carry- 
ing, or carriage 

Portavénto, m. a windpipe 

Portmia, /. and Portèllo, to. a 
little gate, door 

Portènto, m. a prodigy 

Portentóso, adj. prodigious 

Portévole, adj. portable, tole- 

Pórtico, m. a portico, piazza 
Portièra,/, tapestry, Src hung < 
before a door; portièra di 

a coach [keeper 1 

Portiere, m. a porter, door- 
Portinaro, Portinàio, and Por- 
Pòrto, m. haven, port, har- 
bour, carriage ; (also) given, 

Portolano, m. a door-keeper, 

(also) a pilot 
Portóne, m. a coach -gate 
Portulaca,/, purslain 
Porzióne,/, portion, share 
Pòsa,/, rest, quiet 
Posamènto, m. rest, quiet 
Posare, to put, or set dorvn, get 


Posata, /. rest, quiet, a co- 
ver, (also) plats, knife, fork, 
spoon, and a napkin 
Posaménte, adv. sofily, gerdly 
Posatézza,/, tranquillity 
Posato, part, set dumn, laid, or 

Posatóio, m. a stick in a cage. 

Posatura,/, dregs, settling 
Pòscia, adv. after, then 
Posciacliè, adv. liiue, since 

that ; although 
Posc.ttta, /. and Poscritto, 

m. a postscriptum, or post- 

Posdomani, adv. after to-mor- 

Positivamente, adv. positive- 
ly, 'also) modestly 

Positivo, adj. plain, modest, 
(also) positive (larv term) 

Positura, /. posture, titua- 

Poslzióne, /. position, propo- 


Pospórre, to postpone, to de- 
spise, to neglect 
Posposizióne,/ a postponing 
Pospósto, part, postponed 
Pòssa, and Possanza,/, porver 
Possedére, to possess 
Possediménto, m. possession 
Posseditóre, m. a possessor 
Posseduto, part, possessed 
Possènte, aJJ porverful, strong, 

able, sufficient 
Possentemente, adv. porver- 

Possessióne, /. a possession, 

(also) a farm, an estate 
Possessivo, adj posses-tive 
Possésso, m. possession 
Possessóre, m. possessor 
Possessòrio, to. possession (larv 

Possibile, adj. possible 
Possibilità,/, possibility 
Pósta, / place, post, station, 
a post-house, or an am- 
bush, snare, track, foot- 
step, opportunity ; pósta 
ferma, a settled ajfair ; 
pósta fatta, adv. on pur- 
pose ; Star alia pósta, -"o 
lay in : ddrsi 
la pòsta, to rendezvous , 
far la pòsta, to guard ; 
cavalli di posta, post 
horses : naviglio di pòsta, 
a packet-boai; andar per 


la pósta, to travel hff post, 
A pdsta, adv. on ]>uTpose; 
da sua pdsta, <yf one's own 
accord : request, entreaty 

Posteggiare, to travel pott 

Postèma, and Postemazidne, 
/. an abscess 

Posteinato, and Posteradso, 
part, imposthmnated 

Postergare, to despise, to throni 

Pdsteri, m. pi. posterity 
Posterióre, adj. posterior; s. 

Posticcio, «I. nursery nf trees 
adj borrowed, false; pos 
ticcia,/. the upper part of • 

Posticipare, to differ 
Postiére, m. posl-mnsler 
Tostiglióne, m. postilion 
Postnia,/. posili, explication 

- - ' ''ij the margin of 


re, to make noti 

'AUàto, paìi. explained 

Postillatùra,/. notes, postili 
Pósto, m. post, employment 
Pósto, adJ. put, set 
Pósto che, conj. suppose 

Postrèmo, adj. last 
Postribolo, ni. a brothel 
Postulato, m. a demand (in 

Pòstumo, adj. posthumous 
Postura, /. posture, a , secret 

Postutto, adv. entirely 
Postvedére, to see after 
Potabile, adj. potable, drink- 
Potiggio, m. pottage 
Potaménto, m. and Potagióne, 

/. a pruning, lopping 
Potare, to prune, lop, cut, 

Potato, part, pruned, lopped 
Potatóio, m. a pruning-knife 
Potatóre, m. pruner, vine- 

Potatiira, and Potazidne, /. 
a pruning, lopping, (also) 
twigs of trees I 

Potentato, and Potentario, m. 
potentate, prince 

Potènte, adj. powerful, po- 


Potenzialmente, adv. power- 
fully, potentially 
Potére, to be able ; non posso, 
/ cannot ; poter èssere, to be 
Potére, m. and Potestà, /. 

Potesterla,/. {see Podesterìa) 
Potissimamente, adv. chiefly 
Potìssimo, adj. chief, princi- 

Potùto, part, been able 
Poveraccio, adj. poor, un- 

Poveràglia, /. poor people 
Poveramente, adv. poorly 
Poverèllo, and Poverétto, adj. 

poor, miserable 
Poverino, adj. unfortunate 
Povero, adj. poor, needy, vile ; 

(also) barren 
Povertà,/, poverty 
Pozione,/, a potton 
Po2ióre, adj. anterior (law 

Poziorità,/, anteriority 
P0273,/. a slough, a mire 
Pozzànghera,/, a puddle 
Pozzétta,/, a dimple 
PózZo, m. a well ; pozzo nero. 
a sink ; mostrar la luna nel 
pozzo, to inake one believe 
any thing 
Pozzolana,/, pozzolana (sand) 
Prammàtica,/, the pragmatic 

Pràndere, to dine, or eat 
Pràndio, m. dinner 
Pranzare, to dine 
Pranzo, m. dinner ; adj. satis- 

Praterfa, /. meadows 
Pràtica, / practice, uiagt, 
plot. Di pràtica, odi). /reriy, 

Pravo, adj. nicked, deprav- 

Preaccennare, (see Sopraccen- 

Preambolare, to preface 
Preàmbolo, m. preamble, pre- 
Prebènda, / prebend, provi- 

Prebendato, adj. having a 

Precariamente, adv. preca- 
Precàrio, adj. precarious 
Precauzione,/ precaution 
Prece,/, a prayer, entreaty 
Precedènte, adj. precedent 
Precedentemente, adv. for- 
Precedènza,/ precedency 
Precèdere, to precede 
Precentóre, m. precentor 
Precessióne, f. precession fin 

Precèsso, part, preceded 
Precessóre, m. predecessor 
Precettare, to cite (Ian 

Precettóre, m. preceptor 
PrecettorPllo, ni. a pedant 
Precettorfa,/ direction 
Precidere, to cut, shorten 
Precinto, 7n. precinct, compass 

Precipitaménto, m. overthrow, 
precipitation, —■'•• 

Praticato, part, practised 
! Pràtico, adj. e.rpert, skilfttl 
I Prato, m. meadom, fields 

Pratolfno, and Prataiuólo, » 

Potenziale, adj. potential 

Precipltanza, /. (see Precipi- 

Precipitare, to precipitate, 
fall headlong, to hurry, 

PrecipitatEiménte, adv. hasti- 

Precipitato, part, precipilat- 

Precipitazjóne, /. precipita- 
tion ; haste, rashness, indis- 

Precipitóso, and Precfpite, adj. 

Precipizio, m. a steep place; 
andare, or mandare in pre- 
cipizio, to destroy, to tquan- 

Precipuaménte, adv. chief- 

Precìpuo, adj. principal, or 

Precisamente, and Preciw, 


Preclaramente, tJii. excel- 

lenlly. nobly 
Preclaro, eulj- excellent, noble, 


Preclùdere, to h 
Préco, m, a prayei 
Precogitìre, lo pre 
Precognizióne, i 
giioscénza,/. a foreknorving 



jiratied ; m. predicate (i 

Predicatóre, m. a preacher 
Predicazióne,/, pt caching 
Prediciménto, m. prediction 
Prediletto, part, beloved 
Predilezióne, /. predilectioi 

Predire, and Predlcere, i 

predict, foretell 
Predizióne,/, prediction 
Predominante, adj. over-rn 

djciévole, adj. piejudicial, 
Pregiudicare, to prejudice: 


», to praise ; (also) 
iów.f preco 


PreconoRcénìa, /. a fore 

Preconóscere, to foreknow 
Precórrere, to fore-run 
Preciirsóre, m. a fore-runner _ 
la, /. prey, booty : dare n 

Predominio, ,». su 
Predóne, m. a robi 
Preeléggere, to pre 
Preelezióne,/, pre 
Preeminénza, / 


self to grief 

rapacious of 

Preddce, adj. 

Predàménto, m. pillage 

Predare, to prey, to rob, to 

Predato, part, pillaged, rob- 

Predatóre, »i. a robber 

l'redecessóre, m. predecessor; 
i nostri predecessóri, 

Preesfstere, to e-rist b 
Pretato, part, aforesi 
Prefazióne, /. and 

m. a preface 
Preferènza,/, preference 
Preferévole, and Preferibile, 

idj preferable 

;feriménto,^it. preferment 
Preferire, to prefer 
Preferito, part, preferred 
Prefetto, ni. a magistrate 
Prefiggere, tojix, prefix 
Prefiggiménto, m. deterrmna- 

PreKsso, part, prefixed, limit- 

Pregadi, and Pregati, m. pi. 
the Venetian senate 
regare, to pray, entreat, 
beg ; vi prego tutte le teli- 
cità che desiderate, I nùsh 
you all the happiness you can 



Preijndnte, adj. pregnant 
Pregnézza,/. ,»e-;.u«r.y 
Prégno, adj pregnant : occM 

pregni di lagrnne, eyes full 

pregna di diversi pensieri. 

my mind is full of different 

Prègo, m. a prayer 
Prelato, m. a prelate 
Prelatura,/. prelate-Mp 
I Prelazióne,/, preference, (also) 

Prelibare, lo taste, to touch 
Prelibato, part, tasted, (also) 

excellent, exquisite 
Preliminare, m. preliminary 
re, to precede tvitli a 




Predestinazióne, /. and Pre- 
destino, m. predestination 

VreAéno, part, foretold 

Prèdica, /. a sermon, an au- 

Predicàbile, adj. predicable, 

Predicaménto, m. a preach- 
ing ; (also.i a predicament 



Pregato, part. 

Pregatóre, m , 

Pregévole, and Pregiabile, adj. 

worthy, valuable 
Preghévole. adj. suppliant 
Preghièra,/, a prayer, request. 

will I'lOl 


Pregiabilita,/. value 
Pregiare, to prize, esteetn ; pre- 
giarsi, le boast 
Pregiato, part, esteemed 
Pregiatdre, m. one who values 
Prègio, m. price, worth, rale: 
talk to those who I tener in prègio, to esteem, 
ear ralue 

part. preacAci, 1 Pregiudicante, and Pregiu- 

Prematuro, adj. premature 

Premeditare, io premeditate 

Premeditato, part, premeii 
toted nation 

Preraeilitarióne, /. premedi- 
lènte, adj. pressing 

Prementovato, adj. 

Prèmere, to press, to squeeze, 
to oppress, to trample upon : 
che ciò non ri prema, do 
not trouble yourself about it 

Premessa, /. premises (in 

Preméttere, to put, c 

Premiare, to remunerate 
Premiato, part, recompensed 
Premiatóre, «t. a rewarder 
Premiazióne,/, a rewarding 
Preminènte, adj. pre-emi- 

r lay bs 


Premitóre, m. an oppresi 
Premitura./, a squeeziiii 
Premlzia,/. {see Primlzi 
Premura,/, importance, 


Pre>.iuri5so, orf/- important're, to foretell 
Principe, uud Prènce, m. 

rrt'ndere, to take, accept : 
(al^o) /,) /«v hold of: 
yreiKlersi il' amóre, to full 

Prendibile, adj. that may be 

Prendi mento, m. a taking 
Pienditcire, m. a taker 

Prenominato, part, before- 

Prenotdre, to note before 
Prenotato, part, before noted 
Prenozidne, /. foreknow- 

Preoccupare, to preoccupy 
Preoccupato, part- preoccu- 
Preoccupazidne, f. preoccupa- 

Preparare, to prepare 
Preparativo, and Preparatòrio, 

adj. preparative 
Preparazióne, /. prepara 

Preponderare, to preponde- 

zióne,/. prerojfati 
Preriitto, adj. tteep (a Latin 

Présa, /. a taking, or price ; 

di tabacco, a pinch of 
mum far présa, hold fust ; 
présa di gente, a band, 

Presilgio, nt. presage 
Presagire, to presage, foretell 
Presdgo, ).i. a diviner 
Presame, m. rennet (to tun 

Presbiterrfle, adj. presbytt 

Presbitèrio, m. a parsonage 

Presciènte, <i J,-. j;..e»«i,i^ 
Presciènza,/, prescience 
Prescindere, to separate 
Prescito, part. reprobated. 

PresciiUto'^m h nn 

aJJ pres< 

Prescriiióne, f. prescription, a 

Presedère, to preside 
Presentagiène, /. presenta- 
Presentàneo, adj. present, 

Presentare, lo present; presen- 

Presentato, part, presented 
Presentatóre, m. he mho pre- 

Presentazióne, /. presenta- 

Presentiménto, m. guess, fort 
Presentire, to f\jresee, foretell 


Presfccio, adj. that has heen 

Presidènte, and Presfde, i.i. a 

Presidènza, /'. presidency 
Presidiare, to put a garrisr.n in 

Presidio, m. a garrism 
Presislimaiióne, /. prrfere„tr 
Presmóne, «:. must (out oj 

Prèso, part taken, caught 

ontuóso, adj. proud, pre- 

Presuntuóso, aiìj. ptesuuip. 

Pressa,/, crotvd, throng, (also- 

Pressante, adj. pressing, ur 

Presapóeo, adv. thereabout 
"""'"'•■" to press, urge. 

Pressatura,/ entreaty 
Pressióne, f. pressure, a prrss- 

PrSsso, adj near, nigh ; «</if. 

comparison: almost: près- 
so che, almost: prèsso a 
poco, thereabout ; questo è 
nulla prèsso al mio, this is 
nothing in comparison of 

Pressura, /. oppression, vcxa- 

Prèsta, ana PrestànSa, /. a 

Presènza, and Presenzia, /. 
Presenziale, adj. present 

Presèpe, and Presèpio, m. 

Preservaménto, m. Isee Preser- 
Preservare, to preserve 
PreservatfTO, adj. preserva- 


Prestante, adj. excellent, rar 
Prestare, to' lend, yield, 
borrow ; prestar fede, 
give credit ; prestar ort 
chio, to hearken ; pres! 
>, to help: 1 


•o pay Iwma^ 

Prestato, part lent, grunted 
Prestatóre, m. an usurer 
PrestatUra, /. a lending, bor- 

Prestazióne,/, {see Prestézza) 
Prestère, m. the ihunde, loll 
Prestézza, and Prestazióne,/. 

quickness, speed 
Prestigiare, to deceive, be- 

;to, part, deceived 

j,m.\ind Prestlgia, /. 



i j>'SS''nS 


Prestila," /. and Prèstito, m a 

borrowing or lending 
Presto, ad), and adv. quick, 

nimble ; (also) diligent ; fate 

presto, make haste 
Presuasidne, f. previotu per- 

Presumenza, /. presumption 
Presùmere, io presume, pre- 
tend ; (a!so) lo conjecture 
Presumitdre, m. a presumer 
Presuntivo, adj. presump- 

Presuntudso, adj. presump- 

Presunzióne, /. conjecture, or 

Presuppórre, to presuppose 
Presupposizióne, /. and Pre- 

supp(5sto, m. a supposing 
Presuppósto, adj. taken for 

Presura, /. seizure, a taking ; 

'' "Jtiggler 

Prète, m. a j 
Pretelle,/, p,. muma 
Pretendénza,/ pretension 
Pretèndere, to pretend, design. 

Pretensóre, m. a pretender 
Pretensióne, m. a pretension 
Preterire, to pass over 
Pretèrito, part, past, gone by ; 

Pretermesso, paH. omitted 
Preterméttere, to omit 
Pretermissióne,/. omission 
Pretematurale, adj. superna- 
■ turai 
Pretéso, part, chall'nged 
Pretèsta,/, and Pretèsto, »n. 

Pretóre, m. prartor 
Pretoria,/, pralorship 
Pretoriano, and Pretòrio, adj. 

Pretòrio, m. a prtrior's 

Pretosèmolo, m. parsley 
Prettamente, adv. plainly 
Prètto, adj. pure, unmixed 
Pretura,/ prietorstiip 
Prevalére, to prevail: preva- 
lérsi, to take advantage 
Prevaricare, to transgress 
Prevaricatóre, m. a transgres- 
sor, deceiver 
Prevaricazióne, /. and Pre- 
varicaménto, »t. transgres- 

Prevedére, io foresee 


Prevedimènto, m. foreknow- 
Preveuimènto, tn. preposses- 

Preven2ióne,/. prevention 
Prevenire, to prevent 
Vrev\àénza,f: foresight 
Prèvio, adj previous 
Previsióne, f foresight 
Prevfso, and Previsto, adj. 

Prevòsto, m. provost 
Preziosamente,, adv. precious- 

Preziosità, /. preciousness 
Prezióso, adj precious 
Prezzabile, adj. valuable 
Prezzare, to value, esteem 
Prezzato, part, valued, prized 
Prezzatore, m. a prizer 
Prezzémolo, m. parsley 
Prèzzo, m. prize, value , (also) 

reward; servire a prèzzo, <o 

serve for money 
Prezzolare, io cheapen 
Prezzolato, part, cheapened, 

Pria, adv. (in poetry) first, 

Priègo, m. a prayer, desire 

Prigionia,/, imprisonment 
Prigionière, and Prigionièro, 

m. a prisoner, a gaoler 
Prima, adv. first, before, ra- 

as ; prima che, before, before 

that ; vorrei prima morire, 

/ tvould rather die 
Primamente, adv. firstly ; first 

of all 
Primariamente, adv. first of 

Primàrio, adj. primary, 

Primate, m. a primate, pre- 

Primaticciaraénte, adverb, 

Primaticcio, adj first, early 
Primato, «I. a primate, pre- 

Primavéra, /. spring; (also) 

first coming in offlowers 
Primazia,/ primacy 
Primazidle, adj primatical 
Primeggiare, to exceed others 
Primicèrio, m. a dean (in 
*.ome churches) 

Primièra, /. primero (a game 

Primieramente, adv. first of 

Primièro, adj., first 
Primigènio, adj. primitive 
Primitivamente, adv. original' 


Primitivo, adj. primitive 
Primizia., f.jirst fruits 
Primo, adj. first 
Primogènito, m. eldest son 
Primogenitóre, ?n. a first fa- 

Primogenitura, /. primogeni- 
ture, a birtk-right 
Primordiale, adj. primitive 

(law term) 
Principale, adj. principal 
Principalmente, adv. chiefly 
Principare, to domineer 
Principato, tn. principality, 

pre-eminence, government 
Principe, and Prince, m. a 

Principéssa,/, a princess 
Principiamènto, m. a begin- 

Principiente, adj. beginning: 
un principiante, a beginner, 

Princip_iare, to begin 
Principiato, part, begun 
Principiatóre, in. a beginner 
Principio, m. principal, origin, 

Priorato, m. priorship 
Prióre, m. prior, president 
Priorfa, and Priorità, / prio- 
rity ; a priory 
Priscamente, adv. formerly, 

Prisco, adj. former, old, an- 

Pristino, adj. past, ancient 
Privagióne," / and Priva- 

mènto, m. (see Privazi- 

Priva're, to deprive; privarsi. 
Privatamente, adv. private- 


Privativamente, adv. exclu- 

Privatlvo, m. a depriving 
Privato, m. a privy; common 
sewer; .also) a p'ritice's fa- 


Privatrfre, m. a depriver 
Privazióne,/; privation, a dt- 

Privfgno, m. son-in-law 
Privilegiare, io privile/re 
Privilegiato, part, privileged 
Privik'gio, m. privilege 
Privo, part, deprived 
Frizzalo, paH. spotted 
Prò, m. utility, bcnejit ; buor. 
prò Ti faccia, much good 
may it do you ; a che prò ? 
to what purpose ; in prò, in 
behalf : prò e contra, /or and 
against; senza prò, need- 
lessly ; dare il buon prò, to 
congratulate ■ adj. brave, 
Proàvolo, and Proavo, m. 

Probabile, adj. probable 
Prolialiilita, f. probability 
Probabilmente, adv. pro- 

Proba2idne, /. probation 

Probità, /. honesty 
Problèma,/, problem 
Problemàtico, adj. problemati- 

Procacciànte, and Procaccé- 
vole, adj. diligent 

Procacciare, to procure, make 
shift, endeavour after ; pro- 
cacciarsi disgràzia, to get 
into misfortune 

Procacciato, part, procured, 

Procacciatdre, m. a diligent 

Procàccio, m. apostman ; (also) 

Proccurare, fsee Procurare, 

and its derivatives) 
Procedènte, adj. proceeding 
Procèdere, to proceed, to 

Procediménto, »i. a proceeding, 

a going forrvards 
Proceduto, part, proceeded 
Procèlla, f. a slorm, tern- 

Procellóso, adj. stormy 
Processare, to go to lam 
Processióne,/, procession 
Processi vo, adj. proceeding 
Procèsso, m. progress ; far pro- 
cèsso, to sue at law 
Processura,/. a proceeding 

Proclama, / a proclama- 

Froclaraàre, to proclaim 
Proclive, adj. inclined, bent ; 

m. inclination 
Proco, m. a suitor, lover 
Proconsolato, m. proconsul- 

Procrastinàre, to put off 
Procrastinato, part, procrasti- 
Procrastinazióne, /. a de- 


Prodilcere, to produce 
Producénte, adj. producing 
Producfbile, adj. productive 
Pro(!ucimènto, m. production 
Producitóre, m. a producer 
Produómo, m. a brave man 
Produrre, to produce, yield t 

(also) to allege 
ProdutU'bile, adj. producible 
Produttivo, adj. productive 
Produttóre, ?«. one that pro- 


Procreante, adj. procreating 
Procreare, to procreate 
Procreatóre, m. a creator. 

Procreazióne, /. and Procrea- 
ménto, m. procreation 

Procura, /. procuration; (also) 
a letter of attorney 

Procurare, to mind, to take 
care, to endeavour ; strive ; 
to solicit ; procurerò di ser- 
virla, I'll endeavour to serve 

Procurato, part, endeavoured 

Procuratore, m. an attorney 

Procurazióne, /. a power to 
act for another ; care, 

FiocuxeTta,f. profession of an 

Txóda.f. shore, bank, proni qf 

Prode, adj. valiant, brave ; m. 

benefit, profit 
Prodemente, adv. valiantly 
Prodézza, /. prowess, valour, 

Prodigalità, /. prodigality, 

Prodigalizzare, to be prodi- 

Prodigamènte, and Prodigal- 
ménte, adv. prodigally 

Prodigio, m. prodigy 

Prodigiosamente, adv. pro<ii 

Prodigiosità, /. prodigious- 

Prodigióso, adj. prodigious 
Prodigo, adj. lavish, profuse 
Proditóre, m. a traitor 
Proditòrio, adj. traitorous 
Prodizióne,/, trea^ian, felony 
Prodótto, m. product, fruit 
adj. produced 



Proemiale, adj. preliminary 
Proemiare, to make 



Proèmio, m. preface 
Profanamente, adv. profanely 
Profanare, to profane 
Profanato, part, profaned 
Profanatóre, m- a profaner 
Profanazióne,/, a profaning 
Profanità./, profaneness 
Profano, adj. pufane 
Profènda,/, provender 
Profendàre, to give horses pro- 

Professare, to profess 
Professióne, m. a profession 
Proféssa,/, a professed 7iun 
Profésso, m. a prqfessed 

Professóre, m. a professor 
Profetare, Profetizzare, ani 
Profetteggiàre, to prophesy 
-'■■ dj.proy--"-' 


(also) on ojer'ing 
Profferire, and Profferére, t 

■■ offer 

Proffèrta, /. offer, proposal, 

Proficuo, adj. profitable 
Profìguiàto, part, compared 
Profilare, to draw a profile 
Profilo, m profile, outline 
Profittabile, adj. profitable 
Profittare, to profit, improve, 

to be profitable 
Profittévole, adj profitable 
Profittevolméme, adv. pro- 
Profitto, m. profit, gain 
Proflùvio, »i. store, plenty. 

Profondamente, a 
Profondaraénto, n 
Profondare, to sink, to div* 

V. deeply 

Profondataménte, adv. ieep- 


rròfondiito, pati, sunk 
l'rofondazidne, f. 

PrbftSndere, fo diisipate 
Profondità,/, deepness 
Profóndo, m. dr-plk adv. 

deeply : adj. deep ; profónda 

none, a <lark n!f,rht 
Profondità./. dee,mess 
Pròfugo, adj.fiiiplive 
Profuiniire, to perfume 
Profumitto. part, perfumed 
Profuinatnizo, m. a spark, 

Iieaii, empti) fitol 
Profumièra, /. a perfuming- 

Profumière, m. perfumer 
Profumo, m. perfume 
Profumdso, part, perfumed 
Profusamente, adv. profusely 
Profusióne, m. profusion 
Profuso, adj. profuse, la- 

Progenie, and Progenia, /. 

offspring', issue, race 
Proi^nitóre, m. ancestor 
Progettare, to scheme 
Progètto, m project, desi^ 
Programma, tit. n proposal 
Progrédere, to advance 
Progressione,/, progression 
Progressivo, adj. progress- 

Progrèsso, tu. progress, a 
proceeding ; (also) proji- 

Proihlre, to pmhibit, forbid 
Proibitivo, adj. prohibitory 
Proibito, part, forbidden 
Proiliitdre, m he that for bids 
Proibizidne./ prohibition 
Proiètto, tjt. and Proiettiira, 
/. c. projectun (in arthitec- 

ProWto, part, uttered 
Prolatdre, tn. an editor 
Krolaiidne,/. pronunciation 
Pròle./, offspring, family 
Prolifico, adj. prolific 
Prolissamente, adv. tediously, 

round about' 
Prolissità, prolixity 
Prolisso, adj. prolix, tedious 
Prologàre, and Prologi/zàre, to 

make a preamble 
Prologare, and Prologizzire, to 

speak at length ; to tell a long 

Prolongazidne, /. and Pro- 

longamènto, m. a prolonga- 

Prolungàre, to prolong 


Prolungato, part, prolonged 
Proméssa, f. a promise, bail, 

Promessidne, /. a promise, 

Promésso, part, promised 
Promettènte, adj. promising 
Prométtere, to promise ; pro- 
méttere per altrui, to bail 
one : prométtere bene, to be 




Promontdrio, tn. a mountain, 
hill ; high ground running 
out into the sea 

Promosso, part promoted 

Promotdre, m. a promoter 

Promovénte, adj. promot- 

Promozióne, / and Promon- 
me'nto, tn. promotion 

Promulgare, to promulgate, 

Promulgato, part, promid- 

Promulgazióne, /. promu/^fl- 

tion, publieUy 
Promudrere, to promole, to 


Pròno, adj. inclined, prone 
Pronóme', tn pronoun 
Pronominato, part, celebrai- 

Pronosticaménto, »n. and Pvo- 
nosticanfa, /. prognostica- 
tion (foretelling) 

Pronosticare, to prognosticate, 

Pronosticatóre, m a prog- 
noxticator, one that fore- 

Prontamente, adv. readily, 

i Prontire, to importune ; pron- 

i ProntézSa, and Prontitiidine, 
/. quickness, speed, haste, im- 

to, adj. ready, bold 
, into air ira, passionate 
Pronùncia, / /ter Pronùnzia, 

Pronunzialóre, tn. teho pro- 
Pronunzi;izione, /. pronuncia- 

Propagginare, lo propagale the 

vine, (also) to increase 
Propagginazióne, /. an in- 

Propagginamènto, tn. a plant- 

Prop.-Jggine, /. a layer qf a 

PropaWre, /<' declare 
Propalato, iktrt. published 
Própe, adv. hard by, near 

ménte, adv. properly 
Prwpieta, and Proprietà, /. 

property, propriety, interest, 

Propiet;irio, and Proprietàrio, 

Propinare, to drink one's health. 

Propinquamente, adv. near, by 

Propinquità, f. nearness, 

Propinquo, adj. nigh, near ; 
propinqui, relations 

Pròprio, and Própio, adj. 
proper; mia propia figliuola, 
my own daughter ; amor 
pròprio, self-love: possedere 
in pròprio, to be the right 
owner: m. property; adi: 

Propiziatóre, tn. a mediator 

Propiziatòrio, adj. propitia- 

Propiziazióne, /. propitia- 

Propizio, adj. propitious. 



Proponiménto, m. inteni, 

ProiiovzJondle, OiiJ. piopur 

Proiioriionalità, /. profor 

tiun _ 
Proiìorzionalménte, adv. j>rc 

Proporziondre, to proportion 

Pro))or2Ìonataniénts, adv 

Proporzionato, part, propor 

Propòsito, m. purpose^ dit- 

caiise, motive, sign ; fuor di 

l.ropusito, improperly ; a 

proiidsito, seasonably 
Propositura, f. « provoslahip ; 

Proposizióne, f proposition, 

ProptJSta, f. proposal, pur- 

Propósto, m. resolution, rec- 
tor, provost, sheriJJ- 

Proprtsto, part, proposed 

Propriaménte, adv. ' proper- 

« '■' 

Proprietà, /. property, pro- 

Propugnare, to di-Jciut, sup- 
Projiugnatore, m. a dffend- 

Pronto, m. an itchmg 
Vrovóg:^, f.pron.i^nlion 

ProrogaUva,/. arrf^-once 
Prorogato, part, prorogued 
Prorogazióne, f. proroga- 

Prorómpere, to break forth ; 
to speak ; proruppe in 
queste parole, he jittered 
these trords. Prorompere in 
qualche follia, io be guilty of 
so,„e folly 

PrósC/. prose 


Prosàico, and Frosàatico, adj. 

prosare alcuno, to jok 

m. a neighbour, re- 
Prostendersi, to prostrate 

Prosciogliménto, m. absolu 

Prosciòlto, part, absolved; di 

prosciòlti, tvork-dayi 
Prosciugare, to dry up 
Prosciutto, »n. gammon of 

Proscritto, adj. proscribed, 

Proscrivere, in proscribe, io 

bauish, to outlaw 
Proscrizióne, /. proscription, 

Proseguente, adj. following 

demean, vilify 
Prostitdta./. a prostihite 
ProstituJióne, /. prostitu- 

Prostrare, and Prostrarsi, to 

Prostrato, adj. prostrate 

Prostrazióne,/, an ovcrthron-, 
dejection, n'eaknes, 

Prosuntuóso, preiumptmnis 

Proteggere, to protect 

Protèndere, to slretch ; pro- 
tèndersi, to stretch one's 

Proselfto, m. proselyte 
Prosodia,/, prosody 
Prosoh-la,/ ,,ro.clyte 
Prosontuositk. / pr 

Prosopopèa, and Prosopopefa, 
/. ostentation ; (also) pr 
sopopcria, (a figure in rl 

Prosperamente, adv. prt 
perovsly, fortunately 

Prosperare, to prosper. 

Protervamente, adv.frotvard- 


Protèrvia, and Protervith, /. 

arrogance, perverseness 
Protèrvo, adj. frorvard, rcay- 

Protèso, paìt. stretched, ex- 
Protèsta, atid Protestazióne, /. 

Protestare, to protest 
Protestazióne, /'. a protesta- 

Prosperevolrr.énte, i 

Prosperità, and Prosperaìióne. 
/. prosperity 

Prosperóso, adj. strong, stout 

I'rospettiva,/; perspective 

Prospettivista, tn, a perspec- 
tive painter 

Prospettivo, adj perspective 

Prospètto, m. prospect 

Prossimaménte, adv. next. 

Protétto, part, protected 
Protettorale, adj. of a pro- 
Protettorato, ni. a protector 

Protettóre, vi. a protector 

Pròto, adj.' chief, first 
Protocòllo, »i. piolocol {a 

Protodidàscalo, m. first mas- 

Protofldraine, m. f.rst fiamen. 

Protonotariato, m. dignity of 

ProtopUiste, m. first crea- 


Prototipo, m. jìTOtotype, first 
model, original 

Protrarre, and Protràere, to 
protract, to draw lines, 
.figures, Src. 

Protratto, part, protracted 

Protrazióne, /. protraction, 
drarving of lines, Src. 

Protribunàli, adv. giudicar 
protribundli, to sit upon a 

Prdva, / proof, trial, expe- 
riment, ess.i^; (also) bra- 
very., testimony, mitness ; 
dare a pròva, to sell on 
trial; torre a pròva, to take 

Provàbile, adj. that may be 

ProTagióne, Provazìóne, /. 
and Provaménto, m. a 
proof, essay, mark, testi- 

Provino, adj. obstinate 

Provare, to try ; prove, taste, 
grow, thrive ; provarsi con 
qualchediino, to come to a 
trial of skill 

Provato, part, tried, attempted, 

Provazii5ne,' /. a trial, 

Provecciàrsi, to take the ad- 
vantage of 

Provéccio, m, advantage, 

Provedénza, /. providence 

Provedére, io provide 
Provediménto, m. precau- 

Provenire, to thrive, grorv, to 

proceed, derive 
Provènto, m. revenue, rent 
Proverbiale, adj. proverbial 
Proverbialmente, adv. pro- 
Proverbiare, to scold. Jeer, 
scnj^i servirsi di provèrbi, to 
use proverbs 
Proverbiato, part, jeered, 

Provèrbio, m. a proverb ; 

(also) abuse, offence 
Proverbiosamente, adv. an- 

Pwverbidso, adj. injurieu* 
JProvgtto, adj. aged, full 

età provétta,^ old Prudentemente, adv. pi-u 
Prudènza, /. prudence, r»!»- 

Provianda,/. victuals 
Providaménte, adv. rvisely, 

prudently, carefully 
Providénza, and Providenzia, 

Prdvido, adj. providetU, heed- 

Provfnca, f. periwinkle (an 

Provincia,. f. province 
Provinciaiàto, vi. provincial- 

Provinciàle, adj. and m. pro- 
vincial, of a province 
Provocaménto, »i. and Pro- 

vocazidne, /. provocation 
Provocante, and Provocativo, 

adj. provocative 
Provocare, to exasperate 
Provocato, part, provoked 
Provocazióne, f. provoca- 

Provvedénza,/. providence, or 

Provvedére, to provide, to 

observe, mind, to order. 

Provvediménto, m. provi- 
sion, providence, caution, 

Provvedutamente, adv. cau- 

Proweduto, part, provided, 
(also) prudent 

Provvidamente, adv. care- 

Provvidente, adj. cautious. 

Provvidènza,/, providence 
Pròvvido, adj. provident. 

Provvigióne,/, provision 
Provvisàre, to ituike verses 

Provvisatdre, m. an extempore 

Provvisionile, adj. provi- 

Provvisioniire, to pension 

Provvisionato, part, pension- 

Provvisióne, /. provision, 

Provvtso, m. an extempore 
Prov visóre, m. an extetnpore 

Provvisto, part, provided 
Prua,/, a prnrv }sea term) 
Prudènte, adj. prudent, nite , 

Prudenziale, adj. pri 

Prùdere, to itch 
, Prudóre, m. itching 
Pnigna, /. prune, plum 
Prugno, m. a plum-tree 
Prugnola, /. o sloe, or 


PriSgr.olo, m. a bullace-tree 
Pruina,/, hoarfrost 
Pruinóso, adj. frosty 
Pruna,/. a prune, a plum 
Prunàia,/. Prunàio, and Pru- 

narne, m. place full <J 

thorny bushes'. 
Prunéto, ni. a thorny place 
Pruno, m. bramble, briar 
Prunóso, adj. f Jill of briars 
Prudva,/. proof, trial 
Pnirigine, /. an itching, 

Pruriginóso, adj. that causes 

Prurtre, to itch 

Prurito, m. an itching ; (also, 
temptation, desire 


art, hea 

Psllic, and Pslllo, m. Jiea- 
Pubblicaménte, adv. public 

Pubblicaménto, n 

Pubblicazióne,/, publicalion 
Pubblicità,/, publicity 
Pùbblico, m the public ; adj. 

Pubertà,/, puberty 
Pubescènte, adj. that has ob- 

Pudenda, /. pi. the privy 

Pudicamente, adv. chastely 
Pudicizia, /. chastity, pudi- 

Pudico, adj. chaste, modest 
Pudóre, m. modesty 
Puerile adj. puerile, child- 

Puerilità,/. puerility 
Puerilmente, adv. childi.thiy 
Puerizia,/, puerility, infuHC}) 


Puèrpera, /. a tvotnati tn 


Puerpèrio, m. child-bed, or 

Pugilato, m. fisty-fight, cuff- 
ing, boxing 

Pugi'llo, m. handful 

Puglia, /. jigM, fray, con- 

Pugnace, adj. warlike 

Pugnacemente, adv. in a 

PugnaMta, /. a blom tvith a 

Pugnale, m. foniard, dagger 
Pugnare, to Jight, contrast, 

Pugndto, part, fought 
Pugnazio'ne,/. a combat 
PugnCllo, m. a handful 
Pugnénte. and Pungènte, adj. 

poignant, sharp, slinging 
Pugnere, and Pùngere, io 

sting, prick, nettle 
Pugiieréccio, adj. pricking, 

Pugnetto, m. a handful, (also) 

a spur 
Pugniraénto, m. stinging, 

(also) coiitrition, repent- 

Pu^ìtópo, m. a kind nf nettle 
Ptj'iio, m. a Jist, a handful ; 
aver in pugno, to have in 
one's power ; a blow ; a cuff; 
fare alle pugna, to box ; dare 
im pugno ill cielo, to Jight 

Pila.f. husk, hull 
Piilce,/. aj?ea 
Pulcella,/. tnaid, virgin 
PuIcelUggio, m. virginity 
Pulcelidna,/. an old maid 
Pulcesécca, /. a pinch, a 

Pulcino, m. a chicken ; è più 
impacciato eh' un pulcin 
nella stoppa, he is so puz- 
zled that he knows not what 

Pulèdro, m. a colt 
Puléggia,/, a pulley 
Puléggio, m. penny-royal (an 

Pulica, and PuUga, /. a notch 

Eulfce,/. a flea 

Puliménto, m. a cleansing, 

Pulire, to scour, cleanse, polish. 


Pulitamente, adv. cleanly, 

Pulitézza, /. politeness, ele- 
gance, cleanliness 

Pulito, ari), clean, neat, polish- 
ed : adii, cleanly 

Pulitóre, m. a polisher 

Pulitura,/ a polish 

Pulizia, f. cleanliness, neat. 

Pullulaménto, m. and Pul- 
lulazidne, /. a springing, 
Pullulare, and Pullotóre, to 
bud forth, to spring forth, to 
Pùlpito, m. pxdpit 
Pulsare, tn beat, to knock 
Pulsazióne, / pulsation, beat- 
ing of the pulse 
Pulzèlla, /. a virgin, a 

Pulzdne, m. a punch, or 

Pungéllo, m. a goad 
Pungènte, adj. pricking, 

Pungentemente, adv. sharp- 

Pùngere, to prick, sting. 

Pungiglióne, Pungiglidto, aiid 
Pùngolo, Jii. a spear, a 

Pungiménto, m. a prick- 

Pungitfvo, adj. poignant, 

Pungildio, tn. a goad, or 

Pungolare, io goad, stimu- 

Punibile, adj. punishable 

Puniménto, m. and Punizi- 
óne,/ punishment 

Punire, to punish 

PuniUvo, adj. punitive 

PunIto,,pai'<. punished 

Punitóre, m. punisher 

Punizióne,/, punishment 

Pùnta,/, point, the end of any 
thing ; (also) a pleurisy. 
Punta di soldati, a troop of 
soldiers. Pigliar la punta. 

, de- 

to gro 
PuntdgUa, /. a , 

Puntale, TO. point, tag, aglet ; 

puntale di fibbia, the tongue 

of a buckle 
Pimtalnaénte, adv. punctually, 

(also) jointly J 

Puntare, to point, to stop, it, 
push; to thrust, to criticise. 

Puntata,/ thrtui 
Puntatamente, adv. punctu- 

Puntd^Sa,/ an iron point 
Puntazza, m. a promontory, 

(a cape) 
Punteggiaménto, ni. punctua- 

Punteggi^re, to point, or stop 

Punteggiato, part, pointed 
Punteggiatura, /. a sticking. 

Puntellare, to prop, sup- 

PuntelWto, part, propped, 

Puntello, m. a prop 
Punténte, adj. pointed. 

Punteruòlo, m. a bodkin, (also) 

Puntiglio,' m. a punctilio, a 

Puntiglióso, adj. cavilling, 

Puntino, «1. a small point. 
A puntino, adv. exactly 

Punto, m. a point, an in- 
stant, a point, difficulty , 
an article, a passage, state, 
condition, a wrangling, a 
stitch ; èssere in buon pun- 
to, to be in a good state of 
body; voi non avete punto 
di cosciènSa, you have no 
conscience at all. Essere 
in punto, to be ready ; 
part, stung, pricked. Pun- 
to per puuto, adv. exacl- 

Puntóne, m. a prop, a point ; 

adv. with a point 
Puntuale, adj. punduai. 


Puntura, /. puncture, an- 
guish, distress, sorrow, 

Puntuto part, pointed 

Punzecchiare, and PuiiZelUre, 
to spur, goad, sting 

Punzecchiatura, /. spoli, o? 

PunSelIaménto, m. a prick- 
ing, (also) solicitativn 


Funzione,/, n pricking 
Punzdne, »i. .i hor on the car ; 
(also) a coin to itamp money 

Pupflla,/. the eye-hatl 
PupilWre, adj. uf a yupil 
Pupillo, m. pupil 
Puramente, adv. sincerely 
Purché, conj. provided, only, 

Pure, adv. yet, allhon 
moreover, however, betid 
dite pure qu6l che voli 

rviU : 

pure ? tvhat then f pure die, 
if, if so 

Puréllo, and Furétto, adj. 
neat, iinadullerated 

Purézza,/, purity 

Purga,/, a purge 

Purgazióne, /. and Purga- 
ménto, m. a purging 

Purgante, adj. purging 

Purgare, to purge, cleanse, 
scour, purify, jnoderate 

Purgatamente, adv. correct- 

Purgatóre, m. cleanser 
Purgatòrio, m. purgatory 

adj. purgative 
Purgatura, /^ttA 
PurpziJne,/. purgation 

Purilìcàto,' 'i'Jr""Ji^rified 
Puriricatcirio, m. 

Purità, and Puritdde, / 

Purpùreo, adj. purple 
Purulènto, adj. rotten 
Pusillanimaméntc, adv. wit 

Pusillanimità, /. puùllam 


md Pusillaniir 

adj. pusillanin 
Pusillità, / smallneis, mea 

Putalfvo, adj. putative, i 

Putente, adj. slinking 




Putrèdine,/, putrefacti 
Putredinóso, adj. 

Putrefare, io piUrefj/ 
Putrefattévole, adj. corrupli 

Putrefi<tto, part, putrefied 
Putretaiióne,/. putrefnclion 
Putridume, m. rotten things 
Putrldfre, to grow rotten 

do. adj. putrid 
Putridume, in. corruption 

Putta, and Puttana, f. strum 

pet, harlot 
Puttaneggiare, to rvench, i 

play the strumpet 
Puttanèggio, m. whoring 
Puttanèlla,/, a strumpet 
''uttanésco, adj. whon'sh 
'ullanésimo, m. Puttanfa, 

and Puttanerfa,/. yveiu 

Puttanière, m. a whoremaster, 

Putt'Uo, and Puttlno, 

PùZZa,/. a stink, stench, (also) 

pus, corruption 
PuZzire, «0 stink 
Puzzo, ni. « stench 
PùZEola, / a tort of at 



P'uzzolènza,/. dirt, filth 
Puzzóso, cdj. stinking 
PurZura, / stench, infcctio 

QVA, adv. here; qua e là 
here and there: di qua 
this side : di qua e di là, o> 
both sides: non l'ho visti 
da quel tempo in qua, / 
have not seen him sinci that 

Quacchero, and Quàcquero, 


Quademdie, and Quaderni^ 

Quddra, / a quadrant ; dar la 

quadra, to Uiugh at 
Quadrageuiirio, adj. forty 

Quadramènto, i 

a squaring 
Quadràngolo, r, 

. quadrature, 
a quadran- 

auadrànte, m. a quadrant 
uadrare, to square, tn ap- 

non mi quadra, / do not ap- 
prove your opinion 
Quadratino, m. a quadrate, 

(in printing) 
Quadr.-ito, m, it quadrangle 
Quadrato, adj. four-square, 
square; (comprèsso) strong, 
well-set, lusty, rvelt-pro- 

Quadratura, /. quadrature, a 

Quadrèllo, m. an arrow : le 
quadrèlla d'amore, Cupid's 
darts; (also) a square brick, 
or stone ; a packing-needle 

Quadrétto, m. a square 

Quadriènnio, m. the space c^f 

four years 
Quadrifórme, adj. square 
Quadriga. //.mr/ior*« 
Quadriglia, /. a band of sot. 

Quadriglie, m. the game <jf 

Quadrimèstre, m. the space qf 

four parts 

divide into 

Quadro, adj. square ; r><. a 
square, a picture, a frame, 
a border ; quadri, garden- 
Quadrùccio, m. a brick 
Quadrùpede, m. a qiujdru- 
ped : a four-footed ani- 

Quadruplicare, to quadrupli- 

Quàdruplo, adj. quadruple, 

Quaéntro, adv. Ure tvUhia 


di quadnti 



e affair 

a bird) 

Quagliare, and Quagliarsi, to 

curdle, thicken 
Quagliatùra, /. coagulation, a 

Quagliato, part, thickened. 


y: in 

Quagliare, m, 
gu^Iio, «.. r, 
Qualche, «rf;. é 

qualche parte, sometvnere 
Qualchcdùno, and Qualcuno, 

adj. somebody 
Qualcòsa,/, something 
Quale, pron. rvhich, what ; 

è quale voi lo volete, it is 

mkiit you will ; tale quale, 

Qualificato, part, qualified ; 
jiersdna qualificata, a per- 
son qf quality 

Qualificazióne, /. qualijica- 

Qualità, /. quality, condi- 
tion; avere la qualità, <o i« 

Qualitktivo, adj. qualifying 

Qualménte, adv. as, horv,soat 

QuaMra, adv. 



, and Qualsi' 


far, at much ; quanti, «e 
volete ? Aim' many will yon 
have f quanto potete ve- 
dére, as fur as you can see ; 
quanto a me, as fur me ; 
quanto ciò, as fur that ; 
quanto prima, very soon : 
tutto quanto, ali; quésto è 
il quanto, this ■ ■• 

quanti siamo del mese ? what 
day nfthe month it this f 
luantochè, adv. althouf;h 
Quantùnque, cunj. though, 
although ; adv. whosoev 


^sse dire, as if it 
vild say ; qudsi quasi. 


nd Ouf 

intiinque volte. 

QuaranU'na, /. forty, quaran- 
tine : far la quarantina, to 
perform quarantine ; (also) 
to keep Lent 
Quarantotto, adj. forty-eight 
Quarantotti, ni. pi. the forty- 

Quarésima,/. Lent 
■ Quaresimale, m. 

preached in Lent ; adj. of 
Quarta, /. a quart, or quart- 
pot ; (also) a quarter fin 
Quartina,/, a auartan ague 
. Quartito, adj. 'well-set, lusty, 
i Quartato, adj. noble on the 
: I father and mother's side 
I Quarterdne, m. the quarter of 

Qnjarìduàno,"''adj. of four 
Quaternàrio, m. (see Quader- 

Quattaménte, adv. secretly, by 

Quiitto, and Quattóne, adj. 

squatting, quiet, still : an- 

diir qu-attdne, to creep along. 

Quatto quatto, adv. very 

Quattordicèsimo, ndj. the 

Quattórdici, m.- fourteen 
, Quattrino, and Quattrinaio, 
m. a farthing ; quattrini, 

s Quattro, ndj. four 

Quattrocento, adj. four hun- 

Quattrorafla, adj. four thou- 

Quattrotémpora,/ J)/, the four 
rnbernt ' 

^■^ Q. 

ìuéUi, ; 

Quel, 'and Quello, pron. he ; 

Quelchesisfa, pron. whoei'er 
Quél tanto, m. that which, 

that quantity 
Quercéte, m. a wood, a 

QuPrcia, and Querce,/.an oak 

Quercino, adj. légno quercino. 

Quando, adv. when, when- 
ever, since, if; quando in 
uno ludgo, quando in un 

place, sometimes in another ; 
di quando in quando, now 

Quando che, adv. when, i/; 

Quandùnque, adv. whenever 
QuiJnquam, adv. fare il quan- 
quam, to give one's self great 

Quartière, m. quaiter; i 
tiéri d' inverno, n 
quarters; dar quartiéi 

rtiermàstro, m 

à,/. quantity 

, adj. how much, how 

, as many; adv. as 

Quartina,/, (see Quadernàrio) 
Quarto, m the fourth part ; 

ndj fourth 
Quartodécimo, adj. the four- 
. teenth 
Quartogènito, adj. the fourth 


adv. a 

if, like; quS- 

Querelante, and Querelatóre, 
m. a plaintiff; adj. com- 

Querelare, and Qucrelirsi, to 

• Quurelàto, part, accused, in- 

Quereldso, Querulo, Queru- 
1ÓSO, and Querelatòrio, adj. 
mournful, groaning, com- 
Querénte, adj. inquiring^ 
Querimònia,/, lamentation 
Quesito, m. question, dc 

Questésso, pron, this ver^ 

Quésti, pron. this, he hiinself 


Questionaménto, »i. a quti- 

Questionante, adj. question- 
Questionare, to question 

dispute ; venfre a questióne, 
to fall out 
Questioneggiaménto, m. a 

Huestioneggiàre, to tpestion 
uestionévole, adj. doubt- 

Quésto, j>ron. this : in qudsto, 
thereupon ; quésto e quel- 
lo, this and that : io son 
venuto à quésto, / come on 
purpose for that 


guetaménte, adv. quietly 
uetanza, /. and Quéto, r 
Quetàre, to quiet, pacify. 

'. of a 

tarsi, to be quiet, easy 

guetàto, pali, quieted 
uéto, adj. quiet, itili, peace- 
able : quéto quéto, 
Qui, adv. here, hither ; 
qui, I am here ; di qui 
qui, from hence; fra, < 
qui a tre giórni, three days 
hence ; qui dentro, here 

Quiddità, and Quidità, /. 
quiddity, essence 
luidéntro, adv. here tvithin 
tuiditatlvo, a^. essential 

Quietamente, adv. quietly 

•uietànza,/. a receipt 
I Quietare, to pacify 
■^uietiito, part, quieted 

luiéte, and Quietazidne, /. 

•uietéZza, /. repose, peace 
(uiéto, adj. quitt, calm 
[uincentro, adv 


; dà 


.quinci innanzi, heretofore ; 
quinci a poco, a little after ; 
per di quinci, this may ; 
quinci e quXndi, here and 
Quincidltre, adv. here about 
Quindécimo, adj. fifteenth 
Quindi, adv. from thence, 
or that Tvay ; after, then, 
therefore ; da quindi in- 
nanzi, hereafter ; pei 


quindi, from the tame 
Quindicèsimo, adj. the Jif 

eulndici, adj.fjieen 
ulnd' dltrè, and Quindltte, 
adv. thereabout 
Quinquagenario, adj. ffly 

years old 
Quinquagèsima, /. Quinqua- 
gesima Sunday 
Quinquagèsimo, adj. the fif- 
Quinquènnio, m.Jive years 
Quinta,/, a quint (in music) 
Quintadècima, /./tt/Z moon 
Quintale, m. quintal (hundred 

Quintana,/, a quintin (a post. 



e of pape 

Quinto, adj. the fifth ; m. the 

fifth part 
Quintodécirao, adj. fifteenth 
Quintuplo, adj. quintupli 

Quisqulglia, and Quisquflia, 

f.nith, s, 
Qui ■ 


, dispute 

Quistioneggiaménto, m. a 

Quistioneggiàre, to dispute 
Quistionévole, adj. question- 
able, doubtful 
Quitànza, /. acquittance, 

Quitdre, to quit, free, acquit, 

Suitdto, part, yielded, quitted 
ulvi, adv. there, then, af- 
terwards ; qulni vicino, 
thereabout ; quivi entro, 
therein ; quivi medésimo, 
in this very place ; di quivi, 
from hence ; non molto di 
quivi lontano, 7iot far from 

Suòcere, (see Cuòcere) 
uóio, ni leather, skin 
Quòta,/, quota (quote-part) 
Quotare, to set in order 
Quotidianamente, adv. daily 
uotidiàno, adj. daily 
uóto, m. order, or ordering 

bero, m. rhubarb 
Rabbaraftàre, io ruffie, to diS' 

compose, to fight 
Rabbaruffato, part, tuffled^ 



Rabbassare, to lower, abase 
Rabbassato, part, lorvered 
Rabbàttere, to blunt ; rab 

bàttersi, to meet again 
Rabbattuto, part, blunted 
Rabbatuffblàre, to turn upside 

Rabbellito, part, embellished 
Rabberciare, lo patch, mend 
Rabberciato, part, patched, 

Ràbbia, /. madness, passion, 

rage, fury, lust 
Rabbino, m. a Jewish rabbi 
Rabbiosamente, adv. madly 
Rabbióso, adj. mad, furious 
Rabboccare, to take with one's 

teeth again ; rabboccar fiàs 

chi, to Jilt up bottles 
Rabbonacciare, to calm, 

quiet ; rabbonacciarsi, to 

grow calm 
Rabbondàre. to abound 
Rabbonire, to appease (make 



Rabbrenciàre, to mend 
Rabbreviàre, to shorten agrein 
Rabbruscaménto, ni. dark- 

Rabbruscàrsi, to grow dark 
Rabbruscato, adj grown dark 
Rabbruzzàrsi, and Rabbruz- 
zolàrsi, to grow cloudy, 
Rabbuffaménto, m. disturb 

ance, trouble, uproar 
Rabbuffare, to disorder ; rab- 
buffarsi, to grow d'atk, ot 
stormy ; to pitil one another 


Rabbuffato, adj. rvffled 
Rabbuffo, m. reprimand, re- 

bi,ke, reproof 
Rabbuiare, to begin to grow 

Rabescare, to adorn rvith 

A rabic work 
Rabésco, m. Arabic work 
Ràbido, adj. enraged, furious 
Raccapezzare, to Jind out, to 

Raccapitolàre, to repeat, turn 

Raccapricciaraénto, m. fright, 

Raccapricciare, to frighten 
Raccapricciato, part, fright- 

Raccaprlccio, m. horror. 

Raccenciare, to piece, to patch 

Raccèndere, to kindle, light 
raccèndersi, to grow angry , 
raccèndersi nel viso, to blush 

Raccendiniénto, m. lighting, 

Raccennare, to show again 

Raccerchiare, to hoop again. 

Raccèso, adj. kindled again 
Raecettare, to give a retreat 
Raccettatore, m. an host, a 

Raccétto, m. a lodging, re- 
Racchetare, to appease, com- 
fort, calm ; racchetarsi, te 
make one's self easy 
Racchetato, adj. appeased 
Racchétta,/, a racket 
Racchiappare, to catch again 
Racchiùdere, to shut, to en- 

Racciabattare, to mend old 

Raccoccdre, to strike again 
Raccogliénza, /. reception 
Raccdgliere, to gather, colled, 
assemble ; to lodge, entertain, 
to contain, to observe, note ; 
raccogliere l'alito, tu take 
breath ; raccogliere gli spiriti, 
, to recover one's strength 
Raccogliménto, m. a recol- 
lection ; a heap, galnertng, 
a reception 


Raccoglitóre, m. a gatherer, 

glittSre del parto, a man- 

Raccoglitrice,/. a midwife 
Raccòlta, /. a crop, harvest ; 

a stop, receipt, reception, 

Raccòlto, part, collected 
Haccoltòre, m. a gatherer 
Raccomandagiòne, /. and 

Raccomandamènto, m. re- 

Raccoraandare, to recommend, 
to suspend, to fasten 

Raccomandato, part, recom- 

Raccomandatóre, m, a pro- 

Raccomandazidne, /. tecom- 

Raccomandlgia, /. a letter of 

Racconciaménto, m. amend- 
ing, reconciliation ; aspet- 
tare il racconciaménto del 
tempo, to wait for the fine 

Racconciare, to mend, piece. 

Racconciato, part, mended 
Racconciatòre, m. a mender 
Raccóncio, m. a mending, a 
reparation ; adj. mended, 

Racconferm^re, (see Ricon- 
fermare, and its deriva- 

Racconfortdre, to comfort, to 
fortify ; racconfortirsi, to 
take courage 

Racconsegnare, io restore. 

Racconsolare, to comfort 
Racconsolato, part, comforted 
Racconsolatòre, in. c com- 

Raccontamènto, m. an ac- 
Raccontare, to- relate, speak-, 

raccontarsi, to be reconciled 
Raccontato, part, related 
Raccontatore, m. a relater 
Raccónto, vi. a relation, ac- 



Raccoppiàre, to couple 
Raccoppiato, part reunited 
Raccorciaménto, m. making 

Raccorciare, to shorten 
Raccorciato, part, shortened 
Raccordaménto, ni. remeni- 

Raccosciàrsi, to bow, to stoop 
Raccostare, to approach again 
Raccozzaménto, m. onset, en- 
Raccozzare, to strike, dash, 

bring together 
Raccozzato, part, struck. 

Raccresciménto, m. augmen 

Raccresciuto, part, increased 
Raccusdre, to accuse again 
Racèmo, m. a bunch ^' grape» 
Racemóso, adj. full <f grapes 
Rachitico, adj. rickety 
Rachftide,/.'Me rickets 
Racimolare, to gather, to pick 

up grapes 
Racimolo, m. remainder; (also) 

bunch of grapes, to lie squat 
Racquetàrc, and Racquietire, 

to appease 
Racquetàto, part, appeased 
Racquistagiòne, /. and Rac- 

ing, or recovery 
Racquistare, to recover 
Racquistdto, part, recovered 
Ranqulsto, m. and Raquista- 

zióne,/. recovery 
Ràda,/, a roadstead 
Radamente, adv. seldom 
Raddensare, to thicken, con- 
Raddimandàre, (see Raddo- 

mandare), to ask again 
Raddirizzamènto, m. a setting 

up again 
Raddirizzare, to make simighi 
Raddirizzato, part, rectified 
Raddolcare, to grow mild, to 

soften, appease 
Raddolciàre, to mitigate 
Raddolciraénto, m. a soflen- 



Radilolcfre, to sneeten, ap- 

RaddolcUo, pari, tweetened 
Raddomandare, lo redemand, 

ask again 
Raddopplaraenlo, m. a re- 

Raddoppiare, lo redouble, in- 

Raddoppiataménte, adv. 

Raddormentito, pari. asUep 

Raddossare, lo put upon 

Raddc5tto, m. an assemh 



Raffermato, pari, confirmed 
Raffermaziòne,/. conjirmali 
Raffibbiare, to hackle 
Raffica, /. a sudden tjuall of 

zàre), lo m. 

Ridere, io 
fly, or raze to the f^r 
smootfii to polish;^ 

Raffiguràbile, adj. easy 
Raffiguraménto, m. 
Raffigurare, io cali 

Raffigurato, pari, called io 

Raffilare, lo pare, shred, cut 
Raffilato, part, pared, shred 
Raffilatura, /. parings, sitav- 



ràdere dal 

cuore," <<.>i.''7?rf _. 
Radézza,/, rarity, thinness 
Radiale, and Radiante, adj. 

Radiare, io shine 
Ràdica,/ a root, cause 
Radicale, adj. radical 
Radicalmente, adv. radically. 

Radicare, io take root, io grot» 

Radicato, adj. radicated. 

Radicazióne,/, a takin 
Radicchio, m. succory. 

Radice, f. radish root; (also) 

Radificdre, to rarefy 

Radimadia,»!, a dough-scraper 

Radióso, adj. radiant, bright 

Raditura,/. scraping 

Rado, aJJ. scarce, thin, rare ; 
adv. seldom : case rade, 
houses distant from each 

Radunaménto, «t. Radu- 
niinza, and Radunata, /. 
gathering together, assem- 

Railvmare, to assemble, ga- 

Ràfano, m horse-radish 
Raffardellàre, to pack up 
Raftai/onàre, <« trim, deck, 

Raffinare, to refine, purify 
Raffinato, part, refined 
Raffinatóre, m. a refiner 
Raffinatura, / (see Raffin 

mento) refining 
Raffinlre, to be refined [(Ir< 
Ràffio, m. a drag, a hook. 
Raffittire, to become thicki 

darker : la nebbia raffittisc 

the fog thickens 
Raffxmdare, to sfnk, to dig c 

Ragazzetto, and Ragazzino, 

»t. a Irllle boy 
Ragazzo, Jrt. u boy, a lad, a 

Raggavignàrsi, to creep, crawl 
Raggelarsi, to congeal 
RaggentiKre, to emhelltsh 
Ragghiare, to bray (as an a.<is) 
Ragghio, m. braying of an att 
Raggiante, adj. shining 
Raggiare, to irradiate 
Raggiata, /. a ray (a tea 

Ràggio, m. a ray : ràggi del 

sóle^ rays of the sun 
Raggiornare, to grow light 

Raggidso, adj. radiant, shin- 

Raggiraménto, m. excuse, 

shift, an evasion, a by-way 
Raggirare, io run alMut: rag- 

1 perso 

Rafforzare, i 
port, prop 

Raffreddaménto, and Raf- 
freddóre, nt. cold, coolness 

Raffreddare, to cool, to grow 
cold: raffreddarsi, to catch 

by the nese] raggirare con 
belle paróle, to give fair 

Raggirato, part, led about, 

Raggiratóre, m. a eheat, a 

Raggiro, m. an evasion, sub. 

terfuge, (also) a spring, an 


Raffredd-ito, part, cooled 
molto raffreddato, . 
:aughi cold 

Raffirenaménto, m. a refrain 
ing, a curbing 

Raffrenare, to refrain, curl 
keep under ; raffrenarsi, to 
control one's passions 

Raffrenato, part, rifrained 

Raffrescaméntb, m. a cooling. 

ify, to sup- 1 Raggiugnere, to reunite, r> 

Raggiugniménto, m. reunion 
Raggiùnto, part, rejoined 
Raggiustare, io mend 
Raggrandire, to aggrandize 
Raggranellare, to glean, i 

Raffrontare, to eneounte , 

attack, to confront, to meet 

again [fi''') 

Ràgana, /. a sea-dragon (a 

Ragazza,/, a lass, girl, neneh 

Ragazzàglia, /. a parcel qf 

boys, 01 bad soldier» 

„,.,„ ._- raggricchi. 

àto, <; contracted nerve 
Raggrinzaménto, m. a fwrin- 

>'l'"g . ,, 

Raggrinzare, to rvnnkle : 

raggrinzarsi, to depend 
Raggruppare, io pack up, to 

Raggruppato, part, tied, as- 
sembled, reunited 
Raggruppo, m. a minding about 
Raggnizzàrsi, to shrink 
Raggruzzolare, to hoard up 
Raggruzédlàto, part, hoarded, 
thruuk, shrivelled 


, adj. equal. 

Raggnagliat<5re, m. a relater 
KagguAglio, m. notice, advice, 

cccouiit. equality 
RagguardainéntOjtn rejìeciion, 

face, l,„.k 
Ragguardiive, to examine, 

n-eigli, cnntider, to belong to, 

to concern 
RagguardSto, part, considered, 

Ragguardatóre, m. a tpecta- 

Racgii^rdo, ?i 

ard, respect, 

Ragguazzare, to niir, nnile 
Rdgia,/. rosin; (also) a fraud, 

a trick 
Ragionale, ndj reasonable 
Ragionaménto, »/i. reasoning. 

Ragno, and Ragndlo, m. a 

spider, a crpb, a lobster 
Ragunainénto, m. and Ragu- 

nànza, f. an assembly, 

Ragunrfre, to get, or Join 
together ; chi mal raguna 
tosto disperge, ill got, ill 

Ragunàta, /. an assembly, a 
band, a heap, a pile 

Kagiinazidne./. a company 

pi. (in poetry) rays. 


rame di Corfnto, «/«Hon» 

Ramerfno, m. rosemary fa 


Rametto, m. a little bough 
Ramiére, sm. a n-orkman in 
copper, brass, or other such 

Ramificare, to product 

Ramificazióne, /. ramijica- 

Ramfngo, adj. rotting; andar 

Rammantàre, to cover n'ilh a 

Rammarco, m. complaint 
Rammargin^re, to Join again 

to heal up ; ram'marginarsi 

to cicatrize itself 

Ragionare, to rea 


Ragionare, m. a disccurie 
Ragionatamente, adv. reason- 
ably j 
Ragionativo, adj reasonable i 
Ragionato, part. reasoned, ' 

Ragióne, /. reason, jurisdic 
Hon ; far ragióne ad al- 
trui, to do Justice ; tener 
ragióne, to Judge ; saldar 
le ragióni, to settle ac- 
counts ; méttere a ragióne, 

una ragióne, to make a i 
company : a ragióne, at I 
the rale; ragióne di stito, 
stale politics; ragióne ci- 
di, or per ragióne, adv. 

Ragionévole, adj. reasonable, 

Jnst. right 
R'aEJonevolézza, /. reason, 

Ragionevolmente, adv. mode- 
rately, competently, reason- 

Ragioniére, m. a calculator, an 

Radióso, adj. producing ro- R; 

Rdgna, /. a cobweb, a api- 
di-r, a fotliitg piece, a 
tnare, fraud; "«lar nella 

I lib, 

Rallarg^to, pnr-t tvidened 

Ralleggiàre, to relieve 

Rallegraménto, »i. and Ral- 
Iegr<-!nza,/.;,ii/, rejoicing 

Rallegrare, to divert, cheer ; 
rallegrarsi, to rejoice ; ral- 
legrarsi con )ino, to congra- 

Rallegratfvo. adj rjoicing 
Rallegrato, adj. Joyful 
Hallegratura,/ joy, pleasure 
Kalleniire, to ubate 
Rallentaménto, m. relenting 
Rallentare, to loosen, slacken, 
i relent, abate, retard; ral- 
I lentàr 1' ànimo, to unbend 

Rallentato, part, slackened, 

RalleviCre, to bring up 
Rallievàre, to relieve 
Rallignare, to take mot again 
Ralluminàre, to reenlighlen ; 
\ ralluminarsi, to recover one's 

Rallungare, to lengthen, 

Ramaiuòlo, and Ramaiólo, m. 

I ladle 

imarro, m. a lizard 

Ramato, adj. full of boughs ; 

Rame, m. copper, brass ; fi- 
gura in riime, a print ; 

immaricàisi, ( 
Rammaricato, adj. vexea, 

Rammaricature, m a grutn 

Rammaricazióne, f. groan. 

Rammarichévole, adj. mourw 

fui, groaning, dolejul 
Ranimiirico, m. complaint, 

lum.rrtution, grief 
Ramniaricóso, ad), groaning 
Rammassare, to collect, get 
Rammassato, part, gathered. 

memorare, to rememb 

Rammemorarsi, to cc 

Rammemorato, part, ri 

Rammemorazióne, f. tc 
morati' n, remembrance 

Rammendare, to reform 

Rammontaménto, »?. 
Rammentànza, /. r< 

RammentiJre, to comr, 
>e ; rammentarsi, / 

Rammentatóre, m. a re 


in the middle ; rammezz^re 
la via ad uno, to meet one 
half way 
RammoUàre, an<{ RammoIUre, 
to mollify, soflea : rammol- 
lirsi, to grow effeminate 
Rammollirsi, to ^otv s<ift 
Rammollito, j>art. softened 
Rammontóre, to heap up 
Rammorbidire, and Ram- 
morbidire, to tuflen, tem- 
Rammucchiire, to pile 
Rammucchiito, part, piled 
Ramo, m. a branch, a bough 
Ramolàccio, m. a radish 
Ramoruto, and Ramóso, adj. 

fall ofbouglu, branchy 
Rampa,/, a parv, a clutch 
Rampante, adj. creeping 
Rampante, adj. rampant 
Rampare, to parv, (like a lion) 
Rampare, ni. a rampart 
Rampàta,/.a 6/ofV rvith the pan 
Rampicàre, to creep, to crarvl 
Rampicóne, and Rampo, m. a 

hook, a drag 
Rampógna, /. and R4mpo, m. 
reprimand, rebuke ; venir 
a rampógne, to use high 

Rampollaménto, and Ram- 
póllo, m. a sprig ,- a slip, 
source, head, spring, or i 
fountain ; (also) a branch of 
a family 

Rampollare, to stream, to flore. 

Rampóne, m. a hook, a cramp- 

V.3ia\isco.\óìo,adj.fullof boughs 
Rancare, to rvalk crooked 
Ranchettare, to go lame 
Rancidézza, and Rancidità,/. 

stateness, rankness 
Rancidire, to grorv rank 
Ràncido, adj. mouldy, rank. 

' Rancuràrsi, to be grieved 
Kandàfcio, m. a vagabond 
Randellare, to tie, to bind, to 

Randellata, /. a blorv mith a 
I Randello, m. a cudgel, a pack- 

Randióne, »». a gerfalcon 
Rango, m. rank, condition 
Rangolóso, adj. diligent, 

Rannata,/, soap-sud 
Rannicchiare, to contract, to 

shrink ; rannicchiarsi, to 

cringe, to stoop down 
Rannicchiato. ^art, contracted. 

Ranno, m. a lye, a mash ; fug- 
gire il ranno caldo, to avoid 

Rannodaménto, m. act of tying 

up again 
Rannodare, to tie again, to go 

Rannodato, part, tied up 

Rannuvolaménto, m. darkness 
Rannuvolare, to grmv cloudy 
Rannuvolalo, adj. cloudy, 

Ranòcchia,/, and Ranòcchio, 

m. a frog 
Ràntolo, and Rinto, m. rheum, 

Rantolóso, adj. hoarse 
Ranùncolo, and RanÀnculo, 

m. ranunculus 
Rapa,/, a turnip 
Rapace, adj. ravenous, greedy 
Rapacità,/, rapacity 
Rape, m. rapes snuff 
Raperélla,/. a ferule 
Raperónzo, and Raperónzo- 

lo, wi. rampioni, (salad 
' root) 

Rapidamente, adv. rapidly 
Rapidità,/, rapidity 
Ràpido, adj. rapid, furious, 

rapacious, greedy 
Rapiménto, m. a rape 
Rapina,/, rapine; (also) rage. 



Rancidume, m. a rankness 
Rancière, m. a mess-tnan 
Ràncio, ad), rank, rusty, 

Ràncio, »i ■" 

Ranco, adj. Ì 

Rapinosamente, adv. rat 

nously, violetUly, rapidly 
Rapinóso, adj. ravenous, vi 


Rapitóre, m. ravisher, robber 
Rapóntico, »«. rhubarb 
Rappacificare, and Rappaci» 

Rappacificato, part, pacifiec 
Rapparecchiàre, to order a- 

gain, arrange 
Rappareggiàre, to make equal ' 
Rapparire, to appear again 
Rappattumare, to pacify, ap 

pease, reconcile 
Rappellàre, to recall 
Rappezzaménto, m. a piecing, 

Rappezzare, to piece, patch 
Rappezzato, pari, patched, 

Rappezzatóre, m. a patcher, 

Rappiastràre, to platter again, 

Rappiccàre, to hang again, to 
join again: rappiccàre il 
sonno, to fall asleep again ; 
rappiccàre la battàglia, to 
renew the coinbat 
Rappiccatura,/. reunion 
Rappiccinire, and Rapplc- 

Rappiccinlto, part, lessened 
Rappigliaraénto, nu thicken- 


__ _, - _ coagulate, 
-- -, curdle, thicken; to 

make reprisals, to detain, 

Rappoggiàre, to lean, set on, 

Rapportagióne, /. and Rap- 
portamento, m. relation. 

Rapportare, to report, recount, 
produce, to transport, trans- 
fer ; rapportarsi, to refer 

Rapportato, part, reported 

Rapportatóre, m. informer, 
accuser, tale-teller 

Rapportazióne, /. a report, 

Rappòrto, m report, informa- 
tion of a cause, account, rela- 
tion ; part, related 

Rapprèndere, to take back 

Rapprendiménto, m. renen- 

Rappresàglia,/. reprisal* 

Rappresagliàre, to use M» '■ 
i prisals 

Rappresentaménto, m. repre- 
i senlation [sentativg 

Rappresentante, adj. repre- 
I Rappresentare, to represent • 


rappreseli tóre su i teatri, 
to act , rappresentarsi, to 

Rappresentatfvo, adj. repre- 

Rappresentato, part, repre- 

Rappresentaiidne, and Kap- 
presentànza, /. representa- 
tion ; the acting of a play, an 

Rappréso, part, curdled, foun- 
Rappress^re, to draw near 

Rapprofondire, (see Ripro- 

fondare) to sink 
Rapprossirtiaménto, m. recon- 

Rapprossimàrsi, to dram near 

Rappurdre, to purify, purge 
Rapsodia, /. rhapsody 
Raramente, adv. seldom, 

Rarefare, to rarefy, to make 

Rarefatto, part, rarefied 
Rarefazióne,/, rarefaclion 
Raréiza, /. thinness; (also) 

Rarità, /. rarity; (also) 

Raro, adj. rare, thin,' not com- 
pact. Di raro, adv. seldom ; 
carainare à passi rari, to walk 

Ràschia,/, the itch 
Raschiare, to scrape, to 

Raschiato, part. scraped. 

Raschiatura,/, scraping 
Rasciugare, to dry up 
Rasciugato, and Rasciutto, 

Rasentare, to graze, or 

Rasente, adj. near, grazing 

Rasièra, /. a grater, scraptr 

Raso, m. satin 

R4so, part, sliaved ; close, even ; 
blotted out; misura rasa, 
ail even measure ; campagna 
rdsa, an open field 

Rasóio, m. a razor 

Rdspa,/. a rasp, a scraper 

Raspante, adj. sharp, tart 

Raspare, to rasp, scrape, 

Rasjjato, part, rasped, sci'a- 
Basperélla,/. wild broom, 

Raspóllo, m. a little bum 

, grapes 

Rassaggiàre, to taste again 

Rassalfre, to assault again 

Rassegare, to coagulale 

Rasségna, /. 
rasségna, to muster 

Rassegnaménto, m. (see Ras- 
segnazióne) patience 

Rasseg'ndre, to resign, re- 
-'-'■ — --,egn<ir-= '~ — - 

w; far la 

.'0 1 

isegnàr soldà 

s self; 


Rassegnato, par^ resigned 
Rassegnature, m. a muster- 

Rassegnazióne, /. resignation, 

Rassembrinza, /. and Ras- 

sembraménto, >n. a resem- 

Rassembrjire, to resemble; tc 

assemble together 
(lasserenaménto, m. a clearing 

Rasserenare, to rejoice, to 

Cj 'T up 

R;sserenàto, adj. serene, re- 
Rassettaménto, m. and Ras- 
Rassettare, to settle, regulate; 
Rassettato, part, regulated. 


Rassodare, to strengthi 
fasten, harden, fortify 

Rassodta,/ rhapsody 

Piassomigliiinte, adj, alike, 

Rassomiglianza, /. and Ras- 
somiglianiénto, m. resem- 
blance, comparison, simili- 

Rassomigli^re, to resemble 
Rassomigliatlvo, adj. alike 
Rassottigliare, to sharpen ; 
(also) to diminish, decay, 

Rastello, m. a barrier 
Rastiaménto, m. a scraping 
Rastiapaviménti, tn. a mean 

Rastiarchfvi, m. an anti- 
RastiSre, to scrape, grate 
Rastiatura, /. (see Raschia- 
tura,) scraping 

Rastiatóio, ni. a rake for an 

Rastióne, m. a founder's 

Rastrellare, to rake, or 

Rastrellièra, /. a rack for 

Rastrèllo, m. a rake, a stile, 

the ward of a lock 
Rastro, m. (see Rastrèllo) 
Rasura, /. a shaving, a blotting 

oJT; a priest's tonsure 
Rata,/, rate, share 
Ratificare, to ratify, con- 
Ratitìcàto, pa>i. ratified 
Ratificazióne,/, and Ratifica- 

ménto, m. ratification 
Rato, part, ratified (lam 

Rattaccdre, to tie up again 
Rattacconaménto, m. a patcK- 

ing, a mending 
Rattacconare, to patch. 

Rattacconato, par^. patched up, 

Rattamente, adv. speedily 

Rattemperare, to moderate, 
mitigate ; to appease 

Rattenére, to keep, detain back 
ratteriérsi, to pause 

Ratteniménto, m. and Rat- 
tenuta, /. detainment, or 

Raitenitlva, /. the memory 
Rattenitivo, m. rails, (or keyi, 

bridges, S;c.) , 

Rattenvito, part, detained ; 

(also) reserved; adj. cau- 

Rattestàre, to reunite,join 
Rattézza,/, quickness 
Rattiepfdire, <0f-' 

Ratto, adj. quick, swift, 
speedy, steep, craggy ; adv. 

Rattoppare, to piece, patch 

Rattóre, m. ravisher, extor- 
Rattornidre to surround 


Rattrappatiira,/. a iUriukiiig 

Rattràrre, and RattrappiSre, 
to shrink, contract, (speaking 
of the sinews) 

Rattratto, part c< 

Rattristar», to i 

Raltura,/. arajx 




, and Riva 

Raucèdine,/ hoarseness 
Rauco, lid). I 

m. a kind of 
nade of goafs milk | 

, m. a disk composed I 
,s. cheese, eggs. —' 

e Radunare, and 


Raiiocinànle, m. an 
Ka2iocinàre, to reaso 
Raziocfnio, m. » 

Razionàbile, adj. rat\ 
Razionabilità,/ rea» 
Razionale, ad}. 

Razionalità,/, ratio 
Razióne, /. the allowai 

food for each sailor 
Razza,/, race, family 
Razzare, to shine forth 

Razzeggiàre, to irradiati 




RauncinàU . 

Ravvalorare, tu encourage 
Ravvedérsi, to amend 
Ravvediménto, m repentance, 

amendment of life 
Ravveduto, part, repented 
Ravviaménto, m. a setting out 



rights ; (also) to begin one's 



wrap up, to 

'perplex one's self ' 

Ravviluppato, part, involved, 

Ravvincidire, to ^rorv soft 
Ravvlnto, part- tied, bound 
Ravvisare, to know again; 
(also) to recall to mmd, to 

Ravvivare, to 

: to life 

Ravvolgere, io wrap, c 
ravvolgersi, lo rvander about ; 
ravvolgersi in qualche attare, 
to entangle one's self in an 

Ravvolgiménto, «i. a tossing, 
winding, a winding about 

Razzo, m. a tquib, beam, 

Razzolare, to investigate, to 

scrape fas hens) 
Razzolata,/, and Razzolio, m, 

a scraping, or scratching 
Razzuffarsi, to Join battle 

Razzu(51o, m a spoke 

king; rè d' ai 

Realmente, adv. royally, (also) 

Realta,/, loyally, reality 
Reame, m. realm, kingdutn 
Reamente, adi;, wickedly, im- 

Reassùmere, (see Riassùmere, 

and its derivatives) 
Reatfno, m. a wren (a bird) 
Reato, m. a crime, sin 
Reazióne,/ reaction 
Rébbio, m. the branch of a fork. 

Rebèlle, adj. rebellious 
Rebelliéne,/. rebellion 
Recalcitrante, adj restive 
Recaménto, m. a bringing 
Recapitare, (see Ricapitare) 
Recapito, m. (see Ricapito) 
Recapi telare, (see Ricapitolare, 
mditsi' ■ -'-■--' 

Recapitulàre, to i 

Recare, to brit 
fetch : (also) <( 

r, carry 

Recato, part, brought, car- 

Recatòre, m. a fetcher, or 

Reeatùra, /. carriage, por- 

Rccclìiàta,/. and Reccliiène, 

Recentemente, adi». <{f lad, 

Récere, to vowit 
Recèsso, m. recess, retreat 
Receltacolo, m. receptacle 
Recettore, m. a receiver, ail 

Recidere, to cut 
Recidiva,/, a rrlapse 
Recidivo, aiìj falling back 
Recinto, m. an inclosure 
Rècipe, m. a recipe in phy 

Recipiènte, m. a receiver 
Reciprocamente, adv. mutual 

Reciprocazióne, /. recipro- 
Reciproco, adJ. interchange- 

RtcI^o, adJ. cut, cut off: (also) 

laconic,' short 
Recitaménto, m. recital 
Recitante, wi. an actor 
Recitare, to recite, ut ad 
Recitativo, m. recitative 
Recitato, part, recited, reprt- 

Recitatóre, m. recilator 
Recitazióne, /. recitation. 

Reclamare, io implore, ex- 
postulate, complain 

Reclamo, m. a reclamation 

Reclinare, to rest 

lieclùta, /. a recruit, or rf 

Reclutóre, <<> recruit 
Retlutdto, jKirt. recruited 
Recogiuire, lo imuder, rejl'ct 
Récofjniziòne, /. {see Rico- 

Recolémio, ndj. venerable 
Reconcilidre, to reconcile 
Recòndito, adj. secret, hidden 
Recreàre, lo rejoice, gladden 
Recreazióne,/, recreation 
Recriminazióne, /. recrimina- 
tion (law lena) 
Recuperare, to recover 
Recuperato, pari, recovered 
Recuperazi<5ne,/. recovery 
Recusànte, adj. refusing 
Rei-usiire, to refuse, deni/ 
Re<:usà«o, pari, refused, de- 

Recusaiidne, /. a denial, re- 
Reda, /. a,id Réde, m. an 

heir, (also) a child, ojf- 

Red^agio, m. inheritance 
Redàre, to inherit 
Redarguire, to rebuke 
Redarguito, part. repr»ved 
Redazióne./, reduction 
Redento, part, redeemed 
Redentóre, m. redeemer 
Redenzióne, /. redemption, 

(also) remedy 
Re<iificàre, to rehuild 
Redificazióne,/ a rebuilding 
Redimere, to redeem 
Redimire, to crown 
Rèdine, / a rein of a bridle : 

aver in mano le redini del 

governo, to reign 
Redintegrate, to renew 
Redintegrazione, f. and Re- 

dintegraraénto, m. a renew- 

Redità,/ inheritance 

Reduciménto, m. reduction 
Reduplicare, lo redouble 
Reduplicazióne, f. reduplica- 

Redu7Jóne,/ reduction 
Reedificare, to rebuild 
Reedificàto, part, rebuilt 
EeertiXicatdre, m. rebuilder 
R»;ed>ficazióne, /. a rebuild- 

Réfe, m. thread: cucire à réfe 
doppio, to cheat both parties 

Referendàrio, m. referendary 
fin Chance,y); (also) tell- 


Referiménto, m. reference, n 

Referlre, to report, refer 
Referito, part, referred 
Refèrto, m. a relation, re- 

Refettório, m. refectory 
Refezióne, /. meal, refresh- 
ment ; (also) repair, repara- 

Refiziare, to repair 
Reflessàto, part, reflected 
Reflessibilità, fi rejlexibi- 

Reflessidne./. reflection 
Reflesslvo, adj. reflective 
Reflésso, m. rejlection 
Reflésso, adj. reflected 
Reflettere, to refect 
Reflusso, rn. reflux (the ebb) 
ReforilUre, to recreate; re- 

focilWrii, to recover one's 

Reft-àngersi, to break 
Refrattório, ndj. refractory 
Refrazióne,/, refraction 
Refrigerare, to cool 
Refrigerativo, adj. cooling 
Refrigerazióne, /. a refresh- 

Refrigèrio, m. refreshment 

Refuggio, and Refugio, m. 
refuge, safety 

Refalgere, to shine forth 

Refutaro, to refute 

Regalile, to present ; re- 
gale : (also) to season (a 

Regalato, part, presented, re- 
galed, seasoned 

Regale, adj. royal ; m. rigols 

(an i. 


Regalia, / regal (a right 

belonging to the king) 
Regallsta, m. a royalist 
Regalmente, adv royally 
Regàio, m. present, gift 
•Res&aa,f a boat-race 
Rége, m. a king (m poetry) 
Regeneràre. to regenerate 
Regenerazióne, /. regenera- 
Reggènte, adj. governing ; un 

reggènte, a regent 
Règgere, to govern : to sup- 
prop, resist, suffer, last, 
preserve, non possono reg- 
gere un ora insieme, they 
cannot live together an hour 

Réggia,f. a palace, seat 
Reggiménto, m. government ; 



Reggitóre, in., a governor, a 

Règia!"/. 'I royal palace 

Regiamente, adv. royally 

Regicida, • •■• 



Regicidio, in. regicide (Iht 

murder of a king) 
Regina, / a queen 
Uégio.adj.rryal, princely 
Regióne, /. province, coun- 

Registràre, to register 
Registrato, part, registered 
Registratóre, m. a register 
Registratura, /. a regisler- 

Regnaménto, m. dominion 
Regnante, adj. reigning 

un regnante, a prince, 

Regnare, to reign, to sway 
Regnato, putt, reigned 
Regnatóre, m. a king, a reig 

religious crder 
Regolaménto, m. a regula- 

Regolàre, to regulate, go- 
one's self; adj. regular, tji-. 
Reintegrazióne, /. reintegra- 

Regolatamente, ado. strictly 
Regolato, adj. orderly, regular, 

Regolatóre, m. ruler, di- 

Regolfzia,/. licorice 

Règolo, m. a ruler ; (also) a 

petty king 
Regrèsso, m. regress (law 

term), (also) return 
Reina, and Regina,/, a ^ueen ; 


Reintegrare, to restar: 
Reità, f crime, fault, cuilt 
Reiterare, to reiterate 
Reiteratamente, adv. repeated- 

Relass^re, to relax, to re- 

Relassdto, adj. relaxed, weak 
Relassazidne, /. relaxation, 

pardon, remission 
Belasse, m. a relapse 
Relativamente, adv. rela- 

Kelatlvo, adj. relative; un 

relativo, a relation 
Relatóre, m. a relater 
Relazione, /. relation, ac- 

Relegare, to banish, to rde- 

Relegato, part, banished 
Relegazióne,/, banishment 
Religionario, m, a protest- 

Rcligidne, /. religion, a reli- 
gious order 

Religiosamente, adv. reli- 

Religiosità,/, piety 

Religióso, m. monk, friar, 
clergyman ; religiósa, /. a 

Reliquiàrio, m. a shrine 
Reluttanza,/. reluctance 
Rèma, atd Rèuma, /. a cold. 


maker of 

Remare, lO ron> ; work hard 
Remàtico, adj. rheumatic, 

pituitous : (also) strange, 

odd, morose, peevish 
Rernatlsrao, m. rheuma- 

Remato, part, rorved 

Rematóre, m. a rotver 

RemégUo, m. the oars of a 
boat, or ship 

Remigante, m. a gaUey- 

Remigare, to rorv 

Remigata, /. act of row- 

Remigatóre, m. a romer 

Remfgio, m. tlie oars of a 

Reminiscènza, /, remem- 

Remissibile, adj. pardonable 
Remissióne, /. remission, re- 
Rèmo, m. an oar 
Remora,/ remora (ajieh) 
Remolino, m. a whirlwind (sea 

Remòto, adj. remote, d''itant 

Remunerare, to reward 

Remunerato, part, recom- 

Rerauneratóre, m. renar.der 

Remunerazione, /. reward 

Réna,/, sand 

Renàccio, m. sandy ground 

Renàio, m. sands 

Rèndere, to restore; to ren- 
der ; (also) to produce, 

ere. ; la mùsica mi rende 
allegro, music makes me 
gay ; rènder testimoni- 
anza, to witiuss ; render 
1' anima, to expire; ren- 
der mèrito, to make a- 
mends ; rèndere capace, 
to convince ; render suón.o, 
to sound well ; render 
ària, to resemble ; render 
dilètto, to rejoice, glad- 
den ; render cónto, to give 
an account ; render lume, 
to light; render sospetto, 
to give suspicions ; render 
voto, to vote; rèndersi, to 
surrender, submit ; rèndersi 
in un luògo, to repair to a 
place; rèndersi in colpa, to 
plead guilty 
Rendévole, adj. pliant, Jleai- 

Rendimènto, m. a rendering, 
reddition ; rendiménto ai 
grazie, thanks 
Rèndita./ revenue, income 
Renditdre, m. a restorer 
Rendu to, part, rendered, re- 

Renella,/. gravel, sand 

Réne, / pi. reins, loins ; le 
reni, /. pi. the back; dar 
le reni, to take to one's 

Renèlla, /. sandy ground, a 
gravel-itone . {also) the gra- 
vel (a disease) 

Renitènte, adj. redsting, stub- 

Renitènza, /. resistance, *kU- 

Renóso, and Renfsto, adj. 

Rènsa,/. lawn, cambric 
Reniinzia,/. a renouncing 
Renunziare, to renounce 
Renunziato, part, renounced, 


Reo, adj. wicked, bad; un Téo, 

Reobàrbo, m. rhubarb 
Reparàbile. adj. reparable 
Reparàre, to repair 
Reparatóre, m. a restorer 
Reparazidne,/. reparation 
Repartlto, part, divided 
Repatriàrsi, to return to one's 

Repèllere, to repulse 
Repentàglio, m. danger 

Repènte, adj. sudden, quick 

adv. suddenly 
Repentemente, adv. all of a 

Repentinamente, adv. unex 

Repentino, sudden, unlooked 

Répere, to creep, crarvl 
Reperire, to find out 
Repertorio, m. inventory ; re 

gister, index 
Repertóre, m. a repeater 
Repètere, to repeat 
Repetitdre, ?n a repealer 
Repetizióne,/. a repetition 
Repléto, adj. full, filled 
Replezióne, /. surjeit, reple 

Rèplica,/, and Replicaménto, 

m. reply, repartee 
Replicare, to reply, repeat, 

Replicataraéate, adv. repeated 


Replicato, part, replied 
Replicazione,/, repetition 

Reprensibile, adj. i-eprehensi 

fleprensdrio, adj. blaming 
Reprèsso, part, restrained^ 
Reprimènto, m. a represt- 

Reprobazióne, /. reproba- 

Réprovaziòne, /. veprooa- 

Repùblica, anj R^xibblica, /. 

Rcpublicàno, adj. republicari 


Repiiblu-hfsta, m. and f, a 

Repudiàrf, to divorce, repn- 

Repudiéito, part, divorced 
Repudio, m. repudiation 
Repugnante, adj. repugnant' 
Repugnanteménte, adv. in- 

Rep^gninza,/. aversion, oppo- 
sition, repugnancy 
Repugnàre, to oppose, repugn ; 

Repulsore, to repulse, deny 
Repulsagidne,/. a refusdl 
Repulsiiine, f. a repulsing, ot 

Repuls/vo, adj. rejecting 
Repulso, part repulsed 
Reputare, to repute, think 
Reputato, part, reputed 
Reputazióne, /. repute, cre- 
Requiàre, io repose one's 

Rèquie,/, rest, repose 
Requisito, m. a requisite , adj. 

Requisitòria, /. suit, or re- 
quest flam term) 
Requisizióne, /. demand, re- 

Résa,/ surrender 
Resarcfre, to repair 
Rescindere, to rescind, con- 

Rescissióne, /. redsion, undo- 

Rescisso, part, cancelled, (made 

Rescritto, m. a rescript 
Rescrtvere, to transcribe; to 
copy, to attstver in rvrit- 

Resecàre, to cut off" 
Reservàre, to reserve 
Reservazióne,/. reservation 
Resfa, /. heresy, disorder, dis- 

Residente, ady residing 
Ri^sìdénte, s.'resident 
Residenza, /. residence ; (also) 

grounds, settlings 
Resfduo, m. residue 
Resiliènza, /. resUition (a Jly- 



esin, gum 
and Resin( 

Resistere, to resist, last 
Resistito, part, resisted 
Réso, part, rendered 
Resolutaménto, adv. resolute- 
ResolutfTo, adj. Jit to resolve 
Resoluto, adj. resolute 
Resoluzióne, /. resolution, de- 

Respettivaménte, adv. respec- 
Respettfvo, adj. respective ; 

{also] fearful, shy 
Respfgnere, to repulse, push 

Respiraménto, m. respiration 
Respirare, to breathe ; to ex- 
hale ; to evaporate 
Respiratlvo, adj rejoicing 
Respirazióne, /. respiration, 

breath, rest, repose 
Respiro, m. breathing, breath 
Responsióne,/, an answer 
Responsivo, adj answerable 
Ressa, /. importunity ; (also) 

Resta,/, pause, rest ; the beard 
of corn ; bones of Jish ; a 
rope of onions, or garlick; 
the rest of a lance 
Restante, adj. remaining 
Restare, to rest, cease, to stay ; 
restarsi, to stop ; restir d' 
accordo, to agree ; non resterà 
per me, it shall not be my 
Restata,/, end, conclusion 
Restauraménto, m. restoration, 

Restaurare, to restore, repair ; 
correct, amend; to indem- 
Restauratóre, m. a restorer 
Restaurazióne,/ a restoration. 

Restauro, tn. a restoring 
Restio, adj. restive, obstinate 
Restituimento, m. restitution 

Restituito, part, restored 
Restitutóre, m. a restorer 
Restituzióne,./, restitution 
REsto, m. rest, remainder, 
Del rèsto, adv. after all, 
besides ; far del rèsto, to 
venture all 
Restóso, adj. full of bones. 

Restringente, adi restringent 
Restringere, («ee'kistrlgnere) to 

Resultare, to result 
Resurrezióne, Resurressidne, 
/. and Resurrésso, m, resur- 

Réte, /. a net, a snare ; a veil 
for women's heads 

Retentlva, /. the retentive 

Retentlvo, adj. retentive 

ReUcélIa, /. a cut-work (bone 

Reticèlla, /. a small net; net- 
work; a kind of lace 

Reticènza, /. reticence (a rhe- 
torical figure) 

Reticolato, adj. made like a 

Reticolazióne,/, a net->vork 

Reificare, to ratify 

Retina, /. retina, 'a net-like 

Retinènte, adj. shy, prudent 
Retore, >n. a rhetorician 
Retòrica, /. rhetoric 
Retràere, to ioithdraro 
Retribuimènto, m. a reward 
Retribuire, to requite 
Retribuito, part, requited . 
Retrihuitore, m. remarder 
Retribuzióne, / retribution 
Rétro, prep, behind, back 
Retroazióne, /. retroactive 

Retrocàmera, /. an inner room 
Retrocèdere, to retrocede, to 

go back 
Retrocediménto, m. and Re- 
trocessione, /. tvak-ing over 

Retrogradare, to go back, to 

Retrogradato, adj. going back 
Retroguàrdia, /. rear of an 

Rètta, / resistance ; dar rètta, 
to listen ; far rètta, to re- 
Rettamente, adv. rightly 
Rettàngolo, m. a rectangle, 

adj. rectangular 
Rettézza,/ rectitude 
Rettificamènto, m. rectifica 

Rettificare, to rectify 
Rettificato, part, rectified 
Rettificatóre, m. a rectifier 
Rettificazione, /. rectification, 


Rèttile, m. a reptile 
Rettilineo, adj. redinnf^l 
composed of right linee 

Rettitùdine,/, rectitude 
R.-tto, adj. right, straight, 
just ; governed ; ruled ; m. 

Riaccréscere, to increase 
Riacquistare, to recover 
Riadjomand^re, to demand 

Riaddormentarsi, to fall asleep 

Rettoricaménte, adv. eloquent- ■ 

ly , i 

RetlGrico, m. rhetorician; adj. 

Reubàrbaro, Jii. rhubarb 
Revel iziine,/. revelation 

Reverèndo, adj. reverend 
Reverènte, adj. respeclful 
Reverenteme'nte, adv. respect- 

Reverenza, and Reverénzia,/. 

respect, reverence; (also) a 

curtsey, borv 
Reverenziale,/, respectful 
Revertre, to revere, respect 
Revisióne, /. revising, revi- 

Reumàtico, adj. rheumatic 
Reumatismo, m rheumatism 
Revocàbile, adj. revocable 
Revocare, to revoke, repeal 
Revocazióne, /. revocation, 

Revoluzione, /. revolution, 

revolt, rebellion 

•eil for 

heads ; (also) a fishing-net 
Rézzo, m. a shady place; fax 

rézzo, to shade 
Riabbassare, to abate " 
Riabbellire, to embellish anetv ; 

riabbellirsi, to grow hand- 

Riabilitire, to rehabilitate 
Riabilitazióne, /. reliabilita- 

tion, qualification 
Riabitàre, to inhabit again, to 

repeople a country 
Riaccèndere, to rekindle, to 

light again 
Riaccèso, part, rekindled 
Riaccettare, /o accept again 
Riaccomodare, to mend 

Riaccozzaménto, m. a re- 

self age 

Rijttfermare, to confirm again 
Riaggravare, to aggravate 
Riallogàre, to replace 
Rialto, m. an eminence, height ; 

adj. high, elevated 
Rialzaménto, m. an elevation, 


Riamante, adj. loving 
Riamare, to love again 
Rianiéttere, to admit again 
Riamicare, to reconcile 
Riammalarsi, to relapsr 
Riammonire, to rvarn again 
Riandaménto, m. an inquiry. 

Riandare, to return ; to exa- 

Riannestàre, to graji again 
Riapparire, to reappear 
Riappèndere, and Riappicàre, 

to hang up again 
Riapriménto, m. Riapertura, 
and Riapritura, /. the open- 
ing again 
Riaprtre, to open again 
Riapèrto, part, opened again 
Riardre, to plough over again 
Riàrdere, to burn again 
Riardiménto, m. a burning 
Riargtìto, part, reprimanded 
Riarmare, to arm again 
Riarrecàre, to bring back 

Riarricchlre, to enrich a- 

Riàrso, blasted, burnt again 
Riascoltare, to hear again 
Riassettare, to set to rights 

Riassicurare, to 

Riassùnto, part, reassumed 
Riattacare, to tie again 
Riavére, to have again ; ria- 
vérsi, to get one's strength, 
to revover ; riavére il fiato, 
to recover one's self; riavére 
le paróle, to reasiame one's 

Riàvolo, m. a rake for an 

Riavvicinàre, to dram near 

Riavuto, part.'got again 

Ribaciare, to kiss again 
Ribaciato, part kissed again 
Ribadiménto, m. and Ribadi 

tura./, a rivetling 
Ribadire, to rivet, tn clench 
Ribagnàre, to n-et again 
Ribaldacela, /. a quean, or 

Ribaldàggine,/. villauy 
Ribaldàglia,/ mob, rabble 
Ribaldeggiàre, to play roguish 

Ribaldo, m. a rogue; (also) 
poor, needy, beggarly ; andar 
ribaldo, to rove about 

Riballàre, to da» re n^nin 

Ribàita,/. 071 £ 


Ribaltare, to subvert, to over- 

Ribalzaménto, m. a bounce 
Ribalzare, to toss again 
Ribalzo, m. jump, tos's, bounce ; 
(also) thè reflection (/ tlie 
beams of the sun 
Ribandiménto, m. revocation 

from batiishment 
Ribandire, to revoke from 

Ribarbàre, to take root again 
Ribasso, m an abatement 
Ribastonàre, to cudgel again 
Ribattere, to combat, confute ; 
blunt ; snflen; reflect; ribàt- 
tere la monéta, to nerv-stamp 

Ribattezzare, to rebaptize 
Ribattimènto, m. aiid Ribat 
titura, /. a rivet, st, iking 
back ; ribattiménto d'ali, 
Ribattuto, part, beaten back 
Ribeccare, to peck agatn ; to 
-' 'erate 

Ribellante, jn. rebellious, dis- 

Ribellare, to cause a rebellion ■ 
ribellarsi, to rebel 

Ribellato, part, rebelled 

Ribellazióne, and Ribellióne, 
/ rebellion 

Ribello, adj. reoellious ; un 

Ribenedire, to reconsecrate, 

Ribenedizione, /. a consecrat- 
ing again 


Kilies, »i. currants (tree and 

KibcJ-ljolo, m. a saying 

Kiboccru-c-, to run over, to over- 
Jlom, Jo aliound ; io ribocco 
d' allegrézza, / am over- 

Ribolliménto, ebullition, heatj 

Ribiittaménto, m. a repulse 
Ributtare, to drive back ; (also) 

to vomit 
Ributtato, part, driven back 
Ributto, «1. repulse 
Ricacciaménto, vi. a repuls- 

Ricacciare, to repulse : to turn 
out ai;ain : ricacciarsi nella 
selva, to strike into the tvood 

Ricailfa, and Recadfa, .; 

Ricadiménto, and Ricaggi- 

mento, Trt. a relapse 
Ricaditiso, adj. wearisome 
Ricaduta, f. a relapse, second 

Ricaduto, part, relapsed 
Ricagnato, adj. , flat-nosed 
Ricalare, io decline 
Ricanto, part, declined 
Ricalcare, to tread again 
Ricalcato, part. trodden, 

Ricalcitraménto, m. a kicking, 

Ricalcitrante, adj. rebellious. 

Ricalcitrare, to kick, to re- 

llicalcitràto, part, resisted 
Ricamaménto, ni. embroidery 
Ricamare, to embroider 
Ricamato, part, emiroidir- 

a change of sails, ropes, 

Ricamo, m. embroidery 
Ricancellare, to cancel again 
Ricangiare, to requite 
Ricantare, to sing again ; to 

Ricapitato, part. directed. 
Ricapito, m. a direction ; «- 

Ricapitolare, lo sum tip, to 

Ricapitula> iène, " f. surnming 

Ricardare, to card again, to 

Ricardato, fart, carded a- 

Ricascare, to fall again 
Ricasciita,/ a relapse 
Ricattaraento, m. a t 

Ricattare, to redeem, r, 
recover ; ricatuirsi, to I 

Ricatto, m. a ransom, < 

rover, to copy 

Riccamente, adv. richly, splen- 

Ricchézza,/ riches 

Riccidia, / curls ; ground 
strewed with husks of chest 

Rrccio, part, curled, frii 
zled ; vellutoriccio, shaggy 

Riccio, m. husk of chestnuts 
a curled lock, a hedgehog 

Ricciuto, part, curled, friz- 

Rfcco, adj. richly, costly ; un 

Ricérca,/, search, inquiry 
Ricercaménto, m. a research. 

Ricercare, to seek again, h 

tempo, that require 

Ricercare, i/i. a prelude, 

flourish (in music) 
Ricercata,/ a perquisition 
Ricercatamente, adv. design- 
Ricercato, ad], looked fur 
Ricercatóre,»!, a searcher 
Ricerchi.ire, to new hoop 
Ricerchiato, part, hooped 
Ricérco, part, searched into 
Ricémere, to explain belter; 

(also) to bolt, or sift again 
Ricessare, to stand still, slay 
Ricètta, /. receipt, prescrip- 

Ricettàrio, m. a book of r»- 

Ricettato, part, received, en- 
Ricettatóre, m. a receiver 
Ricètto, m. a shelter ; ahodt ■ 
part, received 

■ 'ole, a,!J. receiving 

evitlvo, adj. Jit to re 

la ricevuta, to give a re- 

Ricezidne,/. a reception 
Ricliiamdnte, adj. reclaiming, 

Richiamare, to reclaim, re- 
cuse : richiamarsi, to exclaim 

Richiamata./, an appeal 

Richiamato, part, reclaimed, 

Richiamatdre, m. he rvh» ap- 
peals ; he who debauches 

Richiedènte, adj. requesting. 

Richiamo, m. a complaint, an 
appeal, revocation : allure. 

Richièdere, and Richédcre, 
id ; request ; cite 

; be nee 


Richiediménto, m. ademand 
Richjéditdre, m. he that re- 
quests, a petitioner 
Pvichiésta, /. request, peti- 
tion; (also) citation, ium- 

Richiésto. part, demanded, Src. 
Rìchinàrsi, to born down 
Richiódere, to thut ; richi- 

udéisi, to close up, to heal^ 
Richiudiménto, m. a shutting 

up, confining 
Richiùso, part, shut, closed; 

Rlchiusura,/. an enclosure 
Ricfdere, to shorten, divide; 

orf, to c 
eak, a 

. to c 
ss; Incidersi, to 

Ricidiménto, m. and Ricidi- 

Ricidf'vo, adj. \see RecidfTo) 
Ricigiiere, to gird, surround 
Ricimentiirsi, to try again 
Ricfno, m. a trick (a vermin), 

(also) a nettle 
Ricfnto, m. circumference, en- 
closure, circuit 
RicJnto, part, surrounded, 

Ricioncàre, to drink again 
Ricipiénte, adj. polite, easy 
Ricircolare, to go about; tc 

lurk, to return back again 
Ricircolazidne, /. new circula- 

a gash. 

Ricfaa, /. an ine 

a cut. Alia 

through the shortest way 

(also) at random 
Ricisaménte, adv. precisely 

justly, cleanly (speaking of 6 

Ricfso, adj. cut off; cut, quick, 

Ricdgliere, to reap, gather 
to redeem (things out of 
pawn) : ricdgliere il fidto, 
to fetch breath ; ricogliérsi, 
to take refuge (also) to dis- 
entangle one's self 

Ricogliménto, m. a gathering, 
collecting, a crop, hart '' 
ricogliménto di cudre, 


ing again ; (also) an acknotv- 

ledgment, requital 
Ricollocare, to replace 
Ricolmiire, to heap, or fill up 
Ricdlmo, part, heaped up ;full 
Ricolorire, to colour, paint 
Ricolta, /. and RicOlto, m. 

crop, harvest ; retreat ; (also) 

RicGlto, part, collected, ga- 
thered ; egli ha U mzrno 
presta à ricevere, ma ricolta 
a dare, he is ready to take. 

lènto, m. and 
Ricominciatùra, /. begin- 
ning again ; a renewing 
icominciàre, to begin again 
Ricomméttere, to recommit 
Ricomparire, to appear again 
Ricompènsa,/, recompense 
Ricompensare, to recompense, 

compensate, repair 
Ricompensato, part, rervard- 

RicompensaZidne, /. a re- 

Ricdmpera, and Ricdmpra,/. 

redemption, recovery 
Ricomperagidne, f, and Ri- 

coraperaménto, m, redemp- 

Ricomperare, and Ricomprare, 
Ricomperato, part, redeemed. 


a collector; a 
gatnerer, a compiler 
Ric:oglitrice./. a midwife 
Ricognizidne, f. acknowledg- 
ment, a ktwwing again; 
duty, rent; service; (also) 

Ricomperévole, adj. redeem- 

Ricompiere, to reward, accom- 

Ricompiménto, m. a reward 
Ricompdrre, to recompose; te 

settle; moderate; reunite, re- 

Ricompósto, part, settled 
Ricomprare, (see Ricomperare, 

and its derivatives) 
Ricomunica, and Ricomuni- 

caZidne, /. absoliUicn qf the 

Ricomunicare, to absolve qfan 

Riconcéderc, to grant again 
Riconcentraménto, m. conce 

Riconcentrare, to concentre 
Riconcepfre, to conceive 



Riconciàre, io mend, pi«K, 

patch ; botch again ; to sea- 

eia, the weather begins^ to be 

Riconciliazióne, Riconcilia- 
gidne, /. and Riconcilia- 
ménto, m. reconciliation 
Riconciliare, to reconcile 
Riconciliato, part, reconcil- 

Riconciliatòre, m. a recon- 

Ricqnciliazidne, /. a reconci- 

icimàre, to dung again 
Ricdncio, part, mended 
Ricondannare, to reaondemn 
Ricondensare, to condense. 

Ricondotto, part, reconducted 
Ricondurre, to reconduct ; to 

enlist again 
Riconférma, and Riconferma- 

Sidne,/. confirmation 
Riconfermare, te reconfirm 
Riconfessàre, to reconfess 
Riconformdrsi, to reconform 
Riconfortare, to comfort; to 

strengthen, to renew 
Riconfrontàre, to confrcnt 

Ricongegnaménto, m. a n*i» 

Ricongiùgnere, to rejoin 
Ricongiùnto, adj. rejoined 
Ricongiunzidne,/ and Ricon- 

giugniménto, m. a reunion, 

a joining again 
Ricongregàrsi, to assemble 

Riconiàre, to hammer again. 

Riconoscente, adj. gratini, 

Riconoscènza, /. and Rico- 
nosciménto, m. acknowledg- 
ment, gratitude ; a knowing 
again ; reward, confession, 

Ricondscere, to know again; 
requite, reward ; to acknow- 
ledge, to confess, avotv, to 
know, discover, perceive ; 
ricondscere una fortézfa,;un 
paese, &c. to reconnoitre a 
fortress, a country, .U. 

Riconoscfbile, adj. easy to at 

Riconosciuto, part, known 
1 Riconquista, /. r ••■•-- 


Riconquistóre, to recon,quer 
Riconsiderare, to reconsider 
Riconsiderato, part ref.ected 
Riconsigliàre, lo readvise : ri- 
consigliarsi, to determine 
Riconsolaménto, in. and Ri- 
consolazióne, /. a consola- 

Ricontare, to i 


comfort a- 

count, relate, <o 

Ricónto, m an epiloguS 
Riconvertire, to reconvert 
Riconvitare, to invite again 
Ricoperchia're, to cover again 
Ricopèrta, /. covering, pre- 
Ricopèrto, part, covered, ex- 

Ricopiare, to copy, tran- 

Ricopriménto, »«. a covering 

Ricoprire, to cover, hide, 

conceal ; to cure again ; cor- 

Ricorcàrsi, to lay down again 
Ricordanza, Hicordagióne, /. 

and Ricoidiménto, m. re- 

ntembranae, memory 
Ricordare, to remember ; to 

name ; mention, put in mind ; 

ricordare i morti à tàvola, 

to say things not to the pur- 

Ricorddto, part, remembered 
Ricordatdre, jn. remem- 

Ricordazióne, /. remembrance, 

Ricoronare, to crown again 
Ricórre, to gather, assemble 
Ricorreggere, to correo 





Ricoverare, to recover ; rescue ; 

bring to: to deliver : free : 

:overàrsi, to have recourse, 

., shelter 

Ricoverilo, part, recovered. 

Iter, asylur, 
Ricreaménto, j 

Ricreatóre, m. redeemer 
Ricreazioncella, /. a refresh- 

Ricórso, n 

Ricosteggiàre, io coast 
Ricostituire, to replace 
Ricotonare, to card again 


Ricòtto, part, boiled, or baked 

again ; weighed, examined, 

Ricoi-eraménto, m a reco- 

overy, r 

scredente, part, undeceiv- 

Ricrédere, to disabuse, un- 
deceive ; to conceive ; be- 
lieve : ricrédersi con uno, 
to disclose one's heart to 

Ricreduto, part, undeceived, 

Riorescénza. /. excrescence 
Ricréscere, to increase; ri- 
crescersi, to multiply 


Licriare, {see Ricreare, and its 
Ricuciménto, m, a patching 

7tp, mending 
Rici»clre, to serv again 

cito, part, sewed again 

citóre, m. a botcher 

Ricucitura,/, sewing; seam, 

a botching 
Ricuòcere, to roast, bake, 
roast again, to digest, 
weigh, consider, dis- 

Ricuperare, to recover ; ricu- 
perar la salute, to retrieve 
one's health 

Ricuperazióne, /. recupera- 
timi, recovery 

Ricurvo, part, bent, crooked 

Ricusa. /. refusal, repulse, 

Ricusare, to refuse; ricusare 
giudice, to challenge a 

Ricusazióne, f. a denial, 

Ridire, ia give again 

Riddare, to turn about, to lead 

Ridere, to lau-;h, smile, to 
jeer ; la fortuna \-i fa rMere, 
fortune smiles upon you. 
Ridere agli agnoli, to laugh 

Ridestare, to awake again 
Ridétto, part, repeated 
Ridévole, adj. pleasant, cheer- 

Ridevolménte, adv. agreetf 

Ridicolosàggine,/. a ridiculous 

Ridicolosaménle, adv. ridicu- 

Ridicolóso, and Ridicolo, adj. 
ridiculous, to be laughed at 

Ridimandàre, to demand, ask 

Ridire, to repeat, relate; tro- 
vare a ridire, to find fault 
with; ridirsi, to retract, to 

Ridirizzàre, to make straight 
again, to redress, correct 

Ridiscórrere, to talk over 

Ridisput^re, to dispute again 

RidisUnguere, to explain more 

Riditóre, m. a jeerer, a ban- 

Ridividere, to divide again, to 

Ridivincolàrsi, to wriggle about 

Ridolére, to smell well, to scent ; 
ridolérsi, to complain, t» 

Ridomandare, to ask again 
Ridonare, to give again 
Ridondante, adj. redowjding. 

Ridondanza, /. and Ridon 
daménto, m. excess, redun- 

Ridondare, to redsumd, to r*- 

Ridirne, m. a merry man 
Ridòsso, ade. - utter aneS 
shoulders: cavalcar a ri- 
dòsso, to riife without asaddli 
\ Ridótto, m. shelter, rHreat 
, Hidótt; .^'jri, reduced 

Riddnre, and Riddcerc, to I 
reilucr, to subdue, compel ; 
ridursi, to fix, for refuge, to 
assemble ; ridursi a mente, 
to recollect, remember 

Riducibile, adj. reducible, that 
may be reduced 

Rìdùttc, part, reduced, astern- 

Riempi tf TO, adj. filling 
Riempitura,/, a filling up 
Riempiuto, part, filled up 
Rienfiàre, to swell again 
Rieiitraménto, m. a coming in 

again, return 
Rientrare, to shrink, to re- 
enter ; to recollect, reflect; 
rientrar in se stésso, to re- 
.fleet on one's self 
Rientrato, purr shrunk 
Riepilogare, lo sum up 
Riescire, to go out again 

Rifaciménto, »ii. and Rifil- 

Jione,/. reeslalilishment 
Rifacitóre, ni. a restorer 
Rifallo, m. anew /au// 
Rifare, to mend, repair; 
rifar il Ietto, to make the 
bed; rifarsi, to recover, 
tnend, to retriei^e (what one 
bad tost), to grow hand- 
tomer ; rifarsi dritto, to stand 
Rifatto, adj. done again ; 
un mendico rifatto, an up- 
RifavelMre, to speak again 
Rifpdfre, to wound again 
Rifendere, to split attain 
Riferendario, m- referendary 
Riferire, to refer, relate; ri- 
ferir grazia, lo give thanks ; 
riferirsi, to agree with 
Rifermàre, to confirm, ratify, 

Riferràre, to nem-shoe (a 

Riférto, part, referred 
Ri fésso, pari, cleaved, split 
Rifciidne,/. restoraiitm 
Rjftamraeggidre, to shine. 


Rifiancàre, to flank, fortify 
Rifiataménto, »i. breathing 
Rifiatare, to breathe 
Hi ficcare, to put in again 
RiHdare, to trust, to rei 

Rifiggere, to drive in, or >iai7 

Rifigliare, to bring forth again, 
or spring up again 

Rifigurare, to give a new fi- 

Rifinaménto, m. a cessation 

Rifinire, and Rifinirsi, to 
cease, leave ofiT 

Rifiniménto, m. a great weari- 

Rifiorfre, to blossom, to 
flourish again, to adorn, 
deck up, to prosper aguiii, 
to thrive 
Riffsso, pari, fixed again 
Rifiutagióne, /. and Rifiuta- 
ménto, ?n. a denial, refusal, 
Rifiutante, adj. refusing 
Rifiutàn>.a,/. a divorce^ 
Rifiutare, to refuse, deny, to 
quit : renounce ; rifiutare il 
padre, to renounce the pater- 

Rifiutato, part, refused, for- 

RiflessitSne, /. and Riflèsso, 

m. reflection 
Riflessivo, adj. reflective 
Riflèsso, m. ' reflection ; part 

Riflèttere, to reflect, consider 
Rifluire, to tejlow, or run 

Riflusso, m. reflux, ebb 
Rifocillaménto, m. a restoring, 

Rifocillare, io restore, recreate, 

Rifondare, to found again, dig 

Rifondere, to restore, pour out 

Riforbfre, to furbish up 
Rifórma, and Riformagidne, 

/. reform 
Riformabile, adj. that may be 

Riformagidne./. reformation 
Riformaménto, m. a reform, 

Riformare, to reform, to tup 
press, cut off; to declare, 
elect; riformarsi, to recover 
Hiformdto, pari, reformed 
Riformatóre, m. a reformer 
Riformazidnfe, / a reforma 

Rifr'^gnere, to refract, reflect 
Rifrancare, to free, fortify 
Rifrangere, to reflect 
Ritratto, m. and Rifrazidne, 

/ r,f,jction 
Rifi-e<iaaménto, m. coldness 
Rifreddàre, to cool, to relent 
Rifre'ddato, part, relented 
Rifreoaménto, m. a curbing 
Rifrenare, to curb, refrain 
RifrenaZidne,/. a curbing 
Rifrigerare, to refresh, re- 
create, comfort ; rifrigerarsi 

Rifrigeratfvo, adj. cooling 
Rifrigério, m. a comfort, re- 
Rifriggere, to fry again 
Kihu.o, part, fried again 
Rifrondlre, to bloom again 
Rifrusta,/, a searching 
Rifrust^re, to search, strike, 

Rifrùsto. m. remains, plenty 

(also) whim 
Rifuggire, to fly for refuge 
Rifuggito, part, sheltered 
Rifugio, „,. a refuge 
Rifulgente, adj. shining, bright 
Rifùlgere, to s.'iine, glitter 
Rifutare, to refute, contra 

RifutaZidne,^'. reputation 
Rigàglia,/ profit 
Rigdgno, and Rigagnolo, m. 

Rigaglio, »i. a larkspur fa 

Rigare, to water, to met ; (also) 

Rig.-ito, part, ivaiered, ruled 
Rigattière, m. a salesman, a 

Rigenerazidiie, /. regenera 

Rigentillfre, to make more gen 


Rigettato, purl, rejected 
Rigètto, rn. aisl ojf, r^nse 
Rigiacére, tn lie ilurvti agaii 

Rigirt:....,....^, .... 
Rigiilé?.2a, and 

Rfgido, adj. rigid 
Rigiraménto, m 

Rigirare, to surra 
Rigiralo, part, j» 
Rigiratóre, m. a , 
Rigirazióne,/. ci 
Rigare, to return 
Rigrro, m. turn, 

byrway, shift, e 
Rigittaménto, »/i. 
Rigittare, to rut. 

reject, despise 
Rigiucare, to pi,n 
Rigmgnere, to 

Rigna-, to neigh 

, rigidly 
Rigidità, /. 

g round, a 


Rigo, m. a rule, line 

Ì&:: TÈZg^, 

so) rankness of pia. 

Rigoglióso, ad), proud, lively, 

Rigògolo, m. a loriot (a kind 

of parrot) 
Rigolètto, «I. a country- 

Rigonliaménto, in. a new 

Rigonfiare, to swell 
Rigonfiato, part, swelled 
Rigóre, »,. rigour, sternness, 
hardness; rigor di febre, </ie 

Rigorosamente, adv. rigorous- 

ly. severely 
Rigorosità, y: severity, rigour 

plate ; to manage, rule 
Rigovernatura, /. a washing 

Rigraddre, to divide 
Rigridàre, to call, or cry 

Rigridàre, to cry, scold 
Rigriddto, adj scolded 
Riguadagnare, te regain 
Riguadagnato, part.' recovertd. 


Riguardaménto, m. look, or 

looking, circumspection 
Riguardante, m spectator 
Riguardare, to look upon, 

concern ; riguardare una 

guardarsi, to preserve ontSt 

Riguardato, adj looked upon, 

Riguardatóre, m. a looker-on ; 
(also) a keeper, a guardian 

Riguardévole, adj. consider- 
able, worthy, notable, rare 

Riguardevolménte, adii, wor- 

Riguardo, m. look, view, 

vrrence : di feroce riguardo, 
of a surly look: stare à ri- 
guardo, to sland upon one's 

Riguardosamente, adv. cir- 

Riguardoso, adj. cautious, r>-u- 

Riguarfre, to be well again 
Rigulderdonaméuto, m. a re- 

Riguiderdonàre,/o recompense, 

Rigurgitaménto, m, a swell 

(of iralers) 
Rigurgitare, to swell again 
Rigustkre, to taste again 

Rilassare, to relax, release, 
weary ; rilassarsi, to 

téiia, f. relaratiofi 

Rilassato, pa 
"ildsso, adi 



Rilètto, part, read again 

weary, weak, 

to wash again 
part, washed again 

....„.„.„.=, to plough „g„.,. 
Rilegamt'nto, m. a binding 
Rilegare, to banish, exile, to 
'inder, prohibit: (also) tp 
ind up again, to tie again ; 
legare un libro, to bind up 
book [banished 

egato, part, tied again ; ' '. 
L'lreere. to read again ' 

r softly 

mg up 

Rilevante, adj. important 
Rilevare, to' raise up again, 
erect, get up, u.tsist, comfort, 
compute, add ; increase, bring 

Rilevatamente, adv. splendid- 
ly, nobly 

Rilevato, part, raised, lifted, 
high, noble, famous, nourish, 
ed, brought up ; m. a height, 
- ising 

embossed work, basso t<- 

Rllucénte, adj. shining 
Rilucentézfa, /. brightnett, 

Rilucere, to shine, gUHer 
Rilustràre, to embellish, to 

Riluttante, a-;/, reluctarf. 
Rfma, rhyme, poetry 

end back. 



away, discharge 
Rimandilo, adj. setU back 
Rimando, m. 'tossing back, or 

returning (a tennis ball, 

Rimaneggiare, to handle, touch 

or mend again 

Rimanènza, /. abode, per- 
manence, fragments, re- 

Rimanére, to stay, remain, 
to abstain, cease, hinder ; 
rimanetevi in pace, adieu ; 
rimanére alla schidccia, to 
fall in a snare : non rimarr* 
per questo, that shall not 

vole, adj. remarkable: 
Rimarco, m. importance; 

Rilento, adj. ! Rimari 

irt. remained ; 
J cherv aga 

Rlm^o, pai 

Rimasto, part. remained, 

dmdled, abstainci 
Rimasùglio, m. remnanU, bits 
Rimato, adp. in rhyme 
Rimatóre, 'in. rhymer, poet 
Rimazidne,/. a strict inquiry 
Rimbaldanzire, to cheer up 
Riuftbaliàre, tojutnp, toss up ; 

to re.iult 
Rirabalio, m. a rebound, re- 

Rirabambogfto, adj. childish, 

Rimbastire, to haste (tailoring) 

Rimbeccare, to repulse, drive 
back : (also) to peck (as birds) 

Rimbellire, to emldlish ; rim- 
bellirsi, to grorv handsome 

Rimbércio, m. a ruffle 

RimbiaBcare, to whiten over 

Rimbiondirc, to grow fair 
Rimboccare, to turn upside 
down, to discharge, emp'y. 

Rimboccato, adj. upside down 
Rimboccatura, /. a turning 

Rimbombaménto, m, ringing, 

Rimbombante, adj. resounding 

Rirabómno, and Rimbombio, 

m sound', noise 
Rimborsare, to reimburse 
RimborsaZicJne, /. and Rim- 

Rimboscàre, to go back to the 

Rimbottàre, to put in the cask 

Rimbrottare, to reproach, 

charge, chide, reprove 
Rimbrottat<5re, »i, a reprover 
Rimbrottévole, adj. reproach- 

Rimbucàre, to hi 
Rimbucato, part, concealed 
RimburcMare, to torn, haul 


Rimediabile, adj. curable 
Rimediare, to cure, help 
Rimediato, part, cured 
Rimediatdre, m. a repairer 
Rimèdio, m. remedy ; medicine. 

Rimeditare, to meditate again 
Rimeggiare, to versify, rhyme 
Rimegtciato, part, versified 
Rimembranza./, remembrance. 

Rimembrare, to remember 
Riraemorare, to put in vtinA 
Rimemorito, part, mentioned 
Rimenàre, to carry back, to 


ve, stir 

Rimandare, to mend, patch 

limemlàto, part, mended 
Rimendatdre, m. a botcher 
Rimendatùra,/. a mending 

Rimeritaménto, m. a reward 
Rimeiitàre, to recompense 
Rimeritato, pari, recompensed 
Rimescolaménto, m. trouble, 
confusion, disturbance, dis- 
order, tenor, fright 
RimescoUnza,/. a mixture 
Rimescolare, to mix, blend, 
retouch ; rimescolare le 
carte, to shuffle 
mescolarsi, to meddle, to be 

Rimés'sa, /. forgiveness, hud, 
sprout ; return ' of money ; 
coachhouse : carròzza, di ri- 
méssa, a glass-coach 

Rimessaméi.t<», adv. respect- 
fully, humbly 

Rimess(bile, ddj. remissible 

Rimessióne, /. remission, 
pardon ; (also) an ap- 

Rimésscr, adj. languishing, 

faint, humble 
Rimesta, /. a mixture, re- 

Rimestare, to mix, handle 
Riméttere, to replace, to 
pardon, reassume, continue, 
to grow again, forgive, to 
remit money ; to intrust ; mi 
rimétto, I commit myself; 
riméttere in possésso, to put 
in possession : rìmettérs», to 
refer to : rimétter su, to 
bring into fashion ; rimet- 
tersi in came, to grow fat 
again ; nel vostro arbitrio 
rimétto l'andare e lo stare, 
you are free either io go or 


Rimettlménto, m. remistioa 
RimettitXccio, »t. a shoot, « 

Rimirare, lo look upon 
Rimiro, m. merv, sight, loete 
Rimìschiiire, to mingle, to con- 

Rimissidne,/. rimissìon, par- 
don, satisfaction, or submis- 

Rimisuràre, to remeasure 
Rimollàre, io wet, soak 
Rimodernare, to correct again, 

to reduce to a modern 

Rimondaménto, m. a clean- 

Rimondire, to clean, empty, 

to prune, purge, expiate 
Rimondato, part, cleunted, 

liimondatùra,/. a cleansing 
Rimontare, to go up again ; 
rimontare a cavillo, to re- 
live un orològio, to mind up 
a watch 
Rimontato, part, got up a- 

Rimorchiàrei to tow, haul 
Rimorchiato, part, towed 
Rimòrchio, m. a towing, com' 

Rimordente, adj. biting . 
Rimòrdere, to feel r ' 

'.e agai 


RimostT^za, /. a retnon^ 

Rimostrare, to remonstrate 
Rimotaménte, adv. solitarily 
Rimdto, adj. remote, far qff 

Rimoviménto, »i. and Rimo- 
zióne, /. removal, a change 
of place 

Rimpalmàre, to calk a ship 
Rimparàre, to learn again 
Rimpaistàre, to retouch 
Rimpatriarsi, to return into 

one's country 
Rimpatriato, part, returned 
Rimpaurare, to be frightened 


Rimpeciire, to calk a ship 
Kimpedulare, to neiv foot 
Rimpennàre, to put on rum 
feathers ; rimpennarsi, to 
prance (as a horse) 
Rimpétto, prep, over agaitist 
Rinipiagrire. to tvound again 
Rimpiàgnere, to lament 
Rimpiastràre, to plaster, par- 
get ; (also) to adjust, make 

Rimpiattare, io conceal 
Rimpiattato, part, concealed 
Rimpiazzare, to replace 
Rimpicciolire, to grorv less, 

make less 
Rimpinguare, te fatten 

Rimpinzare, to cram.Jill 
Rimpolpare, to grorv fat 
Rimpopolare, to people again 
Rimpozzare, to stagnate (a 

Rimpregnàre, to get with child 

Rimprigionàre, to imprison 
Rimpi-occiare, to reproach, 

Rjmprdccio, and Rimproccia- 
mérito, m, reproach, imputa- 
tion ; per rimpróccio, con- 

Rimprométtere, to promise 

Rimproveraménto, m. re- 
Rimproveraiite, adj. reproach- 

Rimproverazidne, /. Rim- 
proverio. Of Rimpròvero, 
m. reproach, reprimand, in- 

Rimugghiare, to bellow. 

Rimuginare, to search 
Rimuginato, part, searched 
Rimunerare, [see Remunerare, 

and its derivatives) 
Rimuòvere, to reniove, move 
again, to take away, di- 
vert, to dissuade, or sepa- 

Bjmuràre, lo wall about 
Rimuràto, part walled up 
Rhiuurchiare, to torn (a 

Ritnurchiàto, pari, tornea 
Himùrchio, m. a lowing 
Rimutaménto, m. an alte 

Rimutazidne,/. change, allera- 
Rimutévole, adj. inconstant. 
Hate again 


o relate agai: 
adj. new bom 

.f. new birth 
I'iiiiato, l'art, born again 
Rinavigare, to set sail again 
Rincacciare, to repulse 
Rincagnarsi, to bend one'; 

Rincalciàto, part, repulsed, 

Riacalorlre, to rekindle, in- 

Rincalzaménto, m. prop, de- 

Rincalzare, io prop, support, 
to lay new earth about the 
root of a tree; to solicit, 
press, iiisist ; rincalzarsi, to 

Rincalzato, part, propped, lup- 

Rincàlzo, m. and Rincalzato, 

f a stay, prop 
Rincantare, to put up again 

fat an auction) 
Rincantucciarsi, to hide one's 

Rincaponfre, to be stubborn 
Rincappàre, to full in again 
Rincappellàre, to hoard u 

fall sick again 
Rincappellazidne, far 

Rincarare, to grow dear 
Rincamare, lb grow fat i 

Rinciampàre, to fall again 
Rinciprignlrsi, to be angry 

Rincivilirsi, to grow civil 
Rincollare, to glue again 
Rincominciaménto, m. a be- 

gitining again 
Rincominciare, to begin again 
Rincominciato, part, begun 

Rincontra, and alia rincon- 
tra, prep, facing, opposite, 
andare alla rincontra d' uno, 
to go to meet one 
-incontrare, to meet with, to 

■t with. 

Rincontrato, part, i 
hit, guessed 

Rincóntro, m. a meeting, rc- 
encouuter, sign, token ; di 
rincontro, a rincontro, op- 

Rincoraménto, m. encoxÀ-age- 

Rincoràre, io encourage; rin- 
corarsi, to take dbttràge 
Rincordare, to string a violin ; 
to tie close 
Lincorporàre, io incorporate 

Rincórrere, io pursue, run 
after; (also) to revolve in 

Rincréscere, to Be tired, dis- 
pleased ; quanto mi rincresce 
lo stare à Ietto, how tired I 
am to be in bed 
Rincrescévole, adj. tedious 
Rincresciménto, m. weariness, 

Rincrescidso, adj. restless; sad 
"■— respàre, to curl, frizzle 

Rincrudire, to provoke again 
Rinculare, to fall l/ack 
Rinegàre, tu aeny 
Rinegato, »i. a renegado, an 

Rinettàre, to clean again 
Rinfaccùiraénto, m. a re- 
Rinfacciare, to reproacn 
Rinfamàre, io restore one'rre- 

B-infantocciàre. to grow child- 
ish ; to set to rights again 

Rinfarcidre, to Jill, cram 

Rmferraiolàre, to cover with a 

Rinfiammagidne, /. injlamma- 

Rincerconire, to grow sour, be 

Rinchmàre, to incline, bend. 

Rinchiùdere, to enclose, to Rinfiammare, to injlamf., to 

stop, to include, contain light, or warm again « in- 

Rinchiuso, m. an enclosure tamo la battaglia &i rintiam» 


lUnfiancàre, to Jlank, forti- 
Rinfiancdto, part. flanked 
Rinfilare, to string aanin 
Rinflorare, {tee Rifiorire) 
Rinfodre to tet on fire, to in- 

Rinfocolaménto, m. conflagra- 

Rinfocolare, to rvarm : rin- 
focojiirsi, to fall in a pat- 

Rinfoderarsi, to withdraw 

Rinfiinclere, to infute, to re- 

Rinfondiménto, m. an addi 
lion, or i«/,Mion ; the foun- 
dering of a hone; (also) tor 
row, regret, weariness 

Riiiformàre, to form, framt 

RiiiformaJlfine, /. a new in- 

RinfoniiCre- to put in the oven 

RinforZamcato, m. a reinforce- 

Rinforf cfe, fc strengthen, rein- 
force, fortify ; rinforzarsi, to 

Rinforzato, part, strengthen- 

Rinforzo, m. Sc Rinforzata, 
f reinforcement, supply, re- 

Rinfoscdrsi, to grow dark 
Rinfrancare, to free, defend. 

Rinfrancato, part, reencou- 

Rinfraneere, to break, split 
Rinfrenàre, to bridle, re- 

Rinfrenàto, part. bridled, 

Rinfirescaménto, m. coolness, 

Rinfrescare, to cool, refresh. 

Rinfrescata,/, a refreshing 
RinfrescaUvo, a/lj- cooling 
Rinfrescato, part, cooled 
Rinfì-escatòio, m. a glats- 

Rinfrésco, m. a refreshment 
Rinfrigidrrsi, to grow cold 
Rinfronzfre, to repair: shoot 
forth new leaves: rinfroii- 
iirsi, to deck, adorn one's 

rinfusa, adv. promiscuously 
Ringagliardire, to regait 

RingalluzSàre, to leap foi 

Kv gangherare 


Kingenerare, to regenerate 
RingentilJre, to ennoble 
Ringhiare, to grin, to frown 
Ringhièra,/, rostrum, bar 
Ringhio, m. a grin, a frown 
Ringhióso, adj. grinnini 

RingioHre, to rejoice, to be 

Ringiovanire, to grow yom^ 
Ringorgaménto,and Ringdrgo, 

Ringorgare, to swell, -•-- 
Ringranàr- ' 


Ringrandire, to i 

proud, to brag 
Ringrassare, to fatten 
Riiigravidare, -to be pregnant 

Ringraziaménto, m. thanks 
Ringraziare^ to thank 
Ringraziato, part, thanked 

Ringrossdto, part, increased 
Rinnaffiare, to water 
Rinnalzamento, m. a raising 
Rinnalzare, to raise, increase 
Rinnamoràrsi, to be in love 

ilinnegaménto, m. alijuration, 

Rinnegare, to deny, abjure 
ilinnegato, .idj. forsworn; t. 

a renegado, an apostate 
linneslire, to ingraft, reunite, 

Rinnest^to, part, grafted, re- 

linnovaménto, m. and Rino- 

Rinnovire, to renew 

~ ' rinovàta, /. a renewing 

nnovazióne, /. a renew- 


rinovelMre, to refresh, re- 

Rinnovellazidne, /. a renerv- 

'ng. refreshment 
ivinocertfnte, m. rhijioceros 
Rinomanza, and Rinomata, /. 


Rinomare, to mention 
Rinomato, part, renowned 
Rinominanza, /. renown, re- 

Rinominare, to name , to 

Rinominato, adj. renowned 
Rinovare, to renew 
Rinquartato, adj. quartered, 

full, filled 
Rinsaccare, to bag again 
Rinsaldaménto, m. consolida- 

Rinsanguindre, to make 
bloody again, to renew a 

Rinsanicaie, to restore health 

Rinsegndre, to teach again, to 

indicate, let know 
Rinselvarsi, to hide in a 

wood, to grow into woods, or 

bushes again 
Rinselvàlo, part, in the wood 

Rinsignorlrsi, to be master a- 

gain, to seize upon again 
Rintanarsi, to hide one's 

Rintegrdre, to reunite 
Rintegrazidne,/. a renewing 
Rintenerire, to soften; (also) 

move to pity 
Rinteraménto, m. a renewing; 

rinteraménto di salute, a 

recovery of health 
Rinterzare, 'to triple, make 

RintiepidXre, and Rintiepiddr«, 

to cool, abate 
Rintonacare, to plaster a- 

Rintoppaménto, m. an obsta- 
cle; hinderance 

Rintoppdre, to meet with, 


Rintracciaménto, m. an in 

Rintraccidto, part, searched 
Rintronaménto, m. a resound- 


Rinvenire, io find out, recover 

Rinverdire, io become /p-een 

Rinvergàre, io discover, Jind 

Rinvenire, io go back 
Riiiverziire, to slop, shut 
Rinverzicàre, and Rlnverzire, 

Rinvescdrc-, to allure, entice; 
(also) to dcub rvith bird- 

Rinvesciare, to tell tales 
Rinvestire, io invest 
Rinviare, io send back 
RinvigoraméntOjirt.o strength- 

Rinvigorfre, and Rinvigor;(re; 

to gather strength again, tc 

restore, strengthen 
Rinvigorito, part, strengthen- 

Rinvìi uppare, to rvrap 
Rinvitnre, to invite again 
Rinvito, m. a new invi 

Rinunziare, to renounce ; 

Rinunziato, part, renounced 
Rinunziatdre, m. a tale-fellei 
Rinunziazidne, and Rinu 

ziagiiine,/. renunciation 
Rinvogliàre, to excite desire 
Rinvdlgere, and Rinvoltare, 

wrap, involve 

Rinvdlto, : 

■t. wrapped 
packet, bun- 

Rinvoltura,/ nrapping 
Rinzepptlre, to Hop n 

Rio, m. a brook ; rivulet ; t 

nicked, had ; fortuna i 

adverse fortune ; vita ria 

miserable life 
RioMrbaro, m. rhubarb 
Riobbligdre, to oblige again 
Riordinare, to order again 
Riosservare, to examine, 

serve again 
Riotta, /. a quarrel, dispi 

EjotUire, to quarrel 
RiOttdso, adj. riotous 
RJpa, /. a bank, coast, prt 
pice, steip place 


Riparàbile, adj. reparable 
Riparaménto, »n. reparation; 

(also) a rampart, bulwark 
Riparare, to remedy, to help, 

restore, defend, to st'op, 

Riparato, pari, repaired 

Riparazidiie, and Rìparatùra, 
f. reparation, repair 

RipKro, m. thelter, defence : 
far ripilro intomo à qualche 
luogo, to meet together 

Ripartito, part, divided 
Ripartorire, to lax) in again 
RipjCsL-ere, to feed again, to ea 

Ripassare, to repass, pats 
Ripassata, /. a repassing 

dare una ripassata, to exa 

Ripetere, to repeat 
Ripeti mdnto, m. repetition 
Ripetitóre; m. a repeater 
Ripetiiura, and Ripetiiidne, 

/. a repetition, r'kearsal 
Ripetuto, part, rn.eated 
Ripezzamento, m. a patching 
Ripezzàre, to patch, piece 
Ripezzatóre, »«. a botcher 
Ripezzatùra,/."<i patching 
Ripiacére, to please again 
Ripiaciménto, m. a new pUom 



I alcu 

Ripassato, part, repassed 
Ripasseggiare, to tvalk out 

RipaU're, to suffer again 
Ripatriare, to recall from ba- 


Ripentirsi, to repent 

Ripentitdre, m. a repentant 
Ripercosso, adj. beaten back 
Ripercotiménto, m. repercus- 

Ripérdere, io lose again 
Riperdiito, part, lost again 
Ripesare, io rveigh again ; {a., 

Ripesato, part, weighed 
"'scare, to fish out again 

, icàto, part, fished 
Ripestare, to beat again in . 
mortar, to pound again 

Ripiantato, part, replanted 
Ripicchiare, to knock again t 
(also) to reiterate, to begin 

Ripiegare, to p'ait ; fold a- 
gain, to blunt, dull, bend, 
b'rv ; ripiegar del panno, 
ioftdd up cluth ; ripiegarsi, to 

Ripièno, adj. fall, filled 

Ripièno, 7(1. stuffing; servir 
per ripièno, to stand for a 

Ripigliaménto, m. a remorss ' 
(also) a retaking 

Ripigliare, io retake, io re- 
cover, io reprove, rebuke 

Ripignere, to push, beat, re ■ 

Ripilogdre, to recapitulate 

Ripinto, part, repulsed, hid- 

. idvere, to rain again 
Riplacare, to appease, calm ; 
"■placarsi, to be appeat- 

Ripopolare, to repeople 
Ripdrgere, to give again 
Ripdrre, to replant, replace. 


Riportante, adj. 

.iport^re, to earry hack, to 
defer, delay, to acquire; ne 
riporterete grande onorr. 


:arried back. 

Rioótto, »n. a report; (also) 

Riposaménto, m. repote, 

Riposare, to repose, cease, 
to get rest; andar a ripo- 
sare, to go to bed ; riposarsi 
sopra uno, to depend upon 

Riposatamente, adv. qnieily 
Riposato, part, reposed 
Riposévole, adj. quiet, peace- 

Ripostaménte, adv. 

Ripósto, part. pttt, laid, 
placed : luiSgo ripósto, a 

Ripregare, to entreat again 
Riprémere, to repress, squeeze, 

press again 
Ripremùto, part, repressed 
Riprèndere, to take, re- 

Riprendévole, adj. reprehen- 
sible, bVamable 
Riprendiménto, m. rebuke 
Riprenditóre, m. a reprover 
Riprensfbile, adj. r'eprovea- 

Riprensióne,/. ' 

Riprensóre, »i 


Ripropórre, to propose again 
Ripirotestàre, to protest 

Riprovato, part, proved, tried 

Riprovazióne, /. reprobation, 
rejection, the act of trying 

Riprovedére, and Riprovve- 
dére, to provide again, to 
examine again 
Ripruóva,X proof, mark 
Ripudiare, to divorce 
Ripùdio, m o divorcing 
Ripugnante, adj. repugnant 
R'ipugnanza,/. repugnancy 
Ripugnare, <o clash, to resist; 
iripugna alia ragióne, it « 
contrary to reason 
Ripugnazidne,/. reluctancy 
Ripugnere, to prick again 
Ripuliménto, w. a furbish- 

RipuUre, to furbish, clean, 

Ripulito, part, polished 
Ripulitura,/, a po/wWngr 
Ripulitóre, m a polisher 
Ripullulare, to bud forth 
Ripulsa,/, repulse 
Ripulsare, to repulse, deny 

RI 3 

;, to resaliUe, taiutt 

Risanàbile, adj. curable 
Risanaménto, m. a cure 
Risanare, to cure again ; ri- 

sanarsi, to recover | 

isanàto, part: cured 
Risapére, to know, to be told 
- B'l r- = ='- '- -=- 

Riprésa, m. a renewing, 
reprehension; per più ri- 
prése, several times 
Ripresiglia,/ reprisals 
Ripresentàre, t> represent, 

show, to present again ^ 
Rìpresentatóre, m. an 'imita- 
tor, a dissembler 
Ripreso, adj. retaken 
Riprestare, to lend again 
Riprézzo, m. a shivering, 
fright, shuddering; mi vien 
riprézzo, I tremble 
Riprincipiaménto, m. a renerv- 

ing. beginning . 

Riprincipiàre,. to begin a- 

Riprodurre, to produce again 
Riprométtere, to reprimise , 

ripromettersi, tn rel^ upon, 

lojlaitcr ane'i self 

Riputare, to repute, look, imr 

pule, attribute 
Riputato, paH. reputed 
Riputazióne,/, reputation 
Riquadràre,<o quadrate, square, 

Riquadratura,/, a squaring 
Riquisizióne,/. requisUion 
Rirallegràrsi, to rejoice a- 

Rirómpersi, to break again 
Risaldare, to solder; to mend 
again ; to cure. Ileal (a 

a going up again 
Risalire, to ascend, climb, mount 

Risalt<!re, to leap, skip, 
again ; (also) 'project, jut out 


sapesse, should my h 

Risarcire, to mend, to compen- 
sate, repair; risarcire una 
perdita, to make good 

Risata, /. laughter, derUion , 
se ne fece una risata, ne 
laughed at it 

Risbadigliàre, to yawn again 

Riscaldaménto, m. a heat, a 

self warm again 

s' è riscaldata, tìie u... — 

broke out again'. 
Riscaldatlvo, adj. heating- 
Riscaldato, part, heated 
Riscaldazióne, /. a tvarm- 

Riscappare, to escape again 
Riscappinàre, to new -foot 

Riscattare, to redeem; t'lscat- 

tirsi, to be revenged 
Riscattatóre, m. a redeemer 
Riscatto, m. a redemption. 

Riscégliere, to choose again 
Riscegliménto, n». a nenr 

Rischiaraménto, m. a clearing, 

I'g^t . . ^ 

Rischiarare, ana Rischiarlre, 

to clear ; to explain, unfold, 

RischiéTole, adj perilous 
Rischio, VI. risk, danger 
Rischióso, adj. dangerous 
Risciacquare, to rinse, mash ^ 
Risciacquato, part. 


Riscontrare, to deduct, abate, 
to meet with, find, to col- 
late ; riscontrar le scritture, 
to compare ; riscontrarsi 
nelle parólo, to say Hie savit 

Riseo:i<rato, pari, met with, 
collated I 

Riscóntro, m. a meeting, a . 
coltiition, a comparing j 

Riscùirere, to run over, pe- 

Ri scorriménto, m. a run, a 

RkcossWne, and Riscòssa, /. 

exaction, recovery 
Riscosso, part, exacted. 

RiserliiSre, to reserve, diffe 
regard, consider, to deliVi 
from death 

Riserbataménte, adv. caution 

ly, prudently 

Riscritto, m, a tvritten t 

Risortilo, part, niritten 

Riscrivere, to write again, to 

answer a letter 
Riscuotere, to exact, demand, 

dun, to redeem, to ransom ; 

riscuotersi, to regain ; (also) 

to get loose, escape ; voglio 

1 iscuotérmi, I will have my 

Risdegnarsi, to fall in a pas- 

Risecàre, to cut again, to re- 
trench, cut off I 

Riseccàre, to exhaust, to dry 
up ; riseccarsi, to grow dry 

Riseccdlo, part, dried up, ex- 

Risedére, to reside, dwell; solo 
à ciò la mia mente riseda, / 
ink of nothing eUe 

Risédio, m. and Risedénza,/. 

residence, abode 
Riseduto, part, resided 
Riséga, /. a projecture, a jut- 
ting (in architecture) 
RisegAre, to cut off. part 
Ristgdtùra,/. a cutting, or cut 
Riségna, /. resignation, ces- 

Risegnàre, to re 

sign, a p prore 

Rislgna.tóne,/. r 

Risegulre, to co 

low on ; (also; 

sign; (also) 

Riserbazione, /. and Risèrbo, 

Riserraménto, m. an obsiruc- 

Riserrdre, to shut up 
Riserrato, part, shut, closed 
Risèrva, and RiserragiiSne, 

Riservare, to reserve 
Riservato, part, reserved 
Riservare, to serve again 
Risguardaménto, «i. a look, 

Risguarddnte, m. inspector 
Riiguarddre, to look, see 
Risguardatóre, m. a specta- 
Risguardévole, adj. considera- 
Risguàrdo, m. look, vien; 

sped; lo farò à risguàrdo 
vostro, I will do it for your 

Risibile, adj. laughable 
Risibilitis/. risibility 
Risicare, to risk, hazard 
Risico, m. risk, danger 
Risicóso, adj. hazardous, dan- 

Risigallo, m. red arsenic, a 

kind of poison 
Risimigliare, to resemble 
Rislpola, /. St. Anthony's 

Risogndre, to dream again 
Risolare, to new sole again 
Risollecitàre, to solicit 

resolve, purpose, dissipate, 

flisolviménlo, m. resolution, 

dissolving, or dissolution 
Risolutamente, adv. absvlulf 


Risolutézza,/, resolution 
Risolutivo, adj. resolutive 
Risoluto, part, resolved, reso- 
lute, determined, tired, fa- 
tigued ; (also) melted 
Risoluzióne, /. resolution ■ 

(also) a solution 
Risomigliante, adj. resem- 

Risoraigliànza, f, a rescm- 

Risembrare, to resemble 
Riseminare, to sow again 
Risensarsi, to recover one's 

sentirsi, to awake; to reco- 
ver one's senses ; risentirsi 
dell' injùrie, /o rMen< a« in- 


Risistere, to resist 

Risma, /. a ream (of paper) ; 
(also) sect ; party, faction 
(by Dante) 

Rise, m. laiigliter ; exepAr 
dalle risa, to burst out with 
laughing ; morir dalle risa, 
to die with laughing ; scop- 
piar dalle risa, lo break out 
into laughter; (also) rice (an 
Indian grain) ; adj. laughed 

Risonante, adj. resounding 
Riscnàn-a,J. a sound 
Risonare, to resound, ring 

Risorblre, to swallow again 
Risorgente, adj. rising again 
Risórgere, to rise up again 
Risorgiménto, ni. resurrec 

Risórto, pari, raised; m. ju- 

Risosplgnere, to push, teat, 

thrust, drive back 
Risospliito, part, repelled 
Risoilerire, to put in the 

ground again 
Risottométlere, to tubdue a 

Risovvenfie, and Rissovvenlrsi 

to emember 
Risparmiare, to spare, to save 
Risparmiato, part, exempted 
Risparmiatóre, to. a saving 

Rispàrmio, and Risparmia- 
ménto, m. parsimony, sav- 
ingncss, husbandry 
Rispazzare, in sweep 
Rispedire, to dispatch asain 
Rjspégnere, to extinguish 
Rispéndere, to spend 
Rispénto, part txtlnguishrd 
Ri.spettdbile, a [f respectablg 
Rispettile, adj. rcspeclji.1 
Rispettare, tu respect, regard 
Rispettato, pi-'i^ respected 
Rispettévole, atij respectful^ 
obsejmou;, complaisant 

RUpc-ttÌTaménte, adv. retpee- 

Riss^re, to scold, ijnarrel 
Hi:>tabilimi-nto, m. reeslablUh- 

per, or a rispètto, ;>rcji. i">i 
comparitoti. Per rispètto, 
mìv. for the sake, on •!€• 

Rispettosamente, adv. respect- 

Rispettóso, ad), respectful 
Rispiaiiare. to smooth, to rx- 

plain, unfold 
Rispianato, m. a plain, a 

smooth ground 
Rispfgnere, to push, beat back. 

RispigolàTe, to glean 
Ris]>fngere, to reputi 

Rispinto, part, pushed, re- 

Rispirare, to breathe 
Rispiraziune, /. respiration, 

Rispetto, Trt. rest, quiet, pause, 

Risplendènte, adj. shining, 

Rìsplendentemènte, adv. cUan- 

RisplendénZa, /. resplen- 

Rispléndere, io shine, glit- 

Risplendévole, shining, bright 
Risplendim^to, »i. splendour, 

Rispogliàre, to strip naked 
Rispondènte, adj. cuismet- 

Rl$pondèn2a, /. conformiti/ 
Rispóndere, to ansmer. ro» 
respond ; questa finèstra 
rispónde nel giardmo, this 
rvindotv looks into the gar- 
Jen ; rispóndersi, to agree 
Rispondévole, adj. answer- 

Risponsdbilo, adj. ansmer- 

'able, accountable 
Risponsidne, /. an ansmer, 

Ri5t<!gno, m. stagnation 
Ristampa,/, reimpression 
nista.mpATe,to reprint 
Ristampato, part, reprinted 
Ristare, and Kistirsi, to slop, 

Ristata, /. a pause, rest, a 

Ristaurdre, to restore 
Ristauratóre, m. a restorer 
RisteccWre, to grew dry, to 

Rist'illàre, to distii again 
Ristfo, adj. untameable 
Ristitufre, to restore, repair 
Ristepp^re, to stop mith 

Ristoramènto, m. a restora- 
tion, a reward, requital 
Ristorare, to restore, reward, 
requite ; ristorarsi, to 
fresh one's self 
Ristoratf%-o, adj. restoring 
Ristorato, pait. restored 
Ristoratóre, m. a restorer 
Ristorazióne, /. 

Ristòro, m. a rtsioration, com 

fort, amends 
Ristrettamente, ado. briefly 
RistretUvo, adj. restnclivi 

y agmtn 

Risposare, to 
Rispósta,/. 3» answer 
Rispósto, p^rt. answered 
Risputare, to spit again 
RisquTtto, m. respite, rest 
BisquoUbile, adj. demandable. 

Rissa, /. Ó strife, quarrel, 

Rus^inte^ adj. quarreling 

Ristrfgnere, to bind, tie, joii 
oblige ; ristrfgnersi con un 

shelter ; ristrfgnersi nell 
spalle, to shtug 
Ristrignimènto, and Ristrin- 
giménto, -i •--•- 

Ristringere, {see Ristrt. 

Ristringimènto, m. constric 

Ristucco, part. surfeited, 

weary, glutted, full 
Ristudiare, to study over o- 

Risudamènto, m, a vapour, 

Risudàre, to sweat again, eva- 

Risvegghiire, to awake 
Risvegliaménto, m. excitalton,