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MAY 1959 







The speaker for Lycoming College's 111th Com- 
inencciiiciiL Win ue Iric i\fVciciRi i lOiessor josepn 
Szczepkowski. He was born in Brooklyn, New York 
on December 12, 1890. He studied at Cazenovia Sem- 
inary, Syracuse University, Detroit Teachers College, 
Drew Theological Seminary, and took post-graduate 
work in summer schools at Union Seminary, New 
York and Cambridge University, England. 

During the First World War Mr. Szczepkowski was 
an officer in the United States Navy and went to Po- 
land soon after his release from military service. There 
he became rector of the Polish Methodist Biblical 
Seminary in W'arsaw and lield that position until it 
was liquidated during the Stalin era. At the present 
time he is deputy professor and lecturer in English 
at Copernicus University located in Torum, Poland — 
tlie birthplace of the early astronomer Nicolaus Koper- 
nicus. He is also director of the Methodist Language 
C^ollege in Warsaw. This is one of the largest of its 
kind in the world with an average yearly registration 
of six thousand students. 

Although an American citizen by birth, Mr. Szczep- 
kowski was subjected to increasing political pressures 
as he carried on the work of The Methodist Church 
in Poland. Ultimately he had to make a choice be- 
tween his work and his citizenship. In order to guar- 
antee his immolcsted stay he became a Polish citizen. 
Only with this sacrifice is he able to continue his resi- 
dence in Poland and to serve as the General Superin- 
tendent of the Polish Methodist Church. 

For his address to the Senior Class of Lycoming 
College, Mr. Szczepkowski has chosen as his text, 
"who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom 
for such a time as this." 

OCTOBER 31, 1959 


The 111th Annual Commencement of Lycoming 
College will take place on tlie Flag Court on Suriday, 
June 7, 1959, at 3:00 p. m. Five honorary degrees will 
be conferred in addition to the 96 seniors who will 
receive their A.B. Degrees, 94 seniors who will receive 
their B.S. Degrees, and 11 students who will receive 
their terminal certificates. 

The Reverend Professor Joseph Szczepkowski will 
deliver the Commencement address. He will receive 
the Doctor of Divinity Degree as will the Reverend 
Doctor Malcolm V. xXIussina. The degree, Doctor of 
Humane Letters, will be conferred on Edwin Crever 
Dunning. He is the great-grandson of the Reverend 
Benjamin H. Crever, the founder of Dickinson Semi- 
narv — forerunner of Lycoming College. The Doctor 
of Laws Degree will be conferred on Conway W. 
Dickson and Judge Frederick V. Follmer. Mr. Dick- 
son is borough solicitor in Berwick, Pennsylvania. 
Judge Follmer is a resident of Milton, Pennsylvania 
and is a United States District Judge. 


Saturday, June 6, 1959 

Reuning Classes 
'54 '49 '58 




14 '19 








The Reverend Doctor Malcolm V. Mussina was 
born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, in 1902. He was 
graduated from the ^^'illiamsport High School and 
received his A.B. Degree from Bucknell University. 
New York University conferred the M.A. Degree upon 
him. He received his theological training at Drew 
University, and it was from this institution that he 
received both his B.D. Degree and Ph.D. Degree. 

Dr. Mussina became a member of the Central 
Pennsylvania Conference of The Methodist Church 
in 1932. He served in the pastorate for 12 years be- 
fore becoming Director of the \^'eslev Foundation at 
State College, Pennsylvania. He held this position 
for five years before his election to Executive Secre- 
tary of the Conference Board of Education in 1948. 
Dr. Mussina has been a member of the faculty at a 
number of universities. He was a teaching fellow in 
the College of Religious Education and Missions at 
Drew University; Assistant and part-time visiting Pro- 
fessor of Religious Education at The Pennsylvania 
State University; and Lecturer in Religious Education 
in the Graduate School of Religion at the University 
of Southern California. 

His conference responsibilities include serving as 
member of the Committee on Christian Vocations and 
member of the Commission on Town and Country 
Work. He has been active in interdenominational cir- 
cles serving as a Director of the PennsyKania State 
Sabbath School Association; member of the Education 
Committee of the Pennsylvania State Council of 
Churches; and member cf the Commission on Admin- 
istration and Leadership of the National Council of 
Churches. He is a member of the Williamsport 
School District Board and served as president of this 
body for one year. He is also a member of the Wil- 
liamsport Area Joint School Board. 

Dr. Malcolm V. Mussina is the son of Vivian E. 
and Margaret MacMillan Mussina and is married to 
the former Florence Spencer. The\' liav(> two chil- 
dren, Curolvn and Malcolm. 


Edwin Cre\'er Dunning was born in Howard, Penn- 
sylvania in 1914, but moved to Southern California 
at an early age. He is the son of the late Dr. James 
Edwin Dunning, and the great-grandson of the Rev- 
erend Benjamin H. Crever, the founder of Dickinson 
Seminaiv. He was graduated cum laude from the 
University of Southern California. 

The son of a Methodist minister, Mr. Dunning has 
been continuously interested and active in the fields 
of church music and teaching. At the age of 19 he 
received his first appointment as a choir director. A 
year later he was engaged by the First Baptist Church 
in Los Angeles where he served for ten years as Minis- 
ter of Music and baritone soloist. He is currently 
Minister of Music at Glide Memorial Methodist 
Church in San Francisco. He is also a regular member 
of the Cosmopolitan Opera Company of San Francisco. 

He has taught in the Samoiloff Bel Canto Voice 
Studios of Los Angeles, in the Baker Conservatory of 
Music in Flint, Michigan, and was a member of the 
Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto under Her- 
mann Geiger-Torel. After a year with the San Fran- 
cisco Conservatory of Music, Mr. Dunning moved to 
San Jose, California, where he is a member of the 
faculty of the Music Department at San Jose State 
College, and a founder and Head of their Opera 

The greatest public recognition has come to Mr. 
Dunning through his opera singing. In a Holh'wood 
Bowl production he took the principal role in the 
opera "Martha." In New York he sang in "La Boheme" 
with Grace Moore — a performance which proved to 
be the last in this country for the noted soprano. The 
following year he was engaged for the Chicago Opera 
season. Engagements in New Orleans, Richmond, 
Pittsburgh, Washington, Cuba and Central America 
followed in (juick succession. During the war he 
traveled mere than fifty thousand miles singing with 
USO through the South Pacific, Europe and Asia. 




Conway \V. Dickson was born August 14, 1885, in 
Berwick, Pennsylvania, and is tlie son of Sterling W. 
and Lillie E. Dickson. He attended Berwick public 
schools, from which he was graduated in 1903 as 
valedictorian of his class. He entered Lawrenceville 
Preparatory School where he was class orator and an 
honor student. During his year at Lawrenceville he 
was a member of the football team, the debating team, 
and the Philomathean Society. Mr. Dickson matricu- 
lated in the academic department of Yale College in 
the fall of 1904 and was graduated in 1908, receiving 
a B.A. Degree. While at Yale, he took part in inter- 
class debating, held membership in the University 
Glee Club and the Zeta Psi fraternity. 

In the fall of 1908 he became a student in the law 
department of the University of Pennsylvania and was 
graduated in 1910, receiving the LL.B. Degree. While 
enrolled at that institution, he was a member of the 
Sharswood Club and editor of the class report. He 
entered upon the practice of law in the fall of 1910 
in the offices of M. J. Martin and Ralph W. Rymer, 
Scranton, Penna. He was associated with them two 
vears before he opened law offices in Berwick where 
he has continued to maintain a general practice. In 
1927 he married Gertrude Anna Finck, a nati\e of 
New York City. 

Mr. Dickson has served as president or chairman 
of the following organizations: Columbia and Mon- 
tour Counties Bo\' Scout Council, Berwick Hospital, 
Chamber of Commerce, Rotarv Club, W\-oming Val- 
ley Yale Club, Community Chest, Community Concert 
.\ssociation. He is a member of the Knights of Malta. 
P. O. S. of A., and the I. O. O. F. 

The Methodist Church has also benefited from the 
leadership of Conway W. Dickson. He is President 
of the Trustees of The First Methodist Church of 
Berwick, President of the Sunbur\' District Trustees 
of The Methodist Church, and a iuemb("r of the Cen- 
tral Pennsylvania Conference Committee on Confer- 
ence Organization. 


Frederick Voris Follmer was born December 12, 
1885, in Milton, Pennsylvania. He is the son of Dr. 
John S. and Elizabeth B. Follmer. A life-long resident 
of Central Pennsylvania, he attended the public 
schools in Milton and was graduated in 1902. He 
matriculated at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, 
Pennsylvania, and had conferred upon him the A.B. 
Degree in 1906. While a student at Bucknell, he was 
elected to Phi Beta Kappa. 

Judge Follmer continued his graduate work at 
Harvard University and was graduated from that in- 
stitution in 1909, receiving the LL.B. Degree. He was 
honored in 1956 when his alma mater, Bucknell Uni- 
versity, conferred upon him the honorary degree, 
Doctor of Civil Laws (D.C.L.). 

On Memorial Day, 1921, he married die former 
Ella Brown. They have one daughter, Mary Elizabeth 
(Mrs. Robert E. LaCroix), presently li\'ing in Prairie 
Village, Kansas. 

In 1910 he opened his practice in Milton, and 
tiie following year was elected Assistant District At- 
torney of Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. He 
held this position for three years. He continued his 
legal practice in Milton until 1935 when he was ap- 
pointed United States Attorney. He served in this 
capacity eleven years. In 1946 he became United 
States District Judge and presided over the Eastern, 
Middle and Western District of Penns)'lvania. In 
1955, as United States District Judge, he was specific- 
ally assigned to the Middle District of Pennsylvania. 

Judge Follmer has few competing interests and 
hence is able to devote his talents in the service of The 
Methodist Church as an active layman. For 36 vears 
he has been the organist at the First Methodist Church 
in Milton. In that church he has been the President 
of the Board of Trustees for many years and is also 
the Chairman of the Commission on Stewardship and 
Finance. He is the la\' member to the .\nnual Confer- 
ence and a director of The Methodist Home for the 
.\ged in Tyrone, Pennsylvania. 

Schedule of Activities 

For Commencement Weekeml 


(All Activities on Daylight Saving Time) 

9:00 a.m.— 12:00 m. 

Rcpstration Main Campus 

10:00 a. m. to 12:00 m. — 2:30 p. m. to 5:00 p. m. 

Lycoming College MiistMim Open E\elaiul Hall 

12:00 m. 

Luncheon College Dining Room 

(All alumni guests of the College) 
The Annual Meeting of the Alumni As.sociation will immediate- 
ly follow the luncheon at which time: 

Introduction of 40-year alumni Dr. Victor B. Hann 

Presentation of 50-year certificates Dr. D. Frederick Wertz 
Presentation of the Order of the Warrior 

Mr. W. Rus.sell Zacharias 
Report of the College Dr. D. Frederick Wertz 

2:00 p.m. 

Meetings of Classes holding Reunions 

6:00 p. m. 

Ahnnni Banquet College Dining Room 

Speaker: Mr. Fred A. Pennington '32 

(Tickets $2.00 — Purchase at Registration Desk) 

8:15 p.m. 

The Lycoming Choir Concert Clarke Chapel 

SUNDAY, JUNE 7, 1959 
10:45 a. m. 
Baccalaureate Service Pine Street Methodist Cliurch 

Speaker: Dr. D. Frederick Wertz 

President, Lt/coming College 

3:00 p.m. 

Commencement Flag Court, Lycoming College 

(In case of rain — Roosevelt Junior High School) 

Sjtcaker: The Reverend Professor Joseph Szczepkowski 

General Superintendent, Polish Methodist Church 


This is tlie time of the year wlien grads' thouglits 
turn toward tlieir Alma Maters. For somewhere a few 
years ago or many years ago, this time of year caps 
and gowns, farewells, and goodbyes, "sheepskins" and 
speeches were the order of the day. For tliousands 
of Seminary and Lycoming GratUiates, distance, time, 
physical infirmities, family obligations, and perhaps 
some indifference will bring only memories tinged 
with nostalgia and retrospection. For some hundreds 
of former students, there will be the joy of walking 
again once familiar places, of greeting old friends, 
of bragging a little about family achievements and 
noticing the changes that time has made in the physi- 
cal forms of former schoolmates. But something in- 
explicable happens when one returns to the Campus 
of the School which made an impression far greater 
than one ever expected. It is the rebirth of the spirit, 
the fanning of long smouldering coals of memory, the 
quickening of lethargic responses. It is going back 
"home" for a short visit. 

If you have not been to the Campus in years, you 
will have trouble recognizing familiar landmarks. If 
you have been back as recent as last year, you'll be 
delighted with the new Student Activities Building. 
Many physical and other changes have taken place in 
the relatively short period that Dr. Wertz has been 

Commencement this year will mark the closing of 
my service to the College as Alumni President. I have 
appreciated so much the help of my associates on the 
Alumni Board. It's been a joy of mine to have served 
my School, particularly in these years when so much 
has happened on the Lycoming Campus. My suc- 
cessor is a most capable, highly respected alumnus of 
the College and a citizen of the ^^'illiamsport Com- 
munity. He will make an excellent leader. 


Victor B. Hann, 


Newsletter From 



Profit Org. 

U. S. 



A 1 D 


msport. Pa. 


lit No. 88