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1 886 





Copyright, 1881, by HaHpep. & Beothees. 

Copyright, 1S86, by Haepee & Beothers. 



Introduction to the American Edition ...... vii 


according to Matthew . 3 

ACCORDING to MaRK ..'........., 72 





OF James 317 

OF Peter 1 324 

OF Peter II 331 

• OF John 1 336 

OF John II 344 

of John III. . . 345 

OF JUDE , 346 


to THE Romans ....,.„..,... 351 

TO THE Corinthians 1 378 

TO the Corinthians II 403 

to the GtALAtians 420 

to the Ephesians 429 

TO THE Philippians 438 


TO THE Thessalonians I. 452 

TO THE Thessalonians II 458 

TO the Hebrews . 462 

TO Timothy I 484 

TO Timothy II. .. 491 

TO Titus 496 

TO Philemon 499 


Peeface to the E.E vised Edition. 

This edition differs from the first by the following improve- 
ments : 

1. The Text of the Greek Testament is corrected. Notwith- 
standing the extraordinary care and accuracy of the editors, a 
number of typographical errors and inconsistencies remained in 
the first edition. Dr. Hort kindly prepared and sent me a full 
list of them, and this edition is now conformed page for page 
and word for word to the corrected London edition. 

2. The list of Quotations from the Old Testa^ient has 
been transferred for convenience' sake from the second volume 
to this. 

3. The Introduction to the American Edition has been re- 
vised and brought up to date. It was written and published 
before the Introduction and Appendix of Westcott and Hort ap- 
peared. Fortunately, it does not interfere with this, but sup- 
plies just such preliminary information as their second volume 
presupposes. It has therefore been retained at the wish of the 
publisher. Those who desire fuller information on the subject 
of textual criticism may consult the second volume of Westcott 
and Hort (which is hkewise published by Messrs. Harper & 
Brothers), and the writer's Companion to the G-reek Testament, 
and tlie English Version (published by the same firm, revised 
edition, 1885). 

Philip Schaff. 

Union TnEOL. SEiiiNAEY, New Yoek, Jan., 1SS6. 






Merits op the Edition . . 



Classes op Variations . 





Substitutions .... 





Object of Criticism . , 





Rules op Criticism , . 


1. The Greek Manuscripts 



Application op the Rules 


A. Uncial Manuscripts . 


B. Cursive Manuscripts 





2. The Ancient Versions . 


A. Syriac Versions . . 



First Period: The Tex- 

B. Latin Versions , . 


Tus Receptus. From 

C. Old Egyptian, or Cop- 

Erasmus and Beza to 

tic. Versions . , . 


Bengel and Wetstein, 

D. ^thiopic Version . 


A.D. 1516-1750 . . . 


E. Gothic Version . . 



Second Period: Transi- 

F. Armenian Version . 


tion FROM the TeXTUS 

3. Patristic Quotations . 


Receptus to the Uncial 

A. Greek Fathers . . 


Text. From Griesbach 

B. Latin Fathers . = 


to Lachmann, A.D. 1770- 


1830 . . 



Third Period : The Prim- 



itive Text. From Lach- 

1. Origin op Variations , 


to Westcott and Hort, 

A.D. 1830-1881 . . . 


2. NuJiBER OP Variations 



3. Value of Variations 

X TO Notation . . . .Ixxxvhi 










Philip Schaff. 

Merits of the Edition. 

The year of our Lord 1881 marks an epoch in the his- 
tory of the New Testament. It is the birthyear both of 
the purest English translation and of the purest Greek text 
of that little book which contains the inspired message of 
God's wisdom and love to mankind, and which forms the 
highest standard of Christian faith and duty. 

The coincidence is remarkable. The original and the 
translation were matured during the same long period by 
harmonious, though independent, co-operation. The Edi- 
tors of the Greek text were members of the English New 
Testament Company of Revisers ; the English and Ameri- 
can Revisers had the confidential use of advanced proof- 
sheets of this edition of the Greek text as they proceeded, 
and their translation is more nearly conformed to it than 
to any other printed edition from Erasmus and Beza down 
to Tischendorf and Tregelles. 

The Textus Beceptus^ so called, was announced to the 
world by the Leyden publishers in 1633, with the bold 


declaration, " Textum ergo hahes nunc ah omnibus recei> 
tu7n,r I venture to introduce the Greek Testament of 
Westcott and Hort with the modest assertion, Hie hahes 
textum omnium editionum antiquissimum et purissimum. 
It is based exclusively on documentary evidence, and on 
the most careful comparison of all the ancient sources of 
the text as they have been collected and made available by 
the indefatigable diligence of former editors, especially of 
Lachmann, Tischendorf, and Tregelles. It embodies the 
results of the combined labours of more than a quarter of 
a century. It vv^ill, of course, not supersede the large edi- 
tions which contain the whole critical apparatus; but it 
will take its rank at once among the best standard edi- 
tions of the Greek Testament. 

I became personally acquainted with the editors and 
their work at Harrow, in 1869, and saw them after- 
wards repeatedly at Cambridge, London, and Peterbor- 
ough. I formed such a favourable opinion of the value 
of their labours that I engaged from them and their pub- 
lisher (Mr. Macmillan) duplicate plates for an American 
edition, which is now published by the Messrs. Harper & 
Brothers. This opinion ripened into conviction by con- 
stant use, since ISVO, of proof-sheets of this text, in my 
edition of Lange's " Commentary on John " (see the crit- 
ical notes), in my exegetical lectures, and in my labours 
as a member of the Revision Committee. 

Drs. Westcott and Hort are ranked in England among 
the best Greek and Biblical scholars. Dr. Hort (born 1828 ; 
educated at Rugby School and Trinity College, Cambridge) 
is Hulsean Professor of Divinity in the University of Cam- 
bridge (since 1878). He is probably more familiar with 
the textual history of the Greek Testament than any other 


man living. He exerted great influence in tlie Revision 
Company on all matters of reading. His Tido Disserta- 
tions on jiovoyevrjQ Qeoq and on the Constantinopolitan 
Creed (1876) evince a rare degree of patristic learning 
and critical acumen. Doctor Westcott (born 1825; edu- 
cated at Trinity College, Cambridge) is Regius Professor 
of Divinity at Cambridge (since 1870), and Canon of 
Westminster (since 1883). He is tlie author of several 
able and useful works, as a History of the English Bible; 
a History of the Canon of the Neiv Testament ; an Intro- 
duction to the Study of the Gospels ; a Commentary on the 
Gospel of John ; and one on tbe Epistles of John. 

These two scholars have been in constant correspondence 
with each other, and kept a journal of their discussions of 
all the important textual questions. Few works have ever 
been prepared with so much labour, care, and devotion as 
their edition of the Greek Testament, begun in 1853 and 
finished in 1881. 


The chief authorities for the topics discussed in this in- 
troduction are the following works : 

Jo. Jac. Wetstein: H Kati^j) AiaBr]Kr]. Novum Testamentum 
Grcecum editionis receptm cum lectionihus variantihus, etc. Am- 
stel. 1751-52, 2 tom. fol. Prolegomena in tom. i. pp. 1-222. 

Jo. Jac. Griesbach: Nomim Testamentum Oroece. Ed. 2da. 
Halse Sax. et Lond. 1796-1806, 2 vols. 8vo. Ud. tertiam emend, 
et auctam cur. David Schulz. Vol. i. Berolini, 1827. Praefa- 
tiones et Prolegomena, vol. i. pp. iii.-lvi. i.-cxxvii. Also his 
Symholm Criticce (1785-93), with his Meletemata, and Gommenta- 
rius Criticus in Textum Grmcum N. T. (1798 and 1811). 

Car. Lachmann : Novum Testamentum Greece et Latine. Be- 
rolini, 1842-50, 8vo. Prasfatio, vol. i. pp. v.-lvi. ; vol. ii. pp. iii.- 
xxvi, Comp. also Lachmann's article in explanation and de- 
fence of his critical system, in the 8tudien und Kritiken for 
1830, Ko. IV., pp. 817-845. 


Aen.Frid. Const. Tischendorf : Novum Testanientum Greece. 
Ad antiquissimos testes denuo recensuit, apparatum criticum omni 
studio perfectum apposuit, commentationem isagogicam proetexuit. 
Editio septima, Lips. 1859, 2 vols. 8vo. Prolegomena, vol. i. pp. 
xiii.-cclxxviii. The text of tMs edition is superseded by the edi- 
tio octava critica maior, Lips. 1869-72, 2 vols. The new Prole- 
gomena, which the author did not live to finish, were prepared 
by Dr. Gregory, aided by the late Dr. Ezra Abbot, and form 
the third vol. of the 8th critical ed. (Pars prior. Lips. 1884). 

Samtjel Prideaux Tregelles: The Greek New Testament, 
edited from Ancient Authorities, with the Latin Version of Jerome, 
from the Codex Amiatinus. London, published in parts from 
1857 to 1879, 1 vol. 4to. The 7th part (published in 1879, after 
the death of Dr. Tregelles) contains the Prolegomena, with Ad- 
denda and Corrigenda, compiled and edited by Rev. Dr. Hort 
and Rev. A. W. Streane. Comp. also Tregelles: Account of 
tJie Printed Text of the Greek New Testament, with Remarks on 
its Revision upon Critical Principles. London, 1854. And the 
first part (prepared by Tregelles) of the fourth volume of Home's 
Introduction to the Holy Scriptures, 10th ed. London, 1856; 14th 
ed. 1877 ; also published separately as an Introduction to the 
Textual Criticism of the New Testament, London, 1856, etc. 

Henry Alford : The Greek Testament. London, 6th ed. 1868, 
etc. Prolegomena, vol. i. chaps, vi. and vii. pp. 73-148. 

Ed. Reuss: Bihliotheca Novi Testamenti Greed. Brunsvigse, 
1872 (pp. 313). The most complete list of all the printed edi- 
tions of the Greek Testament, supplemented by Dr. Isaac H. 
Hall in Schaff's Companion to the Gr.Test. pp. 497-524. 

Fr. H. Ambrose Scrivener: A Plain Introduction to the 
Criticism of the New Testament. London, 1861; 2d ed. 1874; 
3d ed. 1883 (712 pages). 

C. E. Hammond. Outlines of Textual Criticism Applied to the 
New Testament. Oxford, 1872; 2d ed. 1876. 

The second volume of Westcott and Hort's Greek Test. 
contains the critical Introduction and Appendix. London and 
KY. 1881. 

The Critical Introductions to the New Testament by Hug, 
De Wette, Bleek, Reuss (5th ed. 1874), Holtzmann (1885); 
and several articles on Bible Text in Herzog's Real-Encyk. 
(new ed. ii. 400-437), and Smith's Diet, of the BibU (iii. 2112- 
2139, Amer. ed.); an essay of Dr. Ezra Ajbbot in An^loAmeri- 


can Bible Bemsion, Philadelphia, 2d ed. 1879 (pp. 86-98) ; the 
third part of Edward C. Mitchell's Critical Handbook, An- 
dover, 1880 (pp. 67-143). 


The original autographs* of the apostolic writings are 
lost beyond all reasonable hope of discovery, and are not 
even mentioned by the post-apostolic authors as being ex- 
tant anywhere, or as having been seen by them.f They 
perished, probably before the close of the first century, 
with the brittle paper then in ordinary use (the Egyptian 
papyrus), like all other ancient writings (with the excep- 
tion of a few that were accidentally preserved in Egyptian 
tombs and mummies, or under the lava of Vesuvius at 
Herculaneum and Pompeii). God has not chosen to ex- 
empt the Bible by a miracle from the fate of other books, 
but has wisely left room for the diligence and research of 
man, who is responsible for the use of all the facilities 
within his reach for the study of the Bible. He has not 
provided for inspired transcribers any more than inspired 
printers, nor for infallible translators any more than infal- 
lible commentators and readers. He wastes no miracles. 
He desires free and intelligent worshippers. "The letter 
killeth, but the spirit giveth life." The Bible, in its origin 
and history, is a human as well as a divine book, and must 
be studied under this twofold aspect. It is the incarna- 
tion of God's truth, and reflects the divine-human person 

* Autographa, apxsrvTra, iSiox^ipa. 

f On the disputed passage of Tertullian, who speaks of ipsce 
authenticce litterce Apostolorum, see Scrivener, p. 504 (third ed.). 


of Christ, to whom it bears witness as the Alpha and Ome- 
ga, as the Way, the Life, and the Truth. Even if we had 
the apostolic autographs, there would be room for verbal 
criticism, since they, like other ancient books, were written 
as a continuous whole, without accents, without punctua- 
tion, without division of sentences or words, without titles 
and subscriptions, without even the name of the author 
unless it was part of the text itself. 

In the absence of the autographs, we must depend upon 
copies, or secondary sources. But these are, fortunately, 
far more numerous and trustworthy for the Greek Testa- 
ment than for any ancient classic. "In the variety and 
fulness of the evidence on which it rests, the text of the 
New Testament stands absolutely and unapproachably alone 
among aacieut prose writings." (Westcott and Hort.) 

The sources of the text are threefold : Manuscript Cop- 
ies, Ancient Versions, and Patristic Quotations. 

1. The Greek Manuscripts. 
The Manuscripts, or Codices,* are the direct and most 
important sources. They number now about two thou- 
sand, counting all classes, and many new ones may yet be 
discovered.! They differ in age, extent, and value. They 

* Codex, or caudex, means, originally, the trunk of a tree, stock, 
stem ; then a Uock of wood split or sawn into planks, leaves, or 
tablets, and fastened together ; hence a took, as the ancients 
wrote on tablets of wood smeared with wax, the leaves being 
laid one upon another. The Hebrew manuscripts are in rolls. 

f The total number of uncial and cursive MSS., including 
'' lectionaries, recorded by Dr. Scrivener in his third edition 
(1888, p. XXX.), amoimtsto 2094, inclusive of 300 cursives discov- 
ered by Dean Burgon in 1883. Most of the MSS. are in Italy, 


were written between the fourth and sixteenth centuries; 
the oldest date from the middle of the fourth century, and 
rest, of course, on still older copies. Few manuscripts of 
Greek or Roman classics are older than the ninth or tenth 
century. The Medicean MS. of Virgil is of the fourth 
century, the Vatican MS. of Dion Cassius of the fifth. 
The oldest MSS. of JEschylus and Sophocles date from 
the tenth, those of Euripides from the twelfth century. 
The oldest complete copy of Homer is from the thirteenth 
century, though considerable papyrus fragments have been 
recently discovered which may date from the fifth or sixth. 
Some MSS. cover the whole New Testament, some only 
parts ; and hence they are divided into five or six classes, 
according as they contain the Gospels, or the Acts, or the 
Catholic Epistles, or the Pauline Epistles, or the Apoca- 
lypse, or only the Scripture lessons from the Gospels or Acts 
and Epistles (the lectionaries). Those which cover more 
than one of these classes, or the whole New Testament, are 
numbered in the lists two, three, or more times. The Gos- 
pel MSS. are the.m,ost numerous, those of the Apocalypse 
the least numerous. Some MSS. are written with great 
care, some contain many errors of transcribers. Most of 
them give the Greek text only, a few the Latin version 
also (hence called codices hilingues or GrcBco-Latini), e. g. 
Cod. D (or Bezse) for the Gospels and Acts, Cod. D (Clar- 
omontanus) for the Pauline Epistles, and Cod. A (Sangal- 
lensis) for the Gospels. They were written in the East, 
mostly in Alexandria and Constantinople ; for in Europe 

England, and France. Next come Turkey, German}^ and 

See the lists in Scrivener (p. 661, third ed.), which, however, 
are not very accurate. 


(with the exception of Greece, Lower Italy, and Sicily) the 
knowledge of the Greek language disappeared after the fifth 
century till the revival of learning in the fifteenth, and 
the Latin Vulgate supplied the place of the Greek and 
Hebrew Bible. Some words of frequent occurrence are 
usually abridged (as ^d =: ^eog, k(t =: Kvpioc, la = 'Irjcrovg, Tryu 

The MSS. are divided into two classes, uncial and cur- 
sive. The former are written in large or capital letters 
{litteroe unciales or majusculce), the latter in small letters 
{litteroe minusculce) or in current hand. The uncial MSS. 
are older, from the fourth to the tenth century, and hence 
more valuable, but were discovered and used long after the 
cursive. Two of them, the Sinaitic and the Vatican, date 
from the middle of the fourth century. The first is com- 
plete, the second defective. 

A. Uncial Manuscripts. 
The uncial MSS. are designated (since Wetstein, 1751), 
for the sake of brevity, by the capital letters of the Latin 
alphabet (A, B, C, D, etc.), with the help of Greek letters 
for a few MSS. beyond Cod. Z, and the Hebrew letter 
Aleph (x) for the Sinaitic MS. which was discovered last 
and precedes Cod. A.* 

* The present usage arose from the accidental circumstance 
that the Codex Alexandrinus was designated as Cod. A in the 
lower margin of Walton's Polyglot (Scrivener, loc. cit, p. 75, 
third ed.). A far better system w^ould be to designate them in 
the order of their age or value, which would place B and K 
before A. But the usage in this case can as little be altered as 
the traditional division into chapters and verses. Mill cited the 
copies by abridgments of their names, e. g. Alex., Cant., Mont.; 


The uncials are written on costly and durable vellum or 
parchment, on quarto or small folio pages of one or two, 
very rarely of three or four, columns. The older ones have 
no division of words or sentences except for paragraphs, 
no accents or ornaments, and but very few pause -marks. 
Hence it requires some practice to read them with ease. 

The date and place, which were not marked on MSS. 
earlier than the tenth century, can be only approximately 
ascertained from the material, the form of letters, the style 
of writing, the presence or absence of the Ammonian sec- 
tions [KEfciXaia, capitula) in the Gospels, the Eusebian Can- 
ons (or tables of references to the Ammonian sections, after 
340, when Eusebius died), the Euthalian sections in the 
Acts and Epistles, and the stichometric divisions or lines 
(fTTixoi) corresponding to sentences (botli introduced by 
Euthalius, cir. A.D. 458),* marks of punctuation (ninth cen- 
tury), etc. Sometimes a second or third hand has intro- 
duced punctuation and accents or different readings. Hence 
the distinction of lectiones a prima manu, marked by a * ; 
a secunda manu (**, or ^, or '') ^ a tertia manu (***, or ^, 
or "). 

Some MSS. (as Codd. C, P, Q, R, Z, S) have been written 
twice over, owing to the scarcity and costliness of parch- 
ment, and are called codices rescripti, or palimpsests (7raX<ju- 

but this mode would now take too much space. Wetstein 
knew 14 uncial MSS. of the Gospels, which he designated from 
A to O, and about 112 cursives, besides 24 Evangelistaries. 
See his list at the close of his Prolegomena, pp. 220-222, and 
II. pp. 3-15. 

* Afterwards these stichometric divisions were abandoned as 
too costly, and gave way to dots or other marks between the 
sentences. This w^as the beginning of punctuation. 


}prjffToi) ; the new book being written between the lines, or 
across, or in place of the old Bible text. 

Constantine the Great ordered from Eusebius, for the 
churches of Constantinople, the preparation of fifty MSS. 
of the Bible, to be written " on artificial!}^ wrought skins 
by skilful calligraphists." * To judge from this fact, the 
number of uncials was once very large, but most of the 
older ones perished at an early date. The whole number 
now known is less than one hundred. Scrivener reckons 
57 for the Gospels (most of them only fragmentary), 14 
for the Acts, 6 for the Catholic Epistles, 15 for the Pauline 
Epistles, 5 for the Apocalypse, exclusive of the uncial lec- 
tionaries, which are not marked by capitals, but by Arabic 
numerals, like cursive MSS. of all classes, f 

Dr. Ezra Abbot (shortly before his death, March, 1884) 
kindly fui'nished me with the result of his own careful re- 

The number of distinct uncial MSS. of the New Testa- 
ment (not including lectionaries) at present known is 85. 
We have for the Gospels 64; for the Acts 15; for the 
Catholic Epistles V ; for the Pauline Epistles 20 ; and for 
the Apocalypse 5. This includes the Codex Rossanensis, 
and four or five small fragments not used by Tischendorf. 
Dr. Abbot's last list is as follows : 

Gospels: N AB CDEFF-GHIi 3.4.7.ibKLMNN»0 0«^<=defg 

P QHSTT'^"' T''«'i« UYW*^'='i«^X Y Z r A 

eabcdefgh A ;5; n 2 and the Sunderland MS. (W« 

Gregory; Y Scriv.) = 64. 

Acts: X A B C D E(2) F*G(2) G^H(2) I s- s. e. l (2) P (2) = 15. 

* Eusebius, Vita Const, iv, 36, UevTrjKovra ffio/iaTia ev di(pSrtpai£ 
iyKaraaKwoiQ . . . vtto rexviriov KaWiypc«p(i}v. 
f Scrivener, Inirod. p. 75 (3d ed. 1883). 


Cath. : X A B C K (2) L (2) P (2) = 7. (Acts and Cath. together 

Paul: ^^ ABCD(--i)E(3)F(2)F'^G(3)H(3)I2.K(2)L(2)M(2) 

N (2) O (2) O »> (2) P (2) Q (2) R (2) =. 20. 

Apoc. : X A B (2) C P= 5. (Reckoned by classes, 64+16 + 20 
+ 5 = 105). 

Whole number of distinct MSS. : 

&5 A B B "P"*^ C D ®^^- *"^'' D p^"^ E E **^* E p^"' F F p^"^ F '^ G G ^*^* G p*'"^ 

Q.b(act) jg JJ act JJ paiil \ 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. J b g; g; cath. paul J^ L ^'^^^ '^^^^- P^"^ M 
]y[ paul I^ J^' a Ji^ paul Q QabcdefQ paul Q b (paul) p p act. cath. paul. apoc 

QQp'^'^iRRp^"! S T(orT'')T^oiTi'«'ie-[JY^abcdefx YZ 
r^eabcdefgh^^ s; ns and the Sunderland MS. (W^ Greg- 
ory; Y Scriv.)=^85. 

The Sinaitic and the Vatican MSS. are by far the most 
important for antiquity, completeness, and value. I give a 
brief description of the best uncial MSS. which are most 
frequently quoted by critics. 

(1.) Uncials of the first class. They are four — two 
from the fourth, two from the fifth century ; one complete 
(x), two nearly complete (A and B), one defective (C). To 
these is usually added D as the fifth of the great uncials, 
but it contains only the Gospels and Acts, and has strange 
peculiarities. In the Gospels the text of C, L, Z, /S?, and 
of A in Mark, is better than that of A, but in the rest of 
the New Testament A is undoubtedly, after K and B, the 
most important MS. 

i»^ (Aleph). Codex Sinaiticus, formerly in the Convent 
of Mount Sinai (hence its name), now in the Imperial Library 
at St. Petersburg.* It dates from the middle of the fourth 
century, is written on fine parchment (13^ inches wide by 
14^ long)? i" lai"g« uncials, with four columns to a page (of 

* I saw it there in July, 1884. It is superbly bound and kept 
in a special case under a glass cover. 


48 lines each). It has 346^ leaves. It was discovered 
and secured by the indefatigable Prof. C. Tischendorf, in 
the Convent of St. Catharine, at the foot of Mount Sinai, 
on the 4th of February, 1859.* It was published at St. 

* The story of the discovery, which made Tischendorf one 
of the happiest men I ever knew^ reads like an heroic romance. 
His three journeys from Leipsic to Mount Sinai, in pursuit of 
manuscript treasures, in 1844, 1853, and 1859; his first rescue of 
forty-three leaves of the Septuagint from a wasle-basket in the 
Convent of St. Catharine in 1844; his final discovery of the 
whole Cod. Sinaiticus in 1859, with the powerful aid of the rec- 
ommendation of Alexandef- II., who met such a terrible death 
at the hands of the Nihilists in 1881 ; his patient labor in tran- 
scribing it at Cairo, and in its publication at Leipsic; his con- 
troversy with the Greek Simonides, w^ho impudently claimed to 
have written the codex on Mount Athos in 1839 and 1840— are 
all told by himself, not without some excusable vanity, in his 
Reise in den Orient (1845-46), and Aus dem heil. Lande (1862); 
his Notitia Codicis Sinaitici (1860) ; the Prolegomena to his edi- 
tions (1862 and 1865); in his two controversial pamphlets, i>^e 
AnfecJitungen der Sinaihihel (1863), Waffen der Finsterniss wider 
die Sinaibihel (1863); and most full}^ in his Die Sinaibihel ihre 
Entdeckung, etc. (1871). When, on a visit to Mount Sinai in 
March, 1877, 1 saw a copy of the magnificent four-volume edi- 
tion in the convent library, and mentioned the name of Tisclien- 
dorf, the sub-prior kindled up in indignation and called him a 
thief, who had stolen their greatest treasure on the pretext of a 
temporary loan; and when I reminded him of the large reward 
of the Emperor of Russia, who had furnished a new silver shrine 
for the coffin of St. Catharine, he admitted it reluctantly; but 
remarked that they did not want the silver, but the manuscript 
— the manuscript which these monks could not read, and were 
at one time ready to throw^ into the fire ! After long delays, the 
MS. was formally presented to the Czar in 1869 in the name of 
the new prior, archbishop Kallistratos, and the monks of the 
Convents of St. Catharine and Cairo. Die Sinaibihel, p. 91. 


Petersburg (printed at Leipsic) at the expense of the Czar 
Alexander II. in celebration of the first millennium of the 
Russian empire, in accurate imitation by types specially 
cast, in four folio volumes.* The New Testament was also 
separately edited by Tischendorf in smaller type in quarto 
(Leipsic, 1863), in four columns; and an octavo edition in 
ordinary type (ibid. 1865). Dr. Scrivener has published a 
" Full Collation of the Sinaitic MS. with the Received Text 
of the New Testament" (2d ed. 1867). 

Codex &t is the most complete, and also (with the ex- 
ception, perhaps, of the Vatican MS. ) the oldest, or, at 
all events, one of the two oldest MSS., although it was last 
found and used. Tischendorf calls it " omnium codicum. 
uncialium solus integer omniumque antiquissimus^ He 
assigns it to the age of Eusebius the historian, who died in 
340 ; and thinks it not improbable that it was one of the 
fifty copies which Constantine had ordered to be prepared 
for the churches of Constantinople in 331, and that it was 
sent by the Emperor Justinian to the Convent of Mount 

* Bibliorum Codex Sinaiticus PetropoUtanus, Auspidis au- 
gustissimis Imperatoris Alexandri II., ex tenehris proiraxit in 
Europam iranstuUt ad iuvandas atque illustrandas sacras Utteras 
edidit Constantinus Tischendorf. Petropoli, MDCCCLXII. 
The first volume contains the dedication to the Emperor (dated 
Lips. YT^: 1862), the Prolegomena, Notes on the corrections by 
later hands, and twenty-one plates (in fac-simile); vols. ii. and 
iii. contain the Septuagint; vol. iv. the Greek Testament (134| 
leaves), the Epistle of Barnabas (foil. 135-141), and a part of the 
Pastor Hermse (foil. 142-147J). Copies of this rare and costly 
edition are in the Astor Library, the Lenox Library, the Union 
Theological Seminary, New York, at Princeton, Hartford, Cam- 
bridge, Andover, Yale, Rochester, and in other libraries of 


Sinai, which he founded.* It contains large portions of 
the Old Testament in the Septuagint Version (199 leaves), 
and tlie whole New Testament, without any omission, to- 
gether with the Epistle of Barnabas, all in Greek, and a 
part of the Pastor Hermse in Greek (147:^" leaves). It is 
mneli disfigured by numerous correctioHs made by the 
original scribes or several later writers, especially one of 
the fourth century (i? ^), whose emendations are very valu- 
able, and one of the seventh (x ^). It often confirms Cod. 
Vatieanus in characteristic readings (as fioroyevtiQ -^eog 
for viuc, in John i. 18; rr/y Ei^KXriaiav rod ^eov for Kvpiov, 
in Acts XX. 28 ; ay E^fVw, Eph. i. 1), and in omissions (as 
the doxology of the Lord's Prayer, Matt. vi. 13 ; the end 
of Mark, xvi. 9—20; the passage of the woman taken in 
adultery, John vii. 53— viii. 11), in part, also, the Old Latin 
Version ; but sometimes it supports other witnesses. It 
has contributed very much towards the settlement of the 
text, and stimulated the progress of the revision movement 
in England, in connection ^Yith Tischendorf's Tauchnitz 

* Tischendorf's edition of the English New Test., Leips. 1869, 
p. xii. After a more careful inspection of the Vatican MS. in 
1866, he has somewhat modified his view of the priority of the 
Sinaitic over the Vatican MS., and assigns them both to the 
middle of the fourth century, maintaining even that one of the 
scribes of X (who wrote six leaves, and whom he designates D) 
wrote the Xew^ Testament part of B. Compare the learned 
and very able essay of Dr. Ezra Abbot (against Dean Burgon): 
"Comparative Antiquity of the Sinaitic and Vatican MSS.," in 
the Journal of the American Oriental Society, vol. x. (1872), pp. 
189-200. Gebhardt, in Herzog's Beal-Encyklopddie (new ed.), 
vol. ii. p. 414, pronounces Burgon's attempt to prove the higher 
antiquity of the Vatican MS. by fifty to one hundred years an 
entu'e failure. 


edition of King James's Version (1869), which gives in 
foot-notes the chief readings of the three great uncials X, 
B, and A. 

Tischendorf first copied the Sinaitic MS., with the help 
of two Germans at Cairo (a physician and a druggist), then 
again at Leipsic after securing its permanent possession 
for the Russian government, and read the printed proof- 
sheets twice with the greatest care and constant reference 
to the original MS. 

Dr. Tregelles inspected the original at Leipsic, June, 
1862. Considerable portions of it have been photographed, 
and real fac-similes are given in Tischendorf's three edi- 

KA.I O M OAoroyMe 
N CD c M erAecTi N 


KP eAi KXi coe H e N 

n N IC]D<|>0 HXT PX°I<= 

e Neci N en i cTey 

A N exH H<|>e H € N 

Specimen of the Codex SinoAticus, containing 1 Tim. Hi. 16. 
Kai ofioXoyovfiilvijjg fieya tariv | to rriQ tvasjSeiag \ fXvarrjpLOv og £\<pa- 
vepwBi] Ev (Tap\Ki- fdtKai(i)Br] ev \ ttvi io^Srrj ayyeXoig \ eicT]pvx^t] ^v 
i'l^veaiv S7naTev\^r] av Kocrfiu) ' | aviXrjfi^Srr] ev \ So^t], 


tions, and in Scrivener's Introduction. Dean Burgon, also, 
in his book on the Last Twelve Verses of Mark, gives an 
exact fac-simile of a page, taken at St. Petersburg, wbich 
shows the last two columns of Mark (to xvi. 8) and the 
first two columns of Luke. 

A. Codex Alexaxdrinus of the fifth century, in quarto 
and two columns (12 J inches long, lOj wide), given by 
Patriarch Cyril Luear of Constantinople (the unluck}'^ re- 
former, formerly of Alexandria) to King Charles I. (1628), 
now in the British Museum, London, where the open vol- 
ume of the New Testament is exhibited in the MS. room. 
It was probably written in Alexandria. It contains on 773 
leaves the Old Testament, in the Septuagint Version (edited 
by Baber, London, 1816-28), and the New Testament; but, 
unfortunately, with the omission of Matt. i. 1-xxv. 6, John 
vi. 50-viii. 52, and 2 Cor. iv. 13-xii. 6. It also has at the 
end the Greek Epistle of Clement of Rome to the Corin- 
thians, with a fragment of a second epistle, or homily. 
This was the only Greek MS. extant of Clement before the 
discovery by Philotheos Bryennios of the copy at Constanti- 
nople (1875). The New Testament of the Alexandrian MS. 
was published by Charles G. Woide in uncial type (London, 
1786), and by B. H. Cowper, in common type (ibid. 1860). 
We have it now in a most beautiful photographic fac-simile, 
issued by the Trustees of the British Museum, London, 1879. 
The O. T. was published in 1882 in the same style. 

Cod. A is the first uncial MS. that was used by textual 
critics. It presents a text which occupies an intermediate 
position between the oldest uncial and the later text. It 
occupies the third or fourth rank among the MSS. next 
to 5< and B, and perhaps C. See fac-similes in Woide and 
Scrivener. On the following page we give two specimens. 



3» -NA/ «,_^J 

N^|'X^ senoiHCewoecT-OMoy 
PAnroc KA.ffAi<AnrA.CK€SrAcn oc 

KAic ko't-ocg nXMUL^-THC^fiyccOY. 


ocexenreexvT'OlC Ka- n-r^iNrrrr- 
I rvi 1^ icucr^coVKixcri-crnrtsiKro 
xr I o M e o eT^OBTTi c Konrrovc- 

nrOYi<V*^rNmiBPie'rroi i-i c xhtola^i ^ 
nroYXi MiX-roc^i-OVLXiOV- 

Sipecimens of the Codex Alexandrinus. 

The first is in bright red, with breathings and accents, and con- 
tains Gen. i. 1, 2, Sept. {Ev apxri iTroiriGtv 6<T Tov 6v \ pavov Kai 
Triv yrjv 7] Sk yrj rjv ao \ paroa kui aKaraaKevaaTOtr ' \ Kai okotoct 
iTravu) Trj(j afSmaov.). The second specimen is in common 
ink, and contains Acts xx. 28 {Upoaex^TE mvTom Kai iravn tw \ 
TToifivno ' av w v/xacT to ttvo. to \ ayiov sOiTO STriaKOTrovtr ' | Trotfiai- 
VHV TTjv SKKXrjaiav \ tov ki) rjv TrepiSTroirjaaTO dia \ tov ai^aTOQ tov 
idiov. A favours Kvpiov versus ^tov. 

B. Codex Vaticanus, of the middle of the fourth cen- 
tury, on very fine, thin velkim, in small but clear and neat 
uncial letters, in three columns (of 42 lines each), to a 
quarto page (10 inches by lO-J-), preserved in the Vatican 
Library at Rome (No. 1209). It is more accurately writ- 
ten than the Sinaitic MS., but not so complete. It was 
apparently copied in Egypt by a skilful and critical scribe, 
and brought to Rome shortly after the establishment of the 


Vatican Library by Pope Nicholas V. in 1448 ; perhaps (as 
Dr. Scrivener conjectures) by the learned Cardinal Bessa- 
rion, who labored for the reunion of the Greek and Latin 
churches. It was entered in the earliest catalogue of that 
library, made in 1475. It contains the whole Bible as far 
as and including Heb. ix. 14, and breaks off in the middle 
of the v^erse and of the word *:a^a|jOt£7. The Pastoral Epis- 
tles, Philemon, and the Apocalypse are lost. It was long 
watched with jealous care by the papal authorities, very im- 
perfectly known to Mill and Wetstein, but partially col- 
lated, under considerable restrictions, by Bartolocci, libra- 
rian of the Vatican (1669), the Abbate Mico for Thomas 
Bentley (about 1720, published 1799), Andrew Birch of 
Copenhagen (1788, 1798-1801), Hug (1809, he first fully 
recognised its paramount value), Tischendorf (1843, 1844, 
1866), Tregelles (1845), Dressel (1855), Burgon (i860), 
Alford (1861), and his secretary, Mr. Cure (in 1862). It 
was first printed under the supervision of the celebrated 
Cardinal Angelo Mai (d. 1854), Rome, 1828-38, but not 
published till 1857 (in 5 vols., the fifth containing the New 
Testament) ; and so inaccurately that this edition is criti- 
cally worthless. The New Testament was again published 
separately, with some improvements, by Vercellone, Rome, 
1859; more critically by Tischendorf, Leipsic, 1867, from 
a partial inspection of two weeks under the constant su- 
pervision of C. Vercellone, who learned from the German 
expert some useful lessons in editorial work. Now, at last, 
we have a complete and critical, though by no means infal- 
lible, quasi fac-simile edition of the whole Vatican MS. by 
Vercellone ( d. 1869) and Jos, Cozza, Rome, 1868-81.=* 

* Gaetano Sergio was associated with Cozza after Vercellone's 

fi2i^ Tov XiQov Ik. rrjcr 
I Ovpacr TOV jxvr]- 
fikiov I Kai ava 
l3Xe\paaai 9eui \pdv 
mv on dvaKEKvl 
Xiarai 6 XiOocr r/v 
yap I n'iyao a^o- 
dpa KOii iX\9dv(jat 
U(T TO fivrjfXH I or 
tidov vsavi(TKov \ 
KaOfjfievoi' iv Toia 
\ di^ioia irepifie- 
(3Xrifi6\vov CToXrjv 
XevKi/jv I KOLi e^e- 
Bajx^r]Qr]^av j o dk 
Xkyu avTOLia firj \ 
iKQafxjShaQe iv Z,ri- 
TH I re TOV va^a- 
prjvbvTo' \ koTav- 
pijjfiivov riYsp\9ri 
ovK I'^GTiv wde ide 


tOrjKO. I avTov 
aXXa vTraytTS \ 
UTraTi Toia fiaOrj- 

TU) TrtTpOJ I OTt 

Trpodyei vp.da acr | 
TrfvyaXiXduiv iKlt 
dv\Tbv oipeaOe Ka- 
Oojff «T|7ref vfjuv 
Kat s^eXObv\(jat 
ktpvyov diro tov | 
[ivrjuBiov stx.ei' 
yap \ dvTaa Tpo- 
fio<T Kai eK\aTaai(y 
Kai ovStvi 6v\div 
iX-jTov kfoiiovv\TO 

m7 M Td M A. r© O N € K-Thc 

eyf xc"rc5yK4WH MGloy 
K Xi i.N A.8 /ve 4^^ c ik I ©ctu 
|> oyc/ 14 6^1^ I AMXKceKY 

Af CTK I O A tQOCHt-fr^f 
ON €^)AONN€i^hi t'c KON 

Kyo ►^MeMOMeM-rdic 


6 A.^Ae're I i^yrAfCM t^ 

^ K A.M R e I CO e'^l Kl-ZHT^r 

T;e -rd N M A ^x Aw j» H N dN-fj^ 
§ rt 6v Kec Ti McfiAe i Aji^ 
o T^o'n o cJjln o ye© h le a 
i^yr<iN iAAA^Y^nKre-re 
^i n ATe-T~6 f c M AeHT*^?® 

onr» n|>OAr6f^MAC€ic 

T*hl N TA A r A a' fA N e K6 I ^.y 

"TO N o^* 6C O 6 K AeciJC^ej 

M N H M 6 1 o-^elxe N r^Af 
Ay TA c T po r^ o C K A I e K 



Specimen of the Codex Vaticanus, contmning Mark xvi. 3-8, 
Takeu by permission from Dean Burgon's photograph of the whole page. 


The type used was cast from the same moulds as that em- 
ployed for Tischendorf's edition of the Codex Sinaiticus, 
and was sold by him to the papal government; but he 
complained of the bad use the Roman printers made of it.* 
" The Vatican," says Dr. Scrivener, *' is probably the old- 
est vellum manuscript in existence, and is the glory of the 
Vatican Library." It is the chief authority among MSS. for 
the Greek Testament of Westcott and Hort ; while Tisch- 
endorf, in his last edition, very naturally shows a preference 
for the Sinaitic Codex of his own discovery. It presents, 
upon the whole, the shortest text ; but the charge of omis- 
sions of many words and whole clauses is founded on the 
false assumption that the Elzevir text is the standard. West- 
cott and Hort say (p. 557) : " The fondness for omissions, 
which has sometimes been attributed to the scribe of the 
Vatican, is imaginary, except, perhaps, single petty words." 

death ; his eyes, however, finally became too weak, and Enrico 
Fabiani assisted Cozza in the preparation of the sixth, the clos- 
ing volume. 

* The full title reads Bibliorum Sacrorum Grcecus Codex Vati- 
canus auspice Pio IX. Pontifice Maximo coUatis studiis Caroli Ver- 
cellone SodaUs Barnahitce et Joseplii Cozza MonacM Basiliani edi- 
tus. Romse, typis et injpensis S. Congregationis de Propaganda 
Fide. 1868-81. Beautifully printed on vellum paper. Four vol- 
umes contain the Septuagint (i. Pentateuch and Jos, ; ii. Judges, 
etc. ; iii. The Psalms, etc. ; iv, Esther, etc.), one volume the New 
Testament ; a sixth volume (1881) the Prolegomena and Notes. 
The Kew Testament appeared in 1868 as torn. v. It gives the 
original MS. down to Heb. ix. 14, in 284 large pages. The rest 
of the Epistle to the Hebrews and the Apocalypse (from pp. 285 
to 302) are supplied from a later text {recentiori manu) in ordi- 
nary Greek type, and have therefore no critical value. The 
Pastoral Epistles and the Epistle to Philemon are wanting alto- 
gether. I used the copy in the Astor Libra^5^ 


The agreement of B and 5< is (with few 
exceptions) a strong presumptive evi- 
dence for the genuineness of a reading, 
and, when supported by other ante- 
Nicene testimony, it is conclusive. 

C. Codex Regius, or Ephraemi 
Syri, of the fifth century ; * very de- 
fective, containing about two thirds of 
the New Testament ; in the National 
Library at Paris. First collated by 
Wetstein (1716); edited by Tischen- 
dorf, Leipsic, 1843-45, 2 vols. It is 
a codex rescriptus^ the works of the 
Syrian father Ephraem (d. 378) being 
written over the Bible text, which is 
scarcely legible. It was probably writ- 
ten in Alexandria, and is very valuable 
as far as it goes. Its text " seems to 
stand nearly midway between A and 
B, somewhat inclining to the latter " 
(Scrivener). Two correctors (desig- 
nated by Tischendorf as C**, C***, 
or C^, C^) have been at work on the 
MS. to the perplexity of the critical 

(2.) Uncials of the second class, de- 
fective and of later date. 

D, for the Gospels and Acts. Co- 






* Tischendorf regards C as older than 
A ; and in the Gospels it has a much 
better text. 


dex Bez^, or Cantabrighensis, in the Library of the Uni- 
versity at Cambridge (to which Beza presented it in 1581). 
It dates from the sixth century, and contains only the Gos- 
pels and Acts, with a Latin version ; edited by Thomas 
Kipling, Cambridge, 1793, 2 vols, fob, and more accurately 
by Dr. Scrivener, in common type, with a copious introduc- 
tion and critical notes, Cambridge, 1864. 

The text is very peculiar and puzzling. It has many 
bold and extensive interpolations, e. g., a paragraph after 
Luke vi. 4 (which is found nowhere else) : '' On the same 
day he [Jesus] beheld a certain man working on the Sab- 
bath, and said unto him, Man, blessed art thou if thou know- 
est what thou doest; but if thou knowest not, thou art 
cursed and a transgressor of the law." It differs more 
than any other from the received Greek text, but it often 
agrees in remarkable readings with the ancient Latin and 
Syriac versions. Alford (i. 110) thinks that it was writ- 
ten in France by a Latin transcriber ignorant of Greek. 
Beza procured it from the monastery of St. Irenaeus at 
Lyons in 1562, but did not use it on account of its many 
departures from other MSS. Tregelles remarks that "its 
evidence when alone, especially in additions, is of scarcely 
any value as to the genuine text; but of the very greatest 
when corroborated by other very ancient authority." 

D, for the Pauline Epistles. Codex Claromontanus ; 
of the sixth century; defective, but very valuable; in the 
National Library at Paris. Edited by Tischendorf, Leip- 
sic, 1852. Beza procured it from Clermont, and made 
some use of it (1582). It is Greek and Latin, stichomet- 
ric, with accents by a later hand, but no division of words. 

E, for the Gospels. Codex Basiliensis ; eighth cen- 
tury ; in the library at Basle ; defective in Luke. Erasmus 


overlooked it. Collated by Tischendorf (1843), Miiller, 
and Tregelles (1846). It is better than most of the sec- 
ond-class uncials. It approaches to the Textus Receptus. 

E, for the Acts. Codex Laudianus ; in Oxford ; with 
a close Latin version on the left column ; of the sixth cen- 
tury ; probably brought from Tarsus to England by Theo- 
dore of Canterbury (d. 690), and used by the Venerable 
Bede (d. 735); newly published by Tischendorf, in the 
ninth vol. of his Monumenta Sacra, 1870. Very valuable. 

E, for the Pauline Epistles. Codex Sangermanensis ; 
Graeco - Latin ; formerly at Saint-Germain-des-Pres, near 
Paris; now at St. Petersburg. In the Greek a mere copy 
of D (Claromont.) after it had been altered by several 
hands. Ninth or tenth century. 

F, for the Gospels. Codex Boreelianus ; once pos- 
sessed by John Boreel (d. 1629), Dutch ambassador in 
London under James I. ; now in the library of the Uni- 
versity at Utrecht. Not important. 

F, for the Pauline Epistles. Codex Augiensis ; Grseco- 
Latin ; at Cambridge; published by Dn Scrivener, 1859, 
in common type. Ninth century. 

G, for the Pauline Epistles. Codex Boernerianus ; was 
either copied from F (Hort), or from the same archetype 
(Tischendorf, Scrivener). Ninth century. It is a part of 
the same MS. as A of the Gospels. Purchased by Prof. 
C. F. Boerner at Leipsic, 1705; in the Royal Library at 

L, for the Gospels. Codex Regius ; published by Tisch- 
endorf, 1846 ; written in the 8th century ; full of errors in 
spelling, but very remarkable for its agreement with B and 
Origen. Now in Paris. 

P, for Acts, Epistles, and Revelation, with some defects. 


Codex PoRFiRiANUS, a palimpsest of the ninth century, in 
possession of Archbishop Porfiri at St. Petersburg ; edited 
by Tischendorf, 1865 and 1889. It generally confirms A 
and C, but often N against all the rest. 

Z, for Matthew. Codex Dublinensis (Dublin) ; sixth 
century ; one of the chief palimpsests. Text in value next 
to 6< and B. Edited by Barrett, 1801 ; better by T. K 
Abbott, London, 1880. 

r, for the Gospels. Codex Tischendorfianus TV. ; dis- 
covered by Tischendorf in an Eastern monastery ; sold to 
the Bodleian Library in 1855 ; from the ninth or tenth cen- 
tury. Another portion of the same MS. was discovered by 
Tischendorf in 1859, and tal^en to St. Petersburg. Nearly 
complete. An inscription at the close of John fixes the 
date probably at Nov. 27, 844 (according to Tischendorf), 
or 9*79 (according to Gardthausen). 

A, for the Gospels. Codex Sangallensis (St. Gall); 
from the ninth century ; probably written by Irish monks 
at St. Gall. Published at Zurich, 1836, by Rettig, in litho- 
graphed fac-simile. The text is very valuable in the Gos- 
pel of Mark. 

A. Codex Tischendorfianus III., containing Luke and 
John ; now in the Bodleian Library ; collated by Tischen- 
dorf (who brought it from the East) and Tregelles. Ninth 

S. Codex Zacynthius, a palimpsest of the 8th century ; 
formerly at the island of Zante ; presented in 1821 to the 
British and Foreign Bible Society in London; edited by 
Tregelles, 1861 ; containing considerable portions of Luke's 
Gospel. Text very valuable. 

n. Codex Petropolitanus, brought by Tischendorf 
.from Smyrna to St. Petersburg; containing the four Gos- 


pels, nearly complete; collated by Tischendorf, 1864 and 
1865. Ninth century. 

2. Codex RossANENSis, found by two German scholars, 
Oscar von Gebhardt and Adolf Harnack, in March, 1879, 
at Rossano, in Calabria, in possession of the archbishop, 
who got it from the library of the former convent. It is 
beautifully written, with silver letters, on purple-coloured 
parchment (very rare among Greek MSS.), and richly or- 
namented with pictures; hence important for the history 
of Christian art. It consists of 188 leaves of two columns 
of twenty lines each, and contains the Gospels of Matthew 
and Mark (Luke and John are lost). The Gospel of Mat- 
thew ends with the words, EYAPrEAION KATA MATGAI- 
ON. Gebhardt and Harnack assign it to the sixth century. 
The text shows a departure from the oldest MSS. (x and B), 
and an approach to the amended Latin text. In this re- 
spect it resembles J). It contains, however, the doxology 
in the Lord's Prayer, Matt. vi. 13. See Evangeliorum Co- 
dex argenteus purpureus Rossanensis (2), litteris argenteis 
sexto ut videtur sceculo scriptus picturisque ornatus. By 
O. von Gebhardt and Adolf Harnack, Leipsic, 1880. With 
fac-similes of portions of the text and outline sketches of 
the pictures. The whole text was published by Dr. von 
Gebhardt in ordinary Greek type, Leipsic, 1883. 

On the following page we give a fac-simile from the close 
of the Lord's Prayer. 

For a description of the other fragmentary uncials we 
must refer to Scrivener, Tischendorf (ed. vii.), and Greg- 
ory's Prolegomena (1884), and also to my Companion to 
the Greek Test, (revised ed. 1885, pp. 124-133, and pp. 

vj^yxpoyM yR xe rxj. 




0AMrApAc|)Hnre i 
•^n^o I Cam o r c^^^ 



xe T^Y^ 

Specimen of tJie Codex Bossanensis, containing Matt. m. 13, 14. 

TTOvrjpov OTi I (Tou tOTiv »^ /3a|(Tt\£ta Kai 1} Sv\vafjiig icai t] So\^a etg tovq ai(o\ 
vag afirip. Eav yap a^rjTE \ TOig avSrpu)7roig ra | TrapaTrTfjJfiara. 


B. The Cursive Manuscripts. 

The cursive MSS. are indicated by Arabic numerals. 
They were written in current hand on vellum or parchment 
(membrana); or on cotton paper (charta bombycina, also 
charta Damascena, from the place of manufacture), which 
came into use in the ninth and tenth centuries ; or on linen 
paper (charta proper), which was employed first in the 
twelfth century. Some are richly illuminated. They date 
from the ninth to the middle of the fifteenth century, when 
the invention of the art of printing substituted a much easi- 
er and cheaper mode of multiplying books. A few, how- 
ever, were written in the sixteenth century. More than 
thirty contain the whole New Testament. 

They are much more numerous than the uncials. We 
have, in round figures, more than 700 cursive MSS. of the 
Gospels ; over 250 of the Acts and Catholic Epistles ; near- 
ly 300 of the Pauline Epistles; about 120 of Revelation; 
exclusive of more than 500 lectionaries which contain only 
the Scripture lessons for public service."* 

The critical value of the cursives is, of course, not near 
so great as that of the uncials, because they are much fur- 
ther removed from the primitive source. But some twenty 

* These figures are based upon the latest estimates of Dr. Ezra 
Abbot, communicated to me by letter, .Tan. 30, 1884. The cal- 
culations of Scrivener, von Gebhardt, and Hort differ. Scriv- 
ener, in the last ed. of his Introduction (p. xxx. ), counts 1997 
cursives, including the 300 recently added by Dean Burgon 
which have not yet been examined and catalogued. We must 
wait for the second Part of Gregory's Prolegomena to Tischen- 
dorf's 8th ed. for the latest information of the cursives, which 
he is now (1885) investigating in European libraries. 


or thirty of them are very important for their agreement 
with the oldest authorities, or for some other peculiarity. 
Cod. 33 (Regius 14, Colbertinus 2844, in Paris, eleventh 
century), which contains all the New Testament except the 
Apocalypse, and agrees mostly with B, D, L, is "the queen 
of the cursive MSS. ;" Scrivener says its readings " deserve 
the utmost attention ;" and Tregelles calls it " the most im- 
portant of the Biblical MSS. in cursive letters extant," but 
it suffered " most from damp and decay." Besides this, we 
mention Cod. 1 (Cod. Basiliensis), 22, 28, 59, 66, 69, 102, 
118, 124, 131, 157, 201, 209, of the Gospels; 13, 15, 18, 
36, 40, 73, 180, and especially 61, of the Acts; 17, 31, 37, 
46, 47, 67** 73, 80, 109, of the Pauline Epistles; 7, 14, 
31, 38, 47, 51, 82, 95, of the Apocalypse. Cod. 61 (Mont- 
fortianus, of the 16th century, in Dublin) is celebrated in 
the controversy on the spurious passage 1 John v. 7, which 
it contains on a glazed page, to protect it, and which passed 
from this MS. into the printed editions of the common 
Greek text, and the translations made from it. The cur- 
sive MSS. have been chiefly compared by Mill, Wetstein, 
Griesbach, Matthaei, Scholz, Tischendorf, Tregelles, and 
Scrivener ; but many are yet waiting examination. 

On the following page is a specimen of Cod. 1 Basiliensis of 
the Gospels (tenth century) ; known to Erasmus, but little 
used by him ; collated by Wetstein, C. L. Roth, and Tregelles. 

2. The Ancient Versions. 
Next to the study of the MSS., the most important aids 
in textual criticism are the ancient versions, or translations 
of the Scriptures from the Hebrew and Greek into vernac- 
ular languages. They are, however, only indirect sources, 
as we must translate them back into the original, except in 



Specimen of the Codex Basiliensis, of the tenth century, containing 
Luke i. 1, 2, nearly as in all Greek Testaments. 

ivayy'^[\iov\ Kara Xovkolv : 

eTnidrjirep ttoWoI iTr^'xf.'ip'naav dvara^aaQai \ dir]yr](nv Trepi Tuiv Tre- 
TrXtjpocpopriijLEViov | ev rjfiXv Trpayfiarojv . KaOutg Trapsdoaav rji-u \ 6i 
cnrapxfjcr avTOTrrai Kai VTnjpirai yevoixevoi. 

omissions and additions, which are apparent at once. If, 
for instance, the Latin versions in Luke ii. 14 read homini- 
bus bonae voluntatis, it is evident that their text was the 
genitive evdoniag, instead of the nominative ev^oda (volun- 
tas) ; or if they read in John i. 1 8 unigenitus Filius, they 
support the reading vlog, instead of ^eoq {Deus). In point 
of age, some versions, being made in the second century, an- 
tedate our oldest Greek MSS., which are not earlier than 
the fourth. But they have undergone the same textual 
corruptions, and no MS. copy of a version is earlier than 
the fourth century. Some of them are as yet imperfectly 
edited. Even a satisfactory critical edition of the Vulgate 
is still a desideratum. As Dr. Westcott says, " While the 
interpreter of the New Testament will be fully justified in 
setting aside without scruple the authority of early ver- 


sions, there are sometimes ambiguous passages in which a 
version may preserve the traditional sense (John i. 3, 9 ; 
viii. 25, etc.), or indicate an early difference of translation ; 
and then it^ evidence may be of the highest value. But 
even here th^ judgment must be free. Versions supply 
authority for the text, and opinion only for the render- 
ing."* It matters comparatively little whether they be el- 
egant or wretched, so long as they reflect with accuracy 
the original text. One service of great importance they 
can be manifestly depended upon to render — to tell where 
insertions or omissions occur in the original text before the 
translator. It is therefore very weighty evidence against 
the genuineness of any particular passage that it is not 
found in the most ancient versions. 

The most important of these versions are the Syriac, the 
Old Latin, the Vulgate, the Egyptian, the JEthiopic, the 
Gothic, and the Armenian. 

A. Syriac Versions, 
(a.) The Peshito, the " Simple " (also spelled Peshit- 
TO or Peshitta), dates in its oldest form (see below, Cu- 
retonian) from the middle of the second century. It 
supplied the wants of the Syrian Christians before the un- 
happy schism in that Church (fifth century), and by its use 
in common has been always a bond of union between the 
different sects, who still read it as a sacred classic, although 
its language is no longer the vernacular. The Peshito is 
the most faithful and accurate of the older versions, and 
has been called " the queen of versions." It is almost lit- 

* Smith's Diet, of the Bible, Amer. ed. vol. iv. p. 3479, art. 


eral, yet idiomatic, and rarely loose and paraphrastic. It 
is very important to the critic. The text connects it in 
many places with D and the Latin versions. Notwith- 
standing its age and value, it was not known to Europe 
until 1552; and in 1555, at Vienna, the first edition ap- 
peared, at the expense of the Emperor Ferdinand L, edited 
by Albert Widmanstadt, the imperial chancellor. This 
edition is yet highly esteemed. The best modern editions, 
although none are superior, are those of Prof. Lee, printed 
by the British and Foreign Bible Society, of William 
Greenfield, in Bagster's Polyglot, and separately, and of 
Dr. Justus Perkins at Urmiah, Persia, 1 84 1, reprinted by 
the American Bible Society in New York, 1874, for the 
Nestorians. Dr. Murdock has published a " Literal Trans- 
lation from the Syriac Peshito Version " (New York, 1851). 
A translation of the Acts and Epistles from the Peshito, 
by J. W. Etheridge, appeared in London, 1849. Better 
than either is the familiar Latin version of Tremellius. 

The peculiarity of the Peshito Version, and a proof of 
its early date, is its omission of 2 Peter, 2 and 3 John, 
Jude, and the Apocalypse. These are the Eusebian Anii- 
legomena, or disputed books, which were not generally re- 
ceived in the Church before the final settlement of the 
canon towards the close of the fourth century. But the 
missing epistles existed in a Syriac version before the 
fourth century, and are supplied in modern editions from 
another version (otherwise unknown), first brought to 
light by Pococke, and published at Ley den in 1630. The 
Apocalypse, likewise of unknown origin, was first pub- 
lished by De Dieu, at Leyden in 1627, from a late Indian 
MS. owned by Scaliger. 

{h.) The Philoxenian or Harclean Version, so called 


from its patron Philoxenus, Monophysite bishop of Mabug 
(Hierapolis), in Eastern Syria (A.D. 488-518), and from 
Thomas of Harkel, a subsequent editor, who was likewise a 
Monophysite bishop of Mabug. It is " probably the most 
servile version of Scripture ever made " (Scrivener). It is 
based upon the Peshito, and forces it into rigorous con- 
formity with the letter of the Greek at the expense of the 
spirit. It dates from A.D. 508, and was revised by Thom- 
as of Harkel, A.D. 616. It contains the whole New Testa- 
ment, except the Apocalypse, and is therefore more complete 
than the Peshito, which omits four Epistles besides. The 
only edition of the Philoxenian is that of Joseph White, 
printed by the Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1778-1803, 4 vols. 
4to. Bernstein has published the Gospel of John (Leips. 
1853). This version was chiefly used by the Jacobites. 

(c.) The CuRETONiAN Syriac is a mere fragment of the 
Gospels (consisting of 82-| leaves), but very old and valua- 
able ; though overestimated by Canon Cureton, who thought 
it " retained, to a great extent, the identical terms and ex- 
pressions of St. Matthew's Hebrew Gospel." It is regard- 
ed by most scholars, as Cureton, Payne Smith, Tischen- 
dorf, Herraansen, Ewald, Crowfoot, Tregelles, Westcott and 
Hort, and Zahn {Tatian's Diatessaron, 1881, pp. 221 sq.), as 
the oldest form of the Syriac Version, the " Peshito " in its 
present form holding a relation to it similar to that of the 
Vulgate to the Old Latin. Dean Alford calls it " the ear- 
liest and most important of all versions." Dr. Scrivener, 
however, places it decidedly below the Peshito. It was 
found by Archdeacon Tattam in 1842, with 550 other 
MSS,, in a convent of the Nitrian Desert (70 miles north- 
west of Cairo), and brought to the British Museum ; and 
was published by Cureton in 1858, with a literal English 


translation. It agrees remarkably with D and the Old 
Latin, while the Peshito mostly favors A. It contains 
large portions of Matthew, Luke, and John, and the last 
four verses of Mark. 

Dr. Brugsch, the celebrated Egyptologist, afterwards dis- 
covered three additional leaves in the binding of a MS. of 
the Peshito which came from the Nitrian convent (1871). 
They were published by Rodiger in the Monatshericht of 
the Berlin Academy for July, 1872 ; and also privately by 
Prof. Wright, as an appendix to Cureton's volume. The 
leaves contain Luke xv. 22-xvi. 12; xvii. 1-23; John vii. 
37-viii. 19. The Curetonian Syriac, including these new 
leaves, has been translated into Greek by J. R. Crowfoot, 
in his Fragmenta Evangelica, 2 parts, London, 1871, and 
more successfully by Baethgen, 1885.* 

{d.) The Jerusalem Syriac. The principal MS. known 
is an Evangelistary in the Vatican, dated A.D. 1030. This 
has been published at Verona (1861-64, 2 vols. 4to) by 
Count Francis Miniscalchi Erizzo. Fragments of two oth- 
er MSS. are in the British Museum, and of two more at St. 
Petersburg. The text of these has been published by Land, 
Anecdota Syriaca, vol. iv. (1875). The version is quite in- 
dependent of the Peshito, and is referred by Tischendorf to 
the fifth century. It is in a peculiar dialect, and seems to 
have been little used. 

* Fried. Baethgen, EDangelienfragmente. Ber griecli. Text des 
Cureton'scJien Syrers wiederhergestellt. Leips. 1885. Baethgen 
holds that the Diatessaron of Tatian is older than the Cureto- 
nian Syriac (against Zahn), which appeared about 250, and was 
the basis of the Peshito, about 840. 


B. Latin Verhio7is. 

(a.) The Old Latin (Itala). This version is not found 
complete ; but from the quotations of the Latin fathers, es- 
pecially those in Tertullian, Cyprian, Lucifer of Cagliari, 
Hilary of Poitiers, Hilary the deacon or Ambrosiaster, Am- 
brose, Yictorinus, Jerome, Rufinus, Augustine, Pelagius, and 
in the Apocalypse Primasius, its text can be in large meas- 
ure restored. See Hermann Ronsch, Das N. T. Tertul- 
lian's, aus den Schriften des Letzeren moglichst volhtdndig 
reconstrui?-t, Leipsic, 1871 (731 pages). 

The version is nearest in age to the Peshito, and may be 
assigned to the middle of the second century. It was not 
the work of one man, nor suffered to go uncorrected by 
many. Hence the confusion into whicb the matter has 
fallen, and the different accounts of it by different schol- 
ars; some holding that there were many versions before 
Jerome, in proof of which statement they quote Augustine, 
De Doctr. Christ ii. 11; others holding that there was 
only one version, and citing in proof Jerome. But by the 
simple and natural explanation that there were many revis- 
ions of the one old translation, Augustine and Jerome can 
be reconciled. 

The version is made from the Septuagint in the Old Tes- 
tament ; is verbal, rough, and clumsy ; the language is the 
degenerate Latin of the second century, with admixture of 
colloquial and provincial forms. But this admixture ren- 
dered it soon unintelligible, and necessitated constant re- 
visions, and, eventually, a new and thorough translation 
from the original tongues. 

The balance of probability is in favour of North Africa 
as the place of its origin, because there, rather than in Italy, 


there was an immediate demand for a Latin translation ; 
while in the Roman Church the Greek language prevailed 
during the first and second centuries. Hence the name 
"Italic" or " Vetus Itala" is incorrect. Augustine {De 
Doctr. Christ, ii. 15) speaks of a translation which he calls 
the Itala., and which he preferred to all the others. This 
was manifestly a recension of the same Old Latin version, 
made or used in Italy. 

This Old Latin version never attained to much author- 
ity ; the Greek being regarded as the authentic text, even 
in the early Latin Church. At the same time, the version 
is one of the most significant monuments of Christian an- 
tiquity, the medium of divine truth unto the Latin peo- 
ples for centuries, and of great value to the Bible critic by 
reason of its antiquity and literalness. The Apocryphal 
books of Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus, 1 and 2 Maccabees, Ba- 
ruch. Prayer of Manasseh, and 4 Ezra (2 Esdras) were, in a 
substantially unchanged form, embodied in the Vulgate. In 
the Old Testament the Psalms were similarly transferred. 

There is still lacking a really trustworthy edition of the 
existing portions of the Old Latin version. For the New 
Testament there exist, however, more than twenty very an- 
cient but fragmentary MSS. of the Gospels, and some (im- 
perfect) of the Acts and the Pauline Epistles; while there 
is only one yet known of the Apocalypse, and but few frag- 
ments of the Catholic Epistles. The principal MSS. of the 
Gospels representing the African text are Codex Vercellen- 
sis (a), supposed to have been written by Eusebius, Bishop 
of Vercelli, cir. A.D. 365 ; Veronensis (b), of the fourth or 
fifth century ; and Colbertinus (c), at Paris, of the eleventh 
century, the only complete MS. Codex Brixianus (f), at 
Brescia, of the sixth century, represents a later revision. 


probably Augustine's Itala. Codex Bohhiensis (k), now in 
Turin, of the fourth or fifth centur}^ collated by Tischen- 
dorf, has a remarkable and valuable text; and the same is 
true of Codex Palatinus (e), at Vienna, fifth century. 

Peter Sabatier's Bihliorum Sacrorum Latince Versiones 
AntiqucE, seu Vetus Italica et ccBteroe qucecunque in Codd. 
MSS. et Antiquorum Libris reperiri potuerunt (Remis, ^^ e. 
Rheims, 1743-49, 3 torn. fol. ; new title-page, Paris, 1751) 
remains the most complete edition of the Old Latin ver- 
sion, but many parts of each Testament have been careful- 
ly collated or edited subsequently. Worthy of special men- 
tion, for the Gospels, are Bianchini's Evangeliarium, Quad- 
Tuplex Latince Versionis Antiques, seu Veteris Italicce,, edi- 
tum ex Codicibus Manuscriptis, Romse, 1749,2 tom. fol.; 
Scrivener's Codex Bezce, Cambridge, 1864; Tischendorfs 
Evangelium Palatinum (Lips. 1847); and Haase's Codex 
Rehdigeranus (Breslau, 1865-66). For the Acts, see Scriv- 
ener's Codex Bezoe, and Belsheim's Die Apostelgesckichte 
und die Offenbarung Johannis in einer alten lat. XJeber- 
setzung aus dem Gigas Librorum^ Christiania, 1879; for 
the Pauline Epistles, Tischendorfs Codex Claromontanus 
(1852), and Scrivener's Codex Augiensis, Cambridge, 1859; 
for the Catholic and Pauline Epistles (merely fragments), 
see Ziegler's Italafragmente^ Marburg, 1876 ; for the Apoc- 
alypse, see Belsheim, as above. Belsheim's Codex Aureus 
of the Gospels (Christiania, 1878) is rather a MS. of the 
Vulgate than of the Old Latin, though the text is mixed. 

On the whole subject, consult Hermann Ronsch, Itala und 
Vulgata. Das Sprachidiom der urchristlichen Dala und 
der hatholischen Vulgata, 2d ed., revised, Marburg, 1875; 
L. Ziegler, Die latein. Bibelubersetziingen vor Hieronymus 
und die Itala des Augustinus, Miinchen, 1879 (he proves 


the existence of several Latin versions or revisions before 
Jerome) ; O. F. Fritzsche, Latein. Bibeluhersetzungen, in the 
new ed. of Herzog, vol. viii., 1881, pp. 433-472 ; and West- 
cott's art. "Vulgate," in Smith's Diet, of the Bible. There 
is a good condensed account, revised by Dr. Abbot, in 
Mitchell's Critical Handbook (1880), p. 133 sq. 

{b.) The Latin Yulgate. In the course of time the text 
of the Old Latin became so corrupt that a thorough revision 
was imperative, and was intrusted by Pope Damasus, in 
382, to Jerome (d. 419), the most learned scholar of his 
day, and of all the Latin fathers best qualified, by genius, 
taste, and knowledge of Hebrew and Greek, for this diffi- 
cult task. He began upon the New Testament, and pro- 
ceeded cautiously, making as few changes as possible, so as 
not to arouse the opposition of those who, as he says, 
" thought that ignorance was holiness." But his scholarly 
instincts, no less than his convictions of duty towards the 
Divine Word, impelled him to go beyond his instructions, 
and make a new version of the Old Testament directly 
from the Hebrew^ of which, however, it does not concern us 
at present to speak. Jerome's revision and new translation 
(finished 405) encountered much opposition, which greatly 
irritated his temper and betrayed him into contemptuous 
abuse of his opponents, whom he styled " bipedes asellos'"' 
But, by inherent virtues, rather than by external authority, 
it passed into such current use that in the eighth century 
it was the Vulgate, the common version, in the Western 
churches. It became much corrupted by frequent copy- 
ing. Alcuin, at the instance of Charlemagne, revised it 
circa 802, by the collation of various good MSS., and sub- 
stantially in this form it passed down to the invention of 


The first book printed was the Vulgate — the so-called 
Mazarin Bible (Gutenberg and Fust, Mayence, 1455). Print- 
ing, however, fixed errors and gave them wider currency, 
and revision was felt once more to be imperative. 

In the Council of Trent (Dec. 13, 1545, to Dec. 4, 1563) 
the matter was introduced Feb. 4, 1546, and the recom- 
mendation of revision passed on April 8 ; but it was not 
until 1590, in the pontificate of Sixtus V., that the revised 
edition of the Vulgate appeared. The scholarly pope took 
active interest in the work, rejecting or confirming the sug- 
gestions of the board of revisers, and corrected the proof- 
sheets with his own hand. It was prefaced by the famous, 
and, as the event showed, by no means infallible, constitu- 
tion ^ternus ille (dated March 1, 1589), in which the 
pope said, " By the fulness of apostolical power, we decree 
and declare that this edition of the sacred Latin Vulgate 
of the Old and New Testaments, which has been received 
as authentic by the Council of Trent, ... be received and 
held as true, legitimate, authentic, and unquestioned, in all 
public and private disputation, reading, preaching, and ex- 
planation." He further forbade any alteration whatever; 
ordered this text, and none other, henceforth to be printed ; 
and hurled anathemas against every one disobeying the 
constitution. But, alas for the pope ! the immaculate edi- 
tion was full of errors and blunders ; and no sooner was he 
dead (Aug. 27, 1590) than the demand for a new edition 
arose. Bellarmine suggested an ingenious though dishon- 
ourable escape from the awkward predicament in which 
Sixtus had placed the Church — viz., that a corrected edi- 
tion should be hastily printed under the name of Sixtus, in 
which the blame of the errors should be thrown upon the 
printer ! His recommendation was adopted, but it was not 


until 1592, under Clement VIIL, that the revised edition 
appeared. The Clementine edition is the standard in the 
Roman Catholic Church, in which this Latin translation 
takes precedence of the Hebrew and Greek originals, as 
the support of doctrine and guide of life. 

The materials for a more ciitical edition of the Vulgate 
than the Clementine are very abundant. There are numer- 
ous MSS., and much labour has already been expended 
upon the work. The most famous of these MSS. are 
(a) Codex Amiatinus, from the Cistercian Monastery of 
Monte Araiatino, in Tuscany, now in the Laurentian Li- 
brary at Florence; it contains the Old and New Testa- 
ments almost complete, dates from 541, and is the oldest 
and best MS. The New Testament was edited by Tisch- 
endorf, Leipsic, 1850, 2d ed. 1854, and by Tregelles (in his 
edition of the Greek Testament, with the variations of the 
Clementine text), (b) Codex Fuldensis, in the Abbey of 
Fulda, Hesse-Cassel ; contains the New Testament ; dates 
from 546. Collated by Lachmann for his large edition 
of the Greek Testament, and edited by E. Ranke, Marburg 
and Leipsic, 1868. (c) Codex Forojuliensis (sixth century), 
at Friuli; Matthew, Luke, and John published by Bianchini, 
Evang. Quadruplex, Appendix. Part of the same MS. is 
atPi'ague (Pragensis). [d) Codex Harleian. 1'775 (seventh 
century), of the Gospels, partially collated by Griesbach, 
Symb. Crit. vol. i. {e) Codex Toleta-nus, at Toledo ; wait- 
ten in Gothic letters in the eighth century ; collated by 
the Sixtine correctors and by Vercellone. It contains both 
Testaments. Its readings are given by Bianchini, Vindicice 
Canon. Scripturarum, Rome, 1740. 

The best edition of the variations is that of Carlo Ver- 
cellone, Varice Lectiones Vulg. Lat. Bibliorum Editionis, 


Rom. torn. i. 1860; torn. ii. pars 1, 1862; pars 2, 1864. 
Unfinished. A Tery important work, bat, unfortunate- 
ly, without either the authorized or the corrected text. 
Fritzsche says {loc. cit. p. 458), "Even to-day there is 
wanting a text which answers the demands of science ; 
and Protestantism alone can and ought to accompUsh this 
work, ah-eady too long neglected." 

C. Old Egyptian, or Coptic, Vosions* 
These are in the two dialects, the Memphitic or Bahiric, 
and the Thebaic or Sahidic. They are. Bishop Lightfootf 
declares, " entirely independent ;" the former is " rougher, 
less polished, and less faithful to the original " than the 
latter. Both contain many Greek words, and are of great 
textual value, as they independently preserve a very ancient 
text from different manuscripts, with the adoption of many 
G-reek words. Schwartze and Lightfoot infer from histori- 
cal notices that the greatest part of the New Testament, if 
not all, was translated into the Egyptian dialects in the second 
century. AVe have no satisfactory edition of either version. 
The editio princeps of the Memphitic Version for Lower 
Egypt is that of Wilkins (Oxford, 1*716), based upon copi- 
ous materials, but not carried out with much critical sagaci- 
ty. Still, nothing better than his work has yet appeared, 
except an edition of the four Gospels by M. G. Schwartze 
(Leips. 1846 and 1847, 2 vols.), and of the Acts and Epis- 

* Copt is probably an Arabic transformation of the Greek 
MyviTTOQ, and is applied to the Christian inhabitants of Egypt, 
who inherited the old Egyptian (demotic) language, together 
with their religion. 

f He prepared the chapter on the Egyptian Versions in Dr. 
Scrivener's Introduction, pp. 319-357 ; in the third ed. pp. 365-405. 


ties by P. Boetticher, alias P. A. de Lagarde, of Gottingen 
(Halle, 1 852). The Apocalypse is omitted. The New Tes- 
tament in Coptic (Memphitic) and Arabic was published by 
the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (1847-52), 
under the editorial care of " Henry Tattam, the presbyter 
of the Anglican Church for the Holy Patriarch and the 
Church of Christ in Egypt." It is beautifully printed, but 
of no critical value, because no various readings are record- 
ed. The basis of this edition is a copy belonging to the 
Coptic Patriarch. 

The editio princeps of the Thebaic Version for Upper 
Egypt is that of C. G. Woide, completed by Ford, Oxford, 
1799. The version is yet in a very fragmentary condi- 
tion, and there is need of an edition in which the fragments 
shall all be collected. The Thebaic Version is less valuable 
than the Memphitic ; its text is less pure, and shows a cer- 
tain infusion of those readings which are called Western, 
though to nothing like the same extent as the Old Latin 
and the Old Syriac. 

We have also fragments of John's Gospel (iv. 28-53) 
and Paul's Epistles in the Bashmuric dialect of Middle 
Egypt, translated from the Thebaic. 

D. uEthiopic Version. 
There must have been a call for a translation of the New 
Testament very shortly after Christianity entered Abyssinia. 
So, although the tradition which assigns it to Abba Salama 
(Frumentius), the first bishop, be unreliable, the version 
probably dates from the fourth century, as Dillmann as- 
serts. This scholar likewise praises the version for its 
fidelity and general smoothness. The New Testament has 
been edited by Thomas Pell Piatt for the British and For- 


eign Bible Society (1826-30); but, unfortunately, it is al- 
most useless for critical purposes, because so dependent 
upon recent MSS. Gildemeister, professor in Marburg, 
collated some portions of the JEthiopic New Testament 
for Tischendorf's edition of 1859. 

E. Gothic Version. 
It is the work of TJIphilas * (311-381, or 313-383), the 
apostle of Christianity to the Goths, who in the fourth cen- 
tury translated the Old Testament from the Septuagint and 
the New Testament from the Greek into Gothic. There are 
seven famous codices of this version : (a) Codex Argenteus, 
fragments of the Gospels, dates from the earlier part of 
the sixth century; (6) Codex Carolinus, forty verses of the 
Epistle to the Romans ; (c) Palimpsest fragments of five 
codices (published by Mai and Castiglione, Milan, 1819-39), 
portions of Esther, Nehemiah, the Gospels, and Paul's Epis- 
tles. The best editions of all these fragments are by H. C. 
von der Gabelentz and J. Loebe : Ulfilas. Vet. et N. Test. 
Versionis Gothicce Fragmenta quce SMj9erswn^(Leipsic, 1836- 
46), and by E. Bernhardt (Halle, 1875), each of which is 
provided with a complete apparatus. Stamm's Ulfilas, Yth 
ed. by Moritz Heyne, with Grammar and Lexicon, Pader- 
born, 1878, is the most convenient for the student of the 
language ; Bernhardt's is the best for text-critical purposes. 
Comp. also W. Bessell : Das Lehen des Ulfilas und die Be- 
kehrung der Gothen zum Christenthum (Gottingen, 1860). 
Uppstrom : Codex Argenteus (Upsala, 1854); Codices Go- 
tici Amhrosiani (Stockholm, 1864-68); Bosworth : The 
Gothic and Anglo-Saxon Gospels (Lond. 1874). Skeat : 
The Gospel of St. Mark in Gothic (Oxford, 1882). 

* Or Wulfila, i. e. Wolflein, Little Wolf. 


F. Armenian Version. 

It belongs to the fifth century, and is the work of Miesrob 
and Moses Chorenensis. It has considerable critical value, 
though the existing MSS. are not very ancient, and there 
are wide differences among them. The version embraces 
the entire Bible. The first edition appeared at Amsterdam, 
1666, under the care of Bishop Uscan of Erivan; the best 
edition, founded on manuscripts, is by Zohrab — New Testa- 
ment, 1789; whole Bible, 1805. It is now regularly pub- 
lished by the British and Foreign Bible Society. 

On the Armenian Version, see the article by Tregelles in 
Smith's Bible Diet., Am. ed., vol. iv. p. 3374. 

We pass by the Slavonic, Arabic, and Persic versions, 
which are of too late a date to be of critical value for the 
restoration of the primitive text. 

3. Patristic Quotations, 

The third source of textual criticism is furnished by 
the quotations in the early Christian writers, from which 
the greater part of the New Testament might be recon- 
structed. The Greek fathers give direct, the Latin fathers 
indirect, testimony to the original text. Some of them — as 
Irenseus, Origen, Tertullian — are older than our oldest MSS., 
and therefore of the greatest value. 

But the fathers must be used with great care and dis- 
crimination. They were theologians and Christians rather 
than critics. They often quote very loosely, simply from 
memory, and more for doctrinal, polemical, and practical 
than critical purposes. Their testimony is fragmentary, 
and fails us where we most wish and need information. 
Besides, their editors have so frequently thought they were 


doing a service when they corrected their quotations that 
it is at all times difficult to tell just what the text was be- 
fore them. Dr. Tregelles"^ plainly puts the case, and shows 
the true principles which should guide the critic. The 
chief benefit of patristic quotations consists not so much in 
their independent value as in their corroborative force, by 
establishing a reading which rests on good authority of 
MSS. or versions. When they are single and unsupport- 
ed, they deserve little or no credit. 

The most valuable works for critical purposes are com- 
mentaries and homilies which explain the text consecu- 
tively. Origen, Eusebius, and Jerome are by far the most 
learned Biblical scholars among the ancient fathers, and 
have more weight than all the rest as witnesses for the 
text. The number of ecclesiastical writers that have been 
consulted by various critics considerably exceeds one hun 
dred, but only a few yield substantial results. We confine 
our list to the first five centuries, f 

A. Greek Fathers. 
First century : The apostolic fathers, so called — Clement 
of Rome, Polycarp, Ignatius, Barnabas— would, as pupils of 
the apostles, be the oldest and most important witnesses ; 
but they still lived in the element of oral tradition. The 
Didache of the Twelve Apostles gives about twenty rem- 
iniscences of Matthew, inchiding the Lord's Prayer. J 

* In Home's Introduction (14th ed. 1877), vol. iv. pp. 329-342. 

f Alf ord (i. 140-143) gives an alphabetical list of over one hun- 
dred and fifty ancient writers. See also the lists in Scholz 
Tischendorf, Scrivener, and Mitchell (Tables XI. and XII. ). 

X See Schaff, The Oldest Church Manual, called the Teaching of 
the Twelve Apostles, 1885, pp. 81 sqq. 


Second century: Justin Martyr (d. 167) comes next in 
the order of time, and makes much use of the four Gos- 
pels, but in a very free and loose way. Irenseus of Lyons 
(d. 202) is the most important witness of the second cen- 
tury, and his great work against the Gnostic heresies is re- 
plete with Scripture knowledge, but exists for the most 
part only in a Latin version."^ 

Third century : Clemens Alexandrinus (d. 220), and still 
more the great Origen (184-254). Next to them Hip- 
poiytus (disciple of Irenseus, about 220), Gregory Thauma- 
turgus (disciple of Origen, 243), Dionysius Alexandrinus 
(265), and Methodius (d. 311). 

In the fourth and fifth centuries : Eusebius the historian 
(d. 340, much used by Tischendorf and Tregelles), Athana- 
sius (d. 373), Basilius Magnus (d. 379), Gregory Nazian- 
zen (d. 389), Gregory Nyssen (d. 371), Ephraem Syrus 
(d. 373), Cyril of Jerusalem (d. 386), Didymus of Alexan- 
dria (d. 395), Chrysostom (d. 407), Epiphanius (d. 403), 
Theodore of Mopsuestia (d. 428), Cyril of Alexandria (d. 
444), and Theodoret (d. 458). 

B. Latin Fathers. 

Second century : Tertullian (about 200), very important 
for the Old Latin Version. 

Third century: Cyprian (d. 258), Novatian (fl. 251), 
Lactantius (306). 

* He testifies, e. g., to the last twelve verses of Mark, and to 
the existence of two readings of the mystic number in Rev. xiii. 
18: the one is 666, which he found in the best copies, and ex- 
plains to mean Lateinos (while several modern exegetes make 
it out to mean, in Hebrew letters, Neron Ccesar) ; the other 616, 
which is the numerical value of Nero (without the final n) Omar. 


Fourth and fifth centuries: Hilary of Poitiers (354), 
Lucifer of Cagliari (d. cir. 370), Victorinus Afer (d. cir. 
370), Ambrose (d. 379), Ainbrosiaster or Pseudo- Ambrose, 
probably to be identified with Hilary the deacon (about 
384), Pelagius (417), Augustine (a profound divine and 
spiritual commentator, but a poor linguist and critic, d. 
430), and, most of all, Jerome, the translator of the Latin 
Bible from the original Hebrew and Greek (d. 419). 


1. Origin of Variations. 
In such a vast number of manuscript copies of the New 
Testament there must needs be a multitude of variations. 
They are partly unintentional or accidental, partly intention- 
al or designed. Errors of the first class proceed either from 
misreading, or from mishearing (in case of dictation), or 
from fault of memory. Errors of the second class are 
due either to misjudgment, or to an innocent desire to cor- 
rect supposed mistakes, to supply defects, to harmonize ap- 
parent discrepancies, or to wilful corruption for sectarian 
purposes. Cases of wilful mutilation or corruption of the 
text are, however, exceedingly rare. Transcribers had too 
much reverence for the words of Christ and his inspired 
apostles to be guilty of it, though in making their choice 
between conflicting readings they would naturally be bi- 
assed by their theological opinions.* 

* *' The charges against the heretics of wilful corruption of 
the text (setting aside avowed excision like that of Marcion) 
rest on no good foundation. In the definite instances alleged 


2. Number of Variations 
The variations began very early, with the first copies, 
and continued to increase till the art of printing superseded 
the necessity of transcribing, and substituted typographical 
errors for errors of copyists They were gradually found 
out as the collection and examination of the sources pro- 
gressed. Dr. John Mill, in 1*707, roughly estimated the 
number at 30,000. Since that time it has risen to " at 
least fourfold that quantity," as Dr Scrivener wrote in 1874, 
and now cannot fall much short of 150,000, if we include 
the variations in the order of words, the mode of spelling, 
and other trifles which are ignored even in the" most ex- 
tensive critical editions. This number far exceeds that of 
any ancient book, for the simple reason that the New Tes- 
tament was far more frequently copied, translated, and 
quoted than the most celebrated works of Greek and Ro- 
man genius. 

3. Value of Variations. 
This multitude of various readings of the Greek text need 
not puzzle or alarm any Christian. It is the natural result 

by ancient writers (John i. 13; iii, 6; Mark xiii 32) the 'hereti 
cal ' reading turns out to be the true one Epiphanius charges 
the orthodox with omitting Luke xxii 43, 44, to remove a difR 
culty This is the most plausible case of alleged wilful corrup 
tion But Westcott and Hort, with Mr Norton and Granville 
Penn (comp Weiss) regard the passage as a later addition, and 
I am disposed to agree with them No case of deliberate, wil 
ful corruption, affecting any considerable number ofMSS., on the 
part either of the heretics or the orthodox, can be anywhere 
made out. Rash attempts to correct supposed error must not be 
confounded with wilful corruption " (Dr. Abbot, private letter) 


of the great wealth of our documentary resources ; it is 
a testimony to the imuiense importance of the New Testa- 
ment ; it does not affect, but rather insures, the integrity of 
thjB text ; and it is a useful stimulus to study. 

Only about 400 of the 100,000 or 150,000 variations 
materially affect the sense. Of these, again, not more than 
about fifty are really important for some reason or other ; 
and even of these fifty not one affects an article of faith or 
precept of duty which is not abundantly sustained by oth- 
er and undoubted passages, or by the whole tenour of Script- 
ure teaching. The Textus Receptu8 of Stephens, Beza, and 
Elzevir, and of our English version, teach precisely the 
same Christianity as the uncial text of the Sinaitic and 
Vatican MSS., the oldest versions, and the Anglo-American 
revision. Richard Bentley, the ablest and boldest of clas- 
sical critics of England, aflBrms that even the worst of MSS. 
does not pervert or set aside " one article of faith or moral 
precept." Dr. Ezra Abbot, who ranks among the first text- 
ual critics, and is not hampered by orthodox bias (being a 
Unitarian), asserts that " no Christian doctrine or duty 
rests on those portions of the text which are affected by 
differences in the manuscripts ; still less is anything essen- 
tial In Christianity touched by the various readings. They 
do, to be sure, affect the bearing of a few passages on the 
doctrine of the Trinity ; but the truth or falsity of the 
doctrine by no means depends upon the reading of those 

* Anglo- American Bible Revision, p. 92 In a later article {Sun- 
day School Times, Phila., May 28, 1881) he makes a similar as- 
sertion with special reference to the English revision. "This 
host of various readings may startle one who is not acquainted 
with the subject, and he may imagine that the whole text of 


Moreover, the large number of various readings is a pos- 
itive advantage m ascertaining tlie true text. The word 
of the wise man may be applied here: "In the multitude 

the New Testament is thus rendered uncertain. But a careful 
analysis will show that nineteen twentieths of these are of no 
more consequence than the palpable errata in the first proof of 
a modern printer; they have so little authority, or are so mani- 
festly false, that they may be at once dismissed from considera- 
tion. Of those which remain, probably nine tenths are of no 
importance as regards the sense,- the differences either cannot 
be represented in a translation, or affect the form of expression 
merely, not the essential meaning of the sentence. Though the 
corrections made by the revisers in the Greek text of the New 
Testament followed by our translators probably exceed two 
thousand, hardly one tenth of them, perhaps not one twentieth, 
will be noticed by the ordinary reader. Of the small residue, 
many are indeed of sufficient interest and importance to consti- 
tute one of the strongest reasons for making a new revision, 
which should no longer suffer the known errors of copyists to 
take the place of the words of the evangehsts and apostles. 
But the chief value of the work accomplished by the self-deny- 
ing scholars who have spent so much time and labour in the 
search for manuscripts, and in their collation or pubhcation, 
does not consist, after all, in the corrections of the text which 
have resulted from their researches. These corrections may 
affect a few of the passages which have been rehed on for the 
support of certain doctrines, but not to such an extent as essen- 
tially to alter the state of the question. Still less is any ques- 
tion of Christian duty touched by the multitude of various read- 
ings The greatest service which the scholars who have de- 
voted themselves to critical studies and the collection of critical 
materials have rendered has been the establishment of the fact 
that, on the whole, the New Testament writings have come 
down to us in a text remarkably free from important corrup- 
tions, even in the late and inferior manuscripts on which the 
80-called 'received text' was founded; while the helps which 


of counsellors there is safety" (Pro v. xi. 14). The original 
reading is sure to be preserved in one or more of these 
sources. Hence we need not, as in the case of the ancient 
classics, resort to subjective conjectural criticism, which 
never leads to absolute certainty. The very multitude of 
readings is the best guarantee of the essential integrity of 
the New Testament. 

This fact was long ago clearly stated by Richard Bent- 
ley, when the resources of the text were not nearly so 
abundant. Fertile and ingenious as he was in his conject- 
ural emendations of classical authors, he yet declares, in 
his Prospectus for a new edition of the Greek Testament 
(1720), that "in the sacred writings there is no place for 
conjectures and emendations. Diligence and fidelity, with 
some judgment and experience, are the characters here 
requisite." And in another place :* " If there had been but 
one MS. of the Greek Testament at the restoration of learn- 
ing, about two centuries ago, then we had had no various 
readings at all. And would the text be in a better condi- 
tion then than now we have 30,000 ? So far from that, 
that in the best single copy extant we should have some 
hundreds of faults and some omissions irreparable. Be- 
sides that, the suspicions of fraud and foul play would have 

we now possess for restoring it to its primitive purity far ex- 
ceed those which we enjoy in the case of any eminent clas- 
sical author whose works have come down to us. The multi- 
tude of ' various readings, ' which to the thoughtless or ignorant 
seems so alarming, is simply the result of the extraordinary 
richness and variety of our critical resources. " 

* In his reply, under the pseudonym of PMleleutherus Lip- 
siensis, to the deist Anthony Collins, who, in his Discourse of 
Fi'ee-thinMng (1713), represented the 30,000 variations of Mill 
as fatal to the authority of the New Testament. 


been increased immensely. It is good, therefore, to have 
more anchors than one. ... It is a good providence and 
a great blessing that so many manuscripts of the New Tes- 
tament are still amongst us ; some procured from Egypt, 
others from Asia, others found in the Western churches. 
For the very distances of places, as well as numbers of the 
books, demonstrate that there could be no collusion, no al- 
tering, nor interpolating one copy by another, nor all by 
any of them. In profane authors whereof one manuscript 
only had the luck to be preserved, as Velleius Paterculus 
among the Latins, and Hesychius among the Greeks, the 
faults of the scribes are found so numerous, and the de- 
fects so beyond all redress, that, notwithstanding the pains 
of the learnedest and acutest critics for two whole centu- 
ries, these books still are, and are like to continue, a mere 
heap of errors. On the contrary, where the copies of any 
author are numerous, though the various readings always 
increase in proportion, there the text, by an accurate colla- 
tion of them, made by skilful and judicious hands, is ever 
the more correct, and comes nearer to the true words of 
the author." And again : " Make your 30,000 (variations) 
as many more — if numbers of copies can ever reach that 
sum — all the better to a knowing and a serious reader, who 
is thereby more richly furnished to select what he sees 
genuine. But even put them into the hands of a knave or 
a fool, and yet with the most sinistrous and absurd choice, 
he shall not extinguish the light of any one chapter, nor 
so disguise Christianity but that every feature of it will 
still be the same." 

To quote a modern authority : "So far," says Br. Scriv- 
ener (p. 4), "is the copiousness of our stores from causing 
doubt or perplexity to the genuine student of Holy Script- 


ure, that it leads him to recognise the more fully its gen- 
eral integrity in the midst of partial variation. What 
would the thoughtful reader of JEschylus give for the like 
guidance through the obscurities which vex his patience 
and mar his enjoyment of that sublime poet ?" 

4. Classes of Variations. 

The variations which really involve the sense may, with 
Dr. Tregelles, be reduced to three classes — omissions, or ad- 
ditions, or substitutions of words and phrases. 

(l.) Omissions. These occur very often from homoeo- 
teleuton {ofioioTiXevrov), when two lines or clauses end with 
the same word or words, which may be easily overlooked. 
A very important case of this kind is the sentence in 1 John 
ii. 23 : 6 bixo\oyG)i> rbv vluv teal rov iraripa t^fi (the same 
ending as in the preceding clause), which is not found in 
the Textus Receptus^ and is italicised in the English Version ; 
but sustained by fi<, A, B, C, P, and other authorities, and 
properly restored in the English Revision. Here the older 
text restores what the later lost. 

(2.) Additions are very numerous in the later MSS. and 
in the Textus Receptus, which must be eliminated accord- 
ing to the oldest and best authorities. They may be di- 
vided into several classes. 

{a.) Additions caused by transferring a genuine word or 
passage from one book to another ; first on the margin or 
between the lines, and then into the text. These cases 
arc most frequent in the parallel sections of the Gospels. 
They began probably with the Gospel Harmonics, the old- 
est of which is Tatian's Diatessaron, from the second cen- 
tury. See in the Text. Rec, Matt. i. 25 (supplemented 
from Luke ii. V) ; Matt. v. 44 (from Luke vi. 27, 28); 


Matt. ix. 13 (from Luke v. 32) ; Matt. xvii. 21 (from Mark 
ix. 29); Matt. xix. 16, 17 (comp. Mark x. 17, 18; Luke 
xviii. 18, 19); Matt. xix. 20 (from Mark x. 20 and Luke 
xviii. 21) ; Mark iii. 5 and Luke vi. 10 (from Matt. xii. 13) ; 
Mark vi. 11 (from Matt. x. 15); Mark xiii. 14 (from Matt. 
xxiv. 15) ; Mark xv. 28 (from Luke xxii. 37) ; Luke iv. 2, 
4, 5, 8 (comp. Matt. iv. 2, 4, 8, 10) ; Luke xi. 2, 4 (from 
Matt. vi. 9, 10, 13) ; John vi. 69 (from Matt. xvi. 16) ; Acts 
ix. 5, 6 (from xxvi. 14, 15; xxii. 10), etc. By removing 
these interpolations of words and clauses, otherwise genu- 
ine, we lose nothing and gain a better insight into the in- 
dividuality of each Gospel. 

(b.) Amplifications of quotations from the Old Testa- 
ment, Matt. ii. 18 ; xv. 8 ; Luke iv. 18, 19 ; Kom. xiii. 9 ; 
Heb. ii. 7 ; xii. 20, etc. These are all right in the Septua- 

(c.) Insertions of words and proper names (instead of 
pi'onouns) from lectionaries for the Church service, espe- 
cially those of the Gospels (Evangelistaria). Hence the 
frequent interpolation or changed position of 'Irjffovg (e. g.^ 
Matt. iv. 18; viii. 5; xiv. 22; John i. 44). Comp. also 
Luke vii. 31 (the prefix elire ^e 6 icvpiog), and x. 22 {teal trrpa- 
(pe\g TTpog rovg fj.aS'rjra.g eiTre). 

(d.) Additions from a love of paraphrase, which charac- 
terizes all the sources embraced by Westcott and Hort un- 
der the designation of the "Western" text. In this re- 
spect King James's revisers have imitated the old copyists 
and translators, but have acted more honestly by printing 
their numerous and mostly useless interpolations in italics. 

{e.) Additions from oral tradition, ancient liturgies, and 
explanatory glosses. Under this head we may place the 
most important and serious interpolations, which are re- 


jected by the severer class of critics, although some may 
be defended with solid arguments. They are as follows : 

The doxology in the Lord's Prayer (Matt. vi. 13), which 
was unknown to Origen, Tertullian, and Cyprian (in their 
commentaries on the Lord's Prayer), and is missing in the 
oldest MSS., in the Itala and Vulgate. It probably came 
in from 1 Chron. xxix. 11, and from the ancient liturgies.* 

The passage about the descent of the angel troubling 
the pool of Bethesda (John v. 3, 4, from " waiting " till " he 
had"), which expresses a popular superstition. 

The section on the woman taken in adultery (John vii. 
53-viii. 11, in ten MSS. at the end of the Gospel of John, 
in four at the end of Luke xxi.), which no doubt rests on a 
primitive and authentic tradition, but was not written by 

The concluding twelve verses of Mark (xvi. 9-20), which 
were added after the first incomplete edition of the Grospel 
had got into circulation.! 

* The English Eevision puts the doxology in the margin. 
It was a case of honesty versus prudence. No change seems 
to have given wider dissatisfaction than this. The doxology 
is very appropriate, and will always be used ; but this, of course, 
does not affect the critical question, which is simply one of evi- 
dence. Its insertion from liturgical usage is far more easily 
accounted for than its omission. 

f The genuineness of the conclusion of Mark has been de- 
fended with minute learning and ability by John William 
Burgon, B.D. (Dean of Chichester), in an almost exhaustive 
monograph of 834 pages : The Last Twelve Verses of the Gospel 
according to S. Mark Vindicated against Recent Critical Objections 
and Established, Oxford and London, 1871. His apologetic zeal 
leads him into injustice to the oldest and best MSS. which omit 
the passage, and to the most meritorious modern critics — Tisch- 


The baptismal confession of the eunuch (Acts viii. 37), 
which came in from ecclesiastical use. 

The passage of the three heavenly witnesses (l John v. 
7, 8), which is wanting in all the uncials, in all the ancient 
versions (including the best MSS. of the Vulgate), and in 
all the Greek fathers. It first appeared in Latin copies, 
and only in two very late Greek MSS., of no authority. 
The internal evidence is likewise against it, since John 
would not have written " the Father and the Word and the 
Holy Spirit," but " the Father and the /S'ow," or " God and 
the Word," etc. Hence it is universally given up by critics.* 

endorf and Tregelles. His arguments against X and B prove 
altogether too much, and would destroy our confidence in all 
MSS., versions, and citations. Dr. Scxivener also (pp. 583-590), 
defends the genuineness of Mark xvi. 9-20. It seems impossi- 
ble that the evangelist should have ended his book so abruptly 
with t^ofSovvTo yap. The oldest versions and lectionaries con- 
tain the section in whole or in part. Irenseus treats it as an inte- 
gral portion of Mark (Adv. Hmr. iii. 10, 6). The Vatican MS. 
leaves the whole third column blank, but concludes the Gospel 
of Mark in the second column, at ver. 8, with the usual ara- 
besque and the subscription KATA MAPKON, leaving an inter 
vening space of only three lines (not enough for two verses). 
Burgon and Scrivener make much of the fact that this blank 
column is the only vacant column in the Vatican MS. ; but Dr. 
Abbot replies that two columns are left blank at the end of Ne- 
hemiah, and a column and a half at the end of the book of To- 
bit, presenting an appearance very similar to that of the end of 
Mark. Tischendorf and Tregelles set the twelve verses apart ; 
Westcott and Hort enclose them in double brackets ; the Anglo- 
American Revision properly retains them with a marginal note. 
* Even Dr. Scrivener, one of the most conservative critics, 
says, "To maintain the genuineness of this passage is simply 
impossible." More than fifty volumes and pamphlets have 
been written on this controversy. 


(3.) Substitutions of one word for another, similar in 
spelling or sound. Here belong the remarkable variations 
in John i. 18 {fioyoyevt)g -^eoc, abridged 9C, or v'luc, abridged 
YC), in Luke ii. 14 {evcot:ia, or ehcodag) ; in Rora. v. 1 (e'xo- 
fjievj or e)^u)fxep), in 1 Tim. iii. 16 (oc, OC, or -^eoc, GC), in 
Apoc. xvii. 8 [Kaiirep kariv, for koX -Kapiarai), 

Other substitutions are due to the aim of harmonizing 
passages, or of correcting a supposed error, as Iv role 7rpu(pt]- 
TaiQ for kv rw 'Ho-aia rw 7rpo(pi]Tr], in Mark i. 2 ; ^rj^ajjapd 
for Brj^avia^ in John i. 28 (due, perhaps, to the conjecture 
of Origen) ; t))v eKixXrjffiav rov tcvpiov for tov ^tov, if not 
vice versa, in Acts xx. 28. 

5. Object of Textual Criticism. 

The textual variations necessitate textual criticism, which 
has gradually grown to the proportion and dignity of a 
special branch of sacred learning. It was matured with 
the discovery and collection of the material during the 
eighteenth century, and reached its height within the last 
twenty years. It has been cultivated mostly by Protestant 
scholars — Swiss, German, Dutch, and English. A few Cath- 
olics — like Hug and Scholz, Vercellone and Cozza — have 
nobly taken part in the work; but, upon the whole, the 
Roman Church cares more for tradition than for the Bible, 
and is satisfied with the Latin Yulgate sanctioned by the 
Council of Trent. Protestant Bible Societies have been 
denounced as dangerous and pestiferous by several popes. 

The object of textual criticism, as applied to the Greek 
Testament, is to ascertain and restore, as far as possible, the 
original text as it came from the pens of the apostolic au- 
thors. It aims to show not what they ought to have writ- 
ten, but what they actually did write. 


6. Critical Kules, 

Since Bengel, Wetstein, and Griesbacb, the critical proc- 
ess has been reduced to certain rules, but there is consid- 
erable diversity in the mode and extent of their applica- 
tion. The following- may be regarded as being sound, and 
more or less accepted by the best modern critics. 

(l.) Knowledge of documentary evidence must precede 
the choice of readings. 

(2.) All kinds of evidence must be taken into account, 
according to their intrinsic value. 

(3.) The sources of the text must be carefully sifted and 
classified, and the authorities must be weighed rather than 
numbered. One independent manuscript may be worth 
two dozen which are copied from the same original. On 
closer inspection, the witnesses are found to fall into cer- 
tain groups or families, and to represent certain tendencies. 
Bengel and Griesbach first arranged them into recensions 
or families. Westcott and Hort have modified and per- 
fected this system. They distinguish between the West- 
ern, the Alexandrian, the Syrian, and the neutral texts. 

(4.) The restoration of the pure text is founded on the 
history and genealogy of the textual corruptions. 

(5.) The older reading is preferable to the later, because 
it is presumably nearer the source. In exceptional cases 
later copies may represent a more ancient reading. 

(6.) The shorter reading is preferable to the longer, be- 
cause insertions and additions are more probable than 
omissions. '''' Brevior lectio proeferenda est verbosiori^^ 

(T.) The more difficult reading is preferable to the easier. 
^^ Lectio difficilior principatum tenet^^ was Bengel's first rule. 


(8.) The reading- whicb explains the origin of the other 
readings is preferable. This rule is emphasised by Tisch- 

(9.) " That reading in preferable which best suits the 
peculiar style, manner, and habits of thought of the au- 
thor; it being the tendency of copyists to overlook the 
idiosyncracies of the writer " (Scrivener). 

(10.) That reading is preferable which shows no doctrinal 
bias, whether orthodox or heretical. 

(11.) The agreement of the most ancient witnesses of all 
classes decides the true reading against all mediaeval copies 
and printed editions. 

(12.) The primary uncials, N, B, C, and A — especially x 
and B — if sustained by ancient versions and ante-Nicene 
citations, outw^eigh all later authorities, and give us pre- 
sumably the original text. 

7. Application of the Rules. 
The application of these critical canons decides, in the 
main, against the Textus Receptus, so called, from which the 
Protestant versions were made, and in favour of an uncial 
text. The former rests on a few and late, mostly cursive 
MSS., which have very little or no authority when com- 
pared with much older authorities which have since been 
brought to light. It abounds in later additions, harmless 
as they may be. It arose, as it were, by accident, before 
the material for the science of criticism was collected and 
examined. Erasmus, Stephens, and Beza were good schol- 
ars, but could accomplish little with the scanty resources 
at their command. Griesbach, Lachmann, Tregelles, Tisch- 
endorf, Westcott and Hort have the advantage over them in 
the possession of an immense apparatus which has been accu- 
mulating for three hundred years. We are now able to go 


back from the cursive text of the fifteenth century to a 
text at least a thousand years older — a text of the Nicene 
and ante-Nicene age. 

It has taken a long time for scholars to become emanci- 
pated from the tyranny of the Textus Receptus, and it will 
be a long time before the people can be weaned from 
the authority of the vernacular versions based upon it. 
But the truth will prevail at last over tradition and habit. 
Amicus Stephanus, amicus Beza, sed magis arnica Veritas. 

The loss of the traditional text is more than made up by 
the gain. The substance remains, the form only is changed. 
The true text is shorter, but it is also older, purer, and 
stronger. By that we must abide until new discoveries 
bring us still nearer to the inspired original. 


The history of the printed text of the Greek Testament 
may be divided into three periods : 

(1.) The period of the unlimited reign of the Received 
Text, so called, from 1516 to 1750 or 17 70. 

(2.) The transition period from the Received Text to 
the Uncial Text, 1770 to 1830. 

(3.) The restoration of the oldest and purest text, 1830 
to 1881. 

Dr. Reuss, of Strasburg, who is in possession of the 
largest private collection of editions of the Greek Testa- 
ment, gives a chronological list of 584 distinct and 151 
title editions of the Greek Testament, printed from 1514 
to 1870, and divides them into twenty-seven families.* 

* See his BiUiotlieca Nom Test. Orceci (1872). The editions are 
classified as follows : 


This list was enlarged in 1883 to the number of 924 by 
Dr. Isaac H. Hall. T confine myself here to the leading 
editions which mark an epoch.* 

1. The Period of the Textus Receptus. From Eras- 
mus AND Stephens to Bengel and Wetstein. — A.D. 

This period extends from the Reformation to the mid- 
dle of the 18th century. The text of Erasmus, with a 
few improvements of Stephens, Beza, and the Elzevirs, as- 
sumed a stereotyped character^ and acquired absolute do- 
minion among scholars. The Protestant versions made 
from this text gained the same authority among the laity. 
Both were practically considered to be the inspired word 
of God, and every departure from them was looked upon 
with suspicion. 

I. Editio Complutensis ; II. Editiones Erasmicae; III. Editio 
Compluto-Erasmica ; IV. Editio Colinaei; V. Editiones Stepha- 
nicEe; VI. Editiones Erasmo-Stephanicae; VII. Editiones Com- 
pluto-Stephanicse ; VIII. Editiones Bezange; IX. Editiones Ste- 
phano-Bezanae ; X. Editiones Stephano-Plantinianse ; XI. Edi- 
tiones Elzevirianae ; XII. Editiones Stephano-Elzevirianae ; XIII. 
Editiones Elzeviro-Plantinianae ; XIV. Editiones criticse ante- 
Griesbachiange ; XV. Editiones Griesbachianae ; XVI. Editiones 
Matthaeianae ; XVII. Editiones Griesbachio-Elzevirianae ; XVIII. 
Editiones Knappianae; XIX. Editiones criticae minores post- 
Griesbachianae , XX. Editiones Scholzianae, XXI. Editiones 
Lachmannianae ; XXII. Editiones Griesbacliio-Lachmannianae ; 
XXIII. Editiones Tischendoi-fianae ; XXIV. Editiones mixtae 
recentiores; XXV. Editiones nondum coUatas; XXVI. Editi- 
ones dubiae ; XXVII. Editiones spuriae. To these should be add- 
ed the editions of Tregelles and of Westcott and Hort. 

* See Appendix I. to Schaff's Companion to the Greek Test. 
p. 497-524, and the Fac-similes of 20 standard editions in Ap- 
pendix II. p. 525-570. 


The Roman Catholic Church held, and still holds, with 
the same unreasonable tenacity to Jerome's Vulgate, which, 
as a translation, is still further removed from the fountain 
of inspiration, though based in part on an older text. 

(1.) The first published (not printed) edition of the Greek 
Testament is that of Erasmus (urged by the enterprising 
publisher Frobenius, who offered to pay him as much "as 
anybody "), at Basle, Switzerland, 1516, fol. 

It was a most timely publication, just one year before 
the Reformation. Erasmus was the best classical scholar 
of his age (a better Latinist than Hellenist), and one of the 
forerunners of the Reformation, although he afterwards 
withdrew from it and died on the division line between 
two ages and two churches (1536). He furnished Luther 
and Tyndale the text for their vernacular versions, which 
became the most powerful levers of the Reformation in 
Germany and England. 

The first edition was taken chiefiy from two late Basle 
MSS. of the Gospels and Epistles, which are still preserved 
in the University Library at Basle, and have the marks of 
the printer's pages (as I observed in 1879). They date from 
the fourteenth or fifteenth century. Erasmus compared 
them with two others. For the Apocalypse he had only 
one MS., borrowed from Reuchlin, then lost sight of, but 
recently found again in 1861 ;* defective on the last leaf 
(containing the last six verses, which he retranslated from 
the Vulgate into poor Greek). Made in great haste, in 
less than six months, and full of errors. Elegant Latin 
version. Dedicated to Pope Leo X. Erasmus himself, 

* By Dr. Delitzsch, in the library of the princely house of 
Oettingen-Wallerstein. See his HandschriftUche Funde, Heft i. 
and ii. 1861 and 1862. 


aided by (Ecolampadms, published five editions, with slight 
improvements, all Grseco-Latin. Second edition, 1519 (the 
basis of Luther's translation); third, 1522; fourth, 1527; 
fifth, 1535 ; besides over thirty unauthorized reprints which 
appeared at Venice, Strasburg, Basle, Paris, etc.* 

The entire apparatus of Erasmus never exceeded eight 
MSS. The best he had he used least, because he was 
afraid of it ; namely, a cursive of the tenth century, num- 
bered 1, which agrees better with the uncial than with the 
received text. He also took the liberty of occasionally cor- 
recting or supplementing his text from the Vulgate. 

(2.) The CoMPLUTENSiAN New Testament, in the Polyglot 
Bible of Complutum, or Alcala de Henar^, in Spain, pre- 
pared under the direction of Cardinal Francis Ximenes 
DE CiSNEROs (archbishop of Toledo), and published 1520, 
with papal approbation, in 6 vols. The work was begun 
1502, in celebration of the birth of Charles V., and the New 
Testament was completed Jan. 10, 1514; the fourth vol., 
July 10, 1517 (the year of the Reformation) ; but not pub- 

* Reuss gives the titles of these editions, and says {Biblwth. 
p. 26) that they vary in sixty-two out of a thousand places which 
he compared. Mill's estimate of the variations is far below the 
mark; see Scrivener, p. 385. Of the first edition Erasmus him- 
self says, " prcecipitatum fuit terms qnam editum," in order that 
his publisher might anticipate the publication of the Complu- 
tensian Polyglot. The second edition is more correct. The 
third edition first inserted the spurious passage of the three wit- 
nesses (1 John V. 7) from the Codex Montfortianus of the six- 
teenth century. The fourth edition adds, in a third parallel 
column, the Latin Vulgate, besides the Greek and his own ver- 
sion. The fifth edition omits the Vulgate, but otherwise hardly 
differs from the fourth ; and from these two, in the main, the 
Textus Beceptus is ultimately derived. 


lished till 1520, four years after the first edition of Erasmus 
(who did not see the Polyglot till 1522), and three years 
after the cardinal's death (who died 1517, at the age of 
eighty-one). Pope Leo X. gave his approbation at his own 
motion, March 22, 1520 ; even then there was some delay, 
and the work did not get into general circulation before 1 522. 

The New Testament forms vol. v., and gives the Greek 
and the Latin Vulgate. Vols, ii., iii., and iv. contain the Old 
Testament with the Apocrypha. The canonical books of 
the Old Testament are given in three languages : the Latin 
Vulgate characteristically holds the place of honour in the 
middle, between the Greek Septuagint and the Hebrew orig- 
inal. This signifies, according to the Prolegomena, that 
Christ, i. e. the Roman or Latin Church, was crucified be- 
tween two robbers, i. e. the Jewish Synagogue and the 
schismatical Greek Church ! The sixth vol. contains lexica, 
indexes, etc. Only six hundred copies were printed ; hence 
the work is very rare. 

The liberal cardinal spent on his Polyglot 50,000 ducats, 
or about $115,000. But it was only one fourth of his 
yearly income.* 

The text of the New Testament is mostly derived from 
late MSS. not specified, and not described except in the 
general terms " very ancient and correct," and procured 
from Rome.f 

* See a full description in Tregelles, Account of the Printed 
Text, etc., pp. 1-19. 

f On the textual sources of the Complutensian Polyglot, see 
Tregelles, loc. cit. , pp. 12-18. Reuss {Biblioth. pp. 16-24) gives a 
list of the readings peculiar to this Greek Testament. An ac- 
curate reprint w^as edited by P, A. Gratz, Tubingen, 1821 ; 2d ed. 
Mayence, 1827, with changes in the orthography and punctua- 


(3.) Editions of the great printer and scholar Robert 
Stephens (Stephanus, Estienne, 1503-59), published at 
Paris in 1546 and 1549, 16mo (called, from the first words 
of the preface, the mirificam editions); 1550, in folio; 
and at Geneva in 1551, 16mo. His son Henry (1528-98) 
collated the MSS. employed for these editions, which were 
greatly admired for their excellent type, cast at the expense 
of the French government. 

Stephens's "royal edition" {editio regia) of 1550 is the 
most celebrated, and the nearest source of the Textus Re- 
ceptus.^ The text was mainly taken from Erasmus (the 
editions of 1527 and 1535), with marginal readings from the 
Complutensian edition, and fifteen MSS. of the Paris libra- 
ry, two of them valuable (D and L), but least used. It 
was republished by F. H. Scrivener, 1859; new edition 
1877, with the variations of Beza (1565), Elzevir (1624), 
Lachmann, Tischendorf, and Tregelles. 

The edition of 1551, which was published at Geneva 
(where Robert Stephens spent his last years as a professed 
Protestant), though chiefly a reprint of the Royal edition of 
1550 in inferior style, is remarkable for the versicular di- 
vision which here appears for the first time, and which 
Robert Stephens is said to have made on horseback on a 
journey from Paris to Lyons. The edition contains the 
Greek text in the middle of the page, with the Latin Yul- 
gate on the inner side, and the Erasmian version on the 
outer. The ver>icular division is injudicious, and breaks 

tion. Leander Yan Ess published an editio Compluto-Eras- 
mica, Tub. 1827. See Reuss, p. 45. 

* Reuss (p. 53) : " Est Imc ipsa editio ex qua derixatur guem 
nostri textum receptum xulgo wcant, nomine rei minus ben^e ap- 


up the text, sometimes in the middle 'of the sentence, into 
fragments, instead of presenting it in natural sections ; but 
it is convenient for reference, and has become indispensa- 
ble by long use. The English Revision judiciously com- 
bines both methods. 

(4.) Theodore de Beze (Beza, 1519-1605), Calvin's 
friend and successor in Geneva, who came into possession 
of some valuable old MSS. (Cod. Cantabr. and Claromont.), 
but made little use of them, published several folio editions 
of Stephens's Greek text (4th ed.), with some changes and 
a Latin translation of his own, Geneva, 1565, 1582, 1588 
(many copies dated 1589), 1598 (reprinted in Cambridge, 

Beza was a poor critic, but an eminent theologian and 
commentator, and enjoyed, with Calvin and Builinger, the 
highest respect in England during the reigns of Elizabeth 
and James I. His editions were chiefly used for the Au- 
thorised English version of 1611, in connection with the 
last editions of Stephens.f 

* Beza called the edition of 1565 the second, but his first, 1557, 
was only his Latin version with annotations, for which he cared 
more than for the Greek text. Scrivener {Introd. 2d ed. p. 390) 
gives 1559 as the date of the first edition; but this is an error; 
see Reuss, Biblioth. p. 72 sq. Others speak of an edition of 1576 ; 
but this was edited by Henry Stephens. Besides the four folio 
editions noticed above, Beza published several octavo editions 
with his Latin version and short marginal notes (1565-67-80-90, 
1604). For a full description, see Masch's Le Long, Bihl. Sacra, 
pars i. pp. 307-316. 

f On the precise Greek text of the English version, see Dr. 
Abbot's researches in my Introduction to Lightfoot, Trench, and 
Ellicott on the Revision of the New Testament, New York, 1873, 
pp. xxvii.-xxix. He shows that the English version agrees 


(5.) The brothers Bonaventure and Abraham Elzevir, 
enterprising publishers in Holland, issued, with the aid of 
unknown editors, several editions at Ley den, 1624, 1633, 
1641 ; originally taken (not from Stephens, but) from Beza's 
smaller edition of 1565, with a few changes from his later 
editions. Neatly printed, and of handy size, they were 
popular and authoritative for a long period. The preface 
to the second edition boldly proclaims : " Textum ergo habes, 
nunc ah omnibus receptum : in quo nihil immutatum aut 
corruptum damusy Hence the name Textus Receptus^ or 
commonly received standard text, which became a part of 
orthodoxy on the Continent; while in England Stephens's 
edition of 1550 acquired this authority; but both agree 
substantially.* Erasmus is the first, Elzevir's editor the 
last author, so to say, of the Textus Receptus. All the 
Holland editions were scrupulously copied from the Elze- 
vir text, and Wetstein could not get authority to print his 
famous Greek Testament (1751-52) except on condition 
of following it.f 

with Beza (ed. 1589) against Stephens (ed. 1550) in about ninety 
places, with Stephens against Beza in about forty, and differs 
from both in thirty or forty places, Beza's Latin version, which 
was superior to the preceding ones, and his notes, had also con- 
siderable influence, which was misleading in many instances, 
but, on the whole, beneficial. See B. F. Westcott, History of the 
English Bible (Lond. 1868), p. 394. 

* Mill observed but twelve variations. Tischendorf (p.lxxxv. 
7th ed.) gives a list of 150 changes; Scrivener (p. 392) states the 
number at 287. These variations are as unimportant as the va- 
riations of the different editions of King James's English ver- 
sion, which number over 20,000. 

f For a history of the Elzevir family and a list of their publi- 
cations, see Les Ekevier. Histoire et Annates typographiques, par 


(6.) Brian Walton's Polyglot Bible^ Lond, IBSY, 6 torn, 
fol. The New Testament (torn, v.) gives the Greek text of 
Stephens, 1550, with the Latin Vulgate, the Peshito Syriac, 
the ^thiopic, and Arabic versions. In the Gospels a Per- 
sic version is added. Each Oriental version has a collateral 
Latin translation. At the foot of the Greek text are given 
the readings of Cod. A. The sixth or supplementary vol- 
ume furnishes a critical apparatus gathered from sixteen 
authorities, by the care of the celebrated Archbishop Us- 
sher (1580-1656), who had been appointed a member of 
the Westminster Assembly of Divines, but never attended. 
Walton (1600-1661) was a royalist, during the civil war, 
and chaplain to Charles L, and after the Restoration conse- 
crated bishop of Chester (1661). But the Polyglot was 
published under the patronage of Cromwell, who allowed 
the paper to be imported free of duty. This patronage 
was afterwards disowned ; hence there are two kinds of 

Alphonse Willems, Brux. et Paris, 1880, 2 vols. The titles ol 
the first two editions (1624 and 1633) are as follows: 

'H Kaivrj AiaBrjKT]. Novum Testamentvm, ex Regijs alijsque 
optimis editionibus cum curd expressum. Lvgdvni Batavorvm, 
ex OfScina Elzeviriana, do To c xxrv. 12mo or 24mo. 

(" Cette edition du N. T. est reputee correcte, mais elle a ete effor 
ceepar celle de 1633." Willems, i. 98.) 

'H Kaivri Aia^r]icr]. Novum Testamentum. JSx Begiis aliisque 
optimis editionibus, hac nova expressum : cui quid accesserit, Prce- 
fatio docebit. Lvgd. Batavorvm, ex Officina Elzeviriorum, 
da lo c xxxiii. 12mo or 24mo. 

The second is the most beautiful and correct edition. One 
of the two editions dated 1641 (that printed by the Elzevirs for 
Whitaker of London) has notes of Robert Stephens, Joseph 
Scaliger, Isaac Casaubon, etc. Later editions were printed at 


copies — the one called "republican" (with compliments 
to Cromwell in the preface, but no dedication), the other 
"loyal" and dedicated to Charles IL* 

Walton's Polyglot is less magnificent than the Paris 
Polyglot (Paris, 1645, in 10 vols.), but more ample, com- 
modious, and critical. f 

* ' ' Twelve copies were struck off on large paper. By Crom- 
well's permission the paper for this work was allowed to be im- 
ported free of duty, and honourable mention is made of him in 
the Preface. On the Restoration this courtesy was dishonour- 
ably withdrawn, and the usual Bible dedication sycophancy 
transferred to Charles II., at the expense of several cancels; 
and in this, the ' Loyal ' copy, so called in contradistinction to 
the 'Republican,' Cromwell is spoken of as 'Maximus ille 
Draco.' This is said to have been the first work printed by 
subscription in England" {The Bibles in the Caxtoii Exhibition, 
London, 1877, p. 119 sq.). Comp. H. J. Todd's Memoirs of the 
Life and Writings of Brian Walton, London, 1821, 2 vols. 

f Brian Walton was involved in a controversy with Dr. John 
Owen, the famous Pm-itan divine, who labored to defend, from 
purely dogmatic premises, without regard to stubborn facts, the 
scholastic theory that inspiration involved not only the religious 
doctrines, but "every tittle and iota," and that "the Scriptures 
of the O. and N. Testaments were immediately and entirely given 
out by God himself, his mind being in them represented unto 
us without the least interv^eniency of such mediums and ways 
as were capable of giving change or alteration to the least iota or 
syllable." {Of the Integrity and Purity of the Hebrew Text of the 
Scriptures, with Considerations on the Prolegonunii and Appendix 
to the late 'Biblia Polyglotta,' Oxford, 1659.) To this Walton re- 
plied, forcibly and conclusively, in The Considerator Considered, 
London, 1659. He maintained that the authority of the Script- 
ures, as a certain and sufficient rule of faith, does not depend 
upon any human authority or any human theory of inspiration, 
and that Owen's view was contrary to undeniable facts, and 


(7.) John Mill's Novum Testamentum GrcBcum, Oxon. 
1707, fo].; often reprinted, especially, in England. The 
fruit of thirty years' labour. A vastly increased critical 
apparatus.* The text is from Stephens, 1550. It had 
been preceded by the New Testament of Bishop John 
Fell, Oxford, 1675; an edition "more valuable for the 
impulse it gave to subsequent investigators than for the 
richness of its own stores of fresh materials " (Scrivener, 
p. 395). 

Bentley's proposed edition, 1720. Dr. Richard Bent- 
ley (1662-1742), whose rare classical scholarship and criti- 
cal discernment pre-eminently fitted him for the task, made 
extensive and expensive preparations for a new edition of 
the Greek and Latin Testament. He, unfortunately, failed 
to execute his design ; but he discovered the true principle 
which, a century afterwards, was executed by the critical 
genius of Lachmann. He proposed to go back from the 
Textus Receptus to the oldest text of the first five centuries, 
hoping that " by taking 2000 errors out of the Pope's Vul- 
gate and as many out of the Protestant Pope Stephens's," 
he could " set out an edition of each in columns, without 
using any book under 900 years old, that shall so exactly 
agree word for word, and order for order, that no two tal- 
lies, nor two indentures, can agree better." He issued his 
Proposals for such an edition in 1720, with the last chap- 
contrary to the judgment of the Reformers and the chief Protes- 
tant divines and linguists from Luther and Calvin down to Gro- 
tius and Cappellus, " The truth needs not the patronage of an 

* See the list of Mill's MSS. in Scrivener, p. 398. Ktister's re- 
print of Mill, with additions, Amsterdam and Leipsic, also Rot- 
terdam, 1710, deserves to be mentioned. 


ter of Revdation in Greek and Latin as a specimen. The 
scheme was frustrated by an angry controversy between 
him and Conyers Aliddleton, and other contentions in which 
lie was involved, by his unruly temper, at Cambridge. The 
money paid in advance (two thousand guineas) was return- 
ed to the subscribers by his nephew, whom he made his 
literary executor. All that is left is a mass of critical ma- 
terial in the library of Trinity College, Cambridge, includ- 
inor the collation of the Codex Vaticanus, which was tran- 
scribed by Woide and edited by Ford in 1799. Bentley 
was too sanguine in his expectations, and too confident 
and hasty in his conclusions ; but his edition, as Tregelles 
says, " would have been a valuable contribution towards 
the establishment of a settled text : it would at least have 
shaken the foundations of the Textus Receptus ; and it 
might well have formed the basis of further labours." 

After Bentley's death active interest in Biblical criticism 
in England ceased for nearly a century, and the work was 
carried on mainly by German scholars. 

(8.) J. A. Bexgel (1687-1752), a most original, pro- 
found, pregnant, and devout commentator, author of the 
invaluable Gnomon, which is a marvel of multum in parvo, 
edited a Greek Testament at Tubingen, 1734 and 1755, 
and wrote several critical dissertations. He became a critic 
from conscientious scruples, but was confirmed in his faith 
by thorough research. He divided the textual witnesses 
into families; facilitated the method of comparing and 
weighing the readings ; suggested true principles of criti- 
cism ; and departed, in the Apocalypse (his favorite study), 
from the Textus Receptus. Most of his cautious changes 
have been approved. In the apparatus criticus he first 
set the example of recording the testimonies for and 


against the received reading, but he did it only in rare 
instances. "The peculiar importance' of Bengel's New 
Testament is due to the critical principles developed there- 
in. Not only was liis native acuteness of great service to 
him when weighing the conflicting probabilities of internal 
evidence, but in his fertile mind sprang up the germ of 
that theory oi families or recensions which was afterwards 
expanded by J. S. Semler (1725-91), and grew to such for- 
midable dimensions in the skilful bands of Griesbach."* 

(9.) Jo. Jag. WETSTEmf (1693-1754): Novum Testa- 
mentum Grcecum Editionis Receptee cum Lectionihus, etc., 
Amstel. 1751-52, 2 torn. fol. The text is mainly from the 
Elzevir editions, with some readings from Fell's text. He 
made large additions to the apparatus, and carefully de- 
scribed the MSS. and other sources in the Prolegomena, 
i. 1-222; ii. 3-15, 449-454, 741-43. His magnificent 
edition contains also a learned commentary, with illustra- 
tions from Hebrew, Greek, and Latin authors. 

Wetstein was far inferior to Bengel in judgment, but 
surpassed him in the extent of his resources. He was nei- 
ther a sound theologian nor a safe critic, but a most in- 
dustrious worker and collator. His New Testament repre- 

* Scrivener, p. 403. Comp. on Bengel the biographies of Burk 
(1831) and Wachter (1865), and an article in Herzog, ii. 295-301 
(new ed.). 

f His family name was Wettstein (see Hagenbach's art. in 
Herzog, vol. xviii. p. 74); but he signed himself in Latin Wet- 
stenius ; and hence English, Dutch, and most German writers 
spell the name Wetstein. He was a native of Basle, and for 
some time assistant pastor of his father at St. Leonhard's; but, 
being suspected of Arian and Socinian heresy, he was deposed 
and exiled from his native city (1730). He obtained a profess- 
orship at the Arminian College at Amsterdam (1733). 


sents the labour of forty years. He had a natural passion 
for the study of MSS. ; made extensive literary journeys ; 
collated about 102 MSS. (among them A, C, and D) with 
greater care than had been done before, and introduced 
the system of citing them by Latin letters and Arabic nu- 
merals. His Prolegomena are disfigured by the long and 
painful history of his controversy with his narrow ortho- 
dox opponents, Iselin and Frey ; he depreciated the merits 
of Bengel ; but his New Testament is still valuable as a 
storehouse of parallel passages from the ancient classics. 

During the next twenty years little was done for textual 
criticism. Johann Salomo Semler, the father of German 
rationalism (1725-91), but, in what he called " Privat-From- 
migkeit" (personal piety), a pietist and an earnest oppo- 
nent of deism, re-edited Wetstein's Prolegomena with val- 
uable suggestions (Halle, l^ 64), wrote HermeneutischeVorbe- 
reitimg, and stimulated the zeal of his great pupil Griesbach. 

2. Second Period : Transition from the Textus Re- 
CEPTus to the Uncial Text. From Griesbach to 
Lachmann — A.D. 1770-1830. 

This period shows enlarged comparison of the three 
sources of the text, the discovery of critical canons, a 
gradual improvement of the Textus Receptus, and approach 
to an older and better text ; but the former was still re- 
tained as a basis on a prescriptive right. 

(10.) The period is introduced by the honoured name of 
Johann Jacob Griesbach (1745-1812), professor of di- 
vinity at Halle and then at Jena. He made the study of 
textual criticism of the Greek Testament his life-work, and 
combined all the necessary qualifications of accurate learn- 
ing, patient industry, and sound judgment. His editions 


from 1775 to 1806 mark the beginning of a really critical 
text, based upon fixed rules. Among these are, that a read- 
ing must be supported by ancient testimony; that the short- 
er reading is preferable to the longer, the more difiicult to 
the easy, the unusual to the usual. He sifted Wetstein's 
apparatus with scrupulous care ; enlarged it by collecting 
the citations of Origen, and utilizing the Old Latin texts, 
published by Bianchini and Sabatier ; improved and devel- 
oped Bengel's system of recensions, classifying the author- 
ities under three heads — 'the Western (D, Latin versions, 
fathers), the Alexandrian (B, C, L, etc., a recension of the 
corrupt Western text), and the Constantinopolitan (A, flow- 
ing from both) ; but recognised also mixed and transitional 
texts, decided for the readings of the largest relative ex- 
tent, but departed from the Elzevir text only for clear and 
urgent reasons. His critical canons are well-considered 
and sound ; but he was too much fettered by his recension 
theory, which was ably criticised and modified by Hug, a 
Roman Catholic scholar (1765-1846). 

Principal editions, Halle and London, 1775-77, 1796- 
1806, 2 tom. 8vo; reprinted, London, 1809 and 1818 (a 
very fine edition) ; an improved third edition of the Gos- 
pels by David Schulz, 1827, with Prolegomena and an en- 
larged apparatus. Griesbach's text is the basis of many 
manual editions by Schott, Knapp, Tittmann, Hahn, Theile, 
and of several English and American editions. 

While Griesbach was engaged in his work, several 
scholars made valuable additions to the critical appa- 
ratus, the results of which he incorporated in his last edi- 

C. F. Matthaei (professor at Wittenberg, then at Mos- 
cow; d. 1811), Griesbach's opponent, ridiculed the system 


of recensions, despised the most ancient authorities, and 
furnished a text from Moscow MSS., all of Constantino- 
politan origin, to which he attributed too great a value. 
The result by no means justified his pretensions and pas- 
sionate attacks upon others. His Novum Test. Greece et Lat. 
was published at Riga, 1782-88, 12 vols. 8vo; an edition 
with the Greek text only, in 3 vols. (1803-7). 

The Danish professors Birch, Abler, and Molden- 
HAWER collected, at the expense of the King of Denmark, 
a large and valuable amount of new critical material in 
Italy and Spain, including the readings of the Vatican 
MS., published by Birch, 1788-1801. During the same 
period Codd. A, D, and other important MSS. were pub- 

F. C. Alter, in his Greek Test., Vienna, 1786-87, 8vo, 
gave the readings of twenty-two Vienna MSS., and also of 
four MSS. of the Slavonic version. 

The new discoveries of these scholars went far to con- 
firm Griesbach's critical judgment. 

(11.) J. M. A. ScHOLz (a pupil of Hug, and Roman Cath- 
olic professor in Bonn; d. 1852): Novum Testamentum 
Greece, etc., 1830-36, 2 vols. 4to ; the text reprinted by 
Bagster, London, with the English version. 

Scholz was a poor critic, but an extensive collator. He 
examined many new MSS. in different countries, though 
not very accurately, and gave the preference to the Byzan- 
tine family, as distinct from the Alexandrian. He fre- 
quently departed from the received text, yet, upon the 
whole, preserved it in preference to that of the Vulgate 
(which is remarkable for a Roman Catholic). His edition 
has found greater favour in England than in Germany. It 
marks no advance upon Griesbach. 


3. Third Period : The Restoration o'f the Primitive 

Text. From Lachmann and Tischendorf to West- 

cott and Hort— A.D. 1830-81. 

(12.) Carl Lachmann (professor of classical philology 
in Berlin; d. 1851): Novum Testamentum Greece et La- 
tine, Berol. 1842-50, 2 vols. Comp. his art. in the Studien 
und Kritiken, 1830, No. 4, pp. 817-845. Lachmann had 
previously published a small edition in 1831, with various 
readings at the end. In the larger edition he was aided 
by the younger Philip Buttmann, who added the appara- 
tus of the Greek text, and published also another edition 
based on the Vatican MS., 1856, 1862, and 1865. 

Lachmann was not a professional theologian, and not 
hampered by traditional prejudice. His object was to re- 
store the oldest accessible text, i. e. the text of the fourth 
or fifth century, as found in the oldest sources then known 
(especially Codd. A, B, C, Itala, Vulgate, ante-Nicene fa- 
thers) ; yet not as a final text, but simply as a sure histor- 
ical basis for further operations of internal criticism. He 
gives, with diplomatic accuracy, even palpable writing er- 
i>ors if sufiiciently attested; not as proceeding from the 
original writers, but as parts of the textus traditus of the 
fourth century. His range of authorities was limited ; Cod. 
Sinaiticus had not yet been discovered, and Codd. B and C 
not critically edited. But to him belongs the credit of 
having broken a new path, and established, with the genius 
and experience of a master critic, the true basis. He car- 
ried out the hint of Bentley and Bengel, and had the bold- 
ness to destroy the tyranny of the Textus Receptus, and to 
substitute for it the uncial text of the Nicene age. 

Lachmann met with much opposition from the profession- 


al theologians, even from such a hberal critic as De Wette, 
who thought that he had wasted his time and strength. 
Such is the power of habit and prejudice that every inch 
of ground in the march of progress is disputed, and must 
be fairly conquered. But his principles are now pretty 
generally acknowledged as correct.* 

(13.) CONSTANTIN VON TiSCHENDORF (profcSSOr of thc- 

ology at Leipsic; b. 1815, d. 1874) : Novum Testamentum 
Greece, etc., ed. octava critica maior, Lips. 1872, 2 vols., 
with a full critical apparatus. Best edition of his text by 
Oscar von Gebhardt, 1881, with the added readings of Tre- 
gelles, Westcott and Hort. 

Prof. Tischendorf was by far the most industrious, en- 
terprising, and successful textual critic of the nineteenth 
century. He visited the principal libraries of Europe in 
search of documents ; made four journeys to England, and 
three to the Orient ; discovered, collated, copied, and edited 
many most important MSS. ; and published, between 1841 
and 1873, no less than twenty -four editions of the Greek 
Testament (including the reissues of his stereotyped editio 
academica). Four of these — issued 1841, 1849, 1859, and 
1872 — mark a progress in the acquisition of new material. 
The catalogue of his publications, most of them relating to 
Biblical criticism, covers more than ten octavo pages. In 
1873 he hoped to attend the General Conference of the 
Evangelical Alliance in New York, and to read a paper on 
the influence of the Apocryphal Gospels on the formation 

* Tregelles (p. 99): "Lachmann led the way in casting aside 
the so-caUed Textus Receptus, and boldly placing the New Tes- 
tament wholly and entirely on the basis of actual authority." 
Reuss calls him {Bihlioth. p. 239) "vir doctissimus et KpLTLKtorarog." 
Scrivener (p. 422 sqq.) depreciates his merits. 


of the Roman Catholic theory and worship of the Yu'gin 
Mary. All the arrangements had been made for the journey, 
when a fatal stroke of apoplexy suddenly arrested his earthly 
labours, May 5, 18V3, although he lingered till Dec. 7, 1874.* 
Tischendorf started from the basis of Lachmann, but 
with a less rigorous application of his principle, and with a 
much larger number of authorities. He intended to give 
not only the oldest, but also the best, text, with the aid of 
all authorities. His judgment was influenced by subjec- 
tive considerations and a very impulsive temper; hence 
frequent changes in his many editions, which he honest- 
ly confessed, quoting Tischendorf versus Tischendorf, but 
they mark the progress in the range of his resources and 
knowledge. In his last and best edition he returns again 
to the uncial authorities, after a temporary departure to 
later documents, and gives full credit to his own greatest 
discovery, the MS. from the Mount of Legislation. 

* See J. E. Volbeding, Constantin Tischendorf in seiner 2,^-jdTi- 
rigen schriftstellerischen Wirksamkeit, Leips. 1862; Dr. Abbot's 
article on Tischendorf in the Unitarian Beview for March, 1875 ; 
Dr. Gregory's article in the BiUiotheca Sacra for January, 1876, 
and his Prolegomena, Pars I. (1884) pp. 1-22; and for his moral 
and religious character, the addresses of his pastor. Dr. Ahl- 
feld, and his colleagues Drs. Kahnis and Luthardt, Am Sarge 
Tischendorf s, with a list of his writings, Leips. 1874. These 
addresses bring into prominence his noble qualities, which were 
somewhat concealed to the superficial observer by a skin disease 
— his personal vanity and overt ondness for his many and well- 
earned titles and twenty or more decorations from sovereigns 
which were displayed in his parlor. He took a prominent part 
in the international deputation of the Evangelical Alliance to the 
Czar and Prince Gortschakoff, at Friedrichshafen, in behalf of 
the persecuted Lutherans in the Baltic provinces, in 1871, at 
the risk of his popularity at the Russian court. 


The Latin Prolegomena to this edition were intrusted in 
1876 to an American scholar, Dr. Caspar Rene Gregory, 
residing at Leipsic, who, with the efficient aid of Dr. Ezra 
Abbot, of Cambridge, Mass., finished the first part in 1884. 
Thus America is permitted to take an important share in 
this great work of restoring the purest text of the book of 
books by completing the noblest monument of German 
scholarship in the line of textual criticism.* 

(14.) Sam. Prideaux Tregelles (1813-1875): The 
Greek New Testament, edited from ancient authorities, ivith 
the Latin Version of Jerome from the Codex Amiatinus, 
London ; issued in parts from 1857 to 1879, 4to. He had 
previously edited The Book of Revelation in Greek, 1844. 

Dr. Tregelles devoted his whole life to this useful and 
herculean task, with a reverent and devout spirit similar to 
that of Bengcl.f He visited many libraries in Europe, col- 

* Novum Test. Greece, vol. iii. Prolegomena, Pars prior, Lips, 
1884. The Prolegomena give the fullest description of the crit- 
ical material and a key to the multitudinous abbreviations of 
Tischendorf's apparatus, which to ordinary readers are about 
as intelligible as a hieroglyphic alphabet. The ''Addenda et 
Emendanda " in the second part will contain a formidable list of 
errors in the text and apparatus which scholars have detected, 
and additional references to new sources. Dr. Gregory has 
been appointed Greek Professor in the Johns Hopkins Univer- 
sity at Baltimore (1885). 

f Dr. T. was of Quaker descent, and associated for a time with 
the ' ' Plymouth Brethren, " He edited The Englishman's Greek 
Concordance to the N T. (1839), The Englishman's Hebrew and 
Chaldee Concordance of the 0. T. (1843, 2 vols.), a translation of 
Gesenius's Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon (1847), and other useful 
books. He was very poor, but in his later years he received a 
pension of £200 from the civil list. His belief in verbal inspi- 
ration made him, like Bengel, a verbal critic. 


lated the most important uncial and cursive MSS., and pub- 
lished the palimpsest Codex Zacynthius .(on Luke). He 
was far behind Tischendorf in the extent of his resources, 
but more scrupulously accurate in the use of them.* He 
followed Lachmann's principle. He left behind him a 
monumental work of painstaking, conscientious, and de- 
vout scholarship. But it needs to be corrected and sup- 
plemented from the Codex Sinaiticus, and the critical edi- 
tion of the Codex Vatican us, which he was not permitted 
to inspect in Rome by the jealous authorities. Like Tisch- 
endorf, he was prevented from completing his work, and 
was struck down by paralysis while engaged in concluding 
the last chapters of Revelation (in 1870), He never i-e- 
covered, and could not take part in the labours of the Eng- 
lish Revision Committee, of which he was appointed a 
member. The Prolegomena were compiled and edited 
four years after his death by Dr. Hort and Rev. A. W. 
Streane, 1879. 

(15.) Westcott and Hort: The Neio Testament in the 
Original Greek, Cambridge and London, Macmillan & Co. ; 
New York, Harper & Brothers, 1881, 2 vols. The first 
volume contains the Text, the second the Introduction and 
Appendix (prepared by Dr. Hort). Revised edition of vol. 
i. 1885. 

Of this, the last and the best critical edition -of the Greek 
Testament, which was begun in 1853 and completed in 
1881, we have already spoken at the beginning of this 
Introduction. The second part explains in full the critical 
theory and genealogical method of the authors. They di- 

* Dr. Scrivener remarks : ' ' Where Tischendorf and Tregelles 
differ " (in collation), " the latter is seldom in the wrong." 


vide the textual sources into four classes or families, which 
constitute as many types of text : 

1. The Syrian or Axtiochian text, corresponding to 
what Griesbacb called the Constantinopolitan text. It was 
matured by the Syrian and Greek fathers in the latter part 
of the fourth century, and is best represented by Cod. A 
in the Gospels, the Peshito, Chrysostom (who transferred 
it from Antioch to Constantinople), and his successors, and 
the great mass of the cursive MSS. (which were mostly 
written in Constantinople). It is eclectic, "and the chief 
basis of the textus rece^ytus. Dr. Hort plausibly conjectures 
that it is the result of an authoritative Graeco-Syrian recen- 
sion between 230 and 350. 

2. The Western text is found in the Old Latin Ver- 
sion, in the bilingual uncials (D(i) and D(2)). It is para- 
phrastic, and enriches the text from parallel passages and 
traditional sources. 

3. The Alexandrian or Egyptian text (called African 
by Bentley and Bengel), found in Clement of Alex., Origen, 
Eusebius, and the Egyptian Versions. It excludes extrane- 
ous matter and shows a delicate philological tact in changes 
of language. 

4. The Neutral text. This is most free from corruption 
and mixture and comes nearest the autographs. It is best 
represented by B and x\leph, the two oldest uncial MSS., 
which seem to be independently derived from an older 
original. Next in authority are C, L, P, T, D, tSi, A (in 
the Acts and Epistles, but not in the Gospels), Origen, 
Eusebius, Cyril of Alexandria. 

From these various types, but chiefly from the fourth, 
represented by the Vatican MS., the apostolic text is to be 
restored by the genealogical method or the careful study 


of the history of the written text and the relations of de- 
scent and affinity which connect the several witnesses. 

The text of Westcott and Hort will remain the standard 
text for a number of years, unless new discoveries should 
require a new revision. It has the additional advantage 
that it substantially coincides with the text followed by 
the Anglo-American Revision. They differ only in about 
two hundred places, and nearly all these variations are rec- 
ognized as alternate readings.* 

Oscar von Gebhardt in his edition of Tischendorf's latest 
text (Leipsic, 1881) notices throughout the readings of 
Tregelles, Westcott and Hort, where they differ from Tisch- 
endorf. Westcott and Hort followed perhaps too much 
the authority of the Vatican MS., while Tischendorf in his 
last edition naturally overestimated the Sinaitic MS. of his 
own discovery. 

Simultaneously with Westcott and Hort's edition there 
appeared two other editions of the Greek Testament, which 
make no claim to be independent critical recensions of the 
text, but have a special interest and value in connection 
with the Westminster or Anglo-American Revision, and 
supplement each other. They were carefully prepared by 
two members of the New Testament Company of Revisers, 
but it is distinctly stated that "the Revisers are not re- 
sponsible " for the publication. They were undertaken by 
the English University Presses. 

Dr. Scrivener, in his edition published by the TJniver- 
sitv Press of Cambrido'e, g-'ives The New Testament in the 
Original Greek according to the Text followed in the Au- 

* See the convenient list of noteworthy variations in Harper's 
diglot edition, pp. xci.-cii. 


thorized Version \i. e. the Textus Receptus of Beza's edition 
of 1598], together with the Variations adopted in the Re- 
vised Version. Edited for tlie syndics of the Cambridge 
University Press, Cambridge, 1881. He puts the new read- 
ings at the foot of the page, and prints the displaced read- 
ings of the text in heavier type. 

Dr. Palmer, archdeacon of Oxford, in The Greek Testa- 
ment, with the Readings adopted by the Revisers of the Au- 
thorized Version, published by the Clarendon Press, Ox- 
ford, 1881, pursues the opposite method: he presents tlie 
Greek text followed by the Revisers, and puts the discarded 
readings of the Textus Receptus and of the version of 1611 
in foot-notes. The Revisers state, in the Preface from the 
Jerusalem Chamber (p. xiii., royal-octavo ed.), that they did 
not esteem it within their province " to construct a contin- 
uous and complete Greek text. In many cases the English 
rendering was considered to represent correctly either of 
two competing readings in the Greek, and then the ques- 
tion of the text was usually not raised." Dr. Palmer, with 
the aid of lists of readings prepared by the Revisers in 
the progress of their work, has constructed a continuous 
text, taking for the basis the third edition of Stephens 
(1550), and following it closely in all cases in which the 
Revisers did not express a preference for other readings ; 
even the orthography, the spelling of proper names, and 
the typographical peculiarities or errors of Stephens are, 
with a few exceptions, retained. The chapters are marked 
as in Stephens's edition of 1550, the distribution into 
verses accords with that in the Authorized Version, and 
the division into paragraphs is conformed to the English 
Revision of 1881. 

Both these University editions were also published with 


the Authorized English Version of 1611 and the Revised 
Version of 1881, in three parallel columns, and a blank 
column (1882). These Graeco - English University edi- 
tions, Harper's diglot edition, which gives Westcott and 
Hort's text with the English Revision (New York, 1882), 
and Oscar von" Gebhardt's Novum Testamentum Greece 
et Germanice, which accompanies Tischendorf's last revis- 
ion with Luther's revised version (Leipsic, 1881), are most 
convenient for students. 

The year 1881 was fruitful above an/ other in editions of 
the New Testament in Greek and the Revised English Ver- 
sion ; and the demand for the latter in Great Britain and 
the United States was beyond all precedent in the history of 
literature. We may w^ell call it the year of the republi- 
cation of the Gospel. The immense stimulus thus given 
to a careful and comparative study of the words of Christ 
and his apostles must bear rich fruit. The first printed 
edition of the Greek Testament in 1516 was followed by 
the great Reformation of ISlT. May the numerous edi- 
tions of 1881 lead to a deeper understanding and wider 
spread of the Christianity of Christ ! 

P. S. 

Union Theological Seminary, New York, 
August 1, 1881. 

. Revised, Dec. 1885. 


The notation adopted in this work is used to draw attention 
to three classes of passages : 

(1.) Passages where it has been found impossible to decide 
which of two or more various readings is certainly right. 

(2.) Passages containing readings in regard to which some 
suspicion is entertained by the editors, 

(3.) Passages where interpolations of special interest occur in 
certain documents. 

In connection with all passages of the first class, alternative 
readings are given, which have a reasonable probability of be- 
ing genuine. Of these alternative readings, those which on the 
whole are the more probable, or the better attested, are printed 
in the text as the primary readings ; the secondary readings 
being distinguished by a notation which varies according as 
they differ from the primary readings by omission, addition, or 


[ ] These marks indicate that the word or words enclosed in 
them are omitted in secondary readings. Thus, in Matt. 
vii. 24 (p. 17), TovQ Xoyovg tovtovq is the primary read- 
ing, Tovg Xoyovg, without tovtovq, the secondary read- 

''' (1.) Without any accompanying mark in the margin. This 
mark indicates the place where secondary readings add 
the word or words printed in the margin opposite the 
primary reading. Thus, in Matt, xxiii. 38 (p. 56), 6 oIkoq 
vfiiov is the primary reading, 6 oUog vixivv epr]fiog the sec- 
ondary reading. 
(2.) Accompanied hy the marks -\ (- in the margin, it indicates 
that certain ' Western' documents contain, in places thus 
distinguished, interpolations embracing some apparent- 
ly fresh or distinctive matter, but having no sufficient 


intrinsic claim to any form of incorporation with the 
New Testament ; such interpolations being printed oppo- 
site to it in the margin between the special marks -] \-. 
See Matt, xx. 16 (p. 47), where some ' Western ' docu- 
ments interpolate, after e(TxccToi, the clause iroXXol yap 
tiaiv icXrjToi oXiyoi de IkXektoi. 
r "' These marks enclose portions of the text to which the con- 
tents of the opposite margin refer. They are used in 
the following cases : 

(1.) WitJwut any accompanying mark in tJie margin, to in- 
dicate words and passages for which secondary readings 
are printed opposite in the margin. Thus, in Matt. xvi. 
20 (p. 39), iTreTifXTjaev is the primary reading, SieareiXaTo 
the secondary reading. 

(2.) Accompanied by 'Ap. f ' in the margin, to indicate por- 
tions of the text which, in the judgement of the editors, 
probably contain some "primitive" error, that is, an 
error affecting the text of all existing documents, and 
thus incapable of being rectified without the aid of con- 
jecture; such places being the subject of notes in the 
Appendix. See Matt. xv. 30 (p. 37), %wXoi)e, KvXXovg, 

TV(pX0VQ, Kit)(pOvg. 

(3 ) Accompanied by the marginal marks -\ \-, to indicate por- 
tions of the text for which ' Western ' documents substi- 
tute the word or words printed opposite in the margin 
between the special marks -I t- ; such substitutions being 
similar in character to the ' Western ' interpolations al- 
ready mentioned. Thus, in Matt. viii. 12 (p. 18), some 
' Western ' documents substitute l^eXevaovraL for tKJSXt]- 
Ofjcrovrai of the text. 

f f These marks indicate that the word or words enclosed 
within them are apparently right, and are attested large- 
ly, though not by the best documents ; the better attest- 
ed readings being printed in the margin with 'Ap. ' and 
noticed in the Appendix. Thus, in Heb. vii. 1 (p. 469), 
6 is apparently right, dg the better attested reading. 

1 1 These marks enclose (a) a few very early interpolations 
in the Gospels, omitted by ' Western ' documents alone, 
as in Luke xxii. 19, 20 (p. 177), or by /Western' and 
' Syrian ' documents alone, as in Matt, xxvii, 49 (pp. 68, 
69); (b) a few interpolations in the Gospels, probably 


'Western' in origin, containing important matter ap- 
parently derived from extraneous sources, as in Matt, 
xvi. 2, 3 (p. 38). 


[ ] Used in the margin with the same significance as in the 
text (see above), to distinguish two or more marginal 
readings which differ from each other merely by the 
omission or addition of words. Thus two alternative 
readings are indicated in the margin at Matt. viii. 18 
(p. 19), one being ttoXKovq ox^ovg, the other ox^ovg with- 
V. out TToWovg. In other cases, two or more marginal read- 
ings are separated by v. See marg. Matt. xiii. 30 (p. 32). 
Ap. (1.) When attached to marginal readings or 'punctuations, 
this indicates that such readings or punctuations are ex- 
amined in the Appendix. 

" (2.) Accompanied ly \\ in the text. See f f above. 

** (3.) Standing alone, without any corresponding mark in tJie 
text, it indicates places where occur miscellaneous re- 
jected readings which, having some special interest, are 
noticed in the Appendix. See Matt. xvii. 20 (p. 41). 
Ap.\ Accompanied by f" ■• in the text. See ■" "^ (2.) above. 

-\ i- Accompanied by "^ or ^ t in the text. See "^ (2.) end ■■ ■" 
(3.) above. 
* This mark indicates that the marginal note, being too 
long to be conveniently inserted in the usual place, has 
been printed at the foot of the page, where it is distin- 
X guished by a corresponding *. When two notes of this 
kind occur on one page, the second is indicated by X- 
See Acts xviii. 21 and 27 (p. 290). 


Uncial type is employed for quotations from the Old Testa- 
ment, including phrases borrowed from some one place or a 
number of places. 

Metrical arrangement is chosen for poetical and rhythmical 

Short spaces indicate sub-paragraphs. 

The orthography is taken from th-e best MSS. 







I BIBAO!§ yci/ecretus 'iT^cror; XptcrTOv vlov AaveiSvlov 'A^paajw., 

IcraaK Sk iyivvrjcrev tov laKw^, 

laKMJB Be kyivvrjaev tov ^lovhav kol tovs a8eX<jiov? avTOVj 
J 'lovSa? 8e iyevvrjcrev tov $apes kol tov Zapd ck Trjs ©a/xap. 
$apes 8e iyeuvrjcrev tov 'Ecrpoo/x, 
Ecrpco/x 8e iyevvrjo-ev tov "Apdfx, 

4 'Apa/x 8e iyevvrjaev tov 'A/x«/a8a/?, .,j^, 
'Ap,tvaSa/3 Se iyevvrjaev tov Naacrcroji/, U/ 
Naao-crwT/ 8e lyivviqcrev tov ^aX/xoov, 

5 ^akjxojv 8e iyevvYjcrev tov Boe? eK T'iys 'Pa_)(a/?, 
Boes 8e iyevvrjcrev tov ^IiDJSrjS Ik tt^s 'Pov^, 
Ioj^tJS Se iy4vvr](rev tov 'leo-crat, 

6 lefTcrat 0€ iyevvrjcrev tov AaueiS rov ^acnXia. 

AavciS 8e iyevvrjo-ev tov '^oXofxwva' Ik Trjq tov Ovpcov, 

7 ^oXofKov Se iyivvTjaev tov '^of^odp., 

Po/?oap, 8e iyevvrjaev tov 'A/3ta, 
Apia 8e iyivvTjaev tov 'Aadcfi, 
Aaa<f> Sk iyevvrjcrev tov 'la)cra<^aT, 

8 Ia)o-a<;f)aT Se lyivvTjCrev tov 'Iwpa/x, 

Icopa^u, Se eyevvTjaev tov 'O^etW, ^/. 


'O^ei'as Se iyevvrjaev rov Iwa^a/x, 9 

'Iwa^a/x 8e iyevvrjcrev rov A^j^a?, 
'A;j(a? Se iyevvrjaev rov 'E^eKtav, 

'E^CKta? 8^ iyevvvcrev rov ^lavacrcrrj, 10 

Mavaco"?^? 8e iyevvrjcrev rov 'A/^cos, 
'Ajuojs Ss iyivvncrev rov 'Icocretav, 
^/. 'lojcecas Se iyevvrjcrev rov 'le^^oytav Kat toi)s aS€A.(^oi'9 it 

avrov ewl rrjs ixeroLKeaLaf; ^af3vXwvo<;. 

Mera Se rrjv /xeroLKecTLav 'Ba/3v\o,vo<; 'Ie;)(cvtas iyevvrjaev 12 

rov 2aA.a^t7yA, 
SaXa6^t7/A Se eyevvrjaev rov TiopofSajB^X, 

Zopol3dl3eX Se iyivvrjaGV rov 'Af^tovS, 13 

'AjStovS 8e iyevvrjo-ev rov 'EAiaKCi/A, 
'EAiaKet/x Se eyevvrjaev rov 'A^oj/o, 

'A^cop 8e iyevvrjcrev rov ^aScoK, 14 

SaSojK Se lyivvrjcrev rov 'A;(et/>t, 
'A)(et/x 8e iyewr](TCv rov 'EXtou8, 

'EAtoi)8 8€ iyewriaev rov 'EXea^ap, 15 

'EAea^ap 8e eyivvqarev rov M.a6ddv, 
Ma^^av 8e iyevvrjcrev rov 'IaKOj/3, 
luKio/S 8e iyevvrjaev rov Iwarjcfi rov avSpa Maptas, e^ 16 

"jys kyevvrjOrj 'It^ctovs o Xeyo/^eyo? Xptaros. 

Ilao-ai ovv at ycveat ctTro 'Aj8paa/x ecus AatietS yeveat 17 
SeKttTeo'crape?, Kat (xtto AavetS ewg tt^s fxeroiKeaias BaySv- 
Awvos yevcat 8€KaTecra"apes, Kat a— o tt^? fieroLK^aLas Ba- 
/SvXwvos €ws rov )(picrrov yeveat SeKarecra-apc?. 



i8 TOY AE '"[IH^OY] XPISTOY^ -^ yeVeo-ts ovrws ^v. Mvt;- xp^-^toO 'irjo-oO 
(TT€vd€Lar]<^ TT7? iX7]Tpo<i avTov Maptas tw 'loocrTyt^, Trptv ^ 
o-i;veX^etv avrov? evpiOrj kv yacTpl e)(ovaa ck Tri/eiJ/xaTO? 

19 dytov. "Iwarjcj) 8e o ai^Typ a-urv^s, StKato? (Sv Kat /xt) ^e- 
Xo}v avrrjv Sety/xartVat, i^ovXyjOr) XdOpa (XTToXvcraL avTrjv. 

20 Tavra Se avTOv evOvfXY)divTO<; iSov ayyeXo? Kvptoi; Kar ovap 
l<^avri avTw Xeywv loicrrjcj) vi6<5 Aai>£t8, /x7y (I)oj3r]0rj<i irapa- 

XafSetv '^M.apiav^ rrjv yvvcuKa aov, to yap Iv avr-j} yevvr]- Mapia^ 

21 ^ev CK TTi/evjaaTos icTTiv dyiov re^crat Se tjioi^ fcat KaAe- 
crets TO ovojxa avTov ^Irjcrovv, avTo? yap croocret rov Xaov 

22 auTOv ctTTO Tcoi/ (i/xaprtcSv aijrwv. To{;ro Se 0X01/ yeyo- 
vev iW TrXrjpoiOfj to pr)Oev ijtto Ktiptov 8ia tov Trpoc^T/TOV 

-3 Maoy h nApGeNoc eN r<^CTpi elei kai TelerAi yiON, 
K<xi KAAecoyciN to onoma AYTof 'Emmanoyh'A" 

24 o ecTTtv fJieOepfxyjvevojJievov MeG' HMOON 6 GeOC. 'Eyep^et? 
Se [o] 'Iwarjcf) diro rov vttvov iiroirjcrev cos Trpoorera^ev avT(Z 
6 ayyeA-os Ki.'ptov Kat TrapiXafSev ttjv yvvalKa avrov ■ 

25 /cat ovK iyivwaKcv avrrjv eoDS [oi'J €TeK€v vlov' Kal iKdXcaev Ap> 
TO ovojjia avrov 'It^ctow. 

1 Tov Se 'It^ctov yevrr]Oevro(; iv ^rjOX^efx t^s 'loi^Sata? 
£1/ 7^/xepats HpwSov toi! /5ao"tAea)s, tSov fidyoi (xtto ava- 

2 toX(jov Trapeyevovro et? 'lepoo-oAv^aa XeyovTe? IIou ccttiv 
o T£;)(^ets fSaaiXev'^ rotv 'lovSatwv ; etSo/xev yap at^TOv toi/ 
aaripa iv rfj avaroXrj Kal 7]X0ofJi€v TrpcaKVvrjcrai avrQ. 

3 AKOT;o"a5 Se o f^acnXev^ 'HpoiSTys lrapd^{drj koI rrdaa 

4 lepO(ToXvp.a jLier avrov, Kat o't'vayaywv iravra^^ rov<i ap\(i- 
epets Kat ypajxp-arel^ rov Xaov iirviOdvero Trap avrcijv 


TTOv 6 )(PL(Tt6<; yevvarat. oi Se eT-rrav avru) 'Ev ^rjOXekfx s 
T^S 'loTjSatas' ouroos yap yeypaTrrat 8ta tov TrpocfiTjrov 

Ka\ cy, BuGAeeM pn 'loyAA, 6, 

oyAamooc IAaxicth ei eu toIc HpeMociN 'loyAA' 
CK coy r<^p eleAeycGTAi HfoyMeNOc, 

ocTic noiMAMe? ton Aaon moy ton McpAHA. 
Tore 'H^wSt^s XdOpa KaAecras toi;s /xayovs yKpL^CDcrev ira- 7 
p avTOJV TOV '^povov TOV (jiaivofxivov a(TT€po<;, Kai 7re/xi/^as 8 
avrov<i el? ^rjOXeefx elirev HopevOevre? e^erao-are ciKpt- 
ySws Trept roi; TratStoi;' CTrav 8e evp-qre a— ayyet'Aare /x,ot, 
OTTcos Kayco iXOwv TrpocrKvvrjaui avri^. ol 8e aKoi^cravres 9 
TOV ySao"tXeoL)s eTTopevOrjcrav, koI Idov 6 acrrrjp ov eioov iv 
TTj avaroXrj irporjyev avT0v<5, ews iXOuyv ecrraOrj liravoi ov 
^v TO TTtttStov. tSovTes Se tov acTTipa. lyaprjcrav ^apav jxe- jo 
yaXrjv arcfioSpa. kol eX66vT€^ ets tyJv OLKiav elhov to iraihC- n 
ov jxeToi Maptas ttJs [xrjTpo'? avTov, kol TrearovTe^ irpocreicvvr)- 
Ap. crav avTw, kox avot^avTe? tous $r]aavpov<s avTOiV irpocrrjvey- 

Kov avT^ Scupa, ^pt!a"ov koX Xi^avov koI cr/xvpyav. koL xPV~ ^^ 
lxaTLcrOivT€<; kot ovap jxyj dvaKdixKJ/aL Trpos Hpcooryv ot aA- 
Xr]<s oSov ave^ioprjaav ets tyjv -^oipavavTOiV. Aj/a- 13 

/tar' ovap e^ai^ ^loprjcravTCiiv oe avTOiv loov ayyeXos }s~vpLOV "^(^atVerat Ka- 
T cvap^ tc5 Io)<Trj(f) Aeycov 'Eyep^eis irapaXajSe to iraihCov 
KOL Ti]v /xT^Tepa auTov Kat (fyevye. ei§ AtyuTTTOv, Kat ta^t 
eK€t ecos av etTro) o-of jxeXXec yap 'HpioSrjs t,rjT€2v to irai- 
OLov TOV aTToXeaat avTO. 6 8e eyep^ets TrapeXajSe to 14 
TTtttStov Kat TT^v /xrjTepa avTov vvkt6<; koI dve^ioprjcrev eh 
AtyvTTTOV, KOL ^v CKCt ecos T77S TeXevTrjs 'HpwSov tva TrAr;- 15 
pioOy TO p7]6ev VTTO }Lvpiov 8ia tov 7rpo(f)7]TOv AeyovTos 
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* H /:al 67ropeu0)ja-av . . . dixaprave. h (HEPI M0IXAAIA02 HEPIKOnH p. 241) 

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294 nPASEIS An02TOAi2N XX 

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II HETPOY B . 333 

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Ill HETPOY B . 335 

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rv mANOY A ■ 341 

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T nP02 KOPINGIOYS A ' 379 

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384 nP02 KOPINeiOYS A V VI 

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