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Full text of "The New Testament of our Lord Iesus Christ : translated out of Greeke by Theod. Beza ; with brief summaries and expositions upon the hard places by the said authour, Ioac. Camer., and P. Lofeler Villerius ; Englished by L. Tomson ; with annotations of Fr. Iunius upon Revelation"

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^(//./ /!■' 




D!o>i, Cr^:^ 

N.^\ '0^ 

C ''OfiODcnBDcgunDQ^UDDocnDfOPiicn Q i d ccr l n c u a t»Qi: C n ; : os oc^ o c 2 c aQc ca j c : gcooiia o? 

i^ZABVLON . Q^srQ!ica onfl naoEcnonDGng^GS^iana-nflticaaimanoDcgrccacsaDccaDDaii^ SJLM.OH-i^ 


to the diligent Reader. 

E R 


Eare Chriftian Reader, to the intent that thou migflteft 
the better enioy the benefit of thefe notes or expoiuions 
vpon the New Teftament: I thought it not amifle to de- 
clare vnto thee the vfe of the fame. And firft, forafmuch as 
the quotations or citing of* places ofthe Scriptures in the 
margent which dired to other places,conteining like phrafe 
or fence , haue bene fo placed , that none without great la- 
bour could find out the text alledged, 1 haue made thefe fix feuerall figures or 
marks ,**•"- «* , and haue fet themafwel in the margent as in the text, fo that 
thou mayeft eafijy gnde that which thou defireft. For example, in the firft 
worde of the firft Chapter ofMatthew is placed this firft mark'e-^ : lookeout 
the like marke in the margent , and there thou fhaltfinde Lukei-^i. which 
place agreeth to this of Matthew : and fo likewife thou flialt finde in the 
refidue. But if many quotations belong to one place, word, or fentence , the 
firft is onely marked, and thofe that follow vnmarked, appertaine to the fame. 
And if it fail out that there be more then fixe diredions in one columne, then 
is the firft repeated againe , and the refidue following in order as at the begin- 
ning : asitappeareth in the firft calumne of Matthew , where both in the text 
and margent alfo, they are all two times fet do wne, and the foure firft repeated 

The Notes which are dire<fled by figures of Arithmeticke , as t. 2. 3.4. &c. 
thorowout the Euangelifts and Ads, declare the effed: or (umme of the 
dodrine conteined betweene one of the fayd figures , and the next that fol- 
lowcth : as forexample, from the figure i. in the firft lineandfiift worde of 
Matthew vnto the figure 2 in the 18 ^. ofthe fame chapter, the dodrine there 
gathered is fet downe in the margent in this fort : i lefns catne ofaAbrahjim of 
ihe tribe of luda^ andoftheflocke ofDamdas Godpromifed. And in the Epiftles 
in like fort they declare the meihode and ane which the Apoftles vfe , and how 
euery argument or reafondependeth one vpon another: thefe figures are be- 
gunne againe at the beginning of euery Chapter. 

Laftly , the Notes which goe by order of the letters of the Alphabet placed 
in the text, with the like anlwering vnto them in the margent,ferue to expound 
and Ijghten the darke wordes and phrafesimmediatly following them. As in 
the firft line and fecond worde , the letter , a , being referred vnto , a diredly 
againft him in the margent , fhe wet h that this word , Booke , fignifieth e^ 
reica-rfill as the Hebrems zfe tofpeak^e : as Genef. y . i • The bcoke of the genera- 
tions. Thefe letters beginne at the beginning of euery Chapter, continuing 
vnto :^. and fo beginning againe with <«, if there be fo many Notes that they 
do exceede in number the letters of one Alphabet. 1 his haue 1 faithfully done 
for thy coramoditie , reape thou the fruit, and giue the prayfe to God. 

Aaa 2 FarmelL 

The defcription of the holy Land conteining 

the places ftieationed in the foure Euang;elifts, 

with other places about theXea coafts, wherein may be ieene 
the wayes and iourneyes of Clirift and his Apof ' 
ludea, Samaria, and Galile : for into thefe th 
( parts this Land is divide d. 

)ftles in 

I 20 I Jo\4o\fo\Co)^ 10 2o j JO |4o I/O |6o^ |io \2^ 

The places fpecified in the Mappe, with their fitua- 

tion by the obfervation of the dcg rees concer- * 

ning their length and breadth. 








Cana of Galile 


Carmtl mount 


Ccfarea rbilippi 


Corafim 66.53. 32.29. 

lor , the other fountaine whence 


Dan , one of the Fountaines 

lordan fpringeth 67.3i,33-7. 


whence lordan fpringeth. 

Magdalon , called aUo Dalma- 



nutha 66.48.^1.18. 

66.5:!. 3 2. 29. 


Nairo 66.iS'3^-35» 

66 34.3i.>- 

Emmaus 65.3431.59. 



Ephen 66.8.32. 


6y.y 2.32.48. 

Gadara or Garaza 66.48. 32.'2{)- 

S.imaria the city, 



Sidon - 67iy-333o. 

65.31. S2.JO. 


Silo 66.i7.3i-i9' 

66. 16, 32.2y. 

lerufelem 66.31.55. 

TvruiJ 67.33.20. 


loppe fj •40.31- J. 

>■ Tiberiaj 66.44-32.2<i' 

Tlic Gen ealogy of Chrift. 

Chap. j. ij- 

The wife men feeke Chrifl, 3 



S. M A T r H E W. 

I IffutCbrift 
tame of Abfoham 
God promifeti. 
a Rcbtatfal : As 
toffeake :aiGfn. 
yji.Tbebooke of 
jhr genera ' 


c which Ctrillij 




A Gtn.3S,27- 
V Rutbi), 21. 
•$. i.Sam.i«,i. 

* 1 Sim. 11.24- 
t 1. Kings 11:43. 
and iS.ii. i.chron, 

T O 

CHAP. r. 

Thut Tefui ii ihat Mlp." . iht SnUour primifed to the 
Fitheri. 18 The miiunie of Chrift. 

He ^ 1 a booke of the ^ genera- 
tion cjt lefiis Clirifi thefoiineof 
DJvid . thee loniie of Abraham. 

2 * Abrahara begate IUt.c. 

* And' Ifaac begate I?.cob. And 

K ladob begate Indas and his 


3 -X And ludas begate Thares^and Zara of 

Iters of xhamar. And Phaies begate Efrom. AndEfrom 

•)< I 




begate Aram. 

4 And Aura begate Aminadab. And Amina- 
ci.ib begate Naatlon. Ar.d Na.iffon begate Salmon. 

y And Salmon begate IJooz of Rachap. And 
4. Hcoz Legate ObedofRathj And Obed begare 

6 And § lege begate David the King. And 
David the King begate Salomon of her that wa| 
« the wife oiijr 'as. 

7 And X Salomon begate Roboam. AndRo- 
boara begate Abii. And Abia begate A(j. 

g And Afa begite lofaphat. And loiaphat be- 
gate lorarR- And loiam begate Hozias. ( 

p And Kczias begate lojtham. And loatham 
begate Achaz And Achaz begate Ezekias. 
* iking.jj.34'^"'' lO And * Er.ekiiS begatc Manaffes. And Ma- 
j^^^-s naiVesbegate Amon. And Amon begate lolias. 
^. l^"^i^\l]"^^' 1 1 And * Icfns -begate Islam. And I.ikim 
d:^y'tofiiikim"Dd d begat lechonias and his brethren about the time 
jcchoniaj : foi U' they were caried away to Haiylon. 
cboriaisvaihoins j j And after they Were caricd away into Baby- 
lon , ■•'lechoniasbeg.ueSakthiel. And ;5 Saiathiel 
begate Zorobabel. 

13 And Zorobabel begate Abiiv.l. AndAbiud 
begate Eliacim- And Eliacinj b.-gate Azor. 

j4 And Azor begate Sadoc. And Sadoc begate 
Achim. And Achim tegatc Ebiid. 

I9 And tliud begate Eleazar. And Eleazar 
beg.ue M.itthan. And Manh^n begate lacob. 

16 And Jacob begate lofeph the husband of 
Mary , of whom was bornclefiis , y iscalled Chrift. 

1 7 So<= all the generations iri^-ir. Abiahani to Da- 
v'd.arf fourtcene generations. And from David im- 
till they were caried away into liabylon , fourteene 
generations :and after they were caiied away into 
B.^bylonvntill Chrift.fourteene generations. 

18 ' Kow the birth of » leiijs Chrift was thus, . 
when as his mother Maty was ■" betrothed to lo- 
feph, before thty came cog^ither ,lhe was found 
with child of the holy G!h It. 

1 9 Then lofeph her husband being a iuft man, 
and not willing to* make her a publikc example, 
was minded to put her away fecretly . 

;o But whiles he thought thele things . behold, 
the Angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a .faying , lofeph , the lonne ofD-ivid, feare 
not to f take M-vy tny g wife : for that which is 
h conceived in her, is of the holy Ghoft. 

z I And WmW bring 3 focrth a fonne , r^n d 
thoa fl'>alt * call his name I E S U S : for hee (liali 

f ^'1 ih;Jc ivhi: h 

this ftdttTte ff 
they Iciutt cr.e ^ 
x^D'.Urordtt'.y in 
1 Chiift is tbe tru( 
Hmmanuel. and 
thcrcfoic . Iffui 
(ili.^ris .S'.viourJ 
Ttoiactivcd io 
tht Vivginj by 
itwai fortuldby 

t I«i;ri..72. 

I rf.'f.,4.i. 

f P.icr].e *l 
hr r.rer-tsaU 
g JVhuhvi!frc- 
rr.ifcd.ttnil made fn • 
t!fo lUt 10 be th 

b Of'h! rr-.tlhtrs 
f.inar.n h the 
= Cb^ 
of;h.-f....c V.r- 
knfw ir«i. ;.-r.di 



j< ' ftve his people from their finnes. -* • .-rTcMi,*. 

2a And all this was done y it might be fulfilled, '^AJi 
which is fpokenof t!-.e LcrJby ;y I'rcphft , faying. JZ',i^l''r,l', 

23 * Behold, a k virgine ir.allbe with chiidc, mmeuff-s.' 
and fhail bcrre a io.nnc , and they lliall call his * f A.7,i4- 
name Em.nunuel , which is by intcipretation , God j^- J''^™''i'"f" 

with us. r«r,'Ina«li?r, 

J4 J Then lofeph being raifed from fleepe, ri^d.'to point out 
did as thf Angel of the Lord hid inioyned him, v^°m3o, 
and tooke his wife. ' foonb pi 

xs But he knew her not , l till fhe had brought v?rgi"'M,orl'ctt''' 
fo^P'her fidl borne fonne, and hee called his ui™ virgine. 

name I E S U S. 

tonjuf, givtth lis to vndeinand alfo, .'"a thing Oiallno! 
as Michel bid do cfciklien TiUherdeaih day.j.Sain 6 
this hvangelift : Bthol.1 . 1 am with you till tbj end of ct 


Tl>s -xi/i men ..vcho are defrfffrnitiiyfihtCen-iln 
Chrijl. n lcj!fl: fluH i,,i, B}ft rvi'h Icji 
murlar, j6 Hcrcii f.ajtil, thiiUiUre^i. 

1 This liitle word 
e to paiJe in time to come .- 
And in thcUlt Chapttro* 


* r.u!cei,6. 

WHen * , lefus then was borne at BethiehetB '^J''"'» P"'''''^ 
in a the dayes of Herod the king. T^^f^ribJdZ'^ 
behold, there came l> Wife men from the Eall to thing fet'b''y"of"bT, 

Hierufalem, ow.o°ef.copie. re. 

2 Saying , Where is the King of the lewcs that """^ notwi'b. 
is borne ? for we have feene his (Itrre in the Eaf), wi^^t'^f of'h°''di' 
and ate come to worQ^ip hiro. vinity from Lven, 

j When king Herod heard this , he was = trou- ^rdofhi, kingly 
bjed. and all Hierufalem with him. ***="• of tUsnfeti : 

4 And gathering together all the d chiefe '^vn«!'c!!n°T"a"'° 
I'rieftes and ^ Scribes of the people , hee asked of loweof,"a°rhJiigh 
them, where Chriif fl^.ould be borne. tbpyd„cnotac. 

y And they iayd unto him , At Bethlehem in '*'=°«''<^'igehim. 
ludea : for fo ic is written by the Trophet. ^n-h^r ',n7bJ^"h ^'"■ 

6 ^ And thou Bethlehem in the hnd of luda, zi'b'io",.' ""' '"' 
art not the f leaft among the Princes of Iiida : for b .wKcamlifarned 
out of thee fliall coaie the governour that y Ihall "•«"■'< '•aP<.iiiatj 
feede my people Ifrael. ttl't^^cd ' V^ 

7 Then Herod privily called the Wife men, " wa.much''mol 
and diligently inqiwred of them the tirae of the vcd. forheewa.'a 

ftarre that sppeared, ilraagtr, andcame 

8 And lent them to Bethlehem , faymg ,Goe, "^'e acd". h**""'* "^ 
and fearch diligently for the babe : and when yee v^e",toubieV;fbr' 
have found him , bringme word againe , that I may wickfdnciri: ii mad 
come alfo, and worlhip him. '"^ "ginp. 

9 J So when they had heard theking ,they ^^Jf/^^;^^^''"'"';' 
departed : and loe , the ft.irre which they had i'eene "rA= roorfam*i!7."* 
in the E.ift, went before them, till it came and liood wbichwe.edivijej 
ouerf/;s/;/j« where the babe was. ''""' fou^e^ wnu 

10 And when they faw the ftarre, they reioyced '" °"*^"; ' St"'""- 
with an exceeding great ioy, 3«,[^''^' *' '""' 

I I At5d went into the houfe , and found the c-Ta<ythatejp.:iunj 
babe with Mary his mother .and b fell downo .and ibrLjwio .faetr.)- 
worfiiipped him .and openedtheir i treafures ,rnil f]^fX''.^?'^"^^ 
prefentcd unto him gifts , tz'fwgoid , and frankin- 'an.Jrhtr' wMcii^fij, 
cenk.and myrrhe. nififtha»nvjcha» 

1 2 And ^after they were k warned of Go-' in a '" ftpound .lud 
drcanne , th.-it they (hould not goagaineto Herod,'^,.''^!^!''; 
they returned into their countrey another way. la^n y'^i! '' 

f.iTa!! town! ytt dial: rhoube very famous and not able througbthr birth cf [he y'f. 
( (hill br home in thee. g That fliali rule and governe ; for Kiops areh I 
call.J'fe.drrsr.<iniephear.l.cfrbep..oF:e. h A kmJ cf bumble and lovely revrVence 
i Tbe tich a..dc:rt:yvrerrnts ,v;b,ch they b.ougbthiin k God vvaraed aud eold 
tfceni of it, wLtu ai ihfj aikttl it coc. 

Aaa 3 J3 J = After 


Hcrods cruelty. lohn Baptift. 

* C^tin b«iog ytt 1 3 J « After iheir Jeparture. behold, the Angel 
force ho incbtgio. yfthe Lord appeareth 10 lofeph ina dreame.lay- 
fct'ui'loyinbim- ing.Arife.and uke th; babe and bismother.Sc flee 
f°lV"!anH"»iro"in'bi'i into Tgypr. and be there till 1 bring thee word.for 
ineinbiti. Hcrod \Aill fcckc the babe to defttoy him. 

14 So he arofe and tooke t he babe and his mo- 
ther by niijhc, and departed into Egypt. 

I J And wdT there unto the death of Herod, that 
thatmightbe fultilled.which is fpoken of theLord 
«Hq<'.ii.». bythes» Prophet, faying.Out of Egypt have I cal- 

led my fonne. 

16 f Then Herod, feeing that he was mocked of 
thcVVife men, was exceeding wroth.and Tent forth, 
and flew all the male childrt;n that were in Beth- 
1 For Ccdfytdk'ih Jeem, and in all the coaites thereof from two yeere 
^ifi'CiT^ '^''" o^'' ^'"^ under.according to the time which he had 
i"'tr.3uis. diligently fearched out of the Wife men. 
in ^ voyt-iofU- 1 7 Then was that fulfilled which is I'poken 1 by 

mtntin^Avetpnz, the Prophet leremias. faying, 
n'ThaM-rto fjy.All ' ^ S ^ " Rhama was '" a voyce heard.mourning, 
.hat comfaif:' .bout and Weeping . and great howling: n Rachel weep- 
Btthlrhtm: for Ra- ing for her childien ,and would not be comfor- 
cbtl lacobi v^ir<r, tcd.becaufe thcv were not. 
ti I'atburl^d m ■ '9 ^ And when Herod was dead , behold , an 
thf way that Ita.ieth Angel of the Lord appeareth ina dreametolo- 

fo!hi«iown<r.wticb fcph in Egypt, 

)> alf.. caiitdEi-hra. .^ Sayiiig.Arife, and take the babe and his mo- 
foiU?a\tpUmy'of t^cr , and go into the land of Ifrael : for they are 
cotne. dead whis-hlought the babes life. 

3 CeriftiibtoHght j| Then he arofe\ip,and tooke the babe and his 
up in Njzarcih atrer ^^Qiher , and Came iiito the land of Ifrael. 

thedeathof the ty- 
rant by Godi ptov 

zz But when he heard that Archelaus did reigne 
dMce? ih^r by"tbe in Iiidea inftead of his father Herod , he was afraid 
vtiyoaineoftbe to go thither : yet after he was warned of God in a 
place, it might dreame. he turned alidc into the parts of Galile. 
Ibt' wlrid.'t'hToe^'^ ^3 And went and dwelt in a city calledNazareth, 
she Lords itut Na. that it rright beftilfilled which was fpoken by the, 
/atite. Prophets, I'i'/jfe/jT'frt*, That he Ihould be called a 



I Tfltiprejchtll), 4 Hu apparell und meate. f Uehdftiz.eth. 

S Tlitfriiuscfrepmiunce. lO Theaxetttlierooteofthe 

12 The faTintundtht chaffs- 13 ChriJUikaftUeJ. 

S. Matthew. Chrift baptized and tempted. 

andof the Sadducescome tohisbaptifroe ,hefaid ♦ chap. 11,34. 
unto them , * O generation of vipers , who hath ? True repentance 
forewarned you to flee from the anger to come ? ''?° L°^'hi'''f''^ 

8T,-fiL r ^ ■ " , , which hath It feate. 

3 Bring forth therefore fruit worthy amend- in ,he mind jkhrar,. 

mentofhfe, 4Thc faith ofibe fa- 

9 4 Andi thinke not to fay k with your felves, tbtnavaileth y ua- 

* we have Abraham to our father : for I fay unto n'[",„°*.ti'i'!"°j 

you , that God is able even of<hete ftones to laife "« fo°aii'.hat goJ 

up children umo Abraham. playetn not the liar. 

10 And now alfo is the axe put to the root of the nordealetbunfaith- 
trees : * therefore every tree which bringeth not |ijj,'ich"ij'"^''H'^". u 
footth good fruit , is hewen do wne , and call into thehoiyVTtlirrr 
the fire. i Thiok.^ mi tUt' 

II 4 J Indeed I baptize you with water to l a- .''"* '■'' *" ""J "■*«/• 
mendmentof life .but he that commetb after me Xti^m"''"'^'^* 
is mightier then I , whofe Ibobes I am not worthy k in your hetrts. 
tobeare , hewill baptize you with the holy Goft, j r>hBS,39. 
and with fire. .^M^ AtUi4j6. 

11 6 VVhicTfiiam^his fanns in his hand, and will *m,^^1^11^{ 
'"makecleane his floore, and gather his wbeate j le.i'oh.iias. 
into his garner , but will burne up the chafl'e with aff.i j.aod'j.i- 
unquenchable fire. and 8. 17. and 19.4, 

135*7 Then came lefus from Galile to lordan j. ^^,"; ""^ "'"'" 

Ti. 1 I • J fL- dwell upon the 

unto lohn to be b.iptized of him. f,gn„ „b,ch God 

14 But lohn earnetlly put him backe , faying, hahordjinedai 

I have need to be baptized of thee , and commeth mtanetto leade ui 

thou to mee » Ttnb.Tu ""on 'him • 

I y Thenlefus anfwering.faid to hira.Let be now: bul w"t^oit"cljme' 
for thus it becommeth ustofulfilln ail tighteouf- up-oiBemanerit 
nelle. So he fuflei cd him. ' 'Vf' <h» ■• to fay, 

1 6 Andlefus when he was baptized.carac ftraight '° '^""'' ^'i" '°- 

r , .1,11"^ ° , war'dy worketB 

out or the water. And lo, the heavens were opened tbateifaaally, 

unto ° him, and /c/;«fawthe Spirit of God del- whchuoutwarldy 

cending like a dove, andlightning upon him. Ojoifitd uotouj. 

17 8 And loe.a voyce cn/nj from heaven , fay- ' ' '" ■'""""■'' P 

ing, * This IS my beloved Sonne, in whom I am „^,;,i, tiame 


Ifiei undhccoo 

" A Kd K in a thole dales , 1 lohn the Baptill came 
t, •** and preached in the b wildernes of ludea. 

thai lefut renuined 

a Not •Ki' CB loftph 
great whi'caftt 

abou'ihefpjceof 2 And laid ,' Repent : ftrthe kingdomeof 
,fy»fr«: foiiri hcavcn is at hand. 

the 3c yeeieo r,i» ^^, ^^^^ -^ ^^ of whom it is fpokch by ihePro- . 

«dof ioht^::he:e. phct EfaiaS.lay Hig .J. i he voyce ot him that cricth 
foieby thofr d.iiii m the wildemcs.Piepare ye the way oi the Lord: 

is ineant,a;ihait;n.e ^ „,^i-g (^.j pathes ftreight. 

4 » And this lohn had his garment of camels 
of the to'snVof ""' haire. and a girJ'eof a skin about his loynes , h;s 
Nau^rtth. meate was alio flucufts and wild hony. 

ji>La,vvho through ^ + Then went out to him g lerufaiem and allln- 
'!lV'.T' !«.?ll?''lr* dea.andall the region round abuut lordan, 

and r<if amttreiiellr ' . , , ° , ■ . n ■ • r 1 

cfiifec«iifedalini5 6 Ajid they weie baptized ot him in lotdan, 

locaitihtirey.jup. h confcffinw their finncs. 

eabim,i.'epaieth _ a Now when he fiw many of the Pharifcs, 

fie way for Chnft ' ^ 

followioj fait on hit betles.aiibtProphet Efai fo:etold , and dtlivereth the fumme 

ofthe <;ofpell ,T.bii.binfiiotiliuccafrr(houldb.-delivcrtdiiK.iefully. b In 

•nh Ily couut'ey . v^bi-.h was nofAitbltanrlingiiibabiitd , forZacharie dwelt iberc, 

JUuke .p.;o- andtbtie wai loabi bouft, i'Kingsj,3». and btlidei thefe , leboC.iui 

maXtt'i niiniion offixetovMiesibai were inthc wildetoei chap, if, 61. c The 

rj^l ' W id ir, ibc CjifiketoDf.ue li^niHcih a changing of nurmiuds and hrans fromeviljto 

•i; d TbckiHgdomcofMefnas, rotbmg 

|k bJifceavenly. •}• tl'a-io.j. Mar 1 ,3. L"k.j,4- lobni.JJ. e bim 

-■i «.|!laini'ai.d freoQtb wjy. •!■ Mir.j 6. f Locult Wfte a kind of ineatj; vvdicb ctr- 

t.M loCttie F.ii't feoplc'.fi- ■ vibich lAtre therefore called devourm ofLoculls. Euit. it) 

01 ;. ♦ Mar.t.S.Luk.I.?. g The pt-oj-lcof I-rufalem. h Acknowledging that ibey 

<ftrie fivrdonely by (rtc r'">iflionanH fortfiveiicHeof thtir (mni-f . 2 Tfltre is tiMbing 

that noppfd up tbnAay 1 f mercy and falvaiioD againll uifo much »• ibe oj iaionof 

•jj SAiit ligbteoufnctii cotih. 

r well pleafed. 

letter, dfiiring us iti by itfialt , thai wt are im^r^ffed init ChriJJ ,rilltre h <"" "'«''" 
dieih and the uetf man ti/eth :ip.I{«m.6. 6" Thetriumphi of ih» wicked fliall end 
in everlaftiug torment, m WiS cUanje ktheri,-n>lji-i':d m.:k:' a fuii riddjiie. « 
1.9. LH/;f 3,21. 7 Cbriafanaifitdourbapiifmeiohiinfclfr. n Allfucb thiogi ai 
it bath appointed IIS to ktepe. o To lohn. S Cbiilts full confecration and autbotifing 
to the office of the mediaiouilhip, ii thewed by the fathers owne voyce , and a vifible 
figne of the holy Gboft » Col.i.t3. a ret.1,17- f Tin- ^reek' tvorUteiekf 

ne'h a thirty ofjveat uccount ,.tml Jnch ns-hi/hly pleafetit a So then the Father 
jauh,th.ti Chriji cncly is thtman -whomvihtnhekhiildeth Aoi'k' tvhafpi'tun hehad 
etnceiliCd sf»s,he Lijreih itcltane afide. 


J ChriJI is templed. 4 Hei -uxv-juifhelhthe dcV'Uynith 

Scrifiure. ti T he ^nMs miiitfliT tmtuhim. i» We 

pj ctiheth repcntan(C) arsd that hmtfeije is teme, tS The 
callti-^ cj Peter ,^>ndreiv, ai I nmes and Ifhtt. 24 He ^ 

fread,e,hthe G,lpel,ar,dheale:h the J^feafed. « Matke ,,I5.' 

'y Hen Swas « lefus iedafidc of the Spirit into nike4,t. 
■*• the be tempted of the devill. iCbnrt was tempt 

2 And when he had fafted » fuurty daies,and tor- "^ •'" '"'"'' f 
... r J L w>ycs, Sc lull over, 

ty nights, he was afterw.nid hungry. comnetb.thai we 

3 Then c;.me to him the tempter, a"" laid. If aHo ihrougo his 
thou be the lonnc of God , commaund that thefe vertue may over- 
ftones be made breath ^"IJ ^ 

4 But he anfwering (aid , It is written. § Man f xb,t"b.tilVmet,t 
(ball net live by bread onely , but by every word wher.w'tb ihe flat 
that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. • roofeofthe lempie 

5 Then die dcviJl tooke him up into the holy ^"""fajf^^jf^ja 
city.and (et bimonab pinacle of the Temple, might fall dowoe: 

6 And iaid unto him , If thou betheSonneof as wssappoimed by 
God.caft thy felfe do wne , for it is written , § that thtLaw,D;ut ii,i. 
he will give his Angels chaige over thee, and with S p'^''"'j'"i 
their hands t-hey Ib.ili lift thee up. leait at any time * ^^"j f',", vuord. 
thou ihouldefi d.iili thy foot againil a iione_. Tbon fliab not get 

7 lefus laid unto him , It is written' againe, onliillintempunf, 
SThoulhalcnotcierBpttheLord thy God. 

'6 Againe, 


Chrifts preaching. 

8 Againe the devill 'tooke him up into an ex- 
ceeding high rooimtaine , and Ihewed him all the 
kingdomes of the woikl , and the glory of them. 
ke 9 And faid to him , All thelii will I give thee, 
if thou wilt fall downe, and worfcip me. 

ID Then faid lefus unto him, Avoid Satan : for 
it is written, 4. Thou lliak woriliip the Lord thy 
God, and him onely ihalt thouferve. 

1 1 i Then the devill iift him : and behold, the 
Angels came, and miniftred unto him, 

12 J * » And when Itfus had heard that lohn 
was committed to prifon, he returned into Galile, 

1 3 And leaving Nazareth . went and dwelt in 
^^ ^ ^ Capernaum, which is necre the fea in the borders 

urvnea.rZjeMc ofZabuion, andNcphthalim. 

m're famous then 1 4 That it might be fuifiiled which was fpoken 

Naz.areik real. by Efaias the Prophet, faying, 

*on\h'ri\s cr -"y * '^^^ '^"'^^ of Zaoulon.and the land of 

leclufi tiZt'cc'u-:- Nephthalim 6y the way of the e»fea , beyond lor- 

irty htndcd toward dan ,f Gallic of the Gentiles : 

rvhuhjlan- 16 The people which fate in datkenefle . fawc 

gteat light : and to them which late in the region 

and fliadow of death, light is rifen up. 

iy it From that time lefus began to preach, and 

to fay , Amend your lives ; for the kingdome of 

heaven is at g hand. 

18 J 3 And lefus walking by the fea of Galile, 
faw two brethren , Simon , v hich was called Peter, 
and Andrew his brother ,calhng a nee jnto the lea 
(tot they were fi (hers.) 

19 * "indhvi faid unto them. Follow me, and I 
will maKe you fiihers of men. 

zo And they ttraight way leaving the nets, fol- 
lowed him. 

11 And when he was gone forth from thence, 

oiFhitrrM- he !aw Other t^o brethren , lames f-e/owji? of Ze- 

bedcus , and lohn his brother in a ihip with Zebe- 

deus their father, mending their nctti s, & he called 

them. »• . 

22 And the} \.'ithout t^tying .leaving the ftiip 
and their father, Joiiowed him. 

23 So 4 lefus went about all Galile". teaching in 
hthc'ii Synag'igutS , and preaching .he Gol^ci of 

tbM ta.ngs which the kjcingdome.and heaiing ' evfiy uekenelfc, ai.d 
they heard ^nd faw. every m Jifeafe ^mong the p' opf . 

24 And his fame fprcadanio id thorow all Sy- 
ria ; and they brought unto him all licke people, 
that were taken with divers difcafes , 8c " torments, 
£Hd them that were poflelfed with deviiS , and thofe 
which were o lunatike , and thole that had the 
1- paUie : and he heakd them . 

2y And there followed him great multitudes 
out of Gdile , and Decapoiis , and Hiernlalem, and 
ludea, and from beyond lordan. 

4,14 iD/j»4,43. 
» WhenibeHe- 
xauldtmouib it 
flopped iihe Lord 
Kveileth himfelfei 
and bringetb fall 
light into tbe 
daikeaefle of tbii 
free forgiveotOe 
•ffknci totbem 
that repent. 
d ivhich re 

detli upon theje. 
that cMteih the 
/•St called , hecau/i 
it tcrdereil upon 
Tyrus aniiidun, 
ter, I. iijng 9 >ii- 
41 Mark? I, ^,: 
I Ueometo;o». 
3 Chrifttbioking 
by time , that he 
flioiild at length 
depart from us, 

the begia 
thing gcaethbiin 
difapit^ after an 
heavenly 'ore , men 
indeed poore and 
and thcitr/orefiich 
fufpeatdAi nef- 

» Mt 


4 Chrilt aflaietb 

theheaitso' tiie 


rpiritual' aad (3. 


hcdltagtbt difU' 

feJofthc body. 

/, Their, ihM it, 


Chap. V. The ble/Ted. 4 

A Nd when he faw the multitudr.he went up into _. .„ 

a mountaine : and when he was fet.his dilciples ,'ba, ,fa "e'ea.A''' 
came to him. joyao, 

2 1 And he opened his mouth, & taught them, "°' '" 
faying, '^ '<it"^f 

3 « Blefled are the a poore in b fphit , for theirs Uyj''",, 
is the kingdome of heaven. fc. 

' it II 


k OfMefui. I LifeaCet efaU kin^U 

teiery tne: fhit'f'^' Wf/i^, 

/erne cfeitry ont. m 1 he vord (i^nifiet' properlj.the yvtak'" lie^^ejlcmaelft .• l/y.t 
here it u l.ikffir ihofe difeufei ivh!, h rn-iks men f. tint , ar.d. Kt^* an J} , that haVe 
t',err>. n Thitverd fi;!,i/ictl. friperiy :he Ihne nher^Tvith^ ''.'ried .■ ant h a her. 
nwed kindeoffpeeeh 7,"appliedtc ad kf.'de ofexar„inatio^'h tenure .rvhra ai bj rou^h 
tvould net emfejfe : ana m thit pUet it i> tal{,enfir <hcji Jifea/e. , «*«<:* fitfiekmen r„ 
pcratlfce. c IVhich at lUryfaS Moont ,>.r otktrch.injresot^ Moone , arefhretvalj 
irtuhltd & difiajed. p Weak' O-feeile men.nho /,..».<■ ^fe^Jf^ '/<hetr body l,efu!,V 
fo vtak'tt'h 'hal liy art nei.h.r able to gather thcp^ff logethcr, no, f„( tftrm .»r a> 
Shej would. /. ,, „ 

C 9 A r. V. 

, 1VheareH,rreJ. ,:>. The ^P' file, artihtfalt ttniij^ht ofthe 
■tforld. i^ iM'^iiifetonauha. i; The,a>i4ie. i6^.cod 
woriiv-^-^"'^^'".? ''•^'-'"■'^' ''"""•""'"""''•'•»' What 

jaU'.i "■ *3 KS':"''e'liairin i,fii ItfcreJac-JUe. 17 ^duller}. 

S9 Thipltck^n^oittoftht O'- 30 Cutting off. fthshand. 

31 ThehtlUfdvjorument. 33 Nti tuj'jvtare. tnTohi>e 

tivenemui. 48 rtr/eilnelft. 

( .but it 

tbem thai VI il. 

for they ''"g'y reii i^he 

good will and plea 

y * bldied are the meeke: for they ft-,all in- e'X^oX-- 
herite the earth, fire all men,ai- 

6 -i- Blelled are they which hunger and thirft 'hough ihcy be 

" " for they fliallbe filled. ciueliyv.ied. and 

4 S blefled are they that mcllrne 
fliallbe comforted. 

for righteoufnefle 

caufethey wili nst 

pure in heart ; for they fafnionchemfeivei 

4. Luke 


8 Blefl-ed are the ^ 

9 Blefled are the peace makers : for they fliall „ ,„„..,„^ „ 
be called the children of God, , ofpovertie°rre°all" 

10 Bleffed are they * which fuffer perfecution fucbmiferie» 
for righteoufnefle fake j fot theirs is the kingdome '"'"':»' «« >o!f- 
of heaven. , b'w"hoO-mind7.' 

11 « Blefled fliaUyeebewhen men revile you, andfp°rhrate" 
and perfecute ysa ,andfayallmanerof evillagainft b>-o"gi"»nder, 

you for my fake , falily. and tamed , and 

1 2 Reioyce and be glad , for great is your re- *'^fa°5 ,' , , 
ward in heaven ; for lb pcrfecuted they the Pro- luke6.ii. ' 
phcts which were before you. * rfa!.37,ir. 

15 § Ye J are the fah of the 'I earth : but if the f fr\■^'"^• 
fik have -oft his lavour .wherewith fliall it be e Ql. fpitiy iitbt, word 
ted ? It is thenceforth good for nothing , but to be rure.ioyned wi.ij 
call out, and to be troden vnder foot of men. 'h' l"""- fcr ai a 

1 4 Ye are the ( hghs of the world. A citie that ^''s^lf'^d ""'-■■''g 
is fet on an hil:. cannot be hid l^-'re't^b" feen. 

, I) * Neither iloe men light a candle, and put it plaineiyinadeare 
vnder 1 bulhel, but on a candle fticke, and it giveth '"'' P"" lookinj 
light uijto all that are in the houfe. ffaffUeT ^° '*""'' 

16 X Let your light Co (hine before men , that 'o(theey,^lhi}^C"^ 
they may fee y mr good. workes , and gbrific your God, foioe forth 
father which is in hea.'cn. andcleireai-ptare 

17 3 Thi^e not that I am cogjSjto dcftroy the '^"»i'"^"=""- 
Law.ot the|&iphe:s. I am n(K*ne to <leftroy , f"l'!l'^"' 
them, bat to^gHhil them. ••■ k ikfte. .-.^t. 

1 8 if For truely 1 lay vntoyou. Till heaven and « P"'^ •♦■ 
e-.ith pcriih, one iote or one title of the Law flwll S Ma' 
nut efcapc, till all things be fuliilied. iThenJmeii 

19 * 4 Whofoever therefore Ihallbreakeone ofthe word, efpe. 
of thefe leaft coramanderoents , and teach men fo, <:'^"y (vnl.irethey 
he fliallbe called the k left in the J< of ^i" t" the moft 
heaven : but wholoever (hall ot'-'erve and teach neeAieado.ber" 
them, the fame ilMllbecalleil gteat ia the kingdom.e bothbywtrd 

of heaven. and deed loihil 

»o For I fay unto you , except your righteouf- ^'""" '"'' ^'"* 
nefle « e.xceede the r,j;,f,<,«/-,.// of the Scribes d' i^u'doarine 
and ihall not enter into the kingdome muft beveryfouoi 

of heaven. and good, foVifit 

2 1 s Yee have heard that it was faid unto them '"' ""'J"/', ^''^'I 
of the old time . § Thou Ihalt not kill : for who.- car" away a.'^ 
foever kiileth IhaL be culpable of iudgement. thing vufavori* 

e What fhall you have to fait withal ? And fo arefoole, in thei*'fi!!^lZ\,..r,,I.A 
aui,iu,as)OU^Aou.d(ay,.neutba l""" »<> fait or frvour and .jfte in tbem f V, h 
i> and g;ve light, by being madepart.ker, of the true , m ' L, j , v 

8r..and..,33. *..Pe.a,,a. 3Cb,,rtcamenottobrLgan;new;ayt;rVte^ 

orld , but to fulfill that in.deedVbJch wa*hIdo«e'd bV 

er.og men .h.ougb trace tromthecurfeof the Law: a.i 

fe of obed .ence wh^h ,he L.we a, p,,in .,d , and to grave 

g That tbe prophecies iraybeaccomrliftie,^. 

ir L T Hebeginnett wiih tberu..,^niirdinor.f.l,. 

tu'T;. In "'"' ' ^'' ""' '"""'"^ °^""fi--"n„:and.^enr.Vt;=;d 

Aaa 4 22 Jut 

oufnej & /aivai 
moreoier to teath the irue 
in 0111 heartithc forceofobedj.-Dce. 
$ Lukei«,i7. ' Iaine»2„o. 

Tbe Law expounded. 

S, Matthew. 


ihertftrt af^hiih 

formt (fclVi 
iuthemtnti, nhiih 

.^■'•.f 2z Butlfiyur.toyou.whofoeverisanoiywith 

'V/ ., his brother vnauvifeJIy , Ihall bs ' culpable fc of 
' ;'/,;.; iiidgesr.ent. And whoU.evcr {ii:h iinro his bro- 
ui ther , Reca . be woithy to be piiniiheci by the 
1 Council!. And whofoevcr lli -.11 fay. Foole. ih.itl be 
worthy to bepunilhed with "> hcU" iire. 

2j « It' then thoa bring thy gift to the oahar, 
aiu! there rerri^.brcft that thy brorha- hath ought 

24 Leave there thine ofTering before the altar, 
and "-oe thy wav : firft be reconciled to thy bro- 
ther,lnd then come and otter rhy gift. 

25 K p Agree with thine adv^irfirie quickly, 
whiles thou art. in the way with him, leaiUhine 
advc firie deliver thee to the ludge , and the 

mtnTTvIk'' tow 
ruUJ 1} thrti men, 

rinz^ and dti'-d^'i^ 
cfin^nl) rn.ilttn, 
fmll ciufi,. ■ 
1 By ibai iudgfmcnt 

i^d'f«,'whohad'he ludge deliver thee to the fergeanc .'and thou be 

htariagan.l deci- ^aft illtO prifon. 

Hingufwtifii.iesf- ^g Verciy I fay unto thee, thou {lialt not come 
'^■XtdTaXa. out thence, till thou haft.i payed the vtraoft far- 
.hehigheiiiudgc's thing. 

ofaii, wKiotiif 17 f 7 Ye have heard that It was laid to them 
»"""''"°*^7' '^^''■} of old time, § Thou iKalt not commit adukeric. 
mofi w'aigt'i°°=«*i- ^^ ^^' ^ ^^>' "'^™ yo'-i.that whofoever looketh on 
T«,i!tbtinat:trof a womiu to lufl after her, hath committed ad ul~ 
a whole u'.bt or of terie with her already in his heart. 
=»'>'<''■''''•"« o'"'' 29 =*• Wherefore if thy r right eye caufs thee 
m whma. we *" to o^^"'' ' P^"'^'^- " out and cai^ it from thee ; for 
rr3derrte,H';i,itii better it is for ihee .that one of thy members pe- 
I'n tht ten ii ftlft. li/h . then that thy whole body Ihould be calt in- 

Cthenna , which ii jq J^^u 

matofrwClta i, ^o ■ Alfo if thy tight hand make thee to offend, 
afmuch :o fay.aithe cut it oft , and caft it hom tlice : for better it is for 
vaiii-yofHijnori, thee, that onc of thy members perilh .thenthac 
which ='i"w"«^ thy whole body Ihould be caft into hell. 

'" 3 1 It hath beene fuiJ alfo. * Whofoever Qiall 

bccaufe thou canft not make one haire white or 

37 » But let your coran^unication bet Yea, ^ iyf,^,.f,,^„),i4 
yea : Nay , ir.y. For whatfocver »*raore then thefe, vh-acI,, ntuchit 
commethofueviil, , iareiy.aiiw'ut- 

§ eye for .- 

59 huz I Ay unto you , * Refill not evill '.but 
whofoever (liali Imite thee on thy right checke. " Fromane^'fl 
turns to him the other alfo. ""\i"Ci' "■^ '"* 

40 And ifany man will file thee at the law , and yVseni-w-th 
take away thy coite, let him have thy cloakeaVb. citanecontraryto 

41 And whofoever will compell thee to goes, thedoftri.ieoftae 
mile, goewuh him twaine. ' _ _ fommeoahefa^ 

I Ye have heard that it hath beene favd. An /;'''.'''7.7 ''7' 

J , r 1 ■' dim: 7' birth 

■ an ey e.and a toorh for a tooth. •„, jf/„»i ^ny n 

iln} trtet 

4.1 ** Give to him that asketh, and from hira 

nd table r 


placcwhtreihcif. put away his wife, let him give her a bill of di- 

ttiat would borrow of thee, tunic notaway. ^ vadMftood, that 

43 Ye have heard that it hath bin faid,^ Thou we may in no wife 
flialtlovethy neighbour.and hate thine enemie. "nd""!!! for 

44 But I L\y unto you , * Love your enemies : fy^^ double i«. 
blefli; them thatCurfe you : doe good to them that iuric, and doewtll 
hate you , .f and pray for them which hurt you, '«'''<='"<'''"" °« 
andperfecuteyou.' tl'-wTS" 

4y >° § Thatyeemaybethechildrenofyour ,f^,„.j4,jo*j,;,. 
father that is in heaven : forhee raaketh his funne i»,»i. 
to arife on the evill and the good , and fcndeth • Lnke 6,i9.ront. 
raineonthe iuftandvniiift, ^l''De!it"is^%l' 

46 For if ye love them, which love you, v^hat ^ i:fi;7f.i9,i8. 
rewaril (hall you have ? Doe not the Publicanes * i-uki 6,17. 
even the fame ? * i«<^ »3.34- 

47 And if ye be friendly to your brethren one- '[ ''J{'°\ 

ly , what fingiilar thing doeyee ;doe not even the ,0 Vdoubi* rea. 
t Publicanes likewife ? foa.-theone i»t»- 

48 Ye fliall theieforebeperfit.asyour Father ken ofrcUtivn. 
which is in heaven, is perfit. be' hke tt?;" S 

ther .the other is taken of cBrnparifon , The childten ofGid mufibe beiter .then 
the children of this world. •§ Luke6,3S. i. Thtj ih.i: vetn ihe tci-majhrs, 
and the o1ierfi>!it , ^f trihiiiti and cujiomei .■ it tijadnfmen the Jiyvn haled 
10 death , tcth heciufc thcjr fcrpcd the /{cmanet in ihefi olfi^es , ( -rnhnfe j'\efuH. 
tonduu ihcy ctiiU hirdy <tvi} tvithall) and olfi bccitufi iheji ltkt-mdj!ert treftr tht 
moji purt^ipeH to n)>eifjf/iejfe- 

i-r.ui.wtrcwcoi vorcernent. 

.roiicudlytofa.^ 3 ^^ But I fay unto you . whofoevct Hiall put . 

to'fa7f!god.', ' "" away his wife (except it be forfornication)cauk-th 

wbtrirupoDitwai her to ccmmitadulterie : and whofoeverlhallmar- 

taken for a place j-jg l■^„^■ [V,^,,. jj divorced.committeth aduitetie. 

api,oint»d to tor. ^ ^ ^ Agait« . ye have heard that it was fayd to 

i^j»em"T>° "" t^^'" of ol^' ""1= '^ "^^^^ "^^"^^ notforfweare thy 

n The i;w« i/fed ' felfe , but (halt petforme thine oatlies to the Lord. 

fomekindeiofpu- j^ But I fay untoyou , Swcaic not at all , nci- 

!heir™™«t ther by heaven, for it is the throne of God: ^ , ,. , , • , , ^ 

"a. ■ak.'.away by ? T Not yet by the earth.for it is his footftoole : •T' Ake heed that ye give not your ' almes beftre . 

H«ode.han;ing. neit'r-t by Hiciulalem 1 fot it is the citie of the * men to be feeneofthem ,or eKeyeflwUhave «'' 


tAlmei, f Frdjer. 14 Forj^iliinf cUr hrotUr. tSVjfi'n?. 
t9 Our heaffre. 10 Wee m%fl fiicccur the f core, n CU 
tttidrichet. IS Cdrcfui ftekingf^r metle and drinke , and 
appiireH ,fjrhidder>. 33 J he k">edcmcofCcd e 


nd hit 

i-eat Kill' 

3^ Neithcv' ftiak thou fweare by thine head. 

beading. Ho 
and butoiog : thii 
ikii that Chill) Ihot 
at .becayfcbutning 

was the grejielt p jniQiment , »h«t«foie irt thst he maketh meutioo of a iudgement, a 
coui!cil!,anda/ire, hefnevit-ih thatlome fmuesare woirethenotbttfaine, but yet they 
areall fuch thai wte mull give accnuniCot them snd llisllbe pnuiQifd for thetn. 6 It- 
covetou. Pbatife, taught that God wai appeafed by tbe facriftcesappoimcd in the 
Lavw. which they ibemfelvrt devoured. BuiCbtift on ttircontraiy lidedemeih that 
God acc.pit.h anv mans otTtiing , vialelk he .iuk:tb fatisfaftion to hii brother wham 
heeha.h offendtd-and fsyeth moreover.thai ihde (lubburLe and llitfe necked delinferf 
of their bterhr.o , (hall n.ver efcape the wr?.th and ciitfe of God , before ttey lave 
madefuUfatiifadioDiotbeirbreibieo. o H^ApfhiikaU tijis ffe.tch t, <ki jiate 

tfmi lime , ivhtv M there IP u an J.'Mr ftiindi>-£ '« Hierufilm , arj therefrt 
the, are l,er, foclifh , that ritlir heriapon , ika' yv.cmtAp U: lid altar, , and ujt 
facrifUei : tut tiny art more fooUt . tohnh drane that to frgaur^e > ivhtch tt 
ff<,k.enerfe.tee making and itmem-r,t one,i,ihtr. « /.I'-t' ti.jS. ? Cat 
tir all canfe ofenim-'tie q Tku. fnalt he dealt mrhali to t„e uimijl ixire- 

iri.if. 7 Hee ii taken for an aduUtrer before God , whatfoever hee be . that 
covcteth a wonr.n : end therefore we mult keept our eyes thalie , and all the 
memljerj wee bav! . ^ea and wee rouft tfchewe all occalioai which mightmoove 
oitHevill.howedeaiefoeviritioaus. § . toin.13 ,9. * Chap. 
18.3.9 ni«tke947.. t Hee na:iitth tneright tyeand the tijhihande . btcaufe 

the partes of the lightfiaeofeui bodie are the chiiltlt , jod readieit .0 commit any 
. wickedr.tfle. { W»tdfjr»oi-i.<loecjijfeiheetooirtnd: forljuneiareaumbliDg 
blockesasitwere , thacistofiy ,iockt»which wee are calk upon. K Coap.19,7. 
d.ut J4.«- '»"''■' '°'4- l"ke 16.1S. i.cor.7,io. 8 Thein-afliagof ihetb.rd 

crmraandetnent againfi the fjoA'.ird opinioo anH iudgerottt of ihe Scnher, which 
«»cnrrd byoaibtoiiadiie^ Uuintl et'^WCAtiag. 

± Eiod. 10, 7. levit.i>> 

Ambition maketh 

no * reward ofyour Father which is in heaven. ^r^ard", h7in-ai^tr 
2 "" Therefore when thou givelt thine almes, tik-"''"''" Strip. 
thou flialr not makeatrumpet to be blowen before tun, f.rafreere- the b hypocrites doe in the Synagogues tf'/'f"/-.'"^ '>•«"■ 
and in theftreets, to bepraifedofmen. Vereiy I {^^^^^^^^trirX ' 
fay unto you, they have their reward. anfneralu to ., de.i 

i Hut when thou doeft thine almcs, let not thy ft-inni.-mUchth^j i 
left Iwnd know what thy right hand doeth, '''^r'"'''s 

4 Tiler thine almes may be in fecret . and thy * ct7n'rfeite!,for 
Father that f<eth in fecret, hee will reward thee Hyflc'itnwere 

openly. plaj^ert that flayed 

y 1 Aod when t'nou prayeft , be not as the hy- "?<"■' '" ■' ?'"•''•. . 
pocrites : ior they love to ftand and pray in the ' "V'urf.utstn 
Symgogiies .EiH in the corners oftheftreetes, be- prayer.ambiiioa. 
caufe they would ><; feene of men. Verely I fay aidvainebibUng. 
unto you, they have iKeir reward. 

6 i'.ut when thou praye? , enter into thy cham- 
ber : and when thou haft fhut\})y doorc , pray unto 
thy Father which is in fecret , Sc iKy Father which 
feeth in (ecret, a.aJl reward thee op.. iv ^ ^^, 

7 Alio w.ien ye pray , ule no ^ vait.o^^j j^ j. ^^^ „ *w„,t«. 
ens as the Heathen : for they thinke to be hcsttj. ^j;„j „,,,.^j,.^,, 
for their much babling. "*•>=• P£,/(i.i.»<. 

8 Be ysc not like them therefore : for your 

prayer, Againft worldly 

3 A Hue fumme Father knoweth whereof ye have need , before ye 

andfonmofall askcofhim. 

Chap. vij. carefulnefie. The broad and ftralt way. ig 

d T"at, iha: it father which art in heaven , hallowed be thy name, 

loeetforour jq Thy king.lome conie. Thy wili bedone 

cature forcur daily ^^^^ }„ ^3^^^ as it « Ik l.eaven. 

[:ffi« ot nafurr' 1 1 Give US this day our d dailie bread. 

* and coirpiexioo. II And toigtvc US our dcbts, as we nlfo forgive 

g Chap.13,19. ourdcbtcrs. 

t From the Dtvill, j ^^ p^^^ jgajg ,,5 not into temptation , tut deli- 

er from all adver- jt r •;i r 1 • •' 1 . • 1 

fijjj verus § home evDl : tor thme is the kinp;dome, 

-» Maikeii.jy. and the power, and the glory for ever. Amen. 

4 Thcj that forgive 14 * 4 For if ye doe forgive men their trcfpaffes, ihtm y.^^^ heavenlie Father will alfo forgive vou." 

nnoei are foriiven, ■' -dt j r ■ ■' \ ■ r 

but revenge ii ^ ' T "'-^^ " >" '^^ °°^ "ot forgive men their tref- 

prepateH for tbein pafles , no more will your father forgive you your 

that revenge. trcfpaffeS. 

iumaCr I'litne ' "^ ' ^'°''^°^'^'^ ' w'^^"- V^ ^^ft , looke not fowre"" ^^ '^^ hypocritcs : for they f disfigure their faces, 

fafting, ' that they might feeme unto men to faft. Veieiy I 

f They fufftr not fay unto you that they have their reward, 

their lira hue to be j ^^^ ^hen thou fafteft , anoint thine head, 

t^;°r«r'e'r'^^' and U. thy face. 

naturaii colour of 1% That thou feemenot untomen to faft , hut 

tbeirfacM, that unto thy Father which isin fecret: and thy Father 

they may feerae y^-hich feeth in Icciet.wiU rev/ard thee openly. 

^taoean pa e ,9 5 6 Lay not up treafurcs for your (elves Upon 

« Thofe mem la- the earth.vvhere the mothe and canker corrupt, and 

bouri are ftiewed where thecves diggc through and iieale, 

lobevaincwbich ^^ ^ g^ j^y „p ffeafmes for your felves in 

rrured7re°fureof heaven , where neither the morhe ner canker cor- 

evetlaftiog life, rupteth , and where theeves neither digge through 

but fpend their nor ftealc. 

live. Id fcrapiog 2 1 , For where your treafure is, there will your 

togetheifraileanJ , , ,r •' ^ 

vaiuericb... heart be alfo. . , ^, , , . 

5 Luke 12,33. '* J :S 7 The light ofthe body is the eye : if then 
i.tioi.s.ij. thinegeyebelingle,thy whole body Iha Ibe light, 
*\f'"d'"''r' ^3 But ifthineeyebewickedjthenallthybody 
cioody aod vvic* f^-albe darke. VVhcrfore if the light that is in thee, 
kediy put out evea be darkeuefle, how great is that d.irkenclVe ? 

the little light of 24 ♦ 8 jsjo nian can ferve h two mafters :for either 

nature that ii in j,e j|-|j]i hjje the one , and lov e the ether , or els he 

g TbeiudgemeDt fliall leaneto the one , and defpife ths Other. Yce 

of the mind.that ai Cannot fervc G6d and > riches, 

the body it with the 1 J- K 9 Therefore I fay unto you, be not care- 

ITema" "bl^l'T ^"" ^°^ y°"'' ^'^^' ^^^^ ^^ "^^'^ ^^''^'°' "^'^"^ ^^ ^'^" 

wi'h"ti'^ht\'e" fon. t^f'nke : not yet for your bodie , what ye Ihal] put 

that is to fay.with on. Is not the life more worth then meat ? and the 

thefpitit ofGod bodie then raiment ? 

r 'ht'.'n'^d''' ""' "* '^^ Behold the foules of the k heaven: for they 

•*LukI i6;i3. foW2 not, neither reape , nor cary into the batnes, 

s God will be yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Areyee 

^otDiippedof the not much better then they ? 

whoieman. j Which ofyou by I taking Care is able to 

h Which be at , , ' , . ^ . • '« ^ 

iaite together, for a^de one cubite unto his Itature ? 

iftwoagrae. ihey 28 And why care ye for raiment ? Leamc how 

areaione. the Lilies of the field doe growe : they «> are not 

i This word i« a Wearied, neither fpin : 

Syrian Word, and ., /- ' ., 01 - .11 

fjjnifietbail thiogf 19 Yet 1 fay unto you.that cven Salomon in all 

that belong to monx. his glory was notataicd like oneof thefe. 

« tuke ij.ji. Jo "Wherefore if God focloathe the grniTeof 

Vhilip^4,6. ^^ g^j^ which is to daie, and to morrow is caft in- 

1 peT. J,?' 'o ^^^ oven, fhalihe not doe much nsore unto you, 

jjfal. f ,-. 23. O ye of little faith ? 

9The frowarJ ^i Therefore take no thought , faying, What 
fcr^biD\Tof "hu ' ^■>all we eate ? or what fhall we drinke ? or where- 
life i»correaed in _ f 

the children ofGod by an earneft thinking upoa the providence of God. k O 

the ayre , oiibat live in ihe ayre : for inalHocgunaimofiibii woid Rtavtn ittaken 
fortbeayre. I H« fpeaketh of care which it ioyned witii thought of icitd, aodbstb 
l«ttktm«ftfandilUult yo):tvvicbic, m £y labeur. 

with fl-ial! we be cloathed ? 

32 (For after all thefe things feeke the Gen- 
tiles) for your heavenlie Father knoweth thac ye 
have need of all thefe things. 

53 ButfeekeyehiftthckingdomeofGod.ard 
his righttoufntlTe , and ail thele things ihalbe mi- 
niltred unto you. 

3 4 Care not then for the morow^ for the mor- ^ 

rowdiall cjrc for it felfe:the daynath enough 
with his owne griefe. i 

C H A 1'. VIT. 

firai:e \r:iy. if Frt//efr.|u(j. iS The tret ur.,1 fri'.tt. 
14 The Ui'fc Itti.t .ta It rcike, 16 axd cnlhefiiul. 

J Udge I not, that ye be not iudged. -, r^e ought lo 

2 For with what ^ iudgemenr yeiudge, ye find fauhooe wiih 
fiiallbe iudged,and with what 1)^ meafure ye meete. aocbrr.butvi^c 
it Ihalbe meafured unto you againe. H'T'^.^'^T^! ^2l,.~ 

,,„,/.«? , .., doe'.tnot wirfccus 

3 And v/hy feeft thou the mote , that is in thy caufe , or lofetme 
brothers eye, and perceivelt not thebeame thatis hohtvthenthty, 
in thine ov^ne eye ? "J '° ^""'^ °'" 

4 * Or how faieft thou to thy brother, Suffer me ^'tl,ke6.i7 iS. 
to caf) out the mote ©ut of thine eye, and behold, ^om. 2,1. ' 
a bearae is in thine owne eye? t.cor.4,3.. 

y Hypocrite ,firft caft out that beame out of * ^■"''«'^''4• 
thine owne eye, and then ihak thou fee clcarelie to »" ^ *kf « +i 
caftout the mote out of thy brothers eye. a Th<= ftiffeneckeil 

6 1 » Give ye not that which is holy to tl6gges, and ituhburne 
neither cart ye your » pearles before fwine.leli «ntmie»ofthe 
they tread them under their feet, and turnipga- |^^/,o havl "t°^"' 

gaine, all to rent you. preacbed^into them. 

7 sSj Aske ,anditfhalbegivenyou: feeke, a Apesriebaih 
and ye Ihall find :knocke, and it Ihalbe opened un- i^'' fame among the 

8 For whofoever askcth, recei veth : and he that that is in n • and a 
feeketh, findeth : end to him that knocketh.itlhall P"rie wss in snti- 

be opened. in great 

' 9 For what man is there among you , which if Z'l"^l-^,rZ^^ 

his fonne aske him bread, would give him a Qonei' peptic thatCleopa» 

10 Orif heaske hih, will he givehimaferpent ? trahad.was va- 

1 1 If ye then,which ate evill, can give to yoiir ',"''V',ThV'""' 
children good gifts , how much more iliail your ,t,oifand cromnee 
Farher which is in heaven , given good things to and the word i. 
them that askehim ? nowborowed from 

12 §4 Therefore whatfoeveryee would that tbat.tofigBiftetbe 
men flioud doe to you : even fo doe ye to them : reaveniT'doGrii;?, 
for this is the ^ Law and the Prophets. ^ cbap.n.ii. 

13 S* ; Enterintheflrait gate: foritisthe maiken.j*. 
wide gate.and broad way that leadeth to deftru£ti- '"'"■'■ ?• 

on : and many there be which goe in thereat. ^ic^i^Vm,, '° >■. 

14 Becaufec the gate is f\rair,and the way nar- j r.ayen are' »' 
row , that leadeth unto life , and few there be that fur<? n-fuge in aU 

findeic. in.fe.ies. 

I y f 6 Beware of falfc prophets .which come foi^^^^s*'^* 
to you in fl^cepes cloathing, but inwardly they are ^ a rebeaifall of 

ra;dning wolves. tbemeaningcf 

16 Ye fliailknowthem by their fruits. S.Doe l)"'^"':';;^.'*- 
men gather grapes of thornes ? or figs of thiitles ? ^^^ dcallrecJ-ie 

17 So every good three bringethfoortli good lVz-.c and Pt;^ 
fruite , and a corrupt tree bringeth foorth evill pben. 

finite- • p"'^,Vrof * 

1 8 A good tree cannot bring foorth eviil fruit, i^f^""; ,'otbe 
neither can a corrupt tree bring foorth good fruit. ,aken from a mu£- 

19 j^ Every tree that bringeth not foorth good titudc. 
fruit, is bewen downe, and caft into the fire. ' ^""^1^"; 

10 Thetefote by their fruits yee (hall know ^"'^uf, o"fr'"" 

them. ttroui-b il-.ii vfu?h. 

way. and f Jiff rail J 
eiidareand be thronged: and to enter into life'.' ' 6 Falfeteatberi miiii be taken hicd« 
of, and they ate kno-APuty faife dodriue «nd evill fiMng. | Liilju «;»i , 

S Cbaf.3,io. 

21 JjyNot 

The Gentiles called. 

S. Matthew. 

Chrifts povertie. 

21 ^ 7 Kot every one that faith unto me, Lord, 
Lord , (Iv.U enter into the kingdome of heaven, 
4 but hce that doeth my Fathers will which is in 

X2 S Manv will fay to me in that day , Lord, 
Lord , have wee not by thy d Name prophecied, 
and by thy n^-ne caft out devils > and by thy name 
done many = great workes > 

23 And then will I profelTe to them, f * I ne- 
ver knew you , 4. depart from me g yethatworke 

14 8 Whofoever then hearethofmee thefe 
words, >* and doeth the lame, I will liken him to a 
wife man.which hath builded his houle on a rocke: 

2y And the raine fell.and the floods came,and 
the winds blewe , and beate upon that houfe, and 
fell not : for it was grounded on a rocke, 

26 But whofoever heareth thefe my wordes, 
f That ii Dotof ;g- and doeth them not . n^.all be likened unto a foo- 
ii-:;aDce.butbecaui"e lilh man , vvhith hath builded hii houle upon the 

he will cill them fand: 

»«^y- 27 And the raine fell, and the floods came,and 

« You tb'at'arf ^^'^^ winds blewe, and beate upon that houfe, and it 
given to all kicJ fell, and the fall thereof was great, 
ofwickedoeiie.and 28 ^ * And it came to palVe , when Icfus had 
nake in ^nded thefe words . the people were altonied at his 
. ...c'goJliaefli doarine. 
refteihoneiyupoo 29 For he taught him as onc havxng authority, 
Chriit.aod there- and not as thcScnbes. 

fore «lwaye« rt-« 
miineih ioviticible. 
t Luce 6,47,4! , 
* Mat 4,ii. 

7 Even the beft 
gift* ihatare.are 
cotbiog witbout 
« Rjm J. 13. 
g lame, i,x2. 
d Bj iVjme hen.u 
mtani thsirnjfhj 


CoITl^hich tlitrit 
m*n ni:ntlfeih that 
ctiBeihupon him. 
e I'rcftrU pcwrt- 
Here ihefe exceHem 
ran'k" rrrtu^hi art 
etIltJ Psivtrltlj 
thi'igi If huh they 
them we Hnder- 
the pcrccr ifOcd is. 


«riof fii 

of heaven. 

b Which are wit. 


The Ztftrcimnfid. 
tallin;' cfthe Cemii 
I<1. Peters mother, 
fcliow Chrill. 13 
fejfed rc'ih dthils c 

S TheCenmnonsfAiih. ii The 
ts, II and cAJiing Ml »fthe Utves. 
1 (.fro healed. 1 9 '^ i"^>" defircus ti> 
Theiemfejlmihefe.i. 18 Tyvi'pof- 
ired. 32 The deiiils got into fwint. 

« Mai. 1,40, 

I Cbrili iqhealiug 
toucbiagof bit 
baud.nir'Acih that 
be abhorteth%o 
fioneii that come 
unto biro, be they 
never fo uncleane. 
S Levi, 14,3.4. 
* Luke 7.8. 
a Chiiltbyftttiog 
befortrthcm the 
example of ih« 
Centurioa , .led yet 
of an excellent 
■faith, ptovoketb 
the lewei to emu- 

tber forcwaroeth 
themoftlJeir ca- 
calling of the 

« A Mctophoie 
taken of banquetl 
for ihtyihailit 
aJowoe together 


Ow when he was come down from the moun- 
taine.great multitudes followed him. 

2 « » And loe , there came a Leper and wor- 
fliipped him/aying, Malkr,if thou wilt, thou canft 

3 And lefus putting foorth his hand , touched 
him, faying, I will, be thou cleane: ami immediat- 
ly his leprolie was cleanftd. 

4 Then lefus laid unto him , See thou tell no 
man , but goe , and Ihew thy felfe unto the Ptiert, 
and ofl'cr the gift thai ^ Mofcs commaunded , for 
a witnelle to tliem. 

J 1*2 When lefus was entred into Caper- 
naum , there came unto him a Centurion , bcfee- 

6 And faid . Mafter , my lervant lyeth ficke at 
home of the paliie.andis grievoully p.iined. 

7 And Iclus faid unto him , I will come and 
he.'.le him. 

8 But the Centurion anfwered, faying.Mafter.I 
am not woirhie that thou Ihouiueli C(>me under 
my roofe ; but fpeake the word onely , and my fer- 
vantlhalbe healed. 

9 For I am. a man alfo under the authoritie of 
Mother , and have iouldieis under me : and 1 lay to 
one , Goe, and hee goeth : and to another, Ci me, 
and he commeth : and to my lervant. Doe this, and 
he doeth it. 

I o When lefus heard that, hee'd 
faid,to thqm that followed l.w, Verely I fay unto 
you, I ha\*e not found i"o great faiih.even in li'rael. 

I I But 1 fay unto ycu , that m.iny ihall come 
from the Halt and Welt, and Uvil > (it downe with 
AbtahdfB-, and I'aac , and i' cob, in the kingdoi;.e 

1 2 And the children of the kingdome (hall be °"' ">« ki°g<iome. 
caft our into bvtters darkeneffe : there Ihall be f.Tig^flnd'wfr' 
weeping and gnalhing of teeth. outite kiogdome 

1 3 Then lefus laid unto the Centurion.Go thy darkcneiTe. 
way , and as thou haft beleeved, lobe it unto thee, jChapn.ij. 
And his fervant was healed the fame houre. iuk""^?''*'' 

14 jS3 And when lefus came to Peters houfe, sCbrift, inhealiag 
he fawhis wives mother laid downe, and licke of a diver idifeafei, 

feygf^ ibevieih that hee 

i-f And he touched her hand, and the fever left J^«,^Jhat°io'hira ** 
her : fo ihe arofe. and miniftred unto them. only we ftiouid 

16 * When the Even was come.thcy brought f<eker^medieio 
unto him many that were polT-iVed with devils: al'ou'jnifenef. 
and he caft oat the fpirits with hit word, and healed lukej'^o/'^'' 
t ail that were ficke, c ofallfjrti. 

1 7 That it might be fulfilled.which was fpoken *Efa.y3,4, 
by A- Efaias :he Prophet,§ying, Hee tooke our in- i^'^'V** 
hrmkies.and bare o«r ficknelVes. J Fo^cape'inaum 

18 f S And when lefus fawe great multitudes wa.fituate upon ths 
of people about him , he commanded them to goe-'^'ke ot xiberiaa. 

d over the water. * ^''! '"".^'^"\ 

19 4 Then came there a certaine Scribe.andfaid f/pare ,h'emf"v» 
unto him, Mafter, I will follow thee whitherfoever to aii kind of mi. 

thou goeft. '""iea. 

lo But lefus faid unto him .The foxes have ' ^ord fo'vsorj, 
holes, andthebirdes of the heaven have-ineftes, b/ugVe'. 
but the Sonne ofraan hath not whereon to reft his $ when god te- 

head. quireta out labours 

zi f f And another of his difcipK-s faid unto ^,'j'"^"'|j"*;;,°f 
him , Maftet, fuffer meehrfttogoe .andbiuiemy ^ Marie! 4° 37°"' 
lather, lukcs.ia. 

X2 But lefus faid unto him , Follow me, and « Ahbough chrift 
let the dead burie the dead. [f™';'' •^'7- 

25 J* 6 And when he was entred into the lliip, hir,'iven"ff moft 

his djfciples followed him. extreame danger, 

24 Andbehoid, there arofe a great tempeft in yetint.mrconve. 
the fea . fb that the Ihip was covered with waves; °i'i"'„'"'^|'['^^^f "" 
but he was afleepe. _ brioTeth them to 

if Then his dilciples came, and awoke him, the heaven, 
faying, Mafter, fave us : we perilh. 

2<J Anil hee fiid unto them , Why are ye feare- 
full. Oyee of litrk faith ?Thenheaiole , and re- 
buked the windes and the fea; and yo there was a 
great calme. 

27 And the men marvelled, faying, what man 

is this, that both the wmds andthc leaobey him? * Marke y.i.t.. 

28 * S 7 And when he was come to the other ^^^^{^l;^^^^ ^^ 
fide into the countrey of theGergelenes , there met deliver m'ftom° 
him two poffi.lfcd wich devils which cime out of toe miferable 
the graves very fierce, lo that no man might go by thraidome of sa- 

that way. tan; but toe world 

29 And behold, they cryed out, faying, lefus c^tm tben^he* 
thefonneof God.whathave wetodoe wi:n thee? Mit/tanileait of 
Art thou come hither to torment us before y lime? tteiicom.noditiej. 

30 Now there was*' afarre off hum tiicra , a *^l'^"^^flll^^ 
great herde of fvvine feeding. „j, j 'g^. ^^^ 

31 Aiidthedrvilsbelbught him,riying,lfthvu cadtraanofrph 
caft Us out, fuffjr us to go mro therenieuflwine. re;ordetb oooke 17. 

32 And he laid uiuo tnem. Goe. io thiy went '^^^^J',^^'''^''/'"' 
out and departed into the herd of fwinc : and be G'e°cian',and""there. 
hold , [he wi-iole herd of fwine ran headlong into fore we m.iy not 
the (ti, and dieil in ihe water. .marveileu there 

33 Then the herdmen fled : and when they wetefwiuethe.e. 
were come into the citie, they told all tilings, and 

what was become of them that were polVeifed with g where mtu live 

thedivils aifwioe.theiedoctll 

34 And behold , all the c ir ie came out to m.cet ""^^ ^b^;'^' ' »"■:• 
lefus : and when they faw him.they befought him 

to E depart out of theit coafts. 

* CHAT. 

Matthew called. 


1 Ontfichftfthtfilfil.iihijUi. ! Kjnifitn -fftnnti. . 
S Matthciv cited, lo sinntrt. 17 Ntw Trine. liThe 
ruhrt JjUjjjutr raiffJ. 2.0 ^ tvimMhe.tledofi bkcdj 

ifiie. 1%^-rt'Uindmenhf.mnrereJU fiiht. 3! xA 
dumie mit» pDjJefied ii healed. 37 The ha/tej! and 

rrvr icemen. 
t Sinnesarethe 

ciufMofouraffli. j^Henhd entred into a {liip.and paffcdover, 

ft oDi, and Cbijft and caaie into his a owne city. 

Zl/if"* -^ ^"'' * ^'^ ' ^^^y t-rought tb him a man ficke 

■ I'ntoCqwro/um', °' ^^^ pa'^^ '-'y^^l OH a bed. And lehis b feeing 

fora«rheoph.fai h, iheir faith , faid to the ikke of rhepalfie. Sonne, 

Btihitheni biought be of gGod comfofc : thy finnas are fofiven 

hiui foonbjNaza- thgg. 

"Ddca'p"nautw"i 3 And behold, certaine of the Scribes faid with 

hiidweliing place, themfelves. This man ' blaiphemcth. 

t Matkea.j. 4 But when Icfiis faw their thoughts, he faid, 

bKnow^nab a Wherefore thinke ye evill things in your hearts? 

inaDifcftiigne?" 5 .For whether IS ite.ficrto idy,'Ihy finnes aie 

c To blafpbtme rig- forgiven thee, ortolay.Arife.and vvaike > 

oifictk ainongft [be g And that ye may know that rhe Sonne of man 

«u'krdly a"d'a- ^^^^ authority in earth to forgive iinnes (hen 

mouit'themoreelo- Taid he unto the ficke of the pallie.) Atile .take up 

quent Greciaoi , to thy bed, and go to thine houle. 

*'""'"• 7 And he arofe , and departed to his owne 

8 So when the muhitude faw it,they marveiled, 

and glorified God,which hath given Inch authori- 
i Matkei.14. ty to men. 

^rV ft^^'ii h h 9 1 :§ » And as Icfus pafled foorth from theiice, 
humble fi'nUi unto ^^ ^^"^ ^ man fitting at th e d culkme . named Mat- 
him.but heconteni- thew , and faid to him , Follow me. And he arole, 
ntthiheptoud by- and followed him. 

d°A""h ft "^ AnditcametopaiTe.asIefusfateatmeatein 

ublJ,v»b«ei'tw"! ''•'lioui'e , behold , many I'ublicanesandi- finncis 
received. that came tliither , fate down at the table with le- 

e Thecuftomenfel- JuS and hisciiciples, 

lowe. which were ^^ ^pd when the I'harifes faw that.they faid to 
ma" afJerihat ' ^^^ difciples. Why eateth your Mafkcr with Pubii- 
ludea wai brought canes and finneis > 

into the forme ofa 1 2 Nciw when lefus heard iti he faid unto them, 
province, to gather jjjg ^^^ jj^^j j^^^ thePhifician.but they that are 

tbe cuftomn. and r u 
tlitrefore of the reft "C'^e. 

oftheiewesthey 1$ Butgoeycand learne what this is, * I will 

were called finntri, have mercy, and net facrifice , fori am not come 

lilVme"^*" "''^ '° '^^'^ ''^^ righteous , but the * finners to repen- 

»a^C°»6.6. "nee, 

Cbap.i»,7. 14 ^ ♦ 3 Then came the difciples of lohn to 

* i.Tim.i.if. him.faying.WhydoeweandthePhatiicsfdftoft, 

I'uk""?*'''' aO'Jtliy dilciplesfaftnot ? 

3 Againanaughty 'T And lelus faid nntothem.Can the f children 

einaiationinmat- of the marriage chamber monrne as long as the 

ter. indifftrent. btidegrome ib with them? But the daies will Come, 

of^fpeacbTrtS *^*^^" ^^'^ bridegrome Ihall be taken from them, 

that are admitied ^^d then Ihail ihcy faft. 

ioto a mariage 1 6 Moreover , no man pieceth ap. old garment 

cfaamber.are aitbe with 

a piece 

of gnewcioath : for that that Ibould 

brtMegrome" ''" ^^^ " «P ' t^*^^*^ ^^ay from the garment . and the 
g Rawe.which wai breach is woife. 

never put to the 17 Neither doc they put ncw winc into old vef- 
^■'""- fels : for then the veUels would breake . and the 

wmt would hi lpilt,and the veilels would perilh ; 

but they put new wine into new vefl'^ls, and Jo are 
«|Mar.r,ii. boih prcferved. 

Ltike 8.+1 . 1 8 J * 4 While he thus fpake unto them,beho!d, 

4 There.iDoevili ^^ieYC came a certaine ruler , and worlbippedhim, 

Jo Old and tocuia- ^ . ... , . , /-i, j 

ble, vihict. chiiil 'ay ing.My daughter isno-A' deceafidibut come aco 

cannot Bealebyand lay thine hand on her, and ibelhalUive. 

by.ifhe be touched ,„ And lefus a:rofe and foilowcd him With his 

wiiD true faith, bnt fjjr-,f,lg„ ' 

vwih'ieVaud!"' ao (And behold» a woman which was difeafed 

• ix*5f« Two blind men, 6 

with an iffiie of bleed twelve yeeres . came behind 
^m,and touched the hemme of his garment. 

21 For Ihe faid in her felfe. If I may touch but 
his garment onely, I (lialbe whole. 

11 Then lefus turned him about.and feeing her, 
didfay .Daughter .be of good comfort : thy faith 
hath made thee whole. And the woman was made 
whole at that fame moment.) _ 

23 ; Now when lefus came into the tulers houfe, f EventJeaihit 
and faw the b ojinftrels and the multitude making felfegivetbpMceto 

noife, " thevoTverofCh'ift. 

24 He faid unto them . Get you hence:for the %^l ,7;r"irV,t" 
madisnotdead.butfleepeth. And they laughed atthut moutniogi, 

li And when the multitude were put foorth, 
he went in and took her by the hand, and the maid 

26 And this bmit went throughoutall that land. ^ Byhealin thef- 

27 6 And as lefus departed thence, two blinde twoblind,chrift' ' 
men followed him , crying, and faying. O fonne of ftiewetfa that he it 
David, have mercie upon us. the light of the 

28 And when he was come into the houfe, the '^°''''' 
blinde came- to him, and lefus (aid unto them, 
Beleeue yee that 1 am able to doe this ? And they 

faid untohim.Yea, Lord. 

29 Then touched he their eyes,faying,Accor- 
ding to your faith be it unto you. 

30 And their eyes were opened , and lefus 
gave them great charge , faying , See that no man 
know it. ^ 

3i But when they were departed, they fpread 
abroad his fame thorowouc all that land. 

32 J * 7 And as they went out, behold , they '# tukeir.M. 
brought to him a durabe man pollelTed with a ^ad example of 
devill. '^ ChriSov«tbe 

33 And when the devill was caft out, the dumbe devUl. 
<pake ; then the multitude marveiled , f)} ing, The 

hke was never feene in Ifrael. 

3 4 But the Pharifes faid,* He cafteth out devils, 
through the prince of devils. 

3 J 5 And * lefus went about all cities and * Ciap.rj.aa. 
townes , teaching in ihcir Synagogues , and prea- [^J'*^' ^ ^^' 
chingthe Gofpel of the kiiagdoms , and healing » MaVkJsf. 
every ficknefl'e and every difcafe among thepeo- Luke 13.11. ' 

36 ' But 4> when he faw the multitude , he had ^Aitboiigb the ondF- 

compafijon upon them ,becaiife they were difper- "e^cht-'ft""^''' 
fed, and fcattereJ abroad , as Iheepe having no caftoii'i'he care of 

ye:Chti(i hathr 

fi.epheard. ,;ich 

37 then faid he to his difciples,:^^ Surely the * wrkes-s^. 
harveft is great, but the l.iboiirers are few. ' i^b^'"''* '° *' 

38 Wherefore pray theLord of the harveft.that i^wol-d forwo-t?, 
he would i fen: forth labourers intohis harvefl. cait them out : fjt 

nice are vrry now 

CHAP. X. ^n^c'.o.yawotk,. 

J Tht^ift 0/ heal'n^ giien to the ^prjlla. >- Thej artfer.t 
lefreathiheCeffd. 13 Peace. 1^ Sh^l^in^tifihe dujl . 
t% .Aff.Ulhn. Ml Centinutme uniolU end. 13 Fijin^ 

30 H.< 

- ^ff.i-- - 

fnm lerfi.mkn. iS Fejre. i9TTVt fiarrf' 3^ roack«'*ledye Chcifi. 34 fea.e:!ml 
. tkefnt'd. 3f f^urUttce. 37 ti'Vecf ftren'i. jiThecrcfe. 
39 Tc Ufa the life . ^o' '■ To reieiiie a Pre,u her. 

A Nd I * he called is twelve difciples itnto him, ' Thf Apc.ri;-. sr. 

and gave them pov/eragainft uncieane fpirits, c°f '°j'iJ,7r.a 'i''" 
to caft them our , and to heale every lk'keneHe,3nd * Mar'3,,3^4,,;, 
every difcafe. tuke i,,,ij.' 

2 Now the names of the twelve Apcftles are » Th.ofbilaAfaiifa 
thefe. The »hrft w Simon called Peter, ir,d Andrew '"■ ^-- " ^f,'^/""' 

is brother, lames the fonne ol Ztb;deus , and |,,;t btciuftih.-y. 
lohn his brother, Wrsfititcaiied. 

3 Ihilni 

AfTurance of Gods helpe. 

S. Matthew. 

To take tbe crofTc. 

i Philip zrci BanlfrrfMi' : Tbrtrjs , 
thew!h.u riiblieane : lames t\.ej:n>i« ofAlphcus, 
b A i.f Ke- gj,.^ LclVnciis whofe furnaroe was ihaddetis : 
lo'ifw^sM^n^hc 4 Sif^o" 'he Car.anire , and ludas '' Hcariot, 

jTJe of ludah, who alfo betrayed him. 

loibijif. ^ Thefe twelve did lefiisfent foorth,andcom- 

4. ASs >3 4<- nvnded them , faying, Go not into the way of the 
* Tt'^fumm'ut' Gentiles, ar^ into the cities of the Samaritans en- 
tteGoi"'*!^' teryenot: 

j.eaibingofibe g But goe rather ^- to the loft flieepe of the 
Ai°"'"; , honfeoflhael. 

^!7^!""l^ 7 <• . And as y e f^o preach , % ing . The king- 

w"id.°" dome of heaven is at hand. 

§ Mar.6,s.s>.liike g 3 Kcalc tile licke : cleanfe the lepers : raifc 

9 3-.^ " __^^^ ^ ^ 

fh7worTrurca"rt ccived, freely give. 

oway all <■«"' '''^' 9 5 + PofleliL c nOt'goIJe , nor filver, nor mo- 

oiight bind.r them ^gy j„ y^jf girdles. 

thtiejftwfei'i" j^ Kora(crippefoi-theioti;-ney ,iieithertwo 
'"por I'his iou.oey, coats. neither iLooes. nor a ftatl'e : * for the worK- 
'o w't, both that roan is won hy of his ^ 

biDcmigtthin- jj y And into >.- whatfocvercitie or townc yee 


l,n ri4- 

and alfo ji^aiicomc.enquirc who is worthy in it .and there 
t":S.rXf abide tell ye go thence. _ , , „ , 

God. providM.ce : I z And when ye come into an h oufc, lalute the 
for «t tb«i tt>vi"'e fame. 

backf, ib=r Lcrd ai- ^ ^ ^^^ -f .|^^ ^yoM^e. be wotthv , let your « peace 
*b"t<h4"'^'^'^''j come upon it : bat if ic be not worthy, let your 
thiogbythe wy- pcace rctutne to you.»»3J- 14 ••' And whofoever fliall not receive you, 

nor heare your wordes , when ye depart out ot that 

r - ^' • ' " "" 

1 treat«. 

tbatrtctivstho j^ Truely I fay unto you , it (hall bc cafier for 

jteacbing njili^'^ them of the land of Sodom and Gomorrha in the 

^"'''''s.f iheT-' 'l-y "f iui'gernent, then for that cicie. 

thl^Vcfufe it- 16 IS* Behold , I fend you as f Ilieepe. in the 

^ Lukt.o.s middes of the wolves: beye therefore wileas fer- pgnts, and 3 innoccnt 35 duvts. 

Kbv«^« 17 Butbew.reofhmen.fc 

^htrtby they meant yon Up tothe Councils , and will fcotitge youiu 

.ikindofbaFP'"''- their Synagogues. 

• Maikes.ii luKe jg And ye Ihal! be brought to the governours 

ju^AAe'iJ n- and kings for my lake, in wiinclVe to them , and to 

^ tuk 10 4- theGeniiles. 

« chtiii n^vtuh j^ * But when they deliver you up , take no 

howtte miniiievi jJ^q|^,,,(,j ^ow or what ye Ihall ipeake : for it ihall 

"b^lfTlvei under be given you in that houre, what ye Ihall fay. _ 

thecroflv. 10 For it is iiot ye that Ipe.ike , but the Ipirit of 

{ You niab« in your Father which ("peakeih in you. 

gtrat dit B'"j^^^ j.^ X I And the «f brother ihall betray the brother 

^ ^ "" 'revenge to death , and th^ father the fonne , and the chil- 

t : and by dicn Ihall tile againll their parents , afid ihall cauie 

,.gof ibtfe them to die 

But beware of h men , forthcy will deliver 

^"b ' ° br"iu not ^^ And yee fliall be hated of all m.en for my 
hal "Jr"wiredf-"e Name : 4 but he that endurethto the end . he fluil 

jobrmaitioui.DOt bclaved. 

out li.iiriici'ie '"><!• 2^ And when they perfecute you in this citie, 

''f' ood"^Ti'rl"a!"* fl^'cinto another : for vercly I fay unto you , yee 

cxqlTiiitTy trainea Ihalt not ' go .' ovet all the cities of Ifracl , till the 

of Sonne ol man be come. 

»«y be 2^ * The (.liRipie is not above his mafter, nor 

of r^ii^°oD''n en'irc '^"^ '"^'V-int above his L-ord. 

wDi'"one to aa- 2 J I r is cnouj^h for the difciple to be as his ma- 

ctbrr. ftcrrV .and thefcivsn; ashis Lord. <♦ If tbey have 

» Mofkeis.u- cnllfd the mailer of tl'.choufe k Bcel zehub , how 

^'' l' 'ke m .i«. n^'^i-'h moic them ot his houlhold ? 

I* .".arV. 13.13- 

t B^i^ig!" anted itbatii. you fliill not have gone ihorow all tb»^citi:s of Ifrael, 
sndcttacDcdiaibem. » Luke 6, .p Ic.h11.13 i<. and i y,io. ^ Cn-il'.iJ^i^, 
fe i: vyautt i<ivleon!:e Acroaiwi, whith wc c.iU rbe goiuf fli.-«. 

16 1 Fesie them not therefore : 4- for there is i Tnietb (hall no» 

rothing covered , that (hall not be dircloft.(i , nor ^' 

hid, that Aiall not be knowen. itk^'i r'atd'^,, , 

27 what Itellyou indarkneffe,that(pejkeye mopetly.aud intbe 
in light? and v/hat ye heare in theeare.tlut preach bigheii places For 
ye on ?lie '" houfes. •*" topi'e«oftbeix 

28 Andn feare yee not them which kill the bo- ^^^"^"'^^^ 
die , but are not able to kill the (ouie : but rather mioht waike upo-a 
feare him , which is able to deltroy both foule and 'l""", Afts 10,9. 

body in hell. " Tbougb ,yrant. 

29 Are not two fparrowes fold for a o farthing, aoj^'u' !l° y«'w^« 
and one of them Ihall not fall on the ground with- maynoiieare them, 
out your Father? o Tie fourth pait 

^o * Yea . and all the haires of your head are "/^of"""- 
n^mbred. 7sa„ T'*''" 

- . t- u r c ».Sain.i4,n. 

31 Feare yenotthererore,yeareoi more va- a&«27,3<. 
hie then many fpairowcs. 7 The nectlTi:ie 

3 1 7 * VVhofoever therefore (hall confefTe race aad "ward of opeo 
before men.him will I confeffealfo before ray Fa- " ^".'kfs^j'."" 
ther which is in heaven. ^ Iuk.2,j6.andi2,s. 

jj But whofoever Ihall denie me before men, i.Tim.z.ia. 
him will I alio denie before my Father which is in * f"''* '.*■/'•. 

u ' 8 

"•.>.,^u-, u T r , fo'low the preach- 

34 'S 5 Thmkenot that! am ccme toiende mgottbe Gofp.ii. 
peace into the earth, but the fword. S Micah ?,«. 

3 J For I am come to let a man at variance * i-u.kt i^.,2«. 
againft his father, and the daughter againlt her oufext,°io"T. 
mother, and the daughter in lawagiinlt her mo- tobepiefnred 

therinlaw. » before out duetie 

36 t And a mans enemies /la/i^ /-e they of his '"'i'/*- 

owne houlhold. mat S^J^.Tuk*',!; 

37 * 9 Hee that loveth father or mother more nod i+U;. 
thenme.isnot woithieofme. A.nJ he that loveth i iobni4,if. 
fonne, or daughter more then not worthie of ^ y*''-'' 2re faiJe to 

„„ ^ .• fend their Iife.whicli 

"'^' delivei uouiof 

38 ■♦= And he that taketh not bis croCfe, and fol- danger: and ihi« it 
lowerh after me, is not worthie of me. I.nckro after the 

39 § Hee that will hnd phis life, Ihallloofe it: <=! ir-ion of tb, j-eo, 
and hc^hat loofeth his life for my fake , ilvill finde ^herd'eVnl loft 

it- _ thatdie.becaufe 

40 »" Hee that receiveth you, receivethmee: tbeythinkenoiof 
and hee that receiveth mee receiveth him that lent '*" '''^^ to come. 

10 God iiboih 


autJourand re- 

z)i * II Hee that receiveth a Prophet inqthe vengrrofhijholy 
name of a Prophet, Ihall receive al'ropnets rewaid: miaifieiie. 
and he that receiveth a righteous man, in the name * }-^^'' '°''** 
of a tighteousman,Ihalheceive the reward ota '1°, "we ihaiViofe 

righteous man. nothingtbat we 

4i ^ And whofoever (hall give unto one of beftow upou chiiri. 
thefe t little ones to drinke a cuppe 01 colde water ^ A«aProrb«. 
onely , in the name of a clilciple , veieiy I lay unto ',' ^tich hi ihe 
you, he iliall not iofe his reward. fight of ihr world 

C H AT. XI. aievH.andabi.a. 

a loU rc'lt'h hu difciple: tc Chnji. 7 Chiles tcftinwnie cf 
Ijhn. 13 rhi L.iwMJthel'rcfltcc. x; Christ- ^ni 
Uhn. 21 Chira:^in,P.cthfj.U^. 1; TU'-.orpd rcljeaUd 
tn children. »8 j hejf that an yviiirie .mdUtitn. 

A Nd I it came to paife th.u when lefus had made ' '^'"' 
■" anendof'Tcomnundinghis twelve dillipks, heii'tb^ 
he departed thence to teach and to preach ii^b theij- Msffi,, 

cities, » Ofinl(:uaipg 

2 f § And when lohn heard in the pri^Mi the 'b Tb^ Ri'""''"' 
workes of Chrift , he fent two of his difciplcs , and ,iei,° b«l llVuy', 
fayd unto him, inGabi*, whtre' 

3 Art thou hee tliat ll-.ouldcome , or (liall wee '"^ny of thtm w:te 
looke for another ? ^"Lu'lcf ** V' 

4 And lefus anfwer ing fayd unto them , Goe, ^ " = 7ii • 
anci ihew lohn, whit things ye heare and ke. 

5 1 he biindc receive light , and the halt doe 
walke ; the leperi are cleanfed ^and the dcafe heare, 


Chrift (htTOnh 
works, ihat 

Chriftand lohn.Wifedome iuftieecf. 

a what agree- 
ment, and wbat 

twixt the mini 8e. 
tit ofthe Pro. 
yheu, the prea- 
ching of lobB, and 
Cfaiift hath 

t In the new 
({jt!c/ the Church 
fphtri the true lie- 



t/tliriiei , the pre,t. 
thing ofUhn with 
the /..w Cr ihePrc 
fhett, and agtine, 
the mcfi clean 
prlMhinj; cfihe 
Ccfpcl rvith Iihns. 
* L<ikei6,j6. 
tt Thej frcfhecied 
,f things tt ccme, 
frtfent and 
tlearelj CT plo'"'- 

3 There are n»oe 
more ftout& dub- 
the Gofpel, then 
they to whom it 

t HetUmeih tht 
fii»iirdnejft "/ 
cou'.d hemvVtdneu 
ther tvith rcuiht 
ncrfentle lie. ding. 

4 That which the 
feo embrace. 
^ncrvlldge the 

i The proud fc- 
ieft the Gofpel of- 
fered voto them, 
to their great hurt 
and fmart which 
* Iwi^e 10,11. 
^ ThrcHgh the mi- 
tvh' cnlljJhiTvtth 
tht trmih ifai 
thin^' ftrtuining 
to Ccd. 

h This word fhev. 
tth, that Kteconten. 
fathers eounr'U ■ 
iCeds Willis '*« 
tnely ruie oftightt. 
•I^lthn j-3;. 
« There ij no tme 
6od. nor quietnej 
«f mind, bat oaely 

Chap. xij. 

• the dead are raifed vp , * and the poors rcceiue 
the Gofpel. 

6 And bleffcd is he that fliill not be offended 

7 2 At5d as they departed, Icfusbeganneto 
fpesk: vnto the nmltitude of loho , What went 
ye out iDtothewildernefl.ctofee?areedefhakea 
with the winde? 

8 But what went ye out to fee? A man cloathed 
in foft raimeqt f Behold they that weare fofi cloa- 
thing , are in kings houfes. 

9 But what went yee out to fee ? A Prophet ? 
Yea, I fay vnto you, and more then a Prophet. 

I o For this is he of whom it is written , J Be- 
hold , I fend my noeffenger before thy face which 
(hall prepare thy way before thee. 

I I Verely I fay vnto you. Among them which 
' are begotten of women , arofe there not a greater 
. then lohn Baptift, notwithftanding.he that is the 

leaft in ;^ c kingdome of heaven, is greater then he, 

12 And from * the time of lohn Baptift hi- 
therto, the kingdome of God luffereth violence, 
and the violent take it by force. 

13 For all the Prophets and the Lawipto- 
phecied vnto lohn. 

1 4 And if ye wil receiue it, this is ** that Elias 
which was to come. 

ly ^ Hethathathearestohearelethtmheire. 

16 '/r 3 Bat wherevnto (ball I like this gene- 
latioo? e It is like vnto little children which fie 
in the markets , and call vnto their fellowes. 

1 7 And fay. We have piped unto you, and yee 
have not daunced , wee have mourned vnto you, 
and ye have not lamented. 

1 8 For lohn came neither eating not driiv- 
king , and they fay , He hath a deuill. 

19 The Sonne of men came eating and drin- 
king , and they fay . Behold a glutton and a drin- 
ker of wine , a friend vnto Publicanes 5c finners : 
4 but wifedome is iuftified ofher children. 

zo f J* Thenbeganheto vpbraidthecitiesj 
wherein moft of his great workes were done , be- 
caufe they repented not. 

21 Woe <■# to thee Chorazin : Woe be to thee 
Bethfaida : for if the great works which were done 
in yon , had bene done in Tyrus and Sidon , they 
had repented long agone io fackcloath and aihes. 

tt But I fay to you. It (hall be eafier for Tyrus 
and Sidon at the day of iudgeroent , then for you. 

x3 And thou Capernaum, which art lifted vp 
vnto heaven , (halt be brought downe to helJ : for 
if the great workes, which have beenedonein 
thee , had beene done among them of Sodome, 
they had remained vnto this day. 

24 But I fay vmo you , that it (hallbe eafier for 
them of the land of Sodomintheday ofiudge- 
meot , then for thee. 

if •!. At that time lefus anfwered and fayd , I 
give thee thankes , O Father , Lnrd of heaven and 
earth , becaufe thou haft hid thefe things from 
the wife,, and men of vnderliaDding , and haft 
e opened them vnto babes. 

26 It is hfo, O Father , becanfe thy 'good 

17 J 6 All things are given vntomeeofmy 
Father: and * no man knoweth the Sonne, but 
the Father : neither knoweth any man the Fa- 
ther , but the SoDoe , and bee to whom the Sonne 

28 Come vnto mee.allye that ate weay and 
Uden , aad I will eaie yon. 

Chrffts yoke. Mercy, facri'fice. 


19 Take my yoke on ycu , and Je:rne of tree « 7f)-r«,,«. 
thai I am meeks and lowly in heart : and ye fhali ^ ' '"*" ':}■, 
finds -f reft vato your fov.ks. l.rte'.F.Thitc'cm. 

306 For ray yoke is ^ cafie.Sc my burden light, mcsnitmeKH are ' 

CHAP. XII net ,;rieiUHS.f,r ,!!l 

I The Sp^U, fluckfthe etrticfc'iJ!. 6 Me'de , fucri-'I'-'t it tttae tf.iui 
fee. 10 The withered h.ind is he. tied, ii We rKitsI dce_''>"""»meh ti?e 
^•■»d ca ,heSihh.ih. sa The fSfc^cd^hclfcn. ij^rfcrU,ilohnh'i- 
hi-<idcm- diaUid. 31 S,ir,ne , hl.irfhtmn. 33 The good 
el/illiree. 34. Vipers.' 3S The HineKiier. 4: J he 
leent ef Saha. 48 The true nttther and Iretirentf 
^"^- 1 OfiHetraerir:. 

A T I ■•• that time lefus werit on a Sabbath day a,fyhie of ite 

through the corne , and his difciples wereanS^ibbath.anathe 
hungred . and began to placke the earcs of come .5''^°f;''r,"f "/,"' 
andtoeate. uk'l.i.'"'" 

2 And when the Phnifes fiwe it, they fayd .f.Drii!.a3,2y. 
vnto him , Bcholde , thy difciples doe ♦ ihn 

which is not lawful! to doe vpon the Sabbath. VV^i.. 

3 But he laid vn:o them , i: Have ye not read 
what David did when lie was an hurgred , and 

they that were with him ? a The Helmvis 

4 How he went into tbehoufeofGod, and «i('>ire.i</o/fj. 
did eate then (hewbread , which was cot lawfull"''^'''"/^^^''jf 
for him to eat , neither for them which were with ,he'.^'e^e v'pcn th» 
bim,butoneJyforthe*Priefts? ^ ^cidemMmp- 

J Or have ye not read in the Liw , how that p-inte.1 <« ih.trer. 
on the Sabbath dayes the Prieftes in the Temple ••';'■ 5'""- ^f;*-. 
« b breake the Sabbath , and are bhroelelle ? 'i^.a^T."') 

6 But I fay vnto you , that here is one greater ^ 
then the Temple. !> When the Prifjii 

cftheS.M.vh ^^ 

7 Wherefore if ye knewe what this is, J^ I will f '^',f,^^"f^'^ 
have mercie and not facritice , ye would not have /"' \',,Cj t'cii 
condemned the innocents. 

t For the fonne of man is Lord , efswcfche '«; 

9 * 2 And he departed thence , snd went into'i^''^^'^'^/^''^^ " 

their Synagogue : [hupUn- 

10 And behold, there, wis a man which hti* M.iri^ei^i.' 
/jwhand dried vp. And they asked him , fsying. Is j^"j;/„';„g, 
it lawfull to heale vpon a Sabbath day ? that they ai„of'h''i"'a°w 
might accufe hira, aie cctagamd ii-e 

ii And he laid vnto thero.What man (hall there I' »e of outcirivU 
beamsngyou. ^ hatha (heep.Sc if itfallon </ S.b-^-'^,,„^^^, 
bath day into a pit , doth not t^ke it 5c htt it out r j,| ^,,j, „fptarwe 

12 How much more then is a man better then maygive place to 
a fheepe ? therefore , it is lawfull to doe well en a '1"= vnbriditd uj- 
Sabbathday. '.'y^.^'.-.V^" 

I i Then faid he to the man , Sttetch foorth , bJm, ement it 
thine hand. And heftretchedit forth, andit wasmt/)(d/£/f<;/-r.,f<., 
made whole as the ether. hca»ftCh,iji vjj 

1 4 3 Then the Pharifes went out , and cooful- '{^l^^Xm'.Tth^'' 
ted agaioft him , how they might defiroy hiD3. ctnties, .ti'dt^cjii 

1 S But who lefus knew it. he departed thscce.S: w< fupiTJUthn, 
great multitudes followedhiro.Sc he healed tb? al. ^>,ui,t/,i,.g nh ?>■. 

i6 And charged them in threatning wife, >hat -^ |!J;"JV'/"'''*' 
they fhould not make him knowen. Tti:neandiM<i^e 

17 That it might be fulfilled which WJsfpc-«^<?f.'»«'i. re p^, 
ken by Efaics the Prophet, faying , " ^'"""'* '»'•'''»'« 

18 * Bebold my fervant whom I have cho-™^'^''^^,, 
fen, my bsloued in whommy fouledelighteth : „(u«cfjj;,,r„rf 
1 will put ray Spirit on him , and heelhalUhew •""<'« V"""'- 

« iudgsment to the Gentiles. "'„'d'", 't'^d^'^ 

19 He ihall not ftriue , nor cry . neither (hall l.'^^'^^/J^T-^^^^ 
any manhesrehis voycein thcflreetes. ^uero«rib<ra'i 

10 Abruifed rcede (hall hee not breake, and />i>f"fmit;. 
fmoking flaxe (ball he not quench , till he d bring « ^"•i' '.' • '■»• 
forth luugement vnto v.ttorie. ne^^, f^ ,„anirdt. 

21 And in his Name OmH tIieGentiiestru9. i.fuL-iea-othe * 
ai f * 4 Then was brought to hira one pof- iii'niJtroith.; 
fefTed with a deuill, both bliode and durabe, anJ he ^J^^,',^gj"' "J"'" 
healed that he which was blind aDd^'^.^/^iobeavou. 
(Jumbe boib Tpakc and fawi "cofdiiouiiy. 

23 And 

S. Matthew. 

a i.-.(i.9.34. 
M-trk' 3 »«• 

f T;t kiojdoms 






1} And all the people were amafed, aad fayd, 
Is not this th?.t fonne of Davul ? 

24 But when the Fharifes heard it, they fayd, 
4. This TD»a dfteth the deuils no othetwife out 
but through Beelzebub the prince of deuils. 

ly J But lefus knew thtir thoughts , and fayd 
to them , Euerv kingdome diuided againft it felfe, 
is brought tcA:ought , and every citieor houfe 
diuided iigainft it Iclfe llidil not fiaod. 

26 So if Satan caft out Sjtan , bee if diuided 
againft himfelfe : how Q:all then his kingdome 
endure ? 

17 Alfo' if I through Beelzebub caft out de- 
uils. by whom doe your childerencafttheoa out ? 
Therefore they HhH be your iudges. 

a 8 Bui if I caft outdiuilsby iheSpirit of God, 
xhun is the kingdome of God corae vnto you, 

2$ Els how can a man enter into a flrong 
mans houfe and Ipoyle his goods , except be firlt 
bind the Srong man .and then fpoyle his houfe } 

30 He that isnot withrae , isagainitme :and 
he that gathered not with me, fcatteicth. 

3 1 § Wherefore I fay vnto you , Every finne 
and blafphemy thall be forgiven vnto men : but 
the blafphemie 'i^rtw^ the holy Ghoftflwllnocbe 
forgiven vnto men. 

3 1 And whofoever fhall fpeske a word againft 
the fonne cf man . it (hall be forgiven him : « but 
whofoever (hail fpeake againft the holy Ghoft , it 
fhall not be forgiven him .neither in this world, 
nor in the world to come. 

33 Either make the tree good, and his fruite 
good : or els make the tree evill, 8c his fruit cviil ; 
for the tree is know'n by the fruit. 

34 7 O gsnerations of vipers > how can yoa 
fpeake good thirgs, when ye are evill ? For of the 
■•■ abundance of the heart the mouth fpeaketh. 

3 f A good man out of the good treafure of his 

heart bringeth foorth good things: & an evill roan 

out of an evill treafure, bringeth forth euill things. 

th-irii-uen>, ^^ But I fay vnto you, that of every « idle 

f kJinSifromird wo»de that men Qiall (peake , they Ihall giue ac- 

deiiitsofmitacln. • count thereof at the day of iudgemenr, 

37 For by thy wordes thou (halt be iuftified, 
and by ihy words thcu (halt be condemned. 

38 's V Then anfwered certain of the Scribes 
and of the Pharifes , faying , Mafter, we would fee 
alignecf ihee. 

39 But he snfwered and {aid vnto them , An euill 
and '"adulterous generation fetketh a ligne , but 
no figne niall be giuen vnto it, favc that ligne of 
the Prophet lonas. 

40 -J^ For as lonas was tK^ee day f sand three 
nights in the wh.:ks belly: fo Ih^U the fonne of 
man be three dayes and three nights in the heart 
of the earth. 

4 1 9 The men of Nineue fliall rife in iu-lgeraent 
with this gener.uion .and condctuneit : for thsy 
* repented at the preaching of lonas :and be- 
hold, a greater then lonas is here. 

41 ♦ Thi Qjrene of the g South (h41 rife in 
ludgcment with this generation , and Qvll coo- 
derone u : for ihe came from the h vtrooft paits 
of the earth to heare the wifedomc of S<ilomon: 
and behold , a greater then Salomon is here. 

43 ':§ >Jow when the; vncieane fpiritis gone 
out of a nun, he w-ikeih throughout dry places. 
(eeking reft, nnd findeth none. 

44 Then hee fjyth , I will returne intoraine 
houfe from whence I came : and when be is come, 
be hndeth ic empiie.fvvept and gamilhed, 

The parable of the Sower, 

LAk.' "•' 


6 orb'afpheniis 
a^.iinfl the bor/ 

7 Hyrocrresat 

the U-ngth b«wray 


by chcir owae 


:■ L»k.t6.^: 

e yttint itn<i UnpTo- 

yv'-thh tht mcjl 



f B.'.ji.irJ.Tvhich 

:?f lonti 1,17. 
9 Clitilllcacheth 
by htfotwrull 
example ofthe 
which pm out the 
f fi which waf 

1 r'.-cn.J I 

r Hemcincthlhe 



ai' lit'ht ■vtmefl 

u...f. .fUrrr _ 

^ ofthe boulboIJ 

4J' f Then he getth, and tsketh vnto hita feueti 
other fpirits worle then himfelfe .and they enter 4<H«i. 5,4 y. 
in, and dwell there :« and the eoii of that man is •'««''0'i«- 
worfe then the beginning. Euen fo IhaH it be ^/chVi^t'eacheth 
with this wicked generation. ^^ btsowueexam- 

46 'o S While he yet ("pake to the multitude, pi* ■ how tharaii 
behold. his coother.and his brethren flood with- ''''=8* ""I*" '°'"* 
out. defiring to fpeake with him. of o-d'sKio-"'''** 

47 Thenone fayd vntohim .Behold, thyme- ^M.rk^Zli. 
tber and thy brethren ftand without, defiling to i-x^c s.^o. 
fpeake with thee. 

4S But he anfwered ."Snd faid to him that told 
him. Who is my mother, 8c who are my brethren? 

49 n And he Ik-Jtched forth his hat>d toward his uNotieaie 
dilciples 8c faid, Behold my mother, Sc ray brethre. nioreneeievfito 

'io For whofoever (hall doe my Fathers wiir^;'^"^^"'" ""'"'' 
which is io heaven , the fame is my brother and efV»i^.' 
filter and mother , 

CHAP. XI 11. 

I The parMe ofthe S'ner. ii and 34 WAj lefmfpfnl^e 
iitpuratlej. ,% 1 ht expifitUn tftht putdlt. ,4 The 
paraUc cf thet^rti. 31 Of tht mUfturJ feed. 33 of 
theleauen. mOfththiddtntrtnfre. ^SOfihepjrjtle. 
^T_Ofthe^r^rv',ftcu{in„cthef!.t. ,3 Cirifiismt 
ruciu'd ef hit ciitntrej mtn the N.n.,iritej. 

•T" He ■•' lame day went lelus out of the houfe, 

andfaieby thefealide. nM.trk'^.t. 

z I And great multitudes reforted vnto him, ^^^^s^-r- 
fo that he went into alhip .and fate downe : and |'„^„'','"„*")-^,^'' 
the whole multit nde ftood on the Ihore. rbirpTrabi^f the 

3 Then he fpeake many thingsto them inpa-Sowtr, toatthe 
rabies, faying, Behold, a lower went forth to low. ''^^^°*"'''''''''''''> 

4 And as he (owed , fome fell by the way fide, " ''T/" '" ''"' u 

, t r 1 I 1 , ,■' ' world, comnietn 

and thetoules came and deuouted them vp. „,^i „„ fo wtril in 

J And fomc fell vpon ftony ground , where one as in anothtr, 

they had not much earth , and anon they fprung '""^ ''^"ifonij, 

vp. becaule they had no depth of earth. themoiV"arteU 

6 And when the funne was vp, they were pat- thcr'doensirc." 

ched.aed for lacke of rooting withered away. cciueitorfufrer 

7 And fome fell among thornss , the '"«"•«">"• 
thotnes fprung vp, and chv-ked them., 

8 And ioms jg.iine fell tn good ground , and 
brought forth fruit, one carne an hundreth fold, 
fome fixtie fold, and another thirtiefoid. 

9 H^ that hith earcs toHeire.iethim heare. 

10 ^ Then the difciples came. and fayd to him, 
why fpeaktft thou to them in parables ? 

1 1 a And he -nfwercd and layd vnto them, Be- ^ ^b* eiftcfvu. 
caufe it is given vnto you to know the fecreis o('" 
the kingdome of heaven, but to the it is not given, of fanh (sproper 

12. ♦ For whofoever haih.tohi.Tifhilbegiven.'"'''"''*'/".'***'* 
and he (bail have abundance : butw'hofoevcrhath ^'y/hVo" h'he 
not, from him (halbc take away even that he hath iuit iud^emcnt 

13 Therefore fpeake I to them in of God. 
caule they feeing, doe not fee .-and hearing, they k'-W-'^'** 
heare not, neithcrvnderftand. 

14 So inthemis fail(-l;,dtheprophecie cf E- 

(ahs , which propl.ecis faiti,, •,%• By hearing ye (hall "k Efdi's.f. ■ 
hcare.and fl).ill not vndcta.ind , and feeing yee >""k.">'*- 
Oiall fee . and (ball not petceiue. 'tVn.°.i'.li. "' 

I) For this peoples heart is waxed fat , and \im.u',8. 
iheirearesarednllof hea/irg ,and with their eyes 
they have winked, leaft they (Lould lee with their 
eyes, and heare with their cares, and il uuld vnder- 
fl^nd with their hearts , and Ihould returne . that 
1 11 i(>ht heale rhem. 

i^ 3 But blefld «!>•<? your eyes .for tkey fee: , Ti,..„nr,{«, 
and your cares . for they heare. ofae chu''^^ "n- 

I7 * For vcrely I fay vnto you .that rnany der « cifmceChrift. 
Prophets. and rightf.ous men hivr dcitrcdtofrr henit 
thole things which yee fee , and h ye rot feene T^'l^t.tT/ 
tkem, and to thofe ih jjgs whi.h vee hrard, t {Z 
and have not heard them, -> u it lo.i*. 

18 ^ Heaxe 

of the feede fowCn. 

tukf S, 

« Thuuii, there he 
mention rrtAiU of 
the heitrtJy jet' this 
f he4rin£ ipithcut 
t>n.ier(landini. Fc\ 
tphelher 'htjeed is 
TCehed in the 
hc^rtor no-yet he 
*t the heart. 

« , ^ „. ^ , , ^^'P- ^''^'i- Parables. A Prophet without honour. 8 

18 f *Heareye therefore theparableofche 3^ And .hefiddis^be wcdjnd .hegocd fe.d 

• sie the children of the kii fe -u 

4 Chrift Dieweth 
in ano.hti: parable 
iniEt withy good, 
that the Courch 
iliall never be free 
and quit from of- 
fences, both iu do- 
arine aiiii inaneri, 
vntill the day ap- 
pointed fortfaere. 
fforipgofall thing) 
to come, aod there- 
fore ihefaiihfull 
themfelves with 
patience and 



19 Wherefore any rtjan heareth the word of 

that king JoBi, and vnderft.nJeth it not, that evill 

. one comnaeth, and catcheth dway that which was 

fowen in his ^ heart : and this ishee which hath 

leceived the feed by the way fide. 

ao And hee that received I'eede in the ftony 
ground, is he which heareth thewordj andincon- 
' tioently with icy receiverh it, 

21 Yet hath he no roote in himfelfe , and du- 
reth but a (eafon : for dlToone as tribulation or 
perfecutioD commeth becaufe of th& word, by and 
by he is offended. 

22 And he that received f feed among thornes, 
is hee that heareth the word; but the care of this 
world . and the deceitfulnefTe of riches choke the 
wordj^nd he is roadfe vnfruitfuU, 

23 But he that received the feed in the good 
ground . is he that heareth the word , and vnder- 
flandeth it, which alfo beareth fruit , and bringeth 
forth, 'forae an hundred fold, fotue lixtie fold, 
and fofse tbirtie fold. 

24 JI4. Another parable put hee foorthunto 
them, fnying, Thekiegdomeof t eaven is like un- 
to a man which lowed good feed in his held. 

ay But while men llept.there came his enemy 
and fowed tares among the wheatc, and went his 

i6 And when the blade was fprung up, ani 
brought forth fruit , then appeared the tares alio. 

27 Then came the fervantsof thehoufliolder, 
and fayd unto him , Mafler , foweft thou not 
good lee(ie in thy field ? from whence then hath 
it tares. 

28 And he fayd unto them.Some enuious man 
hath done this. Then the fervants fayd unto him. 
Wilt thou then that we go and gather them up? 

29 But he fayd.Nay.leaft while ye goe about to 
gather the tares , ye pl.ucke up alfo with them the 

io Let both grow together vntill the harveft, 
aod in time of harveft I will fay to the reapers, Ga- 
ther ye firft the tares, aod bind them in (Leaves to 
burne them : but gather the wheat into my bame. 

31 ^J^ Another parable he put foorth unto 
them, faying , The kingdome of heaven is like 

his kiiigdome with to a graitje of muftard feedc, whichaman taketh 
very fmaii begin- g^j foweth in his field : 

°haf by °he grow. 3 2 Which io deed is the leaft of all feeds : but 

ingonofit.btftde when it it growcD , it is the greateft among herbs, 
theejpeftatiooand and it is a tree . fo that the birds of heaven comc 

hope of all men. 
bismijhty power 

be the 

«. Af«^.-}.3 3.3'5- 

« rfii.jh^ 

9 Beeipeundetb 
<be ibrnKr para. 
L'eof the good 

and build in the branches thereof. 

j 3 5 * Another parable fpake he to them , The 
kingdome of heaven is. like vnto leaven , which a 
woman taketh and hidethio three pecks of meale, 
till all be leavened. 

34 S * All the.e things fpake lefas unto the 
multitude in parables, aa_ wuhout parables, fpake 
be not unto them, 

3 y That it mighc be fulfilled , which was fpo- 
ksn by the Pr«phet , faying, <<■ I will\open«iy 
mouth in parables , and wil vtter the things which 
have bene kept fecre: from the foundation of the 

3$ Then feot lefus the multitude away .and 
went into the boufe. And his dilciples came unto 
him, faying, Declare unto us the parable of the 
tares of that field, 

3 7 « Then anfwered he, aod fayd ro them, Hee 
tbat foweth the good feed, is the iontie qf man. 

.}. Jttl : 

, ,., . _ logtloroe, aod the tans 

are the children ofthat wicked one. 

3? Andthe enemy that foweth i hem is the de- 
vili, w andtheharveSis the endof ihewotld.and 
the reapers be the Angels. 
. 40 As then the uu s sre gathered and burned 
in the hre. lo flwll it be in ihe end of this wotlrl. 

4 1 The Sonne of man (hall fend forth his An- 
gels, and ih-yfhalgatheroutofhiskirgdotBeall * 
things that ofTend , ^d them which doe iniyuity, 

41 And aiillcaftthem into a fornace of fire. 
There fliall be wailing and gn^lhing of teeth, ' 

. 43 S Then fliall the iuft men Qijoersthe'funne 4 r 
m the kingdome of their father. Hee that haih '^''■"'^' 
eares to heare, let him hesre. 

44 S 7 Againe . the kingdome cf heaven is 7 Few men vnder, 
iiKe unto a trcdfure hid in the field , which when ftandhowgieat 
a man hdth found , he hideth it, and forioy thereof '^^ r'chesofthe 
departeth. and felleth all that he hath . and buyejh '"„trLlt^' 

that held. . venaie^anaoo 

man can be parta. 

4f J Againe.the kingdome ©f heavenis^e k'^roftheia.biuhs 
to a reetLhant man that fetketh good pearles. '''" redteme!~b 

46 Who having found a pcHle of great price, itrofalll 
;nt and fold all that he had and bought it. „ocds 

...,-..«, i.,g luutjud pcjiicot great price. i„,r„'^" 
went and fold all that he had and bough 
47 S ' Againe , the kingdome of heaven is like sThiyareman? 

unto a draw net ca(i into the fea , that gathereth of '" j'^t 
allkindese/rW««. ^ f^''} 


ftanding are not 
theiefore at length 
fliall becaft out; 
but the: full and 
perCea cleaning 
of them is defer. 
redtothelaR d:i)% 

They ought 

all Wxndti of thing. 

48 Which , when it is full , men draw to land, 
and fit and gather the good icto veflcls . and caft 
the bad away. 

49 So fliall it be at the end of the world. The 
Angels n-iall goe foorth . and fever the bad from 
among the iult, 

50 And fhall caft them into a fornace of fire ; 
there fliallbe wailing and gnalliing cf tecrh. 

y I J9lefus fayd unto them. Voderftandyee bedengem.^^ 
all thefe thing ?They fayd unto him , Yea .Lord, baveno, oneiyto 
5 2 Then fayd hee un: o ihero,Therefore every ^^ ^iie fonh/m. 
Scribe which is taught unto the kingdome cf hea- pe'-fe\he"' %t'^' 
Hen . ishke unto an houfhoulder , which bringeth domeof'God^o 
foorth out of his treafure things both new and old, othen. 

J3 I And it came to palTe, that when Fcius ' !^a,kf 6,1. 
had ended thefe parables, he departed thence, fo"Mel.doe not 

54 ■■■ >«> And came into his ®wne countrey.and oneiyimneofig- 
taught them in their Synagogue » fo that they notaDcebutaffo 
were afiooied, and fayd , Whence commeth this wntiingiy and wife 
wifedome and great workes unto this man ? h\^nJlwiti\n 

SI Is not this the carpenters fonne ? Is cot his thei"! ow°ne wayet, 
mother called Marie, *and his brethico lames thai when god 
and lofes, and Simon, and ludas ' """'' ihnn.tbey 

y(5 And are not his fiaers all with vs? Wheoce HoMatrir 
then hath he all theie things ? deftroy and caft 

5:7 And they were offended with biro, Then awayttemfc.'ves, 
lefus fayd to them . if A Prophet is not without * i''""**^ 
honour , fave io his owne counttey ,and in bis lu^1,1 *'^* 
ownehoufe. iihn^^.=A^ 

58 A-nd he did not many great workes there, 
for theix vnbeliefes fake. 

CHAP. X 1 1 1 1. 

1 Htrcdiiuditmtnttf Chrip. 3 Wherr/cre T,hnw«t 

hcHTid, lO, nndteheaded. 13 Jefitt def»rie:h, j8 Ofthe 
fi>,e Icai'et, <Tc. 23 Chip frjjeth. 24 The ^fcftltt 
tcfed trtfhthe rvaliet. 37 Faith. 30 Feitr inisofurute. 
36 I he hemme c/Chrifti^n 

AT * I that time Herod the Tetrarch beard of 
the fame of lefus, 



au exampleof an inuincible courage, 'which all faithfull M 
to follow ; in Herod , an example of tyranooas vanJtie , piitie and tii 
fhort.ofacourtly confiience ,and of thtir iniferable rtavtrie, whichl 
themfclvesovtrio pleafures : in Htrodiaj and heidiug»tei,aa exaiinii 
wantonocne , and womauiiice ciMhie. 

•a And 

1 Her^isinlohn 

fters of word oiigiit: 

Ity , aadto be 


of Wbortli^ 

loha Baptift beheaded. S. Matthew. 

» And (iji vnto bh fetvants, This !s that loho 
Baptift.he is rifen agiine from the dead.apd there- 
fore great » works are wrought by him. 

J K For Herod bad tjkeo lobn , and bound 

hiiB . atjd put him in prifonfor Ilercdias Wke ,his 

brother Philips wife. ^, c,, 

4 For I<S..a fay d unto h:m , It is not ^ lawfull 

for thee to have her. 

y And when he would haue put him to death; 
he feared the multitude , becaule they counted 
bim as a 4- Prophet. , . , , ^ 

6 But when Herods birth-day waskspt.the 
daughter of Herodias daoced before them , and 

ati oath , that 
would aske. 

8 Aocfflie being before Jnftrufted of her mo- 
ther , fayd , Give mee here lohn Baptilts head ia a 

9 And the king was fory : nevertheles, becaufe 
of the oath. and them that fate wiihhimatthe 

/itfine. Thefectnd table, hc Commanded it to be given her, 
v>*"MU^nii- j^ ^jjij fent.and beheaded loho in the pri- 


3 T.,v"k'f" 

mfAntth thitfcrce 

XproA?^>C .mi not 
f LtHJr.iS.iS. 

6 Thtrt rrirtt:,r?e piealed t> Hctod. 

HtrcJs : the firSicf ^ whcreforc hec proraifed with ; 

''""'a^ni^Cu''' he would give her whatfoeuer fhe woi 

,1/3 uiUd ^fiMc- 
BiBji in iv^'/i 
Ti\jni Chriii vis 
Itrnt, und hie it 
yrtithjt Ciiujli 
the children It bs 

, M< 


thers 'n*me iT4« 1 1 And his hea d was brought in a platter , and 

Malthacx or Mitf given to the mayd , and (bee brought it unto her 
tict, and ihu w^t mother 
7el%V'ni'ing ^^ A"'' his dlfciples came , and tocke up:he 

27 Bat fiM'ght\»jy lefus fpike vnto them, 
fayicg , Be of good comfort , It is I : be cot 

zi 4 Then Peter anfwered him . and fayd.Ma- ^ Jj/'^ff^'J''"' 
fter , if it be thou • bid mee come unto thee on the e"Tn'^'he"'eir"*it« 

water. thcmfelvej, buc 

19 And he fayd , Come. And when Peterwas y^' byihevcrt.vof 
come downe out of the (bip. hecwajkidcn the ci.nrt, which hcU 
water to gee to lelus. wiu^h htof bn 

30 But when he faw a rotghtie wiaJe , he was n,e,cy hatd givea. 
afraid : and as he began to linke , he cried . faying, * M.ukf s j+. 
Mafter.fave me. '^_ l''^\ occ^.^rd 

31 So immediatiy lefos Pretchedfoorthhis ^^I'^'' ;!„*.,^"'^^^^^^^^ 
hand , and caaght him , scd f^yd to him , O thou of is m cliMrh ]>■( 
littlefai;h. wherefore diddeft ttou doubt. >fcdHt ««jr;ir- 

32 And aflbone as they were come into ^^^'J'^J''^°^''jl'/,i', 
iip.thewindeceafed. . . ^. /^r^ZtllL '. 

3 3 Then they that were 10 the Ihip , came and 'j, ,;,^, „.,„,. 
woilhipped him , laying , Of a tiueth thou art the t" in that that 
Sonne of God, 

34 ^ * Andwhenthey were come over, 
came into the iacdote Genotz^ret. vse muii!«kji«. 

3sr ! Aad when the men ot that place knew intdyforfiiutn. 
him, they fent out into all thai countrcy round a- j"'^'''"'^"*^'* 
bout , ocd brought unto him all thit were fKke. JJ'atVbcundnOT 

i6 And beloiight him, that they might couch ondy torunour 
the hemroe of his g«mcnionely : and as many as c^iv^s. bucaifoto 
touched it were made whole. bnogoibtino 

j,i,jcminion,nhen body, andburied it, and went and told lefus. 

13^ And when lefus heard it , bee departed 
thence by diip intoa defert place apart. And when 
the multitude had heard it, they followed him on 
foot out of the cities. 

1 4 1 And lefus went forth and faw » great mul- 
titude, and was roooved with coapaffion toward 
them, and be healed the Jr ficke. 

ly s And when even was come.* his difci- 
2 ChtiftrefVelheth pjej came to him , faying . This i$ a defert place, 
a great multitude anj the time Is already paft : letthe rouUituJe de- 
jndtwo little part , that they may goe into the townes , and buy 
tithn.flievviag them vjcalles. 

by.thattbey^ j5 But lefus fayd to them.They havc no Deed 
-'"""■ to goe away : give ye them to eat. 

1 7 Then fayd they vnto him , Wee have bete 
but five loaves, and two fi(bes. 

1 8 And he fayd, Bring them hither to roe. 

1 9 And bee commaunded the multitude to fit 
downe on the graffe, and tooke the five loaves, and 
the two fillies , and looked up to heaven, and blef- 
fed,and btake.and gave the loaves to bis difciples, 
and the difciples to the multitude. 

ao And they did all eat, and were fufficed.and 
they tooke up of the fragments that remained, 
twelve baskets full. 

xi And they that had eaten .were about five 

thoufand men,be(ide women and little children. 

22 1 And fttaightway lefus compelled his dif. 

ciples to enterintoalliip .and to goe over before 

mtihe him.while he fent the multitude away. 

<'«•'■ 13 And affoone as hehad fent the multitude 

' '" ' away , he went up into a mountaine alone to prny : 

^TchelMi yv* 
hunifhed lo yienaa 
in France. The 
third V!a'^g''FP' 
M.fnu' his nc- 

Ihi, and hee ft K J 
thxlflevD lamei. 
a Markf 6, 3i. 
Lake 9. 


which lay all 

thing! afiile 3c let 

the ktogdome of 


* Ma,kti.3S' 



70^6,16,17 iS. 
3 We mult faile 
even thorow 
mighty temvefts, 
and Cbfift will D«- 
tbatwf goewhi- 
thet hebathcoin. 
manded vs. 
e B] tkefcUTth 
ypAtth ij mCiin 
lime neere ro 

ihe nifht intcfoure '"d * when the evening was come , hee was there 

rv.itci,es,imvhich alone. 

j''^'r11"'' ,i.i, ^4 3 And the (hip was cow in the raids of the 

tf^tlkeni'ill't ^^^ ' '"'^ ^'^* tolled with waves : tor it was a con- 

wkich a- man i»M- t"ry wind. 

^methtohimfiifi 2f And in the c fourth watch oftbc night , I«- 

i,jinehinj,ii fns went unto them . walking on the fea. 

'hiMel&Xc ^^ And when his difciples faw him walking 

fefthflmethinf. ovt the fea , they were trouhled.faying.It is a J fpi- 

tnJjeeih mthu^. lit, and ciicd ou: for ftare. 

Chrifthealeth rfw 


The cemmMdrmenli .mi tr.idi'.i 
CIS. 13 The plant whith it 

ding the 


ofmea. 12 

led up, n BU 
Thebctrt. 12 rben 
; Thic^' iS 
afedJe, 35 Thank!j£^iliiH«, 


None corrminrrff 

T_ . , « .. ,»^f ./■ a einotc bol,! con. 

Hen J came to lefus the Scribes aad Pbatnes» temntrsoCGod, 
which were of lerafalem , faying, then they whom 

* S Why doe thy difciples tranrgreffe the tra- c^^d ai-joiutetii 
dition of the Elders ? for they a w-ib not their A^^'lrke'?.'^' 
hands when they eate bread. » ivbichihi^n- 

3 2 Bur he anfwered and fayd unto them. VVhy "'i-^d an.. 
doe yee alio tranferelle the commaundcment cf "'^'"•f"'"',''f'^, 

„ ,', ,. .* It h.t»d,cr Ihirrel- 

God by your tradition? dcrs.,:u,^cd„i,i.l.. 

4 ••' For God hath commaunded. faying, b Ho- irered.e^oMei-n.rt 
nour thy father and mother z"** and hee that cur- crf-tCh'-rrb. ^ 
feth father or mother. let him die the death- J Their wfcfce^ - 

T But ye fay , c whofoever lliall i;iy to father \„\C"cZf 
or mother , By the gift that is ojfered by me, thou maudemtntsoj- 
jnayeft have profit, Gjd , and tba, upom 

6 Though he honour Eot his Father, cr bis i'^'^^*'^«°j;g°J];; 
mother .Jhalhe free : thus have ye made the com- aut^rhie'to makl 
manderoent of God of no <^ anthoritie by your Uwes.ijheiere- 
tradition. prooved. 

7 3 O hypocrites , Efaias prophecied wellof " ^,''°^--°-""'^' 
you.f.iying, l%h!liri^' 

8 * This people draweth neere unto me with mamM kindecf ' 
their mouth, and honoureth me with thel.ppes, ''""''wii.iiW,;;- 
but their heart is farre ofl from me. '''^'" '^^' " ''""■ 

9 But in vaine they worlhip me, teaching /or (^"^('j/^j^ 
doctrines, mens precepts. ii' 9 ;>r.' 

10 4 Then bee called the multitude unto hinoi <■ ^*f '"!■■:'!>''«« 
and laid to them, Heare and vnderfijod. l'"' ■' -"-''^'j'"' «' r 

" nple , is to thj profit ,f,>r it it « giU *. ifl ;.i!»r iV thie ,fc, , « ,l,i l'Ur'ft„l 
I fcrlbce : for und rthii cclcl4rtfrch»ivn , they 
hat hee ihut fi-ven anjthinriciht Temple, 
d r f» m^de i, ,fm f .werr,,,,^ .xmh.rnit m 
commandemcnti cf<Jod fi.mJ f.tjl intht Chiinh 
nJSatJn. 3 The fame mrn ave condemned 

, becaufe they made the kingdoine ofGjdto Hand in 
£/:<.J9.i3. 4 CtinftieacheihuJibnthvparrifieof 

rfoule , isooitobebotoe wirh,iil . no not in iniiifftiLmr 

..T/C the 

cur lime JJJ ) if JI'aII be me\ 

raked all to themfiluit , as t done Ihe durtit c/ ,1 ihil. 

much Its lay inyai : for other: 


Tor hyvioclific and fuoerftition 

outward thiri)>i. .{. 

falfe leacheri which deceive ou 

matteri, and there ii no reafon xvhy their ordinary 

oihetwifc we are like 10 perifll Wnh them. 

Iliouldbliudeoiir eyct: 


The children s bread; 


« Matfe7,i8. 

* Iohni/,». 

« Lake 6,39. 

4f MmJc«7.I7. 
* GtDt.StS- and 
8,21. mar 7,". 
ft Mar.7,J4. 
e Coaftet which 

1 1 »« That which goeth into the month . ckfi- 
leth not the man , but that which ccmmeth out of 
the mouth that defileth the man. 

12 J Then came his difciples .and faydunt© 
him , rerceiveft thou -not , that the Pharifes ate of- 
fended in hearing j/jM laying ? 

1 3 But he anfwered and faid , 5 Evety plant 
which mine heavenly Father hath not planted, 
(halhe rooted up. 

14 Let them alone, they be the* blindelea- 
dets of the blind; and ifthe blind leade the blind, 
both (liall fail into the ditch. 

1 y < + Then t-nfwered Peter, and faid to him, 
Declare unto us this parable, 

i6 Then faid lefiis , Are yeyet without vnder- 
fianding ? 
1 7 Perceive ye not yet , that whatfoever cn- 
«nasidon,thatis,in jjeth into the ffiouth , geeth into the belly , and is 
p'l T"T "^^r caft out into the draught ? 

Faleltinabecdtth or. i_ri.-°iL-i. j <-■ 

1 5 But thole things wnic h proceede out of the 
mouth , come frona the heart , and they defile the 

19 Forotjcofthe heart* come evill thoughts, 
routders. adulteries, fornications, thefts.falfe tefti- 
reonies. flaunders. 

20 Thcfcatethethings which defile theraan:but 
to eat wkh vnwalten hands , defileth not the man. 

2 1 * And lefus went thence,and departed into 
the e c«Us of Tyrus and Sidon. 

22 And beholde , a woman a f Cananitecame 
out of the lame coaftes, and cried,fay ing unto him. 
Have mercy onme .OLord ,thek)nneof David: 
my daughter is miferably vexed with a devill. 

25 /But he anfwered her not a word. Then 
came to him his di/ciples , and befought him , lay- 
ing, Send her away , for Qie cryeth after us. 

24 But he anfwered and faid, I am not reHt,but 
unto the * loft (bcepe of the g houle of Jfrael. 

2f Yet Ihe came', and worlhipped him.faying, 
Lord helpe me. 

i6 And he anfwered, and faid.It is not good to 
take the childrens bread , cnJ to caftir to whelpes. 

27 But (be fiyd.TruethLord : vctindcedethe 
whelps eateof thecrurames , which fall from their 

- '^ Then lefus anfwered.and fayd unto her , O 
wonan. great is thy faith: be it to thou de- 
fiieft. And her daughter was made vCholeatthat 

The Pharifes leaven. 9 

toward Pbenice.«|](l 
the fca of Syria. 
f Ofthtftockeof 
the Cauaaoitn, 
«vl>ici>dvtelle<l ia 
S Id that that 
cftaitSaioti, face 
doeth it for fail 
glory aod our 

^ Cha|>. 10, «. 
g Of tbe people «f 
Ifrael, which pro- 
pie was divided in- 
to tiibel. but all 
« Cbrift crafeth 
Bot to bebentli- 
ciall eTen thrte 
wherr beucoB- 
ttmsFd , aod in the 
iridded f fwoIve» 
begaiherfsd tt>- 
gerber and foOe. 
teth hiffl'vcke. 
S Mar)t«7.3'. 
* Efai.3f.J. 
h Wbofrnxiobert 
Vvere weaktmed 

by nature, for fter- h'iUre. 

ward itiifavd, 
he healed then. 
wond 'o heale ir. 
this wife. that Inch 
memb-ri t v^tre 
Vreaked, herrltorrd 
10 health, an^ yet 
hecouW fafily if 
he bad woulil. have 

25/ 5 « So Tefut S went away from thence.and 
came neeie unto the fa ofGalile,and went up 

gifeRItiern hind 
and fe-»andoi 
me mberi which 
wanted tbem. 
X Marke Si. 
7 By deiog agsine 
thi«mirael<- Cbnft 
ftlewttbita he 
wll never be wan. 
ting to ibtoitbat 
fdllovrbim, no 
oot inibe wildcr- 

i Set Dot fiom 31* 

in a raountaineaml fatedowne there. 

30 • And great rr.ultitudes came unto him, J ha- 
ving with rhem. halt, blinde.diimme,'' maimed ,and 
many other, and caft them dow neat lefus feet,and 
he healed them. 

31 In fo much that the multitude wondered, to 
'^^ fee the durome fpeake, the maimed whole, the halt 
' " to goe,anil the biinde to fee : and they glorified the 

God of Ifrael. 

3 1 ■?• 7 Then lefus c.-lled his ditiples unto him, 
and faid » I have compafsion on this multitude, be- 
caufe they have ' continued with roe already three 
dayes , and have nothing to eate : and 1 will not let 
them depart faHin_», leaft they faint in the way. 

33 And his difciplts fayd unto him . Whence 
ilouid wee get fo much bread in the wildernede, 
as Ihonid fuffice fo great a multitude • 

34. And lefus faid unto them, how many loaves 
have ye ? And they faid,Seven, & a few little filhes, 

3 y Then hee commaundeth the muhitude k to 
fit downeon the ground. 

36 And rooke the fev^ loaves , and the filbes, 
and gave thanks, , and brake them , and gave to his 
diiciples , and the difciples to the multitude. 

37 And they did ail eate , and were fufficed, and 

k Word forvpofd, 
ward,3< rDovrrtdoe 

they tooke up of the fragment 
ven I bafkets full. 

s that remaned, fe- 

I A kiDdeoftef- 

3 8 AnT they that had eaten . wete foure thou- [wl^;'"^'' """ 
kad men, befide women , and litle children . 

39 Then lefuj lent away the pnukitude , and 
tooke ilyp, and came into the parts of Magdala. 

I Theprnoflcna,. 6 Tht UaVentfike Ph-irifit, n for 
thiir J,(triKe. ,3 TI,ef(,fles<>fUk»ofChrifl. 17 Faill, 
czmmtthcfCod. iSThercckf. 19 The kfya. txChriji 
frefheivethhhdejih 24 Tl,t/irrtk'''rof'Urfilfe,and 
thicrcf,. 1; Tclife Ihf life. 

"£ Hen . ic came the Pharifes and Sadduces , and ^-.b ^tf/ter 

did a tempt Mm , defninghimtofhew thema 
figne from heaven. 


I The wicked 
which otherwif<r 

jree welhegether 

But he anfwered,andlaid untothem,VVhen it ''o'what 
is fay .Faire weaiher.for the fkie is red. ^ty'fh^^ftaiie.' 

3 S And in the morning .^'if/Sy .Today /Z>«a .ndtriu^yheth* 
t«atempeft :fot the fkie is r d and lo wring. O hy- overtbem. 
pocrites, yecandilcerBethebfaceofthefkie,and ♦ Chap 12,3 ». 
can ye noidifceme the fignes of thetimes ? a" To 'r! whether 

4 * The wicked generation , and adulterous beconiddnetbat 
feeketh a iigne.but there ftiall no fi^ne be given which tbeydef^fed, 
it, but c that figneofthe Prophet* Jonas :fo he '•""''eirpurpofe 
Jeltthem, and departed. T^S^lT 

y 1 » And when his difciples were come to the fiadefome thing is 
other fide.they had * forgotten to take bread vv/X? bimby thatmeane*, 

them, whereupon th.y 

6 Then lefus fayd unto them. Take heede and ^.'|,''„' J,'" '",b«d' 
beware ofthe leaven ofthePhatilcs and Sadduccs. him: oreiidifttuft 

7 And they reafoned among themfelves , fay- •ndcuriotitie moo. 
ing,/fi>becanfe we have brought nobtead. vedtbeinfotodoe, 

8 B::t lefus d knowino it. f,yd unto them. O '^I-^gU^'"^ 
ye of litle faith . why reafon yee thus among yeur betempted, that i, 
feb es, becaufc you have brought no bread > « fay , provr.ked 10 

9 Dee ye not yet perceive , neithet remember »ng'^»"i>ou?i» 
the e five loaves . when there were * five thoufand ^"h"°^ '"* 
men, and how many baskets tooke ye up > j. mke u,f4, 

Ic Neither the feven loaves when there were b The outward 
<%• foure thoufand w^ii.and howe many bafkets "lew and counte. 

''°''^'^"p.% • . T r . a"^v'.'-ri;'/ 

11 why r perceive ye nor that I g fayd not vn- to the Hebrewei 
to you concerning bread , that yee fliou Id beware tongue, a face, 
ofthe Jeaven ofthe Pharifes and Sadduces ? * ^^'P '*'3i>. 

1 2 Then vnderftood they that he had not fayd 'JZ ZufutfT 
that they Iboiild beware ofthe leaven of bread, but cfthe detde. 

of the doiflrine ofthe Pharifes.and Sadduces. * iooaii,i7. 

13 ^ S 3 Now when lefus came into the * 'L' l^ "f'"" 
coaftes of h CefateaPhilippi .heeafkedhisdifci- h"edor 

pies , faying, VVhom doe men fay that I , the fonne • Matkes.i^, 
of man am? lukevi. 

t4 And they fayd,Somc/.ty, > lohn Baptif*: and t ^°' fcyoti"!. 
fome.Eliasiand otheis,Ieremias,or one ofthe d"„^I,r" 

Prophets. e That five thou- 

I y He fayd unto them j But whom fay yee that ^^"^ 7"'" werefii. 

J gm i 1^^ witbfo niaav 


loavei } 

16 Then Simon Peter anfwered & faid, 
art that Chrift, the fonne ofthe living God. 

17 4 And lefiis anfwered, and fayd t_ , 

... ...... , ., , ""' f Ademaundor 

^Ufitioo loyned with admiration. g Slid , forcommaunded. J Mar 8, j? \\ikt 
9.18. 3 There are diveiiiudgementtaod opioiomafChrift , notwithftandioR 

hee it knowne of hii alone. h There were two Crfareat, the one cal Ifd Striionif 

upon the fea Mediteiraoie , which Htrod built fLmptuoudvin thebonout of Oftaviua, 
loflib. IS the othttwaiGefareaPhilippi.wbich Herod ibeerrai the Teirarcbeifbnne 
byCicopitrabuillin the honour of Tiberiui at thefoote of Leba»oo.Iof. 1. 
Heied ib«u{ht, v lof.s £9. -t Paith li of grace , not o 

Bbb Biefled 


•IS- i At 

The keyes. To take up the Cf oflc. 

S. Matthew. Chrift transfiguratioti Elias.Iohn Baptift, 

It r, !(,;, t ^t a Wefl^^J art thou . S imon , the fonne of lonns : for 

/p,t.',un,7nrm.L k ftdli anJ blood l=«a;h not reveakd it unto thee, 

naiiir*S frucrfjii- but wj Father which is in heaven. 

"I "t'" '!•' '*'t'u 1 )j ; And I Cav alio unto thea , that thou arc 

IfL'rXC'T » ' I'eter. and upon this rocke will I build my 

»ri.- A -Ira.m^d,, Church:§^ the mgates of hel Ihall not overcome it. 

f«i Jifcrmtd ,9 6 And I :§ will give unto thee the « keyes ot 

ihr>u,h ftnnt : s> fhg kingdome of heaven , and whatfoever thou 

I,i,V'''ii" ' «""' l^-iaif ° ''•"'^ "P°" ""l' • '^^^'"'^ ^°""'^ ^" heaven: 

r«).f ..(.rf 'oTt.c h and wliatfoe vcr thou llialt loofe on earth . fl^ali be 

dt) undtrfljiding Joofcd in heaven. 

cfm^„, lu, .,d jQ 7 The,, he charged his difciples , that they 

(ht-^Un ,he,from ^^^^^ ^^ jj^^^ man that he was lefus that ChriLh 
, Tba't'iMru* 21 ^ 8 From that time foorch Ictus beganto 

faith, which con- Qiew Unto his dili-ipies , that hemuftgouno Hie- 

feUVtbChnft, ihe rufjie^ , and fuffer many things of the p Elders, 

ii'lmXf/" a"^ '^f 'he ^'^" 1'"^"^ ' ^"'' Scribes, and be Hauie 

"'t'uZ'^t and be railed againe the third djy. 
I ch-i if^kfin 2 i Then I'eter q tooke him afide , and began 

tU,s,Tun i,nn,i, ^^ j^.^uke him. favi 'g.Malte, pittiethy fslfe : this 

And t^erff'^rt 1'led ,-,.11 1 

l,.,„,sd,r^„tw fl«.ilin<.tbeuntothcc. 

Ifttv,*' /Vfro.. 2 ^ 9 1 hen he turned backe .and iayd unto Pe- 

»!;<•'./; ».^f»'. ter.Gcttheebehindcme .'Sat.m : thoiiart an of- 
^'""' """'''■•'• fence unto me , becaufe thou f undcrftandeft not 
r« V . t«7<!tri ih-2 it^i"gs that are of God , but the things that are 
fUcii vfeJ ihis ofnien. 

tt'ordc-rhi':!"*' 24 lolcfusthenfayd to his difciples ,* If any 
hii '»'"•" rras'ha' ^j^ will follow me, 1-c him for fake himlclf :and 
TC'sZsZmi'nl- take up his crolVe, and follow me. 
»tt»r»«..4earfi/- ij- F jr -f whofocvcr will lave his life.dwlllofe 
/tfMce irirtnf it: and whofoever Ihall Jole his lifc forn.y fake . 
J-e.,.,^h«i.x (ha;lthnJcit. 

ilriti^.jnJ Chrill the _ ., - •...,-,,,-,•- 

r.%a,'h^'i,,'he fliould vine the whole world. It he lole hisowne 
Tfctf andf,»mi.t- foule ? Or what ihJl a man give for recompence of 
1'" •"'■'''"':•"" his foule? 

cauf'TfVhe'Zif. ^7 For the fonne of man Ihall come u in the 
fj,fi,ij fuiri!. glory of his Father with his Angels, &* then ihall 
Trhi.hiiikt ciur. he give to every man according to his deeds. 
ehesairr-tll^-hu, jg A verely If^.y untoyou.thctebefomeof 

rtrntiPoT fc Uvh 

w'»»,/o,4r„ them that ftand here, which Ihall not tafte of aeath 
T/,«f * 7/,..f «,. till they have fccne the Sonne of man come in his 

ft'^hn yeWt, il,m X kin»dome. 

kn;. m4d' f Me " . a m. 

lif fcKtuhi'kn cfrh he'.etl-tr,. m The CEfmlMof the Church arecompaied to a Uifouk 
kit,pd<>mf,&-bmf..rtbvGiei,areme mci.iti which arc raadtltroDg ai ncouuUii= 
■nd fofr.n;i,jBd ihii ii t« meani.,g, wDitf«verSa,aB .a:. Hoe by coup;sll oi """S«'" 
S<. dor'h Paul, j.Cot 10 + calhhcm lltong oM.. << Tncamb ruie ..i lUcChuictt 
i.fromGod. ♦ lohuao.ii. n A m^,..phore.ak nof ItjAajr.liwhich cary the 
krv«.-.>ndthftt lift: footib ih' pow« ot .hcmmiderioftbc woiJ.asfelai.i ui-and 
.hatj,,»ontoallminmeri.a,Cb..I'..8,.8 a.idtbeitfoietbt mmilifrof the 
Cofpelnuyri^oilybt-allfd.h. keyof.heki gdumeof teiv.n. o T nryar.- bound 
wbof, finn„ are«d, heaven uOiu. agaiLll bi-m- btciufctbty lectiveJ no^ CoiUt 
byf4tb:oBiheoh r(ide.boweat.i'i.are.h.y.L.,who.. beaveo .•oi*D,w».ch .mbrace 
Chiift.anWa.edelivtudbyhini and teiTomefeliow beirfiwi h him. 7 ,Mtn mull hrlt 
learotiiL-itbtntt^h. 8 Tb. m:n.1c. ol men ar. int..rt o b. prepared aud mad^ 
rfadya^ainlnbeitun>blingbiock.ofi«rrcution. [. I wasa uame uf digniue and 
nnicfaef.aod i; 1. pu foi them vcbichv^er ibiI.Mg«. wbicb the Hrbtcweicalltd 
Saobrdnm. q Tookc him by ibe hand and Ud bim il.d- , ai they u!e lodoe, which 
tneanetuulkefjiniiiajly with one. 9 Againft a prtpolUfouizeale. r The 

Bfbrewe» call him Satan, that ii 10 fay , ail adveilane ■ the Greciani call 
diabolei . .hat c» to fay , Oandtrer, or teitipTr : bur it ijfpokfti of ibeiii.tbai enher of 
malice.a. Iiid»» I-hn 6 7". or of lightn-ffr and ptidr nfilt oe will of God. I By ibii 
«vord we at- laught ihar Peie^ fiajed.thrBath a falfe pfrfAafian ef bimrelfe. 10 No 
men fiovide wo. fef.rthe.r.felves.tlwn. hey that love tbrmftlvfjitwrethenGud. 
* Cbai 10,3s m.irk.3 34 Ivkesujaad 14.27- X Chip ic..39-'nar S,3flui«e 9. 
a^.ay.a*:. andi7 J3 t Snail ^.aine himfelfv.And -bii i» hh mtaniug.tty th^tdenie 
Cbrilltofaveibtmfelv-i.d.enoi onelyuoi gjine tua which itey looketor, but alfo 
lofe the thing thry w.ul.i havektpt .ih«t iwheinfelvtl . wbiihU.lfe ij the gieaielt of 
all .• bo. « fo, hem i.,ai d.,ubt no; to die foi Cot.ll . it fea.eth fa. re o.herw.le wub 
them, ft' loh, 2 If u L.keaKmg.aiCiiap* 29. * rial.62..i.i«in..,6. 
t Mar y.i. luke 9,27. x By hrtkiogdoinei. underRood .heg'oryol bii ifceufion, 
»c«l what fjiloweti tbereof,Ephe.4,ic. or the f eacbioj of the G jfpel.Mat.j, I , 


I Thirar.s/liUr.ttt.nrfChuJI. $ ChnjUxj-ht l> h hturj. 
li £/w. 13 Iihnlla(tijl. ,7 Thti>nbtlujti/tlie ^{'Ji- 

lt!. 10 Theferrercffa'ikti Frjjtr xi Chrip 
frtitilhlnsfiCion. 1+ Ht f^yrhtriUtt. ■ •iMaike9,». 

/( Nd K I a after lixe dayes, lefus tooke Peter and ^"^' 9'»'.. 
* lamcs.and lohn his brother.and brought them l ^f'^uV ^"^^ 

,. *> lor: humble ID ihe 

up lino an hie mounta-ne apart. Gofpel , tbar in the 

I And was t> transfigured before thera: and his mt^nefeafonheit 
face did Ihine .is the Sunne, andhis cloathes were ^^"^ ''•'■* ofhea. 
as white .s rhe light. rru"keVck'o' ,h 

J And behold, there app^eared unto them Mo- ei^b"daye'i,c°oa. 
fes. and Elias, tdlking with lum. taiuing in that 

4 Thenanfwercd Peter, and faid to lefus, Ma- oumoenhtfirft 
fter, it is good for us to be here: if thou wilt.let us Mat'heVf 'eakfh 
m.ike here three tabernacles, one lor thee, and one u,^. [j^^J,\l^" 
forMofes.and one for Elias. were btrwixtthem, 

f While he yet fp^ke , behold, a bright cloud b Changed imo 
n-iadowed them : and behold , there C4ww a voyce V'°^^\' "'"■ 
out of the cloud, f yiHg,:gThis is<: that ray beloved tyeir^J,''^' 
Sonne, in whom I am well plealed : heare nim. c The article or 

6 And when thedifciples heard ihat.theyd fell the word that. fe. 

on their faces , and were lore afraid. "^e'r^M;d" '''7 

7 Then lefus came and touched them.and f?.yd. bee'. .God, o^uf.^a 

Arife.and be not afraid. Senue. webyad«p. 

8 And when they liftedup their eyes,they faw ""o. therefore ne u 
no man.fave lefus onely. 'Z^'^ '*''' ^'- 

, , , . ." , r i_ cotteo amone he 

9 < And as they Came downe from the mouti- b,^,b„n_pj^^(-j 
taine, lefus charged them.f tying Shew thee vifion that although uee 
to noman, untiil the Sonne or man rife againe ueofiighnDeonely 

from the dead. chTfe amon', m .» 

10 ■♦'And his difciples asked him/aying, Why »„ .hat he i. .he 
then fay the Scribes that 4. Elias muft firll vome? fountaine and hetd 

I I And lefus anfwered,and fayd unto lUem.Cer- of.he adoftion. 
tainly Elias muft firft come . and reftoreaii things, ^^//"if °f,",' f„'^ 

12 Butlf^.y unto you,that Elias IS come altea- w.-rm^ppedLun^ai 
dy , and they knew him not .but havt: done unto cbap m. 

hm whatfueverthey wouid : likewife Ihail alfo « which they faw: " 
the Sonne of m .n fuiier of them. vfcd'ic aiLre'1,' 

13 Then the difciples perceived ihathefpake p,oprr:y f^oke.oV 
unto them of lohn Bupiift. th*. i, feene 

14 ^ ■^ » And when they were come to the '°'d.v«me. 
multitude, there came tohim.iteitaineman, and ^ ^"^1'^^//'^*' 
f fell downe at his feete, chap 1 1,14.' 

15 And fayd Matter. have pittie on m.y fonne: ^ Ma..? .4. 
for hee is p. mnadkc .and is lore vexed :forofi lake 9 3s. 
times hce talleth into the fire , and oft times into ,\y^„Vc",i"b.T'*' 

the water. ' goodMeOe yet not. 

16 And I brought him to thy difciples.and they wi hiiaodtng bee 

Could not heale him. . '.e^arleh item. 

17 Then.lefus anfwered.and f,yd. O generation „^;;'7°^'" ._ 
fai<hlene,nnd crooked. how long now ihall 1 l.e ZtlloT^'^ 
with you ! how lo.ig now Ihall 1 lutf.r you ! bring g xcey that at 

him hither to me. , ce.tataeti.-ne.of 

18 Andlefusrebukcdthe deviU andhewent ^^^^^^ 
out of him:and the childe WIS heaieda: noiV.. ,i„g|,.k„„ .orany 
19 3ThenedmeihediiciplestoU-lusap.ift .am, o.herkmde ofdif- 
faid. Why could not we caft him out? • eaie: t,o, in hi. 

70 Andlefusfayduntothem.Becaofeofyout P^i^-^^JX 
unbcleefe f..r ♦ vcrely 1 lay urn o you, ifyce have ,1^^^^ ^aiidif. 
faith as mttch as«a graineof mi;)iird .eede , jce eafe.hehada devi- 
il'.al! fay un;o this mountaine , Rcmoovc h. nee to li!h p=reafie. 
yondei place , and it Ihall remoove : and nothing l^^f.Z':, '^ ' 

fhallbeunpolsible unto you. break e. he cou.-fe 

21 4 Howbeit this kinde goeth not oHt.but by 
t prayer and fading. ^ ^ , * H'"^"''*,"-, 

\z ^ s And .h.y « being in Galile. lefus fayd 4 Tbe»,.ed,e 
iin.o them. The Sonne of Man lluUbe delivetcU ,, S-ogiveuito vn. 
intothehandesofmen. dtiftandib.waich. 

2,3 And they fliall kill him . but the third day fuioe.andd.l-genc* 
fliall he rifcagaine : and they were very fory. ^.^Vrc'lnn'^be ■ 

without fobtietie. j Our miode. mufl be prepared moreand mojc a^ainft tbt otfcns« 
cfibecroai, t Cliaj»e,i7,M«.J.i.Luke9.44-»"'^ !■'* , 

J4 ^ « And 

Of tribute. Little cbildren^ 


Of forgiving offences, lo 

24 f « And when they were come to Caper- 
n?.um , they chat received polle money . came to 
rcier,r.nd' faid.Doeth « not your Mafter k pay 
1 polle money ? 

2y He faid , Yes. And when he was come into 
the houfe, lefus prevented hira.faying, What thin- 
kcft ihoii, Simon? Of whoradoe thekingsof the 
earth take tr ibute , or polle money ? of then '« chil- 
dren , or of ftrangers } 

i6 Peter faid imtobim, Of arangers-ThenCud 
^T TfiftllVv'ed lefus unto him. Then are the children free. 
hllTa nek oHhl X7 Neverthelellc, leaft we Ihould offend them: 
SanftuJiy, ExoH. ooe to the fea , and caft in an angel , and take the 
3o.i3-^»>'»^='^° hrft filh that commeth up, and when thou haft 
*"!''= f'j";''"'' opened his month .thou Ihalt finde a » piece of 
:;;aa'd »fS^^^ t^entle pence -.that take, and give ituntothera 
hadiubdiifdiudea. for meandthce. 


S In that that 
liDgly obeyCcfatI 
edifti , be fbewtth 
tbatcivill pulicie 
il Dot laken away 

by theCjofpel. 

i Hedeaieih noc. 


k Ought beobtto 


1 Tbev that were 

mu^ nc! Vnder- 
fi^ndfitieth whi(h 
fay tribute, bu' ""' 
tmruli ihUren. 
O Thfrrorit htrt 
t/ in I'.iluf 4 lii- 
didr^hntt il ahut 
fve fence. 

Jfr Wrfr.9,34. 
'«4f 9.4«- 

I HumbltnelRof 
oiiDde 11 the tight 
way toprctmi- 

a CO childein 
. yttrt). 

t .ctMnr-14'ao. 
b .■) ^i«<ie./-/pfEcfc 

hrerrc' . •'"d j. is at 
mucitas, 'ifent. 
* Mar 9 4«- 
» Wecugbtto 
have gr« tefpe* 
toouTDiethren be 
they nevtt lo bafe : 
and oe that doeth 

The 'resteji in tte kin^d^'"' 'fCod. 
Md. 6 T„iUo^tme. 7 Offer- 

r TtTteeheilvk 
the eye. 10 The ^ngdu 11 TheUjifheepe. if 7 he telling 
offnehiifMlt. n Errcemmunicatton. ai Jf «f ma/? .«(- 
irayespardm the hrotker that rtfenicth. 23 The farMt 
cf'he king *'"«' tiMfth «" tlcctnnt cfhtiJirVantj. 

THe 4 fame time the difciples came unto lefus. 
faying, Who is the greateft in the kingdome 

of heaven* ,.,,.,, t.- 

2 I And lefus called a a little childe unto him. 
and fet him in the mids of them, 

3 And faid , Verely 1 fay unto you.except yee 
be «t converted, andbecotre as little childtcn, ye 
fliali not enter into the kingdome of heaven. 

4 whofoever therefore Ihall humble himfeife 
as this little childe , the fame is ih? greaieft in the 
kingdome of heaven. ^ ^ ._ ,. , 

y And whofoever fl^all receive one fuch little 
childe in my Name, receiveth me. 

6 * » But wholbever ll-all oftend one oi chefe 
littie ones which bdeeve in me . it were better for 
him , thata miiftone werehang'-dabont his necke, 
and that he were drowned in the depth of the fea. 

7 3 Woe be unto the worlJ becaufeof uflen- 
h f* rhalibe ces, for it muft needs be that c offences Ihall come. 

' ' ,.lh.d. but wee be to that roan by whom the offence com- r 

3 A good man 

canoot but goe 

through the midi 



otcafion of of- 


c Leti itnd hir.Je 

nr.ctt rrhichJJfp 


% M Wherefore , if thy hand or thy foote caufe 
thee to ^ oftend .cur them ofl', and ci(tr/;fw from 
thee : it is better for thee to enter into lite, halt.or 
maimed, then having two hands^or two be 
caft into everlai^ing hre. 

And if thii>s eye caufe thee to offend, plucke 

thai muih, thir.TS 

thap J»9- 
4 The weakft 
that a mJD is, the 
grpattrcare >ft« 
ought to bavt of 
hiifalvation, a» 
God teacheth ui 
by biiowne 
• rfal.34,8. 
#: tuke i9.'«- 
4 LuXe j;,4' 

> ,fl<„d tt out and caft it from thee : it is better for thee to 
Thecrteke grijer into lile with one eye , then having two eyes 

10 4Seethatyeede(pifenotoneofthe(@lutle 
ones: fori fay unto you.that in heaven their* An- 
gels alwayesbeholdethefaceofmy Father which 
IS in heaven, 

1 1 For * the Sonne of man is come to lave that 
which was loft. r i ■l 

12 How thinke yee?^.Uamanhaveanhun- 
dreth flieep , and one of them be gone aftray, doeth 
hee not leave ninetic and nine .and goe into the 
mjuntaines rand leeke that which is gone aftray ? 

13 Andiflbbethathefindeit.verciy I fay vn- 
to y on . hee reioyceth more of that (heepe, then of 
the ninetie and nine which went not aftray : 

14 So is it not the will of your Father which is in 

heaven .thi«,one of thefe little ones fhould periQi . * i.f).'M9,7. 

ly * J Moreover , if thy brother tiefpalVe {"^"^-a- 
againft e thee .goe and tell him his fault betweene "'^veniuftra. 
thee and him alone: if hee heare thee, thou haft hour for codcotJ, 
wonne thy brother. "05 "^ "v^^ge 

1 6 But if hee heare thee nor, take yet with thee ^""//'aV- t.r»«r« fr 
one or two, that by the:§ fmouth of tw^or three }uJ,,y'J,i,Z„nelf 
witneflcs, every word may be g confirmed. _ k.t'trefl thy im. 

17 « And if heeti refr.fetoheerethem .tellit 'tjfjojffiff. 
unto the i Church : and ifheerefufe to heare the %^^'"''^')l^ 
Church alfo.let him be unto thee as an k heathen "wftrVoYs" ' 
inan, and a Publicane. f That i«,by the 

18 Verely I fay unto you,* Whatfoever yee word and witneiTe 
binde on earth . fhall be bound in heaven : aiid ^';^,';;°";„^f^, '"';*' 
« whatfoever yee loofe on earth , Ihall be Icofed in '^,";d or'fpe«h", 
heaven. acJ 

19 Againe, verely I fay unto you.that if two of aifofot a ftiil wit- 
you Hull 1 agree in earth upon any thing . wharfo- -f',;;° ^l^'^t^J 
ever they Ihall defire , it fliallbe given them of my ^r it felfe, a. be. 
Father which is in heaven. neatb .chap.ans. 

lO For where two or three are gathered toge- g Sureaodcer- 
ther in my Name, there am I in the mids of them. '""'■ .„^o„ 

z I 7 Then came Peter to him, and faid,Mdfter, „^„Vth the i"udg%i 
how oft feall my brother finneagainfti-nee, and I remtoftbe 
(Iiall forgive him ? * unto feven times ? church, contem, 

22 lefus faid unto him , I fay not to thee, Vnto °"^,'^°/^^^ „^,j 
feven times , but, Vnto fe ventie times feven times. ^^^ ,°',' 

23 Therefore is the kingdome of heaven like- tohtare,or make 
ned unto a certaine King .which would taken an aith..ughhed!<l 
account of his fervants. Tn^'f^k^tb not 

• 24 And when he had begun to was '^f^^'^^^^^^^fp,,, 
brought untu him. which ought him m tenne thou- ncje tut of an so- 

fand talents. deliafticallaffr.r.- 

2? And becaufe hee had nothing to p?.y , his ^'^'Jb , wl.Tof 
lord commanded him to be (olde,and his wit^;, and ^^^ power of Pooling 
hit children, and allthathehad,andt';5<!/titto be andbmding.wbicii 

payed. belonged to the 

x6 The fervant therefore fell downe.and « wor- f^';",,,;'^ , ^.^e 
(hipped hiai , faying . Lord . o lefraine thine anger „^j,/4d i„ .tofc 
toward me , and I will pay thee all daye«,atwoat 

27 Then that fervants lord had compalTion. time the Eldert 
andloor.:d him. atjd forgave him the debr. ^f^J^frc^'.^^r' 

j8 Kut when the lervant was departed.he found „„,n,heirbandi, 
one of Ms fellow fervants which ought him an lohn » aa.and 
hundreth pence, and hee layed hands on him, and 1z.41.ana 16,1. 
thratled him. faying. Pay me that thou oweft. _ "f ^"/^^"s*^,^ 

29 Then his fellowe lervant fell downe at his ^^^^^ forapunito 
feete, and befought him,fayin», Refrainc thine an- we doe 
ger toward me, and 1 will pay tliiee all. now excommu- 

30 Yet he would not.but went and caft him in- ^'^p';^'°-,^^^j 
toprifcn.tillhefb.onldpay thedept. voyd of religion : 

31 And when his <rf/)^r fellow lervantsfaw what fuchmen.the 
was done , they were very Tory , and came, and de- 

alled Gen. 

clared unto their lord allihar was done J^^'yturd 

3 2 Then his lord called him unto him, and laid ^, .J^y^jj jbe 
to hiro, O evill fervant, 1 forgave thee all that debt, Publicanei. 
becaufe thou prryedftme. * •■9"' ^ ♦* 

3 3 Oughteft not thou alfo to have had piiie on *a i"hn"lo!i4. 
thy fellow lervant. even as 1 had pittie on thee ? , ^^-^ ^^^j ;,' 

34 So his loid WciS wrcth.and delivered him to trsndated ftom the 
the tormentours . till he Ibould p.iy all that was due J^^'iv to -he .riode. 

3 j So likewife a^all mine heavenly Father doe ^"X'iX n'fi^ni?* 

God fevtre and not 
to be pkafed, which dee no: forgive their brnhren, although they havebcere divevny 
aDd2riev..uOyiniur.dbyibem. »LuK:i7 4. m Hee ii fa donm j ^.<!ry treM 
famme of ihr.-rf<ore hundred iheuf^ndcrtnr,r,,.!nd,tlm.illfHmmci,f:en7:tir>rcn",<hi* 
the dilFere>.ce may it ihe^re.i:e,/or there ii no freffrtion hefnr.ene ih,m. n Thti n^s 
4 eivU n^trerce rrti. ii., .ery -v/„.,« in the o Terlde n.t f.o ntu.htothme 
anr" "£,.''"11 '"'•■/» '■' '^'"' """' ""'" -f "'f '»"■" ''■■"' '• ■"'■"""•"■■ '" /"""^"''f '""> 
tnithitrtftnintth thtjlermini 1 

tfhii minde, ffilmt i(,S.fJlient iindffl 

Bbb I I'nto 


S. Matthew. 

A rich man^ 

unto you, exce-pt ye foigivc from your hearts.each 
one to his brother their trefpalVi.'s. 

a T'f ^f <;» Mt litMtd , 3 dnd 7 ^ hil ofjiinrremtnt. 1 1 


13 ChiUreHl>rcuiht!,qlri/}. 17 CcJ tnely 
The CemmtrdimennmaJUe k.'F'- »' ^ ftrfefl 
ji^<^ Tuh mir, . iS S'tt]iaiiciiciimmethofCtJ.lJ 

7 cltdlA^d antt ftiliTV Cbrtf}, 

A NJ,* it carre to pall'e , rhat when lefus had fi- 
nifr.til thsfe layings.he a departed from Galile, 
and came into the coalis of lude.T beyond lor dan- 

2 And great multitudes followed him , and he 
healed them there. 

3 5 1 Then came unto him the Pharifes temp- 
ting him , and faying ro him , Is it Uwfull for a man 
to fc put away bis wile upjn every occafion ? 

4 And he anfwered and faid unto them , Have 
ye not read . J that he which made them at the be- 
ginning, made them male and female, 

5 And faide, * For this caufe. Ilall a man leave 
father and mother , and ^ cleave unto his wife, and 

« Mir.10,1. 

water ourofGiiile 
intothf faorJerf 
of luiici. 
I Tb' bind of 
m«ii»g«oBght rot 
toSr bickeo, UB. 
leffc it be for for- 
b T» f-nd b" ' 
bookt of divorce- 
ment. «'ore. cap. I. 

;§ Gen.i.»7- 
K Gen. 2. 24. I. cor. 

cTbtGr.fkevsord they which wetc ^ two.flwllbeoneflelli r 
imF.><ted to be £ Wherefore they are no more twaine.but one 

girwed unto,v»bere fl^,,|, £_£. ^ot man therefore put afundei that.which 

,'rVi't ll'mM God hath e coupied together. 
iibeiA«Deman 7 i They faid tohim, VVhy did thcii 4. Mofes 

andviiff,a> though command to give a bill of divorcement .and to put 
«bey wtrc glowed getaway J 

d''The''y".«hicbwete 8 He' fayd unto them . Mofes f becaufe of the 
««o b»c. meal it hardneflc of your heart . g iuffered you to put away 
.were or>- : and thii y^,,^ wi.ves : but from the begmning it was not Co. 
fi'°"^*''a"k'nfoVtbe 9 I lay therefore unto you ,* that whuloever 
vf"ou'"otthe iball put away his wife > except »> i* b for whore- 
body iitei tbf ma- don^e.and marry another.committethadiilterie and 
BtrofioeH-btfvsti whofoever marrieth her which is divorced , doech 
• k'wro«t.tThe con-mi. a.lulterie. 

martageUfcifr'ii 10 T/ifw laid his difcipies ro him,If the' matter 
byabotowtdkiode be ft) between man Sc is notguod to marry. 
<-ffi<tck called a jj 3 Rut he faid unto them, All men cannot k re. 

^"a'ca fe li- ceive this thing, (ave they to whom it is ^iven. 
tike tawet ate 'i Por there are fome ' eunuthes • w'bich were 

coDflrainedto fo botne tjff/^eJr mothers belly : and there be (ome 

eunuches , which bee gelded by men : and there be 
fome eunuches . which have m gelded themfelves 
for the kin^'dome of heaven. He that is able to re- 
ceive this, let him receive it. 

13 f 4 « Then were brought unto him litje 

_^^ children .that he (lioufd put /jw hands on them.and 

haidoffliof your pray : and the difciples rebuked them. 

team. 14 Kut lefiislaid.Surter littlechUdren.and for- 

R Byapolitike j,;j ^^^^ ^^^ j^ ^^^^^^^ tO mCS ;for of fuch IS thC 
law not by toe '«o- , . , r, 

r.llNw.- forth,, kingdome of heaven. 

i:erpe:iMli I jT And when he put his hands OH them.hc 
departed thence. 

16 J f« And .and faid unto 
him. Good good thing flialll doe.thac 
1 may have eternalllife > 

17 And hefaidunto him, Why called thou me 
poovl > there is none good but one . even God : but 
if thou wilt enter into life , keepe the Commande- 

18 He faid nntohim .Which ? Andlefusfaid, 
^ The^-, Thou (halt not kill : Thou Ihalt not com- 

rcemenijifitiariage had bene cut afutider v»itb puniftiement 
rllandfobetwfeoemaciand-.'vife.ct inmariai;e 3 The 
crntinencie. k Receive andadmit, at by tranfl.ition wefay, that aftr.-iitand 
nar'o A place it not able to receive mar.y things. 1 The viord Euuucb ii a ceoeralJ 
word, aod baib divm kind, vndet it as gelded m-n and burllen tnen. m Which ab- 
fternt from tnariafjeand livecontiqently through the gif.ofGod. 4«and 

liilechiWrenareconiiin.-din.hefrfecoienanti.fSod. • Mar 18, if. 
chap i(!,2. J TheYneitherknoOTtheijifelvejnoriheI.avp.tbaireeke tob«faved by 
«bfl,iw. »,*;. Luktj»,i8. J Eiod.j.o.ia.dtw.j.ifi.iom.ij,?. 

beirewiih fime 
cih not by and by 
tbat Ged allosietb 

« t>FtJt.I4>I- 

f Being occaAoned 
V\ reafon of the 

and bendi 


^rCtap r3«.nsr. 

b Tbertt„ieio 
T.awesth.n wfre 


fr.d-d • for the 
illould have needed no d 
bvd-aih i If the ma 
gifr of cortinencie 11 pec 

trit adulterie : Thou (bah not fteale : Thou (lialt 
nostfeeare falfe witneffe. 

1 9 Honour thy father, and m.other : and, Thoa 
flialt love thy neighbour as thy felfe. 

20 The yong man faid unto him, I have obfer- 
ved all thefe things from my youth: Whatlacke 

lyet ? D TierengmHit 

1 1 lefus faid unto him.If ti thou wilt be perficCa ''"''"" *"/«•'" 
^oe, fell that thou haft.and give it to the poore.and '/^"I'jj''"/"'?/ ',''*' 
thou flialt have treafure in heaven , and come . and cLmJi^'lmeHt,' 

follow me. and there frlht ' 

22 And when the yong man heard that faying, '■'.z"'""' •»»«- 
hee went away forowfull ; for hee had great polfe?- '"''I'J^"',"' ''"" 

_i ,,-,-•. . . ..^ . fherv tie difeafi 

« Then lefus faid unto his difciples.Verely th^u, lurking 


I (ay unto you, that a rich man fhall hardly enter '"^'•mind. 
into'the kingdome of heaven. *e!d'of ""r" 'V* 

14 And againelfayuntoyou.Itisoeafierfora g"to°Godfto" 
p camel to goe through the eye of a needle , then eUivt out of the 
for a rich man to enter into the kingdome of God. ''"'"of satan. 

25f And when his difciples heard it , they were ? -^f/fi 7°"'' 
exceedingly amafed, fay ing.Who then can bee fa- p TuffUJ'nl. 
ved > tcih, that h thu 

^6 Andlefus beheld them.and faid unto them, vrd is meant a 
With men this is vnpofsible , but with God all "*'' "'f ' '""5'*' 
things are possible. ^ ^Trtir*,;:! 

27 J <• Then anlwered Peter, and faid to him, that irnaprover*. 
Behold, we have forfaken all , and followed thee ; andihewtrdca. 
what therefore ihall we have ? "'' • C^r'ifi"l'tht 

2g 7 And lefus frid unto them. Verely I fay to ^'^Mlrfo'.xt, 
you, that when the Sonne of man Iball fit in the 'ukeii.zt. 
throne of his Msjeftie , ye which followed mee in 7ii'»notloft, 
the q regeperati,jn. 4 'ball fie alfo upon twelve '/^^yr^k*"* 
thrones, and iudge the twelve tribes of Ifrael. ^"Vfc'f 'e'r^^ailm 

291 And whofoeveriball forfdkehoules.orbre- iitakfn fr 'h.,i 
thren, orfif^ers.orfather.orraother.or wife.orchil- J'y ,^vh'reinthe 
dren , or hnds, for my Names fake, he Iball receive '/''^'^^''f '"f'r '',, 
an hundreth foldc more, and Ihali inherite everla- i!la'fa"'X'h''<'tCe/ 

fting life. full enCy fV Wtf. 

30 s* Biumany thatarefirft .{iMllbclaft.aBd J""'.''"*' 

4 tK^«j2,!9. $ To have begun well and not tTCcniinue 
ooely not profite.but alfo hurteth very much. * Chap. 26. i< 


» Luhurershireilinti ihe'viney.irJ. iS The epiS eye. n Hee 
fcrete':leth Ui papitrt. zo Zebedlusfinnes. llThecUf. 
iS Chrillii cu'rminifier. 30 Tix">l>lin4! men. 

P Or the kingdome of heaven is like unto a cer. > Codiibouna 
■*- taine , hbuaiolder. which weiw our at the daw- ;h;X"h;cal. 
ning of the d.iy to hire labourers into his vineyard, j^ti, yvhomfoevet 
4 And he » ;;grced with the labourers fur a pe- aod wbenfoevet 
nie a d.iy. an' fentthem into his vineyard. ' •>« •'""''• ''''"• 

3 And he wenrout .bout the th ird houre. and rght'IoTtkrheetl 
faw other (landing idle in the market place. of.iud hereupon 

4 And f.ud unto rhem , Goe yec alfo into »»)> beiiow ki> whole 

■" ■ endevour.that be 

koih in body and 


othe enddoetb not,3i.luke 13,30* 

eforsfard and 

vineyard, and whatfoever is right.I will give you , 

audlhey went their way. cometo.hemarke 

y Againe he went outabout the nxt and ninth without all fiop- 
houre. and did iiKewife. ping or dagnetiag, 

6 And hee went .;ooiit the b eleventh houre, andootcuriouny 
and found other ftandii'g idle , and faid unto theni, [^/"dk>ing°,'o" 
Why ftind ye here all the day idle ? theiudgementiof 

7 They (aid unto him , Rt caufcno man hath G^^d. 

hired us. Hee fad to them , Goe yce alio into wy r |7'|'"',f°' "[^j^f,' 
viauyard, and whatfoever is right, that (ball yee re- ic'ind'of rp'l^Ic'h'tV.' * 

ceive. - Jc" from fong. 

8 ? And when even waa»*me , the nv.l^ercf b rheiafi houre: 
the vineyard faid unto his Reward , Call the labou- '^°"'" ''"V "" 
rers.and give them their hire .beginning at the !,"I^d ^h,^ft"a 'howi 
laft till »;!««(:(>»»<• to the firft. [ b»gan at the-Sanne 

J And they which were hired about the eleveBth liimg, 

TFic penic. Toflee ambition^ 


Chrift tldeth into Icrufalctn ♦ I f 

e So»iht,thiii'ic houre, came and received every man a penie," 
/.j,^«/^fco««»«. ,0 Now when the firft came, thejr fupgpfed 
^TrL^2tmffo'°i'ht that they fliould receive more , but they likcwife 
tithtirti h an received every man a peny. 
«>;« «7f. mtjnt 1 J And when they had received it , they mur- 

«,„« hecaufi fH<k j^y^gj againft the mailer of the houfe. 
/i$'Zucju! ^ li say ing.Thcfelaft have wrought but one 
«i iMe chj,f. 6,13. houre , and thou haft made them equall unto us, 
Mtiifit to anfteert which have bornc the burden and heat of the day, 
thtyftrifiniU^tnd J J And hee anfwered one of them, faying. 
['Jrup'foXhtre^- Friend, 1 doe thee tio wrong : didft thou not agree 
fie/j^J ihtrt tfirt. with me for a peny ? 

ttrj'.ii. If thine I ^ Take that which is thine owne.andgoe thy 

^'J,'",^'^!'''" v/zy : I willgiveuntothislaft.asmuchas tothee. 
\in"ifthh,erjthe '5 Is it not kwfuil formeto do as I will with 

rridvii ."rccrruft, mjneowncils thine ajt "=evill,becau(e lam good? 
tUyrord M'>? ih' 16 « So the Uft Uiail befirrt, and the firtt lafl; 
famt inih^t fiact, f^j. j^^ny ate Called, but few chofen. 
}»' cVap.'is'ao aoi '7 i * •'^"^ '^'""5 ^^f"^ "P '° Hierufalem.and 
»i,i4. mar. 10,31. tooke the twelve difciplcs apart ia the way, and 
lokei3 3<>- fay d unto them. 

gM«k«io,3«. ,}{ 3 Behold.wegoenptb Hierufalem,andthe 

Icht'i'goetbiothe Sonne lluli be delivered unto the chiefe 
ciciTenectirjrily, PriePs . and unto the Scribes . and they fliahcon- 
butyet willingly- demne him to death. 

3 rhey th»t I'id j j> , ^P^j t n^an deliver him to the 

^rcc""Jo<Corift niocke. and to fcourge, nid to Ciucifis hm, but the 

Vrht^nomiBif third day he, rile . j; inc. 

oftheooflt Jute 20 K ; Then catr.c to him thc mother of Zebc- 

<utc wayto the j^^j children with her fonncs , wotlhinping Um, 

glor,ofcv«Uft.Dg anddelmng acertainethingof him. 

♦ Ijhni8,3i. il Andhefaiduntoher.VVhat wouldeft thou? 

9; Miikt 10,3,-. Shee fayd to him , Grant that thefe my two Tonnes 

s The minerof ^.^^ j^^ ^j^g ^^^^ 3j (j^,, ^ jojit hand ,and the other at 


tr»ry toihe tarih.'y 21 And leius anlwetcd .and fayd, \ eknow not 

Jcio.g«!ome. what yc aske. Aieyeableto ildiiakeof the cup 

d v hii iifr'k'" h fhat I ihalldrjnke of, and to be baptized with the 

''u'^^f'r'illi-Khi'h e baptifme that I iballbe baptized with j they fayd 

'htln'iined in iile to him. We are able. 

tap. ^"'i -tg"'"' 23 And hefayd unto them . Ye fl-a!l drinke in- 

the Htl'ttve •<*'>• deedeof my cup .andihallbe baptized with the 

W,ci;'p»'''«' baptifme . that 1 am baptized with, but to Ht at my 

thimuiercfpj. right hand, and at mv ictthand, is « not mine to 

fiifhmmt nhid is give but it fl.ailVi given to them for whom icis 

''plti"^"'J"'Vet' prepared of my Father. 

tUtii '"Vrn '"'(/j« 14 " And when the other ten heard this, they 

fjiihfuU, ii rj.ii- difdaincd at the two brethren 

s.»ni fimciime .1 jy Therefore le'.us called them unto him, and 

UterecrJi.i^ facd, Ve know that the lords of the Gentiles have 

Pfil.-i*,S. '. . . . . , . 

c Thi. • 

Jrhis'iiaftVtJu g domination over them , and they that are great, 
4tjf\i(}itni,.ts Daiiid excrcifc authoritic over them. 
tommmi: iffl'. 26 butit IhaM not be fo among you ; but who- 

f7'>'1^"l'l'''!"'f' (bever will be great among you, let him be your 

: not f hut ant 


ij tLu , hM i, fhe- 17 And whofoet-er will be chieio among you, 
%>"'> ''" •I'h.tfin^ ict him be your fervanr. 

''^l''"^'^(l^niturt *^ * ^^'^" ^^ ^^^ Sonne of man c.ime not to be 
I^"f im."'" "'' "" ferved.but to (erve, and to give his life for the ran- 
^ Mirke lo.^t. Ibmeofmany. 

iMkf'ii.if. zg 1 « 4. And as they departed from leticho, a 

t scmnvhMA^rp- great multitude followed him. 
» PhiiTpT.7.' 30 Antl behold . two blind men , fitting by the 

« Cbrift by bta- Way fide, whcm they heard that Idiis pafTed by.cri- 
jingthefcbiind ed,raying,0 Lord, the Sonne of Dand, have mer- 
men with aaonciy ci^onus 

r.T.'h^'riy''hgtl 3« And the multitude rebuke them, becaufe 
t ofiheworW. they fliould hold their peace : but they cried the 

« Markt 10,45. more , laying. O Lord, the Sonne of David > have 

31 Then lefus flood ftijhantf 1» called them.aii J b ni'r>/llft. fit 
iaid,What will ye that I fliould doe to you ? h "''"' '"'■'' 

i J They fayd to him, Lord, that our eyes may ""*"'■'•■ 
be opened. 

54 And lefus mooved with compafsion.touchcd 
their eyes , and immediatly their eyes received 
fight, and they followed him. ^ 

C H A 1'. XXI. 

I ChriJ}nJelhfnanAlTtHntoHiernftlim. 11 He en/teth tUI 
Ih, filler J. 1 3 The h.Hfi cfpr*}tr. 19 The ipi<ArrtJ yfj.- 
tre,: IS tohni Ltptifme. 18 IPhcJc tht iviU vf God. 30 l'«- 
blicanei, Harloii 33 Ctdj Vineyard. The leyvei. 38 Thi 
finite k'Htd of ihehn'jMdfJicn. 4* The atntrfont. 

ANd i^ 1 when they drew neerero Hierufalem, « Miik*ti,t7 
and were ccme to Betbphagc , unto the mount '""^^J ?;'»■ 

ofthe Olives, then fent lefus two difciplei, n,iH,'"'1,m^'h!'ot 

2 Saying to them . Goe into the towne that is ov'«'tLl^'id"^° 
over againft you, and anon yee (hall find analfe thi. world, afcen- 
bound, and a coit wkh her : loofe them, and bring *'"'' '° ""'^ ^'"'^ 
them unto me. thV^off"""* 

3 And if any man fay ought unto you, fay ye, I 'ullCt fh„IIfir 
thatthe Lord hath need of them , and ftraightway 'v '''»/ "}'*»> 
•hewilllet them goe. fhaS i„ them ^r, 

4 Ah this was done that it might be fulhlled, X"!';/'*" "^^ " 
which was fpoken by the Prophets, laying. i'tf/.^ raK 

y J S Tellye the bd.iughter of Sion, Behold. 9.9. 'in t2.u'V 
thy King comraeth unto thce.meeke and futin"- •> 7'""i'>»/^'<"'» 
upon an aiVe . and a colt . the foale of an afle vied ^}p"t'cZ,^ 

to the yoke. in the UmentatUnt 

6 So the difliples went , and did as lefus had 'fi'remie. 
commanded them. c T heir uppfrmtfi 

7 And brought the afle and the cok , and put T^Z'their lar, 
on them then c cloathcs.and fet him i thereon. mints, mt «pfn tht- 
_ 8 And a great multitude fpred their garments »!',c andihenlt. 

in the way : and other cur downe branches from '^*'' w' «'' aTi- 
the trees, and Ihawed them in the way. Z\uhfh^"fU^ 

9 Moreover, the people that wcnt before , and in't'L'fe.fjlof rao 
thej' alfo [hat followed, cried, Aying, e Holanna 10 *"«. when 
the Sonne of David, f Welled iff he that commcth '/"y '■'ei-'' M^hti 
in the Name of the Lord, Hofanna vvhtch an Tcmml"rM teiif 
inthehigheftfcMZ/fw. n.^o.' ^LiU 

10 + And when he was come into Hieriiftiem, rvoi-d is eom'pti, 

g all the citie was mooved, fay ing.Who is this ? '""'' </irpc,fcr ire 

I , And the people fayd. This is lefus that Pr^- {^'X;;^!'Z 

phet of Nazareth in Gallic. „„* (, ,ofij.»: saue 

17. J And lefus went into the Temple of God, ' pr^y '*«. 
.nnd ciift out all them '•* that fold, and bought in the 0^'" '" " '" *''" 
Temple .and overthrew the tables of the money 'tlt'nZTonhe 
changers, and the feats of them that fold doves, Urj, thi is tlfir^ 

13 Andfaidco them, Itis wiitten.sV My houfe ■nhomiheLtrd 
fliall be called the hcule ol prayer ; but ♦ ye have *"*^'»"''' «'/"' 
madeira denne of theeves. '»Ma^' 11 

14 Then the blind , and the halt came to him, i9.4,-'"i^L''"i3* 
in the Teinple.and he healed them. g 'ihut is, <ii ,ie 

I) jButwhenthechieferrieHsandScribesfaw '"<""/ Hw-«/i/t»n 
theniarveiles that hee did, and thechildren crying Z"r.eHeT% 
. in the Temple . and faying , Hofanna to the S onne « £/«. 's'iji. ' 
ofDavid, they diftlained, •, 

16 And fayd unto him, Heareft thou what thefe '7-'"^ci»4«. 
fay r And lelusfiyd unto them. Yea : read yee ne- t.^Ia.V.o.-gl 
ver .♦ by the mouth ct babes and fucklingsthou linei, are they .faie 
hafl b made petht the praife ? doe molt enuie the 

17 f 3 So hee left them , and went out of the ^'"'l o''C''"ri ; 
citie unto Bethania , and lodged there. , "pf"| v^me. 

I i < And $ in the morning, as he returned in- b Tki, T>-/i maJt 
to the citie, he was hungry. me/ pcrfit. ive 

Thw. h*lt tliM'fhedcr^^raiindeiAnd if the mjtier he eanfiJered is ull , >,e'l,.ir 
the E^-ingehfi f.iith4,.r that is jUble and fare .rrhieh is mtji per fit. 3 Ctuifi doeit. 
foforfake the wicked .that yet he hatha confideratiou and rcgartlef hii Church. 
4 Hypocrite! fcall at Icnjthhave th.ii maikei diftoveied, and their v|jjiJjr!u.,l:tg 

fwir. thtk' ficci. t M«ke 11,11. 

iJbb 3 1.9 And 

IwlinsBaptifme. The parables 


oftbe vineyard, and mariage. 

f How gtwt the 
« Caap i7i3- 
i Tbf G'tfkewtt 
lijnificib afii:kiog 
CI wavering of 
Diintl. fo that we 
taano: :tll which 
way !o take. 
S CrM-7 7 
7. i.ionoJ.I4. 
# Mar iia7 «'• 
luk* 20,1, J. , 
« Agaioft ihem 
f iog tbcdod"o*» 
anJ vocation to an 
crdinsrie focctflS. 
on going about 

k Or,by«bat 


m lohn hii {.fa. 
a fi?ur" , Bap; 

19 And feeing a Pgge tree in the way .became 
to k, and found nothing thereon. but le4ves oneiy, 
and fayU to it , Never fruit grow on thci hsncefor- 
ward. And anon the Fgtrcc withered. 

20 And whenhis dilciples law it. they marvei- 
led,layin;^,How Iboneis the figrree withered ! 

21 { Arc' lekis anIwereJ .-".ndfiiyduntothem, 
<!• Vercly I lay uiwo you, if'yc have f lich.Sc ' doubt 
not , ye ihiH not oneiy doe xhsi, which 1 have dms ■ 

ioh.ix. to the figrree , but alfo if yee fty unto this moiin- 
tsine , Tp.Ke thy I'elfe aw.iy , and caft thy felfe iuto 

2 2 S And whatfoever ye fliall aske in prayer, 
if ye belte ve, ye Ihall receive it. 

23 J* « And when he was come into the Tem- 
ple, the chiefePriefts.andthe Elders of the people 
came unto him , as hee was teaching , andfayd. By 
wh.u k authority doeftthouthefethiags ; and who 
gave thee this authority ; 

24 Then lefiis anfwered.and faid unto them , I 
alfo will askeofyou 1 a certaine thing , which if ye 
tell me , I likewife will tell you by what authority 1 
doe thefe things. • 

2y The "' baptifme of lohn .whence was it ? 
frum » heaven . or of men > Then they o reafoned 
among theralelves .faying ,If we Ihall fay .From 
heaven, hee will fay unto us .Why did ye not then 

becaufe bt rrMched bcleeve h im ? 

thebaf.ifine of 

pentaucc Sec 


o From God. and _ ^ 

fo It ii plainly r«oe ^^^ jgjj ^^i^) ^gg fjy^| „„;(, them .Neither tell I 
bowihtfearefet you by what authority I doe thefe things. 

" 1 7 But whatthinkeye ? A cerfu/wmanhad 

26 And if we fay , Of men, we feare the multi- 
tude, X for all hold lohn as a Prophet. 

2, 7 Then they anfwered lefus.and faydAVe can 

oneagainft anoibti 
O Beattbfir bea;it 

bout itaod muftd. two fonnes , and came to the elder, and faid, Sonne, 

r laydtheiiheadi 
marke 6,ao. 
7 It ii no newe 
to be the wot It of 
ail men. which 
ought to Ihevv the 
vtjy ofgodlintde 

goe and worke to day in my vineyard. 

29 lUit he anfwered,and fayd, I v.'ill not : yet af- 
terward he repented hinilelfe, and went. 

30 Then came he to the (econd , and layd like- 
wife. And he anfwered, and fayd, 1 will.Sir : yet he 
went not. 

3 I whether of them twaine did the will of the 
father = They fiyd unto him , The hrft. lefus fayd 
unto them , Vetely I (ay unto you , that the Pubii- 

t^oth°kin"g'iomeo/ caiies and the harlots p goe before you into the 

G'jJ.and you Hicke kingdoltie of God, 

fo that at Iraii wife ji pyr John Came unto you in the q way of 
you (hould hav=^ rij;,hteou(nefle , and yee bcleeved him not ; but the 
!hnl°irMjIklr'tbea Publtcanes .and the harlots beleeved him .andye 
tbattbiiwotdigoe though yc faw it. were not moovcd wi'di repen- 
beforrl ii improper, {.ince afterward , that ye might bileeve him. 
ly la-ktn in tbi^t ^ ,^ j g j^p^rO another parable , There was a 

mtn'fol^owe'h"** ccr'taiiie houl holder , -•.'; which planted a vineyard, 
<) Living uftig'nt- and hedged it roiuid .tbout , and made a winepiefl'e 
ly, being of a goud thctciii.and r built a tower, &. let it out to husband- 
f °'!c'"'"F!)r theHc- ^^^ ' ''"^ ^'^^"^ '"'*^ '^ ftiange countrey. 
h'ew » u!>'tbii ' .^4 Arid when the time of the fiuit drew neere, 
wot'', wai, for life he fent his fervants to the husbandmen to receive 

the fruits thereof. 

3y And the husbandmen tooke his fervants and 

beat one, and killed another, and (ioned another. 
}6 Againe he lent other then the 

firH ; and they did the like imto them. 

37 But la(1; of all ht;e fent unto them his owne 

fonne, flying, They will reverence rny lonne. 
3Si But when the husbandmen fiw the fo!i»e, 

they fayd among themlelves , * This is thelieirc: 

come,lec i:s kdl hiT>, Sc let us f take his inheritance. 

Tbofe men often- 

it committed : But 
the vocation of 
God , ii Dtither 
tied to time , placi 
Dor petfon. 

VSTEf*. f.i.ieren: 

a,»'Iti ii,i. 

Lt(l(e |0, 9. r M.iJe the ptMt frcg : Per a tf-ntr 

yvbico are chicle 
buildii. oftbe 
hoiife, thai 
X Oriia o be. 


.which we behold 

and greatly mar- 

vurU J ht HI hti 

39 So they tooke him. and caft him out of the tAkiodofpro- 
vineyard, and (lew him. vetbc , ihewmg 

40 When theref^ore the Lord of the vineyard what end the wic- 
fl-jall come, what will hee doe to thofe husband- j. rf«ri'i8.ii. ' 
titen? ad. 4. 1 1 rom.9 3J 

41 They fayd unto him , He willt cruelly de- u Maiterbuiideri 
ftroy thofe wicked men , and will let out his vine- 
vatd unto other husbandmen , which thallJeiiver 
him the fi-iiirs in (heir feafons. 

42 lefus fayd unto them , Reade ye never in the 
Scriptures ,« The ftoue which the « builders refu- v iheciii=ie 
fed, the fame is " made the yhead of the corner; '("d'jb^beTd oftbe 
i^ This was the Lords doing.and it is marvellous in coroer , which tea. 

our eyes. leihupiOecou. 

43 Therefore I fay unto you , The kingdome pi'og"" '°'°t'°'' 
of God thai! be taken from you , and riiall be given ',''VL7mat"'er (In ' 
to a nation, which ihall bring foorth the » fruits tbattheftonewaich 

thereof. wascallaway, is 

44 $ And whofoever Ihall fall on this ftone, nude the head) ii 
he iball be broken : but on whomfoever it lliall fall, 
it will i^ dalh him in pieces. 

4^ And when the chief Priefts and Pharifes veiie at. 
had heard his parables , they perceived that hee <* Tbty bring forth 
fpakeofthem. '^'^T'°'"^r a 

^-.11 r , . II I u- kingdonieof God, 

46 8 And they feektng tolay handesonhim, which bring for^h 
feared the people, becaule they tooke him as a ihefruiiofthe 

Prophet. • fpirit.anduotof 

' tbefleni.Gal.J- 

§ E'aiS,i4. b Aschaffeufeth tobefcattered wi'b the wind , forhe uferha 

Word which fignifieth properly, to feparate the chafFc from thecoriie wiih wiouowing, 
f'^fcttttr it abroad. 8 The wickedcau doe nothing , but what God will. 


I The fAra!>'.ecfihemiTi.ige. 9 The ctUini tfthe Genrilcs. 
II The •Ked<tin^g.irment,fMih. xS Of Ctfars tribute. 
aj Thej fueflion xvitb Chrijl touching the refiirrefHon. 
31 Gudiiofthelil/ing.' 36 Thc^re.ueji ccmm.tniiemint. 
37 TthlicGcd. 39 ToUlie mrnei^hbtur. 41 lefut 
rcifineth tvith the Pharifes tuU.hini the MtH'ias. 

"ir Hen * • lefus anfwered and fpake untathem 
againe in parables , faying, 

2 The kingdome of heaven is like unto a cer- 
taine king whicli married his fonne. called by tbevoyce 

3 And fent foorth his fervants , to call them oftheCofpeUre 
that were bidde to the weddina , but they would »i'^"ue Church 

o ' ' before God : for 

not come. ^ , , , ,. , ^ . .hemotlpart.f 

4 Againehe fentfoorthotlierfervants .laying, thtmhadrathet 
Tell them which are bidden , Behold , 1 have pre- foHowthccoin- 
pared my dinner : mine oxen and my fatlings are j",'^'^.' ",'f'^''"j 

a killed, and all things are ready : come unto the .J.od^ueUyper-"* 
mariage. fecuie thofe that 

J But they made light of it, and went their call them: but to his farme , and another about his "^ey-nreibetrue 

•' i_ I •(- Church , which 

'"efhanclte cb.y wh.r,hey are 

6 And the remnant tooke his fervants , and in- tailed, fucbai for 
treated them iharpiy , and ilew them. the moii part they 

7 a But when the king heard it , he was wroth, a"-". wi>o"> the 
and fent foorth his waniours .anddeftroyed thole ««i'i'i"fp>f"''. 

, , , .... a The word here 

muitherers , and burnt up tbeucitie. ufed i» commonly 

8 Then i'ayd hee to his fervants , Trueiy the ufed in factificei, 
l> wedding is prepared ; but they which were bid- »■"! '• ''y ttannati- 
den. were not worthy. ?ea«'a1fo -^^r" 

9 3 Goe yee therefore out into the hie waycs, feaiisaud ban- 
and as many as ye them to the marriage, ket* were wnm to 

10 So thoie iervants went out into the /j);b b' heguonewiih 
Wiyes.and gdtherec4 together all that ever they ^^Adre'd fullde- 
fuuiid.borh good anuc bad : fothe weddmgwas ftruaicnorhethat 

fumilhed with ghefls. contemne Cbrift. 

ii 4 Theiuhekingcamein.tofeetheghefts, b The marriage 

othingofit. c The ^encratl ciK-in^ 
i> exjmiaeJ enter in: 4 lathe 
there are foine caft .iwaycs whitb doe riot 


Luke 14,15. 
revel. 1 9,9. 
I Notallthe 
whole company 
of them that ate 

3 God doth firfl call us , when wethiuke 
ctfere'h the Cofftk to a» m-n : hut thtir l,/c 
firali humber'which comeat the calliii). , 
caafirme their faith with aewDcOeof life. 


Chap. XXIir. The greateft commandement. 12 

i Word for word 

bau'.t.rcd.ihatUto garment 

fay, he held til 
peace, ai though he 
an faaltar about bi» 

c Torbem that 
fervrd the gheftei. 
4 Cbap.S II aad 
13,42 and 2J. 30- 
i chap iOii«. 
» Markeii,i3. 

and faw there a man which had not on a wedding 
f Snart him in hit 
wordier lalke. 
The Greekewotd 

ii derived ot'fnMtl 
which bHnteti lay. 
gThey which « 
Herode made a b 
religion paicted k 
jftbti cf thebea- 
thcn:fli and of the 
I'wifVl religion. 
b Truelyandfin- 

i Thou art not mo( 
ted witbany ap- 
Veajance and out- 
w»id fliew- 
3 TbeCbriftiani 
muncbey ibrir 
Magiftraiej, il- 
wicked and extor- 
tioners, but fo 
farre foortb ai the 
authotitie that 
Godhathover ui 
thay remaine fafe 
4intobun, and bii 
faoDour be not di* 
k, ThenorJ ihitt 
is ufett here, (ivni- 
Jieth a Ifuluw^^ and 
"r«(iif 1/ menjfui 

the frcpcrlhn 

t,iU'eir,lh,f ;r.- 

jiiKiii.n-yrh n-cre 
fM,(},„ riue. 
anruul, re,ukf'> 
for the t,H»le it 

H Before chap. 17, 
J4. there i$ men- 
tion made of a di- 
dracbroe.and here, 
of a peny. whfreai 
a dfdrachnieis mori 
by the ftventh part 
thtn a i-e.'iyrfotha 
a iarre in hcfe tw 

And he laid unto him , Friend, how cameft 
thou in hither, and haft not on a wedding-garment ? 
And he was ^ fpeechlelTe. 

1^ Then laid the king to the e Servants , Bind 
him hand and foote : take him away , and caft him 
into vtter darkenelVe ; •!• there Ihall be weeping and 
gnalhing of teeth. 

i4 i For many are called, but few chofen. 

I ^ J * Then went the I'harifes and tooke 
counfell how they might <" tangle him in talke. 

16 And they lent vnto him their difciples with 

the g Herodians , faying, Mafter, we know that thou 

art true, and teacheft the way of God h truely, 

neither careft for any man : for thou conliderefi not 

''' the ' perlbn of men. 

^ 17 s Tell us therefore .how thinkeft thou ? Is 
it lawful! to give k tribute unto Cefar , or not ? 

1 8 But lefus perceived their wickednelle , and 
faid, Why rempt ye me, ye hypocrites ? 

19 Shewe mee the tribut»-money. Andthey 
D. brought him a ' peny. 

20 And he laid unto them , whofe is this 
image and fuperfcription ? 

21 They faid unto him.Cclars. Then faid he 
unto them. , x Give therefore to Cefar , the th 

which are Cefars , and give unto God, thole things 
which are Gods. 

22 And when they heard it, they marveiled,and 
left him, and went their way. 

23 J 6 4 The lame day the Sadduces came to 
him, (which fay that there is no relurrcdion) and 
asked him, 

74 Saying , Mafter , * Moles laid , If a man die, 
having no »^ children , his brother (hall marrie his 
wife by the right of alliance, and raife up leede un- 
to his bioih!.i. 

2^ Kowe there were with us feven brethren, 
end the hrft married a wife , and deceafed : and ha- 
ving no iiVue, Ittthis wife unto his brother. 

26 Likewile alfu the fecond, and the third.unto 
the feventh. 

27 Andiaft of allthewcmandiedalfii. 

28 Therefore in the refurreclion, whofe wife 
IMI Ihe be of the feven ; for all hadher. 

19 Then lefus anfweied , and iaid unto them. 
Ye are deceived , not knowing the Scriptures , nor 
the power of God. 

30 For in the relurredion they neither man ie 
wives , nor u ives are bellowed in marriage , but are 
as the n Angeisof God inheaven. 

3 I And concerning the lefurretSiion of the 
dead , have ye norread what is Ipoken unto you of 

llacf.:bmtheyn.ay God, laying, 

eafciy be recorded 31 4 I am the God of Abraham, and thc God of 

thus: The peny wai ifajc , and the God of lacob ? God is not the God 

^::1.:but;arr!*" ofthedead btuoftheUvmg 

ding totheiropor. 33 And when the multitude heard It, they wei;e 

'tion they were aftonicif at his dodftrinc. 

rated at , ibe 3^ j A , jj^ ^yj,gj, jf^g Pharifes had heard, that 

drachnie was paid 

df every one to the Temple , which alfo the Romans tooke to themfelvei wbenth»y 
badfubdurd lutfea. + Marke j 2,17. lukc »o,i;.rom.i3 7. 6 Chivil voucbeih 
thercluiredionof ibeflefhagainft the Sadduces. 4. Msrke ijiS.iuke ao.27. 

afts 23-8. ' Dtut.2,-,;. in Vndtr ».hicbnamearedai.'gb:cisaifocomprebep- 
ded , but yet as touching the faniijie and name of a man , bfcaufe he thai left 
daughters was in no better cafe , then if he bad left no children atall , (for ihty 
'were not reckoned m the familie) by the name of children are SoniKS vndrritood. 
n He faith not that ttey (hall be withourbi;di?s , for then tbry Ihoiild no: be men 
any more , but ibey fliall be at Angels , for rh.y flull neither mdrne ncr be 
mariied: « Exod. 2.6. Maike 12,27. § ^•2'kei2,2S. 7 The Goffeldieih 
not ibolilh the precepn of the Law; butdottti ritherconmmt-tttm. 

^ J%ih, Co 


« Veui.6,;. 

The Heir 


•nrh tUm heart, 

and -n M ar. il; ,3 

tre read tvhh /lute, 
heart Jlren^th and 
S Mar.11,3,. 
rom. i3'9gal.;,i4, 
iames 1,8. 
q >>KotAfrmrf», 
8 Chriftproveth 
it Davids foane 
according to the 
flt.'h, bat other- 
wife, Davids LorJ, 
and very God. 
4* Ma 
r Ot whofe (IccJte 
or familie : for the 
mam pofterit.e 

» pru.iio.t. 


he had put the Sadduces to lilcnce , they aflemt 1 .'d 

5 y And o one of them, which was an expoun- 
der of the Law , asked him a queftion , temptino 
him, and faying, ° 

36 Mailer , which is the great commandement 
in the Law ? ^ 

37 Icfus faid to him, « Thou Ilia! t love the 
Lord thy God with all thine heart, with all thy 
K loule, antl withall thy minde. 

38 This is the hrft and the great commande- 

39 And the fecond is like unto this ,§Thou 
llialt love rhy >\ neighbour as thy felfe. 

40 On thefe two commanderaents hangeth the 
whole Law and the Ptophets. 

4' J 8 * While the Pharifes were gathered to- 
gether, lefus asked them, , 

41 _ Saying , What thinke ye of Chrift c ' whofe 
fonneishe; They laid unto hiiii .Davids. 

43 He laid unto them , How then doeth David 
in fpirit . call him Lord, faying. 

44 ♦ The Lord faid to my Lord ,Sit at my 
right hand, till I make thine enemies thy foote- 
ftouie ? 

4T If then David call him Lord, how is he his 
fbnne ? 

46 And none could anfwere him a word , nei- 
ther durft any from that day foorth aske him any 
moe queltions. 


2 HcV) the Scrrhes teaching the pecple the La-w ofMcfei , MaVe 
themfeh-ei. ; T^'e'r}eries, and Fringes. 7 Greeur.^s. 
t We arelreihren. 9ThtF^:her. iol°hef(rVar.t. t} Tt 
Jhuiihe kjilderne ofi,eal>en. 14 Tc dV.ure wid'tfet hujh, 
IS -■i I'rtfihtt. 16 Tcjtreart l^yiheTemple. 23 rcijihe 
m}nt. 2; Tocleanfe thecuifidenfihecKf. 17 I' tinted ff^ 
f.iichrei. 33 Serpents ilfiferi. 37 The Henne, 

'T'Hen fpake lefus to the multitude , and to his 

difciples. » Weeoughtto 

, 2 . Saying.The ♦ Sctib.s and the Pharifes ^ fit ^ryrck:dtr 

in Moles leate. cb/rsteachu. 

3 b All therefore whatfotver they bid you ob- purely nut ofthe 
ferve , that obfetve and doe : but after their woikes ^°"^ °' Go<l.y« 
doe not ; for they fay, and doe not. '? '!='' *' ""'''"^* 

J, r- L. . • 1 1- ■ > 1 • 1 . 'b";" evill maneit, 

4 * » Forthcy bmik heavie burdens,andgrie- H Nebem.8 4. 
voustobeburne ,andiav them onmenslhoulders. a BecaufrOod 
but they themfelves will not moove them with o«tf appointed the or. 

of their fingers. - der therefore: he 

. . ,V i_ • , L J r . ^ L^'d would have 

)- 3 All their workes they doe for to be feene h>.wordtob= 
of men : for they make their <= phyladeries broad, heard evrattom 
and make ionf; ^ the * fiindges of their o-ar- '''' mouth of hjpo. 

racntS. . ° cri.esaDdhire- 

6 § And love the chiefe place at feaftes, and to b"r'ovidedai. 
have the chiefe feates in the ? aftemblies. wayet. th.u tfaey 

7 And greetings in the markets, and to be called '^'I'ver-M^fet h;» 
of men. Rabbi, f Rabbi. doftanewh.chthej, 

proftlie, which 
phore of the feate Ihewetb .which they occupied aj teacheri of Mofei his leatoing. 
» Luke 11,46. aftes t Hypociites (or the molt partate mofl fevere 

exaSers of tbofe things which they themfelvescbitfly ocglrfl:. 3 Hypocriies are 
a.Tibiiious. c Itwatatbiead .or riband of bltwe Hike in tbe fringe of a corner, 
tee beholding whtreof Hiade tbnn to le.ticmber tbe lawet and ordioanctt of God.- 
and iherefore wai it ca4led a Poilafteiie, at yee would fay, a kei(|<t , Nuinb.jft 
38. deut.6 S. which oider the lewes afterward abufed , an bty doe now a daycr», 
which naug S.IoCni Gofpih about thtir neckei ; a ihiug condemned many yeare» 
sgoe in the Council! ofAntiocbe. d Word for word .Twilled taffeli ot thteatl 

which bai gtd at ihenethefmolt hemmesof iheirgarmenis. X Num.i f ,38. deuf. 
12 12 maike :1,3s J Luke li 43. and 20,46. e When ademblies and Council* 
are gathered logetber. f Tbii wordRab .fignifieth one that isabjve bis fellowefc 
and is as good as a number of them .- and wee may fee hy tbe repeating bf it . hav» 
proud a rule it wai. Now they were called Rabbi . which by laying'on of bands west 
viteied and declared la the world ;r, be D*ife men. . . ■• 

Bbb 4 8 « tBiit 

Chrift reprooreth the ambition, covetoufnesi S.Matthew 

8 4. 4 But be not ye e called. Rabbi, for bone 
is your dodour, t» v\it, Chrift, aad all y ee are bre- 

9 And J call no min your ' father upotithe 
earth : far there is but one , youi father which is in 
heaven.' „ 

10 Be not called k doclours : for one is your 
dodour even ChriU. 

1 1 But he that is grcateft among you , let him 

\i *■ For whofoeverl will exalt hiraielfe.lhall 
be brought lowe : and wholbever v'ili humble 
himfelfe, Ihallbe exalted. 

13 J ; Woe therefore ke unto you, Scribes 
andPharifes, "» hypocrites, becaufe ye fliut up the 
kingdome of heaven before men : for yee your 
felves goe not in , neither fuliler yee them that 
would n enter, to come in. 

14 *6 Woe be unto youj Scribes and Pharifes,, 
hypocrires : for yedevoutev.idowes houfes .even 
o vnder a colour of long prayers : wherefore yee 

the Sc'bes did I'tty Qj^jj re^;eive the grearer damnation. 

ly Woe *« unto you Scribes andPharifes, hy- 
pocrites : for ye compafle fea and p land to make 
ojieof your profelfion : and when he is made ,yee 
m.ike him twofold mote the chikie of hell, then 
you your felves. 

1 6 Woe be unto you blinde guides, which fay, 
Whofoever fweareth by the Temple it is nothing : 
but whofoever fweareth by the gold of the Tem- 
ple ,he q nflendeth. 

17 Ye fooles and blind, Whether is greater.the 
gold.or the Temple that ? fandificth the gold ? 

J 8 And wholbever fweareth by the altar , it is 
nothing , but whofoever fweaieth by the otlering 
ftarpely .vfeihiiiii tfcii;«upon ir, oflcndcth. 

word . 10 give ui to 1 p Ycc fooles and blinde , whether is greater, 
,nde»und ijiu jj^g olierinE . or the altar which fandiheth the of- 

jbere i» nothing . . o 

;„c,ed.«nable fering ? . r r uu u i 

thfo bypotrifre and 20 whofoevcr therefore fweareth by the altar, 
fjlhood in religion fv^.eareth by it,.andby allihings thereon. 

11 « And whofoever rwe.ireih by the Tempis, 
fweareth by it, and by him that dwelleth therein. 

12 * And heethat fwecrtith by heaven , fwea- 
reth by the f throne of God, and by hinv that fu- 
leth thereon. 

23 1 7 «. Woe bt to you. Scribes ^nd Pharifes, 
hypocrites:for ye thite niynt, and annyfe,andcum- 
myn,and leave the wightitr matters of the law ,4t 
, „,our Of iudgemeiK , and mercy and « tideliiic. Thele ought 
Jong puT'OR- A"^ y*^ '^ ^^'^'^ done, and not to have left the other. 
thuwoiJ, BvtD, 24 Ye blinde guides , which ftraine out a gnat, 
Botah a double andfwallowa cameli. 
S'':"hf onc,.b« 2T 5 8 Wo^ bt to you , gScribes and Pharifes 

J^ Uinei j.r. 
i| McdcA[ciii 
(jfigtrfir 0(aair.(Bt 
of OodimioiOcii. 
g Steke nonmbi- 
tiourtyafur it : f^r 
our Lord doth o''C 
forbid UI to give 
the Maritime aad 
oar Miftfuthe 
tiuoouithat iidu: 
ftinui dt fcrinoue 
verbi Doinioc cs 
Mat.eap. II' 
k He fecinnh «» 
•DdUtt. 3>.34- 
J MaUc.1,6. 
i He (hooteib at a 
ft&icn which the 
they called theB.ib 

tteedily bunt after 
fucbtitlei, whom 
verfoio hecalleth 
I* tuk( 14,11. 
aod 13,14. 
I He reeiueth to 
allude to the name 
of the Kabbiai . Tot 
B.ahfig,Rifi!:ih one 

,• Hypocritejcaa 

■bide none 10 be 

better hca them- 


ra Cbiiliwheobe 

rHitovttbany ipaa 

Whith art even 
-i Marke 11,40. 
iuJte »o,47. 
i Itiiacommoa 
tbing among by- 
j>ocrite« .toabafe, 
thepreiince of 
leileto covetouf- 
BtlTe and eitonioa. 
o word for word, 
■vndei a colour 

h.y devoured rlvi. hypocritcs : for yee make cleane rhe vtterfideof 

dowel gcod»: the the cup.and of trie platter : but wichin they ate fulj 

other, that they did of bribcrieand excefle. 

"odiin'fe . -< Thou blinde Pharife. clcanfe firft the inlide 

I Tba diiipari : of the cuppe and platter, that the outlide of them. 

Bowibitrattof may be cleane alfo. 

that earth n«iled ^ Woc fc« toyou, Scribes^nd Pharifes.hypo- 

drie.wbtththeLoia • ' ' ;•■ .... •*, "> 1^ 

ctitcs : for ye are like unto whited tombes , which 
appeare beautifull out ward, but. are within.filll of 
dead mensbonc^s .and allfTlthineiVc. 

]Mtb niven 
Va 10 dwell ufoo. 
e^Ii a^cbici. 
Sianei ar: called 

\a iht Syrian toagut, lebti. and it iicertaioethat Chiift fjiake in ths Syrian tongue, 
t Caufetb ih« golde to be counied holy, which ii dcdicaie to ao hcly ufc. +1 .kings 
a,'.i. ackion'.a. * Cbap.j.j^, f II keavtn be Godi throne , tbeo iihene 
al^'ub'i tbove all thii world. 7 Hjfocriteiaisiatcfull in tiiflei.and negkathe 

««.^ftthiogiofpi;ii)o(e. » Luke 11,41. t Jaiibfuliitirein keepiogof 

jnonifei. 3 Hyroiiileiiit too much catcfuUefouina((t»i^iiigi,viiibcinnv<l. 

and hypocrilie of the Pharjfesj 

18 So are yee alfo : for outwarde yee appeare » Hypocritei 
righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hy- '^^ ''"''' P"* . 
picrifieandiniquitie. J ^^thtirTkX 

19 ♦ »Woet<untoyou,Scribes andPharifes. neHe.tbeodoihff 
hypocrites : for ye build the tombes of the Pro- bythe-uftiudge- 
phets ,and garnilhthefepulchres of the righteous, '^•'"ofGod. 

30 Andfay . If we had bene inthedayes of our ^^p^lt™b''e ' 
fathers, wee would not have beene partners with uWoftheiewev 
them in the blood of the Prophets. which haih thii 

31 So then ye bewitneffes unto your felves, "'"°'''S'p°*veo» 
that yee are the children of them that murthered •|[^,,*[''',t'^ar' 

the Prophets. length your wic 

31 tt Fulhllyealfothemeafureofyourfathcrs. kedntflimaycome 
3 3 O ferpents ,the generation of vipers , how ""'" f^""- , 

Q;ould ye efcapc the damnation of < hell ! *,^;°|^' ^'''P ^• 

34 10 wherefore behold, I fend unto you Pro- ,o n^pocriteibe 

phets , and wifemen , and Scribes, and of them yee crueii. 

Ihall kill, and crucihe, and of them (hall ye fcourge '» Tbeendof 

in your Synagogues . and perfecutc from ciiieto fl;cTtert'e'ooa'ef. 

"tie, vnder. be pre. 

35r >« That upon vou may come all the righte- tenceof «iie. 
ous blood that was (bed upon the earth , + from ♦ Geii.4,». 
the blood of Abel the righreous , unto the blaod of ^^'JSe" b", 
Zacharios the fonne of y Batachias , § whom ye tach-iih .thatii," 
flew betweene the Temple and the altar. bieaid ofihe tor*.; 

i6 Verely 1 fay unto you , all thcfe things fhall * •<^'"°'»-»4>"« 
come upon this generation. metro" God at 

37 " * Hierufalem , Hierufalem , which killeft ^"a Jft, the°re wl» 
the Prophets .and flonefi them which are fent to greateft wicked. 
thee, how often would I have z gathered thy chil-^^iandribeiiion-, 
dr,n together, as the heme gathered her chickins .^llL^etdgV 
vnder her win« , and ye would not • mentiof God. 

38 Beholde , your habitation Ihallbe left unto ♦ Luke 13,34. 

youdefoLue. ^ He fptaketh of 

39 For I fay unto you, yee fhall not fee niee '^,'','^1'^';™^'^,';;^"* 
henceforth till that yefay .Bieffedsihe thatcom- waipromifedfor 
meth in the Name of the Lord., tbefaywg ofthi. 

people, fowaihs 
rwiPVVTV *"^° carefull for «, 

U n A r. XXIV. even from the lime 

that the prom ife wU 

% TUJefirunKitfihlTtrnfU. 4. Tkf,£„t>t/C!,,iJ}n'""^^»Abtihtm. 
tommin^. 11 Ini'jui'ie. i) fttlje Chrifs. ly The [i^ngiof 
tht tnd cflU w-rlJ. i> The ^n^els. 31 Thtfytree. 37 Tht 
ttajes of Nae. 41 We mufl vjauh. ^S T he ferlrMt. 

, , , r , • Marfce 13,1: 

A Nd + lefus went out. and departed from the luke ai.j.*. 

Temple, and hisdifciplesArame to him, to Ihew 
him the bulding of the Temple. » Thede/iruaioa 

1 I An<.l Icfus faid unto them , See yee not all "; '*" ''"' ""} 
thefe things ? Verely 1 fTiy imio you ,» there Shall TJ'mpi.ufc.'t* 
not be here leftaftoneuponaftone .that fball not toWe. 
becaftdowne. ♦ Luke 19,44. 

3 And as he fate upon the mount of Olives, * y*' church 
his iKfciples came unto him apart . faying , Tell us ^^",1, *^'SS witis 
when thefe things ihallbe .andwhatfigney7W/te infinite miferin 
ofthy comming, and of the end of the worliU ai.dofTeacei, 1 

4 » And lefns anfwered .and faid unto them, ^J"*' ■"°"' 
* Take hederhat no man deceive you. t 

y For many (hall come in my Name , faying , 1 yiftoiie and tri. 
am GbrilV , and Ihall deceive many, umi-b commeth. 

6 And ye fi-;all heare of warres .and rumours ♦Ep'Ji^fi-";' ''iS,' 
of warres : fee that yee be not * troubled : for all f J"bi'pg?a,." 
thefe things ooufl come 10 palfe , but the » ende is fulfilled, yet tbt ecd 

not yet. Ibttl not come. 

y For nation (hall rife againft nation .and '' E«»y«''«"- 
realme againft realme , and t^ere Ihall be fa- ^f^;::' f^^Z'f.' 
mine, and peftilence , and earthquakes in b' divers like unto womto. 

places.. in tt«aile. 

8 All thefe are but the beginning of s for.. • Chap..o.,7 

** " ' luXe 11,11 loho 

5. «'Tben fliallihcy delLveryouiiptobeaf- '^'"■*" '*'^ 

falfe ptopheu, fa< 

FalfeChriftes. Thefignes 

Ghap. XXV. 

oftheendofthev?orld. 23 

« I. Their. 3. 1 3. 
3 TheGofiel 
broad, rage ib« 
devill never fo 
much : and tb.y 
^hich dee coe- 
ftjutly beletve, 
d luyfuUtidiogJ 

fli£teJ , and fliall kill you , and yc ihall be hated of 
all nations for my Names fike. 

10 And then iliail many be offended, and fliall 
betray one another, and flwil hate one another. 

1 1 And many falfe prophets Ihai! arile.and iball 
deceive many. 

1 i And becanfe iniquitie (liall be increafed.the 
love of many iliall be cold. 

1343 Bat he thit endiireth to the end.he fhall 
be faved. , 

14. Antlthis<iGofpelofthek5ngdomellialloe 
ofthe kiDgdome of preached through the whole « world for a witncCe 
'''"'"•. aiuhac untoallnations . and then a«ll the end come, 
llT^lt't: 1 r 5 4 When ye S therefore Ihall fee the r abo. 
in. tuinacion of deioUiion ipcken of by* David tne 

4 The Kingdome pfophet.fet in the hoIy place (let him that readeth 
ofChriftn,allu« *.„„\•.„:t^ -"^ 

Kle oa.:'" ,6 Then let them which be in ludea. flee into 
ra!em it vtccriy ' the moiiniaines. 

d«ftroyed,bu:fliall j^ Let him which IS in the houfe top.not coDie 
be ftretched out ^j ^^g jjj, f^tch any thing out of his houfe. 
Srid'. 18 And hee that is Tn the field, let not him re- 

jMarke 13,14. tumc backe to fetch his g cloathes. _ 

19 And woe yZKt/t< to them that are with child. 

and to them that givcfucke in thofedayes. 
1 20 Butpray that your flight be not in the wm-" 

ter , neither on the 4. Sabbath irfj. 

a J For then flull be great tnbulatian , fach as 

was not from the beginning of the worlde to this 

time, norfhallbe. 

21 And except thofe dayes flaonld be lliorce- 

that were fet up in ^g j ^ jj^g^ g Owuld no k ficlh be faved : but for the 
mhe?i'biDke!'e ' clcds lake thofe dayes !halbe (liortened. 


the Church 

Luke XI. 

f TbeaboinioatioB 

of dWoIaiioii, that _ 

Uiofay , which I " 

niec deief. and can 

not reafoi 



of it : and he fpea- 


he ra'arniog 23 Then if any man (hall fay unto you,Loe.hete 
isChrift,orthete,beleeveitnot, , 

14 For there Qiall arife falfe Chrift, & falle pro- 
* Th,"; heVokenetb phcts.Sc 1 ihall ibew great iignes 8c wonders.lo ^ if 
tC^, ?:rre It were poisible . they Iboulti deceive J very eled. 
tha.Ihallbe. 25 Behold. 1 have told you before. 

kaSki.^j- jg Wherefore if ihey Ihall fay unto you , Be- 

Li\ruVTa .*V hold, he is in the defert.goe not forth : Behold.he 
Jy on the Sabbath is in thc fecret places, beieevc it not. 
4ay,iQiei>b.b..ok.J3. ^7 For as the lightening commcth oiu ot the 
i Tnofechirgs Eaft ,and js feene into the Weft, lo Iball ahothe 
«,hichbefelhbe ^.^^^i f .^g gonne of man be. 


of (he lewes. 

intbes-f. yetre.. 1 8 J For wherefoever a deacle m carkeife ts. 

wbenaitbe wbole thither wil] the Egles be githercd together. _ 
J»Bdwa. wafted, 29 X « And 'mmcdiatly after the tribiikncns 

"f 'of H°erufaiem of thofe d.iy es Ihall the fanne be darkened, and the 
„keo . and boih it moonc ihall not give her light, and the ftarres iha 
and their Temple fall from heavcn , and iRe powers of heaven Iball 

d«n'°H-""'""'*belhakeR. .ex. 

v.„h tbofc ^^^j ^^^^ ^j, ,hg n figne of the 

«ifa!&;i Jiall c 

paffebtforetbeiait Sonnc of man in heaven : and then ihall all tne 
commiLg of our „ kinreds of the earth p mourne , § and tlity; Ihall 
to"'- ^^,,„,tio„ fee the Sonne of man come in the clouds of hea- 
fliluld" t°er* V be° ven with power and great gloiy. . 

!r.ft";;d and .h« ? , -^^nd he than fend his Angels with a great 
Wrd Fieil. b, a founJ of a trumpet,, and they lh.ill gather together 
*^""."^''/^' his eled , from the f fcure windes , and hom the 

*'^Ma[r3S'l''ke,7.>3.1 Shall openly Uyfuch great r,gn..former,,ob.!»M. 

♦ Lukei7 37 ! The oi:ely remedieagainft the fjriouiiage of the v 

rathered as'd lo'ya*'' «> C*"'"- » CbiiR- vtho will come with fpeed > 

iill be «itb a maiellieto vvhomeall fliall flocke even a. Egie.. .J. M.r..>,i4- l-'k ., 

r, ef° .r'0."«''-3-7"«' ->■• « Everlafticg damnation Ib.lbe the e.d oUhe 

feLrit eof the vsick.d, and eveiUfting biilTe , ofthe miferieiof.he godly. n Jbe 

b*ar« »i eanh dta*eth iudge.he worUe. o All nation. : aad be allu- 

-I, anfra.1 P They (hall be in fuch foiow . that they Oiall Alike themfclvei : and 
iVi.».o.f.M;d.o.h.mommng, * Revel.,.,- dao. T-tj. q S.tting upon the 

cloud., be waiiaken up into heawa-*; » l,Coi,ti,f».t,ibtU^,ltr' 

1 hit ptefeoce 


one end of the heavens unto the Other. ^ ifsodhaifa prt^ 

32 7 Nowlearne the parable ofthe figge tree: fcribed ace; tain* 
whenher bough is yet f tender. 8c it puitethforth order to "«j'Jf'i> 
leaves, ye know that fommerwneere. _ re^ooneToto^hi* 

3j So likewife ye.when ye fee all thefe things, etemaii mdge- 
know that tht kingdomg of Cod is neere , tvena.t the men!., but the 
dores. ^ ^'"'"'^ uDrieraahd 

3 4 Verely I fay unto you. this t generation (hall l^^'^^^Xat 
notpatfc.till all thefe things be done, it^butihegodly 

,^{ X s-Heaven and earth Ihall paffe away : bnt doe mark* it , and ■ 

my v7ordes Ihall not pafl'e away. rwh'°''h'' tende/4 

369 But of that day & houre knoweth no man, ^^^ ft," ^i'^h that 

no' not the Angels of heaven.but my father onely. ,he fjppe which is 

}7 Butasrhedayesof Noex/VfW.folikewile the life of the nee, 

lliall the comming ofthe Sonne of man be. '"ome f'<"" '•'« 

38 S For as in the dayes before the flood, they [°^'b"';;,'. 
did eate and drinke, mat'rie, and give in matiage, word gentration 
unto the day that Noe entted into the Arke, or Age, beiag vfej ■" 

39 And knew nothing till the flood came, and fotthemenofthu 
tooke them all away , (o Ihall alTo the comming of ^^'wark.n.jr.' 
the Sonnc of man be. j the Lord doetb 

40 to* Then twcufl^all be in the fields, the one now begin the 
{l:albe teceived.and the otherlhall be refufed. t''''^!;"!" ^I'k^*''' 

41 X Two women Ihalbe grinding at f milhthe JaTf ir«h«Uu 
one llialbe received , and the other refufed. ,(, day 

42 " § Watch therefore : for yee knowe not 9 u i.fufKt'en*' 
what houre your mafter will come. ^l' "' " \°'"l!'.n.- 

43 * Of this be-fure. that if the good man of ;tt;.?da Ut'.tr' ' ' 
tkehouleknewe at what watch the thiefe woulde dayfonbereao.) 
come , hee would furely watch .and not fuffer his .ingofaluhingj* 
houfe to be digged through. ^"J T.^Tddea * 

44 Therefore be ye alio ready :for in the houre J^^^ u.aii, for ou» 
that ye thinke not .will the Sonne of man come, profit , that we maj.- 

4? ■*' Whothen is a faithfuU fervant and wife, be.fomuchtbe 
whom his Mafter hath matle ruler over his houfe- "'°''v«";^lf * - 

... . , ' I r tQaiweocDot -- give them meat mfealon? _ ukenaithey vwt«^ • 

4< Bkifcd h that fervant . whom his mafter io old time ioiba 
when he commeth, Ihallfind fo doing. flood. 

4 7 Verely I fay unto you , hee ihall make him *J'"''V.n« 3'. Jo^^ 
ruler over all his goods. ^ . , . , n The woid which 

48 But if that evill fervant Ihall fay in his heart, the Euaogeiift v. 
My mafter dothdeferre his comming. fe.h , eipreifeth the 

49 And begin to fmite his fellowes.and to eat, --7.7„.t"l^,, 
andtodiinkeuith the drunken, _ u is a word which 

ja That fcrvantes mafter will come in a day, i, proper to biuit* 
when hee looketh not for him.and in an houre that beatUzandhi.mea. 

1 ■ . r ningii, that in 

■^ J?Anjt!nry cut him off.and oive hira his por- 'tltivtSei!!'*^ 
tion with hypocrites; * there IhalTbe weeping and bdiieiiik* unto 
gnalhing of teeth. J).uitebe.ft:for 

to Againdibeini 
and doe by th» 

otbefwife it it do 
faultto eat and 
perfwadt themfetvet that God will bemetcifuH ■ 

t» all mens and doe by thai mean, give over thtmfelveitolione , thatthey mayio ■ 
the meaoe while in pleafute void ofall care. Lukei7,3«. » Th»Gte.k« 

women and tbeBarbaiiani did grind and bake. Plui.booke Proble. ii Aoex. 
ample ofthe horrible carelefuelfe ofmedinihofe thing, whereof they ought to b« 
muncatefull. X Mar. 13, 3;. .>; -Luke 11,39. i.'hea.j.a. revela:.i«,if. 

♦ Lukeii,4J. y Tov^ii.from thereft .orwiU cut him into i Wo patu, which ' 
wa. a muftcruell kind of puoilhmtnt , wbtiewito a. luftine Martyr witD«a«ih , fifay - 
,be Prophet wai executed by the lewi : the like kiiid of punilhmtnt Vrt «ad i»f 
,-Sam.i;,33.andD4Ti.3,js. § Cbjp.i3.42aadi;.30, 

C H A V. XXV. 

, T *f -v.VrJnr-lc.^w.? f" ''"• fi'?"^'-."' ""• > 3 W> rr.nn 

mtck. 14 rn*tMtntUdil'irtiluntclhtfiT)>inU. a^ 

rA».»)iiU 'e>'i..<»'r. 30 ^1/ttr Vfhaifirt iht UJl Mlt- 

fntnifhalit. .(I Thecurffd. 1 W«-«uf){4<filt 

'T' Hen « the kingdom of heaven Ihall be likened ttreogth at Gc.d« 

■'■"'unto ten virgines , which tooke their lampes ^^"'^'J"3,'^''5^^ 

and a went forth to meet the bridegroome. _ .^*rwetvaiK« 

» 4nd five of them^ere wile, and Ine fooliih. ,b,uugh ttiii 

dafkeneffe, tobring u.loour eode : othe/wifeif weeb.coaeiloatbfuaand 
»«<ligenta.wearleofouf paiDeiandttave»,wee OiallbeOiutoutot toedore.. 

• Tbepoavpeof bride-ik^waJWWMlMAlBSftpMlWb* k.pul»|U»»>tSll»*»?»" 
aad Aitbj(a««ilelt, , 

3 "r.*! ' 

The virgins, and talents. 

't> Tlitir rjti biini 
h.ait rvi I' Stcef<. 

3 The fooliili tooke tllfeir lampe: 
nooyle with them. 

4 But the wife tooke oyle in their vcffels with 
their lampes. 

J Now while the bridegrome taried long , all 
b fliimbred and ilepr. 

6 ArK.'. at midnight there was aerie made , Be- 
hold, the bridegroome coir.meth : goe out to meet 

7 Then all thofe virgines arofe and trimmed 
their lampes. 

8 And the fooliili faid to the wife > Give us of 
yoia oyle, for our lampes are out. 

9 But the wife anlwered , faying , Not fo , leaft 
there will not be y nough for us and you ; but goe 
ye rather to them that lell, and buy for your felves. 

10 And while they went to buy, the bridegrom 
came : and they that were readie.went in with him 
to the wedding, and the gate was Ihut. 

I I Afterwards came alio the other virgins,fay- 
ing. Lord, Lord, open to us. 

1 2 But he anfwered, and faid , Vereiy I fay un- 
to you, I kr.ow you not. 

1 3 « Watch therefore : for ye know neither the 
3 day , nor the honre.when the Ton of man will come. 

14 S » For the klngdomt of hexven it as a man 
that going into a tUauge countrey , called his fer- 
vants, and delivered to them his goods. 

I y And unto one he gave five talents,and to an- 
other two , and to another one, to every man after 
H'n"oiwi,'hiian-' *^'s owne cibility.Sc Ihaight way went from home. 
ng that , be will J<S Then hec that had received the five talents, 
that day taktaa went and Occupied with them, and gained other 

'^^ 1 7 Likewifealfohethatrifcf/w^/two, heealfo 
gained other two. 

18 But hee that received that one, went and dig- 
ged it in the earth , and hid his mailers money. 

1 9 But after a long feafon , the maftcr of thole 
fervants came.andreckoned with them. 

20 Then came hec that had received five ta- 
lents, and broughcother five talents, faying. Maftcr, 
thou deliveredit unto mee five talents : behold. 1 
have gained with them other five talents. 

21 Then his mailer faide unto him , It is well 
done good fervant and faithfull , Thou haft beene 
faithful! in little, I will make thee ruler over much; 
d enter into thy mafters ioy. 
■ 22 Alfohethathad^eceivedtwotalents.came, 
and faide , Mafter , thou dclivereft unto mee two 
talents : behold ,1 have gained two others talents 

23 His Mafter faide unto him , It is well done 
rrmiine in , on tnd g^^j fe,vant, and faithfull. Thou haft beene faith- 
your ,^j oe t^ij,iM. ^^^jjj^^ Hale, I will make thee ruler over much : en- 

ter into thy m.ifters ioy. 

24 Then hce that had received the one talent, 
came .and faid .Mafter , I knewe that thou waft an 
hard man > which reapeft where thou fowedft nor, 
and gatherell where thou ftrawedft not ; 

2^1 was therefote afiaid, and went,and hid thy 
talent in the earth : behold, thou halt thine owne, 

2(> And his mafter anfwered.and faid unto him, 
Thou evill fervant, and (lothfull, thou kneweft that 
1 reape where 1 lowed not , and gather where I 
ftrawed not. 

27 Thou oughtcft therefore to have put my 
mony to thce e;i*;hangers,Sc then at n,y comming 
(bould I have received mine owne with vantage. 

ii Tak'e therefoxs the talent from h,im , and 

S. Matthew. 

but tooke 

4 Cbap.i4,4j. 

a Cbrift witnef. 
ieth that there dial 
+u; a loDg lime be 

lure to hii father, 
and hii coniin:ng 

of the rebel 
and ohftiaate, faoW 
' tbey havd bellow- 
ed that wkith 
they receiied of 
faim.butalfoof hi« 
boiifhold fervanii, 
whicfe have not 
through nothful- 
neHe imployed 
thofe gifti which 
he bellowed upoo 

C ^cccrdin^ to 
the Tvifijfme and 
skit ii d.utin/, 
•nrhuh rvui^iirn 

d Cvrrttj and re- 
ieilrei!,e fruit „f 
^'jcJneffCi notv the 
i.ordl ioj u ditU- 
UeJ.UUo ,y,ii. 
lUit mj i,y rndy 

ivhu!, iui'e the Mkftir i 
i hlcifcl akoid, 
nl:e,e lUty let < 


give it unto him which hath ten talents. 

29 4 For unto every man that hath, it fhall be X Chap.ij^zi. 
given , and he IhiU have abundance, and from him "U'ke 4,1^. . 
that hath not, even that he hath ihalbe taken away. '"^' *•' s- 

30 Caft therefore that unprofitabje fervant in- *° "'**" 
to vtter§ darkenelVe : there (iiallbe weeping and § Chjp.s,i2. 
gnalbing of teeth. aod 21,13. 

51 f 3 And whentheSonneefmancemmeth 3 Ai'^'y^""'"? 
in his glorie.and all the holy Angels with him,then m"g ° ^gV^o"'*' 
Ihalihelitupon the throne of hisglorie. which it 10 come. 

3 2 And before him Iball he gathered all nati- 
ons, and hee Iballfeparate them one from another 
as a lliephearde feparateth the Iheepe from the 

33 And he fliall fet the (lieepe on his right hand, 
and the goats on the left. 

34 Then Ihailthe king fay to them on his right 
hand, Come ye fblelVed of my father; take the in- ^ ^Hf^ *'■'' '"«(" 
heriranceofthekingdouie prepared for you from ''ptTdrX^CZ^a'^ 
the foundation of the world. ahundtntiy kc 

35- * For I was an hungred , and ye gave me Rowed his henefiiei: 
meat : I thirfted ,and ye gave me drinke ; 1 was a * ^f^'-s^^i- 
ftranger, and ye tooke me in unto you. '*" "' '^' 

i6 I was naked, and yee cloathed mee ; I was 
* iicke, and yee viiited me;I was in prifon,and yee * EuIu.t.h, 
came unto me. 

37 Then Ihall the righteous anfwere him.fay- 
ing, Lord, when law wee thee an hungred , and feil 
thee ( orathirft.and gave rhee drinke ? 

38 And when law we thee a ftranger .and tooke 
thee in unto us ? or naked.and cloathed thee ? 

3,9 Or when faw we thee ficke.or in prifon.and 
came unto thee ? 

40 And the kingfl^all anfwere , and (ay unto 
them, Vereiy I fay unto you, in as much as ye have 
done it unto one of the leaft ofthefe my brethren, 
ye have done it to me. 

4 1 Then Ihall he fay to them on the left hand, 

± Depart from me ye curled , into everlafting fire, ^ pfal.s.S. 
which is prepared for the devill and his angels. Cl»p-7.i3., 
4i For I was an hungred, and ye give mee no 1"'" '^''7- 
meat ; I thirfted, and ye gave me no lidnke; 

43 I wasaftranger,a:idyetjokemcnot inun- 
to you; ! vias naked, .ind ye cloathed me not: Iicke, 
and iij pnlun. and ye vifited me not. 

44 Then Ihail I hey alfo anfwere him, faying. 
Lord, when (aw we thee an hungred , or athirft,or a 
ftranger, or naked , or Iicke , or m prifon , and did 
not minifter uf-to thee ? 

45- Then Ihall he anivverethera.and fay ,Verely 
I fay unto you , in as much as yee did it not to one 

of the leaft ofthefe, ye did it not to me. 

46 * And thefe Ihall goe into eveilaftinj 
and the righteous into life eternall. 


nfulijtion of the I'riejh «f«j(i;( 
I udiis fiUelf, him. 


,;l ChriJ}. s nil fen 
ointed. 1,- ludasfiHethhim. 16 -/he •»Jliiuiio„ 
of the j'upper , 3^ and 36 Peieri dcni.iU. Cliriji is he^l>ie. 
47 llejihetr.iycd-[vitt>ak.if>t. S7 He ii led to Caiaphts. 
«4 He confifcth himfelfe to beChriJI. 67 Thtyjfii jt him. 

A Nd » , itcimetopaiVe, when lelus had fini- f^^"!^' "f'^- 
Ihed all thelefayings, hee (aide unto hisdif- "cbwii'wi^oef. 

cipleS, fetb byhis volun. 

2 a Ye know th.u after two dayes is the Pafle- ""« g'^' 'g '» 
over , and the Sonne of man (halbe delivered to <'"'''•'''•« •"^w'H 

, • • 1 makefuUfaiijfa- 

beCrUClbed. ftion for the ftnne 

3 <• Tlieii ailerabled together the chiefe Pricfts, of Adam, by hu 
and the Scribes, and the b'deis of the people into obedienee. 
the hall of thehigh i'rieft called Caiaphas ; . * f °'' ''""'''"■* 

*^ * and not nica, ap^ 

fQiatcdtaeiiuK [|>Jt Chtiit QlQUidbt crucified in. f loba nw?- 

4 And 

Oyntmentpowredon Clin'ft, 

Cbp. XX VL 

The Lords Supper. 14 

4 And confulted together that they might take 
a By ti,;.- wrrde I^fus by fubt ilty , an d kii i h im . 
Fe.tft,umrantthe J But they (ail, Nor on the a feaft </.y , Icift a- 
roMefiafitfun- ny uprcue be among the pe- 'pie. 

rvhtrtoftrerefi thehouleot Simon ih." leper, 

hoh.ihdiihy . 7 b TheiecameuiKohima 
ntihtdono miner a c boxe of vcty coHly ointment , and powrcd it OH 

t{nri. ;","; his head as he fate at the table. 

tcm%nyofthe And when his n difcipks Tawe It , they hatl 

Sjnhcdria deier. indignation, faying, What needeth this ^ wafte? 

mheJ tiherwfc: 9 Poi this oy Htmcnt might have beene fold for 

tcp.Jelh'rm'h' much, and bene givei>tothe poore. 

Ct'dsfroUdeiie, 1° 4 And Icliis knowing it , fayd iinto them, 
thit chriji fufjired Why tfoiible ye the woman ? for Ihe hath wrought 

at tUi lime, to the a good wotkc Upon me. 

recliee}ifit'i ' ' * / For yee have the poore alwayes with 

mighite nitnefTej you, but me (hall ye not have alwayes. 

cfhi'tiiirUJlw^ 11 For fin that ihe powred his ointment oa 

fj^'fi"- my body , (he did it to kury me. 

iThn^M 2."*'^' '5 Verely I fay unto you , wherefoever this 

3 BythiifudJen Gofpellhall be pleached thorowout all the world, 

worke of a (infuU there fliall jTo this that (lie hath done , be fpoken 

v»omajT,chriftgi. of for 3 m( r. .oriall of hcr. 

rnde^fuL of hT. H. S * Then one of the twelve . called ludas 

dtath, and butiail Ifcariotjwent unto the chiefe Piiefts, 

which wa. nigh: ly Andfayd, What wiU ye giveme , and I wiU 

the favour where- deliver him uiito vou , and they appoiiited unto 

cJa'^rn'r,:^'"' himthirtie^^..o'fftlver. 

which flee unto ^6 Andfrom that time, he foiight opportunity 

him. Becaufeiudaj to betray him. 

taketh ao occafioa ,7 j x 5 Nqw g on the firft day of the fealt of 

pHft hi". wicM unleavened bread.the difciples came to lefus . fay- 

purpofe and ing unio him. Where wilt thou that we prepare for 

counfeli. thee to eate the Palleover ? 

^ ^°' '*'■(' f"" 18 And he fayd , Goe ye into the citie to fuch 

cZiliZmcir 3 ""^n. and fay on him , The mafter fiith. My time 

hJifkitm .-tnd is at hand : I will keepe the ^'aReover at thine 

jeifimethinkt houfe with my difciples. 

that theEHang,- ,9 ^nd the difciples did as lefus had given them 

hfflo'u"! '"" charge, and made ready the Paffeover. 

c Thifehcxtsycite 10 it So when the even was come, hee h late 

»/ it!. tb after , yvhiih downc with the twelve. 

'" 'W' "■"« """ 1 1 And as they did eate.he fayd.* Verely,! fay 

""utVltZetts- ""'° you.ihar one of you Ihall betray me. 

^firfmenri",il'»t 12 And they were exceeding fofowfull , and 

aiat-tjier kfep"'' beoan every one of them to fay unto him , Is it I, 

eiiitment ■wiilici'f Mafter? 

hoo"/t°"aJT ^^ ^"'^ ^^ anfwered and fayde.* Heethat 

dThi'jh a fitur'e ' dippcth his hand with mee in the difli , hee lliall 

c^ftej syneciotUe: betray mcc. 

fTiiufi,dtutof 24 Surely the Sonne of man goeth his way, 

Juiiat ihuthewat 
mcoVcd thereat, 

Jc'miz.^. t f'nfrcfitalU/f ending. 4WeoughtDot ra0ily tocondemne th«t which 
15 coi orderly done. J Deut.ij.ii. / Chrill, who was once anointed in hiiovine 
perfoc , mult alvi'ayesbe anoiDced in the poore. f inthAtf^e feyvr^dt^yji cintment 
ufmmyUay ,Jkedrdii,abuneme. * Mdr. i^,\o. 4 Aftir. 14,12. /«4? 12.7. 
6 Cbiill vtitly purpofingto bring uiintoour countreyomofhand.and fo to abrogate 
the figure of the Lawi fulfilleihthe Law.negleS ing the contra: y tradition aud cuftoir.e 
cl :fce le'Ae, andihercwitball ftievieih tbatsll thing* {liallfo come topalTfby the 
miuiUfrieof men, tbatthefecretcoutfellof Godftiall govemethein. g T'/ij ymt 
thefcurtten'h d.iy .fthefirfl mcieth .- and the fir'l cfunlejhened lre.idfnould huVe beene 
the fifteenth , h<t< becanjeihis d.tyei eVenin^ (ychul: .tfier the m.inrier vfihe R^cmanet 
tvJi referred ttithe d.n htfcrt) itdielen^ty the I ewes m.:ner to tke d,ty follo-n,in^,thire- 
fore it 11 called the frjld.iy of unleaUned tread. A iK^fli.M. b Betaufe the Latv ' ■ 
affiir.ted them te le/hod , and ha^t their pa)feiin their handes , at though they wert in 
hafle, therehtl'ttcleidihcred that they f.ite not donne rrhen they did eale the Paffe- 
clier , latftetd.fir cthi'tr'Ji trhen they nent to meat ,tley tut ojf their fh.oes : there- 
fere he ffe.tk_ethhtre in ihit fiace .noltfthe Pa(:ecl/cr,l,ut of the Sappier, rvhichrfat 
eiitlnied afierthatthe rafeeVerrratfclemnriydonl. » Matke t^.it i'hn 13.11. 
St P/il.41,9. i That ittt faj,vhcm 1 VcuchPifid tocomettmy tihie, uUudiny to 
the fUte l'fal.^t,io. trlmhii r't/otobe undirjhed , as though at the felfe ftmein- 
f! and that the Urdffakf thefeyptrds , ludai had had hish.tndin the d-fh ( (or had 
ieiean Mndtuitid tiil^n) int it it mtant of kit tahWni arid titini nt'ii thim. 

as it is written of him : but wo be to that man , by ^ , , , , 
whom the Sonne of man is betrayed : it had beene auJ„',\,^l ,u^" 
good for thatman , if hi never bene borne. /«» tc Utrajhun. 
2 J 1 hen Iud,-»sTt which betisyed him , anA^'e- 

j6 '74. And dS they did eate , lefus ^oke the inditutu'h a c<w 
• bread, and when lie h.-.d ' nleiVed , he brake ir , and covenant ^\!th 
gaveittothedircip!es,andkid,Take,eate : mthis "'^*^'^""- 

is my body. , ^ , • ' Ma<k°'fai'tii"Had 

27 Alio hfl tooke the cup, and when he had gi- given thanke, .- and 
ven thankes, he gave it to them , faying, Drinke ye therefotr b! 
"all of it. ^°i\r.°ct,i;Min^' 

i3 o For this is my blood of the p newe Tefta- kindtVf mu'rmu? 
ment that is Ihed for many , for the remiffian of ting and force of 

finneS, words: ai^d ytt the 

29 I fay unto you .that I will not drinke hence- ^J^^^ »"=* •''-"^ ^ '_"_^^ 
forth ofthis fruit of the vine untill that day ,when na'arrbntin°qu'a" 
I ihall drinke it new with you in my Fathers king- litie, for they be- 

dome.' come undoubted 

aj" And when they had fungga Pfalme, they '°'i'","'I'^'^°'i^ 

-' . , ' r^i- ■ and blood ofChrift, 

went out into the mount ot Olives. □ ,, oftbfirowne 

31 1 s § Then laid lefus unto them, 411 ye fliall natuicor forteef 

heoffendedby me this night : for it is V^ritten , I wordi.but byChriii 

* will fmite the Ihephearde , and the Qieepe of the *="' i"/"'""'!""' • 

- , rt ti r 1 wbttn mill beieci" 

flocke (lialbelcattered. „d3„j 1,;^ fo„h, 

3 z' But 4. aftej I am rifen againe.I will goe be- that faith may find 

fore you into Galile. wliat to lay hold on 

jj But Peter anfwered , and faide unto him, bo'i" in the word 

Though that all men ihould be oftended by thee, ', Tb'iriraTg«al 

yet will I never be ouended. tive fpeech, wmcb 

34 ^ lefus faide unto him, Verely I fay unto '• called Metooy- 

thee, that this night, before the cocke crowe, thou ""^ • '''.^" '* '° '^^' 

„ , , . ,"r theputtitig ofone 

(haltdeniemetnnle. ^^ „ ,. name for another 

3y Peter (aide unto him , Though I Ihould die fo calling the bread 

with thee.I will in no cafe deny thee. Likewife al- bii body", which it 

fo laid all the difciples. '^' ^'^'■'ITi T'^" 

}6 ? * 9 Then went lefus with them into a ^'yet^notwirhiUn- 

place which is calledGethfemane.and ftid unto his diog. it if fo a ligu. 

difcip'es.Sit ye here, while I goe.and pray yonder, larive and changed 

37 And he tooke unto him Peter , and the two "V""? <'("fp«<;|>.'i'3« 
fonnes of Zebideus, and began to waxe forrow- ceive'chrm indeed 
full, and rgtievoully troubled. with ail his gifiei 

38 1° Then faid lefus unto them,Myfoule is (though by a fpiri. 
verie heavie , even unto the death : tary ye here, '"^" ">"" '.^^i^'' 

, , . > J J come one with niiit,. 

and watch with me. n Therefore they 

39 So he went a little further , ami tell on his which tooke away 
face, and prayed.faying, O my Father.if it be poffi- the cup fromtbe 
ble.f let this t cup palle from me : neverthelelfe. People did againft 
notasI\vill,but asthou Wilt, ^^^^ 

40 "After , hee came unto the difciples , and o To wit , this cup 
found them afleepe.and faid to Peter ,What ? could or «ine,ij my blood 

ye not watch with me one houre ? Sacramenraliy, as 

p'jenanr, rhjt ii tofij, whereh 'he new Uame andtelien.1nt ii made. for inmit- 
kin-i ofU.i.uei, ihej ifcd poyvr-n^ of ivtne^ir.dfheMit^, cf UoU. ^ Til'hen •.hey hud ■ 
modi an end of their folemns ffg-n^,, Vfhlchfime :hinkj:n.u ft:;e_ l%l,r,es;Upnnin? xt 
the 111.10 the 117. S Chrilt lieing more cartfull of hu difciples. then of tiiufslfe, 

forewarneth them of their flight, and putteth them in bet: er comfort. § Marke i+, 
a7.iohn i5,3». and iS,8. • Zich.13,7. * Marke 14.23. and 16,7. i; loho 13,38. 
markei4,3o. • Luke 22.39. 6 Chiili having rtgaid to the weakeneffeof hi* 

difc.ples, leaving all tberdl in fafetie, tsktih with him bu:i;Jiree tobe^hi*' 
anguiOl and toeth of putpofe ii:lo thepUce appointed to betray him in r Thcwotd 
which be vfeth.lignifieth gteatforow.iod marvtilous and deadly gtitfe:which thing, as 
it betokeneththetruethof mans nature. which (hunneth deaihaia thing that entrtd io 
againft nature fo it fheweih that though Chrift were void of finne.yet be fulteined that ' 
botriblepuniniment.becaufehefeltthewrattofGodkiiiJledagaioit m fotfin[:ei,wbich 
he.KVe»ged and puniftled inhisperlon. .10 Chiih a true man going about tofOilfettte 
punifhrnentwhi-hwasdueuiiio m.forforfaking ofGodJs foifjkrn of his ownf : fr't 
he oath a terrible ccnflift with tbehorrorand feareof the turfeof God : out ofvibicfr 
he eftapiogas copqatioat.caufetb ui not to be afraide any mote of dta.b. f 1" i' 
paQemee.ard not touch mee. t T^a' nwiich 1$ at iscnVred and preps red f-^.r 
mee : a kiod^ of fpeech which the Hebrew e» ufe.fw ibe wiatb o:' G..<1 , ar.d tbr j ouiih- 
mentbef(;adeib : aboue>Chap.iO,:2. Ji An exsmr'eof tbecaiclefnVCtof niaui 

til Watchi 


5. Mattliew, 

Peters dcnialU 

4 1 Waich , and pray , that yta enter not into 
\x CbriP.offtttb tentation : the ijnrit indeed is ready , but the fle(h 
himf.ift v^iiiingW isweakc. 
^^r^liS^il^a^^i 42 AMine he vent iwjy the fecond time , and 

In lo obeying vtii- i ^ '^ . ,^ _ i ^ .r i-- 

lii)jly.b««iicht prayed, favmg, Omy Father, it this cuppe cannot 

, make f«tiif«a ion pal'.cawapfroiume , but that 1 mull diinke it, thy 

fonbewillfuUfall willbcdonl'J 

.rf.'iij«tkn4^j. 43 And he came and found thera afleep again, 

liikeilr^r.iobn for their eyes Were hea\7. 

«j,j. 44 S.o he left them, and went awiiyag.tineji'.nd 

u Sent ffotii ibe prayed the thiid time.fay ing the fame woids. 

'):;^::L ..u. ^ Then ca^e he to h.s difciples a.,d layd tm- 

.tbaimemtgbt be tothem , Sleepe henceiorth , and ta]<c your relr. 

. deliveteH . beholdc . thc hoiirc is at hand , and the Sonne of 

.X cbrift«rreben. paan is riven into the hands ofiinncMs. 

ly.&rtbuktili bin 


Rife, let us go:behold,he is at hand that 

i n'urpcly, for bf e betrayechme. 

knew well 'nough 47 ,j, And while he yet fpake, loc, ludasone 

• for what ciufe be of the twelve came.and With him a great raultitude 

" V"oarv«»ti»B ^^'"'^ (V/ords and Haves , „ from thc nie Pricfts and 

tvtnbeiberule Eldeis of the people. 

. ofcurieile. ^g Now he that betraied him . had given them 

* a"-<^.<s «"«• a token, faving .Whomfoeverllhall kiUe .that is he. lay hold on him. 

CwmA to w,hon. tbe 49 And forthwith he came to leius, aua layd. 

lord haib nor pi- god ("ave thee, Maikr, and killed him. 

T^'t-^yufitbc 5^° »3 Then lefus fay de unto him , x Friend 

rword.««l«"ot wherefore ait thou come ? Then came thtry , and 

called to it. layd hands on lefus, and tooke him. 

, f chrift i» t=- ,c I And beholde , one of them which were with 

k,n, be<.aufe bee ^^^^^ ^ flfetched out h's hand , and dre\%- h is fwt.rd,^ *'° 2"^ ^roke afervantofthe hie PricH.and ircote 

» By 'bi • <!>i«f''0" off h i s ea I e. 

uicg.beanfwereth ^^ 14 Then fayd lefus iinto hjm , I'ut Up thy 
Vmi'' hf baveaf* f^ord into his place::S for all that y take th,t fword, 
ke7km.!wty he d«l fliall penni with the fwnrd. 
rot in tbiibij great ^} >/Eitherthinkeftthou .that I Cannot now 

extremity of dan- pray to my Father, and hee will give me rooe then 


call to hiiFa- 

ther foraide.butto 

twelve legions of Angels ? 

thiibearfweietb T4 ^ How then flicwld the + Scriptiues be ful- 

!»ya<!ueflioa. filled, X»v/;/<:/)/'7 .that it miirtbe fo ? 

•»ifa3J.i«- yy The Idmehoure fayd lefus to the malti- 

« u'a'kcV'.M. tudejYeehecomeoiitasi/vffrif ag.iinlia thiefe, 

^ke a»,j4.''i'obn' with fwords and flaves totakemec: ) late diyly 

J 1,14. teaching in the Temple amongyou.uidyee tooke 

,6 CfcrilibeinE nie nOt. 

iTe™ o't"bT J<5 But all this was done , that the Scriptures 

bi«h Ptieii for of the Vrophets might be fulftlkd, + Then all thc 

that witkedntiTe diicjples forfookc him, and fled. 

vhereofweare ^^ ^ ^ ,c And they tooke Icfiis , and led him 

S*Ftom Annaito *o ' Caiaphis the hie Prieft, where the Scribes and 

Caijphat. before the Elders were alfembied. 

vvbomihc miih!. yg And I'eter followed him a fane offuntothe 

Im'*"'''''"'!- *^'^ Priefls b hall, and went in and fate with the 

b Vhe'^o-rd b»V fervants to fee the end, 

vftJ.fignifieibpro- jp Nowe * the cbiefe Pricfts and the Clders, 

f f tly an open large and all the wholc Councill fought falfe witnelle a- 

,;,ome Wforeat. gainft lefus.toput him to death. 

«CiD(>ipabcei and 00 But they totmd none , and ihough many 
nobiemcni boufei: falCe witneflcs came, yet found they none ; but at 

we call it a court, the laft Came two faife witnefles. , 
*" '' *\T" 'f '?" <5 1 And laid. This man faid, ^. 1 can deftroy the 

^'^■"ocbei. u- Temple of God.and build it inthreedayes. 
Seen foitbebonfe it 6 1 Then the chicfefi Prieft arofe ,and faide to 

f'if«- hira.Anfwcreft thou nothing.' = What is themat- 

* Maike u,. ss- {gf tj^jt thcfe men witnelle againft thee ? 

HoAcommeih ^i But Icfiis held his peace. Then the chiefe 

J to r.>(re ibae rricli anfwered , and f aide to him , I charge thee 

itfnrtn witntBe fweare unto vsby the living God , to tell vs , If 

aauft tbte i ,2iou b« that Cbrilt the fonne of God > or «», 

,£. loho 

64 •?• lafHsfalJtohim ,ThouhaRfaidit:Tis- . _, 
verthelclVe 1 fay unto you . d Hereafter (hall ye fee ,Tm^"'lJ*'*'* 
the Sonne of man , fitting eat the right hand of i.rbnr.4,14. 
the power of God , aqd come in the f doudes of d tHi wcrJe j;- 
the heaven. JUnrm/kni, his fir /f 

6y Then the hie Prieft g rent his cloathes.fay- ^J^™"'^ /■"""*« 
ing. He hath blafphemed. what have v.-e any more e Uniri-n'M Cid 
needle of witneflcs : behold e , nowc ye have heard in Hk? .'nd fjusi 
his blafphemie. {""•»'"■ "' '*' '*/*' 

66 What thinke ye ? They anfwered, and faid, f^;///"*" '".J'J^;, 
Heisguiltieofdeath. . fln^'.'fJTcrUt 

67 S Then fpat they in his face .^ndbufleted Aon:/ ^^«>Afr*„- 
him.and other fmotehim with rods. "-'"i ''" n^-ir,vi, 

68 Saying.Prophecie to us. O Chrift , who is l,j|/^''r"r wer 
he that fmote thee ? ("cLfa's^/ul"' 

69 J * « 7 Peter h fate without in the hall , and im. u^k' .,f.rc, 
a maide came to him , faying , Thou alio wart « ith '-''"•'' M' ^°- 
lelnsof Galile: jjHmZtr aZT 

70 Put hee denied before them all, faying,! tht itn>e/:f<i'"j'i^ 

WOte net what thou fiyeft. ' rrere .Ay U'und 

71 And when hee went out intothe porch, '^'"'''f.tvheniljty ^ 
another W(t«<<ffawe him, and faide unto thtra that '^.Z.r.i'l^J^^'j''' 
wer-c there, 1 his tcan was alio with lo/usofNa- ^y,Ji!;r:t.iirj. 

ZTt-ch. iti!ioneftJ,tir Tjh 

■7 z .\pA againe he denyed with an oathe.fay in<>, '""'* "" ''"' '••"^' 
Ik.K,wnot^hemr.n. " tt,^/%fZ"' 

7 3 So after a wh lic , came unto him they that f„„r, i^i„,it, ,/ 
ftocKJ by , sr.d faide unto Peter, Surely thou art al- drath. 
fo oneof th6m :for even thy fpeech biwraveth * Efai so*. 

tl-g. ' ^ ^ 4.Ma'ke.4«. 

74 Then began hee to 1 curie /;j»j/5^ ,a!id to ,5,,,, 
fweare.fayirg.l know not thc man. Andimmedi- 17 Pererbytbe 
atiy the cocke crew. wonrferfuU provi- 

7y Then Peter remcn-.bred the words of lefus, ^^■"^^'10°^'''" 
which had fiid unto him , Before the cockecrov.e vvitneiofjiltiiofe 
thoiiihaltdeniemee thrife.Sohee went out, and thuigi, iiptt(ured 

weptbitterlv. to tbc example of 

' ' ■fluguIarco^llan- 

cie, by theexperienceoffaiiowne incredulitie. h Thatit, w'thouttbe place 

where ibeB.ftiop fate, bm not wiibcut the bcufe, for afterward ttwtot from tbcuce , 
iatotilepovch. i •Hefwoi'v: and curled bimfelfe. 


a Hf ii JflhereJic nli't. f i-uJjihiltftihhimfe'.fe', 

1.0 FrluitiXfift. to Burali^simikcd. 14 I'lU'e vifh;t 
liiil'.iKJi. xi Chrtpiict^trnedrsrfhihwr.ti. -3^ <Hru 

rriuifirJ. ^a r^-iiHed. jo He eiitll, up thi Chili,,sj He 
isliuicd. 61 ThefiHld-mnyvatchhiai. 

VJj7 Henche* morningwas come, all .the chiefe *,6"/'j'hn'is,"ig*, 
" Priclis.and the Eklers i>f thc people tooke 
counrellagainlllefiis , to put him todeattj. 

1 And let him away bound, and delivered hiai 
untopomius Pilate the govcrnour. 

3 f iThen when lujas which betrayedhim, ' A" »*.'"'P'.'^'' 
faw that he was condemned , he repented himlelfe, jj^'^^'^'ji'' j "^^^'' 
and brought againe thethiitie />«>«/ of lilvcrto vv«iiag*'nnih«m 
the chiefe Piiolls.and Elders, which frii cbriit, 

4 Saying , I have finned , betraying the inno- a. againft them 
cent blood. But they fayd. What is that to us:!ee ^"l"''' ''"^ CtnA. 
thou to it. 

y And when he had caft downe the Ciherpie- 
«i in the TL-mple, he* departed, and went, 4. and a Outofmeai 
hanged himfelfe. a Aft. i,>8. 

6 And the chiefe Prieftes tooke the filver b The'treafureof 
f'leces, end faide , It is not lawfull for us to put the Temple, 
them into the t. treafure , bccaufe it is the price ^ of « "'"''''"'"J <i"'''« 

blood. ghtft„ , ,^.hom the 

7 And they tooke counfcll , and bought with j^^,, couiJ not 
thera a potters field.for the burlall ofd ftrang^ers- abide t* be ioyned 

8 Wherefore that held is c.rlled,* The held of "■'"' • '■° "<;' »{•« 

,,"..,,,., , • . they were dead. 

blood, untill this day. ^ Aa«w,is, 

p ^Then was fiiJftlkd Uiat which was fpoken 

Chrift condemned. 

Chap, xxvij. 

and crucified, ij 

e seew^thitfrs. by ' lercmias the Prophet , fayino , •J.fAnd they 
fktcreiireddin ^ tookc thirty fiiver fii'Cc'/, die price cf him that was 
mttt'je'Xj,'lit-"' valued, whom they of the children of Ifrael valued. 
lerimii, « jms I o Aiid they gave them for the potters 

trcpi mrothiuxt, the Lord appointedme.) 

ciihir ti>nviodi J , 5 J ^ p^^^^ jg^^jj flood before the governour, 

femcl'tkrilpm'. " ^^'^ '^" goverr.our asked h irr.faying, Art thou that 

. r.,we-i'fmajietifi King ol the Icwes ? lelus fsyd unto iiim. Thou 

tha: it came tut <f iiyelt it. 

tht mtrpm.h] n*- j ^ j^^^ ^j^gj, j^^g ^^s accufed of the chiefe 
tioatftleUturs"' rricfts, ai^d Elders, he anfwered nothing. 
tUecnthtino^\ou\ir \i Then fayd Pilate uiwo him , Hcarcft thou 
the ahir zau.vhch not how many things they lay againft thee ? 
'" not much Mn. j^ But he anfwered him not to one word,info- 

r'untcx'i Th( I'rJ' "^V^^^' ^^^^ '^^ governout marvelled greatly. 
fhetinatntismt -, I J 3 Now at the feaft the governour Was wooTit 
fit downe it <,!i. to deliver unto the people a pdfoner whom rhey 
■A Zich.ii.ii. ^ould. 

jJhLfStL 1 6 And they had then a notable prifoner called 
Prof heti -nerds, hnt Barabbas. 

hit meaning, ruhul) \j VV hen they wcre thcn gathered togcther.Pi- 
/'leaT''' " '* ^^^^ ^ ""^° them.Whether will ye that I let loofe 
» Cb^iii holdeth W'" yo" Barabbas,or lefus which is called Chrift? 
biii)«cev»hcnhe i8 {Fot he knew well, that for envic they had 
is accufed, inj:we delivered him. 

mayDoibeacculed j j, j^jf-Q ^|,gp ^ge ^g^ fct downe Upon thc 

guSi^aarfhrK. ii'clgement feat . his v/ife fent to him, faying, Have 

vvithaiihiiowne thou nothing to doe with that infi man : for I have 

inoocency. fuffered many things this day in a dreame by rea- 

tM.rk^.y.x.Iuk. ^on^fhim.) 

3^Cb!miifirtt" 20 * But the chiefe Piiefis and the elders had 

<}uic.ti of ibt fame perlwaded the people that they Ihould aske Barab- 

ludge. Moiehe be bas, and ihould dcftroy lefus. 

coDd.mned, tb^t ^ ^ ji^g^ the govemour anfwcred,and fayJ «n. 

.C^iidied foi " to them .'whether of the twaine will ye that I let 

the vniuft. loofe unio yourAnd they fayd.Barabisas. 

• Mark.i/.ii.luJte i, Pilate fjyd unto them.what ihall I do then 

23 is.iotio 18,40. vvithlefiis, which is called Chrilt? They all fayd to 

4 Cbiiit'being him,Let him be ciutified. 

quii by ibe idii- i3 Then fayd the govemour , But v hat evill 

raonyofibeijdge hath he done J Then they cried the more .faying, 

himfelfi;, i. 00.. j_g^ j,j„ ^g CrUClflcd."dC«b"'" *4 4 When Puate faw that he availed nothing, 
fame to quit ui but tha: more tumult was made , hee tooke water 
before God. and g walhcd his hands before the multitude , fay- 

g It vet! .1 miner -^ I am innoGcnt of the b blood ofihisiuftman: 
ZltllZLlZ looke you to it. 

ther,.{,anJiti.-Ur ij Then anfwcrcd all the pcople.and faid, ' His 
fau^httri ,ioyftfh blood Afi on US, and On our chiJdren. 
their Undi in yv.t. .^ Thusict he barahbas loolc unto them, and 
%te°i "Ih":-^!' "" ^i^iirged lefus.and deliver d him to he crucified. 
bo'/ih!ri,>rthtr, i7 ^ « Then the foiildicrs of the gevcrBour 
*n Hetriv kj'xi* tooke felus into the con.mon ball , and gathered 
tffft.irh. about him the whole band, 

\sl!c."m'Li».i .^8 f And they Uripped him. and k put about 
in Paying him , let ' him a' Iksrlet robc, 

V, ani ,i*r fPeri- 19 And platted a crownc ofrhorncs.and put it 
tyfmif fi>.v upon his head, and a reed in his rigrtt hand , aisd 
*/! »'>' '^' bowed thei-r knees before him , and mocked him, 

./ Chrift luff.ieih faying.G d favctht-e , Kiiig of the lewes, 
tbaerepioach wbith 33 And fpitted upon him.and tooke a reed.and , 
wa. due !o uar {rncit him on the head. 

ftandirg'io''tne 3 1 Thus when they had mocked him , they 

itieaottiaiebythe tooketherobc from him , and put his ownera:- 
fecret providence ment On him, and led him away to crucitie h:m. 
of G«d .heeis in i. - , ^ ^„j ^3 jj^ ^_..^^^ out, they fouod a man 

tuJ«dKinghy the™ ^ ' ■' 

whicb did him rhat rei^»oach. k They caft a cloake about hi«i, ocd wrapped i» 

aboutbim, for iilslied fleevei. 1 lobn and Marke make mrntion of a purple lobe, 

which HaHuavwy pleafant red. But t'cefe profane and malrpa.t fawcy foul<li'r» clad 

leftJin tbiiatay, 10 mgckc Bim v^'iiballjwbo wai indeed lll«c King. '^' M»ke 


of Cyrene, named Simon ;hL-ri they >- corr.pelled «> Thijnr^ttiicd 
to b-.are his crofle. ■' """" '" *'"'"■' *" 

3 3 + « And when -hey CLme unto the place calh d „iTr"[°'^^'' Tf'' 

Golgotha (y is to .T.y.rhe iphi.-- oi dtadmcns fciils) wi hlt'Vefa'^^, 

34 7 They gave h m vinegertn drinke,r.;'nr-!ec; fifcre hjnJ!cJ be. 

whhgall : and when he£ had rafted theieo', bee /""''''•'"" /""'«"' 

would nor drii,ke. .. L'lke'Z'hriThV 

3 y J s And when they had crucified^im, tliey ,rcf, tLrcn'^fir " 
parted his g;rments,and did caft lots, that it mignt '''"' irriKethihat 
befulfiiled, which w<!S fpoken by the Prcptet, '•"^''''"•""he 
i They divided my girmenfs among them,and a"C'^!° ""'""'** 
upon my vclhire did caft lots . ...... ^■ 

36 Aud they fate and watched him there. 

37 f9 They fetupaUu over his head his caufe « "' » Ifd »ut of 
written .THISISIESUSTHEKING ™!v'b"s'"'"^" 
OF THE IE WES. , _ .^.tS;, 

3S f '° And there were two thieves crucified \v kingdome. on the right hand.and another on the lefi. ^ Orift found ao 
39 " And they that palled by, reviled him, wag- ^°™'°"^«v «here- 
ging their heads, 

« Maike 1 

hn 19,17. 

40 And faying,* Thou that defttnyeft the tem- wihaiUon 
ple.andbuildeftit in three diyes.five thy felfe: if ^ H'^nma^ 

I in wee 
:gbt be filled 

r made a 

thou be ^ Son of God.come down from the crofle. '^['j'j,'/''^, ^,^„.^j. 

4 1 Likewifealfo thc high Prict^s mocking him, bei» r7"''edofti«' 

with the Scribes.and Elders, and Pharifes,fayd, garmcnti.that wee 

4i He laved others , iza he cannot lave him- '"'ghtbeinricli-d 
felfe : if he be the king of ifrad.let him now come ^p;^ "'""l'"'^*- 
downe from the crofle.and we wiU beleeve in hira. marke'",',4." 

43 4- HeetruftedinGod , icthimdiiiver him » H«iip,onoED. 
now,ifheewilihavehim;forke layd , I am the "d the true Meffi. 

Sonne of God. a, e»*„of,he,nof 

44 The felfe fame thing alfo the » thieves which Zc^m Te^tt 
were crucified wirh him, caft in his teeth. then loiudgetbe 

4f >» Now from thc fixthhouie was there dark- woiid wbeo aftw 
neffe over all the land, unto the ninth houre. hun'^tf t'T* *"" 

46 Andabout the ninth hourelefus cried with a theevei"^"'*^" 
loud voyce.faying * Lii.Eli.lamalabachthani' that nTomake fuil^fa- 
is. My Gt^l.why haft thou oforfaken me; 'i't'aftion .-foriS 
47 And lomc of them that ftood there , when ChritiA.ffereihand 

-.L . I • i^- 1 rr^i • 1, , ,-,. overcommeth,Dot 

they ncard it f.yd, Th*s man calleth p Eiias. only tbe torment. 

4^ And itraight way one of them ran, and tooke of rhebody ,butaU 
* a fpunge and hlkd it with vineger , and put it on ''^ •^'' '"o« ^""i- 
a reed, and gave him to drinke. ^,IVm" °*' 

49 Otnei faid , Let be : let us fee if Elias will i 'i,!*d°2,%. 
come and and lave him. :f vial. 11,9. 

50 J3 Thenlefus cried againe with a loud voyce, " Thinsffokfh 
and yeelded up the gholl. f/ZCVlrf""!? 

5 1 "» And behold. -: the q vaile of the Temple \J_,\°„e l/Zmlut 
was rent In twaine.fromthe toppe to the bottome, ii,J rei>ile him.' 
and the earth did quake, 8c the itenes were cloven. " Hea«en ii felfe 

J 2 And the r graves did open therrJelves . and "i,^^'^^^'^J°J ^'r[^ 
many bodies of thc Saints, which flept.aro/e, ' cr'i'tb"out''fK.m'ih» 

j3 And came out of the graves after his refur- drp hofbtil.aod m 
rediou. and went into the holy citie, and appeared tbemfantwbile 
unto many. 1' puUj'i'*' 

54 When the Centurion , and theythatwere o rc^-a,ii'.inii,i, 
with him, watching Iefus,iaw the earthquake, and mifir^ .■ anJihri 
the things that were done.they feared greatly ,fay- cn'ii'U'i' f'f"' 
ing.Truely this was the Sonne of God. uh,h«m<xn'.iu, 

fj J And many women wt-re there, beholdirg j,„,-^„,i,„i,tf 
him afarrccfl", which had followed lefus from Ga- fin\'iu:)rifeU'ht 
hie, minilhing unto him. ixraihe/i^ce-rrhuh 

56 Among whom was Marie I.lagdcLene, and "j^J'JI^/"^"', 

Hat name , jot/o)' ■nunH'f unJerftaniing the itn^ue , hut of a fTaf.ine im;'Uirvcj 
fn4i.i!,eft, ,injkerepe.rei/ t-efe rccrdi^tot'ie endth.i: this he tir h irpin^npiia ih< mtme 
rm^htii undtrjTcad. ♦ Pfal. 69.11 13 Ch'iltafttr heebadovtr-one otbtr enemiei, 
at length provoked Sc fctreih upoodtrarbit ftlfr. 14 Chtift.wbcchr ijdrad.fheAtih 
himfelfetobtGodalmighty.tven biJcnemicicboftlliugtbefamt:. <$• j C-ic 3 h. 
q Wkicli dil,i.ite the hJiiji ff'jlt. t T hat ii t„f.iy,t'Kelttneii::a)„-infir,d,r:0' f/i,-rr.a'« fhetv tj this ickfn.t'nt de.ith -n- at elf r:cmr >C 'he rffirrieittmj 
lh< liud/tlliwd tht Tefnrrc(}itn ej Chrtfl-Mi.tfftirah h) 'he nr-ft ^irjifjcmi,,^. 


Chriftis buried. 

S. Marke. 

ChrifteJ fefurfedfon. 

If ChlH-'»l>u"' 
ti .not privilyor 

the govirnouri 
ccnfcorby aTi. 

Mariethe mother of lames.and lofeSianuch? mo- 
ther of Zebeieus foiinss 
57 i 

pljcrDOt Tiirr Ai- 
tiiat.inaatw (e- 
pulcbi: ■ fotbitit 
car.cot be doub- 
led o/b'i dtMth. 
i, MJriicif 41. 
luke u,{0. iobn 

i« Thtkerping 
o/ibc Tepulcbte 
it committed lo 
wui<fttn>, ibat 
ibcre miiLh[ be 
cu doubt of oil 

•i> And when the even was come, there 
came a ri-h man of Arimathea, named lofeph.who 
had alfo hiir.lelfc bcvne lefus difciple. 

5; 8 He went to rilate.Sc afked the body of lefus. 
Then pili..i commanded ihebody to be delivered. 
;9 So Joitph tot kc the body, and wrapped it 
in a clcane liniien clo.ith. 

60 And put it in his new to r,be, which he had 
hewen out in a rocke , and rolled a great ftone to 
the doore of the fcpukhre, and departed. 

6 1 And there was Marie Migdaiene . and the 
other Marie, fitting over?gainft the fepulchre. 

6i 5" Now the next day that followed the 
Preparation of the Subbaih , the high Prieftsand 
Pharifes aflembkd to Pilate, 

63 And fayd.Sir.we remember that that decei- 
ver faid , while hee was yet alive , Within three 
dayes 1 will rife. 

64 Command therefore, that the fepulchre he 
made ftire untill the third day , leafthis Difciples 
come by night , and fteale him away , and fay unto 
the people. He is rifen from the dead : fo ihall the 
laft errour be worfe then rhe Hrti. 

6f Then Pilate fayd unto rhem , Yee have a 
f TkefoMldteriof f^^.^^^.^ : go .and make'it ftire. as yeKnow. 
t..'"iipoi'nTed'to 66 And they went . and ma.le the fepulchre 
keei-e the Temple, fure.with the watch, and fealed the ftone. 

I Thtlv<im(n?aitoihe frpiiMre. » The .A'lftl .9TI,e no- 
*MatkeiS,f. mtnCci Chrijl 1% Herc'iethhii^fotAeKoi'ntch. 

'" cbnii baviog VI 0«' » '" ' ^^^ * ^"^^ ^^^^^ Sabbath. when the 
Juidelthto flight •i'^ firil i5^7 of the weeke I* began to dawne. Ma- 
in the fei'sicbit, ry Migdalcue.andthe other Mary, came to fee the 

rifethbyhi. owoe j-tpulcWe. 

power.a- firaigbt. ^ ^^j behold . there was a great earthquake: 

M for the Angel of the Lov.l delcended fiomhea- 

■ Attbe going out vuD.and came and rolled backe the ftooe froni the 

oftbf S.>bbatb,ibat j^ore , and fate upon it. • 

ifler°b/Rlman" i ^^'^ his '^ countenance was like lightning, 

lo". 'which re.koa and his raimcot white as fnow. 

the oaiuraii dJT- 4 And for feare of him, the keepers were afto- 

froro the- 'uii riling . 

to ihe next fun riling :aod not a» iheHiorewei, which count from evening to evening. 

b WbfO ihen]orningarerthefirUc!ayoftheS*bba!hbegaQ;odawne; and thai firit 

day IS the fame, which we now cjil Su 

eyei.aod by the figuieSyuecdo^ne, tor 1 

!LjrJ»day. e The br 

nied, and became as deid men, 

y But the Angel anfwered, and fayd to the wo- 
men , Feare <l ye not : for I know that ye feeke le- 
fus which was crucified : 

6 Hec is net here , for he is tifen . as he fayd: 
come, fee the place where the Lord was layd. 

7 And go quickly , and tell his difciples that he 
is rifen from the dead ; and behold , hee goeth be- 
fore you into Galile : there yee (hall fee him : loe, 
I have tolde you. 

8 So they departed quickely from the fepul- 
chre, with feare and great ioy ,and did runneto 
bring his dilciples word. 

9 a And as they went to tell his difciples, be- 
hold , lefus alio met them , faying . God lave you. 
And they came , and tooke him by the feete , and 

I o Then fayd lefus unto them, Be not afrayde. 
Go, and tell my brethren .that they go into Gaiile, 
and there ihall they fee me. 

II 13 Now when they were gone , behold, 
fome of the watch came into the city , and (hewed 
unto the high Priefts all the things that were done. 

I 2 And they gathered them together with the 
Elders, and tooke counfell, and gave lar»e money 
unto the fouldiers, 

13 Saying, Say.His difci{)les ca-iie by night.and 
ftole him away while we llept. 

14 And if this matter « come before the go- 
vernour to be heard , wee will perfwade him , and 
foufe the matter that you lliall not need to care. 

I y So they tooke the money , and did as ihcy 
were taught : and this faying is aoifed among the 
le^es unco this day, 

16 s *Then the eleven difciples went intoSaHle, 
into a mountaine.where lefus had appointed them. 

1 7 And when they fa w him ,they wotibipped 
him but fome doubted. 

18 And lefus came,and 'pake unto thera.fayitTg, 
•{•AH pov/er is give unto heaven.Sc in earth. 

19 § f Goetlaerefore.ind teach all nations, bap- 
tiziigthem fin the Name of the Father . and the 
Sonne, and the holy Ghoft. 

20 Teaching them to obferve all things ,what- 
foever I have commanded you : and lo.* 1 am with 
you galway, imtill the endof the world. Amen. 

d TbeworJ , Ve 1 i| 
fpok: »i,ith flrce to 
coort mey vvomrn, 
now tt« ibe foul» 
dieri i^ere afrayd. 
1 Chrift appearetb 
d'ng [be women 
to hiidifcipki, 
(hewetb that bee 
hath not forgot- 

e For it vcai to be 
fearfd , tbat it 
vvould be brought 
to the governouri 

4 Chrift appeareth 
slfo to fall Difci- 
ples , whom he mx« 
X Hrb. 1,1. chap. 
:J Maikn6.if, 
f The ftim of th« 
ApaftUfliipij, the 
publiQiirgof the 
doftrine receiwd 
of Cbrift thorovs- 
oui all ibe world, 
and the mininrin; 
of the Sacrameou : 
the eflit«cieof 
whicb thing! hac- 
ge b not of the mi- 
uifttri.buc of the 

f Calling upon the 
naine of the Father, 
the Sonne . anri the 
boly Gholi 
# I3hai4 IS. 
g For ever : and 
tbii place it meant 
of the marrerofthe 
prefeoceo^ hii fpi- meanav»her«. 
•f beemikeib us 
partsfcen boh «f 
himltHV and of a!', 
bis ben-/its . but ic 
abfcc from ui iobody 



C H A P. I. remifsionoflinnes. 

ff^. g Hi, .ii>i!j.rili j.hJ meit. 9 Tlfttl ill>JI>- , 4 n ^ oil »ko,-,.nn,,'f>M r\f 

I lokngottbbe- 
for. Car, n. a. It 
f«at forefjioken by 

• This ii the figure 
ii meant ibe I'Ouke 
ofibe Pf.>pheti. 
Maiacbi . and fcfay. 
K MJiac 3 

4 lolmidftiytl'i. 6 Hi, .Iff Anil jnJmtit. 9 Tif»iuh4f- 
ti^ed. II Hi'ii.mpttd. 14 Hi:e pr:uherh ihe uofyd, 
XI aiJ 19 hen tcUik,,, -.he Sj'.aio^HH. H He haleth 

<me tit.u I<mI a dil/ilt . if Peitn mother in Utr. BzMorij 
drfe.ireAf.rr^-. ^oTUUper. ^ r x c 

Ke beginning of the Golpdl ot 
lefus Chrift . the Sonn-,- oi God: 
2 I As it is writtc in > "Prophets, 
■t Bcho'.d. t. I fend my meflei gcr 
c before thy face , which. Ihall 
prepare thy way before thee, 
3 * The voice of him that 

bThr Propel vfeih (-rieth in the wil Joi nc:ff.: . ».,Prt-pMe the way of 
',;'be'n 'hrrpe' kiti. the Lord : m.-ike his puhs llraight. 
ofatbiogto conie., 4 , ♦= lohn did biptize in the wildernclle , arci 
beingat ViiteofH. presch the d baptifmc cf amendment of life, iox 

c" ' Ame'taphortikenfriintbevfageofkiogi. wbitb vfetohave vihers go bedre 
them * Ifa 40,3. luk. 3,4 i.h.i.i; j The fummeoflobosdoftii'ie. or rather 

Clirlti ii'r<rinim..noflintanjaaneti1in-iitoflil'e. ' Mat.3,». d Tht lewft vied 
many ki.,de..f /vaDiings : fa ur here i. (p., k-D of a pecnliar kind of vfalhing, ,Ahicb 
katbalUhej-irtaif truti>.ii>*me,-«m;odu«at ofiife, forcivsnei of hi oei, 

remifsionoflinnes. * Matth.j 4. 

y Andallthecounrrey of Iudea.andtheyofHie- S Lm 
rnfalem, went out unto him, and were all b.-.ptized » '^""■''b''",'"^* 
of him in the river lordcn.confelsing their linnes. ^,'/.j;,d",^',*d*„| 

6 X Nowlohn was cloathed with camels haire, ,«..iDdi94. 
and with a ''irdle of a (kin about his loines : and siobnand all mini- 
he did eat :§ iocufts and wilde hony. ""' ""'!'„"; '"" 

7 « 3 And preiched . laying. A ftronger thenl ;^^;;'<:'"'" «"* 
commeth after roc . whofe ihoes iatchet lamnot g rte Etianjelift 
woithy toe ftoiipedowne, andunloofe. hi«ineanin». w.uto 

8 Trueth it is , I have f baptized you with wa- '.»i'" ''l'l\ 71"^'- 

. ■ ... , • i 1 1 L 1 ^v a iionofibebafelt 

ter ; but he will baptize you wrh the holy Ghoft. f^e,,.„(. 

9 s ^. 4 Anditcamc topjffein thofe dayes, f He fhewnh that 
tlLuleinscme fiom Nazareth ,a cttie of Gaiile, all thefoicrcf bap- 
and was baptized of iohn in Jordan. . ';,^™;= cs"''''^bo 

JO JAnd affooneasghetw.ascomeoutofthe (^.'j.ijj./h'^ijhir,. („ 
water , Join law the hcn-ens cloven in twaine , and • Matt. 3. 1 3. luice 
thehol>Ghoftdelcendinguponhimlikeailove.J 3ai.iohri,,33. 

■^ * 4 Cnriild> tb cvti- 

fecrate our baprifme io himfelfe. j The rocation sfCbtiil f,om iieaven, at b«»d , 
of tbt Church, g JohD that went <low«inio the water with chriO. 

1 1 Then 

Cbrift tempted. New do6lrinc. 

Chap. I T. 

lefus came to preach. i6 

b took* Mat. 3. 1 7. 
« Mat 4 I. lake 
*,i. Hcbr.i.iS. 
6 C'riltbfinj 

and fi-rci'le -irtnng 
^V-rnr ftlrnr clad- 

nfrvfi'" •'*"'' 
fref.%reth him to 
ysasa* hand, and 
f M.:t.4,l>. t«t« 
, Afcenhatlohn 
i. taken, Cbtitl 
Oifw*!*! bimfelfe 

♦ M«.4,i8. 

8 TDetallini!0f 
Simoa and And MW. 
5 Thf callingof 
lairM and luha. 
« Mat 4. '3. 
Lukr4 3»- .. 
k From'hecine 
i Ma-r.7.»8- 

thatdoarin,. by 

Bvbicb alutie Satan 


the world, wtich 

ttlfo hecoofi mtlh 

by a miiacle. 

1 Wcrd fcr ITrcrd^a 

fptr-t,l>"tl iltf 

ni Httv-uh.rrt 
in Bell^lehim . but 
throuyj' iht err nr 
cf tUt perplr , he 
H>j/ cs"td itNazn- 
„an. becaiife kte 
■ruM iroi'^'il »f '"'''. 
D He jliuJet^'f 
fl>atn.fme rha mii 
yentien in ihe '-cl- 
dtn pUi'rrhiri, the 

q hy his oirn< JM- 
ihoride, cr a-t 4 

Ca/'.''. *"'•'''/"» '»»o 
«Ae ctuniriei lor- 
irriwufcn If. 

# M.i;f.S.i4. 
I.»f-f 4 JS- 

,, Bybfalingof 
divert difeafM.hee 
fhewetb that hee 
liath brougbiirue 

.. f F«r it Mcnotlh 
nattaiht dtl>il'' to 
fre.ich 'he Gtfftit 
^iltt 16, It. 

\ I Then there w.-.s a voyce from 
ini , Tliou art my beloved Sunne , in whom 1 am 
h w-'li plejftid. 

1 i 4 « And iramediatly the Spirit « diiveth hirti 
into the wiiderceife. 

1 3 And hee was there in the wilJerneffe foiir- 
tie djyes , and was tempted of Sitan : he was alto 
with the wilde beaftes , and the Angels minillred 
unio him. 

14 1 1^ 7 Nowafter that lohn was committed 
tofrifon ,\'i{ai came into GalUe , preaching the 
Golp.lofthekingdomeof God, 

I y And faying, The time is fulfilled .and the 
kingdcrae of God is at hand : reptnt and beleeve 
the Golpel. 

i6 J * s And as he walked by the Tea of Gah- 
le , he faw Simon and Andrew his brother , caLUng 
a net into the lea (torthcy werefilh'-rs.) 

1 7 Then lei'us fayd imco them , Follow me.and 
I will make you to be hlhcrs of men. 

1 5 And ftraightway they forlboke their nets, 
and followed him. 

1 9 9 And when hse had gone a Me farther 
therce , be {i'-v laroes the jonTie ot Zebedeus , and 
lohn his brother , as thty were in the thip, men- 
ding theirnets. 

JO And anon hee called them : and they left 
theii lather Zebedeus in the ihip wiih his hired 
lervancs.and went their way after hira. 

» I f So * they entred itm k C.'pernaura : and 
firaightwdy on the Sabbath day hee encred into 
the byn.'oogue J and taught. . 

II A'i'.d they were aiKnied at his dottnne, 
Sfor he taught ihcmasoncibat hadauthoritie, 
and not as the Scribes. 

23 J 10 And there was in their Synagogue a 
man 1 in whom WuS an uftcleane ipuit.audhte 
cried out, 

14 Saying, Ah .what have we to doe with thee, 
O "» lefus of N.i2areih ? Ait th<,u come to deliroy 
us a know thee whatthouait,ei'«»ttiat'»hojy one 
of God 

1 ; And lefus rebuked him, faying , Hold thy 
peace, and come out of hira. 

z6 And the uncleane fpiii; " tare him.and cried 
with a loud voyte, and came ou; of him. 

27 Andihey were all amai'ed,fo that they de- 
manded p one otaBothtr, fay itig. What thug is 
ihisj What new dodhine is thisrtot he q comniAn- 
derh even thei'oule fpitits with authoritie, & they 

obey him. r /- . u 1 

i8 And iaimediatly his fame Jpread abroad 
throughout all ihe region r oordcnng on Grille. 

ig J » " And as loone as thty were come out 
of the Sv nigogae , they ^mred into the houfe of 
Simon and .^ikucw. wuh lames and lohn. 

30 And aimuns wives mouther lay hcke ota 
fever, ajid anon tBey told him of her. 

a I And hee cameanU touKe her by the hand, 
and lifted her up, and the fever forfookc her by 
andby.and Ihe raimftied unto them. _ 

3 L And when even was (.ome , at what rime the. 
Sunne ictteih , they brought to him ah wsie 
dilcaled.and them that wcie pofefled wuh deviis- 

i 3 And the whole citie w^s gathered tej^^thcr 
at the doore. 

34 And he healed many that were ficke of di- 
vers cliiea'es : and hee calt ou: many devils , and ' 
fufiered I. oc the devils to% thai they knew him. 

3 J Ana in the moruing very cireiy before day. 

Jefu! jrofe and v;cnf out into a folitaiy place , and 

I I ere ju yed. 

36 And Simon .and they that were with him, 
followed ca.'cfuKv -^':r 'lin^- 

3 7 And when they had found him . they faid 
unto him. All men '^^Lk" for thee. 

1% Then belaid unto them Let us gyp into the . 
f next tou nts , thi;t I may preach there alfo : for I ^ J^ "I^uitl' 
came out for that purpofe. 

39 And hee preached in their Synagogues, 
throughout all Galile, and cal'ahe devils out. 

40 I « i» And there ci-tea leper to him , be- * iiiu.i,x. 
feeching hiro,and kneeled doune unto hiri'.Sc faid ^^g ^^[[y^^,,^^ 
to him , If thaj wilt, thou cani^ make me cleane. i%,ou«,'hf7ife'w- 

41 And Icfus had compaision.anU put fourth «b ibjthecame 
his hand, and tcmchedhim, and laid to him. I will: lo'thiicaufe, to 

herhi.ii.-ip nf wipt out tbe f,nnM 

bernoiiuene. ^ , ,. , ■ j- .' cf.bewotld wUb 

41 Andaflooneasheehadfpoken.iramcdiatiy b„,oi,^tmg, 

the leprofie dep..rt<.d from him , and hee was made 


43 And after hee had given hiir, a ftraight com- 

Hiandemenr, he fent hira away forthwith, j, jj, wftnffTeth 

44 13 And fayd imtM him , See thou fay tio- tha htwamot 
thing to any man , but get rhte hence , and ftiew moovtd wubam- 
thy lelfetotht u j Iriolt, and offer for ihy clean- ^'''"°, "' »ub«ht 
hng thole things v.hich Moyies commanded, tor a pjthe.sgi,,^ ^^j 
teltimonijllunto ihem. - lov* coward poors 

45 But when he was departed,* he beganne to Cnntn. 

tell many things , and to pr.biilh the miaiter : fo that ".^'^'J^'Jlf^'^"" 
lefus could no more openly enter into the city, 'juJ^e '}-"SeJtr, 
but Was without in deiett places: and they came <• i^vit.i^.^. * 
to him from every quarter. ♦luke^.ij. 

C H A V. II. 

3 and 4 OntfukeffihepMfu-,hiUnghii^nm-s,f<iroi-i/en 
him^ii healid. 14 Matiherv is eaiiedy 19 Fijlims and 
eg.iihcnjarefercclde. 23 The Lt/nfUi fluck? tS't tares XMat.9,I.luk. f,i3. 
if. .me. j6 Thefhe-tvhread. ' Chrift fheweth 

AFier ♦ 1 a few dayes he entred into Caperna- ''"'^jl"''"" '^'J^^^ 
I'raagiincanditwasnoiled that hee was in Tbtp^i^'lbl', mea 

tbcahuUle. ' _ rtcocetinhim 

2 And anon many gathered together , info- through faith one- 
much, that the b places about the doore could not iy>ali'heii/irtDgtb 
receive any more: and hee preached the word J^^j" ' '^ """ 
untothem. »rntheh«ufe 

3 And there came unto him .that brought one in>hsrehit>ftdn 
ficke of the paliic, borne of foure men. Tf'"c''f ' ''" 

4 And becaufe they could not come neere un- J//^,;nn'"<l7«/» 
to him lor the muiiitude.they uncovered the roote Na^ireih. 
ofthchoiUe where hee was : and whcntheyhad b Ktiihenhthmft 
broken it open , they ^kt downe the ^ bed.where- "'' '*" '"^j'J''" 

n . '■ r 1 ,.- 1 able le held rhem. 

III the ficke ot the palhe ^^y • . ^ . ^ ^ . , cThe, brake XT -M 

y Nov V. hen leliis law their tann, nee iayd to »,p„'p,„t.///,e 

the ficke of the pa/lie, Sonne.thy finnes are forgi- hlufi, nhi^i, ir.«/ 

venthee. TUi.e,..ndU'.dcvr>, 

6 And there were certaine of the Scribes lit- fl':["tphe'pJife, 
tingthere. andeieaioningin their hearts, ,„,, ,1,^ /o-n-rr f^,t 

7 Why do-th this manfpeaKeluch blafphe- rehire chrifi prea, 
mies ? S who can forgive finn^-s, but God oneiy ? t''ed,fhr tiy c.«irf 

a Ant; immcdiatly . when lefus perceived in "'J'l'hi^Ji'i.l """* 
his fpint.that thus tbey realoncd v.iih themfeves, d rhe iv'ori'fiiivf!' 
he fayd unto them. Why reafon ye thele things in eih the ■morjtk.inJ 
year hearts? .fbtd^her.ufc„- 

y Whether is it eafitjr to fay to the ficke of the ZVi^^s:'^ 
paliie, Thy liancs are foi given thee ; ortolay, „de , and f,<chother 
Aii.'e, take up thy bed, anil wail<.e » t,mes,,c,efrrjh 

1 o But that yee may know , that the Sonne of t^"mfiy?i .- rot ca!i 
man hath authoruie in earrh ro forgive Gnnes, iiee "'j^'J,','^; „;^j„ 
fayd ui,to the lii-ke of the palfir. •j'i/rKf'"^ Mfootdm 

I J Ifay unto thee, Anie, and rake lip thy bed, mjittr.mhih 
and get thee hence into thi-'.ie owne home. J^-"- 

ji And by and by hee arole, undtooke up his ^/"j.',^'^* 

V7ho neede the Phyficisn. 

bcj , and wen: foorth before them aH , in Co much 
f -Word for word, (hat they were all f .imifed, and glorified God, iay- 
pji! ihr,,.i>ivr..ot -pg^ ^vc ngv^r law fuch a thirg. 
r-Til Gof *i of- '3 ^ * '^''*'^" '^^ ^^^"^ ^''"^ againe tovfard the 

f,nd"h .b.'^toui, fea, and all the people reforted unto hitr. , and hee 

and fii-eih ihe tailght thef". 

ba'n^'j- 14 * All J as lefus paffed by ,he faw g Levi the 

*k"f'i*' /•>!«« of Alphcus fit at the receit of cuftome , and 

g" Ma'ihtw,-e» !*>' J unto him , Follow me. And he arofe and foU 

(xfaKaame. lowed him. 

I)- f rtnd ic came to palTe, as lefus fate at table 
in his houfe , miny Pubiicanes and fmncrs fate at 
tablealfo with leius and his diiciples ; for there 
were many that foil, wed him . 

j6 And when the Scribes and Pharifes faw him 
eate with the Pablicanes and finners, they faid un- 

f jTlm.i.n. tohisdifciples, How is it. that he eateth and dtin- 

lniw'f'j*'* ^'^^^ ^^'''' I'nWicanes and finners ? 

3 Tbefui-erftiti- 17 Now when Icliis heard it , hce fiide unto 

oujaad hypocrite! ^j^em , The who*o h.iveno neede of the Phyjician, 

r m.^'^f' ^^'lioM ^"^ ^^^ ''^^^- * ^ '^^"^'^ ""^ "^^ "^^ ^^^ righteous, 
inThT^gtiudiff"" but the finners to repentance. 
,.Dc. »od ate here 1 g * 3 And the difciples of lohn.aEd the Pha- 
fo. three caufei re. ^^1^5 ^id faft, and came and faid unto him.Why doe 
p.theodea : F.rft, ^ dilcioles of lohn .and of tWe Pharifes faii, and 

for that not coDli- . , r ■' 1 c n 

deriogwhaievrfv thy dlfcipleS taft HOt ? ^ ^ ^ ,.,. 

maai rtreogth ii I p And leliis faid unto them, Can the children 

able 10 beare, they of the marriage chamber faft.whiles the bridegrem 

«n«^'a^«' is '^"^ ^hera? as long as they have the bridegrome 

""cTrningTu'ch with them, they cannot feft. 

thiogi, without to But the dayes will Come , wfeen the bridc- 

■II difcreiioo grome (halbe taken from them .and then Ibalithey 

• Mat.,.,.. faftinthofeday^^s. 

4 Secoo'.Hariiy .for 11 Alfo T.o man foweth a piece of new cloath in 

th«tihey make 00 an oldc garment :for elfe the new piece that nlled 

diftreace beiweeoe it up.taketh away /^eVfUt from the olde.and the 

the lawei which U u 1 " - f 

oingXfame"' 2z Like man putteth new Wine into old 
tkiagi, and lawei vcffels : for CIS the new v.ine brcaketh the veil'els, 
that ate made of j^ij the wiiie runneth out .andthc vellelsateloltj 
»tK°fy rtJ^wfuM. t*""^ "ew wine murt be put into new yeflels. 
h'w.-rd for word, z$ f 4- ♦ And it came to pifle as hee wetit 
•n the iabbtthi, throuj^h the coLne onthe'' Sabbath day , that his 
that ii , on ibt holy they went on their way , began to pluck 
•'""sani 11 « theeares ofcorne. 

i , .Sam at,.". He 24 And the Pharifes fayd unto him . Behoide. 
it called Achiroi. ^^y doe they on the Sabbath day , that which is 

,,,ha.dh,. forme ^o, l^wfull ? 

*o„^«nc"eof o.«, » S And hc Lid CO them . Have yee never read 
place, it i« pla.oe what * DaviJ did when hee had need , and was an 
that both of tbetn hungtedi'tft/j hc.aHd they that were with him ? 

kad t/.o nam«. ^^ ^^^ |^^ ^^1^^ j^^^^^ ^^^ h^^j-g of (^^J^ jp the 

S.'s!ir& ty dayes of i Abiarhar the hie Priett . and did eate ihe 

a9. i.Ki'ng.i,2«. Shewbread.which were not lawfulltoeat-.butfor 

3.KiDs».j>-.i8. the * Priei\es .and gave alfo to them which were 

•£'<"*'»•"•'""• with him? 

k Hi.hVbe'sa'h- ^7 And he faid to them. The Sabbath was made 

b«ibday Inhii fot man, and not man for the Sabbath. 

power. and may jjj yvherefore the SoDHe of man is Lofd.cven 

,«l.,.him ItUeth. ofthek Sabbath. 


1 ThirvithrrtJI,andiili$.tlid. 6 The Fharifii ecnfalt 1ri;fc 

ihi Hendi-tnt. 10 .K tnj are \ttj.'.td hy uuc'nvi^ Ciriji, 

II ^t his ftghlihtiieVilifMdiiivnel>ef.,r'e him. 1+ 1 he 

fati:>e ^4 fifths. »4 The k''>£'lcme<l-pi.Udag*hfl It ftift. 

)CMattbll.9- 19 Bldrfkimudiainliththilyalit'/i. 33 Chtilii purtnti. 

Iukr6,«. A Nd 4- I he entred.igaine into ^ Synagogue.and 

• Toi'-ily. <"°' ''!»' "• thcie was a mas which had a withered hand. 

they prettlred the 

cernnoniall Law (whicb waibut an appendant to tfce morjli LawJ before ibemo' 
rail Law: whtreai coottary wife ,ih(y Itiojid have lorned out «.f tttif.tbe (tur vri 
•fihe cerciaanull Law> B ThiiM'i.iniprofiiibleiuddead, 

S. Marke. Confpiracie againft Chrift. 

X Andthey watched him , whether hee would b a ti;jriti»e 
heale him on the Sabbath day , that they mieht 'F^'^l'.t.y'h, figure- 

,- 1 ;„ ■' i b Synetdocbe. For 

aCCUltihim. ^. , , , , .b.>k,.de of faying. 

3 Then hee faide unto the man which hadthe Touve .heiife.ii 
withered hand , Arifc : finnd firth in the middes. »' """'' • " " f*** 

4 And hee faide to them. Is it lawfull to doe a ''" ""• . 
good deede on the Sabbath day. or to doc cvilUto Lve wrrng"o« 
lave the k life, or to kill? but they held their peace, amo them , are iq. 

they hew tneir peace . 
y Then he looked toufid about on them can- gfyb" 
jrly, mourning alfo for the"! hardneffe of their 


gerly, mourning alio ror tne^ harcTneHe ot their ""'"^"""'Chrift 

hearts.andfaidetoiheman. Stretch foorth thine ""^nJi.h.'i i^he 

hand. And he Itretched it out : and his hand was foryVo much for 

reftored, as whole as the other. '^^ imury thai ■■ 

6 1 » And the Phaufes departed . and ftiaight- ^l^^'^° ".'.'^^^^.i, 
way gathered acouncill with the e Herodiansa- wick^'neUi^and" 
gainft him, that they might deftroy him. therefore he had 

7 Butlefusavoydid with his dilciples to the P''y upon them, 
faa: and a great muhiude followed him from Ga- f^ f?' '"" "-f' 

... 1 r T I K De laia to Dilve 

hie, and from ludea, mourned. 

8 And from lerufalem , and from Idumea, and d a« ihoagh their 
fbeyond lor Ian: and they that dwelled about Ty- ^"" '»<' btece Co 
rus and Sidon . when they had heard what gfeat ""^"^ "^ ^s™^** 

,.,,., 1 - • , ^ loitUirr that whoU 

things he did. came unto him in great number. (j, could 

9 And he commanded his difciples. that a little pnvaiieoo mote 
(bio ftiouldg wait for him , becaule of the multi- with them, 
tuie. leafl they fliould throng him. .^ItViTkert ua> 

10 For hee had healed many , infbmuch that d.r, the m»re it ' 
they preail'ed upon him to touch him , as many as csrameth om. 
had h plagues. ei.«v »«•»«• ".'<• 

1 1 And when the > uncleane fpirits faw him, jj^t^hfJ°J',^tt'kr 
they fell downe before him ,and cried, faying, g should ^irfv*** 
Thou art the Sonne of God. te ready for Aim. 

I z And he Iharpely rebuked them , to the end *> t''/"/'" tpfcw 
they Ibould not vtter him. "j'^ 't£""'^'l 

J „, ,_ . men js i; trtri jj>K* 

13 ^ "k Thenhee wentupintoamountaine, triapi. 

and called unto him whom nee would, and they i /" 'hern irt«n» 
came unto him. '''v '""' '•'«<' '«* 

14 3 And hee k appointed twelve .that they HiiZMenJ^mU. 
fliould be with him, and that he might lend them for iht'm lehuh m'r* 

to preach. i,(xUni:hhn- 

ly And that they might have power to heale '''■'""/'■''■"•'• 
fickneffcs . .nd to cart out devils .- _ ?o,f. 'f<*'/."""' 

16 And the firft fi'a/ iiraon , and he named Si- 3 The twelve a- 
roon, i'rter. poftiei2tefet 

17 Then lames fA#_/5»»* of Zebedeus, and lohn aparttobetraineJ 
lan.s Brother (and futnamed them Boanerges, "bVApome*Tp 
wiiich is, The fonnes of thu.nder.) k»A.yi aU ^pfoin. 

1 8 And Andrew, and Philip.and Bitttemew.and ted mi melH i» te 
Matthew, /■nd Thomas , and lames tie ftnne oi f*mii*r ir "n\>tf 
Alphcus.and lTh:ddeus .and Simon the Cana- {""('.^"^'^ ^'-l/; 
nite. fjStfb .».■«; ..xW 

1 9 And Tucks Tfcariot, who alfo betrayed him, f.r diifenmefj-k', 
an«l the y came '" home. the o,her ihJu. i, 

lO Aiittthc muititudesiTembledagaine, fothat J^rAf'ji/X'eJwi. 
they could not fo much as eat bread. t /„./? w mi^m f» 

2 I 4 And when his n kinfefolks heard of it, they he ofhisiriir.eund 
went out to Ly holdc on him:for they iayd that he " "'" n"hi,im, 
was befide himfclfe. IJ' ^'J^ ';*;,; 

22 1 4 And the Scribes which c.ime down from hirillrc^ye, titer. 

Hierufalem.faid , He hath Beelzebub; and through 4 Noafareworfe 

the prince of the devils he cafteth out devils. ei.tmic. oftbe go- 

13 But he called them unto him, and /,yj unto ,^/,'j;,'„''J^''"'' '""' 

them in parables , How can Satan drive out Satan? aW''°f'r rr>rd, 

24 For if a kingdome be divided againft it felfe, ihty ihn w^n »/• 
that kingdome cannot ftand. him, th^t w, hii 

25 Or if a houle be divided againft it felfe.that ^'"f^'*' • ■" '*'J' 

, '. . o tiJt nercmdJde, 

hotiic cannot contiiuie. rreretrou^hit, 

26 So if o S.uan make infurtedion ngaijift thdr kinfnen. 
himfL-lfe. and be divided.he cannot endure, but is S KMt.s.n.and 

Cfthe feede iowen. 

4. Milt<>'iS>3i 
luke u;io. 
i.iohn $.««• 
, f Theyoiielya'e 
without hope of 


27 No man can enter iiito a firong mans houfe, 
and take away his goods . except he firit bind that 
flrone man . and then fpoy le his houfe. 

iS S 4- f Verely I Iky unto you , all hnnes Ihali 
be forgiven unto the children of rnen.andblaf- 
phemies, wherewith they blafpheme : . , 
• — '-. ■ f x9 But hee that blafphemeth againft the holy 
:S.Xb Ghoft.n^ali r^everhaveforgivenefle.buusculpa- 
lointiiciounyop. blc ofctemall damnation. 

30 pBecaufetheyfayd,Heehadanvncleane 

^Ti* f ♦ Then came his q brethren and mother 
and ftood without . and fent unto him . and caUcd 

^'% And thitfeeople fate abouthim .and they 
fayd unto him . Behold . thy mother , and thy bre- 
thren feeke for thee without, 

3 3 But hee anfweted thera.fay ing, Who is my 
mother and my brethren? „,i,p„ 

J 4 < And hee looked round about on them. 
K,ar.a .. .«-= which fate in compafle about him , and layd . Be- 
othtrwife to-be ». jjoid my mother and my brethren. -^ . , • 
count«iof,tiien poc whofocver doth the wiUof God, hcis 

.hecatnaU-or n^/brother, my iifter. and ray mother. 

viuauj. J C H A P> I V. 

4 ThtfaraiUcfthtr^^ff. U ^i>dth>mtanmlhimf. 
and th,n/lipt. . J « 74' er""" 'fm>tfi<irdjc(d. H Chntt 

A^ N?---" he began againe te teach by the » fea fide. 
, and there eacheredunto him a great multitude, 

liwlueofttbe. fothatheentrtdintoa(hip.andfatein-thefea.and 
* ""'' all the people was by the lea fideon theland. 

2 And hee taught them many things m paw- 
bles, and layd unto them in his dodtine, 

3 ' I Hearken: Behold, there went out a lower 

'°4°'^And it cametopaffeashefowed.thatfome 
fell by the way fide , and the foules of the heaven 
came, and devoured it up. . u :► 

through the fault c And fomc fell on ftony ground , where it 
ofmao.butyetby had 
'S'"''*"""" caufe it had not depth of earth. 

Inborn they know. 
I, Thefeaie'be 


j Mat.ii,4«' 


J Vndei thii name 
. |Jtother,theHe- 

b«wei vnd«tt»od 

ill that areof the 

fame ftocke and 


6 Thefpiituall 

j(iared ii fatre 

b In a fliip which 
wai hunehed ioio 
She fea. 

1 The felfe fame 
Gofpel is foweo 
{•very where, but 
it hath not like 
through the fault 

caufe it had net depth of earth. . 

4? But affoone as the Sunne was up.u was burnt 
up.and becaufe it had not roote. it withered away. 

7 Ami fome fell among the thornes . and the 
thornes grew up . and choked it . to that is gave no 

8 * Some againe fell in good ground .and did 
yeelde fruite that fpmng up.Sc gtew.and it brought 
foorth . fome thirtie foide . fome fixtie folde , and 
fome an hundreth fold. 

9 Then he fayd unto them, He that hath eares , 
10 heare, let him heare. , , 

10 And when he was c alone . they that were 
d about him with the twelve, asked hiraotthe 

Wdhimatthe ^' u^^' And hee fayd unto them To you it is given 
b.ei«. to know the myftery of the kingdome of God . but 

, That i. to fay , to ^^^^^ ^j^at are « without . all things be done m 

fttaogcrs, and fuch 

::Trrrfr.- ^'t ; Thattheyfeeing.mayfee.andnotdif. 
^3, ,4. cerne;and they hearing .may heare , and not un- 
. i;ohni»,4o. aftes jgrftand . leaft at any tiraethey Ihouldturne .and 
»«'**' """•"' *• their finnes ibould be forgiven them. 

, 3 Againe he fayd unto them, Perceive ye not 
this parable ? how then ftiould yeevnderftandall 
,c{/;i?r parables ? 

J 4 The fower foweth the word. , . ., 
1 s And thefeaie they that receive the feede by 
«he wayes fide. in whom thewoidislowcn;but 

a They that fol- 
lowed him at the 

when they have heard k ; Satan commeth im- f whichpertaiae 
mediatly.and take^ away the word that wasfowen |^ ,'^|„%_,y. 
in their hearts. r j • * Ahbouih'the 

16 And likewife they that receive the feede in lightofthecofpel 
ftony ground, are they, which when they have be teieSed of the 
beared the word , ttraightwayes receive it with glad- ,^°;|ti J.^.'^Tf !t 

nefle. . .,U werefomoqther 

1 7 Yet have they no roote in themrelves . and caufe then this , tbac 
endure but a time : /or when trouble and perfecu- thewicksdnetiiof 
tion arifeth for the word . immediatly they be of- ',''/„'J^-';^,";;^|^^, 
fended. , r , u * Mar.,M;-luke 

18 Alfo 'they that receive the feede among the s, is. and 11,33- 
thornes, are fuch as heare the word : * «=«• '°-*«- '">'* 

19 But the cares f of this world . and the ^ de- '''^b.^^^^^'iihe, 
ceitfulneffe of riches , and the lufts of other things „„^,bjj wecoi|.- 
enter in.and choke the word, and it is vnfr uitfuU. municte fuch gift* 

20 But they that have received feede in good a» God hath g.v-a , 
ground, are they that heare the word , and receive ;;'^^'\™;;;; 
it,and bringfoorth fruit: one c«r«tthutie,an other bountiiuli v»iUGo« 
fixtie, and lome an hundreth. be toward ui. 

21 f 1 Alfo he fayd unto them , § Commeth »'»"'•■''»• 

the candle in ,to be put vnder a builiell . or vnder ^"^'^^^^-j,,,. , 
thebed.andnottobeputinacandleftickej and if, »9. luke 1, 

2X ♦For there is nothing hid, that (liall not be i8.andi9.»«. 
opened, neither is there a lecret , but that it fl:iall 4 The Lord^fow- 

come to light. u-^U^.,^ after a mmer vb- 

23 If any man have eares to heare.let hira heare. ^^owf >< 'o men. 

24 3 And he fayd unto them, Take heed what g That is, when he 
ye heare. « Witk what meafure you mete . it iLail ^^^^.f^'J^Z"^' 
be meafured unto you : and unto you that hear€. Jf ™ ^oth day and 
(hall more be given. . , ^ ,.- , . nigbt.nothingdoub* 

IT ^ For untohimthathath.lhallitbe given, ting, but (hatthe 
and from him that hath not .a«llbe taken away (>e^de«o«»fp-''C 

even that he hath. , both day and mght."; 

1^ J 4 Alfo he fayd . So is the kjngdome @i j, j, j^ .hepattof 
God, as if a man flsould caft feed in the ground. the minift«. , ti u« 

27 And g (hould Qeepe.and rife up night and ^^-^'^^.^l^""-^^,,. 
day .and the feed llx3uld fpring and grow up . hee f„f„';„„|,he 

b not knowing how. fuccefle to God : for 

28 For the earth bringeth foorth frmte 'ot it that inightiesnor- 
felfe . firfl the blade . then the eares . after that full j^J-s ^J'^;^^",''' 

COrne in the eares. , ■ r ^c blade and eare,i(f«« 

19 And affoone as the fruite fheweth it lelfe, ^f^, ^^^ oneiy kuo- 
anon he putteth in the fickle , becaufe the harveft wen by the fruit. 

•■^ i By acerraioe 

''\T% * iHefaydmoreover,Whereuutoa.allP°-';;-^j^'"»''=- 
we liken the kingdonae of God j or with what ^ Mat.13.31. 
coroparifonlhall we compare it? Iukei3'«»- 

, , It is like a graine of muftard feede , which s God far«oAeN 
whii it is fowen in the the leaft of all feeds ^^^^^^t 
that be in the earth : ..'•'' '""* • ""* "*• 

32 But after that it is groweth up.and deth with the 
is greatea of all herbes, 8c beareth great branches, gtea.eft- 
fo that the foules of the heaven may build vnder j*;^^^^;^,^^^,; 
thelhadowofit, the capaciiieof the 

2 ? And A with many fuch parables he preached heateii. 
the word unlothem, k as they were able to heare it. i J^d for word, 

the word unto them, *■ as tney wcic duiv. tu u.a... x.. • - -•- ■-■■ 

34 And wkhout parables fpake he nothm- i.n- ^°°^,j '^^^\ ,^,^e 
to "them, but he i expounded all things to his dilci- ,h,„ ,i,e hard 
cles apart riddlei. 

^ 3< f t Nowe the fame day when even was -J-Mat-s.ij. 
corae.hefayd unto them,Letus pafle over unto the ^.^VeyVhatfaile \ 
other fide. . ^ . , u- withChnft.aU I 

^6 And they Uft the multitude, and tooke him though hefeeme 
as he was in the Ihippe . and there was alfo with .on^p^-e^^^^^ 

him other little fllips. r • j are in danger, yet 

37 « And there arofe a great ftorme ot winde, .h^y are pref«ved 
and the waves dalhed into the Ihip , fo that it was <^}^'^^^ 

"7/"'And he was inthefterneaaeepeonapil- "^^^'^^ ' 

Of deWs. i5« iwaiKc. 

low : and they awoke hiM ', aod Taydto him , Ma- 
fter. careft thou not that we peridi » 

39 And hce arofe up , and rebukedthe winde, 

ra floweommttli 


and fayd unto the fea , Veace .and be flill. So the 
windeceafeJj and it was a great calme. 

40 Then he fayd unto them , m why are yee fo 
fearefuU f fesw is it that ye have no faith ? 

4 1 And they feared exceedingly, and fayd one 
to another. Who is this, that both the wind aadfca 
obey him i 

e H A P. V. 

7 TheJehillacknetvltJ^lthChrill. 
Ij enirtd' J\vint. iz Ltirui 

a One pif'IfeJ it htiUi. 
9 yi i.igintcfdiVils 

4. Mitth «.iS. 
luk. S i«. 
I MJi.yhavtite 
•\«rtucofChiift there met him incontinently out of the graves 

inadinirJtion, and .,•,., 1 /r • • " 

/Jtijoj. 34 Fui'h. 3» SitepF. 

A Nd + • they came ever to the Other fide of the 
*^ lea into the countrey of the a Gad.irens, 

z And when hee wascomeout of the Ihippe, 

man b which had an vncleane fpirit 

3 VVho had his abiding among the graves ,and 
no man could bind him. no not with chaines : 

4 Becaufe that when he was often bound with 
LookeMatS-jo. fettersgc chaines, he plucked the chaines afunder, 

'and brake the feuers in pieces .neither could auy 
man tame him. 

• J And alwayes both night and day hee cried 
in the raoumaints , and in the graves , and ftreolu: 
himfclfe with ftones. 

6 And whenhefawlefusafarreofF, heranne, 
and worlhipped him, 

7 And ciyed with a loude voyce , and fayd, 
What have I to doe with thee .lefus the Sonne of 
the molt High God? l « willthat thou fwearc to 

•jtt they will not 

b Word for Woid 
in an vncltaof fyi- 
jit : now ihrv are 
iaid tobein htfpi 
lit . becauft tot fpl 
lit boldetb tbtni 
fall looked vp, and 
ai it vst'c boand. 

c Tlatis.aflTure , ^ , 

t^rby jnoaib , ihat me by God, that thou torment me noc. 

abouwiilno' veu 


g ( For hee fayd unto him , Come out of the 

»*• roan, thou vncleane fpirit.) 

9 And hee asked him , What is thy name ? and 
he anfwered , faying , My name it Legion ; for wee 
are many. 

J Tbat devill ttsat iq And hee ^ prayed him inftamly , that bee 

l.ia>ed tbf nuin-agir y^-Quld not fend them away out of the countrey. 

«" Tbu wb"oTt'coun. •' Now there was there in the troountainesa 

treyijfor.hegita- great heard ot fwine, feeding. 

jMpartofitvtiv 12 Andal! thedeuilsbefoiight hina.faying.Send 

iiilly , for ihcinoun- ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ fvvine.ihat we may enter into them. 

'/upoe^hiougbit. '3 And incoDtinentiy lefus gave them leave. 

Then the uncleane fpirits went out and entred into 
the fwine.and the heard ranne headlong from the 
high hanck into the ffea, (and there were about two 
ihoufand fwine) 8c they were choked up in thefea, 
1 4 And the fwincheatds fled , and told it in the 
citie,and in the countrey , and they came out to 
fee what it was that was done. 

1^ And they c?.me to lefus, and faw him that 
had bene polVdled with the devill , and had the.le- 
gion, fit both cloathed.and in his right minde ; and 
they were afraid. 

16 And they that faw it , told them , what was 
done to him that was podeiled with the. devill , and 
concernuig the fwine. 

1 7 Then they began to pray him, that he would 
depart from their coalis. 

18 And when hee was come into the (hip , hee 
that had bene poifelVed with the deviiJ , prayed hira 
that he might be with him. 

I 9 Howbeit , lefus would not fuffcr him , but 
fayd uoto him.Goc thy way home to thy friends, 
and (hewe them what great things the Lord 
jhath dgnc uiu'^ thee , aud hovw hce hiOi had 

-f S:rabo i 
2eentb b' oke Ui.t 
ibat 'n Gadavis 
jbtr-i. a funding 

Vtbicb ifbcalls 
tallccf tbfy (hfaJ 

laifns danghtetfa' 

coropaffion on thee^ 

20 So hee departed .and began topublifli in 
Decapolis , what great things lelus had done unto 
him : and all men did raarveiie. 

21 (f And when lefus was come over againe i 
by Ihip unto the other fide , a great multitude ga- 
thered together to him .and he was neere unto tlie 


21 S And g behoLde .there canwone ofthe * Mitih y.if^ 
rulers ot the Synagogue , whole name was lairus • '"'"'•'♦'• 
and when he faw h.m. he fell downe at h is feete. " H^T^ITZ 

2j And belought him inltantly, laying My lie- diforderiy. bm in 
tie daughter lieth at point of death: I pray thee'^^V^y^'Sof."' 
that thou wouldeft come and lay- thine.haiidson''""'^;.'*""^''" 
her, that (he may be healed, and iiVe. TaetblV 

24 Then he went with him , and a great multi- 
tude followed him and thronged him. ' 

25 (a And there was a certaine woman, which i lefm being toucfa. 
was difeafcd with an illiieof blood iwelueyeeres, tdw'ihtrut 

26 And had fufFi ed many things of many phy- f^'''' ^''tough it 
ficians . and had fpent all that Q^ee had. and it auai- be'alTu.T/hu' 
led her nothing, but flie became much wor:e. venue, 

27 when fl:ee had heard of lefus , Ihee came 
in the preafle behind, and touched his garment. 

18 For Ilie fayd.if i may but touch his tloathes, 
I fliali be whole. 

29 And ftraightway the courfe of her blood 
was dryed up , and Qiee felt in her body . that fliee 
was healed of that plague. 

30 And jmmediatly when lefus did know in 
himtelfe the vsrtue that went out of him , he tur- 
ned hira roundabout inthepreafe.andfayd. Who 
hath touched my cloathes ? 

j 1 And his difciples faid unto him,Thou feeft 
the multitude throngihee. and fay eft thou .Who 
did touch me? 

3 2 And he looked round about , to fee her that 
had done that. 

J3 And the woman feared and trembled : for 
fliee knew what was done in her . and Ihce came 
and fell downe before him , and told hira the 
whole trueth. 

34 And he fayd to her , Daughter . thy f.dth 
hath made thee whole ; go in peace , and be whole 
of thy plague.) 

3; VVhile hee yet fpake , there came from the 
fa>»e ruler of the Syaigogues houle certaine which 
layd.Tby daughter is dead : why dilealcit thou the 
roafterany further? 

i6 3 AHbone as lefns heard that word fpoken, ' ^V}"' 'P?'*" 
hee fayd unto the ruler of vhe Synagogue . Be tiot ^ Jomiffsof ufs* 
afraid : onely belceve. cvcDfortbeij 

37 And he luffered no man to follow him lave children, 
Peter and lames, and lohn the brother of lames. 

38 So hee came unto the houle of the ruler of 
the Synagogue , and faw the tumult , and them that 
wept and wailed greatly. 

j9 And hee went in, and. fayd unto them.Why 
make ye this trouble , and weepe ? the child is not 
dead, but llccpsth. 

40 4 And they langht himjo fcorne : but hee 4 Such ai mack* 

Sut ihem all out , and tooke the fathcr.and the m.o- *'"* 'corne cbnS^ 
ler of the child .and them h that were with him, ^"^^{^""J, 
and entred in where the childe lay. goodne/fc. 

41 And tooke the childe by the hatid-, and fayd b Tbethteedift 
unto her, Talitha cumi, which 13 by interpretation, f '"• 
Mayden , I fay unto thee, arife. 

42 And ftraightway the mayden arofe, and wal- 
ked : for fhc was of the age of twelve yeeres> aud 
they >veje aftunied out of uiealutc. 

43 And 


thrift contemned. 

Cfiap. vj» 

43 And hee charged them ftfaitly that no.«ian 
•{hould knowe of it, and commanded to give her 


3 Chri/l ptencfiing in hit ccunfrty , hit oypnef'lttmnt him. 
6 TheunitliefeefiheSai,,iritet. 7 Xht .^fofilei art 

fent. 13 The} caft cut JeVitt: they anoynt the r^kflV'th 
cyll. n HirodtsofinimcfChrift. li The cmfe cflolmt ■ 
imfrifmmint. tl Vauncja^. 17 1-ohntehe.iiled, 19 burieJ. 
30 The^fo/iteireiurnefromfreachinf. 34 Chrill te.uheth 
rntheJefurt. 37 Hee feedilhihe people with J!lielaal>ei. 
48 The^pcjllet tretroMedontheJen. }6 The fickf that 
touch Chnfiet garment, are healed, 

A Nd « • he departed thence .and came into his 
ovvne countrey, and his dilciples followed him. 

2 And when the Sabbath was come , he began 
to teach in the Synagogue .and many that beard 
him, wereaftonied , and laide , From whence hath 
this man thefe things 'and what wiledome is this 
that is given unto him.that even fuch a great works 
ate done by his hands ? 

3 Is not this that carpenter Maries fonne , the 
. brother of lames and lofes .and of luda and Simon? 

and are not hisfafifters here with us?Andthey 
were offended in him. 

4 And lefus faide unto them , A § Prophet 
wendirfHn -worket is noc without c honoitr, but in his owne countrey, 
th^t chf-Ji utd, jj among his owne kinred , and in his owne 

rvhichfherveJ t. r . 

ttndfiifccrththt houfe. ,, ^ ,,, ^ 

niftttteand poller y And he d could there doe no great workes, 
cfhisCedhtadio fjye that he laid his hands uponafcw fickc folkc, 
aU thtv>orld, Mt<. 3„j healed them. 

6 And heeroarveiled at their iinbeliefe,* and 
went about by the townes on every fide, teaching. 

7 J }s » And hee called unco him the twelve, 
and began to fend thacn foorth two and two , and 
o-ave them power over uncleane fpirits, 
° 8 3 And commaunded them that they (hould 
take nothing for their iourney , fave a ftaffe onely : 
neither fcrip, neither bread, neither their 
girdles : 

9 But that they flwald be Qiod with § e fan- 
dais , and that they lhouldnotputon*'two coates. 

10 And hee laid unto them, Wherefoeveryee 
(hall enter into an houfe , g there abide till ye de- 

11 ? 4 And whofoever ttjall not receive you, 
muji needthaie ^^^^ hcare you , when ye depart thence, * ihake off 
f.iiih,ifrce TTia «- - •' - ^ i 

teiiit the IP". 


♦ Mutth.^,ti. 

« CA.ip.3.i4- 
indtth 10,1. 

z Tbe difciplej 
are prejjared to 
that general! A- 
poftiefllip. bya 
peculiar fendiag 

3 Faith full Pa. 

ftouri ought not 

to'bave their 

minuet feti no not 

on things that 

8?eaeceBary for 

thiilife, iftheymaybean hinderance unto them, be it nevfr fo little. j> .^(iei ir.8. 

« The yvtird fignijiet'i properly iKCmens fhaet. f Thatii,ih!y fhmldl,ike rtcch.ingeof 
garments vnth-tfiem , they mi^ht he iifhier for this iMrney , and ma^t mctefpeede- 
^ Thatisychanienctyour Innesinthisfhcrti.urnej, *^m. Lukf 9'S. 

i The Lord iiamoft fevere revenger ofhi, ferwantt. 4" sA£iis\i,i\. and\%,6. 
^ lumri J, 14. h Thut 'yie vai a icl^en aad^r firneofthis niariieilcus -ucrlUe ■ arti 
fetir.g the ^ft of he.^iin? is cetifed a^ocd yelnie fince , the (erimonii yvhichii yet 
titeinedcflotne,uto no piirptfe. * ^fa'. 14,1. Lw/te 9,7. f The Gofpel confirmeth 
Jle godly, and veied the wicked. i T hi miri p.^nifielh Ptlvit/,tvherthji it rsieunt 
tbtftiftr efntrk''>£'''>riut':t, K c/cliitiU I'rofhttt-, 


, thefaithltffe 
world dcf th no 
wbit^ai all diiui- 
Chtift.b'Jt wit- 
tingly and wi!- 
JiDgly drpiiveth 
it felfieot theef- 
ficacieof it, being 
offered unto them. 
a The word fiini- 
Jieih power, or 
•verliieit yvherehj 
are meant thofe 

b sAftir the ma- 
Irewes.rvho iy IrC' 
ihren and fifters, 
Underfidnd ail 
their bjnsfoUtts. 
5 iW..f.t3,;7- 
■<«^f 4.»4- 
e Ko>one\ythxt 
hath th..t 
nhich ofri^ht it 
Jut 10 him takf\ 
from him. hut aljo 
d ThatiiM 

Vkes'of the duft that is under your feete, for a witnelle an- 
to them. Verely I fay unto you, It fliallbe eafier for 
Sodome . or Gomorrha at the day of ludgemenr, 
then for that citie. 

1 2 3) -And they went out , and preached , that 
men iLould amend their lives. 

ij And they caft out many devils : and they 
t h anoynted many that were fscke ,*withoyle,and 
healed tkem. 

14 J) /Then King Herod heard of Um {ior 
his Name was made manifeft) and faide, lohn B.ip- 
tift is rifen againe from the dead , and therefore 
great > workes are wrought by him. 

I f Other faid. It is Elias ; and fome faid.It is a 
Prophet.or as one of k thofe Prophets. 

The inconvenience of dauncing. t g 

itf'^.SowhenHerodheardit.hefaid.ItisIohn ^ Lukes,,,, 
whom 1 1 behealed : he is rifen from the dead * Commandeii . 

1 7 For Herod himfelfe had fent forth, and had '" *' ^^'*'"'. 
taken lohn , and boundhim in prifon for Herodias 

fake , which was his brother Philips wife, becaufe 
he had married her, 

18 For lohn faide unto Herod , § Ms not law- * tu^, ,, ., , 
full for thee to have thy brothers wife. «d ^0,1,. ' 

IV Therefore Herodias m laid waitagainfthim: >" saghtaU 
and would have killedhim, but Ihe could not : "^^'^'"t" in him 

10 For Herod feared lohn. knowing that hee '"''* 
T/vrtjaiuft man, and an holy .and reverenced him, 
and when he heard him, hee did many things , and 
heard him n gladly, 

21 But the time being convenient , when He- Xer, 'wtlZln" 
rod on his birth. day made a banket to his princes to he^re fentence 
andcaptaines.andchiefeertatesof Galile: frono^med <(^Mnfi 

^^ And the daughter o of the fame Herodias *'"'•'"<"'"/«'* 
came in . &r(d danced, and pleafed Herod, and them fuT" 
that fateat table togetht^r , the King faide unto the o whichihefams, 
maide.Aske of me what thou wih, and I will give ^""H-^hadnot 

jt the^^ iy Herodes ,^nti' 

^i And hee fware unto her , Whatfoeverthou Vndufiphuseai.' 
(halt aske of roee, I will give it thee,evf» unto the Uth her iaUmc 
halfe of my kingdome. 

24 * So pihe went forth.and faid to her mother, , w, , 
What fnall I aske ? And (lie faid, lohn Baptifis head, p p„, „\t,'n ufe£ 

2y Then (lie came in ftraightway with hade un- notio fttattahU 
to the King , and asked, faying, I would that thou vithmtn. 
fiiouldeil give me even now in a charger the head 

^6 Then the King was very fory : ye? for his 
oathes fake , and for their fakes which fate at table 
with him, he would not refufe her. 

27 And immediatly the Kingfent theq hang- p Thtwtriftff,{~ 
roan , and gave charge that his head (liould bs/ieth one that bea- 
brought in. So hee went and beheaded him in the "'.'' " ''■"''•'"■' '*« 

».,*,, , , . , , . , called, because tha 

i» And brought his head in a charger, and ^;<^«f.«rfrfjrtK 
gave it tothemaide, and the maide gave it to her » Luke 9,16. 

29 And when h is difciples heard it , they came 
and tooke up his body, and put it in a tombe. 

30 5 « And the Apoftles gathered themfelves 
together to lefus , and tojtle him all things , both 

what they haddcne,and what they had taught. ^ Such ai fcllow 

31 « And hee faide unto them , Come ye apart Cbtiii ftaii want ' 
into the wildernefle.and reft a while:for there were nothing no notia 
many commers and goers.that they had not leafure L''^^''^i"°^"''' 

'°"'^-^ c U . n- ru ■ 'bldU^AnJ 

32 iS: So they went by fliip out of the way into bow wicked a 

a defart place. thing ii it, not to. 

3 J But the people Awe them when they depar- '."anfi-o"', 1;'',^,. 
ted, and many knew him .and ran a foote thither m, ban",', who. 
out of all cities, and came thither before them, and giv^tU e\eriaiiing 
allembled unto him. ''fe ? 

_ 34 * Then lelus went out and faw a great mul-*^f"|*J*''^* 
titude , and had comp^flfion on them . becaufe they ♦ huit'^.^e, 
were like Iheepe which had no (liepheard:.f. and he and 14, 14. 
began to re.ich them many things. * 

35- J And when the day was now fane fpent, ^'T-^Ail'iit't'wror 
his difciples came untohim.faying.This isa deliirc dem'.mnd''an'dtvon- 
place, and now the d,iy is farre palled. dcrin^, not irxAoxr 

36 Let them depart, that they may »oe into the " f"*"'' """k'' 
countrey and townes about, and buy mem bread ; '^J'l,i"^r^ ''/),» ^ 
for Lhey have nothing to eate . 'hepm'il'^t^lei'n d 

5 7 But hee anfwered , and faid unto rhem.Give fCmc, they deny t» 
ye them to eate. And they faid unto them , ' Shall ''":•"'.» <l>in^. 
we goe , and buy f two hundreth peny worth of f. '"*'.''' " •'■■"* 
bread, and give thero to eate ? ^.^j^j j,^j„ ^ ., 

Ccc a 3S «Then 

Cbrift walking upon the Sea 

4. M4f<k. 14,17. 38 + Then he faid unto them, How many loaves 
h'k'i.'i'ol"!^'*- have ycegoeand lookc And when they knew it, 
Wit'^flf: they raid. Five and two fifhcs. 
tieZner'cf'li j9 So he Commanded thcm fo make them all 

Behtrv<'v:h. fit downe by t companies iipo.uhegteenegrafle. 
haw ncunr-ha- 4q Then they fate downe by u lowes, by hun- 
"'■" "£*-T,i* dr'='^s.andb^fifties. 

41 And heetooke the five loaves, and the two 
filhes .and looked up to heaven, and gave thankes, 
and brake the loaves . and give them to his difci- 
ples to fet before them . and the two filhes he divi- 
ded among thera all. r ■ r 1 

42 So they did all eate. and were fatished. 
And they tooke up twelve basketsfuU or 

tht rivret cfiht 
U TdfircTiZ/i^'ni- 

hid, Jlid trd,, 
meaninf thtrehj 


Ij an,<htr, 
in n ?.',ritn. 

ftrvJnti of God 
after ficirliiile 
labour, ate fubitft 
10 great i.nntft, 
which Citift 
doeit' fo moderate 
being tireftnt 
in power, al- 
though abfent io 
tody, that bee 
bringeth tbem to 
so bappiebavca. 
atfuib MTneand 
not for: A lively 
Church loCVd to 
and fro in 'his 

S M.."/..i4.»3- 

, nywrrr./; 

thsj k.'>frp that It 
thtj wert mudi 
then ttitr >hcy rottt 
tefcre .trhcn they 


It Either thtj Btr- 
ftiVtdmt .crLd 
fl>e hni/et, '»/»- 
mHehihiti thnt 
niiriue of Chin 

44 °And they that had eaten, were about five 

thoufandmen. r .. • .-r • . 

4 J 7 f And ftraightway he caufed his dilciples 
to goe into the fliippe , and to goe before unto the 
other fide unto Bethfaida , while hee feiu away the 

46 Then affoone as he had fent x them away , he 
departed into a mountaine to pray, 

47 J And when even was come , the Ihippe 
was in the raids of the fea. and hee alone on the 

48 And hee faw them troubled in rowing , (for 
the winde was contrary unto them ) and about the 
fourth watch of the night , hee came unto them, ^ 
walking upon the fea , and would have pailed by "" 

49 And when they fawe him walking upon the 
fea . they linpoled it hath bene a fpirit , and cried 

yo For they all fawe him.and were foreafraide : 
but anon he talked with them , and faid unto them. 
Be ye of good comfort : it is I, be not afraid. 

yi Then hee went up unto them into the fhip, 
and the winde ceafed , and they were y much more 
ambled in themfclves, and marvelled. 

y 2, For they had not ^ confidered the matter of 
the loaves, becaufe their hearts were hardened. 
^3 J* And they came over.and went into the 
ihinindiMd land of Gennefareth,and arrived. 
jschyhh ^4 8 So when they were come out of the fliip, 

ftraightway they knew him. 

5 5 And ra.ine about throughout all that region 
rourul about, and began to cary hither and thither 
in couches all that were iicke , where they heard 
that he was. 

5 6 And whitherfoever hee entred into townes, 

lepeJfritKit or cities ,or vill?ges , they iayde their the 

txthtm .thenifthej ftreetcs .and prayed him that they might touch at 

Udm' h,ir,e pri-^^ ff,g j^gj^ ^j^g ^jg^, ^f [^j^ garment. And as many a6 

"^'j" ' touched a him, were made whole. 

Marke 14,34. t Cbrift being reiefting in hiiowne 

upon a fuddeo ainongO tbem of whom he vvai not looked ior, 
the Iremme efthe garment. 


a The ^ptjtles are found fauit nith,f.>r ealing W'lh unVl/%Cn 
handt. 4 The Phari/es tr.tditier,i ahui rmtP^np ,Hyft- 
trilei- t Mem trjdiiicni more Jet ty ihenCcdi. 

10 Ptirent I muJiU honoured. J4 The things thai doe in. 
deiJedefle arrtan. jj The rveman'fC, mane, 31 Tht 
deaf: dumme man is healed. 

«Maith,if,i. *T Hen « i oathered unto him the Pharifes ,and 
' .-^""l"'°'o"" cer aine of the Scribes which came from Hie- 

"<-!r . k'^ t""' rufalem. 

ofGon .then they 

liat ftiould he wfeft.and that uponawaleof tieir awnetraditioni :for men doe 
not pleafe tbunfeivn more in any thing then IQ fuptlftiiioa , that it W fay, in a 
WOtfbij ol God io.'.JIy devifciof tifmfelvH, 

' he 
fin, at, h. 
rvhfch rras di, 
countrry , and arriving w 
ilfcctiyed to ihtii f lofite, 

S. Marke. Ofmens tradition?* 

2 And when they fawe fome of his dilciples , vvord for>,vo,*. 
a eatc meate with b common hands , (that is to fay, eate bread: a kinde 
unwaflien) they complained. of fperch which 

3 (Forthe Phariles, and all thelewes. except 't-- Hebrewei ufc, 
they walh their hands oft . eate not , c holding the In k"^de "food, 
traditions of the Elders. '^, Fortherhari-" 

4 And when //^y f»»je from the d market , ex- f"wo"'''oot eate 
cept they walh.they eate not: and many other ''""'!;"'* ^'l'' 
things there be.which they have taken upon them b°cTift"« 
and obferve, */ the wafliing of cups,and ' pots.and tbouRbt thai their 
of brafenveflels.andofbeds.) hand« were defile* 

y Then asked him the Pharifes and Scribes, y^''^"""""". 
Why f walke not thy difciples accordingtothe ^^.^^^ „',^°2'» 
tradition of the Elders, but eate meate with un- c obfetvir,^diii. 
waflien hands ? gently. 

6 i Then hee anfwered and Tiide unto them, ^ ''■'"' .Y'°r»)'' 
Surely 4 Efay hath prophecied well of you , hy- ^rZuiyX^ 
pocrites , as it is written , This people honoiireth goe not to meate, 
fnee with lippes, but their heart is farre away from «aJeO"eihty wattj 

jpg. themlVlyeifirft. 

7 .3 Butthey worMpmeinvaine.teachin2ror:,f;;l'[^:^S 
doOTiBes the commandements oi men. kinde of veflVii, 

8 4 For ye lay the Commandementsgf God which are appoin. 
apart ,and obletve the tradition of men.4/ the wafli- "'* 'o'"U"^ayly 
ing of pots and of cups, and many other fuch like f'^-h I, „,, h,y 
things ye doe. Dot?akindeof 

9 y And he laid unto tjjem. Will yereieft the fp«'^'> "ken from 
comm.mdement of God , that ye may obferve your '"^ ^''^'" '^"* 
owne tradition. 

ngftihem, the 

mother : and * Whofoever fhall IpeAe evili of fa- a Hypociifie i« 
ther or mother, let him g die the death. alwaye. ioyneJ 

1 1 But ye fay , If a man fay to father or mother . « ''4/;;,";''°°* 
Corban , tkMu , By the gift that is tfferedby mee, 3 The moreear- 
thou maytft have profite, he ji. alike free. neit the fuperftiti. 

1 2 so yee fuffer him no more to doe any thing \"' *"• «'>""'"• 
for his L.her or his mother ' ^ ;tl1fi;rtt;" 

13 Making the wordof God of none authori- feivesGodi fa- 
tie, by your tradition which yehaveordeitied:and vour by their dc. 
ye dot many fuch like things. ^"t b d 'f t 

14 « Then he calleth the whole multitude unto f„p„fti,J"u,'mea 
him.and faid unto them, Hearken you all unto me, joenotooelynor 
and undeiftand. fulfiliiheLawo* 

I f There is nothing without a man.that can di- f^^^j^^^f}*"' |''*'* 
file him , when itentrech into him : but the things fvvad°"bei^e!vej> 
which proceed out ofhim.arethey which dehle but alfo doe ut- 

the roan. leilytakeit 

16 Ifanyhaveearestoheare.Iethimheare. ""^TJoe R.Iigioa 

17 And when he came into an houfe.rtvfdjy from ^hiXijcleane 

the people, his difciples aske J him concerning the contrary tofuper. 

parable, ftiiion.coofifteth 

1 8 And he faid unto them. What are ye with- n,f'".'f„";" J^°^ 
out underltanding alfo? Doe yee not knoweihat „i'e'',oftrueRelj. 
whatfoever thing from without entreth into a man, gion .although 
cannot defile him. ' .beyfermeto 

19 Bccaule itentrednot into his heart, but in- J'^^^^'^^^^^^j^J^P' 
to the belly . and goeth out into the draught which '°°^'^[ ^p. 

is the •" purging of aiimeates > j E»od lo.u, 

20 Then he faide . that which commeth out deut.s.i*. 
of man. that defileth man, Tl[ti'.i,i7 

a I :fc For from within, even out of the heatt of j^^jj ,„_ ,. 
men proceed evill thoughts , adulteries, fornicati- proviio'ao. 
ons.mtirthcts. g V"' '''""' ""X*' 

21 Thefts,' covetoufnene.wickednefle.deceit, ''"'^°J';,|',Vh 
uncleannelle ,a k wicked eye , backbiting , pride, ^"m",,"! /, ,,. 

fooliilinefle, h For that that 

23 All thefe evill things come from within,and goeth into the 
defile a man, 

:f( Gen,«,;.and S,ii, i All kind ofcrafiinefle, whereby i 

bf other lusDileflci. k Ciakctcd niil^ce. 

24 J c f And 

raugbt, purgeth 

The ell ildrens bread. 

Cbap. viij. 

tf. Mau.iMi. 24 J •^ s And from thence he arofe, and went 

6 Thar which ihe jnto the ^ borders of Tyrus and Sidon , and entred 

t roud ^^"."'^^^ into an houfe . and would cha: no man ihould have 

^nio"hem,'tb« knowen : but he could not be hid. 

fame doc ihe mo- 2y For a certaine woman , whofe litde daugh- 

deilaod bumble tgr had an uncleanefpirit , heard of him , and came, 

VtotheTr 26 (And the woman wasamGreeke .anSyro. 

moiicaaiisof Pa- pheniffian by nation) and befoiight him that 
I lenina, which were he would caft out the devill out of her daughter. 
i ^^y^"^''"""^ 27 But lefus fayd unto her, Lee the children 
I m By p'of'flSon, firft be fedde : for it is not good to take the chil- 
prophane. drens bread, and to caft it unto o whelpes. 

n Neighbour or jg Then (hee anfwered.and fayd unto him, 

Th! urnb'"hl'i'^"' ^ Trueth.Lord; Yet-indeed the wheJpes eate under 
wordvvDfi^esra- the table of the childrens crummes. 
tber thtQihe-zrord 29 Then he fayd laito her , For this faying goe 
Dug<,thatheeiriy jj^y ^.y . j-^e deviil iv gone out of thy daughter. 

more coDtumc- -^^ , 1 1 -n 1 1 11 1 u 1 

ouny {lie found the devilldeparred ,anu her daugnteriy- 

V Asiffliefayd, it ing on the bed. 

isasihoufayert ^j ^ 7 And he departed ag=!ine from the coafts 

^noyghfor the of Tyrus and bidcn . i,ndcan.< untu the fea of Ga- 
wbfipes.iftheycan lile .through the middes of checodftsofq Deca- 

but gather up the polis. 

ctummestbarare ^^ f^^^ jj,j.y brought unto him One that was 

rertfor/uravethe ^eafe and ftambred in his fpeach .and prayed him 
cruniraes.aodnot to put his hand upon him.. 

thechildrtns bread. j j Then hee tooke him afide from the multi- 
7 As th<: Father j^jg ^ g^^ p^,j j^ig fingers in his eares , and did fpir. 

The Pharifes leaven. 19 

ated us 

and touched his tongue 

Dinginhiiontiy 34 And looking up to hciven , he fighcd , and 

Sonut.fodothhe faid unto him, Ephphatha.that is, Be Opened. 

alfoiD him alone ^^ And flraightway his eares Were opened, and 

everUftingTife. '^^ firing of his tonguc was loofed , and he fpake 

, q It ^asa little plains. 

coumrey.aud fo 3<j And he commanded them that they fliould 

called ofteDci:ie». tellno man ; but how much foever hee forbade 
veraemeDti d'oe i°un them, the more 3 great deale they publilhed it. 
betweene aod com. ij And Were hcyond meafure aftonied , fay- 
paCe^rliaie.booke ing, J He hath done all things wcli : hee ?naketh 
s.chap 8. ^Q^i^ jj^g dezfc toheare .and the dumbe toJpeake. 

««Ie.39>li. C H A P. VIII. 

1 rhctnirMlatfthtftVenU^iVes. i\ The JtlKtifetkl f'lntt. 
i; Tnhnare cfiheiCuJtencfthe I'h.irij'e!. ij ^ hlmde 
manheaiid. 27 TUfeofUtfandr} ofinicnefChrisi. 
29 The^po/llnacknonUili^eChriJi. 31 HifcreieUethhh 
dislth. 33 Peter, Saran. 3/ TcfiVt xiiilhcfi ihehfe. 
38 Toiea/hitmiaofChrilt. - 

* Mitih.i;.3J. TN + thofe dayes.when there was a very great 
mulritude . and had nothing to eate , lefus called 
his difciples to him,!nd fayd unto them. 

2 IhavecompafsiononthemultitiKie ,becaufe 
they have now continued with mee three dayes, 
and have nothing to eate. 

3 Andiflfendthemawayfaftingtotheirowne 
a Word for word, houfes , they would a faint by the way : foribme of 
jhfy will fall in them Came from faf re. 

[Td^Zlltrnt ^ '^'^^" ^''^ difciples an fwer^d him, Whence 
fall 'in a fv^ound? "'^ ^ "^"D fatisfie thele with bread here, in thfe Vjil- 
thtir fynowestaii demeffe f c 

oneiiom Mothei;. y And hee asked them , How rnany loaves haVfe 
ye ? And they fayil. Seven. ' . 

6 Then hee commanded the multitude to iit 
downe on the ground : and hee tooke the feyen 
Joavcs . and gjve thjuikes , brake them , and gave to 
his difciples to fet before tfcew.and they did fet 
them before the people. 

7 They had alio afew fmallfiil-es ;, and when 
he had given tlianks , he corDii;irided ththi'alft) W 
be fet before ?i(?<^,'», 

8 So they did eat ] and were fufficed , and they 
tooke up of the broken meate that was left, feven |'v"'''J'^'' 
baskets full ?TheLV,'„e 

S» ( And they that had eaten, were about foure "emits of tbt do. 

thouland ) fo he fent them 


Sriceof theGo- 

10 s ^ And anonhe entred into a fln'p with his St'tofhrmi "°"'' 
difciples, <md came into the parts of l!illmaniitha. ciei air«dy done 

li ^1 And the Phariles b came foorch .and <'s^q""«oew: but 
began to difpuie with him .fetkingofhimafigne ciriftbeiagangry 
from heaven.andtemptino him. wihtbem doeth 

12 Then hee c fighed deepely in h is fpirit , and tb"m " 
fayd. Why docth this generation leekeafigne? b a common kind 
Verely I fay unto you , a a figne fliall not be fnven °'''^p^«'' wbichthe 
unto this generation. Hebrevves ufe. 

,,-*?.iir, , . ,„. wherfby IS meatJt 

13 J i>o he left them, and went into the Qiip tha, the rharif« 
againe, and depart ing to the other fide. went from their 

14 S * And they had forgotten to take bread, ■*'°"'''"^'"H"Po'>« 
neither had thay ia the Ihip with them . but one ^^,^^""«" vi'f> 

^°^^^' ,, , . ^ c There fight catne 

I J * And he charged them, laying, Take heede «^^° ftom the heart 
and beware of the leaven of the Pharifes .and of "°''^°''^''''^°«» 
the leaven of Herod. moo-ed «"i"h Lfe 

16 3 And they reafoned themfelves. mens' fo great iofiV 
faying, It u, bt caufe we-have no bread. . delitie. 

J 7 And when lefus knew it.he fayd untothem, ^ word for vccr<J. 
Why reafon you tl.u: . becaufe yee have no bread ? ui, a cmtM ki'nd ' 
perceive ye not^et , neither underftand ? have yee of fpeech ver, ccm. 
your hearts yet hardened? • moo among the He- 

18 Have ye eyes, and fee not ? and have yee ^'«^" ■ wherein 
eares , and heare not ? and doe ye not remember ? 'hTfemuft bTun 

19 K When I brake the hve loaves among five de,f,ood. Letmebe 
thoufand ; how many baskets full of broken meat ""^s" for a lyar , or 
tooke ye up ? They faid unto him. Twelve. ^'"^^ ^"''= ''^' '^°<* 
^ 20 And wheu/^M^^ feven among foure thou- o'litthewbo^e'ttv 
land,, how inany baskets full of leavings of broken fay, xh? Lord doe 
meat, tooke ye up ? And they fayd.Seven. '''"« ^od ihui by me. 

2 1 Then hee fayd unto them , e How u it that * "^"-'f '^^ 
yeundeiftandnot? ciaiJ.Xhetd*; 

22 4 And hee came to Bethfaida , and they of them which ^ 
brought a blind manuntohim , anddefiredhim to "'r"F"heworil 

touch him. , ofCod, wbatde- 

23. Then hee tooke the blind by the hand , and ITofXlV^llh^ 
led him out of the towne , and fpat in his eyes. and Church, or indviU 
:put his hacids'upon him , and asked him , if he faw ?"'"'«• 

ought. 3 They that have 

24 And hee looked up.and faid.I ^ fee men : for on7ar"h';y',hfnf'. 
I fee them walking like trees. aieuctcriy blind' 

2^ After that, he put his hands againe upon his "^ '•"vtniy ihingi, 
eyes, and made him g looke againe. And hee was ^itr"f itmh^ 
reftored to his fight .end faw every man afarre off f«foor°b'unto' 
clearely. . {'bem. 

26 y Andhefeht himhometohishoufe.fayin", '*.^°''°* "• 
Neither goe- into the towne , nor tell to any in the * "';'V*""imeth:. 

towne. ^ u°nde'rLdnor'' 

27 %*6 And lefus went out , and his difciples thefe t'bing" which 
into the towne of Cefarea Philippi. And by the are'"opl=i"eand 
visy he asked his difciples, faying unto them. '"'^''"u- i. 
Whom doe men lay that I am ? ^^^ regecs'^j'k.n'^ 

2g And they aniwered, Some fay, lohn Baptifl: vl^ic!l chni'i ftpa, 
andfome, Eiias ; andfome. one ui the Prophets, 'aiinguifomthe 

29 And he fayd unto them , But whom lay ye "^'jf ^"^ '?'„.'' , ■. 
.that ; am? Then Peter anfwered.and layd tuuo Ty /i.Vuand jj'^tle 
him, Thou art that Chrift. n.tii. 


' . . .-!.-. cciuldn.tdifctme' 

their bodJM.. j. He.commanded him indeed, vvbetfcer be could lee well 
-ornp. f Chtirtyvilliiophayellisiniraclestobef'eparatedfi...:! 1-iidiftn'ne. » V.air 
:i6,i3.luke9,.tj., 6 ManypriifeCiirift'.vvfcichyuiJotvs thf^riyrng.'poifehiincj 
bispraife, . 7.,.Chiift ljiifji,.appcxicicd bi» tiniesto the'preachiogcfthc GofLtl- a-d 
iherefu.e beie deferfe tt tJ a morecommcdious time , leaK fiidd'eu haft/fll&dd tMI«» 
bmdcxthen I'unhenbe irylttrieofaiscomaiing. 

Ccc i ji 6 Then 

7 And he Iharpely charged them , that con- ^ «f [ercfived 
himthey Ihouidtdinoman. • -■ '''"■•^emf.ovingof 

■' " menwfcenhe 


S. Matkc. 

The power offaiih.! 

s Cbrift fiifl'crcJ a!i 3 1 g Then hcc begAti to tc'.ch them tbat the 
thai he fuffcrcd for f^^nc of m.^n nm!t fuffer rr.jiny things , ^nd f ho\ilJ 

. "^^^ be veproovcd of the Elders , and ofthehic rricfts. 

tUEWlll „, 

bL: fo«knov.:ng' and ot the Scribes , and be llainc . and within three 

"u.and willingly, daycs li^e againc. 

g Nooeaiemoie ^^ , An J jige fnjke that thing boldly. Then 

wad ibfD they that j,^^^^ tool<rf,him alide, and began to rebuke him. 

«cr7o^God 3 .3 Tl^a he turned back and looked on his diC 

b Thi. i. rot godly, ciplcs, and rebuked Teter, faying. Get thee behind 

bu: woiMiy wife- j„V. ^ Satan : for thou h underft:;ntlt3 not the tilings 

''""Tbtdifc- le that.-'.reofGod,butthethingsthatareofmcn. 

o f Cntm 'inu!( " ^4 S " And hce called the perp'.e unto him 

btirc nouiiy what with his difciplesjand fayd unto them, 4* Whofoe. 

burden r. ever ihe y^r wi.l foUow me , let'him forfakc himlelfe , and 

lord !ay«h npon ^^^^ j,j^ ^^^^y^^ ^^^ jr^jl^^^ ^^ 

jL'Tff^fo!;'. of ^? For whofoever wiil 4 fave hb life, Hiall lofe 


5y For whofoever will;, ... _ - . 

it : but whofoever ihall lofe his life for my fake and 

•f Mat.10.28. and the Gofpels, he ihall fave it. 
,E ,4.Iu!<r„23. ,5 [, For what ihall it pr 

19.2;. lake 9:4,. 
and 17, sa- 
il Theyaretbe 
Uito which pur. 
tbafethe enioying 
of ibii lifewiih 
the bOi of ever. 
• Ma:. 10. 53 luke 

35 I'l For what Ihall ir nrofit a man , though he 
, 39. and fliould win the whole world, ii'hc lofe his foule _? 

37 Ot what exchange Ihall a man give tor his 
foule ? 

38 * For whorafoever (liall be alhamed of mee, 
and of my wordes among this adulterous and fin- 
full generation ,of him Ihall the Sonne of man be 
alh.anied aifo , when hee commeth in the glory of 
his Father with the holy Angels. 

a CMjfj (M»./_»Mr«(i«. 7 Chif' mull U httri. Ii Of 
£ihi and TclmSaptyl, 14 The fijfeljrj heahd. 1 3 Faith 
tan Joi -ill tlm;,!. 31 Chrijl fcren'Jt'h.hii death. 33 ir/>o 
ii ereaiejl amen« the ^fofiia. 36 Chijl takfth a Mdt h 
hi'iarmei. 42 Tcoffend. fa Salt. I'tace. 
« Matth.S.iS. 

he^nTis kiDgd.mie which ihall not tafte cf death till they have fecne 
tkiougo ibe prea. the a kingdomc of God come with power, 

2^-1 And fixe dayes after , lefus taketh unto 
hira Peter , and lames , and lohn , andcaricth them 
up into an hie mountaine out of the way alone , and 
his Ihape was chajiged before them. 

3 And his raiment did b Ihine ,<««</ *f<w very 
white as fnow, fo white as no fuller can make upon 
the earth. 

A Nd 4. hcc faid unto them,Verely I fay unto you, 
that there be fome of them that ftand here. 

«bat isiofay.after 
thf refuireftioB. 
■X- Mat. 17, 1. 
I The heavenly 
which flioulJ 
I a Oiort 

ff>«ce be abafed up. 4 And thcrc appeared unto them Elias with 
Mofes, and they were talking v.ithlefus. 

y Then Peter anJweied , and layd to lefus, Ma- 
fter , it is good for us to be here : let us make alfo 
three talicrnacles , one for thee , and one for Mofes, 
and one for Elias. 

6 Yet hee knew not what they fayd : for they 
were e afraid. 

7 And thcrc was a c!oud that (hadowcd them, 
and a voice came out of the cloude , faying , * This 
is my beloved Sonne ; hearc him. 

8 And fuddenly they looked round about , and 
faw no more any man five Icliis onely with them. 

9 a 4- Andasthey came downc from the moun- 
taine , hee charged them , th.\t they (hould tell no 
man what ihey had feene , fave when the bonne of 
man were rifen from the dead againc. 

10 So they d kept ihat matter to themfelves, 
and « demaunded one of another , what the riling 
from the dead againe Ihould meane. 

1 1 3 Alfo thev asked him , faying. Why fay the 
Scribes, that § P.lias muft firft come ? 

avouched by vifi- 
He fignes. by ihe 
ftffenct and talke 
fei, and by the 
ifoiceofih' Fa. 
therhimfelfe, be. 
fere three ofhij 
difc'pl'", which 
are witnegtia- 
jainft whomlieih 
no »c(p:ioB. 
t> DidTpaikleM 
it were. 

• They were befide 
xhetnftlvei for 

» Mit.3,17- and 
>7,j chsp.i.ii. 
« The Lord bath 
tljipoinied hi$ 
time fcribe pub. 


4 Mat. 17.9. 

d Even very hard- , , .. , „. l- t. 

ly aiitw"«- « They qiielHontd not togeihertouching tbegcntnll fefurrefticn which 
Ihallbein ihelatttrday.bui 'hey underltood not what heniea«t by that which hefpake 
of hiiowue peculiar itfurtfftion. 3 Tbe foolifh opin'on of the Rabbines ii' htre re- 
felled touching Eli" toniming , which wat thai either Elia» (hould rtleagjinjftgqi 

tW««dattnlJiHl»iifo»l»to««W«»«u>;ofo»coit«bea;f, g^ M»l.Ms 

1 2 And he anfwered , and faid unto them, Elias 
vaely Ihall lirft come , and reftore all things : and 

4- as it is written of the Sonne of m.^n ,h'ee muft <!• Efa.yj,^. 
fufier many things, and be fet at nought. 

13 But I fay unto you, that Elias is come, (and 
they have done unto him whatfoever they would) 
as it is written of him. 

14 ^^4 And when he came tofcudifciples.hee a mju. 17,14.' 
faw a great multitude about them , and the Scribes ''"ke 93s.' 
difputing with them. 4 Cbnft flieweth 

I y And ftraightway all the people , when they ^Jttru^f '''"u" 
beheld him , were amafed , and ranne to him , and that he"i'i'^omeio* 

faliuedhim. bridle the wgeof 

i6 Then hee asked the Scribes, What difpute ^«'«« 
you among your felves ? 

1 7 And one of the companie anfv/ered , and 
fayd , Mafter , I have brought my fonne unto thee, 
which hath a dumbe fpirit : 

18 And wherefoever hee taketh him , he f tea- ' ''"f^'"'""'"" 
reth him , and hee fometh , and gnaiheth his teeth. Zl^.^^ltx^ 
and pineth away : and I fpake to thy difciples , that doe, 

they ihould calt him out, and they could not. 

19 T.hen he anfwered him , and faid.O fiithleCfe 
generation. how long now iliall T be with you ! how 
long now ihall I fuller you ! Bring him unto me. 

10 So they brought him unto him : and aifoone 
as the fpirit gfaw liim , hee tare him , and hee fell g SofooBtajierui 
downe on the groimd wallowing and foming. ^^^ looked upon 

I I Then he asked his father. How long time is b^^„^°|f,V„V, blm 
it fmce it hath bene thus ? And he faid , Ot a child. ,bt deviifbegao » 

12 And oft times hee ca(\eth him into the tire, rage a&eibii 
and into me water to defiroy him : but if thou nwB«. 
canft doe any thing, helpe us, and have compafsion 
upon us. 

23 And lefus fayd unto him. If thou canft be- 

leeve it, hall things are pofsible to him ybeleeveth. J There ii notbfng 

24 And itraightway the father of the child cry- ^f,5,^:'.^;,:° f,"^, 
ing with teares,layd,Lord,I beleeve : helpe my un- that beitevtia him, 

2y when lefus fawe that the people came run- 
ning together, he rebuked the unclean fpirit.faying 
unto him , Thou dnmbeand deafe fpirit , I charge 
thee come out of him , and enter no more into him. 

26 , Then thtfpmt cried : and rent him fore. ^ ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^ 
and came out , and hee was as one dead , in Jo much ,he venue of chiirt 
that many fayd. He is dead. it. the more outt». 

27 But lefus tooke his hand , and lift him up, i'<'"%'io«l»Sataa 
and hee arofe. "^' 

28 « And when he was come into the houfe, his g vve k^veneeJ 
difciples asked him fecretly , Why could not wee offaiih.andihei*- 
cafthimout? h"''^"'*^;^ 

29 And he faid unto them. This kind can by no „„ o^VoThuiid 
other meanes come forth.but by prayer and fading. poifeOJoD. 

30 5 * And they departed thence, and i went • Mat. 17,11. 
toeether through Galile , and hee would not that !"''*»•". .... 

" n 111. t. :. I Heandhndifcs* 

any fhould have knowen it. pie. together. 

31 7 For hee taught hjs difciples, and laid unto , chriftfote*«m. 
them. The Sonne of man fliall be delivered into eth us with great 
the hands of men , and they (hall kill hira , but after "'''JR™"' 'Vl"* 
that he is killed . hee ihall rife againe the third day. "t^„"«, 

32 But they underftood not that faying , and v«itbfuddenc«ta. 
were afraid to aske him. mitie., but the 

33 * 8 After.hc came to Capernaum : and when "° „ •,^°'„"^' °f ., , 
hee was in the k houfe , he asked them. what was it Jt^Ma'tt'^s't." 
that ye difputed amonj you by the way ? luke 9,^6. 

34 And they held their peace : for by the way 8 Ooeiy humility. 
they reafoned among themklvcs , who piotUd It* k°^J^,'' V„ «vm , 
thechiefeft. wont to make hii 

3 f And hce fate downe and called the twelve, »bo«k, 
and fayd co than « If any atita defuc to be firft , the 

1*0 avoide offences. 

lame (hall be laft of all, ini ftmitt; UfttO all. 

36 And he tooke a little childe , and fet him in 
the middes of them, and tooke bim in his armes, 
and faid unto thetn. 

37 vvhofoever (IhII receive one of fnch little 
children in my Name , receiveth me : and whofoe- 

J HeJoihnotonty ever receiveth mee.receiveth notlmecbothim 

* Luke 9.49 * 3* f ^.>ThenIohnanfweredhim,fayi^g,Ma- 
$ God «ho iithe fler , we (awe one cafting out devils by thy Name, 
auihour ot an or- y/hich followeth not us , and we forbade him , be- 
w~fe'ihti(o*'e°.' "ufe he followeth us not. 
iraordinari y fo'oft 39 J But Icfus faid . Forbid him not : for there 

is no man that can doe a miracle by my Name , but 

can lightly (peake cvill of me. 

40 For whofoever is not againft us < is on our 

4 1 * And whofoever fliall give you a cup of 
water to drinfce for my Names fake, becaufeyee 
belong to Chrift, verely I fay unto you , hee Ihali 
Bctlole his reward. 

4 1 K 'o And whofoever (liall ofFcndeoneof 
the/e little ones .that beleeve in me ,it were better 
for him rather , that a mililonc were hanged about 
his necke, and chat he were caft into the fea. 

43 S Wherefore if thine hand caufc thee to 
be »n oflend .cut it oH' : it is better for thee to enter into 

lift, maimed .then having two hands , to goc into 
bell, into the fire that never Ihall be quenched, 

44 * Wheretheirra woimcdiethnot .andthe 

4) Likewife , if thy foote caufe thee to offend, 
cut it ofi : it is better for thee to goe halt into life, 
then having two feete ,to be caft into hell .into 
the fire that never llv.U be quenched, 

46 Where their woime dieth not , and the fire 

47 And if thine eye caufe thee to offend, 
fi«t unto him .and pluckc it out : it is better for thee to goe into the 
aifotha' webeiog kmgJome of God wi.h one eye .then having two 
*" fcnX^aBo.fcTr'f «>'"• fo be caft into hell fire, 

o^Tha °it!(haibe 48 Where their womie dieth not , and the fire 

lonfecvaieioGod, never gOCth OUt. 

being feafoncd ^9 ii for every man Ihalbe d faked with hre : 

and + every faciifice Ihall be faited with fait. 

SO i Salt is good ; but if the fait be unfaver)-, 
wherewith fliall it be feafoned > have fah in yoiu; 
felves.and have peace one with another. 
c H A r. X. 

9 Tht tuife.mih f" f'*nuiii<)n,is le tt fUtAVay. 13 
Liitlt c'il.nn a^e houfht to Chrifl. ly ^ rich murt 

OJketh Jtfij , h.tP he mtij foffft ftr».,ll li/{. 18 The 
^foJiUif rjickt all ihiniifiT Chrip,Ukf. 3i Chrijl 

ftrefht-atrh hisiti.i'h. 3; Zthedeiti kufmnetrejueff, 

45 B'.inde StttimiuihfHkd. 

m M»t».t9,i. A Nd * he a arofe from thence , and went into the 

a rhati«tofay. coaftes of ludeaby the farrelideof Ionian ,and 

drpaiied and vv«nt jj^^ people fcforted unto him aeaine, and as he was 
„eH.Wew.ongu„ wont, he taught them againe. 
retting Stdwtl'iDg 2 Then ihe Phanlescameand^asked him , it It 
ajeaiiooe, andfo vvete liwfuU fot a man to put away /j« wife, and 
lifingandioing tempted him. 

3 And hee anfwered , and faid unto them, 
W'lat did K Mofes command you ? 

4 And they faid , Mofes fiiffered to write a bill 
of divorcement, and to put her away. 

5 1 Then lefus anfwered, antl faid un-o them. 
For the hardnefle of your heart hee wrote this 
bprecepr unto you. 

b Looke Mac 1 ;. Fof Mo(e» ga»e them bo commandemeat to put away their wive» iiu* 
]4Uici»H4Cr»go9d;tovifcisi) vtiv«l agaiBfty i)))bbon>«banlD«fl«oftt!i;iil>tub>iDdi> 

Chap. si. 

Of divorcement. 26 

Baric vokaiioa 'IS 

nied by ihedo- 

ftrmr aad the 


•j: I. Cor I*. J. 

% Maiib.18,6. 
10 Godi.fofe- 
Vere a revenger of 
cffcace,, tbat it i» 
better to fuffer atiy 
lofle , iheo 
Occafion of of- 
f«nceunto any. 
^ Mattb.5.19. 
■ od I S3. 
* F.fai.«6 14- 
lu Tbeir wurtB* 
which lliailbecaft 
«ato chat flame. 

II Werauftbe 
frafonedand poW- 
dted by God. both 
that wt maybe 
•ccepuble facii- 

vvitb tfae incorrup- 
tible word. 
4. Levit.1,13. 
i Matt f, 13. 


« Deut.*4': 

1 Sod did BcvM 
allow tboredi- 
K,aw did tolerai 

6 Bat at the begianing of the creation* God * oen.j,!?, 
made them male an <i female : Matih.9.4. 

7 S For this caufe ihall man leave Iiie father 4 Gen a.i*. 
and'roother, and cleave unto his wife. i.Cor.<$,io» 

8 And they twaine lliall be one flefh : fo that «P'"f-^'3- 
ihcy are no more twaine, but one flclh. 

9 * Therefore , what God hath conned toge- # ,,cor.7«9; 
ther, let no man feparate. 

10 And in the houfe his difciples asked him 

againe of tliat matter. « Math, 

1 1 And he faid unto them . x Who/bevenball ""* '» » ''^« 
put away his wife and marry another , ccmmitteth c wbomheput- 
adulterieca»ainflher. ^eth way.forhe 

12 And if a woman put away her husband, and ianada teitrbr 
be married to another, Ihe committcth adulterie. '"fpinj; compaa y 

13 s ♦ i Then they brought little children to T'';,^,X'',"'j, 
him , that he ihould touch them , and his difciples luke 13, ly. 
rebuked thofe that brought them. » tsodofhia 

1 4 But when lefus lawe it , hee was di/pleafed, EO'«''«'' compte. 
and faid to them. Suffer the little children to come t^^^j''„;^^„'iy''' 
unto me , and forbid them not ; for offuth is the tb.f..iheri,b«iihe 
kingdome of God. childrro alfo .-aai 

I f Verely I fay unto you. Whofoever lha!l not 't««<''»:<: be blef« 
receive the kingdorre of God 3 as a little childe. , we''™ftin 
he ftiall not enter therein. niaiicV b«ome 

i6 And he tookethem up in his aimes, and put chiidun , if wae 
his hand upon them, and blelled them. w'ill enter into the 

17 J 4 And when he was o;one out on the way, l\l^'^°'^' °^^^' 
there came one * running, and kneeled to him, and "two thing* are 
asked him , Good Malkr , what ftwli I doe , that I chiefly >o beef- 
may pofleffe etemall life > chewed of them 

A lefus faid to hitx. why calleft thoumee t^^^, 
good ? there is none good but ont^. even God. ,|)a, (,,0 fay, an 

19 Thou knoweft the commandements.f Thou opinion of tiieir 
(bait not commit adulterie. Thou llwlt not kill, tneritet or defer- 
Thou Ihalt not fteale. Thou (halt not bea re Life onJy7„det(,ood? 
witneffe. Thou flialt d hurt no mAn, Honour thy but cocdemoed by 

father and m >ther. the daeconfidera. 

7.0 Then he anfwered . and faid to him, Mafter. "°° °f the taw : 
all thefe things have 1 obferveth from my youth. ,^^ '■=' h7.b .„« 

1?/- 11J !_• ■'•'11 1 t'chei , which tuts* 

21 And lelus looked upon him , and loved eth aiide many, 
him , and faide unto him , One thing is lacking from that race 
unto thee, Goe and fell all that thou haft, and vtlier.iDthevrati 
give to the poore , and thou ihalt have trealurs in ^'^ ^ ^''° **"*' 
heaven, and come.followe me, and take up the »^Matth.i9,i€. 

Ciofl'e. lokeiS.iS. 

22 But he was fad at that faying,and went away ** 
forowfull : for he had great pollefsions. Ir d".'" Jo r a? 

23 And lefus looked lound about, and faid other mesne wlm* 
unto his difciples .How hardly doe they that havs&evet. 

riches, enter into the kingdome of God ! 

24 And his difciples were afraid at his words. 
But lefus anfwered ;.g-.ine,and fiid unto them. 
Children , how hard is it for them th.ic thruft in 
riches, toenter into the kingdome of God ; 

zj- It is ealier for a canicll to goe through the *^^*|,'''*."'*7' 

eye of a needle, then for a rich m.n to enter into 

kingdome of God. thing, io compa, 

lukeiS a8. 
To regleft all 

eye o 

26 And they were muth more aftonied, faying rifonofchnft.i. 
with themfelves. Who then can be faved ? » ^''"XVk'{° h 

27 But lefus looked upon them v and faid, ""fj^i^^j"^''* 
With men it is impofsible .but not with God : for by the way. 
with God all things are pofsible. e Aahimdre.hfoU 

28 J * / Then Peter began to fiy unto him, ajn'U'^hifvve^ook* 
to. we have forfakE n aU .antTbave followed thee. commodHe ofthi. 

29 lefus anfwered , and fayd , Verely I fay unto ijft fo that we me* 
you, there is no man thathathiorlakenhoiifejor fu'eik'^mafterthe ' 
brethren, or fifters, or father, or mother or wife, or '^''^J^'^f b^'*"'*, u 
children, or lands for my fake and the Gofpels, iTfeff-'dnJ "mi" ' 

30 3ut lie IbaU receive an e hundred foldj now g,kdyi.«je. 

Ccc 4 « 

Chrifts cup and baptifme.^ 

S. Marke. 

Chrifts riding into lerufaleoa; 

•J" Maith.19,30^ 
V^Vt 13.50. 
^ M3U jo,i7. 
Juke iS,5i. 
6 Tbedifciplei 
ltd topaiiencti 
Dot 10 b^ovfr-- 
comt by ihe f re- 
ttlUng unto them 
cfbij death , wiiith 

-rewithall of 
'.V wbichfhoiild 
: rt ci:r;aioeIy 

« Matt. 10, JO. 

7 Weinuftfirll 
iirive, before we 

% TlieMagift«w» 
accofding toGodj 
appointment, rule 
over theirfubiefts : 
• buttbePaftorsare 
rot called to rule, 
huttoftrve, accor- 
f leofiheSoDne 
Vtho went before 
tbem, for fomucb 
ai heaifo wasa 
« LukeJ2.i3. 
h Thijlo-nrh^m 
21 is dectttil i»i 

9 CbriHonelyi 


ac this prefent, houfes, and brethreni and fifters.and 
mothers . and children .and l.-.ndes ''•.vith pcrfccu- 
tions, sndin the world to come, eternijl i,',fj- 

31 ♦ But many »/j4f rtr*biit,iiMllbelaft,and 
the kit, Hiit, 

32 5 4 6 And they were in the way going up 
to Hierufakm /and lelus went before chem , and 
they were troubled , and as they followed . they 
were afraid, and lelus tooke the twelve ag.iine, 
and began to tell them what things lliould come 
unto himi 

33 J"<»>«»g. . Beholde , we goe up to leriifalem, 
ani ihe Sonne of man Ihall be delivered unto the 
hie Priefls . and to the Scribes , and they Ihali con- 
dcmne him to death , and ihall deliver him to the 

34 And they fhallmocke him.and fcourge him, 
and fpit upon him, and kill him : but the third day. 
he ihall rile againe, 

35 f * 7 Then lames and John ;:he fonne of Ze- 
bedeus came unto him , faying , Mjfter, g we would 
that thou Ihouideft doe for us that we^efire. 

36 And he faiduhto them .What Vwauld yee I 
fliould doe for you ? 

37 And they (aide to him, Graunt unto us.that 
we may fir , one at thy right hand , and the other at 
thy left hand in thy glory. 

38 But lefus laide unto them , Yee know not 
what yeaske. Can ye drinke of the cup that I ihall 
drinke of , and be baptized with the bapcil'me that 
I iLallbe bapiized with } 

39 And they faid unto him, We can. But lefus 
faid unto them , Ye Itall drinke indeede of the 
cup that I ihall diinke of , and be baptized with 
the b.iptifme wherewith I fliall be baptized : 

40 But to fit at my right hand and at my left, 
is not mine to give , but it jh alike given to them for 
whom it is prepared. 

41 And when the ten heard that , they began 
to difdaine at lames and lohn. 

41 8 But lefus called them unto him, and faid 
to them , « Ye know that h they which are princes 
among the Gentiles .have domination over them, 
and they that be great among them , exercileau- 
thoritie over them. 

43 But it iliall not be fo among you : but who- 
foever will be great among you .ihall bey curler- 

44 And whofoeverwillbechiefeofyou.lhall 
bethefervant of all. 

45 For even the Sonne of man came not to be 
ferved, but to ferve.and to give his life for the ran- 

46 5*9 Then they came toTericho :andas 
he went out of lericho withhisdiiciples.and a 
great multitude ,B.irtimeus rhe fonne ufTimeys, 
a blinde man, fate by the way fide, begging. 

47 And whee he heard that it was lelus of Na- 
zareth, he began to cry , and to fay, lefus the Sonne 
of David, have mercie on me. 

48 And many rebuked him , becaufe he fliould 
Iioldhis peace : but he ctyedmuch mote, O Sonne 
of DEvid>havemcrcieonme. 

49 Then lelus flood ftill, and commanded him 
to be called : and they called the blind, faying unto 
bim. Be of good comfort ; arife, he calleth thee. 

50 So he threwe away his cloake, and rofe.and 
came to lefus. 

y I And lefus anfwered.and faid unto him.Whai 
wile thou that I doe unto thee > Aad the blinde 

faid unto him, Lord, that I may receive fionc, 

V z Then lelus laid unto him. Go thy^way : tbv 
f,Mth hath laved thee. And by and by he received' 
^jit light, and followed leiiis in the way. 

I Chrjj! en'tith into H-eruf.iUm rijini- an Jn dffe . ji j-L, 

prayer. 2s Thtkr.thfrs cffencesmuft te p.irJcnr,!. 17 The 
I'rhjls askt h wft.i( ttih^ritithturrrii^ht thcfiMr^zs that 
hi did. 30 V.'htnce fchni kipii/me tvii. 

A Nd ♦ ' when they came neere to Hierufalem, 4- Mutit,-.. 

to Bethphage and Bethania untothemouiitof '"'^"^■^9- 
Olives, he Tent foorth two of his difciples, • a lively imag. 

2 And faid unto them. Goe your way es into kingdomeo7chri.1 
that townc that is over againft you , and affoone ooearUi. 

as ye lliali enter into it .yefcallfindeacolttied. 
whereon never tfian fate : loofe him , and brino 
him. ° 

3 And if any man fay unto you , why doe ye 
this ? Say that the Lord hath naede of him , and 
ftraightway he will lend him hither. 

4 And they went their way , and found a colt» 
tied by the doore without , in a place where two 
wayesmet. and they loofedhim. 

y Then certaine of them , that ftoode there, 
faid unto them.What doe ye loofing the colt ? 

6 And they laid unto them, as lelus had conjT 
raandedihem : So they let them goe. 

7 I § And they brought the colt to lefus , and ;§ lohn n.j^. 
caft their garments on him, and he late upon him. 

8 And many Ipread their garments in the way : 
other cut downe branches oif thetrees.and ftrawed 
them in the way. 

9 And they that went before, and they that 

followed , cried , faying , Hotanna : a bleffed be he a WeliUittcWm 
that commeth in the Name of the Lord. ''">' cmmeih to m 

10 b Blefled be the kingdome that commeth '^''" ['^"^-'^y''-" 
in the Rime of ihe Lord of our father David; ^^ H[°ppie'i„jpf^ 
Hofanna, Of/.««t»Z'/^»f/.rtrrinthe higheft/7f«H'ea/. fiercus. ' 

11 * So lelijs en. red into Hierufalem , and into • J^'^'t Jtiio. 
the Temple .-and when he had looked about on ''•^« '»■■♦?• 

all things , and now it was evening , he went forth 
unto Beihania with the twelve. 

IX " And on the morrowe when they were « Matt.11,19. 
come out from Bethania, he was hungry, 

13 a And feeing ,1 ^gge-tree a farre off , that » Anexairpleof 
had leeves..he went fe /^e if bee might findc any '^'^'J^^^^R'^"" 
thing tliereon;but when hee came unto it , hee ^er'',ijjhea5»of 
found nothing but leaves; for the time of hgges hypociiiej, 
was not yet. 

14 Then lefus anfwered and faid to it .Never 
man eate fruite of thee hereafter while the world 
ftaxideth , and his difciples heard it. 

ijf S3 And they came to lerufalem.and le- 3 ChriftlhewMa 
fus went into the Temple, and btgan tocaftout J°^'^^.^^'_^"^^^''«i' 
them that lolde and bought in the Temple, and i>j^,i,'p'jj°fnj° 
overthrewe the tables of the money-changers, and therefore ihe re. 
the feates of them that foide doves. veuger of the di- 

16 Neither would hee fuffer that any man ;^°^''j'™«"ofth2 
Oould cary a c vell'cl through the.Temple. ^ TLr », anj ^m- 

17 And he taught , fay mg unto them , Is it not fktne iailrumenr, 
written, ^ Mine huufe ihallbe d called the houfe of ofrehichtUrefei- 
prayer unto all nations?* butyou have made ita^'^^"^''^'|''jji|,"^~ 
denneoftheeves. tZ't, 0} tT^'rim'fit 

18 AndtheScribesandhie Prieftsheardit,and amarkfiFitct. 
fought how to deftroy htm : for they feared him, A if-'] s^ 7- 
bec.ule the whole multitude was attonied at his ^ , „'!rj',«r 
dodtrine. , lnt^,„. 

\9 Bat when even was come ./»/«' went out # ur,7,ij,. 


Whence lohns Baptifmewas. 

Chap. xij. Sadduces denying the ttCmt^diion. 2z 

* Matt. 21, 19. 
4 Tbe force of 
faith is exceeding 
great, andcbaritie 
is ever ioyned . 

is that aff»red 

S M.itt.7.7. 

i WcrdfoTWorJ, 
thatj'U receive it 
fpeitijnrtn <^" _ 

tie cfthe thinr, ""•^ 
ihi firftrmanct 

g WhenJcufh.tU 
apftitre lefire ilif 

« Wrfff.zi.i3- 
Jh4c 10. 1. 
J TbeGofpel 
ted long ' ime 
fiuct under th« 
prttencfofan or- 

tvill confcienceto 
of whom tbey 
ftould and might 
luve beD« ftaitd. 

» The calling of 
6od i> noiiyed 
•iiher to placel. 
jjetfoD. oiiime,_ 
wi bom exception 
a li,7tvc<dl'ara- 
net vn'ely ft^n'fitx 
ttmparn^ cfthm^i 
together, tut alfi 
dtirl^tffcecltes uni 



b jrfce»fAf/VM"i 



lo H ♦ 4 And in the morning as they lourneyej 
togtithcr, they law the fij'ge- tree dried up from the 

2[ Then Peter remetphred , and faid unto him, 
Mafter , behold, the tigge-tree which thou curfedft, 
is withered. 

zt And lefus anfwered , and faide unto them. 
Have e the faith of God. 

23 For veiely I fay unto you , that whofbever 
fliall fay unto this roountaine . Be thou taken away, 
and caft into the fea , and Ihall not waver in his 
heart , but fliail beleeve that thofe things which he 
faith , Iball come to pafle , whatfoever he faith. Ihali 
be difie to him . 

24 § Therefore I fay unto you , Whatfoever 
yee dciire when yee pray , t)eleeve that f yeelliall 
have it, and it Ihail be dgne unto you. 

2 J * But when g yee Ihall ftand.and pray , for- 
give, if ye have any thing againft any man , that 
your Father alfo which is in heaven 1 may forgive 
you your trefpaiVes. 

26 For if you will not forgive.your Father which 
is in heaven, will not pardon you your trefpafles. 

^7 1 4" J Then they came againe to Hierufalera : 
and as he walked in the Temple , there came to 
him the hie Priefts.and the Scribes.and the Elders, 
28 Andfaid unto him , By whatauthoritie doeft 
thou thefe things > and who gave thee this authori- 
tie, that thou ftouldcft doe thele things ? 

29 Then lefus anfwered. 6c faid unto ihem.I will 
alfoaskeyoua certain thin^, &anlwereyeme,and 
I will teJl you by what autnoritie I do thefe things. 

30 The baptifme of lohn , was it from heaven, 
or of men? anfwere me. 

3 1 And they thought with themfelves .faying. 
If we fliallfay, From heaven, he will fay .Why then 
did ye not beleeve him ; 

Si « But if wee fay , Of men, we feare the peo- 
ple : for all men counted lohnthathe was a Pro- 
phet indeed. 

33 Then they anfwered , and faide unto lefus. 
We cannot tell. And lefus anfwered, and faid unto 
them. Neither will I tell you by whatauthoritie! 
doe thefe things. 


I Ofihe rvintytrd. lO Chi/l the (lone rtfii/ed cf the 

litres. 12 Ofirilulelo te lilienicCe/ar. ii The i addu- 
tesdenjingthtrefiTree'.icn. iS The /rl) commandement, 
31 Tc iotieCMnndtheniighhcutiskr.erthtnf.urifiiei. 
36 Chrift VaViJsjcnHe. 3S Tclemrl i/ihe iirtics and 
Th.iri/is. 42 J he pocre rridotv . 

A Nd I hee began to /peake unto them in apara- 
*^ bles , ^ A certaine man planted a vineyard . and 
compafled it with a*n hedge , and digged a pit for 
. the winepreffe, and built a tower in it.and let it out 
to husbandmen . and went into arrange countrey, 

2 b And at the time , heefentto the husband- 
men a fervant . that hee might receive of the huf- 
bandmenof the fruit of the vineyard. 

3 But they tooke him , and beat him , and fent 
him away emptie. 

4 And againe he fent unto them another fer- 
vant, and at him they caft (tones, and brake his 
head.and fent him away fliamefuii handled. 

y And againe heefcnt another , and him they 
flew.and many other.beating fome.Sc killing fume. 

6 Yet had hee one fonne , his deare beloved : 
him alio hee fent the laft unto them .faying. They 
will reverence my fonne. 

7 But the husbandmen faid among themfelves, 
Ihii isihc heire : come, let usJ^ill hwi^and the in- 

heritance fliall be ours, 

8 So they tooke him , and killed him , and caft 
. himout of the vineyard. 

9 What Ihall then the Lord of the vineyard 
doe ? Hee will come and deflroy thefe husband- 
men, and give the vineyard to others. 

10 Have ye not rend fo much as tj^is Scripture, 
4- The ftone v\hich the builders did refufe, is made 
the head of the corner. 

11 This was done of the Lord.and it is marvel- 
lous in our eyes.. 

12 Then they.c went about to take him .but 
they feared the people : for they perceived that he 
fpake that parable againft them : therefore they 
left him, and went the'u" way. 

J .-? I S * And they lent unto him certaine of the 
Pharifes.and of the Herodians .that they might 
take him in /;»'/ taike, 

14 And when they came , they faide unto him. 
Mailer, we know that thou ai t true .and careft for 
no man ; for thou d confidereft not the perfon of 
men , but ffeacheft thee way of GodtrueJy ,Is it 
lawfull tb give ttibute to Cefar, or not ? 

1 y Should we give it.or lliould we not give it? 
but he knew their hypocrifie, and faid unto them. 
Why tempt yee me ? Bting me a penie , that 1 may 
fee it. 

1 5 So they brought it .and hee faid unto thera. 
Whole is this image and fuperfcription? and they 
faid untohim.Cefars. 

17 Then lefiis anfwered , and faid unto them, 
* Give to Cefar the things that are Cefars .and to 
God , thofe that are Gods : and they marveiled at 

i8 S3 « Then came the Sadduces unto him, 
( which fay , there is no refurredion ) and they af- 
ked him, laying, 

19 Mafter , Mofes wrote unto us- , If any mans 
brother die , and leave hu wife . and leave no chil- 
dren, that his brother Ihould take his wife , and 
raife up feed limo.his brother. 

20 There were feven brethren, and the firfl 
tooke a wife, and when he died, left no iffue. 

1 1 Then the fecond tooke her.and he died.nei- 
ther did he yet leave ifliie . and the third likewife : 

22 So thefe feven hadher .andleft noifliie : 
laft of all the wife died alfo. 

2 3 In the refurreftion then.when they lliall rile 
againe , whofe wife Ihall the be of them ; fot feven 
had her to wife. 

24 Then lefus anfwered and faid uuto them^ 
Ate ye not therefote deceived , becauleyeeknov/ 
not the Sctiptures , neither the power of God ? 

25 For when they Qiall rile againe from the 
dead, neither men marrie.nor wives are married, 
but are as the Angels which are in heaven. 

26 And as touching the dead, that they (liall 
rife againe , have ye not read in the booke of Mo- 
fes how in the bulli God fpake unto him , faying, 
I J am the God of Abraham , and the God of iiarac, 
and the God of Jakob ? 

2 7 God is not the God of the dead.but the God 
of the living. Ye are therefore greatly deceived. 

li ' <Jr ■* Then came one of the Scribes that 
had heard them difputing trgether , <j/;i perceiving 
that hee had anfweredthem well , hee asked him. 
Which is the fitft commandement of all » 

29 Jeliis anfwered him, Thehrll of all the com- 
mandemcnts w . S^ Heate, IfraeJ, Ihe Loidoui God 

30 Thou 

4 rw.iij;; 


I. set 2,8. 

c Ther werefTft' 

die and -verie-defi. 

S Mat.22,i;. 

luke 20.20. 
2 TheGofpell 
ioyneth iheautto;. 
ri le of tbe Magi. 
riia:e with the 
f.rvice ofGod, 
d T halt doeft nut 
fa iiiJ^e iy mt-w'tri' 
the truei his thereby 
durktncd any irijt 

e The vity vrhere. 
h we (fmeto Ced, 

3 Theieriifreai- 
avouched againft 
tbe foolilh igno- 
srance and malica- 
of the Sadduces, 
X Mat.22,23. 
luke 20,27. 
• D.ut.2f,y, 

f Exod.3,«; 
matt. 22, 32. 

4. Mart 22,3/. 
4 Sacrificei and 
ouivsdrd worftiif, 
nevei pleafed 
as we ewe to Go< 
and our nei^h- 
bonr« wrntafore, 


Tbe poore widowe. 

S. Marke, 

Endureto tbe end. 

I trH(.i>.t». 

ran 13.9. 

ffdljr f ,14. 
»:mt. I, S. 
g M*",4t. 

J Cb:ift ptoovitk 
fiis Godhead rvtQ 
«u?of Djv'H bim- 
r«lfe , ofvi'hoine 
fee camt according 
f IC'T^f.r Iter J. 
ttndiUre it jgrtAi 
fftnk , rclnret) is 
munirha' it ir Jx 
»»rf/> much Daltid 
tit the holy Chjl 
tltttffct^c , who did 
in i-mAiiur fef- 
ftfit DtVi,l. 
«« r/j/.n9.t. 
« M.trkm,6. 
I»k.c ...43. 
« Tbc maoa<tJof 
aiiuinetiare not 
rtlhlf u> befol- 
f owrj aa aa (x- 

h Tht wrd Ti « 


tl^tvne to ihc hct'.ei, 
and 1 1 1 tkin gtnt- 
mint made fcr 
^emdinefft , but in 
thit fUceit fetmelh 
•ed PAjmtntmtn' 
titntdin Ltultre- 
« AIut.23 14. 
I«^t 10.47. 
y The doing of 
ourductiri , which 
Cod allowcth, 
•e cording to the 
©uiward value, 
but to the invc<) 
affefti of tbe heart. 

4 M<ff^.J4,l. 

I Thr drftruftioB 
t)f htTemrle, ci- 
tie . and vibole oa- 
klon is afortiold, 
and tbe trcubl-ji 
oftbeCbuich , but 
yetihrteart an- 
Bfxed many com- 
ibrti , «ad laft of 
all, tbe cod of the 
worid iidtfiii* 
^ LukfitAl- 

* tl-bef j,e. 

30 Thou (l:alt therefore !o«etTie torJ thy God 
ivkh all thine heart, and with all thy fouie.ind with 
all thy minde, siid w ith all thy llrcngth ; tliis is the 
firft comroandemenr. 

j I And the fecond w like , that is, t Thou fl^alt 
love thy neighbour ts thy felfe. There is none 
other comraarif'^ .itient greater then thefe. 

5i Then that Scribe laid unto him, Weil , Ma- 
fVer, thou halt fiid the trueth, that there is one God, 
and that there is none but he, 

3 j And to love him with all the heart, and with 
all the undcrfending, and with all the Ibulcand 
withall theftrength.andto love kit neighbour as more then all whale burnt oticrings and 

34 Then when Icfus fawthatheanfwcreddif- 
creetly, he faid imto him , Thou art not farrc from 
thekingdome of God. And no man after that durd 
aske him any qiiellion, 

3 J- ^ J y And lefus anfwered and faide teaching 
in the Temple , How fay the Scribes that Chrill is 
the fonne of David ? 

3<5 For David himfelfe faid by f the holy Ghoft, 

* the Lord laid to my Lord , Sit at my right hand, 
till I make thine enemies thy footUoole. 

f 7 Then David himfelfe calleth hira Lord : by 
whatmeanesis hethenhis lonne fand muth peo- 
ple heard him gladly. 

38 t « Moreover he faid unto them in g his do- 
Atine, Beware of the Scribes which love to goe in 
'long robes, and /flfeialvations in thenaarkets. 

3y And the chicte icatsin the Syaagogties.and 
the hrft roumts at feafts, 

40 Which * devome widowes hoiifes.even un- 
der a colour of long prayers. Thelelhad receive 


4 1 7 * And as lefus fate over againft the trea- 
furie, hee beheld how the peoplecali <" tnoncy into 
the ireafurie, and many richnien caft in much. 

4i And there came a certaine poore widow, and 
Are threw in two mites, which make a qiiadrin, 

43 Thenheecalledimrohimhis clilciples, and 
faid unto them , Verely 1 fay unto you , that this 
poore widowe hath caft more in, then aii they 
which have caft into thetreafurie. 

44 For they all did cart in of their fiiperfluitie: 
butfheofherpoveriicdidcafiinall that Hie had, 

• ta^^tii.i. i XeneyKfaty tend cf'metl4tl,<tJ tht l^cm.intt 
tnitididjl^mft ereoyne brafcdnd j,f:cr Vftd it/or (Urram nicof> 


» OftiiidffirMHionifUtttf.ilem. 9 I'erJ^cuticmtforlht 

OoffM. JO Tht. ofjiUmufth preached to all n^iicns. 

ti Of ChnJlscitnntfnj^ittHd^emtnt. 33 n't mitit rvitth 
.«nJ pf.iy. 

A NdJ I ashee went out of the Temple .one of 
hisdifciples faide unto h im, Mafter , fee what 
maner ftonc-s, and what buildin;:;s are here. 

^ J 'I hen lefus anlwercd , and favile unio him, 
Seeft thou thefe great buildings ? there fliall not be 
left one ftone upon a ftone, that ihail not be 

3 And .IS he fate en the mount of Olives , over 
againll the Temple, Peter, and lames.and iohn.and 
Andrew asked him ftxrctly, 

4 Till us , whtn Ihaii thefe things bee ? and 
v/hit /I.Mc th e figne when all thefe things ihall be 

J And lefus anfwered them , and began to fay, 
* fake heedleaft any man deceive you. 
6 Fut many IhalJ toiiw in cny Name , faying , I 

am Chrijt, and fliall deceive many. 

7 Furthermore when ye ihal! heare of warrej, 
and rumors of wanes , be ye not troubled , ioifwk 
ttjt'tt^s rauft needs be : but the end//;a//not be yet. 

8 For nation lliall rifeagainll nation, and king- 
dome againft kiiigJome , and there (hall be eatth- 
quakes in divers quarters .ami there Ihall be famine 
and troubles : thefe <jrff the beginnings of lorowes. 

6 But take yee heede to your fcives : for they 
fiiall deliver you up to the Gjuncils , and to the 
Synagogues : yee fliall be beaten , and U'ought be- 
fore rulers and kings for my fake.fora » telhnaoniall 
iintothera. a nthtd^»fif 

10 AndiheGofpell muftbe PuWiflied among ^f;^;;'*^/^-''* 
all nations. ^i>ntjUa,»^ji 

11 t But when they lead yon , and deliver you ihtm ,/J ihM they 
up, fa be not careful! before hand .neither cftudie/**" "'"*»'«*'«'» 
what ye fluil f..y. but what is given you at the fame i'^"^, 'f^"^"""' 
time, that fpeake : for it is not you that fpeake, but ^4, ,j.', ,',"" 
the holy Ghoft. and ti.i^. 

12 Yea, and the brother IhalJ deliver the bro- ^'j^ff'tn^tfor- 
ther to death , and the farher the fonne , and the ^„"J°^ fj'^; '*' 
children fhall rife againlt their parents .and fliall yjOTorVK-Wife'"' 
caiile them to die. -whtn^y mm di_p 

13 And yee (bAll be hated ofall men d for my "■"■•»';« 'ktmfiiyu, 
Namc-sfike : but whofoever fliall endure unto the '^tlnJ-ZT'' a 

"" n<:onfidt»tt 


'4 S Moreover, when yee fliall /ie the aboml 

Prophet ) e/L-t where it ought nor ,' ( let him that \ 
readeth, confider ir) then let thcni tiM be in ludea, 
flee into the moumaines. 
I J And let h im that is upon the houfe . not come 

e are nilled It ^^ 



,. Bj^nykindef 

downs into the houfe i neither enter therein, to Zl u"d'fof't'T''' 
fetch any thingour of his houfe. J'ttio/fta'^.' 

1 6 And ict him that is in the fielde , not turne A Formr. 
backeag.une to wkehis garment. t -^ti-i^.is. 

1 7 Then wo jl.albe to them that are with child, » p.'J'", 
andxo them thargiue fucke in thofe daycs. , WhentheUx. 

1 8 Pray theretore that youi flight be not in the ''"» wd prcfhtne f'T'efhaUnott,,, 

19 For f thofe day es fliall be inch tribulation,as TTml'J^^l'J'lc, 
was not from the beginning of the Lteaiion which tcth u!at'dthed*rf 
God created unto this time, neu her fliall be. *<« aifo dt- ' 

iO And except that the Lord had fhortened -^'^ '.''• 
thofe dayes , no flefli fliouid be faved : but for the f„J,,l„klh^^^ '^ 
eleds lake, which he h.ith chofen , he hdth fliurtc- Hthriwt,'-Jft't„4 
nedthofedayts, vhaiha^rcat' 

2 1 Then ♦ if any man fay to you, Loe, here is !^yj^ '" " '/; "S'^ 
Chrift, or lye, he it there, beleeve it not. fillTthl ^nlii 

21 For f.ilfe Chritles fliall rile ,.ind falfe pro- thammtonc'mifi.- 
phers.and lliall ihewefignes and wonders, 10 de- 'nrhAiififdUy, 
ceive if it were poSible the very eled. *f "" '"'° ^" • "j '/ 

23 Btit take ye heede : behold , I have fliewcd |^',^'"j°rjl'f„;e 
you afl things before. »'/"'//«.•*.»,//',« 

S4 f Moreover in thofe dayes, after that tribii- />''«' ^nKi j,2o. 
lation, + the fimne fljall waxe darke,and the moone i'"''' • '*■»' ':'" ^*t 
fh.ill nor giuc her hght, tZrCi^'' 

ly And the ftarres of heaven fliall fall : and j Ma 4,iV 
the powers which are in heaven, lliall fliake. axdu.s. 

i6 And then fliall thry fee the Sonne of man, * //'-'i.'o- 
comming in the clouds, w g^eat power and glorie. 'fj';ViV.w/ j.ij 

7.7 * And he fliall then lend his Angels.and flull » fit^i. 2^,31, ' ' 
gather rogcther his eled trora the foiuc winds, <i«<i 
from the utmoft part of the earth to the uiraoft pare 
of heaven. 

28 Nowe learne a parable of the figge tree. 
When her bough is yet tender , and u oringeth 
forth leaves, ye know that fommet is neere. 

i^ Soiniikcmanner.wbenyeelce thefe things 

The day of the Lord. 

% Tbe fatter <iay 
iinotcurioufly to 
be fearchet) for 
which the FJther 
alontknowetb : 
take heed , tha; it 
come noi upon ui 

tf M<t«.*4>i3. 


come ropafie , knowe thit the ^i/tgdomeofOtdis 
Ctetceven at the doores. 

jo Verely I fay unto you, that this generation 
lliall not paiTe, till all thefe things be done. 

i I Heavenand earth ihall paffe away .butmy 
words lliall not paffe away. 

31 i But of that day and houte knoweth no 
man, no, not the Angels which are in heaven, nei- 
ther the Sonne him(eife, but the Father. 

3i + Take heede ; watch , and pray : for yee 
know not when the time is, 

34 For the Sonm of man // as a man going into 
a flrange countrey , and ieaveih his houle , and gi- 
vcth authority to his lervants , and to every man 
his worke.ana commandeth the porter to watch. 

3 f Watch ye therefore, (for ye know not when 
the icafter of the houle will come , at even , or ac 
midnight, at the cocke crowing , or in ^ dawning.) 

36 Leaftif hee comefuddcnly.hee ihould finde 
yon fleepij;g. 

J7 And thofe things that I fay unto you, I fay 
unto all men. Watch. 


3 Tilt Priefis cmfpirJciea^ninJl Chriji. 3 Theyecmjn 

fcftrini cjlf en Chrijii had. 12 Tht preparing of tU 

r»jjtci>er, 2» ThtinJlUuihnefthiSufper. 41 ChrijUe- 
hitredinloiht hands cf mm. 43 luJas betray tth him 

* Mat 18 1 '""'' * '^'^'' ^^ CAriyf is tefort Caiufh4i.66 Peter 1 denuU. 

iwkeij'i.' ' A^d S » two dayes after followed th* fe^tB cf 

the Pafleover , and of unleavened bread ; and 
the hie Priefis, and Sciibes fought how they might 
take him by craft, and put him to death . 

2 But they fayd. Not in the feaft day , left there 
be any tumult among the people. 

3 ■•■ AndvvhenhcwasinBethanJa in the houfe 
of Simon the leper,as he fate at f table.therecame 
a woman having a boxe of ointment of Spikenard, 
very coftly , and llie brake the boxe 3 and powred it 
on his head. 

4 i Therefore fome difdained arrong them- 
felves , and fayd , To what esd is this wait of oint* 
ment ? 

y For it might have bene fold for more then 
n.7oZrETJk*'^''''^^^^r^ P^"« .and bene given unto the 
3 Chiiii fuffsied poore, and they murmuied agamlf her, 

6 But I efiis fayd. Let her alone : why trouble 
ye her? file hath wrought a good worke on me. 

7 3 For ye have the poore with you alwayes, 
and when ye will ye may doe them good, but me 
ye ihal] not have alwayes. 

8 4 She hath done that fliee could : (he came 
aforehand to anoint ray body to the burying. 

9 Verely I fay unto you , wherefoever this 
gChrift.fet- Gofpel Ihaii be preached throughout the whole 

teth before .leni vvorld , this alfo that Ihe hath done , Ihalbe fpoken 


1 By the will of 


couofellof men, 

jccame topafle 

that Cbrift OlouId 

be put to death 

iipaa tfaefolemoe 

day of the Pafleo. 

va , tbat in sU re> 

fftAi the trueth 

tnight agree to 

the figure. 

* Match. 16,«. 

iobn i}i2. 

» RaAi iugmeott 

are fruftate befoie 


a Wbith it about 

fcimTelfeto be aD> 
oioted onceor 
but fail will it to 
be daily anoiDtcJ 
IB the poore. 
4 Tbii womao by 
the fecret inHinft 
efihe Spi 

% Matth.j«,i4. 
f Covetoufoefli 
cloaked with a 

10 j ^. f Then ludas Ifcariot , one of the 
twelve , went away unto the hie Priefts , to betray 
him unto them. 

11 And when they heard it , they were glad, 
and pronaiied that they would give him money : 
therefore he fought how he might conveniently 

betray and ctuci6e bg^ay him. 

iSfMl',!/. '* ^ * 6 Nowethefirft day of unleavened 

luke 1,28 ' * bread, (, when e thty facrihccd the "^ PaUeover, 

« Cbrift being 

■ladefubiea toiheLawforus.doeth eelebrate the r^lTtover according to the Law: 
and therewi:ball by a mrracle flieweth that DotwitbiUodiDg beein theHrQifliali 
ftraighiway fufftr, yet that be i: God. b That is. U;>od which day, and at the evening 
of the fame djy, which waithe beginning of tbefificentb. LookeMatth. « 17. cThey 
vfed lufacrifice. d Tbii itfpoken tbui, t>y tbefij^ureMetonyuua, vvb'fit UVltMUta 

Sguaacoa, tpd bj tbt r«fle9v«i ii isHat ihs ra(MU Umbc. 

• xiiij. The Lords Supper. 23 

his difciples fayd unto him . Where wilt thou that 
wee goe and prepare , that thou mayeft eate the 
Pafleover i 

1 J Then he fent forth two ofhisdifciples.and 
fayd unto them , Goe ye into the citie , and there 
fliallamanmeeteyoubearinga pitcher of water: 
follow him. .,:) 

14 And whitherfoeverhegoethin , fay ye to 
the good man of the houfe , The mailer faieth. 
Where is the lodging where I lliall eate the 
Pafleover with my difciples 1 

I y And he will fliew you an e upper chamber , The Gr»ite wosf 
■yvhich it large , trimmed and prepared : there make fignifie.h .bat pare 
itreadiefor us. ofthe houfe that » 

1 6 So his difciples went foorth , and came to '"«'"1 ^""" ''" r 
the citie, and found as he had faid imto them , and Lr.l'beSTbw 
made ready the PilTeo ver. becaufe they vcU 

17 J A nd at even he came with the twelve. 'o % P= '° ^^" 

I'i <, 7 And as they late at table and did eate. P"'.°^',l"=.^.'"''''* • 
lefiis faid , Verely I Tay unto you , that one of you ?i7g oTa„b^J.' ^ 
iliall betray me, which eateth with me. w Pfai 41,20^ 

19 Then they began to be forowfull and to fay 
tohimonebyone ,IsitI ?And another, Isitl? I^^""''!' 

20 And he anfwered and faid unto them , It it '/ The figui-e of 
one of the twelve that fdippeth with mee in the the law . which-Jr 

platter, by and by to be 

ii Truely the Sonne of man goeth his way. f^d*"! j^di''"|''°|'^ 
as it is written of him : i^ but woe be to that man. [hereof are put^fi^ 
by whome the Sonne of man is betrayed : it had gurei of the nevw 
beene good for that man , if hee had never beene 'o^e^ant anfmc/air 

borne. bleumothem, 

_ 4, . , 1 v 1 - r . < whicn Ihall conn* 

22 * And as they djdeate, Iefi;s tooke the nueto the woridi 
bread , and when hee had given thankes,bee brake end. 

it and gave it them, and faid. Take, eat, this is my •" That vfeth to 
bodie. MtKifatwithme; 

23 Alfo hee tookethe cup , and when hee had t M«.i<.',«i 
given thanks, gave it to them : and they all dracke * 
of ir. 

24 And he faid unto them,This is my blood of 
that new Teftament which is (bed for many. 

2f Verely I fay unto you, I will drinke no more 
of thefiruit of^the vine untill that day , that I drinke 
itnewin thekingdome cf God. 4s i h * ' 

26 And when they had lung aPfalme, they * cbriftforMi 
went out to the mount of Olivet. lethbowheOiali 

27 ^ 4. s Then lefus faid unto them.All ye (liall b'forfakenof hji, 
s offended by me this riight : for it is written. ^ 1 ^Jii/nemfcrfakf 

be offended 1 

will fmite the Ihephearde , and the iLeepe lliail be ^em"' 

icattered. ;§ Zacbij.y. 

zi But.'>fterthatIamrifen,Iwilleointo*Ga- * chap. ,6,7. 
lile before you . ^ a' "xceikn?"' 

19 9 And Peter faide unto him , Although all p"rfo"aVoft for. 
men lliould be oflendedat thee, yet would not I. lowfuli example 

39 Then lefus faid unto him , Verely I fay unto "'""a'" rafhnefli 
thee , this day, evenin this night before the cocke '"rbl^j^o^biit" 
crow f,vi!e . thou Ihalt denie roe thrife. ^ord.,' fett''e''tb"'olt 

31 Buthefaid g more earneftly , If 1 Ihould die moreplamely pe. 
with thee, 1 will not denie thee : likewife alfo fayd '"' ^■''"'"■■nta& 

'heyall- ^^ ^ . , ,XMar2.,5. 

31 ^»io After , they came into a place named luke 11,39. 
Gethfemane ; then hee faid to his difciples., Sit yee a° C^rut fuftrbg- 
here, till I have prayed. f<" "' '» '^*- «'<k 

33 And hee tooke with him Peter, and lames, ^^n bim foTo« 
andlohn ,andhebeganneto be troubled, and in fake., the moft 
great heavinelle, l» rib'e rerronof 

34 And laid unto them , My foiile is verie hea- ''"<•"''> of God. 
vie, even unto thedeath . tarie here, and watch. j,'^."^ Fn'r-Vs'''' 

3) So he went forward a littie , andfci. di'Wnc ban , w-ic'i hea 
on the ground, and prayed , that if icwere pofli -ic ■' '<'"-. ".l dot.n 

that Uc-ure might paflbiioffi him.. .^tZu^Zuf^' 

5^ Alia. 


S. Marke. 

Peters deniall. 

h This doubling of ^6' And he fayi^ h Abba .Father , all things are 
the word wai iiftd poj-jj^g ^^^.Q thee : take away this cup from roe : 

neverthelelle not that I will . buc that thou wilt , be 


37 > I Then he came, and found them fleepmg, 
and fiyd to Peter, Simon, ikepeft thou ? couldeit 
not thou witiFn one houre ? 

38 1 Watch yee , and pray , that yee enter not 
into tent^tion ; the fpirit indeede is ready , but the 
flerh is weake. 

39 And againe he went a way , and prayed , and 
fpake the fame words. 

40 And he returned , and found them afleepe 
againe ; for cheir eyes were heavie : neither knewe 
they what they (liouU anfwere him, 

41 And he camechethird time .and faid unto 
them, Sleepe hencefoorth , and take your reft : it is 
ynough : the houre is come , behold , the Sonne of 
man is delivered into the hands of fmners. 

42 Rife up : let us goe : loe , he that betrayeth 
me, is at hand. 

43 ^ 12 And immediatly while hee yet fpake, 
carue that was one of the twelve .and with 
him a great multitude with fwords and ftaves from 
the hie Priefts,and Scribes, and Elders. 

44 And he that betrayed him , h.'.d given them 
a token, faying, Whomfoever I (hall kilTe, he it is ; 
take himandleade him away ifafely. 

45: And affoone as hee was come, hee went 
ftraightway to him . and fayd , Haiie Matter , and 
killed him. 

46 Then they layd their handes on him .and 
tcoke him. 

47 And k one of them that flood hy.drevve 
out a fv/ord , and fmote a lervant of the Hie I'riell, 

48 A nd lefus anfwered, and fayd to them, Yee 
be come out as againft athiefe , svith fwords and 
with ftaves, to take me. 

49 1 was dayly with you.teaching in the Tem- 
ple , and ye tooke me not : but this is done that the 
Scriptures Ihould be fulhlled. 

5 o Then they ' all fotfooke him, and fled. 
tMriDgthatnurre J I »3 And there foIlowcd him a certaioe yong 
in the nigbt fud- man , cloathed in '" linncn upon his bare body , and 
deoly lannefoorib: the yong men caught him. 
wb.rtby we may ^ j^^ left Ids Unnen cloath , and fled from 

umletfUod with , ' , 

icwgr.atiicenci. them naked. , . r, • « 

oufnefli theft vii. y3 ;§ So they led Icfiis away to the hic Priefl, 
iaitit.v.oIem)yfet and to him Came n together all the hie Priefts , and 
^*°° '"'",j the tlders, and the Scribes. 

fukesV.H. 54 And Peter followed himafarreoff,even 

ioho 18.24' into the hall ot the hie Prieli , and fate with the 

o Thehigheftcoun- fcvints, and waimcd himfdfe .it the fire. 
te-'a^Chnft^af' ^l '* And the * hic i ricfts , and all the Coun- 
aauW a> i'biaf- till (ought for wimcffe againft lelus , to put him to 
phemcr in j a filfe death, liut found none, 

rroph-r.-tot aifor p^^j. y^-^^^yy batg fal^c witncflc againft him, 
!^.Vf ''";^"Ti'rL but their witueflc agreed not together, 
ged agsiofthi^nby J 7 Then thetc arofc certaine , and bare falfe 
the Pfititi.toeu- v^ntnefle ag linlt him, f'ying,, 
fotce rilateiiyibat ^ )j ^V^^. h^prj him la/, " I will dcftroy this 
Temple made with hands ,and within three dayes 
I will build another, made without hands. 
. 5 9 But their witncs yet agreed not together. 
60 Then the hie Ptielt ftoode up amorigft 
them, and asked Icfus, faying , Anfwereft tVbix 

cooferting ftod to betifi fa'her .condemned of impietie beforethtbie 
gve.wto denied God and ••v»ete indeede wick«<ljW'gl»t be ^uittnefore 
Muc.j6,;9,« ^ luhu y,ij. 

in tbof^ dayei.whtD 
their languages 
-were fo mixed to- 
gether for this 
word, Abba.ija 
Syrian word. 
21 AnhoriibteeX' 
smpleof the flog. 
even io thedtfci. 
plei whomChrift 
iiad cbofeo. 
«|. Matt 16,47. 
joho 1S.3. 
3.1 Ai men did 
fSod their Crea- 
toioffais praife 
in forraking aod 
jbetrayiogbiiii, fo 
Child willingly 

for this ruioe, it 
forfaken of hii 
OTrtnfiand betray- 
-cd byoaeof his 
thieft, that the pu- 
ll iihnient might 
be agreeable to 
the fiaueandwe 
jwbo are very trai- 
touri, forfaken, 
might be dtlive- 
i So diligently ,thal 
k That is, Peter. 
I Antiidifciplei. 
13 Voder pre- 
tenccof godlinei, 
fullto fuchaidoe 
violence againft 

m Which be cift 
about bim, when he 

itmne bim. 
.•;4 ChriS.who 
was fo innucent 
i.hat be cwld not 
:,-bv frfewi.- 

nothing?what is the matter that thefebearcwit- 
nell'e againft thee ? 

6 1 But he held his peace,and anfwered nothing, 
Againe the hie Prieft asked him,and (ayd unto him, 
Alt thou that Chrift the fonne of the o bleifed ? 

OfGod.who ii 

62 And lefus fayd , I ^mhe, -r and yee Ihall fee ^^^ j,ta,fe; 
the Sonne of man fit at the right hand of the power ^ M^tt 24>39' 
e/God, and come in the cloudes of heaven. , . 

63 Then the hie Prieft rent his cloathes , and ',{^Cl"'«/''%'°^ 
/-.,,, 1 r - <T* all kiDeorreproacll 
faid , What have we any more neede or witneiles ? fo,outfakei,get- 

64 Ye have heard the blalnhemie: what thinke ,si.h everiaitiog 
ye > And they all condemned him tube worthie gioiytobMnih« 

of death, ^'m"'"''''."* 

6 J I r And fome began to fpit at him , and to [Sj.^*'^';^^°| »' 
cover his face , and to beate him with fifts , and to joha i s as ." 
fay unto him , Prophecie, Andthefergeants (mote i« Aoheavieer. 

him with r;.«> rods. oeTlfjfman'tol'-* 

66 S 1 f And as Peter was beneath in the hall, "^^' '^.'""a'^oft 
theiecameoneofthemaides of the hiePrieli. comfonabieex- 

6y And when Jhe faw 1 eter warming l.imfelfe, of the m«r- 
fliee looked on him , and fayd , Thou wait alio with <-.e.,. g .a. who 

T ,- r«, 1 ■' Eive.h ihe Isirtt 

lelusotNaZ.lieth. of.epeutaoceand 

68 But he denied it, faying, I know him not, fa, tb 10 his eiea. 
neither wot ! what thou faycft. Then he went our ♦ Matt. 26,71. 
into the porch, and the cocke crew. lukeaa js. ^^^ 

69 •« Then p a maid /aw him againe, 9hd begin [i,^ guane'eafi. dili. 
to fay to them that ftood by , This is one ot them, gemiy together we 

70 But hee denied it againe : and anon after, fliail perceive tiiae 
they that ftoode by , faide againe to Peter , Suivly ^'l^'^^''^^"""^" 
thou art one of them : for thou at of Galile, and thy thj"Jn°f/eDsr" ?»« •• 

fpeachishke. yea.andin Luke. 

71 And hee began to cur{e, and fweare, ftying, when the fecond 

I knowhotthis man of whomyefpeake. deoiaiii.fpokenof, 

7 z « Then the fecoiui time the cocke.crewe. ^."r/ti^^ed. 
and Peter remcmbred the word that lefus'hs'd faid ^nj not 3, njjtf..^ 
unto him , Before the cocke crow twife , thou llialt k, 
denie me thrile , and weighing that with himfelfe, 'o""" '3.3s. 
he wept. 


1 Oflhet!,infj!'-.ttChij}/!4lfereduniierPiUte. _ II S'f' 
T.xhkts u fT.ftncHltfteChrijI, i," PiUieJilivertih 

Chripidhcniciftd. 17 He is cronnidwiththerne. 
J9 The} fpit enhim.andmockehim. 21 iimcnvf Serine 
ctrrieth ChriJIes crcpi. 27- ChriJ} is crHcifiedlmvttnt 
trvis thttlses . 26 lieeisrxiU< 37 Htff'^tlhuflhe 
S'"fi- 33 J'fcpli iuriillihim. * Matt. 27.1, 

ANd * 1 anon in the dawning, thehiePriefts'.^^^"'"^_ 
heldeaCouncillwiththeEldcis.andthcScri- , chriftbe'ing 
bes , and the whole Coimcill, and bound lefus, and bound before the 
led him away , and d dehvered hira to Pilate. iudgementieat of 

7. Then Pilate asked him , Art thou the King ^;; «;';„^',;^;;f^;;i, 
of the lewes ? And he anfwered,and fayd unto hiro, couHcmned as 
Thoufayeftit. guiitie unto the 

3 And the hje Prieftes accufedhimofmany <*'"}" '>S^^J^,f" 


f fi nei fasappea- 

* Wherefore Pilate asked him .againe , fay- j^,,, oy .heiudge* 
ino- , Anfwered thou nothing ; behold how many owne wordes) 
thfngs thty witneife .•^g.iinft thee. "but ^<"f°f'n 

y But lefus anfwered no more atall,fo that ^'.°*^'^^^_;,^,t,^^„g 

But' lef 

Pilate marvelled. delivered from the 

6 Now at the feaft, Pilate b did deliver a pri-gulitineffi: of ou< 
foner i^nto them , whomfoever they v.T.uld ddire. f' ".'".'j^^f.^^,'''^ 

7 Then there was one named Barabbas , which ^^^'^l^^l f,„eof 
was boimd with his iellowes , thathad made inltir- goj ^v^n in the 
redHon.who in the infuiTtiilion had committed open aflVmbly of 

mmther. '"ifw^.s'notiav,. 

8 And the people cryedaloude , ■anil began to ^.^^'^ ,-^;„i,eni to put 

any man to death ,-for all caufeiof life and death weretaken away irom ibeai firft by 
Herode.he gteat^and afterward by -he Romau.s.about fpunieyeeies belote .be ^eltru. 
ft.onofthe Temple, sod therefore thty.drJiml'.fus 10 rilat*., * M»",1/.I*. 

lukei3,i,iobniS,u. b Vftd Pilate to deliver, 


Chrift condemneth and cracified. 

Chap. xvj. 

The fepulchre. i| 

X Cbtiftgoinga- 

defire that he would deeishehiitvet dons w\to 
best to take av.iiy 9 Then Pilate anfwered them,and fayd, Will yc 
"jfcttinnesofmen, that Iletloofe unto vou the King of the lewes? 
^ar%X"!bro"e" ^o Fot he knew that the hie Ftiefts had delive- 
ot Godhimfelfe ,i» ted himofcnvie, 

con-itmued as on* 1 1 Biit the high Priefts hadmooved the people 
thatbuD«da<ur ^^ ^^Cj.^ that he would tather dclivet Batabbas un- 
tie kuigdome, aud , ' 

mocked wiih a 

to them, 
falfe (hew ofa 1 1 And Pilate anfwered , and faid ajraine unto 

kingdome, thatwe them.What will ye then that 1 do with jfc«>».whom 
OG tbe other fide, ye call the King of the Icwcs ? 
ret^nlli'Sl 13 Andtheycriedagaine.Ctucifiehim. 
migbt receive the I4 Then Pilate fayd unto them, But what cvill 

twwneofgioryat hath be done ? And they cticd the motc feivcntly, 
cod.owa.iand. Ctucifie him. 
^k^".!*.^'^*' ^S So Pilate willing to content the people, loo- 

3 The rage of the fed them Barabbas , and delivered lefus , when he 
«vickedhathno had fcourged him, that he might be crucified. 
ireafi.rf,b"tinihe ,^ Then the foukiiers led him away into the 
t"I wea We of ^'211 , which IS the common hall , and called toge- 
Chrift, being ID thcf the whole band, 

vaineunderthe 17 » And clad him with purple , and platted 3 

ieavie bu den of crowne of thomes, and put it about his head, 
*^:.Tfefti;tt. »8 And began to falute him . ^;;>{g.Haile, 

,hj; a Ian ke ii led King of the lewcS. 

tobefac.-.?""*^ 19 And they fmote him on the head with a reed, 

* Matt2-33.- -ndfnat Upon him, and bowed the knees, 4«<i did 

4 Chrittisiedout 20 And when they bad moCksd.him.theytQoke 
of the wall of tb* the purple ofthim ,andput hisownecloatheson 
«. ;,„^1Voum'"; him, and led him out to ctucihe him • 

cf'm-ad nieni cai- 2 1 * And they 3 Compelled one that palTed by, 

cafes, ai a man cAlkd Symon of Sytent (which came out of the 

niod undeaoe, not counttey , and was father of Alexander and Rufus )''ng cu^ tobearehiscrofle. 

finofi,vsbich-Aere ^» $4 And they brought him to a place named 

l«yd upon Golgotha, which is by interpretation, the place of 

the end that wee ^4^ „,(„, (culleS. 

by hfi blood'."" .^3 And they gave him to drinke wine mingled 

mighi be brought With myrrhe ; but he received it not. 

into the heaveuiy 24 * f And when they had crucified him, thcy 

♦"r^k"''' parted his garments , cafling lots for them , what 

, CM.ft'b;nl;th every man (hould have. 

naked up..n the aj And K was the third houtc when they cruci- 

crofle.andajthe fied him. 

r!'.fe!™moft ^<* And the title ofhiscaufe was written above, 

Cutirreproovrd that king of the IEWES. 

that we being cioa- ^7 They crucifiedalfo with him two thecves, 
thed with therigh- the one on the right hand, and the other on his 

teoufnfs, and blelFcd jgfj 

}^nftifi"d"by hV"* ^8 Thus the fcripture was fulfilled.which fayth, 
onely oblation, « And he was Counted among the wicked, 
.wybeukeaup 29 And they that went by . railed On him waff- 

ul'ZT'^ g^"8their heads . and faying. * Hey. thou th;t de- 

♦ iohna..9. Itroyeft the Temple, and buildeft it in three dayes, 
« jo Savc thy fclfc , and comc downe ft om the 

God wai againft croflc. 


hepuniflie , ^ 

furetie hisfonne, Jaycl among 1 

it appearethby Other men, himfelfe he Cannot favc. 
this horrible darke. 32 Let Chrift the king of Ifrael now come 
eVy'thi. worf. ''^"'"^ ^""^ ^"^e '^'•offe . that we may fee , andbe- 
land he meaneth Iceve. They alfo that wcte crucified With him, ic- 

talenioa : fo that viled him. 

the ftrangenen-eof 33 ^ jjow when the fixt hoUtC waS COTOe,* datk- 

»'rbe ."cirefe^t "" ^'°^^ "^^^ ' ^11 the land Until! the ninth houre. 

f.rth JO that, that at the feaft of PaflVover , jod inthe fu'.lmoone , when theStinne 
Jhmed over all the rett of the world and at midday ibecoruet of the world , whtiein fo 
tvicktd m& w«« eomniiittd, w« ovtrcoveicd wiit meft gtoOe djtkenrift, 

iftied'laour „ 31 Likewife alfo even the hie Priefts mocking, 
his fonne, '^yd among themfelves with the Scribes. He faved 

3 4 And at the 7 ninth houre lefus cried with a 7 Chrift nrlvin? 
loud voice .faying ,f Eloi , Eloi .lamnja-fabach- ""^'^''l''.^"'' ^''^ 
thanir which is by interpretation , My God , my "l^t,""^,^"! "l 
God, why haft thou forlake roe ? three armed witb 

35: And fome of them that ftood by , when they the hombie cur fc 
heard it.favd.Beholde. he calleth blias. ofGod.grievoufly 

. 3 6 And one ranne , and hlled „ J fjl^nge full of ;"" tronl' 
vineger.and put it on a reed,& gave him to dnnke, crofl"e , and in fonle 
faying. Let him alone, let us fee if Edas will come, plunged in the 
and take h im downe depth o»bcil, yet 

37 And lefus cried with a loud voice, and gave f/ir|f,oy'j„^'^i,h, 

Uptheghoft. ntighty voice :an<i 

38 And the vaile of the Temple was rent in notwithfianding 
twaine, from the top to the bottome. '''* wound whick 

39 Now when the Centurion , which ftood a^I," in'!hat°hat 
over againft him.faw that he thus crying gave up he died, yet by fmu 
the ghoft.he fayd, Truely this roan was the Sonne ting both things 

of God. above and things 

40 I 8 There were alfo women which beheld tro'^h.^vaT of 
afarre off, among whom was Marie Magdalene, the Temple, and 
and Mane the mother of lames thelefle, andof bytheteftimonie 
lofes, and Salome, "^'""S «"■ "^ '^^ 

4 1 Which alfo when he was in Galile , * fol- h?™!h'.Zweth 
lowed him ,and_jainilited umo him, au(l many evidintjy unw the 
other u-^^jgn which came up with him unto riie- re"o.l,. enemu* 

lUfalem. which are as yet 

42 » And now when the night was come (be- ot"'"'". and 
caufe it was the day of the preparation that is be- hTtoihe'lfJ^wea" 
tore the Sabbath) outofhandtobe 

43 * lofeph of Arimathea , an ^ honourable ""q"''.""' and 
counfellour , which alfo looked for the kingdome ^"""p/"! ^"■ 

of God, came, and went in e boldly unto Pilate, ^7,46'"''' *"*'* 
and asked the body of lefus; j 'pfa'i «9,»j. 

44 And Pilate roatveiled .if he wete alreadie « Cbrifttothe 
dead, and called unto him the Centurion ,andaf- g«"fl""ieof 
ked of him whether he had bene any whik dead. ^okrihe'Lord' 

45: And when he knew r/;«tr«ff^ofthe Cen- chofe women for 
turion.he gave the body to lofeph : his witneflci, 

46 Who bought a linnen cloath.and tooke him which beheld all 
downe,and wrapped him in the linnen cloath .and \ li^/j" ' 
layed him in a tombe that was hewen out ofa x MattbA?,;;, 
rocke,and rolled a ftone unto the dooreofthe • 

47 And Marie Magdalene , and Marie lofes ,^*^';'i'",''„7,"e' 
mtther, beheld where he Itould be layed. counfeiiof the Saa. 

hedrin.or els taken 
intocounftll by Pilate. e Ifweconfidetwhat danger lofeph cafthiuilelft iato.wet 
fhalJ perceive how Isolde he was . 


t of CbrtJIii te/unechoii. 9 He affitartth to Marie 

M^fd.iline and cthtTi. 1; Hi ftiuth hit ^fc(iltt to 
f reach. ly Hh afienfmn. 

A Nd * when the Sabbath day was paft.Maiie, .u^,,. . 
-" Magdalene ,and Marie the w«;^frofIaraes and iobD»o,i;' * 
Salome, bought fweet oyntments . that they might 
come and anoynt hi.-n. 

2 Thereforeearly in the rooming, the firft day 
of the weeke , they came unto the fepulchre, when 
the Sunne was now rifen. 

3 And they fayd one to another , Who fhall 
roll us away the ftonc from the dooreofthe fe- 
pulchre > 

4 And when they a looked , ihcy faw that the a wJiretkeycsft 
ftone was rolled away ( for it was a very great one ) theireyestoward 

y t So they went into the i> fepulchre, and ''"'^'^p"''''"- 
faw a yong man fictingat the right fide.cloathed in |o^"o'';,'/'' ' 
a Pong white robe : and they wet^e fore troubled, b into the cave . 

6 But he fayd unto them , Be not fo troubled : where the fepa<- 
yee feeke lefus of Nazareth, which hath benecru- chiewaicuiout, 
cified : he is rifen.he is not here; behold the place 
vhere they put hiro, 

7 But 

Chriftes rcfarfe(aion^ 

S. Luke, 

Chriftes afcenfioaj 

mat'b.iS 31. 

a ChrifibmMrc 
nppeireib to Ma. 
lie Magdalene lo 
Upbraid cbe dilci- 
$ Jobn 20,»«, 
Juke 3 a. 
» Luke 14,1 j. 
a Cbri(lapp;a. 
*eih to two otber 
difciplel, and a: 
fragth cotbee^eveo. 
« Lukti4 36. 
iohn 20,19. 
c r'.f Emiielijl 
trdcr cf tht l^rn?, 

hiihijfcrie ,rel>icli 

het dihiitd into 
*hree firlt : Thi 
fj-fl fhtwith hew 
/a ap^circiltothe 
Tvomettilit fironJ, 
uliii difiiflei, the 
thirds ta hit *^pom 
jPlei, a»d ihertfore 
(rt/'^th, Fiia'Jr. 

7 But go€ your way , and rell his diTcipIes.and 
Peter.that he will go before you into Galile: there 
(hall ye fee him •$• as he fayd unto you. 

8 And they went out i^nickly , and fled from 
the fepulchre; for they trimbled , and were araa- 
fed : neither fayd they any thing to any man : for 
they weretfrayd. 

9 J 1 And whcniefus was rifen againe.early the 
firft day of the weeke . hee appeared firli to Marie 
Magdalen. § out off whom he hadcaft feven devils; 

I o And ihe went and tolde them that had bene 
with him, which mourned and wept. 

I I And when they heard that he was alive, and 
had appeared to her, they beleeve it not. 

J 1 J * * After that , he appeared unto two of 
them in another forme, as they walked and went 
into the countrey. 

13 And they went and tolde it to the remnant, 
neither beleeve they them. 

14 S « = Finally , he appeared unto the eleven 
as they fate together, and reproached them for their 
unbeliefe and hardnes of heart, becaufe they belee- 
ved not them which had feene him, being rifen up 

If J And he fayd unto them, 4. Goe ye into all 3 The Apoftlu 
the world.Sc preach theGofpel to <» every creatare. .""^^^^" J""* 

16 He that Ihall beleeve and be baptized, lliall anh«d umoth'tm, 
be fa ved : J but hee that will not beleeve , Qiall be which ii to pieach 
damned. . «l^-" wtich they 

1 7 And thefe tokens fliall follow them that be- fj^f, •,|,^';^; ja- 
leeve , * in my Name they (liall caft out devils, and a"nlems"^huh~ 
« fliallfpeake withe new tongues, cnriiiba'thiarti. 

18 ^ And lliall take away ferpents, and if they tuttd.baviogbe- 
(liall drinke any deadly Qial not hurt them: J|f|" f,°^" '° "^^ 
* they Ihall lay their hands on the ficke , and they !^"Ma"h. 25,19. 
fliall recover. d Nctt.nln ittvn 

19 -f 4 So after the Lord had fpoken unto <""'.?> "i- ;«/«</?« 
them , he was received into heaven, and fate at the '"'' ■ *"'" •;""'">» 

It \ r f^ t ana cPcry tvhere ■" 

right hand of God. ^ ^ ■ ^ ^ w/. ««y? .a ,Ae 

20 And they went foot th , and preached every ^^»/?;ej^,. 
where. Ami the J Lord wrought with them .and S ^'l"> '1.4s. 
confirmed f the word with lignes that followed. * •^f'H.iS 


1,4- "id 

Siran^e tctifMct, 

fuch at they l^nfm "of Ufprl. ^.•' ^.f . i8,f . 

.4 Cbti! bavidg accoroplithed his office on earth . afceodeibiato heaven, from whence 
(thedodrineofhis Apoltles being confirmed witb fignei ) he will govtrae his Church, 
unto the worlds end. J Heb.2,4. f To ivitit'.it do.irine ■■ tlin'fm titlitint 

rnHfl^ebefcre, and fiynii muflfiil^rp afl-.r. 





O L V K. E. 


tbe-witneflei that 
a Man} tooke it in 
^anit hur did not 
ftrfcrmr • Lulii 
Itfire Mati'herv 
b Lf^ke ivai net an 
ejrvitncfH , and 
Ihcrifort it Tvaj net 
hctto-trhom the 
Xord appiartd 
tx>hca CUcp.tjfiW 
tfim : itni h; tpat 
taniht not o/nly hj 


J-uket Preface, f Zttcharias and EHfilet. 1} What an 
cne Ichnfhmid he. la Zdchtrtus frikf" <li'mh ,fcr hit 
incredulitie. 16 The ^nfclfiluieih M-trj , and/crete'Jeih 
dirijles >,<'i)>itie. 39 Miiry -jifned Etifabeth. 46 Marks 
fin^^. 68 ThefmfofZachurias,Jhnvin£thatthepr<i. 
mi/edChrilliicomi. " 75 Thtcffice oflohn. 

Orafmuch as i many have a taken in 
hand to fet foorth the florieofthofe 
things , whereof we are fully per- 

2 b As they have delivered them unto us .which 
from the bej^inning faw them their feives.and were 
iniiiifters ofthe word, 

3 It feemed good alfo to mee (cmoft noble 
Theophilus) aiToone as 1 had fe.arched out peifeil- 
ly all things d from the beginning , to write unco 
thee thereof from point to poi 


thou mighteft e acknowledge the cer- 

Tani, tut h) other, taintie of thofe things whereof thou halt bene in- 

cfthe^p.flU.alfi. ft,„ft,^^ 

tie , aSthl7r£e S T N i the f time of g Herod king of ludea, 

Thevfhiiu, n'ait there WHS a certaine Prieft named Zacha- 

Tier/ hctenra-bie T13S , of the X h courfe of Abia : and his wife was 

enan, and in place q{ he daughters of AaroH , and hemamc fwrtf £li- 

dL,,kehh.tnhi, """• 

tO'fpcl a^reatdruie 6 Both wcrc i iuft before God ,and ic walked 
farther tff,then I he in all the I commandcments and ordinances of the 
"p'wH t. Lord, tu without reproofe. 

c flaVt fuller l^non- ^ 

led^e cfthcfe thine,,, ^hich he fere thou kncnej! hit meanly . a Iohn who wai another 
Eliai, and appointed lo he hcrjuld ofCbiift , coniming ofthe Ittxlce of Aaron ,and of 
two famous and blameleOcpareaii ,h.iih Ihewcd in bisconceptioo, which wasagainft 
the tourfe of nature, a double mir.icle , to the end that men fliould be more readily 
fiined up to the heating of his preaching .according to the forewarning of the Tro- 
phei! . f Wtrdfm Ivsrd, in the dajci .-fifpcil^e the Hebrewet, f'P'n^ «' '" under- 

(la„dl,owfherlandfraileatl,inz<heferrer.fprince,is. g H.r..r/t/>f£rf..'. A ••C'ro. 
24^1- b Fcr the pofleritiecfJ^.tronroaioiliUed into ccHrf-j. i Theirue m.irhf ef 
righiCMfneffeii, >o le i'ked and aliened cfm the iadiemeni of Gcd. Jc Lived, fofpealtf 
the Uebrenei ,f<" our life is ai a -nay, yvherein svc mitfl lo.i/^c , uniitl rce come to the 
marine. I lnaUthemiTaHa„derremoni.,llUn. m IVhomnomanccildiuJIIj 
tepnttie : now fi it it , that the fruit i c/ ittfijientitn Kre fit Jtrth hert » and nut tht 
vnnfii r>hi(b itfmh omlj,»rui ntthin^ elf, 

7 And they had no childe , becaufe that Eli- 
fabet was barren , and both were well ftricken in 

8 And it came to paffe , as hee executed the 

Priefts office before God, as his courfe came in f BW.30,7. 
order. ° ^'" Temple imt 

9 S According to the cuftome of the Priefts Zo,h"r-Z'^zTJ, 
office, his lot was to burne incenfe . when he went „-^°, ^J"^, ^V^'j^ 
into the " Temple of the Lord. Q«r' orcunc.tri 

10 And the whole multitude of the people "•""?. iricrertK 
were without inprayer, ■•' while the incenfe was "'f'^T'''rvere, 

, . r / » andtherefare are 

bui-ning- , ,. . , r, f-y^-"i'croi,h.m, 

11 Then appeared unto him an Angel ov me im.v,eTempit. 
Lord , ftandin* at theright fideofthe Alcarof in- • Icj-^mij,.?.. 

cenfe. o-Ufpeakethe _ 

1 1 And when Zacharias faw l;im. he was trou- j,'„'}^"a7afe%4 
bled.andfeare fell upon him. o'f excellency. -fiit 

13 But the Angelfiyd unto him,Fearc not.Za- it fayd ofNemrod, 
charias: for thy prayer is heard.and thy wife Elifa- ^'^ ]°'^ "' '»•" 
bet Ihall beare thee a fonne .and thou llwil call his tje're'c'ed ' 

name Iohn. p ^^ny drinke ihM 

14 And thou (halt have ioy andgladneffe , and may makedrunkcn. 
many (liallreioyce at his birth. ^ '^;*',f-*-'- 

t i For hee Hiall be great in the o fight of the I tfit'fmanTto'^* 
Lord, and (ball neither drinke wine • nurrftrong rf;«<4»«,«w 
drinke ; and he (halbe hlled with the holy Gholl, i»rne fhemfelfet 
even from his mothers wombe. '" ['" ^'."'f!'"* 

16 « Andraany of the children of Ifraellhallhe "^ ^^I'Zil, 

"J turne to their Lord God. r.^/My^/i'*' 

17 r; For he Ihall goe ' before him fin the fpi- leehfre k.i»^i. 
ric and powerofElias .toturnethe theartsofthe andwhenym/tt 
fathers to the children , and th.; difobedient to the 'i:!"lfZfZ^!f 
u wifdome ofthe iult men ,to make ready a people f Thiitsfpti^enl, ' 
prepared for the Lord. the figure Metmj- 

18 Then Zachariasfaid untoihe Angel.Where- 'f';<A^»z<he 

= /pint, fur, he ^if, of 

thefpirit itsjfA would fiy.ihe caufc,ftr that thill commeih ofthe cattfe. t By thiifinirt 
Sfnecdcch*,he fherreil, that he fhaU takf aw.i} all kindesofenvnuie, .which ufeto 

ireed^reat trouHes and t:(rtnoiUi ar/iowji men. u IVifideme and ycMncjfe itf « 

tw if lilt (hiefejl uitfis rpl/ifh m*ke mrt tt riVtrtme ttnUhmmr thdr/^ititerj, 


Zacl^arias is dumbe.' 


by fliall 1 know this? for I am an olde man, and 

» That appeate, ^^jfg jj ^f 3 ^^^^^ 3Pg^ 

\t .t 4oTd rr' 1 9 A"cl the Angell anfwered . and fayd unto 
ftand ) racanio! him , I am Gabriel x that ftand in the prefence of 
that tbty 2je ready god , and am fent to fpeake unto thee , and to Ikevv 

tb d». h.scommap. ^j^^^ ^j^^Cg g^^j tidings. 

t^TbVA^ei f«r. ^o An'* behold , thou (bait be dumme, and not 

vingihcLord be able to fpeake, vntilltheday that thcfe things 

which ihouM be be done , becaufe tbou beleevtftnotmy wordcs, 

borne, i.s^f^^'^^°^_ which Iballbe fulhlled in their fealbn. 

iaw!Jom°tb«""' ^i Now the people waited for Zacharias, and 

Sonne of the moll Riatveiled that he taried fo long in the Temple, 

hijbptomifed 21 And when hee came out , hce could not 

loDjvid.iicoD. fpeaj^e unto them : then they perctived that hee 

tu^oV the holy" ^^'■^ ^^^'^^ ^ vilTon in the Temple • for hee made 

Ghoft. fignes unro them, and remained thimme. 

^..MaihiiS. 23 And itcame to p.;lVe, whtnihcdaiesof his 

y Atmuch'S'o office wcic fulhiicd , that he departed to his owne 

be faiil of Mane, .„„<- ' 

o,her«.feC»>..ft houfe. 

harf not beneofihe 24 Ami alter thofe dayts.his Wife Elilabeth coH- 
ftocke Boi thefonne ceived , and hid her feifc tiue moneths, faying, 
•fi'-"'!'* ^^^ 25 Thus hath the Lord dealt with me, in the 
Ired wo^rde fo"°* day es wherein hee looked on me , to take from mee 
wojd.fulloffauour nay rebuke among men. 

and grace and hee 26 J 3 And m the lixth moneth.the Angel Ga- 
jhe.wet;i ft.aiahi j^^j^j ^.^ ^^^^ f^.^^ q^^j ^^^^^ ^ j_^^jg ^f Galiie . na- 

S-:ei;CC medNazarech. 

vshaiibat'auuut 27 ■!• To a Virgin affianced to a man whole 

if, io that he Caitb, name vvaj : ofeph, of the y houle of David, and the 

the Lord ^^fgi^g namet/VrtJ Mdtie. 

a ofGod. ^8 And tht; Angel went in unto her , and fayd, 

bMoovedatthe Haile thou that art z freely beloved: the Lord w 

ftrangentOeofthe with thee : a blelied <trf thou among Women. 

""Vr'akethe ^9 And when the faw ;,«>», Ihee was b troubled 

Bebrtws. faying, at his faying . and thought what maner of lalutati- 

that men bjue found on that Ihould be. 

fauour, which are ^^ Then the Angel faid unto her . Fearc not, 

in fauour. Marie : for thou halt '^ found favour with God. 

# Cii"ap'^i!ii'. 3 ' ^ For loe thou Ihalc conceive in thy 

maun i 21. wi^ombe.and beare a lonne , * and ihak call his 

d H«ib3iibede. Name lef. s. 

tlared Io .0 be for ^^ He Iballbe great , and fhall he d Called the 

ofGo'df?.'neve7. Sonne of the molt High ai^d the Lord God iball 

lafting.butwaj give unto hirn the thfonc of his father David. 

n,ade°maaifeft ia ^^ « And hee Ih ill rcigne over the houfe of 

, the fieth IP bit lacob foreuer,andofhiskingdomeihallbenone 

« Djn.7 14 17. ende. 

mic.ih.4.7. 34 ThenfaidM-irieunto the Angel, e How fcall 

e T:'e gteatieflt tVjJs |- j.^ feeing f { know not man : 

^U.Ve"v.r"into" 3? And the Angelanfwered.andfaiduntoher, 

Jkethlscjueiiion, The holv Ghoft g ibaJl come upon thee, and the 

Dottbatfhediftu- povvcr of the moH High Hull overihadow thee : 

fieth ar.vwhi^ at therefore alio that h Holy thing which ihallbe 

on ' ^of Ibp m'loer • ^'^i " - of tht e , Ibalibe i called the Sonne of God. 
cftle conleTvicg, fo 36 Aiidbehoid, thy i^ ccufm, Elifabet.lhe hath 

tbatitii^laioefhe alfo conceived a fonneinher old age: and this i$ 

beieevsdalttereit. j^gj. I fixt moneth, which was Called barren, 

b.ewlri,'' r.ifyi"r ^ ^ For with God (liall nothing be vnpoffible. 
by't'hi^modeftkinde .38 Then Marie faid, Beholde the fervant of the 

offpeecbibecom- Lord : be it unto me according totby WGtd.So the 

pjoyofniansBd Angel depatced from her. 

wife togrtber, and ° ' 

ihii ii the infjningcf it : how (hall this be. forfeeitiT, I ftiallbe Ctrift hil mother, I am 
very lure, I Ihall uotkuow auym»n : for the godiy vjrgin had learned by the Propbeu, 
thattheMt(!i.i>lliouUbtboineof a Virgin. g That is.tbebojy Gboft Uiallcaufe 
thee to conceive by hi> mighty power. h Tbjt pure thing aud voyd uf alllpotef 

vncJearntU'e :foi he ib«: wai to takeaway fiont, multneedj be void oflkne. i De- 
clared aodfliewedtoibe woild.tobeiheSonneofGod. k Though Ebfabetwete 
*> of the tribe of Levi ,yei (lie iright be Maries coulin : for wbereai ii waj forbidden by 
theLa-A'i (or maidens to be maried 10 men of other ttibei, tbis could not let, but that the 
Lcvitei might take them wiveicutofaiiy tribe ; for the Levitei had no portion allotted 
tbcf.i. ween the land wai divided among the f eof le. 1 Itat ii now ibe fl&tll TOSOeilj 
(miubc lime wtuB ibe cooctived. 

j. The long o: Mjrie. 24 

39 f 4 And Marie arofe inthofedayes.ahd 4 Elifabet being 
went into the m hill ««»rr<;y with halle to an ci- ?''^'^""'' ''"'''% 

. . r , I ' of lobn.and Man" 

tieofluda. u , r r , ■ ,w.thCh,al,byt'«' 

40 And ertred into the houfe or Zacharias,and JDfpivatioi^ftbB 
faluted Ehlabet. bolychoft.doe 

41 And it came to paffe, as Elizabw heard the "'oy^^te for 
falutation if Marie , the babe o fprang inner bellie, ^ ^(,;.„.(, ^^^^ ,jjj 
and Elifabet was tilled with the holy Ghoft. Soutbnde of Hi«. 

42 And ihe cried with a loud voyce , and faid, lufalem. 
Blefl'ed art thou among women , becaufe p the fruit " J''=" " ^°J^^' 

c 1 I • , 1 ,T J » > "^ r Hebron : which 

or thy wombe is blelled. _ ^^^ ;„ ,;,„„ paft 

4 i And whencecommeth this to mee, that the called Cariatharbej 
mother of my Lord Ihould come to m-e j wbich was oneof 

44 For loe.alToone as the voyce of thy falutati- '''',|°'^°/„',;'^b" 
on founded in mine eates , the babe fprang in my Ltviret^nt'he'rfhe 

belly for ioy. of luda . and iifaid 

4t And bUfled is fliee that beleeved: for thofe tobeimhemoun- 
things fhallbe perforraed,which were told her frun »'"" "f '"f ' ' '°'' 

, o , r 14. i>. and jiti. 

ths: Lord. o TBi> wajnoot- 

46 i Then Marie faid, My foule magnifieth the ainaty norvfuail 

2.erd, kindeof mcoving, 

47 And my fpitit reioyceth in Godmy Sa- ? chri^.s^bkiTed 

Viour. bumamtie. 

48 For hee hath q looked on the ' poorede- ^ cwiftthere. 
gree of his fervant : foi beholde, from hencefoorth deemercfibeaf- 
lliall all ages call me blelVcd, «i*'^ 'b^'Uu'd"" 

49 bccjufe he that is mighty hath done for me f^" ^ ,i'J,'J"c.' 
great things, and holy is his Name. miied to the fa- 

j o And his mercy is fiom generation to gene- ib«rs, is now at 
ration on them f that feare him length exhibited 

51 ^ He that Ihewed ftrength with his tarme : '" '/^hfreelyand 
^ he hath u fcatteied the proud in the* imaginati- g,at;ouny loved. 
on of their hearts. r word for word. 

52 K Hee hath y put downe the mighne from ^i'^'';°;f;ftl,"fo 
their feats, and exalted them of^ low degree. 'harthe virgine' 

j3 X Hee hath tilled the a hungrie with good vjiwietb not hex 
things, and fent away the rich empty. defttti.buttbe 

54 by- Ke hath uphoiden I Iraei his fervant to f!."'?^ G=^- 

b'^. J, ,, -, . ' 1 To iheintBat 

e mmdfiiil of his mercy. y,^^ ,5^1,, and re- 

jf ( * As heehathcfpokentoourfathers,/o)igic.uny,fofyeak« 
Z'f/t, to Abraham and his feed) forever. tteHtbuwes. 

56 ! And Marie aboadc withheraboutthtee -^ EUi.5>.9 v'*'- 
moneths : after, (be returned to her owne houfe. f\[°ii,^io fceapJag 

5 7 1 « Now Elifabets time was fulfll&djthat flie upof words more 
fhould be delivered, and Ihe brought forth a fonne, then neeces , w_bich 

j 8 And her neighbours and coufins heard tell ''';• ■'^*';;^i,''",'i',ij, 
how the Lord had ihewed hi jgieatmercie upon ^'^^""'j^ke'nfoi 
her, andthey.i.reioyced with her. firtngih. 

59 And it was lb that on the eighth day they S Efai >!)•'?• 
came to circumciie the babe , and called him Za- " .^"/"/VV.h. 
chanas, after the name of his father. ^ij^jfj 

60 But his mother anfwered, and fayd, Not fo, x ne bath fcatte- 
but he Iballbe called lohn. «^- them, and the 

6 1 And they lay d unto her .There is none of |[,"^{,"/,j'°". °,' (,„ 
thy kinred that is named with this name. ^^j tbrougbtbe 

6i Then they made fignes to his father , how imagination of 
he would have him called. iheir owne beam : 

63 So heasked for writiiig-tables, and wrote, ^°'*='''^^|'J,','^J'„^ 
faying.His name is lohn.andthey marveiledall. fj ,„ t''"e"r"ovv'ue * 

64 And his mouth was opened ircmediatly , and dt.oruaion. 
his tongue, II and he fpake and praifed God. « a Sam i.«. 

6 J Then feare came on all them that dwelt neere l^J^^^P^"* 
unto threm,and all J rhefe wcnls were noifed abroad J'su^i, ^, none ici 
thorowout all the hill countrey of ludea. count ii made of, 

& are vile io mem 
tyei. which are indeed the pore in fpirit , that il ,fuch aicballeniyf nothing totbero- 
felvesioihefigbtof God. X Pfalm J4 lo. a Them ibat are brought to extreme 

pouerty. b He bath holpeo uj' iftad wiih his arme, being cleans call downe. 

it tfai.30.iS.and4i S.aiid;4 J. » Gen.17.r9.and Ji.i7.pfa), 
13211. c Tiomifed. « lohniiiaiiviy isletoutwitb new miracle}. }i Yeif.l^» 

D wris reftored to it former ftaic, U rtade in fame copici, 
d AilUiisUiAivfj^liij'iiaoddoae, 

66. Ami 

'ktm liiigtutly a 
eainefcly anit ii 
v\ert .priaieJ ih 

Zacbarias prophecie. S. Luke. 

« Tho^.'htjroa 56 A ndalhhey that heard them.f laid fA#A« up 

in their hearts,, laying , What miner childeihall 
this bee ! and the f hand of the Lord was with him. 
67 7 Then his father Zacharias was tilled with 
f ThaiiTTibe p'e- the holv Ghoft, and prophecied, faying, 
feot fjvodrofGod, ^g Blc^ed 6< the Lord God of Ifrael , becaufe 
'f Vl^^^lllt\T he hath g vlnted * and >h redeemed his people. 
b!m " 69 S And hath raifed up the i home of falva- 

;, lohnfcsrc* tion unto us. in the houle ot his I'ervant David. 
torK.bytheau- y^ -K As he fpake by the mouth of his holy Pto- 
jhor.ri.of.h* ho- . gjj ^ ^^,hij,h were fince the world began .faying. 
/.d ,0 hi.oft4 7 1 TMt he vvoHld fend «/ileliverance from our 

g Thathetbat'h enemies, and from thehands ofall that hate US. 
ihtwed biu.f'he _j j^at he might Ihew mercy towards our fa- 

l't''fo!r«h'-"b!;r thers : and x remember his holy covenant, 
he ca.xe down from 73 « .^«rf the oathcwhich he fwate to out fa- 
beivto himfeiff , 10 ther Abraham, 

viiitr ui in f «fon, -^ ^'fjif-, ^yat , that ha would grant unto us, 
l°'*CbaFlTo?'" that we being detive/ed out of thehands of our 
miuhi.ii. ' enemies, Ihouldferve him without feare, 
h Hiib payed the 7^ All thedayes of ourlife, in A' hdineffeand 
ranfome, tbatii to rightcoufnefle 1 befotc him. 

' 76 And thou , m babe, flialtbe called the Pro- 
S r'fal.i3i,iS- phet of the moft High : for thou ihait goe before 
i Thii word Home the faccof the Lotd to prepare his wayes, 
iQtbeHtbrewe , ^«i to n give knowledge of Ulvatioti untD 

S! and"; ".a his people . by the o remiffion of their linnes.^ 

73 Through the tender mercy of our God.where- 
by * the p day-fpring from an high hath vifited us, 

79 To give light to them that fw in daiknefle, 
and in the Qiadow of death , and to guide our feete 
into the way of q peace. 

80 And the childe grew , and waxed ftrong in 
ngdomeof n'Mel fpjrit^ and was ia the wildetncne,till the day came 

,h«'«emiM thereof ™t he fkould fticw himfelfe unto Ifrael. 
laid on the ground .even then gcbencbe (iteojth of Ifrael feemed to be Viterly decayed. 
• Iere.13,9. aDd 30.1a. k Declared indetdetbat be was mindfult. K>iS> 
ier.3i.33.beb.9.i3.i7. * 1. Pet. 1,1;. J To Godi good liking. inThoughthou 
beat ibitprefentBeverfolitlf . n Open ihe viay. o Forgivenefleoffinnciiij tbe 
ttieaoeivvhrteby Godfavethui, Rom.7.4. • Zacb.j.S.and S.ia.nial.^a. p Or, 
bi:d,orbrancb,beeaIludetb untotbe|jiace>in ler a3.y. Zach.3,8.aDd 6,ti. and bee ii 
called a bud from an high , that ii,:fent from God uoto ut.and not aiotherfaudi wbich 
budcjiofibeearib. q lotoiheway wbichleadetfi uitoiruehappineUe. 

C H A P. H. 

1 KAuiuJImCcftiTtdxtthMtherecTU. 7 Chrid ij hrne. 
13 The^nielifn^. H ChrifHi<ireumci/ed. il Murie 
fUrifieJ. i3 Simeon Cskn'" Chriilin hit armes, t9 Wm 
/•"S- 3S ^nna the Prof hcitfft. 40 The ehiUe C hill. 
3s lefutdiffUUihvti'hlhedcdMTi. 

ANd I it came to pafle in thofe dayes , t^at there 
came a decree from Auguftus Ce&r, that all 
the a world (hould be b taxed. 

fjy.ihe price of out 

from beafts, ihac 
figbtwitb their 
bcrnei r and by 
raifingup the 
nngbt of Ifrael, ii 
meant, that thir 

2 (This firft taxing was made when Cyrenius 
was go\-ernour of Syria. ) 

3 Therefore went all to be taxed , every man 

I CtiriDilieroBBe 

of God, taking up. 

on bira the fonne 

of a fervtnt. and 

making himfelfe 

of no reputation, 

ii poorely borne 

in a nable r and by tO his OWnCCitic. 

luiilthe'migt;^". 4 And lofeph alfo went up from Gfllile out of 
eft prince in the a citie called Nazareth , into ludea, unto thee citie 
world ( thinking of .J. David.which is called Beth-leem (becaule he 
"l^'^lll}'^'^ ^"'' ^^' of thehcufe and linage of David.) 
red m^Beth-'iMin, J _ To be taxed with Mary that was given hinj 
to wife, which was with childe. 

6 J And fo it was, that while they were there, 
the dayes were accomplilhed that Qiee Qiould be 

7 And fliee brought foorth her firfl begotten 
fonne . and wrapped him in fwadlingcloathes , and 
laid him in a cratch , becaufe there was no roomfi 
for them in the Inne. 

)erour might vnderftind , bow ricbcvery couotrey. citie, famity^and 

\viiitli04v;dn<ubeiat jwdbreugbcuf tA, <f> . l9liB7,<|z, 

at the Propheu 
■ Sofarreaj the 
oianeidid ftretch. 
b Thatii, thein- 
habitants of every 
and theirgoodi ra- 
ted it a certaint 
value. thattbeEw 
^CUfc AM. G 


8 t 1 And there were in the fame countrey , ^i,, . , 
fhepheards , d abiding in the fidde,and keeping ihemfeiv°fd^Ura 
watch by night over their flocke. to pijoie (hep- 

9 And loe.the Angel of the Lord e came up- '''^"'•/"othiog 

on them, and the glory of the Lord ihone about '*?^^J^|^^_^. 
them, and they were fore afraid. f/J jMe coahs j 

10 Then the Angelfaide unto them .Be not a- and office c^he 
fraid : for behold, 1 bring you glad tidings of great childe lymg iti 
ioy , that iLall be to all the people. '''*"•''•. 

11 n^t is, tha. unto you is borne this day in door°,^rdre!n^ 
the citie of David, a Saviour, which is Chrift the the aire. 

Lord. « CamefuddeaJy 

1 z And this f!jdlb6 a figne unto you , Yee aiall Y"" ','''"': ^''Z" 
finde the babe fwadled . and laid in a cratch , T2 .S.' " 

1 3 And ftraightway there was with the Angel f whole armiei 
f a multitude of heavenly fouldiets , praifing God, of Angela , which 
and faying. ' "ftierfGod^oJtid 

1 4 Glory be to God in the high iiettvent , and ab out, were 
peace in earth, and towards men g good will. fouldieri. 

X f And it came to pafle when the Angels were 8 Godi'eady, 
gone away from them into heaven , that the ftep- |°°tu7fa"o'ili 
beards laide one to another , Let us goe then unto fos-.ard. mea. 
Berh-leem, md fee this thing that is come to pafle, 
which the Lord hathlliewed unto us. 4. Gen. 17,11. 

16 So they came with hafte .and found both leviti 1,3'. 
Mary and lofeph and the babe layi in the cratch. '°'''" 7. a*. 

1 7 And when they had feene it. they pubH(hed |,.^,t» 
abroad the thing that was tolde them of that childe. madefubiva to 

18 And all that heard it, wondred at the things the Law, rodel«< 
which were tolde them of the fliepheards, "'"" '''°^ '''* 

1 9 But Mary kept all thofe fayings,and pondred ''^^.Z^ll^^f' 
»/;<»» in her heart. _ _ lefuj doth well d«, 

20 And the lliepheards returned glorifying and dart) btingcit. 
praifing God , for all that they had heard and leene, '^im'^iCe'l. dowh 
as it was fpoken unto th|m . Lll'owuSa.^ 

21 f * 3 And when theeight dayes wereac-circumciiiooof 
compliihed , that they ihould circumcife the chiki, the fathers. 
his name was then called * lefus , which was na- * Coap.i.jr. 
med of the Angel , before he was conceived in the ^*^eWt.Vi,«. 

WOmbe, _ '^ ChriiLupon 

XX ,4 And when the dayes of h herpurificati- whom ail ourfio* 
on, after the Law of Moyfes, were accompliflied.vmeiayd, being 
they brought him to Hierufalem . to prefent him to 1^^",^'°^ ^^t; 

the Lord, _ Law, doth purihc 

2 J (As it iswrittenintheLaweof the Lord, both Mary and UI 
« Every man childe that^ri? openeth the wombe, f^" i° himfelfe. • 
thallbecalledholytotheLord.) _ _ L^hefu'SgV 

a4 And to give an oblation , A' as it is comman- the taw- for oiber- 
ded in the Law ofthe Lord, a paire of turtle doves, wife thevirginwa* 
or two yone pigeons. "°' "^"^^'^ •. °f' >•"- 

2 5 \ And &holde. there was a man in Hierufa- tulltU) 
lem , whole name was Simeon : this man vv»s iuft. ^ Exod.i^.i. 
and feared God, and waited for the confolation of num. s.i«. 
Ifrael, and the ' holy Ghoft was upon him. .y Levit.u*. 

26 And it was declarethtohimfromGodby Jp^™'""^*^'" 
the holy Ghoft , that he (tould not fee death , be- Tempi* foreteM 
fore he had fecne that Anointed of the Lord. the deafe , ofibe ' 

17 And he camebyf/jewofjonof the fpiritin-^o""niagofMef. 
to the Temple , and when the x parents brought in „uVof "the«ea'^di 
the babe lefus , to doe for him after the cuflome of pa,, of ifrael. andf 

the Law. ofthe calling of 

i8 Thenhetookehimiahi$armes,andpraifed'''«Gemiiei. 

#- J -„ » f,„rl ' Hewaiindued 

God, and fayd, ^^^^ ^^^ .,^^ ^^ 

29 Lord , now J lettefl thou thy fervant depart .tHioiy Gnaii . and 
in peace, according to thy « word, thii ii fpokfn by the 

30 For n mine eyes have feene thy ofalvation,figu''Metooymie. 

■* ' ' k loftph and Ma. 

rie r and f« he it wai commonly taken. A Letieftiuedepartcutofthulifcto beioyned 
toiny father!. m Aithouftoinifeddme. n ThJt ii. foi I l)ave feenewiibmy 
very eyei: for he faw before in minJe,as it ii faid of Abraham , He faw iny day , *B(3 

Kieytcd, g lhi»» whtMiaihvIalviwniJwmeiDed. 

31 Which 



^safixtfii^r 3 ' which thou hafl prepared p before the fj^e 

4f,kkyi*(i./tr of all people, 

mtn tiittkf 32 A 1 ight to be revealed to the Gentiles . aii 

»». (}ie glory of thy people Ifrael. 

,' 33 And lofeph and his mother tnarveiled ^E 

thole things, which wereipeken touching him, 
•^'^ . 34 And Simeon blefled them . and fayde anto 

r, Mary his mother , beholde, this thili is q appointed 

. T)tff«»iui*»dfQr the « rfallandrifingagaineofmany in Ifrael, 
fttcfctdfir A and for aTfignc which Jliail be fpoken againft, 
'r>i*^k*- 3 y ( Yea and a fword (hall t pearce through 

tlaf'^i'V^'r^'.r.'"' thy foule) that the thoughts ofinanyheattcs may 

t' FaUc/'ne rcpro- be Opened, 

tatcrvhich ftriTi 36 fi And there was a Frophetefle , one Anna 

through their cTvne (hg daughter of Phaiiuel, of the tribe of Afer.which 

^fnflr<'''M. ^^5 ofa great age . after (he had lived with an huf« 

«n(o Va.b. ccd band feven yeeres from her virginity : 

/hall ^ii:t faith »» 37 And ihc f ftf/ widow about fourefcoure , and 

teleei>e. foure yeeres , and went not out of theTCmple , but 

f Thntii^tf 
tphich alt me 

(Irilie carncjllj 
to hit. 

t ShtHrvtUnd 
andrrisU mcil 
6 Another V9it- 
Dtfle (jcfide Sime- 
on, agdnfl vsbom 
no f xception m^y 
be brought 

TpfcA feved G»i with faftings and prayers DJght and day, 

38 She then commingat the lame inftant upon 
them, confefled likewife the Loid.and Ipake of hiiH 
to all that looked for redeqjption in Hierufalem. 

39 And when they hiid performed all 
cording to the Law of the Xcid . they returned into 
Galile to their ow«e citie Nazareth. 

40 And the child grew , and waxed ftrong in 
Spirit, "and was filled with wifed(3tne ,■ and the 

^allmentothe grace ofGod was with him, 
tt«iyiogofthe 41 J 7 Now his parents wenttoHierufalem, 

"'5rc ;<«■/? cTc ^^^'^ y eere, $ at the feaft of the PaiVeove'r. 
^P in' apcJcU!^ ^'^ And when hee was twelve yeereolde, and 
n/iriui tfhh QtJ- they wcte come iip to Hierufaiem, after the cuftome 

head/htyptditfci/e ofthsiCiSt, 

""rhTsc'^hl't'ir^i ^i ■'^"'^ ^^^ finilhedthedaye$fA^w«f.asthey 
rhai'ifeiar'e ft'rred returned, the child lefus remained in Hierufaiem, 
op to heare ifae and lofeph knew not, nor his mother, 
wifedome of cbrift ^4 Buc they fuppofing that he had bene in the 
company , went a dayes iourney , and fought him 
among their kinsfolke, and acquaintance. 

4 y And when they found him not, they aimed 
backe to Hierufalem.and Ibughthim. 

46 And it came to paffe three dayes after , that 
they found him in the Temple , fitting in the mids 
of the dodours , both hearing them , and asking 
them queftions : 

47 And all that heard him , wereaftonied at his 
underftandingand anfweres. 

4^ « So when they faw him , they were amafed, 
and his motherfayd unto him.Sonne.why haft thou 
thus dealth with us ? behold,thy father and I have 
fought thee with very heavie hearts. 

49 Then fayd he unto them , Kow is it that ye 
fought me? knew yee not that I muftgoeabout 
roy Fathers bufines ? 

yo But they undetftood not the word that hee 
(pake to them. • 

yi 9 Then hee went downe with thero , and 
came to Nazareth , and was fubiedt to them : and ' 
his mother kept all thefe fayings in her heart. 

5 2 And lefus increafed in wifedome , and fta- 
ture, and in favour with God and men, 

it ii>!:n exhcrlt'b tt ftftnttnct. 1 1 WJ/ ttflimsnj cfChrifi, 
19 Hired fuutlh him in fffin. ^ 31 Cfcrj/? ii httftifed, 
J 3 Hiftdtittt. 

>J O-r , m tbe ff;eenth yeere of thercigneof 
*-^ Tibeii -'---■ • ■ 




S Deut.iS.i. 

S Ailduettet 
which weovteto 
not to be oegle- 
<fted,fo are they ac 
cording to our vo- 
catioa, not to be 
preferred before 

9 CSr ft very mao 
hxmit likeunto 

ibeiius Cafar , Pontius Pilate being gover- 

"Ti Soiacoff^tiwi 
«<thetime fore* 
V<iide of t he Pro. 

l*<ti,aDdiaye;h tbefoundauoa oftht Gr'OeJ which imhJbitediuito tu/ettiBg fonh 
the trtieobfetviRg ef tbetiw ic free meicykioChritl, Which cjituneth «fl«i hitn.cfmg 

«lfo tMfu^K Ut«^«ftu*<'^<x i>«th offegsiKMtioD asdalTo of rorgtycaelTc ef Goat), 

lohns pfeachiflgahdbaptirojifl %% 

nour of ludci .and Herod being Tatrarch of Ga- 
lile . and his brother Philip Tetrarch of Iturea, and 
of the countrey of Trachonitis.andLyfaniasthe 
Terrarch of Abilene. 

2(4- When a Annas and Caiaphas were the * Afie«4.«^ 
hie Ptiefles) the word of God came i::>oIohii, the ^ ^'/-P*"' «;'?««* 
9:irae. of Zacharias in the wildernefie. ' *'"* «^"*'"''' 

it And he came into all tlie coaOes about S Mat,h.3.a, 
Jordan, preaching the baptifme ofrepentance for ««*'«*■»■• 
the remifsion of iinnes, 

4 As ic is written in the bdoke of the fayin<»s 
«f Efaias the Prophet, which faidi. * The toyce of » Efal, 49, g 
him that crieth m the wildernes «r , Prepare ye the '"'»'« «* »l^ ' 
way of the Lord : make his paths ftraio-ht. 
J Evety_ valley fliallbfe filled, aDdevetymouQo 
,. tame and hill fliall be brought low , and crooked 
■''thhigs Oiallbc made foaight. and therouo-hwayes 
fball be made Smooth, ■=► / > 

6 And all flefli fliall fee the fatvation of God. 

7 Then fayd he to the people th.-it were come 

out to be baptized of him ,« Ogenerationsof vi- » M4tth,3i»i 
pers , who hath forewarned you to flee from the 
vrath to come f 

"8 Bring foorth therefore fruites worthy amen* 
dement of Jifo^j^d beginne not tofaywkhyout 
felves , We- hiVe Abrahaitito owrFather : for I fay 
unto yoii-,that Goiis able of thefe ftones to raiie 
^pcjiUdrenunto'AbraJiam. J* 
■•*9 Now alfo is the axelayde unto the roote of 
the trees : therefore every tree which btingeth not v i,„« ^,5^; 
foonh good fruit, (halibe heweu downe , and afl j,{ohaj,i7. 
into the fire. b A^^wiVe nom«« 

lo- 5 ThsnthepeopIeaskedhim.faying.What'J"".'""-/"'""'"^-, 
fliall we do then? ^ ^ ^ II ,lk7,!TJf''' 

. ,1 /- t 1 /• . . th9 tribute mtmey^ 

i I And he anfwered.and fayd unto thera , A" He c whid, rvaspajd 
that hath two coates ,Iet him part withliira thit ''"'"• F-"'J ''""" 
hath none: And he that hath meat, let him doe "'-:'''">^e*r*'ji» 

12 Then came there Publicanes alfo to be Iy,.ndrr«itfu4 
baptized, and fayd unto h;ra,MaSer, what fliall receive the faci», 

we doe? menu, we mult 

And he fayd unto them , Require no more °"e^^n^hj°ia* 


then that which is b appointed unto you. him that iHioi. 

14 The fouldiers likewife demanded of him. ftreth.hefignejr, 
faying , And what (liall we doe ? And he fayd unto *"" ''•"'"? °" . ■ 
them . Do violence to no man . neither accufe any I,^"r.mhouto7 
falfely, and be content with your c wages. the racramenti , aniS 

If » As the people waited, and all men mufedt''«E'v«0''':i'»t 
in their heans of lohn, if he were not that Chrift. ^^l^-^ '* ''y^'^l 

16 lohn anfwotd . and faydtothem all . * In- ^eml 

deed I baptize you with water, but one ikonger # Matt a. 3. jr,'' 
then I , commeth , whofe fliooes latchet I nm not ""^'k* '-s- '<"■ »• , 
worthy to unloofe : bee will baptize you with the »*•»*•«•/•»'"' »^'«« 
holy Ghoft, and with fire. rThicoSii'"** 

1 7 3 Whofe fanne « in his hand , and hee will the fanneoith* 
make cleane his floore, and will gatherthewheate ^or'"!- 

into his garner, buc the chaffe will hee bume up * m>^'''4'3« 
with fire that never Qiallbe quenched. 4 Vcbm prwchiBg 

1 8 Thus then exhorting \vi:h many other things, ;« coufinn'ed wuii 
he preached unto the people. bi? death. 

19 4- 4 But when Herod the Tetrarch waste- * Matth.j.ij. 
bilked of him, for Ilerodias his brother Philf^s °^^.'"'- "■*"* 
wife, andfor all the evils which Berodhaddcne, f'olthiftKmsSa 

20 Headdethyetthisaboveall,thatbeflwcup*"^na.);«Winihe 
lohninprifon. • a^actSis 

,21 J f Now it came to paffc , ss all the peonle p"oaouKed, by 
were baptized , and thatlefus was baptized anddid thevoyceof-.he 
pray, that the heaven was opened: Father, 10 br cue 

a z And the holy Gholi came dow^c in a bo- p"^','^^' ^ ^;^' 
dily flwge like a dove upon him, and there was a jk„^'^ 
Ddd ' voycei 


jCbriftes gctiealogie. He is 

<j TheJkcIteof 

brought by eriff 
t^n to Aiitn, trA 
might jpF'^'*' 
tbiibcoftiy ic 
^n, whsmGoJ 
f rcxnifH to Abu« 
fcim«r,1 D«vid, 
from eitrUliiog 

voyce froa bensn , laylflg , TUoa «rt ffijr beloved 

Sonne : inthee lamwellfHcafed. 

1$ i And Icfus hirnfelfe began to be about 
think yeetes of age , being as men fuppofed the 
fjnne of lofeph, which tivtt the fauna oi Eli, 

14 Tlye ftHnt of Matthat , tlxfonm of Levi , tht of Mflfkhi , th fonna of lanna , tha fomt of 

2'f Tht fonnt of Mattathias , thefontie of Affios. 
the fonne of Naum ,tfc» finne of EUi , theftmaai 

a6 Ti:e fonne ofMaah ,f/;«jO«M*ofMatthathias, 
the ftnne ofSemei , the fcnne of lofcph , thefnois 
vcbich'ligaib'efti ofluda, 

togftherofii! 27 r^ yjna* of loanna , th* fiwt of RheG, 

C^uofmn, fijg yj^j^ ^f Zorobabel .f/js fonne ofSalathic],l*« 

/Snwof Ncri, 

28 77j« jtatee of Mdchi , »A» firiHs of Addi , th« 
few* of Cofara ,tht f<me of Elmodam , thi fonn* 

19 f Viefome of lofe , tlnfowu of Eliczer , ffc« 
/Jnw of lorira , J^ fonne of Matthat, the fomt o( 

30 77)# /»»« of Simeon , thtfowt of luda , fAo 
fime of loieph , »A« fcnn* of lonan , ^ fsntie of 

31 The fonne of Melea , theftwu of Mainan, 
?/)♦ /*««« of Mattatha , thefofue of Nathan , theftnne 
of David, 

3 2 rA» pwif of lefle, tht fonne of Obed. »/itf JS«»# 
of Booz , ?Af /cwj# of Salomon ,jfc«/fl«w of NaalVoD, 

33 Tkefennt^oi Aminadab , the fonne of Anm, 
the fsnne of Ekron , tht forme of Fhares , the form* of 

34 V]e fonnt of lacob , t\n fomte of Ifaac . tht 
fixnt of AbtshaOttlit fonns oilhitZtthefonntoi 

3 y Tlx fonne of Saruch , tht fame of Ragau , tht 
fimt of Vhalccffcf/JsdeofEber ,tf;«/5«««ofSala, 

36 The fonne of Cainan , the fonne of Arphaxad, 
the fonne of Sera , t/w ftnns of Noe , tlie fonne of La- 

37 The fome of Mathule& , the fonne of Enoch , 
»fc« fonne of lared , the fomte of Maleleel , the fame of 

38 The fonne of E nos . the fonne of S eth, phi^finitt 
• of Adam, the fonne of God. 


B CfCitinttttmfunm.andfsfimg. |« H(« r(4<'t<it tn 

•We f«4<i«tfc jfl ArjoTOoe ccUntrtj it centtmntd. ij One 
f'lftff'ed of tht «(«>i8 Jj f Mrf</. 38 r«f(r/ mcf/jfr in I An* 

ii hialtJ, J^o and fickt pttfint 4rl rf/ftr<^ fe J^olrA, 
41 r*« Jt>)(j atkytvisdit Chili . 

% ekfmb«h:gei. A ^'^ ' ^^"^"^ ^"^ of th"eholy Ghoft returned from 

fitdawiy(iiH '.-— - - -- - r< 


Woild, ioio the 

itlt of founic 


S.Luke* ftemptc^jandteachcthinNazaic ^ 

^ And the devill faydc unto hitn , All this 

lordan , and was led by that Spirit into the wil- 

1 ♦ Anel was there fourtie dayes tempted of 
the elevill, & in thofe dayes he did eai nothing, but 
when they were ended, he afrerward was hungry. 
3 » Then the devill fayd unto him , If thou be 
SiMDtbiif. ,con>. the fonne of God , command this ftone , that it be 
ZiitTh^ madcWead. 

»Mv^, bf^Mb 4 But lefus anfwered htn , faying , It is writ- 
kiipBict. ten , i That man Ihall not live by biead onely , but 

4. Hu^,\. by everv word of God. 

To'lftWogftu. ^ ° ^^^ ^^^^^ *^*^^ hjraiipintoanhigli. 

Md urofS«:»a, ttountaine , and fliewed hira all the kingdomes of 
&(i 1* diorufiu the woikl, in the twinkeling of an eye. 


atKdtfiK: bt ocbci lad boonai . a^dlsdiy to a rtinr cunfiJnic« of bjoiftirc, | 

• power wiil I give thee, and the gloiy of thofe 
kmgdctnti : for that is b delivered to roe : and to • tj thhnifd 
whomfoever I will, I give it. pcwn, Mtihe kui 

7 If thou therefore wilt worfhip mee , ihev ''"w"^""/''*" 
(hallbe all c thine. ' nitiLnhiekkavt 

8 But lefus anfwered him , and fayd . Hence V/pZ''^ i/th/- " 
from me , Satan : for it is written ,,{. Thou flialr ^""^"'"'j'nic. 
worlliip the Lord thy God . qnd him alone thou '' ^*'"''/««y5, 

flialtfcrve. fcr hti „ princcf 

9 Then he brought him to Hierufalem .and il'S-rfT, 
let him on a pinacle of the Temple .and fayd un- thtfi>„raifr,i,],tr 
to him , If thou be tlie Sonne of God , call thy felfe ''• *•" ^'filT^ 
Jowne from hence. rjtr,ct,andnaj$f 

I o For it is written , :§ That hee wHl give his ZlTLTn.l''"*' 
Angels charge over thee to keepe thee : rr«,f*..» he ,^, 

IX And with their handes they 1L.-U1 lift thee £'>«'"»»*<"»» 
up . km at any time thou ihouldeft dafl^ thy foote 'Zf'r . • l 
againftaftone. , , ^^ , , /^^fea ' 

I I And lefus anfwered, and fayd unto him.It Is gccJij <h*mf»n 
layd, ^ Thou (halt not tempt the Lord thy God. (fwi"} undtr- 

13 And when the devill had ended all the ten- T'\l' 'n ^■*'"* 
rations, he departed from him f.n a little leafon. ./"( „«„^o"' 

14 _ 1 And lefus returned by the power of the 4. Deut.«,i3. * 
fpirit into Galilea:and there went a fameofhim ao^ 
throughout all the region round about : * nlu '''«*' 

ly For hee taught in their Synagogues , and ^ M«uh*',3,;4, 
was honoured of all men. matke «,>. iobo 

J 6 « 3 And hee came to Nazareth -(yhere hee ♦.43. 
had bene brought up, and (as his cuftome was ) ^ ^'"^^^J^'" '/' 
went into the Synagogue on the Sabbath day , and Itm^^Tou^tth 
floodeuptoreade. •■ cm oVtht Propbee 

17 And there was delivered unto him the Efay. 
booke of the Prophet Efaias :and when hee bad fJcl'ij\°'^,^* 
A opened the booKe , "he found the place , where it ['iedui'lsfcnitt 

was written , ufcn antlit .■ an4 

18 if The Spirit of the Lord is upon mee , be-/« chrifi ur.rtStd^ 
caufe hehath anoymed mee .that I fl.ould preach Zt;:flX;c\.m 
the Gofpell to the poore : he hath fent mee , that I .^,„^. 
Ihoiild heale the broken hearted , that 1 (hould ^ 
preach deliverance to the captives , and recovering 4 Famiiiariiie 
of fight to the blinde : that I lliould fet at libertie caufethcbriftta 
them that are bnufed : ,h«efore be oft«. 

19 And that I fliould preach the acceptable time«goetb to 
vcereoftkeLord. niangen. 

20 And hee clofed the booke , and gave it '^;;^f/'^''i^'^ff,[Y* 
againeto the minifter.and fate downe: and the eyes 'rj^^e'vithccmmm 
of all that were in the Synagogue were faftened on „»/{,'r and -vojte ; 

him. /crthevord.iru- 

% I Then hee began to fay unto them , This day -'(ft>fii''^^"j •» 

• ,..-. c i.-M !• thil place and m^nf 

IS this Scripture fultilled m your eares. .j^/,, ^;,,„ ^,^ ' 

2x f And all (bare him witnes, and fwoudred apfrnveathin? 
at the g gracious words , which proceeded out of i»J'A»f«»"'>M'* 
his hiouth, and fayd. Is not this lofephs fonne ? "v. , , . 

23 Then he fayd unto them . Ye will furely fay [.a'l.Z'tJJ'iA 
unto methisProverbe,Phvfician. heale thy felfe : the common fnfle 
whatfoever wc have heard done in Capernaum , doe win ftifim *i tth 
it here likewili in thine owne countrey . icnftrmce tftht 

24 And bee fayd , Verely I fay unto you , ♦"No ^"/^[I'mVJ' 
Prophet is accepted in his owne countrey. S„ f,„^ut vaa 

xy But I tell you of a trueth ,many widowes.wjJd.ArdiAtw 
were in Ifrael in the dayes of* Elias , whenhea- f°""'*''X7J*j 
Ten was fhut three yeeres and fixe moneths , when r^^lfjnitd iht 
great famine was throughout ell the k land : famt Tdtrin ih* 

16 But unto none of them was Elias fent, fate ct«»c*4fC(irr«iW 
into Sarcpu, a ckie of Sidoa, unto a certainc '"'^I'V^ ■ r^^ 
widowe. l.ZZ^ilff^ 

vj Alfo many lepers we« in Ifrael , io the time ctd, wK«p;f«- 

ai mtl . did a^itttd men marViUuff UnteUm , Pfdt.^(,».grdtt it pcrtrtJ inic th 

Satan knew Chrift, 

4f ».KiBg./.i4« 

of* Elifcus the Prophet: yet none of them was 
tnadecleanCjiavkig Naaman the Syrian. 

18 t Then all that vvertin the Synagogue.when 
they heard it, were filled with wrath , 

z9 And fbfe up, and thrufl him out of the citie, 
"""f"bu»he life and led him unto the edge of the hiil . whereon 
of Iht^^odly " °ot their citie was caft him downe headlong. 
" " 30 Bat he paffed through the mids of them.and 

went his way, 

31 f p And came downe into Capernaum a ci- 
tie of Galile , and there taught them on the Sab- 
bath dayes. 

32 * And they wereafloniedathis doArine; 
for his word was with atrthoritie. 

53 * And ill the Synagogue there was a man 

which had a fpirit of an uncleane dcvill > which 

cried with a loud voyce, 

c Cbriftaftonid!- 34 6 Saying.Oh.what have we to doe with thee, 

eibnotoDflymen, jhou lefus of Nazareth ? art thou Come CO deflrsy 

bfo'c'kfm'butneB "s • I l^now who thou art .even the Holy one of 


3 J A.nd lefas rebuked him .faying, Hold thy 
peace , and ccme out of him. Then the devil throw- 
ing him in the middes of them , came out of him.and 
hurt him nothing at all. 

35 So feare came on them all, and they fpake 
among themfelves , faying, What thing is this : for 
with authoiitie and power hee commaundeth the 
foule fpiiits. and they come out ? 

57 And thefameof him fpread abroad through- 
out all the places of the countrey roundabout 

f ThemoM 
ii rebuked, tbe 

fimjily fubieft to 
the pleafuie of 
the wicked. 
•t Matt.4.i4. 

# Matth.r.«>« 
marke 1,1 »• 

« Matke MJ- 

whether they will 
01 an. 

^ Maitli.S,i4. 
7 lo that, that 

difeafesot'the bo- 
dy "with his word 

Chap.V.' Fiflietsofmcfl* £^ 

was SitBons ', and reqr <red him that he would thrall 
off a little from the land : and he lace downe , anj* 
tanght the people out of the fhip. 

4 J Now ,when bee bad left fpeaking , he faide 
OBto Simon , Lanch out into the deepe . and let 
downe your nets to make a draught. ^ 

y Then Simon anfwered , and faid unto hire, 
b-Mafter , we have traveiled fore all night, and have b rUmmJPi^ 
taken nothing: nwertheleffe at thy word I will let >*"* *™ '»<« »4«» 
downe the net, rylei*e»4»>j> 

6 And when they had fo done . they enclofed a **'"**• 
great multitude of fifl«s. fo that their net brake. 

7 And they beckcned to their parteners,which 
were in the other fhip: that they fliould come an J 
heipe them .who came then, and filled both the 
(hips, that they did finke. 

8 Now when Simon Peter faw it, he fell down* 
at lefas knees, faying. Lord.goe from me : for I ars 

5> For hee was utterly afionied , and all thaE 
were with him, for the draught of filhes which they 

10 And fo was alfo lames and lohn the fonncs 
of Zebedeus, which were companions with Simon. 
Then lefus faid unto Simon , Feare not ; from 
henceforth thou fl^alt catch men. 

I r And when they had brought the fliips to 
land, they forfboke all, and followed him. 

12 8 <{• a Now it came to pafle , as hee was in a * M^iA't.^'i 
cercaine citie , beholdc , there was a. xma full of le- ""chr'ift'b'hetJ 
profie , and when hee faw lefus . he fell on his face, *„ theiep,. 


38 H "k 7 And he rofe up , and came out of the and befought him , faying, Lord, if thou wih, thou with hiionely 
Synagogue.and encred into Simons houfe.And Si- canft make me cleane. «o»c'> '»°'* f'nJii^" 
mons wives mother was taken with a great fever, 13 So he Iketched forth his hand , and touched *''™J^jj^ fj^'^*"* 
and they required him for her. him, faying, I w ill, be thou cleane. And immediatly ,^," he.'^rouVi* 

39 Then hee ftood over her,and rebuked the fe- the leprofie departed from him. wbom'andby 
''V'"^'Tai ver, and it left her, and immediatly (lieearofe, and 14 And he commanded him that he ftonld tell wbomapprehem- 
.he..GodAi- ... ,__. itnoman:but.Goe./4,t/;/,^andmewthyfelfeto''f''if''^'*'»ll*''. 

the Prieft , and offer for thy cicanfing , as J Mofe« Sfane a^eotdine 
hath commanded, for a witnefTe unto them. to tbe tawe, by 

15 3 But fo much more went there a fame abroad ''•fwimeSe of 
of him , and great multitudes came together to ^'otouwed wto* 
heare, and to be healed of him of their iuhrmities. • [!^°eand'cle«ue, 

16 But he kept himlelfe apart in the wildernes, tr i.evit.i4,4. 
and prayed. 3 Chris had m- 

17 14 And it came to pafTe . on a cettaine day, !,'"[■?]' a*-"""" 
as hee was teaching, that the Pharifes and doftours ,heo'by miradei; 
of the lawe face by , which were conie out of eve- and ifcerefore be 
ty towne of Galile , and ludea , and Hierufalem, depaKetii from 
and the power of the iordc waswi/w.tobeale ^^4"^^"^"^^^^. 

J 8 * Then beholde . men brought a man lying not aa the autbouc 
in a bed.which wastakenwhhapallie.andthey offalvatioii. 
fought meanes to bring him in , and to lay him be- J. *^"''' '° j**""!; 

mighty, fetit for 

« Matke t._U. 
$ Satan, who ii « 
continuall enemie 
ought not to be 
beard , no not then; 

leale ought 1 

miniftred unto them 

40 Now at the Sunne fetting , all they that had 
ficke foil^es of divers difeafes , brought them unto 
him , and he layd his handes on every one of them, 
and healed them. 

41 -f 8 And devils alfo came out of many .cry- 
ing , and fayirg, Thou art that Chrift that Sonne of 
God ; but he rebuked them , and fut^'ered them not 
to fay that they knew him to be that Chrift. 

^_ 42 9 And when it was day ,he departed, and went 

whinheffeaketh foorth into a defart place , and the people fought 
tbetrueiti. him , and Came tohim.andkept him that helhould 

9 Ko colour of ^^^^ depart from them. 

43 But hee faid unto them , Surely I mufl alfo 
preach the kingdoms of God to other cities; for 
therefore am Ifent, 

44 And hee preached io the Synagogues of 


t Chrijlltaeitth tin ef the fhip. « Oflhcdra-.tiUtfJlfhi 

IX Thi Ltftr. l6 Chriji prajethintliedejert. itOmfick? 
tfthtfdlpe. n Lel,i the Pahliane. 34 Tkefjjlws 
and ttffiiaUns if the ^fujllei after Chti/let afcenfiin. 
3S> ?7i38 Faint hearted and Vfttkf <l\l''fle' Me ii^tned la 
tld lotieis and ncrne garments. 

'T^ Hen i * it came to palle . as the people » preaf- 
fed upon him to heare the word of God, thai 
he ftoodby the lake of Gennefaret, 

a And fawe two fliips fland by the lakes fuie, 
but the fiflierraen were gone out of them , and were 

} And hee entred into one of tbe (hips ,- which 

<{• Mattb^iiS.warkeiiiS. <I Lidiuit rverelituptnhimtfdefntUtthtjWtrOf 

fore him. 


I Clifi(l*Jv«ni- 
feth the foure dif- 
vifles, which he 
iiad taken uoto 
raiji.whicb Qiould 
^teafter becon" 
anted uniaihera. 

S9 And when they could not find by what way Cieweth the cauf« 
they might bring him in.becaufe cfthepreafle, of*"''''<^»f">an* 
they went up on the houfe . and let hfm downe ^^■J-'^IXig 
through the ry ling , bed and all , in the mids before lovtlTfchijiii 

lefus. Ctdhead.fheve* 

20 And when he faw their faith , hee.faid unto ''/''/f '" *''»>'»» 
him, Man , thy finnes are forgiven thee. #* AfTi' J » 

2 1 Then the Scribes and the Pharifes began to r)trlni,3*' * 
I cafoH . faying , Who is this that fpeakedi blafphe- ' 

iL\es ? Who can forgive finnes , but Got! onely ? 

22 But when lefus perceived their reafoningi 
hee anfwered , and faid unto them , what rcafon ye 
in your hearts } 

23 Whether is eafier to fay, Thy finiies ae for- 
given thee, pr to fay, Rife and walks e 



k MMtk.».f; 

J TheCbjicbil 

uMitbroj^h the 
rtpdotani, wbich 
to ih« great of- 



C It it ibc puiot 
igDo»nt men 

24 Bi3t t!ut yce mayknowethattheSonoeof 
tran hath authoricie to forgive fmnes in earth , (he 
faid untc the ficke of th^ paifie ) I fay to thee, 
ArL'e : take up thy bed. and goe into thine hcufe, 

1^ And iDDmediatly hee rofe up before them, 
and tooke up /;» bed whereon he lay , and depar- 
ted to his o<Cne honre.praifing God. 

16 And they ^'ere all amafsd , and praifed God, 
and were filled with fcare , faying, Doubtleffe wee 
havefeene ftrange thingj to day. 

17 ] K ; All J after that, he went forth and faw 
a Publicane named Levi , fitting at the receit of cu- 
fiocne, and faid unto him. Follow roe. 

a8 And he left all.rofe up, and followed him. 

ip Then Levi made him a great feaft in his 
owne houfe, where there was a ^reat company of 
Publicanes . and of other that hta at table with 

30 Bat they that were Scribes and Pharifes 
among them , murmured againft his difciples, fay- 
ing, Why eate ye and drinkeyee with Publicane j 
andfinners ? 

31 Then lefns anfwered ,and faide unto them. 
They that are whole, neede not the Phyfician , but 
they that are ficke. 

32 S I came not to call the righteous , but fin- 
ners to repentance. 

33 <i-* eThen theyfaid unto him, Why do the 
difciples of lohn faft often ,and pray , and the difi- 
flcjohhe Pharifes alfo , but thine eate and drinke ? 

34 7 And hee fayd unto them, Can ye make the 

fiutMboiintfleia children of the wedding chamber to raft, as long 
»niag,aiid in jj t^g bridcgrome is with them ? 
f La^«gS!' 3 r But the dayes will come , even when the 
ttrmidewitbout bridegrome (hallbe taken away from them :then 
onyctofJtrarion ftall they faft in thofe dayes, 
f'^'f'fSc'^""'' • ^^ Againe hee fpake alfo unto them a parable, 
oth.MhLVjoflike'^'o ^^ putteth a piece of a ncwe garment into 
foit. are not one. an olde veftiue : for then the newe renteth it , and 
i]f (yranncjj, but the piece /<«j^«« out of the ncwe , agreeth not with 
<^Tr burtfijiljnthe theolde. 

^^ ' 37 Alfo no man powreth new wine into olde 

veflels : for then the new wine will breake the vef- 
fels , and it will run out , and the veflels will petilh :. 

38 But new wine mufl be powred into new vef- . 
fcls : fo both are prefei-ved. 

39 Alfo no man that drinketh old wine.ftraight- 
way defiretb new ; forhec faith ,The olde is more 


J TfniifiifUi fuUlheearaefctrntcnthe Salldth. t Of 

Urn thit hai a tcithsredhande. 13 The eleflhtto/ihe 
^fef.lei. 20 Theilcjfm^t andcUrfet. »j Wttmufl 
Uit out inimiti. 46 jyiib iphat fruit the tetrd ofCcd it 
U h< heard. 

A Nd •!« 1 it came to pafTe on a fecond folemne 
'y -j^ Sabbath .that he wentthrough thecornefields, 
viP°e,'xi>u ^^'^ '^'s difciples » plucked the eares of corne , and 
did eate , and rub them in r/i«r hands , 

2 And certaine of the I harifes (aid unto them, 
Why doe ye that which is not lawful! to do on the 
Sabbath daycj } 

3 Then lefus anfwered them , and faid, A" Have 
yee not read this , that David did when he himfeife 
was an hungred, and they which were with him, 

vogofit. 4 Kow hce went into thehoufeofCod ,and 

s B^iff^MiiMnttttf) W(B in hit trtatife , -nUre hee cctifuletk Ehkn.that the lirre, tvhen 
tht d-fhUi nluikf* tht tat! cfcttni , ^rm' in the fe.ijl ofunleabened trtjd : Neir, 
'jc'fft'W n tbtft fifjiet tchijh reere t^eft mjny dijei te^cthir , At ihefea/i tfTahif- 
lu.yf;tlrfAntlh fhr W day theftcend SMalh , tittugh ThtofhiUd f^ndt'fi«ni(lh it >f 
tnftktr>ftlKm,tlt4I^Mtrftdti*fi'fi, J^ I.*<Mn,»i,4, 

iSj. M<tt)).>»<>. 
snikt 1.13. 

a Cb/iri Oif^tih 
leaiolt thefup': 

tbel'w oftbi 
wr/y Sibbatb.wai 
■ot gi/fntobe 
It^pt vcitboat ej. 
c<[«iOB: much 
wtionot man 
fiioiiMcoofin in 


tooke , and ate the fhewbrcad,and ga'vealfoto them 
which were with him, which was notlawfullto 
eate, but for the a Priefls onely ? . ^^^^ 

5 And he faid unto them , The Sonne of man iTm.sVx**'"' 
is Lord alfo of the Sabbath day. 30^24,9. 

6 f Sj^ It came to pafle alfo on another Sab-* ^"'•"''»- 
bath that hee entred into the Synagogue, and T chVr'i^ui.t&e 

, taught , and there was a man^ whofe rightliand was role of all ceK. 
dried up. mooie*. 

7 And the Scribes and Pharifes watched him, 
whether he would heale onthe Sabbath rf<yr, that 
they might finde an accufation a^ainfi him. 

8 But he knewe their thoughts , and faide to 
the man which had the withered hand , Arife , and 
fiande up in the midden. And hee arofe , andftoode 

9 Then faid lefus unto them , I will aske you 
a queftion, Whether is it lawfull on the Sabbath 

dayes to do good , or to do evill : to fave life , or to b »rie/» Mfttt 

b deflroy ? net himei^hheur 

ID And hee behelde them all in compafTe , and Tj^'J^ ^^"' ** 
faid unto the man , Stretch foorth thine hand. And 3 in tbat.iiat 
hee did fo.and his hand was reftored againe , as Cbrift uCetb «aiL 

whole as the other. oed & long prayetj 

1 1 Then they were filled full of madnefle . and ^° ti °^^«'^'r 
communed one with another , what they might do p^oy! JTtbroTc'e 

to lefus. oftbeApoftle- 

12 35 And it came to pafle in thofe dayes , that A^'F- '" "«weth 
hee went into a raountaine to pray , and Ipentthe ^°f„'JT^^^^ 
right in prayer to God. b,„ J, ,-,,,„ :, 

J 3 And when it was day,* hee called his dilti- thechoifeofEc- 
ples , and of them hee chofe twelve which alfo hee ''"''iaaicail peifoni. 
called Apofiles : *o?ma'ke', "!'"''" 

1 4 (Simon whom hee named alfo Peter ,and llde'^" * '^'^' 
Andrew his brother , lames and lohn, Philip and c Frtm .tH theji.t 

BartlemeW, ceafl,-ivhichisc»l~ 

1 ,- Matthew and Thomas : lames the /o«w of ''^ ^i"^'''"''"' 
Alpheus, and Simon called Zelous, 4 cbriii te'ac'beth 

16 ludas lames irof^er, and ludas Ifcariotjagaioft all Philofo. 
which alfo was the traitour.) th*"- ""'^ «''P"'- 

1 7 Then he came downe with them.and flood in *b"]:,t%^i'/f"[''' 
a plaine place with the company of his difcipI-'s.feUciiieofrunT* 
and a great multitude of people otitofallludea,iiidupmnoplac« 
and Hierufalom.and from the'fea coaftofTyrtis bct«io earth .but 
and Sidon , which came to heare him , and to be p^rrlcutroii'for 
healed of their difeafes : righteoufnei fak*. 

1 8 And they that were vexed with foule fpitits, " tbeiight way 
and they were healed. unto it. 

19 And the whole multitude fought to touch ^^cj^fl'^^' 
him : for there went vertue out of hira , and healed ^ Matih. y] 1 1. 
them all: d c.</J;.«««'o/ 

20 5 « 4 And he lifted up his eyes upon his dif- '''"'' ^^"■*^'^'"'' , 
ciples , and faide, Bleifed /■« y ee poore : lor y oms is f,'Jj^_ '^Caj/ 
the kingdome of God. thefharfeji fmniflt. 

il A" Bleifed 4 re yee that hunger now : for yee m«»j (1.1! cAwrt'; 
flialbe fatisfied; * bklTed<»r<; yee that weepe now : i"tth,tffo it the 

n A 111 1. ■ Eider iiudtenihU 

foryemalilaugh. ,/.;/„.«<( fj , if 

22 ♦ BlcUed are yee when men hate yon , and.^t'rj <,fca. 
when d they lep3tateyou.aixirevile^c«<,andpiit e Le^psfateaiitU 
out your name as eviil.fortheSonneof mans fake. d"''Whul,areprc-- 

23 Reioyce yee ill that day, and e be glad: for ,^;:t;4t:^^ 
beholde , your reward //great in heaven : for after j ^rMJ6.i. 
this maner their fatheis did to the Prophets : f That reafg 

2 4 * But woe ie to you that are riche : for yee «""'/>'""■ '''.''"• ; 
have f received your conluJation. fJiupT^]:,'!" 

ly * Woe be to you that are full : for yee (liall an ticrli^e to 
hunger. Woe be to you that nowe laugh; for yee *^M.«''<'t("-rf/'«-j 
fliahwaiie and weepe. ,»<.«;,a>eB«f« 

26 W(.e be to you when all men fpeake ^'ell of ':i'fZZuhl ^ 
you : for fo did their fathers to the falfe prophets. » £/,i,5;,, j. '^ 


17 J * t B»t I fay "MO you wWth heard ove 
«|, MnA.M^- your enemies : doe well to them which hate you. 
5 ch»iftM<bar»- ig Bkflc them tliat curfe you, and pray for 
■ ,^'';,^„^if;""' them which hnit you. 

'~" ' * 29 S And unto him that fmiteth thee on the ene 

cheeke , offer alio the other , ■" and him that taketh 
away thy cloake, forbid not to take thy coate alfo. 

30 Give to every man that asiceth of thee ; and 
of him that taketh away the things that be ihmc, 
aske them not againe. 

31 K And as ye would that men fliould doe to 
h«v«. : fo fane n ,^ ^^ ^^^ g ^q them likcwife. 
cw«^ofi:ia^ 3* * For if yee love them which love 

mucb frotD the 
VPoildrdocb not 
firhcDded cvco 
oufmoft gtMvou* 
foi out fnhtn 
f2k<, wbiebi'in 

doing well. 

* Mauh.f,39- 

♦ i.CotiB6,7- 
9C M«trb.7.i». 

• Maithj,;.4«. 
g what iicbrreia 
^ii your woike. 
t^at ii 10 b« accouo 
ted of?(or if yoa 
looke ro have com 
moditie by loving. 
feeke theft commo- good 
d ■ ---'-— ^ 

g what thanke fhall ye have : for even the finners 
love thofe that love them. 

33 And if yee doe good for them which doe 
good for you , what thanke ftiall ye have ? for even 
the finners doe the fame. 

34 * And if ye lend to them of whorae ye hope 
to receive , what thanke fliall ye have -for even 
thelinners lend to finneis. to receive the like. 

3y Wherefore love yee your enemies , and doe 

Chap.vij. The Cemurious faith. 7.7 

47 " Whofoever commethtoinee,andhea- lo Afflfftiondoiii 
reth my words . and doth the fame , I will (hew you »' 'te 'tng* dif- 
to whom he is 1 ike : " "« ""« g°'J '' - 

48 He is like a man which built an honfe . and torf"' ''''^* ^^ 
digged deepe, and lay d the foundation on a rocke : 
and when the waters arofe , the floodieat upon that 
houfe , and could nor fliake it : for ittvas grounded 
upon a rocke. 

49 But hee that heareth and doeth not . is like 
a roan that built an houfe upon the earth without 
foundation , againft which the flood did beate, 
and it fell by and by : and the fall of that houfe was 

and lend, b lookin"; for nothing 

=game , 

looke for tbofe coni' 

moditie^i vv'btch 

come from God . 

• Maitb.f,4i. 

dcut i;,8 

b Wbenyou will 


your reward Ihallbe great , and ye IhaTl be the chil- 

detde • love yout '^''^n °^ ♦ ^^^ "^^^ ^'g*^ • ^^"^ ^^ ^^ ^^^^ ""^° ^'^^ 

enemiei , and fo yon unkind, and to the evill. 

ftaii flievs to tbe j5 Be ye therefore your Father al. 

world that you fo ij njercifuli. 

37 J :J « ludge not.and ye fliall not be judged : 

condemne not , and yee iliail not be condemned : 

« forgive, and ye ftiall be forgiven. 

it Give.andit ihallbegiven unto you: ■•' a good 

meafure , k prefl'ed downe , ftiaken together and 

„ .„_ ^. running over (hall men give into yourboforae: 

fure withail, and for with what meafure ye mete ■ with the fame rtiall 

not for hoHe to te- ^^^ me e to you againe. 

ce,»e the pr.ncipaU ^^ 7 An({ h<J fp ike a parable nnro them , « Can 

the blind leade the blind Mhall they not both fall 

into the ditch ? 

40 -k The difclple is not above the mafterrbut 
whofoever vviUbe a perfed difciple , lliallbe as his 

41 f ••'s And why feeft thou a mote in thy 
brothers eye. and confiderelt not the beamcthat 
is in thine owne eye ? 

41 Either how canft thou fay to thy brother. 


4. Mirth, f, 4 J. 
i Mattb.7,1. 
6 Brotherly re- 
prrhVnrton muft 
njt rrocted of cu- 
liQiDtfle. nor ma- 
lic«. I>ut they muft 
be I'ufl , modtraie, 
tnd loving. 
i Hsfpeakethoot 

by tbe 

ptttloiiog tmrosgt. 

'*g'- Brother, let mee pull out the mote that is in thine 
roH'^"7ot " ^y.^ ' '^^^^ '''°" '^^^ "°' '^^ beame that is in 
give, u ni°ani'tha'r thine owne eye ? Hypocrite , ca!^ out the bearae 
JO dwatute, which oiif of thine owne eye hrft , and then Ihalt thou fee 
theChriiiimsufe pcrfeftly to puU out the motc that is in thy bro- 
,, therseye. 
anh.7,1. ' ' 43 f * 9 For it is not a good tree that bringeth 
ina.kM.M- * foorth evill fruit: neither an evill tree.that bringeth 
k Tbtf^arebo. foorth good fruit. 

?;"ct';'ak:nla,^44 S For every tree is knowen by his owne 
them which ufeto injit : * for neither of thornes gather men figgcs, 
in«afuredryihirgi, norofbuflies ga. her they grapcs. 
ascorBeaodfuch ^j A gootlman out oftlie good tTcaftirc of his 
franitrkmd'trf de»- ^^^^ bringeth foorth ^ontl ; and an evill man out 
l.B? therein, and of the evill trcafure of his heart biingeth foorth 
thruft it downe and eviil : for of the abundance of the heart his mouth 

fliake it together, fceaketh. 

»d prerfe it and 46 J « But why call yc me Lord , Lord, and doe 

7*VOTfri'ifMHre- not the things that Ifpeake » 

prefaendert hurt 

both ibcmfelveumd otKer: iSr fitch M the maneris.fuch utliefcto?Jer. X Mat.if,l4. 
.if.,:4.iobD 13 i6.aiid if.20. * Mst.7.3. 8 Hyl>o<«itti, which ate very 
f«vere rtrrthenritrj of other, are very quicke of fight tefpie othrr mroj fauli» butvety 
blind to fctiheir owne. .{.Matt 7,17. 9 Heii agood nw-., notthat i»«kilfoll to 
»ef rihctid ot-iieis but hee that 1 roovetb hii uprigbinifle in word and deedt, t Ma«h, 
H'ii. • MW<l>'7ii«<< * Mlcib.7,u.ioin.Si>3J»m,i»«i, 

2 And 

C H A P, V 1 1. 

I OfthtCentUrietuferXiiKt. 9 The CemurhnifaM,. v 

»l ThfniJcKXtfinntraifeJfnmJfirhatNtin. 19 rtin 
findtlh hudircifU,ti,ChriJl. 33 His ptcaiUr kjndcf 

itt/ing. 37 ThefinfMyt,»fhttSiUfu,fette. 

ryy Hen * i he had ended all his feyings in the * Mattb.i.f 
W audience of the people, hee entreth into Ca. ' Citi^ft .dmoni. 

' ' flietb the Ifwes, 

_ . - _ , by fettiag before 

ccrtame Centurions lervant was ficke them the example 
and ready to die, which was deare unto him. of the centurion, 

3 And when he heard of lefus ,he fent unto •'s" f°"tm ob- 
him the befeeching him that n'rbew"!!?.^ 
he would corae, and heale his fervant. the Gwtilti. 

4 So they came to lefus. and befbugbfhitn 
inltantly .faying that he was worthy that he ihtuldi 
doe this for him : 

y Foi he loveth ,faydtbey , ournation , and he 
hath built us a Synagogue. 

6 Then lefus went with thetn : but when hee 
was now not farre from the houfe , the Cenruncsn 
fent friends to him , faying unto him , Lord , trou- 
ble not thy felfe : for I am not wotthy that thou 
fliouldeft enter under my roofe : 

7 Wherefore 1 thought not my felfe worthy 
to come unto thee: bur. lay the word, and my fer- 
vant Ihali be whole : 

8 Foi- I likewjfe am a man fet under authority, 
and have under mee fouldieis, and liayuntoone, 
Goc , and hee goeth : and toanotl>er, Come , and 
hccorameth : and to my fervant. Doe this, and hee 
doeth ir. 

9 When lefus heard thefe things, he marveiled 
at him, and turned him, and fayd to the people that 
followed him , 1 fay unto you , I have not found fo 
great faith, no not in Ifrael. 

10 And when they that were fent, turned backe 
to the houfe , they found the fervant that was ficKe, 

11 » And it came to paife the day after, that he * Cbti'ftavoucheti 
vwnt into a citie called a Nain , and many of his dif- °P*°''' '^''P°wer 
cipleswentwith him, and a great multitude. !"Ll;nf.Vi, 

12 Now when hee came neere tothegateof ofatowoeinGa. 
the citie .behold, there was a dead man caiied our, lile, which was fi. 
who fvrf^theonely begotten fbnne of his mother, '""'0° 'he other 
which was a widow, and much people of the citie whicbfa'iielhiot. 
was with her. ther«aof«aiilea, 

13 And when the Lord faw her, hee had com- ' 
pafsion on her, and fayd unto her, Weepe not; 

14 And hee went an-i touched the coffin (and 
they that bate him ,fioodftill)andhefayd, Yong 
Rian, I fay unto thee, Arife. 

ly And he that was dead, fate up, and began to 
fpeake, and he delivered him to his modier. 

16 Then there came a feare on them all , and 
they glorified God,%ing. A great Prophet isrifcA 
among us,and God hath vifited his people. 

ig And this lunwur of him went foorth tho^- 

lobn f(roilcth 
amibe prifonhii 


be ecu- 


lohns difciples. The finfull 

rowont all ludea , and thorowout all the region 

roundabout. . 

18 3 And the difciples of lohn (hewed bim of 
all thefe things. 

19 So lohn called unto him two certaine men 
cfhisdifciujes .an.^.fent them tolefiis. faying. Arc 
thcu he thSc Ibould come, or (r.aU wcc wait for 
ano'.hcr ? 

10 And when the men were come unto hira, 
they fayd , lohn P.ip:ift hath fent us unto thee, (ay- 
jng.Art thou he that Oiould come . or ihall wee 
wait for .mother ? 

21 And b at that time , hecured rnany of their 
ficknefles , and plagues, and of eviii fpiiits, and un- 
to many blind men newvo fight freely. 

zi And lefiis anhvcred.and fayd unto them, 
Goe yonr wayes and ftiew lohn. wliat things yee 
have fecne and heard .that the blind foe, the halt 
goe , the lepers are cleanfed , the deafe heare . the 
dead are rifed . urid the poore receive the Gofpel. 

13 And bleucd is he , that Ihall not be oftended 

24 4 And when the mefl'engers of lohn were , hee bcg-n to fpeake unto the people of 
lohn, VVhar went ye out inro the wildernes to fee ? 
A reede Ihiken with the wind ? 

2 f But what went yee out to fee ? A man cloa- 
thed in fofc raim-nt ? behold , they which aregor- 
geoufly apparelled .and live delicately, are in kings 

16 But what went ye foorth to fee ? A P.-ophet ? 
yea. Hay to you, and greater then a Prophet. 

Z7 This is he of whom it is written , ^ Behold, 
I fend my meflenger before thy face , which Ihall 
prepare thy w^y before thee. 

x8 For I lay unto you .there is no greater Pro- 
phet then lohn .among them that are begotten of 
women : neverthelcfl'e , he thit is the leart in the 
KJpg.lomeofGod. is greater then he. 
' 2V Then all the people that heard, and the 
„u' PuWicanes c iuftified God .being baptized with the 
br.ptifmeof lohn. 

30 But the Pharifes and the expounders of the 
Law defpifei the counfell oi Goddjigainftthem- 
felves, and vvtre not baptized of him. 

31 ^ f Anti theLordfayd,WhereuntolliallI 
liken the men of this generation ? and what tiitig 
are they like unto ? 

31 They are like unto little children fitting in 
the market place . .md crying one to another, and 

S. Luke. woman waflieth Tefus feetci ' 

and kiffed his feete.andanointed them with the 7 Ra(Vineir<-itth« 
ointment. ftllowufijride. 

39 7 Now when the Pharifes which bade him, 

4 Tfc«tw^ic1iihe 

Ion, belbte, lobo 
£ic';v<d at band : 
ftift d"!!: prcCcm 
itajy!y ucto u% . in 
the Gofpel bJ' fut 
theniott pifi in 
vainr foribic ma- 
ny fctken.tlliDg 
e'.s, butf..oUih 
aod vaioc 


^ Matib.3^ 

c Si'ulihitht 

A T, f/iftr .»>« 

J Mnth.ii i«. 
J Wha' wiy foe 

A,; ecu ell. -he 
moll paiiof rairn 




wUbftiraing laying , We have piped unto you, and yee have not 

gatbticd (ogei 

• Tfoudmendt. 



do enioy 

• Maikeij,41. 

Tht l'h.i 
^ ^7 , ' ^'^" "'.'7'' 'V~ * r"^'/-"^!"- "•"""" Vr*^ """' /)'^"4 '^f '--IW*, 
faw It. hefpake within h mfelfe. laying, if this mzn^uch MJethtktm 
were a Prophet , hee would furely have knowcn'/fyiW.f'MtftK.'* 
who , and what maner of woman this is which ton- '" ''?/''•'■''• 
cheihhim:«furil>eisafinner. _ uIcll^ZT'».' 

40 s And lefus anlwered and fayd unto him, j't,ul|i'„ij_ffleoC 
Simon , I have fomewhac to fay unto thee- And hee remHTion ofiini. 
faid.Mafter.fayon. { Tl,.iii„rti-i> 

There was a certaine lender which had two '[^■"fh^^^'^'f'" 

danced : we have mourned to you , and yee luve 
not wept 

3 3 For Itohn Baptift came neither eating bread, 
nor «!rinking wire ; and ye fay. He hath the devill. 

34 The Sonne of man is come, and eateth. and 
drinketh : and yee fay , Behold , a man vviichtta. 
glutton , and a drinker of wine , a friend of Pubh- 
canes and finners : 

3y But wifcdcmeisiuftifiedofail herchildren. 

35 1 « And one ofthe Pharifes defired him that 
*)[ ''" ^n'c^<'f ' ^^ would eate with him : and he went into the Pha- 
Cbn" even Ibtn '■''^' houlii, and fate downc at table. 

whro he is i\ 3 7 ^"d behold , a wcman in the citie , which 
WJS a finncr.whon fhee knew that lefiis fateat 
table in the Pharifes houfe . (hee brought a boxe of 

38 * And fliee ftood at his fecte behind him 
weeping ,and began towiifh hisfeete with teares, 

?iid dia wipe tbcq wlt^ thf bajjcs of heriicad. 


I huili piiwtth her 

debters : the one ought hve huodreth pence , and f^uk ahnJarMj .• 

the other fifty ; and BaplmMsfn^ 

42 When they had nothing to pcy , he forgave "■■»" 'fifaF'ifme 
■joth : Which of them therefore .teliw« ^ill'^'"'" '^"*^' 

them both .„ — """"'" '"„«„tn,«^,(,.rt 

love him moft? ,,., , , , , m.<i, r,r^i^cnhimi 

43 Simon anlwered , and laid, I iuppofe that he that hi ma, .•o^e 
to whom he forgave moft. And he faid unto him, »""'"»"'"' ■•-^'^ 
Thou haft truely iudged. 'r"'l'Xf'u,'„t 

44 Then he turned to the woman , and faid un-i^-','^[^'„{;,f„^', 
to Simon , Seert thou this woman ? I entredimotVifiMjairWirf 
thine houfe. and thou gaveft me no water to my to T" the rncmjn 
feet: but Chee hath walhed my feetewithtcares,^>^'j''^^f"'^^^^'-'J^^ 
and wiped them with the haires of her head. fi fl^Mj't[!i>Mfk 

4y Thou gaveft me no kifle : but ftie . fincc the thm merinrifiu 
time I came in, hath not ceafeth to kifle my feet, wrkit • fir the 

45 Mineheadwith oylethoudidftnotanoint :/;"-"''fr7"''''_ 

a ' . , , , 'r • 1 • mio Hath for tl'tn 

but ihe hath anointed my feet with ointment. ,,;^_ ,j, mtrtht 

47 Wherefore I fay unro thee, many finnes are i.j,-.^ himihat 
forgiven her; f for llie loved much. To whom a '■■»''' *"|»yS£"»c'- 
little is forgiven, he doth love a little. °"^' '" '^'^j'^a^, 

48 And he fayd unto her .Thy finnes are for-,,!' /J'j^e'!',„^ * 

given thee. llr.hcyv^rtatlhl 

49 And they thatfateartablewith him ,be^n '""'/'■>*'<»/'"» 
to fay wuhin themfelves .Who is this th-t even *;'^^^'^^;^7ie1:44. 
forgiveth finnes ? r'iZ'"ltiJt,e 

yo And he fay d to the woman , Thy faith hath fffktn cf, i- 

f,r tht 
•r , lulhureif' iep 

faved thee : g goe in peace. 

ft^rie.fiT Chrifi fa}thnotailht PhltifiliiJ .thitfhtyvil 
ntineUlh^t tif finntt cf her life pafi are fr^tptn htr , J 

IrhichhthaJ htjicn.d rci'h a kUflwe. 


I Women ihttminijler unit Chrifl tf their fib'^anet. 4 Tht 
faraiUi/fhe/errer. it Tht cattJU. 19 l-.riflj 
twibrethren. 1) Ht retiik."lthcTVindi li Of Leiitn. -^ 

37 The GjJartntsrtitS} ChrtJ}. 41 a-rut JuMikicr \ 

healed 43 1 heiv^mandclil>trUfr„mll,i iftie c/iltul. ' 

Ji Weeping fee the ^e^d. 

A "^M it came to palfe afterward , that he himfelfe 
*^ *.ent tl-rough every ci;ie and to vne preaching 
and publilhing the kingdome of God , and the 
twelve were with him. 

1 And certaine women, which were healed 
of evillfpirits .and infirmities , 4/ ^ Mary which <• Maike »<,'>» 
was called Magdalene , out of whom wentfeven 

3 And loanna the wife of Chuza Hcrods fle- 
ward, and SufannJ.and many otf e: which miniftred 
unto him oftheirfiibftance. 

4 S « Now when much people were gathered j Matth.ij.j. 
together, and were come unto him out of ail cities, maikt4,i. 

he I pake by a parable. * "V"/il fo ''To* 

5 A fower went out to fon-e his fecde , and as ^.^^vv^cr""" 
he lowed, fome fell by the way fide , and it was not wUbi^ke fruit 
troden under feete.and the foules of heaven dc- and tbanhr^ugh 

VOUreditUp. .heonely fault of 

6 And fome fell on the ftones , and when it 
was fprnng up , it withered away , becaufe it lacked 

7 And feme fell among thornes.and the thoriies 
/prang up with it.and ehoaked it. 

S Atfd foine teii on good ground , and fprang 

- - - - up, 

I tkctafelttt. 

Chrifts motlier and brethren. 

up, and bare fniice .anhundrethfoWe. And as he 
faid thefe things , he cried , Hee that hath eares to 
heare, let him h*<are. 

a TW'*i>f''liir' 9 '^'^^" ^'^ difciples asked him, demanding 

tdiedficreu which what parable that was. 

ntjj n'lte utitrtd : I o And he fay d , Vijf o y ou it js given to know 

f»ti^v,(>id>^fu the a fecrets of the kingdorae of God , but to 
other in parables, that when <fr they fee, they Ihould 
not fee , and when they heare , they lliould not un- 

1 1 J The parable is this.The feeJe is the word 
of God. 

1 2 And they that are befide the way . are they 
that heare ; afterward commeth thedevill ,andra- 
keth away the word out of their hearts , leaft they 
Ihould beleeve,and be faved. 

1 5 But they that are on the fiones , Are they 
which when they have heard, receive the word with 
joy : but they- have no rootes : which for a while 
beJeeve. but in the time of tcntation goe away, 

14 And ihdt which fell amongthornes, are they 
ipipin^ : or, th'j which hsve heard , and after btheir d( partureare 

«ff?/o'*e'Irf''^""^^^^'''^^^ "'"^ ^^^^^ ''"'^ ^ '"^'^ riches, and voluptuous 

iwhthfieieth living, and c footh no f, tut. 

net cncij to tetme I J But chat which fell ii g( od ground.ire they 

fitch K cne, tut is f which with an <* lioneit and g.;cci heart heare t^.e 

'"t"/ Hlr!e^iirife. ^^°'"'^ ' * ^""^ ^^epc it . and bring tooith fruitc wida 

Tcth'ihclZn'rd "patience. 

life, and the word, i6 J * 1 No man when he hath lighted a can- 

goodjj refirredt, die , covcreth it undera veflbil , neithei putteth it 

the^o.dpft, of xvci^ti the bed , but fctceth it on a candlefticke, that 

themmde. . ..... » " 

hlrt , it at mtuh 
Wf/y in ottr 
tongue, to hold a 
maru fence. 
4 F.f.i.6,9. mail 
13,14. w.« .4,1 i. 


^ M.t:'hi3,i. 


h, Thatii.fofione 

Mlhejhalie heard 

the word, thi} gee 

tUu! their tu fines. 

C They-lrin^not 

ferthferfeci and 

fhU fruit 

tie minde. 

e With much adot 

for the del/ill and 


a^ainfl theffirit 

of.'tl.rvhch uA 


* C/i.ip.ij,3j. 



a That that fvery 

man ha ' 

u priva . 


ought to beHow 

10 the ufe aod pro. 


K Mattb.10%6. 



3 Hejvenlygiftj 

are lo(t wiihoi- 

gardlinrirc ; and 

encrcaff with li> 


f ThAtisttvilh 

rvhst mirydtijcu 

come to heun t'nt 

•ntrd.andhoyv jot* 



heard it. 

•Sr Matth.isM. 



g Either to him- 

felfe,cr to other, . , „ 

c/toloth : fcrihm a"<l f hey ceaf; 

. they that enter in.may !•? e the light. 

• I7 « For nothing is fcciet, iMtihall not be evi- 
dent: neither any thing hidde.that Ihall not be 
knowen, and curoc to light. 

18 3 Take fheede therefore how ye heare :for 
•^ whofbeverhath, to him fh.dlbe given : and who- 
foever hath not , from him Ihailbe taken even that 
g which it feemeth that he hath. 

1^ S * 4 Then came to him his motherand his 
hethren , and could not come neere to him for 
the prealVe. 

10 And it was told him 6ji«rf4i»wMch faid. 
Thy mother and thy brethren ftand without , and 
would fee thee. 

21 But he anfwered , and faid unto thera , My 
mother and my breihren are thefe which heare the 
word of God, and doe it. 

22 f .J. J- And it came to paffe onacertaine 
day, that he v/ent into a ihip with his difciples.and 
he faid unto them , Let us goe over unto the other 
fide of the lake. And they lanched forth. 

23 And as they (ailed , hee fell h atleene , and 
tht^re came downe a ftormc ofwindecnthelake, 
and i they were filled with water , and weie in 

24 Then they went to him , and awoke him, 
faying , Mafter , Mafter , V e perilh. And he arofe, 
and rebuked the winde.and the waves of water : 

nd it was calme. 

•fo frond, 25 Then he faide unto them .Where is your 
<j rheJefellones,if faith ? and they feared , and wondered among them- 
" '"/" f'P'i!' " fclves , faying , Who is this that commandeth both 

fee that ,lhdt they ' o 

tUke -neitherarelherethat decetlie'hrfim'lemvreihenthey doe- * Matt. 11 46. 

niarke3,32. 4 Tbeieijno knotof fle(h tnd blood, among mi;n fo nigh and (hr-ir, 
ai the band which it hctwecneCbrin , and th~m vtbuimbrace him miib attue faiib. 
,^ Maiih.8,i3. niaTkc4,j6. f It ii cxpeditn for usfometimeiocome 

ioK> extreme danger, ai though Ctiift pafl'fd not for ui , that we may havea bttier 
tiia'I, bothofhis power and alfo of our weakoeHr. h lejUs fell cnfltepe : and it 
»ff eareth , that he Tvat 'Vitj fa ft c» Jleefc , tf (flK/V the; taUidirf'Jf t'fert ht ttVfokfy 
a Hot tkcdi/dfUhitt thefhif. 

Chap.viij.' TheGadarenesfwine. aS 

the windes and vVater, and they obey him ? 

26 54. So they failed unto the region of the *, 
Gadarenes. which is overagainft Galile. """rke r.i. 

27 6 And as hee went out to land , there met ^ *^''"'*'*«weih; 
him a certaine man out of the citie,which had devils LeeVon'of de"vi?. 
long tune, and he ware no garment, ntiheraboade byhi.wordoneir, 

in houfe, but in graves. that fai> heavenly 

28 And when he faw lefus , hee cried out , and *"■""' ^as ap. 
fell downe before him , and with a loud voyce faid, ^ZTfrrmb^a" 
What have I tn doe with thee .lefus the Tonne of very ofX'dmiT: 
God the mod High ?1 befeech thee torment me butfooiiOimea 

not. will not for the 

29 For he commanded the foule fpirit to come TuCTJZT^ 
out of the man: (for oft times hee had caught him : grace f,«iv<,ffl. 
therefore hee was bound with chaines , and kept in 'fd ™to them, 
fetters : but he brake the bands , k and was caried wiihtheieaft icOi 
of thedevillinto wildernefles.) 1^^"' ^''''"6 

30 Then Iclus asked him , faying, What is thy fc By force tr.i 
name ?and he faid , Legion , becaufe many devils '"'''""■<■,<«»<«*»'/£ 
were entred into him. t^hen he iiffund, 

31 And they befought him, that he would not 
command them to goe out into the decpe. 

ix And there was thereby an heard of many 
fwine feeding on an hill : and the rfet//// befonghc 
him. that hee would fuffer them to enter into them. 
So he fuftered them. 

53 Then went the devils out of the man , and 
entred into the fwine : and the he.ud was ciried 
with violence frcm a fteepe downe place into the 
lake, and was clicked. 

34 When the heardman fawe what was don^ 
they fled : and when they were departed , they told 
it in the citie and in the countrty. 

35: Then they crjne out to fee what was done, 
and cam.e to Icfus.and found the man, our of w'lom 
the devils were departed, futmg at the feete of 
lefas , cloathed , and in his right mind ; and they 
were afraid. 

36 They alfo which Ciw it , rolde them by what 
meanes he that was polVelled with the devill, was 

^j Then the whole multitude of the coun- 
ttey about the Gadarenes .befought him that hee 
would depart from them : for they were taken 
with a great fears : and he went into the fliip , and 

38 Then the man.ont of whom the devils were 
departed , befought him that hee might be with 1 r -. .1 ■ ■ 
him : but lefus fent him away, faying, IftheV^ltlT- 

39 Renirne into thine owne houfe , and Qiewe •"'d,h,u^h -.'IV^a 
what great things God hath done to thee. So hee /'-'"''•'•' '"'/''"- 
went his way. and preachedl throughout all the f't;''^.'/"''"'* 
citie , what great things lefus had done unto hira. fir riiiercel^'' 

40 % And it cime to pafle , when lefus was <'<■"'.'«. y..t.»;,.,j 
come againe , that the peopie ni received him : for '*"' f- ''•••'" '' a 
they all waited for him. "'^"t "/.' fctro/t/, 

41 5*7 And beholde . there came a rmn^ai'^-^^'lXe 
named lairus , and hee was the ruler o£ the f"'(i''r 'a,,, and 
Synagogue , who fell downe at lefus feete , and '"'"^ ""'''f '"'"i' 
befought him that hee woulde come into his ^l^'r,. , ■ . 

houfe. ZlrUitTas 

42 For hee had but adaughtercnely, about 'o""'"."^an,i^Xi. 
twelve yeeres of age, and flie lay a dying (andas "'""''^i.'''' •*''.'• 
he went, the people thronged him. * Matth.9,,g. 

* Ma 

43 And a woman having sm iflbe of blood. ""'''' ^'■ 

, , u- t. u».^" ""° °^ '''°°^' 7 Chnflfteweil. 

twelve -yeeres long .which had (pent all hern fnb- tyarfoubiemira- 
ftance upon phyficians , and could no: be healed of '^'^' '''"'"■ '-' t-ord 

any ; ^'"'' ofli^eaed 

44 When became behinde him , Qie touched t"%i tha'/u ^^4 
the henroe o£ bis gaiment , and immediatjy her toUHufm. 
Ddd 4 iffue 

Cbrift fendcth out the twelve. 

S. Luke. 

The 6ve loaves and two fifhes. 

iflue of blood ftancheJ. 

4y Then lefus faid.Wbo is It that hath tou- 
ched me ? When every man denied , Peter faid and 
they that were with him, Mafter.the multitude 
thnift ihee.and treade on thcc.and fayelUhou, 
\Vho hath torched me > 

46 And lefus C'.id.Some one hath touched me : 
fcr I perceive that vertue is ^otu out of me. 

47 When the woman I'awc that ihee was not 
hid, ihe came trembling , and fell downe before 
him , and toldc him before all the people : for what 
rtiife Ihe had touched hira , and how ihe was hea- 
led iramediatly. 

48 And he faid unto her , Daughter, be of good 
comfort : thy faith hath faved thee; goe in peace. ) 

49 while he yet fpake , there came one from 
the ruler of the Synagogues houfe , which foide to 
him, Thy daughter is dead : difeafe not the Mafter. 

yo when lefus heard it, he anfwered him, fay- 
ing , Feare not : beleeve onely , and lliee Ihall be 
• Tbeword fignifi- ^ , ;\j^j ^j^g^ ^e went into the houfe .he fuf- 
Ty ^*"i fntanf. fsffif^ no man to goe in with him , fave Peter , and 

fentd to the mourn- 
ings aud limenu- 
tioBs thatarirat 
butiali,»t which 
times intn ufefucb 
f Thecoifswas 
(aid cut, and the 
and role out of the 
I all the 

lames , and lohn ,and the father and mother of the 

y 2 And all wept, and o forowed for her : but he 
faid ,Weepenot :foriLeisnotdead,but fleepeth. 
53 And they laught him to fcorne , knowing 
that flie was dead. 

5:4 So he thruft them all out , and tooke herby 
the hand, and cried, faying. Maid, arife. 

f y And her fpirit came againe , and flie t rofe 
world might fee.Oie flraightway : and he commanded to give her meat. 
wainoiooelyreijo- j§ jf-gj, j^g^ parents were aftonisd: buthee 
^de°ofilifi"k. commanded them that they Ihould tell no man 
Btae!" what was done. 


» Thtoiftpies*reftnttcfttdtl^. j tni i^Thttemmtn 
f rcf Iti efinicncfChriJ}. sa Ofthtfihelonl'ttaniltrvo 

/ifhet. 10 Tht^fojilticonfefim. t^ Ttlcfi the life. 
3S We muftheatt Chhfl. 37 Thep<JfelfiJefafimt. 

^6 Strife amsn^iheUlcoJlUi fortht Frimiicie. 49 Ont 
tofiii^tKt MUsinChriJIeiNamt. Jj The Samaritanet 
rciUnotreceilie ChtiJ}. s$ !(eVenie fcrhiddin. f7< S9. 

«i Of three ihut vohU ftHttp Chrijt ,hHttr^iilXJ^(^nii- 

^ Matib.iOii. 
mar 3.13. and 1,7. 
I Th' twelve 
ApoQJet aK fcnt 
foofth at the one- 
ly cominanile- 
aod fuiniOiedinith 
the power oftbc 
ioli Cboft : both 
thai none ofibt 
tpretrnd igno- 
laocc , aod alfoihat 
they raigbt be bet- 
ter ptep.itid to 
kbeir zeoetaU 
•Ji Maiih.10,7. 
» Maiih.10,9. 
market, 8. 
• Wbenyoude- 
theoce where jroa 

Edging: fo that io fewe word, the Lord them to change their lodgings: fo, 
,b,. publ.( of .he GofHi,vva.a.,twma,horo«,ufli^° ..hatnoneofludea 
D.ght pretend igDor«n«,a«thc«nh he had not heard that Cbrilt was come.* Chap lO, 
„,,.,narke<.,,.aaj,3,f,. » Mauh ,4.,. ,ua,ke 6,,4. , Sofooneai 
the world hearetb t.dpngi of ibe Gof(.el , a is divided in.o diyeti opinioot . and the »v, 
wotitrpecialiyaiearMU, b HtftushjMit were/uIUntUemyte. 

lohn have I beheaded : 3 Thcydi^iHicke 

*Y Hen * » called hee his twelve difciplcs toge- 
ther , and gave them power and authoritie over 
all devils, and to heale difeafes. 

z ^ And hee fent them foorth to preach the 
kingdome of God, and to cure the ficke. 

3 And he faide to them , * Take nothing to 
your iourney , neither flaves , nor fcrippe , neither 
bread , nor hlver , neither have two coates a piece. 

4 And whatfoever houfe ye enter into , there 
a abide, and thence depart. 

y And how many foeverwill not receive you, 
when ye goe out of that citie , * (hake ofl the ve- 
rie duft from your feete for a teftimonie againft 

6 And they went out , and went through every 
townc preaching the Gofpel , and healing every 

7 8 ♦ » Nowe Herod the Tetrarch heard of 
all that was done by him : and he b doubted , be- 
caufe that it was faid of fome , that lohn was rifen 

■ J. 

againe from the dead : 

8 And of fome , that Eiias had appeared : and 
of foine , that one of the olde Propnets was rifcn 

9 Then Herod dude 
who f lien is tliis of whom I hcare fuch thinj:^s ? and f'otli^ng thai foi- 
he defiled to fee him ' ' ' ." 

10 %i( 3 And when the Apoftles returned, *' j^^Ji,'^"'" 
they tolde him what great things theyhaddone. inaike6,3i. ' 
* Then hee tooke them to him , and went afiJe "= The word figni- 
into a c iblitatie place, netre to the citie called ''"''"^''^"'■°""* 

B-hfaida. \ i^rerrra'.^a".- 

1 1 But when the people knewe it, theyfol- but uartofthe 
lowed him • and received them, and fpake unto fields belonging to 
thenvof the kingdome of Gud , and healed them '^"'J^^t 
thathadneedctobehe.led. r.J'^t^^,. 

12 _ Andwnenthe day began to weare away, d Thiiiaanperfed- 
the twelve came', and laid unto hira,Send the peo- 'y fpoken.andtbere- 
ple away , that they may goe into the townes and je'/ft^ To"'* "r 
viikges round about, and lodge, andgetmeate: asthis" weTannw^' 
for wearehereinadefertpJace, give them to ea«, 

ij But he faid unto them, Giveyee them to "oiefli wegoeand 
eate. And they faide , Wee have no more but five e"''H^'^',y, ^^ 
loaves and two hlhes , ^ except we Ihould goe and thankef for.befe 
buy meare for all this people. Joaves and fi(h«5 , 

14 For they were about five thoufand men. and wiAaJi prayed 
Then hee /aide to his difciplcs , Caufe them to fit f "" '° ^«f « '5" f" 

J \ cr* * great a muliituae 

downe by fifties in a company. tsith fo fmali a 

I J And they did fo , and caufed all to lit s"a°"tie,and to 

iJOWne. beftlort.thatthia 

16 Then he tooke the five loaves, and the two r^°'« banket might 
fifties, and looked uptoheaven,and«blefledthera, ^';°'"8'"vof 
and brake, andgaveto thedifciples , to fet before « Manh 16.13. 
the people. - ^ - 

marke «.i7. 

there was taken up of that remained to them, up and downe,b«. 
twelve baskets full of broken meate, iwixtdiv«t»er- 

18 ^ « 4 And it came to paffe , as hee was ^a- '"">«' weought 
lone praying, his difciples were with him : and he Tea'„"r'b« 
asked them, faying. Whom ky the people that fomuchtbemore 

lam ? deliiroui to know 

19 They anfwered, and faid, lohn Baptift : and «»'"«'« motecon- 
others fay, Elias : and fome fay. that one of the old ?"Xefrol'.h; 
Prophets is rifen againe. ^,0^,,. 

10 And he faid unto them , But whom fay yee s cbrift himfelfe 
that lam} Peter anfwered, and faide : That Chrift attained ro the 

of God. thTcroffeandm-" 

a I And he warned and commanded them,that vincYbieVa">nce. 
they ihould tell that to no man, j Maub.i7.»». 

22 , Saying, 5?: The fonneof man muftfuffer marke s.31. 
many things, and be reprooved of the Eiders, and ma, To j's aBd"« 
of the hie Prieftes and Scribes, and be lUine , and x^.'^it .i.-^^. 

the third day rife againe. g EvenaioneJay 

23 %* And he faid to them all , If aay man will fo'ioweti ano.het, 
comeaftermee, let h.mdcn.e himfelfe. and take J^.ttairrUd 
iapniscroflegdayly,and ioUowmc. tbectofliiibythe 

24 "f For whofoever will fave his life , (hall figure Metonymie, 

lofeit: and whofoever (hall lofe his life for my "'^'" •'""'" ^'jE'- 

fake.the fame ftiall fave it. ' i'T^^^^^'lJ!^ ' 

- _ , , , . ., . to benaneed.waa 

2y S For what advantagethu a man , if he ,be foreit and oru- 
win the whole world , and dcftroy himfeife.or lofc eKipuniflimeot 
himfelfe? tbaiwaiamongft 

26 * For whofoever fhallbeafhamedofmee. %* cZv^t^ 
and of my words, of hiin iliall the Sonne of nun ma.t.K.sjaod',*,. 
bealharaed. when hee ihall come in hisglerie, «;• iobnu.ay. 
and w.f/je f&rw of the Father, and of the holy * Ma,tbi6,»«,j 

An»els. iiiarke8,i«. 

27 t And 1 tell you of a fiiretie , there be (ome mat.iol'l'j mafArg, 
ftandinghere. which Ihall not taftc of death,' till iS- i.tima.ij. 
tfcey have feene the kingdome of God. * M'"""*.**. 

»8<.« And •"•"'•-• 

Tbe transfiguration of Chrift, Ghap. X, 

» M«.i7,2. i8 ♦ < And it came to paffe about an eight 

matk»9.i. tkyes afrer thofe wordes.that he tooke Peter and 

6 Leaft the ifci John .and lames , and went upintoaraountaineco 
fhouid be offended pray 

them th 

Qtatie, (Viewing 
thertwitkallfor a 
neffe of his glotie. 
h What death bee 
Ihould die in Hie- 

x9 And as he prjyed , the falliion of his con- 
tenance was changed , and his garment *»Af white 

30 And beholde , two men talked with him, 
which were Mofes and Eliae : 

3 1 Which appeared in glorie , and tolde of his 
h departing .which faee ihould accoraplilh at Hie- 

3 2 But Peter and they that were with him, were 
heavie with fleepe. and when they awoke, they faw 
his glorie, and the two men ftanding with him. 

3 j And it came to pafle , as they departed from 
him , Peter faid unto lefus, Mafter, it is good for us 
to be here : let us therefore make three taberna- 
cles .one for thee ,and one for Mofes , and one for 
Elias, and wift not what he laid. 

34 Whiles hee thus Ipafce.there came a cloude 

and overiliadowed them , and they feared when 

they where entring into the cloud. 

ji i.Fcitri>i7- 3r S And there came a voice out of the cloud, 

faying. This is that my beloved Sonne , heare him, 

36 And when the voyce was part , lefus was 
found alone : and they kept it clofe , and tolde no 

i VntillChrirtwai man in i thofe dayes any of thofe things which 
tifen agaioe from they had feene. 

37 ^ 7 And it came to palTe on the next day, as 
they came downe from the mountaine , much peo> 
pie met him. 

38 ♦ Andbeholde.amanofthecompaniecry- 
ed out. faying, Mafter , I befeech thee , beholdmy 
fonne : for he is all that I have, 

j9 And loe,a fpirit taketh him , and fuddenly 
he crieih.and he teareth him ,thaL he fometh, and 
hardly departethfrom him , when^hee hath k brui^ 
fed him. 

40 Nowe I have befbught thy difciples tocaft 
him our, but they could not. 

4 1 Then lefus anfwered and faid, O generation 
faithieffe, and crooked, how longnow Ihalll be 
with you , and fuffer you ? bring thy fonne hither. 

42 And whiles hee was yet comming.the devill 
rent him . and tare him : and lefus rebuked the un- 
cleane fpirite, and healed the childe , and delivered 
him to his father. 

43 5 » And they were all amafed at the migh- 
tie power of God : and while they all wondered at 
al things whichlelus did, he faid unto his dilciplcs, 

44 I Markethefe wordes diligently ; ^ for it 
fhall come to paffe .that the fonne of man Ihall be 
delivered into the hands of men. 

4f But they under ftood not that worde : for it 
^'ctre^ldi^nl!'** w*S hid from them, /bthat they could not perceive 
*"" ' it : and they feared to aske him of that word. 

46 1 *• 9 Then there arofe a difputation among 
them, which of them Ihould be the greateft, 

47 When lefus faw the thoughts of their hearts, 
he tookea little child, andfet him by him, 

48 And faide unto them.Whofoeverreceiveth 
this little childe in my Name , receiveth mee ; and 
wholoever Ihall receive me, receiveth him that fcnt 
me : for he that is leaft among you all . hee ihall be- 
49 I * •• And lohn anfwered and fayde , Ma- 

7 Chrift ijofftnd- 
td wiib notfaing 
fo much at with 
*boagh he bteare 
i>(itb itforaiime. 
* Mat 17.14. 

k Antfarethio 


• Wtlfavtiifr 
caufr to promire 
ourr«lv«i fefiand 
they thetnJelvei 
which feeined to 
fawDtupoo Cbiifi 
dee fiioiily after 
1 Give diligeot 
tare untoiLem, 

Ae that you kccpt 


4. Mat. 17,11. 

marke ?.3 1 . 

5% Mat.»8,i. 

marke 9,3)'' 

5 The fDdeof 

BUDie, but the 
dieocc ii glory. 
♦ Marke$,3S. 
xo Excraordinarit 

Chriftes poyertie. 29; 

jro_ Then lefu? faide unto him, Forbid yee htr/i 
not : lor he that is not againl\ us, is with us. «' Chrift goeth 

y I 1 »' And it came to p^fTe , when the dayes '^"■''!''?ly " ^'^■*'- 
were accotr.i-Hil-ed . that he fl.ou'd be received up. feebardeD.dh.7 
be mfetled birafeife fully togoe to Hierufaiem, face, that is, here^ 

Ji Andfentmeflengers before h^, and they^o'^'^'' with him. 
went and entred into a towne cf the Samaritanes, ^^'^*""''^' "<* 
topreparehrrrW^^^. ^'rhTArr;!' 

y 3 But they wouide not receive him , becaufc aod afi awjy all 
his behaviour was 4/ ihough he would goe to Hie- '«'a>^«o''death,an(i 
rulalcm. «'"^°'•■ 

?4 "And when his difciples, lames and Iohnl«d^fth™'im. 
faw it, they (aid. Lord, wilt thou that we ceromand, moderateneffe of 
that fire come downe from heaven, andconfunie ^"''. and foods 
them, even as i Ehas did i 

and faid, Ye know not of what a fpirit ye are. doe, we doe it to 

f6 For the Sonne of man is not come to de- Godssiory^aod 

But lefus turned about, and rebuked thetn, wbarfoVvwwe" 

to another towne. 

a KlDgi.i,ic. 

. y? J '3 And ir came to pafle that as they went 12.13. 
inthe way,4 acertainemanfaide unto him, I will " Sofpeakethe 
follow thee. Lord, whitherfoever rhou goeft.. "o^kTownoVXt 

y8 And lefus faide unto him. The Foxes have win, niinde,and 
holes, and the birdes of the heaven neftes , but the counfeii you are of: 
Sonne of man hath not whereon to lay his head, ^° '^^ ?'<"'» °f God 

f9 14 But hee faid unto another.FoUowe mee. ""tl;, Jr/.fe 
And the fame faid , Lord , fuffer me firftto goeand a,egiv£nofGodt 
buriemj father. spirit, aod fo are 

60 And iefus faid unto him.Let the dead burie •'"y • «»"" coo- 
" their dead : but goe thou, and preach the kingdom '^",'!h p,'oc«d of. 

0*God. tb. wicked fpirite 

61 >^ Thenanother (aid , I will followethee, ai thefpitit ofco. 
Lord : but let me hrfl go bid them farewell , which «'o"fn". of pride, ■ 
are at mine houfe. 'l""^. follow 

6z And lefus faide unto him. No man that put. cbrin, mun pre. 
teth his hand to the plough , and looketh backe, is pare tbemfeive», 
apt tothe kingdome of God. 

to fuffer all d 

■l Mat!h.>,i9. 14 ThecallingofGodoughttobepreferred.wiihoutallcontroverfic 
before all duetierthat we-owe to meo. o WboDutwiibftaodiug that ibey live io ib;f 
fraile life of.Tiaa,yei are flrangertfroin the true lift.wbich ileveiJafiiBg aodheavBiiy, 
1; Suchasfol;owCiiiiil,aiuitatoBCer«ioaace«li worldly catei. 

C^ A P. 

ThtftUntu SfiifUt. 10 Thf^athAnkffnit eititt charrti 
TtKhimfiiiie. 17 The diJiifUsninTnin^hi>mt,ari rear' 
tuilitithumhh. 30 Wheuoutntiihbtm. iiOfMat- 
iha and htr filhr Af arit . 

J^VtoUailew- ^" ' ^"^ ^^"^^ ""'^ cdl^i-ig out devils in thy Name, 
cd, aoi caodtma- ^"^ ^^ forbad him . bicaule lie foUoweth tije< not 
•*- with us,. 

A Ftet * » thefe things, the Lordappointed other * JJ?")^ "'.*• 

feventie alio j and lent them , two and two be- \j, {tmls°btCt-i 
fore him into everie citieand place , whither hee cond forewarneri - 

himfelfe fhould come. ofibe comming 

z And bee faide unto them, » The harvef\ li ^' '^^''j;|[,- 
great , but the labourers are fewe : pray therefore ^ Matih.To^ifi 
theLordoftheharvel\ to lent fort labourers into i Tbefaithfuii' 

hisharveft. niinifter.ofihe 

3^ * '<^^y°"^«''y«=t^holde,lfendeyou3t:«-^^.. 
forth as lambes among wolves-. ,„„„g ^,,^. 

4 Beare no bagge , neither faippe , notflioes, hm ifthey bediij, 
and + falute* noman by the way. geii;todoetheii 

y » And into whatfoever houfe yee enter, firft^^""^'^'^^'^[}'j*' 
fay. Peace 6* to this houfe. aifopr'fare' 

6 And if b the fonne of peace be there , your them, 
peace (hall reft upon him , if not , it ihall tume to * » King.4,aj. 

y-^gaine. a^Jr^thr^rrof 

4 figure, wbic.hnifjj > 
vCt, when they putdowtif moreia vwrdfi.then ittimni • vfualJ amonj the Hebrewea 
»;hentliry commaund athijg lobe donel'petdily wuheutdtlay . at j. Kin(!.4,i9. for 
ohtr\Aifccourteou»and gctiiUfalutation*, arc points of CbTiltiao duety i aiforrht- 
calJiog i vvaibui feia feafon. -J,i2.tnarke«,io. b So fpeake tht - 
iiiibwnKi : that it, b«c thai favouietb tbe doftiiocef feace and imbraceibit. 
7 And ■ 

The untbankefull cities threatned. 

S. Luke. 

Who is our neighbour 

7 And in tiiathoufec taryftill.eaing and drink- 
c T»ir*Hfycur log llich things as by them jhallUfet beforeyou: 
hdiin'i <n ihit -f (or the labourer is worthie ot his WJges. Goc not 
hjuft.vhchjt fromhouletohoule. 

I't"'fc^c/«'ii S * Bucintowharfgevercitieyeeftiall enter, 

ff ,<di.Hi if they reca^-e you.d eaco fuch things as are fee be- 
jj»f,j,mfi> die fore you. 

9 And hcale the ficke that are there , and fay 
unto them , The kingdome of God is come neere 

■whul> furfife It 
t-l'J Unr in t flute: 

tHt$i rhjticlemne 
fftithin^ t/the 
CiJftK/tQ'oich W*J 
nifei jfcirvp-fd, 
Tvhen ihe Cliunliei 
•ntrtj-tUd: lut 
iklft art/lHt 

unto you. 

10 3 But into whatfoever citie ye fliall enter, i( 
they will not receive you . goe your wayes out into 
the ftreets of the Hime, and Uy, 

I I Even the verie * Jult.which cleaveth on us 
ofyourcitie, wee wipe cftagainlt you : notwith- 

aircaJ:. lii il,t ftandinff koow this , that the kingdome of God was 

ri>f them It VriJir 

X r««.J4,i4. 
mdtth. 10, 10. 
d Ctnttntjcur 
fehei wuh that 
mtattl,4tii/et le- 

3 God ii a molt 
ftvere revenger 
of tbeGofpfU. 
* Cl>ap.9.J- 

aci iS.«. 
4. Maiih. 11,11. 
<t Mitth. 10,40, 
iota 14,10. 

4 ■Keithenbe 
jifcot miraclei, 
neiiber what eli ■ 
foevei ezctlleiit 
gift, but onety 
oureleftion gi- 
vnb ui occiltoD 
cftrueioy : and 
tbeocely publi- 
^toDof Sataa. 

come neere unto you. 

IX For I fay unto you.that it (ball be eafier in that 
day for them cf Sodome. then for that citis. 

1 3 « Woe ie ro thee. Chorazin, woe Le to thee, 
Beth-faida : for if the miracles had becne dune in 
Tyrus and Sidon , which have beenc done in yuu. 
they had a great while agone repented , luting in 
fackcloath and . 

14 Therefore it rt-iall be eafier of Tyrus ,and 
Sidon, at the iudgcment, then for you. 

I y And thou, Capernaum.which arc exalted to 
heaven, llialt be thrult downc to hell. 

16 ^ '< Hee that heareth you, heareth we : am 
he that difpifeth you. difpileth me : and he that de- 
fpifech me, defpiCeth hiiK that lent me. 

17 i4Andthereventieturnedagainewith loy, 
faying , Lord , er;en the devils are fubdued to us 
e«through thy Name- 

1 8 And hce faide unto them, I fawe Satan, like 
lightning, f fdl downe from heaven. 

1 9 Beholde. I give unto you power to tread on 
Sorpents.and Scorpions, and over all the power of 
the enemie, and nothing Ihall g hurt you. 

20 Neverthelclfe , in this reioycc not , that the 
fpirites are fubdued unto you : but rather rcioyce, 
becaufeyour names are v/ri:ten in heaven. 

21 S' That Qirae houre r^oyced lefus in the 
* r'/r7'"llT ^P'f"e. and faid. 1 confelfe imio thee. Fartier, Lord 
iIuaJLine.L't of hcavcn and earth, that thou hail hid thefe thing? 

from the t wifeand underftanding. and haft revea- 
led them to babes : even lb. Father, becaule it lb 
pLeafed thee. D 

22 < All things aie given me of my Father : and 
no man knoweth who thefonne is .but the Father: 
neither who the Father is.fave the Sonne.and he to 

^r'/'V'*"/?' '"' whome the Sonne will reveale him. 
'Jt.vnt'LmlLcc 23 1 7 And he turned to his difciples , and faid 
hf"' w'." *" fecrecly , Blefll-d are the eyes, which fee that ye fee. 
ftjverii thii/heii 24 for J tell you that many Prophets and King* 
Jj '*' >"« '/>>" have defued to fee thofe things .which ye fee. and 
t'TJ.ic,M,rcfi,:. have not feene thew and to heare thole ihmgs 
J Tic chuicb ii ' which ye heare, and have not heard ffcfw. 
c3n,emp'..ble, .f ^i J « J Thcn beholdc . i a certaine Lawyer 

.„cbehold.he flQQj^^ 

outward fjct ot it, 

but ibe wifedoius l"''" ... 

•fGodiinoifo 26 And hee faide unto him, what is v/nttenm 

niarveiloa., io any the LaW ? how readcft thou ? 

thmg . .. io it ^^ j^gg anfwercd and faide . Jf. Thou Qialt 

I) Then hee tamed to Ims difciples, and faid, Isreadinfamecopif. 

« Whofoeverfttkeih ibepithpf witfcout the Sonne , wandticth cut of itt way . 
7 Toedifrcrenceof theoiJ Tellament and the new conlifteth ia ibc meafute of reve- 
laiioa. » M.v'h.i3,iS. X Ma:.ia,3f. mar.ia.iS. 8 Faiih doth not take away, 
buMftabtilheih ihedoa.ineofthe Law. i One vfiUmthut frofc^tiihin'Mt'o 

ic Ittrntd i» ihe r'tti tni Una 'ffi tfil. S Vmi ,6,(. 

■nrtught fach mi- 
racles it ihtr did, 
hj ca'.ling upct 
f Paul fUielh 
the diiiilUnd hit 
itn?tii,i'>ihc Ajtl, 

love thy Lord God with all thine heart , and with 

all thy (oule, and with all thy ftrength , and with ail jj i.j"vit.ij,i». 

thy thought, ■^ and thy neighbour as thy felfe. 

28 Then he fai i unto him, Tiiou haft anfwered 
right : this doe. and thou (lialt live. 

29 9 Bu: hee willing to k iuftifie himfelfe.faide 9 Allth-y are 
unto lefuSjWho is then my neighbour ? comprehended lo 

,',-,- ^ / r.- .J » • toe name ofout 

30 And lelus anfwered, and laide, A certaine pjigbtj^ur by the 
man went downefroraHieruialeratoIericho, and Laws, wpomfoe- 
feli among theeves, andtfcey robbed himofhis vetwcmuyheipe. 
raiminr, and wounded him .and departing , leaving ^ ' "'' "'"^■""^ 
himhalfedead. t'/^^t^S; 

3 1 Now To it fell out , that there came downe a vtidcfuU fa-dtt.- 
certaine Prieft that fame way, and when hee fawe «"'' ^"""^ ; »•/"* 
him , he pafTed by on the other fide. \.'.Z"^M(.r'!3r 

3 2 And like wife alfo a Levitc , when hee was 
come neere to the place , went and Io»ked on him, 
and palTed by on the other fide. 

33 Then a certaine Samaritane , as he ioutney- 
ed, came neere unto him , .uid when he fawe him, 
he had compalTi ;n on him. 

34 And went to him.and bound up his wounds, 
and powred in oyle and wine , and put him on his 
owne beaft , and brought him to an Inne, and made 
piovifion for him. 

3 r And on the morrow when he departed , hee 
tookeout two pence , and gave them to thehofi, 
and faid unto him , Take care «f him , and whatfoe- 
ver thou fpendelt more, when I comeagaine.i will 
recooipenie thee. 

36 which nowe of thefe tliree.thinkeft thou, 
was neighbour unco him that fell among the 
theeves ? 

37 And he faid.He that llvwed raercie on him. 
Then Aid lefus untohim. Goe , and doe thou like- 

3 8 f »o Now it came to paCTe, as they went, that ^ 

hee entredinioa certaine towne, and « cercaine tame.HdelitatJy, 
woman named Martha, received him into her bufobs beard 

houfe. h'w"ch'he''ef " 

39 And die had a filler called Mary , which alio " aiTy «JuiMth!* 
fate at lefus feer, and heard his preaching. 

40 But Manha wascombred about much (er- 
ving.and came to him. md faide , Mailer, doeft thoa 
not care that my lifter hath left mee to ferve alone? 
bid her therefore, th-.tlhec heipe me. 

41 And lefusanfwered, and faid imto her,Mar- 
tha , Martha . thou careft , and art troubled ab»iit 
many things : 

42 But one thing is needfull , M.irie h.uhcho- 
fen the good part , which ihall not be taken aw.iy 
from her. 


I H'.ttMhtihhii^ftJllesttftdj. 14 Tie dUmle JehU 

tlrilien oiu. zy -A tctman o/'i. ctrnf-tn't lifiedup her 

Prjct. 19 The leiperreynJre /»;•'"•■', 37 Hebetn^fe.i/leJ 
tfthi Pharift.rcpracVetUoM-Kirdfyv tfheVn.'jI'e. "f Mattb.<,9 


AKd lb it was , rhat as hce was in-ayms 

A fofiae of true 

leup. andtemptedhim .ftying.Mafter .what pl« faid tmto him .Lord, teach vs to pray , as lohn^.w^^^^^^ 
r .' ■ < ■ 111-/ . alfo taught bifdiciples. ih'iJa^.irhtrt'y 

Idoetoinhemeeternallnfe?. . , .^ ^ J 'Xnd heia dLtothem,Whenyepray,%. --;-^'*-''« 

1 Our Fathtt which art in heaven, hallowed be thy f4,7/o'r Jlicmaiii, 
N.ime. Thy kingdome come : Let thy willde done, untncecfcnr 
euen in earth, 's it is in licaven l>t/t>,bnt thai car- ' 

3 Ourdulybrcadgiveusafortheday: g^;^::Z^:: 

4 And forgive us oi;runnes: tor even we lor- o/mf„,i,f«f(,/ 
give everie man that is indebted to us : And le.ide undnjlr.iineJ. 
UE not into temptation : but deliver us from evill. a wemuft [tay 

5 J » Moreover be faid unto them , Which of w"^ •^»"»»' 


Aske,feeke,andknocke. Chap. XI, 

you (lull have a friend. 'and (haU goc to him at 
niiJmght.aid fay unto him, Friend. lend mee three 
loaves ? 

6 For a friend of mine is come our of the way 
ru rac, and I liave nothing to lot before him : 

7 And bee within Ihould anfwcrc , md fay. 
Trouble me not ; the docre is now ihut , uiid my 
children are with me in bed : 1 cannot riie and give 
them to thee. 

8 I fay unto you. Though he would not ari/e 
b VJoti fot word, and give him, beccufe lie is his friend, yet .lonbt.cs 
i,«pucl6ncy:but chat bg^-guie ^f j^jj b importunitie , hee would ri^e and 
isfpokeoofhet*. give him as many as hee needed, 
is not to be found 9 ^ And I fdy unto you , Aske , and it IhiHbe 
fault wHhail,but ii given you : feeke , and ye ihall finde : knocke , and 

ver, commct^dabl.: ^^ ^^^,j ^^ ^ g^cd Unto yoU. . 

likethweilofrucb 1° S Fof eveiy one tnarasketh .receiveth : 
tmponunitie. and hee that feeketh , find^th : and to him that 

*» Mat^7.7."d 11. knocketh,it fhall be opened. . 

H * ifafonneihail askebread ofany ofyou 

A fingle eye. HypocfiGe repfooved. 30 


iohn i4,i3.aDd iS. 

that is a father , will he give him a ftone ; or it hee 

J Matih 7.S. 

» Malth.7,9. 

K Matth.9.3«. 
and 11,21. 

3 An example of 
bom bleb III 

as^e a filh, will he for a hih give him a fcrpent i 

12 Orifheaskeanegge,will heegivehiraa 
fcorpion ? 

I J Ifye then which are evill , can give good 
giftes unto your children , how much morelhail 
and ftieh as cannot your hcivenlv Father givc the hoJy Ghoft to them 

*" 00 aa'^v.X' coa" ^''^^ '^^^''^ ^'"^ ■ 

fcfen'ce.Vnd pre-"' '4 J X Then hee caft out a devill which was 
tended malice, the dumbe ; and when tlie deviil was gone out, the 
powetof God ii dumbe (pake, and the people wondrcd. 

fcla^hemed. ^ g,,^ ^^^ ^f ^^g^ j- _, ^ ^ y^^ ^.^j^g^h OUt 

M.^maik'e?:*. 'ieviis through Beelzebub the cnicfeofthcde- 

4 1 he true way viis. 

i6 And Others tempted him , feeking of him a 
fignefrom lieaven. 

17 4 But he knewe their thoughts.and fayd un- 
to them , ♦ Every kingdome divided againil it 
felfe , ibdlbe delolate > and an houfe divided againrt 

to know the true 
Cijiili- f'omthe 
the true Cbiift 
bath BO accord or 
agreemeat w'h 
Saian : Andiire- 

vif know him , we ^^ So if iatan ahb be divided againfthimfclfe, 
acknowedgehim. how Ihali h'.s kingdome ftjnd , beLauieyefay that 
♦ Matth.i2,»j. I t;aft out deviis c through heelzebub ? 
T"*"'A«»t«e and '^ If I through Beelzebub caft out devils , by 
»«»r^r •/Beelte-" whom doe your children caft them out ? Therefore 
tuh. fhall they be your iudg.s. 

d That is. h *'" . zo hut if^ I by the d finger of God caft out de- 
fTv "^f"*' o " vils , doubtlclfe the klngdorae of God is come un- 
e rAe',Tr«r«/ CO you. 

ftih frcperijan xi Wl'cn 3 (^rong man armed keepeth hise pa- 

tftn a„<i -ucUt lace, the things :hat he polTcileth.are in peace. 
ncmt *'/j' ^'' J J But When a ftronger then hee commeth ' 

tra'-i'fi-.'iiuukfn upon him, and overcommeth him : hee taketh 
ftrnehUmtm from him all his armour wherein he truikd, and 
tinufii. divideth his fpoyits. 

ren*mi"" lud'TuJ. , M ^ "^ '^^' '^ not with me. is againftme; and , 

at love to have 

a meanc vihicb 

feeke mtinn to 

reconcile Chrift 

and Satan loge- 


St MaHh.1143- 

6 Hethatdoeth 

not continue is in 

woifecafe. then he 

that never begun, 
t H.or 6,4 
a.Pt;r 1,20 
7 Chiiftfe.keth 
' noipralfi: inl)iin 
fe'fe, but incur 

he that gathereih not with me, fcattereth. 

24 4. 6 when the vncieane fpirit is gone out of 
aman, through dry pl.ices, leekingreft: 
and when he hndeth none , he layth , I will texurn* 
unto my houfe whence I came out. 

1^ And when he commeth, the findeth it fwept 
and »arnilhed. 

26 Thengoeth hee ,,and taketh tohimieven 
other /pirics worfe then himfelfe : and they enter 
in , ancl dwell there : $ fo the laft flate of that man 
is worfe then the fitft. 

27 J 7 And it came topafle as he faidthcfe 
things', acertaine woman of the company nfied 
uj) hex voyife. andfaide uacohiaa, Blefledwthe 

wombe that bare thee .And the paps which thou 
halt fucked. 

28 But, he faid, Yea, rather bleffedrfce they 
that hcare the word of God, and keepe it. 

29 J .J. s And when the people were gathered 
thicke together , he began to fay , This is a wicked 
generation : they feeke a f!gne,andt';frefliallno 4. 
ligne be given them , buttheiigneof* lonasthe * Tbey that are 

Prophet. fonddefitersof 

30 Furas lonas wasafigne totheNinevkes : fo L^r ini^raciet°ilia'i 
fliah aifothefonne of man be to this genemcion. rtcEivepuailh, 

31 4- TheQ.iieene of the Soiurh (hall rile in "■«"'■' 
indgemenr, with the men of this generation , and ^ l"^*"'"- 
Ihall condemne them : for Ihe camp ftom the vt-,'ci,ronV.°'.'* 
moft p.irtes oftheearth to heare the wifedome of * lonaij'.r! 
Salomon, and behold, a greater then Salomon w* cbap.s.ts. 
here. ^ "ark^'Vi ■ 

_ 3 2 The men of Nineve faall rife in judgement ^^"q^, ]^mia are 
with this generation, and flwU condemne it ; for therefore hghntd 
they K repented at the preaching of lonas ; and withthrkuow- 
behoid. a greater ihen Jonas « here.' ''t^("u.d1ji''*' 

3 .^ 1 A- 9 No man when he hath lighted a can- ^ ft.t"umo o^htr». 
d']e,putteth it in a privie place , neither under aandthti-efcreoui 
bulheli : but on a candlefticke , that they which ''>'«'''> '"b^iJ' 
come in. may fee the light. ought.obeto 

34 * Thelight of thebodie is the eye : there- Tm °t.« 11^ 
fore when thine eye is fjiigle.then is thy whole bo- 10 Thefrrvic'eof 
die light : but if thine eye be evill , then thy bodie God coniidtth 

Jsdarke, not in outward 

]S in thee, be not darkenelVe. ceremoniti, butin 

■}6 If therefore thy whole hodisp^aUbe light, tbefpirituallrigh- 
having no part darke , then Ihall all be light , even """f^^ef^f'te . 
as when a candle doth light thee with the bright- ^"m';"^/"""'* 

nelle. f Toatis.according 

37 S '* Andashefpake, a certainePharilebe.foyourab.iitietai 
fought him to dine with him : and he went in ..and "''° '*'°"''* ''''• '" 
fate^wneatthetable . ^ ., .11,°^^^- 

36 And when the rhariielawit , nenaarveileddrtd you ,tbat yju 
that he had not firlt waflied before dinner. to^ld noteaie 

39 « And the Lord faid to him , Indeedeyec^!^'°'y_^^^^^^'_'^-j 
Pharifes make cleane the outfidc of the ciip,andj'*yQ''„f/[,"[°'i,'^J| 
of the platter: but the inward part is fi.dlofrave-fttvcyou.begood 
ning and v;ickednefle. 'o the poore, aud fo 

40 Yeefooles , did nothe-that made that which fhali that, that- 

Take heede therefore , that the light which d!v?fed HtJ/or 

n without.make that which is within alfo? 

befanflificd tbougit 

41 Therefore, give almes f of thufe .things the plauti be ub. 
which you have, and behold, all things Ihall bawaihtd. 
cleane unto you. n it is the prow 

42 1 1 But wo be to you.Phatifes: for ye g tithel^^^^'" ^^ ^^^°^' 
the my nt and the rcw , and b all manr;er herbs .and Houtiy fuili-.ile 
palfe over ' judgement and the love of God :thektrifl«.andleipaae 
ought ye to have done .and not to have left the f"^^"""^""*, • 

iP 'j 2 y,jur decide by 

othcrundone. ., t r , Go.:.La^.thatthe 

43 J «» Whofcetoyou .Phanles : tor ye loveientjanisdu* 
the uppennoft feates in the Synagogues, and greet- 10 be p.yrd 
ings in the markets. •' P' ^'.' ^'""^ "[ 

44 '3 Woe be to you. Scribes and 1 harifes hy>"^"; '^J^;/.',^^* 
pocrites : | for ye are as graves v^hich <ippe?rc not^n (.i.^^^hlf.dion 
and the men thut walke over them, pt iccive not. to La.rfai.e,cjp. 

4f f 14 Then anfwered one of thc-La^vyeis 9j.v%TrebeUiew. 
and (aid unto him , Mafter , thus laying thou P"t'«l1 'j^a'pilceo V3'°\^ 
us to rebuke alfo. ..Tim.i.^GodwiH 

4^ And hee faid. Who i* to you alfo, yee Law havea loientobe 
vers , -f for yee lade men with burthens gricvous'""'cd, is.obetx- 
■' ' poui,deth afer the 
faine nianntr. i That i< to fay, that ihai it right and reafon to doe: for t'nii wi-td ludgk 
mtni,ccntfineth itt coirinsiidcm.ntsofth. fecoud tJole, a(id;he oihei wj'>l«,Tbel'>»e 
ct G 'd.containetht Srit . Cb2p.i»,i6.mat.ii,6 maike iii3S. ^9. u H>potrili-™4 
anibiicnaiecommonlyioyord loge htr. 13 HypcicriiHJici-ivemen wiihai oot- 
waidlhew. | Mait.j;,!?. t4 HyiOC>UeineveryfCTfveagamftotk«m»fl» 

but cbiaXciIl thiugi Uv^full (o tbcwftlvei. ^ M4tc.i>,4.aaei i;,io. 

The Pharifes leaven. 

S. Luke^ 

Gods pTOvidenc€. 

«f HypoctitM ho- tobeeborse , andyee^urfelves tough not the 
nourttofcfaiiti bur(kns with one cf your finders, 
dur^tom't'ney 47 ' ^ Woi* CO yoii: 4 forvou buiW the fepal- 

iiioft cruelly pet- chres of thc Prophets, 8c yotir fathers killed them, 
fe.ute, wrhtn they 48 Trucly k ye bcafc witncilc , and aliow the 
wereaiive. dccdes of yoiir fathers : for they killed them , and 

k whcovo!.«;. ye build tl^arfcpulchres. 

f«u:e Gwliftr- 49 Therefore fayd The wifedome of God.I Mill 

vaau.iikt maJ mm, fend cheiti Prophers and Apoftles, and of ihetn they 
tvcn a. your fi.hcri ,j^^{ (^^ j^^j , perfeciitc awav. 
tt l.Zh Tp^r 50 That the blood of all' the Prophets , m Hied 
fence of jodiineffe. from the foundjtio'.i of the worldf may be repaired 
yet oomitiiino- of this generation. 

dmg. in that you ^j jTrom the bloodof Jf Abel unto the blood 

chi«'oAhtVio^" * of * Zacharias , which was Uaine betwcenetheal- 
piien,v»i»:do«yoii tat ifid the Temple : verely 1 lay unto you.icfliall 
.!li, but glory la your [^g required of this generation. 
ftibtt, Mueitr.tnd J ^ , J yy^ ^^ ^^ yy„ ^ Lavvyers : for ye have n ta- 
Oi'uXtTeT.lkry ken away the key of knowicd'se : yeencred not in 
■ndttiumihofii? your felvcs , and them that came in,ye lorb.ide. 
I Theyflialiro jj «7Andashee rydthefe things unto them, 

♦tKchemand j^ Scribes and I'hariJt-s bfr^^an to urK him lore, 

tioublethein.ihat , . , • r , c i.- 

atirogtli ,hfy fliall and to o provoke bimtorpe.'.keot-many things. 
baDilUihrm. y4 Laying waite for hiip, and iet^king lo catch 

oi Tt.tiouiniy fome thing of his mouih , whereby they mioht ac- 

becalledioanac- ,,,r»u,- " ' ° 


benuoilhed torth-ftieadlngofthatbloodoftheProphei. § Gen.4 8. * i.Chroir. 

A^-ii. 16 They baue of long time cbitfly bi idrrd ibepcopli; . fromentri ig inio 

the knovvl'dgeof God , which ought to be ihr doore keei'tr> oi the Chuich. 

o Vou have hiddco and taken awoy. fotbaut cannot betound an» vvhere. 17 Tfee 

nioreth«aBvoTld ijreprehendtJ ,t1ie vsorfeit it, and yet mult •Aeenoibetiay thetrueib. 

o They proiofcd many qiieftiooi to hiin , to draw 'omettlir.goutofhii mouth, vvbich 

they might tiaiteroufljf caipe at. 

C H A P. X I I. 

I Thfltabencftht Pharifii. f Wheis i«ht fc:trti. S To 
cc„ftfi CMfl. . 7 Th f^r.ihl€ 4 thr rich mShnUf 

lendtviiturf ffrlile. ti N ci tc (.irc for eurn ij thingu 

•ji Biutsfuk!!it'ekj'<'pd'me'f.''cd. 39 Theihitfein 

thtn^fbt. ft leh'^rtfrthfCojyihfakf. 

4, Mitrfa,i«.f, rjc •!• t themeanetime , thciegctthered together 

""^LV'^bf II ^" innumerable rouldiude ol people, ib that 

teach«»o*fGodi ^^'^y "'"'■^^ ''"^ another: andhe begmtofy unto 

■cvord, which are his difciplcs firll , Take heede to your lelvcs of the 

appointed by him leaven ofthc Pharifes, which is hypocrilie. 

^'"ftbrb"ake ^ * For there is no-hin^ covered, that fl-'.all 

goud bTei'of'hem, fot be revcaled ; neither hidde, that lliallnotbe 

wbichcorrupithe knowen, 

jutiiieofdodtiae ij wherefotc whatfbever yce have fpoken in 
w.h goodly gio- (larkencife. it llialbe heatd iiithelif;ht : andthat 

fei, and alfo take 1 • 1. l r , • u • / 1 

paiortthroujh Which ye have Ipoken in the eare , in lecret places, 

the helpeofG.'d, Ihalibcpreachcd on the houles. 

tn fet foortb fui- 4 ■" ^ And I fay unto you, my fi iends , be not 

«tedoa..De. afriidc of them that kill the bodic , and after that 

openly and wiin- , , , 

out feart. ^'■^ n°f ^"''^ '" doeany more, 

a Word for worf, f Put I wiil b furewarne you.whom ye Ihal feare 
tenthoufandiof feaic him which aftcrhc haeh killed, h.uh power 
|>eopIe. a cettaine j^ ^.^j^ j„jq (^gjj . g^ j (^y y^jy you, him feare. 
anmber T^an un- - r^ r iLr r 

,,naint. o Are not five Iparowes boii^''^ tor two iar- 

«| Matth. io,2«. things . 4»i yet not one of them isforgottenbe- 

q,arke 4. aa. fore God ? 

Although byj.0- 

Yefl, and all the hairesof your head are 
ife«. have princea numbred : leare not thctelore : ye ai-e more ot vi- 
to execute their lue then many fparowcs. 
«au.^itie,yirt there jj J 3 Alfo 1 fav unto yoo , Whofocver (hall 

i«nocau(<r«by ' ' 

^Rtcould be afraid 

oftheei , iheleaftioKtbat may be, feeing they can do nothing. bu-wb«pi««fethGo<f, 
aodOdwill noiaoy ibingthatmay bcagjinlt thtfalvaiiouofbiielea. b He 

wamct^tbein of djoge r that prefen:l» b Jng o^•el their head*, foi ihofe ibac <oin« upoo 
the fuddeo.dbemakethe greater wound. ^. i.Sam.'4.4f .aBi a7.34- ^ Chap. 
9.!<. laattb. to.ja. Bur S jS. a.timi.ia. .1 Great iitbe lewardufa coo- 
fiattt cooftfTioo ; and horiibleit the punifhiiur.tofthe denying of Ch/iA.ycaimpofiifate 
to ht called backe againe IluJl the (uoiDjmein be , if upon fet pnapofe, both wull 
aoutb and htait we bloO'tacoK a kooweo ciuufa. 

t Cbrift would 

confeffiMne before men , hire (hall the Sonne of* M«'7.3t. 
Didn confcjleal.'c. b«.fo<c the Angels of God. Tiohn. j.**'. 

9 Kiirh? .hat deny me before men, (hall J M»ttb.i6jj. 
bedenicuDcfor.-tne AngeisofGod. marke13.11. 

JO « And whofoever (liall fpeake a worde* ""^«"«»nj 
againft the fonne of man , it a-iall be forgiven him : coareffe''ui'r truth, 
but unto hira that ihall blafpheme the holy Ghofl.yetbetbatcan 
it ihall nut be forgiven . &">: all thing., and 

II $ 4 And when they Ihall bring you unto the" ^''"'i;'"'*')^'" 
Synagogues . and unto the rulers and Ptrnces , take ,°° 
no thought how, or what thing ye Ihall anlwere, /irive and couiend 
or what ye ihall ipeake. io hi» appointed 

1 2. For the holy Ghoft Ihall teach you in the 
•famehoure.whatyeonghttolay. no.for.hreec.u. 

13 / And one ot the company laid unto hiro, ii»b«a ludgeto 
Mafter, bid my brother divids the inheritancedividtaBinfaeri- 
with me. ^««- F<Kf,ror 

i 4 And he faid unto him . Man , who made mee '*1f*"' """'■' "« 

- • J I- • . 'Oiter up and CO*, 

a ludge, ora divideroveryou ? rifljiheflrihiy 

I 5 Wherefore he (aid unto them.Takeheed.ind opinion tbatth* 
bewdte of c covetoufnelle : for though a man have*''^* ""J of M«f. 
aboundance,><rf his <i life ftandeth not in his rich. 3 ■IhJ.'ht'^'Tt^fd j" 

16 6 And he put fooith a parable unothem,ft,o^<„i}J'rtp5i^^, 
flying,! he 'ground of a certaine rich man brought governance. *om 
forth fruits plcnteouily. ■ ■* Ecclritaaicall : 

17 Therefore hee '"thought with himfe.fe.fay- ^"",1^^^^* 
ing , What ihall I doe , bccaufe , 1 have no retme t'he^w^^Ibljfe 
where I may lav up my fruites ? the (hewofihe 

1 8 And he laid •, This will I d j,T -.vill pjll down G<''»'=''.^o 1 alf» 
my barnes , and builde greater .and therein will I „" """">fm"Bi- 

L II r ■ I 1 llcri to their 

gather all my truits.inilmy gjt>ds. owicpt;:V«t» 

\') And I wiillay tomyfoule, St>ule .thouhift c.min.«ii u^ 
muchgoods laid up formar.vyeerei , liveateafc,*= B>«»v»toufiieii« 
eate. drinke. and g take thy p.i'lbme. dXe'ro'' « wTn*' 

20 ButGodiaiduntoliim, O ft)ole, this nightiuooiy wi"'o[^"i 
willth^y ietch away thy loule fro thee : then wboie mem hurt. 

Ihall thole things be which thou haft provided ? ^ ^'^ " ''=« autiof 

21 So « he that garh .reth riches * to himfcifc. ""^ Hlf*"" °[ 
and IS not rich in God. „,, * 

22. 7 Andhefpakeuntohisdi(ciples,Ther-.'fore6 Therearffoooe 
I fay unto you, * Take no ihoughtf ir your life. "'"''•'"»^''*»'» 
what yc ihall eat : neither for your bo.ii^ , what ye v'^'"'" 1^ .' ''' 
n-;allputon. „X, ' "' 

23 The life is more then meat : andthebodye Or rathercouiv, 
>»#re then the rayment. 

24 Confider the rave 
norreape: which neither have (\orehoule nor ^j.c,- ot ground ob- 
barne.and yer God feedcth them: how much moieiy, Su a'a whole 
are ye better then foules ? cnunt-ey a»:b*ydo, 

: f And which of you with taking thoo?ht, can ^■^"'' '"V"' *";"'' 

,)•'.., ■',, *' 0' to boufc.and ntid to 

addeto nisftjtureonecubite ? Efai.j s. 

x6 If ye then be not able to dotheleaftihing. f Madf hji recko- 
whytake ye thought fortherertnant? ning within bim. 

2 7 Coniidtrr the lillics how they grow: they, la- ^'^]''^fy'K^''. '*'* 
bour not.neitiier fpin they : yet 1 fay imto yoii.i.hat foujTbu'L'tTaV 
Salomon himfelfe in ail his toyahie wasnotcloj-ipendrteirlrfeio 
thedlike oneofthefe. thofetriflei. 

28 If rhen God fo cloath the graffe which is to 8 ^^B« ""^^^^^^ 
day in thc (ield.and to morow is caH into the oven. J^'^ caii^g forao '* 
bow much more vvid \->ct dtuh you , O yee of lit- man buif<>»hini. 

tie faith > felfe^,aiid.niadingta 

29 Therefore askenot what ycefhall eatc. or'"''*'"'^''"''''^- 
what ye ihal drinke.neither i hang you in fufpence- kiai"^'n'VfZ 

30 Forallfuchthin« the people ofihe world videoce of osd.i* ' 
feckefor: and yom- Father knoweth that ye have* r^Crnttemedie 
need of thefe things. 's»;"ft "K^oft 

" looliUiandpintog 

taiefulneBiofnieoforthisIife. » M«tth.6,»r.^ pfal.ff a», iAMeta- 
pbotetaketiofttingjtbatt-.ans intbeayre , for tbcy arrcarefall for tbu worldly, 
lilt, and hang upon the arme of mao^ have alwayei wmvering anddoublfull miodi, 
fwtynig roiMiHOM tbii wayiiadfmnttiBiei :batw<y> 

31 oBct 


« They Ciaii Ucke 3 1 ^'^^^ ""af^^f C^eke ye after the kingdome of mother : the mother 

Ghap. XIII. Go j^iudgements unfear cBable. jr 

oothing, which are God, andallthele things Ihalbe cnft upon you. 
carefuii for the ^ j 9 feare not , little flocke : for it is your Fa- 

kmgdome of ^^^^ pleafiire to give you the kingdome. 

9 It it 



33 J <f »o Sell that ye have, and give kalmes: 
make you bagges which waxenot olde :a treafure 
that can never faile in heaven , where nothiefe 
commeth, neither moth corrupteth. 

34 For where your treafure is , there will your 
hearts be alfo. 

3 J S S " Let your loines be girded about, and 
your lights burning. 

3(J And ye your felves like unto men that wait 
k ThiiUtht figure for thdr raafter.when hee will returne from the 
Mt!cnirme,f,rh redding , that when hee commeth and knocketh 

for fmall things, at 
lis hands I which 
givfth lu frttly 
the greatell thing*. 
«t Mat:h.«.aO. 
JO A godly boun- 
vvay 10 get true 

i, memt that com- 
paficH dftd friend- 
that tendcrlth ihe 
tniferie .indprire 
ijlate of man, tnd 
fheneihficrth it 
filfe hfime^irt. 
«nd hath the namt 
£')>en it in the 
Creekfttngue ,>f 
nercie and com- 
faffim .■ and there 
g7>f almCi, rcha 
thini '° '""'^''> 
and^i)>elh fc the 
$hcrehj,thathe fi- 
tieth their ftart 

g i.Fcf.1,13. 
J I The life of ine 
^itbfull htvaati 
of God, in ihii 
world iiaceri. 
laine watchful! 
yeregrinationi ha. 
the v5ord going 
before it. 
» Matth. 14,43, 
and 3,3. 
I a Konehave 
more neede to 
watih , then they 
»hat have fome de- 
gree of honour 
in the bouniolde 

1 That is, every 
tiionethfuch mea- 
fureefcorneas vva» 

sn More then ot 
him 10 whom fo 
much vvaj not gi- 

J 3 TbeGofpelil 
theoiiely caufe 
of peace betweeue 
the godly: andfo 
it fi the occafion 
moug the wicked. 

they may open unto him immediatly . 

3 7 BlelVed are thofe fervants , whom the Lord 
when hee corameth fliallfinde waking: verely I 
lay unto you, hee will girdhimfelfe about, and 
make them to fit downe at table , and will come 
forth, and fetve them. 

38 And if hee come in the fecond watch , or 
come in the third watch , and fliaii finde them fo, 
bleffed are thofe fervants . 

39 ■•' Now underftand thjs,that if the good man 
of the houfehad knowenat what houre thethiefe 
•would have come , he would have watched , and 
would not have fuffercd his houfe to be digged 

40 12 Be yee alfo prepared therefore : for the 
Sonne of man will come at aa houre when yee 
thinke not. 

4 1 Then ^eter ftyd unto him , Mafter , telkth 
thou thisparable unto us, oreven to all ? 

4z And the Lord fayd, who is a faithful! ftew- 
ard and wife , whom the mafter lliall make ruler 
©ver his houiholde , to give them their 'portion 
ofmeatinleafon ? 

43 Bleffed it that fervant, whom his mafler when 
he commeth, ihall finde fo doing. 

44 Of a trueth , 1 fay unto you , that hee will 
make him ruler ovenJl that he hath. 

4 y BHt if that fervant fay in his heart, My mafter 
doth deferre his comming, and ihall begin to (mit e 
the fervants , and maidens , and to eat and drinke, 
and to be drunken. 

46 The mafter of that fervant will come in a day 
when he thinkethnot .andatan home when he is 
not ware of , and will cut him ofl", and give him his 
portion with the unbeleevers. 

47 $ And that fervant that knew his mailers 
will , and prepared not himfelfe , neither did accor- 
ding to his will, Ihalbcbeaten with many Bripet, 

4li But he that knew it not, and yet did commit 
things woorthie of flripcs, Ihall be beaten with few 
ftripes I for unto whomlbever much is given , of 
him lliall be much required , and to whom men 
much commit , m the mote of him will they aske, 

4$> S »3 1 am come to put lire on the earth jand 
what is my defire , if it be already kindled ? 

JO Notwithflandinglituft be baptized with a 
baptifme , andhow am 1 grieved till it be ended? 

y I ^ Thinke yee that I am come to give peace 
on earth ? I tell you , nay, but rather debate. 

fx For from hencefoonh there Ihallbehvein 
one houfe divided j. three againft two j and two 
againft three. 

y 3 The father flialbe divided againft the fonne, 
and the Tonne againft the father ; the mother a- 
gainft the daughter, and the daughter againft the 

in law againft her daughter in , 
law , and the daughter in law againft her mother in L Men'which are 

■ law. ■ ,, ■ v.,iec]^Kl:eof 

y4 J .|. 14 Then fayd he to the people , when ''.;ht in eanhly 
ye fee a cloud nrife out of the Weft ,ftraio;htwav"''?S'' "'>''■"'« 
yefay.Alhowrecommethrandfoitis^ J' ^.bictp'e'Xt^ 

yy And when ye/fe the South wmde blow ,ye the heavenly life, 
fay , that it will be hote : and ir commeth to paffe. ^'^^ itat through 

y6 Hypocrites, yee can difcetnethe face of the thtirowne malice. 
earth.and of the fkie: but why difcerne ye not this rethZde"her\,h 

time? ■ itfei/iu/etherih 

y7 '! Yea, and why iudge ye not of your felves '*'" e"t c/tht 
what is right ? - '""■ 

y8 !:§ While thon goeft with thine adverfarie ^/.^^'j-^^^'h"'* 
to the ruler, as thou art in the way , give diligence jove of tbemfeiveij 
in the way, that thoumayeft be delivered from and therefore ate 
him ,Ieaft he draw thee to the iudge, and the iudge ^'"'^'''''"'*,, 
deliver thee to the iay let . and the iayler caft thee betX'r!i)."d^ 

intoprifon. oftheirfolie. 

yp I tell thee.thou flialt not depart thence, till t Matth. iMf, 
thou haft payed the vtmoft mite. ° ^°' *"" '''•"^■"' 

^ ■' Ta-dimandandra. 

ther the tmerciament; nihich thej were ennJemneJ unto that had ■enTon^fuiytrcidUd 
men: mcreever^scffiicrs makf ihtmnhich a-e ecndtmncd, ptj 
thiy cype , }ia , and often times if the-) he cisiinaie . th^} dse nut tnelj tnke the oA and' 
charge) efthem, lut alfe imfrijin them. 


1 Ofthe Caliledns, 4 and thtfe thxt rvere ftajne under 

Sitcam. « The fi^fe tree that hare no fruit, n Then'- 
mjn njexed yciih ""the ffirit «/ infrmitie , that is , Ttiih a 
difiafe Irought tn her Ij Sat.m , is healed. 1 9 The pa- 

rMenftherraineifmufiardfecd. 21 Ofkai>tn'. 13 Htw > 

fiwfhalhefaved. 31 Henid th,it Ftxr . 

•Tn Here « were certaine raenprefent at the fame 'ji^"""b"mft 
■^ feafon, that lliewed him ofthe Galileans, "^Jni^,'en, of" 
whofe blood a Pilate had mingled with their others, but raib« 

i^Crifices. beintiruaed 

i And lefus anfwered , and fayd unto them, ^'hereby to repen- 
Suppofe ye ,thatthefe Galileans were greater fin- ""p'^hm, p,;,,,, 
nets then all the ether Galileans , becauie they have wa, pwnmrcf 
fuffered fuch things ? ludt"*, almtfl tm 

3 I tell you , nay : but except ye amend your ■","'/' ^^.f f''^L 
lives, ye (ball alllikewifeperiih. huicwrJm''ntZ 

4 Or thinke you that thoie eighteene ,upon tvhichmi^hbet. 
whom the tower in b Siloani fell , and P.ew them, hut the fifteenth 
were finners above all men that dwell in Hierufalcr ■'"■" frh'r7fi7ni- 

_ y I tell you , nay . but except yee a.mend your }"fj'f, n?rk,'"f 
lives, ye (liall all iikewile perilh. cur redemftion hj 

6 1 2 He fpake alfo this parable, A certaine man hiideaih. '■■ ■ 
had a figge tree , planted in his vineyard : and hee ''I'f.l'^J,'',;"^, f„ 
came and fought fruit thereon, and found none , 'siu'm'yjas Itfmlu 

7 Then fayd he to the dreifer of bis vineyard, „>,.,, frcnnvhoi^e 
Beholde, this thiee yeeres have I come and foiiglit the conduits ef the '- 

fruit of this fie'ae tree,and find none : cut it downe: "'" ''•""'■ ■ "'^.^"'''^ 

, , , C'^.r , II , Tehn 9,7. and EJ.iU 

why keepeth it alfo the ground = barren ? s.e.and therefore 

8 And- he anfwered , and (ayd unto him i Lord, itwatatcrvcmr 
let it alone this yeeie alfo, till I digge round about <-<'/?!'. f'uHi t*pcr, 
it. and dung it. the<cri»i, f,de, 

9 And if it beare fruit, well : if not , then after J^^, ^^^^J,, 
thoullialt cut it downe. Udfme. 

10 S3 And he taught in one of theSynagogues a Grra: and long 
on the Sabbath day. . fien«'ofG<ld'^" 

1 1 And beholde, there was a woman which had ^^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^j^;^^^ 
a d fpirit of intirmitie eighteene yeeres, and was iei.?.hheextcu. 
bowed together, and could not lift up fdfe xmed lu^ement. 

a"ywire.° "I'd^'tr'eli 

1 i when lefiis faw her , hee called her to him,'t, whid 
and fayd her , Woman , thou att « loofed from thy cihemi/t rvtre 
difeafe. " goedf,rv-nes. 

1 3 And he layed his hands on her . and imrae- aeUve\ui"tom'* 

the bandi of Satan. <J TrtiMedir'ih a difi.tfe which Satan hroa^ht. c Fer 

Satan Uadthe rveman hound , as iffiie had hettin (htiiici ,i>ifimuch that for ei^htetnt 
jctreifp.itceifht (tiiU ntt hiUe up hsr krfrf. 


The ftrait gate. 

4 A livei, .mig. diatly (hc was made ftraight agaibe ,' and glorified 

ro«t/it«/' »4 4 And the f filler of the Synagogue anfwe- 

Uf I'f til sjmt- red wirfi indignation , becaule that lefts healed on 
g,g»t,yit tfftt''- the Sabbath //(jj, and fayd unto the people. There 
riih h g^^ lixe dayJs'in which men ought to worke : in 
ihtnkn'nfl'c'' them therefore come and be hcalcd,and not on the 
,»«,r«i*r,./-,te Sabbath day. ,r j., 

jj«4;»fti;. 1 y Then anfwered him the Lord.andlayd.Hy- 

« pocrite , doth notech one of you on the Sabbath 
7cod b^an.rh "^Z loofe his oxe or his alVe from the ftall , and lead 

S. Luke^ 

with him away to ihi water < 

"S>' i6 Andoijj;ht not this daughter of Abraham, 
whom Satan had bound, loe , eighteene yeeres , be 
leofed from this bond on the Sabbath d-y ? 

1 7 And when he iayd t hefe things all his adver- 
faries were afliamed : but all the people reioyccd at 
ail the excellent things that were done by him. 

1 8 1^ Thenfa^'dhe. Whatisthekingdome 
of God like ? or whereto (hzll I compare it? 

19 f It is like a graine of muftard feed , which 
a man tooke andfosved in his garden , and it grew, 
and waxed a great tree , and the fowles of the hea- 


thjiibc unlookte 
i( may beiies I'ec 
forth tsiipovirr. 
j M»«b.i3 33. 

m MJttb,9.3r. 

6 AgliDfttbtm 
«vbich hadiaiber 
tb«ngoe right 
wi:ba feWi aoJ 

tbrougb ibeii owoe yen made nelTs in the branches theceof. 

flownefle , are Ciut ^^ ^ j ^^^ againe he fayd . Whercunto fliall I 

« M«J.°t . 3- ^'^^'^^ '^*= kingdome of God? 

*Hi:iiiriv'»ioe n It is like leaven, which a woman tooke.and 

To theCburch, hid in three pecks of flouwTe.tillall was leavened. 

wbichiinetof xz ^ *■ «Andhee wentthorow all cities and 

ifiitiftiwtik. falem. 

iourneying toward Hieui-> 


dren together I as thehenne ^itf>erei Ijer ' brood » WorJf^r-worj, 
under her wings, and ye would not. ?*' "f " •' »°» '*« 

jy Beholde , your houfe is left unto you defo- *["^j „cfi "^ 
late : and verely I tell you , ye (hall not fee me un- 
till the time come that ye iliail fay, Blefled W he that 
commcth ia the name of the Lord. 


I ThtJrefrnht*UdcntheSaU:aih. i Tkechitfe fUcts M 
hank'ts. 1* ThefcTtmufiUcaUedfmrfe^Ji,. 16 Of 
ihcji tlutrverebiJtuHieireatJUpftr. ij SotiHcmi' 

ftUedt<>(tmtin, at Ont aheut 10 huiU A l<ivi*r , 

ANd « it came to paiVe that when hee was entred 
into the houfe of « one of the chiefe Pharifes i Tbetaweef 
on the Sabbath daj , to eat bread , they watched 'i>« very sabbath 

Jji^^ ought not to hin- 

2 And beholde , there was a ceitaine roan be- chaitiV "' " 
fore him. which had tlie droplie. a Eithtr mi efii'g 

3 Then lefus anfwering , fpake unco the Law- ^''^"' • vpi-'mthtf^ 
vers and Pharifees , faying , Is iclawfuil to hcale on ""■""'" ■^""l"- 
the S abbath day ? .^.-.A o/,i,t s'na, 

4 And thsy held their peace. Then hee tooke ^e«gK«,/o*;> 7,^8. 
him, and healed him, and let him goe. fcnhis -wcrd Ph*~ 

y And anfwered them , faying , Which of you 'ifZcil''",CTkit 
JSallhave an alTe.oran cxe fallen into a put.and will 4j,^«re i, tie ' ' 
not ftraight way pull him on the Sabbath day? rvhdihift»ry ik*t 

6 And they could not anl\«cre him againe to '*' ^*'"'?/'' ^«f« 
thofe things. inccMctHu 

7 J * Hee fpake alio a parable to the ghefts, 

when hee marked how they chofe out thecbiefe , xhertwarfof 

tOomCi, and fayd UIKO them, . ptideisignomioy. 

8 When thou Ihalt be bidden of any man to a a"d tbe rewarded 

.« Mait.7.«3-' 23* Then fayd one tinto him , Lord , aretherg wedding , fet not thy feife downe in the chiefeft ',"'""'**""'* 

r,4i . fM-i. s . fe^, jj, jj fliaibe laved ? And he fayd unto them, 
f .-7t,^.V.»«"i the 24 * Strive to enter in at the lHaitgate:for ma- 
caiiiag of the Gen- ny, I fay unto you , will leeke to enter m , and Ihail 

»ileii»foretolde. HOC be able. 

g Ffcm tU tie ^y When the good man of the houfe is rifen upj 

^"t""S,L/t an<i hath Ihut to the doore . and ye begin to ftaud 
tueftMtt cjih* without, and to knocke at the doore , faying, Lord, 
thie/ejl. Lord, open to us , and he (liall anfwere and fay unto 

• ^W4t. 19,30- ""I y(^i,^ J know yea not whence ye are. 
t,%vermuft ^?" ^6 7 Then Qall ye begin to fay, We have eaten 
i-Qtwaidinibe and drunken in thy preience, and thou hafl taught 

cafe of out calling, jn q^^ ftreetS. 

»btougb ibe m.dft ^^ ;^ But he (liall fay , I tell you . I know you 
iher"th°" te'«"< " "°^ whence ye are : depart from me, all ye workers 
crCaioed. ofiniquitie. 

hTUidtaitfMdod jg 8 There flnall be weeping and jgnafhing of 
.,»«*«««• m«.^.^ teeth,when ye niall fee Abrahara, and Ifaac. and la- 
timi.'andTh^fhjl- cob,and all the Prophets in the kingdome of God, 
fdjiLitimr"- andyourfelvesthruftoutatdooies. 
3>trLt:QreU,hT<> 29 Then Ihail comc w<j«j from the g Eaft , and 
^fi'^f^J^l""/^''; from the Weft , and from the North , and from the 
South, andfliall fit at Table in the kingdome of 

30 ♦ And beholde,therc are laft, which (Iwll be 
firft.and there are firft, which Ihalbe laft. 

3 1 9 The fame day there came ceriaine Phari- 
fes , and fayd u-nco hita , Depart and go hence : for 
■♦tfS". Herod will kill thee. 

*. '^'^'; ^r*"" '*' 3 X Then fayd he unto thtJtn , Goe yee and tell 
o'.'^u'" '^-1' ? f'^^e. Behold, I caft oui devils.and will heale 

10 Theieafeno fiill to day , and to morow , and the third day I 

wbetemorectuell (halibc k pcrfcdtcd. 

h"i"^°b.yM 3 i " NevenhdelTe I muft walke to day . and 
Ut'vJthio iheSaD- tomorow , and the day following : for it cannot fee 
«uary and cbuicb that a I'tophet flitiuld perilh out of Hicrufalcm. 
it Cclfe : but God ^4 -^ Q Hienifakm . Hierulalem, which k JlleQ 
t".'u^eb"w the Prophets, and ftoiieft them that are fent to 
)^«'^uo«*^it. thee # bow often weuJitl have gathered tKythil- 

fiandtht Mmf ifidf 
BUT it , «"«' h r* 
•nmlPir^ limt 
It tetnt, meaning 
tlKf:hj aH dt lime 
It time I mtitnin^^ 
Ihtrtljol^ ''"<'"'* 
tfiii ininjlirj itH' 

place , leaft a more honourable man then thou be ' 
bidden of him, 

9 And he that bade both him and thee, come, 
and fay to thee , Give this maa roome , and thou 
then begin with ;hame to take the loweft roome. 

10 « But when thou art bidden , goe and fit „ - 
downe in the loweft roome , that when lie that bad '"V'^^Ti 
thee, commeth , he may lay unto thee , Friend , 

fit up higher:then (bait ihouhave worlbipinthe ji j,,^^ j - 
prefence of them that fit at table with thee, mdtth.ij*!!. 

11 S For whofoever exalteth himfelfe.lhall be 3 Agaiatt'ihe'in 
brouoht low, and he that humbleth himfeife , ihali wii'ch lavifli out 
be exalted. then good, either 

1 2 «f 3 Then faid he alio to him that had bidden hope orr«oro.' '^^ 
him, ■*■ whenthoumakefta dinnerorafupper,call penfe.where as' 
not thy fiiends,nor thy brethren , neither thy kinf- Cbtiftiaa chan'iy 
men.nor the rich nighbours,left they alfo bid thee '^J^f;^*" ^fj^^ ' 
a»aine,and arecompcnfcbeemadcihee. andtbeprofitof' 

1 3 But when thou roakeft a feaft,call the poore, our neighbou*. 
the maimed, the lame <t«i the biinde. * Prov.3.27. 

14 And thou Qialt be blcifed, becaufe they can '°''^^7. ^^^^ ^^^^^^ 
not recompenfe thee : for thou Ihalt be recompen- , ,_, 

fed at the refurre6tion of the iuft. 4 The mod part 

ic C Now when one of them that fate at table <ven of them to 

heard thefe things . he fayd anto h im . BlelV.d i: he ,'^^°',';j^^f„,''f"f^ 

that eatcth bread in the kingdome of God. ai^fo ro«i'?"tha' 

16 Then faid he to him, * A certainc man made fucb heipianbey 
a great fupper, and bade many, have received of 

17 And fent bis fervant at fupper time to fay f°^^J^^ll'^i^tt^' 
to them that were bidden. Come: for all things aad"h"ndeMocei. 
are now ready. ^ b^ttf/iifur- 

18 S But they all with h oneminde beganne to p'fe . and a thing 
make excufeiThe firftfaid unto him. I have bought J^'^'I^J/l",^fj^i[' 
a farme , and I muft needs go out and fee it ; I pray ('jyififcnU uu. 
thee have me excufed. fi, ,■,» aii cfihtnt 

1$ And another fayd , I have bought five yoke oiret in thij, thM 
of oxen . and I goe w pro^ve thsoJ ; i pray tHee ;;'^*-'|;';X'mV 
havemjexwled, „„„mt>/>*ti*r^ 
ao Aiid 

Xtie great Supper. 

Chap. x\r. 

xo Andanothcrray<I,Ihave majied a wife,and 
therefore I cannor corr.e. 

21 So chat fervant retutned.and fi^ewedhis 
rnafter thefe things. Then was the goodman of 
the houfeangrie j'andlayd to his fervanc , Goe out 
quickly into the cflreetes and lanes- of the citie, 
and bring in hither the poore, and the maimed > and 
the halt.and the blinde. 

22 And the fervant faid , Lord , it is downe as 
thou haft coraraanded, and yet there is roorae. 

23 Then the matter (aid to the fervant , Goe 
out into the hie wayes , and hedges .and com- 
pell thera to come in » that mine houle may be 

24 For I fay u nto you .that none of thoft men 
which were bidden, fliall tafte of my fupper. 

2f 5, Nowethere went great multitudes with 
him, and he returned and faid unto thera, 

2<J w If any man come to me , and ^ hate HOt 
his father .and mother, and wife, and children.and 
brethren , and fillers : yea , and his owne iifi alfo, 
he cannot be my difciple. 

atf S « And whofoever beareth not his 
croile , and commeth after me , cannot be my dif- 

Jland letVftttK Gt4 ciple. 

%^rJ,S!i ^8 For which of you minding to buildea 
theftverJtaunot towrc , e Jitting not downc before , andcountetn 
aokcnfimfij.tHt thecoft, whether he have fufficient to performe 

ij (cmfifijin^ it. 

%ttthi6i*' ^? Leaft that after be bath layed the foundation, 

ptVkii.iV ^"'^ 's "°' ^'^'^ ^° perfotme it , all that bcholde it, 

a ThettuefoU begin to mocke him, 

3o Saying, This man began te build , and was 

t Even thofe af. 
ftftioas ,vcfaicb 
sie of tkeroldvei 
eO) muft be lulei 
andordwed, tbat 
Have ibe upper 
kaiid and preemU 

•{• Mattli.»0;47. 

lowtri af Cbrift 

■irZ\tL not able to make an end. 

aid figfat.acd tbtr(< 

fore be ready and 




K <At html, and 

nifitih all hit ngt 



m*rk'9'S- ■ 
2 Thedifciptea 
ofCbiift iniifl be 
«vife> botb for 
tkcmfelvet and 
fMotlien: other* 
wife rhey be 

ii Or what king going to makewarre againft 
another King , litteth not downe firft . and taketh 
counlell , whether he be able with ten thoufand, 
to meete him that commeth againft him with 
twentie thoufand ? 

32 Or eb while he is yet a great way ©ff.he fen- 
deth an amballage , and defireth peace. 

33 So likewife , whofoever he be of you , that 
fodakethnot all that he hath , hee cannot be my 

34 * 7 Saltisgood : but if fakhave lofthisfa, 
vour, whetiewith ihall it be falced ? 

3y It is neither meete for the land, nor yet for 
tkefo»liii»e<lofall.Lliednnohil,butmen caft it out. Hee that hath 
eares to neare, let him heare. 

G H A P. XV. 
^. ThtftrahU tftUUn fhttft, 3 Ofthtirttlt. iS >An4 
efihe [m^gt'ifinne. 

'Y Hen ■'' reforted unto 1 him a ikl the Pubiicanes 

and linnets, to heare him. 

T. Therefore the Phariles ,anil Scribes murmu- 
red, faying, Hee receiveth finners,and eaceth with 

3 Then fpake he this parable to them, faying, 

4 " what man of you having an himdreth 
flieepe.ifheelofeoneof them , doeth not leave 
ninetieand nine in the wildernefie ,and goe after 
thatwhich is loft, untjU he finde it ? 

y And when he hath found it , hee layeth it on 
bis Ihouldcrs with ioy.. 

6 And'wlien he corcmeth home , he calleih to- 
gether his "fiiends and neighbours , faying imto 
them, Rcioyce with mec: tori have founde my 
flieepe which was lolt- 

Z I % Hmo you, that likewise ioyflalj be in 

V Qhivmnutt, 

B W( Dwft DOC 

but according 
she example of: 
take great paiae* 
about tbem. 
trSumt fuhlitiitt 
end fintiert camt 
U ChnJi'frmtaS' 

Theprodigallfonne* 3 a 

heaven fou one finner*that convertech, wore then 
for ninetie and nine iuft men , which need none 
amendment of life. 

8 Either what woman having tenne groates , if 
ftiee loofe one groate, doeth not li^hc a candlc.and 
Iweepe the houfe , and feeke diii<»ently till fl:e 

hndeic ? '' 

9 And when Ilie hath found it , Oiee calleth her 
friendes, and neighbours,faying,Reioyce with me: 
for I have found thegroat whicii I had loft. 

I o Likewife I fay unto you, there is ioy in the 
prefence of the Angels of God , for one /inner thac 

I I J a Hee faid moreover , A certaine man had .'J^Z.ytilL 

twofonnes. fromCod.bavini 

I z And the yonger of them fayde to his father, fpoiUd ihemfelvei 
Father, give mee the portion of the goods that *''^*''''^*°«*" 
fallethtomee. So hee divided unto them /iy fub- ^^d'^'f^t^ca"" 

flance. themfelvethead- 

13 So not many day es after , when the yonger long into infinite 
fonne had fathered all together, he tooke his iour- "'j™i.'j^" j.^"' 
ney into a tarre countrey , and there hee wafted his Er goodn'ffe^oft. 

goods with riotous living. ,iog ihemfelfe fret- 

14 Nowe when hee had fpentall , there arofe a 'y " them, whon. 
great dearth thorowout that land, and hee be^an *"""''^'°"p™-' 
to be in neceffitie. gTamStheir 

1 y Then hee went and clave to a citizen of that miferie wLLwU 
countrey , and hee fent him to his farme , to feed tbey weretamed, 

fwine. doeth not one) y 

16 And hee would faine have filled his bellie SemVa'tlifoeD- 
with the huskes that the fwine ate:but no man gave richeth tbem vsii& 

them him, farre greater gifu, 

17 3 Then he came to himfelfe, and fayd.How «"^ t'eavth tben 
many hired fervants at my fathers have bread ^,'^^ '"''"'''' 
enough, and I die for hunger ? 3 The beginning. 

1 15 I will rife and go to ray father, and lay unto of repentance ii 
him , Father , I have finned againft b heaven , and <'^.« »cknov»ied. 
before thee. *f"^°/'''u'T,? 

* J V 1 11 J .,, o'Ccd, which !tir. 

1 g And am no more worthy to be called thy i,th at to fao; c 
(bnne : make my as one of thine hired fervants. weJi. 

20 So he arofe and came to his father,and when ^ -^^ainjl c„i 
he was yet a great way oft , his father faw him , and f^"w( f,"i"'''^i 
hfldcompafsion, andranandfellonhisnecke, and " '* '*" 
kifl'ed him. 

21 4 And the fonne faid unto him.Father.I have 4lntruerep«- 
finned againft heaven , and before tHee , and am no """ 'J""* '• » ^«' 
more worthy tobecalledthy fonne ^fed'^^tS' 

2» Then the tatherlayd to his fervants ,Bnng rowandfhame, 
foorth the beft robe , and put it on him , and put a f'om whence 
ring on his hand, and llioes on his feet. ^i"^"''/ """' 

23 And bring the fat calfe. and kill him, and let SfuiTowwiv 
us eat, and be mery : forjiventfli, 

24 For this my fonne was dead , and is alive 
againe : and he was loft, but he is found. And they 
began to be mery. 

2 y f Now the elder brother was iinhe freld , arid j^^^^ ^^ , 
when he came & drew neerc to the houfe, he heard feareGod, deiir? 

melodie. tobaveallnento 

26 And called one of his fervants , and asked ^* »'^'' f»liovv«* 
what thofe things meant. 

%y And he layd unto him.Thy brotheris come, 
and thy father hath killed the fat caife , becaule he 
hath received him fj.feand found. 

%% Then he was angry , and would not goe is: 
therefore came his fatker out, and entreated him, 

19 But he anfwered,and faydto his father,Loe» 
thefe many yeercs have I done thee fervice , nei- 
^er brake I at any time thy commandementrand 
:^tthou never gaveft me a kid that I might make 
ffifty with my friends^ 

JOi. But 

1 Swing tilt mfo 
ofif otnnei pur- 
cbafc ftitodfllip 
othomemcofti. * 

1 (hBuic for u«, How 

The fteward. Riches ofiniqauie. 

30 But when this th'y fonne Vii come , which 
hath devoured thv goods with harlots, thou halt 
for his like killed the fat calfe. 

3 t An-! hs fiid unto him , Sonne, thou art ever 
W):h mc, and all that I have, is thine. It was race te 
that wcil^owU make mery , and bee glad; for this 
ihybrotheV'wasdead.andis alive agame:andhe 
was loft, but he is found. 

C H A V. XVI. 

I Tltf*>Meafihfinf:ifdaccuftiti,hi,m4tr. i3 To 

feri>e live mdjitrt. i< rk« /ntP «'»''''>« J'"P«" • '» °J 

A Nd he fayd alio unto hisdifciples . « There 
■" was a cettaiue rich man , which had a fteward, 
and he was accufed unto him . that hee wafted his 

X And hee called him , and fayde unto bim, 

.,„. _.. ,. it that! hearcthisof thee ? Give an ac- 

fwi!h«fr«.i,d count of thy ftewardllMp : for thou raayeft be no 
]ibe:aii hfitowin? ]q^„^^ fteward 

tt Lcfrbthl!": T Then the fteward fayde within himfelfe. 
»M u» to ihM i-ur- what fliall I doe ? for my mafter takeih away tiom 
pofe, wedoenot me the ftewardihip, I cannot digge , ani to bcgge 
,le.feh.m nor lamalhamed. 

^""070'' «Tgb. 4 I kno we what I will doe. that when 1 am put 
boim.f«ingthjt out of the ftcwatdQiip , they ^may receive me into 
by..hi.cotly their houfes. _. . 

mtacM, richfi. ^^^^^ ^^jj^^ he UHto him every one of his 

t^uo^£Z{ tnafters debters . and fayd unto the firft . How much 
«nnf, artturnedto oweft thou unto my mailer ? 
acother endtaod g ^j^j hg faycl. All hundieth meafutes of oyle. 
VTtl'p^Mticih^^'^'^-'^ ^^'''^ ^o '^'"^ • "^^"^^ thy writing, and fit 
Rcf a-'fLi,tiU downe quickely, and write hfiie, 
/liw^rjiraughiie 7 Then faid he to another , How much owcft 
<;f<tlm^,/cr.f»i>rfjjhou > And he fayde, Anhundreth meafures ot 
Vnli'il(i/i'7'''i^' "h'^a'e.T hen he fayd to him.Take tliy writing and 
ufh^Tvaihingcc' write fourefcore. . , , 

j^rtiy,iT<iiifa>irc 8 And the Lord commended a the vniult 
under. 1 figure ts fteward , bec^-;ufc he had done uifely. Wherefore 
'[fi?ff'4lr««r'theb children of this world are in their generation 
ihrJ^hh -rivhtkt wifer then the children of light. 
nMi'criifilfi:fi 9 And I fay unto you , Make you friends with 
«'"»'f''"? '"'*''•** the riches cofiniquitie , that when yeftiallwant. 
uJlh'J'th"'" they may receive you into ev^rlafting d habita- 

10 2 He that is faithfull in the leaft , he is alfo 
faithfull in much , and he that is vniuft in the leaft, 
is vniuftalfoinmuch. 

1 1 If then yee have not bene faithfull in the 
wicked riches , who will truft you in the « true 

1 2 And if yec have not bene faithfull in fano- 
ther roans goodt , wholhall give you that which is 
yours ? 

13 -J. 3 No fervant can ferve two mafters : for 
^'^^^■■'''^'^"'^'^^tetheone.and lovethc other : or 
c "rVjrii'nc'yf o^,«i els he Ihall leanc to the oik: , and defpife the other. 
«//eWj lA.ii art Ye caunot fcrve God and riches. 
*''f!iT,''"'J^l<u». '4 ^" thefe things heard therharifes alfo which 
tifuUtti'titlt ' were covetous, and they fcofled at him. 
fntjrcma^rU ly 4 Then hec faide uuto them, Ycc are they, 
/■<«.,',.Mr . tu( tf which iufiifie your felves before men , but God 
i^u.r'-'hfi riches^ knowethyour hearts : for that which is highly 

ughlilf . <J Te n>if, ihe foort CMjliMt ! ftr ihty are ihe ^n'-triltrs ofthtfe 

S. Luke. Of Dives and Lazams. Abrahams bofome; 

■jBtrlily mm Are 
afftirei cfihu 
totrli, thtn cM- 
drrn i^Ccd art 
b M trt that art ffi 
lift, tontrarj It 
jvhtm tl)t thildrtx 
eflfrUt art fti .- S . 



T altrnatUT IhifpHi!. 1 Wrongbt tonVebtrtdtihjt forabufiodour tar:hly funSi. 
onatiddutlie,w«bt notdrpriveJ>^fhe»veolygiftes ; for howtcan tbcy vlefjJirituall 
gifttarijht iWboiburc worldly tbingj? e Th<itu,htaVcnly and trutry/iiti : -nhkh 
arlcttr^ryiotPtrldlytinJfivlia^jHhllanee. { In norUty ^ocdi.vjh'^h .,r t c Mi J cth tr 
m'ni.hciiuftt'tyitrcccmminrdtteurcrtiitt. <■ Marti,. 6,14. 3 Komancanlom 
C:d and ticiieitosctlin. 4 Our fnnei »re oot bidden to Cod .although (b«y^ iK 
<;« M nuo.fM »Uli9«gb tbc|F b«bid<ko to thtm wbeft riaaci ibey aie. 

eftcemed among men, is abomination in the fight »« "'"„,"'*• 

°'God. derp.nrdthe«. 

16 * f The Lawe and the Prophets ««i/(«rfi ceiienci«( of tbe 
until! lohn : and fince that time the kinj^dome n«w CovcBoati 

of God is preached , and every man preaffeth intu 'o"%aofthe _ 

^ ^ », . . ,- , . . , raniofihef<r. 

17 S Now Jt IS more eah€ that heaven and earth fed righteouf. 
(hould pafte away . then that one title of the Lawc n<rn>ottbc Law» 

niouldtall. andhowta;feex. 

18 ^ * Whofoever putteth away his wife . and ^° «l'''he Law 
marrieth another, corhmitteth adulrerie : and who- ctinftdeciaretb ' 
foever marrieth her g that is put away from her bytbeffventh 
husband, committeth adulterie. Commandcmtnt. 

19 ^6 There was a certaine rich man , which * Muti s'''i\aa 
Was doathed in k purple and fine )imien ,and fared ,9,,. , .corV.ii. 
well and delic'Ctrly everyday. g rhey thatgnhir 

20 Alfo there was a certaine begger named *'•''*''/''''"•'*'»'• 
Lazarus . which was layde at his gate full of,7,7«^X°'^5^„'""" 
fores, that ht htth put 

u And defired to bee refreflM^d with the anay hit nift fir 
crummes that fell from the rich mans table : yet, "''"'"'■''■'»'''•'«/*« 
and the dugges came and licked his fores, ^iy''kaf°"f7'^' 

22 And it was fo that the begger died : znA^'thofihJjiJi''."'^ 
was carietl by the Angels into Abrahams bofome. i""'«'n'4if4»Aa 
The rich man alfo died, and was buried. ' 

^ 2 3 And being in hell in roimenrs , i he lift up Z,u('tht'dh'^ 
his eyes . and faw Abraham a faire oft", and Lazarus >erce>rMni'fSai' 
inhisbofbme. " uittry ,/,, aduirc 

14 Then heecried.and fayd, Father Abraham, •■"• were put t> 
have mercy on me . and fend Lazarus that he may i'^bfeli^^Ze 
dip the tip of his finger in water , and coole my povtrae and mi- 
tongue: for I am tormented in this flame. feiieof the godly, 

2f But Abraham fayd , Sonne , remember that ''"'Dse^flaning 
ihou in thy life time receivedft thy pleafures, ami;^^;;^!^^. 
likewife Lazarus paints : now theiefore is he corn- and cruti) pride 
forted, and thou art tormented. ofihtrichihallbe 

26 Befideali this .betweeney ou and Hs there "'"'*'*'''2 "''^'* 

-- -- - --- ne, without aH 

. , , - hopeof mercy, 

neither can they come h firy ^cr^ecu/!, 

arulfumftHCHjIy ! 

7 Then he Jayd , I pray thee therefore fa- f" f'pj'i-'rme^tf 
ther' that fhou wouldeft fend him to my fathers fn'e'iilfen'-Jhfch'"* 

houfe, rva,a\il,Ttofiin, 

28 (Forlhavefive brethren) that he XRnyK-nenthit came out 
ftifie unto them ,lcft they alfo come into this place "fy^c'^ia , txnt tt 
oftorment. fn'tZiflU 

19 Abraham fayd untohira,They have Moyfesyj,„j,„j[ Ja;,^,*,* 
and the Prophets : let them heare them. txpreffed.andjit 

30 And he fayd,Kay father Abraham : but if one frth-under^tUurt 
come unto them from the dead , they will amend ''J'i"-^S'r''r"* 
their hves. 7 S.cingthatwe 

3 1 Then he faid unto them , If they heare not bav« a moftfu.e 
Moyfes and the Prophets , neither will they bj per- '"i« to liVt by, layd 

fuaded, thsugh one rife from the dead againe. T^^Tn "J'" «'"^ 

/-ii.T^ v\Tti wordofGod,ralli« 

CHAP, XVII. „/yandvainelydoe 

I Offence,. J WVm4,?/.f^,>r/,.-«-*4Mr<^4,Tfti J<:.ti«y? „„ f„kefoiotheE 
«/. 10 Wee are Hnprc/itatlt f,r>anli. 11 Of ihe icn leper,, i^y^i^^i^^^^ 
10 Of the cemminrefihe k:n^,-'i>'n"'f heaven. 33 faljl 
Ch'fi,. 3S ^fierivh,ilm.inrrChTillieimmin£fi,alUe. « Matth.lJ.y, 

'T' Henraydheetohisdi(ciples,«|« ' It can not be inarke9,4». 

avoided , but tliatoffences will come , but woe » TheCburchfi 
(>e to him by whom they come. of nectlT^iefub. 

2 It is better for him tbat a »reat milftone but,".Lord"wiH 
were hanged about his necke.and that hee were not fuffer ibem us« 
caft into the fea.then that hcQiouldoflend one l"'D''hf'l.ifaoyoJ 
of thefe little ones. ^ t^b.^leanbeoffca- 

3 J » Take heed to yoirr felves : if thy brother ,VjrreprehM. 
trelpafle againft thee , rebuke him :and if hee re- fi^m muii beiuft, . 

pent, forgive him. • andprocttdepf •! 

4 <. And though hee finneagainft theefeven '""^"J^'jjli^- 

from hence to you .cannot 
from thence to us. 
^7 . 


Qiapl Xviff. 

times in a day J and feven time J in a Jay tnrae a- 
gaine to thee, faying , It repentcth mee . thou Ibalt 
forgive him. 

y ^ 3 And the Apoflles <ayd unto the Lord, 
Increase our faith. 

6 And the Lord faid , <• If ye had faith , «/ mueh 
as «'/ a agraine ofmnftard feed, and (hould fay un- 
to this roulberie-tree , Plucke thy felfe up by the 
rootes , and plant thy felfe in the fea ,it ihould even 
obey you. 

7 S •♦ VVho is it alfo of yon , that having a fer- 
vant plowing or feeding catteU.wouId fay unto him 
by and by , when hee were come frona the field, 
Goe, and lit dowpe at table ? 

i And would not rather fey to him.Drefle 
wherewidi I may fuppe , and gird thy felfe , and 
fsrve me , till I have eaten and drunken , and after- 
ward eat thou, and drinke thou ? 

9 Doeth hce thanke that fervant , becaufe hee 
did that which was commanded unto him ? I trow 

• la y So likewife yee . when yee have done all 
thofe things , which are commanded you . f^ ^We 
are unprohtable fervants : we have done that which 

Of the tmrighteous kcfge. 3 1 

3 God will nevef 
be inieily licking 
»o the Godly fal. 
though be be not 
To perfitly with 
Ihein. ai tbcy 
VVOuld)evt;n io 
thofe difticuliiei. 
vvhich cauDOcbe 

«f, M»ith.i7>l0. 
a Ifyouhjd uo 
iBorefiiih' but the 
quiotilieof the 
graine of muftard 

4 Seeing that God 
rigbc, both uiand 
allthati»ouri, be 
can be dtbiet unto 
usfi;r nothing, al- 
though we laBour 
manfully even unto yy^j OUr duetie todoe. 

J Themoftperfit 
keirt>ing ofthe 
Lam wbiciiwe 
can lerfoime, de« 
ferved no reward. 
f Chtilldottb 
well even unto 
fucn.aswill beun- 

ii 1 6 And fo it was when he went to Hieru- 
falem.that hee pafl'ed thicugh the raiddes of Sa- 
maria, and Galile. 

IX And as hee entred intoaceitainetowne, 
there mette him ten men that were lepers , which 
flood a fanre off. 

13 And they lift up their voyces and fayd.Ie- 
thanktuii, but the f^g^ Mafkr, have mtrcy on us. 
''!^«?hem°oMt ^'^ -'^"'^ when he ilw ?/;<?;», he fayd unto them, 

to faiva'tio'n, "which S Go , lliew yoiu: felves unto the Priefts. And it 
•tetbankfuU. Came to pafle.that as they went, they were denied. 
^ Levit.nj. j^ Then one of them , when hee faw that hee 

7 Thfkingdcine healed .turned backe.and with a loud voyce 

of God unoiniar- r i^ i — prayfedGod. 

16 And tell downe on his face at his feete , and 
gave him thanks : and he was a Samaritan. 

17 And lelus anfvvered.and fayd, Aretherenot 
ten cleanfed * but where are the nine ? 

18 There is none fonnd that returned to give 
God prayfe, lave this Itranger. 

J 9 And hee fayd unto him, Arife, goe thy way, 
thy faith hathfaved thee, 

20 J 7 And when hee was demaundedof the 
rhatifes, when rhekingdomeof Godlhould conm, 
he anfwered chem.and layd. The kingdome of God 
commeth not with b obfervation. 

2 1 Neither tliall men fay, Lo here, or lo there : 
for behold , the kingdorac of God is c wirhin you. 

12 8 And he fayd unto thedifciples, The daycs 
will come .when yeihall defire to iee d one of the 
dayes ofthe Sonne of man , and ye fliall not fee it. 

23 ^9 Then they Ihall fay to yeu.Behold here. 

though i 
prefent before 
their eyes: becaufe 
they fondly per- 
f wade tbemlelves, 
thatit isioyned 
with outward 

b With any out- 
ward pompe and 
fhew ofiiiaitftie, 
to be koowne by ; 
for there were 
jlaineand evident 
tokens wbeieby 
men might have 
Chiilf was the 
Mtfliaj, whofe 
long lookid for: but 
heipeakesh ' 
place ofthofeligoei 
Vlhich vhePiiarifej them. 

dreamed of .which 24 For as the lightning that Hghtiieth out of 
looked for an earth- jj^g ^^g *^^ undet heaven , ihineth unto the other 
mS"'"^ /'■*'•* ""'^'^ ^i'^'^" • ^° '^-2ll ^^-^ Sonne of man be in 

c youiookeabout his day. 

5fjrMeffiai«« 25 But firftmuft he fuffermany things , and be 

'thcugh bewtieab- fcpioovedof this generation. 

feet, but be it '^ ° 

^mcngll you in tbetriddexofyou. t Wee oftentimeioeglea thofe thing! when they. 
» feefrefeo! .which wteafieiward defirc p.ben they are gone, but in vainc. d The 
time wfU come tbst yoo iliallfeeke for the Sonue of man, with great forow of heart & 
Ihall noilindehiin J .Mat.i4j»3»niar.i3 21. 9 Cbrilt fotowarneth ui that falfe 
Chtilts Ihall come , and that bis gloiyUiaiil'ud^enlyb^fpread faire and wide ciueu^b 
s£e world, aftuUiiutie jgnominieof thctioQc i* pot Out aodextioguifiriJ^ 

or behold there: iut goe not thither, neither follow 

26 4 « Aid as it was in the dayes of * Geo,?,; 

(hall it be in the dayes ofthe Sonne of man. »4.38. 

27 They ate, they dranke, they married wives, ft^iTh'T" 
syid gave in marriage unto the day that Noe went waret^thThr 
into the Arke rand the flood came, and deflroyed fuddet. iudge- 

them all. . ^ meotof God : and 

28 SLikenefTealfoasitwasinthedayesofLot: «»'"'f«'" »teftith= 
They ate, they dranke, they bought, they fold.they fS^X". 
planted, they built. 5 Gea,i 9,^, 

29 But in the day that Lot went out of Sodom, 
it rained fire and brimflone from heaven , and de- 
ftroyed them all. 

30 After thefe enfampeb fliall it be in the day » Wenrafttalr* 
when the fonne of man revealed. good heed , that 

31 '« At that day he that is upon the houfe,and ""'t^di/jruft.jioS 
his ftuffe in the houfe, let him not come downe to |hi.wo"d"Tt''^ 
take it out: and he that is in the field like wife, let anyrefpeftof" 
him not turne backe to that he left behinde. friendfhfp hindeg 

32 ■" Remember Lots wife. w the leaii that 

33 Whofoever will feeke to fave his foule, n%^,l\^ ,g 
fhall lofe it ; and whofoever fhalllofeic.fhalle get « Cbap.9!z4.'m«; 

It life.- 10,39. mat. S,3>. 

34 ^ I that night there fhall be two '°1""'*^X. „r 
in one bed : the one Ihallbe received, and the other ', I « "Jk'!'!,',^"*' 
iMlbeleft. pl°nd":ut'""4. 

3 5 Two women fliallbe grudging together, the ■'''<■ 'b^ it fcera 
one Ihallbe taken, and the other Iballbe left. ^f^'" °'' ""«' 

i6 Two ilwllbe in the fieid:one Ihallbe received, J^Zl^!""""' 
and another Ihallbe left. * The onely wa'v 

37 '» And they anfwercd,and fayde to him, to continue i» to 
- Where, Lord ? And he fayd unto them , Where- cleave to chrid, 
foever the body w.thithtr Ihall aifo theeglesbe * ^*="''4'^4 
gathered together. 


I Tk farahU of the unrighitMt Ind^e and the mJctt>2 

10 ofthe Pharifi and ihe Puilicane, ly Children aft ef 
the kinrdome ofheavai. za To/eU And give to the B«re, 

as Tit ^fcfilesfcfaki aU. 3, Chnft f.rtitUetbhit 
ttath. 1$ Thehiindc manrectiVeih ^ihf. 

A Nd I hee fpakealfb a parable unto thera,?ori;> ' GodviUlirK 
end , that they .f ought alwayes to pray , and not "' '° "=°''"''"= iB 
to a waxe faint, £!*""' ■",' " 

. . c • rr-i. • I . . weareui.butto 

2 b Saying.There was a ludge in a certainecity, exercife u.' therto 
which fe*red not God, neither reverenced man. fore we muft fo 

3 And there was a widow in that city .which ".''«■ with impa. 
came unto him .faying , Doe mee iufticeagainft deTa"'clufeus°n<* " 
mineadvedarie. , to bteake off the 

4 And hee would not ofa long time : butaf- courfeofout 
terward he fayd with himfelfe , Though I feare not P"^"'- 
God, nor reverence man. fATs"?"' 

jr let becaufe this widow troubleth raee.l will aYeeldVJo aff i4f=i 
doe her right , left at the laft fliee come aid c make «°s,aDd adverfi- 

me weary. ties.aitbeydoe 

6 And the Lord fayd , Heare what the unrigh- V^^f" "' ""'"^ 
teous ludge faith. b He doeth aot 

7 Now fliall not God avenge his elecS: , which compare things 
cry niphc and day unto him , yea , though dfae fuf- ti'«"e«<5"fil t(v 
feflongforthemV ' \ Sh'^e^tS 

8 I tell you he will avenge them quickly : but if a man get hie 
when the Sonne of man commeth, Uiail hee finde ■^s'''*'*"^"": 
faith on the earth ? unrighteoutiii<rg« 

9 1 « He fpake alfo this parable unto certaine flt,1?;beTrav«r 
which trufted m themlelves that they were iuft, and ofthe godly pre- 

.dcfpifed other. vaile before Godi 

10 Two men went up into the Temple to nrav • ' ^°"* '"" '^''^^' 

'■ f »i^ jJiay . j.^jj^ iHcedowne 

... . L J- ., , . with her blowT*, 

•nd It 11 a metaphoreuken of wrtftlcrt. who b<-ate their adverfa,!,, withtbeir ftftescJS 
tiubbes : lo doe ;bey ibat ate impornjnate beate the iejdges earei with tbei? crviiw out, 
evenasKweirewKbblow.e,. d Though he feeme flowe in revenging the iaiu'fc 

done:o hi,. j Twr> thing, efpeciatly makeour prayer, voyde and o?nsnet(feft : 

confideoce of ourowot ngh.teoufneir«,andlbeS0DteiDPt cf other : and aohttmblebeiiS* 
«• ((esMt) to bosh the!«, 

£e€ the 

The Pharlfe and the Publlcati. 


Ablindemafl. Zacc^eus« 

fvrifrv^ei-avc we 

Cod -a a proude 

put I 


the one a Vharile. and the other a Publican.' 

II 3 The I'harife ftooile and prayed thus with 

himfelfe.O God, I th.inke thee that lamnotas 

othL-r men , extortioners, uniuft, adulterers.ot even 


1 1 I fiifti-^ife in the weeke : I give tithe of all 

that ever I pollcffe, 

1 3 but the tublican ftanding « a fane off.wouli 
not lilt up fo much as his eyes to heaven.but fmote 
his brcIt.Ciying, O God , be mercifull to roeea 

14 I tell yoo.this man departed to his houfe.iu- 
ftificd rather then the other : + for every man that 
exalteth himfelfe (hall be bioKght low , and he that 
humbieth himfelfe ihalbe exalted. 

1 J 1 S '^ They brought unto him alfo babes 
that he Ihould touch them. 4 And when his dild- 
fcroogbt. which »p- pjgj. J3„, y^ they rebiiks.d them. 
den""'i™b"ibit '^ ' ^'-^ ^^'"^ ^ Called them unto him.and faid, 
thfy vcmiofiott. Suffer the babes to come unto mee.and forbid 
wtict is to bf mar- them not : for of (itch is the kingdome of God. 
ktd apainit ihem ^J j Vctc'y I fay unto you, whofoever receiveth 

thrbVra^tTniof"* """^ ''^^ kiiigdomc of God as a babe , heclhall iiot 
chlidrM. " enter therein- 

4 Toiu(J!!for 18 * Then a certaine ruler asked him, fiying, 

thinkt otct"!ft af- Q^,| Mafjer , what onght I to doe, to inheriteeter- 

»«nhrr<-sfonof naj! 'if" ? 

ew/ofioScite 19 And Icfusfayd unto him, why caJleft thou 

corruftiuDi. gje good' none is good, fave one, even God. 

J TatchilHrrn . ^q Thou knowell the comrnandements." Thou 

t.r''°r.lH'h!"w«l fi"'^'t no' commit adulterie : Thou ihak not kill: 

inlhefrwcov-e. Thou flialt not fteale : Thou lliak not bearefalfe 

eanrof Gcd. witnefle : Honour thy father and thy mother. 

g Tbrmtb.tca. J, 7 And be fay d. All tliefe have I kept from 

lifd ttecbi drtn. ,. '^ ' 

^bom th.diicipie. my yout^vi. 

noctacic i' « 

UhA i* ootowne 

^orke< brfure 

Co J 

c FJrtt (torn tb« 



•f Chap 14.11. 


S Mat.i9.iJ. 


f ThccbildrnweK 
teudtraod yong , in 
thitihty v»ere 

■ 9.i<. 


*■ Man 
niarkr 1 
SC Eiot 

J The iciiremeDt 
4>f rich«ciii»ih 
away many fioiii 
« ToU-tothrich 
aodg'-'dly iia da- 
^■Li^iftcif Ocid. 

;ft Mit.i«,ir. 

5 They become^of^H, 
which refute noc 
to bf pome for 

• M».»o,i7. 
■iifki- 10. ji. 
10 A»fjfe Jndier. 

CXI iirofiirF ii ibe 
glory MCich re. 
Diaintcb r<.r ihe 

b Hfrfbywffte 


Now when lefus heard that , hee fayd unto 
him , yet lackelt thou one thing , Sell all that ever 
thou haft , and diftribute unto the poore , and thou 
(halt have tre^furc in he.iven ,and come follow me. 

2 J But when he heard ihofe things , he was ve- 
ry heavy : for he was marvellous rich. 

24 8 And whenlefus faw him very forowfull, 
he fayd , With v/hat ditScultie ihall they tliat have 
riches, enter into the kingdome of God ! 

ly Surely it is ea!:er for a Camel to go through 
a needles eye , then for a rich roau to enter into the 
kingdome of Sod. 

26 Then faid they that heard it , And who then 
(hall be laTcd ? 

17 And he feyd , The things which are luipofE- 
ble with men, are pofsible with God. 

18 H fc Then Peter faid, Loe, we have left a!l> 
and have followed thee. 

29 3 And he fayd unto them , Verely I /ay unto 
you , there is no man that hath left houfe . or pa- 
rents, or brethren, tir wife ,or children for the king- 
dome of Gods lake, 

30 Which il-all not receive much more in this 
world, and in the world to come life everlalting. 

31 f * 10 Then lefus tooke unto him ^ twelve, 
and l.iyd unto them , behold, we goeupto Hieru- 
falem , and .ill thint^s lliall be ftilhiled to the Sonne 
of roan, that are vsritienby the Prophets. 

3 2 For lie iVali be delivered unto the Gentiles, 
and (hall bo mocked,and Ihaibe fpitefully entreated, 

33 Andwhenthey have rcourgedhim,they will 
put him to death : but the third ilay hee lliall rile 

and this faylnp *aj hic! from them , neither percei- 
ved they the things, which were fpokcn. 

Sr 1 -f «' And it came to palle, that as he was 4- 
come neere rmto leriLho,a certaine blindeman T'^rk^^'u w. 
fate by the way lide begging. ;' , f^^ ^^ * 

36 And when he heard the people paffe by , he cie, tbarheUth* 
asked what it meant. lijbiyf ihe worii, 

37 And they fayd unto him , that lefus of Na- 
zareth pafl'ed by, 

38 Then he cried , faying , lefus the Sonne o£ 
David,have mercy on me. 

39 «» And they which went before , rebuked i» Themore 
him that hee ihould hold his peace , but hee cryed "<>I" »"'' lemhtt 
much more,0 Sonne of David.have mercy on me. ^"'" ''''"'' '". 

40 And lefus ftood fttll , nnd commanded him .rnTiilL'irh'm^ 
to be brought unto him. And when hee was corae feife Chrinei 
neerc.he asked him, Kaoie.fomucb 

41 Saying, what wilt thou that I doe unto 'j^', ToToe ("«.' 
thee f And hee fayd » Lord , that I may receive my w»td. ' * 

4» And lefus fayd nnto him,Receive thy fight : 
thy faith hath faved thee. 

4} Then immediatly he received his fight ,and 
followed him , pray ling God : and all the people, 
when they faw tlJs, gave prayfe to God. 
C H A P. X I X. 

J ZAccliHtjiU PnhiicM. «} Ttrr pieces sfmcr.ej JeliWrtd 

ttfirtdntitotetuficipithtS. a9 Itfus enireih inic Hif 
ritftiem. 34 Hiifrenilrth the defiruSion cf the eiiie iri/6 
tearei. 4f He ciftelh the fenertiKicf the Temple. 

^ Ow « when lefus entred and p died through i chtin f rtwDt.; 

lericho, ethtbemwiihhi* 

^ Bcholde , there was a man named Zaccheus. ''"'ichfarm^il'' 
which was the a chiefe receiver of the tribute , and ^ fu'i,heft from*lt.' 

he was rich. a Theovtr.''peraoa 

3 And hcc fought to fee lefus , who he Ihould ^"^'^ °^ '''* f'^b''- 
be , and could not tor the preafle , becaufe hee was ""' '^'"''' ^''r^ 

c t n. r » 'J there togetbt r : fijt 

Ofalowftature. tbePublicane, 

4 wherefore he ranne before, andclimedup wtre divided into 
into a wildc figge-tree , that he might fee him : for compaoie. : aiwe 
he Qiould come that vvty. T'^f'^ "cicmo 

<S And when lefus came to the place , hee loo- hf.oradooi. "*'* 
ked up , and Aw him , and faid unto him, Zaccheus, j The world for. 
come downe at once: for to day Imuftabideat fakeih the grace 
'hinehoufe. ^'w^ir;';, 

6 Then he came downe haflily, and received ft,o«id u bellowed 

him ioyfully. upon other. 

7 a And when all they faw it ,they murmured, i rbe fx.iin)ileof 
faying , that hee was gone in to lodge with a finfuJl ko^^rbyX"" 
man. .ffvft. 

8 3 And Zaccheus Hood forth, and faid unto the b By falftiyjcco. 
Lord , Behold , Lord , the halfe of my goods I give ''"s '"V '"*" ■ *■"* 
to the poore : and if I have taken from any man by ^^J' tffh^'^^'^rtj', 
b forged cavillation, 1 rcftore him foure fold. of)ht° uitomtn 

9 Then lefus faydtohim.Thisdjy is falvation pe.fon.forcaw 
come unto this houfe , foralmuch as lie is alfo be- moniytbeybave 
comethecfonneofAbraham , Ibrnr^tX^rob 

lo S For the lonne ot mams come to lecke, and fpoiie .hetom. 
aedro fave that which was loft. ^ moa-wfale,>hey 

il 4 Andwhiltsthey heard thefe things, hee ''»*'.' """'"Sio 
continued and fpake a parable , becaufe hee l^/profiTo'the "' 
neere to Hiernfalcm , anil necaute alfjthey thought c. mrajn-wale.aBi ■ 
that the kingdome ofGodlliouldlhortlyappearc. uaderthatwlout 

1 2 He (ay d therefore , * A certauie noble man ^^'^ '''*.>' '*" 
went into a farre countrey , to receive for himlclfc tBari"nen°'n"nor« 
a kingdome, andjo to com; agaiiK, and lo^ aooui to 

»edrcfie tbeii «ol)be» 
lie.aod fpoyting, tbcycry oatthe common-vvealth ishiodred. e B.-lovfd of God, cue . 
thatwilkeih io the llep» ol Abrabami iaicb:aod we gather that ralvat:o.Tcaiat lo ibat-, 
houfe , becaufe (bey lecehrd the bUdl.ig; at Abraham h^d. foe aU oftbc houfebolde 
werecircurocifed f Ma'b.iS.ii. 4. Wemuit patieotly vA'aitofettttc iudgciavi^ 

14 Bpt they nndedooUb none gftbefethlngS) ofGo<ii wiaci>ili<tiU((cv(<Uiiiiobii(iBit. • ^actti tf,i4. 


Chap^ xx; 

The ftoncs Would of. 3 


And he called his ten fervanls^flnd delive- 

* Theic art ih _ ^ 

rorno(ii.ti» n fC(j them ten pieces of money ,and faid unco them, 
*'' fo nu ' '>*» O cupy till I come. 

Chtift'v«hoiB'°(ry H No w his citizens hated him ,and f int an am- 
fct not : ih« uthft, bafl ge after him , f'aymg , Wee will not have this 
whichaccording jjjjp jq reigne over us. 

15 And it came to naffc.when he was come 
againe .and had received his kingdome , that he 
commanded the fervants to be called to him , to 
whom he gave his money, that he mightknow 
w'lat every man had gained. 

1 6 Then came the hrft,faying,Lord,'l thy piece 
hatli encreaftd ten pieces. 

1 7 And he laide unto him, Well, good fervanc : 
beiauTe ?hou haft bene faithfull in a very little 
thing, take thou aathoritie over ten cities. 

liv And the fecond came.laying.Lotd.thy piece 
hath encreaied five pieces. 

19 And to the fame he laid , Be thou alfo rultr 
over five citits. 

10 6 So the other came.and faid. Lord, beholdc 
thy piece, v-hich I have iayd up in a lupkin : 

X I For I feai-ed thee , becauie thou att a ftraite 
man: thou takeft up that thou laiedft not downe, 
d Thii wai a piece and leajieft that thou diddeft not fow. 
of money, which ^^ j[,g^ j,eg f^^^^ „„jo him , uf thinc ownc 

MdwaiiD^'iue "^°^^^ «'''! I ''"^g^ ''■''^^ ' ^^ evill ftrvant. Thou 
•bout an hundred knewfft that I ' am a ftraire man .taking up that I 
pcDce . which it laid not downe, and reaping that I did not fow. 
•bout ten cfowofi. j j, vvherefore then j.-,avcft not thou my money 
wSchfifodXir '"'^" ^^^ ^ banke , that at my comming I might have 
lite idielyi°n deli. , required it with vant.>ge ? ' 
ber-a ing , add • 24 And hee fiid lO them that ftood by , Take con- fronj him that piece . and give it him that hath ten, 

«n.vIa.>«o. pjg^^^ 

2 J (And they faide unto him,Lord,he hath ten 

26 ^Forl lay unto you.that unto all them that 
have , it lliallbe given : and fn,m him that hath not, 
even that he hath, thallbe taken from him. 

17 Moreover,tho/l' mine enemies, which would 
not that Iflhould reigne over them .bring hither, 
and fiay them before me. '^ 

f And when he had thus fpoken.fhee went 

beftowthe git" 
«vhieb the) have 
ffeccived cfGod. 
to fait glory viich 

thud .ive J e y. 
A» for the fin; the 
loio vvren her 
commeth \\'t\l 
in bis time; tne 
other ht will 
to tOe (aice» 
«vhicb tbe^have 
taken : and at for 
the (louttiull and 
idleperfon he 
will punilh ibrm 

t Tothf bankers 
lad cbaDgcil. 

4 Chap.MS. 
mitt 13.12, 
ecd 2; 19. 
isacXe ^,t!. 


ftaggered and ftaied foorth before.afcendin^ up to Hicrufalem. 

boldly though 
death were be&re 
bit eyes 
<■ Mattbii.i. 
7 Chriftftievietb 
in bit ovi'ne i^er- 
Jbn.that bit king- 
dome is not of 


29 S 7 And it came to paffe, when he was come 
neere to Bethphage , and Bethania , bcfides the 
moimt which is called r/;«»7»«/jf of Oiives, he lent 
two of his difciples, 

30 Saying, Go ye to the towne which is before 
you , wherein ailbone as ye are come , ye flwll hnde 
a colt tied , whereon never roan fate : loofe him, 
and bring him liither. 

3 1 And if any ^ske you . why ye loofe l.i^x, thus 
iliall ye fay unto him , Becaufe the Lord hath need 

32 So they that were lent, went their way , and 
found it as he had faid unto them. 

3 J And as they Wf re loofmg the colt, the own- 
ers thereof faid unto them , Why loofe yee the 
colte ? 

34 And they fayd , The Lord hath neede of 

3y f * So they brought him to lefns , and they 
caft their gaitnents on the colt . and let lefus there- 

36 And as hee went .they fpred their cloaihes in 
the way. 

37 Aw! when hee was now come neere to the 
^oing downe of the tccnnt of Olives , the whole 

naultitude of the ^ifciples began to reioyce , and to 
praile God with a loude voyce , for all the great 
workes that they had feene, 

38 Saying.Blefledfctf the King that commeth in 
the Name of the Lord : peace in heaven, and glory 
in the h ighelt placet. ^ 

39 8 Then fome of the Pharifes of the compa- ^ ^beo they Im." 
ny fiid unto him.Mafter,reb«Ue .hy difciples. Tbrthe ch°"feft 

40 But he anfwered. and faiduntothem ,1 tell preacheriandfct. 
you .that if thefe llaould holde their peace, the t-nfoonhoftbe 

ftOneS would Ciy. kingdcmeofO<«f« 

41 1* 9 Andwhenhe was come neere , he be- ^*h"'e,"lotdF- 
held the Citie. and wept for it. oariiy.iudefpite 

42 g Saying .h O ifthouhaddeftevenknowen of them 

I at iheleaftiiithiskthydaythofe things .which • Chap jt.ts.numi 
teleti^ unto thy I peace! butnoware they hid from ^chrX«ntJ/''* 
thine eyes- iimpiy deiited 

43 For the dayesfliall come upon thee .that thine with the deftru- 
enemies (hall caft a trench about thee . and com- Qion.nonotof 
pile thee round, and keepe thee in on eveiy fide. ''^"^^j^'^^^^'^^j^,^ 

44 And ihall mnke thee even with the greund. off biifpeecb, 
and thy children which are in thee , and they fliali wbich fheweth 
not ie.-ive in thee a ftone upon a ftone. becaufe thou P*"'y how he wa« 
kncweH not >" that leafbn of thy vifitation. uTffi^D fi« thedK- 

4T ' § »o Hee went alfo into the Temple , and ft,uftioooftheci. 
began to caftout them that fold therein .and them tie, that waiiiket* 

that bought, enfue: and parti, 

46 Saying unto them , It is written.* Mine ^^^.Pjrtrecb^.?,^ 
houfe is the houle of prayer,* butyenavemade and ftubbumntfle 
itadenne oftheeves. agamfthim, fucb 

47 And he taught dayly in the Temple, And the " '>"'' "«' lig*"'* 
hie r-iicftes and the Scnbes . and the chiefc of the ^ "tUaft «ife 
people foughttodeftroy him. _ tbou.OHietufalem, 

4» But they coulde not hnde what they might towboiBihismef- 
doe to him :for all tlie people hanged upon hitn fag* wm P'ofhr 
when they heard him. iTfaf»r the n»y- 

ing of to many Propheti .and fo oft refufm^ mee the Lord of the Proi bets, nowe efpe« 
ciallymtbitmy lalt comming to ibee.thou bidit bad any legard to thy fclte. k Th« 
fit aBd conimoj.oui time it called tbe day of tbij citie 1 That ii ,thofe thing! wieteiu 
tbyhap^inefleltandetb. m Thitii this very inftant vvhevein God vilited ;hee. 
S Mat.»i,i3. lo Chrillihewe/h after bit eisrie into Hierufalem by ivilibleligoe. 
that it ii hii office enioyned him of hit Fathei to purge th« Temple, * M*t.iiiiy, 
ifai./«,7. a Iertm7,ii. 

4 Frcmtehenfe Jckms Bapiijmetvti. 9 T ht Mvhkf'f'iifi tf 
the Vriiflt it noted h} the f.Lr.Me cf lite -uincyard juJ the 
huilunttmen. at Tt^il't ititutciii Cefar, tj Ha 

ciin)>i'icetkt}7tSiii'i«c<ider.yin!' therifirtttlien. 41 Htyv 

A'Nd a 'it came to paffe , th.i.t on one of thole ^; 
*^ dayes . as hee taught the people in the Temple, "^^h' Pha'rlfe. 
and preached the G^fpel . the hie Prieftes and the b«ingov:r*co!w 
Scribes catne uponhim.wich the Elders, with tbe tiueibor 

2 And rpake unto him , faying. Tell us by what Cbiiitesdoftrine, 
authoritie thou doeft thefe things, or who is hee '"°°*"'/'.''"'''*"'°. 

, , , . , , . 1. ■ • about his .-utwaij 

that hath given thee this authoruie ? calling, and ar« 

3 And he anfwered , and (aid unto them , I alfo ove come by the 
will aske you one thing : tell me therefore : witnciTe rf their 

4 The baptifme oT lohn . was it from heaven, "*" -<"^S:ie.«, 
or of men ? 

J And they reafohcd with in themfelves , faying, * *'"''" '" " 
If we fliall fay, From heaven.hc will fay , Why then ^" 
beleevedyehimnot ? j'l, 

6 But if wee fl-allfay. Of men. all the people ihingtohaveibem, 
will ftone us : for they be perfwaded that lohn was ''"■'tiefritene- 
aPiophet. h'tCn's'tbi^ 

7 Therefore they anfwered.that they could not are c> nverfant in 

tell whence it *©<•/. tbe very Sanfluaiy 

8 Then lefus laid unto them.Neithertell I you, "l^^^^fj 
by what ant horitie I doe thcle things . f^^"^ isr/fliaM 

9 5 * 1 Then Ivegan he to fpeake to the people not'<ifcar«uDP»i 
this paiabJe, A certaine man planted a vineyard, "itted. 

Bee A «n4 

■ttm 2,21, 


S. Luke« 


znA let it foofth t» hostaacfmea : and went Into a 
ftrange countrey , for a great time. 

10 And at the time convenient hee (ent a fer- 
vant to the husbandmen , that they flionld give him 
of the fruice of the vineyard : but the husbandmen 
did beat him, ^.id fent him away emptie. 

1 1 Agaiiie hee lent yet another fervant : and 
they did beate him .andfouleinnreatedhim ,ani 
fent him away emptie. 

1 a Moreover he fent the thirde , and him they 
tvounded and caft out. 

1 3 Then faid the Lord of the vineyard . What 
(liall I doe ? I will fende my beloved fonne : it may 
be that they will do reverence when they fee him. 

14 But when the husbandmen fawe him , they 
reafoned with themfelves.faying.This is the heire : 
come .let us kill him , that the inheritance may be 

I y So they cafthim out of the vineyard.and kil- 
led him.What fliall the Lord of the vineyard there- 
fore doe unto them ? 

16 Hee will come and deftroy thefe husband- 
tnen , and will give out his vineyard to others. But 
when they heard it , they faid, God forbid. 

17 I Andhebeheldthem,andfayd,Whatmea- _ _ 

S( T>W.ii»,«: ncth this then that is written, ,j. The ftone that the Pfalmes ,♦ The Lord faide unto my Lord, Sit at I"'" ^ « noaoie %, 

■ "e the head of the fmv riahrh;.nrl. '"g.tbegodiy do« 

3 3 Therefore at tlie reriuTe(9:Ion,whofe wife of g T>ey at e caiit<i 
them (liall lliebe ? for feven had her to wife. *"" '" "'''• P'"'' ' 

34 Then lefus anfwered, and faide unto them, tT^^JlwJ' 
The g children of this world marry wives , and are in thu world, and 

raarried. nottbey.thatwhoU 

3 f But they which fliall be counted worthy to '>' "' «'"° '" '''* '■ 
enioy that world . and the refurredion from the 2°p"!« T^tc'l. ' 
dead, neither marry wives, neither are married. arecommy .oihe 

36 For they can die no more , forafmuch as 'h''"!'" of 'igbt. 
they are equall unto the Angels , and are Ait fonnes '' ^''" '' ' """ f*'" 
of God, lince they are the h children of the refur- ;.'ai;;°Ltl,^e"' 

i«y truely.that they 

reftion. -,..-., 

j7 And that the dead (hall rife againe.even SlhiucioVeedr 
•I- Mofes fliewed it befides the bulb, when he faide, ^'^^f^ Hwiiraioy 
The Lord is the God of Abraham .and the God of iodS,^f«f™' 
Ifaac, and the God of lacob. d«ed , wbich liii to 

38 For he is not the God of the dead . but of ''*« • tbo'igh if thi« 
them which live : for all i live unto him. ?*'""* «f""«a'on. 


, Mailer, thou haft well laid. the wicked which 

40 And after that , durft they not aske him any iiaii rife t» con- 
thing at all. demnatioo , whi'ck 

41 J « * Then faid he unto them.How fay they b „' d.a«''"'^ "^" 
that Chrift is Davids (bnne } 


+ Exodjs. 

And David hirafelfe laith in thebookeof • That ii, before 

iift.38,.«.aa.4.>«- the builders refufed.that is made the head of the 
«m.,.3M ■?««•'• corner? ^ „ ^„ 

« 18 whofoever (liall fall upon that ftone » (hall 

be broken : and on whomfoever itlhall fall , it will 

grindc him to powder. 

19 Then the high Prieftes, and the Scribes the 

fame houre went aooiu to lay hands on him (but 

they feared the people ) for they perceived thathe 
*Mitt.M.i«. had fpoken this parable againft them, 
toatib. 11,13- 20 :J 3 And they * watched Ww and lent foorth 

3 The Ian Ttfcge j, J- jgj ^ ^^^j^h Ihould fainfi themfelves iuft men c to 
it'.^fXiroy'th. take him in his talke .and to deliver him unto the 
uue Prnffaeii , ii powCT and <* authoritie of the govemour. 
*olayfed,tion,aud 21 Andthey asked him.faying.Mafter.weknow 
ir.afoQ. their that thou faydl , and teacheft right .neither doeft 
. ATfme to «hon acccpi « any mans perfon.but teacheft the way 
Mkehi.nio. ofGodtruely, ^ ^ ., 

b Whom they h»J ,j Is it lawfuU for US to give Cefartnbutc o» 

deceitfully hired. ^^ ^ 

t.i.''rom.'hoTde io » 3 But hc perceived their f craftineffe,and faid 

bij talke, and iber.. unto them. Why tempt ye me » 

by forge fomefalfe 2^ Shewc meea pennie. Whofc imagcand fii- 

■ccufatloa againft perfcriptioH hath it? They anfwered, and fayde, 

6 Toruthimto Ceiars. 

dea.h. a y Then hee faid unto them, * Give then unto 

« Thou art not iroo Cefar the things which are Cefars.and to God 

'^'^^llTuVrt thefe which are Gods. 

?on h! m«ne1h ;u,. i6 And they could not reproove hi3-%ing be- 

waid crcumftjn- fore the people : bm ihey marvelled at ms anlwete,. 

«> . «'"'''' 'f* "•»= and held iheir peace. ^^ K 4 Then Came tohimcettaine of the Sad- 

aliklof.'he'mthM duces (which deny that there is any refurreftion) 

are indeedeaiike. and they asked him, 

fcr«f>i«» '«««'- 28 Saying. Mafter,^ Mofes wrote unto us , If 

*^"*''"'«"";~' any mans brother die. having a wife , and hee die 

will 'g"*" ^r without children . that his brother Ihould take hu 

oac'h uf.andgVeit wife, and raifc Up feede unto his brother. 

praaift roinatters. 29 Now there were kvenbrethren.aiid the firft 

*- Rom. 13. 7. tookea wife, and he died wiihouc children. 

S«,'Vr."'*'" 30 And the fecondtookc the wife, and he died 

4 Thetefutreaioa chlldleflc. 

«rtb* flefli ii 3 1 Then the thirde tooke her : and fo likewife 

avootMAK^mf. the feven died, and left no children. 
i^^peS'.J, 3* AnakftofalUtheworaanaiedalfo*. 

my right hand. no. d.c, Though 

4} Till I have make thine enemies thy foote- they die heieoo 

ftoole. «a«:h. 

44 Seeing David called hrnn Lord , how is hee t 4^, 

then his fonne? rchruf /.Vo the 

4f J Then in theaudience of all the people,he fonne of David 

%d unto his difciples, according to the 

46 « « Beware of rfxe Scribes .which willingly fl«'h,thatheiialf» 
goe in long robes . and love faiutations in the mar- te'if °be mru"** 
kets , andthehigheftfeates in the aflemblies . and ft,ogfonneof*" 
the chiefe roomes at feafts : Godjaccotding 

47 Which devoure widowes k houfes , and in '<> '''■^ fpi"i- 
fliewmake long prayers : Thefe fliall receive grea-*,!, 
ter damnation. 

Chap Iii43'iiiat, 

3,6 inar.12,33. 
k Tbuit 

3 Wemnftavoyd the example of the »inbitioaiandcov«oo!P«ft°""' 
fpokea by the figure Metooymicboufu, for the goodt aadTablUDCC* 

C H A V. XX J. 

B Theititlcjveilihtraliiie ahoiithtrrichu, J Ofthttimt 

eftheJe/lruflicniftheTemilt, 19 andHUrufiUm, 

1/ Theftint'goinihtffttheUlliutliemtHt. ^ Ma!keij,48; 

A Nd^ I as he behelde,hee fawe the rich men i Thepooremaf 
•^ which can their gifisintothetrearutle, Mceedinboun- 

X Andheclaweailo a cenaine pooie widowe ".'^^/^i'^f^J 
which caft in thither two m.tcs : according tac»ii7 

3 And he faide. Of a trueth Ifay unto you, iudgemeac, 
that this poors widowe hath caft in more then they 


4 For they all have of their fuperfluitie caft in- • 
to the offerings of God : but Ihee of her penurie 

bath caft in all the living that (he had. ♦ Cbsp,r9,4j.mat; 

y +iNowasfomelpake ofthe Temple, how i4.i.mar ,j,,. 
it was garnilhed with goodly ftoness and with* J Thedeitruaion 
confecratethings.hefati, ^ortKuha. 

6 Are theie the things that yee lookeiipon? .fuffpjjjtuaiibua- 
the dayes will come wherein a ftone (lull not dingmay bebuUt 
be left upon a ftone , that Ihall not be tluowen up. whofehead 

j„ t^ builderimoftand 

OOWne. _ caghttobectt- 

7 Then they asked htm , faying , Matter , but cumfpea. 
when fliall thefe things be ? and what li»ne pHtU aTherewtreithinj^ 
there be when thefs things Ihall come to pafle ? «"" '""T^Vi 

« t And hee faid, Take heede . that ye be not Xr. 

deceived : for many Nvill come b in my Name , fay. 
ing , I am Ojrifi , and the time diaweth neere: fol- 
low ye not ihem thaiefojei 

SI i And 

f Fphef.r,«. 


b VflBg'ryKlB«S 

The dayes of vengeance. Chap. xxij. 

9 3 Andwh-^nyehearecfwarresandfeditions, 
be not afraid ; foe thefe things mult hrft come , but 
the end foUoweth not by and tiy. 

1 o Then fayd he unto ihem , Nation fliall rife 
againft nation , and kingdcme againlt kindgome, 

■" 1 1 «. And great eanhquakis n.all be in divers 
places .and hunger , and peQilencc , and fearefuU 
things, and gteat fignes ihail there be froiii heaven, 

■ 1 2 But before all thefo, ti:ey fliall lay their hands 
on you, and perfecute^««< , delivering you up to 
the alfcmblies , and into piilons, and bring you be- 
fore kings and ruitrs for my Names fake. 

1 3 And this fliall turne to you , for a = teftimo- 

1 4 § Lay it up thet efore in your hearts .that ye 

a thetJutTem- 
I-le of God IS built 
up even in the 
jtii.idtll of incre- 
dible lumulti, and 
nioft 11 atpe mife- 
lies, through in- 
vincible patitnce, 
thereof cannot be 
,f Mat.14.7- 
c Tbislbalbttbe 
end ofyouv irou- 
ble« and affiiSions, 
frs both before God 
and man, afvsell of 

ihe.recherousand caft not beforehand what ye fliall anlwere. 

erueii dealing of ly For I will give you a mouth, and wifedome 

your enemies, asal- vvhere againft all youtadverfatics ihall not be able 

foofyourconftan. jq fpeake not refift. 

i'nV. fharthe aifli- 1^ fl^albe betrayed alfo of yonr parents. 

aioDS of the godly and of your brethren , and kinimen , and tricndes, 

-"H holy men per- and /o;»e of you ihall they put to death. ,^ 

""" 17 And yee fhall be hated of alBjpnfofmy 
Names fake. ^^ 

1 8 ■''Yet there fliall not one haire ofyour heads 

19 By your patience ^ poflefle your foules. 

20 J * 4 And when ye lee Hierulalera befieged 
with fouldiers , then underftand that the delolation 
thereofis neere. 

2;i Then let them which ate in ludea, flee to 
the mouHtaines : and let them which are in the 
middes thereof , depart out : and let not them that 
are in thecountrey, enter therein : 

22 For thefe be the dayes of vengeance, to ful- 
fill all things that are written. 

2j Butwho^eto them that be with child, and 
to them that give fucke in thole dayes : for there 
fliall be great dilkeffe in this land, and = wrath over 
this people. 

24 And they fliall fall on the f edge of the 
wbi°chGodfendeth f^^^^^^ ^^^ fliail be ledcaptiue into all nations, and 
Tw'''d'fo/^vl"d. ' Hierulaltm ihail be tioden under foot ot the Gen- 
momh', fortheHe- tiks. untill the time of the Gentiles oe fulfilled, 
ferewe call. he edge 2 J ^if g Then there ihiH be flgncs in the funne, 
ofafwordtbe and in the moone . and in the Itarres, and upon the 

niomb becaufe the 



31,7 a)at,i4.29. 


g When the tiniM 

are expired. aiiyoin- 

teiforth. falvati- 

on of the Gentiles 

and punilbment of ^^^^ -^^ ^ cloud, with powe'r and great glory. 
fcbepTfl-ethftcm . 28 And when theie things begin zocbmeto 
theaenruaionbf paffc , then looke Up , and lift Up your heads : ■•'for 

I to the wiiaei 
ofthe trueth. 
^ Chap. 12, ij. 
mat. 10. 19. 
inaike 13,11. 
# Mat. 10,30. 
tl Though yoa are 
corapaDed about on 
all fides with many 
iniferies,yet not- 
^iibftanding be 
lagious,^ and beate 
out theft things 
jnanfully • 
« Dan. 9, 17. 
mat. 14 'J- 
tnaike 13,14. 
H The6oallde- 
i^ruftionof the 

e By wrath, tbofe 
things : 

earth trouble among the nations, with perplexitie 
the Tea and the waters Ihall roare. 

26 s And mens hearts IhaU faile them for feare 
and for looking after thole things which Ibali come 
on ;he world : for the powers of heaven ihall be 

27 And then ftiall they feethe Sonne of man 

biftotit ofthe lat- 

■' teriudftm^of. 
5 After diveis 
will at the length 
plainly arpeare 
ta deliver his 
» Rom 8,27- 
« Weinnftbefo- 
berand watcbfull 
boih day and night 
fcrihe Lords com- 

.iming, tbatwebe 
not taken at uq- 
«!• Rom.i3.i3« 

your redemption draweth neere. 

29 6 And he fpake to them a parable , Behold, 
the iigtree, and all trees, 

3^ When they now flioot foorth , yc feeing 
them , know of o\*he felves > that lummer is 
then neere. 

31 So likewife yee , when yee fee thefe things 
come to paflc. know ye that the kingdomeofGod 
is neere. 

31 Vv-rely I fay unto you , This age fliall not 
pailc.tillall thefe things be done: 

ii Heaven and earth lliallpafleaway, but my 
words lliail not pafl'e away . 

34 * Take heed to your felyes, leaft at any time 

Watch and pray. The PafleovoJ', 3 jr 

your. hearts beopprefled withfiirfeting anddrun- 
kennefle , and cares ofthis life , and lead that day 
come on you at vnwwes. 

;?5r For as a fnare Ihall it come h on all them that .„ „ 
dwell on the face ofthe whole earth. f °ve' tl."y" e". ■" 

36 Watch therefore , and pray continually, that 
ye may be counted worthy to efc-Jpe all thefe 
things that Ihall come to paffe .and that ye may 
' ftand before the fbnne of man . 

57 5 Now in the ddy time hee taught in the 'Jt'!''TJ^'"^'.„ 
Temple, and at nighthe went out .andaboadein abide :h«countc- 
the mount, that is called the mount of Olives. nance and fentence 

38 And all the people came in the morning to ofthe itiJgewitk. 
him, to heare him in the Temple. out feare. 


3 luJaifilltthChriJl. 7 The ^p'Jllc, prepare the P^Jfeoyfr, 
i4 Thtyjlrine ivhu/htlh chiefrjf. 31 SiUincrpremihem. 
3; cMflfUwt'hthattheynanttdnBthing. 41 lU fTitytth 
inihemeunt. 44 He/n-taiftU/W. /o .M ,<(ctw; e«re cat 
t.f.indheile.1. S7,sS,6o PtterdenWhChriJl ihrU!. 
.«i ChriJiumock."ii»dfirfck<:n. «» Heccnftlfeih himfe'f' 

XT Ow * the , feaft of unleavened bread drew */^"'^"- 
^^ neere, which is called the Pafleover. rchnltV.akeQ 

2 And the hie Priefts and Scribes fought how upon rbe day of 
they might kill him : for they feare the people. the PaCiov^, ra- 

3 J 2 Then entred Satan into ludas , who was ^."^''^/^f P'°''" 
called Ifcariot , and was of the num.ber of the ,b°" h.aby the 

twelve. willofmen. 

4 AFid he went his way , and communed with s Mat. 16,14. 
the hie Prieftsand»captaines , howheraightbe- "^"^''^'^^'^^; 
trayhimtothem. woDdetfuIiirov;. 

c So they were glad, and agreed to give htm dence.caurethbim 

money tobetheminider 

6 And he confented , and fought opportunity ^^"^^^^IXT; 
to betray him unto them, when the people were .honrofcarde. 
baway. ftfuaion. 

J € * 3 Then came the day of unleavened a They that had 
bread, when the Palleover c muft be facrificed, .^ f^.'/^^l^' 

8 And he lent Peter and lohn , laying, Go and '^^^^^ ^^„ ^^^, 
prepare us the ^ Pafleover that we may eace it. of the Priefts and 

Q And they faid to him , Where wik thou, Eiihops.aiappea- 

^ ■' ' , ireth by TDe yz verie 

that we prepare «t? ,,,,,, ofthisChapter. 

JO Then he fayd unto them. Behold, when ye (, vvitbout tamult, 
be entred into the citie . there Ihall a man meet unwitting to th 
von, bearing a pitcher of water : follow him into people which u( 

■'. . r \*^ \ _ .u ;- to follow bim : araa 

thehoufethatheentrethin. r . ^. r therefore indeed 

II And fay unto the goodmanof tne houle, ,i,ey watched 
The Mafter faith unto thee. Where is the lodging time, when tbey 
where I fliUi eate my Palfeover v.ith ray dilciples ? k<>*^w he wai alone 

H Then he Ihall ihew you a great high cham- '^ '^'^f/g " ; 
bcr trimmed : there make it ready. markei^.ia- 

13 Sochey went.andfcuntlashehadfaydunto 3 cbrifiteichetb 
them, and made ready the Pafleover, ^JlSmirX 

J 4 « 4 And when the c houre was come.he fate ."^'^"'j;';^,:^^" h^ 
downe,andthetwelveApoftles with him. hegoingtob. 

15 Then he f.yd unto them , I have earneftly crucified, yet no- 
defired to eate this Palleover with you , before I '''.'°g''*^i'^,^'°%- 

tun : ana tneriiJ's 
ffuffer. , r Ut -11 that hegoetbwil- 

16 Forlfay untoyou,HencetoorthI wiUnot ji^giyj^fjeath. 
eate of it any more.uniill it be fulhlleth in the c Bytheorderap- 
kingdomeofGcd. , ni'iambt w^J^h 

,7 And he tooke the cup, and gave thanks.and ^,^|',\|'™^;,'"„nh. 
fayd, Take ihis.and divide it among you: paQiover : And 

18 For I fay unto you , I wiil notdrinke &f the tiij itffokeu byi''« 
fruit of the vine.untill the kingdome of God be ^^?^«^"\'^\^^7 '"'?', 

come. all inihe matter of 

the Sacrameatis. 
« Mat 26 io.mar..4,i7- 4 Cbrift having ended the PaflVover according to the 
order of the Lawe , forewameib themthattbiilliall be his lafl banc^uet with them, 
after the-manet and neceOitieoftbislife. e Theeveniogand twilialit,8twtAt I'mc 

this fupiJWOTW to be kff t. i I »'" P"« «> ^w'""- 
Eee 3 


jp ^fhvA 

The Lords Supper. 

S. Luke, 

Drops of blood. Peters deniall. 

4 M3t.i<,t«. 19 * fAnclhectooke bread, and when he had 

iiiirktH.ja. o;ivcn thanks ,lie brnke it , and gsve to them , fay— 

I. Cor u.j*. jp»^ "j-hij is my body, which is given for you : doe 

/.h^''.""« re . this in the reraembr,'.nce of me. 

Dant.jndhifcom- 2-0 Likcwile alfo after flipper /;»/Mi;ff the cup, 

iru-ic4-iDgwi:h fayinc; , This^,? ciipw h that new Tellament in my 

uiwiihoewe blood , whith IS flied for you. 

? »' S * Vet behold, the i hand of him that be- 

Mftonymie : for traycth me, IS With me at the table. 

6rftth«vr(reHi«r.i- 21 7 And truely the Sonne of m.m gocth as it 

ktn forioatwbich jj appointed : but woe ie to that nun by whom he 

l'aXr.l;^cu''p' is betrayed. ' _ 

f.rtitvftiotAbich ij Then they began to enquire among them- 

iivcuhinihircip. felves which of them It flioiild be , that (I'-ould doc 

Th.otbew.rM-. th^t. 

M.lcdtheCove- 14 I »< s And there arofe alfo aftrifea'mong 

Wottrii ind«-de it them . which of them Ihould leeme to be ine 

£1 huiiheligneof grcateft. 

tteTenammt or ^y Wut hee fiid unto them .The Kings of the 

oVcs^rii',''^kmbv Gentiles rcigne over them . and they that beare 
theTeiU'r.fot >*■»»' ri'dc over them, are called k bountifull. 
tt,id<:nti.heri. 16 Hut vc y;.-<t/!? not i'g fo : but let the grcateft 

iiavjioefif,nir, ?mcng yi'U be as the leaft.and thechiefeiUshc 

' veth. 
thingthjt isre- 27 For who IS greater , he that fitteth at table. 

pitfrtKih. or he that fcrveth ; is nothee that fitteth^t table ? 

h Tliiiword, ibat, y^j^j j ^^^ among you as he that (erveth. 
UndJ'oflbrT.t: ^8 ' An^ y" a^e they which have continued 
nwiii.aod anf\,\e- with me in my tentaticns. 

K'.b toibfj'Uceof ip Therefore I appoint unto you a kingdome, 
*'"'"'' '^''•1' 3'; as my F.ttherhath appointed unto me, 
Tfii'irViu'ii'i.J^r 3 o « That ye may eate,and drinke ar my table, 
oiift.i. in my kingdoms , and lit on feates , and iudge the 

g MitiC.ix. twelve tribes of Krael. 

rral"i'*"' 3' 1 10 And the Lord /ayd .Simon, 

9 CbVi'ii'fhfvwih ^'ol'' ' + ^-I'^n hath deiired you . ' to winnow you 
afainnbatbtgo- as wheat, 

I htodiatbvvil- jj n But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith 
lirgijr .aitbougb he f^jj^ ^^^^ . therefore' when thou art converted, 

be not ipnoriDtot n l i_ 1 i 

ijda.irrafon. ftrengthen thy brethren. 

i Tbatii.hiiiira- j^ * 12 And he fiid unto him : Lord.Iamready 

ftife,fou»tth;He. togoe with thee into prjlbn, and to death. 

j'tcTn 'm ^^it'it 3 '^ ''"'^ ^'^ '■''''' ' ^^^^ ^^^^' ^'^ter.the cocke (hall 

001 tbrbaod'of lo- ^^ ^row this day , before thou haft thtife denied 

ab in :hii matifr? tliat thou knewcft me, 

7 Alih.iu.h the jj j j And he faid unto them, 4. When I fend you 

J'ov'. d.o« cot'. ^ 'thout bag , and fcrip . and Ibooes . lacked ye any 

Btc.iTiiily'o thing ? And iheyfayd. Nothing, 

pant, y»i It ncH- ?0 "' Then he fayd to therh , But now hee that 

fnh^fioi tbr fault . Jjath a baggc , let him take it , and likewife a iLi ip : 

m-otV"" "' """' ^'^ '^^^ ^ "'* "°"^ , let him fell his coate , and 

♦"wuhao.a;. biiyafword.^ 

■iarkcjc<». J 7 For I lay unto you. That yct the Otms which 

• Ttc I'aiicuri jj .ATitten , rnufi be pei formed in mec, 5 Even with 
V'l",bauc'f!^e. ' ^''^ wicked was lieiiiimbred : fordoObtkiVe thofe 
k Have f rest ti-' things which artnvvritunoi vnQ, have an end. 

• let, f->t fa ii wai 38 And they l.nyd , Lord , behoh!, here are two 
|hecunonitio fwords. An(i he fayd unto t&em, It is enough. 
wrb'femt'erMt 39 ' * -^"^ he came out , and went (as he was 

tiil«i 9 Suth aiare pariak-ri of ihe affliainaj of Chrift,(hill alfo be F="' kMiof 
biikinpJotnt. X .V!at.i9 28. 10 Wee inuft alw.iyrs tbickc upon iht wait that S.r.aa 
)ai«<bforci. "k i.fet.t.S. I Tstf ili you a.nd fcatter you.and alCofo caft yon out. 

II It ii.broDgbibf inyrnof Ciiift , thai ibeelta doe never vtmly fail lA^ay from 
l^^t■i•^!^ ■ and t.' fi-ritiicaj-.L-, t.*!at I hty Ihfuid (iivre ii(J one another. * Nft JS. 
j4i.i-:!.e 14.35- i3!:n>3',)8. iJ CUift fhfWeih that faiihditftre-h iriich frjiii a 
vaint ("uritit ri ff::ir.g Srforeuj the j;ritvou«examp!eofPeIfr. •}; Maub. 10.9. 
m All ibii raike i>''y wiy of an allfgoricii il ti- fiyd O myfriendi and ftlir.wfoi.i- 
dietj. yu iiavf Ined»^iiio ai it Arre in [-eace : but no-^e t'rere ii a mofl flliriie 
baittll at band to br fcxight . and ibtttfort you ini:lt by all orbrr ihinc.» afide . an-l 
ijinl:? ui'on furnifiilng your feint in arniout. And vtba: this armour ij , he ftie- 
wrtb by hi) owne tianif.!e . uvhtn he piavei aftfrvvaid in the garden . and reproj. 
ved Pelt 1 for (Irikiog'AitbittfrtOid. j Efii<SJ,j», » Maiih.i«.j«,m.u,t-|,31. 

wont) to the mount of Olives .and his difciples « Mat.a*,,^. 
alfo followed him. "'^'*« '4-3». 

40 X > 3 An J when hee came to the place , hee i;ld?a»"tb*'accep, 
fayd to them. Pray, leaft ye enter into tenration. table unto ui, by 

41 <4 And heawasdrawen alidc-from them a- ovetcommiBg in 
bout 3 ftones caft , and kneeled downe , and prayed, S"' ''^"'*' ^" '''* 

42 S.iying , Father, if thou wilt.take awaythis vThkh h'-d^ioTeV 
cuppe from mee : neveithelelTc , not my will, but with .hem ibecuife 
thine be done. ofcod- 

43 And there appeared an Angel unto him from "* r"y"iarea 
heaven, comforting him. si'n h'"'o'j 

44 But being in an n agonie , bee prayed more riTioui'airiXof' 
earneftly : and his fweat was like o drops of blood, ourennriei. 
tricklingdowne to the ground. ■> Thitajonie 

4 y If And he rofe up from prayer . and came to ^/",",^J,^h'?od'^' 
/;/■/ difciples.and found them fleeping for heavines. vva7in'gt"at df" 

46 And hee layd unto them.wny lleepe ye? tile ftreae:forCbii(t 
and pray, leaft ye enter into tentation. ftroyenot onely 

twelve, went before them . and came neere unto mcnymartyra 

lefus to kJUlhim. "'h^' '«n^e more 

4« AtlRerus M imtohim.luaas.bctrayeft butwi°h'th"f«re!!* 
thou the Sonne of man with a kilVe ? fu"ll kid'emen""* 

49 17 Now when they which were about him, hiiangrteFaiher. 
Mw what would follow , they fayd unto him . Lord, w'li'l' '« the ftare« 
(liall we fmitc with the fword ? w'rM-a''nd^the mlu 

fo And oneofthemfmoteafervantofthehie terwai .for .bathe 
Prieft, and flrookc offhis right eare. tooke the burden of 

y I Then lefus ani wered, and fayd, Suffer them ^'.' ou' 'innet upoa 
thusfarrc : and he touched his eare, 6c healed him. o'Tb^'feJoenot 

')! 1 3 Then lefus fayd unto the hie Priefts, and onWy fhewthac 
captaines of the Temple, and the Eiders which chriftwaurue 
were come to himi,Bee yee come out asuntoa '""ibucotbrr 
thiefe with fwords and ftaves ? 'h'e"|o"l hTve'to 

y 3 When I was d.iyly with you in the Temple, coniiderof, wherein 
ye flietched not forth the h.mds againft me : but redemption of ail_ 
this isyour very houre,andihe p power of darknes. m'tikindiicootef. 

y4 ^ « Then tooke they him, and led him.and 3\';7j^^^^^^^ 
brought him tothehie PrieHhoufe. i» And Peter hiinreifetotheHito 

followed afarie off. ofafcrvaot.-fuclj 

yy « And when they had kindled a fire, in the tbingiaioomaa 
middcs of the hall, and were let downe tegether, ^1"^^""'""" ^r d«- 
Peter alfo fate downe among them. _ " i ,- Man are uiierly 

y6 And a certaine mayd beheld him as he fate flujgiih.eveQ 
by the fire , and having welllooked on him i fayd, '" '^'' g«»'eft 
This man was .ilfowi^th him. cblii^Cthem 

_y7 But he demedhim.laying. Woman,! know vp. 
him not. j Mat. 25,47, 

j8 And aftera littli while , another man fawe n..»ke .4,43. 
him ,and fayd , Thou art alfo of them. But Peter '" lil'-.V-.^., 

^ , / 15 CUT I It II Wll» 

•layd, Man. I am not. ungiy betrayed ao<I 

59 And about the fpace of an houreafter,a taken.thatby hi» 
ccrt.iine otherafFumed .faying .Verely . even this obfHiencehee 
mm was with him : for he is alfo a Galilean. ^^'bth «!« gui'l- 

60 And Peter fhyd, Man, 1 know not what thou ,je for tbsbeirayr 
f^'.yea. And immediaily while hee yetfpakc.the iBjofcod.slory. 

coci;c crew. 

7 Tha 

6 1 Then the Lord turned backe . and looked ^„^'„thebound' 
upon Peter: and Perer temembred the worde of ofourve>catioo, 
the Lord .how ho hadfayaunrnhim .■^ Before the pleafethnot, 
cocke crow, thou Poaltdenie me thrile. Chrift. 

61 And Peter went our,. mil wept bittetly. fArro'fttem"^ 

6^ J + A;il the men th .It held Iclus, mock- 4iiich took, chtia.. 
ed him, and ftrct^ke him. rrocveth p.miv 

ence.and partly alfo that all tbtfe thinji were iLineay God« providence p T!ie 
power ihi(v;Ji givtrito daiktoeirr,ioopjtrn<:tb«ligbt fci a feafon. • Mat.a6.,S. 
lO Wtehaveto beboM in l'et« an examrle tctticfihe fra«ili'if of inant nature, atitji 
of ihefingaUr tordnedee f C*;d towardt hi» eltft. .{. Mat.»8„;J,f9 raar.i4,l«. 

i<ibni!,i;. A" .M«. 14,34. iotn i. :1,3 s, 10 Cktift bare ibt Came that WJldw; to 
ourl:nr.e«, # Mat b,ie,6; isjr.if.S;, 

64 And 


Chap. xxHj. 

The peoples rage, 3^^ 


den-.Q<:J olblaf- 
phemie btfoK the 
ment leiie. ih« 
vne might btquit 
before God from 
which weJe'^":'" 

64 And when they had blindfolded him , they 
f-iiote him on the face , and asked him , faying, 
Tiophecie who is that finote thee. 

65 And many other things blafphemotilly 
fpjke they againft him. , ^,j . 

66 * »• And aflbone as it was day , the Elders 
of the people , and the hie I'riefts and the Scnbes 
came together , and led him into their Councill, 

67 Saying, Art thou that Chrift?tell us.Andh3 
faid unto them, If I tell yon, ye will not beleeve ir. 

68 And if alfo I aske you, you will not anfvvere 
me, nor let roe goe. r /- l 

69 Hereafter iball the Sonne of man fit at the 
rieht hand of the power of God. 

70 Then faid they all.Aitthou then the Sonne 
of God? And he faid unto them , Ye % , that I am, 

71 Then faid they .What neede we any further 
witneffe* for wee our felves have heard it of his 
ovvne mouth. 

J HtuAccujShUfcTtPiUu. 7 
Htiimccl^^M. 14 nUiijeeUethhimuftothtlctres 

TtfUeli. J.7 ThervmifttiliV'tiUkm, 33 Ht ucruc^fieJ. 
S9 Out of thedieVitrcMeth htm. 43 T ht ether iiJ'ii'U 

Ijfiuh. itsHcduth. J3 Weii/nri><y, 

T' Hen ' the whole muhitiidc ofthcmarofe, and 
•*• led him unto Pilate. 

1 And they began to accnfa him .faying ,We 
have found this man >■ perverting the nation , $ and 
forbidding to pay tribute to Celar .laying, That 
heisChrifiaKmg. . .. ^ . . . 

3 * And Pilate asked him , faying , Art thou 
the King of the lewes ? And he anfwcred him. and 
j6id,Thoufayeftit. ,. ^. „ • ,, . 

4 Then laid Pilate to the hie Pneltes, and to 
the people. 1 finde no fault in this man. 

,• ,,. c But they were the more heice . faymg . Hee 

:,f;;?Ci:L^ mJoveth the Jeople. teaching throughout all lu- 

themintoerrc-- '- t. -,.:—:„„,, n,i;ip .^vfp 

f M.ttih.ti 

wirifc 12.17 

* 7^.wl,.zi 


if/w 18.33- 

J Chtift.whoii 
oowttsdif lofuf^- 
OD, which werai- 
ftd in this world. 
|j firft of «ll pro- 
nounced g'iiltlei, 
that it might ap. 
p«ire that be fuf- 
OWD ''"""■ ^''''^ 
^eie none) bnt 
Tot ouri 

cei .but toibtir 
great Imart. 


dea , beginning at Galile. even to this place. 
"• 62 Now when Pilate heard of Galile.he asked 
,, ^vhether the man were a Galilean, 

7 And vvhc:. he knew that he was of b Herodes 
inrifdidion. hee lent him to Herod, which was alio 
ch.iit i. a laugb- ^^ Hiemfalem in thole dayes. 
tog rtoeke to i.r.n. ^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ j-^^ Itfus.he was exceeding- 
ly o-l?d : for hee was delirous to fee him of a long 
feafbn . becaufe he had heard many things of hirn, 
andtruftethtohave feene fome figne done by him. 

9 Then queftioned hee with hira ot many 
things : but he anfwertd him nothing. 

10 Tlie hie Prieftes alfo and bcribesftoode 
foorth and acciiled him vehemently. • 

J I And Hiuod with his ^ men of warte , delpi- 
i(r,a fed hira , and mocked him, and araied him in white, 
cwyj'-i/^w "'■■''. and lent him againe to Pilate. , , ^ 

r,./e4^.<i«.'«'»'i''" j^ 3 ^nd the fame day Pilne and Herod were 
;^/i'!l!.'f 1'." m made friends together : for before they were ene- 
thi'.r'v"eJo>,t mies one to another. . .- u 

a iiur^fuicm<'t- 'j3 J, 4 Then Pilate called together the high 
rnfjev^":,:'"' Priefts, and the d rulets, and the people , 
'-^["u ■'l.t't 14 ♦ And faiil unto them ,Yee have brought 
,vJ'w.7r.m.,, ' this man unto me , as one that perverted the peo- 
ple : and bcholde , 1 have examined him betore 
you . and have found no laiilt in this man . of thoie 
thirgs whereof yeaccufe him: • 

1 f ,No , nor yet Herod : for I fent you to hira : 

1 ihelimt 
nance , ■rch'cl' rc<ts 
t„ma!l eh< ffn" 
the BJpti/- /■■'«■<- 


c .Accmidinrd 



f.\.:rcU\r,mf,.j> ,j.„d„f dl.-neflV ioyoeth. he vfickeJ together. 4 Cbrift 

and lo2, nothing worthy of death is dsne of him. 

1 6 / I will therefore chaftife him . and let hira ^p "'fl^h Xw« 

loofe. erilicburrththe 

• 17 (For of neceffitie bee mnft have let one ir«v .butGodcu*- 
loofe unco them at the feaft. ) '^^\:^% .'""l'"'''- 

i8 Then all the multitude cried at once.fiying, *hf,hirJti.nt?bf. 
Away with him , and deliver unto us P:^abbas : f^je he wn c-c- ' 

ip Which foracertaine infurredion madein dtmntduc.t.tin! 
the citie.and murther, was caft in ptilbn. irmightap; c«s, 

jO Then Pilate fpake againe to them . willing X^,^l^!,°^l^^, 

toletlefusloole. _ donned in hiin, 

2l But they cryed,faying,Crucifie,crHciiie him. .f. Mattb 27 at. 

2i 6 And he laid unto them the third time, But markeif. 21- 
what evill hath hee done ? 1 fnde no cau'e of death /he'^out'.a'ioufne. 
in him: I will therefore chaftife him , and let him anJdiforderaf 

loofe. fouldieti. 

1? But they were inftant with loud voyces, and s Thetriumvbof 

-! , , , -^ . , L :c„. I .v,» ..„,-.-o^ the Wicked hatb a 


13 cut tney were iniwiuwiiu luiiii vuyc^-j. ui.v. -.--..-, 
required that he might be crticifie-; and the voyces ^,'ft7'„lb,'' 
of them and ofthe hie Prieds prevailed. _ $ ifai.1,29. 

ZA So Pilate gave fentence.thatitfliouldbe hofs. ic!. 
as they required. ^ . ,- v r "\''re't'!*,7 

i/ And hee let loofe untotbemmmthat for ^ l'-^^^^l^2iAi . 
infiirredtion and murther was caft into pnion, ^^^ j„^,b,„,oroe 
whom they deiired.and delivered lelus to doe ,hatanr fruiifuli, 
with him wh:t they would t.t^l'^^^^'* 

j6 J * 7 And as they ledile him away . they ^;,7„,"' ^'^.roa 
cau*ht one Simon of Cyrene, comming out of „f^y Godhead, 
the°field , and on him they laid the crofTe , to beare ,vhat will they dot 

''"S'^W there followed him a great multi- S^J^Et 
tude of people , and of women , whuh women be- oufneSe ? 
wailed and lamented him. , r ■ i '^ Mattb i7.3». 

a8 But lefus turned backe unto them, and faid, ,f,27. 
Daughters of Hit-rufalem , weepe not for me, but ^"chr.'if became 
weepeforyour felves, and for your children. jccurfed foru. 

29 For behold, the dayes will come, when men upon the CroQ'e. 
fliall fiy . Bleffed «re the batren . and the wombes '■".^';°f ;^J,P;;; 
that never bare, and the pappes which never gave ,i,,,j.f,„,,dth« 

fllf l^e would be Godi. 

JO Then aiall they begin to fay to the moun- ,0 coriftinpiay. 
taines. •«; Frdloii us : and to the hilles, Cover us. ing for h„ ene- 
''^r *For ifthey doethefethingstoae greene --^-'^^..^ 
tree, what Iball be done to the drie ? cnHceandthe 

,2 ,|. And there wete two others, which were r,„ft. 
evill doers.led uith him to be ildne^ Lrh l«fhenall 

33 9 And when they were come to the place, ^^^^^^ 
which is called Calvarie, there they crucihed him, „ pii3,„tua- 
and the evill doers : one at the right hand, and the vM.reiii trade. 

' . . c prracheroithe 

°^ 34 '"*¥ien faid lefus, Fa.her,forgive them:for ^-^^^ 
th"V knowe not what they doe. And they parted g Therefore mhef 
his raimenr,and caftlots. we muQ take that 

3 c Ind the people ftood , and beheld : and the f ^-j^-.r^.^'^, 
rulers mocked hira w^.'^'-^f^-.f^y'"" '"^'^ifj^'^ .herfaub.'c'chae 
mhers-let him favehimlelfe,iihebethatChrilt botbcftbemn.9c« 
thcfChofenofGod. ^,. ^ YeiC^^^.^^^^ 

36 The fouldiers alfo mocked him ,andcame --^^troule 
and otfercd him nneger, with the great pa- 

27 Andfaid.IfthoubethsKingofthelewes, ,unc«ofGod.brak« 
f pthvf'lfe fjorth into that 

%g .1^ And a fuperfcription was alfo written co,.feflioB worth, 
over him .in Greekeletters.raidin Latm andin c'btiai^tte 
Hebrew , THIS IS THAT KING OF „id,tof.hehutn, 

rp,jp TtwES. bl.Dgofhimfelfe 

,0 5 g And .* one of the evill doers , which upc tbectofl-e 

we^r? hanged"railed on him .faying , If thou be .'^:rhVh;?hb'l 

ihatChrift.favethyfelfeandus. ,,,,.„ powetofi.feto 

AO But the other anlwered , and rebuked him, raveth<rbeic 


40 But ineotneramwcit^v'.-"-/^'-""- : y VT-Vh," 

favlng.Feateft thou not God .feeing ;hou art in ^^/^/-f^- 
theTame condemnation ? 


41 We 


Cbiift is buried. 

S. Lute. 

Two difciples ioutney to EmmaO&i 

41 We are in c!eede righteoufly /;f« : for we 
receiua things worthy of that we have done: but 
this man hith done nothing ^ amilVe. 

42, And hee laid iinro lefus , Lord , lemembei; 
tr.e , when thou commeft into thy kingJome. 

43 Then lefus (aid unto him.Verely I lay unto 
thee, to dapftult thou be with me in ' I'aradil'e. 

44 f 13 And it was about the lixt houre : and 
there was a darkenefle over ail the land , untill the 
ninth houre. 

45- •+ AndtheSunne was darkened , and the 
vaile of the Temple rent through the middes. 

46 And lefus cried svith a loud voyce.andfaid, 
4 Father .into thine handes I commend my fpirit. 
And when he thus had kid , he gave up the ghoft. 

47 I iJ Now when the Centurion fawe what 
was done , he glorified God , laying , Of a furetie 
this man was iuli 

48 And aii the people that came together to 
that fight , beholding things v^ich were done : 
fmote their breafts, and returned. 

49 16 And all his acquaintance flood afarreofF, 
and the women that followed him from Galile, 
beholding the things, 

yo I S '7 And beholde , there was a man na- 
med lofeph , which was a counfeller , a good man 
and a iult. 

f I Hee did not confent to the counlelland 
'''' deedc of them, which was of Arimathe.i.a citie of 
the Icwes : who alio himfeife waited for the king- 
dome of God. 

y 2 He went unto Pilate , aiid asked the bodie 
of lefus. 

j3 And tooke it downe , and wrapped it in a 
o( tbctormcmouri, linnen cloath, and laide it ina tombe hewen out of 
t "vf j*r.27,;7. mat. a rockc, wherein was never man yet layd. 
J f, 43. '"'m 19.38. y4 j\|„i that day was the preparation, and the 
• Sabbath k drew on. 

y y jS And the women alfo that followed after, 
which came with him from Galile , beheld the le- 
pukhre.and how his body was laid. 

J 6 And they reiurned and prepared odours, ■ 
and oyntraents , and refteth the Sabbath day accor- 
ding to the ct)mmandcmei3t. nctv 

ht fnnin^ ,fcT liic li<hi cfihe Utmtr d ly dretre IctvitrJe the s^einf dt>n">!, and tl^iit VdS 
tU Jay of prtp^rMi^nf.rilir ft., n uh re." 10 l^t ktpt il,i'd.i} follctviny iS Chiirt 
l-i-inf.rrt upon by thrdeuill aod all hii ianrumenii , and beiugeven in dratbs n.ouihi 
f<-iieih wtj^ke woaitn in his fortward , niiudiog Itraighivvaye' to triiiinj'h ovei ihofe 
l«ril)Jtenemui wutuat any gieai endtuout. 

r. H A P. XXI V. 

J ThtWimfnccnKiodefifuLhre. 9 TUeyrcferlthxtvhich 
ihc, hca'dcftU^.-iclt , V«!« 'ht .Afoftlti. 1% Chr'fi 

k Mrtihtnhe 

i C'J miJt ihl U- 

tvirtJ ■ kui t/iat 

tvulitht nti iftur 
ntiidt is tht fUct^ 
efeUrltfini i.j 

ntft and mircj cf 

aiJmc/}.iititi and 
i.lfuU dwelling. 
J3 ChiiHb-iog 

of dMih , Qiev\eili 
God almightict 
tven to ib« blind. 
14 Cbliflenrmh 
dourly into :be 
vfry darken^OVof 
dtaib .ftrtooier- 

witt'in biimoft 
fectfi (jlacci. 
« Pfal.3..6. 
If Cbriftcaureth 

wimrlleon h 
tide, liiol'tai it 
pltafeth bim. 
I« Chnflgathe- 
Tf th tupttber .and 
defrndMb hii little 

confirinc tb the 
tructb beta offai> 
dcaib, andicfur< 
rtdioo, by the 
pliine andeviden 

d:lh *r!^mf.inie iv ^o'n^ to Emmi'is 

iohn 10.1 . 

• Poorffl'lyvVO- 

r.wa : fvto brf) It 
*fc chofea to be 
ihrfitrt wiinclTet 
Ibat there mipht 
•ithtf ofdeccitior 

A r,ry tanls ; 
M arkt faith, tr at 
*•• -n'atytt dative, 
thai it, nlietiiftvits 


'■'»? >ft\„ da,. 

the ,ripturt,uni>ih'tm.' 39 He ofTfretl, himfelfe u hit 

^<ftiiile,fhehind\(d. 49 He fnmifeth the hcly Ghoji. 

Ji heij cjriedupintoheaien. 

NOw the* I firft V<ty of the weeke* earely in 
the morning, they came unto the lepulchre, 
and brought the odours which they had prepared, 
andccrtaineKwewfn with them. 

i And they found the ftone rolled away from 
the fepulchre. 

3 And went in , but found not the body of the 
Lord lefus. 

4 And it came to pafle , that as they were ama- 
fcd thereat , behold ,two men fuddenly flood by 
them in Aiining veftures. 

y And as they were afraid , and bnwed downe 
their faces in the eaith , they faid to them , Why 
fceke ye him that liveth, among the dead » 

6 He IS not here.but is rifen : remember ^ how 4* chap.o,iz. 
hefpakeuntoyou.whenhewasyetin G.'.lile, """'!'■ '^-^i- 

7 Saying , that the Sonne of roan mull be deli- '"■"'V^'i^' 
vercd into the hands offinfuUti^n .andbecinici- ! 
fied, and the third day rife ag.iine. 

^ Andtheyremembred his words. 

9 » And returned from the fepulchre , and told 

all thefe things unto the eleven , and to all the lJ/,aZ"„Ld 
remnant. ofibedifcipLTit " 

10 Now it was Mary Magdalene, and Ioanna,and upbraided by the 
Mary the wof/ier of lames .and oiher women with "o"tcourageof 
them which told thefe things unto the Apoflles . ~bVb^° g^ 

11 But their words Teemed unto them as a fai- gt«t mttcie ) to 
ned thing, neither beieeved they them. ftitw thatthe 

12 §3 Then arofe Peter and ran unto thefe- kingdoineofGod 
pulchre, and b looked in and faw the linen cloathes extraLVdiiiarle 
layd by themfelves , and departed wondering in power, 
himfelfe at that which was corae to paffe. :§ lohn io,«. 

13 J * 4 And behold two of them went that ? Chria ufeih thu 
fame day toatowne which was from Hierufalem airjpies!'tot°he'"" 
about threefcore furlongs, called Eraroaus. fuMer fei'ting forth 

14 And they talked together of all thefe things ofthetruethof 
that were done. . ^'Tu^'L*'","/ 

I y And it came to pafle . as they communed f"||,',\'„^ t;,, * 
together , and reafoned , that lefus himfelfe drewe beieeved that tot» 
ncerc , and went with them. lightly , which 

16 <: But their eyes were holden, that they could 'hey preached af- 
notknowhim. ZZt""''''' 

17 And he faid unto them. What maner of b ^j « wf k A»I- 
communications are thefe that ye have one to an- dinid<itvm hit _ 
other as ye walke and are fad? ''f-"' - <y'dlming; 

1 8 And d the one ( named Cleopas ) anfwered 'JfZ?„%'i„! 
and faide unto him. Art thou onelyaftranger in # M.irkei6,ti. 
Hierulalem , and haft notknowen thethings which 4 Therefurreaioa 
are come to pafle therein in thefe dayes? it prooued by two 

19 And he faid unto them , What things ? And ^b-'iTC u^'U 
they faid unto him , Of lefus of Nazareth , which tbati«wajno 
was a Prophet , mightie in dcede and in worde be- forged thing fra- 
fore God. and alhhe people, medyfpu,pofe 

20 s And how the hie Pricftes .and our rulers bfafnel.Thhe 
delivered him to be condemned to death , and circumiiances dor 
hav ccrucifiedhim, declare 

II But we trufted that it had beene hee that V ''T,'"*/f"^^ 
fliould have delivered Ifrael.and as touching all ccdfiapptZ'ing 
thefe things, to day is the third day, that they were ,> , „« dcuk .■ and 

done. I'lereftrehishdj 

21 Yea, and certaine women among us made *7'*'"'°."''-'l'*'''» 
us aftonied, which came early unto the fepulchre, jUJeY'" ^" 

i3 And when they found nothisbudie .they a .umiffthcold 
came, fayiny .that they had alfo feene a vilion of /^ff"' '«>''>*!."'"»« 
Angels, whiX-h lliid.that he was alive. '•'" "''" '"f'¥^ . 

24 Therefore certaine of them which were '^/chji "im'EpipTa- 
with us , went 10 the lepulchre , and found it even „iuiirr:ttn^ J.t'"'"/'. 
fo as the women had laid, but him they faw not. tU o ..iMmtit.rn*, 

2y Then hee fayde unto them, Ofooles and '^'''"'.^f ' ■'^^ 
flo we of heart to beleeve ail that the Prcpftcts have ~'; ™ 
fpoken ! uixiie,. 

z6 Ought not Chrift to have fuffcted thefe y itappearetbby 
things, and to enter into his glory ? the conferring of 

27 And he began at Mofes , and at all the Pro- '^V.^^^TopheT 
phots ,and interpreted unto them in all the Scrip- ,hatailihofe 
tures thethings which were T/i/r/>»f»of him, tbingj are true anJ 

28 And they drewe neere unto thetowne,which ""^'"i'^^^jiy^ ''" 
they went toi but he made as though hee would p"do'w'ne'inwii»> 
have gone further. _ ingofChrift. 

29 But they conftrained him, faying, Abide 
with us . for it is towards night, and the day is farrc 
fpent. So he went in to tarv with them. 

30 And it c.-ime to paiVe,as hee fate at' table 
with them, he tooke theUead.andbleffed.and 


Chiift appeareth to his 

Chap. j. 

e SiiidenXj tik"> 
Tvemajr not irrt't^ 
cine ihdt he ttJ/ 
tlieas could nctle 


ttced thit Ac c/).iB- 


? Wknkehrakf ■ 

lrt>td , tt'jIcA tijAt 



lhud.tjatthikc' ' 

vinnUi '■f'htir 

raeMes , and/uji 4 


6 TheLuidbim. 


ceflaiie fi(>ntri,tbat 
ie was riltna. 
gair-f>aDd tbat ia 
upon him 
g liner J and 
tteuitfuH ihcuihls 
rntni hejdi.yvhen 
o>,] Pr»nie Mni 
fullethiKt ,nlier(of 
thirt u nn grtM 

brake it, aiid gave it to theou^ 

31 Then their eyes wete opened , and they 
knew him : ancihe was e no more feene'of them. 

31 And th^jy faid betweene themfelvcS .Did 
notourheartes burne within us, while he talked 
with us by the way, and when he opened to us the 
Scriptures ? 

33 And they rofe up the fame houre , and re- 
turned to Hieruialem.andfoundc the eleven gathe- 
red together, and them that were with them. 

34 which faid.The Lortl isrifen indeede, and 
hath appeared to Simon. 

3y Then they tolde what things vff redone 
in the way . and how he was knowen of them in 
^ breaking of bread. 

36 f 4 6 And as they fpake thefe things, lefus 
hirafclfe flood in tbe mids of them , and laid unto 
them . Peace 6e to you. 

37 But they were aballied and afraid.fuppofing 
that they hath i'icns a fpirit. 

38 Then he faid unto them, Why ate ye trou- 
bled! and wherfore do g doubts arife in your hearts? 

39 Beholdeminehaadsandmy feet: foricis I 
my lelfe r hanc^e me , and lee ; for a fpirit hath not 
flelli and bones, as yee fee me have. 

40 And when he had thus fpoken,heelliewed 
them /;»> hands and feet. 

41 And while they yetbeleeved notforioy, 
and wondered , hee'faid unto them , Have ye here 
any meat? 

difciplesjandafcendeth. 3 


41 And they gave him a piece-ofahfoyled 
fiQi, and of an hony combe. 

43 And bee tooke it , and did eat before them. 

44 7 And hee iaide unto them , Thefe are the o," Go'/"!"''^ 
wordes .which I fpketinto you while I was yet vfbiQb'^L''ftcmi. 
with you, that all muft be fulfilled I'^ich are wri- fcdtothtPro- 
ten of mcein theLaweofMofes , andin the Pro- ptt'sandptrfoir- 
phets, and in thePfalmes, .mtdinti.tiBir, 

r ' , ,, in,. , iscommitttd unto 

4) inen opened hee their underltandmg, that theAfoaici.-the 
they mighr underftand the Scriptures. fuminewhertof, 

46 And faid unto them. Thus is it written, and »"P«D"cceand 
thus it behoved Chrift to fuffer . and to rife a^^aine """"*'"' ° '^'"' 
from the dead the third day . 

47 And that repentance , and remifsio.4 of 

finnes fhould be preached in his Name among all ^Z\'rt!b,^p*=>- 
nations , ^ beginpir.g at Hiernfalem. chen of th' cVpel 

48 Now ye are witnelTcs of thefe things. btginning at Hie' 

49 And beholde , 1 doe fer o the 4. promife of 'u''^''™. 

my Father upon you :biTt i - yee in the citie of ^a°''° "^•*^' 
HierufTlcro, Mintillyebe enJ^uid with power from i va 'iifthe hol» 

on high. Gfao« came dovtue 

50 3 Afterward he led them out into Bethania, ffom heaven ui'on 
and lift up his hands, ai=idblelTed them. Vnk ■». r j, 

y I And it came to paiTe . that as hee bleffed Lo helven "nd" 
them ,S hee departed from them, and was caried departing bisdiiy 
up into heaven . f""^ ^'^ difcipicf, 

52 And they worltipped him, and returned to ''i'"'"J"i'''"rt! 

,,.•' ri - 1. ■ With the holy 

Hierulalem With great loy, choft. 

5 z And were continually in the Temple , prai- i Marke iis,i«. 
fins', and laudini; God. Amen, aft" «-s. 





That Wtrdt Icgilten tfCcd hefcre all tvorldei, i and 

■tvhichrcasel'emithtiie F.tthcr, 14 umM!eman, 6,7 
Fcryvhdtend lolin-jvJifcnifremCcd. i« His preaclnn^ 
rfChrifies office. 19,10 The recerd that he i^e pil>en 

tut unit the Pritfi^s. 40 Thecatlinrcf^ndten,'^x 

tf Tetcn If} PIMp, 45 andNaihanuiL 

N I the a beginning b was c that 
Word , and that Woid was d with 
God, and that e Word was God, 

2 This fame was in the be- 
ginning with God. 
" 3 4. 1 All f things were made 
by it . and g ■ 

1 The Sonne oP 
God i« of one, and 
the felfe fame eter- 
ftingoefl- , and of 
fame effe ace ot 
Qaffure, with tbe 

a Frcm «< *e?J»- 
ninf;,iii the Euan- 

j,i..titlieufhhe ; « , 

r,id , that the ircrU he fan ntt^hn to t^tVe hi, lein^ , tchtn God It^an tc make aU that 
■iva, made: fo, the -ir.rdtra, even t'-en vh(» all thinr, that v>ertm^de.he£^n>.h 
made,andiheeefir.heeTta,hehethclepnnini.fa&thinp. b Hadhuhemg. 

c This trord , Tha, . p.inteth o«r „.f. u. a fecuUar anf ehoifi thmg aU^e at oihcr, 
end rwttih a di-f^irenre he'vten, this Wf'de , rvhuh is the Sonne vfCcd.andthe,cfCcd,'rrhuhcil,e,yrifealJiarecalledtheyi;.tdof'.cd d Tty W 

'[With)f»„e,hcufthedepin(iic„offerfn,tct,s. e Th, yrorde{Word)uthc 

frflin rrdcT in the fenience , and i, that which the learned caS (S«he(l,<m:) and ihs 
J,Td I.edMsthe Utter in trier . and thi Ume yrl.ich the learned caU ( I'redicatum.) 
4 Of., ,16. I Th'fonneofGoddeclareih tbat fame fail everlafting God- 

bead , both by the creating of all thiogi.aDd alfo by theprefeivingofiheni , and 
efpecially by the txrellent gifr. cf reafon and uoderftandirg, wh.rtwitfe he that 
beautified man above all other crea«,e.. f i'aul place. Cd.J. 

lis andytiie-fts f That is, atlhe father dtdvicrke, fx^'dtheSmne vSirkf 

Ori'h him ■ for he y^.-.s ffHovioorke^ ro'tth him. b Of all thefe ihinrs vhich vere 

made , mthin^ yras made rvitheut ««. i Thai is , h him .- and it ufftkfn tfl" 
the manner rf the Helrtrcts .-meaning thtreh «*■« h i" i'"' "x" ro^kjiS P'W" 
all li/eccmmeih tc the norU. If Tt -nit, eVen then, yehen aU shv,ri are made hjr 

him ,/cr eh he tftuld haVefaid , life is in him, andnei life was 
re.'. fen and Hnderftandini , wfcifi « ^in^W W »»' mmdu I 
tUtbiUr »ffi gtttu a tuttpt. 

ind K without it «> was 
made nothing that was made 

4 ; -i In it jj was life , and that life was i the light 

t force ./ 
kptreUd^thm tht 

y 3 And that light fliineth in thewildetnefle, -i r- i r 
and the darkenelle ^ comprehended it not. I turned in'o 

6 J § 4There was aman lent from God, whole darkent/Te ,buty« 

nameZ'T/a^Iohn. • lb ihaj: there ia 

7 75,7V fame came fora witneffe , to bearc wit- ''""«. ynuugh 
nefle of that light,that all men n through him might '^Xm «cufe. 

beleeve. m They could not 

8 Hee was not «> that W^i^ut-vvasfent to beare fefceive uor re:c!i 

WitneiVe of that light. unto h. to receive 

9 ; This was p that true light.Avhich lighteth ."/ydfd no'fo"' 
every man that commeth into the world. much ai acknaw- 

10 q Hee was in the world, and the worlde was ''dgebim. 
■"made by him : and the world knew him not. S Mattn.3,1. 

1 1 He came r unto his owne, and his owne re- j^ke 3V2.*' 
ceiveihim not. 4 xhrleisano- 

12 « But as many as received hiro,to'thero hee tber mote full ma< 
gave f prerogative to bethefonnes of God , tnien "'ftfiationoftbe 
to them that beleeve in hisName, .hronndf^afi'oa 

13 which are borne not of blood , nor of the whereof mm are 
t will of the fiefli,nor of the will of man.but ofGod .• in good time nir- 

ledup , evtn by 
lotni voice, who i»a« itweretbeheraultofchrifi. n Tbrouoh loha. o Tbat 
light which we fpake of, to wit.Cbrirt.whoonely can lighten our daikfrelTe. s When 
as the Sonne ofGod fawe.that man did not ackuowledgehim by hii woikei'although 
theywere endued vvith undetfUndinf (which hee had given to them all) hee exhi. 
biied himfclfe unio hii people to be feene of tbem witliihei, corpor.-ill eye« : yee 
neithetfodid thty acknowledge him., nor receive him. p WiJoonely and pro- 

perly deferveih to be called the light , for beiWneth of biKifclfc and botrcwtthlicbi of 
uoue. q That perfon of the Word , r.'at made manife/t even at that time when 

theworldewaimade. * Hebr.11,3. t The Word ihcwed himfelfe 

againe.when becamein tbe fleOi. 6 The Sonne being Diutc/utofibemoft of 

hii people , acd acknowledged but of a fewe , doth regenerate tbem hy hiiowne 
venue and power, and receiveib them into ikat honour which i»common toall 
the childitn ofGod , that isio beethe fonnei ofGod. f He voucbfafedto 

giveibemtbat prerogaiive to take them to be tis children. t Of^bat groOe 

andcorruptD3tuie«f«»n} which il throughout tbe Scripturet fetai toetniete its 

14 ■•'? And 

lohns witnefit of Chrift. 

S. lobn. 

The Lambe of God, 

14 + 7 And that Word* was made u fiefh, an J 
X dwelt amang lis , (and wee ■^ fawe the v g!o- 
rie thereof , » as the miotic of the oncly beoot- 
ten Seme of the Father ) » full of grace and 

ly 1 8 lobobarewitneneof him .andcryed, 
faying. This was he of whom 1 faid, Hethatcom- 
meth b alter mc , was c before me : for he was bec- 

16 ■« ♦ And of his fuIneiTshave all we received, 
and d grace for grace. 

1 7 For the Law was given by Mofes, but grace 
and trueth came by lelus Chrift. 

Noman hath feeneGod atanytirae: 

« Mitlh.t.iS. 
J TbitSaoiXi 
who II afi froin 
• .looke 
cprn biaiinant 
roijbt be both 
Ooi (dJ am, 
waich maniftftly 
tiioaniongft whom 
bt wtieonvFifjot, 
ao.! uoio vtbome 
■byfure and ua- 

"oTbil 'oa'iu^r' that onely begotten Sonne , which is in the e bo- 

u Tkat ii. in«o . fo foroc of tile Father, he hath f declaied him. 

that the pan iiu- iQ J 11 Then this IS the record c!" loUn, when 

kfoforthe whoU. the lewes lent Priefts and Levites from Hieriila- 

SK/be lemtoaskehim.Whoattthou? 

tookeM|>on himail 20 And Iiee g conleflt;d and h jlenycd not, and 

cur whoi^ came, fjjj olainely.I j- am not that Chrift. 

tbsc i> to fay. » true ^ j' ^^^ |.|^gy ^^j^j^j j,jjj,^ yyhat then J Art thou 

{^•i"" Eiias f Andhelaid.ilamnot.Artthoukthatrio. 

X Fora ftafon.ani phec ? And he anfwtred. No. 

wbtnihaiwuen. jj Then faide they unco hira , VVho aft thoii, 

rftd , hevTCTit uj. jj^2t wee may L'ivc anfvvcre to them that lent us ? 


a J He (aid, I * am the voice of hira that cneth 

in the wilderneire, Make ftraight the way of the 

Lord, as faid cht; Prophet Efaias. 

24 '» New they which were fedt , were of the 

25 And they asked him ,and {aide unto hira, 
' why baptizeft thou then , if thou be not that 
Chrift.neither Elias, nor that Prophet ? 

x6 lohn ani'wcred theni, faying, I baptize with 
water : but there is one m among you, whom yee 

iniftjiiiticn cfChriJl his m.tirfie , rvhUhtpH as itrrtrc 
l.tiitcfrnhifirccuTe->t!tvh<nlht Sonne t^f Cod Afftirtdtn P tfh. z Thit norJiu) 
dtHh nt! m thii piut lefk.'" " l'k"«P''l"" '*« ''•'•"'' 'f'l" matitr.for hh mi^ning is 
ihii , iha: xet f,itv fuc'' agUrit, ai tKficmeJ and iriti mettifor thi true and oKtly teg^i~ 
ttn Sannc tfUod , wAoii Lcrd and ^n^ cVtr .lU tfce ■nH.rld. a Hte nut not zncij 
a f,iriii{tT if Trait tnd irmih , Im ir.u f»H ofiht H-'y fthj} tnce tf^raie andirutlh. 
8 Iobniiaifjithfullwiint(I"tof:htexcell«ncieofCttift. b Thatii ,Hcth- 

fcrttThomc J amjir.ncfriy.ce himlhev.i} :fothat ihefe yn'ri, are tt fined to the 
timr tfhit caUin, , ar,dnot of hi, u=« ./ir Jom to :/ Ctxe tmneth older ihrn he. 
c Tliu ftnle'nee ItatU in it * turning of the reafcn ai ne caU it, ai tvho tvmlif.irt 
sfittinycfthatfirfltthid/liouU te Uil , and t>nl lajl ivhichfhould te firji .-fr in 
fUi'.t ffctih this it it : He that ccmeth afiir nn , is tetter then I am, firhewts 
tifireme. Thelili_e kjn<lcf;urni>ii the re.ifin rve findiit I,i«/j.f 7,47, manj finncs 
art f.>rx'l>tn her , itcaufefhee loVtdmu.h , tvli'th ij tW» muih lofij , jhe loi>ed murh, 
tteaufe many finnenrefcrjriiita her. «■ Clj^. 1,19. and 1.^. 9 Chrilt 

iithemoft HleoufuUfountiineof all goodDtffc , bui then he pov\r»d out bii gifti 
nioftboiiatifully, whto aihe exhibired aud flit\n/eii himfslfcto the wotli. d That 
ii, grace upon gf3»e,ai a itian would fay gracetbrajicd oceupoaanothtr. lO The 
Itue ko'>w!fdgcof God irocerdeOQcIy from lifuiChrift. :v i.Tiin 6 i6. 

}i.iobn4.'». e Who it nterefttohii F.ithei , not onfly in refpeS ofhiilove 

towaidibini , butby the bond of naiuie ,«Dd tor ibat vjjoncr oneiieffe that ii be- 
«w«en«lbtni, whtreby theF.itberaud tbeSoonearesnc. ( Revealed bim, 

QDiinicvved bim untoui, whtitai before he wai hid under the fludovvof the LaViie. 
fotbattbequitknelfeof the fight of cur mindti wai not able ici prrceived him : for 
Vrbofotver , freib him ,fcrih the Father a Ifo. 11 lobn ii neiikcr tbcMclIiit. nui 

like to any oft) c other I'ropbeti , but it the hcrault ofCbrilt , uvhoit nowpiefeai. 
g Hedid acknowledge biin, and fpakeof him plainfly and openly. h Thil 

ithetrfmgofone and ibe felfefame thing ,the)ugb in diveti woidt , ii vfedinuch of 
tbeHrbrcwei .and it hath great force: for they vfeto fpeake one thing 
iViitoutmoieteiijir.elyand plaintly. iV Afts 13,1;. i The Iev»es thought 

that Eliiilhould comea^ai:.e before the dayet ofM'Tiai. and they tookechegrojnd 
of that their opinion out of MiliC) f. w3i;h plact it to be uader.'iooj oflobo. 
Mitth 11,14. And yetlobndeoieib thai bei« Hliai , arifiAdii-,[; rliciii in dcid accor. 
diogai tbty meant k They eritjiireot fome great rripbtt, and D'totCb.flt, 

for lobo deqitd. liifiretliii heis Cijriil .for hey tbou,;ht:Datfome f rear Prophet 
Ihoiild be fcKt Ike uut!> M"fe( , wrelliof: 10 place of Deut.iS.i ;. 
which i« to be unrierliocdol all thecomjanie ofihc I'r.pbe i a .d mini Ken , which 
fcave beeoeand Ihall be to the ende , and efpedally of Chrill , who is the bead of all 
rroptcn , » IIJr4o.i. mattb.3 3 UAt i .^. ,, Cbi^ftiitii 

antbtutjfbJptirin-. and not John : andtherefoie tne f.rcs thereof coofitttth no: io wb iit er.inilter.bHiwtiolyinC-iiilthtl.srd. 1 K-r.bywemay 

r-o ,vetb the !< wei knew thtie Diouid be fome cba.ige in ieligit^o uudtl Mtfliai, 
m' \i-lioni«Uiheworldfteth«u,aadiKVtB»ni«)gayoi, 

vffth, iitaken f:om 
t;ct»:*ud yet not- 
abfeoce from ut io 
body is tiot fucb. 
but that heit al- 
wayei i«refeat wiih 
III. though do: ia 
Veriueofbu fpit 
$ Matth.i7,x. 
y The zlor} which 
heffta\eth of here , i 

know not. * Mat..i,n, 

17 4- Hee it is that commeth after me , which j"^^'^^' '^'^• 
was before me , whofe ilioe latchet I am not wor- aft«'i!f.aud n,is 
thy tounloofe. miif,^. 

28 Thofe things were done in Bethabara beyond 
Jordan, where lohn did baptize. 

19 ^ ij The next day lohn feethlefiis cora- 
rring unto him , and fayctU , Beholde " that Lambs 
of God , which otaketh the P fmne of the 

world. _ 13 The bod ie tnl 

3 o This is he of whom I faid, After me com- 'f"-* i" "^f ai' ■»« 
meth a man.which wr.s before me: for he was bet- ^""'^'" °* '*";. 

IT Law, to make la- 

ter then I, tiifadion for the 

3 I And q I knewe Inm not , but becauie hee linneof tbeworirf, 
fliouid ht declared to Ifrael .therefore am I come, '' '° Chtii;, 
baptizing with warer. ^^^^|^' ^"Jj^^j'*"'-^ 

3» M So lohn bare recorde, faying , I behelde Tstb'gre'at h^ ia 
^ that Spirit come downe from heaven, like a ir, ootonely tofet 
douc, and itabosdeuponhim, " forth the wotthi- 

3^ Ant! 1 knewe him not : but he that fent me """''= 5" Cbnft, 

r • • , , /- . , ., and foto Itparite 

to baptize With water , hee latdeuntomee ,Vpon |,i^f,o,n (h, 
whom thou ihalt fee that Spirit come downe, and Lambe which wit 
taryftillonhim,thatishee which baptizeth with abgureofhim, 
the holy Ghoa. ■ ^«i'^°w!b''e''"' 

34 And I ("aw.and bare record th« this is ' that iaw,fcut°alfo'i(» 
Sonne of God. biiBg'imoour 

3 ? f 1 / The next day , lohn Hood againe , and ">''^<' '•" frophe. 

two of hi S difc iplcs . ^ 'o-hel^'"'*' "'^ 

36 i« And he beheld lefus walking by, and faid, „ Thii word of the 
Behold that Lambe of God. ' prefeattimefigni. 

37 •? And the two difciples heacdhim fpeake, »i«h»<:"ntiouaii 
and followed Ie(us. hf,'h*\bV.«rmT''* 

38 Then fc'us turned about, and fawtherofol- proper unto bim, 
low , and faide unto them , What fecke yee ? And ao.i for ever, 
they laid unto him. Rabbi , (v/hich is to fay by in- to take sway tbe 
terpretation, Ma(fer) ( where dwcUcfUhou ? '^^^^f '*" 

29 Hee faide unto them, Come, and fee, ^ That ii. that 
They came andfaw where he dv,-elt,and sboade 
with him that day: for it was about the t tenth wit.ourcorrtipti- 

u oo.andfoconfe- 

• . , ^. „ It ^quemly .hefruiti 

40 Andrew, Simon Peters brother, was one of of unre , which art 
the two which had heard it of lohn ,and that fol- commooiy called 

lowed him. in the plural) num. 

4 1 The Ame found his brother Simon finl.and q'l n°ve,''knew 
Aid unto him, We have foundthat Meisias which aim by ftce before^ 
is by interpretation, that " Chriil. 14 CSrift ii proo. ' 

42 And hee brought him to lefus, Andlefus vediobetbe 
behold him, and faid. Thou art Simon the fonneof b'"h";™„i' 
lona ; thou (lialt be called Cephas, which is by in - ^,,^06 of the holy 
tcrpretatiou a Hone. choii. by ibe Fa- 

43 f The day foliowing.Tefns would goe into ''■■'■'"'"'"•"'' , 
Galile.and found Philip . and laid untohim . Fol- Jfvi^bnsteni.cco.e, 

, *■ 3 M3t 3,10, 

low me. maike, ,0. 

44 Now Philip wasofBethfaida, thecitieof iiike3.j». 
Andrew and Peter. ' Tbii wjrdfThat> 

4y .3 Philip foundeNathanael , and fayde l*'"'*'''°»'""'° 

■',. r 1,. /-I us fonieexcellent 

vnto him, wee haue rounde him or whome thing, and msketh 
* Mofes did write in the Law , and the x Pro- aditiVitncebe. 
phcts , lefus 'tliac Sonne of lofeph , that was of '«"<='■ chri'tar^ 

N-yire-th other whome.Molei 

^"^•^'^'^'"- and the Prophets 

commoolycall the 
the foanescfthemoft high. if lohngathertddi/ciplei , nottohimftlfe , but 

toChiill. i« Ch'ifti'ifet before us to followe nor aiavjicefliadowe .hot a* 

oiri MediatCMir. 17 In ihijHr/l gathcricgoftbedifciplei wee have ihewed un a 

us, that tbrl>ej.iiiiiiogofralva ion ufr jm G)d, whocallethui unts ti« Soune liy the 
iniuinerieofhii fervaiin: vshome (fo preventing u»,l alfo heats, and follow e 
bim home, that bteingioL'iiiaed by bun , wee ni.iyatfoinflruit o;heii. f 
is thy lodging^ t The night grew ca. u That is. aiinynted . and King alut 
theniaoneroftbelewilil P'Ojdc . i3 Thegoodcndevouii evenof theuii'raired, 

God d.ict'i foal)ov\e , th.nhe mjkeih ibem iiulle/a iqthelcarBed. ♦ Gener.49, 

io.deiit tS iS. 4 lfai,4.».iiid4c,io,aLd4j,8."iere.i,-,y.aiicl33,i4,e«tb,j4, 
fj. tod j7ii't,Daii.^itf, 

4d »» Thea 

Watet turned into wine^ 


ChriftandNicodemus, jS 

,9 wemuftefre- 46 19 Then Nathanael fayd unto him , Can 
eiaiiytakeheede there any good thing come out of Nazareth f 
"•"^^'^'K-^rKj l^'hilip faid to him.Come.and fee. 
Su'ithe" 47 i^Iefusfawe Nathanael comraing to him, 

tnncetocbtift. and faid of him , Behold indeede an 

JO Simple upright, ^hom iS nO guilc. 

neifidiicrrfieth ^g ^^ Nathdiiael faid unto him , Whence 

fiomthetaTft'" kncwcft thou 036 ? lefus anf.vered , and i'akl unto 

„ Tbrend.^of him, Before that Pliilip called thee » when thou 

miracle! ij to fet ^J^•^ under the ligge tree, I faw thee. 

t^'°«"'^^"'' . 49 Nathanael anfwered . and faid unto him, 

dfolbToae'ly au. Rabbi . thou art that Sonne of God : thou art that 

thouiefourfiilva- King cf Ifrael. 
tion, that w« may ^ q igfyj anfweted, and faid unto him, Becauie 

apprehend htm by j ^^.j ^^^^ ^.j^^^ ^ j j-^^g j^gg ^^^^j j^e hggC tree, 

KGeu.aS.i 1. belecvcft thou i thou Ihak fee greater things then 

X B] I'lifc rvcrJti, thefe. , , , r 

the pif<r c/cod u I Anj «,e faid unto him, Verely, verely, I lay 
Cnn'fifvohnh ^^^^ Hereafter lliall ye fee heaven open , and 

iil^tw'rTh the Angels of God ^ x alieodiog . and delcendmg 
the an^eh firming upoii that Sortne of man. 

him..,slUhtUof r H A P TT 

ihiChurci. C H A f. 11. 

* CMfitUrnethTvottrinrcWitf, tr which ivat the le^iiKwg 
tfhismiracki. i» Ht g,,ei{,J,>nnt t„ CtfemMm: 

13 frcmihenctht'tethufloHkruftiim, >; and cjfieth 
themerchMd,feM"ofthiTemph. ,9 He fxrenHtth 

thutthi TemFle,tkit ij, «/ W^//,..! Je Jt//ryf<? ./fAe /<W«. 
J3 .Vf<u7 /•cleelic in him.Jiein^ the niirxde, rvhuli he dtj. 

ANd « the » third day , was there a 
^ - r.n;.*^^r/T/«fofGaiile,andthemo 

opeoly in an al- 
.fembly by anota- 
kle miraclti ibac 

unto the mariage. ^ ., , i i. 

3 J Now when the wine failed , the mother 
of lefu's fayd unro him , They have no wine. 

4 lefus fiyd unto her , Woman , what have I 
to dee with thee ? mine s hcure is no\ yet come. 

y His mother fayd iinto the fervants. Wnat- 
power. foever he fayth unto you doe it. 

V After. be talk* 6 And there wjie fetthere, fixec waterpots ot 
v,hichbehad«ith fto^e^afterthe maner ofthe punfyjng of thclcwes. 

Na:haoael,6ratter j ;„„ t„0 or thlCe d filkins 3 piece. 

t:XiTTtLr 7 An3le(usfaydunto them FUl the water- 
thathecameinto pots With Water. Then they aikd them up to the 

<5^''''-.„ . , „ brimme. . ^ 

X Cht Id 11 careful , j^^ r^ ^^^^ thtra . Dr.iw out now, 

::,i:f.alrbeJ:. andbeareuntothegovemourofthefeaft. >othey 

fore bath BO neede biate it. r , r n u j 

ofoiheisto put „ {^0^ vjhen the governour ot the teaitnaa 

bim iomiDdofit J' J ^ ^^^^ ^^s made wiae . (for hee 

b^ ^^i^^. ^'J, whence it was . but the fervar^ts which 
c Thefe weievef. drew the water, knew) the governour ot the tealt 
ft!, appointed for called thebridegrome. . m they j . j unto him , All men at the begm- 

rt^St": nin'gVfoonll good wine and when men have 
Kined ao hundred , „eil drunke , tlieii that which is worie . but thou 
pcund, at twelve ^^^ ^ backe the good wine untill now. _ 

hepouud: ., This beginning of miracles did lefus in 

manage in 

Cana a ^at/i-nf of Gaiile , and the mother of le- 
fus was there. 

2 And lefus was called alfo , and his difciples 

bee hath power 
tilings, to feeds 
maofbcdy, lea- 
detb the mindea 
of all men. to hit 
fpirituall and fa- 


■ Galile. and Qiewedforth his glo- 

Wberety we ga- 

tbtrthatCbtiK y*.-ana « J-Sl^ - , , v- 

boipe them with a ^rie : andhis difciples beleeved on him. 

thoufand and eight ^ ^f^^f chat. he went downe into Capernaum, 


rw^V.l for word. ples:battheycontinuednotmanydayesthere. 

»,e drunken Now j, 3 For the lewcs PaHcover W.IS at hand. 

thi.fp«cii,t»be Therefore lefus went up to HievufJem. 

drunke^, 1. not a- ^ And heefoui^d in the Temple thofe that 

ll^'rHnthV Hebrew fold oxen. and a.cepe, and doves. a«d changers of 

«oogue,butfiznifi- „|,n,ifulIufcof wine ai djth ocpanTe meafurc, ai Gen. 

..h f°=""i™''^«''' »°.''''~^ ii;V'^" ' Cb, fib.i.£ nude fxb.ea .o,beLaw«for 
*^'^'»V u-'u'^,''"''V,'fceTi?-o«r 4 Cbiu, 

money fitting fiff,?. 

1 J Then hee raadeafcourge of fmall cordes, 
and drave them all out of the Temple with the 
fb.eepe and oxen , and powred out the changeis 
money, atid overthrew their tables. », 

16 And faid unto them that fold doves .Take g Zealeimhii 
thefe things hcncerraake not my fatvitrs houfe an p'^cei. taken for 

, r r ^ I .•,- •' a vvrathfullindie- 

hotlfcofmarchandlle. _ nation and difp!ea- 

17 And his difciples rercembred , thatitwcs f,jreofthemindr, 
written , ♦ The , zeale of thine houfc hath eaten conceived offome 

me up naughtieandeviUf 

18 * / Then anfwered the Iewes,aiidfayd unto f^^^^^'^* ' 
him , What h figne fhewcft thou unto us, that thou love well, 
doeft thefe things? s Againftthem 

19 lefus anfwered andfaid nntothem . §Ue- ^^^^'^["^'"j'l^, 
ftroy this Temple, and in three dayes 1 v/ill raife it ;I°ca"iiiD°g which' 

up againe. tbcythemrelvcs 

20 Tbenfaidthelewes.FourtieandfixeyeerM moft(ham«fuiiy 
was this Temple a building . and wilt thou reare ft ^^jf^^^^ j'^-,"^ 
up in three dayes? HtraordLX, 

21 But he fpakc of the i temple ot his botiy. which God confii*, 

22 As focne therefore as hee was rifen from methfromhea- 
the dead.his dilciples remembred that he thus faid ^'J if^'^^^J^' 
nntothem : and they b-leeved the Scriptures .and „ouW have'iTex. 
the word which lefus had faid. tioguilhed ) uoiefli 

23 Nowe when hee was at Hierufalem at the it befealed with 
laireoverin thefe.ift. many beleeved in his Name. '"^I^.'^^^^j;*, '~- 
when they faw his miracles which he did. ^ ^^Vj^ ^^^^ ^.^ 

24 6 Bur lefus did not commit himlelfe unto radedoeftthou 
thero.becaufehc knew them all. conSrmeit.thatws 

xy 7 And had no neede thatanylliouldteftifie ^^y*^'^™'; 
of man , for he knew what was in man. vertue, which gi- 

veththeeauthoriiietofpeakeanddoetbui? * Mat.2(S.«i. and a7,4o.mar ,4 ;S. 
and,;, 29. i That .Ufbi.hodie. « It i. notgoodcrediting them, llat«4 
onely upon miracle.. 7 Chriai.thefearch.rofheart„and therefore t.ut God. 

X Chrip teachith NicJemus the nierj principles efChrif.tat 
re^ J4 Thefirpentiaih: wilderncs. 1} Jehn 
lii>iiz.eih, n ^ndtettclxthhis.ihitheii m^t Cinji. 

T Here • was noweamanof thePhariies.named t Tkerfarenone 
^ Nicodemus.a a rulerof the lewes IXroXhTn 

2 This w4?j came to lefus bynight, andlayd ,be lea.aed .- fa«t a« 
unto him. Rabbi, wee knowe that thou ait a *> tea- well the learned a* 
Cher come from God .for no man could doe 'thefe the unlearned muft 
miracles that thou doeft. except God were with ^'ifXS".""* 

him, a A man of great 

3 3 lefus anfweredand faid unto him. Verely, .ftimadon, and ■ ; 
verely 1 fay unto thee. Except a man be borne ruieramongfttbe 
againe, he cannot d fee the « kingdome of God. b'^^vlknowtfea* 

4 Nicoderons faid unto him , How f can a roan ,houartfentftoin 
be borne which is ok!e?can hee enter into his mo- cod to teach m. 
therswombeagaine, and be borne ? « But hein whom 

y lefus anfwered .Verely , verely I fay unto [°';^^f*^'i°^f^,j 
thee, except that a man be bome of water and of ^p^^^j,'^ ^^^^ ^j 
theSpiiit .he cannot enterinto the kingdome of 'Nicodemu.baJ 

QqJ knowen Chiift 

6 ' That which is borne of the fleH. ,. is Bflelb : -^^^'.-/-.-itba? 
and that that is borne ot the Spuir, is Ipint. ood wai with bim, 

7 Marvaile not that 1 faid to thee , Ye muft be but in him. ai Paul 
borne againe. , •^"''^ a.Cor ,.,9. 

8 The winde bloweth where it h lifteth . and ^"^ Jt\'°Jf^;',';;« 

coofiftethinihij , that we know out fclvei no: only to bt corrupt in part, but to ite 
wbollvdeadinSnae.foibat cur n^itare b^tb needtolrt created a new, ai touching 
thequ'alitiei tberrof : which can be done by tin other vertue . fcut by the diviseatid wb.'rt by we Tiere firft created . d That is, go in, or h? jspconde* 
bi«ifelfeaft.rward,v»rf ;. « The Church ; fotChrirt Iheweih inthatpbct, 

howwtcometobccitizeni.androhaveoughttodoeinibeclticoiCJoJ. f HoW 
can I ihat ara old be borne againe ? for he aafwe. eth, a.i JChriS hii wordes belonged 
10 none but. o bim. g Teat ii, «<-ft)ly, to wit, wholly uoJ-ane and under rh« 

wrathof God .-and therefore this word i Flefh fignifieth the cor.upi natureofman: 
contrarie.o which i.tbeSfirit, that i. , the m5q ingrafted i„.o Chr.ft thrcojgb .b« 
fivaceofth.holy Ohcft .wbofe nature i.cverbHing and immcrtal .-thouga th«8:itn 
ofibcBe&retuaincth. t Wiibfiteand AiadiiogbUa*. ainl;ft*t&. 


EretJaflinglife. lohnsbaptifme. 

S. lohn. 

The woman of Samaria; 

3 TheffCTttniy- 
l.„ir = f our rrg.- 
acriiJon which 
ftebended by 
fctce.vcd by faiib 
and ibatinClirift 

thoiihearert the found ihe.eof, lurcan.l not rcll 
whence it commeth, anu whither itgoeth:fois 
cveiy man that is borne of the Spirit. 

</ 3 Nicodemiisanlwerccl, and fayd unto him. 
How can thefc things be ? 

10 Ithis anfwered.and fayd untohim. Art thou 
a teacher of(5Crael,and knoweftnot tbele things' 

1 1 Verely , verely I fay unto thee , VVe tt)eake 
that we know , and teftifie that we have feene: but 

. , , i^iuCc ihat yc receive not our i witnefle. 

htiibotbGodoD j^ If vvhen I tell you earthly things, ye bcleeve 

t" «o"ha"'i?-o "ot ' ^°"' ^^^°^^'^ y^ beiceve , it 1 ilwll tell you of 

fay,'iofnc*furt heavenly things ? 

mm, tbat b« is 1 3 For no k man ' afcendeth up to Jieaxen.but 

ood aifo aod (here- j,e that had delcended irom heaven , " that bonne 

'■"5 'J^'f'"' V^ of r»an which o is in heaven. 

,ha'hJ°manail 1 4 4- And as Mofes lift Up the ferpent in the 

fo.aodibvtt'bre muft that Sonne of man be lift up, 

til powtr i> ra». 1 J 1 hat wholoever belceveth in him , flioukl 

,°You bandUdoubt ^°^ petiQi, but have eternall life. 

fulithing..icdfuch 16 S J For God foloveih the world, that hee 

a> you have no cet- hath given his oncly begotten Sonne, that wholo- 

taineauthout for, ^y^^ bejeevctho in him, Ihould not perilli.but have 

rJT.r.'Lch'"' everlaliing life. 

tboftibingitbat 17 * For God fent not his Sonne into the 

areofairuetband world, that he lliould P condemnc the worid , buc 

wti kaowenSc yon j^^j jj^e 1 wolld through him might be laved. 

ir'oc7i"chti'it can ' ^ ^^^ '■^^^ bcleevcth in him is not condem- 

tMch u/btjvtnly ncd : but he that beleeveth not , is condemned al- 

tbi»gs for 00 man ready , becaufe hee hath not beleeved in the Name 

afctraieih, Sec. of that onely begotten Sonne of God, 

1 That II. bath any ^ ^ ^^ ^j^-^ j^ ^^^ r condemnation , that that 

rfirituaaligbi and ,. , ■^ ' . , ,, . , ij, 

undernaoding, or light Came into the woikl , and men loved darke- 

«verbad .butontiy nclferather then that light , becaufe their deedes 

that SonnfofGod, \vere evill. 

«bkbcamedowne ^^ For every man that cvill doeth . hateth the 

"t^ wbereai beii Hght , neither commeth to light , kalt his deedes 

fayd to have come fliouid be reprOOVed. 

down from beaven, j , gu^ he thit fdoth ttucth , commeth to the 
ftooTof bf. God'-''" ■'gf'^' t*^" his deedes might be made manifeft, that 
head, and of the they are wrought t according to God. 
manerofhisc'.n- 22 J After thefe things came leflis, and his di(l 

"ption : fof Chrift ciples into the land of Iudea,and there taticd with 
f«,b «t"beav« f ^^«™. ""'* ^ baptized. 

V,audnot«r7bly, »3 And lohn al(o baptized in Eiion befides 
forbewaiconcei- Salem , becaule there was much water there ; and 
ved by the boiy j^ey cameand were baptized- 
''"That which ;• *4 For lolin was iiot yetcaft into ptifon, 

rropettrth'edi'vi. ^5 8 Then there arole a quelHon betweene 
nirieofcbnn.i. lohns difciples and the lewes.about purifying, 
htrefpokenof 2^ And they camc unto lohn , arfd Idid unto 

"ive uno u "d.'r° ^'^^' ^^^bi , he that was with thee beyond lorden, 
nlod^ba" he il but to whom ••< thou barei^ witnclTe , behold , he bapti- 
one ytrfon , where- zeth, and all men come to him.. 

11 Thecommunicating of proprietiei.* Num. 
ji.J. chap n,3». fi loan. 4, 9. J NoihingeUbutihe free lovcof the Fattei, i» 
ibe beginning ofourfalvation. and Chrift IS he in whom our rigbieoufDclTe and falva- 
tionio tefidem : andfaiib iitbe iBltiamentorimane whereby we apprehend it .and 
lifeeveilaaingiitbatwbichiiferbtfotev.toappiehend. o Itiinot allonetobe- 
leeve loathing, aod to beleeve of a bin?, for we iTUi not beleeve (10 any thing) fave 
onely in G(.d, but wemay beleevc (of jny thing) wha.foever , :t)i faith Nazianzttie in 
kit ortiiinofibe Spirit. » Chap i,i9-and 12,47- 4 NoiChiift, 
Chrift doe.bconiemue. p That ii,tobethecaufu-ofthecondemoingot the world, 
for in-ieede fitmei are the eiufe ofdeath.but Chi itt Hull iudge the quickc and tbedead. 
q Noiooelyihepeopleofthelewei.btjtwbofoevfrftiallbeleeveiijhim. » Chap.1,9. 
7 Onely wickednelTtU the caufe, why ™«n tctjfetbelightihat iiortered them- 
I That i» the caufc of cooJemnatioD .which Itickeib fall in men.anlei through God bit 
(treai benefit thiy be deliveredfromit. f ii, he that leadetb an honcitlife, and 
»»ideo( all era ft and deceit, t That ii.wiib God, God a« it wete going before. 
^ Chap 4,1. I Satan inflai»«tb the difcipleiof lohn with a fond emulation of ibeir hinder thecoufe of the Gofpel : but lohn being mindfull of hiioftice, doeth 
Botonelybreakeoff therr endevouti, but alfo takcih occalioo thereby to give tefii- 
monie of Cbriil , how tl»t ■> '>>'" °°^h <l>t f «tl>ei bath (n foonb life eytilaliiiif- 
• Chap 1,34. 

27 lohn anr\vered,3ndfakl, A roan u can receive u what meare yott ^ 
noti i tg, except: it b' given him from heaven, " S-'* "bout t« b«t- 

i8 Ye your f.lves are my wimefles . that -i- I '" rTm'lm'io "i^d"' 
faid.Iamnot that Chrift, but tliat 1 am lent be- pot i:>n ml. The^ 

fore him. , cannot better them. 

29 He that hath the bride, is the bridegtome: f«-«»oneiQte. 
but the friend ol the briiegrome which Hdndeth * C&ap.i,io, 
and heareth him , reioyceth greatly, becaule of the 
bridegiomes voice. Thismyioy therefore isful* 
• 30 Hemuftincreafe.butlwja^decreafe. 

3 1 He that is ccnie from on hie, is about all: he 
that is ofthe earth, is of thex earth, and yfpeaketh ^ I'nothingelfe ^ 
ofthceaith:hee that is come from heaven , is a- worke"ndfifthV" 

boveall. flimeof tbeearrb. 

32 And what he hath z feene and heard, that he y Savourethofno. 
teftifieth : but a no manreceivethhis teftimonie. «o''n'"f oo""""^]'"' 

33 He that hath receiveth his teftimonie. hath nefl>r&"""' '* 
fealed that J God is true. , z what be kooweih 

34 Foriie whom God hath fent , fpeaketh the fuHyand perfeaiy. 
words of God : for God giveth hm not the Spirit %^°" "■, '"^ ^"^ ■ 

U r *■ S i^om,3,4, 

by meafure. ^ "" 

3 7 The Father lovetli the Sonne , add hath 

* b given all things into his hand. * Matth. 11,17. 

36 * Hee that beleeveth in the Sonne, hath |',huT''"'^'"d"° 

everlafling life.and he that obeyeth not the Sonne, will"''""" "^ 

fliallnot c fee life, but the wrath of God abideth -f- Apoc.i,4. 

on him. 

Chap. IIII; <: Sh^Ilnotenioy, 

6 lefuiltiniwe^rit ycaksth dn»k."fti'i momanvf SJmit 
r!.«. Ji Hettachtt'nthetruevpcrfhip. i6 Ht confefxth 

thatheiiihe Mefi.ts. ja Hiimcit. 39 The Samaritans I Thil meafure 
keleelie in him. i^i He hetUth the /(ulers fmnc. ittobekcptia 

"KjOwJ when the Lord knew , how the Pharifes doin^efourdue. 
had heard , that lelus mad >? and beptized moe f^^'^j ^e°be'ter'ri * 
difciples then lohn,-' fied iVom going 

a (Though lefushimfelfe baptized not , but forward, aeithe* 

his difciples-) bytaihnercpro. 

3 Hee left ludea , and departed againe into 

4 And he mnft needs goe thorow Samaria. >{• c!5ap.3,jj. 

5 a Thencaraehetoa citie of Samaria called 'be^Vouimn. 
Sychar.ncere unto thepolVefsion that -Ciacob gave L^,^m"muoicV.'* 

to his lonne loleph. teib theireafurej 

6 And there was Jacobs Well. lefus then wea- of evcrianing life 
ried in the iournev, (ate a thus on tlKWell ; it was )^,';'' ^?°""'>°- 

, , n ^ full woman, and 

about the bflXthouie. ftranger .r.felling 

7 There came a woman of Samaria todrawe thegr,.ireerrout» 
water. lefus faid unto her. Give me drinkc. ofthe Samatitanj, 

8 For his difciples were gone away into the ci- "J*^^/^'?^'"f '*" 
tie.tobuy meate, God,w-hitb°wai 

9 Then faid the woman of Samaria untohim, delivered to the 
How is it , that thoubeir:ga lewe.askeft drinkeoi lewet.butyetfoi 
me , which am a womin of Samaria? For the lewes ^^'^''Jf'ib'j^''' 
«meddle not with the Samaritans. ba.keto himfeire 

10 lefus anlwered and faid unto her, If thou asonevvhom onely 
kneweftdthateiftuf God,andwhoitis thatlaith aiitbefarhtrs, and 

1 .r^:..„_„„.l>:„i.„ ,K,.„ „-^„l.l..aiv,„(.^r_ alfo all the cere- 

aogeri upon out 

to thee , Give mec drinke , thou wouldeft have af- 
ked of him , and he would have give thee « 

niei of the Law 
'did regard, and had 

of lite. atefpeftu 

II Thewoman faid unto him .Sir, thou haft * Geo.33.19. 

nothing to liraw with, and the Well is deepe? from \l^^^°."^ 

whence then haft thou that water of life' '„° E„ena,'he vat 

I 2 Art thou greater then our father laak&b, wMne, or UcaHfc 

which gave us the Well , and he hirofelfe dianke henatweitie. 

" b Ittvaitlmjl 

Heme. e Therc-rintfiimilutritie ntrfrkndfhip ,htlwitnethe lemti and ths 

SjmirUdnei. i P} ihii v>trd {Thai )vt are ^ivenit, Vifderfiand , that Ckrijl 

fftakitl' cffimelxceUint ^ifhthai is lefjjj even ffhimjVl/t.^Tvhtm his Father offered to 
thittroman. e Th's eirerl.ijlingtvaier, that is tefiy , ihetxceedmfhl>: tifCod,it 
taScdMng ,eroflife ,ttmak.' adifferenee hetyveene ii, and the vi>arer'ihatfhonld he 
dratrnetut of a vrelt .- andthc/imttafhmiartptry mHehvfidcfthe /«»?;,/«{, i,*}. 


flic true wotChippers. 


thereof, and his fonnes', and his catteli; 

1 3 lefus anfwcred.and fayd unto her , Wholo- 
ever drinketh of this water .fliall thirft againe : 

14 But whofoever drinketh of the water that I 
niall give him. ihall never be more athirft : but the 

^f '^V'tT water that I Ihail give him. (halibe in him a well of 

peoX ftaadeth Water , fpringing up into everlafting life. _ 
for ihejroft part. i y The Woman laid unto him , b ir, give me ot 

ujoD two piiiari. ^Y\a,t water , that I may not thiil\ , neither come hi- 

^brf/to7™a thertodraw. ., , . ... 

Ae ."Ipu. of 16 lefus faid unto her. Goe. call thine husband. 

thefafhers.ptrvei. and COme hither. ,/■ . TU 

ttd.and.fooiuh J The woman anfwered, and fayd, I have no 

wt'dThS"- ;. husband. lefus fayd unto her. Thou haft well fayd. 

sainft which er- I havcnohusband. , ,^ , , , , . „ ,3 por thou haft Had five husbands . and hcc 

fct the word aad ^j^^^ j^ou now haft , is HOt thine husband : that 

Er;fi!;. ^f -fsm raya -n-o hta,si,.u.e.h.. 

?r>i,wAtre«/i(».j»- thou art a Prophet. ,.,./• 

;iii.*(etMf(>eCs»- Qm. fathers worflupped m this ' raoun. 

^tt^ltZZ taine . and y ee fay , that in « lerufalcm is the place 

IfMactJcniihis where men ought toworftiip. 

Jmk, -/.cr (Ae i-i- j i igfus fayd unto her . Woman , beleeve me, 

e^ic.fif'"^' the houre commeih .when yeefliall neither m 

tu7aife.t%ne this mountabe . nor at Hierufalem worfliip the 

inUw.hiei'rieii, Father. ' ,.. ., ,,.„,„ 

ufifhh.ktii. 22 yewosHiiptha^hich ye Sknownot.we 

♦ ^'t':' '••« • worihip that which wee know : for falvat Jon is oi 

i TAii wor^(Jp»- thelewes. , , • u« 

%i) is tch tXtn 2 J But the houre commeth , and now is, when 

Ure,<isUuf,t^- the true worCbippers fliall worihip the Father in 

giinfi ,W»m- 5_jjjj j„j j^ueth : for the Father leqmreth even 

sommWfmfnf him .muft vvortophiKi IP Spuit and Ttuetb. 
vc„r,[>d„edir,i: The woman fayd unto him, I know well that 

^1(1 ;rri'rf'''''Mefsias( is called Chrift:when 
ZJ^^f'tna. he iscomc .he will t€ll us all things 
^4T-o/» - fc. ^«' " 26 lefus fayd unto her, I am he that fpeake un- 

leeltikf it '" Teffcii . thee 

c/He "*[■"-"' • And upon that , came his difciples . and 

ZZT'J'U''! marveikdthathee talked witha woman : yet no 

oncijfhadcv that ^lan fayd unto him, What askeft thou i or why tal- 

vhuh chrjfieir- ^^^ jhgu ^ith her. , 

firmtdwdieJ. ^^ The woman then left hct watcrpot, and wBHt 

I ^,tl.«d her way into the city , and fayd [o the men, - 

(j«„>;Aemf4«rt jQ Come, fee a man which hach told meeall 

thinamrtcftht jLj jhat ever 1 did : is not he that Chrift? 

Sfd'ftrfinln 3© Then they Went out of the citie . and came 

jl^r^h^ve ''7i^'^-lnthemeanewhile.the difciples prayed 

MKofourbo- him, faying. Matter, eat. 

fC^rprefm. 31 ; But hee fayd untothem .Ihave meatto 

wili"giyaDd eat, that ye know not of. 

ft«iy.heoccafi. 3, Then fayd the difciples betwecnc them- 

oa which is offred fejves , Hath any man brought him meat ? _ 

He a^i «-f may^oe the will of him that fent mee . and hnilh 

Ikiejofthisliie his WOtke. ' , 

whatfoever. .. f Say not ye. There are yet foure monettis. 

/itu*IlVc«n:u'' and :/;e» coiianeth harveft ? Behold ,1 fay unto 
'r;.weT« you.Liftupyooreye3,andlookeon the regions: 
liog^r :forfo.he .j, forthey are white alreedy umo harveft. 
cbildren ofthij 3(5 fi And hee that reapeth , receiveth reward, 

world would «n- 3^J<,3theredfr«itunto life eternall.thjt bjth he 
'« Mattts-jr. thatToweth. and he that reapeth might leioyce to- 
lukeio.i- .gether. 

T Ji'^s",^!""! ««. . fowiog time ■. aad the doft: i«of ,be G.fpeJ. as thehan-eit. 

V. The Rulers fonnebealed. 39 

3 7 For herein is the ; faying true, tlut one fow- » ^*"»' f •> «''«< 
eth and another reapeth. 

38 Ifentyoutoreapethat.whereonyebeftow- 
ed no labour : other m?n laboured , and ye are en- 

tred into their labours. , ,, , „ , . _. 

39 , NOW many oftheSamarit^es of that ci- IJ^^^^-^ 
tiebeIeevedinhim,forthe faying ofthewoinan j^brace that which 
which teftified. He that tolde me all things that theieweimoft 
ever I did. ftubbwoLj rcied!*, 

40 Then when the Samaritans were come utito 
him , they befought him , that he would tary with 
them : and he aboade there twodaycs. 

4 1* And many moe beleeved becaufe of his 

4x And they fayd unto the woman, Nowwe 
beleeve .not becaufe of thy fayisg: for wee have 
heard hitn our felves , and know that this is mdeed 
that Chrift the Saviour of the world. g Thedefmr.u 

43 3 8 So two dayes after he departed thence, ^f chrift 'deptivs - 
and went into kGalile. „.r . l tbem/ek"ofhi. 

44 For lefus hirofelfe had « teftified. that a beneht: ye.chnft 
Prophet hath none honour in his owne contrey . ' l]^^^2\i. 

4 f Then when hee was come into Gahle , the j^ ^,,„ jteiownri 
Galileans received him, which had feene all the andi,iiiies ofc^y 
things that he did at Hierufalem at the feaft : for '''^••/-'''f^"'.'^' 
they went ailo to the tealt. _ _ w camu} <>f 

46 9 And lefus came againe into §■ Cana a ^at.areth,'necau/i 
Sevvne of Galile,where he had made of water wine, thrjdefiifid Mm, 
And there was acertaine iruler.whofefonnewas ^^^^^^'J^}^;^', 
ficke at Capernaum. r vriic)thcifficacie 

47 When heheard that lefus wascome out ot ,jf /,;, je„^,; ^43 
ludeainto Galile,hee went unto him, and be- hndndshrmgh 
fought him thatrhe would goe downe, and heale his '^^^'27nT/ 
fonne; for he was even readie to die. y ^"^^^^ i'j,,^, 

48 Then fayd lefus untd him , Except yee fee ^,^1^, 5,^. ,„^, 
fignes and wonders, ye will not beleeve. 4.>4. 

"49 Theruler fayd untohim. Sir,go downebe- ^^^^uboug^ chnft 
fore my fonne die. vetheewdketii 

JO Iefu5 fayd untohiro»Goe thy way ,thy fonne ,;:gbtiiyinihe 
liveth: and the man beleeved the word that Iclus bt letven by bis 
had fpoken unto him,and went his way. T'cLpiuzi. 

J 1 And as hee was now going downe , his ler- f^cJofBer^dj 
vantsmethim.faying,Thyfonn&hveth. ccurturs.frih.'.gh 

c2 Then enquired he ofthem the houre when Hfrodw^Jiofa 
he began to amend. And they fayd tmto him. Ye- l^r^u>^^tr^.H 
fiprrlavrhefeventh houre the fever left him. _ r,J'.i,„ 

flerday the fevcnth houre the fever left him. \„,h e^'cept.hs 

c3 Then the father knew ihat 1: was the lame ^^^^^,„^,„,j 

houre in the which lefus had fayd unto him , Thy u^thefe^pie 

fonneliveth.Andhebeleeve,andall hishou(b.old. ««s^i;m<./i..^ 
J 4 This lecond miracle did lelus againe. a^ter 

he was come out of I udea into Gaiile. 

a 0« hini a> .if pod.. ! ' i> y'.Ud cfChnJl rn fhlS^l- 

dcd, n hfcc.lm<ch-rvi.h,htu,^,hcri,jofh,sP.uh.r. 

"''''". d^^S^S^^^''"" '""'"' * X.H,..3,3i 

A ^FteT^'That , there was a feaft of the lewes , and ^^e«^aj.t. ^^^^^ 
** lefus weut to Herufalem. , , , , r eaftfooid.wbub 

2 I And there is at Hierufalem by the place or ^(j.;(^^j„oo-. 
then.eepe.aapoolecalledin Ebrew b Bethefda, ^^^^^^ 

having hve porches: ^i..Mie.««</i« 

3 In-that which lay a great multitude officke //j^^'^J^^^^,^, 
folke. of blinde, hak.and withered, waiting for the ^uriofiUtcMU- 
moovingofthcv/a:er, . T'"^^'£lum.- 

4 rSran An gel went downe ata certame ^l^' {''^\';^X,:'Lm- 
fon into tl^ poole . and troubled the water : who- ^^„^ „^p,„,„, 
foever then tirft.after the ftirring of the water. Rep- „„,, j,f^>^r...t 
pedin.was made whole of wlutfcever d^feafehe /..../•m.-er-n.w 

7 And acertaine man was there, which had '^"'W- 
» bene> 

One ficke xxxviij.yecres, healed. 


Search the Scriptures, 

• Truetelifioau 
not morecruelly 
afiia t<iby inr 
tneanei.iiien bf 
thei>:«ec;eof re- 
lijioai: te.fc. 
X lere.17 «i. 
3 Th- woilceof 
G )J was ««*«' 
«he breach of tb« 
irethe woikiof 
tbe pacfaer, botJi 
on: God. »ni i\(a 

bane difcifed ei^hc anJ thirtie yeeres." 

6 When IclTii fdw him lie , and knew that he 
1107/ lon;^ tifv.i hid besnedifi-iicd .hes fayd luv-o 
him, wilt thou be mule wholt > 

7 .Tiie fi A*Cniti jnf-v r^ 1 him. Sir, I have no 
roin.wheii tiie water is put ma into the 
pools : but while I am comming , another fteppech 
downe bit'ore me. 

8 I^fus iky d unto him , Rife : t ike up thy b-jd. 
and svalke. 

9 And immcJiatly the min wis mide whole, 
and tovke up his bid , and walked: and the fame 
div Wis the Sabbath. 

10 J Tiie fe^ves therefore fiyd "-o him that was 
made whoL-, It is the Sabbath dty: -f it is not law- 
full for thee to cary thy bed. 

I ( He anfwered them , He that made me whole 
he fjyd unto me, Take up thy bed, and walke. 

li Tnen asked they him , what mm is that 
becaiife ihc Father which fayd unto thee. Take up thy bed.and walke? 
doeth not vNJilce ,j And he that WIS hcilcl , kncw not wh J it 

*'cSa'"'^°>"' ^" • ^°' ^^^"' ^*'^ conveyed himfeife away from 
c ThatMlb'ifoaeiy the multitude chat was in that place. 
mai no manitii, 1^ Andafcet chat.Icfus found him in the Tem- 

woichtbeygjtbtr p^g /^nd (ayd unto him , BeholJc , thouaic made 
fa t" '( And\" whole : linne no more , leaft a worle thing come 
wotkejappiy'iK unto thee, 
this vvoiii : work* I ly J The man departed , and toJde the lewes 

CO himWfe . which ^^^^ j^ ^.^^ j^r^j j|^jj }^^J ^j,^g (,ipj^ whole. 

'Xheref!«ma- l<5 And therefore the lewes did perfecutele- 
fcth'himft'ifeMujU fas. and fought to llay him , becaufe he had done 
toGod. . ' thefe things on the Sabbath rf<t)i. 
.d Notonely with- ^ ^ ^ j^^j. j ^^j^ anfwcrsd them.My father wor- 
r,uuSo" keth hitherto, and I worke. 

,w,bout'hi.mi4b,y i8 S Therefore the lewes fought the more to ^ . „ , 

woikiiijScpoAer. y^\\\ him .-notonely becaufe hee had btokenthe me,beareth witnefle ot rae. \e have not he 
cTbi.rauitb.un. Sabbath : bat fayd alfo thatGod was c his Father, his voice at any time,* neither have yeefeene.-., ch.iitdo.h. 

^^P'^- ... ,, , .,. . " Lo'k'^^r.Mt. 

-35 Andhis word nave yon not. ibtdingin you: o ^smj/^tker 

for whom he hath fear, hits ye beleeved not. dircaahmt, nhi 

fimplyofhiiGod. nothing d of himfe'lfe , faVe that he feeth the Fa 
fal^^h'tbat h,."i.." th" tloe : fur whatfoever things he doeth.thefame 
'ttuet mocvrih and thing, doth the Sonne f in like maner 

J . J cr-u n Sabbath: bat fayd alfo 

.bu'X -^-" ^"^ made himfelfe equall with God. 

.coiUetboftwo 19 Thenanfweredlefus, and fayd unto them. 

■o«iur«. and not Vetely , vercly I fay unto you. The Sonne can doe 

(ball Co me , and now Is , whm the dead fhall heare 
the voice of the Sonne of God;and they that heare 
it ihall live. 

26 For as the Father bath life in himfelfe ,fo 
likewife hath he given to the Sonne to have life in 

27 And hath given him i power alfo toexecite l Tijth,f,hr,<ind 
iud^ement, in that he is the h Sot^ne of man. fiirtnine priftr 

li 7 Marveil not at this : for the houre ihall 'latC^Cr"''* 
come . in the which all that are in the graves, Ihall mucl^hlt'Teh.nii 
heaie his voice. frvv of life tnd 

29 8 Andthey Qiall come I foorth ,« that have !''■"*• 
done good, iKuothe "> refurredion of life : but „„/*f '.''*'-'^^'* 
they :h It hive done evill, unco the reliureitionof wtrUashciiCij, 
condemnation. t^taifitsheh 

30 9 I can n doe nothing of mine ownefelfe: '"f • >" nciiiied 
o as I heare,! iudee : andrny iudgement is '^"'f'''' f"'*" 
c.auielleekenot mine owne Will .but the wUlot Kor'.J. 
the Ftther whn hath lentme. 7 All ftiall appMte 

^i If I § ihoaldbeare witnefTeof my l"foretbeiuJgt. 
wicnelle u ere not V true. chnVl'Vt'l^Ltfi 

32 * There is another that beareth wi-neffe of ,0 br iuL'df' 
me . and I know that the witnelVe , which he bea- s Fiith jnd iefi. 
reth ofme.istrue. del. y fluiijt iu./. 

33 « ■<> Yefencuntolohn.andhebare witnefl". p'Jt'yb"' <■•""«• 
unto the trueth. _ 4. >,--,/,*„,+,. 

54 Rut I receive not the record of man: never- m To tha- nik,' 
theielTe thefe things I (ay, rkat ye might b; faved. reciUn-mhuh hid 

3f He was a bmningend a inining candle: and ^l[^f"lf.''''f'^g 
ye would for T a leaibti tiave reioyced in his light, ^tj-^^h fee'tCtri. 

36 But! have greater witneife then th; wit- /nrre.7r«, ,/»«-' 
netfe of lohn-fortheworks whichthe Father hath 'limxnun : thu i,, 
given mc to finifh, the fame woiks that i do , beare ,7'>t'oT*r''''' 
vvitneiVe of rae. that tiie Father fent me. 'g'\hr fr^her it 

iy AnHtheA: Father himfclfe.which hath fent thr amhour acd 

heard approver of all 
u- things Ahich 

p F^iithfitit, that itt 


leth hi> 

.nil thing!, but yet 
• notwiihltanding, 
swhenhefavtb be 
Mcofketh «'tbbii 
Father, he "OUch. 
f lu likefor'.ioioi 
lyand together. 

20 For the Father loveth the Sonne.and (liew- 
eth him all things , whatfoever he himfelfe doeth, 
and he will fliew him greater workes then thefe, 
that yc ibould marveil. 

2 1 4 For likewife as the Father railed up the 
dead, and quickeneth them, lb the Sonne quickcn- 
eth whom he wiil, 

i % For the Father £ iuJgeth b no man.but hath 
father doeth fnme comitted all iudgement unto the Sonne, 
•fo!rnVw"ke!'haf!'' *3 J^^^aufe that all men ihouid honour the 
u('h\m°LiAai^ Sonnc, as they honour the Father: he that honou- 
»he like but bfcaiife teth not the Sonnc , the fame honoure:h not the 
iatmx'^iif. powsr pjther which hath lent him. 
{i,'s^^t'ed"i«ke ^^ Verely, vcrely 1 fiy unto you . he that hea- 
.•quillysnd'ioyntly fcth my woid , and beleeveth him that fentraec, 
together. hath cvcrlalting life , and ih'.Unot come into con- 

.^Tbep ither maketh demuation , but hath parted from deatii to hfe. 
*«7u n.n*'me"b^ *^ * Verely , verely I fay unto you, the houre 

■in Ch tilt , in whom onelyalfobeiitruely worDiipped. g Thii wod( iudg»tb)i» 
•aVen by the figure Syntcdjche. for jlIgovernemeBt. h Thefe wovda are not fj to be 
taken, 3» though they jnijly det^id God govcroeth the world, but a, tOe lewei 
ihiificeiit.wbichfepiraietheHa'htt from the Sjnne , whcreaj indeed ,tb« Father 
Ikthnotgovrrnethe world buronely in ihepetfon of hi» Souue , being made ma- 
aiftft in ibeflefli - fofjy.h he afterward verfe 30 that became not todjc lai>ov»oe 
will- thai hitdoflriociinotbii owne. Clap 7.1*. that the bliude man aid bi» pa- 
febitfjfliiednor.Scc. Caap 9.3- J Tne Father iiooi vvorSiipprd but by biiS lune* 
«nord apprehended by faitn , which ii tbe oneiy wjy leadeih oeitroall life, 
* We are alld.rad inlinoeand can ooi be quickened byauy otier ineaoe*,tlU:nby die 
»;cid cfCbiiltii^jielieiidcd bj faiili. 

39 wf. Search the Sci iptures : for in them yee *' 
thinke to have eceinalUife.and they are they which ^ 

40 But ye will not come to rae , that ye might trJ,i«~<k* c/;/ip,.8,i«. 
have life. * c-,"'''""' 

4 1 I receive not the pra i fe of men. , ^ <, hfi'.-t 'is'decU- 

42 Hut 1 know you, that ye have not the r love rediobetbeonely' 
of God in you. Saviour by Iobn« 

43 I amcomeinmyFathersName.atidyere- voice, and iohnite 
ceive me not : if another Ihall come in his owne "bc'tVit-'moni^of 
name, him will ye receive. _ _ aH the Prophet». ■ 

44 Howcaii ye beleeve, which receive § ho- But. he wurldnot- 
nour one of another, and fceke not the honour wh (lauding be- 
th.«commethoiGodalo,ae? aC tpbt: a.* 

45- f Doe not thinke that I will accufe yon to d,(,r feeme 
my Father : there is one that accufethyou, even reli5ioui..''eeth 
Moles, in whom ye trurt. i.oneofaJithtfe 

46 For had ye beleeved Mofes, ye would have ' j^^'j\,e ^^,[,11^; 
beleeved me : for he wrote of me. ^ Matih.ji,';,' 

47 W jr if ye belceve not his writings, how ibail and 17,7. 
veebcleeve my words; • D;ut.4,ii. 

^ ' « Aftt I7'ii- 

r L»ve toward God. J Chap. 1,43. f Tbii deoialldoth not put away that which 
is htere faid, butcoiteftcth it, aiif Chrin faid, tacltwei fliall havenofoieranaccufof 
thenMofti. » Gtn.3,i,-.and22,i8. and 49,io.deut.«8,i;. 

C H A P. V I. 
$ PheihcHjlind urt fid viih fii-iU-jhct .in.! r-a)(,/;p,ti. 

i; Chrtjl gdolh.'pj't fromthepecfti. 17 ^,his difiifUi 
tftrtrnvin^, 19 he cum out h 1 01 hem n^lk'iZ '"'J'* 

27 ind eWrlafiin^, 

txitee. 1* Her re.tfnc'.h cft^e true 
3! Irtad^flife. 42. ;a The Uivti 
mAijofthe difiiflei, 66 di^irl frcmhil 
,s»nfij^t hsm4> bt thttmm tfGtl, 

6i The ^ftJlUt 

Chap. v]» 

rhe five barley loaves, 

ATterthcfethinfts.TefuswenthiswayiOverthe fcipp^ 
-"lea ofGalile. which is Tiberias. leius 

2 And a oreatn.ul'itude followed him.becauie 
t>iey faw his miracles . which he did on tlietn that 


Chrifttbe bread of life. 40 

tVcr ilie Uk' nfTi 
hriti, lot h r<«. 

tUfhcrier: then' 

tic fUr. 
4 I.«!'IM3.T' 
diut 16,1, 
J M4t.i4'*- 

1 Tbey that M- 
low Cbriftdo; ' 
but they aieiie- 

3 The>i lefis vent op into a mountaine , and 
theix he late wuh his difciples. 

4 Kovvethe rafleover, a» feaft of the lewes 
was necre. 

5 :§ , T hen lefus lift up hu eyes ,^and feeing 
thatagrea ' ' " i— l 

,.,„, „ ^. multitude came unto him , he faid unto 

Philip, whence Ihail we buy bread, tliac thefe 
ir.ight eat { . - c v 

6 { And thisJiee (ayd to proove him : tor hes 
himfelfe knew what he would do . ) 

7 Philip anfwered him , Two hundreth peni- 
worth of bread is not fufficient for them,that every 
one of them may take a little. 

g Then fayd unto him one of hisdifciples, 
Andrew, Simon leters brother, ,.,,,. 

9 There is a little boy here , which hath five 
barley loaves , and two fiQies : but what are they 
among fo many ? 

1 o And lefus faid, Make the people fitdowne. 
(Now there was n-uchgralVe in that place.) Then 
the men fate downc , in number about five thou- 

1 i And lefus tooke the bread. and gave thanks, 
and gave to the difciples.and the difciples to them 
that were fet downe : and likewife of the hlhesas 
lEuch as they would. ^ .r i u r-j ^^ 

1 2. And when they were fatisfied. he faid unto 
his difciples . Gather up the broken meat which 
lemaineth, that nothini^ be loft. ■ 

J 3 Then they gathered it together , and tillea 
twelve baskets with the broken meate oftbe five 
barley loaves, which remained unto them that had 

l4*Then the men.when they had feene the mi- 
racle that lefus did , faid , This is of a trueth that 
Prophet that Ihould come into the world. 

1 J » when lefus therefore perceived that they 
would corre, and take him to make him a king, he 
departed againe into a mountaine himldfe alone. 

16 1 i Whsn even was now come, his difciples 
went downe unto the fca, 

17 * And entted into a a-iip. and went over the 
fea . b towards Capanaum : and now it was darke, 
and lefus was not come to them. 

I g And the Sea arofe with a great winde that 
blew. J 

19 And when they had rowed about hve anrt 
twcntie. or thiitie fuilongs.they faw lefus walking 
on the fea .and drawing ncere unto the flup : fo they 
were afraid. 

20 But he faid unto them.Tt is I : be not afraid. 
Jaiu.frr Btthfaidt '^ , iheo « willingly they received him into the 
Ca'allm? " l^^ip.antl t'^e Ihip was by and by at the land.whither 
c "rbnv-ercjf^nid they went. , l- u 
It.h/firjhixt la 3 The day following , the people which 
■^l„nii.fjk'>trvhis flood on the other fide of the fca ,fawe tiaat there 
>.,.«, /%i«««< ^^j |^pj,£ j^jher ihip there.fave that one,whercinto 
h^^^M^'^' his difaples were entred . and that lelus went not 
.hefZf, WI.L :i,e, mzh liis difciplcs inthc ihip.but that his dilcipies 
fhurmfJ andfiid yyere goncaloue, 

fitml'f'rt. ,j And that there came other fl-iips from Ti- 

berias neere unto the place where they ate the 
bread, after the Lord had given thankes. 

24 Nowe when the people faw that lefus was 
'■ oat luere , ndchsr fais diliiples , they alfo looko 

i » Cfarift iinot on' 
\y 110! ctlircd.bac 
alf.. grutly offen- 
ded withaprq-o- 
(Icroui woiihip. 
3 Tbtgodlyare 
of.enio perilland 
danger but CatiB 
cmr.meih tottem 
in time.tvtnia 
tctiifelis, and biia- 
prb tbem cotbe 

♦ .Il<l'').i4.ij. 
mtrk' ^''ii- 
h lr.M-lr.f.^U 
thry jre^vJUtd to 

fliipplrig; and ca.'r.e to Capernaum . feeking for ^ ,-6,^,^3, f^jj, 
■ fus. thek'og(!om«of 

2 f And when they had found htm on the other heav™ lacke no. 
fide of the fea, they faid unto him.Rabbi.when ca- '^i g: au.wittiuo. 

r. I L- L ^•^ d'.nj tit Gofpei is- 

meftthouhither f n.,t:l.„f,odof 

26 4 lefus anfweredt' ,f,tb.|iv,bmof 
rely I fay unto you , Ye fetrke me not , Atcaute yee tbt n,iode. 
faw the miracles,but becauie ye ate of the loaves, ^ Bt,i.K,cuT 
and were hlled. ,, ci,dp 1,31. 

27 d Labournot for the meate which periih- mjr.s.ij.w 17,355 
eth , but for the meate that '.-ndureth nnio everla- « Tkaiu.vihan 
fling li^'e, which the Sonne of man Ihall give unto ^"'.'j"/'"''.'' . 
you : for him hath 4 God the Father e fcaled. tt^VXr tf-, 

2g Then faid they unto him.Whataiall we do, i, fU„„„j\,is t-an 
that we mioht works the f workes of God? vetmein Um, as 

29 I lefus anfwered,8c faid unto them. •§ g This f'p.'' <« *"''/"«- 
is the worke of God. that ys beleeve in him.whom }Jl'^,T'J,\^ ^^^j, 
fee hath fent, ht s theij fvcmt 

30 6 They faid therefore unto him. What figne anJtefrejinter ef 
fl^.ewcft thou then . that we may fee it, and beleeve A'"* 
thee ? what doeft thou worke ? '/;„" 

Our fathers did eate Manna in the defart, as 

it is * written , Hee gave them bread from heaven 
to eatc. 

nJ thll man 

is mm to Ctd^ 

\.er\aflm^ Ufi, 

32 7 Then lefus fayd unto them, Verely.verely "^'^'cVri^';''""' 
I lay unto you, Mofes gave you not h that bread { f^kkhfle^tfe 

from heaven , but my Father givcth you that true c,w .-/.r thej thi»^ 
bread from heaven. ,Ur ,:„rUftin.. 

33 For the bread of God is hee which com- ,/;„J,V„Vl//"l- 
meth downc from heaven, and givethliie unto the j:u„^,i,iLaT*, ' 

V-Orld. tUrefcre Chr,/l 

34 Then they fayd unto him , Lord, evermore 'fj^f'^j^'"'" *'"^^* 

give us this bread. '/ MeD'torment 

3 y And lefus fayd nn»o them . I am that bread ,i,;,n„ive, m 
'of life : he that commeth to me, tliall not hunger, vaine.wfaentbey 
and he that belecN'eth in me. Hull never tbirft. . go ^bour .0 pkaie ^ 

i6 But I fay unto you . that ye alfo have feene ^'^'^^ 7^^'„°'^;,5 ' 
me, and beleeve not. gTh^ii,,tbii)sth» ■ 

37 s Allthat the Father giveth me, (hallcoroe .„„ri^ef/..K coJre- 
tome : and him that eommeih to me, Icaltno* ?«•«:/. tfcatj.H 

away. , r t. J » therefore h, ..deth 

38 For I came downe from heaven, not to doe ,,,,^i_^^j^, „f^i,l^ 
mine k owne will, but his will which hath fent me. s Tbefpirituall 

39 And this is the Fathers will which hath lent vertueofCbriH 
mee. that of all which he hath given mie. I Ibould ^'^^^-^^'^l^'^,"^ 
lofe nothing, but Ibould raife it up againe at the d.fircmofeax.b.- 
la«day. , !y mhjclei. 

40 And this is the will ofhim that fent me, that • Exo..«,i4num, 
every man wliich 1 fceth the Sonne, and belecveth ' ' ^f/jf^'^;';''. 
in him, lliould have everialiing life: and 1 will raile ^.^^ j,„, and onely 

him up at the laft Jay. au.hou! and givtt' 

4 1 9 The lesvcs then murmured .it him becaufe of«etoaii lifr, 
he fayd, I am that bread, which is come downe ^^^J^g-^;^^^^^^ 

from heaven. r i. r Manca. 

4a And they fayd,^ Is not this lefus that (onne h HtdtneihtUt 
of lofcph . whofe father and mother wee know ? M-..,uw4iri.»^ 
how then i.yeth hee , 1 came downc from ;;™;;X,;7' 

heaven > himrt\fe n ihM iru^ 

lredil,iec.infi hee 
fieiethunt^ 'ht true and ever'. iH'n? life- '^nd asftr that , that P^ui 
M.tnna fi-trittjlt fod, ir mj^ff* no'l'ir,^ "lainjl thii pljce.U Ixe i«j„tththe thin^ 
R^Jfiednihiheji^nchutintkU roMe iiffutavn, Ckriji de.ileih tviih the lirret tkeir ^wne tfVmn and conceit r/ the maner , at.d they huJ n, furthrr rtnfidtr^urt 
efihe ^1.inna,hinm'l>Miffdthettlh. i ll'hirU btle tifeand:i),<- life. S The 
gift of faitb proMfdeth from the frte e'eaion of rht Fitcet inCbrift. after wbicQ ■ 
foUowethneceir..rilyeve.Ufti'.glife. Therefore fai.h in Chi.liUfui i.afure wtQeO* 
•f oureltSion , and therefore of out gloiihcation , which is to (.orae. k toete 

aU),ea,^p.{. K'/tii. • setiniand helee,.<n^art'^ineJtcj_i:ther t for thercit 

another kjodt of'ee'n^ . ird'ci is ^ttttr.i'.l 

hefye^kf'!' 'fih'-tk'nJeoffieinjr.nhhu proper tr heeled. 9 Flefllrannot < 

perceive fpiri.uall thing, , and therefore the begianiag of out faUauoo conimeih fionj 
God. whoc>>aogetbournature.foibatwee b=iog iofj-iied of 0101 , nay at»i<te tot*- - 
JslUaacdaadfavedbjCbtU, » Mttii.iJ.^. 

The spirit quickeneth.' 

S. Iohn» 

Sundry opinions of Chriitl I). 

in Iniheii.kf'f 



xa lefus then anru'»;;^J_ j^d faycle untO them, 
Wu'imare not your (elves. 

44 No man can tome to me , except the Fa- 
ther, which hath Tent mee, ilraw him : and I Nvill 
raife him up at the laft cia^. 

4 J It iyjwritten in the * m Prophets, And they 
fr.albe all n taught of God. Eveiy man therefore 
d,)>iJt<th<l'"" that hath heard, and hath Icairted oftheFatber, 
»»"' til" f'i""'-^ commetli unto me: 

fari,.ini>thtLjiP. J Not that anv man hath feene the Father, 

*tt H^Z'/i' " favc hee which is of^ God , he hath feene the Fa- 
a Tc ir«. ih'}A*i' ther. 

be ehtUren cfi'-,e . _ vcrelv , vcrelv 1 fay unto you , he that be- 

f'ttfjufr^' leeveth in mc. hath ererl^Ung life. 
flZ/t>hi<.^l>^?- 48 »° I am that bread of lite. _ 

/«. 13. fA«« ""/-/. 49 » Your fathers did eate Manna in the wil- 
t,d.twe J tcl< ft, derneffe, and are dead. 

Thn'fjrt^ih! iZw S o P That is that bread.which commneth downe 
VJ^flfthc'hcaitr,- from heaven, that he which eateth ofit.Ihould 
/j.(f«r/,,iii'«|'/i not die. . 

tnHivorkt ifocd, II I am that <! living bread , which came 

'"''^■"^I'lftZ downe from heaven : If any man' eate of this 
*\ut,h.„,>7- ' bread, he Ihall live for ever: and the bread that! 
o ifthffinm rn- ^jn gi ye is my flelb , whi ch I will give for he life 
b^ff""'" of the world. 
'"'*"■• - "Then the lewes ftrove among them- 

omjt iic^n "« iox^^^^ .faying , How can this mangiveus/;«flelb 


trfeh. , r to cate ? 

,0 Thetru« vfcot Then lefusfayd unto them, Verely.verely 

S'om .bVn, I fay unto ypi| . Except ye eate the flelh o^he Son 
to the thing it felfe, of man , and drinke his blood, ye have ' no lite in 

ihaiiitoCbrift: yp^, 

bythe partaking vVhofoever eateth my flcfli , and drinkcth 

gL''e^«rmng h?e. my blood.hath eternall life . and 1 wiilraife him up 

* ExoJ.i6.iJ- 
jj He pointed out 
bimWfewiien he 
fjiaketht woidi. 
I, Cb.ili being 
Cent from the Fa- 
ther, le the felfe 
fame unto ui fot 
the geninj and 
laltiDg life, that 

at the laft day . 

5 y For my flefli is meate indeede , and my 
blood is drinke indeede. 

J 6 Ho t-hat eateth my flefli , and drinkcth my 
blood, dwelleth in mi, and I in him. 

57 As' that living Father hath fent me,ib live 
1 by the u Father , and he that eateth me , even hee 
fliail live by me. 

58 This is that bread which came downe from 
biead''aodflefb,yea ^egven : noc as your fathers have eaten Manna. 

meate and drinke 

and are dead. He that eateth of this bread, fhall 

r That i« to fay. 
whoii our food. 
ij FUOicannot 
p utadifTerencc 
betweeoe flefhiy 
eating which ii 
doDe bythe heipe 
ofibeicetfa, aad 
fpitituall eating 
whichconliltctb i 

thii tranfitoty life, live for CVCr. 

q Which giveih f S» 1 hefe things Tpake hee in the Synagogue as 
lifeioihe woild. he taught in Capernaum. 

60 '3 Many therefore of his difciples (when 
fed, they heard this) faide,This is an heard laying: who 

can heare it ? 

6 1 But lefus knowinc; in himfelfe, that his dif- 
ciples murmured at this.faid unto them, Doeih this 
oftcndyou ? 

61 Uhat then if y ee {liould fee that Sonne of 
man afcend up vV where he svas before ? 

63 14 Itisthe^fpiritthatquickeneth: theflefli 
hiTb.aoa therefore prohceth nothing : thewordes that Ilpeakeunto 

^bichitvndtjftandeihnot : yet notwitbftanding the truetb muft be preached and 

.taught. f If Cft'ijI keptifini , life it prtjint , Imt when CUifi u aifiiu , then is 

ileathfrtftnl, « i.Cor.ji.a?. i,heruei)>tihlhat 
fttxtrrvl>i<b^iiickneth.ind filMlhliftf ihem that are hs, of hit Father: and hit 
^dtlh thii rcT'l (rhai) iv mitk.e a difference kcfsviene him ahd ali other fathers, 
y ChriJI his mrantnf ii, that ihoM^hhe te m.m ,y et htjfiej h rjd ^tjie lilje , ijof tftht 
tipnt nature , tut t'cJUiethat fiefh vfhu lilieth h 'he Father , istvfaj, dcelhfucJtf 
tinddra'Wi *itt "f the Filher, that fcttrer IP iihuhiihitineilife. 13 The 

leafon of man cannot comprebend the vuiting ofCht'illand hiimembEn : therefore 
lelitvvotrnrpand revnencetbai wbich ii better then it felfe. v. Chap. 3, 13. 

J4 TbeflflhofCbiiit doeth thertfoie quicken u» , btcaafeihai he that is man , il 
God : which myfterie ii ouely compiebeodtd by Ui\b /which i« the gift of 6od, 
proper ooely to ibeeltft x J ftrit , that u , that fner ■tvhHhf.etfethfrom the 

CcdheaJ , tauje'hihe fiefh cfChriJI, nlfich othtrW'Jt W«r< niilhin^iHtfie/httittU liW 
ioitMit*n<iteff}>(i>ftttiu. , 

you, are fpirit and life' 

64 But there are fome of yoH that beleeve not: 
for lefus knewe from the beginning , which they 
were that beleeved not , and who Ihould betray 

6 5: And he faid .Therefore faid I unto you, that i f Stsch is At iw. 
no man can tome unto mc, except it be given unto lice ofinen .that 

him of my Father. they take occaHon 

66 'S From that time , many of his difciples ftruft'onrewnof 
went backe, and walked no more with him. ,he very d'Sftrine 

67 Then faide lefus to the twelve. Will ye alfo of faivation ( ua- 

gOeaway? Uff-e.,beafe«v. 

68 Then S imon Peter anfwered him.Mafter,to ^ongh .h'Tngu. 
. whom fliall we goe J thou hafl the wordesof eter- largifiofcod.) 

nail life: is The number 

69 And wee beleeve and knowe that thou art °fchr''i'„°['"^"" 
that Chritt that Sonne of the living God. fmaii,"od ail^Ig 

70 •« lefus anfwered them, Have not I -J. chc them alfo there be' 
■fen you twelve, and one of you isa devill ? fo^e bypocricei. 

71 Now he fpake it ofludas Ifcariot the fonne *^°^d worfetb^nall 
of Simon : for hee it was that fl^ould betray him, ^ M*ith,»6,i«, 
though he was one of the twelve. 


a Chrtfi, after his ccufms were ^cne 11 f tt the feafiefTa- 
lernacles, 10 loeth thither privily . 12 The fecflet 

fundrycfinicnscfhim. 14 He leacheth intheTeitifle, 

31 The Friefis command to talieUm. 41 Sin/e amonj^the 
muUttude aioui him. 47 and tef\veene the I'harifei and 
the ojficers that ■trere/int 10 lake him, jo andNiccdem»s. 

P^ Fterthefe things , lefus walked in Galile , and 

would not walkeinIudea;fonheIevves fought ^ tevtt. 13,34. 

to kill him. a Tbufean wa.fa 

2 Now the Jewess » feaftof the Tabernacles called, becaufe of 
was at hand. ",entm°bich't"'* 

3 I His brcthrentherefore fayd unto him, De- p'ght^cj-yj,/'' 
part hence , and goe into ludea ,that thy difciples kiodeiofboghei. 
may fee thy works that thou doelt. «"'* f^'* "n<i«f 

4 For there is no man that do.h any thing fe- J^*'" '"-endaye. 
cretly , 8c he himfelfe feeketh to be famous. If thou ZJthe kTlll 
doefi thefethings.lhewthcyfelfc to the world, fted. 

J For as yet ills b brethren beleeved not in him. ' Tbegiaceof 

6 , Then lefus fayd unto them.My time is not ^^f^J^™",",'',"';' , 
yet come : but your time is-alway ready. ;, ;, 5 gj/i ,hatcora. 

7 The world can not hate you: but me it ha- meth oiherwayei, 
teth , becaufe I tellihe of it , that the works thereof whereby it com- 

areevill. .ncthropalfe.tbat 

Go ye up mto this feaft: I will not go up yet chiiHreuofGod 
unto this feaft : * for my time is oot yet fulfilled. Suffer moreafflia;. 
9 f Thefe things he fayd unro them , .ind a- °" "^y '^eirowne 

■>a;M ;„ /-ot,l^ kinfefolkw ihca 

boade ftill in Galile. 

by llrangeri. 

10 3 But allbone as his brethten were gone up, b Kis kiafefoikci; 
then went he alfo up unto the feall, not openly, but for fo ufe the He- 
as it were priviiy. brewestofpeake. 

1 1 Then the levveslbnghthim at the feaft^ind f^,|^^'",hefoo. 
fayd, where is he ? ii(h defire.ofout 

1 2 And much murmuring was there of him a- friends, 
mong the people. Some fayd. He is a good man: * Chap g, 10. 
other f.yd , Nay : but he deceiveth the people. ^.fri^^if^nl.. 

13 Howbtir noman(p.ikc « openly of him for jo the very bofom. 
feare of the lewes. oftheChurch. Tt« 

14 4 Now when <» halfe the feaft was done ,Ie- P''ft''""°PP««^ 
fus went up into th,; Temple, antkaught. Uourfanrilare: 

l<; And the lewes mar ve-iled , laying , How the peopiefetke 
knoweth this man the Scriptures , feeing thathe chiiit, wbeobear.' 
never learned ! ?"'«'" 1°} : 7^™ 

Beoffreih himfelfe, 
they negleftbim. 
Somealfothatknowbinicoudtmnehini laflily : avery f(;w thioke well ofhim.anw 
thatiof.cret. c Or ,bfUh,.irdfretb : f'^rthechiefecfthe leyve' f'"-!" "othinf; 

f much , .1, to hu'} his fame andnamc. 4 Chria ftriveth with goodneifeagatnft 

the wickedoefleof the world ; in the nwane feafoa the moB part of men takeocca« 
iioo ofoffeoce even by that fame , whtreby they ought to have bene ftiired uptoew 
biaaCbiirt. d t/ibtuttht/Mtthdayofihtftafi. 

16 s lefus 

ludge tigbteous mdgemtnu 

Chap. viij. 

1 6 J I efus infweied t Ji «M , iixT /ayj i , » My do- 
ftrine is not roiriej 6ut his that lent liel 
-irv 6.,..« >7 If any man ^'ill doe his will, he /hall know 

*hl "^w of the doairine . whether it be of God , or whether 

wbointbeCof- , 1 fpfake of my felfc. 

ptii favoureih wtll, jg 6 He that fpcaketh of himfclfc .fecketh hJ$ 

brc.»fe .henud.e ^^^^^ ^j^^^ . ^^^ j^^^ ^,^^^ ^^^^^^^ his glory that 

fent him, the fenae is ttoe ,and no unrigHteoufneffe 
is in him. 

19 4" 7 Did not Mofe.s give yon a Law , and ytt 
none of you keepeth the Law ? J Why goe yee 
about to kill roe? 

20 The people anfwered , and fayd , Thou haft 
a deviH : who goeth about to kill thee » 

2 1 8 lelbs anfwored , and fayd unto him , I have 
done one worke, and yc all marveile. 

22 * Moles therefore gave unto yeucircum- 

Nicodettiascounfell. 41 

»ery tare. 

C Uokfil'l" 

and hie fpea.kt'k 
nion ofitie lemst 

thatitiitun't hii 
it a mtn as ot*fr 
*re,antl therefore fit 


6 Tfaetruedo- 
ditTtretb frouithe 
the fame fetteh 
foorrh the gloty 
by puffing uv of 
uuD datkeneth 
the glory of God. 
.J, Eiod.;i4'3- 

7 Nbnedoemcie 
tbtmfelvei lo be 
tbe defeodcri of 
the Law of God, 
then ihey that doe 

S Chap f,. I. 
% The Sabbath 

cifion , (notbecaufe it is of Mofts.butof the w fa- 
thers ) and yee on the Sabbath <i»7circumcife a 

13 If a man on the Sabbath receive circumci- 
fion , that the i Law ef Moles Ihould not be bro- 
ken , be ye angry with mee , becaufe I have made a 
man every whit whole on the Sabbath day f 

24 :pr 9 ludge not g according to the appeaiance, 
but iudge tigbteous iud^ement. 

2y J 10 Then fayd lome of t4iem of Hieiufalem, 
\% not this he whom they goe about to kill ? 

^6 And behold , he fpeaketh openly , and tliey 
(ay nothing to him : doe the rulers know indeed 
that this is indeed that Chrift ? 

27 i« Howbeit we know this man whence hee 
is : but when that Chriit commeth , no man (hall 

28 J I » Then cryed leflis in the Temple as hee 

S TbeiaDDato i r ■ t^ i i i ' i . 

diy I which it here t^ught ,<ayiug , Ye both know mee, and knowe 
fet before u« for wheucc I am .* y ct OTO I not come of my felfe , but 
he that fent me, is tiue, whom ye know not. 

29 But I know him : for I am of him .and hs 
hath fent me. 

30 >J Then they (ought to take him , but no 
man lay d hands on him , becaufe his houre was not 
yet come. 

31 Now manv ofthe people belceved on him, 
and fayd , VVhcn that Chi i'ft commeth , will he doe 
moe miracles then this man hath done ? 

32 14 The Pharifes heard that the people mur- 
rtiured thefe things of him ,and the I'haril'es iand 
high Trielts fent officers to take him. 

35 Then (ayd lefus unto them, Yet am I a little 
ivhile w you , and then goe I unto him that fent me. 

34 * yeil-;alireekeme,andihallnotfind;«^f, 
and where I am. c^n ye not come. 

35: Then layde the lewes among therofelves. 
Whithet will- hee goe .^^hai we ihallnor find him ? 
Will hee go unro thtm thnt art l> difperfed among 
the Grecians. and teach tbe Grecians f 

36 What faying is this that hee (ayd .Yee fliall 
feeke mee , and (hall not find tnee ? and where 1 am, 
can ye not come ? 


a^ay. g ly t/.e/'-'ir ihn T makf-f'f T" 

':!-e(l,4rdml-t the tree l^y <l-i fruUt. lO 
enemiej of bod have oortiC*;tffr : yet iJi t 
the vfrtucandyowfrof God n Men 

toeinftlvet. II Tbetiiitihof C^rili doeihnot baai^ upon theiudgeoientof man. 

li Tbe wickedcaooL-idor what ibey lift.buiwhai God haihappoinied. 14 A« 

it-e kiagdome of God incrrarpib fo inciVafe.h ibeiageof biientinies .till at ieug^h 
tiey io vaioe fteki f( t ttof«fbltfling» abftot . viiich tbeydef^ifed when ihi-v were 
-rrfrtt. » Chap. 13, 3 J. b Wy<tfr rrtr</ 1 'c'he dr/ferftcn cf'he CenliU, tr Crc, uni ) 
■,»... Hncir the >;<ime ^ft)i<(.:recUnil>tuniilrilaHdi*htktIeiftixshiekyHrtMfi,(TjH 
nmon -/J t'le &enti'"< i.l'tt.i,]. 

a rule of all cere- 
monies I was not 
appointed to bin- 
der but tofanlier 
and H'adife Gods 
Viorks ; amougii 
which the love of 
our ceigbboui ii 
the cbicleft. 
• Lfvit.11,3. 
« Gen. 17,10. 

*' / hat 7t tv lty,if 
fhtldw ifiircv.irt- 
c'fi n iehkh M r- 

jtniliul-t nC to 
t/>r i ui-hMhyiioe 
yru. ri^htlyfefl'cnve 
trttf.r healing A' 
m^ni'ltrtitfhty ! 
^ Dent. 1, 16. - 
9 We nuMl: iudge 
■ -cotdtDgto tbe 





ifi *n cfGMe, 

^eii< A((,UKl <^f : 




Matiy doe niar\ 





t acknowledge 

1 are v.ry wife. 



[..and (lay. .to 

37 If Now in the ih^ and ■t- great day ofthe „ Tfcerea«,wo 
feaftilefns Roo^ hnR cryed . faying, If any. man principle. of ottr 
thirft, let him come unto me, and drinke. • faivaiion.theone 

38 . He that beleeveth in mee .# asfayththe " '" b' ''"o^ghly 
"Scripture, out of his helly fhall flow rivers of wa- |^, fr^u'^^'of'oar 


Itel t,it. tclet 
1 mttthmiMt 

49 I*ut this people, which know not i 

■of We- ™ „.....,. 

39 { * This fpakehee ofthe Spirit , which they th^ oth-no feeJ^^ 
that beleeved in him, fr.ould receive ; for the i holy '" <^'"''* °°'^^ 
Gho(\ was not yet ^i»«a .becaufe that lefus was not L^do" b'vfahh') 

yet m glorified.) .beabtlndLceof 

40 i< So many ofthe people , when they heard »" sowi 'hingi. 
this faying,fayd. k Ofa trueththis is that Prophat. ' Ji,etand<ijcf 

41 Otlaer iayd . This is that Chrift : and feme TJi^VulitZ' 
fayd. But (hall that Chrift come out of Gable ? r\.ht'Ja,'ha-,4, 

4z ^ Saith not the Scripture that that Chrift i<ie:h»dtj,iitht 
riiail come ©f the leede of David , and out ofthe jr''; . 
towne of Beth-lehem. where David was ? | ^'',■5^'f 

43 So was there difcenlionamongthe people jt Thiiisnltre*j 

for him. tPirdf'merdin 

44 And fome of them would have taken him. ""^ ?'"«.''"■ "/«• 
but no ma« laid hands ot* him. r^jthtoietakm 

■ -T-ii. . j^ /• 1 ■ . « . .» cut 0/ many ularet 

4y «? Then came the officers ofthe hie Pr lefts v>hre mmiL i, 
and Phariles ,jind they fayd unto them , Why have rntdtcfthiiift, „r 

45 The officers anfwered . Never man fpake it uiht sti''^^ 
like this man. ^' ■ -'" 

47 Then anfwered them the I'harifes .Are ye 
alio deceived > 

48 •sDcethanyoftherulers.orofchePharifesj^;'''';^':^^;?. ' 
beleevemhim? . hfS,fie<,hfn^.f 

: the Law. the Sfirit which 
they tU' ieleel,e4 

f o Nicodemus fayd unto them, (* he that catne %l'"sc°thitT 
to lefus by night, and was one of them.) ,u ^l^mi tfh,ly 

S I Doth om- Law iudge a roan before it heare GhcS,are me*r,t 
him, ♦ and know a what he hath done > «^f -^"'"f < ^ni 

sr They anfwered. and faid unto him. Art thou "IjlXT'c^T 
alfo of Galile ? Search andlooke : fer aut of Galile „ rhlfi^.thlfi 
arifeth no Prophet, ,thim^rvere'«ctyet 

ft > > And every map went unto his own houfe. f"V ""^ f^'ceivei^ 

rvhich rvere tefhetr 
and fit fcMhthe 
^Ur, cfthetnetyle^efen. 1)6 There iJcoaientiooevenJntheCburcb itfelfeabove 
the cbiefe point of religion : otithet- haib Cbnft any more crutll enemiej then thofe 
tba:o«Bpietbefeateofttuttb ; yei can they not doe what they woijid. N Deut. 

18,1 f. if. Mich. ;, a. matt. I, f. 17 God from heaven fcorneth fucb at are bit 

foanei enemies. 18 Falfe raftour.iarefo'foodand fbolilh that they efteemeibe 

Church of Cod according to she mulutudis and QUiwardfliew- » Chap. 3,8. 

"k Dent 17 S.aod i9,iy. n IVhtt heh.ithcommitleJ, wheuaccufid. i» Tberc 
ii no counfe,Hagaioft theiord 

. c H A p, vrii. * V 

i T'he rr»n4H taken ixaMierie, is htth l^tr (innttfo'i* 
piienher. it Chr'jl the lifh- efthe rvprU. 19 The 

FhArifes atke vehere hit Pd'h'^r is. 39 The fences of 

^iraham. +i Thefcnnese/GoJ. 44 The det, iU the 
pther cflyinf. ,f6 ^irahavfiw Chrfjji (i.iy. 

A Nd,:^e(iis went unto the mount of Olives, 

2 ,*.pd early in the morning cameagaine 
into the Temple , and all the people came unto 
him, and he fate downeatid taught them'. 

3 I Then the Scribes and the Pharifes brought i While tlie w^ 
unto him a woman taken inadultetie.aiidlether k'dgeeabomto 

inthemiddes, makeafnaKfor 

4 And faid unto him, Mafler. we found this wo- makt^'nu'T 
man committing adultei ie even in the very aft. thenAi«f." " 

y S Now Mofes in our Lavv commanded, that S^, 
fuch Ihouid be ftoncd : what faieti thou therefore i 

6 And this they (aid to tempt him, that they 
mi^ht have , whereof to acciife him. But lefus ftou- * .'*?*' '«>f'ypo, 
ped downe, & with his finger wrore on the oround. ",','!* ."''''''"« 
v7u' r ?f' "^^'^^ '']^)^ continued asking hfm . hee aga* aTo'S^ 
lift himfelfe cp ,and dyd unto them ,* Let him "<!' flatter thea 
that isamong you without finne , caflthefirft fk>ne '''•"io'heir 
at her.' ")'•'" ''one». 


S And 


Chrifts witnciTe is tme. 


Abrahams works; 

notcakeufOD Bica 
f:xaicioiHce : he 
coEtetiMd h:m- 
Iclfc to bring fi;]. 
c;n lo r,iith and 
4 Tbe ^Kirld 
vv^ich is blind in 
it Wfd, cannot 
com* to have ary 
light b'Ji in Cl>n') 

S And againa hee ftonped iowntfiani-wrote 

on the ground. ■ 

9 And when they heard it, being sccufedby 
their owne confcience , the>-went oat. one by one. 
beginning at 'H elileft cvj;i to ;^ h'.ft : io lefus was 
left alone, and theworcanftanjin^intherrids. 

1 3 VVhcn Icdjs had lit": up himfelfc againe,8c 
faw no man . but the woman , hpe fayd ujito her. 
Woman, where arc thofe thine accufers ; hath no 
man condemHed thee ? 

1 1 She faid.No man.Lord. And lefus faid,Nei- 
ther do I condemne thee : go and no more. 

II ♦ Then fpeke lefus againe unto them . fay- 
ing, I <i> am that light of the world ; hee that fol- 
^c'bar-t.f 3c 9.;. loweth me , fliall not walke iudarkeneffis , butihall 
J cbriai.«i.h. have that light of life. 

thtbt"^na°^,:o( 1 3 ! The Pharifes therefore fayde unto him, 
ibetrueth.forhe a Thou beareft record of thy felfe : thy record is 
Vfai fsBtbyhi.Fa- nottrue. 

thej foriba^ put j ^ ^ j^p^j a^fwcred S: fay d unto tht .b Though 

ki^'a^prrotcd^o 1 beare record of ray felfe .yet my record-is true : 
tbe world by in. for I know whence I come , and whither I go : but 
69i:e miraclci. ye cannot tell whencc I came.and whether I goe. 

ly YeiildgeaftertheflenT: Iciudgenoman. 

l6 And if I alfo iudge , my Judgement is true. 
for I am not alone, but 1 , and the Father , that fent 

' 1 7 And it is alfo written in your Law,* that the 
teflimonie of two men is true. 

18 d I am one that beare witnefle of my felfe, 

and the Father that fent me beaveth witneife of me. 

J 9 6 Then fayd they unto him , Where is 

a TboubMrtft 
vjmiifleof ihy felfe 
vrbicb ibiogbyall 
intsiupiDioni it 
oaugbi : and kt a 
map 10 commcuj 
biaklh is veiy 
± Cb.'p.r,3i. 
b That which be 
denied afote, Chap. 


innei of Father of thine ■ lefns atifwered , Ye neither know 
gforintbat rue, nor the Father of mine. Ifyehadknowenrae, 
jiajebM framed yg i^ouid have knowen that Father of mine alfo, 
b:a,relire fommhst ,^ .j-j^^j-^ ^^^,^ j- , ^ j^j;^^ j^^ ^j^^ , 

10 tht ouraourol , i • ■ „' , , i ,i i 

hti fceartrt, wbioh he taught in the Temple , and no man layd hands 
?ikoowi«dged no- on him : 7 for his houre was not yet come. 
)hioginCbiiftbut ,, j • , j^^^^ fiyd lefusagainc unto them . I goe 
ft'trtfre b'ewa'5 "^y way. and ye Hiall feeke me. and Ihall die in your 
toutrndthry/hould finncs. Whitherl goe, camyc not come, 
fttlightbyhii 22 Then fayd the lewes. Will he kill himfelfe, 

-vWDewftntfTe , an- becanftt he faith, Whitherl goe, can ye not come > 

Uffr it wtrecthtr. ,, ,_, ^_^ ^__ , _» v„ .„„f. u„ 

Jkifr cotifirra«d . 3tJt 
•liodetb for ttl» 
inaicienaiceof bis 
jibii wirntdr.and 
rrrteih wiib l^i 

25 And he faytl unto them , Ye are frpm bc- 
nenU * 1 am from above : ye are of this world. I am 
not of this world. 

24 I fayd therefor^ unto you , That ye fliall die 
in your finnes : fur except ye belecve.that I am he, 
yertialldie inyouriinnes. 

2y 9 Then fayd they unto him , Who ait thou? 
f. 1 doenowonfly ^„j jgf^jj ^ j ^,f,jQ jj,^^ ^ ^^^^ f ^\^^ fame thing 

itJZ^^r thatlfayduntoyoufromthcbeginning. , 
baiyetifrfiiftto i6 "> 1 have many things to fay , and to nidge 

de«i', imight)»w- of you , but he th;it fent me, is true.aO'-Tthcthin^i^S 
fully dofi.,for lam ^]y^^ j j,^^g fjg^,.j ^^ him ,'thdfe fpeake Itothe 

not alone , but my , , - • * ^ ^^^"^^ , , „ , . , A , 

• Dt«t.i7.ii »ad ^7 " They underftood not that hee i^ake to 

1 s,j ; mai.i 3, IS. them of the Father. 

1.C0J.13, ,g Then fayd lefus unto them, When yec have 

ij.- l.f. . ■ ■ - . - .. . 

;,' Tte Godhtid is 

lift up the Sonne of man .then fl-iall ye know th.u 
t«l4.j;-.'vdiftinpui- I am he , and diat 1 doc nothing of my felfe, but as 

lirrriVoT,.. «!« '^-''- . ^ r . r.- , r 

«_.j ,]ff,^ ere v^et«notiv.o-witnfH«;for tbepariieaccured ii3ott«KfDtv)r a, 
"(("no man ^^^n know lod but iaCitift on.Iy. e Tbi« w»lfome j;l»;e 
^.j,l,j,|ngi'ftbe offerings. T Uclive and dieai the plcafureof Gi 

f men; The t fo« '*>'' °" ''''^? remaineih that wn- goe for Aird conflii 
*»»cation. "' Becaufe thaimen doe natuiallyabhorre heavenly ihingi . no man cm ht 
J fit difc'iplet -1 Chtirt , unlelfe ibe fpiti-of G<d frame bim • in the incane fealon not- 
ohftindinzi^ e world ir.uft of nfctflStie pef.Jb, becnufe i: rtfufctli y life that n oflVtd 
^3*0 it. 9 Hell* II »t l'"?.-" k-o^ vthoCb.ift is.whicb v^iH dilif.»tly heare .what he 
fTha; is.v^aniCbrift.snd (t. fiirioiir.for fo I told yoii fromt'ie-bf ginning that ( 

appointed f 


[BAlittb fOk. 

oGcd i•ltc'"v«nf^.' ofClirifl. doftri.,e difpiled 1 1 Evi;n the coniemt of Cbtift 

gloiyiwt'ith-tticgtijeatniiifyl'iilUieleAtlrc^iliw nbciigtuifajMt. 

my Father hatli ftiight me", /SI fpeake thefe things. 
tp ^For he that l"«nt me, is with me : the Father 
hath rot jeft me alone , becaufc I dp alwayes thofe 
things that plea (e him. 

30 J As he Tpake thefe things , many beleeved 
in him. 

3 1 n Then fayd lefus to the lewes which be- " The twe difcf. 
leeved in him , If ye continue in my word , yee are •"•'" "•'^^l,''''^ '°°' 
veiely raydifciples. a.!'.!-"' k % 

■^ A J n ,1 1 T . « 1 . w"ne. 'hat profit. 

3 2 And fliall know the trueth , and the ttueth ing more and mote 
fliallg make you free. "utheknoTviedce 

33 h They anfwered hira . We be « Abrahams "^'^l ""«!'. t!><j 
feede , and were never bond to any man : why TZ^l'to" 
fayefl thou then. Ye Ihall be made free ? grievous burdea 

34 lefus anfwered them , Verely , verely I fay offmne, into the 
unto you .that whofoevercomraittethfmne, is the '("^'ibertieof 

^feriantoffinne. n^hteoufneffeand 

35 And the fervant abideth not in the houfij g From the flave- 
for ever : but «iie Sonne abideth for ever. rie offmne. 

36 If that Sonne therefore iliall make you free, ^. Someofthemuh 
yelhallbefreeindeed. \ ^:^'^& 

37 '3 1 know that you are Abrahams leede , but notthefpeachof 
yee feeke to kill mee ,becaufemy wordhath no men that confeot 
jplaceinyou. tmohim.butof 

38 I fpeake that which Ihavefeene withmy !,g3"oVhim? 
Father : and ye doe that which yee have feene wim i Bomeand be-' 
your Father. «o'"n of Abra. 

i9 They anfwered , and fayd unto him , Abra- i^'^'^^ , 
ham is our father. lefus fayd unto them , If ye v/ere°T,,9^°' 
Abrahams children , ye vyould doe the workes of 13 Ouiwickea 

Abraham. . maners declare, ■ 

40 But now ye goe about to kill mee, a man ||'"vve,areriainely 
that have tolde you the trueth , which I have heard 1 °fh°Damre, Bm we 
of God : this did not Abraham. arechangH, and 

41 Ye doe the works of your father. Then fcid madeoftfcehouft- 
they to him , We ate not borne of fornication : we »'°i|°'"God,ac. 

.' _i_ i-L-r-j cordine tothe co« 

have one Father, which is God. ven^int which he 

42 Therefore lefus fayd unto them, if God madewiihAbra- 
were your Father, then would yee love me : for I bam bychrilioae^ 
proceeded foorth ,and came from God, neither 'V'-f^f''.^"^."* , 

' -r r rir , < r and layd Cold oa ' 

tame I ofmy felfe, but he fent me, by fai.h : which 

43 wily doe yenot underfiandroy ktalkejbe- faith isitoowenby 
caufe ye cannot heare tny word. ^ godly and honca 

44- ^ Ye are of your father the devill , and the '1^'' j^^ 
hiftes ot your father ye will doe : he hath bene a , hough hefa'yXy" 
murtherer from the » beginning .andmaboade not doe nomoreu^dei. 
in the n trueth , bccaufe there is no ttueth in him. '''^^'^ '^^^'- 1 "ay" 
When he fpeaketh a lie , then fpcaketh hee of his '„'';^" '^/^^F;^^^^^^^ 
o owne ; for lie is a liar, and the p father thereof . knoweo language 

4f Anil becaufe 1 tell you the trueth , yee be- to yon', 
leeve me nor. t i lohna.s. 

46 .4 Which of you can rebuke me of finnes?and [-^'^"I't" ^'^'"^: 

■ ri ^ , 1.1 11 Ding of lie world; 

ifl lay thetrueth.wny doye notbcleeverae ? for aifoontasmm 

47 * He that is of Ggd heareth Gods worJes : wasmade.thedeviU 
ye therefore heare them not , becaufe ye ore not of f->" ^'™ bead keg 

a r^, f 1 I » J /- 1 •» T'>i>t ii. conti- 

48 ty Then anfwered the lewes . asd layd unto nued not conitant. 
him, Say we not well that thou art a Samari:ane,and ly. or tcmained oot. 
hartadtvill ? n That ii, in faith. 

49 leius ;.nfwered , I have not a deviil ,but I I^^St'.fi ",'';!,«.!;'" 
hcnourmy Father.andyeliavedilhonouredme. not his creation. 

<yO And I Itekenot mine owne praife : but there Eveuof hisowoe 
is one that q feckeih ir, and iudgeth. J""*' '"'f ofhisowae - 

yi .« verely verely I % untoyou.lf amanj'--,^;^"- 
keepe my word, he lliall never r iee death. thereof. 

14 Chrift d.J 
tirougblyeMcutetheoftice.thatbii Fathet-inioyntdhim. • lobu^.s. i;Tteeneinff» 
of Chrift make their braverie for a while, but tbe Fttbef will appeateat bisiimc to re. 
vengethe reproach that is done u:ito bun in the petfon of hiefonne. q Tba« is, that 
will revenge both yout difpifiog ofrae.and ofbim. \6 Theoocly d. ftrineofihe 

CfpellapptehtDdiid byfaiii, iiafurettm;dy againftdcath. r Th4i ii^ te fli.4U goj 
feeif U ; fbi (V w iu liic midft of dMihi ttii: faiibfull fee If fe. 


Cbrift tte light of tbc World* 

Chap, hi. 

y 2 J 7 Then faid the lewes to h m ] Now know 
wee that thou baft a devitl. Abraham is dead , and 
the Prophets : and thou fayett , If a man ke?pe my 
word, he fhall never tafte of death. 

Art thou greater then our father Abraham, 


17 Againflthein 
which abufe iht 
Saiits, to dirken 
Chn'itM gloiy. 
i8 There i« no- 

thing fanheiroff which is dead ? and the Ptophets ate dead : whottj 
fiom all ambition makeft thou thy felfe ? 

t?h^h«b (■«"""' 54 " ^^^"5 anfwered, If I hononr my felfe. 
him^veall ^^^^^ honour is f nothing worth : it is my Father 

jhiHgi. that honbureth raee » whom ye fay , that he is your 

f Thuuffckcnh God. 

'"''i'rlfhal'a''d' ^f " ^^^ ^'^^ '^'^ """^ knowen hin\: but I 
i'e'it/c, 'let this re- know him , and if I ihould fay I know hi.TJ not , I 
fl-iouid be a liar like unto you : but I ksow him,and 
kcepe his word. 

y6 a» Your father Abraham t reloyced to fee 
my u day, and he ^ faw it, and was glad. 

57 Then Ayd the Icwesunto hira .Thou art 
not yet fiftie yeere cide , and haft thou feene A- 
braham ? 
)-8 lefus faid ir.nto tnenifVerely.vetely Ifay 
ftttifl,ntith<r any unto you, before Abraham was, I y am. 
right koowfedge jp Ji Then tooke they up ftoiies to caft at 
ofChriu witbouc j^;jj^ ^ ^ut lefiis hid himf-ife . and went out of the 
s" jh'evMtufof Temple : And hec paiVcd throughnhe middes of 
.Ci>;itt&ew«ii(/ them, arid fo went his way. i / i 'j. 

fcire through all', ■" ' : :.■•/■. i ._ 

former «gr« in tht Fjthf rt , for they &w fa thf p'«mife:, that hM^jouIJ comfi, and did 
Vfty ioyluliyljy iiol^eoofaimatuh alwely faiih.. t IVai-^irj^Jifir'nus. a ^ dny 
is afftce thi! ittncn lirjith in , or Joith ■my noiu.b'.c ^cte, crfujfereth tnj gee-it thing. 
X Uith the eyei ef/,iul,, Heh. 11,13. y C'nriji iihtewt-t Cod,vr-tslefore.Mruham: 
anJhe rr<ti the Limhe flainefrem the ief inning tftlie wcrU. 11 2«l«W:thout 

l(novslcdgF,breaketb sut ac leagth ioto ainonopeamadnslTe.-audyet the wicJced 
CJaootdot wbatiheylift. 


I Chi'fl' giVeth p^hi cn'ihe SM.t!l> Juj , tehim tiut ttas hne 
hlinde. . I i Whom , after he had hng renfined agitinjl ilie 
pitf.ij'Ji, 2i,iSind-senc.tJlcuftfthei:!it^o^ite, ^6 Lhrifi 
endxeth the k.mrfted^e oftht el/erltifin^itght, 

AND « as Idas pail'edby .hefawaraati which 

fertrvhi.h I lilie 
fine: yet thtrei, 
^mother that glori- 
ftth me, thxt is, 
ihat hcntUTtlh 
mj Hatnt. 
1 9 Thf r« is 00 
light koosvledge 
■Df God, without 

Sione iithebe- 
giooingcvcti ofaJI 

bodily difcafct. 

follow, that God 

was blinde from nis birth 
a And his difciples asked him , faying , Matter. 
who did linne, this man, or his parents, that he was 
borne blinde >. 

ftemoiiawyciy ' 3 I'efus anfwered , a Neither hath this man 
^pauiflieih. , finned, noi; his parents, but that the wcckes of God 
'aChr^lreafcmth fl^ouldlje i>.ewed on him. 

&S|.i;' 4 » I trmit worke the workesoflvlm thatfent 
.fiipfc/iibat there me, whileit is b day : the night commetii when no 
man can worke. 

5- As long as I am in the world , .j. I am the 
light of the world. 
6 3 AiVoone as he had thus fpoken , he fpat on 

tome nciUfcafes 
hut for finnei cnely : 
V^htreufcn he an- 
yess another cauji 

vfihistnaniUind- the ground , and made clay of the ipettle .ajiaac- 
t^;fe,anJtl,atv,ii, oy^ted the eyes ofthc blinde With the day, 
nn!h^ffit^e!'""^ JT ■ And faid iinto him . Goe walh in thepoo;e 

"'» ffceviofit"S*' 

Chrift aitasit 

.were a light, 

, darkeneffeofthe 

•world . 
. b 5y( day Hi mean 

Jthe light, tLjtis.rbi 
, |i;h.lp™dcftHne 


tVueih : acdby - 
f .^cight) i»ni.taBtth« 
'<l«rkeaei;e which cotnin'eih by theobrcuniieotcbefamedoaribe. v{. Cbad.iipi^nd 

S.ii.and ijoj. 5 Cb'ilt tealiog the m?n taking thcfigiieofclay, 

aod_aftef,\ard thefgoeof tfat tbuntaineofSiloauifwiiich fignifiethSent/ihcvwethtbEt 
'- at be at ihe beginning made inaa,fodoeth he agsinereUoicbotb an body and fbule : 

aod yetl'o, thaihee hiintelfecoiBineth iirft of biiowoeiccord to btalem. 4 A tiue 

inigc of all ratn,-/:bo a thty areof aatureblinda ,doe=ci:h^ria(infelvesreceive 
, . the^ligb^ that i« pifeted. pnio Am |Oi^x in oihtj , aod j(«£ r.ufct; .i^ie^t ^*« 

And fold iinto him.Goe walh in the £ 
of (which is by interpretation ,'Sent.)_.He 
went his way therefore and waihed.and came againe 

8 4 Now the neighbours and they that had feene 
tiira before . when he was blinde , iayd , Is not this 
' he that fate and begged ? 

' 9 Some faid jihis is he; and other laid. He is 
like(him , but he himfelfe layd, 1 am he. 
^ 10 Therefpi*?; ihey kid nmo^ him j How were 

Wbosp God beatetb. 42 

thitie eyes e opened? * - c ThiJi5aBHe:.- 

.. tl Hee aiMwered»4nd faid. The itian that is trewekindeof 
called lefus.made clay. and anoyntedmineeyES,'"^'"'''*"'"'^'^"" 
and faid unto mee . Goe to the pook ofSiloam X^hJyinnot 
and walli. So I we^it and waQied , and received receive any light.- 

fight. Aadthereforethey 

1 1 Then they fayd unto him, Wnere is hee ? He "'.'^'"' '° ^"^. 

/■•., T 11 tbeir eyes opened 

faid, I cannot tell. «hich of blind. . 

13 s They brought to thePharifeshimjihat meairemadtto 
was ence blinde. • . ; <<!«. 

14 And it was the Sabbath rfiy» , when lefus , 
made the clay, and openeth his eyes. 

ij Then againe the Pharifes alfoaskedhim, '■■ 
how he had received fight. And he faid untu them. 
He laid clay upon mine eyes , and I wailaed.aBd doe 

i6 jThenfaidfomeofthePharifes.Thisman ,^-^ifi;-;„u;,g., 
is not pf God , becaufe hjee keepeth not the Sab- aflaijted by auy " 
bath day. Others faid , How can a mjin that is a fin- meanesmoreAea 
ncr.doe fuch miracles ? and there was a difleufion >="/ peteoce of 
among them. - Re.Ug.on : bur .ht 

._ n-L /- t_ i_ 1 , ,. . . mcreiiuprdTei • 

17 Then Ipake they unto the bhnde againe, downe.themcts 
Vyhat layeft thou of him, becaufe he hath opened "«iftth up. 
thine eyes? And he fayd, Ke is a Prophet. 

18 Then the lewes did not bekeve him (that "' 

fc^e had bene bJinde .and received his fight) until! ' ' ' - • 

.itheyhadcaUedtheparentsof hirathathadj-epeived / ' 
•^ fight. .'■.,, 

19, And they asked tliem ,■ faying , Is this yot!r 
fonne , whom ye fay was borne blinde » How doetk 
he now fee then ? 

20 Kis parents anfwered them, and fayd. Wee 
know that this is our ibnne . and that he was borne 
blinde: . ■ . ^ 

2 1 Bur by what meanes he now feeth.we know 

not : or who hath openetl his eyes, can we not tell : ^ ' - 

he is olde ynough : aske him : he il-.all anfwe're fo:.- 
himfelte. . . - = 

2 » Thefe wordes <pakp his parents , bec.-iufe 
they feared the lewes : tor the lewes had ordtined . .^ •' 

already , that if any man did confeffe that hee was 
Chrift , hee Ibould be excommunicate out of the 
Synagogue. * - ' 

23 Therefore %de bis J«rents:',;'Hee is olde'^r A fofcMae eT3«, 
ynough : aske him. ., '' . , .- vsrhereby nven «?« 

. 24 Then againe called they^iJie man that had 'Plif""'"^^ '« 4^ 
bene blinde. and faid unto him ,d Give; glory iirtto;il^*°brirfa°uT/ 
God : we know that this man is a e finner. ' before God, a« if 

ay Then he anfwered.aiidfaid. Whether he be 'fceyfliou'd fay. 
a finner or no,l can not tell : one thing I know, ?r°''f'-"j°"l" 
tnat I was blinde, and now Ilee. ki:owthihewboI<; 

x6 Then faid they to him .ngaine, What did he miner, and tiieve- 
to thee ? how openedhe thine eyes J • fbieCeetho'uttve. 

2 7 Ke anfwered them . I have tolde you^lrea- "ni^^h^'h^'" 
die , and ye have not heard it : whe.eforewould ye hcooi^rarberi* 
heareitagaip.e rwillyealfobekisdirdples-? ■ coaftUi the wboi- 

28 sThenreviledthcy him .and faid. Be thou "s'.'tfptcly ,theti 
hisdifciples: we be Mofcs difciples, tohebdoreiim, 

29 We know that God fpake with Mofes: but j°sam'.6fj. ' 
this man we know not from whence he is; e He i.dueda 

•30 The man -anlwered, and fayd antothem, '"^'-•''"''''Hs- 
Douklclfe , this is a marvellous thing., that yee ,''/'^;^6^''^^T>i':5-i 
know not whence hee is , and yet he Hath opened'snd'Ssiceth'asu 

mine eyes.' -; -i'^',- - • : 1. ■ , _, . wereaa'^neof. 

31 Now wee know that God beareth not fin- 

nsiTi ii.utl nfcdet 
atltDgtb br-.aki: 

32 Since the world began, was it not heard, '""'"'' w^'^hin 
that any man opened the eyes of one that was "^"''«''^';'d- 
•tomeband«/^ ^ ■ '-• ■ ■ '^virt^^'^ 

doeth his will, himhearethhe. 

X .. 

'Caiaplias propbedeth, S.^Iobo 

Mary , and had fecne the things , which lefus did, 

belocvedinhim. , 

46 6 Rut fome of them weut their way to the 
6 The Ian point p]i-ri(ej, & told them what things lefus had done, 
ll/flubborirfii 47 Then gatheted the h«ie Prietts.and the Phari- 
ii this . 10 iiociime fes a gcoimcRr. and fayd . What Ihall we do*? For 
cpnwarrfagjini jj-jj man docch many miracles. 
r,od,iadyct«3. ^jj If v('e let him thus alonc , flilmen willbe- 
lV«°n«Uh of* leevc in him .and the Romanes will come and 

V:« proSitofihe 
|> Tbe I 
tbe co'JiittlJ Saa- 
irrliin; and the 
Dvord that lohn 
vfrih iiSyncdri. 
h Tbarij.rake 
away from vi fay 
fore* : forattbac 
time, thoufjh the 
kKncd anddccay 
cd, ytttherewaj 
iwtie kiudof go. 
^eroeiiKnt left 
4ii0Dg tBe Ie^\r|. 
7 Tbt raging aad 
■ad company of 
ibe fair«Chi.ich, 
ftlvoibat cbey 
canno: be ia fafe- 
lie, vnLtOebtbe 
eoely ui-boldtth 
rCfcurth: Aod 

h take away both our place, and the nation. 

49 7Thcn one ouhcm«4;»fiCaiaphas,which 
'"-lied was the hie Prieft that fame yeere , faid unto them, 
ye perceive nothing at all, 

yo 4. Nor yet doe you confider that it is expe- 
dient for us , that one man die for the people , and 
that the whole nation perilh not. 

jl « Thisfpakehenotofhimfelfer butbeing 
hie Prieft that lame yeere, he propheckdthat le- 
lus fliould die for that nation : 

J 2 And not for that nation onely , biH that he 
(honld gather together in one the children of God, 
which i were fcattered. 

5'3 Then from that day foorth they ccmuilted 
together, to put hira to death. 

y4 9 lefus therefore walked no more openly 
among the lewcs.but wentthe.nce untoacoun- 
tr'cv ncere to the wildeinefl'e ,_into_acitie called 
Ephraim. and. there continued with his difeiples. 

55 S Andtheiewes Paefeover wasathand.and 
many went out of thecountrey uptoHierulakm 
before the Pafl'eover, to purifie thetiifclves. 
rtfCfcurth- Ao<J 5^ Then fought they for lefus. and fpakeamong 
ii, likwife iudgeth themfelves , as they Itoode in the Temple , What 
toe wiftdomeuf thinke ye, that he commeth not ro the feaft ? 
tfc,fli(lMn«o.U. ^^ Now both the high Priefts and the Pharifes 
tU<tn'-d hy7he" " had given a commanderaent , that if any iiun knew 
*iiritof giddiQ.fli where he were , he ihould ftiew it , that they might 

or madnrire. take him. 

» Ctrift dotrhfometimefoturrie the tongues, even of tbe wicked , thatio-iurfingjltey 
blcfle. i For tbey were not gathered togeihFiiootie couoircy , at the Isweswere, 
fciHtobegatbcrtd fri.m all quartets , from tbe Eaft to tbe Weft. 9 Weemaygive 

place to ibit rsge dfifac vvickcd , whenit ii MfeilieQt To todoe, but yet ia futh feic, 
thk^weirwatvenoc fiomCodivocaiioa. 


X \Ai Chriflii at fUpftr tv'il^ I..<»'j 3 Marititntinltth 
hiifitte. s luJ.tifinJeihf.ttllt ivrhhtr. 7 ChrrU dt- 

fendtihUt. 10 The Pritf.i-ntuUfi*' I-ttg,siTiittii4t»t!i. 
11 ,A, Ctrnfl commtth to Hiernfiltm. 18 T hi fecfrlt mat 
him. li The Otecians^liKre to fit him. 41. Tkt chieft 

rui.ri that let' t:;e in h:m,iHt fcr ftarettccntKcnfejfehim, 
44 liee exherieihuf,ti!h. 

* Ckaf.i«.,7. »p Hen * lefus, fixe day es before the Pafleover, 
»*>kej5.3. X jjjjj^g jQ Bethania , where Lazarus was, who 

died, whom he had railed from the dead. 

z There they mc'.iic hira a lupper , and Martha 

ferved: but Lazarus was one of them that (ate at 

»he table with him. 

3 Then tcoke Marie a poundof ointment of 
Spikenard very coflly , and anointed lefus feete, 
and wiped his feete wuh her haire , and the houfe 
was filled with the favour of the ointment. 

4 Then fayd one of hh difeiples ,«w»lHdas 
Ifciriot, Simons /?n«e, which Ihculd betray him : 

y 1 Why was not this ointment fold for three 
hundreth pence, and given to the poore ! 

6 Now he fayd this, not that hecared for the 
poore , but bccaufc ha was a thiefe , and -'had the 

J Anhorrble n- 
•tt'V''' inludasof 
a rn'odf Minded 
asd yetirtitDdieg 
V Cbai..i3.j!r. 
J Ti-ij Extra, idi. 
aatie auoictiiiv; 
^bich vvaifot a 
figoe , is fa allowed 
cf God, that bee 

witatOVth bow be baggc, and bare tirat which was given, 

wiiinoibevvor. y a Then fayd Iefu5,Let her alonc : agsinftthc 

"'I" oXt'c^" day ofmy burying Ihe kept it. 

ZJiu'yftrvict.but !5 For the pooto alwayes ycc hiVC wkh you, 

««iihiiiMH, butmeycQwllnothavcAlwayeSj, 

The Gteekcjdcfiretofee Chrilfc 

9 3 Then much people of the lewes knew that 3 When theiight ' 
he was there : and they came , not for lefus fake ofibtGofi-eHi 
only , but that tt>ey might fee Lazarus alfo , whom ^wetb it feife, 
he had raifed from the dead. feme are fouod to 

10 The high Priefts therefore confulted . thai o:h';;.'7^t."A ie,ft 
they might put Lazarus to death alio. ought ) to beepco 

1 1 Becaufethat for his fake many of the lewes snemies .- otbets 
went away, and bcleeved in lefus. '■: » "g« '"""o"' 

I X 1 * On themorrow a great muhitude that 'j,TrS.t7, 
were come to the feaft , when they heard that le- f»ii from : aad ve. 
fus Ihould come to Hierufalem, ry frwdoefo r«. 

1 3 Tooke branches of palrae-trees , and went Y"mtiy receive 
foorth to meet him , and cried . Hofanna . Bleffed i, N^^i'thftandl ''■ 
the king of Ifrael that commeth in the Name of cbtid beginneth 

the Lord. his fpirimall king, 

14 And lefus found a y one affe.and fate there- «'°™ '° '•": "'^i 
on. as it is written. ^ tZT.r.' 

1 y J Feare not, daughter of Sion : behold, thy marfce n.s. 
King-comroeth fittingonanafles coit, lukeiyj/. 

i6 But his difeiples vnderftoode not thefe * E«th 9.9. 
things at the firft ; kit when lefus was glorified. *J;;"^ J, ^aW 
then remembred they , that thefe things were writ- preCTeCbtifl 
t^;n cfhim.and that they haddonetheie things un- madeiDftruinrntt 

to him, of his glory. 

17 The people therefore that was with him. ^^^^t.-'ft/c'r' 
bare witnefle that hee caUed Lazarus out 01 the cian» were firft f<» 
grave and raifed him from the dead, called by tbeaaine 

1 8 Therefore met him the people alfo. beciofe »*'''" """'"v °[ 
they heard that he had done this miracle. * f^",'' J,^,"*,^^''' 

19 ♦ And the Pharifcsfaidamongthemfelves, vvardailthatvvete- 
Perceive ye how ye prevaik nothijog i Behold, the not of tbe lewes 
world goeih after him. 'l^'^''°?f\f '^°." 

no S Now there-were certalne Greekes among l;d"v^erellfo caiU 
them that a came up to woribip at the feaft. Hfaihem, werecaU 

21 And they came to Philip, which was of ledby .bisoame. 

Bethfaida in Galile, and dcfired him. faying^Sir.we j-'^^*.''"''' °^ 

T J ,- . , r i* w* Cotilt iiaiu were 

would fee that lefus. afowing.Xh 

12 Philip came and told Andrew : and agame feemetb to be a 
Andrew and Philip told lefus. dying tothecomti 

2 J- And lefus aniwercd them, faying. The but indeed i, the 
houre is come, that the Sonne of man muft be "Xa^eft Md'*" 

glorified. fuch a» ii thecon. 

24 / Vereiy , verely 1 fay unto yon. Except the dition of tbe head, 
wht;at cotne fall inio the ground and b die , it abi- ^^^^'"bt of «h« 
deth alone : bu: if it die , it bringeth foorth much t 'AwbVatcome 

fruit. dietb wbeeitia 

25 * He thatlcveth his life , fliall lofe it , and charged by venue 
he that hatcth his life in this world, fliall keepe it of'»"g«"'>d,at,<a 

..r II becommetb a root« 

unto hfe eternall. , ,.. r „ ofafruitfuiibiade. 

26 * If any man ferve me ,.let him follow me : » Mat*. .0. 39. ao<f 
for where I am, there fhall my fervant be : and, 
if any man ferve me , him will my father honour. '"*•' p.J-j-JQd 

17 6 Now is my foule troubled; and what (hall |/c^, 
1 fay? Fither.fave me from this 'houre : but there- evvhiieOChiift- 
fore came I unto this houre. vnentabointo , 

28 Father , d elorifie thy Name. Then came f"^"" tbe fni'_ 
there a voyce from heaven ./.>i . I haveboth S'^l^^^^tie'.'* 
glorified it , and will gloriiie it ayiine. and whiieft bi, dW 

29 Then fayd the people that flood by .and vinitiedid not yet 
heard , that it wasa thunder : other faid . An Angel "'T^ his mi^-bc 

r , . . *0" poATr fo farre ■ 

fpaketOhim. , r , ^,- aitbi.fatisfaa.oi. 

30 7 lefus anfwercd and fayd.Tms voyce came m.gj,, i„ n,orov». 
not becaufeof me.but for your Likes. 1/ wrought, oow 

3 1 Now is the iudgement of this world : now '»!":" te it ftrike* 
(hail the prince of this world be caft out. l^^ou^lZh 

of God.hecrietb 
OUtandFrayethjnddefireibtoberelfafeJ : jrttdotvsithflaBdiflghe i»iefcrr»tb thewiit' 
and gloty of hit Ruber beforeill tbingi, whofeobe«li,ence the Faiberallowttb even, 
fromheivrn. c To wit.ofdeatti tba: iinowat batiJ. d ojtiieu tbe fathers glory 
it Corilt bit glory. 7 Clarillfurtteflcthiatbc deafe .ibetuaaetof fai|de«(h, tll%- 

ainj gf ibe dtyiU »B(l tJK wolid, ttd io coaci iilion bii iriumfh , 

Walke while ye hare light, Chap« Jtlij. Chf ift waflheih the difciples feete. 44' 

♦ C1..P.3.M. .3* * ^"^ I , if I were e lift Up from the earth, >jOwe iti before the feaft of the Paffeover. * Ma=-,h.z«,,. 

tchiiftdfeda Will draw ''all men unto me. when lefus knewe that his hourev/as come, '""*^'''4^i- 

iTOrd.wbicbhath 33 Now ihis faid he , fignifybg what death he 

a double meaning : ft^oulddie. 

th«<X^pVoito 54 The people anfwered him. We have heard 
(^ out of th/wat, out of the i Law , that thatChrift bideth for ever : 
forbiimeaDiDgwM and how laieft thou , that that Sonne of man muft 
to put tbem in be lift Up ' Who is that Sonne of man ? 
ru'.t^°!^'.tme jy 8ThenIefusfaideunto.hem,yetalittIe 
toukeitanothw while is * the light with you: walke while ye have 

that light, leaft the darkenefle come upon yoa : for 

be that walketh in the darke, knoweth not whither 

he goeth. 

36 While ye have that light , beleeve in that 

light .that ye may be the gchildren of the light. 

Thefe things fpake lefus , and departed , and hid 

himfelfe from them. 

57 %9 And though he had done fo many mi- 
racles before them > jet beleeved they not 00 


38 That the faying of Efaias the Prophet 

might be fulfilled, that he faid, x Lof d, who belee- 
ved our report? and to uhom is the ^ arroe of 

the Lord revealed ? 
3 J Therefore could they not bekeve 1 becaufe 

that Efaias faith againe, 

■40 :%• He hath blinded their eyes,and hardened 

their heart, that they (hould not fee with their 

eyes, nor underfland with »;;«> heart , and Ihould 

be converted, and I (hoold heale them. 

41 Thefe th ings laid Efaias when he fawe his 
^ glory, and fpake of him. 
of Gc^C W^t^ 4* '° NeverthelefTe.even among the chiefe ru- 
to all ih»t beleeve :lers,rnariy beleeved in him : but becaufeofthe 
Aodthereforethe Pharifes tbey did not confeffe him, leaft they 
aime of the Lad fl^ould be eafi out of the Synagogue. 
tC'.XthJ^r. 43 *For they loved the praife of men. more 
the Lord b«th oot then the prayfe of God. 

opened. 44 n And lefus ctyed, and faid.Hc that bciec- 

Si ifai.<,9. ^eth in me , beleeveth i not in me , but in him that 


aaeii8,i6. 4F 

com. II, 8. . mee, 

lo suchaibe- 4^ I 4- am comc alightinto the world , that 

wlnnumb.'l! whofoerer beleeveth in me . Ihould not abide in 

ifiheybecompa- daikeneffe. 

red with the unbe- 4,7 J And if any man heaie my woides , and 

thVmoij'oftho're ^'^^^^ "°' J I iu'^o^ bim not : for I came not to 

fe^('yeaand°th«t iudge the worjd. but tG fave the w.orld. 

efpeciaiiyihe 48 He that refufeth me , and receivcth not my 

chiefeft) doe feare wotdes , hath one that iudgeth him :* the word 

jMo more then God. that I havc fpoken , it Qiall iudgehiminthclaa 

l.-Thefummeof "^y- r r ,r , , 

thtGofpei. and 49 For I havenot fpoken of my iclte : but the 

therefore the falva- Father which fent mee , he gave me a coraman- 
«ioD, which Chr.ft dement what I (hould fay , and what I ihould 


fo And I know that his commanJement is 

life everlafting : the thinges therefore that I 

fpeake . I fpeake thtm fo as the Father faide unto 



f ChryCoft. »nd 

Tbeof hil. reftrie 


all nation, rthatil 

not CO the lewet 


S rfal.39.3«. 

■nd no 4.Sc ii7>>' 



8 Vnraeafurable 
^D tbe mercie of 
Ood,butan hor. 
fible iudg«tient 

# Cbap.i,*. 
g That ii,paita> 

9 Faith It not of 

« Ifai.fJ.t. 

h Thearmeofthe 

I.oid, iitbe Gofpel. 

wticbinhe power 

And he that feetb mee , feeth him that fent 

^itnelTed JD the 


falem, by hitcry- 

ingoutiiitbii : 

to reft upon 


faith , at the only 

Sayjour appointed 

and given uiof the Father. i This vrord Not.doth not take Soy whicdAhiifrom 

Ch/ill, which ii here fpoken of.but ii in way of cottsainn rather. a> ifhc faid, He that 

beleeveth in me, doth notfomuch beleiveia me .as inbimihairrDcme. Soil it in 

J)t«k«j,37. •!• Chap. 3,19. ai>d9,i9. J Chap. 3, 17. ♦ Marks i«,i«. 

^ .. C H A P. XIII. 

^ Ctirijlrifinifiiim/Uffir, 1/ It cimmdnJ humili:i/ it hit 
^pollltuvafhtihihtirftete. 11 He nutththe iT.titour 
Juiat 16 vilhdne)>iiieKttelicn. ^^ H e .cmmtadcb 
fli4Titie. 37/39 ilefirciellctb i'tliro/hu iit»i^. 

that he Ihould depart out of this world tvntothe '"^'J „ , ^ 
Father. forafmuch as he loved hisaowne which c'er?a in. o'hl 
were in the world , untothe end he loved them, viaorie. tben of 

2 And when-fopper was done ■^nd that the*'" '°™'""''='''> 
devill had now putintheheartofiudasIfcariot,.tT'''*V'*''''ii;^ 
Simons/.«»..tobetrayhim) In^te^l' 

3 lelus knowing that the Father bath given all partly thereby 
things into his b hands . and that he was come forth K"^ '" '"""f'* 
from God, and went to God. °J. '"""S"'" '"'"'" 

4 He c rifethfrom Supper, and laiethafide ha loleZW^Tdtu' 
upper garme.nts,and tooke a towell, and girded Aponic. in this 

himfelfe. notable aae,betB| 

jr After that , hee powred water into a bafen. ''''; ^•'v f^ortiy 
and beganne to walh the difcipies feete .and to IteST"', 
wipe them with the towell , wherewith hee was wimeiTeth unto 

girded. them, that il~it he 

6 Then came he to Simon Peter .whoTaid to '"';''' '''•*^^T'l:"" 
him,Lord. doeft thou wafli mv feete ? of hirpVo^e Ln* 

7 lefus anfwered .at^dfaid unto him ,What I that by little and 
doe thou knoweft not rjow : but thou (halt knovy '"•''' '''«''«""°* 
it hereafter. '"^ ^"^*°ru- 

8 Peter faid unto him , Thou Qialt never walh h JZ'd!.hat i.. 
my feete. lefus anfwered him , If I walhthee not. h.iSam.. 
thou (bak have <• no part with me. t> into hii power, 

9 Simon Peter faid unto him . Lord , not my ' '." '"!" ^ " [""* 
feete onely . but a!fo the hands and the head. tha't'lhere «»" 

10 lefus faidtohim, Hethatis wa(hed,nee-fpice betwrenethe 
deth not , fave to wadi hit feete , but is cleane eve- cereinonie$ of the 
ry whit : and ye are § cleane, but not all. rafliover.and .hi. 

1 1 For hee knewe who fliouM betray him : ^b„ tl° iff«: 
therefore faid he, ye are not all cleane. metb that the Sup- 

Iz J So after he had wa{hed their feet,and had P"«'" ''''''""'■''^• 
taken his garments,and was fet down againe,he faid ^ V"''''^f<''0''f"''- 
unto them , Know ye what 1 have done to you ? iboTniahhaveM" 
- 13 Ye call mee Mafter, and Lord, and ye fay part in the king- 
well : for/o am I , dome of heaven . 

14 If I then your Lord, and Mafter , have * ^''^■"''• 
wafhed your feete, ye alfo ought to wafh one an- 
others feete. 

If For I have given you an example , that ye 
fliould doe, even as i have done to you. 

16 Verely.vereljr I fay unto you,* The fervant 
is not greater then his mafter, neither the ijambaf-* Cbap.i;,,»; • 
Ctdour greater then he that fent him. ikk" « ' o'**' 

17 lfycknowtherethings.b,le£rcdareyeifye6''Tbe'wo'rdf;gDf. 

doe them. enh an ApoAle, 

18 f » I fpeake not of you all : I kn6w whom which i. any one 
I have chofenrbut »r »V that the Scripture might ^^^'J'"*''"" 
be fulfilled, « He that esteth bread with me, hatha The betraying 
liftuphisheeleagainft me. ofchrift wa» not 

19 From henceforth tell I you before it come,"'"^" - °' » ''°'"S ■ 
that when it is come to pafle,yee might beleeve ^'/„^^f"P,"'f^^'' 
that I am hee. Fatberfoord.ine* 

20 * Verely , verely I fay unto you , If I fend the caufeofour 
any , he that receiveth him.r'eceivethme , and hee''''"."'"'' 'o re. 
that receiveth me.recciveth him that fent me. h^,"'ff"' "V° 

21 When lefus had faid thefe things .heewas'"iihe 
troubled in the Spirit .and eteftified, and faid, Ve- Sonnedid wil- 
rely , verely I fay unto you , that one of you lhall''"sJy ^od voiun^ 
betray me. "Uli;"'^'"''* 

IX * Then the difcipleslookedoneonano- i«'rfai.4t,9. 
ther, doubting of v/hom he fpake. ^ Mai:h. 10,4c; 

23 Now there was one of his difciples, which '""^ 
f leaned on lefus bofome, whom lefus ioved. 

third i 

* Matth.i<.2i.,inarke I4,i8.1ukei»,2i, f lohnbi-jleantngvcaifuch.thatfitiing 
dovine in bi> bed ,bi5 head waj tovtardtefus bis head : fothatit wa»an ealiemaiiei 
for him to touch lefus hii bofome: for it Is ceriaiae that in olde time lUCDufe^cw'^V 
At w ibc iable,butto Hedowne 00 tfaeoDefid^. 

Fff4 .«4 T<3 

e Heeafiirjned 
it npenly.aBd feel' 

S. Iokn« 

,|.any dwelling places. 

2 . To hiro beckened thefefore Simon Peter, 
thu he iV.ouUl aske who it w.-.s of whom he fpake. 

ly hp, then as he leaned on lefusbreaft. iaid 
iK)Cohira.LOr;l.whoisic? ,« „ • 

26 lefus anfwered.He it is,to whom I ihall give 
a foppe, when^f have dipt it : and he wet a fop.and 
"ive It toludas Ifcarloth, Simons fenne. 
'^ z- And after the foppe, Satan entred into him. 
The^ii fayd lefus unto him, that thou doeft.doe 
qaickely. , , . 

i8 But none of them that were ?.t table .knew, 
for whatcaufe he fpake it unto him. 

29 For fome of them thought becaufeludas 
had the bagge , that lefus had faid unto him , Buy 
' thofe thingi that we have neede of againft f feaO : 
orthathelhould;'ive(brae thing to the pooie. 

fio Affoone tncn as he had received the foppe, 
he went immediatly out.and it was night. 

a I J 3 when hee was gone out , lefus faid, 
gNow is the fonne of man glorified , and God is 
glorified in him. 

32 If God be glorified in him , God fliall alfo 
glorifie hira in hiralelfe , and (hall ftraightway glo- 

33 4 Litle children , yet a litle whik am I with 
you:yee ihall feeke mee.biit as I faid unto the 
4 lewes , Whither I goe.can ye not come : alfo to 
you fay I now. 

34 S A new commandementgJvel unto you, 
that yee love one another: as I have loved you, 
that ye alfo love one another. 

3 y By th is (ball all men knowe, that ye are my 
difciples, if ye have love one to another. 

36 J S imon Peter faid unto him. Lord, whither 
goeft thou ?Iefi4s anfwered him , Whither Igoe, 
ihou canft not follow me now : but thou ll'.aii fol- 
low me afterward, 

3 7 Peter faid unto him , Lord , why can I not 
follow thee now?* 1 willlaydownemy lifefbr 
thy fake. 

3 8 lefus. anfwered him", Wilt thou lay downe 
thy life for my fake?Verely , verely I fay unto 
thee, The cocke (hall not aowe, till thou have 
denied me thrife. 


X Hil(»mf>rttlhhi$difiiflti, x,T dtiUrinlhinHtiimtUmii 

iht fruit if his Je.llh, i« fromiftn/ihe cemftrtir, J7 

eVenlhlhcly Spirit, 16 ifhtjt tffidltfiltilhml. 
27 Ht fTsm'fiihltii fitct. 

T Et I not your heart be troubled : ye beleeve ii» 
God, beleeve alfo in me. 

2 In my Fathers houle are many dwelling pla- 
ces; if it were not would have told you: I 
goc to '> prepare a place for y ou- 

3 » And if 1 goe to prepare a place for you , I 
ill "^ come againe , and receive you untomy felfe, 

w wit.uDleflVt'here that were I am, there may ye be alfo. 

place yough 4. 3 And whither I goe, ye know , and the way 
yc know. 

J Thomas faid unto him . Lord , we know not 
whither thou gocft; how can we then know y way? 

The Way,Tfueth,and Life, 

• V' have to 
' Art theglo- 
^11 ignciniDie. 
,: Thitperftand 
Mt * mift pliine 
4 Tbecttnall 
glory (hiU fiow 
l>yliule and little 
fioDi tb« head into 
themembeii. Bat 
in tbemeanetime, 
vte muft take good 
bepdc ibat wee 
paOiouet the race 
tberlj love. 
4. Cbap.7.34- 
j Lfvii.19,18. 

ji.iobD 4:21. 
S An beavit n. 
ample rrfaQiiiaft 
ai^d coofidcnM. 
• V.inh.i6,33. 
ji;irf(e 14.19. 

, HibetWYfth 
111 God tbat belee. 
Mtb in Cbrirt. and 
tbc>« Uaooibet 
fvay to confirme 
ouf mindeiin 
> ThatM,ifiiw«t 
not foil I tell yO'J 

ootODrly fci 
but for yDualfo, 
boufe , I would I 
ihui drceive you 

withaviinehope , but I would have lolJe you foplaintly. b AllAefpeech ijby 
vvay ofao ailegorie . wbertby the Lord comfortetb bisowQC) declariDg 1 into [hem bis 
tkpartnre ioto bea/eo. which ii.noi to reigne there alone, bat goe before.aud prepare » 
place for tbein. 2 Chrilt wentnot away (Vrim ui , to theendto forfake ui, ,but 

rather [bat bee migirt at leogih take utup wiih him into beavea. c Tbefewordi 
ate to be referred 10 the wt-.ole Cliutcb.i thetelore the Angeh fayd to y difciples when 
they were artetiiftitd .What flaod yougjzing up iino heaven >Thi, lefui (liail fo come 
11 you hvi biin goe up , Aftcs 1. 11. aod in all jlacti of the Scripture, the full com. 
fort ofihe Church ij referred to tbat day when God Diailbeall iuall ,and istheteforj; 
called ihe dayofredeinitlc.n. 3 Chiill onely iitbeway tOttgeandeVCtUftiog 

Lfe, for &( it H in vsbom ibc ?4ih(r bttb icy«4li:4 hiniTcir:, 

6 Icfus faid" unto him , I am that Way , and d m, /i,;,^/-kn.. 
that Trueth , and that Life. No man commeth unto "* wtousitth 
the Father, but by me. '*« n.,turt , tht »;« 

7 e If ye had knowen mee, yee thould have "tut^'T ffi'lhi 
knowen my Father alfo: and from hencefoorth ye fuJt/tCai'u k!«iv> 
know him.and have feene him. cu, \ni u [ie God, 

8 Philip faid unto him , Lord , (liew us thy Fa- " '"'' ■"•« ■• '*^°«" 
ther. and it fufficeth us. Tr'/'Z, t'/mL^'' 

9 lefus faid unto him, I have bene fo longtime f^^e'cldir/r," 
with you, and haft thou not knowen mee, Philip? iime.tktt utoU 
hee that hath feene mee, hath feene my Father' : frderjl^cdihn,, 
how then fay eft thou, Shew us thy Father ? X^'J^XnJ^"t»k 

10 4 Belee veft thou not , that I am in the Fa- ch'ifl.Vcmln "' 
ther, and the Father is inme ?The wordesthati cmu'turfet,ntf 
fpeake unto you , 1 fpeake not ef my felfe : but the5fc» '.'■<"''" '"J 
Father that dwelleth it) me, he doeth the workes. ''^^- fj^'^^' c*"!/** 

1 1 Beleeve me, that I am in the Father,and the s'mne iTa ■^rrj 
Father it in mee; at the leaft, beleeve me for the /iorf4n</ejy;«yjro 
very workes fake. tin^/ocrth cftht 

1 2 s Verely, verely I fay unto you, he that be- {''J*'^^ "*""* 
Iceveth in me , the wotkes that I doe , he Ihall doe 4 Theinaicftieof . 
alfo , and <" greater then thefe &all hee doe : for I God (hewetb it 
goe unto my Father. f'"* mofttvj- 

1 3 + And whatfoever yee aske in my Name, c";'^;. d^Jairoe 
that will I doe , that the Father may be glorified in j^d deedti. 

the Sonne, f The approoving : 

14 If ye (ball aske any thing in my Name , I of tbevetme of 

will doe it Chriftiiootm- 

Wlildoeit. eluded witbin hi,. 

4 f 6 If ye love me,keepe my commandements, ^^^, pe,fon, but 

16 And I will pray the Father.and he (hall give a i. fpred through 
you another Comforter, that he may abide with tbebodyof bi» 
youforeveh T^'xtfu^nln .nb 

17 Even the g Spirit of trueth , whom the ^, ,/,,„>» j ,«, 
h world cannot receive , bpcaufc it feeth him not, alfl giu ether men 
neither knoweth him :feut yeknowehim; for he fcvrtodtiTetur,^ 
dwelleth with you, and (hall be in you. *«*?*"''' ' m?/ 11., 

J 8 I will not leave youfatherlefle : tut I will '^'^"amtVuf ' 
come to you . c He iov«th Chrift 1 

1 5) Yet a little while , and the world fhall fee ««gbt, which 
me no more, but ye (hall fee me ; becaufei live, °''7^''' ''"""■:. 

- ,,,. If ' mandementi : ana 

ye (hall live alio. _ becaufethefcmei.. 

20 At that day fhall ye know that I am* in roy accompanied with . 
Father, and you in me, and I in you. »«> iDfoite fow of 

■ 2 1 He that hath my commandements, and^ec ^/;""6V«.?nbo. 
peth them : is - he that loveth me : and hee that lo- ^^ ^ ^j, j^^b b* 
veth me.lhallbe loved of my Father .-and I will comfort his with 
love him, and will k (hew mine owne felfe to him. <be prefentvertue 

^^ 7 ludasfaid unto him (not;) Lord, ''^:^:ill^f^' 
what isthecaule that thou wilt ihew thy ielfe unto defpifeib .becaufe 

U5, and not unto the world ? it knoweth him not. 

23 lefus anfwered , and faid unto him , If any g The holy Ghoft 
- man love mee , he will keepe my word , and my J^''uj't ofthe'e"* 

Father will love him , and he will come umo him.Vea wbid. be wol- 
and will dwell with him. kctb, btcaufe he in. 

24 Hee that loveth mee not , keepeth not my fpireththetiueth 
wortis ,and the word which ye heare,isnot mine, oXrwi^he'b't'b 
but the Fathers which fent me. „ut,h in bimfelfc. 

ly 8 Thefe things have I fpoken unto yon, b woridl, men. 
being prefent with you. i The Sonne ijjo 

,6^*^* But the Comforter, which is the holy •f^:,'=;;''.':,t;^ . . 
Ghoft, whom the Father will fend in my Name, he ofooefelfefame 
(ball teach you all things .and bring ail things to fubftin-e wiihthr 
yoiu- remembrance, which I have told you. 

Father, but be it 
ii dlfcipleiina 

ceraioe refpta as an ayderand helper oftbem. k I willDiew niyfelfetobjm, 
and be knowen of him , at il be faw mi' with bit eyei: but tau Slewing "fhimfelftia 
not bodily I but fpirttually , yttfopUioeasnonecanbe more -j Wee mu(lootai!t« 
why the Gofi*! ii re.'caled to fome taihtr then to other , but we n>uitra:hfr take 
beede,tbat we embtjce Corift who ij offtired untous , ajid ;hji^e truily love im, 
that is to fay, thai we five our felves woolly to hii obedience. 8 It i»tVi Ih^cof 

the bo)y GboO to m^innt in the iiiidit of ibeeleaimteir time»ai,dfi;al«?ai ilb.'VC 
whicbCbiiiloQCtffake, t Cbsjp.i/.ai. 

»7 » Peace. 

CHrift is tlie Vrce. 


, MitrufftiUity a~ 9 PeaceTleavewithyourmypeacelgive 

comrafth to ui by utitoy ;u not as the world giveth.give I unto jou. 

Ch'.ift alcne. Let nc: vour heart be troubled; nor feare. 

lo So fatre ii it, , jj ,0 y^g havc heard how I faid unto you ,1 goe 

fori'il^r th° drp/r. ^way , ind will come unto you. If ye loved me , ye 

tiDgofcbnft,fio.Ti would verely reioyce , becaiife I faid, I go unto the 

ui tccording to Father : for the Father i is greater then I. 

n,' ^id' ''t" "^^ 29 And now have I Ipoken rfiito you , before 

io^efo"ii "«Vng it "^ome .that when it is come to paiTe , yee might 

that aiithebJcfficg beleeve. 

oftbememben jo ii Hereafter Will 1 notfpeake many things 

deptnderh upon ^j^^q you : for the princc of this worldcommeth, 

the E'oruvioeof 1 1 ■' l i ■ ' 

the bead. 3™ hath » neught m mee, 

1 Thiiiifp'-ktiin 3' But «>'/ that the world may know that I lovc 

that , that he u Mt- ym Father: and as the Father hath commanded me, 

iatlTilZfJ^ fo I dee. Arife, let us goe hence. 

ihtn he ,in aimxtJtat the ftrfcn lo wham rejuefi ii made , i/ greater then hee that mit- 
keih the tejuefl. ii Chrif) goeth to death Dotunv^iltiDgly , but willingly, not at 
yeelding to the devil , but obeying hiiFatheri decree. in ^j whcivMUjaj, 

Satan wiU h »'»<' i}fetHfi>nmeininhaithemij;htheean,tuthehathnofcwetllKr 
aUtnlMlrfliall he find anj/mh thini in me aihe thiokfthhefhaU. 


a By the farallet/the'vme, i anJ the haunchtt, J.6 iee 
decUreth httv the difc'plej may teare fruit . ii,t7 He 
eemmendethmittutUlclie. i8 Heexhtrttlhthemttltart 

ttfjimimt falicntlj, to ijl'ii'ivne ex.imple. 

» We are of M- J , Am that true vine , and my Father is that huf- 

j«e due and fit 1 bandman. 

•,tfi« ^I'erefore ^ * tvery btaunch that bearethnotfruitein 

that we may live mee , hee taketh away : and every one that beareth 

acdbefruitfull, fruit, hee purgcth it, that it may biinefoorth more 

wemuftfirftbe fj.yjf '^ " J t> 

fritwe'r°'ti5oa ' 3 $ Npw are ye clcanc through the word.which 

IPtne by t'be Fatheri I haVC ipokcn UntO yOU. 

band : and then 4 Abide in mcand I in you : as the branch caa 

be duly tbnd p^j beate fruit cf it felfe , except it abide in ths> 

W>:b contiouall . ,'1 - 

meditation of the v^"^» "° "^""^ ^^'^ Y^t except ye abide m me. 
word and the f I am that are the braunches : he that 

cronfijotherwife abideth in mee .and I in him , the fame bringeth 

It ihaii not ava.le foofth much fruit : for. without me can ye doe no- 

ADy man at all to , . ^ 

iaveb.neg.aff.d. '"'"8* „ ^. , ^ ■ r. r r. 

unieffe he cleave 6 ♦^If 3 manabidenot inme.he IS caft forth as 

«ift unto the vine, 3 branch, and withereth : and men gather them,and 

"fof.t"'"'"^* caftffcww into the hre.and they burne. 

4^ Matih jf,i3, 7 '''If ye abide in me, and my words abide in 

Ij caap 13,10. you.aske whatye will, and itlhallbedonetoyou. 

♦ Coioir.i,i3. g a Herein is my Father glorihed.that ye beaie 

* He'a'bide^tb'io' "^"^^^ fr'i"' ^'"^ he made my difciples • 

Chrift, vihrchre. 9 3 As the Father hath loved me, fohave I lo— 

rteth in hi, do- vcd you : b continue in that my love, 
fttine, and there- jq If ye Ihall keepe my commandements , ycc 

Sod n' And " ^^^^ ^bide in my love , as I have kept my Fathers 

the°pathft vtill commandements, and abide in his love, 
deniefucbanose II Tbefc things have I fpoken untoyou , that 

noihiag. n-.y icy might remaine in you, and that your ioy 

fa^ZewC mightbefuU. ^ 

m/paihrr leiiiri- ^1 it This I's my commandement.that yc lovc 

fed And herein alft onc another, as I have loved you. 
fhaUjoH iemj j^ . Greater love then this hath no man , when 

Z'nt firth mZh ^^^ """ beftowcth his 1 ife for his friends. 
ffuii. 14 Ye are my friends .ifyedoewhatfoeverl 

3 The love of commaund you. 
the Father to- jj 4 Henceforth Call I you DOtfervants:for the 

waidi the Sonne, Jc ' ■' 

ofthc Sonne towatJjut.sod our»tovv.iideiGcdSt«urneighSc«r, aie loyned togethfj 
vith an unfeparable kaot: and tbete is noihing more fweet and pleaCjnt then k ii. 
How tbij loveOleweth itfelfeby the efffSi: a inoll perftS example whereof , Cbri)t 
J>»aifclfe exhibited unto «. b Thjt ii, in that Li,e, nhrrcrvi^h J loi,ejaU : nniih 

U}>eii en toih parti, A' Cbap.13 34 i.theff4 9. 1 .iohn,3,ii .and 4,»i . 4 The 
doarineofihe6ofFeU (aj i:ij uttered by Chrillei ovvne mouth) ii a moftperfeaaod 
abfolute declaration of thecouoreUsfGed ;Vybi(ti]>ei;aiactht9eui f<UvaciuD , »ai it 
eaoiBNiud uiuo the AfoHUf, 

tvia to the world* 
the mini. 

XV. xvj. The comforter promiff^: 4^ 

fervant knoweth notwhathismafterdoeth: buti _, •„. v 
have cilled you friends : for ali things that I have Lurandp«i>" 
heard of my Father, have I made knowen to you. verof themiuifte. 
16 /Yc c have iot chofen me.but I have cho- tieoftheGofpeiK 
fen you, and ordained yc* , ^ that ye goe and bring "*° '° ^^' 
forth truus. and that your fruit remand that what- (ins have i._.. 
foever ye Qiall aske of the Father in my Name , hee all thiog need of 

may give it you. prayeraudbro- 

I 7 I hele things commaund I you, that ye love '^^rZ^^tUetttt- 
one another. '^heihufflaintlj, 

1% e If the world hate you, ye know that it ha- that Mr faii>.viort 
ted me before ycu. ecmmethfrm the 

1 p If ye were of the worlde , the world would "'|-,{f ""Xlre 
love his owne ; but becaufe ye are not of the world, ''f',hTe'i,frU^inl 
but 1 have chofen you out of the world , therefore Cod toward, us.and 
the world hateth you. tfnmhing that we 

a o Remember the word that 1 faid unto you, ^']f "," /j"/"* 
t The fervant is not greater then his mafter, * If ^ i, ought'no'*' 
they have perfecuted me , they will perfecute you onely not to Oare, 
alfo : if they have kept my worde , they willalfo bmraiberconfiimc 
keepe yours. ft«!'of chdft ""' 

21 7 But '^ all thefe things will they doe nnto vvVenthey (bailie 
you for my Names fake , becaufe they have not hated of ihewoild 
knowen him that fent roe, »» '^'>t Maitet 

2z d If I had not coraeandfpoken unto them, 2!^'[,j 
they fhould not have had finne: but now have they mattb.To.'iV- ' 
no cloake for their finne, » M-atth.'i4,9, 

23 He that hateth me . hateth my Father alfo. 7 Tte haired that 

24 If I had not done woikes among them a^tirft°chri""'<^ 
which none other man did.they had not had finne : «tdethofthe''"°' 
but now have they both feene.and have hated both blockiftineireof 
me, and my Father. the mind, vihich 

2y But it is that the worde might bee fulfilled, °°.'^y'„'',"^/"'^ 
that is written in their « Lawe , it They hated mee 'Jii °d! foVh'at the 

without a caufe. wo'ld can pretend 

26 8 But when that Comforter (hall come, no excufe to cover 
■""whom I will fende unto you from the Father, J^^'''/^"''- 
«Z'tf.'»the Spirit of trueth . which proceedeth of the j ^^X^lt'n^uU 
Father, he Ihall teltifie of me. /,,, ifj had not 

27 And ye fliall witneffe alfo , becanfe ye have "me, thefe men 
bene with me from the beginning. 7»''kt''oh'""'ru 

Jliitiefire Codt iKd^ement feat , that they are relij^iou) , andnjcid offmne : hutfetine I 
ccmt to them , a„d ihey cleane refafe me , ihej can have no cUak' f^r their -nicksdnelfe. 
e Some timet} thii ivtrd. Law , are meant th;fi)iiheekf'ofMt>jes, tut in ihii placl 
the ivholc Scriptufe :fir the place a'led^ed is in the P/alrnes. ^ P/il, 3j,i9. 

2 Agaioft the rageof the wicked , we Ihall rtand furelyby the inward leftiinonie of 
the holy Ghoft : But the holy Ghoft fpcaketh no o.herwife, then he fpakeby theJiiomh 
of iheApollIu. * Chap. i4,a£. luke 14,4;, 

1 • Hee foreieSeih the dififkt of perfecut'wn. ■) Hee pro. 

mifeth the Comforter , and declareth his iffice. Ji Hei 

tintpareth the afjiithtn of his , te a vcmanthat traiailtth 

Vith Md. 

•p Hele I things have I faide unto you, that yee 1 Themtniften 
■* Ihould not be offended. oftbeGofpeimuft 

2 They fliall excommunicate you: yea the'°°''*/'"^"°'*" 
time Ihall come , that whofoeverkiilech you . will ^" oneV/of them 
thinke that he doth God fervice. which are op tn 

3 And thefe things will they doe unto enemies bm eveti 
caufe they have not knowen the Father, nor me. of them alfo which 

4 4. But thefe things have I told you, that when f"n" h^ufti"ord,' * 
the houre fliall come , ye might remember , that I and the vf tie pil. 
toldeyou them. And thefe things faide I not unto •'" of the church, 
you from the beginning, becaufe 1 was with you. * Chap.t;,ii. 

f But now 1 goe roy way to him that Cent me, 
and-noneofyonaskethme,w.hithergQei^thoa ? , theabfence f 

6 But becaufe I have faid thcle things unto cb,.it,a.-cor^ng 
you, your hearts are full of forow. t^ ;ticftrih , it 

7 a Yet I tell you the trueth.It is expedient for ptoh;jbletoihe 
you that I goe away ; for if I goe not away , that ,^„"^,°'t';,^/ 
Comforter will not come unto you :butif 1 depart, p^„j uponhii 

i will fend biro uuto you, fiuuu«Upovv<i. 

8 .3 Anil. 

r. - ; -)^kt and ye Giall received 

S. lohn. 

Peace in Chrift. His 

3 Ttx Spirit of 8 3 And whcii he is come , hee uill i reproove 

4iod workf th (a ^j^g j, ^^^f ] J gf jinng , and of riehteowrnelie , and of 

ntitbtWbythe . i ^ 

ro"d'''rb«?.'ot,- " /^"of 'finne.becanfe they beleevenotinire : 
niaiDtth the world, jq Of c righteoufneSc , becaule I goetomy 
will It, oili it, lo rather.andfc E iliall fee me no more, 
conffffifirr — - ' - >- . ^ . 


■od Chtiftsrigbte- 

ttuCatSi and aU 


a Htviif'Tt- 



Of <* iudgement,* becaufe the prince of this 
world is indited. 

jz < I liave yet many things to fay unto you, 
but ye cannot beare them now. 

1 3 Howbeit, when he is come which is the fpi- 
ritof trueth.hewilUeadyouintoalltrueth ; for he 
f,A Ifbhtofti- Qiallnot fpeake of himrelfe.but whatfoeverhee 
*t»* "' "/'('■ , . null heare , (halt he fpeake , and he will Hiewe you 

Int afienficn.tvhtn 14 f He ihall giorifie me : for he« fluU reccivc 
. ti$^i gMmff}'rt of mine, and thai! Ihew it unto you. 
vtrt mtniftplj re- j ^ ^jj things that the Father hath , are mine : 
Tk'f^'ftTcu, cf therefore faid l.that hee Ibalitakeof mine .and 
gki Lij chiji upon Qie w it unto you. 

ghe Church.- So that \^ « A flittle T/vW/tf ,andye fliallnot fecmce : 
tht TJtry cnemiet ^j^j ^gjing 3 1 jttje x«v//»/(f , and ye Iball fee me ; g for 
I goe to the Father. 

17 Then {a.\d fame ofhisdifcipies among them- 
felves, What is this that hee faith unto us, A little 
ftz/j^if, and yee (ball not fee mee, and againe a little 
irvhi/e > and yee (liall fee me , and . For I goe to the 

1 6 Tiiey faide therefore, Whst is this that hee 
•jw«, anUnthrtn, j-^jjj, y^ [j^jg ^^^^/^ ? wc know not what he faith. 

r/hatfhxU-ttidnt? _J , ^ ,- _ , u...i.„ -.,ij-.i,„ u:„ 

^ Cfirijl yvtrc rt- 
that thtj rvtrt ccn- 

reilitd, m thiH :ht} 
llUeiiedntt, and 
thtttfctethij fM 
to Vtter, ^c}' I. 


19 Now Icfiis knew that they would aske him, 
fclft : Fc/nhtn the and faid unto them , Doe yee enquire among your 
^ctldrhaSfit, felves, of that I faid. A little while, and ye fliall not 
that Jhavepov'td fee me: and againe.a little t»x/;;?/^,& ye fliallfeeme? 
ThXtttcZ' 20 Verely . verely I fay luuo you, that ye fliall 
frJncd u confc^t wcepe and lament, and the world Ihall reioyce, and 
that irtt'it, and ye ftiali forowe , butyourforow iball be turned to 

^r4i rtit (ondcmnnd Jq„ 

/^fX'Kf'./tto'" ^'l A woman when die travaileth hath forowe 
yp,rU. becaufe her boure is come : but as foone as fhee is 

d ofthataitihiriiy delivered of the child, Iheeremtrabreth no more 
^udf.ver.yrhich jj^g aneuidi , for ioy that a man is borne into the 

^,na.i.arth.- VVOrld. 

c Thati,,tccauft 22 And yec ttow therefore are in iorow : but I 

ihejfhaH then un- vvill fee you againe , and your hearts (ball reioyce, 

dtrjiand *"fkn'-n> and y our ioy fhall no man take from y ou . 

Ze"t:^eljnZ ^3 And in that day fl.all yee aske me nothing. 

^nd dctpvttmtht * Verely .verely , I lay unto you .whatfoever yee 

•nMd^rchn cU (iiall aske the Father in my Name , hee will give it 

!/«-»" l/JTn " ^4- Hitherto have yee asked nothing in my 
rvaint.'ftr I -niU Name : aske.and ye Iball rcccivejihat your io,y noay 

artne }'U lt>ii'i that be full. 

''"^"^ ''•«'"■• 2y 7 Thefe things havelfpoken untoyouin 

^ilht}tl°t'j'hhh paiables : but the time will come , when I Iball no 

thm^ tvhkh)! tif- more fpeake to you in parables : but I fliallfliewc 

itrdiip a^a'njlihe youpLiinely ofthe Father. 

^"cTr'^o't'^"^' ^^ 8 At that day (ball yee aske in my Name, 

^ Tbf <'"Cl»intof theApoftln i>tocettir(i from the ho! y Ghoft > and iimoft pet/itf. 
^ Tho-koIyGhoftbiiBgeth iiom.'vsdc.arioe.buttcatheih thitvvhicb w.11 utterrd by 
Chri'tnowDt mouth ■ andimpriDieth it in ounmitides. 6 Tbe grace of the boly 

Cboll is a rnoll lively glaffc.wbfreinChrift is truflybfhoIHtn with the mod fliarpe 
(ighted tyes of faitb , aiid not with the bleared eyei ofthe flefli ; wfeelea 
continuallioy evminthe ipiddelloffortr.wei. f When a liiiletimeii enufujl. 

g F^r I paftfr CItrraU yhrie , fo il-.^r J fhall li much nun frcfent vi'hycu, then I 
fi-ashtfcrt: ferthcnyufna I fcele inditJi ivhit I f.m ,jndyvhut I itmailttciioe. 
^ Chap i+".'-""-"'7'7-'>od J'«'»»;'^aike IJ.2+. luk- 11,9. lames i ,,•. 7 Tbe 
holy Ghoft which wai powred upoo y Apoltles after the Afcenfion ofChrirt, inftrufttd 
both (hem in fell inyftrrici and f«t,;tioft,uv ralvation .and alfo by them 
the Church .and wilt alio in (l»ua it to the end of the world. 8 Th^fulnl«eof 

the w»r(hip of God .it the invocation of tbe Father in the Name ofthe Sonne the 
Mediatour.who i»alrt»diehMtd f«i M» , foi whom he both »bafedhimftlfc,aBd 
U newxllb gl«:i&etl> 

and I fay not unto you,that I will pray unto the Fa- 
ther for you : . -. 

27 For the Father himfelfelomhyou , be-J "fh^-;.,'/^^ 
caufc ye have loved me, if and have beleeved that KflifccuritiediiTtr, 
I came out from God. - ve^ymuch. 

28 I am come out from the Father , and came ^jj^^'^''"^*^'" 
into the world : againe I leave the world , and goe To^ n* i'thenhe 
to the Father. wickfdneOe ofthe 

29 9 His difciples faid unto fpea- world, neither 
keft thou plainely,and thou fpeakeft no parable. '^.' w"keoefle of 

30 Nowe knowe wee that thon knoweft all L'i„Xa' 
things, and needeft not that any man (bould aske oftheveitueot 
thee : fly this wee beleeve , that thou art come out Cbrift. 

from God. '■ ■^)'/"«"' l""* 

31 lefas anfweredthem . Doe you beleeve 2:i;e°'d'e.;';S 

now ? , upon the viaorie 

32 *io Behold, the hourecommeth, and is al- of Chfjii. 
rcadie come , that yee flwll be fcattered every man *' 7^" '■""« y°^ 
into his owne . and (ball leave me alone : But I am "Je,ed p" by ' 
not alone : for the Father is with me. ( peace ) i» meant fa 

33 « < Thefc things have I fpoken untc youjthat ihi» place , that 

b in me ve might have peace : in the world ye fl-iall qui«t ftateof miod, 
have afflidion.but be of good comfoct: Ibavc ^;^^'^^'j^;^; 
overcome the world. ui htivinefle. 


I Chrijlprajehihat hisglcrie fegertrr V'th hi: Faihtrt may U 
madcntani/tft. 9 he pra^tlhfar hii ^ptpia, 10 and 
for aU htlencrs. 

THefe I things fpake lefus , and lift up his eyes ^ . _, ,. . 
to heaven, and Vaide.. Father that'^houre^s ;;;,^;\C^"."g;'- 
come : glorifte thy Sonne, that thy Sonne aifo may p,irii being rea- 

glorifie thee. dieftraightwayet 

2 *As thou haft given him powerj:i»fra all J.°^'J^P^^'"'^^^ 
fieQi , that he (liould give eternall life to all them jemo,; pr'ayer. '* 
that thou haft given him. coofeciate him. 

3 And this is life eternall. that they know thee feife fo God the 
to be the b onely very God , and whom thou haft Faihera.afacn- 
lent, lelus Chnft. ,ber with h.«lf<:lfe. 

4 1 have glorified thee on the earth : I have fi- Therefote tbi» 
nilhed the wcrkc which thou gaveft me to doe. prayer wai from 

5 And now gloritie me,thoii Father. with thine ''"•^fTS'""'''.*' '[' 

' /-./• .9i . • i-i»,. -ii_ aodlnall be to the 

owne felfe , with the glone which I had with thee ^^^ ^f^^^ world, 

before the world was. the foundation and 

6 3 I have declared thy Name unto the men ground ofthe 
which thou gaveft mee out of the wotlde : c thine ^"/Jl^'',"^^^';,; 
they were, and thou <• gaveft them mee, and they ',th'ihat.ithe' 

have kept thy word. came into the 

7 K Now they know that all things whatfoe- world to the end 
verthou haft givenmc.are of thee. '^>h?nlew'in 

8 For I have given unto them the words which ^"„^_ ^ein? oppre. 
thou gaveft me , and they have received »*«.♦?>, and hentletbhy faith, 
have knowen furely that 1 came out from thee , and his giorie iofaving 
have beleeved that thauhaft Cent me. 

9 I pray for them: I pray not for the world. ,^i;],on«w .-'and 

eled, fo he ap. 


but for them which thoH haft given me : for they th.reforedefireti 
are thine. oftheFath.r, 

tbat'bc would 
blenitbe worke 
wbii:hhehatb(inillie<!, # Matib.JS,i8. a Over aH men. b Hecalletb the 
F«tber rhe onely verie God, to fetbim again ft all falfegodi, and not to (hut out him. 
fellc& the holy Ghod.For IttaigbtwayeJ hee ioyne<h the knowledge ofthe Father and 
tbe knowledge of biinfelfe together i and aixrrding co hit accuftonrd manner , fetieih 
foorth the whole Godhead intheierfooofbefaiOer : So i« the Father alone faid to 
beKioRjuiinortall. wife.and dwelling in tbe ught which nomancanattaineunto.m- 
vifible.Ri-miC.iy. i.<im.i,i7. 3 I'rrft of jll bt prayeih for ihofe hiidifci()lei, by 
whonie be would have thereft to be ga'hcrcdtogetbcr , audconninendeththem unto 
the Father, f having once reieftcd the whole :impaaieortiit: lefrobate 1 becaufe hee 
received them of him intohiicuOodie > and K r that they mibiaciag bii dodriue.fliall 
have fo many and fo mightie enemies thai there it no Aay for ibem 10 br in fafetie. 
but by his dclpe onely. c Hee (hevseth hereby thai eieriaftin^ eleftion andchoift,'^ 

which was bidden iu the goodwill and pltafureofGod.whicn la tbe ground worked' 
ourfalvation. d He fliewnh how that eveil»(ting and bidden puri-ofeot God ii decla« 
rtd in Chnft, by whomewe are iuftifiedand UDftified , if wee lay helde on him by 
r4iih>tb4t«tluigtbvtcioayc»metoibegloii«oftbceic^iioo. » Cha|M<,i7, 

lo And 

ptayerfor tbefaithfiill, 

^f I o A nd all mine ate thine.'and thine are mine, 

e He pia78th tkit and I am glorified in thcra. 
bispcopieitny 11 And now ami no more in the world , but 

h""*"dto*"b«"'* '''^^'"^ 3"^ ^" the world, and I come to thee. Holy 
Jnonl"that°«'the Father , keepe them in thy Name , even them 
OodhMd ii one , fo whom thou haft given me , ttiat they may be « one 

they nuy be of one gj ^g ^fg^ 

«„Dd aod^oBt coa. J J ^^- jg J ^35 ^jfj^ jhg^^j jn the ^orlde , 1 

^'"pS'i'o"?, l^ept them in thy Name : thofe that thou gaveft 

4 Hee ftieweth Hie , have I kept , and none of them is loft , but the 

what manerofde- childe of perdition , that the * Scripture might be 

oetb, not that ibey »"ltuiea. , , r i,- 

foouidbeinno 13 And now come I to thee, and thefe things 

daoger, but that fpeake I in the world.that they might have my ioy 
thtybeeing prefer, fulfilled in themfelves. 

,;f [';" 'j;; . 1 4 I have given them thy word, and the world 

experience that hsth hated them.becaafe they are not of the world, 
the iioarine of as I am not of the world, 

filvation it iriie, 
whi'b they recei- 
ved at bii moutb 
t« deliver to 

f That it, make 
them holy : and that 
it fjyd to be holy, 
which ii dedicated 
and made groftr 
to Gsd onely . 
J Heeaddeib 
moreover . that the 

n common 

Chap, 3??iij. 

f udas betf ^eth Chrift. 45 

15 * I pray not that thou (houldeft uke them 
out of the world , but that thou keepe them from 

1 6 They are not of the world , as I am not of 
the world. 

17 f Sandifie them with thy trueth ; thy word 
is trueth. 

18 /As thou diddeftfend mee into the world, 
fo have I fent them into the world. 

19 And for theu-iakes faniititie I my felfe.that 
they aifomay be fandifiedthrough the g trueth. 

20 « I pray not for thefe alone, but for them 
vtithhim.aLdthrre-aiCo ^^Ich fhall bcleeve in mee. through their 

fcre that they muft , • » 

b.hoMen.ipby WOrd, 

«he feife fame vex- 2 1 • That they all may be one , as thou , O Fa- 
me to give up ther , *rt in mee, and I inthee-;rt>f»rhattheyroay 
themfeivei wholly ^e alfo One in us , that the world may beleeve that 
l^:^:^:Z thouhaftfenrme. [ 
confectattbim- 12 And the glory that ihou gaveft mec . I havc 
ftlfe to the Fa tet. given them, that they may be one, as we are one, 
f MamianaDfti- *' I in them, and thou in me, that they may be 
fi"!ation'of GBrift'"i« ^^de perfed in one , and that the world may know 
f« agaiuft the out- that thou haft fent me , and haft loved them as thou 
ward puiifyingi. haft loved me. 
a Second.. illy bee j j Father , I Will that they which thoH haft 

efiereth to God the •^'^i ■ \. ^ ' , ,, 

Faiher , all hi» . that g'ven mee , be with me even where 1 am , that they 
ii, hove maoyfoe- may beholdchat my glory , which thou haft given 
vcr ftiali b.ieeve me ; for thou loucdft me before the foundation of 
the world. 

»y O righteous Father ,.the world alfo hath 
not knowen thee , but 1 have knowen thee , and 
thefe have knowen , that thou haft fent me. 

26 7 And I have declarediijnto them rhy Name, 
and will declare it , that the love wherewith thou 
haft loved me, may be in them, and I in them. 

in him by the do- 

ftritjeof tbeApo- 

ftlei : that ai he 

deauetb unto the 

Father recriviDg 

from hi,n all ful- 

nelTc, fo they be- 

irgioyned with 

bim, may Tec«ive 

life ftombin> and 

at length being togethtr beloved in hiin j may alfo with him enioyeverIa(lin| glory. 

■j> Cbap.ia 26. 7 HecommatiicatethmithbiibylulsaEdluletheknowltdgtor 

the Fitber, vcdich ii moatul. ia CSrilt the Mtdiatour , thattbey may in him bcbelo- 

»«d.ofthe Father rVyitb liefelfe fame love wheewith htluutihiheSoone. 

CHAP. X V 1 1 1. 

I Fj Chrijfes portitr, tt 'urn iH^is htrajiih, 6 theJiuUitrt 
ATI eaii UoTxinetukegrcund. 13 Chriflii UJ 10 ^nn*i, 

and from him !o Caiaf^'Ji. *!, ij Hii atftvtreiothi 

tftcerthxtfrnttekinnhhartU. 18 BeiniitUlitrti (» 

tHj:e, 36 ht dnUttth Im k!ini<i<mi , 

J Cferitgeetkof 
bit own accord in- 
to a gardtQ,wiii<.h 
bisbeirayer kaew, 

Vy Hen I leius had fpoken thefe things.hee went 
"foorth with his difciples over the brooke 
I be laksn ; that by * Ctdron , where was a g-n-den , into the which he 
bis obediwce be eutred , and his difciples. 
"SttuTo'. ^ And ludas which betrayed him knewe alfo 
treH fnto the world the placc ; for Icfus ofc timcs refoTted thither 

t)«U((«,-iad tlMi«a a gaiden, 

Mtltb,l«. j$, n4M't'|»rluM«9.>yt 

with his difciples^ 

3 * a ludas then after he had received a band 
of men and officers of the high Priehs , and of 
the Phariles , came thither with ianternes and tor- 
ches.and weapons. •» 

4 3 Then lefus, knowing all thirs^j^ that (hould 
come unto him, went foorth and faid unto them. 
Whom feeke ye 2 

y They anfwered him.Iefus of Nazareth .lefus 
fiid unto them , I am ;he. Now ludas alfo which 
betrayed him, flood with them. 

6 AlToone then as he had faid unto them, lam 
he, they went away backwardes ,and fell t-3 the 

7 Then he asked them againe , Whom feeke 
ye ? And they fayd, lefus of Nazareth. 

8 4 lefus anfwered , I faid unto you.that 1 am 
he; therefore if ye feeke me.let thefe go their way. 

9 nis was that the word mjight be fulrilled 
which he fpake, ^. Of them which thou gaveft me, 
have 1 loft none. 

10 s Then Simon Peter having a fword , drew 
it, and Iraote the hie Priefts fervant , andcut off his 
right eare. Now the fervants name was Malchus. 

11 Then faid lelus unto Peter, Put up thy 
fworde into the Iheath : ftiall I not drinkeofthe 
cup which m^ Father hath given me ? 

i2 Then the band and the captaine.and the of- 
ficers of the lewes tooke lefus and bound him. 

13 6 And led him away to * Annas firft (for 
hee was father in la we to Caiaphas , which was the 
hie Prieft that feme yeere.) 

14 » And Caiaphas was hee.that gavecounfefl 
to the lewes, that it was expedient that one man 
fhould die for the people. 

1 y J 7 A' Now Simon Peterfollowed lefus.and 
another dilciple.and that difciple was knowen of 
the hie Prieft : therefore he wentin with lefus into 
the hall of the hie Prieft, 

16 But Peter ftood at the doore without. Then 
went out the other difciple which was knowen un- 
to the bi^h Priefts, and fpake to her that kept the 
doore, and brought in Peter. 

1 7 Then faid the maid that kept the doore.un- 
to Peter , Art not thou alfo one of this mans difci- 
ples ? He faid, I am not. 

18. And the fervants and officers ftood there, 
which had made a 6re of coales : for it was colde, 
and they warmed themlelves. And Peter alio flood 
among them, and warmed himfelfe. 

19 J ( 3 The hie Prieft then asked lefus of his 
difciples, and of his dodlrine, 

20 lefus anfwered him , I fpeake openly to the 
world: I ever taught intheSynagogueand in the 
Temple , whither the lewes relort continually, and 
in fecret have I faid nothing. 

21 why askeft thou mee? aske them which 
heard mee what I faid unto them : beholde , they 
know what I faid. 

a 1 when hee had fpoken thefe things , one of 
the ofliccrs which floodby .finote lefus with /:w 
rod, faying, Anfwerefl thou the hie Prieft fo ? 

a 3 leliis anfwered him , If I have evill fpoken, 
bare witnefle of the evill ; but if i have well ipo- 
ken, why fmiteft'thou me > 

24. f * Now JVnnas had fent him bound unto 
Caiaphas the hie Prielt.) 

254-9 And Simon Peter ftood and warmed 
himfelfe, and they fayd unto him. Art not thou alfo 
of hi$ difciples 2 He depyed ic j andf4i«i , I a(^ ^°^- 

4. Matth.i«,47, 
a Chrirt.whowa^ 
inaoceoc. vvai ta* 
ktn ai a wicked 
petloQ, that wee 
woich aie wicked 
might be let goe 
3 Chrilljpevfoa 
(butnothij v«r- 
tue) wa»b:jiiada4' 
whtn and bow 
be would. 

4 Cbriftdothroj 
oegleft the ofKce* 
of agoodpaftouf, 
no not in bijgreso- 
ted daoger. 
§ Chap.17.12. 
J We ought to 
cooteine ttiezeale 

6 Cbriil itbrcugkl 
before an earthly 
high Prieft to b» 
condemned fot 

our Wafpbeiniejj 
quitted of the 
rrieft himfelfe 

• Lukcj. a. 

» Chap, II. fo. 

7 A livrlyeMinpIe 
of tbe fragility 

of man evenio 
thebeft, when 
to tbenifrlvet. 

* Matib j6,;J. 
mar. 14. /4. 
luke aa S'i* 

% Chilli dtftD. 
deih biscaufebut 
he would with- 
draw himfelfe 
froin death, but 
to fbew that bt 
at an iDooctDt, 
* Mmh.j6.|7, 

luke Jt.J4. 
.{, Maitb.iS.ej," 
luke Ji.rf. 
9 After that rata 
have ODce fallea, 
they cannot oaelj 
not liU Up them- 
felves by their 
»Ko they f,»(i moiB 
and more ii to 
w'orfr, vntillthey 


-Pikts teftiraony of Chrift* 

S. lohn. 

Chrift is crucified* 

26 One of the ftJtvants of the hie Prieft , his 
coufin whofe eare Paerfmote off.fiyd.Did not 
I fee thee in the garden with him ? 

27 Peter then denied againe , and immediatly 
the cocke crew. '' 

2!J ^ ifeThen led they lefus from » Caiaphas 
into the common hall. Now it was morning , and 
they themfelvis went not into the comnron hail, 
leaft they fhould l^e J defiled , but that they might 
" "heprnciofttf gate the Pafleover. 

p»of!»of God.- 
AlivcIy iaagtof 

If. I Iiikeaj I. 

10 TheSonaeof 
God it brought 
ktfne tb; iudge< 
BRBt ffa eol'ao 
fbaoenaD < in 
' ««hom then ■■ 
wickcdQClTc, ebcB 

29 Pilate then went out unto them , and faydj 
What accufation bring ye againft this man } 

30^'They anfweted.and laid unto him, If he were 
not an evill doer , wee woi>ld not have delivered 
him unto thee. 

•3 1 Then fayd Pilateunto them , Take yehim, 
dgBnent againli and iudge him after your owne Lawe . Then the 

mcMitf"'.""' '^^'"^^ '^y^ "^^° '^*™' '' ItisnotlawfuUforusto 
put any man to death. 

31 [t vvd* that the word of lefus * might be 
fulhlled which hefpake, c lignit'ynig what death 

33 " So Pilate entred nito the common hall 
againe . and called lefiis , and faid unto him , Art 
thou the king of the Itwes ? 

34 lefus anfwered hira, Sayeft thou that ofthy 
felfe , or did other tell it thee of me ? 

3y Pilate anfwered , Am I a lew ' Thine owne 
nation , and the high Prieft have delivered thee 
unto mee. what haft thou done ? 

36 ^ ' lefus anfwered , My ktngdome is not of 
this world; if my kingdome were of this world, 
my fervants would furely Hght . that I ftoald not 
be delivered to the lewes ; but now is my king- 
dome not from hence. 

37 Pilate then faid unto him. Art thou a King 
then ? lefus anfwereii , Thou fayeil: that I am a 
King : for this caule 1 am borne, and for this caufe 
came I into the world, that I ftiould heare witnefife 
unto the trueth : every one that is of the trueth, 

diog (io that tluit heareth my voice. 

lieetooJct upoD - ' ■ 

himouf ferfon) 

wa»cobecon. And when he had fayd that , hee went out againe 
de.nneJ a. j mofi unto the I ewes. , and layd unto them, I finde in hira 
^ickHman. no caufe at all. 

d Helptakeih toil ._.„ . .. ..>.. 

difdaiKfuUyiod 3? ^ But you havc a cuflome thatlfiiGuId 
fcoffiagly.acdnot deliver you one loofe at the PalTeover : will 
fcrwayofaikiog yee then that 1 loofe unto you the King ofthe 

?!? m1'°"' . *^*"^^^ 

niar.u.6bk!i3.i7 .'^° * Then < cryed they all againe, faying.Not 
# Aae»3,i4. him , but Barabbas : now this Barabbas was a 
e Word foi word, murthereif, • 


"•""^''"- CHAP. XIX. 

« PiUlt, nvhtr; Chia yvdifiourrtJ, t endcrcyrnt^wuh 

thcrna, « W4, Jtftrouf, tc (ft him Ucfi : 8 hut hewf cl.tP- 
""•« rrith ihe cutrt^t oftU Jtrvei, i6 he 4(til>i,t(l, 

i>imtt It crunfitd. 16 urutcemmitielh hit mtthtrttthe 

<'V"fU. 30 HtuinytaJfeJPhe^cr.heJitth: 34 and 

49 W«" 

agaioH finite, and 
/*iigrfat inercie, 
hit niofl fevere 

grace wtben it ii 
offrrtd untothtm. 
a From 

± AdJ lo.jg. 
and 11,3. 
b For iudgoniDti 
of life and death 
»were taken f torn 
ihem fourtie feerei 
before the defiru- 
diooof tbeienflc. 
* Mat. 13, 19. 
c For Cbriflhad 
foretold that bee 
Ihould be crucihed . 
« Mat 17.11. n>ar. 
j;.a. lukeaj.j. 
II Cbridauou- 
cbeih bii fpirituall 
kiagdome, butrc. 
ie^etk a worldly. 
ji It wasre^ai. 
fite tba; Cbrid 
ftould be pro- 
i)Out:ced ionocrit, 

38 " Pilatefaiduntohira,<Jwhatis trueth ? 

isarke II, Ti. 

1 The wfffJomeof 
theflefh, chufrthof 
twoeuilj the lead, 
that Tune wiredom. 
J Chtift iiagaiae 
quitted by the 
fame mouiji whert- 

^ Hen + Pilate tooke lefus , and i fcourged him. 
2 And the foulJit;rs platted a crowneof 
thornes.and put it on his head, and they put on 
hima purple garment, 

3 Andfaid.HaileKingofthelewes.Andthey 
fmote him with their rods. 

4 * Then Pilate went foorth againe , and faid 
unto them , Behold . I bring hira forth to you , that 
ye may know, that I find no fault in hjmatall. 

y Then cam* lefus foorth wearing a crcwne 
of thornes , and a purple garment. And PHate laid 
unto theii). Behold the pmh. 

6 Then when the hie Priefts and officers fawe 

him, they cryed, faying, a Crucifie, crucifie ««.. a Theywillhav* 
Pilate faid unto them , Take ye him, and crucifie '■'"'"""'''^'iwhom 
hi?n : for I hnd no fault in him. byaooid cuftomeot 

7 The lewes anfwered him . We have a law. fcw^.'^^d"''' 
and by our law he ought to die , becaufe he made hanged u^ ai coo. 
himfelfe the Sonne of God. via of biafphemie : 

8 J 3 When Pilate then heard that word , he ^'" ^'y deiire to 
was the more afraid. a.w^'^T'^i 

, ... t 11 attw: tee maner or 

9 And went agatne into the common hall, theRomam. 
and faid unto lefus .Whence art thou j But lefus 3 riUnMconfci. 
gave him none anfwere. !fL'-^*ll'"^ ^°' u 

I o Then fayd Pilate unto him , Speakeft thou ^°^ i;5"e^,d"bf " 
not unto me ? Knoweft thou not that I have power becaufe it ii uot 
to crucifie thee, and have power to loofe thee ? vphoiden with 

II lefus anfwered. Thou couldeft have no *be(mt^m, 
power at all againft me . except k were given thee ""*'<»^' 
from above ; therefore he that delivered me unto 

thee, hath the greater finne. 

12 From thencefoorth Pilate fought to loofe 
him , but the lewes cryed , faying . If thou deliver 
him , thou art not Cefars friend : for whofoever 
maketh himfelfe a King , fpeaketh againft Cefar. 

13 5 4 When Pilate heard this word , hee « Mt«t«eoiide«« 
brought lefus foorth,andTatedowne in the iudge- ""bhimfelfefirrt, 
ment feate in a place called the pavement , and in ^uj^^.^"*^,^ 
Hebrew, b Gabbatha. heafiefwatdcoo. 

14 And it was the Preparation of the Pafleo- demnetb chnii. 
ver,and about the lixt houre: and hee faid unto ^ Gabbatha ligoi. 
the lewes. Behold your King. '::^:^X^ 

I J Butthey cried. Away with him, away with ar.. 
him . crucifie him. Pilate faide unto them , Shall I 
eracifie your King? The hie Priefts anlwcred.We ' Chria fafleneth 

I r.. ■ . '^ /■ Sataa , fianeand 

have no King but Cefir. death to the croft 

16 f Then delivered hee hira unto them, to be <, Mat. 17.31. ma'r, 
crucified, .f And they tooke lefus .and led him «f.»;.Iukei3,i6. 
away. ' « ^nthlS 

1 7 And he bare his owne croffe,and came into of^hecroffr^'ir 
a place named *^<ii;<«i www skulles .which is called openly writ'teo 

in Hebrew, Golgotha : ettriaftmg kiHg 6f 

1 8 Where they crucified him .and two other '^-/^^^^'{^^f 
with him.on either fide one, and lefus in the mids. .^^to^ ^o^'th ^00, 

19 «f « And Pilate wrorealfo a title, and put dtmnedhimfot 
it on the croffe, and h was written, lESUS OF vfurpingaking- 
NAZARETH THE KING OF T H E "*";:;'■.. . ... 

. P P 7 Cbrtd fignifietli 

IfcWbb. bytbedivifionof 

20 This title then read many ofthe lewes: for hii garmentt 
the place where lefus was crucified , was n^ere to amongft the bloo- 
the citie : and it was written in Hebrewe . Giceke, d^^bu'^b"* Cthif 

J , coat except, that 

and Lartne. ^id no (eame ) that 

zl Then faid the high Ptieftesof thelewesto itibalicometo 

Pilate, Write not. The King ofthe lewes, but that paflV.that he wi« 

he laid. I am the King ofthe lewes. h ^'/,?','-j?„" 

22 Pilate anfwered .What I havewntten . I ^^^ hi^ery ene. 

have written. mienhroughout 

2j f 7 Then the J fouldiours,, when they had the world .but fo 
crucified Icfus . tooke his garmetifs ( and ma<k ,\°^"b,^","f',°4 
foure paus , to every fouldier a part ) and W coat: ufhn Church ftiall 
and the coate was without feame woven from the remainr whole. 

tOpthorOWOUt. * Matth.a7.j,-. 

24 -J Therefore they faide one to anoiher.I^et "" ^^'^^'^ ^ 
us not divide it but call lots for it . whofe it ihcH , cbria n a" p»r- 
be. Tnit fi/tf/th.t the Scripture might be fulfille<i, f.a example ofail 
which taidj , * They parted my garments among ''8'i«o«''n«"«. not i 
'them, and on n.v coat did cattlots. So the foiildiers ""''^ '" '*"*«- 

id the' J thuiL 

*; S s "itMin itoode by the crofleof lefus his 


p^llgoflhe (irfl, 



neg»t, yeeldttb up 
tbcGbott, drin- 
icing uf i drcd 
that mod bitter 
and fliarpe cup of 
hii Fatbeit wraih 
'4 Priil.69fil. 
c CaUtiHtnitit- 

HtflCth M4f tftht 

hidrin.tha- iht 

mother.atiJhis mothers fifter, Marie the wife $/ 
CleophdS, and Marie Magdalene. 

i6 And whenlefus fawe his mother , and the 
dlfciple lUnding by , whom he loved , he fayd unto 
his mother, Woman, behold thy fonne . 
» Cb'ift . wl«n «" 1 7 Then fayd he to the difciple , Beholde thy 
mother : and ftomthathoure ,tne difciple tooke 
her home urtohim. 

28 j9Afttr.whenItrusknewe that all things 
were performed , that the » Scripture might be 
fuijilied.hefaid, Ithirft. 

29 And there was fet a c veflell full of vine- 
ger , and they filled a fponge with vineger.and 
put it about an Hyflbpe fialk^ , and put it to his 

30 Now when le/us had received ofthevine- 
Jtreit tftrcrvnt gei , hee fayd , It is finilhcd .and bowed bis head, 
„pi^,h4m>iu,t atidgaveuptheghoft. 

";:;:r;;^;r" 3 » - The lewcs .hen (becaufe it was the Pre- 
franckjMinje u paration , that the bodies llioula not remaine up- 
4finkfy'""<'Kt on the crofl'e on the Sabbath dAyAoi theSab- 
thnrtraineifjmi- Ymh was an high day) bcfought Pilate that their 
rktt!,2ythe legs might be broken . and that they might be ta- 
jetvf!i"<»*'^"i fir ken downe. 

32 Then came the fouldiers and brake the 

le^es of the firft , and of the other, which was 

ei^ified with lefut. 

33 But when they came to lefus , andfaw that 
he was dead already .they brake not h is legs . 

34 >i But one of the fouldiers withalpeare 
«• pearccd his fide , and foorthwith came there out 
blood and water, 

3 y And he that-faw it . bare record, and hjs re- 
cord is true : and hee knoweth that he (aith true, 
that ye might beleeve it. 

3 6 For thefe things were done, that the Scrip- 
ture fliould be fulfilled , $ Not a bone of him &all 
be broken. 

37 And againe another Scripture faith , *They 
(hall fee him whom they have thruft thorow. 

38 X i» And after thefe things, lofeph of Ari- 
mathea (who was a difciple of ielus , but lecretly 
forfeare of rhe lewes) befougJit Pilate that hee 
might take downeahe body oi lefus- And Pilate 
gave him licence. Hee came then and tooke lefus 

^9 And there came A- alfoNicodemus (which 
firft eame to lefus by night) and brought of myrrhe 

Histefurrcdion. 47 

lie focTt I 


10 TOrbodieof 
(>b«cau»it rofltt 
bone of it ii DOt 
broken : ^nd fmh 

11 Cbiilt bring 
dead vpuD >be 
Moffe .witneiftth 
by a doable ligue, 
Ihuheonely ■» 
the true fatiifadi- 
•D , and tbe true 

i Thh vMndnn 
4 mtf! manifeft 
ruiir.tjfe ofiht 

ijfHtU eut h iliit 
tfcitnd .^alieui 
fU'nei} (u HHiitT- 

fen fturcfu rht 
njery tl^innt (irff 
ftrnfofiiih tht 


fimd,th»tii>ftetA- and aloes mingled together about an hundreth 

40 Then tooke they tiie body of leflis.and 
wrapped it in liiinencioathes withthe odouiS,aS- 
the mancroftht; lewes is toburie, 

41 And in the place where lefts was crucifi- 
ed .was a garden , and in the garden a new fepul. 

'trtiZlT-JhiX !*fi chti>i.wherem was « never man yet layd. 
fiarmt CT jhuk*"' 4^ There then layd they lefus , becaufe of the 
ftnKttch.cfiUtdi,. lewes Preparation day , for the lepulchre was 
S £""•«'.■><• neere. 

* Zich.iiit). « Af4*(fi.»7,;7. »FMr«t» if.4'- '"t' iiCbiift" 

orenIybu.ird,andina faoiuui )'Uce, Pilaie writing andltiifcriiig it , and thai by i)iea 
WbicodidfavourCirid, in fuch wife, that yet before thai day, they never openly 
fcjiowed biiti : fo ihaiby bit buriall > no ntanoMi iuniy doubt eiihn ofbisdeatb , oi 
Isfuittftioo. 'A Chap 3.1 * 1 k.\tntim,-itim<^h!ct),id AthiirtfurreilKn, 


t , MttrielringtthyvtTdilntCMJIiirifiH : y Vtlir snd 

UUn 4 rHBfie fc/eetf. if Jifij affearethtt Marie, 

19. aitJ (ithe diftiflejikat were n^eiher n thrhmflf 

if Tkcmts.tefneftifilefr, i» niwttl<n$tk. 

^ Ow 4. , the firft dof cf the weeke came Marie « -Marke i«,i . 

M?. dalene, earely whenit was yet datke, unto '.'*•*♦•'•^faw the ftone taken away from ,',„^'^'/f '/J*/' 

thetOITlbe. ^ loboarethefirll 

1 Then Uieranr.e , and cfmetoSimon Peter, witn.ffeiofthe 
and to the other difciple, whom leftS loved , and "'■"'"ft'o" = ao* 
fayd unto them . They have taken aw;iy the Lord ;^ft7^^;|J^\ 
out of the fepulchre ,and we knownot where they aed , for tbi't they 
have laid him, themreiveKouM 

3 Peter therefore went foorth , and the other, ^"'"'•v ^ p"- 
difciple, and they came unto the fepulchre. f7rrlui7cff. t?»t 

4 So they ranne both together .but the^^ther they ihould in- 
difciple did outrunne Peter, and came firft to the veoiiioffetpuw 
fepulchre, M*- 

y And he flouped downe , and faw the linnen 
cloathes lying ; yet went he not in. ♦ Mattb r ' 

6 Then came Simpn Peter following him, marke 16,/. '** 
and went into the fepulchre , and fawe the linnen » r*"' 'i.nuktui 

cloathes lie, l^eea),e,1»huithl 

y Andthekerchiefe that was upon his headc-fj"^'""^"'"" 
not lying .with the linnen cloathes, but wrapped 2 TwoAngeli 
together in a place by itfeJfe. are made wiicef. 

)i Then went in alfo the Other difciplCjwhich '^'"'^'^'^"dt 
came firfl to the fepulchre , and he faw it , and bs-X/'tl",''- , , 
leeved. '% thin^. 

9 For as yet they knewe not the Scripture, « ^<">yfftik.t at 
That he muft riie againe from the dead. ''" "pmcn fee- 

10 And thediiciples went away againe unto ^^^^'^.'A^t^'], 
their owne home. they dot Jf^ kM 

11 ! S But Marie flood a without at thefe- »•"»■ 
pulchre weeping : and as ihe wept , (h e bowcdher I ^f"' v.itataiik 
felfe into the fepulchre, xh«be!:t^"' 

12 s And {awe two Angels in b white, fitting rifen. ' ""' 
the one at the head , and the other at the feete, 4 Chrift which jg 
where the body of lefus had layen. ''^"'' • " °<^'.to be 

1 3 And they faid unto her , Woman, why wee- worid'acc'ordiiw 
pefi thou ? She laid unto them , They have taken to the fltOi , b'ut 
away c my Lord , and I know not where they have '" bta«n by faith, 

layd him. Jf whiiherbeiigoae 

1 4 3 when fhee had thus faid.fhee turned herj' Bjhhhrethe^ 
felfe backe , and faw lefus f,anding , and knew not he mcuneth hl'difi 

thatit was lefus. cifUi-.frmt'ie 

I J lefiis faith unto her .Woman, why weepefi"'*' -y^fifiU'w 
thou ? whom feekef^ thou ? She fuppo.'ing that ^^^'Mar"'tcUMi''''^* 
had bene the gardener, faide unto him. Sir, if thou dif.ipU,. 
hafl borne him hence .tell mee where thouhafleHfoi/rftCnj 
laid him. and 1 wfll take him away. '''' ff'"' <"(■"•/* 

1 6 Icfus fayth unto her, Marie. She turned her ,Jl<jl'i!^XecX' 
felfe . and faid unto him , Rabboni, which is to fay, held, Md hefJth 

Mafler. J««r Father, tr- 

17 4 lefusfaith unto her. Touch menot : for ""•^' '''""*■ -f*" 
lam not yetafcenJed to my Fathei:but goe to '^''^-^f,"/^'^ 

my «• brethren, and fay unto them, lafcend unto tUntfthejmles 
•my Father, and to your Father , and lomy God, "fC'd: that i,,iy 
and to your God, '^'^'"Z "'"/^j^ 

18 Marie Magdalene came and told the dip-gr^l^^'X 
pies that ihe hadleenethe Lord, and that he had ♦ M-trkf ^6,\^, 
fpoken thefe things unto her. Ih ^f 14,35. ' 

i9 J ♦ ' The fame day then at night, which'- 'I' '-f- 
was the fiif^ dtiy of the weeke , and when the ,h„ b'erre'fw'e'i 
^dootcs were Ibut where the difciples weie af-hi-mirifc before 
fembled for feare of the lewes, came l(sfu$ani-i bisdifcipitsTud- 
f^oode in the mids , and faid to them, feace b» unto^"^ > "'"''^"2'' '''» 

10 And when he had fo fayd , he fliewed aiito w«-"ii,m^doe'tli 
them i>is hands , and his lide. Then were the dilci- fully aifurethem 
pies glad when they had feene the Lord. r'aio^n't dl^Jor 

their Apoftletbij) .itifpiriogibtmvuith the holy Ghoft.who i« thedireae' of he cii. 
niftrryoftbe Goffitl. f Ettherthe JiiTeiofenedtol7imofihcTmv»eau«rd,t» 

il *.-Then 


S. lolin. 

Feede my ftiecpe; 

< Tb« pub!illiiBg 

1 1 * Th?.n Tail! lefus to them againcPeace bi 
unto you : as my Father fenc me. fo lend I you. 

1 X And when hce had fayd that , hce breathed 
on them , and fayd untp them. Receive the htjly 
Ghott. .^ 

13 < w hofcevcis finnes ye remit .they are re- 

ttuiog forth acd 
uracil o^God io 
fuonolibe vn- 
befeeven . ii ibe 

J C'ri/ldMw*:h 

of fmnea'^by f^b"' mitted uHio them : And whoiuevers finnes ye re- 
inChrift, jod tbe tcine. they are reteined. 

24 5 7 But Thomas one of the twelve , called 
Didymus, was not wich thera when lefns came. 

a f The other dikiplejs therefore f.ud unto hire, 
VT'ee have feene the Lord : but he faid unrothem. 
Except 1 fee in his handes the print of the nayles, 
and put my hngcrinro the print of the nayles.and 
put mine nand into his lide , I will not beleeve it. 

26 5 Andeiphtdayesafter.againehisdifcip'es 

were within, and Thomas with chem, TwMcame 

« ctrtaiRc aud fui^- '"^^"^ ' ^'^^^ the dcorc were (hut , and Hood in the 

..tfftimonif ofhii^Amids.andfayd, Peace te unto you. 

■jtfurrtaioQ. At2'7 After faid heto Thomas, I'ut thy finger here, 

aS^fee mine handes ,2nd put forth thine hand, and 

put it into my fide, and be not faithlefle , but 


a 8 Tii-jn Thomas anfwered and fayde unto 
him, Thouart my Lord, and my God. 

i9 8 lefus !aid unto hi.m.Thomas.becaufe thou 
haft fe^ne me, thou beleevcft : blelTed a,re they that 
have not feene, and have beleeved. 

30 ■!• :| » And many other fignesalfo did le- 
fus in the pre/ence of his dilciples .-which are not 
written inthisbcoke. 

31 Bat rhefe things arc written that ye might 
beleeve, that lefus is that Cl>iilt that Sonne of 
God , and thst in beleeving yee might have life 

^'''±t r«rurKdion. through his Kcme. 

,S Trje TaJtb <?«- 
ysndetb upon the 
^outb of God, 
and no; upon 

$ Cbap.i.,2f. 

S To bel»e»< in 
fCh'ift tbe SoBoe 
.of God I asd uut 

Coiftl ,and crprei 

■ fSutliat.tbM 
■Cbnll here ii not 
onely prrfmt.but 
alfoeoietb wich 
£,Weth a inoli full 
alfuraacf ofbij 



« ItfusApftsmUtchisJifcifhs as thry yttreafifhin^, «,7. 
Ts'iom itej kpicyv ij a tniruiulcui iriugkt offifhti. is He 
cimintitah tbe charge ofilrtf'meft to Ptier, 28 anUfore~ 

teHe.hhim ofthtmaner efhis de-ttlj. 

A Ftcr thefe things, i lefus iliewed himfelfea- 
g,rine to his diiciples at the fea of Tiberias: 
and thus Iliewed he htmfelfe : 

2 There were together Simon Peter , and Tho- 
tuas , which is called Didytnus , and Nathanael of 
Cana in Galile , and the fames of Zebedeus , and 
two other of his difciples- 

3 Simon Peter faid unto them , I goe a fiihing^ 
They fayd unto him , Wee alio will goe with thee. 
They went their way and entred into a fl-.ippe 
Ihajghtwaf , and that night caught they nothing. 

4 But when tlie morning was now come , lefus 
ftoodon the]hore:nevettheielVethe difciples knew 
not it v/as lefus. 

5 lefus then layd unto them, Sy rs, have ye any 
meat ?Theyflnfweredhim,No.- 

6 Tlien he fayd unto them , Caft out the net on 
the right fide of the Ihip, and ye ihall hnde. So they 
caft out ,,ind they weienot able at all to diaw it, 
for the multitude of fiihes. 

7 Therefore faide the difciple whom lefus lo- 
ved , unto Peter , It is the Lord. When Simon Pe- 
ter heard that it was the Lord . he girded his a coat 
to him (for he was naked) and cail himfelfe into 
the fea. 

8 But the other difciples came by fliJppe. (for 
thty were not fane from landc , biK about two 
liundrcih cubues} and they dicwe the net \wh 

.Mies, "^ ■" 

fcich liiCiVSttb bij 
Chziit iu 

p As foonc then ss they were come to lande, 
they fawe hote coales , and fnh layed thereon , and 

I o lefus fayde unto them , Bring of the filhej, 
which ye have now caught. 

II Simon Peter ftcpped forth and drew the^ 
ret to land , full of great fiihes , an hundreth , fifti2 
and three : and albeit there were fb many , yet was 
t>ot the net broken. 

It lefus fayde unto them, Come , <«ni dine. 
And none of the difciples durft aske him , Who 
art thou ? feeing they knewe that hee was the * ''""■ ''': ^i* 

T r .. , . , , , ■.rt.lorrdintohi. 

13 leius then came and tooke bread and gave f«i>.ntr degree 
them, and filh like wife. ^o"" wbtnct be 

1 4 This is now the third time that lefus fliew- d'nUii'!'a. j'^'i''^' r 
ed himfelfeto his difciples , after that he was rilen wTthaiii"dvcr" 
againe from the dead. - tifed.ihatacis'fn 

15- f I So when they had dined, Icfus fayde to ^-'^ » pafloi 
Simon Peter jSimonr/w/oweof lona , loveft thou 
me more then thefe ? He faid unto him, Yea, Lord, fj^ 
thoiikncwed th.ullove thee. He faid unto him, b itwui'm-st" 
Feedmy lambes. 

1 6 KeTayd to him againe the fecond time , Si- ''r"^"J'''"f''^'% 
mon tit fonne of lon^ , loveft thou me r He fayd t'Cr'i'i,t°iut^Petl7 
unto him; Yea, Lord, thou knoweft that I love mi^^h- miiittr 
thee. He fayd unto hitn, Feed rr.y il-'.eepe. # '^ }''" '/'*« f^r-' 

17 Heia^Muniohimbthe third time, Sinfoii 2':""#.''/jsi-'/; 
f/je/o^na of lon.T , loveft thou me ? Peter was icde.^1' ^f'^i''„f]'"^'l, 
becaufe he faid to him the third time, loveR thou tnheofj^cteftW 
me J and faid unto him , Lord , thou knoweft all ^{"'Hicpip. ' 
things :tbou knoweft that I love thee, iefus&d j '^^^i?'"* 
untp him. Feed njyfl'.eepe. iifiretoide. j 

18 3 Verely , verely I fay unto thee.When thou c rAy ;;,.!(>«;'[« 
waft yong , thou c girdedii thy felfe , and' walked It f'c* •'"mcy . <//!*•, J 
whither thou wouldtft : but \Uien thou Hialtbe j^^-'J" ''^Jyl I 
olde.thouftult ftietch foorth thine handes .and iC/j'^u'cTwe^r I 
another Ihall doiiJ thee , and lead thee whither th-pecfittjjidhn^ 

thOH WOUldeft « not. l*tmenit , 'l,idni(4 

19 And this fp.ike he fignifying by whatf death '^J^'^''^*'"^ 
he (houkl gloritie God. And when he had faid this, aVemCnf fAi« 
lie laid to him. Follow me. ; ic^r cf^irMr.^ 

20 4 Then Peter turned about , and fawe the ithi^hinftdt^- 
difciplewhom I E S US loved, following .which '^y^„l'J"^,[". 
had alfo 4. leaned on hH breft at Hipper , ntid loiiJj/^/f w«t 
h.'.d fayde , Lord , vvhicli is hce that betrayeth 'cordis «<,dcl..,iit!, 
thee? "' '"^0 rvcxidf.ij, 

1 1 When Peter therefore few him , hee fayd to ^° c,r''"*,£^'-'' 
lefus , Lord , what lliall this man di)s> 'thil{!!ihh°t tc 

22 lefus fayd unto him , If I wdlthat he tarie yt,i,Hi,ertiniu. 
till I come, what is it to thee ? follow thou mc. Pft, tut tht time 

z3 Then went this words abroati among the 'T.'V''''"? r"'* 
brethren . that this difciple Ihoulde not die. {l^fr'Si, 
Yet lefus faid not to liim ,Hee ihall not die : but anMer^fh^iUludc 
if I will that hee taty till I come, what is it to theeni'iychahe,, 

jj^gg , • -andc.trji'netwhh 

24' s This is that difciple , which teftificth of '^^^""" ^"*^'''^ 
thefe things , and wro.e thete things ,aDd we know e NcttUt rctir 
that his reitimoTiie is true. f»X"'^ cu^hfoif 

25 *Novje there are alfo many other thw^s '■"■','"''''/f^'''^ 
which Jcfus did . the -which if they fl-ioulde be -t'^^'^;^^^^^^^^^^^ 
written every one , 1 fupnofe the w'ctlde couUe ^amc with Uy and 
notconteine the bookes that ihould be written, tgi-iJif/ it fcrole 

Amen. ' re,„r^fd r^r^ihe 

Ccamitl n-ntrche 
tvMiei^pfd : latlctcMfi this will commelh tictfrcmihe /lc/% ,h»t frtmlkt "ifitfihe 
3 firil rvhich isplicn ui from aktue ,iliirefirehefhetvtdt'>ire/hc,il]He ,i cer^jinc ftri- 
tiin? and cmflic'tcr^n.indt , Txhich aifeisin its,in alUur Cffftrancts as imK ng 
ihtflefh. f rU'!:,i'^.i! rettrrho'jlddielruViclinrJrath. 

takeheede .thatvvbiitt weetaltour tyei apcsa uthfr.wee ofglcft not thatwhicbia 
jliioyned u». ^ Cbap.iJ.t^. j Toehiftuiic ofChiilHsttueand vvadly written; 
oo»»'or tbetuiioiiwtof uku • bw fit vbe faWaiion of thegndly. ^ Cbap-iu^jo^ 


Cfcriflesafcenfion. Chap. I, 



Mattbiasischofen* /^% 



1 A paffingovef 
from tbehiftoiie 
ii> riom thebifto- 
jie of the fayingi 
and doingsaf 
Chiitt, unioibe 
aftnofihe Apo- 

a The'aflticfje- 
ties anddoingt 


S ZuketisththithiferStlchhCcffctt. 9 Clvfil-tm^ 

takftinto hedVcn, 10 ihe ^felflet, 11 hein^ tr.irned 
tj tht^nieh, 11 to retarat, \i^ Mi gil/tthimfiiut to 
fT.i}tr. i; Bj Petirs metier,, \i into ludti thltr^iteun 
flaci, li Mn'tHasischofen. 

Have made the ' former trea-ife, 
O Tbeophilus , of all that lefus 
began to » doc and teach. 

2 Vntill the day that hee was 
taken up , after that hee through 
the holy Ghoft , had given cora- 
maunderaents unto the Apoftles, 

whom hee had cliofen: 

3 J To whom alfo hee pielented htmfelfe alive 

after that hee had fuffered . by many ' 


trhichfhtntdht aiici iiiai "i-i- "'^- — .->.... ,-j - -j - 

■hiud, tndhh tokens . being feene of them by the fpaa ot tour 

]j}firfthMntfe jjg j^ygj ^ and fpcaking of thofe thingi which up.\„fh„ .^,^,-„,^tothekingaomeofGod. 

4 s And when he had c gathered them toge- 
ther , he commant'ed them that they fhould not 
depart from Hierufalera .buttowaite for the pro- 
mife of the Father . :§ which fxidhe , ye have heard 

r ■-)< For lohn indeed baptized with water, but 

with hit yefnallbe baptized d with the holy Ghoft within 
ii:A:rm«f/t"e thefefewdayes. 
doalt wMch 6 3 When then therefore vvere come together 

they hadh.ard. they asked of him, faying . Lord , wik thou at this 
b He c^iltfh tUfe tjnjg , jgfjore the kingdome of Ifrael ? 

inf.i'liiielcks'U, -- - •" '-- ''--- 


rcifi tumid mt'f- 

furii.M-K>mth,,t hath put ill his owne power, r u l t 

-' ■-""•-■'- g ^ But yeeiball receive power oi the holy 

Ghoft , when he [hall come on you . and ye (hallbe 
witneiTes unto race both in Hiefufalcm andinall 
ludea , and in Samaria , and unto the uttermoft pan 
of the earth. ^ , ,- . • 

9 :fc 4 And whenheehad fpoken thefetnings. 


3 Cbrilldidnot 
«nd inio hravsa 
after hii rtfurre- 
aion : btciuft he 
would throughly 

th.:t ht true'} tcfe 

7 And hee fayd unto them . It is not for you to 
know the times , or theffealons .which the Father 


:jV'r,%»- while they beheld . he was taken up 
there, tooke him up out of their fight 

for a cloude 

And while they looked ftedfafily tow.yd 
IhT^^l'llt'l'- Jieaven , as he went , behold . two men ftooii by 

er ItTTi 
!^ Uhn lij.jy. 
• Mitllh.i,\i. 
h'.it 9 '«. 

(/«■ cfrh 
/ t>itieJihrr;he 

Bt , as tt* Angel. sAitntlK^ J \°._.: .u... Lj- La ,0 make common 

i Tb = y 

Which alfo fayd , Yee men of Gahle ._ why 
ftandyegaling into heaven ? This lefus which is 
taken up g from you into heaven . ft^alho come , as 
ye have feene him go into heaven. 

12 f Then returned they unto Hierufalem 
from the mount that is called the mcunt of Olivers, 
which is neete to Hierufalem , being hom it a Sab- 
bath h</ajfiiouvney. . 

13 / And when they were! come in, they went 

lohtamtewordc .andti 
thoufei bytbe Ai.oni.». 

milel. f Ecde;'iaftiMll aOVwUii 


up into an upper chamber, where abode bothl'e- 

ter and lames . and lohn , and Andrew, Philip,and 

Thomas, Bartlemew. and Matthewe, lames thefonne 

of Alpheus , and Simon Zelotes .andludas lames kTheGieekeworJ' 

brother. fignifWdaiiinvio- 

14 Thefeall k continued with l one ao^ord e''*'""?''^'''^?' an<» 
inm prayer and I'upplicarion with the ° women, | \' "V .^od pur- 
and Marie the mother of lefus , and with his j,ofe,, tat ibis con. 
o brethren. ""<i is menticntd: 

1 c ^t And in thofe dayes Peter ftoode up in for thofe pt^xet* 
the middes of the difciples . and fayd (now the /J^g-^f^""?^"^ 
number of p names that were in one place were madewiih agieeiog ■ 
about an hundred and twentie.) mindes and willti, 

J 5 7 Yee m-en and brethren , this fcripture muft m Thedifcipl« 
needes have bene fulfilled . which the « holy ^^^^tt^llll;"' 
Ghoft by the mouth of David fpake before of lit- Ghoft. and alfo to 
rias, which was J guide to them that tooke lefus. bedeliveiedfrota 

1 7 For hee w'as numbred with us , and had ob- P'«r«n' ^Tl"*^ 
teined fellowlhip in this miniftration . ^treSit ' ^ ' 

1 8 He therefore hath <, purchafed a helde with ^ p^, ;, „"„ bj^ 
the reward of iniquity : and when * he had ' thro- hoveable to bav« 
wen ddWne himfcife headlong , he braft afunder in the wive. con6,. 
the middes. and all his bowels gulhed out. _ Zt^^i°oZ"^^ 

19 And it is knowen unto all the inhabitants ,ak«nofihedau. 
of Hierufalem .info much .that that field is called gers with their 

in thekowne language. Aceldama, that is, The bu'^»n^J-^.^j^_^^ 

field of blood. _ . ^ , , r^r, foike.!' 

20 For it IS written mthe bookeof Pfalraes, ^ peter i« made 
4. Let his habitation be voy d.and let no man dwell the moath and ia» 
therein : -k alfo . Let another take his f charge. <^'F«" of'b' 

a, 8 wherefore of thefe men which ha%-e "^^^'/^X? 
companied with us , all the time that theLordle- ei,heibyfecietrH 
fus wast converiant among us. vcla:iooofth*ho- 

22 Beeinnino- from the baptifrae of lohn un- lyGhoft.orbyeu- 
to the day that he wastal^enupufrom Vis > muAr^f^^^ff^^l^^^'^^ 
one of thetn be made a witneife with us of hisre- p B,caufemeaai» 

flirredion. coir.monly billed 

2 3 9 And they X prefented two , Icfeph called and enrolled by 
barfabas, whofefurname was luftus. and Matthias, l™"';;;,,,. .. 

24 And they prayed , faying. Thou Lord, which ;^t ^j,, ^g^^,^ 
knoweft the hearts of all men , liiew whether of , hat might be ta- 
ihefe two thou haft chofen. ken °^'nlf!!7. ■ 

:y That he may take they ro^eofthismt. -Anof'^^^^^^^^ 
niftiation and Apoftleihip , from which ludas hath ^*„ J,ubi,g, 
2 cone aflray, to go to his owne place. whichcame unto ■ 

\6 Then they oave forth their lots: and the lot bini,wete.''ore- 
fell on Matthias, Tnd he was by a commoncon- «°''^;^^';^';°f;. 
fent counted with the eleven Apofiles. ^ ^^^^ ,^^7. 

office and tnioin.rie D.vid wrote thefe word, njainll Doegthe King. beardtna^Ani 
tbefe wordes , Sbej.b.a.d , Steepe, aod F'ocke , ..eput over to the Ch"«b oh-cea a 
rainiiUrie.lo that tbe CK.tch and the office, tbceof are called by <i">f^°»«« " J "= 
Apoftlesdeliterate u^on ooth.og , batfirft- they confult and take »'^:'[«";'"i,7j;°l' 
wcrd.atvl agr-ire .bey doe Dotting thatconcerneth, and „ b.boveable forthe ^ho e 
body of .he Congr.gaHon, „itiout making the C<?\8"K^"°=' .?''''''= ""'"'fc- L^ew 
for Aord , went in and out , which fc.!«)e of fpeach betokenetn =.much in he Hebrew 
tor-ue , as the exercifingof a publio.eand i-a,nfell cffice. wksn tbry fpeale of f«cb a, 

atetnary -ub'iqtie.fficr. D.u.» 3.-'- > Cbtonic, ,7-i- " From out companT- 

/ApoRlesmJ be chofen .^rr,ed,atly;frc>>vGad.=nd.bereforeafte, prayers, Mattbus., which is a. itwere.G OD S ownevoyce. x OF«"'y •»°'! 

by the voyce. of all the wboUcOTp^ny. y That he may be f.llovP and P«"k«°f 
ihi. minilterje. 2 Ceparred from , or fallen from : And. Its a Mctapbore 

'taken L.n thj.w.J : P« callin/aic b, the name of 7Vay., . ^i;h >!>. 

»'''"^'- - CHAP. 





dWrrt lutgutr. il Tktj Art thcu^^lit Itht JrHnkf, 'f.^"/ 
rtif Ji/^ct^cthtxat. 34 Ht ie*thtihil>4t Chri!) it 

theMrftji: 37 ^Amfrein^ilit hiartj njltnieil, )i At 

A NJ I v?Tien the Jay of Pentecoft was « corae, 
they were b all with one accord in one place. 
2 And J'lKl.lenly there came a ibund from hea- 
ven , as of a rufsing and mi^htie winile , and it fil- 
led all the houfe where they Ate. 

3 AiiJ there appeared unto them cloven tongues, 
likelite, and u late upon sache of them- 

4 And they were all hlled with che holy Gheft, 
ytoiuinor.ifd , lai g^^j began to fpeake with = other tongues , as the 
.noi.ted « ,h »]i ^ gpi^if gj^^. ^ifg^ vtterance. 

y And there were dwelling at Hierufalem 
lewes, men chat feared God, of every nation under 

6 Nowe when this was noifeJ , the multitude 
came together and were aftonied , becaufe that 
every n>an heard them ipcake his owne languige^ 

7 And they svondered all, and marveiled ,Jay- 

■ TheA.pofllei 

being gitbrrcd 10- 

/.jlnnneleift diy 
in one pUce, ihic 
It mi^bccvidenilf 
apprjKio all chc 
wofld. tbjt rbfy 
tad all on» office, 
onf Spiric, one 
/aiib.reSya doa 
blehjnefrem bea- 

Gboit aodefpeci- 
allr wit!> an titri 
ordioarie andoe- 
ceCitirgiCt of 

a Word for wtird, 
wai fulfilled: tbat 

which (peake, of Galile • 

/■ 8 « How then heare we every man our owne 

language, wherein we were borne ? 

9 Varthians , and Medes , find Elartiites.and the 
inhabitants of Mefopotamia , and of ludea , and ot 
Cappadocia.of Pontas, and Alia. 

I o And of Phrygia, an^l I'amphylia, of Egypt, 
and ofthe parts of LiDya . whi..'h isbefideCyicne, 

y«fre> a.ei'uifiled, and ftrangcrs of Rome, and f lewes, and Prul^lytes, 
Iwiiivirne.&c. _ ii Qctes, and Arabians.we heard them 1(>cake 
FoabeLord i^ q^j. qwhc tongues the wondeifuU vvorhtui 

did not bring home /-'A 

hiiiwotHeafienhe ^°^' , „ , ... ,. , . 

I I » They were all then anwted , and doubted, 
faying one to another .What may this be ? 

13 And others g mocked , and fayd , They are 
full of new wine. 

14 f Bur Peter ft niding with rbe eleven ,^ lift 
up his voyce , and (ayd imto them . Vee men of lu- 
dea ,an(l)t all that inhabice Hierulalem , be this 

pomei.wbicii were J^nowen unto you, and heaiken unto my words. 
tobeibtPat-iaikti If Forthefe are not drunken , as yee fuppofc, 
at it wneofihe fince it is but the < third houre of the day. 

16 Butthisis that .which was ipoken by the 
k Prophet « loel. 

I 7 i And it ihallbe in the laft dayes, faith God, 
I will powreoutofmy Spirit upon' all ""flclli. and 
your Tonnes .and your daughteis ihall prophecie. 

nelirewei fajf t4at 
a dar ,or ayetreij 
fu filled or ended, 
wt>enibe former 
d«>ftotyeer<ri are 
ended, and the 
aMi. And itlball 
cometojiaOV, coat 

leventicib yeere 
■ wateuded, but la 
thefeventijth yeeie 
Nowe the day of 
reotecoft wai the 
fiftieth day after 
the feaft ofthe 
b The twelve A- 

c Hecallrtht 
other tonguoi 

the Apoltlei vfcd 

Markecalletb them new tonguei. d Hereby were vBderttand ttat the AHof !«' 

yl'ed not now onetongue , and then another by haphazard and at all adveniurcor at 
faoianicall men vie to doe. but with good conhdttatiun of ibeir bea'ers; and to be ihort, 
that 1 hey Tpake nothing but ai the nolyGhoft governed iheiitonguet. e Not taat 

they fpake with om- voyce. and many iaogua;;e» were heard, ouMhat the Apoft'ei Ijiake 
with ftrar,getongue«: ("oreli ihemiiacle hadrjthei bene.s ibeoeatc", wOrrea» now it 
.u 10 thefpeaker* .Niiian .iahiioratixnofWitolunday. i By lewes bee meJneth 
thejn that werebotb leweiby birth ,aiidlrw'ei by protcflfionot religion though ihey 
wereboruein orhfr |.|acei .• and they were Profclyrei . wbicb wtre Gen lieibotnt 
ajitnhraced tbe Irweireli jIoo. 2 G jd» wordc (iciceth fjnie fo , thaiit 

driveeh tbtm tolreke oti: the trueih , and iidoetb fo choke utner , ttiac it torcetn 
tbeintobewiinedei of then owne imi'Udtncie. g Tbe worde wtiicb be vfetb 

liete.(ipnihe:bfiKha kinde of mocking vih,chijreproJcbfullandcoaiuiBclioui;And by 
Ihitrrproachfull mocking we f e.that hue ii no mi melt fo jreatand ixcellenr whicb 
the wickedneiofmanddicthnotfpejke mil of. h Petri hisbDldnttfeis tube 

marked , wherein. he grace ofthe holy Gboft isrobefeenc , even ftiaighr liter the be- 
ginning, i Afieribefunne nfiug , wbict nijy be about fevd.i of eight ofthe 
tIccVewithut. k Theie It nothing rhat can dillolueqaeftioni and doubii , but 
tenimonieiiak-uoutcftbeProfhett. f.,r meniie.ilor.t rnay be ovenurned , but Godi 
VoVce«an notbeovertu'ned. "f toel a.»8. elai.14.3. 3 Peter feiuog ihe 
.teuetbofGodagainllihelalfeaccufatioDiofinen , fliewein in himielfeand in fail tel. 
Jow<i.that«)iatijfu.'fi|ied which I Jtl fpakebelote Ciuceiuing the full gtviug ofthe 
iftlyOhoft in the latter dayes: which grace alfonutfeied 10 tbe whole Church , tu 
Jth«r certaineand undoubted d.fltiu^ ion, which <ioe comemoeit. 1 All withoat 
'iWcepriov, both upao the iev\«i and Ceottla. In Tbnii, u»a. 

and yotA yong ttieo /hajl fee vifions . aijd yx)Vf aide 
men ihail dreaine, 

18 . And on my fervants, and on mine Kand- 
ttiaides I will powre ont of my- Spirit in thofe 
d.'.yes, and ihty ihall prophecie. 

19 And 1 wiUlbew wondetsin heaven above, 
andtokens in the earth beaeath, blood, and tiie, 4 Thechiefeflvfe 
and the vapours of fmoke. of all lie giftet 

7o The Sunne ftail be turned into darkeneffe, °,'.o b.TJ'm^ t"' 
and the moone into blood, before that great and fliva ion! fi^tb*. 
nocableday of the Lord some, " n TbTswo.d ,cail 

21 4 Anditlhailbe, that whefoever lhall°call oniig"ine.ninhoiy 
on the Name ofthe Lord, (hallbe laved. Scrut-ture.. an ear. 

,, r..- 1 i_ 1 r » oeft [naying and 

2 J t Yee men oiliratl , heare thefe wordes, craving for help* 
lESUS of Nazareth, a mat?<'appioved ot God atCodthaod. 
among you wich great workes .and wonders, and ^ Chrt(tbcir>g 
fignes , which God did by him in the mids of you, cod^.^^^^f/ 
as ye your felves alfo know : _ cniciSed of wicked 

23 Him. Ifiy, being delivered by tbe deter- meb. 
minate coiinlel, , an^i v foreknowledge of God, af- ° wl)0'»by thefe 

teryouhad taken, wich wicked <\ hands y^" ^ave ^^'^Jj^^^J"'^''.^^^ ^ 
crut ihrd and , liaine. maa.teiUy If^l'o. 

24 < whom God hath raifed up , and loofed ved and allowed of, 
the flbrroivcs of death, becaufe it was unpoffiblc =^»""° """ '^a'" 
that he flould beholden of it. «';?'[•''' ^'7- . , 

Zf For David lauh concerning him , -M be- 
he'd the Lord ahvaycs before me; for he is at my before, which c.i« 
right hand , ihouldnot beilv.ken. neitheibefepar*. 

id Therefore d:d minc'heart reioyce . and my '^:„';°'"o''J^f,'|",','* 
tongue was glad , and moreover alio my flelh f hail the Eikureiray!" 

reft in hope. oeiiberyetbeibe 

27 Hecaule thou wilt not t leave my fbiile in =»uf«of evili : for 
grave, neither wiltfuffer thine Holy one to fee ^j^ '"^'^^^j^'" 

corruption. ' able conn ell, ap. 

28 Thou haftuihewed me the wayes of life, poio:ed the wicked 
and llialt make ra«: full of ioy with thy coun- ^'*"'* '"■*"■<> ^» 

^ excellent ende ; and 

tenance. ,, . . .,>,/-, God doethtbat well 

19 Men and brethren , I may boldely fpeake wj ch hr inatu. 
unco you ofthe PatriarkeUavid. $ th.t hceis both mer$-d«iU. 
dead and buried , and his (epulchre remaine.h with ^ GedtcunfiU 
us unto this d.-.y. .bT.'^'wWe 

30 Theretore ,feeinghe was a Prophet, and hjnd.vvere wicked, 
knew that God had * x (worne with anoatheto r The fai u layd 
him .that of the fruit ofhis ioines he worildraife ".'*''»''"• by 
up Chrift concei niiTg the flelh , to fet him upon his ""°^'' '}°^^:^\ "^ x 
inrone. done. 

31 He knowing this before, fpakerf the refur- 6 Cht:ft(at i>avid 
rettion of Chnn,th,it -}, h is (bule ihould not be left ''-"•'toMe , did not 
in grave, nenher his fl.lh ihould f^e corruption. rufllS:: Vhe 

32 7 This I el lis hath God railed up . whereof grave voideof all 
we all are witnelles. cortuiitiqn. 

33 Since th.n that hee by the y right band of <" ■^"'^'•«'*>''« 
God hath bene exaucd. and hath received of bis ^'//^j^J^'j™' 
Father the proraife of tbe holy Ghu(t, hce hath mfnde : therefore 
Ihed fooi th this which ye now ke and heare. when death appea- 

34 For David is not afcended into heaven , but ""^ ""luerour ao4 
he laith , -k The Lord laid to my Lotd , Sit at riiy f.'.f.v^/i'lcbri'iUi 
right h.ind, rightly I V,^; -ve I 

3 ) Vmill I make thine enemies thy footc- ore-cc- 'v;/'.-'" 

36 Therefore, let all the houfe of Ifraelkno^' ;[^,^5^^'*;;,j^,^^r„ 
for a fureiie , that God hath ^ made him both diaih.tonvcfor ' 
Lord, and Chrift, this lelus,//*)! .whom yee have ev.rwiitfhitfa. 
. erucifi.d. '•>"''• 

, ^ « pni.>«,j. 

t Thou wilt not fufler me 10 rjmaine in grave, u Tboy baftopemd met tbe wayeo 
ti-irueiifc. * cbap.ij,3«. • I'lalm 131, , i . » Had 

fworotfolemnly. 4. PUl.i«..o. chap. 3,3;. 7 Peter witnelfr.b that Hi* 

. Cbrifl 11 theappuintedtverlarting King, wbicb he pioovethmanifelty by .he 
the holy Goull »aud the tellimonie of Havid. 'y Migbt.ind power 01 God, 

ii Plal.iio.i. I Chi.itisfaydiobemade .becaiifeb, AJi iHvdncedtotbii 

di£iiiiic ; and ihucfoit it i« 001 fpokto of kit aaiyte- , but of tiii ftai, and digr.itie. 
J 7 Now 

The confcicncc pricked. 

Chap. in. IV. 

lion : aod tbty are 
obcained bytbe 
pioBiifci appre. 
bended by feiib, 
aod are ratified 19 
ned tbevertueof 
ihe holy Ghoft 

. vndeiAiodtkat 
9 Heeilirucly 
ioyaed to the 
Church which fr. 
patateth himfelfc 
from the WKked, 
xo A notable ei- 
ampteofthe ver^ 
Oholi : butfachii 
art ofage.attoot 
baptiied before 
they make corfef- 
fion of their faith. 
It The maikeiof 

« Repentance anJ J y Kow whcfj they heard rt, they were pricked 
nrajl^^^of 6antt j^ f},eir hearts, and faydHoro Peter and the other 
piociplV.of th. Apoftles, Men and brethren, what Ihall we doe? 
Gofpeii , and there. 38 I Then Peter fayd unto them , Amend yout 
fore ofour faiva- Hves , and be baptized every one of you in the 

Name of lefus Chrift fortheremifsionof finnes; 

and ye fhall receive the gift of the holy Ghoft. 

39 For the a promife it made unto you , and to 
your children, and to all that are afarre off , *»« 
as many as the Lord out God (hall call. 

40 9 And with many other words he befought 
and exhorted rA«»i, faying. Save your felves from 

a The wof J that ii this froward generation. 

rfl''d":aaldVh'at"' 41 -Then they that gladly received his word, 
were baptized, and the fame day there were ad- 
ded to the Church about three thoufand foules. 

42 It And they continued in the Apoftles do- 
(ftrine.and b fellowlhip, and ^ breaking of bread, 
and prayers. 

4 } f n And feare came upon every foule : and 
many wonders and fignes were done by y ApoiUes. 
44 t) And all that belccved, were in one place, 
and had all things common, 

4y And they fold their poffefsions , and goods, 
and parted them to all men, as evety one had need. 
46 t^ And they continueddayly with one ac- 
theirueCburch '^^''d '" the Temple , and breaking bread at home, 
ofthedoaiineof did e.itc their meat together with gladnefle and 
tbeAponi««,the finglencflc of heart. 

t'h''e"'uK°lDdftm"Ie ^7 Prayfing God, and had favour with all the 
aJinim"at^oD of' * P^f'p'e : and the Lord ailded to the Church from 
the sacramentj, day to d.iy, fuch as Ihould be favcd. 

and true invocation 

ufed ufall the faithfull- b Comndnicatingof goodi,atidall other duetielofcharitir, 
it ii fllcwed afterward, c The Uvv" ufed tfaio loawei.and therefore they did rather 
bcsakethemiheD tut themrSo by breaking of bread, they vodernood that living together, 
aod the baoqueti wbicb they ufed to keeje. And v»hen tbey kepttheir love feaftei, 
they ufcdtoeelebr atctbeLordi Supper .which even inthefedayei began lobecorrup. 
ted. aad Paul atnendeth it, i.CfMi. la So oft ai the Lord tbinketb it expedieiit.he 
bridleth the rage of flrangeri that the Church inay beplaoted , and have fomerefre- 
(hiog. 13 Cbariiie make;h all tbingicomtiion concerningthe ufe according a» ee- 
ceflitierecjuiretb. 14 Thefaiihfiill caine together aithebeginning niib great fruit, 
cot ODely to the beariog of the vtord, but alfo to meat. 


J rettrjcfthimtetliiTfmptfivithlchn, x fttsUlh thiertepU. 
9 Te ike ftrfU fdthrreil to^etlier to fit ihemhdclt. n ht 
txyMnJelhthemyileriti> through Cbrijf, 
l^ a<cnjinFihirin^tiHituile, tf andrt'juirwglht rtftH» 

TSj Ow > peter and lohn went up together into 
the Temple, at the ninth houre of prayer. 
I And a csrtaine man which was a creeple from 
his mothers wombe was carried, whom they lay de 
dayly at the .gate of the Temple called Beautitull, 
to aske almes of them that entred into the Temple. 

3 who feeing Peter and lohn, that they would 
enter into the Temple .defiring to receive an almes. 

4 And Peter earneftly beholding him with 
Iohn,fayd, Looke on us. 

y And he a gave heede unto them ,trufting to 
receive fbrae thing of them . 

6 Then laid Peter.Silverand gold have I none, 
but fuch as I have , that give I thee : In the Name 
of leliis Chrift of Nazareth.rile up and walke. 

7 And hee tooke him by the right hand, and life 
khn np , and immediatly his feete and ankle bones 
received flrcngth. 

8 And he leaped up , ftoode .and walked . and 
entred with them into the temple,walking and lea- 
ping, and praifing God. 

t/ And all the people faw hira walke , and prai« 
fmg God. 

10 And they knew him , that it was he which 
Ate for the almes at the B eamifulJ gate of the 

Chrift the Lord of life. 49 

Temple .-and they were ihsafed, and fore aflonied b ,i,h„fc^,„r, 

.«»»l^** niKt.-K ■*...» ^^t^.^ .._fe^ i.;_^ ■liner ofcauie 

: CbrintDbe«> 

ling a man that 
was borne lame, 
and weilkiioweD 
placeand lime ve- 
ry famout,by tbe 
baadi ofbi< Apo- 
fliei.doeih partly 
and partly alfo ca|. 
leth other to 

a Boib with heart 
«Bd e¥«. 

at that which was come unto him. 

he loved them,wli9 

11 s And as the creeple which was healed, badh«iethiiim :cc 
b held Peter and lohn »all the people ranneamafed ''««"'' 1=6 feaied 
unto them in the porch which is caUed Salomons. Ibem'"""" fh" 

12 a So when Peter fawe it,hetfnfwered unto rght.heftouH u * 
the people, Ye menoflfrael, why marveileyeac laine againe. 
this ? or why looke ye fo lledfaftly on us, as thotioh * «"«'<« "t ap. 
by ourowne power orgodlineffe . we had trade this vrnce'hltnMef 

^^^got} vtr.. and therefore 

1 3 The God of Abraham, and Ifaac.and Jacob, they doe wickcd- 
the X God of our fathers hath glorified his^onne 'y«''^'"«'l'en', wkc 
lefus.whom ye betrayed.and denied is the prefeiKe '!';"'"'' ^^>M^ 
of Pilate . when he had iudged him to be delivered. dV. rte!t!""<!l* 

14 But yee denied the Holy oneandtheiuft, attheinarumeo'tj 
and defired a murtherer to be given you. ^""^ meanei which 

I f And killed the Lord c of life , whom God "t^^'tf"'^ '? 
hath raifedfrom the dead whereof we are witnefles. ooVo'liublift idol 

i6 And his Name barh m.ide this man found, lairieandfuperfli- 
whom ye fee andknow.thi ough faith in his Name: ''"^ ^y that, whick 
<! andthefaithwhichisbyhim, bathgiventohim d^/fc'^b/lr'' 
this perfite health of his whole body in the pre- Jedge°of his troT^' 
fence of you all. worOiip, that it, 

17 3 And now brethren, I know that through Cbr^ianitie. 
ignorance ye did it . as did alfo your governonrs. f'mtutl'lif'i 

18 But thofe things, which God before had limfiif-*,aJlht,i 
fhewed e by the mouth of all his Prophets, that Uftucdrtr. 
Chrift Ihould fuffer, he hath thus fulfilled. dstcj«fi U bdee- 

i 9 Amend your lives therefore, andturne, that ^"^ "» *'" \"»f 
yourhnnesmaybeputaway , whenthetimeolre- ni,.-.feSameht 
frefl-iing (hall come from the pre/ence of the Lord, iieurjcfbyt,. 

20 And hee fhall ftnt lefias Chn{\ , which be- 3 ^''' t'^ »'■=" 
fore was preached unto yon. IP';""" C'r.ft 

r ...I 1 1 ■^ « • •!, lofooneaihe ijof. 

21 f Whom the heaven mufl containe vntill f„ed uwo m .- but 
the time thatall things be rcftored , which God had fuch at have neg. 
fpoken by the mouth ofall his holy Prophets fince leSedfogreata 
the world began. m-r/^'-aVreit 

22 ^ For Mofes fayd unto the Fathcrs.The Lord ",«' y* Vep'en- *' 
your God (liall raife up unto yon g a Prophet , even tance for a u.eane ; 
of your brethren , like unto me : ye fliall heare him A' fonhe ignoini. 
in all things whatfoeverhe ihall fay unto you. we hive " fet^' 

23 For it Ihalbe that every perfon which Ihal not aglinft !bat,' he de. 
heare y Prophet, (hail be deftroyed out of f people, cree and pur'fofe 

24 Alfo all the Frophets h from Samuel , and of Sod , foretold b, 
thencefoorrh as many as have fpoken. have like- '^'J'°l^'"- ^^ 

..,;r^ c ij r t /■'< ' Cbnd. bow that 

Wife foretold of thefe dayes. R^ftof all he JhouW 

2y 4 Ye are the i^ children of the Prophets, and be crucified here 

of the covenant, which God hath made unto our uponeartb.andthea 

fathers , faying to Abraham , * Even in thy feede ^' "'""''' ^Pf "* 

ii II 11 L I • I r 1 1 u 1 I .!• 1 from beaventbe 

Ihall all the kinre Js of the eatth be bleffed. 

idge Jtid reftorei 

26 Firft unto you h.uh God k raifed up his gfaii th 
Sonne lefus, and him he hath lent to bklTs you, all beleever. might 
in turning every one of you from your iniquities, be faved.and ai,i 

c 7 j^ 1 T vobeleeveri vtter- 

lyperifli. e Though there were many Prophets, yet he fpeaketh but of onemouth.t* 
ftiewe uuto ui theconfeot and agreement of tbe Prophets f Or, betaken vp into 

heaven. J Deut.iS.i f. cbap.7,37. g Thii promife w.i of an excellent and fi;i. 
gular Prophet. h Aiwbatit'raethe kingdomeoflfrael waiertabliflieJ. 4 Tbe 
Ie«eithat beleevearethe firf! begotten i.T the kingdome of God. i For whotn the 
Propheiiwerefpecially appointed. • Geo.ia.a. galat. 3,8. k Gi^to-.a thewoiIJ, 
01 raifed from the deid.and idvaaceJto biskisgiame. 

C H A P I V. 

I PetemnJ Ttl,n, 3 arenkfn amdirtitiUhfiMlhttiUHtrlt, 

7 a^d 19 Tl,e7fyetk'!>'l'llyin-Chrijljiaur'- »S Thedtf- 
tifle.friy umi, CJ. 31 MtnjfelltbfirffSJefiitni. 36 Of 
tvkcm B-iryalat is tne, 

A Nd « as they fpake unto the people , the ' Nonearteo*- 
*•■ Prieftes and the a Captaine of the Temple, '"'oiyn.ored.. 

r r Iigent or bolder 

etiemiei of the Church, then Aicbai ptofefie themfelvei to behead builder»? but tie 
Boretbeyrago the more cooftaotly the faithful! fervaon of God doe continue, 
a. The lewei bad certaioe gatifoot for the gaid* anifafetieoftbe Temple and bolf 
tbiogi. Matt. i«,<f. Thefe garifoni had a Captaine. fuch aiEleaiaruiAnaniai ib« 
bie Piieftei fonne wai, in the time of the v^iarre that wai in ludea.keirjg a vc'y iruriidei? 
»ti prgitd roBjmaBilofefh.lib.joftbetakiogoOudM, 

No falvation but in Chrift, 

The A^es, 

The Apoftles pray* 

i »■*.■;« ihf and the SaJduces eame upon them. 
thtuAi teJcminifh ^ Taking it grievoully that they tanght the 
!!!r""w .fcim/ people.iml pleached in lelus Kame the refurredion 
e7hffa<r,',i..j trom the dead. 

tUr mtdt tht s^"- J And they layd hands-on them , and put them 
ltarin,ithci> veert j^^ |^j,|.j ^ y^^^ [hs ncxt day , for it was now even- 

4 Howbeit miny of them which heard the 
word , bekeved , and the ^ number of the men was 
about hvethoufanJ. 

y J And it came topafleonthe moirow .that 
their c rulers , and Elders . and Scribes, were gathe- 
red tC^cther at Hierulalem, 
6 And Annas the chiefe Prieft , and Caiaphas, 
^^{t.j'l'i"''^ and rohn.and Alexander .and as many as were of 
a Agiinfifuch ai the ^ Kindred of the hiePriefl. 
bungeofafuctei- y * And when they had fet them before them, 
they asked . By what power , or in what « Name 
have ye dune this ? 

8 Then Tcter full of the holy Gheft. layd unto 
them , Veruleisof the people, and Elders ot Ifrael, 

9 3 For 8s much as we this day are examined, 
of the good deede done to the impotent man , « 
vvft. by what meanes he is made whole, 

I o 4 Be it knowen unto you all . and to all the 
people cf Ifrael, that by theNameof lefusChrift 
of Ndzueth , whom ye have crucified . whom God 
raifed dgaine from the dead,f»f* by him doth 
this man iland here before you. whole. 

II 4. This is the ftonecaftafldeofyo^buil- 
!^ He i "i^dHie « ders. which is become the head of the corner. 

true ftieriard, I z Neither is there falvaiion in any other : for 

thai iMiUth hi» among men there is f given none oihergName 
fotepeto haog up- ^ ynder heavcn. whereby we rouft be faved. 
"o„ on" "a 'u li s Now when they faw the boldncffe of Pe - 

ooidwd.buibath ter and lohn .and vnderftood that they werevn- 
cun<)Uirtddtith, learned men and without' knowledge, they mar- 
'"* h' !> »" 'ul<="> veiled.and knew thcm.that they had bene ^ lefus: 
1 4 And beholding alio the man which was 

healed ftanding with them, they had nothing to fay 

againfl it. 
ly Then they commaunded them to goe afide 

out of the Councill .and ^ conferred among thera- 

ther felves, 

5 < Saying, What fliall we doe to thefe men? 


tyiinfi DuiiiU 

ii^i /rif/'j urn 
penile il (h'j'tn 
and mdJrihi exi 
»firi> cfthtJctTt- 

fios of dcftrint, 
and byibatmeauei 
fceatt dowot tbe 
ike word .fofatre 
fooitb adhry a;e 
( rjnhitaull,)- 

3 vVolve«whfth 
fuccecde irue Pa. 
ftouri pltade their 
sot Codineitbct 

» I'fA. u8,i«. 
luly xi,n rtm. 
• •33- t.ft't.l- 

f Of '..a. 

g Thirtii 


'T'/-*Kr''"'*l,'icfc ^^^ ^""^^'V ^ manifeft fagne is done by them , and it 
"kindiofJltiMt- i' openly knowen to aii them that dwellinHieru- 
inr vf*iU amtng fdkm : and we cannot dcnie it. 
ii,i 1 twi,r<,f' "f '"' J 7 But that it be noifed no farther among the 
Trt in j'j^i'r"we' r«^op'e . let US threaten and charge them, that they 
TA'up.ftVmZt fpeakehencefoorth to no man in this Name. 
yokcft'ojniixft ig So they called thcm.and Commanded them, 

Uc\tfi>rUifi. th3j jr, rio wife they fliould fpeake or teach in the 
''^"^ '''""•■ "^ Name of Icfi.s. 

1 9 7 But Peter and lohn anfwered unto them, 
and fayd , Whether it be right in the light of God, 
h jih to obey you rather then God.iudge ye. 
^e and Mdoifli* ^° ^'^^ ^^ Cannot but fpeake the thing which 
cftbtfftvannof wc have fcene and heard. 

Cod doethytithui n 8 So they thicitned them, and let them 
much good ibat ^^^ ^ j„ J fom, J nothing how to punilh them , be- 
d»a»,V!*dof ""'«= of. i*ie peop.'e : tor *lmtn prayieJGodfor 

seale doe at length 

btwfay tbemfelveiio h»ind.ed wicked rneo .•■ i Thewojd ufcd here.ii Jdiot.wbi.b 
being rpiiktniocompatifor hjd toa MagiHiate, buohenttb at private man, but wben 
^rfjjtikr cf Iciencei and ftualiei, it ft^nilii-ib ooe ibai ii volearned : aod in accoinpt of 
honour and tftninion ii iirporfih oneol bafe dej;iee,and do ellination. k Layd 
(Oeir beajiicje'lier. a He ib.i^atie:eth himf^lle in ignu«aace,coiiiiiiethat length to 
roeopeo wicittdniB'e and batagainli biiownecoDlcieuce. ^ We mud foobey men 
novwboin wearefubie* , thatefpecullyaad before allthingi weeobey God. S So 
\iv: off are the wicked from doing whu ibey li ft , ihai contrar i /vife God ufctb even 
ih»i V) the Icciio; fotih ofhii {lofy, v.tikb be gi>csb tbtai lca\c to dtc. 

that Which was done. 

21 For the man was above foturtie y ceres olde, » Tfc«Apoftirf 
on whom this miracle of healing was (hewed. communicate iheif 

23 , Then ailoone as they wsre let goe , they corg™' "" 
came to their fellowes, and lliewed all that the hie ,o we ought nei- 
Piicrtsaad Elders had fayd unto them. tber to be afraid of 

24 JO And when they heard it. they lift up their ''" 'i>r";niDgi of 
voyces to God with one accord , and laid . O Lord . th«'yerfooii'fn'i. 
thou art the God which kad made the heaven , and cootemne their 
the earth, the fea.and all things that are in them. rage and madoeOs 

ly Which by the mouth of thy lervant David «?^'°" "• • butw« 
haa fayd , * Why did the Gentiles rage , and the ,h",V°,„'f;°" 
people imagine vaine things ? malice, an eameit 

16 The kings of the earth affembled, and the thinking upon the 
rulers came together againft the Lord, and againft Foveer an^ gooti 

hisChrift. ° " ^ Xhi'h'we'doe«. 

27 For doubtleffe, againft thine holy Sonne le- nifeniy beboid in 
fus . whom thou haddeft anointed , both Herod and Chtift) and fo fiee 
Pontius rilate.with the Gentiles and the ' people of ■<"''« 7'' •"'^ f"":- 
Illael gathered themfelves together. T'pti^lT^"\ 

28 To m doe whatfoever n thine hand ,and thy j ^lil^-i^ke 
counfell had determined before to be done. ptcfit cf'ifrad »« 

29 And now, O Lord .behold ihtir threatnings, ''^""^' T'"''"''/' 
and graunt unto thy fervants with all boldneil'e to 'i'^euulTZtji 
fpeake thy word, „«,fc fJtC'J'iht 

30 So that thou ftretch forth thine hand that irite,,titry ct^f 
healing ,and fignes .and wonders may be done by y''f'l"n.tje * pet' 
the Name ofthine holy Sonne lefus, m'Mtu7r'!ftf' 

31 n And when they had prayed, the place was at ti,m'hm4n',"'n\' 
fliaken were they were affembled together , and trcui^/i/Jemi/fii 
they were all filled with the holy Ghoft, and they <^"^fiheit»it- 
fpake the word of God boldly. m rhrJickid'''*! 

32 '» And the multitude of them th<it belee- cme oo'drccunVeii'. 
ved .were of oone heart, and ofonefoule : neither 'hough they ihiske' 
any of them faid , thatany thing of that which he ■''"'''■'goftt, but 
pollelfed , was his owne.but they had all things '""y "' "« 'W 

r, ' 7 - b fore withcut fault, 

g common. n Thou haddeft de. 

33 And with great power gave the A poftles termined ofthine 
witnefle ofthereiuiredlian of the Lord lefus ; and •tfoiuteautboriiie 
great grace was upon them all. and power. 

34.3 Neither was there any among them . that lo^^.^cCrch byl 
lacked : for as many as were poffeffours of lands or vifibie (igne, that 
houfes . fold them ,and brought the price of the "'• '"•'•'at vtiil 
things that were fold. .ftablifh i.bylha. 

3 s And layde it downe at the Ap«flles feet, and Z\ 'XV^'^* 
it was diftributed unto every man , according as he and ear-h. 

had need, i» An example of 

35 Alfo lofes which was called of the Apoftles. '''^ ""' Church, 
Barnabas (that is by i^tetpretation.thefonneof ^„"o°,J^7ii'a 
confolation) being a Levite, asi of the countrey of rfoftriae a>in chi- 

Cyprus, ritieonetowarda 

3 7 where as he had land , fold it , and brought "°^" 'j^'f ''" 
the money, and layd it downe at the Apoftles feete. ,,u, deft Hoe both 

fiucerely, and condantly. o Thtj a^rctJ li>tk in coHnftU .tci'l AtiJ purptfts. J Clitp. 
a.^t- 13 Truccharitie beloeih the necclTiiieofthepeore with hilowaelulTe :bji; 
lb, that ail thin ji be dooe well aod orderly. 


I xAntnidi f«r hii Jenit in kfipini hickf purl cf price, ff^teth 
JonntJtud, 10 andlik'vife Sipphir^ hii wift. 

i» ThreurhJi],irithe.y1pfJlltimir4dcfr 14 ihefuithis 
increafeJ. ' xi The i^piitlei that reirt Jmfri/tntJ, 19 .(r« 
Jtliliereihy an -yingtl, >6 andh.inv^ htfirt t'li Sjncde of 
the r,ie/,, IS thcm^h Cam^li.T, cvunfiU thej ar, k'pt 

atipe, 40 ttnd ttalin.- 41 Thij £hri/!*Corl. ■ 

gUt I acertainemannamed Ananias .with Sap- i Luke rijewttb by 

*~^ phira his wife, fold a polIefTlon, tomraryexamplM. 

2 And 1 kept aw. \y part of the price . his wife h^^j^^f",' '' 7' ' 
alfo beir g of counfell . and brought a certaine part, ci^l'y iLWe'm ^\ k 
and layd it downe at the Apoftles feet. , whicb*nder a falfe 

3 Then fiiyd Tcter , Ananias , why hath Satan pre'«n«and 
ooali fecme 10 Alio ewd be cbiefcji the Chinch. » Craf ijy tooke ivvV"'*' 

b hlied 

tying untotbcbolyGboft. 


To obey God rather then man, jo 

b filled thine heart, that thou n<oulJeI\« lye unto 
. j,„j. p^,,r,rf the holy Ghoft .and keepe away /i-trr of the price 
c ForJhf'^ihej of this polVeffion ? 

hadafpcmtedt'ut 4 Whiles it remained , appertained it not unto 
ftrmt or j,4ejiivn ,]jeg j g^j ^fjef jj ^^j fold.was It not in thme owns 

fjtiht Church, thi} 

kffi ifi} it fart 
»f the price , ■it 
though the] hid 
hud to dee viith 
tnen,Md net iri'^ 
Gtd.ind thtrefirt 
he fyiih afierTT^rd 
thjt they tempted 

i Herehj is (/fcl.l- 
Tcd rfn ntliiifed •tr.d 
furfofed liecrit, 
frtan in admitting 
the dci'ili fitfit- 

t Leek? '>»■>»' of' . 
men doe ihtnfi iri!h 
an el'iH confaCfiee, 
fi oft the: fro. 
Kounce fentenct 
(tliinft ihemjeil'ti, 
and at much4s in 
then' l'tlh,proVoli_e 
fet furpo/e, min- 
tiing to trie vrhe- 

power?how is it that thou haft tJ conceived this 
thing in thine heart ? thou haft not lied unto men, 
but unto God. 

y Now when Ananias heard thefe vvordes , he 
fell downe.and gave up the j^hoft. Tlien great f^are 
came on all them that heard tnefe thinjis. 

6 And the yong men rofeup.andtookehim 
up, aiid caried him out, and buried 

7 And it came to palVe about the fpace of three 
hourcs after, that his wife came in, ignorant of that 
which was done. 

i And Peter fayd unto her, Tell me.fold ye the 
land for fo much ? And (he faid , Yea, for fo much. 

9 Then Peter faid unto her , VVhy have yee 
agreed together , to ^ tempt the Spirit of tiie Lord? 
behold , the feete of them which have buried thine 
husband ,are at the f doore.and fhall carie thee 

10 Then fhe fell downe firaightway at his feet, 
and yeelded up the ghoft : and the yong men came 
in , and found her dead .and caried her ouc, and bu- 
ried her by her husband, 

I » And great feare came on all the Church, 

he be iuft end g^j q„ 35 f^any as heard thefe things 

f^Are at hind. 

marvel loui vertue 
tbatchey may act 
hurt tbeCbufch: 
oiberfotne hee 
awe and fiare: 
ani other foine 

g Highir F"y''«'i 

3 Toe more that 
ihe Church io- 
incrcafeth the rage 

^rea^mnu. »^ "j^'^^s by the haudcs of the Apoftlcs were 

a'^The'i.ord'by til many fignes and wonders ibewed among the peo- 
ple (and they were all with one accord in Salo- 
mons porch. 

I 3 And of the other durft no man ioyne him- 
felfe to them : nevertheleUe the people g magni- 
fied them, 

14 Alfo the number ofthemthatbeleeved in 
the Lord , both of men and women, grew more and 

1 J In fo much that they brought the ficke into 
the ftreetes , and laid them on beds and couches, 
that at the leaft way the ftiadow of Peter, when 
he came by, might Ihadow Tome of them, 
cf Satan, and there- j g There came alfo a multitude out of the ci- 
fc:e they proctede jjpj xoxm'^ about unto Hicrufalem .bringing ficke 

h° The word which fpirits, who werc all healed. 

ii uftd here.ii He- 1 7 J 3 Then the chiefe Prieft rofe up , and all 

rtfie, which figtiifi- ^^ jj^^^ ^^^g with him (which was the b fe<ft of 

i'.XtVr51° theSadduces)andwerefullofindignation. 

forme ofiearning, J 8 And laid handcs on the Apottles , and put 

01 faftion, or Oudie them in the common prifon, 

aniccurfeofiitii j^ 4 But the Angel of the Lord by night ope- 
ned the prifon doores, and brought them foorth, 
and faid. 

20 f Gee your way , and ftand in the Temple, 
and fpeake to the people , all the 'wordescf this 

21 < So when they heard it , they entred ihto 
the Temple early in the morning , and taught. And 

Vt hicb the Laiiaei 
call a fcft : at the 
hrfttfaii wcrdwai 
indifferently nfed, 
buiatleng'b. it 
came 10 betaken 
onely iBevilIl>art> 
whereupon came 
tht naine of Here- 


and wholeromedo- 
ftrine after fuch 
fort, that he (etteth 
' Jightbytheiudge. 

continueth in hit opicion. and breaketh the peace of the Church. 4 Angeli are made 
fervant.of thefervaoH ot God. f God doeth therefore deliver hi. , tfcat tbey may 
ijiorettoutly provoke hiieoemiei. i Wordei , wheiiby jh« way u"« »« '« Wewed, 
e OotJ inotkethliii taemiei iuemftj frjm «b«ve. 

him , and called the Councill together , and all the 
Elders of the children of Ifrael . andfcnt to the pri- 
fon, to caufe them to be brought. 

22 But when the officers came , and found 
them not in the prifon , they returned and told it. 

afrih the mad. 
which ronfpire 

23 Saying, Certainely we found the prifon fl^ut 
as fure as was poifible .and the keepers ftanding 
without , before the dobres : but when wee had 
opened, we found no rr ^n within. 

24 Then when the cf/V/e PrieJLand thec^p- 
taine of the Temple, and the hie I'ri^s heard thc;e 
things , they doubted of them . whereunto this 
would gro we. 

25- 7 Then came one and fl->.ewed theiii .fayirg. 
Behold , the men that ye put in prifon. are ftanding 1 "[^l^^^'^^^l 
in the Temple, and teach the people. v^t-je niejle't 

2$ 3 Then went the captaine with the oncers, feife , the more 
and brought them wi:hout violence (for they fea- '— ' 
red the people , leaft they ftiould have bene ftoneJ.) ^^_^^ ^^ 

27 And when they had brought them . they fc-t ^^jn^'b 
them before the Coun;;il .and the chiefe Prieft sTyraot. which 
asked them, f"'' ^ ot God , are 

zS 9 Say ing.Did not we ftraightly command you, "tiftr^noed to 

1 ^' .< . • . •'^ ■' J. 1 ij fearehiifervami. 

that ye ll-.ouid not teach mtn is name ? and behold, ^ , ,.;bepro. 
ye have filled Hicrufalem with your dodtrine, and j^er.ii- oftyrxnu 
ye would k bring this mans blood upon us. to fet out their 

29 10 Then Peter and the Apoftlesanfwered, ^'/^^'^^^t^and 
and faid , We ought iviiher to obey God then men, |^Xn!b'e?bey ne. 

.-jo " The * God (four fathers hath railed up verfo wicked, 
leliis whom ye flew, and hanged on a tree. k Maki <" ifHtie 

31 Him hath God hft up with his right hand, '^j;;''^^^'^^^,^] 
to be a Prince and a Saviour , to give repentance to ^^j „,, i.^,^i,;urt 
Ifrael. and forgivenelVe of finnes. tomrne. 

32 11 And we are his witnefl'es concerning thefe 10 we ou?hfo 
things which wee fay : yea .and the holy Ghoft, obeynoman.b« 
whom God hath given to them that obey nim. obeying tiin. wc 

33 Now when they heard it, they I braft for an- mayobeyGod. 
ger, and confultedtollay them. " Chriftiiap*. 

34 '3 Then ftood there up in the Councill a cer- l°'^'jll1^^l:^ 
taine Pharife named Gamaliel, a dodlour of the p*iaceaBdp-tre». 
Law, honoured of all the people , and commanded ver of hii Church 
to put the Apottles foorth a iitle fpace, "J "Ssfpite of "i* 

3y And faid unto them , Men of Ifrael , take '""'"• 
heede to your felves , what ye intend to doe tou- , ^ {.'ii 'ootfuK- 
ching thefe men, cientforasthat 

36 It For beforethefe times , rofe up Theudas there isa Hgfet 
"> boafting himfclfe, 

to whom referred a number 'J^^'^''^^^^^^ 

of men , about a foure hundreth , who was liain^ 

vocation goe 

, which if taken ^jje chiefe I'ricft Came , and they that' were with loycm, 

and they all which obeyed him were icatceied , and on foiward till ws 

brought to nought. comeutiion. 

37 After thisman.arofeupIudasofGaWe,inlJ^'';'b--^^^^ 
the dayes of the tribute , and drew away much peo- , ^^^ vehement 

Ele after him : he alfo perilhed , and all that obeyed ,age,and .narvei. 
im, were fcattered abroad. '°"1v difquieteJ 

38 And now I fay unto you n Refraine your ■■' -:w;d ki'tlde 
felves from thefe men , and let them alone : tor n offpeechtaken 
this counfell ,or this worke be of omen . it will from them wbicb 

come to nought : are harrifhlycut 

3 9 But itit be of God. ye cannot deftroy it.Ieaft •;^"^2" '^"'' 
ye be found even fighters againft God. 13 chrfftfiadeth 

40 And to him they agreed, andcalled the A- defender, of hi» 
poftles: and when they had beaten them .they caufe even in the 
comnianded that they Ihould not fpeake in the ;^7^;°,';7„°^ff,', 
Name of lefus, and let them goe. _ he ihinketh ie 

41 IS So they departed from the Councill , re- needefull. 
.that they were counted worthy tofuffcr 14 inraattenof 

rebuke for his Name, 

religion we mull 

41 Anddayly inthepTemple .andfromhoufe Jta' we°attemrt 
to houfc tbey ceafed not to teach, and preach lefus nothing vndera 

Chrift. befideour'v'oct'tioo; 

ID Tobeoffoinefaire. n KedilfAailethhii fellowei from murdering the Apolile,. 
nei. her doeth bethinke it good to refeiie the matte* to theRomaue Magiftrate, for the 
lewe, could abide nothijigworfe , then to have the tyrannic of the Romaneiconfiime J. 
o Ifithecouotetfeitauddcvifed. i! Tne ApolMe,, accultoroed tofulfcr and beart 
veordu, are at length inuied lobeare llrifei, yetfo, ibai by that luMBtt they be-ome 
ftienjer. P Bo\b tiublikely and piivately. 

'ogg. CHAP. 

Paifc wimeflesflgainft Steven 

Cti;tch vsithouti 
purpofr aod in 
it wrhio.vvi'h'i- 
thfmrtlvti : but 

o^tifioo ibrttby 
zaUivuUt ia tbe 

a Ofibfirr^'tM 
became Kligioui 


{. /, tif tfflcvrixg 

ef jlmei ■leefriiing 

a Tbf office of 
<tord jnddif|en. 
fir; toe goods of 
th-Chuicb arc 
diffrreot ooefroiB 
aootbc>> and 


3 tffcrnf ih tfficecf VUtinf^if,' 1 (j/«W» 
Ofvf'om Sirl"-. full effajti,, 'lent i » Hc 

.Uf """ ■ 
iiial^en, ij < 

AND I in thofe dayes. is the number of the dif- 
^ ciples gfe.V , there arofc a murmuring of the 
a Grecians towardes the Hebrewcs .becaufe their 
widosves were negleiteci in the l^ dayiy miniftring. 
1 » Then the twelve called the multitude of 
the difciplex together . and i'lid , It is not c meete 
that we Qiouldleavethe wordof Godtofervethe 
i tables. 

3 vj Wherefore brethren , looke .you out a- 

mong yoQ feven men ofhoneft report .and full of 

the holy Ghoft . and of wifedome , which we may 

appoint to this bulineile. 

4 And wee will p;ive our felves continually t» 

prayer, and totheminJftiationofthe word. 

y And the faying pleaied the whole rnultitude: 

and they chofe Steven a man ^11 of faith andof 

the holy Ghoft , and * Thilip . and Prochorus.and 

Nicanor , and Timon, and Parmeuas, and Nicolas a 

Profelyte of Anriochia. 

6 ♦ Which they fet before the Apoftles ;and 

they pfayed.ande layed their hands on them. 
""""••---:-- J 7 r And the wordof Godincreafed .andthe 
*ftrb«'°a"be'' number of the difciplcs was multiplied in Hieru- 

falem greatly .and a great company of thePriefls 

were obedient to the f faith. 

8 J « Now Steven full of faith and g power, did 
great wonders and miracles among tbe people. 

9 7 Then there arofe certaine ofthe ^ Syna- 
gogue, which are called LJbertines.and Cyrenians, 
and of Alexandria , and of themof Cilicia ,andof 
Afia, anddif'puted with Steven. 

10 8 But they were not able to refift the wife- 
dome, and the fpirit by the which he fpake. 

1 1 Then they fuborned men, which fayd , We 
have heard him fpeake blafphemous words agaiuft 
Mofes.and God. 

12 9 Thus they mooved the people and the 
J. ^j. Elders , and the Scribes : and running uponhim, 

L °con° 'and mucl. caught him.and brought him to the Council!. 

13 >e And fet foorthfaliewitneffes .which laid. 
This ceafeth not to Ipeake blafphemous 
wordsagainftthis holy place, and the Law. 

14 For we have heard him (ay , that this lefus 
of Nazareth fliall dcfiroy this place,and ihall change 
the ordinances which Moles gave us, 

I)- And as all that fate in the Councill looked 
ftedfaftly on him, they i hv/bishceasiPhadbcne 
thefaceofan Angel. 

The A<Sles. He anfwcreth for bimfclfft 


t JMV«<» fUadinf hit taufe , fhtnttt, ihdl Ctd tl,t/e rtf 

r^ihtri, iO tefirt Ml/it rvtitornt, ^7 dnd hftrt iht 
TimflewttituHi : 44 ^njtl,ur t9eufhdrd cirenunitt 
VtrecrdtineJ aucrJir^ tellirhdl'tah rutrm, f^ Tht 
ItTTts^njJhin^liitir leilh, S9 fitne him. 

T H E N » fayd the chicfe Ptiei\, Are thefe things 

* fo f " ' .S""" '■••<- 

2 1 And he fayd, Ye men.brethren.and Fathers . "iclufe?."^*' 
hearken, ♦ That God of » glory appeared unto thiiendand(iuf« 
our father Abraham , while he was in *> Mefopora- pofohatvndCT 
mia, before he dwelt in Charran, adoake.andco. 

3 And faid unto him . Come out of thy coun. m"gh°be mo, 
trey , and from thy kindred, and cqme into the land demned. 
which I fliall (hew thee. » Ste««ii v9ii 

4 Then came he out ofthe land ofthe Chal- "Oiib unto .he 

indiiute : And the 
the DeJco»i v«iih- 
out the confeot 
cftbe Chutcb. 
c It IS fu. ha mat' 
icr.ii vet may in nc 
tvifi dccept c/it. 
d Ednnutiithmtii 

*ti Jfi meant, 
t» if ./uf/, 4; f er- 

?muft be exa- 
itioo both of 
learaing and 


.4 Tbeaocicnt 

Church did with 

)ayi:igon of 

1nnd»,»i it were 

confecraie to the 

Lord fucb ai wtr 

lawfully eleSed. e Thii ceremonie of laying on of handelcavne from tbelewei.who 
uffd tbii order both io publike affairei, and cffttiugoffaci iftcei , and alfo io private 
j>rayer»andbl.(1iaj>),3iap[,fjretb Gene jj. andthe Church obferved tbii ceremonie, 
j.Tim.J.Ji aftejS i7.butbereii no mention madeeithttofcreJme,or(h«vinn,ot rai. 
fing.orcrofBug Sec. j An happieendof tunptation. fTbuit the figure Meionyniia, 
eofibeGsfpell vshichengendreih faiib. « Godexttci. 

meaning by faith, the dodr 

deans . and dwelt in Charran. 

lewei. ^baihee 

feth hi»Church ft/ft with eviltwnrdei and rtianden , then with imptifonmeati afttt- 
vvard with Icour^ingi, and by tbefemeaneiptepareih it in fucb fort , that at length 
bee cjufetbli to encounter with Satan and thewoild .even tnbloodlheadand d«ih. 
andihaiwithgoodfiicceire. g Excellent and finjular gif:ei. 7 Schooler and 
▼oiuerfitiei were of olde time addiAcH tofalfepalloun .and weretbe ioftrumenti 
of Satan to blowe abroad and defend falfedoftvlnM. h Ofthe company and 

Colledgraiitvtere. 8 Falfe leachrt., becaufethev will Botbet^v«Iconle .Bee 

from difputationi tomtolfeftandopeonaundringand fjifeacciifationi. 9 The 

firll bloody perfecution of the Church ot Chnft bctunne and fprang from a Councill 
of PrieHibylhefuggtllion ofthe VniuetfiticdoAnuri. i» An example of cavilleta 
•r falfe accufer*, wbtcb gather falfe conclutioni of thiogitbat are well vHered and 
f poken. I Hereby it appeareih that Steven bad an excellent and i;oodlycountenance, 
iiavingaqui*iand fetled minde ,agoodcon(eience , and fure veffwafion ihatbiB caufe 
fMiiuH: lur feeing he wai to fpeake beforetheptpple.Ood beautified hii countenance. 
ILj*"!^^ '*'*' "■''"''* ^"^ '"'"''<''''« °"''™'''»«'««tim!odcwmghi be pureed 

. . .Charra". Andafterthathisfa-iZ^i^redgnh 
ther was dead, G«4 brought him from thence into thetrut fathen, 
this land, wherein ye now dwell, and the onely true 

f And he gave him none inheritance in it , no ^od: and (beweth 
not the bredth of afoote :yet he<*promifedthat 2°''7tl'mot'e 
he would give it to hirofora poffc-fijoa , and to his ancient the«the- 
feede after him.when as yet he had nochilde. Temple, with «1I; 

6 But God fpake thus . that his $ feede flwuld '^'' ^"f'^T 
be a foiourner in a ftrange land : and that they i^^"a„d'ihere. 
(hould keepe it in bondage , and entreate it eviU fore they ought t« 
« foure hundreth yeeres. layaaotberfouo- 

7 But the nation to whom they (hall be in bon- ^"^°° "' "^' '** 
.dage , will I iudge, faith God : and after that . thty gXtee c "e. 

(hall come forth and ferve me in this place. Daot that God 

8 * He gave him alfo the covenant of circum- made with the fs. 
rifion : and k) ^brahum begate k Ifaac , and cir- 'I*"- ^^ ^ 
cumcifed him the eighth day : and Ifaac begate jTha'tmighMi 

♦ lacob, and lacob the twelve * Patriarkes. God full of glory 

9 3 AndthePatriarkesmoovcd with envie.fold and maieflie. 
<• lofeph into Egypt : but God was f with hi 

10 And delivered him out of all his afHiftions, 

b when he faith 
afterward verf.4« 

and S gavehira g favourandwifdome in the fight came out of Cha!.] 
of Pharao king of Egypt, who made him governout <l",it iievident 
over Egypt, and ttur his whole houfe. **■*' "''°/^'ifTj*, 

"' s..,, , ,- . ,, , cotitamed CbaidcS 

1 1 1 Then came there a ramine over all the ^hich waiotett 
land of Egypt and'Chanaan .and great atfiiaion, ujtoit.anilbord*. 
that our fathers found no fuftenancc. "ng upon it,and 

12 hut when * lacob he.ud that there was ^X'^'^h^,'"^''/ 
corne in Egypt, he fent our fathers firft : c'solfomu^cb " 

134. And at the fecond time lofeph was know- ground ai loTet 
en of his brethren .and lofephs kindred was made bijfooteupon. 
knowen unto Pharao. f The pj^m.fe of ■ 

14 Then feat lofeph and wufed his father to •]';,f,tfnd\'^- 
be brought , and all his kinred.even threefcore and longeJ to Abra- 
hftecneloules. ham, though hfi _ 

I ? So * lacob went downe into EgyPt.and he p««"itie eijioyed n 

J. J- J J f .1, .. ait- ' agreat whileaftei. 

+ died, and our fathers, . ^ hil death .and ihi». 

i6 And wee h remooved into Sycnem , and if the figure Sy, 
were put in the fepulchre . that Abraham had oecdoche. 
boucht « for money of the fonnes of Emor, S ' 

y. " r^^ L e There are recke* 

y^;,«ofSychem. oedfo«rehundre<b 

17 But when the time of thepromifedrewe y„re..from the 
neerc , which God had fworne to Abraham , the beginniogofA- 
people S grew and multiplied in Egypt. ''"^ "" TfthV 

. . birth of ifaac: 

and foure hundreth and thtriieyeeret which are fpoken of by Paul , G«lat 3.17. from 
tbe timethat Abraham and hitfatberdepartedtogethet out ofVt ofthe Chaldeani. 
♦ Geo. ,7,9.,3 • G'de.if,,4. ■jV 6ene.t9,33 and jo.f andj f.aj." 
3 Steven reckooeth up diligently tbehottiblemifchicfe, offome of ihe Fathen , to 
teach the lewei 'hattheyoughtnotrafhlytoreft io theautboritieoreianiplei of the 
Father.. X Geo 37.18. f By thi.kiode offpeach, i, meant the peculiar favourthat.- 
dod fheweth ineo : for heefeemeth tobe a vcayirom them.whom heehelpeth oot.anti !.( 
on theother fide,heei» v«iib them whom hee del iverethout of whatfoever great troiiblei, 
J Sene.41,37. g Gave him favour in rhataobi fight for hi. wifedone. • Gene. 
4J,i. 4. Cene.4M- * Geni.4«.f. • Gene.49 33. h The Patriarketih*. 
fonne. of lacob, though there be meotiooinadltfaoao* then lofeph, lalh 14.1» 
rf|.Ceoe.»3,i«. J Iiodun,;. 

*8 Tia 

Stevens anfwere. Of Mofes. 

i BediiiiftJaful- 
liB irtViirUn 
ttfa-»,'! our fleckr.^n 
tit At he ccmma'ided 
alt the maitj to ie 
X Excd.i.i. 
k ThtuhMrrts 
f'trne through Codt 
merdfUH i^eeJnt'^e 
a goodly andfxi/e 

4. &>;«/. J, I. 
I SorvheciHtth 
tkt icnneof. oJ 
en ^n^el/tr hr it 
the^>!iet tfitiM 
counceS, and there- 
for t/lrahhrvjfes 
4tffer heffieiveth j 

fts, I amiha^Ccd 
cfitj F*'htrj,(yc. 

tn By the pen er. 
;^ Exed.7,i, 9,10. 
• Exvd. 16,1. 
i Hc^ckaov^!lf.^- 
sethM. fcs 101 .ti« 

he ptoovtib by 
be Law h-d 

ptrfrtt I 



^.toChiilt, thir head 
Jofall Proi'btt.. 
.f Duter.ii.i;. 
thap.i »i. ( 
t Bxcd.i$,», 

1 8 Till another King arofe , which knew not 

I 9 The fame > dealt fubtilly with our kindred, 
and evill intreated our fathers , and made them to 
caft out their yong children , that they ihould not 
temaine alive. 

20 * The fame time was Mofes borne.and was 
k acceptable vnto God : which was nourilhed up 
in his fathers houle tferee moneths. 

2 1 And when he was caft out, Pharaohs daugh- 
ter tooke him up , and nourilheth hira for her owne 

^^ And Mofes was learned in all the wifedome 
of the Egyptians , and was mighty in words and in 

23 Now when hee wasfullfortie yeereold, it 
came into his heart to vilithisLirethtcn.thechil. 
drenof ifrael. 

24 J And when he faw one of them fuffer wrong, 
he defended him, and avenged his quareil had 
the harme done to hitn.and Iraote ih.. Egyptian. 

2j For hec fiippofed his brethren \^ould have 
vndeiftoode , that God by h;s hand ihouid give 
them deiiveranc* : but they vndcittoodit nut. 

26 ♦ And the next day ,hc llie weii hirafelfc un- 
to them as ihey Itrove.and would have let them 
at one againe , faying , S its, yee are brethren : why 
doe ye wrong one to .nether ? 

27 But he that did h's neighbour wrong , thrnft 
him away , fay ing . VVhu made thee a prince , and a 
iudgeoufft us > 

28 Wilt thou kill tne , as thou didii the Egyp- 
tijn yefterday ? 

29 Then fled Mofes atthat faying , and was a 
flranger in the land of Median ,«heie hec begate 
two lonnes. 

30 And when fortie yeeres were expired, there 
appeared to hmiiith- <fr ■^dJernes "t n omu Sin., 
an ' Angel of the Lord in a ftimc of fiie in a bum. 

J I And v\hcn Mofes law it he ihe 
fight .-and as he diewe netre to c>nliJcr it , the 
voyceofthe Lordcime un^o him fyiig. 

31 I am the God of thy l^.thers ,theood of A- 
brai=iam , and the God of lUac , and the Gi.d of la- 
cob. Then Moles trembled, and duill not behoid it, 

53 Then the L^-rd f yde tohim , Tut oii thy 
llioocs from ihy fecte : for the place where thon 
ftandeft, is holy gn.und. 

34 I have lecne , I have feene the affliction of 
my people, which is in Egypt, & I have he.itd their 
gronieg , and am come downe to deliver ihcm; 
and now come, and I will fend thee,into Egypt. 

3 J This Moics whom they forfockc .Lying, 
Who maiie thee a prince and aiudge > the liame 
God li;nt forapiince.anda de.iverer by the m hand 
of the Angel which appeated to him in the buih. 

36 He ^ brought them out , doing wonders, 
and miracles in the land of Egypt , and in the red 
fen.and inthewiidernefle * fortie yeeres. 

37 4 This is that Mofes, which laid unto the 
children of Ifrael , * A Prophet Ihall the Lord 
your God raife up unto you.evtn of your bre- 
thren, like unto me ; him fnail ye heare. 

38 $ This is he that was in the Congregation, 
in the wildemelfe with the Angel , which to 
him in m.ountSina , and wich our fathers , who re- 
ceived the lively oracks to give unto us. 

39 To whom our fathers would not obey , but 
refufed, nnd in their hearts turned backeagaiae 
into Egypt; 

Chap. ?ij. God dwelleth not in Temples, jr 

40 Saying unto Aaron, r Make us gods that 4- Eipd.^i,,. 

fore us : for we know not what is be- " ^I"' '*^* ttc fu- 

may goe be: 

come of this Mofes thatbrou|.ht us out of theland 

of Egypt ' ?'' 


jftht E. 

. , I . ,1 ,r ■ , ^ , . ^" '*"> wo'Ihicfed 

41 And tneymadeancaltein thc^edayes , and Apuaftrangtand 
offered facrifice unto the idole, and^oyced in the m^'vcilouscaife, 
wot ks of their owne hands. .""* """^f '^""^'^ 

4z Then God turned himfelfe away.and o gave H'^md'^ib 1°^' 
them up tofervethe phoaltof heaven, as itii writ- o Bcingddtuute 
ten in the booke of the Prophets ,§0 h. ufcof If- '"'' voydoftisSpi- 
rael , have ye offred to me (lame bealis & facrihces "' i" ^"^''"'ViS 
by the fpace of fortie yeeres in the wildernefle ? luit.^o «rr.r.p 

43 And ye q tooke up the Tabernacle of Mo- ft»rrei 

loch, and the ftarre of your god Remphan, figures P ythfho«(l«of 
which ye made to woi(b.ip them : therefore I will """f"-^"^^' 

cary you away beyond Babylon. AD^X.buMh * 

44 f Our fitheis had the Tabernacle of ' wit- moor.taudfut 
nefle in the wildernclie , as he had appointed, fpea- and otter ftairef. 
king unto * Mofes , that he (liouldraake it accor- Dtut.17 3. 
ding to the falhion that h- bad feene. | ycT.'olkVi 

4j- + Which faifWitf/e alfo our fathers ("recei- onyourfhoulderi 
ved.andbroughtin wiih lefus into the t polfeffion andcarifd 
of the Gentiles , which God diave out » before our ' *^"^" "^"^ 
fathers, unto the dayes of David : ^^I'^'z ,ba.^«"'t<. 

a6 a- Who found favour before God, and de- callVem batkcto 
filed [hat he might finda tabernacle for the God of >ha' a>t.nt whxh 
lacob. ^' '>*'' '^''"'f "*» 

47 *« But Salomon built him an houfe, ' r iblTis,"'" *he 

48' Howbeit the moft High « dwelleth not in covco"ant.' 
temples made with hands, as (aith the Prophet, * E" ^- «;•♦»• 

49 4( Heaven is my throne, and earth « my '"'"^?>_^" 
footftoole : what houle will ye built for me , faith ^cVlivt-'d'frotn 
the Lord ? or what place is it that I Iboiild reft in ? hand to'hand. 

yo Hath nor mine hand made ail thefe things : [J^^J ,b "t"e"'° 

yi ♦ 7 Ve ftifienecked.nnd of X uncircun-ciied tTun'u't. which tbe 
hearts and e.ires . ye have alwayes relifted the holy Cotiie. poireffcd. 

Ghoft: as your fathers rf/i/ f<j doe you. u G>)d drauethem 

yi Which of th- fiopheis have not your fa 

thers perfecuted?andtliey have llaine them, which ('on^fVbo?^ 

(hewed before of the comming of that luft , of >'""> o"' fajttr., 

whom ye are now the betr.^yers .I'nd murtherers, *'"" ''''1' ""*^ 

5 3 » Which have received the law by the y or- 'I" ''^'"'l",, 

dinancc of Angels, and have not kept it. pfai'ijif. 

54 s Km ^vhen they heard thefe things, their + 1 Chto.i7.i». 

he rs l^ralt for anger, and they gnached at him '••<'"«*<>• 

%vithrfc«>t-eth. T.m l.Tccordir 

y y 9 But he being full of the holy Ghoft , loo- ,o'Grd''com!naDd«. 
ked ftedf-|~Iy into heaven , and faw the glory of inrai bm not wi:h 
Go.',andIeluszftandingattbe ti-ht hand of God, any fu bconditioo. 

5 6 And (aid . Behold . I fee the heavens open . ^.^'^ ;|,o!ltd b"io. 
and the Sonne of man ftanding at the right hand ciofed "herein. 

of God. 4, Chap. 17,14. 

y7 'o Then they gave a fnout with a loud J ^^" *«'■• 
voyce,and flopped their eaces. and » ranneupon * Vjv.n t,"ove'd ' 
him violcnrly aliat once. viita"be'zeaieof 

y8 And caft him out of the cuie , and ftoned Godatiengib 
him : and the b witneifes laid downe their cloathes ["'^k'^'^ bit cwne 
at a yong mans feet, named Saul. x"^TbI are ofvn- 

J9 And they (toned Steven . who called on circuinc"'d°blartf, 

vvbicfa lie drowned 
ftill iHthelinneiof u.iture.and flicke ftli in them.for otberwife all tht lewtswerecir- 
cumcilcd 31 touching y flf(h, and thtrtfoie there wereiwo kindi ofcucumcilioD Rom. 
a.iS. X fciod.i 9 i(S.galai.3, 19 7 By theminilttrieot Aijgeli. 8 Toeroorc Satan 
iiprtOVd, the mere hetbralteibom into an open taje 9 Thcocercr ibat iheMirtyrI 
:hty beholding Cbi lit. 10 life up even into heavtn. 


ng;h into mod open 

the lewei could pirt 

ngtbat it wai not lawfuil 

poriedby lof. that Ana. 

bey (hould 
be pf Oef. 


2 Ready locoiihime him in ihe coofilTioDOl ihr irutr.&to receive bi 

2eale of hyioctitei and fuierlti-ious peojle , breaketh ou 

madnelfe. a, This W3i done in a rage and lutie : fur a. that 

no man to death by Law , at they confelie ttkire J 

for ihfm to put any niao to deain,and therefore it i 

Dui a Sadduce Hew l3nu» the brotoeiof the Loid.and'forfo doing, wa» acciifed before 

AlbiDUi the rrendentofthecoantrey. b It wai appointed oy ih«I. aw • thai the 

«titaeU<> (hou[dcait the lint none;, Deut ij,y. 

GSgi ' G,d, 

Of Simon Maaus. 

The A^es. 

Philip, and the Eunuch. 

II Fii'.hjndchi- G»<< .and fay d, Lord lefus receive my fp'rit. 

lititntvc. fotuke ^-j ,, AnJ he kneeled dowue, and ci-ieil with a 

'JTGoT.r.iw '^^''l voyce.Lord, = lay not this finRe to their 

rfitUft'b.e.ih. charge. Ani when he had fpoken.he i flept. 

c 1 hi irtrd irhich , 

hi ufitl, Uerl mitth cuffuci, .1 ^-.rfoJitUp-H'J^fr Uynf^ to cnt, cijr^'t.t! rcm^inDh 

■' CHAP. VUI. 

» The £fJlj r»itk.t Umcntatinnfor Sie^ien. 3 S aul m.ik^eth h.t- 
i>Ki^« e/iie Church- ; Philip fre.tchtili Chrij} at Sam-nij. 
9 .Simon M4i«s, zi his cclisivufiejl rti-rci-til. teVhUip 17 
<pmmtih taihi Etivfhijti Eunuzh, }% !tr!jb,ti):'^cih h-m. 

A Nj » S.iul confented to his death. And at that 
tiftle , there was a great ptrl^itution againlt the 
Church which was at HieniflUem , and they were all 
fcattered a'orcad thorow the regions of ludea and 
of Samaria-except the Apoltles. 

2 » Then certains men fearing God , a caried 
Steucn ainong then: , to be Luri.'d , and made great 
rb«;io'.T«am''"^ lamentation for him. 

,i.or(lo2uUr 3 3 But Saul made hauocke of th-e Church, and 

i ■StDd'cbarity: entred into euery houfe , and drew out both men 

1,0 min rray- a„d women.and put them into prifon. 
- Anon'"(till'he 4 1 hcrefote they that were fcattered abroad, 
d.ni2 orchari.i- wcnc to and fro preaching the svord. 
wbich.hegodiy j J 4 Then Came Philip into the citicofSama- 

ufr.-betti.nomtn- ,ia,and preachcd ChnUvntothcm. 

t Cbriftuftth.l 
rajf of hiifHr. 
dinKt'orih and cr 
Urging of hii king- 
J Tne gojiy 
mourntfnr Steven 
- aftrr biideaihand 


6 And the 

: heed vnto thofe things 

.uofrelikei o /^i.u l;,. peop;e gaue J 

3 Tie difpernon which I'hilip fpake , with one accord . hearing and 
oifcatiering abroad feeing the miracles which he did. 

of the fai bfuil.i» 7 p^^ vncleane Ipirits crying with a loude 

iteTorchu;!';. voy^e . came out of many that were pofleifed of 

4 phi'ij), whowai them : an J many t:.kenwith palhes^and that halted, 

before a Dea;ou vVSre healed. 

iuH frufaiem , ii g ^^j jj^grg ^^35 orcat ioy in thatcitie. 

inadrof God e'- - '.,-'., 

9 I And there was before in the citie ,acei- 
taine man called Simon, which vfedb witchcraft, 
and '^ bewitched the people of Samaria , faying that 
he himfelfc was fbtEC great man. 

I o To whom they gave heed from the leaft to 
the grcateft , faying , This man is that great power 
of God. 

II And they gave heed unto him , becaufe that 
of long time hce had bewitched them with for- 

wordwbicb ceries. 

it uf.di.Tthi. place ij Hut .liloonc as they beleevcJ I'hilip , which 
wajat iheifitft la- preached the things that concerned the kmgdome 
and°'i!Covl'ed'e..t "!' «"d .and the Name of leHis Chiilt .they were 
ofthePeifiani Ian- baptized both men and women. 

gUJ^e, wbocall i J 

their wife men by was baptized, and Continued with rhilip,antt won- 
«r^?rd'!;AaMa. drcd, when he (kw the fignes and great miracles 

Vrn-in evili parr . which V/eie doUC. 

!4 s 7 Now whenthe Apoflles . wliich wercat 
lerufalem , heard fay ,that Saraaiiahadieceived the 
word of God, they (enr unto them Peter and lohn. 

I y \Vl.i:h when they were come dewn, prayed 
for them, that they might receive the i' hciy Ghoft. 

16 (F(H as yet hee was fallen downe on none 
of thetn , bur they weie baptized onely in the 
Name of the Lord lefiis.) 

17 Then l.iyd they their hand; on them, and 

f Cbriltovercnm. 
jneth Satan fo oft 
ai he luReib ind 
caiieib biw. about 
(lit were in atti 
uin|ib in the light 
of them whom 
be deceived and 

r. He ta.ifo allured 
tbc Satniricaui 
niib bit vvrich. 
I tjfit , tba' atttlind 
U .Tiad hjt-bva'rti 
tis-y \* ere wholly 
C Tie wicked and 
the very rr^rubaie 
«recon!lriin»d uf. 
rime III 

«Then Simon himlcife bcleeved alio , and 

nfthejoojtiftoj^ theyRccived the holy Ghoft. 
,: jpagiir-eforth.^ . ' <» ° Z^''"' when Sim.oii la' 

that through lay- 

i^ng or, of the Apoflics hands the holy Ghoft was 

chi^f. '■gi.vcR, hce ofl'ted them money , 

or fei 

I an' all'l- 
I >Vo.M the 
•ni;i3ny of 

15 Saying, Give me alio this power .that on 

Ai^iHi't, ai:d lotu bifomi'aninn acenrrliTg to the .luiboritie 
^hich wai coTiritrid mio thetr , ttjuftmir and hwild u? thi CbMrthei cfSaniaiia, 
fch.ifi- foundation ha.i bene Ijyd .ifoie by rh: I. [1. </ I htii • .v<tlitai o'f', W^'ch , ire 
.c.e'fjyj .efftiiAt) f>yr them ih.ti yvtrt fo he app:i-i!eili :iit i anil 'aciierncuri ufthe 
'urc'i. t Ambitloo « id c jvetaufse.Tc doe at leog-.b j iuck ihe liyi>ocritei out of 

whomfoev'er L lay the hands \ hee ir.ay receive 'he 

20 9 Then faid Peter unto him ,Thy money 'ucctir!ur»ofSi- 

perifh wi:h thee , becaufe thou thinkeft that the moa Magus.and 

gift of Gotl may be obtained with money. ""^ of s mos Pe- 

21 Thou halt neither part nor fellowflip '" "u\'Tr''iei'lLow' 

this e buiinell'e : for thine heart is not flight in the ja.V.g,. ' 

lightofGod, e loibitdcatioe 

2Z >o Rapent therefore of this ihy wickednes, ^'"''> i Fi"cb. 
and ptay God . that if it be poffible . the thought ,*■ '' '"'7'''' ^ '';•"' 

r I'-'i , r ■ '■ t " deed, and vMihout 

or thine heart may be iorgiven thee. diifembiing. 

2j Fori fee that thou, <.rt in the g gall of bitter, lo wemuiihope 
neiVe, and m the h bond of iniquitie. w'li even of tee 

14 Then anfweied Sirron. and faid , Pray ye to """ ""TV '?. 

lVit 1 ri-i- I ' \ loijg and lo taiie 

the Lord torme ,rhat none orthele things which fufoaivvemay. 
ye have fpoken come upon me. g He taUetb the 

25- S So they , when they had teftTned & proa- '">^*"i niaiiceof 
ched the woid of the Lord .returned to Hierula- '"^^ ''";'• "Vd.'Ji. 

1 J L 1 i_ « r ,1 • , venimous ind devi« 

lem , ana preached the Gofpell in many townes or ij.i, y,icktdn<ire 
the Samaiitanes. were-Aitb th;» 

26 '» Then the Angel of the Lord fpake unto ^^^g''"''^^' . 
Philip, faying, Arife. and goe toward the Sou, h un- ^'^"^"iVoTL.t.'er * 
to the way that goeth dov/ne from Hierulalem u^lvt ..;cdhei.:'aid 
unto Gaza, which is w.iite. to u i- tbe gaiia* 

27 And he arofe aud went oii : and beholde , a "''ougc iJee weie 
certaine Eunuch of Ethiopia , Cand.ices the ^°°'|^,°J'"^_ ^nj 
Q^ieene of the Ethiopians' chiefe Governour, b"ritrtinic. 
who had the rule of all her treafure . and came to h imangied in the 
Hierul'alem to worlhip: baDdtofimquitie. 

28 And as he returned fitting in his charet, hee i"i,f;,",y,;^h^' ' 
read Efaias the Prophet. t^ iuit:th,doetb 

29 Then the Spirit faid unto Philip, Goe neere now ufe phil.p 
and ioyne thy felfe to yonder charet. ^to ttjougbt oq 

30 And Philip ranne thither , and heard him °° {."'^'"ndi'af! 
reade the Prophet Efaias . and fayd , But vnderftan- tii^ the Eaouch a: 
delt thou wh^t thou readeft ? unwarej, a«d by 

SI And he fayd , How can I , except 1 had k a thismeaDe.cnen. 
guide ? And he defired Philip , that he would come t'lll^'^Z'^^L 

up and fit with him. .in!o E^biovia. 

51 "Now tbe place of the Scripture which i Amanof^reat 
he read ,was this ,4* He was ledasa Ihccpetothe wealth andau^ho- 
ilaughter : and like a lambe dumbe before his '^'Jl'^J'^JJ^hi'.wotti 
(hearer, Co opened he not his mputh, Candacei ii a com- 

33 In his 1 humilitie his iudgcment hath bene niuunamete. all the 
exalted • but who ihal! declare his '» generation ; Qj'''""'*^^''"''- 
for his hfe is taken from the earth. il'l: „, „.ki. 

34 Ihenthe Eunuch anlweredPhihp.nndlaid, ^.,yi,a^,ovndet. 
1 pray thee of whom fpeaketh the Prophet this ; iiand it 

ot himfelfe, or of fome other m.m > >i Tb-feibingi 

35" Then Philip opened Ins mouth . and began ,'^'^^'„''^["'7h"'„"^e 
at the fame Scripture, and preached unto him lelus. „" ""„„/ 'as"""!!! 

36 And as they went on their way , they came termeu) arego- 
unto acertaine water , and the Eunuch f.iyd. See, 'vetoed bytheiec* 
here is w.iter, whst doeth let me to be baptized > iTovidence of God. 

37 >3 And Philip fayd unto hiTi.If thou belee- * r.,feHVbJew lext 
veft with all thine heart , thou mayeft. Then he an- ,esd«b it thui, oat 
fweied ,andf'.vd,n 1 belecve that lefus Chrilt o'a narrow iiran. 
is that Sonne of God . m\°"'°!bfjil,v 

38 Then hee commanded the charet toftand ^^".bytbeMrrow 
flill : and they went downe both into the water, itt ait, bemeaueb 
both Philip and the Eunuch, and he baptizrd him. tb' g"" and the 

39 And aflbone as they were come up out of ^"y^;^"'^'^'^ ''"'''' 
the water . the Spirit of the Lord caught away Phi- ,t pu,I.Ihn!luT""' 
lip . that the Eunuch faw him no more : fo he went which wa< i^yd 
on his way rcioycing. uj'o.i him, and the 

' n.u'eriblclUte 

which Cbrift tooke ui'on him, for our faket, in bearioqbii Fathen wrath m Hou» 
long hfj age fliall lail : for Cbtift having oncerifec tromtbe dead dieto nor.iate.RuinO 
6.9- 13 Prof.llicnof faith iiricjufttr in baptizingnf ibeni which are of yeeie* , anJ 
therefore it ii evident that weatenot then fitlttngtafiid iutoChriH.wben we art bap- 
tiird liut bei^g already ingralftd are then toDtirined. n Thefumioeof :hetoofiffi«n 
wbic^ il oeceUUiy fk;i baf (tfme. 

40 But 

Cbrift perfecntei. Saul 


40 But Philip was found at Azotws i and hee 
walked to and fro preaching in all the cities , till 


frcundoftUe Lord: 10 ^naniiiufent li tc bAfti2.e h!m. 
13 The Uyin^ array nflhe lewis, x; hee efi.ipeth,hem^ 
Ut dfVnetUrci'gh lie vetU. 3J Teiercareth tenets 0/ 
ihef^lfte, 3« and iy him Ttttith4 Leiniileud, ^o it 

i-efhred to life. 

I s«ul .'who ;« alio * Mfi I ^ Saul yet a breathing out threatnings and 

Ch"in moft c"ud. flaiighter againft the difciples of the Lofd,went 

ly.whodid ai it UHto the hie Prieft, 

wttc flee before j And dcfired cf him letters to Damadus to 

^'.™'f»''"'"°'^° the Synagogues, that if he found any that were of 

ovnc^ne':Tad«i.h that t' way ', (either men or women) hee might 

a fingular example bring them bound unto Hictulalem. 

of the goodaeifc j fjow as he iourneyed , it came to paffe that 

ofGod.infteadeof ^^ j^gg ^^,_^j ^^j^g neerc tii) Damafcus , J liiddenly 

he'iuiHyd"'''"^*'^ '^^ flamed round about him a light from 

for his ctueltie , i» heavCP, 

not only received 4 And he fell to the earth , and heard a voyce 
I"ft.™eTb'"tb« ^^>''"8 to hira , Saul . Saul . why perfecutcft thou 

ffiou!hrfGldap. mec? ,. ^., , . , T J A 4U 

poiDted an Apo- jT And He laid , Who art thou , Lord ? And the 

lile.acd isconfit- Lord faid , I am lefus whom thou perlecutell : it is 

ined by the m-iBu <. j^^^j.^ f^^. ^^^^ ^^ ^-^^^^ againft ptickes. 

of Ana" a.'' 6 He r;;f« both trembling and aftonied.fnid. 

« Kom.9.3. Lord, what wilt thou that I doe ? And the Lord 

galat 1.13. faid unto him , Arifcs.Tndgoe into the citie, and it 

"h ^^Sau"ftom«ke ^^^^^ ^'^ ^^'^^ ^^^^ ^''^' ''''^" '^^^'^ '^'^^'^ 

boyledandeaitout 7 The men alfo which youmcycd with him, 
gieattbrearningi ^ ftood amafcd , hearing Lis " voyce , but feeing no 

toitiHrderihedif- man. 

«^'P'"- j.|.(.^ 8 And Saul arofe from thegrounJ , andope- 

which a "aD-akt'ih ned his eyes , but fawe no man. Then led they him 
himfehe uoto.ihe by the hand, and brought him into Daraalcus, 
irweicailaway. j> Where hee w^s three dayes without iight, 
* Chap.2i.6. andVieithtratenordrankc. 

cTh/si'ia'provtrfae ^o And there was a certaJHe difciple at Da- 
vitichiifpokenof mafcus named Ananias , and to him faid the Lord 
them that thrt.uBh jn g vifioH , Ananias And hee fdid, Behold, lam 

fjl'vei "" ' *"" ' ' Then the Lord faid unto him, Arife.snd go 

d Stood dill anJ into the ftreete which is called Straight , and leeke 
could o..t go- oue in [he houR- of ludas after one called Saul of 
fttpfoi ward but f -j-jj-iiis ; for behold, he prayeth. 
thev bad bene very '^ ( And he (aw m a vilion a nwn named Ana- 
ftonu. nias comming in to lira , ar.d putting his hands on 

e Tley heard rau]» him that he nightreccive his iight.) 
voyce r fc rafter- ^ ^ Then Anani s anfvvL'red.Lord.I haveheard 

fll" ring"th« "* ^y ™'^"y of this man , huw much evill he hath done 
they hraid not bii to thy S<.in;s at Hienilalem, 
.Toyce thitfpakf.-j ,4 Moreover here hee hath authoritie of the 
'?'"Bn!'oth«' oe ^"^ Triefts/o binde all that call on thy Name, 
ihou! tofet'tb"fe°* ' 5 Then the Lord ftid unto him.Goc thy way: 
places at one which for he is a g choicn vefllll unto mee , to bcare my 
feemeiobeata Name befoic the Gentiles, and Kings, and the 
"'"it°?b"'th''"°"' children of Ifrael. 

"ea^tafcald ofa ^^ For I will '' flicw him, how many things he 
voyce.but no fer- muft fuflet for my Names fake, 
fitvo;, ce. 1 y Then Ananias went his way , and entred in- 

*"fcTllcL'"n.«e™'!'^° ' ^^^^ houfe.and put his handes onhim , and 
to At:c'hiala,'wb"°h f^-'^'^ > Brother Saul , the Lord hath fentmec (evtn 
tua ciciciSardana. Icfrs that appeared unto thee in the way as thou 
pjiui ii (aid to have camel}) that thou mighteft receive thy fight , and 
''""oLTem'"' ^'^ ^'''^"^ wiihihe holy Ghoft. 
* Dam° in!'""" ' ^ ^^'^ immcdiatly there fell from his eyes as 

^ h I wii'l fcew him it had bene fcales ■ and fuddendy he received light, 
pUinely sndarofe.and was baptized, 

i intoiudaibii ^^ And receivedtrxate, and was flrepgthened. 

ix. conveftcd, preacheth Chrift, j2 

So was Saul cenaine dayes with the difciples 
which were at I^amafcus. 

JO a And ftaightway hee preached Chi id in 
the Synagi;gues,that Itf was that Sonne of Goii. * ^'"' begioneth 

21 So that all thatteard him were amafed , and el^ 
faid , Is no this hee , that made i^ocke of them which w«scnioy, 
which called on this Name in Hierulalera, and came ntdfeim,ntver 
hither for that intent , that he fliouki brino; them '°?,^"'"j?.,'^''i'' 
bound unto tl-ie hie Priefts ? 3 Taui ftriv °,b' 

12 3 But Saul eticreafcJ the more in ftrength, uotwirhhii..wi.(? 
and confounded the lewes which dwelt at Da- auth-ri.iea'oor, 
mafcus, * conhrrairg that this was that ChriiV *"' with the triti. 

23 4 And after that many dayes were fJ^illed, iTf""!,"" ' * 
the lewes tooke counfell ro kill him, k By conferring 

24 Hut their laying awaite was knowen of p'a«j ofihe Scrip- 
Saul : now they 4. watched the sates day and "'"?°8'"''";*t- 
night, that they tnight kill him. ;. \ drXTbtf"" 

2y J Then the di;Cip!es tooke him by night, Make upanythiog, 
and put him through the wall , and let him aowne they ufeto gather 
by a rope in a basket. all pant together, 

26 s And when Saul was come to Hierufalem,fi^IJ"J.^."^°|l" 
hee aflayed to ioyne himfelfe with the difciples : other. 

but they were all afraid of him , and beleeved hoc 4 raulwhowan 
that he was a difciple. '"■'^°"' ^ F"'«'"»- 

27 But Barnabas tooke hira . and brought him '^^ "°J^"' 
to the Apoftles , and declared to them , how he had r^,e himfelfe- bxt 
feene the Lord in the way , and that he had fpoken yet a farre off. 
unto him .and how he had fpoken boldly at Da- *"' » Cot'i.ji. 
mafcus in the Name of lefus. biddla'" vli'dT 

28 7 And .hee was converfant 1 withthemat aadcfchewthe 

Hierufalem. dangevsandcoo- 

19 And fpake boldly in the Name of the Lotd ''p'"'^'" '^« ''■« 
lefus .and fpake and dilputedagainlt the m Greci- uyTor u° fc°h»t 
ans ; but they went about to flay hira. wer r^aive net 

30 s But when the brethren kneweit.they from our vocation, 
brought him to Cefarea.and feat him foorth to * i" ancient 
Tarfus. 'aQ-y'o'rTi\TiT 

31 9 Then had the Chuisbes reft through all recei!ed'into the 
Iuilea,and Galile.and Samiaria.and were u tdi- numbetafand 
hcd , and walked in the feare of the Lord , and a'r">n?t ''^'""'1!.* 
were multiplied ry the comfort of the holy °i'£t"?aitrr ' 

Ghoft. y Theccnftaat 

32 '"And it came ro paffe ,as Peter walked fetvanLsof goJ 
throughout all <7rMrffrx, hecamealfo to the iaincs muiHookefor 
which dwelt at LycKia. ''^"S" '/"/''T.^h, 

, . 1 u ' 1 r 1 • , ser:yei God vsaich. 

33 And there he lound a certaine man named j;h for them. 
Aeneas , which had kept his couch eight yecics, I WitbPeieraod 
and was litkeof the pailie. ii.nej.fcrte faith 

34 Then faid Petet unto him . Aeneas . lefus ^f''i,^/A'rilUs"hut 
Chrift maketh thee whole : arife and trulle thy ,hein'Gal°i, 
couch togeiher. AnJhearofeimmediatly. m LookeChap.«.i. 

3y And .nil ihu dwelt at o Lydda and Saron, STceminiiters 
faw him , and turned to the Lord. °l ''" ^'°'!* '",^J„ 

. „, ,r. ■ chanse their place, 

36 "There was alto at loppaa certaine x«i'9- byibeadvifraod 
miw , a difciple named Tabitha , (which by inter- touoftil of the 
pietation is called Dorcas) Ihee was full of good congregation aud 
workes and almes which (lie did. ^'"jhe end of p«. 

37 And it came to paffe in thofe dayes .that f'cutionittbe 
(lie was ficke and died : and when they hadwa- buidingofihe 
Ihedher, they laid her in an vpper chamber. ciur.h .fothai vt« 

3 8 Now torafmuch as Lydda was neere to lop- wiU patiemly wait 
pa , and the difciples had heard that Peter waSj^ This isa b'orro- 
there.they Cent unto him two men .deliring that wedkindoffp«'-b, 
he would not delay to come unto them, w''''^'' iigmfie.h 

I Peteri Apoftleftiip i« conf nred by healingoftbemao tbatwaifickeofthe palfie. 
o lydda vvaj a citie of PaleC.ioe.aud S;roaaCham| ioncoiintrey and a placeof good 
paflurJge bf(wecne Cefarea of Pa'tiline and the mouBtsine Tabor , and the lake of 
Cenfiatetb which ex:endeth iifelfe in great length beyond lopja. ji rtitrdech- 
letb fvidrotly by rsi/ing up a dead body through tbeNa-ine ofCbtift;ibathepte.itij«h 
tbe glad tiding) uf life, 

G g g 4 39 Tken 

The dead raifed. Peters vifion 

The A<aes. 

He is (ent to Cornelius. 

39 Then Peter arofe and came with thera : and 
wV.en h-- was ccme , they brought him into the up- 
per chamber , where all the wijowes ftood by him 
weeping, and Ihewing thp coates and ^'.tmems, 
which Dorcasmade , while ihe was with tncm. 

40 But feer put them all foorth , and kneeled 
dovine.and preyed ,rnd turned him, to the bodie, 
and faid , Tabitha, arife. And ihe opened her eyes, 
and when fl-.e faw Veter, fate vp. 

41 Then he gave her the hand, and lift her up, 
and called the Saints and widowes , and reftored 
her aU-'e. 

4i^'And it was knowcn throughout alHoppa, 
and many beleeved in the Lord. 

43 And it came to pafle , that he taried many 
dayes in loppa with one Simon a Tanner. 

I Cnnelius, 4 of f/«f sAnitU ccmmaiJemenl , f findelhf^ 
VtUr. II Whi> alfi h " >"/J«> 1 f. »o " '''<'l>'' "" " •''• 
fpi/i the Crniilti. 34 Hf prctcheih the C^ftll la Corntlias 
anJhukuJh.ld. 4J Whuh^lingreceiiiedihtheiyChcfi. 
<7 uretafiUeJ. 

■p Urthermote ' there was a certaine man in Ce- 
^ farea called C( 
called the Inlian Otttid^ 

1 A a devout man , and one that feared God 
with b all his houll-iold, which gave much almes 
to the people, and prayed G.'d continually. 

3 He law in a vifion evidently (about the ninth 
houre of the day) an Ang.'il ot God comrainj; in 

come up into 

» r<t«r conrfcrat. 
oftbr Geo ilr»to 
G^d by [be meaot 

a Soibai hr wor. 

and wainoidolj- 
trr DH.b.rc.'uId 
be voideoffaiiblD 
Cbriil becaufebe 

h"»> ye"ht kn"w 'O him. and laying unto him, Cornchus, 

not that he wa» 4 Hut when he looked on him , he was afrayd, 

conw. andfdiJ , cvvhatisit. Lord ?andhefaiduntohim, 

b Thii ii a grMt .j-j, -r^yeis and thine almes are 

ihii nan that he ' r(.merr.brance oetore God. 

lahouredtohavcall J Now therefore fend men to loppa , and call 

hit houfhold and for Simon, whofejurname is I'eter. 

■rulmtln« J*,,' be ^ He lodgeth'^th one S imon a Tanner, whofe 

Kli"o«wDd godly, houle is by the tea fide : hee flwll tell thee what 

c WhatvMlirhcu thou oughteft to doe. 

vtiihme,Lo.d?for -, y^pj ^hen the Angel which fpake unto 

toiiV^e'' ""' Cornelius . was departed , he cilled two of his fer- 

d Thi. ii a borowed vants , and a ("oulditr that feared God , one of them 

kindof fv>itcb, that waited on him, 

whicl ,hen-brewti g ^^y^ joidg jhem all things ,and fent them to 

ale very miicb. ta- •, *=■ 

k.n.rL.fac,ifi«„ I'^ppa. 

aKdajiiiiiediopray. 9 On the morow as they went on their lour- 
«ri : font i»faid of nev , and drew neere unto the citic , I'eter went up 
wholrbutn, facri- up^,, ^l^^ houle to pray about the lixr houre. 

I O Then waxc-d he an hundred, and would have 

ficei ..battt'efinnke 

• ^ih ut'intoGodi eaten ; but wliile they made yiwf rl.;«greadie ,he 

,arel.:fodoeour " •' " 
, .jyrn ai a r<Airtie 
wbicb the Loid 
cake.hgieai plcl- 
fuff in. 

c Tbaiii info 
noifuffc' G'd at it 
were luf'.r^ei ibee: 
fcr fodorih the 

I pra'tle 


11 And he Civic heaven opened , and a certaine 
veflcl come duwne unto him , as it had bene a 
great il.ccre , knit at the g foure corners > and was 
led downe of the earth. 

I 2 Wherein were h all maner of • foure footed 
beaftcs of the earth , and wilde beaftts and" k tree- 
ping things, and foules of the heaven. 

1 3 And there came a voyce to him , Arife, Pe- 
ter : kill, anJeste. 

14 » Rut Peter faid,Notfo,Lord : fori have ne- 

do«, wi:b IkIc 

children, when ilipy fMnwibeiriohguei 10 f.,eak». f For ihcugh Peter ftand not 

amiftd as one ihat ii toufueiyed . bui talkrtb witb God ,and is inltiufted inhiimy 
flerici, y»t bi) inindt v»a» fairr o:bi-t«n<<- thru it «a« wiintto be. butdiorly returned 
to ills oldf bent g So ibat u fecinrd to lir a fciiri- fquarcdieete. h Heieiitbn 

word , All) wh'ch MRcrerall jlainely p.-i: tot an ind-hnite and vncertaine ,ihai ii to 
fay foffnmeofallfottinot f.iall of evrrv lorr . i That ii, lucB ai were mttte for 
maDSiyfe. k Wbai itiiieani i^ ihefe'cteei,!- j -ningt I,o<*e r.nit ii- a Peter pto- 
iiretb dayly in the kaowledge of tbebeoebiut ChrtI) ,yea .aficiibactic kadieccivcd 

ver eaten any thing that is polluted, or vncleane. 

If And the voyce fpake vnto him a<;;aine the 
fecond time, The things that God hath' purified, 
1 pollute thou not. 

16 This was fo done thrife : and the veffell wr.s 
drawcn up againe into heaven. 

1 7 I Nowe while Peter doubted inhimfelfe 
what this vilionwhich hee had feene, meant, be- 
hold , the men which were fent from Cornelius, 
had inquired for Simons houfe , and ftoode at the 

18 And called .and asked, whether Simon, 
which was furnaraed Peter, were lodged there. 

J 9 And while Peter thought on the vifion, the 
Spirit faide unto him , Bcholde , three men (eeke 

20 Arife therefore, and get thee downe , and 
»oe with them , and doupt nothing : for I have 
lent them. 

ii J Then Peter went downe to the men, 
which were lent unto him from Cornelius , and 
faid, Behold ,1 am he whom yee feeke : what is the 
caule wherefore ye are come ? 

22 And they laid, Cornelius the captaine,aiuft 
maH,and one that feareth God , and of good re- 
port among alJ the nation of the lewes , was war- 
net! from heaven by an holy Angel to fend for 
thee into his houfe, and to heare thy words. 

23 Then called he them in , and lodged them : 
and the next day , Peter went foorth with them., 
and certaine brethren from loppa accompanied 

24 J And the day after .they entred into Ce- 
farea. Nowe Cornelius waited for them , and 
had called together his kinfmen , and fpeciall 

2 J 3 And it came to pafle as Peter came in.thai 
Cornelius met him , and fell downe at his feet . and 
worfliipped him. 

26 But Peter tooke him up , faying . Stand up : 
for even I my felfe am a man. 

27 And as he talked with him , he came in, and 
found many that were come together. 

2 8 And he faid unto them , Yee know that it is 
an vnlawfuU thing for a man that is a lew , to com- 
pany ,or come unto one of another nation : but 
God hath Ihewed me , that 1 thould not call any 
man polluted, or vncleane. 

29 Therefore came I unto you without faying 
nay , when I was fent for. I aske therefore, for what 
intent have ye lent for me ? 

30 Then Cornelius laid , Foure d.iyes agoe, 
about 1" this houre , I t.ifted, and at the ninth houre 
I prayed in mine houfe , and beholde , a man flood 
betuic ir.e in bright cloathing. 

3 1 4 And faid , Cornelius , thy pr.'.yer is heard, 
and thine almes are had in remembrance in the 
light of God. , 

32 s Send therefore to loppa, and call for 
Simon , whole (urname is Peticr , (hee is lod- 
ged in rhe houfe of Simon a Tenner by the Sea 
lule) who when he commeth , Ihall Ipeake unto 

3 3 Then fend I for thee immediarly , and thtxi 
haH well done to come. Now therefore are we all 
here prefent before God to heare all things that 
are commanded thee of (jcd. 

34 6 Then Peter opened W/ mouth .aiid faid. 
Of a trueth I perceive , that" * God is no accepter 
of perfons. 

35 But 

3 Reli'giouladc. 
xatioD or Aorthip 
agreeth onelyto 
worfliip is given 
the word ahhnugh 
not wiihoui danger, 
m Htmeanrihnel 
the fclf fume h^ure, 
tw ,kt Ukt , thai i,. 
about nJne of rhe 
€lcci{ ttt tther dar , 
aiii -rras'thtn niiil 
rrhen he fpitki to 

4 Corneliu. faith 
ihe^nh foor h it 
felfcby prayer and 

5 As faith com. 
ineih by hearing, 
fo iiitm.urilhed 
and gioweihuf 

6 Dlllina.onof 

away bytbccoin- 



ly ftcnc by fai h 

and ligbieuufnei, 

who i» agreeable 



n CcJiudi. 

(ihrtfi isfrerihe 

tutWtird AjyftA- 

% reut. 10, 17. 
34,19. ram.i.ii. 
^uL 1,6. eph^f.t.s, 
tolcfi. 3 .»J. 
i.ftt. 1,17. 

Peters fermon : His 

Chap. xj. 

faith is examined, f^ 

O Sjthtftartif't Hehiwei 
tn<ler,1and iht 

Ccd •• rvhtrth w< 
ftrctiVt that Cor- 
ntliftrvat net I'M 
ff faith, nomtre 
then thej TPfre 
Chrijltiimt: .md 
thtreftrt thty dt-ile 
luild freparatiie 

upon ihii f'ltct. 
p CcdiaVe the Jf- 
rattiiestt under- 
ftand , ihat yrhcfie- 
lier lil/fth godl; , it 
aictpiiible to Cod, 
tf-nhut nation fe. 
rtitr he te , for het 
f reached peace te 
men through Jrfut 
Chrifl, nho i' J-nd 
not cf one nation 
tnely , that it of the 
7 Thefumme of 
tbtGofi>fll ( whicb 
Iballb; made ma- 
nifcft at the Utter 
himftJfe (hall fit at 
iutlgc both ofthe 
quicke ^nddirail) 
ii tbii.cbatCh'rill 
proniifed to the 
Filbert, and exhi. 
bited io hit time 
with the migh:ie 
power of God, 
(which 4«;at by all 
meatiei {hewed ) 
■ad at length cru- 
ciiied to reconcile 
ui to God, did rife 
agaioe the third 
day , iha: wbofoe- 

3 { But in every nation hee that o feareth him, 
and workt;th righteoulhelVe, is accepted with him. 

56 Ye p knowe the word which God hath feRt 
to the children of Ilrael , preaching peace by leliii 
Chrit^ , which is Lord of all : . 

}7 7 Even the worde which came through ail 
ludea , <. beginning in Galile , after the Bipnime 
which lohn preached : 

38 To wit, how God qanoinredlefus of Na- 
zareth with the hoiy Ght.ft.and with power : who 
went about doing good , and healing .all that were 
opprefled ofthe devil! : for God waswith him. 

3 9 And we are witnelV-s of all things which he 
did both in the land of the lewes, and in Hierula- 
lem.whome they flew, hanging him on a tree. 

40 Him God raifed up the third day, and can- 
fed that he was fliewed openly : 

4 I Not to all the people, but unto the witnef- 
fes r chofen before oiGoA,even to us whigh did eat 
and drinke with him , afcer he arofe from the dead. 

4z And hee commanded us to preach unto the 
people, andtoteftihe , that it is he that is ordained 
of God a iudge ofquicke and dead. 

43 To him alio give all the ^Prophets witnes, 
that through his Name al that beleeve in him, ifeall 
receive remiffion of iinnes. 

44 8 while Peter yet fpakethefewordes, the 
holy Ghoft fell on all them which heard the word; 

4 y So they ofthe circumcilion.which beleeved, 
were many as came w ith 1 eter, becai^fe 
that on the Gentiles alio was powred out the gift 
ofthe holy Ghoft. 

46 For they heard them fpeake with tongues, 
and magnifie God, Then anfwered Peter, 

47 9 Can any man forbidde water , that thefe 
ftu'uld not be baptized , which have received the 
holy Ghoft, as wellas we ? 

45 So' he commanded them to be baptized in 
the Name of the Lord. Then prayed they him to 

him (houldbefavedthroupb tbeiemiflicinofllnaei. •$• Luke4, 14. q Thisflilei] 
taken from an olJccullomeof the Itwet.wbo vffd to anoint tfctiiKingi and Prleltei, 
wbejeupoait grow tocall ihcm anointed, apon whomeGod befiowed gir'tn& veriuei. 
f Thitcbuhogof t^eAponlcl it properly givrn toCod.fcr tbjughGid be pieliHen: la 
the lawfnl) ele&ioD of minilters. yei fteie ii in tbii place a fccrei oppofition and fettiog 
ofGodt chtifiag , and meoivoiceitbc ooeagaioft the other, fjr the Apoftlfiare im- 
mediatly appointed of God ,and the Church Misifletiby wram-s. •f Irre.31,34. 
mica. 7, 18 cbap. i{ 8. 8 The Spiriteot Godfcaleih that ia the heart of the 

bearers , which the minifter ol the wotd fptakeib by the commandement of God , 
ai itapptarethby theetreftf 9 Bapilme do-.b not fanftihe ormake ibem holy 

which leceive it, but fealeth up and confimeth their fanaification. 


^fedfiT ^cm^tothe CeniHet, s iefende:h 
I EamaliUiiifenlto^n'iochia, 16 nhere 
ailed Ch'^fliittn : aS and there ^i*h»s 

Feltr htinp ac 

I Peter bei 
preheiidtrdof the 
unlkiifui and ig- 
aorani , do'fa tu>t 
ohieA tba: bee 
ought not 10 be 
iudgedof any, btu 
«t'enly givethan 
•ccouot ofhij 
doing . 

g XT O* ' ^^^ Apofllesandthe brethren that were 
'.'•* i-^ in ludea , heard , that the Gentiles iiad alfo re- 
ceived the word of God. 

z And when Peter come nptoHienifa- 
lem .they ofthe circumcifion contended againft 

3 Saying,Thou wenteft in to men uncircumci- 
fed, and haii eaten with them. 

4 Then Peter beg.-'.o, and expounded rfcf f/wwj 
in order to them, faying, 

y I wjs in the citie of loppa, praying, and in a 
trance I lawe »^.irvition, Acertainc veii'eli com- 
ming dowr.e as ithad heene a great (heete , let 
dawnefrom heaven by the fome cotu;rs , a.nd it 
catDe to tee. 

6 To«?'arde the whl.h when 1 had faPxncd 
mine eyes ,i cor.fidered, '.nJ faw fourefoored hearts 
ofthe e.,nh,and wili beafts , and creeping thing,. 
and fuules of the heaven. 

7 Al'o I heurda voile, %ing unco me , Ariie, 
Perer : ihyandeate. ^ 

8 And I fjid , God forbid. Lord , for nothing 
polluted or uncleatie hath at any time entred into 
my mouth, 

9 But the voice anfwered me the fecond time 
from heaven. The things that God hath purineu, 
pollute thou not. 

10 And this was done three day es, and al^ere 
taken up againe into heaven. 

1 1 Then beho!de,iraraediatly thete were three 
men alreadie come unco the houfe where I was, 
fenc from Cefaiea unto me. 

ii AndtheSpiiit faid unto me , that I (hould 
go with them, without doubting : mofeover,thefe 
lixe brethren came with me , and wee cntrcd into 
the nians houfe. 

13 AndheilieweduSjhowhehadfeenean An- 
gel in his houfeAvhich flood and laid to him.Send 
men to loppa , and call for Simon , whole furname 
is Peter. 

1 4 He fl--all fpeake wordes unto thee,whereby 
both thou and chine houfe iiidU be laved. 

ly And as I began to fpeake, the holy Ghoft 
fell on them, "J. even as upon us at the beginning. " Cbap.^. 

'6 Then-I temembred the word ofthe Lord, a cban , r 
how hee laid ,:§ lohn baptized '^ithwater.butyee andi»i- 
flialbe baptized with the holy Ghoft. mat.b.3,11. 

17 For as much then as God gave them a like 7'"'^'' '''• 
gift , as he did unto us , when wee beleeved in the j^hn i !j6 ' 
Lord lelus Chrift , whe was I , that 1 could let 

God ? 1 Suchaiaiftea 

18 » when they her.rd thefe things, they helde qseiuoo ofthe 
their peace, and gloriired God .Jaying, Then hath l""-^ wdicbtbe, 

/-^ 1 ir I ,. •• 1 know nor cusbt 

God al;o to cheGentiics graunted repentance unto ,(, 1,^ ^yj^i * 

lite. hejrd.andmuftal- 

l5» ^ 3 And they which were * fcattered abroad fo quietly yeeld to 
becaufe ofthe afflidion that arofe about Steven, 'h'rtlf""""' 
went throughout till they came unto Phenice , and ^ ^^^ fcatteiing 
Cyprus.and* Antiochia.preachingthc word to no abroad oftbe 
man, but unto the lewes oiiely. * • Church of Hitru- 

20 4 Now feme of them were men of Cyprus o^'/'tV^g^'b^""'^' 
and of Cyrene , which when they were come into t°oge:teTof"aoy ' 
Antiochia, fpake unto the Grecians, and preached otQtrChurcbta. 
the Lord lelus. * Cbap 8,1. 

z I And ;hc hand ofthe Lord was with them, ' "' ^''^^fw 
r ^i. . II, , , . A.ntiocbia whicn 

lotnatagreat number beleeved and turned unto waiio Syria and- 

the Lord. bordered upon Ci- 

21 y Then tidings of thofe things came itnto '''^i'- 

the earesof the Chuich, which was in Hierufalem, ^„J^^* ^e'^n^w"^ 
and they fent foorth Barnabas .that he Ihouid goe Hrerfai-.ttrof^he- 

unto Antiochia. Gentiles was ex- 

23 who when hee was come and hadfeene ■"""^''■-^'i't':'"**- 
the grace of God , was glad, and -exhorted all. thar jj^ n'j,*^^''-]!!" 
with purpofe of heart tney would continue in the co°udema?offbe 

Lord. tra,.r.iiaarievo. 

14 Forhe was a good man, and full ofthe ho- "'''"- ''^■yt 
ly Ghoft. and faith and much people ioyaed them- llU'f^f^^ "'''' 
Iclves unto the Lord. "'Jihere wa»no^ 

zy J * Then departed Barnabas toTarfus to coott-ntion am<;ngflt 

feekeSaul: .heAp-ltleSel:her 

26 And when hee had found him.hee brought °' .'■''"'i'-, « • °'°f 

J. A ■ u- 1- ,r ° holrtiQg placet, aflch 

nim unto Antiochia :andxc came to palfc thaca dig;„,. 
whoic ysre they were converfant with rlv- Chiirch, 
and taught much piopie, inlom.iirh thjt the diki- 
pies were hrft called Chriftians m Anciothia. 

17 7 let 

Hcrod.s tyianrtfe. Peter delivered 

The A^cs. 

out of prifbn. Elymas 

C.<ii rib vkith:he 

7G.d<)otbro 17 7 In thofed-iyesalfo came Prophets from 

"I''"' . Hivrufalcm unto AntiociiM. 

,- ktd in fai. 18 An.l th.-TC lh>c.< iip out of them named A- 

Si",igV>..>i {rabus.^.nd fignifii;.! by thij Spiricihac there Ihould 

yiijueswfcichhe \-c <;reat f.^muie throu|;hout aUihe worlJ .which 

(f nrtrtb up'.B iht allb^ca me t^alVe under Claudius Celar. 

"i'bi'andiuThe ■ ^9 * 'r'^^" ^''^ diCciples every man accordinj^ to 

P^vuie.h f«i it his abilitie . puipofed to fend b {"uccour unto the 

conv«oifi.t!y. brethren uhjch dwelt in ludea. 

8 AilCjngreiJ- ^^ Which thif.g they alio did and fentic to'°o« b^^^i" the tlders by the hand of liamabas and Saul. 

b TbatiJ, ibat ^ 

tbtrtof :bt I)raconi inighVluocouT the poote : for it behooved to baveall tbefe thipg! 
done orderly, aod dtctn:ly, and tbftefcie it iifjyd , that ihey fcDt ibefcibiugs to the 
Ktdtrii tDit 111 10 the goverasuKof'ibe Cbiucb. 


1 Btrcd ki'dtth lames yvilh ihtfivrd. 4 ^nd imfiifineth 
liter, 8 rrhcme iht x^)7i«e!l del'l/ireih. 20 Hefd bein^ 
rffended-ni'litkmffTjrut, li hpMi/ied.- iz .yin'd 

t4k.'n^'l'eli(y/ioar dueic Ccd,to him/elft, 13 he ii eaitn 
ttiih roirtnes, and/odjcth. 

ibur°t a'trit^but N *^* ' '^^""^ ^^^^ """^ ' * ^^^°'^ '^^ "^'"^ ^^^^' 

for'aiiitttimt.. ched foorth /.M haadto vexc certaineof the 

a Tbit name Herod Church, 

v» to ill ^ ^^^j ^^ b kJUed lamcs the brother of John 

:h^«ociVorH^twKhthefw. ,.,,,,, 

Arcalonitei , wbofe 3 » And when he (aw that u pleafed the lewes, 

fuiname wai Mag- hee proceeded fuiiher , to t^ke I'eter alio (then 

r.iii : '='"''" !^-" " were the dayes of unleavened bread. ) 

Sm^t^H^or' 4 3 And when he had caught him, he put him 

the ;rest fr.nii»to in prilon , and delivereti him to foure quarernions 

Aritiobului.and of iouldiours to be kept, iniending after the Paife- 

fatbi r to '^'^' A- ^ over to bdng bim foonh to the people. 

k"i'at'a"tr'w-» V J * ^o Fcter kept in prilon , but earneft 

b V"iclrntiy,h prayer was made of the Chuich unto God forhim. 

ciufebeingoot 6 And when Herod would have brought him 

""" -^'"Z]^ cj out unto the people, the fame night ikptPeter bc- 

Jiion'ofiyrintt 10 tvreene two (ouldiouis, bound with two chaincs, 

proturetbe favour and the keepers before the doore , kept the prilon. 

ot'tbe wicked, y 4. And behold, the Angell of the Lord Came 

'J*''" *,' ^^°°-^ "^ upon them . and a light Ihined in the c houfe , and 

3 T« tyr?nt« *"'C fmote Peter on the lide , and raifcd him up, fay- 

aod wicked make ing, Atile quickcly. And his chaines fell otf from 

aRalouiforibein- /.,> li;nds. 

^'he'a'h? f'" ^ '^"'' t^^ ^"^'"' ''^''' ""tohim.Gird thy felfe, 

mo"accr''rding to "nd bind On thy landalcs. And fo he did. Then hee 
tbcirowuewiii laid unio him , Caft thy garment about thee, and 

and fanLifie. fcllowme. 

tb7''odrov'r-*''^ 9 SoPi-ffr came out and followed him , and 

tur«ttecouiiWl knewe not that it was true, which was done by the 

cftyrantKcbtaine Angcl.but thought he had fcenc a vilion. 

AnpelittfGcd jq fjow wheii they Were palt the hrtt and the 

brcjkf the 1 11 un, jij(.Q„j ^vjtj^h thcy Came unto the yion gate that 

uoicole Lbaiaci, ,ii_ , •• u-l 11 

put Satan to flight, Icadeth unto the citie, which opened to them 

and pttfervethe by it owne accord , and they went out , and palled 

*^''""-''- through one llreet.and by and by the Angel depar- 

^i^'beVrilo'.'. ted from him. 

f Hoiymeetinj; II f And when Peter was comc to himfelfe, 

iiiiheniihtai wfM he faid.Now 1 know fcra tin h, that the Lord hath 

ofmenaiw.mta fgnt his Angel, and hath dcluered meoucofthe 

rl^ b?f'. ff/.e'd'iti hand of Herud, and from all the waning for of the 

tbeday tiint j an people of the lewCS- 

allowable by the li f And as he confidered f/je tAw^ , hcc came 

"'Til'! °^''" ^° ^^^ '^"^^''^ °* i-Uny, the mother ot lohn , whofe 
«' vv-'obialne fumame was Markc , where many were gathered 
niortnt God, then together, and prayed. 

we dare well hoi>e ]j 6 And when I'etcr knocked at the entrie 
Ij"" . , Hoore , a maidc <i came fotjrth to hearken , nameit 

lhe;.?bryw';r. Rllode. 

afftmbied but Bot 1 4 But when ihe knew Peters voicc.fliee ope- 
out of the hou.'e. ned not the entrie a'oore f(4- gladnelTe , but ranne 
in, and told how I'eier hood bcTure the entrie. 

I J' But they faid unto her , Thon art mad. Yet 
fiie affirmed it conftantly , that it was fo. Then fa-id 
they, It is his Angel. 

1 6 But Peter continued knocking , and wheti 
they had opened it , and law him , they were afto- 

17 7 And he beckened unto them with the hand, ^j J^.'gfvVpT.Te' 
to hold their peace , and told them how the LokI to tbetj|e of the 
had brought him ouiof the prifon. And hee faid, wicked, but yet 
Gocdiew thefe things unto lames and tothebre- fo'hatourdiii. 

place. _ bufiutlTe.benota' 1 

18 5 8 Now aflboneas it was day .there was whit ftackened. 
no fmall trouble amon"; the iouldiours .what was * Eviilcounfeil 
become of Peter. , eadto.hehurtof 

19 And when Herod had fought for him, and thedevif«nofit. 
found him not.liee examined the keepers. 8c com- 
manded them to be led to be punUhed. And hee 

went d«iwne from ludea to Cefarea , and time a- 

20 9 Then Herod was angiie with them oiTy- , ^ mifertble 
rus and Sidon , but they came all with one accorde aod (himefulle*. 
unto him.andperfwadcdBiallus the Kings Cham- ample o*"''";"^ 
berlaine, Sc thcydehrcd peace.becaui'e their coun- °;[,'cnurch'" ° 
trey was nomiihed by the Kings land- ■ ,o rheflatterie 

z\ And upon a d.iy appointed , Herod arayed of the people, ina. 
hirrifelfe in royail apparell , and fate on the iudge- keth fooIe» faioe. 
ment (cat, and made an oration unto them. 'j^'^ moud! ' " 

22 10 And the people gave a ihouic . ftjiin£, , "lofephusrecoi- 
The voice of God,and notolman. deih,tha.t'hi»king 

23 II But immediatly the Angellof the Lord didDotrepreiTe- 
fmote him , becaule hef? gave not glorie unto God, 'o° ''u„^"'"iher<. 
io that hee was earen ot.womies, and gave up the foreathudeash 

ghoft. hecompl«itii-d and 

24 >» And the f word of God grew and raulti- cryedo.t of their 

Vh'^^- „ , j^ , ,r „. Tr^'ranr. build 

2y So Barnabas and Saul returned tvom Hieru- up ,hj churcb by 
falem,wheia they ha.:! fulfilled their ofnce.Si tooke piuckiog i: downe. 
wuh them lohn, whofe (urname wasMaike. f They that heard 

the word 01 God. 

a Th Uy ChrJlcmwAndcih tl,.iir.xul i„dB.-irnah^s hfrpi- 
rutfd unrn him. 6 ^1 I'.lphut, i Einn.ts ihgfincrer 

II it Jirot:^ei> blind : 14 Frcm w^ience heifi^ ccme ro ^n^ 
tieMa, 17 Thcy irctchlheuofpill, 4; the Ien>" i>'he- 
men'.ly ycit 'I'ltnajng them. 

"TT Here ' were alio in the Church tha' was at An- i Paul with Bsr- 
.■*■ tiochia.ccrtaine Prophets and teachcTS,as_B.u-- 1^^"^'[{l^f^['" '** 
nabas,andSimeon called Niger, and Lucius of Cy- ^"rrted'TpVill'e 
rene, and Manehen (which had bcene brought up of the Gemilei, 
with a Herod theTetrarch) and Saul. not ofman.iori. 

2 Now as they l^ miniftred to the Lord , and '^frby man. but 
faned, the holy Ghofl fdi-l , Separate me Barnabas ol.f,^";,""',^;. 
and Saijl , for the worke whereunto 1 have <^ called ment of the holy 
them. Ghoii 

3 » Then fafted they and prayed.and laid their ^ The (.me wai 
hands on them, and let them goe. put lobnBaptift 

4 3 And they after they were feHt forth of the ,odeatb. 

hcsiy GboltiCainedowne untc d Seleucia , and from b whiiei ibey were 
thence they failed to Cyprus. !'ffi''e''.''hat^ii''«'' 

y And when they were at S.ilamis, they prea- ^.^^^^ ^^^; ,^, 
ched the word of God in the Syn.igogues of the poujideihit.wliile 
Iewes:and they had alio lohn to their ainifter. ibty .\tre pr.a- 

6 So when they had gone throughout the '^i"?' , . , . . 
yle unto Pa-phus , they found a ccrtaine lorcerer, a ,^ ^.„ ^ ^h„(of 

ikii word (calling j 
eommeih which iivfuall inthcCbiirch ) when heecaufetbihat to be, wbicb wai no:, 
whether \ou,refe I re it to the ma ter it ff If'e or to any qualitie or thing about the mat- 
t»r : and it ;;rowetb of tbii, becaule when tbingi begin to be, tbenttey ba,'efoine namf : 
ai God bis nii/hiie power iia.'fodecl.ired thereby, wbo fpake the werd .andtbingr* 
were made, i PM\, and loleuine prayert weie vied before the laying oaof haudei. 
3 biicompaniom doe at tbefiril bring Cyprui to the fubitflijii and o- 

bedience of Chrilfc. d Seleucia wai l citie of Cilicia , fu called of Seleucw one of 
Alcxar.dtri fui-.elbur:. 



tbe forcerer., Pauls 

Chap. xiij. 

fermonatAntii^'..,. ^-4 

falfe I'rophet.being a Iew,named K'.ricHis, 

7 Which was with the Dcputie Sergius P.ui- 
lus , a prudent men. He catted unto him li.'rPchas 
and Saul. an J dclired to heaie the word ot God. 

8 ♦ But Eiimas the ibrccrer, (fur Jo is bis name 
by interpretat'on) wiihitood them , andloiighc to 
turneaway the Dcputic froai the faith, 

y Then Saul (which alfo is called P^ul) being 
full of the holy Ghoft/er his eyes on hiir, 

10 y-And favd , O full of all fubtiltv and all 
e mifchicfG, the child of the devill , and cnsmis 
of all righteoufnes , wilt thou not ceafe to pervert 
the ftraightwayes of the Lord ? 

11 NOW iherefore behold, the f hand of the 
Lord is upor ihetr ..'ndthou ihaltbe blind, and 

'mftTthemThich not fee the liinne fxa Toalbn. And imnr.cdiatly 
iLktdlyaadob- there fell on him amul ant'.a Jarkenes.and he Went 
about.feeking Tome to kade h im by the hand. 

11 Then the Di^piJtie when hee law what was 
done , beleeved , and was attonied at the doflirine 
of the Lord. 

ii were with 
him were departed bv fliippe from Paphus.they 
;Uiti <y/irW^. cime to Verga<t«>Kof Pamphylia : then lehn 
„epe iritfe fUi.: Jl departed from them, and reain;ed ta Hierulalem. 

14 But when they departed from Terga, they 
came to Aiitiochia a dueoiz Fifidia,an(i went into 
thcSynaoogueonthtSabbaih day,and late downe. 

1 5 7° And after the ledure of the Law and Pro. 
phets.the rulers of the Synagogue fent unto them, 
faying. Ve men and brethren, if ye ^ have any word 
of exhortation for the peopk, fay on. 

16 sThen Paul Rood up And beckened with 
the hand, and fayd. Men of Ifrael. and ye that feare 
God, hearken. r,r i u r 

I 7 The God of this people of Idael thofe our 
fathers, and: exalted the people when they dwelt 
in the land of « Egvpt . and with an * k high arme 
If!h '?:«^err?" brought them out thereof. 

heetheirmanersinthewilderneffe. . , , , 

1 9 And he deftroyed feven nations in the land 
of Chanaan. Sc « div^ed their land to them by lot. 

20 Then afterward he gave unto them w lud- 
ges about ' foure hnndreth and hftie yeetes . unto 
tbt time of S^mud theTrophet. , ^ . 

2 1 So after that , they delircd a * King, and 
Godoave unto them 4- Saul, the lonneotOs.a 
man of the tribe of Beniamin , iy the /pace cf"' 
fourtieyeeres. . . , ., , 

2 1 And after he had taken him awav.he railed 
up gD.ivid to be their King, of whom hee wit- 
iieffed faying , I have found David the fonneoi 
Ieae,a man after mine owne heart . which will doe 
all things that I will. . ^ , j, ,• 

» » 9 Of this mans kzAt hath God * according 
to /./'promife raifed up to Klael.the Saviour lelus: 

24 When« lohn had hrlt preached » oefore 

4 Thf devillma- 

Iccth tbecocqaeft 
ofCbiiH nicrs 
glonoui, in tb« 

5 The fcrcMtr 
of Paul with acor- 
(aiihough extra- r. 
diaarily) QleWfih 
an example 10 Uw- 

ftiuaiiy hiadtt 

ihecourleof the 


e HmorethoM 

■tvhoji hath it.ritn 
netit hiadlong J-nd 

f His fctver rrhi 
h:fhi1re,h >njl, 
4.7/1^ anii beating 

famt company 
both of lingular 
eonflancie) and 
alfo of gieat 
g Thufutitlha 
d-fferenre ke'tv'xt 
i':,,„d ^nimhia 

coidiog to the pai 
Coiiftian Coupre- 

tilled) fiiH the 
Scrijitures we« 
read, ih'enfuchai 
vveie licenced by 
Synagogue to 
fpeake and ex- 

fa IVorJ for rvcrJi 
ifthert be any 
■n-trdin jM: ""'^ 
ihiiitu k^xliof 
Jfsach taken frcm 
ihe Hebrene!, 
■rchcrtl} ii meant, 
that the e,if!" »/ 
Cedi^race are in 


and ihat Ihij art 

„pr ««ri, t«t CoJ; : In lik^firtfarU T-wJ 

r/i/.40,i S God bedowed mar.y peculiar 


honour. 4. Exvd.1,9- S p<^- 
fieca'hetntmjtsofhi.fccple. » 
name oflofh 
s place 

efiiei upon hi: 

Tc /orj ^n my mcuth: 
hofen Ifiael .Vut this 
fjnced and kro»ihl 10 

defriiclion oft'neCana^n^tzs n.dc, 'he iore,. 
foure hundteth and fe-aen andfirf,jeere> , a 
ord , ^bcul,fcr there yvant ihreejeereu hu 

i ihtrefire h ad.:cih in 
the ^(ofile-vf.ihihe 

,ud h recbmed r.-it!> the daycs of i a:tl: f.r the k.":'- 
,. ..„.>r •> I 16.13. 9 Hteptoovetn 

t::^^:^^:^^ i^rif :bn::cu; .^icb fhct.:d con,, of nav,d^ ^ ,^ 

hufi at hun i>*ni tntrd tn hu i<i»rn/j. 

■^^U^irealtrnumher. » 1 
f.MTiie jeeres,mt*i: the i-mci 

his comming the baprifme of repentance to all the ^ ^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ 
peopleul" Ihael. 1,7. 

2) And when lohn had fulfiilfd /// ccurie, he 10 cbr.ii waiptu- 
fiid.-l. VVbomye thinkesih.ul am , 1 am not hc_: mif'<dandi'entpr.>- 
bui behold , there commeth one afrer (jjge , whole ^^'^ AiTihiugs'c^ni'j 
flioo? of l.ii feeie I am not wott'ry ro iSufe. „ j,j,ii ..c cfcr;li» 

26 1° Ve men and brethren .children of the which the Pid- 
generation of Abraham, and whof'jever among pbe_> f,.retoii of 
you fe rethGod,toyouis the woidofthis Idl- f;,^'^"^';,;-^'i^'';p. 

vationlent. psar«htbatbei» 

27 n For the inhabitants of Hierufalem and theirneand cnely 
their rulers .bcc.-iufe thuy k-.ew him n.>)t,nor^t Savionr : sndyet 
the wortles of the Prophets . which .ire read ex-fy ';Z71^J!,Tuol 
SsthbAih-day , they have fulfilled them in condem „.J,(^i ^.hi,^ dii 

ninghim. . , nor onely uot le- 

28 And though they found n« caufe of death "ive b,m .butalfo 
in him, S yet defnvd they Pilate to kill him. Zi:^U^ 

29 And when they h.d ti, hlled all things that ^i,^,^^, b,^^„ 
were written of him , they tL^eke him downe from jun-ceDr. 

the tree.and put him in a fepulchre : * '^"Vuke V,'"zl' 

30 1 2 Hut God* raifed liim iipi from thedead. j'^;; ,,'g^ ^^^' 
31 And he was fcene many dales of them .which ^^ vfem'uflfce 

came uo with him fr.-m Galile to Hierufakm, ,he glory oiib= 
which are his vvitneffes unto the people. '^ -'X? '"fotme of 

3 1 And we declare unto you. that touching the .^^^Vut, & guVe! 
promile made unto the lathers, Andthtttfurrc. 

33 God haih fulfilled it unro us their children, aioai.prooved a. 
in that he o raifed up lefus' u even as it is written ^^''^> ^^^^ 

in thefecondPlalme . ♦ Thou art my Sonne : this ^,;,°i,„^oie,of 
day have 1 begotten thee. .r , ,■ ihePropheia. 

34 Now as concerning that hee raifed him up . Mar iS.i.mar. 
from the dead , no more to retirrne to corruption, 16.6 luke 24,6. 
hee hath laide thus , r.- 1 will give you the holy '°2r;'i,]'X ^^^, 

things of David , P which are fauhfutl. fear.d ptainelj and. 

3 J .4 Wherefore hee laieth aifoin another ma,„fejil} a, :hat 
pbce , * Thou wilt not fufler thine holy one to fee "^;^'^'/j'f^^',°^';''^-' 

corruption. tuircii^cwerf. W 

36 Howbeit , David after hee had ierveilhis cjm?c,it.f-!,e 
time by the counfell of God , hee.^ flept.and was _f;r.<!.e /mx^-^ coo- 
laid with his fathers.and law corrupcion \T(tchl''^'h.a 

3 7 But hee whom God raifed up . faw nocor- 'J^.^^^ j; j;;_^ ^^ 

ruption. , r badnotbtejette 

3g .y Be it knowen unto you rheretore. men trueSonu^cfGod, 
itrid brethren .that through this man is preached ^---i^^^^^^^^^^^:^ 
iintoyoutheforgivenelieoffiiines. ^ir'nadewih 

39 And-from q all thirgs , from which yecouM ^^^^^ 5,^, f„,,. 
notbeiuftitiedbytheLawof Mofes, by him eve- .5. pf,i,„ 1,7. bcb, 
tie one that belcevech. is luiliHed. 'J^'^IT 

40 -6 Beware therefore leaftthat come upon ^^ ./^=-/,^f;.^„, 
you, which is fpoken of in the Prophets. J^,^ ,.,^j7, /, 

41 §Beholde,yeedefpifers, and wonder, end , 
vanilb away : for I wc rke a wcike in your dayes .a 

worke which yee (hall not beleeve. if a man would 

declare it you. ^ , j r.;. '■■■-•'- '" ''"^ 

42 J. 7 And when they were ccn-e out of the j,,jj^ 
Syn.igogueofthe lewes. the Genulesbefoughr. .... 
that they would preach thefe wordcs to th. m the J'J^J^f^/^ZZr 

next S.'.bbath day. \ - , , iy>aietcarme4 

41 N^>wwKen the congregation was aillo.ved. pi,; - ■ 
many of the lewes and •" Ptofelytes thatteared „.., 
God.foDowcd Paul and Barnabas. which Ipake unto -''^ 

becMfe Cod be' 

fff.e.h . 


them , and exhorted thetn to toiuinue in the grace 

rrhr -U-rn-rch-tn^i. H The tord ,^a. fo is grave, that btW: .0 cc-^, J 

.be,./;v;e,;.i|n^of.,n«..bicU.^econde. ^ S H^..^;^ 

«r.»;.^«-''/«'« LJirtr . The jenefi:. of God taroe to :hey-:er u' 

Ordained to falvatioa. 

The Adles.' 

^^pfters Prieft. 



44 AnJ the next Sabbath day came ?.lmoft the 
whole dt-.e rogetUcr , to hcare the word of God. 
o' eTrlfr fj'mt' ° 4) '' But when the lew.s law the peopie.theyr 

C ^fptl i« unt-j the were fullofenvie , and (]\.ke agiinft thole things. 
ttft^biittr.i IK. wMch wetc (poken of Paul , conttarying tl>er»,ind 
'*•«""•''""• Tiihng on tm>m. 

''niZ'l\ibf. 4^ " Then P.niUnd Barnabas fpake boldly, 

ictvj life and favd , It was neceflary that the wo.d of God 

19 T0eO>rpeIi» ihould hfil have hcnc Ipoken iinto you : biu fce- 
pub'ifhrJtotiie ing yee put it from you , andfiudge your Iclves 
«Tt"<r<'«mm* n- im^oi thy of everlallirsg life , loe , we curne to the 

demretofG^i. GeiVilcS, 

f Bj ikiiy.urJc. ^ por fo hath the Lord commanded us .fty' 

in^youJctaiit -^^ ^ .J. I have made thee a light of the Gemiks. 
fint'J"""^"} that thou ihouldelt be the lalvation unto the end 
j,ATft<.),i$.ind of the world. 

iud^r j-Ar flxt. ^g And when the Gentiles heard it .they were 

4 £,0 49,6. ^ ^ glad.and glorihed the word of the Lordtand as ma- 
\n J,?- 'Zln^lL- nv as were <■ ordamed un:o eternail life, beleeved. 
teJ It t>trup\ g 49 Thus the word ot the Lord was pubhlhed 

tift, or tl, aS fn.uU thotowout the whole councrey. 
^'>^M:t^td't:it ^^ 10 But the lewes ftirrcd«rf«weudev0upe 

/i"ir/i'';cw"M tLt a"J honourable women , and the chicfe men of 
fomtctrtiine irrre the cirie , and raifed pcrfecution agrinlt Paul and 
crJjinrd, Jid ii^f't- Barnabas, and expelled them our ot their coafts. 
f,„c.ddiJ^cj ^^^ J* »i Hut they S ibookeofl' the dull of their 
'at'/i^file'rj'i'Tel " (tttt againil them, and came tinto Iconium. 
$hat n,it!,e7 /.ii'h y X And the dil'ciples were filled with ioy , and 

fiM- tht efffi' 'f with the holy Ghoft. 

faith p„u'.d i.r t',e 

cib/J ifhii crJfirr^ntuT Affmtmtnt, im Uis ord'Jninr the rnK/e cff.tiih. lo Such ii 
tte cufi aii<lfubtilti''of 'h* entmJe»ofihe Go(prl .that they abufe the fiiiipliciticof 
fome which arenoi'ltogeihrt evill mwi ,to fxecurr their cruelty. u .Such as em- 
traceil Mofeihis Lrtn-. 21 The wickrdneircofihc wofliJ cjonot let God to gather 

bii Church together , and t'l fofter andcbetilli it , v?hea it il gathered together. 
$ Mat »<>,i4'»>"-"''"'^'»'''- chap. .3,6. 

C H A, P. XlIII. 

I rjfl /trd>at f art pirfccmed at Tccnium : 6^' 
Ly lira Paul 10 he.iletlt a crrtple. 13 They are aheuito 
dttJacTJfieeameihim, ijlutthejfcrhdit. 19 J'aul 
h'l'ep'rhvafn'nofceri.iineJen'e'yijftoned: t) From 
thinte fa(siri^ ihtrorv diiitrt Chunhej, li ihey reiurne 


t We oBghi to be A Nd i it Came to pafle in » Iconium , that they 

i° 'iwcbi'n "o" ^'^"^ ^°''^ together mto the Synagogue of the 

the^G'^Fe'uben l^wes.jnd fo Ipake , that 3 great muitituile both of 

the feiverrnts of the lewes and of the Grecians beleeved. 

tbewitked ii ,.b j And the l> unbeiecvii g lewes ttirred up, and 

Iii.°Tf it '"'^""' co""Ptt''l'he mindesofthe Gentiles dgainll the 

j"!rMi"m rrata brctl.rcn. 

<nie of Lycjor.ij. i 2 So therefore they abode there a long time, 

b wy'^'txi'd and fpake boldly in the Lord, which gave telli- 
f,ctthfdonri,.e. nic^ny unto thewordof his "lace.and caufed fi^nes 

a We ouent not , •' , 11,^,,, ° 

to leaveout place! ''^^ wontlers to be done by their hands. 

jnd jjivf i;lace to 4 Hiu the multitude of the ciiie wasdivided: 

thrtaii.irg.,.nei. and ome wete with the lewes , and fome wi:h the 

iioo."he/"eme'd'Ie',' f And when there was an alTault made both 
aodtbainot for of the Gem iles ,and of the lewes with the rukrs> 

doe them violence, and to fti^ne them. 
^ r 1 ivh f. ^ '^'^'^y ^^'^^ ware of it , and <= fled unto Ly- 

imy befpted fur- '"* .' *'^'' D-tbe . Cities ol Lycaonia , and unto the 
theribroid. region roundabout, 

cyiuiavJtUfimr. 7 And there preached the Gofpel. 
<i7/»le'^."i.^»»i'«' • ^ *' NowiheiefateacertainemanatLyftra, 
7iiT$3ii o"lde'' ' in^P'Tent in his feete.which was a cieeple from lais 
fjbiiltie of the de- motheis, who had never walked. 
»-.ll .either to caufe 9 He he.ird Paul fpeake..: who beholding him 
ianM .?f Go/'o ^"*' fcicciving that be had faith i» be hea.cJ. 

betMuiditditorce. orto be wotflii)'p«dfor idolei j »ad thai cbiefiy taking ocoafioQ 
bf»iiit\u wiviighiby that). 

!o Saide with a loud voic€ , Stand upright on d ofiheh<,u/i 
thy feete. And he leaped up, and walked. ■^'"'" Pu«ia>,d 

11 Thenwhenthe people fawwhat Paulh.-d ^■""■''•■"t^'"- 
done.they hit up their voices .faying in the ipeaeh icd.doia:ry, whick 
of Lycaonia . Gods are come downe to us in the g'veto to crea. 
likencfVe of m.en '""' tehey oe- 

12 Andthey 
Mercurius.bccaiifehe w-as the chief'e fpeaker. .1 proper to the 

1 3 Then lupiters Prielt. which was before their ooely one God. 
citie, brought buls with garlands unro the ^ gates, '"" " '°voc«tioo 
and would'have facrificed wiih the people. °' ^''^"t"'',"";, 

1 4 But when the Apol^les , Barnabas and Paul and 'p^rZklrT!/ 
heard it, they rent theit cloathes, and tan in among ii" ffifef-ime b..- 
the people, crying. lurtcfrrtjn a,ytu. 

I J 4 And faying , O men . why doe yee thefe [^^^ ;^f ''|' 'f;l'^' 
things f We ate even men lubied to the' like paf- tie mjn-r./Vlc 
fions that ye be , and preach unto you , that yee Hekn-wei. 
fl^ould tutne from thcfefvaine things unto the Cene.i.t. 
living God , 4. which made heaven and earth , and {■;*["" '**'^- 
the lea , and all things that in them are : y Cuiiom' be it 

16 ; Who in times paft § g fuffered all ihi never fo old. doth . 
Gentiles to walke in their owne way- s. poteicufe the 

1 7 NeverthelelVe.he left not hitr.fclfe without 'i'pf'j", , j , 
witnes, in thathedidgcodawigaveus rainefrom «,m.i.»4. ' 
heaven, and fruit! nil lealons.hllmg out hearts with g mfered them u 
food, and gladnelle. '*>".••'. '.*'J W'^- 

18 And ("peaking thefe things. Icarfeappeafe J f'J^"'"'£ -""^ -f 
tney taemultitude.that they had not Ucrihted un- \,„dofrdi uh. 

to them. 6 Thedevill wbea 

1 9 « Then there came cerrainelewcs from An- heiiorjughtto 
tiochia and iconium , which when they h .d per J^^ ''".a'e n' 
fwaded the people .* lioncd Paul , and drewe him o^.n'ly'bu'YnvaiBa 
out oftbc ci ie. iupp'iling he had beene dead. even men when 

20 Howbeit, as the difciples Hood roundabout h^ feemctb to 
him, hecarofe up,and intorliccitie.andthc bMd'"'"^'^' 
next day he departed ui;h Barnabas to Deibe. « i.Cor n,*;. 

21 7 And after they h.!d preaL bed the glulti. 7 We muft goe 
dings of the Gofpcll to thatcitie , and taught >°f^"-^ "> our vo. 
many. they returned to Lylfra.and to Iconiutri,and tZ'u(V,!dd"Kt. 
to Anrtocnia. 8 itmhecflfice 

12 8 Confirming the difciples hearts, ■»nd' xhor- of tb-e m.niiteii. 
ting them to continue in the f^ith ,<t/i^)OTr«^ that not only to teach, 
wee mull through n)any afflicfions tn;er into the el" *"^["° 'u°" 

klUgdome of God. a^e taught.anJ pre- 

23 9 And when they had ordained them Elders pare them le the 
by eleiii<jn in everie Church .andpr.iycd, and fa- "-roife. 

fted , they commended them to the Lord in whom 'J^'^'i^^Ht'" 
they beleeved. CbTihe'wbi'ch 

24 10 Thus they went throughout Pifidia.and tcey hadpiamed, 

CamJ to Pamphylia. to proper and pe- 

1 y And when they had preached the woide in '^"^Icb !'heyr,de 
Perga, they ome downe to h Attdlia, ^ot raftiiy. but 

16 And ihencelailed to ' Anticchia," from with prayerianti 
whence they had bent commended unto the grace f»"'of' g"'"? b*- 
of the worke. which they had hilfiiled. [l'' '."Jiuh™ 

27 And when they were come and g^a- upon Cburchea 
thcred the Church Together , they rehearfeddU through btiberie 
the things that God had done by them . and how <" '°"*ly lup"""- 
hee had opened the doore of faith unto the Gen- ' u';d'',h;;^h" 

tiles. thevoyceofthe 

28 So there tney aboade a long time with the congregation. 

difciples. '» Paul and Bar- 

oabai having made 
JT) end ofibeir peregrination , and being returned to Antiochia , to rendtraii account 
totbeCougrcgatioo or Church. h ^it.tita TvasafeacitJ of Phj,mfklti,iieere 

to Lytia. i ^>iiicihiav/,>jria. * Ckap.ii,j. 


Cfrfjine <^»( ilfcMt tv Irin^ in circumiiften 
6 ^h.U! rrhiih wafer lie ^fcfiU ci.nftili : 

rrhai muji lie ,icne, 1} ikey declare Ij lerur. 

*'td Barnahat 39 art <ti ^eat I'dtiance. 

3« Pa«i 



Chap. xv. 

The Apoftles letter. $s 

'T'Hen t came dovwie • certaine from ludea, 
■^ andtatight the brethren ,fayi»£ , Except ye be 
circumcifed after the manner of Mofes.yee cannot 
be favcd. 

z * And when there was great diffention , and 
dirputation by Paul and Barnabas againft them, 
they ordeined that Paui and Barnabas, and ceitaine 
other of them , fliould goe up to Hierufalem onto 
the Apoflles and Elders about this qucltion. 
3 Thus b being brought foorch by the Church, 
j'''i"hWn^fl-r''' ^^'^y paffed through I henice and Samaria . deck. 
apf«h!ndcd'bj '^"'g ^^^ converiion of the Gentiles , and they 
f«th. or we bave brought great icy unto all the brethren, 
nredeaifotoob. 4 And when they were come to Hieru{a!em, 

fcrve thexaw. ^^ey wete received of the Church , and of the A- 
poftles and Elders , and they declared what things 
God had done by them. 

f Batptidthey , certaine of the (eft of the Fha- 
rifes, which did beleeve, tofe up,(ay ing that it was 
needefuU tocircumcife them, and to commaund 
them to keepe the Law of Mofes. 

6 3 Then the Apoftles and Elders came toge- 
ther to looke to this matter. 

7 And when there had bene great difputation, 
b cmnitupj dint Peter rofe up , and fayd unto them , + + Yee men 
irt-inih tf.«?*t and brethren , ye know that a = good while agoe, 
Cht'rch^hlii, ''"t 3™°"g "s God chofe out m«. that the Gentiles by 
rtruixt apf^hiifj my mouth (hould heare the word of the Gofpel, 
ij the churck. and beleeve. 
3 T''"!'.".'7''. 8 And God which knoweth the hearts , bare 

them witnefle , in giving unto them the holy 
Ghoft, even as he did unto us. 

$> And he put no ^ diffeience betweene us and 
them , after that S « by faith he had puritied their 

10 s Now therefore , why f tempt ye God, to 
+ lay a yoke on the difciples necks, which neither 
our fathers, nor we were able to beare ? 

1 1 But we beleeve , through the grace of the 
Lord lefi's Chrift to be (aved, even as they dte. 

1 2 « Then all the multitude kept filence , and 
fed, did icach that heard Barnabas and Paul , which told what fignes 
ltlltT^hii^°^^ and wonders God had done among the Gentiles 
wi,houuh"wor. by them. . ^ , ^ , , ^ . . 
ftipappoiottdbf i3 And when they held their pcace , glamefr 
the Law. anfwcred , faying. Men, 4/;i< brethren, hearken un- 
to me. 

Simeon hath decIared,how Gnd ftrft did 

X Tbc Cburcb » 
at Icogtli troubled 
vritii diSratioa 
witbitiitfclfr, ind 
thrttouble rifctb 
of the proud and 
flubburoe wittct 
of ctx-iiat t^i\i 
men : The fitrt 
o«og the ofbceof 
Chrift. whether we 

cpinhn that this 
M Meetingtof 
wereinflitutcd to 
fsppteflc hertfiei, 
whereunto cer- 
taine were feat 
by common con- 
of all. 

Sr(l handled ,botb 

^rttlieiog heard 


•fibe ApbOlei 

and aacieaii .and 

afterii commuoi- 

cated with the 



and 11,13. 

4 Godhimreir: 

io calling oftbe 

Oeoiilei which 

1 9 s Wherefore my fentence is, that we trouble . , 

« XVord for word) 

of old [ime, that i>, 

•veo from the Rrft -i^ > 

\mt that we were vifite the Gentiles , to take *f them a people unto 

totnmandfd to his Name. 

*'T«*-\*'°'^'*'' >5 And to this agree the wordes of the Pro- 

*od ftraiehtwaT«» -l ■ ■ 

after tha, the hoi, P^^ It i^S^WrutCn 

Gbafl came dowti* ^ 

■»pon ui. 

i HtfiuwSffi- 

Tlnctlctmttn< HI 

tnJ ihim, .11 irM' 

ckw^rAi I Of- file 


i Chap. lO.j^. 


t ChtiUfrinMn- 

tiih ihtm l)Ui<'ti, 

tvhithart furtif 

heart ; andlnre-tf 

are pUinetyiaUfhr that nttnjre m-iJtfictitjfjHk. f Petei pafling from th* 

Cerfinoniti lotlieLaAeii frife in gentrall , (heweth thai none could be favcd , if 

S^alva ion were tobe fought fot by ibe Lawe, andtiotby gfa;eoneiy io Icfui Chiift, 

hecaufetbaino man could ivc.ri'ai.'iU iBe Lawe, neithn Piii.arch .nor Apoftle. 

■i: Wh ttmftju CoJ, ai ihmgh ccM no, Cfu, h)fM^h '. » Mvh.xiA- 

J ^ AtruipaietneofalawiBll CuynciiJ , were Godltruetbooelyreigneth, 

J Tnfinntltf^tfilieHi^-trhsitciii'edthe Lcrdihroihir. 7 limeiconlitmtth 

the callitlgofthe Qeniiln.ouiof tbt woideof GxJ , therein agrteing to I'citr. 

ej. .^fn»/9.ii. * ^.n4thtriftriottktii^(tmmttht> f*ije l>j/trtHnt,t«thi 


1 6 * After this I will returne, and will builde 
againe the Tabernacle of David, which is fallen 
downe , and the luines thereof will I build againe, 
and 1 wiilfetitup. 

J 7 That the refulue of men might feekc after 
the Lord , and all the Gentiles upon whom ray 
Name is called .fayeth the Lord which doethaii 
thefe things. 

1 8 Frum the beginning of the worlde , God 
kknowethailhis woikes. 

not them of the Gentiles that are turned to God, 

20 But that we fend unto them 
fteine themfelves from 

rre beare witll 

unto them , that they ab- fo h 
'iilthirjelTf of idcles.and «'=*v 
fornication, and that that is Ikangled , andfiom ^"''""Jha'''*' 

^^°''^' ,, ^ , „ . , , y .inte:obHan.^ 

II For Moles otolde time hath in every citie fted. 
them that preach him, feeing he is read in the Sy- • P":"* fi"i/>itt 
nagf.gut s every Sabbath day. °'i°T^"'''l 

2z J> Then it ieemed good to the ApoRles and Z'-r'emfU,. 
Elders with the whole Church to fende cholen 9 loaiawfali Sy- 
men of their owne companie to Aiitiochia with node, oeither they 
Paul and Barnabas : u vvh , ludas whofe furrMJue ^i'ladlllim''' 
wasBarfabas.andSiks, which were chiefe men iudg"i. appoint 
among the brethren. and determine *• 

23 And wrote letters by them after this maner, "v >'''''? '>"■>* 
THEAPOSTLES.& theElders.andthe bre- J^^;;^"j;°', "f°°4 
thftn , Unto thebrcthren which are of the Gen- doth thtcomtnon 
tiles in Antiochia.and in Syria, and in Cilicia, fend multitude fettbera. 

greeting. felvea tuniuitu- 

24 -Forafmuch as we have h^rd , that cer- ^^:^^. 
tainewnicnk went out trom us, have troubled you bythewoideof 
with words, and ■ combred your mindes.faying.Ye God r a» the lik e 
muft be circuraci/edatid keepe the Law : to whom oideralfoiibol» 
we gave no fuch commandement '^ 'SS'^ 

2 f It Ieemed therefore good to us, when wee ,hiDg, which have 
were come together with one accord , to lent cho- beaefodttermi. 
fen men unto you, with our beloved Barnabas and ""^ ^'"' 'g'«* 
Paul. "J"""' 

2(S Men that have ingiven up their lives for the ofHierufalem coo 
Name ofour Lord I efus thrift. cludeih, that they 

27 We have therefore fent ludas and Silas, «'<"'bi« n'«o« "n- 
Which Ihaii alfo tell you the fame things by mouth. ;^;^h u. w f«L 

28 »• For it feemed good CO then holy Ghoft, fjivatioa io any 
and » to us, to lay no more burden upon you , then other meanes tti«a 
thele p neceffarie things. '" C''" '""^'T' 

^9 »rw^,thatyeabfteinefrom,hingsof-?r,tf;whLc. 
rerea to idoles .and blood ,andthatthat isftrang- foever they come, , 
led.and from fornication : from which if ye keepe *oA whomfoever ■ 
your fclves, ye Hiall doe well. Fareyewell. they pretend to be 

30 .3 Now when they were departed . they "ca.'ioD!" 
came to Aniiochia, and after that they had aflem- k Fremnuretn- 
bled the multitude, they delivered the Epiftle, s^regitUn. 

31 And when they had read it , they reioyced V^;^ *7»;'' ^"'' 
fortheconfolation. IIZImTJ 

32 And ludas and Silas being Prophets , ex- J^wne that that 
hotted the brethren with many words, and ftreng- raai tniid ap-tn^ 
thenedtbem. " tetV' We ,'ifr*f 

33 And after they had taried there a Tpace.they '^"JIJ^!, T'tf.13 
were let goe in <? peace of the brethren unto the ihechur.huiMti 

Apoftles. fcr.theChunhii 

34 Kotwithfianding Silas thought good to a- t^^'>"<i*'>^fi*M- 
bidethereftUl * ° {,*!« ,«-'/.*-. 

3 J Paul alio and Barnabas continued in Ann- x.arJr4th<ir Uint. 

ochia .teaching and preaching with many other n That i, . a law* 

the word of the Lord. f"" CouDcili. 

3<5 5 ■♦ But after certaine dayes, Paul fayd un- GhofTrnllth. 

to Barnabas, Let us returne and vil)teoui brethren n Firlithnm-tkf 

in every citie .where we have pieached theword mtmi'^ff'tthtij 

of the Lotd.andfee how they doe. '- f,,f,, ii m»3 

' ' notficmetoh.inj 

mail ■ir<tr^-. o Sot ihdt men halK arn <LiU}mrilit<'ftfitmji\)itt,kut ttfhttre /» 

f^rl?fHlnei ihti lhr})rfidimhiir minrjl(rittnj Uienr. f Thriv)Ain>prt -ft 

mcejl'ittt,bMtinreri,eH tfihejhiie B/i„.,t lime ,ili,ilihe CinliltJ aryii ihi levtimii.l 

more j>e.tce.ihly (•>,• tt^tfher ivi'h Ujff Jcc.ifim cf^u.iretl. 
evtD in things iniiilfeicot. 13 Itii recjiiilitc fora 



1 recjuilitc lorall people to kiWAeceitaimlj 
what 10 boldeinmatreriof faith and religion, andnotthai the Church by ignoiaoct 
and knowing noibing, (hould depend upon the plealiue of a few. <\ Thiiistn 

Heirev k'"de tfj}tjih, vihi.h ii .</ much td/uy.AjtUbrci'irinyvtjhedihlmall 
fri>/ptrouifHc.e[!e,.indthe Church di/miped them 14 Con(;regatiui • 
or Churthcidoeca/iiy degenerate, unlrflerbeybedi igeotly feene unto, and tbtttfota 
wtat ibefrAponiotu oveiroefadiai they bad planted, and for this caufealfo SyaoJcS 
V9«reialtuuudiUid appoinied. 

37. V Afldjrj 


Paul and Barnabas ftrive. 

37 's AnJ Barnabas counfelleJ to take with 
them lolin, called M.irke. 

3U An.l Pai;l thought it not meete totake him 
unio their companie , w|)ich ilsparteil from them 
from ramphylid , an.l went not with them to the 

workc. c;. 

39 19 Tiien where they fc Ib'ired.that they de- 
pai teil.funJer one from the other , fo that Barna- 
bas tookeMaike, and failed unto Cyprus. 

40 And Paul cho.'e Sylas and departed , being 
commendsd o^" the brethren unto the grace ot 

V< And hee went through Syria and Cilicia, 
ftabJilhins the Churches. 

I f A Uinrnsjble 
cr^ri betwerae n< 
celiotinen ixid 
Vfjr giciifriendi. 

pbaacot 'b<ir 


oriibrr Y'tfor 


l( OuH vftlb lb« 


viotl 10 Aff pro- 
file jn'f ujiidiug 
ofbiiChurcb, yiri 
btO ci-iiitrnbat 

«vt« parte aotniejfurtio oar beite. r 7"Ay rrfte infrta' hestt .-iH-hirern it« 

/7«i'f f. .o«,';j«, ftf /.r.f ./ o«<, icMo/m.-fiir tj thu miantt f (tmt t» fujft , tfc«t thi 
4t'lrifK eflht Otj'f'i w»t extrcifid in miV fU::ci. 


I Paul hxliino drtumcifid Timothem, 11^atVhi- 

hppi. n,i LjiUintUef^iih. x6 Thtfftrit of 
d'Unt'ton, i! iilj himc^tji M: _ i=> anif>r lh.u caufi 
H ilttj jre vripftd, »+ .mJ imfnj'tieJ, i6 Through an 
eurilK/ualii, zj th< frijundourli are nftntU. 3i,j* The 
Ctelir rcieil'ith lU fait'n. 

'!"' Hen « came he to Derbe and to Lyftra : and 

beholde , a certainc difciple was tlieie, named 
* Timotheus.a womans fonne, which was a » lew- 
eiVe anil belceved , but hib faihc'r was a Grecian, 
Of whom the brethren which were at Lyftra 

> rtulblufrire 
tioetb not receive 
Ti.-uothie into tbe 
out fuff.tieot leni. 

"ncVrf.'het'e''"'' 4"'^ Iconium. b reported well ^ ^ ^ , , 
tbreo. 3 1 Iheietoreraul would that hee rt-oiildgoe 

•f forth v.ith him ,and tooke and circumcilcd him, 
*'"b »■" ItLCauleof ^ Icwcs, which were in thofe quaiters: 

\^i'imlinlu Uiitr ^'^^ '^^^Y •^"'-'w all that his father was a Grecian, 
Efiiiit teTim.ih:e, 4 3 And as they went throu<?h the cities , they 
ctmmendtti, the delivered them c the decrees to keep , ordcined of 
fhiefmctfJanT' '''^ Apoltles and Elders which were at Hierulalem. 
["unTmciuT J And fo were the Churches ftablilhed in the 

t Beth fi^ hi: fcdli- faith, and increafed in number dayly. 

6 f 4 Nowe v.hen they had gone through- 
cut Dirygia ,and the region cf Galatia .they were 
<* forbidden of the holy Gholt .topicath the word 
in Alia. 

7 Then came they to Myfia.and fought to goe 
inro Bythinia : But the Spirit fuft'ered them not. 

8 Therefore they palled through Myfia.and 
came downe to Troas. 

9 i Where a vifion appeared to Paul in the 
night. There Rood a man of Macedonia, and 
prayed him, faying, Come into Maced6nia, and 
helpe us. 

I o <> And after he had feene the vifion, imme- 
diatly we prepared to goe into Macedonia , being 
aiUircd that the Lord had called us to preach the 
Qofpcl unto them, 

I I Then went wee forth from Troas.and with 
a fti eight courfe came to Samothracia , and the 
nuxtday toNeapolis. 

11 5 And from thence to Philippi.which is the 
chiefe citie in the paits of Macedonia , and whofe 
inhalutdmscamt- from Rome to dwell there : and 
we weie in that citie abiding certained.iyes. 

1 3 7 And on the Sabbath day we went out of 
the citie, belides a liver , where they were wont to 
' pray : and wee fate downe , and Ipake unto the 
women, which were come together. 

1 4 "And a certaine woa'ian named Lydia, a 

niftetiof tbeGnrpcl, by whom bee helpcth fach a« vvtrt liketo 

X Tunotbieii 
circumci(«dj DOt 
(iin^Iy for aay 
oectfli ie.bu! in 
ODcly to wiuDe 

3 Cbaiiiie it 10 
beobffrveJ in 
tbiogi irdiff.reat 
ihatfoie^aid be 
bad both of .-be 
c TUfednrett 

1lhuhht/p4!{( of 

rn thi ftrmer 

4 Cod jppoin- 
teib certtineand 

M open and fet 
fonh bis truetb, 
tbai boib ihe 
calling m«y pro- 
cted of grace, 
d Hefhtvitthnot 
tehj Ihff Tverr fcr- 
iMfn,lut cnt'} 
thjt they TPfrf /ir- 

». si.V -trj Hyl It 


TLey are tbe 1 

perilb. 6 TbeSaiotsdid Doteaiily oe.'ctvecveiy vuion. 7 God bcgiuneth 

hi* kingdome in Macedonia by the cosveilion ofa woinau , sndfo flieweib tbat tOtre 
iiDoa(.crrtioPioflTtfooiotbeGof|'el- e Whttc ibey Aeit wouot to allemble 

tifa-ft;*.-*. J Tit tvMcB:l]ropco*ht!:cheattto bejiejbevvatd ;\hicbi»^t>.»ciicd. 

TheA(ftes. TheprifonersfingP/almeSi; 

feller of pnrple, of the citje of the Thyatirians. 

which worlhipped God, heard ut : whofe heart 

the Lord opened . that /hee attended unro the '0^"^"'"''^' "'* 

things, which I'aulfpake. fo SatanuinV- 

I y And when ihee was baptized , and her formetb bimfel'e 
houihold, Ihee befought us, faying, If ye haveiud- iotoan Aoselof 
ged me to be faithful! to the Lord , come into ''e^''»'''l"ve. 
mine houfe, and abide thereiand Hie conitrained us. undermfni"?, but 

16 »° And it came to palfe that as we went to raulopeaiy let- 
prayer , a certaine maid having a fpirit f of divina- letb him. and ca- 
tion, met us, which gate her riialtets much van- ft"'> b'"> c"t- 
tage with divmmg. _ n„e of^Ju, 

1 y Shee fallowed Paul and us, and cried , fay- which n'^i mnt u 
ing , Thefe men are the fervams of themofl high gn-'tn/rvirei ro 
God, which (liew unto you the way of falvation, 'g'^/^'fiw'^*'"** 

1 8 And this did Ihee g many dayes : but Paul fajlti, "it mJr*' 
being grieved.turned about .andfiid to the fpirit, eh, fur he did ail 
Icommaund thee in the Name of lefus Chrift, ''•'"it *ihe wat 
that thou come out of her. And he came out the '"' ''^ thsfprru 

/- _ , It CovetOHfaeire 

famehoure. „ . . , . of lucre and« 

19 < I Now when her matters law that the hope ii an occa/ioa of 
of their gaine was gone , they caught Paul and Si- Ketfcuting the 
las , and drew them into the m.irket place unto the """l"- i^'be 

M-lglftrates. fparingTimoth.e/ 

io >a And brought them to the governours, calieth Paul and 
faying, Thefe men which are Icwes trouble our silaiatthefiron. 

j-ijie" get, to battaile. 

21 . 13 And preach ordinances , which are not pKteoX'hVdenre 
lawfull for us to receive.neithcr to oblerve, feeing ofcummon peace 
we are Romanes. and godlineCe. 

21 1+ The people alforofe UP together aaanft '^ ^' ''VT:,, 

, , , ' • I • "1 1 i roent ofthcdevilU 

them > and the governours rent incir cloathes , and tourgetbeauiho- 
commanded f,'jfw tobebeatca with rods. ricieofaocefter* 

23 And when they had biaten'thsm fore, they wjthoutany diflm. 

caft the}» into nrifon , commanding the Gaoler-to f'°"' , , 

. 1 /- 1 4 Anexampieof 

keepethemlurely. ■ evill Magiiiratei 

24 Whohaving received fach commandemcnt, to obey the furie 
caft them into the inner prifon .and make their =""1 "geofthe 
feet k faft in the ftocks . tiBe''a«c u, 

2 y u Now at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, .^.„,^ j/ „,„y?,,e 
and fusg Pfalmes unto God ; and the prifoners ofihem,hefetthem 
heard tht;m. M imhe/lcckt,. 

26 Andfuddenlytherewasagreatearthquake. i^^l^^.^^ZL ' 
fothat the foundation or the pril on waslhaken: both heareu and 
and by and by all thedoores opened , and every earth, 
mans bands were loofed. >« The mercifull 

27 '« Then the kecpeiofthe prifon waked out /;«:tb , d^aVelb'^ 
of his fleepe , and when hee law the prilon doores nien to life, even 
open , hee drew out his fword and would have kil- through ihemidA 
led himfelfe.fuppofing the prifoners had bin fled, ofdea b.and 
_ 28 .7ButPaulcnedwithaloud.voyce,fay--^^--^^^^^^ 
mg. Doe thy felfe noharrac : for we all are here. g,„t pumibmenf, 

29 Then he called for a light , and k npsd in, be (heweih them 
and came trembling, and fell downe before Paul great mtrcie. 

anilOllaS. which ate efpeci- 

30 And broughr them out.and fayd,Syrs,what ^Hy „traordin«. 
muft I doe to be laved ? »ie, <jve ought not 

3 1 And they fayde , Beleeve in the Lord lefus «° '°°°^^ o"' f"='e 
ChiiftA thou lhaltbefaved.and thine houa,olde[™^-;;^^^^^ 

3 1 And they preached unto him the worde ot „,. 
the Lord, and to all that were in the houie. i s God with one 

3 J 18 Afterwarde hee tooke them the fime ftii'« fame luna 
houre of rhe night .and walliediWr ftripes , and ^Xihl'whenit 
was baptized with all that belonged unto him piUfeth'him. 

flraightway, 19 Shame and 

34 And when hee had brought them into his "nfufioBii in 
houfe, he fet mcate before them, and reioyced that ,'h°^'vva°d'oT' 
he with all his houihold beleeved in God. wicked and vjiuil * 

3 J '9 And when it was day , the governours Magiftratei, 
feat the fergeaats.fayingjLet thofe men goe. 

36 Then 


JTo (carcb the Scripturcf . 

Chap, xvij. 

56 Then the keeper of the prifon toWe thefe 
V'Otdes unto ?&ul, faying. The goveinoiirs have 
lent to loole you ; now thercfote get you hence, 
and goe in peace. 

37 »o Then fayd Paul unto them , After that 
they have beaten us openly uncondemned , which 

ngtoufntifiorihe are Roraanes. they have caft us into piifon.and 

wicked, that tbey HOW wouki they put US out privily ? nay veiely ; 

bun not oihet io but let them ccme and bring us out. 

Iikcfott. jg I, Ap(] the fergeants tolde thefe wordes 

jje Wemuftnot 
iKDdtt ioiuiiefcr 
liuiuiie, and yet 
iiit lawfull foru 
10 vfcfuch helpei 
<i Godgiveth ui. 
bridlt the ou 

Paul commeth unto Athens. ^S 

«eoot loMvei ""'o '''^ govcrnouts, who feared when they heard 

with the feare of that they were Romanes. 

God,butwith the .{g Then came they and prayed them , and 

feaie of men: and 

byihatmeaneial. r.u:,^:-:^ 

foGodprovideth ofthecttie. 

for hii.vvbca it ii 


XI Wemayef. 

cbew dangers , fo 


left ouidunie. 

depart out 

40 »» And they went out of the prifon.and en- 
tred into tht f.oufi of Lydia : and w hen ihcy had 
feaoe the brethren .they comforted them, and de- 


PattI atThffahnica 3 frtsMngChnJI, t,J uinftrui- 
ntil cf I,ifi.n : 10 Heeiifeniro Utrta : is from ihimc 
cmming to ^thtnt, 19 in MuriJIreitc t} het frtJchtik 
the tilling Gei tt ihem Hnk.nfWt'it 34 ""I C" minj art 

tmi>ert d Chrifl. 

I Theeaftingout "^ Ow « as they pafled through Amphipojis, and 
°^^''"?"1''A"J•• Apollonia . they came to Theffalonica. where 

was a Synagogue of ihe lewes. 

1 And Paul , as his manen was, went in unto 
them , and three Sabbath dayes difputed with them 
by the Scriptures. 

J 1 Opening and alledging that Chtift muft 
have fuFered, and rifen againe from the dead, and 
this is Icfus Chrift, whoir.faydhe, I preach to you. 
4 And fome of them bckevcd , and ioyned in 
company with Paul and Silas.: alfo of the Greci- 
ans that feared God a great muhitude.and of the 
chiefe women not a few. 

y J But the lewes which beleeved not , moo- 
ved with envie , tooke unto them certaine » va- 
gabondes and wicked fellowes , and when they 
had affembled the multitude , they made a tu- 
mult in the citie , and made aflault againft the 
houfe of lafon ,and fought to bring them out to 
the people. 

6 But when they found them not , they drew 
lafon and certaine brethren unto the heads of the 
citie, crying.Thefe are they which have fubverted 
the ftate of the b world .and here thi.y aie, 

7 Whom lafon hath received . and ihefe all 
''''"S *«'W'»'V I'"' doe sgainft the decrees of Cefar, faying, that there 
I, he hi,tdf>T tvf IS another Kmg one lefus. 

rj maitt mmey , to 8 Then they troubled the people, and the 
j.i anj mifchiife, heads of the citie , when they heard thefe things. 
^mni'^llthTrif- ^ Notwithftandijig when they had received 
TtTii^ier^jink" ^"^'tient <= alVurance of lafon and of the other, 
tnJ tlunih'l kna^tJ ihcy let them goe. 

tfaU ttrvneiand 10 4 And the brethren immediatly fcnt away 

h"r' h fcoHn- P*"l and Silas by night unto Berea . which when 
tro'lnjluciT"' ^^^y "'^'■^ '^^"'^ thither,entred into theSynagogue 

f J er thej rome , of the Icwej . 

ihtj cdufi fediiicn u f Thefe wctealfo more d noble men then 

amiiumHh ^^iey which were at Thefl'alonica , which received 

'fHtthtminf"'^ ' the woide with all readinelle , and fearthed the 

^^ur^nce that thej Scripturts dayly .whether thofe things were fo. 

fltntd afpt^rt. 1 2 Therefoie many of them bekcved , and of 


ihe vtifedome of the Spirit , which a!»iayei fetii-h the f lory of God before it ftlfe »* 
a maikewhertuntoitdiieaeibitftlfe.andntvtrfwarveihf'iom 11. f Th< 

lord fciteih out in one momeot.and id one people, div»r»i-»ampleiof biiunfearchabl* 
niCtdomt, (• c»ufc «bem to fcaicbin. ^ aecomfuttb tb: Xe'.ttt; wiib ibe I«Wct> 


many oiher. 
a Chrift ii there, 
fore the Media, 
tour, becaufe he 
^ai crucified and 
rofe againe : much 
Itlfe i« he to be re. 
iefted , becaufe 
3 Although the 
lealeof the ua- 
faithful! feeme 
never fo goodly, 
yet at length it i» 
foand to have net. 
tbertrueib oor 
equitie ; But yet 
the wicked cannot 
doe what they lift, 
for even among 
themfelve. Sod 
(tirretb up fotne. 
vfeih to the deli- 
verance of hi I. 
a Ctrttint ccmfU' 

honeflwomen.which were Grecians, and men not « sit;n haifibf,. 

a few. , whoJre^ealcui 

ij f « But when the lewes of Theffalonica fo' >''""■ '-"i 'kit 
knew, that the word of God was al'o preached of ofaU ou^ht*' 
Paul at Berea, they came thither alfo , and mooveil 7 There u neith,? 

the people. . ^ counlell .mr fiiii(f, 

I4 7 But by and by the brethren fern away no.'r^'J'"-'re. a- 
Paul to goe as it were to the fea; but Silas and Ti- r^..'ar^^o[ 
motheus aboade there ftill. cbiP doe Iifo 

ly "s And they that did cnnduft Paul, «atc^ for their 
e brought him unto Athens : and when they had ppo"fc"lilj=D<l 
received a commandemenr unto Silas and Timj^ tit'ioid." **'"* 
theus that they ihonld come to him at once , tht^ e n i,Jifir 
departed. nouiht ti'm tte 

\6 J 9 Now while Paul waited for them at if^e.ofBtrej 
Athens. his fpirit was f ftirreif in him, when he law ZT/.l'"?"'' , . 
the citie lubiedt to g idolatry. P.tuira/efromMi- 

1 7 Therefore hee difputeth in the Synagogue etdm-a t, ^them, 
with the lewes .and with them that were religi- ind thtrt ii in di' 
ous.and in the market day ly vvith ^ whomfoever ■^^''^';:'^^"^''*Jj^'^j^^ , 
he met. /.//j, Ji wL^ 

1 8 'o Then certaine Philofophers of the Epi- <■«<( ^itic. 
cutes.andof the Stoicks, difputed with him, and 9 in compaiiog 
fome fayd, What will this i babbierfay* Others '^'J^^--/ 
fiyd , Heieemethtobea fetter toorth 01 nrange wifedome .tneci 
gods (becaufe he preached unto them lefns . and fcoffeandmotke 
the refurreaiop. ) »' 'bat which they 

1 9 And they tooke him, and brought him into J^n/god vfei°h" 
k Mars ftreet, faying , May we not know, what this tbecuriofitieof 
new dodtrine, whereof thou fpeakeft. is ? foolei to gather 

20 For thou bringcft certaine ftrange things toge.herbii el.ft. 
unto our earcs : wee would knew therefore what i,^"^/ °* ■'"' 
thefe things meane, _ g 'sUiijhl, liven 

n " For all the Athenians and ftrangers which <, UoUtty : pm. 
dwelt there . gave themfelvcs to nothing els .but [■*"'■" rrrimh that 
either to tell, or to heare fome newcs. u'iuiT^th'nf, 

22 i» Then Paul flood inthemiJdcsofMars ,i,e^ i„ ati Crui*. 
ftreet, and laid , Ye men of Athens, I perceive that ^ea tt,ej had ^itart 
in all things yee are too • rupetflitioiis. deJu.nrJ'i fhjwe,. 

23 For as I p.Ufed by . and helde your •» de- ZtLZl.Z.'f' 
votions , Itoundean altar whi rem Wiis written, fojdtifes 
VNTO THE nVNKNOWEN GOD. h whrmfin-er 
Whom ye then ignorantly worfljip , him Ihewe I J'""' ""' yj'*' 

unto you. hmZ t.^lke vi-h 

24 1 3 God that made the world, and all things i,jm,he'reur,nti 

■ • ^ ■ ' ■ • - ■ -^■- - - hUn-./o 

iples made with ^"-ok^H;^ did he 

^ands. :,taleafC,JsiUr:;', 

25- ^ Neither is worfl,ipped wr.h mens hands. ,, ^wo feae» 
as though he needed any thing.feeing he giveth to efpecially of the 
all life and breath and all things. rhiiofoyber.doe 

26 -4 And hath made ot o one blood all man- ^ViJ^t'chr.T- the 
kind, to dwell on all the face of the earth.and hath Ipi-u,,., w hicb 
alfigned the fcdfons which were ordeined before, make a mocke and! 
and the bounds of their habitation. fcoffe at all teiigioat 

and the S:ui (.Kei, 
which (determine upr.n niatie ri uf teJigion according totheir owne btamei. i Wctd 
fit -rrtrd tfttJt ^.iihtrcr: a hmtrfl k:nd t^ffti'f) lakfn 'f tirdjti-hhh/faik ciritt, and 
i< appl'id !f thrm ivhiJ: yvithcul all arte tlu{icr out fitch k^ioyvUdzt ai they hdit^ot'in 
h) htannf tl>i' min and that man. k Thiirvai a fljct cauid ai you iccitU fij, 

Man M.trhere the v^d.tsfatc trhich tccre taU<d^irecfaii-.t,«fon ve^hiitafjtire.', 
trhiik inMetimt arreiimd iterates, and a/ltrtparit ccndtmned him ^fimpinif. 
11 The ^niffdomeofinan ii vanitie. ji The idolaieritbenifelvei miniOei njgft 

flion; aod furcible argumeDuagaiolttbeir oiADtfuperlHtion. i J c iland in toa 
ftiliij h and fcrVi'.i a feare ofycuritdi.t m W ha' feeler men vmfhip f^r relijtvt 
fake, that we tail demotion. n lanfaniai in his ^tiicit, makftlimtfiiivn tf tit 

alisr tf-hiih iht ^iheniani had dedicated tc anknerren £oJi ■ and La(riin: inh-t 
F.pimenidt! mali,'th meniun if an aliafihal had no name <nruted. 13 !• ii a moft 
foolilhand vaine thing to compete the Creator vvi'b ibectcaiure, to llir.itehim wiibio 
a place, which can be coniprthnidcd in. 00 place . and to thiuke to allure bim will* 
gifiei, of whom al! m^n b.tveieceived all thingi vshatfotvei they hiVf : And thefeare 
thefountaineofall idolatrie. <• Chap.- +8. ^ Pf.ilm ;o,3. H C-^d 

it wooderfuilinalltiiswoik»,biiiefpecijlly in the woikeofrran • not that vce lht.u'rt 
ftaod amafed atli. wotki .but that we Ihsuld Jifi out eyiito tte wctVisao, 
-• Of cue ftockcacd ont^gioiking. 

2-7 That 

that are therein .feeing that he is Lord of heaven yx-ithU 
and earth, ^^ dwellethnofin temples made with ^"•»»<e'> 


Pauls fermonat Athens.' 

The A(9:es. 

Gods affiftance to Paul* 

27 That they (hoviWfecke the Lord, if fo be 
I>For«ibIiniem»n they rci"ht have p groped after him , and found 
Z'-c^iTo-^w' (,/>«. though doubtlefle he be not farre from eve- 
byexopinpwifr.ix. ryoueof iis. *■ 

toieihciiue light ig Fr' 'n him wc lire , and moovc , and havc 
cirae and lighmtd out being, as alfocertaine of yourowncrocts have 

%'fili't 19 '^''^ • ^'"^ ^'^ ^'^ ^"^ ^'^ generation. 

q whictftufff.n J9 ♦ Fora!rnnch then , a» we are the *enerati- 

goldc.iiver.OoMi. on ot God, we ought not to thinke that the God- 

are cuitomibly gri- j,j,^jj jj jji^^p ,,,,[3 gold, or fllvcr . 01 ftonc q graVCH 

*lndtv' fT.for mtn ^X *"^ ^""^ the invention of man, 

will mJiAorOiip Co >J And the time ofth's i^noranceGod re- 

ihicgtoiTrfiMfrea* garded not : but now he . dmoiuihith all men 

ii ii.uoieffc by foine ^.^g^y where to repenr. 

;;;;Vn:K«P-- ,3 i Became hee hath appointed a day in the 

,; ThfcidneiTeof which he williudge the world m righteoulneUe, 

thf errcurdofili by that*nan whom he hath appointcd,**/)fr«^hc 

no: eicufc iiierei haih given an ' afl'urance to ail men , in that hee 

Itracrhrnd ha.hraifed him fi-..n the dead ,,, , 

ji i< Now when they had heard of the relur- 
rcAion from the dead . fome mocked , and other 

ftitetb foorth the 


? of God: 

a "uO ^■'"'^ • Wc will heare tbee agiine of this thing, 

who ofj 

iuJeeTofuchai "'" 33 And fo Pauldcparted from amongthem. 
contemne^him. 34 Howbeitcertaine men claue unto Paul, and 

r Bydtclatiog beleeved : among whom was alio Denys Areopa- 
CbriH tobtiudge of j^.^, ^^^ ^ woman named Damaris , and other with 

the woiia through f, 

from ttedtaJ- 

i« Mtn, to ftiev»; forth rheirvanitie , aredivfifiy afTcficJandmsovrd vfiib one 


C H A I 

CtrintU t 


f ^iVaultt Ccrinth t tdu^kt tie Genitlei, 9 tfil terd 
eemfiTitih him. la Ht it tccu/tj tefcrt GtOiti, iC iui in 
'vaine: ig. Pnmthmehe fiiif'htt Syria, i) anJfef 
EfJitfij. 1} ^■'tprtn^^ther.tll, 

thtdifcipta. n Spoilt! kcin<'m:te''ftrfe<lUi^f.rHlici 

fj^jHJ/*, IS fre4chethChri]>rvithirt*ie^ua<il. 

A Fter i thcfe thJngs.Paul departed from Athens, 

and came to Corinthus, 

2 And found a certaine lew named J Aquila, 
botne in Pontus, lately come from Iialie .and his 
wife Piifcilla (bccaule that a Claudius had com- 
manded all I ewes to depart from Rome ) and hee 
came unto ihem. 

3 And becaulehewasofrhc fame craft, hee 
aboade with them and wrought (for their craft was 
to make tents.) 

4 a And he difputed in the Synagogue every 
L^RomeTa. ^"^^^^^ '^'«y . and l> exhorted thelewes, andthe 

Awdtbeuwe.. Grecians, 
becaoff they were J Nowwhcn Silas and Timotheus Were Come 
■iwayeiitd.fquier, from Macedonia , Paul c forced in Spirit , teliihed 
"It" ^^ ^ to the lewes that Icfus was the Chrill. 

6 3 And when they refilled and blafphemed, 
he * (hooke his raiment, and faid unto them. Your 
d blood he upon your owne head : I amcleane; 
from hencefoorth wil I goe untothe Gentiles. 

7 So he departed thence, and emred intoa 
certaine mans houfe , named luftus , a worlhipper 
of God , whole houfe ioyned bard to the Syna- 

t The true mini- 
fltrt arc fo farre 
frcmfeeking thtir 
owneprolitei (hit 
they do willingly 
deparitrom their 
right, rather iheo 
the courfeoftbe 
Cofpell IbouM be 
btndtrcd in the 
feafl wife that 
J Rom. 16, 3. 

» The truetb 
ou^ht alwayei to 
be freely vitfTtd, 
ytt BotwiihOaa- 
^ing ibcdoSrioe 
tnay Icfomode^ 
ofthe (Jiofiie that 
the peopleiake 
thetebr, Ihall te- 


hold : and tnsny ofthe Corinthians hearing 
leeved and were baptized. 

9 4 Then faid the Lord to Paul in the night by 4 CoJ iotti »• 
a vifion , Fearenot , but fpeake ,andholde not thy *"»"<:'' ""^ ""*'"• 

peace tame the coo.tai. 

10 For I am with thee , and no man fliall lay 
hMdt on thee to hurt thee : fot I have much peo- 
ple in ihiscitie. 

11 So he' continued theieayeere and iixe mo- « Word fot word, 
neths,and taught the word of God among them. ,h!''irforn"''°" 

la If Now when Gallio was dc{5utieof f A- lo'DVe^b^"Imeof ' 

chaia , the Icwes arofe with one accord againft their Bifhjiufeji. 

Paul.and bionglit him cothe iudgement feate, ^"' TjuI fate, itat 

13 Saying. I his fellow peif.vadech men to wer- cij"io!''the"w'' '" f 

fliip GoJoiherwife then the Lawappoiiitetb. God.aud'tb^, k, "dc 

:4 Andas Paul was abouttoopin his mouth, offeatcbeiongeih 
Gallio faydtintoihe lewes , If it were a matter of •■'''"og'oih«TO 
wrong . or an eviil deede. O ye lewes. I vvouldac- S^'/.'^'iJ^' 
cording to g rrafon maintaine you. irindetoitatb is 

If But if it be a queftiun of •> woides and tbem. 
• namesyand cfyour Lawe , lookeyee to ity«iir f The wicktd are 
fclves : for I will be no iudge of thofe th ings. "■"Xiw'.'but the 

16 And hee drawe ihena from the iudgetuent Lord mocketh 

feate, their endevour* 

17 Then tooke all the Grecians SoRhenes the n.a «i;cu% 
chiefe ruler ofthe Synagogue, ami beate him be- lia yeltbr°Ro"" 
fore the iudgement leate : but Gallio cariedno- maneididVotcail 

thin^for thole things. bimDeputieof 

\i 6 B jt when Paul bad taricd there yet a good G'ecia, but of a- 
while . he tooke leave ofthe brethren, .wdiailed ''"'*■'""''"*' 
into Syria, (and with him I'nici'laand Aquila) af- tb.creeian iuio 
terthatkhehadfliornehitheadini Cenchrea: fcr fubif ^lon by ibe 
hehadmade.i « vowe.' Acbsyaoi. which 

ip Then hee came to Ephcfus . and left thetn '^^'^^°^">'y"^"* 

^ And * Crifpus the chiefe ruler of the Syna- 

b E»boried fo tbtt gogue beleeved in the Lord with all his houfe- 

be pcrfwaded, & fo 

ibewnrdfigniSed. c Waivery much grieved iortiiode ; whereby iifigniSedthegTeat 
eaiDeftnefre of bu minde . wbicii wai greaily mooved - foi Taul wa> fo <ealoui,th<i be 
cliane forgatebimfelfe 3c witbia a woaderfullcouragegave himftlfe to preatbChtift. 
3 Although wee have alfjyed all mrinei pu«5i,!e, and y<rt iu vaine, wee muA not leave 
oir frcm aur workebut forfake ibc re btllioui and got lo tfarm ebai be mote obedient. 
• Chap. ij.ji. mat 10,14. d Thitiiakiiideofffeacbtak^BfiomtbeHebreweJ, where, 
by be« meaotih .that the lewei are caufe of their ownedenru(3ioQ : aad 41 (it himi 
that*' '• without fault IB forfaktogtlitui lad eoioz tooibciDattooi, 
<|. i.C«inik,iii4< 

■ ofGitcia, 

I raufaoiai r 

jf religion ftaod<-ih. 

i For tbiipiopbaoc J 

man tbinkfib tbat 9 

a, thecpotiovetfie of 1 

J- religioD, i| but a ( 

there : but he entred into the Synagogue aiid dif- 
puted with the lewes. cor.ieih. 

10 7 VVhodefvre him to tariea longer tirae E Atmucban'n 
with them : but he uould not confent. h^A. ifTn!t have 

»l But bade them farewell . faying, I muft ootfpok«rweJl,'^* 
needesReepe this feaft that Hieru- aithecafeofyout 
falem : bur I will returne ag.iinlt unto you , * '" if feligioo ftaod^.h. 
God will. So he I'ailed from tphefus. ' ""' "" "^ " 

» I 1 And wlicn hee came downe to Cefarca, 
he went up tt HierufaJim : and when he had lalu- 
ted the Church, he went dowwe unto Aviochia. brauie about ^^or(f», 

z3 Now when he had taried :*;,«.. while, hede- "fubft,n«"''""' 
parted .and went thorow the countrey of Galatia t Paul is made all 
ScPhrygia by order.ftrengthening alithedifciples. toail ,to wiuneall 

14 s Andacerraine Icwe named * Apollos, ""Chrin. 
borne at Alexandria, came to Ephefus, an eloquent , cench'rVa wa'* 
man,andti mighty in the Scriptures. anbavtnofih* 

If The /arae was inftrudcil in the way ofthe Corintbuoi. 
Lord , and hee fp.ike fervently int.he Spirite.and •> N"'" >« »»• 
taught diligently »the things of theLord.andknew * "/he kpoftlea 

butthebaptifmeuflohnonely. were caried about 

16 And hee began to fpeake boldly in the Sy- sot by the will of 
nago^ue. Whom when + Aquila and Prifcilla had ^nin'""f'V''h 
heard, they tooke him unto them , and expounded Ghoft"^° « e o j 
untohimtheo way of GodmorepeifecViy. j j.Cor.4,i>. 

27 And when hee was minded to goe into A- iamejj.if. 
chaia. the brethren exhorting him , wrote to the 
difciples to receive hira ; an.Tafta 
thither.heholpcthero much whieh had beleeved foVweJtnowi 

through p grace. wbattbedayfol- 

28 For mightily hee confuted publikely the j|^'^J''g«''"'"''E 
lewes , with great vehemencie , (liewin^ by the rApono..aK)d. 
Scriptures, that lefus was that Chrilh i» and learned mao\ 

refufeib notto 

ofabafc and abieft bandisrjfi, ttiao.aodalfoof a womh : aed'fo bKoinnieii% 
»»celleniminifteroitbeChurd). ♦ i.Cot.i.ii. o Very well inftjuft,d jn , be kaow. 
ledgeottha Sctipiorei. « Rom. iS.j. o The way ibatleadeib totjod. p Tbtoneb 
Godi(tacieuif4r«tiTi9il>ytbe(t»c(iieDtgifMvvtiicbGod bath bcnomd upoabiv 

C H A F, ^ ' 

• (houH 
, promifeaoihioc 

tor hee was come UhootthiiclaW; 




Demerrias jaolatdifragie. f 7 

CHAP, xix; _ 

Ctruiae iUfcipltt at Ephtjkf, j haiin^'mt^ fict'">id 
J,hn iapiifme, 1 *nd 4"«W »»' 'he iifMe giftei of the holj 
Chefi ttchirlyfith Codhttd teautifiedhis Stnnes Ifinfdomt, 
f trekiptiridintkeNsmeiifU/Hi ij TheletviJTi 

txorcifis 16 Mihittn of the Jeiiill. 19 ComMrinfttok.ii*r§ 
l>nr>it.' 14 Vemelriui »? raifeih/ediiicnaiainjl T.iul. 

A Nd » it came to paffe, while ApoUos was at Co- 
**■ rimhus , that Paul when hepafl'edthorowthe 
upper coafts , came to Ephefus , and found cettaine 

2 And fayd unto them , Have ye received the 
1 holy Ghoft fince yee beleeved ? And they fayd 
unto him , We have not fo much as heard whe- 
ther there be an holy Ghoft. 

3 » And he fayd unto them , Vnto b what were 
ye then baptized > And they fayd , Vnto « lohns 
baptifme. . 

4 Then fayd Paul , ♦ lohu verely baptized 
with the baptifme of repentance .faying unto the 
oeople.thai they fliould beleeve in him, which 

1 T>iul being no. 
thicgoffrnded at 
the tudeceflc of 
the Epheliaiit, 
planted a Chutcb 
a Ihofetxcelletit 
giftiofihe holy 
Gboft, vchicb were 
ia thofeddyetiD 
the Clutch. 

2 lobodid onely 
begin toiDRrua 
the difciplei whom 
Chrift Aiould 
make pertite. r i - 

b inrvhatdodrme fl^ould comcaftet him,.that is. Iji Chrift Iclus 

f And when they heard ir, they were baptized 
in the Name of the Lord lefus. 

6 So .Paul lay d his handes upon them , and the 
holy Ghoft came on them, and they fpake the 
tongues, and prophecied. 

7 And all the men were about twelve. 

8 f Moreover he went into the Synagogue, 
and fpake boldly for the fpace of three raonechs. 

and otheti from 
iofidelt which 


then art yeu ttfBgfct 
r To ie bafiiz,td 
into Ichn tufr 
tifme,i. to frcfelfe 
thedtflrine which 
lehn f reached and 
ftaled vith fci.' bap- 
• Chap^<!.C>' !.«• 

<<r.i,i«.m.t.3,... difput'ipg arid exhorting to" the things that <»/'/'ifr. 

mir. 1,5. («<e 3.16. r v. , . , P„ j M««ftothekingdomeotGod. 

3 For a man 10 9 3 But when certaine were hardened , and 

fep««^ehirafelfe ' difobeyed , fpeaking evill of the^ way ffGottbs- 
fore the multitude , hee departed from them .and 
erlydefpe- feparated the dilciples .and difputed dayly in the 
tiiBottode- fchoole of one e Tyrannus- 
■idetbeChuicb, jq And this was done by the fpace of cwo yeeres, 
f^a'd" mXYone'. ^o '^at all they which dwelt in Afia, hearf the word 
d*Bythijwotd ' of the Lord lefus, both lewes and oreciaiis. 
Way .thcHebrewei 1 1 And God wrought no fmall miracles by the 

VBderftandaDy . hands of Paul, 

h«eit ;• taVen'for ' ^ ^o that from his body were brought uiito the 

t TbiJwajamani 
proper aame. 
•4 Sat«D iiconftrai- 
ned togivewitaea 
againfi himfelfe. 
f So weretbey cal- 
led wbicbcartout 
them in theName 
of God : and in ibe 
beginning of ihe 
Church, they which 
had the gift of wor- 
kine miraclet.and 

ficke, kerchefs, or handkerchefs,& the dileafes de- 
parted from them, & y evill fpirits went out of the. 

13 4 Then certaine of the vagabond lewes.t'ex- 
orcifts tooke in hand to name over them which 
had evill fpirits, the name of the Lord lefus.faying, 
Weadiureyouby Ielus,whom Paul preacheth, 

14 (And there were certaine fonnesofSceua 
alew, thePrieft.ijiourleven which did this.) 

I J- And the evill Ipirir anfwered.and fayd.Iefus 
I acknowledge. and-Paul I know : but who are ye ? 
16 And the man in whom the evill fpirit was. 
ranne on them, and overcame them, and g prevai- 
laid t'he.Vbandro"n led againft them ,fo that they fiedde out of that 
them that were pof- houfe, naked and wounded, 
feflidwi.hdtviii, ,^ And this was knownetoallthelewesand 
rneprevai'ied Grecians alfo which dwelt at Ephefus .andfeare 
againfttbem though came On them all ,and the Name of the Lord le- 

ihey ftrova 

S Coniuring and 
forcerie iicon- 
demned by open 
• teftiinonit ai:d by 
the Apo tile. 
YConfelTcH their 
errori, and detefted 

fus wasm.ignihed, 

18 J And many that beleeved, came and bcon- 

fcfled. and ihewed their works. 

1 9 Many alfo of them which ufed curious artes, 
brought their bookes , and burned them before 
all men : and they counted the price of them, and 
founditi fifiie thoufand^#c«of iilver. 

20 So the word of God grewe mightly , and 

tkem openly .being pieyjjlej. 

terrified with the ' 

fcareofthe iudgement of God ; and what ii (hii toeareQltift? i They tOatmaKC W 
Icjft value of it, rtskoo it to be about tight hundinbfoundiSuglife, 

a I I < Now ^hen thefe things were accom- c Piuliine\et 

P^'^'"^u'x?''''/"r^"!, ^y u'^' ' ^Pj"' ^° ^'^^ rByVl.-o.ionof 
through Macedonia and Achaia , and to goe to God» Spirit .- there- 
Hierulalem , faying, Afty I have bene there, I muft fore we may not fay 

alfo fee Rome. that l?aul ran band 

21 So fent hee into Macedoni^o of them b"3,^"^;°pf,",f 
that miniflred unto him ,Tiraotheus , and Eraftus, God led him. 
^ut he remained in Afia for afeafon. 

25 7 And the fame time there arofe no fmall 7 GaineciokeJ 
troubleabout that way. . ir^loVift'hrelr 

24 For a certaine man named Demetrius ani- caufe wherefore 
verfmith, which made filver ' temples of IJjanas idoiatriei.ftoutly 
brought great gaines unto the crafte(men, '°^ ftubbumely 

2 J Whom he called together . with the work- ijll(^'^,„ „,. 
men of like things , and fayd , Sirs , ye know that ,aine counterfeit 
by this craft we have our goods : temple, with Dii. 

26 Moreover ye fee and heare , that not alone nai piaure in the*, 
at Ephefus . but almoft throughout all Alia this ^^I'^'^^^^gX 
Paul hath perfwaded , and turned away much peo- her. 

pie, fayin* , That they be not Gods which are made 
with hands. 

27 So that not onely this thing is dangerous 

unto us, that this our m portion Ihali be reproo- m^sifhefaidjf 
ved , but alfo that the temple of the great goddefle Paut^o r» ihm at 
Diana Q«ould be nothing efteeraed .and that it heth.ithkittnnetf 
would come to paife that her magnificence, which '.^XTr^ttoTa^ilf 
all Afia and the world worlhippcth , fliould be de- Dianas imaie, aS 



28 Now when they heard it , they were full of """ '< 
wrath , and aied out , faying, Great fV Diana of the ^ „ 

29 'And the whole citie was full of confufioiJ, and i> coHof^.to. 
they rufhed into the comon place with one affent, « ''^''"■'.""^^n!'' . 
and caught'* Gains, and S Ariftarcbus . men of ^7^°^';^';^ ™ 
Macedonia , and Pauls companions of his iourney. the Miuiiters, aa 

30 And when Paul would have entred in unto inviocibieceniiaa- 
the people, the difcinles fuffered him not. f}^' '^^J^"*' '"^y't 

3 . 8 Certaine alfo of the chiefe of Afia. which ^J-aX be™"r' 
were his friends ,fent unto him, deliring him that comcwhich not.' 
he would not prefent himfelfe in the Common wiihftaadingmuft 

pU ^g fuffr r i t fei fe mo- 

52 Some therefore cried one thing , and fome ^^j bVwifedomel 
another: for the affcmbly was out of order, and 9 iniieadeofree.' 
the more part knew not wherefore they were come fun, tbeidoiatere 

together. arefufhcienti, 

i 5 And fi»>g of the company .Irew foorth A- rhe"i7ownrmacl. 
lexander , the lewes thrufting him forwards . Alex- ne ife and outcriet, 
ander then beckened with his hand, and would andthofearethe 
have excufed the matter to the people. KT'h '^kl'T'* 

34 9 But when they knew that he was a lewe, ' o' Ao'axampl'eof 
there arofe a £houte almoft for the fpace of two apoiitikeman 
houres , of all men , crying. Great** Diana of the who redeemeti 

Ephefians. ■ V«ce and quiemeTc 

3 J 10 Then the towne clearke when hee had ^'j^, ^";"never 
flayed the people , fayd , Ye men of Ephefus , what have done, 
man is it that knoweth not how that the citie of « The Bphsfiant 
the Ephefians is a worfliipper of the great god- ^;'^T'',{'^7^{j* 
deffe Diana, and of t/je»w<i^«. which n came downe I'^'^^^/./oianl 

from lupiter? ^ ^amedonne-fi-cm 

3(S Seeing then that no man can fpeakeagainft he.ivintoihem. 
thefe things , yee ought to be appeafed, and to doe ' "".*"■ '"i''' " , 

, . ,1 " * ^ a: erne any man ojm 

nothing ralhly. pp'rihcreare 

37 For yee have brought hither thefe men, tenainedajeiaf 
which have neither committed Acriledge, neither pointed fr di-ri 
doe blafpherae your goddelfe. "«/'' Zt^"!'^ 

38 Wherefore . if Demetrius and the craftes S^r^'/Jr 
men which are with him ,haveaomat£eragainft ^ bj iheDipHties 
any man, the p law is open , and there are qDepu- are meant aifitht 
ties : let them accufe one another. f^7eT/h'afi& 

i9 But if ye inguire any thing concerning other ^, ^J;, (-,,^^,1,^ 
iJhh mauersj 


Eutychtis revived. 

The A^cs. 

Pauls integrkte* 

( Hf r|f ikfth of» mitters. it may be determined in a ' lawful! affebly. 

Itwiiiii.iumbiy. ^o for we are evcn io icopardy CO beacculcJ" 

„o.ontli.o«ccv: ^f ^j^jj ^ fcdition . for as much as there is no 

°5d bu,'i,'buri; of "ufe . whereby we may ,<iWe a reafon of this con. 

ibc pecplc.but iifo courfe of the people. 

■g;iLftjiiB.«riEg 4, Arwl'Ahen hchadthusfpoken.heeletthe 

tS^/XhlTS!; aff^rnbly depart. 

.h„wh,ch^.no. /I c H AP. XX. 

r4»l tfPtinftJ It tct »» Mi'tionU : 7 /» TrMi prf <• 

cfa ■KinJitrt, 10 htr.fifiithimichre: «f ^yit MUelum, 
17 h^linit<illcdlhe F.UtrffEfhifmncgrthr, ij fce 

Jicl.iteih ivhjt ihtn^ifhalamcufonhm/tl/f, 18 ani 

fcyo'dcr • fi-ribfr* 
TVtrtCfrtJinf dayei 

ftofic together io. 

» PiuldtpjrteJ 

fteui El'htfuay 





•(b«r |iUcc 

NOw r after the nirault was appeafed , Taul 
called the dilciples unto him , and embraced 
them, and dejiarted to goe into Macedonia, _ 
.„. 1 And when he had gone through thofe parts, 

• F^rafit'rfigriAt and had exhorted them with * many words, he 
»""*'' '*7' *"" came into Grecia. 

*'•'",' (""^ 3 « And havinp taried there three raoneths, 

T AfrowlrJ i«Ie becaule the lewes l.-.yd waite for him , as hee was 
iiihfi.uider.mi about to failc into Syria, he purpofedtoretutne 
infituftour to muc- through Macedonia. 

4 'And there accompanied him intoAfia.So- 
pater of Berea , and of them of Theffalonica , A- 
riftarchus .andSecundus .andGaiusof Derbe,aKd 
Timotheus , and of them of Alia , Tychicus , and 

y Thefe went before, and taricd us atTroas, 
6 And we faileth foorth from Philippi, after the 
daycs of vnleavened bread , and come imto them 
to Ttoai in five dayes, where wee aboade feven 

7 J And the b firft day of the weeke, the difci- 
ples being come together to breake bread , Paul 
■' preached unto them .ready to depart on the no- 
row.and continued the preaching unto midnight, 

g 4 And there were many lip;htsinanupper 
charcbej, where they were gathered together. 

9 And there fate in a windowe a cercaine yong 
roan , named Eutychus , fallen into a deail fleepe : 
and as Paul was long preaching , he overcome with 
lleepe , fell downe from the third loft , and was ta- 
ken up dead. 

10 But PauJ went downe, and layd himfelfc 
npon him ,and embraced him, faying, Trouble not 
yourfelves : for his life is in him. 

11 Then when P*i«/wascomeupagainei and 
had broken bread , and eaten , having Ipoken a 
long while lillthe dawning of the day jheeib de- 

I i And they brought the boy alive , and they 
iubound'jwithoai Were not a little comforted. 
•BTceifiogct 13 ) Then he went before to (hippe , and fai- 

aoppiogio his jgj yp^Q fj^g ^fj^ y^floj ^ that ^vee might receive 
Vir.',.°'l.'e»ake I'au' there : for fu had hee appointed , and would 
kit tea jtneDt, himfelfe goe afoote. 

_.!....:_ L_ ....... j^ Now when he was come unto us to Alfos 

iJtil: «o<t Mtart 
•h( (wiredomc of 
Oai to prercDt 
3 AflVmblinia 
the Bigbitiinccaa 
DOtbeiunly coo* 
^raiBfd .oeiiber 
«'igbc,vTbca the 
«J3fe it {ood. 
* WerW/.r wrV, 

nftmlit Ltriid^J : 

■/ it nctsmiftgd- 
ihlTti , that in ihc/i 
ttjfii tkf Ckriftidui 
JiUmntl} ttfiiktr 
A Tbrdevillmio- 
«tin; toirosble 
tbtCburch witha 
jreat off'eoct, gi. 
iKib Paul atigga- 
bt occjfton 10 
•flonftrme tb* 


f raulaneaiDtft 
laod dilifjeni (o\- 
n;; bad to 

by ibe 



wbUb bf taught, 

■ndeiboKcib the 



»f re and got for» 

ward ^fl^ilbco^• 



r ^■ilttrSwM 

«:,yt •a/t.n./ 

fntU , »)>.fr M.xmtt Ufnttnt F.fhcjil{«lld Wii#(*.1» »>(»/ 

and we had received him, we came to Mitylenes. 

1 J And we failed thence , and came the next 
day over againrt Chios . and the next day we arri- 
ved at Samos , and tatied at Trogyllium : the next 
day we came to Miictura. 

16 f For Paul had determined to failebyE. 
phefus , becaufe hee would not fpend the time in 
Afia : fot he hafted to be , if hee could posfible, it 
Kierulalem, at the day of Pentccoft. 

17 f wherefotefroratMiietHm,heefemto 

409 fuUnitt 

Ephefus.andcalled the ElJets ofrhe Chareh. < a livety imigt 

ig « Who when they were come to him ,hee of«>'«''aftouf. 
fayd unto them. Ye know from thefirft day that lw"Te'C 
1 came into Afia , after what manner 1 have bene di;<imiitJim an, 
with you at all feafbns, r.7p»fl tp^^'foivtr, 

X9 Serving the Lord with all roodeftie . and '"*"-/^' /«•"»•» 
with many teares , and tenutions . which came un- ^ aVtemfieth. 
to me by the layings await of the lewes, tb^t begtmh to 

20 And how I kept <*backe nothing that was 

pttjhtable , but have fl.ewethyou ,andtaughtyou 

openly and throughout every houfe, T fie c.7ah .hM 

ii Wunefsing both to the lewes .andtothe m»it^cfii„i„i, 
Grecians the repentance toward GcKl,and faith to- Cfjl.-nhuh infir- 
ward our Lord lefus Chrift. «■' '"«'• '■'^' '-j.' 

12 7 And now beholde .Igneeboundinthe "Z'^',ll't!!,dlf\t^ 
Spirit.unto Hierufalem, and kflow not what things spirit, -ahcmhc 
llial! come unto me there, /MwivUhat 

23 Save that the holy Ghoft wltneffeth in every J.''^"'*; ,« 
citie faying, that bonds and afdiaions abide me. jttiC,fLTten» 

24 But Ipaflenotarall,neitherismylifedeare/,«(fr»mr.t»o4i 
unto my feae,fo that I may fulfill my courfe with ch^f.ii,*. 
icy, and the miniftration which I have received of « Thedodmeof 
the L ord lefus , to teftifie the Gofpell of the grace „'« 5 "e 'U 

of God, abrolute. 

ay And now beholde.l know that hencefoorth g 
ye all , through whom I have gone preaching the '«'l« «••'"♦ P»« 
kingdome of God, flwU fee my face no more. b'* no whie feo. 

26 Wherefore I take you to record this day, ieoeeforCbrift» 
that 1 am 'pure from the blood of all men. Godhead . wbicb 

27 « For I have kept nothing backe, but have &«^'' piaioeiy <• 
(bewedyouailthecounfellofGoll. I'^lX^^f^X- 

s8 Take heede therefore unto yourfelves, and tuDftogeiberofii** 
10 all the Hocke, whereof the holy Ghoft hath iwj naiuiM in bii 
made you Ovetfeers to g feede the Church of God t>wv"(oti.x)i*t. 
which h hee hath purchafed with » that his owne „;i.V^C"f't. 

blood, otberbeingtakeo 

»9 » For 1 know this, that wter my departing iiithcdcri»ati»f. 
(hall grievous wolves enter in among you, not «»J'«n«'°«'|«P»|* 
fparingtheflocke, ,. . , M^lu^r^ttMi 

30 Moreover of your owne (elves (ball men fatbenteimed a 
arile fpeakine petverfe things ,to U dtawdifcipies coirunoaMaiioj ©» 
after tliem, ^ ''''''"^Ti'i'!o' 

3 1 Therefore watch , and remember that by f/y""roiklng com. 
the fp4ce of three veeres 1 ceafed not to warne mooofibataotwo 
every one , both nignt and day with teares. T»hkhbeloBgetk 

31 10 And now brethren , I commend you to V'" |° °"'^ -^ 
God, and to thewordof his grace, which is able *ih,mibtt>ttxc,i.* 
to build further , and to give you anl inhaitance, leocie of ihi« bioo4. 
amongallthem, which are fandiried. * A propbecieof 

33 III have coveted no mansfilvet. nor golde, ^''."'' '■"" 'V°"''* 
norapparell, ^ ^ r , . ^ - «raTeu,«,««u.» 

34 yea, ye know, that tnefe handes have mi- againftfucha* 
niftred unto my « necefsit ies , and to them that 'w*'* '"i ^tigge 
were with me . fc' of°«.fo"''^" 

3 y I h«ve (hewed you all things , how that (b )^■^°^ j, J g^jt ^j. 
labouring, ye ought to ■» fupport the weake , and f«ti«,towautibf 
to remember the wonlesofthe Lord lefus ,howe p»«f«oc«offg<Jia 
that he fayd ,Jt is a blefled thing to give, rather fl«9t>'^'rfbu: gre^ 
then to receive. «i« m?* **** "" 

36 And whenhchadthnsfpokea .heknceled »© Tbe'pow«rof. 
downe, and prayed with them ail. eod.andhiifre* 

37 >» Then they wept all abundantly. , and fell FT'"''" "/"'"th- 
en Pauls necke, and killed him. , pVirdvphX 

38 Being chiefiy Tone for the words which he dmof tbe miui- 
fpake.That they 'Ihoiild fee his face no more. And OerieofiheGofpeJ.' 
wey accompanied hira unto the Ihippe. !htrV(ore'*oft>te"it. 

I » Paflouil l»u* b*foU all tbiogi bewin ofcovcttottfiMSc 4. i. Cot .4, i a i thtf.aSv. 
t.ihef. 3.«. m Ai ii «erc by rtatoiug oui the band 10 ihem, vvbicb othBrwilt at* 
.bout toftriwaodfallaway .aoJfotoHayihtm it Tk, Oofl>ell doii 09Ui*e 
•n»y quuhU liiSUvu, ^i (itieib «utl btidlttb ibem in good otdei 


Chapl jfjg. 

tu kf. X 3f s. 

« P<«f f*il1> UWfd HilrH/xlim ! t <l Ctfttlt %e t4\k*l\ 
ttiift PMif tlie Euifyftliji : is tMrthiifirtteStlkiim 
tfhuUndi. 17 ^ptr Ixt timt tt Hterufiltm, -t« -«»rf 
Mrs (Ac Temfle, 17 Tbi I tr»< 1 Uj4 i*»dt on him ;jl I.jft*i 
tht (4f taint litk." ^ *"•» f'"" '*»"•• 

I *'h,'b*^ fvTo" A Nd t as we launched foonh , and were departed 
w fci'n^'' "4 from them . we came with a ftraight conrfe un- 

facb » arcenducil CO Coos , and the day following UDto the RhodeSf 
with thf Spirit of g^d frgm thepcc unto Patara. 
°» ,''°««bourto * And wee f^undafhip that went over unto 
fciai'f^e Murfe Phsnicc . and went abroad, and fet forth, 
of oer vocaiioo ; 3 Afld, when wee had difcovered Cypms . wee 

but it i< our p»ft left it On the left hand .and failed toward Syria, and 
whbooVaTi'ftlp. arrived at Tyrus ; for there the (hippe vnladcd the 
^ogorfug^e- burden. 

riDg. after that vrc 4 And whcn we had found dilciples , we taried 
an Care nf out there feven dayej. And they told Paul through the 
'f^rk!'fZ?i,u' * SP'"''- ^^^^ ^^ ^°^^^ notgoe up to Hierufalera. 
tkftJhtCVfirit T But when the day es were ended , wee depar- 
w(<t Jd^in kM, ted and went our way , and they all accompanied us 
^fi.irr I'tuU ^ich their wives & children, even out of tne citie ; 
Iriil'/pr.'*^'* t«t ^'^ *^ kneeled downe on the (hore, priyed. 
,ft'f!tp4*fifi>'» ^ Then when wee had embraced one another, 
thij/riitd him we tookc ihip, and they returned home, 
frcmftini *, Hit' J And whcn wee had ended the courfe from 
rmftlim. Tyois , wcc arrived at Ptolemais , and faluted the 

brethren, and aboade with them one day. 

8 And the next day , Paul and wee that wete 

with him , departed . and came unro Cefarea : and 

« Chip (,(. weeentred into the houfe of ♦ Philip the Euan- 

i neff>ejkf'i'*f cclift, which was one of the t> feven X)m*#»m, and 

thCHul^ZT-' aboade with him. 

nfd ttfcre, cUf.t. 9 ^ov.' he had four* daughters virgins > which 
r T I, fj had tpecu. did « ptophecic. 

lj*r pf' 'ff""^- 1 o And as wee taried there msny dayes , there 

fc/pj t unit u (tmc. came a certaine Prophet from ludea, named A- 

1 1 And when hee was come unro us.hee tooke 

Pauls girdle, 5c bound his ownc hands ?c feete,and 

faidc, Thus faith the holy Ghoft.So (hall the lewes 

at Hierufalera binde the man that oweth this 

« ThefdllofCod girdle , and flialldeliverhimintothehandesof the 

bridlrthallaffe- GentileS. 

aioa,intbrm II And when wce had heard thcfc things, both 

»»bich«arof(iir we and Other of the fame place befought him thai 
cf God'!' ^ *"" ^^ would not goe up to Hierufalera. 

sOodiitohe 15 Then Paul anfwered, and faid, what doe ye 

vraifed , viho i, the wccping and breaking mine heart ? For I am ready 
Authoiir of all pQt to be bound onely , but alfo to die at Hicrnfa- 

good Uymg.anJ j^^f^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^j-^f^g j_or,| Igfus. 

4 lathiDiiin- '4 > So when he would not bc pcrfwaded, wcc 

Jiffcreoi (of which ccafed. faying. The will of the Lord be done. 
foinRMeootthe , And after thofe day eswetrufTcd up our far- 

tradittoDtofihe i < i ,.- ri 

PbarifM. but , be ^cls , 2nd went up to Hjei ufalem. _ , ^ ,.^ 

c«rtraoBiMr,rtb« 1 6 There went with us zMoeettaiM of the dii- 

Law.vmitifuch ciplcs of Cefarea, and brought with them One Mna- 

tiuie ai chri«ian f^^ ^f Cyrrus , ;ui oldc difciolc , with whom wee 

libcriie nai more ,t ui . ^ 

fully revMlrd.o lllOuldlod"e. ,. ^, 

ebciewti chaiitie' 1 7 And when we were come to Hieruulem , the 
willeih ui to coo. brethren received us gladly, 
forme o. ai-piy , g ^„jj jj,e next day Paul wem in with us unto 

ul'fo fare M «e^' ^^^^ ' ""^ a» '^c Eldcts were there allembled. 
■lay.toourt-ic- 1? 9 And when he had embraced them, he told 

ihrenwbichdoe by order ail things , that Godhadwroughi jmong 
not n«bburnhr ani^jljg Gcntiles by his mimflration. 
X'rSb^file jo .so when th^ heard it . they glorified God. 
y not thfoughiy io- and (aid unto htm . Thon feeS , brother, new many 
ftrufted tfieciaiiy thoufand lewes there are which bekcve .and they 
if .hequraioo b/: arc allccalout ef the taw : 
of a whole malu. ^ ^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^ infoflBCd of thcC , that thoU 

Paal taken in the Temple." yS 

teacheft all the Icwe« .which are among the Gen- 
tiles ,to forfake Mo.'es. and /ayeft that they ought 
not tocircnmcife their fonnes , neither to live itfur 
the euftomes. 

22 What isthen t»%e dtm : the multitude muf^ 
needcs come together : for they %ill here that 
ihou art come. 

23 Doe therefore this that we fay to thee. We 
have foure men, which have roadea vow, 

14 Then take.and<J parifte thy felfe with them. ^ ^"i*^ '»;«o'>r»' 
and e contribut* with them, that they may -i-ftiave h"rFeakRhooth«« 
their heads :and all (liall know .that thofe things, of the vncieaae,b« 
whereof they have bene informed conc^iing of fichaiwetefuW 
ihee , are nothing , but that thou thy felfe alfo wal- '!* '° '"".^owe of 

ke« and keepeft the Law. 1 TbL"i^l'« b, 

_,« ,. ,,#.•., ...i. • That K inay be 

2 jr For as tooching the GenttjeSiWhich beieeve koowen.that tbes 
we have written , and determined that they obferve ^^1^ notoadf 
no fuch thing, but that they keene themfelves from P"^'" " ^^ 
things offered to idoles . and from blood, and from *hTf.'m.n l"t : 
thanxhat is flrangled, and from fornication. and therefore it ii' 

26 Then Paul tookc the men .and the next day faidafttrwatdi.ihat 
was purified with them , and entred into the Tem- Piul^Y'it'dtb* 
pie , f declaring the accomplifhment of the dayes .ionVford^houpk 
of thepurificarion, vntill thacan ofleriogfbould be the charges fonhe 
ofteredfor every oneof them. Nazariteioffiingt 

27 r And when the fcven dayes were alraoft we"«Ppo'nt«<J,y« 
ended, the lewes which were of Afia {when they f„^e«h«umo 
faw him in the Temple) mooved all the people, and them. Muin.«,i ;.' 
layd hands on h Ira. * cbip.ti.ii. 

28 Crying.Men of Ifrael.helpe : this is the man ^ "?* ' '*; 
that teachcft all men every where againf I the peo- t, be' .dv'«tif7d"' 
ple.andthe Law.andthis place : moreover ,he hath the accompli ft. 
brought Grecians into the Temple , and hitb pol- ineotofthedaye* 
luted this holy place. of the purife.,iot, 

29 For they had feene before Trophimus-an f^^B^enoTeo"' 
Ephefian with him in the city . whom they fuppo- fered the fame rfaj 
fedthut Paul had brought into the Temple. thattheirvon 

30 Then alle the citie was mooved.and the peo- '"^"'/''oft ^om 
pie ran together : and they tooke Paul . and drewe /„(, f/fheMuft 
him out ofthe Temple , and foonhwith the deores ofgreatccnfu- 

Were ihUt. fion , and gieic 

3 1 6 But as they went about to kill him.tidings " g^^'^Vcieth 
came unto thechiefecaptaineofthcband, that all fcn,e°eTenamoDgre 
Hierufalem was on an vproare. ihewicktdaod 

32 who immediatly tooke fouldieis and Cen- propbanethem. 
lurions , and ran downe unto them : and when they [^I^JJid," ''jy'^'i 
faw the chiefe captaine and the fouldiers , they left J|,* ,^n/*" 
beating of Paul. 

33 Then the chiefe Caotaine came neeie ami 
tooke him , and commanded him to be bound with 
two ctiaines , and demanded who he was , and what 
he had done. 

34 And one cried this, another that.amOng the 
people. So when hee could not know the certain- 
tie for the tumult, he commanded him to be let! 
into the caftell. 

3 s- And when heecame unto the grieces. it was 
fb that he was borne of the fouldiers , for the vio- 
lence of the people. 

36 For the multitude of the people followed af- 
ter, crying. Away with him, 

37 And a$ Paul fhould have bene led into the 
caftell.hee faide unto the chiefe captaine.M^y 5 
fpeake unto thee i Who faide , Canfi thoa fpea^e 

38 Art not thou the gEgvptian.who before thefe /T»Mr*i';!^»4i"» 
dayes raifed a feJition . and led out into the wilder- JE i^ijii» whithtf. 
neffe foure thoufand men thai were mtirtherers > fimi'tJ thmu 

39 Then Paul faide . DoubtlefTe . 1 am a man ',,X"i»fi^"Li:i 
Vhich ans a Icwc » and citizen of Tarfus , a famous t.ik*r- > »• 

tihh a. citie 



Pauls aflfwere^ 

The Afles; 

and confeffion. 

citie of Cilicia \ and 1 befeech thee , fuffer mee to 
j'peake unco the people. 

23 And when hee had given him h'cence , Paul 
flood on the grieces , and If^^ckened with the hand 
nnto the peoole , and when there was made great 
iilence . he f^ke unto them in the Hebrew tongue, 


I r4ul}etlJeihareafcncfhiif.nth, ii dnJ t^f Je^Vtiht.irt 
him*ivhilf: x) But fifitni ii they irrtd cut, 14 Heit 
tcmmMdcJiokeJcrur^edandexamintd, »7 axd/i dcclartth 
ik^he %idtit.tncf H,Kmt, 

Y" E men. brethren, and fathers, heare my defence 
•*• now towards you. 

% ( And when they heard that hee fpake in the 
Hebrewe tongue to them , they kept the more Ii- 
lence, and he laid, ) 

3 t lam verelyaman,tfwWc/)<»»iaIew,borne 
in Tardus in Cilicia , but brought up in this citie at 
the » fc-ete of Ganaaliel .and inftrufted according • 
to the perfe6l: maner of the Law of the fathers., and 
was zealous toward God, as ye ail are this day. 

4 And! perfecuted this way unto the death* 
Tbatii.hiidayly binding and delivering into prilon both men and 

'."l-r^^":^" women° 

I Paul miking* 
fiooveibboch bii 
voution tud do- 
Arine to be of 

commoolyiD the 
tiigheiplactfpfa- . 
kiog 10 ihriifcbol- 
IcMwbicb ftiupoD 
fourmcs btoeatb: 
3Dd therefor* bee 
faitb, atibe fectc 
~3i Gamaiicl. 

5 As alfo the chiefe Piieft doth beare me wit- 
nes,and all the company of the Elders : of whom al- 
fo I received letters unto the brethren , and went to 
Damalcus to bring them which were there , bound 
unto Hierufalem.that they might be punilhed. 

6 J And fo it was , as I iourneyed , and was 
come neere unto Damafcus about noone, thatfud- 
denly there Ihone from heaven a great light round 

7 So I fell unto the earth,and heard a voyce.fay- 
inguntome,Saul,Saul,why perlecurei\thoume ? 

8 Then I anfwered , Wno art thou Lord ? And 
be fa id to mee , I am lefus of Nazareth ,whom thou 

9 Moreover they that were with mee , faw in 
deede a hght and were afraide : but they heard not 
the voyce of him that fpake unto me. 

10 Then I faid , Whatlhalll doe ,Lord ? And 
the Lordfaid unto me , Aiife, and goe into Damaf- 
cus : and there it lliall be toldtheeofall things, 
which are appointedfor thee to doe. 

11 So when I could net fee for the glory of 
that light , I was led by the hand of them that were 
with me , and came into Damafcus. 

1 X And one Ananias a godly man , as pertaining 
10 the Law , having good report of all the lewes 
which dwelt there, 

I 3 Came unto mee , and flood , and faid unto 
me , Brother Saul, receive thy fight ; and thatfame 
houre 1 looked upon him. 

14 And he faid. The God of out fathers hath 
appointed thee .that thou (l.ouldef^ know hi^will, 
and ihouldeft fee that lufl one , and fiiouldefi heare 
the voyce of his mouth. 

I f For thou Ihalt be his witnefle unto all men, 
of the thirigs which thou haft feene and heard. 

16 Now therefore why tarieftthou ? Arife .and 
be baptized .and wafli away thy finnes , in calling 
on the Name of the Lord. 

>7- 5 And it came to paffe.that when I was 
come againe to Hierufalcm , and prayed in tha 
Temple, I was in a traunce, 

1 a And faw him , faying unto mee, Make haf^e, 
and get thee quickly out of Hierufalem : for thty 
wi^ not receive ihy witnefle concerning me, 

1 9 Then I {aid , lord , they know that I priib- 
ned, and beat in every Synagogue them that beleci 
ved in thee. 

20 And when the blood of thy martyr Steven 

wasllied , I alfo f^oodeby . and confented unto his b ibii n properi. 
death, & kept the cioathes of them that b flew him. ffokeo: for sievel 
X I Then hee faide unto me. Depart : for I will '^" munbetedof a 
fend theefarre hence unto the Gentiles. ^°?b'^o"d""'T" 

21 J aAndthey heardhimuntothisword,fc«t °°^'j_^°',(,"°p'o' 
then they lift up their voyces, and faid, Away with force : for at that 
fuch a fellowe from the earth : for it is not meete limethe lewei 

that he fliould live. could not (.otaay 

25 And as they c cried Sccaft off their cioathes, ^^^"'^""'''1' 
and threw du{! into the aire, » Stoat and dub. 

24 i The chiefe captaine commanded him to butae pride will 
be led into the caftle .and bade that hee (hould be ^"'''"'''^'"'11"°*" 
fcourged, 8c examined ,that he might know where- nehhe'r fuffer ' ' 
fore they cried fb on him . other to receive ft, 

2f 4 And as they bound him with thongs, Paul c Thedefcription ■ 
faid unto the Centurion that flood by , Is it lawfull "•'^^ ''f ^'°"' '""'» 
for you to fcourgeonethatisaRoraane ,and not h*reb'rai"oedaad 
condemned ? mad multitude. 

^6 Now when the Centurion heard it ,he went, 3 Tfaewifdome 
and told the chiefe captaine .faying , Take heede °^^^'J^'f^^^°''^ 
what thou doel^ ; for this man is a Romane. i^'uXVn 'w'hat*;* 

27 Then the chiefe captaine came , and faid to p^Stabie.andthere- 
hira. Tell me,art thou a Romane ? And he faid. Yea. witball meafure 

28 And the c hiefe captaine anfwered . With a 'j'.' P'°fi<.«ao'- 
great fumme obtained I this freedome. Then Paul „'°/p*/jf^'j;j"" 
laid, But I was fo borne. , 4 rhereiiiio' 

29 Then {\raightway they departed from him caufe whywemay 
which ftould have examined him : and the chiefe f",]"^^,^"^' 'j,^'". 
captaine alfo was afraid , after hee knew that he was coAgWnh^ 

a =5 Romane, and that he had bound him. repeil ,or put away 

30 On the next day, becaufe hee would have aniDiurie. 
knowen the certaintie wherefore hee wasaccufed ^„f^°'jJ[,^/"°"* 
of the lewes , hee loofed him from his bonds , and (jf',i,et, J,** 
commanded the hie Prieftes and all their Councill 

to come tegetber : and hee brought Paul , and fei 
him before them. 


I ^t Paul fie jJelh hiicaufe, t ^ndniaicommiHndnhthtm 
tojmitehim. 7 Diffeniicn amfn^hiiaccujcrs. 11 Cod 
tnccuraifthhim. 14. The lew U?'"^ yviit for Vaul, 
zo iidiiUred unto tilt chiefe cufUir.e.' tj Hit /enJelh him 
to Felix the CoVirnoUT. , ... 

1 raul agaioil tb« 

A Nd , Paul behelde earne(»ly the Councill , and faifeaccufaiiom 

faid , Men <»«if brethren, 1 have in all good con- of hiienemin, 
fcienceferved God vntillthisday. Se^c'j'r 

a » Then the hie Prieft Ananias commaunded proofe whereof, 
them that l^ood by , to fmitc him on the mouth . he repearetb the 

3 J Then faid Paul to him , God » willfmite vtboiecourfeof 
thee, thou b whited wall: for thou fitteft to iudge 
me according to the Law.and' tranfgrefSngthe, 
Law, commandeft thou me to be fmitten i length to betray 

4 And they that flood by ,faid .Revileft thou .'hemfeivei bytheij 
Gods hie PrieftS Ti'tTw-lifo, 

y 4 Then faid Paul , I knew not brethren , that „, to compiaioeof 
he was the hie Prieft: for it is written,* Thou Ihalt ioiuriei.aodto fuin» 
not fpeake evill of the ruler of thy people. "'°h''"rem'nt 

6 ! But when Paul perceived that the one f°,',Vf''God!'fo'" 
part were of the Sadduces.and the other of the , hat we do it' with. 

out hatred ,and wi'.h 
a quiet and peaceable itiiode. a It appeareih plaitiely by the Grceke (.hrafe.ihai Paul 
did not cutfetbe hierrieft.but onely pronounce the puailhmeDt of Giid againi) hini, 
b Tbii ii a vehetnentaad Iharpefprrcb , hut yet not lepioacbfull : Forthe godly man 
fpeake roundly . and yet be voydeof the bitterajfedionofa fharpeand angry miode.C 
e For theLawecorumandeth tbsludgeio heare the perfon that iiaccufed patiently. anij 
to pronounce the fentenceadvifedly. 4 We inuft willingly and from the heart give 
honour to Maginratfii although they be tyiaoti. •{■ .fizod. aa 17. ; We may 

lawfully fometiines fet the wicked together by the ea res. that they may leave oSho 

ailAult utiiv iti«t it be wiifa 00 biadeioflieof ibttiuetb. 




Paul f efcued, A rafli rowc^ 


* Cliap. 14)12. 

phil i,s. 

t Tbeconcord 
ofibe vtick«4 ii 
vwake although 
they confjJirc to- 
gether to oi>i-rcire 
the Kuecb. 
7 Ititaooldehe 
cell todenieche 
iiibaancc of Ao- 
geliaad raulo.and 
terurieftion D( the 

» Mat.2i-a3. 
i N^turei chat 
t The Lord when 
it pleaftth him, 
findeih defeudert 
cf hiicaufe, tvea 
amoDglt hit 

« The Scribei office 
vvaia publikoftcei 
and the name of the 
Phatifei wai the 
name of a Ct&. 
9 God will not 

so Such at are ca. 
nieJawa, with a 
<boli(bz«ale, think 
that- hey may lie 
and matthtr , and 

f They curfing and 
g yecandthe Se- 
nate requiring the 
that the Tribune 
it wai demanded of 
biin at feme pri- 
vate mam iui:e. 
It Thewifedome 
«f .he Spirit murt 
bt ioyned with 

ji Tb«re iioo 


'^eLord and ail 


I Grpeke.tbat thou 

kail (hewed there 

ibtojito race. 

Pbarjfcs . be cried in the CoUDcill , Men <t«<< bre- 
thren , * I am a Pharile , the lonne of a Poaf ile : 

1 am accaled of cbebupeaDdrelurtediuD of ibe 

7 < Aad when hee had fayd this , there wa> a 
dilitDlion betwecuc the Phstiles & the Sadducts, 
lo in^i the (cuitKude was divided. 

8 7 * For liie S *dduccs fay that there ij do re- 
furt^dtion . Deitticr d Ai.gel , nor lpini:but the 
PDaiU^sconielTe both, 

9 ' Theu there was a great crie : and the 
e Scribes of the Pbarifes pan rofe up , and ftrove, 
layiog , We findc none evill in this man : but if a 
Ipinc or aa Ai gel bath ipukcn lu biai , let us not 
light ngiiott God. 

10 9 Aod when there was a great dilTeofionithe 
chicfe capiaine, teanog lefr Paul tiionld have bene 
pulled in pieces of tbem,coi:omaDded the louldiers 
to go dowae t and take higifrum au.oog ibeiOt and 
to bring him into the caiicll. 

1 1 Now th^ night following , the Lord ftood 
by him. anJ laid, B . uf good coui ge. Paul, for as 
thou halt teltihed of isecin Hiciulalem.loaiuA 
tDOU besre witneffe alio at Rome, 

1 1 i°And when the day was come,cettaioe of 
the Icw£s made an aif^tobly land bound them- 
fclves *^ with a cutfe, laying, that they would nei- 
ther eate nor driokc till they bad killed Paul. 

1 3 And they were moe then tuuitie.wbicb bad 
made this confpitacie. 

14 And they came to the chiefe Priefts and 
Eldets.and faid.Wee have bound our ielvei with a 
lolemne curfe.tbat we will catc BOthing.untill wee 
have llaine Paul. 

If Now therefore , ye and the Councill.figni- 
fie unto the chiefe captaine.that be bring bim forth 
uuto yoQ to morrow , as though you would kno we 
fome tbicg tnore perfectly of bim , and we, or ever 
he come ncere will be ready to kill him. 

1 6 But when Pauls iiliers lonne beard of their 
laying await , he went, anu eniied into the caliell. 
ana told Paul. 

1 7 " And Paul called one of the Centurions 
unto bim, and faid.Tike this yong man hence unto 
the chiefe captaine : fi/t hehaibaceitaine thiug 
to ibew him. 

iS So he tocke him , and brought bim to the 
chiefe capiame, and lay d, Paul ihc pt a^uer calk d 
me unto him > and pri.yed mee to bticg tms yong 
man uuto thee, which bath fome ibiDg to t^y uuto 

19 Then the chiefe c-ptaine tooke hira by the 
hand , ind w^nc apart wnb him alone , and <skcd 
him, batt t.^ou to Uiew me? 

20 Aud he layd. The Ic wts have confpired to 
defitc thee .that ibouwuuldeft bring foonh P»ul 
to morrow into ihougti they would 
inquire (cmew.iat of him mote pert dly: 

a I But let ihom not perlwade ibce ; for there 
lie in wait tor him of them > aiorc then fouriy men. 
which have buund themlelv s wubacurle » that 
shey will neither catc nor dtinke.tiU they have kil- 
led niia : and now arc they ready , and wait tor thy 

2 * "The chiefe captain then let the yong man 
depart , after hee nad charged bim to utttr it to 
no man, that hee had iWweo bim thcle things. 

i3 And he CfiUd unto him two certainc Cen- 
turions .faying, Make ready tv»ohundretb loul- 
diers, tbat tbey eay g6e to Cefuea, and boilemeo 

Paul fent to Felix. Tertullus. f ^ 

tbrcefcore and ten.and twohnndreth with 
the third houre of the night : 

24 And let them m ks ready an borfe.thai Paul 
being fct on , may me brought fafc unto Felix the 
goveroour. ^ 

2y And he wrote an Epiftleio tljis maner: 

^6 '3 Claudius Lylias unto the mouDoble go- tj tyflaiiifuj. 
vemont Felix leudeth greeting, '''"'y ""'J* ^y 

^7 As this man was taken of the lewes . and 'l" i-ord PaoU 
fliould have becnc killed of them , I came upon *'*"*"'■ 
them with a gsrilon , and rekucd him.ptcceiviDg 
that bee w^s a Komaine. 

28 And when I would have knowen the ciUfe 
wherefore they acculed him.l brought him foorth 
into tbcitCouncill. 

29 nere I perceived that bee was accnfed of 
qaeftions of their Law , but bad no crime wui iby 
of death, or of bonds. 

30 And when it was fhewed mee, bow that the 
lewes layd wan for the man.I lent /iwjiiraightwiy 
to thee ,and commanded bis acculers to fpeake 
before thee the things that they hid agaimt him. 

3 1 Then the fouldiers as it was commauoded 
them , tooke Paul , and brought bim by night to 

31 And the next day.they left the hotfemco to 
gee with bim, and letnrned into the CaAell. 

33 Now when tbey came to Cef»rea, they deli- 
vered the Epiltle to the govcrnouf , and prefented 
Paul alfo unto him. 

34 So when the Govcrnour had read it.he af- 
ked of what province he was : and when be under- 
Aood that he was of Cilicia, 

3 y I will heat c thce.fayd bce.when thine accu- 
fers alfo are come , and commauuded bim to be 
kept in Hetods iudgementhall. 


a TifuUujticufeih Pun'.: 10 Ht tinfwtrethfir Umfilft: 
II Hefretcheth Chnji to the^liern.Ur an<t hij Vftfe a; Fttix 
hopeth .tut inl/tiinC,torecet>>e 4l>ril/i, aS ivhc eatnz from 
hi, office, Ua^theuulinfttfon. " . 

ja Ov* 3 afternve dayes . Ananias the hie Prieft 'hfc^'a^'doe 

came down with the Elders, and with Tertul- ^hatikty would 
lusacettaioe oratour, which appeared before the doeby foiceand 
governonr agiinltPaul. dectij.atiength 

X And When he was called foorth .Tertullus '.tmfuiubyV"' 
began to .ccufe Urn, faying . Seeing that wee have fheTof Lav«. 
obtcined great quictnetic " through thee , and that a Felix ruled that 
roanybvvorthy things are done unto this nation P'ov'o"witb grut 
through tby providence. rufaeVe^tnTyVt 

3 We acknowledge u wbolly.and in all places, lofrphu. recotde.h 
molt noble Felix, with all thackes. that ht did many 

4 But that I be not tedious unto thee . I pray wo^tythiDgi . ai ' 
thee , that thou wouldeft hearc us of thy cnrtciie a ^a. hrcTpTaineor 

feWWOrUS. ceitaiu cuithroati, 

y Certainely we have found this man a « pefti- and 1 ui mat dtcea. 

lent fellow . and a moover of fedition among ^il the "log ihe e. 

lewcs thorowoutthe world .and ad chietcmaio- 8"*"'"°'° '« '• 
taber of the led of the « N.z writes : 

6 And hath gone about to pollute the Temple: '' "' "'<•■'> ' «""** 
thetcfore we tooke bim .and would have ludgcd wti^^'beStoikea 
him according to our L.w : ^^^^^^^^ „^ ^e. 

7 But the chiefe captaine Lyfias came upon haviour. 

OS . and with great violence tooke him out of our * word for word, 
bands. *W>g"<^- . 

8 Commanding his accufersto come to thee : ay,'an"skad«,or 
of whom thou miyeft( ifthou wilt inquire Jkouw enrignrbratcr 
all tbele tbirgs wheteof we acculc him. « So ih^y caiitd the 

of the townei name where tbey thought that Chrift wai boroe , woereBpon ti cauic 
that lutian ibt Apoltatc tailed bim Galilraa, 

Hbh j 9 Mid 

uled great 


Piiuls defence: 

The A<aes* 

His appellation* 

< Confirmed Ter. 9 And the Icwcs Hkcwifc faflBfawd, fayiug 

tul.ui hii I'ayi^rg. ^^^ jj ^-j f<j. 
, T«:ulmby rh. j^ ^ ^.j^^^j p^^j ^ ^f^g, j^j, jI,j govenxjUr hid 

b«ln«Vb''i;h beckencd OD.o bim that b.-c lliouid fpeskc ,an. 
'flifi«ie,n.iKthan Iwttc-i. I doth' more gladly lolwuie foi my fclfe, 
»nd vnjtb l.irt iiu: f^^rjUucci^ 25 1 h^ow that ihciU hall becuc oft 033- 
Paul afiogfct:«ii- y^zte^ a iu'ge unto this o»tiot:, 
b[.t X'lVbf 11 Seeing that thoD mayea knowe . thn there 

r.iuniig cifitib cff pre but twelve dayes fioce I camc up to worfhip in 
t'rcinh:mfc:f.:bt HierufaieKi. 

"T tT"'., li And they neither found me in the Temple, 
ri.Vdre'^d'^.'ha difpming with any m»a .tieither making optoate 
fimrif d«i'l'- .^"•ong the people, neither in the Syn^gugues. noi 
g rauifindrd hii inthecitie. 

To:t'fLT^>ri!d 13 Keither cm they •■ proovc ths things.where- 
0*111 of tnipiovince, ofthey now accufe tTC. 

chai..»7.bu> hebad 14 3 B ut ihis I confeflg onto thee . that aftsr 
g.vtrucd Tract o- ^^^ ^^^ (which thjy Call' faerefis) fo worfliip I the 
«'d'cii.''ucitrb"; God of my fathers, beleevicg all tbir-gs which are 
furetba: cistdiui v/tittcn in the Law and the Prophets, 
oudefciingowi- j^ And have hopj towards God.thu the refiit- 
BourofiuH«:io. rcftion cf the dead . vi^icb they thtmlelves looke 
S'u"'fv^'a."?. for alfo. ihsil be both of iuftacd unicft. 
lib.a.cbaj n 16 And herein I indcvocr c;y fslfe to have al- 

ii Tbty cano-iiay ^jy a clearc ccnfclcDcc towaid God aod toward 

foorhbtfortih" ^^^^ 

rVafo^,"""" ^*' ^"°'' 1 7 '4 Ncvf after many yeeres . I came 5c brought 

3 Piul pofb '"' 'be iloies to my nation and offericgs. 

caafeotR^lgion jg Acitr.-h]: time , cettsiDC Icwes of ' Afia 

^j''^"'- found mee putiftad in the Tetcple, neither with 

iV.tiy multitude, oor with tumult. 
[dn:yinstn=.t ip Who ought to bave bcenc prefcDt bcfotc 

obicfteJ agaipft thee, and ac'cufe mc, if they had ocght agjinrt me. 
tm 'u"oSr » o Or let 1 hefe themlel vcs f .7 . It t hey have 
tTbVhMvJiy :nd found any uniuft thing in mee, wbiL; i ftood in the 

froroGod.and to t'- CoUPCill. 




21 Ercept»?i«for this one voyce.that I cried 
f'H.'r'^^tUi'vvjtd, ftaoding arooog them , Of the teiurre<aoio ofthe 
Hftcfil ,or ftft, ii dead am I ^cculed of you this d->y . 
taktoingood(;irt. 21 f Now when FeliJ: heard thefe things, hcc 
4 raulin coridu- defj,re(i tbcoo.ard fay d. When I (hall more ° per- 
th'i'oxwbichli'ii f<-"'^ly know the thinj^svvhichconcerne this way. jf ly. wbich by the conimipg of Ly!i <s the chjefc Captaine, I 
TeriuUuibad be- ^iH decifc your mattcf. 

foredivfiiwayci ^^ f, xheo bec comtnaonde^ a Centurion to 
k'AXlhiiei keepe Piul , and that he (bould have cafe, and that 
wiibiiiie about he ihjuld forbid none ofhis acquaintance to mi- 
thofcihioRi. nifter unio hira, or to come unto nim. 

J Brrfbyitapv"- ,^ « And ?fter certaine dayei . came Felix 
Aria mr. slurb i. With his wife " Dnililia , whlch was 3 leweffc ,<t«i 
«innirt,andthofe he Called foorth Paul .and heard him of the faitb 
rbajni.r.dupthe in Chrift. 

^^whi'b'rtb.TX ■'^ ^"'' ^5 ^" difpnteJ of tighteoufnes 8c tern- 
b"ia« blnu'sht mt. ' pctance.Sc of the iud;;ement to come.Felix trcm- 
fThriLdgeufpfo- bled ,and anf*creJ,Go thy wjy for this time, and 
d,.;hbiifrmco-e, ^hcH 1 have conveoicDt titiie ,1 will csli for thtc. 

!7rto"b.'f!ii"""'" ** '^^^ '^"p='^ *"''^ ^'^^ "^""^"^y ^'°"''' ^"° 

R iJi'iicouidnot beene given hia of Vail, thathemight ioofe him: 
i.idf!<rwb«ibn be v^hertforc hee fent for him' the ofiner , and cotn- 
haddoctwickrcly ocnned with him. 
i.'i.'reirci'cno' HO, '7 ' When two yeeres were expired, Porcius 

;rutill he bad betitrur.dera^nJingorihsi way wbich Paul ifofdrtd ; lod si foisthei 
inaiie:» ti-ucbidg ib« ffditiccbt ihinkfrh {ood lodtftrre it tillbre btare Lyriii,aBd 
liirrf Tore be gave Paul foincwbat more lihrriy. 6 God iia mofl faithful! keeper of 
Ml fr.rvants. and the fatceof ibstruttb iiwomittf'iill , eveo amoiiKft iii''" wtico are 
ntbetwifrprol'*"'' ° Thii Drufilla was Agtippa hit filler , of whom Li'ke 

l'l> skeib afifrwaid. a vrry harlotaniflicmtioui woman and beio^ the wifeof Aziiul 
Via)! of the Emiftri , mho wasciicu nciftd .dfparted from bi in ,and wrnt lo Felix, 
ih. bfother of one Pallai . «ho Ataifjinetimf Nno hiibondmao. 7 luanaugbiy 
nirdeikii iiguiltly r> itftlfe. altboujU .foraetimc 'birebefoirK (hew ofrquitie.yet 
».y Odd by , it will bt tMiDt«ilb«d: bi»t ik tbe tuMoe ftafonvve have neciJt to j>««eBtt, 
ttd ibaKonuDuall. 

Feftus came intoFel'xfooinei and F^/Ja? willing ? v»re^t,ti,k% 
to P get favour of the lewes. left Paul bound. /,/^/^tj"»5w> 

it ii»f leenefi'tfuitHr cfhii irtthir PdUn , Imfhculihjyeiiud ftnftthtt wt m^f 
gtthir htreij w'y ''« IVkU h*lit flealHnit the Itrvti, 


1 FeJlutfuciieiiniFiUx, 6 cctr.mtriiltihPAvlfohltrtK^ht 
fconh. II Paul iff eaUt'hUni' n Fejlu, 
PjhIi matter to l^ir,^ ^grfi>.i, 13 anJ litingeth htm ttfirt 
him, 27 thut hemaj ua'ltrjijn'i hti caMfi. 

■ Hen I Feftuswai then come into the province, .^ 

after three d^yes hee went np fromCefarca i,e f"b°iMi.nddi'lZ 
uoto.Hierufalcm. g.ot in f«kir-g all , 

1 Then the high Ptieft . and the chiefe of the occadoci : bu: God 
lewej appeared before him ai>aica Paul ; acd tlicy wbo watcheth for 

bcfougnthlro, tte.rcouufcU 

5 And defired favour againft him . that hee eafiiv. 
would fend for him to Hierutalem : and they hyd 
wait to kill him by tbe waj. 

4 But Fellus anfwered , that P.;ul (honld be 
kept a: Celarea , and that he himlelfe would t-hort- 
ly depart r/.tr/j*;-, 

5 Let them therefore , fayd be , which amorg 
you are able . come downe with n$ : and if there be 

any wickedneffc in the man, let them accule him. ,, 

6 ^ a Nowe when he bad tatied among them *„j„*™|Ji''^f 
no more 'hen went downe toCclarea, but not with in. 
and the next day fate in the iudgement feate , and >""*• 
commanded Paul to be brought. 

7 And when hee was come , the lewes which 
were come from lerufalem , ftoode about him and 
layd many and grievous complaints againft Paul, 
whereofatbey could make no plaineproofe, 

g Forafmuch as he aDfwcrjtd that he had nei- ^ Jo« twl"!' 
ther offended any thing againft the law of the taiolyandvpiih'un- 
lewes, neither againft f temple, nor againft Cefar. douUed teafoci. 

9 3 YetFeftus willing to get favour of the 
lewes, anfwered Paul and fayd .Wilt thou goe up ^„f,y .^t'el^ay 
to Hierufalem, and there be indged of thcfe things ,hecc«nftii„fth« 

before me ? wicked, but alfo 

SO Then fald Paul. I ftand at Cefats iudgement '"""^'b it upon 
feate, wheie I ought to be iudged : to tbe lewes 1 tt"'"^" ''"'^• 
have done no wtosg , as thou very well knoweft. 

i I For if I ba've done wrong . or committed 
any thing worthy of death , Itefufe not to die: 
but it there be noneofthefe things .whereof they 
accufe me , no man , to pleafure them, can deliver 
me to them: I appealc unto Cefar. 

1 1 Then when Feftus had fpoken with the 
CouDcill . hee anfwered , Haft thou appealed unto 
Cefar f unto Cefar llialt thou goe. 

13 ' 4 And after certaine dayes .KingbA- 4 Peflut tticking 
grippa and Bernice came downe to Cefarea to fa- nofucbthing , even 

kt/p-ftiK: btfor..kmgi.brm. 

jate f.lTUS. ,iD(r to light tbe 

14 And when they had teraaincd there many vvicktd.itOe of tb^ 
dayes , Feftus declared Pauls caufc unto the King, iewei,aDd pj«Ii 
fnying, There is a certaine niao left in prifon by inoocfQcie,doet& 

t'lj" "^ ' marvtiloully con. 

. ^ ^r . . . ... r. L firniethe Cbutcll 

Jy Of whom when I came to Hierufalem , the ofo-d. 
bie Pricft and Elders of the lewes cnformed me, b TbnAgrippa 
and defired to have iudgement ngainf: him. ^" ''^'"^a' d 'att 

1 6 To whom I anfwered, that it is not the ma- Lu"kJf^k", ^f b,".' ' 
ner of;y R.omanet for favour to c deliver any man fo,e,andB;roice 
CO the d(?»th.before that be which is accufed.have wai bit fin«. 

the accafers before him . and have fijcc to defend ' '^^^f'^^'"*^''''^ 
himrclfc, concerning the crime . ""['t^'io bf'VumfcsJl 

17 Therefore when they were come hither, before,&c. ^ 
without dtlay the day following 1 fjte on tbe 

iudgement feate .and commanded the man to be 
brought foorth. 

rollout lourtn, 

i8 Againft whom when the acculcrsfiood up. 



Pauls innocencie. 


Paul counted mad. 6: 

J The prophao* 
aod wicked tjke 
«D occalion tocou- 
demnr the irue 
dcftrine by ireafon 
of private contro- 
vttliei and conteii- 
tird ofmcn be- 
twi-Tt ihemftlvei : 
bu';?he irurth oe- 
in iht meant fea- 
fo«file«nd lure. 
d ifcis>iicpliJae 
mancalletta the 
Iewe> jeligion.fii. 
prrliuiod, and that 
before king Agtip- 

ttt ibeiuleriof 

ihey brought BoerlfflC offoch thlogs'as I fnppo- 

19 J But had ceitaincgueftioDsagavnfthimof 
theu owoe"* luperlHcjons ,aad of ooelefus which 
was dead, whom Paul iffitcDtd to be alive. 

io And becanle 1 doubted of fuch manner of 
qucttioB , I asked him whether he v/ould goeto 
Hi=ru(aiem,and there be iudged of iheic tBings. 

1 1 But becaufe he appealed to be referveU to 
the cxamioatioD of Auguftus , I cooKDanded bim 
to be Kept, till I might lend him to Cefat. 

21 6 Thco Agtippa layd unto FkAds , I would 
a!fo heare the man my fclfe. To morrow , (aid be, 
thou (halt heare bim. 

S3 And on the morrows when Agrippawas 
coiEe , and Beroicc with great' pompe , and were 
emied into the Common-hall with the chiefe cap- 
taines and chiefe men of the citie , at Feftus com- 

Loi'd beforfe cs 
told IO Ananisj 
e Gorgeoullylike 

i To AuguBai. 
Good Princei re- 
fufcd ibiS Dame at 

^"he'maie I'ie'of mandcmcDt'Paul was brought foorth, 
theempire ofRome, J 4 And Feftus (aid. King Agrippa, and all men 
uied u. preitrre which «e piefeot with us , ysc fee tbisman.abont 
jh«>wvt. betor. ^^^^ gj.1 jjjg multitude of the lewes have called 
e' Thai !i fulfilled upcD mc, both at Hierufalem, and here.cry ing.that 
iu Paul , vibicb the he ought not to Ilve any longer. 

ly Yet have I found nothing worthy of death, 
thaths hath com.mic:ed ; Deverthelells.leeing that 
he hath appealed to Auguflus . I have determined 
to fend him. 

26 Of whom I have DO certaiae thing to wiire 
nnto my f lord : wherefore I have brought him 
fooith unto you , and efpeciaily noto thee , Kitg 
tbefiifi, to^vit, 10 Agfippa.thac after examination had, I might have 
^V^^'^Yht^lT fcmewhat to write. 

oiltVe'd i', a'l we* *7 ^°^ "^^^ tbicfccth it uorcafonablc to fsod a 
teadeo< TrataBui. prifoner , and not to Ihew the canles which are kid 
againfl bim. 


a Punt i» tht frifinct cf^^ifipa, (^ JecUreth hit life from 
hii childhofd, 16 andhucuU',,.'^, 21 rvihfuchtfficaiiecf 
1 TobaveaiKil- ypordi, jS ihar almoB hi ptrfw-idtdhimu Chifii^nitie. 

full Tudge... a great ^.^, ^^ ^„^ ^.^ <^ ^ ^ ^^,y^,^ . p , 

aucUingular gifiof rrnt'er. r ■> t & » 

f Pa.i! dividwh the 'V Hen Agrippa faid unto Paul, Thou art permit- 
hiitorieoihiiiite ted to Ipeultc for thy felfe. So Paul ftietched 

iDtotwoimn.f.f forth the hand, and anfwered for him felfe. 
thefiritthrca!,etb j » I jf,ioli;e ,j,y fgjfg happy.King 
tlitDe*. "fo'r the <^^«<« ^ "^^^H ^nlwere this djy before thee ot all the 
iaiter.tbefatben thingi whereof I .im accufedof thelswes: 
ard Prophets. 3 Cbicfcly , bccaufe thou ha(\ knowledge cf 

a whaiiwai.and _^]j cuftumes , i!od qutrftjons which are among the 

wbere,aadhcw , i_ r . . r 1 1 ■ ° 

,l„,,j lewes: whetetore I beleech thee tohcsremee pa- 

b Tbat my parenn tiently, 

wverePbanfei. 4 2 A$ touchiog my life from my chilcJe- 

hood , and what it w-^s from the beginning among 
mine owne nation at Hierufalem, knowc all the 
^feftj lewef, 

J Whichaknews me heretofore .even from 
my b Elders ( ii'tney would tettifie ) that after the 
euoft Itraight le<5t of our religion,! lived «Phatife. 

6 3 And now I ftind and aroaccuted for the 
hope of the promife made of God unto our fa- 

7 Whereunto our twelve tribes iVift.n-.Iy fcr- 
virg God day and night , hope to come ; fi,r the 
which hopes f^ke, O king Agrippa , I am accnfed 

8 4 why (l)oujd it be thought a thing incre- 
dible unto you, that Godlhouldraileagjine the 

ofChttlt .■wheitof Jgjijj 

wl^'alf ■'"' 5» I alfo verely thought in my felfe, that! 

ought to do: m^ny couttaty things .-gsicli ibe 

c Tbefeftoftbe 

risiifei wastbe 

moll eiqi 

amouelt i 

of tbeliiAes. for 

was bctIert^en al 


3 There are ihree 

chiefe and pnnc.. 

palK'iirnel]'. sof 

of ihe ChunJ). 
4 Kf proovetb the 
dead, tint by rhe 
■•by the lefurr- 


Name of lefus of Nszneth, 

10 * Which thing I aifo did in Hitrufalem : » chap.s.j. 
for many of theS»intsI fliat up in ptiioo , having 
received aiithoritieof tbf High Pfictts . and when 

they were pu- to death, 1 gavi my d fentence. ^ I ccDfeBtedto, 

11 And 1 puniihed tbeni thorowc-^ all the Sy- [hrndlhl- forht 
nagogues . and "^ coropelled ibem to t-lafpheree, wainotaijdfje. 
and being ncorcrosddcaganft them, I perlccuted « Byturtntpu- 
them. even unro llfange cities. 

I z At which tim-.even as I went to ^ Damaf- 
CBS with authoritie, and cotDmifficafram the high 

1 3 At middsy .O ki'Dg.I faw in the way a '^ht s Tiie rod ofthe 
from heaven p.ffing the bDghtaeile of the (uDce, ft,tmw'bkha« 
thine round about mee, aad them which weoi broughtiotfae 

with me. knowledge of 

1 4 So wfeen wee were a!! fallen to the earth, I Chrirt.and at« iiK 
heard a voyce fpeakirg unto me , and faying in the "Jd'^A"! befog 
Hebrcwe tongue, Saul. Stul.why petfccuceftchou layd Itoidonbj 
me? It h hard for thte to kicke againft pricks. faiS. 

' 1 y Then 1 faid . Who art ibou, LordjAad he t ''/"'f «'?<'»' 
faid. I am lefus whom thou peilecuteft. ff^L d'H b"' 

16 Butrii'caadltand ijpoctby feet.'for Ihave Ai«Kleihip,aod 
appeared unto ihee for this purpofe toappoim bisgra«ai awii- ' 
thee a micifter and a witcefie , both of the things l''-;, . 
which thoo haft feene.and of the things in the 'cdfj?,.''"' 
which I wiii appears unto thee, » Caa?. 21,30, 

17 Ddivctiog tbec from this people.and from 7 Chrifti»tbe 
the Gentiles, unco whom now I fend thee. '"VI' n' ^T 

13 ! 1 o open their eyes, th.ii they may turne f iccvtryoae^ 
from darkentHe to light, and from the power of g 7bacChri(i 
Satan unto God ,tbit they m?y receive forgive- 'hoisklaoibefuch 
neflc of linces.and inheritance among ifaero.which j '^'"^ rV'^K't"." 
are lantit.niti by lauh m mc, appcisted to beate 

i9_ « Wherctore.King Agrippa,! was not difo- oiirniirerie.,ai,d 
bedient unto the heavenly vilian. ihepuniibmentaf 

20 * Bina^cwcdfirltuDEo tbemof Dimafcus, ^'ne'i^nof.keB, 
and at Kierufalcro , and ihctowoutall ihecoaftsof vi.h;cfaareiaifud 
ludea , and then to the Gentiki , that they Ihculd from the dead. 
repent aijd tutne to God , and doe wotkfs worthy ' t-ife.y".attd 'hat 
amendmentoflife. SmaUbi'i^- 

2 1 For thi-s caufe the lewes caught me in the i,re . and tbit ;■ fee 

* Templc,aod went about to kill ins. agaiQlidaikenefle, 

22 ^ Nevertheleffe , I obtained belpe of God. '^'^'^^ aimoit inj.,j 
and continue onto this day , witutffug boih to forc^Hmedelth'anJ 
f imall and to great, laying none otticr things, foinejinwmifet:e 
then ihofe which the Prophets and Mofes did lay aad caiamiie. 

illOUjdcome, S Thewifedorneof 

23 To Wit , that Chrift ihould g fufFer. and tbat f^tl?,!^--! 
be aiould be ihs ' ■ ' 


tirit that Ihould nie from the wiibftaorfi 
dead, and Tnould (hew ' light utto ihis people, and "••"'' bold;. 
to the Gen-.iic^s. bTecJetl' "a^od"" 

24 8 And as he thus anfwered for himfelfe,Fe- "jjvii'y'." '' ' *° 
f^usiayd wiihaloud vuyce .Paul, thou art belides 9 Pauiaiitwere 
thy felve , much learning doeth make vhee mad. forgnting hiinfeife 

2r But Ue (aid. i aai not mad. O noble Fdius. fo'^j'^Jd^t^Vhi; 
but I (p-.!ke the words of trueth , and fuber nefi'e. c^uie h°e foVgeueth 

26 uoitbeonicrof 
fore whoca alfo 1 )peak« boldly : for I am perivva- hisApoitieibip. 
ded thai none of thefe things are hidden from him: \^l^ '''^°f^^ '" '^^_'^ 
for this ihicg was not done in a k corner. mo't tm'tb/rowly 

2-7 9 O king Agrippa . beleeveft thon the Pro- and aiioee.he. bL,iii 
ph^ts'l know that thou belceveif, that 

:8 Then Agrippa faid unto . Almcll thou niT/^Te mad'''Is I 
petlwadeii me to become a Chriftisn. a,./,ny bond.Inely 

29 Then Paul faid . 1 1 would to Gcd that not ""p? 
ontlythcn . but alfo all that hesre me tcd.iy, were ,"° raulijfrlenin. 
both 5lmoft,and altogether fuch as I am . except IZ.'ikd'"' '""*' 
thefe bonds, 

SO to And when be bad thus fpcken, the king 
Uhh 4 'c'e 

Pauls dangerous voyage 

rof« up , and ihe govertiour, and Bernlce, and the y 
(bai lite with iheca. 

2 1 And wheD they were gone spart.they tjiked 
betweeoe therofelvea . fay iug, This mat: doeib do- 
thing worthy of deith.noFof bonds. 

a i Thcufayd Agrippa unto Fsftuj . This man 
mi-^ht hare beeoe loolcd , if be had not appealed 

UDto Cefar. 


, Paul 7.9 f>,»til>tl,tl,tttnicf,l,eVj,ug,, ,, luthtu 
temrrfl. »». 41 ^nU MtrjhfVrttk.'- 34 Tt •»"/-'/< ""'' 

fund 44 W'^r" 

I Ptolwith nnoy 

of™ ny.l«.h. ,i. 

buivrtbyG d» 
owdt h 

gmoiot w.>iiil 

lit >cltlluoni>i. 
* i. Coi.iiiii 

TSJ Uw I when it was coocladed , that we fhould 

liile into Italic, they dcliveftd both I'aul.and 

certaioe oihei prifoneii unto a Cemurion t named 

IhHus, of the band of Auguftus, 

I And*wecntrcd imoa Cbippeof Adraasyt- 

___, liura, putp jfing to faile by the cojftes of Alia.and 

^,re .Vniffi forih jauDcbed fooith .and had Aciftarchus of Maccdo- 
,ndLommr.ded ^^^^ ^ Tncll<loDian, with us. 

3 And the next day we arrived at Sidon : and 
luHus couttcouay entreated Paul, andg^vehiin 
lib?ttie to goe unto his friends.that they might rc- 

4 And from thence we Uuncbed.and failed hard 
by Cy pius, becauic the windes were contrary. 

J Then failed we over the fea by Cilicia , and 
Pjmptiylia, and carac to Myra, a. citie io Licia. 

6 And there the Centurion found a (hippe of 
Alcx^odria, failing into Italie, and put us therein. 

7 And when we had tailed (lowly many dayes. 
and fcarcff were come againft Gnidum.becaulc the 
winde (ufFcred us not , we lailcd hard by Candic, 
neere to « Siltuonc. 

And with much adoe failed beyond it .and 

The Ades, An Angel comforteth Paul. They 

owne bands the t>kling cf the (hip. 

zo And when neither lunne nor ftarrei in ma- 
ny dayes appeared , and no fmall teropett lay upon 
us . all hope that we fliouKi be faved , was then ta- 
kenawjy. „ ,„ ,, . r 

11 I But after long abftinence, Paul flood forth kicked for a time, 
in the mids cf them , and faid, Qiould have fothiielfS and 
hearkened to me, and not have loofed from Can- cboftnifake. 
die: fo fhould ye have gained this hurt and loffe . 

12 But now I exhort you to be of good cou- 
rage : for there Iball be no loffe of any mans life 
amongyou, faveof thelhip onely. 

23 For there flood ty me this night the Angel 
of God, whofe I am, atxl whom I ferve, 

>4 Saying , Feare not , Paul : for thou rouft be 
brought before Cefar : abd Ice .God bath given 
UDto thee freely , all that faile with thee. 

»J « of good courage : for * JJ" ?««">'* '• 
1 beleeve God , that it Ihall be lb as it baib becne 

made f fftftuaU 

1 which VT»an 
high hill ^fCindie. 
« G ■<!• piovldtuM 
uk«i2 not jiAiy 

ot7."V.h3"d"^" came untoa cettaine place called the Fiire havens, 
poft'o thtir right Dcerc unto the which w.<s the citie Lafea. 

9 1 So when much time was fpeot .and failing 
^HA% now ieopardous.becaufe alfo the bFafl was now 
pafled . Paul exhorted tliem . 

10 And faid unto them Sirs.I fee that this voy- 
age will be wi h hurt, and much damjge,not of the 

VCD thro 

whtn beop<nfth 

ao extraordiDAiie 


1 ITlfJOt of 

'h'' ff."i''o7«''^a.'° ''''^•"g ^"'^ *'P ooeiy.but alfoof our lives, 
lion'l. wettade II 3 Neverthcl-lle thc Ceuturion beleevcd ra- 
L«vit a3.i7<nhich ther the govetnour andthe mafler of the Ihippe, 
ftiiioibrfcventh then thofe things wbich were fpokenofPaul. 

iz And becaufe the haven was not commodi- 
ous to winter io.msny tooke counfell to depart 
thence , if by any racanes they might aitaine ro 
Phenice . there to winter, which is an haven of 
Candle .and lith toward the Souihweft and by 
Weft, and Northwefl and by Wtfl. 

I ^ AnJ when the Southerne wiode blew fofc- 
ly.they tuppofing to attaine their pnrpofe , loolcd 
necrei.arid failed by Candie. 

14 But anon after . there arofe by « it a ftormie 
winJc called d Earoclydon. 
"li"'^ J- r •? And when thf Ibip was caught, and could 

c By C and K , from ,11 u 1 1 '^^ " 1 

whofflh-ff oui noiiMUt the winde , we let her goe , and were ca- 

ftiicwaidnvenby riedaw.iy. 

th.imrinri 16 And We fan undcf 3 little Y le Damcd Clao- 

d N .r.b "" *^"<'- da.and had rautb adoe to get the boat. 

mooetb whicn we 
call Oft btr, and ii 
not good for navi- 
gaiion, or failing. 
3 Mtncallib.m. 
fclvci willingly 
f,.ttot Jj.gfri, 
whtnibty tOufe 
to follow their 
owne ■«ifptiomc» 
iatb-rib»r God, 
fvfak.ojL.y bt 
mouth of bi>ftt. 

4 The end 1 too- 
ur«.'vidr worfe for 
ibenifclvck ,tbcQ 
ihrv vihicb com- 
minh'inf- v.» 
to hr govf'nfd 


I 7 Which they looke up and ofedall helpe,nn- 
dergirding the (hip . fearing Icaft they Ihould have 
f .lien unto Syrtes. and thty ftrake faile .and fo were 

18 4 The next day when we were toflfed with 
anexceedingtempcft, they lighted tbeibip. 

19 And the thud day wee cafi ont with out 

mufl be caft into a certaire 

tol. eme. 
%6 Howbeit , 

lUad, 7 We attaine aid 

Z7 7 And when the fourteenth night was come, "^o"]"" '^'7'°}^, 
as wee were carried to and fro in the e Adriaticall "r„oo'"trougb fh» 
fea, ^bout midnightthe ftipmen, deemed that feme mid. oftempeiu 
conntrcy *^approached unto thetn. «nd death it felfe. 

28 And <ouDdcd,and found it twenty fathoms : * '°''!,'°'T'.T-* 

1, i^i^i ...i-, '. ^ teth. tbattbc Adii* 

and when they bad gone a Imle futiher.they foun- „i„ii f„ teateth 
ded againe, and found fifteene fathoms. upon the Eaftfhoie 

19 Then fearing leafl they (hould have fallen of siiicia 
into fome tough pl..ces, they caft foure ancres out *^'^^"^3/'^o. 
ofthefterne, and wifliedthat the day were come. °"'''°°'°" 

jo 8 Now as the mariners were abeot to flee s There iiBoae 
out of the Ibip , and had let downc the boat into fo fo"'**"**- 
the fea under a colour as though they would have v^hereupcB d.nruft 

f\ * e % ^ r\ • ' and *n cviti con« 

cafl arkers out of the fotelhip. fcience doe not 

31 9 Paul faide unto the Centurion and the enforce men. 

fouldiers, Except thefe abide in the cannot 9 Aitb. ugh ihe 

be f.fe. ''"d°.'"'rimirel 

j 1 Then the fouldiers cut off the ropes of the do°th'Do'tTmply 

boat, and let it fall away, depend aponfc 

^3 10 And when it began to be day, Paul exhor- condcaufei ,yet 
ted them all to take meat, faying. This is the four- f^tJ.^^'J^^^V.Tj' 
teenih day that ye have taried, and continued faft- o'feod.bouDti- 
ing, receiving nothing : fuintffe which doe 

34 Wherefore I exhort yon to take meat : foi notembrace tbofe 
this is for yotir fafegardrfor there Q.all not an "r^T.b^L. 
g bane fall from the head of any of you. either upon lalh. 

3t And when he bad thus fpokeo . hee tocke nefleordifttuft. 
bread, and gave thankes to God in ptcfence of >° whenthe 
them alLaod brake it, and began to eatc. i^rfSi !« 

36 Then were they all of good courage, and be not orriy quiet, 
tbey alfo toeke meat. bmconfirme 

37 Now we were in tbcfliip in all two hundred other, by their ei- 
threefcore and fixtecne fonles. '^J;;, , p„^„b» 

3 S And when they had eaten enough.they ligb- which iheHebtue* 
tenrd the fliip ,and caft out the wheat into the fea. ufe, whereby i» 

}9 »' And when it was day. they knew not the ]?""' • '*"' '''7 , 
couotrcy . but they fpied a certaine h cretke with ^;,o?,bem peX 
a barke , into the which they were minded ( if it n Thenaretem- 
were pcflihle) to thruflin the fliip. pen.moftofoii 

40 So when th'-y had taken up the «rkers,tbey ,'° t*!'?"'' \"'* 
committed the jUpfexx^xo the fea. and loofed the 're™'b"«" 
rudder bonds , aou t oiled up the mainc faile to the i, neereii. 
winiie , and drew to the Jhore. h a creeke ii a fe« 

4 1 And when tbey fell into a place.wbere .- two ^^i'^**"' '7,'V" ''"1 
feas meete,thcy thruft in the (hippe: and ibefore- fhe're'rfun U*. ° ^ 
part flucke faft , and conld not be mooved . but the i So is iilbmu. cal. 
hinderpati was bxokcD with the vielcncc of the •«• .becaufe the fea 
njygjj toucfaeita iioobos* 

fiifferfhipwMcke. Publius. 

Chap. xxvUj. 

No caufe of death ra Fauf. 6i 

13 ThereilQo 
vchcrc mote un- 
faitbfulnet aad un- 

J3 God hnderh 
»vea amoDgft bii 

wholt htlpe he 
uffth 10 fttf'ite 

14 Thegoodntffe 
B>cU mau malice. 

41 '» rhcn the foaldiers connfell was to kill the 
prifi->Def s, ht&. 4oy of them, wheo he had fwomme 
out, fhould flee aw»y- 

43 '3 But the CentarioD willing to fsvel'aul, 
ftjycd them froiu r/;« connfell .and coromaunded 
that they that could fwimme , Ihould aH thcm- 
fclves fiiit into the lea , aod goe out to Itad : 

44 '4 And the otbei , fome on boards, and fome 
OD ceitainc piecet of the (kip : and foil came to 
paffc, (bat they came all iafe to land. 


2 The Biri-tfiint cttrifit totv-trii I'tul and his ccmpanit. 
3 ^ )/:per en P.iuiihund: 6 Hefhukst'nifff-wiihiut 
hiirme: iP»'<iit 9 •">d ethers jrckj him hitl^d, ii Thej 
itf art from Mtliti, 16 andccme to !{ome. 17 Paul 
ffentthioihe lenes, »o ihc caufe tf hit ttmmin^. xx tit 
freaeheth Itfi*i 30 tnojeerej. 

A Nd when they were coine fafe , then they 
, >. 1^.^. knew that the Iflewjs called a Melita. 
BtthiiVa'y wetall * A°^ '^'^ Barbarian* Ihewed us no litle kitid- 
Malu. DclVe . for they kindled a fits. and received us eve- 

ry one, becauleofthe prefentlhowrc,andbecaufe 
of the cold. 

3 I And when I'aul had gathered a nnnsber of 
fticks, and laid them on the titc. there came a viper 
out of the heat, and leapt on bis hand. 

4 »Now when the Barbarians lawe the worme 
hang on bis band, they faid among tbemfelves. 
This man furely is a murtbeier » whom , though he 
hath efcaped the fea , yet ^ Vengeance bath not 
fuffered toiive. 

;: But hee fhooke off the worme into the fire, 
and fell no harme. 

6 Howbeii they waited when hee fhonld have 
c fwolne, or fallen downe dead fuddenly : 3 but af- 
ter they haJ looked a great while , and Gwe no in- 
convenience come to him , they changed their 
for the end. or doe mindcs. and faid. That be was a God. 
Udge .odeftefme ^ 4 In the fame qu.irters,the chiefe man of the 
of m« accordrng ^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ Fublius) had poiTt ffioci : the 
fame received us,and lodged us three dayes cout- 

8 And fo it was , that the father of Pnblius lay 
ficke of the fever , and of a bloodie flixe: to whom 
Paul entred in, and when hee prayed, hee laydc ' « 
hands on him, and healed him. 
«bookechap3S. 9 r When this then was done.otheralfo in thc 
witTeOitb, that the Ifle , wbicb had difeafes, came to him, and were 
bitiBgofaviptr healed. 

caufethafweliing lo « WhJch alfo did « great honour : and 
fJi'h'N°candet^-° "beD wcc departed, they laded us with things nc- 

hii remediei aga'inft Ccffaric 

poyfooi. II J 7 Now after three monethi wee departed 

3 Th.te it uothing j^ , Qjjp ^f Alcxjodria , which had wintred in the 

lOe, whofe ■! badge was Caftor .and Pollux. 
1 1 And when we arrived at S yracufe, we latied 

//jer« three dayes. 

13 And from thence wee fet a coropaffe >and 
came to Rbegium : and after one day ,tbe South 
wind blewe , an4 wee came the fecond day to Pu- 
teoli : 

1 4 s where wee found brethren , and were dc- 

I The godly are 
fure to have dan- 
ger upon djoger, 
but ihey have «1. 
wayet a glorious 

a iUihough ad. 
verfitiebc the pu- 
yetfteiog ihat 
God lopuniflling 
of men doih cot 
Sone ,thty iudge 
ralhly , which ei- 

b Right and 

c The G«eke 
v«ord(tgoifi«hi to 
fwell ■ moreover 
Diofcorideiio hi» 

every way , then 
they which are 
jgrbrantof irae 

^ Itneveryei re- 
puted any man, 
that received ihe 
frrvaotof God, 
werr he never fu 

y Although Paal were acaptive , yet the rntue of God wai not captive. 6 God 
doethwell to ftrangen for bi« children fake. 7 Idolei doe not defile the Saiati, 

Jihicb doe in no wifeconfent unto them. d So they ufed to decke the forepart of 

their (hic?e» . whereupon the Oiippei werecalleJ by fuch namei. 8 Godbowetb 

04 d bendeihtbc hcaiuevcaof jnofauc men ,ai it;lMfeih bim so favouiiui. 

fired to tary with them feven dales, and fo we went 

toward Rome. _ , ^ r 

t . , r I I I I I. 9 "od never fuf. 

I J 1 9 And from thence when the brethren teietbhi,iobe 

beard of us. they caroe^b meete us at the e Mar- afiiiicd above 

ket of Appius.and at the three tavTpes , whom it«ir(tiength. 

when Paul lawe, hee thanked God/and waxed ^ pll^vir^^^l'dr"' 

bolde. by App.uJ.he blind 

16 So when wee came to Rome.the Centurion wiih'be beipeof 
delivered the prifoners to the generjli C^ptaine : hisfouidien.loi.g 
but Paul was fufleied to dwell by fhimfelfe with TJt'Zt'^tT' 

a fouldier that kept bim. the fea, and there 

1 7 " And the third day after, PjoI callec-Jbe v^-^'e three .avemei 
chiefe of the lewes together, ,*nd when they were '""-^ • ac m- 
come. hee faide unto them. Men and brethren. „c.n''pri'fon°bu'tia 
though I have committed nothing ag jioft the peo- a ioufe which be 
pie, or Lawes of the fathers , y^f was I delivered hired for himfelfe. 
prifoner from Hierufsjem into tbehandesof the '? 1*^"''°""^ 

X, place reiuembreto 


I 8 Who when they bad examined me.would Apoftle. 
have let me go,becaufe t*bcre was no caufe of ,j wemayufe 

death in me. ,he meanei which 

ij> " But when the lewes fpake contrarie . I Godgwerhut.but 
was conftraiced to appeale unto Cefar.not becaufe f" '^^Te'oleod, 
1 had ought to accufe my nation oi. and not oui feKe». 

20 For this caufe therefore have I called for 
you to (et you, and to fpeake with >»»: for that 
hope of Ifraeis lake , I am bound with this cbaine. 

21 Thentheyfaid unto him. We neither recti- i 
ved letters out of ludea corcerning thee .neither 

came any of the brethren that Ihcwed or fpake any 

CViUofthee. . ^ ^ ..Thel.w.nd 

22 But wee Will neare of thee what thou thin- the Gofpeii agree, 
kethfor as concerning this feft.we know that eve- «"" ■og"'='r- 
rie where it is fpoken againft. s ^v 8°°'' reafoM, 

i3 '* And when they bad appointed him a XeVmg7^eoV 
day , there came many unto him into hu lodging, God foretold them 
to whom feee expounded . gteftifying the king- by the Propheti, 
dome of God. and perfwadicgthemthofe things "'VbrGoitell 
that concerne lelus . both cut of the Lawe of i, a favour oilife-te. 
Mofes , and out of the Prophets., from morning to them that beieeve. 

night. Sea favourofdeath' 

24 '3And fome were perfwading with the things difot'diet?'" 
which were (pokcn, and fome belce ved not. ,4 rfaeunbelee- 

ly Therefore when tbey sgrced not among vtndoe wiliiogly 
themfelves.tbey departed, that Paul had fpo- "''*" 'betruetb. 
ken one word, to wit , Well fp^ke the holy Ghoft "haJce."" 
by Efaias the Prophet unto onrfathers. - ♦ Efa 6,9. 

^6 'tS .ying,* Goe unto this people. and fay,*. 
By heating ye (h^il heare .and Qiall not undcrftaod. !"''^' '* "' 
and fee'.ng ye fhill ice, and not perceive. j",,^ ,'%. 

17 For the heart of this people is waxed fatte, rom.n.'s. * 
and their earts jre dull cf bearic.g , and with their ^ They niadea» 
eyes have tbey h wirked,leaft they Ihould lee with |,^^°"f ''' h.chThe',- 
r;->«r eyes, and heare with r/;«rcares .and under- "aw agai'^it't'beii 
ftand with their hearts , and Ihould returnc that I wiiiea: yea.hey 

might heale them. did fee, but tbey 

28 1 J Be it knowen therefore unto you.that this 7/ "{h ""^teWefe- 
falvation of God is fent to the Gentiles , and they of the r'e"°obaIe 

ChaU heare it. and callaviayei 

29 «« And when hee had faid thefe things, the "'"'°' <■>"{''>'' 

ihemfelves. ,5 nom 

30 J7And Paul remained two yeeresfuIHn an pell , but the coo- 
boufe hired for himfelfe.and received ail that came ""P' of iheOof- 
in unto bim, K\'"c'' "^a^,.. 

-,11 !_• L V 1 .. „ . . . offinfe aod debates 

31 Preaching the kingdon^eof.God, and teach- 17 rhev^oideof. 
iogihofe things which concerne the Lord lelus Godcancoibe- 
Chiift, wi(b all boidocflc of fpeccb, without let. i"""^. 


: GjC. 


ChftilGjdand man. 


To the Romanes, 


What the Gofpel is. 




c H A r. I. 

I Hefirjl/htrrtihtivha a»h<.r,tieUu ^p,(ll,fkhfiMJtlh. 
XfT'.fi l>er c.mmi-dtthtnt uc/fHt, i6 iy jvhith i^UJiiuth 
tut hil ptVftrtit licjt lldt trt J-itird, 17 f) t'^i'lt, 11 in' nerc 
£(-'r r n> k_t U:ti>i':k: •>^'^!f< '• -•«'•- i« f" tri'ich his 
trrjth IT .11 tror hj ftwredtrnbem, 3$ fc tint thty nnne 
ht.Ui.r,^ .^U ^'nule/finrt. 

^^>t'S?j:?V A U ;- » « 2 a fervant of I E S U S 
Cnrift tailed to lie an b Apoftle, 
* <: put apari ^o/"'Mc^'-he Golpel 
of Go J, 

2 ( Which bee had promifcd 

afore by bis I'rophstj in the holy 


a 3 Concertaiog bis '^ Sonrelefus Cbfirt our 

Lora (wi..;ch was* ajaiiecf the feed of DjviJf ac- 

cordiug totfieflclli, 

4 Acd g decUred & msghcily to be ihe fonne of 
God.toucDing ths Spirit offanctihcauon by the 
refnrreil^ioo fro!D ihe dead ) 

5 iRy whoroe wee bav<: received* grace and 
Apoftlelhip (:hai I obedience might be jjiven un:o 
the faih;f jr bis Dsnie m jtcoDg all the Gi;ntiits, 

6 Atiiong wdomc ye bs ailo the ° called of le- 

7 Toilly«« thu bs at F-.ome beloved of God. 
called fofcuSJints: o Gcace ^<f with you, and peace 
ftoTj God our Faaer,aDd/rwB the Lord lelus 

ft * Fifft I thacke my Go J through kfus Chrift 
for vou ail , becaule >ou<- faiih is P publiilwd iho- 
row'out the s whole world, 

9 For God is any v/i;nefife ( whom I ferve in 
royrfpifitin thsfGolpellothis Sonne) that with- 
out ceafinj; i rn^ks mention of ycu. 

10 AlwAycs in lay prayers , beleeching that by 
fomi mr-ants 5 one time or other I might have a 
prolp^-Tcus iotirncy by thcwillof God, tocome 
nmo you, 

U Forllotigtoieeyou, thati icightbeftowe 
annong you fome Ipiriiiuli gift , ihdt you might be 

11 That is , that ' I rcight be comforted toge- 
ther with you , through m'.r mutuill faith , both 
yours scd.roir.e. 

i 3 Now my brethren , I would that yec Ihould 
hot be ignoiim , bow ihac 1 have cftentimes put- 

Q^'ftW. J Hv dKljiingibefummeofthfdoft^insofthtGofpel.beftirtfthupthe 
Ro.ninci n, j-ucd couli.icraii^ii ol' ihe mattti whiirnf ht: cnt«iieta .'So rtitu Dfe 
llitweib that Cr.rift (woo ii ih« vety (ubilantt and I'uinme of the Gofr«M ,' ii the 
onely rcnoe i.f God rhe Fnhir.VJao astujcbiog bii humaDitie.ii made ot the 
fred cf D.ivid ,but ioU:bm^ bit divme and fpitiruall ojture , whereby bee fan- 
Siti.d bimf-! ;■«,,« bf^-^'en of tbe Fnber fr.iin cvjrlaning , a» by hii inighiic re- 
(■jr^Aiunmauifflliy Lpnearetb d Tbiiiia pljioeieilimonie of the (leifo;) of 

Chiifl . ibjjff i. 1,111 unT .and of hit ivvo oaiuiea ,aiid thnt properti.i. c Whicn 
toikcfl.-fiioftievlr/iii.DividSiidiugbter. )' Aiht is/ • ionhTiword 

Flt?.l , !)y :be(i;iiie Syiircbrfoche, i> taken for mm. g ,SbnAtd lid made mi- 

(iii'e.l. h Tht<iivii:ca:id trigone power 15 l"ei»Einl1 tb. weil-ientiTc of ihe . 

rteih , for that r.vercamede.i'b. i O'whm k Tliiimjrva.lifuliberall aiid 

(;aciou< gif; , wr.itb ii ;iv!;a infe , ifct ViW cf aM the Siimi , to I'rtic !i &:. 
E.jbifj.S. 1 rtJi mn. :rrcugofjiihxi 
«i' VV.icb itiaugh Gadi gaodotffe . zxr Cb i 

rheHf'ir.w.tJncaneaiir.fpeiomfiic.ctireiuaiiininji. 4 Hf r-r-'tuniD mtir 

fjvuurat le patienie • in cba: he techaattb