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On* lick of thtpalay hided. 

that even the winds and the sea 
obey him * 

88 IT ' And when he wu come 
to the other side, into the coun- 
try of the Gergesenes, there met 
him two possessed with devils, 
coming' out of the tombs, exceed- 
ing fierce, so that no man might 
pass by thai war. . 

29 And behold, they cried out, 
saying. What hare we to do*with 
thee, Jesus, thou Sun of God ? art 
thou come hither to torment us 
before the time I 

30 And there was t» good way 
off from- them an herd of many 
swine, feeding* 

Si So the devils besought him, 
saying, If thou cast us out, suffer 
tut to go away into the herd of 

38 And he said unto them, Go. 
And when they were come out, 
they went into the herd of swine : 
and behold, the whole herd of 
swine ran violently down a steep 
place into the sea, and perished 
in the waters. 

33 And they that kept them, fled, 
and went their ways into the city, 
and told every thing ; and what 
was befallen to the possessed of 
the devils. 

34 And behold, the whole city 
came out to meet Jesus: and 
when they saw him, "they be- 
sought him that he would depart 
out of their coasts. 

9 ChrUt curing one tie* of the palty, 9 
ealteth Matthew from the receipt of 
custom, 10 eateth with p+Mieani and 
tinners, 14 defcndelh hi* ditctplt* for 
not fatting, 30 euretk Ik* bloody inue, 
S3 raitethfrom death Jairui' daugh- 
ter, 27 iivttli eight to two blind man, 
93 healeth a dumb man pot***e*d of a 
devil, Srt and hath eompatnon of the 

AND tie entered into a ship, 
and passed over, sand came 
into his own city. 

2 • And behold, they brought to 
him a man sick of the palsyPying 
ou a bed : * and Jesu*, seeing their 
faith, said unto the sick of the 
palsy, Son, be of good cheer ; 
thy sins be forgiven thee. 

3 And behold, certain of the 
scribes said within themselves, 
This man btasphemeth. 

4 And Jesus, 'knowing their 
thoughts, said, Wherefore think 
ye evil in your hearts 1 

5 For whether is easier to say, 
Thy sins be forgiven thee; or to 
say. Arise, and walk ? 

6 But that ye may know that 
the 8on of man hath power on 
earth to forgive sins, (then saith 
he to the sick of the palsy,) Arise, 
take up thy bed, and go unto 
thine house. 

7 And he arose, and departed to 

8 But when the multitude saw 
*, the* marvelled, end glorified 

A. D. 31. A. D. 31. 

t Ma. 5. 1, 
Ac. Lu. 8. 
96, Ac. 

Ac. Lu.O. 
99, Ac 

g ch.11.19. 
k On. 9.15. 

Ho. 6. 6. 
eta. 12. 7. 
k ITi.l.U. 

J Ma. 9 18, 
Ac. La. 0. 
S3, Ac A 


at John A 

v See I)«. 

6 9D.1KI mKe . n . % 

17. 18. 1,-, i fc 14 . as, 

1 Co. 7. ft. 

I Or, 

Ma. 5.99, 
dec. La. 8. 
<L " 

» Ma. 2. 3. 

La. 6. 18. 

• ch.8.10. 

Ma. 13. 15. 

A 11. 17. 

: 8. 48. A 
17.19. AM. 

Chriil jxutijltth M» ditctples. 

God, which had given such power ' 
unto men. 

9 IT * And as Jesus passed forth 
from thence, he saw a man named 
Matthew, sitting at the receipt 
of custom : and he saith unto fiim. 
Follow me. And he arose, and 
followed him. 

10 If/ And it came to pass, as 
Jesus eat at meat in the house, 
behold, many publicans and sin- 
ners came and sat down with him 
and his disciples. 

1 1 And when the Pharisees saw 
|7, they said unto his disciples. 
Why eateth your Master with 
'publicans and * sinners 1 

f9 But when Jesus heard that* 
he said unto them, They that be 
whole need not a physician, but 
they that are sick. 

13 But go ye and learn what 
that meaneth, t' I will have mercy, 
and not sacrifice: for I am not 
come to call the righteous, *but 
sinners to repentance. 

14 IT Then came to htm the dis- 
ciples of John, saying, I Why do 
we and the Pharisees fast oft, but 
thy disciples fast not 1 

15 And Jesus said unto them, 
Can "• the children of the bride- 
chamber mouru, as long as the 
bridegroom is with them ? but 
the days will come, when the 
bridegroom shall be taken from 
them, and "then shall they fast. 

16 No man putteth a piece ojf 
I new cloth unto an old garment: 
for that which is put in to fill it 
up, taketh from the garment, and 
the rent is made worse. 

1 7 Neither do men put new wine 
into old bottles: else the bottles 
break, and the wine runneth out, 
and the bottles perish : but they 
put new wine into new bottles, 
bud both are preserved. 

18 IT • While be spake these 
things unto them, behold, there 
came a certain ruler, and wor 
shipped him, saying, My daugh- 
ter is even now dead: but come 
and lay thy baud upon her, and 
she shall live • 

19 And Jesus arose, and followed 
him, and so did bis diwiples. 

20 IT (P And behold, a woman 
which was diseased with an issue 
of blood twelve years, came be- 
hind him, aud touched the hem 
of his garment. 

21 For she said within herself If 
I may but touch his garment, 1 
shall be whole. 

22 But Jesus turned him about, 
and when he saw her, he said. 
Daughter, be of good comfort: 
° thy faith hath made thee whole. 
And the woman was made whole 
from that hour.) 

21 'And when Jesus came into 
the ruler's house, and saw «the 
minstrels end the people making 
9 noise, 

24 He said unto them, 'Give 

ChrUt tmdeth o*U 

place : for the maid m not daad, 
but sleepeth. And they laughed 
him to acorn. 
25 But when the people were 

Eut forth, he went m, and took: 
er by the hand, and the maid 

88 And I the fame hereof went 
abroad into all that land. 

97 IT And when Jesus departed 
thence, two blind men followed 
him, crying-, and saying-, * Thou 
eon of David, hare mercy on us. 

28 And when he was come into 
the house, the blind men came to 
biin : and Jesus saiih unto them, 
Believe ye that I am able to do 
this? They said unto him, Yea, 

8a Then touched he their eyes, 
saying', According to your faith, 
be' it unto you. 

30 And their eyes were opened ; 
and Jesus straitfy charged them, 
saying, * See that no man know ft. 

31 »But they, when they were 
departed, spread abroad his fame 
fai all that country. 

32 IT • As they went out, behold, 
they brought to him a dumb man 
possessed with a devil. 

33 And when the devil was cast 
•ut, the dumb spake: and the 
multitudes marvelled, saying, It 
Was never so seen in Israel. 

34 But the Pharisees Mid, • He 
caste th out devils, through the 
prince of the devils. 

35 * And Jesus went about all 
the cities and villages, ° teaching 
in their synagogues, and preach- 
ing the gospel of the kingdom, 
and heafing every sickness, mid 
every disease among the people. 

36 tJ d But when he saw the 
multitudes, lie was moved with 
compassion on them, because 
they II fainted, and were scattered 
abroad, *as sheep having no shep- 

37 Then aaith he unto his disci- 
ples, /The harvest truly is plen- 
teous, but the labourers are few. 

36 'Pray ye therefore tiic Lord 
of the harvest, U ai he will send 
forth i Ten. n'. h:i harvest. 

ytlAP. X. 
1 siHduk out kit iitcle* apoeiCt, 
eaaMmt them »M po**r tu do turn- 
tlft, b giveth thtm thtir eJiarte, 
Uacheth <A«m, IS oemforteth them 
urtuntt pmmtiv*»: 40m<f from- 


A, D. 31. A. D. SI. 

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Ac. J. 13. 
d John IX 

ten. 4. 15. 
4. 0, 90. 
gcb. 16.34. 
Ac. 18.46. 
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10. 9. 

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m 1 Ba.9.7. 

r cb.8.4.* 
9. Lu.6.14. 
9 Ma.7.36. 
» S«e eh. 
19. 99. Lu. 
II. 11. 

AND 'when he had called unto 
hint his twelve disciples, he 
gave them power I against un- 
clean spirits, to cast them out, and 
1 all manner of sickn and 

Ma. 3. 99. 
Lu. 11. 15. 
ft Ma. 0. «. 
Lu. 13. 23. 
« ch. 4. 93. 

• JCu. 97. 
Zee. 10. 9 
John 4. 36. 

a Ma.9.13, 
14. ft 6. 7. 
Lu. 8.13. ft. 


Or, Ort. 

See Ma. 
t Or. 

eLn. 10.7. 
1 Co. 9. 7, 
ftc. 1 Ti. 
6. IS. 
1 La. 10.o. 
r l'a.30.13. 
i Ma. 8.11. 
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I Nc. 5.13. 
Ac. 13. 61. 
ft 18. 6. 


x La. 10.8. 
Kp. 6. IS. 
* 1 Co. 14. 
90. N»i. 9. 
1 16. 
> Or, 

« cti. 34. 9. 
Ma. 13. 9. 
Lu. 13. IK 
ft 31 ML 

Ac. 6. 40. 

Ac. 13.1. 
ft 31.10. ft 
93. 7, 33. 3 
Ti. 4. 16. 
d Ma. 13. 
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Lu. IX 11. 
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/3 8a. 93. 
3. Ac. 4. K. 
ft 6 10. 3 
Ti. 4. 17. 

Mi 117 

Mm twthe apotUet. 

S Philip, and Bartholomew, 
Thomas, and Matthew the publi- 
can; James the ton of Alphc-ua, 
and Lebbeus, whose surname was 

4 « Simon the Canaanite, and 
Judas * lacariot, who also betray- 
ed him. 

5 These twelve Jesus aent forth, 
and commandad them, seying, 
« Go ijot into the way of the Gen- 
tiles, and into any city of /the 
Samaritans enter ye not. 

6 ' But go rather to the *io«l 
sheep of the house of Israel. 

7 » And as ye go, preach, saying, 
•The kingdom of heaven is ai 

8 Heal the sick, cleanse the lep- 
ers, raise the dead, cast out 
devils: ' freely ye have received* , 
freely give. 

9 « | Provide neither gold, nor 
silver, nor » brass in your purses; 

10 Nor scrip for your Journey, 
neither two coats, neither shoe's, 
nor yet t staves: (»for the work- 
man is worthy of his meat.) f 

11 pAnd into whatsoever city or 
town ye shall enter, inquire who 
in it is worthy; and there abide 
till ye go thence. 

12 And when ye come into an 
house, salute it. 

13 v And if the house be worthy, 
let your peace come upon it : »■ but 
if it be not worthy, let your 
peace return to you. 

14 'And whosoever shall not re- 
ceive you, nor hear vour words, 
when ye depart out of" that house, 
or city, < snake off the dust of 
your feet. 

15 Verily I say unto you, * It 
shall be more tolerable for the 
land of Sodom and Gomorrah, in 
the day of judgment, than for 
that city. 

16 IT * Behold, I send you forth 
as sheep in the midst of wolves : 
»be ye therefore wise as serpent*, 
and * | harmless as doves. 

17 But beware of men: for 
• they will deliver you up to the 
councils, and *they will scourge 
you in their synagogues. 

18 And • ye shall be brought bo 
fore governors and kings for my 
sake, for a testimony against 
them nnd the Gentiles. 

19 *" But when they deliver you 
up*, take no thought how or what 
ye shall speak, for *il shall be 
given you in that same hour 
what ve shall speak. 

20 /.For it is not ye that speak, 
but the Spirit of your Father 
which speaketh in you. / 

Mr 'And th brother shall de- 

Ths apo*lU* art comforted. 

be that enduieth to the end shall 
be saved. 

S3 But *when they persecute 
you in this city, flee ye into an- 
other: for verily I say unto you, 
Ye shall not j| have <jone over the 
cities of Israel 'till iue Son of 
man be come. 

24 "The disciple is not above 
hi* master, nor the servant above 
his lord. 

25 It is enough for the disciple 
that he be as his master, and the 
servant as his lord: if "they have 
called the master of the « house 
t Beelzebub, how much mortakaU 
they call them of his household 1 

2o Fear them not therefore: 
• lor there is nothing covered, that 
shall not be revealed ; and hid, 
that shall not be known. 

27 What I tell you in darkness, 
that speak ye in light : and .what 
ye hear in the ear, that preach 
ye upon the house-tops. 

28 v And fear not them which 
kill the body, but are not able to 
kilt the soul: but rather fear him 
which is able to destroy both 
soul and body in hell. 

29 Are not two sparrow* sold for 
a I farthing 1 and one of them 
shall not fall on the ground with- 
out your Father. 

30 v But the very hairs of your 
head are all numbered. 

31 Fear ye not therefore, ye are 
of more value than many spar- 

32 r Whosoever therefore shall 
confess me before men, »him will 
I confess also before my Father 
which is in heaven. 

33 'But whosoever shall deny 
me before ineu, him will I also 
deny before my Father which is 
in heaven. 

34 » Think not that I am come 
to send peace ou earth ; 1 came 
not to send peace, but a sword. 

35 For 1 am come to set a man 
at variauce * against his father, 
and the daughter agaiust her 
mother, and the daughter-in-law 
against her mother-in-law. 

36 And y a man's foes shall be 
they of his own household. 

37"* He that loveth father or mo- 
ther more than me, is not worthy 
of me: and he that loveth sou or 
daughter more than me, is not 
worthy of me. 

38 • And he that taketh not his 
cross, and foil owe th after me, is 
not worthy of me. 

39 * Ho that findeth his life shall 
lose it: and he that loseth his 
life for my sake, shall find it. 

40 IT * He that receivelh you, 
received} me; and he that re- 
ceive th me, received! him that 
sent me. 

41 * He that receiveth a prophet 
hi the name of a prophet, shull 

h fi i $ ^*1 » 

I eh. 3. 13. 

*"•«• He. 6.10. 

I Or,-«* 




& 16. 30. 

it ch.13.34. 

t Or. 
o Ma. 4.22. 
Ln. 0.17 * 

8. MATTHEW. Christ'* testimony conetrntntj John. 

a. D. Si. | A. D. 81. man in the name of a i ighteota 
man, shall receive & righteous 
man's reward. 

42 • And whosoever shall give 
to drink upto one of these little 
ones, a cup of cold mater only, in 
the name of a disciple, verily I 
say unto you, he shall in no wise 
lose his reward. 

2 John ssndsth his diiciplm to Christ. 
7 Christ's testimony eonesming John. 
18 Th* opinion ofthsptopU, both eon- 
terming John and Christ. 30 Christ 
npbraidsth ths mmthonkfiUnsss mnd 
unrtptntanes of Chvrasin, Beth' 
iairfa, and Capernaum : 35 and 
praising his PathorH wisdom m re- 
otaling th* gvspsl to the timpie, 38 
h» taUeth to him all sue* msfosl tk* 
burden of their sins. 
A ND it came to pass when Je- 
■**■ bus had made an end of com- 
manding his twelve disciples, be 
departed thence to teach and to 
preach in their cities. 

2 'Now when John had heard 
»in the prison the works of Christ, 
he sent two of his disciples, 

3 And said unto him, Art thou 
I {<*-*<» 'eOe.49.lQ. • he that should come, or do we 
•alas half, i „ u . a4> 17> ll)oJt for anolher j 

taL"/.. «I". Da " *■ M - 4 Jesus answered and said unto 

oTgtia) « Joha6 - M - them, Go and shew John again 

-' those things which ye do hear 
and see : 

J Is. 39.18. * - Tue blind receive their sight, 

it as. 4, ft, and the lame walk, the lepers are 

*'•' »« e ; n j«. tt 43. 7. cleansed, and the deaf hear, the 

en. «. jj. ! j ohn a . aa. dead „, m^d up> a^j • th e poor 

a l 8a. 14. j* 3. 2.<k ft. have the gospel preached to tbem. 

45.3Sa.l4.'36.*W.35, g A „j \\^& \ % fo whosoever 

shatl not/ be offended in me. 

7 IT * And as they departed, 
Jesus began to say unto the mul • 
titudes concerning John, What 
went ye out into the wilderness 
to see ? » A reed shaken with 
the wind 1 

8 But what went ye out for to 
see 1 A man clothed iu soft rat- 

4.1Ps.8.14.| '* • 

11. Lu.2l.|3».*U.H. 

IK. Ao.27. «p a .M.2B. 

»*• Is. Bl. I. 

r La. 4. IS 

Bo. 10. U, Ja. 2.6. 

w - I /Is. 8. 14, 

tRe. S. ft. 16. ch. IS. 

lM..8W. l «'*2»-M- 

Lo. II. 20 . * *■ JJ- 

•it; «_ i«i Ro - °- 3 2. 

' * !».i Co. i. roeut 1 Behold, they that weur 

". .; "• *'• * *• "• soft clothing are iu kings' houses. 

9 But what went ye out for to 
see 1 A prophet 1 yea, I say un- 
to you, * and more than a pro- 

10 For this is As of whom it is 
written, • Behold, I send my mes- 
senger be lore thy face, which 
shall prepare thy way before 
thee. ' 

11 Verily I say unto you, "A- 
mong them that are born of wo- 

4t», 61, 63, o a . 6 11. 
63- 1 Te. 3. ». 

*Mi.T. «. r i,u.7.94. 

Mi. 7. «. » <V *' 

■ Ln. 14. 7. 20. 

* Mai. 3.1. 

■ ch.18.3i.>' via 1 9. il.W. 
14. 37. I* *'' 

ach.ieas.' %M , m 

Lo. 17.38. ILu-iei». 
Johnl3.3i. | Or, is 
ech. 18.6. totttn bv 
Lu U.tfl.4, f<jroe,and 
10 1« Joliu '*•» «»*l 
W.44.A: 18. ikrtut 
30. Os. 4. ""*• 
14. |mMaJ.4A 

j d\ Ki. nJnMttl.4.5. 



men, there hudi not risen a great- 
er than John the Baptist: not- 
withstanding, he that is least in 
the kiugdum of heaven, isgreatt- 
er than he. 

12 'And from the days of John 
the Baptist, until now, the king- 
dom ofueaven | sudereth violence, 
and the violent take it by force. 

13 * For sit the prophets and 
the law rophesied uuul John. 

\ t } f ir J e '/ 'e ". 

d I 

Ctirvr* hfUrtton to the weary. 

1* • He that bath ears to hear, 
let him hear. 

Id If J But whereunto shall I 
liken this generation f It is like 
unto children silting in the mar- 
kets, and calling unto their Tal- 

17 And saying, We haVte piped 
unto you, and ye have not dan- 
ced ; we have mourned unto you, 
and ye have not lamented. 

18 For John came neither eat- 
ing nor- drinking, and they say, 
He hath a devil. 

19 The Son of man came eating 
and drinking, and they say, Be- 
hold, a man gluttonous, and a 
wine-bibber, • a friend of publi- 
cans and sinners. 'But wisdom 
is justified of her children. 

■80 If 'Then began he to up- 
braid tbe cities wherein most of 
his mighty works were doue, be- 
cause they repented not. 

21 Wo unto thee, Chorazin ! wo 
unto thee, Bethsaida ! for if the 
mighty works which were doue 
hi you had been done in Tyre and 
Sidon, they would have repented 
long ago 'in sackcloth and ashes. 

S3 But I say unto you,* It shall 
be more tolerable tor Tyre and 
Sidon at the day of Judgment, 
than for you. 

23 And thou, Capernaum,* which 
art exalted unto heaven, shall be 
brought down to hell: for if the 
mighty works which have been 
done in thee, bad been done in 
Sodom, it would have remained 
until this day. 

24 But I say unto you, V That it 
•hall be more tolerable for the 
land of Sodom, in the day of 
judgment than for thee. 

25 1T *At that time Jesus an- 
swered and said, I thank thee, O 
Father, Lord of heaven andean h, 
because *thou hast bid these 
things from the wise and pru- 
dent, » and hast revealed them 
unto babes. 

26 Even so r Father, for so it 
seemed good in thy sight. 

27 • All thinrs are delivered un- 
to me of my Father ; and no man 
knoweth the Son, but the Father ; 

* neither knoweth any man the 
Father, save the Son, and he to 
whomsoever the Son will reveal 

28 If Come unto me, all ye that 
labour, and are heavy laden, and 
I will «ve you rest. 

29 Take my yoke upon you, 

• and learn of me: for 1 am meek 

e%<* ' '.a 1 
. 1 

The FAorifete re p roved 

a. P.W. A. P. M. 

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0, 13. XL 

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j or men. 86 Account $k*u *• meet 
of idU mor 4». 38 H» rtbutmk the 
uaj*iihful,mkn-k*jm»iit*: 4t 
end «*«■»«<* who i$ kit krther t mm- 

AT that time « Jesus went om 
the sabbath-day through (he 
corn, and his disciples were an 

hungered, and began to pluck the 
cars of corn, and to eat. 

2 But when the Pharisees saw it, 
they said unto him, Behold, thy 
disciples do that which is not 
lawful to do upon the sabbath- 
day. ^ 

3 But be said unto them, Have 
ye not read 'what David did 
when he was an hungered* and 
they that were with him ; 

4 How he entered into the house 
of God, and did eat • the shew- 
bread, which was not lawful (or 
him to eat, neither for them which 
were with him, * but only for the 
priests 1 

i Or have ye not read m the 
•law how that on the sabbath- 
days the priests in the temple 
profane the sabbath, and are 
blameless 1 

6 But I say unto you, that in this 
place is /one greater than the 

7 But if ye had known what thie 
meaneth, 'I will have mercy, and 
not sacrifice, ye would not have 
condemned the guiltless. 

8 For the Son of man is Lord 
even of the sabbath-day. 

9 »And when he was departed 
thence, he went into then- syna- 

10 IT And behold, there was a 
man which had hit hand wither- 
ed. And they nsked him, saving, 
• Is it lawful to heal on the' sab- 
bath-days 1 that they might ac- 
cuse him. 

1 1 And he said unto them. What 

man shall there be among you, 
that shall have one sheep, and 
*if it fall into a pit on the sab- 
bath-day, will he not lay hold on 
it, and lift it out f 

12 How much then is a man bet- 
ter than a sheep t Wherefore it is 
lawful to do well ou the sabbath- 

13 Then saitb he to the man, 
Stretch forth thine hand. And he 
stretched it forth ; and it was re- 
stored whole, like as the other. 

14 If Then ' the Pharisees went 
out, and I held a counsel against 

Fkh ninBiTijrfijf 

One dumb and blind healed. 

18 p Behold my servant, whom 1 
have chosen ; my beloved, 7 in 
whom my soul is well pleased : I 
will put my spirit upon him, and 
he shall shew judgment to the 

19 He shall not strive, nor ery; 
neither shall any man hear his 
voice in the streets. 

SO A bruised reed shall he not 
break, and smoking 1 flax shall he 
not quench, till he send forth 
Judgment unto victory. 

21 And in his name shall the 
Gentiles trust. 

22 ft r Then was brought unto 
him one possessed with a devil, 
blind ana dumb : and he healed 
bim, insomuch that the blind and 
dumb both spake and saw. 

23 And all the people were 
amazed, and said, Is not this the 
■on of David 1 

24 'But when the Pharisees 
beard if, they said. This fellow 
doih not cast out devils, but by 
t Beelzebub the prince of the 

25 And Jesus * knew their 
thoughts, and said unto them, 
Every kingdom divided against 
itselt, is brought to desolation - 
and every ciiy or house divided 
against itself, shall not stand. 

26 And if Satan cast out Satan, 
be is divided against himself; how 
■hall then his kingdom stand ? 

27 And if I by Beelzebub cast 
out devils, by whom do your chil- 
dren cast than out ? therefore 
they shall be vour judges. 

28 But if I cast out devils by the 
Spirit of God, then "the king- 
dom of God is come unto you. 

29 * Or else, how can one enter 
into a strong man's house, and 
spoil bis goods, except he first 
bind the strong mini f and thou 
be will spoil his house. 

30 He Unit is not with me, is 
•gahut me ; and he that gather- 
ed not with me, scattered a- 
broad. / 

31 1f Wherefore I say unto you, 
V All manner of sin and blasphe- 
my shn.ll be forgiven unto men : 
• inn the blasphemy againtt Hie 
tfiihj Ghost shall not be forgiven 
unto men. 

32 And whosoever ■speaketh a 
woid against the Son of man, »it 
shall be forgiven him: but who- 
soever speaketh against the Holy 
Ghost, it shall not be forgiven 
him, neither in this world, nei- 
ther in the world to come. 

ST Either make the tree good, 
and *his fruit good ; or else make 
the tree corrupt, and his fruit 
corrupt : for the tree is known by 
Aw fruit. 

34 O <* generation of vipers, how 
Can ye, being evil, speak good 
tilings? sfor out of the abun- 
dance of Uut hevt, the mouth 




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15 A good man, out of the gods) 
treasure of the heart,' bringeta 
forth good things: and aa evil 
man, out of the evil treasure, 
bringeth forth evil things. 

36 But I say unto you, That 
every idle word that men shall 
speak, they shall give account 
thereof in the day of judgment. 

37 For by thy words thou shall 
be justified, and by thy words 
thou shalt be condemned. 

38 If/Then certain of the scribes 
and of the Pharisees answered, 
saying, Master, we would see a 
sign from thee. 

39 But he answered and said to 
them, An evil and 'adulterous 
generation seeketh after a sign, 
and there shall no sign be given 
to it, but the sign of the prophet 

40 * For as Jonas was three day* 
and three nights in the whale** 
belly : so shall the Son of man be 
three days and three nighta in the 
heart of the earth. I 

41 'The men of Nineveh shall 
rise in judgment with this gen- 
eration, and * shall condemn it: 
'because they repented at the 
preaching of Jonas; and behold, 
a greater than Jonas it here. 

42 *» The queen of the south 
shall rise up in the judgment with 
this generation, and shall con- 
demn it : for she came from tho 
uttermost parts of the earth to 
hear the wisdom of Solomon ; and 
behold, a greater than Solomon 
it here. 

43 » When the unclean spirit is 
goue out of a man, « he walketh 
through dry places, seeking rest, 
and tiudeth none. 

44 Then he saith, I will return 
into my house from whence 1 
came out; and when he is come, 
be findeth it empty, swept, and 

45 Then goeth he, and taketh 
widi himself seven other spirits 
more wicked than himself, and 
they enter in and dwell there : 
P ai)d the last ttate of that man is 
worse than the first. Even so 
shall it be also unto this wicked 

46 TT While he yet talked to the 
people, 1 behold, Aw mother and 
'"his brethren stood without, de- 
siring to speak with him. 

47 Then one said unto him. Be- 
hold, thy mother and thy breth- 
ren stand without, desiring to 
■peak with thee. 

48 But he answered and said 
unto him that told him, Who is 
my mother 1 and who an my 
brethren f 

49 And he stretched forth his 
hand toward -his disciples, and 
■aid, Behold my mother and ray 
brethren ! 

50 For • whosoever shall do tbt 
will of my Father which, is la 

Th* pera&U qf iha cover. 

tfeattflttbe nmc is my brother, 

•nd litter, and mother. 
CHAP. X11I. 

9 Vft« peraU* of the mimt «U (ft* 
•Mi : 18 JA« trpttUkm •fU. 34 TA« 
p«ra4k «/ th* tare*, 81 o/ <A« mm- 
t*rd-—*d, 33 •/" IA« isssca, 44 •/**• 
M<f<fe» Irtanfr*, to of tk« jHmrl, 47 
«/ tA* drawn* east into the «•« ; 68 
«d /tow CArt* u m»X«sm«* o/ Ait 
pita countrymen. 

THE same day went Jesus out 
of the house, « and sat by the 
8 * And great multitudes were 

gathered together unto him, so 
tat «he went into a ship, and 
sat ; and the whole multitude stood 
on the shore. 

3 And lie spake many things 
Unto Uiem in parables, saying, 
'Behold, a sower went forth to 

4 A'nd when he sowed, some 
eeeds fell by the way-side, and the 
fowls came and devoured them 

$ Some fell upon stony places, 
where they had not much earth : 
and forthwith they sprung up, 
because they bad no. deepness of 
earth : 

6 And when the sun was up, 
they, were scorched : and because 
they had no root, they withered 

7 And some fell among thorns: 
and the thorns sprung up, and 
choked them : 

8 But other fell into good ground, 
and brought forth fruit, some «au 
liuiidrecl-l'old, some sixty-fold, 
some thirty-fold. 

9 /Who hath ears to hear, let 
him hear. 

10 And the disciples came, and 
said unto him, Why speakest thou 
unto them in parables T 

11 He answered and said unto 
them, Because ' it is given unto 

{ou to know the mysteries of the 
iugdom of heaven, but to them 
it w not given. 

II A For whosoever hath, to him 
shall be given, and he shall have 
more abundauce : but whosoever 
hath not, from him shall be taken 
away even that he hath. 

13 Therefore speak 1 to them in 
parables: because they seeing, 
see not^ and hearing, they hear 
not ; neither do they understand. 

14 And in them is fulfilled the 
prophecy of Esaias, which saith. 
i By hearing ye shall hear, and 
•hall not understand ; and seeing 
ye shall see, and shall not per- 
ceive : 

15 For this people's heart is 
waxed gross, and their ears * are 
dull of hearing, and their eyes 
they have cloned ; lest at any 
time tbey should see with their 
eyes, and hear with their ears, 
and should understand with their 

a aiffiwid slioul v o 


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The parable o/ the tarts. 

16 But 'blessed an your eye*, 
for tbey see: and your ears, fj» 
they hear. 

l7For verily I say unto yon, 
■•That many prophets and right- 
eous men have desired to see 
those thing* which ye see, and 
have not seen them; and to hear 
thoee thingt which ye hear, and 
havenot heard them. 

18 If * Hear ye therefore the 
parable of the sower. 

19 When any one hcareth the 
word » of the kingdom, and iin- 
derstandeth it not, then coineth 
the wicked onet and caicheth 
away that which was sown in his 
heart. This is he which received 
seed by the way-side. 

SO But he that received the seed 
into stony places, Uie same is he 
that heareth the word, and anon 
P with joy receiveth it ; f 

21 Yet hath ha not root in him- 
self, but ditreth for awhiie: for 
when tribulation or persecution 
ariseth because of the word, by 
and by 8 he is offended. 

28 r He also that received seed 
'among the thorns is he that 
heareth the word ; and the care 
of ihis world, and the deceit ful- 
ness of riches choke the word* 
ami he becoineth unfruitful. 

23 But he that received seed into 
Die food ground is he that hear- 
eth the word, and uuderstaudeth 
it ; which also beareth fruit*aml 
briiigeth forth, some an hundred- 
fold, some sixty, some thirty. 

24 If Another parable put he 
forth unto theni, saying, The 
kingdom of heaven is likened unto 
a man which sowed good seed in 
his field : 

25 But while men slept, his en- 
emy came and sowed tares among 
llie wheat, and went his way. 

25 But when the blade was 
sprung up, and brought forth 
fruit, then appeared the Urea 

27 So the servants of the house- 
holder came and said unto him, 
Sir, didst not thou sow good seed 
in thy field? from whence theu 
hath it tares ? 

28 He said unto them, An enemy 
hath done this. The servants 
said unto him, Wilt thou then 
that we go and gather them up ? 

29° But he said, Nay ; lest while 
ye gather up the tares, ye root up 
also the wheat with them. 

30 Let both grow together until 
the harvest: and in (he time of 
harvest I will say to the reapers, 
Gather ye together first the tares, 
and bind them in bundles to burn 
them : but (gather the wheat into 
my barn. / 

31 IT Another parable put he 
forth unto them, saying, "The 
kingdom of heaven is Tike to a 

r i 'u-« 

Parcble of the hidden treasure, 

32 Which indeed is the least of 
Ml seeds: but when it U grown, 
it is the greatest among herbs, 
•od become th a tree, so that the 
birds of the air come and lodge 
ifi the branches thereof. 

IS H 'Another parable spake he 
unto them ; The kingdom of heav- 
en is like unto leaven, which a 
woman took, and hid in three 
t measures of meal, till the whole 
was leavened. 

14 r All these things spake Jesus 
unto the multitude in parables; 
and without a parable spake he 
not unto them : 

15 That it might be fulfilled 
which was spoken by the prophet, 
nyinr, • I will open my mouth in 
parables ; « I will utter things 
which have been kept secret from 
the foundation of the world. 

16 Then Jesus sent the multitude 
•way, and went into the house : 
and his disciples came unto hiin, 
saying. Declare unto us the par- 
able of the tares of the field. 

37 He answered and said unto 
them. He that soweth the good 
seed is the Son of man ; 

88 »The field is the world- the 
food seed are the children of the 
kingdom ; but the tares are «tbe 
children of the wicked one; 

39 The enemy that sowed them 
is the devil ; «*'the harvest is the 
end of the world ; and the reap- 
ers are the angels. 

40 As therefore the tares are 
gathered and burned in the tire; 
so shall it be in the end of this 

41 The 8on of man shall send 
forth his angels, 'and they shall 

father out of his kingdom alt 
things that offend, aud them 
which do iniquity; 
49 /And shall cast them into a 
furnace of fire: 'there shall be 
wailingand gnashing of teeth. 

43 * Then shall the righteous 
sluue forth as the sun in the king- 
dom of their Father. *' Who hath 
eurs to hear, let him hear. 

44 H Again, the kingdom of 
Heaven is like unto treasure hid 
in a field; the which when a m;tn 
hath found, he hidcih, and for joy 
thereof goeth and 'selleth all 
that he hath, and 'buyeth that 

45 IT Again, the kingdom of 
heaven is like unto a merchant- 
man seeking goodly pearls: 

46 Who, when he had found 
** one pearl of great price, went 
and sold all that he had, and 
bought it. 

47 IT Again, the kingdom of 
heaven is like unto a net, that 
was cost into the sea, and "gath- 
ered of every kind: 

48 Which, when it was full, 
they drew to shore, and sat down, 
said inhered the oat hit v *- 

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and ofaneteaM into the seer. 

49 So shall it be at tbe end of 
tile world: the augels shall some 
forth, and 'eevtx the wicked from 
among the lust, 

50 P And shall cast them into the 
furnace of fire: there shall be 
wailing and gnashing of teeth. 

51 Jesus saith unto them. Have 
ye understood all these thingsl 
Thev say unto him. Yea, Lord. 

53 Then said he unto them, 
Therefore every scribe which it 
instructed unto the kingdom of 
heaven, is like unto a man tluit ie 
an householder, which bringeth 
forth out of his treasure « thmge 
new and old. 

53 TT And it came to pass, that 
when Jesus had finished these 
parables, he departed thence. 

54 r And when he was come into 
his own country, he taught them 
in their synagogue, insomuch 
that they were astonished, aud 
said. Whence hath thiam/ui this 
wisdom, and these mighty works? 

55 »1» not this the carpenter's 
son? is not his mother called 
Mary ? and 'his brethren, "James, 
and Joses, and Simon, aud Judas I 

58 Aud his sisters, are they not 
all with us ? Whence then hath 
this man all these things 1 

57 And they *were offended in 
him. But Jesus said unto them* 
V A prophet is not without honour, 
save in his own country, and in 
his own house. 

68 And * he did not many migh- 
ty works there, because of their 



1o* efCkrit. 9 Where* 

fort John Baptut w« Uheeded. 19 
Juut dtparUth into a inert pUea : 
16 iBA«r« As ftedtth Jhta thousand 
■ten with Jtve loavu and twojtthet : 
83 B« aaVttth an the <«a to hi$ <H»H- 
fit* : 84 and landing at Oenncsartt, 
ItaUth the tie* Ay th* teueh of the 
hem of hU garmtnt. 

AT that time 'Herod the Te- 
trarch heard of the fame of 

f And said unto his servants. 
This is John the Baptist; he is 
risen from the dead : and there- 
fore mighty works | do shew forth 
themselves in him. 

t IT 6 For Herod had laid hold 
on John, and bound him, aud put 
Aim in prison for Herodias* sake, 
his brother Philip's wife. 

4 For John said unto him, « It is 
not lawful for thee to have her. 

ft And when he would have put 
him to death, he feared the mul- 
titude, * because they counted 
him as a prophet. 

6 But when Herod*s birth-day 
was kept, the daughter of Hero- 
dias danced t before litem, aud 
pleased Herod. 

7 Whereupon he promised with 
eii oath 407 >nr.g . • e 

Chrl*tJ**UthJlM tkcmmuuL 

8 And she, being before instruct- 
ed of ber mother, said, Give me 
bere John Baptist*! bead in l 

9 And the king was «om : nev 
ertheless for the oath's Mike, and 
them which sat with him at 
meat, he commanded it to be 
given her. 

.0 A n. I he sent, and beheaded 
John in the prison. 

71 And his head was brought in 
a charger, and given to the dam- 
sel: and she brought it to her 

18 And his disciples came, and 
took up the bodv, and buried it, 
and went and told Jesus. 

IS IT * When Jesus heard of it, 
he departed thence by ship into 
a desert place apart: and when 
the people had heard thereof, 
they followed him on fool out of 
the cities. 

14 And Jesus went forth, and 
•aw a great multitude, and/ was 
moved with compassion toward 
them, and he healed their sick. 

15 if * And when it was even- 
ing, his disciples came to him, 
saying. This is a desert place, 
and the time is now past; send 
the multitude away, that they 
inay go into the Tillages, and buy 
themselves victuals. 

16 But Jesus said unto tbem, 
They need not depart ; give ye 
them to eat. 

17 And they say unto him, We 
have here but five loaves, and two 

18 He said. Bring them hither 
to me. 

19 And he commanded the mnl- 
titude to sit down on the grass, 
and took the Ave loaves, and the 
two fishes, and looking up to 
heaven, * he blessed, and bruke, 
and gave the loaves to kit disci- 
ples, and the disciples to the mul- 

SO And they did all eat, and 
were filled: and they took up 
of the fragments that remained 
twelve baskets full. 

9 1 And they that had eaten were 
about five thousand man, beside 
women and children. 

88 IT And straightway Jesus 
constrained his disciples to get 
juto a ship, and to go before bun 
auto the other side, while be sent 
the multitudes away. 

98 i And when he had sent the 
multitudes away, lie went up in- 
to a mountain apart to pray: 
s and when the evening was 
come, he waa there alone. 

94 But the ship was now in the 
midst of the sea, tossed with 
waves: for the wind was con- 

95 And in the fourth watch of 
the night Jesus weut unto them, 
walk nig on the sea. 

99 Aud when the dieoiplee saw 


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Th* Phqruem rtprmtmL 

him 'walking on the sea, they 
Were troubled, saying. It la a 
spirit; and they cried oat foe 

97 But straightway Jesus spake 
onto them, saying, Be of good 
cheer ; it is I ; be not afraid. 

98 And Peter answered him and 
said, Lord, if it be thou, bid ma 
corne unto thee on (he water. 

99 And he said, Come. And 
when Peter was come down out 
of the ship, he walked on the wa- 
ter, to go to Jesus. 

30 But when he saw the wind 
I boisterous, he was afraid; and 
beginuing to sink, he cried, sav- 
in?, Lord, save me. 

31 And immediately Jesus 
stretched forth A is hand, and 
caught him, and said unto him, 
O thou of little faith, wherefore 
didst thou doubt? 

39 And when they were come 
into the ship, the wind censed. 

33 Then they that were in lite 
ship came and worshipped him, 
saying, Of a truth "■ thou art the 
Son oT God. 

34 IT "And when they were 
gone over, they came into the 
land of Gennenarrt. 

35 And when the men of that 
place had knowledge of hint, 
they sent out into all (hat coun- 
try round about, and brought 
unto him all that were diseased ; 

36 And besought him that they 
might only touch the hem of his 
garment: and °as mmiy as touch- 
ed were made perfectly whole. 

t'Ckri* rtpruaetk tfit t-jribt* and Pha- 
ristf Jur tramrretting Ovd'i rumu 
•uninnli thruvih thnr own tra*i- 
tiun$: II Uaehth sow that which, 
foaU rate Me maul* iutk not dffiU 
a num. 31 H« htaletk <«« daufktrr 
Of the woman if Canaan, So and 
tHktr treat muUiiudet : 82 and with 
$rven luanet and it Jub Utile Julit* 
frHHk /our ttomtuxd man, betid* 
women and children. 

THEN •cuiie to Jesus scrilM-s 
and Pharieers, which were 
of Jerusalem, saying:, . 
9 * Why do thy disciples trans- 
gress • die tradition of the elder* ? 
lor they wash not their hands 
when they eat bread. 

3 But he answered and said un- 
to them, Why do ye also trans- 
gress the commandment of God 
by your tradition 1 

4 For God commanded, saying, 
'Honour thy father aud mother: 
and, • He that curseth father or 
mother, let him die the death. 

5 But ye *ay, Whosoever shall 
say to hit father or hit mother, 
/ It t» a gift, by whatsoever thou 
mightest be profited by me : 

6 And honour not his father or 
his mother, As ttiali bvfrte. Thus 
have ye made the commandment 
of God of none effect by your tra- 



'i daughter healed. 8 mATTHEW. 

7 * Ye hypocrites, well 
iM prophesy of you. eayi 

• •This people draweth nigh 
unto me with their mouth, and 
honoureth me with lA«ir lips; but 
their heart i* far from me. 

• But in vain they do worship 
me, * teaching for doetrinei the 
commandments of men. 

10 IT * And he caUed the multi- 
tude, and aaid unto them, Hear, 
and understand : 

11 'Not that which goeth into 
the mouth defiled) a man: but 
that which cometh out of the 
inouiK, this defilelh a man. 

12 Then came his disciples, and 
•aid unto him, Knowest thou that 
the Pharisees were offended alter 
Uiey heard this saying 1 

13 But he answered and said, 
« Every plant, which my heav- 

aily Father hath not planted, 
shall be rooted up. 

14 Let them alone: «they be 
blind leaders of the blind. And 
if the blind lead the blind, both 
shall fall into the ditch. 

I* • Then answered Peter and 
said unto him, Declare onto us 
this parable. 

16 And Jesus said, »Are ye also 
jet without understanding ? 

17 Do not ye yet understand, 
that 9 whatsoever entereth in at 
the mouth goeth into the belly, 
and is cast out into the draught 1 

18 But ** ihoso things which pro- 
ceed out of the mouth come lorth 
from the heart ; and they defile 
the man. 

19 * For out of the heart pro- 
ceed evil droughts, murders, adul- 
teries, fornications, thefts, false 
witness, blasphemies: 

80 These are the thing* which 
defile a man : but to eat with uu- 
washen hands de filet h not a man. 

21 IT « Then Jesus went thence, 
and departed into the coasts of 
Tyre aud Siilou. 

82 Aud behold, a woman of Ca- 
uaau came out of the same coasts, 
and cried unto him, saying, Have 
mercy on me, O Lord, thou son 
of David ; my diuighter is griev- 
ously ve&ed with a devil. 

88 But he answered her not a 
word. And his disciples came 
and besought him, saying, Send 
her away • for she crieth after us. 

34 But he answered and said, 
* 1 am not sent but unto the lost 
sheep of the house of Israel. 

85 Then came she and worship- 
ped hi in, saying. Lord, help me. 

88 But he answered and said, It 
is not meet to lake the children's 
bread and to cast it to * dugs. 

87 And she said. Truth, Lord : 
yet the dogs eat of the crumbs 
wlueh fall from their masters' 

88 Then Jesus answered and 
■aid nnto her, O woman, great is 
thjr huth : be it unto thee even at 

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Chriet feedeth /our tkomamt. 

thou wilu And her daughter 
was made whole from that very 

89 vAnd Jeaus departed from 
thence, and came nigh * unto the 
sea of Galilee ; and went up into 
a mountain, and sal down there. 

30 • And great multitudes came 
unto him, having with them Uum 
that were lame, blind, dumb, 
maimed, and many others, ana 
oast them down at Jesus' feet; 
and he healed them . 

31 Insomuch that the multitude 
wondered, when they saw the 
dumb to speak, the maimed to be 
whole, the lame to walk, and- the 
blind to see : and they glorified 
the God of Israel. 

38 IT ''Then Jeaus called hie die- 
ciples unto him, and said, I have 
compassion on the multitude, be- 
cause they continue with me now 
three days, aud have nothing to 
eat: and I will not send them 
away fasting, lest they faint ui 
the way. 

33 s And his disciples say unto 
him. Whence should we have so 
much bread in the wilderness, ae 
to fill so great a multitude I 

34 And Jesus sailh unto them. 
How many loaves have ye ? Aud 
they said, Seven, and a few little 

35 And he commanded the mul- 
titude to sit down on the ground. 

36 And 'he took the seven 
loaves and the fishes, and • gave 
thanks, and brake them, and gave 
to his uisciplea, aid the disciples 
to the multitude. 

87 And they did all eat, and 
were filled : and they took up of 
the broken meat that was left 
seveu baskets full. 

38 And they that did eat were 
four thousand men, beside women 
and children. 

39 J And be sent away the mul- 
titude, and took ship, and came 
into the coasts of Magdala. 

1 The Pkmrnme require sn'ra. 8 Jsnu 
warmer* kit di*cti>U* oftke Itmuen of 
tkePkeneeee end Saddueeee. II Tke 
peente'e opinion «/ Okrtet, 18 mmt 
Pnttr'i oon/tuton of kirn. 21 Jttmt 

Pitt fmr sWwarfnr Mm 

from ite 

JeUem hint, le beer tke cms*. 

THE s Pharisees also with the 
Sadducees came, and, tempt- 
ing, desired him that he would 
shew them a sign from heaven. 
8 He answered and said unto 
them, When it is evening, ye say, 
/I will be fair weather: lor the 
sky is red. 

S And in the morning. It will be 
foul weather to-day : for the sky 
is red and lowering. O ye hype* 
erites, ye can discern the face of 
the sky ; but can ye not dUtre, 
the eigne of the times ? 

ChriM mamlk At» ducipUt. 

4 »A wleeei and adalteromi 
generation aeeketh alter a sign ; 
and there shall no sign be giveu 
■nto it, but the sign of the- pro- 
phet Jonas. And he left them, 
and departed. 

And • when his disciples were 
Coma to the other tide, they had 
forgotten to take bread. 

• T( Then Jesus said unto them, 
■Take heed and beware of the 
leaven of the Pharisees and of the 

7 And they reasoned among 1 
themselves, saying* It u> because 
are hare taken no bread. 
• 8 Which when Jesus perceived, 
he said unto them, O ye of little 
faith, why reason ye among your- 
selves, because ye have brought 
no bread f 

9 • Do ye not yet understand, 
■either remember the five loaves 
of the five thousand, and how 
many baskets ye took up 1 

10 / Neither the seven loaves of 
the four thousand, and how many 
baskets ye took up 1 

11 How is it that ye do not un- 
derstand that 1 spake it not to 
you concerning bread, that ye 
should beware of the leaven of the 
Pharisees and of the Sadducees f 

IS Then understood they how 
that he bade them not beware of 
the leaven of bread, but of the 
doctrine of the Pharisees and of 
the Sadducees. 

13 If When Jesus came into 
the coasts of Cesarea Philippi, 
he asked his diaciples, saying, 
t Whom do men say that I, the 
Bon of man, am 1 

14 And they said, * Some say 
that thou art John the Baptist : 
some, Elias; and others, Jere- 
mias, or one of the prophets. 

15 He aaitb unto them, But 
whom eayye that I am 1 

16 And Simou Peter answered 
and said, * Thou art the Christ, 
the Son of the living God. 

17 And Jesus answered and said 
unto him. Blessed art thou, Si- 
mon Bar-Iona: 'for flesh and 
blood bain not revealed it uulo 
thee, but 'mj Father which is in 

18 And 1 «ay also unto thee, 
That * thou art Peter, and "upon 
this rock 1 will build my church: 
•r.d * the gates of hell shall not 
prevail against it. 

19 r And 1 will give unto thee 
(he keys of the kingdom of heav- 
en: and whatsoever thou shalt 
bind on, earth, shall be bound hi 
he .ivm I and whatsoever thou 
lUlipN ou earth, shall be leoe- 

80 *Tt»u charged he bis disci- 
ples that they should tell no man 
that, he was Jesus the Christ. 

CI If From that time forth bar 
gnu Jesus ' to shew mMo his dis- 
eifles, how that be matt go unto 

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/ TtutrtniHufatkm+CAmt 
Jereamlesi, and suffer many things 
of the elders, and chief priests, 
and scribes, and be killed, and be) 
raised again the third day, 
U Then Peter took him, and be* 

rto rebuke him, saying, t Be it 
from thee* Lord : this shell 
not be unto tbee. 

SI But he turned, and said unto 
Peter, Get thee behind roe,* Sa- 
tan ; ( thou art an offence unto 
me : for thou savouresl not the 
things that be of God, but those ' 
that oe of men. 

84 t * Then said Jesus (into his 
disciples. If any man will eowe 
after me, let him deuy himself, 
and take up hb cross, and follow 

IS For 'whosoever will save bis 
life, shall loose it : and whosoever 
will loose his life for my sake, 
shall find it. 

96 For what je a man profited, 
if he shall gain the whole world, 
and lose bis own «ou! ? or vu-hat 
shall a man give hi exchange for 
his soul 7 

17 For * the Bon of man shall 
come in the glory of his Father, 
•with his angels; band then be 
sbal I re ward every man according 
*lo his works. 

18 Verily I say unto you, 'There 
be some standing here, which 
•hall not taste of death, till they 
see the Son of man coming in his 


1 TU troat/ rar*ii«a o/ Ckritt. M A 

*m/«M th€ tea***, nfoMttlUtkh* 

awn pa$ti»n, 34 «mf payola tribuU, 

AND ■ after six days, Jesus ta- 
keth Peter, James, and John 
his brother, and bringeth them up 
into an high mountain apart, 

I And was transfigured before 
them: and his face did shine as 
tbe sun, and his raiment was 
white as the light. 

t And behold, there appeared 
unto them Moses and Ehaa talk- 
ing with him. 

4 Then answered Peter, and 
said unto Jesus, Lord, it is «rood 
for us to be here: if thou wilt, let 
us make here three tabernacles ; 
one for thee, and one for Hoses, 
and one for Elias. 

i bWhileheyet spake, behold, 
a bright cloud overshadowed 
them : and behold, a voice oiy of 
the cloud, which said, « This is 
my beloved Son, * in whom I am 
well pleased : "hear ye him. 

6 / And when the disciples beard 
it, they fell on their face, and 
were sore afraid* 

7 And Jesus came and * touched 
them, and said, Arise, and be uot 

8 Andwhen they had lifted its) J 
their eyes, they saw no man* save M 
J^sus only. m 

9 And as they csjne down from M 
the mountain, • Jesus chaigetl d 

It ■ 


them, saying, Tell the vision 10 no 
man, until tho Son of man be 
risen again from the dead. 

10 And his disciples asked him, 
saving', < Why then say the 
scribes, that Eliaa must first 
Come 7 

11 And Jesus answered and said 
Onto them, Etias truly shall first 
Come, and * restore all things : 

13 I But 1 say unto you, that 
Eiias is come already, and they 
knew him not, but "«have done 
Unto him whatsoever they listed: 
likewise "shall also the Sou of 
man suffer of them. 

13 "Then the disciples under- 
•tood that he spake unto them of 
John the Baptist. 

14 II P And when they were come 
to the multitude, there came to 
him a certain man kneeling down 
to him, and saying, 

15 Lord, have mercy on my son; 
for he is lunatic, and sore vexed, 
for oft-times he falleth into the 
fire, and oft into the water. 

16 And I brought him to thy dis- 
ciples, and they could not cure 

17 Then Jesus answered a'nd 
bnid, O faithless and perverse 
generation, how long shall 1 be* 
With you 7 how long shall I sutler 
you 7 Bring him huher to me. 

18 And Jesus rebuked the devil, 
and he departed out of him: and 
the child was cured from that 
▼ery hour. 

19 Then came the disciples to 
Jesus apart, and said, Why could 
not we cast him out 7 

80 And Jesus said unto them, 
Because of your unbelief: for 
▼erily I say unto you, 1 1f ye have 
(kith as a grain of mustard-seed, 
ye shall say unto this mountain, 
Remove hence to yonder place ; 
and it shall remove ; and nothiug 
shall be impossible unto you. 

21 Howbeit, this kind goeth not 
out, but by prayer and tasting. 

22 IT r And while they abode in 
Galilee, Jesus said uuto them, 
The Son of man shall be betray- 
ed into the hands of men: 

23 And they shall kill him, and 
the third day he shall be rained 
again. And they were exceeding 

24 ft And 'when they were come 
to Capernaum, they that received 
| tribute-monry, came to Peter, 
and said, Dotn not your Master 
pay tribute 7 

25 He saith, Tee. And when 
he was come into the house, Je- 
ws prevented him, saying, What 
thiukest thou, Simon 1 oi whom 
Co the kings of the earth take 
custom or tribute 7 of their own 
Children, or of strangers 7 

26 Peter saith unto him. Of 
strangers. Jesus saith unto him, 
Vhea are the children free. 

tl Notwithstanding, lest we 



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Chri$t Uacheth to ovoid offence* 

should offend them, go thou to 
the sea, and cast an hook, and take 
up the fish that first cometh u]>: 
and when thou hast opened hi* 
mouth, thou shalt find II a piece of 
money: that take, and give unto 
them for me and thee. 

1 drift worneth hie ditdple* to be ansa* 
bie and h*rmleet : 7 to avoid offeneto, 
*ml tut to despise the tittle on** : U 
teaeheth kow we are to deal with our 
brethren, when the* offend us: 21 and 
how ojt to furtive them : 23 whiolt let 
ettteOt forth Ay s parable of the king, 
that took account of hit tenant*, 33 
and punished hint, who shewed n* 
mercy to hit fellow. 

AT « the same time came the 
disciples unto Jesus, sayings 
Who is the greatest in the king- 
dom of heaven 7 

2 And Jesus called a little child 
uuto him, and set him in the midst 
of them, 

3 And said, Verily, I say unto 
you, » Except ye be converted* 
and become as little children, ye 
shall not enter into the kingdom 
of heaven. 

4 o Whosoever therefore shall 
humble himself as thislittle child, 
the same is greatest in the king- 
dom of heaven. 

5 And ''whoso shall receive one 
such little child in my name, re- 
ceiveth me. • 

6 «But, whoso shall offend one 
of these little ones which be- 
lieve in me, it were better for him 
that a millstone were hanged 
about his neck, and that he were 
drowned in the depth of the sea. 

7 U Wo unto the world because 
of offences! for /it must need* 
be that offences come; but 'wo 
to that man by whom the offence 
cometh ! 

8 * Wherefore, if thy hand or 
thy foot offend thee, cut them off, 
and cast them from thee; it ii 
better for thee to enter into life 
halt or maimed, rather than hav- 
ing two hands or two feet, to be 
cast into everlasting fire. 

9 And if thine eye offend thee, 
pluck it out, and cast it from 
thee : it is bettor for thee to fnler 
into life with one eye, rather than 
having two eyes, to be cast into 

10 Take heed that ye despise not 
one of these little ones: for I say 
unto you, that in heaven < theft 
angels do always * behold tho face 
of my Father which is in heaven. 

11 'For the Son of man is come 
to save that which was lost. 

IS * How think ye 7 If a man 
have an hundred sheep, and one 
of them be gone astray, doth he 
not leave the ninety anil nine, and 
goeth into the mountains, and 
seeketh that which is gone a*lrav I 

13 And if so be that he Hud it, 
verily I say unto you, he rejotccth 
mora of that th$*p % than of the 

iMnetyanQ nine which want not 

14 Even so it to not the will of 
your Father which is in heaven, 
that one of tbeae little ones should 

16 If Moreover, * if thy brother 
•hall trespass against thee, go 
■and tell him his fault between 
thee and him alone: if he shall 
hear thee, 'thou hast gamed thy 

16 But if be will not hear thee, 
then take with thee one or two 
more, that in P the mouth of two 
or three witnesses every word 
mav be established. 

17 And if he shall neglect to 
bear them, tell it unto the r north: 
but if he neglect to hear the 
church* let him be unto thee as an 
e heathen man and a publican. 

18 Verily 1 say unto you, 'What- 
soever ye shall bind on earth, 
•hall be bound in heaveu : nnd 
whatsoever ye shall loose on earth, 
•hall be loosed in heaven. 

19 'Again I say unto you. That 
if two ot ;rou shall agree on earth, 
as touching any thing that they 
shall ask, « it shall be done for 
them of my Father which is in 

50 For where two or three are 

Sithered together in my name, 
lere am I in the midst of them. 

51 <[[ Then came Peter to him, 
aud said, Lord, bow oft shall my 
brother sin against me, nnd I for- 
give him ? « till seven times I 

SS Jesus saith unto him, I say 
not unto thee. Until seven limes : 
•but. Until seventy times seven. 

53 IT Therefore is the kingdom 
of heaven likened unto a certain 
king which would take account 
of his servants. 

54 And wheu he had begun to 
reckon, one was brought unto 
him which owed him ten thou- 
sand 1 talents. 

25 But forasmuch as he had not 
to pay, his lord commanded him 
V to be sold, and his wife and chil- 
dren, and all that be had, and 
payment to be made. 

So The servant therefore fell 
do wo, and I worshipped him, 
saying, Lord, have patience with 
me, and I will pay thee all. 

87 Then the lord of that servant 
Was moved with compassion, and 
loosed him, and forgave him the 

S3 But the same servant went 
out, and found one of his fellow- 
servants, which owed him an 
hundred I pence: and he laid 
bands on hun, and took Aim by 
the Ibroat, saying, Pay me that 
thou owesu 

tSt And his fellow-servant fell 
down at his feet, and besought 
him, saying. Have patience with 
me, and 1 will pa thee all. 

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lo our qgsrtiimg orwtani* 

and east bim into prison, till ha 
should pay the debt* 
el So when his fellow-servant* 
saw what was done, they wen 
very sorry, and came and told 
unto their lord all diat was dona. 

32 Then his lord, after that ho 
had called him, said unto him, O 
thou wicked servant, I forgavsj 
thee all that debt, because thou 
desiredst me : 

33 Shouldest not thou also bavsj 
had compassion on thy fellow- 
servant, even as I had pity on 

34 And his lord was wroth, and 
delivered him to the tor men tors, 
till he should pay all that was 
due unto him. 

35 ' So likewise shall my heav- 
enly Father do also unto you, if 
ye from your hearts forgive not 
i- very one his brother their ires 

9 CkrlM krmtth tt« rick : S vutotnth 
tki PkvriittM concerning diooree- 
Hunt : 10 thnuotk ■Dm rnorriagt it 
aatMsary .- 13 recoioetk litlto okMrtBi 
10 htttrucletk the fount man kvm is 
mUain ttmrnal lift, 30 and Horn to U 
perfect : 31 tettstk hi* dncipla horn 
hmrdit it for a rich man to niter into 
tkt kingdom of Ood, 37 mud promiMtth 
rnomrd to thou tkmtjortako any tking 
tofoUow kinu 

AND it came to pass, 'that 
wheu Jesus had finished these 
sayings, he departed from Gali- 
lee, and came into the coast of 
Judea, beyond Jordan : 

2 »And great multitudes follow- 
e>l hhn, and he healed them there. 

3 IT The Pharisees also came 
unto him, tempting him, and say- 
ing unto him, Is u lawful for a 
man to put away his wile for 
every cause J 

4 And he answered and said 
unto them, Have ye not read, 
c that he which made them at the 
beginning, made them male and 

5 And said, * For this cause shall 
a man leave father and mother, 
and shall cleave to his wife: and 
• they twain shall be one flesh 7 

6 Wherefore they are no more 
twain, but one flesh. "What 
therefore God hath Joined togeth- 
er, let not man put asunder. 

7 They say unto him,/ Why did 
Moses then command to give a 
writing of divorcement, and to 
put her away ? 

3 He saiih unto them, Moses, be- 
cause of the hardness of your 
hearts, suffered yod to put away 
.your wives: but from the begin- 
ning it was not so. 

9 i And 1 say unto you, Whoso- 
ever shall put away his wife, ex- 
cept if be for fornication, and shall 
marry another, oommitteih adul- 
tery: and whoso marrteth her 
which is put away, doth commit 

Gftrtt rsceJeefft tUtk chUdrtn. 8. MATTHEW. Tht paraVe qf tht lab/men. 

.10 T Hi* disciple* say onto him, 
* ir the case of the man be ao 
with hie wife, it ia not good to 

>1 But he said onto them, < All 
men cannot receive thia saying-, 
save they to whom it ia given. 

12 For- there are some eunuch a, 
which were so born from their 
mother's womb: and there are 
some eunuchs, which were made 
eunuchs of men: and * there be 
eunuchs, which have made them- 
selves eunuchs for the kingdom 
of heaven's sake. He that is able 
to receive it, let him receive it, 

12 H" t Then were there brought 
unto him little children, that be 
shouid put hit bands on them, 
and pray: and the disciples re- 
buked them. 

14 But Jesus said. Suffer little 
children, and forbid thera not, to 
come unto me : for «■ of such is the 
kingdom «f heaven. 

15 And he laid hie hands on 
them, and departed thence. 

16 TT " And behold, one came 
and said unto him, «Good Mas- 
ter, what good thing shall I do 
that 1 may nave eternal life T 

17 And he said uuto him, Why 
eallest thou me good? there u 
none rood but one, that it, God : 
but if thou wilt enter into life, 
keep the commandments. 

18 He saith unto him, Which 1 
Jesus said, 'Thou shalt do no 
murder, Thou sbalt not commit 
adultery, Thou shalt not steal, 
Thou snalt not bear false witoess, 

ly t Honour thy father and (Ay 
mother: and, »"Thou shalt love 
thy neighbour as thyself. 

to The young man saith unto 
him, Alt these things have I kept 
from my youih up : what lack I 
yet 7 

81 Jesns said unto him, If thou 
wilt be perfect, »go and sell that 
thou has i, and give to the pour, 
and thou shall have treasure in 
heaven : and come and follow me. 

99 But when the young man 
heard that saying, he went away 
sorrowful : for he had great pos- 

S3 ft Then said Jesuj unto his 
diftciptes. Verily I say- unto you, 
That <a rich man shall hardly 
enter into the kingdom of heaven. 

14 And again 1 say unto you, It 
is easier for a camel to go through 
the eye of a needle, than for a rich 
man to enter into the kingdom of 

8* When bis disciples heard it, 
they were exceedingly annexed, 
saving, Who then can be saved 1 

96 But Jesus beheld them, and 
•aid unto them, With men this is 
impossible, but "with God all 
things are possible. 

87 If* Then answered Fcter, 

and stud unto him, Behold. w we 

■eve forsaken all, and followed 


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ms* patsy 
it tht 
eighth pert 

of «* 
which of' 

the oumet 

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1 Or, 



thee : what shall we have there- 
fore f 

88 And Jesus said unto them, 
Verily 1 say unto you, That ye 
which have followed me in ".he 
regeneration, when the Bon of 
man shall sit in the throne of his 
glory, *ye also shall sit npon 
twelve th rone * Judging the twelve 
tribes of Israel. 

89 "And every one that hath 
forsaken houses, or brethren, or 
sisters, or father, or mother, or 
wife, or children, or lands, for my 
name's sake, shall receive an 
hundred-fold, and shall inherit 
everlasting life. 

30 ofiut many that are first shall 
be last, and the last thall be first. 

1 Ohritt, ftjr tht timilitudt of fk« Is- 

Boi. it debtor tcai o no mas .• 17 fore- 
UUtth hit fxutian : 30 6y «iim« 
inn tht mother of Zttafort children 
toaeheth hit dituplet to he lowly : 30 
end ti»«h two blind mm thtir tight. 

FOR the kingdom of heaven ie 
like unto a man that ie an 
householder, which went out ear 
ly in the morning to hire labour 
ers into his vineyard. 

9 And when he had agreed with 
the labourers for a I peony a day, 
he sent them into his vineyard. 

9 Aud he went out about the 
third hour, and saw others stand 
tng idle in the market-place, 

4 And said unto them, Go ye 
also into the vineyard : and what 
soever is right, I will give you. 
And they went their way. 

6 Again he went out about the 
sixth and ninth hour, and did 

6 And about the eleventh hour 
be went out, and found others 
standing idle, and saith uuto 
them, Why stand ye here all the 
day idle 1 

7 They say unto him, Because 
no man hath hired us. He saith 
unto them, Go ye also into tht 
vineyard ; and whatsoever is 
right, that shall ye receive. 

8 So when even was come, the 
lord of the vineyard saith unto hie 
steward, Call the Iaboarers, and 
give them their hire, beginning 
(n>m the last unto the first. 

9 And when they came that vert 
hired about the eleventh hour*- 
they received every man a penny. 

10 But when the first came, tiny 
supposed that they should hew 
received more ; and they likewise, 
received every man a penny. 

1 1 And when they had received 
it, they murmured against the) 
good msu of the bouse, 

19 Saying, These last I hex? 
wrought wit one hour, and thou 
hast made them equal unto us. 
which have borne the burden IM 
heat of the day. 

19 Bui he answered one of them 

CkilstUachetk to 6f lowly. 

and said, Friend, I do thee no 
wrong: didst not thou agree with 
BM for a penny ? 

14 Take tA<rf thine fa, and go 
tby way: 1 will five unto this last, 
even as unto thee. 

15 • Is it not lawful for me to do 
what I will with mine own t »is 
tbine eye evil because I am good t 

16 «So the last shall be first, aud 
the first last : * for many be call- 
ed, but few chosen. 

17 IT ' And Jesus going upto Je- 
rusalem, took the twelve disci- 
ples apart in the way, and said 
umo them, 

18 /Behold, we go up to Jerusa- 
lem; and the Son of man shall be 
betrayed unto the chief priests, 
and unto the scribes, and they 
shall condemn him to death, 

19 t And shall deliver him to the- 
Gentiles to mock, and to scourje, 
aud to crucify Aim : and the third 
day he shall rise again. 

SO IT* Then came to him the 
mother of <Zebedee'» children, 
with her sons, worshipping Aim, 
and desiring a certain thing of 

81 And he said unto her, What 
will thoul She aaith unto him. 
Grant that these my two sons 

• may siL the one, on thy right 
hand, and the other on the left, 
iu thy kingdom. 

BS But Jesus answered and said, 
Ye know not what ve ask. Are 

r> able to drink of 'the cup that 
shall drink of, and to be bapti- 
sed with « the baptism thai lam 
baptized with 7 They say unto 
him, We are able. 
S3 And he saiih unto them," Ye 
shall drink indeed of my cup, and 
be baptized with the baptism chat 
lam baptized with : but, to sit on 
my right hand, and on my left, is 
not mine to ° give, but it shall he 
given to them for whom it is pre- 
pared of my Father. 

84 P And when the ten heard it, 
they were moved with indigna- 
tion against the two brethren. 

85 But Jesus called them unto 
kim, and said, Ye know that the 

Srinces of the Gentiles exercise 
uminion over them, and they 
that are great exercise authority 
upon them. 

2d Bui v it shall not be so among 
yon : but r whosoever will l>e 
great among you, let him be your 
Oiti lister ; 

87 * And whosoever will be chief 
among you, let him be your ser- 
vant : 

29 '£ven as the «8oq of man 
came not to be ministered unto, 

* but to minister, and » to give his 
life a ransom * for many. 

29 a And as they departed from 
Jericho, a great multitude fol- 
lowed him. 

30 IT Aud behold, »two Mind 
■en aitting by the way-aide. 


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CArirf'c mtr* into J«nuoM|U 

when they heard that Jesus pass- 
ed by, cried out, sarin?. Have 
mercy on us, O Lord, thou son 
of David. 

31 Aud the multitude rebuked 
them, because they should hold 
their peace: but ihey cried the 
more, saying, Have mercy on us, 

Lord, thou son of David. 

38 And Jesus stood still, and 
Called them, and said. What wijl 
ye that I shall do unto you 1 

33 They say unto him. Lord, 
that our eyes may be opened. 

34 So Jesus had compassion on 
them, and touched their eyes: 
ami immediately their eyes re- 
ceived sight, aud ttey followed 


1 Ckrttt riitth, fate JtnuaUm upon em 
«•«, 13 driaelk IA« tar *r» umd ttUsri 
out of Uu tempi*, M tmrtttktkffig' 
tr*o, »puHotkt»tU*neo Urn print* 

the rintiUtud* oftho tmo tons, 8* tatd 

AND «when they drew nigh 
unto Jerusalem, and were 
come to Bethpuage, unto *the 
mount of Olives, then sent Jesus 
two disciples, 

8 Saying unto them, Go into the 
village over against you, and 
straightway ye shall find an ass 
tied, and a colt with her: loose 
them, and bring them unto me. 

3 And if any man say aught 
unto you, ye shall say, The Lord 
hath need, of them ; and straight- 
war he will send them. 

4 All this was done, that it 
might be fulfilled which was spo- 
ken by the prophet, sayiug, 

5 * Tell ye the daughter of Sion, 
Behold, thy Kiog cometh uuto 
thee, mee.'*. and sitting upon an 
ass, and a colt the foafof an ass. 

6 * Ami the disciples went, and 
did as Jesus commanded them, 

7 And brought the ass and the 
colt, and * put on them their 
clothes, and they set hvm thereon. 

8 And a very great multitude 
spread their garments in the 
way; /others cut down branches 
from the trees, and strewed them 
in the way. 

9 And the multitudes that went 
before, and that followed, cried, 
saying, t Hosaunah to the Son of 
David: * Blessed is he that com- 
eth iu the name of the Lord : llo- 
sannah in the highest. 

10 ' And when he was come in- 
to Jerusalem, all the city waft 
moved, sayiug, Who is this 7 

11 And the multitude said, Tbia 
is Jesus * the prophet of Nazareth 
of Galilee. 

18 11* t And Jesus went into the 
temple of God, and cast out all 
them that sold and bought in the 
temple, aud overthrew the tables 
of the a» money-changers, and 
Ibe seats of them that sold doves, 

CaHiC rvteUtt 

13 And said unto them, It is 
written, * My house shall be call- 
ed the house of prayer, • but ye 
have made it a den of thieves. 

14 And the blind and the lame 
came to him in the temple ; and 
he healed them. 

15 And when tho chief priests 
and scribes saw the wonderful 
things that he did, and the chil- 
dren crying in the temple, and 
saying, Hosaonah to the Son of 
DuvitI; they were sore displeased, 

16 And said unto him.Heaxeet 
thou what these Bay I And Jesus 
saith unto them, Yea: have ye 
never read, p Out of the mouth 
of babes and sucklings thou hast 
perfected praise 1 

17 IT And he left them, and 
weut out of the city into fl Beth- 
any, and he lodged there. 

18 r Now in the morning, as he 
returned into the city, fie hun- 

19 'And when he saw ta fig- 
tree in the way, he came to it, 
and found nothing thereon, but 
leaves only, and said unto it, Let 
no fruit grow on thee hence for- 

' ward for ever. And presently 
the fig-tree withered away. 

80 » And when the disciples 
saw it, they marvelled, saying, 
How soon ia the fig-tree withered 

SI Jesus answered and said un- 
to them, Verily I say unto you, 
« If ye have faith, and * doubt 
not, ye shall not only do this 
which u done to the fig-tree, 
V but also, if ye shall say unto 
this mountain, Be thou removed, 
and be thou cast iuto the sea ; it 
■hall be done. 

S3 And « all things whatsoever 
ye shall ask in prayer, believiug, 
\ye shall receive. 

-WS IT • And when he was come 
■no the temple, the chief priests 
and the elders of the people came 
Onto him as he was teaching, 
and * said, By what authority do- 
est thou these things? and who 
gave thee this authority 1 

24 And Jesus answered and said 
unto (hem, I also will ask you one 
thing, which if ye tell ine, 1 in 
like wise will tell you by what 
authority 1 do these ihiugs. 

25 The baptism of John, whence 
was it 1 from heaven, or of men 1 
Ami they reasoned with them- 
selves, saying, If we shall say. 
From heaven; he will say unto 
•u», Why did ye not then believe 

26 But if we shall say, Of men: 
we fear the people : « for all hold 
Joiin as a prophet. 

87 And they answered Jesus, 
and said, We cannot tell. And 
be siud WHO thei Nailer tell 1 




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tfitprietUond eMert. 

tain man bad two sons ; and be 
came to the first, and said. Son, 
go work to-day in my vineyard. 
89 He answered and said, 1 will 
not ; but afterward he repented, 
and went* 

30 And he came to the second. 
and said likewise. And he an- 
swered and said, I go, sir : and 
went Dot. 

31 Whether of them twain did 
the will of hit father 1 They any 
unto him. The first. Jesus saith 
unto them, • Verily I say untc 
you, That the publicans and the 
harlots go into the kingdom of 
God before you. 

32 For /John came unto you m 
the way of righteousness, and ye 
believed him not : ' but the pub- 
licans and the harlots believed 
him : and ye, when ye had seen 
it, repented not afterward, that 
ye might believe him. 

33 Tf Hear another parable; 
There was a certain householder, 
» which planted a vineyard, and 
hedged it round about, and dig- 
ged a wine-press in it, and bulk 
a tower, and let it out to husband- 
men, and * weut into a far coun* 

34 And When the time of the 
fruit drew near, he sent his ser- 
vants to the husbandmen, * that 
they might receive the fruits of 

35 ' And the husbandmen took 
his servants, and beat one, and 
killed another, and stoned an- 

36 Again he sent other servants 
more than the first : and they did 
unto them likewise. 

37 But last of all, he sent unto 
them his son, saying, Tbey will 
reverence my son. 

38 But when the husbandmen 
saw the eon, they said among 
themselves, "This is the heir; 
» come, let us kill him, and let 
us seize on his inheritance. 

39 • And tbejr caught him, and 
cast him out of the viueyard, and 
slew him. 

40 When the lord therefore of 
the viueyard cometh, what will 
he do unto those husbandmen ? 

41 »They say untu him, ffHe 
will miserably destroy those wick- 
ed men. r aud will let out A it 
vineyard unto other husbandmen, 
which shall render him the fruits 

48 Jesus aailh unto them, * Did 
ye never read in the scriptures, 
The stone which the builders re- 
jected, the same is become the 
head of the corner: this is the 
; I<ord's doing, and it is marvel- 
, loua in our eyes t 
48 Therefore say 1 unto on, 
' Th in om of God dj f bse g 3 


Anil n« ilicy lIJ 

*Wt beLrnj 
I A«i] Uie j Mum 
Villi, lii.l WjUll 

in Ui uy ulilli j. 

I Ami frt aiLBWi 
it iliru ilL t i|JL'ti 
m ctid di*h, |hf 

J *i 1 1 )• i •*■■■ 

mt ihe Jew 
J *f Tkn-u 1 
ul uVnty it 

iuIi'lL thenu 

■ A,,(J W|,r 

Extern of GocI : L»u 
at are vilKdUl, nl 
k dot* in pfrrMjlcs 
ip£ tli^y irviiy wt 
ei»B; an-] hcnrui^ 
lt, ml ml tUUlCT 
U *njr lime ii» 
LYerleilj flinJ [Jui 
loririvirii ihnii.. 
pufrtilEl ftllLi Ilui 

iUWlT WWtttl 111 

ii ,.' *, u ltd * In! w. ml iKiufflil* 
i H..11 I ».,>■ UW fOh Tl 
!.)«i il IniUfJ lipUij** hIulI i> 
VC tJuitp UiLU] tilEU WJiAlflUQl 

it U»!p-.iJ, n* il wvnLCv" i'f (11 

I fl * And wJj«" ht ljjuu* * ' 
i p -, lu tj*r a fnit inn; 
Je ftbuui ihtrn, jum Ukc *cuL 

0*LivlJ|Mff W||U U«LLU 

1 A mil tLraiflu w* y aJI ihfl pi 
>, when Ibup Irthclii bum, wi 

: it Li V JLlllltJHsJ, iHlLJ nlULtlFlf 

uoitar Corn 
i Uw j vsJk 

t»td lifl eleven, *■ ll*J HI) fcl 

»n, Ami upbraided Lhera wiin 
iclt unbelted nnd unrduen «f 
op-rt, bwrnuw ikwy MelwU'd not 
lit* *hic4i Imd *eu luiu «ftcr 

fl Wa.1 Mp^iv 

the Cllil(l T llU BMJM Wll <-JLll*iJ 

EHD^f nrhn:h vu *u naiunl 
ihf *.ng*i i* fore be tu ctw- 

«■! Ui lEk« VOruti. 

I AinL whea dtp * d*Ti Eif hcf 
ridf^iiun #EewiUiitf la itw LAW 
Mult* Wrf* ■.^Lmiplulifil, 
:y tirmiriit turn, ld in n^nlem, 

rtftttttV Aim lo LhF Lord, 
l At it i* *rntc<» in Hi* taw Qf 
t LuT J r ' Ever)' matt Lhul npr»l- 
ttbe wnmh ib'ill be tnllt;ij Itu.j 
th* LunJ tf 

I A till BO Offilf 4 MRflAQr *c- 

nlinjT to * llnr. w1i.ii- h jj «rh1 Hi 
s liv «r [he Wit, A pSMT nf 
■iltj-iSnvE*, or iwrj yoiuij pi- 

L -And the Krilwa *"d ibi 
uitni twpan to bi»n, ny- 
Wio Li ilii* *hith ipeiLktlb 
Jtpkictnie» I ■ Who cut for* Itc 

« but OwJ «]<»»* f 

J If III Wbffl JrilU pf^Ctvrd 

;ir IboujrbUt, be am luring, 
<1 UDlo Lhem, Wh*i r? mat ye 
yuur l*feru 1 

Ljiini be forjjiyeii«; « 
.% Rub up ud wilJf I 
I Bttt cbtL J* luj Jfcna* th*t 
t Boa oT sna b«th power u pan 
rib. (o farpvt tint, {In mid Un- 

ihe enk at tbn p*L*y T J I my 
In thee, Arue h itm* Uhe up ihy 
jcJi, aiiu |f i] auLO iLme Jiuu*?. 
j A nil J 1 1] nirduiEa] j die nw 

- vi'i.!« M.i'iu .J i ■...■nip Ibmt 

lertnn lie l%y, lld! rtepurLKl to 
i own hoiiH, ^lartfyuiji; (rod* 
1 AiwJ Ihiy W*« »JJ tianudt 
d lb*r f ktftffed £rtid H nuil were 
ad wfth few* Puy>n^, We btVn 
■a ilnu^* thingi LLT-ilay. 
i IT u Atnl *fU?r ilm'M! tbinp fin 
mi fu/Llu a^J mi* t publiun 
1 Levi. *UI li iff At die nwipt 
L""l ; mvX h* nod uiuii hii, 

V i m ik U a/ megaed ta aisi If u i. &!•«& CM 

paopbetsa^kine^ have desired *£&.«. A.Hsa* 41 And Jenm answered aericaht 

{owe those thinfawhfcbye sea, unto her. Martha, Martha, thcV 

and have not aeen lAem,- ud to art careful, and troubled abeuC 

hear thoaa thine* which j» hear, many things: 

and have not heard mem. 4. « Bat Tom thing is needful; 

16 H And heboid, a certain law. and Mar* hath ehoaan that good 
jar atood up, and tempted him, part, whnh ahall not ba tahan 
saving, i Maeter, what shall I do i Mat 19. away from bar. 

to inherit eternal life! 1****. CHAP. XL 

M He raid unto him, What ia 1 Cla ra * N an u i» a> »re» en* mat av 

written m the law t how raadaat •*«■*> .• xi ««*«* Mat M a* ■** 

thoul fiNatia»#H*aja. 14 U+ twi m t 

17 And ba answering amid, ' ^J^i^&T^V^^ 
*Thou shalt lore the .Lord thy A D*.4/A SfcTSJ ulsSrTfV ZrJStJkua* 
God with allthy heart, and with jJSjTwE! i^3iSi k i3 
atl thy soul, and with ail thy aw* «»«• tf *•&«• fo flu Mer*. 
strength, and with ail thy mind ; * •*». —**, «tf tanae*. 

and Any iieighbourM thyself. JU.M.M. A.a«. A ND it eama.uipaaa; that aa ha 

88 And he aaid onto him, Then -"■ was prayiug in a certain)' 

hast answeredright : thia do, and place, when be ceased, one of Ma 

"> thou ehalt uve. ■)!*.]&*. disciples aaid unto him. Lord, 

29 But be, willing to "justify He. 9. 99. teach ua to pray, aa John also 
himseh; said anto Jesus, Aad who *■»•"• taught hia disciples. 

is my neighbour ♦ ft ?• Be. > *«* »• •*««■» them, Whaai 

30 And Jesus answering, aaid, ** •* * Mat A». 7 e P"% •**» * Our Father which 
A certain man went down from aehJeUe. sort in heaven. Hallowed be thy 
Jerusalem to Jericho, and fell name. Thy kingdom came. Thy 
among thieves, which stripped will be done, as in heaven, so in 
him o? his raiment, and wounded earth. 

haw, and departed, leaving Mm |Or,> J Give ua | dayty dayou* daily 

half dead. ^^ ^ tftstfey. bread. 

II And by chance thaw same • - 4 And forgive ua our sine ; for 

down a certain priest thai way : we also forgive every one that ia 

and when ba saw him, «ba passed • BsJBJl. indebted to us. And lead us not 

' by on the other aide. into temptation; but deliver ua 

a And likewise a LevUe, when from evil. 

ha waa at the place, came and a And besaiduato them, Which 

looked on Mm, and passed by on of you shall have a friend, and 

the other side. ahall ga unto him at midnight* 

11 But a certain » Samaritan, aa •JehaiA and say unto him, Friend, lend 

ha journeyed, came where he me three loaves: 

whs: and when he saw him, he ■. Or, '6 For a friend of mine I in his 

had eompeasioa en Mm, mtrfUt journey is come to me, and 1 

84 And went to Aim, and bound ms. have nothing to set before him f 

up hia wounds, pouring in oil and 7 And ha from within shall an- 

wine, and est him on his own «wer and any. Trouble me not: 

beast, and brought him to an inn, **• door is now shut, and my 

and took care o? him. ehildrea are with me in bed ; I 

15 And on the morrow, when he eaanot rise and give thee, 

departed, he took out two I pence, live Mat, », 4 1 say unto you, • Thfeogh ha 

and gave Out* to the host, and «•*• *•• will not rise and give htm, be- 

aaid unto him, Take care of him : causa he is his friend, yet because 

and whatsoever thou spendeet of lua importunity he will rise and 

mom, when) I coma again, I will give him as many as he needeth. 

repay thee. sMatT.T. 1 • And I say unto you. Ask, and 

ISWbkb now of these three, * aa. «. it shall ba gfveo you; seek, and 

thickest thou, was neighbour un- **- ":*• J» •Hall hod; knock, and it shall 

to Mm that fell amoog the thieves 1 j!ri al i ■• °B£«*<1 «■*> *«*• 

17 And he aaid. He that abewed £ 1 5 * » Tor every one that aaketk, 

mercy on him. Then said Jesus -■.■.» recetveth; and he that aeaketh* 

unto him, Go, and do thou like- llndeth • and to him that knock- 

wise. eta, it ahall be opened. 

» 1T Now H came to pus, aa 'Mat**. 11 <If aeon shall ask bread of 

they went, that he entered into a any of you that is a father, will ha 

Certain village : and a certain give htm a stone 1 or if As oak « 

woman, named f Martha, receiv- f J«ha 11. fish, will ba for a fish give him a 

ad him Into her house. L*£aje> serpent 1 

» And shs had a slater called II Or If hs shall ask an Mft 

Mary, •* which aleo 'sat at Jaws* r lCo-TJJ. •*>**•. will be t offer him a scorpion f^ 

feet, and beard hia word. ** 11 If ye then, being evil, know 

40 But Martha waa cumbered tLcaJe- how to give good girts unto your 

about much servi , and came to **»•*.•> children t haw much m l ** 


be+ troublednu Isha ku a* 

it Maw to pern eyhemtke devfl 
WfNt out, the dumb epaka; 
ami the p eepi a wondered. 

M But tome of them eatd, /Ho 
easteth oui devils through t fieel- 
■tbub, the chief of the devila. . 

leVAnd others tempting Mb, 
t »o&ghf. of him a sigoirom baaa*> 

» *Bat< <he, knowing their 
thoughta, aaid onto them, £v«rv 
htoguom divided against itself, 
i* brought to desolation; and * 
bouse divided against a home, 

18 If Satan also be drrided 
against himself, how ahall baa 
keegdom stead 1 booauae ye say 
that 1 cut out devila through 

W And if I by Beelmbub cast 
out devils, by whom do your team 
cast (hem out! therefore shall 
they be your judgsa. 

•0 But if I «wfth the finger of 
God east oat devila, no doubt tbo 
keegdom of God M oome upon- 

11 * When a strong man armed 
keepeth his paiaeclua good* am 
inpeace : 

ft But "when a stronger than 
he shall coma upon bun, aad 
overcome him, be takath from 
' i all - ■ ' " 



Itt, 19. 
t Mat. ». 
W. * 16.1. 
ft Mat. IS, 







- irif M 

trusted, and dividetb his ■» 

fa aMe that U not with me is 
against me: and he that gather- 
em not with mo aeatteretb. 

S4 -When the Immean spirit 
is gone out of a man, he walk- 
eth through dry pieces, seeking 
mat: and ending none, beaaith, 
1 .will return unto- my L — 
whence I came out. 

St And wheohe eometh, he find- 
eth U swept and garnished. 

fit Then geeth he, and takath to 
htm seven other spirits mem 
woched than himself; and they 
eater in, and dwell there : and 
• the' last state of that man ie 
Worse than the first. 

17 V Aad it came to peas, ae ha 
spake these things, a certain wo- 
man of the company lifted up 
her voice, and said unto him, 
v Bleeaed it the womb that bare 
thee, end the papa which thou 
bast sucked. 

18 But he aaid, Yea, 'rather 

word of God, and. keep it. 
•9 IT • And when the 

were gathered thick toga „ _ 

began to say. Tbia ie aa evil 
generation : they seek a eigne 
and them ahall no sign be given 
htbut the sign of Jonas the pro* 

<tt For aa * Jonas wee a eign un- 
tie the Nmeviua,.eaahall alao the 
Bon of man be to thm generation* 

Jl »Tbeejoeenef theeouthabaU 
rim up in the judgment with the 
men of this generation, anteee* 

n Mat. IS. 

t Is. ». 7. 
Da. 4. 17. 


9 Jobs b. 
14. He.6A 
A 10. 9(1. 2 

•?'•*. f 

SI. ch. 8. K Mat. SV 

I Jon.1.17. 

* 3. 10. jiMatjJM, 


demn them: far she 4 
the utmost parte of t 


■ 88 The men of Nineveh ahaU 
cim up in the Judgment with thie. 
generation, and ahall condemn 
it: for 'they repented at the 
preaching of Jonae ; aad behold, 
e greater than Jonas at here. 

81 V N« man when he hath light- 
ed a candle, putteth it in a se- 
cret place, neither under e I bush-. 
el. but on a eaedleetiefc, that the? 
which come in may ate the light. 

84 * The light of the body is the 
eye i therefore when thine eye ie 
•ingle, thy whole body alao is full 
of light; but when mane eye m 
evil, ihy body also is full of dark- 

3* Take heed therefore, that the 
hgbt which iainlhee be not dark- 
IB If thy whole body therefore 
6e full of light, having no pen 
dark, the whole ahaU be AiOof, 
light ; aa when t the bright tbin- 
ieg of a candle doth give thee 

87 .^ And aa he apake, a certain 
Pharisee beaoogbl him to dine 
with him : and he weut in and sat 
down to meat. 

38 And • when the Pharisee av 
it, he marvelled that he bad net 
firat washed before dinner. 
89 * And the Lord mid unto 
bun* Now do ye Pharisees make 
oieaa the outside of the cup and 
the platter; but 'your inward 
part is full of ravening and wiek- 

40 T* fools, did not be that 
made that which is without, 
make that which is within also 1 

41 'But rather give alms I of 
such things as ye have ; aad be- 
hold, aH things am clean unto you. 

42 *But wo unto you, Phari- 
sees! for ye tithe miut, and rue, 
and all manner, of herb*, and pern 
over Judgmeut and (he love of 
God: these ought ye to have 
done, aad not to leave the other 

43 /Wo unto ypu, Pharisees' 
for ye love the uppermost seats in 
the synagogues, and greetings in 
the markets. 

44 'Wo unto you, scribes and 
Pharisees, hypocrites ! * for ye am 
aa graves which appear not, aud 
the men that walk over {Asm am 
Bet aware q/tAem. 

45 fl Thw» answered one of the 
lawyers, and said unto bin), 
Matter, thus saying, thou re- 
proachest us also. 

4ft And be said, Wo unto you 
also, ye lawyers ! i for ye lade men 
with burdens grievous to bu- 
bonic, and ye yourselves touch 
not the burdens with one of your 


47 * Wo unto you ! for ye build A.D. as. A.P.1 
the sepulchres of the prophets, . „.. «« "" 
end your fathers killed them. £*■*• "• 

48 Truly ye beer witness, thet 
* *e allow the deeds of your Ta- 
ttlers: for they indeed killed 
them, ami ye build their sepul- 

'49 Therefore also said the wis- 
dom of God, < I will send them 
prophets and apostles, and seeie 
Of them they shall slay and perse- 

SO That the blood of all the pro- 
phets, which was shed from the 
foundation of the world, may be 
required of this generation: 

61 «« From the blood of Abel 
unto »the blood of Zacharias, 
which perished between the altar 
and the temple : wily I say un- 
to you. It snail be required of 
this generation. 

58 « Wo unto you, lawyers ! for 

£9 have taken away the key of **• 
uowledge: ye entered not in 
yourselves, and them that were 
entering in ye I hindered. I Or, 

S3 And as he said these things /**** 
anto them, the soribes and the 
Pharisees began to urge him ve- 
hemently, and to provoke him to 
■peak of many things; 
•M Laying wait for him, and 
P seeking to catch something out P Ma. M 
ef his mouth, that they might ac- »*>• 
ewe him. 

1 OkriH preach** to am dioeiplot to * 

l Ma 8. 
• Sg.STt.3. 

is. 1 J*. % 

K Mat. IS. 

si Oe. 4. It. 91, >■. Ma. 

aSCh.34. ^S• l ' , •• 
SO. 91. *• «"• 


•y the pveble of the rich msa vJU 
—i up greater borne, S3 We mwl 
nil bo over emrefnl of emrthly thing*, 
SI but eoek the kingdom of Ood, » 
• gitooJmu, SO bereodg otoknootto 

oik. 41 ChrioPi minUUrt ore to to* 

. to tkmrehorge, i» m»d look for mereo- 

. oUto*. 64 The ooopie wuut tokethi* 

•uim of grace, 68 bocow it u a/esr» 

ful thing to dig mthovt reumeUU- 


to oast entoheHj yea,Itay ustto 
you. Fear him. 

Are not five sparrows sold foe 
two | farthings, and not one of 
them is forgotten before Godl 

7 But even the very hairs of your 
head are all numbered. Feeuot 
therefore : ye are of mora value 
than many sparrows. 

6 /Also I say unto you. Whoso- 
ever shall confess me before men, 
him shall the Son of man also 
confess before the angels of God. 

3 But he that denieth me before 
men, shall be denied before the 
angels of God. 

10 And * whosoever shall speak- 
a word against the Son of men, 
it shall be forgiven him: but unto 
him that blasphemeth against the 
Holy Ghost, it shall not be for. 

11 * And when they bring you 
unto the synagogues, and vnta 
magistrates, and powers, take ye 
no thought how or what thing ys 
shall answer,. or what ye shall 

li For tbs Holy Ghost shall, 
teach you in the same hour what 
ye ought to say. 

IS T| And one of the company 
said unto him. Master, speak to 
my brother, that bo divide the 
inheritance with me. 

14 And be said unto him, < Man, 
who made roe a Judge, or a tu> 
vider over you Y 

15 An 1 ' ' 

*Tak*h.__ , 

etousness: for a man's life con- 
aiststh not in the abundance of 
the things which he possesaeth. 

16 Auu he spake a parable unto 
them, saying. The ground of a 
certain rich man brought forth 

and he^flkl unto them* 
e heed? eWfae ware of eov* 

IN *the mean time, when there 
were gathered together an in- 
numerable multitude of people, 

insomuch that they trode one upon 

another, he began to say unto his 

disc iples first of all. • Beware ye • Mai. W. I Bo. 11. ■. 

of the leaven of the Pharisees, HL ICo. U.S*. 

Which is hypocrisy. '*■ *• *• 

I • Fob there is nothing covered, « Mat 10. 

that shall not be revealed; nei- 
ther hid, that shall not be known. 

3 Therefore, whatsoever ye have 
spoken in darkness, shall be heard 
in the light ; and that which ye 
have spoken in the ear in closets, 
shall be proclaimed upon the 

4 * Ana I say unto you, « my 
friends. Be not afraid of them 
that kill the body, and after that, 
have no more that they can do. 
- » But C will forewarn you whom 

as. Ma. 4. 

do their— 

Job SO. 


. 08. T. 

a. 4. 14. 

a Pat*.*. 

< Mat. 10. 

s. IT. U. 


• Mat e. 



1TI.6. 18, 

• John 15. rn.Ja.Eft. 

So M. 
■1 tk 


17 And he thought within hint* 
self, saying, What shall I do, be- 
cause I have no room where to 
bestow my fruits 7 

18 And he said, This will I do : 
I will pull down my bams, and 
build greater; and there will I 
bestow all my fruits and my 

19 And I will say to my souL 
t Soul, thou hast much goods laid 
up for many years; take thine 
ease, eat, drink, and be merry. 

ft) Bui God said unto him. Then 
fool, this night |**thy soul shall 
be required of thes: •then whose 
shall those things be which tbosj 
hast provided 1 

tl So it he that layeth up treas- 
ure for himself, *and is not riaq 
toward God. 

tt 5 Andhe said unto his disci- 

_. pies. Therefore I aay unto you. 

- »Take no thought for your lift, 

£ what ye shall eat; neither for the 

body, what ye shall put on. 

II The life is mote Utau meat. 


CftrirtrtMNft ilk* 

34 Consider ths raven*: for they 
neither nw nor reap : which nei- 
ther have store-house, nor barn ; 
and «God feedeth them. How 
much more are ye better than the 

IS And which of you with tak- 
ing* thought can add to his stature 
one cubit 1 

98 If ye then be not able to do 
that thing which is least, why 
take ye thought for the rest 1 

87 Consider the lilies how they 
grow: they toil not, they spin 
not; and yet I say unto you, that 
Solomon in all bis glory was not 
Arrayed tike one of these. 

98 If then God so clothe the 
grass, which is to-day in the field, 
and to-morrow is cast into the 
oven ; how much more icitt he 
clothe you, O ye of little faith 7 

99 And seek not ye what ye shall 
eat, or what ye shall drink, I nei- 
ther be ye or doubtful mind. 

80 For all these things do the 
nations of the world seek after : 
and your Father knoweth that ye 
have need of these things. 
. 31 IT 'But rather seek ye the 
kingdom of God, and all these 
things shall be added unto you. 

39 Fear not, little flock; for «it 
is your Father's good pleasure to 
give you the kingdom. 

33 * Sell that ye have, and five 
alms: * provide yourselves bags 
which wax not old, a treasure 
in the heavens that faileth not, 
where no thief approacbetb, nei- 
ther moth corrupteth. 

34 For where your treasure is, 
there will your heart be also. 

35 * Let your loins be girded 
about, and Vyour lights burning; 
' 36 And ye yourselves like unto 
men that wait for their lord, 
when he will return from the 
wedding : that, when he come ill 
and knocketb. they may open un- 
to him immediately. 

' 37 * Blessed are those servants, 
whom the lord when he comeih 
shall find Watching : verily I say 
unto yon, that he shall gird him- 
self, and make them to sit down 
to meat, and will come forth and 
serve them. 

38 And if he shall come in the 
second watch, or come in the 
third watch, and find them so, 
blessed are tnow servants. 

39 • And this know, that if the 
good man of the house had known 
What hour the thief would come, 
he would bare watched, and not 
have suffered bis house to be bro- 
ken through. 

40 * Be ye therefore ready also: 
for the Son of man cometh at an 
hour when ye think not 

41 H Then Peter said unto Wm, 
Lord, speakest thou this parable 
unto us, or even to all 1 

49 And the Lord said, «Who 
then is that faithful and wise 


». D.S8. 


t Job n. 

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• Mat. 94. 


I Or, not 
ft?m <*/, 

1 Or, 

Mm «of in 



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Mat. 5. 35. 

• Mat 21. 

j> 8m Fs. 
e. • 

« -■ ~» if i r im 
aWRy ey mm wsonsssrsb 

steward, whom Ai* lord shall 
make'hiler over hb household, to 
give them their portion ol meat 
in dne season 1 

43 Blessed it that servant, whom 
his lord when he cometh shall 
find so doing. 

44 * Of a truth I say unto yon, 
that he will make hiin ruler over 
all that he hath. 

45 • But and if that servant say 
in his heart, My lord delayeth his 
coming ; and shall begin to beat 
the men-servants, and maidens, 
and to eat and drink, and to be 
drunken ; 

46 The lord of that servant will 
come in a day when he looketh 
not for him, and at an hour when 
he is not aware, and will I cut him 
in snnder, and will appoint him 
his portion with the unbelievers. 

47 And /that servant which 
knew his lord's will, and prepar- 
ed not hirmetf, neither did ac- 
cording to his will, shall be beaten 
with many ttripee. 

48 ' But he that knew not, and 
did commit things worthy of 
stripes, shall be beaten with few 
ttmpe*. For unto whomsoever 
much is given, of him shall be 
much required; and to whom 
men have committed much, of 
him they will ask the more. 

49 IT * I am come to send fire on 
the earth, and what will I, if it 
be already kindled 1 

50 But i 1 have a baptism to be 
baptized with: and how am I 
| straitened till it be accom- 

51 * Suppose ye that I am come 
to give peace on earth ? I tell you, 
Nay ; 'but rather division : 

59 •* For from henceforth there 
shall be five in one house divided, 
three against two, and two a- 
gainst three. 

53 The father shall be divided 
against the son, and the son 
against the father; the mother 
against the daughter, and the 
daughter against the mother; 
the mother-in-law against her 
daughter-in-law, and the daugh- 
ter-in-law against her mother- 

54 IT And he said also to the 
people, "When ye see a cloud 
rise out of the west, straightway 
ye say, There cometh a shower; 
and so it is. 

65 And when ye see the south 
wind blow, ye say, There will be 
beat: and it cometh to para. 

56 Ye hypocrites, ye can discern 
the face of the sky, and of the 
earth; but how is it, that ye do 
not discern this time 1 

57 Yea, and why even of yonr- 

selvesjudge ye not what is right 1 
58 if •When thou goest with 
thine adversary to the . 
Urate, Pat thou art in the we* 
give diligence that toon mayeM 


be delivered from him; lest he 
bale thee to the Judge, and the 
judge deliver thee to the officer, 
and the officer caat thee iuto 
M I tell thee, thou (halt tint de- 
pan thence, till thou hast paid 
the very last I mite. 

chap. xni. 

1 Okritt prtaehetk rtponttmet ape* Ms 
punithmtnt of tkt OaWtmru, tatd of fc- 
•rt. OTkt/ruUUMiJlg'trumavnot 
otmmd. 11 Bt kmUttk tkt trooktd 
waaua; 16 tktmttk tkt power/** 
marking of tkt mord fti tkt komru of 
kit ehoten, b» tkt ptrahU of tkt grmin 
of mutlard'titd, tmd of ttmvt* : 21 
tahortetk to tmttr i* ml tke ttrmU 
gate, 31 tmd rtprnttk Herod mmd 


rpHERE were present at that 
■*■ season imne that told him of 
the Galileans,' whose blood Pilate 
had mingled with their sacrifices. 
2 And Jesus answering, said 
unto them, Suppose ye that these 
Galileans were sinners above all 
the Galileans, because they suf- 
fered such things J 
3 . 1 tell you. Nay : butexcept ye 
repent, ye shall ail likewise per- 

4 Or those eighteen, upon whom 
the tower in Siloara fell, and 
•lew them, think ye that they were 
I sinners above all men dial dwelt 
in Jerusalem 1 

5 1 tell you, Nay.: bnt, except 
ye repent, ye shall all likewise 

6 IT He spake also this parable : 
• A certaio man had a fig-tree 
planted in his vineyard; and he 
came and sought fruit thereon, 
and found none. 

7 Theu said he unto the dresser 
of his vineyard, Behold, these 
three years 1 come seeking fruit 
on this Ag-tree, and find none: 
.cut it down ; why cumberetk it 
the ground ? 

8 And he answering, said unto 
him, Lord, 'let it alone this year 
also, till i shall dig about it, and 
dun* in 

9 And if it hear fruit, veil : and 
if not, then after that thou shall 
cut it down. 

10 And he was teaching in one 
of the synagogues on the sabbath. 

1 1 IT And behold, there was a 
woman which had a spirit of in- 
firmity eighteen years, and was 
bowed together, and could in no 
Wise lift up kertelf. 

18 And when Jesus saw her, ha 
called her to him, and said unto 
liar, Woman, thou art loosed from 
thine infirmity. 

13 o And he laid hi* hands on 
her: and immediately she was 
made straight, and glorified God. 

14 And the ruler of the syna- 
gogue answered with indigna- 
tion, because that Jesus had heal- 
ed on the sabbath-day, and said 
taitto the people. • Thai* are sis 

B. MHO. 
A.D.Ss. A. 9. ». 

d Mat. 12. 
ch, 6.7.* 

I Or, 

ch. 11. 4. 

* Mat 7. 

I See John 
T. 34. * H. 
Ro. 9. 31. 
la. 66. 6. 
n Mat. 30. 

p Mai. 7. 

r H«. 6. 8. 
Mat. 8. 
A. 24. Al. 

Parabl* a/ the mwbii 4 uat ■ 

days in which men ought to -work: 
in them therefore come and be 
healed, and d not on the saboatli- 

15 The Lord then answered 
him, and said, Th,ou hypocrite, 
•doth not each one of you on the 
sabbath loose his ox or hit as* 
from the stall, and lead Aim away 
to watering 1 

IS And ought not this woman, 
/being a daughter of Abraham, 
whom Satan hath bound, lo, those 
eighteen years, be loosvd from 
this bond on the sabbath-day ? 

17 And when he had' said these 
things, all his adversaries were 
ashamed : and all the people re- 
joiced for nil the glorious tilings 
that wet e done uybirn. 

18 TT r Then said he, Unto what 
is the kingdom of God like ? and 
whereunto shall I resemble it I 

19 It is like a grain of mustard- 
seed, which a man took, and cast 
into his garden, and it grew, and 
waxed a great tree ; and the fowls 
of the air lodged in the brandies 
of it. 

SO And again he said, Where- 
unto shall! liken the kingdom of 

31 It is like leaven, wliich awn- 
man took and hid in three I meas- 
ures of meal, till die whole was 

89 * And he went through the 
cities and villages, teaching, and 
journeying toward Jerusalem. 

83 Theu said one unto him, 
Lord, are there few that bo sa- 
ved ? And he said unto them, 

84 TT* Strive to enter in at the 
strait gate : for < many, 1 say 
unto you, will seek to enter its, 
and shall not be able. 

85 vi When once the Master of 
the house is risen up, and a hath 
shut to the door, and ye begin to 
stand without, and to knock at 
the door, saying, • Lord, Lord, 
open unto us ; and he shall an- 
swer and say unto you, 9 1 know 
you not whence ye are : 

86 Then shall ye begin to say, 
We have eaten and drunk in thy 
presence, and thou hast taught in 
our streets. 

87 « But he shall say, I tell yon, 
I know you not whence ye are; 
r depart from me, alt ye workers 
of iniquity. 

88 * There shall be weeping and 
gnashing of teeth, ' when ye shall 
see Abraham, and Isaac, and Ja- 
cob, and all the prophets, in tha 
kingdom of God, and ydu your- 
telve* thrust out. • 

89 And they shall come from the 
east, and from the west, ami 
from the north, and from (he 
south, and shall sit dowu iu list 
kingdom of God. 

30 « And behold, there are last, 
which shall be first ; and there are 
Bret, which shall be last. 

4 Job S3. 
* Ho.XlO. ». Pi. 18> 
37. Pr.». 
43. Mat. 33. 

13. ch. 18. 

14. Ja.4.8. 
1 P«. A. S. 

Cftrltf- tfMMMA Ot*r-Jmtta^m. CHAP. XI*. 

**l V Th* mm day there Came 
-certain of the Pharisees, saying 
unto him, G«t thee out, ami de- 

Sirt hence : for Herod will kill 
IS And he said unto there, Go 
ye and tell that fox. Beheld, I cast 
-out devils, and I do cores to-day 

- and to-morrow, and the third day 
• I shall be perfected. 

S3 Nevertheless ( mutt walk to- 
day and to-morrow, and the day 
following 1 : for it canaot be that 
a prophet perish out of Jerusa- 

34 vO Jerusalem, Jerusalem. » Mat. SB. 
which kittest (he prophets, and «•• 
•tonest them that are sent unto 

- thee ; how often would I have 
gathered thy children together, 
as a hen doth gather ber brood 

under her wings, and ye would •IfaA.lo, 

Dot ! 19. 

36 Behold, * your house is left 
unto you desolate. And verily 
I say unto you, Ye shall uot see 
me, until Me Hme come when ye 
■ ahall say, 'Blessed is he that 
Cometh in the name of the Lord. 


1 Christ toultth tU *rop*l on. tks tab- 

" : XttoftMxt 


33. P«. Ofe 

».!«. 1.7. 

Da. 9. 37. 

Mi. 1. 12. 

• P«. 118. 

3S.Mat.31. #«. M a 

3. Ma. H. '■*•»•»• 

io. ch. ia. 

13. I Met. «. 

<• G«*. *h*H ft« tkniwt •/ JUmmi. 
36 Th4»» »*• wilt *• Us I m i p lm. to 
sear »*<<!■ crota auiaf auto tt«r «-. 
(tuli ' o/orcsoiKt, tt*l Mt(A »A*«« 
l»«y rwott /ran ftfiN mfterverd, 34 
•»4 feeoiM aUogethtr tt*pr<t/U&bU, 
Uk* smU (Art Aaf* tost hit «MMir. 

AND it came to pass, as be 
went into the house of one of 
the chief Pharisees to eat bread 
on the sabbath-day, that they 
Watched him. 

5 And behold, there was a cer- 
tain man before him which had 
il»« dropsy. 

, 3 And Jesus answering, spake 
auto the lawyers and Pharisees, 
■eying, 'Is it lawful to heal on 
the sabbath-day ? 
4 And they held their peace. 
And he took Aim, and healed him, 
and let him go: 

. 6 And answered them, saying, 
• Which of you shall have an ass 
or an ox fallen into a pit, and 
will not straightway pull him out 
on the sabbath-day ? 

6 And they could not answer 
. hi oi again to these thing*. 

7 IT And be put forth a parable 
to those which were bidden, when 
be marked how they chose out the 

8 When thou art bidden of any 
•man to a wedding, sit not down 
in the highest room, lest a more 
-honourable man than thou be 
bidden of him; 
,Andholhnt l fJi a. a#d ii 

f Met. 31. 
43.* 33.3. 
A«. 18. 41. 


Fan&k ©/ <*« gnat **pf*K 

16 »But when thou art btddett, 
go and sit down in the lowest 
room; that when he that bade 
thee cometh, he may say unto 
thee. Friend, go up higher : then 
shalt thou have worship in the 
presence of them that ait at meat 
with thee. 

1 1 * For whosoever exalteth him* 
self shall be abased, and he thai 
humbleth himself shall ' be ex- 

15 IT Then said he also to him 
that bade him. When thou mak- 
est a dinner or a supper, call nol 
thy friends, nor thy brethren, nei- 
ther thy kinsmen, nor thy rich 
neighbours; lest they also bid 
thee again, and a recompense be 
made thee. 

13 But when thou inakest a feast, 
call « the poor, the maimed, the 
lame, the blind ; 

14 And thou shalt be blessed 
for they cannot recompense thee : 
lor thou shalt be recompensed at 
the r esur r ec tion of the Just. 

16 H And when one of them that 
sat at meat with him heard these 
things, he said unto him, /Bless 
ed is he that shall eat bread in 
the kingdom of God. 

16 t" Then said he unto him, A 
certain man made a great supper, 
and bade many: 

17 And * sent his servant at sup- 
per-time, to »ay to them that wen 
bidden, Come, for all things ere 
now ready. 

18 And they ail with one con- 
tent began to make excuse. Thi 
first saul unto him, I have bough! 
a piece of ground, and I muai 
needs %o aiid see it: I pray the* 
have me exeused. 

19 And another said, I havt 
bought five yoke of oxen, and I 

Gto prove them : 1 pray lhe< 
ve me exeueed. 

SO And another said, I havi 
married a wife: and therefore J 
cannot come. 

81 80 that servant came, and 
Hhewed his lord these thiiiga 
Then the master of the house be- 
ing- aiigry, said to his servant, 
Go out quickly into the street: 
and lanes of the city, and bring 
in hither the poor, and the maim- 
ed, and the halt, and the blind. 

S3 And the servant said, Lord 
it is done as thou hast command- 
ed, and yet there is room. 

S3 And the lord said unto thi 
servant, Go out into the high 
ways and hedges, and cotnpe 
them to come m, that my house 
msy be filled. 

84 For I say unto you, <th« 
none of those men which were 
bidden, ahall taste of my supper. 

85 IT And there went great mul- 

te i 



Ihar, and wife, and children, and 
brethren, and Bisters, « yea, and 
his own life also, he cannot be 
my disciple. 

17 And "whosoever doth not 
bear his cross, and come after 
me, cannot be my disciple. 

38 For "which of you intending' 
to build a tower, sitteth not down 
first, and counteth the cost, whe- 
ther ne hare sufficient to finish it t 

29 Lest haply after he hath laid 
tfce foundation, and is not able to 
finish it, all that behold it begin 
to mock him, 

30 Saying, This man began to 
build, anu was not able to finish. 

31 Or what king going to make 
war against another king, sitteth 
not down first, and consulteth 
Whether be be able with ten thou- 
sand to meet him that cometh 
against him with twenty thou- 

IS Or else, while the other is yet 
a great way off, he sendeth an 
embassage, and desireth condi- 
tions of peace. 

33 So likewise, whosoever be be 
of you that forsake th not all that 
he hath, he cannot be my dis- 

34 f '8*U i* good: but if the 
■alt have lost his savour, where- 
with she'll it be seasoned) 

35 It is neither fit for the land, 
nor yet for the dunghill; but men 
cast it out. He that hath ears to 
hear, let him hear. 

1 Th» perahU of tk» lott *U*p : 8 «/ 
tk*Tt«*cf*it-r: llo/Uuprodifl 
fp HEN s drew near unto him 
■*• all the publicans and sinners 
for to hear him. 

3 And the Pharisees and scribes 
murmured, saying, This man re- 
ceived sinners, o and eateth with 

3 IT And he spake this parable 
unto them, saying, 

4 « What man or yon having an 
Hundred sheep, if he lose one of 
them, doth not leave the ninety 
and nine in the wilderness, and go 
after that which is lost, until he 

6 And when he hath found it, 
be layeth it on his shoulders, re- 

6 And when be cometh home, 
he calleth together hit friends 
and neighbours, saying unto 
them, Rejoice with me : fori have 
fouud my sheep « which was lost. 

7 I say unto you, that likewise 
Joy shall be in heaven over one 
•inner that repenteth, • more than 
over ninety and nine just persons 
which need no repentance. 

8 1[ Either what woman having 
ten I pieces of silver, if she lose 
one piece, doth not light a can- 
dle, and sweep the house, and 
sack dihgaatry till she find U f 





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niter, Is 

the elcbth 

part of an i^i'ifi 

ounce, 6#M . *,.,. 

uy, and Is 
equal to 
the Bo- 
man pre 


AsW*J»AaW aft/ flfcst anlsnJtta*sll MmVh 

9 And when she bath found it, 
she calleth her friend* and her 
neighbours together, saying, Re- 
joice with me: for I have found 
the piece which I had lost. 

10 Likewise, I say unto yon. 
There is joy in the presence or 
the angels of God over one sin- 
ner that repenteth. 

11 K And be said, A certain 
man bad two sons: 

18 And the younger of them 
said to hie father, Father, give 
me the portion of goods that 
falleth to me. And be divided 
onto them /hie living. 

13 And not many days after, 
the younger son gathered all to- 
gether, and took his Journey into 
a far country, and there wasted 
bis substance with riotous living. 

14 And when he had spent al, 
there arose a mighty famine in 
that land; and he began to be in 

15 And be went and joined him- 
self to a citizen of that country ; 
and he sent him into his fields to 
feed swine. 

16 Aud he would fain have filled 
his belly with the husks that the 
swine did eat; and no man gave 
unto him. 

17 And when he came to him* 

self, he said, How many hired ser- 
vants of my father's have bread 
enough and to spare, and I perish 

with hunger! 

18 1 and go to my fa- 
ther, and will say unto him, Fa- 
ther, I have sinnedagainstheaven, 
and before thee, 

19 And am no more worthy to 
be called thy son: make me aa 
one of thy hired servants. 

SO And he arose, end came to 
his father. But ' when he was 

yet a great way off, bis father 
saw him, and had compassion, 
and ran, and fell on his neck, and 

SI And the son said unto him, 
Father, I have sinned against 
heaven, • and in thy sight, and 
am no more worthy to be called 
thv son. 

SS But the father eaid to his ser- 
vants. Bring forth the best robe, 
and put it on him : and put a ring 
on his hand, and shoes on Asa 

S3 And bring hither the fatted 
calf, and kilt it; and let us eat, 
and be merry : 

84 < For this my son was dead, 
and is alive again ; be was lost, 
and is found. And they began 
to be merry. 

85 ffow his elder eon was in the 
field : and as be came and draw 

* to the house, he beard mush) 


36 And he called one of the ser- 
vanta and aafced what these things 

Paratt* tf th* wtfiut ttmntrd. 

btot her is come ; and thy fatha 
hath killed the fatted calf, be- 
cause he hath received him safe 
mad sound. 

28 And he was angry, and would 
not go in ; therefore came his fa- 
ther out, and entreated him. 

29 And he answering, said to At* 
father, Lo, these many years do 
I serve tbee, neither transgressed 
I at any time thy commandment j 
and yet thou never gavest me a 
kid, that I might make merry 
With my friends: 

30 But as soon as this thy son 
was come, which hath devoured 
thy living with harlots, thou hast 
kilted for him the fatted calf. 

i\ And he said unto him, Son, 
thou art ever with me; and all 
that I have is thine. 
IS It was meet that we should 
make merry, and be glad: 'for 
this thy brother was dead, and is 
alive again ; and was lost, and is 


1 Tkt parmbl* of ths vnjutt lUmtsri. 

14 Chrut rtprmeth the kajxwrity •/ 

ih»tMMt»%$ PksritM*. 19 Th* ric* 

glutton, amd tamanu tka btggar. 

AND he said also unto his dis- 
ciples. There was a certain 
rich man which had a steward ; 
and the same was accused unto 
him that he had wasted his goods. 

2 And he called him, ana said 
unto him, How is it that I hear 
this of thee 1 give an account of 
thy stewardship: for thou mayest 
be no longer steward. 

3 Then the steward said within 
himself, What shall I do ? for my 
lord taketh away from me the 
stewardship : I cannot dig ; to beg 
I am ashamed. 

4 1 am resolved what to do, that 
when I am put out of the stew- 
ardship, they may receive me in- 
to their houses. 

5 So he called every one of his 
lord's debtors unto htm, and said 
unto the first. How much owest 
thou unto my lord J 

6 And he said. An hundred 
| measures of oil. And he said 
unto him. Take tby bill, and set 
down quickly, and write fifty. 

7 Then said he to another, And 
how much owest thou 1 And he 
said, An hundred i measures of 
wheat. And he said unto him, 
Take thy bill, and write four- 

8 And the lord commended the 
unjust steward, because he bad 
done wisely: for the children of 
this world are in their generation 
wiser than * the children of light. 

9 And I say unto you, &Make to 
yourselves friends of the I mam- 
mon of unrighteousness; that 
when ye fail, they may receive 
you into everlasting habitations. 

10 'He that is faithful in that 
which is least, is faithful also in 



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much ; and he that is unjust ia 
the least, is unjust also in much. 

II If therefore ye have not been 
faithful in the unrighteous I mam- 
mon, who will commit to your 
trust the true richetf 

II And if ye have not been faith- 
ful in that which is another man's, 
who shall give you that which is 
your own? 

13 TT * No servant can serve two 
masters: for either he will hate 
the one, and love the other; or 
else he will hold to the one, and 
despise the other. Ye cannot 
serve God and mammon. 

14 And the Pharisees also, 'who 
were oovetous, heard all these 
things, and they derided him. 

15 And he said unto them. Ye are 
they which /justify yourselves 
before men ; but ' God knoweth 
your hearts: for »that which is 
highly esteemed among men, is 
abomination in the sight of God. 

16 <The law and the prophets 
were until John : since that time 
the kingdom of God is preached* 
aud every man presseth into it. 

17 * And it is easier for heaven 
and earth to pass, than one tittle 
of the law to fail. 

18 'Whosoever putteth away 
his wife, and marrieth another, 
committeth adultery; and who- 
soever marrieth her that is put 
away from Aer husband, com- 
mitted! adultery. 

19 1T There was a certain rich 

man, which was clothed in pur- 
ple and fine linen and fare* 
sumptuously every day : 

pie and fine linen and fared 

mmptuously every day : 
80 And there was a certain beg- 
ir named Lazarus, which « 
id at his gate, full of sores, 

gar named Lazarus, which wae 
laid at his gate, full of sores, 
81 And desiring to be fed with 

the crumbs which fell from the 
rich man's table: moreover, the 
dogs came and licked his sores. 

82 And it came to pass, that the 
beggar died, and was carried by 
the angels into Abraham's bo- 
som. The rich man also died, 
aud was buried : 

83 And in hell he lifted up his 
eyes, being in torments, and seelh 
Abraham afar off, and Lazarus 
in his bosom. 

84 And be cried, and said, Fa- 
ther Abraham, have mercy on 
me, and send Lazarus, that he 
may dip the tip of his finger iu 
water, and* cool my tongue: for 
1 "am tormented in this name. 

85 But Abraham said, Son, "re- 
member that thou in thy lne 
time receivedst thy good things, 
and likewise Lazarus evu tilings: 
but now he is comforted, aud thou 
art tormented. 

88 And besides all this, between 
us and you there is a great gulf 
fixed : so that they which would 
pass from hence to you, cannot* 
neither can they pass to us, thai 
would come from thence. 

Cliriat Uacfuth to avoid offenM* 

27 Then he taid, f prey the* 
therefore, father, that thou would- 
•st send him to my father's house : 

88 For I have five brethren ; that 
he may testify unto them, lest 
they also come into this place of 

29 Abraham saith unto him, 
j» They have Moses and the pro- 
phets ; let them hear them. 

30 And he said, Nay, father 
Abraham: but ifpue went unto 
them from the dead, they will re- 

31 And he said unto him, If 
they hear not Moses and the pro- 
phets, « neither will they be per- 
suaded, though one rose from the 

1 OhrUt ttathtU to VnM oeoatUm* »f 
offenctt. 8 Onoto forfio* twuthtr. • 
Tkt power tffoitk. 7 How «« or* 
bound to Ooi,ond not ha tout. Ufli 
keaieth ton lepon. 32 O/tko kingdvm 
of Ood, ond th*conu*f of tkt So* of 

■ pies, « It is impossible but that 
©fiences will come : but wo unto 
him through whom they come ! 

5 It were better for him that a 
millstone were banged about his 
neck, and he cast into the sea, 
than that he should offend oue ot 
these little ones. 

3 IT Take heed to yourselves : 
• If thy brother trespass against 
thee, « rebuke him ; aud if he re- 
pent, forgive him. 

4 And if he trespass against 
tbee seven times in a day, and 
■even times in a day turn again 
to thee, saying, I repent; thou 
shah forgive him. 

6 And the apostles said unto the 
Lord, Increase our faith. 

6 ' Aud tbe Lord said, If ye had 
faith as a grain of muslaru-eeeU, 
ye miffht say unto this sycamine- 
tree. Be thou plucked up by the 
root, and be thou planted a the 
sea : and it should obey you. 

7 But which of you having a ser- 
vant ploughing, or feediug cattle, 
will say uuto him by and by,, 
when he has come from the field, 
Go and sit down to meat I 

8 And will not rather say unto 
him. Make ready wherewith I may 
■up, and ffird thyself, • and serve 

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me, till I nave eaten and drunk- 
en • and afterward thou shalt eat 
aud drink 1 

9 Doth he thank that servant, 
because he did the things that «Oe. u. 
were commanded him 1 I trow 

nrtU . L .. 

10 So likewise ye, when ye shall , 
have done all those things which f i^fr « P*-* 18 * 

w are commanded you, say. We |^ c «; «*• 

« ch.i%n, 

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passed through the midst of Sa- 
maria and Galilee. 

18 And as he entered into a cer»- 
tain village, there met him ten 
men that were lepers, »whion 
stood afar off: . 

13 And they lifted up thetr voi- 
ces, and said, Jesus, Master, have 

said unto them, i Go shew your*- 
selves unto the priests. And it 
came to pass, that, as they went, 
they were cleansed. 

15 And one of them, when he 
saw that be was healed, turned 
back, and with a loud voice glo- 
rified God, 

16 And fell down on his face at 
his feet, giving him thanks : and 
be was a Samaritan. 

17 And Jesus answering, said. 
Were there not ten cleansed ¥ 
but where are the nine ? 

18 There are not found that re- 
turned to give glory to God, save 
this stranger. . 

19 * Andhe said unto him, Arise, 

So thy way : thy faith hath made 
lee whole. 

80 ff And when he was demand- 
ed of the Pharisees, when the 
kingdom of God should come,he 
answered them and said, The 
kingdom of God cometh not B with 
observation: • 

81 ' Neither shall they say, Lo 
here ! or, Lo there ! for behold, 
» the kingdom of God is 1 within 

29 And he said unto the dwet- 
ples, » The days will come, when 
ye shall desire to see one of the 
days of tbe Son of man, aud ye 
shall not see it. 

23 • And they shall say to you, 
See here ! or, See there ! go not 
alter them, nor follow them. 

24 P For as the lightning that 
lightenethoutof the one part un- 
der beaveu, shineth unto the other 
part under heaven ; so shall also 
the Son of man be in his day. 

25 V But first must he suffer 
many things, and be rejected of 
this generation. 

26 r And as it was in the days 
of Noe, so shall it be also in the 
days of the Sou of man. 

27 They did eat, they drank, 
they married wives, they were 

Si veil in marriage, until the day 
mt Noe entered into the ttfk, and 
the flood came, and destroyed 
them all. 

88 'Likewise also as it was in 
the days of Lot : they did eat, 
they drank, they bought, they 
sold, they planted, they builded : 

29 But » the same day that Lot 
went out of Sodom, it rained Are 

rMat. 10. 
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9. «, 

PankU^tionunJml^dgu CgA?. 

81 la that day, he -which ■bell a.D.39. 
he upon the house-top, and hie M _. 
■tuff in the houae, let him not :. M ^ il 
comedown to take it away: and u * 
Jib that u in the field, let him like- 
wise not return back. 

12 v Remember Lot's wife. 

33 ' Whosoever shall seek to 
save his life, shall lose it; and 
whosoever shall lose his life, shall 
preserve it. 

34 • I tell you, m that night 
there shell be two men in one a Mat. 31. 
bed : the one shall be taken, and 40.41 .1Tb. 
the other shall be left. <• «■ 

> 35 Two women shall be grind- 
ing- together ; the one shalfbe ta- 
ken, and the other left. 

36 I Two men shall be ia the I This 
field : the one shall be taken, and ?*th verse 
the other left. }■ wanting 

37 And they answered and said [L^lSf 
unto him, » Where, Lord 1 And SJtafc 
he said unto them. Wheresoever . . ^ 
the body », thither will the eagle* L M»»lf" 
be gathered together. •».«■*»•. 

S Qf tt# importmnoU widow. 9 O/tkt 
PhmrUu and th* pwVioMn. 10 Chil- 
drtm bratuht to OHriit. 18 A rater 
that would follow OMritt, owl it kin- 
dorod Of hi* ticket. 38 The Toward 
oj thorn thot ton* oU/or Amm*«. Si 
UoM—kemoth kit tooth, 86 and ro- 
otoratk o blind man to Mm tight. 

AND he spake a parable unto 
them to this end, that men 
ought • always to pray, and not 
to faint ; 

2 Saying, There was t in a city 
a judge, which feared not Goo, 
neither regarded man. 

3 And there was a widow iu that 
city ; and she came unto him, 
saying. Avenge me of mine ad- 

4 And be would not for a while : 
' but afterward he said within him- 
self, Though I fear not God, nor 
regard man, 

A » Yet, because this widow * dull. 8. 
troubleth me, I will avenge her, 
lest by her conUnual coming she 
weary me. 

6 And the Lord said, Hear what 
the unjust judge saiib. 

7 And 'shall nut God avenge his < Be. a. 10. 
awn elect, which cry day and 

night unto him, though be bear 
long with them 1 

8 1 tell you •'that he will a- A He. 10. 
range them speedily. Neverthe- S7.aPe.s. 
less when the Son of man com- *» •» 
•th, alkali be find faith on the 

earth 1 

9 And he spake this parable unto 

certain « which trusted in them- • cb.lO.aa. 
•elves I that they were righteous, * !•■ *»• 
and despised others : | Or, 

10 Two men went up into the •» Ma# 
temple to pray ; the one a Phari- rigUumt. 
aee, and the other a publican. 

11 The Pharisee /stood and /Pa.iao.3. 
prayed thus with himself, * God, . i» i is 
* *Wa»»» tha * l » ra D0 / M «&&. 

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The PhoriMt and jwtot^ 

Just, adulterers, or even a* thia ^ 
12 I fast twice in the week, I 
give tithes of all that I p 

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« certain 

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13 And the publican, standing 
afar off, would not lift tip so much 
as hie eyes unto heaven, but 
smote upou his breast, saying, 
God be merciful to me a siniier. 

14 I tell you, this man went 
dowu to his house justified roMey 
than the other : * for every one 
that exalteth himself shall be 
abased; and he that humbleth 
bimsell shall be exalted. 

15 * And they brought unto him 
also infants, that he would touch 
them: but when A i« disciples saw 
it, they rebuked them. 

16 But Jesus called them wito 
him, and said, Suffer little chil- 
dren to come unto me, and forbid 
them not: for *of such is the 
kingdom of God. 

17* Verily I say unto you. When- 
soever shall not receive the king- 
dom of God as a little child, shall 
in no wise enter therein. 

18 * And a certain ruler asked 
him, saying, Good Master, what 
shall 1 do to inherit eternal life } 

19 And Jesus said unto hiin, 
Why callest thou me good 1 none 
isjrood, save one, that is God. 

20 Thou knowest the command- 
ments, "Do not commit adultery, 
Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not 
bear false witnes*, "Honour thy 
father and thy mother. 

21 And he said, All these have I 
kept from my youth up. 

22 Now when Jesus heard these 
things, he said unto him, Yet 
lackest thou one thing : r sell all 
that thou hast, and distribute 
unto the poor, and thou shalt 

'* have treasure in heaven: and 

come, follow me 

23 And when be heard this, he 
was very sorrowful: for he wae 
v**ry rich. 

24 And when Jesus saw that he 
a Pr.ll.S*. was very sorrowful, he said, 9 How 
Mst.l».a:t. hardly shall thev that have richea 
Ma. 10. 33. en t er in to the kmgd om of God ! 

25 For it is easier for a camel to 
go through a needle's eye, than 
for a rich mint to enter into the 
kingdom of God. 

26 And they that heard it, said. 
Who then can be saved 7 

rJe.9S.17. 37 And he said, 'The things 
Zee. k 6. which are impossible with men, are poasible with God. 
«h. Lai 38 » Then Peter said, Lo, we 
have left all, and followed thee. 

29 And he said unto them Verily 
I say unto you, * There is no man 
that hath left house, or parents, 
or brethren, or wife, or children, 
for the kingdom ol God's sake, 

30 ■ Who shall not receive mani- 

ch. 1. ST. 
Mat. 18. 


a Job 43. 

Ix Mat. 18. 

ai.aci7.aa. — .-■_.- 

Jc . fcQhfverlastin ., ; 

and in the ' 

yiOeth hi* death. 

/e, and said unto them, 
a we go up to Jerusalem, 

5il things r that are written 

uy the prophets concerning' the 
8;>n of man shall be accom- 

82 For * he shall be delivered 
unto the Gentiles, and shall be 
mocked, and spitefully entreated, 
and spitted on ; 

33 And they shall scourge Aim, 
and put him to death: and the 
third day he shall rise again. 

34 a And they understood none 
of these things : and this saying 
was hid from them, neither knew 
they the things which were spo- 

35 1[ 6 And it came to pass, that 
as he was come nigh unto Jeri- 
cho, a certain blind man sat by 
the way-side begging ; 

t6 And hearing the multitude 
pass by, he asked what it meant. 

37 And they told him, that Je- 
sus of Nazareth passe th by. 

38 And he cried, saying, Jesus, 
thou son of David, have mercy ou 

39 And they which went before 
rebuked him, that he should hold 
his peace : but he cried so much 
the more, Thou son of David, 
have mercy on me. 

40 And Jesus stood and com- 
manded him to be brought unto 
him: and when he was come bear, 
he asked him, 

41 Saying, What wilt thou that 
I shall do unto thee? And he 
said, Lord, that I may receive my 

42 And Jesus said unto him, Re- 
ceive thy sight : « thy faith hath 
saved thee. 

48 And immediately he received 
his sight, and followed him, 
* glorifying God: and all the 
people, when they saw ft, gave 
praise unto God. 

1 Of Zaccheus a publican. U The ten 
piece* of mcnef. 38 Ohriet rUeth 
into Jeruealem with triumph: 41 
•eepeth over it : 46 4ri»eth the bup. 
ere and eeiiert out of the temple : 4T 
teaching dmilp in it. Thentltre would 
have destroyed Jkiat, but for fear of 
the people. 

AND Jesus entered and passed 
through Jericho. 

t And behold, there teas a man 
named Zaccheus, which was the 
chief among the publicans, and 
he was rich. 

S And he sought to see Jesus who 
he was; and could not for the 
press, because he was little of 

4 And he ran before, and climb- 
ed up into a sycamore-tree to see 

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fee Mat. 

10.0. ft Jo, 


f Ac 1.6. 


is twelve 
pa noes 
and a 
which ae- 
ronling to 
five shil. 
lingi the 

ech.17.10. ounce is 
two shil- 
lings aud 

d"ch. 6. 38. «ix)ieuu«. . ,"T„ . 

11.18. ' u f ohn >• 

t Or. 
silser, and 
so ver. 33. 
• Mat. 35. 

ai. ch. u. 


& And he made haste, and came 
down, and received him joyfully. 
■ 7 Aud when they saw it, they 
all murmured, saying, «That he 
was gone to be guest with a man 
that is a sinner. 
; 8 And Zaccheus stood, and said 
I unto the Lord ; Behold, Lord, the 
half of my goods I give to the 
poor; ana n I have taken any 
tuiug from any man by * false ac» 
cusation, • I restore haii four- 

9 And Jesus said unto him, This 
day is salvation come to this . 
house, forasmuch as *he also ia 

• a son of Abraham. 

10 /For the Son of man is come 
to seek and to save that which 
was lost. 

11 And as they heard these 
things, he added and spake a 

5 arable, because he was nigh to 
erusalem, and because ' they 
thought that the kingdom ofGoq 
should immediately appear. 

12 A He said therefore, A certain 
nobleman went into a far country 
to receive for himself a kingdom, 
and to return. 

13 And he called his ten ser- 
vant*, and delivered them ten 
npounds, and said unto them. 
Occupy till I come. 

14 »But his citizens hated .him, 
and sent a message after him, 
saying, We will not have this 
man to reign over us. 

15 And it came to pass, that 
when he was returned, having 
received the kingdom, then he 
commanded these servants to be 
called unto him, to whom he had 

fiven the t money, that he might 
now how much every man had 
gained by trading. 

16 Theit came the first, saying. 
Lord, thy pound hath gained 
ten pounds. 

17 And he said unto him, Well, 
thou good servant : because thou 
hast been * faithful in a very lit- 
tle, have thou authority over ten 

18 And the second came, saying. 
Lord, thy pound hath gained five 

19 And he said likewise to him. 
Be thou also over five cities. 

20 And another came, saying. 
Lord, behold here is thy pound, 
which 1 have kept laid up in s> 

nankin : 

81 'For I reared thee, because 
thou art an austere man: thott 
takest up that thou layedst not 
down, and reapest that thou 
didst not sow. 

23 And he saith unto hum 

aum inf money into th* bin*, 
that at my coming 1 1 might have 
required mine own with usury! 
94 And he said unto them that 
Stood by, Taka from him- the 

Cuud, and give it to him that 
th ten pound*, 

•5 (And they aaid onto him. 
Lore, he hath ten pounds.) 

86 For I say unto yon, 'That 
umo every one which hath, shall 
be given ; and from him that hath 
not, even that he hath shall be 
taken away from him. 

17 fiut those mine enemies, 
Which would not that I should 
rei#h over them, bring hither, 
and slay them before me. 

98 fl And when he had thus 
spoken, phe went before, ascend- 
ing up to Jerusalem. 

19 «. And it came to pass, when 
he was come nigh to Bethphage 
and Bethany, at the mount call- 
ed the mount of Olives, he aent 
two of his disciples, 

10 Saying, Go ye into the Til- 
lage over against you; in the 
which at your entering ye shall 
find a colt tied, whereon yet nev- 
e* man sat: loose him, and 
bring him hither. 

11 And if any man ask yon, 
Why do ye loose Aim ?. thus thai I 
ye say unto him, Because the 
Lord hath need of him. 

19 And they that were sent 
went their way, and found even 
a* he had said unto them. 

13 And a* they were loosing the 
colt, the owners thereof said umo 
them, Why loose ye the colt f 

34 And tbey said, The Lord 
hath need of him. 

IS And they brought him to 
Jesus : r and tbey cast their gar- 
ments upon the colt, and they set 
Jeaua thereon. 

36 ' And as he went, they spread 
their clothes in the way. 

17 And when he was come nigh, 
even now at the descent of the 
mount of Olives, the whole mul- 
titude of the disciples began to 
rejoice and praise God with a 
loud voice, for nil the mighty 
works that they had seen ; 

18 Saying, * Blessed be the King 
that cometh in the name of the 
Lord: « Peace in heaven, and 
glory in the highest. 

19 And some of the Pharisees 
from among the multitude said 
unto him, Master, rebuke thy 

40 And he answered and said 
unto them, I tell you, that if these 
should hold their peace, 'the 
•fones would immediately cry 
am . K 

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Cftrfat UaehUh In the temp* 

a thy peace ! but now they 
are hid from thine eyes. 
41 For the days shall come up- 
on thee, that thine enemies shall 
'cast a trench about ibee, and 
compass thee round, and keep 
thee in on every side, 

44 And 'shall lay thee even 
with the ground, and thy chil- 
dren within thee : and & they shall 
not leave in thee one atone upon 
another: 'because thou knewest 
not the time of thy visitation. 

45 «" And he went into the tem- 
ple, and began to cast out them 
that sold therein, and them that 

46 Saying u 
written, My house is the house 

tying unto them, «It is 

of prayer, but /ye have made it 
a den of thieves. 

.47 And be taught daily in the 
temple. But 'the cbiel priests, 
and the scribes, and the chief of 
the people sought to destroy 

48 And could not find what they 
might do: for all the people 
I were very attentive to hear him 


1 Ohviet eeoueheth hi* authvritf he • 

eueethm of Jottn't bepham. 9 The 

pereMe of the •Uutrnrd. 19 QffWH 

ing tribute tetieeor. 37 He eotnm- 

AND « 
**■ on « 

rsturrtctio*. 41 Hve Christ U the 
Son a/ David. 46 Be teerneth hie 
. ^ vvrt y u, teribe*. 

came to pass, that 
on one of those days, as be 
taught the people in the temple, 
ana preached the gospel, the 
chief priests and the scribes came 
upon Aim, with the elders, 
9 And spake unto him, saying. 
Tell us, o by what authority do- 
est thou these things 7 or who is 
he that gave thee this authority 1 

3 And he answered aud said 
unto them, 1 will also ask you 
one thing ; apd answer me : 

4 The baptism of John, was it 
from heaven, or of men ? 

a Aud tbey reasoned with them- 
selves, aaytng, If we shall say, 
From heaven ; he will say, Why 
then believed ye him not 1 

But and it we say, Of men; 
all the people will stone us: e for 
they be persuaded that Johu was 

a prophet. 
7 And the; 

1 they answered, that they 
could not tell whence it teas. 

8 And Jesus said unto them, 
Neither tell I you by what au- 
thority I do these things. 

9 Then began he to speak to 
the people this parable : • A cer- 
tain man planted a vineyard, 

1 it forth Isehusbandmeu 



48. «*, ML 

j Jo. a. a. 

a Ko.MB. 

7^parnM»o/ra««*«ewrf. 1. LQKE. 

bandinen beat him, and Mat Mm 
away empty. 

II And again he seat another 
servant : and they beat him also, 
ami entreated him shamefully, 
and ten*, aim away empty. 

IS And again he sent a third : 
and they wounded him also, and 
east Aim out. 

It Then said the lord of the 
vineyard, What shall I do 1 I 
will send my belored son : it may 
be they will reverence aim when 
they see him. 

14 But when the husbandmen 
saw him, they reasoned among 
themselves, saying-, This is the 
heir: come, let us kill him, that 
the inheritance may be ours. 

15 80 they east him out of the 
▼meyard, and killed Aim. What 
therefore shall the lord of the 
vineyard do unto them ? 

16 He shall come aud destroy 
these husbandmen, and shall 
rive the vineyard to others. 
And when they heard it, they 
said, God forbid. 

17 And he beheld them, and 
said, What is this then that is 
written, «The stone which the 
builders rejected, the same is be- 
come the head of the corner t 

18 Whosoever shall fall upon 
that stone, shall be broken : hut 
/on whomsoever it shall fall, it 
will grind him to powder. 

19 T| And the chief priests and 
the scribes the same hour sou? ht 
to lay hands on him ; and they 
feared the people : for they per- 
ceived that he had spoken this 
parable against them. 

80 ' Aiidthey watched him, and 
sent forth spies, which should 
feign themselves just men, that 
they might take hold of hia 
words, that so they might deliver 
hitn unto the power and author- 
ity of the governor. 

SI And they asked him saying-, 
* Master, we know that thou say- 
est and teachest rightly, neither 
aceeptest thou the person o/'ony, 
but teachest the way of God 
I truly : 

S8 Is it lawful for us to give 
tribute unto Cesar, or no? 

S3 But he perceived their crafti- 
ness, and said unto them, Why 
tempt ye me 1 

M Shew me a I penny. Whoaa 
image and superscription hath it t 
They answered and said, Cesar's. 

Sft And be said unto them, Rea- 
der therefore unto Cesar the 
things a-hich be Cesar's, and unto 
God the things which be God's. 

M And they could not take hold 
of his words before the people : 

•b. uo ,«v.* > ■ *»»™r** 
1 h . 

W? 7 ♦ -Wflc? ti tia. m 

I Bee Mat. Ma. ISJa, 

is. an. 



KBayiac, Master, 4Meeea,wi0ta 

unto us, If any man's brother die, 
having a wife, and he die without 
children, that his brother should 
uke his wile, aud raise up seed 
unto his brother. 

29 There were therefore seven 
brethren: and the first took a 
wife, and died without chil-. 

10 And the second took her to 
wife, and he died childless. 

31 And, the third took her; and 
in like manner the seven also; 
and they left no children, and 

38 Laat of »U the woman {fed 

33 Therefore in the resurrection, 
whose wife of them is aha 1 for 
seven had her to wife. 

34 And Jesus answering, said 
unto them, The children of this 
world marry, and are given in 
marriage : 

35 But they which shall be ae • 
counted worthy to obtain that 
world, and the resurrection from 
the dead, neither marry, nor are 
given in marriage; 

36 Neither can they die any 
more: for »they are equal unu> 
the angels: and are the children 
of Goo, "being the children of 
the resurrection. 

37 Now that the dead are rais . 
ed, »even Moses shewed at the 
bush, when he calleth the Lord 
the God of Abraham, and the 
God of Isaac, and the God of Ja- 

38 For he is not a God of the 
dead, but of the living : for f all 
live unto him. 

39 If Then certain of the scribes, 
answering, said, Master, thou 
hast well said. 

40 Aud after that, they durst not 
nak him auy qutttion at alL 

4 1 And he said unto them, « How* 
say they that Christ is David's 
son 1 

48 And David himself saith in 
the book of Psalms, r The Loan 
said unto my Lord, Sit thou on 
"ny right band, 

43 Till I make thine enemies 
thy footstool. 

44 David therefore calleth him 
Lord, how is he then his son t 

45 If 'Then in the audience of 
all the people, ha said unto hit 

46 'Bewareof^be scribes, which 
desire to walk in long robes, end 

in the 1 

„ „ markets, 

and the highest seats in the syna- 
gogues, and the chief rooms at 
■ Mat. SB. *1 * Which devour widows* 

Tht p M f m M ote ttmmmdsd. 

tmvU, mUtfl 


ftolaai rfc*. 84 Be mkeetetk wa 

AND he looked up * and saw 
ihe rich men casting their 
rifts imo the treasury. 
HB And he saw also a certain poor 
Yidow, easting in thither two 
| mite*. 

S And he said, Of a truth I say 
unto you, * that this poor widow 
hath cast in more than they all. 

4 For all these have ot their 
abundance cast in unto tbe olfer- 
injaof God: but she of her pen- 
urJUa th cast in all the living that 
she had. 

5 IT « And as some spake of the 
temple, how it was adorned with 
goodly stones, and gifts, he said, 

6 Aa for these things which ye 
behold, the days will come, in 
the which' there shall not be left 
one stone upon another, that 
ahall not be thrown down. 

7 And they asked him, saying. 
Master, but when shall these 
things be? and what sign will 
there be when these things shall 
come to pass t 

8 And be said, • Take heed that 
ye be not deceived : for many 
shall come in my name, saying, I 
am Chrtit ; 1 and the lime draw- 
etfa near: go ye not therefore af- 
ter them. 

' 9 But when ye shall hear of 
wars, and commotions, be not 
terrified: for these things must 
first come to pass; but the eud ie 
not by and by. 

10 /Then said he unto them, 
Nation shall rise against nation, 
and kingdom against kingdom : 

11 And great earthquakes shall 
be in divers places, and fam- 
ines, and pestilences: artel fearful 
sights, auu great signs shall there 
be from heaven. 

IS 'But before all these they 
shall lay their bands on you, and 
persecute yon, delivering you up 
to the synagogues, and * into pris- 
ons, i being brought before kings 
and rulers * for my name's sake. 

13 And ' it shall turn to you for 
a testimony. 

14 « Settle it therefore in your 
hearts, not to meditate before 
what ye shall answer. 

15 For I will give you a mouth 
and wisdom, "which all your 
adversaries shall not be able to 
gainsay nor resist. 

IS «And ye shall be betrayed 
both by parents, and brethren, 
and kinsfolks, and friends; and 
Peome of you shall they cause to 
be put to death. 

IT And ? ye shall be hated of all 
Wten for ra name** sake.n . ail 

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Jsgiuybrvgofng file tee* di* 

I W » And when ya shall sea J«r 
- ' rusalem compassed with armies, 

* ' then know that the deaotauoa 

* thereof is nigh. 

SI Then let them which are in 
Jtidea flee to the mountains ; and 
let them which are in the midst 
of it depart out; and let not them 
that are in the countries enter 

28 For these be tbe days of ven- 
i, geance, that 'all things which 
. are written may be fulfilled. 

23 a But wo unto them that are 
i. with child, and to them that give 

suck in those days ! for there shall 
be great distress in the land, and 
wrath upon this people. 

24 And they shall fall by the 
edge of the sword, and shall be 
led away captive into all nations: 
and Jerusalem shall be trodden 
down of the Gentiles, * until the 
times of the Gentiles be fulfilled. 

25 ft *Aud there shall be signs 
in the sun, and in the moon, and 
in the stars ; and upon the earth 
distress of nations, with perplexi- 
tv : the sea and the waves roaring ; 

26 Men's hearts failing them tor 
fear, and for looking after those 
things which are coining on the 
earth: 'for the powers ot heaven 
shall be shaken. 

27 And then shall they see the 
Son of man "coming in a cloud, 
with power and great glory. 

28 And when these things begin 
to come to pass, then look up, 
and lift up your heads: for » your 
redemption draweih nigh. 

29 * And he spake to them a par- 
able; Behold the fig-tree, and all 
the trees; 

SO When they now shoot forth, 
ya see and know of your own 
selves that summer is now nigh 
at hand. 

31 So likewise ye, when ye see 
these things come to pass, know 
ye that the kingdom of God is 
nigh at hand. 

32 Verily I say unto you, Tlih) 
generation shall not pass away, 
till all be fulfilled. 

33 * Heaven and earth shall pass 
away: but ray words shall not 
pass away. 

34 IT And • take heed to your- 
selves, lest at any time your hearts 
be overcharged with surfeiting 
and drunkenness, and cares or 
this life, and eo that day come 
upon you unawares. 

35 For/as a snare shall it come 
on all them that dwell on the face 
of the whole earth. 

86 * Watch ye therefore, and 
• pray always, that ye may be ac- 
counted Worthy to escape all 
these things that shall come to 

ass and * I stan before sU 

The Jetet coruplrt agavut ChriiL 8. LUKE. 

the mount thai is called (As 
Hiount of Olives. 
88 And all the people came early 
In the morning' to him in the tem- 
ple. Tor to hear him. 


1 The Jem* eonepire agavut Ohritt. 8 

Satan prtpareth Judo* to betray him. 

7 Th* aputtle* prepare the pouoeer. 

31 ceeertl* foretetteth of the traitor, 
84 dahorlelh th* re*t of hi* apeethn 
from ambition, 31 auurtth Peter hi* 
faith thould not fail : 84 and get he 
thould dtnt him thrie*. 99 He pray- 
th in the mount, and tweateth blood, 
47 it betrayed with a hi** : 69 h* heat. 
eth Malehut' ear, 64 h* i* thrie* de- 
niad of Pater, 63 tkameJuUy abueed, 
68 and eonfettetk hmsttf to b* the 
Son of God. 

NO W « the feast of unleavened 
bread drew nigh, which is 
called the Passover. 
3 And • the chief priests and 
scribes sought how they might 
kill him : for they feared the peo- 

3 IT 'Then entered Satan into 
Judas surnamed Iscariot, being 
of the number of the twelve. 

4 And he went his way, and 
Communed with the chief priests 
and captains, how he mignt be- 
tray him unto them. 

6 And they were glad, and ^cov- 
enanted to give him money. 

6 And he promised, and sought 
opportunity to betray him unto 
them | in toe absence of the mul- 

7 IT 'Then came the day of un- 
leavened bread, when the pass- 
over must be killed. 

8 And he sent Peter and John, 
saying, Go aud prepare us the 
passover, thai we may eat. 

9 And they said unto him. Where 
wilt thou that we prepare 1 

10 And he said unto them, Be- 
hold, when ye are entered into the 
city, there shall a man meet you, 
bearing a pitcher of water /fol- 
low him iuto the house where he 
entcreih in. 

11 And ye shall say unto the 
good man of the house. The Mas- 
ter saiih unto ihee, Where is the 

Scsi-chamber, where I shall eat 
t passover with my disciples ? 

12 And he shall shew you a 
large upper room furnished: there 
make ready. 

13 And they went and found as 
he had said unto them : and they 
made ready the passover. 

14 /And when the hour was 
come, he sat down, and the twelve 
apostles with him. 

15 And he said unto them, 
I With desire 1 have desired to 
•at this passover with you before 
I suffer. 

16 For I say unto you, I will not 
any more eat thereof, I until it be 
lulalled in the kingdom of God. 

1 7 And he took the cup, aud 

84 * 



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The holy fitpper {rttfttttfei. 

gave thanks, and said, Take this, 
and divide it among yourselves; 

18 For * I say unto you, I will 
not drink of the fruit of the vine, 
until the kingdom of God shall 

19 1T 'And he took bread, and 
gave thanks, and brake it, and 
gave unto them, saying, This ia 
my body which is given for you : 
* i his do in remembrance of me. 

20 Likewise also the cup after 
supper, saying, 'This cup it the) 
nt w testament in my blood, which 
is shed for you. 

81 f "• But behold, the hagfcof 
him that betrayeth me is wiaPrae 
on the table. 

22 » And truly the Son of man 
goeth »as it was determined : but 
wo unto that man by whom he ia 
be rayed ! 

23 p And they began to inquire 
among themselves, which of them 
it was that should do this thing. 

24 Tf 1 And there was also a 
strife among them, which of them 
should be accounted the greatest. 

25 r And he said unto them, The 
kings of the Gentiles exercise 
lordship over them ; and they that 
exercise authority upon them are 
called benefactors. 

26 * But ye ehaU not be so : * but 
he that is greatest among you, tet 
him be as the younger; and he 
that is chief, as he that doth 

27 « For whether is greater, ha 
that sitteth at meat, or he that 
serveth? is not he that sitteth at 
meat 7 but * I am among you aa 
he that serveth. 

28 Ye are they which have con- 
tinued with me in v my tempta- 

29 And * I appoint unto you a 
kingdom, as my Father hath ap- 
pointed unto me; 

30 That « ye may eat and drink 
at my table in my kingdom, * and 
sit on thrones, judging the twelve 
tribes of Israel. 

31 ft And the Lord said, Simon, 
Simon, behold, e Satan hath de- 
sired to hat* you, thai he may 
d sift you as wheat: 

32 Hut • I have prayed for thee, 
that thy faith fall not :/and when 
thou art converted, strengthen 
thy brethren. 

33 Aud he said unto him. Lord, 

1 am ready to go with thee, both 
into prisou, aud to 
34 /A 

irisou, and to death. 

And he said, I tell thee, Pe- 
ter, the cock shall not crow this 
day, before that thou shalt thrice 
deny that thou knowest me. 

35 *And he said unto them, 
Wheu I sent you without puna, 
and scrip, and shoes, lacked ya 
any thing 1 And they said, No- 

36 Then said he unto them, But 
now, he that hath a purse, let 
nun take iz, aud likewise Ait 

Ckrtet prayer* in th* motenL 

■crip: and he that hath no 
■word, let him tell hie garment, 
and buy one. 

'27 For 1 say unto you, that thU 
that is written rauit yet be ac- 
complished in me, 'And he was 
reckoned among the transgres- 
sors: for the thing* concerning 
me have an end. 
38 And they said, Lord, behold, 
nere are two swords. And he 
■aid unto them, It is enough. 
"39 If * And he came out, and 
'went, as he was wont, to the 
mount of Olives: and his disci- 
pjsjftsalso followed hira. 

4tJP Auu> wu e" ue waJ ai tha 
place, he said unto them, Pray 
that ye enter opt into temptation. 

41 "And he was withdrawn 
from them about a stone's cast, 
and kneeled down, and prayed, 

42 Saying, Father, it thou be 
t williug, remove this cup from 
me: nevertheless, »uot my will, 
but thine, be done. 

43 And there appeared J»an 
angel unto him from heaven, 
strengthening him, 

44 1 And being in an agony, he 
prayed more earnestly: and his 
Sweat was as it were great drops 
of blood falling down to the 

45 And when he rose up from 
prayer, and was come to nis dis- 
ciples, he found them sleeping for 

46 And said unto them. Why 
sleep ye ? rise aud r pray, lest ye 
enter into temptation. 

47 IT Aud while he yet spake, 
'behold a multitude, and he that 
was called Judas, one of the 

Swelve, weut before them, and 
Irew near unto Jesus to kiss him. 

48 But Jesus said unto him, Ju- 
das, be tray est thou the Sou of 
man with a kiss * 

49 When they which were about 
htm, saw What would follow, they 
■aid untu hira, Lord, shall we 
smite with the sword 1 

50 IT And * one of them smote 
the servant of the high priest, and 
cut off his right ear. 

' 51 And Jesus answered and said, 
Buffer ye thus far. And he touch* 
ed his ear, aud healed him. 
.58 "Then Jesus said unto the 
chief priests, and captains of the 
temple, and the elders which 
were come to him, Be ye come out 
as against a thief, with swords 
and stave* I 

53 When I was daily with you 
jn the temple, ye stretched forth 
no hands against me: 'but this 
U your hour, and the power of 

54 IT vThen took they htm, and 
Jed Aim, and brought him into 
the high priest's house. *And 
Peter followed afar off. 

' 55 * And when they hadkindled 
a fire in the midst of the ball, and 

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Peter dadeth Christ 

were set down together, Peter sat 
down among them. 

56 But a certain maid beheld 
him as he sat by the fire, and 
earnestly looked upon hira, and 
said, This man was also with 

57 And he denied him, saying. 
Woman, I know him not. 

53 * Aud after a little while an- 
other saw him, and said, Thou 
art also or them. And Peter said, 
Man, I am not. 

59 « And about the space of one 
hour after, another confidently af- 
firmed, saying, Of a truth this 
fellow also was with him ; for he 
is a Galilean. 

60 And Peter said, Man. I know 
m>t what thou aayest. And im- 
mediately, while he yet spake, the 
cock crew. 

61 And the Lord turned, and 
looked upon Peter. 'And Peter 
remembered the word of the Lord, 
how he had said unto hira, ' Be- 
fore the cock crow, thou shall de- 
ny me thrice. 

63 And Peter went out and wept 

63 H /And the men that held 
Jesus, mocked him, aud smote 

64 And when they had blind- 
folded him, they struck him on 
(he, and asked him, saying, 
Prophesy, who is it that smote 
thee t 

65 And many other things blas- 
phemously spake they against 

C6 If * And as soon as it was 
day, * the elders of die people, 
and the chief priests, and the 
scribes came together, and led 
him into their council, saying, 

67 • Art thou the Christ \ tell 
us. And be said unto them. 
If 1 tell you, ye will not believe. 

68 And if I also ask you* ye 
will not answer me, nor let me go. 

69 'Hereafter shall the Son of 
man sit on the right hand of the 
power of God. 

70 Then said they all, Art thou 
then the Son of God! And he 
said unto them, ' Ye say that I 

71 ■» And they said, What need 
we any further witness I for we 
ourselves have heard of his own 

CHAP. xxin. 

1 JImw U acemeed before PUmte, em* 
Hmt to Btrod. 8 Btrod mocktth him. 

12 Herod end Piiete art mad* Jritmde. 

13 Bereobee u deetred of the peemie, 
snau leoeed be nidi, end J— me m 

i ***** f be erasf**-. 27 He teUetk 

. me mamum, the* Ument Mm, <*« de- 

* etimetiamof Jerwtiem; 34 pro**** 

Jbrhi$ ememue. S3 r»<i mldeore 

nriermeVed with htm. 4»Budemth. 


AMD ■ the whole multitude of 
them arose, and led htm unto 


ChrUt i* accused before PilaU. 

8 And they began to accuse him, 
■eying. We found thia fellow 
• •perverting' the nation, and e tor- 
bidding to give tribute to Ce- 
aar, saying, * that be himself ia 
Christ, a King. 

3 • And Pilate asked him, say- 
ing. Art tbou the King of the 
Jews? And he answered him and 
•aid, Thou sayest it. 

4 Then aaid Pilate to the chief 
priests, and to tbe people, / 1 find 
no fault iu thia man. 

5 And tbey were the more fierce. 
Baying* He etirrelh up the peo- 
ple, teaching throughout all Jew- 
ry, beginning from Galilee to this 

P 6 When Pilate heard of Galilee, 
he asked whether the man were 
a Galilean. 

7 And as soon as he knew that 
he belonged unto-' Herod's juris- 
diction, he sent him to Herod, 
who himself was also at Jerusa- 
lem at that time. 

8 tf And when Herodsaw Jesus, 
he was exceeding glad: for *he 
was desirous to see him of a long- 
eeasoru, because *he had heard 
many things of him ; and he 
hoped to hare seen some miracle 
doue by him. 

9 Then be questioned with him 
in many words ; but he answered 
him nothing. 

10 And the chief priests and 
scribes stood and vehemently ac- 
cused him. 

11 * And Herod with bis men of 
war set him at nought, and mock- 
ed Aim, and arrayed him in a 
gorgeous robe, and sent him 

T.a to Pilate, 
tf And the same day 'Pilate 
and Herod were made friends to- 
gether; for before they were at 
enmity between themselves. 

13 IT * And Pilate, when he had 
called together the chief priests, 
end the rulers, and the people, 

14 Said unto them, "Ye have 
brought this man unto me, as one 
that perverteth the people: and 
behold, • I, having examined him 
before you, have found no fault 
in this man, touching those things 
whereof ye accuse him ; 

15 No, nor yet Herod : for I sent 
you to him : and la, nothing wor- 
thy of death is done unto him: 

16 » I will therefore chastise him, 
and release Aim. 

17 «(For of necessity be taunt 
release one onto them at the 

18 And 'they cried out all at 
once, saying, Away with this 
wan, ana release unto us Barab- 

19 (Who, for a certain sedition 
made in the city, and for murder, 
was cast into prison.) 

tO Pilate therefore, willing to 
release Jesus, spake again to 

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The crucifixion of ChriaL 

81 But they cried, saymg, Cri»- 
oify Aim, crucify him. 

88 And he said unto them the. 
third time, Why, what evil hath 
he done ? I have found no cause 
of death in him; I will therefore 
chastise him, and let Aim go. 

tS And tbey were instant witbT 
loud voices, requiring that ha 
might becrucified : ana the voices 
tftbem, end of the chief prieete 

24 And "Pilate I gave sentence 
that it should be as they required. 

95 And he released unto them 
him that for sedition and murder 
was cast into prison, whotftflpy 
had desired ; but he deliverSWe- 
sus to their will. 

96 'And as they led him away, 
they laid hold upon one Simon 
a Cyrenian, coming out of the' 
country, and on nun they laid the 
cross, that he might bear it after 

87 tf And there followed him a- 
great company of people, and of 
women, which also bewailed oud 
lamented him. 

88 But Jesus turning unto them, 
said, Daughters ol Jerusalem* 
weep not lor me, but weep for 
yourselves, and for your children. 

89 ■ For behold, the days ore 
coming, in the which they shall 
say, Blessed are the barren, and 
the wombs that never bare, and 
the pans which never gave suck. 

30 *Then shall they begin to 
Bay to the mountains, Fall 6u us j 
end to the hills, Cover us. 

34 9 For if tbey do these things 
in a green tree, what shall be. 
done in the dry % 

38 'And there were also two 
others, malefactors, led with him 
to be put to death. 

33 And *when they were come 
to the place which is called I Cal- 
vary, there they crucified him, and 
the malefactors ; one on the right 
hand, and the other on the lelt. 

34 tf Then said Jesus, Father, 
• forgive them: for 'they know 
not what they do. And 'they 
parted his raiment, and cast lots. 

35 And • the people stood be- 
holding. And the /rulers else 
with them derided Aim, saying, 
He saved others : let him save 
himself, if he be Christ, the cho- 
sen of God. 

38 And the soldiers also mocked 
him, coming to him, and offering 
him vinegar, 

37 And saying, If thou be the 
King of the Jews, save thyself. 

38 'And a superscription also 
was written over him, in letters 
of Greek, and Latin, and Hebrew. 

39 IT *And one of tbe malefac- 
tors, which were hanged, railed 
on him, saying. If thou be Christ, 
•eve thyseU'and us. 

The death, burial, and 

40 But the other answering, re- 
buked him, saying 1 , Dost net thou 
fear God, seeing' thou art in the 
same condemnation 1 

.41 And we indeed justly; for we 
receive the due reward of our 
deads, but this man hath done 
nothing ami.*. 

49 A lid tie said unto Jesus, Lord, 
remember me when tbou earnest 
into thy kingdom. 

43 And Jesus said unto him, 
Verily I say unto thee, To-day 
shall thou be with me in paradise. 

44 < And it was about the sixth 
hogftand there was a darkness 
oveWll the Hearth until the ninth 

46 And the sun was darkened, 
and * the vail of the temple was 
rent in the midst. 

46 IT Ami when Jesus had cried 
with aloud voice, he said, 'Fa- 
ther, inio thy hands I commend 
my spirit.: »and having said 
thus, he gave up the ghost. 

47 "Now when the centurion 
saw what was done, he glorified 
God, saying, Certainly this was a 
righteous man. 

48 And all tbe people that came 
together to that sight, behold- 
ing the things which were done, 
smote their breasts and returned. 

49 "And all his acquaintance, 
and the women that followed him 
from Galilee, stood afar off, be- 
holding these things, 

50 If p And behold, there was & 
man named Joseph, a counsellor : 
and he was a good man, and a 

51 (The same had not consented 
to the counsel and deed of them:) 
he was of Arimathea, a city of 
the Jews; 1 who also himself 
waited for the kingdom of Qfld. 

St This man went unto Pilate, 
and begged tbe bod/ of Jesus. 

53 **Aud he took it down, and 
wrapped it in linen, and laid it in 
a sepulchre that was hewn in 
stoue, wherein never man before 
was laid. 

54 And thatday was »the prepa- 
ration, and the sabbath drew on. 

55 And the women also, * which 
eame with him from Galilee, fol- 
lowed after, and « beheld the sep- 
ulchre, and how his body was laid. 

56 And they returned, and* pre- 
pared spices and ointments; and 
rested the sabbath-day, » accord- 
ing to tbe commandment. 

1 ChriiPt reeurreetion U detJerei of 
two engeU to the ««nm that msu f* 
tie tepvUehre. 9 Those report a to 
ether*. 18 CkHet himtd/ eppeareth 
to the two dueiples that wemt to Ewv- 
•mm/ 38 ejttrwerde he opptereth to 
the apostUe, end 
oeHef: 47 gitetk 


eeendeth mto homtn. 

[OW a upon the first day of 

1 Um we.ek, very early in the 

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rteurrcctton of ChrUL 

morning, they eame onto the; 
sepulchre, 'bringing the spices' 
which they had prepared, and' 
certain other* with them. 

2 'And they found die stone 
retted away from the sepulchre. 

i <* And they entered in, and 
found not the body of the Lord 

4 And it came to pass, as they 
were much perplexed thereabout, , 

• behold, two men stood by them 
in shilling garments. 

5 And as they were afraid, and' 
bowed down their faces to the 
earth, they said unto them, Why 
seek ye U the living among the 
dead i 

6 He is not here, but Is risen. 
/Remember how he spake unto 
you when he was yet in Galilee, 

7 Saying, The Son of man must 
be delivered into the hands of 
sinful men, and be crucified, and ' 
tiie third day rise again. 

8 And 'they remembered hie 

9 * And returned from tbe sep- 
ulchre, and told all these things 
unto the eleven, and to ail the 

10 It was Mary Magdalene, and 

* Joanna, and Mary the mother 
of James, and other women that 
were with them, which toM these 
things unto the apostle*. 

11 'And their words seemed tn 
them as idle tales, and they be- 
lieved them not. 

IS 'Then arose Peter, and ran 
unto the sepulchre, and stooping 
down, he beheld the linen clothes 
liiid by themselves, and depart- 
ed, wondering in himself at that 
which was come to pass. 

13 If "And behold, two or them 
went that same day to a village 
called Emraaua, which was from 
Jerusalem aooui threescore fur- 

14 And they talked together of 
all these things which had hap 

15 And it eame to pass, that, 
while they communed together, 
and reasoned, " Jesus himself 
drew near, and went with them. 

16 But • their eyes were holden, 
that they should not know him. 

1 7 And he said unto them, What 
manner of communications am 
these that ye have one to another, 
as ye walk, and are sad t 

18 And the one of them, P whose 
name was Cleopas, answering, 
said unto him, Art thou ouly a 
strauger in Jerusalem, and hast 
not known the things which are 
come to pass there in these days } 

19 Ana he said unto them. 
What things? And they said 
unto him, Concerning Jesus of 
Nazareth, 1 which was a prophet 
'mighty in deed and word be- 
fore God, and all the people : 

20 ' And how the chief priest* 


Christ appeareth to tao disciple*. 

and our rulers delivered him to 
be condemned to death, and have 
crucified him. 

f 1 But we trusted » that it had 
beeu he which should have re* 
deemed Israel: and besides all 
this, to-day is the third day since 
these thing* were done. 

82 Yea, and * certain women 
also of our company made us 
astonished, which were early at 
the sepulchre. 

33 And when they found not 
hi j body, they came, saying-, that 
they had also Been a vision of an- 
gels, which said that he was 

24 And 'certain of them which 
were with us, went to the sepul- 
chre, and found it even so as 
the women had said: but him 
tltey saw not. 

25 Then he said unto them, O 
fools, and slow of heart to be- 
lieve all that the prophets have 
spoken J 

86 y Ought not Christ to have 
suffered these things, and to en- 
ter into his glory ? 

97 'And beginning at • Moses, 
and * all the prophets, he ex- 
pounded unto them in all the 
scriptures the things concerning 

28 And they drew nigh unto the 
village whither they went : and 
«be made as though he would 
have gone further. 

29 But ' they constrained him, 
saying, Abide with us : for it is 
toward evening, and the day is 
far spent. Aud he went in to 

Ty with thein. 
Aud it came to pass, as he 
sat at meat with them, • he took 
bread, aud blessed it, and brake, 
and rave to them, 

31 And their eyes' were opened, 
aud they kuew him: and he 
I vanished out of their sight. 

32 And they sa^d one to another, 
Did not our heart burn within us 
while he talked with us by the 
way, and while he opened to us 
the scriptures 1 

33 And they rose up the same 
hour, and returned to Jerusalem, 
and found the eleven gathered 
together, and them that were with 

34 Saying, The Lord is risen in- 
deed, and /hath appeared to Si- 

36 And they told what things 
vers liont in the way, and how 
he was known of them in break- 
ing b> bread. 



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Chrut atcendeth into A«oan> 

38 IT *" And as they thus spake, 
Jesus himself stood in the midst 
of them, and saith unto them. 
Peace be unto you. 

37 But they were terrified and 
affrighted, and supposed that 
they had seen a * spirit. 

88 And he said unto them. Why 
are ye troubled! and why do 
thoughts arise in your hearts 1 

39 Behold my hands and my 
feet, that it is I myself: • handle 
me, and see ; for a spirit hath not 
flesh and bones, as ye see me 

40 And when he had thuutio- 
ken, he shewed them hit asPds 
and hig feet. 

41 And while they yet believed 
not * for joy, and wondered, ha 
said unto them, 'Have ye here 
any meat? 

42 And they gave him a piece 
of a broiled Ash, and of an honey 

43 * And he took it, and did eat 
before them. 

44 And he said onto them. 
"These are the words which 1 
spake unto you, while I was yet 
with you, that all things must be 
fulfilled which were writteu rn 
the law of Moses, and m the pro- 
phets, and tn the psalms, con- 
cerning me. 

45 Then 'opened he their un- 
derstanding, that they might un- 
derstand the scriptures, 

46 And said unto them, rThue 
it is written, and thus it behoov- 
ed Christ to suffer, and to rise 
from the dead the third day : 

47 And that repentance and 
V remission of sins should be 
preached in his name r among 
all nations, beginning at Jerusa- 

48 And ' ye are witnesses of 
these things. 

49 1[ 'And behold, I send the 

Cmise of my Father upon vou : 
tarry ye in the city of Jeru- 
salem, until ye be endued with 
power from on high. 

50 fl And be led them out »ae 
far as to Bethany : and he lifted 
up his hands, and blessed them. 

5 1 * And it came to pass, while 
he blessed them, he was parted 
from them, and carried up into 

68 f And they worshipped him, 
and returned to Jerusalem with- 
great joy: 

53 And ware continually »in 
the temple, praising and blessing 




— & _ 

bosom of tht 
lared him. 
the record of 
■ sent priests 
Jerusalem, to 

ssed, and de- 
sed, I ain not 

1 him r What 
lias ? And ho 
I thou » | that 
iswered, No. 
iy unto him, 
we may givo 
hat sent us. 
f thyself? 
the voice of 
way of the 
>phet Esaias. 
h were sent 


id him, and 
that Christ, 
at prophet ? 
hem, saying, 
fater : » but 
among you, 

coming after 
re me, whoso 
tot worthy to 

ere done t in 
irdan, whero 

ohn seeth Je- 
o, and saith, 
tb of God, 
iy the sin of 

rhom I said-, 
nan which is 
; for he was 

m not: but 
ide manifest 
am 1 com* 

record, say- 
L descending 
dove, and It 

not : but ho 
)aptize with, 
ia unto me, 
halt see the 
id remaining 
is he whicK 
oly Ghost, 
bare record, 
f God. 
Kt day aftaz, 
of his disci- 

The eoflbf g o/ -At***, J><t#r, ere. S. JOHN. 

X And looking upon Jesus m 
he walked, he with, f Behold the 
Lamb of God ! 

87 And the two disciples heard 
him speak, and they followed Je- 

88 Then Jeeue turned, and eaw 
them following', and saith unto 
them, What eeek ye 7 They said 
twin him, Rabbi, (which is to say, 
being interpreted, Master,) where 
Idwellest thou ? 

19 He saith unto them, Cope 
and see. They came and saw 
where he dwelt, and abode with 
him that day: for it waa 1 about 
the teuth hour. 

40 One of the two which heard 
John speak, and followed him, 
was * Andrew, Simon Peter's bro- 

41 He first findeth his own bro- 
ther Simon, and saith uino him, 
We have found the Messias; 
which is, being interpreted, (the 

48 And he brought him to Jesus. 
And when Jesus beheld him, he 
said, Thou art Simon the son of 
Joua: 'thou shalt be called Ce- 
phas- which is, by interpreta- 
tion, I a stone. 

43 IT The day following Jesus 
would go forth into Galilee, and 
findeth Philip, and saith unto 
him, Follow me. 

44 Now b Philip was of Bethsai- 
da, the city of Andrew and Peter. 

45 Philip findeth « Nathsnael, 
and saith unto bim. We have 
fouud him of whom *" Moses in 
the law, and the 'prophets, did 
write, Jesus /of Nazareth, the 
ton of Joseph. 

46 And Nathanael said unto 
him, *Can there any good thing 
Come out of Nazareth t Philip 
asith unto hun. Come and see. 

47 Jesus saw Nathanael coming 
to him, and saith of him, Behold 
• an Israelite indeed, in whom is 
no guile! 

48 Nathanael saith unto him, 
Wheuce kuowest thou me T Jesus 
answered and said unto him, Be- 
fore that Philip called thee, when 
thou wast under the fig-tree, I 
saw thee. 

49 Nathanael answered and 
■ailh unto him, Rabbi, • thou art 
the Son of God ; thou art * the 
King of Israel. 

50 Jesus answered and said unto 
him, Because 1 said unto thee, I 
saw thee under the fig-tree, be- 
lie vest thou } thou shall tea great- 
er things than these. 

51 And he saith unto him. Veri- 
ly, verily, I say unto you, 'Here- 
after ye shall see heaven open, 
and the angels of God ascending 
and descending upon the Son o? 

CHAP. n. 

1 ChriH tunmh water tef» m*m, IS 

Afvrutk fa* C**«nustsj, •%* to 


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CKritt Utrneth water Mo srtne. 

M , ••/ftayari m*d tain. 19 £ 
ftrtUBtth sis scat* and- rvaarr-scttta. 
39 Many betttvid b*c*uu o/ kit jatr- 
sefet, but he wMU mat tnuthiauttf 

AND the. third day there was 
a marriage in ■ Cana of Gali- 
lee ; and the mother of Jesus waa 

8 And both Jesua was called, 
and his disciples, to the marriage. 

3 Aud when they wanted wine, 
the mother of Jesus saith unto 
him. They have no wine. 

4 Jesus sai th unto her, & Woman, 
own at have I to do with fjpet 
d mine hour is not yet come. 

5 His mother saith unto the ser-. 
vants, Whatsoever he saith unts) 
you. dot/. 

6 And there were set there tax 
water-pots of stone, • after the 
manner of the purifying of the 
Jews, containing two or three fir- 
kins apiece. 

7 Jesus saith unto them, Fill the 
water-pots with water. Ana 
they filled them up to the brim. 

8 And he saith unto them, Draw 
out now, and bear unto the gov- 
ernor of the feast. And they 
bare if. 

9 When the ruler of the feast 
had tasted / the water that was 
made wine, and kuew uotwhenoe 
it was, (but the servants which 
drew the water knew,) the gov- 
ernor of the feast called the brulej- 

10 Aud saith unto him. Every 
man at the beginning doth sat 
forth good wine ; and when men 
have well drunk, then that which 
is worse : but thou hast kept the 
good wine until now. 

11 This beginning of miracle* 
did Jesus in Cana of Galilee, 
* and manifested forth bis glory; 
and his disciples believed on him. 

12 If After this he went down to 
Capernaum, he, and his mother* 
and * his brethren, and his disci- 
ples; and they coutiuued there 
not many days. 

13 IT i And the Jews' passovet 
was at hand, aud Jesus went up 
to Jerusalem, 

14 * Aud found in the temple 
those that sold oxet^ and sheep, 
and doves, and the changers it 
money, sitting : 

15 Aud when he had made A 
scourge of small cords, he drove 
them all out of the temple, and 
the sheep, and the oxen; and 
poured out the changers' money, 
and overthrew the tables; 

16 And said unto them that sold 
doves. Take these things hence x 
make not ' my Father's house an 
house of merchandise. 

17 And his disciples remember- 
ed that it was written, " The seal 
of thine house hatb eaten me up. 

W U Then answered the Je«% 


TJot nutmtty a/*« tg $ Mf ^ttom» 

and odd onto him, » What sign 
shewest thou unto as, seep? that 
thou doest these things ? 

19 Jesus answered and said un- 
to them, • Destroy this, temple, 
and in three days I will raise it 

K Then said the Jews, Forty 
and six years was this temple iu 
building, and will thou rear ii up 
in three dayst 

21 But ha spake 9 of the temple 
of his body. 

98 When therefore he was risen 
from the dead, this disciples re- 
membered that he bad said this 
untojfcem : and they believed the 
scripture, and the word which 
Jesus had said. 

83 IT Now when be was in Je- 
rusalem at the paasover, in the 
feast-day, many believed in his 
name, when they saw the mira- 
cles which he did. 

84 But Jesus did not commit 
himself unto them, because be 
knew all men, 

86 And needed not that any 
should testify of man: Cor 'he 
knew what was iu man. 

1 Okrit ttoekoth WhodMnu tU no- 
MMi/y of rggemoroUtm. 14 O/fitilh 
ta aw tooth. IS ft* trtmt to»« tf 
Bod knwdt tk» world. 18 Oondom- 
nation /or wmboliof. 83 Tk* bmpiism, 
«tfta*M, ond doctrin* of Jokn tun- 
coming Ckritt. 

THERE was a man of the 
Pharisees named Nicode- 
mus, a ruler of the Jews : 

8 « The same came to Jesus by 
night, and said unto him, Rabbi, 
we know that thou art a teacher 
come from God : for & uo man can 
do these miracles that thou doest, 
except sGod be with him. 

3 Jesus answered and said unto 
him, Verily, verily, I say unto 
thee, * Except a man be born 
| again, he cannot see the king- 
dom of God. 

4 Nicoderaus saith unto him. 
How can a man be born when lie 
is old 1 can he enter the second 
time into his mother's womb, and 
be born t 

6 Jesus answered, Verily, verily, 
I say unto thee, • Except a man 
be bom of water, and o/the Spir- 
it, he cannot enter into the king- 
dom of God. 

6 That which is bom of the flesh, 
is flesh; and that which is born 
of the Spirit, is spirit. 

7 Marvel not that I said unto 
thee, Y« must be bora I again. 

8 /The wind bloweth where it 
llsteth, and thou hearest the 
sound thereof, otffccanst not tell 
whence it comeUsyaud whither it 
>eih: so is every one that is 
_ >ni of the Spirit. 

9 Nicoderaus answered and said 
onto him, 'How can these things 


Born i 

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Ood*9 great hro to mntJHitd. 

10 Jesus answered and said ante) 
him, An thou a master of Israel, 
and knowest not these things f 

11 * Verily, verily, I say unto 
.thee, We apeak that we do know* 
and testify that we have seen; 
and < ye receive not our witness. 

18 Ir 1 have told you earthly 
things, and ye believe not, how 
shall ye believe if I tell you «/ 
heavenly things 1 

13 And * no man hath ascended 
up to heaven, but be that earn* 
down from heaven, even the Son. 
of mau which is in heaven. 

14 If 'And as Moses lifted np 
the serpeut in the wilderness, 
even so » must the Son of man bs 
lifted up : 

15 That whosoever believeth in 
him should not perish, but * have) 
eternal life. 

16 ff 'For God so loved the 
world, that he gave his ouly be- 
gotten Son, that whosoever be- 
neveth in lura, should not perish, 
but have everlasting life. 

17 * For God sent not his Son 
into the world to condemn the 
world, but that the world through 
him might be saved. 

18 TT v He that believeth on him, 
is not condemned: but he that 
believeth not, is condemned al- 
ready, because he hath not be- 
lieved in the name of the only 
begotten Son of God. 

19 And this ia the condemna- 
tion, r that light is come into the 
world, and men loved darkness 
rather than light, because their 
deeds were evil. 

80 For < every one that doeth 
evil hateth the light, neither com- 
eth to the light, lest his deeds 
should be I reproved. 

81 But he that doeth truth, Com- 
eth to the light, that his deeds 
may be made manifest, that they 
are wrought in God. 

83 IT After these things cam* 
Jesus and his disciples into the 
land of Judea; and there he tar. 
ricd with them, * and baptized. 

93 TT And John also was bapti- 
zing iu iEnon, near to * Safiin, 
because there was much water 
there; 'and they came, and 
were baptised. 

84 For » John was not yet cast 
into prison. 

85 ft Then there arose a ques- 
tion between come of John's dis- 
ciples and the Jews, about puify- 

89 And they came unto John, 
and said unto him, Rabbi, ha 
that was with thee beyond Jor- 
dan, * to whore thou bearest wit- 
ness, behold, the same baptize th, 
and all men come to him. 

87 John answered and said, • A 
man can I receive nothing, ex- 
cept it be given him from heaven. 

88 Ye yourselves bear mo wit- 
nass,that 1 said, » I am not ilk 

VI ^ 


Christ taOttth wUh 

Christ, but • that I am sent before 

39 * He that hath the bride, U 
the bridegroom : but • the friend 
of the bridegroom, 'which stand- 
eth and heareth him, rejoiceth 
greatly, because of the bride- 
groom's voice : this my Joy there- 
Tore is fulfilled. 

80 Re must increase, but I mutt 

31 /He that cometh from above 
•"is above all: »be that is of the 
earth is earthly, and speaketli of 
the earth : 'he that cometh from 
heaven is above all. 

18 And * what be hath seen and 
heard, that he testifieth ; and bo 
man receiveth his testimony. 

33 He that hath received his tes- 
timony, t hath set to his seal that 
God is true. 

84 "For he whom God hath 
■ent, speaketh the words of God : 
for God g-iveth not the Spirit "by 
measure unto him. 

35 °The Father loveth the Son 
and hath given all things into his 

■36 • He that believeth on the 
Son hath everlasting life : and he 
that believeth not the Son, shall 
■ot see life : but the wrath of God 
abide th ou him. 


1 ChrUt tmtkotk wfta a women of**mn- 

Ha, ond rntmUtk kiauolf unto hit. 

87 Hit ditdplti narvtf. 81 A do- 
elmrtth to lam kit momt tt Ood'i 
ffara. 80 JsTsajr BouriMW Mass 
tmkm. 43 H» d tn oH o t k into 0mH- 
!•«, end Xtmltth tko rnUr't ton that 
tap tick m\t Gm\p4ni(fvni* 
TITHEN therefore the Lord 

» ▼ knew how the Pharisees had 
heard that Jesus made and 'bap- 
tized more disciples than Joho, 

9 (Though Jesus himself bapti- 

sed not, but his disciples.) 
3 He left Judea, and de] 
again into Galilee. 

I And he must needs go through 

5 Then cometh he to a city of 
Samaria, which is called Sychar. 
near to the parcel of ground » that 
Jacob gave to his son Joseph. 

6 Now Jacob's well was there. 
Jesus therefore being wearied 
with hu journey, sat thus on the 
well : and it was about the sixth 

7 There cometh a woman of Sa- 
maria to draw water : Jesus saith 
unto her, Give me to drink. 

8 (For his disciples were gone 
awav unto the city to buy meat.) 

9 Then saith the woman of Sa- 
maria unto him, How is it that 
thou, being a Jew, aakest drink 
of me, which am a woman of Sa- 
maria? for «the Jews have no 
dealings with the Samaritans. 

10 Jesus answered and said unto 
her. 1/ Uiou knewest the gift of 
God, and who it is that saith to 
tjoe. Give me to drink; thou 

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Wooldetthave ashed of him, an* 
he would have given thee 'Jiving 

11 The woman saith unto hint, 
Sir, thou hast nothing to draw 
with, and the well is deep : from 
whence then hast thou that living 

19 Art thou greater than our fa- 
ther Jacob, which gave us the 
well, and drank thereof himself, 
and his children, and his cattle 7 

13 Jesus answered and said unto 
her, Whosoever drinkclh of thia 
water, shall thirst again: 

14 But 'whosoever drinketh of 
the water that I shall give him, 
shall never thirst; hut the water 
that I shall give him, /shall be in 
him a well or water springing up 
into everlasting life. 

15 'The woman saith unto him. 
Sir, give me this water, that I 
thirst not, neither come hither to 

16 Jesoe saith unto her, Go call 
thy husband, and come hither. 

17 The woman answered and 
said, I have no husband. Jesus 
said unto her, Thou hast well 
said, T have no husband : 

18 For thou hast had five hus- 
bands, and he whom thou now 
hast, is not thy husband : in that 
saidst thou truly. 

19 The woman saith unto him, 
Sir, 61 perceive that thou art a 

20 Our fathers worshipped il 
<this mountain; and ye say, that 
in * Jerusalem is the place where 
men ought to worship. 

SI Jesuveaith unto her, Woman, 
believe me, the hour cotnetb, 
'when ye shall neither in this 
mountain, no* yet at Jerusalem, 
worship the Father. 

99 Ye worship **ye know not 
what: we know what we wor. 
ship, for "salvation is of the 

S3 But the hour cometh, and 
now is, when the true worship- 
pers shall worship the Father in 
"spirit J»and in truth: for the 
Father seeketh such to worship 

84 ?God it a Spirit: and they 
that worship him, must worship 
Aim in spirit and in truth. 

95 The women saith nnto htm, 
I know that Messia* comethf 
which is called Christ ; when he 
is come, ' he will tell us all things. 

96 Jesus saith untn her, •! that 
sneak Unto thee am Ac. 

97 IT And upon this came hie 
'disciples, and marvelled that he 
talked with the woman: yet no 
man said, WhaMeekest thou 1 oi. 
Why talkest thWwith herl 

98 The woman then left net 
water-pot, and went her way 
into the eity, and saith to the 

JW Come, see a man * which toM 

CfcHstAeofeA 4* rvkrU ton. 

L4id. is 

«t**ll thing* that ev«r 
not this the Christ f 

30 Then they went out or the 
ekv, and came unto him. 

81 If In the mean while his dii 
eiples prayed hire, saying, Mas- 
ter, eat. 

39 But he said unto them, I 
have meat to eat that ye know 
not of. 

33 Therefore said the disciples 
one to another, Hath any man 
brought him aught to eat f 

34 Jesus saith unto them, * My 
meat is to do the will of hire that 

, sent me, and to finish his work. 
36 Say not ye, There are yet 
four months, and then comeih 
harvest I behold, J say unto you, 
Lift up your eyes, and look on the 
fields; *for they are white al- 
ready to harvest. 

36 ' And he that reapeth receir- 
etli wages, and gathereth fruit 
unto lite eternal: that both he 
that soweth, and he that reapeth, 
may rejoice together. 

37 And herein is that saying 
(rue, One soweth, and another 

38 I sent you to reap that where- 
on ye bestowed no labour : other 
men laboured, and ye are entered 
into their labours. 

3d If And many of the Samari- 
tan* of that city believed on him 
* for the saying of the woman, 
which testified. He told me all 
that ever I did. 

40 So when the Samaritans were 
come unto him, they besought 
him that he would tarry with 
them: and he abode there two 

41 And many more believed, 
because of bis own, word; 

43 And said unto the woman. 
Now we believe, not because of 
thy saying : for * we have hetird 
him ourselves, and know thai 
this is indeed the Christ, the Sa- 
viour of the world. 

43 fl Now after two days he 
departed thence, and went iuto 

44 For o Jesus himself testified, 
that a prophet hath no honour 
in his own country. 

45 Then when he was come into 
Galilee, the Gulileans received 
him, » having seeu all the things 
that he did at Jerusalem at the 
feast : * for they also weot unto 
the feast. 

46 So Jesus cam* again into 
Cana of Galilee, • where he made 
the water wine. And there was 
a certain | nobleman, whose son 
was sick at Capernaum. 

47 When- he heard that Jesus 
was come out of Judea into Gali- 
lee, he went unto him, and be- 
sought him that he would come 
down, and hew his son: for he 
was at the point of death. 

# VS*« said Jesus unto biro, 


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/JBvopt ye see sums and won- 
ders, ve will not believe. 
49 The nobleman saith unto him, 
Sir, come down ere my child die. 

60 Jesus saith unto him, Go thy 
way: thy son liveth. And the 
man believed the word that Jesus 
had spoken unto him, and he 
went bis way. 

61 And as he was now golae 
down, his servants met him, and 
told him, saying, Thy son liveth. 

53 Then inquired he of them the 
hour when be began to amend. 
And they said unto him. Yester- 
day at the seventh hour the fever 
left him. 

63 So the father knew that it 
vat at the same hour, in the 

which Jesus said unto him. Thy 
son liveth: and himself believed, 
and his whole house. 

64 This it again the second 
miracle that Jesus did, when he 
was come out of Judea into Gali- 

1 Jenu an tht sobbe-th-daf eureth him 
that m dieeated tight and thine 
ftart. 10 Tht Jew therefor* caeO, 
and pereeeute hint for it. 17 He am- 
iwereth for himtetf, emi repronth 
thtm, ekewing op i he teetimem* of hit 
father, 93 tf John, 36 of hie worts. 
SB end of the tcripturet, »ho he u. 

AFTER. ' this there was a feast 
of the Jews : and Jesus went 
up to Jerusalem. 
8 Now there is at Jerusalem, 
° by the sheep I market, a pool, 
which is called in the Hebrew 
tongue, Belhesda, having five 

3 In these lay a great multitude 
of impotent folk, of blind, halt, 
withered, waiting for the moving 
of the water. 

4 For an angel went down at a 
certain season into the pool, and 
troubled the water : whosoever 
then first after the troubling of 
the water stepped in, was made 
whole of whatsoever disease he 

6 And a certain man was there, 
which had an infirmity thirty and 
eight years. 

6 When Jesus saw him lie, and 
knew that he had been now a long 
time in thai case, he saith uuto 
him, Wilt thou be made whole ? 

7 The impotent man answered 
lim, Sir, 1 have no man, wMen 

the water is troubled, to put me 
into the pool: but while I am 
coming, another steppeth down 
before me. 

8 Jesus saith unto him, cJUse, 
take up thy bed, and walk. 

9 Ana immediately the man was 
made whole, and took up his bed, 
and walked: and 'on the same 
day was the sabbath. 

10 ft The Jews therefore said 
unto him that was cured, It is 
the sabbath-day ; • it is not law- 
ful for thee to carry thy bed. 

81 * 

- II He answered them, He that 
made me whole, the Mine Mid 
unto me. Take up thy bed, and 

11 Then naked they him, What 
man is that which Mid unto thee. 
Take up thy bed, and walk ? 

II And he that was healed wist 
not who it was: for Jesus had 
conveyed himself away, I a mul- 
titude being- in that place. 

14 Afterward Jesus (tndetb him 
in the temple, and mid unto him, 
Behold, thou art made whole : 
/sin no more, lest a worse thing 
come unto thee. 

16 The mau departed, and told 
the Jews that it was Jesus which 
had made him whole. 

16 And therefore did the Jews 
■persecute Jesus, and sought to 
slay him, because he had done 
these things on the sabbath-day. 

17 If But Jesus answered them, 
'My Father worketh hitherto, 
and I work. 

18 Therefore the Jews » sought 
the more to kill him, because he 
not only had broken the sabbath, 
but said also, that God was his 
Father, •' making himself equal 
with God. 

19 Then answered Jesus, and 
said unto them, Verily, verily, I 
ny unto you, * The Son can do 
nothing of himseir, but what he 
seelh the Father do: for what 
things soever he doeth, these also 
doeth the Son likewise. 

SO For 'the Father lovelh the 
Bon, and sheweth him nil things 
that himself doeth : and he will 
•hew him greater works than 
these, that ye may marvel. ' 

81 For as the Father raiseth up 
the dead, and quickeneth them ; 
••even so the Son quickeneth 
whom he will. 

SO For the Father judgeth no 
man ; but * hath committed all . 
judgment onto the Son : 

S3 That all mm should honour 
the Sou, even as they honour the 
Father. «He that honoureth not 
the Son, honoureth not the Fa- 
ther which hath sent him. 

24 Verily, verily, I My unto you. 
pHe that beareth my word, and 
believeth on him that sent me, 
bath everlasting life, and shall 
not come into condemnation; 
« but is passed from death unto 

85 Verily, verily, I My unto you, 
The hour is coming, and now is, 
when ''the dead shall hear the 
voice of the Son of God: and 
they that hear shull live. 

S6 For as the Father hath life 
in himself, so hath he giveu to 
the Son to have life in himself; 

17 And * hath given him autho- 
rity to execute judgment also, 
I because he is the Son of man. 

28 Marvel not at this: for the 
hour la coming, iu the winch all 

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that w*e m the graves shall hear 
his voice, 

19 « And shall come forth ; 
* they that have done good, unto 
the resurrection of life ; and they 
that have don* evil, unto the rea- 
urrection of damnation. 

10 vl can of mine own self do 
nothing 1 aa I hear, I judge : and 
my judgment is just ; because * I 
seek not mine own will, but the 
will of the Father which hafeh 

31 • If I bear witness of myself, 
my witness is not true. 

31 fl • There is another that 
beareth witness of me, and I 
know that the witness which ha 
witnesselh of me is true. 

83 Ye sent unto John, • and he 
bare witness unto the truth. 

34 But I receive not testimony 
from man: but them things I 
My, that ye might be Mved. 

85 He was a burning and 'a 
shining li/rht: and • ye were wdl- 
ing for a season to rejoice in hia 

86 If But /I have #»reater wit- 
ness than that of John : for * the 
works which the Father hath 
given me to finish, the same 
works that I do, bear witness of 
me, that the Father hath sent 

37 And the Father himself which 
hath sent me, *hath borne wit- 
new of me. Ye have neither 
heard his voice at any timet » nor 
seen his shape. 

38 And ye have not bis word 
abiding in you : for whom -be 
bath sent, him ye believe not. 

39 H * Search the scriptures ; 
for in them ye think ye have eter- 
nal life: And 'they ate they 
which testify of me. 

40 «■ And ye will not come to 
me, that ye might have life. 

41 «i receive uoth '■ 

48 But I know yon, that ye have 
not the love of God in you. 

43 lam come in my Father's 
name, and ye receive me not: if 
another shall come in bis earn 
name, him ye will receive. 

44 • How can ye believe, which 
receive honour one of another, 
and seek not Jibe honour that 
cotmth from God only 1 

46 Do not think that 1 will ac- 
cuse you to the Father : 1 Uiere 
is ens that accuseth you, earn 
Moses, in whom ye trust. 

46 For had ye believed Moses, 
re would have believed me: 'fee 
is wrote of ma. 

47 But if ye believe not hia wri- 
tings, bow shall ye believe my 
words I 


1 Okrbtf-iHkjtn thou** mm a*a 

Jtw io«s«t mmd two Jkkm. ia ?•*•*. 

asoa aw pmpU «n*M kmt mm** ana 

«***. 18 Bmi wiUutnwng *mmW* 

eMHJMbthA* tkoutand. 
Htnattd mtktsmto sw dgiefcfct 

90 rtprtmUh thi ftopl* JhdHng mfUt 
km, mid ma fa«/«fMy torn* •/ kit 
uord : 8* tfadsreth Mm»iV to 6s M« 
6r«*l «/ Jtf* to tofltetw?*. M Mwi 

4i*eipl** 4*p»rt from 

tanftttotk Mm. TO J 

AFTER « these things Jesua 
■**■ went over the tea or Galilee, 
«which i» the ant of Tiberias. 

S And a great multitude follow- 
ed him, because they saw hismir- 
acles' which he did ou them that 
were diseased. 

t And Jesus went up into a 
mouutain, and there he sat with 
Jus disciples. 

4 * And the passover, a feast of 
the Jews, was nigh. 

5 If c When Jesus then lifted up 
Hi$ eyes, and saw a great com- 
pany come unto him, he saith 
unto Philip, Whence shall we buy 
bread that these may eatt 

6 (And this he said to prove 
hiin : for he himself knew what 
he would do.) 

7 Philip answered^ him, * Two 
hundred pennyworth of bread is 
not sufficient for them, that every 
one of them may take a little. 

8 One of his disciples,* Andrew, 
Simon Peter's brother, saith unto 

9 There is a lad here, Which 
bath live barley-loaves, and two 
■mall fishes: • but what are they 
among so many 1 

10 And Jesus said, Make the 
men sit down. (Now there was 
much grass in the place.) So the 
men sal down iu number about 
live thousand. 

11 And Jesus took the loaves; 
and when he had given thanks, 
he distributed to the disciples, 
and the disciples to them that 
were set down ; and likewise of 
the fishes, as much as.thev would. 

12 Wheu they were titled, he 
said unto his disciples, Gather 
up the fragments that remain, 
that uothing be lost. 

13 Therefore they gathered them 
together, and filled twelve bas- 
kets with the fragments of the five 
barley-loaves, which remained 
over and above unto them that 
bad eaten. 

14 Then those men, when they 
had seen the miracle that Jesua 
did, said, This is of a truth/ that 
Prophet that should come into the 

> U fl When Jesus therefore per- 
ceived that they would come and 
take him by force, to make him a 
king 1 , he departed again into a 
mountain himself alone. 

15 * And when even was note 
some, his disciples went down 
unto the sen, 

17 And entered into a ship, and 
went over the sea toward Caper- 
naum. And it was now dark, 
and Jesus was not come to 

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18 And the sea awes by reason 
of a great wind that blew. 

19 Bo when they had rowed 
about five and twenty or thirty 
furlong*, they see Jesus wailing 
on the sea, and drawing nigh un- 
to the shfp: and they were afraid. 

10 But he saith unto then. It n 
I ; be not afraid. 

91 Then they willingly received 
him into the ship: and immedi- 
ately the ship was at the land 
whither they went. 

S3 IT The day following, when 
the people which stood on the 
other side of the sea saw that 
there was none other boat there, 
save that one whereinto his disci- 
ples were entered, and that Jesus 
went not with hie disciples into 
the boat, but thai his disciples 
were gone away alone ; 

S3 (Hewbeit there came other 
boats from Tiberias nigh unto the 

place where they did eat bread, 
after that the X>or<" ' " 

after that the "Lord had given 

24 When the people therefore 
saw that Jesua was not there, 
neither his disciples, they also 
took shipping, and came to Ca 
pernaum, seeking for Jesus. 

25. And when they had found 
hira-ott the other side of the sea, 
they said unto him, Rabbi, when 
earnest thou hither } 

26 Jesus- answered them and 
said, VeriTy, verily, I say unto 
you, Ye seek me, not- because ye 
saw the miracles, but because ye 
did eat of the loaves, and were 

27 f Labour not for the meat 
which perisheth, but *for that 
meat which endureth unto ever- 
lasting life, which the Son of man 
shall give unto you: <for him 
hath God the Father sealed. 

28 Then said they unto him, 
What shall we do, that we might 
work the works of God 7 

29 Jesus answered and »iid unto 
them, * This is the work of God, 
that ye believe on him whom he 
hath sent. 

30 They said therefore unto him, 
' What sign shewest thou then, 
that we may see, and believe thee ? 
what dost thou work 1 

31 "» Our fathers did eat manna 
in the desert; as it is writteu, 
» He gave them bread from heav- 
en to eat. 

32 Then Jesus said unto them, 
Verily, verily, I say unto you, JsV 
bcs gave you not that bread from 
heaven ; but my Father givetii 
you the true bread from heaven. 

33 .For the bread of God is he 
whtcn cometh down from heaven, 
and gireth life unto the world. 

34 'Then said they unto him. 
Lord, evermore give us litis 

85 And Jesus said unto them, 
!>i am the bread of life; v ha that 

Cometh to me, shall never hunger ; 
and he that believeih on me, 
•hall never thirst. 

36 ' But 1 said unto you, That 
yo also hare seen me, and believe 


37 »A11 that the Father giveth 
.me, shall come to me ; and ' him 

that cometh to me, I will in mo 
wise cast out. 

38 for I came down from heav- 
en, "not to do mine own will, 
* but the will of him that sent me- 

39 And this is the Father's will 
wh'ch hath sent me, 9 that of all 
which he hath given me, I should 
lose nothing, but should raise it 
an again at the last day. 

40 And this is the will of him* 
that sent me, 'that every one 
wiiich seeth the Son, and believ- 
eih on him, may haye everlasting 
life : and 1 will raise him up at 
the last day. 

41 The Jews then murmured at 
him, because be said, I am the 
bread which came down from 

42 And they eaid, «Is not this 
Jesus the son of Joseph, whose 
father and mother we know 1 how 
is it then that he saith, 1 came 
down from heaven 1 

43 Jesus therefore answered and 
said unto them, Murmur not 
among 1 yourselves. 

44 "> No man can come to me, 
except the Father which hath 
sent me draw him: and I will 
raise him up at the last day. 

45 « It is written in the pro- 
phets. And ihey shall be all (aught 
of God * Every man therefore 
that hath heard, and hath learned 
of the Father, cometh unto me. 

46 • Not that any man hath 
seen the Father, /save he which 
is of God, he hath seen the Fa- 

47 Verily, verily, I aay unto 
tou, ' He that believeth oa me 
jalh everlasting life. 

48 * I am that bread of lire. 

49 i Your fathers did eat manna 
In the wilderness, and are dead. 

50 «Thia is the bread which 
cometh down from heaven, that 
a man may eat thereof, and not 

61 I am the living bread ' which 
came down frontneavcn: if any 
man eat of this bread, he shall 
live for ever: and ■» the bread that 


1 will give is my flesh, which I 
will ari ve for the life of the world. 
53 The Jews therefore "strove 

among themselves, saying, *How 
can this man give us hit flesh to 
53 Then Jesus said unto them, 
Verily, verily, I say unto you, 

Rxeept » ye eat the flesh 
Son of man. and drink his blood, 
*e have no life in you. 
54 ff Whoso eateUt my flesh, and 
dnnkeih my blood, hath eternal 


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Ptttr't cottfmton o/ GkretC 

life: and I will raise him up at 
'the last day. 

55 For my flesh is meat indeed, 
and my blood is drink indeed. 

56 He that eateth my flesh, and 
drinketh my blood, 'dwelleth in 
me, and I iu him. 

57 As the living Father hath 
sent me, and I five by the Fa- 
ther: so he that eatoth me, even 
he shall live by me. 

58 *Tliis is that bread whfch 
came down from heaven : not aa 
your fathers did eat manna, and 
are dead: he that catcth ot this 
bread shall live for ever.* 

59 These things said be in the 
synagogue, as Tie taught iu Ca- 

60 * Many therefore of his disci- 
ples, when they had heard thiB, 
said. This is an hard saying; who 
can hear it? 

61 When Jesus knew in himself 
that his disciples murmured at it, 
he said unto them, Doth this 
offend you 1 

68 « What and if ye shall see 
the Son of man ascend up where 
he was before T 

63 'It is the Spirit that quicken - 
eth; the flesh proflteth nothing: 
the words that! speak unto you, 
they are spirit, and they are life. 

64 But r there are some of you 
that believe not. For * Jesus 
knew from the beginning who 
they were that believed not, and 
who should betray him. 

65 And he said, Therefore « said 
I unto you, that no man can come 
unto me, except it were given 
unto him of my Father. 

66 IT "> From that time many of 
his disciples went back, ami 
walked no more with him. 

67 Then said Jesus unto (he 
twelve, Will ye also go awayt 

68 Then Simon Peter answered 
him, Lord, to whom shall we go f 
tnou hast « die words of eternal 

69 * And we believe, and are 
sure that thou art that Christ, the 
Son of ihe living God. 

70 Jesus answered them, • Have 
not Tchosen yon twelve, /and one 
of you is a devil t 

71 He spake of Judas Iscariot 
the ton of Simon : for he it wat 
that should betray him, being one 
of the twelve. 



ttk$J—**t tastrae- 
!.• 14 Mortal* sa fas fsstsfc. 03 
Dnen opinion* of Mm ufiumg U* 
people. ' 46 The fheri—u or* «ajr» 
that their officer* toe* him met, emd 
ait* ofta Stuedemme fur taMa* Ms 

AFTER these things Jesua 
walked in Galilee: for he 
would not walk in* Jewry, •be- 
cause the Jows sought to kill him. 

t • Wow the Jews' feet of tab- 
ernacles was at hand. _ 

t «His brethren therefore said 
anto him. Depart hence, and go 
Wo Judea, that thy diaeiplee also 
may eee the worka that thou 

4 For then it no man that doeth 
any thing in secret, end he him- 
self leekeih to be known openly. 
If thou do these thing*, shew thy- 
self to the world. 

6 ( For * neither did his brethren 
believe in him.) 

6 Then Jesus said unto them, 
• My time is not yet come: bin 

your time is always reedy. 
7 /The world cannot hate yon; 
but me it hetetb. * becaus* I u-e- 
tify of it, that the works thereof 
are evil. 

8 Go ye up unto this feast : I go 
not up yet unto this feast; » lor 
my time is not yet full come. 

9 When he bad said these words 
unto them, he abode etili in Gali- 

10* IT But when his brethren were 
gone up, then went be also up 
uuto the feast, not openly, but as 
it were in secret. 

11 Then 'the Jews sought htm 
at the feast, and said. Where is 
be 1 

19 And * there was much mur- 
muring among the people con- 
cerning him : Tor 'some said. He 
is a good man : others said, N*y ; 
but be deceiveth the people. 

IS Howbeit, no man snake open- 
ly of him, "for fear of the Jew*. 

14 IT Now about the midst ol 
the (east, Jesus went up into the 
temple and taught. 

15 "And the Jews marvelled, 
saying, How knowelh this man 
| letters, having never learned ? 

18 Jesus answered them, ami 
said, • My doctrine is not mine, 
out his that sent me. 

17 P If any man will do his will, 
he shall know of the doctrine, 
Whether it be of God, or whether 

I speak of myself. 

__ «He that speaketh of him- 
self, seeketh his own glory: but 
be that seeketh his glory that 
sent him, the same is true, and no 
unrighteousness is in him. 

19 'Did not Moses give you the 
"law, and yet none of you keepetli 
the lawl 'Why go ye about to 
kill met 

SO The people answered' and 
•aid, * Thou hast a devil : who 
goeth about to kill thee t 
-ft Jesus answered and said unto 
them. I have done one work, and 
ye all marvel. 

ft « Moses therefore gave unto 
you circumcision, (not because it 
Is of Moses, • but of the fathers;) 
and ye on the sabbath-day cir- 

98 If a man on the sabbath-day 
receive circusaoisiou, I that the 

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law of Moees shotdd not be bro- 
ken ; are ye angry at me, because 
v I have made a man every whit 
whole on the sabbath-day I 
M 'Judge not according to the 
appearance, but judge righteous 


tVThen said some of them of 
Jerusaiem. Is not this he whom 
they seek to kill 1 

to But lo, he speakelh boldly, 
and they say nothing uuto hini. 
• Po the rulers know indeed that 
this is the very Christ ? 

If Hinwbeit, we know this man, 
whence he is: but when Christ 
cometh, no man knowelh whence 
he is. 

$8 Then cried Jesus in the tem- 
ple, as he taught, saying;, ° Ye 
both know roe, and ye know 
whence I am: end 'I era not 
come of myself, but be that sent 
me 'is true, /whom ye know nor. 

89 But '1 know him; for I am 
from him, and he hath sent me. 

10 Then *they sought to take 
him ; but * no man laid hands On 
him, because bis hour was uot yet 

31 And 'many of the people be- 
lieved on him, and said, When 
Christ cometh, will he do more 
miracles than these which this 
man hath donel 

89 fi The Pharisees heard that 
the people murmured such things 
concerning him : and the Phari- 
sees and the chisf prieats sent 
officer* to take him. 

81 Then said Jesus unto them, 
'Yet a little while am I viih 
you, end then I go unto him (hat 
sent me. 

34 Ye * shall seek me, and shall 
not find me: and where 1 am. 
thither ye cannot come. 

35 Then said the Jews among 
themselves, Whither will he go, 
that we shall not find him? will 
he go unto »the dispersed among 
the | Gentiles, and teach the-Gen- 

86 What manner of saying is 
this that he said, Ye shall seek 
me, and shall not find me : and 
where I am, thither ye cannot 

37 o In the last day, that great 
day of the feast, Jesus stood and 
cried, saying, y If any man thirst, 

let him come unto me, and drink. 

18 « He that believe th on me, as 
the scripture hath said, r ont of 
bis belly shall flow rivers of living 

89 (»But this spake he of the 
8pint, which they that believe on 
him should receive, for the Holy 
Ghost was not yet«it*n, because 
that Jesus was not yet f gtorinedO 

40 tf Many of the people there- 
fore, when tbey heard this say- 
ing, said. Of a truth this is « the 

41 Others said, 'This is the 


The adulter*** dehvered. 

Christ. But some taid, Shall 
Christ come t> out of Galilee? 

43 * Hath not the scripture said, 
That Christ cometh of the seed 
*f David, and out of the town of 
Bethlehem, "where David was ? 

48 So » there was a division 
among the people because of him. 

44 And 'some of them would 
have taken him; but no man laid 
hands on him. 

45 IT Then came the officer* to 
the chief priests and Pharisees ; 
and they said unto them, Why 
have jre not brought him ? 

46 The officers answered, * Nev- 
er man spake like this man. 

47 Then answered them the 
Pharisees, Are ye also deceived 1 

48 ' Have any of the rulers, or 
of the Pharisees believed on hunt 

49 Bat this people who knoweth 
not the law are cursed. 

50 Nicodemas saith unto them, 
(/he that came tto Jesus by 
nirht, being one of them,) 

51 ' Doth our law Judge any man 
before it hear him, and know what 

53 They answered and said unto 
him, Art thou also of Galilee 1 
Search, and look: for 'out of 
Galilee ariseth no prophet. 

58 And every man went onto his 
own house. 

chap. vm. 

1 CXrist deUttntk tk$ smimUmvi 
mtutttrf. 13 AftfWKk** Mmnff 
flb« tight <tf t\* world, end juttifitth 
" J - '-—-•-- — -— ft M« Jew* 

8, JOHN. 

•ft*** Mmatlffnm Iftftir enutty. 

JESUS went unto the mount of 
Olives t 
1 And early in the morning 1 he 
came again into the temple, and 
all the people came unto him; 
'and he sat down and taught 

3 And the scribes and Pharisees 
brought unto him a woman taken 
in adultery: and when they had 
set her in the midst, 

4 They say unto him, Master, 
this woman was taken in adul- 
tery, in the rery act. 

5 « Now Moses in the taw com- 
manded us, that such should be 
stoned ; but what sayest thou t 

6 This they said, tempting him, 1 
that they might nave to accuse 
him. But Jesns stooped down, 
and with Ate finger wrote on the 
ground, at though as heard them 

7 So when they continued ask- 
ing him, he lifted up himself, and 
said unto them, *He that irwith- 
out sin among you, let him first 
cast a stone at her. 

8 And again he stooped down, 
and wrote on the ground. 

9 And they which heard if, 'be- 
ing convicted by their own con- 
science, went out one by one, be- 
fjimuug at the eldest, earn unto 


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I If -I 

S"<vs # ._ 

judge no man, 


the last : and Jesus was left alone, 
'and' the woman standing in the 

10 When Jesus had lifted up 
himself, and saw none but the 
woman, he said unto her, Wo- 
man, where are those thine ac- 
cusers? hath no man condemned 

tl She said. No man, Lord. 
And Jesus said unto her, * Neither 
do I condemn thee: go, and 'sin 

.. Then spake Jesns again 
unto them, saying, /I am the 
light' of the world: he that fol- 
loweth me shall not walk in dark- 
ness, but shall have the light of 

13 The Pharisees therefore said 
unto him, 'Thou bearest record 
of thyself; thy record is not true. 

14 Jesus answered and •aiduuto 
(hero, Though 1 bear record of 
myseir, yet my record is true : 
for I know whence 1 came, and 
whither I go : but * ye cannot 
tell whence I come, and whither 

Judge after the flesh, * 1 
iuugc iiu man. 

16 And yet if I Judge, my judg- 
ment is true : for ' I am not aloue, 
but 1 and the Father that sent 

17 * It is also written in your 
law, that the testimony of two 
men is true. 

18 1 am one that bear witness 
of myself; and "the Father thai 
sent me, beareth witness of me. 

19 Then said they unto him. 
Where is thy Father t Jesus an- 
swered, »Ye neither know me, 
nor my Father : * if ye had known 
me, ye should have known my 
Father also. 

80 These words spake Jesus in 
7 the" treasury, as be taught in the 
temple : and r no man laid hands 
on bun, for 'his hour was not yet 

SI Then said Jesus again unte> 
them, I go my way, ana < ys shall 
seek me. and * shall die in you* 
sins: whither I go, ye cannot 

11 Then saii the Jews. Will he 
kill himself? because be aaiih. 
Whither 1 go, ye cannot coma. 

13 And he said unto them, * Ya 
are from beneath: .1 am from 
above: Pre are or this world; 1 
am not of this world. 

94 «1 said therefore onto yea, 
(hat ye shall die in your sum: 
• for if ye believe not that I am 
he, ye shall die in your sins. 

15 Then said they uuto him. 
Who art thou? And Jesns saith 
unto them. Even the same that I 
said unto you from the begin- 

16 I have many things to say, 
and to judge of you : bnt She that 
sent roe, is true j and • 1 speak to 


bo world thorn things which i 
■reheard of him. 

When ye hare * lifted 1 

Kiuao, • then shall ye 

17 They understood not that at 
•pake to them of the' Father. 
.18 Then, said Jams unto them, 


know that 

, nothing* of 

myself; bat 'umjr Father hath 
taught me, I weak them things. 

19 And » be that tent me U with 
me : -t the Father hath not left me 
•lone; "for I do always Umm 
thing* that pteaae him. 

IB Aii he spake than words, 
/many believed on bim. 
.$1 Then said Jesus to thorn 
Jews which believed on him, If 
go continue in my word, then am 
ye my disciples indeed ; 

82 And ye shall know the truth, 
and ■•the truth shall make yon 

13 If They answered him, « We 
be Abraham's seed, and wen nev- 
er in bondage to any man : how 
sayest thou, Y« snail be made 

34 Jesus answered them, Verily, 

„ „ itteth i 

vaoAof sin. 

verily, I say unto you, • ' 
ever committeth sin, is the i 

. U And » the servant abidoth 
not in the house for aver, but the 

H f If me Son therefore ehaU 
make you fne, ye shall be free in- 

17 I know that ye are Abra- 
ham's seed; but 'ye seek to kill 
me, I ■-" 

place in you. 

98 *\ sneak that which 1 have 
seen with my Father; and ye do 
that which ye have seen with 
your father. 

in They answered and said unto 
him, 'Abraham is our father. 

___j enith unto 
were Abraham's 


children, ye 
wouMi ao tne wonu of Abraham. 

.40 • Bat now ye seek to sill 
me, 'a man that hath told you the 
truth, 9 which I have heard of 
God: this did not Abraham, 

41 Ye do the deeds of your fa* 

' tr. Then said U»y to bim, 

r e be not born of fornication ; 

• we have one Father* even God. 

41 Jesus said unto them, • If God 
were your Father, ye would love 


came from J ' 

of myself, t 

4* 'Why do ye not understand 
my speech f even because ye can- 
not bear my word. 

44 • Ye are of your father tne 
devil, and the lusts of your lather 
ye will do : he was a murderer 
from tho baginning, and /abode 
not in the truth: because then is 
no truth m him. When he 
speaketh a lie, ha speaketh of bis 
own : for ha is a liar, and the 
famer of it. 

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45 And boeause I tall fo» th* 
truthjje believe me not. 

46 which of you convineoth ma 
of sin? And if I say the truth, 
why do ye not believe met 

47 'He that is of God, beareth 
God's words; ye therefore hear 
them not, because ye are not of 

48 Then answered the Jews* 
and said unto him, Say we not 
well that thou art a Samaritan, 
and >hasta devil % 

49 Jesus answersd, I have not a 
devil ; but I honour my Father, 
and ye do dishonour me. 

50 And <I seek not mine own 
glory: there is one that seeketh 

51 verily, verily, I eay unto yon, 
* If a man keep my saying, he 
shall never see death. 

59 Then said ths Jews unto him. 
Now we know that thou hast a 
devil. /Abraham is dead, ana 
the prophets; and thou sayest. 
If a man keep my saying, he shall 
never taste of death. 

53 Art thou greater than oar fa- 
ther Abraham,, which i» dead I 
and the prophets axe dead: 
whom makoet thou thyself 1 

54 Jesus answered, * If 1 hon- 
our myaelf, my honour is nothing : 
>* it is my Father that honoureth 
rue, of whom yo say, that he ie 
your God. 

65 Yet • ye have not known him: 
but I know bim: and if I should 
say, 1 know him not, 1 shall bs a 
liar like unto you : but I know 
him, and keep his saying. 

56 Your father Abraham t ror 
joiced to me my day: «nnd ho 
saw tt, and was glad. 

57 Than said the Jews' unto him, 
Thou art not yet fifty years old, 
and hast thou men Abraham ? 

56 Jesus said unto them, Verily, 
verily, I say .unto you, Befoso 
Abraham was, 'I am. 

59 Then »took they up stones to 
cast at him : but Jesus hid him- 
self, and went out of the temple, 
'going through the midst of 
them, and so passed by. 


i« passed by, ho 
wfiebwaa blind 

from hit birth. 

2 And his disciples asked him, 
sayingt Master, • who- did sin, 
this man, or his parents, that he 
was born blind 1 . 

S Jesus answered. Neither hath 

6 but that the works o 
be made manifest in him. , 

4 • I must work the works of 

Fae eaW rsnforecl-M right. 

Mm «Mt wnt om, wtiil* U itrtUy : 
the night cometb, whan no man 

6 As long as I urn in the world, 

* I am the light of the world. 
8 WLu he bad tfaua spoken, - 
ho spat on the ground, and made M« 

clay of the spittle, and ha I a- «•• 
noiiited the eyes of the blind man ** 
with the day, 

7 And aaid unto him. Go. wnih 
/in the pool of Siloam, (which is 

'by interpretation, Sent.) * He 
went his way therefore, and wash- 
ed, and came seeing. 

6 1T The neighbours therefore, 
and they which before had seen 
htm that he was blind, said. Is 
not this he that sat and begged ? 

• Some said, This is be : others 
•and, He ia like him : out he aaid, 
I am he. 

10 Therefore aaid they unto hhn. 
How were thine eyee opened f 

11 He answered and said, *A 
man that is called Jesus, made 
clay, and anointed mine eye*, 
and said unto me, Go to the pool 
of Siloam, and wash : and I went 
and washed, and I received eight. 

11 Then said they unto him, 
Where is be t Ho said, I know 

13 «J They brought to the Phari- 
sees him that aforetime was blind. 

14 And it was the sabbath-day 
when Jeaus made the «l«y, and 
opeued his eyes. 

« Then again the Pharisee* 
also asked him how be ha<k re- 
ceived his eight. He said Unto 
them, He put clay upon mine 
eyes, and I washed, ana do see. 

16 Therefore said some af the 
Pharisees, Thia man ia not of 
God, because he keepeth not the 
aabbatb-day. Others said, «How 
can a man that is a sinner do 
such miracles 1 And * them was 
a division among them. 

17 They say onto the Mind man 
again, What sayest thou of him, 
that he hath opened thine eyes f 
He aaid, < He is a prophet. 

18 But the Jews did not believe 
concerning him. that he had 
been blind, ana received his 
sight, until they called the pa- 
tents of him that had received 
his sight. 

19 And they asked them, eaying, 
Is this your son, who ye my was 
born blind 1 How then doth he 
now see ? 

10 His parents answered thtm 
and said, Wo know that this is 
our son, and that he was born 

• 21 But by what means he now 
teeth, we know not; or who hath 
opened his tjt^ we know not: he 
is of age: ask him: he shall 
•peak for himself. 

■ Them words spake hie pa- 
tents, because "they feared the 
•fcwnt for the Jews bad agreed 


fl JOiUI* Th* Pkwrttm T «ist itw *namiJ««*> 

already that if any man enst 
confess that be was Christ, fee) 
■ should be put out of the •ynav- 

1a Therefore mid his parent*. 
He is of ago; aak him. 

M Then again called they thai 
man that was blind, and mid un- 
to him, 'Give God the praise c 
P ere know that thia man is a em» 

86 He answered and mid, WboU 
tfunr he be a sinner or no, 1 knoW 
not: one thing I know, thaw 
whereas I was blind, now I see. 

86 Then said they to him again, 
What did he to thee 1 how open- 
ed he thine eyesf 

•7 He answered them, I have 

told you already, and ye did uoi 

hear : wherefore would ye hear it 

t will ye also be bis disci* 

18 Then they reviled him, and 
•aid. Thou art his disciple; bat 
we are Moses* disciples. 

•8 We know that God epakw 
unto Mows ; a* for this ftutm, 
* ere know not from whence he is. 

18 The man answered and said 
unto them, ' Why, herein is a 
marvellous thing, that ye know 
not from whence he is, and yet 
he hath -opened mine eyea. 

81 Now we know that 'God 
heareth not sinners: but if any 
man be a worshipper of God, mud 
doeth his will, him he heareth. 

88 Since the' world began was H 
not board that any man opened 
•the eyes <of on* that was born 

88 » If this man were net of Got], 
ho could do nothing. 

St They enawered and mid ante 
him. « Thou wast altogether bom 
in nine, and dost thou teach ua f 
And they I cast Mm out. 

86 Jesus beard that they bad 
east him out : and when he had 
found hhn, he sakl unto him. 
Dost- thou believe on « the Son 
or God f 

86 He answered and mid, Who) 
is he, Lord, that I might beHev* 

87 And Jesus said unto hi 
Thou hast both seen him, at 
9 h ia he that lalketh with thee. 

88 And he said, Lord, 1 believe. 
And ho worshipped him. 

88 IT And Jesuo said, * Pot 
it I am eome into thia 



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Id ; • that they which see not 
nnght Me, and that they V " 
see, might be made blind. 

40 And #omt of the Phariseea 
which were with him heard tbesa 
words, *and said unto him, Asa 
we bund also f 

41 Jesuo said unto them,* If 7» 
worn blind, ye shoatd have am 
~' "" now ye my, We sea , 

yourstoremr' "^ 

.JR jf*M«k * *5jf*r* |£T|» w 
Gkrirt tkt «m if Ood: » maptf* 
f*« Am, 40 ami Mat «*«<* fcytarf 

^CTfUtlLY. verily!, I say unto 
v too, He that enlereth not 
by the door into the sheepfold, 
bat ciimbeth op some other way, 
the earn* ie a thief and a robber, 
t But lie that eutereth in by the 
door, is the shepherd of the sheep. 

I To hjra the porter opeaeth; 
and the sheep hear his voice: 
and he calleth his ova sheep by 
name, and leadeth them out. 

4 And when, he putteth forth his 
own sheep, he goeth before tbem, 
and the sheep follow him: for 
they know his voice. 

4 And a stranger will they not 
follow, but wilL dee from him: 
for they know not the voice of 

6 This parable spake Jesus unto 
them: but they understood not 
what things they wen which lie 
■pake unto. them. 

7 Then said Jesus unto them 
again, Verily, verily, I say unto 
you. I am the door of the sheep. 

8 All that ever came before ma 
are thieves and robbers: but the 
sheep did not hear them. 

9 «1 am the door : bv roe if any 
man enter in. be shall be saved} 
and shall go tn and out, and find 

t0 The thief cometh not, but for 
to steal, and to kill,- and to de- 
stroy? tam come that they might 
have life, and that they might 
bar* j* more abundantly. 

II » I am the good shepherd: 
the good shepherd giveih hu lift 
for the sheep. 

IS But he that ie an hire]ing,and. 
not the shepherd, whose own the 
sheep are not, seeth the wolf 
coming, and 'leaveth the sheep, 
and fleeih i and the; wolf calchetbV. 
them, and scaltereth. the sheep. 

13 The hireling tteeth, because- 
he is an hireling, and oerelh not 
foe the sheep, 

M I am the good shepherd, and. 
* know my sheep, and am known 
of mine. 

15 «As the Father knoweth me, 
even so know I the Father : /and 
I lay down my life for the sheep. 

16 And 'oilier sheep I bavo, 
which are not of this fold: them 
also I must bring, and they shall 
hear my voice; *aud there shall 
be one fold, and one shepherd. 

17 Therefore doth my Father 
lore me, i because I lay down my 
lift, that I might take it again. 

18 No man taketh it from me, 
but I lay it down of myself. I. 
have power to lay it down, and I . 

* have power to take it again. 
'This commandment, have 1 re- 


oeived of my Father. 

-"There waa a 4Jv#iaji 

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-fl*ha4hJ*e» a r^p^L BB 4tit^ k .,^^L&^a A y 

thateftra again among the Jew* 
far these sayings. 

80 And many of them said, ■ He< 
hath a devil, and ie mad ; why 
hear yo him 1 

31 Others said. These art not (be 
ward* of him that bath a devil.. 
•Can a devil jtopen the eyes of 
the blind* ' 

29 V And it was at Jerusalem 
the feast of the dedication, and 
it was winter. ^ . . 

S3 And Jesus walked in the tern- * 
pie fi B Solomon's poreh. 

24 Then came the Jews roaad 
about him, and said unto him, 
How long deet thou I make us to 
doubt t It thou be the Christ, tell 
un plainly. 

25 Jesus answered them, I teld 
you, and ye believed not: 'the 
works that I do in my Father'* 
name, they bear witness of me. 

26 But * ye believe not, because 
ye are not of my sheep, ae I said 
unto you. 

*.? » My aheep hear my Yoiee, 
and I know them, and they fot~ 
low me: 

28 And I give unto them eternal 
hiai and * they shall never perish, * 
neither ebaU any pluck them # 
out of my hand. 

29 y My Father, -which gave 
them ma, is gamier than all ; and 
none » able to pluck tAew out 
of my Father's band. 

30 • I and my Father are one. 

31 Then • the Jews took np 
stones again to atone him. 

33 Jesus answered them, Many ; 
good works, have I shewed you 
from my Father; for which of 
those works do ye atone me? 

33 The Jawa answered him, say. 
fog, For a good work we atone 
thee not ; but foe blasphemy, and. 
because that, thoe, being a man. 
• makeat thyself God. ^^ 

34 Jesus answered them, «*ls it 
not written in your law* I said. 
Ye are gods I 

3& If be called them gods, s auto 
whom the word of God came, 
and the scriptuw cannot be bro- 

36 Say ye of him /whom thn 
Father hath sanctified, and 'sent 
into the world. Thou biaspbem- 
est; * because I said, I am < the 
Bun of God J • 

IT » If t do not the works of my 
Father, beUava me not,* 

38 But if I do, though ye be- 
lieve not me, 7 believe the work*: 
that ye may know and b*T 
■ that theFether if in roe, a 
m bim. 

39 * Therefore the J aaught again 
to take him ; but heeeieped out . 
of their band, 

40 And weut away again beyond 
Jordan, into the place • where 
John at first baptised; and there 
he abode* 

41 And many resorted intfe bin* . 

and seed, Mm did op miracle; 

l> but all things that John spake 
of this mau were true. 
41 f And many believed on him 

1. Okritt nM Imww, /oar 4mf$ 
burui. 46 MnirJSiM oiUm. 47 
Tht high print* and Pkanm— gmtk- 
v • tomnea mgatiut Okritt. 40 Cat- 
•pkmipnpkeHath. to J**» hi* him- 
$e(f. 66 At th4 JNUmVot th»y in- 
autre after him, and toy »•# /or Urn. 
TVTOW a certain man was sick, 
J- * nom«d Lazarus, of Bethany, 
the town of «Mary and her sis- 
ter Martha. 

• (•It was that Mary which 
anointed the Lord with ointment, 
and wiped his feet with her hair, 
whose brother Lazarus was sick. ) 
9 Therefore his sisters sent unto 
him, saying, Lord, behold, he 
whom thou levest is sick. 
4 When Jesus heard that, he 
said, This sickness is not unto 
death, « but for the g lory of God, c eh. 9. 
that the Sen of God might be glo- m. 4s. 

5 Now Jesus loved Martha, and 
her sister, and Lazarus. 

6 When he had heard therefore 
that he was sick, * he abode two 
days still in the same place 
where be was. 

7 Then after that saith he to Mm 
disciples, Let us go into Judea 

Hit disciples say unto him, 
Master, « the Jews ot late sought 
tOBtone thee: and goest thou 
thither again ? 

9 Jesus answered. Are there not 
twelve hours in the day? /IT any 
man walk in the day, be stum- 
bleth not, because he see to the 
light of this world. 

W But 'if a man walk in the 
night, he stumbleth, because there 
is no light in him. 

11 These things said he: and 
after that he saith unto them, Our 
friend Lazarus *s)eepeth; but 1 
go that I may awake him out of 

18 Then said his disciples, Lord, 
If he sleep, he shall do well. 

1* Howbeit Jesus spake of his 
death : but they thought that he 
bad spoken of taking of rest in 

14 Then said Jesus unto them 
plainly, Lazarus is dead. 

15 And I am glad for your sakes 
that I was not there, to the intent 
ye may believe ; nevertheless, let 
usgo unto him. 

18 Then said Thomas, which is 
called Didymus, unto his fellow- 
disciples. Let us also go, that we 
may die with him. 

17 Then when Jesus came, he 
found that he had lain in the 
grave four days already. 

It (Now Bethany was nigh unto 
Jerusalem, J about fifteen flir- 


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I That is, 


death qf LaLtttrtt*. 

tf Arid many of aw Jews etxmm 
to Martha and. Mary, to comfort 
them concerning their brother. 

50 Then Martha, as soon aa aha 
heard that. Jesus waa coming* 
went and met htm: but Mary aaf 
stfUinthe house. 

51 Then said Martha unto Je- 
sus, Lord, tf thou hadst beea 
here, my brother had not died. 

SS But I know that even now, 
(whatsoever thou wilt ask of 
God, God will give it thee. 

83 Jesur saith unto her, Thy 
brother shall rise again. 

84 Martha saith unto him, A 1 
kbow that he shall rise again in 
the resurrection at the last day. 

SS Jesus said unto her, I am « the 
resurrection, and the "life: "he 
that believeth in me, though he 
were dead, yet shall he live: 

88 And whosoever tiveth, and 
believeth in me, shall never die. 
Believest thou this ? 

87 She saith unto him, Tea, 
Lord: • I believe that thou art the 
Christ, the Son of God, which 
should come into the world. 

26 And when she had so said, 
she went her way, and called 
Mary her sister secretly, saying, 
The Master is come, and calleth 
for thee. 

89 As soon as she heard that, 
she arose quickly, and came unto 

_ 30 Now Jesus was not yet come 
into the town, but was in that 
place where Martha met him. 
31 rTfae Jews then which were 
with her in the house, and com- 
forted her, When they saw Mary 
that she rose up hastily, and went 
out, followed her, saying, Site 
goeth unto the grave to weep 

38 Then when Mary was coma 
where Jesus was, and saw him, 
she fell down at his feet, saying* 
urito him, « Lord, if thou hadst 
been here, my brother had not 

38 When Jesus therefore saw 
her weeping, and the Jews also 
weeping which came with her, 
he groaned in the spirit, and t waa 

34 And said. Where have ye 
laid him t They say unto him. 
Lord, come and see. 

36 r Jesus wept. 

36 Then said the Jews, Behold 
how he loved him 1 

37 And some of them said, Could 
not this man, 'which opened the 
eyes of the blind, have caused 
that even this man should not 
have died % 

38 Jesus therefore again groan- 
ing in himself, cometh to tha 
grave. It was a cave, and a stooa 
lay upon it. 

39 Jesus said. Take ye away tha 
stone. Martha, the sister of him 

Gkritt rahnth Ltutarut. 

Lord, by this time he etfoketa: 
far he hath been dsorf fear days. 

40 Jeans saith ant? hex, Said 1 
not onto thee, that if thou would - 
cat believe, thou sbouldaat * see 
the glory of Godl 

41 Then they took away the 
atone /root tkt plot* when the 
dead was laid. And Jew lifted 
up hi* eyes, and maid, Father, i 
thank thee that thou haat heard 

49 And I knew that thou heareet 
me always: but * because of the 
people which stand by, I said it, 
that they may believe that thou 
hast sent me. 

42 And when be thus had spo- 
ken* be cried with a loud voice, 
Lamms, come forth. 

44 And he that was dead came 
forth, bound band and foot with 

Eve-clothes : and * his face was 
md about with a napkin. Je- 
sus saith unto them. Loose him, 
and let him go. 

45 Then many of the Jews which 
came Jo Mary, rand had seeu 
the things which Jesus did, be- 
lieved on him. 

46 Bui some of them went their 
ways to the Pharisees, and told 
them what things Jesus had 

47 If * Then gathered the chief 
priest* and the Pharisees a coun- 
cil, and said, • What do we 1 for 
this man doeth many miracles. 

48 If we let him thus alone, all 
men will believe on him : and the 
Romans shall come, and take 
away both our place and nation. 

49 And one of them, namtd 
oCaiaphas, being the high priest 
that same year, said unto them, 
re know nothing at all, 

50 « Nor consider that it it ex- 
pedient for us, that one mau 
should die for the peop" 
the whole nation peri 

51 And this spake he not of him- 
self : but being high priest that 
jrear, he prophesied that Jesus 
should die for that nation ; 

51 And 'not for that nation 

a, «but that also he should 
er together in one the chU- 
of God that were scattered 

51 Then from that day forth they 
took counsel together for to put 
him to death. 

54 Jesue/ therefore walked no 
more openly among the Jews; 
but went thence unto a country 
near to the wilderness, into a city 
called 'Ephraim, and there con- 
tinued with bis disciples. 

65 IT » And the Jews* passover 
was nigh at hand: and many 
went out of the country up to Je- 
rusalem before the passover, to 
purifV themselves. 

56 < Thenoomght they for Jesus, 
and spake among themselves, ae 
they stood in the temple. What 


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think ya, that he witt not 
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57 Now both the chief 

f priests 
given a 

commandment, that, if any roan 
knew when he were, he should 
show it, that they might take hiin. 

1 Aw wmmiI Uert saaWtar feet 
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rat. 10 TA« Ai'fs yrmt* eetuuli to 
km Mm. 13 Ckrirt ridttk into Jtru- 
Mam. 30 Brttkt duh-e to «•• Jttu*. 
S3 BcfuhWHh Mr d-tk. ST T)m 
/««• mnjeturMOg MOW*!.* 43 ft 

oon/t$0 Mm : 44 <*«rf/orw Jtmm coM. 

«t* OMmmUgJor mmfinum «/ jmith. 

rpHEN Jesus, six days before 

■*• the passover, came to Betha- 
ny, • where Lazarus was which 
had been dead* whom he raised 
from the dead. 

% • There they made him a sup- 
per; and Martha served: but 
Lazarus was one of them that sat 
at the table with him. 

I Then took < Mary a pound of 
ointment of spikenard, very cost- 
ly, and anointed the feet or Jesus, 
and wiped his feet with her hair : 
and the house was filled with the 
odour of the ointment. 

4 Then saith one of his disci- 
ples, Judas Iscariot, Simon's eon, 
which should betray him, 

5 Why was not this ointment 
sold for three hundred pence, and 
given to the poorl 

6 This he said, not that in cared 
for the poor : but because he was 
a thief; ana * had the bag, and 
bare what was put therein. 

7 Then said Jesus, Let her 
alone: against the day of my 

8 _ _ 
with you; 

9 Much people of the Jews there- 
fore knew that he was there : and 
they came, not lor Jesus' sake 
only, but that they might see 
Lazarus also, /whom he bad 
raised from the dead. 

10 IT 'But the chief priests con- 
sulted that they might put Laia- 
rus also to death ; 

II * Because that by raasou of 
him many of the Jews went away* 
and believed on Jesus. 

If IT* On the next day, much 
people that were come to. the 

trying hath she kept this. 

ith ya 

the poor always ye have 
• but me ye have not 

feast, when they heard that Jesus 
was coming to Jerusalem, 

IS Took branches of palm-trees, 
and went forth to meet him, and 
cried, *Hnsanna; Blessed u the 
King of Israel that cometh in the 
name of the Lord. 

14 ' And Jesus, when be had 
found a young ass, sat thereon; 
ae it is written, 

15 «• Pear not, daughter of Ston i 
behold, thy King oometh, sitting 
on an ass's colt. 

16 These thing! 

L : 

CkrUiforctsUelh hit death, 

not his dusciples at the first; 
•Tint when Jesus wm glorified, 
P tben remembered they that 
these things were written of him, 
and that they had done these 
things unto him. 

17 The people therefore that was 
with him when he called Lazarus 
out of his grave, and raised hjra 
from the dead, bare record. 

18 ? For this cause the people 
also met him, for that they heard 
that he had done this miracle. 

19 The Pharisees therefore said 
among themselves, * Perceive ye 
how ye prevail nothing t behold, 
the world is gone after him. 

20 If And there 'were certain 
Greeks among them, * that came 
up to worship at the feast. 

21 The same came therefore to 
Philip, "Which was of Bethsaida 
of Galilee, and desired him, say- 
ing, Sir, we would see Jesus. 

28 Philip cometh and telteth 
Andrew : and again, Andrew and 
Philip tell Jesus. 

23 ft And Jesus answered them, 
saying, *The hour is eome, that 
the Son of man should be glori- 

24 Verily, verily, 1 say unto you, 
r Except a corn of wheat fall mto 
the ground and die, it abideth 
alone : but if it die, it bringeth 
forth much fruit. 

25 * He that loveth his life shall 
lose it; and he that hateth his 
life in Up world, shall keep it 
unto IireTHernal. 

26 If any man serve me, let him 
follow me; and 'where I am, 
there shall also my servaut be : 
if any man serve me, him will my 
Father honour. 

27 & Now is my soul troubled ; 
■nd what shall I sayt Father, 
save me from this hour: «but for 
this cause came I unto this hour. 

28 Father, glorify thy name. 

* Then came there a voice from 
heaven, saying, I have both glo- 
rified it, and will glorify it again. 

2d The people therefore that 
stood by, and beard it, said that 
it thundered. Others said, An 
angel spake to him. 

30 Jesus answered and said, 

* This voice came not because of 
me, bnt for your sakes. 

31 Now is the judgment of this 
world : now shaft /the prince of 
this world be cast out. 

32 And T, r if I be lifted up from 
the earih, will draw »all men 
unto me. 

SI («' This he said, signifying 
what death he should die.) 
34 The people answered him, 

* We have heard out of the law 
that Christ abideth for ever : and 
how sayest thou. The Son of man 
must be lifted up? Who is this 
Son of man? 

26 Then Jesus said unto them. 

Yet a little while 'is the light 


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The Jew* are generality Ui*4e& 

with you. » Walk while ye have 
the light, lest darkness come upon 
voo : for * he that walketh in 
darkness knoweth not whither he 

38 While ye have light, believe 
in the light, that ye may be •the 
children of light. These things 
spake Jesus, and departed, and 
pdid hide himself from them. 

37 But though he had done so 
many miracles before them, yet 
they beheved not on him : 

83 That the saying of Esaias the 
prophet might be lulfilled, which 
he spake, 1 Lord, who hath be- 
lieved our report ? and to whom 
hath the arm of the Lord been re- 
vealed t 

89 Therefore they could not be- 
lieve, because that Esaias said 

40 'He hath, blinded their eyes, 
and hardened their heart; that 
they should not see with their 
eyes, nor understand with their 
heart, and be converted, and I 
should heat them. 

41 ■ These things said Esaiat, 
when he saw his glory, and spake 
of him. 

42 1T Nevertheless, among the 
chief rulers also mauy believed 
on him; but 'because of the 
Pharisees they did not confess 
Aim, lest they should be put oat 
of the synagogue: 

43 « For they loved the praise of 
men more than the praise of God. 

44 IT Jesus cried, and said, * He 
that believeth on me, believed) 
not on me, but on him that sent 

45 And 9 he that seeth me.seetil 
him that sent me. 

46 * I am come a light into the 
world, that whosoever believeth 
on me should not abide in dark- 

47 And if any man hear my 
words, and believe not, * I Judge 
him not : for * I came not to Judge 
the world, but to save the world. 

48 'He that rejecteth me, and 
receiveth not my words, hath one 
that Judgeth him : * the word that 
I have spoken, the same shall 
Judge him in the last day. 

49 For « I have not spoken of 
myself; but the Father which 
sent me. he gave me a command- 
ment, /what 1 should say, and 
whatl should speak. 

50 And I know that his com- 
mandment is life everlasting: 
whatsoever I speak therefore* 
even as the Father said unto me, 
so I speak. 


1 JimMtl^iteM^^ifts. 

18 He /«MMMa,«U iittnenih f 



Jkttit wtuheth lAe discipUS feet. 

NOW e before the feast or the 
paauover, when Jmus knew 
(hat &li is hour wu come that be 
should depart out of this world 
unto the Father, having loved hi* 
own which were in the world, he 
loved (hem unto the end. 
'I And nipper being ended, 
(v the devil having now put into 
the heart of Judas Iscariot, Si- 
mon's eon, to betray him,) 
'3 Jesus knowing' « that the Fa- 
ster had given all things into his 

hands, and • that he was come 
from Ood, and went to God ; 

4 / He nseth from supper, and 
laid aside his garments; and 
took a towel, and girded himself. 

i Alter that, he poureih water 
into a basin, and began to wash 
the disciple*' feet, and to wipe 
them with the towel wherewith be 
was girded. 

6 Then cometh he to Simon Pe- 
ter : and t Peter saith unto him, 
Lord, 'dost thou wash inv feet f 

7 Jesus answered aud said unto 
him, What 1 do thou knowesl not 
now ; * but thou shalt know here- 

8 Peter saiih unto him, Thou 
•halt never wash my feet. Jesus 
answered him, <lf I wash thee 
not, thou halt no part with me. 

' 9 Simon Peter saith unto him, 
Lord, not my feet only, but ai«o 
my hand* and my head. 

trt Jesus saith to him, He that is 
Washed needeth not save to wash 
hit feet, but is clean every whit: 
•ud * ye are clean, but not all* 

II For 'he knew who should be- 
tray him : therefore said he, Ye 
are not all clean. 

13 So after he had washed their 
feel, and had taken his garments, 
and was set down again, he mid 
unto them, Know ye what 1 have 
done to you 7 

13 ■» T e call ma Master, and 
Lord : and ya say well ; for bo 1 

14 * If I then, your Lord and 
Master, have washed your feet; 

• ye also ought to wash one anoth- 
er's fret. 

• 1 5 For » \ have given you an ex- 
ample, that ye should do as I 
save done to you. 

18 1 Verily, verily, I say unto 
you, The servant is not greater 
than his lord ; neither he that is 
sent greater than he thai sent 

.7 *lf ye know these things, 
happy are ye if ye do them. 

18 T| I speak not of you all ; I 
know whom I have chosen; but 
4htt the scripture may be ful- 
itted»AHt iha* esuetb bread with 
ate, hath lifted up his heel against 

19 « I Now I tell you before it 
Come, that when it is come to 

, ye may believe thai I am 


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ChrUt/ordelktk tht traitor. 

10 "Verily, verily, 1 say unto 
you, He that receive tli whoinso* 
ever 1 send, receiveth me; and he 
that receiveth me, receiveth him 
that sent me. 

SI * When Jesus bad thue said; 
fhe was troubled in spirit, and 
testified, and said, Verily, verily, 
I say unto you, that • one of you 
•had betray me. 

S8 Then the disciples looked one 
on another, doubting of whom lie 

S3 Now 'there was leaning on 
Jesus' bosom, one of his Uisct- 
p'es, whom Jesus loved. 

34 Simon Peter therefore beck- 
oned to him, that he should ask 
who it should be of whom he 

35 He then, lying on Jeeua* 
breast, saith unto him. Lord, »be 
is it T 

36 Jesus answered. He it is to 
whom 1 shall give a I sop, when 
1 have dipped if. And when ha 
had dipped the sop, he gave it to 
Judas Tscariot the ton ot Simon. 

87 • And after the sop Satan en- 
tered into him. Then said Jesus 
unto him, That thou doest, do 

88 Now no man at the table 
knew for what intent be spake 
this unto him. 

8a For some of them thought, 
because • Judas had the bag, that 
Jesus hud said unto hjm, Buy 
those thing* that we Mbve need 
of against the feast ; or, that he 
should give something to the 

30 He then, having received the 
sop, went immediately out : and 
it was night. 

31 IF Therefore, when he was 
gone out, Jesus said, 'Now is 
Die Sun of man glorified, and 
•God is glorified in nun. 

33 /If God be glorified in him, 
God shall also glorify him in him- 
self, and 'shall straightway glo- 
rify him. 

33 Little children, yet a little 
while I am with you. Ye shall 
seek me : * and, as I said unto the 
Jews, Whither I go, ye cannot 
come, so now I say to you. 

34 * A new command meu 1 1 give 
unto you, That ye love one an- 
other; as I have loved you, that 
ye also love one another. 

35 * By this shall all men know 
that ye are my disciples, if ye 
have love one to another. 

36 If Simon Peter said unto 
him, Lord, whither goest thou 7 
Jesus answered him. Whither F 
go, thou canst not follow mo 
now; but 'thou shalt follow mo 

37 Peter said unto him, Lord, 
why cannot 1 follow thee now f I 
will * lay down my life for thy 

n. Wilt 

UWrt earn/totem U» disciple*. 

tnou lay down thy life for my 
rake f Verily.' verify, I my unto 
Ihee, The cock shall not crow, till 
thou hast denied me. thrice. 

1 Qkrt* cM/erMA to rffrctate »*» 
Me Act* of heaven t 8 j^Mrirt Am- 
—\f Me »«y. Me tr«M, nltti /(A, 
eatf M« wtU Me Father! 19 •*> 
eareM Meir proper* f hi* aasie fe 
be egmtUtal i 16 rveace/eM *»e •as' 
•WiMMh >« prumuatk Me Heig 
Bkott the Comforter, 37 and teeeM 


tract vtf A them. 

'. f • not your heart he tnrab- 

' led: ye believe in God, be- 
lieve also in me. 

3 In my Fatber'a house are 
many mansions : if it were not so, 
1 would have told you. * I go to 
prepare a place for you. 

5 And if 1 go and prepare a place 
for you, • 1 witj come again and 
receive you unto myself; that 

* where I am, dure ye may be also. 

4 And whither I go ye know, and 
the way ye know. 

• Thomas saith unto him. Lord, 
we know not whither thou goest; 
and how can we know the way ? 

6 Jesus saith unto him, I ant 

* the way, and /the truth, and 
l the life : 4 no man cnmelh unto 
the Father, but by me. 

7 »lf ye had known me, ye 
should have known my Father 
also: and from henceforth ye 
kuow him, and have seen him. 

6 Philip saith unto him. Lord, 
■hew uedme Father, and it auf- 
ficetb us. 

9 Jesus saith unto him, Haw I 
been so long time wiih yon, and 
yet hast thou not known roe, 
Philip M he that bath seen me, 
hath seen the Father; and how 
sayest thou tAen, Shew us the Fa- 
ther 7 

10 Believest thou not that ' I ana 
in the Father, and the Father in 
me T the words that i speak unto 
you, "• I speak not of myself: but 
the Father, that dwelleth in me, 
he doeth the works. 

11 Believe me that I on* in the 
Father, aud the Father in me: 

* or else believe me for the very 
works' sake. 

11 •Vertjy, verily, I say unto 
you, He thsj| believeth on me, 
the works that I do shall he do 
also; aud greater work* than 
iheue shall he do ; because 1 go 
unto my Father. 

15 * And whatsoever ye shall ask 
in mv name, that will I do, that 
the Father may be glorified in 
the Son. 

14 If ye shall askAny thing in ray 
name, I will do if. 
. 15 IT 1 1t ye love me, keep my 
Commandments : 

16 And I will pray the Father, 
and 'be shall give you another 
Comforter, that he may abide 
with you for ever; 

17 Com • the Spirit of truth : 


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I « whom the woridoaanot TKMrv^S 
because it seeth him not* neitlnr 
knowetft him : but ye know.him a 
for he dwelleth With you, * ana 
shall be in you. 

18 * I will not leave yon I eons- 
fortlese : 9 1 will come to yon. 

19 Yet a little while, and the) 
world seeth me no more ; but* ye) 
see me : a because 1 live, ye shall 
live also. 

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10 At that day ye shall know 
* L ' " ' my Father, aud y» 

that » I o 

in me, and 1 in you. 

11 • He that hath my command-* 
meuts, and keepeth them, ha it ia 
that loveth me; and he that lov- 
eth me, shall be loved of my Fa-« 
ther, and iwill love him, and will 
manifest myself to him. 

88 ^ Judas saith unto him, (not 
lscarioi) Lord, how is it thai thou 
wilt manifest thyself unto ua> 
and not unto the world 1 

13 Jesus answered and said unte 
him, • If a man love me, he will 
keep my words : and my Father 
will lave him,/ and we will corn* 
unto him, and make our abode) 
with him. 

84 He that loveth me not, keep- 
eth not my sayings: and •"the) 
word which ye hear is not mine* 
but the Father's which sent me. 

85 These things have I spoken 
unto you, being yet present with 

16 But *the Comforter, wAic* m 
the Holy Ghost, whom the Father 
will send in my name, •" he shall 
teach you all things, and bring 
all things to your remembrance, 
whatsoever I have said unto yon. 

17 * Peace 1 leave with you, my 
peace I give unto you : not aa 
tlie worlu givetb, give I unto you* 
t Let uot your heart be troubled, 
neither let it be afraid. 

88 Ye have heard how" I said 
unto you, I go away, and come 
again unto you. If ye loved me, 
ye would rejoice, because I said* 
* I go unto the Father: for -my 
Father is greater than 1. 

89 And fnow 1 have told you 
before it come to pass, that when 
it is come to pass, ye migut be* 

SO Hereafter 1 wfll not talk much 
with you : 1 for the prince of tbia 
world cometh, and hath nothing 
in me. 

31 But that the world may know 
that I love the Father; and 'a* 
tl»e Father gave me command- 
ment, even so I do. Arise, 1st 
us go hence. 

I TAm 

Me sera** a/ IA* mm. » A ess* 
/Win is. amtrej and permcmltm */ 
Me mmU. 88 The ejto e/MeU 
0ko§t, mm* e/Me sjmw/m. 
T AM the true vine, and mv Fa* 
1 ther is the husbandman. 

• •Every branch in n« that 

. beare** not fruit* he take th away: 
ami every branch that beareih 

fruit, he purgelh it* that it may 
bring forth more fruit* 
JrANow ye are clean through 

the word which I have spoken 
unto you, 

4 • Abide in me, and 1 in yon. 
Aa the branch eaanot. bear trutt 
of itself, except it abide in -the 
v4ue : no more can ye, except ye 
abide in me. 

6 I am the vine, ye are the 
tranches: Ha that abideth in 
met and I in him, the same bring- 
eth forth much* fruit: lor | wiui- 
tutma ye can do nothing'. 

4 if a man abide not in me, « he 
m cast forth ae a branch, and ia 
withered ; and men gather them, 
and cast them into the fire, and 
they are burned* 

7 if ye abide nv me, and my 
words abide in you, /ye shall ask 
what ye wilt, and it shall be done 
auto you. 

■ 9 * Herein is my Father glorifi- 
ed, that ye bear muob fruit ; * so 
■hall ye be my disciples. 

9 As the Father hath loved me, 
ao have I loved you : continue ye 
m my love. 

10 » If ye keep my command- 
ments, ye shall abide in mv love ; 
even as I have kept mv Father's 
commandments, and abide hi his 

■ It These things have I spoken 
Onto you, that my joy might re- 
tkain hi you* and* that your Joy 
might be full. 

If 'This is my commandment, 
That ye love one another, as 1 
have loved you. 

15 ■» Greater love hath no man 
than this, that a mau lay down 
bis life fur his friends. 

14 * Ye are my friends, if ye do 
whatsoever I command you. 

• IS Henceforth I call you not ser- 
vants; for the servant knoweth 
not what bis lord doeth: but I 
have called you friends ; » for all 
things that I have heard of my 
Father, I have made known uu- 
to you. 

16 » Ye have not chosen me, but 
I have chosen you, and i ordain- 
ed you, that ye should go and 
bring forth fruit, and that your 
fruit should remam : that r what- 
soever ye shall ask of the Father 
in my name, he may g«ve it you. 

17 'These things I command 
ymi, that ye love one another. 

18 ( If the world hate you, ye 
know that it hated me before it 
hated you* 

IB * If- ye were of the world, the 
world would love his own ; but 

* because ye are not of the woiid, 
but I have choaeu you out of the 
world, therefore the world hateth 

SO Remember the word that I 

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Up. 4.8. 

1 or, 

sown at*. 

TU Uokj Uhort promised, 

said unto your jr The servant is 
not greater than his lord. If they 
have persecuted me, they will 
also persecute you : * if they have 
kept mv saying, they will keep 
yours also. 

Si But 'all these things wilt 
Utey do unto you for my name's 
sake, because they know not 
him that sent me. 

38 * If 1 had not come and spo* 
ken unto them, they had not had 
sio : c but now they have no 
1 cloak for their sin. 

23 << He that hateth me, hatetb 
my Father also. 

2*1 If I bad not done among them 
• die . works which none other 
mau did, they had not had sio: 
but now have they both seen, 
and bated both me and my Fa-* 

25 But t hit cometh to pa**, that 
tlie word might be fulfilled that 
is whiten in their law, /They 
hated me without a cause.' 

36 ' But when the Comforter is 
come, whom I will send unto you 
from the Father, even tlte Spirit 
of trudi, which proceedeth from 
the Father, * he shall testify of 
me. ' 

37 And «ye also shall bear wit- 
ness, because * yc have been with 
me from the beginning. 

1 Ohrttt amfitrtfth. hit eudplet ajvfcut 
trxbulmtion Ay th* promt* of the Mote 
Bhott, end be kt$ rwurreeHem ant **- 
eentian: 23 atsurttk (knr prayers 
mad* in hie name to (m eaxpublt to 
hit Father. S3 Peeee at Ckritt, end 
i* the »arU efflictiv*. 

THESE things have I spoken 
unto you, that ye 'should 
not be oli'ended. 

2 *They shall put you out of 
the synagogues: yea, tlie time 
Cometh, e that whosoever kiUetb 
ynu, wdl think that he doeth God 

8 And * these things will they 
do unto you, because thoy have 
not known the Father, nor me. 

4 But « these things htive 1 loid 
you, that when the lime shall 
come, ye may remember that t 
told you of them. Ami / these 

things I said not unto you at dm 

beginning because^ ' ~"' u 



a But now' I go my way to him 
that sent me, and none of you 
asketh me, Whither troest thou 1 

6 But because 1 have said these 
things uuto yon, * sorrow hath 
filled your heart. 

7 Nevertbeiajp, I tell you the 
truth: It is expedient for you 
that I go away : for if 1 go not 
away, » the Comforter will not 
come unto you; but * if 1 depart, 
1 will send him unto you. 

•s8 And when he is come, he wiU 
1 reprove the world of sin, and of 
righteousue a, and of judgment: 

Christ comjbrteth hit ditcipUa. 

9 l Of sin, because they believe 
not on me; 

10 ""Ol righteousness, n because 
I go to my rather, ami ye see me 
no more : 

11 "Of Judgment, because J» the 
prince of tins world is judged. 

12 I have yet many thing's to say 
unto you, i but ye cannot bear 
litem now. 

13 Howbeit, when he, r the Spi- 
rit of truth is come, *he will 
guide you into all truth : for he 
shall not speak of himself; hut 
whatsoever he shall hear, that 
ahull he speak: and he will shew 
you things to come. 

14 He shall glorify me : for he 
shall receive of mine, and shall 
■hew it unto you. 

15 ' All things that the Father 
hath are mine : therefore said I, 
that he shall take of mine, and 
■hail shew il unto you. 

16 « A little while, and ye shall 
not see me : and again, a little 
while, and ye shall see me, » be- 
cause I go to the Father. 

17 Then said some of bis disci- 
ples among themselves, What is 
this that he saith unto us, A little 
while, and ye shall not see me: 
and again, a little while, and ye 
■hall see me : and, Because 1 go 
to the Father? 

18 They said therefore, What is 
this that he saith, A little while I 
We cannot tell what he saith. 

19 Now Jesus knew that they 
were desirous to ask him, and 
•aid uuto them, Do ye inquire 
among yourselves of that T said, 
A little while, and ye shall not 
see me: and again, a little while, 
and ve shall see me ? 

80 Verily, verily, I say unto you, 
thul ye shall weep and lament, 
but the world shall rejoice: and 
ye shall be sorrowful, but your 
sorrow shall be turned into Joy. 

81 'A woman when she is in' 
travail haih sorrow, because her 
hour is come: but as soon as she 
is delivered of the child, she re- 
inemberelh no more (he anguish, 
for joy that a man is bom into the 

82 \) And ye now therefore have 
sorrow: but I will see you again, 
ami * your heart shall rejoice, and 
your Joy no man taketh from you. 

23 And in that day ye shall ask 
me nothing. "Verily, verily, I 
■ay unto you. Whatsoever ye 
shall ask the Father in my name, 
he will give it you. 

21 Hitherto have ye asked noth- 
ing in my name : ask, and ye 
shall receive, • that your joy may 
be full. 

25 These things have I spoken 
unto you in I proverbs: but the 
time cometh when I shall uo more 
•peak unto you in U proverbs, but 
1 shall shew you plainly of the 


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\ :>. :m r :rr. 


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*IS.i ■ ; 


I PB.Tfl ;;|. 

,t 1 1 i:. 

* <:< i 3i. 

ft *.M Atf. 

:.i ■. .. ..1. 

t ver. B. 

ft 'l -.'lO^' 

* lu m 

rt'i'l !■* 

4i. &* ite 

14 l.TC. ,V 

*». au u 

ate. ,. l.i, 




i"*. 'ti. It! 

ch. 1 , lit, 

At 1j. Ju. 

JJ,i li.ft.JT, 

i.A in ■; 1, 


\ la. lir. 

■ >■.-. :-, 


1 Or, 

U, Ill, 

pmrabi ■ 

1 Or, 

«h. IK, 11, 

par*U ■ 

•■'■ M 

Chrlit prayttk/br ktompmOmt 

- 86 • At that day ye shall iwk tt». 
my name : and 1 aay not unto yon, 
that I will pray the Father (am 
>t»ii : 

27 * For the Father himself lor- 
eth you, because ye have loved 
me, and * have believed that J 
came out from God. « 

28 / 1 came forth from the Fa- 
ther, and am come into the worlds 
again, I leave the world, and go. 
to the Father. 

2 J His disciples said unto him, 
Lo, now speakeet thou, plainly, 
and sneakest no I proverb. 

3J Now are we enre that * than 
k i lowest all things, and needest 
not that any man should ask thee: 
hy this *we believe that thou 
earnest forth from God. 

31 Jesus answered them, Do ym 
now believe ? 

32 > Behold, the hour cometh. 
yea, is how come, that ye shall 
be scattered * every man to I his 
own, and ehaH leave me alone: 
and l yet I am not alone, because 
the Father is with me. 

38 These things I have spoken, 
unto you, that m in me ye might 
have peace. *In the world ye 
shall have tribulation, but be at 
good cheer: P I have overcome 
the world. 


1 Chri$t pray elk to hit T other to glorify 

him, 6 to presero* hit tpottlet, 11 in 

unity, 17 and tnUh, 90 to tlarify 

rp HESE words spake Jesus, and 
■*• lifted up his eyes to heaven, 
and said, Father,'* the hour ia 
come : glorify thy Son, that Uijr 
Son also may glorify thee : 

2 » As thou hast given him pow- 
er over all flesh, that be should 
give eternal life to aa many «ae 
thou hast given him. 

3 And * this is life eternal; that 
they might know thee • the only 
true God, and Jesus Christ/ whom 
thou hast sent. 

4 * 1 have glorified thee on the 
earth: * i have finished the work* 
: which thou gavest me to do. 

5 And now, O Father, glorify 
thou me with thine own self, with 
the glory * which 1 had widi thee 
before the world was. 

6 * I have manifested thy name 
unto the men "which thou gavest 
me out of the world: thtne they 
were, and thou gavest them me; 
md they have kept thy word. 

7 Now they have known that all 
things whatsoever thou hast giv- 
en me are of thee : 

8 For 1 have given unto them 
the words "which thou gavest 
me ; and they have received tAim. 
•and have known surely that 1 
came out from thee, and they 
have believed that thou didat 
send me. 

9 1 may for them: 9 1 prayaot 

for the world, but for them which 
thou bast given one ; for they are 

to And all mine are thine, and 
f thine are mine; and I am glo- 
rified in. them. 

II »" And now I am no more in the 
world, but these are hi the world, 
and I come to thee. Holy Father* 
'keep through- thine own name 
those whom. thou hast given me, 
'that they may be one,* as we ore. 

18 While J was with -tliem in 
the world, *I kept them iti thy 
mime : those that thou gavest me 
J have kept, and 9 none of them 
is lost, * but the son of perdition ; 
•that the scripture might be ful- 

13 And now come I to thee, and 
these things I speak in the world* 
that they might have my Joy ful- 
filled in themselves. 

14*1 have given, them thy word ; 
•mud the world hath hated them, 
because they are not of the world* 
'•even as I am not of the world. 

15 I pray not that thou shouldest 
take them out of the world, but 
• that thou shouldest keep them 
from the evil. 

W /They are not of the world, 
eVen as I am not of the world. 

17 * Sanctify them through thy 
truth : * thy word is truth. 

18 i' As thou hast seat me into 
the world, even so have 1 also 
sent litem into the world. 

19 And * tor their sakes I sanc- 
tify myself, thai they also might 
be I sanctified through the truth. 

90 Neither pray I for these alone ; 
but for ihem also which shall be- 
Ueve on me through their word : 

Si 'That they all maybe one: 
as *» thou, Father, art in me, and 
I in thee, that tbey also may be 
one in .us: thnt the world may 
believe that thou hast sent me. 

8S And the glory which thou 
gavost me, 1 have given them; 
"that they may be one, even as 
we are one ; 

83 I in them, and thou in me, 
•that they may be made perfect 
in one: and that the world may 
know thai thou hast sent me, and 
hast loved them as thou hast lov- 
ed me. 

Z4 P Father, I will that they also 
whom thou hast given me be with 
me where I am ; that they may 
behold my glory which thou hast 
riven me : i for thou iovedst me 
before the foundation of the world. 

Sfi O righteous Father, r the 
worm hath not known thee : but • I 
have kuowu thee, and ' these have 
known that thou hast sent me. 

SS « And 1 have declared unto 
them thy name, and will declare 
tt '. that the love * wherewith thou 
hast loved me, may be an diem, 
eiud I in them. 

I &tds» satressM Jdnw. Th**Jtotn 


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JudtM esfrnydn ChHtU 

f*tt h Os gremmd. 10 P*ttr tmtUtk 
</ Msfeftas* w. 12 Jmw w /«*«% 
m*4 tad «*• A**— tout Omsphmt 
16P*t«-'* dmM. lOJfam* •#«■». 

tmmi Aeftrs Omimpk*4. 28 Bi» «r- 
rjtinnuiU befort Pilate. 30 Iti* 
iutdom. 40 Thm Jnw «*t Jaros* 
ba+tobmlet tots. 

WHKN Jesus had spoken these 
words, • he went forth with 
his disciples over » the brook Ce- 
dron, where was a garden, into 
the which he entered, and his 

S And Judas also, which betray- 
ed him, knew the place: *lbr Je- 
sus oft-times resorted thither with 
his disciples. 

3 * Judas then, having received 
a baud of men and officers from 
the chief priests and Pharisees, 
cometh thither with lanterns, and 
torches, and weapons. 

4 Jesus therefore, knowing all 
things 'that should come upon 
him, went forth, and said unto 
them, Whom seek ye 1 

5 They answered him, Jesus of 
Nazareth. Jesus faith unto them, 
I am he. And Judas also, which 
betrayed him, stood with them. 

6 As soon then as he had said 
unto them, I am ht, they went 
backward, and fell to the ground. 

7 Then asked be them again. 
Whom seek ye J And they said* 
Jesus of Nazareth. 

8 Jesus answered, I have told 
you that 1 am he. If therefore 
ye seek me, let these go their 

9 That the saying might be ful- 
filled which- he spake, * Of them 
which thou gavest me, have I lost 

10 /Then Simon Peter, having 
a sword, drew it, and smote the 
high priest's servant, and cut off 
his right ear. Tile servant?* 
name was Malchus. 

11 Thea said Jesus «nto Peter, 
Put up thy sword into the sheath : 
t the cup which my Father hath 
given me, shall I not drink it? 

IS Then the baud, and the cap- 
tain, and officers of the Jews too* 
Jesus, and bound him, 

13 And * led him away to * An- 
nas first. J for he was father-in- 
law to Caiaphas, which was the 
hisfh priest that same year.) I 

14 * Now Caiaphas was he which 
gave counsel to the Jews, that it 
was expedient that one man 
should die for the people. 

15 If ' A «d Simon Peter follow- 
ed Jesus, and «• did another dis- 
ciple, That disciple was known 
uu'to the high priest, and weut in 
With Jesus, into the palace of the 
high priest. 

16 ■» But Peter stood at the doot 
without. Then went out that 
ether disciple which was known 
unto the high priest, and spake 
unto her that, kept the door, and 
brought & Peter. 

ttt dvmtA t'Aratf. 

17 Tben saith the damsel that 
kept the door Onto Peter, Art net 
thou atoo ow of this mtii'i disci- 
ple* 1 He seHh, I am not. 

18 And the servant* and officers 
•tnod there, who bad made a fire 
of coals; (for it was cold:) and 
the/ warmed themselves :- and 
Peter stood with them, and warm- 
ed himself* 

» It The high priest then asked 
Jesus of his disciples, and of his 

to Jesus answered him, * I spake 
openly t» the world ; I ever 
taught in the synagogue, and in 
the temple, whither the Jews al- 
ways resort ■ and hi secret have 1 
said nothing. 

tl Why askest thou me 1 ask 
them which heard me, what 1 
have said ant© them: behold, 
they know what 1 said. 

19 And when he had thas spo- 
ken, one of the odkers which 
stood by, • struck Jesus | with the 
palm at' his hand, saying, An- 
swerest thou the high priest sol 

M Jesus answered him, If I have 
spoken evil, bear witness of the 
evil: but if well, why smitest 
thou me 1 

84 {? Now Annas had sent htm 
bound unto Caiapbes the high 

85 And Simon Peter stood and 
warmed himself. « Tliey said 
therefore unto him. Art not thou 
also one of his disciples J He de- 
nied if, and said, I am not. 

86 One of the servants of the 
high priest (being At* kinsman 
whose ear Peter cut off) saith. Did 
not 1 see thee in the garden with 

17 Peter then denied again : and 
"immediately the cock crew. 

88 IT 'Then led they Jesus from 
Cainphas unto 1 the hall of judg- 
ment : and it was early • * and 
Ibev themselves went not nito the 
Judgment-hall, lest they should 
be denied ; but that they might 
tat the passover. 

19 Pilate then went out unto 
them, and said, What accusation 
bringye against this man 1 

90 They auswered and said unto 
him, tf he were not a malefactor, 
we would not have delivered hi in 
up unto thee. 

Si Then said Pilate unto them. 
Take ye him, and Judge him ac- 
cording to your law. The Jews 
therefore said onto him. It is not 
lawful for us to put any man to 
death: ^ 

88 • That the saying of Jesus 
snjght be fulfilled, which he spake, 
signifying what death he should 

S3 * Then Pilate entered into the 
lutigmeui-hall again, and called 
Jesus, and said uuto him. Art 
thon the King of the Jews? 

M Jesus answered him* 8aywl 



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thee this thing of thyself, or da* 
ethers tell it thee of me) 

Si Pilate answer* rl, Am I % 
Jew 1 Thine own nation, and the 
chief priests, have delivered thea 
unto me. What hast thou done 9 

86 V Jesus answered, * My king- 
dom is not of this world : if rojr 
kingdom were of this workl, the* 
would my servants fight, that I 
should not be delivered to the 
Jews: but now is my kingdom 
not from hence. 

37 Pilate therefore said, unte 
him, Art thou a king then ? Jesus 
answered. Thou sayest that I out 
a kiiig. To this end was I born, 
and lor this cause came 1 into the 
world, that I should bearwitnesa 
unto the truth. Every one Mint 
• is of the troth, beareth my voice, 

88 Pilate smith unto him, Wha^ 
is truth 1 And when he bad saitl 
this, he went out again unto the 
Jews, and sakh unto them, *1 
find in him no fault at alt. 

39 'But ye have a custom that 1 
should release unto you one at tha 
passover : will ye therefore, thai 
I release unto you the King of 
the Jews t 

49 * Then cried they all again* 
saying, Not this man, but Barab- 
bas. • Now Barabbas was a rob- 

1 ChriM ii tcottrfad, crows*** with 

thorn*, mi txaten. 4 Pilot* i« deth 

pom to rtkat* Mm, but tent ov«r» 

SMU With fSt oVtrttf «f IS* Jew, 

*• 4mtiwirod aaa 4s *• omajbd. 99 
TknmmkiUM »«• tmtmtmu. 9t 

»T»HEN • Pikte therefore took 
■■■ Jesu*. and scourged Asm. 
8 And the soldiers plaited a 

crown of thorns, and put it ou his 

head, and they put ou him a pur* 

pie robe, 
> And said. Hail, King of the 

Jews J and they smote htm with 

their bands. 

4 Pilate therefore went forth 
again, and sakh unto them. Be- 
hold, 1 bring him forth to you, 
• that ye may know that I find oe 
fault in him. 

5 Then came Jesus forth, wear* 
ing the crown of thorns, and tha 
purple robe. And PUaU sail* 
unto them. Behold the man ! 

• • When the chief priests there- 
tore and officers saw him, they 
cried out, saying, Crucify Ana, 
orucify Aim. Pilate saith unte 
them. Take ye him, and crucify 
him: for 1 find no fault in him. 

7 The Jews answered bim,«We 
have a law, and hy our law he 
ought to die. because «he mad* 
himseir the Bon of God. 

8 IT When Pilate therefore hear* 
that saying, he was the mem 

wn9 GTwctyJtUtn and 

'9 And' went again fcota the 
Judgment-halt, and with unto 
Jesus, Whence art thou 1 /But 
/eaus*ave him no answer. 
. 10 Tiien saith Pilate unto him. 
-8peakest thou not unto mo I 

knowesl thou not, that I have 
power to crucify thee, and have 
$>ower to release thee ) 

1 1 Jesus answered. Thou eeuld- 
est have no power at alt against 
me, except It were given thee 
from above: therefore he that 
delivered me unto thee hath toe 
greater sin. 

It And from thenceforth Pilate 
•ought to' release him : but the 
Jews cried out, saying, * If thou 
tet this man go, thou art not Ce- 
sar's friend. 'Whosoever ma- 
kelh himself a king, speaiceih 
•gainst Cesar. 

ft IT When Pilate therefore 
heard that' saving, he brought 
Jesus forth, ana sat down in the 
JuJgment-seat, in a place that is 
called the Pavement, but in the 
Hebrew, GabbAtha. 

14 And * it was the preparation 
of the passover, and about the 
sixth hour : and he saith unto the 
lews, Behold yonr King 2 

15 But they cried out, Away 
with Aim, away with Aim, crucify 
dim. Pilate saith unto them, 
Shall I crucify your Kinr T The 
Chief priest* answered, 'We have 
nb kingbut Cesar. 

'IB ""Then delivered he him 
therefore unto them to be cruci- 
fied. And they took Jesus* and 
led- Aim away. 

17 "And he bearing his cross 
•went ftorth into a place called 
the place of a skull, which is call- 
ed in the Hebrew, Golgotha: 

18 Where they cr.icifled him, 
and two other with him, on 
either side one, and Jesus in the 

19 IT f And Pilate wrote a title, 
and ptrt it on the cross. And the 
wriiihgwas, JESU8 OP NAZA- 

JO This title then read many of 
the Jews: for the place where Je- 
an was crucified was nigh to the 
city : and it was written in He- 
brew, and Greek, and Latin. 

>1 Then said the chief priests of 
the Jews to Pilate, Write not, 
The King of the Jews: but that 
be said, I am King of the Jews. 

Pilate answered, What I 
have written, I hare written. 

tt IT « Then the soldiers, when 
they had crucified Jesus, took his 
garments, and made four parts, 
to every soldier a pert ; and also 
nit coat: now the coat was with- 
out seam, I woven from the top 

' M They said therefore among 
themselves, L*t ue net rend it 
hut east »ots for it whose it shall 

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be : that the scripture might he 
fulfilled, which saith, 'They pare, 
ed my raiment among Warn, and 
for my vesture they did cast Iota. 
These things therefore the sol- 
diers did. 

ta IT 'Now there stood by the 
crow of Jesus, his mother, and 
his mother's sister, Hary thewi/s 
of i ' Oeepbas, and Mary Mag- 

16 When Jesus therefore saw 
his mother, and *the disciple 
auinding by whom he loved, ae 
saith unto his mother, * Woman* 
behold thy son * 

27 Theuaaith he to the dtaciple. 
Behold thy mother! And from 
that hour that disciple took her 
t unto his own home. 

ii If After this, Jesus knowing 
fhat all things were now ac- 
complished, • that the scripture 
might be fulfilled, saith, I thirst. 

t JT Now there was set a vessel 
fullofviaegar: and a they filled 
a sponge with vinegar, and put it 
upon hyssop, and put ft to his 
mouth. - 

3J When Jesus therefore had 
received the vinegar, he said, 
* U is finished : and he bowed his 

heaxLand gave up the ghosu 
It The Jews therefore, • because 
it was the preparation, «" dial the 
bodies should not remain upon 
the cross on the sabbath -day, (for 
that sabbath-day was an high 
day) besought Pilate that their 
legs might be broken, and that 
they might be taken away. 
IS Then came the soldiers, and 
brake the legs of the first, aud ©/ 
the other which was crucified 
with him. 

33 But when they came to Jesus, 
and aaw that he was dead already, 
i Hey brake not his legs : 

34 But one of the soldiers with a 
•pear pierced his side, and forth- 
with 'came thereout blood and 

33 And he that saw it, bare re- 
cord, and hie record is true: and 
he knoweth that he saith true* 
that ye might believe. 

36 For these things were done, 
/ that the scripture should be ful- 
filled, A bone of him shall not be 

37 And again another scripture 
saith, rThey shall look oa him 
whom they pierced. 

38 IT * And after this, Joseph of 
Arimathea (being a disciple of 
Jesus, but secretly 'for fear of 
the Jews) besought Pilate that he 
might take away the body of Je- 
sus: and Pilate gave Aim leave. 
He came therefore and took the 
body of Jesus. 

39 And there came also * Nioo 
demue (which at the first eamete 
Jesus by night) and brought a 
mixture of myrrh and aloes, about 
an hundred pound weifht. 

of Chrht. 

40 Then took they the body of 
Jesus, and 'wound ii in linen 
clothes with the spices, as the 
•tanner of the Jew* is to bury. 

41 Now in the place where he 
Was crucified, there was a gar- 
den; and in the garden a new 
sepulchre, wherein was never man 
yet laid. 

42 » There laiid they Jew* there- 
fore, » because or the Jews* pre- 
paration-day ; for the sepulchre 
was nigh at band. 


1 Mary eamtth u tk* Hpukhre : 9 to Jo 

Peter and John, ignormnt of Me 

a Mat. 5». 
La. M 1. 

t> rh.18.9n. 

THE • first day oT the week 
cometh Mary Magdalene 
early, when it was yet dark, urtto 
the sepulchre, and aeeth the stone 
taken away from the sepulchre. 
8 Then she runneth, and coinetb 
to Simon Peier.and to the & oilier 
disciple whom Jesus Joved, and 
saith uuto them, They hare taken 
away the Lord out of the sepul- 
chre, and we know not where 
they have laid him. 

3 « Peter therefore went forth, 
and that- other disciple, and cam* 
to the sepulchre. 

4 So they ran both together : 
and the other disciple did ouurmi 
Peter, aud came first to the sep- 

6 And tic stooping down, and 
looking in, saw « the linen clothes 
lyiiur ; yet went he not in. 

6 Then cometh Simon Peter fol- 
lowing him, and went into the 
sepulchre, and aeeth the linen 
clothes lie ; 

7 And *ihe napkin that was 
about his head, not lying with 
the linen clothes, but wrapped 
together in a place hy itself. 

8 Then went in also that other 
disciple which oame first to the 
sepulchre, and he saw, and be- 

9 For as yet they knew not the 
/ scripture, that he must rise 
again from the dead. 

10 Then the disciples wen' away 
again unto their own home. 

11 IT 'But Mary stood without 
at the sepulchre weeping: and as 
she wept she stooped down and 
looked into the sepulchre, 

IS And seeth two angels in 
white, sitting, the one at the 
head, and the other at the feet, 
where the body of Jesus had lam. 

It And they say unto her. Wo- 
man, why weepest thou 1 She 
saith unto them, Because they 
have taken away my Lord, and I 
know oat where they have laid 

M * And when she had thus said, * «■». V. 
4* turned herself back, and saw •**.»•*. 

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Chfltt' tipptitfUttk 

Jesus standing, and 'knew not 

that it was Jesus. 

15 Jesus saith unto her, Wo- 
man, why weepest thou? whom 
seekesl thou 1 She, supposing him 
to be the gardener,' saith unto 
him, Sir, ifthou have borne him 
hence, tell me where thou hast 
laid him, and 1 will take, him 

16 Jesus saith onto her, Mary. 
She turned herself, ami saiih un- 
to him, Rabboni, which is to say. 

17 Jesus saith unto her. Touch 
me not: for 1 am not yet ascend- 
ed to ray. Father: but go to * *ny 
brethren, and say unto them. I \ 
ascend unto my fc ather and y«if 
Father, and to »my God aud 
your God. . 

18 * Mary Magdalene cane and 
told the discipres -that she had 
seen the Lord, and that he had 
spoken these things unto her. 

19 fl • Then the same day at 
evening, being the first day of 
the week, when the doors were 
shut where the disciples were as- 
sembled for fear of the Jews, 
came Jesus and stood in the 
midst, and saith uuto them, Peace 
»s unto you. 

80 And when he bad so said, ho 
shewed unto them his hands and 
his side. P Then were the disci- 
ples glad when they saw the 

SI Then said Jesus to them 
again. Peace be unto you : ? as mm 
Father hath sent me, even so send 
I rou. 

S3 And when he had mid this, 
he breai bed on them, and saith 
unto them, Receive ye the Hwlv 

S3 ' Whose soever sins ye remit. 
they are remitted unto them; anal 
whose soever sow ye retain, they 
are retained. 

84 IT But Thomas, one of the 
twelve, * called Didymus, was not 
with them when Jesus came. 

8$ The other disciples therefore 
said unto him, We have seen the 
Lord. But he .mid anto them, 
Except I shall me in hie handf 
the print of the nails, and put 
my finger into the print of the 
nails, aud thrust my hand iota 
his side, f will not believe. 

86 IT And after eight days again 
his disciples were within, and 
Thomas with theoi : thtn came 
Jesus, the doors being shot, and 
stood in the midst, and said* 
Peace 6* unto you. 

87 Then saiih he to Thomas, 

Reach hither ihy linger, and be- 
hold ray hands ; and * reach hith- 
er thy baud, and thrust it into my 
side ; and be not faithless, but be- 

88 And Thomas answered nod 
said uuto him, My Lord and my 


89 Jeaussaith uutohim, Thome* 
because thou bait seen me, thoU 
hast believed: « blessed are they 
that hare not seen, and yet have 
believed. , 

30 1T * And many other eigne 
truly did Jesus in the presence of 
his disciples, which are not writ- 
ten in this book. 

' 31 9 But these are written, thai 
je might believe that Jesus is the 
Christ, the Son of God; «and 
that believing ye might have life 
through his name. 

t 6kri$t appmring mtmiu to Mi afeef- 

pU$ »<u foam «/ thtm Ay tin stm! 

terlc f—d Ms teas* mU «*•*: 10 

' Stratoltrtk ami •/ Ait SmU; 39 r». 

kirtelA ku cariMtty lOMAJt 

99 TJU. eenchMim. 

AFTER these things Jesus 
shewed himself age ir 

disciples at the sea of T 

and on this wise shewed he Aim- 

S There were together Simon 
Peter, and Thomas called Didy- 
mus, and • Natbanael of Cana m 
Galilee, and • the son* of Zebe- 
dee, and two other of his disci- 

3 Simon Peter saith unto them, 
I go a fishing. They say unto 
bun, We also go with thee. They 
went forth, and entered into a 
ship immediately; and that night 
they caught nothing. 

4 But when the morning was 
now come, Jesus stood on tbs 
shore; but the disciples 'knew 
not that it was Jesus. 

5 Then * Jesus saith onto them. 
{Children, have ye any meatl 
They answered him, No. 

6 And be said unto them, • Cast 
the net on the right side of the 
ship, and ye shall find. They 
cast therefore, and now they were 
not able to draw it for the mul- 
titude of fishes. 

7 Therefore/that disciple whom 
Jesus loved saith unto Peter, It 
is the Lord. Now when Simon 
Peter heard that it was the Lord, 
he girl hit fisher's coat unto him^ 
(for he was naked) and did cast 
himself into the sea. 

8 And the other disciples Came 
in a little ship (for they were not 
far from land, but as it were two 
hundred cubits) dragging the net 
Withfishes. ** 

9 As soon then as they ware 
come to land, they saw a fire of 
coals there, and fish laid thereon, 
and bread. 

10 Jesus saith onto them. Bring 
of the fish which ye hare now 

11 Simon Peter went up, and 
drew the net to land full of great 
fishes, an hundred and fifty and 
three: and for all there Were eo 
many,yet wejrhot the net broken. 

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S Jo. li 




ChriaCt eaarje ID Peter. 

If Je«u8aithuntotliea,'Come 
and dine. And none of the die* 
ciples durst ask him. Who art 
thou 7 knowing that U was the 

13 Jesus then cometh, and ta> 
keth bread, and giveth them, and 
fish likewise. 

(4 This is now * the third time 
that Jesus shewed himself to hie 
disciples, after that he was risen 
from the dead. 

15 If So when they bad dined, 
Jesus saith to Simon Peter, Simon 
ton of Jonas, loveet thou me more 
than these f He saith ttnto trim. 
Yea, Lord : thou k no west that I 
love thee. He saith unto him, 
Feed my Iambs. 

Lfi He saith to him again the 
cecoud time, Simou sow of Jonas, 
lovest thou me 1 He saith unto 
turn, Yea, Lord : thou knowest 
that I lovs thee. * He saith unto 
him, Feed my sheep. 

17 He saith unto him the third 
time, Simon ton of Jonas, loveet 
( hou me 1 Peter was grieved be- 
cause he said unto him the third 
time, Lovest thou me 1 And he 
said unto him. Lord, * thou know- 
est all things ; thou knowest that 
1 love thee. Jesus saith unto him. 
Feed my sheep. 

18 'Verily, verily, I say unto 
thee, When thou wast young, 
thou gicdedst thyself, and walk- 
edst whither thou wouldest: but 
when thou shalt be old, thou shah 
stretch forth thy hands, and an- 
other shall gird thee, and carry 
that whitber thou wouldest not. 

19 This spake he, signifying 
------- * L " -- 1 - lid glorify 

*» by what death he should glorify 
God. And when he had spoken 
this, he saith uuto him, Follow 

20 Then Peter, turning about, 
seeth the disciple " whom Jesus 
loved, following ; (which also 
leaned on his breast at supper, 
and said, Lord, which is he that 
hetrayeth thee ?) 

21 Peter seeing him, saith to Je- 
sus, Lord, an (T what thott this 
man do 1 

28 Jesus saith unto him, If I will 
tlmt he tarry 'till I come, what 
iff that to thee ? Follow thou me. 

S3 Then went this saying abroad 
among the brethren, that that 
disciple should not die : vet Jesus 

said not unto him, He shall not 
die : but, If I will that he tarry 
till I come, what it that to thee? 

84 This is the disciple which 
testifieth of these things, and 
wrote these things: and Pwe 
know that his testimony is true. 

85 vAnd there are also many 
other things which Jesus did, the 
which, if they should be written 
every one, r I suppose that even 
the world itself could not eontaja 
the books that should bo written. 






1 Okriet, preprint kie apoeHee to the 
beholding of kie attention, gather** 
thorn tegetker into the mount Otioel, 
e»mmen4otk tkem to empeet in Jeru- 
aalem Ma tending down of tk»Hots 
Bkott, promwath after fern dope to 
•end it: hfoirtuetekerooftkeptkould 
be mitnettet unto km, earn to tkout- 

' mutt of the earth. 9 After hie 
meeeution they are teamed ftr two an. 
lei* to impart, and to ett their mindt 
upon hie teeond coming. 13 Tkep ee- 
eordingip return, and, timing them- 

, at the piece of Judat. 

HE former treatise hare I 
made, O ■ Theophilus, of all 
that Jesus began both to do and 

S » Until the day in which he was 
taken up, after that he through 
the Holy Ghost «bad given com- 
mandments unto the apostles 
whom be had chosen : 

3 'To whom also he shewed 
himself alive after his passion, by 
niauy infallible proofs, being seen 
of them forty days, and speaking 
of the thing's pertaining to the 
kingdom of God : 

4 «And I being assembled to- 

Sther with them, commanded 
em that they should not depart 
from Jerusalem, but wait for the 
promise of the Father, / which, 
goith he, ye have heard of me. 

5 'For John truly baptised with 
water- *but ye shall be baptised 
with the Holy Ghost not many 
days hence. 

6 When they therefore were 
eome together, they asked of him, 
saying, » Lord, wilt thou at this 
time 'restore agaiu the kingdom 
to Israeli 

7 And he said unto them, ' It is 
not for you to know the times or 
the seasons which the Father hath 
put in his own power. 

8 * But ye shall receive I power 
"after that the Holy Ghost is 
come upon you : and "ye shall be 
witnesses unto me, both in Jeru- 

Bamaria, and unto the uttermost 
part of the earth. 

9 • And when ha had spoken 
these things, while they beheld, 
V he was taken up : ana a cloud 
received him out or their sight. 

10 And while they looked stead- 
fastly toward heaveu as ha went 
— , behold, two men stood by 

sm ** in white apparel ; 

11 Which also said, *Ye men 
of Galilee, why stand ye gazing 
up into heaven f this same Jesus 
snatch i» taken up from you into 



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heaven, ' shall so cone in like 
manner as ye have seen him go 
into heaven. 

15 * Then returned they unto 
Jerusalem, from the mount called 
Olivet, which is from Jerusalem 
a sabbath-day's journey. 

13 And when they were come in, 
they went up 'into an upper 
room, where abode both » Peter, 
and James, and John, and An- 
drew, Philip, and Thomas, Bar- 
tholomew, and Matthew, James 
the eon or Alpheus, and 'Simon 
Zelotes, and * Judas the brother 
of James. 

14 & These all continued with 
one accord in prayer and suppli- 
cation, with 'the women, and 
Mary the mother of Jesus, and 
with * his brethren. 

14 IT And in those days Peter 
stood up in the midst of the dis- 
ciples, and said, (the number *of 
the names together were about 
an hundred and twenty,) 

16 Men and brethren, this scrip* 
ture must needs have been ful- 
filled, /which the Holy Ghost by 
the mouth of David spake before) 
concerning Judas, 'which wan 
guide to them that took Jesus. 

17 For * he was numbered with 
us, and had obtained part of * ibis 

18 * Now this man purchased a 
field with 'the reward of iniquity; 
and falling headlong, he bunt 
asunder in the midst, and all bit 
bowels gushed out. 

19 And it was known unto all 
the dwellers at Jerusalem : inso- 
much as that field is called in 
their proper tongue, Acelda- 
ma, that is to say, The field of 

80 For it is written in the book 
of Psalms, »Lel bis habitation 
be desolate, and let no man dwell 
therein: and, "His | bisboprick 
let another take. 

S 1 Wherefore of these men which 
have companied with us, all that 
time that the Lord Jesus went in 
and out among us, 

SS • Beginning from the baptism 
of John, unto that same day thai 
• he was taken up from us, must 
one be ordained « to be a witness 
with us of his resurrection. 

13 And they appointed two, Jo- 
seph called 'Barsabas, who waa 
surnamed Justus, and Matthias. 

t4 And they prayed, and said. 
Thou, Lord, 'which knowestth* 
hearts of all men. shew whether 
of these two thou hut c" 

Tfaapottiu JUUd 
2$ « That he may take part of 

this ministry 

from which Judas by 
•ion fell, that ha might go to his 
own place. 
38 And they fare forth their 
lota ; and the lot fell upon Mat* 
tlfi&s , and be was numbered with 
the eleren apostles. 


1 Tie mpotOm, JUIU milk the AJ» 

Ohott, surf tptaking tftom Imn- 

rid«d fry *Jur$. 14 Whom Pmtmr 
propiMg, and iktming thai tK* spot* 
lit ***** fry <*• pamtr o/ tht Hoff 

tUm f* to m/mr—d qf Ood fry ait 
miracl**, wt mitr* , and lit**, and 
mat crwe&td mUktmt Um dtUrmauU 
eanntal **4 ftrtknomltdt* : 87 h* 
bmftUM* * grmmt MUMter that mart 
eo m u t m t . 41 Wha aftarwarm da- 
wmUg and ckarilmbtg twM w to- 
mathar: tka at ml l n marUnt atea* 
sWeeto. and. «W dmO$ inarm** 

AND when • the day of Pente- 
cost was fully come. *the) 
were all with one accord in one 

S And auddenly there came a 
sound from heaven, aa of a rush- 
ing mighty wind, aud • it filled 
all the house where they were 

3 And there appeared unto them 
cloven tongues like aa of fire, and 
it aat upon each of them. 

4 And * they were all filled with 
the Holy Ghost, and began 'to 
•peak with other tongues, as the 
Spirit gave them utterance. 

5 And there were dwelling at 
Jerusalem Jews, devout men, out 
of every nation under heaven. 

6 Now twhen this was noised 
abroad, the multitude came to- 

Kther, and were I confounded, 
cause that every man heard 
them speak in his own language. 

7 And they were all amazed, 
and marvelled, saying one to an- 
other, Behold, are not all these 
which speakv/Galileans % 

8 And bow bear we every man 
in our own tongue, wherein we 
were born I 

9 Parthiana, and Medea, and 
Elamitea, and the dwellers in 
Mesopotamia, and in Judea, and 
Cappadooia, in Pontus, aud Asia, 

MTrhrygia, aud Pamphylia, in 
Egypt, aud in the parts of Libya 
about Cyrene, and strangers of 
Rome, Jews and proselytes, 

11 Cretes and Arabians, we do 
hear them apeak in our tongues 
the wonderful works of God. 

19 And they were all 
and were ia doubt, saying one to 
another. What meaneth this ? 

IS Others mocking, said, These 
men are fuU^oew wine. 

14 ? But Peter, standing up 


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uUh th* Hot* Ohmt, 

with the eleven, lifted up his 
voice, and said unto them, Ye 
men of Judea. and all ye that 
dwell at Jerusalem, be this known 
onto yon, aud hearken to my 

15 For these are not drunken, 
as ye suppose, 'seeing it is out 
the third hour of the day. 

16 But this ia that which was 
spoken by the prophet Joel ; 

17 * And it shall come to pass In 
the last days, saith God, « I will 

Eur out of my Spirit upon all 
■h: and your sons and *your 
daughters shall prophesy, and 
your young men snalfsee visious, 
and your old men shall dream 

18 And on my servants, and on 
my hand-maidens, I will pour out 
in those days of my Spirit; 'and 
they shall prophesy : 

19 * And I will shew wonders in 
heaven above, and signs in the 
earth beneath; blood, and fire, 
and vapour of smoke. 

80 "The sun shall be turned into 
darkness, and the moon into 
blood, before that great and nota- 
ble day of the Lord come. 

21 And it shall come to pass, 
that • whosoever shall call on the 
name of the Lord, shall be saved. 

SS Te men of Israel, hear these 
words ; Jesus of Nazareth, a man 
approved of God among you »by 
miracles, and wonders, and signs, 
which God did by him in the 

mi'fc? flf Trtll, ft? rr —v '-rr - ;•- - : . 

km .■ 

23 Hup, 9 being i&Uver*i] by the 
del i Ale CQLiiihtt ami jbrs- 
knowirdjrc of God, r jt 1m*i m- 
kejj, juid by nfirkul hands hine 
eruciArdl mid *t ain : 

24 * Wtunn Gigd I. n-i h t*w,L up, 
hav in:: !':i;i*J ihv j-am* ol' elcaLfi . 
becaii*u ii was «<i[ jk**iLk Uwt 
he khuuiL] Lw htihlnn al'iL 

Sfi Kur Uai-LLl ifK-ftkcMJi roDctrn- 
iug bim, i I for tuv the Lwd al- 
ways befort my (ace ; tar he I* ci4i 
mj dgjht laand, lhaL I iL^u'.d i.ert 
be mure'! ; 

26 Tlitrtsfore dttt my Jteatt re- 
joice, itJiJ mj ton jrue wb« if Lad ; 
moi BaVfej 4 liyj m y Jli+N uiall rr*i 
in hope: 

27 Because thou wflt not leave 
my soul in hell, neither wilt thou 
suffer thine Holy One to see cor- 

28 Thou hast made known to 
me the ways of life ; thou shall 
make me full of Joy with thy 

29 Men and brethren, I let ma 
freely speak unto you « of the pa- 
triarch David, that he is both 
dead and buried, and his sepul- 
chre is with us unto this day. 

20 Therefore being a prophet, 
•and knowing that God had 
sworn with an oath to him, thai 
of the fruit of his loins, according; 

PtUr's sermon oomxmuth many. THJS ACTS. 

to the flesh, Im would raise op 
Christ to lit oo tat* throne ; 

31 He seeing this before, spake 
of the resurrection of Christ, y that 
hia aoul was not left io hell, nei- 
ther hit flesh did aee corruption. 

HI * Thia Jeaua hath Got! raised 
op, « whereof we all are wit- 

93 Therefore • being by the rijrht 
hand of God exalted, and « hav- 
ing received of the Father the 
promise of the Holy Ghost, he 
■ bath abed forth this, which ye 
now aee and hear. 

34 Por David is not ascended 
into the heavens, bat he saith 
himself 'The Lord said unto ray 
Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, 

3$ Untit I make thy foes thy 

36 Therefore let all the house of 
Israel know assuredly, that God 
/hath made that same Jesus 
whom ye have crucified, both 
Lord and Christ. 

37 1f Now when they heard this, 
■i they were pricked in their heart, 
and said unto Peter and to the 
rest of the apostles, lien and 
brethren, what shall we do ? 

38 Then Peter said unto them, 
* Repent, and be baptized every 
one of you in the name of Jesus 
Christ, for the remission of sini, 
and ye shall receive the gift ot 
the Holy Ghost. 

39 For the promise is onto yon. 
and i to your children, and * to all 
that are afar off, ran as many as 
the Lord our God shaH call. 

40 And with many otbor words 
dfd he testify and exhort, saying, 
Save yourselves from this unto- 

41 ITThen they that gladly re- 
ceived his word, were baptized: 
and the same day there were add- 
ed unto them about three thou- 
sand souls. 

42 I And they continued stead- 
fastly in the apostles' doctrine 
and fellowship, and in breaking 
of bread, aud in prayers. 

43 And fear came upon every 
soul: and "many wonders and 

Ta were done by the apostles. 
And all that believed were 
together, and "had all things 
common ; 

45 And sold their possessions 
and goods, and * parted them to 
all nun, as every man had need. 

46 P And they, continuing daily 
with one accord « in the temple, 
and 'breaking bread I from bouse 
to house, did eat their meat with 
gladness and singleness of heart, 

47 Praising God, and •having 
favour with all the people. Ana 
'the Lord added to the church 
daily such as should be saved. 

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Jients, mUthnmt a /aft* M . 

18 wMkmi ttprohoiMmg thorn tor m 
oiftHn .fee*. 17 WkieklK— wtl 

<W a through itnormwx, mrf « 

19 as «#*crte* Hum 6» res—sass 
*nd fmtth to took rmttsba oftkotr 
mm, mnd tobottam to Ms am* Jworn, 

MOW Peter and John went up 
■*■' together « into the temple, at 
the hour of prayer, 'being the 
ninth hour. 

9 And • a certain man lame from 
hia mother's womb was carried* 
whom they laid daily at the gate 
of the temple which is called 
Beautiful, * to ask alms of them 
that entered into the temple: 

3 Who, seeing Peter and John 
about to go into the temple, ask- 
ed an alms. 

4 And Peter fastening his eyes 
upon him with John, said. Look 
on us. 

5 And he gave beed unto them, 
expecting to receive something 
of them. 

6 Then Peter said. Silver and 

fold have I none ; but such as I 
nve give I thee: 'In the name 
of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise 
up and walk. 

7 And he took him by the right 
hand, and lifted him up: and 
immediately his feet ana ancle- 
bones received strength. 

8 And be, /leaping up, stood, 
and walked, and entered with 
them into the temple, walking, 
and leaping, and praising God. 

9 ' And au the people saw him 
walking and praising God: 

10 And they knew that it was 
he which »sat for alms at the 
Beautiful gate of the temple: and 
they were filled with wonder and 
amazement at that which had 
happened unto him. 

1 f And as the lame man which 
was healed held Peter and John, 
all the people ran together unto 
them in the porch 'that is called 
Solomon's, greatly wondering. 

19 IT And when Peter saw it, he 
answered onto the people, Te 
men of Israel, why marvel ye at 
thief or why look ye so earnestly 
on us, as though by our own pow- 
er or holiness we had made this 
man to walk f 

13 A The God of Abraham, and 
of Isaac, and of Jacob, the God 
of our fathers 'hfeth glorified hie 
Sou Jeans; whom ye™ delivered 
up, and "denied him in the pres- 
ence of Pilate, whan he was de- 
termined to let Aim go. 

14B«t ye denied •the Holy One, 
»and the Just; and desired a 
murderer to be granted uuto you : 

15 And killed the I Prince e/life, 
• whom God hath raised from the 
dead; 'whanofwe an witnesses. 

16 • Aud his name, thnmgh faith 

fvMr v uwDi'tonbtti 

Itt hit name, hath made tots man 
strong, whom ye aee and know : 

a the faith which is by hiin, 
given him this perfect sound- 
Qm in the presence of you all. 

17 And now, brethren, I wot that 
* through ignorance ye did % as 
did also your rulers. 

18 But « those things which Gqd 
before had shewed *Dy the mouth 
of all his prophets, that Christ 
should suffer, he hath so fulfilled. 

19 IT r Repent ye therefore, and 
be converted, that your sins may- 
be blotted out, when the times or 
refreshing shall come from the 
presence of the Lord ; 

50 And he shall send Jesus 
Christ, which before was preach- 
ed unto you : 

51 * Whom the heaven must re- 
ceive, until the times of • restitu- 
tion of all things, • which God 
hath spoken by the mouth of all 
his holy prophets, since the world 

88 For Hoses truly said unto 
tbe fathers, « A Prophet shall the 
Lord your God raise up unto you, 
of your brethren, like unto me ; 
him shall ye hear in all things, 
whatsoever he shall say unto you. 

83 And it shall come to pass, 
that every soul which will not 
bear that Prophet, shall be de- 
stroyed from among the people. 

84 Yea, and all the prophets 
from Samuel, and those that fol- 
low after, as many as have spo- 
ken, have likewise foretold of 
these days. 

85 * Ye are the children of the 
prophets, and of the covenant 
which God niade with our fathers, 
saying unto Abraham. «And in 
thy seed shall all the kindreds of 
the earth be blessed. 

26 /Unto you first, God having 
raised up his Bon Jesus, 'sent 
him to bless you, sin turning 
away every one of you from his 

1 Tkm ntifl* •/ lk« Jtwt tftoM *itk 
PtHr't mtmm, 4 (JUumtk Ihmutrdi 
«/ ik* »—jrf» ww t m rntr U d Out ktard 
Ou word,) tmpri$om himmd Jmhn. 6 
Afttr, MMM seeattaeltm PtUr froMy 
fmuhmg Ihtlamu sms tot*k*+Ud 
ty th* um •/ J****, mnd that 6» f*« 
— » /«nu omit ">• "»«' *» ttern*Uw 

jmc atoo ttr«sf«sie#, 33 whmnmpam 
■%• dure* fifth U SMSsr. U And 

fhd, bp moiikt tk*pUm»Ur*ih*i 
■mm MiaMMtiMtilt As *w< 

AND as they spake unto the 
people, the priests; and the 
'I captain of the temple, and the 
Sedducees came upon them. 
8 • Being grieved that they 
taught the people, and preached 
through Jesus the resurrection 
from the deed. 

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' T*« ruler* OjfWeoT of it 

t And they laid hands on them, 
end put them in hold unto the 
next day: for it was now even- 

4 HowbeR, many of them which 
heard the word, believed; and 
the number of the men was about 
five thousand. 

& H And it came to pass on the 
morrow, that their rulers, aqd 
elders, and scribes, 

6 And » Annas the high priest, 
and Caiaphas. and John, and 
Alexander, and as many as were 
of the kindred of the high priest, 
were gathered together at Jerusa- 

7 And when they had set them 
in the midst, they asked, "By 
what power, or by what name 
have ye done this J 

8 * Then Peter, filled with the 
Holy Ghost, said unto them. Ye 
rulers of the people, and elders 
of Israel, 

9 if we this day be examined of 
the good deed done to tbe impo 
tent man, by what means he is 
made whole ; 

10 Be it known unto you all, 
and to all tbe people of Israel, 
• that by the name of Jesus Christ 
of Niaxafeth, whom ye crucified, 
/whom God raised from the dead, 
seen by him doth this man stand 
here before you whole. 

11 * This is the stone which was 
set at naught of you builders, 
which is become the head of the 

18 » Neither is there salvation m 
any other: for there is none other 
name under heaven given among 
men, whereby we must be saved. 

13 IT Now when they saw the 
boldness of Peter and John, • and 
perceived that they were unlearn- 
ed and ignorant men, they mar- 
velled; and they took knowledge 
Of them, that they had been with 

14 And beholding the man which 
was healed 'standing with them, 
they could say nothing against iu 

15 But when they had com- 
manded them to go aside out of 
the council, they conferred among 

16 Sayiug, ' What shall we do 
td these men 1 for that indeed a 
notable miracle hath been done 
by them is ■» manifest to all them 
that 'dwell in Jerusalem, and we 
cannot deny it* 

17 But that it spread no further 
among the people, let us strsitly 
threaten them, that they speak 
henceforth to no man in this 
name. • 

18 » And they called them, and 
commanded them not to speak at 
all, nor teach in the name of 

19 But Peter and John answered 
and said unto them, *WhetheYit 
be right in the sight of God to 



hearken uuta you mom Urn* unto 
God, Judge je. 

10 /For we cannot bat speak 
the thingi which « we have seen 
and heard. « 

Si So, when they had further 
threatened them, they let thtm 
go, finding' nothing how they 
might punish them, «" beeauee or 
the people i for all men glorified 
God for * that which vu done. ., 

28 For the man wae above forty 
years old on whom thu miraoie 
of healing wae shewed. 

S3 IT And being let go, * they 
went to their own company, and 
reported all that the chief priests 
and elders had said unto them. 

94 And when they heard that, 
they lifted up their voice to God 
with one accord, and mid, Lord, 
* thou art God, which hast made 
heaven, and earth, and the sea, 
and all that in them is ; 

25 Who, by the mouth of thy 
servant David hast said, * Why 
did the heathen rage, and the 
people imagine vain things? 

S6 The kings of the earth stood 
up, and the rulers were gathered 
together against the Lord, and 
against his Christ. 

87 For » of a truth against * thy 
holy child Jesus, * whom thou 
hast anointed, both Herod, and 
Pontius Pilate, with the Gentiles, 
and the people of Israel, were 
gathered together, 
. 88 6 For to do whatsoever thy 
hand and thy counsel determined 
before to be done. 

89 And now, Lord, behold their 
threatenings ; and grant unto thy 

servants, *that aithallbr'^ 

they may speak thy word, 

30 By stretching forththinehand 
to heal; 'and that signs and 

__ , _ — . aigns 

wonders may be done *by 
name of /thine holy child Jesus. 

31 m And when they had pray- 
ed, ' the place was shaken where 
they were assembled together; 
and they were all filled with the 
Holy Ghost, * and they spake the 
word of God with boldness. 

38 And the multitude of them 
that believed ' were of one heart, 
and of one soul: * neither said 
any of them that aught of the 
thugs which he possessed was 
his own; but they had ail things 

33 And with 'great power gave 
the apostles *> witness of the res- 
urrection of the Lord Jesus: and 
"great ««£« w upon them alL 

34 Neither was there any among 
them that lacked : • for as many 
as were possessors of lands or 
houses sold them, and brought 
the prices of the things that were 

85 p And laid them down at the 
Apostles' feet: « and distribution 
was made unto every man ac- 
cording as he bad need, 

THE ACTS. Anemia* and fajpjMi i iftim* iliiffT 

18 Aad Jose*, who by Urn amen- 
tias was surnamed fiamabee, 
(which is, being interpreted, The 
son of consolation,) a Levile, ai^ef 
of the country of Cyprus, 
87 ' Having land, sold if, and 
brought the money, aad laid ef 
at the apostles' feeU 


1 AfUr Oaf Amaauaammd teUn I* 

wiftfer their *je*«rfc» el Pttar'a ra- 

Qefts had fall** do»u died. 13 and 

that tk* ran af <*• epaatlaa had 

fUmrnvmirmdm, Untti n»- 

aaftha faith: 17 tha apaatna 

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€dhfm»am*thtddmtUamH j 
apanhj lo mU: 31 mkam, a/tar 
fososjaf eeoerdtaibi «t Us U . . 
SB and ot/or* is« wmeiL 88 tha* or* 
«• damgar to ft* liiy, through tha ««• 
Hat if OmwtaUtt, a gnat amnueimr 
among tka 0am*, that ha kapt mHma. 
40 amd era but aaatem: for aaamh 
tkaf atmifm Had, amd eaaaa na dag 


UT a certain man named An- 
•*-* anias, with Sapphire his wifis, 
sold a possession, 

5 And kept back port of the 
price, (his wife also being privy 
lo it,) «and brought a certain 
part, and laid it at the apostles' 

3 * But Peter said, Ananias, why 
hath « Satan filled thine heart | to 
lie to the Holy Ghost, and te 
keep back port of the price of the 

4 While it remained, was it net 
thine own 1 and after it was sold, 
was it not in thine own power 1 
why hast thou conceived this 
thing in thine heart 1 thou hast 
not lied unto men, but unto God* 

6 And Ananias hearing these 
words, d fell down, and gave up 
the ghost. And great fear came 
on all them that heard these 

6 And the young men arose, 
* wound him up, and carried Aim 
out. and buried him. 

7 And it was about the space 
of three hours after, when hie 
wife, not knowing what waadone, 
came in. . 

8 And Peter answered unto her; 
Tall me whether ye sold the land 
for so much f And eft* said, ¥ea, 
for so much. 

9 Then Peter said unto hat. 
How is it that ye have agmed .to- 
gether/to tempt the Spirit of the 
Lord I behold the feet of tfceat 

have buried thy husband 
ore at the door, and shall carry 
thee out. 

10 ' Then fell she down straight- 
way at his feet, and yielded' up 
the ghost. Ana the young men 
came in, and found her dead; and 

forth, buried Aer bj 

carrying her i 
her husband. 

II * And great rear came upon 
dl the church, and upon is many 

as beard these things. 
13 If And < by the hands of the 

apostlee «m many ■HT 1M nd 
•wooden wrought lamf the peo- 
ple ; (» and they vera all with one 
aceord in Solomon *e patch. 

13 And'df the reet durst no man 
loin himself to them: "but the 
people magnified them. 

14 And believers wart the mote 
added to the Lord, multitudes 
both of men and women;) 

15 Insomuch that they brought 
forth the siclt I into the streets, 
'and laid them on beds and couch- 
es, "that at the least the shadow 
of Peter passing by might over- 
shadow some of them. 

16 There came also a multitude 
out of the cities round about unto 
Jerusalem, bringing "sick folks, 
and them which were vexed with 
unclean spirits; and they were 
healed every ooe. 

17 IT J Then the high priest rose 
up, and all they that were with 
him, (which is the sect of the Sad- 
ducees,) and were filled with I in- 

18 » And laid their hands on the 
apostles, and put them in the 

19 Bat 

by night o] 

»*the angel of the Lord 
* ~ opened the. 
and brought them forth, and said, 

•oed the prison-deors, 

">rth, and said, 

fO Go, stand and speak in the 

10 Go, stand and speak in the 
temple to the people 'all the 
words of this life. 

91 And when they beard thmt, 
they entered into the temple early 
in the morning, and taught. ' But 
the high priest came, and they 
that were with him, and called 
the council together, and all the 
senate of the children of Israel, 
and sent to the prison to hare 
them brought. 

89 But when the officers came, 
and found them not in the prison, 
they returned, and told, 

S3 Saying, The prison truly 
found wa shut with all safety, and 
the keepers standing witbout,be- 
rbre the doors : but when we had 
opened, we found no man within. 

84 Now When the high priest, 
and *the captain of the temple, 
and the chief priests heard these 
things, they doubted of them 
whereunto this would grow. 

25 Then came one and told 
them, saying. Behold, the men 
whom ye put ih prison are stand- 
ing in the temple, and teaching 
the people. 

36 Then went the captain with 
the officers, and brought them 
without violence: 'for they fear- 
ed the people, lest they should 
have been stoned. 

17 And when they had brought 
them, they set them before the 
council : and the high priest ask- 
ed them, 

88 Sayfcg, rDtd not we streitly 
command you, that ye should not 
teach in this name f and behejd, 
pfc have filled Jerusalem with your 


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dee tri a w t 'and intend to bring* 
this man's • blood upon us. 
t» ff Then Peter and the other 
apostles answered and sard, • We 
ought to efjey God rather than 

30 • The God of ourfatbersTaie* 
edup Jesus, whom ye skew and 
•hanged en a tree : 

31 'Him hath God exalted with 
his right hand to 6»/a Prince and 
'aSwriewr, * for to give repeat- 
enee to Israel, and forgiveness of 

3f And • we are his witnesses of 
these things ; and so is also the 
Holy Ghost, 'whom God hath 
givan to them that obey him. 

33 ft* When they heard that, 
the* «•*» «"« to the heart, and 


p .-si'' 

mum little ipae*. 


the u(j<wil*# 1'ordJi, ■ linJc 1 1 
3i And said onto tJitm + V 
of Israel, Uiks be&d to toutkIvigb 

Whai Ve Inlrrnl tti nju B»loUdU,rig 
these meet j 

38 For ta* lure t best days rm up 
Th>«t,ii»i, bgu^in^ himitii to l* 
son fcyj I4J whi.'^a a tiiimL<n 

off - v ...u! four hundred. !««» 

ed • ■ ■— • wh w«i ■ it . 

SIM „ jti. Uu.u> ij . — «-,willuM, 

vrere scattered, and brought to 

97 After this man rose up Judas 
ot Galilee, in the days of the tak- 
ing, and drew away much people 
alter him : he also perished ; and 
ail, even as many as obeyed him, 
were dispersed. 

38 Aud now I say unto you, 
Refrain (som them men, and left 
them alone : » for if this counsel 
or this work be of men, it will 

be of God, ye can- 
it; lest haply ye be 
• fight against God. 

if it be of God, 
not overthrow it 
found even pto fight against G . ,_ 

40 And to him they agreed: and 
when they had foalled the apos- 
tles, ' and beaten them, they com- 
manded that they should not 
speak in the name of Jesus, and 
let them go. 

41 IT And they departed from 
the presence of the council, •re- 
joicing that they were counted 
worthy to suffer shame for his 

48 And daily ' in the temple* 
and in every bouse, « they ceased 
not to teach aud preach Jesus 


1 The aseaUea, dmirow to has* ffcesear 

ntertatferlhmr bodOy nuteseaet, 

u toe cSrtfit thm**l»M to Hepemie 

tk* venf e/Oerf. ik»fytd e/*to*ae& 

■ I tk»t0*4f- 

»AUHf/e*k,m . 
Item. » F»«#«atm 

AND in those day*, "when i 
number of the disciple* i 

mafciptied, then arose a 
.kigefthe • Grecians against the 
Hebrews, because their widow* 
wore neglected *ht the daily 

S Then the twelve called the 
multitude of toe diaoiplee unto 
tAem, and said, * It i* not reanon 
that we should leave the word of 
<3od> and serve tables. 

3 Whevefore, brethren, •look ye 
out among' you seven inew of hon- 
est report, full of the Holy Ghost 
and wisdom, whom we may ap- 
point over this business. 

4 But we /will give ourselves 
continually to prayer, and to the 
ministry of the word. 

5 If And the saying pleased the 
whole multitude : and they chose 
Stephen, 'a man full of mtth ami 
of the Holy Ghost, and * Philip, 
and Prochorus, and Nicaner, 
and Timon, and Patmenas,'and 
* Nicolas a proselyte of Antioch, 

6 Whom they set before the 
apostles: and * when they had 
prayed, * they laid their haudson 

T And "the word of God in- 
creased; and the number of the 
disciples multiplied m Jerusalem 
greatly; and a great company 
n of the priests were obedient to 
the faith. 

8 And 8fephen, full of (kith and 
power, did greet wonders and 
miracles among-the people. 

9 IT Then there arose certain of 
the synagogue, which is called 
the eynagogue of the Libertines, 
and Cyreniana, and Alexandri- 
ans, and of them of Cilicia, and 
of Asia, disputing with' Stephen. 

10 And «they were not able to 
resist the wisdom and the spirit 
by which he spake. 

it 'Then they suborned men, 
which said. We hare heard him 
spear blasphemous words against 
Hoses, and againet God. 

11 And they Mined np the peo- 
ple, and the elders, and the 
scribes, and came upon htm, and 
caught him, and brought him to 
the council, 

13 And sefup false WKnessts, 
which said, This manceasethnet 
to speak blasphemous words a- 
rainst this holy place, and the 

14 « For we have heard him my, 
that this Jesus of Nazareth shall 

.'destroy this place, and shall 
change the I customs Which Mu- 
se* delivered usi 

U And all that sat in the coun- 
cil, looking steadfastly on him, 
saw hie face as it had been the 
meavof an angel. 

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1 MesssnAflam* sfsaalsMlah sslnrii *ii ssT 

«JIBJN|*>W JTXf^mj WDCmmkJmm 

otiAP. m 

memumticm mf M ss ss iw s. • rtisift 

ISM Atornhmmt awseiasM 49*4 etfsev 
•tform Met— mm* ft***, mmd htfmrm tmm 
tmbmnmeU mmd towtpli wmr$ bmiU : ST 
tkmt Mute* Msustf «rita«f«W mf 
Okrht : 44 mmd AM «B mmtmmrd emrm- 
mmmm werm ordmintd mcctedtmg to thm 
kssssaJr vector*, to Imtt fret fmr m 
times 61 1 e» < s s sa e wif iae» nbmtjttm, 
end wtmtdtrime mf Okrtrt, thm Jmmt 
. thu, wAmm the prmpkf fmrmtmU 
thoMUetmeitU*tk$*orU. 64 Wherm- 
sukms tkmt «<«»• Aim to demt/tt *>*• 
■ tmmnitth kit tnl to Jetut, mmd 

hnnhtvprmftih /« Item. 
»T*HKN said the high priest, 
■*• Are these things so 1 
t And he said, • lieu, brethren, 
end fathers, hearken; The God 
of glory appeared onto our father 
Abraham when he was in Me- 
sopotamia, before be dwelt in 

t And said unto hhn, *Get then 
out of thy country, and from thy 
kindred, and come into the laud 
which I ehall shew thee. 
4 The* • eame he out of the 
land of the Chaldeans, and dwelt 
m Charran. And from thence, 
when hi* father was dead, he re- 
moved him into this land where- 
in ye now dwell. 
» And he gave him none inherit- 
ance hi it, no, not so much at to 
set hi* foot on : ' vtft he promised 
that he would give it to him for 
a possession, and to his seed after 
him, when at yet he had no child. 
6" And God spake on this wise, 
• That his seed should sojoaruin 
a strange land; and that they 
should bring them into bondage, 
and entreat them evil/ four hun- 
dred years. 

7 And the nation to whom they 
shall be in bondage will I judge, 
•aid God : and after that shall 
they come forth, and 'serve m* 
in this place. 

8 * And he gave him the cove- 
nant of circumcision. < And so 
Abraham begat Isaac, and cir- 
cumcised him the eighth day; 
•and Isaae begat Jacob, and 'Ja- 
cob bmgnt the twelve patriarchs. 

9 * And the patriarchs, moved 
with envy, sold Joseph into E- 
gyut : « but God was with him, 

10 And delivered him out of atl 
hi* aRUotions, *and gave him fa- 
vour ami wisdom in the sight of 
Pharaoh king of Egypt ; and he 
made him governor over Egypt, 
and all his house. 

11 pNow there came a dearth 
over all the land of Egypt and 
Chanaan. and great affliction; 
and our fathers found no eusta- 

II « But when Jacob heard thsft 
there was corn in Egypt, he sent 

out our father* Int. 

If And at the second (fas* Jo- 
seph was made known to km 

CHAP. Vii. 

'aU-nis kindred, threescore aud 
fifteen souls. 

* 15 « So Jacob went down into 
Egyptt »and died, ha, and our 

16 And 'were carried over into 
Sychem, and laid in * the sepul- 
chre that Abraham bought for a 
■urn of money of the sons of Em- 
tnm^ths/athsr of Sychem. 

17 But when 'the time of the 

Eomiee drew nigh, which God 
d sworn to Abraham, * the peo- 
ple grew *od multiplied in E- 


_ Till another kin; arose, which 
Xnew not Joseph. 

19 The same dealt aubtflly with 
our kindred, and evil-entree usd 
our fathers, &so that they catt 
out their young children, to the 
end they might not live. 

10 «tn which time Mosee was 
born, and 'wu (exceeding fair, 
and nourished up in his father's 
house three mouths: 

21 And * when he was cast nut, 
Pharaoh's daughter took him up, 
aud nourished him for her own 

88 And Hoses was learned in ail 
the wisdom of the Egyptian*, 
aud was /mighty in words and 
in deeds. 

83 'And when he was full forty 
years old, it came into his hewi 
to visit bis brethren the children 
of Israel. 

.84 And seeing one qf them suf- 
fer wrong, he defended Aim, and 
avenged nim that was oppressed, 
and smote the Egyptian: 

.85 | For he supposed his breth- 
ren would have understood how 
that God by bis hand would de- 
liver them ; but they understood 

26 » And the next day he shew- 
ed himself unto them as they 
•trove, and would have set them 
at one again, saying, Sire, ye are 
brethren ; why do ye wrong one 
to another 7 

27 But he that did his neigh- 
bour wrong, thrust him awny, 
saying, * Who made thee a ruler 
and a judge over us X 

28 Witt thou kill me, as thou 
didst (he Egyptian yesterday 1 

29 'Then fled Moses at this 
saying, and was a stranger in the 
land of Median, wherelie begat 
two sons. 

20 ' And when forty years were 
expired, there appeared to him 
m the wilderness of Mount Sina, 
an angel of the Lord in a flame 
of Are ma bush. 

21 When Moses saw it, he won- 
dered at the sight; and as he 
drew near to behold ft, the voice 
of too Lord carat unto him, 




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22 *»•»#, ml mm the God of 
thy father*, the God of Abraham, 
and the God of Isaac, and the 
God of Jacob. Then Moses trem- 
bled, and durst not behold. 

S3 » Then said the Lord to him, 
Put off thy shoes from thy feet: 
for tho place where thou sundest 
is holy ground. 

34 • I have men, I have seen the 
affliction of my people which is in 
Egypt, and I have heard their 
groaning, and am come dowu Xe 
deliver uiera. And now come, I 
will send thee into Egypt. 

25 This Moses, whom they re- 
" ring, Wbc J A 

I, saying, Who made thee a 
and a Judge ? the same did 
send to be a ruler aud a do- 

fused, sayini 


liverer * by the hand of the angel 
which appeared to him in the 

36 «J»- brought them out, after' 
that hs had 'shewed wonders 
and signs in the laud of Egypt, 
'aud in the Red sea, » and in the 
wilderness forty years. 

37 H This is that Moses, which 
said unto the children of Israel, 

* A Prophet shall the Lord your 
God raise up unto you of your 
brethren, Hue unto me; * him 
shall ye hear. 

38 'This is he, that was in the 
church in the wilderness with 
'the angel which spake to him 
in the mount Sine, and mtk our 
fathers : " who received the lively 

• oracles to give unto us: 

29 To whom our fathers/would 
not obey, but thrust Aim from 
them, and in their hearts turned 
back again into Egypt, 

40 « Saying unto Aaron, Make 
Us gods to go before us : for as 
for this Moses, which brought 
us out of the lead of Egypt, we 
wot not what is become of him. 

41 'And they made a calf in 
those days, and offered sacrifice 
Uuto the idol, and rejoiced in the 
works of their own hands. 

42 Then *God turned, and gave 
them up to worship /the host of 
heaven; as it is written in the 
book of the prophets, 'O ye 
house of Israel, have ye offered to 
me slain beasts and sacrifice* by 
the apace qf forty years in ths 
wilderness 1 

43 Yea, ye took up the taberna- 
cle of Moloch, and the star of 
your god Remphan, figures which 
ye mads to. worship them : aud 1 
will carry you away beyond Ba- 

44 Our fathers had the taberna- 
cle of witness in the wilderness, 
as hs had appointed, I speaking 
uuto Moses, ft that he should 
make it according to the leshion 
that he had seen. 

4e i Which also our fathers, 
I that came after, brought in 
with Jesus into the possession of 
the Gentiles, 'whom God drave 


SpMon f to Mtrcsrvr. 


•lit before the faoe of nr fathers, 
tttitO/Uie day* of David ; 

46 'Who found favour before 
God, and "» desired to And a tab- 
ernacle for the God of Jacob. 

47 "But Solomon built him an 

48 Howbeit, »the Moat High 
dwell* th not in templet made 
with hands; as saitb the pro- 

49 p Heaven ia my throne, and 
earth w my footstool : what house 
will ye build me T saith the Lord : 
or what ia the place of my rest 1 

50 Hath not my hand made all 
these things 1 

61 IT Ye « stiff-necked, and r un- 
circumciaed in heart and ears, 
do always resist the Holy 
tost: as your fathers did, so do 

52 * Which of the prophets have 
not your fathers persecuted i and 
they have slain them which 
shewed before of the coming of 

• the Just One ; of whom ye have 
been now the betrayers and mur- 

53 « Who have received the law 
by the disposition of angels, aud 
have not Kept it. 

54 IT * When they heard these 
things, they were cut to the heart, 
and they gnashed on him with 
their teeth. 

65 But he, 9 being full of the Holy 
Ghost, looked up steadfastly into 
heaven, and saw the glory of 
God, and Jesus standing on the 
right hand of God, 

& And said, Behold, «I see the 
heavens opened, and the • Son of 
man standing on the right hand 
of God. 

57 Then thejr cried out with a 
loud voice, and stopped their ears, 
and ran upon him with one ac- 

68 And • cast him outof the city, 

• and stoned Aim : and *" the wit- 
nesses laid down their clothes at 
a young man's feet, whose name 
was Saul. 

59 And they stoned Stephen, 

• calling upon God, and saying, 
Lord Jesus, /reeeive my spirit. 

60 And he ' kneeled down and 
cried with a loud voice, * Lord, 
lay not this sin to their charge. 
And when he had said this, he 
fell asleep. 

1 Bw eeeaaim a/ tka faratomtien im J». 

Samaria, b aw PtuUmihaaaaaum,mha 

MM»f, mmumg Ik* raai Si*** «i*r- 
oarer, « fraae taAuer af !*• »sos*t : 
14 Pi* and /oka mm to eta/trs* 
ami mtimtf the ckurek : mhtra, fry 
mraaar and impmHum af hand* t*at*g 
tma Haty 9haat, 18 w*«a Sbmam maaUd 


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•ante/ <*• Xea* 

AND • Saul was consenting un- 
to hi* death. And at thAt 
time there was a great persecution 
against the church which was at 
Jerusalem; and 6 they were all 
scattered abroad throughout the 
regions of Judea and Samaria, 
except the apostles. 
S And devout men carried Ste- 
phen to hia burial, and cmade 
great lamentation over him. 

3 As for Saul, * he made havock 
of the church, entering into every 
house, and haling men and wo- 
men, committed them to prison. 

4 Therefore • they that were 
scattered abroad went every 
where preaching the word. 

5 Then / Philip went down to 
the city of Samaria, and preach- 
ed Christ unto them. 

3 And the people with one ac- 
cord gave heed unto those things 
which Philip spake, hearing and 
seeing the miracles which he did. 

7 * For unclean spirits, crying 
with loud voice, came out Of ma- 
ny that were possessed vrilhthem : 
and many taken with palsies, and 
that were lame, were healed. 

8 Aud there was great Joy in 
that city. 

9 But there was a certain man, 
called Simon, which beforetime 
in the same city * used sorcery, 
and bewitched the people of Sa- 
maria, • giving out that himself 
was some great one : 

10 To whom they all gave heed, 
from the least to the greatest, 
aaying, This man u the great 
power of, God. 

11 And to him they had regard, 
because that of long time he had 
bewitched them with sorceries. 

18 But when they believed Phi- 
lip, preaching the thiaga * con- 
cerning the kingdom of God, and 
the name of Jesus Cbriet, they 
were baptised both men and wo- 

13 Then Simon himself believed 
also : and when he was baptized, 
he continued with Philip, ana 
wondered, beholding the t mira- 
cles and signs which were dona. 

14 Now when the apostles whica 
were at Jerusalem heard that Sa- 
maria had received the word of 
God, they sent unto them Peter 
and John : 

15 Who, when they were come 
dowu, prayed for them ' that they 
might receive the Holy Ghost : 

16 (For «as yet ha was fallen 
upon none of them : only » they 
were baplixed in a ike name a? 
the Lord Jesus.) 

17 Then f lajd they their hands 
on them, and they received the 
Holy Ghost. 

18 And when Simon saw that 

I PMHp. 

through laying on of the apostles* 
band* the Holy Ghost ww given, 
he offered them money, 

19 Saying, Give me also this 

Kwer, that on whomsoever 1 lay 
nda, he may receive the Holy 

20 But Peter aaid unto him, Thy 
money perish with thee, because 
« thou haat thought that * the 
gift of God may be purchased 
with money. - - 

SI Thou haat neither part nor 
lot in this matter : for thy heart 
is not right in the sight of God. 

83 Repent therefore of tbia thy 
wickedness, and pray God, *if 
perhaps the thought of thine 
lirart may be forgiven thee. 

53 For I perceive that thou art 
Ju ' the gall of bitterness, and in 
the bona of iniquity. 

54 Than answered Simon, aud 
said, * Pray ye to the Lord for me, 
that none of these things which 
ye have spoken come upon me. 

25 And they, when they had tes- 
tified and pleached the word of 
the Lord, returned to Jerusalem, 
and preached the gospel in many 
villages of the Samaritans. 

S6 And the angel of the Lord 
spake unto Philip, saying. Arise, 
and go toward the south, uoto 
the way that goeth down from 
Jerusalem unto Gaza, which U 

87 And he arose, and went : and 
behold, *a man of Ethiopia, an 
eunuch of great authority under 
•Candace queen of the Ethiopi- 
ans, who bad the charge of all 
her treasure, and f had come to 
Jerusalem for to worship, 

38 Was returning: and sitting 
in his chariot, read Eeaias the 

39 Then the Spirit said unto 
Philip, Go near and Join thyself 
to this cbariou 

30 And Philip ran thither to 
asm, and heard him read the pro- 
phet Esaias, and aaid, Under- 
atandeat thou what thou rsadest ? 

31 And he said, How can I, ex- 
cept some man ahould guide me f 
And he desired Philip that he 
would come up, and ait with him. 

38 The place of the scripture 
which he read was this, * He was 
led as a sheep to the slaughter; 
and like a lamb dumb before his 
shearer, so opened he not his 
mouth : 

33 In his humiliation his. judg- 
ment Was taken away: and who 
'Shall declare his generation f for 
his life is taken from the earth. 

14 And the eunuch answered 
Philip, and said, I pray thee, of 
whom speaketh the prophet this T 
of himself, or of some other, man T 

U Then Philip opened his 
mouth* • and began at the same 
scripture, and prsaehed onto him 

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SauTt miracutou* co m vtrwtom. 

K And as they went on /AsaV 
way, they came unto a certain 
water: and the eunuch aaid. See, 
Aere is water ; * what doth hinder 
me t6 be baptiud % 
87 And Philip aaid, • If thou be- 
lie rest with all thine heart, thou 
mayesi. And he answered and 
said, ' I believe that Jesus Christ 
is the Son of God. 
38 Aud be commanded the char- 
iot to atand still : and they went 
dowp both into the water, both 
Philip and the eunuch ; aud ha 
baptized him. 

89 And when they wars coma up 
out or the water, * the Spirit of 
the Lord caught away Philip, 
that the eunuch saw him no more : 
and he went on hia way rejoicing. 
40 But Philip was found at Aao- 
tus: and passing through, he 
preached in all the cities, till he 
came to Cesarea. 

1 Stmt, s*mf ttmmrt* Prnmstemt, 4ii 
mri»km 4sm to tkt «*rth, 10 u aaJH- 
idUtk* tsmi l tUf. t»M4U b*pti- 
«rf bt iMiiM. 3D Bt pr*uh*k 
(ATMS M4s>. 38 Tkt Jmt la* *•« 
U Utt Mm : 9S m d» th» Orteusw, 
but as «oos«<* both. 81 Tbs •hurth 
kmma? nrt, P*Ur ksmUth Aust q/ 


ND • Saul, yet breathing out 
**■ threatening* and slaughter 
against the disciples of the Lord, 
went unto the high priest, 
S And desired of him letters to 
Damascus to the synagogues, 
that if be (bund any t of this way, 
whether they were men or women, 
ha might bring them bound unto 

5 And * as he Journeyed, he 
came near Damascus ; and sud- 
denly there shined round about 
him a light from heaven : 

4 And be fell to the earth, and 
heard a voice saying unto him, 
Saul, Saul, « why persecuteat thou 

» And he said. Who art thou, 
Lord I And the Lord aaid, I am 
Jesus whom thou persecutes!. *lt 
it hard for thee to kick against 
the pricks. 

6 And he trembling, and aston- 
ished, said, Lord, • what wilt 
thou have ma to do % And the 
Lord aaid unto him. Arise, and 
go into the oity, and it shall be 
told thee what thou must do. 

7 And /the men which journey- 
ed with him stood speechless, 
hearing a voice, but seeing no 

8 And Saul arose from the earth ; 
and when his eyes were opened, 
he saw no man : but they led him 
by the hand, and brought Aim 
into Damascus. 

9 And he was three days with- 
out sight, and neither did eat nor 



Saul preacheth Christ. 

10 U And there wm a certain 
disciple at Damascus, 'named 
Ananias; and to him said the 
Lord in a vision, Ananias. And 
toe said, Behold, I anthere* Lord. 

1 1 And the Lord laid onto him, 
Arise, and go into the street 
which is called Straight, and in- 
quire in the house or Judas for 
one called Saul * of Tarsus : for 
behold, he prayeth, 

18 And hath seen in ft vision a 
man named Ananias, coming' in, 
and putting hi* hand on him, that 
he might receive his sight. 

13 Then Ananias answered. 
Lord, I hare heard by many of 
this man, » how much evil he hath 
done to thy saints at Jerusalem : 

14 And here he hath authority 
from the chief priests, to bind all 

* thai call on thy name. 

16 But the Lord said unto him, 
Go thy way : for 'he is a chosen 
vessel unto me, to bear my name 
before ■» the Gentiles, and * kings, 
and the children of Israel. 

15 For • I will shew him how 
great things he must suffer for my 
name's sale. 

17 »And Ananias went hie way. 
and entered into the house : and 
V putlinghis hands on him, said, 
Brother Saul, the Lord (even Je- 
sus that appeared unto thee in 
the way as thou earnest) hath 
sent me, that thou mightest re- 
ceive thy sight, and > be filled 
wuli the Holy Ghost. 

18 And immediately mere fell 
from his eyes as it had been 
scales: and be received sight 
forthwith, and arose, and was 

19 And when be had receiv- 
ed meat, he was strengthened. 

* Then was Saul certain days with 
the disciples which were at Da- 

20 And straightway he preach- 
ed Christ in the synagogues, 

* that he is the Son of God. 

21 Bui all that heard Aim were 
amazed, and said, « Is not this he 
that destroyed them which called 
on this name in Jerusalem, Rnd 
came hither for that inteut, that 
he might bring them bound unto 
the chief priesu 1 

9fl But Saul increased the more 
in strength, *aud confounded the 
Jews which dwelt at Damascus, 
proving that this is very Christ 

S3 IT And after that many days 
were fulfilled, 'the Jews took 
counsel to kill him. 

14 * But their laying wait was 
known of Saul. And they watch- 
ed the gates day and night to kill 

15 Then the disciples took him 

S night, and • let Aim down by 
'. wall in a basket. 
96 And •when Saul was come 
to Jerusalem, he assayed to join 
himself to the disciples : but they 

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helei keaUth Eneaf. 

were all afraid of hirn, and be- 
lieved not that he was a disciple. 

17 'But Barnabas look him, am) 
brought him to the apostles, and 
declared unto them how he had 
seen the Lord in the way, and 
that he had spoken to him, 'and 
how he had preached boldly at 
Damascus in the name of Jesus. 

18 And • he was with them com- 
ing in and going out at Jerusa- 

19 And ho spake boldly in the 

of the Lord Jesus, and dvs- 

rnted against the /Grecians 
but they went about to slay him. 

30 Which when the brethren 
knew, they brought him down to 
Cesarea, and sent him forth to 

SI *Then had the churches rest 
throughout all Judea, and Gali- 
lee, and Samaria, and were edi- 
fied : and walking in the fear of 
the Lord, and in the comfort of 
the Holy Ghost, were multiplied. 

31 TF And it came to pass, as Pe- 
ter passed >' throughout all owon- 
tere, be came down also to the 
saints which dwelt at Lydda. 

13 And there he found a certain 
man named Eneas, which had 
kept his bed eight years, and was 
sick of the palsy. 

34 And Peter said unto him, 
Eneas, « Jesus Christ maketh thee 
whole : arise, and make thy bed 
And be arose immediately. 

15 And all that dwelt at Lydda 
and t Saron saw him, and ■» turn 
ed to the Lord. 

16 If Now there was at Joppa a 
eertain disciple named Taoitha, 
which by interpretation is called 
| Dorcas ; this woman was full 
» of good works and ahns<deeds 
which she did. 

37 And it came to pass m those 
days, that she was sick. and died: 
whom when they had washed, 
they laid her in *an upper cham- 

36 And forasmuch as Lydda was 
nigh to Joppa, and the disciples 
had heard that Peter was there, 
they sent unto him two men, de- 
siring Aim that he would not 
| delay to come to them. 

39 Then Peter arose, and wont 
with them. When he was com*, 
they brought him into the upper 
ehamber: and all the widow* 
stood by bim weeping, and shew, 
ing the coats and garments which 
Dorcas made, whde she was with 

48 But Peter »pitt them afl forth, 
and « kneeled down, and prayed; 
and turning him to the bod* 
•■said, Tabitha, arias. And oho 

saw Peter, she sat up. 
41 And he gave her hi* band, 
and lifted her up ; and when ho 
had called the samtsand widows, 
he presented her afire. 

CorneTuu the centurion 

42 And it wu known through- 

El all Joppa: •and many be- 
ved in the Lord. 
41 And it cant* to pass, that he 
tarried roan; days in Joppa with 
One * Simon a tanner. 
1 Gornilttu, •teKnawum, ftfrmr «oe> 
mumdti oy — «V«4 weawi fir Pa- 
ter.- 11 who bi 4 ntion IS, 90 ft 
teifW Mf (o «e*to M« (ft " -" ~" 
At ft* prMdMA CAriil to 

TH&&E waa a certain man in 
Ceaarea, called Cornelius, a 
centurion of the band called the 
Italian band, 

8 • A devout man, and one thai 
» feared God with all hia house, 
which save much alma to the peo- 
ple, ana prayed to God always. 
8 « He aaw in a vision evidently, 
about the ninth hour of the day, 
an angel of God coming in to 
him, and saying unto him, Cor- 

4 And when he looked on him, 
he waa afraid, and mid. What ie 
it. Lord I And he aaid nnto him. 
Thy prayera and thine alma are 
come up for a memorial before 

• And now Bend men to Joppa, 
and call for on* Simon* whom 

6 He lodgeth with one 'Simon 
a tanner, whose house is by the 
sea-aide : she shall tell thee wjiat 
thou oughtest to do. 

7 And when the angel which 
spake unto Cornelius waa depart- 
ed, he called two of hie house- 
hold servants, and a devout sol- 
dier of them that waited on him 
coutioually ; 

8 And when he had declared all 
(Asm thing* unto them, he sent 
them to Joppa. 

9 If On the marrow, as they 
went on their journey, and drew 
nigh unto the city, /Peter went 
up upon the house-top to pray, 
about the sixth hour : 

10 And he became very hungry, 
and would have eaten : but while 
they made ready, he fell into a 

11 And 'saw heaven opened, 
and a certain vessel descending 
nnto him, as it had been a great 
sheet knit at the four corners, and 
let down to the earth : 

IS Wherein were all manner of 
four-footed beasts oft ths earth, 
•nd wild beasts, and creeping 
things, and fowls of the air. 

13 And there came a voice to 
him. Rase, Peter; kill, and eat. 

14 But Peter soul. Not so. Lord ; 
•for 1 have never eaten anything 
that is common or unclean. 

M And the voice tpak* unto 
him again tne second time, • What 
God hath cleansed* that eali not 


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itndethfor Peter. 

16 This was done thrice; and 
the vessel was received up again 
iu to heaven. 

17 Now, while Peter doubted in 
himself what this vision which he 
had seen should mean, behold, 
the men which were sent from 
Cornelius had made inquiry for 
Simon'a house, and stood before 
the gate, 

18 And called, and asked wheth- 
er Simon, which waa su roamed 
Peter, were lodged there. 

19 IT While Peter thought on the 
vision, * the Spirit said unto him, 
Behold, three men seek thee. 

20 ' Arise therefore, and get thee 
down, ami go with them, doubt- 
ing nothing: fori have sent them. 

81 Then Peter went down to the 
men which wen sent unto Jiim 
from Gorneliua; and said. Be- 
hold, I am he whom ye seek: 
what te the cause wherefore ye 
are come Y 

82 And they said, * Cornelius 
the centurion, a just man, and 
one that feareth God, and » of 
good report among all the na- 
tion of the Jews, was warned from 
God by an holy angel to send fox 
thee into his house, and to hear 
words of thee. 

S3 Then called he them in, aad 
lodged lAem. And on the mor 
row Peter went away with them, 
•and certain brethren from Joppa 
accompanied him. 

84 And the morrow after they 
entered into Ceaarea. And Onr- 
neliue waited for them, and had 
called together hia kinsman and 
near frienda. 

86 And as Peter was coming in, 
Corneliua met him, and fell down 
at hia feet, and worshipped him. 

88 Bat Peter took him an, say- 
ing, P8tand up: 1 myself also am 
a man. 

87 And as he talked with him, 
he went in, and found many that 
were come together. 

88 And he mid unto them. Ye 
know bow ff that it is an unlaw- 
ful thing for a man that is a Jew 
to keep company, or come unto 
one of another nation ; but 'God 
hath ehewed me that I should 
not call any man common or un- 

89 Therefore came I unto you 
without gainaaying, as soon as 1 
was sent for : I ask therefore for 
what iutentye have sent for me ? 

$0 And Cornelius said, Four 
daya ago I waa fasting uutil this 
hour; and at the ninth hour 1 
prayed in my house, and behajd, 
* a man stood before me * in bright 

81 And aaid, Corneliua, «thy 
prayer is heard, *nnd thine alms 
are had iii remembrance in the 
sight of God. 

SI Send therefore to Joppa, and 

call hither Simon, whose sur- 



Piter preacheth Chriet. 

name is Peter; he is lodged (n 
the house of one Simon a tanner, 
toy the sea-side : who, when he 
Cometh, shall speak unto thee. 

SI Immediately therefore I sent 
to thee ; and thou hast Well done 
that thou art eome. Now there- 
lore are we all here present be- 
fore God, to hear all things that 
are commanded thee of God. 

34 1T Then Peter opened hie 
mouth, and said, » Of a truth I 
perceive that God is no respecter 
of persons: 

U But * in every nation, he that 
feareth him and worketh righte- 
ousness, is accepted with him. 

36 The word which God sent un- 
to the children of Israel, • preach- 
ing; peace by Jesus Christ: (»be 
is Lord of all:) 

37 That word, I soy, ye know, 
which was published throughout 
all Judea, and « began from Gali- 
lee, after the baptism which John 
preached : 

38 How * God anointed Jesus of 
Nazareth with the Holy Ghost 
and with power : who went about 
doing good, and healing all that 
were oppressed of the devil ; • for 
God was with him. 

89 And /we are witnesses of all 
things which he did, both in the 
land of the Jews, and in Jerusa- 
lem; 'whom they slew and 
hanged on a tree : 

40 Him *God raised np the third 
day, and shewed him openly ; 

41 » Not to all the people, bnt 
unto witnesses chosen before of 
God, even to as, «who did eat 
and drink with him after he rose 
from the dead. 

48 And 'he commanded us to 
preach unto the people, and to 
testify *»that it is he which was 
ordained of God to be the Judge 
"of quick and dead. 

43 »To him give all the pro- 
phets witness, that through his 
name * whosoever believeth in 
him shall receive remission of 

44 IT While Peter yet spake these 
words, 9 the Holy Ghost fell on 
all them which heard the word. 

44 r And they of the circum- 
cision which believed, were as- 
tonished, as many as came with 
Peter, * because that on the Gen- 
tiles also was poured out the gift 
Of the Holy Ghost. 

46 For they heard them speak 
with tongues, and magnify God. 
Then answered Peter, 

47 Can any man forbid water, 
that these should not be baptized, 
which have received the Holy 
Ghost 'as well as we 1 

48 "And he commanded them 
to be baptized 'in the name of 
the Lord. Then prayed they 
him to tarry certain days. 

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*nrf Antioch, Bermabea it tent fa 
eonfirm them. 36 Th* dueipUt there 
ertjint o*iUd Chrirtient. 37 Them 
**d rttt<fto ths brtktmi* Judt* m 
time offemtm. 

AND the apostles and brethren 
that were in Judea, heard 
that the Gentiles had also receiv- 
ed the word of God. 

2 And when Peter was come up 
to Jerusalem, « they that were of 
the circumcision contended with 

I Saying, •Then wentest in to 
men uncurcumcised, • and didst 
eat with them. 

4 But Peter rehearsed the matter 
from the beginning, and expound- 
ed it* by order unto them, saving, 
•5 »I was in the city of Joppa 
praying : and m a trance I saw 
a vision, A certain vessel descend, 
as it had been a great sheet, let 
down from heaven by four cor- 
ners ■ and it came even to me : 

6 Upon the which when I had 
fastened mine eyes, T considered, 
and saw four-footed beams or the 
earth, and wild beasts, and creep- 
ing' things, and fowls of the air. 

7 And I heard a voice, saying 
unto me, Arise, Peter : slay, and 
eat. 1 

« But I said, Not so, Lord: for 
nothing common or unclean bath 
at any tone entered into my 

9 But the voice answered me 
again from heaven, What God 
bath cleansed, that call not thou 

10 And this was done three 
times: and all were drawn up 
aeafcifoto heaven. 

11 And behold, immediately 
there were three men already 
come unto the house where I was, 
sent from Cesarea unto me. 

IS And /the Spirit bade me ga 
with them, nothing doubting. 
Moreover, ' these siibrethren ac- 
companied me, and we entered 
into the man's house : 

13 * And he shewed us how he 
had seen an angel in his house, 
which stood and said unto him. 
Send men to Joppa, and call for 
Simon, whose surname is Peter ; 

14 Who shall tell thee Words, 
whereby thou and all thy house 
shall be saved. 

15 And as I began to speak, the 
Holy Ghost fell on them, * as oa 
us at the beginning. 

16 Then remembered 1 the word 
of the Lord, how that he said, 
* John indeed baptized with wa- 
ter; but 'ye shall be baptized 
with the Holy Ghost. 

17 * Forasmuch then as Gedt 
gave tbem the like gift as he eUd 
unto us, who believed on the 
Lord Jesus Christ. » what wae L 
that I eeuid withstand God » 

•ft* a^nlUe^maktik hi* dejeoce. 

18 Whs* they heard these things, 
they held their peace, and glorifi- 
ed God, laying, ° Theo hath God 
also to the Gentiles granted re- 
peutance unto life. 
.19 H *Now they which were 
acattered abroad upon the perse- 
cution that arose about Stephen, 
travelled as far as Phenice, and 
Cyprus, and Aatiocb, preaching 
the word to none but unto the 
Jews only. 

20 And some of them were men 
•4" Cyprus and Cyreoe. which 
wheu they were come to Antioch, 
•pake unto « the Grecians, preach- 
ing 1 the Lord Jesus. 

21 And *-the hand of the Lord 
was with them: and a great 
number, believed* and 'turned 
unto the Lord* 

22 tf Then tidings of these things 
came unto the ears of the church 
which was in Jerusalem: and 
tbey sent forth * Barnabas, that 
he should go as far as Antioch. 

23 Who, when he came, add 
had seen the grace of God, was 

Sad, and « exhorted them all, 
at with purpose of heart they 
would cfeave unto the Lord. 

24 For he was a good man, and 
'full of the Holy Ghost, and of 
feith: if. and much people was 
added unto the Lord. 

25 Theu departed Barnabas to 
* Tarsus, for to seek Saul : 

.86 And when be had found him, 
he brought him unto Antioch. 
And it came to pass, that a whole 

rear they assembled themselves 
with the church, and taught 
much people. Anil the disciples 

Were called Christians first in 

27 IT And in these days came 
• prophets from Jerusalem unto 

.88 And there stood up one of 
them named » Agabua, and signi- 
fied by the Spirit, that there 
should be great dearth through- 
out all the world: which came 
to pass in the days of Claudius 

■ 29 Then the disciples, every man 
according to his ability, deter- 
mined to send « relief unto the 
brethren which dwelt in Judea. 

30 d Which also they did, and 
lent it to the elders by the hands 



to tM*e to himttif th* honour 
du» to Porf, ks ti w hiehtm by an mg*i, 
. and 4M1 e*ts*rs*fct. 34 Affr hit 

N death, the word of (M praeperetk, 
OW about that time, Herod 
the king, I stretched forth 
kit hand* to vex cexiain of the 

2 And he killed James « the 
brothar of John wUh the sword. 



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4 And • when he bad appre- 
hended him, he put him in prison* 
and delivered htm to four guater-i 
Dions of soldiers to keep him ; in- 
tending after Easter to bring bins 
forth to the people. 

6 Peter therefore was kept in 
prison: but 1 prayer was made 
without ceasing of the Church 
unto God for him. 

6 And wheu Herod would have 
brought him forth, the same night 
Peter was sleeping between two 
soldiers, bound with two chains ; 
and the keepers before the door 
kept the prison. 

7 And behold, 'the angel of the 
Lord came upon Aim, and a light 
ahined in the prison; and he 
smote Peter on the side, and rais- 
ed him up, saying. Arise up 
riuickly. And bis chains fell off 
from Aw bands. 

8 And the angel said unto him, 
Gird thyself, and bind on thy 
sandals: and so he did. And he 
saith unto him, Cast thy garment 
about thee, and follow me. 

9 And he went out, and follow- 
ed bim, and* wist not that it was 
true which was done by the an- 
gel ; but thought J he saw a vis- 

10 When they were past the 
first and the second ward, they 
came unto the iron gate that lead- 
eth unto the city ; *which opened 
to them of his own accord : and 
they went out, and passed ou 
through one street : ancf forthwith 
the angel departed from him. 

I I And when Peter was come to 
himself, he said, Now I know of a 
surety, that * the Lord hath sent 
his angel, and <hath delivered 
me out of the hand of Herod, and 
from all the expectation of the 
people of the Jews. 

12 Aud when he had considered 
the thing, * he came to the house 
of Mary the mother of ' John, 
whose surname was Mark ; where 
many were gathered together, 
* praying. 

13 And as Peter knocked at the 
door of the gate, a damsel came 
I to hearken, named Rhoda. 

14 And when she knew Peterjs 
voice, she opened not the gate far 

fladnes8,butran in, and told boW 
eter stood before the gate. 

15 And they said unto her, Thou 
art mad. But she constantly af- 
firmed that it was even so. Then 
said tbey, w It is his angel. 

16 But Peter continued knock- 
ing. And when they had opened 
the door, and saw him, they were 

17 But he • beckoning unto them 
with the hand to hold their peace, 
declared unto them how the Lord 



had brought bim out of the pris- 
on. Ana be said, Go shew these 
things unto James, and to the 
brethren. And he departed, and 
went into another place. 

18 Now as aoon aa it was day, 
there was no small stir anion? 
the soldiers, what was become of 

19 And when Herod bad sought 
for him, and found bim not, he 
exainiued the keepers, and com- 
manded that they should be put 
to death. And he went down 
from Judea to Ceaarea, and there 

20 IT And Herod H was highly 
displeased with them of Tyre ana 
Siuon. But they came with one 
accord to bim, and bavin? made 
Blaslus t the kind's chamberlain 
their friend, desired peace,' be- 
cause P their country was nour- 
ished by the king's country. 

21 And upon a set day, Herod 
arrayed in royal apparel, sat up- 
on his throne, and made an ora- 
tiou unto them. 

22 And the people gave a shout, 
Baying, It is the voice of a god, 
and not of a man. 

23 And immediately the angel 
of the Lord « smote him, because 
•"he gave not God the glory : and 
be was eaten of worms, and gave 
up the ghost. 

24 IT But * the word of God grew 
and multiplied. 

25 And Barnabas and Saul re- 
turned from Jerusalem, when 
they had fulfilled their | ministry, 
and * took with them * John, 
whose surname was Mark. 

1 Paul end Bwrnmbe* ere ekoeen to /« 
to tkt OntOf. 7 Of Btrgiiu Pern- 
IBs, and Etjtuae the torcerer. 14 Paul 
preaehetk at Antioek, that Jetut it 
Chrkt. 42 The OtmUUs belie* e : 4ft 
hut tkt Jew* ganuae and blaspheme I 
46 whereupon thee turn to the G«m- 


NOW there were « in the church 
that was at Antiocii, certain 
prophets and teachers; as * Bar- 
nabas, and Simeon that was call- 
ed Niger, and « Lucius of Cy- 
rene, and Manaen, II which had 
been brought up with Herod the 
tatrarch, and Saul. 

5 As they ministered to the 
Lord, and fasted, tbe Holy Ghost 
said, 'Separate me Barnabas and 
Saul, for the work • whereunto I 
have called them. 

t Aud /when they had fasted 
and prayed, and laid their hands 
on them, tbey sent them away. 

4 IT So they being sent forth by 
the Holy Ghost, departed unto 
Seleucia; and from thence they 
sailed to * Cyprus. 

6 Aud when they were at Sala- 
mi*, * they preached the word of 
Ood in the synagogues of the 

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Eiymoe the toreertr tmHtbUt. 

Jews. And they bad also » Jelta 
to their minister. 

6 And when they had gone 
through the isle unto Papboa, they 
found * a certain sorcerer, a false 
prophet, a Jew, whose name was 
Bar-Jesus : 

7 Which was with tbe deputy 
of the country, Sergiua Paulas, 
a prudent man; who called for 
Barnabas and Saul, and desired 
to hear the word of God. 

8 But t Elymae the sorcerer (for 
so is his name by interpretation) 
withstood them, seeking to turn 
away the deputy from the faith. 

9 Then Saul, (who also is called 
Paul} * filled with the Holy Ghost, 
set his eyes on him, 

10 And said, O full of all sub- 
tilty, and all mischief, "thou child 
of the devil, thou enemy of all 
righteousness, wilt thou not cease 
to pervert the right ways of the 

11 And now behold, «the band 
of the Lord is upon thee, and 
thou shalt be blind, not seeing 
the sun for a season. And im- 
mediately there fell on him a mist 
and a darkness; and he went 
about seeking some to lead him 
by the hand. 

12 Then tbe deputy, when be 
saw what was done, believed, be* 
ing astonished at the- doctrine of 
the Lord. 

13 Now when Paul and bis com- 
pany loosed from Papboa, they 
came to Perga in Pamphyiia: 
And r John departing from them, 
returned to Jerusalem. 

14 If But when they departed 
from Perga, they came to Anti- 
ocii in Pisidia, and 4 went into tbe 
synagogue ou tbe sabbath-day, 
and sat down. 

15 And r after the reading of the 
law and the prophets, the rulers 
of the synagogue tent unto them, 
saying, Ye men and brethren, if 
ye have * any word of exhorta- 
tion for the people, say on. 

16 Then Paul atood up, and 
' l>eckoniog with hie hand, said, 
Hen of Israel, and "ye that fear 
God, give audience. 

17 The God of this people of 
Israel * chose our fathers, and ex- 
alted the people 9 when thee 
dwelt aa strangers in tbe land of 
Egypt, * and with an high arm 
brought he them out of it. 

18 And • about the time of forty 
years t suffered he their manners 
in the wilderness. 

19 And when • he had destroyed 
seven nations in tbe land of Cha- 
naan, « he divided their land to 
them by lot. 

20 And after that,* he gave unto 
them Judges, about the space of 
four hundred and fifty years,* un- 
til Samuel the prophet. 

21 /And afterward (key desired 
a king! and God gave unto them 

r&aprmtOHth at AMtiock, 

fiatrt the son of Cis, ft man of the 
tribe of Benjamin, by the space 
of forty year*. 

88 And 'when he had removed 
him, * he raised up unto them Da- 
rid to ba their king : to whom also 
he gave testimony, and said, »' [ 
L pave found David the -son of Jesse, 
*a man after mine own heart, 
which shall fulfil all my wilt. 

13 ' Of this man's seed hath God, 
according «t0 Aisjpromise, rais- 
ed onto Israel » a {Saviour, Jesus : 

84 • When John had first preach- 
ed, before his coming-, the bap- 
tism of repentance to ati the peo- 
ple of Israel. 

8* And as John fulfilled his 
course, he said, p Whom think ye 
dial I ami I am not As. But 
behold,- there cometh one after 
me, whose shoes of Am feet I am 
not worthy to loose. 

36 Men and brethren, children 
of the stock of Abraham, and 
whosoever among you feareth 
God, « to you is the Word of this 
aahration sent. 

87 For they that dwell at Jeru- 
salem, and their rulers, ^because 
they knew him not, nor yet the 
voices of the prophets * which are 
read every sabbath-day, 'they 
have fulfilled them in condemning 

88 « And though they found no 
cause of death in him, *yet de- 
aired they Pilate that he should 
be slain. 

19 * And when they had fulfilled 
nil that was written of him, 

• they took Aim down from the 
tree, and laid Aim in a sepulchre. 

SO «But God raised hun from 
the dead : 

61 And *be was seen many days 
of them which came up with him 

• from Galilee to Jerusalem, * who 
are his witnesses unto the people. 

SS And we declare unto you glad 
tidings, how that *the promise 
which was made unto the fathers, 

33 God hath fulfilled the same 
onto us their children, in that he 
hath raised up Jesus again ; as it 
is also written in the second 

psalm, /Thou art my Son* this 
day have I begotten thee. 
14 And as concerning that he 

rfcb 1.S.& 
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20.6. Bo.4. 

Wtsed him up from the dead, mow 

no mote to return te corruption, 

, he said on this wise, 'I will give 

you the sure t mercies of David. 

U Wherefore he saith also in 
another ptnim, »Thou ahalt not 
suffer thine Holy One to see cor- 

86 For David, I after he had 
served his own generation by the 
wiB of God, * fell on sleep, and g Is. AS. 8. f Or. TCL tVta, «W» 
tUmfi which word the LZX. both is the flam or 
Is. AS. 3. and in many others, use for that which 
Is in the Hebrew, nurciet. k P». 10. 10. rh. 2. SI. 
| Or. «/hr h* had in hit ova •;« ««rv«<f f A« »iU «/ 

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' TfttOmtOaMiete. 

was laid unto his fathers, and 
saw corruption : 
37 But he, whom God raised 

B saw no corruption. 
Be it known unto you 
re, men and brethren, that 
• through this man is preached 
unto you the forgiveness of sins; 

39 And l by him all that believe 
are Justified from all things, from 
which ye could not be justified by 
the law of Hoses. 

40 Beware therefore, lest that 
come upon you which U spoken 
of in » the prophets ; 

41 Behold, ye desnisers, and 
wonder, and perish : tor I work a 
work in your days, a work which 
ye shall in no wise believe, though 
a man declare it unto you. 

48 And when the Jews were 
gone out of the synagogue, the 
Gentiles besought that these 
words might be preached to them 
tthe next sabbath. ' 

43 Now when the congregation 
was broken up, many of the Jews 
and religious proselytes followed 
Paul and Barnabas; who speak- 
ing to them, a persuaded them to 
Continue in « the grace of God. 

44 IT And the next sabbath-day 
came almost the whole city to- 
gether to hear the word of God. 

45 But when the Jews saw the 
multitudes, they were filled with 
envy, and P spake against those 
things which were spoken by 
Paul, contradicting and blas- 

46 Then Paul and Barnabas 
waxed bold, and said, «It was 
necessary that the word of God 
should first have been spoken to 
you : but r seeing ye put it from 
you, and judge yourselves uu- 
worthy of everlasting life, lo, * we 
turn to the Gentiles : 

47 For so hath the Lord com- 
manded us, laying, * I have set 
thee to be a light of the Gentiles, 
that thou shouldest be for salva- 
tion unto the ends of the earth. 

48 And when the Gentiles heard 
this, they were glad, and glori- 
fied the word of the Lord : « and 
as many as were ordained to 
eternal life, believed. 

49 And the word of the Lord was 
published throughout all the re- 

£0 But the Jews stirred up the 
devout and honourable women, 
and the chief men of the city, and 
•raised persecution against Paul 
and Barnabas, and expelled them 
out of their coasts. 
SI 9 But they shook off the dust 
of their feet against them, and 
came unto Iconium. 
68 And the disciples 'were filled 
with joy and with the Holy Ghost,. 


1 Pml «a<* B<w**Am mre p«r*«ut«d 

from, Iconium. 7 At LgUra /*aul 

ksttUM « erwta jjl 


Paul Kealeth a cripple, 

rtpmtte «* go*. 19 P**l U tUmei. 
SI IWpau ttrov** *aar* ckwnk- 
m, eon/rmimg tk* tueijUi » faith 

AND it came to |mh in Iconi- 
um, that they went both to- 
gether into the synagogue of the 
Jews, and so •pake, that a great 
multitude, both of the Jew*, and 
•Jan of the Greeln, believed. 

I But the unbelieving- Jews stir- 
red up the Gentiles, and made 
their minds evil-affected against 
the brethren. 

I Long time therefore abode 
they sneaking boldly in the Lord, 

• which jrave testimony unto the 
word ofine grace, and granted 
signs and wonders to be done by 
their hands. 

4 But the multitude of the city 
was divided : and part held with 
the Jews, and part with the 

* apostles. 

6 And when there was an as- 
sault made both of the Gentiles, 
and also of the Jews, with their 
rulers, eto use them despRefutty, 
and to stone them, 

6 They were wore of it, and 
'fled unto Lystra and Derbe, 
cities of Lycaonia, and uuto the 
region that lieth round about : 

7 And there they preached the 



„ «And there sat a certain 
man at Lystra, impotent in bis 
feet, being a cripple from bis 
mother's womb, who never had 

9 The same heard Paul speak : 
who steadfastly beholding him, 
and /perceiving that he had faith 
to be healed, 

10 Said with a load voice. 

* Stand upright on thy feet. And 
he leaped and walked. 

11 And when the people taw 
what Paul had done, they lifted 
up their voices, saying; in the 
speech of Lycaonia, *The gods 
are come down to us in the like- 
ness of men. 

It And they called Barnabas, 
Jupiter; and Paul, Mercurius, 
because he was the chief speaker. 

13 Then the priest of Jupiter, 
which was before their city, 
brought oxen and garlands uuto 
f ha gates, <and would have dona 
sacrifice with the people. 

14 Which, when the apostles, 
Barnabas and Paul, heard o/, 

* they rent their clothes, and ran 
in among the people, crying out, 

15 And saying, Sirs, 'why do ye 
these things J * We also are men 
of like passions with you. and 
preach unto you, that ye should 
turn from "these vanities »unto 
the living God, P which made 
heaven, and earth, and the sea, 
and all things that are therein : 

16 v Who tn times past 



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Paul to 
aN nations to walk in their owns 

If r Nevertheless he lea not 
himself without witness, in thai 
he did good, and 'gave as rain 
from heaven, and fruitful sea- 
sons, filling oar hearts with food 
and gladness. 

18 And with these sayings scarce} 
restrained they the people, that 
they had not 'done sacrifice unto 

19 IT 'And there came thither 
certain Jews from Antioch, and 

Iconium,who persuaded thepeo- 

Sle, "and having stoned Paul, 
rew him out of the city, suppos- 

ing be had been dead. 

20 Howbeit, as the disciples, 
stood round about him, he rose 
apt and came into the city: audi 
the next day he departed with 
Barnabas to Derbe. 

SI And when- they had preached 
the gospel *to that city, *a»4 
t bad taught many, they return- 
ed again to Lystra, and to Icoui- 
um, and Antioch, 

22 Confirming the souls of the 
disciples, and I exhorting them, 
to continue in the faith, and that 
• we must through much tribula- 
tion enter into the kingdom of 

22 And when they had • ordain- 
ed- them elders h> every church,' 
and bad prayed with fasting, they 
commended them to the Lord,ou 
whom they believed. 

24 And after they had passed 
throughout Pisidia, they came to 

25 And when they had preached 
the word m Perga, they went 
down into Attalia : 

26 And thence sailed to AnuVteh, 
> from whence they had been 
o recommended to the grace of 
God, for the work which they 

27 And when they were come, 
and had gathered the church te- 

S;ther, <Tthey rehearsed all thai 
od had done with them, and 
how he had * opened the door of 
faith unto the Gentiles. 

28 And there they abode long 
time With the disciples. 


cvskMon. OTtoapMtof «••»<**. 
bemt it. 99 tmd —U their d«ttrmimm 
dm 6* Utten to Iks tkmrtkm. 0* 
Paml end Bern*!**, ttMai fsstoT 
tk* brtkrm U>i*tlur,faU et itrifi. 

down from Judea, taught the 
brethren, and said, * Exoept ye 
be circumcised • after the manner 
of kfoees, ye cannot be saved. 
2 When therefore Paul and E 

and disputation with them, they 
determined that * Paul and Bar- 
nabas, and certain other of them, 

Cotuuttathn of the apottie*. 

should go tip to Jerusalem unto 
the apostle* and elders about this 

2 And • being brought on their 
way by the church, they passed 
through Phenioe and Samaria, 
/declaring the conversion of the 
GeuUles : and tbey caused great 
|oy onto all the brethren. 

"4 And when they were come to 
Jerusalem, they were received of 
the church, and of the apostles 
and elders, and 'they declared 
all things that God had done with 

6 But there (rose up certain of 
the sect of the Pharisees, which 
believed, saying, » That it was 
needful to circumcise them, and 
to command them to keep the law 
Of Moses. 

6 IT And the apostles and elders 
came together for to consider of 
this matter. 

7 And when there had been 
much disputiug, Peter rose up 
and said unto them, i Men and 
brethren, ye know how that a 
good while ago, God made choice 
Smong us, that the Gentiles, by 
my mouth, should hear the word 
pi the gospel, and believe. 

8 And God, * which knoweth the 
hearts, bare them witness, /giv- 
ing them the Holy Ghost, even 
as he did unto us : 

g at And put no difference be- 
tween us and them, "purifying 
(heir hearts by faith. 

10 Now therefore why tempt ye 
God, "to put a yoke upon toe 
neck Of the disciples, which nei- 
ther our fathers nor we were able 
to bear % 
'11 But pwe believe, that through 

g>e grace of the Lord Jesus 
hrist, we shall be saved, even 
as they. 

18 Tf Then all the multitude 
kept silence, and gave audience 
to Barnabas and Paul, declaring 
What miracles and wonders God 
bad v wrought among the Gen- 
tiles by them. 

13 IT And after they had held 
their peace, r James answered, 
saying, Men and brethren, heark- 
en unio me. 

, 14 'Simeon hath declared how 
God at the first did visit the Gen- 
tiles, to take out of them a people 
for his name. 
' 15 And to this agree the words 
of the prophets; as it i» writ- 

16 * After this I will return, and 
"wfll build again the tabernacle 
af David which is fallen down ; , 
and I will build again the ruins 
thereof, and I will set it up : 

17 That the residue of men 
might seek after the Lord, and 
all the Gentiles, upon whom my 
name is called, saith the Lord, 
who doeih all these things. 

18 Known unto God are all his 




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Lettert to the Qentilee. 

works from the beginning of the) 

19 Wherefore « my sentence ta, 
that we trouble not them, which 
from among the Gentiles *ara 
turned to God: 

90 But that we write unto tliera 
that they abstain v from pollu- 
tions of idols, and •from fornica- 
tion, and from things strangled, 
« and/rom blood. 

SI For Moses of old time hath 
in every city them that preach 
him, * being read in the syna- 
gogues every sabbath-day. 

28 Then pleased it the apostles 
and elders, with the whole church, 
to send chosen men of their own 
company to Antioch, with Paul 
and Barnabas; namely, Judas 
aurnamed 'Barsabas, and Silas, 
chief men among the brethren : 

23 And they wrote letter* by 
them after this manner: The 
apostles, and elders, and breth- 
ren, send greeting unto the 
brethren which are of the Gen- 
tiles in Antioch, and Syria, and 

84 Forasmuch as we have heard, 
{hat * certain which went out 
from us, have troubled you with 
words, subverting your bouIs, 
M 7>ngi P* muet be circumcised, 
and keep the law ; to whom we 
gave no such commandment : 

85 It seemed good unto us, be- 
ing assembled with one accord, 
to send chosen men unto you. 
with our beloved Barnabas and 

86 'Men that have hazarded 
their lives for the name of our 
Lord Jesus Christ. 

27 We have sent therefore Judas 
and Silas, who shall also tell you 
the same things by t mouth. 

28 For it seemed good to the 
Holy Ghost, and to us, to lay up- 
on you no greater burdeu than 
these necessary things : 

29 /That ye abstain from meats 
offered to idols, and * from blood, 
and from things strangled, ana 
from fornication : from which if 
ye keep yourselves, ye shall do 
well. Fare ye well. 

SO So when they were dismiss- 
ed, they came to Antioch : and 
when they had gathered the 
multitude together, they deliver- 
ed the epistle. 

31 Which when they had read, 
they rejoiced for the 1 consola- 

38 And Judas and Silas, being 
prophets also themselves, *«*- 
borted the brethren With man}' 
words, and confirmed them. 

S3 And after they had tarried 
there a space, they were let > go 
in peace from the brethren unto 
the apostles. 

34 Notwithstanding, it pleased 
Silas to abide there still. 

U *Paul also and ~ 

Paml circwncUeth Timothy. 

continued in Antioch, teaching 
and preaching- the word of the 
Lord, with many others alio. 

86 If And some days after, Paul 
aaid unto Barnabas, Let us go 
again and visit our brethren, *k> 
•vary city when we have preach- 
ed the word of the Lord, and Me 
how they do. 

17 And Barnabas determined to 
take with them "John, whose 
surname was Mark. 

83 But Paul thought not good 
to take him with them, » who de- 
parted from them from Pamphy- 
tia, and want not with them to 
the work. 

39 And the contention was so 
sharp between them, that thay 
departed asunder one from the 
other: and so Barnabas took 
Mark, and sailed unto Cyprus. 

40 And Paul chose Silas, and 
departed, ° being recommended 
by the brethren unto the grace 
of God. 

41 And he went through Syria 
and Cilicia, j> confirming the 

1 Pant hoomr eiretmeUed Ttmotkf, T 
a*d being taVed ft" **» Spirit from 
one country to smother, 14 eonoertetk 
Lpdia, 16 eastotk out a tpirtt of *•» 
nation. 19 fur which emute he mad 
8ila* art whipped and imprisoned. 26 
The prison doors art opened, 81 Tht 
jailer u eontsrted, 37 and they an 

rp HEN came he to * Derbe and 
■*■ Lystra : and behold, a cer- 
tain disciple was there, & named 
Timotlieus, « the sou of a certain 
woman which was a Jewess, and 
believed, but his father wm a 

9 Which ' was well reported of 
by the brethren that were at i.ys- 
tra and Icon mm. 

3 Him would Paul have to go 
forth with him; and «took and 
circumcised him, because of the 
Jews which were in those quar- 
ters : for they knew all that his 
father was a Greek : 

4 And as they went through the 
cities, they delivered them the 
decrees for to keep, /that were 
ordained of the apostles and el- 
ders which were at Jerusalem. 

5 And 'so were the churches 
established in the faith, and in- 
creased in number daily. 

6 Now when they had gone 
throughout Phrygia, and the re- 

£'ou of Galatia, and were forbid- 
in of the Holy Ghost to preach 
the word in Asia ; 

7 After they were come to Mysia, 
they assayed to go into Bithynia : 
but the Spirit suffered them not. 

8 And they passing by Mysia, 
* came down to Troas. 

9 And a vision appeared to Paul 
in the night: There stood a 
< UMu of Macedonia, and prayed 


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Th. s. a 

Paul and SUm Iibjpi tsuimf 

him, saying. Come over into Ms** 
cedonia, and help us. 

10 And after he had seen . the 
vision, immediately we endeav- 
oured to go * into Macedonia, as- 
suredly gathering, that the Lord 
had called us for to preach the 
gospel unto them. 

U Therefore loosing from Tro- 
as, we came with a straight 
course to Bamothracia, and the 
next day toNeapolis; 

15 And from thence to ' Philippi* 
which is 1 the chief city of that 
part of Macedonia, and a colony: 
and we were in that city abiding 
certain days. 

13 And on the. t sabbath we went 
out of (he city by a river side, where 
prayer was wont to be made ; and 
we sat down, and spake unto tha 
women which resorted thither. 

14 tT And a certain vomu 
named Lydia, a seller of purple, 
of the city of Thyatira, which 
worshipped God, heard us: whose 
"» heart the Lord opened, that she) 
attended uulo the things which . 
were spoken of Paul. 

L5 And when she was baptised, 
and her household, she besought 
u» t saying, If ye have Judged ma 
to be faithful to the Lord, com* 
into my house, and abide there. 
And « she constrained us. 

16 IT And it came to pass as we 
went to prayer, a certain damsel 

possessed with a spirit | of divi- 
nation, met us, which brought 
her masters » much gain by sooth- 
saying : 

17 The same followed Paul and 
us, and cried, saying, These men 
are the servants of the moat high 
God, which shew unto us the way 
of salvation. 

18 And this did she many days. 
But Paul Q being grieved, turned 
and said to the spirit, I command 
thee iu the name of Jesus Christ 
to come out of her. " And he 
came out the same hour. 

19 IT And 'when her. master* 
saw that the hope of their gains 
was gone, * they caught Paul and 
Silas, and * drew them into the 

1 market-place unto the rulers, 
SO And brought them to the ma- 
gistrates, saying, These men, be- 
ing Jews,* do exceedingly trouble 
our city, 

8-1 And teach customs which are 
not lawful for us to receive, nei- 
ther to observe, being' Romans. 

89 And the multitude rose up 
together against them : and the 
magistrates rent off their clothes, 
fand commanded to beat thtrn. 

83 And when they had laid ma- 
ny stripes upon them, they cast 
them into prison, charging the 
jailer to keep them safely. 

94 Who having received such a 
charge, thrust them into the inner 
prison, and made their feet fas* 
iu the stocks. 

CHAP. XV11. 

S* tT And at midnight Paul and 


beard them. 

16 * And suddenly there was a 
greet earthquake, so that the 
foundation* of the prison were 
shaken : and immediately • all 
the doon were opened, and every 
one's bands wen loosed. 

87 And the keeper of the prison 
awaking out or his steep, and 
seeing the prison-doors open, he 
drew out his sword, and would 
have "killed himself, supposing 
that the prisoners had been fled. 

28 But Paul cried with a loud 
voice, saying. Do thyself uo harm : 
for we are all here. 

99 Then he called for a light, 
and sprang in, and came trem- 
bling, and fell down before Paul 
and Silas : 

30 And brought them out, and 
said, * Sirs, what must 1 do to be 
saved 1 

II And they said, • Believe on 
the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou 
ahalt be saved, and thy house. 

33 And they spake unto him the 
word of the Lord, and to all that 
were in his house. 

S3 And he took them the same 
hour of the night, and washed 
their stripes ; and was baptized, 
he and all hit, straightway. 

34 And when he bad brought 
them into his house, * he set meat 
before them, and rejoiced, believ- 
ing in God with all nis house. 

35 And when it was day, the 
magistrates sent the sergeants, 
saying, Let those men go. 

36 And the keeper of the prison 
told this saying to Paul, The ma- 
gistrates hare sent to let you go: 
now therefore depart, and go in 

37 But Paul said unto them, 
They have beaten us openly un- 
condemned, • being Romans, and 
bare cast us into prison ; and now 
do they thrust us out privily? 
nay rerily; but let them come 
themselves and fetch us out. 

38 And the sergeants told these 
words unto the magistrates: and 
they feared when they heard that 
they were Romans - 

3d And they came ..'.d besought 
them, and brought them out, and 
/desired them to depart out of 
the city. 

40 And they went oat of the pris- 
on, ' and entered into the houet 
o/Lydia: and when they had 
seer, the brethren, they comfort- 
ed them, and departed. 

CHAprXV lI. ^ 

•fcffwMSM eetUee, end offer! peiee- 
eutohim. lOJbfc etatte Btne, emd 
ereetketk there. Xe Beteg penmmui 
' "*" * 1,1s hienutk to JUk- 

Is mar ansa 

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1 Or, 

said he, 
J prtmek. 

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Paulpreachethat Themabtnkm. 

NOW when they had pasasti 
through Amphipolis, and An- 
nlonia, they came to Thessalom- 
ca, where was a synagogue of the 

t And Paul, as his manner was* 
• went in onto them, and three 
sabbath-days reasoned with them 
out of the scriptures, 

3 Opening and alleging, »that 
Christ must needs have suffered, 
and risen again from the dead: 
and that this Jesus, I whom I 
preach unto you. is Christ. 

4 • And some ot them believed, 
nnd consorted with Paul and * Si- 
las : and of the devout Greeks a 
great multitude, and of the chief 
women not a few. 

» IT But the Jews which believ- 
ed not, moved with envy, took 
unto them certain lewd fellows 
of the baser sort, and gathered a 
company, and set all the city on 
an uproar, and assaulted the 
house of • Jason, and sought to 
bring them out to the people. 

ft And when they found them 
not, they drew Jason and certain 
brethren unto the rulers of the 
city, crying, /These that have 
turned the world upside down* 
are come hither also ; 

7 Whom Jason hath received: 
and these all do contrary to the 
decrees of Cesar, *" saying, that 
there is another king, one Jesus. 

8 And they troubled the people, 
and the rulers of the city, when 
they heard these things. 

9 And when they had taken se- 
curity of Jason and of the other* 
they let them go, 

10 1T And * the brethren imme- 
diately sent away Paul and Silas 
by night unto Berea : who coming 
thither, went into the synagogue 
of the Jews. 

11 These were more noble than 
( hose in Thessalonica, in that they 
received the word with all readi- 
ness of mind, and ' searched the 
scriptures daily, whsther those 
things were so. 

13 Therefore many of them be- 
lieved; also of honourable wo- 
men which were Greeks, and of 
men not a few. 

13 But when the Jews of Thes- 
salonica had knowledge that the 
word of God was preached of 
Paul at Berea, they came thither 
also, and stirred up the people. 

14 'And then immediately the 
brethren sent away Paul, to go 
aa it were to the sea: but Silas 
and Timotheus abode there still. 

15 And they that conducted Paul 
brought him unto Athens: and 
'receiving a commandment unto 
Silas and Timotheus for to come 
to him with all speed, they de- 

P 16 IT Now while Paul waited 

for them at Athens, "his spirit 

was stirred in hue, when be saw 


Paid preacketk at Athene. 

the cit y I whofly given to Mola- 


7 Therefore disputed be in the 
synagogue with the Jew*, aad 
with the de-rout persons, and ia 
the market daily with them that 
met with him. 

18 Then certain philosophers of 
the Epicureans, and of the Sto- 
ics, encountered him. And some 

said, What will this | babbler 
say } other some. He seemeth to 
be a setter forth of strange gods: 
because be preached unto them 
Jesus, and the resurrection. 

19 And they took bim, and 
brought him unto || Areopagus, 
saying, May we know what this 
Dew doctrine, whereof thou speak- 
e*t, iW 

20 For thou bringest certain 
strange things to our ears: we 
Would know therefore what these 
things mean. 

91 (For all the Athenians and 
strangers which were there, spent 
their time in nothing else, but ei- 
ther to tell, or to hear some new 

92 TT Then Paul stood in the 
midst of | Mars-hill, and said. 
Ye men of Athens, I perceive 
that iu all things ye are too super- 
slit ions. 

S3 For as I passed by, and be- 
held your I devotion*, I found 
an altar with this inscription, 
Whom therefore ye ignorantly 
worship, him declare I unto you. 

94 * God that made the world, 
*nd all things therein, seeing that 
he is o Lord of heaven and earth, 
Fdwellelh not in temples made 
with hands ; 

£5 Neither is worshipped with 
men's hands, v as though he need- 
ed any thing, seeing r he giveth 
to all life, and breath, and all 
things ; 

t6 And hath made of one blood 
all nations of men for to dwell on 
•II the face of the earth, and hath 
determined the times before ap- 

Jointed, and * the bounds of their 
abitation ; 

17 * That they should seek the 
Lord, if haply they might feel af- 
ter him, aud Aud him, ■ though he 
be not far from every one of us : 

18 For *in him we live, and 
move, and have our being ; 9 as 
certain also of your own poets 
have said, For we are also bis 

29 Forasmuch then as we are 
the offspring of God, * we ought 
not to Chink that the Godhead is 
like unto gold, or silver, or stone, 
graven by art and mau's device. 

80 And «lhe times of this igno- 
rance God winked at; but &now 
ooinmandelh all men every where 
to repent : 

31 Because he hath appointed a 
day, in U» which 'he will Judge 

the acts; 



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I Or, 


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1 Or, bee* 


1 Or, 


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*et there. 


Kt prmsdeetk'ti Corinth* 

the world in righteousness, by 
that man whom he hath ordain* 
ed: wAervo/be hath I given as- 
surance unto all men, in that 'ho 
bath raised him from the dead. 

tJ If And when they heard of 
the resurrection of the dead, tome 
mocked : and others said, We 
Will hear thee again nf this matter, 

S3 So Paul departed from-amonj 

34 Howbeit, certain men cIoto 
unto bim, and believed: among 1 
the which vat Dionysius the 
Areopagite, and a woman named 
Damans, and others with thorn. 

9 Pent UbeurHh vith Mm hmmda, e*H 

preeehtth mt C 
9 Tk« Ltd , 

12 He it eoemted os/or* del- 
ete Ms dotmtp, sal w «nummL 18 
Afterward* pm—img /rem oily «• **• 
«• tremgtheiuth the * 
Afollat, being mori ■ 
Urutlod 6f Aqwile end 1 
preechrth Christ with greet efieeef. 
A FTEB, these thiugs, Paul de- 

■*»• parted from Athena, and 

came to Corinth ; 

I And found a certain Jew nam- 
ed « Aquila, boru in Pontus, late- 
ly come from Italy, with his wife 
Priscilla, (because that Claudius 
bad commanded all Jews to de- 
part from Rome) and came unto 

3 And because he was of the 
same craft, he abode with them, 
• aud wrought, (for by their oc- 
cupation they were tent-makers.) 

4 • And he reasoned in the syna- 
gogue every sabbath, and per* 
suaded the Jews and the Greeks, 

ft And 'when Silas and Timo- 
theus were come from Macedo- 
nia, Paul was • pressed in the 
spirit, and testified to the Jews, 
that Jesus | leas Christ. 

6 And /when they opposed 
themselves, and blasphemed, 'he 
shook hie raiment, aud said unto 
them, * Your blood be upon your 
own heads : Ham clean : * from 
henceforth I will go unto the 

7 IT And he departed thence, 
and entered into a certain man'e 
house, named Justus, one that 
worshipped God, whose house 
joined hard to the synagogue. 

8 * And Crispua, the chief rule* 
of the synagogue, believed on the 
Lord with an his house: and 
many of the Corinthians hearing, 
believed, and were baptized. 

9 Then ■» spake the Lord to Paul 
in the night by a vision. Be not 
afraid, but speak, and bold not 
thy peace : 

10 a/or I am with thee, and no 
man shall set on thee, to hurt 
thee : for I have much people in 
this city, 

II And be t continued thert o> 
year and six months, teaching 1 
tbs wort of God sjaonf loan. 

Paul k meatstdbtfM OalOo. 

If ft And when Gallic wu the 
deputy of Achaia, the Jews made 
insurrection with one accord a- 

Siinst Paul, and brought him to 
e judgment-seat, 
18 Saying, This feUow persua- 
doth men to worship God contra- 
ry to the law. 

14 And when Paul wu now 
about to open hie mouth, Gallio 
■aid unto the Jews, 'If it were a 
matter of wrong, or wicked lewd- 
ness, O ye Jews, reason would 
that I should bear with you : 

15 But if it be a question of words 
and names, and qf your law, look 
ye toil: for I will be no Judge of 
•uch matters. 

16 And he drave them from the 

17 Then all the Greeks took 
p-Sosthenes, the chief ruler of the 


synagogue, and beat Aon before 
the judgment-seat. And GalP" 
earea for none of tbose things. 

18 1[ And Paul after thi* tarried 
there yet a good while, and then 
took his leave of the brethren, 
and sailed thence into Syria, and 
with him Priscilla, and Aquila; 
having 1 shorn his head in 'Cen- 
chrea: for he had a vow. 

19 And be came to Ephesus, and 
left them there : but he himself 
entered into the synagogue, and 
reasoned with the Jews. 

50 When they desired him to 
tarry longer time with them, he 
Consented not : 

51 But bade them farewell, say- 
fug, 'I must by all means keep 
this feast that cometh in Jerusa- 
lem: but I will return again unto 
you, 'if G 
from Eph< 

you, * if God will. And he sailed 


I he a 

88 And when he had landed at 
Cesarea, and gone up and salu- 
ted the church, he weut down to 

S3 And after he had spent some 
<ime there, he departed and went 
over all the country of « Galatia 
and Phrygia in order, 'strength* 
eningr all the disciples. 

84 tT * And a certain Jew, nam- 
ed A polios, bom at Alexandria, 
an eloquent man, and mighty in 
the scriptures, came to Ephesus. 
"S5 This man was instructed in 
the way of the Lord : and being 
•fervent in the spirit, he spake 
»nd taught diligently the things 
•f the Lord, a knowing only the 
baptism of John. 

to And he began to speak bold- 
ly in the synagogue: Whom, 
when Aquila and Priscilla had 
heard, they took him unto them, 
and expounded unto him the way 
of God more perfectly. 

flf And when be was disposed to 
pass iuto Achaia, the brethren 
Wrote, exhorting £he disciples to 
receive him : who, when he was 
come, • helped tflem much which 
bad believed through grace. 

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The Bokj Okott it ffeesj. 

S6 For he mightily convinced the 
Jews, and that publicly, •shew- 
ing by the scriptures, that Josna 
I was Christ. 

The Jfi* Ohm i* ftoM fry PsaTs 
hsiMSJ. 8 T*» Jew Umtphtwu Ms 
mmnjbu, mhiek it eonfirmtd fry mir*. 
dm. B 7%« Jewish taonUiM 18 «re 
beetm fry the iewtt. 19 Conjuring 
book* ere burnt. 94 Demttrhu, f* 
Iom «/ get*, raitetk m uproar a- 
- • — Pmulf 88 mkM i* eepmmd b§ 

AND it came to pass, that while 
• A polios was at Corinth, Paul 
having passed through the upper 
coasts, came to Ephesus; and 
finding certain disciples, 

S He said unto them. Have ye 
received the Holy Ghost since ye* 
believed 1 And they said unto 
him, • We have not so much as 
heard whether there be auy Holy 

9 And he said unto them. Unto 
what then were ye baptised? 
And they said, «" Unto John's bap- 

4 Then said Paul, •John verily 
baptized with the baptism of re- 
pentance, saying unto the peo- 
ple, that they should believe on 
him which should come after 
him, that is, on Christ Jesus. 

inn, wiai n, vii viiriai «csua. 

6 When they heard thi$, they 
were baptised /* " 
the Lord Jesus. 

1 /in the name of 

8 And when Paul had * laid hi* 
hands upon them, the Holy Ghost 
came on them ; and * they spake 
with tongues, and prophesied. 

7 And all the men were about 

8 i And he went into the syna- 
gogue, and spake boldly for the 
space of three months, disputing 
and persuading the things* con- 
cerning the kingdom of God. 

9 But ' when divers were hard- 
ened, and believed not, but spake 
evil ■» of that way before the mul- 
titude, he departed from them, 
and separated the disciples, dis- 
puting daily in the school of one 

10 And "this continued by the 
space of two years; so that all 
they which dwelt in Asia heard 
the word of the Lord Jesus, both 
Jews and Greeks. 

11 And 'God wrought special 
miracles by the hands of Paul : 

IS y So that from his body were 
brought unto- the sick handker- 
chiefs, or aprons, and the diseases 
departed from them, and the evil 
spirits went out of them* 

13 IT rThen certain of the vaga- 
bond Jews, exorcists, ' took up- 
on them to call over them which 
had evil spirits, the name of the 
Lord Jesus, saying. We adjure 
you by Jesus whom Paul preach- 

14 And there were seven sens of 

Qamjwkmg book* «r# estrwc 

erne 8ctvft a Jew, and chief of the 
{Miosis, which did M. 

15 And the evil spirit answered 
and said, Jesua I know, and Paul 
I know • but who are ye J 

16 And the man in whom the 
evil apirit was, leaped on them, 
and overcame them, and prevail- 
ed against them, ao that they 
fled out of that houae naked and 

17 And thia waa known to all 
the Jewa and Greeks also dwell- 
ing at Ephesus : and * fear fell on 
them all, aitd the name of the 
Lord Jeaua waa magnified. 

18 And many that belie red came, 
and ' confessed, and shewed tlteir 

19 Many of them also which 
used curious arta, brought their 
books together, and burned them 
before all men; and they counted 
the price of them, and found it 
fifty ihouaand piece* of eilver. 

80 * So mightily grew the word 
ef God, andprevalled. 

SI If 'After these things were 
ended, Paul 9 purposed in the 
spirit, when he had passed 
through Macedonia, and Achaia, 
to go to Jerusalem, saying. After 
I have been there, "1 must also 
aee Rome. 

22 So he aent into Macedonia 
two of* them that ministered un- 
to htm, Timotbeua and • Erastus • 
but he himself stayed in Asia for 
a season. 

23 And «the same time there a- 
Eose no small stir about * that way. 

24 For a certain man named 
Demetrius, a silver-smith, which 
made ailver shrines for Diana* 
brought • no small gain unto lite 
craftsmen ; 

25 Whom he called together 
with the workmen of like occu- 
pation, and said, Sirs, ye know 
that by this craft we nave our 
wealth : 

26 Moreover, ye see and hear, 
that not alone at Ephesus, but 
almost throughout all Asia, this 
Paul hath persuaded and turned 
away much people, aaying, that 
/ they be no gods which are made 
with hauds. 

17 So that not only this our 
craft is in' danger r* be set at 
nought ; but also that the temple 
ef the great goddess Diana should 
be despised, and her maguin- 
cence ahould be destroyed, whom 
all Asia, and the world worship- 

28 And when they heerd f&cse 
eaytnge, they were full of wrath, 
and cried out. aaying. Great i* 
Diana of the Epheaiana. 

19 And the whole city waa fill- 
ed with confusion: and having 
caught * Gaiua and * Aristarcbus, 
men ef Macedonia, Paul's com- 
panions in travel, they rushed 
Willi one accord into the theatre. 

WtE Aprs. >,P.o». 

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An Mproar^afainejlPQteL 

10 And wneu Paul would hem 
entered in unto the people, tie* 
disciples suffered him not. 

31 And certain of the chief of 
Asia, which were his friends, seal 
unto him desiring Aim that be 
would not adventure himself into 
the theatre. 

32 Some therefore cried one 
thing, and aome another : for the 
assembly waa confused, and the 
more part knew not wherefore 
they were come together. 

15 And they drew Alexander 
out of the multitude, the Jews 
putting him forward. And * Alex* 
ander * beckoned with the hand, 
and would have made his defence 
unto the people. 

34 But when they knew that be 
was a Jew, all with one voice 
about the space of two hours cried 
out, Great it Diana of the Ephe- 

35 And when the town-clerk 
had appeased the people, he said, 
T« men of Ephesus, what man ie 
there that knowetb not how thai 
the city of the Epbesiana is ta 
worshipper or the great goddess 
Diana, and of the image which 
fell down from Jupiter 1 

36 Seeing then that these things 
cannot be spoken against, ye 
ought to be quiet, and to do 
nothing rashly. 

37 For ye have brought hither 
these men, which are neither rob- 
bers of churches, nor yet blae* 
pbemera of your goddess. 

36 Wherefore, ifDemetrius, and 
the craftsmen which ere with 
him, have a matter against an/ 
man, I the law ia open, and there 
are deputiea ; let them implead 
one another. 

39 But if ye inquire any thing 
concerning other matters, it shall 
be determined in a | lawful as- 

40 For we are in danger to be 
called in question for this day*i 
uproar, there being no cauae 
whereby we may give an account 
of this concourse. 

41 And when he had thus spo- 
ken, he dismissed the assembly* 

1 Pad g oeth U MsmAmm. TJfceafe. 
breietk tht Uti>» npptr, nul prtmchm 
att. » Butyok** k*»un ftUen <towa 
rfM410ftr«*«tftol{/f. 11AtM«e- 
Imm as wUata M« «W«rv faf«A«rt 
Ullmktktm mhmt *kmU btfmM U htm> 
t«y. 98 Mmmittttk OmTs JUet i S» 

era, Si eSmetdtth'tkeM uO*,* 
prmpmlM mtK them, rnrf #•** kit map* 

AND after the uproar waa eeae-> 
ed, Paul called unto Aim the) 
disciples, and embraced them, 
and a departed for to go into Ma- 

2 And wheo be had gone over 
thoae pans, and had given them 
much exhortation, be came into 

Ikttychua imbed to M/t. 

t And tkert abode three month*. 
And ►when the Jews laid wait 
Jbr htm, as he was about to vail 
into Syria, he purposed to return 
through Macedonia. 

4 And there accompanied htm 
Into Atia, 80 pater of Berea; and 
of the Tnessalonians, 'Anstar- 
Chusand Secundut; and 'Gaius 
of Derbe, and • Timotheui: and 
of Aria, /Tycbicus and 'Tro- 

5 These going- before, tarried 
for us at Trons. 

6 And we sailed away from PM- 
lippi, after * the days of unleav- 
ened bread, and came unto them 

* to Troas in Are days ; where we 
abode seven days. 

7 And upon * the first day of the 
week, when the disciples came 
together ' to break bread, Paul 
preached unto them, (ready to 
depart on the morrow) and con- 
tinued his speech until midnight. 

8 And there were many lights 
•tin the upper chamber, where 
they were gathered together. 

9 And there sat in a window a 
eertain voung man named Eu- 
tychus, being fallen into a deep 
•leep: and as Paul was long 
preaching, he sunk down with 
•leep, ana fell down from the third 
loft, and was taken up dead. 

.10 And Paul went down, and 

* fell on him, and embracing Aim, 
■aid, • Trouble not yourselvee; 
for his life is in him. 

11 When he therefore was come 
up again, and had broken bread, 
and eaten, and talked a long 
white, even till break of day, so 
he departed. 

IS And they brought the young 
man alive, and were not a little 

15 IT And we went before to 
ship, and sailed nnto Assos, there 
intending to take in Paul : for so 
Bad he appointed, minding him- 
self to go afoot. 

14 And when he met with us at 
Assos, we took him in, and came 
to Mitylene. 

1$ And we sailed thence, and 
eame the next day over against 
Chios ; and the next day we ar- 
rived at Samoi, and tarried at 
Trogyllium ; and the next day 
We came to Miletus, 

16 For Paul bad determined to 
tail by Epbesus, because he 
would not spend the time in 
Asia : for »he hasted, if it were 
possible for him, 9 to be at Jeru- 
salem 'the day of Pentecost. 

17 IT And from Miletus he sent 
to Ephesus, and called the elders 
of* the church. 

18 And when they were come 
to him, he said unto them, Te 
know, • from the first day that I 
Came into Asia, after what man- 
ner I have been with you at all 


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PattTt thorp to tike tUtm. 

19 Serving the fcord with att 
humitiiy oi mind* and with many 
tears aiid temptations, which be- 
fell aw * by the lying in wait of 
the Jews : 

tO And how • I kept back noth- 
ing that was profitable unto you, 
but have shewed you, and bar* 
taught yen publicly, and from 
bona to house, 

91 'Testifying both to the Jews, 
and also to the* Greeks, 9 repent- 
ance toward God, and fait* to- 
wn rd our Lord Jesaa Christ. 

tt And now behold, * I go) 
bound in the spirit unto Jerusa- 
lem, not knowing the things that 
shall befall me there: 

S3 Save that • the Holy Ghost 

that bonds and afflictions | 

S4 But »noae of then things 
move me, neither count I ray hw 
dear unto myself, « so that I might 
finish my coarse with }oy, * ami 
the ministry 'which 1 have re- 
ceived of the Lord Jesus, to tes- 
tify the gospel of the grace of 

95 And now behold, /I know 
that ye all, among whom I hava 
gone preaching the kingdom of 
God, shall see my face no more. 

96 Wherefore 1 take you to re- 
cord this day. that I am 'pure 
from the blood of all men, 

S7 For * I have not shunned ta 
declare unto you all * the counsel 
of God. 

39 IT * Take heed therefore unto 
yourselves, and to all the flock 
over the which the Holy Ghost 
' hath made you overseers, to feed 
the church of God, * which ha 
hath purchased "with his own 

99 For 1 knew this, that after 
my departing • shall grievous 
wolves enter iu among you, not 
sparing' the flock. 

SO Also 9 of your own selves 
shall men arise, speaking per- 
verse things, to draw away disci- 
ples after them. 

31 Therefore watch, and re- 
member, that «by the space of 
three years I ceased not to warn 
every one night and day with; 

39 And now, brethren, I eom- 

nend yon to God, and 'to the 
word of his grace, which is able 

• to build you up, and to rive you 
' an inheritance among all them 
which are sanctified. 

S3 « I have coveted no man's 
silver, or gold, or apparel. 
34 Yea, -jt yourselves know, 

* that these hands have minis- 
tered unto my necessities, and te 
them that were with me. 

95 I bare shewed you all things, 
f how that so labouring ye ought 
to support the weak, and to roi 
member the words of the LoiD 

flMl*« /Mtnwy to /srtttnfcm. 

Jesus, how he aald, It U more 
blessed to give than to receive. 
46 IT Ana when he had thus 
epokso, he 'kneeled down, and 
prayed with them all. 

97 Anil they all Wept sore, and 
• Tell on Paul's neck, and kissed 
hi en, 

98 Sorrowing' most of all for tho 
words 6 which he spake, that they 
should see his face ho more. And 
they accompanied him onto the 

1 Paul ttiU not «y sajr memu m$ «*•• 
nutiltd from going to Atmo/m. » 
P\ilip'$ 4*ugkfri propMtttu. 17 
Pmui Mik*(A to JerutMUm : 97 wkara 
he U a?pr*hend*d, m*d ia grtmt 4**- 
gtr, 31 SMl ft; fl* ek^fevMii if rw< 

iPMil «0M4 

A ND it came to pass, that after 
♦*■ we were gotten from them, 
and had launched, we came with 
a straight course unto Coos, and 
the day following unto Rhodes, 
and from thence unto Patara: 

8 And finding a ship sailing over 
uuto Phenicia, we went aboard, 
and set forth. 

3 Now when we had discovered 
Cyprus, we left it on the left hand, 
and sailed into Syria, and landed 
at Tyre : for there the ship was 
to unlade her butden. 

4 And finding disciples, we tar- 
ried there seven days: • who said 
lo Paul through the Spirit, that 
be should not go up to Jerusalem. 

5 And when we had accomplish- 
ed those days, we departed, and 
went our way ; and they all 
brought us on our way, with wives 
and children, till we wer* out of 
the city: and* we kneeled down 
on the shore, and prayed. 

6 And when we had taken our 
leave one of another, we took 
ship; and they returned "home 

7 And when we had finished our 
course from Tyre, we came to 
Ptolemais, and saluted the breth- 
ren, and abode with them one day. 

8 And the next day we that ware 
of Paul's company departed, and 
came unto Cesarea; and we en- 
tered into the house of Philip **the 
evangelist, • which was one of the 
seven ; and abode with him. 

9 And the same man had four 
daughters, virgins, /which did 

10 Andai 

10 And as we tarried thert many 
days, there came down from Ju- 
dea a certain prophet, named 
* Agabua. 

11 And when he was come unto 
us, he took Paul's girdle, and 
bound his own bands and feet, 
And said. Thus saith the Holy 
Ghost, * So shall the Jews at Je- 
rusalem bind the man that own- 
«th this girdle, and Shall deliver 
Mm into the hands of the Gen- 

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I ■■••■IS. 

Jf < WMsif h SO JtTfmttdtBtm 

IS And when w» heard those 
things both we, and they of that 
place, besought him not to go up) 
to Jerusalem. 

IS Then Paul answered,! What 
mean ye to weep, and to break 
mine heart % for I am ready not to 
be bound only, but also to die at 
Jerusalem for the name of the* 
Lord Jesus. 

14 And when he would not ha 
persuaded, we ceased, saying, 
* The will .of the Lord bo done. 

15 And after those days we took 
up our carriages, and went up t» 

16 There went 'with us also fl»r» 
tatn of the disciples of Cesarea, 
and brought with them one Miia- 
son of Cyprus, an -old disciple, 
with whom we should lodge. 

17 ' And when we were come Us 
Jerusalem, the brethren received 

us gladly. 
18 And th 

the day following Paid 
went in with us unto * James: 
and all the elders were present. 
19 And when he had saluted 
them, * he declared particularly 
what things God had wrought 
among the Gentiles *by his min- 
is try. 

50 And when they beard it, they 
glorified the Lord, and said unto 
him, Thou seest, brother, how 
mauy thousands of Jews there are 
which believe ; and they are all 
» zealous of the law : - 

51 And they are informed of 
thee, that tbou teacbest all the 
Jews which are among the Gen- 
tiles to forsake Moses, saying, 
that they ought not to circumcise 
fAeir children, neither to walk af- 
ter the customs. 

SS What is it therefore? the 
multitude must needs come to- 

Sther: for they will hear that 
>u art come. 

S3 Do therefore this that we say 
to thee : We have four men which 
have a vow on them ; 

24 Them take, and purify thy- 
self with them, and bu at charges 
with them, that they may 9 shave 
their heads: and all may know 
that those tuiugs whereof they 
were informed concerning thee, 
are nothing; hut that thou thy* 
self also walkest orderly, and 
keepeit the law. 

55 As touching the Gentiles 
which believe, »"we have wriUeu 
and concluded that they observe 
no such thing, save oidy that they 
keep themselves from thing* of- 
fered to idols, and from blood, 
and from strangled, and from 

56 Then Paul took the men, and 
the next day purifying himself 
with them, • entered into the tem- 
ple, » to signify the accomplish)- 
meut of the days of purification, 
until that an ofleriog should hi 

I «nered for every one of (hen. 

litem he st appr a km i a d% *c 

97 And when the seven days 
wwre almost ended, »the Jew*, 
which were of Asia, when they 
•aw him in the temple, stirred up 
nil the people, ana *nud hands 
on him, 

18 Crying- out, lien of Israel, 
help. This is the man 9 that 
tcaeheth all men every where 
against the people, and the law, 
ami this place 3 and further, 
brought Greeks also into the tem- 
ple; and hath polluted due holy 

J9 (For they had teen before 
With him in the city, * Trophi- 
mttt, an Ephesian, whom they 
supposed that Paul had brought 
into the temple.) 

30 And « ail the city was moved, 
and the people ran together: and 
they took Paul and drew him out 
of the temple. And forthwith 
the doors were shut. 

31 And astheywent about to kill 
him, tidings came unto the chief 
captain of the band, that all Je- 
rusalem was in an uproar ; 

St * Who immediately took aol- 
cbers and centurions, and ran 
down unto them. And when they 
saw the chief captain and the 
soldiers, they left beating of Paul. 

38 Then .the chief captain came 
near and took him, and •com- 
manded Aim to he bound with 
two ehaios : and demanded who 
he was, and what he had done. 

34 And some cried one tbin», 
some another, among the multi- 
tude: and when he could not 
know the certainty for the tumult, 
he commanded bun to be carried 
into the castle. 

35 And when he came upon the 
stairs, so h was that he was borne 
of the soldiers, far the violence at 
the people. 

36 For the multitude of the peo- 
ple followed after, crying, < Away 
with him. 

37 And as Paul was to be led 

CHAP. MIL J9setai^A«»A«tfa«ce*isertecf. 

A.D.4D. A.Q.*. 

into the castle, he said unto the 
taptain, Maj 
el Who said, Canst thou 

ohief captain, 

speak unto 

speak Greek t 

88 • Art not thou that Egyptinn, 
which before these days madest 
an uproar, and leddest out into 
the wilderness four thousand men 
that were murderers I 

30< But Paul said, /I am a man 
which am a Jew of Tarsus, « city 
inCilicia, a ckisen of no mean 
oity: and I beseech thee suffer 
me to speak unto the people. 

40 And when he bad given him 
Paul stood on the stairs, 
koned with the hand 
And when there 

o tin people, 
i made- a gr 

spake unto them in the Hebrew 
tongue, saying, 

chap. xxn. 

IPmadmtarmk «f targt, msusw 
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MEN, • brethren, and fathers, 
hear ye my defence uhick I 
mak* now unto you. 
S (And when they beard that aft 
spake in the Hebrew tongue to 
them, they kept the more silence: 

3 » I am eerily a man uhkh am 
a Jew, born io Tarsus, a eity in 
Cilichv, yet 'brought up in this 
city «at the feet of * Gamaliel, 
and taught 'according to the 
perfect manner of the law of the 
fathers, and /was ceaious toward 
God, r as ye all are this day. 

4 *And 1 persecuted thw way 
unto the death, binding and de- 
livering into prisons both men 
and a 

a As also the high priest doth: 
bear me witness, and »all the es- 
tate of the elders; »frpra whom 
also I receiew letters unto tha 
brethren, andjrent to Damascus, 
to bring them which were there 
bound unto Jerusalem, for to be 

6 And ' it came to pass, that, as 
I made my journey, and was coma 
nigh unto Damascus about noon, 
suddenly there shone from heav- 
en a great light round about me. 

7 And I fell unto the ground, 
and heard a voice saying; unto 
me, Saul, Saul, why persecutes* 
thou me 1 

8 And I answered, Who art 
thou, Lord t And he said unto 
me, I am Jesus of Naxareth, 
whom thou persecutest. 

And "they that were with 
me saw indeed the light, and wera 
afraid ; but they heard not the 
voice of him that spake to me. 

10 And I said, JWhat shall I do. 
Lord ? And the Lord said unto 
me, Arise, and go into Damascus, 
and there it shall be told thee of 
all. things which are appointed 
for thee to do. 

1 1 And when I could not see for 
the glory of that light, being led 
by the hand of them that were 
with me, I came into Damascus. 

18 And * one Ananias, a devout 
man according to the law, » hav- 
ing a good report of all the v Jews 
which dwelt there, 

13 Came, unco me, and stood, 
and said unto me, Brother Saul, 
receive thy sight. And the same 
hour I lookedup upon him. 

14 And he said, tfThfr God of 
out fathers 'hath chosen thee, 
that thou shouldest know his will, • 
and 'see 'that Just One, and 
« shouldest hear the voice of bin 

15 * For thou sbalt be his wit- 
ness unto all men of fwhal thou 
hast seen and heard. 


Paul brought be/ore the council. 

16 And now why tarrie«t thou ? 
arise, and be baptiud, *and wash 
away thy sins, 'calling on the 
name of the Lord. 

17 And ^it came to past, that* 
when I wu come ag am to Jeru- 
sa'ein, even while I prayed in the 
temple, I waa in a trance ; 

18 And «aaw him saving onto 
me, 'Make haste, and get thee 
quickly out of Jerusalem: for 
they will not receive thy testimo- 
ny concerning me. 

19 And I said, Lord, 'they 
know that I imprisoned, and 
/beat in every synagogue them 
that believed on thee : 

SO t And when the blood of thy 
martyr Stephen was shed, I also 
was standing by, and * consent- 
ing unto his death, and kept tha 
raiment of them that slew him. 

81 And he said unto me. Depart: 
<for I witl send thee far hence 
unto the Gentiles. 

22 And they gave, him audience 
unto this word, aiftyaAm lifted up 
their voices, and^aaid, 'Away 
with such * fellow from the earth : 
for it is not At that ' he should 

28 And as they cried out, and 
east off their clothes, and threw 
dust into the air, 

24 The chief captain command- 
ad him to be brought into the 
castle* and bade that he should 
be examined by scourging ; that 
be might know wherefore they 
cried so against him. 

25 And as they bound him with 
thongs, Paul said unto the centu- 
rion that stood by, » Is it lawful 
for you to scourge a man that is 
a Roman, aud uncondemoed t 

26 Wheu the centurion heard 
thai, he went and told the chief 
captain, saying, Take heed what 
thou doeat; for this man is a Ro- 

27 Then the chief captain came, 
and said unto him. Tell me, art 
thou a Roman 1 He said, Yea. 

28 And the chief captain answer- 
ed, With a great sum obtained 
I this freedom. And Paul said, 
But I was/rse-born. 

29 Then straightway they de- 
parted from him which should 
have | examined him: and the 
chief captain also was afraid, 
after he knew that he was a Ro- 
man, and because he had bound 

80 On the morrow, because be 
would have known the certainty 
wherefore he was accused of the 
Jews, he loosed him from Ate 
bands, and commanded the chief 
priests and all their council to ap- 
pear, and brought Paul down, 
and set him before them. 
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Be pleadeih hie 

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leyiv m*< M Put 90 is 4mJ*rei 
fttMo tht eMtfeaplam. 37 X$ MMtf} 
him U Ptti* th* govtrnor. 

AND Paul, earnestly beholding 
the council, said, Men ami 
brethren, «I have lived in aJQ 
good conscience before God until 
this day. 

2 And the high priest Aoaniaj 
commauded them that stood b> 
him, ft to smite him on the mouth. 

3 Then said Paul unto him, God 
shall smite thee, thou whited 
wall : for sittost thou to judge ra« 
after the law, and • commandos* 
me to be smitten contrary to the 

4 And thoy that stood by, said, 
Revileat thou God's high priest % 

5 Then said Paul, * f wist not, 
brethren, that he was the higja 
priest : for it u written, « Thou 
shalt not speak evil of the ruler 
of thy people. 

6 But when Paul perceived that 
the one part were Sadducees, and 
the other Pharisees, bo cried oat 
in the council. Men and brethren, 
/ 1 am a Pharisee, the son of a 
Pharisee: 'of the hope and res- 
urrection of the dead I am called 

7 And when be bad so said* 
there arose a dissension between 
the Pharisees and the Sadducees. 
and tha multitude was divided. 

8 *For the Sadducees say that 
there is no resurrection, neither 
angel, nor spirit: but the Phari- 
sees confess both. 

9 And there arose a great eryi 
aud the Scribes that were of the 
Pharisees' part arose, and strove, 
saying. * We find no evil in this 
man : but * if a spirit or an angel 
hath spoken to him, 'let us not 
fight against God. 

10 And whan there arose a great 
dissension, the chief captain, 
fearing lest Paul should have 
been pulled in pieces of them, 
commanded the soldiers to go 
down, and to take him bv force 
from among them, and to' bring 
Aim into the castle. 

11 And* the night following tha 
Lord stood by him, and said. Bo 
of good cheer, Paul: for as thou 
hast testified of me in Jerusalem, 
so must thou bear witness also at 

12 And when it was day, "cer- 
tain of the Jews banded together, 
aud bound themselves | under a 
curse, saying, that thoy would 
neither eat not drink till they had 
killed Paul. ^ 

IS And thoy were mora tha* 
forty which had made this con- 

14 And they came to the chief 
nriesu and elders, and said. We 
have bound ourselves under a 
great curse, (hat we will eat no- 
thing until we have slain PauL 

Pnulit tent to Felix. 

15 Now therefore re with the 
cftutiefl snrnify to tlM «hieT cap- 
tain, that he brin g him down onto 
7011 to-morrow, as though ye 
would inquire something more 
perfectly concerning him: and 
we, or ever he come near, are 
ready to kill him. 

16 And when Paul*i sister's ton 

heard of their lying in wait, he 

went and entered ' L * 

and told Paul, 

17 Then Paul called one of the 
centurions unto Aim, and laid, 
Brin* this young man unto the 
chief captain; for he. hath a cer- 
tain thing to tell him* 

18 So he took him, and brought 
Aim to the chief captain, and 
•aid, Paul the primmer called ma 
onto hint, and prayed me to bring 
this young man unto thee, who 
hath something to say unto th,ee. 

19 Then the chief captain took 
him by the hand and went wtiA 
Aim uide privately, and asked 
Aim, What is that thou hast to 
tell me T 

SO And he said, •The Jewi have 
agreed to desire thee, that thou 
wouldest bring down Paul to- 
morrow into the coancil, as 
though they would inquire some- 
what of him more perfectly. 

91 But do not thou yield unto 
them: lor there lie in wait for 
him of them more than forty men, 
which have bound themselves 
with an oath, that they will nei- 
ther eat nor drink till they have 
killed him: and now are they 
ready, looking for a promise from 

88 80 the chief captain (A«n let 
the young man depart, and 
charged Aim, Set thou tell no 
man that thou beat shewed these 
things to me. 

83 And he called unto Aim two 
centurions, saying, Make ready 
two hundred soldiers to go to Ce- 
ssna, and horsemen threescore 
and ten, and spearmen two hun- 
dred, at the third hour of the 
night ; 

84 And provide tAem beasts, that 
tbey may set Paul on, and bring 
kirn safe unto Felix the governor. 

85 And he wrote a letter after 
this manner: 

84 Claudius Lysias, unto the 
moat excellent governor Felix, 
emdeth greeting. 

87 fTHj man was taken of the 
Jew*, and should have«be«h kill- 
ed of them : then came I with an 
army, and rescued him, having 
Understood that he waa a Ro- 

88 «And when I would have 
known the cause wherefore they 
accused him, I brought him forth 
into their council * 

89 Whom I perceived to be ac- 
cused 'of questions of their law, 
• bat to have nothing laid to bis 

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Paul is 0CCV044 Ay TtrtuUu*. 

charge worthy of death, ar of 

50 And 'when it was told ma 
how that the Jews laid wait for 
the man, I sent straightway to 
thee, and ■ gave commandment 
to his accusers also, to say before 
thee what ihty had against him. 

51 Then the soldiers, a* it was 
commanded them, took Paul, and 
brought Aim by night to Aiitipa- 

32 On the morrow they left the 
horsemen to go with him, and re« 
turned to the castle : 

S3 Who, when they came to 
Ceearea, and delivered the epis- 
tle to the governor, presented 
Paul also before him. 

34 And when the governor had 
read the letter, he asked of what 
province he was. And when he 
understood that As wu of * Ci- 
hcia ; 

35 r 1 will hear thee, said be, 
when thine accusers are also 
come. And he commanded him 
to be kept in * Herod's judgmeut- 

1 Pmd M»f **n*d to Stoma** fss 
trmtor, 10*»iiMrstt/orAw b/« mrf 
ioetrin: 94 H* sr«M*#fc Christ is 
tht gntnur *M kit »if*. W Tk* 
f avemor ktpth for • Mb*, tmt at 
ssss. B7 M tut, got** «tf •/ h* 
4*m, kf Ims* h Prnml in sriMs. 

AND after 'five days. » Ana- 
nias the high priest descend- 
ed with the elders, and wi*A. a 
certain orator natntd Tertullus, 
who informed the governor a- 
gainst Paul. 

S And when he was called forth, 
Tertullus began to accuse Aim, 
saying, Seeing that by thee we 
enjoy great quietness, and that 
very worthy deeds are done unto 
this nation by thy providence, 

3 We accept u always, and in 
all places, most noble Felix, with 
all thankfulness. 

4 Notwithstanding, that 1 be 
not further tedious unto thee, 1 
pray thee, that thou wouldest hear 
us of thy clemeucy a few words. 

5 For we have found this man 
a pestilent fellow, and a mover 
of sedition among all the Jewe 
throughout the world, and a ring* 
leader of the sect of the Naaa- 

6 * Who also hath gone about 
to profane the temple: whom we 
took, and would *have judged 
according to our law : 

7 /But the chief captain Lysias 
came upon u$, and with great 
violence took him away out of 


»ur nanus, 

8 * Commanding hie 
come unto thee: by »•»■««( 
of whom, thyself mayest take 
knowledge of ail these things 
whereof we accuse him. 

Paid dfeewetofJk Jbr ktauUf. 

6 And the Jews also evented, 
•eying, That these tiling were 

10 Then Paul, after .that the 
governor bad beckoned unto htm 
To apeak, answered, Forasmuch 
as i know that tiiou haet been 
of many years a Judge unto this 
nation, i do the more cheerfully 
answer for myself: 

Because that, thou mayest 
understand, that there are yet but 
twelve days since 1 want up to 
Jerusalem * for to worship. 

IS »' And they neither found me 
in the temple disputing with any 
man, neither raising up the peo- 
ple, neither in the synagogues, 
lior in the city : 

13 Neither can they prove the 
things whereof they now accuse 

14 But this I confess unto thee, 
that after * the way which they 
call heresy, so worship I the ' God 
of ray fathers, believing all things 
which are written" in »the law 
and in the prophets : 

15 And "'have hope toward God, 
which they themselves also al- 
low, « that there shall be a resur- 
rection of the dead, both of the 
Just and unlust. 

16 And P herein do I exercise 
myself, to have always a con- 
science void of offence toward 
God, and toward men. 

■ 17 Now, after many years, f I 
came to briug alms to my nation, 
and oSeringB. 

18 f Whereupon certain Jews 
from Asia found me purified in 
the temple, neither with multi- 
tude, nor with tumult : 

19 'Who ought to have been 
here before thee, and object, if 
they had aught against me. 

90 Or else let these same hen 
say, if they have found any evil- 
doing in me, while I stood before 
the council, 

31 Except it be for this one 
voice, that I cried, standing a- 
mong them. » Touching the res- 
urrection or the dead I am called 
in question by you this day. 

32 And when Felix heard these 
things, having more perfect know- 
ledge of that way, be deferred 
them, and said, When "Lysias 
the chief captain shall come 
down, I will know the uttermost 
of your waiter. 

S3 And he commanded a centu- 

Eion to keep Paul, and to let Aim 
ave liberty, and 'that he mould 
forbid uone of hie acquaintance 
to minister, or come unto him. 
.94 And after certain days, when 
Felix came with his wife Dru- 
•ilia, which was a Jewess, he 
tent for Paul, and heard him con- 
cerning the faith in Christ. 
35 And as be reasoned of righte- 
ousness, temperance, and Judg- 
ment to come. Felix trembled, 


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I Or, 

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96. U. 

Paul appmUth ft> dtMt*\ 

•ml answered, Go thy tray fiat 
this time ; when I have a corqs> 
uient season, I will call for thee. 

96 He hoped also that v money 
should have been given him csj 
Paul, that he might loose him: 
wherefore he sent for him tha 
oftener, and communed with 

37 But after two years Parents 
Festus came into Felix* roomrr 
and Felix,'" willing to shew the 
Jews a pleasure, left Paul bound. 


9 Th» Jmn «nw Paul brfwn Pat**. 

8 H« mnuHHik fir kim$*(f, 1 ' ' 

96 F«rt«* ofanW* Mai Ukmi 4tm» 

IVTOW when Festus was corns 
- 1 -" into the province, after three 
days he ascended from Cesarea 
to Jerusalem. 

9 • Then the high priest and the 
chief of the Jews informed him 
against Paul, and besought him, 

1 And desired favour against 
him, that he would send for him 
to Jerusalem, • laying wait in the 
way to kill him. 

4 But Festus answered, that 
Paul should be kept at Cesarea, 
and that he himself would depart 
shortly thither. 

5 Let them* therefore, said be, 
which among you are able, go 
down with me, and accuse this 
man, «if there be any wickedness 
in him. 

6 And when he h*d tarried 
among them | more than ten days, 
he went down unto Cesarea : and 
the next day sitting on the judg- 
ment-seat* commanded Paul to 
be brought. 

7 And when he was come, the 
Jewa which came down from Je- 
rusalem stood round about, * and 
laid many and grievous com- 
plaints against Paul, which they 
could not prove; 

8 While he answered for him- 
self, • Neither against the law of 
the Jews, neither against the tem- 
ple, nor vet against Cesar have 
] onendea any tkingat all. 

9 But Feetus,/wiWng to do the 

and saul, 'Wilt thou go np to 
Jerusalem, and there be fudged 

Jews a pteeeure, answered Paul, 

. , and t .. 

of these things before me I 

10 The* said Paul, I stand at 
Cesar's judgment-eeat, where I 
ought to be Judged: to the Jewa 
have J done no wrong* as the* 
very well knowest. 

11 * For tf I be aa ofieftder, or 
have committed any thing worthy 
of death, I refuse not to die! but 
if there be none of these thingl 
whereof these accuse me, ae man 
may deliver me unto them, tl 

eel unto Cesar. 

Then Festus, when he had 


foul cleared fcy Fescue. 

conferred with the council, en- 
sjvexed, Hut thou appealed unto 
Cesar 1 unto Cesar shah thou go. 
.13 And, after certain day*, king 
Agrippa and Bernice came unto 
Cesarea, to salute Festus. 

14 And when they had been 
there many days, Feauu declared 
Paul's cause unto the king-, say- 
ing, * There it a certain man left, 
in bond* by Felix: 

15 I About whom, when i waa 
at Jerusalem, the chief priests 
arid the eldera of Uie Jews inform- 
ed v*e, desiring to haoe Judgment 
against hrmv 

1(8 * To wbom I answered, It is 
Hot the manner of the Romans 
to deliver any mau to die, before 
that, he Which is accused have the 
accusers face to face, and have 
license to answer for himself 
concerning the crime laid against 

17 Therefore, when they were 
come hither, » 'without any delay 
on the morrow I sat on the judg- 
ment-seat, and commanded the 
roan to be brought forth; 

18 Against whom, when the ac- 
cusers stood up, they brought 
none accusation of such things 
as 1 supposed : 

_ 19 « But had certain questions 
Against him of their own super- 
stition, and of one Jesus, which 
was dead, whoar-Paul affirmed to 
be alive. 

SO And because J 1 doubted of 
such manner of questions, I asked 
Aim whether he would go to Je- 
rusalem, and there be Judged of 
these matters, 

' 21 But when Paul had appealed 
to be reserved unto the (hearing 
of Augustus, 1 commanded bim 
to be kept till I might aeud him 

,52 Then > Agrippa said unto 
Festus, I would also hear the man 
myself. To-morrow, said be, thou 
.ahalt bear him. 

93 And on the morrow, when 
Jagrippa was come, and Bemice, 
.with great pomp, and was enter- 
<ed into the place of hearing, with 
the chief captains and princi- 
pal men of the city, at Festus' : 
.commandment Paul was brought 

i 94 And Festus said t King Agrippa, 
and all men which are here pres- 
ent with usrys see this man about 
J mora « all the multitude of the' 
ews have dealt with me, both at 
^lerusalera, and alao here, crying 
that he ought 'not to live any 

. 85 But when I found that 'he 
■bad committed nothing worthy 
of death, .' and, tljat he himself 
hath appealed to Augustus, I have 
/determined to sand him. 

96 Of whom I have no certain 
tiling to write unto my lord. 
Wherefore 1 have brought bun 


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Pomt0 defaece> bfflm 4/rtppGm 

forth before you, and specially 
before thee, O king Agrippa, that 
after examination had, f might 
have somewhat to write. 
97 For it seemeth to me unrea- 
sonable to send a prisoner, and 
not withal to signify the crimes) 
laid against him. 

CHAP. xxvr. 

* ran, <» th* smmmw •/ *!+>«. e> 

etmrUkknHftfremldett '~ " ~ 

Mrtarf, mtd petted to kit eeeetlethipt 
M *«*■» aWrysfk Met to he wed, 
»MroW«t««HwriA medeettg. 38 
AMrimpe it elmett jertveded tob* a 
Chrittien. 31 Tht ttkoU cemyame 

fHEN Agrippa said unto Paul, 
Thou artperinitted to speak 
for thyself. Then Paul stretched 
forth the hand, and answered for 

S I think myself happy, kiaf 
Agrippa, because I shall answer 
for myself this day before thee* 
touching all the things whereof I 
am accused of the Jews : 

3 Especially, because I kno* 
thee to be expert m ait customs 
and questions which are among 
i he Jews : wherefore I beseech 
thee to hear me patiently. 

4 My manner of life from my 
youth, which was at the Am 
among mine own nation at Jeru- 
salem, know all the Jews, 

5 Which knew me from the be- 
ginning, (if they would testify,) 
that after o the most straitest sect 
of our religion, I lived a Phari- 

6 *Artd now I stand, end am 
judged for the hope of 'the prom- 
ise made of God unto our fathers: 

7 Unto which prombee •'ottr 
twelve tribes, instantly serving 
God r'day and night, /hope to 
come. For which hope's sake, 
king Agrippa, 1 am accused of 
the Jews. 

8 Why should it be thought a 
thing incredible with you, that 
God should raise the dead 1 

9 r I Terily thought with myself, 
that I ought to do many things 
contrary to the name of Jesus of 

10 * Which thing false did in 
Jerusalem : and many of the saints 
did I shut up in prison, having 
received authority » from the ehier 
priests : and when they were nut 
to death, 1 gave my voice against 

11 * And I punished them oft m 
every synagogue, and compelled 
them to blaspheme ; and being 
exceedingly mad against tbem, 
1 persecuted them even unto 
strange cities. 

19 'Whereupon, as I went to 
Damascus, with authority and 
commission from the chief priests, 

13 At mid-day, O king. I saw 

in the way a light from heaven, 

above the brightness or the sua, 


FcutfV dffmet fte/ors Agrippa. 

shining round about me, Aiid 
then which journeyed with me. 
14 And when we were all fallen 
to the earth, I heard a voice speak- 

ing unto me, and saying in the 
Hebrew tongue, Saul, Saul, why 
aersecutest thou me 1 I tit bard 

for thee to kick against the prick*. 

15 And I said. Who art thon, 
Lord 1 And he said, I am Jesus 
whom thou persecutesu 

16 But rite, and stand upon thy 
feet: for I hare appeared unto 
thee for this purpose, •» to make 
thee a minister and a witness both 
of these things which thou hast 
seen, and of those things in the 
which 1 wilt appear unto thee ; 

17 Delivering 1 tbee from the peo- 
ple, and/rom ihe Gem lies, *un'.o 
whom now I *end u*ee, 

18 • To open their eye*, «nrf t to 
turn them front (Unirnex* to hgbt, 
and [from the power of Saian un- 
to God, 9 thai (hey mar receive 
forgiveness of sins, and* inher 
itance among them which are 
'sanctified by faith that is in me. 

19 Whereupon, O king Agrippa, 
1 was not disobedient unto the 
neavenly vision : 

SO But* shewed first unto them or 
Damascus, and at Jerusalem, and 
throughout all the coasts of Judea, 
oud then to the Gentiles, thai 
they should repent and turn to 
God, and do « works meet for re- 

81 For these causes *the Jews 
caught me in the temple, and 
went about to kill me. 

93 Having therefore obtained 
help of Goa, I continue unto this 
day, witnessing both to small and 
great, saying none other things 
than those t which the prophets 
and * Moses did sav should come : 

S3 'That Christ' should suffer, 
end * that he should be the first 
that should rise from the dead, 
and o should shew light unto the 
people, and to the Gentiles. 

94 And as he thus spake for hi m- 
s*lf, Fastussaid with a loud voi .e, 
Paul, * thou art beside thyself ; 
much learning doth make thee 

96 But he said, I am not mad, 
most noble Festus; but speak 
forth the words of truth and so- 

96 For the king knoweth of these 
things, before whom also I speak 
freely. For I am persuaded that 
none of these things are hidden 
from him ; for this thing was not 
done in a corner. 

97 King Agrippa, believest thou 
the prophets I 1 know that thou 

98 Then Agrippa said unto Paul, 
Almost thou penuadest me to be 
a Christian. 

99 And Paul said, • I would to 
God, that not only thou, but also 
all that hear me this day, were 

T«J* ACT* 


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* The fast 
(rath day 
of Um 

1 Or, 

• 1 Co. 7.7. 

Paulprototmcfd liinngejnf 

both almost, and altogether lUCti 
as I am, except these Bonds. ' 
SO And when he had thus *po- 
ken, the king rose op, and U» 
governor, and Berniee, and they 
that sat with them: 
31 And when they were goixa 
aside, they talked between them- 
selves, saying, /This man doetb 
nothing worthy of death, or of 

39 Then said Agrippa unto Fee - 
tus, This man might have been 
set at liberty, 'if be had not ap- 
pealed unto Cesar. 

I Pmul sMaainr temmrm Same, 19 M*- 
UBeth if ike Ismgtr «/ the ••»•«*> 
11 but U Hot bMnei. 14 The* «r* 
touei tomtUfre with t*wtp**t, 41 mud 
tufer rt*arw*. 99, 94, <* *« •* 
mm wmft f Com*. 

A ND when « it was determined, 
**• that we should sail into Italy, 
they delivered Paul and certain 
other prisoners unto one named 
JuKus, a centurion of Augustus" 

9 And entering into a ship of A- 
dramytiium, we launched, mean- 
ing to sail by the coasts of Asia, 
one » Arislarchus, a Macedonian 
of Thessalonica, being with us. 

3 And the next day we touched 
at SMon. And Julius « courte- 
ously entreated Paul, and gave 
him liberty to go unto his friends 
to refresh himself. 

4 And whan we had launched 
from thence, we sailed under Cy- 
prus, because the winds wars 

the sea of Cilicia and Paraphyua, 
we came to Af yra, a city ofLyeia, 
And there the centurion found 
a ship of Alexandria sailing into 
Italy; and he put us therein. 

7 And when we had sailed slow- 
ly many days, and scarce wen 
come over against Cnidna, the 
wind not suffering' us, we sailed 
under | Crete, over against Sal- 

8 And hardly passing it, came 
unto a place which is called. The 
Fair Havens; nigh whereunto 
was the city o/Lasea. 

9 Now, when much time was 
spent, and when sailing was now 
dangerous, ** because the fast was 
now already past, Paul admon- 
ished them, 

10 And said unto them. Sire, 1 
perceive that this voyage will be 
with I hurt and much damage, 
not only of the lading and ship, 
but also of our lives. 

11 Nevertheless, the centurion 
believed the master and the own- 
er of the ship more than those 
things which were spoken by 

19 And because the haven was 
not commodious to winter in, the 
more part advised to depart 

tfffchee at«ts if by airy means {key 
ought attain to Phenice, and 
.tAer* to winter ; which it an ha- 

• yen of Crete, and heth toward the 
south-west and north-west. 

13 And wn«n the aouth wind blew 
tofUy, Supposing that they had 
Obtained their purpose, loosing 

• thence, tney sailed close by Crete. 

14 But not long after there 
| arose against it a tempestuoi 
wit .d. caffed JSoroclydon. 

ft And when the ship was 
©aught, and could not bear up 
into the wind, we let her drive. 
16 And running under a certain 

■island which «» called Olaotfa, 
we had much work to come by 

'the boat; 

; \7 Which when they had taken 

*up, they used helpv undergo- 
ing the ship; and fearing* Lest 

'they should fall into the quick - 

• sands, strske sail, and so were 

18 And we being exceedingly 
tossed with a tempest, the next 
day they lightened the ship ; 

19 And the third day » we cast 
out with our own hands the tack- 

. •ling of the ship. 

80 And when neither sun nor 

•tars in many days appeared, and 
-no small tempest lay on us, all 

hope that we should be saved was 

then taken away. 

" 21 But after long abstinence, 

Paul stood forth hi the midst of 
them, and said, Sirs, ye should 
have hearkened unto me, and i.ot 
-hare loosed from Crete, and to 
have gained this harm and loss. 

SS And now I exhort you to be 
«fgood cheer: for there shall be 
no loss of any man's life among 
you, bin of the ship. 

23 /For there stood by me ttifa 
night the angel of God, whose I 
am, and 'whom t serve, 

84 Saying, Fear not, Paul; thou 
most be brought before Cesar: 
and lo, God hath given thee all 
them that sail with thee. 

25 Wherefore, sira, be of good 
Sheer : * for Tbeheve Odd, that it 
shall be even as it was told me. 

« Howbeit, <we must be cast 
upon a certain Island. 

27 But whence fourteenth night 
was come, as we Were driven up 
and down in Adria, about mid- 
night the shipmen deemed that 
they drew near to some country ; 
'28 And sounded, and found it 
twenty fathoms : and when they 
had gone a little further, they 
sounded again, and fouud U fif- 
teen fathoms. 

?.» Then fearing lest they should 
nave fallen upon rocks, they cast 
four anchors out of the stern, and 
wished for the day. 
30 And as the shipmen were 
about to flee out of the ship, when 
they had let .down the boat into 
the sea, under' colour- as though 

(5HAT. XJtVM. 


I Ot.6m4 


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IS. ». 1 Ve. 

I Or, . 

entkori, ' 
tktyuft - 

Titty tuffif f#tj»ierodr. 

-they would have cast anchors out 
, of the foreship, 

r SI Paul said to the centurion, 
and to the soldiers, Except these 
abide iu the ship, ye calmol bo 

32 Then the soldiers cut off the 
rope* of the boat, and let her fall 

33 And while the day was com.- 
ittg on, Paul besought them aU to 
take meat, saying, This day is the 
fourteenth day that ve have tar- 
ried, and continued lasting, hav- 
ing taken nothing. 

34 Wherefore fpray vou to take 
some meat ; for this is for your 
health: for « there shall not an 
hair fall from the head of anv of 
yon. ' T 

35 And when he had thus spo- 
ken, he took bread, and 'gave 
thanks to God in presence of them 
all - and when he had broken jj, 
be be*an to eat. 

86 Then were they alt of good 
cheer, and they also took some 

, 37 And we were in all in the 
ship two hundred threescore and 
si xteeo "souls. 

35 And when they had eaten 
enough, they lightened the ship, 
and cast out the wheat into the 

39 And when it was day, thev 
knew not die land: but they dis- 
covered a certain creek with a 
shore, into the which they wei* 
minded, if it were possible, to 
thrust in the ship. 

40 And when they had l taken 
up the anchors, they committed 
themaelvee unto the sea, and loos- 
ed the rudder-bands, and hoised 
up the mainsail to the wind, aud 
made toward shore. 

41 And falling into a place 
where two seas met, * they ran 
the ship aground ; and the fore- 
part stuck fast, and remained 
unmoveable, but the hinder part 
was broken with the violence of 
the waves. 

48 Aud the soldiers 1 counsel was 
to kill the prisoners, lest any of 
them should swim out. aud es- 

43 But the centurion, willing to 
eave Paul, kept them from their 

{lurpose, and commanded that 
hey Which could swim, should 
Cast themtelve* first into the eetu 
and get to land : 

44 And the rest, some on boards, 
and some on broken piece* of the 
ship. And so it came to pass, 
f that they escaped all sale tp 

chap. xxvm. 

1 Pemt ejter M* eMpm+ek fs kindly «*. 
Urtatmd tf th* berbe+Um*. in* 
•jHT m M* hen* knrieth. Mai «•*: 9 

Paul jmcuc&Mk tit* Mngdom 

a/Ms nwu. 84 Afim ft* sresrfe 
tit «o»M were periiuuM, and mm 
•tamos' art. SO 7of as frtocaers 
r&cre tioe yeart. 

AND when they were escaped, 
then they knew that «lbe 
Wand was ca'lled Melita. 
S And the * barbarous people 
•hewed us no little loudness: toe 
they kindled a fire, and received 
us every one, because of the pres- 
ent rain, and because of the cold. 

3 And when Paul had gathered 
a bundle of sticks, and did thm 
on the fire, there came a viper 
out of the heat, ami fastened ou 
bis hand. 

4 And when the barbarians sow 
the venomous beast hang on his 
hand, ihey said among them- 
selves, No doubt this man is a 
murderer, whom, though he bath 
escaped the sea, yet vengeance 
■utfereth not to live. 

5 And be shook off the beast 
into the fire, and • felt no harm. 

6 Howbert, tbey looked when be 
should have swollen, or fallen 
down dead suddenly : but afier 
they had looked a great while, 
and saw no barm come to him, 
they changed their minds, and 
•* said that he was a god. 

7 In the same quarters were 
possessions of the chief man of 
the island, whose name was Pub- 
lius ; who received us, and lodg- 
ed us three days courteously. 

8 And it came to pass, that the 
father of Publius lay sick of a fe- 
ver, and of a bloody-flux : to 
whom Pan I entered hi, and • pray- 
ed, and /laid his bauds on him, 
and lioaled him. 

9 So when this was done, others 
also which had diseases in the 
island, came, and were healed : 

10 Who alsb honoured us whh 
many 'honours; and When we 
departed, they luded us with such 
things as were necessary. 

11 And after three months we 
departed in a ship of Alexandria, 
which had wintered in the isle, 
whose sign was Castor and Pol- 

12 And landing at Syracuse, we 
tarried there three days. 

13 And from thence we fetched 
a compass, and came to llhegi- 
um : and after one day the south 
wind blew, and we came the next 
day to Puteoli: 

14 Where we found brethren, 
and were desired to tarry with 
them seven days: and so we 
went toward Rome. 

15 And from thence, when the 
'brethren heard of us, they came 
to meet us as fur as Appii-forum, 
and Tlie Three Taverns ; whom 
when Paul saw, he thanked God, 
and took courages 

16 And when we came to Home, 
the centurion delivered the pris- 
ouera to the captain of the guard : 




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bat * Fault 

by himself, with a soldier that 
kept him. 

17 Aud it came to pass, that 
aler three days, Patu called tbe> 
chief of the Jews together. And 
when they were come together, 
he said onto them, Men aisdbreih- 
ren, * though I hare committed) 

nothing serein* 
»f oarfa 

i people, or 

customs of our fathers, yet * wee 
I delivered prisoner from Jenssm- 
lem tote the hands of the Ro* 

18 Who' whan tbey had exam- 
ined me, would have let me g*K 
because there wets no cause «A 
death m me. 

19 But when the Jews spake »- 
gainst it, «• I was constrained te> 
appeal unto Cesar; not that 1 
had aught to accuse my nation «f. 

20 For this cause therefore have) 
I called for you, to see you, atad 
to speak with you: because ths>t 
"for the hope of Israel I am 
bound with • this chain. 

71 And they said unto him, W« 
neither received letters out of Ju- 
doa concerning thee, neither any 
of the brethren that came shewed 
or spake any harm of thee. 

88 But we desire to hear of thee* 
what thou thin kest: for as con- 
cerning this sect, we know that 
every where P it is spoken against. 

23 And when they had appoint- 
ed him a day, there came many 
to him into Ait lodging: •%• 
whom he expounded aud testifi- 
ed the kingdom of God, persuad- 
ing them concerning Jesus, * boib 
out of the law of Moses, and out 
of the prophets, from morning 
till evenmg. 

84 And •some believed the 
things which were spoken, aord 
some believed uot. 

25 And when they agreed not 
among themselves, they departed; 
alter that Paul bad spokeu out 
word, Well spake the Holy Ghos* 
by Esaiaa the prophet unto our 

93 Saying, * Go unto thia people, 
and say, Hearing ye shall hear, 
and shall not understand", and 
seeing ye sball see, and not pes. 

27 For the heart of this people 
is waxed gross, and their ears an 
dull of hearing, and their eyes 
hnve they closed ; lest they should 
we with their eyes, and hear with 
fAeir ears, and understand with 
their heart, and should be cot*- 
verted, and I should heal thera. 

28 Be it known therefore unto 
you, thai the salvation of God is 
sent * unto the Gentiles, and eAast 
they will hear it. 

29 And when he haul mid them 
words, the Jews departed, and 
had great reasoning among them- 

10 And Paul dwelt two wools 

Astt/V Jeeir* toHtth* 




.- in hia own hired house, and 
sived all that came in onto 

* Preaching the kingdom of 

Crttr\ li 
M, V. eg.; A. D. W, 

2B.6.I9. | 

Ood. mod teaching- those thtoga- 
which concern the Lotd Jesw 
Christ, with all cor -1 — — 
man forbidding him. 





1 Paul eommendtlh hit coning to tko 
Roman*, 9 and his dttir* to rami to 
Mem. I » What kit gotptl U, and tka 

>^rigkt*mtn**t wMcft U thtwtth. 16 

' Ovd u angry with all manner of tin. 
91 What mart tka ttnt of tht QtnOtat. 

XXAUL, a aervanl of Jeaus 

* Christ, « called to b* an apos- 
tle, ° separated uuU) the gospel 
of God, 

5 (' Which he had promised 
afore ** by hia prophets iu the holy 

3 Concerning his Son Jesus 
Christ our Lord, • which was 
/ made of tbe aeed of David ac- 
cording to the flesh ; 

4 And 1 1 declared to 6s the Son 
of God with power, according 

* to the spirit of holiness, by the 
resurrection from the dead: 

» By whom < we have received 

Srace and a post lash ip, | for *obs- 
ieuce to the faith among all na* 
lions, l for hia name : 

6 Amour whom are ye also the 
called ol Jeaus Christ: 

7 To all that be in Rome, be- 
loved ofGod, * cal led to ba saints ; 

• Grace to yon* and -peace from 
God our Father, and the Lord 
Jesus Christ. 

8 First, • I thank my God 
tiirough Jesus Christ, for you alL 
that »your faith is spoken or 
throughout tbe whole world. 

- 9 For « God ia my witness, 
r whom I serve A with my spirit 
iu the gospel of his Son, that 

without ceasing I make men- 
tion of vou always in my prayers. 

10 * Alaking request (it by any 
means now at length I might 
have a prosperous journey * by 
.the will o£ God) to eome unto 

> II For I long to sec you, that *I 
may impart unto you some spir- 
itual gilt, to the end ye may he 

IS That is, that 1 may he oam- 
, *«rted together I with you, by 

• the mutual faith both of you 
and me. 

M Now I would not hare you 
.ignorant, brethren, that 'often- 
times 1 purposed to come unto 
rju(but * was lei hitherto) that 
might have eome • fruit 1 among 

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Su also, even as among other 
; miles. 

14 «I am debtor both to the 
Greeks, and to the Barbarians; 
both to the wise, and to the un- 

15 So, as much as in me is, I am 
ready to preach the gospel to you 
that are at Home also. 

16 For d I am not ashamed o( 
the gospel of Christ: for *it ia 
the power of God unto salvation 
to every one that belie veth ; /to 
the Jew firat, and also to the 

17 For r therein is the righte- 
ousness of God revealed from 

Iaiih to faith : as it is written, 
i Thejim alia I J live by faith. 

18 » For the wrath ot Qod ia re- 
vealed from heaven agahtel alt 
ungodtineaa, and unrtghteoua- 
neaa of men, who hold Die truth 
iu unrig-hteoiitiness. 

19 Because * that which may be 
known of God, is manifest | in 
them; for 'God hath shewed U 
unto them. 

20 For " tbe invisible things of 
him from the creation ot the 
world are clearly seen, being un- 
derstood by the things that are 
made, even his eternal power and 
Godhead; | so that they are 
without exc.uiie : 

SI Because that when they knew 
God, they glorified him not as 
God, neither were thankful, but 
"became vain in their imagina- 
tions, and their foolish heart was 

53 o Professing themselves to be 
wise, they became fools ; 

83 And changed the glory of 
the - uncorruptible ?God into an 
image made like to corruptible 
man, and to birds, and four-foot- 
ed beasts, and creeping things. 

54 v Wherefore God also gave 
them up to uncleanness, tiirough 
the lusts of their own hctrts, r to 
dishonour their own bodaw • be- 
tween themselves : 

tS Who changed ' the truth of 
God * into a lie, and worshipped 
and served the creature 8 more 
than the Creator, who is blessed 
for ever. Amen. 

86 For this cause God gave 
them up unto * vile afiections. 
Foremen their womcu dMchanfja 

the natural use iuto thai which 
isagairst nature: 
•7 And likewise also the men, 
leaving the natural use of the 
woman, burned in their lust one 
toward another; men with men 
working- that which is unseemty, 
and receiving in themselves that 
recompense of their error which 
was meet. 

88 And even as they did not like 
I to retain God in their knowledge, 
God gave them over to 1 a repro- 
bate mi»d, to do those things 
* which are not convenient : 

89 Being filled with all unright- 
eousness, fornication, wickedness, 
covetousness, maliciousness ; full 
of envy, murder, debate, deceit, 
malignity ; whimperers, 

30 Bac.kbitera, haters of God, de- 
spiteful, proud, boasters, invent- 
ors of evil things, disobedient to 

31 Without understanding, cov- 
enant-breakers, || without natural 
affection, implacable, unmerciful : 

32 Who, « knowing the judg- 
ment pf God, that they which 
commit such things »are worthy 
of'death ; not only do the same, 
hut J « have pleasure in them that 
$q them. 

1 The* theJ tin, though thep eemdemn 
it aa ether*, connet exeuee thewueJKee, 
9 end muck lest eeeetpe the judgment 
</ Oed, whether they be Jew* or 
Oentiiee. 14 The Oentiiee atnnol is- 
cepe, 17 nor pet the Jnot, 25 whom 
their drcumcinion ikall net profit, if 
they keep net the Uu». 

THEREFORE thou art • in- 
excusable, O man, whosoever 
thou art, that judgest : * for 
wherein thou judgest another, 
thou condemnest thyself; for thou 
that judgest, doest the same 

5 But we are sure that the judg- 
ment of God is according to truth, 
against them which commit such 

3 And thinkest thou this, O 
man, that judgest them which do 
such things, and doest the same, 
that thou shall escape the Judg- 
ment of God ? 

4 Or despisest thou « the riches 
of his goodness, and * forbear- 
ance, and • long-suffering ; / not 
knowing that the goodness of God 
leadeth thee to repentance 1 

6 But after thy hardness and im- 
penitent heart, ' treasurest up un- 
to thyself wrath against the day 
of wrath, and revelation of the 
righteous judgment of God ; 

o * Who will render to every 
man according to his deeds . 

7 To them who by patient con- 
tinuance in well-doing, seek for 
glory, and honour, and immor- 
tality; eternal life: 

8 But unto them that are con- 
tputious, and *do not obey the 


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The Je»$ cannot sm 

Uth, but obey unrighteousness ; 
'"ignation and wrath. 
Tribulation and anguish; t 

lignation and wrath, 
_ Tribulation and anguish; up- 
on every soul of man that doelb 

nave sinaeu 
judged by t) 
law are just 

evil ; of the Jew * first, and ante 
of the t Gentile ; 

10 * But glory, honour, and 
peace, to every man that worketh 
good ; to the Jew first, and also 
to the t Gentile; 

11 For ■» there ia no respect of 
persons with God. 

18 For as many as have sinned 
without law, shall also perish 
without law: and as manv aa 
have sinned in the law, shall oa 

•"-*--• • the law, 

not the hearers of the 

.. ... _ just before God, but the 
doers of the law shall be justified. 

14 For when the Gentiles, which 
have not the law, do by nature 
the things contained in the lev, 
these having not the law, are a 
law unto themselves. 

15 Which shew the work of the 
law written in their hearts, | their 
conscience also bearing witness, 
and their thoughts | the mean 
while accusing, or else excusing 
one another;) 

16 »In the day when God shall 
judge the secrets of meu » by Je- 
ans Christ, v according to my 

17 Behold, ** thou art called a 
Jew, and * restest in the law, 'and 
makest thy boast of God, 

18 And « knowest hit will, and 
I * appro vest the things that asa 
more excellent, being iustructed 
out of the law, 

19 And yart confident that thou 
thyself art a guide of the blind* 
a light of them which are in dark- 

fO An instructor of the foolish, 
a teacher of babes, • which hast 
the' form of knowledge, and of 
the truth in the law: 

tl »Thou therefore which teach- 
est another, teachestthou not ihy- 
self ? thou that preaehesi, a man 
should not steal, dost thoa steal t 

99 Thou that say est, a man 
should not commit adultery, dost 
thou commit adultery 1 thou thai 
abhorrest idols, 6 dost thoa com- 
mit sacrilege ? 

S3 Thou that 'makest thy boast 
of the law, through breaking the 
law dishonourest thou God F 

24 For the name of God is blae- 

Shemed among the Gentiles, 
irourh you, as it is * written. 
95 * For circumcision rerily p*e4V 
iteth, if thou keep the law ; but 
if thou be a breaker of the law, 
thy circumcision is made uncir- 

16 Therefore, / if the ttncircunr- 
cision keep the righteousness of 
the law, shall not sis uncircum- 
ctsion be counted for eireumess- 

17 And shall notuncircamctaton 

l*/k€ Jevm* prerogative. 

which is by nature, if it fulfil tb* 
bur, t judge thee, who by the let- 
ter and circumcision doit trans- 
gress the law 1 

88 For * he is not a Jew, which 
is one outwardly } neither it that 
circumciaioo, which is outward 
ti» the flesh : 

29 But be is a Jew » which is one 
inwardly; and 'circumcision it 
that of the heart, ' in the spirit, 
and not in the letter; » whose 
praise it not of men, but of God. 

1 Tk» /mm* pnrofmtite •* * •*•»* *■*» 
An« not lo*t : 9 hn*beil the tmm «en» 
•mwI* <•«• «tw »/ «tn ; 90 <A«r*. 
/«r« a* jfet* i» jtuitfitd fry Ue tew, 
St bMi «fl, wtfaowt dtgwewt*, 6y/o»»S 
«My ; St «aW jet !*• tew u not «M- 

rilAT advantage then hath 
the Jew 1 or what profit it 
f/ier« of circumcision 1 

9 Much every way : chiefly* be- 
cause that • unto them were com- 
muted the oracles of God. 

2 For what if 6 some did not be- 
lieve 1 « shall their unbelief make 
the faith of God without effect J 

4 * God forbid: yea, let «God be 
true, but/ every man a liar ; as it 
is writieu, * That thou mightest 
be justified iu thy sayings, and 
mightest overcome when thou art 


"& nut if our unrighteousness 
commend the righteousness of 
God, what shall we say ? It God 
unrighteous who taketh ven- 
geance 1 (» I speak as a man,) 

6 God forbid : for then » how 
■hall God judge the world ? 

7 For if the truth of God hath 
more abounded through my lie 
unto bis glory ; why yet am I also 
judged as a sinner f 

8 And not rather (as we be slan- 
derously reported, and as some 
affirm that we say) * Let us do 
evil, that good may come 1 whose 
damnation is just. 

9 What then 1 are we better 
than thty? No, in no wise: for 
we have before t proved both 
Jews ami Geutiles, that ' they are 
all under sin, 

10 As it is written, ■» There is 
none righteous, no, not one : 

11 There is none that under- 
staudetli, there is none that seek- 
eth alter God. 

18 They are all gone out of the 
way, they are together become 
unprofitable: there is none that 
dm lb good, no, not one. 

13 n Their throat it an open sep- 
ulchre , with their tongues they 
have used deceit; «the poison of 
a* pa is uude* their tins: 

H P Whose mouth it fidl of 
cursing and bitterness. 

l& € Their feecore awift to abed 

10 Deetruction and misery art 

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17 And the way of pteacf hntw 
tliey not known. 

18 ''There is no fear of God be- 
fore their eyes. 

19 Now we know that what 
things soever "the law saith, it 
saith to them who are under the 
law: that 'every mouth may be. 
stopped, and * all the world may 
become (guilty before God. 

90 Therefore *by the deeds of 
the law, there shall no flesh t* 
justified in his sight : for 9 by th« 
low it the knowledge of sin. 

21 But now ' the righteousness 
of God without ihe law is mani- 
fested, • being witnessed by the 
law »and the prophets ; 

99 Even the righteousness of 
God, ithiefi it o by faith of Jesua 
Christ unto all, and upon all them 
that believe ; for * there is no dif- 
ference : 

S3 For *aH have sinned, and 
come short of the glory of God: 

24 Being justified freely /by hio 
grace, •'through the redemption 
that is in Christ Jesus : 

25 Whom God hath I set forth 
• to be a propitiation, through 
fnith * in his blood, to declare hit 
righteousness* for the I remission 
of t sins that are past, through 
the forbearance of God 1 ; 

86 To declare, / say, at thie 
time his righteousness: that he 
might be lust, and the jtratifier of 
him which believeth in Jesus. 

S7 "Where it boasting then 1 h 
is excluded. By what law? of 
works ? Nay j but by the law of 

83 Therefore we conclude, * that 
a man is justified by faith with- 
out the deeds of the law. 

89 It kt the God of the Jew* 
only ? it he not also of the Gen- 
tiles ? Yes, of the Gentiles also : 

SO Seeing ouitone, God which 

. - n by 

f(uth,anduncircumcision through 


seeing «i/ 
justify tl 

the circumcision by 

31 Do we then make void tho 

law through faith f God forbid: 

yea, we establish the law. 

1 Albrahmm'* /«iU »« imputtd «■ Was 
far rifUeoassiM, 10 &«/m-S *• «M> 
eirvwswfc*/. 13 JJ» fmith onlf kt 
and kiM $Md r$eti»ed |A< tnmiii. it 
Abrthem it iktfMhtttfmU that H- 
rt^e. 91 Our /mftk alto tk»B te tm* 
puled te vtfor rightemumtM. 

WHAT shall we then say that 
• Abraham, our father a» 
pertaining to the flesh, hath 
round t 

8 For if Abraham were 'Justifi- 
ed by works, he hath whereof to 
glorv, but not before God. 

3 For what saith the scripture f 
e Abraham believed God, and It 
was counted unto him for right- 

4 Now *U> him that worketh, is 

97,33. fOe.U.a.tla.3.6. Ja3.9J. 4ek.ll.tV, 

jtrejkim Jttsttfed by frith. 

4he reward not reckoned of grace, 
but of debt. 

§ But to bim that worked* not, 
but believeth on him thai justifi- 
eih «tbe ungodly, hia faith is 
counted (at righteousness. 

6 Even as David also describeth 
the blessedness of the man unto 
Whom God imputeth righteous- 
ness wiihout works, 

7 Saying, /Blessed are they 
whose iniquities are forgiven, and 
wliose sins are covered. 

8 Blessed ie the man to whom 
the Lord will not impute sin. 

9 Cometh this blessedness then 
upon the circumcision tmfy t or 
upon the uncircumcision also T 
For we say that faith was reck- 
oned to Abraham for righteous* 

10 ilow was it then reckoned 1 
when he was in circumcision, 
or in uncircumcision ) Not in 
circumcision, but iu uncircum- 

11 And 'he received the sign 
of circumcision, a seal of the 
righteousness of the faith which 
he had yet being uncircumcised : 
that • he might be the father of 
all them thai believe, though they 
be not circumcised, that right- 
eousness might be imputed unto 
(hem also : 

IS And the father of circumcis- 
ion to them who are not of the 
circumcision only, but who also 
walk in the steps of that faith 
of our father Abraham, which he 
had beiug yet uncircuiocised. 

13 For the promise that he 
should be the • heir of the world 
was not to Abraham, or to his 
seed, through the law, but 
through the righteousness of 

14 For * if they which are of the 
law be heirs, faith is' made void, 
and the promise made of none 

15 Because 'the law worketh 
wrath: for where no law ii, there 
ie no transgression. 

16 Therefore it ie of faith, that 
it might be «" by grace ; » to the 
end the promise might be sure to 
all the seed: not to that only 
which is of the law, but to that 
also which is of the faith of Abra- 
ham, ° who is the father of us all, 

17 (As it is written, pi hare 
made thee a father of many na- 
tions) || before him whom he be- 
lieved, <oen God, </ who qtuckan- 
eth the dead, and calleth these 
r things which be not, as though 
they were. 

18 Who against hope believed 
in hope, that he might become 
the father of many nations; ac- 
cording to that which was spo- 
ken, 'So si j all thy seed be. 

19 And being not weak in faith, 
'be considered sot bis own body 
n*w dead, when be was about an 


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Reamdiiatvm bu CArsaf. 

years old, neither yet 

the deadness of Sarah's womb. 

tO He staggered not at Urn 
promise of God through unbelief; 
but was strong iu faith, giving 
glory to God ; 

SI And being fully persuaded, 
that what he had promised, *he 
was aUe also to perform. 

22 And therefore it was imputed 
to him for righteousness. 

S3 Now * U was not written for 
his sake alone, that it was impu- 
ted to him; 

24 But for us also, to whom it 
•hall be imputed, if we believe 
> on him that raised up Jeaus our 
Lord from the dead, 

25 * Who was delivered for our 
offences, and • was raised again 
for our Justification. 

I Being j**ifie* os /Bits, we *«M 
peace with (iod, 9 aud jap *a «w 
hope, 8 that since we were reeanetied 
by hit blood, when »• tene earnues, 
10 me ihttM much more be tavd being 
12 As tin and > 


ami lift 
Ckrui. 20 Where tie, 

f'mee did euperahoumi. 
HC&£FOK.£ 'being luslifi- 
ed by faith, we have "peace 
with God, through our Lord Je- 
aus Christ : 

8 ' By whom also we have acces* 
by faith into this grace * where- 
in we stand, and « rejoice iu hope 
of the glory of God, 

2 And not only so, but/we glo- 
ry iu tribulations also ; t know- 
ing that tribulation worketh pa- 
tience ; 

4 * Aud patience, experience ; 
and experience, hope : 

5 i Aud hope makelh not a- 
shamed: 'because the love of 
God iaahed abroad in our hearts 
by the Holy Ghost which is given 
unto us. 

6 For when we were yet with- 
out strcngt h, II in due time l Christ 
died for the ungodly. 

7 For scarcely for a righteous 
man will one die : yet peradven- 
ture for a good man some would) 
even dare to die. 

9 Out "God commendeth hia 
love toward us, in that while we> 
were yet sinners, Christ jdied for 

9 Much more then, being now 
justified "by his blood, we shall 
be saved "from wrath through 

10 For »if when we were ene- 
mies, f we were reconciled to God 
by the death of bis Sou ; much 
more, being reconciled, we shall 
be saved r by hia life. 

U And not only so, but we also 
•Joy in God, through our Lord 
Jesus Christ, by whom we have 
now received the I atonement. 

U Wherefore as 'by one man 
sin entered iuto the world, and 

#fr«r w ii to t< «m» eft. 

■tieath by sin ; md so deaSh 
passed upon all men, |for that 
alt have stnaed : v 

13 (For until tbe law, sin was in 
the world: bat *«H* is not impu- 
ted when there is wo law. 

M Nevertheless, death reigned 
from Adam to Moses, even over 
Chem that had not sinned after 
ttte similitude of Adam** trans- 
gression, »Wh© is the flguw of 
n«m that vu to come. 

IS But not ae the offence, soalso 
is the free gift. For it through 
the offence of one many be dead, 
much more the grace of Ged, and 
the gift by graee, tehjeh ie by one 
man, Jesus Christ, hath abound- 
ed * nnto many. 

1 16 And hot ae it vae by one that 
sinned, bo ie the gift. For the 
judgment was by one to condem- 
nation, but the free gift w ot' 
many offences unto justification. 

17 For if If by one man's offence 
death reigned by one ; much 
more they which receive abun- 
dance of grace, and of the gift 
of righteousness, shall reign in 
life by one, Jesus Christ.) 

18 Therefore, as I by the offence 
of one Judgment came upon all 
rhen to condemnation, even so 
I by the righteousness of one tke 
free gift came • upon all men unto 
Justification of life. 

19 For as by one man's disobe- 
dience many were made sinners, 
so by the obedience of one shall 
many be made righteous. 

20 Moreover »the law entered, 
that the offence might abound. 
But where sin abounded, grace 
did much 'more abound : 

8 I That as sin hath reigned unt o 
death, even so might grace reign 
through righteousness unto eter- 
nal life, byJesus Christ our Lord. 

1 We men not live in ««, S/o 

I Let not tin reifn any 
more, \8b«e*us« we have fielded <mr- 
eeltee to the etreiee of Hgkteeueneee, 
S3 end for that death u tke tomgoeef 
■*. ■ 

THAT shall we say then ? 
' * Shall we continue in sin, 
that grace may abound? 
8 God forbid: how shall we, 
that are 'dead to sin, live any 
I Know ye not that • So many 
Of us as 'were baptised into Je- 
sus Christ, rf were baptized into 
Ms death f 

* Therefore we at* *buried with 
nim* by baptism into death t that 
/like a* Christ vu rtfieed up 
from the dead by 'the glory of 
the Father, *even so we also 
Should Walk in newness oflife. 
' 5 * For if we have been planted 
together in the' likeness of bis 
death, we shall be also in the 
Btmenof hJe rtmatreetioni 


«HAF. VI. 





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one right. 

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U. • 

Ps. 1. 4. 

Death the nag** of ti*, 

6 Knowing this, that *our old 

man is crucified with hit*, thai 
' the body of sin might be de- 
stroyed, that henceforth wo 
should not serve sin. 

7 For »he that is dead is 
t freed from sin. 

8 Now «if we bo dead with 
Christ, we believe that we shall 
also live with him : 

9 Knowing that • Christ, being 
raised from the dead, dieth no 
more ; death hath no more do- 
minion over him. 

10 For in that he died, P he died 
unto aia oaoe: but in that ho 
kiveth, * he lived) unto God. 

1 1 Likewise reckon ye also your- 
selves to be J" dead indeed untn 
sin, but 'alive unto God through 
Jesus Christ our Lord. 

IS (Let not sin therefore reign 
in your mortal body, that ya 
should obey it in the lusts thereof. 

12 Neither yield ye your * mem- 
bers ae t instruments of unright- 
eousness unto sin: but 'yield 
yourselves unto God, as those 
that are alive from tbe dead, and 
your members ae instruments of 
righteousness unto God : 

14 For V sin shall not have do- 
minion over you : for ve are not 
under the" law, but under grace. 

15 What then? shall wo sin, 
* because we are not under th# 
law, but under grace % God for- 

16 Know ye not, that « to whom 
ye yield youmelves servants to 
obey, his servants ye are to whom 
ye obey; whether of sin unto 
death, or of obedience uuto right- 

17 But God be thanked, that y« 
were the servants of sin ; but ye 
have obeyed from the heart *thai, 
form of doctrine t which was de- 
livered you. 

18 Being then 'made free from 
in, ye became the servants of 


19 I speak after the manner of 
men, because of the infirmity of 
your flesh : for as ye have yielded 
your members servants to un- 
cleanness and to iniquity, unto 
iniquity; even so now yield your 
members servant* to righteous- 
ness, unto holiness. 

10 For when ye were 'the ser- 
vants of sin, ye were free t from 
~" ' sousness. . 

What fruit had ye then in 
thoso things whereof ye are now 
ashamed % for / the end of thoso 
i is death. 

lut now 'being made free 
from sin, and become servants to 
God, ye have your fruit unto ho- 
liness, and the end everlasting 

23 For *the wages of sin it 
death: but ithe gift of God in 
eternal hie, through Jesus Christ 
our Lord. 


VT* are dead to the Aw. 

life lav Tiath power oeer a man Urngtr 
than he tiveth. 4 But toe are dead to 
the Urn. 7 Yet is mat the late tin, 13 
feU holy, just, food, 16 at I 

met keep it. 

KNOW ye not, brethren* (for 
1 speak to tneia that know 
ihe law) how that the law hath 
dominion over a nan ae long 1 as 
be liveth I . 

2 For • the woman which bath 
an husband, ia bound by the law 
to her husband so long aa he 
Hveth: but if the husband be 
dead, she is loosed from the law 
of her husband. 

• 3 So then, • if while her husband 
liveih, she be married to another 
man, she shall, be called an adul- 
teress: but if her husband be 
dead, she U free from that law; so 
that she is no adulteress, though 
she be married to another man. 

4 Wherefore, my brethren, ye 
also are become 'dead to the law 
by the body of Christ ; that ye 
should be married to another, 
even to him who is raised from 
the dead, that we should * bring 
forth fruit uuto God. 

6 For when we were in tue flesh, 
the t motions of sins, which were 
by the law, 'did work in our 
members /to bring forth fruit 
unto death : 

6 But now we are delivered from 
the law, | that being dead where- 
in we were held; that we should 
serve * in newness of spirit, end 
wot in the oldnetss of the letter. 

7 What shall we say then 1 /« 
the law sin ? God forbid. Nay, 

* I had not known sin, but by the 
law : for I had not known 1 lust, 
except the law had said, » Thou 
■halt not covet. 

8 But * sin, taking occasion by 
the commandment, wrought in 
me all manner of coucupiscence. 
For 'without the law sin woe 

9 For I was alive without the 
law once: but when the com- 
mandment came, siu revived, and 
■1 died. 

10 And the commandment 
■» which was ordained to life, X 
fouud to be unto death. 

11 For sin, taking occasion by 
the commandment, deceived me, 
and by it slew me. 

19 Wherefore » the law it holy, 
nud the commandment holy, and 
just, and rood. 

13 Was then that which is good 
made death unto me 1 God for- 
bid. But sin, that it might ap- 
pear siu, working death iu me by 
that which is good ; that sin by 
the commandment might become 
exceeding sinful. 

14 For we know that the lav is 
wapiriuial : but I am carnal, • sold 

wider sin. 


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• 1KU_ 



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the mind- 
into/ the 
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the mind- 
ing of the 

I Ja. 4. 4. 
ail Co. I 


The law of sin in Air i*«*S&* 

15 For that which 1 do, 1 f etlqsy 
not ; fbjP r what I would, thetd© 1 
not ; but what I hate, that do L 

16. If then I do that which,.! 
would, not, 'I* canseut unto at 
law that .it is good. 

17 Now then it i»no more I that 
do it, but sin that dwellath in mew 

18 Foe I know that «iu me {that 
is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no good 
thing.] for to will is present with 
me; but how to perform that 
which is good, I finunou 

19 For the good that I would, 1 
do not; but the evil which I 
would not, that I do. 

50 Now if I do that I would not, 
it is no more I, that do it, but sin 
that dwelleth in me. 

51 1 and then, a law, that when 
I would do good, evil is present 
with ine. 

S3 For 1 * delight in the law of 
God, after 'the luward man : 

S3 But 'I see. another law in 
a my members warring against 
the law of my mind, and bring- 
ing me into captivity to the law 
ofsui which is in my members. 

24 O wretched man that I am ! 
who shall deliver me from I the 
body of this death 1 

S5 *I thank God, through Jesus 
Christ our Lord. So then, with 
the mind I myself serve the law 
of God j but with the flesh the 
law of sin. 

CHAP. vin. 

1 Thep tUt em in Christ, and Nee a— 
cording te the Spirit, are free /rem 
condemnation. 6, 13 What harm eem- 
etk o/ the flesh, 6, 14 and what reed 
e/the t9pMt: 17 and what of Mng 
titer* aftiM, IB whoee givrion* dttkter 
once att thing* long /or, 39 was before- 
hand dear eed from Ood. 88 Who**** 
etoer nefrom. hi* lot 7 
npHJERE is therefore now no 
* condemnation to them which 
are in Christ Jesus, who a walk 
not after the flesh, but after the 

2 For » the law of • the 8pirit of 
life in Christ Jesus, hath made 
me free from * the law of sin and 

3 For • what the law could not 
do, in that it was weak through 
the flesh,/ God sending his own 
Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, 
and J for sin, condemned sin in 
the flesh : 

4 That the righteousness of the 
law might be fulfilled in us, ' who 
walk not after the flesh, but after 
the Spirit. 

5 For * they that are after the 
flesh, do mind the things of the 
flesh : but they that are after (he 
Spirit, *the things of the Spirit. 

6 For * t to be carnally minded 
it death ; but t to be spiritually 
minded ie life and peace. 

7 Because t I the carnal miad-.a 
enmity against God : for it is not 
subject to the law of God, •■•A- 
ther indeed cut be. 

8 So then they thai are in the 
w*h cannot please God. 

* 9 Bat ye are not in the flesh, but 
in the Spirit, if so be that » the 
Spirit of God dwell in you. Now, 
h any man haTe not* the Spirit 
of Christ, he is none of his. 

10 And if Christ be in you, the 
body it dead because of sin ; bnt 
the Spirit w life because of right- 

11 But if the Spirit of P him that 
raised up Jesus from the dead 
dwell in you, 9 be that raised up 
Christ from the dead shall also 
quicken your mortal bodies I by 
bis Spirit that dwelled) in you. 

* 'IS *" Therefore, brethren, we are 
debtors not to the flesh, to lire 
after the flesh. 

* IS For * if ye live after the flesh, 
ye shall die: but if ye through 
the Spirit do ' mortify the deeds 
of the body, ye shall live. 

14 For « as many as are led by 
the Bpirit of God, they are the 
sons 01 God. 

* 15 For *ye hare not received the 

* spirit or bondage again tr to fear ; 
but ye have received the 'Spirit 
of adoption, whereby we cry, 

• Abba, Father. 

16 • The Spirit itself beaieth 
' witness with our spirit, that we 

are the children of God: 

17 Apd if children, then heirs: 

• heirs of God, and joint-heirs 
with Christ; * if so be that we 
suffer with him, that we may be 

' also glorified together. 

18 For I reckon, that *tbe Buf- 
ferings of this present time are 
not worthy lo be compared with 
the glory which shall be revealed 
in us. 

19 For /the earnest expectation 
of the creature waileth for the 
'manifestation of the sons of 

' 90 For * the creature was made 
subject to vanity, not willingly, 
but by reason of him who hath 

* subjected the earn* in hope ; 

ft Because the creature itself 
also shall be delivered from the 
bondage of corruption, into the 

.glorious liberty of the children 


93 For we know that I the whole 
creation * groaneth, and travail - 

•eth -in pain together until now : 
-83 And not only they, but our- 
selves also, which have *the first- 
fruits of the Spirit, * even we our- 
selves - groan within ourselves, 
■* waiting for the adoption, to 
tvtt, the * redemption of our 

94 For we are saved by hope. 
But • hope that is seen, is not 
hope : for what a man seeth, why 
doth he yet hope for 1 

15 But if we hope far that we 
see not, lAen do we with patience 
wait for it. 

98 Likewise the Bpirit also belp- 

CHA?. IX. 

A. D. 80 A. D. SO, 

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t. 1T1.9.T. 

«/ the Chrietitm'e hope. 

eth our infirmities : for P we know 
not what we should pray for aa 
we ought: but « the Spirit itself 
maketh intercession for us with 
groanings which cannot be ut- 
tered. * 

97 And ' he that searcheth the 
hearts knoweth what is the mind 
of the Spirit, I because he maketh 
intercession for the saints, •ac- 
cording to the vill o/ God. 

98 Aud we know that all things 
work together for good, to thesa 
that love God, to them ' who are 
the called according to hie pur- 

99 For whom * he did foreknow, 

• be also did predestinate » to be 
conformed to the image of his 
Son, 'that he might be the first- 
born among many brethren. 

50 Moreover, whom he did pre- 
destinate, them he also • called : 
and whom he called, them he also 
•justified : and whom he Justified, 
them he also e glorified. 

51 What shall we then say to 
these things t * If God be for us* 
who can be against us ? 

M «He that spared not his own 
Son, but / delivered him up for 
us all, bow shall he not with him 
also freely give us all things I 

S3 Who shall lay any thing to 
the charge of God's elect 1 *Itie 
God that justiflsth : 

94 » Who it he that condemn- 
eth t It i$ Christ that died, yea 
rather, that is risen again, • who 
is even at the right hand of God, 

* who also maketh intercession 

35 Who shall separate us from 
the love of Christ 1 ehaU tribula- 
tion, or distress, or persecution, 
or famine, or nakedness, or peril, 
or sword 1 

36 As k is written, ' For thy 
sake we are killed all the day 
long ; we are accounted as sheep 
for the slaughter. 

S7 ■» Nay, in all these things 
we are more than conquerors, 
through him that loved us. 
- 38 For 1 am persuaded, that 
neither death, nor life, nor an- 
gels, nor "principalities, nor pow- 
ers, nor things present, nor things 
to come, 

89 Nor height, nor depth, nor 
auy other creature, shall be able 
to separate us from the love of 
God which is in Christ Jesus out 

XPrneiftetnt/mrtkeJem. T AM the 
m*J «/ AJbrmkem om art theekU- 
arm of the treaties. W «W aetfe 
awrey asm wAom ke vflt. 21 fas 
metier mm *• with kit ofay whet ke 
«M. 38 The eeUmg ef tU OtutOet 
mM retterint a/ the Jem* mere fere- 
teU. 83 The eewu wftt m fern Jem* 
tmhrmeei Ik* Hghtemumme efjeetk. 
T a SAY the truth in Christ. I lie 
A not, my conscience also hear- 
ing me witness in the Holy Ghost, 
* 151 

(HdkMtk nurrf 

2 »That I haft great heaviness 
and eontinual sorrow in my heart. 

1 For •! could with that myself 
vera | accursed from Christ, for 
my brethren, ray kinsmen accord- 

Israelites ; * to 

whom pertameth the adoption* 
/"the glory, i ■---•-- ■ — 
rt ivinjr of 
Jaw, and > the service o/Ood, 

and /the glory, a 
nants, and *the 

and * the I cove- 

* die promises, 
» * Whose art the fathers, and 

«»ot' whom, as concerning the 
flesh, Christ came, a who is over 
all, God blessed for ever. Amen. 

6 « Not aa though the word of 
God hath taken none effect. For 
Pthey are not all Israel, which are 
of Israel : 

7 1 Neither, because they are 
the seed of Abraham, are they all 
children : but. In r Isaac shall 
thy seed be Called. 

8 Tii at is. They which are the 
children of the flesh, these are 
not the children of God ; but 'the 
children of the promise are count- 
ed for the seed. 

9 For this it the word of prom- 
ise, * At this time will I come, and 
Sarah shall have a son. 

10 And not only this ; but when 

* Rebecca also had conceived by 
one, even by our father Isaac, 

11 (For the children being not 
yet born, neither having done 
any food or evil, that the purpose 
of God, according to election 
might stand, not ofworks, but of 
•him that calleth ;) 

19 It was said unto her, V The 
I elder shall serve the (younger. 

13 As it is written, * Jacob nave 
1 loved, but Esau have I hated. 

14 What shall we say then 1 « It 
there unrighteousness with God t 
God forbid. 

15 For he saith to Motet, » I will 
have mercy on whom 1 will have 
mercy, and I will have compassion 
on whom I will have compassion. 

16 So then, it it not of turn that 
willeth, nor of him that runneth, 
but of God that sheweth mercy. 

17 For « the scripture saith unto 
Pharaoh, * Even for this same 
purpose have I raised thee up, 
that I might shew my power in 
thee, and that my name might be 
declared throughout all the earth. 

18 Therefore hath he mercy on 
whom he will have mercy, and 
whom he will he hardeneth. 

19 Thou will say then unto me, 
Why doth he yet And fault 1 for 

* who hath reawted his will 1 

30 Nay but, O man, who art 
thou that | repliest against God 1 
/ Shall the thing formed say to 
him that formed i/. Why hast thou 
made me thus ? 

SI llatb not the t potter power 
over the clay, of the same lump 
, to make * one vessel unto honour, 
and another unto dishonour 1 

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or fsAraft iw vruL 

99 fThaH irOod, witting to *W 
hit wrath, and to make his po*(tj> 
known, endured with much loqjg- 
suffering 'the vessels of wnMfc 
I * fitted to destruction : 

98 And that he might mate 
known ' the riches of his glory tiki 
the vessels of mercy, which he hsyd 
■» afore prepared unto glory, 

24 Even us, whom heliath call- 
ed, " not of the Jew* only, bat 
also of the Gentiles 1 

85 As he saith also in Oaee, •I 
will call them My people, which 
were not my people ; and her be- 
loved, which was not beloved. 

86 p And it shall come to paaa. 
that in the place where it was said 
unto them, Ye are not my people ; 
there shall they be called, The 
children of the living God. 

87 Esaias also crieth Concerning 
Israel, 1 Though the number o? 
the children or Israel be as the 
sand of the sea, * a remnant shall 
be saved: 

88 For he will finish I the wort, 
and cut it short in righteousoeta : 

• because a abort work will the 
Lord make upon the earth. 

89 And at Etalas said before. 
» Except the Lord of Sabaoth had 
left ut a seed, * we had been aa 
Sodoma, and been made like uo- 
to Gomorrah. 

30 What shall we say thenf 

• That the Gentiles which follow- 
ed not alter righteousness, have 
attained to righteousness, f even 
the righteousness which is of 
faith : 

31 But Israel, *whi<;b followed 
after the law of righteousness, 

• hath not attained to the law of 

Wherefore f Because 

r S' 

sought it not by faith, but at fi. 
were by the works of the law. 
For • they ttumbled at that stuA- 
bling-ttOne ; 

33 At it is written, • Behold, I 
lay in fiion a stumbling-stone, 
and rock of offence: and* who- 
soever believe th on him shall not 

mm *mm amm buiiim*, im maaMfc 

tkmttntt 60 cem fim md mi , Ummdiktt 

^-w .jattNiat Mr4«J 

Mont, 19 Urttt met mot iraarse* 

TfBJs¥fiRE*N, my hearths de-. 
■*■* sire and prayer to God fo> 
Israel is, that they might be sa- 

8 For I bear them record * that 
they have a seal of God, but net 
according to knowledge. 

3 For they, being ignorant of 
6 God's righteousness, and guiag 
about to establish their o«p 
« righteousness, have not subr* 
milled themselves unto the right- 
— ofO*d. 

4 For * Christ it the «nd of the 

law for righteousness to every one 
that believeth. 

5 For Moses describeth the 
rig-hteousness which U of the law, 
• That tfae mao which doeth those 
things shall live by thera. 

6 But the righteousness which 
is of faith spcaketh on this wise, 
/Say not in thine heart. Who 
•hall ascend into heaven t (that 
is, to bring Ohrist down from 
above :) 

7 Or, Who shall descend into 
{he deepf (that is, to bring up 
Christ again from the dead.) 

6 But what saith it I * The word 
Is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, 
and in thy heart : that is, the 
word of faith, which we preach : 

9 That *if thou shall conies* 
with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, 
and shalt believe in thine heart 
that God hath raised him from 
the dead, thou shall be saved. 

10 For with the heart, man be- 
lieveth uulo righteousness; and 
with the mouth t confession is 
made unto salvation. 

1 1 For the scripture saith, i Who- 
soever belie vein on him shall not 
be ashamed. 

18 For * there is no difference 
between the Jew and the Greek : 
for ' the same Lord over alL *• is 
rich uiito all that call upon him. 

(3 "For whosoever^iall call 
'upon the name of thJCord shall 
be saved. 

14 How then shall they call on 
him in whom they have not be- 
lieved T and how shall they be- 
lieve in him of whom they have 
not heard ? and how shall they 
hear p without a preacher t 

15 Aud how shall they preach, 
except they be sent 1 as it is writ- 
ten, <t How beautiful are the feet 
of them that preach the gospel of 
peace, and bring glad tidings of 
good things ! 

16 But r they have not all obey- 
ed the gospel. For Esaias saith, 
■ Lord, who hath believed tour 
| report 1 

17 So then, faith cometh by hear- 
ing, and bearing by the word of 

18 But I say, Have they not 
heard 1 Tes verily, ' their sound 
went into all the earth, «and 
their words unto the sad* of the 

19 But I say, Did not Israel 
kiDowl First, Moses saith, «I 
will provoke you to Jealousy by 
them that ore no people, and by 
a jr foolish nation I will anger 

tO But Esaias is very bold, and 
saith,' 1 was found of them that 
sough 1 me not , I was mads mani- 
fest unto them that asked not 

21 But to Israel he with, «AU 

daylong I have stretched forth 


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... is unto a 

gainsaying people. 


1 Bod hetk awl easto/ aff ltrsat. t 
•sat* ain eteeui, Moaja the reet 
•Mrs hm r d im t d . 19 Thert it bmpeef 
tkMr aj»owi<oa. 18 The BmtOtt 
our met awa* avoa Mam : 96 /or 
Mors is a wramtte o/MatraaAolaMS. 

I SAY then, eHath God cast 

A away his people 1 God forbid* 
For 6 fatso am an Israelite, of the 
seed of Abraham, o/lhe tribe of 

I God hath not east away hie 
people which *he foreknew. Wot 
ye not what the scripture aeiUi 
t of Etias ? bow he maketh inter- 
cesaion to God against Israeli 

Mt. 7«%n), they have killed thy 
prophets, and digged down thine 
altera ; and 1 am left aloue, and 
they seek my life. 

4 Bui what saith the answer of 
God unto him*? « I have reserved 
to myself seven thousand met* 
who have not bowed the knee to 
theimage e/Basi. 

5 /Even so then at this present 
time also there ia a remnant ac- 
cording to the election of grace. 

6 And ' if by grace, then is it no 
more of works: otherwise grace) 
is no more grace. But if it be of 
works, then is it no more gnce : 
otherwise work is no more work. 

7 What then I * Israel bath not 
obtained that which he seeketh 
for ; but the election hath obtain- 
ed it. and the rest were I blinded, 

8 (According aa it is written, 
<God bath given them the spirit 
of | slumber, * eyes that they 
should not see, and ears that they 
should not bear ;) unto this day. 

9 And David saitb, /Let their 
table be made a snare, and a 
trap, and a stumbling-block, aud 
a recompense unto them : 

10 ■ Let their eyes be darkened, 
that they may not see, aud bow 
dawn their back always. 

I I I say then. Have they stum- 
bled that they should fall 1 God 
forbid : but rather » through their 
fall salvation i» come unto the 
Gentiles, for to provoke them to 

19 Now if the fall of them be the 
riches of the world, aud the I di- 
minishing of them the riches of 
the Gentiles; how much mora 
their fulness } 

IS For I speak to you Gentiles, in- 
asmuch as • lam the apostle of the 
Gentiles, I magnify mine office : 

14 If by any means I may pro- 
voke to emulation them vhich 
are my flesh, and 9 might «av« 
some of them. 

15 For if the casting away of 
them be the reconciling of tha 
world, what shali the receiving 
o/tAem&e, but life from the deadl 


U For If « the lint frtiit 6* holy, 
the lump i« also Aoty: and if the 
root ee holy, so are the branches. 

17 And it r tome of the branches 
be broken 0% »and thou, being a 
wild olive-tree, wen graffed in 
I among' them, and with them 
partake*: of the root and fatness 
of the oli re-tree ; 

18 » Boast not against the branch- 
es. But if thou boast, thoo bear- 
eat not the root, but the root 

10 Thou wilt say then, The 
branches were broken ofl", that I 
might be graded in. 

90 Well ; because of unbelief 
they were broken off, and thou 
atandest by faith. "Be not high- 
minded, but 'fear: 

SI For if God spared not the 
natural branches, take heed lest 
be also spare not thee. 

28 Behold therefore the goodness 
and severity of God : on them 
which fell, severity; but toward 
thee, goodness, » if thou continue 
in hie goodness : otherwise » thou 
also shall be cut off. 

S3 Ami they also, 'if they abide 
not still 111 unbelief, shall be 
graffed in: for God is able to 
graft" (hem in again. 

84 For if ihnu wert cut out of 
the olive-tree which is wild by 
nature, and wert graffed contrary 
to nature into a good olive-tree ; 
how much more shall these, which 
be the natural branchet, be graff- 
ed into their own olive-tree 7 

95 For I would not, breth- 
ren, that ye should be ignorant 
of this mystery, (lest ye should be 
s wise in your own conceits) that 
c| blindness in part is happened 
to Israel, 'until the fulness of the 
Gentiles be come in. 

99 And so all Israel shall be 
saved: as it is written, 'There 
shall come out of Sion the De- 
liverer, and shall turn away un- 
godliness from Jacob : 

97 /For this ie my covenant 
unto them, when I shall take 
away their sins. 

28 As concerning the gospel, 
they are enemies for your sakes: 
but as touching the election, they 
are * beloved for the fathers* 

29 For the gift* and calling of 
God are * without repentance. 

SO For as ye 1 in times past hate 
not I believed God, yet nave now 
obtained mercy through their un- 

31 Even so have these also now 
not I believed, that through your 
mercy they also may obtain mer- 

39 For *Qod hath I concluded 
them all in unbelief, that he 
might have mercy upon all. 

WO the depth of the riches 
both of the wisdom and know- 
ledge of God ! ' how unsearchable 

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txhortatm fl> Itemed*:- 

otrt his Judgments, and «• hi* ' 
ways past finding out ! 
24' "For who hath known the 
mind of the Lord f or «who havtb 
been his counsellor ? 

35 Or p who hath first given to 
him, and it shall be recompensed 
unto him again t 

36 For v of him, and through 
him, and to him are all thing* : 
'to twhom 6s glory for ever. 

1 OaeVe merit** muei mm as te pUmee 
Ocd. SKenemmm* thtnk tmweU 
ef Msuetf « tail attend etent *m* em. 
thet eeOing wherein he it pitied. 9 
Lew*, end mump ether dutitt, et* re- 
mitted efut. 1ft Rnenge ie t ptei m H p 
T « BESEECH you therefore. 
A brethren, by the mercies of 
God, * that ye • present your bo- 
dies * a living sacrifice, holy, ac- 
ceptable unto God, which is your 
reasonable service. 

3 And «be not conformed to this 
world : but / be ye trauaformeil 
by the renewing of your mind, 
that ye may 4" prove what ie that 
good, and acceptable, and per- 
fect will of G«d. 

i.For I say, * through the grace 
given unto ma, to every man 
that is among you, tool to think 
of hrmeelf more highly than he 
ought tottjnk ; but to think t so- 
berly, according as God hath 
dealt * to tY^ry man the measure 
of faith. 

4 For 'ai we have many mem- 
bers in one body, and all mem- 
bers have not the same office : 

5 80 »» we, being many, are one 
body in Christ, and every one 
members one of another. 

6 a Having then gifts, differing 
according to the grace that is 

Siven to us, whether p prophecy, 
t uepropheey according to the 
proportion of tailh ; 

7 Or ministry, lei us wait on our 
ministering : or v he that teach- 
eth, on teaching : 

8 Or r be that exhorteth, on ex- 
hortation : • he that I giveth, lei 


Aim do it | with simplicity 
that ruleth. with diligence; he 
that sbeweth mercy, « with cheer- 

s Ac I8.1. fulness. 

Ep. 4. 11. 9 "Let love be without dissimu- 

■ - - - lation. 9 Abhor that which is 

evil; cleave to that which is good. 

10 * Be kindly aftectioned one to 
another I with brotherly love ; ■ io 
honour preferring one another ; 

1 1 Not slothful in business: fer- 
vent in spirit ; serving the Lord: 

I Or, 12 * Rejoicing iu hope ; « patient 

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4 For be U the minister or God 
to thee for good. But if thou do 
that which is evil t be afraid ; for 
be beareth not the sword in vain: 
for he is the minister of God, a 
revenger to execute wrath upon 
bim that iloeth evil. 

5 Wherefore *ye must needs be 
subject, not only for wrath»/but 
also for conscience' sake. 

6 For, for this cause pay ye trib- 
ute also : for they are God's min- 
isters, attending' continually up- 
on this very thing. 

7 * Render therefore to all their 
dues : tribute to whom tribute i$ 
due ; custom to whom custom ; 
fcar to whom fear; honour to 
whom honour. 

8 Owe no man any thing, but to 
love one another: for «b« that 

a. D. ra. i a, d. ». 

A. . HJ.A 4 jk s 

l9£CoM. J7 fa> w 

S- 'Kfl €.]<•. %t.,r lu I if 

e n:> HM, 
Ish.. .n.,v 
1.1 11»J Ju., »Ejt,lB,]jq. 

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1 r;r>. ( 

hi. K|J, !: 

' H-ll ll.U. 

QT subjection to magmm**. CHAP. XliJ, XIV. 

in t *rjbu latioji ; * continuing .ia< 
■tnnt in prayer; 

13 •Distributing' to the necessity 
nf saints; /given to hospitality. 

14 t Bless them which persecute 
yo;i • bless, and curse not. 

15 * Rejoice with them that do 
rejoice, and weep with them that 

16 < Be of the same mind one 
toward another. * Mind not high 
things, but I condescend to men 
or low estate. 'Be not wise in 
ycur own conceits. 

17 * Recompense to no man 
evil for evil. » Provide things 
honest in the sight of all men. 

18 If it be possible, as much as 
lieth in you, • live peaceably with 
all men. 

19 Dearly beloved, 'avenge not 
yourselves, but rather give place 
unto wrath: for it is written, 
9 Vengeance t* miue ; I will re- 
pay, saith the Lord. 

80 r Therefore, if thine enemy 
hunger, feed him ; if he thirst, 

Sive him drink : for in so doing 
iou shall heap coals of fire on 
his head. 

21 Be not overcome of evil, but 
overcome evil with good. 

1 SthjectUm, end max* ether d%ti*$, me 

owe to the maeUtratee. 8 Lame u the 

ju&Uimf of the lam, 11 ObOtong 

and drunkenneee, and the wort* of 

darkneti, are out of eeato* m the 

time <if the gvtptl. 
T ET every soul «be subject un- 
- LJ to the higher powers. For 
6 there is no power but of God : 
the powers that be, are I ordain- 
ed oi God. 

2 Whosoever therefore resisteth 
ethe power, resisteth the ordi- 
nance of God : aud they that re- 
sist shall receive to themselves 

3 For riders are not a terror to 
good works, but to die evil. Wilt 
thou then not be afraid of the 
power 7 *do that which is good, 
and thou shall have praise of the 

LtiTcib ajioLher bath fulfilled the 

D For ibis, 'Thou shalt not 

com mil m lottery, Thou shalt not 
IrifL Thou uhalt not steal, Thou 
U14.I licit bear false witness, Thou 
shall tun r nvet; and if there be 
m-y cilia r commandment, it is 
i.-i jefly comprehended in this say* 
iMi,'. ii n n ii-f/, *Thou shall love 
ttav neighbour as thyself. 

) 13 Lora worketh no ill to his 
hlitnij-] therefore 
Liu g of ihe law. 

* a ' 1 ' **. Ep.Ml. 
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i Oai3-ML 


J J*. 4. 13. 

a Til. 3. 1. 

1 J"*, 2. 13. 


b JT. ft, 15, 


If.. Da. L 

r^i^Jji.Liur: therefore 'love in the 
TmlftltiLi? *>f ihe law. 
1 1 A iii! dint, knowing the time, 

Lhftt tknw it u high time * „ 
awake out of sleep : for now is 
in if sflyMion nearer than when 
we bftlj'ited. 

J 3 Tiie jiijrht is far spent, the 
rlaj is ml hand : " let us therefore 
cant *.f the works of darkness, 
r\n] " \ei us put on the armour of 
1 13 lit. 

1? pLet us walk I honesdy, as 
in iht i[n,}-. « not in riotiiig'and 
lI ru n Iran uciK, »"not in chamber- 
i»5- and wa;iionness, «not in strife 
and rn+ying. 

] i Bul ' {n.i 1 ye on the Lord Jesus 
f-'linst, ftuJ "make not provision 
cbr lite JteiL, to fulfil the lusts 



3 ,Ym miv mai contemn ner tandem* one 

iit i.Orrr _ftr things indiftTtnt : 13 

l-ui take .-:t<-l that they live no ofenee 

■h r4r r,t ; ijj for that the apotUa proe- 

rlrt LJl.'ju/blSf BMMy r»MOIU. 

T_J IM thai • is weak in the faith 
*■ *■ reeej v C ye, fru< | not to doubt- 
ru! di^pulat 1 ons. 

S Fojt one believeth that he 
ujiLav «n( all things; another, 
who la weak, eateth herbs. 

3 Lti not him that eateth, de- 

icitfl linn 1 hat eateth not; and 

nor. Jiiuj which eateth not. 

SiSJu !AJ* 

• TIE. 9, 1 

it. X is, 

e k. . -. v. 
/ I Vt. 3. 

■ "!'»■ 1». lia, a. 
X. 1 Tb.ft. 

. rf^eiTed him. 

4 * Wha art thou that judgest 

, unosJier man's servant! to his 

m, 11, uuu he standeth or fa.ll- 

eih: yeit he shall be holden up: 

: '■- Go 1 ii a b le to make him stand. 

i *Otie man esteemelh one day 
a hove another : another esteem- 
cch every Jay alike. Let every 
man he I fully persuaded in his 
i"*n Hiind. 

fi lie ii.Ji- /Iregardeth the dav, 
ii;.^uJ-::ii 1.' unto the Lord: atid 
he tliat rt,'j.-deth not the day, to 
Lhi! I^rii Tie doth not regard it. 
Jie diaL cAreth, eateth to the 
Ji«rd, Ibi the giveth God thanks; 
anil hs that eateth not, to the 
Loin) fo sfieih not, aud giveth 
linil ihunky. 

I for k nnne of us liveth to him- 
self, and on lEian dieth to himself. 

a For wheLher we live, we live 
unto tint Lord; and whether w# 
■Ukp We die unto the Lord: 
wlHfihnr *e live therefore, ox 
01% wb an ihe Lord's. 

We muet imitate Chriet. 

9 For « to this end Chriit both 
died, arid rose, and revived, that 
he might be * Lord both of the 
dead and living. 

10 But why dost thou Judge thy 
brother 1 or why doit thou set at 
nought thy brother 1 for 'we 
•hail all stand before the Judg 
mem-seal of Christ. 

11 For it is written, « At I five, 
saith the Lord, every knee shall 
bow to me, and every tongue 
shall coufeea to God. 

IS So then » every one of ua ahall. 
give account of himself to God. 

13 Let ua not therefore fudge 
one another any more: but judge 
Chia rather, thai «no man put a 
stumbling-block, or an occasion 
to tall in to brother's way. 

14 I know, and am persuaded 
by the Lord Jeaua, rthat there it 
uothing t unclean of itself: but 
« lo him that eateemetb any thing 
to be t unclean, to him il ie uu- 

15 But if thy brother be grieved 
with thy meat, now walkest thou 
not t charitably. »" Destroy not 
him with thy meat, for whom 
Christ died. 

16 « Let not then your good be 
evil spoken of: 

17 'For the kingdom of God ia 
not meat and drink, but righte- 
ousness, and peace, and Joy in 
the Holy Ghost. 

18 For he that in these things 
serveth Christ, ■ it acceptable to 
Goil, and approved of men. 

19 * Let us therefore follow after 
the things which make for peace, 
and things wherewith rone may 
edify another. 

20 'For meat destroy not the 
work of God. • All things indeed 
are pure ; »but il it evil for that 
man who eateth with offence. 

SI It it good ueithertoeat'flesh, 
nor to drink wine, nor any thing 
whereby thy brother stumblelh, 
or is offended, or is made weak. 
SS Hast thou faith 1 have it to 
thyself before God. * Happy it 
he that condemneth not hinwelf 
in that thing which he alloweth. 
S3 And he that I doubteth is 
damned if he eat, because he eat- 
eth not of faith : for • whatsoever 
it not of faith is sin. 

1 The etreng mutt beer wfta the wei. 
3 We may net pleeee emrteHet, Sfvt 
Chriet did net so, 7 tatf reeetee em* the 
ether, me Cartel dtd w mil, a tola 
Jew* 9 end Oentdee. lfi em- 
ohm's kit writing, 38 end promiut* 
to tee them, 80 end requetteth their 

■tATE«ihen that are strong ooght 
** to bear the • infirmities of 
the weak, and not to please our- 

t • Let every one of us please 
kit neighbour for hie good 'to 

• For even Christ pleased not 
138 Y 

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I Or. 
and put- 
teth e dif- 
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a He. 6. 1. 

Paul excueeth hie mi/toed^ 

himself; but, as it is written, 
FThe reproaches of thero that 
reproached thee fell onjne. 

4 For * whatsoever things were 
written aforetime, were written 
for our learning, that we through 
patience and comfort of the scrip- 
tures might have hope. 

$ a Now the God of patience ana 
consolation grant you to be like- 
minded one toward another I ac- 
cording to Christ Jesus : 

6 That ye may 'with one mint! 
and one mouth glorify God, even 
the Father of our Lord Jesus 

7 Wherefore « receive ye one an- 
other, ' a* Christ also received ua, 
to the glory of God. 

8 Now I say that * Jesus Christ 
was a minister of the circumcis- 
ion for tne truth of God, * to con- 
firm the promises made unto the 
fathers : 

9 And 'that the Gentiles might 
glorify Gpd for hie mercy; a* it 
is written, » For this cause i will 
confess to thee among the Gen- 
tiles, and sing unto thy name. 

10 And again be saith, « Re- 
joice, ye Gentiles, with his people. 

1 1 And again, * Praise the Lord, 
all yc Gentiles; and laud him, all 
ye people. 

IS And again Esaiae saith, 
• TheVe shall be a root or Jesse, 
and he that shall rise to reign 
oyer the Gentiles ; in him shall 
the Gentiles trust. 

13 Now the God of hope fill you 
with all ' joy and peace in believ- 
ing, that ye may abound in hope, 
through the power of the Holy 
Ghost. * 

14 And * I myself also am per- 
suaded of you, my brethren, that 
ye also are full of goodness, * fill- 
ed with all knowledge, able also 
to admonish one another. 

15 Nevertheless, brethren, I have 
written the more boldly unto you 

in some sort, as putting you in 
— '-•-• ot the grace that 

mind, * because o 

is given to me of God, 

16 That f I should be the minis- 
ter of Jesus Christ to the Gen- 
tiles, ministering the gospel of 
God, that the I * offering up of 
the Gentiles might be accepta- 
ble, being sanctified by the Holy 

17 I have therefore whereof I 
may glory through Jesus Christ, 
« in those things which pertain to 

18 For I will not dare to speak 
of any of those things » which, 
Christ hath not wrought by me, 
o to make the Gentiles 'obedient* 
bv word and deed, 

19 'Through mighty signs and 
wonders, by the power of the 
Spirit of God ; so that from Jeru- 
salem, and round about unto II- 
Ivricum, I have fully preached 

find rmnuaUth tkthr praytrt. 

tO Yea, so hare 1 etrived to 

E reach the gospel, not where 
ihrut m named, • lest I should 
build upon another man '« founda- 
tion : 

SI But as It U written, /To 
whom he waa not spoken of, they 
shall aee : and they that have not 
beard shall understand. 

88 For which cause also 'I have 
been I much hindered froracom- 

CHAP. XVt. Ht$tndrthdh»rt 

t>»g to you. 

a*-- — 

j But now having no more place 
in these parts, and * having a 
great desire these many years to 
come unto you ; 

94 Whensoever 1 take mj jour- 
ney into 8pain, 1 will come to 
you: fur I trust to see you in my 
Journey, *and to be brought on 
my way you, it 
Orst I be somewhat filled .t with 
your company. 

35 But now * I go unto Jerusa- 
lem to minister onto the saints. 

86 For ' it bath pleased them of 
Macedonia and Achaia to make 
a certain contribution for the 
poor saints which are at Jerusa- 

87 It hath pleased them verily ; 
and their debtors they are. For 
■» it' the Gentiles have been made 
partukereof their spiritual things, 
» their duty is also to minister 
unto them in carnal things. 

88 When therefore 1 have per- 
formed this, and have sealed to 
them »this fruit, I will come by 
you into Spain. 

89 p Andl am sure that when I 
come unto you. I shall come in 
the fulness of the blessing of the 
gospel of Christ. 

30 Now I beseech you, brethren, 
for the Lord Jesus Christ's sake, 
and v for the love of the 8pirit, 
r that ye strive together with me 
in your prayers to God for me ; 

Sf'That I may be delivered 
from them that |to not believe 
in Judea: and that ' my service 
which / nave for Jerusalem, may 
be accepted of the saints ; 

32 * That I may coma unto you 
with joy * by the will of God, and 
mav with you be » refreshed. 

33' Now 'the God* of peace bt 
with you an. Amen. 

t Pmmi mtttotk ti* hrmkrtn to tr—t m*- 

m$ t 17 andadvtioU tktm to tut* hud 

«/ ikon Mkies <#*$• dis§muiom and 

oftnett, 91 mud after *«%dty mAU«« 

I COMMEND unto you Pfaebe 
our stater, which i» a servant 
of the church which is at ■ Cen- 
chrea : 

1 » That ye receive her in the 
Lord, as becometh saints, and 
that, ye assist her in whatsoever 
. business she bath need of you: 
far she hath been a succourer of 
many, and of myself also. 

a. D. 6», A. D. 88. 


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wtt» you, 
ver. 31 
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, who are of note among the 
i, who also/were io Christ 

t Greet sPrlseilla and AquiU, 
my helpers in Christ Jesus : 

4 Who have for my life laid 
down their own necks: unto whom 
not only I give thanks, but also all 
the churches of the Gentiles. 

6 Likewise greet <lhe church 
that is in theirliouse. Salute my 
well-beloved Epeuetus, who is 

• the m-st-fruit* of Achaia onto 

6 Greet Mary, who bestowed 
much labour on us. 

7 Salute Audronicus and Junta, 
my kinsmen, and my fellow-pris- 
oners, wh« "~" * 
apostles, w 
before me. 

8 Greet Amplias my beloved in 
the Lord. 

9 Salute Urbane, our helper in 
Christ, and Siachys ray beloved. 

10 salute Apelles approved in 
Christ. Salute them which are 
of AristobuluV | household. 

11 Salute Herodion my kins- 
man. Greet them that be of the 
| toutekold of Narcissus, which 
are in the Lord. 

12 Salute Tryphena and Try- 
phosa, who labour in the Lord. 
Salute the beloved Persia, which 
laboured mnch in the Lord. 

13 Salute Rufus 'chosen in the 
Lord, and his mother and mine. 

14 Salute Asyncritus, Phtegon. 
Hernias, Patrobaa, Hermes, and 
the brethren which are with them. 

15 Salute Philologus, and Julia, 
Nereus, and his sister, and Olyra- 
pas, aim all the saints which are 
with them. 

16 * Salute one another with an 
holy kiss. The churches of Christ 
salute you. 

17 Now I beseech you, brethren, 
mark them i which cause divis- 
ions and offences, contrary to the 
doctrine which ye have learned ; 
and * avoid them. 

18 Pw they that are such serve 
not onr Lord Jesus Christ, but 
' iheir own belly; and » by good 
words and lair speeches deceive 
the hearts of the simple. 

19 For « your obedience is come 
abroad unto all men. I am glad 
therefore on your behalf: but yet 
I would have you • wise unto that 
which is good, aud | simple con- 
cerning evil. 

80 And P the God of peace « shall 
I braise Satan under vour feet 
shortly. 'The grace of our Lord 
Jesus Cbrist be with you. Amen. 

81 • Timotheus my work-fellow, 
and * Lucius, and * Jason, and 

* Sosipater, my kinsmen, salute 

89 I Tertius, who wrote tkit 
epistle, salute you in the Lord. 

83 v Gaias mine host, and of the 
whole church, ealutelhjou. -*£• 
rastus the chamberlain of the 
city saluteth you, and QnaUtie a 


A. D. 60. 

Pant, a/Ur hit $aluUUion, 

84 «The grace of our Lard Je- 
sus Christ be with you all. Aioen. 
2$ Now » to him that is of pow- 
er to stabliah you « according to 
Sly gospel, ana the preaching' of 
esus Christ, 'according to the 
rerelalionof the mystery* •which 
was kept secret stoce the world 

16 But /now is made manifest, 

*».*,«,». slC*.*. 7. Kp. 
1.36./Kjt.L,9. STll.lOu Tit. 1.4, 3. lPe.l.SB. 

, p. y. 

a rer. 90. 

• Ep. S. 30. 

• eh. I.W. 
rf Rp. I. 

3.6,9. Ce 

ff Ac. 6. T. 
rh. 1.6.* 
15. M. 

U Ti. L 
17. * 6. IS. 

exhorutAtbfm to turify. 

and by the scriptures of the pro* 
phcts, according to the com- 
mandment of the ererlasting God, 
made known to all nations for 
* the obedience of faith : 
17 To* God only wise, or glory 
through Jesus Christ for erer. 

if Written to the 

Corinthus. and tent by Phebe 
•errant of the church at Cen- 




Aftt kit Bmtuutum tmd f asaJtarfefttr, 
10 *• —hortoth them to tmtff, mmd IS 
r^rMKt their AanifaM. 18 Ood 
dtttroyth tkt wisdom «/!«• mite, SI 
Ay the foo K t k mm n of prowtkint, end 
3d teOttk not th* mue, su/My, mmd 
MM«, bmt 87, SB Iktjoebth, week. 

PAUL, • called (oVean apostle 
of Jesus Christ » through the 
will of God, and « Sostbenes our 

8 Unto the church of God which 
is at Corinth, * to them that 'are 
sanctified in Christ Jesus, /call- 
ed to be saints, with all that in 
every place 'call upon the name 
of Jesus Christ » our Lord, * both 
theirs and ours : 

3 * Grace bt unto you, and peace 
from God our Father, and from 
the Lord Jesus Christ. 

4 1 1 thank my God always on 
your behalf, for the grace of God 
which is given you by Jesus 
Christ ; 

» That in every thinr ye are en- 
riched by him, « in all utterance, 
and in all knowledge ; 

6 Even as "the testimony of 
Christ was confirmed in you : 

7 So that ye come behind in no 
gift; •waiting for the t coming 
of our Lord Jesus Christ : 

8 t Who shall also confirm you 
unto the end, 1 that ye may be 
blameless in the day of our Lord 
Jesus Christ. 

5 ' God it faithful, by whom ye 
were called unto • the fellowship 
of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord. 

10 Now I beseech you, brethren, 
by the name of our Lord Jesus 
Christ, * that ye all speak the 
same thing, and that there be no 
t divisions among you ; but that 

Sbe perfectly Joined together in 
e same mind, and in the same 

onto me of you, my brethreu, by 
thorn tsMcA art */ tht haute of 

A. D. 69. | A. D. M . 

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f C 

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• JlhB U 

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■. II. X 14. 

■s Ti». 1. 4, 

r«r. 18. 

if Mi. a. s, 

Chloe, that there are contention* 
among you. 

IS New this 1 say, a that every 
one of you saith, I am of Paul ; 
and 1 of * Apotlos ; and I of 9 Ce- 
phas; and fof Christ. 

IS * Is Christ divided ? was Paal 
crucified for you I or were ye 
baptised in the name of Paul » 

14 I thank God that 1 baptized 
none of you, but •Crujpus and 

* Gaius ; 

15 Lest any should say that 1 
had baptized in mine own name. 

16 And 1 baptized also the 
household of 'Stephanas; he- 
tides, I know not whether 1 bap- 
tized any other. 

17 For Christ sent me not to 
baptize, but to preach the gospel : 

* not with wisdom of I words, lest 
the cross of Christ should be 
made of none effect. 

18 For the preaching of the cross 
is to • them that perisb./fooltsh- 
hess • but unjo us * which are 
saved, it is the * power of God. 

19 For it is written, <I will de- 
stroy the wisdom of the wise, and 
will bring to nothing the under- 
standing of the prudent. 

*} * Where it the wise 1 where 
it the scribe I where is the die- 
puter of this world ? < hath not 
God made foolish the wisdom of 
this world T 

tl »Fot after that in the wis- 
dom of God the world by wisdom 
knew not God, it pleased God by 
the foolishness of preaching' to 
savs them that believe. 

tl For toe "Jews require a sign, 
and the Greeks esek after wis- 

53 But we preach Christ cruci- 
fied, • unto the Jews a stumbling- 
block, and unto the Greek* • fool- 
ishness ; 

54 But unto them which are call- 
ed, both Jews and Greeke, Christ 
« the power of God, and 'the 
wisdom of God. 

Power of PauTt preaching. 

35 Booauao'the TooInhmM of 
God is wiser than own ; and the 
weakness of God is stronger than 

SB For ye see your calling, 
brethren, now that »not many 
wise men after the flesh, not many 
mighty, not many nobis art call- 
ed : 

21 But ' God hath chosen the 
foolish things of the world to con- 
found the wise; and God hath 
oboaen the weak thing* of the 
world to confound the things 
which are mighty ; 

83 And base things of the world, 
and things which are despised, 
hath God chosen, yea, and * things 
which are not, * to bring to nought 
things that are : 

89 9 Thnt no flesh should glory 
in his presence. l 

SO But of him are ye in Christ 
Jeans, who of God is made unto 
us * wisdom, and • righteous- 
ness* and •saiKHincatiou, and 're- 
demption : 

81 That, according as it is writ- 
ten, 'He that glorieth, let him 
eloiy iu the Lord. 

CHAP. 11. 
Be doolorotk that U* proeeking, 1 
tKougk it bring not taeollaneg of 
tpoook, or of 4 hum** toiodom : ft 
evntUUtk in th* A.& potoor of Bod : 
and *o far tecoUoth 8 tk* mitdom of 
llu* morld, mn4 9 human mum, a* 

• that 14 tk* natural men nwhI «n~ 

' dHAP. n, nr. 

A.D.63. A.D.03. 

I Mst. 11, 
See Pa.8.3 

m oh. 9. 6. 
y Ro. 9.37. 
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a 9 Oil. 4.7. 
St 10. 1, 10. 
at iL 
12.5,0. Os. 

Ch. 1. 17. 9 
Pa. 1. 18. 
I Or, p*r. 

AND 1, brethren, when 1 came 
to you, ■ came not with ex- 
cellency of speech, or of wisdom, 
declaring unto you »the testimo- 
ny of God. 

8 For I determined not to know 
any thing among you, • aare Je- 
sus Chriat, and him crucified. 

a And *l was with you «in 
weakness, and in fear, and in 
much trembling. 

4 And my speech and my preach- 
ing fttae not with (enticing 
words of man's wisdom, ' but in 
demonstration of the Spirit, and 
of power : 

a That your faith should not 
t stand in the wisdom of men, 
hut * in the power of God. 
• ft Howbeit, we apeak wisdom 
among them »that are perfect: 
yet not » the wisdom of this world, 
nor of the princes of thia world, 
' that come to nought : 

7 But we apeak the wisdom of 
God in a mystery, even the hid- 
den vriedam » which God ordain- 
td before the world unto our 

8 « Which none of the princes 
of thia world knew : for • had they 
known it, they would not bare 
crucified the Lord of glory. 
'9 But as it is written, v Eye hath 
not seen, nor ear heard, neither 
hare entered into the heart of 
man, the things which God hath M- *• 
prepared for them that love him. p is. 84. 4. 

g Ro.16.19. 
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t Or. ft*. 

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• Ro.ll.3S, 

See ch. 1. 
17. ver. 4. 
m Mat. 18. 

ye*. LIS, 

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7. Judr IU. 
a Pr.98.6. 
1 Jo. 4.1. 
« Or, 
I Or, 
6 Job 16. 8. 
la. 40. 18. 
Je. 3). le. 


6 ch. 3. 14. 
He. 6. 13. 

* He. 5. 13, 

* John 18. 

/eh. 1.11. 
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21.Ja 3.16. 

1 Or, 
t Or. 

JT ch. I." IX 
h ch. 4. 1. 
3 Co. 3. 3. 
> Ro. 19. 3, 

* AC. 18. 4, 
15. 1. 3 Co. 

10. It, 16. 
/ Ac. 18.34, 
37. d> 10.1. 
atch. 1.90. 

* 16. 10. 3 
Co. 3. 6. 

n 3 Co. IX 

11. Ga.6.8. 
o Ph. 63,13 
4. 6. Oa. 6. 
4.6. Re. X 
p Ac. 16.4. 

2 Co. 6.1. 
t Or, 
Col. 8. 7. 
Ha. 3.9,4 

* Pe. X 6. 


10 But r God hath repealed mem 

unto us by his Spirit ; for lh« 
Spirit searchetb all things, yea. 
Die deep things of God. 

11 For what man knoweth the) 
things of a man, ''save the spirit 
of man which ia in him T 'even so 
the things of God knoweth no 
man. but the Spirit of God. 

18 Now we have received, not 
the spirit of the world, but » the 
Spirit which is of God; that wo 
might know the thiuga that arc 
freely given to ua of God. 

13 * Which things also we apeak, 
not in the worua which man's 
wisdom teacheth, but which the 
Holy Ghost teacheth ; comparing 
spiritual things with spiritual. 

14 *But the natural man re- 
ceiveth not the thinga of the 
Spirit of God : * for they are fool- 
ikhness unto him: 'neither can 
he know them, because they are 
spiritually discerned. 

\& "But he that is apirituai 
I Judge th all thinga, yet he him- 
self in lludged of no man. 

16 6 For who hath known tho 
mind of the Lord, that he tmay 
instruct him 1 'But we have tho 
mind of Christ. 

3 Mm i*JU for dnidrtn. 3 Strtf* en* 
dtritwn, argument* of aJUtktp mind, 
7 H « that ptanUth, and ha thai way 
t*r*th, U nothing. 9 Tk* mi*itt*r* 
or* Ood'l fttloti-workmo*. 11 Chritt 
tk* onlp foundation. 16 Mm Ma 
lampU* of Ood, tekich 17 imat ha 
ktpt AW*. 19 Tk* wUdum of thia 
world ufvoti*kn*u mUk Ood. 

AND I, brethren, could not 
speak unto you aa unto 
• spiritual, hut as unto ft carnal, 
teen as unto • babes in Christ. 
S 1 have fed you with d milk, and 
not with meat: *for hitherto ye 
were not able to bear it, neither 
yet now are ye able. 

3 For ye are yet carnal : for 
/ whereas there » among you en- 
vying, and strife, and V divisions, 
are ye uot carnal, and walk t as 
men 1 

4 For while one saith, 'I am of 
Paul ; and another, 1 am of A pol- 
ios : are ye not carnal I 

5 Who then is Paul, and who « 
Apolloa, but a ministers by whom 
ye believed, < even as the Lord 
gave to every man 1 

6 ft I have planted, 'Apol!<» 
watered : *» but God gave the iit- 

7 So then, "neither ia ho that 
planteth any thing, neither he 
that watereth ; but God that giv- 
etii the increase. 

8 Now he that planteth and he 
that watereth are one : ° and 
every man shall receive his own 
reward, according to his own la- 

9 For awe are labourers togeth- 
er with God : ye are God's fhuo- 
bandry, ye are? God's buutUnft 

OMMtei* 4n «***> Mm;*. 1. CORtNTR! ANS. We M «*f to Jtfee* Cfer*fc 

• 'Therefore judge nothing be- 
fore the time, unlit the Lrord 
come, "who both will bring to 
light the hidden things of dark- 

tO * According- to the grace of 
God which' ii given unto me, as 
a viae mn iter- builder, I have 
laid * the foundation, aad another 
buihleth thereon. But ' let every 
ttuin take heed how he buildcth 

II For other foundation can do 
mail lay than •» that it laid, 

• which it Jesus Chrwt. 

tt Now if any man build upon 
this foundation, gold, silver, pre- 
eioni stm>ee, wood, hay, stubble; 

13 V Every hwii'i work shall be 
made manifest: for the day 'shall 
declare it, because *it t shall be 
revealed by Ire; and the fire 
■hall try every man's work, of 
what sort it is. 

14 If any man's work abide 
which he hath built thereupon, 

• he shall receive a reward. 

16 It" any man's work shall be 
turned, he shall sutler loss: but 
he hiraaelf shall be saved; «yet 
so as hy fine. 

16 * Know ye not that ye are the 
liinple of God, and that the Spirit 
of God dwelleth in you ? 

17 If any man I defile the tem- 
ple of God, him shall God de- 
stroy : for the temple of God is 
h»ly t which temple ye are. 

18 *Let no man deceive himself. 
If any man among you seemeth 
to be wise in this world, let him 
become a fool, that he may be 

19 For /the wisdom of this 
world is foolishness with God. 
For it is written, 'He taketh the 
wise in their own craftiness. 

SO And agnin, * The Lord 
knoweth the thoughts of the wise, 
dial they are vain. 
Si Therefore > let no man glory 
in men: for *all things are yours; 
88 Whether Paul, or Apollo*, 
or Cephas, or the world, or lift-, 
or death, or things present, or 
things to come ; all are yours; 
S3 And 'ye are Christ's; and 
Christ it God's. 

1 Ja vast aeeoiiai the misutert ought 
tobthmd. 7 Wt now* nothing which 
m>« Amw not roe*t»*4. 9 Tk* *poHla* 
optttteim /• l*« world, mngiU, and 
mm, 13 <«• /Ms MJ qf-KvVimg of 
the world: 15 ft our ftthtrt m 
Chntt, 16 whom wo ems hi to/ollom. 

LET a man so account of us, as 
of sthe miuistsrs of Christ, 

• and stewards of the mysteries 
of God. 

f Moreover, it is required in 
stewards that a man be found 

3 But with me it is a very small 
thing that I should be judged of 
you, or of man's t judgment: 
yea,' I judge not mine owu self. 

A For I Itnow nothing by my* 
self; «yet am I not hereby justi- 
fied : but he that Judgeth me is 

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ness, and will make manifest the 
counsels of the hearts : and/ than 
shall every man have praise off 
God. ^ 

6 Aad these things, brethren, 
'I have in a figure transferred 
to myself, and to Apoitos, lor 
your saket : * that ye might learn 
in us not to think of men above 
that which is writter*, tnat np 
one of you i be puffed up for one 

Tiinst another. 
For who t maketh thee to dif- 
fer from another t and *what 
hast thou that thou didst not re- 
ceive % now if thou didst receive 
it, why dost thou glory, as if 
thou hadst not received tt J 

8 Now ye are full, ' now ye are 
rich, ye have reigned as kings 
without us : and 1 would to God. 
ye did reign, that we also might 
reign with you. 

9 for I think that God hath set 
forth | us the apostles last, * as it 
were appointed to death: for 
" we are made a t spectacle unto 
the world, and to angels, and to 

10 • We are r fools for Christ's 
sake, but ye ore wise in Christ ; 
t we are weak, but ye are strong; 
ye are honourable, but we art 

1 1 r Even unto this present hour 
we both hunger, and thirst, and 
» are naked, and * are bitfletedt 
and have no certaiu dwelling- 
place ; 

15 « And labour, working with 
our own hands. * Being reviled, 
we bless; being persecuted, we 
suffer it; ■■ 

13 Being defamed, we entreat: 
t we are made as the filth of the 
world, and art the off-scouring 
of all things unto this day. 

14 1 write uol these things to 
shame you, but • as my beloved 
sons I warn you. 

16 For though ye have tea thou- 

sand instructors in Christ, yet 
L eye not many fathers: for 
Christ Jesus 1 have begotten 

you through the gospel. 

16 Wherefore, I beseech you, 
' be ye followers of me. 

17 For this cause have t sent 
unto you « Timotheus, 4 who is 
my beloved son, and faithful ut 
the Lord, who shall bring you 
• iolo remembrance of my ways 
which be in Christ, as 1 /teach 
every where ' ia every church. 

IS * Now some are puffed up, 
as though 1 would not come te 

19 <But I will come to you 
shortly, *if the Lord will, and 
will know, not the speech of them 
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flMriDftl Jgjtnilt 1 I • to to ttvoided. 

wfcieh ere pcjfled up, tftR the 

90 For 'tin kingdom ef God is 
bmh. in word, but m power. 

41 What will yet "shall I come 
unto you with a rod, or in love, 
•ad w the spirit of meekoesa I 

* 1W fttcertSM* ^tfxm i» mk*« 
nUAcr •/ «A«aw vnto them, the* ef 
rtjotetng. 7 The eU leaem it to be 
purged «tU. 10 Meimeut ofenmaro are 
/o 6« t Aomorf and avoided. 

IT is reported commonly that 
there it fornication among' you, 
and such fornication as is not so 
much as « named among- the Gen- 
tiles, * that one should have his 

• father's wife. 

8 d And ye are puffed up, and 
have not rather • mourned, that 
he that hath done tiiis deed might 
be taken away from among- you. 

3 /For I verily, as absent in 
body, but present in spirit, have 
I judged already as though I were 
present, concerning him that hath 
so done this deed, 

A In the name of our Lord Jesus 
Christ, when ye are gathered to- 
g-ether, and my spirit, ''with the 
power of our Lord Jesus Christ, 

5 * To deliver such an one unto 
s Satan for the destruction of the 
flesh, that the spirit may be saved 
in the day of the Lord Jesus. 

6 * Your glorying is not good. 
Know ye not, that * a little leav- 
en leaveneth the whole lump 1 

7 Purge out therefore the old 
leaven, that ye may be a new 
lump, as ye are unleavened. For 
even M Christ our * passover 1 is 
sacrificed for us : 

.8 Therefore * let us keep II the 
feast, J»not with old leaven, nei- 
ther 1 with the leaven of malice 
and wickedness- but with the 
unleavened bread of sincerity and 
truth . 

9 I wrote unto you in an epistle, 
•"not to company with fornicators: 

10 * Yet not altogether with the 
fornicators ' of this world, or with 
(he covetous, or extortioners, or 
with idolaters : for then must ye 
needs go "out of the world. 

11 But uow 1 have written unto 
you not to keep company, 'if any 
man that is called a brother be 
a fornicator, or covetous, or an 
idolater, or a railer, or a drunk- 
ard, orau extortioner: with such 
anoueVnonot to eat., 

12 For what have I to do to 
judge * them also that are with- 
out 7 do not ye judge 'them that 
are within ? 

13 But them that are without 
God judgeth. Therefore »pm 
away from among yourselves that 
wicked person. 


1 The Oorbuhieju mutt net *sr their 

■ brethren, H going to tamttUh them : 

« nyemnHgmder infideU. • The 



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wteigXtetme ojkmtt nvt inherit m 
kingdom, OnrktdU* are 
the number* of Chritt, 12 end tern- 
flee ef the tfofr Ohoel. W, IT Tasf 
' therefore be deJOed. 
|ARE any of you, having a 
matter against another, go 
to law before the unjust, and not 
before the sojutsf 
1 Do ye not know that «th* 
saints shall judge the world % and 
if the world shall be judged by 
you, are ye unworthy to judge 
the smallest matters \ 

3 Know ye not that we shall 
•judge angels 1 how much more, 
thing's that pertain to tins life ? 

4 e If then ye have judgment* 
of things pertaining to this life, 
set them to Judge who are least 
esteemed in the church. 

5 I speak to your shame. Is it 
so, that there is not a wise man 
among £ ou 1 no, not one that 
shall be able to judge between bis 
brethren 1 

6 But brother goeth to law with 
brother, and that before the un- 

7 Now xherefore there is utterly 
a fault among you, because ye go 
to law one with another. •* Why 
do ye not rather take wrong? why 
do ye not rather eutfer youreelvtm 
to be defrauded ? 

8 Nay, ye do wrong, and de- 
fraud, « and that your brethren. 

9 Know ye not that the unright- 
eous shall not inherit the king-* 
dom of God ? Be not deceived ; 
/neither fornicators, nor idola- 
ters, nor adulterers, nor effemi- 
nate, nor abusers of themselves 
with mankind, 

10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, 
nor drunkards, nor revilera, nor 
extortioners, shall inherit the 
kingdom of God. 

11 And such Were ' some of you : 
» but ve are washed, but ye are 
sanctified, but ye are Justified in 
the name of the Lord Jesus, and 
by the Spirit of our God. 

15 >,AU things are lawful unto 
me, but all things are not U expe- 
dient ; all things are lawful for 
me, but I will not be brought un- 
der the power of any. 

13 * Meats for the belly, and the 
belly for meats: but God shall 
destroy both it and them. Now 
the body is not for fornication, 
but I for the Lord ; "> and the Lord 
for the body. 

14 And » God hath both raised 
up the Lord, and will also raise 
up us o by his own power. 

16 Know ye not, that P your bod- 
ies are the members of Christ I 
shall I then take the members of 
Christ, and make them the mem- 
bers of ao harlot 1 God forbid. 

16 What ! know ye not that he 
which is joined to an harlot is one 
body 1 for i two, saith he, shall 


17 'But be that to Joined onto 
the Lord fa one spirit. 

18 • Flee fornication. Every sin 
thai a man doe in, i* without ibe 
body; but he that coinmitteth 
fornication, siuneth ' against hi* 
own body. 

J9 What! "know ye not (hat 
jimr Itody is the temple of the 
Holy Ghost which, it in you, 
wliich ye have of God, * and ye 
are not your own t 
») For »ye are bought with a 
price: therefore glorify God in 
your body, and in your spirit, 
which are God's. 

1 Jfe tromMh of marrUft, 4 $\e»i*t U 
to ti* a remtdy arotntt fumicution : 
10 and thot tht bond thtrtof ougkt 
Dot lifhtlv to bo dutotofd. 18, 80 *»• 
try man mu$t bo eonttU toith turn •»• 
emtio*. 85 Vir/inil» mbetoforo to bo 
mbrtctd. 86 And /<*■ uk*i r—potlt 
too may eUhor starry, or 4toitj!va 

NOW concerning the things 
whereof ye wrote unto me : 
• It u good Tor a man not to touch 
a woman. 

8> Nevertheless, to avoid forni- 
cation, let every man have his 
own wife, mid let every woman 
have her own husband. 

3 b Let the husband render unto 
the wife due benevolence : and 
likewise also the wife unto the 

4 The wife hath not power of 
her own body, but the hnsbund : 
and likewise also the husband 
hath not power of his own body, 
but the wife. 

5 e Defraud ye not one the other, 
except it be with consent for a 
time,, that ye may give yourselves 
to fasting and prayer • and come 
together ugaiu T that * Satan tempt 
you not for your incontinency. 

6 But I speak this by permis- 
sion,* and not of commandment. 

7 For /I would that all men 
were *" even as I myself. But * ev- 
ery man hath his proper gift of 
God, one after this manner, and 
another after that. 

8 I say therefore to the unmar- 
ried and widows, • It is good for 
them if they abide even as I. 

9 But * if they cannot contain, 
let them marry : for it is belter to 
marry than to bum. 

10 And unto the married I com- 
mand, ' yet not I, but the Lord, 
"»Lst not the wife depart from 
her husband : 

1 1 But and if she depart, let her 
reinnin unmarried, or be recon- 
ciled to her husband : and let not 
tht* husband put away M* wife. 

IS But to the rest speak I, "not 
the Lord, If any brother hath a 
wife dial helieveth not. and she 
be pleased to dwell with him, let 
him not put her away. 

IS And the woman which bath 
an husoand that believetu not. 


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and If he be pleased to dwetrwltk? 

her, let her not leave him. 

14 For the unbelieving husband 
is sanctified by die wife, and me 
unbelieving wife is sanctified by 
the husband : else • were your 
children unclean ; but now are 
they holy. 

15 But if the unbelieving de- 
part, let him depart. A brother 
or a sister is not under bondage 
in such cose*; but God hath call- 
ed us p t to peace. 

16 For what kuowest thou, O 
wife, whether thou shall 7 save 
thy husband lor t how kuowest 
thou, O man, whether thou shall 
save thy wife T 

17 But as God hath distributed 
to every man, as the Lord haJk 
called every one, so let him walk.. 
And r so ordain 1 in all churches.' 

18 Is any man called being cir- 
cumcised 1 let him not become 
uiicircumciaed. Is any Called in 
uncircumcision 1 * let him not he 

19 * Circumcision is nothing, 
and uncircumcision is nothing, 
but 'the keeping of the com- 
mandments of God. 

SO Let every man abide in the 
same caliing wherein he was 

21 Art thou called being n ser- 
vant f care not for it ; but if thou 

Lord, being a servant, is rihe 
Lord's t freeman: likewise also 
he that is called, being free, ie 
• Christ's servant. 
S3 • Ye are bought with a price; 
be not ye the servants of men. 

84 Brethren, Met every man, 
wherein be is called, therein abide 
with God. 

85 Now concerning virgins, • I 
have no commandment of the 
Lord : vet I give my Judgment aa 
one ** that hath obtained mercy 
of the Lord • tube faithful. 

96 I suppose therefore that this 
is good lor the present I distress ; 
/ say, / that it u good for a raaa 
so to be. 

27 Art thou bound unto a wife T 
seek not to be loosed. Art iheU 
loosed from a wife I seek not a 

88 But and if thou marry, thou 
hast not sinned : and if a virgin 
marry she bath' not sinued. Nev- 
ertheless, such shall have trouble 
in ibe flesh; but I spare you. 

89 But 'this I say, brethren, 
The unfit short. It remaineth, 
that both they Uiat have wivta, 
be as tkougb they had none; 

38 And tbey chat weep, ae 
though they wept not; and they 
that rejoice, as though the? re- 
joiced not • and they that buy, 
as though they possessed not. 

81 And they that use this world, 

Csjjuon of thu world PMV(b 

32 But I would bare you with- 
out carefulness. * He that isint- 
married, careth for the things 
t'that belong 1 to the Lord, how 
he may please the Lord: 

13 But he that is married, careth 
for the things that are of the 
world, how be may please Aw 

34 There is difference aleo be- 
tween a wife and a virgin. The 
unmarried woman I careth for the 
thing's of the Lord, that she may 
be holy, both in body and in spirit : 
but she tii at is married, careth 
for the things of the world, how 
■lie may please her husband. 

35 And this I speak for your 
own profit ; not that I may cast 
a snare upon you, but for that 
which is comely, and that ye may 
attend upon the Lord without 

36 But if any man think that he 
behaveih himself uncomely to- 
ward his virgin, if she pass the 
flower of her age, and need so re- 
quire, let him do what he will, 
he sinneth not: let them marrv. 

37 Nevertheless, he that stand- 
eth steadfast in his heart, having 
no necessity, but hath power over 
his own will, and hath so decreed 
in his heart that he will keep his 
virgin, doeth well. 

38 ■» So then he that giveth Aor 
in marriage doeth well ; but he 
that giveth Aer not in marriage 
doeth better. 

39 "The wife is bound by the 
law as long as her husband liv- 
eth ; but if her husband be dead, 
•he is at liberty to be married to 
whom she will j o only in the 

40 But she is happier if she so 
abide, ? after my Judgment : and 
«^I think also that I have the 

Spirit of God. 


1 To ebttainfromnuaU offered toiiol*. 
8.9 We uiutt not mouse our Chritti** 
liberty, Jo M« of erne* of our brethren : 
11 but mutt briiU our knowledge with 

NOW «aa touching things of- 
fered unto idols, we Inow 
that we all have » knowledge. 

• Knowledge puffeth up, but 
charity edineth. 

2 And * if any man think that 
he kuoweth any thing, he know- 
eth nothing yet aa he ought to 

3 But if any man lave God, • the 
same is known of him. 

4 As concerning therefore the 
eating of those things that are 
offend in saoriftee unto idols, we 
know that /an idol is nothing in 
the world, 'and that tAere i$ none 
other God but one. 

i For though there be that are 

• oallod god* whether in heareu 


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offerti to Uotj. 

oc in e.arth, (as there be gods 
manv, and lords many ;) 

6 But * to us there U hut on* 
God, the Father, * of whom are 
all things, and we Km him ; and 
' one Lord Jesus Christ, » by 
whom are all things, and we by 

7 Howbett, there ie not in every 
man that knowledge : for soma 
"With conscience of the idol unto 
this hour eat it as a thing offered 
unto an idol: and their con- 
science, being weak, is • defiled. 

8 But *meat commendeth us 
not to God : for neither if we eat 
I are we the better; neither if we 
eat not, are we the worse. 

9 But 9 take heed lest by any 
means this I liberty of yours be- 
come r a stumbling-block to them 
that are weak. 

10 For if any man see thee, 
which hftst knowledge, sit at 
meat in*the idol's temple, shall 
not * the conscience of him which 
is weak be t emboldened to eit 
those thiugs which are offered to 

1 1 And * through tby knowledge 
shall the weak brother perish, tor 
whom Christ died ? 

18 But * when ye sin so against 
the brethren, and wouncT their 
weak conscience, ye sin against 

13 Wherefore, f if meat make 
my brother to offend, I will eat no 
flesh while the world standeth, 
lest I make ray brother to offend. 

1 He theveth hit liberty, 7 mmd thetthe 

wttnitter ought to fw« fry the goepel : 

16»of thmt kmtetf hath o/Au mm 
. eyeeori ebttahud, 18 to be either 

ekergeublt unto them, 33 or offentine 

unto «*|r, in tnattere tetigerout. 34 

Our life ti like unto • roee. 

• A M I not an apostle ? am 1 not 
xl. f re e 1 b have I not seen JesUa 

Christ our Lord 1 * are not ye my 
work in the Lord ? 
3 If I be not an aposde unto om- 
en, yet doubtless I am to youi 
for ' the seal of mine apostleship 
are ye in the Lord. 

3 Mine answer to them that do 
examine me is this; 

4 'Have we not power to eat 
and to drink 1 

5 Have we not power to lead 
about a sister, a 1 wife, as well aa 
other apostles, and «*/the breth- 
ren of the Lord, and ' Cephas % 

6 Or I only and Barnabas, • have 
not we power to forbear working ? 

7 Who *goeth a warfare any 
time at his own. charges t who 

* planteth a vineyard, and eateth 
not of the fruit thereof? or who 
I feedeth a flock, and eateth not 
of the milk of the flock I 

8 Say 1 these things as a man I 
or saith not the uvw the same 

9 For it U written lav of 

JWs tttf-JmiaL 

Moses, "Thou sbalt not mtude 
the moulb of the ox that treadeth 
out the corn. Doth God take 
care for ? 

10 Or aaith he U altogether for 
eur iialteB ? For our takes, ao 
doubt, thie is written: that "he 
that ploughed) should plough in 
hope i and that he that thresheth 
In hope should he partaker of his 

11 »Ifwe have aown Unto you 

Siritual things, ie it a great 
ing if we shall reap your carnal 
thing! ? 
IS If others be partakers of this 
pjwer over you, are not we rath- 
er? r Nevertheless we have not 
used this power : but suffer all 
things, y lent, we should hinder the 
gospel of Christ. 

13 r Do ye not know that they 
which minister about holy things 
I live of the things of the temple, 
and they which wait at the altar 
are partakers with the altar 1 

14 Even so * hath the Lord or- 
dained ' that they which preach 
the gospel should live of the gos- 

15 But « I have used none of 
these things : neither have I writ- 
ten these things, that it should 
be so done unto me : for *i( were 
better for me to die, than that 
any man should make my glory- 
ing void. 

16 For though I preach the gos- 
pel, I have nothing to glory of: 
for f necessity is laid upon me ; 
yea, wo is unto me, if I preach 
Dot the gospel ! 

17 For if I do this thing willing- 
ly, • 1 have a reward ; but if 
against my will, «a dispensation 
of the gospel u committed unto 

18 What is my reward then 1 
Verily that, » when I preach the 
gospel, I may make the gospel of 
Christ without charge, that I 
•abuse uot my power in the gos- 

19 For though I be 'free from 
all men, yet have • I made myself 
servaut unto all, /that 1 might 
gain the more. 

80 And * unto the Jew* I be- 
came as a Jew, that I might gain 
the Jews; to them that are under 
the law, as tinder the law, that I 
might gain them that are under 
the law; 

SI * To i them that are without 
law, as without law, (* being not 
without law to God, but under 
the law to Christ,) that I might 
' gruti them that are without law. 
T2 'To the weak became I as 
weak, that I might gain the weak : 
***I am made all things to all 
. men, » that I might by all means 
save some. 

S3 And this I do for the gospel's 
sake, that 1 might be partaker 
thereof With yog • 


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14 Know ye Mot, tint they Mudr 

run in a race, run all, but one re- 8 
ceiveth the prire T «9o run, ihat 
yc may obtain. 

25 And every man that r striveth 
for the mastery is temperate M 
all things. Now they do it lu 
obtain a corruptible crown ; tml 
a-e van incorruptible. 

26 I therefore so run, 'not at 
uncertainly; so light 1, not as oat? 
that beateth the air : 

87 'But I keep under my body, 
and * bring it into subjection : lew 
that by any means when 1 hi**** 
preached to others, I myself 
should be *a cast-away. 

1 The MmsM «/ the Jemrn 6 are 
taps* «/ oars, 7 mnd their smash. 
vumu, 11 emmmplet /or ■*. 14 We 
■sM fy/rom UeirnUv. 31 W« sastsf 
nt* smAs i*« luffs taitU tkm table qf 
dtutis : 24 end m thing* indifferent 
MM stall *o»« regard qJ our bretirtn. 

MOREOVER, brethren, 1 
would not that ye should be 
ignoraut how that all our fathers 
were under «the cloud, and all 
passed through "the sea ; 
3 And were all baptized unto 
Moses iu the cloud aud iu the 

3 And did all eat the same 

• spiritual meat; 

4 And did all drink the same 

• spiritual drink : (For they drank 
of that spiritual Rock that 1 fol- 
lowed them : and that Rock was 

5 But with many of them Gad 
was not well pleased : for they 

• were overthrown in the wilder- 

6 Now these things were t our 
examples, to the intent we should 
not lust after evil things, a*/ they 
also lusted. 

7 i Neither be ye idolaters, aa 
were some of them : as it is writ- 
ten, » The people sat down to eat 
and drink, anu rose up to play. 

8 * Neither let us commit to'rui- 
cation, as some of them commit- 
ted, and 'fell in one day three 
and twenty thousand. 

9 Neither let us tempt Christ, 
as 'some of them also tempted, 
and ■» were destroyed of serpents. 

10 Neither murmur ye, as "some 
of them also murmured, and 

• were destroyed of » the destroy- 

11 Now all these things hap- 
pened unto them tor I ensamplea: 
and V they are written for ocr ad- 
monition, r upou whom tha endo 
of the world are come. 

13 Wherefore • let him thtx 
thinketh he standeth, take heed 
lesi he falL 

15 There hath no tomtrtaliea 
i as isceat- 

taken you but f such a . 

moo to man : but ' God is faith- 
ful, a who will not sutler yea to 
PW. 4.6. H«. 10.25,27. lJo.2.18. •Bo.U.SQL 
I Of> swsJsmfe. lch.L». sjfwia*.* SV*f>t\ 

stole'; but mill with the tempta- 
tion also 'make a way to escape, 
that ve may be able to bear it. 

14 Wherefore, my dearly belov- 
ed, "floe from idolatry. 

15 I speak as to 'wise men; 
Judge ye what I say. 

16 « The cap of blessing- which 
••we bless, is it not the communion 

of the blood of Christ 1 » The 
bread which we break, is it not the 
Communion of the body of Christ 1 

17 For « we being many are oue 
bread, and one body : tor we are 
•il partakers of that one bread. 

18 Behold ''Israel •after the 
flesh : /are not they which eat of 
the sacrifices, partakers of the 

19 What say I then ? i that the 
idol is any thing, or that which 
is offered in sacrifice to idols is 
anv thing 1 ? 

90 But / »«y, that the things 
which the Gentiles • sacrifice, 
they sacrifice to devils, and not 
to God : and I would not that ye 
should have fellowship with devils. 

21 » Ye caunol drink the cup of 
the Lord, and * the cup of devils : 

ie cannot be partakers of the 
•ord's table, and of the table of 

.32 Do we 'provoke the Lord to 
Jealousy ? «• are we stronger than 

83 " All things are lawful for 
me, but all things are not expe- 
dient: all thiugs are lawful for 
me, but all things edify not. 

24 "Let no man seek his own, 
but every man another's wealth. 

36 P Whatsoever is sold in the 
shambles, that eat, asking uo 
question for conscience' sake : 

26 For 1 the earth is the Lord's, 
and the fulness thereof. 

27 U any of them that believe 
not bid vou to a /tost, aud ye be 
disposed to go ; r whatsoever is 
set before you, eat, asking no 
question for conscience' sake. 

28 But if any man say unto you, 
This is offered in sacrifice unto 
idols, eat not 'for his sake that 
shewed it, and for conscience' 
sake : for * the earth is the Lord's, 
and the fulness thereof: 

29 Conscience, I say, not thine 
own, but of the other: for * why 
is my liberty Judged of another 
man's conscience? 

SO Fur if I by I grace be a par- 
taker, why am I evil -spoken of 
tor that * for which I give thanks ? 

31 v Whether therefore ye eat or 
drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all 
to the jriory of God : 

32 'Give none offence, neith-r 
to the Jews, nor to the t GenuSs, 
nor to s ike ehurch of God. 

13. Even assl please all men in 
all thinge, « not seeking iniueown 
profit, but the profit of many, 
thai Ussy maj be saved. 


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' lie is the image and glory of Go 
but the woman is the glory of tl 


1 Be rtmrnetk them,beeem»e em h*e/ m$- 
eembtiea i their men prmwei vara I heir 
heads entered, end wonu* wtCfc themr 
htadt unrotertd, 17 and bt t m — i get.- 
iratiy their meeting! vtr* not for the 
better but for the mart; ae 31 nmmetB 
tn profaning teith their «m/mhi thm 
LenT* tupper. 2ft Lett* he eeUeU, 
tlum to tkejtnt inttUutim thereof . 

BE «ye followers of me, even an 
1 also am of Christ. 

2 Now I praise you, brethren, 
o that ye remember me in all 
tilings, and ' keep the 1 ordinan- 
ces, as I delivered them to you. 

2 But I would have you know, 
that * the head of every man is 
Christ ; and • the head of the 
woman ia the man; and /the 
head of Christ is God. 

4 Every man praying or 'pro- 
phesying, haviiig At* head cover- 
ed, uUhououreth his head. 

5 But * every woman that pray- 
eth or prophesieth with her head 
uncovered,dishonoureih bcr head; 
for that is even all oue as if she 
were * shaven. 

6 For if the woman be not cov- 
ered, let her also be shorn: hut if 
it be * a shame for a woman to be 
shorn or sliaven, let her be cov- 

7 For a man indeed ought not 
to cover his head, forasmuch aa 




8 For * the man is not of the 
woman, but the woman of toe 

9 * Neither was the man created 
for the woman, but the woman 
for the man. 

10 For this cause ought the wo- 
man » to have I power on her head* 
P l>ecause of the angels. 

11 Nevertheless, v ueither is the 
man without the woman, neither 
the woman without the man, in 
the Lord. 

12 For as the woman ie of the 
man, even so it the man also by 
the woman; r but all things of 

13 Judge io yourselves : Is it 
comely that a woman pray unto 
God uncovered ? 

14 Doth not even nature itself 
teach you, that if a man have 
long hair, it is a shame unto him t 

15 But if a woman have loug 
hair, it is a glory to her : for her 
hair is given her for a || covering. 

16 But « if any mau seem to be 
Contentious, we have no such cus- 
tom, * neither the churches of 

17 Now in this that I deotara 
unto you, I praise you not, that 
ye come together not for the bet- 
ter, but for the worse. 

18 For first of all, when ye com* 
together iu the church, * 1 hear 
that there be I divisions or- 
you ; and I P» r jjx believe U. 

Qf the Loral 1 1 upper . 

19 For * there must he also 
t heresies among you, V that they 
which are approved may be made 
manifest among 1 you. 

10 When ye come together 
tiierefore into one place, H this is 
not to eat the Lord's supper. 

21 For in eating every one tak- 
eth before other his own supper* 
%ml one ts hungry, and * another 
is drunken. 

S3 What! hare ye not houses to 
eat and to drink in 1 etc despise 

r: *the church of God, and 
Hhame I them that have not ? 
What shall I say to you ? shall I 
praise you in this I I praise you 

23 For « I have received of the 
Lord, that which also T delivered 
unto you, 'That the Lord Je>ms, 
the enme night in which he was 
betrayed, took bread : 

24 And when he had given 
thanks, he brake it, and said. 
Take, eat : this is my body, winch 
Us broken for .you: this do | in re- 
membrance of me. 

25 After the same manner also 
■he took the cup, when he hud 
supped, saying. This cop is the 
-new testament in my blood : this 

do ye, as oft as ye drink it, in re- 
membrance of me. 
■' 26 For as often as ye eat this 
h-ead, and drink this cup, i ye do 
*,iew the Lord's death still he 

Iff Wherefore, whosoever shall 
eat this bread, and drink thia cup 
of the Lord, unworthily, shall be 
guilty of the body and blood of 
the Lord. 

28 But f let a man examine hipi- 
self, and so let him eat of that 
bread, and drink of that cup. 

29 For he that eatefh and driuk- 
eth unworthily, eateth and driuk- 
eth K damnation to himself, not 
discerning the Lord's body. 

30 For this cause many are weak 
and sickly among you, and many 

31 For * if we would judge our- 
selves, we should not be Juitged. 

38 But when we are Judged,* we 
are chastened of the Lord, that 
. we should not be condemned with 
the world. 

83 Wherefore, my brethren, 
when ye come together to eat,- 
tarry one for another. 
34 And if any man * hunger, let 
him eat at 'home : that ye come 
not together unto I condemna- 
tion. And the rest *» will I set in 
Order when » 1 come. 

1 Spiritual gift* 4 are dmere, 1 fet all 
M profit mlthak 8 And to that end 
are dieortal, bettowed r 19 that by the 
Me proportion, at Ms member* of a 
. natural oodp fond oil to the \9 mutual 
daemon, SB toroieo, and 26 tueeour of 
tkoeamebodp; SntomeeixmUdortte 
for another, to make up Ha mutt teal 



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NOW • concerning »pi«i»ual 
glft*\ brethren, I would set 
have you ignorant. 

2 Ye know * that ye were Gen- 
tiles, carried away unto these 
e dumb idols, even as ye were lad. 

3 Wherefore 1 give you to un- 
derstand, * that no man speaking 
by- the Spirit of God, caUeth Je- 
sus | accursed : and * that no man 
can say that Jesus is the Locd, 
but by the Holy Ghost. 

4 Now /there are diversities of 
gifts, but 'the same Spirit. 

5 * And there are difference* of 
I administrations, but the same 

6 And there are diversities of 
operations, but it is the same God 

* which workeih all in all. 

7 * Bnt tlie manifestation of the 
Spirit is jgiven to every man to 
profit withal. 

8 For to one is riven by the 
Spirit t the word of wisdom ; to 
another, *» the word of knowledge 
by the same Spirit ; 

9 » To another, faith by the 
same Spirit • to another, «tbe gifts 
of healing by the same Spirit ; 

10 P To another, the working of 
miracles: to another, « prophecy; 
r to another, discerning of spir- 
its ; to another, *<2it>er« kinds of 
tongues ; to another, the intern? e- 
tation of tongues : 

11 But all these worketh that 
one and the self-same Spirit, * di- 
viding to every man severally "as 

12 For * as the body is one, and 
hath many members, and all the 
members- of that one body, being 
many, are one body; *so also i* 

13 For * by one Spirit are we 
all baptized into one body, « w&e- 
ther toe be Jews oc t Geutiiee, 
whether we be bpnd or free ; and 

* have been all made to drink in- 
to one Spirit. 

14 For toe body is not one mem- 
ber, but many. 

15 If the foot shall say, Because 
I am not the hand, I am not of 
the body: j* it therefore not of 
the body f 

16 And if the ear shall say, Be- 
cause 1 am not the eye, I am not 
of the body ; u it therefore not at* 
the body t 

17 If the whole body wevw an 
eye, where wet e the hearing 2 If 
the whole were hearing, where 
were the smelling ? 

18 But now hath «God set the 
members every one of them, in 
the body, * as it hath pleased him. 

19 And if they were all one 
member, where were the body f 

tO But now art they, many mem- 
bers,. yet but one body. 

21 And the eye cannot say onto 
the band, I have no need of the*: 
nor again the head to the feel,- J 
have no need of you. ». 

. The tmturmi and myetic*! body. CHAP. XM, lit. 

II Ntytnuch more those neem- 
bers of the body, which seem 10 
be more feeble, are necessary : 

IS And those member* of the 
body, which we Uiiuk to be leu 
honourable, upon these we I be- 
stow more abundant honour; and 
q\\x uncomely Parte have more 
abundant comeliness. 

14 For our comely parte bare 
no need : but God liath tempered 
the body together, having given 
more abundant honour to that 
part which lacked : 

15 That there should be no 
I schism in the body, but that 
the members shouM have the 
same care one for another. 

16 And whether one member 
suffer, all the members sutler with 
It : or one member be honoured, 
all the members rejoice with it. 

17 Now • ve are the body of 
Christ, and /members in particu- 

98 And 'God hath set some in 
the church, first * apostles, sec- 
ondarily (prophets, thirdly teach- 
ers, after that 'miracles, then 
'gifts of healings, "•helps, "gov- 
ernments, | diversities of tongues. 

19 Are ail apostles t are all pro- 
phetet are all teachers? are all 
I workers of miracles ? 

50 Have all the gift* of healing ? 
do all speak with tongues I do all 
interpret ? 

51 But • covet earnestly the best 
gifts. And yet shew I unto you 
a more excellent way. 


X Att ftfb, 1,liiw esmlUnt mmt, 

ere nothing worth without eheri'p. -t 

The praises thrreof, end IS pnUtion 

before hope end feilh. 

THOUGH I speak with the 
tongues of men and of angels, 
and have not charity, I am be- 
come ae sounding brass, or a tink- 
ling cymbal. 

I And though 1 have the g\ft of 
• prophecy, and understand all 
mysteries, and all knowledge; 
and though 1 have all faith, »so 
that 1 could remove mountains, 
and have not charity, I am uoth- 

y And • though 1 bestow all my 

«oods to feed the poor, and 
mugh 1 give my body to be 
burned, and have not charity, it 
proftteth me nothing. 

4 * Charity suffereih long, and 
u kind: charity envieth nut; 
charity I vauntetb not itself* is 
not puffed up, 

5 Doth not behave itself un- 
seemly, « seeketb not her own, is 
not easily provoked, thiuketh uo 

8 /Rejoiceth not in iniquity, 
but * rejoicetb ] in the truth ; 

i ABeareth all things, believe* h 
til things, hopeth all things, eu- 
tlnreth all things. 

8 Charity never faileth: but 

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rSJa. 4. 

I Or, milk 

t Or. sit- 

the truth. 


«a. a,! 3 

Tl. 0.34. 

rTOJtK§Cy if tYMWFItfJtaiTO* 

whether there be prophecies, they 

shall fail; whether there be 
tongues, they shall cease; wheth- 
er there be knowledge, it shall 
vanish away. 

9 i For we know in part, and 
we prophesy in part. 

10 But when that which is per- 
fect is come, then that which, ie 
in part shall be done away. 

11 When 1 was a child, I spake 
as a child, 1 understood as a 
child, 1 1 thought as a child : but 
when 1 became a man, 1 put a- 
wny childish things. 

IS For * now we see through a 
glass, t darkly; but then 'face 
to lace : now I know in part ; but 
then shall I know even as also 1 
am known. 

13 And now abideth faith, hope, 
charity, these three ; but the 
greatest of these ie charity. 

1 Prophet* ie eommendtd, 3, 3, 4 end 
p nf trnd before spteHng with timeuee, 
6 bp e comparison drm\s% from msm* 
tel instruments. 12 Both must ft* re- 
ferred to edtJUotkm, S3 m* to thetr 
true end proper end. 38 Tke true use 
of oeok is tamght, 97 end the abuts 
tamed. 94 Women ere forbidden to 
Mas m the thureh. 
tfOLLOW after charity, and 
A a desire spiritual gifle, »but 
rather that ye may prophesy. 
9 For be that • speaketh in an 
unknown tongue, speaketh not 
unto men, but unto God : for no 
man t understandeth aim ; how- 
beit in the spirit he speaketh 

i But he t 

But he that prophesieth, speak- 
eth unto men to edification, and 
exhortation, and comfort. 

4 He that speaketh in an un- 
known tongue edifleth himself; 
but he that prophesieth edifleth 
the church. 

a I would that ye all spake with 
tongues, but rather that ye pro- 
phesied: for greater ie he that 
prophesieth than he that speak- 
eth with tongues, except be in- 
terpret, that the church may re- 
ceive edifying. 

6 Now, brethren, if I come unto 
you speaking with tongues, what 
shall 1 profit you, except I shall 
speak to you either by • revela- 
tion, or by knowledge, or by pro- 
phesying, or by doctrine 1 

7 And even things without life 

fiving sound, whether pipe or 
arp, except they give a distinc- 
tion in the D sounds, bow shall it 
be known what is piped or harp- 
ed t 

8 For if the trumpet give an 
uncertain sound, who shall pre- 
pare himself to toe battle t 

9 So likewise ye, except ye ut- 
ter by the tongue words t easy to 
be understood, how shall it be 
known what is spoken I for ye 
shall sneak into the air. 

10 There are^ it may be, 9$ 


Buh*/br4k$ e wtrci t* 

nwnykiiHU of voices in ths>w*rid r 
and none of them » without sig- 

11 Therefore, if I know not the 
meaning of the voice, 1 shall be 
unto him that apeaketb a barba- 
rian, and he that speakelh shall 
be a barbarian unto me. 

IS Even ao ye, forasmuch as ye 
ere zealous t of spiritual gifts % 
seek that ye may excel to tlie 
edifying of the church. 

13 wherefore, let him that speak, 
eth in an unknown tongue, pray 
that he may interpret. 

14 For if I pray in an unknown 
tongue, my spirit prayeth, but 
my undemanding is unfruitful. 

15 What is it then ! I wHI pray 
with the spirit, aud I wJI pray 
with the understanding also : • I 
will sing with the spirit, and I 
will sing-/ with the understand- 
ing also. 

16 Else, when thou shall Mess 
with the spirit, how shall he that 
occupieth the room of the un- 
learned say Amen 'at thy giving 
of thanks, seeing he understand- 
elb not what thou sayest 2 

17 For thou verily gtvest thanks 
well, but the other is net edified. 

18 1 thank my God, I speak wkh 
tongues more than ye ell : 

Id Yet in the church I had ra- 
ther speak five words with my 
understanding, that by my voice 
1 might teach others also, than 
ten thousand words in an un- 
• known tongue. 

20 Brethren,* be not children in 
undemanding: howbeit, in mal- 
ice * be ye children, but in under- 
standing be t men. 

81 * In the law it is ' written, 
With men of other tongues end 
•other lips will I speak unto this 
people; and yet for all that will 
they uot hear me, saith the 

98 Wherefore tongues are for a 
sign, not to them that believe, 
but to them that believe not : but 
prophesying eerveth not for them 
that believe not, but for them 
which believe. 

83 If therefore the whole church 
be come together into oue place, 
and all speak with tongues, and 
tliere come in ihoee thai are un- 
learned, or unbelievers, "* will 
they not say that yc are mad ? 

24 But if all prophesy, and there 
come in one that belie veth not, or 
one unlearned, he is convinced of 
ell, he is judged of all : 

25 And thus are the secrets of 
his heart mnde manifest ; and so 
falling down on Ate face, he will 
worship God, and report »that 
God is in you of a truth. 

96 How is it then, brethren 1 
when ye come together, every one 
vrf you hath e psalm, shatb a 
.doctrine, hath a tongue, hath a 
, hath eu tutenpreta- 

i. co&nrnflAVB. 

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hy what 

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t Or. 
perftt, or, 


ot « rip* 

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tkm, »Let ell thtnge be den* 
unto edifying. 

27 If any man rpeak in an tea- 
known tongue, let it be by two, or 
at the most by three, aavd that by 
course; and let one interpret. 

28 But if there be no ieterpre- 
ter, let him keep silence in the 
church ; and let him apeak to 
himself, and to God. 

29 Let the prophets speak two 
or three, and v let the other judge. 

30 if amy thing be revealed to 
another tliat sitteth by, rfct the 
first hold his peace. 

31 For ye may all prophesy one 
by one, that all may leant, and 
all may be comforted. 

38 And 'the spirits of the pro- 
phets are subject to the prophets. 

33 For God is not Me author of 
t confusion, but of peace, * as in 
all churches of the saints. 

34 *Let your women keep si- 
lence in the churches ; for it is 
not permitted unto them to speak: 
but * they are commanded to be 
under obedience, e* also saith the 

35 And if they will learn any 
thing, let them ask their htie- 
I >ands at home ; for it is a shame 
for women to speak in the church. 

36 What! came the word of 
God out from you ? or came it 
unto you only t 

37 * If any man think himself to 
be a prophet, or spiritual, let him 
acknowledge that the things thai 
1 write unto you are the com- 
mandments of the Lord. 

38 But if any man be ignorant, 
let him be ignorant. 

39 Wherefore, brethren, * covet 
to prophesy, and forbid not to 
speak with tongues. 

40 » Let all things be done de- 
cently, and in order. 

3 By Chritt't ruurrtetiem, 13 A« prow 
etk tfta neeutity of tmr rtturrtctum, 
tgaimt all such at dtnf the rwarr je- 
tton of the body. 31 The fruit, SB 
and manner tktretf, U mud of the 
changing of them, the* $kmU befmemd 
Alive. tithe Uttdttf. 
IVfOREOVfilL, brethren, 1 de- 
■ i "- dare unto you the gospel 
• which 1 preached unto you, 
which also ye have received, and 
ft wherein ye stand ; 

2 c By which also ye are saved. 
if ye I keep in memory twhal I 
preached unto you, unless «*y# 
nave believed in vain. 

3 For • I delivered unto you fret 
of all, that /which 1 also recerv- 
ed, how that Christ died for our 
sins r according- to the scriptures: 

4 And that he was buried, aud 
that he rose again the third day 
•according to the scriptures: 

5 » And that he was seen of Ce- 
phas, then *of the twelve : 

6 After that, he was teen of 
above Ave hundred brethren ml 

amee - ? of whom the greater part 
remain uritn this present, bateome 
ate fallen asleep. 

7 After that, he wu seen of 
-James; then 'of aH the apostle*. 

8 "And tart of all he was seen 
of me also, as of loue born out of 
due time. 

- y For I am "the least of the 
apostles, that atn not meet to be 

■•called an apostle, because »I per- 
secuted the church of God. 

10 But » by the grace of God I 
am what I am: and his grace 
which wo* bellowed upon me, 
was tint in vain : but «I laboured 
mom abundantly than they all : 
''yet not I, but the grace of God 
which was with me. 

11 Therefore whether it werj I 
or tliey, so we preach, and so ye 

15 Now if Christ be preached 
that he rose from the dead, how 
but some among you that there 
is no resurrection of the dead t 

13 But if there be no resurrec- 
tion of the dead, 'then is Clirist 
not risen : 

14 And if Christ be no* risen, 
then t* our preaching vain, and 
your faith is also vain. 

16 Yea, and we are found false 
witnesses of God; because * we 
Jiave testified of God that he rais- 
ed up Christ : whom he raised 

•not up, if so be that the dead rise 

16 For if the dead rise not, then 
is not Christ rnmed : 

17 And if Christ be not raised, 
your faith it vain ; * y« are yet in 
your sins. 

18 Then they also which are 
fallen asleep in Christ are per- 

Id * If in this life only, we have 
hope in Christ, we are of all men 
mo*i miserable. 

2'J Bui now » is Christ risen from 
.the dead, ana* become * the first- 
fruits of them that slept. 

81 For • since by man earns 
death, *by man cams also the 
jpsurrection of the dead. 

82 For a* in AJam all die, even 
m> in Christ shall all be made 

S3 But « every man in his own 
nrilcr: Christ the first-fruits; af- 
terward they that are Clirist 'Bat 
ni« coming'. 

94 Then cometk the end, when 
•lit- Mial! have delivered ap <tbe 
kimrduin to God, even the Fa- 
.ttn-r; wheu he shall have put 
flown all rule, and all authority, 
and power. 

85 For he must reign, «till he 
hath put all enemies under his 

88 /The last enemy lhat shall 
be itestrojretlfs death. 

87 For he 'hath put all things 
under bin feet. But when he 
laiih all things are put under 

A, D.0B. 


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to speak 

after IAS 

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JHmyst ft flsjuiuest thai he js«s- 
eepted which did put all thing* 

umler him. 

88 *And when all things shall 
be subdued unto faun, then* shall 
the Soo also himself be subject 
unto him that put all things un- 
der him, that God may be all in 

2tf Else what shall they do, 
which are bnpiiwHl fur the dead, 
it lite dead rise not at all 1 why are 
they ilieu baptized for the dead ? 

3>) And * why stand we in Jeop- 
ardy every hour I 
* 21 I protest by K 'your rejoicing 
which I have in Christ Jowu our 
Lord, si I die daily. 

38 If I after die manner of men 
"1 have fought with beasts at 
Ephesus, what advautageth it 
roe, if the dead rise not 1 » let us 
eat and drink : for to-morrow we 

33 Be not deceived i pEvil com- 
munications corrupt good man- 

34 '/Awake to righteousness, 
and sin not ; ' for some have nut 
the knowledge of God. '1 speak 
this to your shame. 

36 But some min will say, * How 
Rie the dead raised up 1 and with 
what body do they come ? 

86 Thou foul, a that which thoo 
so west u not quickened except it 

37 And that which thou lowest, 
thou sowest not that body that 
snail be, but bare gTain ; it may 
cliauce of wheat, or of some other 
grain : 

38 But God giveth it a body as 
it hath pleased him, and to every 
need his own body. 

39 All flesh is not the same 
iiesh; but thfire is one kind of 
flesh of men, another flush of 
leasts, another of fishes, and an- 
other of birds. 

40 There are also celestial bod- 
ies, and bodies terrestrial : but 
the glory of the celestial is pue, 
and the glory of the terrestrial it 

41 There it one glory of the sun, 
and another glory of the imam, 
end another glory of the stare; 
lor ©/us star dinerelh from another 
star in glory. 

•18 'So also it the resurrection 
of the dead. It is sown in cor- 
ruption, it is raised in incorrup- 
tion : 

43 *It is sown iu dishonour, it is 
raised in glory: it is sown in 
weakness, u is raised in puwpr : 

44 It is sown a natural body, it 
in reined a spiritual body. Then 
is a natural body, and there is a 
spiritual body. 

45 And so it is written, The first 
man Adam • was made a living 
houI, • the last Adam tane nujrfe 
*a quickening spihi. # 

46 Hiiwbeit, thai tarn nut Ant 


Exhortation to eleadfaetneee. 

which is spfriteal, bat tbttfwhfch 
u no t lira f; and afterward that 
which i» spiritual. 

47 • The first man is of the 
earth, *" earthy : the second man 
i* the Lord •from heaven. 

49 A* ie the earthy, nich are 
they also that are earthy t /and 
as u the heavenly, such are they 
Also that are heavenly. 

49 And *as we have borne the 
imajre of the earthy, »we shall 
also bear the image of the heav- 

50 Now t his I say, brethren, that 
i flesh ami blood cannot inhrrit 
the kingdom of God; neither doth 
corruption inherit incorrupt inn. 

51 Behold, I shew you a mvste- 
ry ; * We shall not'all sleep,'' but 
we shall all be changed, 

52 In a moment, in the twink- 
ling- of an eye, At the last trump : 
"» lor the trumpet shall sound, and 
the dead shall be raised incor- 
ruptible, and we shall be chant- 

53 For this corruptible mnst pnt 
on ineorniption, and "this mor- 
tal must p«it on immortality. 

54 So when this corruptible 
shall have put on incorrupt ion, 
and this mortal shall have put 
on immortality, then shall he 
brought to pass the saving- that 
is written, • Death is swallowed 
up in victory. 

55 P O death, where <• thy atin«- 7 

If grave, where i» thy victory 1 

56 The sting- of death ie sin ; 
and « the strength of aiii it the 

67 ' Butthaaka be to God, whif h 
piveth us 'the victory, through 
our Lord Jesus Christ. 

58 < Therefore, my beloved brnh- 
ren, be ye steadfast, uumovenble, 
alwnys abounding- in the work of 
the Lord, forasmuch as ye ktmw 
« that your labour is not in vain 
in the Lord. 


1 J?« emherutk Iktm f* rem— Ike torn/ 
•/ l»« brHknm at Jerwtftm. 10 
Ctmmumdeth TitmoUg, 13 «W «/>*- 
friemdif adwumititmt, 10 tkulittk h? 
Am tputU mtUt dt»»rt tmhdmtia**. 

"MOW concerning- atheeollec- 
■^ lion for the saints, as I have 
riven order to the churches of 
Galatia, even so do ve. 
f o Upon the first drey of the 
wt-ck let every one of you lay by 
him in store, as God hath pros- 
pered him, that there be no fath- 
ering* when I come. 

3 And when I come, 'whomso- 
ever ye shall approve by your 
letters, them will I send to bring- 
your t liberality unto Jerusalem. 

4 *" And if it be meet that J go 
also, they shall g-o with me. 

t Now 1 will come unto von, 
i 1 shall pass through Ma- 

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i Jade 14. 

Seasonable arfm-mirion*. 

aedpnm: -for i*> jmn ttoaagji 

6 And it may be that I will 
abide, yea, and winter with you, 
that ya may / bring; me on my 
Journey Whithersoever 1 go. 

7 For I will not see you now by 
the way ; but 1 trust to tarry a 
while with you, ' if the Lord per- 

8 But I will tarry at Ephcseuj 
until Pentecost. 

9 For * a great door and effec- 
tual ia opened unto me, end 
» t here are maay adversaries. 

10 Now * ri Timethene eoeney«ee 
that he may be with you without 
fear; for 'he wurketh the Work 
of the Lord, as I also do. 

11 •» Let no man therefore de- 
spise him : but conduct him forth 
" in peace, that he may come iw- 
to ma: for I look for him witfi 
the brethren. 

IS As touching our brother * A- 
pollos, i greatly desired him to 
come unto jrou with the breth- 
ren : but his will was not at all 
to cotne at this lime ; but he will 
come when be shall have conve- 
nient time. 

13 P Watch ye, « stand fast m 
the faith, quit you like men, r bn 

14 'Let all your things be done 
with charity. 

15 1 beseech you, brethren, (ye 
know 'the house of Stephanas, 
that it is «ihe flrst-fruiis of A- 
chnia, and that they have ad- 
dicted themselves to "the minis- 
try of the saints,) 

16 rTliat ye submit yourselves 
unto such, and to every one that 
belpeth with us, and • labouretb. 

17 I am g-lad of the coining- of 
Stephanas, and Fortunatus, and 
Achaicus: *l'or that which waa 
lacking: on your pan, they have 

18 * For they have refreshed my 
spirit aud yours: therefore • ac- 
knowledge ye them that are such. 

19 The churches of Asia salute 
you. Aquila and Priscilta salute 
you much in the Lord,' with the 
church that ie in their house. 

20 All the brethren greet yoo. 
•Greet ye one another with an 
holy kiss. 

21 /The salutation of me Peal 
with mine own hand. 

22 If any man ' love not the 
Lord Jesus Christ, • let him to 
Anathema, « Maran-atha. 

23 * The grace of our Lord Jeane 
Christ be with you. 

24 My love be with yea all hi 
Christ Jesus. Amen. 

V The first eputie to the Corfa- 
thians was written from Pbi- 
lippi, by Stephanas, and Fec- 
tunatus, and Aehnicee, and 




8 The amatO* muonrmgalh them egmhut 
trmuNot, fry <*• etmfuru and datiear- 
tmett nMth Ocrf had git* hint. «« in 
a* hit aJUetumt. 8 to partiem/arit i* 
kit late dant*rtn Arte. 13 And emit- 
4*4 bath hit awn tonnionee mmd 
thtiro 10 mitnott »/ »»• «<«*•« aim* 
Mr o/proethine th* immuUhU truth 

•f th» gOOP*l, 16 ft* OtCMtHh hit M0t 

eomng to them, at proetailing not of 
Hthtnott, out </ ha ttmtty tommrdt 

PAUL, «an apostle of Jesus 
Christ by the will of God, 
and Timothy our brother, unto 
tbe church of God which ia at 
Corinth, • with all the saints 
wliich are in all Acheia : 

9 « Grace be to you and peace 
from God our Father, and/rom 
the Lord Jesus Chriat. 

8 * Blessed be God, even the Fa- 
ther or our Lord Jesus Christ, the 
Father of mercies, and the God 
pf ail comfort; 

4 Who oomforteth ua m all our 
tribulation, that we may be able 
to comfort them which are io 
any trouble by the comfort where- 
with we ourselves are comforted 
of God. 

5 For as • the Buffering* of Chriat 
abound in ua, so our connotation 
alao abouodeth by Christ. 

6 And whether we be afflicted, 
/it is for your conaolation and 
salvation, which I ia effectual in 
the enduring of tbe aame Buffer- 
ing* which we alao suffer: or 
whether we be comforted, it it 
for your consolation and salva- 

7 And our hope of you it stead- 
fast, knowing, dial 'as ye are 
partakers or the suffering*, so 
thaUytbe alao of the conaolation. 

8 For we would not, brethren, 
have you ignoraulof *our trouble 
which came to us in Asia, that 
we were pressed out of measure, 
above strength, insomuch that 
we despaired even of life : 

9 But we had the I sentence of 
death in ourselves that we should 
**uot trust in ourselves, but in 
God which raise th the dead : 

10 * Who delivered us from so 

r«t a death, and doth deliver : 
whom we trust thai he will yet 
deliver ut: 

U Ye also /helping together by 
prayer for us, that "» for tbe gill 
pulowed upon us by the means 
of many persons, thanks may be 
given by many on our behalf. 

18 For our rejoicing is this, 
tbe testimony of our conscience, 


A.D. eo. 



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that in simplicity and "godly 
sincerity, *not with rieshly wis- 
dom, but by the grace ol God* 
we have had oar conversation in 
the world, and more abundantly 
10 yon-ward. 

13 For we write none other 
thing* unto you, than what ye 
read or acknowledge; and 1 trust 
ye shall acknowledge eveu to the 

14 As also ye have acknowledg- 
ed us in part, 9 that we are your 
rejoicing, even as 4 ye also are 
ours in the day of the Lord Jesus. 

16 And in this confidence M was 
minded to come unto you before, 
that ye might have *a second 
« benefit; 

16 And to pass by you into Ma- 
cedonia, and * to come again out 
of Macedonia unto you, and of 
you to be brought on my way 
toward Judea. 

17 When I therefore was thus 
minded, did I use lightness f or 
the things that I purpoae, do I 
purpose H according to the flesh, 
that with me there should be yea, 
yen, And nay, nay f 

)8 But ae God it true, our 
I word toward you was not yea 
and nay. 

18 For « the Son of God, Jeeua 
Christ, who was preached among 
you by us, even by me, and Sil- 
vanus, and Timotheus, was not 
yea and nay, f but in him waa 

SO « For all the promisee of God 
in him are yea, and in him Amen* 
unto the glory of God by ua. 

Si Now be which established 
us with you in Chrut, and •katli 
anointed as, it God ; 

89 Who ft hath also sealed ua, 
ami 'given the earnest of the 
Spirit in our hearts. 

S3 Moreover, * I call God for a 
record upon my soul, 'that to 
spare you I came not as yet unto 

84 Not for /that we have do- 
minion over your faith, but are 
helpers of your Joy : for * by faith 
ye stand. 


1 Having thawed tht men »■> he 

eeme not to thtm, ht raouireth. them 

te/orgiee end it eomfoH thai txcom- 

alio upon hit true rattntentt had Jot- 
gioen him. 13 declaring withal mk» 
ha dtaortoifrom Troat to Meotdonie* 
which Ood 


nd th* hepn tnaet— which (too 

ta hit p ria a htnr in all plana*. 

UT 1 determined thia with 
myself, 'that I would uot 

ttteetm of PauT* preaching, 

come again to you iu heavi- 

t For if I ma Ire you sorry, who 
in lie then thai maketh me gbul, 
but the same which in made sorry 
by me 1 

s And I wrote this tame unto 
you, lest, when I came, » I should 
have sorrow from them of whom 
I ought to rejoice; shaving 1 confi- 
dence in you all, that my joy ia 
tlu joy or you nil. 

4 For out of much affliction ami 
anguish of heart I wrote unto you 
wuJt many tears ; * not that ye 
should be grieved, but that ye 
might know the love which 1 have 
mom abundantly unto you. 

5 Out • if aiiy h'ave caused grief, 
he hath not /grieved me, but in 
pari : that I may not overcharge 
you all. 

'6 Sufficient to such a man it this 
I punishment, which was infiicud 
fnf ninny. 

7 * So that contrariwise, ye 
ought rather to forgive Aim, and 
comfort hrm, lest perhaps such an 
one should he swallowed up with 
overmuch sorrow. 

8 Wherefore I beseech yon that 
ye would Con Arm your love to- 
ward him. 

9 For to this end ahw> did f 
write, that I mijht know the 
proof of you, whether ye be » obe- 
dient in all things. 

•10 To whom ye forgive any 
thing, Iforgive also: for if f far- 
gave any thing, to whom I for- 
gave it, for your take* forgave / 
if I in the person of Christ; 

1 1 Lest Sa'an should get an ad- 
vantage of us : for we are not ig- 
norant of his devices. 

18 Furthermore, *when I came 
to Troas to preach Christ's gos- 
pel, and ' a door was opened unto 
me of the Lord, 

13 « I had no real in my spirit, 
because I found not Titus Iny 
brother: but taking my leave of 
them, I went from thence into 

1-1 Now thanks be onto God, 
which alwuvs eauseth us to tri- 
umph in Christ, and maketh 
manifest » the savour of his 
knowledge by us iu everyplace. 

15 For we are unto God a tweet 
savour of Christ, «in them that 
are saved, and P iu them that per- 
ish : 

16 '/To the one vie are the savour 
of death unto death ; and to the 
other the savour of life unto life. 
And r who it sufficient for these 

i For we are not as many, 
which li * corrupt the word of God : 
but as ' of sincerity, but as of God, 
ia the sight of Guu tpeak we 1 in 

• CHAP. in. 

1 Lett theffaUt tesxkere ekmU ehtrn 


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I 23 * 28 - 

JUtkmmd grmtet af las CmslksM 
to 5* m saJMski C4#m*n4mttr* a/ tit 
•unfclry. 9 Whereupon entering a 
companion bttween the minuter* of 
the lata and of the eoeptL, 12 As pro*~ 
mth tint sit mfsstfry U so for the, 
more excellent, ue las gospel ef lift 
emd Hherit ia more g loriowe than the 
leva of condemnation. 

DO *we begin again to com- 
mend ourselves 7 or need we, 
as some other*, »episdes of com- 
mendation to you, or tetter* of 
commendation from you T 
8 « Ye are our epistle written hi 
our hearts, known and read of all 

3 Forasmuch a* ye art mani- 
festly declared to be the epistle 
of Christ * ministered by us, writ- 
ten not with ink, but with Uie 
Spirit of the living God : not s in 
tables of atone, bm/iu lleshly ta- 
bles of the heart. 

4 And such trust have we through 
Christ to God -ward : 

5 * Not that we are sufficient at 
ourselves to think any thing as of 
ourselves; but * our sufficiency i« 
of God; 

6 Who also hath made ue able 
i ministers of * the new testa- 
ment , uol i of the letter, but of 
the spirit : for "» the letter killeth, 
'• but the spirit I giveth life. 

7 But if ° the ministration of 
death, » written and engraven m* 
stones, was glorious, 9 so that th* 
children of Israel could uol stead- 
fastly behold the face of Motea 
for the glory of his countenance ; 
which glory was to be dune 

8 How shall not r the ministra- 
tion of the spirit be rather giori- 

9 For if the ministration of con- 
demnation be glory, much mora 
doth the ministration ' of right- 
eousness exceed in glory. 

10 For even that which vu 
made glorious had no glory in 
this respect, by reaaou of the glory 
that eicelleih. 

11 For if that which is done 
away toot glorious, much more 
that which remaineth is glorious. 

15 Seeing then that we have 
such hope, ' we use great I plain- 
ness of speech: 

li And not as Mosea, a which 
put a vail over bis face, that the 
children of Israel could not stead- 
fastly look to * the end of thai 
which is abolished: 

14 But r their minds were blind- 
ed: for until this day remained} 
the same vail uniaken away n 
the reading of the old testament; 
which vail isdone away in Christ. 

16 But even unto this day, whoa 
Moses is read, the vail is upon 
their heart. 

16 Nevertheless, • when it shall 
luru to the Lord, « the vail shall 
be taken away. 

»7 Now *th» Lord is that Stoirit 

and when the Spirit of the Lord 
a*, there i» liberty. 

18 But we all, with open face 
beholding « as in a glass « the g lo- 
ry of the Lord, «are changed into 
the same image from glory to 
glory, even a* | by the Spirit of 
the Lord. 

. 1 9$ dealarath kam he katk mad aM tin- 
emilm a»d faithful dMgenaa is preath ■ 
tag la* gospel, 7 and sow Iks troubUi 
and pereeeulhiae which k« daily en- 
dured Jar tke etune did redound to the 
~ lite of Oe4~ 
if tke Chi 
tie'* «»■ eternal glory 

THEREFORE, seetngwc have 
• this ministry, *as we have 
received mercy, we faint not : 
9 But have renounced the hid- 
den thing* of t dishonesty ; not 
walking in orafiiiieta, o nor hand- 
ling the word of God deceitfully ; 
but, * by manifestation of the 
truth, • commending ouraelvea to 
every man's eouacieuco in the 
eight of God. 

3 But if our gospel bo hid, /it ia 
bid to them that are lost : 

4 In whom 'the god of this 
world * hath blinded the minds 
of them which believe not, lost 
Mhe light of the glorious gospel 
of Chrikt, »who ia the image of 
God, should shine unto them. 

fr *For we preach not ourselves 
but Christ Jesus the Lord; and 
•"ourselves your servants for Je- 
sus' sake. 

6- For God, » who commanded 
the light to shitte out of dark* 
uess, ♦ hath * shiued in our hearts, 
to gioe P the light of the know- 
ledge of the glory of God in the 
face of Jesus Christ. 

7 But we have this treasure in 
V earthen vessels, 'that the ex- 
cellency of the power may be of 
God, and not of us. 

8 We ore « troubled on every 
aide, yet not distressed; ase are 
perplexed, but | not in despair; 

9 Persecuted, but not forsaken ; 
* cast down, but not destroyed ; 

10 • Always bearing about in 
tile body the dying of the Lord 
Jesus, «(hat the liie also of Jesus 

riit be made manifest in our 


11 For wo which live rare al- 
ways delivered onto death for Je- 
sUs > sake, that the life also of Je- 
sus might be made manifest in 
our mortal flesh. 

M So then * death worketh in 
as, but life in you. 

IS We having * the same spirit 
of faith, according as it ia writ- 
ten, * I believed, and therefore 
b«ve I spoken; we also believe, 
tad therefore speak ; 

14 Knowing, that « he which 
raised up the Lord Jesus, shall 
raise up as also by Jesus, -and 
■halljareaeut u* with you. 

If ffer'eli things art fat your 

"CihUift **ji*;> 

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IJi* hoptqf Jmm o rhai k#** » 

sake*, ttiar* the abundant graea 

might' through the thanksgiving 
of many redound to the glory of 

Id For which cause we faint not ; 
but though our outwurd man 
perish, yet /the inward man ia 
renewed day by day. 

17 For four ngbt affliction, 
which ia but for a moment, work- 
eth for us a far more exceeding 
and eternal weight of glory; 

18 • While we look not at the 
things which are seen, but at the 
things which are not seen: for 
the things which are seen are 
temporal; but the things which 
are uot seen ore eleruai. 

1 That in hie ateured hope of immortal 
glory, 9 and ia eapeotante •/ u, and 
af the general judgment, ko labaureth 
U heap a good mmSmm. 12 net that 
ka tamp herein haaat aj htmsolf, 14 
but ae one that, having reeataod l\fa 
from Chritl, andeaaouretk to ha* am 
a nam crtalura to Chriet only. It) and 
bp hie ministry of rteonetlialion la 
reamed* othert el*o in Okriet to Bod, 

"POR we know that if »our 
A earthly house of this taber- 
nacle were dissolved, we have a 
building of God, an house uot, 
made with hands, eternal in the 

9 For in this owe groan, earn- 
estly desiring to be clothed upon 
with our house which is from 
heaven : 

3 If so be that • being clothed 
wa shall not be found naked. 

4 For we that are in this taber- 
nacle do groan, being burdened : 
not for that wa would be uncloth- 
ed, but d clothed upon, that mor- 
tality might be swallowed up of 

6 Now s he that hath wrought 
us for the self-same thing is God* 
who also/hath given unto us the 
earnest of the Spirit. 

6 Therefore v>e are always con- 
fident, knowing that, whilst wo 
are at home iu the body, we are 
absent from the Lord : 

7 (For 'we walk by faith, not 
bv sight :) 

8 We are confident, / say, and 
A willing rather to bo absent from 
the body, and to be preseut with 
the Lord. 

9 Wherefore we I labour, that, 
whether present or absent, we 
may be accepted of him. 

10 < For we must all appear be- 
fore the judgment-seat ot Chris..; 
«diat every oue may receive the 
things done in ».ts body, accord- 
ing to that he hath doue, whether 
il be good or bad. 

11 Ruowing therefore t the ter- 
ror of the Lord, we persuade) 
men ; but « we are made mani- 
fest unto God : and I trust also 
are made manifest in your ooa- 

CHrUi died /brail. 

M For ■ we commend not our- 
selves again unto you, but five 
you occasion 'to glory on our 
behalf, that ye may have some- 
what to answer them which glo- 
ry t iu appearanee, and uot in 

IS For » whether we be betide 
ourselves, it U to God : or wheth- 
er we be sober, it u for your 

14 For the love of Christ con- 
si raineth us ; because we thus 
fudge, that « if one died for all, 
then were all dead : 

15 And that he died for all, 
'that they which live should not 
henceforth live unto themselves, 
but unto him which died for 
them, and rose again. 

16 * Wherefore henceforth know 
we no man after the flesh : yea, 
though we have known Christ 
after the flesh, < yet now hence- 
forth know we Aim no more. 

17 Therefore, if any man « be in 
Cnrisi, lasts *a new creature: 
* old things are passed away ; be- 
hold, ail tilings are become new. 

18 And all things are of God, 
'who hath reconciled us to him- 
self by Jesus Christ, and hath 
given to us the ministry of recon- 

19 To wit, that « God was in 
Christ, reconciling the world 
unto himself, not imputing their 
trespasses unto them : and hath 
t committed uuto us the word of 

SO Now then we are * ambassa- 
dors for Christ, as « though God 
did beseech you by us: we pray 
you in Christ's stead, be ye re- 
conciled to God. 
t 1 For * be bath made him to be 
sin for us, who knew no siu : that 
we might be made •the right- 
eousness of God in him. 

1 Tket he hath epproood himtelf m 
faithful minuter ofCkritl, both fry 
hie tshortntiuno, 3 and fry integrity 
•J lift, 4. and bp patient enduring oil 
kinds itf affLktion end dufroeet for 
Ike getpel. 10 Of wkiek he iptekelk 
the mure boldla amonret them, btautt 
hi* heart ia open to them, 18 and he 
etpecttth the Me affection from them 
again, 14 exhorting to fUe the eoeietp 
end poUutum* of idoUtere, «# being 
themtelte* temple* of the fitter Oo4, 

WE then, as • workers togeth- 
er with him, • beseech you 
also « that ye receive not the grace 
of God in vain. 

9 (For he saith, 'I have beard 
thee in a time accepted, and in 
the day of salvation have I suc- 
coured thee : behold, now ia the 
accepted time ; behold, now is 
the day of salvation.) 

8 • Giving- no offence in any 
thing, that the ministry be not 
blamed : 

4 But in all thing*) t approving 

ourselves /as the muusurs of 



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> patience. 

God, i( 


i stripes, in imprisonments, 
I in lumulu, in labours, in watch- 
ing*, in fastings ; 
6' By pureness, by knowledge, by 
long-suffering, by kindness, by 
tlie Holy Ghost, by lora un- 

7 * By the word of truth, by * the 
power of God, by * the armour of 
righteousness on the right hand 
and on the left, 

8 By honour and dishonour, by 
evil report and good report ; aa 
deceivers, and yet true ; 

9 As unknown, and ' yet well 
known ; "as dying, and behold* 
we live: * as chasteued, and not 

10 As sorrowful, yet always re- 
jinoing; as poor, yet making 
mimy rich; as having nothiug, 
and yet possessing all things. 

11 Oy< Corinthians, our mouth 
is open unto you, *our bean ia 

15 V e are not straitened in us, 
but »ye are straitened in your 
own bowels. 

13 Now for a recompense in the 
same (« J speak as unto my chil- 
dren,! be ye also enlarged. 

M r B$) ye not unequally yoked 
together with unbelievers: for 
♦what fellowship hath righteous- 
ness with unrighteousness? and 
what communiou bath light with 
darkness ? 

I & And what concord hath Christ 
with Belial ? or what part bath 
he that belie veth with an infidel I 

16 And what agreement hath 
the temple of God with idols 1 fur 
'ye are the temple of the living 
God; as God hath said, « I will 
dwell in them, and walk in them; 
and 1 will be their God, and they 
shall be my people. 

17 'Wherefore come out from 
among them, and be ye separate, 
saiih the Lord, and touch not the 
unclean thing ; and I will receive 

IB r And will be a Father onto 
you, and ye shall be my sous and. 
daughters,, saith the Lord AU 

l J 

sartfy of fi/s, 3 end Is frssr kimlkm 
offtetum me hodotktothem, 3 WVre» 
»rutt he might item to doubt, he do- 
etmreth whet comfort he took te Hi 
ojlietumt, fry the report wkiek "Tim 

TJ A VI NG « therefore these pro- 
- L - L mises, dearly beloved, let us 
cleanse ourselves from all flltbj* 
neasofthe flesh and spirit, per-.- 
feeling hobuess in the iaar of 
a ReeatYf as; we have wrcqged 

chap, vih. 

Tib man, we have eoi rented no 
mnn . * we have defrauded no man. 
4 I speak not this to condemn 
your for «l have said before, that 

£e are in our heart* to die and 
vewith you. 

4 'Great it my boldness of 
speech toward you, • great ia my 
glorying of you:/l am filled with 
eomTort, 1 am exceeding joyful in 
ait our tribulation. 

5 For 'when we were come 
into Macedonia, our flesh had no 
rest, but *we were troubled on 
every side; 'without were fight- 
ing*, within were fears. 

Nevertheless * God, that com- 
forteth those that are cast down, 
comforted as by 'the coming of 

7 And not by bis coming only, 
but by the consolation wherewith 
be whs comforted in you, when 
he told us your earnest desire, 
your mourning, your fervent mil id 
toward me ; so that I rejoiced the 

8 'For thettgh I made you sorry 
with a letter, I do not repent, 
"though I did repent: for lper- 
eeive that the same epistle hmli 
made you sorry, though it were 
but for a season. 

8 Now I rejoice, not that ye 
e/ere made sorry, but that rebor- 
rowed to repentance : for je were 
made serry (after a godW man- 
ner, that ye might rtcciw dam- 
age by us in nothing. 

• ¥o For *godly sorrow worketh 
repentance to salvation not to be 

-repented of: *but the sorrow of 
the world worketh death. 

11 Fof behold this self-tame 
thing, that ye sorrowed after a 
godly sort, what carefulness it 
wrought in you, yea, what clear- 
ing or yourselves, vea, what in- 
dignation, yea, what (ear, yea, 
what vehement desire, yea, vhnt 
teal, yea, what revenge ! In ail 
thing's ye have approved your- 
selves to be clear in this matter. 

12 Wherefore, though I wrote 
unto you, / did it not for his 
eause that had done the wrong, 
nor for his cause that suffered 
wrong, "but that our care for 
•you in the sight of Ged might 
appear unto yott. 

n Therefore we were comforted 
•in your comfort: yea, and ex- 
ceedingly the more joyed we for 
the joy of Titus, because bis spirit 
•was refreshed by you all. 
14 For if 1 have boasted any 
thing to 1dm of you, I am not 
•ashamed; but as we spake all 
-things to you in truth, even so 
our boasting, which / mad* be- 
'fore Titus, is found a truth. 
16 And his t inward affection 
is more ' abundant toward you. 
Whilst be remembereth p the obe- 
'■dtence of you all, how with fear 
aitd trembling ye received him. 


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Exhatlatibn ft) Ttberatitg. 

<6 I rejoice therefore that* I have 
confidence in you in all things. 

J. Be IHroUt them up to a liberal t,imr 
tributim for tht poor toinit «( * 
teltm, be the temple ofth* h 
niens, 7 b$ commendtUum 
former former inen, 9 At f 
pit xtf OhriH, 14 end op the tpiriHtet 
profit lAmt ekett rodeuml uthmeotem 
thtrebp : 10 commending to thorn Ms 
MUgritt serf iniii»g»M* of T'ftM, 
surf thoee other brgthm, who k/mm 
kit rtqwnt, tehortotio*, and oom- 

"JY/TOJIEOVER, brethren, we do 
*•'•*■ you to wit of the grace of 
God bestowed ou the churches of 
Macedonia ; 

8 How that in a great trial of af- 
fiiction.the abundance of their joy, 
and ■ their deep povert y,abouuded 
unto the riches of their t liberality. 

3 For to their power, I bear re- 
cord, yea, and beyond their pow- 
er, they were willing of them- 
selves ; 

4 Praying us with much entrea- 
ty, that we would receive the grifl, 
and take xtpon us "the fellowship 
of the ministering to the saints. 

5 And thi$ they did, uot as we 
hoped, but first gave their own 
selves to the Lord, and uuto us by 
the will of God : 

6 Insomuch that «we desired 
Titus, that as he had begun, au 
he would also finish in you the 
same (grace atso. 

7 Therefore, as d ye abound in 
every thing, in faith, and utter- 
ance, and knowledge, and in all 
diligence, and in your love to us, 
see • that ye abound in this grace 

8/1 speak not by command- 
ment, but by occasion of the for- 
wardness of others, and to prove 
the sincerity of your love. 

9 For ye know the grace of our 
Lord Jesus Christ, * that though 
he was rich, yet for your sakeshe 
became poor, that ye through hja 
poverty might be rich. 

10 And herein * 1 give my ad- 
vice : for > this is expedient for 
you, who have begun before, not 
only to do, but also to be t* for- 
ward a year ago. 

11 Now therefore perform the 
doing of it ; that as there wae a, 
readiness to will, so there may 1$ 
a peiforraance also out of that 
wbich ye have. 

18 For < if tbore be first a willing 
mind, it it accepted according to 
that a man hath, and not accord- 
ing to that he hath not. 

13 For / mean not that other 
men he eased, and, you burdened-. 

14 But by an equality, that now 
at this time your abundance may 
be a ettpplb for their want, that 
their abundance also may be a 
supply for your waut : that there 
may be equality: 


Why Pout tent Titer. 

15 As it is written. "He that had 
gathered much had nothing over ; 
and he that had gathered little 
bad no lack. 

16 But thanks be to God, which 
put the same earnest care into the 
heart of Titus tor you. 

17 For indeed he accepted * the 
exhortation; but being' more for- 
ward, of hit own accord he went 

the brother, whose praise it in 
the gospel throughout all the 
churches ; 

19 And not that only, but who 
was also f> chosen of the churches 
to travel with us with this 1 grace, 
which is administered by us « to 
the glory of the same Lord, and 
declaration of your ready mind : 

SO Avoiding this, that no man 
should blame us in this abun- 
dance which is administered by uk 

21 r Providing for honest things, 
not only in the sight of the Lord, 
but also in the sight of men. 

22 And we have sent with them 
our brother, whom we have of- 
tentimes proved diligent in many 
things, but now much more dili- 
gent, upon the great confidence 
which 1 1 have in you. 

23 Whether any do inquire of 
Titus, he is my partner and fel- 
low-helper concerning you : or 
our brethren be inquired of, they 
are * the messengers of the church- 
es, and the glory of Christ. 

24 Wheretore shew ye to them, 
and before the churches, the 
proof of your love, and of our 
' boasting on your behalf. 


1 Be pieldtth ths riaion whp, though he 
knsw their forwardntsi, pst he tent 
Titus and hi* brethren hearth and. 
6 And hi proeotdeth im itirring them 
lip to a bountiful almt, at being but 
m kind of taming of nod, 10 whish 

It. CORINTHIANS. The npoetie't spirtthal 


18 and occasion a grtat saer\fiee of 
thanisgisingt unto Ood. 

FOR. as touching • the minis- 
tering to the saints, it is su- 
perfluous for me to write to you : 

2 For 1 know b the forwardness 
of your mind, « for which I boast 
of you to them of Macedonia, 
that <*Achaia was ready a year 
ago ; and your zeal hath provok- 
ed very many. 

S « Yet have I sent the brethren, 
lest our boasting of you should be 
in vain in this behalf; that, as 1 
said, ye may be ready : 

4 Lest haply if they of Macedo- 
nia come with me, and find you 
Unprepared, we (that we say not, 
ye) should be ashamed in this 
same confident boasting. 

i Therefore I thought it neces- 
sary to exhort the brethren, that 
they would go before unto you, 
and make up beforehand your 
* bounty, | whereof ye had notice 
before, that the same might be 

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1 Or, 
to Hod. 


ready, ae a matter of bounty, aad 
not as o/covetousnesa. 

6 /But this / say, He which 

soweth sparingly, shall reap ais* 
sparingly ; and he which aowetk 
bountiJully, shall reap also boun- 

7 Every man according m» be) 
purposeih in his heart, eo Ut hm 
give ; 'not grudgingly, or of ne- 
cessity : for* God loveth a cheer- 
ful giver. 

8 i And God is able to make all 
grace abound toward you ; that 
ye, always having aH sufficiency 
in all Mings, may abound to every 
good work : 

9 ( As it is written, 4 He hath dis- 
persed abroad ; he hath given to 
the poor : his righteousness nft- 
mahieth for ever. 

10 Now he that ' ministeretb 
seed to the sower, both minister 
bread for your food, and multiply 
your seed sown, and increase toe 
fruits of your ■» righteousness;) 

1 1 Being enriched in every thing 
to all i t bountifulneee, » which 
causeth through as thanksgiving 
to God. * 

12 For the administration of this 
service not only •a'upplieth the 
want of the saints, but is abun- 
dant also by many thanksgiving* 
unto God ; 

13 While by the experiment of 
this ministration they P glorify 
God for your professed subjection 
unto the gospel of Christ, and for 
your liberal 9 distribution unto 
them, and unto all men ; 

14 And by their prayer for you, 
which long after yon, for the ex- 
ceeding r grace of God in you. 

15 Thanks be unto God • for hie 
unspeakable gift. 

Again* the false apooUts, who 4m- 
grated the weakness of his parson ami 
bodilp primes, he ttOeth out ths spir- 
itual migU and ontkoritg, with whisk 
he is armed against alt odsmarp 
pernors, 7 assuring tksm that at his 
coming he will be found as mightp At 
word, as he is now in writing bnng 
absent, 13 and withal tewing tksm 
far noshing out themsatess bspmd 
their sompass, and sounttng thssn- 
seism into other men's labours. 
OW • 1 Paul myself beseech 
you, by the meekness and 
gentleness of Christ, *wh© fin 
presence am base among youv 
nut being absent am bold towara 

9 But 1 beseech you, • that I may 
not be bold when 1 am present 
with that confidence, wherewith 
I think to be bold against tome, 
which I think of us as if we walk- 
ed according to the flesh. 

3 For though we walk fa th* 
flesh, we do not war after the fletht 

4 ('For the weapons «of one 
warfare ore not carnal, hat 
/migfatv | through God * to Uk) 
pulling down of strong hokts;) 


Tt*t apostles* spiritual potter. 
5 * Casting down I imaginations, 
and every nigh thing that exalt- 
ed i itself against the knowledge 
of God, and bringing into cap- 
tivity every thought to the obeui- 

tivity every thoug] 
ence of Christ ; 

6 * And having in a readiness to 
revenge all disobedience, when 
* your obedience is fulfilled. 

7 / Do ye look on things after the 
outward appearance f "»lf auy 
oaan trust to himself that he is 
Christ's, let him of himself think 
this again, that, as he is Christ's, 
•▼en so are " we Christ's. 

8 For though I should boast 
somewhat more • of our authori- 
ty, which the Lord hath given us 
fpr edification, and not for your 
destruction, P\ should not be 

9 That I may not seem as if I 
would terrify you by letters. 

10 For his le iters ( t say they ) are 
weighty and powerful: but 1 his 
bodily presence is weak, and his 
' speech contemptible. 

if Let such an one think this, 
that such as we are in word by 
letters when we are absent, such 
will vis be also in deed when we 
are present. 

12 'For we dare not make our- 
selves of the number, or compare 
ourselves with some that com- 
mend themselves: bu' they, meas- 
uring themselves by themselves, 
*n4 comparing themselves among 
themselves, 1 are not wise. 

13 'But we will not boast of 
thing* without our measure, but 
according to the measure of the 
| rule which God hath distributed 
to us, a measure to reach even 

14 For we stretch not ourselves 
beyoud our measure, as though 
We. reached not unto you ; « for 
we are come as far as to you also 
in preaching the gospel of Christ : 

15 Not boasting of things with- 
out our measure, that is, *of 
other men's labours - but having 
hope, when your faith is increas- 
ed, that we shall be I enlarged 
by you, according to our rule 

16 To preach the gospel in the 
regions beyoud you, and not to 
boast in another man's I line of 
tilings made ready to our hand. 
.17 Vfiut he that glorieth, let 
him glory in the Lord. 

18 For * not he that commend- 
r.h himself is approved, but 
■ whom the Lord coinmeudeth. 

I Out of hit jtslouep over the Corinthi- 
ant, mho turned to mekt more so 
count ofthtfoltt apoultt than of him, 
h* mltrmth into a forced commend*' 
lion ofkim—[f. • ofhtoroualttf With 
the okiSfapo tUu , t of Jk» proaehiMt 
the gospsi to shorn fresig, and without 
. em their shorts, 13 showing List he 
mss. mot ssfortor to those deeeUfut 
mritre in say legal prong attst, S3 


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Paul excusetli his sslf-boastinc. 

end in the teroieo of Christ, end As 
oil hind of tnferingt for his mintt- 
Irs, for superior. 

WOULD to God ye could bear 
with me a little in « my fol- 
ly : and indeed I bear wi'.h me. 

I For I am 'jealous over you 
with godly jealousy : for « 1 have 
espoused you to one husband, 
'that 1 may present you * at 
a chaste virgin to Christ. 

3 But i fear, lest by any means, 
as /the serpent beguiled Kve 
through his subtilty, so your 
minds * should be corrupted from 
the simplicity that is in Christ. 

4 For if he that cometh preach- 
eth another Jesus, whom we have 
not preached, or \f yc receive 
another spirit, which ye have not 
received, or * another gospel, 
which ye have not accepted, ye 
might well bear 1 with hun. 

5 For I suppose »I was not a 
whit behind the very chiefest 

6 But though */ be mde tit 
speech, yet not 'in knowledge; 
but *we have been thoroughly 
made manifest among you in all 

7 Have I committed an offence 
» in abasing myself that ye might 
be exalted, because 1 have preach- 
ed to you the gospel of God 

8 1 robbed other churches, taking 
wages of them, to do you service. 

9 And when I was present with 
you, and wanted, • 1 was charge- 
able to no man : for that which 
was lacking to me P the brethren 
which came from Macedonia 
supplied: and in all things I 
have kept myself 9 from being 
burdensome unto you* and so 
will I keep myself. 

10 r As the truth of Christ is in 
me, t«no man shall stop me of 
this boasting in the regions of 

II Wherefore ? * because I love 
you not ? God knoweth. 

IS But what I do, that I will do, 
* that I may cut on'occasion from 
them which desire occasion ; that 
wherein they glory, they may be 
found even as we. 

13 For such *are false apostles, 
V deceitful workers, transforming 
themselves into the apostles o? 

14 And no marvel; for Satan 
himself is transformed into » aa 
angel of light. 

15 Therefore it is no great thing 
if his ministers also be transform- 
ed as the « ministers of righte- 
ousness ; o whose end shall be ac- 
cording to their works. 

16 " 1 say again, Let no man 
think me a fool ; if otherwise, yet 
as a fool 1 receive me, that 1 may 
boast myself a little. 

17 That which I speak, * I speak 
it not after the Lord, but as it 


Paul' a euferinga 

wew foolishly, • in this confidence 
01 boasting. 

18 /Seeing that many glory af- 
ter the tlesb, 1 will glory also. 

19 For ye suffer tool* gladly, 

* seeing- ye yourtehea are wise. 

20 Fur ye suffer, *if a man bring 
yoa into bondage, if a man de- 
vour you, if a man talce of you, 
If a man exalt himself, if a man 
smite yoa on the face. 

SI 1 «peak as concerning re- 
proach, <as though we had been 
weak. Howbeit, * whereinsoever 
any is bold, (I speak foolishly) I 
am bold also. 

22 Are thev Hebrews ? t so am I. 
Are they Israelites? so am 1. 
Are they the seed of Abraham ? 
so am I. 

83 Are they ministers of Christ? 
(1 speak as a fool) 1 am more; 

* in labours more abundant, " in 
btripes above measure, in prisons 
more frequent, » in deaths oft. 

94 Of the Jews five times re- 
ceived 1 p forty atrip— save one. 

25 Thrice was I « beaten with 
rods, r once was 1 stoned, thrice J 

* suffered shipwreck, a night and 
a day I have been in the deep ; 

26 In journeyings often, in perils 
of waters, in perils of robbers, 
' in perils by mine own country- 
men, ■ in perils by the heathen, 
in perils in the city, in perils in 
the wilderness, in perils in the 
sea, in perils among false breth- 

27 In weariness and painfulnesa, 
•in watchings often, viu hunger 
and thirst, in fastings often, in 
cold and nakedness. 

28 Besides those things that are 
without, that which cometh upon 
me daily, *the care of all the 

29 • Who is weak, and I am not 
weak ? who is ofleuded, and I 
hum not? 

30 If I must needs glory, H will 
glory of the things which con- 
cern mine infirmities. 

31 « The God and Father of onr 
Lord Jesus Christ, * which is 
blessed for evermore, kuoweth 
that I lie not. 

32 * In Damascus the governor 
under Aretas the king kept the 
city of the Damascenes with a 
garrisou, desirous to apprehend 

33 And through a window in a 
basket was I let down by the 
wall, and escaped his hands. 


1 For commanding of kia mpeatlaaUp, 

though hi mtgkt glara of kit tumdtr- 

ful ra*4aiio*a, 9 vat k* rather ekooa- 

ft her in lAf affection af a fathar, 

SO although kafaarotk h* ahall to hit 

tnaf jinH man* ogmdara, an* pua- 

, las diaanlara !>«■«. 


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TT is not expedient for me doubt* 

1 less to glory, t J will come to 
visions and revelatious of the 

2 I knew a man a in Christ abeve 
fourteen years ago, (whethei in 
the body, I cannot tell ; or wheth- 
er out of the body, I cannot tell : 
God knoweth ;) such an one 
6 caught up to the third heaven. 

3 And I knew such a man, 
(whether in the body, or out of 
the body, 1 cannot tell: God 
knoweth ; ) 

4 How that he was caught up 
into "paradise, and beard un- 
speakable words, which it is not 
U lawful for a man to utter. 

5 Of such an one will I glory: 
<<yet of myself I will not glory* 
but in mine infirmities. 

6 For * though I would desire to 
glory, I shall not be a fool ; for 1 
will say the truth : but note I for- 
bear, lest 'any man shduld think 
of me above that which he seeth 
me to be, or thai he heareth of me. 

7 And lest I should be exalted 
above measure through the abun- 
dance of the revelations, there 
was given to me a / thorn in the 
flesh, * the messenger of Satan to 
bullet me, lest I should be exalt- 
ed above measure. 

8 * For this thing I besought the 
Lord thrice, that it might depart 
from me. 

9 And he said unto me, My 
grace is sufficient for thee: for 
my strength is made perfect in 
weakness. Most gladly there- 
fore "will I rather glory in m> 
infirmities, 'that the power of 
Christ may rest upon me. 

10 Therefore ' I take pleasure in 
infirmities, in reproaches, in ne- 
cessities, in persecutions, in dis- 
tresses for Christ's sake: *for 
when I am weak, then am 1 

1 1 I am become "a fool in glo- 
rying; ye have compelled me» 
for I ought to have been com- 
mended of you : for • in nothing 
am I behind the very chiefeat 
apostles, though P I be nothing. 

II « Truly the signs of an apos- 
tle were wrought among you in 
all patience, tn signs, and won- 
ders, and mighty deeds. 

13 r For what is it wherein ye 
were inferior to other churches, 
except it be that *I myself waa 
not burdensome to you ? forgive 
me ' this wrong. 

14 « Behold, the third tfme I am 
ready to come to you ; and I will 
not be burdensome to you: for 
■I seek not yours, but you. a Far 
the children ought not to lay up 
for the parents, but the parents 
for the children. 

15 And * I will very gladly 
spend and be spent • for r you : 
though »the more abundantly I 
love you, the less I be loved. 

Paul threaten*)* 

16 But be it so, «1 did not 
burden you : nevertheless, being 
craftv, I caught you with guile. 

17 "Did I make a gain of you 
by any of them whom I sent unto 

18 « I desired Titus, and with 
Aim 1 sent a/ brother. Did Titus 
make a gain of you ? walked wa 
not in the same spirit 1 valked 
we not in the same steps 1 

19 'Again, think ye tbat we ex- 
cuse ourselves unto you? *we 
speak before God in Christ : * but 
we do all thing's, dearly beloved, 
for your edify ins;. 

30 For I fear, lest, when I come, 
I shall not find you such as I 
would, and that * I shall be found 
unto you such as ye would not : 
lest there be debates, envying*, 

wraths, strifes, backbiting?, whis- 
perings, swellings, tumults : 
21 And lest, when 1 come again, 

my God ' will humble me among 
you, and that 1 shall bewail many 
"•which have sinned already, and 
have not repented of theunclean- 
yiess, and " fornication, and las- 
civiousuess, which they have 

1 He threateneth Merit*, and the power 
of hit apottlethip againtt obttmate 
tinmen. A And adviting them to a 
trimt of their faith, T- md to * re- 
formation of their tint before hit 
coming, 11 he eoneludtth hie tpietle 
i general exhortation end m 


HIS is « the third time I am 
•*- coming to you : * In the mouth 
of two or three witnesses shall 
every word be established. 
2 e 1 told you before, and foretell 
you, as if 1 were present, the sec- 
ond lime ; and being absent now 
I write to them *" which heretofore 
have sinned, and to all other, 
that, if I come again, • I will not 
■pare : 

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unreclaimed qf< tndtrt 

| S Since ye seek a proof of Christ 
1 /speaking in me, which to yottr 
1 ward is not weak, but is mighty 
'in you. 

4 * For though he was crucified 
through weakness, yet * he livelh 
hv the power of God. For *we 
also are weak I in him, but we 
shall live with him by the power 
of God toward you. 
5 1 Examine yourselves, whether 
ye be m the faith ; prove your own 
selves. Know ye not your own 
selves, "* how that Jesus Christ is 
in you, except ye be "reprobates! 

6 But I trust that ye shall know 
that we are not reprobates. 

7 Now I pray to God that ye do 
no evil ; not that we should ap- 
pear approved, but that ye should 
do that which is honest, though 
« we be as reprobates. 

8 For we can do nothing against 
the truth, but for the truth. 

9 Fr»r we art glad, »whrn ^« 
are «rt itk, and ye arr •rrnr^ i a*nl 
thin stag pftj wjrh, itrcri yuiir per- 

1(1 r'l'liL-roft.rr I wrila IbUfl 
tilings b*i«* Bluettl, IfiL being 
pretext *l Uko-uLij uie pfeftrpMem, 
'at liUx lo Dae power Whlcfc 
the Lonf >uii>i g-ivRn t^e r.n e djfi- 
Ciii and uuIiq dei miction. 

11 Fun I ly, brethren, UmwislL 
Be peritci, be i»f g*-**\ tumfbrt, 
«br,>t une mim^ Nve io p**rrc; 
and lI.* Uuil o-f k>ve *ajnJ (WASP 
shall be wuh you. 

12 i Greet one another with an 
holy kiss. 

13 All the saints salute you. 

14 ' The grace of the Lord Je- 
sus Christ, and the love of God, 
and a die communion of the Holy 
Ghost, be with you all. Amen. 

IT The second epiatte to the Co- 
rinthians was written from 
Philippi, a city of Macedouia, 
by Titus and Lucas. 




6 Be wtndereth the* them heme $o toon 
left him end the goepol, 8 end ao- 
emntth those that preach «ajr ether 
goepet ttmn he did. 11 Me teamed 
tkegeemelnotofmen t butofOod: 14 
and tkeveth *hat he vat before nit 

after it. 

PAUL, an apostle, (« not of 
men, neither bv man, but &by 
Jesus Christ, and God the Father. 
• who raised him from the dead:) 
I And all the brethren * which 
are with me, • unto the churches 

A. D. 08. A. D. M. 

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S /Grace be to you, and peace 
from God the Father, and from 
our Lord Jesus Christ, 

4 'Who gave himself for our 
sins, that he might deliver as 
» from this present evil world, ac- 
cording to the will of God and 
our Father : 

5 To whom 6« glory for ever and 
ever. Amen. 

6 I marvel that ye are eo soon 
removed <frora him that called 
you into the grace of Christ, uato 
another gospel : 

14, Ha. 3. 6. 4. 6. 5. Uo.ft.lft. feftufcl. 

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A. D. 63. 


II Or, 

«W» doctrine not from man. G ALATIANS. Paul'* expo$hdatton «*» Peter. 

THEN fourteen years after"! 
went up again to Jerusalem 
with Barnabas, and took Titus 
with me also. 

9 And I went up by revelation, 
6 and communicated unto Uiem 
that gospel which I preach a- 
mong the Gentiles, but B privately 
to them which were of reputa- 
tion, lest by any means * I should 
run, or had run, in vain. 

3 But neither Titus, who was 
with me, being a Greek, was com- 
pelled to be circumcised : 

4 And that because of 'falsa 
brethren unawares brought itij 
who came in privily to spy out 
our • liberty which we have in 
Christ Jesus, /that they might 
bring us into bondage: 

5 To whom we gave place by 
subjection, no, not for an hour: 
that 'the truth of the gospel 
might continue with you. 

6 nut of those, * who seemed td 
be somewhat, whatsoever they 
were, it inakelh no matter to me.: 
<God accepteth no man's per- 
son : for they who seemed to be 
somewhat, * in conference added 
nothing to me : 

7 But contrariwise, 'when they 
saw that the gospel of the uncir- 
cumcision w was committed unto 
me, as the gospel of the circum- 
cision was unto Peter; 

8 (For he that wrought effec- 
tually in Peter to the apoclleship 
of the circumcision, "the same 
was « mighty in me toward the 
Gentiles :) 

9 And when James, Cephas, and 
John, who seemed to he P pillars, 
perceived Gthe grace that was 
given uuto me, they gave to me 
and Barnabas the right hands of 
fellowship; that "we ekould go 
unto the heathen, and they unto 
the circumcision. 

10 Only they would that we 
should remember the poor ; r the 
same, which I also was forward 
to do. 

11 'But when Pe^er was come to 
Antioch, I withstood him to the 
face, because he was to be blamed. 

IS For before that certain came 
from James, ' be did eat with the 
Gentiles : but when they were 
come, he withdrew, aud separa- 
ted himself, fearing them which 
were of the circumcision. 

13 And the other Jews dissem- 
bled likewise with him ; inso- 
much that Barnabas also waa 
carried away with their dissimu- 

14 But when I saw that they 
walked not uprightly according to 
* the truth of the gospel, I said 
unto Peter 'before them all, fit 
thou, being a Jew, livest after 
the manner of Gentiles, and not 
as do the Jews, why compellest 
thou the Gentiles to live as do tfat 

7 * Which is not another ; but 
there be some ' that trouble you, 
and would pervert the gospel of 

8 But though * we, or an angel 
from heaven, preach any other 
gospel uuto you than that which 
we nave preached unto you, let 
him be accursed. 

9 As we said before, so say I 
cow again, If any mem preach 
any other gospel unto you * than 
that ye have received, let him be 

10 For »do I now » persuade 
men, or God ? or 1 do 1 seek to 
please men ? for if I yet pleased 
men, I should not be the servant 
of Christ. 

11 r But I certify you, brethren, 
that the gospel which was preach- 
ed of me is not after man : 

IS For • I neither received it of 
man, neither was I taught it, but 
' by the revelation of Jesus Christ. 

13 For ye have heard of my con- 
versation in time past in the Jews' 
religion, how that * beyond meas- 
ure I persecuted the church ©I" 
God, and 'wasted it; 

14 And profited in the Jews' re- 
ligion above many my t equals in 
mine own nation, * being more 
exceedingly zealous * of the tra- 
ditions ot my fathers. 

15 But when it pleased God, * who 
separated me trom my mother's 
Womb, and called me by bis grace, 

16 *To reveal bis Son in m<-, 
that « I might preach him amon;r 
the heathen; immediately I con- 
ferred not with' flesh and blood: 

17 Neither went I up to Jerusa- 
lem to them which were apostles 
before me : but 1 went into Ara- 
bia, and returned again unto Da- 

18 Then after three years • I 
{went up to Jerusalem to see Pe- 
ter, and abode with him fifteen 

19 But /other of the apostles 
saw I none, save 'James the 
Lord's brother. 

SO Now the things which I write 
unto you, * behold, before God, 1 
lie not. 

81 • Afterwards I came into the 
regions of Syria and Cilicia; 
SS And was unknown by face 
* unto the churches of Judea 
which l were in Christ : 
iZ But they had heard only. 
That he which persecuted us in 
times past, now preacheth the 
faith which once he destroyed. 
24 And they glorified God in me. 

J Beekneeth uhsn he went up again to 
Jerusalem, and /or what purpose: '.' 
end that Titus wot not tireumeftsd 
tl and thmt he resisted Piter, and 
told him ih» reason, 14 t»A» he and 
ether, being Jems,debsUeee it Ckrut 
to be justified bp faith, end not be 
vorkt: 80 end that they lit*** t» 
eta, wee are $o justified. 

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Q/ justification by faiiK 

16 * We who ore Jew* by na- 
ture, and not « sinners of the Gen- 

16 * Knowing that a man is not 
Justified by tna works of the law, 
but * by the faith of Jesus Christ, 
eveu we have believed in Jesus 
Christ, that we might be justified 
Ly the faith of Christ, and not by 
the works of the law : for * by 
the works of the law shall no flesh 
be justified. 

li But if, while we seek to be 
justified by Christ, we ourselves 
also are, found 'sinners, is there- 
fore Christ the minister of sin ? 
God forbid. 

18 For if 1 build again the things 
which I destroyed,! make myself 
a transgressor. 

19 For I /through the law ram 
dead to the law, that I might *live 
unto God. 

90 I am 'crucified with Christ: 
nevertheless, I live; yet not I, 
but Christ liveth in me : and the 
life which I now live in the flesh, 
* I live by the faith of the Son 
of God, ' who loved me, and gave 
himself for me. 

81 I do not frustrate the grace 
of God : for * if righteousness 
come by the law, then Christ is 
dead in vain. 

1 Htoakth was* ««Mrf thorn to tans 
too faith, and hang spaa the low 1 6 
Thif) that botint art jutt(fi*d, 9 and 
bie*$ed uitk Abraham. 10 Ami thU 
ht ihtwoth bt manf rem*otu. 

O FOOLISH Galatians, «who 
hath bewitched you, that ye 
shoultl not obey * the truth, be- 
fore whose eyes Jesus Christ hath 
been evidently set forth, crucified 
among you ? 

2 This only would 1 learn of you, 
Received ye tbe Spirit by the 
works of the law, «"or by the hear- 
ing of faith J 

3 Are ye so foolish 1 * having be- 
gun in the Spirit, are ye now made 
perfect by /the flesh t 

4 * Have ye suffered I so many 
things in vain 7 if it be yet in 

5 He therefore *that minieter- 
eth to you the Spirit, and work- 
eth miracles among you, doeth 

Ju it by the works of the law, or 
by the heariug of faith ? 

6 Even as • Abraham believed 
God, and it was | accounted to 
him for righteousness. 

7 Know ye therefore, that * they 
waich are of faith, the same are 
the children of Abraham. 

8 And 'the scripture, foreseeing 
that God would justify the hea- 
theu through faith, preached be- 
fore the gospel unto Abraham, 
toying, »In thee shall all nations 

9 So then they which be of faith 
are blessed with faithful Abnt- 

are bl 



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I Or, 
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All baUner* ore Ju*tyt*L 

10 For as many as are of the 
works of the law, are under tha 
curse : for it is written, « Cursed 
u every one that continued) not 
in all things which are written in 
the book of the law to do them. 

11 But • that no man is justified 
by the law in the sight of God, if 
u evident : for, • The Just shall 
live by faith. 

IS And « the law is not of faith: 
but, r The man that doeth them 
shall lire in them. 

13 • Christ hath redeemed ue 
from the curse of the law, being 
made a curse for us: for it u 
written, ' Cursed is every one 
that hangeth on a tree : 

14 "That the blessing of Abra- 
ham might come on the Gentiles 
through Jesus Christ; that wa 
might receive 'the promise of 
the Spirit tlurough faith. 

15 Brethren, I speak after tha 
manner of men ; * Though it he 
but a man's I covenant, yet \f it 
be confirmed, no man disaunuUeth 
or addeth thereto. 

16 Now «to Abraham and hia 
need were the promises made, 
lie saith not, And to seeds, as of 
many; but as of one, And to thy 
seed, which is « Christ. 

17 And this 1 say, That the cov- 
enant that was confirmed before 
of God in Christ, the law, which 
was four hundred and thirty years 
niter, cannot disannul, <>that it 
should make the promise of none 

18 For if 'the inheritance be of 
the law, «ir is no more of prom- 
ise : but God gave it to Abraham 
by promise. 

19 Wherefore then mtrveth tha 
law 1 /It was added because of 
transgressions, till r the seed 
should come to whom the prom- 
ise was made ; and it teas * or- 
dained by angels in the hand i of 
a mediator. 

20 Now a mediator is not a 
mediator of one; 'but God is 

21 It the law then against tha 
promises of God? God forbid: 
• for if there had been a law given 
which could have given life, ver- 
ily righteousness should have 
been by the law. 

28 But *• the scripture hath con- 
cluded * all under sin, » that tha 
promise by faith of Jesus Christ 
might be given to them that be- 

23 But before faith came, we 
were kept under the law, shut 119 
unto the faith which should af- 
terwards be revealed. 

24 Wherefore * the law was our 
school-master to bring us unto 
Christ, 1 that we might be justi- 
fied by faith. 

85 But after that faith is come, 
we are no longer under a echoes- 



Ctrietfirmd «#/*»» the taw. 

46 For- ye rer* ail Um eaildmn 
of Uod by faitli in Christ Jesus. 
17 Fof-*+s many of you aeiura 
been baptised iato Christ, ' have 
put on Christ. 

J» « There is neither Jew nor 
Greek, abere u neither bond nor 
free, there is neither male nor fe- 
male : for ye ejre ail * one in Christ 

39 And * if ye 6* Christ'*, then 
•re ye Abraham 's«eed»and * heirs 
according to the promise* 

1 W» were wutsr the Urn tJB Chrirt 
eame, «• (As Aefr it «arf«r feu /c«or- 
4mm tili kttotf «r<- 6 B«l Can* 
>••* «w /rsst tts.te*: » (tortjwrf 
isssrs Mnistt m teajrar to at. 14 
As reaiMimM Mar rami m»U <o 
tint, end feu to M«m, 29 surf laawdh 
Ifeoi im «r» (fe« mm «/ 46r«*4ja by 

~ TOW I say, That the heir, as 
* long 1 as he is a child, dtl- 
fereth nothing from a servant, 
though he be lord of all ; 

2 But is under tutors and gov- 
ernors until the tiiue appointed 
of the father. 

3 Eveu so we, when we were 
children,* ware in bondage under 
the I elements of the world: 

4 But twhen the fulness of tlie 
time was come, God sent forth 
his Son, • made * of a woman, 
• made under the law, 

h /To redeem them that were 
under the law, 'that we might 
receive the adoption of sons. 

6 And because ye are sons, God 
hath sent forth * the Spirit of hi* 
Son into your hearts, crying, Ab- 
ba, Father. 

7 Wherefore thou art no more a 
servant, but a son; > and it' a 
son, then an heir of God through 

8 Howbeit then, * when ye knew 
not God, ' ye did service unto 
them which by nature are no 

9 But now, • after that ye have 
known God, or rather are known 
of God, "how turn ye H Again to 
° the weak and beggarly | ele- 
ments, whereunto ye desire again 
to be in bondage ? 

10 P Ye observe days, and moot hs, 
and times, and years. 

11 f am afraid of you, 1 lest I 
have bestowed upon you labour in 

12 Brethren, I beseech you, be 
as 1 am ; for I am as ye are: «" ye 
have not injured me at all. 
'18 Ye know how • through in- 
flrmity of the flesh I preached the 
gos]iel unto you 1 at the first. 

14 And mv temptation which 
was in my flesh ye despised not, 
nor rejected : but received me * as 
an angel of God, * even as Christ 

at 19. 7,0. t oh. 1. 8. « 9 8a. 19. 27 
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». 1 Th. S. 13. 

. . IM 

G AL AT1AN8. The allegory <tf Sort* oftmUA^m. 
A.D.6& *.D<0* 46 I Where » then the -MeaaM, 

bear yew 

ibeen nim* 
Me, ye would have plucked out 

r Jobs l. 

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fur yo*. 


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I Or, w ia 
th* am* 
rmni tfitfc. 
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lto.9^. cb* 



I ch. 6. IU 

ft o. n. 

m ob. 3. 8, 

dbsa ye spake oft for I b 

ecord, that, if it had been ] 

your owu eyes, and have- givea 
them to me. 

16 Am I therefore become you* 
enemy 9 because I tell you the> 

17 They •■ealously affect you, 
btU not well; yea, they Would ex- 
clude U you, that ye might affect 

4e> But it is good to be jealously 
affected always in a good thing 
and not only when I am present 
With you. 

19 • fly Utile children, of whom 
I travail in birth again, until 
Christ be formed in you, 

80 I desire to be present with 
you new* and to change my voice j 
for 1 1 stand in doubt of you. 

21 Tell me, ye that desire to be 
under the law, do ye not hear th* 

22 For it is written, that Abra- 
ham had two sous ; 6 the one by 
a. bond-maid, «the other by a 

23 But he wkm woe of the bond- 
woman, d was born after the 
flesh ; • but he of the free-woman 
vat by promise. 

24 Which things are an alle- 
gory : for these are the two | cov- 
enants; the one from the mount 
t/ Sinai, which genderetfa to 
bondage, which is Agar. 

25 For this Agar is mount Sinai 
in Arabia, and lansweretfa to Je- 
rusalem which now is, and is in 
bondage with her children. 

26 But 'Jerusalem which i» 
above is free, which is the mother 
of us all. 

27 For it is written, » Rejoice, 
thou barren that beareat not; 
break forth and cry, thou thai 
travailest not: for the desolate) 
hath many more childreu than 
the which hath an husband. 

28 Now we, brethren, as fsaaa 
was, are »" the children of prom- 
ise. . 

29 But as then «he that wao 
born after the flesh persecuted 
htra that too* born after the Spirit, 
« even so it ie now. 

SO Nevertheless, what saith ■» th# 
scripture? "Cast out the band- 
woman and her sou : for • the sot* 
of the bond-woman shall net be 
heir with the son of the free-*©, 

31 So then, brethren, we are not 
children of the bond-woman, 
•but of the free. 

1 Bt«M«aUm to BtmnJ in tUtr mi 
trig, 3 «K* *<* to •»•*•« cfr**3SJ* 
ebtoa.' 13 fart rattsr to** wefeMs 
Mattes* */ IA« tew. naermmmmmm 
■m Us awrsas/ias jMS.nesHJOs 

tk* MX*) of Ou JotptL 

STAND fast therefore ia • the 
liberty wherewith Christ bath 
ma tie us free, mill be not entan- 
gled again * with the yoke of 

2 Behold, I Paul say unto Ton, 
that • if ye be circumcised, Christ 
■hall profit you nothing. 

3 For I testify again to every 
man that i* circumcised, 'that 
he is a debtor to do the who** 

4 • Christ is become of no effect 
unco von, whosoever of vou are 
justified by the law; /ye are 
fallen from grace. 

5 For we through the Spirit 
* watt for the hope of righteous- 
ness by faith. 

6 Fur * in Jesus Christ neither 
circumcision availeth any thing, 
iter uucircumeieion ; but * faith, 
which worlteth bv love. 

7 Ye * did ran well ; <| who did 
binder you that ye should not 
obey the truth T 

6 This persuasion comtth not of 
him *» that calleth you. 

«« A little leaven leaveoeth the 
whole lump. 

10 • I have confidence in you 
through the Lord, that ye will be 
none otherwise minded : but » he 
that trouble th you v shall bear 
kia judgment, whosoever he be. 

11 'And I, brethren, if 1 yet 
preach circumcision, • why do I 

ret suffer persecution 1 then is 
the offence of the cross ceased. 

12 » I would they were even cut 
off* which trouble you. 

II For, brethren, ye have been 
called unto liberty; only ftae 
not liberty for an occasion to the 
flejh, but * by love serve one an- 

14 For 'all the law is fulfilled 
in one word, even in this, * Thou 
■halt love thy neighbour as thy- 

16 But if ye bite and devour one 
another, take heed that ye be not 
consumed one of another. 

16 Thi* 1 my then, 'Walk in 
the Spirit, and | ye shall not ful- 
li the lust of the flesh. 

17 For 'the flesh lusteth against 
the Spirit, and the Spirit against 
the flesh : and these are contrary 
the one to the other ; • so that ye 
cannot do the things that ye 

18 But/if ye be led by the Spirit, 
ye are not under the faw. 

19 Now ' the works of the flesh 
are manifest, which are fAate, A- 
duttery, fornication, uncleannesa, 

20 Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, 
variance, emulations, wrath, 
■trife, seditions, heresies, 

21 Etivyuurs, murders, drunken- 
ness, revelling*, and such like: 
of th* which I tell you before, as 
I have also told yon in time past, 
that » they whkfi do sac* thing* 

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•hall not Inherit the kingdom of 

tt But i the fruit of the Spirit is 
love, toy, peace, long-sunering, 
* srentleness, ' goodness, ■• faith, 

22 Meekness, temperance : »n- 
gainst each there is no taw. 

24 And they that are Christ** 
»have crucified the flesh, with 
the | affections and lusts. 

25 »lf we live in the Spirit, let 
us also walk in the Spirit. 

26 a Let us not be desirous of 
vain-glory, provoking one an- 
ovher, envying one another. 

1 a* mnUI tktm to d—i mildtf with m 
brrtktr that hath lip***, 3 and la 
tear «M «s«Acr'« hmrdaa : 8 to te 
W*ral H Iftsir taaehm, 9 and nU 
waara af matt-daing. 13 Ha aha*** 

mm i* the cm* V Cfcrt*. 

BRETHREN, «|if a man hs 
overtaken in a fault, ya 

* which are spiritual, restore such 
an one • in the spirit of meekness ; 
considering thyself, 'lest thou 
also be tempted. 

2 'Bear ye one another's bur- 
dens, and so fulfil /the law of 

3 For * if a man think himself to 
be something, when * he is noth- 
ing, he deceiveth himself. 

4 But • let every man prove his 
own work, and then shall he have 
rejoicing in himself alone, and 
« not in another. 

» For ' every man shall bear his 
own burden. 

6 si Let him that is taught in the 
word, communicate unto him 
that teacheth in all good thii^gs. 

7 »Be not deceived ; • God is 
not mocked: for "whatsoever a 
man sowelh, that shall he also 

8 v For be that soweth to hi* 
flesh, shall of the flesh reap cor- 
ruption: but he that noweth to 
the Spirit, shall of the Spirit reap 
life everlasting. 

9 And *" let us not be weary in 
well-doing : for in due season wa 
shall reap * if we faint not. 

10 ' As we have therefore oppor- 
tunity, Met us do good unto all 
men, especially unto them who 
are of 'the household of faith. 

11 Ye see how large a letter 1 
have writleu uulo you with mine 
own hand. 

12 As many as desire to make a 
fair shew in the flesh, > they con. 
strain you to be circumcised; 

* only lest they should • stifle* 
persecution for the cross of Christ* 

13 For neither they themselves 
who are circumcised keep the 
luw ; but desire to have you eir- 
cumcised, that they may glory hi 
your flesh. 

14 » But God forbid that lrf '" 
ft Phi.XM.X 

fftesy, save tu the emn of our 

Lo»d Jesus Chmi, | by whom the 
world is * crucified unto me, and 
1 uiiio die world. 

15 For*iu Christ Jesus neither 
circumcision availeth any thing, 
nor un circumcision, but •« yew 

16 / And as many a» walk 'ac- 
cording to this rule, peace be on 
t Phi, 


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oh. a. ao. 




TAe eaattatton ef CttriK, 

them, and mere j, and open * tha 
Israel of God. 

17 From henceforth let no man 
trouble me : for < I bear ia inj 
body the marks of the Lord Jesus. 

18 Brethren, * the "race of our 
Lord Jesus Christ be with your 
spirit. Amen. 

if Unto the Galatians, written 
from Koine. 

a Co. 1.6. 

* 4. 10. * 

U. Col. 1. 

ai. k a Ti. 4. aa. rtuiem. as. 




1 After tht taiutaUon, 3 and thtmkt- 
fiting for the Bphetiant, 4 he treat- 
tth <tf otcr eleetUin, 9 and adoption fry 
grace, 11 which it tk* (rut and pro- 
p*r fountain of man' » taUtatitn. 13 
And btctmta tha height of tktt mpete- 
rp cannot aatUp ha attaint* unto, 16 
ha prapeth that thep mar com* 18 to 
the full knowledge and 30 poucttiom 
thereof in Christ. 

PAUL, an apostle of Jesus 
Christ «by the will of God, 
e'to the saints which are at Ephe- 
sus, « and to the faithful in Christ 
Jesus : 

9 * Grace be to you, and peace, 
from God our Father, and from 
the Lord Jesus Christ. 

3 « Blessed be the God and Fa- 
ther of our Lord Jesus Christ, 
who hath blessed us with nil 
spiritual blessings in heavenly 
I placet in Christ: 

4 According as /he hath chosen 
Us in him, » before the founda- 
tion of the world, that we should 

* be holy and without blame be- 
fore him in love: 

5 'Having predestinated ustmto 

* the adoption of children by Ji- 
sus Christ to himself, ' according 
to the good pleasure of his will, 

6 To the praise of the glory of 
his grace, «• wherein he haih 
made us accepted in "the Be- 
loved : 

7 • In whom we have redemp- 
tion through his blood, the for- 
giveness of sins, according to 

* the riches of his grace ; 

8 Wjerein he hath abounded 
to-* vd us in all wisdom and pru- 
dence ; 

9 '/Having made known unto us 
the mystery of his will, according 
to his good pleasure, r which he 
hath purposed in himself: 

10 That in the dispensation of 
'the fulness of times * he might 
gather together in one « all things 
ui Chrisl/both which are in t lienv- 
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for tkt 


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t lir. of 
the might 
at hit 
Ac 3.31, 

en, and which are on earth ; even 
in biin: 

1 1 * In whom also we hare ob- 
tained an inheritance, » being 
predestinated according to * the 
purpose of him who worketh all 
things after the counsel of his 
own wilt: 

12 "That we should be to the 
praise of his glory, • who first 
1 trusted in Christ. 

13 In whom ye also fruited, at 
ter that ye heard « the word of 
truth, the gospel of your salva- 
tion : in whom also, after that ye 
believed, <*ye were sealed with 
that' Holy Spirit of promise, 

14 • Which is the earnest of onr 
inheritance /until the redemp- 
tion of ' the purchased possession, 
* unto the praise of his glorv. 

15 Wherefore I also, »" after I 
heard of your faith in the Lord 
Jesus, and love unto all the saints, 

16 * Cease not to give thanks for 
you, making mention of you in 
my prayers; 

17 That 'the God of our Lord 
Jesus Christ, the Father of glory. 
"» may give unto you the spirit of 
wisdom and revelation | in the 
knowledge of him: 

18 * The eyee of your under- 
standing being enlightened ; that 
ye may know what is «the hope 
of his calling, and what the richee 
of the glory of bis P inheritance 
in the saints, 

19 And what ie the ezceedinr 
greatness of his power to us-waro 
who believe, '/according to tha 
working t of his mighty power, 

20 Which he wrought in Christ, 
wheu r he raised him from the 
dead, and 'set him at his own 
right hand in the heavenly Ptaea, 

21 ' Far above all "principality. 
aivj r-rr- md might, andde- 
a ■-, m d ,very name that nf 

n-.iii.-l, nly In this world, 

bin ri im. in el, at which is to eome: 

i P.. 110. X. A.*. 5. W, .*i CA.X\. He. l.a. * at. 1ft 
I Phi. 3. 9. JO. Cm. a. mi. n«.i^. « Bo. 8. 38. CskUft 
4. X J*. Ps.«, 6. Mat, 8S. lft> 1 Oe. lft. ». He. 2.4 

der hi* feet, and gave Mm 9 to be 

(no head over a& thmge to the 


t3 • Which is bis body, « the 

fulness of him »that fllleiu all m 



1 By compering wket «m awr* 6» 3 *«• 
tars, wit* »M im ere 6 fry /rae* .* It 
k# declaieth, that tot ere mode fur 
good work! ; end 13 being bromxkt 
nter by Ckrit, tkomU not tt»« «* II 
Oenii/M, sa<t 12 foreigner* ta list* 
jo*l,&iUa»19a«i*#«ii« " "' 
«a« thefenuiy of Ood, 

AND «you A«JA ** . 
5 who were dead in trespass- 
es and sins ; 

S « Wherein in time past ye 
walked according to the course 
of this world, according to * the 
prince of the power or the air, 
the spirit that now worketh in 
a the children of disobedience : 

3 / Among whom alao we all 
bad our conversation in times past 
in * the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling 
t- the desires of the flash and ot 
the mind; and *were by nature 
the clrildreu of wrath, even as 

4 But God, i who is rich in mer- 
cy, tor his great love wherewith 
he loved us, 

5 * Even when we were dead in 
sins, hatli ' quickened us together 
with Christ; (I by grace ye are 
saved ;) 

Aud hath raised ue up togeth- 
er, and made ue sit together «■ in 
heavenly ptncee,'ui Christ Jesus : 

7 That in the ages to come he 
might shew the exceeding riches 
of n« grace iu *hie kindness to- 
ward us, through Christ Jesus. 

8 « For by grace are ye saved, 
P through faith ; and that not 
of yourselves : « U ie the gift of 

9 r Not of works, lest any man 
should boast. 

10 For we are •bis workman- 
ship, created in Christ Jesus unto 
good works, ' which God hath 
before I ordained that we should 
walk iu Uiein. 

11 Wherefore « remember, that 
yo being in time past Geutiles in 
the flesh who are called Uueir- 
cumcisioii by that wliich is called 
*tiie Circumcisiou in the flesh 
niade by hands; 

" Tin 

chap. Ji, uk 

18 vThat at that time ye were 
without Christ, * being aliens 
from the commonwealth of "Is- 
rael, and strangers from «the 
covenants of promise, • having 
no hope, a and without God in the 

13 4 But now, in Christ Jesus, 
v*. ftjw sometimes were • far ott. 
are made nigh by the blood ot 

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1 Or, 

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hy whose 
grace ; 

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Solvation V th*(lm*i* 

14 For /be is our peace, 'who 

hath made both one, and Itath 
broken down the middle wall o** 
partition betweenun; 

15 A Having abolished *in hie 
fleah the enmity, even the law of 
commandments contained in or- 
dinances : for to make in himself 
of twain one 'new man, so mak- 
ing peace ; 

16 And that he might 'recon- 
cile both unto God in one body by 
the cross, ■» having slain the en- 
mity II thereby: 

17 And came * and preached 
peace to you which were afar off; 
and to • tbem that were nigh. 

18 For P through him we both 
have access « by one Spirit un- 
to the Father. 

19 Now therefore ye are no mort 
strangers and foreigners, but ' fel- 
low-citizens with the saints, and 
of » the household of God ; 

SO And are 'built « upon the 
foundation of the 'apostles and 
prophets, Jesus Christ himself be- 
ing * the chief corner-slone; 
81 • In whom all the building 
fitly framed together, groweth 
unto »an holy temple in the Lord: 
22 • In whom ye also are budd- 
ed together, for an habitation of 
God through the Spirit. 
6 TO* AfaMM mysirry, 6 Mat Ike On 
tilt* gkomld bo toxoi, 3 wss maHe 
known to Paul 6* revelation : H and 
tohtm*** tht greet gtotm, that 9 he 
thomld preach tk 13 Ms fntreth them 
not to feint far hit trtomleUo*. Hand 
praytth 19 that they may pereeitu the 
great toe* of Christ towtrd t/Uei. 

FOB. this cause, I Paul, * the 
prisoner of Jesus Christ *for 
you Gentiles, 

2 If ye have beard of a the dis- 
pensation of the grace of God 
« which is given me to you-ward : 

5 • How that /by revelatiou «*b«. 
made known unto nus the myste-, 
ry, A as I wrote 1 afore iu few 

4 Whereby, when ye read, ye 
may understand mv knowledge 
• in the mystery of Christ, 

» * Which in other ages was not 
made known unto toe sous of 
men, 'as it is now revealed unto 
his holy apostles and prophets by 
the Spirit; 

6 That the Gentiles * should be 
fellow-heirs, aud "of the same 
body, and • partakers of his prom- 

H*e in Christ by the gospel : 

7 > Whereof I was made a min- 
ister, 7 according to the gift of the 
grace of God given unto me by 
r the effectual working of hie . 


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Co. 6. 16. 
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i 1 Co. 4. 1. ch. 6. 19. * Ac 10. 98- Ro. 16. 25. ver. 
». lch.X20. m Ga 8. 38, 23. ch.3. 14- ach.Xh\ 
1«. oGa.3.14, sRo. 16. 16- « Be. 
M. r *U. 15. IS. oa, 1. It. Cot 1. r 


-9 f Into me, «whc am lets tltcrn 
the least of all suints, is this grace 
given, (hat * 1 should preach 
among the Gentiles * the un- 
searchable riches of Christ , 

9 And to make all men see what 
tethe fellowship of* the mystery, 
ff which from the beginning of the 
world hath boen hidin God, » who 
created all thing's by Jesus Christ: 

10 « To (he intent that now »un- 
to the principalities and powers 
hi heavenlv places "might b« 
kiicwn by the church the mani- 
fold wi»fom of God, 

11 'According 1 to the eternal 
purpose which he 
Christ Jesus our Lot _ . 

12 In whom we have boldness 
and 'access/ with confidence by 
the fniih of him. 

13 * Wherefore I desire that ve 
faint not at my tribulations * tor 
yon, « which is your glory. 

14 For this cause I bow my knees 
unto the Father of our Lord Je- 
sus Christ, 

15 Of whom * the whole family 
tti heaven and earth is named, 

16 That he would gram yi._. T 

1 according to the riches of his 
glory, "» to be strengthened with 
might by his Spirit in * the inner 
tnau ; 

17 "That Christ may dwell in 
your hearts by faith ; that ye, 
9 being rooted and grounded in 

18 v May be able to comprehend 
with all saints r what ia the 
breadth, and length, and depth, 
and height ; 

19 And to know the love of 
Christ, which passeth knowledge, 
that ye mig-ht be filled 'with all 
tlie fulness o( God. 

■20 Now * unto him that is able 
to do exceeding abundantly « a- 
bove all that we ask or think, 
'according to the power that 
worketh In us, 

21 rUnto him be glory in the 
church by Christ Jesus through- 
out all ages, world without end. 

1 He exhort etlt to unUf, 7 «Mf dteloreth 
that Oo4 Mere fort gnttX tftsert II 
t\fU ant* men, that Afcesare* mirht 
be 13 edtfO, mnd 16 gromn up m 
Chritt. \* Htcolleth them /r»m the 
impmrUt of the OentOm, 34 to put m 
*»• ««» man, 3ft to cast off t$ing, 

I*""* » eorr -P' cvmmunieatioH. 
THEREFORE, * the prison- 
er | of the Lord, beseech you 
that ye »walk worthy of the vo- 
cation wherewith ye are called, 

2 • With all lowliness and meek- 
ness, with long-suffering, forbear- 
ing one another in love : 

* Endeavouring to keep the 
unity of the Spirit 'ia the bond 
or peace. 

A f There is one body, and /one 
bputU even as ye are called ia 
oue 'hope of your calling! 


A. D. M. I A. D. 04*. 

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I Or. ia 

the Lord. 
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aa. coi. t. 

13, 13. 
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/I Co. 13. 

■i v^UtiSi one MiV *<**» 

6 l One God and Father of e& 
who!* above all, and ""through 
all, and in you all. 

7 But * unto every one of us Is 
given grace according to (he 
measure of the gift of Christ. 

8 Wherefore he saith, o Wbenfae 
ascended up on high, »he led 
I captivity captive, and gave gif 14 
unto men. 

9 v Now that he ascended", what 
id it but that he also descended 
first into the lower parts of the 

10 He that descended ia the same 
also r tbat ascended up far above 
all heavens, *thai he migiu f fill 
all things. 

11 ' And he gave some, apostles; 
and some, prophets; and some* 
« evangelists; and some, 'pastors 
and * teachers; 

12 « For the perfecting of the 
saints, for the work of the minis- 
try, • for the edifying of • the 
body of Christ: 

13 Till we all come I in the unity 
of the faith, "and of the know- 
ledge of the Son of God, unto 'a 
periect man, unto the measure of 
the (stature of the fulness of 
Christ : 

14 That we henceforth be no 
more « children, /tossed tc and 
fro, and carried about with every 

* wind of doctrine, by the sleight 
of men. and cunning craftiness, 

* whuftby they lie iu wait to de- 
cei<r : 

16 Urn ■ I updating the troth ia 
lor*. A may gy»W up into hiufrin 
all thingm, ? wtiich i* the head, 

16 » Fttmi whejn the whole bojy 
fidy V"'*«J itigiiilier and com- 
pa'iueJ Lit diai which every joint 
bti)i|i,ie[J H , accord rug to the ef- 
fectual working mi the measure 
ofevL'iy jjuri, iimL^ih increase Of 
tli< ediiyiug of ifc- 
sel. in w .». 

17 This I say therefore,«nd tee- 
tily in the Lord, that "yehence/* 
forth walk not as other. Gentile* 
walk, «io the vanity of tiieir 

18 » Having the understanding 
darkened, « being alianated frou» 
the life of God through the igao> 
ranee that is in them, because of 
the r || blindness of their heart : 

19 • Who, being past feeling, 

* have given themselves over unu» 
laacjviausnesa, to work ail un-« 
cleanness with greediiteea, 

20 But ye have uot so learned 

21 * If so be that ye have heard 
him,, and have been taught by 
biin, as the truth is in Jesus: 

SI That ye • put off concerning 
I Or, har'dneu. $ | T». 4 4, ( Re. U 14, 88. 1 Pa, 

t i if ch *L "** * °* L,% lx * * ** *•**■ *** ** 

x Ac. i 

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Col. I. 3». 
I Or, Mo 
the «ntiy 
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I Or, 

6*iaf tilt' 

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a oh. 3.1 ,3, 


Csi.a. 7.1 

re. 4, 3. 

Ro. 1.31. 
7 eh. 3. 13. 
Oa. 4. 8. 1 
Th. 4. 5. 

f^U'S forn^c.nnvereaiimvs Jfeaold 
niaii, which is corrupt according 
.to tl»e deceitful luata j 

8$ And «be renewed in the 
spirit of your mind; 

94 And that ye 6 put on the new 
tnan, which atter God e is created 
in righteousness and I true holi- 

fs Wherefore putting 1 away ly- 
ing* * *p«ak every man trmh with 
Iiis neighbour : lor • we are mem- 
ber* one of another* 

S9/Be ye angry, and siu not.: 
let not the sun. go down upon 
your wrath : 

97 'Neither give place to the 

28 Let him that stole, steal no 
more : but rather * let him labour, 
Working with Aw hands ihe thing 
which is good, that he may lutve 
| to °rive Mo hiin that neeueth. 

£9 * Let no corrupt communica- 
tion proceed out of your mouth, 
but 'that which is good I in i he 
use of edifying, "that it may 
minister grace unto the lieerers. 

30 And "grieve not the Holy 
Spirit of God, » whereby ye are 
sealed util'o the day of P redemp- 

31 « Let all bitterness, and 
wrath, and anger, and clamour, 

Kd r evil-speaking, be put away 
>m you, ' with all malice : 
38 And 'be ye hind one to an- 
other, tender-hearted, ■ forgiving 
one another, even as God for 
Christ's sake hath forgiven you. 

9 After gonormtOKaortatmMa, tot—, * to 
JtmfmmiomAiou, 4 amd oMumotoMnnoor, 
7 wottaoonerte mitktkowieked, Ifr'e 
walk wariif, and to l» ViJUHd uuth 
the Spirit, 22 A* dettoudeth to th* 
particular rfaticr, sow Mfv«* ought lo 
obey their huohando, V&andhMMbande 
ought to few* tMr wtfMS, 82 toon at 
Vhoiot doth hit tkmrek. 

BE • ve therefore followers of 
God as dear children ; 
9 And "walk in love, 'as Christ 
also hath loved us, and hath given 
himeelf for us an offering and a 
sacrifice to God 'for a sweet- 
•»me I ling savour. 

3 But 'fornication, and ell un- 
cleanness, or covetousnessVlet it 
Hot be once named among you, as 
becometh sahvts ; 

4 'Neither filthiness, nor foolish 
talking, nor jesting, * which are 

4,0.64. I A,D,64. 

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H M».ll.ifli 0, -,i*« 
o-, ft Ro. 12. 2. 

4... 48. La. **■ *• 
6.36. eh. 4. *' "■•*»• *• 

ft Johl^l3.|{' , • 6 J | t 1 l •*■• 

84 fcl*.W.|L"-3».34. 
1 Th. 4. 0. I Ac.16 25. 

TaiKing, nor jeviing, -wnicn are 1 Tn. 4. 8. 1 Ac. 16 26. 
not convenient : but rather giv- i l Jo.s. 
big of thanks. W. * 4.21. Col. 3. 16. 

i For this ye know, that «no « Ga. l. 4. Ja. 6. is. 
whoremonger, nor nnclean per- , ?*J ,B v, M * - 
sou, uor covetous man, * who is 7: jL'^iv" 
an idolater, ' hath any inherit- jnlJT ? j„ 
ance in the kingdom of Christ and J,, 
o(Ood. irf'eeie.21. 

r P.. 34.1, 

Dutiet of hu**m&Ho mi*m> %*. 

vain words; for, because of Uiesa 
things "cometh the wrath of (iud 
"upon the children of I disobedi- 

7 Be not ye therefore partaken 
with them. 

8 » For ye were sometime dark- 
ness, hut now V are ye light in the 
Lord : walk as r children of light; 

ii (For 'the fruit of the Spirit is 
in all goodness, and righteous- 
ness, and truth ;) 

10 t Proving what is acceptable 
unto the Lord. 

11 And "have no fellowship 
with 'the unfruitful works of 
darkness, but rather 8 reprove 

12 'For it is a shame even to 
speak of those things which are 
done of them in secret. 

13 But «all things that are I re- 
proved, are made manifest by the 
light : fur whatsoever doth make 
mauifest is light, 

14 Wherefore I he saith, »A 
wake, thou that sleepest, and 
« arise from Die dead, aud Christ 
shall give tbee light. 

15 * See then that ye walk cir- 
cumspectly, not as fools, but as 

16 'Redeeming the time, /be- 
cause the days are evil. 

17 * Wherefore .be ye not un- 
wise, but * understanding i what 
the will of the Lord is. 

18 And *be not drunk with 
wine, wherein is excess; but be 
filled with the Spirit; 

19 Speaking to yourselves 'in 
psalms, and hymns, and spiritual 
songA, singing and making melo- 
dy in your heart to the Lord, 

80 "Giving thanks always for 
all things unto God and the Fa- 
ther, " in the name of our Lord 
Jesus Christ; 

91 • Submitting yourselves one 
to another in the fear of God. 

93 P Wives, submit yourselves 
unto your own husbands, vsja 
unto the Lord. 

93 For r the husband is the bead 
of the wile, even as 'Christ is the 
bead of the chureh : aud he is the 
Saviour of ' the body. 

94 Therefore as the church is 
snbjecl unto Christ, so kt the 
wives be to their own husbands 
* In every thing. 

-' *"■ 7 * .ds, 1 

95 * Husbands, love your wives, 
even as Christ also loved the 
church, and 'gave himself for it : 

96 That he might sanctify and 
cleanse it * with the washing of 
water • by the word, 

97 * That he might present it to 

himself a glorious church, 'not 

2Th. 1. 3. ■ He. 13. 15. 1 to. 2. 6. * 4. U. • Phi. 
2. 8. 1 Pe. 6.6. " " - 

m . , _ -. - - e. 6. 6. p Ov. 8. 16. 1 Co. 14.34. Col. 3. 18. 

S ** Let no man deceive yon with I*, l. e. a Tit. a. s. 1P«.S. i. acb.o.s. rlCo. ll.s. sea. 

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a Col. 8. 1 

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»1. 1 Jo. 6. 6. a John 18. 8. * IT. 17. • 90c, U. % 
4,7. _ 

Duttt* c/ ptwmto* eftttfran, eje. 

hating spot or wrinkle^ «r any 
Mich thing: 'but that it should 
be holy and without blemiah. 
88 So ought men to love their 
wives, at tneir owu bodies. He 
that loveth his wile loveth him- 

S9 For no man ever jet hated 
his own flesh; but nourished) and 
cherisheth it, even as the Lord 
the church : 
80 For* we are members of his 
body, of his flesh, and of his 
Si / For this cause shall a man 
leave his father and mother, and 
■hall be Joined nnto his wife, and 
they 'two shall be one flesh. 

38 This is a great mystery : but 
1 speak concerning Christ and the 

33 Nevertheless, »let every one 
of you in particular so love his 
wife even as himself: and the 
wile see that she 'reverence her 

1 Tk* duty of ehiUrtn tmord* their 
parous, 6 of servant* toward* tt«> 
matter*. 10 Our lift it a warfare, 12 
not emtf mweimt jt«k and blood, but 
afro Spiritual entmie*. 13 Th* M< 
pttUmmvur •/• ChritHa*, M*nU 
how it ought fbtuttd. — -—■■-■ — 

Be. is. ft. 

1 Co. 8. 16. 

An. 97. 

iOe. 2.34. 
St. W. 6. 



ft ver. 26. 
Col. 8. W. 
i 1 Pe. S.6. 
« Pr.23.22. 
Col. 8. 

o Re. 2. 11. 
Col. S. 23. 
•U>. 1. lil. 
1. 11. 

2 Co. 0.7. 

▼er. IS. 1 


t Of. 


ch.2 2.<>l. 
1. 13. 
I Or, 

27. IS. Je.'l Or, 

CHILDREN, «obey your pa- 
reiils in the Lord : for Uus is 

• 2 * Honour thy father and mo- 
ther, (which islhe first eomraand- 
•rnent with promise,) 

3 That it may be well with thee, 
and thou mayest live long on the 

4 And, «ye fathers, provoke 
not your children to wrath : but 

* bring them up in the nurture 
and aumoiiiiion of the Lord. 

5 • Servants, be obedient to them 
that are your masters according 
to the flesh, /with fear and trem- 
bling, 'in singleness of your 
heart, as unto Christ ; 

6 *Not wkh eye-service, as 
men-pleasers ; but as the ser- 
vants of Christ, doing the will of 
Gotl from the heart: 

1 With good will doing service, 
as to the Lord, and not to men : 

8 'Knowing that whs (soever 
good thing any man doeth, the 
»ame shall he receive of the Lord, 

* whether he be bond or free. 

9 And, ye l masters, do the same 
tiling* unto them, I ■» forbear- 
ing threatening: knowing that 
H i youx Master also is iu beaveu ; 

22.7. Mai. 
1. 8. Mat. 

a. 7, 20. & 
II. 10. Pa. 
In. at 22.6. 

* 2». 17. 

• Col.3.M. 

an ch. 1 2. 
2 <o. 18. 
ver. 11. 

* eh. ft. VS. 

• ColJ.21. |M omft ^ 

rfOa.l&lO. [com* til. 

T>.4.».Jt J , U. H.5. 

" * ~ *■ Lb I1M. 

1 Pe. 1.1*. 

* la.b9.17. 

2 Co. «. 7. 
1 Th. 6. 9. 

* la. 62. 7. 
Ro. 10. 16. 

Tit. 2. 9. 1 * J Jo-*;*- 
Pe. 2. 18. ela.6».l7. 
f 2 Co 7 I l Th * *' "* 

"• l3.llt.4 1l) 

rich ».ii». 

17. Col. 3. « Ln. lf>. 1. 
SB. |Ro. 18.12. 

»Col.3.22, " £"1.4. 2.1 
33 tTh. 6. 17. 

i Ro 2 S '/»■«•»■ 

Col. a. 24. 

r ita.l.lB. 

»Oa.3.2»». Phi 

Col. I. 11. Ti. 2. 1. 
/Col. 4. 1. A Ac 4.29. 

■ or.— -a;f-t« 

» I*. 3S-i4.jco.5iw. 

„ iAc24;.«a. 

I Soma Ijff a „. qu. 
TV».il,both ! t li3.1.Vlii 
ymraiKt 1 1. 7, i:i. 14. 
their Ma*' 2 ti. j, jfl. 

Th4 ChfUtttm 

a aelttori* there respect of per- 
sons with him. 

10 Finally, my brethren, bs) 
strong in the Lord, and Pin the 
power of his Blight. 

1 1" f Put On the whole armour of 
God, that ye may be able to stand 
against the wiles of the devil. 

12 Fur we wrestle not against 
t 'flesh and blood, but against 
• principalities, against powers, 
against * the ralers of the thai. 
net* of this world, against I spir- 
itual wickedness in {[high places. 

I J "Wherefore take unto you 
the whole armour of God, that ve 
may be able to withstand * in the 
evil day, and I having done all, to 

14 Stand therefore, » having 
your loins girt about with truth, 
and "having on the breast -plate 
of righteousness ; 

15 ■ And your feet shod with 
the preparation of the gospel of 

of faith, wherewith ye shall be 
able to quench ah* the fiery darts 
of the wicked. 

17 And o take the helmet of sal- 
vation, and ^the sword of the 
Spirit, which is the word of God: 

18 a Praying always with all 
prayer and supplication in the 
Spirit, and/wntehing thereunto 
with all perseverance and 'sup- 
plication for all saints ; „ 

19 * And for me, that otterawtfs 
may b« gi*«n unto me, that I mafy 
open my mouth > boldly, to make 
known the mystery of the gospel, 

SO For which * I am an ambas- 
sador 'I hi bonds: that I therein 
■•I may speak boldly, as I ought 
to speak. 

91 But a that yc also may know 
my a/fairs, and how I do\ »Ty- 
chicua, a beloved brother a«al 
faith ful minister in the Lord, shall 
make known to you all things : 

22 P Whom 1 have sent unto 
you for the same purpose, that ye 
i night know our affairs, and that 
he might comfort your hearts. 

23 v Peace be to the brethren, 
and love with faith from God the 
Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. 

94 Grace be with all them that 
love our Lord Jesus Christ 'I in 
sincerity. Amen. 

ff Written from Rome unto the 
Ephesians, by Tychicue. 

k.1.9. Philem. 10. | Or, in • ehatm. | Or, thereof 
* John 18. at Ac. 2K. 81 Phi. 1.30. ITS. 2.*. a Col. 4.1 
IX 1 Co. 7. o A<!. 20. 4 2 TI. 4. 19. Tit. 2. IS. » Cat. 4.8. ft F*. 
90. i6.14. rT.t.S.?. | Or, eM ttMMrrastiaa. 






• Be tettijtuk Awtmemk/ateme U tied, 
mnd hi* lot* tvmmrd them, for the 
fruit* of their fmitk, end fiBewAip 
in hU rejferinti, 9 deilf erafinf U 
him M their incrteee in free* : IS 
he thewmth whet good th* faith of 
CkriMt kmd reteiwed bp hta trout*** «l 
Jtome, 21 mnd ham rtmdf K* im toglm- 
rt.ft Chritt tither bo hi* life or demth, 
97 extorting them to aartjr, SB mnd 
tofurtUnd* in perucutitm. 

PAUL and TimotheQs, the Mr- 
Tan u of Jeeua Christ* to all 
the sainU * io Christ Jeeua which 
•re at Philippi, with the bishops 
and deacons : • 

m * Grace be onto you, and peace, 
from God our Father* and/rem 
the Lord Jesua Christ. 

3 *l thank my God upoo every 
I remembrance of you, 

4 Always in every prayer of mine 
for you all making request with 


i 'For your fellowship io the 
gospel from the first day until 

6 Being confident of this very 
thing, that he which hath begun 

• a good work in you, | will per- 
forin it /until the day of Jesua 

T Even as it is meet for me to 
think this of you all, because 1 1 
have you 'in my heart; inas- 
much as both in * my bonus, and 
in i the defence and confirmation 
of the gospel, * ye all are I parta- 
kers ofmy grace. 
• 8 For 'God ia my record,* how 
jatly I long after you all in the 
_ . wels of Jeaua Christ. 

9 And this I pray, "that your 
love may abound yet mure and 
mote in knowledge and in all 
f lodgment; 

10 That «ye may I approve 
things that I are excellent ; rthat 
ye may be Bincere and without 
offence v till the day of Christ; 

I Being filled with the fruits of 
righteousness, *• which are by Je-. 
sus Chriet. »unto the glory and 
praise of God. 

. If But I would ye should un- 
derstand, brethren, that the things 
which tMjrptned Unto me hare 
fallen out rather unto the further- 
ance of the goapel ; 

1 3 So that my bonds I in Christ 
are manifest * tn all I the palace, 
and I in all other placet ; 

14 And many of the brethren In 
toe Lord, waxing confident by my 
bonds, are much more bold to 
apeak the word without fear. I 



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1 Or, will 


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» Or, s« 

haut iu in 


f*r hurt 
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I Or, 
with mt of 
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1 Or, for 

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I Or, (« 

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3X1.3.11. 41. 
Ro. S. S. 
p Ep. 9 8. 

a Col. 9. 1. 

15 Some indeed preach Christ 
even of envy and ■ strife; and 
some also of good will. 

16 The one preach Christ of 
contention, not sincerely, suppos- 
ing to add affliction to mybmitls: 

17 But the other of love, know- 
ing that I am set for 'thedeleuct 
ol the gospel. 

18 What then? notwithstand- 
ing, every way, whether in pre- 
tence or in truth, Christ ispreach- 
ed ; and 1 therein do rejoice, yea, 
and will rejoice. 

19 For I know that this shall 
turn to my salvation » through 
your prayer, and the supply of 
* the Spirit of Jesus Christ, 

80 According to my « earnest 
expectation, and my hope, thai 
6 in nothing I shall be ashamed, 
but that cwith all boldness, as 
always, to now also, Christ shall 
be magnified in my body, wheth- 
er it be by life, or by death. 

81 For to me to lire it Christ, 
and to die it gaiu. 

82 But if I live in the flesh, this 
it the fruit of my labour: yet 
what I shall choose 1 wot not. 

83 For 'i am in a atrait betwixt 
two, having a desire to « depart, 
a»id to be with Christ; which is 
fnr better: 

84 Nevertheless, to abide in the 
fleah it more needful for you. 

25 And /having this confidence. 
1 know that I shall abide and 
continue with you all for your 
furtherance and Joy of faith ; 

26 That 'your rejoicing may be 
more abundant in Jesus Christ fur 
me by my coming to you again. 

27 Only *tot your conversation 
be as it becometh the gospel of 
Christ : that whether I come and 
see you, or else be absent, 1 may 
hear of your affairs, » that ye stand 
fast in one spirit, * with one mind 
'striving together for the faith of 
the gospel ; 

28 And in nothing terrified by 
your adversaries: *• which is to 
them an evident token of perdi- 
tion, » but to you of salvation, 
and that of God. 

2J For unto you »it ia given in 
the behalf of Christ, P not only to 
believe on him, but also to suffer 
for his sake ; 

30 « Having the lame conflict 
v which ye saw in me, and iroW 
hear to be in me. 

I Be ethewteth them H umttt, emdtt 

*/•******> the exmW 

AmI extorter* to wit*. 


•>•» a/MAMltoa, tkoi M*v to M «*»*• ' • 3 Co. 13. 
to tko uttktd world, 16 serf emfortt 
to *is» (»«r opoitli, wko at w r»*to 

to Mitrf TfcKoMt to !»#■», »*•« *« 

fTMUv MMM4lf4, 26 ilJ^rf; «" «*;" 18. 

Co. 1.10.1 
Co. IS. 11. 
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i i-o. a. 

IP there be therefore any eonsola- 
tion in Christ, if any Comfort 
of love, • if any fellowship of the 
Spirit, if any • bowels and mercies, 

2 « Fulfil ye my Joy, «* lhal ye be 
like- minded,hnvingihe same lowe, 
being of oite accord, of one mind. 
ft • Lei nothing be done through 
strife or vain-glory; but /in low- 
liness of mind lei each esteem 
other better than themselves. 

4 ' Look not every man on his 
own thing*, but every man also on : *fcJohul 
the things of others. I I »\ 1 . |, *;L 

6 * Let this mind be in you, »: l ft"ii" 
which was also in Christ Jesu* : ; 1 2 ?, *i' 

6 Who, « being in the form of ' J" (> 4 " A \ 
God, 'thought it not robbery to . tv»iV l. is. 
be equal with God : Hi-, l. 3. 

7 l But made himself of no rep- < t John ft. 
illation, and took upon him the < l"^***!- 3 ?" 
form "of a servant, and "was 
made in the I likeness of men : 

8 And being found in fashion as 
a man, he humbled himself, and 
• became obedient unto death, 
oven the death of the crow. . 

9 Wherefore God also P hath ' 69 13. AM 
highly exalted him, and « given H- **•**• 
bim a name which is above every ; 2 B, ' i,, 1 5'"** 
name : i «». i> ,V 

10 r That at the name of Jesus £' £' 
every knee should bow, of (Aingtt „. j fth ' n j 
in heaveo, and thingt in earth, \\. Rn.i.s 
and thing* under the earth : ' * *.a.o« 

1 1 Aud'fAa/every tongue should 4. * He. S 
confess lhal Jesus Christ is Lord, "• >7 - 

to the glory of God the Father. ***} 

IS Wherefore, my beloved, ' as ' * ^i". ~. 
ye have always obeyed, not a* in j^' i^johii 
my presence only, out now nuich j u | i-,. n e 
more in my absence, work out 6 *.* 12.2. 
your own salvation with »fear » John 1J 
and trembling. , i,9.6.a«\3 

13 For *ii is God which work- « «*•*•■ 
«ih in you both to will and to do »• it- •» * 
of Ais good plensure. , ?Y "„' 

14 Do all things t without raur- Vaut*."'. 

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muring* and * disputing*: 
15 That ye may be bla 
and I harmless, « the sons of God, 

[Tiat ye may be blameless ««,' 

without rebuke. • in the midm of 
• a crooked and perverse na'ion, 
among whom 1 'ye shine as light* 
In tlie world ; 

16 Holding forth th« word of 
life ; that * I may rejoice in the 
day of Christ, that/ 1 have not run 
in vain, neither laboured in vain. 

17 Yea, and if ' I be t offered 
upon the sacrifice * and service 
of your faith, U joy, aud rejoice 
with you all. 
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Be hopeth (o«an4 T^teO*. 

IV I Bui 1 trust in the Lonl Xe- 
sus to send * Timotheus sborw 
unto you, that 1 also may be ox 
good comfort, wheu I know ynqr 

SO For I have no man ' lliltS- 
roinded, who will naturally care 
for your stale. 

»1 For all *seek (heir own. not 
the things which are ieaual 

SS But ye know tlie proof of 
him, » that as a son with the fa- 
ther, he hath served with me In 
the gospel. 

S3 Him therefore 1 hope to seiid 
presently, so soon as I shall lee 
how it wdl go with me, 

24 But »1 mist in the Lord that 
I also myself shall come short I v. 

S5 Ye l r supposed it necessary 
to send to you f Epaphro'liiua, 
my brother, and companion in la- 
bour, and*? rellow-soldier, »"bm 
your messenger, and *hc thai 
ministered to my wants. 

26 f For he longed after you all, 
aud was full of heaviness, be- 
cause (hat ye had heard that bf 
had been sick. 

. 27 For indeed he was sick uigb 
unto death: but God had mercj 
on him i and not on him only, hot 
011 me also, lest I should have sor- 
row upon sorrow. 
.28 I sent him therefore the more 
carefully, that, when ye see bim 
again, ye may rejoice, and that \\ 
nay be the less sorrowful. 

W Receive him therefore in the 
Lord with all gladness; and 
I "hold such in reputation: 

30 Because for the work of Christ 
he was nigh unto death, not re- 

Sinling his life, *to supply yodr 
cJt ol service toward me." 
1 tU mmrtutk iftm to sswsrs oftki j**e 

Msa (A«» to trtut in lh» right 

1ft *!••_ 

Iftsiaj to to tkm aiiaiW, 17 mMI* <■» 
tile Mm, IB end to deeSee fat »«je 
of earitol Ckruliaiu, 

FINALLY, my brethren, •re- 
joice in the Lord. To write 
the same things to yon, to me ra- 
deed is not grievous, but for you 
it it safe. 

S * Beware of dog*, beware of 
• evil-workers, 'beware of tla> 

3 For we are 'the circumcision, 
/which worth ip God in the Spit- 
it, and 'rejoice in Chriat Jeaua* 
and have no confidence ia the 

4 Though • I might also have 
confidence in the fiesh. If any 
other man vtuiiketh thai he bMft 

jfoffttngi metoH fbr Ctrl*. 

whereof he might trust in the 
, flesh, 1 more : 

6 'Circumcised the eighth day, 
■of the itock or Israel, *of the 
.tribe of Benjamin, m en Hebrew 

•f the Hebrew* ; as touching the 
kw, »a Pharisee; 

, 6 'Concerning teat, )» persecu- 
ting' the church; 4 touching the 
righteousness which is in the law, 


7 But * what things were gain to 
Ate, those 1 eoua tea loss for Christ. 

8 Yea doubtless, and 1 count all 
things out loss * for the excellency 
•f the knowledge of Christ Jeeus 
.mj Lord: (or whom I have suf- 
fered the loss of all. things, aitd 
do count them but dung, thai I 
sney win Christ, 

d And be found in him, not hav- 
ing * mine own righteousness, 
which is of the law, but *that 
wtilcli ia' through the faith of 
Christ, the righteousness which is 
of God by faith: 

10 That 1 may know hhn, and 
the power of his resurrection, and 
9 the fellowship of his sufferings, 
*— : -t made conformable unto his 


11 If by any means I might •at- 
tain unto the resurrecuou of the 

It Not as though I had already 

* attained, either were already 
*jperfect: but 1 follow after, i( 
V»nt J may apprehend that f«i 
which also 1 am apprehended of 
Christ Jesus. 

, 13 Brethren, I count not mycelf 
to hare apprehended : but this 
one thing 7 rfo, « forgetting Uiose 
Jhiugs which are behind, and 

• reaching forth unto those things 
which are before, 

14 • I press .toward the mark for 
Che prize of /the high calling of 
God in Christ Jesus. 

15 Let us therefore, as many as 

y thing ye be other- 
God shall reveal 

'and ir in any 
wise minded, 
•Tea this unto you, 

16 Nevertheless, whereto we 
have already attained, •let us' 
walk *by the same rule, 'let us 
"■taind the same thing. 

17 Brethren, *• be followers to- 
gether of me, and mark them 
^which walk to as * ye have us tor 
.an ensample. 

18 f For many weak, of whom 1 
have told you often, and now tell 
you even weeping, that they are 
£the enemies of the cross of 

19 P Whose end it destruction, 
« whose God U their belly, and 
r wAose glory it in their shame, 
'•who miud earthly things.) 

SO For 'our conversation is In 
heaven;, "from whence also We 
• lout for the Saviour, the Lord 
Jesus Christ : 

It 9 Who shall change our vile 

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body,, that It may be fashioned 
like unto his glorious body, * ac- 
cording to the working whereby 
he is able «even to subdue alt 
things unto himself. 

I f>w» p er t ttm i er edaw a OMw M 4 he pre* 
•MaVM IS tmuo t ot omhortmiiomo, it 
ittvinf how ho rtjoieed ml Ihmr {Aar> 
attly tamer* him fyine «■ pritm, 
net *• awes for tAes*ppf$ of his men 
•Mtt, M for tk$ grace of God ft* 
thorn. 10 AjU a* ho oottdndoth m« 
proftr end lolmtahomo. 

THEREFORE, my brethren 
■*• dearly beloved and * longed 
for, » my toy and crown, so e si and 
last in the Lord, my dearly fcw> 

9 I beseech Euodiae, and be- 
seech Syntyche, ""that they be 
of the same mind in the Lord. 

5 And I entreat thee also, true 
yoke-fellow, help those women 
which * laboured with me in the 
gospel, with Clement also, antl 
with other rtiy fellow-labourer*, 
whose names ore in / the book of 

4 ' Rejoice in the Lord always : 
and again I say, Rejoice. 

6 Let your moderation be known 
unto afi men. a The Lord ie ex 

(J • Be earefal for nothing ; but 
in every thmr by praver and sup- 
pli"n:irTi wih "'hn'.fcfzriving fet 
your iTfiur»i» bn piade known 
urn- I '•■ -I. 
"7 A ltd ^ th^ r*are of Cod, which 

enicetb all umW - -' muling, shall 
e.'gp r.>nr i„':iri- ■■ ud minds 
th CShrjst J**ui. 

8 Finally, trathren, whatsoever 
thuij-" it^ rrrtr, w |.* i in?*er things 
art l lmn*i% •n\>;\\*r things 
are jmt, whscioeviT things are 

fturv, * tua^sc^ Wr things are4ove- 
y, 'wtj*i^r*rr thmjs are of 
goud rep-iri; H ihrrr b* any vir- 
tue, and if thn e he any praise, 
thifllt un«« ihiiigv. 

9 « Thgae Unrig* *hi?n ye hate 
both laarneJ, *n I r«--.--ved, and 
hear I, ni«i3 seen in h>e, do: and 
■the Otd rj] pexc* mi a II be with 

10 But I rejoiced in the Lord 
greatly, that now at the last 
e your care of me Hhath flourished 
again; Wherein ye were also care- 
ful, bat ye lacked opportunity. 

1 1 Not that I speak in respect of 
want : for I have learned, m 
whatsoever state I am, p there- 
loith to be content. 

IS vl know both how to be 
abased, and I know how to a- 
bound : every where aud in all 
things I am instructed both to be 
fait and to be hungry, both to 
abound and to suffer need. 

14 I can do all things r through 
Christ which strengiheueth me. 

14 Notwithstanding, ye have 

XiW done that »ye dtd fi — 
te with my afflieUon. 



a. aw. 

■ JsKtf «A««i»M. (tot/or Uuir/aUk. COLOSSI ANS. 

14 Now ye Philipptans, know 
- also, thai iii the beginning of die 
gospel, wheu I departed from 
Macedonia, < no church commu- 
nicated with me aa concerning 
giving and receiving, but ye only. 

16 J? or even in Theaaalonica ye 
'sent once and again umo my ne- 

17 Not because I desire a gift: 
but I desire "fruit that may a- 
bound to your account. 

18 But 11 have all, and abound : 
I am full, having received *of 
£paphroditus the things tehich 

jMre tent from you, van odour 

W a sweet smell, * a sacrifice ac- 
ceptable, well-pleasing to God. 

4 Oa. 1. % 
/ Bo. M. 

DeecriUth Om true 

19 Hut my God • shall snppfv 
all your need * according to vm 
rkbrs in glory by Christ Jestts. 

20 'Now unto God and oar Ra- 
ther be glory for ever and ever. 
A men. 

21 Salute every saint in Christ 
Jesus. The brethren 'which as* 
with me greet you. 

H All the saints salute ywi, 
• chiefly they tliat are of Cesar% 

23 /The grace of eur Lor€ 
Jesus Christ be with you all. 

IT It was written to- the Philip- 
plans from Rome, by Epapv- 




1 After Mfstetto* he thenkrth Ood for 

their faith, 7 eenfirmeth tht doctrine 
nf Epaphrat, 9 prapeth further fer 
their tturtess m trite*, 14 deevribeth 
tht trut Christ, 31 •neeuregetk t^em 
to reetiee Jetms Christ, end tern' 
wimdeth hit own ministry. 

PAUL, « an apostle of Jesus 
Christ, by the will of God, 
and Timotheus our brother x 
i To the sainU band faithful 
brethren iii Clirut which are at 
Colosse : « Grace be unto you, and 
peace, from God our Father and 
the Lord Jesus Christ. 

3 «" We give thanks to God, and 
the Father of our Lord Jesus 
Christ, praying always for you, 

4 • Since we heard of your faith 
in Christ Jesus, and of /the love 
which ye have to all the saints, 

5 For the hope 'which is laid 
up for you in heaven, whereof ye 
heard before in the word of the 
truth of the gospel: 

6 Which is come unto you, * as 
it ie in all the world; and i bring- 
eth forth fruit, as it doth al*o in 
you, siuce the day ye heard of it, 
and knew * the grace of God in 
truth : 

7.«As ye also learned of Epaph- 
rat our dear fellow-servaui, who 
is for you m a faithful minister of 
Christ ; 

8 Who also declared unto us 
your » love in the Spirit. 

9 • For this cause we also, since 
the day we heard it, do uot cease 
to pray for you, and to desire 
p that ye migat be filled with 1 the 
knowledge of his will r in all wis- 
dom and spiritual understana- 

m '*That ye might walk wor- 
*Wy or Hi* Lord i unto all plea#- 
htg, u peing fruitlul in every good 

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llh a w*"' ■*»•*• 

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it John IS. o John 1. 
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w»rfr r an'l (frTrmlnr iu ih* 
u * Skpngttenc4 vkfc all 

nn^fit, srr.mliur tci hi« ^^nocHm 
nuwcf, i unto all miUMKe aih] 
Ttnijf-*iflpTMig *widi }vyhl1«vfi* 

f? fl irmri£ iJrani* UiMo lIjc Fi- 
tliT, which i-.i|i ifjRile om iihH 
t«i It nnrtsirn of i\he inheril- 
a .iv i- 1' r In- f . I.. Ipjhn 

\'i Who I, sir 1 1 il^lkv^rwd «■ fr.hrtt 

ff Oir pr.WLT ^r* JaffcMM*, J Aj.l) 
httl: r rmi«ln C^». ■ i« imtftlw Ifiug- 
d tit ufthn tfrar Rjii,; 

II ■In wlknu we Jiiire mlrii^ 
turn ihrriuiili tiuhJoodf *op*»u*e 
fnririviMtB'SS pf *nn: 

ti Who i> /<lit >mnrf of l| r « Gixl.'Hie nrHiHivrn isf 
e v*tv " F*.'*m rr t 

Ifi Terr *h T hrm Wfre all IhinJTi 
cmued, an Ju hr,ir«, H nmt 
thai *r E ijh "itn A, vMWa «»ij iu- 
TTiibfai *h*Lhcr they be iliiiHi*.*, 
of » LhuibtiHiDiin, fir pniu-TpaJ ihm, 
or pffw^m : *.l ititnsrw wire ere- 
a' i'i| i \,y l,nu h and fur him : 

l T '" -"H • i - 1 In 1 rs !t r'i,n* all ihqigi, 
a<i'J l.v i.uit all ihinff* cmisiii, 

f ji A nd »hp ■> ilw hitatf of' the 
body, the church : wtiu & thp kin 

g g, " U\c tTrii-hom TrorB Uia 

d-.,a, ir.ji i j in aJt Iti-tng* in. 

nn^Ml fun i' r^ lirr-eiriuiffwa, 

IU r" r il i-h-a-cl fA' > n ^A#rtJi4t 
• in him •!.-. nli| all fuhioas dwilt i 
*"! A nit, 1 1 hnvitHT mads p^nca 
ilimugli the L,k.uJ n f KM CDs*, 
V by htm to iIp r aD U.jujrp 
umo himafttf: by hnn, / s*t/ t 
ahnrlitr fAfu he tmu«-< m .^.il t , 

or fringe ui Jit-aifan. 
ill A 1 ..i i,-..n, » i ijh ur,Lr9 ii.uii*-, 
time uiMuaied a«d «sj«mi>« ihl 

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IK. IX ».l A 4. 18. | Of, be yowsMA* ia mieUi iMr*a> * 

Ht ezhorteth thtm 

your Bund *by wicked work*, 
yet now hath he reconciled, 

83 «In the body of hie fleeh 
through death, * to present you 
holy, and unblamable, and unre- 
jprovalile, in his sight : 

<S3 If ye continue in the faith 
» grounded and settled, and be 

* uoi moved away from the hope 
M the .gospel, which ye have 

heard, * and which was preach- 
ed » u> every' creature which is 
under heaveo; « whereof 1 Paul 
am ma.le a minister; 

24 «" Who mow rejoice in my suf- 
fei tugs « for you, aud fill up/ that 
wl'ic.Ti is behind ol' the afflictions 
of Christ iu ray flesh for 'bis 
bodv's sake, which is the church: 

SsAVbereof I am made a minis- 
ter, according to » the dispensa- 
liuii of God which is given to me 
fdr you, | to fulfil the word of 

26 Even * the mystery which 
haih been hid from ages, and 
from generations, *bm now is 
made manifest to his saints: 
.47 f To whom God would make 
known what is "• ihe riches of the 

6 lory of this mystery among the 
■entiles; which is Christ I in 
you, <* the hope of glory : 
88 Whom we preach, • warning 
every mun, and teaching every 
snau in all wisdom; 'that we 
nay present every man perfect in 
Christ Jesus: 

.89 1 W hereunto 1 also labour, 
r striving « according to his work- 
ing, which worketh in me might- 


1 Ot #m MaerpjM (Asm U As ctmiumt 

in Christ, 8 (• S*smt« 0/ pa ri— spss, 

m*4 »m» trmAHio**, 18 wptthimrnt 

which art ttUtd U Chritt. 

CK)& 1 would that ye knew 
A what great I* conflict I have 
for you, and for them at Laedi- 
cea, and/or as mam 
aeeu ray face iu the 

8 That their hearts might be 
comforted, « being knit together 
in love, and auto all riches of the 
full assurance of understanding, 
••"to the acknowledgment of the 
mystery of God, and of the Fa- 
ther, and of Christ ; 

I |elu whom a*e bid all the 
treasures of wisdom and know- 

4 And this I say, /lest any man 
should beguile you with enticing 

5 For ' though I be absent in 
thj flesh yet am I with you in 
the spirit. Joying and beholding 

* your order, and the i steadfast- 
ness of your faith in Christ. 

6 * As ys have therefore receiv- 
ed Christ Jesus the Lord, to walk 

■ ye in htm : 
slGo.ft.3. lTbt.17 MCevUfo. 

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to bt Cffnrtnttt M CnrMt 

7 ' Rooted and built up in him, 
and stablished iu the faith, as yt> 
have been taught, abounding 
therein with thaiiRitgiving. 

8 w Beware lest any man spoil 
igh philosophy and vain 
deceit, after «the tradition of 

men, after the | 'rudiments of 
the world, and not after Christ. 

9 For »iu him dwelleth all the 
fulness of the Godhead bodily. 

10 1 And ye are complete in him, 
''which is the head of all 'prin- 
cipality and power: 

11 In whom also ye are' circum- 
cised with the circumcision mada 
without hands, in « putting m 
the body of the sins ol the flesh by 
the circumcision of Christ : 

If 'Buried with nun iu baptism, 
wherein also rye are risen with 
him through *ihe faith of the 
operation of God, * who hath rais- 
ed him from the dead. 

13 • Aud you, being dead in yoftr 
sins and the uncircumcistoii of 
your flesh, hath he quickened to- 
gether with him, having forgiveu 
you all trespasses ; 

14 « Blotting out the hand-wri- 
ting of ordinances that was a- 
guuisL us, which was contrary to 
us, emd took it out of the way, 
nailing it to his cross ; 

15 Aud «" having spoiled * prin- 
cipalities and powers, he made a 
shew of them openly, triumphing 
over them | in it. 

16 Let no man therefore/judge 
you I 'in meat, or in drink, or 
(in respect *of an holy -day, or 
of the new-moon, or ol the sab- 

17 » Which are a shadow of 
things to come; but the body it 
of Christ. 

18 *Let no man I beguile yon 
of your reward t in a voluntary 
humility and worshipping of au- 

fels, intruding iuto those things 
which he hath not seeu, vainly 
puned up by his fleshly mind, 

19 And not holding "the Head, 
from which all the body by joints 
and bands having nourishment 
ministered, and knit together, in- 
crease (h with the increase of God. 

80 Wherefore, if ye be "dead 
with Christ from "the I rudiments 
of the world, p why as though 
living in the world, are ye sub- 
ject to ordinances, 

21 (<r Touch not ; taste not ; 
handle not; 

2t Which all are to perish with 
the using :) 'after the command- 
ments and doctrines of men ? 

23 * Which things have indeed . 
a shew of wisdom iu ' will- wor- 
ship, and humility, and I iieg- 
lajciing of the body ; not in any 
honour to tBe satisfying of the 

». ■ rte8n * „ 

•ft, ih EMt. 15. osaer.8. I Or, tfsswalt. s Sa.4.«,JL 
P.. i.e. L I IX 1.3. ^t. St. 18. Mat. 16 ». Tlfl. M. j1 ■«*. 
, , B. fKi.b, I Or, pimUminj, or, an* «•*#*•#. 

MxkorUUkme to eeoeral dutUt. 

CHAP, til. 
Iff* «»cmM W*«r« im tktmU mtk 
ChrtH. ft Ho retoruth to m,rt\A- 
CMtvn, \Qu,p*lqf tko old man, mni 
to put on Ckritt, 13 txhorttHp to 
ehmttto, hemUito, mnd other otooret 
IK ye then »be risen with Christ, 
* seek those thing* which are 
•hove, where ftChrist sitteth on 
(lie right hand of God. 
J 8ei your I affection on thing* 
nl>ove, not 011 things on the earth. 

3 « For ye are dead, «"and your 
life is hid with Christ in God. 

4 • When Christ, who ie /our 
tt, shall appear, then shall ye 
also appear with him «"in glory. 

6 * Mortify therefore 'your mem- 
bers which are upon the earth; 
* fornication, uitcleaiiness, inor- 
dinate affection, *evil concupis- 
cence, and covelousness, "which 
is idolatry : 

<j "For which things' sake the 
wrath of God comet h on 'the 
children of disobedience : 

7 Pin the which ye also walked 
some time, when ye lived in them. 

8 vBut now ye also put off all 
these ; anger, wrath, malice, blas- 
phemy, r filthy communication 
out ot your mouth. 

9 »Lie not one to another, 'see- 
ing that ye have put off the old 
mau with his deeds ; 

10 And hare put on the new 
man, which « is renewed hi know- 
ledge * after the image of him 
that f created him: 

11 Where there is neither 'Greek 
nor Jew, circumcision nor uncir- 
cu incision, Barbarian, Scythian, 
bond nor free: «but Christ it all, 
and in all. 

13 'Put on therefore, a as the 
elect of God, holy and beloved, 
'bowels of mercies, kindness, 
humbleness of mind, meekness, 

toug-RuHering ; i ..„ 

' 13 'Forbearing one another, and 1 Pe. l. 3. 
Forgiving one another, if any man {***■ *■ 10 
have a || quarrel against any: ! '"""J?" 2 ?" 

14 /And above aH these things ». K p « £ 
*put on charily, which is the S3. 

■ bond of perfectness. , I Or, 

15 And let i the peace of God eumplemt. 
rule in your hearts,* to the which ' /» ?«•«•*• 
also ye are called I in one body ; . J/""' 1 "• 
« and be ye thank fill. , **-. *"• "• 

16 Let the word of Christ dwell j rAS.""" 
ui you richly in all wisdom ; , t.%. iTh.4 
teaching and admonishing one ». l Tl l.i 
another "in psalms, and hymns > Jo. a.* 
and spiritual sours, suuriiir ±4.31. 


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spiritual songs, sniging 
• with grace in your hearts to the 

17 And r whatsoever ye do in 
word or deed, do all in the name ,«.„»,» 
of the Lord Jesus, « giving thanks lf p i^ l T 
to God and the Fattier by htm. «T«* l 7 

18 ''Wives, submit yourselves i ver. 17. 
« M)©. 14. fft. las ft. U. • eh. 4. «.,-• ICo. 10. 81 

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P Phiftw. 

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• 3D. 4.* 
37. 3, Pat- 
tern. 3*. 

Exhortation to proffer,, 

unto your own husbands, ' as it if 

lit in the Lord. 

19 ' Husbands, love your wive*, 

and be not « bitter against them. 

SO 'Children, obey your parents 

»in all things: for this is well- 
pleasing unto the Lord. 

J I 'Fathers, provoke not your 
children to anger, lest they be 

8J 'Servants, obey tin all things) 
your masters 'according to the 
flesh ; not with eye-service, as 
men-pleasers ; but in singleness 
of heart, fearing God : 

33* 'And whatsoever ye do, do 
it heartily, as to the Lord, and 
not unto men ; 

M • Knowing that of the Lord 
ye shall receive the rewnrd of the 
inheritance : / for ye serve xhe 
Lord Christ. 

25 But he that doetb wrong, 
shall receive for the wrong which 
he hath done: and 'there ia no 
respect of persons. 

1 Jfc uihortoth tktm U b* ferotmt ia 

prmfr, 5 /• »*'* wiotti ImmM M*a 

todft •/ Ohrttt. 10 Ho tmnittth Iftm, 
•iW m,k*th thorn ma mrmomorm. 

1U" ASTERS, egive unto » 

J ■»■ , • servants that which is Jnst 
and equal ; knowing that ye also 
have a Master in heaven. 
S ft Continue in prayer, and 
watch in the same « with thanke- 

' 3 * Withal praying also fw us, 
(hat God would ''open unto us a 
door of utterance, to speak /the 
mystery of Christ, 'for whic* I 
am also in bonds: 

4 That I may make it manifest, 
as I ought to speak. 

5 A Walk in wisdom toward 
them that are without. ' redeem- 
ing the time. 

6 Let your speech be always 

• with grace, 'seasoned with salt, 

* that ye may know how ye ought 
to answer every man. 

7 « All my state shall Tychicna 
declare unto you, wan it a belor- 
ed brother, and a faithful minis- 
ter and lellow-servant in the Lore) : 

8 'Whom I have sent unto you 
for the same purpose, that he 
might know your estate, and 
comfort your hearts ; - 

9 With »Ot*simos, a faithful 
and beloved brother, who is one 
of you. They shall make known 
tinto you all things which era 
done here. 

10 1 Arisurchus, my fellow-pris- 
oner, saluteth you; and * Mar- 
cus, sister's son to fiarnabaa, 
(touching whom ye received com- 
mandments: if he come unto you, 
receive him;) 

11 And Jesus, which is called 
Justus, who are of the circum- 
cision. These only are my fal- 
low-workers unto the kinjplom 



of God, which have beta a com- 
fort unto me. 

It «Epaphras, who is one of 
you, a servant of Christ, salute th 
you, always I * labouring' fervent- 
ly for you in prayers, that ye may 
stand * perfect and | complete in 
all the will of God. 

13 For I bear him record, that 
he hath a great seal for you, and 
them that are in Laodicea, and 
them in Hierapolis. 

14 ■» Luke, the beloved physician* 
and » Demas, greet'you. 

' IS Salute the brethren which art 
in Laodicea, and Nymphaa, and 
• the church which is in his house. 

CHAP. 1, !U 

A, D. 04. A. D. 64. 

rtk. 1. 7. 

I Or, 
IBo 1S.S0. 
« Mat. 5. 
48. 1 Co. 2. 
C. * 14.50. 
Phi. 3. U. 
He. ft. 14. 
I Or, 
Ptolleia 34. 
• Ro. 16.5. 

« He. 18.1. 
/ He. 13. 

Manner qf PtiuPe preaching. 

16 And when "this epistle ft 
read among you, cause that it be 
read also in the church of the 
Laodicean* ; and that ye like- 
wise read the epistle from Laodi- 

17 And sayto*Archippua,Take 
heed to * the ministry which tho« 
hast received in the Lord, that 
thou fulfil it. 

18 'The salutation by the hand 
of me Paul. • Remember my 
bonds. /Grace be with yon. 

IT Written from Rome to the 
Colossiaus by Tychicus and 




CHAP. 1. 
t Tho ftaMhSMH art fit** to an* 
doretand both horn mindful of thorn 
Stint Paul wot at *U lmn m 
Utnkttfoing, and orator: ft and 
alto Sew well kt toatmortmadoi of tho 
tntth and tino-riif of thtir faith,*** 
oonooroion to Ood. 
DAUL, and • Silvanus, and 
A Timotheus, unto the church 
of live Tliessalonians which i> in 
God the Father, and in the Lord 
Jesus Christ : » Grace be unto you, 
and peace, from God our Father 
and the Lord Jesus Christ. 
S » We give thanks to God si- 
way* for you all, making mention 
of you in our prayers; 

3 * Remembering without ceas- 
ing • your work of faith, /and la- 
bour of love, and patience of hope 
iu our Lord Jesus Christ, in the 
sight of God and our Father ; 

4 Knowing, brethren I beloved, 
# your election of God. 

5 For * our gospel came not un- 
to you in word only, but also in 
power, and « in the Holy Ghost, 
s and ui much assurance ; as ' ye 
know what manner of men we 
were among you for your sake. 

6 And "*ye became followers of 
us, and of the Lord, having, re- 
ceived the word in much afflic- 
tion, » with joy of the Holy Ghost : 

7 So that ye were ensamples to 
all that believe in Macedonia and 

8 For from you 'sounded out 
the word of the Lord not only in 
Macedonia and Achaia, but also 
tin every place your faith to God- 
ward is spread abroad; so that 
we need not to speak any thing. 

9 For they themselves shew of 
us « what manner of entering in 
we had unto you, 'and how ye 
turned to God from idols, to serve 
tJa* living and true God; 

A.D.54. A.D.B4. 

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Ep. 1. 

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• *> IBS '/»Oo.7A 

!?'•_.-, \t'lC0.1M. 
Hcntimf 1T1.H1, 

Uettun. Iaico.9.17. 
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STh.a.13. Tit 1.8. 

«•*<■». 1 Ar.iiji. 

<aco.e.6. a Co. a. 17. 

*CoL «.«.'* ■'■«-*J' 
a. o % its la.iT. 

. . m Ho. 1.8. 

',5*;*** ■■ 'ohnft. 

io, ii.ii.atia. 

«•'- t.i ITi.ft. 

M 1 Cc. 4. IT. 

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ch. 9. 14. a co. 10. i,a> 

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• Eo.10.18. 1 ! Or, nstd 
j*o. i.ajoutkorllo. 
»Th. 1. 4,'paCo.ll.a 

oeh. 8. 1- 2 Th.3. 8. 
fU3o.lia.fl Co. 9.1, 

«s.4.e. !tT».a»4. 

10 And »to wait for his Son 

* from heaven. * whom he raised 
from the dead, eoen Jesus, which 
delivered us 'from the wrath to 

1 1* mhal mannor th* to*p*l wtobnmfhi 
and prmaehod to th* Thutaloniant, 
and in what tort alio thop rtctiotd it. 
18 A reason it r*nd«r*d both w*y 
Stint Paul foot to long tbtent from 
t»*m, and alto w*y *• wot m dotirem* 
to tot thorn. 

FOR • yourselves, brethren, 
know our entrance in unto 
you, that it was not in vain : 

2 But even after that we had suf- 
fered before, and were shame- 
folly entreated, as ye know, at 

• Philippi, « we were bold '» our 
God * to speak unto you the gos- 
pel of God 'with much conten- 

3 / For our exhortation wu not 
of deceit, nor of uncleannees, nor 
in guile; 

4 But as ' we were allowed of 
God * to be put in trust with the 
gospel, even so we speak ; * not as 
pleasing men, but God, * which 
trieth our hearts. 

6 For I neither at any time used 
we Haltering words, as ye know, 
nor a cloak of covelousneas ; "• God 
is witness: 

6 * Nor of men sought we glory, 
neither of you, nor yet of others, 
when • we might have been 
» burdensome, 9 aa the apotdas 
of Christ. 

7 But 'we were gentle anon' 
you, even as a nurse cherishetn 
her children; 

8 So being affectionately desir- 
ous of you, we were willing * to 
have imparted uuto you, not the 
gospel of God only, but also < our 

Xli. r 1 Co. a. 3. it 9 a*. aCo.13.4* 
skVe.l.U.ftl&.aO. itCs,lX.U. 1 




9 For ye remember, brethren, 
our labour and travail: for "la- 
bouring- night and day, * because 
we would not be chargeable unto 
any of you, we preached unto you 
the gospel of God. 

10 » Ye are witnesses, and God 
also, * how holily, and justly, and 
unblamably we behaved ourselves 
among you that believe: 

11 A* ye know how we exhort- 
ed, and comforted, and charged 
every one of you, aa a lather doth 
bis children, 

15 "That ye would walk worthy 
of God, 'who bath called you 
unto hia kingdom and glory. 

13 For this cause also thank we 
God « without ceasing, because, 
wifen ye received the word of God 
which ye heard of us, ye received 
ii* not as the word of men, but 
(as it is in truth) the word of God, 
which effectually worketh also in 
you that believe. 

14 For ye, brethren, became fol- 
lowers « of the churches of God 
Which in Judea are in Christ Je- 
sus : for / ye al*o have suffered 
like things of your own country- 
men, 'even as they have of the 
Jews ; 

(6 * Who both killed the Lord 
Jesus, and < their own prophet*, 
and have (persecuted us; and 
they please not God, *and are 
Contrary to all men : 

16 I Forbidding us to speak to 
the Gentiles that they might he 
saved, m to fill up their sins al- 
ways: » for the wrath is come up- 
on them to the uttermost. 

1 7 But we, brethren, being taken 
from you for a short time • in 
presence, not in heari, endeavour- 
ed the more abundantly P to see 
your face with great desire. 

18 Wherefore we would have 
come unto you, even I Paul, once 
and again; but i Satan hindered 

19 For*what»ourhope,or joy, 
or 'crown of I rejoicing 1 Are 
not even ye in the presence of our 
Lord Jesus Christ 'at his coming 1 

80 For ye are our glory and joy. 


1 Saint Pent test&etk hi* greet la— to 

the Thtuaioniaiu, pertly by sending 

Timothy unto Mm to itrenitktn end 

preying for I A est, end desiring a safe 
coming unto thetn. 

WHEREFORE, • when we 
could no louge r forbe ar, • we 
thought it good lo be left at Ath- 
ens alone ; 

2 And sent • Timotheua, our , 
brother, nnd minister of God, and 
our fellow-labourer in the gospel ' 
of Christ, to establish you, and j 
to comfort you couceruiug your i 

A.W.64. j A.Dt64> 

■ Ae9fcS* 
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/ Ac m 



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i or, 

I Or, chas- 
ed «* out. 
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• Pr.M.81. 

1 Or, 

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a ver. S. 
e Ro.18.31. 

t Ma. I. ft 
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I Or, 

II Or, 
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16, IS. Ep. 

iEp.4. 17. 


* ICo. IS. 

34.Oa.4 8. 

Kp. ft 13 ft 





X4 Thai no nan should homo** 
ed by these afflictions; for youjv 
salves kuow that s we ut appotub- 
ed ihereuuio, , 

4 /For verilv, when we wem 
with you, we told you before thai 
we should suffer tribulation; evia 
as it came to pass, and ye know* 

5 For this, cause, * when I could 
no loiurer forbear, I sent to know 
your faith, * lest by some mean 
the tempter have tempted ynu, 
and i our labour be ,in vain. 

6 * But now, when Tunotbeoj 
came from you unto ua, and 
brought ua gbod tiding* of your 
faith and charity, and that ya 
have good remembrance of ua al- 
ways, desiring greatly to see ua, 
« as we also to see you : 

7 Therefore, brethren, ■» we were 
comforted over you in all our«f- 
fiiction and distress by your faith; 

8 For now we live, if ye "stand 
fast in the Lord. 

»For what thanks can we ren- 
der to God again for you, for all 
the joy wherewith we joy lor your 
aakea before our God, ; 

10 P Night and day « praying 
exceedingly »" that we might eee 
your face, »and might perfect that 
which is lacking in your faith t 
Jl Now God himself and our 
Father, and our Lord Jesus Cbriet, 
I ' direct our way unto you. 

12 And the Lord * make you to 
increase and abound in love * owe 
toward another, and toward all 
mm, even as we do toward you : 

13 To the end he may vstablish 
your hearts unblamable in holi- 
ness before God, eveu our Father, 
at the coming of our Lord Jeaua 
Christ * with all his saints^ 

1 B* uhertttk tktm to go on former* e* 
ell manner of godlme**, 8 to bee *•• 
lilt end juetfy, 9 to U»e one another, 
1 1 end quinty to folio* tnMr own onli- 
ne** ; IS mnd lest of aft to eorrem 
enederetely for the demd. 17 And net. 
to tki* lest esJurtmiem w emneeed m 
brief dtecriptien ej the romrroetiom, 
end second earning ef Vhritt tejmdsy 

T?URTHERMORE then we, 
A | beseech you, brethren, and 
I exhort you by the -Lord Jesus, 
• that as ye have received of ua 
6 how ye ought to walk «and to 
pleaTse God, eo ye would abound 
more and more. 

5 For ye know whaj. command- 
ments we gave you by the Lord 

i For this is 'the will of God, 
even «your sanctification, / Lha.t 
ye ahould abstain from fornica- 
tion : 

4 *" That every one of you should 
know how to possess his vessel iq 
•anctificatioii and honour ; 

i * Not in the lust of concupis- 
cence, > even aa the GenUlej 
< which know not God: 

6 'That no mm go beyood tut£ 

QT CfcftaV otmmg to judgment. 

I defraud ,-Mi -brother | in any 
matter: because that the Lord 
■ i# the avenger of all auch, as 
we also have forewarned you and 

7 For God hath not called ris unto 
uncteanness, » but unto holiness. 

9 *He therefore that jj despiseth, 

' t pise in not man, but God p who 

rn also given unto us his Holy 


nit as torching brotherly lore 
« ye need not that Iwriie unto you : 
for r ye yourselves are taught of 
Oed *to love one another. 
•10 * And indeed ye <lo it toward 
all the brethren which are in all 
Macedonia : but we beseech you, 
brethren, * that ye increase more 
and more : 

-11 And that ye etudy to be quiet, 
and »to do your own business, 
and r to work with your own 
hands* as we commanded you ; 

15 • That ye may walk honestly 
toward them that are without, 
ami that ye may have lack I of 

13 But I would not have you to 
be ignorant, brethren, concern- 
ing them which are asleep, that 

?s sorrow not, « even aa others 
which have no hope. 

14 For « if we believe that Jesus 
died and rose again, even so 
* them also which sleep in Jesus 
will God bring with him. 

- 1* For this we say unto you «by 
the word of the Lord, that /we 
which are alive and remain unto 
the coming of the Lord shall not 
prevent them which are asleep. 

16 For 'the Lord himself shall 
descend from heaven with a 
about, with the voice of the arch- 
angel, and with *the trump of 
God: »and the dead in Christ 
•hall rise first : 

17 'Then we which are alive 
and remain shall bo caught up 
together with them * in the 
clouds, to meet the Lord in the 
air : and an ■» shall we, ever be 
with the Lord. 

18 "Wherefore, I comfort one 
another with these words. 


.1 He p rtet tdt k m IU ftrmtr ****** 

Most of Gfcnsfs eommg to jutfmmt, 

, 10 mifkHtk m%»tr$ pnetfU, ® aarf 

BUT of « the times and the sea- 
sons, brethren, »ye have no 
need that I write unto you. 
1 For yourselves know perfectly, 
'that «the day of the Lord so 

Cometh as a thief in the night. 
S For when they shall say, 
•Peace and safely ; then * sudden 

I ttr. jm 

H ■ Steal**) 

■ W1..1 *. 

A. tf.64. 

/ H». II, 

1. PL 

i Kb, Bv K 
k Mai |£ 

i M -i i vi. 
VI * IS. J 31, 

H«v la. i ., 

i"i" a . ai. 

31, ?Hv Ra, 

:-.i- i. v.. 
15. 9*. K P . 
k. H- 

■ *x, 1. U. 

m [,...-,l.|T. 

Kb/*. U, 
Ifi. 17. 

• i.i.jn Hi 
1 »*r, 


tp, a. a. i 
rv. i. £ i 


* -i ti. 

f eh. i.7. 

a *, 9 is. 

* -j ■]■.. s. 
11- 1 r. . 4. 


KPi *- »- 
f Til. 3. 7, 
s' IL- . 13. 
13. 1 S*. B. 

| Mr, 

!V*i'*;£- *«»'«'*■ 

IS. *. Dc. je, 1, 1 

4 /Bin ye, ' - ••! .en, are ant sa 
daftcBfaftf Ifrtl that day should 

LivT-rlak« vi- 1 1 h.« a rhief. 

5 Ye are nJl'che children of light, 
i' i I'Ufw c h i Id re 1 i o i.he day : we are 
nm of (lie (light, nor of darkness. 

o" A Therefore let us not sleep, as 
rio others; but i 1*1 us watch and 

tM lnl>r!\ 

r Vox *th*y that sleep, sleep in 
' I m night - and thty that be di link- 
s' ii, 'are drunken lit the night. • 
H Bui In us, who are of the day, 
Iw soher, ""putting on tliebreast- 
pVlc tif faith and love; and for 
in. hehnxi, Hie h*»pe of salvation. 
9 Fur "ticul :..i • not appointed 
in to wrath, * hut to obtain salva- 
UuRt by our Lfirnl Jesus Christ, 
hi w W|in difcd for us, that, 
.1 whether we wniie or sleep, we 
i lv. i, ,.. abeuld live log ether with him. 

' *■ Mi Wherrlnre, .'comfort your- 

tinii.a.13, . hivei ^ngrth^^ mid etlify one an 
i a» im othei, even nv rtlm yedo. 

I! A in! w* W*,"A von, breth- 
rutL, »■ (o kno-* I hem which labour 
amang you, ami nre over you in 
1 1 1 ■ Lord, and admonish you ; 

'•'A A ltd to eatec-m them very 
hirtily in km (Sir their work^ 
Rnke. 'Jnrf be at peace among 

!:■-■ V.-l. 

14 Ko* we E e short you, breth- 
ren, 'warn ihetfi that are I uu- 
f] i Ly T * comfort the feeble-mind- 
ed 1 ■ .- 1 1 1. ; -i ■ t i (ha weak, » be pa- 
tj^iit toward aLL turn. 

[& 'See that none render evil 
fur rnl UntD ajiy man; but ever 
* Hallow that which is good, both 
am iinj yoLiree I vr> and to all men. 

H3 • Rejoice fveitnore. 

] j c Pray wltbMt ceasing. 


V*Jl r4 .»r 

I Or t 

li fhl.a. 

». 1 J!, A. 

r nii.a.]i. 

I fir. 


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* ML 

I I fV,. lj.. 
* 1 Ott. 15. 

J A-. 

. M. 

Br. II. n 

a. v H.3. 

* I. J 

* rh.fc.ll, 

1* * tn et-trFy (hinggive thanks: 
fur this is the will of God in 

destruction cometh upon them, 
• as travail upon a woman with 
child: and they shall not escape, 
.a Mat. S4. 9, M. Ae. 1. 7. ft ch. 4. 0. « M ^ U N, e% 
44. 4c S. M. La. IS. Is\ 40. 3 Pe. S. 10. K«-. 3. 3. Jt 

-- — - - -.a. w. S7.9s,ar — 


17. I Qm, S, 
1, ! !VM. 

4 tii.r,.i-,\. 
ii. a, i*. 

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a> 8. l?i. 

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Jfr, 1. 7. 

Unl. K, 17. 
i KB. 4. SO. 

•i -i i. a 
ri« 1 tx, 


Christ Jeiui ';..n" i' ming you. 

I •■ i Quench not the Spirit. 

EO / linpisE not prophesyings. 

£L 'Prort B || : hinge; *hold 
f«i.L that whith ia^ood. 
m m . s< », ! 82 * A bsuun from all appearance 
of evil* 

£3 And » The very God of peace 
teancHfy ypu wrJiully ; and Ipraf 
tiati \m\r whule -,'ini, and soul, 
and hody, ™ he pr^'served Llarae- 
k-.-st uiii.i the 'fining of our Lord 
Jeauj Carta, 

■4 - Faithful it he that calleth 
\n«, who a .bo m ill do i/. 

£. : i Sri.'t tiren, ■ pray for us. 

MJ Mlih-i ah u i. bretliren with 

an huly kJAs. 

a? 1 I churge vf>u by the Lord 
that f Lhii eptani be read unto 
all dip doly hrelhren. 
H r Tht graba of our Lord Je- 
an h Christ /k with you. Amen. 
Tf The JW fprstle unto the 
Th«j»nifiuia[LB was written 
from A them. 
tCwoU.j. JirM.i-a. ccii.4.ia iPhi.4.o. tea. 

1.13. fclOi.Lft. a use, l.a, tl«.13.STh.8.». 
¥ i..v,i. i. a.'jTb.l. 1. »««. la. IB i Or, a4>art. «C*l. 

«. w. ai'a, a. u f *«. ie> au. ui. STh. 3. U. ' 

• H 

. II. 






J Sewnt Pmnl oertifieth tkmn of tke food 

annum. wAm* he kerf of tkmr ftith. 

Urn*, and patience : 11 and thorewitltmt 

mmeih Avert return* for the oumforU 

ing of them in perseeution, whereof the 

ehUfeet is taken from the rightocm 

judgment of Ood. 

T>AUL, «and Silvanus, and Ti- 

* mothers, unto the church of 

the Thessalonians &in God our 

Father and the Lord Jesus Christ : 

t « Grace unto you, and peace, 

from God our Father and the 

Lord Jesus Christ. 

3 d We are bound to thank God 
always for you, brethren, as it is 
meet, because that your faith 
groweth exceedingly, and the 
charity of every one of you all to- 
ward each other aboundeth ; 

4 So that « we ourselves glory in 
you in the churches of God, /for 
your patience and faith 'in all 
your persecutions and tribula- 
tions that ye endure : 

5 Which is »a manifest token 
of the righteous judgment of God, 
that ye may be counted worthy 
of the kingdom of God, »' for 
which ye also suffer: 

6 * Seeing it u a righteous thing 
with God to recompense tribula- 
tion to them that trouble you : 

7 And to you, who are troubled, 
'rest with us, when » the Lord 
Jesus shall be revealed from 
heaven with t his mighty angels, 

8 * In flaming fire || taking ven- 

Kance on them « that know not 
»d, and P that obey not the gos- 
pel of our Lord Jesus Christ: 

9 « Who shall be punished with 
everlasting destruction from the 
presence of the Lord, and r from 
the glory of his power; 

10 'When he shatl come to be 
glorified in his saints, 'and to be 
admired iu all them that believe 
(because our testimony among 
you was believed; in that day. 

11 Wherefore also we pray al- 
ways for you, that our God would 
I » count you worthy of this call- 
ing, and fulfil all the good pleas- 
ure- of Aw goodness, and * the j 
work of faith with power : I 

19 > That the name of our Lord 
Jesus Christ may be glorified in 

S>u, and ye in him, according to 
« grace of our God, aud the < 
Lord Jesus Christ. | 

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la 1 

before th* da* of the Lewi 

And U ermte n npe H alk k 

•Mhorutum, emdprageth for them. 
TVTOW we beseech you, breth- 
x ' ren, * by the coming of oar 
Lord Jesus Christ, »and by our 
gathering together unto him, 
1 « That ye be not soon shaken 
io mind, or be troubled, neither 
by spirit, nor by word, nor by 
letter as from us, as that the dear 
of Christ is at hand. 

3 •* Let no man deceive vou by 
any means : for that day •hall not 
come, • except there come a fail- 
ing away first, and /that man of 
sin be revealed, * the son of per- 
dition j 

4 Who oppceeth and kexalteUi 
himself > above all that is called 
God, or that is- worshipped ; m 
that he, as God. sitteth in the 
temple of God, shewing himself 
that he is God. 

5 Remember ye not, that when 
I was yet with you, I told yea 
these things ? 

6 And now ye know what I with- 
holdeth that he might be reveal* 
ed in his time. 

7 For *tbe mystery of iniquity 
doth already work: only he whit* 
now letteth witt let, until he be 
taken out of the way. 

8 And then shall that Wicket 
be revealed, 'whom the Lord 
shall consume ■ with the spirit of 
his mouth, and shall destroy "with 
the brightness of his coming : 

9 Evtn Aim, whose coming ia 
• after the working of Satan, with 
all power, and r signs, and lying 

10 And with all deceivablenesa 
of unrighteousness in 4 them that 
perish ; because they received not 
the love of the truth, that they 
might be saved. 

If And 'lor this cause God 
shall send them strong delusion, 
•that they should believe a lie: 

It That they all might be damn- 
ed who believed not the truth, 
but 'had pleasure ia unrighte* 

IS But • we are bound to giva 
thanks always to God for yon, 
brethren beloved of the Lord, be- 
cause God * hath 9 from the be- 
ginning chosen you to salvation, 
'through aaneufication of the 
Spirit, and belief of the truth: 

14 Whereunto he called yoa kg 
our gospel, toethe obtaining of 
the glory of our Lord ««UB 

The apoetle deeireth their prayers. 

U Therefore, brethren. « stand 
feat, and bold • the traditions 
Which ye have been taught, whe- 
ther bv word, or our epistle. 

16 * Now our Lord Jeeua Christ 
himself, and God, even oar Fa- 
ther, 'which hath loved us, and 
hath given us everlasting conso- 
lation and /good hope through 

s i7 Comfort you* hearts, # and 
etablish yon in every good word 
and work. 


1 H» cravats tkmir prefers far himsttf, 

' t Hsttftmth what am/Uemt* km tuitk m 

- tktm, 6 mtktth reave* to God in their 

Metf, 6 gnmk them dners precepts, 

nptctmUp U shun idleness, end ill com- 

panf, U end Utt of mU m mdud rnth 

FJNALLY, brethren,* pray for 
us, that the word of the Lord 
t may have /rem course, and be 
glorified, even as it ie with you ; 
2 And »that we may be deliver- 
ed from t unreasonable and wick- 
ed loan : « for all Men have not 

5 But 'the Lord is faithful, who 
•ball staMish you, and 'keep 
you from evil. 

4 And /we have confidence in 
the Lord touching you, that ye 
both do and will do the tilings 
Which we command you. 

$ And 'the Lord direct your 
hearts into the love of God. and 
I into the patient waiting for 

6 Now we command you, breth- 
ren, in the name of our Lord Je- 
sus Christ, Mhat ye withdraw 
yourselves * from every brother 
that walketb * disorderly, and not 
after 'the tradition which he re- 
ceived of us. 


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of Christ. 


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Tke idlm and disorderly cetwtred. 

7 Far yourselves know "how ye 
ought to follow us: for « we be- 
haved not ourselves disorderly 
among you ; 

8 Neither did we eat any maiTi 
bread for nought ; but • wrought 
with labour and travail Highland 
day, that we might not be charge- 
able to an v of you : 

9 P Not because we have not 
power, but to make ff ourselves aa 
ensample onto you to follow as. 

10 For even when we were with 
you, this we commanded you, 
r that if any would not work, nei- 
ther should he eat. 

11 Fur we hear that there are 
some * which walk among you 
disorderly, ' working not at all, 
but are busy-bodies. 

18 «Now them that are such we 
command and exhort by our Lord 
Jesus Christ, * that with quiet- 
ness they work, and eat their own 

13 But ye, brethren, 9 1 be not 
weary in well-doing. 

14 And if any man obey not our 
word | by this epistle, note that 
man, and * have no company with 
him, Uiat he may be ashamed. 

15 ' Yet count him not as an en- 
emy, » but admonish Mm as a 

16 Now • the Lord of peace him- 
-"" _: ou peace always by all 

'he Lord be with you 

self give you peace always by all 

means. The * — * 


17 «<The salutation of Paul with 
mine own hand, which is the to- 
ken in every epistle : so I write. 
' 18 'The grace of our Lord Je- 
sus Christ Be with you all. Amen, 
1f The second epistle to the Thes- 
•alonians, was written from 



t Ttn*tk$w put m elm* ef the cherts 
. whiek mm* gisrn mmtm him b$ Pent 
et his emng tm fi ees dmi s. oQfthe 
right wsseMeedef the tew. 110/ 
Jfemt Peso's seOmg tmbssm epmttls, 
SO end of Bgmensms end AUesmdtr. 

PAUL, an apostle of Jeeua 
Christ • by the commandment 

of God our Saviour, and Lord 
jeaus Christ, • which ie our 

I Unto < Timothy, • my own son 
in the faith ; / Grace, mercy, and 
peace, from God our Father and 
Metis Christ our Lord. 

? Ae I besought thee to abide 
Mill it Ephesus, f when I went 
into Macedonia, that thou night- 

A. D. 65. A. D. 66. 

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Tlt.1 14.* 

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10. Oa. 6. 

est charge some * that they teach 
no other doctrine, 

4 * Neither give heed to feble* 
and endless genealogies. * which 
minister questions, rather than 
godly edifying which ie in faith ; 
mo do. 

5 Now ' the end of the command* 
ment is charity "»out of a pure 
heart, and of a good conscience, 
and of faith unfeigned: 

6 From which some I having 
swerved, have turned aside unto 
" vain Jangling ; 

7 Desiring to be teachers of the 
la w ; • understanding neither what 
they say, nor whereof they affirm. 

8 But we know that Pthe 1»W i* 
good* if a man nse it lawfully 


Of Sab* PauPt tolling. 

9 1 Knowing this, that the taw is 
not made for a righteous man, 
but for the lawless and disobedi- 
ent, for the ungodly and for sin- 
ners, for unholy and profane, for 
murderers of fathers, and mur- 
derers of mothers, for manslayers, 

ID For whoremongers, for them 
that defile themselves^with man- 
kind, for men-stealers, for liars, 
for perjured persons, and if there 
be any other thing that is con- 
trary r to sound doctrine, 

11 According to the glorious 
gospel of * the blessed God ' which 
was committed to my trust. 

12 And I thank Christ Jesus our 
Lord, * who hath enabled me, 
'for that he counted me faithful, 

• putting me into the ministry ; 

13 * Who was before a blas- 
phemer, and a persecutor, and in- 
jurious : but I obtained mercy, 
because •! did it ignorantly in 

' 14 * And the grace of our Lord 
was exceeding abundant " with 
faith * and love which is in Christ 

15 « This is a faithful saying, 
nnd worthy of all acceptation, 
that / Christ Jesus came mto Hie 
world to save sinners; of Whom 
1 am chief. 

16 Howbeit, for this cause 'I 
obtained mercy, that in me first 
Jesus Christ might shew forth all 
long-suffering, * for a pattern to 
them which should hereafter be- 
lieve on him to life everlasting. 

17 Now unto t the King eternal, 

* immortal, 'invisible, * the only 
wise God, » be honour and glorj 
for ever and ever. Amen. 

18 This charge • I commit unto 
thee, son Timothy, P according 10 
the prophecies which went before 
on thee, that thou by them might- 
est Q war a good warfare ; 

19 r Holding faith *nd a good 
conscience ; which some having 
put away, concerning faith * have 
made shipwreck : 

90 Of whom is * Hymenena and. 
■ Alexander: whom I have * de- 
livered unto Satan, that they may 
learn not to y blaspheme. 

1 That U it meet to prat and giot 
thankt for «S nun, and the rtoton 
why. Horn woawM tkould be at- 
ttrtd. 13 TAey an not permuted to 
teas*. 16 ThcytkaUbo taood, not- 
ttithttmnding the UtOmonitt of Ood't 
unth, in child-birth, if tamp eo*m*t 

t"l ^XHORT therefore, that, 
-*- first of all, supplications, pray- 
ers, intercessions, and giving of 
thanks be made for all men : 

f «For kings, and •for all that 
are in I authority; that we may 
lead a quiet and peaceable life iu 
all godliness and honesty. 

8 For this is • good and accept- 
able in the sight * of God our 8a- 

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Cjf bithopi and deacon*. 

4 • Who will have all men to be 
saved, /and to come unto the 
knowledge of the truth. 

5 ' For tAere is one God, and 
* one mediator between God and 
nen, the man Christ Jesus ; 

6 «' Who gave himself a ransom 
for all, * I to be testified 'in du« 

7 m Whereunto I am ordained a 
preacher and au apostle. (»I 
speak the truth iu Christ, and lift 
not,) <>a teacher of the Gentile* 
in faith and verky. 

8 I will therefore that men pray 
p every where, « lifting up holy 
hands, without wrath and doubt- 

9 In like manner also, that * wo- 
men adorn thsmsslves in modest 
apparel, with sharaefacednessand 
sobriety ; not with I broidered 
hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly 

10 *But (which becometh wo- 
men professing godliness) with 
good works. 

1 1 Let the woman learn in si- 
lence with all subjection. 

18 But * I suffer not a woman to 
teach, «nor to usurp authority 
over the man, but to be in si- 

13 For 'Adam was first formed, 
then Eve. 

14 And » Adam was not deceiv- 
ed, but the woman being deceiv- 
ed was in the transgression. 

15 Notwithstanding, she shall 
be saved in child-bearing, if they 
contiuue in faith, and charity, and 
holiness, with sobriety. 

3 How htthotm, and daatant, mad tkair 
wist tkould bt qualified, 14 and la 
tohat end Saint Paul wrote to Timo- 
thy of then thtngt. 16 Of the church, 
and-the blotted truth therein taught 
and projettod. 

THIS «i» a Urua eaying. If a 
man desire the office of a 
b bishop, he desireth a good 
« work. 

%* A bishop then must be blame- 
less, « the husband of one wife, 
vigilant, sober, 1 of good behav- 
iour, given to hospitality, /apt to 

3 ffNot given to wine, *tn 
striker, i not greedy of filthy lu- 
cre; but*patient; not a brawler, 
not covetous ; 

4 One. that rukth well his own 
hpuse, 'having his children hi 
sub. lection with all gravity ; 

5 (For if a man know'not how to 
rule his own house, how shall he 
take care of the church of God 1) 

6 Not | a . novice, last being 
lifted up with pride » he falj into 
the condemnation of the devil. 

7 Moreover, be must havoagood 
report "of them which are walk- 
out ; lest be fall into reproach. 
• and the autre of the devu. 

8 Likewise mutt tube ~ 

ty departure from th* faith. 

bt grave, not double-tongued, 
* f not given to much vine, hot 
i greedy of filthy lucre ; 

9 'Holding the mystery of the 
"faith in a pure conscience. 

10 Anil let these also flint be 
proved: then let them uae the 
office of a deacon, being found 

11 «Even so mutt thtir wives 
be grave, not slanderers, sober, 
faithful in all things. 

It Let the deacons be the hns- 
feanda of one wife, ruling their 
children and their own houses 

13 For * they that have I used 
the office of a deacon well, pur- 
chase to themselves a good de- 
gree, and great boldness in the 
faith which is in Christ Jesus. 

14 These things write I unto 
thee, hoping to come unto thee 

' shortly : 

15 But if I tarry long, that thou 
may est know how thou oughtesl 
to behave thyself "in the nouee 
of God, which is the church of 
the living God, the pillar and 
| ground of the truth. 

- 16 And without controversy, 
great is the mystery of godli- 
ness : * God was t manifest m the 
flesh, yjustifled in the Spirit, 
*aeen of angels, •preached unto 
the Gentiles, & believed on in the 
WOrld, • received up into glory. 

1 Bt fortttlltth thmt in tht tatter tint* 
there eh alt bt 4 departure /rem the 
/mitk. 6 And to the end thtt Timo- 
My might nut /nil in doing A* duty, 
he/urniehetk him vftt divert pre- 
cept* Mmim| thereto. 
•7\TOW (lie Spirit «apeakethex- 
•*-" preasiy, that • in the latter 
times some shall depart from the 
faith, giving heed *to seducing 
epirits, « and doctrines of deviU ; 
2 • Speaking lies in hypocrisy, 
/having their conscience seared 
with a hot iron ; 
8 'Forbidding to marry, *and 
commanding to abstain from 
meats, which God hath created 
< to be received * with thanksgiv- 
ing of them which believe and 
know the truth. 

4 For 'every creature of God ti 
rood, and nothing to be refused, 
If it be received with thanksgiv- 

5 For it is sanctified by the word 
of God, and prayer. 

6 If thou put the brethren in re- 
membrance of these things, thou 
•halt be a good minister or Jesus 
Christ, • nourished up in the 
wordi of faith and of good doc- 
trine, wnereunto thou hast at- 

7 But "refuse profane and old 
wivee' fables, and 'exercise thy- 
self rather unto godliness. 

8 For Pbodily exercise profiteth 

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Sundry rule* to b$ risers**. 

I little i « but godliness if profit- 
able unto ail things, 'having 
promise of the life that now is, 
and of that which is to come. 

9 * This is a faithful saying, and 
worthy of all acceptation. 

10 For therefore * we both la- 
bour and suffer reproach, because 
we "trust in the living God 'who 
U the Saviour of all men, espe- 
cially of those that believe. 

1 1 1 These things command and 

IS * Let no man despise thy 
youth : but « be thou an example 
of the believers, in word, in con- 
versation,, in charity, in spirit, i'l 
faith, in purity. 

IS Till I come, give attendance 
to readiug, to exhortation, I) 

14 "Neglect not the gift that is 
in thee, which was given thee 
• by prophecy. * with the laying 
on of the hands of the presbytery. 

15 Meditate upon these things ; 

S've thyself wholly to them; that 
v profiting may appear J to all. 
18 *Take need unto thyself, and 
unto the doctrine; continue in 
them : for in doing this thou shalt 
both /save thyself, and 'them 
that hear thee. 

1 RnUt Is ft* obttntd in reproving. 9 
OfwidowM. 17 Of elder*. 73 A pre- 
cept far Timothy'* Am/I*. 94 Some 
Mefc'i tint go before unto judgment, 
mnd sbbm mm't doJoUcm after. 

REBUKE «not an elder, but 
entreat Aim as a father ; and 
the younger men as brethren ; 
1 The elder women as mothers • 
the younger as sisters, with all 


3 Honour widows »that are 
widows indeed. 

4 But if any widow have chil- 
dren or nephews, let them learn 
first to shew I piety at home, and 
•to requite their parents : •" for 
that is good and acceptable be- 
fore God. 

6 « Now she that is a widow in- 
deed, and desolate, tniateth in 
God, and /continueth in suppli- 
cations and prayers 'night and 

6 * But she that liveth | in pleas- 
ure, is dead while she livetn. 

7 » And these things give in 
charge, that they may be blame- 

8 But if any provide not for hie 
own, « and especially for those of 
his own 1 house, l he hath denied 
the faith, "and is worse than an 

9 Let not a widow be I taken 
into the number under threescore 
years old, "having been the wife 
of one man, 

10 Well reported of for good 
works ; if she have brought up 
children, if she have •lodged 
strangers, it the have Pwaened 


Concerning elders. 

the saints' fret, if the have re- 
lieved ilia afflicted, if the have 
diligently followed every good 

1 1 But the younger widows re- 
fine : for when they have begun 
to wax wanton against Christ, 
they will marry; 

la Having damnation, because 
they hare cast off their first faith. 

IS ° And withal they learn to be 
idle, wandering about from house 
to house ; and not only idle, but 
tattlers also, and bitsybodies, 
speaking things which they ought 

14 M will therefore that the 
youngt- r women marry, bear chil- 
dren, guide the house, » give none 
occasion to the adversary t to 
•peak reproachfully. 

15 For some are already turned 
aside after Satan. 

16 If any man or woman that 
believe tli have widows, let them 
relieve them, and let not the 
church be charged; that it may 
relieve 'them that are widows 

17 * Let the elders that rule 
well, *be counted worthy of 
double honour, especially they 
who labour iu the word and doc- 

18 For the scripture saith, v Thou 
shall not muzzle the ox that tread- 
ed] out the corn. And, 'The, 
labourer is worthy of his reward. 

19 Against au elder receive pot 
an accusation, but |« before two 
or three witnesses. 

80 6 Them that sin rebuke before 
all, * that others also may fear. 

91 'I charge thee before God, 
and the Lord Jesus Christ, and 
the elect angels, that thou observe 
these things ii without preferring 
one before another, doiug nothing 
bv partiality. 

81 * Lay hands suddenly on no 
man, /neither be partaker of 
other men's sius: keep thyself 

83 Drink no longer water, but 
use a Utile wine * for thy stom- 
ach's sake, aud thiue often in- 

94 * Some men's sins are open 
beforehand, going before to Judg- 
ment : and some men they follow 

2S Likewise also the good works 
of tome are manifest beforehand; 
and they that are otherwise can- 
do: be hid. 

1 0/ the dull nf eeroamte. S Set U 
ftssc followthtp with nem-fmMfUd 
ttmehert. Oadliuf$$ it grtat gain, 
10 end lot of monep the root of ell 
mil. 11 Wksi Timothy U u ftp, mnd 
who! to follow, 1? •*«" whereof to 
edmowioh tern risk. 90 To keep tee 
puritg of true doetrime, emd to meoid 

prof one jt 
T ET as many « servants as are 
M,J under the yoke count -their 



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Of the duty of 

own masters worthy of all hon- 
our,'* that die name of God aud 
hie doctrine be not blasphemed. 

9 And they that have belie vins/ 
masters, let them not despise) 
them, « because they are breth- 
ren; but rather do them service, 
because they are I faithful and 
lieloved, partakers of ihe benefit. 
* These things teach and exhort. 

S If any man • teach otherwise, 
and consent /not to wholesome) 
words, even the words of our 
Lord Jesus Christ, 'and to the 
doctrine which is according to 

4 He is | proud, * knowing noth- 
ing, but | doting about • questions 
and strifes or words, whereof 
cometh envy, strife, railings, evil 

5 * | Perverse disputings of t men 
of corrupt minds, anu destitute) 
of the truth, "> supposing that 
gain is godliness: » from such 
withdraw thyself. 

6 But • godliness with content- 
ment is great gain. 

7 For awe brought nothing into 
this world, and U u certain wo 
can carry nothing out. 

8 And « having food and rai- 
ment, let us be therewith coo- 

9 But 'they that will be rich, 
fall into temptation, 'and a snare, 
and into many foolish and hurt- 
ful lusts, 'which drown men in 
destruction and perdition. 

10 « For the love of money is 
the root of all evil : which while 
some coveted after, they have 
II erred from the faiih, and pierced 
themselves through with many 

11 ■ :! :.ou, "Oman of God, 
flei- ti.-— : :i,.ngs; and follow alter 
rigMeuMjiJris, godliness, faith, 
lovi , pattgflte, meek new. 

Ifi * Vi <.iii -he good fight of faith, 
« Inv I ■ ■ .' ■ L l.'i eternal fife, where- 
uii-.u clmu ,irt also called, ° and 
hiui [-:•.'■ - sd a good profession 
before many witnesses. 

13 « I give thee charge in tho 
sight ofGod, «"who quickeneth 
al f -• ' •'-- ^-' * 

Silt, * wl^t Uc'iTT PuilLlEIS Filtit 
WlbieAHd a ootid I lutifcuiVO. ; 

14 That Lbn ktwp t.'iu com- 
mandiKrnt wiLl.oLit <por, uiua- 
bukiiblc, /uHtbt the A^jptarins; of 
our J.utJ Jp*m Chrnt: 

15 Whi*h in hi* tirurs hs abaft 
Shew, i.-.'m li f ittft LlrkriJ Jllitl 
oii'j PoinuMe, * the King of 
kin**, prid LdpI nf \onU ; 

16 • WJic Qiih haih lunnnnaJ'iiy, 
dwslUng in lie |i fht *bir| k no 
nidii enn appro.-.. \i unl : *wfujm 
no man hain seen, nor can see ; 
i to whom be honour and power 
everlasting. Amen. 

17 Charge them that are rich 
in this world, that they be not 

Julc*. Re. 1. 0. A 4. 11. * 7. 13, 

Paid'* love to Timothy. 

high-minded, « uor trust, in 
t « uncertain riches, but in • the 
living God, P who givelb. us rich- 
ly all things to enjoy ; 

18 That they do good, th»t 
« they be rich in good works, 
'ready to distribute, I 'willing 
to communicate ; 

19 ' Laying up in store for them- 
selves a good foundation against 
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A. D. ft 

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the uncer- 
tainty of 

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Of nttadjaatmu*'. 

Ui« time to come, that they may 

* lay hold on eternal life. 

10 O Timothy, * keep that 
which is committed to ihy trusty 
» avoiding profane and vain bab- 
blings, and oppositions of science 
falsely so called; 

21 Which some professing,. 

* have erred concerning the faith. 
Grace b* with thee. Amen. 

H The first to Timothy was writ- 
ten from Laodicea, which is 
the chiefeat city of Phrygian 




1 PauFe love to Timothy, and the tm- 
feigned faith which was in Timothy 
himself, hit mother, and grandmother. 
9 Me it exhorted to etir up the gift of 
Bod whieh wj in. him, 8 to be mm*. 
fast, and patient in persecution, 18 and 
to perei/U in the form and truth of 
that doctrine which he had learned if 
him. 15 Phygellut and Hermogenes, 
and *ueh like, are noted, and Onesiph- 
orue it highly commended. 

PAUL, «an apostle of Jesus 
Christ by the will of God, ac- 
cording to b the promise of life 
which is in Christ Jesus, 

2 « To Timothy, my dearly be- 
loved son : Grace, mercy, and 

Eeace, from God the Father and 
'hrist Jesus our Lord. 

3 d I thank God, * whom I serve 
from my forefathers with pure 
conscience, that /without ceas- 
ing I have remembrance of thee 
in my prayers night and day; 

4 c Greatly desiring to see thee, 
being mindful of thy tears, that I 
may be filled with Joy ; 

5 When I call to remembrance 
*the unfeigned faith that is in 
thee, which dwelt first in tby 
grandmother Lois, and • thy mo- 
ther Eunice ; and I am persuaded 
that in thee also. 

6 Wherefore I put thee in re- 
membrance, * that thou stir up 
the gift of God, which is in thee 
by the putting on of my hands. 

7 Por 'God hath not given us 
the spirit of fear ; « but of power, 
and of love, and of a sound mind. 

8 "Be not thou therefore a- 
shamed of • the testimony of our 
Lord, nor of me Phis prisoner: 
« but be thou partaker of the af- 
flictions of the gospel according 
to the power of God; 

9 'who hath saved us, and 
•called us with an holy calling, 
' not according to our works, but 
■ according to his own purpose 
■nd grace, which was given us 

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* 2 Th. 1. 
10. ver. IX 

He. CM. 

in Christ Jesus 'before the world 
began ; 

10 But 9 is now made manifest 
by the appearing of our Saviour- 
Jesus Christ, « who hath abolish- 
ed death, and hath brought life 
and immortality to light through 
the gospel : 

11 • Whereunto I am appointed 
a preacher, and an apostle, and 
a teacher of the Gentiles. 

12 * For the which cause I also 
suffer these things: neverthe- 
less I am not ashamed: «for I 
know whom I have D believed, 
and am persuaded that he is able 
to * keep that which I have com- 
mitted unto him 'against that 

13 /Hold fast *the form of 

* sound words, I which thou hast 
h*>ard of me, * in faith and love 
which is in Christ Jesus. 

14 'That good thing which was 
committed unto thee keep by the 
Holy Ghost * which dwelleth in 

15 This thou knowest, that * all 
they which are in Asia be • turn- 
ed away from me ; of whom arc 
Phygelfus and Hermogenes. 

16 The Lord »give mercy unto 
V the house of Onesiphorus ; r f ot 
he oft refreshed me, and 'waft 
not ashamed of <mv chain : 

17 But, when he was in Rome, 
he sought me out very diligently, 
and found me. 

18 The Lord grant unto him 

* that he may find mercy of the 
Lord * in that day: and in how 
many things he V ministered unto 
me at Epbesus, thou knowest very 

\ Ueis exhorted again to eonetaney and 
pereeoerance, and to do the duty ofej 
faithful tenant of the Lord in awt- 
ding the word aright, and staying pro. 
fane and tain babbling*. 17 Of By. 
manemt and PhiUtms. 19 Thefoun. 
dation of the Lord is euro. 22 0itt 

Bthortattont to eonttana/, tfe. 

Uutkt mhtroof to bommro, ami what 
to fobtm aflor, and m wft* MM tko 
oeroanl of tko Lord ought labokavo 

THOU therefore, • my too, * be 
strong in the grace that is in 
Christ Jesus. 

S »And the things that thou 
batt heard of me fl among many 
wiinesses, d the same commit 
thou to faithful men, who aha 11 
be • able t) teach others alao. 

3 /Thou therefore endure hard- 
aess,' as a rood soldier of Jesus 

4 * No man that warreth en- 
tangleth himself with the affairs 
of thit life; that he may please 
hira who halb chosen him to be a 

5 And i if a man also strive for 
masteries, yet is he not crowued, 
except he atrive lawfully. 

6 * i The huabandmati that la- 
bourelh must be first partaker of 
the fruits. 

7 Consider what I say ; and the 
Lord give thee understanding in 
all things. 

8 Remember that Jesus Christ, 
lot the seed of David, "> was rais- 
ed from the dead, * according to 
my gospel : 

9 « Wherein I suffer trouble, as 
an evil-doer, Peoai unto bouds; 
v but the word of God is noi 

10 Therefore r I endure alt 
things for the elect's sake, * that 
they may also obtain the salva- 
tion which is in Christ Jesus with 
eternal glory. 

1 1 * J l w a faithful saying : For 
* if we be dead with Aim, we shall 
also live with Aim; 

12 *Jf we suffer, we shall also 
reign with him: y if we deny 
him, he alao will deny us: 

IS * If we believe not, yet he 
abideth faithful : « he cannot deny 

14 Of these things put them in 
remembrance, * charging them 
before the Lord « ihat they strive 
hoi about words to no profit, but 
to the subverting of the hearers. 

15 Study to shew thyself ep- 

8 roved uuto God, a workman 
>at needeth not to be ashamed, 
rightly dividing the word of truth. 

16 But * shun profane and vain 
babblings: for they will increase 
unto more ungodliness. 

17 And their word will eat as 
doth a I canker: of whom is • Hy- 
meueua aud Philetus ; 

18 Who /concerning the truth 
have erred, 'saying that the res- 
urrection is past already; and 
overthrow the faith of some. 

19 Nevertheless * the foundation 
of God standeth \ sure, having 
this seal, Tbe Lord • knowetii 
Uiem that are his. And, Let ev- 
ery one that nameth the name uf 
Christ depart from iniquity. 


A, D. H. \ K. 11.08. 

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4. i, k *, 13. 

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/ H>. |,M. : 

A i- 8.tSB,Al! 
in *J. 

t It -1 

i . 

.1 id. 

m it., r, 

t IL.'i. 


2t... i. in. 

'. |. ■ 


* Ku.'H 


i ft* 1 


1 1'- i 


1 <>r, 

y M..I. 


-nut mures. 


ni, a ». 








• ft-. 1 


■n Pfl 


& II II, 

I... : | 


a ,\ i. 

- . 




b lTi.3 


■■ 1 T. 





4 ]. 



« J 7i, 

■ r 

J J 

. 6. 

A t. '- 


1 '■! ■' 


3. ,.. 1 1 

i4 i 

. 1. 

d I 1,. 

i ■■ 





1. J4. 

r Lv..' 


1 "■", 






• ir,,» 


'i'.rt, k*.6. 

jn J.'i\ 

T,L, 1 


$ I v. a 


1 S*r, x/se 



• l 


h Kj. 





3i LJ 




- i 


| Or, 

1 ' 



1 &t» 


l X*. 





* *tHt 


t! *»vHii. 


hi. i. 


EnemUt of the truth tUtcribmd. 

ft) * But in a great house there 
are not only vessels of gold and 
of silver, but also of wood and of 
earth; 'and some to honour* and 
some to dishonour. 

tl ** If a man therefore purge) 
himself from these, he shall be a 
vessel unto honour, sanctified, 
aud meet for the master's use, 
and "prepared unto every good 

23 Flee also youthful lusts: but 

follow righteousness, faith, cliar* 
tty, peace, with them that r eaU 
on the Lord « oat of a pure heart* 

23 But r foolish and unlearned 
questions avoid, knowing thai 
they do gender strifes. 

24 And * the servant of the Lord 
must not strive; but be gents* 
unto all men, * apt to teach, I pa- 

S6 * In meekness instructing 
those that oppose themselves: 'if 
God perad venture will give the in 
repentance V to the acknowledg- 
ing of the truth ; 

26 And that they may t recover 
themselves ' out of the snare of 
the devil, who are t takeu captive 
by him at his will. 


1 H« advtrtUeth kirn of the time$ to 
come, 6 dtteribtX the emomiu of the 
truth, 10 propoundeth uwto htm kit 
own example, 10 and comaunJtth the 
kely scrip turn. 

THIS know also, that « in the 
last days perilous times shall 

2 For men shall be * lovers of 
tbeir own selves, « covetous, 

* boasters, • proud, /blasphemers, 
'disobedient to parents, unthank- 
ful, unholy, 

3 * Without natural affection, 

* truce-breakers, I false accusers. 

* incontinent, fierce, despisers ot 
those that are good, 

4 { Traitors, heady, high-mind- 
ed, * lovers of pleasures more 
than lovers of God ; 

5 Having a form of godliness, 
bat * denying the power thereof; 

* from such turn away. 

6 For P of this sort are they 
which creep into houses, and lead 
Captive silly women laden with 
sins, led away with divers lusts j 

7 Ever learning and never able 
4 to come to the knowledge of the 

8 r Now as Janues and Jarabrcs 
withstood Moses, so do these also 
resist the truth : * men of corrupt 
minds, * | reprobate concerning 
the faith. 

9 But they shall proceed no fur- 
ther : for their folly shall be man- 
ifest uuto all men, * as theirs also 

10 * But | thou hast fully known 
ro r doctrine, manner of life, pur- 
pose, faith, long-suffering, chari- 
ty, patience, 

11 Persecutions, afflictions, which 

The hohf Kripturtt commendtd. 

came unto me » at Anlioch* * at 
Iconium, «at Lystra; what per- 
secutions I endured : but * out of 
them all the Lord delivered me. 

15 Yea, and "all that will lire 
godly in Christ Jesus ehall suffer 

13 ' But evil men and seducers 
•ball wax worse and worse, de- 
ceiving, and being deceived. 

M But •continue thou in the 
things which thou bast learned 
and nast been assured o& know* 
ing of Whom thou hast learned 

16 And that from a child thou 
hast known /the holy scriptures, 
which are able to make thee wise 
unto salvation through faith 
which is in Christ Jesus* 

16 'All scripture t« given byin- 

Siration of God, *and u profita- 
9 for doctrine, for Teproof, for 
correction, for instruction in 

17 I That the man of God may 
be perfect, | * thoroughly furnish- 
ed unto all good work*. 

1 H» uthortath him to do hit data wM 
all oaro and dUigamea, 6 otrl&tth him 
of th$ of hi* death, 9 wiUetk 
him to com* tpeedily unto htm, and to 
bring Moreu* with kim, mid certain 
other thing* which ha torot* for, 14 
martuth him to bevart of Alexander 
the tmilh, 16 informeth him »hat 
had befaVan htm at Mt Jirst rnnever- 
ing, IV and wan afttr ha eondudeth. 

Is CHARGE thes therefore be- 
fore God, and the Lord Jesus 
Christ, » who shall judge the quick 
and the dead at his appearing 
and his kingdom ; 
9 Preach the word; be instant 
in season, out of season; reprove, 

• rebuke, 'exhort with all long- 
eutlerieg and doctrine. 

3 • For the time will come, 
when they will not endure/sound 
idootrine : ** but after their own 
.lusts shall they heap to themselves 
teachers, having itching ears; 
■ 4 And Uiey shall turn away tAeir 
ears from the truth, and * shall be 
turned unto fables. 

b But watch thou in all things, 

• endure afflictions, do the work 
of * an evangelist* | make full 
proof of thy ministry. 

.6 Jor<i am now ready to be of- 
fered, and the time of "myda- 
parture is at hand. 
1 » 1 have fought a good fight, 
1 have finished my course, 1 have 
tent the faith* 

A. D.68. A.D.88. 


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m var. 9. 

t Or. Ca- 
ter Nero, 

or, Me Mtt> 

Alexander th* amkh 

t Henceforth there is laid up fit* 
me *a crown of righteousness, 
which the Lord, the righteous 
Judge, shall give me >at that 
day : and not to me only, but un- 
to all them also that love bis ap- 

9 Do thy diligence to eomt 
shortly unto me : 

10 .For fDemas hath forsaken 
me/ "having loved this present 
world, aud is departed unto Thee- 
anionics; Cresceus to Galatie, 
Titus unto Dalmatia. 

1 1 « Only * Luke is with me. 
Take « Mark, and bring him with 
thee: for he is profitable to me 
for the ministry. 

IS And 'Tychicus have I sent 
to Ephesus. 

13 The cloak that I left at Troae 
with Carpus, when thou contest, 
bring with tkee, and the books, 
but especially the parchments. 

14 v Alexander the coppersmith 
did me much evil : * the Lord re- 
ward hUn according to his work*: 

15 Of whom be thou ware also.; 
for he hath greatly withstood I oar 

16 At my first anawer no man 
stood with me, B but all nun for- 

sook me : »f pray God that it 
may not be laid to their charge. 
17 •Notwithstanding, the Lord 

stood with me, and strengthened 
me ; * that by me the preaching 
might be fully known, and thqt 
all the Gentiles might hear : and 
1 was delivered 'out of the mouth 
of the lion. 

18 /And the Lord ihall deliver 
me from every evil Work, and will 
preserve me unto his heavenly 
Kingdom ; «* to whom be glory for 
ever and ever. Amen. . 

19 Salute * Prisca and A quit*, 
and < the household of Ouesipho- 

SO 'Erastus abode at Corinth: 
bui t Trophimus have 1 left at 
Mile turn sick. 

21 • Do thy diligence to come 
before winter. Eubulus greeteth 
thee, and Pudens, and Linus, and 
Claudia, and all the brethren. 
28 "The Lord Jesus Christ 6s 
with thy spirit, Grace bt with 
you. Amen. 

IT The second epietlt unto Timo- 
theus, ordained the first bish- 
op of the church of the Ephe- 
awna, was written from Rome, 
when Paul was brought be- 
fore t Nero the seccuu time. 
. ?07 





1 Far whet end Titus •« left *i Crete. 
Hov they that art to be eheeen minis- 
ters ought to be qualified. 11 The 
mouth* of eeU teacher* to be topped : 
W •**••*«« ■*«•*■ «/■»« «***•• 

uu, a servant of God. and 

_j apostle of Jesu« Christ, 

according to the faith of God's 

pAUL, i 

J- an aw 

elect, and «the acknowledging 
of the truth » which is after god- 

8 I e In hope of eternal life, 
which God, * that cannot lie, 
promised 'before the world be- 

g an » 

3 / But hath in due times mani- 
fested his word through preach- 
ing, i which is committed unto 
me, * according to the command- 
ment of God our Saviour ; 

4 To i Titus, 'mine own son af- 
ter ' the common faith : ■» Grace, 
mercy, and peace, from God the 
Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ 
our Saviour. 

5 For this cause left 1 thee in 
Crete, that thou shouldest » set 
in order the things that are I want- 
ing, and • ordain elders in every 
cify, as 1 had appointed thee: I 

6 pU any be Dlameless, <7 the 
husband of one wife, 'having 
faithful children, not accused of 
riot, or unruly. 

7 For a bishop must be blame- 
less, as ' the steward of God : not 
self-willed, not soon angry, * not 
given to wine, no striker, *not 
given to filthy lucre ; 

8 * But a lover of hospitality, a 
lover of I good men, sober, just, 
holy, temperate ; 

9 v Holding fast * the faithful 
word I as he hath been taught, 
that ha may be able "by sound 
doctrine both to exhort and to 
convince the gainsayers. 

10 For • there are many unruly 
and vain talkers and • deceivers, 
d especially they of the circum- 
cision : 

11 WhoBe mouths must be stop- 
ped, * who subvert whole houses, 
teaching things which they ought 
not^for filthy lucre's sake. 

IS 'One of themselves, even a 
prophet of their own, said, The 
Grecians are always liars, evil 
beasts, slow bellies. 

IS This witness is true : •where- 
fore rebuke them sharply, that 
(hey may be * sound in the faith ; 

14 « Not riving heed to Jewish 
as. klUtilS STI.4.S. i oh. 
1. 4.* r 4.7. tTI.4.4. 

ad. a* f a. r>.«. 

jITi.J .!fci rj» L 

* IT-, 8, Hi. ''I '1, Li. S. 

* (i. 3. LnL IIQ 
f Or h F'-r.-.m Irii II. 
■ flTl.'M. 3H.4D, *t, 

ch.a. i. r,-.. h. it, 

d Su. iflJa),H=B. 8, 
IftlTil niftllt M, 

»VlTl. i. 

t TT, I. If. 

I in I -,M 

/m'l i-ii*- 

• Tb 3.i- 

k ITi.Ul, 

a a.3. * \ 


i. jti.-ii. a 

10. in. 04 


. ITU Hi 

a r*.j].'JYL. 

Icb. 1 IS- 

1 1 ti. ■s.a, 

10.* 1 II. 
I l~*.3.3,i. 

■ H.. a •:> 

a p*. i. t- 

m Kh 1- a. 
tint. i. a i 

Ti. I, 1 V 

■1 I 1. 

■ 1 tit. JJ. 


l Br. J*/i 

■ lirfnn.. 

1 Ti.l 1. 

f i XL X3, 

n itl.j.ii' ■ ra.1. 
r ! ti.^. I. ■ io.'i 

i ti, i, 

4ft. 1 lie. 1, 

jn. a. 

jTl-l. V. 

tl w. 

ft. ] IV..-..-S 
Or, r*J 

fables, and 'commandments of 
Mien that turn from the truth. ' 

15 * Unto the pure all thing* 
are pure : but * unto them that 
are defiled and unbelieving «e 
nothing pure; but even, their 
mind and conscience is defiled, 

16 They profess that they knew 
God; but *ia works they deny 
Attn, being abominable, and diso- 
bedient, pand unto every good 
work I reprobate. 


1 Dirtetian* given unto Titus Ms far 
his doctrine mnd life. 9 Of the dutm 
of servant*, end in general of all 

BUT apeak thou the thing's 
which become • sound doc- 
trine : 

2 That the aged men be I sober, 
grave, temperate, * sound in faith, 
in charity, in patience ; 

3 « The aged women likewise, 
that they be in behaviour as be- 
comethl holiness; not I false ac- 
cusers, not giveu to much wine, 
teachers of good things* 

4 That they may teach the young 
women to be (sober, *to love 
their husbands, to love their chil- 

6 To be discreet, chaste, keep- 
ers at home, good, •obedient to 
their own husbands, /that the 
word of God be not blasphemed. 

6 Young men likewise exhort to 
be I sober-minded. 

7 * In all things shewing thyself 
a pattern of good works: in 
doctrine shewing uncorruptiiesa, 
gravity, * sincerity, 

8 • Sound speech that cannot be 
condemned ; * that he that is of 
the contrary part ' mav be asham- 
ed, having no evil thug to say of 

» Rakarrt "servants to be obe- 
dient unto their own masters, ease! 
to please them well * ia all tAMja; 
not I answering again ; • 

10 Not purloining, but shewing 
all good fidelity ; • that they majr 
adorn the doctrine of God oar 
Saviour in all things. 

11 For* the grace of God I thai 
bringeth salvation « hath appear* 
ed to all men. 

It Teaching us, 'that denying 
ungodliness, • aud worldly lusts, 
we should live soberly, righteous- 
ly, and godly, in this present 
-mi »F!-**red f La. S. 6. John 1. 9. 1 Tt &4» 
....... «... . jj^ lTfc, 

1 Tl. 5.1. 

1 L>r,*KM*. 

j jn *a*4 

r 1 Cn. H. 

:-i i -i : .-3. 
iv.i. a. ls. 
iti. 'J. n. 

I Or, 


1 I-r. b. a. 

] ll.l^J. 
pTp.t. a. 

i r* r a ix 

is, s>.i,-o. 

( BTh.3 . i. 
i FH-. " ■'■ 

■.. :>. n. 

1 Tl. il .-.-. 

i re. a- Wl 
i nv,tsJf 

c Hit. ». 
Vi- E'i.i. 3. 

.- iiii. B,ta. 

rh. 9, 4, If. 
1 ft, *, II 
1 mi. M«l 

t given unto Titut 

13 'Looking for that bleated 

• hope, and the grorious 'ap- 
pearing of the great God and our 
Saviour Jesus Christ ; 

14 » Who gave -fairoaelf for us, 
that he might redeem ua from all 
iniquity, * and purify unto bim- 
telr «a peculiar people, •aealous 
of rood works. 

15 These things speak, and 

• exhort, and rebuke with all 
authority. 'Let no man despise 
thee. ^ 


1 Tin* U ftt /Mrthm- dirteUdkr Pmmt, 
balk concerning tkt tktnn ** •komtd 
tascA, ad not tttush. 10 H« i* mitlmt 
mhc bw rtjeet nbttinatt ktrttia: 13 
wkink dons, k* mppeintntk kirn tot* 

PUT them in mind • to be sub- 
ject to principalities and pow- 
ers, to obey magistrates, »to be 
ready to every good work, 
3 « To speak evil of no man, 'to 
be no brawtera, but 'gentle, 
■hewing all /meekness unto all 

3 For 'we ourselves also were 
sometimes foolish, disobedient, 
deceived, serving divers luaisaml 
pleasures, living in malice and 
envy, hateful, and hating one 

4 But after that * the kindness 
and | love nf God < our Saviour 
toward mau appeared, 

5 *Not by works of righteous- 
ness which we have done, but ac- 
cording to his mercy he saved 
as, by < the washing of regenera- 
tion, and renewing of the Holy 

11.6. &S.1.M. E».& 4,8,9. STL] 
S.S,6. 30. 


I I tD. 1.7. 

riii. i m. 
9 r*. tu is 

U Ac. IL . . _- 

U.C-L1,*, »-*lU.4A. 

S3- I*. I *. 
A. J. T. 

• tUt. Ir4. 

il I.. *.!.-. 

Hi. I> ■. 

J IT I "I 

J J*, a. B. 
> tta, l i 



» Kcf.Jt. 

• HiJlM 

* l» j,tv 

A LftJ. J» 
r>. 9. B. 

rb, 5. ft. 
it IT., 4.1 

* ITi «,tt 
«fc iai, 

lf'i lit. 
t> c-..i s . i-r>, 
an. a -jl 

H*. 13. HI, 

e M . |.3i 

r ■ 

4 ri 




• I hl r 4 5, 

j i: n . <. *. 
c.i. :i. i» 

f lCnft.ll. 

a. i. i re. 

*\h.a. ii. l,r,,Jrt - 
IT Or, pl*^ ** ** *• 
ilTi'il. fII.vlJ.2ft. 

* Re F 9.Sn 

A: Ml 11. .1 *<lT.i;ol. 
9, r Jj^.. I. l-j.'JPe. 


B«i. ft, 6. 

f Hr. 

1 .::■■«. 

it, a n. 


jrii l.a. 
fir. .Ms. 

rll. I, 0. 


at, a h. 

# IT.. 1.4. 

eh. i. 14. 


IT. * t h.S. 


i- v. 1:1.4a. 

t *L'. *.4. 

Jll, 4,ia. 
« < . ■ . i - .84. 
'■ *«r. a. 

I Or. 

rlnntly, through Jesus Christ our 

7 a That being justified by bis 
grace, • we should be made heirs 
p according to the hope of eter- 
nal life. 

8 t ThUittL faithful saying, and 
these things I will thai thou af- 
firm constandy, that they whicn 
have believed in God might be 
careful r to maintain good works. 
These things are good and profit- 
able unto men. 

9 But • avoid foolish questions, 
ami genealogies, and contentions, 
and atrivings about the law; ' for 
they are unprofitable aud vain. 

10 A mau that ia an heretic, 
■ after the first and second ad- 
monition, 'reject; 

11 Knowing that he that is such, 
ia subverted, and sinneih, 9 being 
condemned of himself. 

19 When I shall send Artemas 
onto thee, or 'Tychicua, bedili- 

f;ent to come unto me to Nicopo- 
is : for I have determined there 
to winter. 

13 Bring 1 Zenas the lawyer and 
• Apollos on their Journey dili- 
gently, that nothing be wanting 
unto them. 

14 And let ours also learn »to 
I maintain good works for neces- 
sary usee/ihat they be • not un- 

15 All that are with me salute 
tliee. Greet them that love us in 
the faith. Grace bt with you alL 

fl It was written to Titus, or- 
dained the first bishop of the 
church of the, from 
Nicopolia of Macedonia. 




4 At rsMsafa to aatr e/fJU/sA* mi 
lm» «/ PkUtmnm, 9 mktm k* nm ttrd k 
a* ft n— ku ntmu Onmim tu , ami 
krnmgl* <a raantw Ma arata. 
DAUL, «a prisoner of Jesus 
*- Christ, and Timothy our bro- 
ther, unto Philemon our dearly 
beloved, 6 and fellow-labourer, 

2 And to our beloved Apphia, 
and * Archippus 'our fellow-soi- 
dier, and to 'the church in thy 

3 /Grace to you, and peace, 
from God our Father and the 
Lord Jesus Christ. 

4 ' I thank my God, making men- 
tion of thee always in my prayers, 

5 * Hearing of thy love and faith, 
which thotihast toward the Lord 
Jsj«u, and tdward all saints; 


A.. D. 84. 

1 Phi. 1. 9, 

• Ep. I. 1. 


• Col.4.17. 

» 9Co.T.ia 

a ti. 1. ie. 



« Bo. 18. 5. 


siver. 1. 

t Ep.l.M. 
1 Th. 1. 8. 
aTtul. 3. 


k Bp. 1.15. 
CoL L4. 

• lCe.4.16. 
43s. 4. 19. 

6 That the communication of 
thy faith may become effectual 
» by the acknowledging of every 
good thing which is 111 you in 
Christ Jesus. 

7 For we have great Joy and 
consolation in thy love, because 
the bowels of the sain ta * are re- 
freshed by thee, hrother. 

& Wherefore, 'though I might 
be much bokl in Clinat to en join 
thee that which ia convenient, 

y Yet for love's aake I rather 
beseech tAee, being such an one u 
Paul the aired, "and now alto a 
prisoner of Jesus Christ. 

10 1 beseech thee for my sob 
» Onesimns, *wbom 1 have bo- 
gotten in my bonds : 

11 Which In Urn* past waste 

thee wtpsottable, bat wwptwft* 
able to ibee and tome: 

It Whom I have Mnt again : 
thou therefore receive him, that 
ia, mine own bowel*: 

It Whom 1 would have retain* 
ed with me, » that in thy •teed 
he might have ministered unto 
me in the bouds of I he gospel : 

14 Bui without thy mind would 
I do nothing; 9 that thy benefit 
eliould not be aa h were of neces- 

sity, but willingly. 
15 'For perhaps 
departed for a season, that thou 

i he therefore 

ahouldest receive him Tor even* 

16 Not now as a servant, but 
above a servant, * a brother be- 
loved, especially to me, but how 
much more unto thee, ' both in 
the flesh, and in the Lord I 
. 17 If thou eouut me therefore 
" a partner, receive him as my- 

18 If be hath wronged thee, or 
eweih thee aught, put that on 


• Mat S3. 

I Col.3.22. 

* t*t. T. 


* 2.24, 
b Col. 1.7. 
*4. M. 

• A.c.1212. 




19 1 Paid haw wtfetos inritlr 
mine own hand, J will repay -Js> 
albeit I do not say «e thee *«*i 
thou owest unto me even thhst 
own self besides. 

10 Yea, brother, lei me haw 
joy of thee in the Lo -d : ^refresh 
my bowels in the Loi d. 

21 9 Having Confidence in thy 
obedience I wrote unto thee, 
knowing that thou wilt also do 
more man I say. 

fit But withal prepare me. also 
a lodging : for • 1 trust tnnt 
« through your prayers I shall be 
given unto you. 

tl There salute thee • Ermphres, 
my fellow-prisoner in Christ Je- 

« 'Marcus, * Arietarehus, • De- 
lnaa, /Lucas, my fellow-labour* 

15 *" The grace of our Lord Je- 
sus Christ be with your spirit* 

tf Written from Rome to Phile- 
mon, by Oaesiinus a servant. 




I Ckriet o» Due* let timet eentnr •» em 

from the Father, 4 it preferred afteM 

<*« eneeU, both i* pereen end efoe, 

GOD, who at sundry times and 
« in divers manners spake in 
time past unto the fathers by the 

i b Hath in these last days • spo- 
ken uuto us by Aie Sun,' whom • 
he haih appointed heir of all | 
things, • by whom also be made I 
the worlds ; 

3 / Who being the brightness of ! 
hie priory, and the express image { 
of his person, and 'upholding ail 
things by the word of his power, I 
• when he had by himself purged 
our sins, (sal down on the right 
hand of the Majesty on high ; 

i Being made so* much better 
than the angels, as * he hath by 
inheritance obtained a more ex- 
ceiien. name than they. 

5 For unto which of the angels 
■aid he at any time, 'Thou art 
my Sou, this day have I begotteu 
thee 1 And again, "> I will be to 
him a Father, and be shall be to 
me a Bon 1 

6 8 And agnin, when he bringeth 
hi "the nrst-tiegotieii into die 
world, he saith, "And lei nil the 
aiige'm of God worship him. 

7 And t of the angels he saith, 
M. * ». e. re. t*. je, ar. i or, tr « 

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9 Who maketh his angels spirite, 
and his miiiuters a flame of fire. 

8 But unto the Son, Ac sail*, 
tf Thy throne, O God, U for ever 
and ever: a sceptre of t righte- 
ousness U the sceptre of thy 
kingdom ; 

9 Thou hast loved righteous- 
ness, and hated iniquity ; there- 
fore God, even thy God, p halh> 
anointed thee with the oil of 
gladness above thy fellows. 

10 And, 'Thou, Lord, in the 
beginning hast laid the founda- 
tion of the earth ; and the heav- 
ens are the works of thine hands. 

I r * They shall perish ; but thou 
remaiuest: and they all shall 
wax old as doth a garment ; 1 

11 And as a vesture shalt thou 
fold them up, and they shall be 
changed : but thou art \he same, 
and thy years shall not fail. 

IS But to which of the angers 
said he at any time, ■ Bit mi my 
right hand, until 1 make thine 
enemies thy footstool f 

14 ' Are they not all ministerinj 
spirits, sent forth to minister 
them who shall be 9 heirs of sol- 

1 WnmrittebeoheimauakrietJeime, 

6 end thet btceutt he eameAtefad s> 

lass our aetmrememMm, 14 m it mm 


fT* HERE FORE we ought to 
x give Urn more tamaat bassil 

to to* Ouage which -«• tout 
heard, (est at any time w* should 
t Jet (Asm slip. 

9 For if the word • spoken by 
angels tu steadfast, end * every 
transgression aud disobedience 
received a juet recompense of re- 

• 'How ■ball we escape, K 
we neglect to neat salvation; 
tf Which at (be first begun to he 
■pokeu by Uie Lord, aud wae 
•confirmed unto us by tbem tbat 
beard Attn, 

4 /God also bearing than wit- 
ness, ' both with si; tie and won- 
ders, aud with diver* miracles, 
and I* gift* of the Hoiy Ghost, 
i according' to his owu will ? 

6 For uuio the augeis hath be 
not put in subjection * the world 
to come whereof we apeak. 
.6 But one in a certain piece tes- 
tified, saying, * What is mail, 
that thou art mindful of hiial or 
the son of man, tbat thou vuiteat 
him i 

7 Tliou raadest him la little 
lower than the angels; thou 
erownedat him with glory and 
honour, and didst aet him over 
the works of thy bauds : 

8 « Thou hast put all things in 
subjection under his feet. For 
in that he put all in subjection 
under him, he left nothing that 
ia not put under him. But now 
• we see not yet ail things put 
under him : 

9 But we see Jesus, • who was 
made a little lower than the an- 
gels | for the suffering of death, 
P crowned with glory and hon- 
our ; that be by the grace of God 
should taste death "for every 

10 * For it became him, * for 
whom are all things, and by 
whom are all things, in bringing 
many sons unto glory, to make 
' the Captain of their salvation 
« perfect through sufferings. 

11 For *both he that aauctifi- 
eth, and they who are sanctified, 
Ware all of one: for which cause 
'he ia not ashamed to call them 

IS Saying, * I will declare thy 
name unto my brethren, in the 
midst of the church will 1 sing 
praise unto thee. 

13 And again, °I will put my 
trust in hiui. And agaiu, 'Be- 
hold, 1, and the children * which 
God hath given me. 

14 Forasmuch then as the chil- 
dren are partakers of flesh aud 
blood, he 'also himwlf likewise 
took part of the same; /that 
through death he might destroy 
him that had the power of death, 
that is, the devil ; 

lo And deliver tbem, jvho, 
I through fear of death, were all 
their life time subject to bondage* f ta.4.14* 

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ver. 6. 

It for verily t be) teeb.sot-esl 
aim the nature qf angela: but be) 
took on Aim the seed or Abrev 

17 Wherefore in an things it 
behooved him * to be made like 
uatooie brethren ; that he might 
be »a merciful and faithful High 
Prieal iu things pertaining to 
God* to make reconciliation for 
the ems of the people. 

18 «For in tbat he himself ham 
suffered, being tempted, he tft 
able to succour them that are 

1 OhHM U mart mertki **n Mete, T 
tktrtfvn if w« 6«If«»« not i* Aim. me 
thett ot mart warajfsaauAswailAan 
kmrd-htmrltd breet. 
WHEREFORE, -holy brelh- 
T " ren, partakers of s the heav- 
enly calling, consider • the Apne- 
tie and High Priest of our pn>> 
teeaiop, Christ Jesua ; 
I Who was faithful to bim tbat 
t appointed him, as aiso • Moseft 
uaejaith/ul in all his house. 

5 For this man was counted 
worthy of more glory than Moses, 
inasmuch as * he who hath build- 
ed the bouse, bath more honour 
than the house. 

4 For every house ia builded by 
some man: but • he that built aft 
tbjnga ta God. 

9 /And Mosea verily was faith- 
ful in all his bonse, as 'a servant, 
• for a testimony of those things 
which were to be spoken after : 

6 But Christ as < a Sou over hie 
own house : * whose house are 
we, 'if we hold fast the confi- 
dence, and the rejoicing of the 
hope firm unto the end. 

7 Wherefore, as *• the Hohr 
Ghost saith, » To-day if ye will 
hear his voice, 

8 Harden not your hearts, as in 
the provocation, in the day of 
temptation in the wilderness : 

9 When your fathers tempted 

me, proved me, -~ J ^ 

works forty years. 

10 Wherelore * 

saw my 

10 Wherefore 1 was grieved 
ith that generation, and said. 

They do always err in their 
heart ; and they have not known 
my ways. 

11 So 1 aware in my wrath, 
tThey shall not enter into my 

IS Take heed, brethren, lest 
there be in any of you an evil 
heart of unbelief, in departing 
from the liviug God. 

13 But exhort one another daily, 
while it is called To-day; lestnny 
of you be hardened through the 
dereitfulness of sin. 

14 For we ave made partakers 
of Christ, o if we hold the begin- 
ning of our confidence steauiaat 
unto the end: 

15 While it is said, r To-day if 
ye will bear bis voioe, harden net 


Ckrfftrt prit9thqo4* 


beam, a* In the j 

16 « For some, when they bad 
heard, did provoke : howbeit, not 
all that came out of Egypt by 

17 But with whom m be griev- 
cd forty years 1 uni ti not with 
them that had sinned, r whose 
Carcasses fell in the wilderness T 

18 And » to wlioin eware he that 
they should not eoier into his 
real, but to them that believed 
not J 

19 * So we aee that they could 
not enter in because of unbelief. 


1 1*»e rut af Ckrulitau U Main* by 

faith. 19 Tkt pa tar of God's mar*. 

U Br »«r High Prttat Jam tha &>» 

af Oad, tu*j*et ta injtrmntiea, hut not 

am, i6 »« aw a** ■»«■ r* touty is 

M« MrvM a/ gr*aa. 

LET * ua (here fore fear, lest a 
promise being left ua of en- 
tering into his real, any of you 
should aeem to come short of it. 
S For unto us was the gospel 
preached, as well aa untothein: 
but t the word preached did not 
profit ihein, i not being mixed 
wub faith in them (hat heard it. 

3 *For we wnich have believed 
do enter into real, as he said, e As 
I have sworn in my wrath, if they 
•hall enter into my rest: although 
the works were finished from the 
foundation of the world. 

4 For he spake in a certain place 
of the seventh dny on this wise, 
'And God did rest the seventh 
day from all his works. 

5 And iu ihisjiface again, If they 
•hall enter into my rest. 

6 Seeing therefore it retnainelh 
tiiat aome must enter therein, 
•aud they to whom 1 it was first 
preached entered not iu because 
of unbelief: 

7 (Again, he limiteth a certain 
dny, saying iu David, To-day, 
after so 'long a time ; as it is said, 
/To-day, if ye will hear hia 
voice, harden not your hearts. 

8 For if | Jesus bad given them 
rest, then would he not afterward 
have spoken of another day. 

9 Tliere remainelh therefore a 
| rest to the people of God. 

10 For he that is entered into his 
rest, he also hath ceased from his 
own works as God did from his.) 

11 Let us labour therefore to 
•liter into that rest, lest any man 
fall 'after the same example of 
| unbelief. 

It For the word of God it * quick, 
and powerful, and • sharper than 
any * two-edged aword, pierciug 
even to the dividing asunder of 
•out and spiiit, and of the Joints 
and marrow, and t* ' a discerner 
of the thoughts and intents of the 

13 * Neither is than any erea- 
'tOM thai is not manifest in Ilia 


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•JfM: but all things ore ■____ 
• and opened- uftte the eye* of 
him with whom we have to do. ' 

14 Seeing then that we have <►* 
great HigTi Priest, Pthat is pawed 
into the heavens, Jesus the Son* 
of God, v lei ua hold fast our pro- 
fession. ' 

15 For ♦ wa haye not an nigh 
priest which cannot be touched 
with the feeling of our infirmities * 
but 'was in aH points tempted 
like as we art, * yet without aim 

1 6 * Let us therefore come bold- 
ly unto the throne of grace, that 
we may obtain mercy, and find 
grace to help in time of ueed. 

1 Tha authority mud Immt «/ aur Saw 
iomr'a prietUoaH. 1 1 NagUgt*ee m 
tha tnoatUdgathtranf i* rtproaed. 

I^OR. every high prieal taken 
from among men, * ia ordain- 
ed for men * in things pertaining 
to God, * that he may offer both 
gifu and aaeriflces for aina : 
8 d Who | can have compassion 
on the ignorant, and on them that 
are out of the way ; for that • ba> 
himself also ia compaaaed with 

3 And /by reason hereof he 
might, as Tor the people, so also 
for himself, to offer for sins. 

4 ' And no mail taketh this hon- 
our unto himself, but he that ia 
called of God, as *vat Aaron : 

5 i So also Christ glorified not 
himself to be made an high priest ; 
but he that said unto him, « Thou 
art my Son, to-day have I begot- 
ten thee. 

6 Aa he eaith also in another 
pLuce, l Thou art a priest for ever 
after the order of Melchisedec. 

7 Who in the days or his flesh, 
when he had "ottered up prayers 

and supplications *with strong 
' ig bim! tears unto him a that 
was able to save him from death, 

and was heard I > in that he 
feared ; 

8 * Though he were a Son, yet 
learned he r obedience by the 
things which he sunered ; 

9 And « being made perfect, he 
became the author of eternal sal- 
vation uuto all them that obey 

10 Called of God an high prieat 
'alter die order of Melchisedec. 

11 Of whom *we have many 
things to say, and hard to be ut- 
tered, seeing ya are 'dull of hear- 
in ?. 

12 For when for the time ye 
ought to be teachers, ya have need 
I'fSt one teach you agaiu which 
be 9 the first principlea of tha orsv 
cles of God; and are become 
such as have need of * rniHt, add 
not of strong meat. 

13 Ka-r every one that useth mfflt, 
t is unskilful io the wortl of righta« 
ousnees: for he is'ababo. 

Xhlli lPm.t.»> 


&o& w sure tnpromU*. 

t4 But strong meal belongetb to 
Ofiem that are I of full age, even 
those who by reason 1 of use have 
their seiiiies exercised * to discern 
£oVm good and evil 

I Ht tkorltth mot tt ftU buk from tht 

fjath, 11 but to but— 4f mil* 13*'i«. 

gtnt, and patient to »«/ upon Qod, 
' 13 beam* Qod it mutt nr§ t* -hi* 

THEREFORE steering I the 
principles of the doctrine of 
Christ, let us go on unto perfec- 
tion ; not faying again the foun- 
dation of repentance 'from dead 
works, and of faith toward God, 

2 « Of the doctrine of baptisms, 
*'and of laying on of hands, • and 
Of resurrection of the dead, /and 
of eternal judgment. 

3 And tali wijl we do, r if God 

4 For * it it impossible for those 
*who were once enlightened, and 
have tasted of* the heavenly gift, 
and ' were made partakers ofthe 
Holy Ghost, 

5 And have tasted the good word 
of God, and the powers of "the 
world to come, 

'6 If they shall fall away, to re- 
new them again unto repentance ; 

* seeing they crucify to them- 
selves the Son of God afresh, and 
put him to an open shame. 

7 For the earth which drinketh 
in the rain that comeih oft upon 
il, and bringelh forth herbs meet 
for them II by whom it is dressed, 

• received! blessing from God : 

8 p But that which beareth 
thorns and briers it rejected, and 
U nigh unto cursing ; whose end 
it to tie burned. 

9 But, beloved, we are persuad- 
ed better things of you, and things 
dial accompany salvation, though 
•we thus 6peak. 

10 '/ For 'God it not unrighte- 
ous to forget • your work and la- 
bour of love, which ye have shew- 
ed toward his name, in that ye 
have ' ministered to the saints, 
and do minister. 

11 And we desire that "every 
one of you do shew the same dili- 
gence 'to the full assurance of 
hope unto the end; 

12 That ye be not slothful, but 
followers of them who through 
faith and patience 9 inherit the 

13 For when God made promise 
to Abraham, because he could 
■ware by no greater, * he sware 
by himself, *ffc 

14 Saying, Surely blessing I wdl 
bless tfiee, and multiplying 1 will 
multiply thee. 

16 A nd so, after he had patiently 
endured, he obtained the promise. 
m For men verily swear by the 

Kater: and «an oath tor emu- 
lation it to them an end cf all 


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Mtkhitedoc and ChrUL 

17 Wherein God, willing more 
abundantly to shew unto 'the 
heirs of promise 'the immutabil- 
ity of his counsel, t confirmed it 
by an oath : 

18 That by two immutable 
things, in which it teat impossi; 
ble for God to lie, we might have 
a strong consolation, who have 
fled for refuge to lay hold upon 
the hope * set before us: 

19 Which hope we have at an 
anchor of the soul, both sure and 
steadfast, «and which entereth 
into that within the vail ; 

20 / Whither the forerunner ia 
for us entered, even Jesus, 'made 
an high Priest for ever after the 
order of Melchisedec. 

1 Ckriti Jtntt it mpriott tjtor tht trior 
of I 

11 t*d M, St 

kt rrittitof . 

"POR this • Melchisedec, king 
A of Sajenv, priest of the moat 
high God, who met Abraham re- 
turning from the slaughter of toe 
kings, and blessed him; 

2 To whom also Abraham gate 
a tenth part of all; first being by 
interpretation King of righteous- 
ness, and after that also King of 
Salem, which is, King of peace; 

S Without father, without mo- 
ther, t without descent, having 
neither beginning of days, nor 
end of life ; but made like unto 
the Sou of God ; abideth a priest 

4 Now consider how great thia 
man vat, »unto whom even the 
patriarch Abraham gave the tenth 
of the spoils. 

5 A/id verily «lhey that are of 
the sons of Levi, who receive the 
office of the priesthood, have a 
commandment to take tithes of 

the people according to the law, 
that is, of their brethren, though 
they come out of the loins of 


6 But he whose I descent is not 
counted from them received tithes 
of Abraham, * and blessed •him 
that had the promises. 

7 And without all contradiction 
the less is blessed ofthe better. 

8 And here men that die receive 
tithes; but there be receioeth 
them, /of whom it is wituessed 
that he liveth. 

9 And as I may so say, Levi 
also, who receiVeth tithes, payed 
tithes in Abraham. 

10 For he was yet in the loina 
of his father, wheu Melchisedec 
met him. 

11 'If therefore perfection were 
by the Levitical priesthood, (for 
under it the people received the 
law,) what farther need tea* therm 
that another priest should rise 
after the order of Melchisedec, 
and not be called after the ordee 
et Aaron f 


tirtrtk k prim <jr «n * igtor 

' fS Fhr tin priesthood befog 
Changed, there is made of neces- 
sity a change also of tlie law. 
♦ 1.1 For he*'ol' whom these things 
are spoken pertaineth to another 
fribc,of which no man pare at- 
tendance at the altar. 
'14 For it it evident that *our 
Ldrd sprang- out of Juda; of Which 
tribe Moses spake nothing con- 

cerning priesthood. 
15 A nil it is yeftfar i 

» evi- 

dent : lor that after the similitude 
of Melchisedec there ariseth an- 
other priest, 

Id who is made, not after the 
law of a carnal commandment, 
fait after the power of an endless 

1 7 For he testified), i Thou art a 
priest for ever after the order' of 

• 18 For there is verity a disan- 
nulling of the commandment go- 
ing betore, fur * the weakness and 
tiiiprofltal)l*>ness thereof. 

19 For I the law made nothing 

trfect, I but the bringing In of 
a better hope did ; by the which 
a we draw nigh unto God. 

20 And inasmuch as not with- 
out an oath he toae made priest : 

SI (For those priests were made 
I without an oath ; but this with 
an oath, by him that said unto 
liiin,* The •Lord sware, and will 
not repent, Thou art a priest for 
ever after the order of Metchise- 

22 By so much w was Jesus made 
a surety of a better testament. 

23 And they truly were many 
priests, because they were not 
■uttered to continue by reasou of 
death : 

' 24 But this mem, because he cow 
tiuueth ever, haih 9 an unchange- 
able priesthood* 

'25 Wherefore he U able also to 
save them II to the Uttermost that 
Come unto God by him, seeing he 
ever liveth « to make intercession 
for them. 

26 For such an high priest be- 
came us, 'wAo is holy, harmless, 
undented, separate from sinners, 
•and made higher than- the heav- 

17 Who needeth not daily, as 
those high priests, to offer up sac- 
rifice, * first for his own sins, « and 
then* for the people's : for 'this 
he did once, when, be offered up 

28 For the law makath ffnen 
high priests which have infirmi- 
ty, but the word of the oath, 
which was since the law, maketh 
(he Son, «who is f cousecrated 
bt evermore. 

CHAft vin. 

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| Or, asm. 

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oniertK«M OiaitfJv&t 

TW*OW of the thmgs whtf* «■ 
J-v have spoken tAwitthc ftlijn: 
Wo have such an high pries!.' 
« who is set on the right hand Of 
the throne of the Majesty in the 
heavens ; 

2 A minister I of » the sanctuary* 
and of 'the' true tabernacle* 
which the Lord pitched, and not 

3 For 'every high priest is or* 
daiued to offer gifts and sacrit- 
ees: wherefore • it u of necessity 
that this man havo awnawhei 
also to offer. 

4 For if he were on earth, ho 
should not beapriest r seeitigthai 
I there are priests that offer gifts 
according to the law : 

5 Who serve unto the example 
and /shadow of heavenly things, 
as Hoses was admonished of Gou 
when he was about to make tho 
tabernacle : ' for. Bee (saith ho) 
Uiat thou make all things accord-? 
iug to the pattern shewed to then 
in the mount. 

6 But now *halb he obtained a 
more excellent ministry, by bow 
much also he is the mediator of a 
better I covenant, which was es- 
tablished upon better promises. 

7 * For if that first covenant had 
beeu faultless, then should no 
place have been sought for tba 

i For finding fault with them, 
be saith, * Behold, the days come, 
sitith the Lord, when I will make 
a new covenant with the house of 
Israel and wiih the house of Ju- 

9 Not according to the covenant 
that I made wiih their lathers, in 
the day when I took tbem by the 
hand to lead them out of the land 
of Egypt ^ because they contin- 
ued not in my covenant, and I 
regarded tfaeia not, saith the 

10 For 'this is the covenant that 
I will make with the house of Is- 
rael, after those days, saith the 
Lord ; I will t put my taws into 
their mind, and write them I ia 
their hearts': and *i will be to 
them a God, &ud they shall be to 
me a people . 

11 And * they shall not teach 
every man his neighbour, and m 
every man his brother, saying,' * 
Know the Lord : for all shall know 
me, from the least to the great- 

12 For I will be merciful to (heir 
unrighteousness, »and their sine 
aflnheir iniquities will I jremaia- 
ber no more. 

IS Pin that he saith, A new 
covenant, he hath made the first 
old. Now that which deeayetfe 
end waxeth old, i* ready to van- 
Uth away. 

1 n»mmteriptkmm/l*trtlmt»dikl0m)i 

•ftheimwtUjv a/Mrd 


1 hadal 

J verily the first 

had also | ordinances of di- 
vine service, aodraa worldly aeno- 

. ; the first « wherein ww 

4j tha candlestick, and • the table, 
and the shew-bread; which is 
called I the sanctuary. 

I / And after the second rail, tbe 
Hkfaeniacle which is called tbe 
Holiest of all; 

4 Which had the golden censer, 
aud 'the ark of (he covenant 
Overlaid round about with gold, 
wherein was * the golden pot that 
had manna, and < Aaron's rod 
that budded* and * the tables of 
the covenant ; 

4 And I over it tbe cherubirna of 
glory shadowing the mercy-seat; 
of which we cannot now speak 

•ti New when these things were 
thus ordained, m the priestsssrent 
Always into the first tabernacle, 
accomplishing the service of (rod: 

.7 But into the second wnt the 
high priest alone »once every 

Car, not without blood, • which 
offered for himself, and/orthe 
errors of the people: 

* p The Holy Ghost this . 
fying, that '/ the way into the 
best of all was not vet made 
manifest* while as the first taber- 
nacle was yet standing: 

v Which was a figure for the 
time then present, in which were 
offered both gifts aud sacrifices, 
'that could not make him that 
did the service perfect, as per- 
taining to the conscience ; 

10 Which stood 011I7 in 'meats 
aud drinks, and 'divers wash- 


, 'divers wash- 
ings, * and carnal I ordinances, 
Imposed on th*m uulil the time 
of reformation. 

•II But Christ being come *an 
high priest f of good things to 
Come, • by a greater and more 

KrftbCt tabernacle, not made with 
nds, that ofto say, uM of this 

IS Neither » by the blood of 
goats and calves, but »by his 
own blood, he entered m 'once 
. into the holy place, * having ob- 
tained eternal redemption for us. 

18 For if • the blood of butlsand 
of goats, and /the ashes of au 
heiler sprinkling the unclean, 
■Mictifietb to the purifying of the 
flesh : -4- 

M How much nfore o shaliTne 
blcod of Christ, * who through 
the eternal Spirit * offered him- 
self without I spot to God, * purge 
your conscience from t dead 
works »to serve the living God 1 

IS * And for this cause *he is . _, 

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Urn mediator of the new testa- 
ment, »lbat by means of death, 
fur the redemption of the trans- 
gressions that were under the hrst 
testament,.? they which are called 
might receive the promise of eter- 
nal inheruance. 

16 For where a testament i*h 
there must also of neceesity |be 
the death of the testator. 

17 For 'a testament is of force) 
after men are fjead : otherwise it 
is of no strength at all while thj 
testator liveih. 

18 'Whereupon neither the first 
tmtlviMHt was I dedicated with- 
out blood. 

19 For when Moses bad spokes 
every precept to all die people 
according to the law, 'be took 
the bfaou of calves and of goats, 
"with water, and I scarlet wool, 
and hyssop, and sprinkled both 
the book and all the people, 

80 Saying, * Tins «s the blood 
of the testament which God hath 
enjoined unto you. 

81 Moreover, r be sprinkled with 
blood both the tabernacle, 
and all the vessels of the 

88 And almost all things are by 
the law purged with blood ; anil 
• without shedding of blood is no 
rr mi«*iou. 

83 It woe therefore necessary 
that 'the patterns of things m 
the heavens should be purified 
with these; but the heavenly 
things themselves with better 
sacrifices than these. 

84 For * Christ is not entered 
into the holy places made with 
hands, vhieh are toe figures of 
« tiisjtrue ; but into heaven itself, 
iww * to appear iu the presence 
ot God for us : 

85 Nor yet that he should of- 
fer btmaeil often, as «the high 
priest eutareth iuto the holy place 
every year with blood of others; 

80* For then must he often have 
suffered since the foundation of 
the world : but now /once * in 
the end of the world hath he ap- 
peared to put away sin by the 
sacrifice of himself. 
87 ft And as it is appointed unto 
men once to die, » but after this 
th« judgment: 

S3 80 * Christ was once 'offered 
to bear the sine »of many ; and 
unto them thai *look for him 
shall he appear the second time 
without sin- unto salvation. 

1 Tk» veahMst •/ th* tarn ttuttfem, 
10 TtoMerfibsa/Cftnerv Ms oars 
tgmtd, 14 fit sms ftet* WlM awss 
tint. 19 An •xkortottan. «k koU/Utt 
lft« faith, mUh smtinm amd uuumw 

FOR the law having • a shadow 
* of good things to come, tu*d 
not tbe very image of tlte thiuga, 

fFswdnseee/ th* lew —cri/km. 

wtwh they olfcred year by year 
continually, make the comers 
thereunto * perfect. 

5 For then i would they not have 
•eased to be ollered f because 
that the worshippers once purg- 
ed should have nad no more con- 
science of sins. 

I «Bnt in those »acr\fice* there 
it a remembrance again made of 
aim every year. 

4 For fit w not possible that the 
blood of bulls ana of goats should 
take away sins. 

6 Wherefore, when he Cometh 
into the world, he saith, ' Sacri- 
fice and offering thou wouldest 
aot, bm a body fchast thou pre- 
pared me : 

6 In burnt-offerings and tncri- 
Jket for sin thou hast had no 

7 Tben said I, Lo, I come (in 
the volume of the book it is writ- 
ten of me) to do thy will. O God. 

8 Above, when he said, Sacri- 
fice and ottering and burnt-offer- 
ings and offering for sin thou 
Wouldest not, neither hadst ple;»s- 
ure therein; which are ottered 
by the law ; 

9 Then said he, 1*0, I come to 
do thy will, O God. He taketh 
away the first, that he may es- 
tablish the second. 

10 * By the which will we are 
sanctified (through the ottering 
•f the body of Jesus Christ once 
/or all. 

II And every priest standeth 
■ daily ministering aud ottering 
•ftentimes the same sacrifices, 
'which can never take away sin*: 

IS "* But this man, after he had 
altered one sacrifice for sin* lor 
ever sat dowu oa the right baud 
of God; 

13 From henceforth expecting 
• till his enemies be made hu 

14 For by one ottering • he hath 
perfected for ever them that are 

15 Whereof tht Holy Ghost also 
is a witness to us : for after that 
me had said before, 

16 p This is the covenant that I 
will make with them after those 
days, saiih the .Lord ; 1 will put 
my laws into their hearts, and ju 
their minds will J write them ; 

17 t And their sins and iniqui- 
ties will 1 remember no more. 

18 Now where remission of 
these is, thtrt it no more offering 
for sin. 

19 Having therefore, brethren, 
f I boldness to enter ''into the 
holiest by the blood of Jesus, 

50 By * a new aud living way, 
which ha hath I consecrated for 
as, 'through the vail, that is to 
•sty, his flesh : 

51 And haomg «au hurh priest 
•ear ' the house of God ; 

.82 fLet us draw near with a 

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trae heart, f in full assurance uff 
faith, having our hearts sprinkled 
• from an evil conscience, ami 
6 our bodies washed with pure 

83 e Let m hold fast the pro- 
fession of our faith without wa- 
vering; for 'he is faithful thai 
promised : 

84 And let us consider one an- 
other, to provoke unto love, and 

o good works : 

85 • Not forsaking the 

blmg of onrselves together, as the) 
manner of some it ; but exhort- 
ing one another; and /"so much 
the more, as ye see ' the day ap- 

38 For *if we sin wilfully < after 
that we have received the know- 
ledge of the truth, there remafo- 
eth no more sacrifice for sin*, 

87 But a certain fearful looking 
for of judgment and * fiery indig- 
nation, which shall devour the 

88 'He that despised Moses* 
law, Bied without mercy ■» under 
two or three witnesses : 

89 * Of how much sorer punish- 
ment, suppose ye. shall he bo 
thought worthy, who hath, trod* 
den under foot the Son of God. 
and • hath counted the blood or 
the envprmnt, wherewith be wu 
sanclified, an unholy thing, sand 
ha despite unto the 8pirit 

X ! know him that hath 

sail, . geance betongeth unro 
me, i witl recompense, saith th« 
Lord. And again, 'The Lord 
shall judge his people. 

31 */r u a fearful thing to fall 
into the hands of the living God. 

38 But * call to remembrance 
the former days, in which, "after 
ye were illuminated, ye endured 
* a great fight of afflictions ; 

38 Partly, while ye were mad« 
» a gazing-stock both by re- 
proaches and afflictions; and 
partly, while »ye became com- 
panions of them that were soused. 

34 For ye had compassion of me 
■ in my bonds, and *took joyf 
the spoiling of your goods, kn 

»g 1 in yourselves that * ye have 
n neaveu a better and an endur* 
ing substance. 

35 Cast not away therefore yoef 
confidence, 'which hath great 
recompense of reward. 

36 • For ye have need of patience, 
that, after ye have done the will 
of Go t!, /ye might receive the 

'STFor'ryet a little while, and 
* he that shall come will eome, 
and will not tarry. 

38 Now <the just shall live be 
faith: but if any man drawbars^ 
my soul shall have no pleasure Oa 

39 But we are not of tbert *wbe 
» a**, «. a* sl 


ot them that * believe to the eav- 
x faff oftheeoul. 


I What fmttk U. 6 Without fmOh «w 

■rnrnmot ptcam Ooi. 7 Tk* worth* 

fraiu timr-fto the fmtkerc «/ oU 


JOW faith is the I substance 
of thing* hoped tor, the evi- 
dence «of things not seen : 

1 For » by it the elders obtained 
a rood report. 

• Through faith we understand 
that • the world* were reamed by 
the word of. God, so that things 
which are seen were not made of 
things which do appear. 

4 By faith 'Abel offered unto 
God a more excellent sacrifice 
than Cain, by which he obtained 
witness that he was righteous, 
God testifying of bis gifts : and by 
it he beiug dead * I yet speakeih. 

$ By faith /Enoch was trans- 
lated, that he should not see 
death; and was not found, be- 
cause God had translated him : 
for before bis translation he had 
this testimony, that he pleased 

6 But without faith it it impos- 
sible to please him : for he that 
Cometh to God must believe that 
he is, and that he is a rewarder 
of them that diligently seek him. 

7 By faith * Noah, being warned 
of God of things not seen as yet, 
| moved with fear, » prepared an 
ark to the saving of his house; 
by the which he condemned the 
world, and became heir of * the 
righteousness which is by faith* 

9 By faith « Abraham, when he 
was called to go out into a place 
which he should after receive for 
an inheritance, obeyed: and lie 
went out not knowing whither lie 

9 By faith he sojourned in the 
land uf ptuniw, hi in ■ »Lrenge 

EGUiFirV-, * i| »*-iUn^ Lit Iri'.tniA'-leS 

with li*»<: a i i-d l*Ci.i 1 1, m the beirs 
With Jjim af ilie «iune ptomiN: 

1ft For lie lookrd 1W K • city 
which hath fiiinniaLUHi^ <• whose 
bllikkr nnd maker ii God. 

U T'n-uLi/li fsL'b alfi f Sarah 
hrr»r!f lecBiTnl iliEPt^Ui t-p con- 
«iv* mnmL, »iid ^*u delivered 
uJ a chilli wl*n ihe •*■ peal ege, 
hecsi4*n *lie Jud^nl him ^Lanhlul 
whp liiil juviji i muL 

19 There lore ■ prang iltirtf even 
d[ out, ami * rum u* ir.iQi] as dead, 
1 so many aj rJte nWri ai the sky 
in multitude, and m the »and 
which it by tfis ms -shore innu- 


J These all died t in faith, « not 
having received the promises, out 
'having seen them afar off, and 
were persuaded of thtm, and em- 
braced them, and f confessed that 
they were strangers and pilgrims 
on the earth. 


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| Or, that 

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« Jos. 1.1. 

TLs wortkySrimlU&J**. 

14 For they that aery, such things 

•declare plainly that they seek a 


15 And truly, if they had been 
mindful of that country from 
whence they came out* they might 
have had opportunity to have re- 

16 But now they desire a better 
country, that is, an heavenly; 
wherefore God is not ashamed 
• to be called their God : for • he 
hath prepared for them a city. 

17 By laiih « Abraham, when be 
was tried, oSered up Isaac : and 
he that had received the prom? 
i*es«" offered up his only begotten 

18 I Of whom it was said, • That 
in Isaac shall thy seed be called : 

19 Accounting that God /tea* 
able to raise him up, even from 
the dead; from whence also he 
received him iu a figure. 

£0 By laiih * Isaac blessed Jacob 
and Esau concerning things to 

81 By faith Jacob, when he was 
a dying, * blessed both the sons 
of Joseph ; and < worshipped, lean- 
ing upon the top of his btaff. 

SS By faith * Joseph, when he 
died, | made mention of the de- 
parting of the children of Israel; 
and gave commandment concern- 
ing his bones. 

S3 By faith 'Moses, when he was 
born, was hid three months of his 
parents, because they sawnevrte 
a proper child; and they were not 
afraid of the king's "command- 

84 By faith "Moses, when be 
was come to years, refused to be 
called the sou of Pharaoh's daugh- 
ter; * 

85 « Choosing rather to suffer af- 
fliction with the people of God, 
than to enjoy the pleasures of sin 
for a season ; 

86 Esteeming p the reproach I of 
Christ greater riches than die 
treasures in Egypt: for he had 
respect unto v the recompense of 
the reward. 

87 By faith •" he forsook Egypt, 
not fearing- the wrath of the king: 
for he endured, as * seeing bun 
who is invisible. 

88 Through fsitb 'he kept the 

Eassover, and the sprinkling of 
lood, lest he that destroyed the 
first-boru should touch tbem. 

89 By faith « they passed through 
the R*d sea as by dry land : which 
the Egyptians assaying to do 
were drowned. 

80 By faith 'the walls of Jeri- 
cho fell down, after they were 
compassed about seven days. 

SI By faith Vthe harlot Rahab 
perished not with tbem I that be- 
lieved not, when *she had receiv- 
ed the spies with peace. 

It And what shall 1 more my f 
for the time would fail me to tell 

rf«Godeo*,*ndo/» Barak, and 

• David also, and /Samuel, and 
©/ the prophets: 

13 Who through faith subdued 
kingdom*, wrought righteoue- 
aeas, * obtained promises, * stop- 
ped the mouths of liotia, 

84 i Quenched the violence of 
Are, 'escaped the edge of the 
■word, 'out of weakneaa were 
■Bade strong, waxed valiant in 
fight, "turned to flight the ar- 
mies of the aliens. 

36 * Women received their dead 
raised to life again : and others 
were • tortured, not accepting de- 
liverance; that they might obtain 

• better resurrection: 

36 And others bad trial of cruel 
moc kings and scourgings, yea, 
moreover «of bonds and impris- 

37 f They were stoned, they were 
•awn asunder, were tern pled, were 
slain with the sword: * tney wan- 
dered about * in sheep-skins, and 
goat-skins; being destitute, af- 
flicted, tormented ; 

38 (Of whom the world was not 
worthy:) they wandered in des- 
ert% and in mountains, and « in 
deusand caves of the'eartb. 

39 And these all, * having ob- 
tained a good report through 
faith, received not the promise : 

40 God having | provided * some 
better thing Tor us, that they 



ihould not be * made 

^THEREFORE, seeing we al- 

v * so are compassed about 
with so great a eloud of witness- 
es, • let us lay aside every weight, 
and the sin which doth so easily 
beset us, and * let us run « with 
Patience the race that is set be- 
fore us, 

t Looking unto Jesus the I au- 
thor and finisher of ©wr faith ; 
* who, for the Joy that was eet be- 
fore him, endured the cross, de- 
spising the shame, and • is set 
dowu at the right hand of the 
throne of God. 

3 /For consider him that en- 
dured such contradiction of sin- 
ners against himself, * test ye be 
wearied and faint in your minds. 

4 * Ye have not yet resisted onto 
blood, striving against sin. 

5 And ye have forgotten the ex- 
hortation which speaketb unto 
you as unto children, » My sen, 
despise not thou the chastening 
of the Lord, nor faint when thou 
art rebuked of him : 

6 For * whom the Lord loveth 
He cliasieiieth, and scourgeth ev- 
ery son whom he receiveth. 

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deeJeth with yew a* with aosa u 
for what sou is he whom the Wi- 
ther chaateneth not 1 

8 But if ye be without chastise- 
ment, ■> whereof all are partakers* 
then are ye bastards, and not soiuw 

9 Furthermore, we have had la- 
thers of our flesh which corrected 
us, and we gave them reverence. 
shall we not much rather be In 
subjection unto "the Father of 
spirits, and live % 

10 For they verily for a few days 
chastened ue I after their oven 
pleasure; but be for our profit. 
» that «m might be partakers of 
his holiness. 

11 Now no chastening for Uw 
present seemeth to be joyous, but 
grievous: nevertheless, afterward 
it yieldeth »the peaceable fruit of 
righteousueas unto them which 
are exercised thereby. ' 

18 Wherefore " lift up the hands 
wliich hang down, and the feeble 
knees ; 

13 ' And make I straight, paths 
for your feet, lest that which ii 
lame be turned out of the way; 

• but let it rather be healed. 

14 ' Follow peace with all men, 
and holiness, "without which no 
man shall see the Lord: 

15 • Looking diligently, fleet 
any man I fail of the grace of God , 

* lest any root of bitterness spring*, 
tug up, trouble you, and thereby 
many be defiled : 

16 «Lest there be any fornieater, 
or profane person, aa Esau,* who 
for one morsel of meat sold hia 

17 For ye know how that after- 
ward, • when he would have in- 
herited the blessing, he was re- 
jected; * for he found no I place 
of repentance, though he sought 
it carefully with tears. 

18 For ye are not come unto 

• the mount that might be touch- 
ed, and that burned with fire, nor 
unto blackuess, and darkness, and 

19 And the sound of a trumpet, 
and the voice of words; which 
voice they that heard, /entreated 
that the word should not be spo- 
ken to them any more : 

50 (For they could not endure 
that which was commanded, 

* And if so much as a beast touch 
the mountain, it shall be stoned, 
or thrust through with a dart : 

51 *And so terrible was the 
sight, that Hoses said, I exceed- 
ingly fear and quake ) 

83 But ye are come • unto mount, 
Sion, * and unto the city of the 
Uving Gotl, the heavenly Jerusa- 
lem, 'and to an innumerable 
company of angels, 

S3 To the general assembly and 
church of ■ tbe first-born, * which 
are I written in heaven, and to 
Uod • the Judge of all, and to the 
spirits of just men t jnade perfect. 

Dtmtn godly admonition*. 

14 And to Jesus «lke Mediator 
ef the new I covenant and to 
'the blood of sprinkling, that 
epeaketh better thuigs 'than that 

85 See that ye refute not him 
that tpeaketh. For * if they es- 
caped not who refuted him that 
•pake on earth, much more thall 
nut we escape, if we turn away 
from him that tpeaketh from 

80 * Whose voice then thook the 
earth: but now he hath prom- 
ised, saying, * Yet once more I 
•hake not the earth only, but alto 

27 And thit word, Yet' once 
more, signifieth t the removing 
of those thing* that I are shaken, 
as of things that are made, that 
those things which cannot be 
aim ken may remain. 

18 Wherefore we receiving a 
Kingdom which cannot be moved, 
| let us have grace, whereby we 
may serve God acceptably, with 
reverence and rodly Tear ; 

89 For * our God is a 

chap. xm. 

I DHtn •rfsMRtttoM, st to esorira, 4 to 
kmmt Ufa ft to mnid oauHmttu$$, 7 
to rtgarj Oo«r* preteken, 9 to takt 
ke*t qfstrmtt iootrinet, 10 to oomftu 
CtirUt, IS to tip* elm, 17 to otey 
fM>«riwr*, 18 to prtf/er Ut mpeetU. 
SO Tktemuhuim. 

LET « brotherly love continue. 
S »Be not forgetful to enter- 
tain strangers: for thereby « some 
have eutertaiued angels una- 

3 * Remember them that are in 
bonds, as bound with them ; and 
them which tuffer adversity, as 
being yourselves also in the body, 

4 Marriage it honourable in 
all, and the bed undented: • but 
whoremongers and adulterers 
God will judge. 

6 Let your conversation be with- 
out covetousness ; and /be con- 
tent with such things as ye have : 
for he hath said, *l will never 
leave thee, nor forsake thee. 

6 So that we may boldly say. 
*The Lord it my helper, and I 
will not fear what man shall do 
onto me. 

7 »' Remember them which I have 
the rule over you, who have spo- 
ken unto you the word of God : 
* whose faith follow, considering 
the cod of tAetr conversation : 

8 Jesus Christ ' the same yes- 
terday, and to-day, and for 

9 m Be not carried about with 
divers and strange doctrines : for 
it is a good thing the heart 
be established with grace ; ■ not 


CHAP. xin. 

L, D.U, A. r>. 34. 

ff rli.B.3 * 
I Or, 

a ia. m. 

r fa -a. 

it. U 4 

■ . <; :i * 

.• i». 

ll, Am .v. 

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i", I " 

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tth.l M, 

* a, it. a 
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•r >\l. Ilk. 

* iiaj.a.a.'MH. ». ». 
t P*. vlts. rh 1 1 jo, 

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I Or. 

hi K! kM 

• Ex. 31. 
IT* n*. 4. 

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31. A 107. 
A 116. 

t Of. nrt- 
_fr*jm? to. 

J0.S. AliRo.lH*. 

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&aL]T.4:i,|TiT. 7, 
6. A 1. h. 2 I 07* 
rc.1.7 DfcitfttMa 

in,*.-, i !»&.». n. 

♦.T.lfcM. -V M 1,7. 

ft SH'. a . *.c.».'J6, 

fc-l, H"r lit. ?"■ 

M. 111.3.1' cftn-li-BO. 
1 Pa. 'Rp. fl, IB. 

SCiK.ifl.a. Col 4. 8. 
A1B.1 iTh+Ml. 


/ *■■< 

i i 

Divert godkrmdm 

with meats, which have not prof- 
ited them that have been occu- 
pied therein. 

10 • Wo have an altar, whereof 
they have no right to eat which 
serve the tabernacle. 

11 For ?the bodies of those 
beasts, whose blood is brought 
into the sanctuary by the high 
priest for sin, are burned without 
the camp. 

18 Wherefore Jeeos also, that 
he might sanctify the people with 
his own blood, « suflered without 
the gate. 

13 Let as go forth therefore unto 
him without the camp, bearing 
'his reproach. 

14 »For here have we no eoui 
tinning city, but we seek one to 

15 * By him therefore let us offer 
■ the sacrifice of praise to God 
continually, that is, *the fruit of 
our lips, t giving thanks to hie 

16 9 But to do good, and to com* 
munieate, forget not: for "with 
such sacrifices God is well pleas- 

17 • Obey them that I have the 
rule over Vou, and submit your- 
selves: fo>» they watch for your 
souls, as they that must give ac- 
count, that they may do it with 
joy, and not with grief' for that 
is unprofitable for you. 

18 • Pray for us : for we trust we 
have 'a food conscience, iu all . 
things wilting to live honestly. 

19 But I beseech you « the rather 
to do this, that 1 may be restored 
to you the sooner. 

80 Now / the God of peace, 
'that brought again from the 
dead our Lord Jesus, * thai great 
Shepherd of the sheep, i through 
the blood of the everlasting I cov- 

81 * Make you perfect in every 
good work, to do his will, 1 1 work- 
ing in you that which is well- 
pleasinr in his sight, through Je- 
sus Cbnst; » to whom be glory 
for ever and ever. Amen. 

88 And 1 beseech you, brethren, 
suffer the word of exhortation : 
for * I have written a letter unto 
you in few words. 

83 Know ye, that • our brother 
Timothy » is set at liberty; with 
whom, if be come shortly, 1 will 


4. II* 13. 1* IS. 1 
Ti. S.o, *, SC*»«, I 
IV4K IV U*, 1. 
Pe. 2U.M. Col. 1 1 

Jpb I. a, i l TV l.* 

Ch.. ■*<,». a re. J. Ml. 
Pi. It. ttJ* I** 

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tticm.'-f. * 
Scb. 3, 13. irk. 1(1.3). 
1 Jitlu H. r Or, 
6S.«jk,l J&. iMTssuac 
R*. 1.4, llSTrh. fl. 

A = .-.■.' Li. Il>. 

3*ML | J«w>| Or, 

-■■..-. r Phi. J. 13. stOa.1.5. an.4.i«. K*. 

the rule over you, and all the 
saints. They of Italy salute you. 

85 'Grace be with you all. 

V Written to the Hebrews from 
Italy, by Timothy. 

• 1*0.1 1.17. K 6. ■ 1 Pe. 6. lfl. o \ th. 8. 8. 
1 Tt. 4, 1. J f *f r. Tj 17. r Tit. 8. la. 


a i Ti. a. is, 




1 W» fl ratof««to«a*rta«arw»,5te 
tuk petionm of Ood, 13 ninw 
Iriola net to imputo #w weknett. or 
mm, ntoUM, 19 ft* rett«rtoft«r*m 
to »*• wortt, to SMiitoto to *, end 
to * Mtras/br. 90 Otkm-mito num 
stay oeom, ewt Mirti am* raM- 

• TAMES, »aaervant of God and 
•J oftlie Lord Jesus Christ, « to 
the twelve tribes * which are scat- 
tered abroad* greeting. 

5 My brethren, « count it all Joy 
/when ye fall into divers temp- 

3 ' Knowing «M», that the trying 
of your faith worketh patience. 

4 But let patience have her per- 
fect work, that ye maybe perfect 
and entire, wanting nothing. 

6 A If any of yon lack wisdom, 
<let him ask of Ood, that givetb 
to all men liberally, and upbraid- 
eth not; and <it shall be given 

6 'But let him ask in faith, 
nothing wavering. For he that 
waveretb is like a wave of the sea 
driven with the wind and tossed. 

7 For let not that man think 
that he shall receive any thing 
of the Lord. 

8 "* A double-minded man « 
unstable in all bis ways. 

9 Let the brother of low degree 
| rejoice in that he is exalted : 

10 But the rich, in that he is 
made low : because » as the Dow- 
er of the grass he shall pass away. 

1 1 For the sun is no sooner risen 
with a burning heat, but it with- 
ered) the grass, and the flower 
thereof falleth, and the grace of 
the fashion of it perishelh - so also 
shall the rich man fade away in 
bis ways. 

IS o Biessed is the man that en- 
dureth temptation: for when he 
is tried, he shall receive J the 
crown of life, « which the Lord 
hath promised to them that love 

13 Let no man say when he is 
tempted, I am tempted of God : for 
Gcdcanoot be tempted with (evil, 
neither temptetb he any man : 

14 But every man is tempted, 
when he is drawn away of his 
own lust, and enticed. 

15 Then, 'when lust hath con- 
ceived, it bringeth forth sin ; and 
sin, when it is finished, •bringeth 
forth death. 

10 Do not err, my beloved breth- 
17 « F.wy good gift and every 

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t Or. ayn« 

perfect gift is from above, and 
cometh down from the Fat her of 
lights, • with whom is no varia- 
bleness, neither shadow of turu- 

18* Of his own will begat ha >u 
with the word of truth, V that wa 
should be a kind of * first-fruits 
of his creatures. 

19 Wherefore, my beloved breth- 
ren, *let every man be swift to 
hear, 5 slow to apeak, « slow to 
wrath : 

SO For the wrath of man work- 
eth not the righteousness of God. 

31 Wherefore* lay apart all fill Il- 
lness, and' superfluity of naughti- 
ness, and receive with meekness 
the ingrafted word, •which ia 
able to save your souls. 

8S But /be ye doers of the word, 
and not bearers only, deceiving 
yrfur own selves. 

S3 For * if any be a hearer of 
the word, and not a doer, he ia 
like unto a man beholding hi* 
natural face in a glass : 

84 For he beholdelh himself, 
and goeth bis way, and straight- 
way Torgetteth what manner of 
man he was. 

85 But * whoso looketh into the 
perfect »law of liberty, and con- 
tiuueth therein, he being not a 
forgetful hearer, but a doer of 
the work, "this man shall ba 
blessed in hie I deed. 

86 If any man among vou seem 
to be religious, and' bridleth not 
his tongue, butdeceivethhisowa 
heart, this man's religion t* vain. 

87 Pure religion and undefined 
before God and the Father ia 
this, ** To visit the fatherless and 
widows in their affliction, *wut 
to keep himself unspotted from 
the world. 

CHAP. n. 

1 It if not egre o eb l o to Chrietiem pre- 
feerim to rtrmrd the rich, end to do- 
tpu* the poor brethren: 13 rmtherwe 
art to be lowing, end vtertffvl s 14 mud 
not to boeot of feitk token a* deodt 
ere, 17 wftfcft u tut e dead feUh. 19 
the feitk ofdeoile, 31 end net of Jftra- 

Mkenx, 36 end Rekek. 
Y brethren, have not the faith 
of our Lord Jesus Christ, 
• the Isord of glory, with • respect 
of persons. 

S Tor if there come unto yottr 
t assembly, a man with a gold 
ring, in goodly apparel, and there) 
come in also a poor man in vila 

3 And ye have respect to him 
that weareth the gaj alotfcunff, 

OffctUh without work*. 

and say unto him* Sit thou here 
| in a rood place ; and say to the 
poor, Stand thou there, or ait 
here under my footstool : 

4 Are ye not then partial in 
yourselves, and are become judges 
of evil thoughts ? 

'5 Hearken, my beloved brethren, 
'Hath not God chosen the poor 
of this world 'rich in faith, and 
heirs of I the kingdom ' which he 
Irath promised to them that love 

6 But /ye have despised the 
poor. Do not rich men oppress 
you, 'and draw you before the 
Judgment- seats? 

7 Do not they blaspheme that 
worthy name by the which ye 
are called ? 

8 ir ye fulfil the royal law ac- 
cording to the scripture. * Thou 
■halt love thy neighbour as thy- 
self, ye do well : 

9 But • if ye have respect to per- 
sons, ye commit sin, and are con- 
vinced of the law as transgressors. 

10 For whosoever shall keep the 
whole law, and yet offend in one 
point, » he is guilty of all. 

1 1 For | he that said, ' Do not 
commit adultery j said also, Do 
not kill. Now, if thou commit 
no adultery, yet if thou kill, thou 
art become a transgressor of the 

la> So apeak ye, and so do, as 
they that shall be judged by » the 
law or liberty. 

13 For "he shall have Judgment 
without mercy that hath shewed 
no mercy; and • mercy I rejoiceth 
against Judgment. 

14 rwhat doth it profit, my 
brethren, though a man say be 
hath faith, and" have uot works ? 
can faith save him 1 

15 f If a brother or sister be 
naked, and destitute of daily 

16 And r one of you say unto 
them, Depart in peace, be ye 
Warmed and filled ; notwithstand- 
ing ye give them not those things 
which are needful to the body; 
what doth it profit ? 

17 Even so faith, if it hath not 
works, is dead, being t alone. 

18 Yea, a man may say, Thou 
B&st faitu, and I have works: 
shew me thy faith I without thy 
works, »and I will shew thee my 
faith hy my works. 

19 Thou believest that there is 
one God ; thou doest well : r the 
den Js also believe, and tremble. 

SC But wilt thou know, O vain 
man, that faith without works is 

91 Was not Abraham our father 
justified by works, * when he had 
ottered Isaac his son upon the 
altar ? 

S9 | Seest thou • how faith 
wrought with hw works, and by 
work* was faith made perfect % 

chap. in. 

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1 Or, 






IS And the scripture was ful- 
filled, which saith, 9 Abraham 
believed God, and it was impu- 
ted unto him for righteousness: 
and he was called * the Friend 
of God. 

84 Ya see then how thai by 
works a man is justified* and not 
by faith only. 

85 Likewise also «was not Ra- 
hab the harlot justified by works, 
wheu she had received the mes- 
sengers, and bad sent them out 
another way 1 

26 For as the body without the 
I spirit is dead, so iaita without 
works is dead also. 

CHAP. in. 

1 We art awl raohif or oyrrogo/ntto to 
roprooo otkor* :.bbut rath* to hridlt 
tho tongue, a littl* mombor, Imt a 
poworful tnotrummt of mmoh food, 
and from* motru. 13 Tees mho do 
irutg wife bo mild, and pomooabUf 
toitkout onopmg, and otrtfo. 
Y brethren, «be not manyi 
masters, • Knowing that wa 
shall receive the greater | con- 

2 For • in many things we of- 
fend all. * If any man offend not 
in word, * the same is a perfect 
man, and able also to bridle the 
wnole body. 

3 Behold, /we put bits in the 
horses' mouths, that they may 
obey ua ; and we turn about their 
whole body. 

4 Behold also the ships, which, 
though they be so great, and are 
driven of fierce winds, yet are 
they turned about with a very 
small helm, whithersoever the 
governor listelh. 

5 Even so ** die tongue is a little 
member, and *boasteth great 
things. Behold, how great || a 
matter a, little fire kindleib ! 

6 And <the tongue it a fire, a 
world of iniquity: so is the 
tongue among our members, that 
* it defileih the whole body, and 
seiteth on fire the t course of na- 
ture ; and it is set on fire of hell. 

7 For every t kind of beasts, and 
of birds, and of serpents, and of 
things in the sea, is tamed, and 
hath been tamed, of t mankind : 

8 But the tongue can no man 
tame ; U u an unruly evil, ' full 
of deadly poison. 

9 Therewith bless we God, even 
the Father; and therewith curse 
we men, "• which are made after 
the similitude of God. 

10 Out of the same mouth pro- 
ceedeth blessing and cursing. 
My brethren, these things ought 
not so to be. 

11 Doth a fountain send forth at 
the same 1 place sweet voter and 
bitter J 

12 Can the fig-tree, my brethren, 
bear olive-berries ? either a vine, 
tigs? so can no fountain both 
yield salt water and fresh. 



A, 0. 

«i r- oci. 

■ Ol^I, 
prfa. l.SJ 

Qf eosstousnsst, intemperance ttc 

It • Who i* a wis* man and 
•ndued with knowledge among 
.you 1 let him shew out of a good 
conversation »hia work* »with 
meekness of wisdom. 

14 But if ye Have « bitter envy- 
ing and strife in your hearts* 
r glory not, and lio not against 
(he truth. 

15 « This wisdom descendeth 
not from above, but is earthly, 
| sensual, devilish. 

16 For * where envying and 
strife »*. there is t confusion and 
every evil work.. 

17 But "the wisdom that is 
from above is first pure, then 
peaceable, gentle, and easy to be 
entreated, full of mercy and good 
fruits, II without partiality, * aud 
without hypocrisy. 

18 r And the fruit of righteous- 
ness is sown in peace of them 
that make peace. 

1 W» are to etriot against ometoue- 
net*, 4 intsmperanee, A pride, 11 rfe- 
traetion, and rath judgment of 
othere: 13 and not to be<l'nt 
in the good tuceeee of worldly buti- 
nest, but mindful ever of the uncer- 
tainly of thit life, to commit uur- 
idtu and all our affaire to Ood't 

FROM whence come wars and 
1 fightings among you t come 
they not hence, even of your 
| lusts • that war in your mem- 
bers 1 

t Ye lust and have not: ye I kill, . m 
and desire to have, and cannot [ j^_ j^ ^ 
obtain : ye fight and war, yet ye f r , i r $\.u 
have not, because ye ask not. i.Ji*.Jn.Lj. 

3 • Ye ask, and receive not, « be- | 11. "j 
cause ye ask amiss, that ye may 

1- Hut- 7.1. 
t.u. a, 37. 
Its, * 1. 1 
^o. 4- 6. 

'|i itnt, 10. 


A: V ', I J 
3 : 

■ Ft.U,]*, 
U; i.i l-_ 
Hur. 9, !l 

• Hi*, TIP, 
Ol &. tf 

II".. Jr LI 

e Vb.M J*. 
I l.ia*«i 
teresses, know ye not that • the \ , , hfi 
friendship of the world is enmity \ ,,> a , ' 

consume it upon your II lusts. 
4 *Ye adulterers and adnl- I ' 

/Jnbii hi, 
ll»,A IfT.l*. 

a , 

t tr- I. 

with God 7 /whosoever therefore j rf hcri ■£- 
will be a friend of the world is ' sJJ i-* 
the enemy of God. 

5 Do ye thiuk that the scripture 
saith in vain, 'The spirit that 
dwelleth iu us lusteth I to envy T 

6 But he giveth more grace. j 
Wherefore hesaith, *God resist- i jr. jl, u, 
eth the proud, but giveth grace i ot r 
unto the humble. I «w»"l- 

7 Submit yourselves therefore j * 
to God. « Resist the devil, and 
he will flee from you. 

8 * Draw nigh to God, and he 
Will draw nigh to you. 'Cleanse 
your hands, ye sinners, and "» pu- 
rify your hearts, ye ■double- 

fft. rVW 
fl.Fi ILJL 


L.i.l , B. 1 
U. 1 1 A Jo 

H.inv;. ,.. 
i Kf.-l.27 

9 » Be afflicted, and mourn, and * ' . ! 
Weep : let your laughter be turn- *?, • " 
ed to mourning, and your Joy to . Jr." 
heaviness. ' ' , , 

10 » Humble yourselves in the ' J. J ,,' 
sight of the Lord, and he ahull , „"',.,. -. 
lift you up. n \ 

11 1 Speak not evil one of an- ' iJnb'uu 
Mat. 33. IX La. 14. 11. & 18. 14. 1 Pe. i. e. f t;.. 
4.U. ire. XI. 

Fur ■< »». 

* Ivh T. 7. 
E'H. liO. 3. 
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P». l> 24. 
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.■, .. .: r He. 

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i ■ J \L-,.:<.S. 


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. I i.fl. 

l i [.Lie. 

■J.'ii, iTi. 

r c<i. 9.6. 
I Ur. B« 

ll|.»f pn- 
*^"J, IT, 
*ujfir With 


h [fc L 11. 

u. Jh. s. 


J. "J 5L33. 
icift 10. 1. 
I fk|lr*.6. 
•>\i> IS. *•>, 
j;.||-. : .4.7, 
* Hi. 1 11. 
t Or, 
Orpm f or. 

TJfct uu ewl tt My/s^sV 

other, brethren. He that speak* 
eth evil of his brother, 'and 
judgeth his brother, speaketh 
evil of the law, and judgeth the. 
law : but if thou judge the law, 
thou art not a doer of the law, 
but a Judge. 

18 There is one lawgiver, 'who 
is able to save, and to destroy : 
' who art thou that judgest an- 
other ? 

13 «Go to now, ye that say. 
To-day or to-morrow we will go 
into such a city, and continue 
there a year, and buy, and sell, 
and get gain : 

14 Whereas ye know not what 
shall be on the morrow. For what 
is your life 7 I * It is even a va- 
pour, that appeareth for a little) 
time, and then vaniaheth away. 

15 For that ye ought to say, V If 
the Lord will, we shall live, and 
do this, or that. 

16 But now ye rejoice in your 
boastings : * all such rejoicing is 

1 7 Therefore • to him that know- 
eth to do good, and doelh it not. 
to him it is sin. 

1 Wicked rich men are to fear flWs 
nengeaneo. 1 We ought to be patient 
in ojlictione, after the example of the 
prapheU, and Job: 12 U forbear 
swearing, 19 to pray in adversity, f 
ting in protperuy : 16 to actnowledga 
mutually our several f suite, to pram 
one for another, 19 and to reduce m 
etraying brother to the truth. 

GO « to now, ye rich men, weep 
and howl for your miseries 
that shall come upon you. 

9 Your riches are corrupted, and 
» your garments are raoih-ealen. 

i Your gold and silver is can- 
kered ; and the rust of them shall 
be a witness against you, and 
shall eat your flesh as it were fire, 
o Yc have heaped treasure togeth- 
er for the last days. 

4 Behold, * the hire of the la- 
bourers who have reaped down 
your fields, which is ot you kept 
back by fraud, crieth; and • the 
cries ot them which have reaped 
are entered into the ears of the 
Lord of Sabaoth. 

5 /Ye have lived in pleasure on 
the earth, and been wanton ; ye 
have nourished your hearts, asm 
a day of slaughter. 

6 'Ye have condemned and 
killed the Just; and he doth not 
resist you. 

7 1 Be patient therefore, breth- 
ren, unto the coming of the Lord. 
Behold, the husbandman waiteth 
for the precious fruit of the earth, 
and hath long patience for it. 
until he receive * the early and 
latter rain. 

8 Be ye also jpatient; stabliah 
your hearts : » for the coming of 
the Lord draweth nigh. 

9 * | Grudge not one against 
another, brethren, teat y bf 

condemned: behold, the Judge 
'•tandem before the door. 

10 »Take, my brethren, the 
prophets, who bore spoken in the 
name of the Lord, for an exam- 
ple of suffering affliction, and of 

11 Behold, » we count them 
happy which endure. Ye have 
beard of • the patience of Job, 
and have seen Mhe end of the 
.Lord' that «the Lord is very 
piti nil, and of tender mercy. 

IS Bnt above all things, my 
brethren, * swear not, neither by 
heaven, neither by the earth, nei- 
ther by any other oath : but let 
your yea, be yea ; and your nay, 
nay; lent ye fall into condemna- 

13 Is any among you afflicted I 
Ibt him pray. Is any merry I *let 
him sing psalms. 

14 Is any sick among you 1 let 
btm call for the elders of the 
church ; and let them pray over 
him, 'anointing him with oil in 
the name of the Lord: 

11. L h;i 

29. A*. Ly.1*. **. H». 

m.*l - lfc * '«• 
O 3fu. U. 5M 4 >.B. 
18, P« IuJl ,Jn|m «. jll. 
8. i J,,, a, 'A 

r Milt. i,!»Ai-.ll.I». 
H*r, MKIW.1. 

1 u/. 
« Kp. 5. 1». '.it r^tjrr. 
Col. Mft. ' ' 

i hi 

mantfbid q>iritual groom. 

If And the prayer of faith shall 
save the sick, and the Lord shall 
raise him up; «and if he have 
committed sins, they shell be for* 
given him. 

16 Confess your faults one to an- 
other, and pray one for another, 
that ye may be healed. 'The 
effectual fervent prayer of a right- 
eous man availeth much. 

17 Elias was-a man » subject to 
like passions as we are, and » he 
prayed I earnestly that it might 


the -earth by the space of three 
years and six months. 

18 And *he prayed again, and 
the heaven gave rain, and the 
earth brought forth her fruit. 

19 Brethren, "if any of you do 
err from the truth* and one con- 
vert him; 

90 Let him know, that he which 
eonverteth the sinner from the 
error of his way * shall save a 
soul from death, and • shall hide 
a multitude of sins. 
33. lTt.4.1«. srr.IO.lS. lPe.4.8. 




1 Bt UrnottX Bod for hU mmnifild 
tprritmml tract : 10 thawing that tha 
taxation in Christ it no ntutt, tut 
> m thing propkuM •/ old : 13 and 
. othartath tham aeeurdingtg ta a gedlg 
ao nt t rt aiion, forasmuch at that art 
now born mnam ey tha word of Ood. 

PETER, an apostle of Jesus 
Christ, to the strangers •scat- 
tered throughout Pontus, Gala- 
tia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bi- 

S • Elect • according to the 
foreknowledge of God the Fa- 
ther, 'through sanctincalion of 
the Spirit, unto obedience and 
•sprinklingof the Mood of Jesus 
Christ: /Grace unto you, and 
peace, be multiplied. 
S r Blessed os the God and Fa- 
ther of our Lord Jesus Christ, 
Which, * according to his t abun- 
dant mercy, »hath begotten us 
again unto a lively hope * by the 
resurrection of Jesus Christ from 
tin deed, 

4 To an inheritance incorrupti- 
ble,' and undented, 'and that fa- 
deth not away, * reserved in 
Heaven I for you, 

5 » Who are kept by the power 
of God through faith unto salva- 
tion, ready to be revealed in the 
last time. 

* • Wherein ye greatly rejoice. 
(bongo new »fo» a season (if 

• Jnha 7. 
86. ArVSLft. 



Bp. i 


6. J 
4 1 

I'Ja. 1 i 

r . ■ ,ji 
ft. A. ]J. 

.Urn I 


a «. i- h. 

I Or r 


M J. I.Li 1.1 


11, 1'J, Ifl 

Jnd. i. 
• MA ft. 

12. I. .. 11 

II a i.e. n. 

10.« ! 

»«-!. 4 IT- 
Gb. :i |u. 

. ■ 'it. 
!H*c. I.l«. 
110, 01. 
L . !.....lfl. 
SFr. I.9J. 

need be) «ye are in heaviness 
through manifold temptations : 

7 That 'the trial of your faith, 
being much more precious than 
of gold that perisheth, though *it 
be tried with lire, ' might be 
found unto praise, and honour, 
and glory, at the appearing of 
Jesui Christ : 

8 a Whom having not seen, ye 
love ; * in whom, though now ye 
see Aim not, yet believing, ye re- 
joice with joy unspeakable, and 
full of glory : 

9 Receiving fthe end of your 
faiih, even the salvation of your 

10 * Of which salvation the 
prophets have inquired and 
searched diligently, who prophe- 
sied of the grace that should 
come unto you : 

11 Searching what, or what 
manner of time •the Spirit of 
Christ which was in them dil 
signify, when it testified before- 
hand *lhe sufferings of Christ, 
and the glory that should follow. 

12 • Unto whom it was revealed, 
that 'not unto themselves, but 
unto us they did minister the 
things which are now reported 
unto you by them that have 
preached the gospel unto you, 
with *lhe Holy Ghost sent dowo 

4b 1X9.M. 4 He. U. 13.90,40. S A* 



Jtft SMOrfwMn 9ft MAfUsaaa. 

from heaven ; /which tbiufft the 
•itgets desire to look into. 

If Wherefore * gird up the loins 
of your mind, *be sober, aud 
hope t to ihe end for the grace 
that is to be brought unto you 
<at the revelation of Jesus Christ : 

14 As obedient children, «not 
fashioning yourselves according 
to the former lusts 'in your iguo- 
rence : 

16 * But as he which hath can- 
ed you is holy, so be ye holy in 
all manner or conversation ; 

16 Because it is written, » Be ye 
holy: for I am holy. 

17 And if ye call on the Father, 
• who without respect of persons 
judgeth according to every man's 
work, P pass the time of your « so- 
journing hen in fear: 

18 Forasmuch as ye know 'that 
ye were not redeemed wiih cor- 
ruptible things, as silver and 
gold, from your vain conversation 

19 Bat 'with the precious blood 
of Christ, ■ as of a lamb without 
blemish and without spot : 

80 * Who verily was fore-ordain- 
ed before the foundation of the 
world, but was manifest r in these 
last times for you, 

il Who by him do believe in 
God, « that raised him up from 
the dead, and "gave him glory; 
that your faith and hope might 
be in God. 

M Seeing ye » have panned your 
souls in obeying the truth through 
the Spirit unto unfeigned Move 
of the brethren, see that ye love 
one another with a pure heart 

J3 'Being born again, not of 
corruptible seed, but of incor- 
ruptible, <*by the word of God, 
which liveth and abideth forever. 

U J For /all flesh it as grass, 
and all the glory of man as the 
flower of grass. The grass with- 
ered, and the flower thereof fall- 
eth away: 

«5 'But the word of the Lord 
eudureth for ever. * And this is 
the word which by the gospel is 
preached unto you. 

1 He dthorttlk them from the breach 

of charity : 4 shewing that Christ is 

the foundation whereupon that art 

built. 11 He betteeheth thtm otto 

to abstain from Jt -ht* mats, 13 to ho 

obedient to magistrates, 18 and tsaoh- 

elk ooromat$ horn U ebsw thoir mas* 

tor*, BO pahmlio tufting for totU- 

«mng, after the example nf Christ. 
^THEREFORE, « laying a- 

*» side all malice, aud all 
guile, and hypocrisies, and en- 
vies, and all evil-speakings, Jl'r t.i i 
Jo. ». 18. A 4. 7,81. J John 1.13. & 3. 6. rJi.l. L» 
1 Jo. ■. 9. | Or, For that, f Pa. 103. 15. J .. 4>, 4. 
*ftl. 1* J*. 1. 10. g U. 108. 13,90. Is. mv b. Ijq, 
M.17. A John 1. 1, 14. Uo.11,3. «tpi.;« ... 
9*, 31. CoLa.8. He! 13.1. Ja. 1. 31. * ft, J- nh t. it **r, i% 


t •• •"* new-bora babes, desire) 
the iineere «milk of the word, 
Lhni ve may grow thereby: 

I I n be ye have 'lasted that 
lha Lord it gracious: 

4 To whom coming as unto a 
Ii ring atone, •disallowed indeed 
ul n, but cboseu of God, and 


£ / Ye also, as lively stones, 
1 are built up * a spiritual houce* 

* I ii holy priesthood, to offer tip 
*»pititual sacrifices, * acceptable 
to '• r.,d by Jesus Christ. 

? Wherefore also it is contain- 
ed in the scripture, 'Behold, I 
l4j > in Sion a ciiief corner-stone* 
elect, precious: and be that be- 
■ ■ Ii on him shall not be con- 

7 Unto you therefore which be- 
lir^v, he is I precious: but unta 
them which be disobedient, "» the 
tune which the builders disal 
Lu*trl, the same is made the 
hernd of the corner, 

& - And a stone of stumbling, 
nud a rock of offence, •eoen tm 
r .-■■■l which stumble at the word, 
bring disobedient: » whereunto 
i In? Lhey were appointed. 

y B at ye are « a chosen genera- 
Li cm. 'a royal priesthood, *att 
hoi j Dation, * I a peculiar people ; 
iluii ye should shew forth the 
I praises of him who hath called 
you out of « darkness into hie 
ut-irvellous light: 

JO 'Which in time past were 
inn a people, but are now the 
people of God : which had not 
■»ed mercy, but now have 
u lii .1 i ned mercy. 

II Dearly beloved, I beseech 
ja't, f as strangers and pilgrima, 
■ niuiain from fleshly lusts, « which 
war against the soul; 

11 * Having your conversation 
h.iitMl among the Gentiles: that* 
I whereas they speak against 
you i evil-doers, • they may by 
your good works, which they 

I., beheld, glorify Ged ' in thai 

■ .f visitation. 

i i ' Submit yourselves to every 
■ wee of man for the Lord*e 
tmkm; whether it be to the king, 
ai Mipreme ; 

14 Or unto governors, as unto 
ihett that are sent by him/ for 
(I. punishment of evil-doers, and 

* Tur the praise of them that de> 

\$ Tar so is the will of God, 
Hull * with well-doing ye mat- 
put Eo silence the ignorance of 
■ i men: 

J0 'As free, and not fusing 

U». 13 n Oa-fl, 18. a Ja.4.1. » Ro. 13. IT, 

' ■■ -i-.iil. Phi J. 15. Tit. 3. 8. rh 3.18. | Or, 

,*ma il| d t & 1H. rf La. 19. 44. (Mat. 99. 31. Me. 

..I J Til. 1.1 'RA.1X4. I Bo. 13. 8. * TIC * 8, 

i : X t Or. eases*. *10e.T.99> 

mi n. 

a. IK 

^F r m. 

BtA 09. 

f K^ %\ 

I. Milt. ]H. 

t-i L'- P. 

3. Ma. l'J„ 

U .1 H ?, 



4. 104,9*) 

,■ L.m .--i i. 

*i. rh. 1. 

%> e. 14. 


« 1.1131 11, 

: I. .'.V 1. 

Jt ,. t . i.i 

Kb ft. 19, 

1 1 b.C.'l,-. 


. II. t. 7. ,L 

■ i'. a i h. 

itt a. r f . 

t flr- 

* Vm. iW. 



t Ln.iT.rii 

IX. .It i. 

1 Eta, IlT. 

■ 1, 

1 lu 1 :. 

f Ei>. X91, 

* art. ii i 


.. it. r i 

1 Or. > 

, 1,- i..:„i. 

r . ,,.r. 

J Tu. t. (j 


m 1 >..}.:*. 

. , . H. 

-:.. n: i.t. 

.1 ■■ Jl. 

t» 1 ih ..ft. 

Tt-r. V. 

..- 'i- ■■■ 

1 H-. llrL 

14.1 ft,* 

■: , i ii. 


It^. K lr 

h L--.ll 41. 

Ilr. ii \i, 


jt it.xy 



41 hr. lu IT .-I.. 1 IL. 

Ah:. Kl, M,\\ Cfr KMG. 

H.i.«. H. |Kn..M.U, 

j, '1 CikT . 1 Af Of, 

rai. 'J 11, -S aesKnr, 

Hs, lx 9h. ■* r+ 11*. 

»9D . '. ■-"J.H^S'IU 

ilr. 1 1. 13. IrL Act. i. 

i-:i 3. 11. 11. 


■ Ii .S.H. 

i ;. nn. 

Lu. X jL 

j Jj.-3n.liv 

Jl*. y. m. 

,■:,. 1 9, 

v : ' 1 1 11, 


: • i.i. 

*.[., It t, 

i. . - --J. 

tU: It 1% 

4 Tf,, S U. 

11. ^m.B. 

JaJlr 1. 

ft Lk \J.„. ..■ |r,.|) li 

|- L.,1 ". IT.. L *, 

J..'.!. J. »>. r 1 v | i.;- N 

afl, HJB.i.i<5. n^. i a. 

T. 1* ft. 10. 

X Jti.Fi.M,, J J nil*, IT. 

*l»-.9 4 1K H^ ItDnJ*. 

Jlii.a.yjj. lT/ri',.1 ». 

|>|, 1. 'JUL If D*. i-VK 

ar,.i ih.jsi .k :. •:'..*. j l 

T,L l.XIl. XA *.JS, 

Jin. |i 8. \Vt. M . U. 

V tin. 4. 4, ,SSL K^,. L. 

I-) 1 lu. It III. a. 

Ur, 1.1.4,'IL. 

8.9U. II Or, a 

* Ac, ill. j.nti fl*#iii 

8 M^ > Wj' 

Tc ]• »i u ACr **■ 

, l :„.f i| .' i.i, .L. j, IX 

Mr lft.K>"^- "^ 

4 Re. 11 U. !"■ * i'J3. 

Ml IT*,-*. Un u 7i. 

WLlTL.lJi. i IfJh.-JO, 

H^r Li- 1 |Ui. r*. &*r 

r'l.M. 11:4 fit A llll. 

a,*.. A 4.hl K ii.- IL 


.J .Ii. J. IV 


Honour ill* kiitf-. 

IS * Serra ii t*, m m bj'f cl ioytHtr 
nrntmri Wiihl 4-11 fnr; Ml nuly 
I li [hi; BMd arid giMLtJ*:, t.UC al*& 
Id the fro* an], 

li) Kur Uiw it If (hiuk-ti-nrihT, 
il u iPiirn I Of tohscifih't: loupflj 
(jiid endure grief, Buffering 

Si i For v wbul F' it Ji, |f, 
When ye be buffeted for yuur 
limit*, T« "J'jiiII lake it piHiertLlv } 
bat if, wt&ti yr do well, <m4 ■"("- 
UifariiiVt mice k na-neiitly, [Lii 
if |nccapinbl« Willi tied. 

81 For 'crim J^rflunlM *TrE y» 
Cttile-i: became J iJitri *l also Buf- 
fered I for u: j , ' lea* in* u* nn ei- 

JUrtjilCn Ltl4H >t jbouItT MltOW hi* 

IW pa; 

33 ■ Who dtil no irin, itcLchBr 

»il * ilia ! ! in I, id ■■ .Hi. ■ 

S3 * Wlin, Wlkfflk he »n.- . !. 

reviled in.-l If ILH ; When ltd Ulf- 

Jtreil, h* Uu'tawncd niii ; bill 
V 1 c-uiuin Hied A itojcI/" Lo biru thai 

Jud^fth n,rlitr(Hi>.LT : 

B4 * Wlm bii uwii «li bare fnjr 
am* i" Ju« own bfdy jf[L ihe 
tree, *rb*i *t. b«iug: Owl to 
■iuii, should live LID LA ri(h:EOn*- 
jie«n: D bT Wbo« slnpei )M 

»S Fur « ye w t « rib «tir«p going 
n»traj ; buL are tiow reeunu-d 
rf Mnm Lbf Shepherd and JJlaJup 
of juLtf wuLi, 


i Rr iwacJttO. He .^r, a/ H drt* o*f 
iiu.WiiJj j*i «p-A t4Mr t H uteritnj 
mlf mnt ie unjiy „rj i,,*, J4 a *.j to 
j-n/fi 1 forhttWtD*. 19 il* Jft-ilaJi 
■IN Mi dHUi/Jj j/ tiW : 
y.V „..-.■ 

LIKEWISE, *ft*i+r*, to in 
•uLrJ«rciuzi to fOm nwri hus- 
bands ; that, ie' any obey not t.-ie 
.*wiL, * Thry a>wi uia.T we'll hul 
the won] *b* wnn by Lhc iwm-r- 

■ ;<i of lite wivei; 

1 * WbilB the j behold ynr 
Chime eumfcrinnun fflwjuid * trfa. 

2 ■ Whose adorning let il not be 
thai out w* rd mivrning of i n jf 
thr hair, and of wearing; of gtrldf 

07 df pilWUi£ OH Of ipjMlfPl ; 

4 Bui Itl it or/tbr bidden n»in 
im uip h?M-t T m ibui whicb u I mil 
Cunupi;ible 1 *«M tbt artwmeni nf 
a meek luid qmpt »pirii: T »hicb i« 
Li [hp»igbt nl G^U uie/i-eaL jjnre, 

£ ITitr Miter cliii manner in Lhe 
Crbl unit: ihe b#|j women ilw, 
Vhq im>ied in God, «i.t,:irii*rj 
Uimi'i-lifi i, bflih^ tm rablKUoa 
mji'i- the it own hn i-fiiiJ- ; 

5 Kten M Sarith nbeyed Abrm- 
|tain r i'eMlling' *mn IvrtI: whnie 
t iliuiL r li' i i h u: a i", iih h-nir ab tc 
rfo writ, jliilE ure jjch ifritid wjih 

■ ny njji»K f :nent. 

7* LJkc*i*6t y« himhandt, tlwall 

i. W, f flf, lh, 11 lUr, 3D. Lol.tLW. 

ch. 1. »i 
Ro. IS. 7. 

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| Some 
read, Jvr 

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— 3.3.-. 

I Or, 

with -tiUm NCtionliiif to itnow^ 
ledre, giving' honour unto tkft 
wife, • a -' "*- -"—•-— 

happy or. 
aid of 


aa uuto the weaker reasel. 
aa being he ire together or 
grace of life ; * that your 
prayers be not hindered. 

8 Finally, I be y all of one mind, 
having compaction one of an- 
other: a* J love aa brethren, »6f 
pitiful, bt courteous : 

9 « Not rendering evil for evir, 
or railing for railing: but con- 
trariwise, bleaaiiig ; knowing that 
ye are thereunto called, rthal ye 
should inherit a blessing. 

10 For 9 he that will love life, 
and see good days, ♦" let him re* 
frain his tongue from evil, and 
bis lips thai they speak no guile : 

11 Let him 'eschew evil, and 
do good: 'let him seek peace, 
and ensue it. 

18 For the eyes of the Lord art 
over the righteous, -and his ear* 
art open unto their prayers : but 
the face of the Lord w t against 
them that do evil. 

13 'And who ie he that mill 
harm you, if ye be followers of 
that which is good 1 

14 vBut and if ye suffer for 
righteousness* sake, haf 
ye; and -be not afraid < 
terror, neither be troubled ; 

16 But sanctify the Lord God 
in your hearts : and 'be ready al- 
ways to git* an answer to every 
man that aiiketh you a reason of 
the hope that is in you, with 
meekness and | fear. 

16 ° Having a good conscience: 
c that, whereas they speak evil of 
vou, as of evil-doers, they may 
be ashamed that falsely accuse 
your good conversation in Christ. 

17 i or it ie better, if the will of 
God be so, that ye suffer for well- 
doing, than for evil-doing. 

18 For Christ also hath -once) 
suffered for sins, the just for the 
unjust, that he might bring u* 
to God, 'being put to death/in 
the flesh, but ' quickeued by the 
Spirit : 

fc By which also he went and 
* preached uuto the spirits >ia 

obedient, * wlieu once the long- 
suffering of God waited in the) 
days of Noah, wh ite l the ark was a 
preparing, "wherein lew, that is, 
eight souls, were saved by water, 
fl * The like figure w hereunto, 
even baptism, doth also now save 
us, (not the putting away of » Use 

e Tit. X bV 
ch. 3. 13. 
a Ro. 6. ft. 
He. 9. 38, 
4:4. 1. 

• SCo.13.4. 

f Ro.1.4.* 

atVe.* J ffilu' of the flesh, »But the answer 

• - - - 1 of » good conscience toward 
God,) «by the resurrection of 

u. l. Jesus Christ : 

• Ge.t.SA fij Who is gone into beaveu. 
„, 11T and r is on the right hand of 

»Oe.7.7* God ; •«" , gel"i and authorities, 
4c 8. 18.' 3 Pe. 3. 6. H Bp. 6. 36. o Til. 8. ft. f Ro. la 
10. ecb. I.S. rPs. 110.1. Ro.8.34. Rp. 1.30. Cot, 
S.1. He. US. • Ro. ft. S8. lCo,16.3». ty.i>H. 

putting a 
«sh, »but 


and power* being mad* subject 
onto Aim. 

1 Be wktrbtt them to eemee fit *in 

by the example ef Ckrist, «*■ thw 
tontUtrmticm of the general en ■ ■"■ 
RMwrwAA; 13 mi eosv . 
Mm ogmtMtt peneemtion. 

F>RASMUCH then 'uC : 
hath Buffered Tor us in Mju 
flesh, arm yourselves likewpw 
with the same mind: for 'he |kal 
hath suffered in the flesh !..<Lh 
oeased from sin ; 
S 'That he no longer 'should 
live the rest of At« time in the 
flesh to the lusts of meu, • t 
the will of God. 

3 /For the time past of our life 
may suffice us I to have wronjr hi 
the will of the Gentiles, when we 
walked in lasciviousness, lusts, 
excess of wine, revel lings, l-mi- 
qtietings, and abominable i l, I.l - 

4 Wherein they Ihink it strung* 
that ye run not with them to ui« 
same excess of riot, * spen k n ig 
evil of you : 

5 Who shall rive account lo 
him that is ready i to judge tin: 
quick and the dead. 

6 For, for this cause * was [he 
gospel preached also to [hem 
that are dead, that they mighl be 
fudged according to men in ih* 
flesh, but live according to ■ 1 
in the spirit. 

7 But /the end of all things U at 
hand : "» be ye therefore saber* 
and watch unto prayer. 

8 "And above all things have 
fervent charity among yoursi 

for ' charity | shall cover lbs 
multitude of sins. 

9 P Use hospitality one to an- 
other V without grudging. 

10 r As every man hath receiv- 
ed the gift, even to minister ihe 
same one to another, 'as good 
stewards of * the manifold i 

of God. 

11 ■ If any man speak, let Aim 
epeok as the oracles of God j * if 
any man minister, let him 4o U. 
as of the ability which Godgivsih : 
that *God in all things mi b> 
glorified through Jesus CI ■ ■ : 

* to whom be praise and domin- 
ion for ever and ever. Amen. 

IS Beloved, think it not stn , 
concerning «the fiery trial v ■ ■. 
is to try you, as though tome 
strange thing happened isuie 

IS 'But rejoice, inasmuch n- 

• ye are partakers of Christ's stff» 
ferings; *thaf, when his gtarjr 
shalfbe revealed, ye may be pi ad 
also with exceeding joy. 

14 • If ye be reproached for (he 
name of Christ, happy are ye- 
for the Spirit of glory and of God 

resteth upon you. /On their 
10.B*. 1.9. d eta 1.6,6. <M«t-ll 
Je. 1. IS. ok. 8. 19j». et 3. 14. / dL.3 

trh.s, i*. r«a.a.W. 

Un. ft. 1i.,lTl.fc»S. 
l.r.LJ.3,ii. lAr. n.4l. 
«H* H--J..I H-iii II 
[hlJ. LfeJBJbfc 
tU*. 190.'k lit U. 
rli. (J. 1. UlU. 
I J ..ha 1. i. 
IK l:,. ft, tt*MM. 

D.ll.n i ^ Lit. 10. 

IftJt-l.lO.'IS, H. 
/BCttA, -IT. J | SI. 

A' U ft, \r, pUOj. 31. 
j ■. il 1-..31.*. 

I toh%*.* l,li. H 48. 

i-u, ITU, U.JUi.1* 
t a. Tii.J, m 1'LUetn. 
3^ if r 

A Mfl. i:Il. Ac. I. MS. 

a. m, a- :.. ?i * 

i ^r.Hl.lJ.'JtJ S. 
* 17. M e J[ ■. -. IT, 
1L .. Li. Itf, I-, lU.i.ft. 

lU.Uo.IL-. rilJ.-liM ». 
63>J r -Jll, I J, 1H, It. 
4.I.Jil,£.U-. ' A>-. '*• S8. 

i th.a, m>. i lit, 

I Mat, "J J at Ti«rj ,u 
1'J, H. Hit. "■ |M u- 
13LJUU 1'1,1,'elC If. IT. 
<.fi.Hi!.ll).j/l Tl.SJ, 

». Jn r J, b. h. in. i.t, 
ai^iull- il [It, ur*> 

Uif.iL Kh.|rwW 

«,fl, .' l-i.' I. t 
il. Ls £i . :■ . -5, 

;: I.l 


■ 1I<.1,1.I.|J[H ± 
Col. 3. 14. > I'M j.n. 

■ l'r,tt,l* a Tb. *.«. 
1C 1.1.?. I -].-i. i- \% 

J»- 1. ai, Ti». 3 t. 
i ■!-. .,-4.-. >. iti-.i .a. 

.1 ..I. ■ ! ■ .V. 

I .'. 


pin. a. ii, »'ii. i. i. 

fhiluut.ii. i K.-.t^IO. 

r Jin. rsm, h. ; , l. ;>[. 

I i- . i :. I'hi g J. 

i iiNt. at i- 1*. i- a 

SI. Lu. l-J. A 'Hi. !i 
CL ) li**. /Ji. 1- 1*. 
L,*J, 1 . i_ 1 . r tm. If. P. 
7 ''At W>. 3il. 

(Hv.l^.l. tt*t-S1t5. 

i:. , i u. m> ii il. 

■ Jen-a.^fh'^*- 

I^.ILIP.K * Irtl.llJ.Bl, 

to ; -<!., i ui. 

V ^. D.*i r S. i-k. *. T. 
plb.lLfl, liJ-Ul.T. 
SlTliJH iUU. 

«a. i, ii, au.ii. r«. 

Hi l.«j. I 11.1* 
sl(.E,a,i3 r l « I .r..t U, 
ttj. M, |13.Ja.4I. 

I A-. ... J] J I..M Jl. 

i4. i. a. 1 1 in. a. i. 

pan be is evil aaofcan of; but «* 
your part be is glorified. 

15 But ' let none of yoasofiar m» 
a murderer, or as a thief, or as an 
evil-doer, * or as a busybody is* 
other meu's matters. 

16 Yet if any man tuffer as m. 
Christian, let him not be o«iiim- 
ed ; • but let aim glorify God oa 
this behalf.. 

17 For the time it com* *that 
judgment must begin at tba 
house of God : and t if it first 6#- 
gin at us, «» what shall the end bt 
of Uiem that obey not the gospel 
of God 1 

18 " And if the righteous scarce* 
ly be saved, where shall the un- 
godly and the sinner appear ? 

19 Wherefore, let them that suf» 
fer according to the, will of God, 
'commit the keeping of their 
souls to Mm in well-doing, as tuk- 
to a faithful Creator. 

1 He asftorMk Ms eUert to feed Mefl> 
fiotke, 6 the femngtr Is otoy, HemdeM 
to be sofrar, wetekfia, **d eometemt ok 
the faith: 9 Is tenet the ermel ssto- 
rpHE elders which are among 
x you I exhort, who am an* 

• an elder, and be witness of the 
sufferings of Christ, and' also 'a 
partaker of the glory that shall 
l<e revealed : 

i * Feed the flock of God I which 
is among you, taking the over- 
sight thereof, • not by constraint, 
but willingly; /not for filthy 
Inere, but of a ready mind : " 

i Neither as | r being lords over 

* Ood'a heritage, but < being en» 
samples to the flock. 

4 And when * the chief Shep- 
herd shall appear, ye shall re- 
ceive * a crown of glory ■» that 
fadeth not away. , 

5 Likewise, ye younger, submit 
yourselves unto the elder. Yea, 
" all of you be subject one to am> 
other, and be clothed with bu- 
nuiity: for 'God resisteth the 

Eroud, and Pgiveth grace to the 

% 9 Humble yourselves therefore 
under the mighty ^aud of God, 
that he may exalt you in doe 

7 r Casting all your care npom 
him ; for he eareth for you. 

8 'Be sober, be vigilant; be- 
cause ' your adversary the devil, 
as a roaring lion, weiketh about, 
seekiog whom he may devour. 

9 • Whom resist steadfast ia the 
faith, 'knowing that the same af- 
flictions are accomplished in your 
brethren that are in the world, 

10 But the God of all grace, 
vwho hath called us unto hie 

' eternal glory by Christ Jesus, 
i after that ye liave suffered *» 
I while,* mate you perfect, 6 etab- 
I Ush, strengtnen, settle yust. 
*. oiTti.%17. a* a.* 

H«Tb trim 6»floryauU donat- 
ion for ever and ever. Amen. 

It *" By 8ilv*«us, a faithful bro- 
ther unto you, as I suppose, I 
bar* 'written briefly, exhorting', 
and testifying /that this is the 
trua jrrace of God wherein ye 

Si. lCo.U.1. SPe. 

cH*r. i. 

4. O. A. D. 

eir. 60. elr. 60. 

• eh.4.1L 
Re. 1. 6. 
4 3Ca.l.]». 

• Ke. M. 
/ A«. SO. 

t Ac. 18. 

k no. m. 

16. 1 Co. 
16. 30. 3 
Co. 13. IX 


It The ekwrtk that it at Baby 
Ion, elected together with you, 
saluteth you ; aw) so doth * Mar- 
cus my son. 

14 * Greet ye one another with 
a kiss of charity. * Peace os with 
you all that are in Christ Jesus. 

Th.ft.SS. <Kp. «.«&. 



I Conjhmtmt Hum *• see* e/ «« *•- 
ctmw »f OwTf trmom, 6 Aa «a*ar«tf A 
iSWm, fry /«», «tf #Nd worto, to 
.sh»* f*«6- taflfaif rar* •• 13 »k*rtqf 
h* to eanfnl to ptwMnHtr M«m, 

-16 and wameth tktm to be constamt is 
- !*•/«#* */ OftriK, who i* tt« *r»« 
8m •/ Ob* •» Ms *t«-w*»tM e/ 

«y <M tafttmmjr •/ Ms JVstssr, «jtf 

|-C IMON Peter, a servant and 

£3 an apostle of Jesus Christ, 
to them that have obtained • like 
precious faith with us through the 
righteousness t of God and our 
Saviour Jesus Christ; 

A • Grace and peace be multi- 
plied unto you through the know- 
ledge of God, and of Jesus our 

• According as his divine power 
bath given unto us all things that 
pertain unto life and godliness, 
• through the knowledge of him 
4 that bath called us I to glory 
and virtue : 

i« * Whereby are given unto us 
exceeding great and precious 
promises ; that by these ye might 
be /partakers of the diviue na- 
ture, 'having escaped the cor- 
ruption that is in the world 
through lust. 

<a And besides this, » giving all 
diligence, add to your faith, vir- 
tue ; and to virtue, * knowledge ; 

6 And to knowledge, temper- 
ance; and to temperance, pa- 
tience ; aud to patience, godliness ; 
.7 And to godliness, Motherly 
kindness ; and * to brotherly kind- 
ness, charity. 

' 8 For if these things be in you, 
and abound, they make you that 
ye ikall neither ps t barren ' nor 
unfruitful in the knowledge of 
our Lord Jssus Christ. 

9 But he that laoketh these 
tilings "> is blind, and cannot see 
afar oil; and hath forgotten that 
he was « purged from bis old 

10 Wherefore the rather, bretb- 
«sn,give diligence «to make your 


A.ft*e.i a a*. 

At. L •. H. 

«»!-►- 1.11 

rH, 5.17. 
■ Utn.4,1, 


* |ti Dc. 

U. -II „■«-»! 

Til. 1 Eft 

fe, J, fl** 3- | H*>. J. 17. 

• J^ u n. ;''-.'■ £* 

3 ft 1*1? **" »■ 

■ ° r ' ftJ ' It.* i'..t>. 

'1 [**, 



t _r. t&t. 



i En- ft* 

% Ca. 

fa n s. 

r • tr - *i 

calling and election sure : for if 
ye do these things, »ye shall 
never fall : 

II For so an entrance shall be 
ministered unto you abuudanUy 
into the everlasting kingdom of 
our Lord and saviour Jesus 

18 Wherefore i\ will not be 
negligent to put you always iu 
remembrance of these things, 
r though ye know them, and oe 
established in the present truth. 

13 Yea, I think it meet, *as long' 
as I am in this tabernacle, ' to 
stir you up by putting you in re- 
membrance ; 

14 "Knowing that shortly 1 
must put off tins my tabernacle, 
even as 'our Lord Jesus Christ 
hath shewed me. 

15 Moreover, i will endeavour 
that ye may be able, after my de- 
cease, to have these things al- 
ways in remembrance. 

16 For we have not followed 
r cunningly devised fables, when 
we made known unto you the 
power and coming of our Lord 
Jettiis Christ, but • were eye-wit' 
uesses of his majesty. 

17 For he received from God 
the Father honour and glory, 
when there came such a voice to 
him from the excellent glory, 
• This is my beloved Son, in 
whom I am well-pleased. 

18 And this voice which came 
from heaven we heard, when we 
were with him in * the holy 

19 We have also a more sure 
word of prophecy; whereunto ye 
do well that ye take heed, as 
unto »a light that shineth in a 
dark place, until the day dawn, 
and * the day-star arise in your 

50 Knowing this first, that *no 
prophecy or the scripture is of 
any private interpretation. 

51 For /the prophecy came not 
I in old time by the will of man: 
' but holy men of God spake oe 
they were moved by the Hot* 
Ghost. ^ 



HeftrretdMh rtffalt* fracture, 

chap. n. 

1 11* fvMflUth them offelet UaOttn, 
ifaminf the impiety end rmruthmtad 
fteO o/(ft«« «Ji/f M«tr /eOmeen: t 
*«■. »ft£ft Ms r«H» **eir to delieermt, 
mi Let ww mi of Sodom; 10 and 
BMro/etirdefctritoM Ms summt* 1/ 
Mm* pre/an* end 6U*ph$rttus t*<tu- 
em, wAsmajr Me* met to *k* totter 
InwMt, and avepfed. 

BUT « there were false prophets 
also anion* the people, even 
as • (here shall be false teachers 
among you, who privily snail 
bring in damnable heresies, even 

• denying the Lord * thai bought 
them, 'and bring upon them- 
selves swift destruction. 

S And many shall follow their 
I pernicious ways : by reason of 
worn the way of truth shall be 
evil spokeu of. 

S And /through covetousness 
shall they with feigned words 
'make merchandise of you: 

* whose Judgment now of a Jong 
time lingeretb not, and their 
damnation slumbereth not. 

4 For if God spared not 'the 
angels 'that sinned, but 'cast 
than down to hell, and delivered 
them into chains of darkness, to 
be reserved unto judgment; 

5 Aud spared not the old world, 
but saved ■» Noah the eighth per- 
ton, »a preacher of righteous- 
ness, * bringing in the flood upon 
the world of the ungodly * 

6 And P turning the cities of 
Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes, 
condemned than with an over- 
throw, v making them an eusam- 

{>Ie unto those that after should 
ive ungodly j 

7 And'' delivered Just Lot, vex- 
ed with the filthy conversation 
of the wicked : 

8 ( For that righteous man dwell- 
ing among them, ' in seeing and 
hearing, vexed his righteous soul 
from day to day with their un- 
lawful deeds;) 

9 «Tbe Lord knoweth how to 
deliver the godly out of tempta- 
tions, and to reserve the unjust 
unto the day of Judgment to be 

10 But chiefly 'them that walk 
alter the flesh in the lust of un- 
ctauiness, and despise I govern- 
ment. * Presumptuous are they, 
Mlf-willed - x they i are not afraid 
to speak evil of dignities. 

11 Whereas 'angels, which are 

E eater in power and might, 
ing not railiiig accusation | a- 
gainst them before the Lord. 

IS But these, 'as natural brute 
beasts, made to be taken and de- 
stroyed, speak evil of the things 
that they understand not ; and 
shall utterly perish in their own 
corruption : 

IS * And shall receive the reward 
fit uiir^rhteousness, as they that 
eonnt it pleasure • to riot in the 
day-lime. * Spots mey are aud 

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dJode IS. 

bteMWbta, sporting t hunuel s u e 
witfi their ows deceiving*- white* * 
• they feast with you ; 

14 Having eyes full oft adulte- 
ry, and that caitaot cease ftm 
sin; beguiling unstable son Is: 
/an bean they have exercised 
with covetous practices; ciirssat , 
children : 

15 Which have forsaken the) 
right way* and are gone astray* 
following the way of 'Balaam 
the ton of Bosor, who loved the) 
wa»es of unrighteousness: 

16 But was rebuked for hie ini- 
quity: die dumb ass, speaking 
with man's voice, forbade the 
mn dress of the prophet. 

17 * These are wells without 
water, clouds that are carried 
with a tempest; to whom the 
mist of darkness is reserved for • 

18 For when < they speak great 
swelling word* of vanity, they 
allure through the lusts of Urn 
flesh, through much wantonness, 
those that ft were I clean escaped 
from them who live in error. 

I» Whde they promise them 
1 liberty, they themselves are » the 
servants of corruption: for of 
whom a man is overcome, of thee 
seme is be brought in bondage* 

80 For «if after they shave es- 
caped die pollutions of the world 
p through the knowledge of the 
Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, 
they are agaia entangled therein, 
and overcome, the latter end ie 
worse with them than the begin- 

*1 For«t had been better fdr 
them not to have known the way 
of righteousness, than, after they 
have known it, to turn from 
the holy commandment delivered 
unto them. 

8S But it is happened unto (hem 
according to the true proverb. 
r The dog it turned to nis own 
vomit again ; and. The sow that 
was washed, to her wallowing in 
the mire. 


1 A essence tkem e/ Ms etrtstafcf «/ 

Ohri»C* ccmimg to jedgmnx, mtmimm) 

thetefeanen ttkeiitpute et*M U 1 

8 wavmiu; Ms gedfy, for the tang pe- 

ir reseat* 

9/ Ood to tend te their sd 
Pemlwroit to tkem w Ms mjitUm. 

THT8 second epistle* beloved* 
I now write unto yon; in 
both which «I stir up your pun 
minds by way of remembrance: 

S That ye may be mimlfid of the 
words which were spoken beam 
by the holy prophets, *and of tee) 
commandment of us the apostles, 
of the Lord and Saviour: 

I «Knowmgtbia Orst. that ihee» 

shall —m o ia the lest, day* scoff- 
em, 4 walking after their own 

4 And saying, • Where ia the 
promise of lus coming' 1 for eiuoe 
the fathers fell asleep, all thiugs 
continue as they were from the 
beginning 1 of the creation. 

• For this they willingly are ig- 
norant of, that /by the word of 
God the heavens were of old, and 
the earth t# standing out of the 
water and ia the water: 

6* Whereby the workl that then 
was, being overflowed with wa- 
ter, perished : 

■3 Bat *the heavens and the 
earth, which are now, by the same 
word are kept in store, reserved 
unto Afire against the day of 
Judgment and perdition of un- 
godly men. 

■8 But, beloved, be not ignorant 
of this one thing, that one day w 
with the Lord as a thousand 
years, and ' a thousand years as 
one day. 

9 "» The Lord is not slack con- 
eerning his promise, as seme men 
count slackness; but "ia long- 
suffering to us-ward, • not willing 
that any should perish, but Pthat 
•II should come to repentance. 

10 But « the day of the Lord 
will come as a thief in the night: 
in the which 'the heavens shall 
pass away with a great noise, and 
the elements shall melt with fer- 
vent heat, the earth also and the 
works that are therein shall be 
burned up. 

11 Sting then that all these 
thhiga shall be dissolved, what 

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Chrut'i eecend emnJstfi 

.manner o/jwreoneought ye to bo 
* in ail holy conversation and god- 

12 ' Looking for and Lhastinr 
unto the coming of theTday of 
God, wherein the heavens being 
on fire shall * be dissolved, ana 
the elements shall 'melt with 
fervent heat f 

13 Nevertheless we, according 
to his promise, look for Jnewi 
heavens and a new earth, where- 
in dwelleth righteousness. 

14 Wherefore, beloved, seeing 
that ye look for sach things, be 
diligent * that ye may be found of 
him in peace, without spot, and 

Id And account that* the Jong- 
su flexing of our Lord is salvation: 
even as our beloved brother Paul 
also, according to the wisdom 
given unto him, hath written unto, 

16 As also in all his epistles, 
'speaking in them of these things; 
in which are some things hard to 
be understood, which they that 
are unlearned and unstable wrest, 
as they do alto the other scrip- 
tures, unto their own destruc- 

17 Ye therefore, beloved, 'see- 
ing ye know these things before, 
'beware lest ye also, being led 
awav with the error of the wick- 
ed, fall from your own steadfast- 

18 «But grow in grace, and <* 
the knowledge of our Lord and 
Saviour Jesus Christ. /To him 
be glory both now and for ever. 




V*m w Jhunr wtmui tit*, tfm om* 
Stv*M* nlM Uflff ;AJA,\iM v r 4Ut 

*J|'flm ti«ii«r <f V"*V *" "*/i. <** 

/iJricp nf .f*irh t mi 4JW i± *iii*f f m* 
■/ th* ftrfirm*M of oar Ieu ts> 

1M1AT * which wsi from the 
beginning, Which ** have 
benTit, which w* hn* m*u with 
«ur i»vt!*i 6 which wn hive looked 
Upon, sin] * our Jn mil have h*a- 
tMafrhe WnflUriife; 

I (for rf tfie Lite 'vm miniftut- 
«■], Bud vb htLV* mm L\ /and 
•*srwitTit«, * ■ i nl ahirw uut a yon 
fW ft (Trial Ul> *w3n^h w»*«idi 
tlrt Fftihtr, and ku mruj if tiled 
inv-O n* J 

I ■ Tiifi which w« have wm 
heard d#c4ara vi Lmioyait, i 



A. i>, IW, 

k. i*. m. 


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o J, 'ho 1 


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ni rK (ill, 

rfJe>,rji 1. 

it J. \, 

aii.^. .1 

s. t. it w, 

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■• x^,a.n. 

lTI,n t lr r . 

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t^.. 1. 1, 

34. Ah., % 

It- 0, 1L 


1 r"^ I. IS, 

f ob :. >.. 

1. 4. 

S ial.i. 1. 





ye also may have fellowship with 
us: and truly «our fellowship <e 
with the Father, and with his 
Son Jesus Christ. 

4 And these things write we un- 
to you, < that your Joy may be full. 

» "This then is the message) 
which we have heard, of him, and 
declare unto you, that *God is 
light, and in him is no darkiteas 

6 • If we eay that we have fel- 
lowship with him, and walk in 
darkness, wo lie, and do not the 
truth : 

7 But if we walk in the light, a* 
he is in the light, we have fellow- 
ship one with another, and •the 
blood of Jesus Christ hie Sesi 
cleanseth us from all sin. 

8 « If we say that we have ne> 
.1«**36.4. Pr.So B. K0.7.30.JS.S.1. 


S am, we 

' the trut 


*r#*»u*r km tkt eratfcrwi. 

deceive ourselves, 'and 
truth it not in us. 

9 Mf we confess our sin*, he » 
faithful aud just to forgive iis our 
sius, and to 'cleanse us from all 

10 If we say that we have not 
«nneil, we make him a liar, and 
his word is not in us. 


1 St oomJtirteOi them tgahut tkt tint 
tfto&rmit*. 8 Rightly telnet* Oof 
it tokttp Mf ctmnumimtmtt, 9 to lot* 

-e«r ftrctfom, 16 «iU net la to»« (•« 
«mt& 18 Wt mutt tower* o/ so/s- 
eers : 90 ./rem ie««f deceit* tht godly 
art tafe, pr tttrvtd by ptrttttranot is 
fmlh, tad kcHnen oflijt. 
' ~Y little children, these things 
' write I unto you, that ye 

tin not. Aud if any man sin, 

• we have an advocate with the 
Father, Jesus Christ the righte- 

S And He is the propitiation 
for our sins: and not for ours 
only, but « also for tht tint o/ the 
whole world. 

S And hereby we do know that 
we know him, if we keep his 

4 «* He that Baith, I know him, 
and keepelh not his command- 
ments, « is a bar, and the truth is 
not in him. 

5 But /whoso keepeth his word, 

* in him verily is the love of God 
perfected: * hereby know we 
that we are in him. 

6 • He that saith he abideth in 
him, * ought himself also so to 
walk, even as he Walked. 

7 Brethren, 1 1 write no new 
commandment unto you, but an 
old commandment •» which ye bad 
from the beginning: The ola com- 
mandment is the word which ye 
have heard from the beginning. 

8 Again, <• a new commandment 
1 write unto you, which thing is 
true in him and in you: 'because 
the darkness is past, and P the 
true light now shineth. 

9 * He that saith he is in the 
light, and hateth his brother, is 
in darkness even until now. 

10 ' He that loveth his brother 
abideth in the light, and • there 
is none t occasion of stumbling in 

11 But he that hateth bis bro- 
ther is in darkness, and 'walketh 
nt darkness, and knoweth not 
Whither he goeth, because that 
darkness hath blinded his eyes. 

IS I write unto you, little chil- 
dren, because * your sins are for- 
given you for his name's sake. 

It I write unto you, fathers, be- 
cause ye have known him * that 
a> from the beginning. I write 
•nto you, young men, oecause ye 
stave overcome the wicked one. 
I write unto you, little children, 
becauss ye have known the Fa- 

4 1 hae* written unto you, fa- 



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1 Or,, 

k*tn» yc 

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IF# muN onsan tf mdwctrtx 

(ken, because y» have hoowav 
him that is from the beginning. 
I have written unto you, young 
men, because vye are strong, 
and the word of God abideth nt 
you, and ye have overcome tha 
wicked one. 

15 * Lore not the world, neither 
the things that or* in the world. 
« If any man love the world, the) 
love oi the Father is not in him. 

16 For all that ie in the world* 
the lust of the flesh, band the 
lust of the eyes, aud the pride of 
life, is not of the Father, but is 
of the world. 

17 And • the world passe th 
away, and the lust thereof: but 
he that doeth the will of God 
abideth for ever. 

18 * Little children, « it is tha 
last time : and as ye have heard 
that/antichrist shall come, ** even 
now are there many antichrists; 
whereby we know • that it is tha 
last time. 

19 *'They went out from us, but 
they were not of us ; for * if they 
had been of us, they would n*> 
doubt have continued with us: 
but thty vera out, 'that they 
might be made manifest that 
they were not all of us. 

SO But wye have an unction 
« from the Holy One* and • ya 
know all things. 

81 I Lave nm wmtra Unto Joe} 

beC-hUMl JB IJimW um lb* UUlH, 

bu 1 because jt Wuuw it, nmt mat 
no lis Is of the ir-uih. 

29 t Who u a Ijar tat he thai 
cIoi.l i.,i>l Jimi ii LheClnistl 

i Llia 


23 | \VlH*ievtrdauit.ithlhe S^n. 
the Hme iancbi nut ihe F^iLlit": 
[but r?u llvit i&kwxMhiigMlk UtM 
Son i'lfli* Ms J".iia&r- stbtt, \ 

14 tti 'tia-L liitittan atYuIe !■ 
you t lwA|r^ y e jnt« heard ham 
the \#-r\ n u i [15. If Lh*i wljhOj yn 
hain t ittnrit m*a. Lis begiuUJ' _ 
shidl tamaiN la yun, * ys aiso a 
continue id iL± Sop, 


he hath promised us, seen otaraal 

26 These thingi have I written 
unto you * concamiug them that 
seduce you. 

27 But f the anointing which 
ye have received of him abideth 
in you, and *ye need not that 
any man teach you : but as the 
same anointing ateachotb yo« 
of ell things, and is truth, ana ia 
no lie, and even as it hath taught 
you, ye .shall abide in I biro. 

JB And now, little children, 
abide in him; that »when ha 
shall appear, we may have conft- 
dence, « and not bo ashamed be- 
fore him at his coming. 

W ye know that be is right- 
aous, I ye know (hat •ovary <*W 

TMibigular *w*e/ 09& 

that doeth rig hteotumess It bom 

of him. 

CHAf. 111. 

1 Bejitotmroth th* lingular lav* of Ooi 
toward* *», in mtimf u* hi* mm .* 
3 who thomfor* ought ooodHmttp to 
keep hi* eommtmdmmmt*, 11 « «Jfo 
ktothtHp to loot on* mother, 

BEHOLD what manner of love 
the Father hatb bestowed 
upon us, that « we should be call- 
ed the sons of God ! therefore the 
vorld knoweth ua not, * because 
n Knew nim not. 
f Beloved, o now are we the sons 
of God, aud * it doth not yet ap- 

fear what we shall be : but we 
now that, when he shall appear, 

• we shall be like him, for /we 
shall see him as he is. 

3 'And every man that hath 
this hope in him p