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C. J. CLAY, M JL, 

Cambritige maxt^onsiti 


'" THE 








A.D. 1881. 




Nonpanil 32jno, AU BighU ntervd 




Thx English Version of the Kew Testament here presented to the 
reader is a Bevision of the Translation published in the year of Oar 
Lord 1611, and commonly known by the name of the Authorised Ver- 

That Translation was the work of many hands and of several genera- 
tions. The foundation was laid by William Tyndale. His translation 
of the New Testament was the true primary Version. The Versions that 
followed were either substantially reproductions of Tyndale's transla- 
tion in its final shape, or revisions of Versions that had been themselves 
almost entirely based on it. Three successive stages may be recognised 
in this continuous work of authoritative revision : first, the publication 
of the Great Bible of 16S9-41 in the reign of Henry VIII; next, the 
publication of the Bishops' Bible of 1668 and 1572 in the reign of Eliza- 
beth ; and lastly, the publication of the King's Bible of 1611 in the reign 
of James I. Besides these, the Genevan Version of 1560, itself founded 
on l>ndale's translation, must here be named ; which, though not put 
forth by authority, was widely circulated in this country, and largely 
used by King James' Translators. Thus the form in which the English 
Kew Testament has now been read for 270 years was the result of various 
revisions made between 1525 and 1611 ; and 4he present Bevision is an 
attempt, after a long interval, to follow the example set by a succession 
of honoured predecessors. 

I. Of the many points of interest connected with the Translation of 
1611, two require special notice; first, the Greek Text which it appears 
to have represented; and secondly, the character of the Translation 

L With regard to the Greek Text, it would appear that, if to some 
extent the Translators exercised an independent judgement, it was 
mainly in choosing amongst readings contained in the principal edi- 
tions of the Greek Text that had appeared in the sixteenth century. 
Wherever they seem to have followed _a reading which is not found in 
any o^ those editions, their rendering may probably be traced to the Latin 
Vulgate. Their chief guides appear to have been the later editions of 
Stephanus and of Beza, and also, to a certain extent, the Gomplutensian 
Folyglott. All these were founded for the most part on manuscripts of 
late date, few in number, and used with little critical skill. But in those 
days it could bjtrdly have been otherwise. Nearly all the more ancient 



of the documentary anthoritles have become known only within the last 
two centuries ; some of the most important of them, indeed, within the 
last few years. Their publication has called forth not only improved 
editions of the Greek Text, but a succession of instructiye discussions on 
the variations which have been brought to light, and on the best modes 
of distinguishing original readings firom changes introduced in the 
course of transcription. While therefore it has long been the opinion 
of all scholars that the commonly received text needed thorough revi- 
sion, it is but recently that materials have been acquired for executing 
such a work with even approximate completeness. 

2. The character of the Translation itself will be best estimated by 
considering the leading rules under which it was made, and the extent 
to which these rules appear to have been observed. 

The primary and fundamental rule was expressed in the following 
terms:— * The ordinary Bible read in the Church, commonly csdled the 
Bishops' Bible, to be followed, and as little altered as the truth of the 
Original will permit.' There was, however, this subsequent provision :— 
* These translations to be used, when they agree better with the text 
than the Bishops' Bible: Tindale's, Matthew's, Goverdale's, Whit- 
church's, Geneva.' The first of these rules, which was substantially 
the same as that laid down at the revision of the Great Bible in the 
reign of Elizabeth, was strictly observed. The other rule was but par- 
tially followed. The Translators made much use of the Ghenevan Ver- 
sion. They do not however appear to have frequently returned to the 
renderings of the other Versions named in the rule, where those Ver- 
sions differed from the Bishops' Bible. On the other hand, their work 
shews evident traces of the influence of a Version not specified in the 
rules, the Bhemish, made from the Latin Vulgate, but by scholars con- 
versant with the Greek Original. 

Another rule, on which it is stated that those in authority laid great 
stress, related to the rendering of words that admitted of different inters 
pretations. It was as follows :—* When a word hath divers significa- 
tions, that to be kept which hath been most commonly used by the most 
of the ancient fathers, being agreeable to the propriety of the place and 
the analogy of the faith.' With this rule was associated the following, 
on which equal stress appears to have been laid :— 'The old ecclesiastical 
words to be kept, viz. the word Church not to be translated CongregcUkm, 
&c.' This latter rule was for the most part carefully observed ; but it 
may be doubted whether, in the case of words that admitted of diffisrent 
meanings, the instructions were at all closely followed. In dealing with 
the more difQcult words of this class, the Translators appear t^have 
paid much regard to traditional interpretations, and especially to the 
authority of the Vulgate ; but, as to the large residue of words which 
might properly fall under the rule, they used considerable freedom. 
Moreover they profess in their Preface to have studiously adopted a 

-riety of expression which would now be deemed hardly consistent 
h the requirementfl of faithful translation. They seem to have been 


gaided by the feeling that their Version would secure for the words they 
used a lasting place in the language ; and they express a fear lest they 
should *be charged (hy scoffers) with some unequal dealing towards 
a great number of good English words,' which, without this liberty 
t>n their part, would not have a place in the pages of the English Bible. 
Still it cannot be doubted that they carried this liberty too far, and that 
the studied avoidance of uniformity in the rendering of the same words, 
even when occurring in the same context, is one of the blemishes in 
their work. 

A third leading rule was of a negative character, but was rendered 
necessary by the experience derived from former Versions. The words 
of the rule are as follows :— 'No marginal notes at all to be affixed, but 
only for the explanation of the Hebrew or Qr-eek words which cannot 
without some circumlocution so briefly and fitly be expressed in the 
-text.' Here again the Translators used some liberty in their application 
of the rule. Out of more than 760 marginal notes originally appended 
to the Authorised Version of the New Testament, only a seventh part 
consists of explanations or literal renderings ; the great majority of 
the notes being devoted to the useful and indeed necessary purpose of 
placing before the reader alternative renderings which it was judged 
that the passage or the words would fairly admit. The notes referring 
to variations in the Greek Text amount to about thirty-five. 

Of the remaining rules it may be suf&cient to notice one, which was 
for the most part consistently followed :— ' The names of the prophets 
and the holy writers, with the other names of the text, to be retained, 
as nigh as may be, accordingly as they were vulgarly used.' The Trans- 
lators had also th^ liberty, in * any place of special obscurity,' to consult 
tiiose who might be qualified to give an opinion. 

Passing from these fundamental rules, which should be borne in mind 
by any one who would rightly understand the nature and character of 
the Authorised Version, we must call attention to the manner in which 
the actual work of the translation was carried on. The New Testament 
was assigned to two separate Companies, the one consisting of eight 
members, sitting at Oxford, the other consisting of seven members, 
sitting at Westminster. There is no reason to believe that these Com- 
panies ever sat together. They communicated to each other, and like- 
wise to the four Companies to which the Old Testament and the Apo- 
crypha had been committed, the results of their labours ; and perhaps 
afterwards reconsidered them: but the fact that the New Testament 
was divided between two separate bodies of men involved a grave in- 
eonvenience, and was beyond all doubt the cause of many inconsisten- 
cies. These probably would have been much more serious, had it not 
been provided that there should be a final supervision of the whole 
Bible, by selected members from Oxford, Cambridge, and Westminster, 
the three centres at which the work had been carried on. These super- 
visors are said by one authority to have been six in number, and by 
Another twelve. When it is remembered that this supervision was cor^ 

viii PBEFACE. 

pleted in nine months, we may wonder that the incongruities which 
remain are not more numerous. 

The Companies appear to have been occupied in the actual business 
of revision about two years and three quarters. 

Such, so far as can be gathered from the rules and modes of prO' 
cedure, is the character of the time-honoured Version which we have 
been called upon to revise. We have had to study this great Version 
carefully and minutely, line by line; and the longer we have been 
engaged upon it the more we have learned to admire its simplicilT, 
its dignity, its power, its happy turns of expression, its general ac- 
curacy, and, we must not fail to add, the music of its cadences, and 
the felicities of its rhythm. To render a work that had reached this 
high standard of excellence still more excellent, to increase its fidelity 
without destrojring its charm, was the task committed to us. Of that 
task, and of the conditions under which we have attempts its fulfil- 
ment, it wiU now be necessary for us to speak. 

' II. The present Bevision had its origin in action taken by the Gonr 
vocation of the Province of Canterbury in February 1870, and it has 
been conducted throughout on the- plan laid down in Besolutions of 
both Houses of the Province, and, more particularly, in accordance 
with Principles and Bules drawn up by a special Committee of Con- 
vocation in the following May. Two Companies, the one for the levision 
of the Authorised Version of the Old Testament, and the other for 
the revision of the same Version of the New Testament, were formed 
in the manner specified in the Resolutions, and the work was com- 
menced on the twenty-second day of June 1870. Shortly afterwards, 
steps were taken, under a resolution passed by both Houses of Con- 
vocation, for inviting the co-operation of American scholars; and 
eventually two Committees were formed in America, for the purpose 
of acting with the two English Companies, on the basis of the Principles 
and Bules drawn up by the Committee of Convocation. 

The fundamental Besolutions adopted by the Convocation of Can- 
terbury on the third and fifth days of May 1870 were as foUows :— 

* 1. That it is desirable that a revision of the Authorised Version of 
the Holy Scriptures be undertaken. 

* 2. That the revision be so conducted as to comprise both marginal 
renderings and such emendations as it may be found necessary to insert 
in the text of the Authorised Version. 

'3. That in the above resolutions we do not contemplate any new 
translation of the Bible, or any alteration of the language, except 
where in the judgement of the most competent scholars such dxange is 

' 4. That in such necessary changes, the style of the language em- 
ployed in the existing Version be closely followed. 

' '>. That it is desirable that Convocation should nominate a body 
hs own members to undertake the work of revision, who shall 


be at liberty to invite the co-operation of any eminent for Bcholarship, 
to whatever nation or religious body they may belong.' 

The Principles and Rules agreed to by the Committee of Convocation 
on the twenty-flfth day of May 1870 -were as follows:— 

* 1. To introduce as few alterations as possible into the Text of the 
Authorised Version consistently with faithfulness. 

*2. To limit, as far as possible, the expression of such alterations 
to the language of the Authorised and earlier English Versions. 

*3. Each Company to go twice over the portion to be revised, once 
provisionally, the second time finally, and on principles of voting as 
hereinafter is provided. 

*4. That the Text to be adopted be that for which the evidence is 
decidedly preponderating; and that when the Text so adopted differs 
from that from which the Authorised Version was made, the alteration 
be indicated in the margin. 

*5. To make or retain no change in the Text on the second final 
revision by each Company, except two thirds of those present approve 
of the same, but on the first revision to decide by simple majorities. 

*6. In every case of proposed alteration that may have given rise 
to discussion, to defer the voting thereupon till the next Meeting, 
whensoever the same shall be required by one third of those present 
at the Meeting, such intended vote to be announced in the notice for 
the next Meeting. 

* 7. To revise the headings of chapters and pages, paragraphs, italics, 
and punctuation. 

*8. To refer, on the part of each Company, when considered desirable, 
to Divilws, Scholars, and Literary Men, whether at home or abroad, 
for their opinions.' 

These rules it has been our endeavour faithfully and consistently 
to follow. One only of them we found ourselves unable to observe in 
all particulars. In accordance with the seventh rule, we have carefully 
revised the paragraphs, italics, and punctuation. But the revision of 
the headings of chapters and pages would have involved so much of 
indirect, and indeed frequently of direct interpretation, that we judged 
it best to omit them altogether. 

Our communications with the American Committee have been of 
the following nature. We transmitted to them from time to time 
each several portion of our First Revision, and received from them in 
return their criticisms and suggestions. These we considered with much 
care and attention during the time we were engaged on our Second 
Bevision. We then sent over to them the various portions of the Second 
Bevision as they were completed, and received farther suggestions, 
which, like the former, were closely and carefully considered. Last of 
all,, we forwarded to them the Revised Version in its final form ; 
and a list of those passages in which they desire to place on record 
their preference of other readings and renderings will be found at 
the end of the volume. We gratefully acknowledge their care, vigilancei 



and accuracy ; and we humbly pray that their labours and our own, 
thus happily united, may be permitted to bear a blessing to both 
countries, and to all English-speaking people throughout the world. 

The whole time devoted to the work has been ten years and a half. 
The First Bevision occupied about six years; the Second, about two' 
years and a half. The remaining time has been spent in the considera- 
tion of the suggestions from America on the Second Bevision, and 
of many details and reserved qtuestions arising out of our own labours. 
As a rule, a session of four days has been held every month (with the 
exception of August and September) in each year from the commence- 
ment of the work in June 1870. The aven^ attendance for the whole 
time has been sixteen each day; the whole Company consisting at 
first of twenty-seven, but for the greater part of the time of twenty- 
four members, many of them residing at great distances from London. 
Of the original number four have been removed from us by death. 

At an early stage in our labours, we entered into an agreement with 
the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge for the conveyance to them 
of our copyright in the work. This arrangement provided for the ne- 
cessary expenses of the undertaking; and procured for the Bevised 
Version the advantage of being published by Bodies long connected 
with the publication of the Authorised Version. 

III. We now pass onward to give a brief account of the particulars 
of the present work. This we propose to do under the four heads of 
Text, Translation, Language, and Marginal Notes. 

1. A revision of the Greek text was the necessary foundation of our 
work; but it did not fall within our province to construct a ccmtinuous 
and complete Greek text. In many cases the English rendering was 
considered to represent correctly either of two competing readings in 
the Greek, and then the question of the text was usually not raised. 
A sufficiently laborious task remained in deciding between the rival 
claims of various readings which might properly affect the translation. 
When these were adjusted, our deviations from the text presumed to 
underlie the Authorised Version had next to be indicated, in accord- 
ance with the fourth rule ; bat it proved inconvenient to record them 
in the margin. A better mode however of giving them publicity has 
been found, as the University Presses have undertaken to pi'int them 
in connexion with complete Greek texts of the New Testament. 

In regard of the readings thus approved, it may be observed that the 
fourth rule, by requiring that 'the text to be adopted* should be 'that 
for which the evidence is decidedly preponderating,' was in effect an 
instruction to follow the authority of documentary evidence without 
deference to any printed text of modem times, and therefore to employ 
the best resources of criticism for estimating the value of evidence. 
Textual criticism, as applied to the Greek New Testament, forms a 
special study of much intricacy and difficulty, and even now leaves 

^m for considerable variety of opinion among competent critics. 


Different schools of criticism have been represented among us, and 
have together contributed to the final result. In the early part of the 
work every various reading requiring consideration was discussed and 
voted on by the Company. After a time the precedents thus established 
enabled the pi-ocess to be safely shortened ; but it was still at the option 
of every one to raise a full discussion on any particular reading, and 
the option was freely used. On the first revision, in accordance with 
the fifth rule, the decisions were arrived at by simple majorities. On 
the second revision, at which a majority of two thirds was requirecT 
to retain or introduce a reading at variance with the reading presumed 
to underlie the Authorised Version, many readings previously adopted 
were brought again into debate, and either re-afiOrmed or set aside. 

Many places still remain in which, for the present, it would not be 
safe to accept one reading to the absolute exclusion of others. In these 
cases we have given alternative readings in the margin, wherever they 
seem to be of sufficient importance or interest to deserve notice. In the 
introductory formula, the phrases 'many ancient authorities,' *some 
ancient authorities,' are used with some latitude to denote a greater 
or lesser proportion of those authorities which have a distinctive right 
to be called ancient. These ancient authorities comprise not only 
Greek manuscripts, some of which were written in the fourth and fifth 
centuries, but versions of a still earlier date in different languages, 
and also quotations by Christian writers of the second and following 

2. We pass now from the Text to the Translation. The character of 
the Revision was determined for us from the outset by the first rule, *to 
introduce as few alterations as possible, consistently with faithfulness.' 
Our task was revision, not re-translation. 

In the application however of this principle to the many and intricate 
details of our work, we have found ourselves constrained by faithful- 
ness to introduce changes which might not at first sight appear to be 
included under the rule. 

The alterations which we have made in the Authorised Version may 
be roughly grouped in five principal classes. First, alterations positively 
required by change of reading in the Greek Text. Secondly, alterations 
made where the Authorised Version appeared either to be incorrect, 
or to have chosen the less probable of two possible renderings. Thirdly, 
alterations of obscure or ambiguous renderings into such as are clear 
and express in their import. For it has been our principle not to leave 
any translation, or any arrangement of words, which could adapt itself 
to one or other of two interpretations, but rather to express as plainly 
as was possible that interpretation which seemed best to deserve a place 
in the text, and to put the other in the margin. 

There remain yet two other classes of alterations which we have felt 
to be required by the same principle of faithfulness. These are,— 
Fourthly, alterations of the Authorised Version in cases where it was 
inconsistexit with itself in the rendering of two or more passages c 


fesaedly alike or parallel. Fifthly, alterations rendered necesesry by 
corueguencej that is, arising oat of changes already made, though not 
in themselves required by the general rule of faithfulness. Both these 
classes of alterations call for some further explanation. 

The frequent inconsistencies in the Authorised Version have caused 
us much embarrassment from the fact already referred to, namely, that 
a studiecTvariety of rendering, even in the same chapter and context, 
vras a kind of principle with our predecessors, and yna defended by 
them on grounds that have been mentioned above. The problem we had 
to solve was to discriminate between varieties of rendering which were 
compatible with fidelity to the true meaning of the text, and varieties 
which involved inconsistency, and were suggestive of differences that 
had no existence in the Greek. This problem we have solved to the 
best of our power, and for the most part in the following way. 

Where there was a doubt as to the exact shade of meaning, we have 
looked to the context for guidance. If the meaning was fairly expressed 
by the word or phrase that was before us in the Authorised Version, 
we made no change, even where rigid adherence to the rule of trans- 
lating, asifar as possible, the same Greek word by the same English 
word might have prescribed some modification. 

There are however numerous passages in the Authorised Version in 
which, whether regard be had to the recurrence (as in the first three 
Gospels) of identical clauses and sentences, to the repetition of the 
same word in the same passage, or to the characteristic use of par- 
ticular words by the same writer, the studied variety adopted by the 
Translators of 1611 has produced a degree of inconsistency that cannot 
be reconciled with the principle of faithfulness. In such cases we have 
not hesitated to introduce alterations, even though the sense might 
not seem to the general reader to be materially affected. 

The last class of alterations is that which we have described as 
rendered necessary by cotuequence; that is, by reason of some foregoing 
alteration. The cases in which these consequential changes have been 
found necessary are numerous and of very different kinds. Sometimes 
the change has been made to avoid tautology ; sometimes to obviate an 
unpleasing alliteration or some other infelicity of sound ; sometimes, 
in the case of smaller words, to preserve the familiar rhythm ; sometimes 
for a convergence of reasons which, when explained, would at once 
be accepted, but until so explained might never be surmised even by 
intelligent readers. 

This may be made plain by an example. When a particular word is 
found to recur with characteristic frequency in any one of the Sacred 
Writers, it is obviously desirable to adopt for it some uniform render- 
ing. Again, where, as in the case of the first three Evangelists, precisely 
the same clauses or sentences are found in more than one of the Gospels, 
it is no less necessary to translate them in every place in the same way. 
'^hese two principles may be illustrated by reference to a word that 
''tually recurs in St. Mark's Gospel, and that may be translated 


«iiher * straightway,' * forthwith,* or * immediately/ Let it be supposed 
that the first rendering is chosen, and that the word, in accordance with 
the first of the above principles, is in that Gospel uniformly translated 
'straightway!* Let it be further supposed that one of the passages of 
St. Mark in which it is so translated is found, word for word, in one 
of the other Gospels, but that there the rendering of the Authorised 
Version happens to be 'forthwith* or * immediately.* That rendering 
must be changed on the second of the above principles ; and yet such 
a change would not have been made but for this concurrence of two 
flound principles, and the consequent necessity of making a change on 
grounds eztraneouB to the passage itself. 

This is but one of many instances of consequential alterations which 
might at first sight appear uxmecessary, but which nevertheless have 
been deliberately made, and are not at variance with the rule of intro- 
ducing as few changes in the Authorised Version as faithfulness would 

There are some other points of detail whiclkit may be here convenient 
to notice. One of these, and perhaps the most important, is the render- 
ing of the Greek aorist. There are numerous oases, especially in con- 
nexion with particles ordinarily expressive of present time, in which the 
use of the indefinite past tense in Greek and English is altogether differ- 
ent ; and in such instances we have not attempted to violate the idiom 
of our language by forms of expression which it could not bear. But we 
have often ventured to represent the Greek aorist by the English pre- 
terite, even where the reader may find some passing difficulty in such a 
rendering, because we have felt convinced that the true meaning of the 
original was obscured by the presence of the familiar- auxiliary. A 
remarkable illustration may be found in the seventeenth chapter of 
St. John's Gospel, where the combination of the aorist and the perfect 
shews, beyond all reasonable doubt, that difCarent relations of time were 
intended to be expressed. 

Changes of translation will also be found in connexion with the aorist 
I>articiple, arising from the fact that the usual periphrasis of this parti- 
ciple in the Vulgate, which was rendered necessary by Latin idiom, has 
been largely reproduced in the Authorised Version by *when* with the 
past tense (as for example in the second chapter of St.Matthew*s Gospel), 
even where the ordinary participial rendering would have been easier 
and more natural in English. 

In reference to the perfect and the imperfect tensed but little needs 
to be said. The correct translation of the former has been for the most 
part, though with some striking exceptions, maintained in the Autho- 
rised Version : while with regard to the imperfect, clear as its meaning 
may be in the Greek, the power of expressing it is so limited in English, 
that we have been frequently compelled to leave the force of the tense to 
be inferred from the context. In a few instances, where faithfulness 
imperatively required it, and especially where, in the Greek, the signifi- 
cance of the imperfect tense seemed to be additionally marked by the v 


of the participle with the auxiliaiy verh, we have introduoed the cor- 
responding form in English. Still, in the great majority of cases we have 
been obliged to retain the English preterite, and to rely either on slight 
changes in the order of the words, or on prominence given to the accom- 
panying temporal particles, for the indication of the meaning which, in 
the Greek, the imperfect tense was designed to conrey. 

On other points of grammar it may be sufficient to speak more 

Many changes, as might be anticipated, hare been made in the case of 
the definite article. Here again it was necessary to consider the pecu- 
liarities of English idiom, as well as the general tenor of each passage. 
Sometimes we hare felt it enough to prefix the article to the first of a 
series of words to all of which it is prefixed in the Greek, and thus, as it 
were, to impart the idea of deflniteness to the whole series, without run- 
ning the risk of oyerloading the sentence. Sometimes, conversely, we 
have had to tolerate the presence of the definite article in our Version, 
when it is absent from the- Greek, and i)erhaps not even grammatically 
latent; simply because English idiom would not allow the noun to 
stand alone, and because the introduction of the indefinite article might 
have introduced an idea of oneness or individuality, which was not in 
any degree traceable in the original. In a word, we have been careful 
to observe the use of the article wherever it seemed to be idiomatically 
possible : where it did not seem to be postdble, we have yielded to ne- 

As to the pronouns and the place they occupy in the sentence, a 
subject often overlooked by our predecessors, we have been particularly 
careful ; but here again we have ftrequently been baffled by structural 
or idiomatical peculiarities of the English language which precluded 
changes otherwise desirable. 

In the case of the particles we have met with less difficulty, and have 
been able to maintain a reasonable amount of consistency. The particles 
in the Greek Testament are, as is well known, comparatively few, and 
they are commonly used with predsion. It has therefore been the more 
necessary here to preserve a general uniformity of rendering, especially 
in the case of the particles of causality &nd inference, so far as Eng^sh 
idiom would allow. 

Lastly, many changes have been introduoed in the rendering of the 
prepositions, especially where ideas of instrumentality or of mediate 
agency, distinctly marked in the original, had been confused or obscured 
in the translation. We have however borne in mind the comprehensive 
character of such prepositions as *of* and 'by,' the one in reference to 
agency and the other in reference to means, especially in the English 
of the seventeenth century ; and have rarely made any change where 
the true meaning of the original as expressed in the Authorised Version 
would be apparent to a reader of ordinary intelligence. 

**. We now come to the subject of Language. 

« second of the rules, by which the work has been governed, pre- 


scribed that the alterations to be introdaced shotdd be expressed, as far 
as possible, in the language of the Authorised Version or of the Versions 
that preceded it. 

To this rule we have faithfully adhered. We have habitually con- 
salted the earlier Versions ; and in our sparing introduction of words 
not found in them or in the Authorised Version we have usually satis- 
fied ourselves that such words were employed by standard writers of 
nearly the same date, and had also that general hue which justified 
their introduction into a Version which has held the highest place in 
the classical literature of our language. We have never removed any 
archaisms, whether in structure or in words, except where we were per- 
tnaded either that the meaning of the words was not generally under- 
stood, or that the nature of the expression led to some misconception of 
the true sense of the passage. The freqiJbnt inversions of the strict 
t>rder of the words, which add much to the strength and variety of the 
Authorised Version, and give an archaic colour to many felicities of 
diction, have been seldom modified. Indeed, we have often adopted the 
same arrangement in our own alterations ; and in this, as in other par- 
ticulars, we have sought to assimilate the new work to the old. 

In a few exceptional cases we have failed to find any word in the 
older stratum of our langustge that appeared to convey the precise 
meaning of the original. There, and there only, we have used words of 
a later date ; but not without having fbrst assured ourselves that they 
are to be found in the writings of the best authors of the period to which 
Ihey beloDg. 

In regard of Proper Names no rule was prescribed to us. In the case 
of names of frequent occurrence we have deemed it best to follow gene- 
rally the rule laid down for our predecessors. That rule, it may be re- 
membered, was to this effect, 'The names of the prophets and the holy 
writers, with the other names of the text, to be retained, as nigh as may 
be, accordingly as they were vulgarly used.' Some difiBculty has been 
felt in dealing with names less familiarly known. Here our general 
practice has been to follow theGreek form of names, except in the case 
of persons and places mentioned in the Old Testament : in this case we 
liave followed the Hebrew. 

4. The subject of the Marginal Notes deserves special attention. They 
represent the results of a large amount of careful and elaborate discus- 
sion, and will, perhaps, by their very presence, indicate to some extent 
the intricacy of many of the questions that have almost daily come 
before us for decision. These Notes fall into four main groups : first, 
notes specifying such differences of reading as were judged to be of 
sufficient importance to require a particular notice; secondly, notes indi- 
cating the exact rendering of words to which, for the sake of English 
idiom, we were obliged to ^ve a less exact rendering in the text; thirdly, 
notes, very few in number, affording some explanation which the origi- 
nal appeared to require; fourthly, alternative renderings in difficult or 
debateable passages. The notes of this last group are numerous, « 


largely in excess of those which were admitted by our predecessors. In 
the 270 years that have passed away since their labours were concluded, 
the Sacred Text has been minutely examined, discussed in every detaily 
and analysed with a grammatical precision unknown in the days of 
the last Bevision. There has thus been accumulated a lai^ amount 
of materials that have prepared the way for different renderings, which 
necessarily came under discussion. We have therefore placed before 
the reader in the margin other renderings than those which were 
adopted in the text, wherever such renderings seemed to deserve con- 
sideration. The rendering in the text, where it agrees with the Au« 
thorised Version, was supported by at least one third, and, where it 
differs from the Authorised Version, by at least two thirds of those who 
were present at the second revision of the passage in question. 

A few supplementary matters have yet to be mentioned. These may 
be thus enumerated,— the use of Italics, the arrangement in Paragraphs* 
the mode of printing Quotations from the Poetical Books of the Old 
Testament, the Punctuation, and, last of all, the Titled of the diffeient 
Books that make up the New Testament,— all of them particulars on 
which it seems desinlble to add a few explanatory remarks. 

(a) The determination, in each place, of the words to be printed in 
italics has not been by any means easy; nor can we hope to be found 
in all cases perfectly consistent. In the earliest editions of the Autho- 
rised Version the use of a different type to indicate supplementary words 
not contained in the original was not very frequent, and cannot easily 
be reconciled with any settled principle. A review of the words so 
printed was made, after a lapse of some years, for the editions of the 
Authorised Version published at Cambridge in 1629 and 1638. Further, 
though slight, modifications were introduced at intervals between 1638 
and the more systematic revisions undertaken respectively 1^ Dr. Paris 
in the Cambridge Edition of 1762, and by Dr. Blayney in the Oxford 
Edition of 1769. None of them however rest on any higher authority 
than that of the persons who from time to time superintended tho 
publication. The last attempt to bring the use of italics into uniformity 
and consistency was made by Dr. Scrivener in the Paragraph Bible 
published at Cambridge in 1870-73. In succeeding to these labours, 
we have acted on the general principle of printing in italics words 
which did not appear to be necessarily involved in the Greek. Our 
tendency has been to diminish rather than to increase the amount 
of italic printing; though, in the case of difference of readings, we 
have usually marked the absence of any words in the origmal which 
the sense might nevertheless require to be present in the Version; and 
again, in the case of inserted pronouns, where the reference did not 
appear to be perfectly certain, we have similarly had recourse to italics. 
Some of these cases, especially when there are slight differences of 
reading, are of singular intricacy, and make it impossible to maintain 
rigid uniformity. 

PREFACE. xvil 

(b) We have an'anged the Sacred Text in paragraphs, after the pre- 
cedent of the earliest English Versions, so as to assist the general 
reader in following the current of narrative or argument. The present 
arrangement will be found, we trust, to have preserved the due mean 
between a system of long portions which must often include several 
separate topics, and a system of frequent breaks which, though they may 
eorrectly indicate the separate movements of thought in the writer, often 
seriously impede a just perception of the true continuity of the passive. 
The traditicmal division into chapters, which the Authorised Version 
inherited from Latin Bibles of the later middle ages, is an illustration 
of the former method. These paragraphs, for such in fact they are, 
frequently include several distinct subjects. Moreover they sometimes, 
though rarely, end where there is no sufficient break in the sense. The 
division of chapters into verses, which was introduced into the New 
Testament for the first time in 1551, is an exaggeration of the latter 
method, with its accompanying inconveniences. The serious obstacles 
to the right understanding of Holy Scripture, which are interposed by 
minute subdivision, are often overlooked ; but if any one will consider for 
a moment the injurious effect that would be produced by breaking up 
a portion of some great standard work into separate verses, he will at 
once perceive how necessary has been an alteration in this particular. 
The arrangement by chapters and verses undoubtedly affords facilities 
for reference : but this advantage we have been able to retain by placing 
the numerals on the inside margin of each page. 

(c) A few words will suffice as to the mode of printing quotations 
from the Poetical Books of the Old Testament. Wherever the quotation 
extends to two or more lines, our practice has been to recognise the 
parallelism of their structure by arranging the lines in a manner that 
appears to agree with the metrical divisions of the Hebrew original. 
Such an arrangement will be found helpful to the reader ; not only 
as directing his attention to the poetical character of the quotation, 
but as also tending to make its force and pertinence more fully felt. 
We have treated in the same way the hymns in the first two chapters 
of the Gospel according to St Luke. 

(d) Great care has been bestowed on the punctuation. Our practice has 
been to maintain what is sometimes called the heavier system of 
stopping, or, in other words, that system which, especially for con- 
venience in reading aloud, suggests such pauses as will best ensure 
a clear and intelligent setting forth of the true meaning of the words. 
This course has rendered necessary, especially in the Epistles, a larger 
use of colons and semicolons than is customary in modem English 

(«) We may in the last place notice one particular to which we were 
not expressly directed to extend our revision, namely, the titles of 
the Books of the New Testament. These titles are no part of the original 
text ; and the titles found in the m(»t ancient manuscripts are of too 
short a form to be convenient for use. Under these circumstances, 


haye deemed it best to leave unchanged the titles which are given in 
the Authorised Version as printed in 1611. « 

We now condode, humbly commending our labours to Almighty God, 
and praying that his favour and blessing may be vouchsafed to that 
which has been done in his name. We recognised from the first the: 
responsibility of the undertaking ; and through our manifold experience, 
of its abounding diificulties we have felt more and more, aa we went- 
onward, that such a work can never be accomplished by organised efforts 
of scholarship and criticism, unless assisted by Divine help. 

We know fUll well that defects must have their jdace in a work so 
long and so arduous as this which has now come to an end. Blemishes 
and imperfections there are in the noble Translation which we have 
been called upon to revise ; blemishes and imperfections will assuredly 
be found in our own Revision. All endeavours to translate the Holy 
Scriptures into another tongue must fall short of their aim, when the 
obligation is imposed of producing a Version that shall be alike literal 
and idiomatic, faithful to each thought of the original, and yet, in 
the expression of it, harmonious and free. While we dare to hope that 
in places not a few of the New Testament the introduction of slight 
changes has cast a new light upon much that was dificult and obscure, 
we cannot forget how often we have failed in expressing some finer 
shade of meaning which we recognised in the original, how often idiom 
has stood in the way of a perfect rendering, and how often the attempt 
to preserve a familiar form of words, or even a familiar cadence, has 
only added another perplexity to those which already beset us. 

Thus, in the review of the work which we have been permitted to 
complete, our closing words must be words of mingled thanksgiving, 
humility, and prayer. Of thanksgiving, for the many blessings vouch- 
safed to us throughout the unbroken progress of our corporate labours ; 
of humility, for our failings and imperfections in the fulfilment of our 
task; and of prayer to Almighty Gk>d, that the Gospel of our Lord and 
Saviour Jesus Christ may be more clearly and more freshly shewn forth 
to all who shall be readers of this Book. 

Jerusalem Chamber, 
. Westminster Abbey. 
11'* November 188a 




S. Matthew 

S.MA11K . 
S. LUKB . . 
S. John . . 
ThxActs . 
To THE BoMAira 



I. Thssbalonians 
IL Thessalonianb 





I. TiMOTHT 257 

II. Timothy 262 

To Titus 265 

To Philemon 267 

To the Hsbbews .... 268 

James 281 

I. Petes 286 

II. Peter 290 

L John 293 

II. John 297 

ni. John 298 

JUDB 296 

Bevelation 800 



X ^Thb book of the 2 genera- 
tion of Jesus Christy the son 
of David, the son of Abra- 

2 Abraham begat Isaac ; and 
Isaac begat Jacob ; and Jacob 
begat Judah and his brethren ; 

8 and Judah begat Perez and 
Zerah of Tamar; and Perez 
begat Hezron; and Hezron 

4 begat SRam ; and SRam begat 
Amminadab; and Ammina- 
dab begat Nahshon ; and Nah- 

5 shon begat Salmon ; and Sal- 
mon begat Boaz of Rahab; 
and Boaz begat Obed of Ruth: 

6 and Obed begat Jesse; and 
Jesse begat David the king. 

And David begat Solomon 
of her thut had be&fi Uie wife 

7 of Uriah ; and Bolouiou bcj^t 
Rehoboiiin ; aud Relioboiim 
begat AbU'^lJ 'y 5i"fl Al^yiili be- 

8 gat ^Asa ; ttnd *Asi bcKiit Je- 
noshaphAt; find Johoshnrhat 
begat Jomm ; and Jorani be- 

9 gat Uzzlah; and Uzalab l>egat 
Jotham; And Jotham bcf^st 
Ahaz ; and Ahaa btjgat Heze- 

10 kiah; and Hi^zcki^ih begat Ma- 
nasseh; ntirl Mrintissuh bee;at 
* Amon ; i*iia - Aumou hagkkl Jo- 

11 siah ; and Josiah begat Jecho- 
niah and his brethren, at the 
time of the ^ carrying away to 

12 And after the ^ carrying away 
to Babylon, Jechonlah begat 
7Shealtiel; and ^Shealtiel be- 

18 gat Zerubbabel ; and Zerubba- 
bel begat Abiud; and Abiud 
begat Eliakim ; and Eliakim 

14 begat Azor : and Azor begat 
Sadoc; and Sadoc begat A- 
chim; and Achim begat E- 

15 liud ; and Eliud begat Elea- 
2ar; and Eleazar b^t Mat- 

I Or, I^e 

i Or, hirth: 
as in ver. 


4 Or. 


6 Or. re- 
movai to 


8 Or, gene- 
ration : as 
In ver. 1. 

ties read 

and 80 
out tms 

11 Or. 

12 6r. Em- 

than ; and Matthan begat Ja- 
cob * and Jacob begat Joseph 16 
the husband of Mary, of whom 
was bom Jesus, who is called 

So all the generations fh)m 17 
Abraham unto David are four- 
teen generations; and firom 
David unto the 6 carrying away 
to Babylon fourteen genera- 
tions; and from the « carrying 
away to Babylon unto the 
Christ fourteen generations. 

Now the 8 birth ^of Jesus 18 
Christ was on this wise: When 
his mother Mary had been 
betrothed to Joseph, before 
they came together she waa 
found with child of the «> Holy 
Ghost And Joseph her hus- 19 
band, being a righteous man, 
and not wming to make her a 
public example, was minded 
to put her away privily. But 20 
when he thought on these 
things, behold, an angel of 
the Lord appeared unto him 
in a dream, saying, Joseph, 
thou son of David, fear not 
to take unto thee Mary thy 
wife : for that which Is " con- 
ceived in her is of the Holy 
Ghost. And she shall bring 21 
forth a son; and thou shalt 
call his name Jesus ; for it is 
he that shall save his people 
from their sins. . Now all this 22 
is come to pass, that it might 
be fulfilled which waa spoken 
by the Lord through the pro- 
phet, saying, 

Behold, the virgin shall be 23 

with child, and shall bring 

forth a son, 
And they shall call hiB 

name "Inmianuel; 
which is, being interprete 



24 God with us. And Joseph 
arose from his sleep, and did 
as the angel of the Lord com- 
muided him, and took unto 

25 him his wife; and knew her 
not till she had brought forth 
a son : and he called his name 

2 Now when Jesus was born 
in Bethlehem of Judsea in the 
days of Herod the king, be- 
hold, 1 wise men from the east 

2 came to Jerusalem, saying, 
8 Where is he that is bom 
King of the Jews ? for we saw 
his star in the east, and are 

8 come to worship him. And 
when Herod the king heard 
it, he was troubled, and all 

4 Jerusalem with him. And 
gathering together all the 
chief priests and scribes of 
the people, he inquired of 
them where the Chnst should 

5 be bom. And they said unto 
him. In Bethlehem of Judeea : 
for thus it is written sby the 

6 And thou Bethlehem, land 

of Judah, 
Art in no wise least among 

the princes of Judah : 
For out of thee shall come 

forth a govemor. 
Which shall be shepherd of 

my people Israel. 

7 Then Herod privily called 
the 1 wise men, and learned of 
them careftilly ^what time the 

8 star appeared. And he sent 
them to Bethlehem, and said, 
Go and search out carefully 
concerning the young child; 
and when ye have found Mrrif 
tilling me word, that I also 
may come and worship him. 

9 And they, having heard the 
king, went their way ; and lo, 
the star, which they saw in 
the east, went before them, 
till it came and stood over 

here the young child was. 
d when tney saw the star, 
7 rejoiced with exceeding 

1 Gv.MagL 
Esther 1. 
13; Daa. 

a Or, 
Where i» 
(he King 
Jeica ihat 

3 Op, 

4 Or, the 
time of ate 
etar that 

great Joy. And they came 11 
into the house and saw the 
young child with Maiy his 
mother; and they fell down 
and worshipped him; and 
opening their treasures they 
offered unto him gifts, gold 
and frankincense and myrrh. 
And being wamed of God in 12 
a dream that they should not 
return to Herod, they depart- 
ed into their own country an- 

other way. 
Now when they were depart- 
' ' ' /the 


ed, behold, an angel of 
Lord appeareth to Joseph in 
a dream, saying. Arise and 
take the young child and his 
mother, and flee into Egypt 
and be thou there until I tell 
thee : for Herod will seek the 
young child to destroy hiuL 
And he arose and took the 14 
young child and his mother 
by night, and departed into 
Egypt; and was there until 15 
the death of Herod: that it 
might be frilftlled which was 
spoken by the Lord through 
the prophet, saying. Out of 
Egypt did I call my son. 
Then Herod, when he saw 16 
that he was mocked of the 
iwise men, was exceeding 
wroth, and sent forth, and slow 
all the male children that were 
in Bethlehem, and in all the 
borders thereof, from two 
years old and under, accord- 
ing to the time which he had 
careftilly learned of the i wise 
men. Then was fulfilled that 17 
whidi was spoken «by Jere- 
miah the prophet, saying, 

A voice was heard in Ra- 18 

Weeping and great mourn- 

Bachel weeping for her 
children ; 

And she would not be com- 
forted, because they are 
Bat when Herod was dead, 19 




behold, ail angel of the Lord 
appeareth In a dream to Jo- 

20 seph in Egypt> saying. Arise 
and take the young child and 
his mother, and go into the 
land of Israel: for they are 
dead that sought the young 

21 child's life. And he arose and 
took the young child and his 
mother, and came into the 

22 land of Israel. But when 
he heard that Archelaus was 
reigning over Judeea in the 
room of his father Herod, he 
was afhtld to go thither ; and 
being warned af Qod in a 
dream, he withdrew into the 

28 parts of Galilee, and came and 
dwelt in a city called Naza- 
reth: that it might be fldfll- 
led which was spoken i by the 
prophets that ne should be 
called a Mazarene. 

3 And in those days cometh 
John the Baptist, preaching 
in the wilderness of Judsea, 

2 saying, Repent ye: for the 
kingdom of heaven is at hand. 

8 For this is he that was spoken 
of 1 by Isaiah the prophet, say- 

The voice of one crying in 

the wilderness, 
Make ye ready the way of 

the Lord, 
Make his paths straight. 

4 Now John himself had his 
raiment of camel's hair, and 
a leathern girdle about his 
loins; and his food was lo- 

5 custs and wild honey. Then 
went out unto him Jerusalem, 
and all Judsea, and all the re- 

6 gion round about Jordan; and 
they w&re baptized of him in 
the river Jordan, confessing 

7 their sina. But when he saw 
many of the Pharisees and 
Sadduoees coming to his bap- 
tism, he said imto them. Ye 
offspring of vipers, who warn- 
ed you to flee ft-om the wrath 

8 to oome? Bring forth there- 
fore flruit worthy of Srepent- 



2 Or, your 

4 Or. 

ties omit 
«n<o him. 

T Or, This 
Bon; my 
beloved m 
whom I 
am well 

ance: and think not to say 9 
within yourselves. We have 
Abraham to our father : for I 
say unto you, that God is able 
of these stones to raise up 
children unto Abraham. And 10 
even now is the axe laid unto 
the root of the trees: every 
tree therefore that bringeth 
not forth good fruit is hewn 
down, and cast into the fire. 
I indeed baptize you >with 11 
water unto repentance: but 
he that cometh after me is 
mightier than I, whose shoes 
I am not ^ worthy to bear : he 
shall baptize you 8 with the 
Holy Ghost and with fire: 
whose fan is in his hand, and 12 
he will throughly cleanse his 
threshing-floor; and he i^ill 
gather his wheat into the gai^- 
ner, but the chaff he will bum 
up with unquenchable fire. 

Then cometh Jesus from 13 
Galilee to the Jordan unto 
John, to be baptized of him. 
But John would have hinder- li 
ed him, saying, I have need to 
be baptized of thee, and com> 
est thou to me ? But Jesus an- 15 
swering said unto him. Suffer 
«iY now: for thus it becomcth 
us to fulfil all righteousness. 
Then he suffereth him. And 16 
Jesus, when he was baptized, 
went up straightway from the 
water: and To, the heavens 
were opened <>unto him, and 
he saw the Spirit of God de- 
scending as a dove, and com- 
ing upon him ; and lo, a voice 17. 
out of the heavens, saying, 
?This is my beloved Son, in 
whom I am well pleased. 

Then was Jesus led up of 4: 
the Sphit into the wilderness 
to be tempted of the deviL 
And when ne had fasted forty 2 
days and forty nights, he af- 
terward hungered. And the " 
tempter came and said un' 
him. If thou art the <■ 
of God, command that tl 



4 stones become i bread. But 
he answered and said, It is 
written, Man shall not live by 
bread alone, but by every word 
that proceedeth out of the 

5 mouth of God. Then the devil 
taketh him Into the holy city ; 
and he set him on the Spin- 

6 nacle of the temple, and saith 
unto him, If thou art the Son 
of God, cast thyself down : for 
it is written. 

He shall give his angels 
charge concerning thee : 

And on their hands they 
shall bear thee up, 

Lest haply thou dash thy 
foot against a stone. 

7 Jesus said unto him. Again 
it Is written. Thou shalt not 

8 tempt the Lord thy God. A- 
gain, the devil taketh him unto 
an exceeding high mountain, 
and sheweth him all the king- 
doms of the world, and the 

9 glory of them ; and he said 
unto him, All these things will 
I give thee. If thou wilt fall 

10 down and worship me. Then 
saith Jesus unto him. Get 
thee hence, Satan: for it is 
written, Thou shalt worship 
the Lord thy Gftrl, and him 

11 flii3j Shalt thou atifvti, Tlien 
the flevU lEiiiveth hiui; iind 
]:>el}oM,nti^i:lnt!lliueiitJ(] Ulllils- 
tcrcrf unto hlnu 

12 N ow when he h cnrd that J <jhn 
waa cklivurcd np, he wStbrlrew 

13 into Galileo ; aud IcAvini^ Na- 
Enircth^ he cajiic and dwelt in 
Oipcmftuni. whiuh Ik by the 
tunL. in tlio hnnJem of Z<.'fmlun 

14 ami NflplitaU : tlmtlt mii^litbe 
fulflllcd which VfuA aiiokuii iby 
laaLih the prophet, mvh^g, 

16 Tho iflnd of Ztlnilim and 
the Ltnd of Kaphtalt, 
»TowftM tho Bcji, LiLiiOnd 

Galilee of the AG^ntUes, 
"' The people which sat in 
Saw a great lights 


2 Gr. wing. 

3 Or, 

iGr. The 
way of 
the sea. 

5 Or. 
natione : 
and so 

and so 

7 Some 
ties read 

9 Or, good 
tidings : 
and so 

9 Or, (te- 

And to them which sat in 

the region and shadow of 


To them did light spring up. 

From that time began Jesus 17 

to preach, and to say. Repent 

Se; for the kingdom of heaven 
i at hand. 

And walking by the sea of 18 
Galilee, he saw two brethren, 
Simon who is called Peter, 
and Andrew his brother, cast- 
ing a net Into the sea ; for they 
were fishers. And he saltn 19 
unto them, Come ye after me, 
and I will make you flshers 
of men. And they straightway 20 
left the nets, and followed him. 
And going on IVom thence 21 
he saw other two brethren, 
<: James the son of Zebedee, 
and John his brother. In the 
boat with Zebedee their father, 
mending their nets; and he 
called them. And they straight- 22 
way left the boat and their fa- 
ther, and followed him. 

And 7 Jesus went about In 23 
all Galilee, teaching in thehr 
synagogues, and preaching the 
8 gospel of the kingdom, and 
healing all manner of dteease 
and all manner of sickness 
among the people. And the 24 
report of. him went forth into 
all Syria: and they brought 
unto him all that were sick, 
holden with divers diseases 
and torments, 9 possessed with 
devils, and epileptic, and pal- 
sied ; and he healed them. And 25 
there followed him great multi- 
tudes fh)m Galilee and Decapo- 
lis and Jerusalem and Judsea 
and from beyond Jordan. 

And seeing the multitudes, 5 
he went up into the mountain : 
and when he had sat down, his 
disciples came unto him : and 2 
he opened his mouth and 
taught them, saying. 

Blessed are the poor in spl- 8 
rit: for theirs is the kingdom 
of heaven. 




4 iBlessed are they that mourn: 
for they shall be comforted. 

5 Blessed are the meek: for 
they shall Inherit the earth. 

6 Blessed are thev that hunger 
and thirst after righteousness 
for they shall be filled. 

7 Blessed are the merciftil : for 
they shall obtain mercy. 

8 Blessed are the pure in heart : 
for they shall see God. 

9 Blessed are the peacemakers : 
for they shall be called sons of 

10 Blessed are they that have 
been persecuted for righteous- 
ness' sake: for theirs is the 

11 kingdom of heaven. Blessed 
are ye when men shall reproach 
you, and persecute you, and 
say all manner of evil against 

12 you falsely, for my sake. Re- 
joice, and be exceeding glad : 
for great is your reward in 
heaven : for so persecuted they 
the prophets which were be- 
fore you. 

13 Ye are the salt of the earth : 
but if the salt have lost its 
savour, wherewith shall it be 
salted ? it is thenceforth good 
for nothing, but to be cast out 
and trodden under foot of men. 

14 Ye are the light of the world. 
A city set on a hill cannot be 

15 hid. Neither do men light a 
lamp, and put it under the 
bushel, but on the stand ; and 
it shineth unto all that are in 

16 the house. Even so let your 
light shine before men, that 
they may see your good works, 
and glorify your Father which 
is in neaven. 

17 Think not that I came to 
destroy the law or the pro- 

ghets : I came not to destroy, 
ut to fulfil For verily I say 
unto you. Till heaven and earth 
pass away, one jot or one tittle 
shall in no wise pass away fh)m 
the law. till all things be ac- 
19 complisned. Whosoever there- 
fore sh^ bret^ one of these 


3 Many 

3 An ex- 
of con- 

4 Or, 
a Hebrew 
sion of 

S Or. unto 
or into. 


7 Some 
ties omit 

least commandments, and shall 
teach men so, shall be called 
least in the kingdom of hea- 
ven: but whosoever shall do 
and teach them, he shall be 
called great in the kingdom 
of heaven. For I say unto you, 20 
that except your righteousness 
shall exceed the righteousness 
of the scribes and Pharisees, 
ye shall in no wise enter into 
the kingdom of heaven. 

Ye have heard that it was 21 
said to them of old time, Thou 
Shalt not kill : and whosoever 
shall kill shall be in danger 
of the judgement: but I say 22 
unto you, that every one who 
is angry with his brother^ shall 
be in danger of the judgement ; 
and whosoever shall say to his 
brother, SRaca, shall be in 
danger of the council; and 
whosoever shall say, ^Thou 
fool, shall be in danger ^of 
the «hcll of flee. If therefore 28 
thou art offering thy gift at 
the altar, and there remem- 
berest that thy brother hath 
aught against thee, leave there 24 
thy gift before the altar, and 
go thy way, first be reconciled 
to thy brother, and then come 
and ni^rr **--- ~'^ * — "- TTith 25 
tb:r[. . ■ .■■ 3l-s 

thi'U iilt ^^llll iLCtIi ][] LL]i- •<•^J^y f 

lesL fiii|.ily lite ttiivcrBairy jletlvijr 
tliL't' ill Lhu ju4lge,mi(l tliL'JudfTu 
y^JtHVLT theu to thu ulSloLTj 
ais<1 thfiu \te pLqt Int-cj [iriaoji. 
VsTily 1 Sivy nnto tbec, TJuiu 26 
sbiilt by uii uicanp coiuq out 
thcuet], tlU tljou bflvy iKilU tht) 
la.Sit farbUlnt'. 

Yti Iinv^j hcnrii tlifit It was 27 
sat*], TImhi Hbfilt not c^imiult 
a(lLLlter.v : but I any unto j ou, 28 
that every one that luokcib on 
a woman to lust after her hath 
committed adultery with her 
already in his heart. And if 29 
thy right eye causeth thee t" 
stumble, pluck it out, and cf 
it from thee : for it is pre 




able for thee that one of thy 
members should perish, and 
not thy whole body be cast 

80 into ihell. And if thy right 
hand causeth thee to stmnble, 
cut it off, and cast it from 
thee: for it is profitable for 
thee that one of thy members 
should perish, and not thy 

31 whole body ^o into i hell. It 
was said also, Whosoever shall 

Eut away his wife, let him give 
er a writing of divorcement : 

82 but I say unto you, that every 
one that putteth away his wife, 
saving for the cause of forni- 
cation, malceth her an adul- 
teress: and whosoever shall 
marry her when she is put 
away committeth adultery. 

83 Again, ye have heard that 
it was said to them of old 
time, Thou shalt not forswear 
thyself, but shalt perform unto 

34 the Lord thine oaths : but I 
say unto you. Swear not at all ; 
neither by the heaven, for it 

35 is the throne of God ; nor by 
the earth, for it is tiie foot- 
stool of his feet ; nor 2 by Je- 
rusalem, for it is the city of 

36 the great King. Neither shalt 
thou swear by thy head, for 
thou canst not make one hair 

37 white or black. SBut let your 
speech be. Yea, yea ; Nay, nay : 
and whatsoever is more than 
these is of ^ the evil one. 

88 Ye have heard that it was 
said, An eye for an eye. and 

39 a tooth for a tooth : but I say 
unto you. Resist not ^him that 
is evil: but whosoever smiteth 
thee on thy right cheek, turn 

40 to him the other also. And if 
any man would go to law with 
thee, and take away thy coat, 
let him have thy cloke also. 

41 And whosoever shall ^ compel 
thee to go one mile, go with 

"* him twahi. Give to him that 
keth thee, and from him that 
'lid borrow of thee turn not 
1} nwjiy. 


2 Or, 

ties read 
But your 
AaU be. 

4 0r. <»i7: 
as in ver. 
96; vi.l8. 


7 That is. 
or renters 
tif Soman 
and so 

Ye have heard that it was 43 
said. Thou shalt love thy neigh- 
bour, and hate thine enemy : 
but I say unto you. Love your 44 
enemies, and pray for them that 
persecute you ; that ye may 46 
be sons of your Father which 
is in heaven: for he maketh 
his sun to rise on the evil and 
the good,-and sendeth rain on 
the just and the unjust For 46 
if ye love them that love you, 
what reward have ye ? do not 
even the 7 publicans the same? 
And if ye salute your brethren 47 
only, what do ye more than 
others^ do not even the Gen- 
tiles the same ? Yc there- 48 
fore shall be perfect, as your 
heavenly Father is perfect. 

Take heed that ye do notQ 
your righteousness before men, 
to be seen of them: else ye 
have no reward with your Fa- 
ther which is in heaven. 

When therefore thou doest 2 
alms, sound not a trumpet be- 
fore thee, as the hypocrites do 
in the synagogues and tn the 
streets, that they may have 
gloiy of men. Verily I say unto 
you. They have received thehr 
reward. But when thou doest 8 
alms, let not thy left hand 
know what thy right hand 
doeth: that thine alms may 4 
be in secret: and thy Father 
which seeth in secret shall re- 
compense thee. 

And when ye pray, ye shall 5 
not be as the hypocrites: for 
they love to stand and pray 
in the synagogues and in the 
comers of the streets, that 
they may be seen of men. 
Verily I say imto you, They 
have received their reward. 
But thou, when thou prayest, 6 
enter into thine inner cham- 
ber, and having shut thy door, 
pray to thy Father which is in 
secret, and thy Father which 
seeth in secret shall recom- 
pense thee. And in praying 7 



use not yain repetitions, as the 
Gentiles do: for they think 
lluit they fllmll lie beard for 
8 ihiiit much fr[>cn1ifi:ig. \iG not 
thttL'fortJ Uko unto thorn; for 
lyour Father kuowcth wliflt 
tliti)g?i ye Lave nt'tfd oT, bufore 

ihereft ire T*niv y« : Tiur PiilliL*r 
whkh art in fitMiven, Hiillowefl 

10 be thy iinnjc. Thy ldiifj4(nn 
C50U1G. Thy will be Horn-, ns tn 

11 hetiveu^ EitJ ou citrth. tlivo iu 

12 thifiday'-tiur^JiLLIybreQiL And 
forgive tus oiu- dtihth an wc nlHO 

13 baViilorjnvemitir debtors. And 
ludii]^^ 11 H II Mt hito fL^nLTiLatiim, 
but Uciivcr u;* iium -nni uvii 

14 one.* For if ye forgive men 
their trespasses, your neavenly 
Father will also forgive you. 

15 But if ye forgive not men 
thehr trespasses, neither will 
your Father forgive your tres- 

16 Moreover when ye fast, be 
not, as the hypocrites, of a 
sad countenance : for they dis- 
figure their faces, that they 
may be seen of men to fast. 
Verily I say unto you. They 
have received their reward. 

17 But thou, when thou fast- 
est, anoint thy head, and wash 

18 thy face; that thou be not 
seen of men to fii!=t. l^nt of 
thy Father whicEi ]> itj se- 
cret: and thy Fntlji r, ^vhich 
seeth in secret, ^^l1]l n ■ ■ m- 
pense thee. 

19 Lay not up for yourselves 
treasures upon the earth, 
where moth and rust doth 
consume, and where thieves 

20 fi break through and steal: but 
lay up for yourselves treasures 
in heaven, where neither moth 
nor rust doth consimie. and 
where thieves do not « break 

21 through nor steal: for where 
thy treasure is, there wiU thy 

22 heart be also. The lamp of 
the body is the eye : if there- 
fore thine eye be single, thy 

ties read 
Chd your 

2 Gr. our 
the com- 
ing day. 

3 Or, evil 



ar'ni' -at, 
bill ^v(th 


F.-.- i'.ine 
u '■■■.• 

at*d iU» 


and the 




5 Or. dijf 

« Or, age 

whole body shall be full of 
light. But if thine eye be evil, 28 
thy whole body shall be ftill 
of darkness. If therefore the 
light that is in thee be dark- 
ness, how great is the dark- 
ness! No man can serve two 24 
masters: for either he will 
hate the one, and love the 
other; or else he will hold to 
one, and despise the other. 
Ye cannot serve God and 
mammon. Therefore I say 25 
imto vou. Be not anxious for 
your life, what ye shall eat, 
or what ye shall drink; nor 
yet for your body, what ye 
shall put on. Is not the Ine 
more than the food, and the 
body than the raiment? Be- 26 
hold the birds of the heaven, 
thjit they sow not, neither do 
they reap, nor gather into 
barns ; and your heavenly Fa- 
ther feedeth them. Are not ye 
of much more value than they? 
And which of you by being 27 
anxious can add one cubit 
imto his 6 stature? And why 28 
are ye anxious concerning rai- 
ment? Consider the lilies of 
the field, how they grow ; they 
toil not, neither dp they spin : 
yet I say unto you, that even 29 
Solomon in all his glory was 
not arrayed like one of these. 
But if God doth so clothe the 80 
grass of the field, which to-day 
is, and to-morrow is cast into 
the oven, shall he not much 
more clotJie you, O ye of lit- 
tle faith? Be not therefore 81 
anxious, saying, What shall 
we eat? or, What shall we 
drink ? or. Wherewithal shall 
we be clothed? For after all 82 
these things do the Gentiles 
seek; for your heavenly Fa- 
ther knoweth that ye have 
need of all these things. But 83 
seek ye first his kingdom, and 
his righteousness ; and aJ' 
these things shall be adr' 
unto you. Be not there 



anxious for the morrow : for 
the morrow will be anxious 
for itself. Sufficient unto the 
day is the evil thereof. 

7 tfudee not, that ye be not 
2 judged. For with what judge- 
ment ye judge, ye shall be 
Judged: and with what mea- 
sure ye mete, it shall be mea- 

8 sured unto you. And why be- 
holdest thou the mote that is 
in thy brother's eye, but con- 
siderest not the beam that is 

4 in thine own eye? Or how 
wilt thou say to thy brother, 
Let me cast out the mote out 
of thine eye ; and lo, the beam 

5 is in thine own eye? Thou 
hypocrite, cast out fhrst the 
beam out of thine own eye; 
and then shalt thou see clearly 

■" to cast out the mote out of 
thy brother's eye. 

6 Give not that which is holy 
unto the dogs, neither cast 
your pearls before the swine, 
lest haply they trample them 
under their feet, and turn and 
rend you. 

7 Ask, and it shall be given 
you ; seek, and ye shall find : 
knock, and it shall be opened 

8 unto you: for every one that 
asketh receiveth ; and he that 
seeketh findeth; and to him 
that knocketh it shall be open- 

9 ed. Or what man is there of 
you, who, if his son shall ask 
him for a loa^ will give him 

10 a stone ; or if he shall ask for 
a fish, will give him a serpent? 

11 If ye then, being evil. Know 
how to give good gifts unto 
your children, now much more 
shall your Father which is in 
heaven give good things to 

12 them that ask him ? AU things 
therefore whatsoever ye would 
that men should do unto you, 
even so do ye also unto them : 
for this is the law and the 

Enter ye In by the narrow 
'; for wide 'is the gate, 

ties omit 

3 Many 
ties read 
How nar- 
gate, Ao. 



and broad is the way, that 
leadeth to destruction, and 
many be they that enter in 
thereby, a For narrow is the 14 
gate, and straitened the way, 
that leadeth unto life, and few 
be they that find it. 

Beware of false prophets, 15 
which come to you in sheep's 
clothing, but inwardly are ra- 
vening wolves. By their fruits 16 
ye shall know them. Do men 
gather grapes of thorns, or figs 
of thistles? Even so every good 17 
tree bringeth forth good fruit; 
but the corrupt tree bringeth 
forth evil fruit A good tree 18 
cannot bring forth evil fruit, 
neither can a corrupt tree 
bring forth good fruit Every 19 
tree that bringeth not forth 
good fruit is hewn down, and 
cast into the fire. Therefore 20 
by their fruits ye shall know 
them. Not every one that 21 
saith unto me, Lord, Lord, 
shall enter into the kingdom 
of heaven ; but he that doeth 
the will of my Father which 
is in heaven. Many will say to 22 
me in that day. Lord. Lord, 
did we not prophesy by thy 
name, and by thy name cast 
out 8 devils, and by thy name 
do many ^mighty works? And 23 
then will I profess unto them, 
I never knew you : depart 
from me, ye thieit work ini- 
quity. Every one therefore 24 
which heareth these words of 
mine, and doeth them, shall 
be likened unto a wise man, 
which built his house upon 
the rock: and the rain de- 25 
scended, and the floods came, 
and the winds blew, and beat 
upon that house; and it fell 
not : for it was founded upon 
the rock. And every one tnat 26 
heareth these words of mine, 
and doeth them not shall be 
likened unto a fooUsh man, 
which built his house upon 
(he sand : and the rain d^ 27 



floended, and the floods came, 
and the winds blew, and smote 
upon that house ; and it fell : 
and great was the fall thereof. 

28 And it came to pass, when 
Jesus ended these words, the 
multitudes were astonished at 

29 his teaching: for he taught 
them as one having authority, 
and not as their scribes. 

3 And when he was come 
down fh)m the mountain, 
great multitudes followed him. 

2 And l)ehold. there came to him 
a leper ana worshipped him, 
saying, Lord, if thou wilt, thou 

8 canst make me clean. And he 
stretched forth his hand, and 
touched him, saying, I will ; be 
thou made clean. And straight- 
way his leprosy was deansed. 

4 And Jesus saith unto him, See 
thou tell no man ; but go thy 
way, shew thyself to the priest, 
and offer the gift that Moses 
commanded, for a testimony 
unto them. 

5 And when he was entered 
into Capernaum, there came 
unto him a centurion, be- 

6 seeching him, and saying. Lord, 
my 1 servant lieth in the house 
sick of the palsv, grievously 

7 tormented. And he saith unto 
him, I will come and heal him. 

8 And the centurion answered 
and said, Lord, I am not 2 wor- 
thy that thou shouldest come 
under my roof: but only say 
8 the word, and nay ^servant 

9 shall be healed. For I also 
am a man ^ under authority, 
having under myself soldiers : 
and I say to this one, Go, and 
he goeth ; and to another. 
Come, and he cometh; and 
to my fi servant, Do this, and 

10 he doeth it. And when Jesus 
heard it, he marvelled, and 
said to them that followed. 
Verily I say unto you, « I have 
not found so great faith, no, 

11 not in Israel And I say unto 
you, that many shall come 

1 Or, hov 


3 Gr. with 
a teord. 

4 Some 
ties in- 
sert $et : 
as in 

6 Mm,? 
an<i' Jit 


fotn > 


8 Or, de- 




flrom the east and the west, 
and shall 7 sit down with Abra- 
ham, and Isaac, and Jacob, in 
the kingdom of heaven: but 12 
the sons of the kingdom shall 
be cast forth into the outer 
daitoiess: there shall be the 
weeping and gnashing of teeth. 
And Jesus said unto the cen- 13 
turion, Go thy way; as thou 
hast believed, so be it done 
unto thee. And the i servant 
was healed in that hour. 

And when Jesus was come 14 
into Peter's house, he saw his 
wife's mother lying sick of a 
fever. And he touched her 15 
hand, and the fever left her: 
and she arose, and ministered 
unto him. And when even was 16 
come, they brought imto him 
many 8 possessed with devils: 
and he cast out the spirits with 
a word, and healed all that 
were sick: that it might be 17 
fulfilled which was spoken » by 
Isaiah the prophet, saying. 
Himself took our infirmities, 
and bare our diseases. 

Now when Jesus saw great 18 
multitudes about him, he gave 
commandment to depart un- 
to the other side. And there 19 
came lOa scribe, and said unto 
him, "Master, I wiU foUow 
thee whithersoever thou goest 
And Jesus saith unto him. 20 
The foxes have holes, and 
the birds of the heaven have 
13 nests; but the Son of man 
hath not where to lay his 
head. And another of the dis- 21 
ciples said unto him, Lord, 
suffer me first to go and buiy 
my father. But Jesus saith 22 
unto him. Follow me ; and 
leave the dead to buzy their 
own dead. 

And when he was entered 28 
into a boat, his disciples fol- 
lowed him. And behold, there 24 
arose a great tempest in the 
sea, insomuch that the b^' 
was covered with the wr 




25 but he was asleep. And they 
came to Mm, and awoke him, 
saying, Save, Lord ; we perish. 

26 And he saith unto them, Why 
are ye fearful, O ye of little 
faith ? Then he arose, and re- 
buked the winds and the sea ; 
and there was a great calm. 

27 And the men marvelled, say- 
ing. What manner of man is 
this, that even the winds and 
the sea obey him? 

28 And when he was come to 
the other side into the coun- 
try of the Gadarenes, there 
met him two i possessed with 
devils, coming forth out of 
the tombs, exceeding fierce, so 
that no man coul b^ 

29 that way. And be ey 
cried out, saying, \ ive 
we to do with thee on 
of God ? art thou c« ler 
to torment us bcJuic the 

80 time? Now there was afar off 
f^om them a herd of many 

81 swine feeding. And the 2 devils 
besought him, saying, If thou 
cast us out, send us away in- 

82 to the herd of swine. And he 
said unto them, Go. And they 
came out, and went into the 
swine : and behold, the whole 
herd rushed down the steep 
into the sea, and perished in 

83 the waters. And they that fed 
them fled, and went away into 
the city, and told every thing, 
and what was befallen to them 
that were i possessed with de- 

84 vils. And behold, all the city 
came out to meet Jesus : and 
when they saw him, they be- 
sought him that he would de- 
part fh)m their borders. 

9 And he entered Into a boat> 

and crossed over, and came in- 

2 to his own city. And behold, 

they brought to him a man 

sick of the palsy, lying on a 

bed: and Jesus seeing their 

faith said unto the sick of the 

"^Isy, 8 Son, be of good cheer ; 

sins are forgiven. And 

2 Or. 


ties read 

5 Or. 

reclined : 
and so 

7 Or 


9 Some 
ties omit 

behold, certain of the scribes 
said within themselves. This 
man blasphemeth. And Jesus 4 

4 knowing their thoughts said. 
Wherefore think ye evil in 
your hearts? For whether is 5 
easier, to say, Thy sins are for- 
given; or to say, Arise, and 
walk? But that ye may know 6 
that the Son of man hath 

5 power on earth to forgive 
sins (then saith he to the sick 
of the palsy). Arise, and take 
up thy bed, and go unto thy 
house. And he arose, and de- 7 
parted to his house. But when 8 
the multitudes saw it, thev 
were afraid, and glorified God, 
which had given such ^ power 
unto men. 

And as Jesus passed by f^om 9 
thence, he saw a man, called 
Matthew, sitting at the pla<» 
of toll : and he saith unto him. 
Follow me. And he arose, and 
followed him. 

And it came to pass, as he 10 
«8at at meat in the house, be- 
hold, many publicans and sin- 
ners came and sat down with 
Jesus and his disciples. And 11 
when the Pharisees saw it, 
they said unto his disciples, 
Why eateth your ^ Master with 
the publicans and sinners? 
But when he heard it, he said, 12 
They that are 8 whole have no 
need of a physician, but they 
that are sick. But go ye and 13 
learn what this meaneth, I 
desire mercy, and not sacri- 
fice : for I came not to call the 
righteous, but sinners. 

Then come to him the dis- 14 
ciples of John, saying, Why 
do we and the Pharisees fast 
9 oft, but thy disciples fast 
not? And Jesus said unto 15 
them. Can the sons of the 
bride-chamber mourn, as long 
as the bridegroom is with 
them ? but the days will come, 
when the bridegroom shall be 
taken away flrom them, and 




16 then will they fast And no 
man putteth a piece of un- 
dressed cloth upon an old gar- 
ment ; for that which should 
fill it up taketh (h>m the gar- 
ment» and a worse rent is 

17 made. Neither do men put 
new wine into old i wine-skins: 
else the skins burst, and the 
wine is spilled, and the skins 
perish : but they put new wine 
into IVesh wine-sons, and both 

18 While he spake these things 
unto them, behold, there came 
Sa ruler, and worshipped him, 
saying, My daughter is even 
now dead : but come and lay 
thy hand upon her, and she 

19 shall live. And Jesus arose, 
and followed him, and so did 

20 his disciples. And behold, a 
woman, who had an issue of 
blood twelve years, came be- 
hind him, and touched the 

21 border of his garment : for she 
said within herself, If I do 
but touch his garment, I shall 

22 be Smade whole. But Jesus 
turning and seeing her said. 
Daughter, be of good cheer; 
thy faith hath <made thee 
whole. And the woman was 
smade whole from that hour. 

23 And when Jesus came into 
the ruler's house, and saw the 
flute-players, and the crowd 

24 making a tumult, he said. 
Give place : for the damsel is 
not dead, but sleepeth. And 
they laughed him to scorn. 

25 But when the crowd was put 
forth, he entered in, and took 
her by the hand; and the 

26 damsel arose. And ^the fame 
hereof went forth into all that 

27 And as Jesus passed by from 
thence, two blind men follow- 
ed him, crying out> and say- 
ing. Have mercy on us, thou 

28 son of David. And when he 
wag come into the house, the 
blind men came to him: and 

1 That Is. 
•irt 1M M««d 

2ar. o«M 

4 Or. 

5 Gr. On 

6 Or, 



Jesus saith unto them, Believe 
ye that I am able to do this? 
They say unto him, Yea, Lord. 
Then touched he their eyes, 29 
sa\ing. According to your 
faith be it done imto you. 
And their eyes were opened. 80 
And Jesus « strictly charged 
them, saying. See that no man 
know it. But they went forth, 81 
and spread abroad his fame in 
all that land. 

And ti^ th<?y went fcirtlu 1»- 82 
Uui'l, lliuru wa» bnuuiiibt ta 
Iiiiii 11 duinlj XiiiWi. ]PL>iM.'H»ed 
with &. ^dcvtl:. And whi^n \>h^ 33 

Tilt^l'll niJ3 il^lHt (Jf^lt, tllL' dciTnU 

tnnn firotke : antl tliti TiniltUmits 
m:irvi-NluiL stii'lng. It h'jis never 
so Bccn In larii^L Fldt tbo 34 
Fhiirlisvufl ssiid, * Hy tlie pilrLi'e 
ur ihu ^dtjvlla i!iLBleth bo opt 

Am! Jeaufl wuDt about all 85 
tbii cStli;^ and tbe vlUiigEJi^ 
teiiL^hUiK In tbcii- ajunmoj^uejs, 

tliG kiuitdatu, smil IjuaUiijif all 
uiunniif of dlbt-uiit; and uJl 
futkniiLt of HlelciitsjL But wbeo 36 
tie Haw the tuulUtuJeif, be was 
nitj vuid witb c om ptuo^kiin fr i^r 

tressed and scattered, as sheep 
not having a shepherd. Then 87 
saith he unto bis disciples. 
The harvest truly is plenteous, 
but the labourers are few. 
Pray ye therefore the Lord 38 
of the harvest, that he send 
forth labourers into his har- 
vest. And he called unto \Q 
him his twelve disciples, and 
gave them authority over un- 
clean spirits, to cast them 
out, and to heal all manner 
of disease and all manner of 

Now the names of the twelve S 
apostles are these : The first, Si< 
mon, who is called Peter, and 
Andrew Ws brother ; James t»»' 
8on of Zebedee, and John 
brother; Philip, and Bar 




lomew* Thomas, and Matthew 
the publican ; James the ton 
of Alphseus, and Thaddasus: 

4 Simon the iCananeean, and 
Judas Iscariot, who also s be- 

5 trayed him. These twelve Je- 
sus sent forth, and charged 
them, saying. 

Go ndt into any way of the 
GentOes, and enter not into 
any city of the Samaritans: 

6 but go rather to the lost sheep 

7 of the house of Israel And 
as ye go, preach, saying. The 
kingdom of heaven is at nand. 

8 Heal the sick, raise the dead, 
cleanse the lepers, cast out 
3 devils: freely ye received, 

9 fiwly give. Get you no gold, 
nor silver, nor brass in your 

10 4 purses; no wallet for your 
Journey, neither two coats, nor 
shoes, nor staff: for the la- 
bourer is worthy of his food. 

11 And into whatsoever city or vil- 
lage ve shall enter, search out 
who in it is worthy ; and there 

12 abide till ye go forth. And 
as ye enter into the house, 

13 salute it And if the house be 
worthy, let your peace come 
upon it: but if it be not 
worthy, let your peace return 

14 to you. And whosoever shaU 
not receive you, nor hear your 
words, as ye go forth out of 
that house or that city, shake 

15 offthe dust of your feet. Verily 
I say unto you, It shall be 
more tolerable for the land of 
Sodom and Gomorrah in the 
day of Judgement, than for that 

16 Behold, I send you forth as 
sheep in the midst of wolves : 
be ye therefore wise as ser- 
pents, and <> harmless as doves. 

17 But beware of men : for they 
will deliver you up to councils, 
and in their synagogues they 

18 will scourge you ; yea and be- 
fore governors and kings shall 

be brought for my sake, for 
'^stimony to them and to 


See Lake 
Acts-i. IS. 

3 Or, 
him up : 
and so 





7 Or. 

9 Or. 
hvl: and 
so else- 

10 Gr. 

the Gentilea. But when they 19 
deliver you up, be not anxious 
how or what ye shall speak: 
for it shall be given you in 
that hour what ye shall speak. 
For it is not ye that speak, 20 
but the Spirit of your Father 
that speaketh in you. And 21 
brother shall deliver up bro- 
ther to death, and the father 
his child : and children shall 
rise up against parents, and 

6 cause them to be put to 
death. And ye shall be hated 22 
of all men for my name's 
sake: but he that endureth 

to the end, the same shall be 
saved. But when they perse- 23 
cute you in this city, flee into 
the next : for verily I say unto 
you, Ye shall not have gone 
through the cities of Israel, 
till the Son of man be come. 
A disciple is not above his 24 

7 master, nor a ^ servant above 
his lord. It is enough for the 25 
disciple that he be as his ? mas- 
ter, and the sservant as his lord. 

If they have called the master 
of the house ^ Beelzebub, how 
much more slwXl they call 
them of his household I Fear 26 
them not therefore : for there 
is nothing covered, that shall 
not be revealed ; and hid, that 
shall not be known. What I 27 
tell you in the darkness, speak 

Ee in the light: and what ye 
ear in the ear, proclaim upon 
the housetops. And be not 28 
afraid of them which kill the 
body, but are not able to kill 
the soul : but rather fear him 
which is able to destroy both 
soul and body in whelL Are 29 
not two sparrows sold for a 
farthing? and not one of them 
shall fall on the ground with- 
out your Father : but the very 80 
hairs of your head are all num- 
bered. Fear not therefore ; ye 81 
are of more value than many 
sparrows. Every one therefore 82 
who shall confess " me before 




men, i him will I also confess 
before my Father which is in 
88 heaven. But whosoever shall 
deny me before men, him will 
I also deny before my Father 
which is in heaven. 

84 Think not that I came to 
2 send peace on the earth: I 
came not to 2 send peace, but 

85 a sword. For I came to set a 
man at variance against his 
father, and the daughter a- 
gainst her mother, and the 
daughter in law against her 

86 mother in law : and a man's 
foes shall be they of hia own 

87 household. He that loveth fa- 
ther or mother more than me 
is not worthy of me : and he 
that loveth son or daughter 
more than me is not worthy 

88 of me. And he that doth not 
take his cross and follow after 

89 me, is not worthy of me. He 
that sflndeth his ^life shall 
lose it ; and he that ^loseth his 
4 life for my sake shall find it. 

40 He that receiveth you re- 
ceiveth me, and he that re- 
ceiveth me receiveth him that 

41 sent me. He that receiveth a 
prophet in the name of a pro- 
phet shall receive a prophet's 
reward ; and he that receiveth 
a righteous man in the name 
of a righteous man shall re- 
ceive a righteous man's re- 

42 ward. And whosoever shall 
give to drink unto one of these 
little ones a cup of cold water 
only, in the name of a dis- 
ciple, verily I say unto you, 
he snail in no wise lose his 

11 And it came to pass, when 
Jesus had made an end of 
commanding his twelve dis- 
ciples, he departed thence to 
teach and preach in their 

2 Now when John heard in 
the prison the works of the 
Christ, he sent by his disciples, 

8 and said unto him. Art thou 




5 Or, Joa 

6 Or, ft« 

7 Many 
ties read 
But what 
went ye 
out to 
see 7 a 
prophet 1 

10 Some 
ties omit 
to hear. 

he that cometh, or look we 
for another? And Jesus an- 4 
swered and said unto them. 
Go your way and tell John 
the things which ye do hear 
and see : the blind receive 6 
their sight, and the lame walk, 
the lepers are cleansed, and 
the deaf hear, and the dead 
are raised up, and the poor 
have 6good tidings preached to 
them. And blessed is he, who- 6 
soever shall find none occasion 
of stumblinff in me. And as 7 
these went their way, Jesus be- 
gan to say unto the multitudes 
concerning John,What went ye 
out into the wilderness to be- 
hold ? a reed shaken with the 
wind ? But what went ye out for 8 
to see ? a man clothed in soft 
raimerU^ Behold, they that 
wear soft raiment are in kings' 
houses. 7 But wherefore went 9 
ye out? to see a prophet? Yea, 
I say unto you, and much more 
than a prophet This is he, of 10 
whom it is written. 

Behold, I send my messen- 
ger before thy face, 

Who shall prepare thy way 
before thee. 
Verily I say unto you. A- 11 
mong them that are horn of 
women there hath not arisen 
a greater than John the Bap- 
tist: yet he that is sbut little 
in the J^ingdom of heaven is 
greater than he. And IVom 12 
the days of John the Baptist 
until now the kingdom of nea- 
ven sufTereth violence, and men 
ofviolqpcetakeitbyforce. For 13 
all the prophets and the law 
prophesied until John. And 14 
if ye are willing to receive Ht, 
this is Mijah, which is to come. 
He that hath ears loto hear, 16 
let him hear. But whereunto 16 
shall I liken this generation? 
It is like unto children sittir 
in the marketplaces, w' 
call unto their fellows 
say. We piped unto yot 




ye did not dance ; we wailed, 

18 and ye did not i mourn. For 
John came neither eating nor 
drinking, and they say. He 

19 hath a «de?iL The Son of 
man came eating and drink- 
ing, and they say, Behold, a 

gluttonous man, and a wine- 
ibber, a Mend of publicans 
and sinners! And wisdom >i8 
Justified by her ^ works. 

20 Then b^^an he to upbraid 
the cities wherein most of his 
6 mighty works were done, be- 

21 cause they repented not. Woe 
unto thee, Cliorazin ! woe unto 
thee, Bethsaida! for if the 
<( mighty works had been done 
in Tyre and Sldon which were 
done in you, they would have 
repented long ago in sackcloth 

22 and ashes. Howbelt I say unto 
you, it shall be more tolerable 
for Tyre and Sidon In the day 
of Judgement, than for you. 

23 And thou, Capernaum, shalt 
thou be exalted unto heaven ? 
thou Shalt «go down unto 
Hades: for if the * mighty 
works had been done in So- 
dom which were done in thee. 
It would have remained until 

24 this day. Howbeit I say unto 
you, that it shall be more 
tolerable for the land of So- 
dom in the day of Judgement^ 
than for thee. 

25 At that season Jesus an- 
swered and said, I 7 thank 
thee, O Father, Lord of hea- 
ven and earth, that thou didst 
hide these things from the wise 
and imderstanding, and didst 

26 reveal them unto babes : yea. 
Father, 8for so it was well- 

27 pleasing In thy sight All 
things have been delivered 
unto me of my Father: and 
no one knoweth the Son, save 
the Father ; neither doth any 
know the Father, save the Son, 
^nd he to whomsoever the Son 

Teth to reveal him. Come 
) me, all ye that labour 

1 Or. heat 

4 Many 
ties read 
ehildren : 
as In 
Luke vlL 

ties read 

7 Or, 

ties read 

10 Or. a 

and are heavy laden, and I 
will give you rest. Take my 29 
yoke upon you, and learn of 
me ; for I am meek and lowly 
in heart : and ye shall find rest 
unto your souLs. For my yoke 80 
is easy, and my burden is light. 

At that season Jesus went 12 
on the sabbath day through 
the cornfields ; and his disci- 
ples were an hungre4l, and 
began to pluck ears of com, 
and to eat But the Phari- 2 
sees, when they saw it said 
unto him, Behold, thy disci- 
ples do that which it is not 
lawful to do upon the sabbath. 
But he said unto them. Have 8 
ye not read what David did, 
when he was an hungred, and 
they that were with him ; how 4 
he entered into the house of 
Gtod, and »did eat the shew- 
bread, which it was not law- 
ful for him to eat neither 
for them that were with him, 
but only for the priests? Or 5 
have ye not read in the law, 
how that on the sabbath day 
the priests in the temple pro- 
fane the sabbath, and are 
guiltless ? But I say unto you, 6 
that 10 one greater than the 
temple is here. But if ye had 7 
known what this meaneth, I 
desire mercy, and not sacri- 
floe, ye would not have con- 
demned the ^iltless. For the 8 
Son of man is lord of the sab- 

And he departed thence, and 9 
went into their synagogue: 
and behold, a man having a 10 
withered hand. And they asked 
him, saying. Is It lawful to heal 
on the sabbiBtth day? that they 
might accuse him. And he 11 
said unto them. What man 
shall there be of you, that 
shall have one sheep, and If 
this fall into a pit on the sab- 
bath day, will he not lay hold 
on it and lift it out? How 12 
much then is a man of more 

-12. 37. 



value than a sheep 1 Wherefore 
it is lawful to do good on the 
18 sabbath day. Then saith he 
to the man, Stretch forth thy 
hand. And he stretched it 
forth; and it was restored 

14 whole, as the other. But the 
Pharisees went out, and took 
counsel against him, how they 

15 might destroy him. And Jesus 
perceiving it withdrew li-om 
thence: and many followed 
him ; and he healed them all, 

16 and charged them that they 
should not make him known : 

17 that it might be (UlflUed which 
was spoken iby Isaiah the 
prophet, saying, 

18 Behold, mv servant whom 

I have chosen ; 

My beloved in whom my 
soul is well pleased : 

I will put my Spirit upon 

And he shall declare Judge- 
ment to the Qentiles. 

19 He shall not strive, nor cry 

Neither shall any one hear 
his voice in the streets. 

20 A bruised reed shall he not 


And smoking flax shall he 
not quench, 

Till he send forth Judge- 
ment unto victory. 

21 And in his name shall the 

<; ■■. ■ 

22 Tbt'i' .!iT unto him 
Sono ^l0^i.L^-s,';'Jt.! wStli a duvil, 
biln^l an J dumb : and "h^ Lual- 
cd btni, iuaumuL'h thai the 
(Jut] lb tnan sijaku find saw. 

23 Jkn^ nil the niiiltltudcs were 
aln:!iX(M:l» nnd \sa\i\^ Ih Lhla thie 

24 ion of Bftvlil? But whE>n the 
Phaiiaees biiFird tt, they tii^dd, 
Thifl iiiiin iN^Ui smi ttist out 
adnirilji, but *bj Eoelsehul) the 

25 pHnec c»f the >dcTlliL And 
Riiow\iur their tho^i^liU he 
§atd Piiti) thcni, Evorj klng- 
doQi divlrlod a^aliiat itBelf is 
luronght to dismlatiou; and 



2 Or. a 


4 Or, in 

5 Some 
ties read 
unto you 

« Or, ag« 

every city or house divided 
against itself shall not stand : 
and if Satan casteth out Satan, 26 
he is divided against himself; 
how then shall his kingdom 
stand? And if I * by Beelze- 27 
bub cast out » devils, ^by whom 
do your sons cast them out? 
therefore shall they be your 
Judges. But if 1 4 by the Spirit 28 
of God cast out » devils, then 
is the kingdom of God come 
upon you. Or how can one 29 
enter into the house of the 
strong man, and spoil his 
goods, except he first bind the 
strong rrian ? and then he will 
spoil his house. He that is not 80 
with me is against me; and 
he that gathereth not with me 
scattereth. Therefore I say 31 
unto you. Every sin and blas- 
phemy shall be forgiven ^unto 
men; but the blasphemy a- 
gainst the Spirit shall not be 
forgiven. And whosoever shall 32 
speak a word against the Son 
of man, it shall be forgiven 
him: but whosoever shall 

r$ak against the Holy Spirit, 
shall not be forgiven him, 
neither in this ^ world, nor in 
that which is to come. Either 83 
make the tree good, and its 
fruit good ; or make the tree 
corrupt, and its fruit corrupt : 
for the tree is known by its 
friiit. Ye offspring of vipers, 84 
how can ye, being evil, speak 
good things? for out of the 
abundance of the heart the 
mouth speaketh. The good 85 
man out of his good treasure 
bringeth forth good thinffs: 
and the evil man out of bis 
evil treasure bringeth forth 
evil things. And I say unto 86 
you, that every idle word that 
men shall speak, they shall 
give account thereof in the 
day of judgement. For by thy 87 
words thou shalt be Justified 
and by thy words thou p' 
be condemned. 




88 Then certain of the scribes 
and Pharisees answered him, 
saying, ^ Master, we would see 

89 a sign from thee. But he an- 
swered and said unto them, 
An eyil and adulterous gene- 
ration seeketh after a sign; 
and there shall no sign be 
given to it but the sign of Jo- 

40 nah the prophet : for as Jonah 
was three days and three nights 
in the belly of the s whale ; so 
shall the Son of man be three 
days and three nights in the 

41 heart of the earth. The men of 
Nineveh shall stand up in the 
judgement with this genera- 
tion, and shall condemn It: for 
they repented at the preach- 
ing of Jonah; and behold, 'a 

42 greater than Jonah is here. The 
queen of the south shall rise 
up in the judgement with this 
generation, and shall condemn 
it: for she came from the ends 
of the earth to hear the wisdom 
of Solomon; and behold, sa 
greater than Solomon is here. 

43 But the unclean spirit, when 
< he is gone out of the man, pass- 
eth through waterless places, 
seeking rest, and flndeth it 

44 not. Then *he saith, I will 
return into my house whence 
I came out ; and when < he is 
come, 4 he flndeth it empty, 

45 swept^ and garnished. Then 
goeth *he, and taketh with 
« himself seven other spirits 
more evil than ^ himself, and 
they enter in and dwell there : 
and the last state of that man 
becometh worse than the first 
Even so shall it be also unto 
this evil generation. 

46 While he was yet speaking 
to the multitudes, behold, his 
mother and his brethren stood 
without, seeking to speak to 

47 him. 6 And one said unto him, 
Behold, thy mother and thy 
^^ethren stand without, seek- 

T to speak to thee. But he 
wered and said unto him 



2 Gr. »ea- 

3 Gr. more 

6 Or, UseV 

6 Some 
tiea omit 
ver. 47. 

ties add 
here, and 
In Tcr. 43, 
to hear : 
as in 
Marie iv. 
9: Luke 

that told him. Who is my mo< 
ther? and who are my bre- 
thren? And he stretched forth 49 
his hand towards his disciples, 
and said. Behold, my mother 
and my brethren I For whoso- 50 
ever shall do the will of my 
Father which is in heaven, he 
is my brother, and sister, and 

On that day went Jesus 13 
out of the house, and sat by 
the sea side. And there were 2 
gathered unto him great mul- 
titudes, so that he entered in- 
to a boat, and sat ; and all the 
multitude stood on the beach. 
And he spake to them many 3 
things in parables, saying, Be- 
hold, the sower went forth to 
sow; and as he sowed, some 4 
geeds fell by the way side, and 
the birds came and devoured 
them : and others fell upon the 6 
rocky places, where they had 
not much earth : and straight- 
way they sprang up, because 
they had no deepness of earth : 
and when the sun was risen, 6 
they were scorched; and be- 
cause they had no root, they 
withered away. And others 7 
fell upon the thorns ; and the 
thorns grew up, and choked 
them: and others fell upon the 8 
good ground, and yielded fjruit, 
some a hundredfold, some six- 
ty, some thirty. He that hath 9 
ears'f, let him hear. 

And the disciples came, and 10 
said unto him. Why speakest 
thou unto them in parables? 
And he answered and said 11 
^nto them. Unto you it is 
given to know the mysteries 
of the kingdom of heaven, but 
to them it is not given. For 12 
whosoever hath, to him shall 
be given, and he shall have 
abundance : but whosoever 
hath not, from him shall bo 
taken away even that which 
he hath. Therefore speak I 18 
to them in parables ; because 




seeing they see not, and hear- 
ing they hear not, neither do 

14 they understand. And unto 
them is fulfilled the prophecy 
of Isaiah, which saith, 

By hearing ye shall hear, 
and shall in no wise un- 

And seeing ye shall see, and 
shall in no wise perceive : 

15 For this people's heart is 

waxed gross, 

And their ears are dull of 

And their eyes they have 

Lest hapiT they should per- 
ceive with their eyes. 

And hear with their ears. 

And understand with their 

And should turn again. 

And I should heal them. 

16 But blessed are your eyes, for 
they see; and your ears, for, 

17 they hear. For verily I say 
unto vou, that many prophets 
and righteous men desired to 
see the things which ye see, 
and saw them not; and to 
hear the things which ye hear, 

18 and heard them not Hear 
then ye the parable of the 

19 sower. When any one hear- 
cth the word of the kingdom, 
and understandeth it not, then 
cometh the evil one, and snatch- 
eth away that which hath been 
sown in his heart. This is he 
that was sown by the way side. 

20 And he that was sown upon, 
the rocky places, this is he 
that heareth the word, and 
straightway with Joy receiveth 

21 it; yet hath he not root in 
himself, but endureth for a 
while; and when tribulation 
or persecution ariseth because 
of the word, straightway he 

22 stumbleth. And he that was 
sown among the thorns, this 
is he that heareth the word ; 
and the care of the i world, 
and the deccitfUlness of riches, 

1 Or, age 

2 Or, 


mun that 
Is an 

choke the word, and ho be- 
cometh unfhiitfuL And he 23 
that was sown upon the good 
ground, this is he that hear- 
eth the word, and understand- 
eth it; who verily heareth 
fhiit, and bringeth forth, some 
a hundredfold, some sixty, 
some thirty. 

Another parable set he be- 24 
fore them, saying. The king- 
dom of heaven is likened unto 
a man that sowed good seed 
in his field: but while men 25 
slept, his enemy came and 
sowed stares also among the 
wheat, and went away. But 26 
when the blade sprang up^ and 
brought forth fhiit, then ap- 
peared the tares also. And the 27 
3 servants of the household- 
er came and said unto him. 
Sir, didst thou not sow good 
seed in thy field ? whence then 
hath it tares? And he said 28 
unto them, <An enemy hath 
done this. And the s servants 
say unto him. Wilt thou then 
that we go and gather them 
up? But he saith, Nay; lest 29 
haply while ye gather up the 
tares, ye root up the wheat 
with them. Let both grow to- 30 
gether until the harvest : and 
in the time of the harvest I 
will say to the reapers, Ga- 
ther up flk^ the tares, and 
bind them in bundles to bum 
them: but gather the wheat 
into my bam. 

Another parable set he be- 81 
fore them, saying. The king- 
dom of heaven is like unto a 
grain of mustard seed, which 
a man took, and sowed In his 
field : which indeed is less 82 
than all seeds ; but when it is 
grown, it is greater than the 
herbs, and becometh a tree, so 
that the birds of the heaven 
come and lodge in the branch- 
es thereof. 

Another parable spa> 
unto them; The king* 




heaven is like unto leaven, 
which a woman took, and hid 
in three i measures of meal, 
till it was all leavened. 
S4 All these things spake Jesus 
in parables unto the multi- 
tudes ; and without a parable 
spake he nothing unto them : 

85 that it might be fuIflUed which 
was spoken ^by the prophet, 

I will open my mouth in 

parables ; 
I will utter things hidden 

(h>m the foundation ^of 

the world. 

86 Then he left the multitudes. 
tuA v,LiA- Liitu lilio house: and 
h!^ i:liHt:ipluj vume unto him, 
HAylriK, K?(|i!alu unto us the 

_ pamble or tUa tares of the 

87 mlfl And iio answered and 
finid. He thsit simeth the good 

38 ?ccrl \9 thc^ Son of man ; and 
the ftrhi is tbc world; and the 
gQiui ficcrl, thi."^ are the sons 
of tht; khii^doni ■ and the tares 
UP* xlie aotjs ni the evil one; 

89 iint\ the iiKniv that sowed 
them itt tli<j dtivil: and the 
harvest is ^the end of the 
world; and the reapers are 

40 angels. As therefore the tares 
are gathered up and burned 
with fire ; so shall it be in < the 

41 end of the world. The Son 
of man shall send forth his 
angels, and they shall gather 
out of his kingdom all things 
that cause stumbling, and them 

42 that do iniquity, and shall cast 
them into the furnace of fire : 
there shall be the weeping and 

43 Kill"* " Vi. Then shall 
(liL' ' line forth as 
tlHj ^LiLi jji LIU. kingdom of 
tiicir Fuibcr, Jfe that hath 
fi^rri, let hini hiMir. 

44 Tlie klnj^ilorn of heaven is 
UKe until EL trt;3LHiire hidden in 
tlie flclil ; whUih a man found, 
and hifi ; and Mn his joy he 

X}tta and mWtith all that he 
\ and bu^>f9th that field. 

I The 

in the 
the He- 
seah, a 


nearly a 
peck and 
a half: 

2 Or. 

8 Many 
ties omit 

* Or. Oyt 
matioH oi 

8 Or, 
for Joy 

6 Or. 


euused to 

Again, the kingdom of hea- 46 
Ten is like unto a man that Is 
a merchant seeking goodly 
pearls : and having found one 46 
peari of great price, he went 
and sold all that he had, and 
bought it 

Again, the Idngdom of hea- 47 
yen Is like unto a « net, that was 
cast into the sea, and gather- 
ed of every kind : which, when 48 
it was filled, they drew up on 
the beach ; and they sat down, 
and gathered the good into 
vessels, but the bad they cast 
away. So shall it be in ^the 49 
end of the world : the angels 
shall come forth, and sever the 
wicked fh)m among the rightr 
eous, and shall cast them into 60 
the furnace of fire : there shall 
be the weeping and gnashing 
of teeth. 

Have ye understood all these 51 
things? They say unto him, 
Yea. And he said unto them, 52 
Therefore every scribe who 
hath been made a disciple 
to the kingdom of heaven is 
like unto a man that is a 
householder, which bringeth 
forth out of his treasure things 
new and old. 

And it came to pass, when 58 
Jesus had finished these para- 
bles, he departed thence. And 54 
coming into his own country 
he taught them in their syna- 
gogue, insomuch that they were 
astonished, and said, Whence 
hath this man this wisdom, 
and these 7 mighty works? Is 55 
not this the carpenter's son? 
is not his mother called Mary ? 
and his brethren, James, and 
Joseph, and Simon, and Ju- 
das? And his sisters, are they 56 
not all with us? Whence then 
hath this man all these things? 
And they were ^off'ended in 57 
him. But Jesus said unto 
them, A prophet is not with- 
out honour, save in his own 
country, and in his own house. 

-14. 20. 



£8 And he did not many i mighty 
works there because of their 
\4t ^^ ^^^^ season Herod the 
tetrarch heard the report 
2 concerning Jesu&and said un- 
to' his servants, This is Jolm 
the Baptist ; he is risen fh)m 
the dead; and therefore do 
these powers work in him. 
8 For Herod bn:1 l?,f^ h-M on 
Jfjlin, Kind liU'iiniJ hltji, heuE put 
him tn piHson fur tbL' Has lit: of 
(Ii.Ti'tdiiui, bin lifutli'Ur PbiUp's 
4 wlft;:. For John stiiil untf} h^m, 
It ia iif>t Ijiwfgl ffir tliye to 
£ hiivp h«r. And whtn he would 
have put hi Til :o (to^itlin he 
rehired the niulUtUfle, ^tijciiuse 
Ihcy coiintiJd Wiu s^ a. j>ro- 

6 phoL But nben HcriiKl'ii birth- 
Gay came, tbB (laiiii^btcr uf He- 
nidiii^ diiiit!ud hi tbc midst, 

7 and pkoitsd Hei-ort Where- 
u|K9u he proniliHitl vMh an 
oifitib to Klvu her wbfttEMJover 

8 Bbis Khould aij^k. AuiJ aitu, be- 
luff put forwEkni by hur mo- 
thiir, aalth, OtvtJ nie hmre in a 
cbiLf^f tbo biaid ijf .rohn the 

9 BtiptiHt. Aiirf the kJiJiif was 
ffHevr^l ; hut (nr thp srikt* of 
Tifr ,iT'i-:. ri r t^-. T- ^vluch 

10 manded it to be given : and 
he sent, and beheaded John in 

11 the prison. And his head was 
brought in a charger, and 
given to the damsel : and she 

12 brought it to her mother. And 
his disciples came, and took 
up the corpse, and buried him ; 
and they went and told Jesus. 

18 Now when Jesus heard it, 
he withdrew fi*om thence in a 
boat, to a desert place apart : 
and when the multitudes heard 
thureqf, they followed him *on 

14 foot fh)m the cities. And he 
came forth, and saw a great 
multitude, and he had com- 
passion on them, and healed 

15 their sick. And when even 
was come, the disciples came 


2 Or, 


ties read 

to him, saying, The place is 
desert, and the time is already 
past ; send the multitudes a- 
way, that they may go into 
the villages, and buy them- 
selves food. But Jesus said 16 
unto them, They have no need 
to go away; give ye them to 
eat And they say unto him, 17 
We have here but five loaves, 
and two fishes. And he said, 18 
Bring them hither to ma And 19 
he commanded the multitudes 
to s sit down on the grass ; and 
he took the five loaves, and 
the two fishes, and looking up 
to heaven, he blessed, and 
brake and gave the loaves to 
the disciples, and the disciples 
to the multitudes. And they 20 
did all eat, and were filled: 
and they took up that which 
remained over of the broken 

Sieces, twelve baskets fUlL And 21 
ley that did eat were about 
five thousand men, beside wo- 
men and children. 

And straightway he con- 22 
strained the disciples to enter 
into the boat, and to go before 
him unto the other side, till 
he should send the multitudes 
away. And after he had sent 23 
the multitudes away, he went 
up into the mountain apart 
to prav: and when even was 
come, he was there alone. But 24 
the boat < was now in the midst 
of the sea, distressed by the 
waves ; for the wind was con- 
trary. And in the fourth watch 25 
of the night he came unto 
them, walking upon the sea. 
And when the disciples saw 26 
him wfdking on the sea, they 
were troubled; saying. It is an 
apparition ; and they cried out 
for fear. But straightway Je- 27 
BUS spake unto them, saying. 
Be of good cheer; it is I; be 
not afiraid. And Peter answer- 28 
ed him and said, Lord, if it be 
thou, bid me come unto ** 
upon the watera Andb 




Come. And Peter went down 
from the boat, and walked 
upon the waters, ^ to come to 

80 Jesus. But when he saw the 
winds, he was afraid ; and be- 
ginning to sink, he cried out, 

31 saying, Lord, save me. And 
immediately Jesus stretched 
forth his hand, and took hold 
of him, and saith unto him, O 
thou of little faith, wherefore 

82 didst thou doubt? And when 
they were gone up into the 

88 boat, the wind ceased. And 
they that were in the boat wor- 
shipped him, saying. Of a truth 
thou art the Son of God. 

84 And when they had crossed 
over, they came to the land, 

86 unto Gennesaret And when 
the men of ihat place knew 
him, they sent into all that re- 
gion round about, and brought 
unto him all that were sick; 

86 and they besought him that 
they might only touch the 
border of his garment: and 
as many as touched were made 

15 Then there come to Jesus 

from Jerusalem Pharisees 

2 and scribes, saying, Why do 

thy disciples tran^ress the 

tradition of the elders? for 

they wash not their hands 

8 when they eat bread. And he 

answered and said unto them, 

Why do ye also transgress the 

commandment of God because 

•4 of your tradition? For God 
said, Honour thy father and 
thy mother: and, He that 
speaketh evil of father or mo- 
ther, let him ^die the death. 

5 But ye say. Whosoever shall 
say to his father or his mother, 
That wherewith thou mightest 
have been profited by me is 

6 given to Ood; he shall not ho- 
nour bis father^. And ye have 
made void the ^word of God 

7 because of your tradition. Ye 

■Twcrites, well did Isaiah pro- 
'sy of you, saying. 

ties read 

a Many 
ties add 

$urelif die 

4 Some 
ties add 
or ftt« 

6 Some 
ties read 

cawued to 

7 6r. 

This people honoureth me 8 

with their lips : 
But their heart is far teom 

But in vain do they worship 9 

Teaching as their doctrines 
the precepts of men. 
And he called to him the mul- 10 
titude, and said unto them, 
Hear, and understand : Not 11 
that which entereth into the 
mouth deflleth the man ; but 
that which proceedeth out of 
the mouth, this deflleth the 
man. Then came the disciples, 12 
and said unto hin), Knowest 
thou that the Pharisees were 
0offended,when they heard this 

saying? But he answered ^nd 13 
said, Eve^ ? plant which my 
heavenly Father planted no^ 
shall be rooted up. Let them 14 
alone : they are blind guides. 
And if the bUnd guide the 
blind, both shall fall into a 
pit. And Peter answered and 15 
said unto him, Declare unto 
us the parable. And he said, 16 
Are ye also even yet without 
understanding ? Perceive ye 17 
not, that whatsoever goeth 
into the mouth passeth into 
the belly, and is cast out into 
the draught? But the things 18 
which proceed out of the 
mouth come forth out of the 
heart ; and they defile the 
man. For out of the heart 19 
come forth evil thoughts, mur- 
ders, adulteries, fornications, 
thefts, false witness, railings: 
these are the things which de- 20 
file the man : but to eat with 
unwashen hands deflleth not 
the man. 

And Jesus went out thence, 21 
and withdrew into the parts 
of Tyre and Sidon. And be- 22 
hold, a Canaanitish woman 
came out from those borders, 
and cried, saying, Have mercy 
on me, O Lord, thou son of 
David ; my daughter is griev- 

-16. 9. 



28 GuAj vexed with a idevU. But 
he answered her not a word. 
And his disciples came and 
besought him, saying, Send 
her away ; for she crieth after 

21 us. But he answered and said, 
I was not sent but unto the 
lost sheep of the house of Is- 

25 raeL But she came and wor- 
shipped him, saying, Lord, help 

26 me. And he answered and 
said, It is not meet to take the 
children's 2 bread and cast it 

27 to the dogs. But she said. 
Yea, Lord : for even the dogs 
eat of the crumbs which fiill 

28 fh)m their masters' table. Then 
Jesus answered and said unto 
her, O woman, great is thy 
faith: be it done unto thee 
even as thou wilt. And her 
daughter was healed firom that 

29 And Jesus departed thence, 
and came nigh unto the sea 
of Galilee; and he went up 
Into the mountain, and sat 

80 there. And there came unto 
him great multitudes, having 
with them the lame, blind, 
dumb, maimed, and many 
others, and they cast them 
down at his feet ; and he heal- 

81 ed them: insomuch that the 
multitude wondered, when they 
saw the dumb speaking, the 
maimed whole, and the lame 
walking, and the blind seeing : 
and they glorified the God of 

82 And Jesus called unto him 
his disciples, and said, I have 
compassion on the multitude, 
because they continue with me 
now three days and have no- 
thing to eat : and I would not 
send them away fasting, lest 
haply they faint in the way. 

38 And the disciples say unto 
him. Whence should we have 
so many loaves In a desert 

glace, as to fill so great a mul- 
itude? And Jesus saith unto 
them. How many loaves have 



S The fol- 
words, to 
are omit- 
ted by 
of the 
most an- 
cient and 
other im- 


5 Or. It Is 
we took 
no bread. 

ye? And they said. Seven, and 
a few small fishes. And he 85 
commanded the multitude to 
sit down on the ground ; and 86 
he took the seven loaves and 
the fishes ; and he gave thanks 
and brake, and gave to the dis- 
ciples, ana the disciples to the 
multitudes. And they did all 87 
eat, and were filled : and they 
took up that which remained 
over of the broken pieces, seven 
baskets ftdl. And they that 88 
did eat were four thousand 
men, beside women and chil- 
dren. And he sent away the 39 
multitudes, and entered into 
the boat, and came into the 
borders of Magadan. 

And the Phulsees and Sad- \Q 
ducees came, and tempting 
him asked him to shew them 
a sign fh>m heaven. But he 2 
answered and said unto them, 
•When it is evening, ye say. It 
wiU be fair weather: for the 
heaven is red. And In the 8 
morning, It toill be foul wea- 
ther to-day : for the heaven is 
red and lowring. Ye know 
how to discern the face of the 
heaven; but ye cannot dis- 
cern the signs of the times. 
An evil and adulterous gene- 4 
ration seeketh after a sign; 
and there shall no sign be 
given unto it, but the aga of 
Jonah. And he left them, and 

And the disciples came to 5 
the other side and forgot to 
take 4 bread. And Jesus said 6 
unto them. Take heed and 
beware of the leaven of the 
Pharisees and Sadducees. And 7 
they reasoned among them- 
selves, saving, «We took no 
4 bread. And Jesus perceiving 8 
it said, O ye of Uttle faith, 
why reason ye among your- 
selves, because ye have no 
^ bread? Do ye not yet per- " 
ceive. neither remember 
flVe loaves of the five f 




sand, and how many i baskets 

10 ve took up? Neither the seven 
loaves of the four thousand, 
and how many i baskets ye took 

11 up? How is it that ye do not 
perceive that I spake not to 
you concerning thread ? But 
beware of the leaven of the 

12 Pharisees and Sadducees. Then 
understood they how that he 
bade them not beware of the 
leaven of 2 bread, but of the 
teaching of the Pharisees and 

13 Now when Jesus came into 
the parts of Ctesarea Philippi, 
he asked his disciples, saying, 
Who do men say ^that the 

14 Son of man is? And they said. 
Some my John the Baptist ; 
some, Elijah : and others. Je- 
remiah, or one of the prophets. 

15 He saith unto them, But who 

16 say ye that I am? And Simon 
Peter arHivrrrrl nnr! sii3cl,Th6u 
:3rt tilt: i,'];il.-iL, ihc rSmi of the 

17 lU'lli^ L^uiJ. Mai JiMi9 an- 
fl^vurmi nil J ^ald ui]t-> him. 
Blessed j^Tt thou, fiSiiiuu Bar- 
Juntili^ fur tlcali &ih[ blood 
butb 13 Qt TOTCiilcd itiiiit') thee, 
but my Father wtitvli is in 

18 bihkVeD^ AnU T txhio ^\\,y unto 
tbi!c, tbnt tliou fill ^f'L''tcr, and 
iipttn thLsi ^rot-^k I wil] build 
my church t unrl the i^^utes of 
Jlsides shall nat ffrevrtir ;iigainst 

19 iL i vlll give unto tbee the 
kcjs of tlic kin^tt^im vf hea- 
\on: aijrl whatfwever thou 
sbiilt liind on ciirth E^liall be 
ticmnd in bcavon: yitid what- 
R<jcTer thou shalt lunse on 
e»rth ehaM \io laosc^i In hea- 

20 vcn. Then ehan^rLiii hL= the dis- 

Ci\-]:- I"-:.: i. ■..:!:■:■ . X)ll UO 

umn LLw. j_. :.-^ i._iu uirist. 

21 From that time began ^ Je- 
sus to shew unto his disciples, 
how that he must go unto 
Jerusalem, and suffer many 
things of the elders and chief 
^riests and scribes, and be 

lied, and the third day be 

In ver. 
9 and 10 



3 Many 
ties read 
that I the 
man am. 
Bee 3Iark 
Luke iz. 


5 Or. 

6 Some 
ties read 

7 Or, God 
have mer- 
cy on thee 


10 Or. 

raised up. And Peter took 22 
him, and began to rebuke 
him, saying, 7 Be it far fh>m 
thee. Lord : this shall never 
be unto thee. But he turned, 23 
and said unto Peter, Get thee 
behind me, Satan : thou art a 
stumblingblock unto me : for 
thou mindest not the things 
of God, but the things of men. 
Then said Jesus unto his dis- 24 
ciples, If any man would come 
after me, let him deny himself, 
and take up his cross, and 
follow me. For whosoever 26 
would save his 8 life shall lose 
it: and whosoever shall lose 
his 8 life for my sake shall find 
it. For what shall a man be 26 
profited, if he shall gain the 
whole world, and forfeit his 
shfe? or what shall a man 
give in exchange for his siife? 
For the Son of man shall 27 
come in the glory of his Fa- 
ther with his angels ; and then 
shall he render unto every man 
according to his Bdeeds. Verily 28 
I say unto you, There be some 
of them that stand here, which 
shall in no wise taste of death, 
till they see the Son of man 
coming in his 'kingdom. 

And after six days Jesus 17 
taketh with him Peter, and 
James, and John his brother, 
and bringeth them up into a 
high mountain apart : and he 2 
was transfigured Wore them : 
and his face did shine as the 
sun, and his garments became 
white as the light. And be- 8 
hold, there appeared unto 
them Moses and Elijah talk- 
ing with him. And Peter an- 4 
swered, and said unto Jesus, 
Lord, it is good for us to be 
here : if thou wilt, I will make 
here three w tabernacles ; one 
for thee, and one for Moses, 
and one for Elijah. While he 5 
was yet speaking, behold, a 
bright doud overshadowed 
them : and behold, a voice out 

-18. 4. 



of the cloud, saying, This is 
my beloved Son, in whom I 
am well pleased ; hear ye him. 

6 And when the disciples heard 
it, they fell on their face, and 

7 were sore afraid. And Jesus 
came and touched them and 
said. Arise, and be not afraid. 

8 And lifting up their eyes, they 
saw no one, save Jesus only. 

9 And as they were coming 
down fh)m the mountain, Je- 
sus commanded them, saying. 
Tell the vision to no man, 
until the Son of man be risen 

10 fh)m the dead. And his dis- 
ciples asked him, saying, Whv 
then say the scribes that Elijah 

11 must first come ? And he an- 
swered and said, EUjah indeed 
Cometh, and shall restore all 

12 things: but I say unto you, 
that Elijah is come already, 
and they knew him not, but 
did unto him whatsoever they 
listed. Even so shall the Son 
of man also suffer of them. 

13 Then understood the disciples 
that he spake unto them of 
John the Baptist 

14 And when they were come 
to the multitude, there came 
to him a man, kneeling to 

15 him, and saying. Lord, nave 
mercy on my son: for he is 
epileptic, and suffereth griev- 
ously : for oft-times he falleth 
into the fire, and oft-times into 

16 the water. And I brought him 
to thy disciples, and they could 

17 not cure him. And Jesus an- 
swered and said, O faithless 
and perverse generation, how 
long shall I be with you ? how 
long shall I bear vdth you? 

18 bring him hither to me. And 
Jesus rebuked him; and the 
1 devil went out from him: 
and the boy was cured from 

19 that hour. Then came the 
disciples to Jesus apart, and 
said. Why could not we cast 

20 it out ? And he saith unto 
them, Because of your little 



t|. - 


3 Some 
ties read 
vere ga- 
selves to- 

4 Gr. A- 

5 Or. 



faith: for verily I say unto 
you. If ye have faith as a grain 
of mu£xard seed, ye shall say 
unto this mountain. Remove 
hence to yonder place; and 
it shall remove ; and nothing 
shall be impossible unto you. a 

And while they 8 abode in 22 
Galilee, Jesus said unto them, 
The Son of man shall be de- 
livered up into the hands of 
men ; and they shall kill him, 23 
and the third day he shall be 
raised up. And they were ex- 
ceeding sorry. 

And when they jrete come 24 
to Capernaum, they that re- 
ceived the 4 half-shekel came 
to Peter, and said. Doth not 
your 6 master pay the * half- 
shekel? He saith. Yea. And 25 
when he came into the house, 
Jesus sijake first to him, say- 
ing. What thinkest thou, Si- 
mon ? the kings of the earth, 
from whom do they receive 
toll or tribute? from their 
sons, or from strangers? And 26 
when he said. From strangers, 
Jesus said unto him. There- 
fore the sons are free. But, 27 
lest we cause them to stumble, 

go thou to the sea, and cast a 
ook, and take up the fish 
that first Cometh up; and 
when thou bast opened his 
mouth, thou shalt find a « she- 
kel : that take, and give imto 
them for mc nni thrc. 
J[] tLuU. hum uimjc Llia 'ISb^ \Q 

WLtj tljiiu in 7|^K'ait*!St bi t.l]a 
Idii^drjtii ttT hE^LVuii? AutI hu 2 
L^lluil to blm a HIUe) tubild, 
uErl Hut him In Hie mlrliit of 
thuthj aiid tialrlj VdJily I jyiy 3 
unto joii^ EiLE^upt yti tura, 
mid iLKt^iHcm an Utlla tihil- 
(|pt]n, yo fliinn In no wltM? 
cuUT liitij tho kltigdutri of bua- 
ven. WbofiOLVui-tbcrLforflsliiUl 4 
huLulilG! hliij»elf lUj thij] Utt^ 

Cl3Ud, thiJ KAillC is tllf^ 7 (EH 

Gbt In Ihti kitigdoui ur hon 




6 And whoso shall receive one 
such little child in my name 

6 receiveth me : but whoso shall 
cause one of these little ones 
which believe on me to stum- 
ble, it is profitable for him 
that la great millstone should 
be hanged about his neck, and 
that he should be sunk in the 

7 depth of the sea. Woe unto the 
world because of occasions of 
stumbling ! for it must needs be 
that the occasions come ; but 
woe to that man through whom 

8 the occasion cometh! And If 
thy hand or thy foot causeth 
thee to stumble, cut it off, and 
cast it from thee : it is good for 
thee to enter into Ufe maimed 
or halt, rather than having 
two hands or two feet to be 

9 cast into the eternal fli%. And 
if thine eye causeth thee to 
stumble, pluck it out, and cast 
It from thee: it is good for 
thee to enter into life with 
one eye, rather than having 
two eyes to be cast into the 

10 Shell of fire. See that ye de- 
spise not one of these little 
ones ; for I say unto you, that 
In heaven their angels do al- 
ways behold the face of my 
Father which is in heaven. » 

12 How think ye? if any man 
have a hundred sheep, and 
one of them be gone astray, 
doth he not leave the ninety 
and nine, and go unto the 
mountains, and seek that 

13 which goeth astray? And if 
so be that he find it, verily I 
say unto you, he rejoiceth over 
it more than over the ninety 
and nine which have not gone 

14 astray. Even so it is not ^the 
will of «your Father which is 
in heaven, that one of these 
little ones should perish. 

16 And if thy brother sin « a- 

^inst thee, go, shew him his 

^ult between thee and him 

ne^ if he hear thee, thou 

'. gciiaed thy brother. But 

turned by 

2 Gr. 

3 Many 
ties, some 
the Son 
eameto . 
save that 
tehieh vxu 
lost. See 
Luke xlz. 

4 6r. a ' 
thing will- 
ed befttre 
your Fa- 

5 Some 
ties read 

6 "Some 
ties omit 

7 Or, eon- 

8 Or. 
times and 

9 6r. bond- 

10 This 
"ffas pro- 

11 Gr. 


if he hear t?iee not, take with 
thee one or two more, that at 
the mouth of two witnesses or 
three every word may be esta- 
blished. And If he refuse to 17 
hear them, tell it unto the 
' church : and if he refuse to 
hear the 7 church also, let him 
be unto thee as the Gentile 
and the publican. Verily I say 18 
unto you. What things soever 
ye shall bind on earth shall 
be bound in heaven : and what 
things soever ye shall loose on 
earth shall be loosed in hea- 
ven. Again I say unto you, 19 
that if two of you shall agree 
on earth as touching anything 
that they shall ask, it shall be 
done for them of my Father 
which is in heaven. For where 20 
two or three are gathered to- 
gether in my name, there am 
I in the midst of them. 

Then came Peter, and said 21 
to him. Lord, how oft shall my 
brother sin against me, and I 
forgive him ? until seven times ? 
Jesus saith unto him, I say not 22 
unto thee. Until seven times ; 
but. Until 8 seventy times se- 
ven. Therefore is the kingdom 23 
of heaven likened unto a cer- 
tain king, which would make 
a reckoning with his ^ servants. 
And when he had begun to 24 
reckon, one was brought unto 
him, which owed him ten thou- 
sand lo talents. But forasmuch 25 
as he had not wherevdlh to 
pay, his lord commanded him 
to be sold, and his wife, and 
children, and all that he had, 
and payment to be made. The 26 
"servant therefore fell down 
and worshipped him, saying. 
Lord, have patience with me, 
and 1 will pay thee alL And 27 
the lord of that u servant, being 
moved with compassion, re- 
leased him, and foi^ve him 
the 13 debt But that u servant 28 
Went out, and found one of 
his fellow-servants, which owed 




him a hundred ^ penL-u i and 
he laid hold on liim, Lktid 
took him by the sny- 
29 ing. Pay what thou owi-,t, So 
his fellow-servant ft; Si '\"\vn 
and besought him, -^ii^iig. 
Have patience with m<\ :iQa 

80 I will pay thee. And ]jl ^MiJd 
not: but went and cast him 
into prison, till he should pay 

81 that which was due. So when 
his fellow-8er\'ants saw what 
was done, they were exceeding 
sorry, and came and told unto 
their lord all that was done. 

82 Then his lord called him unto 
him, and saith to him, Thou 
wicked 2 servant, I forgave thee 
all that debt, because thou be- 

88 soughtest me : shouldest not 
thou also have had mercy on 
thy fellow-servant, ^ vL-n rm I 

84 had mercy on thee ? An4 Ills 
lord was wroth, an(J tie] hissed 
him to the tormentr»r», tilt he 
should pay all that i^ils iiiic. 

85 So shall also my henvunly Fa- 
ther do unto you, it yn (ni^ive 
not every one his br^tluT fi om 
your hearts. 

19 And it came to pass when 
Jesus had finished these 
words, he departed fh)m Ga- 
lilee, and came into the bor- 
ders of Judsea beyond Jordan ; 

2 and great multitudes follow- 
ed him; and he healed them 

8 And there came unto him 
8 Pharisees, tempting him, and 
saying, Is it lawful /or f^ -^an 
to put away his wife fo: jry 

4 cause ? And he answer nd 
said. Have ye not rea lat 
he which ^ made then )m 
the beginning made the] ' ale 

5 and female, and s%id, F bis 
cause shall a man lea bis 
father and mother, an< all 
cleave to his wife ; ai i ;he 
twain shall become one fi^»h ? 

6 So that they are no more 
twain, but one flesh. What 
therefore Ood hath Joined to- 

1 The word 
in the 
a coin 


ties, some 
insert (A«. 

* Some 
ties read 



of/' > N.oa- 

e<i. ',■<• 
at- ..'.^.I- 
te...- as 
eii..-. iDl- 

W.,i,h. to 


ol ti.o 
verse, are 
by Mtme 



7 fir. 





1 ike 
X l& 
B( an- 

c ' iU- 

tl ies 
r Vhy 
a 'Jum 
n >dt 
> -._^ 1$ 
ffood »ave 
Ood. See 
Mark z. 
18; Luke 

§ ether, let not man put asun- 
er. They say unto him, Why 7 
then did Moses command to 
give a bill of divorcement, 
and to put h&r away? He 8 
saith unto them, Moses for your 
hardness of heart suffered you 
to put away your wives: hut 
f^om the beginning it hath 
not been so. And I say unto 9 
you. Whosoever shall put away 
his wife, « except for foraica- 
tion, and shall marry another, 
committcth adultery: ^and he 
that marrieth her when she is 
put away committeth adultery. 
The disciples say unto him, 10 
If the case of the man is so 
with his wife, it is not expedient 
to many. But he said unto 11 
them, AU men cannot receive 
this saying, but they to whom 
it is given. For there are eu- 12 
nuchs, which were so bom 
fl*om their mother's womb: 
and there are eunuchs, which 
were made eunuchs by men : 
and there are eunuchs, which 
made themselves eunuchs for 
the kingdom of heaven's sake. 
He that is able to receive it, 
let him receive it 

Then were there brought 13 
unto him little children, that 
he should lay his hands on 
them, and pray : and the dis- 
ciples rebuked them. But Je- 14 
sus said. Suffer the little chil- 
dren, and forbid them not, to 
come unto me : for of such is 
the kingdom of heaven. And 15 
he laid his hands on them, and 
departed thence. 

And behold, one came to 16 
him and said, 7 8 Master, what 
good thing shall I do, that I 
may have eternal life? And 17 
he said unto him, s Why askest 
thou me concerning that which 
is good ? One there is who is 
good: but if thou wouldest 
enter Into life^keep the com- 
mandments. He saith r 
him, Which? And Jesus 




Thou Shalt not kill, Thou shalt 
not commit adultery, Thou 
Shalt not steal, Thou shalt not 

19 bear false witness, Honour thy 
father and thy mother: and, 
Thou shalt love thy neighbour 

20 as thyself. The young man 
saith unto him, All these 
things have I observed : what 

21 lack I yet? Jesus said unto 
him, If thou wouldest be per- 
fect, go, sell that thou hast, 
and give to the poor, and thou 
shalt have treasure in heaven : 

22 and come, follow me. But 
when the yoimg man heard 
the saying, he went away sor- 
rowful: for he was one that 
had great possessions. 

23 And Jesus said unto his dis- 
ciples. Verily I say unto you. 
It is hard for a rich man to 
enter into the kingdom of hea- 

24 ven. And again I say unto 
you. It is easier for a camel 
to go through a needle's eye, 
than for a rich man to enter 

25 into the kingdom of God. And 
when the disciples heard it, 
they were astonished exceed- 
ingly, saying, Who then can 

26 be saved ? And Jesus looking 
upon th^m ^d to them. With 
men tb impossible; but 
with G< 11 things are pos- 

27 siblc. 'J:i".iL answered Peter 
and sajil imto him, Lo, we 
have left iill, and followed 
thee; ^■lIhilC then shall we 

28 have? AijI Jesus said unto 
them, VLril.i, I say unto you, 
that ye ulilch have followed 
me, in the regeneration when 
the Son of man- shall sit on 
the throne of his glory, ye 
also shall sit upon twelve 
thrones, Judging the twelve 

29 tribes of Israel And every one 
that hath left houses, or bre- 
thren, or sisters, or father, or 
mother,! or children, or lands, 
for my name's sake, shall re- 

•jive 2 a hundredfold, and shall 
herit eternal life. But many 

ties add 
or tct/c: as 
in Luke 
XYiii. 29. 

2 Some 
ties read 

3 See 
note on 
ch. XYiil. 

4 Or, 
hot wind 

shall be last that are first ; and 
first that are last For the 20 
kingdom of heaven is like 
unto a man that is a house- 
holder, which went out early 
in the morning to hire labour- 
ers into his vineyard. And 2 
when he had agreed with the 
labourers for a ^ penny a day, 
he sent them into his vine- 
yard. And he went out about 3 
the third hour, and saw others 
standing in the marketplace 
idle; and to them he said, 4 
Go ye also into the vineyard- 
and whatsoever is right I will 
give you. And they went their 
way. Again he went out about 5 
the sixth and the ninth hour, 
and did likewise. And about 6 
the eleventh hour he went 
out, and found others stand- 
ing ; and he saith unto them, 
Why stand ye here all the day 
idle? They say unto him, Be- 7 
cause no man hath hired us. 
He saith unto them, Go ye 
also into the vineyard. And 8 
when even was come, the lord 
of the vineyard saith unto his 
steward. Call the labourers, and 
pay them their hire, beginning 
from the last unto the first. 
And when they came that 9 
were hired about the eleventh 
hour, they received every man 
a 8 penny. And when the first 10 
came, they supposed that they 
would receive more ; and they 
likewise received every man a 
8 penny. And when they receiv- 11 
ed it, they murmured against 
the householder, saying, These 12 
last have spent Imt one hour, 
and thou hast made them 
equal unto us, which have 
borne the burden of the day 
and the ^scorching heat But 13 
he answered and said to one 
of them, Friend, I do thee no 
wrong: didst not thou agree 
with me for a s penny? Take 14 
up that which is thine, and 
go thy way; it is my will to 

-21. 5. 



give unto this last, even as 

15 unto thee. Is it not lawful for 
me to do what I will with mine 
own? or is thine eye evil, be- 

16 cause I am good ? So the last 
shall be first, and the first last. 

17 And as Jesus was going up 
to Jerusalem, he took the 
twelve disciples apart, and in 
the way he said unto them, 

18 Behold, we go up to Jerusa- 
lem; and the Son of man 
shall be delivered unto the 
chief priests and scribes ; and 
they shall condemn him to 

19 death, and shall deliver him 
imto the Gentiles to mock, and 
to scourge, and to crucify : 
and the third day he shall be 
raised up. 

20 Then came to him the mo- 
ther of the sons of Zebedee 
with her sons, worshipping 
him, and asking a certain 

21 thing of him. And he said 
unto her, What wouldest thou? 
She saith unto him. Command 
that these my two sons mav 
sit, one on thy right hand, 
and one on thy left hand, in 

22 thy kingdom. But Jesus an- 
swered and said. Ye know not 
what ye ask. Are ye able to 
drink the cup that I am about 
to drink ? They say unto him, 

23 We are able. He saith unto 
them, My cup indeed ye shall 
drink : but to sit on my right 
hand, and on my left hand, 
is not mine to give, but it is 
for them for whom it hath 
been prepared of my Father. 

24 And when the ten heard it, 
they were moved with indig- 
nation concerning the two bre- 

25 thren. But Jesus called them 
unto him, and said. Ye know 
that the rulers of the Gentiles 
lord it over them, and their 
great ones exercise authority 

26 over them. Not so shall it 
be among you: but whoso- 
ever would become great a- 
roong you shall be your iml- 


2 Gr. bond- 

3 Or, 

nister ; and whosoever would 27 
be first among you shall be 
your 2 servant : even as *the 28 
Son of man' came not to be 
ministered unto, but to mi- 
nister, and to give his life a 
ransom for many. 

And as they went out from 29 
Jericho, a great multitude fol- 
lowed him. And behold, two 80 
blind men sitting by the way 
side, when they heard that 
Jesus was passing by, cried 
out, saying, Lord, have mercy 
on us, thou son of David, And 31 
the multitude rebuked them, 
that they should hold their 
peace : but they cried out the 
more, saying. Lord, have mer- 
cy on us, thou son of David. 
And Jesus stood still, and call- 82 
ed them, and said, What will 
ye that I should do unto you? 
They say unto him. Lord, that 88 
our eyes may be opened. And 84 
Jesus, being moved with com- . 
passion, touched their eyes: 
and straightway they received 
their sight, and followed him. 

And when they drew nigh 21 
unto Jerusalem, and came un- 
to Bethphage, unto the mount 
of Olives, then Jesus sent two 
disciples, saying unto them, 2 
Go into the village that is over 
against you, and straightway 
ye shall find an ass tied, and 
a colt with her: loose them, 
and bring them unto me. 
And if any one say aught 8 
unto you, ye shall say. The 
Lord hath need of them ; and 
straightway he will send them. 
Now this is come to pass, that 4 
it might be fulfilled which was 
spoken ^by the prophet, saying. 

Tell ye the daughter of 5 

Behold, thy King cometh 
unto thee, 

Meel^ and riding upon an 

And upon a colt the f^ 
of an ass. 



6 And the disciples went, and 
did even as Jesus appoint- 

7 ed •them, and brought the 
ass, and the colt, and put 
on them their garments; 

8 and he sat thereon. And the 
most part of the multitude 
spread their garments in the 
way ; and others cut branches 
ft-om the trees, and spread 

9 them in the way. And the 
multitudes that went before 
him, and that followed, cried, 
saying, Hosanna to the son 
of David : Blessed U he that 
Cometh in the name of the 
Lord; Hosanna in the high- 

10 est And when he was come 
into Jerusalem, all the city 
was stirred, saying. Who is 

11 this? And the multitudes said. 
This is the prophet, Jesus, 
from Nazareth of Qalilee. 

~12" And Jesus entered into the 
temple ^ of God, and cast out 
all tnem that sold and bought 
in the temple, and overthrew 
the tables of the money- 
changers, and the seats of them 

13 that sold the doves; and he 
saith unto them. It is written. 
My house shall be called a 
house of prayer : but ye make 

14 it a den of robbers. And the 
blind and the lame came to 
him in the temple: and he 

15 healed them. But when the 
chief priests and the scribes 
saw the wonderful things that 
he did, and the children that 
were crying in the temple and 
saying, Hosanna to the son 
of David; they were moved 

16 with indignation, and said 
unto him, Hearest thou what 
these are saying? And Jesus 
saith unto them, Yea : did ye 
never read, Out of the mouth 
of babes and sucklings thou 

17 hast perfected praise? And 
he left them, ahd went forth 
out of the city to Bethany, 

nd lodged there. 
Now In the morning ^ he 

ties omit 

2 Or. 
a fingU 

returned to the city, he hun- 

gereo. And seeing ^a fig tree 19 
y the way side, he came to 
it, and found uothinff thereon, 
but leaves only ; and he saith 
unto it. Let there be no fruit 
f^om thee henceforward for 
ever. And immediately the 
fig tree withered away. And 20 
when the disciples saw it, 
they marvelled, saying, How 
did the fig tree inmiediately 
wither away? And Jesus an- 21 
swered and said unto them. 
Verily I say unto you. If ye 
have faith, and doubt not^ 
ye shall not only do what 
is done to the fig tree, but 
even if ye shall say unto this 
mountain, Be thou taken up 
and cast into the sea, it shall 
be done. And all things, what- 22 
soever ye shall ask in prayer, 
believing, ye shall receive. 

And when he was come into 23 
the temple, the chief priests 
and the elders of the people 
came unto him as he was 
teaching, and said, By what 
authority doest thou these 
things? and who gave thee 
this authority ? And Jesus an- 24 
swered and said imto them, I 

also will ask you one s ques- 
tion, which if ve tell me, I 
likewise will tell you by what 

authority I do these things. 
The baptism of John, whence 25 
was it? ftom heaven or ft-om 
men? And they reasoned with 
themselves, saying. If we shall 
say. From heaven ; he will say 
unto us. Why then did ye not 
believe him? But if we shall 26 
say. From men; we fear the 
multitude : for all hold John 
as a prophet. And they an- 27 
swered .Tesus, and said. We 
know not. He also said unto 
them, Neither tell I you by 
what authority I do these 
things. But what think ye? 28 
A man had two sons; and 
l^e came to the first, and said. 




iSon, go work to-day in the 

29 vineyard. And he answered and 

said, I will not : but afterward 

he repented himself, and went 

80 And ne came to the second, 
and said likewise. And he 
answered and said, I go, air: 

81 and went not Whether of 
the twain did the will of his 
father? They say. The first 
Jesus saith unto them. Verily 
I say unto you, that the pub- 
licans and the narlots go into 
the kingdom of God before 

82 you. For John came unto 
you in the way of righteous- 
ness, and ye believed him not : 
but the publicans and the har- 
lots believed him : and ye, when 
ye saw it did not even repent 
yourselves afterward, that ye 
might believe him. 

88 Hear another parable : There 
was a man that was a house- 
holder, which planted a vine- 
yard, and set a hedge about 
it, and digged a winepress in 
it and built a tower, and let 
it out to husbandmen, and 
went into another country. 

84 And when the season of the 
fruits drew near, he sent his 
3 servants to the husbandmen. 

85 to receive shis ftaiit& And 
the husbandmen took his ^ser- 
vants, and beat one, and kill- 
ed another, and stoned an- 

86 other. Again, he sent other 
2 servants more than the first: 
and they did unto them in 

87 like manner. But afterward 
he sent unto them his son, 
saying. They will reverence 

88 my son. But the husband- 
men, when they saw the son, 
said among themselves, This 
is the heir; come, let us kill 
him, and take his inheritance. 

89 And they took him, and cast 
him forth out of the vine- 

40 yard, and killed him. When 
therefore the lord of the vine- 
yard shall come, what will he 
do unto those nusbandmen? 


8 Or, 

4 Some 
ties omit 

They say unto him. He will 41 
miserably destrov those .mi- 
serable men, and wiU let out 
the vineyard unto other hus- 
bandmen, which shall render 
him the ftniits in their sea- 
sons. Jesus saith unto them, 42 
Did ye never read in the scrip- 

The stone which the build< 
ers rejected. 

The same was made the 
head of the corner : 

This was ttom the Lord, 

And it is marvellous in our 
Therefore say I -unto you, 43 
The khigdom of God shall 
be taken away fh)m you, and 
shall be given to a nation 
bringing forth the fruits there- 
of. <And he that falleth on 44 
this stone shall be broken to 
pieces ; but on whomsoever it 
shall fall, it wiU scatter him 
as dust And when the chief 45 
priests and the Pharisees heard 
his parables, they perceived 
that he spake of them. And 46 
when they sought to lay hold 
on him, they feared the mul- 
titudes, because they took him 
for a prophet 

And Jesus answered and 22 
spake again in parables unto 
them, saying, The kingdom of 2 
heaven is likened unto a cer- 
tain king, which made a mar- 
riage feast for his son, and 3 
sent forth his ^gervants to call 
them that were bidden to the 
marriage feast : and they would 
not come. Again he sent forth 4 
other 2 servants, saying. Tell 
them that are bidden, Behold, 
I have made ready my dinner : 
my oxen and my failings are 
killed, and all things are ready : 
come to the marriage feast 
But they made light of it and 5 
went their ways, one to his own 
farm, another to his merchan 
dise : and the rest laid hold 
his s servants, and entre 



them shamefully, and killed 

7 thegi. But the king was wroth : 
and he sent his armies, and 
destroyed those murderers, 

8 and burned their city. Then 
saith he to his ^servants, The 

. wedding is ready, but they 
that were bidden were not 

9 worthy. Go ye therefore imto 
the partings of the highways, 
and as many as ye shall find, 

10 bid to the marriage feast And 
those ^ servants went out into 
the highways, and gathered 
together all as many as they 
found, both bad and good: 
and the wedding was filled 

11 with guests. But when the 
king came in to behold the 
guests, he saw there a man 
which had not on a wedding- 

12 garment : and he saith unto 
him, Friend, how earnest thou 
in hither not having a wed- 
ding-ffarment? And he was 

18 speechless. Then the king said 
to the 2 servants, Bind him hand 
and foot, and cast him out in- 
to the outer darkness ; there 
shall be the weeping and 

14 gnashing of teeth. For many 
are called, but few chosen. 

15 Then went the Pharisees, 
and took counsel how they 
might ensnare him in his 

16 talk. And they send to him 
their disciples, with the He- 
rodians, saying, s Master, we 
know that thou art true, and 
teachest the way of God in 
truth, and carest not for any 
one: for thou regardest not 

17 the person of men. Tell us 
therefore, What thinkest thou ? 
Is it lawttil to give tribute un- 

18 to Ceesar, or not? But Jesus 
perceived their wickedness, 
and said, Why tempt ye me, 

19 ye hypocrites? Shew me the 
tribute money. And they 
brought unto him a ^penny. 

20 And ne saith unto them, whose 
is this image and superscrip- 
tion? They say unto him, 


2 Or, 


4 See 
note on 

Ch. XT«1. 

5 6r. 

6 0r.«%a» 
(he duty 
of a htu- 
brother to 
hi$ wife. 

XXV. 5. 


8 Many 
tles add 

CsBsar's. Then saith he unto 
them. Render therefore unto 
Csesar the things that are 
CsBsar's; and unto God the 
things that are God's. And 22 
when they heard it, they mar- 
velled, and left him, and went 
their way. 

On that day there came to 23 
him Sadducees, fi which say 
that there is no resurrection : 
and they asked him, saying, 24 
8 Master, Moses said, If a man 
die, having no children, his 
brother^ shall marry his wife, 
and raise up seed unto his 
brother. Now there were with 25 
us seven brethren: and the 
"first married and deceased, and 
having no seed left his wife 
unto his brother ; in like man- 26 
ner the second also, and the 
third, unto the 7 seventh. And 27 
after them all the woman died. 
In the resurrection therefore 28 
whose wife shall she be of the 
seven? for they all had her. 
But Jesus answered and said 29 
unto them. Ye do err, not 
knowing the scriptures, nor 
the power of God, For in the 80 
resmrection they neither mar- 
ry, nor are given in marriage, 
but are as angels ^ in heaven. 
But as touching the resurrec- 81 
tion of the dead, have ye not 
read that which was spoken 
unto you by God, saying, I am 82 
the God of Abraham, and the 
God of Isaac, and the God of 
Jacob? God is not the Ood of 
thedead,but of the living. And 83 
when the multitudes heard it, 
they were astonished at his 

But the Pharisees, when they 84 
heard that he had put the 
Sadducees to silence, gathered 
themselves together. And one 85 
of them, a lawyer, asked him 
a question, tempting him, 
8 Master, which is the great 86 
commandment in the law? 
And he said unto him. Thou 87 

-23. 22. 



Shalt love the Lord thy God 

with all thy heart, and with 

all thy soul, and with all thy 

88 mind. This is the great and 

39 first commandment ^And a 
second like unto it is this, 
Thou Shalt love thy neighbour 

40 as thyself. On these two com- 
mandments hangeth the whole 
law, and the prophets. 

41 Now while the Pharisees 
were gathered together, Jesus 

42 asked them a question, saying. 
What think ye of the Christ? 
whose son is he? They sav 
unto him, The son of David. 

43 He saith unto them, How 
then doth David in the Spirit 
call him Lord, saying, 

44 The Lord said unto my 

Sit thou on my right-hand. 
Till I put thine enemies 

underneath thy feet ? 

45 If David then calleth him 

46 Lord, how is he his son? And 
no one was able to answer 
him a word, neither durst any 
man from tliat day forth ask 
him any more questiona 

23 Then spake Jesus to the 
multitudes and to his dis- 

2 ciples, saying. The scribes and 
the Pharisees sit on Hoses' 

8 seat : all things therefore 
wliatsocver they bid you, these 
do and ol)serve: but do not 
ye after their works : for they 

4 say, and do not Yea, they 
bind heavy burdens ^ and 
grievous to be borne, and lay 
them on men's shoulders ; but 
they themselves will not move 

6 them with their finger. But 
all their works they do for to 
be seen of men : for they 
make broad their phylacteries, 
and enlarge the borders c^ 

6 their garments, and love the 
chief place at feasts, and the 
chief seats in the Enrnagogues, 

7 and the salutations in the mar- 
ketplaces, and to be called of 

8 men, Rabbi. But be not ye 

1 Or, A»d 
ia like 

3 Many 
ties omit 
otu to be 

iGr. the 


5 Or, 


7 Some 
ties In- 
sert here, 
or after 
ver. 12, 
▼er. 14 
Woe unto 

$e. >•'■:■' 

on J /'^rt- 

P<- t'Ml 

ictii' ■■ V 
hoi .. ., 

ev-i\. kile 
fo. 'I tn-e- 
tei\ ■■■ 'e 

pi. I 


th . 

yt i.';...'I 

Bee Mark 
Luke zx. 

9 Or, aanc- 
as in yer. 

10 Or, 
bound by 
his oath 

called Rabbi : for one is your 
teacher, and all ye are bre- 
thren. And call no man your 9 
father on the earth : for one 
is your Father, « which is in 
heaven. Neither be ye called 10 
masters : for one is your mas- 
ter, even the Christ But he 11 
that is 4 greatest among vou 
shall be your <^ servant And 12 
whosoever shall exalt himself 
shall be humbled: and who- 
soever shall humole himself 
shall be exalted. 

But woe unto you, scribes 18 
and Pharisees, hypocrites I be- 
cause ye shut the kingdom of 
heaven ^ against men: for ye 
enter not in yourselves, neither 
suffer ye them that are enter- 
ing in to enter.7 

Woe unto you, scribes and 16 
Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye 
compass sea and land to make 
one proselyte; and when he 
is become so, ye make him 
twofold more a son of 8 hell 
than yourselves. 

Woe unto you, ye blind 16 
guides, which say. Whosoever 
shall swear by the ^ temple, it 
is nothing; but whosoever 
shall swear by the gold of the 
» temple, he is loa debtor. Ye 17 
fools and blind: for whether 
is greater, the gold, or the 
9 temple tnat hath sanctified 
the gold ? And, Whosoever 18 
shall swear by the altar, it is 
nothing ; but whosoever shall 
swear by the gift that is upon 
it, he is 10 a debtor. Ye blind : 19 
for whether is greater, the gift, 
or the altar that sanctifloth 
the gift? He therefore that 20 
sweareth by the altar, swear- 
eth by it, and by all thlng» 
thereon. And he that swear- 21 
eth by the » temple, sweareth 
by it, and by him that dwelleth 
therein. And he that sweareth 22 
by the heaven, sweareth by the 
throne of God, and by h'*" 
that sitteth thereon. 



23 Woe unto you, scribes and 
Pharisees, hypocrites 1 for ye 
tithe mint and i anise and 
cummin, and have left undone 
the weightier matters of the 
law. Judgement, and mercy, 
ana faith : but these ye ought 
to have done, and not to 
have left the other undone. 

24 Ye blind guides, which strain 
out the gnat, and swallow the 

25 Woe unto you, scribes and 
Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye 
cleanse the outside of the cup 
and of the platter, but within 
they are fUll from extortion 

26 and exoessw Thou blind Pha- 
risee, cleanse first the inside 
of the cup and of the platter, 
that the outside thereof may 
become clean also. 

27 Woe unto you, scribes and 
Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye 
are lilce unto whitod sepul- 
chres, which outwardly appear 
beautiful, but inwardly are 
full of dead men's bones, and 

28 of all uncleanness. Even so ye 
also outwardly appear right- 
eous unto men, but Inwardly 
ye are fUU of hypocrisy and 

29 woe unto you, scribes and 
Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye 
build the sepulchres of the pro- 
phets, and garnish the tombs 

80 of the righteous, and say. If 
we had been in the days of 
our fathers, we shotild not 
have been partakers with them 
in the blood of the prophets. 

81 Wherefore ye witness to your- 
selves, that ye are sons of 
them that slew the prophets. 

82 Fill ye up then the measure 
88 of your fathers. Ye serpents, 

ye offspring of vipers, how 
shall ye escape the Judgement 
84 of Shell? Therefore, behold, 
I send unto you prophets, and 
wise men, and scribes: some 
of them shall ye kill and cru- 
Vy; and some of them shall 

a Or. 


3 Some 
ties omit 


5 0r, (%« 

matioH of 

ye scourge in your syna- 
gogues, and persecute from 
city to city: that upon you 35 
may come all the righteous 
blood shed on /the earth, from 
the blood of Abel the right- 
eous unto the blood of Zacha- 
riah son of Barachiah, whom 
ye slew between the sanc- 
tuary and the altar. Verily 86 
I say unto you. All these 
things shall come upon this 

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, 87 
which killeth the prophets^ 
and stoneth them that are 
sent unto her! how often 
would I have gathered thy 
children together, even as a 
hen gathereth her chickens 
under her wings, and ye would 
not ! Behold, your house is left 88 
unto you 3 desolate. For 1 say 89 
unto you. Ye shall not see me 
henceforth, till ye shall say. 
Blessed is he that cometh In 
the name of the Lord. 

And Jesus went out from 24 
the temple, and was going 
on his way; and his disci- 
ples came to him to shew him 
the buildings of the temple. 
But he answered and said un- 2 
to them, See ye not all these 
things? verily I say unto vou. 
There shall not be left here 
one stone upon another, that 
shall not be thrown down. 

And as he sat on the 8 
mount of Olives, the disciples 
came unto him privately, say- 
ing. Tell us, when shall these 
things be? and what shall be 
the sign of thy ^ coming, and 
of 5 the end of the world ? And 4 
Jesus answered and said unto 
them, Take heed that no man 
lead you astray. For many 5 
shall come in my name, say- 
ing, I am the Christ; and 
shall lead many astray. And 6 
ye shall hear of wars and ru- 
mours of wars : see that ye be 
not troubled : for these things 

—24. 84. 


must needs come to pass ; but 

7 the end is not yet For nation 
shall rise against nation, and 
kingdom against kingdom : 
and there shall be famines 
and earthquakes in divers 

8 places. But all these things 
are the beginning of travail. 

9 llien shall they deliver vou 
up unto tribulation, and shall 
kill vou : and ye shall be 
hated of all the nations for 

10 my name's sake. And then 
shall many stumble, and shall 
deliver up one another, and 

11 shall hate one another. And 
many false prophets shall a- 
rise, and shall lead many 

12 astray. And because iniquity 
shall be multiplied, the love 
of the many snail wax cold. 

18 But he that endureth to the 
end, the same shall be saved. 

14 And ithis gospel of the king- 
dom shall be preached in the 
whole 2 world for a testimony 
unto all the nations ; and 
then shall the end come. 

15 When therefore ye see the 
abomination of desolation, 
which waj9 spoken of «by Da- 
niel the prophet, standing in 
4 the holy place (let him that 

16 readeth understand), then let 
them that are in tiudsea flee 

17 unto the mountains : let him 
that is on the housetop not go 
down to take out the things 

18 that are in his house : and let 
him tliat is in the field not 
return back to take his cloke. 

19 But woe unto them that are 
with child and t» them that 

20 give suck in those days ! And 
pray ye that your flight be not 
in the winter, neither on a sab- 

21 bath : for then shall be great 
tribulation, such as hath not 
been fW>m the beginning of 
the world until now. no, nor 

22 ever shall be. And except 
those days had been shorten- 
ed, no flesh would have been 
saved : but for the elect's sake 




• Or, 

7 Or. 



9 Many 
ties read 
gather Jic 

10 Or. a 
of great 

those days shall be shortened. 
Then if any man shall say 28 
unto you, Lo, here is the 
Christ, or, Here; believe ^it 
not. For there shall arise 24 
false Christs, and false pro- 
phets, and shall shew great 
signs and wonders; so as to 
lead astray, if possible, even 
the elect Behold, I have told 25 
you beforehand. If therefore 26 
they shall say unto you. Be- 
hold, he is in the wilderness ; 
go not forth : Behold, he is in 
the inner chambers; believe 
^U not For as the lightning 27 
Cometh forth from the east, 
and is seen even unto the 
west; 80 shall be the 7 com- 
ing of the Son of man. Where- 28 
soever the carcase is, there 
will the Beagles be gathered 

But immediately, after the 29 
tribulation of those days, the 
sun shall be darkened, and the 
moon shall not give her light, 
and the stars shall fall from 
heaven, and the powers of the 
heavens shall be shaken : and 80 
then shall appear the sign of 
the Son of man in heaven: 
and then shall all the tribes 
of the earth mourn, and they 
shall see the Son of man com- 
ing on the clouds of heaven 
with power and ^eat glory. 
And he shall send forth his 81 
angels ^with loa great sound 
of a trumpet, andf they shall 
gather together his elect f^om 
the four winds, from one end 
of heaven to the other. 

Now from the fig tree learn 82 
her parable : when her branch 
is now become tender, and 
putteth forth its leaves, ye 
know that the summer is nign ; 
even so ye also, when ye see 88 
all these things, know ye that 
u he is nigh, even at the doors. 
Verily I say unto you, T^ 
generation shall not pass a' 
till all these things be ac< 




85 plished. Heaven and earth 
shall pas* away, but my words 

86 shall not pass away. But of 
that day and hour knowcth 
no one, not even the angels 
of heaven, i neither the Son, 

87 but the Father only. And as 
were the days of Noah, so shall 
be the 2 coming of the Son of 

88 man. For as in those days 
which were before the flood 
they were eating and drinking, 
marrying and giving in mar- 
riage, until the day that Noah 

89 entered into the ark, and they 
knew not until the flood came, 
and took them all away; so 
shall be the 2 coming of the Son 

40 of man. Then shall two men 
be in the field; one is taken, 

41 and one is left: two women 
shall be grinding at the mill ; 
one is taken, and one is left 

42 Watch therefore : for ye know 
not on what day your Lord 

43 Cometh. ^But know this, that 
if the master of the house had 
kno-rtHj •?. ' " . ^ "^ ^,iie thief 
waj^ L-ffjiiii:,.. i ■ V. -Id have 
wiitc;lic4, jujil Hoiilil [:iot have 
liulTorQil bis bama tu be ^ bro- 

44 ken thnjtigh. TbiiFufore be ye 
also reudyi for lii rm hour 
thAt yo tfitnk nai, tbii Son of 

45 man eoniQtli. Wlio then is 
tho ralthful iiQi-1 wise i^ servant, 
whom his loiid butti set over 
hi J! lioii^sehffld. te* p:^ve them 
their t^^d aH due jseason ? 

46 Blessed is that ^ servant, whom 
his lord when he cometh shall 

47 find so doing. Verily I say 
unto you, that he will set him 

48 over all that he hath. But if 
that evil ^ servant shall say in 
his heart, My lord tarrieth; 

49 and shall begin to beat his 
fellow-servants, and shall eat 
and drink with the drunken; 

50 the lord of that ^ servant shall 
come in a day when he ex- 
pecteth not, and in an hour 

61 when he knoweth not, and 
shall 6 cut him asunder, and 

ties some 
the Son. 


3 Or, 
But thi$ 
ye know 


5 Gr. bond- 




appoint his portion with the ^ 
hypocrites : tnere shall be the 
weeping and gnashing of teeth. 

Then shall the kingdom 25 
of heaven be likened unto 
ten virgins, which took their 
7 lamps, and went forth to 
meet the bridegroom. And 2 
five of them were foolish, and 
five were wise. For the foolish, 3 
when they took their 'lamps, 
took no oil with them : but 4 
the wise took oil in their ves- 
sels with their 'lamps. Now 5 
while the bridegroom tarried, 
they all slumbered and slept. 
But at midnight there is a cry, 6 
Behold, the bridegroom! Come 
ye forth to meet him. Then 7 
all those virgins arose, and 
trimmed their 'lamps. And 8 
the foolish said unto the wise. 
Give us of your oil; for our 
'lamps are going out. But the 9 
wise answered, saying, Perad- 
venture there will not be 
enough for us and you: go 
ye rather to them that sell, 
and buy for yourselves. And 10 
while they went away to buy, 
the bridegroom came; and 
they that were readj went in 
with him to the marriage feast : 
and the door was shut. After- 11 
ward come also the other vir- 
gins, saying. Lord, Lord, open 
to us. But he answered and 12 
said. Verily I say unto you, I 
know you not. Watch there- 13 
fore, for ye know not the day 
nor the hour. , 

For it is as wTien a man, 14 
going into Another country, 
called his own s servants, and 
delivered unto them his goods. 
And unto one he gave five 15 
talents, to another two, to an- 
other one ; to each according 
to his several ability ; and he 
went on his journey. Straight- 16 
way he that received the five 
talents went and traded with 
them, and made other five ta- 
lents. In like manner he also 17 

-26. 42. 



that received the two gained 

18 other two. But he that re- 
ceived the one went away and 
digged in the earth, and hid 

19 his lord's money. Now after a 
long time the lord of those ^ ser- 
vants Cometh, and maketh a 

20 reckoning with them. And he 
that received the five talents 
came and brought other five 
talents, saying. Lord, thou de- 
liveredst unto me five talents : 
lo, I have gained other five ta- 

21 lents. His lord said unto him. 
Well done, good and faithful 
2 servant : thou hast been faith- 
ful over a few things, I will set 
thee over many things : enter 
thou into the joy of thy lord. 

22 And he also that received the 
two talents came and said, 
Lord, thou deliveredst unto me 
two talents : lo, I have gained 

23 other two talents. His lord 
said unto him, Well done, 
good and feiithful ^ servant; 
thou hast been faithful over 
a few things, I will set thee 
over many things : enter thou 

24 into the joy of thy lord. And 
he also that had received the 
one talent came and said. 
Lord, I knew thee that thou 
art a hard man, reaping where 
thou didst not sow, and ga- 
thering where thou didst not 

25 scatter : and I was afraid, and 
went away and hid thy talent 
in the earth: lo, thou hast 

2G tbine own. But his lord an- 
swered and said unto him. 
Thou wicked and slothful ^ser- 
vant^ thou knewest that I reap 
where I sowed not, and gather 

27 where I did not scatter; thou 
oughtest therefore to have put 
my money to the bankers, and 
at my coming I should have 
received back mine own with 

28 interest. Take ye away there- 
fore the talent from him, 
and give it unto him that 

29 bath the ten taints. For unto 
every one that hath shall be 


i Or, De- 
part from 
me under 

given, and he shall have abun- 
dance: but fW)m him that 
hath not, even that which he 
hath shall be taken away. And 80 
cast ye out the unprofitable 
« servant into the outer dark- 
ness : there shall be the weep- 
ing and gnashing of teeth. 

But when the Son of man 81 
shall come in his glory, and 
all the angels with nim, then 
shall he sit on the throne 
of his gloiy : and before him 82 
shall be gathered all the na- 
tions: and he shall separate 
them one A*om another, as the 
shepherd separateth the sheep 
fk-om the « goats : and he shall 88 
set the sheep on his right 
hand, but the » goats on the 
left Then shall the King say U 
unto them on his right hand. 
Come, ye blessed of my Father, 
inherit the kingdom prepared 
for you from the foundation 
of the world: for I was an 85 
hungred, and ye gave me meat : 
I was thirsty, and ye gave me 
drink: I was a stranger, and 
ye took me in ; naked, and ye 86 
clothed me: I was sick, and 
ye visited me : I was in prison, 
and ye came unto mc. Then 87 
shall the righteous answer 
him, saying, Lord, when saw 
we thee an hungred, and fed 
thee? or athirst, and gave 
thee drink? And when saw 88 
we thee a stranger, and took 
thee in? or naked, and cloth- 
ed thee? And when saw we 89 
thee sick, or in prison, and 
came unto thee ? And the 40 
King shall answer and say 
unto them, Verily I say unto 
you. Inasmuch as ye did it 
unto one of these my bre- 
thren, even these least, ye did 
it unto me. Then shali ne say 41 
also unto them on the left 
hand, ^ Depart from me, ye 
cursed, into the eternal fire 
which is prepared for the dc* 
and his angels: for I was 




hungred, and ye gave me no 
meat: I was thirsty, and ye 

48 gave me no drink : I was a 
stranger, and ye took me not 
in ; naked and ye clothed me 
not ; sick, and in prison, and 

44 ye visited me not Then shall 
they also answer, saying. Lord, 
when saw we thee an hun- 
gred, or atliirst, or a stranger, 
or naked, or sick, or in pri- 
son, and did not minister mi- 

46 to thee? Then shall he answer 
them, saying, Verily I say mito 
you. Inasmuch as ye did it not 
unto one of these least, ye did 

46 it not unto me. And these 
shall go away into eternal 
punishment: out the right- 
eous into eternal life. 

26 -^^^ ^^ came to pass, when 

Jesus had finished all these 

words, he said unto his disci- 

2 pies, Ye know that after two 

days the passover cometh, and 

the Son of man is delivered 

8 up to be crucified. Then were 

gathered together the chief 

priests, and the elders of the 

people, unto the court of the 

nigh priest, who was called 

4 Caiaphas ; and they took 
counsel together that they 
might take Jesus by subtilty, 

5 and kiU him. But they said. 
Not during the feast, lest a tu- 
mult arise among the people. 

6 Now when Jesus was in 
Bethanv, in the house of Si- 

7 mon the leper, there came 
unto him a woman having 
^an alabaster cruse of exceed- 
ing precious ointment, and 
she poured it upon his head, 

8 as he sat at meat But when 
the disciples saw it, they had 
indignation, saying. To what 

9 purpose is this waste? For 
this ointment might have been 
sold for much, and given to 

10 the poor. But Jesus perceiv- 
ing It said unto them. Why 
trouble ye the woman? for 
she hath wrought i^ good work 



4 Or, 

ties, some 

« Or. for 
him if 
(hat num. 

upon me. For ve have the 11 
poor always with you; but 
me ye have not always. For 12 
in that she > poured tnis oint- 
ment upon my body, she did 
it to prepare me for burial. 
Verily 1 say unto you. Where- IS 
soever sthls gospel shall be 
preached in the whole world, 
that also which this woman 
hath done shall be spoken of 
for a memorial of her. 

Then one of the twelve, who 14 
was called Judas Iscariot, went 
unto the chief priests, and said, 16 
What are ye willing to give 
me, and I wiU deliver him 
unto you? And they weighed 
unto him thirty pieces of sil- 
ver. And fW)m that time he 16 
sought opportunity to deliver 
him unto them. 

Now on the first day of 17 
unleavened bread the disci- 
ples came to Jesus, saying. 
Where wilt thou that we make 
ready for thee to eat the pass- 
over? And he said. Go into 18 
the city to such a man, and 
say unto him. The ^ Master 
saith. My time is at hand ; I 
keep the passover at thy house 
with my disciples. And the 19 
disciples did as Jesus appoint- 
ed them ; and they made ready 
the passover. Now when even 20 
was come, he was sitting at 
meat with the twelve a disci- 

Eles ; and as they were eating, 21 
e said. Verily 1 say unto you, 
that one of you shall betray 
me. And they were exceed- 22 
ing sorrowful, and began to 
say unto him every one. Is it 
I, liord ? And he answered and 28 
said. He that dipped his hand 
with me in the dish, the same 
shall betray me. The Son of 24 
man goeth, even as it is writ- 
ten of him : but woe unto that 
man through whom the Son 
of man is betrayed ! good were 
it <for that man if he had not 
been bom. And Judas^ which 26 




betrayed him, answered and 
said, Is it I, Rabbi? He saith 
unto him, Thou hast said. 

S6 And as they were eating, Jesus 
took 1 bread, and blessed, and 
brake it; and he gave to the 
disciples, and said, Take, eat ; 

27 this is my body. And he took 
2 a cup, and gave thanks, and 
gave to them, saying. Drink 

S8 ye aU of it; for this is 
my blood of ^the ^ covenant, 
which is shed for many unto 

29 remission of sins. But I say 
unto you, I will not drink 
henceforth of this trait of the 
vine, until that day when I 
drink it new with you in my 
Fatlicr's kingdom. 

80 And when they had sung 
a hymn, thev went out unto 
the mount r,' o"— - 

81 Thenh ' i m, 
AUye h\.:\:: i l ■.■.u-iiU'.l m me 
this nigiit: s'lfr it i.-, \^ riULi;, I 
will sniki- Ma- sln-|ilirTil, jind 
the 8hee|i nr tht; HurVt &h:ill be 

82 scattered i-A'TMmi. Ent alurl 
am raist ci u|>, l will jifa ijt iDr© 

83 you int«j {iiiljku. Hut 1 titer 
answeretl liud solUI unto I'im, 
If all 8li;«l] be^ '■ nTlunflcfi in 
thee, I vi''. h- ■■ I ' < ■'i.rrmiled. 

84 Jesus sa m Viiny I 
say uuto luw^, «,i.i^„ ihla ui^ht, 
before the cock crow, thou 

85 Shalt deny me thrice. Peter 
saith unto him. Even if I 
must die with thee, yet will 
I not deny thee. Likewise al^o 
said all the disciples. 

86 Then cometh Jesus with 
them unto *& place called 
Oethsemane, and saith unto 
his disciples, Sit ye here, while 

87 I go yonder and pray. And 
he took with him Peter and 
the two sons of Zebedee, and 
began to be sorrowful and 

88 sore troubled. Then saith he 
unto them. My soul is ex- 
ceeding sorrowful, even unto 
death: abide ye here, and 

89 watch with me. And he went 


3 Some 
ties read 

9 Or. ih» 

4 Many 
ties in- 
sert iMin. 

«6r. on 

ye, and 
pray that 
ye enter 

8 Gr. W«»- 

forward a little, and fell on . 
his ftice, and prayed, sayln^^ 
O my Father, if it be possible, 
let this cup pass away from 
me: nevertheless, not as I 
will, but as thou wilt And 40 
he cometh unto the disciples, 
and flndeth them sleeping, 
and saith unto Peter, What, 
could ye not watch with me 
one hour? 'Watch and pray, 41 
f!hat ye enter not into temp- 
tation: the spirit indeed is 
willing, but the flesh is weak. 
Again a second time he went 42 
away, and prayed, saying, O 
my Father, if this cannot pass 
away, except I drink it, thy 
will be done. And he came 48 
again and found them sleep- 
ing, for their eyes were heavy. 
And he left them again, and 44 
went away, and prayed a third 
time. Sluing again the same 
words. Then cometh he to the 45 
disciples, and saith unto them, 
Sleep on now, and take your 
rest: behold, the hour is at 
hand, and the Bon oi man is 
betrayed unto the hands of 
sinners. Arise, let us be going : 46 
behold, he is at hand that be- 
trayeth me. 

And while he yet spake, lo, 47 
Judas, one of the twelve, came, 
and with him a great multi- 
tude with swords and staves, 
from the chief priests and 
elders of the people. Now he 48 
thjft betrayed him gave them 
a sign, saying. Whomsoever I 
shall kiss, that is he: take 
him. And straightway he came 49 
to Jesus, and said. Hail, Rab- 
bi; and 8 kissed him. And 60 
Jesus said unto him. Friend, 
do that for which thou art 
come. Then they came and 
laid hands on Jesus, and took 
him. And behold, one of them f^"* 
that were with Jesus stretch*- 
out his hand, and drew 
sword, and smote the ^sen 
of the high priest, and sti 



ae. 51- 

62 off his ear. Then saith Jesus 
unto him, Put up again thy 
Bword into its place: for aU 
they that take the sword shall 

53 perish with the sword. Or 
thinkest thou that I cannot 
beseech my Father, and he 
shall even now send me more 
than twelve legions of angels? 

54 How then should the scrip- 
tures be fulfilled, that thus 

55 it must be? In that hour 
said Jesus to the multitudes, 
Are ye come out as against 
a robber with swords and 
staves to seize me? I sat daily 
in the temple teaching, and 

56 ye took me not. But aU this 
is come to pass, that the scrip- 
tures of the prophets might 
be fulfilled. Then all the dis- 
ciples left him. and fled. 

57 And they that had taken 
Jesus led him away to the 
house qf Gaiaphas the high 
priest,where the scribes and me 
elders were gathered together. 

58 But Peter followed him afar 
off, unto the court of the high 
priest, and entered in, and sat 
with the officers, to see the 

69 end. Now the chief priests 
and the whole council sought 
false witness against Jesus, 
that they might put him to 

60 death ; and they found It not, 
though many false witnesses 
came. But afterward came 

61 two, and said. This man said, 
I am able to destroy the i tem- 
ple of God, and to build it 

62 in three days. And the high 
priest stood up, and said unto 
him, Answerest thou nothing? 
what is it which these witness 

63 against thee? But Jesus held 
his peace. And the high priest 
said unto him, I adjure thee 
by the living God, that thou 
tell us whether thou be the 

' Christ, the Son of God. Jesus 

^alth unto him. Thou hast 

^id : nevertheless I say unto 

)u, Henceforth ye shaU see 

1 Or, »a%&- 
as in 

liable to. 



the Son of man sitting at the 
right hand of power, and com- 
ing on the clouds of heaven. 
Then the high priest rent his 66 

farments, saying, He hath spo- 
en blasphemy : what ftirther 
need have we of witnesses? 
behold, now ye have heard 
the blasphemy : what think 66 

SI? They answered and said, 
e is s worthy of death. Then 67 
did they spit in his face and 
buffet him: and some smote 
him »with the palms of their 
hands, saying, Prophesy unto 68 
us, thou Christ : who is he that 
struck thee? 

Now Peter was sitting with- 69 
out in the court : and a maid 
came unto him, saying. Thou 
also wast with Jesus the Gali- 
Itcan. But he denied before 70 
them all, saying, I know not 
what thou sayest And when 71 
he was gone out into the 
porch, another rnaid saw him, 
and saith unto them that were 
there, This man also was with 
Jesus the Nazarcne. And a- 72 

fin he denied with an oath, 
know not the man. And 73 
after a little while they that 
stood by came and said to 
Peter, Of a truth thou also art 
one of them; for thy speech 
bewrayeth thee. Then began 74 
he to curse and to swear, 
I know not the man. And 
straightway the cock crew. 
And Peter remembered the 75 
word which Jesus had said. 
Before the cock crow, thou 
Shalt deny me thrice. And he 
went out, and wept bitterly. 

Now when morning was 27 
come, aU the chief priests 
and the elders of the people 
took counsel against Jesus to 
put him to death: and they 2 
t)ound him, and led him away, 
and delivered him up to Pilate 
the governor. 

Then Judas, which betrayed 8 
him, when he saw that be was 

-27. 30. 



condemned, repented himself, 
and brought back the thirty 
pieces of silver to the chief 

4 priests and elders, saying, I 
have sinned in that I be- 
trayed 1 innocent blood. But 
they said, What is that to us? 

5 see thou to it. And he cast 
down the pieces of silver into 
the sanctuary, and departed: 
and he went away and nanged 

6 himself. And the chief priests 
took the pieces of silver, and 
--Vi M \s n-^ '-- ^-' tn put 
tlicm iiitu tin; - Li(.'aivLi^jv :^-Iuee 

7 It is tbti ptiiia ut bl[>£j[i And 
ihny tEK>k coutuiu!, niic) buti^bt 
wiLb tli^in tbc [Htttur'R 11 eld, 

8 to bury istrHngcra In. ^VIhtb- 
r.frc that fltJd wiis ciUted, Tlie 
Utild of blocwl, unto this rtay. 

» Then ima rullincd that wbSeh 
ira* i;ptikcD 3 by Jpttnilah the 
prophet , aiyf n ^, And * Lhty ti>ok 
the tJilrty plocea of aUvtsi-, ihe 
p^lc^3 nf lilni tli?it wftfl firlL^ed, 
i'^y' ■■-•■■ ■■ ■■'■■■' ■ '*' ■- -V' lion 

10 or ■i,ay 

tu. L. ._.^ „.- i,^:.L; i udd, 

as the Lord appointed me. 

11 Now Jesus stood before the 
governor: and the governor 
asked him, saying, Art thou 
the King of the Jews? And 
Jesus said unto him. Thou 

12 sayest And when he was ac- 
cused by the chief priests and 
elders, ne answered nothing. 

13 Then saith Pilate unto him, 
Hearcst thou not how many 
things thev witness against 

14 thee? And he gave him no 
answer, not even to one word : 
insomuch that the governor 

15 marvelled greatly. Now at 7 the 
feast the governor was wont 
to release unto the multi- 
tude one prisoner, whom they 

16 would. And they had then a 
notable prisoner, called Ba- 

17 rabbas. when therefore they 
were gathered together, Pilate 
said unto them, whom will ye 
that I release unto you? Ba- 

ties read 

that is, 
Hark Til. 


* Or, I tooJc 

5 Or, whom 

ihe part 
of the Bona 
of laraei 

6 Some 
ties read 
J gave, 

7 Or, 

8 Some 
ties read 
blood: aee 

9 Or. Pree- 
See Mark 
XT. 16. 

10 Or, 

ties read 

rabbas, or Jesus which is call- 
ed Christ? ' For he knew that 18 
for envy they had delivered 
him up. And while he was 19 
sitting on the judgemen^seat^ 
his wife sent unto nim, saying. 
Have thou nothing to do with 
that rigliteous man : for I have 
suffered many things this day 
in a dream because of him. 
Now the chief priests and the 20 
elders persuaded the multi- 
tudes that thev should ask for 
Barabbas, and destroy Jesus. 
But the governor answered 21 
and said unto them, Whether 
of the twain will ye that I re- 
lease Tirttn Ton? Ar\'\ thev 

SJiL^J, h:.V;ihl.i-. niji!..- SiHth 22 
Uniji '!.■ r\ V' ! iT \\r.\i .0.:i?] I 
dii i; • ■ .. :.i-.|i i.^ i II Moil 

Cl.r ■ i .-.:iv, 1. I liilH 

be ■ .■'I II' I hi^ Kiiid,, 23 

V/hy, ^viua «.'vu tjLith hu dasid? 
But tijc^y L'fEiid out Djiit^- 
ini;I}\ HiySu^, Lut hhn Ikji cru- 
cUlccl, Sn whs^n Hiato now 24 
thjitr ha iirevmnod nothing, but 
ratbLij- thjit a. txmmit waa iiria- 
iii'i, bu tuolf Kii.u,'T, und wfialioil 
his liJtntle hyfore tbu LJulLttude, 
sa,il3)^, r tim Inimrirnt ^of the 
blt-.d uf this righteous nijji: 
see ye to it. And all the peo- 26 

Ele answered and said, His 
lood be on us, and on our 
children. Then released he un- 26 
to them Barabbas: but Jesus 
he scourged and delivered to 
be crucified. 

Then the soldiers of the go- 27 
vemor took Jesus into the ^ pa- 
lace, and gathered unto him 
the whole wband. And they 28 
11 stripped him, and put on him 
a scarlet robe. And they plait- 29 
ed a crown of thorns and put 
it upon his head, and a reed 
in his right hand; and they 
kneeled down before him, and 
mocked him, saying. Hail, King 
of the Jews I And they spat 80 
upon him, and took the re--' 
and smote him on the b 



27. 31- 

Sl And when they had mocked 
him, they took off from him 
the robe, and put on him his 
garments, and led him away 
to crucify him. 

82 And as they came out, they 
found a man of Cyrene, Simon 
by name: him they i compel- 
led to go trith them, that he 

88 might Dear his cross. And 
when they were come unto a 
place called Golgotha, that is 
to say, The place of a skull, 

84 they gave him wine to drink 

mingled with gall: and when 
he had tasted it, he 
85 drink. And when they had 

crucified him, they parted his 
garments among them, cast- 

86 ing lots: and they sat and 

87 watched him there. And they 
set up over his head his accu- 
sation written, this is jbsus 

are there crucified with him 
two robbers, one on the right 
hand, and one on the left. 

89 And they that passed by railed 
on him, wagging their heads, 

40 and saying, Thou that destroy- 
est the 2 temple, and buildest it 
in three days, save thyself: if 
thou art the Son of God, come 

41 down from the cross. In like 
manner also the chief priests 
mocking him, with the scribes 

42 and elders, said, He saved 
others; » himself he cannot 
save. He is the King of Israel ; 
let him now come down fl-om 
the cross, and we will believe 

43 on him. He trusteth on God ; 
let him deliver him now, if he 
desireth him: for he said, I 

44 am the Son of God. And the 
robbers also that were cruci- 
fied with him cast upon him 
the same reproacli. 

46 Now from the sfxth hour 

there was darkness over all 

the 4 land until the ninth hour. 

\nd about the ninth hour Je- 

s cried with a loud voice, 

ing, Eli, £11, lama sabach- 

a Or, 

eon he not 


* Or, tarth 

why didH 

ties add 
And <m- 
other took 
a spear 
ni« $id», 
and there 
See John 

f Or, a ton 

than!? that is. My God, my 
God, 6 whv hast thou forsaken 
me? And some of them that 47 
stood there, when they heard 
it, said. This man calleth Eli- 
jaii. And straightway one of 48 
them ran, and took a sponge, 
and filled it with vinegar, and 
put it on a reed, and gave him 
to drink. And the rest said, 49 
Let be; let us see whether 
El^ah Cometh to save him.6 
And Jesus cried again with a 50 
loud voice, and yielded up his 
spirit. And behold, the veil of 51 
the 2 temple was rent in twain 
ftom the top to the bottom ; 
and the earth did quake ; and 
the rocks were rent ; and the 52 
tombs were opened ; and many 
bodies of the saints that had 
fallen asleep were niised ; and 53 
coming fortn out of the tombs 
after his resurrection they en- 
tered into the holy city and ap- 
peared unto many. Now the 54 
centurion, and they that were 
with him watching Jesus, when 
they saw the earthquake, and 
the things that were done, 
feared exceedingly, saying. 
Truly this was 'the Son of 
God. And many women were 55 
there beholding from afar, 
which had followed Jesus fW)m 
Galilee, ministering unto him : 
among whom was Mary Mag- 56 
dalene, and Mary the mother 
of James and Joses, and the 
mother of the sons of Zebe- 

And when even was come, 57 
there came a rich man fW)m 
Arimatheea, named Joseph, 
who also himself was Jesus' 
disciple : this man went to 58 
Pilate, and asked for the body^ 
of Jesus. Then Pilate com- 
manded it to be given up. 
And Joseph took the body, 5d 
and wrapped it in a clean 
linen cloth, and laid it in his 60 
own new tomb, which he had 
hewn out in the rock : and he 

-28. 20. 

S. MA't'THEW. 


rolled a great stone to the 
door of the tomb, and depart- 

61 ed. And Mary Magdalene was 
there, and the other Marv, sit- 
ting over against the sepulchre. 

62 Now on the morrow, which 
is the day after the Prepara- 
tion, the chief priests and the 
Pharisees were gathered to- 

63 gether unto Pilate, saying, Sir, 
we rememl)er that that deceiv- 
er said, while he was yet alive, 
After three days I rise again. 

64 Command therefore that the 
sepulchre be made sure until 
the third day, lest haply his 
disciples come and steal him 
away, and say unto the peo- 
ple. He is risen fh>m the dead : 
and the last error will be 

65 worse than the first Pilate 
said unto them, ^Ye have a 
guard: go your way, smake 

66 it as sure as ye can. So they 
went, and made the sepulchre 
sure, sealing the stone, the 
guard being with them. 

28 ^^^ ^^ ^° ^^ sabbath 

day, as it began to dawn 

toward the first day of the 

week, came Mary Magdalene 

and the other Mary to see the 

2 sepulchre. And behold, there 
was a great earthquake; for 
on angel of the Lord descend- 
ed ft'om heaven, and came and 
rolled away the stone, and sat 

8 upon it His appearance was 
as lightning, and his raiment 

4 white as snow: and for fear 
of him the watchers did quake, 

fi and became as dead men. And 
the angel answered and said 
unto the women, Fear not ye : 
for I know that ye seek Jesus, 

6 which hath been crucified. He 
is not here; for he is risen,' 
even as he said. Gome, see 
the place » where the Lord lay. 

7 And go quickly, and tell his 
disciples. He is risen f^om the 
dead; and lo, he goeth be- 
fore you into Galilee; there 

I Or, Taie 
^ guard 

3 Or. make 
U aure, <u 


tles read 
where he 

4 Or, ecme 
to a hear- 
ing before 

Gr. an 

e Or, (he 

mation of 
the age 

shall ye sec him: lo, I have 
told you. And they departed 8 
quickly from the tomb with 
fear and great Joy, and ran 
to bring his disciples word. 
And behold, Jesus met them, 9 
saying. All halL And they 
came and took hold of his 
feet, and worshipped him. 
Then saith Jesus unto them, 10 
Fear not : go tell my brethren 
that they depart into Galilee, 
and there shall they see me. 

Now while they were g(^ng. 11 
behold, some of the guard 
came into the city, and told 
unto the chief priests all the 
things that were come to pass. 
And Vfheo. they were assem- 12 
bled with the elders, and had 
taken counsel, they gave large 
money unto the soldiers, say- 18 
ing. Say ye, His disciples came 
by night, and stole him away 
while we slept And if this 14 
4 come to the governor's ears, 
we will persuade him, and 
rid you of care. So they took 15 
the monev, and did as they 
were taught: and this saying 
was spread abroad amona the 
Jews, and continueth until Uils 


It the eleven disciples went 16 
into Galilee, unto the moun- 
tain where Jesus had appoint- 
ed them. And when they saw 17 
him, they worshipped nim: 
but some doubted. And Jesus 18 
came to them and spake unto 
them, saying, All authority 
hath been given unto me in 
heaven and on earth. Go ye 19 
therefore, and make disciples 
of all the nations, baptizing 
them into the name of the 
Father and of the Son and 
of the Holy Ghost : teaching 20 
them to observe all things 
whatsoever I commanded you: 
and lo, I am with you »alway, 
even unto *the end of tb' 




1 Tor beginning of the gos- 
pel of Jesus Christy ithe son 
of (Jod. 
2 Even as It is written ^in 
Isaiah the prophet, 

Behold, I send my messen- 
ger before thy face. 
Who shall prepare thy way ; 
8 The voice of one crying in 
the wilderness, 
Make ye ready the way of 

the Lord* 
Make his paths straight ; 

4 John came, who baptized in 
the wilderness and preached 
the baptism of repentance 

5 unto remission of sins. And 
there went out unto him all 
the country of Judsea, and all 
they of Jerusalem ; and they 
were baptized of him in the 
river Jordan, confessing their 

6 sins. And John was clothed 
with camel's hair, and hud a 
leathern girdle about his loins, 
and did eat locusts and wild 

7 honey. And he preached, say- 
ing, There cometh after me he 
that is mightier than I, the 
latchet of whose shoes I am 
not 8 worthy to stoop down and 

8 unloose. I baptized you « with 
water; but he shall baptize 
you 4with the »Holy Ghost 

9 And it came to pass in those 
days, that Jesus came from 
Nazareth of Galilee, and was 
baptized of John « in the Jor- 

10 dan. And straightway com- 
ing up out of the water, he 
saw the heavens rent asunder, 
and the Spirit as a dove de- 

"^1 scendlng upon him: and a 
voice came out of the heavens, 
Thou art my beloved Son, in 
hee I am well pleased. 

ties omit 
the Son 

ties read 
in the 

S Or. Holy 
and so 

And straightway the Spirit 12 
driveth him forth into the 
wilderness. And he was in the 13 
wilderness forty days tempted 
of Satan ; and he was with the 
wild beasts; and the angels 
ministered unto him. 

Now after that John was 14 
delivered up, Jesus came into 
Galilee, preaching the gospel 
of God, and saying. The time 15 
is falfllled, and the kingdom 
of God is at hand : repent ye^ 
and believe in the gospel 

And passing along by the 16 
sea of Galilee, he saw Simon 
and Andrew the brother of 
Simon casting a net in the 
sea: for they were fishers. 
And Jesus said unto them, 17 
Come ye after me, and I will 
make you to become fishers 
of men. And straightwav they 18 
left the nets, and followed 
him. And going on a little 19 
further, he saw James the 
son of Zel)edee, and John his 
brother, who also were in the 
boat mending the neta And 20 
straightway he called them: 
and they left their father 
Zcbedee in the boat with the 
hired servants, and went after 

And they go into Caper- 21 
naum ; and straightway on the 
sabbath day he entered into 
the synagogue and taught And 22 
they were astonished at his 
teaching : for he taught them 
as having authority, and not 
as the scribes. And straight- 28 
way there was in their syna- 
gogue a man with an unclean 
spirit ; and he cried out, say- 24 
ing, What have we to do with 


thee, thou Jesus of Nazareth ? 
art thou come to destroy us? 

1 know thee who thou art. the 

25 Holy One of God. And Jesus 
rebuked ihim, saying, Hold 
thy peace, and come out of 

26 him. And the unclean spirit, 

2 tearing him and crying with 
a loud voice, Ciune out of him. 

27 And they were all amazed, 
insomuch that they question- 
ed among themselves, saying. 
What is this? a new teaching! 
with authority he command- 
eth even the unclean spirits, 

28 and they obey him. And the 
- report of him went out 

straightwav everywhere into 
all the region of Galilee round 

29 And straightway, '^ vl Sunt l^ey 
were come out of f.-ly -yivx- 
gogue, thev came kiir.<< [he 
house of Simon anl Arjlnjw, 

80 with James and Ji hn. Now 
Simon's wife's moth^ r lnv ■ Ick 
of a fever: and svrUKli' oay 

81 they tell him of her: ;ut<L he 
came and took h< r liy Lhe 
hand, and raised htr up : iind 
the fever left her, ainl -fjd mi- 
nistered unto them. 

82 And at even, when the sun 
did set, they brought unto 
him all that were sick, and 
them that were * possessed with 

83 devils. And oM the city was 
gathered together at the door. 

84 And he healed many that 
were sick with divers diseases, 
and cast out many « devils; 
and he suffered not the ^ de- 
vils to speak, because they 
knew him«. 

85 And in the morning, a great 
while before day, he rose up 
and went out, and departed 
into a desert place, and there 

86 praved. And Simon and they 
that were with him followed 

87 after him; and thev found 
him, and say unto him, All 

88 are seeking thee. And he saith 
unto them. Let us go else- 



3 0r. 0O*- 

3 Soma 
ties read 
when he 





ancient ^ 
ties add 
to be 
Bee Luke 

7 Some 
ties omit 
to him. 

8 Or, 


11 Or, (he 

12 Or, a 

13 Many 
ties read 
bring Mm 

where into the next towns, 
that I may preach there also ; 
for to this end came I forth. 
And he went into their syna- 89 
gogues throughout all Gali- 
lee, preaching and casting out 
6 devils. 

And there cometh to him 40 
a ler er, beseeching him, ' and 
kneeling down to him, and 
saying unto him, If thou wilt, 
thou canst make me clean. 
And being moved with com- 41 
passion, he stretched forth his 
hand, and touched him, and 
saith unto him, I will ; be thou 
made clean. And straightway 42 
the leprosy departed fi-om him, 
and he was made clean. And 43 
he 8 strictly charged him, and 
straightway sent him out, 
and saith unto him. See thou 44 
say nothing to any man : but 
go thy way, shew thyself to 
the priest, and offer for thv 
cleansing the things which 
Moses commanded, for a testi- 
mony unto them. But he went 45 
out, and began to publish it 
much, and to spread abroad 
the » matter, insomuch that 
w Jesus could no more openly 
enter into "a city, but was 
without in desert places : and 
they came to him ftom every 

And when he entered again 2 
into Capernaum after some 
days, it was noised that he 
was ^in the house. And many 2 
were gathered together, so that 
there was no longer room for 
tfiem, no, not even about the 
door : and he spake the word 
unto them. And they come, 8 
bringing unto him a man sick 
of the palsy, borne of four. 
And when they could not 4 
13 come nigh unto him for the 
crowd, they uncovered the roof 
where he was : and when they 
had broken it up, they let 
down the bed whereon t>' 
sick of the palsy lay. 


8. MARK. 

Jesus seeing their faith saith 
unto the sick of the palsy, 

6 1 Son, thy sins are forgiven. But 
there were certain of the scribes 
Bitting there, and reasoning in 

7 their hearts. Why doth this 
man thus spealc? he blasphe- 
meth: who can forgive sins 

8 but one, even God? And 
straightway Jesus, perceiving 
in his spirit that they so rea- 
soned within themselves, saith 
unto them, Why reason ye 
these things in your hearts? 

9 Whether is easier, to say to 
the sick of the palsy, Thy sins 
are forgiven ; or to say. Arise, 
and take up thy bed, and 

10 walk? But that ye may know 
that the Son of man hath 
2 power on earth to forgive 
sins (he saith to the sick of 

11 the palsy), I say unto thee. 
Arise, take up thy bed, and 

12 go unto thy house. And he 
arose, and straightway took 
up the bed, and went forth 
before them all; insomuch 
that they were all amazed, 
and glorified God, saying, We 
never saw it on this fashion. 

18 And he went forth again bv 
the sea side ; and aU the mul- 
titude resorted unto him, and 

14 he taught them. And as he 
passed by, he saw Levi the son 
of Alphaeus sitting at the place 
of toll, and he saith unto him. 
Follow me. And he arose and 

15 followed him. And it came to 
pass, that he was sitting at 
meat in his house, and many 
8 publicans and sinners sat 
down with Jesus and his dis- 
ciples: for there were many. 

16 and they followed him. And 
the scribes ^of the Pharisees, 
when they saw that he was 
eating with* the sinners and 
publicans, said unto his dis- 
ciples, 5 He eateth ^and drlnk- 

^h with publicans and sin- 
rs. Ana when Jesus hesLrd 
he saith unto them, They 



2 Or, 

note on 
Matt T. 

4 Some 
ties read 
and the 

8 Or, How 
is it OicU 
he ealelh 
. . . Bin- 

« Borne 
ties omit 


8 That Is, 
Aim nued 

their vmy 

10 Some 
ties read 
in (he 
days of 


that are 7 whole have no need 
of a physician, but they that 
are sick: I came not to call 
the righteous^ but sinners. 

And John's disciples and the 18 
Pharisees were fasting: and 
they come and say unto him, 
Why do John's disciples and 
the disciples of the Pharisees 
fast, but thy disciples fast not? 
And Jesus said unto them, 19 
Can the sons of the bride- 
chamber fast, while the bride- 
groom is with them ? as long 
as they have the bridegroom 
with them, they cannot fast. 
But the days will come, when 20 
the bridegroom shall be taken 
away fh)m them, and then 
will they fast in that day. No 21 
man seweth a piece of idi- 
dressed cloth on an old gar- 
ment : else that which should 
fill it up taketh ft^m it, the 
new from the old, and a worse 
rent is made. And no man 22 

Futteth new wine into old 
wine-skins : else the wine will 
burst the skins, and the wine 
perisheth, and the skins : but 
they put new wine into fresh 

And it came to pass, that 28 
he was going on the sabbath 
day through the comflclds ; 
and his disciples ^ began, as 
they went, to pluck the ears 
of com. And the Pharisees 24 
said unto him. Behold, why 
do they on the sabbatn day 
that which is not lawful? And 26 
he said unto them. Did ve 
never read what David did, 
when he had need, and was 
an hungred, he, and they that 
were with him ? How he en- 26 
tered into the house of God 
10 when Abiathar was high 
priest, and did eat the shew- 
bread, which it is not lawM 
to eat save for the priests, and 
gave also to them that were 
with him ? And he said unto 87 
them, The sabbath was made 




for man, and not man for the 
28 sabbath : so that the Son of man 
is lord even of the sabbath. 

3 And he entered again into 
the synagogue ; and there was 
a man there wliich had his 

2 hand withered. And they 
watched him, whether he 
would heal him on the sab- 
bath day; that they might 

8 accuse him. And he saith 
unto the man that had his 
hand withered, i Stand forth, 

4 And he saith unto them, Is 
it lawful on the sabbath day 
to do good, or to do harm? 
to save a life, or to kill ? But 

5 they held their peace. And 
when he had looked round 
about on them with anger, 
being grieved at the harden- 
ing of their heart, he saith 
unto the man. Stretch forth 
thy hand. And he stretched 
it forth: and his hand was 

6 restored. And the Pharisees 
went out, and straightway with 
the Herodians took counsel 
against him, how they might 
destroy him. 

7 And Jesus with his disciples 
withdrew to the sea: and a 
great multitude from Galilee 
followed: and from Judsea, 

8 and from Jerusalem, and from 
Idumeea, and beyond Jordan, 
and about Tyre and Sidon, a 
great multitude, hearing ^ what 

Seat things he did, came unto 
m. And he spake to his dis- 
ciples, that a little boat should 
wait on him because of the 
crowd, lest they should throng 

10 him : for he had healed many ; 
insomuch that as many as had 
8 plagues * pressed upon him 
that they might touch him. 

11 And the unclean spirits, when- 
soever they beheld him, fell 
down before him, and cried, 
saying, Thou art the Son of 

X2 God. And he charged them 
much that they should not 
valine him kpown. 


into th« 

2 Or, an 
the thiuat 


5 Some 
ties add 
See Luke 


7 Some 
ties in- 
sert and 
he ap" 

8 Or, 
See Luke 
Acti L 18. 

9 0T,home 

10 Or. In 

And he goeth up into the 13 
mountain, and calleth unto 
him whom he himself would : 
and they went unto him. And 14 
he appointed twelve s that 
they might be with him, and 
that he might send them forth 
to preach, and to have autho- 15 
rity to cast out ^ devils: 7 and 16 
Simon he sumamed Peter; 
and James the son of Zebe- 17 
dee, and John the brother of 
James ; and them he sumamed 
Boanerges, which is. Sons of 
thunder: and Andrew, and 18 
Philip, and Bartholomew, and 
Matthew, and Thomas, and 
James the son of Alpheeus, 
and Thaddaeus, and Simon 
the sCananeean, and Judas 19 
Iscariot, which also betrayed 

Aud Lu cQujrith 9 into a 20 
hcicj.*ifi, And i\\e multitude 
ccitiL'th tffgother again, so that 
thay- could not so much as 
eat bread Aud when his 21 
frii Tifls hoArci it, they went out 
to lnv i!!l,i on Slim: for they 
saiu,ii_i^L-id(jliimself. And 22 
the, scribes which came down 
from Jerusalem said, He hath 
Beelzebub, and, lo By the prince 
of the 6 devils casteth he out 
the 6 devils. And he called 23 
them unto him, and said unto 
them in parables. How can Sa- 
tan cast out Satan ? And if a 24 
kingdom be divided against 
itself, that kingdom cannot 
stand. And if a house be 25 
divided against itself, that 
house will not be able to stand. 
And if Satan hath risen up 26 
against himself, and is divided, 
he cannot stand, but hath an 
end. But no one can enter 27 
into the house of the strong 
man, and spoil his goods, ex- 
cept he first bind the strong 
man; and then he will spo'' 
his house. Verily I say v 
you. All theh: sms sha 
forgiven unto the spns of 




and their blasphemies where- 
with soever they shall blas- 
29 pheme : but whosoever shall 
Blaspheme against the Holy 
Spirit hath never forgivenessi 
but is guilty of an eternal sin : 

80 because they said, He hath an 
unclean spirit 

81 And there come his mother 
and his brethren ; and, standing 
without, they sent unto him, 

82 calling him. And a multitude 
was sitting about him: and 
they say unto him, Behold, thy 
mother and thy brethren with- 

83 out seek for thee. And he 
answereth them, and saith, 
Who is my mother and my 

84 brethren ? And looking round 
on them which sat round a- 
bout him, he saith. Behold, 
my mother and my brethren ! 

85 For whosoever shall do the 
will of Gk)d, the same is my 
brother, and sister, and mo- 

4 And again he began to teach 
by the sea side. And there is 
gathered unto him a very great 
multitude, so that he entered 
into a boat, and sat in the 
sea; and all the multitude 
were by the sea on the land. 

2 And he taught them many 
things in parables, and said 
unto them in his teaching, 

8 Hearken: Behold, the sower 

4 went forth to sow : and it came 
to pass, as he sowed, some 
seed fell by the way side, and 
the birds came and devoured 

5 it. And other fell on the rocky 
grovmd, where it had not 
much earth ; and straightway 
it sprang up, because it had 

6 no deepness of earth: and 
when the sun was risen, it was 
scorched ; and because it had 

7 no root, it withered away. And 
other fell among the thorns, 
and the thorns grew up, ana 
choked it, and it yielded no 
"^t And others fell into the 

ood ground, and yielded ftuit^ 


growing up and increasing; 
and brought forth, thirtyfold, 
and siztyfold, and a hundred- 
fold. And he said, Who hath 9 
ears to hear, let him hear. 

And when he was alone, 10 
they that were about him with 
the twelve asked of him the 
parables. And he said unto 11 
them, Unto you is given the 
mystenr of the kingdom of 
God : but unto them that are 
without, aU things are done 
in parables: that seeing they 12 
mav see, and not perceive; 
and hearing they may hear, 
and not understand ; lest haply 
they should turn a^n, and it 
should be forgiven them. And 13 
he saith unto them. Know ye 
not this parable? and how 
shall ye know all the parables ? 
The sower soweth the word. 14 
And these are they by the way 16 
side, where the word is sown ; 
and when they have heard, 
straightway cometh Satan, and 
taketh away the word which 
hath been sown in them. And 16 
these in like manner are they 
that are sown upon the rocky 

S laces, who, when ^ihey have 
card the word, straightway 
receive it with ioy ; and they 17 
have no root in themselves, 
but endure for a while ; then, 
when tribulation or persecu- 
tion ariseth because of tho 
word, straightway they stum- 
ble. And others are they 18 
that are sown among the 
thorns; these are they that 
have heard the word, and the 19 
cares of the i world, and the de- 
ceitMness of riches, and the 
lusts of other things entering 
in, choke the word, and it be- 
cometh uniyuitfUL And those 20 
are they that were sown upon 
the good ground ; such as hear 
the word, and accept it, and 
bear fruit, thirtyfold, and sixty- 
fold, and a hundredfold. 
And he said uoto tbem, Ig %i. 




the lamp brought to be put 
under the bushel, or under 
the bed, and not to be put 

22 on the stand? For there Is 
nothing hid, save that it should 
be manifested; neither was 
anything made secret but that 

23 it should come to light If 
any man hath ears to hear, 

24 let him hear. And he said 
unto them, Take heed what 
ye hear: with what measure 
ye mete it shall be measured 
unto you : and more shall be 

25 given unto you. For he that 
hath, to him shall be given : 
and he that hath not, from 
him shall be taken away even 
that which he hath. 

26 And he said. So is the king- 
dom of God, as if a man should 

27 cast seed upon the earth ; and 
should sleep and rise night 
and day. and the seed should 
spring up and grow, he know- 

28 eth not how. The earth ^Itear- 
eth fhiit of herself; first the 
blade, then the ear, then the 

29 tuU com in the ear. But when 
the fruit 2 is ripe, straightway 
he ^putteth forth the sickle, 
because the harvest is come. 

80 And he said. How shall we 
liken the kingdom of God? 
or in what parable shall we 

81 set it forth ? nt is like a grain 
of mustard seed, which, when 
it is sown upon the earth, 
though it be less than all the 
seeds that are upon the earth, 

82 yet when it is sown, groweth 
up, and becometh greater than 
all the herbs, and putteth out 
great branches; so that the 
birds of the heaven can lodge 
under the shadow thereof. 

88 And with many such para- 
bles spake he the word unto 
them, as they were able to 

84 hear it: and without a parable 
spake he not unto them : but 
privately to his own disciples 
ne expounded all things. 

86 And on that d^y, when even 

a Or, 


4 Or. 

5 Or, 

was come, be saith unto them. 
Let us go over unto the other 
side. And leaving the multi- 86 
tude, they take him with them, 
even as he was, in the boat 
And other boats were with 
him. And there ariseth a great 37 
storm of wind, and the waves 
beat into the boat, insomuch 
tiiat the boat was now filling. 
And he himself was in the 88 
stem, asleep on the cushion : 
and they awake him, and say 
unto him, ^ Master, carest thou 
not that we perish? And he 89 
awoke, and rebuked the wind, 
and said unto the sea. Peace, 
be stilL And the wind cetised, 
and there was a great calm. 
And he said unto them, Why 40 
are ye fearful? have ye not 
yet faith? And they feared 41 
exceedingly, and said one to 
another, Wno then is this, that 
even the wind and the sea obey 

And they came to the other 5 
side of the sea, Into the coun- 
try of the Gerasenes. And 2 
when he was come out of the 
boat, straightway there met 
him out of the tombs a man 
with an unclean spirit, who 3 
had his dwelling in tne tombs : 
and no man could any more 
bind him, no, not with a chain ; 
because that he had been 4 
often bound with fetters and 
chains, and the chains had 
been rent asunder by him, and 
the fetters broken in pieces: 
and no man had strength to 
tame him. And always, night 5 
and day, in the toml)S and in 
the mountains, he was crying 
out, and cutting himself with 
stones. And when he saw Jesus 6 
from afar, he ran and wor- 
shipped him; and crying out 7 
witn a loud voice, he saith. 
What have I to do with thee, 
Jesus, thou Son of the M*^' 
High God? I adjure tb* 
God, torment me not 



he said unto him. Come forth, 
thou unclean spirit, out of the 
9 man. And be asked him, What 
is thy name? And he saith 
unto him. My name is Legion ; 

10 for we are many. And he be- 
sought him much that he 
would not send them away 

11 out of the country. Now there 
was there on the mountain 
side a great herd of swine 

12 feeding. And they besought 
him, saving. Send us into the 
swine, that we may enter into 

13 them. And he gave them 
leave. And the unclean spi- 
rits came out, and entered 
into the swine : and the herd 
rushed down the steep into 
the sea, in number about two 
thousand ; and they were 

14 choked in the sea. And they 
that fed them fled, and told it 
in the city, and in the coun- 
trv. And they came to see 
wnat it was that had come to 

15 pass. And they come to Jesus, 
and behold i him that was 
possessed with devils sitting, 
clothed and in his right mind, 
even him that had the legion: 

16 and they were afraid. And 
they that saw it declared un- 
to them how it befell ^him that 
was possessed with devils, and 

17 oonceming the swine. And 
they began to beseech him to 
depart fh)m their borders. 

18 And as he was entering into 
the boat, he that had been 
possessed with s devils besought 
him that he might be with 

19 him. And he suflTcred him 
not, but saith unto him. Go 
to thy house unto thy Mends, 
and toll them how great 
things the Lord hath done for 
thee, and how he had mercy 

20 on thee. And he went his 
way, and began to publish in 
Becapolis how great things 
Jesus had done for him : and 
all men did marvel. 

And when Jesus had crossed 





over again in the boat unto the 
other side, a great multitude 
was gathered unto him: and 
he was by the sea. And there 22 
Cometh one of the rulers of 
the synagogue, Jalrus by name ; 
and seeing him, he falleth at 
his feet, and beseecheth him 23 
much, saying. My little daugh- 
ter is at the point of de^th : 
I pray thee, that thou come 
and lay thy hands on her, that 
she may be ^made whole, and 
live. And he went with him ; 24 
and a great multitude followed: 
him, and they thronged him. 

And a woman, which had an 25 
issue of blood twelve years, 
and had suffered many things 26 
of many physicians, aoCl had 
spent all that she had, and 
was nothing bettered, but ra- 
ther grew worse, having heard 27 
the things concerning Jesus, 
came in the crowd behind, and 
touched his garment For she 28 
said. If I touch but his gar- 
ments, I shall be Smade whole. 
And straightway the founbUn 29 
of her blood was dried up ; and 
she felt in her body that she 
was healed of her ^ plague. 
And straightway Jesus, per- 80 
ceiving in himself that the 
power proceeding lh)m him 
had gone forth, turned him 
about in the crowd, and said. 
Who touched my garments! 
And his disciples said unto 81 
him. Thou seest the multitude 
thronging thee, and sayest 
thou. Who touched me ? And 32 
he looked round about to see 
her that had done this thing. 
But the woman fearing and 88 
trembling, knowing what had 
been done to her, came and 
fell down before him, and told 
him all the truth. And he 84 
said unto her. Daughter, thy 
faith hath ^made thee whole* 
in peace, and be whole of 

bo yet spake, they 85 

-6. 16. 



come from the ruler of the 
synagogue's hovse, saying. Thy 
cmughter is dead: why trou- 
blest thou the i Master any 

86 further? But Jesus, 3 not 
heeding the word spoken, 
siUth unto the ruler of the 
synagogue, Fear not, only be- 

87 lieve. And he suffered no 
man to follow with him, save 
Peter, and James, and John 

88 the brother of James. And 
they come to the house of 
the ruler of the synagogue; 
and he beholdeth a tumult, 
and many weeping and wail- 

89 ing greatly. And when he was 
entered in, he saith unto them. 
Why make ye a tumult, and 
weep? the child is not .dead, 

40 but sleepeth. And they laugh- 
ed him to scorn. But he, hav- 
ing put them all forth, taketh 
the father of the child and 
her mother and them that 
were with him, and goeth in 

41 where the child was. And 
taking the child by the hand, 
he saith unto -her, TaHtha 
cumi; which is, being inter- 
preted. Damsel, I say unto 

42 thee, Arise. And straightway 
the damsel rose up, and walk- 
ed ; for she was twelve years 
old. And they were amazed 
straightway with a great sir 

43 mazement And he chained 
them much that no man 
should know this: and he 
commanded that somethirig 
should be given her to eat 

Q And he went out from 
thence; and he cometh into 
his own country ; and his dls- 
2 ciples follow him. And when 
the sabbath was come, he be- 
gan to teach in the synagogue: 
and 8 many hearing him were 
astonishe(^ saying. Whence 
hath this man these things? 
and, What is the wisdom that 
is given unto this man, and 
wJiat mean such ^ mighty 
wprks wrought by his hands? 


a Or, ovtr- 

3 Some 
ties In- 


caused to 





10 Some 
ties read 

n Qt. the 

U not this the carpenter, the 8 
son of Mary, and orother of 
James, and Joses, and Judas, 
and Simon? and are not his 
sisters here with us? And 
they were 6 offended in him. 
And Jesus said unto them, A 4 
prophet is not without honour, 
save in his own country, and 
among his own kin, and in his 
own house. And he could 5 
there do no « mighty work, 
save that he laid his hands 
upon a few sick folk, and 
healed them. And he mar- 6 
veiled because of their unbe- 

And he went round about 
the villages teaching. 

And he called unto him the 7 
twelve, and began to send 
them forth by two and two ; 
and he gave them authority 
over the imclean spirits ; and 8 
he charged them that they 
should take nothing for their 
loumey, save a staff only ; no 
bread, no wallet, no 7 money 
in their » purse ; but to go 9 
shod with sandals : and, said 
he, put not on two coats. And 10 
he said unto them. Whereso- 
ever ye enter into a house, 
there abide till ye depart 
thence. And whatsoever place 11 
shall not receive you, and they 
hear you not, as ye go forth 
thence, shake off the dust that 
is under your feet for a testi- 
mony unto them. And they 12 
went out, and preached that 
man should repent. And they 13 
cast out many » devils, and 
anointed with oil many that 
were sick, and healed them. 

And king Herod heard £^re- 14 
qf; for his name had become 
known: and i^he said, John 
uthe Baptist is risen from the 
dead, and therefore do these 
powers work in him. But 16 
others said, It is ElUah. Ar ' 
others said, J< t» a prr 
even as oqc of the pr< 


16 But Herod, when lie heard 
thereof, said, John, whom I 

17 beheaded, he is risen. For 
Herod himself had sent forth 
and laid hold upon John, and 
bound him in prison for the 
sake of Herodias, his brother 
Philip's wife : for he had mar- 

18 ried her. For John said unto 
Herod, It is not lawful for 
thee to have thy brother's 

19 wife. And Herodias set her- 
self against him, and desired to 
kill him ; and >8he could not ; 

20 for Herod feared John, know- 
ing that he was a righteous 
man and a holy, and kept him 
safe. And when he heard him, 
he 1 was much perplexed ; and 

'21 he heard him gladly. And 
when a convenient day was 
come, that Herod on his birth- 
day made a supper to his lords, 
and the a high captains, and the 

22 chief men of Galilee ; and when 
8 the daughter of Herodias 
herself came in and danced, 
* she pleased Herod and them 
that sat at meat with him; 
and the king said unto the 
damsel, ABk of me whatsoever 
thou wilt, and I will give it 

28 thee. And he sware unto her, 
-Whatsoever thou shalt ask of 
me, I will give it thee, unto 

24 the half of my kingdom. And 
she went out, and said unto 
her mother, What shall I 
ask? And she said. The head 

25 of John 5 the Baptist And 
she came in strai^tway with 
haste unto the king, and ask- 
ed, saying, I will that thou 
forthwith give me in a charger 
the head of John ^the Baptist. 

26 And the king was exceeding 
sorry ; but for the sake of his 
oaths, and of them that sat 
at meat, he would not reject 

27 her. And straightway the king 
sent forth a soldier of his 

-uard, and commanded to 
^ng his )iead: and he went 
'. oeh^ed him in the pri* 

ties read 
did many 

a Or, 

son, and brought his head in a 28 
charger, and save it to the 
damsel ; and the damsel gave 
it to her mother. And when 29 
bis disciples heard thereof, 
they came and took up his 
corpse, and laid it in a tomb. 

And the apostles gather 30 
themselves together unto Je- 
sus; and they told him all 
things, whatsoever they had 
done, and whatsoever they had 
taught And he saitb unto 81 
them, Come ye yourselves, a- 
part into a desert place, aiid 
rest a while. For there were 
many coming and going, and 
they had no leisure so much 
as to eat And they went away 32 
in th« boat to a desert place 
apart And the people saw 38 
them going, and many knew 
them, and they ran there to- 
gether 6 on foot from all the 
cities, and outwent them. And 84 
he came forth and saw a great 
multitude, and he had com- 
passion on them, because they 
were as sheep not having a 
shepherd: and he began to 
teach them many things. And 35 
when the day was now far 
spent bis disciples came unto 
him, and said, The place is 
desert, and the day is now far 
spent: send them away, that 86 
tney may go into the country 
and villages round about and 
buy themselves somewhat to 
eat But he answered and said 87 
unto them, Give ye them to 
eat And they say unto him, 
Shall we go and buy two hun- 
dred t pennyworth of bread, 
and give them to eat? And he 38 
saith unto them. How many 
loaves have ye? go and see. 
And when they knew, they say. 
Five, and two fishes And he 39 
commanded them that all 
should 8 sit down by companies 
upon the green grass. And 40 
they sat down in ranks, by 
hundreds, and by fifties. And 41 

ties read 




7 Bee mar- 
ginal note 

8 Or. 


he took the five loaves and 
the two fishes, and looking 
up to heaven, he blessed, and 
brake the loaves ; and he gave 
to the disciples to set before 
them ; and the two fishes di- 
^ vided he among them alL And 
they did all eat, and were flll- 

43 ed. And they took up broken 
pieces, twelve basketmls, and 

44 also of the fishes. And they 
that ate the loaves were five 

45 .\\-. -■ lurlitway he con- 
fitr;ui]Qrt bia dlsdpfftB to enter 
Into the btjut, jiud to go be- 
fonJ hi-in iintg thu uthfsr side 
to Hcthsaifta. wiiilt; be him- 
self scudcth the niultltuciu a- 

46 way. And after ho had tiiken 
leave of tlicin, ho departed 
Into tliu luouiitaiD to pray. 

47 And when even was come, 
the boat was in the midst 
of the sea, and he alone on 

48 the land. And seeing them 
distressed in rowing, for the 
wind was contrary unto them, 
about the fourth watoh of the 
night he cometh unto them, 
walking on the sea; and he 
would nave passed by them: 

49 but they, when they saw him 
walking on the sea, supposed 
that it was an apparition, and 

50 cried out: for tney all saw 
him, and were troubled. But 
he straightway spake with 
them, and saith unto them, 
Be of good cheer : it is I ; 

61 be not afraid. And he went 
up unto them into the boat; 
and the wind ceased: and 
they were sore amazed in 

52 themselves; for they under- 
stood not concerning the 
loaves, but their heart was 

53 And when they had i crossed 
over, they came to the land 
unto Gennesaret, and moored 

54 to the shore. And when they 
were come out of the boat, 
StnUgbtway the people know 

to the 
Icmd, they 
came tui- 

3 Or, 

S. MAEK^__ 51 

him, and ran round about 56 
that whole region, and began 
to carry about on their beds 
those tnat were sick, where 
they heard he was. And 56 
wheresoever he entered, into 
villages, or into cities, or into 
the country, they laid ihe sick 
in the marketplaces, and be- 
sought him that they might 
touch if it were but the border 
of his garment : and as many 
as touched shim were made 

And there are gathered to- 7 
gether unto him the Pharisees, 
and certain of the scribes, 
which had come ft-om Jeru- 
salem, and had seen that some 2 
of his disciples ate their bread 
with 8 defiled, that is, unwash- 
en, hands. For the Pharisees, 3 
and all the Jews, except they 
wash their hands ^diligently, 
eat not, holding the tradition 
of the elders : and when they 4 
come from the marketplace, 
except they « wash themselves, 
they eat not : and many other 
things there be. which they 
have received to hold, « wash- 
ings of cups, and pots, and 
brasen vessels ^ And the Pha- 6 
risees and the scribes ask him. 
Why walk not thy disciples 
according to the tradition of 
the elders, but eat their bread 
with 8 defiled hands? And he 6 
said unto them, Well did Isaiah 
prophesy of you hypocrites, as 
it is written. 

This people honoureth me 
with their lips. 

But their heart is far from 

But in vain do they wor- 7 
ship me, 

Teaching as their doctrines 
the precepts of men. 
Te leave the commandment 8 
of God, and hold fast the tra- 
dition of mea And he said a 
unto them, Full well do 
r^eot the commandmo 

4 Or, «j> to 
(he elbow 

ties read 

6 Or. bap- 

7 Many 
ties add 



God, that ye may keep your 

10 tradition. For Moses said, 
Honour thy father and thy 
mother; and. He that speak- 
eth evil of father or mother, 

11 let him idie the death: but 
ye say, If a man shall say to 
bis father or his mother, That 
wherewith thou mightest have 
l)een profited by me is Cor- 
ban, that is to say, Given 

12 to Ood; ye no longer suffer 
him to do aught for his father 

13 or his mother; making void 
the word of God by your tra- 
dition, which ye have deliver- 
ed: and many such like things 

14 ye do. And he called to him 
the multitude again, and said 
unto them, Hear me all of 

15 you, and understand: thero 
is nothing ft-om without the 
man, that going into him 
can defile him : but the things 
which proceed out of the man 
are those that defile the man. 2 

17 And when he was entered into 
the house from the multitude, 
his disciples asked of him the 

18 parable. And he saith. unto 
them, Are ye so without un- 
derstanding also? Perceive 
ye not, that whatsoever from 
without goeth into the man, 

19 it cannot defile him ; because 
it goeth not into his heart, 
but into his belly, and goeth 
out into the draught? This 
he said, making all meats 

20 clean. And he said, That 
which proceedeth out of the 
man, that defileth the man. 

21 For ftom within, out of the 
heart of men, 8 evil thoughts 

22 proceed, fornications, thefts, 
murders, adulteries, oovetings, 
wickednesses, deceit, lascivi- 
ousnessL an evil eye, railing, 

23 pride, foolishness: all these 
evil tilings proceed ft'om with- 
in, and defile the man. 

And from thence he arose, 
^d went away into the bor- 
^ofTyre^^ndSidon. Aud 


3 Many 
ties insert 
halh ear$ 
to hear, 
let Mm 

that ar4 

4 Borne 
ties omit 

6 Or, 


7 Or, haf 

he entered into a house, and 
would have no man know it : 
and he could not be hid. But 25 
straightway a woman, whose 
little daughter had an unclean 
spirit, having heard of him, 
came and fell down at his feet. 
Now the woman was a * Greek, 26 
a Syrophoenician by race. And 
she besought him that he 
would cast forth the » devil 
out of her daughter. And 27 
he said unto her. Let the 
children first be filled : for it 
is not meet to take the chil- 
dren's 7 bread and cast it to 
the dogs. But she answered 28 
and saith unto him. Tea, 
Lord: even the dogs under 
the table eat of the children's 
crumbs. And he said unto 29 
her, Fo^ this saying go thy 
way; the s devil is gone out 
of thy daughter. And she 80 
went away imto her house, 
and found the child laid upon 
the bed, and the * devil gone 

And again he went out flrom 81 
the borders of Tyre, and came 
through Sidon imto the sea of 
Galilee, through the midst .of 
the borders of Decapolis. And 32 
they bring unto him one that 
was deaf, and had an impedi- 
ment in his speech ; and they 
beseech him to lay his hand 
upon him. And he took him 83 
aside fh)m the multitude pri- 
vately, and put his fingers into 
his ears, and he spat, and 
touched his tongue ; and look- 84 
ing up to heaven, he sighed, 
and saith unto him, £ph- 
phatha, that is. Be opened. 
And his ears were opened, 35 
and the bond of his tongue 
was loosed, and he spake 
plain. And he charged tnem 89 
that they should tell no man : 
but the more he charged them, 
so much the more a great deal 
they published it. And they 87 
were bej'oud measure astonisji- 




ed, saying, He hath done all 
things well: he maketh even 
the deaf to hear, and the dumb 
to speak. 
3 In those days, when there 
was again a great multitude, 
and they had nothing to bat, 
he called unto him his disci- 

2 pies, and saith unto them, I 
nave compassion on the mul- 
titude, because they continue 
with me now three days, and 

8 have nothing to eat: and if 
I send them away fasting to 
their home, they will fkint In 
the way; and some of them 

4 are come fh)m far. And his dis- 
ciples answered him. Whence 
shall one be able to fill these 
men with thread here in a 

5 desert place? And he asked 
them, Mow many loaves have 
ye? And they said, Seven. 

6 And he commandeth the mul- 
titude to sit down on the 
ground: and he took the se- 
ven loaves, and having given 
thanks, he brake, and gave 
to his disciples, to set before 
them ; and they set them be- 

7 fore the multitude. And they 
had a few small fishes: and 
having blessed them, he com- 
manded to set these also be- 

8 forie them. And they did eat, 
an* were filled: and they took 
up, of broken pieces that re- 
mained over, seven baskets. 

9 And they were about four 
thousand: and he sent them 

10 away. And straightway he en- 
tered into the boat with his 
disciples, and came into the 
parts of Dalmanutha. 

11 And the Pharisees came 
forth, and began to question 
with him, seeking of him a 
sign from heaven, tempting 

12 him. And he sighed deeply 
in his spirit, and saith. Why 
doth this generation seek a 
sign? verily I say unto you. 
There shall no sign be given 

18 unto this generation. And he 

ties read 
they had 
lu bread. 

3 Or. It la 

ioe have 
mo bread. 


in ver. 19 

left them, and again entering 
into the boat departed to the 
other side. 

And they forgot to take 14 
bread; and they had not In 
the boat with tiiem more than 
one loaf. And he charged 16 
them, saying, Take heed, be- 
ware of the leaven of the 
Pharisees and the leaven of 
Herod. And they reasoned 16 
one with another, * saying, 
8 We have no bread. And 17 
Jesus perceiving it saith un- 
to them. Why reason ye, be- 
cause ye have no bread? do 
ye not yet perceive, neither 
understand? have ye your 
heart hardened ? Having eyes, 18 
see ye not? and having ears, 
hear ye not? and do ye not 
remember ? When I brake 19 
the five loaves among the five 
thousand^ how many * baskets 
full of broken pieces took 
ye up? They say unto him. 
Twelve. And when the seven 20 
among the four thousand, 
how many *basketftils of bro- 
ken pieces took ye up? And 
they say unto him, Seven. 
And he said unto them, Do 21 
ye not yet understand ? 

And they come unto Beth- 22 
saida. And they bring to him 
a blind man, and beseech him 
to touch him. And he took 28 
hold of the blind man by the 
hand, and brought him out of 
the village ; and when he had 
spit on his eyes, and laid his 
hands upon him, he asked 
him, Seest thou aught? And 24 
he looked up, and said, I see 
men; for I behold Oiem as 
trees, walking. Then again he 25 
laid his hands upon his eyes: 
and he looked stedfastly, and 
was restored, and saw all 
things clearly. And he sent 26 
him away to his home, say- 
ing. Do not even enter Int/* 
the village. 

And Jesus went forth, 


S.MARK. ' 


his disciples, into the villages 
of Cresjirea Philippi: and in 
the way he asked his disciples, 
saying unto them. Who do 

28 men say that I amt And they 
told him, saying, John the 
Baptist: and others, Elijah; 
but others, One of the pro- 

29 phets. And he asked them, 
But who say ve that I am? 
Peter answereth and saith un- 
to him, Thou art the Christ. 

80 And he charged them that 
they should tell no man of 

81 him. And he t)^can to teach 
them, that the Son of man 
must suffer many things, and 
be rejected by the elders, and 
the chief priests, and the 
scribes, and be killed, and 
after three days rise again. 

82 And he spake the saying open- 
ly. And Peter took him, and 

83 began to rebuke him. But he 
tinning about, and seeing his 
disciples, rebuked Peter, and 
saith. Get thee behind me, 
Satan: for thou mlndest not 
the things of God, but the 

84 things of men. . And he called 
unto him the multitude with 
his disciples, and said unto 
them, If any man would come 
after me, let him deny himself, 
and take up his cross, and fol- 

85 low mo. For whosoever would 
save his ^life shall lose it; and 
whosoever shall lose his ilife 
for my sake and the gospel's 

86 shall save it. For what doth 
it profit a man, to gain the 
whole world, and forfeit his 

87 ^ life ? For what should a 
man give in exchange for his 

88 ilife? For whosoever shall be 
ashamed of me and of my 
words in this adulterous and 
sinful generation, the Son of 
man also shall be ashamed of 
him, when he cometh in the 
glory of his Father with the 

"> holy angels. And he said unto 

''hem. Verily I say unto vou, 

"here be some here of tnem 


8 Or, Hew 

li It Ouit 

that stand by, which shall in 
no wise taste of death, till they 
see the kingdom of God come 
with power. 

And atter six days Jesus tak- 2 
eth with bim Peter, and James, 
and John, and bringeth them 
up into a high mountain a- 
part by themselves: and he 
was transfigured before them : 
and his garments became glis- 8 
tcring, exceeding white ; so as 
no fuller on earth can whiten 
them. And there appeared 4 
unto them EUjah with Moses : 
and they were talking with 
Jesus. And Peter answereth 6 
and saith to Jesus, Habbi, it is 
good for us to be here: and 
let us make three > taberna- 
cles; one for thee, and one 
for Moses, and one for Elijah. 
For he wist not what to an- 6 
swer ; for they became sore a- 
fk^d. And there came a cloud 7 
overshadowing them : and 
there came a voice out of the 
cloud. This is my beloved Son : 
hear ye him. And suddenly 8 
looking round about, they saw 
no one any more, save Jesus 
only with themselves. 

And as they were coming 9 
down from the mountain, he 
charged them that they should 
tell no man what things they 
had seen, save when the ]Son 
of man should have risen a- 
gain from the dead. And they 10 
kept the saying, questioning 
among themselves what the 
risinff again from the dead 
should mean. And thev asked 11 
him, saying, *The scribes say 
that Ellijah must first come. 
And he said unto them, EtUah 13 
indeed cometh firsts and re- 
storeth all things: and how 
is it written of the Son of 
man, that he should suffer 
many things and be set at 
nought? But I say unto you, 18 
that El^ah is come, and they 
have also done unto him what- . 

-9. 88. 

soever they listed, even as it 
is written of bim. 

14 And when they oame to 
the disciples, they saw a great 
multitude about them, and 
scribes questioning with them. 

16 And straightway all the mul- 
titude, when they saw him, 
were greatly amazed, and run- 

16 ning to him saluted him. And 
he asked them, What question 

17 ye with them? And one of 
the multitude answered him, 
1 Master, I brought unto thee 
my son, which hath a dumb 

18 spirit ; and wheresoever it 
taketh him, it ^dasheth him 
down: and he foamcth, and 
grindeth his teeth, and pineth 
away: and I spake to thy 
disciples that they should cast 
it out; and they were not 

19 able. And he answereth them 
and saith, O faithless genera- 
tion, how long shall I be with 
you? how long shall I bear 
with you ? bring him unto me. 

20 And they brought him unto 
him: and when he saw him, 
straightway the spirit stare 
him grievously; and he fell 
on the ground, and wallowed 

21 foaming. And he asked his 
father, How long time Is it 
since this hath come unto 
him? And he said. From a 

22 child. And oft-times it hath 
cast him both into the fire 
and into the waters, to de- 
stroy him : but if thou canst 
do 'anything, have compas- 

28 sion on us, and help us. And 
Jesus said unto him. If thou 
canst 1 All things are pos- 
sible to him that believeth. 

24 Straightway the father of the 
child cried out, and said^ I 
believe; help thou mine un- 

26 belief. And when Jesus saw 
that a multitude came run- 
ninx together, he rebuked the 
undean spirit, saying unto 
him. Thou dumb and deaf 
spirit^ I command thee, come | 




2 Or, rmtd- 


ties add 

5 Or, How 
is li that 
we eould 

ties add 
and flut- 

7 Or. 

out Of him, and enter no more 
into him. And having cried 26 
out, and stom him niuch, he 
came out: and th$ child b6- 
came as one dead ; insomuch 
that the more part said. He 
is dead. But Jesus took him 27 
by the han<i, and raised him 
up ; and he arose. And when 28 
he was come into the house, 
his disciples asked him pri- 
vately, ^saying, We could not 
cast It out. And ho said unto 29 
them. This kind can come out 
by nothing, save by prayer «. 

And they went forth ft-om 80 
thence, and passed through 
Galilee ; and be would not that 
any man should know it. For 81 
he taught his disciples, and said 
unto them. The Son of man 
is delivered up into the hands 
of men, and they shall kiU 
him; and when he is Idlled, 
after three days he shall rise 
again. But they imderstood 82 
not the saying, and were aftuid 
to ask him. 

And they came to Caper- 88 
naum: and when he was in 
the house he asked them, 
What were ye reasoning in 
the way ? But they held their 84 
peace : for they had disputed 
one with another in the way, 
who tocts the 7 greatest And 86 
he sat down, and called the 
twelve; and he saith unto 
them. If any man would be 
first, he shflJl be last of all, 
and minister of all. And he 86 
took a little child, and set 
him in the midst of them: 
and taking him in his arms, 
he said unto them. Whosoever 87 
shall receive one of such little 
children In my name, receiv- 
etb me : and whosoever receiv- 
eth me, receiveth not me, but 
him that sent me. 

John said unto him, ^Mas- 88 
ter, we saw one casting out. 
8 devils in thy name: ar-* 
forbade him, because ' 


89 lowed not ua. But Jesus said, 
Forbid him not: for tliere is 
no man which shall do a 
1 mighty work in my name, 
and he able quickly to speak 

40 evil of me. For he that is 

41 not against us is for us. For 
whosoever shall give you a 
cup of water to drink, 2 be- 
cause ye are Christ's, verily I 
say unto you, he shall in no 

42 wise lose his reward. And 
whosoever shall cause one of 
these little ones that believe 
8 on me to stumble, it were 
better for him if *a great 
millstone were hanged about 
his necls, and he were cast 

43 into the sea. And if thy hand 
cause thee to stumble, cut it 
oflf: It is good for thee to 
enter into life maimed, rather 
than having thy two hands 
to go into 6 hell, into the un- 

45 guenchable flre.« And if thy 
foot cause thee to stumble, 
cut it oflT: It is good for thee 
to enter into life halt, rather 
than having thy two feet to 

47 be cast faito ehelL And if 
thine eye cause thee to stum- 
ble, cast it out : it is good for 
thee to enter into the king- 
dom of God with one eye, 
rather than having two eyes 

48 to be cast Into ^hell; where 
their worm dicth not, and the 

49 fire Is not Quenched. For 
every one shall be salted with 

60 fire 7. Salt is good : but if the 
salt have lost its saltness. 
wherewith will je season it? 
Have salt In yourselves, and 
be at peace one with another. 

10 And he arose from thence, 
and cometh into the borders 
of Judeea and beyond Jordan : 
and multitudes come together 
unto him again ; and, as he was 
wont, he taught them again. 
2 And there came unto him Pha- 
risees, and asked him, Is it law- 
ful for a man to put away his 
wife? tempting him. And he 



2 Or. 

in name 
that j/e 

3 Many 
ties omit 

turned by 
an ate. 


and 46 
are iden- 
tical with 
ver. 48) 
are omit- 
ted by 
the best 

auil ■ rl- 
ti(" .v:d 
a»'' - 'try 

tri W. 
Be' i.y. 
li. To. 

8 Some 
ties omit 
and shall 
cleave to 
hit wife. 

9 Or, on hit 

10 Or. 

answered and said unto them. 
What did Moses command 
you? And they said, Moses 4 
suffered to write a bill of di- 
vorcement, and to put her a- 
way. But Jesus said unto them, 5 
For your hardness of heart he 
wrote you this commandment. 
But ft-om the beginning of 6 
the creation, Male and female 
made he them. For this cause 7 
shall a man leave his father 
and mother, ^and shall cleave 
to his wife ; and the twain 8 
shall become one flesh : so 
that they are no more twain, 
but one flesh. What there- 9 
fore God hath Joined together, 
let not man put asunder. Ana 10 
in the house the disciples ask- 
ed him again of this matter. 
And he salth unto them. Who- 11 
soever shall put away his wife, 
and marry another, commit- 
teth adiiltery against her : and 12 
if she herself shall put away her 
husband, and marry another, 
she committeth adultery. 

And they brought unto him 13 
little children, that he should 
touch them : and the disciples 
rebuked them. But when Je- 14 
BUS saw it, he was moved with 
indignation, and said unto 
them, Suffer the little children 
to come unto me; forbid them 
not : for of such is the king- 
dom of God. Verily I say un- 16 
to you. Whosoever shall not 
receive the kingdom of God 
as a little child, he shall in 
no wise enter therein. And he 16 
took them In his arms, and 
blessed them, laying his hands 
upon theuL 

And as he was going forth 17 
»into the way, there ran one 
to him, and kneeled to him, 
and asked him. Good w Master, 
what shall I do that I may 
inherit eternal life? And Je- 18 
sus said unto him, Why callest 
thou me good? none is good 
saYo one, even God, Thou 19 


S.MABK. m 

knowest the commandments, 
Do not kill. Do not commit 
adultei^. Do not stoal, Do not 
bear false witness, Do not de- 
fraud. Honour thy father and 

20 mother. And he said unto 
him, 1 Master, all these things 
have I observed fi-om my 

21 youth. And Jesus looking 
upon him loved him, and said 
unto him, One thing thou lack- 
est: go, sell whatsoever thou 
hast, and give to the poor, and 
thou Shalt have treasure in 
heaven : and come, follow me. 

22 But his countenance fell at the 
saying, and he went away sor- 
rowful: for he was one that 
had great possessions. 

23 And Jesus looked round a- 
bout, and saith unto his dis- 
ciples. How hardly shall they 
that have riches enter into the 

24 kingdom of God! And the dis- 
ciples were 'amazed at his 
wordSb But Jesus answereth 
again, and saith unto them, 
Children, how hard is it *tor 
them that trust in riches to 
enter into thu kingdom of 

25 God I It is easier tor a camel 
to go through a needle's eye, 
thtm for a rich man to enter 

26 into the kingdom of Go0. And 
they were astonished exceed- 
ingly, saying Sunto him. Then 

27 who can be saved? Jesus 
looking upon them saith, With 
men it is impossible, but not 
with God: for all tnings are 

28 possible with God. Peter be- 
gan to say unto him, Lo, we 
have left all, and have followed 

29 thee. Jesus said, Verily I say 
unto you. There is no man 
that hath left house, or bre- 
thren, or sisters, or mother, or 
father, or children, or lands, 
for my sake, and for the gos- 

SO pel's sake, but he shall receive 
a hundredfold now in this 
titne, houses, and brethren, 
and sisters, and mothers, and 
children, and lands, with pei^ 


ties omit 
for (hem 

ties^ read 

4 0r. a^ 

8 0r,&irf 



secutions; and in the ^ world 
to come eternal life. But 81 
many that are first shall be 
last ; and the last first 
And they were in the way. 82 
»ing up to Jerusalem ; and 
i^esus was going beiore them : 
and they were amazed; ^and 
they that followed were afhiid. 
And he took again the twelve, 
and began to tell them the 
things that were to happen 
unto him, sayiiw. Behold, we 88 
go up to Jerusalem ; and the 
Son of man shall be delivered 
unto the chief priests and the 
scribes; and they shall con- 
demn him to death, and shall 
deliver him unto the Gentiles : 
and thev shall mock him, and 84 
shall spit upon him, and shall 
scourge him, and shall kill 
him ; and after three days he 
shall rise again. 

And there come near unto 85 
him James and John, the sons 
of Zebedee, saying unto him, 
1 Master, we would that thou 
shouldest do for us whatso- 
ever we shall ask of thee. And 86 
he said unto them. What would 
ye that I should do for you ? 
And they said unto him, Grant 87 
unto us that we may sit, one 
on thy right hand, and one on 
thy left hand, in thv gloiy. 
But Jesus said unto them, Ye 88 
know not what ye ask. Are ye 
able to drink the cup that I 
drink ? or to be baptized with 
the baptism that I am bap- 
tized with? And they said 89 
unto him, We are able. And 
Jesus said unto them, The cup 
that I drink ye shall drink: 
and with the baptism that I 
am baptized withal shall ye be 
baptized: but to sit on my 40 
right hand or on my left hand 
is not mine to give : but it is 
for them for whom it hath 
been prepared. And when th-- 
ten heard it, they began t 
moved with indlgnatior 

42 oerning James and John. And 
Jesus called them to him, and 
saith unto them. Ye know that 
they which are accounted to 

• rule over the Gentiles lord 
it over them ; and tlieir great 
ones exercise authority over 

43 them. But it is not so 
among you: but whosoever 
would become great among 
you, shall be your i minister: 

44 and whosoever would be first 
among you, shall be 2 servant 

45 of &\L For verily the Son of 
man came not to be minister- 
ed unto, but to minister, and 
to give his life a ransom for 

46 And they come to Jericho : 
and as he went out from Je- 
richo, with his disciples and a 
gjresA multitude, the son of 
TimsBUS, Bartimaeus, a blind 
beggar, was sitting by the way 

47 side. And when he heard that 
it was Jesus of Nazareth, he 
began to cry out. and say, Je- 
sus, thou son or David, have 

48 mercy on me. And many re- 
buked him, that he should 
hold his peace: but he cried 
out the more a great deal, 
Thou son of David, have mer- 

49 cy on me. And Jesus stood 
still, and said. Call ye him. 
And they call the blind man. 
saying unto him. Be of gooa 
cheer: rise, he calleth thee. 

a MAEK. 



8 See John 
XX. 18. 

4 Or, $aved 

50 And he, casting away his gar- 
ment, sprang up, and came to 

51 Jesus. And Jesus answered 

him, and said. What wilt thou 
that I should do unto thee? 
And the blind man said unto 
him, SRabboni, that I may re- 
52 ceive my sight. And Jesus 
said unto him. Go thy way; 
thy faith hath ^made thee 
whole. And straightway he 
received his sight, and follow- 
ed him in the way. 
"' And when they draw nl«h 
ymbo Jerusalem, unto Betn- 
lage and Bethany, at the 

* Or, again 



mount of Olives, he send- 
eth two of his disciples, and 2 
saith unto them, Go your way 
into the village that is oyer 
against you: and straightway 
as ye enter into it, ye shall 
find a colt tied, whereon no 
man ever yet sat; loose him, 
and bring him. And if any 8 
one say unto you. Why do ye 
this? say ye. The Lord hath 
need of him; and straight- 
way he "will send him ^back 
hither. And they went away, 4 
and found a colt tied at the 
door without in the open 
street; and they loose hlm; 
And certain of them that 5 
stood there said unto them, 
What do ye, loosing the colt ? 
And they said unto them even 6 
as Jesus had said : and they 
let them go. And they bring 7 
the colt unto Jqsus, and cast 
on him their garments; and 
he sat upon him. And many 8 
spread their garments upon the 
way; and others ? branches, 
which they had cut fh)m the 
flelda And they that went 9 
before, and they that followed, 
cried, Hosanna ; Blessed is he 
that Cometh in the name of 
the Lord : Blessed is the king- 10 
dom that cometh, the kingdom 
of our father David : Hosanna 
in the highest. 

And he entered Into Jeru- 11 
salcm, into the temple; and 
when he had looked round 
about upon all things, it being 
now eventide, he went out unto 
Bethany with the twelve. 

And on the morrow, when 12 
they WCTe come out from Beth- 
any, he hungered. And seeing 13 
a fig tree afar off having leaves, 
he came, if haply he might 
find anything thereon: and 
when he came to it, be found 
nothing but leaves ; for it was 
not the season of figs. And 14 
he answered and said unto it^ 
No man eat fhiit ttom thee 



henceforwaid for ever. And his 
disciples hesurd it. 

15 And they come to Jerusa- 
lem : and he entered into the 
temple, and began to cast ont 
them that sold and them that 
bought in the temple, and 
overthrew the tables of the 
money-changers, and the seats 
of them that sold the doves ; 

16 and he would not suffer that 
any man should carry a vessel 

17 through the temple. And he 
taught, and said unto them, 
Is it not written. My house 
shall be called a house of 
prayer for all the nations? 
but ye have made it a den of 

18 robbers. And the chief priests 
and the 8cril)es heard it, and 
sought how they might de- 
stroy him: for they feared 
him, for aU the multitude was 
astonished at his teaching. 

19 And 1 every evening 2 he went 
forth out of the city. 

20 And as they passed by in 
the morning, they saw the fig 
tree withered away from the 

21 roots. And Peter calling to 
remembrance saith unto him, 
Rabbi, behold, the fig tree 
which thou cursedst Is wither- 

22 cd away. And Jesus answer- 
ing saith unto them. Have 

28 faith in God. Verily I say 
unto you, Whosoever shall say 
unto this mountain. Be thou 
taken up and cast into the 
sea; and shall not doubt in 
his heart, but shall believe 
that what he saith cometh to 

24 pass ; he shall have it. There- 
fore I say unto you, All things 
whatsoever ye pray and ask 
for, believe that ye have re- 
ceived them, and ye shall have 

26 them. And whensoever ye 
stand praying, forgive, if ye 
have aught against any one; 
that vour Father also which 
is in neaven may forgive you 
your trespasses.* 

37 And they come again to Je- 



3 Some 
ties read 

3 Many 
ties add 
But if ye 
do not 
mil yonr 
which is 
in heaven 
your trea- 

5 Or, But 
•ay. From 

all held 
John to he 
a prophet 

rusalem : and as he was walk- 
ing in the temple, there come 
to him> the chief priests, and 
the scribes, and the elders; and 28 
they said unto him. By what 
authority doest thou these 
things? or who gave thee this 
authority to do these things? 
And Jesus said unto them, I 29 
will ask of you one * question, 
and answer me, and I will tell 
you by what authority I do 
these things. The baptism of 80 
John, was it from heaven, or 
from men? answer me. And 81 
they reasoned with themselves, 
saying, If we shall say. From 
heaven ; he will say. Why then 
did ye not believe him? ^But 82 
should we say. From men— 
they feared the people : 6for all 
verily held John to be a pro- 
phet And they answered Je- 83 
8U8 and say. We know not. 
And Jesus saith unto them. 
Neither tell I you by what au- 
thority I do these things. 

And he began to speak un- 12 
to them in parables. A man 
planted a vineyard, and set 
a hedge about it, and digged 
a pit for the winepress, and 
built a tower, and let it out 
to husbandmen, and went into 
another country. And at the 2 
season he sent to the husband- 
men a 7 servant, that he might 
receive from the husbandmen 
of the ft-uits of the vineyard. 
And they took him, and beat 8 
him, and sent him away empty. 
And again he sent unto them 4 
another ^servant ; and him they 
wounded in the head, and 
handled shamefully. And he 5 
sent another; and him they 
killed ; and many others ; beat- 
ing some, and killing some. 
He had yet one, a beloved 6 
son: he sent him last unto 
them, saying. They will reve- 
rence my son. But those hus- ^ 
bandmen said among th<»»~ 
selves, This ts the heir; c 




let us kill him, and the inherit- 

8 ance shall be ours. And they 
took him, and killed him, and 
cast him forth out of the vlne- 

9 yard. What therefore will the 
lord of the vineyard do? he 
will come and destroy the 
husbandmen, and will give the 

10 vineyard unto others. Have ye 
not read even this scripture ; 

The stone which the build- 
ers rejected. 

The same was made the 
head of the comer : 

11 This was fk-om the Lord, 
And it is marvellous in our 


12 And they sought to lay hold 
on him ; and thev feared the 
multitude; for they perceiv- 
ed that he spake the parable 
against them: and they left 
him, and went away. 

13 And they send unto him cer- 
tain of the Pharisees and of 
the Herodians, that they might 

14 catch him in talk. And when 
they were come, they say unto 
him, 1 Master, we know that 
thou art true, and carest not 
for any one : for thou regardest 
not the person of men, but 
of a truth teachest the way 
of God: Is it lawful to give 
tribute unto Ceesar, or not? 
Shall we give, or shall we not 

15 give? But he. knowing their 
hypocrisy, said unto them. Why 
tempt ye me? bring me a 
s penny, that I may see it 

16 And they brought it And he 
saith unto them. Whose is 
this image and superscription ? 
And they said unto him, Cse- 

17 sar'a And Jesus said unto 
them. Render unto Ceesar the 
things that are Caesar's, and 
unto God the things that are 
God's. And they marvelled 
greatlv at him. 

18 And there come unto him 
Sadducees, which say that 
there is no resurrection ; and 
they asked him, saying, i Mas- 


Binal note 
on Hatt. 
zvUi. 28. 

Lord is 


4 Gr. from. 

ter, Moses wrote unto us, If 
a man's brother die, and leave 
a wife behind him, and leave no 
child, that his brother should 
take his wife, and raise up 
seed unto his brother. There 20 
were seven brethren : and the 
first took a wife, and dying 
left no seed ; and the second 21 
took her, and died, leaving 
no seed behind him : and the 
third likewise: and the se- 22 
ven left no seed. Last of aJl 
the woman also died. In the 2S 
resurrection whose wife shall 
she be of them? for the seven 
had her to wife. Jesus said 24 
unto them. Is it not for this 
cause that ye err, that ye 
know not the scriptures, nor 
the power of God ? For when 25 
they shall rise fi-om the dead, 
they neither marry, nor are 
given in marriage; but are 
as angels in heaven. But as 26 
touching the dead, that they 
are raised; have ye not read 
in the book of Moses, in the 
place coiiceming the Busb^ 
now God spake unto him, say- 
ing, I am the God of Abra- 
ham, and the God of Isaac, 
and the God of Jacob? He 27 
is not the God of the dead, 
but uf the living : ye do great- 
ly err. 

And one of the scribes came, 28 
and heard them questioning 
together, and knowing thal^ he 
had answered them well, ask- 
ed him. What commandment 
is the first of all? Jesus an- 29 
swered, The first is, Hear, O 
Israel; «The Lord our God, 
the Lord is one: and thou 80 
Shalt love the Lord thy God 
4 with all thy heart, and ^with 
all thv soul, and ^with all 
thy mind, and «with all thy 
strength. The second is this, 81 
Thou Shalt love thy neighbour 
as thyself. There is none other 
commandment greater than 
these. And the scribe said un- 82 

-13. 11. 



to him, Of a truth, i Master, 
thou hast well said that he 
is one; and there is none 
88 other but he : and to love him 
with all the heart, and with 
all the understanding, and 
with all the strength, and to 
love his neighbour as himself, 
is much more than all whole 
burnt offerings and sacrifices. 

84 And when Jesus saw that he 
answered discreetly, he said 
unto him, Thou art not far 
fh>m the kingdom of God. 
And no man after that durst 
ask him any question. 

85 And Jesus answered and 
said, as he taught in the tem- 
ple, How sav the scribes that 
the Christ is the son of Da- 

86 Yid? David himself said in the 
Holy Spirit, 

The Lord said unto my 

Sit thou on my right hand. 
Till I make thine enemies 

a the footstool of thy feet. 

87 David himself calleth him 
Lord; and whence is he his 
son? And ^the common peo- 
ple heard him gladly. 

88 And in his teaching he said. 
Beware of the scribes, which 
desire to walk in long robes, 
and to have salutations in the 

89 marketplaces, and chief seats 
in the synagogues, and chief 

40 places at feasts: they which 
devour widows' houses, *and 
for a pretence make long 
prayers; these shall receive 
greater condemnation. 

41 And he sat down over a- 
gainst the treasury, and be- 
held how the multitude cast 
6 money into the treasury : and 
manv that were rich cast in 

42 much. And there came < a 
poor widow, and she cast in 
two mites, which make a far- 

43 thing. And he called unto him 
his disciples, and said unto 
them, Verily I say unto you. 
This poor widow cast in more 


ties read 



(he great 

4 Or, even 
while for 


than all they which are cast- 
ing into the treasunr : for they 44 
all did cast in of their super- 
fluity; but she of her want 
did cast in all that she had, 
even all her living. 

And as he went forth out 13 
of the temple, one of his dis- 
ciples saith unto him, i Mas- 
ter, behold, what manner of 
stones and what manner of 
buildings I And Jesus said un- 2 
to him, Seest thou these great 
buildings? there shall not be 
left here one stone upon an- 
other,which shall not be thrown 

And as he sat on the motmt 8 
of Olives over a^dnst the 
temple, Peter and James and 
John and Andrew asked him 
privately, Tell us, when shall 4 
these things be? and what 
shall be the sign when these 
things are all about to be ac- 
complished ? And Jesus began 5 
to say unto them. Take heed 
that no man lead you astray. 
Many shall come in my name, 6 
saying, I am he; and shall 
lead many astray. And when 7 
ye shall hear of wars and 
rumoiurs of wars, be not 
troubled: th^e things must 
needs come to pass; but the 
end is not yet. For nation 8 
shall rise against nation, and 
kingdom against kingdom : 
there shall be earthquakes in 
divers places; there shall be 
famines : these things are the 
beginning of travail 

But take ye heed to your- 9 
selves: for they shall deliver 
you up to councils; and in 
synagogues shall ye be beat- 
en; and before governors and 
kings shall ye stand for my 
sake, for a testimony unto 
them. And the gospel must 10 
first be preached unto all the 
nations. And when they lead i:^ 
you to judgement, and deliver' 
you up, be not anxious b^ 



forehand what ye shall speak: 
but whatsoeyer shall be given 
you in that hour, that speak 
ye: for it is not ye that speak, 

12 but the Holy Ghost And 
brother shall deliver up bro- 
ther to death, and the father 
his child; and children shall 
rise up against parents, and 
1 cause them to be put to 

13 death. And ye shall be hated 
of all men for my name's 
sake: but he that endureth 
to the end, the same shall be 

14 But when ye see the abomi- 
nation of desolation standing 
where he ought not (let him 
that readeth understand), then 
let them that are in Judaea 

15 flee unto the mountains : and 
let him that is on the house- 
top not go down, nor enter 
in, to take any thing out of 

16 his house: and let him that 
is in the field not return back 

17 to take his doke. But woe 
unto them. that are with child 
and to them that give suck 

18 in those daysl And pray ye 
that it be not in the winter. 

19 For those days shall be tribu- 
lation, such as there hath not 
been the like fh>m the begin- 
ning of the (reation which 
God created until, now, and 

20 never shall be. And except 
the Lord had shortened the 
days, no flesh would have been 
saved: but for the elect's sake, 
whom he chose, he shortened 

21 the days. And then if any 
man shall say unto you, Lo, 
here is the Christ; or, Lo, 

22 there; believe sii not: for there 
shall arise false Christs and 
false prophets, and shall shew 
signs and wonders, that they 
may lead astray, if possible, 

23 the elect But take ye heed: 
behold, I have told you all 
things beforehand. 

But in those days, after that 
Tibulation, the sun shall be 

(hem to 

2 Or, him 

4 Some 
ties omit 
and pray. 

fi Gr. hond- 

18. 11- 

darkened, and the moon shall 
not give her light and the 25 
stars shall be falling from 
heaven, and the powers that 
are in the heavens shall be 
shakea And then shaU they 26 
see the Son of man coming 
in clouds with great power 
and glory. And then shall 27 
he send forth the angels, and 
shall gather together his elect 
firom the four winds, from the 
uttermost part of the earth to 
the uttermost part of heaven. 

Now from the fig tree learn 28 
her parable : when her branch 
is now become tender, and put- 
teth forth its leaves, ye know 
that the summer is nigh ; even 29 
so ye also, when ye see these 
things coming to pass, know 
ye that ^he Is nigh, even at 
the doors. Verily I say un- 30 
to you. This generation shall 
not pass away, until all these 
things be accomplished. Hea- 31 
ven and earth shall pass away : 
but my words shall not pass 
away. But of that day or that- 82 
hour knoweth no one, not even 
the angels in heaven, neither 
the Son, but the Fatlier. Take 83 
ye heed, watch *and pray: for 
ye know not when the time 
is. It is as when a man, so- 84 
iouming in another country, 
having left his house, and 
given authority to his « ser- 
vants, to each one his work, 
commanded also the porter to 
watch. Watch therefore: for 35 
ye know not when the lord 
of the house cometh, whether 
at even, or at midnight, or at 
cockcrowing, or in the morn- 
ing ; lest coming suddenly he 86 
find you sleeping. And what 87 
I say unto you I say unto all. 

Now after two days was the 14 
fecut of the passover and the 
unleavened bread: and the 
chief priests and the scribes 
sought how they. might take 



him with subtilty, and kill 
2 him : for they said, Not during 
the feaflt, lest haply there shall 
be a tumult of the people. 
8 And while he was in Beth- 
any in the house of Simon 
the leper, as he sat at meat, 
there came a woman having 
Ian alabaster cruse of oint- 
ment of ^spikenard veiy costly ; 
and she brake the cruse, and 

4 poured it over his head. But 
there were some that had in-* 
dlgnation among themselyes, 
saying. To what purpose hath 
thu waste of the ointment 

5 been made? For this oint- 
ment might have been sold for 
above three hundred > pence, 
and given to the poor. And 
they murmured against her. 

6 But Jesus said, Let her alone ; 
why trouble ye her? she hath 
wrought a good work on me. 

7 For ye have the poor always 
with you and whensoever ye 
will ye can do them good : but 

8 me ye have not always. She 
hath done what she could: 
she hath anointed my body 
aforehand for the burying. 

9 And verily I say unto you, 
Wheresoever the gospel shall 
be preached throughout the 
whole world, that idso which 
this woman hath done shall 
be spoken of for a memorial 
of her. 

10 And Judas Iscariot, ^ he that 
was one of the twelve, went 
away unto the chief priests, 
that he might deliver him 

11 unto them. And thev, when 
they heard it, were glad, and 
promised to give him money. 
And he sought how he might 
conveniently deliver him utUo 

12 And on the first day of un- 
leavened bread, when they sa- 
crificed the passover, his dis- 
ciples say unto hin^ Where 
wilt thou that we go and make 
ready that thou mayest eat 


^Gt. pisUc 

take it 
to mean 


" See mar- 
on Matt. 

i Gr. the 

5 Or, 


6 Or. 

7 Gr./or 
him if 

9 Or. (he 

10 Some 
ties in- 
sert new. 

the passover? And he sendeth 18 
two of his disciples, and saith 
unto them, Go into the city, 
and there shall meet you a 
man bearing a pitcher of wa- 
ter: follow him; and where- 14 
soever he shall enter in, say '^ 
to the goodman of the house. 
The 5 Master saith, Where is 
my guest-chamber, where I 
shall eat the passover with my 
disciples? And he will him- 15 
self shew you a large upper 
room furnished and ready: 
and there make ready for us. 
And the disciples went forth, 16 
and came into the city, and 
found as he had said unto 
them: and they made ready 
the passover. 

And when it was evening he 17 
Cometh with the twelve. And 18 
as they ^a&i and were eating, 
Jesus said. Verily I say unto 
you. One of you shall betray 
me, even he that eateth with 
me. They began to be sorrow- 19 
ful, and to say unto him one 
by one, Is it I ? And he said 20 
unto them. It is one of the 
twelve, he that dippeth with 
me in the dish. For the Son 21 
of man goeth, even as it is 
written of him : but woe unto 
that man through whom the 
Son of man is betrayed 1 good 
were it ? for that man if he had 
not been bom. 

And as they were eating, he 22 
took thread, and when he had 
blessed, he brake it, and gave 
to them, and said. Take ye : 
this is my body. And he took 23 
a cup, and when he had given 
thanlm. he gave to them : and 
they all drank of it And he 24 
said unto them, This is my 
blood of » the w covenant, which 
is shed for many. Verily I say 25 
unto you, I will no more drink 
of the fhiit of the vine, until 
that day when I drink it ner 
in the kingdom of God. 

And when they had su' 



hymn, they went out onto, the 
mount of Olives. 

27 And Jesus saith imto them, 
All ye shall be ^ offended : for 
it is written, I will smite the 
shepherd, and the sheep shall 

28 be scattered abroad. Howbeit. 
after I am raised up, I will 
go before you into Galilee. 

29 But Peter said unto him, Al- 
though all shall be i offended, 

80 yet will not I. And Jesus saith 
unto him. Verity I say unto 
thee, that thou to-day, even 
this night, before the cock 
crow twice, shalt deny me 

81 thrice. But he spake exceed- 
ing vehemently, If I must die 
with thee, I will not deny thee. 
And in like manner also said 
they alL 

82 And they come unto > a place 
which was named Oethsemane : 
and he saith unto his disciples, 

88 Sit ye here, while I pray. And 
he taketh with him Peter and 
James and John, and began 
to be greatly amazed, and 

84 sore troubled. And he saith 
unto them, My soul is exceed- 
ing sorrowful even unto death : 

85 abide ye here, and watch. And 
he went forward a little, and 
fell on the ground, and prayed 
that, if it were possible, the 
hour might pass away from 

86 him. And he said, Abba, Fa- 
ther, all things are possible 
unto thee; remove this cup 
ft>om me: howbeit not what 

87 I will, but what thou wilt And 
he cometh, and flndeth them 
sleeping, and saith unto Peter, 
Simon, sleepest thou? could- 
cst thou not watch one hour? 

88 8 Watch and pray, that ye enter 
not into temptation : the spirit 
indeed is willing, but the flesh 

89 is weak. And again he went 
away, and prayed, saying the 

'> same words. And again he 

came, and found them sleep- 

ng, for their eyes were very 

eavy ; and they wist not what 

piece of 

Watch ye, 
and pray 
thai ye 




to answer him. And he cometh 41 
the third time, and saith unto 
them. Sleep on now, and take 
vour rest : it is enough ; the 
hour is come ; behold, the Son 
of man is betrayed into the 
hands of sinners. Arise, let 42 
us be going: behold, he that 
betrayeth me is at hand. 

And straightway, while he 43 
yet spake, cometh Judas, one 
of the twelve, and with him a 
multitude with swords and 
staves, from the chief priests 
and the scribes and the elders. 
Now he that betrayed him had 44 
given them a token, saying, 
Whomsoever I shall kiss, that 
is he ; take him, and lead him 
away safely. And when he was 45 
come, straightway he came to 
him, and saith. Rabbi; and 
1 kissed him. And they laid 46 
hands on him, and took him. 
But a certain one of them 47 
that stood by drew his sword, 
and smote the <^ servant of the 
high priest, and struck off his 
ear. And Jesus answered and 48 
said unto them. Are ye come 
out, as against a robl)er, with 
swords and staves to seize me? 
I was daily with you in the 49 
temple teaching, and ye took 
me not : but this is done that 
the scriptures might be ftil- 
flUed. And they aU lea him, 60 
and fled. 

And a certain young man 61 
followed with him, having a 
linen cloth cast about him. 
over his naked body: and 
they lay hold on him ; but 62 
he left the linen doth, and 
fled naked. 

And they led Jesus away to 68 
the high priest: and there 
come together with him all 
the chief priests and the elders 
and the scribes. And Peter 64 
had followed him afar off, even 
within, into the court of the 
high priest ; and he was sitting 
with the officers, and warming 

-15. 10. 



himself in the light ofthejlr^ 

55 Now the chief priests and the 

whole council sought witness 

agahift Jesus to put him to 

66 death : and found it not For 
man|r bare false witness against 
hii9, and their witness agreed 

67 npC together. And there stood 
lip certain, and bare false wit- 

58 ness against him, saying. We 
heard him si^, I will destroy 
this 1 temple that is made with 
hands, and in three days I will 
build another made without 

69 hands. And not even so did 
their witness agree together. 

60 And the high priest stood up 
in the midst, and asked Jesus, 
saying, Answerest thou no- 
thing? what is it which these 

61 witness ivgainst thee ? But he 
held his peace, and answered 
nothing. Again the high priest 
asked him, and saith unto him. 
Art thou the Christ, the Son 

62 of the Blessed? And Jesus 
said, I am : and ye shall see 
the Son of man sitting at the 
right hand of power, and 
coming with the clouds of 

63 heaven. And the high priest 
rent his clothes, and saith. 
What further need have we of 

64 witnesses ? Ye have heard the 
blasphemy: what think ye? 
And they all condemned him 

65 to be s worthy of death. And 
some began to spit on him, 
and to cover his face, and to 
buffet him, and to say unto 
him. Prophesy : and the offi- 
cers received him with 'blows 

« of their hands. 

66 And as Peter was beneath in 
the court, there cometh one of 
the maids of the high priest ; 

67 and seeing Peter warming him- 
self, she looked upon him, and 
saith, Thou also wast with the 

68 Nazarene, even Jesus. But he 
denied, saying, ^ I neither know, 
nor understand what thou say- 
est : and he went out into the 
« porch; "and tUe cock crew. 



8 Or. 










ties omit 

7 Or, And 
he organ 
to vteep. 

8 Or, 

a fea$t 

And the maid saw him, and 69 
began again to say to them 
that stood by. This is one of 
them. But he again denied it 70 
And after a little while again 
they that stood by said to Pe- 
ter, Of a truth thou art otm of 
them; for thou art a Gali- 
leean. But he began to curse, 71 
and to swear, I know not this 
man of whom ye speak. And 72 
straightway the second time 
-the cock crew. And Peter call- 
ed to mind the word, how that 
Jesus said unto him. Before 
the cock crow twice, thou shalt 
deny me thrice. 7 And when ho 
thought thereon, he wept 

And straightway in the 15 
morning the chief priests 
with the elders and scribes, 
and the whole council, held 
a consultation, and bound Je- 
sus, and carried him away, 
and delivered him up to Pi- 
late. And Pilate asked him, 2 
Art thou the King of the 
Jews? And he answering saith 
unto him. Thou sayest And 8 
the chief priests accused him 
of many things. And Pilate 4 
again asked mm, saying, An- 
swerest thou nothing? behold 
how many things they accuse 
thee of. But «fesus no more 5 
answered anything; insomuch 
that Pilate marvelled. 

Now at 8 the feast he used 6 
to release unto them one pri- 
soner, whom they asked of 
him. And there wa« one 7 
called Barabbas, lying bound 
with them that had made in- 
surrection, men who in the 
insurrection had committed 
murder. And the multitude 8 
went up and began to ask him 
to do as he was wont to do 
unto them. And Pilate an- 9 
swered them, saying, Will yo 
that I release unto you the 
King of the Jews? For h'^ '~ 
perceived that for envy 
chief priests had deli' 


a Or, 



€6 ^8. MARK. 

11 him up. But the chief priests 
stirred up the multitude, that 
he should rather release Ba- 

12 rabbas uuto them. And Pilate 
again answered and said unto 
them, What then shall I do 
unto him whom ye call the 

13 King of the Jews? And they 
cried out again. Crucify him. 

14 And Pilate said unto ttiem, 
Why, what evil hath he done ? 
But they cried out exceeding- 

15 ly, Crucify him. And Pilate, 
wishing to content the multi- 
tude, released unto them Ba- 
rabbas, and delivered Jesus, 
when he had scourged him, to 
be crucified. 

16 And the soldiers led him 
away within the court, which 
is the iPreetorium; and thev 
call together the whole sband. 

17 And they clothe him with pur- 
ple, and plaiting a crown of 
thorns, they put it on him; 

18 and they began to salute him. 

19 Hail, King of the Jews! And 
they smote his head with a 
reed, and did spit upon him, 
and bowing their knees wor- 

20 shipped him. And when they 
had mocked him, they took off 
fh>m him the purple, and put 
on him his garments. And they 
load him out to crucify him. 

21 And they s compel one pass- 
ing by, Simon of Cyrene, com- 
ing from the country, the 
father of Alexander and Ru- 
fus, to go with them, that 

22 he might bear his cross. And 
they bring liim unto the place 
Golgotha, which is, being in- 
terpreted, The place of a skulL 

23 And they offered him wine 
mingled with myrrh: but he 

24 received it not And they 
crucify him, and part his gar- 
ments among them, castii^ 
lots upon them, what each 

25 should take. And it was the 
^liird hour, and they crucified 

71. And the superacription 
his accusation was written 

15. 10- 

ties In- 
sert Tcr. 
28 And 
wat reck- 
oned wOh 
Bee Luke 


eon he 
not saw 

f Or, earth 

8 Or, 

uthy didat 

9 Many 
ties read 
$o cried 
out, and 
gave up 

10 Or, a urn 


And with him they crucify 27 
two robbers ; one on his right 
hand, and one on his lettA 
And they that passed by railed 29 
on him, wagging their heada, 
and saying, Hal thou that 
destroyest the <> temple, and 
buildest it in three days, save 80 
thyself, and come down trom 
the cross. In like manner also 81 
the chief priests mocking Mm 
among themselves with the 
scribes said, He saved others ; 
6 himself he cannot sava Let 82 
the Christ, the King of Is- 
rael, now come down from the 
cross, that we may see and 
believe. And they that were 
crucified with him reproached 

And when the sixth hour 83 
was come, there was darkness 
over the whole 7 land until the 
ninth hour. And at the ninth Zi 
hour Jesus cried with a loud 
voice, Eloi, Eloi, lama sabach- 
thani? which is, being inter* 
preted. My God, my God, 8 why 
hast thou forsaken me? And 8$ 
some of them that stood by, 
when they heard it, said. Be- 
hold, he calleth EUJah. And 86 
one ran, and filling a sponge 
ftdl of vinegar, put it on a 
reed, and gave mm to drink; 
saying. Let be; let us see 
whether EUJah cometh to take 
him down. And Jesus uttered 87 
a loud voice, and gave up the 

fhost And the veil of the 88 
temple was rent in twain 
ttom the top to the bottom. • 
And when the centurion, which 89 
stood by over against him, 
saw that he 9so gave up the 
ghost, he said. Truly this man 
was lothe Son of God. And 40 
there were also women be- 
holding from Btat: among 
whom were both Mary Magda- 
lene, and Mary the mother of 
James the uiess and of Joses, 
and Salome; who, when he 41 


was in Galilee, followed him, 
and ministered unto him ; and 
many other women which 
came up with him unto Jeru- 

42 And when even was now 
come, because it was the Pre- 
paration, that is, the day before 

43 the sabbath, there came Joseph 
of ArimathsBa, a councillor of 
honourable estate, who also 
himself was looking for the 
kingdom of God ; and he boldly 
went in nnto Pilate, and asked 

44 for the body of Jesus. And 
Pilate marvelled if he were al- 
ready dead : and callihg unto 
him the centurion, he asked 
him whether he ^had been 

45 any while dead. And when he 
learned it of the centurion, 
he granted the corpse to Jo- 

46 seph. And he bougnt a linen 
cloth, and taking him down, 
wound him in the linen cloth, 
and laid him in a tomb which 
had been hewn out of a rock; 
aod he rolled a stone against 

47 the door of the tomb. And 
Mary Magdalene and Mary the 
motfier of Joses beheld where 
he was laid. 

X6 -^d ^^^11 ^^^ sabbath was 

past, Mary Magdalene, and 

Mary the mother of James, 

and Salome, bought spices, 

that thcv might come and 

2 anoint him. And veiy early 
on the first day of the week, 
they come to the tomb when 

8 the sun was risen. And they 
wore saying among them- 
selves* Who shall roll us away 
the Stone from the door of the 

4 tomb? and looking up, they 
see that the stone is rolled 
back: for it was exceeding 

5 great And entering into the 
tomb, they saw a young man 
sitting on the right side, array- 
ed in a white robe ; and thev 

were amazed. And be salth 
xxsiXo them. Be not amazed : 
)rd seek Jesus, the Kazarene, 



ties read 

a The two 
other au- 
▼er. 9 to 
the end. 
other au- 
have a 
to the 



4 Some 

ties omit 

which hath been crucified : he 
is risen ; he is not here : be- 
hold, the place where they 
laid him ! But go, tell his 7 
disciples and Peter, He goeth 
before you into Galilee : there 
shall ye see him, as he said 
unto you. And they went out, 8 
and fled flrom the tomb; for 
trembling and astonishment 
had come upon them; and 
they said nothing to any one; 
for they were aft^d. 

•Now when he was risen • 
early on the first day of the 
week, he appeared first to 
Mary Magdalene, from whom 
he had cast out seven * devils. 
She went and told them that 10 
had been with him, as they 
mourned and wept. And they, 11 
when they heard that he was 
alive, and had been seen of 
her, disbclieiped. 

And after these things he 12 
was manifested in another 
form unto two of them, as 
they walked, on tiielr way in- 
to the country. And they 18 
went away and told It unto 
the rest: neither believed they 

And afterward ho was man!- 14 
festcd unto the eleven them- 
selves as they sat at meat; 
and he upbraided them with 
their unbelief and hardness of 
heart, because they believed 
not them which had seen him 
after he was risen. And he 16 
sftid unto them. Go ye into 
all the world, and preach the 
gospel to the whole creation. " 
He that belleveth and is bap- 16 
tized shall be saved; but he 
that disbelieveth shall be con- 
demned. And these signs shall 17 
follow them that befleve: <- 
my name shall they cast 
«devils; they shall speak 
*new tongues; they shal 


8. MARK. 


up serpents, and if thev drink 
any deadly thing, it shall in 
no wise hurt tbero ; they shall 
lay hands on the sick, and they 
shall recover. 

So then the Lord Jesus, after 
he bad spoken unto them, was 


received up into heaven, and 
sat down at the right hand of 
Ood. And they went forth, 20 
and preached everywhere, the 
Lord working with them, and 
oonfinning tne word by the 
signs that followed. Amen. 



1 Forasmuch as many have 
taken in hand to draw up a 
narrative concerning those 
matters which have been iful- 

2 filled among us, even as thev 
delivered them unto us, which 
from the beginning were eye- 
witnesses and ministers of ttie 

8 word, it seemed good to me 
also, having traced the course 
of all things accurately fh)m 
the first, to write unto thee 
in order, most excellent Theo- 

4 phllus ; that thou mightest 
know the certainty concern- 
ing the 2 things B wherein thou 
wast instructed. 

6 Thbrb was In the days of 
Herod, king of Judaea, a cer- 
tain priest named Zacharias, 
of the course of AbUah : and 
he had a wife of the daughters 
of Aaron, and her name was 

6 Elisabeth. And they were both 
righteous before God, walking 
in all the commandments and 
ordinances of the Lord blame- 

7 loss. And they had no child, 
because that Elisabeth was 
barren, and they both were 
7WW 4 well stricken in years. 

8 Now it came to pass, while 
he executed the priest's office 
before God in the order of 
his course, according to the 

■ustom of the priest's office, 
■s lot was to enter into the 



a Or. 


taught by 

in (heir 

i Or, aame- 



Spirit : 
and so 
out this 

ties read 
ttime Nfoh 




A temple of the Lord and bum 
incense. And the whole mul- 10 
titude of the people were pray- 
ing without at the hour of 
incense. And there appeared 11 
unto him an angel of the Lord 
standing on the right side of 
the altar of incense. And Za- 12 
charias was troubled when he 
saw him, and fear fell upon 
him. But the angel said unto 13 
him. Fear not, Zacharias : be- 
cause thy supplication is heard, 
and thy wife Elisabeth shall 
bear thee a son, and thou shalt 
call his name John. And thou 14 
Shalt have ioy and gladness ; 
and many shall r^oice at his 
birth. For he shall be great 15 
in the sight of the Lord, and 
he shall drink no wine nor 
* strong drink; and he shall be 
filled with the 7 Holy Ghost, 
even from his mothers womb. 
And many of the children of 16 
Israel shall he turn unto the 
Lord their God. And he shall 17 
8 go before his face in the spi- 
rit and power of El^ah, to turn 
the hearts oC the fathers to the 
children, and the disobedient 
to toaXk in the wisdom of the 
Just: to make ready for the 
Lord a people prepared for 
him. And ^charias said un- 18 
to the angel. Whereby shall I 
know this? for I am an old 
man, and my wlfe^well stricken 


8. LUKE. 

19 in years. And the angel an- 
swering said unto him, I am 
OabrieX that stand in the pre- 

. sence of God ; and I was sent 
to speak unto thee, and to 
bring thee these good tidings. 

20 And behold, thou shalt be 
silent and not able to speak, 
until the day that these things 
shall come to pass, l>ecause 
thou belieredst not my words, 
which shall be MfiUed in their 

21 season. And the people were 
waiting for Zacharias, and they 
marvelled ^ while he tarried 

22 in the s temple. And when he 
came out, he could not speak 
unto them : and they perceiv- 
ed that he had seen a vision 
in the a temple: and he conti- 
nued making signs unto them, 

28 and remained dimib. And it 
came to pass, when the days 
of his ministration were fm- 
flUed, he departed unto his 

24 And after these days Elisa- 
beth his wife conceived; and 
she hid herself five months, 

25 saying, Thus hath the Lord 
done unto me in the days 
wherein he looked upon me, 
to take away my reproach a- 
mong men. 

26 Now in the sixth month 
the angel Gabriel was sent 
from God unto a city of 

27 Galilee, named Kasareth, to 
a virgin betrothed to a man 
whose name was Joseph, of 
the house of David ; and the 

28 virgin's name was Mary. And 
he came in unto her, and said. 
Hail, thou that art shighlv 
favoured, the Lord is with 

29 thee«. But she was greatly 
troubled at the saying, and 
cast in her mind <iKrtiat man- 
ner of salutation this might 

80 be. And the angel said unto 
her. Fear not, Mary : for thou 
hast found ^ favour with God. 

81 And behold, thou shalt con- 
ceive in thy womb« and bring 

i Or. at kt> 


SOr, m- 

4 Many 
ties add 



Or. tmfo 

7 Or. 
(he holy 
which It 
to be bom 
Aall be 
called the 
Son of 

8 Or, is 

9 Some 
ties insert 
of thee. 


forth a son, and*shalt call 
his name Jesus. He shall 82 
he great, and shall be called 
the Sou of the Most High: 
and the Lord God shall give 
unto him the throne of his 
father David: and he shall 88 
reign over the house of Jacob 
<(for ever; and of his kingdom 
there shall be no end. And 84 
Mary said unto the angel. 
How shall this be, seeing I 
know not a man? And the 86 
angel answered and said un- 
to her. The Holy Ghost shall 
come upon thee, and the 
power of the Most High shall 
overshadow thee: wherefore 
also 7 that which sig to be 
bom 9 shall be called holy, 
the Son of God. And behold, 86 
Elisabeth thy kinswoman, she 
also hath conceived a son in 
her old age: and this is the 
sixth month with her that 
10 was called barren. For no 87 
word from God sh&ll be void 
of power. And Mary said, 88 
Behold, the u handmaid of 
the Lord ; be it unto mo ac- 
cordinff to thy word. And the 
angel departed fh)m her. 

And Mary arose in these 39 
days and went into the hill 
country with haste, into a city 
of Judah; and entered into 40 
the house of Zacharias and sa- 
luted Elisabeth. And it came 41 
to pass, when Elisabeth heard 
the salutation of Mary, the 
babe leaped in her womb; 
and Elisabeth was filled with 
the Holy Ghost ; and she 42 
lifted up her voice \i1th a 
loud cry, and said. Blessed 
art thou funong women, and 
blessed is the f^t of thy 
womb. And whence is this 48 
to me, that the mother of 
my Lord should come unto 
me? For behold, when the 44 
voice of thy salutation cam- 
into mine ears, the babe V 
ed in my womb for joy. 




blessed £s«he that i believed: 
for there shall be a fUlfllment 
of the things which have been 
spoken to her from the Lord. 

46 And Mary said, 

Idy soul doth magnify the 

47 And my spirit hath rejoic- 

ed in God mv Savlom*. 

48 For he hath looked upon 

the low estate of ULb 
3 handmaiden : 
For behold, from hence- 
forth all generations shall 
call me blessed. 

49 For he that is mightv hath 

done to me great things; 
" And holy is his name. 

50 And his meroy is unto gene- 

rations and generations 
On them that fear Iiim. 

51 He hath shewed strength 

with his arm ; 
He hath scattered the proud 

8 hi the inuigination of 

their heart 
5^ He hath put down prinoes 

from tfieir thrones, 
And hath exalted them of 

low degree. 
53 The hungry he hath filled 

with good things ; 
And the rich he nath sent 


empty away. 
He hath holpen Israel his 

That he might remember 

55 (As he spake unto our 

Toward Abraham and his 
seed for ever. 

56 And Mary abode with her 
about three months, and re- 
tiuned unto her house. 

57 Now Elisabeth's thue was 
fUlflllod that she should be 
delivered; and she brought 

58 forth a son. And her neigh- 
bours and her kinsfolk heard 
that the Lord had magnified 

Is mercv towards her; and 
ey rejoiced with her. And 
oame to.paas on the eighth 

that then 

3 Or. by 

day, that they came to cir- 
cumcise the child: and they 
would have called him Za- 
charias, after the name of 
his father. And his mother 60 
answered and said. Not so; 
but he shall be called John. 
And they said unto her. There 61 
is none of thy kindred that is 
oflUfid by this name. And they 62 
made signs to his father, wha^ 
he would have him called. 
And he asked for a writing 63 
tablet, and wrote, saying. His 
name is John. And they mar- 
velled all. And bis mouth was 64 
opened immediately, and his 
tongue loosed, and he spake, 
blessing Qod. And fear camo 65 
on aU that dwelt round about 
tiiem: and all these sayings 
were noised abroad through- 
out all the hill countiy of 
Judsea, And all that heard 66 
them laid them up in their 
heart, saying, What then shall 
this child be? For the hand 
of the Lord was with him. 

And his father Zacharias 67 
was filled with the Holy 
Ghost, and prophesied, say- 

Blessed he the Lord, the 68 

God of Israel ; 
For he hath visited and 

wrought redemption for 

his people. 
And hath raised up a horn 69 

of salvation for us 
In the house of his servant 

(As he spake by the mouth 70 

of his holy prophets which 

have been since the world 

Salvation from our enc- 71 

mies, and from the hand 

of all that hato us ; 
To shew mercy towards our 72 

And to remember his holy 

covenant ; 
The oath which ho sware 78 

unto Abraham our father» 

-2. 19. 



74 To grant unto va that we 

being delivered out of the 
hand of our enemies 
Should serve him without 

75 In holiness and righteous- 

ness before him all our 

76 Y6a and thou, child, shalt 

be called the prophet of 
the Most Hiffh: 
For thou Shalt go before 
the face of the Lord to 
make ready his ways ; 

77 To give knowledge of salva- 

tion unto his people 
In the remission of their 

78 Because of the i tender 

mercy of our God, 
B Whereby the dayspring 
from on high Sshall visit 

79 To shine upon them that 

sit in darkness and the 
shadow of death ; 
To guide our feet into the 
way of peace. 

80 And the child grew, and 
waxed strong in spirit, and 
was in the deserts till the 
day of his shewing unto Is- 

2 Now it came to pass in 
those days, there went out a 
decree from Caesar Augustus, 
that all 4 the world should be 

2 enrolled. This was the first en- 
rolment made when Ouirinlus 

8 was governor of Syria. And 
all went to enrol uiemselves, 

4 every one to his own city. And 
Joseph also went up from Ga- 
lilee, out of the city of Naza- 
reth, into Judsea, to the city 
of David, which is called Beth- 
lehem, because he was of the 

5 house and famllv of David; to 
enrol himself with Mary, who 
was betrothed to him, being 

6 great with child. And it came 
to pass, while thev were there, 
the days were mlfilled that 

7 she should be delivered. And 

1 Or. hmrt 

a Or, 

ties read 

4 0r.<K« 




7 Many 
ties read 

9 Qt. mem 
of good 

9 Or, 


she brought forth her first- 
born son; and she wrapped 
him in swaddling clothes, and 
laid him in a manger, because 
there was no room for them 
in the inn. 

And there were shepherds 8 
in the same countiy abiding 
in the field, and keeping 
Swatch by night over tneir 
flock. And an angel of the 9 
Lord stood by them, and the 
glory of the Lord shone round 
about them: and they were 
sore afraid. And the angel 10 
said unto them, Be not afraid : 
for behold, I bring you good 
tidings of great Joy which 
shall be to all the people: 
for there is bom to you this 11 
day in the city of David a 
Saviour, which is Christ the 
Lord. And this is the sign 12 
unto you; Ye shall find a 
babe wrapped in swaddling 
clothes, and lying in a man^ 
ger. And suddenly there was 13 
with the angel a multitude , 
of the heavenly host praishig 
God, and saying, 

Glory to God in the high- 11 

And on earth 7peace a- 

mong 8 men in whom ho 

is well pleased. 
And it came to pass, when 15 
the angels went away from 
them into heaven, the shep- 
herds said one to another. Let 
us now go even unto Bethle- 
hem, and see this sthiug that 
is come to pass, which the 
Lord hath made known unto 
us. And they came with haste, 16 
and found both Mary and Jo- 
seph, and the babe lying in 
the manger. And when they 17 
saw it, they made known con- 
cerning the saying which was 
spoken to them about this 
child. And aU that heard it 18 
wondered at the things wl-' 
were spoken unto the* 
the shepherds. But Me 

1 Or, aUitg$ 


72 S. LUAE. 

all these ^ sayings, pondering 

20 them in her heart And the 
shepherds returned, glorifying 
and praising God for all the 
things that they had heard 
and s^n, even as it was spo- 
ken unto them. 

21 And when eight days were 
fulfilled for circumcising him, 
his name was called Jbbu8„ 
which was so called by the 
angel before he was conceived 
in the womb. 

22 And when the davs of their 

Eurification according to the 
kw of MosM were fulfilled, 
they brought him up to Jeru- 
salem, to present him to the 
. 23 Jiord (as it is written in the 
law of the Lord, Everv male 
^at openeth the womb shall 
be called holy to the Lord), 

24 and to offer a sacrifice accord- 
ing to that which is said in 
the law of the Lord, A pair 
of turtledoves, or two young 

25 pigeons. And behold, there 
was a man in Jerusalem, whose 
name was Simeon; and this 
man was righteous and de- 
vout, looking for the consola- 
tion of Israel : and the Holy 

26 Spirit was upon him. And it 
had been revealed unto him 
by the Holy Spirit, that he 
should not see death, before 
he had seen the Lord's Christ. 

27 And he came in the Spirit in- 
to the temple : and when the 

Sarents brought in the child 
esus, that they might do con- 
cerning him after the custom 

28 of the law, then he received 
him into his arms, and blessed 
Qod, and said, 

29 Now lettest thou thy > ser- 

vant depart, O 'Lord, 
According to thy word, in 

30 For mine eyes have seen 

thy salvation, 
•T Which thou hast prepared 
before the faoe of all peo- 

4 Or. fh« 
of the 

5 Or. 
in many 


2. 19-- 

A light for 4 revelation to 32 

the Gentiles, 
And the glory of thy peo- 
ple Israel 
And nis father and his mo- 33 
ther were miurveUing at the 
things which were spoken con- 
cerning him; and Shneon bless- .84 
ed them, and said unto Mary 
his mother. Behold, this ehUd 
is set for the falling and rising 
up of many in Israel ; and for 
a sign which is spoken against ; 
yea and a sword shall pierce 85 
through thine own soul ; that 
thoughts out of many hearts 
may be revealed. And there 36 
was one Anna, a prophetess, 
the daughter of Phanuel, of . 
the tribe of Asher (she was 
''of a great age, having lived 
with a husband seven years 
from her virginity, and she 8T 
had been a widow even for 
fourscore and four years), 
which departed not fh>m the 
temple, worshipping with fiut- 
ings and supplications night 
and day. And coming up at 88 
tliat very hour she gave thanks 
unto God, and spi^e of him 
to all them that were looking 
for the redemption of Jerusa- 
lem. And when they had ac- 39 
complished all things that were 
accordingtothelawof the Lord, 
they returned into Galilee, to 
their own city Nazareth. 

And the child grew, and 40 
waxed strong, « filled with 
wisdom : and the grace of 
God was upon him. 

And his parents went every 41 
year to Jerusalem at the feast 
of the passover. And when he 42 
was twelve years old, they went 
up after the custom of the 
feast ; and when they had fid- 43 
filled the days, as they were 
returning, the boy Jesus tar- 
ried behind in Jerusalem ; and 
his parents knew it not; but 44 
supposing him to be in the 
QOmpany, they weqt a day's 

-3. 16. 

Journey ; and they sought for 
aim among their kinsfolk and 

45 acquaintance : and when they 
found him not, they return- 
ed to Jerusalem, seeking for 

46 him. And it came to pass, 
after three days they found 

• him in the temple, sitting in 
the nUdst of the i doctors, 
both hearing them, and ask- 

47 ing them questions: and all 
that heard him were amazed 
at his understanding and his 

48 answers. And when they saw 
him, they were astonished : 
and his mother said unto him, 
sson, why hast thou thus dealt 
with us? behold, thy fother 
and I sought thee sorrowing. 

49 And he said unto them. How 
is it that ye sought me? wist 
ye not that I must be > in my 

50 Father's house? And they un- 
derstood not the saying which 

51 he spake unto them. And he 
went down with them, and 
came to Nazareth; and he 
was subject unto them: and 
his mother kept all these ^say- 
ings in her heart 

52 And Jesus advanced in wis- 
dom and A stature, and in 'fa- 
vour with God and men. 

3 Now in the fifteenth year of 
the reign of Tiberius Ceesar, 
Pontius Pilate being governor 
of Judeea^ and Herod being 
tetrarch of Galilee, and his 
brother Philip tetrarch of the 
region of Iturtea and Tracho- 
nitis, and Lysanias tetrarch of 

2 Abilene, in the high-priesthood 
of Annas and Caiaphas, the 
word of God came unto John 
the son of Zacharias in the 

8 wilderness. And he came into 
all the region round about 
Jordan, preaching the bap- 
tism of repentance unto re- 

4 mission of sins ; as it is writ- 
ten in the book of the words 
of Isaiah the prophet, 

The voice of one crying in 
the wilderness^ 




3 Or, 

6r. m 
the Ihinga 
of my 

4 Or, 

5 Or, age 

6 Or, grace 


8 See mar- 
ginal note 
on Matt. 

9 Or, 

10 Gr. 0ol- 
diers o» 



Make ye ready the way of 
the Lord, 

Hake his paths straight 

Every valley shall be filled, 5 

And every mountain and 
hill shall be brought low ; 

And the crooked ^all be- 
come straight, 

And the rough ways smooth ; 

And all flesh shall see the 6 

salvation of God. 
He said therefore to the 7 
multitudes that went out to 
be baptized of him, Ye oflT- 
spring of vipers, who warned 
you to flee from the wrath to 
come? Bring forth therefore 8 
fruits worthy of » repentance, 
and begin not to say within 
yourselves. We have Abraham 
to our father: for I say unto 
you, that God \b able of these 
stones to raise up children 
unto Abraham. And even now 9 
is the axe also laid unto the 
root of the trees: every tree 
therefore that bringeth not 
forth good fhilt is hewn down, 
and cast into the fire. And 10 
the multitudes asked him, 
saying. What then must we 
do? And he ansiwred oShd 11 
said unto them. He that hath 
two coats, let him impart to 
him that hath none ; and he 
that hath food, let him do 
likewise. And there came also 12 
^publicans to be baptized, and 
they said unto him, » Master, 
what must we do? And he 13 
said unto them. Extort no more 
than that which is appointed 
you. And lo soldiers also ask- 14 
ed him, saying. And we, what 
must we do? And he said 
unto them. Do violence to no 
man, neither u exact anp' 
thing wrongftilly ; and be con- 
tent with your wages. 

And as the people were in 15 
expectation, and all men rea- 
soned in their hearts conce^ 
ing John, whether hapl,^ 
were the Christ; John an 




ed, saying unto them all, I in- 
deed baptize you with water ; 
hut there comoth he tVint is 
mSj^btlcr tLEia I, the luti tu^t of 
iPVhuHc fiiiuiia I uni not ^ ^v^srthj' 
ta uiil^>^Es; bti tihull bn\iiize 
you a with thu Holy Ghost 

17 Odd iciYA Are: wbcr^ f.ih is in 
his \mTv\ throughly til t'k'^mse 
Ilia tbm^hing-Sour, iinrl t.^ ga- 
ther the wheat into hi* uJirner ; 
but the chaff he will burn up 
with iuic|iiciii;hi:i.ble fliu 

18 With many otlier exhorta- 
tions therefore preached he 
8 good tidings unto the peo- 

19 pie ; but Herod the tetrarch, 
being reproved by him for He- 
rodias his brother's wife, and 
for all the evil things which 

20 Herod had done, added yet 
this above all, that he shut 
up John in prison. 

21 «ow it came to pass, when all 
the people were baptized, that, 
Jesus also having been baptiz- 
ed, and praying, the heaven 

22 was opened, and the Holy 
Ghost descended in a bodily 
form, as a dove, upon him, and 
a voice came out of heaven. 
Thou art^y beloved Son ; in 
thee I am well pleased. 

23 And Jesus himself, when he 
began to teach, was about thir- 
ty years of age, being the son 
(as was supposed) of Joseph, 

ii the son of Heli, the son of 
Matthat, the son of Levi, the 
son of Melchi, the son of Jan- 

25 nai, the son of Joseph, the son 
of Mattathias, the son of A- 
mos, the «(m of Nahum, the 
son of Esli, the son of Naggai, 

26 the son of Maath, the son of 
Mattathias, the son of Semein, 
the son of Josech, the son of 

27 Joda, the son of Joanan, the 
son of Rhesa, the son of Ze- 
rubbabel, the son of ^sheal- 

28 Uel, the son of Neri, the son 
of Melchi, the son of Addi, the 
son of Ck)sam, the son of £1- 
nadsMin, the son of £r, the son 


s Or, the 

i Gr. Stda- 

ties writ© 

6 WfUll 


aiiti !<]ie 

for A \Hi- 

7 Some 
ties write 

9 0r,aloaf 

10 6r. iht 

of Jesus, the son of Eliezer, 
the son of Jorim, the son of 
Matthat, the son of Levi, the 80 
son of Symeon, the son of Ju- 
das, the son of Joseph, the son 
of Jonam, the son of Eliakim, 
the son of Melea, the son of 31 
Menna, the son of Mattatha,. 
the son of Nathan, the son of 
David, the son of Jesse, the 32 
son of Ol>ed, the son of Boaz, 
the son of ^ Salmon, the son of 
Nahshon, the son of Ammina- 33 
dab, «the son of 7 Ami, the 
son of Hezron, the son of Pe- 
rez, the son of Judah, the son 34 
of Jacob, the son of Isaac, the 
son of Abraham, the son of 
Terah, the son of Nahor, the 35 
son of Serug, the son of Reu, 
the son of Peleg, the son of 
Eber, the son of Shelah, the 86 
son of Gainan, the son of Ar- 
phaxad, the son of Shem, the 
son of Noah, the son of La- 
mech, the son of Methuselah, 37 
the son of Enoch, the son of 
Jared, the son of Mahalaleel, 
the son of Gainan, the son of 88 
Enos, the son of Seth, the son 
of Adam, the son of God. 

And Jesus, full of the Holy ^ 
Spirit, returned fh)m the Jor- 
dan, and was led sby the Spi- 
rit in the wilderness during 
forty days, being tempted of 2 
the devU. And he did cat 
nothing in those days: and 
when they were completed, he 
hungered. And the devil said 8 
unto him. If thou art the Son 
of God, command this stone 
that it become thread. And 4 
Jesus answered unto him. It is 
written, Man shall not live by 
bread alone. And he led him 5 
up, and shewed him all the 
kingdoms of wthe world in a 
moment of time. And the 6 
devil said unto him, To thee 
will I give all this authority, 
and the glory of them : for it 
hath been delivered unto me ; 
and to whomsoever I ^^11 I 




7 give it If thou therefore wilt 
worship before me, it shall all 

8 be thine. And Jesus answered 
and said unto him, It is writ- 
ten, Thou Shalt worship the 
Lord thy God, and him only 

9 Shalt thou serve. And he led 
him to Jerusalem, and set him 
on the 1 pinnacle of the tem- 
ple, and said unto him, If thou 
art the Son of God, cast thy- 

10 self down fh)m hence : for it 
is written. 

He shall give his angels 
charge concerning thee, 
to guard thee: 

11 and. 

On their hands they shall 

bear thee up. 
Lest haply thou dash thy 

-foot agunst a stone. 

12 And Jesus answering said un- 
to him. It is said. Thou shalt 
not tempt the Lord thy God. 

13 And when the devil had 
completed every temptation, 
he departed fh>m him sfor a 

14 And Jesus returned in the 
power of the Spirit into Ga- 
lilee: and a fame went out 
concerning him through all 

15 the region round about And 
he taught in their cnmagogues, 
being glorified of all. 

16 And he came to Nazareth, 
where he had been brought 
up: and he entered, as nis 
custom was^ into the syna- 
gogue on the sabbath day, and 

17 stood up to read. And there 
was delivered unto him ^the 
book of the prophet Isaiah. 
And he opened the ^book, and 
found the place where it was 

18 The Spirit of the Lord is 

upon me, 

* Because ne anointed me 
to preach «good tidings 
to the poor : 

He hath sent me to pro- 
claim release to the cap- 

1 Or. wing. 

« Or, roll 





And recovering of sight to 
the bUnd, 

To set at Uberty them that 
are bruised. 

To proclaim the acceptable 19 
year of the Lord. 
And he closed the * book, 20 
and gave it back to the at- 
tendant, and sat down: and 
the eyes of all in the syna- 
gogue were fiutened on him. 
And he began to say unto 21 
them, .To-day hath this scrip- 
ture been fulfilled in your ears. 
And all bare him witness, and 22 
wondered at the words of grace 
which proceeded out of his 
mouth : and they said. Is not 
this Joseph's son? And he 23 
said unto them. Doubtless ye 
will say unto me this para- 
ble. Physician, heal thvself: 
whatsoever we have heard 
done at Capernaum, do also 
here in thine own country. 
And he said, Verily I say un- 24 
to you. No prophet is accept- 
able in his own country. But 25 
of a truth I say unto you. 
There were many widows in 
Israel in the days of El^ah, 
when the heaven was shut up 
three years and six months, 
when there came a great fa- 
mine over all the land; and 26 
unto none of them was El^ah 
sent but only to 7 Zarephath, 
in the land of Sidon, unto a 
woman that was a widow. ■ 
And there were many lepers 27 
in Israel in the time of Elisha 
the prophet ; and none of 
them was cleansed, but only 
Naaman the Syrian And they 28 
were all filled with wrath in 
the synagogue, as they heard 
these things; and they rose 29 
up, and cast him forth out of 
the dty, and led him unto the 
brow of the hill whereon their 
city wa« built, that Uiey might 
throw him down headlon'^ 
But he passing through 
midst of them went his t 




81 And he came down to Ca- 
pernaum, a city of Galilee. 
And be was teaching them on 

82 the sabbath day: and they 
were astonished at his teach- 
ing: for his word was with 

33 autnority. And in the syna- 
gogue there was a man, which 
had a spirit of an unclean 
1 devil ; and he cried out with 

3^ a loud voice, 3 Ah 1 what have 
we to do with thee, thou Jesus 
of Nazareth? art thou come 
to destroy us? I know thee 
who thou art, the Holy One of 

85 God. And Jesus rebuked him, 
saying, Hold thy peace, and 
come out of him. And when 
the 1 devil had thrown him 
down in the midst, he came 
out of him, having done him 

36 no hurt. And amazement 
came upon all, and they spake 
together, one with another, 
saying. What is «thi8 word? 
for with authority and power 
he commandeth the unclean 
spirits, and they come out 

87 And there went forth a ru- 
mour concerning him into 
every place of the region round 

38 And he rose up fl-om the 
synagc^ue, and entered into 
the nouse of Simon. And 
Simon's wife's mother was 
holdenwith a great fever; and 
they besought him for her. 

39 And ho stood over her, and 
rebuked the fever; and It 
left her: and immediately she 
rose up and ministered unto 

40 And when the sun was set- 
ting, all they that had any 
sick with divers diseases 
brought them unto him ; and 
he laid his hands on every one 
of them, and healed them. 

41 And ^devils also came out fh)m 
many, crying out, and saying, 
ThouarttheSonofGod. And 

-'buking them, he sulTered 
im not to speak, because 

3 Or. iM$ 
tmlh (i«- 


5 Or, 

6 Very 
ties read 

they knew that ho was the 

And when it was day, he 42 
came out and went into a de- 
sert place: and the multitudes 
sought after him, and camo 
unto him, and would have 
stayed him, that he should 
not go flrom them. But he 43 
said unto them, I must preach 
the 5 good tidings of the king- 
dom of God to the other cities 
also : for therefore was I sent 

And he was preaching in the 44 
synagogues of ^ Galilee. 

Now it came to pass, while g 
the multitude pressed upon 
him and heard the word of 
God, that he was standing by 
the lake of Gennesaret; and 2 
he saw two boats standing by 
the lake: but the fishermen 
had gone out of them, and 
were washing their nets. And 3 
he entered into one of the 
boats, which was Simon's, 
and asked him to put out a 
little A*om the land. And he 
sat down and taught the mul- 
titudes out of the boat And 4 
when he had left speaking, 
he said unto Simon, Put out 
into the deep, and let down 
your nets for a draught And 5 
Simon answered and said. 
Master, we toiled all night, 
and took nothing : but at thy 
word I will let down the net& 
And when they had this done, 6 
they inclosed a great multi- 
tude of fishes ; and their nets 
were breaking ; and they beck- 7 
oned unto their partners in 
the other boat that they 
should come and help them. 
And they came, and filled both 
the boats, so that they began 
to sink. But Simon Peter, 8 
when he saw it fell down at 
Jesus' knees, saying, Depart 
fh)m me : for I am a sinful 
man, O Lord. For he was 9 
amazed, and all that were wiUi 
liim, at the draught of the 




flsbes which they had taken: 

10 and so were also James and 
John, sons of Zebedee, which 
were partners with Simon. And 
Jesus said unto Simon, Fear 
not ; from henceforth thou 

11 shait i catch men. And when 
thev had brought their boats 
to land, they left all, and fol- 
lowed him. 

12 And it came to pass, while 
he was in one of the cities, be- 
hold, a man full of leprosy: 
and when he saw Jesus, he fell 
on his face, and besought him, 
saying, Lord, if thou wilt, thou 

IS canst make me clean. And he 
stretched forth his hand, and 
touched him, saying, I will; 
be thou made (dean. And 
straightway the leprosy de- 

14 parted from him. And he 
charged him to tell no man : 
but go thy way, and shew thy- 
self to the priest, and offer for 
thy cleansing, according as 
Moses commanded, for a tes- 

15 timony unto them. But so 
much the more went abroad 
the report concerning him: 
and great multitudes came to- 
gether to hear, and to be heal- 

16 cd of their infirmities. But 
he withdrew himself in the de- 
serts, and prayed. 

17 And it came to pass on one 
of those days, that he was 
teaching ; and there were Pha- 
risees and doctors of the law 
sitting by, which were come 
out of eveiy village of Galilee 
and Judsea and Jerusalem: 
and the power of the Lord was 

18 with him sto heal. And be- 
hold, men bring on a bed a 
man that was palsied: and 
they sought to bring him in, 
and to lay him before him. 

19 And not finding by what voay 
they might bring him In be- 
cause of the multitude, they 
went up to the housetop, and 
let him down through the tiles 
with his couch into thfl'mldst 

1 Gr. iaU 

S Gr. tivnA 
ties read 
(hat he 


'Or, Wfcir 

4 Or, 

8 0r.a« 




before Jesus. And seeing their 20 
foith, he said, Man, thy sins 
are forgiven thee. And the 21 
scribes and the Pharisees be- 
gan to reason, saying. Who is 
this that speaketh blasphe- 
mies? Who can forgive sins, 
but God alone? But Jesus 22 
perceiving their reasonings, 
answered and said unto them, 
8 What reason ye in your 
hearts? Whether is easier, to 28 
say, Thy sins are forgiven 
thee; or to say, Arise and 
walk? But that ye may know 24 
that the Son of man hath 
4power on earth to forgive 
sins (he said unto him that 
was palsied), I say unto thee, 
Arise, and take up thy couch, 
and go unto thy nouse. And 25 
immediately he rose up before 
them, and took up that where- 
on he lay, and departed to his 
house, glorifying God. And 26 
amazement took hold on all, 
and they glorified God; and 
thev were filled with fear, 
saying, We have seen strange 
things to-day. 

And after these things he 27 
went forth, and beheld a pul)- 
lican, named Levi, sitting at 
the place of toll, and said un- 
to him. Follow me. And he 28 
forsook all, and rose up and 
followed him. And Levi made 29 
him a great feast in his house: 
and there was a great mul- 1 
titudo of publicans and of 
others that were sitting at 
meat with them. And »the 80 
Pharisees and their scribes 
murmured against his disci* 
pies, saying, Why do ye eat 
and drink with the publicans 
and sinners? And Jesus an- 81 
swering said unto them. They 
that are whole have no need •; 
of a physician ; but they that 
are sick. I am not come to 82 
call the righteous but sinn"" 
to Tcpentance. And they 
unto him, The discipl* 

79 8. LUKE. 

John fast often, and make sup- 
plications; likewise also the 
diiteiples of the Pharisees; but 

84 thine eat and drink. And Je- 
sus said unto them. Can ye 
make the sons of the bride- 
chaml)er fast, while the bride- 

85 groom is with them? But 
the davs will come ; and when 
the bridegroom shall be taken 
away A*om them, then will 

86 they fast in those davs. And 
he spake also a parable unto 
them ; No man rendeth a piece 
fh>m a new garment and put- 
teth it upon an old garment: 
else he will rend the new, and 
also the piece fh)m the new 
will not agree with the old. 

87 And no man putteth new wine 
into old 1 wine-skins ; else the 
new wine will burst the skins, 
and itself will be spilled, and 

88 the skins will perish. But new 
wine must be put into tre&h 

89 wine-skins. And no man hav- 
ing drunk old wiiie desireth 
new : for he saith. The old is 
a good. 

6 Now it came to pass on a 
3sabl)ath, that he was going 
through the cornfields; and 
his disciples plucked the ears 
of com, and did eat, rubbing 

2 them in their handsi But cer- 
tain of the Pharisees said, 
Why do ve that which it is 
not lawful to do on the sab- 

8 bath day ? And Jesus answer- 
ing them said. Have ye not 
read oven this, what David did, 
when he was an hungred, he, 
and they that were with him ; 

4 how he entered into the house 
of God, and did take and eat 
the shcwbread, and gave also 
to them that were with him ; 
which it is not lawful to eat 
save for the priests alone? 

5 And he said unto them. The 
Son of man is lord of the 

\nd it came to pass on 
tther sabbath, that he en- 

1 That Is, 

$kint uaed 


ties read 

ties Insert 

4 Or, /oof. 

ther. Bee 


tercd into the synagogue and 
taught : and there was a man 
there, and his right hand was 
withered. And the scribes and 7 
the Pharisees watched him, 
whether he would heal on the 
sabbath ; that they might find 
how to accuse him. But he 8 
knew their thoughts; and he 
said to the man that had his 
hand withered. Rise up, and 
stand forth in the midst And 
he arose and stood forth. And 9 
Jesus said unto them, I ask 
vou. Is it lawftil on the sab- 
bath to do good, or to do 
harm? to save a life, or to 
destroy it? And he looked 10 
round about on them all, and 
said unto him, Stretch forth 
thy hand. And he did so: and 
his hand was restored. But 11 
they were filled with ^ mad- 
ness ; and communed one with 
another what they might do 
to Jesus. 

And it came to pass in these 12 
days, that he went out into 
the mountain to pray ; and he 
continued all night in prayer 
to God. And when it was day, 13 
he called his disciples: and 
he chose fh>m them twelve, 
whom also he named apostles : 
Simon, whom he also named 14 
Peter, and Andrew his bro- 
ther, and James and John, 
and Philip and Bartholomew, 
and Matthew and Thomas, and 15 
James the son of Alphseus. 
and Simon which was called 
the Zealot, and Judas tA€ s«on 16 
of James, and Judas Iscariot, 
which was the traitor; and he 17 
came down with them, and 
stood on a level place, and 
a great multitude of his dis- 
ciples, and a great number 
of the people fh>m all Judeea 
and Jerusalem, and the sea 
coast of T}To and Sidon, which 
came to hear him, and to be 
healed of their diseases; and 18 
they that were troubled with 




unclean spirits were healed. 

19 And all the multitude sought 
to touch him : for power came 
forth fh>m him, and healed 
thffm all. 

20 And he lifted up his eves on 
his disciples, and said, Blessed 
are ye poor : for yours is the 

21 kingdom of God. Blessed are 
ye that hunger now: for ye 
shall be fllled. Blessed are ye 
that weep now: for ye shall 

22 laugh. Blessed are ye, when 
men shall hate you, and when 
they shall separate you fr<ym 
their company, and reproach 
you, and cast out your name as 
evil, for the Son of man's saka 

28 Rejoice in that day, and leap 
for joy: for behold, your re- 
ward is great in heaven: for 
in the same manner did their 

24 fathers unto the propheta But 
woe unto you that Kn rich! 
for ye have received your con- 

25 solation. Woe unto you, ye 
that Kn fUU now ! for ye shall 
hunser. Woe unto that 
laugh now ! for ye shall mourn 

26 and weep. Woe unto you, when 
^ all men shall speak well of 

you ! for in the same manner 
did their fathers to the false 

27 But I say unto you which 
hear. Love your enemies, do 

good to them that hate you, 
less them that curse you, 
pray for them that despite- 

29 rally use you. To him that 
smiteth thee on the one cheek 
offer also the other; and from 
him that taketh away thy 
cloke withhold not thy coat 

80 alsoi Give to every one that 
asketh thee ; and of him that 
taketh away thy goods ask 

81 them not again. And as ye 
would that men ^ould do to 
you, do ye also to them like- 

82 wise. And if ye love them that 
love you, what thank have 
ye? for even sinners love those 

88 that love them. And if ye do 

ties read 

good to them that do good to 
you, what thank have ye ? for 
even sinners do the same. And 84 
if ye lend to them of whom ye 
hope to receive, what thank 
have ye? even sinners lend 
to sinners, to receive again as 
much. But love your enemies, 35 
and do them good, and lend, 
1 never despairing; and your 
reward shall be great, and ye 
shall be sons of the Most 
High : for he is kind toward 
the unthankful and eviL Be ye 8(t 
mercMUl, even as your Father 
is merdfuL And Judge not^ 37 
and ye shall not be Judged : 
and condemn not, and ye shall 
not be condemned: release, 
and ye shall be released : give, 88 
and it shall be given unto 
you; good measure, pressed 
down, shaken together, run- 
ning over, shall they give into 
your bosom. For with what 
measure ye mete it shall be 
measured to you again. 

And he semulc also a parable 89 
unto them. Can the blind guide 
the blind ? shall they not both 
fall into a pit? The disciple 40 
is not above his ^ master : but 
every one when he is perfected 
shall be a« his 3 master. And 41 
why beholdest thou the mote 
Uiat is in thy brother's eye, 
but considerest not the beam 
that is in thine own eye ? Oq: 42 
how canst thou say to thy 
brother, Brother, let me cast 
out the mote that is in thine 
eye, when thou thyself be- 
holdest not the beam that is 
in thine own eye ? Thou hypo- 
crite, cast dut first the beam 
out of thine own eye, and 
then Shalt thou see clearly to 
cast out the mote that is in 
thy brother's eye. For there 43 
is no good tree that bringeth 
forth corrupt flruit ; nor again 
a corrupt tree that bringeth 
forth good ftnit For eacl* ^ 
is known' by its own fru^ 




of thorns men do not gather 
figs, nor of a bramble bush 

45 gather they grapes. The good 
man out of the good treasure 
of his heart bringeth forth 
that which is good ; and the 
evil man out of the evil trect- 
sure bringeth forth that which 
is evil : for out of the abun- 
dance of the heart his mouth 

46 And why call ye me. Lord, 
Lord, and do not the things 

47 which I sav? Ereiy one that 
Cometh unto me, and heareth 
my words, and doeth them, I 
will shew you to whom he is 

48 like : he is like a man building 
a house, who digged and went 
deep, and laid a foundation 

' upon the rock: and when a 
flood arose, the stream brake 
against that house, and could 
not shake it*. ^ because it had 

49 been well builded. But he that 
heareth, and doeth not, is Uke 
a man that built a house up- 
on the earth without a foun- 
dation; against which the 
stream brake, and straightway 
it fell in ; and the ruin of that 
house was great 

7 After he had ended all his 
sayings in the ears of the 
people, he entered into Caper- 

2 And a cert^dn cenUirion's 
2 servant, who was «dear unto 
him, was sick and at the point 

8 of death. And when he heard 
concerning Jesus, he sent unto 
him elders of the Jews, asking 
him that he would come and 

4 save his Sgervant And they, 
when thev came to Jesus, be- 
sought him earnestly, saying. 
He is worthy that thou should- 

5 est do this for him: for he 
loveth our nation, and him- 
self built us our synagogue. 

'^ And Jesus went with them. 

Vnd when he was now not f^ 

im the house, the centurion 

t Mends to him, saying 

for it 
roek: as 
In Matt 



to him 

able with 



5 Gr. My 
with a 

8 0r.toy 

7 Many 
ties read 
on the 

unto him. Lord, trouble not 
thyself: for I am not ^ worthy 
that thou shouldest come un- 
der my roof: wherefore nel- 7 
ther thought I myself worthy 
to come unto thee: but ^say 
the word, and my ^ servant 
shall be healed. For I also am 8 
a man set under authority, 
having under myself soldiers : 
and I say to this one, Qo, 
and he goeth ; and to another. 
Come, and he cometh ; and to 
my s servant, Do this, and he 
doeth it And when Jesus 9 
heard these things, he mar- 
velled at him, and turned and 
said unto the multitude that 
followed him, I say unto you, 
I have not found so great 
faith, no, not In Israel And 10 
they that were sent returning 
to the house, found the > ser- 
vant whole. 

And it came to pass 7 soon 11 
afterwards, that he went to a 
city called Naln ; and his dis- 
ciples went with him, and a 
great multitude. Now when he 12 
drew near to the gate of the 
city, behold, there was carried 
out one that was dead, the 
only son of his mother, and 
she was a widow : and much 
people of the city was with 
her. And when the Lord saw 13 
her, he had compassion on 
her, and said unto her. Weep 
not And he came nigh and 14 
touched the bier: and the 
bearers stood still. And he 
said. Young man, I say unto 
thee. Arise. And he that was 15 
dead sat up, and began to 
speak. And he gave him to 
his mother. And fear took 16 
hold on all : and they glorified 
God, saying, A great prophet 
is arisen among us : and, God 
hath visited his people. And 17 
this report went forth con- 
cerning him in the whole of 
Judeea, and all the region 
round about 


8. LUKE. 


18 And the disciples of John 
told him of all these things. 

19 And John calling unto him 
itwo of his disciples sent them 
to the Lord, saying. Art thou 
he that oometh, or look we for 

20 another? And when the men 
wore come unto him, they said, 
John the Baptist hath sent us 
unto thee, saying. Art thou he 
that Cometh, or look we for an- 

21 other? In that hour he cured 
many of diseases and ^plagues 
and evil spirits ; and on many 
that were blind he bestowed 

22 sight And he answered and 
said unto them. Go your way, 
and tell John wha€ things ye 
have seen and heard ; the blind 
receive their sight, the lame 
walk, the lepers are cleansed, 
and the deaf hear, the dead 
are raised up, the poor have 
8 good tidings preached to 

23 them. And blessed is he, who- 
soever shall find none occa- 
sion of stumbling in me. 

24 And when the messengers of 
John were departed, he began 
to say unto the multitudes 
concerning John, What went 
TO out into the wilderness to 
behold? a reed shaken with 

25 Uie wind? But what went ye 
out to see? a man clothed 
in soft raiment? Behold, thev 
which are gorgeously apparel- 
led, and live delicatelv, are in 

26 kings' courts. But wnat went 
ye out* to see? a prophet? 
Yea, I say unto you, and much 

27 more than a prophet. This is 
he of whom it is written. 

Behold, I send my messen- 
ger before thy face. 

Who shall prepare thy way 
before thee. 

28 I say unto you. Among them 
that are bom of women there 
is none greater than John: 
yet he that is ^but little in the 
Kingdom of Ood is greater 

29 than he. And all the people 
when they heard, and the pub- 

IGr. Mr- 
tain ItBO. 

8 Or, 



T, nav- 

^ Or, not 

7Qr. . 


ed much. 

tles read 


_.j John 


licans, Justified God, »befaig 
baptized with the baptism of 
John. But the Pharisees and 30 
the lawyers rejected for them- 
selves the counsel of God, 

being not baptized of him. 
Whereunto then shall I liken 81 
the men of this generation, 
and to what are they like? 
They are like unto children 82 
that sit In the marketplace, 
and call one to another ; which 
say, We piped unto you, and 
ye did not dance; we wailed, 
and ye did not weep. For 88 
John the Baptist is come eat- 
ing no bread nor drinking 
wine * and ye say. He hath a 

7 devil. The Son of man is 84 
come eating and drinking ; and 
ye say, Behold, a gluttonous 
man, and a winebibber, a 
friend of publicans and sin- 
ners I And wisdom 8 Is justi- 85 
fled of all her children. 

And one of the Pharisees 86 
desired him that he would eat 
with him. And he entered in- 
to the Pharisee's house, and 
sat down to meat And be- 37 
hold, a woman which was in 
the city, a sinner; and when 
she knew that he was sitting at 
meat in the Pharisee's house, 
she brought ^an alabaster 
cruse of ointment, and stand- 88 
Ing behind at his feet, weep- 
ing, she began to wet his feet 
with her tears, and wiped them 
with the hair of her head, and 
10 kissed his feet, and anointed 
them with the ointment Now 89 
when the Pharisee which had 
bidden him saw it, ho spake 
within himself, saying, This 
man, if he were ua prophet 
would have perceived who and 
what manner of woman this is 
which toucheth him, that she 
is a sinner. And Jesus an- 40 
swering said unto him, Simon, 

1 have somewhat to say up*~ 
thee. And he saith, ^y 

say on. A certain lenC 




two debtors: the one owed 
five hundred ^ pence, and the 

42 other fifty. When they had 
not wherewith to pay, he for- 
gave them both. Which of 
them therefore will love him 

^43 most? Simon answered and 
said. He, I suppose, to whom 
he forgave the most. And he 
said unto him, Thou hast 

44 rightly judged. And turning 
to the woman, he said unto 
Simon, Seest thou this wo- 
man? I entered into thine 
house, thou gavest me no wa- 
ter for my feet: but she hath 
wetted my feet with her tears, 
and wiped them with her hair. 

45 Thou gavest me no kiss : but 
■ — she, since the time I came In, 

hath not ceased to 2 kiss my 

46 feet My head with oil thou 
didst not anoint : but she hath 
anointed my feet with oint- 

47 ment. Wherefore I say unto 
thee. Her sins, which are many, 
are forgiven; for she loved 
much: out to whom little is 
forgiven, the same loveth lit- 

48 tie. And he said imto her, 

49 Thy sins are forgiven. And 
they that sat at meat with 
him began to say > within 
themselves. Who is this that 

50 even forgiveth sins? And he 
said unto the woman, Thy faith 
hath saved thee ; go in peace. 

8 And it came to pass soon 
afterwards, that he went about 
through cities and villages, 
preaching and bringing the 
^good tidings of the kingdom 
of God, and with him the 

2 twelve, and certain women 
which had been healed of evil 
spirits and infirmities, Mary 
that was called Magdalene, 
from whom seven « devils had 

8 gone out, and Joanna the wife 

of Chuza Herod's steward, and 

Susanna, and many others, 

'vbich ministered unto 6 them 

^ their substance. 

^d when a great multitude 

1 See mar- 
ginal note 
on Matt. 
xviU. 28. 



3 Or, 

4 Or, 

ties read 

came together, and they of 
every city resorted unto him, 
he spake by a parable: The 5 
sower went forth to sow his 
seed : and as he sowed, some 
fell by the way side ; and it was 
trodden under foot, and the 
birds of the hpaven devoured 
it And other fell on the 6 
rock ; and as soon as it grew, 
it withered away, because it 
had no moisture. And other 7 
fell amidst the thorns; and 
the thorns grew with it, and 
choked it And other feU into 8 
the good ground, and grew, 
and brought forth fruit a hun- 
dredfold. As he said these 
things, he cried. He that hath 
ears to hear, let him hear. 

And hfs disciples asked him 9 
what this parable might be. 
And he said. Unto you it is 10 
given to know the mysteries 
of the kingdom of Ood : but 
to the rest in parables; that 
seeing they may not see, and 
hearing they may not under- 
stand. Now the parable is 11 
this : The seed is the word of 
Ood. And those by the way 12 
side are they that have heard ; 
then cometh the devil, and 
taketh away the word fh>m 
their heart, that they may not 
believe and be saved. Aad 13 
those on the rock are they 
which, when they have heard, 
receive the word with jov * and 
these have no root, wmch for 
a whUe believe, and in time 
of temptation fall away. And 14 
that which fell among the 
thorns, these are they that 
have heard, and as they go on 
their way they are choked 
with cares and riches and 
pleasures of this life, and bring 
no fhiit to perfection. And 15 
that in the good ground, these 
are such as in an honest and 
good heart, having heard the 
word, hold it fast, and bring 
forth fruit with patience. 

-8. 37. 

8. LUKE. 


16 And no man, when he hath 
lighted a lamp, covereth it 
with a vessel, or putteth it 
under a l)ed; but putteth it 
on a stand, that they which 
enter in mav see the light 

17 For nothing is hid, that shall 
not be made manifest; nor 
anything secret, that shall not 
be known and come to light. 

18 Take heed therefore how ye 
hear: for whosoever hath, to 
him shall be given ; and who- 
soever hath not» fh)m him 
shall be taken away even that 
which he i thinketh he hath. 

19 And there came to him his 
mother and brethren, and they 
could not come at him for the 

20 crowd. And it was told him. 
Thy mother and thy brethren 
stand without, desiring to see 

21 thee. But he answered and said 
unto them, My mother and my 
brethren are these which hear 
the word of God, and do it 

22 Now it came to pass on one 
of those days, that he entered 
into a boat, himself and his 
disciples; and he said unto 
them. Let us go over unto the 
other side of the lake: and 

28 they launched forth. But as 
they sailed he fell asleep : and 
there came down a storm of 
wind on the lake; and they 
were filling with water, and 

24 were in Jeopardy. And they 
came to nim, and awoke him, 
saying. Master, master, we pe- 
rish. And he awoke, and re- 
buked the wind and the raging 
of the water : and they ceased, 

25 and there was a calm. And 
he said unto them. Where is 
yom* faith ? And being afraid 
they marvelled, saying one to 
another, Who then is this, that 
he commandeth even the winds 
and the water, and they obey 

26 And they arrived . at the 
countiy of the aoerasenes, 
which is over against Galilee. 


to kar« 

a Many 
ties read 

renea : 
and so in 
ver. 87. 



i Or. qf a 
long time 

« Or, saved 

And when he was come forth 27 
upon the land, there met him 
a certain man out of the city, 
who had 8 devils; and for a 
long time he had worn no 
clothes, and abode not in any 
house, but in the tombs. And 28 
when he saw Jesus, he cried 
out, and fell down before him, 
and with a loud voice said. 
What have I to do with thee, 
Jesus, thou Son of the Most 
High God? I beseech thee, 
torment me not For he com- 29 
manded the unclean spirit to 
come out from the man. For 
4 oftentimes it had seized him : 
and he was kept under guard, 
and bound with chains and 
fetters; and breaking the bands 
asunder, he was driven of the 
6 devil into the deserta And 30 
Jesus asked him, What is thy 
name ? And he said. Legion ; 
for many s devils were entered 
into him. And thev intreated 81 
him that he would not com- 
mand them to depart into the 
abyss. Now there was there a 82 
herd of many swine feeding 
on the mountain: and they 
intreated him that he would 
give them leave to enter into 
them. And he gave them leave. 
And the s devils came out from 33 
the man, and entered into the 
swine: and the herd rushed 
down the steep into the lake, 
and were choked. And when 34 
they that fed them saw what 
had come to pass, they fled, 
and told it in the city and in 
the country. And they went 85 
out to see what had come to 
pass ; and they came to Jesus, 
and found the man, from whom 
the 8 devils were gone out, sit- 
ting, clothed and in his right 
mind, at the feet of Jesus: 
and they were afraid. And 36 
they that saw it told them 
how he that was possea«"' 
with 8 devils was »made v 
And all the people of the 




try of tho Oerasenes round 
about asked him to depart 
from them ; for they were hold- 
en with great fear : and he en- 
tered into a boat, and returned. 

88 But the man ftx>m whom the 
1 devils were gone out prayed 
him that he might be with 
him: but he sent him away, 

89 saying, Return to thy house, 
and declare how great things 
God hath done for thee. And 
he went his way, publishing 
throughout the whole city how 
great things Jesus had done 
for him. 

40 And as Jesus returned, the 
multitude welcomed him : for 
they were all waiting for him. 

41 And behold, there came a man 
named Jalrus, and he was a 
ruler of the synagogue : and 
he fell down at Jesutf teat, and 
besought him to come into his 

42 house; for he had an only 
daughter, about twelve years 
of age, and she lay a dying. 

. But as he went the multitudes 
thronged him. 
48 And a woman having an 
issue of blood twelve years, 
which «had spent all her liv- 
ing upon physicians, and could 

44 not be healed of any, came 
l)ehind him, and touched the 
border of his garment: and 
immediately the Issue of her 

45 blood stanched. And Jesus 
said. Who is it that touched 
me? And when all denied, 
Peter said, »and they that 
were with him, Master, the 
multitudes press thee and 

46 crush thee. But Jesus said. 
Some one did touch me: for 
I perceived that power had 

47 gone forth from me. And 
when the woman saw that she 
was not hid, shd came trem- 
bling, and falling down before 
him declared in the presence 
of all the people for what 

'■luse she touched him, and 
w she was healed immedi- 



ties omit 

8 Some 
ties omit 
and they 

5 Or, 


7 Some 
ties omit 

ately. And he said unto her, 48 
Daughter, thy faith hath ^rnade 
thee whole ; go in peace. 

While he vet spake, there 49 
Cometh one from the niler of 
the synagogue's fiougey saying. 
Thy daughter is dead ; trouble 
not the <( Master. But Jesus 50 
hearing it, answered him, Fear 
not: only believe, and she 
shall be *made whole. And 51 
when he oame to the house, 
he suffered not any man to 
enter In with him, save Petei^ 
and John, and James, and 
the father of the maiden and 
her mother. And all were 52 
weeping, and bewailing her: 
but he said, Weep not; for 
she is not dead, but sleepeth. 
And they laughed him to 53 
scorn, knowing that she was 
dead. But he, taking her by 54 
the hand, called, saying. Maid- 
en, arise. And her spirit re- 65 
turned, and she rose up imme- 
diately: and he commanded 
that aoTnething be given her 
to eat And her parents were 56 
amazed : but he charged them 
to tell no man what had been 

And he called the twelve 9 
together, and gave them power 
and authority over all ^ devils, 
and to cure diseases. And he 2 
sent them forth to preach the 
kingdom of Ood, and to heal 
7 the sick. And he said unto 8 
them. Take nothing for your 
Journey, neither stair, nor wal- 
let, nor bread, nor money ; nei- 
ther have two coat& And in- 4 
to whatsoever house ye enter, 
there abide, and thence depart. 
And as many as receive you 5 
not, when ye depart from that 
city, shake off the dust fh>m 
your feet for a testimony a- 
gainst them. And they depart- 6 
ed, and went throughout the 
vlllaffes, preaching the gospel, 
and healing everywhere. 

Kow Herod the tetrarch 7 




heard of all that was done: 
and he was much perplexed, 
because that It was said by 
some, that John was risen 

8 from the dead ; and by some, 
that El^h had appeared ; and 
by others, that one of the old 

9 prophets was risen fwain. And 
Herod said, John I beheaded : 
but who is this, about whom 
I hear such things ? And .he 
sought to see him. 

10 And the apostles, when they 
were returned, declared unto 
him what things they had 
done. And he toolc them, and 
withdrew apart to a dty called 

11 Bethsaida. But the multitudes 
percelTing it followed him: 
and he welcomed them, and 
spake to them of the kingdom 
of God, and them that had 
need of healing he healed. 

12 And the day began to wear 
away; and the twelve came, 
and said unto him, Send the 
multitude away, that they may 
go into the Tillages and coun- 
try round about, and lodge, 
and get victuals: for we are 

13 here in a desert place. But he 
said unto them, Give ye them 
to eat And they said. We have 
no more than five loaves and 
two fishes; except we should 
go and buy food for all this 

14 people. For they were about 
five thousand men. And he 
said unto his disciples. Make 
them ^sit down in companies, 

15 about fifty each. And they did 
so, and made them all isit 

16 down. And he took the five 
loaves and the two fishes, and 
looking up to heaven, he bless- 
ed them, and brake ; and gave 
to the disciples to set before 

17 the multitude. And they did 
eat, and were all filled: and 
there was taken up that which 
remained over to them of bro- 
ken pieces, twelve baskets. 

18 And it came to pass, as he 
was praying alone, thQ disci- 


3 0r,<I«- 

pies were with him : and he 
asked them, saying. Who do 
the multitudes say that I am ? 
And they answering said, John 19 
the Ba^iUst; but others say, 
EUjah ; and others, that one 
of the old prophets is risen 
again. And he said unto them, 20 
But who say ye that I am? 
And Peter answering said, The 
Christ of God. But he charged 21 
them, and commanded them to 
tell this to no man ; saying, 22 
The Son of man must suffer 
many things, and be rejected 
of the elders and chief priests 
and scribes, and be killed, and 
the third day be raised up. 
And he said unto ail. If any 23 
man would come after me, let 
him deny himself and take up 
his cross daily, and follow me. 
For whosoever would save his 24 
3 life shall lose it; but whoso- 
ever shall lose his 3 life for my 
sake, the same shall save it. 
For what is a man profited, 25 
if he gain the whole world, and 
lose or forfeit his ovm self? For 26 
whosoever shall be ashamed of 
me and of my words, of him 
shall the Son of man be a- 
shamed, when he cometh in 
his own glory, and the glory 
of the Father, and of the holy 
angels. But I tell you of a 27 
truth, There be some of them 
that stand here, which shall 
in no wise taste of death, till 
they see the kingdom of God. 

And it came to pass about 28 
eight days after these sayings, 
he took with him Peter and 
John and James, and went up 
into the moimtain to pray. 
And as he was praying, the 29 
fashion of his countenance was 
altered, and his raiment be- 
came white and dazzling. And 80 
behold, there talked with him 
two men, which were Moses 
and Elijah; who appearei^ " 
glory, and spake of hif 
cease which he was ab 

86 S. LUKE. 

82 accomplish at Jerusalem. Now 
Peter and they that were with 
him were heavy with sleep: 
but iwhen they were fUlly a- 
wake, they saw his glorv, and 
the two men that stood with 

83 him. And it came to pass, as 
they were paiting from him, 
Peter said unto Jesus. Master, 


it is good for us to be here : 
and let us make throe a taber- 
nacles ; one for thee, and one for 
Moses, and one for Elijah : not 

84 knowing what he said. And 
while he said these things, there 
came a cloud, and overshadow- 
ed them : and they feared as 
they entered into the cloud. 

85 And a voice came out of the 
cloud, saying. This is «my Son. 

36 my chosen : hear ye him. And 
when the voice ^came, Jesus 
was found alone. And they 
held their peace, and told 
no man in those days any 
of the things which they had 

87 And it came to pass, on the 
next day, when they were come 
down from the mountain, a 

88 great multitude met him. And 
behold, a man fh)m the mul- 
titude cried, saying, 6 Master, 
I beseech thee to look upon 
my son ; for he is mine only 

89 child: and behold, a spirit 
taketh him, and he suddenlv 
crieth out; and It «tcaretb 
him that he foameth, and it 
hardly departeth fh)m him, 

40 bruising him sorely. And I 
besought thv disciples to cast 
it out; and they could not 

41 And Jesus answered and said, 
O faithless and perverse gene- 
ration, how long shall I be 
with you, and bear with you ? 

42 bring hither thy son. And as 
he was yet a coming, the 7 devil 
8 dashed him down, and 9 tare 
him grievously. But Jesus re- 
buked the unclean spirit, and 
healed the boy, and gave him 
back to his father. And they 

a Or, 

ties read 
my be- 
loved 8tm. 
See Matt 
xvlL 6 : 

4 Or, 

5 Or, 


8 Or. 

9 0T,e 

10 Gr. 



ties add 

were all astonished at the ma- 
jesty of God. 

But while all were marvel- 
ling at all the things which 
he did, he said unto his dis- 
ciples, Let these words sink 44 
into your ears: for the Son 
of man shall be delivered up 
into the hands of men. But 45 
they understood not this say- 
ing, and it was concealed fh>m 
them, that they should not 
perceive it: and they were 
afhdd to ask him about this 


And there arose a reasoning 46 
among them, which of them 
should be lo greatest But when 4T 
Jesus saw the reasoning of 
their heart, he took a little 
child, and set him by his side, 
and said unto them. Whoso- 48 
ever shall receive this little 
child in mv name recelveth 
me: and whosoever shall re- 
ceive me receiveth him that 
sent me : for he that is ^^ least 
among you all, the same is 

And John answered and said, 49 
Master, we saw one casting out 
^devils in thy name ; and we 
forbade him, because he fol- 
loweth not with us. But Je- 50 
sus said unto him, Forbid Aim 
not : for he that is not against 
you is for you. 

And it came to pa8& when 51 
the days i^ were well-nigh come 
that he should be reodved up, 
he stedfasUy set his fiice to go 
to Jerusalem, and sent mes- 52 
sengers before his face: and 
they went, and entered Into a 
village of the Samaritans, to 
make ready for him. And they 53 
did not receive him, because 
his face was as though he were 
going to Jerusalem. And when 54 
his disciples James and John 
saw this, they said. Lord, wilt 
thou that we bid fire to come 
down from heaven, and con- 
sume them u? But he turned, 55 


56 and rebuked thorn 1. And they 
went to another village. 

57 And as they went in the 
way, a certain man said unto 
him, I will follow thee whi- 

58 thersoever thou goest And Je- 
sus said unto him, The foxes 
have holes, and the birds of 
the heaven fiave ^ nests; but 
the Son of man hath not 

59 where to lay his head. And 
he said unto another, Follow 
me. But he said, Lord, suffer 
me first to go and bury my 

60 father. But he said unto him, 
Leave the dead to bury thoir 
own dead; but go thou and 
publish abroad the kingdom 

61 of God. And another also said, 
I will follow thee, Lord ; but 
first suffer me to bid farewell 
to them that are at my house. 

62 But Jesus said unto him, No 
man, having put his hand to 
the plough, and looking back, 
is fit for uie kingdom of God. 

HQ Now after these things the 

Lord appointed seventy s 

others, ana sent them two and 

two before his face into every 

city and place, whither he him- 

2 self was about to come. And 
he said unto them. The har- 
vest is plenteous, but the la- 
bourers are few : pray ye there- 
fore the Lord of the harvest, 
that ho send forth labourers 

S Into his harvest. Go your ways : 
behold, I send you forth as 
lambs in the midst of wolves. 

4 Carry no purse, no wallet, no 
shoes : ana salute no man on 

5 the way. And into whatsoever 
house ye shall Center, first 
say, Peace be to this house. 

6 And if a son of peace be 
there, voiu* peace shall rest 
upon Ahim: but if not, it 
shall turn to you again. 

7 And in that same house re- 
main, eating and drinking such 
things as they give: for the 
laboiuisr is worthy of his Wre. 
Go not fh>m house to bouse. 


1 Bi'!r,f 

au 1 1 1 1 ' rl- 
tie- liild 
ami -id. 
Ye I. « m 
not \ 


add ilso 

For iJ,« 

8<m ^ 
man came 
n<4 to 
Uvea, hut 
to save 



3 Many 
ties add 
and s<) in 
ver. 17. 

* Or, mlttr 
first, aay 




8 0r.»y 

9 Or, 


And into whatsoever city ye 8 
enter, and they receive you, 
eat such things as are set 
before you : and heal the sick 9 
that are therein, and say unto 
them. The kingdom of God is 
come nigh unto you. But into 10 
whatsoever city ye shall enter, 
and they receive you not, go 
out into the streets thereof 
and say. Even the dust from 11 
your city, that cleaveth to our 
feet^ we do wipe off against 
you : howbeit know this, that 
the kingdom of God is come 
nigh. I say unto you. It shall 12 
be more tolerable in that day 
for Sodom, than for that city. 
Woe unto thee, Chorazin ! woe 18 
unto thee, Bethsaida! for if 
the 6 mighty works had been 
done in Tyre and Sidon, which 
were done in you, they would 
have repented long ago, sit- 
ting in sackcloth and ashes. 
Howbeit it shall be more toler- 14 
able for T}Te and Sidon in the 
Judgement, than for you. And 15 
thou, Capernaum, shalt thou 
be exalted unto heaven ? thou 
Shalt be brought down unto 
Hades. He that heareth you 16 
heareth me; and ho that rc- 
jecteth you rejecteth me ; and 
he that rejecteth me rejecteth 
him that sent me. 

And the seventy returned 17 
with Joy, saying, Lord, even 
tho 7 devils are subject unto us 
in thy name. And he said 18 
unto them, I beheld Satan 
fallen as lightning from hea- 
ven. Behold, I have given you 19 
authority to tread upon ser- 
pents and scorpions, and over all 
the power of the enemy : and 
nothing shall in any wise hiu*t 
you. Howl)eit in this reioice 20 
not, that the spirits are subject 
unto you ; but rejoice that yoiu* 
names are written in heaven. 

In that same hour he rejoloef' 
8 In the Holy Spirit* and s^ 
1 9 thank thee, O Father, : 


of heaven and earth, that thou 
didst hide these things from the 
wise 3nd understanding, and 
didst reveal them onto babes : 
yea, Father; ifor so It was 

22 well-pleasing in thy sight All 
things have Deen delivered un- 
to me of my Father : and no 
one knoweth who the Son is, 
save the Father; and who the 
Father is. save the Son» and 
he to wnomsoover the Son 

23 willeth to reveal him. And 
turning to the disciples, he 
said privately, Blessed are the 
eyes which see the things that 

24 ye see: for I say unto you, 
~ that many prophets and kings 

desired to see the things which 
ye see, and saw them not ; and 
to hear the things which ye 
hear, and heard them not 

25 And behold, a certain lawyer 
stood up and tempted him, 
saying, ^Master, what shall I 

26 do to inherit eternal life? And 
he said unto him. What \a writ- 
ten in the law? how readest 

27 thou? And he answering said. 
Thou Shalt love the Lord thy 
God 8 with all thy heart and 
with all thy souL and with all 
thy strength, and with all thy 
mind; and thy neighbour as 

28 thyself. And he said unto him. 
Thou hast answered right : this 

29 do, and thou shalt live. But 
he. desiring to Justify himself, 
said unto Jesus, And who is 

80 my neighbour? Jesus made 
answer and said, A certain 
man was going down fh>m 
Jerusalem to Jericho; and 
he fell among robbers, which 
both stripped him and beat 
him, and departed, leaving 

81 him half dead. And by chance 
a certain priest was going 
down that way: -and when 
he saw him, he passed by 

82 on the other side. And in 
like manner a Levite also, 
when he came to the place, 
A&d saw him, passed by on 


a Or, * 

9 Gr. from. 

4 See mar- 
ginal note 
on Matt 

5 Gr. dU- 

ties read 

thou nrl 
troubled I 

7 Many 
ties read 
Ihinga are 


ties read 
which art 
fit heaveH. 
Bee Matt 


the other side. But a certain 83 
Samaritan, as he journeyed, 
came where he was: and when 
he saw him, he was moved 
with compasdon, and came 34 
to him, and bound up his 
wounds, pouring on thwn oil 
and wine ; and he set him on 
his own beast and brought 
him to an inn, and took care 
of him. And on the morrow 85 
he took out two « pence, and 
gave them to the host and 
said. Take care of him ; and 
whatsoever thou spendest 
more, I, when I come back 
again, will repay thee. Which 86 
of these three, thinkest thou, 
proved neighbour unto him 
that fell among the robl)ers? 
And he said. He that shewed 87 
mercy on him. And Jesus 
said unto him, Go, and do 
thou likewise. 

Now as they went on their 88 
way, he entered into a certain 
village : and a certain woman 
named Martha received him 
into her house. And she had 89 
a sister called Mary, which 
also sat at the Lord's feet» 
and heard his word. But 40 
Martha was ^ cumbered about 
much serving ; and she came 
up to him, and said. Lord, dost 
thou not care that my sister 
did leave me to serve alone? 
bid her therefore that she help 
me. But the Lord answered 41 
and said tmto her, « Martha^ 
Martha, thou art anxious and 
doubled about many things: 
7 but one thing is needftU: for 42 
Mary hath chosen the good 
part, wliich shall not be taken 
away from her. 

And it came to pass, as H 
he was praying in a certain 
place, that when he ceased, 
one of his disciples said unto 
him. Lord, teacn us to prnv, 
even as John also taught his 
disciples. And he said unto 2 
them. When ye pray, say, ^Fa- 



ther, Hallowed be thy name. 

8 Thy kingdom come.^ Give us 
day by day a our daily bread. 

4 And forgive us our dus ; for 
we ourselyes also forgive every 
one that is indebted to us. And 
bring us not into temptation >. 

6 And he said unto them, 
Which of you shall have a 
(Hend, and shall go unto him 
at midnight, and say to him, 
Friend, lend me three loaves ; 

6 for a fHend of mine is come 
to me from a Joiuney, and I 
have notliing to set before 

7 him; and he ft'iiu ^ItVin 
shall answer am E ^\\\ 7 1 < ' 1 1 tie 
me not: the dot^r i> ij<'ni sUut, 
and mychildreis urL^ S'.kh lae 
in bed; I cannot rhi: nnl f^ire 

8 thee? I say unt4> ^ uu, Thuu,i;h 
he will not rise aiitl rrlvc him, 
because he is hh tnt^mi, yet 
because of his ini{]H:>TtuTiit>'he 
will arise and gtrc him ^as 

9 many as he necU^^th. And I 
say unto you, Ai^ mid it 
shall be given you ; seek, and 
ye shall find; knock, and it 

10 shall be opened unto you. Tor 
every one that ask ^ tit r* i viv- 
eth ; and he that Sk ^ K^^tfi iiud- 
eth; and to him ih:ii kn.Mik- 

11 eth it shaU be opLiJciL A ad 
of which of you tlisint [s n fa- 
ther shall his son ayk «ii liiaf, 
and he give him a situne? or 
a fish, and he for a ti^U ^ive 

12 him a serpent? Or ^ Lg bLall 
ask an egg, will he give him 

13 a scorpion ? If ye then, being 
evil, know how to give good 
gifts unto your children, how 
much more shall your hea- 
venly Father give the Holy 
Spirit to them that ask him ? 

14 And he was casting out a 
< devil which vxia dumb. And 
it came to pass, when the ^ devil 
was gone out, the dumb man 
spake ; and the multitudes mar- 

15 veiled. But some of them said, 
7 By Beelzebub the prince of 
tb9 8 devils castcth he out 

ties add 
Thy Witt 
he done, 
at. m hea- 
ven, to 
on earth. 
See Uatt. 

a Gr. omr 
bread for 


ties uMd 

KlVV h., 

frf.-n the 
evil line 

(or. /fRdW 

Bet Mfttt. 

i Or, what, 

5 Some 
ties omit 
a loaf, 
and M 
give him 

• Gr. 

T Or, In 


9 Or, and 


8 devils. And others, tempting 16 
him, sought of him a sign 
from heavea But he, know- 17 
ing their thoughts, said unto 
them, Every kingdom divided 
against itself is brought to 
desolation; <>and a house di- 
vided against a house falleth. 
And if Satan also is divided 18 
against himself, how shall his 
kingdom stand? because vo 
say that I cast out 8 devils 
7 by Beelzebub. And if I 'by 19 
Beelzebub cast out » devils, by 
whom do yoiu* sons cast them 
out? therefore shall they be 
your Judges. But if I by the 20 
finger of God cast out ^ devils, 
then is the kingdom of God 
come upon you. When the 21 
strong man ftilly armed guard- 
eth his own court, his goods 
are in peace: but when a 22 
stronger than he shaU come 
upon him, and overcome him, 
he taketh from him his whole 
armour wherein he trusted, 
and divideth his spoils. He 23 
that is not with me is against 
me; and he that gathereth 
not with me scattereth. The 24 
unclean spirit when i^he is 
gone out of the man, passeth 
through waterless places, seek- 
ing rest; and finding none, 
whe saith, I will turn back 
unto my house whence I came 
out And when lohe is come, 25 
10 he flndeth it swept and gar- 
nished. Then goeth Whe, and 26 
taketh to him seven other spi- 
rits more evil than ^ him- 
self; and they enter in and 
dwell there : and the last state 
of that man becometh worse 
than the first. 

And it came to pass, as he 27 
said these things, a certain 
woman out of the multitude 
lifted up her voice, and said 
unto him, Blessed is the womb 
that bare thee, and the breasts 
which thou didst suck. Bu* 
he said. Yea rather, ble^^isc 




are they that hear the word 
of God, and keep it 

29 And when the multitudes 
were gathering together unto 
him, he began to say, This gene- 
ration is an evil generation : it 
seeketh after a sign ; and there 
shall no sign be given to it 

30 but the sign of Jonah. For 
even as Jonah became a sign 
unto the Ninevites, so shall 
also the Son of man be to 

31 this generation. The queen 
of the south shall rise up in 
the judgement with the men 
of this generation, and shall 
condemn them : for she came 
Arom the ends of the earth to 
hear the wisdom of Solomon ; 
and behold, ^a greater than 

32 Solomon is here. The men 
of Nineveh shall stand up in 
the Judgement with this ge- 
neration, and shall condemn 
it: for they repented at the 
preaching of Jonah ; and be- 
hold, la greater than Jonah is 

83 No man, when he hath light- 
ed a lamp, putteth it in a cel- 
lar, neither under the bushel, 
but on the stand, that they 
which enter in may see the 

Zi light. The lamp of thy body 
is thine eye : when thine eye 
is single, thy whole body also 
is full of light ; but when it is 
evil, thy body also is ftill of 

35 darkness. Look therefore whe- 
ther the light that is in thee 

36 be not darkness. If therefore 
thy whole body be full of light, 
having no part d&rk, it shall 
be wholly fbil of light, as when 
the lamp with its bright shin- 
ing doth give thee light. 

87 Now as he spake, a Pharisee 
asketh him to sdlne with him : 
and he went in, and sat down 

88 to meat. And when the Pha- 
risee saw it, he marvelled that 
he had not first washed before 
*> dinner. And the Lord said 

nto him, Now do ye Phari- 



3 Or. 
ye eat 

4 Or, 

sees cleanse the outside of the 
cup and of the platter ; but your 
inward part is fUll of extor^ 
tlon and wickedness. Ye foot 40 
ish ones, did not he that made 
the outside make the inside 
also? Howbelt give for alms 41 
those things which 8are with- 
hi ; and behold, all things are 
clean unto you. 

But woe unto you Phari- 42 
sees! for ye tithe mint and 
rue and every herb, and pass 
over Judgement and the love 
of Ood: but these ought ye 
to have done, and not to 
leave the other undone. Woe 43 
unto you Pharisees! for ye 
love the chief seats in the 

Snagogues, and the salnta- 
ons in the marketplaces. Woe 44 
unto you! for ye are as the 
tombs which appemr not, and 
the men that walk over them 
know it not 

And one of the lawyers an- 45 
swering stuth unto him, ^ Mas- 
ter, in saying this thou re- 
proachest us also. And he 46 
said. Woe unto you lawyers 
also! for ye lade men with 
burdens grievous to be borne, 
and ye yourselves touch not 
the burdens with one of your 
fingers. Woe unto you 1 for 47 
ye build the tombs of the 
prophets, and your fathers 
killed them. So ye are wit- 48 
nesses and consent unto the 
works of your fathers: tor 
they killed them, and ye build 
thetr tcmibs. Therefore also 49 
said the wisdom of God, X 
will send unto them prophets 
and apostles; and some <ft 
them they shall kill and per- 
secute ; that the blood of all 50 
the prophets, which was shed 
fh)m the foundation of the 
world, may be required of this 
generation; ftom the blood 51 
of Abel unto the blood of 
Zachariah, who perished be- 
tween the altar and the ^saoc- 

-12. ta 



tuanr: yea, I say unto you, 
it wall be required of this 

52 generation. Woe unto you 
lawyers I for ye took away 
tbe key of knowledge : ye en- 
tered not in yourselves^ and 
them that were entering In ye 

£3 And when he was come out 
fh>m thence, the scribes and 
the Pharisees began to Sprees 
upon him vehemently, and to 
provoke him to' speak of 

54 9 many things; laying wait 
for mm, to catch something 
out of his mouth. 

12 2° ^^^ mean time, when sthe 
many thousands of the mul- 
titude were gathered toge- 
ther, insomuch that they trode 
one upon another, he l>^n 
to ^say^unto his disciples first 
of all, Beware ye of the leaven 
of the Pharisees, which is hy- 
2 pocrlsy. But there is nothing 
covered up^ that shall not be 
revealed : and hid, that shall 
8 not be known. Wherefore what- 
soever ye have said in the dark- 
ness shall be heard in the light ; 
and what ye have spoken in 
the ear in the inner chambers 
shall be proclaimed upon the 

4 housetops. And I say unto 
you my friends. Be not aflraid 
of them which kill the body, 
and after that have no more 

5 that they can do. But I will 
warn you whom ye shall fear : 
Fear him, which after he hath 
killed hath > power to cast 
Into < hell ; yea, I say unto you, 

6 Fear him. Are not five spar- 
rows sold for two farthings? 
and not one of them is for- 

S>ttcn in the sight of God. 
ut the very hairs of your 
head are all numbered. Fear 
not : ye are of more value than 
8 many sparrows. And I say 
unto you. Every one who shall 
confess 7 me before men, ^him 
shall the Son of man also con- 
fer befurc the 4])gcls. of God : 


$elve* ve- 

aOr, B 

3 Gr. ths 


* Or, taf 

unto hi» 
First of 
viare ye 

5 Or, an- 



tit MM 

8 6r. 


not tn a 
his life, 
from (he 
which U 

U Or. Ufe 


but he that denieth me in the 9 
presence of men shall be de< 
nied in the presence of the 
angels of God. And every one 10 
who shall speak a word against 
the Son of man, it shall be 
foi^ven him: but unto him 
that blasphemeth against the 
Holy Spirit it shall not be for- 
given. And when they bring 11 
you before the synagogues, 
and the rulers, and the au- 
thorities, be not anxious how 
or what ye sliall answer, or 
what ye shall say: for the 12 
Holy Spirit shaU teach you in 
that very hour wlkat ye ought 
to say. 

And one out of the multi- 13 
tude said unto him, >> Master, 
bid my brother divide the in- 
heritance with me. But he 14 
said unto him, Man, who made 
me a judge or a divider over 
you? And he said unto them, 15 
Take heed, and keep your- 
selves from all covetousness : 
10 for a man's life consisteth 
not in the abundance of the 
things which he possesseth. 
And he spake a parable unto 16 
them, saying, The ground of 
a certain nch man brought 
forth plentiflilly: and he rea- 17 
soned within himself, saying, 
What shall I do, because I 
have not where to bestow my 
fruits? And he said. This wiU 18 
I do: I will pull down my 
bams, and build greater ; and 
there will I bestow all my com 
and my gooda And I wiU say 19 
to my "soul, uSoul, thou hast 
much goods laid up for many 
years; take thine ease, eat, 
drink, be merry. But God said 20 
unto him, Thou foolish one, this 
night la is thy u soul required of 
thee; and the things which 
thou hast prepared, whose 
shall they be? So is he that 21 
Uyeth up treasure for himse^'* 
and Is not rich toward Go^ 

And he $ad unto his 

^92 a LUKE. 

pics, Therefore I say unto you. 
Be not anxious for your i life, 
what ye shall eat ; nor yet for 
your body, what ye shall put 

23 on. For the i life is more than 
the food, and the body than 

24 the raiment. Consider the ra- 
vens, that they sow not, neither 
reap ; which have no store- 
chaml)er nor bam* and God 
fcedeth them: of now much 
more value arc ve than the 

26 birds ! And which of you by 
being anxious can add a cubit 

26 unto his a stature? If then ye 
are not able to do even that 
which is least, why are ye 
anxious concerning the rest? 

27 Consider the lilies, how they 
grow: they toll not, neither 
do they spin ; yet I say unto 
you, Even Solomon in all his 
glonr was not arrayed like one 

28 of these. But if God doth so 
clothe the grass in the field, 
which to-day is, and to-mor- 
row is cast into the oven ; how 
much more shall he clothe 

29 you, O ye of little faith ? And 
seek not ye what ye shall eat, 
and what ye shall drink, nei- 
ther be ye of doubtful mind. 

80 For all these things do the na- 
tions of the world seek after: 
but your Father knoweth that 
ye have need of these things. 

31 Howbeit seek ye > his king- 
dom, and these things shall 

32 be added unto you. Fear not, 
little flock ; for it is your Fa- 
ther's good pleasure to give 

83 you the kingdom. Sell that ye 
have, and give alms; make 
for yourselves purses which 
wax not old, a la^easure in the 
heavens that failcth not, where 
no thief draweth near, neither 

84 moth destroyeth. For where 
your treasure is, there will 
your heart be also. 

85 Let your loins be girded 
about, and your lamps bum- 

^6 ing ; and be ye yourselves like 
unto men looking for their 

1 Or. Mil] 

a Or. age 

3 Many 
tiest read 
dom of 

4 Or. &ON J- 

5 Or, 
Bia (hit 


7 Or. (he 
t1%« wit* 



lord, when he shall return 
fh)m the marriage feast ; tbat^ 
when he cometh and knock- 
eth, they may straightway open 
unto him. Blessed are those 37 
4 servants, whom the lord when 
he cometh shall find watch- 
ing: verily I say unto you, 
that he shall gird himself, and 
make them sit down to moat, 
and shall come and serve 
them. And. If he shall come 38 
in the second watch, and if 
in the third, and find them so, 
blessed are those servanU. 
A But know this, that If the 89 
master of the house had known 
in what hour the thief was 
coming, he would have watch- 
ed, and not have left his house 
to be « broken through. Be ye 40 
also ready: for in an hour 
that ye think not the Son of 
man cometh. 

And Peter said. Lord, speak- 41 
est thou this parable unto us, 
or even unto all? And the 43 
Lord said. Who then is 7 the 
faithflil and wise steward, 
whom his lord shall set over 
his household, to give them 
their portion of food in due 
season? Blessed is that *8er- 43 
vant, whom his lord when be 
cometh shall find so doing. 
Of a truth I say unto you. 44 
that ho will set him over all 
that be hath. But if that Saer- 45 
vant shall say in his heart, My 
lord delayeth his coming ; and 
shall begin to beat the men- 
servants and the maidservants, 
and to eat and drink, and to 
be drunken ; the lord of that 46 
8 servant shall come in a day 
when he expecteth not, and 
in an hour when he knoweth 
not, and shall ^cut him asun- 
der, and appoint his portion 
with the unfaithful And that 47 
8 servant, which knew his lord's 
will, and made not ready, nor 
did according to his will, shall 
be beaten ^th many etripaa; 

-13. la 


48 but he that knew not, and did 
things worthy of stripes, shall 
be beaten with few stripes. 
And to whomsoever much is 
given, of him shall much be 
required: and to whom they 
commit much, of him will they 
ask the more. 

49 I came to cast fire upon the 
earth ; and what wiU I, if it 

50 is already kindled ? But I have 
a baptism to be baptized with ; 
and now am I straitened till it 

t\ be accomplished I Think ye 
that I am come to give peace 
in the earth ? I tell you. Nay ; 

62 but rather division : for there 
shall be from henceforth five 
in one house divided, three 
against two, and two against 

68 three. They shall be divided, 
father against son, and son 
against father ; mother against 
daughter, and daughter a- 

ginst her mother; mother 
law against her daughter 
In law, and daughter in law 
against her mother in law. 

64 And he said to the multi- 
tudes also, When ve see a 
cloud rising in the west, 
straightway ye say. There 
cometh a shower; and so it 

66 cometh to pass. And when ye 
see a south wind blowing, ye 
say* There will be a iscorcn- 
ing heat; and it cometh to 

66 pass. Te hypocrites, ye know 
now to > interpret the face of 
the earth and the heaven ; but 
how is it that ye know not 
how to s interpret this time? 

67 And why even of yourselves 
Judge ye not what is right? 

68 ror as thou art going with 
thine adversary before the ma- 
gistrate, on the way give dili- 
gence to be quit of him ; lest 
Eaply he hale thee unto the 
judge, and the judge shall de- 
liver thee to the > officer, and 
the 8 officer shall cast thee in- 

69 to prison. I say unto thee, 
7hou Shalt by qo means Qome 




3 Or. 


out thence, till thou have paid 
the Vety last mite. 

Now there were some pre- 13 
sent at that very season 
which told him of the Gali- 
lieans, whose blood Pilate had 
mingled with their sacrifices. 
And he answered and said 2 
unto them. Think ye that 
these GaUleeans were sinners 
above all the GalUieans, be- 
cause they have suffered these 
things? I teU you. Nay: but, 3 
except ye repent^ ye shall all 
in like manner perish. Or 4 
those eighteen, upon whom 
the tower in Siloam fell, and 
kUled them, think ye that 
they were < offenders above all 
the men that dwell in Jeru- 
salem? I tell. you. Nay: but, 5 
except ye repent, ye shall all 
likewise perish. 

And he spake this parable ; 6 
A certain man had a fig tree 

Slanted in his vineyard ; and 
e came seeking fruit there- 
on, and foimd none. And he 7 
said unto the vinedresser, Be- 
hold, these three years I come 
seeking f^t on this fig tree, 
and find none : cut it down ; 
why doth it also cumber the 
ground? And he answering 8 
saith unto him, Lord, let it 
alone this year also, till I shall 
dig about it, and dung it : and 9 
if it bear fruit thenceforth, 
weU' but if not^ thou shalt 
cut it down. 

And he was teaching in one 10 
of the synagogues on the sab- 
bath day. And behold, a wo- 11 
man which had a spirit of in- 
flnnity eighteen years; and 
she was bowed together, and 
could in no wise lift Jierself 
up. And when Jesus saw her, 12 
he called her, and said to her, 
Woman, thou art loosed from 
thine infirmity. And he laid 13 
his hands upon her : and 
immediately she was ma'^^ 
straight, and glorified C 


14 And the ruler of the syna- 
gogue, being moved With In- 
dignation because Jesiis had 
healed on the sabbath, answer- 
ed and said to the muldtude, 
There are six days In which 
men ought to work : in them 
therefore come and be healed, 
and not on the dav of the 

16 sabbath. But the Lord an- 
swered him, and said. Ye hy- 
pocrites, doth not each one of 
you on the sabbath loose his 
ox or his ass fh>m the i stall, 
and lead him away to water- 

16 Ing? And ought not this wo- 
man, being a daughter of A- 
braham, whom Satan had 
bound, lo, these eighteen years, 
to have been loosed Arom this 
])ond on the dav of the sab- 

17 bath? And as ne said these 
things, all his adversaries were 
put to shame: and all the 
multitude rejoiced for all the 
glorious things that were done 
by him. 

18 He said therefore. Unto what 
is the Icingdom of God like? 
and whcrcunto shall I liken 

19 it? It is like unto a grain of 
mustard seed, which a man 
took, and cast into his own 
garden ; and it grew, and be- 
came a tree; and the birds 
of the heaven lodged in the 

20 branches thereof. And again 
he said, Whereunto shall I 
liken the kingdom of God? 

21 It is like unto leaven, which 
a woman took and hid in 
three 'measures of meal, till it 
was all leavened. 

22 And he went on his way 
through cities and villages, 
teaching, and journeying on 

28 unto Jerusalem. And one said 
unto him. Lord, are they few 
that be saved? And he said 

24 unto them, Strive to enter in 
by the narrow door: for many, 
I say unto you, shall seek to 
enter in, and shall not be 
3 able. When once the master 

S. LUKE. 18. 14- 


on Hatt. 

3 Or, able. 


of the house is risen up, and 
hath shut to the door, and ye 
begin to stand without, and 
to knock at the door, saying. 
Lord, open to us ; and he shau 
answer and say to you, I know 
you not whence ye are ; then 26 
shall ye begin to say^ We did 
eat and drink in thy presence, 
and thou didst teach in our 
streets; and he shall say, I 27 
tell you, I know not whence 
ye are; depart fh>m me, all 
ye workers of iniquity. There 28 
shall be the weeping and 
gnashing of teeth, when ye 
shall see Abraham, and Isaao, 
and Jacob, and all the pro- 
phets, in the kingdom of God, 
and yourselves cast forth with- 
out. And they shall come 29 
from the east and west* and 
trom the north and south, and 
shall 4 sit down in the king- 
dom of God. And behold, SO 
there are last which shall be 
first, and there are first which 
shall bo last 

In that veiy hour there 81 
came certain Pharisees, say- 
ing to him, Get thee out> and 
go hence: for Herod would 
fain kiU thee. And he said S2 
unto them. Go and say to 
that fox. Behold, I cast out 
c devils and perform cures to- 
day and to-morrow, and the 
third day I am perfected. 
Howbeit I must go on my 8S 
way to-day and to-moirow 
and the day following: for 
it cannot be that a prophet 
perish out of Jerusalem. O 84 
Jerusalem, Jerusalem, whicli 
kiUeth the nrophets, and ston- 
eth them that are sent unto 
her! how often would I have 
gathered thy children togethef, 
even as a nen gathereth her 
own brood under her wings, 
and ye would not I Behold, 86 
your house Is left unto yon 
desolate: and I say unto you. 
To shall not see me, until y9 

-14. 24. 

shall say, Blessed is he that 
Cometh in the name of the 
X4: ^^^ *t came to pass, when 
he went into the house of 
one of the rulers of the Phari- 
sees on a sabbath to eat bread, 
that they were watching him. 
' 2 And behold, there was oefore 
him a certain man which had 

3 the dropsy. And Jesus an- 
swering spake unto the lawyen 
and Pluuisees, saving. Is it 
lawflil to heal on uie sabbath, 

4 or not? But they held their 
peace. And he took him, and 
healed him, and let him go. 

5 And he said unto them. Which 
of you shall have lan ass or an 
ox fallen into a well, and wiU 
not straightway draw him up 

6 on a sabbath day? And they 
could not answer again unto 
these things. 

7 And he spake a parable unto 
those which were bidden, when 
he marked how they chose out 
the chief seats; saying unto 

8 them. When thou art bidden 
of any man to a marriage 
feast, Ssit not down in the 
chief seat ; lest haply a more 
honourable man than thou be 

9 bidden of him, and he that 
bade thee and him shall come 
and say to thee. Give this man 
place; and then thou shalt 
begin with shame to take the 

10 lowest place. But when thou 
art bidden, go and sit down in 
the lowest place; that when 
he that hath bidden thee com- 
eth, he may say to thee. Friend, 

Eo up higher : then shalt thou 
ave glory in the presence 
of all that sit at meat with 

11 thee. For every one that ex- 
alteth himself shall be hum- 
bled; and he that humbleth 
himself shall be exalted. 

12 And he said to him also that 
had bidden him. When thou 
inakest a dinner or a supper, 
call not thy friends^ nor tby 

S. LtJKE. 

ties read 





brethren, nor thy kinsmen, nor 
rich neighbours; lest haply 
they also bid thee again, and 
a recompense be made thee. 
But when thou makest a feast, 18 
bid the poor, the maimed, the 
lame, the blind: and thou 
shalt be blessed ; because they 
have not wherewith, to recom- 
pense thee : for thou shalt be 14 
recompensed in the resurrec- 
tion of the Just. 

And when one of them that 15 
sat at meat with him heard 
these things, he said unto him. 
Blessed is he that shall eat 
bread in the kingdom of God. 
But he said unto him, A cer- 16 
tain man made a great supper; 
and he bade many: and he 17 
sent forth his > servant at sup- 
per time to say to them that 
were bidden. Come; for aU 
things are now ready. And 18 
they all with one wment be- 
gan to make excuse. The first 
said unto him, I have bought 
a field, and 1 must needs go 
out and see it: I pray thee 
have me excused. And an- 19 
other said, I have bought five 
yoke of oxen, and I go to 
prove them : I pray thee have 
me excused. And another 20 
said, I have married a wife, 
and therefore I cannot come. 
And the * servant came, and 21 
told his lord these tnings. 
Then the master of the house 
being angiy said to his >8er- 
vant, Go out quickly into the 
streets and lanes of the city, 
and bring in hither the poor 
and maimed and blind and 
lame. And the a servant said, 22 
Lord, what thou didst com- 
mand is done, and yet there 
is room. And the lord said 23 
unto the 'servant, Go out in- 
to the highways and hedges, 
and constrain Ihtm to come 
in, that my house may be 
filled. For I say unto '^ 
that none of those men ^ 


were bidden shall taste of my 

25 Now there went with him 
great multitudes: and he 
turned, and said unto them, 

26 If any man cometh unto me, 
and hateth not his own father, 
and mother, and wife, and chil- 
dren, and bretiu^n, and sisters, 
yea, and his own life also, he 

27 cannot be my disciple. Who- 
soever doth not bear his own 
cross, and come after me, can- 

28 not be my disciple. For which 
of you, desiring to build a 
tower, doth not first sit down 
and count the cost^ whether 
he have wherewith to com- 

29 plete it? Lest haply, when he 
hath laid a foundation, and 
is not able to finish, all that 
behold begin to mock him, 

80 saying. This man began to 
build, and was not able to 

81 finish. Or what king, as he 
goeth to encounter another 
king in war, will not sit down 
first and take counsel whether 
he is able with ten thousand 
to meet him that cometh a- 
gainst him with twenty thou- 

82 sand ? Or else, while the other 
is yet a great way oflT, he send- 
eth an ambassage, and asketh 

83 conditions of peace. So there- 
fore whosoever he be of you 
that renounceth not all that 
he hath, he cannot be my dis- 

84 ciple. Salt therefore is good: 
but if even the salt have lost 
its savour, wherewith shall it 

85 be seasoned? It is fit neither 
for the land nor for the dung- 
hill: men cast it out. He 
that hath ears to hear, let him 

X5 ^^^ ^ the publicans and 

sinners were drawing near 

unto him for to hear him. 

2 And both the Pharisees and 

the scribes murmured, saying. 

This man reoeiveth sinners, 

and eateth with them. 

And he spak« unto them 

& LUKE. 


a coin 


this parable, saying, What 4 
man of you, having a hun- 
dred sheep, and having lost 
one of them, doth not leave 
the ninety and nine in the 
wilderness, and go after that 
which is lost, until he find it? 
And when he hath found it, 6 
he layeth it on his shoulders, 
rejoicing. And when he "com- 6 
eth home, he calleth together 
his Mends and his neighbours, 
saying unto them, Rejoice with 
me, for I have found my sheep 
which was lost. I say unto 7 
you, that even so there shall 
be Joy in heaven over one 
sinner that repenteth, more 
than over ninety and nine 
righteous persons, which need 
no repentance. 

Or what woman having ten 8 
1 pieces of silver, if she lose 
one piece, doth not light a 
lamp, and sweep the house, 
and seek diligently until she 
find it? And when she hath 9 
found it, she calleth together 
her Mends and neighbours, 
saying, Rejoice with me, for 
I have found t^e piece which 
I had lost Even so, I say 10 
unto you, there is Joy in the 
presence of the angels of God 
over one sinner that repent- 

And he said, A certain man 11 
had two sons: and the young- 12 
er of them said to his father. 
Father, give me the portion 
of ^thy substance that falleth 
to me. And he divided unto 
them his living. And not IS 
many days after the vounger 
son gathered all togetner, and 
took his Journey Into a fkr 
oountt7 ; and there ho wasted 
his substance with riotous liv- 
ing. And when he had spent 14 
all, there arose a mighty fa- 
mine in that country ; and he 
began to be in want And he 15 
went and Joined himself to one 
Qf the citizena of that coyntey; 

-16. «. 



and he sent him into his fields 

16 to feed swine. And he would 
fain have been filled with ^the 
husks that the swine did eat: 
and no man gave unto him. 

17 But when he came to himself 
he said. How many hired ser- 
vants of my father's have bread 
enough and to spare, and I 

18 perish here with hunger! I 
will arise and go to my father, 
and will say unto him. Father, 
I have sinned against heaven, 

19 and in thv sight: I am no 
more worthy to be called thy 
son : make me as one of thy 

20 hired servants. And he arose, 
and came to his father. But 
while he was yet afar off, his 
fother saw him, and was moved 
with compassion, and ran, and 
fell on his neck, and s kissed 

21 him. And the son said unto 
him, Father, I have sinned a- 
gainst heaven, and in thy 
sight: I am no more worthy 

22 to be called thy sons But the 
father said to his « servants. 
Bring forth quickly the best 
robe, and put it on him ; and 
put a ring on his hand, and 

23 shoes on his feet: and bring 
the fatted calf, and kill it, and 
let us eat, and make merry : 

24 for tUs my son was dead, and 
is alive again ; he was lost, and 
is found. And they began to 

25 be meny. Now his elder son 
was in the field: and as he 
came and drew ulgh to the 
house, he heard mu«lc and 

26 dancing. And he culled to 
him one of the ^f^'^rvEiiiti*, jmd 
inquired what Milku tilings 

27 might be. And hesiLidttijlulLlm, 
Thy brother isTJoriie : uinl thy 
fother hath kllle^L livti tutted 
calf, because he hwvh n.nUeA 

28 him safe and souiiU. i^iui. he 
was angnr, and would not go 
in : and his father came out, 

29 and ihtreated him. But he 
answered and said to his flA- 
tb^r, liOj these many years 4o 

1 Gr. the 

him much. 

3 Some 
ties add 
make me 
at one of 
thv hired 


9 Qr. hatha, 
the bath 
being a 
See Ezek. 
xlv. 10, 


8 Gr. eor$, 
the cor 
being a 
See Ezek. 



I serve thee, and I never trans- 
gressed a commandment of 
thine: and pet thou never 
gavest mo a kid, that I might 
make merry with my Mends : 
but when this thy son came, 30 
which hath devoured thy liv- 
ing with harlots, thou kiUedst 
for him the fatted calf. And* 31 
he said unto him, <(Son, thou 
art f^ver with me, and aU that 
is iithij is thine. But tt was 82 
mi vL Li) make merry and bo 

§hi ] : for this thy brother was 
e I nd is alive again ; and 
tDC t, and is found. 

iie said also unto the \Q 
di^l ijKjs, There was a cer- 
taiiL iLch man, which had a 
stCMiuid; and the same was 
accused unto him that he 
was wasting his goods. And 2 
he called him, and said unto 
him, What is this that I hear 
of thee? render the account 
of thy stewardship ; for thou 
canst be no longer steward. 
And the steward said within 3 
himself. What shall I do, see- 
ing that my lord taketh away 
the stewardship from me? I 
have not strength to dig; to 
beg I am ashamed. I am re- 4 
solved what to do, that, when 
I am put out of the steward- 
ship, they may receive me into 
their houses. And calling to 5 
him each one of bis lord's 
debtors, he said to the first. 
How much owest thou unto 
my lord ? And he said, A hun- 6 
dred « measures of oil. And 
he said unto him. Take thy 
7 bond, and sit down quickly 
and write fifty. Then said he 7 
to another. And how much 
owest thou ? And he said, A 
himdrcd s measures of wheat 
He saith unto him. Take, thy 
7 bond, and write fourscore. 
And his lord commended <>the 8 
unrighteous steward becauf^ 
he had done wisely: for 
sons of this lowond a' 




their own generation wiser 
than the sons of the light 
9 And I say unto you. Make to 
yourseives Mends iby means 
of the mammon of unright- 
eousness; that, when it snail 
fail, they may receive you Into 

10 the eternal tabcmacie& He 
' that is faithftil in a very little 

is faithful also in much : and 
he that is unrighteous in a 
very little is unrighteous also 

11 in muctu If therefore ye have 
not been faithful in the un- 
righteous mammon, who will 
commit to your trust the true 

M riches'! And if ye have not 
l>een faithful in that which is 
another's, who wiU give you 

13 that which is a your own? No 
. 8 servant can serve two mas- 
ters: for either he will hate 
the one, and love the other; 
or else he will hold to one, 
and despise the other. Ye can- 
not serve God and mammon. 

14 And the Pharisees, who were 
lovers of money, heanl all these 
things; and they scoffed at 

15 him. And he said unto them, 
Ye are they that justify your- 
selves in the sight of men ; but 
God knowcth your hearts : for 
that which is exalted among 
men is an abomination in the 

16 sight of God. The law and 
the prophets were until John : 
ft-om that time the gospel of 
the kingdom of God is preach- 
ed, and every man entcreth 

17 violently into it But It Is 
easier for heaven and earth to 
pass away, than for one tittle 

'18 of the law to fall Every one 
that putteth a>my his wife, 
and marricth another, com- 
mitteth adultery : and he that 
marrieth one that Is put away 
ttom a husband committetn 
adultery. # 

19 Now there was a certain 
rich man, and ho was cloth- 
ed in purple and fine linen, 
Storing sumptuously every day : 


3 Some 

ties read 


4 Or. 
living in 
mirm and 

6 Or. i% 

and a certain beggar named 20 
Lazarus was laid at his gate, 
full of sores, and desiring to 21 
be fed with the crumJbs that 
fell ft*om the rich man's table ; 
yea, even the dogs came and 
licked his sores. And it came 22 
to pass, that the beggar died, 
and that ho was carried away . 
by the angels into Abraham's 
bosom : and the rich man also 
died, and was buried. And in 23 
Hades he lifted up his eyes, 
being in torments, and seeth 
Abraham afar off, and Laza- 
rus in his bosom. And he 21 
cried and said. Father Abra- 
ham, have mercy on me, and 
send Lazarus, that he may dip 
the tip of his finger in water, 
and cool my tongue ; for I am 
in anguish in this flame. But 25 
Abraham said, »Son, remem- 
ber that thou in thy lifetime 
receivedst thy good things, and 
Lazarus in like manner evil 
things: but now here he is 
comforted, and thou art in 
anguish. And^besideallthis, 26 
between us and you there is 
a Kreat gulf fixed, that they 
which would pass fh)m henoe 
to you may not tte able, and 
that none may cross over fh>m 
thence to us. And he said, 27 
I pray thee therefore, father, 
that thou wouldest send him 
to my father's house: for I 28 
have five brethren; that he 
may testify unto them, lest 
they also come into this place 
of torment But Abraham 89 
saith, They have Moses and 
the prophets; let them hear 
them. And he said. Nay, fki- 80 
thcr Abraham : but If one go 
to them n*om the dead, they 
will repent And he said unto 81 
him, If they hear not Moses 
and the prophets, neither wUl 
they be persuaded, if one rise 
li-om the dead. 

And he said unto bis die- 1 7 
ciples, It is impossible but 

-17. 27. 

8. LUKE. 

that occasions of stumbling 
should come: but woe unto 
him, through whom the^ 

2 come ! It were well for him if 
a millstone were hanged about 

. his neck, and he wereHhrown 
into the sea, rather than that 
he should cause one of these 

8 little ones to stumble. Take 
heed to yourselves : If thv bro- 
ther sin, rebuke him ; and if he 

A repent, foiiglTc him. And if he 
sin against thee seven times in 
the day, and seven times turn 
again to thee, saying, I repent; 
thou Shalt forgive him. 

5 And the apostles said unto 
' the Lord, Increase our faith. 

6 And the Lord said. If ye have 
" faith as a grain of mustard 

seed, ve would say unto this 
sycamine tree. Be thou rooted 
up, and be thou planted in 
the sea; and it would have 

7 obeyed you. But who is there 
of you, having a i servant plow- 
ing or keeping sheep, that will 
say imto him, when ne is come 
infrom the field, Come straight- 

8 way and sit down to meat; and 
wiU not rather say unto him, 
Make ready wherewith I may 
Bupk and gird thyself, and serve 
me, till I have eaten and drunk- 
en ; and afterward thou shalt 

9 eat and drink? Doth he thank 
the 1 servant because ho did the 
things t&at were commanded? 

10 Even so ye also, when ye shall 
have done all the things that 
are commanded you, say. We 
are unprofitable ^ servants ; we 
have done that which it was 
our duty to do. 

11 And it came to pass, Sas 
they were on the way to Je- 
rusalem, that he was passing 
^througn the midst of Sama- 

12 rla and Galilee. And as he 
entered into a certain village, 
there met him ten men that 
were lepers, which stood afiu* 

13 off: and they lifted up thehr 
YOioesy saying, Jesaa, Masteri 

3 Or, 

>i Or, There 
were none 
$ave thit 

^ Or An (he 

ties omit 

have mercy on us. And when 14 
he saw them, he said unto 
them, Go and shew yourselves 
unto the priests. And it came 
to pass, as they went, they 
were cleansed. And one of 15 
them, when be saw that he 
was healed, turned back, with 
a loud voice glorifying God; 
and he fell upon his face at 16 
his feet, giving him thanks: 
and he was a Samaritan. And 17 
Jesus answering said. Were not 
the ten cleansed? but where 
are the nine? ^Were there 18 
none found that returned to 
give glory to God, save this 
<> stranger? And he said unto 19 
him. Arise, and go thy way: 
thy faith hath 7 made thee 

And being asked by the 20 
Pharisees, when the kingdom 
of God Cometh, he answered 
them and said, The kingdom 
of God oometti not with ob- 
servation: neither shall they 21 
say, Lo, here ! or. There ! for 
lo, the kingdom of God is 
8 within you. 

And he said unto the dis- 22 
dples. The days will come, 
when ye shall desire to sec 
one of the days of the Son 
of man, and ye shall not sec 
it And they shall say to 23 
you, Lo, there 1 Lo, herel go 
not away, nor follow after 
them: for as the lightning, 24 
when it lighteneth out of the 
one part under the heaven, 
shineth unto the other part 
under heaven: so shall the Son 
of man be ^in his day. But first 25 
must he suffer many things 
and be rejected of this gene- 
ration. And as it came to 26 
pass in the days of Noah, 
even so shall it be also in 
the days of the Son of man. 
They ate, they drank, they 27 
married, they were given in 
marriage, until the day that 
Noah entered into the ark 




and the flood came, and de- 

28 Btroyed them aU. Likewise 
evpn as it came to pass in 
the days of Lot; they ate, 
thev drank, they bought, they 
sold, they planted, they build- 

29 ed ; but in the day that Lot 
went out from Sodom it rain- 
ed Are and brimstone from 
heaven, and destroyed them 

80 uU: after the same manner 
shall it be in the day that 
the Son of man is revealed. 

81 In that day, he which shall 
be on the lu)uaetop, and his 
goods in the house, let him 
not go down to take them 
away: and let him that is 
in tne fleld likewise not re- 

82 turn back. Remember Lot's 
88 wife. Whosoever shall seek to 

gain his i life shall lose it : but 
whosoever shall lose Aw ^life 

84 shall 2 preserve it I say unto 
you, In that night there shall 
be two men on one bed ; the 
one shall be taken, and the 

85 other shall be left. There 
shall be two women grind- 
ing together: the one shall 
be taken, ana the other shall 

87 be left.* And they answering 
say unto him. Where, Lord? 
And he said unto them, Where 
the body U, thither wiU the 
4 eagles also be gathered to- 
13 -^^ ^® spake a parable 
unto them to the end that 
they ought always to pray, and 
2 not to faint; saying, There was 
in a city a Judge, which fear- 
ed not God, and regarded not 
8 man : and there was a widow 
in that city; and she came 
oft unto him, saying, ^ Avenge 
4 me of mine adversary. And 
he would not for a whue : but 
afterward he said within him- 
self, Thouffh I fear not God, 
6 nor regard man ; yet because 
this widow troubleth me, I will 
avenge her, lest she Swear me 
out by her continual coming. 

3 Or. Mtw 
it aiitM, 

ties add 
V There 
than he 
hro men 
in the 
one lihaU 
he laken, 
and (he 
he left. 

4 Or, 

and so in 
ver. 6, 7, 


7 Gr. Ihe 

8 Or, 


10 Or, 
he pro- 


And the Lord said, Hear what 6 
7 the unrighteous judge saith. 
And shall not God avenge his 7 
elect, which cry to him day 
and night, and he is long- 
suffering over them? I say 8 
unto you, that he will avenge 
them speedily. Howbeit when 
the Son of man cometh, shall 
he find s faith on the earth? 

And he spake also this par 9 
rable unto certain which trust- 
ed in themselves that they 
were righteous, and set Bafi 
others at nought: Two men 10 
went up into the temple to 
pray ; the one a Pharisee, and 
the other a publican. ThePha- 11 
risee stood and prayed thus 
with himself, God,! thank thee, 
that I am not as the rest of - 
men, extortioners, ui^ust, a- 
dulterers, or even as this pub- 
licaa I fast twice in the week ; 13 

I give tithes of aU that I get. 
But the publican, stan(Ung 13 
afar off, would not lift up so 
much as his eyes unto nea- 
ven, but smote nis breast, say- 
ing, God, 10 be merciful to me 

II a sinner. I say unto you, 11 
This man went down to his 
house Justified rather than 
the other: for every one 
that exalteth himself shidl 
be humbled; but he that 
humbleth himself shall be ex- 

And they brought unto him 15 
also their babes, that he 
should touch them : but when 
the disciples saw it, they re- 
buked thenL But Jesus <»Iled 16 
them unto him, saying; Suffo' 
the little children to come un- 
to me, and forbid them not : 
for of such is the kingdom of 
God. Verily I say unto you, 17 
Whosoever shall not receive 
the kingdom of God as a UUle 
chUd, he shall in no wise enter 

And a certain ruler asiked ^8 
hhn, saying, Good ^UaelWt 




what Bhall I do to inherit eter- 

19 nal life ? And Jesus said unto 
him. Why callest thou me 
good? none is good, save one, 

20 even God. Thou knowest the 
commandments, Do not com- 
mit adultery. Do not Idll, Do 
not steal, Do not bear false wit- 
nessL Honour thy ftither and 

21 mother. And he said. All these 
things have I observed from 

22 my youth up. And when Jesus 
heard it, he said unto him, One 
thing thou lackest yet : sell all 
that thou hast, and distribute 
unto the poor, and thou shaJt 
have treasure in heaven : and 

28 come, follow me. But when he 
heard these things, he became 
exceeding sorrowful; for he 

24 was very rich. And Jesus see- 
ing him said. How hardly shall 
they that have riches enter in- 

26 to the kingdom of God ! For 

it is easier for a camel to enter 

in through a needle's eye, than 

^ for a rich man to enter into 

26 the kingdom of God. And they 
that heard it said, Then who 

27 can be saved? But he said, 
The things which are impos- 
sible with men are posnble 

28 with God. And Peter said, Lo. 
we have left ^our own, and 

29 followed thee. And he said 
unto them. Verily I say unto 
you. There is no man that 
hath left house, or wife, or 
brethren, or parents, or chil- 
dren, for the kinfl;dom of God's 

80 sake, who shall not receive 
manifold more in this time, 
and in the 'world to come 
eternal life. 

81 And he took unto him the 
twelve, and said unto them, 
Behold, we go up to Jerusa- 
lem, and all the things that 
are written sby the prophets 
shall be accomplished unto the 

82 Son of man. For he shall be 
delivered up ui^to the Gentiles, 
and shall be mocked, and 
gbamefUUy entreated, and spit 

<mv own 

2 Or, 000 


upon : and they shall scourge 88 
and kiU him : and the third 
day he shall rise again. And 34 
they understood none of these 
things; and this saying was 
hid m)m them, and they per- 
ceived not the tnings that were 

And it came to pass, as he 85 
drew nigh unto Jericho, a cer- 
tain blind man sat by the way 
side begging: and hearing a 86 
multitude going by, he inquir- 
ed what this meant And they 87 
told him, that Jesus of Naza- 
reth passeth by. And he cried, 88 
saying, Jesus^ thou son of Da- 
vid, have mercy on me. And 89 
they that went before rebuked 
him, that he should hold his 
peace: but he cried out the 
more a great deal. Thou son 
of David, have mercy on me. 
And Jesus stood, and com- 40 
manded him to be brought 
unto him: and when he was 
come near, he asked him, What 41 
wilt thou that I should do un- 
to thee? And he said. Lord, 
that I may receive my sight 
And Jesus said unto him. Re- 42 

felve thy sight : thy faith hath 
made thee whole. And im- 48 
mediately he received his sight 
and followed him, glorifying 
God : and skll the people, when 
ther saw it gave praise unto 

And he entered and was 19 
passing through Jericho. And 2 
behold, a man called by name 
Zacchaius ; and he was a chief 
publican, and he was rich. And 3 
he sought to see Jesus who he 
was; and could not for the 
crowd, because he was little 
of stature. And he ran on be- 4 
fore, and climbed up into a 
^comore tree to see him: for 
he was to pass that way. And 6 
when Jesus came to the place, 
he looked up, and said unto 
him, Zaccheeus, make haste, 
and come down ; for to-day J 




6 mtut abide at thy house. And 
he made haste, and came 
down, and received him joy- 

7 fully. And when they saw it> 
they all murmured, saylug. He 
is gone in to lodge with a man 

8 that Is a sinner. And Zaccheeus 
stood, and said unto the Lord, 
Behol(L Lord, the half of my 
goods I give to the poor ; and 
If I have wrongfully exacted 
aught of any man, I restore 

9 fourfold. And Jesus said unto 
him. To-day is salvation come 
to this house, fixrasmuch as 
he ^so is a son of Abraham. 

10 For the Son of man came to 
seek and to save that which 
was lost 

11 And as they heard these 
things, he added and spake a 
parable, because he was nigh 
to Jerusalem, and because they 
supposed that the kingdom of 
6oa was immediately to ap- 

12 pear. He said therefore, A cer- 
tain nobleman went into a far 
country, to receive for himself 

13 a kingdom, and to return. And 
he called ten i servants of his, 
and gave them ten s pounds, 
and said unto them. Trade ye 

14 JiereiDith till I come. But his 
citizens hated him, and sent 
an ambassage after him, say- 
ing, We will not that this man 

15 reign over us. And it came to 
pass, when he was come back 
again, having received the 
kingdom, that he commanded 
these I servants, unto whom he 
had given the money, to be 
called to him, that he might 
know what they had gained 

16 by trading. And the first came 
before him, sayiug. Lord, thy 
pound hath made ten pounds 

17 more. And he eaid unto him, 
Well done, thou good > servant : 
because thou wast found faith- 
ful in a very little, have thou 

"■S authority over ten citiea And 
the second came, saying. Thy 
pound, Lord, hath made five 


lated a 
Is equal 
to one 

XT. 8. 



5 Or, 
have gone 
amd re- 

pounds. And he said unto him 19 
also. Be thou also over five 
cities. And < another came, say- 20 
ing. Lord, behold, here is thy 
pound, which I kept laid up . 
in a napkin : for I feared thee, 21 
because thou art an austere 
man : thou takest up that thou 
layedst not down, and reapest 
that thou didst not sow. He 22 
saith unto him. Out of Uiine 
own mouth will I Judge thee, 
thou wicked » servant, Thoa 
knewest that I am an austere 
man, taking up that I laid not 
down, and reaping that I did 
not sow ; then wherefore gav- 23 
est thou not my money into 
the bank, and H at my coming 
should have required it with 
interest? And ne said unto 34 
them that stood by. Take away 
ttom him the pound, and give 
it unto him that hath the tea 
pounds. And they said unto 25 
him. Lord, he hath ten pounds. 
I say unto you, that unto 26 
every one that hath shall be 
given ; but Ax>m him that hath 
not, even that which he hath 
shall be taken away fh>m hinx. 
Howbeit tiiese mine enemies, 27 
which would not that I should 
reign over them, bring hither, 
and slay them before me. 

And when he had thus spo- 28 
ken, he went on before, going 
up to Jerusalem. 

And it came to pass, when 29 
he drew nigh unto Bethphage 
and Bethany, at the mount 
that is called the mount of 
Olives, he sent two of the dis- 
ciples, saying. Go your wi^y 30 
into the village over against 
you: in the which as ye enter 
ye snail find a colt tied, where- 
on no man ever yet sat : loose 
him, and bring nim. And if 31 
any one ask you. Why do ye 
loose him? thus shall ye say. 
The Lord hath need of hina« 
And they that were sent went 82 
away, and found, even as ho 




83 had said unto them. And aa 
they were loosing the colt, the 
owners thereof said unto them, 

84 Why loose ye the colt? And 
they said. The Lord hath need 

Q5 of him. And they brought him 
to Jesus : and they threw their 
garments upon the colt» and 

86 set Jesus thereon. And as he 
wcut^ they spread their gar- 

87 mcnts in the way. And as he 
was now drawing nigh, even 
at the descent of the moimt 
of OliTcs, the whole multitude 
of the disciples b^;an to re- 
joice and praise God with a 
loud voice for all the i mighty 
worlu which thev had seen; 

88 saying. Blessed te the King 
that cometh in the name of the 
Lord: peace in heaven, and 

89 glory in the highest. And some 
of the Pharisees f^om the mul- 
titude said unto him, s Master, 

40 rebuke thy disciplea And he 
answered and stud, I tell you 
that, if these cAall hold thehr 
peace, the stones will cry out 

41 Ana when he drew nigh, he 
saw the city and wept over it, 

42 saying, <If thou hadst known 

in this day, even thou, the 
things which belong unto 
peace ! but now they are hid 

48 D'om thine eyes. For the days 
shall come upon thee, when 
thine enemies shall cast up 
a ^bank about the^ and Com- 
paq thee round, and keep 

44 thee in on every side, and 
shall dash thee to the ground, 
and thy children within thee ; 
and they shall not leave in 
thee one stone upon another ; 
because thou knewest not the 
time of thy visitation. 

46 And he entered into the 
temple, and began to cast out 

46 them that sold, saying unto 
them. It is written, ^d my 
house shall be a house of 
prayer : but ye have made it 
a den of robbera 

47 And he was teaching daily 

a Or. 


4 Or. , 


in the temple. But the chief 

griests and the scribes and 
ie principal men of the people 
sought to destroy him: and 48 
they could not find what thev 
might do ; for the people all 
hung upon him, listening. 

And it came to pass, on 20 
one of the days, as he was 
teaching the people in the 
temple, and preaching the 
gospel, there came upon him 
the chief priests and the 
scribes with the elders; and % 
they spake, saying unto him. 
Tell us; By what authority 
doest thou these things? or 
who is he that gave thee this 
authority? And he answered 3 
and said unto them, I also will 
ask you a < question ; and teU 
me: The baptism of John, was 4 
it from heaven, or lh)m men ? 
And they reasoned with them- 5 
selves, saying, If we shall say. 
From heaven; he will say. 
Why did ye not believe him? 
But if we shall say, From 6 
men ; all the people will stone 
us : for they be persuaded that 
John was a prophet. And they 7 
answered, that they knew not 
whence it tctis. And Jesus said 8 
unto them, Neither tell I you 
by what authority I do these 

And he began to speak unto 9 
the people this parable: A 
man planted a vineyard, and 
let it out to husbandmen, and 
went into another countiy for 
a long time. And at the season 10 
he sent unto the husbandmen 
a •servant, that they should 
give him of the fruit of the 
vineyard: but the husband- 
men beat him, and sent him 
away empty. And he sent yet 11 
another s servant: and him : 
also they beat, and handled 
him shamefully, and sent hiip . 
away empty. And he sent yet 12 
a third : and him also they 
wounded, and cast him i^rtb 


a LtJKE. 

20. IS- 

IS And the lord of the vineyard 
said, What shall I do? I will 
send my beloved son : it may 
be they will reverence him. 

14 But when the husbandmen 
saw him, they reasoned one 
with another, saving. This is 
the heir: let us kill him, that 
the inheritance may bo ours. 

15 And they cast him forth out 
of the vineyard, and killed 
him. What therefore will the 
lord of the vineyard do unto 

16 them? He will come and de- 
stroy these husbandmen, and 
will give the vineyard unto 
others. And when they heard 

17 it, they said, iGod forbid. But 
he looked upon them, and 
said. What then is this that is 

The stone which the build- 
ers rejected, 

Ths same was made the 
head of the comer? 

18 Every one that falleth on 
that stone shall be broken to 
pieces ; but on whomsoever it 
shall fall, it wUl scatter him as 

19 And the scribes and the 
chief priests sought to lay 
hands on him in that very 
hour; and they feared the 
people: for they perceived 
that he spake this parable 

20 against them. And they watch- 
ed him, and sent forth spies, 
which feigned themselves to 
be righteous, that they might 
take hold of his speech, so 
as to deliver him up to the 
rule and to the authority of 

21 the governor. And they asked 
him, saying, s Master, we know 
that thou sayest and teachest 
rightly, and acceptest not the 
person of any, but of a truth 

22 teachest the way of Gk>d : Is it 
lawful for us to give tribute 

23 unto C»sar, or not? But he 
perceived their craftiness, and 

M said unto them, Shew me a 
8 penny. Whofie image and«tt 


a Or, 

on Matt. 


1 Or. age 

superscription hath it? And 
they said, Cssar's. And be 25 
said unto them, Then render 
unto Ceesar the things that 
are Ctesar's, and unto God the 
things that are God's. And 26 
they were not able to take 
hold of the saying before the 
people: and they marvelled 
at his answer, aud held their 

And there came to him cer- 27 
tain of the' Sadducees, they 
which say that there is no 
resurrection ; and they asked 
him, saying, 'Master, Moses 28 
wrote unto us, that if a man's 
brother die, having a wife, and 
he be childless, bis brother 
should take the wife, and 
raise up seed unto his brother. 
There were therefore seven 29 
brethren: and the first took 
a wife, and died childless ; and 30 
the second ; and the third took 31 
her; and likewise the seven 
also left no chfroren, and died. 
Afterward the woman also 32 
died. In the resurrection 33 
therefore whose wife of them 
shall she be? for the seven 
had her to wife. And Jesus 34 
said unto them. The sons of 
this 4 world marry , and are 
given in marriage: but they 85 
that are accounted worthy to 
attain to that ^ world, and the 
resurrection fh>m the dead, 
neither marry, nor are given 
in marriage: for neither can 36 
they die any more : for they 
are equal unto the angels; 
and are sons of God, being 
sons of the resurrection. But 37 
that the dead are raised, even 
Moses shewed, in the place 
emeerning the Bush, when he 
calleth the Lord the God of 
Abraham, and the God of 
Isaac, and the God of Jacob. 
Now he is not the God Of the 88 
dead, but of the living: for 
all live unto him. And certain 89 
of the scribes answering said. 


1 Master, thou hast well said. 

40 For they durst not any more 
ask him any question. 

41 And he said unto them, 
How sa^ Uiey that the Christ 

42 is David's son? For David 
himself saith In the book of 

The Lord said unto my 

Sit thou on mv right hand, 
48 Till I make thine enemies 
the footstool of thy feet. 
44 David therefore calleth him 

Lord, and how is he his son ? 
46 And in the hearing of all the 
people he said unto his dis- 

46 clples, Beware of the scribes, 
which desire to walk |n long 
robes, and love salutations in 
the marketplaces, and diief 
seats in the synagogues, and 

47 chief places at feasts; which 
devour widows' houses, and for 

a pretence make long prayers : 
these shall receive greater con- 
21 And he looked up, ^and saw 
the rich men that were cast- 
ing their gifts into the trea- 

2 sury. And he sawa certain poor 
widow casting in thither two 

8 mites. And he said. Of a truth 
I say unto you. This poor 
widow cast in more than they 

4 aU: for aU these did of their 
superfluity cast in unto the 
gifts : but she of her want did 
cast in all the living that she 
had. . 

5 And as some spake of the 
. tonple, how it was adorned 

with goodly stones and offer- 

6 ings, ne said. As for these 
thingB which ye behold, tHe 
days will come, in which there 
shall not be left here one stone 
upon another, that shall not 

7 l»e thrown down. And they 
asked him, saying, ^ Master, 
when therefore shall these 
things be? and what ^cUl be 
the sign when these things are 

8 tfwut t9 come to pass? And 

S. LUKE. 105 

he said, Take heed that ye be 
not led astray : for many stiall 
come in my name, saying, I 
am he; and, The time is at 
hand: go ye not after them. 
And when ye shall hear of 9 
wars and tumults, be not ter- 
rified: for these things must 
needs come to pass first: but 
the end is not immediately. 

Then said he unto them, 10 
Nation shall rise against na- 
tion, and kingdom against 
kingdom: and there shall be 11 
great earthquakes, and in di- 
vers places famines and pes- 
tilences; and there shall be 
terrors and great signs from 
heaven. But before aU these 12 
things, they shall lay their 
hands on you, and shall per- 
secute you, delivering you up 
to the synagogues and prisons, 
« bringing you before kings and 

Jovemors for my name's sake, 
t shall turn unto you for a 18 
testimony. Settle it therefore 14 
in your hearts, not to medi- 
tate beforehand how to an- 
swer: for I wiU give you a 16 
mouth and wisdom, which all 
your adversaries shall not be 
able to withstand or to gain- 
say. But ye shall be deliver- 16 
ed up even by parents, and 
brethren, and kinsfolk, and 
friends; and some of you 
^ shall they cause to be put 
to death. And ye shall be 17 
hated of all men for my 
name's sake. And not a hair 18 
of your head shall perish. In 19 
your patience ye shall win 
your s souls. 

But when ye see Jerusalem 20 
compassed with armies, then 
know that her desolation is 
at hand. Then let them that 21 
are in Judaea flee unto the 
mountains ; and let them that 
are in the midst of her depart 
out: and let not them that 
are In the country enter ther 
In. For these are days of Y 

2 Or. 
ana WW 
Hum that 
. . . trea- 
tury, and 
they were 

3 Or. yon 


* Or. than 

they put 
to death 

5 Or. Uve$ 

1 Or, earOt 

100 8. LUKE. 

geance, that all things which 
are written may be ftilfllled. 

23 Woe unto them that are with 
child and to them that give 
sucic in those davs ! for there 
shall be great distress upon 
the 1 land, and wrath unto this 

24 people. And they shall fall by 
Che edge of the sword, and 
shall be led captive into all 
the nations: and Jerusalem 
shall be trodden down of the 
Gentiles, until the times of 

26 the GentUes be fulfilled. And 
there shall be signs in sun 
and moon and stars ; and up- 
on the earth distress of na- 
tions, in perplexity for the 
roaring of the sea and the bil- 

26 lows; men > fainting for fear, 
and for expectation of the 
things which are coming on 
'the world : for the powers of 
the heavens shall be shaken. 

27 And then shall they see the 
Son of man coming in a cloud 
with power and great glory. 

28 But when these tnlngs begin 
to come to pass, look up, 
and lift up your heads* be- 
cause your redemption draw- 
eth nigh. 

29 And he spake to them a 
parable: Behold the flg tree, 

80 and all the trees: when they 
now shoot forth, ye see it and 
know of your own selves that 

81 the summer is now nigh. Even 
so ye also, when ye see these 
things coming to pass, know 
ye that the kingdom of God 

82 IS nigh. Verily I say unto you. 
This generation shall not pass 
away, till all things be accom- 

88 plished. Heaven and earth 

shall pass away : but my words 

shall not pass away. 
84 But take heed to yourselves, 

lest haply your hearts be over- 
charged with surfeiting, and 

drunkenness, and cares of this 

life, and that day come on you 
ft-*) suddenly as a snare : for so 

«haU it co«i« upon all them 





5 Or, 

that dwell on the face of all 
the earth. But watch ye at 36 
every season, making suppli- 
cation, that ye may previuf to 
escape all uiese Uiings that 
shall come to pass, and to 
stand before the Son of man. 

And every day he was teach- 87 
Ing in the temple ; and every 
night he went out, and lodged 
in the mount that is called the 
mourU of Olives. And all the 88 
people came early in the morn- 
ing to him in the temple, to 
hear him. 

Now the feast of unleaven- 22 
od bread drew nigh, which is 
called the Passover. And the 2 
chief priests and the scribes 
sought how they might put 
him to death ; for they feared 
the people. 

And Satan entered into Ju- 3 
das who was called Iscarlot^ % 
being of the number of the 
twelve. And he went away, 4 
and communed with the chief 
priests and captains, how he 
might deliver him unto them. 
And they were glad, and cove- 5 
nanted to give him money. 
And he consented, and sought 6 
opportunity to deliver him 
unto them ^In the absence of 
the multitude. 

And the day of unleavened 7 
bread came, on which the 
passover must be sacriflced. 
And he sent Peter and John, 8 
saying, Go and make ready for 
us the passover, that we may 
eat And they said unto him, 9 
Where wilt thou that we make 
ready ? And he said unto 10 
them. Behold, when ye are 
entered into the city, there 
shall meet vou a man bearing 
a pitcher of water ; follow him 
Into the house whereinto he 

goeth. And ye shall say unto 11 
the goodman of the nou8e» 
The « Master saith unto thee. 
Where is the guest-chamber^ 
wbor« I PbiUl eat the passover 


12 with my disciples? And he 
- will shew you a large upper 

room furnished: there make 

13 ready. And they went, and 
found as he had said unto 
them: and they made ready 
the passover. 

14 And when the hour was 
come, he sat down, and the 

16 apostles with him. And he 
said unto them, With desire 
I have desired to eat this pass- 
over with you before I suffer : 

16 for I say unto you, I will not 
eat it, until it be fUlflUed in 

17 the kingdom of God. And he 
received a cup, and when he 
had given thanks, he said. Take 
this, and divide it among your- 

18 selves: for I say unto you, I 
will not drink fh>m henceforth 
of the tm\t of the vine, until 
the kingdom of Ood shall 

19 come. And he took ^ bread, 
and when he had given thanks, 
he brake it, and gave to them, 
saying, This is my body s which 
is given for you: this do in 

20 remembrance of me. And the 
cup in like manner after sup- 
per, saying. This cup is the 
new > covenant in my blood, 
even that which is poured out 

21 for you. But behold, the hand 
of him that betrayeth me is 

22 with me on the table. For the 
Son of man indeed goeth, as 
it hath been determined : but 
woe unto that man through 

28 whom he is betrayed I And 
they began to question among 
themselves, which of them it 
was that should do this thing. 

24 And there arose also a con- 
tention among them, which of 
them is accounted to be «great- 

25 est. And he said unto them. 
The kings of the Gentiles have 
lordship over them ; and they 
that have authority over them 

26 are called Benefoctors. But 

Je OuUl not be so : but he that 
i the greater among you, let 
)iim become m the younger; 

1 Or, a loaf 

autlv. li- 
tter. .iidt 
ieh\->\ rl 

Wh,.h M 



S. LUKE. 107 

and he that is chief, as he that 
doth serve. For whether is 27 
greater, he that ^gitteth at 
meat, or he that serveth? is 
not he that *sitteth at meat? 
but I am in the midst of you 
as he that serveth. But ye are 28 
they which have continued with 
me in my temptations : and ^I 29 
appoint unto you a kingdom, 
even as my Father appointed 
unto me, that ye may eat and 80 
drink at my table in my king- 
dom ; and ye shall sit on 
thrones Judging the twelve 
tribes of Israel Simon, Si- 81 
mon, behold, Satan tasked to 
have you, that he might sift 
you as wheat: but I made 32 
supplication for thee, that thy 
faith fail not: and do thou, 
when once thou hast turned 
again, stablish thy brethren. 
And he said unto him. Lord, 38 
with thee I am ready to go 
both to prison and to death. 
And he said, I tell thee, Peter, 34 
the cock shall not crow this 
day, until thou shalt thrice 
deny that thou knowest me. 

And he said unto them, 85 
When I sent you forth with- 
out purse, and wallet, and 
shoes, lacked ye any thing? 
And they said. Nothing. And 36 
he said unto them. But now, 
he that hath a purse, let him 
take it, and likewise a wallet : 
Sand he that hath none, let 
him sell his cloke, and buy a 
sword. For I say unto you, 87 
that this which is written 
must be ftilflUed in me, And 
he was reckoned with trans- 
gressors : for that which con- 
cemeth me hath > fulfilment. 
And they said, Lord, behold, 38 
here are two swords. And he 
said unto them. It is enough. 

And he came out, and went, 39 

Shis custom was, unto the 
ount of Olives ; and the dis- 
ciples also followed him. An^ 
wQen he was At the place, ^ 





8 Or. 

«0r. Tiip- 


wNf.. me a 

may eal 
and drink 

you by 

B Or, and 
he Ant 
hath no 
ntord, let 
him $ell 
his eUtke, 
and buy 



ties omit 

108 B, Ltnta 

said unto them, Fray that ye 
enter not Into temptation. 

41 And he was parted from 
them about a stone's cast* 
and he kneeled down and 

42 prayed, saying^ Father, if thou 
be willing, remove this cup 
from me : nevertheless not my 

48 will, but thine, be dona ^And 
there appeared unto him an 
angel from heaven, strength- 

44 ening him. And being in an 
agony he prayed more earnest- 
ly : and his sweat became as 
it were great drops of blood 
falling down upon the ground. 

45 And when he rose up from his 
prayer, he came unto the dis- 
ciples, and found them sleep- 

46 ing for sorrow, and said unto 
them, Why sleep ye? rise and 
pray, that ye enter not into 

47 While he yet spake, behold, 
a multitude, and he that was 
called Judas, one of the twelve, 
went before them ; and he drew 
near unto Jesus to kiss hint 

48 But Jesus said unto him, Ju- 
das, betrayest thou the Son 

49 of man with a kiss ? And when 
they that were about him saW 
what would follow, they said, 
Lord, shall we smite with the 

60 sword ? And a certain one of 

them smote the s servant of the 

high priesty and struck off his 
51 right ear. But Jesus answer- 
ed and said, Suffer ye thus far. 

And ho touched ms ear, and 
62 healed him. And Jesus said 

unto the chief priests, and 

captains of the temple, and 

elders, which were come a- 

gainst him, Are ye come out, 

as agahist a robber, with 
53 swords and staves? When I 

was daily with you in the tem- 

Ele, ye stretched not forth your 
anas against me : but this is 
your hoiur, and the power of 
And they seized him, and 
^d him away, and broughti 


him into the high priest's 
house. But Peter followed afar 
ofL And when they had kin- 55 
died a fire in the midst of tbe 
court, and had sat down to- 
gether, Peter sat in the midst 
of theuL And a certain maid 56 
seeing him as he sat in the ' 
light of the fire, and looking 
stedfastly upon him, said. This 
man also was with him. But 57 
he denied, saying. Woman, I 
know him not And after a 58 
little while another saw him, ' 
and said, Thou also art one 
of them. But Peter said, Man, 
I am not. And after the space 59 
of about one houranother oon< 
fidently- affirmed, saying, Of a 
truth this man also was with 
him: for he is a Galilsean. 
But Peter said, Man, I know 60 
not what thou sayest. And 
immediately, while ho ytib 
spake, the cock crew. And the 61 
Lord turned, and looked upon 
Peter. And Fetes, remembood 
the word of the Lord, how that 
he said unto him. Before the 
cock crow tills day, thou shalt 
deny me thrioe. And he went 62 
out» and wept bitterly. 

And the men that held *«/*«- 68 
8ti8 mocked him, and beat him. 
And they blindfolded him, and 64 
ask^ him, saying, Prophesy: 
who is he that struck thee? 
And many other things spake 65 
they against him, reviling nim. 

And as soon as it was day, 66 
the assembly of the elders of 
the people was gathered to- 
gether, both chief priests and 
scribes ; and they led him a- 
way hito their council, saving. 
If thou art the Christ, teU us. 67 
But he said unto them. If I " 
tell Tou, ye will not belieTe: 
and if I ask you, ye will net 68 
answer. But ttom henceforth 69 
shall the Son of man be seat- ' 
ed at the risht hand of the 
power of God. And they all 7(| 
saldi Art thou then the Son « 

-23. 28. 

a LUKE. 


Qod? And he said unto them, 

71 ^ Ye say that I am. And they 
said, What further need have 
we of witness? for we our- 
selves have heard fh>m his 
ovra mouth. 

23. And the whole company of 
them rose up, and brought 
2 him before Pilate. And they be- 
gan to accuse him, saying, We 
found this man perverting our 
nation, and forbidding to give 
tribute to Csesar, and saying 
that he himself is 2 Christ a 

8 king. And Pilate asked him, 
saying. Art thou the King of 
the Jews? And he answered 
him and said. Thou sayest. 

4 And Pilate said unto the chief 

Sriests and the multitudes, I 
nd no fault in this man. 
6 But they were the more ur- 
gent, saying. He stirreth up 
the people, teaching through- 
out all Judeea, and beginning 
fi'om Galilee even unto this 

6 place. But when Pilate heard 
It, he aske/1 whether the man 

7 vere a Galilsean. And when 
he knew that he was of He- 
rod's Jurisdiction, he sent him 
unto Herod, who himself also 
was at Jerusalem in these 

8 Now when Herod saw Jesus, 
he was exceeding glad : for he 
was of a long time desirous to 
see him, because he had heard 
concerning him : and he hoped 
to see some > miracle done by 

9 him. And he questioned him 
in many words; but he an- 

10 swered him nothing. And the 
chief priests and the scribes 
stood, vehemently accusing 

11 him. And Herod with his sol- 
diers set him at nought, and 
mocked him, and arraying him 
in gorgeous apparel sent him 

12 back to Pilate. And Herod 
and Pilate became fWends with 
each other that very day : for 
before they were at enmity 

between themielvea. 


3 Or, an 

3 Or. ttgn. 

4 Many 
ver. 17 
needs re^ 
lease unto 
them at 
the feaa 
one pri- 
add the 

And Pilate called together 13 
the chief priests and the rulers 
and the people, and said unto li 
them. Ye brought unto me 
this man, as one that pervert- 
eth the people: and behold, 
I, liaving examined him be- 
fore you, found no fault in 
this man touching those things 
whereof ye accuse him : no, 15 
nor yet Herod: for he sent 
him back unto us; and be- 
hold, nothing worthy of death 
hath been done by him. I will 16 
therefore chastise him, and 
release him.* But they cried 18 
out all together, saying, Away 
with this man, and release 
unto us Barabbas: one who 19 
for a certain insurrection made 
in the city, and for murder, 
was cast into prison. And Pi- 20 
late spake unto them again, 
desiring to release Jesus ; but 21 
they shouted, saying, Cruci- 
ty, crucify him. And he said 22 
unto them the third time, 
Why, what evil hath this man 
done ? I have found no cause 
of death In him : I will there- 
fore chastise him and release 
him. But they were instant 23 
with loud voices, asking that 
he might be cruclfled. And 
their voices prevailed. And 24 
Pilate gave sentence that what 
they asked for should be 
done. And he released him 25 
that for insuirection and mur- 
der had been cast into prison, 
wliom they asked for; but Je- 
sus he delivered up to their 

And when they led him 26 
away, they Uild hold upon one 
Simon of Cyrene. coming lh)m 
the country, and laid on him 
the cross, to beaf it after 

And there foUowed him a 27 
great multitude of the people, 
and of women who bewailed 
and lamented him. But 
8Uj9 turning unto them ' 


8. LUKE. 


Daughters of Jerusalem, weep 
not for me, but weep for your- 
selves, and for your children. 
29 For behold, the days are com- 
ing, in whioh thev shall say, 
Blessed are the barren, and 
the wombs that never bare, 
and the breasts that never 

80 gave suck. Then shall they 
begin to say to the moun- 
tains, Fall on us ; and to the 

81 hills, Cover us. For if they 
do these things in the green 
tree, what shall be done in the 

82 And there were also two 
others, malefactors, led with 
him to be put to death. 

83 And when they came unto 
tlie place which is called iThe 
skull, there they crucified him, 

— and the malefactors, one on 
the right hand and the other 

84 on the lefL ^And Jesus said, 
FiUl]i?rJ»jiislvy tlitui: fuf they 
know nat T^liat tbuy do. And 
piirtSn^ h\a K^miierjU EUeittog 

35 thLiii, i)Hiy iMni lutR, An[| the 
people stiscj'l bcltolcl Injur, jVad 
the; rulers lU^o !K!i>ITL'Ll nt hitn, 
FCL^'lnK, He wLvcfl uthi^rjf^ let 
hi in Kivc hi 111^1 r, !f thM is 

36 Ami tlie solUlers nlsu uiocked 
hlui, comlnK to IUpi, ttfTerlog 

87 htnt vinogiirt lunrl saiyini^H If 
tliou art tlia \i\ns ot the 

38 Juws; asiYC thjpjielL And there 
wits also i\ sfupcrscrlpUub over 
him, THIS IS THB Kme of tus 


89 And one of the malefactors 
which were hanged railed on 
him. saying. Art not thou the 
Christ? save thyself and us. 

40 But the other answered, and 
rebuking him said. Dost thou 
not even fear God, seeing thou 
art in the same condemna- 

41 tion? And we indeed justly: 
for we receive the due reward 
of our deeds : but this man 

"* hath done nothing amiss. And 
Ue said, Jesus, remember me 

1 Accord- 
ing to 
the Latin. 
has the 

2 Some 
ties omit 
them: for 
they knote 
tMt tchnt 
they do. 

3 gome 
ties read 
into thy 

5 Or. 

Or. tan^ 

7 Or. And 


8 Or. 
began to 

when thou comest >in thy 
kingdom. And he said unto 48 
him. Verily I say unto thee. 
To-day shalt thou be with me 
in Paradise. 

And it was now about the 44 
sixth hour, and a darkness 
came over the whole <land 
until the ninth hour, * the 45 
sun's light failing: and the 
veil of the « temple was rent in 
the midst 'And when Jesus 46 
had cried with a loud voice, 
he said. Father, into thy Viands 
I commend my spirit : and 
having said this, he gave up 
the ghost. And when the cen- 47 
turion saw what was done, he 
glorified God, saying. Certainly 
this was a righteous man. And 48 
all the multitudes that came 
together to this sight, when 
they beheld the things that 
were done, returned smiting 
their breasts. And all his ac- 49 
ouaintance, and the women 
tnat followed with him from 
Galilee, stood afar off, seeing 
these things. 

And behold, a man named 50 
Joseph, who was a councillor, 
a good man and a righteous 
(he had not consented to their 51 
counsel and deed), a man of 
Arimathsea, a city of the Jews, 
who was lookinff for the king- 
dom of God : this man went 52 
to Pilate, and asked for the 
body of Jesus. And ho took 53 
it down, and wrapped it in a 
linen cloth, and laid him in 
a tomb that was hewn In 
stone, where never man had 
yet lain. And it was the day 54 
of the Preparation, and the 
sabbath ^drew on. And the 55 
women, which had come with 
him out of Galilee, followed 
after, and beheld the tomb, 
and how his body was laid. 
And they returned, and prepar- 56 
ed spices and ointments. 

And on the sabbath they 
rested according to the coi^ 

-24. 28. 

8. LUKE. 


24 P>iLn(ieiiE;rit. Bvit on the first 

liny u( the WL't;k, at early 

dATATit tlioy caitJL< unto the 

b>iiiib, bringing the spices 

which they hu} prepared. 

2 And ihvfy foinul the stone 
roll*d im'iiy ft^nu the tomb. 

8 ^11! I tl]4;>^ c?]tiii!rl hi, and 
finiNiT tjttt tl]t3 boily lof the 

.4 LhiivJ Jt^niL Ami It came to 
•piisB, while thvv ware perplex- 
ed thereabout, behold, two men 
stood by them hi dazzling 

5 apparel : and as they were 
afifrighted, and bowed down 
their faces to the earth, they 
said unto them, Why seek ye 
2 the living among tne dead? 

6 3 He is not here, but is risen : 
remember how he spake unto 
you when he was yet in Ga- 

7 lilee, saying that the Son of 
man must be delivered up 
into the hands of sinftil men, 
and be crucified, and the third 

8 day rise again. And they re- 

9 membered his words, ana re- 
turned ^frorn the tomb, and 
told all these things to the 
eleven, and to all the rest 

10 Now they were Mary Magda- 
lene, and Joanna, and Mary 
the mother of James: and 
the other women with them 
told those things unto the 

11 apostles. And these words ap- 
peared in their sight as idle 
talk ; and they disbelieved 

12 them. *But Peter arose, and 
ran unto the tomb; and 
stooping and looking in, he 
secththe linen cloths oy them- 
selves; and he s departed to 
his home, wondering at that 
which was come to pass. 

18 And behold, two of them 
were going that very day to a 
village named Emmaus, which 
was threescore furlongs from 

14 Jerusalem. And they com- 
muned with each other of all 
these things which had bap- 

15 pened. And it came to pass. 
WbUe they comipwi^ f^DO 

1 Some 
ties omit 

3 Or. 
him (hat 

3 Some 
ties omit 
He it not 
here, but 

4 Borne 
ties omit 

5 Some 
ties omit 

ing wiih 

7 Gr. What 
are thess 
that ye 
one mth 

8 Or, 

atone in 
lem, and 

9 Or, afUr 

questioned together, that Je- 
sus himself drew near, and 
went with them. But their 
eyes were holden that, they 
should not know him. Aiid he 
said unto them, i What com- 
munications are these that ye 
have one with another, as ye 
walk? And they stood still, 
looking sad. And one of them, 
named Cleopas, answering said 
unto him, sDost thou alone 
sojourn in Jerusalem and not 
know the things which are 
come to pass there in these 
dav?!? Anii ^'~ -''''* ""tf^ thnn 
W[i=it til in-- V ■: iM. ;. --.M 
milu him, Ihc thiijL^ t'OCULTii- 
iiiK Jti&ua vl Namrttth, which 
WUJ3 ]) iirctl^hgt tuighLy in dcod 
ant I ivurd ^teUtn Hod aiid iiU 
the people ; niid how the vbiot 
prk'-p,tB and rmr nilcrn duUvcr- 
ed hltn U]i l** l>c enndi^tiined 
Ut il!;iithr njii\ uniL'lfled hhii. 
But iftu hoiJi^l that it waa ho 
wtiMi hbould redi^oaii l^mcd. 
Yeii tiid Wshk: :ai thH it U 
now tl><] thSnl f\ny jiilne^ Uwsg 
th!:iii" cvxric [ ' ;=;iiv.^. Mijiv- 
over certain women of our 
company amazed us, having 
been early at the tomb; and 
when they found not his body, 
they came, saying, that they 
had also seen a vision of an- 
gels, which said that he was 
alive. And certain of them 
that were with us went to 
the tomb, and found it even 
so as the women had said: 
hut him they saw not. And 
he said unto them, O foolish 
men, and slow of heart to be- 
lieve 9 in all that the prophets 
have spoken ! Behoved it not 
the Christ t6 suffer these 
things, and to enter into his 






gory? And beginning ftom 27 
OSes and fl"om all the pro- 
phets, he interpreted to them 
In all the scriptures the things 
concerning himself. And they *** 
drew nigh unto the villa" 




whither they were going : and 
he made as though he would 
fid go ftirther. And they con- 
strained him, saying, Abide 
with us : for it is toward even- 
ing, and the day is now far 
spent And he went in to 

80 abide with them. And it came 
to pass, when he had sat down 
with them to meat, he took 
the 1 bread, and blessed it, and 

81 brake, and gave to them. And 
their eyes were opened, and 
they knew him; and he va- 

82 nished out of their sight. And 
they said one to another, Was 
not our heart burning within 
us, while he spake to us in 
the way, while he opened to 

83 us the scriptures? And they 
rose up that very hour, and 
returned to Jerusalem, and 
found the eleven gathered to- 
gether, and them that were 

84 with them, saying, The Lord 
is risen indeed, and hath ap- 

85 peared to Simon. And they 
rehearsed the things Viat hap- 
pened in the way, and how 
ne was known of them in the 
breaking of the bread. 

86 And as they spake these 
things, he himself stood in the 
midst of them, ^and saith un- 
to them, Peace be unto you. 

87 But they were terrified and 
aflfHghted, and supposed that 

38 they beheld a spirit And he 
said unto them, Why are ye 
troubled? and wherefore do 
reasonings arise in your heart? 

89 See my hands and my feet, 
that it is I myself: handle me, 
and see ; for a spirit hath not 
flesh and bones, as ye behold 

40 me having. sAnd when he had 

I Or, loaf 

a Some 
ties omit 
and amOt 
unto them. 
Peace ho 
unto you. 

3 Some 
ties omit 

4 Many 
ties add 
and a 

5 Some 
ties read 

ning from 
lem, y€ 

7 Some 
ties omit 
up into 

8 Some 
ties omit 
ped htm, 

said this, he shewed them his 
hands and his feet And while 41 
th6y still disbelieved for Joy, 
ana wondwed, he said unto 
them, Have ye here anything 
to eat? And they gave aim a 42 

Eieoe of a broiled fish 4. And 43 
e took it, and did eat before 

And he said unto them, 44 
These are my words which l 
spake unte you, while i was 

Set with you, how that all 
bings must needs be ftilflUed, 
which are written in the law 
of Moses, and the prophets, 
and the psalms, concerning 
me. Then opened he their 45 
mind, that they might under- 
stand the scriptures; and he 46 
said unto them. Thus it is 
written, that the Christ should 
suffer, and rise again fh)m the 
dead the third day ; and that 47 
repentance <^and remission of 
sins should be preached in his 
name unto all the * nations, 
beginning ft-om Jerusalem. Ye 48 
are witnesses of these thlngSL 
And behold, I send forth the 49 
promise of my Father upon 
you : but tarry ye in the city, 
until ye be clothed with power 
from on high. 

And he led them out until 50 
they toere over against Beth- 
any: and he lifted up his 
hands, and blessed them. And 51 
it came to pass, while he 
blessed them, ne parted tnm 
them, 7 and was carried up in- 
to heaven. And they » wor- 52 
shipped him. and returned to 
Jenualcm with great joy: and 58 
were continually in the tem- 
ple, blessing God. 



X In the beginning was the 
Word, and the Word was with 
God, and the Word was God. 
2 The same w^is in the begin- 
8 ning with God. All things 
were made iby him: and 
without him 2 was not any- 
thing made that hath been 

4 made. In him was life ; and 
the life was the light of men. 

5 And the light shlnoth In tlie 
darkness; and tho d^rKrj.-w 

6 8 apprehended it rrnt 
came a man, sei]t rrnin t^i'i, 

7 whose name waa JuIjil The 
same came for wiLthjsh, Ul-jA. 
he might bear ^kEit'zi^ of 

. the light, that nit thIlJiI ]<q- 

8 lieve through hliii. li^ uis 
not the light, bub cat/ie tlidt 
he might bear witness of the 

9 light 4 There was the true 
light, even the light which 
lighteth « every man, coming 

10 Into the world. He was in the 
world, and the world was made 
1 by him, and the world knew 

11 him not. He came unto 6 his 
own, and they that were his 

12 own received him not But 
as many as received him, to 
them gave he the right to be- 
come children of God, even 
to them that believe on his 

13 name: which were 7 bom, not 
of 8 blood, nor of the will of 
the flesh, nor of the will of 

li man, but of God. And the 
Word became flesh, and 
9 dwelt among us (and we be- 
held his glory, glory as of ^the 
only b^otten firom the Fa- 
ther), Ml of grace and truth. 

15 John beareth witness of him, 
ftDd crletU, saylpg, "This was 


2 Or, 
in him I 
We ice, 

3 Or, 

* Or, The 

true light, 




man, teat 

i Or, every 

man as 






9 Gr. ta- 

10 Or. 
an only 
from a 

ties read 
(thie woi 
he that 

12 f7- ^ 't 


1 It'.. ..- 

he of whom I said. He that 
Cometh after me is become 
before me: for he was 12 be- 
fore me. For of his fulness 16 
we all received, and grace for 
grace. For the law was given 17 
^by Moses; grace and truth 
came ^by Jesus Christ. No 18 
man hath seen God at any 
time; ^the only begotten 
Son, which is in the bosom of 
the Father, he hath declared 

And this is the witness of 19 
John, when the Jews sent unto 
him from Jerusalem priests 
and Levites to ask him, Who 
art thou? And he confessed, 20 
and denied not ; and he con- 
fessed, I am not the Christ. 
And they asked him, What 21 
then? Art thou Eiyah.? And 
he saith, I am not Art thou 
the prophet ? And he answcr- 
e<^ No. They said therefore 22 
unto him. Who art thou? that 
we may give an answer to them 
that sent us. What sayest 
thou of thyself? He said, I 23 
am the voice of one crying in 
the wilderness. Make straight 
the way of the Lord, as said 
Isaiah the prophet "Andthev 24 
had been sent tcova. the Phari- 
sees. And they asked him, and 25 
said unto him, Why then bap- 
tizest thou, if thou art not the 
Christ neither El^ah, neither 
the prophet? John smswered 26 
them, saying, I baptize "with 
water: in the midst of you 

Mr^. IS Many very ancient autho- 
...i only begotten. 14 Or, And cr- 
■.i 9<tt from oimmy iht ^hav' 




standeth one wht)m ye know 

27 not, even he that cometh af- 
ter me, the latchet of whose 
shoe I am not worthy to un- 

28 loose. These things were done 
in 1 Bethany beyond Jordan, 
where Jolm was baptizing.' 

29 On the morrow he seeth Jesus 
coming imto him, and saith. 
Behold, the Lamb of God, 
which staketh away the sin 

80 of the world ! This is he of 
whom I said. After me cometh 
a man which Is become before 
me: for he was » before ma 

81 And I knew him not; but 
that he should be made ma- 
nifest to Israel, for this cause 

_ came I baptizing *with water. 
32 And John bare witness, say- 
ing, I have beheld the Spirit 
descending as a dove out of 
heaven; and it abode upon 

83 him. And I knew him not: 
but he that sent me to bap- 
tize <with water, he said unto 
mo, Upon whomsoever thou 
Shalt see the Spirit descend- 
ing, and abiding upon him, 
the same is he that baptizeth 

84 *with the Holy Spirit And 
I have seen, and nave borne 
witness that this ]s the Son of 

85 Again on the morrow John 
was standing, and two of his 

36 disciples ; and he looked upon 
Jesus as he walked, and saith. 
Behold, the Lamb of God! 

87 And the two disciples heard 
him speak, and they followed 

88 Jesus. And Jesus turned, and 
beheld them following, and 
saith unto them, What seek 
ye? And they said unto him. 
Rabbi (which is to say, being 
Interpreted, 6 Master), where 

89 abidest thou? He saith unto 
them. Come, and ye shall see. 
They came therefore and saw 

where he abode; and the; 


was about the tenth hour. 

abode with him that day 

One of the two that beard 

ties read 

2 Or, 



6 That is. 


called in 
XTl. 17, 

8 That Is, 
.Bock or 

John speak, and followed him, 
was Andrew, Simon Peter's 
brother. He flndeth first his 41 
ovm brother Simon, and saith 
unto him. We have found the 
Messiah (which is, being inter- 

Ei^ted, 6 Christ). He brought 42 
im unto Jesus. Jesus looked 
upon him, and said. Thou art 
Simon the son of 7 John : thou 
Shalt be called Cephas (which 
is by interpretation, » Peter). 

On the morrow, he was mind- 43 
ed to go forth into Galilee, and 
he flndeth Philip : and Jesus 
saith unto him. Follow me. 
Now Philip was from Beth- 44 
saida, of the city of Andrew , 
and Peter. Philip flndeth Na- 45 
thanael, and saith unto him. 
We have found him, of whom 
Moses in the law, and the pro- 
phets, did write, Jesus of Na- 
zareth, the son of Joseph. And 46 
Nathanael said luto him. Can 
any good thing come out of 
Nazareth? Philip saith unto 
him, Come and see. Jesus saw 47 
Nathanael coming to him, and 
saith of him, Behold, an Is- 
raelite indeed, in whom Is no 
guile! Nathanael saith unto 48 
him, Whence ^knowest thou 
me ? Jesus answered and said 
unto him. Before Philip called 
thee, when thou wast under 
the fig tree, I saw thee. Na- 49 
thanael answered him, Rabbi, 
thou art the Son of God ; thou 
art King of leraeL Jesus an- 60 
swered and said unto hini. 
Because I said unto thee, I 
saw thee underneath the fig 
tree, believest thou? thou 
shalt see greater thhigs than 
these. And he saith unto him, 51 
Verily, verily, I say unto you. 
Ye shall see the heaven opened, 
and the angels of God ascend- 
ing and descending upon the 
Son of man. 

And the third day there was 9 
a marriage in Cana of Galilee ; 
and the mother of J^w wpjp 


2 there : and Jesus also was bid- 
den, and his disciples, to the 

8 marriage. And when the wine 
failed, the mother of Jesus 
saith unto him, They have no 

4 wine. And Jesus saith unto 
her, Woman, what have I to 
do with thee? mine hour is 

6 not yet come. His mother 
saith unto the servants. What- 
soever ho saith unto you, do 

6 it Now there were six water- 
pots of stone set there after 
the Jews' manner of purWy- 
inK, containing two or three 

7 firkins apiece. Jesus saith imto 
them. Fill the waterpots with 
water. And they fllled them 

8 up to the brim. And he saith 
unto them, Draw out now, 
and bear unto the i ruler of 
the feast. And they bare it 

9 And when the ruler of the 
feast tasted the water ^now 
become \iine, and knew not 
whence It was Qjut the ser- 
vants which had drawn the 
water knew), the ruler of the 
feast calletn the bridegroom, 

10 and saith unto him. Every 
man setteth on first tne good 
wine; and when men have 
drunk fk-eely, tf^n that-which 
is worse : thou hast kept the 

11 good wine until now. This be- 
ginning of his signs did Jesus 
In Cana of Galilee, and mani- 
fested his glory ; and his dis- 
ciples believed on him. 

12 After this he went down to 
Capernaum, he, and his mo- 
ther, and his brethren, and his 
disciples : and there they abode 
not many days. 

18 And the passover of the 
Jews was at nand, and Jesus 

14 went up to Jerusalem. And 
he found in the temple those 
that sold oxen and sheep and 
doves, and the changers of 

16 money sitting: and he made 
a scoiuge of cords, and oast 
all out of the temple, both 
tl^e sheep and tb^ oi(en ; wnd 

S. JOHN. 115 

he poured out the changers' 
money, and overthrew their 
tables ; and to them that sold 16 
the doves he said, Take these 
things hence; make not my 
Father's house a house of 
merchandise. His disciples re- 17 
membered that it was written, 
The zeal of thine house shall 
eat me up. The Jews therefore 18 
answered and said unto him. 
What sign shewest thou unto 
us, seeing that thou doest 
th^^se thtnirs? Jp"!!" :*^^^^^pA 19 
ami ftiiid unto tlsiiiii, Div.c!oy 
thii 'JtcEiintii, iinO III Lhrfc niiija 
I will mlaa It up. Tl]« Jowa 20 
thtivrotv «hJ<L Fi>iti- iiud £li 

?'&irH vin^s tbtti, a lJiiiii|;>le in bulld- 
ng, llDd ViUt til[}U TiilAa U U|l 

in tlirofj (inymf But he r\2&^ 21 
of tltQ attjiuiilc uf hin bndy. 
WtiLui thyrefrre lio wua nitiwd 22 
from the flc!u1, bis dliiariplcg nj- 
moiiiljicrud thuE^ lie ijihiikc tUls; 
and tlicy k^llLtvtd Iho ficriv- 
ture, aikd tlko Vtord which Je- 
sus had said. 

Now when he was in Jem- 23 
salem at the passover, during 
the feast, many believed on 
his name, beholding his signs 
which he did. But Jesus did 24 
not trust himself unto them, 
for that he knew all men, and 25 
because he needed not that 
any one should bear witness 
concerning * man ; for he him- 
self knew what was in man. 

Now there was a man of the 3 
Pharisees, named Nicodemus, 
a ruler of the Jews : the same 2 
came unto him by night and 
said to him. Rabbi, we know 
that thou art a teacher come 
from God: for no man can 
do these signs that thou doest, 
except God be with him. Jc- 8 
sus answered and said unto 
him. Verily, verily, I say unto 
thee, Except a man be bom 
fianew, he oapnot see the king- 
dom of God. Nicodemus saith * 
uoto bin), Uqv cao » mao ' 


3 Or, Oal 

3 Or, Ml 

4 Or. a 
man; for 






bom when he is old? can he 
enter a second time into his 
mother's womb, and be bom? 

5 Jesus answered, Verily, verily, 
I say unto thee, Except a man 
be bom of water and the Spi- 
rit, he cannot enter into the 

6 kingdom of God, That which 
is bora of tlie flesh is flesh ; 
and that which is bora of the 

7 Spirit is spirit Marvel not 
that I said unto thee, Ye must 

8 be bora lanew. 2 The wind 
blowcth where it listeth, and 
thou hearest the voice thereof, 
but Imowest not whence it 
comcth, and whither it gocth : 
so is every one that is bora 

9 of the Spirit Nicodcmus an- 
swered and said unto him. 
How can these things be? 

10 Jesus answered and said unto 
him. Art thou the teacher of 
Israel, and understandcst not 

11 these things? Verily, verily, I 
say unto thee. We speak that 
We do know, and hear witness 
of that we have seen ; and ye 

12 receive not our witness. If I 
told you earthly things, and 
re believe not, how shall ye 
believe, if I tell you heavenly 

18 things? And no man hath as- 
cended into heaven, but he 
that descended out of heaven, 
even the Son of man, » which 

li is in heaven. And as Moses 
lifted up the serpent to ttte 
wilderness, ervu mt Jiin^t lite 

15 Son of manVo lli'tvil -liji; tlntt 
whosoever 4lK-lii;'v.,.'t]i may in 
him have eterjuil liR'. 

16 For God so 1 ived tljo W(-rM, 
that he gave tjis ntjly l)cj?t»t(L'n 
Son, that wh^ '?y jcvlt t]etU^vi:!Lh 
on him should not iwrisli, but 

17 have eternal Ufa FctrOods rit 
not the Son into the worli] to 
Judge the worlrl ; inir. tlinf i ine 
world should ' >' : ■ - ' [ hi h 

18 him. He that 'ujLl: li- ^u ^.m 
Is not judged : he that believ- 
eth not hath been judged al- 
rca(iy, because he hath not be- 

l Or, from 

i Or, The 

3 Many 
ties omit 
which ia 
in heaven. 

4 Or. 
in him 
may have 

5 Or. 


8 Gr. verf 

9 Some 
ties read 
he that 
of what 
he hath 
$een nnd 

Ueved on the name of the only 
begotten Son of God. Andth& 19 
is the juxlgement) that the light 
is come into the world, and 
men loved the darkness rather 
than the light ; for thehr works 
were evlL For every one that 20 
«doeth m hateth the Ught, and 
Cometh not to the lights lest 
his works should be « reprov- 
ed. But he that doeth the 21 
tmth cometh to the light, that 
his works may be made ma- 
nifest, 7 that they have been 
wrought in God. 

After these things came Je- 22 
sus and his disciples into the 
land of Judsea; and there he 
tarried with them, and bap- 
tized. And John also was bap- 23 
tizing in ^non near to Salim, 
because there <was much wa- 
ter there : and they came, and 
were baptized. For John was 24 
not yet cast into prison. There 25 
arose therefore a questioning 
on the part of John's disciples 
with a Jew about purif^dng. 
And they came unto John, 26 
and said to him, Rabbi, he 
that was with thee beyond 
Jordan, to whom thou hast 
l)orae witness, behold, the sani^ 
baptizeth, and all men come 
to him. John answered and 27 
said, A man can receive no- 
thing, except it have been 
given him n-om heaven. Ye 28 
yourselves bear me witness, 
that I said, I am not the 
Christ, but, that I am sent 
before him. He that hath 29 
the bride is the bridegroom: 
but the friend of the bride- 
groom, which standeth and 
bcareth him, rejoiceth greatly 
because of the bridegroom's 
voice: this my Joy therefore 
is fulfilled. He must increase, SO 
but I must decrease. 

He that cometh from above 31 
is above all: he that is of the 
earth is of the earth, and of 
the earth be spealiotb; »l^ 

(hat cometh from heaven is 

82 above all. What he hath seen 
and heard, of that he bearabh 
witness; and no man receiv- 

83 eth his witnesa He that hath 
received his witness hath set 
his seal to thiSf that God is 

84 (rue. For he whom God hath 
sent speaketh the words of 
God: for he giveth not the 

85 Spirit by measure. The Ffir 
ther loveth the Son, and hath 

gven all things into his hand, 
e that believeth on the Son 
hath eternal life ; but he that 
i«beyeth not the Son shall not 
see life, but the wrath of God 
abideth on him. 
4 When therefore the Lord 
toiew how that the Phariseies 
bad heard that Jesus was 
maldng and baptizing more 
2 disciples than John (although 
Jesus himself baptiaed not, 
8 but his disciples), he left Ju- 
-diiea, and departed again into 
4 Galilee. And he must needs 
' 5 pass through Samaria. So he 
cometh to a city of Samaria, 
called Svchar, near to the 
parcel of ground that Jacob 

6 m,ye to his son Joseph : and 
Jacob's Swell was there. Je- 
sus therefore, being wearied 
with his Journey, sat sthus 
by the SwelL It was about 

7 the sixth hour. There com- 
eth a woman of Samaria to 
draw water: Jesus saith unto 

8 ber, Give me to drink. For 
bis disciples were gone awi^ 
into the city to buy food 

9 The Samaritan woman there- 
fore saith unto him, How is 
it that thou, being a Jew, 
askest drink of me, which am 
a Samaritan woman? («For 
Jews have no dealings with 

10 Samaritans.) Jesus answered 
and said unto her. If thou 
knewest the gift of God, and 
jwfao it is that saith to thee,' 
•Give me to drink; thou would-. 
,«fe bate asked of him, and be! 



S. JOHN. 117^ 

would have given thee living 
water. The woman saith ui>< 11 
to him, 6 Sir, thou hast no*- 
thing to draw with, and the 
well is deep: from whenoa 
then hast thou that living 
water? Art thou greater l^an 12 
(Mu* father Jacob, which gave 
us the well, and drank thereof 
himself, and his sons, and his 
cattle? Jesus answei^d and said 18 
unto her. Every one that drinls* 
eth of this water shall thirst a^ 
gain : but whosoever drinketh 14 
of the water that I shall give 
him shall never thirst ; but the 
water that I shall give him 
shall become in him a well 
of water springing up unto 
eternal life; The woman saith 15 
unto him, fiSir, give me this 
water, that I th&st not, nei- 
ther come all the way hither 
to draw. Jesus saith unto her, 16 
Go, call thv husband, and come 
hither. The woman answered 17 
and said unto him, I have 
no husband. Jesus saith unto 
her. Thou saidst well, I have 
no husband: for thou hast 18 
had five husbands; and he 
whom thou now hast is not 
thy husband: this hast thou 
said truly. The woman saith 19 
unto him, <Sir, I perceive that 
thou art a prophet. Our fa- 20 
thers worshipped in this moun- 
tain ; and ye say, that in Je- 
rusalem is the place where men 
ought to worship. Jesus saith 21 
unto her, Woman, believe me, 
the hour cometh, when neither 
in this mountam, nor In Je- 
rusalem, shall ye worship the 
Father. Ye worship that which 22 
ye know not: we worship that 
which we know: for salvation 
is firom the Jewa But the hour 23 
cometh, and now is, when the 
true worshippers shall worship 
the Father in spirit and truth : 
* for such doth the Father seek 
to be his worshippers. ^Go^ 
is a Spirit: and (hey r 

and so in 
bat not 

8 Or, 

4 Some 
ties omit 
wtth Sa- 

9 Or. for 
such the 

T Or. Ocd 

it spirit 


a JOHN. 


worship him must worship In 

25 spirit and truth. The woman 
saith mito him, I know that 
Messiah cometh (which is call- 
ed Christ) : when he is come, 
he will declare unto us all 

26 things. Jesus saith unto her, 
I t^t speak unto thee am he. 

27 And upon this came his dis- 
ciples ; and they marvelled that 
he was speaking with a woman ; 
yet no man said«What scek- 
est thou? or, Why speakest 

28 thou with her? So the woman 
left her waterpot, and went a- 
way into the city, and saith to 

29 the men. Come, see a man, 
which told me all things that 
ever I did: can this be the 

80 Christ? They went out of 
the dty, and were coming to 

81 him. In the mean while the 
disciples prayed him, saying, 

82 Rabbi, eat. But he said unto 
them, I have meat to eat that 

88 ye know not. The disciples 
therefore said one to anotner, 
Hath any man brought him 

84 aught to eat? Jesus saith un- 
to them. My meat is to do the 
will of him that sent me, and 

85 to accomplish his work. Say 
not ye. There are yet four 
months, and then cometh the 
harvest? behold, I say unto 

Jrou, Lift up your eyes, and 
ook on the fields, that they 
are i white already unto har- 

86 vest He that reapeth reoeiv- 
eth wages, and gathereth fruit 
unto life eternal ; that he that 
Boweth and he that reapeth 

87 may rejoice together. For 
herein is the saying true. One 
soweth, and another reapeth. 

88 U sent you to reap that where- 

on ye have nqi laboured : others 
have laboui^d, and ye are en- 
tered into their labour. 

89 And from that city many 
of the Samaritans believed on 
him because of the word of 
the woman, who testified. He 
(old i^e all ihiDifi th«t ever I 

1 Or. «hiie 
vett. Al- 
ready he 
that reap- 


did. So when the Samaritans 40 
came unto him, they besought 
him to abide with them : and 
he abode there two days. And 41 
manv more believed because 
of his word ; and thev said to 42 
the woman. Now we believe, not 
because of thy speaking : for 
we have heard for ourselves, 
and know that this is indeed 
the Saviour of the world. 

And after the two days he 43 
went forth from thenc6 into 
Galilee. For Jesus himself tea- 44 
tifled, that a prophet hath no 
honour in his own country. So 45 
when he came into Galile& the 
Galilseans received him, hav- 
ing seen all the things that 
he did in Jerusalem at the 
feast : for they also went unto 
the feast. 

He came therefore again 46 
unto Cana of Galilee, where 
he made the water wina And 
there was a certain > noble- 
roan, whose son was sick at 
Capernaum. When he heard 47 
that Jesus was come out of 
Judsea into Galilee, he went 
unto him, and besought him 
that he would come down, 
and heal his son ; for he was 
at the point of death. Jesus 48 
therefore said unto him, Ex- 
cept ye see signs and won- 
ders, ye will In no wise be- 
lieve. The s nobleman saith 49 
unto him, sSir, come down ere 
my child die. Jesus aedth nn- 60 
to him. Go thy way ; thy son 
liveth. The man l)elieved the 
word that Jesus spake unto 
him, and he went his way. 
And as he was now going 51 
down, his < servants met him, 
saying, that his son lived. So 62 
he inquired of them the hour 
when he b^;an to amend. They 
said therefore unto him, Te»- 
terday at the seventh hour the 
fever left him. So the father 58 
knew that it toas at that hour 
in whic)> Jesus said untp him. 

-5.27. _ 

Thy son llveth: and himself 
believed, and his whole house. 

64 This is again the second sign 
that Jesus did, having come 
out of Judsea into Galilee. . 

Q After these things there was 
1 a feast of the Jews ; and Je- 
sus went up to Jerusalem. 
2 Now there is in Jerusalem 
by the BheemgctU a pool, which 
is called in Hebrew ^Bethesda, 
8 having five porches. In these 
lay a multitude of them that 
were sick, blind, halt, wither- 

5 ed^ And a certain man was 
there, which had been thirty 
and eight years in his inflr- 

6 mity. When Jesus saw him 
lying, and knew that he had 
been now a long time in that 
ease, he saith unto him, Would- 

7 est thou be made whole? The 
sick man answered him, ^Sir, I 
have no man, when the water 
Is troubled, to put me into the 
pool : but while I am coming, 
another steppeth down before 

8 me. Jesus saith unto him. 
Arise, take up thy bed, and 

9 walk. And straightway the 
man was made whole, and took 
up his bed and walked. 

Now it was the sabbath on 

10 that day. So the Jews said 
unto him that was cured, It 
is the sabbath, and it is not 
lawftil for thee to take up thy 

11 bed. But he answered them, 
He that made me whole, the 
same said unto me, Take up 

12 thy bed, and walk. They asked 
him. Who is the man that said 
unto thee, Take up thy bed, 

13 and walk? But he that was 
healed wisC not who it was: 
for Jesus had conveyed him- 
self away, a multitude being 

14 in the place. Afterward Jesus 
flndeth him in the temple, and 
said unt9 him. Behold, thou 
art made whole: sin no more, 
lest a worse thing befall thee. 

15 The man went away, and told 
tb9 Jewi that It wm Jesus 

8. JOHN. 

ties read 

2 Some 
ties read 

3 NdH? 



■ A..- r^ 

at cetUim 


into the 

pod, and 




then firtt 

after (he 


of (he 






with what- 






which had made him whole. 
And for this cause did the 16 
Jews persecute Jesus, because 
he did these things on the 
sabbath. But Jesus answered 17 
them, My Father worketh even 
until now, and I work. For 18 
this cause therefore the Jews 
sought the more to kill him, 
because he not only brake the 
sabbath, but also called God 
his own Father, making him- 
self equal with God. 

Jesus therefore answered and 19 
said unto them. 

Verily, verily, I say unto 
you, The Son can do nothing 
of himself, but what he secth 
the Father doing: for what 
things soever he doeth, these 
the Son also doeth in like 
manner. For the Father lov- 20 
eth the Son, and sheweth 
him all things that himself 
doeth : and greater works than 
these will he shew him, that ye 
may marvel For as the Father 21 
raiseth the dead and auickcn- 
eth them, even so tne Son 
also quickeneth whom he will 
For neither doth the Father 22 
judfTC ---,, Init he linlh 

tfi\f.l] ilil JlHiK'i.'JlLOTJt until tho 

Siri ; thfkt ftQ nmy honom- the 28 
Sun, even Ra tbuy hunour tlse 
FiLtbur, He that lupni>urt'th 
nul thfi \riim hrjiiicniiKiMi not 
thu Father wiikh pent lilni. 
"Verily, vfri\^, J fmj unto jou, 24 
B^; tliat liearcth my worfl, and 
b('lk::i>'iitb hliii tb:it st'nt mn, 
h-Mh MternA] llff.s ami cumi'tU 
ntit intu jtKl^mciit, but batli 
psisHcd out or ilenlh Into I Hi;. 
VtTiJv yi'rV'-. 1 i^i^' i"it- vtn\^ 25 
Thf iV ■ ■ ' \i, 

wLcii i,-!^ . :— Lwui I'uo 

voice of the Son of God ; and 
they that hear shall live. For 26 
as the Father hath life in him- 
self, even so gave he to the 
Son also to have life in him- 
self : and he gave him autho- ^ 
rlty to txecuttt judgement, y 


8. JOHN. 


cause he is ^the Son of man. 

28 Marvel not at ihia: for the 
hour cometh^in which all that 
are in the tombs shall hear 

29 his voice, and shall come forth ; 
they that have done good, unto 
the resurrection of life ; and 
they that have ^done ill, unto 
the resurrection of Judgement. 

80 I can of myself do nothing : 
as I hear, I Judge : and my 
Judgement is righteous; be- 
cause I seek not mine own 
will, but the wiU of him that 

81 sent me. If I bear witness of 
myself, mv witness is not true. 

82 It is another that beareth wit- 
ness of me ; and I know that 
the witness which he witness- 

38 eth of me is true. Ye have 
sent unto John, and he hath 
borne witness unto the truth. 

84 But the witness which I re- 
ceive is not ft-om man : how- 
belt I say these things, that 

85 ye may be saved. He was the 
lamp that bumeth and shin- 
eth: and ye were wiUing to 
rejoice for a season in his 

86 light. But the witness which 
I have is greater than that of 
John: for the works which 
the Father hath given me to 
accomplish, tiie veiy works 
that I do, bear witness of me, 
that the Father hath sent me. 

87 And the Father which sent 
me, he hath borne witness of 
me. Ye have neither heard his 
voice at any time, nor seen his 

88 form. And ye have not his 
word abiding in you: for 
whom he sent^ him ye believe 

89 not *Ye search the scrip- 
tures, because ye think that 
in them ye have eternal life; 
and these are they which bear 

40 witness of me; and ye will 
not come to me, that ye may 

41 have life. I receive not glory 

42 from men. But I know you, 
that ye have not the love of 

"^ God in yourselvea I am come 
in my Father's name, and ye 

1 Or, a ton 

a Or, 



ike cNilir 

• Seen 


receive me not: if another 
shall come in his own name, 
him ye will receive. How can 44 
ye believe, which receive glory 
one of another, and the glory 
that Cometh from ^the only 
God ye seek not? Think not 45 
that 1 will accuse you to the 
Father: there is one that ac- 
cuseth you, even Moses, on 
whom ye have set your hope. 
For if ye believed Moses, ye 46 
would believe me; for he wrote 
of me. But if ye believe not 47 
his writings, how shall ye be- 
lieve my words? 

After these things Jesus went Q 
away to the other side of the 
sea of Galilee, which is the »ea 
of Tiberias. And a great mul- 2 
titude followed him, because 
they beheld the signs which 
he did on them that were sick. 
And Jesus went up into the S 
mountain, and there he sat 
with his disciples. Now the 4 
passover, the feast of the Jewa^ 
was at hand. Jesus therefore 5 
lifting up his eyes, and seeing 
that a great multitude cometh 
unto him, saith unto Philip^ 
Whence are we to buy ^ bread, 
that these may eat? And this 6 
he said to prove him: for he 
himself knew what he would 
do. Philip answered him. Two 7 
hundred ^nnyworth of ^breiid 
is not sumcient for them, that 
evety one may take a little. 
One of his disciples, Andrew, 8 
Simon Peter's brother, saith 
mito him, Theie is a lad here^ 9 
which hath five barley loaves, 
and two fishes : but what are 
these among so many? Jesus 10 
said, Make the people sit down. 
Now there was much grass in 
the place. So the men sat 
down, in number about IW« 
thousand. Jesus therefore took 11 
the loaves; and having given 
thanks, he distributed to theni 
that were set down; likewise 
also of the flshss as naifih m 

-6. 37. 

g. JOHK. 




12 they would. And when they 
were flUed, he saith unto his 
disciples, Gather up the bro- 
ken pieces which remain over, 

13 that nothing be lost So they 
gathered them up, and filled 

- twelve baskets with broken 

1>ieGe8 from the five barley 
oaves, which remained over 
unto them that had eaten. 

14 When therefore the people 
saw the igini which he did, 
they said. This is of a truth 
the prophet that cometh into 
the world. 

Jesus therefore perceiving 
that they were about to come 
and take him by force, to make 
him king, witharew again into 
the mountain himself alone. 

And when evening came, his 
disciples went down unto the 

17 sea; and they entered into 
a l>oat, and were going over 
the sea unto Capernaum. And 
it was now dark, and Jesus 
had not yet come to them. 

18 And the sea was rising by 
reason of a great wind that 

19 blew. When therefore they had 
rowed about five and twenty 
or thirty ftirlongs, they behold 
Jesus walking on- the sea, and 
drawing nigh unto the boat: 

80 and they were aftuid. But he 
saith unto them, It is I ; be 

21 not afhiid. They were willing 
therefore to receive him into 
the boat : and straightway the 
boat was at the land whither 
they were going. 

22 On the morrow the multi- 
tude which stood on the other 
ftde of the ffcn saw that thcTC 
Wii* borjo utlier ^iKHt ilniru^ 
save otit.\uml that Je^uft cntei--^ 
ed Tun with h^A dlAi^tpk^a Into 
the boftt, but fhat M^ dlstiliAea 

23 W£'i)t fl,w:iT ulboe (ho wbcH tficrQ 
liumu Jboditfl fn?iii Tlborifta nlj][h 
unto ihu vAncc where they ntc 
tliE! hrent] Alter the Lonl litnl 

24 glveit thnnks) : wlitiii thu mul- 
titude thurerort' saw thnt Je- 

1 8ome 
ties read 

little boat. 

3 Or. lUOe 

4 Or. 

sus was not there, neither his 
disciples, they themselves got 
into the * boats, and came to Ca- 
pernaum, seeking Jesus. And 
when they found him on the 
other side of the sea, they said 
unto him, Rabbi, when earnest 
thou hither? Jesus answered 
them and said, Verily, verily, 
I say unto you. Ye seek me, 
not because ye saw signs, but 
because ye ate of the loaves, 
and were filled. Work not for 
the meat which perisheth, but 
for the meat which abideth 
unto eternal life, which the 
Son of man shall give unto 
you : for him the Father, even 
God, hath sealed. They said 
therefore unto him, What must 
we do, that we may work the 
works of GodT'Jesus answered 
and said unto them, This is 
the work of God, that ye be- 
lieve on him whom 4 he hath 
sent They said therefore unto 
him, What then doest thou for 
a sign, that we may see, and 
believe tiiee? what workest 
thou? Our fathers ate the 
manna in the wilderness: as 
it is written. He gave them 
bread out or heaven to eat 
Jesus therefore sidd unto them. 
Verily, verily, I say unto you. 
It was not Moses that gave 

Sou the bread out of heaven ; 
ut my Father giveth you the 
true bread out of heaven. For 
the bread of God is that which 
cometh down out of heaven, 
and giveth life unto the world. 
They said therefore unto him, 
Lord, evermore give us this 
bread. Jesus said unto them, 
I am the bread of life : he that 
cometh to me shall not hunger, 
and he that believeth on me 
shall never thirst But I said 
unto you, that ye have seen 
me, and yet believe not. All 
that which the Father giveth 
me shall come unto me^ «' 
him that cometh to me 






88 in no wIm cast out For I am 
come down from heaven, not 
to do mine own will, but the 

89 will of him that sent me. And 
this is the wiU of him that 

; sent me, that of all that which 
he hath given me I should lose 
nothinz, but should raise it up 

40 at the last day. For this is the 
will of my Father, that every 
one that beholdeth the Bo^ 
and believeth on him, should 
have eternal life : and ^I will 
raise him up at the last day. 

41 The Jews therefore murmur- 
ed concerning him, because he 
said, I am the bread which 
come down out of heaven. 

42 And they said. Is not this 
Jesus, the son of Joseph, 
whose father and mother we 
know? how doth he now say, 
I am come down out of 

48 heaven? Jesus answered and 
said unto them, Murmur not 

44 among yourselves. No man 
can come to me, except the 
Father which sent me draw 
him : and I will raise him up 

45 in the last day. It is written 
in the prophets, And thev 
shall all be taught of God. 
Every one that hath heard 
from, the Father, and hath 

46 learned, cometh unto me. Not 
that any man hath seen the 
Father, save he which Is fh>m 
God, he hath seen the Father. 

47 Verily, verily, I say unto you. 
He that believeth hath eter- 

48 nal life. I am the bread of 

49 life. Your fathers did eat the 
manna in the wilderness, and 

50 they died. This is the bread 
which cometh down out of 
heaven, that a man may eat 

51 thereof, and not die. I am the 
living bread which came down 
out of heaven : if any man eat 
of this bread, he shall live for 
ever: yea and the bread which 
I will give is my flesh, for the 

fe of the world. 

The Jews therefore strove 



1 Or, Oof 

raise Mm 


4 Or, a 


one with another, saying. How 
can this man give us his flesh 
to eat? Jesus therefore said 53 
unto them. Verily, verily, I say 
unto you. Except ye eat the 
flesh of the Son of man and 
drink his blood, ye have not 
life in yourselves. He that eat- 54 
eth my flesh and drinketh my 
blood bath eternal life * and I 
will raise him up at the but 
day. For my flesh is 'meat 55 
indeed, and my blood is 'drink 
indeed. He that eateth my 56 
flesh and drinketh my blood 
abideth in me, and I in him. 
As the living Father sent me, 57 
and I live because of the Fa- 
ther; so he that eateth me, he 
also shall live because of me. 
This is the bread which came 5S 
down out of heaven: not as 
the fathers did eat and died : 
he that eateth this bread shall 
live for ever. These things said 59 
he in 4 the synagogue, .as he 
taught in Capernaum. 

Many therefore of his disd- 60 
pies, when they heard this, said. 
This is a hard saying; who can 
hear ^it? But Jesus knowing 61 
in himself that his disciples 
murmured at this, said unto 
them. Doth this cause you to 
stumble? What then if ye 6S 
should behold the Son of 
man ascending where he was 
before? It is the spbit that 68 
quickeneth; the flesh profit- 
eth nothing: the words that I 
have spoken unto you are 
spirit, and are life. But there 64 
are some of you that believe 
not For Jesus knew from the 
banning who they were that 
believed not, and who it was 
that should betray him. And 65 
he said. For this cause have 
I said unto you, that no man 
cui come unto me, exc^t It be 
given unto him of the Father. 

Upon this many of his dis- 66 
dples went bade, and walked 
no more with him. Jesus said 67 

-7. 28. 



therrfore unto the twelve, 
OB Would ye also go away? Si- 
mon Peter answered him. 
Lord, to whom shall we go ? 
thou 1 hast the words of eter- 

69 nal life. And we have believed 
and know that thou art the 

70 Holy One of Ood. Jesus an- 
swered them, Did not I choose 
you the twelve, and one of you 

71 IS a devil? Now he spake of Ju- 
das tM son of Simon Iscariot, 
for he it was that should betray 
him, being one of the twelve. 

7 And after these things Jesus 
walked in Galilee : for he would 
not walk in Judsea, because 
the Jews sought to kill him. 

2 Now the feast of the Jew^ the 
feast of tabernacles, was at 

8 hand. His brethren therefore 
said unto him. Depart henoe, 
and go into Judsea, that thy 
disciples also may behold thy 

4 works which thou doest. For 
no man doeth anything in se- 
cret, Sand himself seeketh to 
be known openly. If thou 
doest these things, manifest 

6 thyself to the world. For even 
his brethren did not believe 

. 6 on him. Jesus therefore saith 
unto them, My time is not yet 
come ; but your time is alway 

7 ready, ^he world cannot hate 
you ; but me it hateth, because 
I testify of it, that its works 

8 are evil Go ye up unto the 
feast: I go not up Syet unto 
this feast ; because my time is 

9 not yet fulfilled. And having 
said these things imto them, 
he abode atiU in Galilee. 

10 But when his brethren were 
gone up unto the feast, then 
went he aJso up, not publicly, 

11 but as it were in secret. The 
Jews therefore sought him at 
the feast, and said. Where is 

12 he? And there was much mur- 
muring among the multitudes 
concerning him: some said. 
He is a good man; others 
said, Not so, but be. leadetb 


ties read 
and ae«k' 
eth it to 

ties omit 








given you 



the multitude astray. Howbeit 13 
no man snpake openly of him 
for fear of the Jews. 

But when it was nbw the 14 
midst of the feast Jesus went 
up into the temple, and taught 
The Jews therefore marvelled, 15 
saying, How knoweth this man 
letters, having never learned? 
Jesus therefore answered them, 16 
and said. My teaching is not 
mine, but his that sent me. If 17 
any man willeth to do his will, 
he shall know of the teach- 
ing, whether it be of God, or 
whether I speak trom myself. 
He that speaketh ttom himself 18 
seeketh his own glory : but he 
tiiat seeketh the glory of him 
that sent him, the same is 
true, and no unrighteousness 
is in htm. Did not Moses give 19 
you the law, and yet none of 
you doeth the law? Why seek 
ye to kill me? The multitude 20 
answered, Thou hast a < devil: 
vho seeketh to kill thee? Je- 21 
sus answered and said unto 
them, I did one work, and ye 
all ^marveL For this cause 22 
hath Moses given you drcum- 
dsion (not that it is of Moses, 
but of the fathers); and on 
the sabbath ye circumcise a 
man. If a man receiveth cir- 23 
cumcision on the sabbath, that 
the law of Moses may not be 
broken ; are ye wroth with me, 
because I made a man every 
whit whole on the sabbath? 
Judge not according to ap- 24 
pearance, but Judge righteous 

Some therefore of them of 25 
Jerusalem said. Is not this he 
whom they seek to kill? And 26 
lo, he speaketh openly, and 
they sav nothing unto him. 
Can it be that the rulers in* 
deed know that this is the 
Christ? Howbeit we know this 27 
man whence he is: but when 
the Christ cometh, no or 
knoweth whence he is. Je 




therefore cried In the temple, 
teaching and saying, Ye both 
know nie, and know whence I 
am; and I am not come of 
myself, but he that sent me 
is true, whom ye know not 
29 I know him; because I am 
fh)m him, and he sent me. 

80 They sought therefore to ti^e 
him: and no man laid his 
hand on him, because his 

81 hour was not yet come. But 
of the multitude many be- 
lieved on hinr; and they said. 
When the Christ shall come, 
wHI he do more signs than 
those which this man hath 

82 done? The Pharisee^ heard 
the multitude murmuring 
these things concerning him ; 
and the chief priests and the 
Pharisees sent officers to t^e 

83 him. Jesus therefore said, Yet 
a little while am I with you, 
and I go unto him that sent 

84 me. Ye shall seek me, and 
shall not find me : and where 

85 I am, ye cannot come. The 
Jews therefore said among 
themselves. Whither will this 
man go that we shall not And 
him ? will he go unto the Dis- 
persion 1 among the Greeks, 

86 and teach the Greeks? What 
is this word that he said, Ye 
shall seek me, and shall not 
find me : and where I am, ye 
cannot come? 

87 Now on the last day, the 
great day of the feast, Jesus 
stood and cried, saying. If any 
man thirst let him come unto 

88 me, and drink. He that be- 
lieveth on mo, as the scripture 
hath said, out of his belly 
shall flow rivers of living wa- 

89 ter. But this spake he of the 
Spirit, which they that believ- 
ed on him were to receive: 
sfor the Spirit was not yet 
given; because Jesus was not 

40 yet glorified. Some of the mul- 
titude therefore, when they 
heard these words, said, This 

1 Gr. of. 

ti^ read 
for the 

S Or, iee: 
for out qf 

4Mc>-;i pf 
th<' L..- 
ciei.ii \ia- 


JoIl:j viL 
11. 'I" I lose 


It \ ,*ry 





5 Or, 

is of a truth the prophet 
Others said, This is the Christ 41 
But some said. What doth 
the Christ come out of Gali- 
lee? Hath not the scripture 42 
said that the Christ cometh of 
the seed of David, and from 
Bethlehem, the village where 
David was? So there arose a 43 
division in the multitude be- 
cause of him. And some of 44 
them would have taken him ; 
but no man laid hands on him. 

The officers therefore came 45 
to the chi^ priests and Pha- 
risees; and they said unto 
them. Why did ye not bring 
him? The officers answered, 46 
Never man so spake. The 47 
Pharisees therefore answered 
them, Are ye also led astray? 
Hath any of the rulers be- 48 
lieved on him, or of the 
Pharisees? But this multitude 49 
which knoweth not the law 
are accursed. Nicodemus saith 50 
unto them (he that came to 
him before, being one of them). 
Doth our law Judge a man, 51 
except it first hear ftx>m him- 
self and know what he doeth ? 
They answered and said unto 52 
him, Art thou also of Galilee ? 
Search, and 'see that out of 
Galilee ariseth no prophet 

4 [And they went every man 58 
unto his own house : but Je- 3 
BUS went unto the mount of 
Olives. And early in the mom- 2 
ing he came again into the 
temple, and all the people 
came unto him; and ne sat 
down, and taught them. And 8 
the scribes and the Pharisees 
bring a woman taken in adul- 
tery; and having set her in 
the midst, they say unto him, 4 
fi Master, this woman hath been 
taken in adultery, in the very 
act Now in the law Moses 6 
commanded us to stone such : 

—8. 31. 

8. JOHN. 


what then saycst thou of her? 

6 And thto they said, i tempt- 
ing him, that they might 
have whereof to accuse him. 
But Jesus stooped down, and 
with his linger wrote on the 

7 ground. But when they con- 
tinued asking him, ho lifted 
up himself, and said unto 
them. He that is without sin 
among you, let him first cast 

8 a stone at her. And again he 
stooped down, and with his 
finger wrote on the ground. 

9 And they, when they heard it, 
went out one by one, begin- 
ning fh>m the eldest, even un- 
to the last: and Jesus was 
left alone, and the woman, 
where she waa, in the midst 

10 And Jesus lifted up himself, 
and said unto her. Woman, 
where are they? did no man 

11 condemn thee? And she said, 
No man, Lord. And Jesus 
said, Neither do I condemn 
thee : go thy way ; from hence- 
forth sin no more.] 

12 Again therefore Jesus spalce 
unto them, saying, I am the 
light of the world: he that 
foiloweth me shall not wallc 
in the darkness, but shall have 

13 the liffht of life. The Phari- 
sees therefore said umbo him. 
Thou bearest witness of thy- 
self; thy witness is not true. 

14 Jesus answered and said unto 
them, Even if I bear witness 
of myself, my witness is true ; 
for I know whence I came, 
and whither I go ; but ye know 
not whence I come, or whither 

15 I go. Ye Judge after the flesh ; 

16 I judge no man. Yea and if I 
Judge, my Judgement is true; 
for I am not alone, but I and 

17 the Father that sent me. Yea 
and in your law it is written, 
that the witness of two men 

18 is true. I am he tbfit beareth 


3 Or, How 
is it that 
I even 

S Or, I am 
Or, I am 
he: and 

witness of myself, and the Fa- 
ther that sent me beareth wit- 
ness of me. They said there- 19 
fore unto him, Where is thy 
Father? Jesus answered, Ye 
know neither me, nor my Fa- 
ther : if ye knew me, ye would 
know my Father also. These 20 
words spake he in the treasury, 
as he taught in the temple : 
and no man took him ; because 
his hour was not yet come. 

He said therefore again unto 21 
them, I go away, and ye shall 
seek me, and shall die in your 
sin: whither I go, ye cannot 
come. The Jews therefore said, 22 
Wm he kill himself, that he 
saith, Whither I go, ye cannot 
come? And he said unto 23 
them. Ye are fVom beneath; 
I am f^om above: ye are of 
this world ; I am not of this 
world. I said therefore unto 24 
you, that ye shall die in vour 
sins: for except ye believe 
that 21 am he, ye shall die 
in your sins. They said there- 25 
fore unto him, Who art thou? 
Jesus said unto them, s£ven 
that which I have also spoken 
unto you Trom the beginning. 
I have many things to apeak 26 
and to Judge concerning you : 
howbeit he that sent me is 
true ; and the things which I 
heard f^om him, these speak 
I ^unto the world. They per- 27 
oeived not that he spake to 
them of the Father. Jesus 28 
therefore said. When ye have 
lifted up the Son of man, then 
shall ye know that <^I am Ae, 
and tmt 1 do nothing of my- 
self, but as the Father taught 
me, I speak these things. And 29 
he thai sent me is with me; 
he hath not left me alone ; for 
I do always the things that 
are pleasing to him. As he 80 
spake these things, many be- 
lieved on him. 

Jesus therefore said to tb^ 
Jews which had believed 




If ye abide in mv word, then 

82 are ye truly my disciples ; and 
ye shall know the truth, and 
the truth shall make, you free. 

83 They answered unto him. We 
be Abraham's seed, and nave 
never yet been in bondage to 
any man : how sayest thou, Ye 

H shall be made free? Jesus an- 
swered them, "Verily, verily, I 
say unto you, Every one that 
committeth sin is the bondsor- 

85 vant of sin. And the bondser- 
vant abideth not in the house 
for ever: the son abideth for 

36 ever. If therefore the Son 
shall make you tree, yc shall 

87 be free indeed. I know that 
ye are Abraham's seed ; yet ye 
seek to kill me, because my 
word ihath not tree course in 

38 you. I speak the things which 
I have seen with ^my Father : 
and ye also do the things 
which ye heard from your fa- 

89 ther. They answered and said 
unto him, Our father is Abra- 
ham. Jesus salth unto them, 
If ye 8 were Abraham's chil- 
dren. *ye would do the works 

40 of Abraham. But now yc seek 
to kill me, a man that hath 
told you the truth, which I 
heard trom God : this did not 

41 Abraham. Ye do the works 
of your father. They said un- 
to mm. We were not bom of 
fornication ; we have one Fa- 

42 ther, even God. Jesus said 
unto them, If God were your 
Father, ye would love me : for 
I came forth and am come 
from God ; for neither have I 
come of myself, but he sent 

43 me. Why do ye not * under- 
stand my speech? Even be- 
cause ye cannot hear my word. 

44 Ye are of your father the devil, 
and the lusts of your father it 
Is your will to do. He was a 
murderer trom the beginning, 
and « stood not in the truth, 
because there is no truth in 
him. 7 When he speaketh a 

1 Or, Ttath 

2 Or, Ihe 
do ye alto 
uibieh ye 
from the 

3 Gr. are. 

4 Some 
ties read 
ye do the 
trorks of 

5 Or, Jmow 

6 Some 
ties read 

7 Or. 
When one 
a lie, he 
onm: for 
also f « a 


9 Or, that 
he ihould 

10 Gr. 


13 Many 
ties add 
and going 
of them 
way, and 

lie, he speaketh of his own: 
for he is a liar, and the fa- 
ther thereof. But because I 45 
say the truth, ye believe me 
not Which of you convicteth 46 
me of siiy If I say truth, why 
do ye notbelieve me? He that 4T 
is of God heareth the words of 
God: for this cause ye hear 
them not, because ye are not 
of God. The Jews answered 48 
and said unto him, Say we not 
well that thou art a Samari- 
tan, and hast a ^ devil? Jesus 49 ' 
answered, I have not a ^devil • 
but I honour my Father, and 
ye dishonour me. But I seek 50 
not mine own glory: there is 
one that seeketh and Judgetli. 
Verily, verily, I say unto you, 61 
If a man keep my word, he 
shall never see death. The 52 
Jews said unto him, Now we 
know that thou hast a ^deviL 
Abraham is dead, and the pro- 
phets ; and thou sayest. If a 
man keep my word, he shall 
never taste of death. Art thoo 53 
greater than our father Abra- 
ham, which is dead ? and the 
prophets .are dead : whom 
makest thou thyself? Jesus 54 
answered. If I glorify myself, 
my glory is nothing : It is my 

Father that glorifleth me ; of 
whom ye say, that he is your 
God ; and ye have not known 55 
him : but I know him ; and if 
I should say, I know him not, - 
I shall be like unto you, a liar: 
but I know him, and keep bis 
word. Your father Abraham 56 
rejoiced 9 to see my day; and 
he saw it, and was glad. The 57 
Jews therefore said unto him. 
Thou art not yet fifty years 
old, and hast thou seen Abra- 
ham? Jesus said unto them, 58 
Verily, verily, I say unto you. 
Before Abraham lOwas, I am. 
They took up stones therefore 59 
to cast at him : but Jesus ubld 
himself, and went out of tbe 

--9. 29. 



9 And as he passed by, he saw 
a man blind from his birth. 

2 And his disciples asked him, 
saying, Rabbi, who did sin. 
this man, or his parents, that 

8 he should be bom blind ? Je- 
sus answered, Neither did this 
man sin, nor his parents : but 
that the works of God should 

4 be made manifest in him. We 
must work the works of him 
that sent me, while it is day : 
the night cometh. when no 

$ man can work. When I am 
in the world, I am the light of 

6 the world. When he had thus 
spoken, he spat on the ground, 
and made clay of the spittle, 
land anointed his eyes with 

7 the clay, and said unto him. 
Go, wash in the pool of Siloam 
(which is by mterpretation. 
Sent). He went away there- 
fore, and washed, and came 

8 seeing. The neighbours there- 
fore, and they which saw him 
aforetime, that he was a beg- 
gar, said. Is not this he that 

9 sat and begged? Others said, 
It is he : others said, Ko, but 
he is like him. He said, I am 

10 he. They said therefore unto 
him, How then were thine eyes 

11 opened? He answered. The 
man that is called Jesus made 
clay, and anointed mine eyes, 
and said unto me. Go to Si- 
loam, and wash: so I went 
away and washed, and I rc- 

12 ceived sight And they said 
unto him. Where Is he ? He 
saith, I know not 

18 They bring to the Pharisees 
him that aforetime was blind. 

14 Now it was the sabbath on the 
day when Jesus made the clay, 

15 and opened his eyes. Again 
therefore the Pharisees also 
asked him how he received 
his sight And he said unto 
them, He put clay upon mine 
eyes, and I washed, and do 

16 see. Some therefore of the 
Pharisees said, This man is 

the day 

not from God, because he 
keepeth not the sabbath. But 
others said, How can a man 
that is a sinner do such signs? 
And there was a division a- 
mong them. They say there- 17 
fore unto the blind man again. 
What sayest thou of him, in 
that he opened thine eyes? 
And he said. He Is a prophet 
The Jews uierefore did not 18 
believe concerning him, that 
he had been blind, and had 
received his sight, until they 
caUed the parents of him that 
had received his sight, and 19 
asked them, saying, Is this 
your son, who ye say was bom 
blind ? how then doth he now 
see ? His parents answered and 20 
said, We know that this is our 
son, and that he was bom 
blind : but how he now seeth, 21 
we know not ; or who opened 
his eyes, we know not: ask 
him; he is of age; he shall 
sp ,l1. : T himself. These 22 
thi\t;i.- MJd his parents, bc- 
cau:-<j thoy feared the Jews: 
for liio Jews had agreed &!- 
rcviily, tlirit if any man should 
contrsirt him to oe Christ, ho 
shuulil bo put out of the syna- 
gogue. Therefore said his pa- 23 
rents, He Is of age ; ask him. 
So they called a second time 24 
the man that was blind, and 
said unto him. Give glory to 
God : we know that this man 
is a sinner. He therefore an- 25 
swered. Whether he be a sin- 
ner, I know not: one thing 
I know, that, whereas I was 
blind, now I see. They said 26 
therefore unto him. What did 
he to thee? how opened he 
thine eyes? He answered them, 27 
I told you even now, and ye 
did not hear: wherefore would 
ye hear it again? would ye 
also become hJs disciples? And 28 
they reviled him, and sai(i 
Thou art his disciple ; but 
are disciples of Moses. 




know that God hath spoken 
unto Moses: but as for this 
man, we know not whence he 

80 is. The man answered and 
said unto them. Why, herein 
is the marvel, that ye know 
not whence he is, and yet he 

81 opened mine eyes. We know 
that God hcareth not sinners : 
but if any man be a worship- 
per of God, and do his will, 

82 him lie hcareth. Since the 
world began it was never heard 
that any one opened the eyes 

83 of a man bom blind. If this 
man were not from God, be 

84 could do nothing. They an- 
swered and said unto him. 
Thou wast altoffcther bom in 
sins> and dost thou teach us? 
And they cast him out. 

85 Jesus heard that they had 
cast him out * and finding 
him, he said. Dost thou he- 

86 lieve on Uhe Son of God? He 
answered and said, And who 
is he, Lord, that I may be- 

37 lieve on him ? Jesus said unto 
him,-Thou hast both seen him, 
and he it is that speaketh with 

88 thee. And he said. Lord, I be- 
lieve. And he worshipped him. 

89 And Jesus said, For Judgement 
came I into this world, that 
they which see not may see ; 
}ina that thev which see may 

40 l)ecome blind. Those of the 
Pharisees which were with him 
heard these things, and said 
unto him. Are we also blind? 

41 Jesus said unto them. If ye 
were blind, ye would have no 
sin : but now ye s&j, We see : 
your sin remaineth. 

10 VerUy, verily, I say unto 

you, He that entereth not 

by the door into the fold of 

the sheep, but climlieth up 

some other way, the same is 

2 a thief and a robber. But he 
that entereth in by the door 
is 2 the shepherd of the shoep. 

8 To him the porter opcneth ; 
and the sheep hear his voice : 

ties read 
the Son of 

2 Or, a 

3 Or. 

* Or. have 

8 Or. (here 
one fiaek 

and he calleth bis own sheep 
by name, and leadeth them 
out When he hath put forth 4 
all his own, he goeth before 
them, and the sheep follow 
him : for they know his voice 
And a stranser will they not 5 
follow, but wUl flee fh>m him : 
for they know not the voice 
of strangers. This > parable 6 
spake Jesus unto them: but 
they understood not what 
things they were which he 
spake unto them. 

Jesus therefore said unto 7 
them again, Verily, verily, I 
say unto you, I am the door 
of the sheep. All that came 8 
before me are thieves and rob- 
bers: but the sheep did not 
hear them. I am the door: 9 
by me if any man enter in, he 
shall be saved, and shall go 
in and go out, and shall find 
pasture. The thief cometh 10 
not, but that he may steal, 
and kill, and destroy: I came 
that they may have life, and 
may <have U abundantly. I 11 
am the good shepherd: the 

good shepherd layeth down 
is life for the sheep. He that 12 
is a hireling, and not a shep- 
herd, whose own the sheep are 
not, beholdeth the wolf com- 
ing, and leaveth the she^ 
and fleeth, and the wolf snatch- 
cth them, and scattereth thetn : 
he fleeth because he is a hire- 18 
ling, and careth not for the 
sheep. I am the good shop- 14 
herd ; and I know mine own, 
and mine own know me, even 15 
as the Father knoweth me, 
and I know the Father; and 
I lay down my life for the 
sheep. And other sheep I 16 
have, which are not of this 
fold : them also I must & bring, 
and they shall hear my voice ; 
and «they shall become one 
flock, one shepherd. There- 17 
fore doth the Father love me» 
because I lay down my life^ 

--11. 8. 



18 that I may take it again. No 
one 1 taketh it away from me, 
but I lay it down of myself. 
I have 2 power to lay It do>vn, 
and I have 2 power to take it 
again. This commandment re- 
ceived I from my Father. 

19 There arose a division again 
among the Jews l)ecause of 

20 these words. And many of 
them said. He hath a sdeviL 
and is maa ; why hear ye him ? 

21 Others said, These are not the 
sayings of one possessed with 
a 8 devil. Can a » devil open 
the eyes of the blind ? 

22 4 And it was the feast of the 
dedication at Jerusalem: it 

23 was winter; and Jesus was 
walking in the temple in So- 

24 lomon's porch. The Jews 
therefore came round about 
him, and said unto him, How 
long dost thou hold us in sus- 
pense? If thou art the Christ, 

25 tell us plainly. Jesus answer- 
ed them, I told you, and ye 
l)elleve not : the works that I 
do in my Father's name, these 

26 bear witness of me. But ye 
believe not, because ye are 

27 not of my sheep. My sheep 
hear my voice, and I know 
them, and they follow me: 

28 and I give unto them eternal 
life.; and they shall never 
perish, and no one shall snatch 

29 them out of my hand. "My Fa- 
ther, which hath given thein 
unto me, is greater than all ; 
and no one Is able to snatch 
9 them out of the Father's 

30 hand. I and the Father are 

81 one. The Jews took up stones 

82 again to stone him. Jesus an- 
swered them, Many good works 
have I shewed you from the 
Fathef ; for which of those 

83 works do ye stone me? The 
Jews answered him» For a 
good work we stone thee not, 
but for blasphemy; and be- 
cause that thou, being a man, 

84 makest thyself God. Jesus 

ties read 

i Or, right 


4 Some 
ties read 
At that 
time ttM» 
the featt. 

5 Some 
ties read 

tmto me. 

6 Or, 

TOr, eow- 

answered them. Is it not writ- 
ten in your law, I said. Ye are 
gods ? If he called them gods. 86 
unto whom the word of God 
came (and the scripture can- 
not be broken), say ye of him. 86 
whom the Father ?sanctlflM 
and sent Into the world. Thou 
blasphemest; because I said, 
I am £Ae Son of God ? If I 87 
do not the works of my Fa- 
ther, believe me not But If 88 
I do them, though ye believe 
not me, believe the works: 
that ye may know and under- 
stand that the Father is in 
me, and I in the Father. They 89 
sought again to take him: 
and he went forth out of their 

And he went away again be- 40 
youd Jordan into the place 
where John was at the first bap- 
tizing; and there he abode. 
And many came unto him: 41 
and they said, John indeed 
did no sign: but all things 
whatsoever John spake of tms 
man were true. And many 43 
believed on him there. 

Now a, certain man was XI 
sick, Lazarus of Bethany, of 
the village of Mary and her 
sister Martha. And it was 2 
that Mary wMch anointed 
the Lord with ointment, and 
wiped his feet with her hair, 
whose brother Lazarus was 
sick. The sisters therefore 3 
sent unto him, saying. Lord, 
behold, he whom thou lovest 
is sick. But when Jesus heard 4 
it, he said, This sickness is not 
unto death, but for the glory, 
of God, that the Son of God 
may be glorified thereby. Now 5 
Jesus loved Martha, and her 
sister, and Lazarus. When 6 
therefore he heard that he 
was sick, he abode at that 
time two days in the place 
where he was. Then after this * 
he salth to the disciples, ^ 
us go into Judeea aeain. 


disciples say unto him, Rabbi, 
the Jews were but now seek- 
ing to stone thee; and goest 
9 thou thither again? Jesus an- 
swered, Are there not twelve 
hours in the dav? If a man 
walk in the day, he stumbleth 
not, because he seeth the light 

10 of this world. But if a man 
walk in the night, he stum- 
bleth, because the light is not 

11 In him. These things spake 
he: and after this ho saith 
unto them. Our fHend Laza- 
rus is fallen asleep ; but I go, 
that I may awake him out 

13 of sleep. The disciples there- 
fore said unto him, Lord, if 
he Is fallen asleep, he will i re- 

13 cover. Now Jesus had spoken 
of his death : but they thought 
that he spake of taking rest 

li in sleep. Then Jesus there- 
fore said unto them plainly, 

15 Lazarus is dead. Ana I am 
glad for your sakes that I was 
not there, to the intent ye 
may believe ; nevertheless let 

16 us go unto him. Thomas there- 
fore, who is called « Didymus, 

. said unto his fellow-disciples. 
Let us also go, that we may 
die with him. 

17 So when Jesus came, he 
found that he had been in 
the tomb four days already. 

IS Now Bethany was nigh unto 
Jerusalem, about fifteen fur- 

19 longs off; and many of the 
Jews had come to Martha and 
Mary, to console them con- 

20 ceming their brother. Martha 
therefore, when she heard that 
Jesus was coming, went and 
met him : but Mary still sat 

21 in the house. Martha there- 
fore said unto Jesus, Lord, if 
thou hadst been her^ my bro- 

22 ther had not died. And even 
now I know that, whatsoever 
thou Shalt ask of God, God 

23 will give thee. Jesus saith un- 
to her, Thy brother shall rise 

24 again. AKartha saith unto him, 



be saved. 

a That is, 

3 Or. 
her «i«fer, 

4 Or, 


7 0r,tni« 

trtVh in- 
in the 


9 Or, being 

with in- 
in him- 

10 Or, 

I know that he slutll rise again 
in the resurrection at the last 
day. Jesus said unto her, I 
am the resurrection, and the 
life : he that believeth on me, 
though he die, yet shall he 
live : and whosoever livetii and 
believeth on me shall never 
die. Believest thou this? She 
saith unto him. Yea, Lord : I 
have believed that thou art 
the Christ, the Son of God, 
even he that cometh into the 
world. And when she had 
said this, she went away, and 
called Maiy >her sister se- 
cretly, saying. The < Master Is 
here, and c^eth thee. And 
she, when she heard it, arose 
quickly, and went unto him. 
(Now Jesus was not yet come 
into the village, but was still 
in the place where Martha met 
him.) The Je^ra then which 
were with her in the house, 
and were comforting her, when 
they saw Mary, that she rose 
up quickly and went out, fol- 
lowed her, supposing that she 
was going unto the tomb to 
6 weep there. Mary therefore, 
when she came where Jesus 
was, and saw him, fell down 
at his teetf saying unto him, 
Lord, if thou hadst been here, 
my brother had not died. 
When Jesus therefore saw her 
<( weeping, and the Jews also 
<( weeping which came with her. 
ho 7 groaned in the spirit, and 
8 was troubled, and said, Where 
have ye laid him? They say 
unto him, Lord, come and see. 
Jesus wept. The Jews there- 
fore said. Behold how he loved 
him ! But some of them said. 
Could not this man, which 
opened the eyes of him that 
was blind, have caused that 
this man also should not die? 
Jesus therefore again 9groan> 
ing in himself cometh to the 
tomb. Now it was a cave, and 
a stone lay lo against it. Jesus 





saith. Take ye away tbe Btone. 
Martha, the sister of him that 
was dead, saith unto him. 
Lord, by this time he stink- 
eth: for he hath been dead 

40 four davs. Jesus saith unto 
her, Said I not unto thee, 
that, if thou bellevedst, thou 
shouldcst see the glory of God? 

41 So they took away the stone. 
And Jesus lifted up his eyes, 
and said. Father, I thank 
thee that thou hoardcst me. 

42 And I knew that thou hear- 
cst me always: but because 
of the multitude which stand- 
cth around I said it. that they 
may believe that thou didst 

43 send me. And when he had 
thus spoken, he cried with 
a loud Yolce, Lazarus, come 

44 forth. He that was dead came 
forth, bound hand and foot 
with 1 grave-clothes; and his 
face was bound about with a 
napkin. Jesus saith unto them, 
Loose him, and let him go. 

45 Many therefore of the Jews, 
which came to Mary and be- 
held 3 that which he did, be- 

46 lieved on him. But some of 
them went away to the Phari- 
sees, and told tnem the things 
which Jesus had done. 

47 The chief priests therefore 
and the Pharisees gathered 
a council and said. What do 
we ? for this man doeth many 

48 signs. If we let him thus 
alone, all men will believe on 
him: and the Romans will 
come and take away both our 

49 place and our nation. But a 
certain one of them, Caiaphas, 
being high priest that year, 
said unto them. Ye know no- 

50 thing at all, nor do ye take ac- 
count that it is expedient for 
you that one man should die 
for the people, and that the 

51 whole nation perish not. Now 
this he said not of himself: 
but being high priest that 
year, he prophesied that Je- 

a JOHN. 



2 Many 
ties read 
Ihe thing$ 



4 See mar- 
ginal not« 
on Matt 


sus should die for the nation ; 
and not for the nation only, 52 
but that he might also gather 
together into one the children 
of God that are scattered a- 
broad. So from that day forth 63 
they took counsel that they 
might put him to death. 

Jesus therefore walked no 54 
more openly among the Jews, 
but depaited thence into the 
country near to the wilder- 
ness, into a city called Eph- 
raim; and there he tarried 
with the disciples. Now the 55 
passover of the Jews was at 
hand: and many went up to 
Jerusalem out of the country 
before the passover, to purify 
themselves. They sought there- 56 
fore for Jesus, and spake one 
with another, as they stood in 
the temple, "What think ye? 
That he will not come to the 
feast? Now the chief priests 57 
and the Phailsees had given 
commandment, that, if any 
man knew where he was. ho 
should shew it, that they might 
take him. 

Jesus therefore six days 12 
before the passover came to 
Bethany, where Lazarus was, 
whom Jesus raised from the 
dead. So they made him a 2 
supper there: and Martha 
served ; but Lazarus was one 
of them that sat at meat with 
him. Mary therefore took a 3 
pound of ointment of « spike- 
nard, very precious, and an- 
ointed the feet of Jesus, and 
wiped his feet with her hair : 
and the house was filled with 
the odour of the ointment. 
But Judas Iscariot. one of 4 
his disciples, which should be- 
tray him, saith. Why was not 6 
this ointment sold for three 
hundred ^ pence, and given to 
the poor? Now this he said, 6 
not because he cared for th" 
poor; but because he w» 
thief, and having the « 




Uook away what was put 
T therein, Jeaus therefore said, 
sSulDor her to keep it against 
8 tlio day of luy burying. For 
the poor ye have always with 
yuu ; but me ye have not al- 
8 The common people there- 
fore of the Jews learned that 
ho m\s tliero : and they came, 
not for Jesus' 8:iko only, but 
that thoy might see Lazarus 
also, whom ho had nUsed ttom 

10 tite dead. But the chief priests 
took counsel that they might 
put Laianis also to deatli; 

11 Itecause tlMt by reason of him 
mtuiY of the Jews went away, 
and iiellevod on Jesus. 

li On the morrow »a great 
multitude that had come to 
tla> feast, when they heard that 
Jo:$us was coming to Jerusa- 

13 leiu. took the branches of the 
I^kalm trees, and went forth to 
utoet him, and cried out, Ho- 
&uma: Blesscvl w he that com- 
cth in the name of the Lord, 

14 even the King of Israel. And 
Jesus, having found a young 
ass, sat therevin; as It is writ- 

15 ten. Fear noU daughter of 
Zx\m : behold, thy King ctna- 
ech. sittii^ mi an ass's coh. 

16 These thinsss underwood not 
his dIsciiUcs n« the first: but 
when Jesus v:is glcoifivM. then 
remcaibaed they Uu\t these 
things w«i« vriisoa of him. 
aihl that they bad done the» 

17 UiicsiES unto hiok The mul- 
titude thetefore that v»s with 
bim when he called Lasarus 
out of the tooih. and raised 
hici fK>m the tteail tar« vis- 

IS ttcss. Fi>r thss cause also the 
maltttode v«nS and met him. 
Am- th«t ther beaid that be 

1* hsfed A>Qe thfe? :^xu Tbe Fha- 
rtsiMt thetviTt c« saKl *wi.^»y 

uKvailBouitQ^: kvlhewi^ 
t» AMe aft^ biiB^ 
SI &^v ti^M« wen eolaift 





•"»«« 90t.mi¥ 

Grt^eks among those that went 
up to worship at the feast: 
these therefore came to Philip, a 
which was of Bethsaida of Ga- 
lilee, and asked him, saying. 
Sir, we would see Jesus. Phi- 22 
lip cometh and telleth An- 
drew: Andrew cometh, and 
Philip, and they tell Jesus. 
And Jesus answereth them, 23 
saving. The hour is come, that 
the Son of man should be 
glorified. Vertiy, verily, I say 21 
unto you. Except a grain of 
wheat fan into the earth 
and die, it abidcth by itself 
alone ; but if it die, it beareth 
much fhiit He that loveth 25 
his ilife loseth it ; and he that 
hateth his & life in this world 
shall keep it unto life eternal. 
If any man aorre me, let him 26 
follow me ; and where I am, 
there shall also my servant 
be : if any man serve me, him 
win the Fatho- honour. Now 27 
' is my soul troubled; and what 
I shall I say? Father, save me 
I firom this <hour. But for this 
cause came I unto this honr. 
, Father, g^onfy thy nameL 28 
Tbme came thorefore a Toioe 
out of heavoi, tajfing, I have 
both glonlled it, and wffl 0o- 
riQr It agahk. The multitude 29 
thercftwe, thai stood by, and 
heard it^ aald thai it had 
thuwleRd: olhcxs aakU An 
angid hath srofcen to him. 
Jesos answered and said. This 30 
voice hath nok come for my 
sake, bttt for yoor aakes. Now 31 
K 7the judsemeitt of this woiid : 
now Shan the pnnce of this 
raid l<o casi out. And I, if 32 
1 1« Iiftai op 'Ctooa the earth, 
MfH dnw an men unfeo mrsdC 
Bat thB he said, atsnabFing ^ 
by what iimmw i of cfteaikh he 
shooU «e. Tte mnlfiftade S4 

-13. a 

The Son of man must be lifted 
up t who is this Son of man ? 

85 Jesus therefore said unto them, 
Yet a Uttle whUe is the light 
1 among you. WaJk while ye 
have the light, that darkness 
overtake you not: and he that 
walketh in the darkness know- 
eth not whither he goeth. 

86 While ye have the light, be- 
lieve on the light, that ye may 
become sons of light. 

These things spake Jesus, 
and he departed and > hid him- 

87 self from them. But though 
he had done so many signs 
before them, yet they believed 

88 not on him: that the word of 
Isaiah the prophet might be 
fulfilled, which he spake, 

Lord, who hath believed 
our report? 

And to whom hath the 
arm of the Lord been re- 
vealed? ' 

89 For this cause they could not 
believe, for that Isaiah said 

40 He hath blinded their eyes, 

und he hardened their 

Lest they should see with 

their eyes, and perceive 

with their heart, 
And should turn. 
And I should heal them. 

41 These things said Isaiah, be- 
cause he saw his gloiy : and 

42 ho spake of him. Nevertheless 
even of the rulers many be- 
lieved on him; but because 
of the Pharisees they did not 
confess *it, lest they should be 

43 put out of the synagogue : for 
they loved the glory of men 
more than the glory of God. 

44 And Jesus cried and said. 
He that believeth on me, be- 
lieveth not on me, but on him 

46 that sent me. And he that 
beholdeth me beholdeth him 

46 that sent me. I am come a 
light into the world, that who- 
ioerer believeth on me may not 




* Or, to the 


. m^ 

abide in the daricness. And 47 
if any man hear mv sayings, 
and keep them not, I judge 
him not: for I came not to 
Judge the world, but to save 
the world. He that rcjecteth 48 
me, and receiveth not my say- 
ings, hath one that Judgeth 
him: the word that I spake, 
the same shall Judge him in 
the last day. For I spake not 49 
from myself; but the Father 
which sent me, he hath given 
me a commandment, what I 
should say, and what I should 
speak. And I know that his 50 
commandment is life «etemal : 
the things therefore which I 
speak, even as the Father hath 
said unto me, so I speak. 

Now before the feast of the X3 
Passover, Jesus knowing that 
nis hour was come that he 
riiould depart out of this 
world unto the Father, having 
loved his own which were in 
the world, he loved them <unto 
the end. And during supper, 2 
the devil having already put 
into the heart of Judas Is- 
cariot, Simon's son, to betray 
him, JesiUt knowing that the 8 
Father had given all things 
into his hands, and that he 
came forth from God, and 
goeth unto God, riseth from 4 
supper, and layeth aside his 
garments; and he took a 
towel, and girded himself. 
Then he poureth water into ^ 
the bason, and began to wash 
the disciples' feet, and to wipe 
them with the towel where- 
with he was girded. So he 6 
Cometh to Simon Peter. He 
saith unto him, Lord, dost 
thou wash my feet? Jesus 7 
answei'cd and said unto him, 
What I do thou knowcst not 
now: but thou shalt under- 
stand hereafter. Peter saith 8 
unto him. Thou shalt never 
wash my feet Jesus ansr 
ed him. If I wash thee 

134 S. JOHN. 

thou haat no part with mo. 

9 Simon Peter salth wito him, 

Lord, not mv feet only, but 

also my hands and my head. 

10 Jesus saith to him, He that 
is bathed needeth not isave 
to wash his feet, but is dean 
every whit : and ye are clean, 

11 but not alL For he knew 
him that should betray him; 
therefore said he, Ye are not 
all clean. 

12 So when he had washed 
their feet, and taken his gar- 
ments, and 2 sat down a«^n, 
he said unto them. Know ye 

13 what I have done to you ? Ye 
call me, s Master, and. Lord: 
and ye say well ; for so I am. 

U If I then, the Lord and the 
3 Master, have washed your 
feet, ye also ought to wash 

15 one another's feet For I have 
given you an example, that 
ye also should do as I have 

16 done to you. Verily, verily, I 
say unto you, A * servant is not 
greater than his^lord; neither 
^one that is sent greater than 

17 he that sent him. If ye know 
these things, blessed are ye if 

18 ye do them. I speak not of 
3'ou all: I know wnom I «have 
chosen : but that the scripture 
may be fulfilled. He that eat- 
eth ?my bread lifted up his 

19 heel against me. From hence- 
forth I tell you before it come 
to pass, that, when it is come 
to pass, ye may believe that 

2f B I am /t«. Verily, verily, I say 
nnto yriTi, He tnnt receiveth 
whi>ni!HJii>ur [ Hi:inl. recelveth 
nie ; unci he tluit rL-etleeth me 
nwptTtth i^ilHi thjit sent me. 

21 When Jcma Imd tlius said, 
ho Wild tmubkMl \a tfie spirit, 
Had tOhtlttLHt, and sji I' i, Verily, 
YcHly* I my until yi)u, that 
oijd of ^iiu. flhjvtl botray me. 

22 The dltetplefl lotiktrE one on 
miitsthiirt ctoubt^n^ at whom he 

23 BpaKo. There was at the table 
r«?Ut>inn; In Jeans* ln-som ppe 

ties omit 
save, and 
his feet. 

a Or. 

3 Or, 

4 Or. bond- 

5 Or. on 

6 Or, Oiote 

ties read 

i Or, I am 

9 Or, bos 

10 Or, wa$ 

11 Or, 
loved you, 
that ye 
alto may 
love one 


of his disciples, whom Jesus 
loved. Simon Peter therefore 24 
beclfoneth to him, and saith 
unto him. Tell ua who it is 
of whom he speaketh. He 25 
leaning back, as he was, on 
Jesus' breast saith unto him. 
Lord, who is it ? Jesus there- 26 
fore answereth. He it is, for 
whom I shall dip the sop, and 
give it him. So when he had' 
dipped the sop, he taketh and 
giveth it to Judas, the son of 
Simon Iscariot And after the 27 
sop, then entered Satan into 
him. Jesus therefore saith un- 
to him, That thou doest, do 
quickly. Now no man at the 2S 
table knew for what intent 
he spake this unto him. For 29 
some thought, because Judas 
had the ^bag, that Jesus said 
unto him. Buy what things we 
have need of for the feast : or, 
that he should give sometning 
to the poor. He then having 80 
receivea the sop went out 
straightway : and it was night 

When therefore he was gone 81 
out, Jesus saith. Now lOis the 
Son of man glorified, and God 

10 is glorified in him ; and God 82 
shall glorify him in himself, 
and straightway shall he glo- 
rify him. Little children, yet 83 
a little while I am with you. 
Ye shall seek me: and as I 
said unto the Jews, Whither 
I go, ye cannot come ; so now 
I say unto you. A new com- 84 
mandment I give unto you, 
that ye love one another; 

11 even as I have loved you, 
that ye also love one another. 
By this shall all men know that 85 
ye are my disciples, if ye have 
love one to another. 

Simon Peter saith unto him, 86 
Lord, whither goest thou ? Je- 
sus answered* Whither I go, 
thou canst not follow me now; 
but thou Shalt follow after* 
wards. Peter saith unto him, 87 
Lord, why cannot } foUow 

-14. 26. 



thee even now? I will lay 

38 down my life for thee. Jesus 

answereth, Wilt thou lay down 

thy life for me? Verily, verily, 

I say unto thee. The cock shall 

not crow, till thou hast denied 

mo thrioe. % 

X4 ^^ ^^^ y^^^ heart be 

troubled : ^ ye believe in God, 

2 believe also in me. In my Fa- 
ther's house are many > man- 
sions; if it were not so, I 
would have told you; for I 
go to prepare a place for you. 

3 And if I go and prepare a 
place for you, I come again, 
and will receive you unto my- 
self ; that where I am, there 

4 ye may be also. ^And whi- 
ther I go, ye know the way. 

5 Thomas saith unto him, Lord, 
wo know not whither thou 
goest; how know we the way? 

6 Jesus saith unto him, I am 
the way, and the truth, and 
the life : no one cometh unto 

7 the Father, but ^by me. If 
ye had known me, ye would 
have known my Father also : 
from henceforth ye know him, 

8 and have seen him. Philip 
saith unto him, Lord, shew us 
the Father, and it sufflceth 

9 us. Jesus saith unto him. 
Have I been so long time with 
you, and dost thpu not know 
me, Philip? he that hath seen 
me hath seen the Father; 
how sayest thou. Shew us the 

30 Father? Believest thou not 
that I am in the Father, and 
the Father in me? the words 
that I say unto you I speak 
not fh)m myself: but the Fa- 
ther abiding in me doeth his 

11 works. Believe me that I am 
in the Father, and the Father 
in me : or else believe me for 

12 the very works' sake. Verily, 
verily, I say unto you. He that 
believeth on me, the works 
that, I do shall he do also ; 
and greater works than these 
shall ne do; because I go unto 


2 Or. alid- 

3 Many 
ties read 
thtr I go 
ye Inow, 

jtnd the 

4 Or, 

5 Many 
ties omit 

8 6r. maJce 
regvett of. 



8 Or, 

9 Or, an4 
r« MhaU 

the Father. And whatsoever 13 
ye shall ask in my name, that 
will I do, that the Father may 
be glorified in the Son. If ye 14 
shall ask ^me any thing in 
my name, that wiU I do. If 15 
ye love me, ye will keep my 
commandments. And I will 16 
<<pray the Father, and he shall 
give you another ^ Comforter, 
that ne may be with you for 
ever, even the Spirit of truth : 17 
whom the world cannot re- 
ceive; for it beholdeth him 
not, neither knowcth him : ye 
know him ; for he abidcth with 
you, and shall be in you. I 18 
will not leave you & desolate: 
I come unto you. Yet a little 19 
while, and the world behold- 
eth me no more; but ye be- 
hold me: because I live, »yc 
shall live also. In that day ye 20 
shall know that I am in my 
Father, and ye in me, and I 
in you. He that hath my 21 
commandments, and keepeth 
them, he it is that loveth me : 
and ne that loveth me shall 
be loved of my Father, and I 
will love him, and will mani- 
fest myself unto him. Judas 22 
(not Iscariot) saith unto him. 
Lord, what is come to pass 
that thou wilt manifest thy- 
self unto us, and not unto the 
world? Jesus answered and 23 
said unto him. If a man love 
me, he will keep my word: 
and my Father will love him, 
and we will come unto him, 
and make our abode with 
him. He that loveth me not 24 
keepeth not my words: and 
the word which ye hear is not 
mine, but the Father's who 
sent me. 

These things have I spoken 2S 
unto you, while yet abiding 
with you. But the 7 Comforter, 26 
even the Holy Spirit, whom 
the Father will send in my 
name, he shall teach you ' 
things, and bring to your 

1 Or,t0(M 

9 Many 

ties read 

and be my 

M6 S. JOHN. 

membranoe all that I said 
37 unto you. Peace I leave with 
you; my peace I give unto 
you : not as the world giveth, 
give I unto you. Let not your 
heart be troubled, neither let 

28 it be fearfUL Ye heard how I 
said to you, I go away, and 
I come unto you. If ye loved 
me, ye would have rejoiced, 
because I go unto the Father : 
for the Father Is greater than 

29 L And now I have told you 
before it come to pass, that, 
when it is come to pass, ye 

50 may believe. I will no more 
speak much with you, for th^ 
prince of the world cometh: 
and he hath nothing in me; 

51 but that the world may know 
that I love the Father, and 
as the Father gave me com- 
mandment, even ho I do. A- 
rise, let us go hence. 

X5 *■ ^^ ^^ ^'^^ ^^°®' ^^^ 
my Father is the husband- 
2 man. Everybranch in me that 
beareth not fruit, he taketh it 
away : and every branch that 
beareth fruit, he cleanseth it, 
that it may bear more fhilt 

5 Already ye are clean because 
of the word which I have spo- 

4 ken unto you. Abide in me, 
and I in you. As the branch 
cannot bear fruit of itself, ex- 
cept it abide in the vine ; so 
neither can ye, except ye abide 

6 in me. I am the vine, ye are 
the branches: He that abidetb 
in me, and I in him, the same 
beareth much fruit : for apart 
from me ye can do nothing. 

6 If a man abide not in me, he 
is cast forth as a branch, and 
is withered ; and they gather 
them, and cast them into the 

7 Are, and they are burned. If 
ye abide in me, and my words 
abide in you, ask whatsoever 
ye will, and it shall be done 

8 unto you. Herein lis my Fa- 
ther glorified, sthat yc bear 
much (tuit; and so shall ye 


14, 2&- 

be my disciples. Even as the 9 
Father hath loved me, I also 
have loved you: abide ye in 
my love. If ye keep my com- 10 
mandments, ye shall abide in 
my love ; even as I have kept 
my Father's commandments, , 
and abide in his love. These 11 
things have I spoken unto you, 
that my joy may be in you, 
and that your joy may be 
fulfilled. This is my command- 12 
ment, that ye love one an- 
other, even as I have loved 
you. Greater love hath no 13 
man than this, that a man lay 
down his life for his fHends. 
Ye are my friends, if ye do the 14 
things which I command you. 
No longer do I caU you "ser- 15 
vants; for the « servant know- 
eth not what his lord doeth : 
but I have called you friends ; 
for all things that I heard 
from my Father I have made 
known unto you. Ye did not 16 
choose me, but I chose you, 
and appointed you, that ye 
should go and bear fhiit, and 
that your fruit should abide : 
that whatsoever ye shaU ask 
of the Father in my name, 
he may give it you. These 17 
things I command you, that 
ye may love one another. If is 
the world hateth you, *ye 
know that it hath hated me 
before it hated yoiL If ye were 19 
of the world, the world would 
love its own: but because ye 
are not of the world, but I 
chose you out of the world, 
therefore the world hateth 
you. Remember the word that 20 
I said unto you, A * servant is 
not greater than his lord. If 
they persecuted me, they will 
also persecute you; if they 
kept my word, they will keep 
yours also. But all these things 21 
will they do unto you for 
my name's sake, because they 
know not him that sent me. 
If I had not come smd spoken 22 

-16. 2t 

unto them, they bad not had 
sin: but now they have no 

28 excuse for their sin. He that 
hateth me hateth my Father 

24 also. If I had not done among 
them the works which none 
other did, they had not had 
sin : but now have they both 
seen and hated* both me and 

26 my Father. But this cometh 
to pass, that the word may 
be ftilfllled that is written in 
their law, They hated me with- 

26 out a cause. But when the 
1 Comforter is come, whom I 
will send unto tou ft-om the 
Father, even the Spirit of 
truth, which Sproceedeth fh>m 
the Father, he shall bear wit- 

27 ness of me : >and ye also bear 
witness, because ye have been 
with me ft^m the beginning.. 

10 These things have I spoken 
unto you, that ye should not 

2 be made to Jitumble. They 
shall put you 'OUt of the syna- 
gogues : yea, the hour cometh, 
that whosoever killeth you 
shall think that he offereth 

8 service unto God. And these 
things will they do, because 
they have not known the Fa- 

4 ther, nor me. But these things 
have I spoken unto you, that 
when their hour is come, ye 

' may remember them, how that 
I told you. And these things 
I said not unto you ft-om the 
beginning, because I was with 

5 you. But now I go unto him 
that sent me; and none of 
you asketh me, Whither go- 

6 est thou? But because I have 
spoken these things unto you, 
sorrow hath filled your heart 

7 Nevertheless I tell you the 
truth ; It is expedient for you 
that I go away: for if I go 
not away, the ^ Ck)mforter will 
not come unto you ; but if I 
go, I will send him unto you. 

8 And he, when he is come, will 
convict the world in respect 
of sin, and of righteousness, 

8. JOHN. 



a Or, goeth 

3 Or, and 
bear ye 


and of Judgement : of sin, bo- 9 
cause they Delleve not on me ; 
of righteousness, because I go 10 
to the Father, and ye behold 
me no more; of judgement, be- 11 
cause the prince of this world 
hath been Judged. I have yet 12 
many things to say unto you, 
but ye cannot bear them now. 
Howbeit when he, the Spirit 18 
of truth, is come, he shall 
guide you into all the truth : 
for he shall not speak fh)m 
himself; but what things so- 
ever he shall hear, these shall 
he speak: and he shall de- 
clare unto you the things that 
are to come. He shall glorify 14 
me : for he shall take of mine, 
and shall declare it unto you. 
All thinffs whatsoever the Fa- 15 
ther hath are mine : therefore 
said I. that ho taketh of mine, 
and snail declare it unto you. 
A little while, and ye behold 16 
me no more ; and akain a lit- 
tle whUe, and ye shall see me. 
Some of his disciples therefore 17 
said one to another, What is 
this that he saith unto us, A 
little while, and ye behold me 
not ; and again a little while, 
and ye shall see me: and. 
Because I go to the Father? 
They said therefore, What is 18 
this that he saith, A little 
while? We know* not what 
he saith. Jesus perceived that 19 
they were desirous to ask him, 
and ho said unto them, Do yo 
inquire among yourselves con- 
cerning this, that I said, A lit- 
tle while, and ye behold me 
not, and again a little while, 
and ye shall see me? Verily, 20 
verily, I say unto you, that 
ye shall weep and lament, 
but the world shall rejoice: 
ye shall bo sorrowftiU but 

?rour sorrow shall be turned 
nto Joy. A woman when she 21 
is in travail hath sorrow. ** 
cause her hour is come' 
when she is delivered < 

188 ^8. JOHN. 

child, she remembereth no 
more the angulBh, for the Joy 
that a man Is bom Into the 
22 world. And ye therefore now 
have sorrow: but I will see 
you again, and your heart 
shall rejoice, and your Joy no 


one taketh away from vou. 
And in that da^ ye shall 'ask 
me nothing, verily, verily, I 

say unto you. If ye shall ask 
anvthing of the Father, he 
will give it you in mv name. 

24 Hitherto have ye asked no- 
thing in my name : ask, and 
ye shall receive, that your Joy 
may be fulfilled. 

25 These things have I spoken 
unto you in ^ proverbs: the 
hour cometh, when I shall no 
more speak unto you in a pro- 
verbs, but shall tell you plain- 

26 ly of the Father. In that day 
ye shall ask in my name : and 
1 say not unto you, that I will 

27 8pra^ the Father for you; for 
the Father himself loveth you, 
because ye have loved me, and 
have believed that I came forth 

28 ft^m the Father. I came out 
from the Father, and am come 
into the world : again, I leave 
the world, and* go unto the 

29 Father. His disciples say, Lo. 
now speakest thou plainly, and 

80 speakest no « proverb. Now 
know we that thou knowest 
all things, and needest not 
that any man should ask thee: 
by this we believe that thou 

81 camest forth fh>m God. Jesus 
answered them. Do ye now be- 

82 lieve ? Behold, the hour com- 
eth, yea, is come, that ye shall 
be scattered, every man to his 
own, and shall leave me alone : 
and yet I am not alone, be- 
cause the Father is with me. 

83 These things have I spoken 
unto you, that in me ye may 
have peace. In the world ye 
have tribulation: but be of 
good cheer ; I have overcome 
the world. 


a Or, 

8 0r.mdk« 


These things spake Jesus ; \'J 
and lifting up his eyes to 
heaven, he said. Father, the 
hour is come; glorify thy 
Son, that the Son may glo- 
rify thee: even as thou gav- 2 
est him authority over all 
flesh, that whatsoever thou 
hast given him, to them he 
should give eternal life. And 3 
this is Ufe eternal, that they 
should know thee the only 
true God, and him whom thou 
didst send, even Jesus Christ. 
I glorified thee on the earth, 4 
having accomplished the work 
which thou hast given me to 
do. And now, O Father, glo- 5 
rify thou me with thine own 
self with the glory which I 
had with thee before the world 
was. I manifested thy name 6 
unto the men whom thou 

Svest me out of the world : 
ine they were, and thou _ 
gavest them to me ; and they 
have kept thy word. Now 7 
they know that all things 
whatsoever thou hast given 
me are from thee: for the 8 
words which thou gavest mc 
I have given unto them ; and 
they received themy and knew 
of a truth that I came forth 
ft^m thee, and they believed 
that thou didst send me. I 9 
6 pray for them: I fipray not 
for the world, but for those 
whom thou hast given me: 
for they are thine: and all 10 
things chat are mine are thine, 
and thine are mine : and I am 
glorified in them. And I am 11 
no more in the world, and these 
are in the world, and I come 
to thee. Holy Father, keep 
them in thy name which thou 
hast given me, that they^may 
be one, even as we are. while 12 
I was with them, I kept them 
in thy name which thou hast 
given me : and I guarded themi, 
and not one of them perished, 
but the son of perdition ; that 

-18. 12. 

the scripture might be Mfll- 

13 led. But now I come to thee ; 
and these things I speak in 
the world, that they may have 
my Joy fulfilled in themselves. 

14 I have given them thy word ; 
and the world hated them, 
because they are not of the 
world, even as I am not of 

16 the world. I ipray not that 
thou shouldest take them 
3ftom the world, but that 
thou shouldest keep them 

16 2ftx)m «the evil one. They 
are not of the world, even 
as I am not of the world. 

17 ^Sanctify them in the truth: 

18 thy word is truth. As thou 
didst send me into the world, 
even so sent I them into the 

19 world. And for their sakes 
I 4 sanctify myself, that they 
themselves also may be sanc- 

20 tifled in truth. Neither for 
these only do I ipray, but for 
them also that believe on me 

21 through their word ; that they 
may sil be one ; even as thou, 
Father, art in me, and I in 
thee, that they also may be 
in. us: that the world may 
believe that thou didst send 

22 me. And the glory which 
thou hast given me I have 
given unto them; that they 
may be one, even as we are 

23 one; I in them, and thou 
in me, that they may be 
perfected into one; that the 
world may know that thou 
didst send me, and lovedst 
them, even as thou lovedst 

24 me. Father, ^that which thou 
hast given me, I will that, 
where I am, they also may 
be with me; that they may 
behold my glory, which thou 
hast given me : for thou lov- 
edst me before the founda- 

25 tion of the world. O right- 
eous Father, the world knew 
thee not, but I knew thee; 
and these knew that thou 

26 didst send me; and I made I 

a Or. 

* Or, 0<m- 

5 Many 
ties read 



S. JOHN. W9 

known unto them thy name, 
and will make it known ; that 
the love wherewith thou lov- 
edst me may be in them, and 
I in them. 

When Jesus had spoken 18 
these words, he went forth 
with his disciples over the 
6 brook 7 Kidron, where was a 
garden, into the which he en- 
tered, himself and his disci- 
Kles. Now Judas also, which 2 
etrayed him, knew the place : 
for Jesus oft-times resorted 
thither with his disciples. Ju- 3 
das then, having received the 
8 band qf soldiers, and officers 
f^om the chief priests and the 
Pharisees, cometh thither with 
lanterns and torches and wea- 
pons. Jesus therefore, know- 4 
mg all the things that were 
coming upon him, went forth, 
and saith imto them. Whom 
seek ye ? They answered him, 5 
Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus saith 
nn*n- f}].\]i. I iuii he, Xud Jm- 
df,- ulv. which bettiL^eil hlirt, 

WH--lalJillt](s'^Withtll[:Irt. WhcD 6 

^tsitfLin: hu Miicl imto tbum, 
I nin fi^., lUdy ^ent Ijiuikivut^. 
and Tl-U Ut the gmaml Auniu 7 
thL^rL'fnrc lie iii^Rcd the ui^ Whom 
flOL'Ic j.e? Anid ttity ttihl, Jojiug 
of NiiKEirclL. Jvana iVusu-H^rcd, 8 
I tohl yi^iu that I Mil he: If 
tbi^rcfurE) ye nenk mc, ioi thtso 
gn iliulf wnv : tlitit the wcrnl 9 
uifjV'l?' >"' hjiHn,.-i n-h1f'li \'(' 
spake, Ok Luwdo •.uv,u, i,uvu 
hast given me I lost not one. 
Simon Peter therefore having 10 
a sword drew it, and struck 
the high priest's ^ servant, and 
cut off his right ear. Now 
the 9 servant's name was Mal- 
chus. Jesus therefore said un- 11 
to Peter, Put up the sword 
into the sheath: the cup 
which the Father hath given 
me, shall I not drink it ? 

So the 8band and the «>chief "• * 
captain, and the officers of ' 
JewSy seized Jesus and b*^ 

8 Or, 


10 Or, 




13 him, and led bim to Annas 
first ; for he was father in law 
to Caiaphas, which was high 

14 priest that year. Now Caiaphas 
was he which gave counsel to 
the Jews, that it was expedient 
that one man should die for 
the people. 

16 And Simon Peter followed 
Jesus, and so did another dis- 
ciple. Now that disciple was 
known unto the high priest, 
and entered in with Jesus into 
the court of the high priest ; 

16 but Peter was standing at the 
door without So the other dis- 
ciple, which was known unto 
the high priest, went out and 

Spake unto her that kept the 
oor, and brought In Peter. 

17 The maid therefore that kept 
the door saith unto Peter, Art 
thou also one of this man's 
disciples ? He saith, I am not. 

18 Now the 1 servants and the of- 
ficers were standing there, hav- 
ing made ^ a fire of coals ; for 
it was cold; and they were 
warming themselves : and Pe- 
ter also was with them, stand- 
ing and warming himself. 

19 The high priest therefore 
asked Jesus of his disciples, 

20 and of his teaching. Jesus 
answered him, I have spoken 
openly to the world; I ever 
taught in > synagogues, and in 
the temple, where all the Jews 
come together ; and in secret 

21 spake I nothing. Why askest 
thou me ? ask tnem that have 
heard vne. what I spake unto 
them : bcuold, these know the 

22 things which I said. And when 
he had said this, one of the 
officers standing by struck Je- 
sus «with his hand, saying, 
Answerest thou the high priest 

23 so ? Jesus answered him, If I 
have spoken evil, bear witness 
of the evil: but If well, why 

24 smitest thou me? Annas there- 
fore sent him bound imto 
Caiaphas the high priest. 




4 Or. wxQk 

5 Gr. Vrcf 

« Or, oil- 
eert'. as 
Jn yer. S. 
12, 18, 2it 

Now Simon Peter was stand- 25 
ing and warming himself They 
said therefore unto him. Art 
thou also iyM of his disci- 
ples? He denied, and said, I 
am not One of the i servants 26 
of the high [>rie6t, being a 
kinsman of him whose ear 
Peter cut off, saith, Did not I 
see thee in the garden vritii 
him? Peter therefore denied 27 
again: and straightway the 
cock crew. 

They lead Jesus therefore 28 
ft-om Caiaphas into the ^ pa- 
lace; and it was earlv; and 
thevHtiemselves entered not in- 
to the s palace, that they might 
not be defiled, but might eat 
the passover. Pilate therefore 29 
went out unto them, and saith. 
What accusation bring ye a- 
gainst this man? They answer- 80 
ed and said unto him, If this 
man were not an evil-doer, we 
should not have delivered him 
up unto thee. Pilate therefore 81 
said unto them. Take him your- 
selves, and Judge him accord- 
ing to your law. The Jews said 
unto him, It is not lawful for 
us to put anv man to death : 
that the word of Jesus might 82 
be fulfilled, which he spake, 
signifying by what manner of 
death he should die. 

Pilate therefore entered a- 33 
gain into the ^ palace, and call- 
ed Jesus, and said unto him. 
Art thou the King of the Jews ? 
Jesus answered, Sayest thou 84 
this Of thyself, or did others 
tell it thee concerning me? 
Pilate answered, Am I a Jew? 85 
Thine own nation and the 
chief priests delivered tliee 
unto me: what hast thou 
done? Jesus answered. My 86 
kingdom is not of this world : 
if my kingdom were of this 
world, then would my « ser- 
vants fight, that I should not 
be delivered to the Jews: but 
now Is my kingdom not ftom 


87 henoe. pUate therefore said 
unto him. Art thou a king 
then? Jesus answered. iThou 
sayest that I am a king. To 
this end have I been born, and 
to this end am I come into 
the world, that I should bear 
witness unto the trutli. Every 
one that is of the truth hear- 

88 eth my voice. Pilate saith unto 
him, What is truth? . 

And when he had said this, 
he went out again unto the 
Jews, and saith unto them, I 

89 find no crime in him. But ye 
have a custom, that I should 
release unto you one at the 
passover : will ye therefore that 
1 release unto you the King 

40 of the Jews? They cried out 

therefore again, saying. Not 

this man, but Barabbas. Now 

Barabbas was a robber. 

X9 Then Pilate therefore took 

Jesus, and scourged him. 

2 And the soldiers plaited a 

crown of thorns, and put it 

on his head, and arrayed him 

8 in a purple garment; and 

they came unto him, and said, 

Hail, King of the Jews 1 and 

they struck him Swith their 

4 handa And Pilate went out 

again, and saith unto them. 

Behold, I bring him out to 

foil, that ye may know that 
find no crime in him. Jesus 
therefore came out, wearing 
the crown of thorns and the 
purple garment. And Pilate 
saith unto them, Behold, the 

6 man! When therefore the chief 

Eriests and the officers saw 
im, they cried out. saying, 
Cmolty Mm, crucify him. Pi- 
late saith unto them, Take him 
vourselveSk and crucify him: 
for I find no crime in him. 

7 The Jews answered him. We 
have a law, and by that law 
he ought to die, because he 
made himself the Son of God. 

8 When Pilate therefore heard 
this saying, he was the more 

S. JOHN. 141^ 

afhiid ; and he entered into the 9 
spalaoe again, and saith unto 
Jesus, Whence art thou? But 
Jesus gave him no answer. 
Pilate therefore saith unto 10 
him, Speakest thou not unto 
me? knowest thou not that I 
have * power to release thee, 
and have ^ power to crucify 
thee? Jesus answered him, 11 
Thou wouldest have no ^ power 
against me, except it were 
given thee fW)m above : there- 
fore he that delivered me unto 
thee hath greater sin. Upon 12 
this Pilate sought to release 
him: but the Jews cried out, 
saying, If thou release this 
man, thou art not Caesar's 
friend : every one that maketh 
himself a king ^speaketh a- 
gainst Oeesar. When Pilate 18 
therefore heard these words, 
he brought Jesus out, and sat 
down on the Judgement-seat at 
a place called The Pavement, 
but in Hebrew, Gabbatha. Now 14 
it was the Preparation of the 
passover: it was about the 
sixth hour. And he saith unto 
the Jews, Behold, your King 1 
They therefore cried out, Away 15 
with him, away with him^ cru- 
cify him. Pifato saith unto 
them. Shall I crucify your 
King? The chief priests an- 
swered, We have no king but 
Caesar. Then therefore he de- 16 
livered him unto them to be 

They took Jesus therefore : 
and he went out^ bearing the 17 
cross for himself, unto the 
place called The place of a 
skull, which is called in He- 
brew Golgotha: where they 18 
crucified him, and with him 
two others, on either side one, 
and Jesus in the midst And 19 
Pilate wrote a title also, and 
put it on the cross. And there 
was written, jbsus op vaza- 


This title therefore read 

1 Or, Thorn 

MV«« It, 
I am a 

2 Or, 

3 Gr. Pra- 

«0r, a«. 

5 Or, 

142 S. JOHK. 

of the Jews: ifor the plaoe 
where Jesus was crudfled was 
nigh to the city: and it was 
written in Hebrew, and In 

21 Latin, and in Greeb The chief 
priests of the Jews therefore 
said to Pilate, Write not, The 
King of the Jews ; but, that 
he said, I am King of the 

22 Jews. Pilate answered. What 

1 have written I have writ- 

23 The soldiers therefore, when 
they had crucified Jesus, took 
his garments, and made four 
pails, to every soldier a part ; 
and also the ^ooat: now the 

2 coat was without seam, woven 

24 flrom the top throughout They 
said therefore one to another, 
Let us not rend it, but ca^ 
lots for it, whose it shall be : 
that the scripture might be 
fulfilled, which saith. 

They parted my garments 

among thom. 
And upon my vesture did 

tlicy cast lots. 
These tilings therefore the 

25 soldiers did. But there were 
standing by the cross of Jesus 
his mother, and his mother's 
sister, Mary the toife of Clopas, 

26 and Mary Magdalene. When 
Jesus therefore saw his mo- 
ther, and the disciple standing 
by, whom he loved, he saith 
imto his mother, Woman, be- 

27 hold, thy son I Then saith he 
to the disciple. Behold, thy mo- 
ther ! And from that hour the 
disciple took her unto his own 

28 After this Jesus, knowing 
that all things are now finish- 
ed, that the scripture might be 
accomplished, saith, I thirst. 

29 There was set there a vessel 
ftill of vinegar: so they put 
a sponge fml of the vinegar 
upon hyssop, and brought it 

80 to his mouth. When Jesus 
therefore had received the 
Tinegar, he said, It is finished : 

of (he eUy 



8 Or, 

ties read 

19. 20-- 

and he bowed hia head, and 
gave up his spirit. 

The Jews therefore, be- 81 
cause it was the Prepara- 
tion, that the bodies should 
not remain on the cross upon 
the sabbath (for the day of 
that sabbath was a high day), 
asked of Pilate that their legs 
might be broken, and tfuU they 
might be taken away. The 82 
soldiers therefore came, and 
brake the 1^ of the first, and 
of the other which was cruci- 
fied with him : but when they 88 
came to Jesus, and saw that 
he was dead already, they brake 
not his legs : howbeit one of 84 
the soldiers with aspearpieroed 
his side, and straightway there 
came out blood and water. 
And he that hath seen hath 85 
borne witness, and his witness 
is true : and he knoweth that 
he saith true, that ye also may 
believe. For these things came 86 
to pass, that the scripture 
might be fulfilled, A bone of 
hhn shall not be > broken. And 87 
again another scripture saith, 
Tney shall look on him whom 
they pierced. 

And after these things Jo- 88 
seph of ArimathsBa, being a 
disciple of Jesus, but secretly 
for fear of the Jews, asked of 
Pilate that he might take awav 
the body of Jesus : and Pi- 
late gave At'm leave. He came 
therefore, and took away his 
body. And there came also 89 
Nicodemus, he who at the first 
came to him by night, bring- 
ing a « mixture of myrrh and 
aloes, about a hundred pound 
weiaht. So they took the body 40 
of tfesus, and bound it in linen 
cloths with the spices, as the 
custom of the Jews is to bury. 
Now in the place where he 41 
was crucified there was a gar- 
den ; and in the garden a new 
tomb wherein was never man 
yet laid. There then because 4S 

—20. 24. 

of the Jews' Preparation (for 
the tomb was nigh at hand) 
they laid Jesus. 

20 N^^ ®^ ^® ^"^ ^^V ®' *^^ 
week Cometh Mary Magda- 

' lene early, while it was yet 
dark, unto the tomb^ and 
seeth the stone taken away 

2 fh)m the tomb. She runnetn 
therefore, and cometh to Si- 
mon Peter, and to the other 
disciple, whom Jesus loved, and 
saith imto them, They nave 
taken away the Lord out of the 
tomb, and we know not where 

8 they have laid him. Peter 
therefore went forth, and the 
other disciple, and they went 

4 toward the tomb. And they 
ran both together: and the 
other disciple outran .Peter, 
and came first to the tomb; 

6 and stooping and looking in, 
he soeth the linen cloths ly- 
ing; yet entered he not in. 

6 Simon Peter therefore also 
cometh, following him, and en- 
tered into the tomb; and he 
beholdeth the linen cloths ly- 

7 ing, and the napkin, that was 
upon Ids head, not lying with 
the linen cloths, but rolled up 

8 In a place by itself. Then en- 
tered in therefore the other 
disciple also, which came first 
to the tomb, and he saw, and 

9 believed. For as yet- they 
knew not the scripture, that 
he must rise again from the 

10 dead. So the disciples went 
away again unto their own 

11 But Maiy was standing with- 
out at the tomb weeping : so. 
as she wept, she stooped ana 

12 looked into the tomb; and she 
beholdeth two angels in white 
sitting, one at the head, and 
one at the feet, where the 

18 body of Jesus had lain. And 
they say unto her. Woman, 
why weepest thou? She saith 
unto them. Because they have 
taken away my Lord, and I 



3 Or, Tak9 


S Or, KcHy 

4 That is. 


know not where they have 
laid him. When she had thus 14 
said, she turned herself back, 
and beholdeth Jesus stand- 
ing, and knew not that It 
was Jesus. Jesus saith un- 15 
to her. Woman, why weepest 
thou? whom seekest thou? 
She, supposing him to be the 
gardener, saith unto him. Sir, 
if thou hast borne him hence, 
tell me where thou hast laid 
him, and I will take him 
away. Jesus saith unto her. 16 
Mary. She tumeth herself, and 
saith unto him in Hebrew, ' 
Babboni; which is to say, 
1 Master. Jesus saith to her, 17 
a Touch me not; for I am 
not yet ascended unto the Fa- 
ther: but go unto my bre- 
thren, and say to them, I as- ^ 
ccnd unto my Father and your 
Father, and mv God and your 
God. Mary Magdalene com- 18 
eth and teUeth the disciples. 
I have seen the Lord; and 
how that he had said these 
things unto her. 

Wnen therefore it was even- 19 
ing, on that day, the first 
day of the week, and when 
the doors were shut where the 
disciples were, for fear of the 
Jews, Jesus came aud stood 
in the midst, and saith unto 
them, Peace be unto you. And 20 
when he had said this, he shew- 
ed unto them his hands and 
his side. The disciples there- 
fore were glad, when they saw 
the Lord. Jesus therefore said 21 
to thorn again, Peace be unto 
you : as the Father hath sent 
me, even so send I vou. And 22 
when he had said this, he 
breathed on them, and saith 
unto them. Receive ye the 
8 Holy Ghost: whose soever sins 28 
ye foigive, they are forgiven 
unto them : whose soever sina 
ye retain, tney are retahied. 

But Thomas, one C 
twelve, called ^Pidymv 


8. Jomt. 

not with them when Jesus 

25 came. The other disci^es 
therefore said unto him, We 
have seen the Lord. But he 
said unto them, Except I shall 
see in his hands the print of 
the nails, and put my finger 
into the print of the noils, 
and put my hand into his 
side, I will not believe. 

26 And after eight days ogain 
his disciples were within, and 
Thomas with them. Jesus com- 
cth, the doors being shut, and 
stood in the midst, and said, 

27 Peace be unto you. Then saith 
he to Thomas, Reach hither 
thy finger, and see my hands ; 
and reach hither thy hand, 
and put it into my side : and 
be not faithless, but believing. 

28 Thomas answered and said un- 
to him, Mv Lord and my God. 

29 Jesus saith unto him, Because 
thou hast seen me, ^ thou hast 
l)elieved: blessed are they that 
have not seen, and yet have 

80 Many other signs therefore 
did Jesus in the presence of 
the disciples, which are not 
31 written in this book: but these 
are written, that ye may be- 
lieve that Jesus is the Christ, 
the Son of Ood ; and that he- 
lieving ye may have life in his 
21 After these things Jesus 
manifested himself again to 
the disciples at the sea of 
Tiberias; and he manifested 

2 himsfJf on this wise. There 
were together Simon Peter, 
and Thomas called ^Didymus, 
and Nathanael of Cana in Ga- 
lilee, and the sons of Zebedce, 
and two other of his disciples. 

8 Simon Peter saith unto them, 
I go a fishing. Th^ say unto 
him. We also come with thee. 
They went forth, and entered 
into the boat; and that night 

4 they took nothing. But when 
day was now breaking, Jesus 


2 That Is. 

a fire qf 


5 Or, a loaf 

6 Or, 


8 Or. 


9. 10 Love 
io these 
two dif- 


stood on the beaoh: howbelt 
the disciples knew not that it 
WEis Jesus. Jesus therefore 5 
saith unto them, Children, 
have ye aught to eat? They 
answered him. No. And he 6 
said unto them, Cast the net 
on the right side of the boat^ 
and ye shall find. They cast 
therefore, and now they were 
not able to draw it for the 
multitude of fishes. That dis- 7 
ciple therefore whom Jesus 
loved saith unto Peter, It is 
the Lord. So when Simon Pe- 
ter heard that it was the Lord, 
he girt his coat about him (for 
he was naked), and cast him- 
self into the sea But the 8 
other disciples came in the lit- 
Ue boat (for they wer» not far 
fh)m the land, but about two 
hundred cubits off), dragging 
the net full of fishes. So when 9 
they got out upon the land, 
they see 8 a fire of coals there, 
and ^flsh laid thereon, and 
thread. Jesus saith unto them, 10 
Bring of -the fish which ye 
have now takea Simon Peter 11 
therefore went ^ up, and drew 
the net to land, rail of great 
fishes, a hundred and fifty and 
three : and for all there were 
so many, the net was not rent. 
Jesus saith unto them. Come 12 
and break your fast And 
none of the disciples durat in- 
quire of him, who art thou ? 
knowing that it was the Lord. 
Jesus Cometh, and taketh the 13 
thread, and glveth them, and 
the fish likewise. This Is now 14 
the third time that Jesus was 
manifested to the disciples, 
after that he was risen from 
the dead. 

So when they had broken Ifi 
their fast, Jesus saith to Si- 
mon Peter, Simon, son at 
>John, ^lovest thou me more 
than these ? He saith unto 
him. Tea, Lord ; thou knowest 
that I 10 love thee. He saith 




16 tinto him. Feed mv lambs. He 
saith to mm agun a second 
time, Simon, son of Uohn, siov- 
est thou me? He saith unto 
him, Yea, Lord ; thou knowest 
that I 'love thee. He saith 

17 unto him. Tend my sheep. He 
saith unto him the third time, 
Simon, son of i John, «lovest 
thou me ? Peter was grieved 
because he said unto him the 
third time, 'Lovcst thou me? 
And he said unto him. Lord, 
thou Icnowest all things ; thou 
4 knowest that I ^love thee. 
Jesus saith unto him. Feed 

18 my sheep. Verily, verily, I say 
unto thee. When thou wast 
young, thou girdedst thyself, 
and walkedst whither thou 
wouldrat: but when thou shalt 
be old, thou shalt stretch forth 
thy hands, and another shall 
gird thee, and carry thee whi- 

19 ther thou wouldest not. Now 
this he spake, signifying by 
what manner of death he 
should glorify God. And when 
he had spoken this, he saith 

20 unto him, Follow me. Peter, 



ch. 1. fi; 


two dif- 

* Or, per 


5 Gr. and 
this man, 

taming about, seeth the dis- 
ciple whom Jesus loved fol- 
lowing; which also leaned 
tocki)n his breast at the sup- 
per, and said. Lord, who is he 
that betrayeth thee? Peter 21 
therefore seeing him saith to 
Jesus, Lord, ^and what shall 
this man do ? Jesus saith un- 22 
to him. If I will that he tarry 
till I come, what is that to 
thee? follow thou me. This 23 
saying therefore went forth 
among the brethren, that that 
disciple should not die: yet 
Jesus said not unto him, that 
he should not die ; but. If I 
will that he tany till I come, 
what is that to thee? 

This is the disciple which 24 
beareth witness of these things, 
and wrote these things : and we , 
know that his witness is true. 

And there are also manv 26 
other things which Jesas did, 
the which if they should be 
written every one, I suppose 
that even the world itself 
would not contain the books 
that should be writtea 



X Thi 1 former treatise I 
made. O Theophilus, concern- 
ing all that Jesus began both 

2 to do and to teach, until the 
day in which he was received 
up, after that he had given 
commandment through the 
sHoly Ohost unto the apo- 
stles whom he had chosen: 

8 to whom he also 'shewed him- 
self alive after his passion by 
many proof^ appcmng unto 
them by the space of forty 


B Or, say 

and 80 
out this 

3 Gr. pre- 

4 Or, eat- 

5 Or, in 

days, and speaking the things 
concerning the kingdom of 
God: and, ^ being assembled 4 
together with them, he charged 
them not to depart ft*om Je- 
rusalem, but to wait for the 
promise of the Father, which, 
said he, ye heard ft'om me: 
for John indeed baptized with 5 
water; but ye shall be bap- 
tiied 6 with the Holy G^ 
not many days hence. 
They therefore, whei 




were come together, asked 
him, saying, Lord, dost thou 
at this time restore the king- 

7 dom to Israel? And l\p said 
unto them, It is not for you 
to know times or seasons, 
which the Father hath ^set 

8 within his own authority. But 
ye shall receive power, when 
the Holy Ghost is come upon 
you : and ye shaU be my wit- 
nesses both in Jerusalem, and 
in allJud»a and Samaria, and 
unto the uttermost part of 

9 the earth. And when he had 
said these things, as they were 
looking, he was taken up; and 
a cloud received him out of 

10 their sight. And while they 
were looking stedfastlv into 
heaven as he went, behold, two 
men stood by them in white 

11 apparel; which also said. Ye 
men of Galilee, why stand ye 
looking into heaven ? this Je- 
sus, which was received up 
from you into heaven, shall so 
come in like manner as ye be- 
held him going into heavea 

12 Then returned they unto Je- 
rusalem from the mount called 
Olivet, which is nigh unto Je- 
rusalem, a sabbath day's Jour- 

18 ney off. And when they were 
come in, they went up into the 
upper chamber, where they 
were abiding ; both Peter and 
John and James and Andrew, 
Philip and Thomas, Bartholo- 
mew and Matthew, James the 
son of Alphasus, and Simon 
the Zealot, and Judas the ^son 

14 of James. These all with one 
accord continued stedfastly in 
prayer, « with the women, and 
Mary the mother of Jesus, and 
with his brethren. 

15 And in these days Peter 
stood up in the midst of the 
brethren, and said (and there 
was a multitude of * persons 
acUhered together, about a 

'6 hundred and twenty), Bre- 
thren» it wm needftU that the 

lOr, aj»- 

9 Or, 

3 Or, viiik 

5 0r,Io< 

T Oft over 

8 Or, unto 

waf being 

scripture should be fulfilled, 
which the Holy Ghost spake 
before by the mouth of David 
concemmg Judas, who was 
guide to them that took Je- 
sus. For he was numbered 17 
among us, and received his 
& portion in this minlstiy. 
(Now this man obtained a 18 
field with the reward of his 
iniquity ; and falling head- 
long, he Durst asunder in the 
midst, and all his bowels gush- 
ed out. And it became known 19 
to all the dwellers at Jerusa- 
lem; insomuch that in their 
langua^ that field was called 
Akddama, that is, The field 
of blood.) For it is written in 20 
the book of Psalms, 

Let his habitation be made 

And let no man dwell 
therein : 

His < office let another take. 
Of the men therefore which 21 
have companied with us all the 
time that the Lord Jesus went 
in and went out 7 among us, 
beginning from the baptism of 22 
John, unto the day that he was 
received up from us, of these 
must one become a witness 
with us of his resurrection. 
And they put forward two, 28 
Joseph called Barsabbas, who 
was sumamed Justus, and 
Matthias. And they prayed, 24 
and said. Thou, Lord, which 
knowest the hearts of all men, 
Khew of these two the one 
whom thou hast chosen, to 25 
take the place in this ministiy 
and apostlcship, from which 
Judas fell away, that he might 
go to his own place. And they 26 
gave lots 8 for them ; and the 
lot fell upon Matthias; and 
he was numbered with the 
eleven apostles. 

And when the day of Pente- ^ 
cost A was now come, they were 
all together in one place. And 2 




suddenly there came fh>m hea- 
ven a sound as of the rushing 
of a mighty wind, and it flllcd 
all the house where they were 

8 sitting. And there appeared 
unto them tongues i parting 
asunder, like as of fire ; and 
it sat upon each one of them. 

4 And they were all filled with 
the Holy Spirit^ and began to 
speak with other tongues, as 
the Spirit gave them utter- 

6 Now tiiere were dwelling at 
Jerusalem Jews, devout men, 
ft'om every nation under hea- 

6 ven. And when this sound 
was heard, the multitude 
came together, and were con- 
founded, because that every 
man heard them speaking in 

7 his own language. And they 
were all amazed and mar- 
velled, saying. Behold, are not 
all these wmch speak Qali- 

8 Iseans? And how hear we, 
every man in our own lan- 
guage, wherein we were bom? 

9 Parthians and Medes and 
Elamites, and the dwellers in 
Mesopotamia, in Judaea and 
Cappadociaj in Poutus and 

10 Asia, in Pnrygia and Pam- 
phylia, in Egypt and the parts 
of Libya about Oyrene, and 
sojourners fi-om Rome, both 

11 Jews and prosclj'tes, Cretans 
and Arabians, we do hear them 
speaking in our tongues the 

12 mighty works of God. And 
they were all amazed, and 
were perplexed, saying one to 
another, What meaneth this? 

13 But others mocking said, They 
are filled with new wine. 

14 But Peter, standing up with 
the eleven, lifted up his voice, 
and spake forth unto them. 
sajfing, Ye men of Judsea, and 
all ye that dwell at Jerusa- 
lem, be this known unto you, 
and give ear unto my words. 

15 For these are not drunken, 
M ye BuppoBo; seeing it is 


a Or, 




but the third hour of the day ; 
but this is that which hath 16 
been spoken ^by the prophet 

And it shall be in the last 17 

days, saith God, 
I will pour forth of my Spi- 
rit upon all flesh : 
And your sons and your 
daughters shall prophesy. 
And your young men shall 

see visions. 
And your old men shall 

dream dreams : 
Yea and on my > servants 18 
and on my ^handmi^dens 
in those days 
Will I pour forth of mv 
Spirit ; and they shall 
Antf I will shew wonders in 19 

the heaven above. 
And signs on the earth be- 
neath ; 
Blood, and fire, and vapour 

of smoke : 
The sun shall be turned 20 

into darkness, 
And the moon into blood. 
Before the day of the Lord 

That great and notable 

And it shall be, that who- 21 
soever shall call on the 
name of the Lord shall 
be saved. 
Ye men of Israel, hear these 22 
words: Jesus of Nazareth, a 
man approved of God unto 
you by <^ mighty works and 
wonders and signs, which God 
did by him in the midst of you, 
even as ye yourselves know; 
him, being delivered up by 28 
the determinate counsel and 
foreknowledge of God, ye by 
the hand of 8 lawless men did 
crucify and slay : whom God 24 
raised up, having loosed the 
pangs of death : because it was 
not possible that he should ^ 
holden of it For David ^ 
oonceming him. 




I beheld the Lord always 

before my face ; 
For he is on my right 

hand, that I should not 

be moTed : 

26 Therefore my heart was 

glad, and my tongue re- 
Moreover mv flesh also 
shall 1 dwell in hope: 

27 Because thou wilt not leave 

my soul in Hades, 
Neither wilt thou give thy 
Holy One to see corrup- 

28 Thou madcst known unto 

me the ways of life ; 
Thou Shalt make me fUlI of 
gladness swith thy coun- 
tenance. ^ 

29 Brethren, I may say unto you 
flreely of the patriarch Da- 
vid, that he both died and 
was buried, and his tomb is 

80 with us unto this day. Being 
therefore a prophet, and know- 
ing that God had sworn with 
an oath to him, that of the 
fruit of his loins >he would 

81 set one upon his throne ; he 
foreseeing this spake of the 
resurrection of the Christ that 
neither was he lefb in Hades, 
nor did his flesh see comip- 

82 tion. This Jesus did God raise 
up, « whereof we all are wit- 

38 nesses. Being therefore <by 
the right hand of God exalt- 
ed, and having received of the 
Father the promise of the 
Holy Ghost, ne hath poured 
forth this, which ye see and 

84 hear. For David ascended not 
into the heavens : but he salth 

The Lord said unto my 
Lord, Sit thou on my 
right hand, 

85 Till I make thine ene- 

mies the footstool of thy 

86 Let «all the house of Israel 
therefore know assuredly, that 
Ttod hath made him both Lord 

1 Or, taber- 

9 Or, 
in thy 

S Or, one 

4 Or, 


« Or, every 

7 Or, 


9 Or, 

10 Many 
ties add 
lalfm ; 
and great 

and Christ this Jesus whom 
ye crucified. 

Now when they heard thUy 87 
they were pricked in their 
hesjt, and said unto Peter 
and the rest of the apostles, 
Brethren, what shall we dot 
And Peter said unto them, 38 
Repent ye, and be baptized 
every one of you in the name 
of tfesus Christ unto the re- 
mission of your sins ; and ve 
shall receive the gift of the 
Holy Ghost For to yon is 39 
the promisQ, and to your chil- 
dren, and to all that are afiu* 
off, even as many as the Lord 
our God shall gsXL unto him. 
And with many other words 40 
he testified, and exhorted them, 
saying, Save yourselves ftvm 
this crooked generation. They 41 
then 7 that received his word 
were baptised: and there were 
added unto them in that day 
about three thousand souls. 
And they continued stedfastly 42 
in the apostles' teaching and 
8 fellowship, in the brealdng of 
bread and the prayers. 

And fear came upon every 48 
soul : and many wonders and 
signs were done 'by the apo- 
stles lo. And all that believed 44 
were together, and had all 
things common ; and they sold 45 
their possessions and goods, 
and parted them to all, ac- 
cording as any man had need. 
And day by day, continuing 46 
stedfastly with one accord in 
the temple, and breaking bread 
at home, they did take their 
food with gladness and single- 
ness of heart, praising God, 47 
and having favour with all 
the people. And the Lord 
added uto them day by day 
those that were being saved. 

Now Peter and John were 3 
going up into the temple at 
the hour of prayer, beiriff the 
ninth hour. And a certain 2 
man that was lame fh^m his 




mother's womb was carried, 
whom they laid daily at the 
door of the temple which is 
called Beautiftd, to ask alms 
of them that entered into the 
8 temple ; who seeing Peter and 
John about to go into the 
temple, asked to receive an 

4 alms. And Peter, fastening his 
eyes upon him, with John, said. 

5 Look on us. And he gave heed 
unto them, expecting to re- 
ceive something f^om them. 

6 But Peter said, Silver and 
gold have I none; but what 
I have, that give I thee. In 
the name of Jesus Christ of 

7 Nazareth, walk. And he took 
him by the right band, and 
raised him up: and immedi- 
ately his feet and his ankle- 

8 bones received strength. And 
leaping up, he stood, and be- 
gan to walk ; and he entered 
with them into the temple, 
walking, and leaping, and 

9 praising God. And all the 
people saw him walking and 

10 praising God: and they took 
Knowledge of him, that it was 
he which sat for alms at the 
Beautiftil G^te of the tem- 
ple : and they were filled with 
wonder and amazement at 
that which bad happened un- 
to him. 

11 And as he held Peter and 
John, all the people ran toge- 
ther unto them in the i porch 
that is called Solomon's, great- 

12 ly wondering. And when Peter 
saw it, he answered unto the 
people. Ye men of Israel, why 
marvel ye at this 2 man? or 
why fasten ye your eyes on us, 
as though by our own power or 
godliness we bad made him to 

13 walk? The God of Abraham, 
and of Isaac, and of Jacob, 
the God of our fathers, hath 
glorified his > Servant Jesus: 
whom ye delivered up, and 
denied before the face of Pi- 
late, when he had determined 


a Or. Ihi»g 

4 Or. 

& Or, qf 

* Or, on the 
groftnd of 

7 Or, M he 
raised up 

to release him. But ye denied 14 
the Holy and Righteous One, 
and asked for a murderer to 
be granted unto you, and killed 15 
the * Prince of life; whom God 
raised ft*om the dead ; « where- 
of we are witnesses. And «by 16 
faith in his name hath his 
name made this man strong, 
whom ye behold and know: 
yea, the faith which is through 
him hath given him this per- 
fect soundness in the presence 
of you all. And now, brethren, 17 
I wot that in ignorance ye did 
it, as did also your rulei^ But 18 
the things which God fore- 
shewed by the mouth of all 
the prophets, that his Christ 
should suffer, he thus fulfilled. 
Repent yo therefore, and turn 19 
again, that your sins may be 
blotted out, that so there may 
come seasons of reft^shing 
ft*om the presence of the Lord ; 
and that ho may send the 20 
Christ who bath been ap- 
pointed for you, even Jesus: 
whom the heaven must re- 21 
ceive until the times of re- 
storation of all things, whereof 
God spake by the mouth of 
his holy prophets which have 
been since the world began. 
Moses indeed said, A prophet 22 
shall the Lord God raise up 
unto you fi*om among yoiu: 
brethren, ^Hke unto me; to 
him shall ye hearken in all 
things whatsoever he shall 
speak unto you. And it shall 23 
be, that every soul, which shall 
not hearken to that prophet, 
shall l)e utterly destroyed from 
among the pboplc. Yea and 24 
all the prophets from Samuel 
and them that followed after, 
as many as have spoken, they 
also told of these day& Ye 25 
are the sons of the prophets, 
and of the covenant which 
God 8 made with your fath^ 
saying unto Abraham, An 
thy seed shall all the fan 




26 of the earth be blessed. Unto 
you first God« haying raised 
up his Servant, sent him to 
bless you, in turning away 
every one of you from your 

4 And as they spake unto the 
people, ithe priests and the 
captain of the temple and the 
Sadducees came upon them, 

2 being sore troubled because 
they taught the people, and 
proclaimed in Jesus the re- 

8 surrection from the dead. And 
they laid hands on them, and 
put them in ward unto the 
morrow : for it was now even- 

4 tide. But many of them that 
heard the word believed ; and 
the number of the men came 
to be about five thousand. 

5 And it came to pass on the 
morrow, that their rulers and 
elders and scribes were gather- 

6 ed together in Jerusalem ; and 
Annas the high priest wag 
there, and Caiaphas, and John, 
and Alexander, and as many 
as were of the kindred of the 

7 high priest And when they 
had set them in the midst, 
they inquired, By what power, 
or in what name, have ye done 

8 this? Then Peter, flUed with 
the Holy Ghost, said unto 
them, Ye rulers of the people, 

9 and elders, if we this day are 
examined concerning a good 
deed done to an impotent 
man, sbv what means this 

10 man is «made whole; be it 
known unto you all, and to all 
the people of Israel that in 
the name of Jesus Christ of 
Nazareth, whom ye crucified, 
whom God raised from the 
dead, even in ^him doth this 
man stand here before you 

11 whole. He is the stone which 
was set at nought of you the 
builders, which was made the 

12 head of the comer. And in 
none other is there salvation : 
'or neither Is there any other 

ties read 

4 Or. Ail 


name under heaven, that is 
given among men, wherein we 
must be saved. 

Now when they beheld the IS 
boldness of Peter and John, 
and had perceived that they 
were unlearned and ignorant 
men, they marvelled; and 
they took Knowledge of them, 
that they had been with Je- 
sus. And seeing the man which 14 
was healed standing with them, 
they could say nothing against 
it. But when they had com- 15 
manded them to gK) aside out 
of the council, thev confer- 
red among themselves, say- 16 
ing. What shaU we do to 
these men? for that indeed 
a notable ^ miracle hath been 
wrought through them, is ma- 
nifest to all that dwell in Je- 
rusalem ; and we cannot deny 
it. But that it spread no Air- 17 
ther among the people, let us 
threaten them, that they speak 
henceforth to no man in this 
name. And they called them, 18 
and charged them not to speak 
at all nor teach in the name 
of Jesus. But Peter and John 19 
answered and said unto them. 
Whether it be right in the 
sight of God to hearken unto 
you rather than unto God, 
Judge ye: for we cannot but 20 
speak the things which we saw 
and heard. And they,when they 21 
had further threatened them, 
let them go, finding nothing 
how they might punish them, 
because of the people ; for all 
men glorified God for that 
which was done. For the man 22 
was more than forty years old, 
on whom this ^ miracle of heal- 
ing was wrought. 

And being let go, they came 23 
to their own company, and 
reported all that the chief 
pnests and the elders had said 
unto them. And they, when 2A 
they heard it, lifted up their 
voice to God with one accord. 





and said, O iLord, 3 thou that 
didst mako the heaven and 
the earth and the sea. and 

25 all that in them is: ^who by 
the Holy Ghost, bp the mouth 
of our rather David thy ser- 
vant, didst say, 

Whv did ttie Gentiles rage, 
And the peoples ^imagine 
vain things ? 

26 The kings of the earth set 

themselves in array. 
And the rulers were ga- 
thered together, 
Against the Lord, and a- 
gainst his ^ Anointed : 

27 for of a truth in this city 
a«pEdnst thy holy Servant Je- 
sus, whom thou didst anoint, 
both Herod and Pontius Pi- 
late, with the Gentiles and the 
peoples of Israel, were gather- 

28 ed together, to do whatsoever 
thy hand and thy counsel foro- 

29 ordained to come to pass. And 
now. Lord, look upon their 
threatenings : and grant unto 
thy « servants to speak thy 

80 word with all boldness, while 
thou stretchest forth thy hand 
to. heal ; and that signs and 
wonders may be done through 
the name of thy holy Servant 

81 Jesus. And when they had 
prayed, the place was shaken 
wherein they were gathered 
together; and they were all 
fllfed with the Holy Ghost, 
and they spake the word of 
God with boldness. 

82 And the multitude of them 
that believed were of one heart 
and soul : and not one qfthem 
said that aught of the things 
which he possessed was his 
own ; but they had all things 

83 cbmmon. And with great pow- 
er gave the apostles their wit- 
ness of the resulrection of the 
Lord Jesus? : and great grace 

84 was upon them alL For nei- 
ther was there among them 
any that lacked : for as many 
as were possessors of lands or 


2 Or, Hum 

3 The 
text in 
clause is 

what nn- 

4 Or, 

5 Or. 


7 Some 
ties add 

houses sold them, and brought 
the prices of the things that 
were sold, and laid them at 85 
the apostles' feet: and distri- 
bution was made unto each, 
according as any one nad 

And Joseph, who by the 36 
apostles was sumamed Bar- 
nabas (which is, being inter- 
preted, Son of 8 exhortation), 
a Levite, a man of Cyprus by 
race, having a field, sold it, 87 
and brought the money, and 
laid it at the apostles' feet 

But a certain man named 5 
Ananias, with Sapphira his 
wife, sold a possession, and 2 
kept back paH of the price, 
his wife also oeing privy to 
it, and brought a certain part, 
and laid it at the apostles' 
feet. But Peter said, Ananias, 8 
why hath Satan filled thy 
heart to » lie to the Holy 
Ghost, and to keep back part 
of the price of the land? 
Whiles it remained, did it not 4 
remain thine own? and after 
it was sold, was it not in thy 
power? How is it that thou 
hast conceived this thing in 
thy heart? thou hast not lied 
imto men, but unto God. And 5 
Ananias hearing these words 
fell down and gave up the 
ghost: and great fear came 
upon all that beard it And 6 
the 10 young men arose and 
wrapped him round, and they 
carried him out and buried 

And it was about the space 7 
of three hours after, when his 
wife, not knowing what was 
done, came in. And Peter 8 
answered unto her, Tell me 
whether ye sold the land for 
so much. And she said, Yea, 
for so much. But Peter eaid 9 
unto her. How is it that ye 
have agreed together to tem*^** 
the Spirit of the Lord? 
hold, the feet of them ^ 



have buried thy husband are 
at the door, and they shall 

10 carry thee out And she fell 
down immediately at his feet, 
and gave up the ghost: and 
the young men came in and 
found her dead, and they car- 
ried her out and buried her 

11 by her husband. And great 
fear came i^pon the whole 
church, and upon alt that 
heard these things. 

12 And by the hands of the 
apostles were many signs and 
wonders wrought among the 
people; and they were all 
with one accord in Solomon's 

13 porch. But of the rest durst 
no man Join himself to them : 
howl)eit the people magnified 

14 them ; i and believers were the 
more added to the Lord, mul- 
titudes both of men and wo- 

15 men ; insomuch that they even 
carried out the sick into the 
streets, and laid them on beds 
and couches, that, as Peter 
came by, at the least his sha- 
dow might overshadow some 

16 one of them. And there also 
came together the multitude 
fW)m the cities round about Je- 
rusalem, bringing sick folk, and 
them that were vexed with un- 
clean spirits: and they were 
healed every one. 

17 But the high priest rose 
up, and all they that were 
with him (which is the sect 
of the Sadduoccs), and they 

18 were filled with Jealousy, and 
laid hands on the r^^^'+les, 
and put them iu jjuIjIK; vawd. 

19 But an angel of tl^e LottI by 
night opened tlitJ pHson iliKirs, 
and brought tbyin out, and 

20 said, Go ye, iinil stnnil imd 
speak in the ti^niplc to the 
people all tha ^ortH oX this 

21 Life. And when Uiov heivrd 
this, they entered into the 
temple about d[i>-brenk, and 
taught. But thti high priest 
came, and they ttuit were with 

I Or, and 
were (he 

to them, 
on (he 

2 Or. at 

3 Some 
ties add 
tu him. 



5 Some 
ties read 
and Clod 

given (he 
(hem (hut 
obey him. 

him, and called the council 
together, and all the senate 
of the children of Israel, and 
sent to the prison-house to 
have them brought But the 22 
officers that came found them 
not in the prison; and they 
returned, and told, saying. The 23 

Erison-hoiise we found shut 
1 all safety, and the keepers 
standing at the doors: but 
when we had opened, we found 
no man within. Now when the 21 
captain of the temple and the 
chief priests heard these words, 
they were much perplexed con- 
cerning them whereunto this 
would grow. And there came 25 ^ 
one and told them. Behold, 
the men whom ye put in the 

f>rison are in the temple stand- 
ng and teaching the people. 
Then wont the captain with 26 
the officers, and brought them, 
but without violence ; for they 
feared the people, lest they 
should be stoned. And when 27 
they had brought them, they 
set them before the counciL 
And the high priest asked 
them, saying, We straitlycharg- 23 
ed you not to teach in this 
name: and behold, ve have 
fiUed Jerusalem with your 
teaching, and intend to bring 
this man's blood upon us. But 29 
Peter and the apostles answer- 
ed and said, We must obey 
God rather than men. The 30 
God of our fathers raised up 
Jesus, whom ye slew, hanging 
him on a tree. Him did God 31 
exalt 3 with his right hand to 
be a Prince and a Saviour, for 
to give repentance to Israel, 
and remission of sins. And we S2 
are witnesses^ of these ^things ; 
Sand so is the Holy Ghost, 
whom God hath given to them 
that obey him. 

But they, when they heard S3 
this, were cut to the heart, and 
were minded to slay them. But S4 
there stood up one hi the 




council, a Pharisee, named 
GamlOiel, a doctor of the law, 
had in honour of all the peo- 

Sle, and commanded to put 
tie men forth a little while. 

85 And he said unto them. Ye 
men of Israel, take heed to 
yourselves as touching these 
men, what ye are about to do. 

86 For before these days rose up 
Theudas, giving himself out 
to be somebody; to whom a 
number of mei^ about four 
hundred. Joined themselves: 
who was slain; and all, as 
many as obeyed him, were dis- 
persed, and came to nought. 

87 After this man rose up Judas 
of Galilee in the days of the 
enrolment, and drew away 
some of the people alter him : 
he also perished* and all, as 
many as obeyed him, were 

88 scattered abroad. And now I 
say unto you. Refrain fh>m 
these men, and let them alone : 
for if this counsel or this work 
be of men, it will be over- 

89 thrown : but if it is of God, 
ye will not be able to over- 
throw them ; lest haply ye be 
found even to be flghting a- 

40 gainst God. And to him they 
agreed: and when they had 
called the apostles unto them, 
they beat them and charged 
them not to speak in the 
name of Jesus, and let them 

41 go. They therefore departed 
from the presence of the coun- 
cil, rejoicing that thev were 
counted worthy to suffer dis- 

42 honour for the Name. And 
every day, in the temple and 
at home, they ceased not to 
teach and to preach Jesus m 
the Christ 

O Now in these days, when the 
number of the disciples was 
multiplying, there arose a mur- 
muring of the 1 Grecian Jews 
against the Hebrews, because 
their widows were neglected in 
2 the d^ily ministraUon. And 


8 Or, 
to tablet 

4 Some 
ties read 


the twelve called the multi- 
tude of the disciples unto 
them, and said. It k not a fit 
that we should forsake the 
word of God, and > serve tables. 
4 Look ye out therefore, bre- 8 
thren, f^om among you seven 
men of good report, full of the 
Sphit and of wisdom, whom 
we may appoint over this 
business. But we will continue 4 
stedfastly in prayer, and in the 
ministry of the word. And the 5 
saying pleased the whole mul- 
titude: and they chose Ste- 
phen, a man full of faith and 
of the Holy Sphrlt, and PhiUp, 
and Prochorus, and Nicanor, 
and Timon, and Parmen^s, 
and Nicolas a proselyte of 
Antioch: whom they set be- 6 
fore the apostles: and when 
they had prayed, they laid 
their hands on them. 

And the word of God in- 7 
creased; and the number of 
the disciples multiplied in Jc- 
rusaftm exceedingly; and a 
great company of the priests 
were obedient to the faith. 

And Stephen, fUll of grace 8 
and power, wrought great won- 
ders and signs among the peo- 
ple. But there arose certain 9 
of them that were of the syna- 
gogue called the svnagogue of 
tjie Libertines, and of tne Cy- 
rcnians, and of the Alexan- 
drians, and of them of Cilicia 
and Asia, disputing with Ste- 
phen. And they were not able 10 
to withstand the wisdom and 
the Spirit by which he spake. 
Then they suborned men, 11 
which saia. We have heard 
him speak blasphemous words 
against Moses, and ctgainst 
God. And they stirred up the 12 
people, and the elders, and the 
scribes, and came upon him, 
and seized him, and brought 
him into the council, and 
up false witnesses, which 
Tiiis man ceaseth Qot to s 




words against this holy place, 

14 and the law: for we have 
beard him say, that this Jesus 
of Nazareth shall destroy this 
place, and shall change the 
customs which Moses delivcr- 

15 ed unto us. And all that sat 
in the council, fastening their 
eyes on him, saw his face as it 
hAd been the face of an angeL 

7 And the high priest said, 
2 Are these things so? And he 

Brethren and fathers, heark- 
en. The God of glory appear- 
ed unto our father Abnuiam, 
when he was in Mesopotamia, 
S before he dwelt in Haran, and 
said unto him, Get thee out of 
thy land, and from thy kin- 
dred, and come into the land 

4 which I shall shew thee. Then 
came he out of the land of 
the Chaldieans, and dwelt in 
Haran : and fh>m thence, when 
his father was dead, Ood re- 
moved him into this land, 

5 wherein ye now dwell :^and 
ho gave him none inheritance 
in it, no, not so much as to 
set his foot on : and he pro- 
mised that he would give it 
to him in possession, and to 
his seed after him, when as 

6 yet he had no child. And 
God spake on this wise, that 
his seed should sojourn in a 
starange land, and that thev 
should bring them into bona- 
age, and entreat them evil, 

7 four hundred years. And the 
nation to which they shall be 
in bondage will I Judge, said 
God : and after that shall they 
come forth, and serve me in 

8 this place. And he gave him 
the covenant of circumcision : 
and so Abrctham begat Isaac, 
and circumcised him the 
eighth day; and Isaac b^at 
Jacol)y and Jacob the twelve 

9 patriarchs. And the patri- 
archs, moved with jealousy a- 
gMnst Joseph, sgjd blm into 



8 0r.b« 

4 Or. fair 
unto Ood 

Egypt: and God was with him, 
and delivered him out of all 10 
his aflOictions, and gave him 
fovour and wisdom before Pha- 
raoh king of Egypt; and he 
made him governor over E- 
gvpt and all his house. Now II 
there came a famine over all 
Egypt and Canaan, and great 
affiuction: and our fathers 
found no sustenance. But 12 
when Jacob heard that there 
was com in Egypt, he sent forth 
our fathers the first time. And 13 
at the second time Joseph was 
made known to his brethren ; 
and Joseph's race became ma- 
nifest unto Pharaoh. And Jo- 14 
seph sent, and called to him 
Jacob his father, and all his 
kindred, threescore and fifteen 
souls. And Jacob went down 15 
into Egypt ; and he died, him- 
self, and our fathers; and they 16 
were carried over unto She* 
chem, and laid in the tomb 
that Abraham bought for a 
price in silver of the sons of 
iHamor in Shechem. But as 17 
the time of the promise drew 
nigh, which God vouchsafed 
unto Abraham, the people 
grew and multiplied in Egypt, 
tiU there arose another king 18 
over Egypt, which knew not 
Joseph. The same dealt sub- 19 
tilly with our race, and evil 
entreated our fothers, that 
2 they should cast out their 
babes to the end they might 
not ^UvG. At which season 20 
Moses was bom, and was 4 ex- 
ceeding fair ; and he was nou- 
rished three months in his 
father's house: and when he 21 
was cast out, Pharaoh's daugh- 
ter took him up, and nourish- 
ed him for her own son. And 22 
Moses was instmcted in aU 
the wisdom of the Egyptians ; 
and he was mighty in his 
words and works. But when 23 
he was well-nigh forty years 
old, it came into his )ieart to 




visit his brethren the diildren 

24 of Israel. And seeing one of 
them suffer wrong, be defend- 
ed him, and avenged him that 
was oppressed, smiting the 

25 Egyptian: and he supposed 
that his brethren understood 
how that God by his hand 
was giving them ^ deliverance; 

26 but they understood not And 
the day following he appeared 
unto them as they strove, and 
would have set them at one 
again, saying, Sirs, ye are bre- 
thren ; why do ye wrong one to 

27 another? But he that did his 
neighbour wrong thrust him 
away, saying, Who made thee 
a ruler and a Judge over us? 

28 Wouldest thou kill me, as thou 
kiUedst the Egyptian yester- 

29 day? And Moses fled at this 
saying, and became a sojourn- 
er in the land of Midlan, where 

80 he begat two sons. And when 
forty years were fblfllled, an 
angel appeared to him in the 
wilderness of mount Sinai, in 

31 a flame of fire in a bush. And 
when Moses saw it, he won- 
dered at the sight : and as he 
drew near to behold, there 

32 came a voice of the Lord, I 
am the God of thy fathers, 
the God of Abraham, and of 
Isaac, and of Jacob. And Mo- 
ses trembled, and durst not 

S3 behold. And the Lord said 
unto him. Loose the shoes 
ft*om thy feet: for the place 
whereon thou standest is holy 

84 ground. I have surely seen 
the affliction of my people 
which Is in Egypt, and have 
heard their groaning, and I 
am come down to deliver 
them: and now come, I will 

85 send thee into Egypt This 
Moses whom they refused, say- 
ing, Who made thee a ruler 
and a Judge? him hath God 
sent to be both a ruler and 
a a deliverer with the hand of 
t|)e angel w|iich appeared to 





sor, a« 
he raised 

i Or, eon- 

6 Or. 

him in the bush. This man led 86 
them forth, having wrought 
wonders and signs in Egypt 
and in the Red sea, and in 
the wilderness forty years. 
This is that Moses, which said 8T 
unto the children of Israel, A 
prophet shall God raise up 
unto you ft^m among your 
brethren, «like imto me. This 88 
is he that was in the ^ church 
in the wilderness with the an- 
gel which spake to him in the 
mount Sinai, and with our 
fathers: who received living 
oracles to give unto us: to 89 
whom our fathers would not 
be obedient but thrust him 
from them, and turned back 
in their hearts unto Egypt, 
saying unto Aaron, Make us 40 
gods which shall go before us : 
for as for this Moses, which 
led us forth out of the land of 
Egypt we wot not what is be- 
come of him. And they made a 41 
calf in those days, and brought 
a sacrifice unto the idol, and 
rejoiced In the works of their 
hands. But God turned, and 42 
gave them up to serve the host 
of heaven ; as it is written in 
the book of the prophets, 

Did ye offer unto me slain 
beasts and sacrifices 

Forty years In the wilder- 
ness, O house of Israel? 

And ye took up the taber- 48 
nacle of Moloch, 

And the star of the god 

The figures which ye made 
to worship them : 

And I will carry you away 
beyond Babylon. 
Our fathers had tne tabernacle 44 
of the testimony in the wil- 
derness, even as he appointed 
who spake unto Moses, that 
he should make it according 
to the figure that he had 
seen. Which also our fathers, 4'' 
in their turn, brought in wit^ 
'^floshuf^ when they entered 




the possession of the nations, 
whicn God tlirust out before 
the f^uie of our faUiers, unto 

46 the days of David ; who found 
favour in the sight of God, 
and asked to find a habita- 
tion for the God of Jacob. 

47 But Solomon built him a 

48 bouse. Howbeit the Most 
High dwelleth not in houges 
made with bands; as saith 
the prophet, 

49 Tne heaven is my throne. 
And the earth the footstool 

of my feet : 
What manner of house will 

ye build me? saith the 

Or what is the place of my 


50 Did not my hand make all 

these things? 

51 Te stifltaecked and uncir- 
cumcised in heart and ears, 
ye do always resist the Holv 
Ghost: as your fathers did, 

52 80 do ye. Which of the pro- 
phets did not your fathers per- 
secute? and they killed them 
which shewed wfore of the 
coming of the Righteous One ; 
of whom ye have now become 

53 betrayers and murderers; ye 
who received the law las it 
was ordained by angels, and 
kept it not. 

54 Now when they heard these 
things, they were cut to the 
heart, and they gnashed on 

55 him with their teeth. But he, 
being full of the Holy Ghost, 
looked up stedfastly into hea- 
ven, and saw the glory of 
God, and Jesus standing on 

56 the right hand of God, and 
said. Behold, I see the hea- 
vens opened, and the Son of 
man standing on the right 

57 hand of God. But they cried 
out with a loud voice, and 
stopped their ears, and rush- 
ed upon him with one accord ; 

S and they cast him out of the 
city, and stohcd him : and the 







S Or. For 

many of 


that cried 




8 Or. 

witnesses laid down their gar- 
ments at the feet of a young 
man named SauL And they 59 
stoned Stephen, calling upon 
the Lord, and saying, Lord 
Jesus, receive my spirit. And 60 
he kneeled down, and cried 
with a loud voice. Lord, lay 
not this sin to their charge. 
And when he had said this, 
he fell asleep. And Saul was 3 
consenting unto his death. 

And there arose on that 
day a great persecution a- 
gunst the church which was 
in Jerusalem ; and they were 
all scattered abroad through- 
out the regions of Judsea and 
Samaria, except the apostles. 
And devout men buried Ste- 3 
phen, and made great lamen- 
tation over him. But Saul 3 
laid waste the church, en- 
tering into every house, and 
haling men and women com- 
mitted them to prison. 

They therefore that were 4 
scattered abroad went about 
preaching the word. And Phi- 5 
lip went down to the city of 
Samaria, and proclaimed un- 
to them the Christ. And the 6 
multitudes gave heed with one 
accord unto the things that 
were spoken by Philip, when 
they heard, and saw the signs 
which he did. sFor from 7 
many of those which had un- 
clean spirits, they came out, 
dying with a loud voice : and 
many that were palsied, and 
that were lame, were healed. 
And there was much joy in 8 
that city. 

But there was a certain 9 
man, Simon by name, whicli 
beforetime in the city used 
sorcery, and amazed the > peo- 
ple of Samaria, giving out Uiat 
himself was some great one : 
to whom they all gave heed, 10 
fh>m the least to the great- 
est, saying, This man Is that 
power of God which is ctOlod 




11 Great. And they gave heed 
to him, because that of long 
time he had amazed them 

12 with his sorceries. But when 
they believed Philip preach- 
ing good tidings concerning 
the kingdom of God and the 
name of Jesus Christ, they 
were baptized, both men and 

18 women. And Simon also him- 
self believed : and beins bap- 
tized, he continued with Phi- 
lip; and beholding signs and 
great ^ miracles wrought, he 
was amazed. 

14 Now when the apostles which 
were at Jerusalem heard that 
Samaria had received the word 
of God, they sent unto them 

15 Peter and John: who, when 
they were come down, prayed 
for them, that they might re- 

16 celve the Holy Ghost : for as 
yet he was fallen upon none 
of them : only they nad been 
baptized into the name of the 

17 Lord Jesus. Then laid they 
their hands on them, and they 

18 received the Holy Ghost Now 
when Simon saw that through 
the laying on of the apostles' 
hands the ^Holy Ghost was 
given, he offered them money, 

19 saying. Give me also this pow- 
er, that on whomsoever I lay 
my hands, he may receive the 

20 Holy Ghost But Peter said 
unto him. Thy silver perish 
with thee, because Uiou hast 
thought to obtain the gift 

21 of God with money. Thou 
hast neither part nor lot in 
this i> matter: for thy heart 

22 is not right before God. Re- 
pent therefore of this thy wick- 
edness, and pray the Lord, if 
perhaps the thought of thy 
heart shall be fongiven thee. 

23 For I see that thou ^ art in 
the gall of bitterness and in 

S4 the bond of iniquity. And Si- 
mon answered and said, Pray 
ye for me to the Lord, that 
none of the things which 

ties omit 


4 0r.ti«l 
gall (or, 
a gall 
root) iff 
and a 
hand of 

5 Or, 

ye have spoken come upon 

They therefore, when they 25 
had testified and spoken the 
word of the Lord, returned to 
Jerusalem, and preached the 
gospel to many viUages of the 

But an angel of the Lord 2^ 
spake unto Philip, saying. A- 
rise, and go ^ toward the south 
unto the way that goeth down 
from Jerusalem unto Gaza: 
the same is desert And he 27 
arose and went: and behold, 
a man of Ethiopia, a eunuch 
of great authority under Can- 
dace, queen of the Ethiopians, 
who was over all her treasure, 
who had come to Jerusalem 
for to worship; and he was 28 
returning and sitting in his 
chariot, and was reading the 
prophet Isaiah. And the Spi- 2d 
rit said unto Philip, Go near, 
and Join thyself to this cha- 
riot And Philip ran to him, 80 
and heard htm reading Isaiah 
the prophet, and said, Under- 
standest thou what thou read- 
est? And he said. How can I, 81 
except some one shall guide 
me? And he besought Philip 
to come up and sit with him. 
Now the place of the" scrip- 82 
ture which he was reading was 

He was led as a sheep to 
the slaughter ; 

And as a lamb before hig 
shearer is dumb. 

So he openeth not bis 

In his humiliation his Judge- 88 
ment was taken away : 

His generation who shall 

For his life is taken from 
the earth. 
And the eunuch answered 84 
Philip, and said, I pray thee, 
of whom speaketh the pro- 
phet this? of himself, or • 
some other? And PhiUp op 




ed his mouth, and beginning 
from this scripture, preached 

S6 unto him Jesus. And as they 
went on the way, they came 
unto a certain water ; and the 
eunuch saith, Behold, Iiere is 
water ; what doth hinder me to 

88 be baptized ? i And he com- 
manded the chariot to stand 
still : and they both went down 
into the water, both Philip and 
the eunuch ; and he baptized 

39 him. And when they came up 
out of the water, the Spirit of 
the Lord caught away Philip ; 
and the eunuch saw him no 
more, for he went on his 

40 way rejoicing. But Philip was 
found at Azotus: and pass- 
ing through he preached the 
gospel to all the cities, till he 
came to Csesarea. 

9 But Saul, yet breathing 
threatening and slaughter a- 

ginst the disciples of the 
>rd, went unto the high 

2 priest, and asked of him let- 
ters to Damascus unto the 
synagogues, that if he found 
any that were of the Way, 
whether men or women, he 
might bring them l)ound to 

8 Jerusalem. And as he Jour- 
neyed, it came to pass that 
he drew nigh unto Damas- 
cus: and suddenly there shone 
round about him a light out 

4 of heaven: and he fell upon 
the earth, and heard a voice 
saying unto him, Saul, Saul, 

5 whypersecutestthoume? And 
he said. Who art thou. Lord ? 
And he said, I am Jesus 

6 whom thou persecutest: but 
rise, and enter into the city, 
and it shall be told thee what 

7 thou must do. And the men 
that journeyed with him stood 
speechless, hearing the a voice. 

. 8 but beholding no man. Ana 

Saul arose from the earth; 

and when his eyes were oi)en- 

1, he saw nothing ; and they 

i him by the hand, unci 


«.'- Lli- 

vo r. :;r 

to*i IS 

v^>h ..a 

rty I-., irf, 
t/ii. 1 ■i.'oy- 
eat. And 
hi un- 
and said, 
I believe 
Oliriat i» 
of God, 

2 Or, 

vessel of 

brought him Into Damascus. 
And he was three days with- 9 
out sight, and did neither eat 
nor drink. 

Now there was a certain 10 
disciple at Damascus, named 
Ananias; and the Lord said 
unto him in a vision, Ananias. 
And he said, Behold, I mn 
here. Lord. And the Lord said 11 
unto him. Arise, and go to the 
street which Is called Straight, 
and Inquire In the house of 
Judas for one named Saul, a 
man of Tarsus : for behold, he 
prayeth ; and he hath seen a 12 
man named Ananias coming 
In, and laying his hands on him, 
that he might receive his sight. 
But Ananias answered. Lord, I 13 
have heard from many of this 
man, how mucl) evil he did to 
thy saints at Jerusalem : and 14 
here he hath authority from 
the chief priests to bind all that 
call upon thy name. But the 15 
Lord said unto hhn, Go thy 
way : for he Is a s chosen ves- 
sel unto me, to bear my name 
before the Gentiles and kings, 
and the children of Israel : for 16 
I will shew him how many 
things he must suffer for my 
name's sake. And Ananias de- 17 
parted, and entered Into the 
house; and laying his hands 
on him said, Brother Saul, the 
Lord, even Jesus, who appear- 
ed unto thee In the way which 
thou camest, hath sent me, 
that thou mayest receive thy 
sight, and be filled with the 
Holy Ghost. And straightway 18 
there fell fh)m his eyes as it 
were scales, and he received 
his sight; and he arose and 
was baptized; and he took 19 
food and was strengthened. 

And he was certain days with 
the disciples which were at 
Damascus. And straightway in 20 
the synagogues he pro<daimed 
Jesus, that he Is the Son of 
God. And all that heard him 31 

-10. 1. 

TMfi AO^TS. 


were amazed, and said, Is not 
this he that in Jerusalem made 
havock of them which called on 
this name ? and he had come 
hither for this intent, that he 
might bring them bound before 

22 the chief priests. But Saul in- 
creased the more in strength, 
and confounded the Jews which 
dwelt at Damascus, proving 
that this is the Christ 

28 And when many davs were 
fulfilled, the Jews took coun- 

24 sel together to kill him : but 
their plot became known to 
SauL And they watched the 
gates also day and night that 

25 they might kill him: but his 
disciples took him by night, 
and let him down through the 
wall, lowering him in a basket 

26 And when he was come to 
Jerusalem, he assayed to join 
himself to the disciples : and 
they were all afhdd of him, 
not believing that he was a 

27 disciple. But Barnabas took 
him, and brought him to the 
apostles, and declared unto 
them how he had seen the 
Lord in the way, and that he 
had spoken to him, and how 
at Damascus he had preached 
boldly in the name of Jesus. 

28 And he was with them going 
in and going out at Jerusalem, 

29 preaching boldly in the name 
of the Lord : and he spake and 
disputed against the i Grecian 
Jews ; but thev went about to 

80 kill him. And when the bre- 
thren knew it, they brought 
him down to Ccesarea, and 
sent him forth to Tarsus. 

31 So the church throughout 
all Judsea and Galilee and Sa- 
maria had peace, being ^ edi- 
fied : and, walking sin the fear 
of tne Lord and « in the com- 
fort of the Holy Ghost^ was 

82 And it came to pass, as Pe- 
ter went throughout aU parts, 
he came down al6o to the 

1 Gr. Set- 


3 Or b» 

* That Is. 

5 Or, 

saints which dwelt at Lydda. 
And there he found a certain 88 
man named iEneas, which had 
kept his bed eight years ; for 
he was paliiied. And Peter said 84 
unto him, JEneas, Jesus Christ 
healeth thee : arise, and make 
thy bed. And stralghtwav he 
arose. And all that dwelt at 85 
Lydda and in Sharon saw him, 
and they turned to the Lord. 

Now there was at Joppa a 86 
certain disciple named Tabi- 
tha, which by interpretation 
is called « Dorcas : this woman 
was full of good works and 
almsdeeds which she did. And 87 
it came to pass in those days, 
that she fell sick, and died: 
and when they had washed 
her, they laid her in an upper 
chamber. And as Lydda was 88 
nigh unto Joppa, the disciples, 
heariug that Peter was there, 
sent two men unto him, in- 
treating him, Delay not to 
come on unto us. And Peter 89 
arose and went with them. 
And when he was come, they 
brought him into the upper 
chamber : and all the widows 
stood by him weepinff, and 
shewing the coats and gar- 
ments which Dorcas made, 
while she was with them. But 40 
Peter put them all forth, and 
kneeled down, and prayed; 
and turning to the bbdv, he 
said, Tabitha, arise. And she 
opened her eyes; and when 
she saw Peter, she sat up. 
And he gave her his hand, and 41 
raised her up ; and calling the 
saints and widows, he present- 
ed her alive. And it oecame 42 
known throughout all Joppa : 
and many believed on the Lord. 
And it came to pass, that he 48 
abode many days m Joppa with 
one Simon a tanner. 

Now there was a certain Ifl 
man in Ceesarea, Cornelius 
by name, a centurion of V 
band called the Italian ^ba 




2 a devout man, aud ouc that 
feared God with all his house, 
who gave much alms to the 
people, and prayed to God 

8 alway. He saw in a vision 

Xnly, as it were about the 
th hour of the day, an 
angel of God coming in unto 
him, and saying to him, Cor- 

4 nelius. And he, fastening his 
eyes upon him, and being af- 
frighted, said. What is it, Lord ? 
And he said unto him. Thy 
prayers and thine alms are 
gone up for a memorial before 

5 God. Aud now send men to 
Joppa, and fetch one Simon, 

6 who is sumamed Peter: he 
lodgeth with one Simon a tan- 
ner, whose house is by the sea 

7 side. And when the angel that 
spake unto him was departed, 
he called two of his household- 
servants, and a devout soldier 
uf them that waited on him 

8 continually; and having re- 
hearsed all things unto tnem, 
he sent them to Joppa. 

9 Now on the morrow, as they 
were on their Journey, and 
drew nigh unto the city, Peter 
went up upon the housetop to 
pray, about the sixth hour: 

10 and he became hungrv, and 
desh^ to eat : but while they 
made ready, he fell into a 

11 trance ; and ho bcholdeth the 
heaven opened, and a certain 
vessel descending, as it were a 
great sheet, let down by four 

12 comers upon the earth : where- 
in were all manner of four- 
footod beasts and creeping 
things of the earth and fowls 

13 of the heaven. And there came 
a voice to him. Rise, Peter; 

14 kill and eat But Peter said, 
Not so. Lord ; for I have never 
eaten any thing that is com- 

15 mon and unclean. And a voice 
camM unto him again the se- 
cond time, What God hath 
cleansed, make not thou com- 

\ moo. And this was done thrice : 

1 Some 
ties read 

U it for 
a man dte. 

and straightway the vessel was 
received up into heaven. 

Now while Peter was much 17 
perplexed in himself what the 
vision which he had seen might 
mean, behold, the men that 
were sent by Ck>melius, hav- 
ing made inquiry for Simon's 
house, stood liefore the gate, 
and called and asked whether 18 
Simon, which was sumamed 
Peter, were lodging there. And 19 
while Peter thought on the 
vision, the Spirit said unto 
him. Behold, three men seek 
thee. But arise, and get thee SO 
down, and go with them, no- 
thing doubting: for I have 
sent them. And Peter went 21 
down to the men, and said. 
Behold, I am he whom ye 
seek : what is the cause where- 
fore ye are come? And they 22 
said, Cornelius a centurion, a 
righteous man and one that 
feareth God, and well report- 
ed of by all the nation of 
the Jews, was warned qf God 
by a holy angel to send for 
thee into his house, and to 
hear words fh)m thee. So he 2S 
called them in and lodged 

And on the morrow he arose 
and wont forth with them, and 
certain of the brethren troxn 
Joppa accompanied him. And 21 
on the morrow i they entered 
into Csesarea. And Comeliua 
was waiting for them, having 
called together his kinsmen 
and his near friends. And 25 
when it came to pass that 
Peter entered, Cornelius met 
him, and fell down at his feet^ 
and worshipped him. But Pe- 26 
ter raised nim up, saying; 
Stand up ; I myself also am a 
man. Aud as he talked with 27 
him, he went in, and findeth 
many come together: and be 28 
said unto them. Ye yourselves 
know Show that it is an un- 
lawful thing for a man that Is 




a Jew to join himself or come 
unto one of another nation: 
and yet unto me hath God 
shewed that I should not call 
any man common or unclean : 
29 wherefore also I came with- 
out gainsaying, when I was 
sent for. I ask therefore with 
what Intent ye sent for me. 

80 And Cornelius said. Four days 
ago, until this hour, I was 
keeping the ninth hour of 
prayer in my house ; and be- 
hold, a man stood before me 

81 in bright apparel, and saith, 
Cornelius, thy prayer is heard, 
and thine alms are had in re- 
membrance in the sight of 

82 God. Send therefore to Jop- 
pa, and call unto thee Simon, 
who is sumamed Peter; he 
lodgeth in the house of Simon 

83 a tanner, by the sea side. Forth- 
with therefore I sent to thee ; 
and thou hast well done that 
thou art come. Now therefore 
we are all here present in the 
sight of God, to hear all things 
that have been commanded 

84 thee of the Lord. And Peter 
opened his mouth, and said. 

Of a truth I perceive that 
God is no respecter of persons : 

85 but in every nation he that 
feareth him, andwork^th right- 
eousness, is acceptable to him. 

86 iThe word which he sent unto 
the children of Israel, preach- 
ing 2 good tidings of peace by 
Jesus Christ (he is Lord of all) 

37 —that saying ye yourselves 
know, which was published 
throughout all Judsea, begin- 
ning from Galilee, after the 
baptism which John preached ; 

88 even Jesus of Nazareth, how 
that God anointed him with 
the Holy Ghost and with 
power : who went about doing 
good, and healing all that were 
oppressed of the devil; for 

89 God was with him. And we 
are witnesses ot all things 
which he did both in the coun- 

ties read 
(he teord 

a Or, 

try of the Jews, and in Jeru- 
salem ; whom also they slew, 
hanging him on a tree. Him 40 
God raised up the third day, 
and gave him to be made 
manifest, not to all the people, 41 
but unto witnesses that were 
chosen before of God, even to 
us, who did>eat and drink with 
him after he rose ft*om the 
dead. And he charged us to 42 
preach unto the people, and 
to testify that this is he which 
is ordained of God to be the 
Judge of quick and dead. To 43 
him bear all the prophets wit- 
ness, that through his name 
every one that believeth on 
him shall receive remission of 

While Peter yet spake these 44 
words, the Holy Ghost fell on 
all them which heard the word. 
And they of the circumcision 45 
which believed were amazed, 
as many as came with Peter, 
because that on the Gentiles 
also was poured out the gift 
of the Holy Ghost For they 46 
heard them speak with tongues, 
and magpify God. Then an- 
swered Peter, Can any man 47 
forbid the water, that these 
should not be baptized, which 
have received the Holy Ghost 
na well a£ we ? And he com- 48 
manded them to be baptized 
in the name of Jesus Christ. 
Then prayed they him to tarry 
certain days. 

Now the apostles and the H 
brethren that were in Judsea 
heard that the Gentiles also 
had received the word of God. 
And when Peter was come up ^ 
to Jerusalem, they that were 
of the circumcision contended 
with him, saying, Thou went- 8 
est in to men uncircumcised, 
and didst cat with them. But 4 
Peter began, and expounded 
the matter unto them in order, 
saying, I was in the city 
Joppa praying : and in a tra 




I saw a vision, a certain ves- 
sel descending, as it were a 
great sheet let down from 
Heaven by four comers; and 

6 it came even unto me : upon 
the which when I had fiutened 
mine eyes, I considered, and 
saw the fourfooted beasts of 
the earth and wild beasts and 
creeping things and fowls of 

7 the heaven. And I heard also 
a voice saying unto me, Rise, 

8 Peter ; kill and eat But I 
said, Not so. Lord : for nothing 
common or unclean hath ever 

9 entered Into my mouth. But 
a voice answered the second 
time out of heaven, What God 
hath cleansed, make not thou 

10 common. And this was done 
thrice : and all were drawn up 

11 again into heaven. And be- 
hold, forthwith three men 
stood before the house in which 
we were, having been sent fh>m 

12 Caesarea unto me. And the 
Spirit bade me go with them, 
making no distinction. And 
these six brethren also accom- 
panied me; and we entered 

13 into the man's house: and he 
told us how he had seen the 
angel standing in his house, 
and saying. Send to Joppa, 
and fetch Simon, whose sur- 

14 name is Peter ; who shall 
speak unto thee words, where- 
by thou Shalt be saved, thou 

15 and all thy house. And as I 
began to speak, the Holy 
Ghost fell on them, even as 

16 on us at the beginning. And 
I remembered the word of the 
Lord, how that he said, John 
indeed baptized with water; 
but ye shall be baptized iwith 

17 the Holy Ghost. If then God 
gave unto them the like gift 
as Ae did also unto us, when 
we believed on the Lord Jesus 
Christ, who was I, that I could 

18 withstand God ? And when 
they heard these things, they 
held their peace, and glorified 

I Or. to 

3 Many 
ties read 

ties read 
that they 
of (heir 
heart in 

5 Or. tU 
earth, ' 

God, saying. Then to the Gen- 
tiles also nath God granted 
repentance unto life. * 

They therefore that were 19 
scattered abroad upon the tri- 
bulation that arose about Ste- 
phen travelled as far as Phoe- 
nicia, and Cyprus, and Anti- 
och, speaking the word to none 
save only to Jews. But there 20 
were some of them, men of 
Cyprus and Cyrene, who, when 
thev were come to AnUoch, 
spake unto the 3 Greeks also, 
preaching the Lord Jesus. And 21 
the hand of the Lord was with 
them: and a great number 
that believed turned unto the 
Lord. And the report con- 22 
ceming them came to the ears 
of the church which was in 
Jerusalem: and they sent forth 
Barnabas as far as Antioch: 
who, when he was come, and 28 
had seen the grace of God, 
was glad; and he exhorted 
them all, sthat with purpose 
of heart they would deave 
unto the Lord: for he was a H 
good man, and full of the HoW 
Ghost and of fttith : and much 
people was added unto the 
Lord. And he went forth to 25 
Tarsus to seek for Saul : and 26 
when he had found him, he 
brought him unto Antioch. 
And it came to pass, that even 
for a whole year they were 
gathered together ^with the 
church, and taught much peo- 
ple; and that the disciples 
were called Christians first In 

Now in these days there 27 
came down prophets firom Je- 
rusalem unto Antioch. And 28 
there stood up one of them 
named Agabus, and signifi- 
ed by the Spirit that there 
should be a great famine over 
all ^the world : which came to 
pass in the days of Claudiua 
And the disciples, every man 29 
according to Um ability, de- 

-12. 20. 



termlnod to send ^ relief unto 
the brethren that dwelt in Ju- 
80 diea : which also they did, 
sending It to the elders oy the 
hand of Barnabas and SauL 
X2 ^^^ about that time Herod 
the king put forth his hands 
to aflOict certain of the cfaui-ch. 
2 And he killed James the bro- 
ther of John with the sword. 
8 And when he saw that it pleas- 
ed the Jews, he proceeded to 
seize Peter also. And those 
were the days of unleavened 

4 bread. And when he had 
taken him, he put him In 
prison, and delivered him to 
four quaternions of soldiers to 
guard him; intending after 
the Passover to bring him 

5 forth to the people. Peter 
therefore was kept in the pri- 
son : but prayer was made 
earnestly of the church unto 

6 God for him. And when He- 
rod was about to bring him 
forth, the same night Peter 
was sleeping between two sol- 
diers, bouna with two chains : 
and guards before the door 

7 kept the prison. And behold, 
an angel of the Lord stood 
by him, and a light shined 
in the cell: and he smote 
Peter on the side, and awoke 
him, saying, Rise up quickly. 
And his chains fell off fh>m 

8 his hands. And the angel said 
unto him. Gird thyself, and 
bind on thy sandals. And he 
did so. And he saith imto 
him. Cast thy garment about 

9 thee, and follow me. And he 
went out, and followed; and 
he wist not that it was true 
which was done ^by the angel, 
but thought he saw a vision. 

10 And when they were past the 
first and the second ward, they 
came unto the iron gate that 
leadeth into the city: which 
opened to them of its own 
accord: and they went ou^ 
and passed on through one 

1 Or. for 

2 Or, 


ltd ateay 
to death. 

street; and straightway the an- 
gel departed from him. And 11 
when Peter was come to him- 
self, he said. Now I know of a 
truth, that the Lord hath sent 
forth his angel and delivered 
me out of the hand of Herod, ' 
and from all the expectation 
of the people of the Jews. 
And when he had considered 12 
the thina, he came to the 
house of Mary the mother 
of John whose surname was 
Mark: where many were ga- 
thered together and were ptay- 
ing. And when he knocked at 18 
the door of the gate, a maid 
came to answer, named Rhoda. 
And when she knew Peter's 14 
voice, she opened not the gate 
for Joy, but ran in, and told 
that Peter stood before the 
gate. And they said unto 15 
her. Thou art mad. But she 
confidently afl9rmed that it 
was even so. And they said, 
It is his angeL But Peter con- 16 
tinued knocking: and when 
they had opened, they saw 
him, and were amazed. But 17 
he, beckoning unto them with 
the hand to hold their peace, 
declared unto them how the 
Lord had brought him forth out 
of the prison. And he said, Tell 
these things unto James, and 
to the brethren. And he de- 
parted, and went to another 
Slace. Now as soon as it was 18 
ay, there was no small stir 
among the soldiers, what was 
become of Peter. And when 19 
Herod had sought for him, 
and found him not, he exa- 
mined the guards, and com- 
manded that they should bo 
8 put to death. And he went 
down from Judsea to Ctcsarca, 
and tarried there. 

Now he was highly displeas- 20 
ed with them of Tyre and 
Sidon: and they came with 
one accord to him, and. hav 
ing made Blastus the king 




chamberlaiD their friend, they 
asked for peace, because their 
country was fed flrom the 

21 king's country. And upon a 
set day Herod arrayed himself 
in royal apparel, and sat on 
the ) throne, and made an ora- 

22 tion unto them. And the peo- 
ple shouted, saying^ The voice 
of a god, and not of a man. 

28 And immediately an angel of 
the Lord smote him, because 
he gave not God the glory: 
and he was eaten of worms, 
and gave up the ghost 

24 But the word of God grew 
and multiplied. 

25 And Barnabas and Sa^ re- 
turned ^trom Jerusalem, when 
they had fulfilled their minis- 
tration, taking with them John 
whose surname was Mark. 

13 Now there were at Antioch, 
in the church that was tliere, 
prophets and teachers, Bama- 
oas, and Symeon that was call- 
ed Niger, and Lucius of Gy- 
rene, and Manaen the foster- 
brother of Herod the tetrarch, 

2 and SauL And as they minis- 
tered to the Lord, and fasted, 
the Holy Ghost said. Separate 
me Barnabas and Saul for the 
work whereunto I have called 

8 them. Then, when they had 
fasted and prayed and laid 
their hands on them, they sent 
them away. 

4 So they, being sent forth by 
the Holy Ghos^ went down to 
Seleucia ; and fh>m thence they 

5 sailed to Cyprus. And when 
they were at Salamis, they pro- 
claimed the word of God in 
the synagogues of the Jews: 
and they had also John as 

6 their attendant And when 
they had gone through the 
whole island unto Paphos, 
they found a certain » sor- 
cerer, a false prophet, a Jew, 
whose name was Bar-Jesus; 

V which was with the proconsul, 
Sergius Paulus, a man of un- 


ties read 

8 Or. 

as in 
Matt. IL 

1. 7, 18. 


tJea read 
them a« a 

Bee Deut. 

derstanding. The same called 
unto him Barnabas and SauU 
and sought to hear the word 
of God. But Elymas the > sor- 8 
oerer (for so is his name by in- 
terpretation) withstood them, 
seeking to turn aside the pro- 
consul fh>m the faith. But 9 
Saul, who Lb also called Paul, 
filled with the Holy Ghost^ 
fastened his eyes on nim, and 10 
said, O full of all guile and 
all villany, thou son of the 
devil, thou enemy of all right- 
eousness, wilt thou not cease 
to pervert the right ways of 
the Lord? And now, behold, 11 
the hand of the Lord Ls upon 
thee, and thou shalt be blind, 
not seeing the sun 4for a sea- 
son. And immediately there 
fell on him a mist and a dark- 
ness ; and he went about seek- 
ing some to lead him by the 
hand. Then the proconsul, 12 
when he saw what was done, 
believed, being astonished at 
the teaching of the Lord. 

Now Paul and his company IS 
set sail from Paphos, and came 
to Perga in Pamphylia: and 
John departed fh>m them and 
returned to Jerusalem. But 14 
they, passingthVough Trom Per-' 
ga, came to Antiocn of Pisidia ; 
and they went into the syna- 
gogue on the sabbath day, and 
sat down. And after the reading 15 
of the law and the prophets the 
rulers of the synagogue sent 
unto them, saying. Brethren, If 

Si have any word of exhorta- 
on for the people, say on. 
And Paul stood up, and beck- 16 
oning with the hand said. 

Men of Israel, and ye that 
fear God, hearken. The God 17 
of this people Israel chose our 
fathers, and exalted the peo- 
ple when they sojourned in 
the land of £^;yp^ and with 
a high arm led ne them forth 
out of it And for about the 18 
time of forty years * suffered 

-13. 43. 



he their manners in the wll- 

19 demesB. And when he had 
destroyed seven nations in the 
land of Canaan, he gave them 
their land for an inheritance, 
for about four hundred and 

20 fifty years: and after these 
things he gave them Judges 
until Samuel the prophet. 

21 And afterward they asked for 
a king: and God gave unto 
them Saul the son of Kish, 
a man of the tribe of Ben- 
jamin, for the space of forty 

22 years. And when he had re- 
moved him, he raised up Da- 
vid to be their king ; to whom 
also he bare witness, and 
said, I have found David the 
son of Jesse, a man after my 
lietirt, who shall do all my 

23 ^wiU. Of this man's seed 
hath God according to pro- 
mise brought unto Israel a 

24 Saviour, Jesus ; when John had 
first preached ^ before his com- 
ing tne baptism of repentance 
to all the people of Israel 

25 And as John was fulfilling his 
course, ho said. What suppose 

Si that I am? I am not he. 
ut behold, there cometh one 
after me, the shoes of whose 
feet I am not worthy to un- 

26 loose. Brethren, children of 
the stock of Abraham, and 
those among you that fear 
God, to us is the word of 

27 this salvation sent forth. For 
they that dwell in Jerusalem, 
and their rulers, because they 
know him not, nor the voices 
of the prophets which are 
read every sabbath, fulfilled 
tfiem by coDdemniog him,. 

28 And though they found no 
cause of death in him, jet 
asked they of Pilate that he 

29 should be slain. And when 
they had fulfilled aU things 
that were written of him, they 
took him down lh>m the trae, 
and laid him in a tomb. 

80 But God raised him ttom the 

before (he 

3 Or, 
lion by 

served kit 
own gene- 
fell on 
eleep by 

4 Or, 


dead: and he was seen for 81 
many days of them that came 
up with him fh)m Galilee to 
Jerusalem, who are now his 
witnesses unto the people. 
And we bring you good tidings 82 
of the promise made unto the 
fathers, how that God hath 88 
fulfilled the same unto our 
children, in that he raised up 
Jesus; as also it is written 
in the second psalm, Thou art 
my Son. this day have I be> 
gotten thee. And as concern- 84 
ing that he raised him up 
fh>m the dead, now no more 
to return to corruption, he 
hath spoken on this wise, I 
will give you the holy and 
sure blessings of David. Be- 86 
cause he saith also in another 
psalm^ Thou wilt not give thy 
Holy One to see corruption. 
For David, after he had «in 86 
his own generation served the 
counsel of God, fell on sleep, 
and was laid unto his fathers, 
and saw corruption: but he 87 
whom God raised up saw no 
corruption. Be it known unto 88 
you therefore, brethren, that 
through this man is proclaimed 
unto you remission of sins: and 89 
by him every one that believ- 
eth is Justified trom all things, 
ft-om which ye could not be 
Justified by the law of Moses. 
Beware therefore, lest that 40 
come upon you, which is spo- 
ken in the prophets ; 

Behold, ye despisers, and 41 
wonder, and * perish ; 

For I work a work in your 

A work which ye shall in 
no wise believe, if one 
declare it unto you. 
And as they went out, they 42 
besought that these words 
might be spoken to them the 
next sabbath. Now when the 48 
synagogue broke up, many of 
the Jews and of the devout 
proselytes followed Paul an^* 




Barnabas: who, Bpeaking to 
them, urged them to continue 
in the grace of Qod. 

44 And the next sabbath al- 
most the whole city was ga- 
thered together to hear the 

45 word of lOod. But when the 
Jews saw the multitudes, they 
were filled with jealousy, and 
contradicted the things which 
were spoken by Paul, and 

46 3 blasphemed. And Paul and 
Barnabas spake out boldly, 
and said. It was necessary 
that the word of God should 
first be spoken to you. Seeing 
ye thrust it fh)m you, and. 
Judge yourselves unworthy of 
eternal life, lo, we turn to the 

47 Gentiles. For so hath the 
Lord commanded us, saying, 

I have set thee for a light 
of the Gentiles, ^ 

That thou shouldest be for 
salvation unto the utter- 
most part of the earth. 

48 And as the Gentiles heard 
this, they were glad, and glo- 
rified the word of ^God: and 
as many as were ordained to 

49 eternal life believed. And the 
word of the Lord was spread 
abroad throughout all the re- 

60 glon. But the Jews urged on 
the devout women of honour- 
able estate, and the chief men 
of the city, and sthred up a 
persecution against Paul and 
Barnabas, and cast them out 

51 of theh* borders. But they 
shook off the dust of theh* feet 
against them, and came unto 

52 Iconium. And the disciples 
were filled with joy and with 
the Holy Ghost 

14 And it came to pass in 
Iconium, that they entered 
together into the synagogue 
of the Jews, and so spake, 
that a great multitude both 
of Jews and of Greeks believ- 
2 ed. But the Jews that were 
disobedient stirred up the 
-K)uls of the GentUes, and 

ties read 

a Or. 

9 Or, taved 


6 Or, 

made them evil affected a- 
gainst the brethren. Long time 3 
therefore they tarried there 
speaking boldly in the Lord, 
which tore witness unto the 
word of his grace, granting 
signs and wonders to oe done 
by their hands. But the mul- 4 
titude of the city was divided ; 
and part held with the Jews^ 
and part with the apostlea 
And when there was made an 5 
onset both of the Gentiles and 
of the Jews with their rulers^ 
to entreat tixem shamefully, 
and to stone them, they be- 6 
came aware of it» and fled 
unto the cities of Lycaonia* 
Lystra and Derbe. and the 
region round about : and there 7 
they preached the gospeL 

And at I^ystra there sat a 8 
certain man, impotent in hia 
feet, a cripple from his mo- 
ther's womb, who never had 
walked. The same heard Paul 9 
speaking: who, fastening his 
eves upon him, and seeing 
that he had faith to be >made 
whole, said with a loud voice, 10 
Stand upright on thy feetw 
And he leaped up and walked. 
And when the multitudes saw 11 
what Paul had done, they lift- 
ed up their voice, saying in 
the speech of Lycaonia, The 
gods are come down to us In 
the likeness of men. And they 12 
called Barnabas, < Jupiter; 
and Paul, < Mercury, because 
he was the chief speaker. And 13 
the priest of < Jupiter whose 
temple was before the city, 
brought oxen and garlands 
unto the gates, and would 
have done sacrifice with the 
multitudes. But when the a- 14 
postles, Barnabas and Paul, 
heard of it» they rent their 
garments, and sprang forth a< 
mong the multitude, crjdng 
out and saying. Sirs, why do 15 
ye these things? We also are 
men of like « passions ^th 

-15* S. 



you, and bHng you good tid- 
ings, that ye would turn from 
these vain things unto the liv- 
ing Qod, who made the hea- 
ven and the earth and the 
sea, and all that in them is: 

16 who in the ffenerations gone 
by suffered sul the nations to 

17 walk in their own way& And 
yet lie left not himself with- 
out witness, in that he did 
good, and gave yoti from hea- 
ven rains and fruitful seasons, 
filling yoiu> hearts with food 

18 and gladness. And with these 
sayings scarce restrained they 
the multitudes fh>m doing sa- 
crifice unto them. 

19 But there came Jews thither 
from Antioch and Iconium: 
and having persuaded the 
multitudes, they stoned Paul, 
and dragged him out of the 
city, supposing that he was 

20 dead. But as the disciples 
stood round about him, he 
rose up, and entered into the 
city: and on the morrow he 
went forth with Barnabas to 

21 I>erbe. And when they had 
preached the gospel to that 
city, and had made many dis- 
ciples, they returned to Lystra, 
and to Iconium, and to An- 

22 tioch, confirming the souls of 
the disciples, exhorting them 
to continue in the faith, and 
that through many tribula- 
tions we must enter into the 

23 kingdom of God. And when 
they had appointed for them 
elders in every church, and 
had prayed with fasting, they 
commended them to the Lord, 
on whom they had believed. 

24 And they passed through Pi- 
sidia, and came to Pamphylla. 

25 And when they had spoken 
the word in Perga, they went 

26 down to Attalia; and thence 
they sailed to Antioch, from 
whence they had been com- 
mitted to the grace of God 
for the work which they had 

1 Gr./rom 

fiilfilled. And when they were 27 
come, and had gathered the 
church together, they rehearsed 
all things that God had done 
with them, and how that be 
had opened a door of faith 
unto the Gentiles. And they 28 
tarried no little time with the 

And certain men camedown 15 
from Judeea and taught the 
brethren, saying^ Except ye be 
circumcised after the custom 
of Moses, ye cannot be saved. 
And when Paul and Barnabas 2 
had no small dissension and 
questioning with them, Hie bre- 
thren appointed that Paul] 
and Barnabas, and certain 
other of them, should go up 
to Jerusalem unto the apo- 
stles and elders about this 
question. They therefore, be- 8 
ing brought on their way by 
the church, passed through 
l>oth Phoenicia and Samana, 
declaring the conversion of 
the GentUes : and they caused 
great Joy unto all the bre- 
thren. And when they were i 
come to Jerusalem, they were 
received of the church and 
the apostles and the elders, 
and they rehearsed all things 
that God had done with them. 
But there rose up certain of fi 
the sect of the Pharisees who 
believed, saying, It is needful 
to circumcise them, and. to 
chaiige them to keep the law 
of Mo8e& 

And the apostles and the 6 
elders were gathered together 
to consider of this matter. 
And when there had been 7 
much questioning, Peter rose 
up, and said unto them. 

Brethren, ye know how that 
la good while ago God made 
choice among you, that by 
my mouth the Gentiles should 
hear the word of the gofr- 
and l>elieve. And God, v 
Imoweth the heart, bare 




witness, giying them tho Holy 

Qhost. oven as he did unto 

9 us ; and he made no distinction 

between us and them, cleans- 

10 ing their hearts by faith. Now 
therefore why tompt ye God, 

' that ye should put a yoke 
upon the neck of the disciples, 
which neither our fathers nor 

11 we were able to bear? But we 
believe that we shall be saved 
through the grace of the Lord 
Jesus, in like manner as they. 

12 And all the multitude kept 
silence; and they hearkened 
unto Barnabas and Paul re- 
hearsing what signs and won- 
ders God had wrought a- 
mong the Gentiles by them. 

13 And after they had held 
their peace, James answered, 

Brethren, hearken unto me : 

14 Symeon hath rehearsed how 
first God did visit the Gen- 
tiles, to take out of them a 

15 people for his name. And to 
this agree the words of the 
prophets ; as it is written, 

16 After these things I will 

And I win buUd again 

the tabernacle of David, 

which is faUen ; 
And I will buUd again the 

ruins thereof. 
And I win set it up: 
That the residue of men 

may seek after the Lord, 
And all the Gentiles, upon 

whom mv name is called, 
Saith the Lord, ^who mak- 

eth these things known 

ft-om the beginning of the 


19 Wherefore my Judgement is, 
that we trouble not them 
which fh)m among the Gcn- 

20 tiles turn to God; but that 
we 2 write unto them, that 
they abstain trom the pollu- 
tions of idols, and from for- 

'Ication, and fk-om what is 
rangled, and from blood. For 




a Or. 


3 Some 

* Or, ex- 

S Or, com- 

Moses from generations of old 
hath in every city them that 
preach him, being read in the 
synagogues every sabbath. 

Then it seemed good to the 22 
apostles and the elders, with 
the whole church, to choose 
men out of their company, 
and send them to Antioch 
with Paul and Barnabas; 
namely^ Judas called Barsab- 
bas, and Sias, chief men a- 
mong the brethren : and they 23 
wrote thus by them. The apo- 
stles and the elder brethren 
unto the brethren which are 
of the Gentiles in Antioch 
and Syria and Cilicia, greet- 
ing: Forasmuch as we have 24 
heard that certain > which went 
out ftom us have troubled you 
with words, subverting your 
souls; to whom we gave do 
commandment; itseemedgood 25 
unto us, having come to one 
accord, to choose out men and 
send them unto you with our 
beloved Barnabas and Paul, 
men that have hazarded their 26 
lives for tho name of our Lord 
Jesus Christ We have sent 27 
therefore Judas and Silas, who 
themselves also shall tell you 
the same things by word of 
mouth. For it seemed good 28 
to the Holy Ghost, and to ujs, 
to lay upon you no greater 
burden than these necessary 
things; that ye abstain fh>m 29 
things sacrificed to idols, and 
from blood, and ttom things 
strangled, and frova. fornica- 
tion ; ttom which if ye keep 
yourselves, it shall be well wlu 
you. Fare ye well. 

So they, when they were 80 
dismissed, came down to An- 
tioch; and having gathered 
the multitude together, they 
delivered the epistle. And 81 
when they had read it they 
rejoiced for the ^ consolation. 
And Judas and Silas, being 83 
themselves also prophets, sex> 

-16. 15. 



hortcd the brethren with many 
words, and conflrmed them. 

38 And after they had spent some 
time there, they were dismiss- 
ed in peace fh>m the brethren 
unto those that had sent them 

85 forth. 1 But Paul and Barna- 
bas tarried In Antioch, teach-. 
ing and preaching the word 
of the Lord, with many others 

36 And after some days Paul 
said unto Barnabas, Let us 
return now and visit the brc- 
tlircn in every city wherein we 
proclaimed the word of the 
Lord, and see how they fare. 

37 And Barnabas was minded to 
take with them John also, who 

38 was called Mark. But Paul 
thought not good to take with 
them him who withdrew from 
them " L PiLiMi'lirsiu. -■Qd 
went ii*^l ^'.iLli LliMj* [" he 

89 work. AtshI tliL'tii sirn^ u rj^ ,ip 

contenLiuiL, ^if tbiit- they | -rt- 

ed asundtirtnitJ tr^snn tht! d , er, 

and BamcilKFi^i tuok Mwl ■. ith 

- him, ard ^rtjlnl imny Tii-itn 'IJy- 

40 prus;l . i " nd 
went f( ed 
by the l»ici,iiivu i.u buc giace 

41 of the Lord. And he went 
through Syria and Cilicia, con- 
firming the churches. 

\Q And he came also to Derbe 

and to Lystra: and behold, 

a certain disciple was there, 

named Timothy, the son of 

a Jewess which believed ; but 

2 his father was a Greek. The 
same was well reported of 
by the brethren that were at 

8 Lystra and Iconium. Him 
would Paul have to go forth 
with him; and he took and 
circumcised him because of 
the Jews that were in those 
parts : for they all knew that 

4 bis father was a Greek. And 
as they went on their way 
through the cities, they dell- 
▼ered them the decrees for to 
keep, which had been ordained 

of the apostles and elders that 
were at Jerusalem. So the 5 
churches were strengthened in 
the faith, and increased in 
numl)er daily. 

And they went through the 6 
region of Phrygia and Galatia, 
having been forbidden of the 
Holy Ghost to speak the word 
in Asia ; and when they were 7 
come over against Mysia, they 
assayed to go into Bithynia; 
and the Spirit of Jesus suf- 
fered them not; and passing 8 
bv Mysia, they came down to . 
Iroas. And a vision appeared 9 
to Paul in the night; There 
was a man of Macedonia 
standing, beseeching him, and 
saying. Come over into Ma- 
cedonia, and help us. And 10 
when he had seen the vision, 
straightway we sought to go 
forth into Macedonia, conclud- 
ing that God had called us for 
to preach the gospel unto them. 

Setting ^u therefore from 11 
Troas, we made a straight 
course to Samothrace, and 
the day following to Neapolis; 
and from thence to Philippi, 12 
which is a city of Macedo- 
nia, the first of the district, 
a Roman colony: and we 
were in this city tarrying cer- 
tain days. And on the sab- 18 
bath day we went forth with- 
out the gate by a river side, 
where we supposed there was 
a place of prayer; and we 
sat down, and spake unto the 
women which were come to- 
gether. And a certain woman 14 
named Lydia, a seller of piu:- 
ple, of the city of Thyatira, 
one that worshipped God, 
heard us: whose heart the 
Lord opened, to Kive heed 
unto the things which were 
spoken by PauL And when 16 
she was baptized, and her 
household, she besought ' 
saying, If ye have Judged 
to be faithftU to the I 




Gome into my house, and a- 
hlde there. And she constrain- 
ed us. 

16 And it came to pass, bs we 
were going to the place of 
prayer, that a certain maid 
navlng ^a spirit of divination 
met us, which brought her 
masters much gain by sooth- 

17 saying. The same following 
after Paul and us cried ou^ 
saying, These men are 3 ser- 
vants of the Most High God, 
which proclaim unto you >the 

18 way of salvation. And this she 
'did for many days. But Paul, 

being sore troubled, turned and 
said to the spirit. I charge thee 
In the name of Jesus Christ to 
come out of her. And it came 
out that vciy hour. 

19 But when her masters saw 
that the hope of their gain 
was ^gone, tpey laid hold on 
Paul and-. Silas, and dragged 
them into the marketplace 

20 before the rulers, and . when 
they had brought tM^ni unto 
the '(magistrates, -they said. 
These men, beinff Jews, do 
exceedingly trouble our city, 

21 and set forth customs which 
it is not lawful for us to re- 
ceive, or to olwerve, being 

22 Romans. And the multitude 
rose up together against them : 
and the & magistrates rent 
their garments off them, and 
commanded to beat them 

23 with rods. And when they 
had laid many stripes upon 
them, they cast them into 
prison, charging the lailor to 

24 keep them safely: who. hav- 
ing received such a charge, 
cast them into the inner pri- 
son, and made their feet fast 

25 in the stocks. But about mid- 
night Paul and Silas were 
praying and singing hymns 
unto God, and the prisoners 

26 were listening to them; and 
suddenly there was a great 

irthquake, so that the foun- 

iGr. a 
<ptrt7, a 



s Or, away 


6 Some 
ties read 


8 Or, hav- 
ing heliev- 


datlons of the prison-house 
were shaken : and immediate- 
ly all the doors were opened ; 
and every one's bands were 
loosed. And the jailor being 27 
roused out of sleep, and see- 
ing the prison doors open, 
drew his sword, and was a- 
bout to kill himself, supposing 
that the prisoners had escap- 
ed. But Paul cried with a 28 
loud voice, saying. Do ttiyself 
no harm : for we are all here. 
And he called for lights, and 29 
sprang in, and, trembling for 
fear, fell down before Paul 
and Silas, and brought them 30 
out, and said. Sirs, what must 
I do to be saved? And they 31 
said. Believe on the Lord Je- 
sus, and thou shalt be saved, 
thou and thy house. And they 32 
spake the word of « the Lord 
unto him, with all that wero 
in his house. And he took 33 
them the same hour of the 
night, and washed their stripes ; 
and was baptized, he and 
all his, immediately. And ho 34 
brought them up into his 
house, and set 'meat before 
them, and rejoiced greatly, 
with all his house, shavinig 
believerf in God. 

But when it was day, the 35 
^magistrates sent the vscijcants, 
saying. Let those men go. And 36 
the J^lor reported the words 
to Paul, saying, The fi magis- 
trates have sent to let you 
go : now therefore come forth, 
and go in peace. But Paul 37 
said unto them. They have 
l)eaten us publicly, uncon- 
demned, men that are Ro- 
mans, and have cast us In- 
to prison ; and do they, now 
cast us out privily? nay 
verily; but let them come 
themselves and bring us out. 
And the 9 Serjeants reported 88 
these words unto the & magis- 
trates : and they feared, when 
they heard that they wero 




89 Romans ; and they came and 
besought them; and when 
they had brought them out, 
they asked them to go away 

40 from the city. And they went 
out of the prison, and entered 
into the house (^ Lydla : and 
when they had seen the bre- 
thren, they 1 comforted them, 
and departed. 

17 Now when they had passed 

through Amphipolis and A- 

pollonia, they came to Thessa- 

lonica, where was a synagogue 

8 of the Jews: and Paul, as 

his custom was, went in unto 

them, and for three s sabbath 

days reasoned with them from 

8 the scriptures, opening and 

alleging, that it behoved the 

Clinst to suffer, and to rise 

iv;ain fh)m the dead; and 

that this Jesus, whom, mid 

he, I proclaim unto you, is 

4 the Christ. And some of them 
were persuaded, and consort- 
ed with Paul and Silas; and 
of the devout Greeks a great 
multitude, and of the chief 

5 women not a few. But the 
Jews, being moved with Jea^ 
lousy, took unto them certain 
vile fellows of the rabble, and 
gathering a crowd, set the city 
on an uproar ; and assaulting 
the house of Jason, they sought 
to bring them forth to the 

6 people. And when they found 
them not, they dragged Jason 
and certain brethren before the 
rulers of the city, crying, These 
that have turned 'the world 
upside down arc come hither 

7 auo ; whom Jason hath receiv- 
ed : and these all act 'contrary 
to the decrees of Cfcsar, saying 
that there is another king, one 

8 Jesus. And they troubled the 
multitude and the rulers of 
the city, when they heard these 

9 things. And when they had 
taken security fh>m Jason and 
the restt thev let them go. 

XO And the brethren immedi- 



5 Or, 

6 Or, 
of Man 

ately sent away Paul and Si- 
las by night unto Beroea: who 
when they were come thither 
went into the synagogue of 
the Jews. Now these were U 
more noble than those in 
Tbessalonica, in that they re- 
ceived the word with all readi- 
ness of mind, examining the 
scriptures daily, whether these 
things were so. Many of them 12 
therefore believed ; also of the 
Greek women of honourable 
estate, and of men, not a few. 
But when the Jews of Thessa- 18 
lonica had knowledge that the 
word of God was proclaimed 
of Paul at Beroea also, they 
came thither likewise, stirring 
up and troubling the multi- 
tudes. And then immediately 14 
the brethren sent forth Paul to 
go as far as to the sea : and 
Silas and Timothy abode there 
still. But they that conduct- 15 
cd Paul brought him as far 
as Athens : and receiving a 
commandment unto Silas and 
Timothy that they should 
come to him with all speed, 
they departed. 

Now while Paul waited for 16 
them at Athens, his spirit was 

Erovoked within hlin, as he 
eheld the city ftiU of idols. 
So he reasoned in the syna- 17 
gogue with the Jews and the de- 
vout persons, and in the mar- 
ketplace every day with them 
that met with him. And ccr- 18 
tain also of the Epicurean and 
Stoic philosophers encounter- 
ed him. And some said. What 
would this babbler say ? other 
some, He seemcth to be a 
setter forth of strange ^gods: 
because he preached Jesus 
and the resurrection. And 19 
they took hold of him, and 
brought him >unto ^the Areo- 
pagus, saying, May we know 
what this new teaching 
which is spoken by thee ? 
thou bringest certain sU 










things to our ears : we would 
know therefore what these 
things moan. (Now all the 
Athenians and the strangers 
sojourning there i spent their 
time in nothins else, out either 
to tell or to near some new 
thing.) And Paul stood in 
the midst of the Areopagus, 
and said, 

Ye men of Athens, in all 
things I perceive that ye are 
somewhat 2 superstitious. For 
as I passed along, and observed 
the objects of your worship, I 
found also an altar with this 
inscription, 8to an unknown 
ooD. What therefore ye wor- 
ship in ignorance, this set I 
forth unto you. The God 
that made the world and all 
things therein, he, being Lord 
of heaven and earth, dwell- 
eth not in ^ temples made 
with hands; neither is he 
served by men's hands, as 
though he needed any thing, 
seeing he himself giveth to 
all life, and breath, and all 
things; and he made of one 
eveiy nation of men for to 
dwell on all the face of the 
earth, having determined their 
appointed seasons, and the 
bounds of their habitation ; 
that they should seelc Ood, 
if haply they might feci after 
him, and find him, though he 
is not far ft*om each one of 
us: for in him we live, and 
move, and have our being; 
as certain even of your own 
poets have said, For we are 
also his oiftpring. Being then 
the offspring of Qod, we 
ought not to think that ^the 
Godhead is like unto gold, 
or silver, or stone, graven 
by art and device of man. 
The times of Ignorance there- 
fore God overlooked ; but now 
he <oommandeth men that 
they should all everywhere 
repent: inasmuch as he hath 

1 Or. had 
for »o- 
tki»g else 

a Or, 


3 Or, TO 
TUB vir. 

* Or, ««»«- 

fi Or, that 
whifh it 

ties read 
to men. . 

7 Or. the 


10 Gr. 
KHight to 


appointed a day, in the which 
he will judge 7 the world in 
righteousness 8by »the man 
whom he hath ordained ; 
whereof he hath given as- 
surance unto all men, in that 
he hath raised him from the 

Now when they heard of 82 
the resurrection of the dead, 
some mocked ; but others 
said. We will hear thee con- 
cerning this yet again. Thus 33 
Paul went out f^om among 
them. But certain men clave 34 
unto him, and believed : a- 
mong whom also was Diony- 
sius the Areopagite, and a 
woman named Damaris, and 
others with them. 

After these things he de- X8 
parted from Athens, and 
came to Corinth. And be 2 
found a certain Jew named 
Aquila, a man of Pontus by 
race, latelv come (h>m Italy, 
with his wife Priscilla, because 
Claudius had commanded all 
the Jews to depart from Rome : 
and he came unto them ; and S 
because he was of the same 
trade, he abode with them, 
and they wrought ; for by 
their trade they were tent- 
makers. And he reasoned in 4 
the synagogue every sabbath, 
and 10 persuaded Jews and 

But when Silas and Timothy 6 
came down from Macedonia, 
Paul was constrained by the 
word, testifying to the Jews 
that Jesus was the Chriat. 
And when they opposed them- 6 
selves, and u blasphemed, he 
shook out his raiment, and 
said unto them, Your blood 
be upon your own heads; I 
am dean: ttom henceforth I 
will go unto the Gentiles. And 7 
he departed thence, and went 
into the house of a certain 
man named Titus Justus, one 
that worshipped God, whose 

-19. 2. 



house joined hard to the syna- 
8 gogue. And Crispus, Uie ruler 
of the synagogue, i believed In 
the Lord with all his house ; 
and many of the Corinthians 
hearing believed, and were 
baptized. And the Lord said 
unto Paul in the night bv a 
vision. Be not atmid, but 
speak, and hold not thy 

10 peace: for I am with thee, 
and no man Shall set on thee 
to harm thee : for I have much 

11 people in this city. And he 
dwelt there a year and six 
months, teaching the word of 
God among them. 

12 But when Gallio was pro- 
consul of Achaia, the Jews 
with one accord rose up a- 
galnst Paul, and brought him 

13 before the Judgement-seat, say- 
ing, This man persuadeth men 
to worship God contrary to 

14 the law. But when Paul was a- 
bout to open his mouth, Gallio 
said unto the Jews, If indeed 
it were a matter of wrong or 
of wicked vlllanv,^0 ye Jews, 
reason would that I should 

15 bear with you: but If they are 
questions about words and 
names and your own law, look 
to it yourselves; I am not 
minded to be a judge of these 

16 matters. And he dravo them 

17 fh>m the Judgement-seat And 
they all laid hold on Sos- 
thenes, the ruler of the syna- 
gogue, and beat him ))efore 
the Judgement-seat. And Gal- 
lio cared for none of these 

18 And Paul, having tarried 
after this yet many days, took 
his leave of the brethren, and 
sailed thence for Syria, and 
with him Priscilla and Aqui- 
la ; having shorn his head In 
Cenchrete : for he had a vow. 

19 And thev came to Ephesus, 
and he left them there: but 
he himself entered into the 
B^agogue, ^nd rotusoned with 


Ike Lord. 

2 Or. a» 

3 Or. 
taught by 

4 Or, Mp. 


8 Or, 

the Jews. And when they ask- 20 
cd him to abide a longer time, 
he consented not ; but taking 21 
his leave of them, and saying, 
I will return again unto you, 
if God will, he set sail rrom 
Ephesus. And when he had 22 
landed at Csesarea, he went 
up and saluted the church, 
and went down to Antioch. 
And having spent some time 23 
there, he departed, and went 
through the region of Ga- 
latia and Phry^ in order, 
stablishing all the disciples. 

Now a certain Jew named 24 
Apollos, an Alexandrian by 
race, 3 a learned man, came to 
Ephesus; and he was mighty 
in the scriptures. This man 25 
had been ^instructed in the 
way of the Lord ; and being 
fervent in spirit, he spake and 
taught careftilly the things 
concerning Jesus, knowing 
onlv the baptism of John: 
and he began to speak bold- 26 
ly in the synagogue. But when 
Priscilla and Aquila heard 
him, they took him unto 
them, and expoimded unto 
him the way of God more 
carefully. And when be was 27 
minded to pass over into A- 
chaia, the brethren encou- 
raged him, and wrote to the 
disciples to receive him: and 
when he was come, he ^ help- 
ed them much which had be- 
lieved through grace : for he 28 
powerfully confuted the Jews, 
^and that publicly, shewing 
by the scriptures that Jesus 
was the Christ. 

And it came to pass, that, IQ 
while Apollos was at Corinth, 
Paul having passed through 
the upper country came to 
Ephesus, and found certain 
disciples: and he said unto 2 
them. Did ye receive the Holy 
Ghost when ye believed ? At 
they mid unto him, Na*- 
did npt so mi^ch as bear 




ther ithe Holy Ghost was 

8 ffiven. And he said, Into what 

then were ye baptized? And 

they said, Into John's bap- 

4 tism. And Paul said, John 
baptized with the baptism of 
repentance, saying unto the 
people, that they should be- 
lieve on him which should 
come after him, that is, on 

5 Jesus. And when they heard 
this, they were baptized into 
the name of the Lord Jesus. 

6 And when Paul had laid his 
hands upon them, the Holy 
Ghost came on them; and 
they spake with tongues, and 

7 prophesied. And they were in 
all about twelve men. 

8 And' he entered into the sy- 
nagogue, and spake boldly for 
the space of three months, 
reasoning and persuading as 
to the things concerning the 

9 kingdom of God. But when 
some were hardened and dis- 
obedient, speaking evil of the 
Way before the multitude, he 
departed from them, and se- 
paiuted the disciples, reason- 
ing daily In the school of Ty- 

10 rannua. And this continued 
for the space of two years ; so 
that all they which dwelt in 
Asia heard the word of the 
Lord, both Jews and Greeks. 

11 And God wrought special 2 mi- 
racles by the hands of Paul : 

12 insomuch that unto the sick 
were carried away from his 
body handkerchiefs or aprons, 
and the diseases departed 
fi-om them, and the evil spi- 

18 rits went out. But certain 
also of the strolling Jews, ex- 
orcists, took upon them to 
name over them which had 
the evil spirits the name of 
the Lord Jesus, saying, I ad- 
jure you by Jesus whom Paul 

14 preacheth. And there were 

seven sons of one Sceva, a 

Jew, a chief priests which did 

" ♦his. And the evil spirit an- 


4 Or, ^ 



swered and said unto them, 
Jesus I 'know, and Paul I 
know ; but who are ye ? And 16 
the man in whom the evil 
spirit was leaped on them, 
and mastered ooth of them, 
and prevailed against them, 
so that they fled out of that 
house naked and wounded. 
And this became known to 17 
all, both Jews and Greeks, 
that dwelt at Ephesus; and 
fear fell upon them all, and 
the name or the Lord Jesus was 
magnified. Many also of them 18 
that had believed came, confess- 
ing, and declaring Uieh* deeds. 
And not a few of them that 19 
practised « curious arts brought 
their hookB together, and burn- 
ed them in the sight of all : 
and they counted the price 
of them, and found it fifty 
thousand pieces of silver. So 20 
mightily grew the word of the 
Lord and prevailed. 

Now after these things were 21 
ended, Paul purposed in the 
spirit, when he bad passed 
through Macedonia and A- 
chaia, to go to Jerusalem, 
saying. After I have been 
there, I must also see Rome. 
And having sent into Mace- 22 
donia two of them that minis- 
tered unto him, Timothy and 
Erastus, he himself stayed in 
Asia for a while. 

And about that time there 2S 
arose no small stir concerning 
the Way. For a certain man 24 
named Demetrius, a silver- 
smith, which made silver 
shrines of & Diana, brought no 
little business unto the crafts- 
men; whom he gathered to- 25 
gether, with the workmen of 
like occupation, and said, Sira, 
ye know that by this business 
we have our wealth. And ye 26 
see and hear, that not alone at 
Ephesus, but almost through- 
out all Asia, this Paul bath 
persuaded fmd turned awaj 

-20. 6. 



much people, saying that they 
be no gods, which are made 

27 with hands : and not only Is 
there danger that this our 
trade come into disrepute ; but 
also that the temple of the 
great goddess i Diana be made 
of DO account, and that she 
should even be deposed from 
her magniflccnoe, whom all 
Asia and ^the world worship- 

28 peth. And when they heard 
this, they were filled with 
wrath, and cried out, saying. 
Great is i Diana of the Ephe- 

29 sians. And the city was filled 
with the confusion : and they 
rushed with one accord into 
the theatre, having seized 
Gains and Aristarchus, men 
of Macedonia, Paul's oompa- 

80 nions in travel And when 
Paul was minded to enter in 
unto the people, the disciples 

81 suffered him not And cer- 
tain also of the > chief ofiloers 
of Asia, being his friends, sent 
unto him, and besought him 
not to adventure himself into 

82 the theatre. Some therefore 
cried one thing, and some an- 
other: for the assembly was 
in conftision; and the more 
part knew not wherefore they 

83 were come together. ^And 
they brought Alexander out 
of. the multitude, the Jews 
putting him forward. And 
Alexander beckoned with the 
hand, and would have made 
a defence unto the people. 

34 But when they perceived that 
he was a Jew, all with one 
voice about the space of two 
hours cried out. Great is 

85 1 Diana of the Epbesians. And 
when the townclerk had quiet- 
ed the multitude, he saith. Ye 
men of Ephesus, what man is 
there who knoweth not how 
that the city of the Ephesians 
is temple-keeper of tne ae&t 
1 Diana, and of the imaffe which 

t6 fell duwft tvQVfi « Jupiter? Sep- 


3 0r.a« 


i Or, And 
some qf 

6 Or, court 
days are 

7 Or, 
of riot 
tug tMa 

ties omit 
aafar at 

9 Many 
ties read 
and were 

ing then that these things 
cannot be gainsaid, ye ought 
to be quiet, and to do nothing 
rash. For ye have brought 87 
hither these men, which are 
neither robbers of temples nor 
blasphemers of our goddessL 
If therefore Demetrius, and 83 
the craftsmen that are with 
him, have a matter against 
any man, «the courts are open, 
and there are proconsuls : let 
them accuse one another. But 8d 
if ye seek anv thing about 
other matters, it shall be set- 
tled in the regular assembly. 
For Indeed we are in danger 40 
to be 7 accused concerning wis 
day's riot, there being no cause 
for it : and as touching it we 
shall not be able to give ac- 
count of this concourse. And 41 
when he had thus spoken, he 
dismissed the assembly. 

And after the uproar was 20 
ceased, Paul having sent for 
the disciples and exhorted 
them, took leave of them, and 
departed for to go into Mace- 
donia. And when he had gone 2 
through those parts, and had 
given them much exhortation, 
he came into Greece. And 3 
when he had spent three 
months iherey and a plot was 
laid against him by the Jews, 
as he was about to set sail for 
Syria, he determined to re- 
turn through Macedonia. And 4 
there accompanied him ^as 
far as Asia Sopater of Beroea, 
the son of Pyrrhus; and of 
the Thessalonians, Aristar- 
chus and Secundus; and 
Gains of Derbe, and Timothy; 
and of Asia, Tychicus and Tro- 
phimus. But these ^had gone 5 
before, and were waiting for 
us at Troas. And we sailed 6 
away ft-om Philippi after the 
days of unleavened bread, and : 
came unto them to Troas in 
five days; where we tarrie<^ 
seven da^s. 




7 And upon the first day of 
the week, when we were ga- 
thered together to break 
bread, Paul discouracd with 
them, intending to depart on 

' the morrow ; and prolonged 
his speech until midnight 

8 And there were many lights 
in the upper chamber, where 
we were gathered together. 

9 And there sat in the window 
a certain young man named 
Eutychus, borne down with 
deep sleep ; and as Paul dis- 
coursed yet longer, being 
borne down by his sleep he 
fell down fh)m the third story, 

10 and was taken up dead. And 
Paul went down, and fell on 
him, and embracing him said, 
Make ye no ado ; for his life 

11 is in him. And when he was 
gone up, and had broken the 
bread, and eaten, and had 
talked with them a long while, 
even till break of day, so he 

12 departed. And they brought 
the lad aliye, and were not a 
little comforted. 

13 Qut we, going before to the 
ship, set sail for Assos, there 
intending to take in Paul : for 
so had he appointed, intend- 
ing himself to go i by land. 

14 And when he met us at Assos, 
we took him in, and came to 

15 Mitylene. And sailing fh)m 
thence, we came the following 
day over against Chios; and 
the next day wo touched at 
Samos; and 3 the day after 

16 we came to Miletus. For Paul 
had determined to sail past 
Ephesus, that he might not 
have to spend time in Asia; 
for he was hastening, if it 
were possible for him, to be 
at Jerusalem the day of Pen- 

17 And fh)m Miletus he sent 
to Ephesus, and called to him 
the > elders of the church. 

■"» And when they were come to 
•n, he said unto them, 

lOr, o» 

a Many 
ties in- 

3 Or, pre*- 

4 Many 
ties omit 

6 Or, tn 


6 Or, 

7 Many 
ties read 
ihe Lord. 


Ye yourselves know, IVom 
the first day that I set foot in 
Asia, after what manner I was 
with you all the time, serving 19 
the Lord with all lowliness of 
mind, and with tears, and with 
trials which befell me by the 

Flots of the Jews: how that 20 
shrank not from declaring 
unto you anything that was 
profitable, and teaching you 
publicly, and (h>m house to 
house, testifying both to Jews 21 
and to Greeks repentance to- 
ward God, and faith toward 
our Lord Jesus * Christ. And 22 
now, behold, I go bound in 
the spirit unto Jerusalem, not 
knowing the things that shall 
befall me there : save that the 23 
Holy Ghost testifleth unto me 
in every city, saying that bonds 
and afllictions abide me. But 24 
I hold not my life of any ac- 
count, as dear unto myself, 
5 so that I may accomplish 
my course, and the ministry 
which I received fh>m the 
Lord Jesus, to testify the gos- 
pel of the grace of God. And 25 
now, behold, I know that ye 
all, among whom I went about 
preaching the kingdom, shall 
see my face no more. Where- 26 
fore I testify unto vou this 
day, that I am pure nrom the 
blood of all men. For I 27 
shrank not ft-om declarinsr 
unto you the whole counsd 
of God. Take heed unto your- 23 
selves, and to all the flock. In 
the which the Holy Ghost 
hath made you « bishops, to 
feed the church of 'Ood, 
which he & purchased with his 
own blood. I know that after 29 
my departing grievous wolves 
shall enter in among you, not 
sparing the flock; and trom 30 
among your own selves shall 
men arise, speaking perverse 
things, to draw away the dis- 
ciples after them. Wherefore 31 
watch ye, remem)>erlng that 

-21. 16. 



by the space of three vears I 
ceaaed not to admonish every 
one night and day with tears. 

82 And now I commend you to 
1 God, and to the word of his 
grace, which is able to build 
you up, and to give you the 
inheritance among aU them 

83 that are sanctified. I coveted 
no man's silver, or gold, or 

84 apparel Ye yourselves know 
that these hands ministered 
unto my necessities, and to 

85 them that were with me. In 
all things I gave you an ex- 
ample, how that so labouring 
ye ought to help the weak, 
and to remember the words 
of the Lord Jesus, how he 
himself said. It is more blessed 
to give than to receive. 

86 And when he had thus spo- 
ken, he kneeled down, and 

87 prayed with them all And 
they all wept sore, and fell 
on Paul's neck, and kissed 

88 him, sorrowing most of all 
for the word which he had 
spoken, that they should be- 
hold his face no more. And 
they brought him on his way 
unto the ship. 

21 And when it came to pass 
that we were parted from 
them, and had set sail, we 
came with a straight course 
unto Cos, and the next day 
unto Rhodes, and from thence 

2 unto Patara : and having 
found a ship crossing over 
unto Phoenicia, we went a- 

3 board, and set sail And when 
we had come in sight of Cy- 
prus, leaving it on the left 
hand, we sailed unto Syria, 
and landed at Tyre : for there 
the ship was to unlade her 

4 burden. And having found 
the disciples, we tarried there 
seven days: and these said to 
Paul through the Spirit, that 
he should not set foot in Je- 

5 rusalem. And when it came 
to pass that we ha(} accom- 

ties read 
the Lord. 

i Or, some 

3 Or, made 

plishcd the days, we departed 
and went on our journey ; and 
they all, with wives and chil- 
dren, brought us on our way, 
till we were out of the city : 
and kneeling down on the 
beach, we prayed, and bade 6 
each other farewell; and we 
went on board the ship, but 
they returned home again. 

And when we had finish- 7 
ed the voyage from Tyre, 
we arrived at Ptolemais ; and 
we saluted the brethren, and 
abode with them one day. 
And on the morrow we de- 8 
parted, and came unto Ceesa- 
rea: and entering into the 
house of Philip the evangelist, 
who was one of the seven, we 
abode with him. Now this 9 
man had four daughters, vir- 
gins, which did prophesy. And 10 
as we tarried there ^many 
days, there came down from 
Judeea a certain prophet, 
named Agabus. And coming 11 
to us, and taking Paul's girdle, 
he bound his own feet and 
hands, and said, Thus saith 
the Holy Ghost, So shall the 
Jews at Jerusalem bind the 
man that owneth this girdle, 
and shall deliver him into the 
hands of the Gentiie& And 12 
when we heard these things, 
both we and they of that 
place besought him not to go 
up to Jerusalem. Then Paul 13 
answered. What do ye. weep- 
ing and breaking my heart? 
for I am ready not to be 
l)ound only, but also to die 
at Jerusalem for the name of 
the Lord Jesus. And when 14 
he would not be persuaded, wo 
ceased, saying, The will of the 
Lord bo done. 

And after these days we 15 
8 took up our baggage, and 
went up to Jerusalem. And 16 
there went with us also e^ 
tain of the disciples ' 
Cfcsarea, bringing witfi 




one Mnason of Cyprus, an 
early disciple, with whom we 
should lodge. 

17 And when we were come to 
Jerusalem, the brethren re- 

18 ceived us gladly. And the 
day following Paul went in 
with us unto James; and all 

19 the elders were present. And 
when he had saluted them, 
he rehearsed one by one the 
things which God had wrought 
among the Gentiles by nis 

20 ministry. And they, when they 
heard it, glorified God; and 
they said unto him, Thou seest, 
brother, how many ^thousands 
there are among the Jews of 
them which have believed; 
and they are all zealous for 

21 the law: and they have been 
informed concerning thee, that 
thou teachest all the Jews 
which are among the Gentiles 
to forsake Moses, telling them 
not to circumcise their chil- 
dren, neither to walk after the 

22 customs. What is it there- 
fore? they will certainly hear 

23 that thou art come. Do there- 
fore this that we say to thee : 
We have four men which have 

24 a vow on them ; these take, 
and purity thyself with them, 
and be at charges for them, 
that they may shave their 
heads: and all shall know 
that there is no truth in the 
things whereof they have been 
informed concerning thee ; but 
that thou thyself also walkest 

25 orderly, keeping the law. But 
as touching the Gentiles which 
have believed, we » wrote, giv- 
ing judgement that they should 
keep themselves ftrom things 
sacrificed to idols, and ft-om 
blood, and ftom what is stran- 
ded, and from fornication. 

26 Then Paul > took the men, and 
the next day purifying himself 
with them went into the tem- 
ple, declaring the ftilfllment of 

*ie days of purification, until 

I Or. 

a Or. 

ties read 

S Or. took 
(he men 
the vext 
day, and 


4 Or. 

ehtJiareh : 
and so 
out this 

5 Or. 

the oflTering was oifered for every 
one of them. 

And when the seven days 27 
were almost completed, the 
Jews fh>ra Asia, when they saw 
him in the temple, stirred up 
all the multitude, and laid 
hands on him, ciying out. Men 28 
of Israel, help : This is the man, 
that teacheth all men every- • 
where against the people, and 
the law, and this place: and 
moreover he brought Greeks 
also into the temple, and hath 
defiled this holy place. For 29 
they had before seen with him 
in the citv Trophimus the 
Ephesian, whom they supposed 
that Paul liad brought into 
the temple. And all the city 80 
was moved, and the people 
ran together: and they laid 
hold on Paul, and dragged 
him out of the temple: and 
straightway the doors were 
shut And as they were seek- 81 
ing to kill him, tidings came 
up to the 4 chief captain of the 
5 band, that all Jerusalem was 
in confusion. And forthwith 32 
he took soldiers and centu- 
rions, and ran down upon 
them: and they, when tney 
saw the chief captain and the 
soldiers, left off oeating PauL 
Then the chief captain came 33 
near, and laid hold on him, 
and commanded him to be 
bound with two chains; and 
inquired who he was, and 
what he had done. And some 34 
shouted one thing, some an- 
other, among the crowd : and 
when he could not know the 
certainty for the uproar, he 
commanded him to be brought 
into the castle. And when he 35 
came upon the stairs, so it 
was, that he was borne of the 
soldiers for the violence of the 
crowd ; for the multitude of 36 
the people followed after, cry- 
ing. Away vrtth him. 

And as Paul was abo^t to 37 

-22. ao. 



be brought into the castle, he 
saith unto the chief captain, 
May I say something unto 
thee ? An'U he said, Dost thou 

88 know Qreek? Art thou not 
then the Egyptian, which be- 
fore these days stirred up to 
sedition and led out into the 
wilderness the foiu- thousand 

89 men of the Assassins? But 
Paul said, I am a Jew, of Tar- 
sus in Cilicia, a citizen of no 
mean city : and I beseech thee, 
give me leave to speak unto 

40 the people. And when he had 
given him leave, Paul, stand- 
ing on the stairs, beckoned 
with the hand imto the peo- 
ple ; and when there was made 
a great silence, he spake unto 
them in the Hebrew language, 

22 Brethren and fathers, hear 
ye the defence which I now 
make unto you. 
2 And when they heard that 
he spake unto them in the 
Hebrew language, they were 
the more quiet : and he saith, 
8 I am a Jew, bom in Tarsus 
of Cilicia, but brought up in 
this city, at the feet of Gama- 
liel, instructed according to the 
strict manner of the law of 
our fathers, being zealous for 
God, even as ye all are this 

4 day : and I persecuted this 
Way unto the death, binding 
and delivering into prisons 

5 both men and women. As 
also the high priest doth bear 
me witness, and all the estate 
of the elders : from whom also 
I received letters unto the bre- 
thren, and Journeyed to Da- 
mascus, to bring them also 
which were there unto Jerusa- 
lem in bonds, for to be punlsh- 

6 ed. And it came to pass, that, as 
,. I made my Journey, and drew 

nigh unto Damascus, about 
Doon, suddenly there shone 
fh>m heaven a great light 

7 round about m«. And J fell 


and look- 

unto the ground, and heard 
a voice saying unto me, Saul, 
Saul, why persecutest thou 
me? And I answered, Who 8 
art thou. Lord? And he said 
unto me, I am Jesus of Na- 
zareth, whom thou perse- 
cutest. And they that were 9 
with me beheld indeed the 
light, but they heard not the 
voice of him that spake to me. 
And I said. What shaU I do, 10 
Lord ? And the Lord said un- 
to me. Arise, and go into Da- 
mascus ; and there it shall be 
told thee of all things which 
are appointed for thee to do. 
And when I could not see for 11 
the glonr of that light, being 
led by the hand of them that 
were with me, I came into 
Damascus. And one Ananias, 12 
a devout man according to 
the law, well reported of by 
all the Jews that dwelt there, 
came unto me, and standing 13 
by me said unto me, Brother 
Saul, receive thy sight And 
in that very hour I i looked 
up on htm. And he said, The 14 
God of our fathers hath an- 
pointed thee to know his will, 
and to see the Righteous One, 
and to hear a voice from his 
mouth. For thou shalt be a 15 
witness for him unto all men 
of what thou hast seen and 
heard. And now why tarriest 16 
thou ? arise, and be oaptized, 
and wash away thy sins, call- 
ing on his name. And it came 17 
to pass, that, when I had re- 
turned to Jerusalem, and while 
I prayed in the temple, I fell 
into a trance, and saw him 18 
saying unto me, Make haste, 
and get thee quickly out of 
Jerusalem: because they will 
not receive of thee testimony 
concerning me. And I niid, 19 
Lord,they themselves know that 
I imprisoned and beat in everv 
synagogue them that be^* 
on thee: and when W 




of Stephen thy witness was 
shed, I also was standing by, 
and consenting, and keeping 
the garments of them that 

21 slew nim. And he said unto 
me, Depart: for I will send 
thee forth far hence unto the 

22 And they gave him audience 
unto this word ; and they liflr 
cd up their voice, and said, 
Away with such a fellow fh>m 
the earth : for it is not flt that 

23 he should live. And as they 
cried out, and threw off their 
garments, and cast dust into 

2i the air, the chief captain com- 
manded him to be brought 
into the castle, bidding that 
he should be examined by 
scourging, that he might know 
for what cause they so shouted 

25 against him. Ana when they 
Imd tied him up ^with the 
thongs, Paul said unto the 
centurion that stood by, Is it 
lawflil for you to scourge a 
man that is a Roman, and un- 

26 condemned? And when the 
centurion heard it, he went 
to the chief captain, and told 
him, saying. What art thou 
about to do ? for this man is 

27 a Roman. And the chief cap- 
tain came, and said unto him. 
Tell me, art thou a Roman? 

28 And he said. Yea. And the 
chief captain answered, With 
a great sum obtained I this 
citizenship. And Paul said, 
But I am a Roman bora 

29 They then which were about 
to examine him straightway 
departed from him : and the 
chief captain also was alVaid, 
when he knew that he was a 
Roman, and because he had 
bound him. 

30 But on the morrow, desiring 
to know the certainty, where- 
fore be was accused of the 
Jews, he loosed him, and com- 
manded the chief priests and 
all the coui)CiJ to come toge- 

1 Orjor 

thcr, and brought Paul down, 
and set him before them. 

And Paul, looking sted- 23 
fastlT on the council, said. 
Brethren, I have lived before 
God in all good conscience 
untU this day. And the high 2 

Sriest Ananias commanded 
lem that stood by him to 
smite him on the mouth. 
Then said Paul unto him, God 8 
shall smite thee, thou whited 
wall : and sittest thou to Judge 
me according to the law, and 
commandest me to be smitten 
contrary to the law? And they 4 
that stood by said, Bevilest 
thou God's high priest? And 5 
Paul said, I wist not, brethren, 
that ho was high priest: for 
it is written, Tbou shalt not 
speak evil of a ruler of thy 
people. But when Paul per- G 
celved that the one part were 
Sadducees, and the other Pha- 
risees, he cried out in the 
council. Brethren, I am a 
Pharisee, a son of Pharisees : 
touching the hope and resur- 
rection of the dead I am 
called in question. And when 7 
he had so said, there arose a 
dissension between the Phari- 
sees and Sadduoees : and the 
assembly was divided. For the 8 
Sadducees say that there is no 
resurrection, neither angel, nor 
spirit : but the Pharisees con- 
fess both. And there arose a 9 
great clamour: and some of 
the scrilies of the Pharisees* 
part stood up, and strove, say- 
ing, We And no evil in this 
man: and what if a spirit 
hath spoken to him, or an 
angel? And when there arose 10 
a great dissension, the chief 
captain, fearing lest P&ul 
should be torn in pieces by 
them, commanded the soldiers' 
to go down and take him by 
force Trom among them, and 
bring him into the castle. 
And the night following the 11 

-2a. 34. 



Lord stood by him, and said. 
Be of good cheer : for as thou 
hast testified concerning me 
at Jerusalem, so must thou 
bear witness also at Rome. 
X2 And when it was day, the 
Jews banded together, and 
bound tliemselves under a 
curse, saying that they would 
neither eat nor dilnk till they 

13 had killed Paul And thev 
were more than forty which 

14 made this conspiracy. And 
they came to the chief priests 
and the elders, and said, We 
have bound ourselves under a 
great curse, to ttiste nothing 

15 until we have killed PauL Now 
therefore do ye with the coun- 

. cil siffnUy to the chief captain 
that he bring him do\iii unto 
you, as though ye would judge 
of his case more exactly : and 
we, or ever he come near, are 

16 ready to slay him. But Paul's 
sister's son heard of their ly- 
ing in wait, ^and he came and 
entered into the castle, and 

17 told PauL And Paul called un- 
to him one of the centurions, 
and said. Bring this young 
man unto the chief captain : 
for he hath something to tell 

IS him. So he took him, and 
brought him to the chief cap- 
tain, and saith, Paul the pri- 
soner called me unto him, and 
asked me to Mng this young 
man unto thee, who hath 

19 something to say to thee. And 
the chief captain took him by 
the hand, and going aside ask- 
ed him privateTv, What is that 

20 thou hast to tell me ? And he 
said, The Jews have agreed to 
ask thee to bring down Paul 
to-morrow unto the council, as 
though thou wouldest inquire 
somewhat more exactly con- 

21 ceming him. Do not thou 
therefore yield unto them : for 
there lie in wait for him of 
them more than forty men, 
which have bound themselves 

I Or, hav 
ing conu 
in upoD 

3 Some 
ties omit 
I brought 
him down 
unto their 


under a curse, neither to eat 
nor to drink till they have 
slain him : and now are they 
ready, looking for the promise 
ttom thee. So the chief cap- 22 
tain let the young man go, 
charging him. Tell no man 
that thou hast signified these 
things to me. And he called 23 
unto him two of the centu- 
rions, and said, Make ready 
two hundred soldiers to go as 
far as Csesarca, and horsemen 
threescore and ten, and spear- 
men two hundred, at the third 
hour of the night : and he 2i 
bade thern providfe beasts, that 
thev might set Paul thereon, 
and bring him safe unto Felix 
the governor. And he wrote 25 
a letter after this form : 

Claudius Lysias unto the 26 
most excellent governor Felix, 
greeting. This man was seized 27 
by the Jews, and was about to 
be slain of them, when I came 
upon them with the soldiers, 
and rescued him, having learn- 
ed that he was a Roman. And 28 
desiring to know the cause 
wherefore they accused him, 
3 1 brought him down unto 
their council : whom I fomid 29 
to be accused about questions 
of their law, but to have no- 
thing laid to his charge worthy 
of death or of bonds. And 80 
when it was shewn to me that 
there would be a plot against 
the man, I sent him to thee 
forthwith, charging his accus- 
ers also to speak against him 
before thee. 8 

So the soldiers, as it was 81 
commanded them, took Paul, 
and brought him by night to 
Antipatrls. But on the morrow 82 
they left the horsemen to go 
with him, and returned to the 
castle : and they, when they 83 
came to Csesarea, and deliver- 
ed the letter to the govemo'* 
presented Paul also h"* 
htm. And when he h» 




it, he asked of what province 
he was: and when he under- 
stood that he was of ClUcia, 
85 I will hear thy cause, said he, 
when thine accusers also are 
come: and he commanded 
him to be kept in Herod's 
1 palace. 
24 And after five days the 
high priest Ananias came 
down with certain elders, and 
toith an orator, one Tortullus; 
and they informed the go- 

2 vemora^nstPaul. And when 
he was called, Tertullus began 
to accuse him, saying. 

Seeing that by thee we enjoy 
much peace, and that by thy 
providence evils are corrected 

8 for this nation, we accept it in 
all ways and in all places, most 
excellent Felix, with all thank- 

4 fulness. But, that I bo not fur- 
ther tedious unto thee, I in- 
trcat thee to hear us of thy 

6 clemency a few words. For we 
have found this man a pestilent 
fellow, and a mover of insur- 
rections among all the Jews 
throughout ^the world, and a 
ringleader of the sect of the 

6 Nazarcnes : who moreover as- 
sayed to profane the temple : 
on whom also we laid hold:* 

8 Trom whom thou wilt be aiAe, 
by examining him thyself, to 
take knowledeo of all these 
things, whereof we accuse him. 

9 And the Jews also Joined in 
the charge, afiimiing that these 
things were so. 

10 And when the governor had 
beckoned unto him to speak, 
Paul answered, 

Forasmuch as I know that 
thou hast been of many years 
a Judge unto this nation, I do 
cheerfully make my defence : 

11 seeing that thou canst take 
knowledge, that it is not more 
than twelve days since I went 
up to worship at Jerusalem: 
\nd neither in the temple did 

'ley find me disputing with 

1 Or. Pr<B 


iGr. (ha 

ties in- 
sert tiwl 
him ae- 
law. 7But 
the chief 
and tcilh 
took him 
away out 
etuen to 

4 Or, 

7 Or. «• 
ing whtcfc 

8 Or. hit 

any man or stirring up a 
crowd, nor In the imiagogues, 
nor in the city. Keither can 13 
they prove to thee the things 
whereof they now accuse me. 
But this I confess unto thee, 14 
that after the Way which they 
call *B, sect, so serve I the 
God of our fathers, believing 
all things which are according 
to the law, and which are writ- 
ten in the prophets: having 15 
hope toward God, which these 
also themselves <look for, that 
there shall be a resurrection 
both of the Just and ui^ust 
Herein do I also exercise mv- 16 
self to have a conscience void 
of offence toward God and 
men alway. Kow after « many 17 
years I came to bring alms to 
my nation, and offerings : 7 a- 18 
midst which they found me 
purified in the temple, with 
no crowd, nor yet with tu- 
mult: but there were certain 
Jews trom Asiar-who ought to 19 
have been here before thee, and 
to make accusation, if they 
had aught against me. Or else 20 
let these men themselves sav 
what wrong-doing they found, 
when I stood before the coun- 
cil, except it be for this one 21 
voice, that I cried standing 
among them, Touching the re- 
surrection of the dead I am 
called in question before you 
this day. 

But Felix, having more exact S2 
knowledge concerning the Way, 
deferred them, saying. When 
Lysias the chief captain shall 
come down, I will determine 
your matter. And he gave 23 
order to the centurion that he 
should be kept in charge, and 
should have indulgence ; and 
not to forbid any of liis fkiends 
to minister unto him. 

But after certain days, Felix 24 
came with Drusilla, * his wife, 
which was a Jewess, and sent 
for Paul, and heard him ooa- 

-26. 18. 



ccmiug the faith in Christ 
S5 Jesus. And as he reasoned of 
righteousness, and i temper- 
ance, and the Judgement to 
come, Felix was terrified, and 
answered. Go th j way for this 
time ; and when I have a con- 
venient season, I will call thee 

26 unto me. He hoped withal that 
money would be given him of 
Paul : wherefore also he sent 
for him the oftener, and com- 

27 muncd with him. But when 
two years were fulfilled, Felix 
was succeeded by Porcius Fes- 
tus ; and desiring to gain fa- 
vour with the Jews, Felix left 
Paul in bonds. 

25 Festus therefore, 2 having 

come into the province, after 

tliree days went up to Jeru- 

2 salem from Oesarea. And the 
chief priests and the princi- 
pal men of the Jews informed 
him against Paul; and they 

8 besought him, asking favour 
against him, that he would 
send for him to Jerusalem; 
laying wait to kill him on the 

4 way. Howbcit Festus answer- 
ed, that Paul was kept in 
charge at Caisarea, and that 
he himself was about to de- 

6 part thither shortly. Let them 
therefore, saith he, which are 
of power among you, go down 
witti me, and if there is any- 
thing amiss in the man, let 
them accuse him. 

6 And when he had tarried 
among them not more than 
eight or ten days, he wept 
down unto Csesarea; and on 
the morrow he sat on the 
judgement-seat, and command- 

7 cd Paul to be brought And 
when he was come, the Jews 
which had come down from 
Jerusalem stood round about 

- him, bringing against him 
manv and grievous charges, 
which they could not prove; 

8 while Paul said in his de- 
fenoe, Neither against the law 

I Or. kV- 

a Or, 

and so in 

4 Or. 

of the Jews, nor against the 
temple, nor against Ceesar, have 
I sinned at alL But Festus, 9 
desiring to gain favour with 
the Jews, answered Paul» and 
said. Wilt thou go up to Je- 
rusalem, and there be Judged 
of these things before me? But 10 
Paul said, I am standing be- 
fore CsBsar's Judgement-seat, 
where I ought to be fudged: 
to the Jews have I done no 
wrong, as thou also very well 
knowcst. If then I am a wrong- 11 
doer, and have committed any 
thing worthy of death, I re- 
fuse not to die : but if none 
of those things is true, where- 
of these accuse me, no man 
can «g^ve me up unto them. 
I appeal unto Csesar. Then 12 
Festus, when he had conferred 
with the council, answered. 
Thou hast appealed unto Cro- 
sar: unto Ceesar shalt thou 

Now when certain days were 18 
rajssed, Agrippa the king and 
Bemlce arrived at Csesarea. 
4 and saluted Festus. And 14 
as they tarried there many 
davs, Festus laid Paul's case 
before the king, saying, There 
is a certain man left a prisoner 
by Felix : about whom, when 15 
I was at Jerusalem, the chief 
priests and the elders of the 
Jews informed me, asking for 
sentence against him. To whom 16 
I answered, that it is not the 
custom of the Romans to give 
up any man, before that the 
accused have the accusers face 
to face, and have had oppor- 
tunity to make his defence 
concerning the matter laid a- 
gainst him. When therefore 17 
they were come together here, 
I made no delay, out on the 
next day sat down on the judge- 
ment-seat, and commanded 
the man to be brought. Con- 1° 
ceming whom, when the - 
cusers stood up, they bro' 




no charge of such evil things 

19 as I supposed ; but had certain 
questions against him of their 
own 1 religion, and of one Je- 
sus, who was dead, whom Paul 

20 affirmed to be alive. And I, 
being perplexed how to in- 
quire concerning these things, 
asked whether he would go to 
Jerusalem, and there be Judged 

21 of these matters. But when 
Paul had appealed to be kept 
for the decision of ^the em- 
i)cror, I commanded him to 
be kept till I should send him 

22 to Ctesar. And Agrippa said 
unto Festus, I also 3 could wish 
to hear the man myselt To- 
morrow, saith he, thou shalt 
hear him. 

28 So on the morrow, whpn 
A^ppa was come, and Ber- 
nicc, with great pomp, and 
they were entered into the 
place of hearing, with the 
chief captains, and the prin- 
cipal men of the city, at the 
command of Festus Paul was 

24 brought in. And Festus saith. 
King Agrippa, and all men 
which are here present with 
us, ye behold this man, about 
whom all the multitude of the 
Jews made suit to me, both 
at Jerusalem and here, crying 
that he ought not to live any 

25 longer. But I found that he 

of death: and as he himseu^ 
appealed to 2 the emperor I 

26 determined to send him. Of 
whom I have no certain thing 
to write unto my lord. Where- 
fore I have brought him forth 
before you, and specially be- 
fore thee, king Agrippa, that, 
after examinaition had, I may 

27 have somewhat to writa For 
it seemeth to me unreason- 
able, in sending a prisoner, not 
withal to signify the charges 
a^nst him. 

>0 And Agrippa said unto 
Paul, Thou art permitted to 



a 6r. a* 

8 Or, waa 

thou art 



5 Or, 
On tehidt 

speak for thyself. Then Paul 
stretched forth his hand, and 
made his defence : 

I think myself happy, king 2 
Agrippa, that I am to make 
my defence before thee this 
day touching all the things 
whereof I am accused by the 
Jews : 4 especially because thou 3 
art expert in aU customs and 

auestions which are among 
le Jews : wherefore I beseech 
thee to hear me patiently. My 4 
manner of life tuen from my 
vouth up, which was ft-om the 
beginning among mine own 
nation, and at Jerusalem, know 
all the Jews ; having knowledge 5 
of me from the first, if they 
be willing to testify, hgw that 
after the straitest sect of our 
religion I lived a Pharisee. • 
And now I stand here to be 6 
judged for the hope of the 
promise made of God unto our 
fathers; unto which proTnise 7 
our twelve tribes, earnestly 
serving God night and day, 
hope to attain. And conccm- 
ing this hope I am accused 
by the Jews, O king! Why is 8 
it Judged incredible with you, 
if God doth raise the dead? 
I verily thought with myself, 9 
that I ought to do many things 
contrary to the name of Jesus 
of Nazareth. And this I also 10 
did in Jerusalem : and I both 
shut up many of the saints in 
prisons, having received au- 
thority from the chief prie^ 
and when they were put to 
death, I gave my vote against 
them. And punishing them 11 
oftentimes in all the syna- 
gogues, I strove to make them 
blaspheme; and being exceed- 
ingly mad agi^nst them, I per- 
secuted them even unto foreign 
cities. « Whereupon aa I Jour- 12 
neyed to Damascus with the 
authoritv and commission of 
the chief priests, at midday, O IS 
king, I saw on the way a d^% 

-27. 3. 



from heaven, above the brlght- 
nesH of the sun, shining round 
al>out me and them that Jour- 

14 neyed with me. And when we 
were all fallen to the earth, 
I heard a voice saying unto 
me in the Hebrew language, 
Saul, Saul, why peraecutest 
thou me ? it is hard for thee 
to kick against ^Che goad. 

15 And I said. Who art thou. 
Lord ? And the Lord said, I 
am Jesus whom thou perse- 

16 cutest. But arise, and stand 
upon thy feet: for to this end 
have I appeared unto thee, to 
appoUit thee a minister and 
a witness both of the things 
s wherein thou hast seen me, 
and of the things wherein I 

17 will appear unto thee; deliver- 
ing thee from the people, and 
from the Gentiles, unto whom 

18 I send thee, to open their eyes, 
»that they may turn from 
darkness to light, and from 
the power of Satan unto God, 
that they may receive remis- 
sion of sins and an inherit- 
ance among them that are 

sanctiflcd by faith in me. 

king „ _ , 

I was not disobedient unto 

19 Wherefore, 



20 the heavenly vision: but de- 
clare both to them of Da- 
mascus first, and at Jerusa- 
lem, and throughout all the 
country of Judaea, and also 
to the Gentiles, that they 
should repent and turn to 
God, doing works worthy of 

21 4 repentance. For this cause 
the Jews seized me in the 
temple, and assayed to kill 

22 me. Having therefore obtahi- 
ed the help that is from God, 
I stand unto this day testifying 
both to small and great, saying 
nothing but what the prophets 
and Moses did say should 

28 come; >how that the Christ 
• must Buflbr. wnd >how that 
he flnt by the resurreotion of 
the dead should proclaim light 


2 Many 

8 Or, to 

4 0r,flWr 



• Or.fc 
tutneet to 

7 Or, 

both to the people and to the 

And as ho thus made Us 24 
defence, Festus saith with a 
loud voice, Paul, thou art 
mad ; thy much learning doth 
turn thee to madness. But 25 
Paul saith, I am not mad, 
most excellent Festus; but 
speak forth words of truth 
and soberness. For the king 26 
knoweth of these things, unto 
whom also I speak freely : for 
I am persuaded that none of 
these things is hidden trom 
him ; for this hath not been 
done in a comer. King A- 27 
grippa, lielicvest thou the 
prophets? I know that thou 
believcst And Agrippa mid 28 
unto Paul, With but little 
persuasion thou wouldest fain 
make me a Christian. And 29 
Paul mid, I would to God, 
that whether with little or 
with much, not thou only, but 
also all that hear me this day, 
might become such as I am, 
except these bonds. 

And the king rose up, and 80 
the governor, and Bemice, and 
they that sat with them : and 81 
when they had withdrawn, 
they spake one to another, 
saying. This man doeth no- 
thing worthy of death or of 
bonds. And Agrippa said un- 32 
to Festus, This man might 
have been set at liberty, if he 
had not appealed unto Ceesar. 

And when it was deter- 27 
mined that we should sail 
for Italy, they delivered Paul 
and certain other prisoners to 
a centurion named Julius, of 
the Augustan 7 band. And em- 2 
barking in a ship of Adra- 
myttium, which was about to 
sail unto the places on the 
coast of Asia, we put to sea, 
Aristarchus, a Macedonian of 
Thessalonlca, being with u« 
And the next day we tor 
at Sidon: and Julius ^ 




Paul kindly, and gave him 
leave to go unto his friends 

4 and i refresh himself. And 
putting to sea from thenoe, we 
sailed under the lee of Cyprus, 
because the winds were con- 

5 tniry. And when we had sail- 
ed across the sea which is 
off Cilicia and Pamphylia, we 
came to Myra, a city of Ly- 

6 cia. And there the centurion 
found a ship of Alexandria 
sailing for Italy ; and he put 

7 us therein. And when we had 
sailed slowly many daj's, and 
were come with difficulty over 
against Cnidua the wind not 
s further suffering us, we sail- 
ed under the lee of Crete, over 

8 against Salmone ; and with 
difficulty coasting along it we 
came unto a certain place call- 
ed Fair Havens; nigh where- 
unto was the city of Lasca. 

9 And when much time was 
spent, and the voyage was now 
dangerous,becau8e the Fast was 
now already gone by, Paul ad- 

10 monished them, and said unto 
them. Sirs, I perceive that the 
voyage will be with imury and 
much loss, not only of the lad- 
ing and the ship, but also of our 

11 lives. But the centurion gave 
more heed to the master and 
to the owner of the ship, 
than to those things which 

12 were spoken by PauL And 
because the haven was not 
commodious to winter in, the 
more part advised to put to 
sea fW)m thence, if by any 
means they could reach Phoe- 
nix, and winter tJiere; tohich 
is a haven of Crete, looking 
8 north -east and south-east. 

18 And when the south wind 
blew softly, supposing that they 
had obtained their purpose, 
they weighed anchor and sail- 
ed along Crete, close in shore. 

14 But after no long time there 

beat down from it a tempestu- 

U8 wind, which is called JSura- 


a Or. 


3 Gr. down 
Ihe eonih- 
leett woind 
and dotm 
(he north- 

ties read 

5 Or, 

quilo : and when the ship was 15 
caught, and could not face 
the wind, we gave way to itf 
and were driven. And running 19 
under the lee of a small island 
called * Cauda, we were able, 
with difficulty, to secure the 
boat: and when they had hoist- 17 
ed it up, they used helps, under- 
girding the ship ; and, fearing 
lest they should be cast upon 
the Syrtis, they lowered the 
gear, and so were driven. And 18 
as we laboured exceedingly 
with the storm, the next day 
they began to throw the freiaht 
overlx>ard ; and the third aay 19 
they cast out with their own 
hands the & tackling of the ship. 
And when neither sun nor stars 20 
shone upon ua for many days, 
and no small tempest lay on 
U8f all hope Uiat we should 
be saved was now taken away. 
And when they had been long 21 
without food, then Paul stood 
forth in the midst of them, 
and said, Sirs, ye should have 
hearkened unto me, and not - 
have set sail from Crete, and 
have gotten this i^JuI7 and 
loss. And now I exhort you to 22 
be of good cheer: for there 
shall be no loss of life among 

Sou, but ovdy of the ship. For 23 
[lere stood by me this night 
an angel of the God whose I 
am, whom also I serve, si^ng, 24 
Fear not Paul; thou must 
stand before Csesar: and lo, 
God hath granted thee all 
them that sail with thee. 
Wherefore, sirs, be of good 25 
cheer : for I believe God, that 
it shall be even so as it hath 
been spoken unto me. How- 26 
belt we must be cast upon a 
certain island. 

But when the fourteenth 27 
night was come, as we were 
driven to and fro in the sea 
o/Adria, about midnight the 
sailors surmised that they were 
drawing near to some coimtij ; 

^28. 7. 



28 and they sounded, and fpund 
twenty fathoms: and after a 
little space, they sounded a- 
gain, and found fifteen fa- 

29 thorns. And fearing lest haply 
we should be cast ashore on 
rocky ground, they let go 
four anchors from the stem, 

80 and i wished for the day. And 
as the sailors were seeking to 
flee out of the ship, and had 
lowered the boat into the sea, 
under colouv as though they 
would lay out anchors from 

81' the foreship, Paul said to 
the centurion and to the sol- 
diers, Except these abide in 
the ship, ye cannot be saved. 

82 Then tae soldiers cut away 
the ropes of the boat, and let 

33 her fall off. And while the day 
was coming on, Paul besought 
them all to take some food, 
saying. This day is the four- 
teenth d£^ that ye wait and 
continue fasting, having taken 

84 nothing. Wherefore I beseech 
you to take some food: for 
this is for your safety: for 
there shall not a hair perish 
fh)m the head of any of you. 

85 And when he had said this, 
and had taken bread, he gave 
thanks to God in the presence 
of all : and he brake it, and 

86 began to eat Then were they 
all of good cheer, and them- 

87 selves also took food. And we 
were in all in the ship a two 
hundred threescore and six- 

88 teen souls. And when they 
had eaten enough, they light- 
ened the ship, throwing out 

89 the wheat into the sea. And 
when it was day, they knew 
not the land : but they per- 
ceived a certain bav with a 
beach, and they took counsel 
whether they could » drive the 

40 cihip upon it And casting off 
the anchors, they left them in 
the sea^ at the same time 
loosing the bands of the rud- 
ders; and hoisting up the 


a Some 
ties read 

3 Some 
ties read 
bring the 
«/i{p Bc^e 
to more. 

4 Some 
ties read 

6 Or, /com 
the heat 

foresail to the wind, they 
made for the beach. But light- 41 
ing upon a place where two 
seas met they ran the vessel 
aground; and the foreship 
struck and remained unmove- 
able, but the stem b^an to 
break up by the violence qftke 
loaves. And the soldiers' coun- 42 
sel was to kill the prisoners, 
lest any qf them should swim 
out. and escape. But the cen- 43 
turion, desiring to save Paul, 
stayed them from their pur- 
pose; and commanded that 
they which could swim should 
cast themselves overboard, and 
get first to the land : and the 44 
rest, some on planks, and some 
on other things from the ship. 
And so it came to pass, that 
they all escaped safe to the land. 

And when we were escap- 28 
ed, then we knew that the 
island was called ^Melita. 
And the barbarians shewed us 2 
no common kindness: for they 
kindled a fire, and received us 
all, because of the present 
rain, and because of the cold. 
But when Paul had gathered 8 
a bundle of sticks, and laid 
them on the fire, a viper came 
out 6 by reason of the heat, 
and fastened on his hand. 
And when the barbarians saw 4 
the beast banging from his 
hand, they said one to an- 
other. No doubt this man is 
a murderer, whom, though he 
hath escaped from the sea, 
yet Justice hath not suffered 
to live. Howbeit he shook off 5 
the beast into the fire, and 
took no harm. But they ex- 6 
pected that he would have 
swollen, or fallen down dead 
suddenly : but when they were 
long in expectation, and be- 
held nothing amiss come to 
him,thev changed their minds, 
and said that he was a god. 

Now in the neighbour^ 
of that place were lan(' 




longlQff to tho chief man of 
the island, named Publlus; 
who received va, and enter- 
tained us three days cour- 

8 teouslj. And it was so. that 
the father of Publlus lay sick 
of fever and dysente^: unto 
whom Paul entered In, and 
prayed, and laving his hands 

9 on him healed him. And when 
this was done, the rest also 
which had diseases in the 
island came, and were cured : 

10 who also honoured us with 
many honours ; and when we 
sailed, they put on board such 
things as we needed. 

11 And after three months we 
set sail in a ship of Alexan- 
dria, which had wintered in 
tho island, whose, sign was 

12 iThe Twin Brothers. And 
touching at Syracuse, we tar- 

13 ried there three days. And 
iY-om thence we a made a cir- 
cuit, and arrived at Rhegium : 
and after one day a south 
wind sprang up, and on the 
second day we came to Pu- 

14 teoli : where we found bre- 
thren, and were intreatcd to 
tarry with them seven days: 
and so we came to Rome. 

15 And fh)m thence the brethren, 
when they heard of us, came 
to meet us as far as Tho 
Market of Appius, and The 
Three Taverns: whom when 
Paul saw, ho thanked God, 
and took courage. 

16 And when we entered into 
Rome. sPaul was suffered to 
abide by himself Tvith the sol- 
dier that guarded him. 

IT And it came to pass, that 
after three days he called to- 
gether * those that were the 
chief of the Jews: and when 
they were come together, he 
said unto them, I, brethren, 
though I had done nothing 
against the people, or the cus- 
toms of our fathers, yet was 
delivered prisoner fh)m Jeru- 


2 Some 
ties read 

sei-t Ihe 
Bunet-B to 
the crij)- 

the yrcB- 



* Or. tkoae 

5 Or, mIZ 
for yoM, 
to tee and 
to speak 
vith you 

salem into the hands of the 
Romans : who, when they had 18 
examined me, desired to set 
me at liberty, because there 
was no cause of death in me. 
But when the Jews spake a- 19 
gainst it, I was constrained to 
appeal unto Ceesar ; not that 
I had ausht to accuse my na- 
tion of. For this cause there- 20 
fore did I sintreat you to see 
and to speak with me: for 
because of the hope of Israel 
I am bound with this chain. 
And they said unto him. We 21 
neither received letters from 
Judeea concerning thee, nor 
did any of the brethren come 
hither and report or speak 
any harm of thee. But we 22 
desire to hear of thee what 
thou thinkest : for as oonceni-. 
ing this sect, it is known to us 
that everywhere it is spoken 

And when they had appoint- 28 
ed him a day, they came to 
him into his lodging in great 
number; to whom ho expound- 
ed the matter, testifying the 
kingdom of Ood, and persuad- 
ing them concerning Jesus,both 
from the law of Moses and 
fVom the prophets, fh>m morn- 
ing till evening. And some be- 21 
lieved the things which wore 
spoken, and some disbelieved. 
And when they agreed not a- 25 
mong themselves, they depart- 
ed, after that Paul had spo- 
ken one word, Well spake the 
Holy Ghost cby Isaiah the 
prophet unto your fathers, 
saying, 28 

Go thou unto this people^ 

and say. 
By hearing ye shall hear, 
and shall in no wise un> 
derstand ; 
And seeing ye shall see^ 
and shall in no wise per- 
For this people's heart ia 27 
waxed gross, 

-1. 17. 



And their ears are dull of 

And thcu: eyes they have 

Lest haply they should per- 
ceive with their eyes, 

And hear with their ears, 

And understand with their 

And should turn again. 

And I should heal tneuL 
28 Be it known therefore unto 

ties insert 
he had 
Jewa de- 
mudt di$- 
puting a- 

you, that this salvation of God 
is sent unto the Gentiles: they 
will also hear.i 

And he abode two whole 80 
years in his own hired dwell- 
ing, and received all that went 
in unto him, preaching the 81 
kingdom of God, and teach- 
ing the things concerning 
the Lord Jesus Christ with 
all boldness, none forbidding 



X PaxtXi, a 1 servant of Jesus 
Christ, called to be sui apostle, 
separated unto the gospel of 

2 God, which he promised afore 
2 by his prophets in the holy 

8 scriptures, concerning his Son, 
who was bom of the seed of 
David according to the flesh, 

4 who was 8 declared to be the 
Son of God ^with power, ac- 
cording to the spirit of holi- 
ness, by the resurrection of 
the dead; even Jesus Christ 

5 our Lord, through whom we 
received grace and apostle- 
ship, imto obedience ^of faith 
among all the nations, for his 

6 name's sake : among whom are 
ye also, called to be Jesus 

7 Christ's: to all that are in 
Rome, beloved of God, call- 
ed to 2>e saints: Grace to 
you and peace from God our 
Father and the Lord Jesus 

8 FirsL I thank my God 
through Jesus Christ for you 
all, 6 that your faith is pro- 
claimed throughout the whole 

B world. For God is my wit- 
ness, whom I serve in my 
spirit in the gospel of his Son, 

a Or. 


6 Or, to 
the faith 

• Or, 

how unceadngly I make men- 
tion of you, always in my 
prayers making request, if by 10 
any means now at length I 
may be prospered ? by the will 
of God to come unto you. 
For I long to see you, that 11 
I may im^irt unto you some 
spiritual gift, to the end ye 
may be established; that is, 12 
that I with you may be com- 
forted in you, each of us by 
the other's faitli, both yours 
and mine. And I would not IS 
have you ignorant, brethren, 
that oftentimes I purposed to 
come unto you (and was hin- 
dered hitherto), that I might 
have some fhilt in you also, 
even as in the rest of the 
Gentiles. I am debtor both 14 
to Greeks and to Barbarians, 
both to the wise and to the 
foolish. So, as much as in 16 
me is, I am ready to preach 
the gospel to you also that 
are in Rome. For I am not 16 
ashamed of the gospel : for it 
is the power of Godf unto sal- 
vation to every one that ^^ 
lieveth ; to the Jew first, 
also to the Greek. For t 




in is rcTcalcd a righteousneas 
of God iby faitli unto faith: 
Bs it is written, But the right-, 
eous shall live ^by faith. 

18 For a the wrath of God is 
revealed fh)m heaven against 
all ungodliness and unright- 
eousness of men, who 8hold 
down the truth in unright- 

19 eousness ; because that which 
may be known of God is ma- 
nifest in them; for God ma- 

20 nifested it unto them. For 
the invisible things of him 
since the creation of the world 
are clearly seen, being perceiv- 
ed through the things that 
are made, even his everlast- 
ing power and divinity ; ^that 
they may bo without excuse : 

21 because that, knowfhg God, 
they glorified him not as God, 
neither gave thanks ; but bo- 
came vain in their reasonings, 
and their senseless heart was 

22 darkened. Professing them- 
selves to be wise, they became 

23 fools, and changed the glory 
of the incorruptible God for 
the likeness of an image of 
corruptible man, and of birds, 
and fourfootcd beasts, and 
creeping things. 

24 wherefore God gave them 
up in the lusts of their hearts 
unto uncleanness, that their 
bodies should" be dishonoured 

25 among themselves: for that 
they exchanged the truth of 
God for a lie, and worshipped 
and served the creature rather 
than the Creator, who Is bless- 
ed* for ever. Amen. 

26 For this cause God gave 
them up unto evile passions: 
for their women changed the 

' natural use into that which 

27 is against nature: and like- 
wise also the men, leaving 
the natural use of the wo- 
man, burned in their lust 
one toward another, men with 
men working unseemliness, 
and receiving In themselves 


2 Or. 

8 Or. hold 

4 Or. 
so that 
they are 

S Or. unto 
the ages. 


7 Or. 


the other. 

10 Manr 
ties read 

that recompense of their error 
which was due. 

And even as they ^reftised 28 
to have God in their know- 
ledge, God gave them up un- 
to a reprobate mind, to do 
those things which are not fit- 
ting; being filled with all un- 29 
righteousness, wickedness, oo- 
vetousness, maliciousness ; ftill 
of envy, murder, strife, deceit, 
malignity ; whisperers, back- SO 
biters, » hateful to God, inso- 
lent, haughty, boastful, invent- 
ors of evil tmngs, disobedient 
to parents, without under- 31 
standing, covenant - breakers, 
without natural afiTection, un- 
merciful: who, knowing the 32 
ordinance of God, that they 
which practise such things 
are worthy of death, not only 
do the same, but also consent 
with them that practise them. 

Wherefore thou art without 2 
excuse, O man, whosoever thou 
art that ludgest : for wherein 
thou Judgest ^ another, thou 
condemnest tl^yself ; for thou 
thatr Judgest dost practise the 
same things. i^And we know 2 
that the Judgement of God 
is according to truth against 
them that practise such things. 
And reckonest thou this, O 3 
man, who Judgest them that 
practise such things, and docst 
the same, that thou shalt es- 
cape the Judgement of God? 
Or despisest thou the rtches 4 
of his goodness and forbear- 
ance and longsuffering. not 
knowing that the goodness of 
God leadeth thee to repent- 
ance ? but after thy hardness 5 
and impenitent heart trcasur- 
est up for thyself wrath in the 
day of \tTath and revelation 
of the righteous Judgement of 
God ; who will render to every 6 
man according to his works : to 7 
them that by patience in weU- 
doing seek for glory and honour 
and mcorrupuon, eternal life : 

-a. 5. 



8 but unto them that arc fac- 
tious, and obey not the truth, 
but obey unrighteousness, ahaU 

9 be wratn and indignation, tri- 
bulation and anguish, upon 
every soul of man that worketh 
evil, of the Jew first, and also 

10 of the Greek ; but glory and ho- 
nour and peace to every man 
that worketh good, to the Jew 

11 first, and also to the Greek : for 
there is no respect of persons 

12 with God. For as many as 
have sinned without law shall 
also perish without law: and 
as many as have sinned under 
law shall be Judged by law; 

18 for not the hearers of a law 
are i just before God, but the 
doers of a law shall be ^justi- 

14 fled : for when Gentiles which 
have no law do by nature the 
things of the law, these, hav- 
ing no law, are a law tmto 

15 themselves ; in that they shew 
the work of the law written in 
their hearts, their conscience 
bearing witness therewith, and 
their 8 thoughts one with an- 
other accusing or else excusing' 

16 tTierrir; in the day when God 
* shall Judge the secrets of men, 
according to my gospel, by Je- 
sus Christ. 

17 But if thou bearest the name 
of a Jew, and restest upon ^the 

18 law, and gloriest in God, and 
knowest 8hls will, and ^approv- 
est the things that are excel- 
lent, being instructed out of 

19 the law, and art confident that 
thou thyself art a guide of the 
blind, a light of them that are 

20 in darkness, Sa corrector of 
the foolish, a teacher of babes, 
having in the law the form of 
knowledge and of the truth; 

21 thou therefore that teachcst 
another, teachest thou not 
thyself? thou that preachcst 
a man should not steal, dost 

22 thou steal? thou that sayest 
a man should not commit 
adultery, dost thou commit 


a Or. 


3 Or. retp- 

4 Or, 

the Witt 

7 Or, 
th« things 

8 Or, an 


10 Gr. 
Be it not 
so: and 
so else- 

adultery? thou that abhor- 
rest idols, dost thou ^ rob tem- 

Fles? thou who gloriest in 28 
the law, through thy trans- 
gression of the law dishonour- 
est thou God ? For the name 24 
of God is blasphemed among 
the Gentiles because of you, 
even as it is written. For 25 
circumcision indeed proflteth, 
if thou be a doer of the law : 
but if thou be a transgressor 
of the law, thy circumcision 
is become imclrcumcision. If 20 
therefore the uncircumclsion 
keep the ordinances of the 
law, shall not his uncircum- 
clsion be reckoned for circum- 
cision? and shall not the 2? 
uncircumclsion which is by 
nature, if it fulfil the law. 
Judge thee, who with the let- '■ 
ter and circumcision art a 
transgressor of the law? For 28 
he is not a Jew, which is one 
outwardly; neither is that cir- 
cumcision, which is outward 
in the flesh : but he is a Jew, 29 
which is one inwardly; and 
circumcision is that of the 
heart, in the spirit, not in the 
letter; whose praise is not of 
men, but of God. 

VFhat advantage then hath 3 
the Jew ? or what is the profit 
of circumcision ? Much every 2 
way: first of all. that they, 
were intrusted with the ora- 
cles of God. For what if some 3 
were without faith ? shall their 
want of faith make of none 
effect the faithfulness of God ? 
10 God forbid : yea, let God be 4 
found true, but every man a 
liar ; as it is written. 

That thou mightest he jus- 
tified in thy words. 
And mightest prevail when 
thou comest into judge- 
But if our unrighteousness 5 
commendeth the righteous- 
ness of God, what shall r 
say? Is God unrighteous w 




visiteth with wrath ? (I speak 

6 after the manner of mciL) God 
forbid: for then how shall Qod 

7 Jud«»the world? i But if the 
truth of God through my lie 
abounded unto his glory» why 
am I also still Judged as a 

8 sinner? and why not (as we 
be slanderously reported, and 
as some affirm that we say). 
Let us do evil, that good may 
oome? whose condemnation 
is Just 

9 What then ? s are we in 
worse case than they ? No, in 
no wise : for we before laid to 
the charge both of Jews and 
Greeks, that they are all un- 

10 der sin ; as it is written, 

There is none righteous, no, 
not one ; 

11 There is none that under- 

There is none that seeketh 
after God: 

12 They have all turned aside, 

they are together become 

unprofitable ; 
There is none that doeth 

good, no, not so much as 

18 Their throat is an open 

sepulchre ; 
With their tongues they 

have used deceit : 
The poison of asps is under 

their lips: 

14 Whose mouth is full of 

cursing and bitterness : 

15 Their feet are swift to shed 


16 Destruction and misery are 

in their ways ; 

17 And the way of peace have 

they not known : 

18 There is no fear of God 

before their eyes, 

19 Now we know that what 
thiuKS soever the law saith, it 
speaketh to them that are 
under the law; that every 
mouth may be stopped, and 
all the world may be brought 
under the judgement of God : 

ties read 

a Or. A) 


4 Or. work* 
of law 

• Or. 


8 Some 
ties add 
and upon 

• Or, 

10 Or, 
to be pro- 

faith im ' 

ch. ii. IS. 


ties read 



le Or. law 

17 Some 
ties read 
Aam. our 
to the 

because sby «the works of the 20 
law shall no flesh be >Justl- 
fled in his sight : for ^ through 
the law comkh the knowledge 
of sin. But now apart ftx)m 21 
the law a righteousness of God 
hath been manifested, being 
witnessed by the law and the 
prophets ; even the righteous- 22 
ness of God through faith 7 in 
Jesus Christ unto all stbem 
that believe; for there is no 
distinction ; for all have tin- 23 
ned, and fall short of the glory 
of God ; being Justified finely 24 
by his grace tlu-ough the re- 
demption that is In Christ 
Jesus: whom God ^set forth 25 
10 to &e a propitiation, through 
u faith, by his blood, to shew 
his righteousness, because of 
the passing over of the sins 
done aforetime, in the for- 
bearance of God ; for the 26 
shewing, I say, of his right- 
eousness at this present sea- 
son: that he might himself 
be ujust, and the i^ justifler of 
him that i^hath faith ^in Jesuai 
Where then is the glorying? 27 
It is excluded. By what, man- 
ner of law? of works? Nay: 
but by a law of fkith. uwe 28 
reckon therefore that a man 
is iustifled by faith apart tram 
4 the works of the law. Or is 29 
God the Ood of Jews only ? is 
he not the God of Gentiles 
also? Yea, of Gentiles also: 
if so be that God is one, and 80 
he shall Justify the circumci- 
sion Shy faith, and the undr- 
cumcision ^through faitb. Do SI 
we then make i^the law of 
none effect i^ through faith? 
God forbid : nay, we establish 
"the law. 

What then shall we say 4 
17 that Abraham, our fore&> 
ther according to the flesh, 
hath found ? For if Abraham 2 
was Justified sby works, he hath 
whereof to glory ; but not to- 
ward God. For what saith the 8 




Hcripture ? And Abraham be- 
lieved God, and it wajs reck- 
oned unto him for righteous- 

i ness. Now to him that work- 
cth, the reward is not reck- 
oned as of grace, but as of 

fi debt But to him that work- 
cth not, but believeth on him 
that justifleth the ungodly, his 
faith is reckoned for nghteous- 

6 ness. Even as David cuso pro- 
nounceth blessing upon the 
man, unto whom God reck- 
oneth righteousness apart from 

7 works, saying^ 

Blessed are they whose ini- 
quities are forgiven, 

And whose sins are co- 

8 Blessed is the man to 

whom the Lord will not 
reckon sin. 

9 Is this blessing then pro- 
nounced upon the circumci- 
sion, or upon the uncircum- 
cision also? for we say. To 
Abraham his faith was reck- 

10 oned for righteousness. How 
then was it reckoned? when 
he was in circumcision, or in 
vmcircumcislon? Not in cir- 
cumcision, but in uncircum- 

11 cision : and he received the 
sign of circumcision, a seal of 
the righteousness of the faith 
which he had while he was 
In uncircumcision : that he 
might be the father of all 
them that believe, though 
they be in uncircumcision, 
that righteousness might be 

12 reckoned unto them ; and the 
father of circumcision to them 
who not only are of the cir- 
cumcision, but who also walk 
In the steps of that faith of 
our father Abraham which he 

18 had in uncircumcision. For 
not 1 through the law was the 
promise to Abraham or to his 
seed, that be should be heir 
of the world, but through the 

14 righteousness of faith. For if 
they which are of the law be 

I Or, 



4 Some 
ties read 

heirs, faith is made void, and 
the promise is made of none 
effect: for the law workcth 15 
wrath ; but where there is no 
law, neither is there trans- 
gressioa For.thls cause U is 19 
of faith, that it may be ac- 
cording to grace; to the end 
that the promise may be sure 
to all the seed; not to that 
only which is of the law. but 
to that also which is of the 
faith of Abraham, who is the 
father of us all (as it is writ- 17 
ten, A father of many nations 
have I made thee) before him 
whom he believed, even God. 
who quiekeneth the dead, and 
calleth the things that arc 
not, as though they were. 
Who in hope believed against 18 
hope, to the end that he might 
become a father of many na- 
tions, according to that which 
had been spoken, So shall thy 
seed be. And without being 19 
weakened in faith he consi- 
dered his own body >now as 
good as dead (he being about 
a hundred years old), and the 
deadness of Sarah's womb : 
yea, looking unto the promise 20 
of God, he wavered not through 
unbelief, but waxed strong 
through faith, giving glory to 
God, and being fully assured 21 
Uii^ what he had promised, 
he was able also to perform. 
Wherefore also it was reck- .22 
oned unto him for righteous- 
ness. Now it was not writ- 23 
ten for his sake alone, that it 
was reckoned unto him ; but 24 
for our sake also, unto whom 
it shall be reckoned, who be- 
lieve on him that raised Jesus 
our Lord from the dead, who 25 
was delivered up for our tres- 
passes, and was raised for our 

Being therefore Justified sbv 5 
faith, Met us have peace with 
God through our Lord Jef 
Christ; through whom 




we have had our access ^bj 
fUth Into this ffraoe wherein 
we stand ; and 3 let us s retjoice 
in hope of the glory of God. 
8 And not only so, but ^let us 
also Srojoloe in our tribula- 
tions: knowing that tribula- 

4 tion worketh patience ; and 
patience, probation ; and pro- 

5 mtlon, hope: and hope put- 
fteth not to shame* because 
the love of God hath been shed 
abroad in our hearts through 
the ft Holy Ghost which was 

6 given unto us. For while we 
were yet weak, in due season 
Christ died for the ungodly. 

7 For scarcely for a righteous 
man will one die : for perad- 
venture for *the gooa man 
some one would even dare to 

8 die. But God oommendeth his 
own love toward us^ in that, 
while we were yet sinners, 

9 Christ died for us. Much more 
then, being now 'Justified 7 by 

. his Dlood, shall we be saved 
from the wrath cfOod through 

10 him. For if, while we were 
enemies, we were reconciled 
to God through the death of 
his Son, much more, being re- 
conciled, shall we be saved 7 by 

11 his life ; and not only so, ^but 
we also r^oice in God through 
our Lord Jesus Christ, through 
whom we have now received 
the reconciliation. 

12 Therefore^ as through one 
man sin entered into the 
world, and death through sin : 
and so death passed unto all 

13 men. for that all sinned :~for 
until the law sin was in the 
world*: but sin is not im- 

Sited when there is no law. 
evertheless death reigned 
fh>m Adam until Moses, even 
over them that had not sinned 
after the likeness of Adam's 
transgression, who is a figure 
15 of him that was to come. But 
not as the trespass, so also is 
the free gift. For if by the 

1 Soma 

ties omit 

3 0r, fM 


4 Or, 

5 Or, Voly 

and 90 

6 Or. fhai 
whteh i$ 

7 6r.t«. 



ties omit 
of (h0 gift. 

trespass of the one the many 
die<l much more did the grace 
of God, and the gift by the 
grace of the one man, Jesus 
Christ, abound unto the many. 
And not as through one that 16 
sinned, go is the gift: for the 
Judgement eama of one unto 
condemnation, but the fkee 
gift oarM of many trespasses 
unto sjustiflcation. For if, bv 17 
the trespass of the one, death 
reigned through the one; 
much more shaU they that 
receive the abundance of grace 
and 10 of the gdft of righteous- 
ness reign in life through the 
one, even Jesus Christ So 18 
then as through one trespass 
the judgement eanie unto all 
men to condemnation; even 
so through one act of right- 
eousness the free gift came 
unto all men to Justification 
of life. For as through the 19 
one man's disobedience the 
many were made sinners, even 
so through the ol)edienGe of 
the one shall the many be 
made righteous. And u the 20 
law came in beside, that the 
trespass might abound; but 
where sin abounded, grace did 
abound more ezoeedingly : 
that, as sin reigned in death, SI 
even so might grace reign 
through righteousness unto 
eternal life through Jesua 
Christ our Lord. 

What shall we say then ? 6 
Shall we continue in sin, that 
grace may abound? God for- 3 
bid. We who died to sin, how 
shall we any longer live there- 
in? Or are ye wnorant that 3 
all we who were baptised into 
Christ Jesus were baptised 
into his death ? We were 4 
buried therefore with hina 
through baptism into death: 
that LUce as Christ was raised 
from the dead through the 
glory of the Father, so we also 
might walk in newness of Ufe^ 




5 For if we have become ^united 
with him by the likeness of 
his death, we shall be also by 
tha Ukenesg of his resurrec- 

6 tion; knowing this, that our 
old man was crucified with 
him. that the body of sin 
mignt be done away, that so 
we should no longer be in 

7 bondage to sin; for he that 
hath died is Justified firom sin. 

8 But if we died with Christ, 
we believe that we shall also 

9 live with him; knowing that 
Clirist being raised fh)m the 
dead dieth no more; death 
no more hath dominion over 

10 liim. For sthe death that he 
died, he died unto sin 8 once: 
but a the life that he liveth, 

11 he liveth unto God. Even so 
reckon ye also yourselves to 
be dead unto sin, but alive 
unto God in Christ Jesus. 

12 Let not sin therefore reign 
in your mortal body, that ye 
should obey the lusts thereof: 

13 neither present your members 
unto sin as ^ instruments of 
imrlghteousness; but present 
yourselves unto God, as alive 
from the dead, and your mem- 
bers as ^instruments of right- 

14 eousness unto God. For sin 
shall not have dominion over 
vou : for ye are not imder law, 
but under grace. 

15 What then? shall we sin, 
because we are not under 
law, but under grace? God 

16 forbid. Enow ye not, that to 
whom ye present yourselves as 
s servants unto ooedience, his 
B servants ye are whom ye obey ; 
whether of sin unto death, or 
of obedience unto righteous- 

17 ness? But thanks be to God, 
(that, whereas ye were (^ser- 
vants of sin, ye became obe- 
dient from the heart to that 
7 form of teaching wherounto 

18 ye were delivered; and being 
made free from sin, ye became 

19 < servants of righteousness. I 


with the 

. . . with 
the like- 

a Or, 
in (hat 

3 Or. once 

4 Or, 



6 Or. 

were , . , 


7 Or. 

8 Or. law 


speak after' the manner of men 
because of the infirmity of 
your flesh : for as ye presented 
your members as servants to 
uncleanness and to iniquity 
unto iniquity, even so now 
present your members as ser- 
vants to righteousness unto 
sanctiflcation. For when ye 20 
were ^ servants of sin, ye were 
free in regard of righteous- 
nesa What fruit then had ye 21 
at that time in the things 
whereof ye are now ashamed? 
for the end of those things is 
death. But now being made 22 
free from sin, and become ser- 
vants to God, ye have your 
fruit unto sanctiflcation, and 
the end eternal Ufa For the 23 
wages of sin is death ; but the 
free gift of God is eternal life 
in Christ Jesus our Lord. 

Or are ye ignorant, bre-7 
thren (for I speak to men 
that know 8 the law), how that 
the law hath dominion over a 
man for so long time as he 
liveth? For the woman that 2 
hath a husband is bound by 
law to the husband while he 
liveth ; but if the husband die, 
she is discharged from the law 
of the husband. So then if, 8 
while the husband liveth, she 
be joined to anothec man, she 
shall be called an adulteress : 
but if the husband die, she is 
firee from the law, so that she 
is no adulteress, though she 
be joined to another man. 
Wherefore, my brethren, ye 4 
also were made dead to the 
law through the body of Christ ; 
that ye should be Joined to 
another, even to him who was 
raised from the dead, that we 
might bring forth fruit luto 
God. For when we were in 5 
the flesh, the ^sinftil passions, 
which were through the law, 
wrought in our members ir 
bring forth fruit unto deaf 
But now wo have been d 




charged from the law, having 
died to that wherein we were 
holden; so that we gerve In 
newness of the spirit, and not 
in oldness of the letter. 

7 What sliall we say then? Is 
the law sin? God forbid. How- 
belt, I had not known sin, ex- 
cept through ithe law: for I 
had not Imown > coveting, ex- 
cept the law had said, Thou 

8 Shalt not « covet : but sin, find- 
ing occasion, wrought in me 
through the commandment all 
manner of « coveting: for a- 
part from ^the law sin is dead. 

9 And I was alive apart ftx>m 
ithe law once: but when the 
commandment came, sin re- 

10 vivod, and I died ; and the 
commandment, which uhu un- 
to life, this I found to be unto 

11 death: for sin, finding occa- 
sion, through the command- 
ment b^^iled me, and through 

12 It slew me. So that the law 
is holy, and the command- 
ment holy, and righteous, and 

18 good. Did then that which 
18 good become death unto 
me? Ood forbid. But sin, 
that it might be shewn to be 
^n, by working death to me 
through that which is good ;— 
that through the command- 
ment sin might become ex- 

14 ceeding slnftiL For we know 
that the law is spiritual: but 
I am camaL sold under sin. 

15 For that which I ^do I know 
not: for not what I would, 
that do I practise ; but what I 

16 hate, that I do. But if what 
I would not, that I do, I con- 
sent unto the law that it is 

17 good. So now it is no more 
I that 8 do it, but sin which 

18 dwclleth in me. For I know 
that in me, that is, in my flesh, 
dwelleth no good thing: for 
to will is present with me, but 
to sdo that which is good is 

"^ not. For the good which I 
would I do not : but the evil 

1 Or. law 
S Or. work, 


ties road 

7 Or. 

8 Many 






• Or, 


11 Or. and 

/or MM 


which I would not, that I 
practise. But if what I would 20 
not, that I do. It Is no more I 
that 8 do it, but sin which 
dwelleth in me. I find then XL 
^the law, that, to me who 
would do good, evil is present 
For I delight sfn the law of 22 
God after the inward man: 
but I see a different law in my 23 
members, warring against the 
law of my mind, andf bringing 
me into captivity 8 under the 
law of sin which is in my mem- 
bers. O wretched man that I 24 
am ! who shall deliver me out 
of Uhe body of this death? 
8 1 thank God through Jesus 25 
Christ our liord. So then I 
myself with the mind serve 
the law of God ; but witii the 
flesh the law of sin. 

There is therefore now no 8 
condemnation to them that 
are in Christ Jesu& For the 2 
law of the Spirit of life in 
Christ Jesus made me firee 
from the law of sin and of 
death. For what the law could S 
not do, *in that it was weak 
through the flesh, God, send* 
ing his own Son in the like- 
ness of 10 sinftil flesh u and* as 
an offering for sin, condemned 
sin m the flesh : that the u or- 4 
dinance of the law misht be 
fulfilled in us, who walk not 
after the flesh, but after the 
roirit For they that are after 5 
the flesh do mind the things 
of the flesh ; but th^ that are 
after the spirit the things of 
the spirit For ttie mind of 6 
the flesh is death: but the 
mhid of the spirit Is life and 
peace : because the mind of 7 
the flesh is enmity a^;idnst 
God; for it is not subtJect to 
the law of God, neither indeed 
can it be : and thev that are 8 
in the flesh cannot please God. 
But ye are not in the flesh, but 9 
in the spirit, If so be that the 
Spirit of Go<\ dwQlletl^ in ^qu. 




, But if any man hath not the 
Spirit of Christ, he is none of 
10 his. And if Christ is in you, 
the body is dead because of 
sin ; but the spirit is life be- 
ll cause of righteousness. But 
if the Spirit of him that raised 
up Jesus ftx)m the dead dwcll- 
eth in you, he that raised up 
Christ Jesus, from the dead 
shall quicken also your mortal 
bodies i through his Spirit that 
dwelleth in you. 

12 So then, brethren, we are 
debtors, not to the flesh, to 

13 live after the flesh : for if ye 
live after the flesh, ye must 
die; but if by the spirit ve 
2 mortify the > deeds of the 

14 body, ye shall live. For as 
many as are led by the Spirit 
of God, these are sons of God. 

16 For ye received not the spirit 
of bondage again unto fear; 
but ye received the spirit of 
adoption, whereby we cry, 

16 Abl)a, Father. The Spirit him- 
self beareth witness with our 
spirit) that we are children of 

17 God: and if children, then 
heirs ; heirs of God, and joint- 
hein with Christ ; if so be that 
we suflfer with Aim, that we 
may be also glorified with him. 

18 For I reckon that the suflTer- 
ings of this present time are. 
not worthy to be compared 
with the glory which shall be 

19 revealed to us-ward. For the 
earnest expectation of the cre- 
ation waiteth for Lliu revealing 

20 of the sons of <:■■£. Foi the 
creation was si . i va- 
nity, not of its c by 
reason of him wliu Buujct^ted 

21 it, 4 in hope that the creation 
itself also shall be delivered 
firom the bondage of corrup- 
tion into the liberty of the 

flory of the children of God. 
^or we know that the whole 
creation groaneth and travail- 
eth in pain & together until 
23 now. And not only so, but 

ties read 

3 Or. mait 
to die. 

3 Or. 

4 Or, 

in hope ; 
the crea- 
tion Ac 

5 Or. 


ties read 
for what a 
he wet 
hope fort 

7 Some 
ties read 

8 Or. that 

9 Some 
ties read 
with them 
for good. 


U Or. Bhan 
died, . . . 


ourselves also, which have the 
flrstftnits of the Spirit, even 
we ourselves groan within our- 
selves, waiting for our adop- 
tion, to vrit, the redemption 
of our body. For by hope 24 
were we saved : but hope that 
is seen is not hope: ^for 
who 7hopeth for that which 
he seeth? But if we hope 25 
for that which we see not, 
then do we with patience wait 
for it 

And in like manner the Spi- 26 
rit also helpeth our infirmity : 
for we know not how to pray as 
we ought ; but the Spirit him- 
self maketh intercession for 
U8 with groanings which can- 
not be uttered ; and he that 27 
searcheth the hearts knoweth 
what is the mind of the Spirit, 
8 because he maketh interces- 
sion for the saints according 
to the wUl qf God. And we 28 
know that to them that love 
God 9 all things work together 
for good, even to them that 
are called according to hia 
purpose. For whom he fore- 29 
knew, he also foreordained to 
he conformed to the image of 
his Son, that he might be the 
firstborn among many bre- 
thren : and whom he foreor- 80 
dained, them he also called: 
and whom he called, them he 
also Justified : and whom he 
Justified, them he also glori- 

What then shall we say to 81 
these things? If God iff for us, 
who is against us? He that 82 
spared not his own Son, but 
delivered him up for us all, 
how shall he not also with 
him fireely give us all things ? 
Who shall lay any thing to 88 
the charge of God's elect ? "It 
is God that Justifleth ; who is 84 
he that shall condemn ? ^^ It is 
Christ Jesus that died, yc 
rather, that was raised (t^ 
the dead, who is at the rl 




hand of God, who also maketh 

85 Intercession for ua Who shall 
separate us from the love i of 
Christ? shall tribulation, or 
anguish, or persecution, or fa- 
mine, or nakedness, or peril, 

86 or sword ? Even as it is writ- 

For thy sake we are killed 

all the day long ; 
We were accounted as sheep 

for the slaughter. 

87 Nay, in all these things we are 
more than conquerors through 

88 him that loved us. For I am 
persuaded, that neither death, 
nor life, nor angels, nor princi- 
palities, nor things present, 
nor things to come, nor pow- 

89 ers, nor height^ nor depth, nor 
any other 5«creaturc, shall be 
able to separate us from the 
love of God, which is in Christ 
Jesus our Lord. 

9 I say the truth In Christ, I 
lie not, my conscience bearing 
witness with me In the Holy 

2 Ghost, that I have great sor- 
row and unceasing pain In my 

8 heart. For I could Swish that 
I myself were anathema fh)m 
Christ for my brethren's sake, 
my kinsmen according to the 

4 flesh : who are Israelites ; whose 
is the adoption, and the glory, 
and the covenants, and the 
giving of the law, and the ser- 
vice ofOod, and the promises; 

5 whose are the fathers, and of 
whom is Christ as concerning 
the flesh, * who is over all, God 

6 blessed »for ever. Amen. But 
it is not as though the word 
of God hath come to nought. 
For they are not all Israel, 

7 which are of Israel: neither, 
because they are Abraham's 
seed, are they all children: 
but, In Isaac shall thy seed 

8 be called. That is, it is not 
the children of the flesh that 
are children of God ; but the 
children of the promise are 

9 reckoned for a seed. For this 

ties read 

a Or, 

3 Or, pray 

4 80Lr'>' 
mo 1"- m 
era L.l,ie« 
a full 

He iJ«»t« 
Oiyi C'lvT 
aU £" < i'«) 

ever: nT, 

OVti- ili 

ate. jMk, 

S 6r. unto 
the age». 

is a word of promise. Accord- 
ing to this season wiU I come, 
and Sarah shall have a son. 
And not only so ; but Rebecca 10 
also having conceived by one, 
even by our father Isaao-^or 11 
the children being not yet bom, 
neither having done anything 
good or bad, that the purpose 
of God according to election 
might stand, not of works, but 
of him that calleth, it was said 12 
unto her. The elder shall serve 
the younger. Even as it is 13 
written, Jacob I loved, but E- 
sau I hated. 

What Shan we say then? 14 
Is there unrighteousness with 
God? God forbid. For he 15 
saith to Moses, I will have 
mercy on whom I have mer- 

Sr, and I will have compas- 
on on whom I have com- 
passion. So then it is not 16 
of him that wllleth, nor of 
him that nmneth, but of 
God that hath mercy. For 17 
the scripture saith unto Pha- 
raoh, For this very purpose did 
I raise thee up, that I might 
shew in thee my power, and 
that my name mimt be pub- 
lished abroad in all the earth. 
So then he hath mercy on IS 
whom he will, and whom he 
will he hardeneth. 

Thou wilt say then unto 19 
me. Why doth he still find 
fault? For who withstandeth 
his win? Nay but, O man, 20 
who art thou that replies^ 
against God? Sh^ the thing 
formed say to him that form- 
ed it, Why didst thou make 
me thus? Or hath not the 21 
potter a right over the clay, 
m>m the same lump to make 
one part a vessel unto honoui\ 
and another unto dishonour? 
What if God, willing to shew 22 
his wrath, and to make his 
power known, endured with 
much longsuffering vessels of 
wrath fitted unto destmctioa : 

-10. 15. 



28 land that he miKht make 

. known the riches of his glory 

upon vessels of mercy, which 

he afore prepared unto glory, 

24 even us, whom he also called, 
not fromithe Jews only, but 

25 also from the Gentiles? As he 
saith also in Hosea, 

I will call that my people, 
which was not my peo- 

And her beloved, which was 
not beloved. 

26 And it shall be, that in 

the place where it was 
said unto them, Ye are 
not my people. 

There shall tney be called 
sons of the living God. 

27 And Isaiah crieth concerning 
Israel, If the number of tiie 
childiH^n of Israel be as the 
sand of the sea, it is the rem- 

28 nant that shall be saved : for 
the Lord will execute his word 
upon the earth, finishing it 

29 and cutting it short. And, as 
Isaiah hath said before, 

£xcept the Lord of Sabaoth 
had left us a seed, 

We had become as Sodom, 
and had been made like 
unto Gomorrah. 

30 What shall we say then? 
That the Gentiles, which fol- 
lowed not after righteousness, 
attained to righteousness, even 
the righteousness which is of 

81 fEiith : but Israel, following af- 
ter a law of righteousness, did 

82 not arrive at viat law. Where- 
fore? s Because they sought it 
not by faith, but as it were by 
works. They stumbled at the 

83 stone of stumbling; even as it 
is written. 

Behold, I lay in Zion a 
stone of stumbling and 
And he that believeth on 
Shim shall not be put to 
10 Brethren, my heart's < de- 
sire and my supplication to 

ties omit 


doing It 
not by 
faUh, but 
<u it were 
bu vjorkt, 

4 6r. good 

5 Or, that 

6 Borne 
ties read 
(he word 
that Je»H$ 
is Lord. 

God is for them, that they may 
be saved. For I bear them 2 
witness that they have a zeal 
for God. but not according to 
knowledge. For being igno- 8 
rant of God's righteousness^ 
and seeking to establish their 
own, they did not subject 
tliomiK:ilvc« to the riji^htcouH^ 
ucsa uf Uotl. For Obrht te tho 4 
eud of the biw iiut^ ri^hteouj;- 
neaa to tiven uno thftt iJcHev- 
t*lh. For Mi:>*ie*( HTiteth tlmt 6 
tlM? man tljftfc dw^th tht; rljjlit- 
cunnn^.^ whirh \H of thn liiw 
fill ill! live thrrehF. iJxit tlic 6 
rlghtcdupncsa whk'h l« of fiittli 
BJiiLh ibtiii, Bav not In thy 
hciLTt, AVliii hh&M fLBL'L'nd Into 
hciLveu t {t\m% in, Lo bring 
CibHfit flowd fll". Who Shuil 7 
rietiueni.1 Into tlia iilij^ap ? {tlin,L 
tn, U: JirljjH: t'JKrifit up frnm 
Lliu u^^^; i>u;, \i'Lat soith 8 
it? The word is nigh thee, 
in thy mouth, and in thy 
heart: that is, the word of 
faith, which we preach: ^be- 9 
cause if thou shalt « confess 
with thy mouth Jesus as Lord, 
and Shalt believe in thy heart 
that God raised him from the 
dead, thou shalt be saved : for 10 
with the heart man believeth 
unto righteousness; and with 
the mouth confession is made 
imto salvation. For the scripr 11 
ture saith. Whosoever believ- 
eth on him shall not be put 
to shame. For there is no 12 
dJ-^'-'f'-'n between Jew and 
Gi < < K : U't LiLc same Lord is 
Lnrri i>r nil iind is rich unto 
all Lhnt a\i\ upon him: for, 13 
Whiiijijt]?cr Hball call upon 
tht! uamo or the Lord lihall be 
savuiL How tlien shall they 14 
call fMi htm In whom they 
have 111 it h^lSi'^ed? and how 
st 1 tl [ E \ Li' V hi? I i i^ ve in him whom 
tl'V }, ,1.. |i.,t heard? and 
hL .i^jJl tlitry hear without 
a preacher? and how sha?^ 
they preach, except they 




aent? even as it is written, 
How beautiftd are the feet of 
them that bring iglad tidings 
of good things 1 

16 But they did not all heark- 
en to the 3 glad tidings. For 
Isaiah saith, Jjord, who hath 

17 believed our report? So belief 
eometh of hearing, and hear- 
ing by the word of Christ 

18 But I sav, Did they not hear? 
Yea, verily, 

Their sound went out into 

all the earth. 
And their words unto the 

endsofs the world. 

19 But I say, Did Israel not know? 
First Moses saitli, 

I will provoke you to Jea- 
lousy with that which is 
no nation. 

With a nation void of un- 
derstanding will I anger 

20 And Isaiah Is vwy bold, and 

I was found of them that 

sought me not ; 
I became manifest unto 

them that asked not of 


21 But as to Israel he saith. All 
the day long did I spread out 
my hands unto a disobedient 
and gainsaying peopl& 

11 I say then, Did God cast 
off his people? God forbid. 
For I also am an Israelite, 
of the seed of Abraham, of 

2 the tribe of Bei^jamin. God 
did not cast off his people 
which he foreknew. Or wot ye 
not what the scripture saith 
*ot Elijah? how he plcadeth 

8 with God against Israel, Lord, 
they have killed thy prophets, 
they have digged down thine 
altars: and I am left alone, 

4 and they seek my life. But 
what saith the answer of God 
unto him ? I have left for my- 
self seven thousand men, who 
have not bowed the knee to 
Baal Even so then at this 




ties read 

present time also there is a 
remnant according to the elec- 
tion of grace. But if it is by 6 
grace, it is no more of works : 
otherwise grace is no more 
grace. What then? That which 7 
Israel seeketh for, that he ob* 
tained not; but the election 
obtained it^ and the rest were 
hardened: according as it is 8 
written, God gave them a q;>i- 
rit of stupor, eyes that they 
should not see, and ears that 
they should not hear, unto 
this veiy day. And David 9 

Let their table be made a 
snare, and a trap; 

And a stumblingblock, and 
a recompense tmto them: 

Let their eyes be darkened, 10 
that they may not see. 

And bow thou down their 
hSLCk alwav. 
I say then. Did they stumble 11 
that they might fall ? God for- 
bid: but by their sfEdl salva- 
tion i8 come unto the Gen- 
tiles, for to provoke them to 
jealousv. Now if their fall is 12 
the riches of the world, and 
their loss the richer of Uie 
Gentiles; how much more 
their fulness? 

But I speak to you that IS 
are Gentiles. Inasmuch then 
as I am an apostle of Gen- 
tiles, I glorify my minlstiy: 
if by any means I may pro- 14 
voke to jealousy thtm that art 
my flesh, and may save some 
of them. For if the casting 15 
away of them is the recon- 
ciling of the world, what shall 
the receiving of them he, but * 
life ttom the dead? And if 16 
the flrstf^it is holy, so Is 
the lump : and if the root is 
holy, so are the branches. But 17 
if some of the branches were 
broken off, and thou, being a 
wild olive, wast grafted in a- 
mong them, and didst become 
partaker with them <of the 




root of the fatness ,of the 

18 oliTe tree ; glory not over the 
branches: but if thou gloriest, 
it is not thou that bearest the 

19 root, but the root thee. Thou 
wilt say then, Branches were 
broken off, that I might be 

20 grafted in. WeU; by their 
unbelief they were broken off, 
and thoil standest by thy faith. 
Be not highminded, but fear : 

21 for if God spared not the na- 
tural branches, neither will he 

2-2 spare thee. Behold then the 
goodness and seyerity of God: 
toward them that fell, seve- 
rity ; but toward thee. God's 
goodness, if thou continue in 
bis goodness: otherwise thou 

23 also Shalt be cut off. And 
they also, if they continue 
not in their unbelief, shall be 
grafted in: for God is able 

24 to graft them in again. For 
if thou wast cut out of that 
which is by nature a wild 
olive tree, and wast grafted 
contrary to nature into a 
good olive tree: how much 
more shall these, which are 
the natural branches, be graft- 
ed into their own olive tree ? 

25 For I would not, brethren, 
have you ignorant of this mys- 
tery, lest ye be wise in your 
own conceits that a harden- 
ing in part tiath befallen Is- 
rael, until the fulness of the 

26 Gentiles be come in; and so 
all Israel shall be saved: even 
afl it is written. 

There shall come out of 
Zion the Deliverer; 

He shall turn away i un- 
godliness from Jacob : 

27 And this is ^my covenant 

unto them, 
When I shall take away 
their sins. 

28 As touching the gospel, they 
are enemies for your sake: 
bat as touching the election, 
they are beloved for the fa- 

29 thers* sake. For the gifts and 


from me. 

3 Or. 



6 Qt. unto 

fQr. well- 

8 Or, 

9 Or. 

10 Or, age 

11 Or. the 
tntt of 
the thing 
which ii 
good and 
Me and 

the calling of God are « with- 
out repentance. For as ye in 80 
time past were disobedient to 
God, but now have obtained 
mercy by theh: disobedience, 
even so have these also now 81 
been disobedient^ that by the 
mercy shewn to you they also 
may now obtain mercy. For 82 
God hath shut up all unto dis^ 
obedience, that he might have 
mercy upon aU. 

O the depth ^of the riches 88 
6 both Of the wisdom and the 
knowledge of Godl how un- 
searchable are his Judgements, 
and his ways past tracing out 1 
For who hath known the 84 
mind of the Lord? or who 
hath been his counsellor? or 85 
who hath first given to him, 
and it shall be recompensed 
unto him again ? For of him, 36 
and through him, and unto 
him, are all things. To him 6^ 
the glory for ever. Amen. 
, I oeseech you therefore, 12 
brethren, by the mercies of 
God, to present your bodies 
a living sacrifice, holy, ^accept* 
able to God, which is your 
8 reasonable » service. And be»2 
not ftohioned according to 
this w world: but be ye trans- 
formed by the renewing of 
your mind, that ye may prove 
what is 11 the good and 7 accept- 
able and perfect will of God. 

For I say, through the 8 
grace that was given me, to 
every man that is among you^ 
not to think of himself mora 
highly than he ought to think ; 
but so to think as to think 
soberly, according as God hath 
dealt to each man a measure 
of faith. For even as we have 4 
many members in one body, 
and all the members have not 
the same office : so we, who 5 
are many, are one body in 
Christ, and severally members 
one of another. And havinr 
gifts differing according to tl 
H 3 


grace that was given to us, 
whether prophecy, let us pro- 
phesy according to the propor- 

7 tion of lour faith ; or ministry, 
let us I give ourselves to our 
ministry ; or he that teachcth, 

8 to his teaching; or he that 
exhorteth, to his exhorting : he 
that giveth, let him do it with 
2 liberality; he that ruleth, 
with diligence ; he that shew- 
Dtli mcrey^ with ehQcrfiilncss. 

9 li&t lovii Ihi withunt hyt^KJcrisy. 
AUhqr tLiU wlilch ln uvil; 
uleavo t(j thril wiiEsih 1^ ^ood. 

10 tn toT(j of the brctlirun be 
fajMckrly afTiit-tloned onu to 
another: In honaur prefeiring 

11 on^ ant>tticr ; Lp dSIEKcuiic not 
sIotliM; fervent in ^jiirit; 

12 serrSng ^the Lyrd • rcjut^^'.ng 
In hopo ; piitbnt in triii illa- 
tion ; pontfimJnc stctlfii'^fly in 

18 prayui'; u«>^^uivi..i%;uiJ;i^ i^j i>he 
necessities of the saints ; < given 

14 to hospitality. Bless them that 
persecute you ; bless, and curse 

15 not Rejoice with them that 
rejoice ; weep with them that 

16 weep. Be of the same mind 
one toward another. Set not 
vour mind on high things, but 
^condescend to « things that 
are lowly. Be not wise in 

17 your own conceits. Render to 
no man evil for eviL Take 
thought for things honourable 

18 in the sight of all men. If it 
be possible, as much as in you 
lieth, be at peace with all 

19 men. Avenge not yourselves, 
beloved, but give place unto 
7 wrath : for It is written. Ven- 
geance belongeth unto me ; I 
will recompense, saith the 

20 Lord. But if thine enemy 
hunger, feed him ; if he thirst, 
give him to drink : for in so 
doing thou Shalt heap coals 

21 of fire upon his head. Be not 
overcome of evU, but overcome 
evil with good. 

13 Let every soul be in subjec- 
tion to the higher powers : for 

1 Or. tu 


2 Gr. «•«- 

3 Some 
ties read 

4 Or. 

7 Or. the 
wrath of 


9 Or. the 

11 Or, our 

there is no power but of God ; 
and th6 poioers that be are 
ordained of God. Therefore 2 
he that resisteth the power, 
withstandeth the ordinance of 
God : and they that withstand 
shall receive to themselves 
judgement. For rulers are not 8 
a terror to the good wort but 
to the eviL And wouldest 
thou have no fear of the 
power? do that which is good, 
and thou shalt have praise 
from the same: for ^ he is a 4 
minister of God to thee for 
good. But if thou do that 
which is evil, be afraid; for 
8 he beareth not the sword in 
vain: for 8 he is a minister of 
God, an avenger for wrath to 
him that doeth eviL Where- 5 
fore ye must needs be in sub- 
jection, not only because of the 
wrath, but also for conscience 
sake. For for this cause ye 6 
pay tribute also ; for they are 
ministers of God's service, at- 
tending continually upon this 
very thing. Bender to all their 7 
dues : tribute to whom tribute 
is due ; custom to whom cus- 
tom ; fear to whom fear ; ho< 
nour to whom honour. 

Owe no man any thing, save 8 
to love one another: for he 
that loveth ^his neighbour 
hath fulfllled Vi^Q law. For 9 
this. Thou shalt not commit 
adultery, Thou shalt not kill. 
Thou shalt not steal. Thou 
shalt not covet, and If there 
be any other commandment^ 
It Is summed up In this word, 
namely. Thou shalt love thy 
neighbour as thyself. Love 10 
worketh no 111 to his neigh- 
bour : love therefore Is the ful- 
filment of 10 the law. 

And this, knowing the sea- 11 
son, that now It Is high time 
for you to awake out of sleep : 
for now Is " salvation nearer to 
us than when we first believed. 
The night is far spent, and 12 

-14. 23. 



the day is at hand: let us 
therefore cast off the works 
of darkness, and let us put 

13 on the armour of light Let 
us walk honestly, as in the 
day; not in revelling and 
drunkenness, not in chamber- 
ing and wantonness, not in 

14 strife and Jealousv. But put 
ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, 
and make not provision for 
the flesh, to fvXfil, the lusts 

14 But him that is weak in 
faith receive ye, yet not ^to 

2 doubtful disputations. One 
man hath faith to eat all 
things: but he that is weak 

8 eateth herbs. Let not him 
that eateth set at nought him 
that eateth not; and let not 
him that eateth not judge him 
that eateth : for God hath re- 

4 ceived him. Who art thou 
that Judgest the > servant of 
another? to his own lord he 
standeth or falleth. Yea, he 
shall be made to stand; for 
the Lord hath power to make 

6 him stand. One man esteem- 
eth one day above another: 
another esteemeth every day 
alike. Let each man be fUlly 

6 assured in his own mind. He 
that r^;ardeth the day, re- 
gardeth it unto the Lord: 
and he that eateth, eateth 
unto the Lord, for he giveth 
God thanks ; and he that eat- 
eth not, unto the Lord he 
eateth not, and giveth God 

7 thanka For none of us liveth 
to himself, and none dieth to 

8 himseUl For whether we live, 
we liver* unto the Lord; or 
whether we die, we die unto 
the Lord: whether we live 
therefore, or die, we are the 

9 Lord's. For to this end Christ 
died, and lived again, that he 
might be I/>rd of both the 

10 dead and the living. But thou, 
why dost thou judge thy bro- 
ther? or thou again, why dost 





3 Or. give 

4 Many 
ties read 
toe /Mow. 

5 Many 
ties add 


7 Many 
ch. ztL 

thou set at nought thy bro- 
ther? for we shall all stand 
before the judgement-scat of 
God. For it is written, 11 

As I live, saith the Lord, to 
me every knee shaU bow. 

And every tongue shall 
s confess to God. 
So then each one of us shall 12 
give account of himself to Gud. 

Let us not therefore judge 13 
one another any more: but 
Judge ye this rather, that no 
man put a stumblingblock in 
his brother's way, or an oc- 
casion of falling. I know, and 14 
am persuaded in the Lord 
Jesus, that nothing is unclean 
of itself: save that to him who 
accounteth any thing to be 
unclean, to him it is unclean. 
For if because of meat thy 15 
brother is grieved, thou walk- 
est no longer in love. Destroy 
not with thy meat him for 
whom Christ died. Let not 16 
then your good be evil spoken 
of: for the kingdom of God 17 
is not eating and drinking, 
but righteousness and peace 
and joy in the Holy Ghost. 
For he that herein serveth 18 
Christ is well-pleasing to God, 
and approved of men. So 19 
then 4 let us follow after 
thincr* vrhirh inalrr fnr pf^fice, 
ami tbtflgft wlierL'by wt may 
edlTy utit* another. Overthrow 20 
net frjr mtuLt's ssike the work 
of ikkL AU tljiiL|[^ liidced fire 
dcatj; howbeit it is evU fur 
thiit uian who cutcth idlh of- 
fenct^. It la good not to eat 21 
flesiii nor to drink Kint, nor 
to do any tfiittff wherelty tby 
brother 81 unibkth^ The fmth 22 
wliicli tlKJit hunt, h^v^r thou to 
thjKulf bcft>ns t!od. Hajipj la 
he tliiit JiKJ^^elb Hitt blniii^itf 
in thut viLl^jh be "^ iii>pT(»vetb. 
But be thiit Juubt^nh Js dtui- 23 
deniaed it he eat, be^Ause ha 
eateth not of faith ; and what- 
soever Is not of &ith is sin 7. 




15 Now we that are strong 

ought to bear the infirmities 

of the weak, and not to please 

2 ourselves. Let each one of us 
please his neighbour for that 
which is good, unto edify- 

8 Ing. For Christ also pleased 
not himself; but, as it is writ- 
ten. The reproaches of them 
that reproacned thee fell upon 

4 me. For whatsoever things 
were written aforetime were 
written for our learning, that 
through patience and through 
comfort of the scriptures we 

6 might have hope. Now the 
God of patience and of com- 
fort grant you to be of the 
same mind one with another 
according to Christ Jesus: 

6 that with one accord ye may 
with one mouth glonfy the 
God and Father of our Lord 

7 Jesus Christ Wherefore re- 
ceive ye one another, even as 
Christ also received lyou, to 

8 the glory of God. For I say 
that Christ hath been made a 
minister of the circumcision 
for the truth of God, that 
he might confirm the promises 

9 given unto the fathers^ and 
that the Gentiles might glori- 
fy God for his mercy ; as it is 

Therefore willl^glve praise 
unto thee among the Gen- 

And sing unto thy name. 

10 And again he saith, 

Rejoice, ye Gentiles, i»1th 
his people. 

11 And again. 

Praise the Lord, all ye Gen- 

And let all the peoples 
praise him. 

12 And again, Isaiah saith, 

There shall be the root of 

And he that arlseth to rule 

over the Gentiles; 
On him shall the Gentiles 



ties read 

a Or, 


• Or. of 








ties read 
the SpirU 

reads Of 

• Or. 

7 Or. 
being am 

Now the God of hope fill you 18 
with all joy and peace in be- 
lieving, that ye may abound 
in hoTO, in the power of the 
Holy Ghost. 

And I myself also am per- 14 
suaded of you. my brethren, 
that ye yourselves are ftill of 
goodness, filled with all know- 
ledge, able also to admonish 
one another. But I write the 15 
more boldly unto you in some 
measure, as putting you again 
in remembrance, because of the 
grace that was given me of God, 
that I should be a minister of 16 
Christ Jesus unto the Gen- 
tiles, 8 ministering the gospel 
of God, that the oflbring up 
of the Gentiles might be made 
acceptable, being sanctified by 
the Holy Ghost I have there- 17 
fore my glorying in Christ 
Jesus In things pertaining to 
God. For I will not dare to IS 
speak of any •things save 
those which Christ wrought 
through me, for the obedience 
of the Gentiles, by word and 
deed, in the power of signs 19 
and wonders, in the power of 
&the Holy Ghost; so that 
from Jerusalem, and round 
about even unto niyricnm, 
I have « fully preached the 
gospel of Christ; yea^^maldng 20 
it my aim so to nreach the 
gospel, not where Christ was 
cUreaay named, that I might 
not build upon another man's 
foundation; but, as it is writ- 21 

Ther shall see, to whom no 

tiaings of him came. 
And they who have not 
heard shall understand. 

Wherefore also I was hln- 22 
dered these many times from 
coming to you : but now, hav- 28 
ing no more any place in these 
regions, and having these many 
years a longing to come unto 
you, whensoever I go unto 24 
Spain (for I hope to see you 

-16. 18. 



in mj Journey, and to be 
brought on my way thither- 
ward by you, if first in some 
measure I shall have been 

satisfied with your company) 

\ —but ruoTt I aay, I go unto 

Jerusalem, ministerinjBf unto 

26 the saints. For it hath been 
the good pleasure of Macedo- 
nia and Achaia to make a cer- 
tain contribution for the poor 
among the saints that are at 

27 Jerusalem. Yea, it hath been 
their good pleasure ; and their 
debtors they are. For if the 
Gentiles have been made par- 
takers of their spiritual things, 
they owe it to them also to 
minister unto them in car&al 

28 things. When therefore I have 
accomplished this, and have 
sealed to them this fhiit, I 
will go on by you unto Spain. 

29 And I know that, when I come 
unto you, I shall come in 
the fulness of the blessing of 

30 Now I beseech you, brethren, 
by our liord Jesus Christy and 
by the love of the Spirit^ that 
ye strive together with me 
in your prayers to God for 

81 me; that I may be delivered 
from them thi^ are diaobe* 
dient In Judaea, and that my 
mtnistration which J Aai» for 
Jerusalem may be acceptable 

82 to the saints ; that I may come 
unto you in Joy through the 
will of God, and together 

88 with you find rest Now the 
God of peace be with you aU. 

X6 1 commend unto you Phoebe 
our sister, who is a i servant 
of the church that is at Cen- 
2 chresQ : that ye receive her in 
the liOrd, worthily of the saints, 
and that ye assist her in what- 
floever matter she may have 
need of you: tor she herself 
also hath \x&a a succourer of 
•many, and of mine own self. 

8 Salnte Frisca and Aquila 


8 Or. 

my fellow-workers in Christ 
Jesus, who for my life laid 4 
down their own necks; unto 
whom not only I give thank& 
but also all the churches of 
the Gentiles: and saXvU the 5 
church that is in their house. 
Salute Epsenetus my beloved, 
who is tne flrstfruite of Asia 
unto Christ Salute Mary, who 6 
bestowed much labour on you. 
Salute Andronicus and ^ Ju- 7 
nias, my kinsmen, and my fel- 
low-prisoners, who are of note 
among the apostles, who also 
have been in Christ before ma 
Salute Ampliatus my beloved 8 
in the Lord, Salute Urbanus 9 
our fellow-worker in Christ, 
and Stachys my beloved. Sar 10 
lute Apelles the approved in 
Christ Salute them which are 
of the household of Aristobu- 
lus. Salute Herodion my kins- 11 
man. Salute them of the 
household of Narcissus, which 
are in the Lord. Salute Try- 12 
ph»na and Tiyphosa, who 
labour in the Lord. Salute 
Persis the beloved, which la- 
boured much in the Lord. 
Salute Rufus the chosen in 18 
the Lord, and his mother and 
mine. Salute Asyncritus,Phle- 14 
gon, Hermes, Patrobas, Her- 
mas, and the brethren that 
are with them. Salute Philo- 15 
logus and Julia, Nereus and 
his sister, and Olympas, and 
all the saints that are with 
them. Salute one another with 16 
a holy kiss. All the churches 
of Christ salute you. 

Now I beseech you, brethren, 17 
mark them which are causing 
the divisions and occasions of 
stumbling, contrary to the 
s doctrine which ye learned: 
and turn away firom them. For 18 
they that are such serve not 
our Lord Clirist, but their own 
belly; and by titeir smooth 
and fair speech they begur 
the hearts of the innoc 




19 For your obedience is come 
abroad unto all men. I re- 
joice therefore over you : but 
I would have you wise un- 
to that which is good, and 
simple unto that which is 

20 evil And the God of peace 
shall bruise Satan under your 
feet shortly. 

The grace of our Lord Jesus 
Christ be with you. 

21 Timothy my fellow-worker 
saluteth you ; and Lucius and 
Jason and Sosipater, my Idns- 

22 men. I Tertius, i who write 
the epistle, salute you in the 

23 Lord. Oaius my host, and of 
""""The whole church, saluteth 

you. Erastus the treasurer of 
the city saluteth you, and 
Quartus the brother. > 

SNow to him that is able 25 
to stablish you according to 
my gospel and the preaching 
of Jesus Christ, according to 
the revelation of the mysteiy 
which hath been kept in si- 
lence through times eternal, 
but now is manifested, and 26 
*by the scriptures of the pro- 
phets, according to the com- 
mandment of the eternal God, 
is made know;^ unto all the 
nations unto obedience >of 
faith; to the only wise God, 27 
through Jesus Christ, ^to 
whom be the glory ^for ever. 

1 Or, uiho 
write the 
ejtUtU m 
the Lord, 

ties in- 
sert here 
of our 
»u$ Christ 

an«1 j.iiilt 

thr Uht} 

wo^iU In 

vet. .'n. S Some ancient authorities omit rer. 

26- -27. Compare the end of ch. xlv. « Gr. 

(hr:-ifjh. 5 Or, to the faiHh • Some ancient 

aui!i .<r I cies omit to tohom. 7 Gr. unto the age*. 




1 Paul, called to be an apostle 
of Jesus Christ through the 
will of God, and Sosthenes 

2 lour brother, unto the church 
of God which is at Corinth, 
even them that are sanctified 
in Christ Jesus, called to be 
saints, with all that call upon 
the name of our Lord Jesus 
Christ in every place, their 

8 Lord and ours: Grace to you 
and peace from God our 
Father and the Lord Jesus 

4 I thank amy God always 
concerning you, for the grace 
of God which was given you 

5 in Christ Jesus ; that in every 
thing ve were enriched in him, 
in all « utterance and all know- 

'I ledge; even as the testimony 



9 Some 
ties omit 

of Christ was confirmed In 

?'ou : so that ye come behind 7 
n no gift; waiting for the 
revelation of our Lord Jesus 
Christ ; who shall also confirm 8 
you unto the end, that ye be 
unreproveable in the day of 
our Lord Jesus Christ. God 9 
is faithfuL through whom ye 
were called into the fellowship 
of his Son Jesus Christ our 

Now I beseech you, bre- 10 
thren. through the name of 
our Lord Jesus Christ, that 
ye all speak the same thing, 
and that there bo no divi- 
sions among you; but that 
ye be perfected together in 
the same mind and in the 
same Judgement For it hath 11 




been signified unto me con- 
cerning you, my brethren, by 
them which are qfths house- 
hold of Chloe, that there are 

12 contentions among you. Now 
this I mean, that each one of 
you saith, I am of Paul ; and 
I of Apollos ; and I of Cephas; 

18 and I of Christ, i Is Christ di- 
Tided? was Paul crucified for 
you ? or were ye baptized into 

14 the name of Paulf ai thank 
God that I baptized none of 
Tou, save Crispus and Gains; 

15 lest any man should say that 
ye were baptized into my name. 

16 And I baptized also the house- 
hold of Stephanas : besides, I 
know not whether I baptized 

17 any other. For Christ sent me 
not to Imptize, but to preach 
the gospel: not in wisdom of 
words, lest the cross of Christ 
should be made void. 

18 For the word of the cross is 
to them that are perishing 
foolishness ; but unto us which 
are being saved It is the power 

19 of God. For it is written, 

I wiU destroy the wisdom 

of the wise, 
And the prudence of the 

prudent will I reject 

20 Where is the wise? where Is 
the scribe? where is the dis- 
puter of this 'world? hath 
not God made foolish the wis- 

21 dom of the world ? For seeing 
that in the wisdom of God 
the world through its wisdom 
knew not God, it was God's 
good pleasure through the 
foolishness of the ^ preaching 

22 to save them that believe. See- 
ing that Jews ask for signs, 
and Greeks seek after wisdom : 

28 but we preach * Christ cruci- 
fled, unto Jews a stumbling- 
block, and unto Gentiles fool- 

24 Ishness: but unto ^them that 
are called, both Jews and 
Greeks, Christ the power of 
God, and the wisdom of God. 

26 Because the foolishness of God 


i Borne 
tiftt read 
I give 

3 Or, a 

4 Or. Oump 



7 Or, 

hare part 


9 Many 
ties omit 

10 Or, bf)(k 
net and 
and re- 

11 Or. word 

IS Many 
ties read 


U Or, ftiH- 

IS Or.a^e: 
and M in 
but not 

is wiser than men; and the 
weakness of God is staronger 
than men. 

For 7 behold your calling, 26 
brethren, how that not many 
wise after the flesh, not many 
mighty, not many noble, ^are 
eatled: l)ut God chose the 27 
foolish thincs of the world, 
that he might put to shame 
them that are wise ; and God 
chose the weak things of the 
world, that he might put to 
shame the things that are 
strong; and the base things 28 
of the world, and the things 
that are despised, did God 
choose, yea 'and the things 
that are not, that he might 
bring to nought the things 
that are : that no flesh should 29 
glory before God. But of him 80 
are ye in Christ Jesus, who 
was made unto us wisdom 
li-om God, wand righteousness 
and sancCIflcation, and re- 
demption : that, according as 81 
it is written. He that glorieth, 
let him glory in the Lord. 

And 1, brethren, when I 2 
came unto you, came not with 
excellency of ii speech or of 
wisdom, proclaiming to you 
the w mystery of God. For I 2 
determined not to know any 
thing among you, save Jesus 
Christ, and him crucified. And 8 
I was with you in weakness, 
and in fear, and in much trem- 
bling. And my i^ speech and 4 
my ^preaching were not In per- 
suasive words of wisdom, out 
in demonstration of the Spirit 
and of power: that your faith 6 
should not i< stand in the wis- 
dom of men, but in the power 
of God. 

Howbeit we speak wisdom 6 
among the u perfect: yet a wis- 
dom not of this "world, nor 
of the rulers of this » world, 
which are coming to nought : 
but we speak God's wlsdoir *" 
in a mystery, even the tois^ 




that hath been hidden, which 
God foreordained before the 

8 worlds unto our fflory: which ^ 
none of the rulers of this 
world knoweth : for had they 
known it, they would not have 
crucified the Lord of glory: 

9 but as it is written. 

Things which eye saw not, 
and ear heard not^ 

And which entered not in- 
to the heart of man. 

Whatsoever: things God 
prepared for them that 
love him. 

10 iBut imto us God revealed 
s them through the Spirit : for 
(he Spirit searcheth all things, 
yea, the deep things of God. 

11 For who among men knoweth 
the things of a man. save the 
spirit of the man, which is in 
him? even so the things of 
God none knoweth, save the 

12 Spirit of God. But we receiv- 
ed, not the spirit of the world, 
but the spirit which is of 

. God; that we might know the 
things that are freely given to 

13 us by God. Which things also 
we speak, not in words which 
man% wisdom teachetli, but 
which the Spirit teacheth; 
< 4 comparing spiritual things 

li with spiritual Now the na- 
tural man receiveth not the 
things of the Sphit of God : 
for they are foolishness unto 
him; and he cannot know 
them, because ih^ are spi- 

15 rituauy ^Judged* Bat he that 
is sphritual ^Judgeth all things, 
and he himself is ^Judged of 

16 no man. For who hath known 
the mind of the Lord, that he 
should instruct him ? But we 
have the mind of Christ 

3 And I, brethren, could not 
speak unto you as unto spi- 
ritual, but as unto carnal, as 

2 unto babes in Christ I fed 
you vrith milk, not with meat; 
for ye were not yet able to 
bear it: nay, not even now 

ties read 

thingfi to 

7 Gr. taUd 

8 Or. 
prove it. 

9 Or. fat 


are ye able; for ye are yet 3 
carnal: for whereas there is 
among you Jealousy and strife, 
are ye not carnal, and walk 
after the manner of men? For 4 
when one saith, I am of Paul ; 
and another,! am of'ApoUos; 
are ye not men? What then 5 
is Apollos? and what is Paul? 
Ministers through whom ve 
believed; and each as ue 
Lord gave to him. I plant- 6 
ed, Apollos watered ; but God 
gave the increase. So then 7 
neither is he that planteth 
any thing, neither ne that 
watereth ; but God that giveth 
the increase. Now he that 8 
planteth ahd he that watereth 
are one: but each shall re- 
ceive his own reward accord- 
ing to his own Ubour. For 9 
we are God's fellow-workers: 
ve are God's 7 husbandry, God's 

According to the grace of God 10 
which vras given unto me, as 
a wise masterbuilder I laid a 
foundation ; and another build- 
eth thereon. But let each man 
take heed how he buildeth 
thereon. For other foundation 11 
can no man lay than that 
which is laid, which is Jesus 
Christ But if any man build- 12 
eth on the foundation gold, 
silver, costly stones, wood, nay, 
stubue; each man's work 13 
shall be made manifest: for 
the dav shall declare it be- 
cause it is revealed in fire; 
Sand the fire itself shall prove 
each man's work of what sort 
it is. If any man's work shall 14 
abide which he built thereon, 
he shall receive a reward. If 15 
any man's work shall be burn- 
ed, he shall suffer loss : but he 
himself shall l)e saved; yet so 
as through fire. 

Know ye not that ye are 16 
a 9 temple of God, and that 
the Spirit of God dwelleth in 
you? If any man destroyeth 17 




the 1 temple of God, him shall 
God destroy: for the i temple 
of God is holy, < which temple 
ye are. 

18 Let no man deceive himself. 
If any man thinketh that he 
is wise among you in this 
s world, let him become a fool, 

19 that he may become wise. For 
the wisdom of this world is 
foolishness with God. For it 
is written. He that taketh the 

20 wise in their craftiness: and 
again, The Lord knoweth the 
reasonings of the wise, that 

21 they are vain. Wherefore let 
no one glory in men. For all 

22 things are yours; whether 
Paul, or ApoUos, or Cephas, 
or the world, or life, or death, 
or things present, or things 

23 to come: all are yours; and 
ye are Christ's; and Christ is 

4- Let a man so account of us. 
as of ministers of Christy and 
stewards of the mysteries of 

2 God. Here, moreover, it is re- 
quired in stewards, that a man 

8 be found CaithftiL But with 
me it is a very small thing 
that I should be ^Judged of 
you, or of man's * Judgement : 
ye^ I <{ Judge not mme own 

4 seU. For I know nothing a- 
gainst myself; yet am I not 
Hereby lustifled : but he that 
[Judgeth me is the Lord. 

6 Wherefore Judge' nothing be- 
fore the time, until the Lord 
come, who will both bring to 
light the hidden things of 
darkness, and make manifest 
the counsels of the hearts; 
and then shall each man have 
hispnUse fh>m God. 

6 ISow these things, brethreiL 
I have in a figure transferred 
to myself and Apollos for your 
sakes; that in us ye might 
learn not to go beyond the 
things which are written ; that 
no one of you be puffed up 
for the one against the other. 



S Or. agn 

• Or. 

5 Gr. day. 


9 Or, rt^wte 

For who maketh thoe to dif- 7 
fer? and what hast thou that 
thou didst not receive? but 
if thou didst receive it, why 
dost thou glory, as if thou 
hadst not received it ? Already 8 
are ye filled, aJready ye are 
become rich, ye have reigned 
without u&: yea and I would 
that ye did reign, that we 
also might reign with you. 
For, I think, God hath sot 9 
forth, us the apostles last of 
all, as men doomed to death : 
for we are made a spectacle 
unto the world, Sand to an- 
gels, and to men. We are fools 10 
for Christ's sake, but ye are 
wise in Christ; we are weak, 
but ye are strong; ye have 

flory, but we have dishonour. 
:ven unto this present hour 11 
we both hunger, and thirst, 
and are naked, and are buffet- 
ed, and have no certain dwell- 
ingplace ; and we toil, working 12 
with our own hands: being 
reviled, we Weas; being per- 
secuted, we endure ; being de< 13 
fEimed, we intreat: we are 
made as the » filth of the 
world, the offscouring of all 
things^ even until now. 

I write not these things to 14 
shame you, but to admonish 
you as my beloved children. 
For though ye should have 16 
ten thousand tutors in Christ, 
yet have ye not many fiEtthers : 
for in Christ Jesus I begat 
Tou through the gospel. 1 16 
beseech you therefore, bo ye 
imitators of me. For this 17 
cause have I sent unto you 
Timothy, who to my beloved 
and falthftil child In the Lord, 
whp shall put you in remem- 
brance of my ways which be 
In Christ, even as I teach 
everywhere in evenr church. 
Now some are puflred up, as 18 
though I were not coming to 
you. But I will come to yr- 
shorUy, If the Lord will; ^ 




I will know, not the word of 
them which are puffed up, but 

20 the power. For the kingdom 
of God is not in word, but in 

21 power. What will ye? shaU I 
come unto you with a rod, or 
in love and a spirit of meek- 

5 It is actually reported that 
there is fornication among 
you, and such fornication as 
is not even among the Gen- 
tiles, that one qf you hath his 

2 father's wife. And lye are 
puflbd up, and sdid not rather 
mourn, that he that had done 
this deed might he taken away 

8 fh)m among you. For I verily, 
being absent in body but pre- 
sent in spirit, have already, as 
though 1 were present, judged 
him that hath so wrought this 

4 thing, In the name of our 
Lordf Jesus, ye being gathered 
together, and my spirit, with 
the power of our Lord Jesus, 

5 to deliver such a one unto 
Satan for the destruction of 
the flesh, that the spirit may 
be saved in the day of the 

6 Lord s Jesus. Your glorying 
is not good. Know ye not that 
a little leaven leaveneth the 

7 whole lump? Purge out the 
old leaven, that ye may be a 
new lump, even as ye are un- 
leavened. For our passover 
also hath been sacrificed, even 

8 Christ: wherefore let us ^keep 
the feast, not with old leaven, 
neither with the leaven of 
malice and wickedness, but 
with the unleavened bread of 
sincerity and truth. 

9 I wrote unto you in my epi- 
stle to have no company with 

10 fornicators ; * not altogether 
with the fornicators of this 
world, or with the covetous and 
extortioners, or with Idolaters ; 
for then must ye needs go out 

■•1 of the world: but 'now I 
write unto yon not to keep 
company, if any man that is 


i Or. did ye 
not rnther 

ties omit 

4 0r.ftMp 

50r. Nolal 
all mean- 
ing A« 

• Or.«a 




10 Or. Ml 


to yon 

named a brother be a fornica- 
tor, or covetous, or an idola- 
ter, or a reviler, or a drunkard, 
or an extortioner; with such 
a one no, not to eat For what 12 
have I to do with Judging 
them that are without? Do 
not ye judge them that are 
within, whereas them that are 18 
without God Judgeth? Put 
away the wicked man from a- 
mong yom-selvea. 

Dare any of you, having a Q 
matter against ^ his neighbour, 
go to law before the unright- 
eous, and not before the saints? 
Or know ye not that the saints 2 
shall judge the world ? and if 
the world is judged by you, 
are ye unworthy "to Judge 
the smallest matters? Know 8 
ye not that we shall Judge 
angels ? how much more, things 
that pertain to this life? If i 
then ye have 'to judge things 
pertaining to this life, lodo ye 
set them to Judge who are of 
no account in the church? I 5 
ffiiy this to move you to shame. 
Is it so, that there cannot be 
found among you one wise 
man, who shall be able to de- 
cide between his brethren, but 6 
brother goeth to law with bro- 
ther, and that before unbe- 
lievers ? Nay, already it is alto- 7 
getherUa defect in you, that 
ye have lawsuits one wit^ an- 
other. Why not rather take 
wrong? wmr not rather be de- 
fttiuded? x^ay, but ye your- 8 
selves do wrong, and deflraud, 
and that your brethren. Or 9 
know ye not that the un- 
righteous shall not inherit the 
kingdom of God? Be not 
deceived I neither fornicators, 
nor idolaters, nor adulterers, 
nor effeminate, nor abusers or 
themselves with men, nor 10 
thieves, nor covetous, nor 
drunkards, nor revilers, nor 
extortioners, shall inherit the 
kingdom of God. And such 11 

—7. 16. 



were some of you: but ye 
iwere washed, but ye were 
sanctified, but ye were justi- 
fied in the name of the Lord 
Jesus Christ, and In the Spirit 
of our God. 

12 All things are lawful for 
me; but not all things are 
ezjpiedient All things are law- 
ful for me; but I will .not be 
brought under the power of 

13 any. Meats for the belly, and 
the belly for meats : but God 
shall bring to no«ght both it 
and them. But the body is 
not for fornication, but for 
the liord; and the Lord for 

14 the body : and God both rais- 
ed the Lord, and will raise up 

15 us through his power. Know 
ye not that your bodies are 
members of Christ? shall I 
then take away the members 
of Christ, and make them 
members of a harlot? God 

16 forbid. Or know ye not that 
he that is Joined to a harlot 
is one body? for, The twain, 
saith he, shall become one 

17 flesh. But he that is joined 
unto the Lord is one spirit. 

18 Flee fornication. Every shi 
that a man doeth is without 
the body; but he that com- 
mitteth fornication sinneth 

19 against his own body. Or 
know ve not that your body 
is a i temple of the 'Holy 
Ghost whlcn is in you, whi<m 
ye have fh)m God? and ye 

20 are not yoxir own ; for ye were 
bought with a price: glorify 
God therefore in your body. 

7 Now concerning the things 
whereof ye wrote : It Is good 
for a man not to touch a 

2 woman. But^ because of for- 
nications, let each man have 
his own wife, and let each 
woman have her own hus- 

8 band. Let the husband render 
unto the wife her due: and 
likewise also the wife unto the 

4 husband. The wife hath not 



ties read 

5 Many 
ties read 

power over her own body, but 
the husband : and likewise also 
the husband hath not power 
over his own body, but the 
wife. Defhiud ye not one the 6 
other, except it be by consent 
for a season, that ye may give 
yourselves unto prayer, and 
may be U^ether again, that 
Satan tempt you not because 
ofyourincontinency. But this 6 
I say by way of permission, 
not of commandment *Yet 7 
I would that all men were 
even as I myself. Howbeit each 
man hath his own gift from 
God, one after this manner, 
and another alter that 

But I sav to the unmarried 8 
and to widows, It is good for 
them if they abide even as I. 
But If they have not conti- 9 
nency, let them marry : for it 
is better to marry than to 
bum. But unto the married 10 
I give charge, yea not I, but 
the Lord, That the wife depart 
not fh>m her husband (but 11 
and if she depart, let her re- 
main unmarried, or else be 
reconciled to her husband); 
and that the husband leave 
not his wife. But to the rest 12 
say I, not the Lord : If any bro- 
ther hath an unbelieving wife, 
and she is content to dwell 
with him. let him not leave 
her. And the woman which 18 
hath an unbelieving husband, 
and he is content to dwell 
with her, let her not leave her 
husband. For the unbelieving II 
husband is sanctified in the 
wife, and the unbelieving wife 
is sanctified in the brother: 
else were your children un- 
clean ; but now are they holy. 
Yet If the unbelieving depart- 16 
eth, let him depart: the bro- 
ther or the sister is not under 
bondage in such cctses: but 
God hath called «us in pcaca 
For how knowest thou, O w*' 
whether thou shalt save 




husband? or how knowest 
thou, O husband, whether thou 

17 Shalt save thy wife? Only, as 
the Lord hath distributed to 
each man, as God hath called 
each, so let him walk. And so 
ordain I in all the churches. 

18 Wa;^ fiTiT' m-" r:r\}}iyi* bcir.?; c\r- 

■C^aU'Liai.iJ,. i'.L 111 ill iiv't i-vLiiSae 

unuirouiuclMKL Jrluti] miy buen 
iSiUnd in uuoij-cuiDdsJon ? let 

19 him not Iks cirpuuiclsHML Clr- 
cumclaloa ii notlilngp luni un- 
i^iroiuiicMon is DotrLlDg; hut 
the kficplnj? of tbo coEiiiiiAiid- 

20 ments ot (loiL Let oacli uan 
abldo in tlicit ctdling wborijln 

21 lie VtHA called, Wa-^t tkou 
OAlietl bt'lng a bouJeRThAiit? 
vam not toT Ml ibut It tliou 
i:tLiJ!fLbL'i!onte (i-ini, u^ if rtitliDr. 

22 Fnr Un tl]tit whp tadl^il In the 
Trf>ril, iKiirw u bonUnervank is 
tliti J-nnlV fTO^iIrimTi: llk<:nlBei 
lie ti iiird, being free, 

23 in < :ii|?K}rv2inL Ye 
were bought with a price ; be- 
come not Dondservants of men. 

24 Brethren, let each man, where- 
in he was called, therein abide 
with God. 

26 Now concerning virgins I 
have no commandment of the 
Lord : but I give myjudgement 
as one that hath obtained 
mercy of the Lord to be faith-' 

26 fUl. I think therefore that this 
is good by reason of the pre- 
sent distress, namely, that it 
is good for a man » to be as 

27 he Is. Art thou bound unto a 
wife? seek not to be loosed. 
Art thou loosed ft-om a wife? 

28 seek not a wife. But and if 
thou marrv, thou hast not 
sinned ; and if a virgin marry, 
she hath not sinned. Yet such 
shall have tribulation in the 
flesh : and I would spare you. 

29 But this I say, brethren, the 
time 8 is shortened, that hence- 
forth both those that have 
wives may be as though they 
had none; and those that 

1 Or, May, 

2 Or. 

9 0t,U 

* Or, tuing 

5 Or, wife, 
<mdU di- 
vided. So 
wife and 
(he vir- 
gin: ah« 

ties read 
wife, and 
it divided. 

and (he 
virgin i$ 


6 0r, «»- 



weep, as though they wept 
not: and those that rc|}oicQ^ 
as tnough they r^oiced not; 
and those that buy, as though 
they possessed not; and those 81 
that use the world, as not 
4 abusing it: for the fSashion 
of this world passeth away. 
But I would have you to be 82 
fi'ce ftom cares. He that is 
unmarried is careful for the 
things of the Lord, how he 
may nlease the Lord : but he 83 
that IS magied is carefUl for 
the things of the world, how 
he may please his ^ wife. And 84 
there is a difference also be- 
tween the wife and the virgin. 
She that is unmarried is care- 
ful for the things of the Lord, 
that she may be holy both in 
body and in «phrit: but sb« 
that is married is careful for 
the things of the world, how 
she may please her husband. 
And this I say for your own 85 
profit; not that I may cast 
a <( snare upon you, but for 
that which is seemly, and tliat 
ye may attend upon the Lord 
without distraction. But if 86 
any man thinketh that he be- 
haveth himself unseemly to* 
ward his 7 virgin daughter, if 
she be past the flower of nor 
age, and if need so requireth, 
let him do what he will ; he sin- 
neth not : let them manv. But 87 
he that standeth stedfast in his 
heart, having no necessity, but 
hath power as touching his 
own will, and hath determined 
this in his own hcfut, to keep 
his own 7 virgin daughter, shaU 
do welL So then both he that 88 
giveth his own 7virgindat4^/Uer 
in marriage doeth well; and 
he that giveth her not in mar- 
riage shall do better. A wife 89 
is bound for so long time as 
her husband liveth ; out if the 
husband be 8 dead, she is f^-ee 
to be married to whom she 
will ; only in the Lord. But 40 

-9. 13. 



she Is happier if she abide as 
she is, after my Judgement: 
and I think that I also have 
the Spirit of CkKi 

3 Kow concerning things sa- 
crificed to idols: We know 
that we an hare knowledge. 
Knowledge pnffeth up, but love 

2 ledlfleth. If anymanthlnketh 
that he knoweth any thing, he 
knoweth not yet as he ought 

8 to know ; but if any man lor- 
eth God, the same is known 

4 of him. Concerning therefore 
the eating of things sacrificed 
to idols, we know that no 
Idol is anything in the world, 
and that there Is no God but 

6 one.- For though there be that 
lire called gods, whether in hea- 
ven or on earth ; as there are 
gods many, and lords many; 

6 yet to us there is one God, the 
Father, of whom are all things, 
and we unto him; and one 
Lord, Jesus Christ, through 
whom are all things, and we 

7 through him. Howbeit in all 
men there is not that know- 
ledge : but some, being used 
nnul now to the idol, eat as 
of a thing sacrificed to an 
idol; and uieir conscience be- 

8 inff weak is defiled. But meat 
will not commend us to God : 
neither, if we eat not, ^ are we 
the worse ; nor, if we eat^ > are 

9 we the better. But take heed 
lest by any means this * liberty 
of yours become a stumbling- 

10 block to the weak. For if a 
man see thee which hast know- 
ledge sitting at meat in an 
Mors temple, will not his con- 
science. If ne is weak, »be em- 
boldened to eat things sacri- 

11 ficed to idols? For •through 
thy knowledge he that is weak 
perisheth. the brother for 

12 whose sake Christ died. And 
thus, sinning against the bre- 
thren, and wounding their con- 
science when it is weak, ye sin 

18 against Christ Wherefore, if 


3 0r.<ioiM 


8 Or. J* 

8 Or, 
$aith k« 


meat maketh my brother to 
stumble, I will eta no flesh for 
evermore, that I make not my 
brother to stumble. 

Am I not free? am I not 9 
an apostle? have I not seen 
Jesus our Lord? are not ye 
my work in the Lord ? If to 2 
others I am not an apostle, 
yet at least I am to you : for 
the seal of mine apostleship 
are ye in the Loral My de- 8 
fence to them that examine 
me is this. Have we no right 4 
to eat and to drink? Have 5 
we no right to lead about a 
wife that is a y believer, even 
as the rest of the apostles, and 
the brethren of the Lord, and 
Cephas? Or I only and Bar- 6 
nabas, have we not a right 
to forbear working? What 7 
soldier ever serveth at his own 
charges? who planteth a vine- 
yard, and eateth not the friiit 
thereof? or who feedeth a 
flock, and eateth not of the 
milk of the flock? Do I speak 8 
these things after the manner 
of men? or saith not the law 
also the same ? For it is writ- 9 
ten in the law of Moses, Thou 
Shalt not muzzle the oz when 
he treadeth out the com. Is 
it for the oxen that God 
careth, or s saith he it altoge- 10 
ther for our sake? Tea, for 
our sake it was written: be- 
cause he that ploweth ought 
to plow in hope, and he wat 
thresheth. to thresh in hope 
of partaking. If we sowed unto 11 
you spiritual things is it a 
great matter if we shall reap 
your carnal things ? If others 12 
partake of this right over you, 
do not we yet more ? Never- 
theless we did not use this 
right; but we bear all thtaigs, 
that we may cause no hin- 
drance to the gospel of Christ. 
Know ye not that they whir»»- 
minister about sacked thf 
eat qf the things of the ten 




and they which wait upon the 
altar have their portion with 

14 the altar? Even bo did the 
Lord ordain that they which 
proclaim the gospel should live 

10 of the gospel But I have used 
none of these things: and I 
write not these things that 
it may be so done in my 
case : for it toere good for me 
rather to die, than that any 
man should make my glory- 

16 ing void. For if I preach the 
gospel, I have nothing to glory 
of ; for necessity ia laid upon 
me; for woe is unto me, if I 

17 preach not the gospeL For if 
-•v^I do this of mine own will, I 

Hftve a reward: but if not 
of mine own will, I have a 
stewardship intrusted to me. 

18 What then is my reward? 
That, when I preach the gospel, 
I may make the gospel without 
charge, so as not to use to the 
full my right in the gospeL 

19 For though I was tree fh>m all 
men, I brought myself under 
bondage to all, that I might 

20 gain the more. And to the 
Jews I became as a Jew, that 
I might gain Jews; to them 
that are under the law, as under 
the law, not being myself imder 
the law, that I might gain 
them that are under the law ; 

21 to them that are without law, 
as without law. not being with- 
out law to God, but under law 
to Christ, that I might gain 

22 them that are without law. To 
the weak I became weak, that 
I might gain the weak : I am 
become all things to all men, 
that I may by all means save 

23 some. And I do all things for 
the gospel's sake, that I may 
be a Joint partaker thereof. 

24 Know ye not tliat they which 
run in a 1 race run all, but one 
rcceiveth the prize? Even so 

25 run, that ye may attain. And 
every man that striveth in 
the games is temperate in all 


8 Or. 

in a 




6 8omfl 
ties rend 

things. Now thev (to i^ to re- 
ceive a corruptible crown : but 
we an incorruptible. I there- 26 
fore so run, as not uncertainly ; 
so > fight I, as not beating the 
air: but I ^buiTet my body, 27 
and bring it into bondage : lest 
by any means, after that I have 
preached to others, I myself 
should be rejected. 

For I would not, brethren, \Q 
have you ignorant^ how that 
our fathers were all under the 
cloud, and all passed through 
the sea ; and were all baptised 2 
«unto Moses in the cloud and 
in the sea ; and did all eat the 3 
same spiritual meat ; and did 4 
all drink the same spiritual 
drink: for they drank of a 
spiritual rock that followed 
them : and the rock was Christ. 
Howbeit with most of them S 
God was not well pleased: 
for they were overthrown in 
the wilderness. Now & these 6 
things were our examples, to 
the intent we should not lust 
after evil things, as thev also ' 
lusted. Neither be ye idolaters, 7 
as were some of them ; as it is 
written. The people sat down 
to eat and drink, and rose up 
to play. Neither let us com- 8 
mit fornication, as some of 
them committed, and fell in 
one day three and twenty thou- 
sand. Neither let us tempt 9 
the 6 Lord, as some of them 
tempted, and perished by the 
serpents. Neither murmur ye, 10 
as some of them murmured, 
and perished by the destroyer. 
Now these things happened 11 
unto them 7 by way of exam- 
ple ; and they were written for 
our admonition, upon whom 
the ends of the ages are come. 
Wherefore let him that think- 12 
eth he standeth take heed lest 
he foil. There hath no tempta- 18 
tion taken you but such as 
man can bear: but God is 
foithful, who will not suffer 

-11. 10. 



you to be tempted above that 
ye are able ; but will with the 
temptation make also the way 
of escape, that ye may be able 
to endure it 

14 Wherefore, my beloved, flee 

15 fjrom idolatiT. I speak as to 
wise men; judge ye what I 

16 say. The cup of blessing which 
we bless, is it not a ^ com- 
munion of the blood of Christ ? 
The 2 bread which we break, 
is it not a ^ communion of the 

17 body of Christ? » seeing that 
we, who are many, are one 
2 bread, one body: for we all 
partake *of the one Abroad. 

18 Behold Israel after the flesh : 
have not they which eat the 
sacriflces communion with the 

19 altar ? What say I then ? that 
a thing sacrificed to idols is 
any thing, or that an idol is 

20 any thing? But I say, that the 
things which the Gentiles sa- 
crifice, they sacrifice to & devils, 
and not to God : and I would 
not that ye should have com- 

21 munion with & devils. Ye can- 
not drink the cup of the Lord, 
and the cup of ^ devils:' ye 
cannot partake of the table 
of the Lord, and of the table 

22 of * devils. Or do we provoke 
the Lord to jealousy ? are we 
stronger than be ? 

28 All things are lawftd ; but 
all things are not expedient 
All things are lawful; but all 

24 things ^ edify not Let no man 
seek his own, but each his 

25 neighbour's good. Whatsoever 
is sold in the shambles, eat 
asking no question for con- 

26 science sake; for the earth 
is the Lord's, and the fUlness 

27 thereof. If one of them that 
believe not biddeth you to a 
feastt and ye are disposed to 
go; whatsoever is set before 
you, eat, asking no question 

28 for conscience sake. But if 
any man say unto you. This 
hath been offered in sacrifice. 



^ Or, teeing 
thitt there 
it one 
bread, we, 
tcho are 
many, are 


«Gr. ftmtd 
not up. 

7 Or, 
If I par- 
take vith 

8 Or, 


eat not, for his sake that 
shewed it, and for conscience 
sake : conscience, I say, not 29 
thine own, but the other's: 
for why is my liberty judged 
by another conscience? 'If I 80 
by grace partake, whv am I 
evil spoken of for that for 
which I give thanks? Whe- 31 
ther therefore ye eat, or drink, 
or whatsoever ye do, do all to 
the gloiy of God. Give no oc- 32 
casion of stumbling, either to 
Jews, or to Greeks, or to the 
chm^h of God: even as I also 83 
please all men in all things, 
not seeking mine own profit, 
but the profit of the many, 
that they may be saved. Be H 
ye imitators of me, even as I 
also am of Christ 

Now I praise you that ye 2 
remember me in all things, 
and hold fast the traditions, 
even as I delivered them to 
you. But I would have you 3 
know, that the head of every 
man is Christ; and the head 
of the woman is the man ; and 
the head of Christ is God. 
Every man praying or prophe- 4 
sying, having his head covered, 
dishonoureth his head. But 5 
every woman praying or pro- 
phesying with her head un- 
veiled dishonoureth her head : 
for it is one and the same 
thing as if she were shaven. 
For if a woman is not veiled, 6 
let her also be shorn : but if 
it is a shame to a woman to 
be shorn or shaven, let her 
be veiled. For a man indeed 7 
oueht not to have his head 
veiled, forasmuch as he is the 
image and glory of God : but 
the woman is the glory of the 
man. For the man is not of 8 
the woman; but the woman 
of the man : for neither was 9 
the man created for the wo- 
man ; but the woman for the 
man : for this cause ought '^' 
woman to 8 have a sign < 




tiiority on her head, because 

11 of the angels. Howbeit neither 
Is the woman without the man, 
nor the man without the wo- 

12 man, in the Lord. For as the 
Woman Is of the man, so is 
the man also by the woman; 
but all things are of God. 

13 Judge ye lin yourselves: is 
it seemly that a woman pray 

14 unto God unveiled ? Doth not 
even nature itself teach you, 
that, if a man have long hair, 

15 it is a dishonour to him ? But 
if a woman have long hair, 
it is a glory to her: for her 
hair is given her for a cover- 

16 Ing. But if any man seem- 
em to be contentious, we have 
no such custom, neither the 
churches of God. 

17 But in giving you this charge, 
I praise you not, that ye come 
together not for the better but 

18 for the worse. For first of all, 
when ye come together sin the 
church, I hear that s divisions 
exist amongyou : and I partly 

19 believe it. For there must be 
also 4 heresies among you, that 
they which are approved may 
be made manifest among you. 

20 When therefore ye assemble 
yourselves together, it is not 
possible to eat the Lord's sup- 

21 per: for in your eating each 
one taketh Wore other his 
own supper; and one is hun- 
gry, and another is drunken. 

22 wnat? have ye not houses to 
eat and to drink in? or despise 
ye the ^ church of God, and 
put them to shame that <(have 
not? What shall I say to you? 
7 Shan I praise you in this? I 

23 praise you not For I received 
of the Lord that which ^so I 
delivered unto you, how that 
the Lord Jesus in the night 
in which he was betrayed took 

24 bread ; and when he had given 
thanks, he brake it» and said. 
This is my body, which sis for 
you : this do in remembrance 


a Or, 


4 Or. 



T Or, Otall 
yout In 
this I 


ties read 
for yon. 

10 Qr. 

11 Gr. 

are ehoB- 

of me. In like manner also 25 
the cup, after supper, saying, 
This cup is the new * covenant 
in my blood: this do, as oft 
as ye drink it, in remembrance 
of me. For as often as ye eat 26 

this bread, and drink the cup, 
ye proclaim the Lord's death 
till ne come. Wherefore who- 27 
soever shall eat the bread or 
drink the cup of the Lord un- 
worthily, shall be guilty of the 
body and the blood of the 
Lord. But let a man prove 28 
himself, and so let him eat 
of the bread, and drink of the 
cup. For he that eateth and 29 
drinketh, eateth and drinketh 
Judgement unto himself, if he 
10 discern not the body. For 80 
this cause many among you 
are weak and sickly, and not a 
few sleep. But if we u discern- 81 
ed ourselves, we should not be 
Judged. But i^when we are 82 
judged, we are chastened of 
the Lord, that we may not 
be condemned with the world. 
Wherefore, my brethren, when 38 
ye come together to eat, wait 
one for another. If any man 84 
is hungry, let him eat at home ; 
that your coming together be 
not unto Judgement And the 
rest wiU I set in order whenso- 
ever I come. 

Kow concerning spiritual 12 
MSy brethren, I would not 
have you Ignorant Te know 2 
that when ye were Gentiles 
ye were led away unto those 
dumb idols,howsoeveryemight 
be led. Wherefore I give you 8 
to understand, that no man 
speaking in the Spirit of God 
saith, Jesus is anathema; and 
no man can say, Jesus is Lord» 
but in the Holy Spirit 

Kow there are diversities of 4 

Sfts, but the same Spirit And 5 
tere are diversities of minis- 
trations, and the same Lord. 
And there are diversities of 6 
workings, but the same God, 

-13. 4. 



who worketh all things in alL 

7 But to each one is given the 
manifestation of the Spirit to 

8 profit wlthaL For to one is 
given through the Spirit the 
word of wisdom ; and to an- 
other the word of knowledge, 
according to the same Spirit : 

9 to another faith, in the same 
Spirit; and to another gifts 
of healings, in the one Spirit: 

10 and to another workings of 
^mirades; and to another 
prophecy ; and to another dis- 
cemings of spirits : to another 
divers kinds of tongues ; and 
to another the interpretation 

11 of tongues: but all these work- 
eth the one and the same 
Spirit, dividing to each one 
severally even as he wilL 

12 For as the body is one, and 
hath many members._and all 
the members of the body, be- 
ing many, are one body; so 

13 also is Christ. For in one 
Spirit were we all baptized in- 
to one body, whether Jews or 
Greeks, whether bond or tree ; 
and were all made to drink of 

14 one Spirit For the body is 
not one member, but many. 

15 If the foot shall say. Because 
I am not the hand, I am not 
of the body ; it is not therefore 

16 not of the body. And if the 
ear shaU say. Because I am 
not the eve, I am not of the 
body; it is not therefore not 

17 of the body. If the whole body 
were an eye, where were the 
hearing? If the whole were 
hearing, where were the smell- 

18 ing? But now hath God set 
the members each one of them 
in the body, even as it pleased 

19 him. And if they were all one 
member, where were the body ? 

20 But now they are many mem- 

21 bers, but one body. And the 
eye cannot say to the hand, I 
have no need of thee : or again 
the head to the feet I have 

82 no need of you. Nay, much 

a Or, 

8 Or. 

each in 


6 Many 
ties read 

rather, those members of the 
body which seem to be more 
feeble are necessary: and those 28 
parts of the body, which we 
think to be less honourable, 
upon these we s bestow more 
abundant honour; and our 
imcomely parts have more a- 
bundant comeliness; whereas 24 
our comely parts have no 
need: but God tempered the 
body together, giving more ar 
bundant honour to that part 
which lacked ; that there should 26 
be no schism in the body ; but 
that the members should have 
the same care one for another. 
And whether one member suf- 26 
fereth, all the members suflfer 
with it; or one member is 
s honoured, all the members 
rejoice with it Now ye are 27 
the body of Christ, and ^seve- 
rallv members thereof. And 28 
God hath set some in the 
church, first apostles, second- 
ly prophets, thirdly teachers, 
then 1 miracles, then gifts of 
healings, helps, < governments, 
divers kinds of tongues. Are 29 
all apostles? are all prophets? 
are all teachers? are all vxyrk- 
ers of 1 miracles? have all gifts 80 
of healings ? do all speak with 
tongues? do all interpret? But 81 
desire earnestly the greater 
gifts. And a still more excel- 
lent way shew I unto you. 

If I speak with the tongues 13 
of men and of angels, but 
have not love, I am become 
sounding brass, or a clanging 
cymbal And if I have the gift 2 
<ff prophecy, and know all 
mystenes and all knowledge ; 
and if I have all faith, so as 
to remove mountains, but have 
not love, I am nothing. And 8 
if I bestow all mv goods to 
feed the poor, and if I rive 
my body ^to be burned, out 
have not love, it proflteth mA 
nothing. Love sulTereth ) 
and is kind; love enviet) 




lore vaunteth not itself, is not 

5 puffed up, doth not behaTe 
Itself unseemly, seeketh not 
its own, is not provoked, tak* 

6 eth not account of evil; re- 
jofoeth not in unrighteous- 
ness, but rejoiceth with the 

7 truth; ibeareth all things, 
believeth all things, hopeth 
all things, endureth all thlnga 

8 Love never faileth: but whe- 
ther tliere be prophecies, they 
shall be done away: whether 
there be tongues, they shall 
cease ; whether there be know- 
ledge, It shall be done away. 

9 For we know in part, and we 

10 prophesT In part: but* when 
that which is perfect is come, 
that which is In part shall be 

11 done away. When I was a 
child, I spake as a child, I 
felt as a child, I thought as a 
child : now that I am become 
a man, I have put away child- 

12 ish things. For now we see in a 
mirror, a darkly; but then face 
to face : now I know in part ; 
but then shall I «know even 
as also I have been < known. 

13 But now abideth faith, hope, 
love, these three: ^and the 
< greatest of these is love. 

14 Follow after love ; yet de- 
sire earnestly spirituiu ffift8, 

but rather that ye may pro- 

2 phesy. For he that speaketh 
in a tongue speaketh not unto 
men, but unto God; for no 
man 7understandeth; but in 
the spirit he speaketh mys- 

8 teries. But he that prophe- 
sicth speaketh unto men edi- 
fication, and comfort, and 

4 consolation. He that speak- 
eth in a tongue ^edifleth him- 
self; but he that prophcsieth 

6 Sedifloth the church. Now I 
would have you all speak with 
tongues, but rather that ye 
should prophesy : aud greater 
is he that prophcsieth than he 
that speaketh vdth tongues, 
except he interpret, that the 



3 Or. btow 



8 0r.&trf 





9 Or, 

nothing it 

10 Or, {M 
my COM 


12 Or. Um 

that is 

so In ver. 

IS Or. 

church may receive edifying. 
But now, brethren, If I come 6 
unto you speaking with 
tongues, what shall I profit 
you, unless I speak to you 
either by way of revelation, 
or of knowledge, or of pro- 
phesying, or of teaching? 
Even things without life, giv- 7 
Ing a voice, whether pipe or 
harp, if they give not a dis- 
tinction in the sounds, how 
shall it be known what is 
piped or harped ? For if the 8 
trumpet give an uncertain 
voice, who shall prepare him- 
self for war? So also ye, unless 9 
ye utter by the tongue speech 
easV to be understood, how 
shadl it be known what is 
spoken? for ye will be speak- 
ing into the air. ' There are, 10 
it may be, so many kinds of 
voices in the world, and 'no 
kind Is without signification. 
If then I know not the mean- 11 
ing of the voice, I shall be to 
him that speaketh a barba- 
rian, and he that speaketh 
will be a barbarian lOunto 
mo. So also ye, since ye 12 
are zealous of u spiritual aiftg, 
seek that ye may abound un- 
to the editing of the church. 
Wherefore let nlm that speak- 18 
eth In a tongue pray that he 
may interpret. For If I pray 14 
in a tongue, my spirit prayeth, 
but my understanding is un- 
fttiltnil What is It then? I IS 
will pray with the spltit^ and 
I win pray with the under- 
standfns also: I will sing with 
the spirit, and I will sing with 
the understanding also. Else 16 
If thou bless with the spirit, 
how shall he that flUeth the 
place of 12 the unlearned say 
the Amen at thy giving of 
thanks, seeing he knoweth not 
what thou sayest? For tliou 17 
verily glvest thanks well, but 
the other is not u edified. I 18 
thank God, I speak with tongues 

-15. 5. 



19 more than yon all : howbeit in 
the church I had rather speak 
five words with my understand- 
ing, that I might instruct others 
also, than ten thousand words 
in a tongue. 

20 Brethren, be not children in 
mind: howbeit in malice be ye 
babes, but in mind be imcn. 

<ei In the law it is written. By 
men of strange tongues and 
by the lips of strangers will 
I speak unto this people; and 
not even thus will they hear 

22 me, saith the Lord. Where- 
fore tongues are for a sign, 
not to them that believe, but 
to the unbelieving: but pro- 
phesying is for a sign, not to 
the unbelieving, but to them 

23 that believe. If therefore the 
whole church be assembled 
together, and all speak vrith 
tongueeL and there come in 
men unlearned or imbelieving, 
will they not say that ye are 

24 madf But if all prophesy, and 
there come in one unbelieving 
or unlearned, he is » reproved 

25 by all, he is judged by all ; the 
secrets of his heart are made 
manifest; and so he will foil 
down on his face and wor- 
ship God, declaring that God 
is 8 among you indeed. 

26 What is it then, brethren? 
When ye come together, each 
one hath a psalm, hath a teach- 
ing, hath a revelation, hath a 
tongue, hath an interpretation. 
Let all things be done unto 

27 edifying. If any man speak- 
eth in a tongue, let it oe by 
two, or at the most three, and 
that in turn ; and let one in- 

28 terpret: but if there be no in- 
terpreter, let him keep silence 
in the church; and let him 
speak to himself, and to God. 

29 And let the prophets speak 
ly two or three, and let the 

80 others ^ discern. But if a re- 
velation be made to another 
sitting by, let the first keep 

1 Gr. 0/ 

2 Or. 


3 0r,*i 


6 Many 
But if 
is not 

7 Or, 


except Se. 


9 Or, 

silence. For ye all can pro- 81 

{)hesy one by one, that all may 
earn, and all may be <> com- 
forted; and the spirits of the 82 
prophets are subject to the pro- 
phets; for God is not a God of 83 
confusion, but of peace ; as in 
all the churches of the saints. 

Let the women keep silence 84 
in the churches : for it is not 
permitted unto them to speak; 
but let them be in subjection, 
as also saith the law. And 85 
if they would learn any thing, 
let them ask their own hus- 
bands at home: for it is 
shameftil for a woman to 
speak in the church. What? 86 
was it fh)m you that the word 
of God went forth ? or came 
it unto you alone? 

If any man thinketh himself 37 
to be a prophet, or spiritual, 
let him take knowledge of the 
things which I write unto you, 
that they are the command- 
ment of the Lord. «But if 38 
any man is ignorant^ let him 
be ignorant 

Wnerefore, my brethren, de- 39 
sire earnestly to prophesy, 
and. forbid not to speak with 
tongues. But let all things be 40 
done decently and in order. 

Now I make known unto 15 
you, brethren, the gospel 
which I preached unto you, 
which also ye received, where- 
in also ye stand, by which also 2 
ye are 7 saved; I make known. 
I say, 8 in what words I 
preached it tiuto jnu, if yo 
hold II frtst. PJLcept yo m- 
lleved ^lii vain. For I tie- ri 
llvcrod uiUo yxm lint of ftll 
that wblLh ft]5o I reqelvwl. 
how tliJit Christ i{\^ for tiur 
sins ^tiutiSiug to the BLl^p' 
tures' \\\xi\ tlnu lie wnn 4 
buried;^ [lik! that !i{i hwlh 
been rulRuH on tli^ third dr^ 
acconttnt' to thu scrliitimy^ 
and thnt iiti appeared ta 
phas; thtfa to the tiPC 



15. &- 

6 then he appeared to above 
five hundred orethren at once, 
of whom the greater part re- 
main until now, but some 

7 are fallen asleep; then he 
appeared to James; then to 

8 all the apostles; and last of 
all, as unto one bom out 
of due time, he appeared to 

9 me also. For I am the least 
of the apostles, that am not 
meet to be called an apo- 
stle, because I persecuted the 

10 church of God. But by the 
grace of God I am what I 
am : and his grace which was 
liestowed upon me was not 
found ivain; but I laboured 
more abundantly than they 
all : yet not I, but the grace of 

11 God which was with me. Whe- 
ther then it be I or they, so we 
preach, and so ye believed. 

12 Now if Christ is preached 
that he hath been raised fi'om 
the dead, how say some among 
you that there is no resur- 

13 rection of the dead? But if 
there is no resurrection of the 
dead, neither hath Christ been 

14 raised: and if Christ hath 
not been raised, then is our 
preaching ^vain, 2 your faith 

15 also is ivain. Yea, and we are 
found false witnesses of God ; 
because we witnessed of God 
that he raised up > Christ: 
whom he raised not up, if so 
be that the dead are not 

16 raised. For if the dead are 
not raised, neither hath Christ 

17 been raised: and if Christ 
hath not been raised, your 
faith is vain; ye are yet in 

18 yoiu* sins. Then they also 
which are fallen asleep in 

19 Christ have perished. *If in 
this life only we have hoped 
in Christ, we are of all men 
most pitiable. 

20 But now hath Christ been 
raised from the dead, the flrst- 
fruits of them that are asleep. 

"^ For since by man ccmie death, 

1 Or. void 

3 Some 
ties read 


* Or. If w 
this life 


« Or. t\4 

7 Of IfM 

»kt ve 

Ml I 

On re 

$ul-j-- I 


8 Or, vour 

» Or. uAoi 
doth it 
profit me, 

are not 
raited f 

out of 

by man came also the resur- 
rection of the dead. For as 22 
in Adam all die, so also in 
3 Christ shall all be made a- 
live. But each in his own 23 
order: Christ the firstfniits; 
then they that are Christ's, 
at his 5 coming. Then cometh 24 
th« end, when he shall de- 
liver up the kingdom to ^God, 
even the Father; when be 
shall have abolished all rule 
and all authority and power. 
For he must reign, till be hath 25 
put all his enemies under his 
feet. The last enemy that 26 
shall be abolished Is death. 
For. He put all things hi sub- 27 
jection under his feet 7 But 
when he saith. All things are 

§ut in subjection, it is evi- 
ent that he is excepted who 
did flubj^t:t ilU [tLlEigs unto 
hlrn. AuiJ whcu nil things 28 
hao iKicn aulyi-H^tLtd rmto him, 
thi ri HhFill tUa .Sou also him- 
self I'll suhjct:t,4.*ii i<t him that 
did eiuUJcuL i^l LLiij^'^ unto him, 
that CJ[>d tii'j.y bu lUl eq alL 

Klsa wbut fihjili they do 29 
wt; h arc bivptlztd for the 
de i V If the li^ad are not 
rai 'i! lu nil. wt'iv Lhen are 

th ii;L[.;. :/:■ 1 Ur] i ^i-iffi ? Wfay 80 

do we also stand in jeopardy 
every hour? I protest by sthat 81 
glorying in you, brethren, 
which I have in Christ Jesus 
our Lord, I die daily. If after 82 
the manner of men I fought 
with beasts at Ephesus, 9 what 
doth it profit me ? If the dead 
are not raised, let us eat and 
drink, for to-morrow we die. 
Be not deceived : Evil com- 88 
pany doth corrupt ffood man- 
ners. 10 Awake up righteously, 84 
and sin not; for some have no 
knowledge of God: I speak 
this to move you to shame. 

But some one will say, How 85 
are the dead raised ? and with 
what manner of body do they 
come? Thou foolish one, that 86 

-le. 6. 



which thou thyself sowest Is not 

87 quickened, except it die : and 
that which thou sowest, thou 
sowest not the body that shall 
be, but a bare grain, it may 
chance of wheat, or of some 

88 other kind; but God givcth 
it a body even as it pleased 
hhn, and to each seed a body 

89 of its own. All flesh is not the 
same flesh: but there is one 
fiesh of men, and another flesh 
of beasts, and another flesh of 
birds, and another of fishes. 

40 There are also celestial bodies, 
and bodies terrestrial: but the 
glory of the celestial is one, 
and the glory ot the terrestrial 

41 is another. There is one glory 
of the sun, and another glory 
of the moon, and another glonr 
of the stars; for one star dif- 
fereth fh)m another star in 

42 glory. So also is the resur- 
rection of the dead. It is 
sown in corruption; it is 

43 raised in incorruption : it is 
sown in dishonour : it is rais- 
ed in glory: it is sown in 
weakness; it is raised in 

44 power: it is sown a natural 
body; it is raised a spiritual 
body. If there is a natural 
body, there is also a spiritual 

45 body. So also it is written. 
The first man Adam became 
a living souL The last Adam 
became a life-giving spirit. 

46 Howbeit that is not first which 
is spiritual, but that which 
is natural : then that which 

47 is spiritual The first roan is 
of we earth, earthy: the se- 

48 cond man is of heaven. As 
is the earthy, such are they 
also that are earthy: and as 
is the heavenly, such are they 

49 also that are heavenly. And 
as we have borne the image of 
the earthy, iwe shall also bear 
the image of the heavenly. 

60 Now this I say, brethren, 
that fiesh and blood cannot 
Inherit the kingdom of God ; 

ties read 

ties omit 
this ear- 


4 Or, void 

5 Or, 






neither doth corruption in- 
herit incorruption. Behold, I 61 
tell you a mvstery: We shall 
not all sleep, but we«hall all be 
changed, in a moment, in the 52 
twinkling of an eye, at the last 
trump : for the trumpet shall 
sound, and the dead shall be 
raised incorruptible, and we 
shall be changed. For this 53 
corruptible must put on in- 
corruption, and this mortal 
must put on immortality. But 54 
when 2 this corruptible shall 
have put on incorruption, and 
this mortal shall have put on 
immortality, then shall come 
to pass the saying that is 
written. Death is swallowed up 
8 in victory. O death, where 65 
is thy victory ? O death, where 
is thy sting? The sting of death 56 
is sin ; and the power of sin 
is the law : but thanks be to 57 
God, which giveth us the vic- 
tory through our Lord Jesus 
Christ Wherefore, my belov- 58 
ed brethren, be ye stedfast, 
unmoveable, always abound- 
ing in the work of the Lord, 
forasmuch as ye know that 
your labour is not ^vain In 
the Lord. 

Now concemhig the coK \Q 
lection for the saints, as I 
gave order to the churches of 
Galatia, so also do ye. Upon 2 
the first day of the week let 
each one of you lay by him 
In store, as he may prosper, 
that no collections be made 
when I come. And when I 8 
arrive, « whomsoever ye shall 
approve by letters, them will 
I send to carry your bounty 
unto Jerusalem : and if it be 4 
meet for me to go also, they 
shall go with me. But I wiU 6 
come unto you, when I shall 
have passed through Mace- 
donia ; for I do pass through 
Macedonia; but with yc 
may be tliat I shall abi^ 
even winter, that ye nu 




me forward on my Journey 

7 whithersoever I ga For I do 
not wish to see you now by 
the way; for I hope to tarry 
a while with you, if the Lord 

8 permit But I will tarry at 

9 Ephesus until Pentecost; for 
a great door and effectual is 
opened unto m^, and there 
are many adTersaries. 

10 Now if Timothy come, see 
that he be with you without 
fear ; for he worketh the work 

11 of the Lord, as I also do: let 
no man therefore despise him. 
But set him forward on his 
Journey in peace, that ho may 
come unto me: for I ezpect 

12 him with the brethren. J3ut 
as touching Apollos the bro- 
ther, I besought him much to 
come unto you with the bre- 
thren: and it was not at all 
1 hU will to come now ; but he 
will come when he shall have 

18 watch ye, stand fast in the 
faith, quit you like men, be 

li strong. Let all that ye do be 
done In love. 

15 Now I beseech you, brc- 


3 That Is, 
Our Lord 

thren (ye know the house of 
Stephanas, that it is the first- 
fhiits of Achaia, and that they 
have set themselves to minister 
unto the saints), that ye also 16 
be in subjection unto such, and 
to every one that helpeth in 
the work and laboureth. And 
I rejoice at the s coming of 
Stephanas and Fortunatus and 
Achaicus : for that which was 
lacking on your part they sup- 
plied. For they refreshed my 18 
spirit and yours : acknowledge 
ye therefore them that are 

The churches of Asia salute 19 
yoiL Aquila and Prisca salute 
you much in the Lord, with 
the church that is in their 
house. All the brethren salute 20 
you. Salute one another with 
a holy kiss. 

The salutation of me Paul 21 
with mine own band. If any 22 
man loveth not the Lord, let 
him be anathema. 'Maran 
atha. The grace of the Lord 23 
Jesus Christ be with you. My 2i 
love be with you all in Christ 
Jesus. Amen. 



1 Paul, an apostle of Christ •( 
Jesus through the will of God, \ 

. and Timothy i our brother, un- 3 
to the church of God which is 1 
at Corinth, with all the saints 
which are in the whole of A- 

2 chaia: Grace to you and peace 
from God our Father and the 
Lord Jesus Christ 

8 Blessed be the God and Fa- 
ther of our Lord Jesus Christ, 


the Father of mercies and God 
of all comfort ; who comfort- 4 
cth us in all our afiliction, 
that we may be able to com- 
fort them that are in any af- 
fliction, through the comfort 
wherewith we ourselves are 
comforted of God. For as the 6 
sufferings of Christ abound un- 
to us, even so our comfort al- 
so aboundeth through Christ 


6 But whether we be aflSicted, 
it is for your comfort and sal- 
vation ; or whether we be com- 
forted, it is for your comfort^ 
which worketh in the patient 
enduring of the same sufferings 

7 wliich we also suffer: and our 
hope for you is stedfiftst ; know- 
ing that, as ye are partakers of 
the sufferings so also are ve 

8 of the comfort For we would 
not have you ignorant* bre- 
thren, conoeming our afflic- 
tion which befell U8 in Asia, 
that we were weighed down 
exceedingly, beyond our pow- 
er, insomuch that we despah:- 

9 ed even of life : lyea, we our- 
selves have had the s answer 
of death within ourselves, that 
we should not trust in our- 
selves, but in God which rais- 

10 eth the dead: who delivered 
us out of so great a death, 
and will deliver : on whom we 
have 8 set our hope that he 

11 will also still deliver us; ye 
also helping together on our 
behalf by your supplication; 
that^ for the gift bestowed 
upon us by means of many, 
thanks may be given by many 
persons on our behalf^ 

12 For our glorying is this, the 
testimony of our conscience, 
that in holineas and sincerity 
of God, not in fleshly wisdom 
but in the grace of God, we be- 
haved ourselves in the world, 
and more abundantly to you- 

13 ward. For we write none other 
things unto you, than what ye 
read or even acknowledge, and 
I hope ye will acknowledge 

li unto the end : as also ye did 
acknowledge us in part, that 
we are your glorving, even as 
ye also are ours^ in the day of 
our Lord Jesus. 

16 And in this confidence I 
was minded to come before 
unto you, that ye might have 

16 a second ^ benefit; and by you 
to pass into Macedonia, and 



a Or. 

3 Soma 
ties rend 
aim via 

* Or, Ifraee 
ties read 

5 6r. 


8 Or. yonr 

9 Some 
ties read 

again from Macedonia to come 
unto you, and of you to be set 
forward on my journey unto 
Judaea. When I therefore was 17 
thus minded, did I shew fickle- 
ness? or the things that I pur- 
pose, do I purpose according 
to the flesh, that with me there 
should be the yea yea and the 
nay nay? But as God is faith- 18 
fUl, our word toward you is 
not yea and nay. For the Son 19 
of God, Jesus Christ, who was 
preached among you *by us, 
even & by me and Silvanus and 
Timothy, was not yea and nay, 
but in nim is yea. For how 20 
many soever be the promises 
of God, In him is the yea: 
wherefore also through him is 
the Amen, unto the glory of 
God through us. Now no that 21 
stabllsheth us with vou ^In 
Christ and anointed us, is 
God ; 'Who also sealed us, and 22 
gave U8 the earnest of the Spi- 
rit in our hearts. 

But I call God for a wit- 28 
ness upon mv soul, that to 
spare you I forbare to come 
unto Corinth. Not that we 21 
have lordship over your faith, 
but arc helpers of your joy : _^ 
for by 8 faith ye stand. »Buta 
I determined this for myself, 
that I would not come again 
to you with sorrow. For if 2 
I make you sorry, who then 
is he that maketh me glad, 
but he that is made sorry by 
me? And I wrote this very 3 
thing, lest, when I came, I 
should have sorrow from them 
of whom I ought to rc|}oice; 
having confidence in you all, 
that my joy la the jop ot you 
alL For out of much aflaiction 4 
and anguish of heart I wrote 
unto you with many tears; not 
that ye should be made sorry, 
but that ye might know the 
love which I have more abun 
dantly unto you. 

But if any hath caused i 




row, lie hath caused sorrow, 
not to me, but in part (that 

1 press not too heavily) to 

6 you alL Sufficient to such a 
one is this punishment which 
was inflicted by ithe manv; 

7 so that contrariwise ye should 

2 rather forgive him and com- 
fort him, lest by any means 
such a one should be swallow- 
ed up with hia overmuch sor- 

8 row. Wherefor* I beseech you 
to confirm your love toward 

9 him. For to this end also did 
I write, that I might know the 
proof of you, 'whether ye are 

10 obedient in all things. But to 
whom ye forgive any thing, I 
fmrgive also: for what I also 
have forgiven, if I have for- 
Kiven any thing, for your sakes 
tMve I forgiven it in the * per- 
il son of Christ ; that no advan- 
tage may be ^ned over us by 
Satan : for we are not ignorant 
of his devices. 
12 Now when I came to Troas 
for the gospel of Christ, and 
when a cfoor was opened unto 
18 me in the Lord, I nad no re- 
lief for my spirit^ because I 
found not Titus my brother: 
but taking my leave of them, 
I went forth into Macedonia. 
14 But thanks be unto God, which 
alms leadeth us in triumph 
in v^hriflt, and maketh mani- 
fest through UB the savour of 
his knowledge in every place. 
16 For we are a sweet savour of 
Christ unto God, in them that 
are being saved, and in them 

16 that are perishing ; to the 
one a savour fh>m death un- 
to death ; to the othw a sa- 
vour from life unto life. And 
who is sufficient for these 

17 things ? For we are not as the 
many, « corrupting the word of 
God : but as of sincerity, but 
as of God, in the sight of God, 
speak we In Christ 

3 Are we beginning again to 
commend ourselves? or need 


more. ^ 

ties omit 

ties read 

4 Or. 

word of. 




9 0r, mu 
being done 

ties read 
to the 

there i$ 




13 0r.«mt4 
" Gr. 

we, as do some, epistles 
of commendation to you or 
trom. you ? Ye are our epistle, 2 
written in our hearts, known 
and read of all men ; being 8 
made manifest that ye are an 
epistle of Christ, ministered 
by us, written not with ink, 
but with the Spirit of the 
living God; not in tables of 
stone, but in tables that are 
hearts of flesh. And such 4 
confidence have we through 
Christ to God-ward : not that 5 
we are sufficient of ourselves, 
to account any thing as (h>m 
ourselves: but our sufficiency 
is IVom God ; who also made 6 
us sufficient as ministers of a 
new • covenant; not of the 
letter, but of the spirit: for 
the letter kiUeth, but the spi- 
rit giveth life. But if the mi- 7 
nistration of death, 7 written, 
and engraven on stones, came 
>with glory, so that the chil- 
dren of Israel could not look 
stedfastlv upon the face of 
Moses for the glory ot his 
face; which glory 9 was pass- 
ing away : how shall not rather 8 
the ministration of the spirit 
be with g^ory? "For if the 9 
ministration of condemnation 
is glory, much rather doth the 
ministration of righteousness 
exceed in glory. For verily 10 
that which hath been made 
glorious hath not been made 
glorious in this respect, by 
reason of the glory that sur- 
passeth. For if that which 11 
u passeth away toaa w with 
glory, much more that which 
remaineth is in glory. 

Having therefore such a 12 
hope, we use great boldness 
of speech, and are not as 13 
Moses, toho put a veil upon 
his face, that the children of 
Israel should not look sted- 
fastlv i^on the end of that 
which 'was passing away : but 14 
their i* minds were hardened : 




for until this very day at the 
reading of the old i covenant 
the same veil ^remaineth nn- 
lifted; which veil is done a- 

15 way in Christ But unto this 
day, whensoever Moses is read, 
a veil lieth upon their heart. 

16 But whensoever >it shall turn 
to the Lord, the veil is taken 

17 away. Now the Lord is the 
Spirit: and where the Spirit 
of the Lord is, ^re is liberty. 

18 But we all* with unveiled face 
4 reflecting as a mhror the 

J^lory of the Lord, are trans- 
brmed into the same image 
from glory to glory, even as 
from 5 the Lord the Spirit 
4 Therefore seeing we have 
this ministry, even as we ob- 
tained mercy, we faint not: 

2 but we have renounced the 
hidden things of shame, not 
walking in craftiness, nor hand- 
ling the word of God deceit- 
fully; but by the manifesta- 
tion of the truth commending 
ourselves to eveir man's con- 
science in the sight of God. 

8 But and if our gospel is veil- 
ed, it is veiled in them that 

4 are perishing: in whom the 
god of this « world hath blind- 
ed the 7 minds of the unbeliev- 
ing, 8 that the »Ught of the 
gospel of the glory of Christ 
who is the image of God, 
should not dawn upon them. 

5 For we preach not ourselves, 
but Christ Jesus as Lord, and 
ourselves as your lo servants 

6 i^for Jesus' sake. Seeing it is 
God, that said. Light shaU 
shine out of darkness, who 
shined in our hearts, to give 
the Slight of the knowledge 
of the glory of God in the 
face of Jesus Christ 

7 But we have this treasure 
in earthen vessels, that the 
exceeding greatness of the 
power may be of God, and 

8 not from ourselves; toe are 
pressed on every side, yet not 


2 Or, re- 








man thaU 

4 Or, 




6 Or. the 
which Is 
the Lord 

« Or, Off* 

7 Or. 

9 Or. that 
not see the 


image qf 

9 6r. tR«- 


U Some 
ties read 

W Or. left 


14 Borne 
ties omit 

15 Or. tht 

16 Or, 

Straitened ; perplexed, yet not 
unto despair; pursued, yet not 9 
12 forsaken ; smitten down, yet 
not destroyed ; always liearing 10 
about in the body the is dying 
of Jesus, that the life also of 
Jesus may be manirested in 
our body. For we which live 11 
are alway delivered unto death 
for Jesus' sake, that the life 
also of Jesus may be mani- 
fested in our mortal flesh. So 12 
then death worketh in us, but 
life in you. But having the 18 
same spirit of faith, according 
to that which is written, I 
believed, and therefore did I 
speak; we also believe, and 
therefore also we speak ; know- 14 
ing that he whicn raised up 
14 the Lord Jesus shall raise up 
us also with Jesus, and shall 
present us with you. For all 15 
things are for your sakes, that 
the grace, being multiplied 
through i&the many, may cause 
the thanksgiving to abound 
unto the glory of God. 

Wherefore we faint not; but 16 
though our outward man is 
decaying, yet our inward man 
is renewed day by day. For our 17 
light affliction, which is for the 
moment worketh for us more 
and more exceedingly an eter- 
nal weight of gloiy ; while we 18 
look not at the things which 
are seen, but at the things 
which are not seen: for the 
things which are seen are tem- 
poral; but the things which 
are not seen are eternal 

i'or wc know that if the 5 
eiirtiily boasc of our i^tailKir- 

buHdliig ftum (liMt. n Louite 
cut iiiiLdu with lia.nd:«r etiirniiU 
in llio hcATt^ns. ¥^nr wrily Lu 2 
tblH v^i grcKiLM, kniKJiyc ^ be 
cloLbo*! nmii with Dur habi^i- 
tJuD %-hieii ia fruuj heavun: IT 8 
8D be tbul; hcitiin sihitht^d wi^ 
fib nil iigt he fuund Dal(^. F 
imk^tl wu tbut arc In 




1 tabernacle do groan, 'being 
burdened; not for* that we 
would be unclothed, but that 
we would be clothed upon, 
that what is mortal may be 
6 swallowed up of life. Now he 
that wrought us for this very 
thinff is God, who gave unto 
us the earnest of the Sphit 

6 Being therefore always of good 
courage, and knowing that, 
whilst we are at home in the 
body, we are absent f^om the 

7 Lord (for we walk by faith, not 

8 by 8 sight) ; we are of good cou- 
rage,Isay,and are willingrather 

■ ~ td be absent fl-om the body, and 
to be at home with the Lord. 

9 Wherefore also we ^Qiake it 
our aim, whether at home or 
absent, to be well-pleasing 

10 unto him. For we must all 
be made manifest before the 
Judgement-seat of Christ; that 
each one may receive the 
things done ^In the body, ac- 
cording to what he hath done, 
whether it he good or bad. 

11 Knowing therefore the fear 
of the Lora, we persuade men, 
but we are made manifest un- 
to God; and I hope that we 
are made manifest also in 

12 your consciences. We are not 
again commending ourselves 
unto you, but specue as giving 
you occasion of glorying on 
6ur behalf, that ye may nave 
wherewith to answer them 
tliat glory in appearance, 

18 and not in heart For whe- 
ther we « are beside ourselves, 
it is unto God ; or whether we 
are of sober mind, it is imto 

14 you. For the love of Christ 
constraincth us; because we 
thus Judge, that one died for 

15 all, therefore all died; and 
he died for all, that they 
which live should no longer 
live unto themselves, but unto 
him who for their sakes died 

^ and rose again. Wherefore we 
henceforth know no man after 


2 Or. h^ing 
in that tee 




3 Or. ap- 


T Or, there 
is a iM'tv 

8 Or, 
j^eed in 

9 Or. Voly 

and so 
out tills 

10 Gr. 

the flesh: even though we 
have known Christ after the 
flesh, yet now we know him 
80 no more. Wherefore if any 17 
man is In Christ, ^ Ad is a new 
creature: the old things are 
passed away ; behold, they are 
become new. But all things 18 
are of God, who reconciled 
us to himseuT through Christ, 
and gave unto us the ministry 
of reconciliation ; to wit, that 19 
God was in Christ reconciling 
the world unto himself, not 
reckoning unto them their 
trespasses, and having > com- 
mitted unto us the word of 

We are ambassadors there- 20 
fore on behalf of Christ, as 
though God were intreating 
by us : we beseech f/ou on be- 
half of Christ, be ye reconcil- 
ed to God. Him who knew no 21 
sin he made to be sin on our 
behalf; that we might become 
the righteousness of God in 
him. And working together Q 
teith him we Intreat also that 
ye receive not the grace of 
God in vain (for he ssath, 2 

At an acceptable time I 

hearkened unto thee. 
And in a day of salvation 

did I succour thee : 
behold, now is the acceptable 
time ; behold, now is the day of 
salvation) : giving no occasion 3 
of stumbUng in any thing, that 
our ministration be not olam- 
ed; but in every thing com- 4 
mending ourselves, as minis- 
ters of God, in much patience, 
in afiiictions, in necessities, in 
distresses, in stripes, In impri- 5 
sonments, in tumults, in la- 
bours, in watchlngs, in fast- 
ings; in pureness, in know- 6 
ledjge, in longsuffering, in 
kindness, in the *Holy Ghost, 
in love unfeigned, in tne word 7 
of truth, in the power of 
God ; wby the armour of right- 
eousness on the right hand 

-7. 12. 



8 and on the left, by glory 
and dishonour, by evu report 
and good report; as deceivers, 

9 and yet true; as unknown, 
and yet well known ; as dying, 
and behold, we live ; as chas- 

10 tened^ and not killed ; as sor- 
rowftil, yet alway rejoicing; as 
poor, yet making many rich; 
as having nothing, and yet 
possessing all thinga 

11 Our mouth is open unto 
you, O Corinthians, our heart 

12 is enlarged. 'iTe are not strait- 
ened iH us, but ye are strait- 
ened in yom: own affections. 

18 Now for a recompense in like 
kind (I speak as unto my 
children), be ye also enlarged. 

14 Be not unequally yoked with 
unbelievers: for what fellow- 
ship have righteousness and 
iniquity? or what communion 

15 hath light with darkness? And 
what concord hath Christ with 
1 Belial? or what portion hath 
a believer with an unbeliever? 

16 And what agreement hath a 
2 temple of God with idols? for 
we are a s temple of the living 
God ; even as God said, I wiU 
dwell in them, and walk in 
them : and I will be their God, 
and they shall be my people. 

17 Wherefore 

Come ye out from among 
them, and be ye separate, 
salth the Lord, 

And touch no unclean thing; 
And I will receive you, 

13 And will be to you a Father, 
And ye shall be to me sons 

and daughters, 

7 ^aith the Lord Almighty. Hav- 
ing therefore these promises, 
beloved, let us cleanse our- 
selves from all defilement of 
flesh and spirit, perfecting holi- 
ness in the fear of God. 

2 8 Open your hearts j to us: 
we fwronged no man, we cor- 
rupted no man, we took ad- 

8 vantage of no man. I say it 
not to condemn ymt: for I 


2 Or, 8aN0- 

roam for 



ties omit 

6 0r, tmto 
o acitfxi- 
no regret 

have said before, that ye are 
in our hearts to die together 
and live together. Great is my 4 
boldness of speech toward you, 
great is my glorying on your 
behalf: I am filled with com- 
fort, I overflow with joy in all 
our affliction. 

For even when we were come 5 
into Macedonia, our flesh had 
no relief, but we were afflicted 
on every side; without loere 
fightings, within were fears. 
Nevertheless he that comfort- 6 
eth the lowly, even, God, com- 
forted us by the * coming of 
Titus : and not by his ^ coming 7 
only, out also by the comfort 
wherewith he was comforted , 
in you, while he told us your 
longing, your mourning, your 
zeal for me; so that I rejoiced 
yet more. For though I made 8 
you sorry with my epistle, I 
do not regret it^ though I did 
regret; ^for I see that that 
epistle made you sorry, though 
but for a season. Now I re- 9 
joice, not that ye were made 
sorry, but that ye were made 
sorry unto repentance : for ye 
were made sorry after a godly 
aoTtf that ye might suflf^ loss 
by us in nothing. For godly 10 
sorrow worketh repentance 
6 unto salvation, a repentance 
which bringeth no regret: but 
the sorrow of the world work- 
eth death. For behold, this 11 
selftame thing, that ye were 
made sorry after a godly sort» 
what earnest care it wrought 
in yotL yea, what clearing of 
yourselves, yesk, what indigna- 
tion, yea, wnat fear, ye^ what 
longing, yea, what ML, yea, 
what avenging ! In every thing 
ye approved yourselves to be 
pure in the matter. So al- 12 
though I wrote unto you, I 
wrote not for his cause that 
did the wrong, nor for V 
cause that suffered the wr 
but thjit your earnest care 




us might be made manifest 
unto you In the sight of GocL 
18 Therefore we have been com- 
. forted : and in our comfort we 
joyed the more exceedingly for 
the joy of Titus, because his 
spirit hath been refireshed by 

14 you all For If In any thing 
I have gloried to him on your 
behalf, I was not put to shame; 
but as we spake all things to 
you In truth, so our gloiying 
also, which I made before 
Titus, was found to be truth. 

15 And his inward affection is 
more abundantly toward you, 
whilst he remembereth the 
obedience of you all, how with 
fear and trembling ye received 

16 him. I rejoice that In every 
thing I am of good courage 
concerning you. 

3 Moreover, brethren, we make 
known to you the graice of God 
which hath been given In the 

2 churches of Macedonia ; how 
that In much proof of affliction 
the abundance of their joy and 
theh: deep poverty abounded 
unto the ricnes of their ^llbe- 

8 rality. For according to their 
power, I bear witness, yea and 
beyond their power, Uuy gave 

4 of their own accord, beseeching 
us with much Intreaty In re- 
gard of this grace and the fel- 
lowship In the ministering to 

6 the saints: and thiSy not as 
we had hoped, but first they 
gave their own selves to the 
Lord, and to us by the will of 

6 God. Insomuch that we ex- 
horted Titus, that as he had 
made a beginning before, so 
he would also complete in you 

7 this grace also. But ajs ye a- 
bound in every thing, in faith, 
and utterance, and knowledge, 
and in all earnestness, and in 
syour love to us, sea that ye 

8 abound In this grace also. I 
speak not by way of com- 
mandment, but as proving 
through the earnestness of 

2 Some 
ties read 
our low 
to you. 

Others the sincerity also of your 
love. For ye know the grace 9 
of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, 
though he was rich, yet for 
your sakes he became poor, 
that ye through his poverty 
might become rich. And here- 10 
in I give mj/ judgement : for this 
Is expedient for you, who were 
the first to make a beginning 
a year ago, not only to do, but 
also to wilL But now complete 11 * 
the doing also ; that as there 
was the readiness to will, so 
there may be the completion 
also out of your ability. For 12 
if the readiness Is there, it is 
acceptable according as a man 
hath, not according as he hath 
not For I say not this, that 13 
others may be eased, and ye 
distressed : but by equality ; 14 
your abundance betnffa supply 
at this present time for their 
want^ that their abundance 
also may become a supply for 
your want ; that there may be 
equality : as it is written. He 15 
that gathered much had no- 
thing over ; and he that gather^ 
ed little had no lack. 

But thanks be to God, which 16 
putteth the same earnest care 
for you Into the heart of Titus. 
For indeed he accepted our 17 
exhortation; but bdng hira> 
self very earnest, he went forth 
unto you of his own accord. 
And we have sent t(^ther 18 
with him the brother whose 
praise In the gospel is spread 
through all the churches ; and 19 
not only so, but who was alao 
appointed by the churches to 
travel with va in the matter 
of this grace, which is minis- 
tered by us to the glory of the 
Lord, and to shew our readi- 
ness : avoiding this, that any 20 
man should blame us In tM 
matter of this bounty which 
Is ministered by us: for we 21 
take thought for things ho- 
nourable, not only in the sight 




of the Lord, but also in the 

22 sight of mea And we have 
sent with them our brother, 
whom we have many times 
proved earnest in many things, 
but now much more earnest, 
by reason of the great confi- 
dence which he hath In you. 

28 Whether any inquire about 
Titus, he is my pannor and my 
fellow-worker to you-ward ; or 
our brethren, they are the 
1 messengers of the churches, 
they are the glory of Christ. 

24 sshew yc therefore unto them 
in the race of the chiu*ches the 
proof of your love, and of our 
glorying on your behal£ 

Q For as touching the minis- 
tering to the saints, it Is super- 
fluous for me to write to you : 
2 for I know your readiness, of 
which I glonr on your behalf 
to them of Macedonia^ that A- 
ehaia hath been prepared for 
a year past; and syour zeal 
hath stirred up ^very many of 
8 them. But I have sent the 
brethren, that our glorying on 
your behalf may not be made 
void in this respect ; that, even 
as I said, ye may be prepar- 

4 ed : lest oy any means, if 
there come with me any of 
Macedonia, and find you un- 
prepared, we (that we say not, 
ye) should be put to shame in 

5 this confidence. I thought it 
necessanr therefore to intreat 
the brethren, that they would 
go before nnto you, and make 
up beforehand your aforepro- 
Xpised 5 bounty, that the same 
might be ready, as a matter of 
bounty, and not of « extortion. 

6 But this / say. He that sow- 
eth sparingly shall reap also 
sparingly* and he that soweth 
T bountifully shall reap also 

7 7 bountifully. Let each man do 
according as he hath pui 
In his heart; not ^grudi 
pr of necessity : for God lovetL 

8 a cheerftil giver. And God is 


we {here- 
fore in 


8 Or, 
of you 




able to make all grace abound 
unto you ; that ye, having al- 
ways all sufficiency in every- 
thing, may abound unto every 
good work : as it is written, 9 
He hath scattered abroad, 

he hath given to the poor ; 
His righteousness abideth 

for ever. 
And he that supplieth seed 10 
to the sower and bread for 
food, shall supply and multi- 
ply your seed for sowing, and 
Increase the fruits of your 
righteousness: ye being en- 11 
riched in everything unto 
all > liberality, which worketh 
through us thanksgiving to 
God. For the ministration of 12 
this service not only fllleth up 
the measure of the wants of 
the saints, but aboundeth also 
through many thanksgivings 
unto God ; seeing that through 18 
the proving of you by this mi- 
nistration they glorify God for 
the obedience of your confes- 
sion unto the gospel of Christ, 
and for the oiibei-ality of your 
contribution unto them and 
unto all ; while they themselves 14 
also, with supplication on your 
behalf, long after you by rea- 
son of the exceeding grace of 
God in you. Thanks be to God 15 
for his unspeakable gift. 

Now I Paul myself intreat IQ 
you by the meekness and 
gentleness of Christ, I who in 
your presence am lowly among 
you, but being absent am of 

food courage toward you : yea, 2 
beseech you, that I may not 
when present shew courage 
with the confidence wherewith 
I count to be bold against 
some, which count of us as if 
we walked according to the 
flesh. For though we walk in 3 
the flesh, we dp not war ac- 
cording to the flesh (for the 4 
weapons of our warfare are 
not of the flesh, but might^ 
before Grod to the casting do- 




5 of strong holds); casting down 
^ImaginationSy and every high 
thing that is exalted against 
the Knowledge of Qod, and 
bringing every thought into 
oapUvity to the obedience of 

6 Clmst ; and being in readiness 
to avenge all disobedience, 
when your obedience shall be 

7 nUfilled. 1 Ye look at the things 
that are before your face. 
If any man trusteth in him- 
self that he is Christ's, let him 
consider this again with him- 
self, that, even as he is Christ'cL 

8 so also are we. For though l 
should glory somewhat abun- 
dantly concerning our autho- 
rity (which the Lord gave for 
building you up, and not for 
casting you down), I shall not 

9 be put to shame : that I may 
not seem as if I would terrify 

10 you by my letters. For, His 
letters, they say, are weighty 
and strong; but his bodily 
presence u weak, and his 

11 speech of no account Let 
such a one reckon thlsL that, 
what we are in word by letters 
when we are absent, such are 
toe also in deed when we are 

12 present. For we are not bold 
8 to number or compare our- 
selves with certain of them 
that commend themselves : but 
they themselves, measuring 
themselves by themselves, and 
comparing themselves with 
themselves, are without un- 

13 derstandlng. But we will not 
glory beyond our measure, but 
according to the measure of 
the 4 province which God ap- 
portioned to us as a measure, 

14 to reach even unto you. For 
we stretch not ourselves over- 
much, as though we reached 
not unto you: for we ^came 
even as far as unto you in 

16 the gospel of Christ : not 
glorying beyond our measure, 
that i8,m other men's labours; 
but having hope that> as your 


i Or, Dope 




4 Or, ItOMt 

5 Or, «ier« 

indeed n* 
do bear 



9 Or, 
those pre- 


faith groweth, we shall be mag- 
nified in you according to our 
4provin(» vaitofiirther abun- 
dance, 80 as to preach the 16 
;o8pel even unto the parts 
»eyond you, and not to glory 
in another's ^province inr^^ 
of things ready to our hand. 
But he that glorieth, let him 17 
;loiT in the Lord. For not 18 
^e that commendeth himself Is 
approved, but whom the Lord 

Would that ye could bear H 
with me in a llttlo foolishness : 
> nay indeed bear with me. For 2 
I am Jealous over you with 7 a 
godly Jealousy: for I espoused 
you to one nusband. that 1 
might present you as a pure 
vii^n to Christ. But I fear, 8 
lest by any means, as the ser- 
pent beguUed Eve in his oraftL- 
ness, your & minds should be 
corrupted trom the simplicity 
and the purity that is toward 
Christ For if he that cometh i 
preacheth another Jesus, whom 
we did not preach, or. if ye 
receive a different spirit^ which 
ye did not receive, or a differ- 
ent gospel, which ye did not 
accept^re do well to bear with 
him. For I reckon that I am 6 
not a whit behind ^the very 
chiefest apostle& But thougn 6 
I he rude in speech* yet am 
I not in knowledge; nay, in 
every thing we have made it 
manlftot among all men to 
you-ward. Or (Ud I commit a 7 
sin in abasing myself that ye 
might be exalted, because I 
preached to you the gospel of 
God for nought? I robbed 8 
other churches, taking wages 
of them that I might minister 
unto you ; and when I was pre- 9 
sent with you and was in want^ 
I was not aburden on any man; 
for the brethren, when they 
came fh>m Macedonia, 8ui> 
plied the measure of my want : 
and in every thing I kept myself 

~ia. 4. 



fh>m being burdensome unto 
you, and so will I keep myself. 

10 As the truth of Christ is in 
me, no man shall stop me of 
this glorying In the regions of 

11 Acliaia. Wherefore? because I 
love you not? Qod knoweth. 

12 But what I do, that I wiU do, 
that I may cut off i occasion 
fh)m them which desire an 
occasion; that wherein they 
gloiy, they may be found even 

13 as we. For such men are 
false apostles^ deceitful work- 
ers, fashioning themselves into 

1-1 apostles of Christ. And no 
marvel ; for even Satan fash- 
ioneth himself into an angel 

16 of light. It is no great thing 
therefore if his ministers also 
fashion themselves as minis- 
ters of righteousness ; whose 
end shall be according to their 

16 I say again, Let no man 
think me foolish ; but if ye do, 
yet as foolish receive me, that 

17 1 also may glory a little. That 
which I speak, I speak not after 
the Lord,1t>ut as in foolishness, 
in this confidence of glorying. 

18 Seeing that many glory after 

19 the fleah, I will glory also. For 
ye bear with the foolish glac" 

20 being wise yourselves. For ye 
bear with a man, if he bring- 
eth you into bondage, if he 
dcvoureth you, if he taketh 

Jou captive, if he exalteth 
Imself, if he smiteth you on 

21 the face. I speak by way of 
. disparagement, as though we 

had been weak. Yet wherein- 
soever any is bold (I speak in 

22 foolishness), I am bold also. Are 
they Hebrews ? so am I. Are 
they Israelites ? so am I. Are 
they the seed of Abraham? 

23 so am L Are they ministers 
of Christ? (I speak as one 
beside himself) I more ; in la- 
bours more abimdantly, in, 
prisons more abundantly, in 
stripes above measure, in 

1 6r. tu 
of than. 

8 Or. 
Betide the 
which I 

the things 
(hat eotne 
out of 

4 6r. unto 
the ages. 

5 Some 
Nov to 
glory i» 

deaths oft. Of the Jews five 24 
times received I forty stripes 
save one. Thrice was I beaten 25 
with rods, once was I stoned, 
tlirice I suffered shipwreck, a 
night and a day have I I)eou 
In the deep; in Joumeyings 26 
often, in perils of rivers, in 
perils of robbers, in perils 
n*om my s countrymen, in pe- 
rils fi'om the Gentiles, m perils 
in the city, in perils In the 
wilderness, in penis In the sea, 
in perils among false brethren ; 
in labour and travail, in watch- 27 
iugs often, in hunger and thirst, 
in fastings often, in cold and na- 
kedness. X Beside those things 28 
that are without, there is that 
which presseth upon me daily, 
anxiety for all the chiu*chefj. 
Who is weak, and I am not 29 
weak? who is made to stum- 
ble, and I bum not? If I 80 
must needs glory, I will glory 
of the things that concern 
my weakness. The God and 81 
Father of the Lord Jesus, he 
who is blessed ^for evermore, 
knoweth that I lie not. In 82 
Damascus the governor under 
Aretas the king guarded the 
city of the Damascenes, in 
order to take me: andtlirough 83 
a window was I let down in a 
basket bv the wall, and escaped 
his hands. 

* I miiHt ncsds ahtry, th oligh \f^ 
it ia uot eif^MSilJcut; LptU I 
will coinc to visSemti ami ruvti- 
lattoni^ of tliti LunL I knuv (^ 2 
nuui In CLri>it, fourtecti yanrs 
jjj^i (wiit-'lbiii In tiie bufl}', I 
know nol; or whether uui (if 
the bsiriy, I know nut ; God 
kBOvveth), such tt orje ftiught up 
ovon tQ tbu third heaven. And 3 
1 it now Mit'h n. n>ftn (whptliei- 

bo.f.v ■ ■ • ■>- 

into Paradise, and heard un- 
speakable words, which It i^ 
not lawful for a moo to utte 



5' On behalf of such a one will 
I glor^ : but on mine own be- 
half I will not glonr. save in 

6 mj^ weaknesses. For if I should 
desire to glory, I shall not be 
foolish ; for I shall speak the 
truth : but I forbear, lest any 
man should account of me 
above that which he seeth me 

7 to be, or heareth fh)m me. And 
•by reason of the exceeding 
greatness of the revelations— 
wherrfore, that I should not 
be exalted overmuch, there 
was given to me a ^ thorn in 
the flesh, a messenger of Satan 
to buffet me, that I should not 

8 be exalted overmuch. Con- 
cerning this thing I besought 
the Lord thrice, that it might 

9 depart from me. And he hath 
said unto me, My griace is suffi- 
cient for thee : for my power 
Is made perfect in weakness. 
Most gladly therefore will I 
rather glory in my weaknesses, 
that the strength of Christ may 

10 9 rest upon me. Wherefore I 
take pleasure in weaknesses, in 
li^Junes, in necessities, in per- 
secutions, in distresses, for 
Christ's sake : for when I am 
weak, then am I strong. 

11 I am become foolish : ye 
compelled me ; for I ought to 
have been commended of vou: 
for in nothing was I behind 
"the very chiefest apostles, 

12 though I am nothing. Truly 
the siffns of an apostle were 
wrought among you in all pa- 
tience, by signs and wond!ers 

13 and « mighty works. For what 
is there wherein ye were made 
inferior to the rest of the 
churches, except it be that I 
myself was not a burden to 
you? forgive me this wrong. 

14 Behold, this is the thiid time 
I am ready to come to you; 
and I will not be a burden to 
you : for I seek not yours, but 
you: for the children ought 
not to lay up for the parents^ 





• Or, 

7 Or, 

9 Or, aaif 
I were 

time, ev*n 

but the parents for the chil- 
dren. And I will most gladly 15 
spend and be 'spent fw^^our 
soula If I love you more 
abundantly, am I loved the 
less? But be it so, I did not 16 
myself burden you ; but, being 
crafty, I caught you with guile. 
Did I take advantage of you 17 
by any one of them whom I 
have sent unto you ? I exhort- 18 
ed Titus, and I sent the bro- 
ther with him. Did Titus take 
any advantage of you? walked 
wenotby thesameSpirit? icaOs- 
ed we not in the same steps ? 

«Ye think aU this Ume that 19 
we are excusing ourselves un- 
to you. In the sight of God 
roeak we in Christ But all 
things, beloved, are for your 
edifying. For I fear, lest by any 90 
means, when I come, I should 
find you not such as I would, 
and ^ould myself be found of 
vou such as ye would not : lest 
by any means there should be 
strife. Jealousy, wraths, (Ac- 
tions, backbitings, whisperings, 
swellings, 7 tumults; lest, when 21 
I oome again, my Ood should 
humble me before you, and I 
should mourn for manf of them 
that have sinned heretofore, 
and repented not of the un- 
deanness and fornication and 
lasciviouaness which they com- 

This Is the third time I am 13 
coming to you. At the mouth 
of two witnesses or three shall 
every word be established. I 2 
have said •beforehand, and I 
do say •beforehand, ^as when 
I was present the second time, 
so now, being absent, to them 
that have sinned heretofore, 
and to all the rest, that, if I 
come again, I will not spare ; 
seeing that ye seek a proof 8 
of Christ that speaketh in me ; 
who to you-ward is not weak, 
but is powerful in you : for he 4 
was crucified through weak* 

-1. 12. 



ness, yet he llveth through the 
power of God. For we also 
are weak ^in him, but we 
shall live with him through 
the power of God toward you. 
6 Try your own selves, whether 
ye be in the faith ; prove your 
own selves. Or know ye not 
as to yoiur own selves, that 
Jesus Christ is in you ? unless 

6 indeed ye be reprobate. But 
I hope that ye shall know that 

7 we are not reprobate. Now 
we pray to God that ye do 
no evil ; not that we may ap- 
pear approved, but that ye 
may do that which is honour- 
able, 2 though we be as repro- 

8 bate. For we can do nothing 
against the truth, but for the 

9 truth. For we r^oice, when 


ties read 

and that. 

3 Or. re- 
foiee: be 

we are weak, and ye are strong : 
this we also pray for, even 
your perfecting. For this cause 10 
1 write these things while ab- 
sent, that I may not when 
{)resent deal sharply, accord- 
ng to the authority which the 
Lord gave me for building up, 
and not for casting down. 

Finally, brethren, » farewell. 11 
Be perfected; be comforted; 
be of the same mind ; live in 
peace: and the God of love 
and peace shall be with you. 
Salute one another with a 12 
holy kiss. 
All the saints salute you. IS 
The grace of the Lord Jesus 14 
Christ, and the love of God, 
and tne communion of the 
Holy Ghost, be with you alL 



1 Paul, an apostle (not from 
men, neither through ^man. 
but throu^ Jesus Christy and 
God the Father, who raised 

2 him from the dead), and all 
the brethren which are with 
me. unto the churches of Ga- 

3 latla : Grace to you and peace 
a from God the Father, and our 

4 Lord Jesus Christ, who gave 
himself for our sins, that he 
might deliver us out of this 
present evil s world, according 
to the will of our God and 

5 Father : to whom be the gloi:y 
< for ever and ever. Amen. 

6 I marvel that ye are so 
quickly removing from him 
that called vou in the grace 
of Christ unto a different gos- 

7 pel ; which is not another gos- 
pel : only there are some that 
^uble you, and would per- 


a Some 
and the 

S Or, age 

4 6r. unto 
the ages qf 
the ages, 

5 Some 
ties omit 

• Or, 




vert the gospel of Christ But 8 
though we, or an angel from 
heaven, should preach ^unto 

?'ou any gospel Mother than 
hat which we preached unto 
you, let him be anathema. As 9 
we have said before, so sny I 
now again. If any man preach- 
eth unto you any gospel other 
than that which ye received, 
let him be anathema. For 10 
am I now persuading men, 
or God ? or am I seeUng to 
[jTrusc jneu? \f " -^~- -^"^\ 

a f servant ot C'hrlisL 

For 1 DiJikft kno^'Q to yon, 11 
brotbriMj. ne touching the nfoa- 

Bel wJiiPli wftfl proayhed by me^ 
itit It ifi uot after tuan. For 12 
nelbhcr did I rccoivu it from 
iiUEiii^ nor woa I taupht it, but 
it ca/iH^ to ifi6 thJ-outfU rev 




18 latiou of Jesus Christ For 
ye have heard of my manner 
of life in time past in the 
Jews' religion, how that be- 
yond measure I persecuted 
the church of Ood, and made 

14 havock of it : and I advanced 
in the Jews' religion beyond 
many of mine own age ^a- 
mong my countrymen, being 
more exceedingly zealous for 
the traditions of my fathers. 

15 But when it was the good 
pleasure of God, who sepa- 
rated me, 0ven fh>m my mo- 
ther's womb, and call^ me 

16 through his grace, to reveal 
Ills Son in me, that I might 

8 reach him among the Oen- 
les ; immediately I conferred 

17 not with flesh and blood : nei- 
ther went I up to Jerusalem 
to them which were apostles 
before me: but I went a:Way 
into Arabia ; and again t re- 
turned unto Damascus. 

18 Then after three vears I 
went up to Jerusalem to * visit 
Cephas, and tarried with him 

19 fifteen days. But other of 
the apostles saw I none, ssave 

20 James the Lord's brother. Now 
touching the things which I 
write unto you, behold, be- 

21 fore God, I lie not Then I 
came into the regions of Syria 

22 and Cilicia. And I was still 
unknown by face unto the 
churches of Judaea which were 

23 in Christ : but they only heard 
say. He that once persecuted 
us now preacheth the faith of 
which he once made havock 

24 and they glorified God in me. 
2 Then ^ after the space of 

foiuteen years I went up a- 
gain to Jerusalem with Bar- 
nabas, taking Titus also with 
2 me. And I went up by reve- 
lation ; and I laid before them 
the gospel which I preach a- 
mong the Gentiles, but pri- 
vately before them who ^were 
of repute, lest by any mwRs I 


2 Or, 

3 Or, 

* Or, in the 
cottrM <tf 

9 Or. but 

7 Or. 
what Iheff 
once teere 

should be running, or had run, 
in vain. But not even Titus who 3 
was with me, being a Greek, 
was compelled to be drcumcis- 
ed: «and that because of the i 
false brethren privily brought 
in, who came in privily to 
spy out our liberty which we 
have in Christ Jesus, that they 
might bring us into bondage : 
to whom wo gave place in the 6 
way of subjection, no, not for 
an hoiir* that the truth of 
the gospel might continue with 
you. But fh>m those who 6 
»were reputed to be somewhat 
(7 whatsoever they were, it 
maketh no matter to me: God 
accepteth not man's person)— 
they, I say, who were of repute 
imparted nothing to me : but 7 
contrariwise, when they saw 
that I had been intrusted with 
the gospel of the uncircumci- 
sion, even as Peter with the 
gospel of the circumcision (for 8 
he that wrought for Peter un- 
to the aposueship of the cir- 
cumcision wrought for me also 
unto the Gentiles) ; and when 9 
they perceived the grace that 
was given unto me, James and 
Cephas and John, they who 
6 were reputed to be pillars, 
gave to me and Barnabas the 
right hands of fellowship, that 
we should go unto the Gen- 
tiles, and they unto the cir- 
cumcision ; only they toouZd 10 
that we should remember the 
poor ; which very thing I was 
also zealous to do. 

But when Cephas came to 11 
Antioch, I resisted him to 
the face, because he stood con- 
demned. For before that cer- 12 
tain came from James, he did 
eat with the Gentiles: but 
when they came, he drew back 
and separated himself, fearing 
them that were of the circum- 
cision. And the rest of the 13 
Jews dissembled likewise with 
him ; insomuch that ercn ^a^ 

—3. 16. 



nabas M'as carried away with 
14 their dissimulation. But when 
I saw that they waltzed not up- 
rightly according to the truth 
of the gospel, I said unto Ce- 
phas before them all, If thou, 
Being a Jew, livest as do the 
Gentiles, and not as do the 
Jews, how compellest thou the 
Gentiles to live as do the Jews? 
15* We being Jews by nature, and 

16 not sinners of the Gentiles, yet 
knowing that a man is not ius- 
tlfled by i the works of the law, 
'save through faith in Jesus 
Christ, even wo believed on 
Christ Jesus, that we might be 
Justified by faith in Christ, and 
not by the works of the law : 
because by the works of the law 

17 shall no flesh be justified. But 
if, while we sought to be Jus- 
tified in Christ, we ourselves 
also were found sinners, is 
Christ a minister of sin ? 

18 God forbid. For if I build 
up again those things which 
I destroyed, I prove myself a 

19 transgressor. For I through 
•the law died unto «the law, 
that I might live unto God. 

20 I have been crucified with 
Christ; ^yet I live; and yet 
no longer I. but Christ liveth 
lu me : and that life which I 
now live in the flesh I live in 
faith, the faith which is in the 
Son of God, who loved me, and 

21 gave himself up for me. I do 
not make void the grace of 
God: for if righteousness is 
through 'the law, then Christ 
died for nought 

3 O foolish Galatlans. who did 
bewitch you, before wnose eyes 
Jesus Christ was openly set 

2 forth crucified? This only 
would I learn fk-om you. Re- 
ceived ye the Spirit oy i the 
works of the law, or by the 

8 « hearing of fietith? Are ye so 
foolish ? having begun in the 
Spirit, <:are ye now perfected 

4 l^ the flesh ? Did ye suffer so 



* Or, and 
longer I 
(hat live, 

• Or, do ye 
now make 
an eniin 


8 Or. til 
• Or, r« 

10 Gr. 


11 Gr. 


many things in vain ? if it be 
indeed in vain. He therefore 5 
that supplieth to you the Spi- 
rit, and worketh 7 miracles « a- 
mong you, doeth he it by ^the 
works of the law, or by the 
'hearing of faith? Even as A- 6 
braham believed God, and it 
was reckoned unto him for 
righteousness. *Know there- 7 
fore that they which be of 
faith, the same are sons of 
AbraJiam. And the scripture. 8 
foreseeing that God lo would 
JustilV the "Gentiles by faith, 
preached the gospel before- 
hand unto Abraham, saying. 
In thee shall all the nations 
be blessed. So then they which 9 
be of faith are blessed with 
the faithM Abraham. For afi 10 
many as are of i the works of 
the law are under a curse: 
for it is written. Cursed is 
every one which continucth 
not in all things that are 
written in the book of the 
law, to do them. Now that 11 
no man is justified is by the 
law in the sight of God, is 
evident: for. The righteous 
shall live by faith; and the 12 
law is not of faith; but. He 
that doeth them shall live in 
them. Christ redeemed us 18 
from the curse of the law, 
having become a curse for 
us : for it is written, Cursed is 
every one that hangeth on a 
tree : that upon the Gentiles 14 
might come the blessing of 
Abraham in Christ Jesus; 
that we might receive the 
promise of the Spirit through 

Brethren, I speak after the' 15 
manner of men : Though it be 
but a man's i* covenant, yet 
when it hath been confirm- 
ed, no one maketh it void, or 
addeth thereto. Now to A- 16 
braham were the promises 
spoken, and to his seed. ^ 
saith not, And to seeds, { 




muiv; but as of one. And 
to tny 8ce<L which is Christy 

17 Now this I say; A i cove- 
nant conflrnied beforehand by 
God, the law, which came 
four hundred and thirty years 
after, doth not disannul, so 
as to make the promise of 

18 none effectw For if the inhe- 
ritance is of the law, it is no 
more of promise: but God 
hath granted it to Abraham 

19 by promise. What then is the 
law? It was added l)ecause 
of transgressions, till the seed 
should come to whom the 
]proml8e hath been made ; an<2 
it was ordained through an- 
gels by the hand of a media- 

20 tor. Now a mediator is not 
a mediator of one; but God 

21 is one. Is the law then a- 
gainst the promises of God? 
God forbid: for if there had 
been a law given which could 
malce alive, verily righteousness 
would have been of the law. 

22 Howbeit the scripture hath 
shut up all things under sin, 
that the promise by faith in 
Jesus Christ might be g^ven to 
them that believe. 

23 But hetore s faith came, we 
were kept in ward under the 
law, shut up unto the faith 
which should afterwards be 

21 revealed. So that the law hath 
been our tutor to brina us 
unto Christ, that wo might be 

25 Justified by faith. But now 
that faith is come, we are no 

26 longer under a tutor. For ye 
are all sons of God, through 

27 faith, in Christ Jesus. For as 
many of you as were baptized 
into Christ did put on Christ 

28 There can be neither Jew nor 
Greek, there can be neither 
bond nor (t^ee, there can he no 
male {and female: for ye all 
are one man in Christ Jesuei 

29 And if ye are Christ's, then 
are ye Abraham's seed, heirs 
according to promise. 


3 Or. 



6 Gr. $pat 

• Or. of 

But I say that so long as 4 
the heir is a child, he differeth 
nothing f^om a bondservant^ 
though he is lord of all; but 2 
is under guardians and stew- 
ards until the term appointed 
of the fi&ther. So we also, when 3 
we were children, were held in 
bondage under the ^rudiments 
of the world: but when the 4 
fulness of the time came, God 
sent forth his Son, bom of a 
woman, bom under the law, 
that he might redeem them 5 
which were under the law, 
that we might receive the a^ 
doption of sons. And because 6 
ye are sons, God sent forth the 
Sphitof hisSon into our hearts, 
crying, Abba» Father. So that 7 
thou art no longer a bondser- 
vant^ but a son ; and if a son, 
then an heir through God. 

Howbeit at that time, not 8 
knowing God. ye were in 
bondage to tnem which by 
nature are no gods : but now 9 
that ye have come to know 
God, or rather to be known 
of God, how turn ve back 
again to the weak and beggar- 
ly smdiments, whereunto ye 
desire to be in bondage over 
again? Ye observe days, and 10 
months, and seasons, and years. 
I am afraid of you, lest by any 11 
means I have bestowed labour 
upon you in vain. 

I beseech you, brethren, be 12 
as I am, for I am as ye are. 
Ye did me no wrong : out ye 13 
know that because of an in- 
firmity of the flesh I (Mreached 
the gospel unto you the < first 
time : and that which was a 14 
temptation to you in my flesh 
ye despised not^ nor ^r^ect- 
ed ; but ye received me as an 
angel of God, even as Christ 
Jes^& Where then is that 15 
gratulation *of Tourselves? 
for I bear you witness^ that^ 
if possible, ye would have 
plucked out your eyes and 

-6. 15. 



16 given them to me. So then 
am I become your enemy, be- 
cause I 1 tell you the truth? 

17 They zealously seek you in no 
good way ; nay, they desire to 
shut you out, that ye may 

18 seek tnem. But it is good to 
be zealously sought in a good 
matter at all times, and not 
only when I am present with 

19 you. My little children, of 
whom I am again in travail 
until Christ be formed in you, 

20 yea, I could wish to be present 
with you now, and to change 
my voice ; for I am perplexed 
about you. 

21 Tell me, ve that desire to be 
mider the law, do ye not hear 

22 thr- i--'^ T^-v ^^. ^^ -■"^■m, 
till It Ahmliinu iirid t^vi> h^vas, 
flue by this handiuiiiri, iiinl one 

23 by tba fnjcwiifiutn. Hu^beit 
tne soTi by tiiu litrndruiiii:! is 
born nttviT the flt;sili ; but the 
grm by tb^ fn?twrnnnTi U h^-im 

24 thin-::bM-M:^:rr M'«v, ht^ :;igs 
cci.-:_-^ ^-± ^i-c--« - -■— i-'-se 
women are two covenants ; one 
from mount Sinai, bearing 
children unto bondage, which 

25 is Hagar. sNow this Hagar is 
mount Sinai in Arabia, and 
answereth to the Jerusalem 
that now is: for she is in 
bondage with her children, 

26 But the Jerusalem that is 
above is free, which is our 

27 mother. For it is written. 

Rejoice, thou barren that 

Break forth and cry, thou 
that travailest not : 

For more are the children 
of the desolate than of 
her which hath the hus- 

28 Now 8 we, brethren, as Isaac 
was, are children of promise. 

29 But fus then he that was bom 
after the flesh persecuted him 
that was bom after the Spirit, 

SO even so it is now. Howbeit 
what saith the scripture? Cast 

1 Or, deal 

2 Many 
ties read 
tain in 


ties read 

* Or, For 



brought to 



7 Or, 

out the handmaid and her 
son : for the son of the hand- 
maid shall not inherit with the 
son of the f^-eewoman. Where- 81 
fore, brethren, we are not chil- 
dren of a handmaid, but of the 
ft-eewoman. * With freedom did 5 
Christ set us free: stand fast 
therefore, and be not entangled 
again in a yoke of bondage. 

Behold, I Paul say unto 2 
you, that, if ye receive cir- 
cumcision, Christ will profit 
you nothing. Yea, I testifj' 8 
again to every man that re- 
ceiveth circumcision, that he 
is a debtor to do the whole 
law. Ye are « severed from 4 
Christ, ye who would be jus- 
tified by the law; ye are 
fallen away fh)m grace. For 5 
we through the Spirit by faith 
wait for me hope of righteous- 
ness. For In Christ Jesus net- 6 
ther circumcision availeth any 
thing, nor uncircumclslon : but 
faith fi working through love. 
Ye were running well; who 7 
did hinder you that ye should 
not obey the truth ? This per- 8 
suasion came not of him that 
calleth you. A little leaven 9 
leaveneth the whole lump. I 10 
have confidence to you-ward 
in the Lord, that ye will be 
none otherwise minded: but 
he that troubleth you shall 
bear his judgement, whosoever 
he be. But I, brethren, if I still 11 

F reach circumcision, why am 
still persecuted? then hath 
the stumbllngblock of the cross 
been done away. I would that 12 
they which unsettle you would 
even 7 cut themselves off. 

For ye, brethren, were call- 13 
ed for freedom ; only tise not 
your freedom for an occasion 
to the flesh, but through love 
be servants one to another. 
For the whole law is fulfllled 14 
in one word, even in this: 
Thou Shalt love thy new- 
born* as thyself. But ' 



bite and devour one another, 
take heed that ye be not con- 
sumed one of another. 

16 But I say, Walk by the Spi- 
rit, and ye shall not ftilfll the 

17 lust of the flesh. For the flesh 
lusteth agahist the Spirit, and 
the Spirit against the flesh; 
for these are contrary the one 
to the other ; that ye may not 
do the things that ye would. 

18 But if ye are led by the Spi- 
rit, ye are not under the law. 

19 Now the works of the flesh 
are manifest, which are these, 
fornication, uncleanness, las- 

^ civiousness, idolatry, sorcery, 
enmities, strife. Jealousies, 
wratlis, factions, divisions, ihe- 

21 resies, envyings, drunkenness, 
revellings, and such like: of 
the which I 2 forewarn you, 
even as I did 2 forewarn you, 
that they which practise such 
things shall not inherit the 

22 kingdom of God, ButthefWiit 
of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, 
longsufTering, kindness, good- 

23 ness, faithfulness, meekness, 
3 temperance : against such 

24 there is no law. And they that 
are of Christ Jesus have cruci- 
fied the flesh with the passions 
and the lusts thereof. 

25 If we live by the Spirit, by 
the Spu*it let us also walk. 

26 Let us not be vainglorious, 
provoking one another, envy- 
ing one another. 

6 Brethren, even if a man be 
overtaken in anv trespass, ye 
which are spiritual, restore 
such a one in a spirit of 
meekness; looking to thyself, 
lest thou also be tempted. 

2 Bear ye one another's bur- 
dens, and so Mfil the law of 

8 Christ. For if a man thlnk- 

eth himself to be something, 

^ when he is nothing, he de- 

4 ceiveth himself. But let each 
man prove his own work, and 
then shall he have his glory- 
ing in regard of himself alone, 


a Or, 
UU you 

3 Or, 


the other. 


8 Some 
ties read 
have been 

9 Or, a law 

10 Or, 

11 Or, 

and not of 4 his neighbour. For 5 
each man shall bear his own 
6 burden. 

But let him that Is taught 6 
in the word communicate un- 
to him that teacheth in all 
good things. Be not deceiv- 7 
ed; God is not mocked: for 
whatsoever a man so^eth, that 
shall he also reap. For he 8 
that soweth unto his own 
flesh shall of the flesh reap 
corruption ; but he that sow- 
eth imto the Spirit shall of 
the Spirit reap eternal life. 
And let us not be weary in 9 
well-doing : for in due season 
we shall reap, If we faint not 
So then, as we have opportu- 10 
nity, let us work that which 
is good toward all men, and 
especially toward them that are 
of the household of the faith. 

See with how large letters 11 

I Shave written unto you with 
mine own hand. As many as 12 
desire to make a fair show In 
the flesh, they compel you to 
be circumcised ; only that they 
may not be persecuted 7 for the 
cross of Christ For not even 13 
they who « receive circumcision 
do themselves keep ' the law ; 
but they desire to have you cir- 
cumcised, that they may glory 

in your flesh. But far be it 14 
from me to glory, save in the 
cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, 
through i<> which the world hath 
been crucified unto me, and I 
unto the world. For neither 15 
is circumcision any thing, nor 
uncircumcision, but a new 

II creature. And as many as 16 
shall walk by this rule, peace 

be upon them, and mercy, and 
upon the Israel of God. 

From henceforth let no man IT 
trouble me : for I bear brand- 
ed on my body the marks of 

The grace of our Lord Jesus 18 
Christ be with your spirit, bre- 
thren. Amen. 



1 Paul, an apostle of Christ 
Jesus through the will of 
God, to the saints which are 
lat Ephesus, and the falth- 

2 ful in Christ Jesus : Grace to 
you and peace from God our 
Father and the Lord Jesus 

8 Blessed he the God and Fa- 
ther of our Lord Jesus Christ, 
who hath blessed us with every 
spiritual blessing in the hea- 

4 venly places in Christ: even 
as he chose us in him before 
the foundation of the world, 
that we should be holy and 
without blemish before shim 

5 in love : having foreordain- 
ed us unto adoption as sons 
through Jesus Christ unto 
himself, according to the good 

6 pleasure of his will, to the 
praise of the glory of his 
grace, » which he fi-eefy bestow- 

7 ed on us in the Beloved: in 
whom we have our redemp- 
tion through his blood, the 
forgiveness of our trespasses, 
according to the riches of his 

8 grace, « which he made to a- 
bound toward us in all wis- 

9 dom and prudence, having 
made known unto us the mys- 
tery of his will, according to 
his good pleasure which he 

10 purposed in him unto a dis- 
pensation of the fulness of the 
» times, to sum up all things 
in Christ, the things «in the 
heavens, and the things upon 

11 the earth; in him, / say, in 
whom also we were made a he- 
ritage, having been foreordain- 
ed according to the piupose of 
him who worketh all things 
after the counsel of his will; 

12 to the end that we should be 
unto the praise of his glory, 

1 Borne 
ties omit 
at Ephe- 

2 Or. him: 
having m 

3 Or, 
he endued 

with he 



7 Or, have 

8 Or, in 

9 Man J 
ties in- 
sert A« 

10 Or. age 

we who 7 had before hoped in 
Christ : in whom ye also, hav- 18 
ing heard the word of the 
truth, the gospel of your sal- 
vation,— in whom, having also 
believed, ye were sealed with 
the Holy Spirit of promise, 
which is an earnest of our 14 
inheritance, unto the redemp- 
tion of God's own possession, 
unto the praise of his glory. 

For this cause I also, having 15 
heard of the faith in the Lord 
Jesus which is 8 among you, 
and » which ye shew toward 
all the saints, cease not to give 16 
thanks for you, making men- 
tion of you in my prayers ; 
that the God of our Lord 17 
Jesus Christ, the Father of 
glory, may give imto you a 
spirit of wisdom and revela- 
tion in the knowledge of him ; 
having the eyes of your heart 18 
enlightened, that ye may know 
what is the hope of his call- 
ing, what the riches of the 
glory of his inheritance in the 
saints, and what the exceeding 19 
greatness of his power to us- 
ward who believe, according to 
that working of the strength 
of his might which he wrought 20 
in Christ, when he raised him 
from the dead, and made him 
to sit at his right hand in the 
heavenly places, far above all 21 
rule, and authority, and pow- 
er, and dominion, and eveiy 
name that is named, not only 
in this 10 world, but also in that 
which is to come : and he put 22 
all things in subjection under 
his feet, and gave him to be 
head over all things to the . 
church, which is his body, tb<^ "" 
flilness of him that mieth 
in all. 




2 And you did tie quieken, 
when ye were dead through 

2 TOUT trespasses and sin8» where- 
in aforetime ye walked accord- 
ing to the ^ course of this world, 
according to the prince of the 
power of the air, of the spirit 
that now worketh in the sons 

3 of disobedience; among whom 
we also all onoe lived in the 
lusts of our flesh, doing the 
desires of the flesh and of 
the smind, and were by na- 
ture children of wrath, even 

4 as the rest:— but Ood, being 
rich In mercy, for his greiu 
love wherewith he loved va. 

6 even when we were dead 
through our trespasses, quick- 
ened us together swlth Christ 
(by grace have ye been savedX 

6 and raised us up with him, 
and made us to sit with him 
in the heavenly places, in 

7 Christ Jesus: that in the 
ages to come he might shew 
the exceeding riches of his 
grace in kindness toward us 

8 in Christ Jesus: for bv grace 
have ye been saved through 
faith ; and that not of your- 
selves : it is the gift of Ood : 

9 not of works, that no man 

10 should glorv. For we are his 
workmanship, created in Christ 
Jesus for good works, which 
God afore prepared tiiat we 
should walk in them. 

11 Wherefore remember, that 
aforetime ye, the Gentiles in 

; the flesh, who are called Un- 
drcumcislon by that which 
is called Circumcision, in the 

12 flesh, mtule by hands ; that ye 
were at that time separate 
ftrom Christ, alienated ttom 
the commonwealth of Israel, 
and strangers trova. the cove- 
nants of the promise, having 
no hope and without God in 

18 the world. But now in Christ 
Jesus ye that once were far off 
are made nigh in the blood of 
^^hrist. For he is our peaces 

1 Gr. ape. 

a Or. 

ties real 

4 Or. 


5 Gr. evar% 

6 0r, Mno- 

8 Or, 

who made both one, and brake 
down the middle wall of par- 
tition, having abolished in his 15 
flesh the enmity, even the law 
of commandments contained 
in ordinances ; that he might 
create in himself of the twain 
one new man, so making peace ; 
and might reconcile them both 16 
in one body unto God through 
the cross, having slain the en- 
mity thereby : and he came 17 
and 4 preached peace to you 
that were far off, and peace 
to them that were nigh: for 18 
through him we both have our 
access in one Spirit unto the 
Father. So then ye are no 19 
more strangers and sojourn- 
ers, but ye are fellow-cftlBens 
with the saints^ and of the 
household of God, behig built 20 
upon the foundation of the 
apostles and prophets, Christ 
Jesus himself betnflt the chief 
comer stOlie: in wnom 'each 21 
several buUmng, fitly (himed 
together, groweth Into a ht>ly 
^temple in the Lord ; in whom 22 
ye also are bullded together 
'for a habitation of Qod in 
the Spirit 
For this cause I Paul, the 3 

Kisoner of Christ Jesus in 
half of you Gentiles,—- if so 2 
be that ye have heard of the 
8 dispensation of that grace of 
God which was given me to 
you-ward; how that lyy reve- 8 
lation was made known unto 
me the mystery, as I wrote 
afore in few words, whereby, 4 
when ye read, ye can perceive 
my understanmng in the mys- 
tery of Christ ; which in other 5 
generations • was not made 
known unto the sons of m^i, 
as it hath now been revealed 
unto his holy apostles and pro- 

8 bets in the Spirit ; to wit that 6 
le Gentiles are fellow-heirs, 
and fellow -members of the 
body, and fellow-partakers of 
tiie promise in Christ Jesw 




7 through the gospel, whereof I 
was made a minister, accord- 
ing to the gUt of that grace of 
God which was given me ac- 
cording to the working of his 

8 power. Unto me, who am less 
than the least of all saints, 
was this grace given, to preach 
unto the Gentiles the unsearch- 

9 able riches of Christ; and to 
1 make all mea see what is the 
8 dispensation of the mystery 
which fi-om all ages hath been 
hid in God who created all 

10 things; to the intent that now 
unto the principalities and the 
powers in the heavenly places 
might be made known through 
the church the manifold wTs- 

11 dom of God, according to the 
setemal purpose which he pur- 
posed in Christ Jesus our Lord : 

12 In whom we have boldness and 
access in confidence through 

13 * our faith In him. Wherefore 
I ask that <ye faint not at 
nay tribulations for you, which 
« are your glory. 

14 For this cause I bow my 

15 knees unto the Father, ftx>m 
whom every ^ family In heaven 

16 and on earth is named, that 
he would grant you, according 
to the riches of nis glory, that 
ye may be strengthened with 
power through his Spirit In 

17 Ihe inward man ; that Christ 
may dwell In your hearts 
through faith; to the end that 

J re, bemg rooted and grounded 
n love, mav be strong to ap- 
prehend with all the saints 
what is the breadth and length 

19 and height and depth, and to 
know the love of Christ which 
passeth knowledge, that ye 
may be filled unto all the ful- 
ness of God. 

20 Now unto him that Is able 
to do exceeding abundantly 
above all that we ask or thin£ 
according to the power that 

81 worketh in us, imto him be 
the glory in the church and 

ties read 
Ught tOud 

2 Or, 

3 Gr. pur 

4 Or, 

of him 

6 0r,«i 

7 Qr.Jd- 


8 Or. 

9 Some 

ing tndif 

in Christ Jesus unto ^ all ge- 
nerations for ever and ever. 

I therefore, the prisoner in 4 
the Lord, beseech you to walk 
worthily of the calling where- 
with ye were called, with all 2 
lowliness and meekness, with 
longsufi'ering, forbearing one 
another in love ; giving dill- 8 

gence to keep the unitT of the 
pirit in the bond of peace. 
There is one body, and one 4 
Spirit, even as also ye were 
called |n one hope of your call- 
ing ; one Lord, one faith, one 5 
baptism, one God and Father 6 
of all, who is over all, and 
through all, and in alL But 7 
unto each one of us was the 
grace given according to the 
measure of the gift of Christ. 
Wherefore he saith, 8 

When he ascended on high, 
he led captivity captiw, 
And gave gifts unto men. 
(Now this, He ascended, what 9 
is it but that he also descended 
»into the lowel" parts of the 
earth? He that descended is 10 
^e same aldo that ascended 
far above all the heavens, that 
he inlRhi fill all things.) And 11 
hfj Kavu Hoiue tu 1>R apostles; 
auil aonl<^, prophi^f.q ; and some, 
evLiijgeUsts ; fin^l snroeipastort 
atid tnacbfiHi; fit- the perfect- 12 
iiltj of tho fitilnt*!, i^ito tne work* 
of mlnisteriiiij, imto the build- 
\m^ u|> of tlio boily of Christ : 
till we all ntmln unto the unity 18 
of l-bt; f tilth f and (hf the fcnow- 
Ir ■■ ■ i ti]L' SiiT] (jf God, unto 
a x__cAiJwu mau, unto the 
measure of the st^tUre of 
the fulness of Christ: that we 14 
may be no longer children, 
tossed to and fro and car- 
ried about with every wind 
of doctrine, by the sleight of 
men, in craftiness, after tb** 
wiles of error; but^spea*' 
truth in love, may grow • 
all things into mm, wh 




16 the head, eoen Christ; from 
whom all the body fitly framed 
and knit together i through 
that which every joint suppli- 
eth, according to the working 
in due measure of each several 
part maketh the increase of 
the body unto the building up 
of itself in love. 

17 This I say therefore, and tes- 
tify in the Lord, that ye no 
longer walk as the Gentiles 
also walk, in the vanity of 

18 their mind, being darkened in 
their understanding, alienated 
from the life of God because 
of the ignorance that is in 
them, because of the harden- 

19 ing of their heart; who be- 
ing past feeling gave them- 
selves up to lasciviousness, < to 
work aU uncleanness with 

20 s greediness. But ye did not 

21 so learn Christ; if so be that 
ye heard him, and were taught 
in him, even as truth is in 

22 Jesus: that ye put away, as 
concerning your former man- 
ner of life, me old man, which 
waxcth corrupt after the lusts 

23 of deceit; and that ye be re- 
newed in the spirit of your 

24 mind, and put on the new 
man, « which after God hath 
been created in righteousness 
and holiness of truth. 

25 Wherefore, putting away 
falsehood, speak ye truth each 
one with his neighbour: for 
we are members one of an- 

26 other. Be ye angry, and sin 
not : let not the sun go down 

27 upon your '^ wrath: neither give 

28 p&ce to the deviL Let nim 
that stole steal no more : but 
rather let him labour, working 
with his hands the thing that 
is good, that be may have 
whereof to give to him that 

29 hath need. Let no corrupt 
^>eech proceed out of your 
mouth, out such as is good 
for •edifying as the need may 
be, that it may give grace to 

the tup- 




7 Many 
ties read 

8 Some 
ties read 

• Or, 

10 Or, 

them that hear. And grieve 80 
not the Holy Spirit of God, in 
whom ye were sealed unto the 
day of redemption. Let all bit- 81 
temess, and wrath, and anger, 
and clamour, and ndling, be 
put away from you, with all 
malice: and be ye kind one 82 
to another, tender-hearted, for- 
giving each other, even as God 
also in Christ forgave ^you. 

Be ye therefore imitators 5 
of God. as beloved children ; 
and walk in lov^ even as 2 
Christ also loved you, and 
gave himself up for >us, an 
offering and a sacrifice to God 
for an odour of a sweet smelL 
But fornication, and all un- 8 
cleanness, or covetousness, let 
it not even be named among 
you, as becometh saints ; nor 4 
fllthinesSt nor foolish t ftfking, 
or Jesting, which are not befit- 
ting: but rather giving of 
thanks. For this ye know of 5 
a surety, that no fornicator, 
nor unclean person, nor covet- 
ous man, which is an idolater, 
hath any inheritance in the 
kingdom of Christ and God. 
Let no man deceive you with 6 
empty words: for because of 
Uiese things cometh the wTath 
of God upon the sons of dis- 
obedience. Be not ye there- 7 
fore partakers with them ; for 8 
ye were once darkness^ but are 
now light in the Lord: walk 
as children of light (for the 9 
friiit of the light is in all good- 
ness and righteousness and 
truth), proving what is well- 10 
pleasLog unto the Lord ; and 11 
have no fellowship with the 
uufriiitful works of darkness, 
but rather even > reprove them ; 
for the things which are done 12 
by them in secret it is a shame 
even to speak ot But all things IS 
when they are i^ reproved are 
made manifest by the Ught: 
for every thine that is made 
manifest is light Wherefore 14 

—6. 12. 

he saith, Awake, thou that 
sleepest, and arise from the 
dead, and Christ shall shine 
upon thee. 

15 Look therefore carefully how 
ye walk, not as unwise, but as 

16 wise; ^ redeeming the time, 
because the days are eviL 

17 Wherefore be ve not foolish, 
but understand what the will 

18 of the Lord is. And be not 
drunken with wine, wherein is 
riot, but be filled a with the 

19 Spirit; speaking 'one to an- 
other in psalms and hymns 
and spiritual songs, singing 
and nuiking melody with your 

20 heart to the Lord ; giving 
thanks always for aU things 
in the name of our Lord Jesus 
Christ to *God, even the Far 

21 ther ; subjecting yourselves 
one to another in the fear of 

22 Wives, 5« in subjection unto 
your own husband^ as unto the 

23 Lord. For the husband is the 
head of the wife, as Christ also 
is the head of the church, be- 
ing himself the saviour of the 

24 bodv. But as the church is 
subject to Christ) ^ao let the 
wives also be to their hu»- 

26 bands in eveiy thing. Hus- 
bands, love your wives, even as 
Christ also loved the church, 

26 and gave himself up for it; that 
he might sanctify it, having 
cleansed it by the ^ washing of 

27 water with the word, that he 
might present the church to 
himself a glorious church, not 
having spot or wrinkle or any 
such thing ; but that it should 
be holy and without blemi^. 

28 Even so ought husbands also 
to love their own wives as 
their own bodiea He that lov- 
eth his own wife loveth him- 

29 self: for no man ever hated 
his own flesh; but nourish- 
eth and cherisheth it, even as 

80 Christ also the church; be- 
cause we arc members of his I 



buying up 

a Or, 

3 Or, 


4 6r.a« 

8 Or, Marc 


7 Or. tkalt 
9 Or, Umd 

10 Or. 


13 Gr. 
be made 

body. For this cause shall a 81 
man leave his father and mo- 
ther, and shall cleave to his 
wife ; and the twain shall be- 
come one flesh. This mystery 32 
is great : but I speak in regard 
of Christ and of the church. 
Nevertheless do ye also seve- 33 
rally love each one his own 
wife even as himself; and let 
the wife see that she fear her 

Children, obey your parents Q 
in the Lord : for this Is right 
Honoiu* thy father and mo- 2 
ther (which is the first com- 
mandment with promise), that 3 
it may be well with thee, and 
thou 7mayest live long on the 
dearth. And, ye fathers, pro- 4 
voke not your children to 
wrath: but nurture them in 
the chastening and admoni- 
tion of the Lord. 

•Servants, be obedient unto 5 
them that according to the 
flesh are your w masters, with 
fear and trembling, in dngle- 
ness of your heturt* as unto 
Christ ; not in the way of eye- 6 
service, as men-pleasers ; but 
as^scrvants of Chri8t,doing the 
will of God from the " heart ; 
with good will doing service, 7 
as unto the Lord, and not un- 
to men: knowing that what- 8 
soever ffood thing each one 
doeth, toe same shall he re- 
ceive a;^n from the Lord, 
whether he be bond or free. 
And, ye i^ masters, do the same 9 
things unto them, and forbear 
threatening : knowing that 
both their Master and yours 
is in heaven, and there is no 
respect of persons with him. 

isFinaUy, is be strong in the 10 
Lord, and in the strength of his 
might Put on the whole ar- 11 
mour of God, that ye may be 
able to stand against the wiles 
of the devil. For our wrestling 1 5 
is not against flesh and b'- 
but against the princi^r 




rnst the powers, a«;alnst 
world-rulers of this dark- 
ness, against the spirltuiQ hosts 
of wickedness in the heavenly 
IS places. Wherefore take npthe 
whole armour of God, that 

Smay be able to withstand 
the evil day, and, having 
11 done all, to stand. Stand there- 
fore, having girded your loins 
with truth, and having put on 
the breastplate of righteous- 

15 ness, and having shod your feet 
with the preparation of the gos- 

16 pel of peace ; withal taking up 
the shield of faith, wherewitli 
ye shall be able to quench all 
the flciy darts of the evil one. 

17 And take the helmet of-salva- 
tlon, and the sword of the 
Spirit, which Is the word of 

18 God : with all prayer and sup- 
plication praying at all sea- 
sons in the Spirit, and watch- 
ing thereunto in all perseve- 

rance and supplication for all 
the saints, and on my behalf, 19 
that utterance may be given 
unto me lin opening my 
mouth, to make known with 
boldness the mystery of the 
gospel, for which I am an 20 
ambassador in ^ chains; that 
in it I may speak boldly, as I 
ought to speak. 

But that ye also may know 21 
my afibirs, how I do,Tychicus» 
the beloved brother and faith- 
ful minister in the Lord, shall 
make known to you all things : 
whom I have sent unto you 22 
for this veiy purpose, that ye 
may know our state, and that 
he may comfort your hearts. 

Peace be to the brethren, 23 
and love with faith, flrom God 
the Father and the Lord Je- 
sus Christ Grace be with all 24 
them that love our Lord Jesus 
Christ in uncorruptness. 



1 Paul and Timothy, ^servants 
of Christ Jesus, to all the saints 
in Christ Jesus wliich are at 
Phlllppi, with the s bishops 

2 and deacons: Grace to you 
and peace ft*om God our Fa- 
ther and the Lord Jesus 

3 I thank my God upon all 

4 my remembrance of you, al- 
ways In every supplication of 
mine on behalf of you all 
making my supplication with 

5 joy, for your fellowship in fur- 
therance of the gospel fh>m 

6 the fin* day until now; being 
confident of this very thing, 
that he which bvtgan a good 
work In you will perfect It 
mtil the day of Jesus Christ 


a Or, 

3 Or, ye 
in your 

4 Or, 

wove (he 

8 Gr. /»•««. 

even as it is right for me to 7 
be thus minded on behalf of 
you all, because 81 have you 
in my heart, inasmuch as, both 
in my bonds and in the de- 
fence and confirmation of the 
gospel, ye all are partakers 
with me of grace. For God 8 
is my witness, how I long after 
you all in the tender mercies 
of Christ Jesus. And this I 9 
•pray, that your love may a- 
bound yet more and more in 
knowledge and all discern- 
ment; 80 that ye may ^i^ 10 
prove the things that are ex- 
cellent; that ye may be sin- 
cere and void of oflfence unto 
the day of Christ; being filled 11 
with the ^fhiits of righteous* 




ness, which are through Jesus 
Christy unto the glory and 
praise of God« 

12 Now I would have you know, 
brethren, that the things which 
happened unto me have fallen 
out rather unto the progress 

13 of the gospel; so tnat my 
bonds became manifest in 
Christ 1 throughout the whole 
preetorian guard, and to all 

14 the rest; and that most of 
the brethren in the Lord, 
2 being confident through my 
bonds, are moi:^ abundantly 
bold to speak the word of God 

15 without fear. Some indeed 
preach Christ even of envy 
and strife; and some also of 

16 good will : the one do it of 
love, knowing that I am set 
for the defence of the gospel : 

17 but the other proclaim Christ 
of faction, not sincerely, think- 
ing to raise up aflOiction for 

18 me in my bonds. What then? 
only that in every way, whe- 
ther in pretence or in truth, 
Christ is proclaimed ; and 
therein I rcyoice, yea, and will 

19 rejoice. For I know that this 
shall turn to my salvation, 
through your supplication and 
the supply of the Spirit of 

20 Jesus Chnist, according to my 
earnest expectation and hope^ 
that in nothing shall I be put 
to shame, but that with all 
boldness, as always, so now 
also Christ shall be magnified 
in my body, whether by life, 

21 or by death. For to me to 
live is Christ, and to die is 

22 gain. SBut if to live in the 
flesh,— ^ this is the fhiit of 
my work, then ^what I riiall 

23 choose ^I wot not But I am 
in a strait betwixt the two, 
having the desire to depart 
and be with Christ ; for it is 

24 very far better: yet to abide 
in the flesh is more needftil 

25 for your sake. And having 
this confidence, I know that 
the teholt 

2 Or. trust- 
ing in my 


4 Or, 


5 Or, I do 


7 6r. 

behave aa 



8 Gr. with. 

9 Some 
of the 

10 Or. 
bring ori- 

thing to be 


I shall abide, yea, and abide 
with you all, for your progress 
and joy •in the faitn; that 26 
your glorying may abound in 
Christ Jesus in me through 
my presence with you again. 
Only 7 let your manner of life 27 
be worthv of the gospel of 
Christ : tnat, whether I come 
and see you or be absent, I 
may hear of your state, that 
ye stand fast in one spirit^ 
with one soul striving 8 for 
the faith of the gospel; and 28 
in nothing aflrighted by the 
adversaries : which is for them 
an evident token of perdition, 
but of your salvation, and that 
from God ; because to vou it 29 
hath been granted in tne be- 
half of Christ, not only to 
believe on him, ,but also to 
sufibr in his behalf: having 30 
the same conflict which ye 
saw in me, and now hear to 
be in me. 

If there is therefore any com- 2 
fort in Christ, if any consolar 
tion of love, if any fellowship 
of the Spirit, if any tender 
mercies and compassions, fUl- 2 
fll ye my Joy, that ye be of 
the same mind, having the 
same love, being of one ac- 
cord, »of one mind; doing 8 
nothing through faction or 
through vainglory, but in low- 
liness of mind each counting 
other better than himself; not 4 
looldng each of you to his own 
things, but each of you also 
to the things of others. Have 5 
this mind in you, which was 
also in Christ Jesus: who, 6 
10 being in the form of God, 
counted it not u a prize to be 
on an equality with God, but 7 
emptied himself, taking the 
form of a ^ servant, ubeing 
made in the likeness of men ; 
and being found in fkshion as 8 
a man, he humbled himself 
becoming obedient even v 
death, yea, the death of 




9 cross. Wherefore also God 
highly exalted him, and gave 
unto him the name which is 

10 above every name ; that in 
the name of Jesus every knee 
should bow, of things in hea- 
ven and things on earth and 

11 1 things under the earth, and 
that every tongue should con- 
fess that Jesus Christ is Lord, 
to the glory of God the Fa- 

12 So then, my beloved, even 
as ye have always obeyed, not 
3 as in my presence only, but 
now much more in my ab- 
sence, work out your own sal- 
vation with fear and trem- 

18 bling ; for it is God which 
worketh in you both to will 
and to work, for his good plea- 

14 sure. Do all things without 
murmurings and disputings: 

15 that ye may be blameless and 
harmlessw children of God 
without blemish in the midst 
of a crooked and perverse ge- 
neration, among whom ye are 
seen as > lights in the world, 

16 holding forth the word of life ; 
that I may have whereof to 
glory in uie day of Christ, 
that I did not ran in vain 

17 neither labour in vain. Yea, 
and if I am < offered upon the 
sacrifice and service of your 
faith, I Joy, and rejoice with 

18 you all : and in the same man- 
ner do ye also Joy, and r^oice 
with me. 

19 But I hope In the Lord Je- 
sus to send Timothy shortly 
unto you, that I also may be 
of good comfort, when I know 

20 your state. For I have no 
man likeminded, who will care 

21 *truly for your state. For they 
all seek their own, not the 

22 things of Jesus Christ. But ye 
know the proof of him, that, 
as a child serveth a father, so 
he served with me in fUrther- 

'" anceofthegospeL Himthere- 
'ore I hope to send forthwith, 

things Q^ 

ties omit 

3 Gr. I«»- 




ties read 

ties read 

• Or, 


10 Or, 

SO soon as I shall see how it 
will go with me : but I trust 24 
in the Lord that I myself also 
shall come shortly. But I 25 
counted it necessary to send 
to you Epaphroditus, my bro- 
ther and fellow-worker and 
fellow-soldier, and your <> mes- 
senger and minister to my 
need; since he longed Rafter 26 
vou all. and was sore troubled, 
because ye had heard that he 
was sick: for indeed he was 27 
sick nigh unto death : but God 
had mercy on him ; and not 
on him only, but on me also, 
that I might not have sorrow 
upon sorrow. I have sent him 28 
therefore the more diligently, 
that, when ye see him again, 
ye may rejoice, and that I may 
be tjie less sorrowftil. Receive 29 
him therefore in the Lord with 
all Joy ; and hold such in ho- 
nour : because for the work of 80 
8 Christ he came nigh unto 
death, hazarding his life to 
supply that which was lacking 
Injvour service toward me. 

Finally, my brethren, 're- 3 
Joice in the Lord. To write 
the same things to you, to 
me indeed is not irksome, but 
for you it is safe. Beware of 2 
the dogs, beware of the evil 
workers, beware of the con- 
cision : for we are the clrcnm- 8 
cision, who worship by the 
Spirit of God, and glory In 
Christ Jesus, and have no con- 
fidence in the flesh : though I 4 
myself might have confidence 
even in the flesh : if any other 
man lothinketh to have con- 
fidence in the flesh, I yet 
more : circumcised the eighth 5 
day, of the stock of Israel, of 
the tribe of Bei\Jamin, a He- 
brew of Hebrews ; as touching 6 
the law, a Pharisee ; as touch- 
ing zeal, persecuting the 
church ; as touching the right- 
eousness which is in the law, 
found blameless. Howbeitwhat 7 

-4. to. 



things were ^ gain to me, these 
have I counted loss for Christ 

8 Yea verily, and I count all 
things to be loss for the ex- 
cellency of the knowledge of 
Christ Jesus my Lord: for 
whom I suffered the loss of 
all things, and do count them 
but 2 dung, that I may gain 

9 Christ and be found in him, 
'not having. a righteousness 
of mine own, even that which 
is of the law, but that which is 
through faith in Christ, the 
righteousness which is of God 

10 4 by faith: that I may know 
him, and the power of his 
resurrection, and the fellow- 
ship of his sufferings, becoming 

11 conformed unto his death ; if 
by anv means I may attain 
unto the resurrection from the 

12 dead. Not that I have already 
obtained, or am already made 
perfect : but I press on, if 
so be that I may & apprehend 
that for which also I was ap- 
prehended by Christ Jesus. 

18 Brethren, I count not myself 
8 yet to have apprehended : but 
one thing / do, forgetting the 
things which are behind, and 
stretching forward to the things 

14 wtiich are before, I press on 
toward the goal unto the prize 
of the f high calling of God in 

15 Christ Jesus. Let us therefore, 
as many as be perfect, be thus 
minded : and if In any thing 
ye are otherwise minded, oven 
this shall God reveal unto you : 

16 only, whereunto we have al- 
ready attained, by that same 
rule let us walk. 

17 Brethren, be ye imitators to- 
gether of me, and mark them 
which so walk even as ye have 

18 us for an ensample. For many 
walk, of whom I told you often, 
and now tell you even weeping, 
that they are the enemies of 

19 the cross of Christ: whose end 
is perdition, whose god is the 
belly, and whow glory is in 


3 0r. No< 

having as 

my right- 





4 6r. tctxrn. 

5 Or, ap- 
that also 

ties omit 



10 Or, 

12 Or. 

IS Gr. take 



their shame, who mind earthly 
things. For our » citizenship 20 
is in heaven; from whence 
also we wait for a Saviour, 
the Lord Jesus Christ: who 21 
shall fashion anew the body 
of our humiliation, that it ma/y 
be conformed to the body of 
his gloiy, according to the 
worldng whereby he is able 
even to subject all things unto 

Wherefore, my brethren be- 4 
loved and longed for, my joy 
and crown, so stand fast in the 
Lord, my beloved. 

I exhort Euodia, and I ex- 2 
hort Syntyche, to be of the 
same mind in the Lord. Tea, 8 
I beseech thee also, true yoke- 
fellow, help these women, for 
they laboured with me in the 
gospel, with Clement also, and 
the rest of my fellow-workers, 
whose names are In the book 
of life. 

9 Rejoice in the Lord alway: 4 
again I will say, ^Reioioe. Let 5 
your 10 forbearance be known 
unto all men. The Lord is at 
hand. In nothing be anxious ; 6 
but in everything by prayer 
and supplication with tnanks- 
giving let your requests be 
made known unto God. And 7 
the peace of God, which pass- 
eth all understanding, shall 
guard your hearts and your 
thoughts in Christ Jesus. 

Finally, brethren, whatso- 8 
ever things are true, whatso- 
ever things are u honourable, 
whatsoever things are just^ 
whatsoever tilings are pure, 
whatsoever things are lovely, 
whatsoever things are ^ of good 
report ; if there be any virtue, 
and if there be any praise, 
u think on these things. The 9 
things which ye both learned 
and received and heard and saw 
in me, these things do: and the 
God of peace shall be with y- 

But I u rejoice in the 



arMtly, that now Rt kngih ye 
navu revived yonr thnoght for 
um; iwhcrclu yd d]il indeed 
Uki} Ibou^'liitt hnt ya lacked 

11 opportiinlby. N[>t tLiitlspcak 
ija rcHjiQLit uf t*unt : fur I nave 
Icunneii. in vli^aaii^ar state I 

12 am. thcTt3la. tui ha content. I 
know h*5w lo be Dl>iiHed, and 
1 know ftlBo liDw to ::hbound: 
111 fivcry thing and In all tilings 
have I ItJiinifld the s<L'LLret both 
U) bQ JUlcd n^d to Im bungir, 
both to ahiHind add to be in 

13 wfLut I vHn do all tilings in 
biiii tbat etrcngthcuoth me. 

14 Buwbelt yu did wl<11, that ye 
had MIowghliJ with my af- 

1& flltitioiL Ami yoytniTBL'lves also 
know, yo Phil1[.>pl^ni^, that in 
the he^nnlug or this gospel, 
when I dopartfKl from Mace- 
doiilm hu chumii hmi fellow- 
ship wltb me ill tbc' matter 
of giving and rt^'^j^ing, but 

{re only; for even in Thessa- 16 
onica ye sent once and again 
unto my need. Not that I seek 17 
for the gift : but I seek for the 
fhiit tluit mcreaseth to your 
account. But I have all things, 18 
and abound : I am flIle<L hav- 
ing received from Epaphrodi- 
tus the things that came fh>m 
you, an odour of a sweet smell, 
a sacrifice acceptable, well- 
pleasinff to God. And my God 19 
shall fiufll every need of yours 
according to his riches in gloiy 
in Christ Jesus. Now unto our 20 
God and Father be the glory 
2 for ever and ever. Amen. 

Salute every saint in Christ 21 
Jesus. The brethren which are 
with me salute you. All the 22 
saints salute you, especially 
they that are of Csesar's house- 

The grace of the Lord Jesus 28 
Christ be with your spirit* 



1 Paul^ an apostle of Christ 
Jesus through tlie will of God, 
and Timothy lour brother. 

2 2 to the saints and faithful 
brethren in Christ tohich are 
at Colosseo : Grace to you 
and peace from God our Fa- 

3 We give thanks to God 
the Father of our Lord Je- 
sus Christ, praying always for 

4 you, having heard of yeur 
faith in Christ Jesus, and of 
the love which ye have toward 

6 ail the saints, because of the 
hope which is laid up for you 
in the heavens, whereof ye 
heard before In the word of 

6 the truth of the gospel, which 
is come unto you ; even as it 



are at 


holy an 




ties rMd 

40r, ^ 
m every 

is also in aU the world bear- 
ing friiit and increasing, as it 
doth in you also, since the day 
ye heard and knew the grace 
of God in truth * ^ven as ye 7 
learned of Epapnras our be- 
loved fellow-servant, who is a 
faithftil minister of Christ on 
8 our behalf who also declared 8 
unto us your love in the Spirit. 

For this cause we also,since 9 
the day we heard it, do not cease 
to pray and make request for 

Sou, that ye may be filled with 
tie knowledge of (his will in 
all spiritual vrisdom and un- 
derstanding, to walk worthily 10 
of the Lord ^unto all pleasing, 
bearing tmlt in every, gooa 
<l ami {MTiMJn^f 4«i 




work, and Increasing ^in the 

11 knowledge of God; ^ strength- 
ened «wlth all power, ac- 
cording to the might of his 
glory, unto all patience and 

12 longsuffering withjoy ; giving 
thanks unto the Father, who 
made * us meet to be partakers 
of the inheritance of the saints 

18 in light ; who delivered us out 
of the power of darkness, and 
translated us into the king- 
dom of the Son of his love ; 

14 in whom we have our re- 
demption, the forgiveness of 

15 our sins : who Is the image of 
the invisible God, the firstborn 

10 of all creation ; for in him 
were all things created, in the 
heavens and upon the earth, 
things visible and things in- 
visible, whether thrones or do- 
minions or pr'-'-oVV, ? or 
powers; all thn l^h neivi (K«n 
created througl I b]iii,ntid unto 

17 him; and he U Irofiire all 
things, and in hhn nil things 

18 consist. And h<; \^ ihf. lioa4 
of the body, th<' iburr h : who 
Is the beginnin - rimrn 
f^om the dead <!< all 
things he might have the pre- 

19 eminence. 7 For It was the 
good pleasure of ths Father 
that in him should ail the ful- 

20 ness dwell : and through him 
to reconcile all things sunto 
9 himself, having made peace 
through the blood of his 
cross; through him. I my, 
whether things upon the earth. 

21 or things in the heavens. And 
you, being in time past alien- 
ated and enemies in your 
mind in your evil woi^s, yet 

22 now 10 hath he reconciled In 
the body of his flesh through 
death, to present you holy and 
without Dlemish and unre- 

28 proveable before him : If so be 
that ye continue In the faith, 
grounded and stedfast, and not 
moved away fh)m the hope 
of the gospel which ye heard, 

1 Or. &y 

aor. aMwk 

3 Or, in 

4 Some 
ties read 

Or. (hat 


1 0r, Tor 


9 Or. him 

10 Some 
ties read 



ihe aqet 
and from 

13 0r.f» 


15 The 
ties vary 
much in 
the text 
of this 

which was preached In all cre- 
ation under heaven ; whereof I 
Paul was made a minister. 

Now I rejoice In my suffer- 24 
Ings for your sake, and fill up 
on my part that which Is lack- 
ing of the afflictions of Christ 
in mv flesh for his body's sake, 
which Is the church ; whereof 25 
I was made a minister, ac- 
cording to the 11 dispensation 
of Goof which was given me 
to you-ward, to flilfil the word 
of God, even the mystery 26 
which hath been hid "from 
all ages and generations : but 
now nath it oeen manifested 
to his saints, to whom God 27 
was pleased to make known 
what Is the riches of the glory 
of this mysteiy among the 
Gentiles, which is Christ in 
you, the hope of glory : whom 28 
we procls^m, admonishing 
every man and teaching every 
man In all wisdom, that we 
may present every man per- 
fect In Christ; whereunto I 29 
labour also, striving according 
to his working, which worketh 
In me K mightily. 

For I would have you know 2 
how greatly I strive for you, 
and for them at Laodicea, and 
for as many as have not seen 
my face In the flesh ; that 2 
their hearts raav be comfort- 
ed, they being knit together 
in love, and unto all riches 
of the "ftill assurance of un- 
derstanding, that thev mav 
know the mystery of God, 
^even Christ, In whom are 3 
all the treasures of wisdom 
and knowledge hidden. This 4 
I say, that no one may de- 
lude you with persuasiveness 
of speech. For though I am & 
absent in the flesh, yet am I 
with you in the spirit. Joy- 
ing and beholding your order, 
and the stedfastness of yr- 
faith in Christ 

As therefore ye re 


Christ Jesus the Lord, w walk 

7 in hlm« rooted and builded up 
in him> apd stablishisd ^ in your 
faith, even as ye were taught, 
abounding Sin thanki^ving. 

8 8 Take heed lest there iwall 
be any one that maketh spoil 
of you through his philosophy 
ana Tain d^coit, aftor Ihn tra- 
(llttou of mull, iift£t Llic i radi- 
meuta u( ttia vwli\t i^uil not 

9 liOuf Clkii^t : for In itim livreXL- 
utb all tlic fulness i*i tho God- 

10 liwul luKlllj, auil ill bim ye 
iirti im\tiii full, wbo U i{\*i head 
of all jjrliiLJ|jLiility mul [poorer: 

11 in wlluiu yti wara Al^^u Littum- 
tiMiil wiilv EL t^IrcutcL'l^Uiu not 
niuiia with himds^ Ui ih$ put- 
tibK off yf tbo Inxly of the 
lltiHfi, iii Ibe I'tiTiiiibi'l^tnn of 

12 Oliritftj liitiiiii;; hv.v.n buried 
with film In luiiiLifiii, u' herein 
yo weit^ iil^^'.t ]-.ii-i'il ^^iifi him 
tfimn;:,^]! U\tM i; - H-fdng 
uJ^ UoJ, 'liLiij rui^_u i.-iu from 

13 tho dead. And you, being 
dead tlu^ugh your trespasses 
and the uncirciuucision of 
your flesh, you, Z tay, did he 
quicken together with him, 
having formven us all our 

11 trespasses ; naving blotted out 
6 the bond written in ordi- 
nances that was against us, 
wliich was contrary to us: 
and he hath taken it out of 
the way, nailing it to the 

15 cross; « having put off f^om 
himself the principalities and 
the powers, ho made a show of 
them openly, triumphing over 
them in it 

16 Let no man therefore Judge 
you in meat, or in drink, or 
in respect of a feast day or a 
new moon or a sabbath day: 

17 which are a shadow of tne 
thiuKS to come ; but the body 

18 is Christ's. Let no man roo 

J^ou of vour prize ^by a vo- 
untary uumility and worship- 
~'-~ of the angels, « dwelling 
I things which ho hath 




a Some 
ties In- 
sert in it, 

8 0r.8e# 

4 Or. 



made a 
•how of 


7 Or, of hie 



ses, some 

10 Or, 

ties read 


18 Borne 
ties omit 




14 Or, 

<> seen, vainly puffed up by his 
fleshly mind, and not hold- 19 
ing fast the Head, Arom whom 
all the body, being supplied 
and knit together tnrougn Uie 
Joints and bands, increaseth 
with the increase of God, 

If ve died with Christ firom 20 
the ^rudiments of the world, 
wliv, ns. tli. ^ '" " *'■? In the 

worLiJ. n\., ,.■ {5t your- 

8e(vc>. ut nriLuirxui.'Cr^, Handle 21 
n(<c, nur tji^^to, nor touch (all 22 
wlijuii ttiltiKa urc i9 perish 
w1l1i LEiu URlm), i^rtiirthe pre- 
co|iL^ 11 J] (1 douLrlEiL'ti of men? 
^VlikU tbliiga havL Indeed a 28 
shinv uf wlsdcuci in will- Wor- 
ship. 11.! id li!i Exility. :Lnd seve- 
rity- t-^j i1h' iaaiiv^ V.^r^ are not 
of'rjnv i....,!m.. ^. .lin.fc the In- 

, If then ye were raised to- 3 
gether with Christy seek the 
things that are above, where 
Christ is, seated on the right 
hand of God. Set your mud 2 
on the things that are above, 
not on the thin^ that arc 
upon the earth. For ve died, 8 
and your life is hid witn Christ 
in God. When Christy who is 4 
U-our life, shall bo manifested, 
then shall ye also with him be 
manifested in glory. 

12 Mortify therefore your 6 
members which are upon the 
earth; fornication, undean- 
ness, passion, evil desire, and 
covetousncss, the whldi is 
idolatry; for which things' 6 
sake Cometh the wrath of God 
i^upon the sons of disobe- 
dience; 14 in the which ye also 7 
walked aforetime, when ye 
lived in these things. But 8 
now put ye also away all 
these; anger, wrath, nialioe, 
railing, shameftil speaking out 
of your mouth : lie not one to 9 
another; seeing that ye have 

Sut off the old man with his 
oings, and have put on the 10 
new man, which is being r9- 




newed unto knowledge after 
the imase of him that created 

11 Mm: wnere there cannot be 
Greek and Jew, cfrcumcision 
and unchrcmncision, barbarian, 
Scythian, bondman, freeman^ 
but Christ is all, and in alL 

12 Put on therefore, as God's 
elect, holy and beloved, a heart 
of compassion, kindness, hu- 
mility, meekness, longsuffer- 

13 ing; forbearing one another, 
and forgiving each other, if 
any m^n have a complaint 
against any; even as ^the 
Lord forgave you, so also do 

14 ye : and above all these things 
put on love which is the bond 

15 of perfectness. And let the 
peace of Christ a rule in your 
hearts, to the which also ye 
were called in one body ; and 

16 be ye thankfUL Let the word 
of « Christ dwell in you richly 
in all wisdom; teaching and 
admonishing * one another 
with psalms and hymns cmd 
spiritual songs, singing with 
mrsLoe in your hearts unto 

17 God. And whatsoever ye do, 
in word or in 'deed, do all in 
the name of the Lord Jesus, 
giving thanks to God the Fa- 
ther through hioL 

18 Wives, be in su1]jection to 
your husbands, as is fitting in 

19 the Lord. Husbands, love your 
wives, and be not bitter a- 

20 gainst them. Children, obey 
your parents in all things, for 
this is well-pleasing in the 

21 Lord. Fathers provoke not 
your children, tnat they be not 

22 discouraged. «Servants,obeyin 
all things them that are your 
•masters according to the 
flesh; not with eyeservice, as 
men-pleasers, but in sin^eness 
of heart, fearing the Lord : 

28 whatsoever ye do. work 7 heart- 
ily, as unto the Lord, and not 

24 unto men; knowing that firom 
the Lord ye shall receive the 
recompense of the inheritance 

tloB read 


ties read 
the Lord : 

4 Or, yow 



agcum (h» 


10 Gr. 
buying up 


S9 serve the Lord Christ For 25 
e that doeth wrong shall « re- 
ceive again for the wrong that 
he hath done : and there is no 
respect of persons. «Master8, 4 
render unto your * servants 
that which is Just and ^equal; 
knowing that ye also have a 
Master in heaven. 

Continue stedfastly in prayer, 2 
watching therein with thanks- 
giving ; withal praying for us 3 
also, that God may open unto 
us a door for the word, to 
speak the mystery of Christ, 
for which I am also in bonds ; 
that I may make it manifest, 4 
as I ought to speak. Walk 5 
in wisdom toward them that 
are without^ ^redeeming the 
time. Let yoiur speech be al- 6 
ways with grace, seasoned with 
salt, that ye may know how ye 
ought to Answer each one. 

All my aflUirs shall Tychicus 7 
make known unto you, the 
beloved brother and faithful 
minister and fellow-servant in 
the Lord: whom I have sent 8 
unto you for this very pur- 
pose, that ye may know our 
estate, and that he may com- 
fort your hearts ; together 9 
with Onesimus, the faithful 
and beloved brother, who is 
one of you. They shall make 
known unto you all things 
that are done here. 

Aristarchus my fcllow-pri- 10 
soner saluteth you, and Mark, 
the cousin of Barnabas (touch- 
ing whom ye received com- 
mandments; if he come unto 
you, receive him), and Jesus, 11 
which is called Justus, who 
are of the circumcision : these 
only aa-e my fellow-workers 
unto the kingdom of God, 
men that have been a com- 
fort unto me. Epaphras, who 12 
is one of you, a "serv-ant of 
Christ Jesus, saluteth you, al- 
ways striving for you i~ 
prayers, that ye may 




pcrfect and ftilly assurod in 

13 all the will of God. For I 
bear him witness, that he hath 
much labour for you, and for 
them in Laodicea, and for 

14 them in Hierapolls. Luke, the 
beloved physician, and Demas 

15 salute you. Salute the bre- 
thren that are in Laodicea, 
and 1 Nymphas, and the church 

16 that is in 'their house. And 
when 8 this epistle hath be^n 

may re- 

3 Some 
ttea read 

read among you, cause that 
it be read also in the church 
of the Laodioeans; and that 
ye also read the epistle fh>m 
Laodicea. And say to Archip- 17 
pus. Take heed to the ministry 
which thou hast received in 
the Lord, that thou fulfil it. 

The salutation of me Paul 18 
with mine own hand. Remem- 
ber my bonds. Grace be with 




1 Pafl, and Silvanus, and Ti- 
mothy, unto the church of the 
Thessalonians in God the Fa- 
ther and the Lord Jesus Christ : 
Grace to you and peace. 

2 We give thanks to God al- 
ways for you all, making men- 
tion of yoii in our prayers; 

8 remembering without ceasing 
your work of faith and labour 
of love and patience of hope 
in our Lord Jesus Christ, be- 
fore our God and Fatner ; 
4 knowing, brethren beloved of 
6 God, your election, ^ bow that 
our gospel came not unto you 
in word onlyJ)ut also In power, 
and in the sHoly Ghost, and in 
much 'assurance ; even as ye 
know what manner of men we 
shewed ourselves toward you 

6 for your sake. And ye be- 
came imitators of us, and of 
the Lord, having received the 
word in much affliction, with 

7 Joy of the «Holy Ghost; so 
that ve became an ensample 
to all that believe In Mace- 

8 donia and in Achaia. For 
tFom you hath sounded forth 
the word of the Lord, not only 


our ao»- 

3 Or, Soit 


8 Or, 


in Macedonia and Achaia. but 
in every place your faith to 
God- ward is gone forth; so 
that we need not to speak any 
thing. For they themselves 9 
report concerning us what 
manner of entering in we had 
unto you ; and how ye turned 
unto God from, idol^ to serve 
a living and true God, and to 10 
wait for his Son ft*om heaven, 
whom he raised ft-om the dead, 
even Jesus, which delivereth us 
from the wrath to come. 

For yourselves, brethren, 2 
know our entering in unto - 
you, that it hath not been 
found vain: but having suf- 2 
fered before, and been wame- 
fally entreated, as ye know, at 
Phil{ppi,we;vaxed bold in our 
God to spestk unto you the 
gospel of God In much con- 
flict : For our exhortation is S 
not of error, nor of unclean- 
noss, nor in guUe: but even 4 
as we have been approved of 
God to be Intrusted with the 
gospel, so we speak; not as 
pleasing men, but God which 
proveth our hearts. For nei- 



ther at any time were we found 
using words of flattery, as ye 
know, nor a cloke of covet- 

6 ousneas, God is witness; nor 
seeking glory of men, neither 
fh)m you, nor ft'om others, 
when we might have ibeen 
burdensome, as apostles of 

7 Christ. But we were s gentle 
in the midst of you, as when 
a nurse dierisheth her own 

8 children : even so, being affec- 
tionately defdrous of you, we 
were well pleased to impart 
unto you, not the gospel of 
God only, but also our own 
souls, because ye were become 

9 very dear to us. For ye re- 
member, brethren, our labour 
and travail : working night 
and day, that we might not 
burden any of you, we preach- 
ed unto you the gospel of God. 

10 Ye are witnesses, and God also, 
how hoUly and righteously and 
unblameably we oehaved our- 
selves toward you that believe : 

11 as ye know how we dealt with 
eacn one of you, as a father 
with his own children, exhort- 
ing you, and encouraging you^ 

12 and testifying, to the end that 
ye should walk worthily of 
God, who >calleth you into his 
own kingdom and glory. 

13 And for this cause we also 
thank God without ceasing, 
that, when ve received from 
us 4 the word of the message, 
even the toord of God, ye ac- 
cepted it not as the word of 
men, but, as it is in truth, the 
word of God, which also work- 

14 eth in vou that believe. For 
ye, brethren, became imitators 
of the churches of God which 
are in Judsoa in Christ Jesus : 
for ye also suffered the same 
things of your own country- 
men, even as they did of the 

15 Jews ; who both killed the 
Lord Jesus and the prophets, 
and drave out us, and please 
not God, and are contrary to 

a Host 
of the 

ties read 


5 Or. a 


ties read 


8 Or, 

all men ; forbidding us to speak 16 
to the Gentiles that thev may 
be saved ; to fill up their sins 
alway : but the wrath is como 
upon them to the uttermost 

But we, brethren, being be- 17 
reaved of you for * a short sea- 
son, in presence, not in heart, 
endeavoured Uie more exceed- 
ingly to see your face with 
great desire: because we would 18 
fain have come unto you, I 
Paul once and again ; and Sa- 
tan hindered us. For what is 19 
our hope, or joy, or crown of 
glorying? Are not even ye, be- 
fore our Lord Jesus at his 
coming? For ye are our 20 
glory and our joy. 

Wherefore when we could 3 
no longer forbear, we thought 
it good to be left behind at 
Athens alone; and sent Ti- 2 
mothy, our brother and 7 God's 
minister in the go^)el of Christ, 
to establish you. and to com- 
fort Vot£ concerning your faith ; 
that no man be moved by these 8 
aflBictions ; for yourselves know 
that hereunto we are appoint- 
ed. For verily, when we were 4 
with you, we told you » before- 
hand that we are to suffer afllic- 
tion ; even as it came to pass, 
and ye know. For this cause I 5 
also, when I could no longer 
forbear, sent that I might know 
your fkith, lest by any means 
the tempter had tempted you, 
and our labour should be in 
vain. But when Timothy came 6 
even now unto us from you, 
and brought us glad tidings or 
your faith and love, and that 
ye have good remembrance of 
us always, longing to see us, 
even as we also to see you ; for 7 
this cause, brethren, we were 
comforted over vou in all our 
distress and aflOiction through 
your faith : for now we live, 8 
if ye stand fast In the Lor'' 
For what thanksgiving ca' 
render again unto God fo* 



for all the j' > wliertiffttU ^'^ 
joy for your siiktia Jwfore our 

10 God; night und day ])nij1nir 
exceedingly i\\:\.i w^ niny s^o 
your face, acjl tuaj jstrftsct 
that which iti V^o^his ^ your 

11 Now may our Ood wid Fa- 
ther himself, nnri our LonJ 
Jesus, direct mir way unto 

12 you : and the Lord Toaka you 
to increase :Uid abcmDJi Lii 
love one towind anotber, aui 
toward all nicn, t^veiii ii^ we 

13 also do towarij jtig ; to the 
end he ma.!! Htjihlish yimT 
hearts unblamcMlilu In ii full- 
ness befi&re oui iimi jiml JV 
teer. at the ' loming or our 
Lord Jesus with all Jila siilnts.^ 

4 Finally thcru Iji-uthwri, wc 
beseech and e^hnrt yuti Iti the 
Lord Jesus, ttuit, na ye rocolv- 
ed of us hdw yd ought to 
walk and to i>!ca*c Gi>Li, c^on 
as ye do wnik,— tlint yc fi- 

2 bound more ind more. For 
ye know what ^Llutri^o wo ^^va 
you through ilio l^nl Jcsua. 

8 For this is tfi^^ as III nl 0<Hi, 
cwn your saiiL-tifiiMLi^m, that 
ye aMtain tr<til^ rLnuii^atlnn; 

4 that each one af y^u knav 
how to possehs htnik'lf qT his 
own vessel in sfmutUh;at]on 

5 and honour, nut In the psisi^Iou 
of lust even fus thu Ucutlica 

6 which Enow m-^i God ; tli^it q{) 
man <transgri:^4^„ ami v^Tung 
his brother in the umttur ; bi^- 
cause the Loi'i lis ati flVengt-T 
in all these ttiin^it, aa ali^o wc 
'forewarned yni aud tcHtinctl. 

7 For God calliil uh not for nn- 
cleanneiss,but hi Naun^ttflt-iitirin. 

8 Therefore he tliat rejettgth, rc- 
Jecteth not m^in, hm God, who 
giveth his Hi>ly Wiilrft uuto 

9 But concenilng Iova of the 
brethren ye h;Lvo no nuud Umi 
one write unto you : for >e 
yourselves art^ langht of God 

"0 to love one anutbdr; fat In-, 


3 Many 

3 Or. 

4 Or, over- 

5 Or, 

• Or. 

Or, wiU 

deed ye do it toward all the 
brethren which are in all Ma- 
cedonia. But we exhort you, 
brethren, that ye abound more 
and more : and that ye <> study 11 
to be quiet* and to do your 
own business, and to work with 
your hands, even as we chanred 
you: that ye may walk no- 12 
nestly toward them that are 
without, and may have need 
of nothing. 

But we would not have you 18 
ignorant, brethren, concerning 
them that taS. asleep ; that ye 
sorrow not, even as the rest, 
which have no hope. For if 14 
we believe that Jesus died and 
rose again, even so them also 
that are fallen asleep 'in Jesus 
wiH God bring with him. For 15 
this we say imto you by the 
word of the Lord, that we that 
are alive, that are left unto 
the 1 coming of the Lord, shall 
in no wise precede them that 
are fallen asleep. For the 16 
Lord himself shall descend 
fkx)m heaven, with a shout, 
with the voice of the arch- 
angel, and with the trump of 
God: and the dead ,in Christ 
shall rise first: then we that 17 
are alive, that are left, shall 
together with them be caught 
up in the clouds, to meet the 
Lord in the air: and so shall 
we ever be with the Lord. 
Wherefore » comfort one an- 18 
other T^lth these words. 

But concerning the times 5 
and the seasonsL brethren, ve 
have no need that aught be 
written unto you. For your- 2 
selves know perfectly that the 
day of the Lord so cometh as 
a thief in the night When 8 
they are saying. Peace and 
safety, then sudden destruc- 
tion cometh upon them, as 
travail upon a woman with 
child; and they shall in no 
wise escape. But ye, brethren, 4 
are not in darkness, that that 




day should overtake you ia»' 

5 a thief: for ye are all 8on»' 
of light, and sons of the day v 
we are not of the night, nor 

6 of darkness; so then let us 
not sleep, as do the rest, but 
let us watch and be sober. 

7 For they that sleep sleep In 
the night; and they that be 
drunken are drunken in the 

8 night. But let us, since we 
are of the day, be sober, put- 
tiuff on the breastplate of faith 
and loTe; and for a helmet,- 

9 the hope of salvation. For 
Ood appointed us not unto 
wrath, but unto the obtalhinsp 
of salvation through our Lord 

10 Jesus Christ, who died for ud, 
that, whether w6 >wake or 
sleep, we should live together 

11 with nim. Wherefore 8 exhort 
one another, and build each 
other up, even as also ye do. 

12 But we beseech you, bre- 
thren, to know them that la- 
bour among you, and are over 
you in the Lord, and admonish 

18 you ; and to esteem them ex- 
ceeding highly In lovofor their 
work's sake. Be at peace a- 

14 mong yourselves. And we ex- 


ties read 


8 Or, 

4Many . 
ties insert 

5 Or. I 

ties In- 
sert fcoly. 

hort you, brethren, admonish 
the disorderly, encourage the 
feiinthearted, support the weak, 
be longsuffering toward all. 
See that none render unto 15 
any one evil for evil ; but al- 
way follow after that which Is 
good, one toward another, and 
toward all. Rejoice alway ; Ig 
pray without ceasing; in eveiy }l 
king give thanks: for this is ^° 
the will of Ood in C9irlst Jesus 
to you-watd. Quench not the 19 
, Spirit ; despke not prophei^- 20 
ings; « prove all things; hold 21 
fost that which is good ; ab- 22 
stain fh>m every sform of evil 

And the God of peace him- 28 
Belt sanctify vou wholly ; and 
mav vour spirit and soul and 
body be preseWed entire, with- 
out blame at the « coming of 
our Lord Jesus Christ. Faith- 24 
fUl is he that caUeth you, who 
will also do it 

Brethren, pray for us f. 25 

Salute all the brethren with 26 
a holy kiss. I adjure you by 27 
the Lord that this epistle be 
read unto all the b brethren. 

The grace of our Lord Je- 28 
sus Christ be with you. 




1 Paul, and Silvanus, and Ti- 
mothy, unto the church of 
the Tnessalonians in God our 
Father and the Lord Jesus 

2 Christ; Grace to you and 
peace fh)m God the Father 
and the Lord Jesus Christ. 

8 We are bound to give thanks 
to God alway for you, toe- 
thren, even as it is meet, for 
that your faith groweth ex- 

ceedingly, and the love of 
each one of you all toward 
one another aboimdeth; so 4 
that we ourselves glory in you 
in the churches of God for 
your patience and (bith in 
all yom* persecutions and In 
the afflictions which ye en- 
dure; )o^fti«amaiiifl98t token 5 
of the righteous Judgement of 
God; to the end that ye may 




be counted worthy of the kmg- 
dom of God, for which ye also 

6 suffer : if so be that it is a right- 
eous thing with God to recom- 
pense aflliction to them that 

7 afflict you, and to you that 
are aflficted rest with us, at 
the revelation of the Lord 
Jesus fh>m heaven with the 

8 angels of his power in flaming 
fire, rendering vengeance to 
them that know not God, and 
to them that obey not the 
gospel of our Lord Jesus: 

9 who shall suffer pimishment^ 
even eternal destruction fh>m 
the face of the Lord and from 

10 the glory of his might, when 
he shall come to be glorified 
in his saints, and to be mar- 
velled at in all them that be- 
lieved (because our testimony 
unto you was believed) in that 

11 day. To which end we also 

gray always for you, that our 
od may count you worthy of 
your calling, and (tilfll every 
' desire of goodness and every 
wori£ of faith, with power: 

12 that the name of our Lord 
JesuB may be glorified In you, 
and ye in him, according to 
the grace of our God and the 
Lord Jesus Christ 

2 Now we beseech you, bre- 
thren, s touching the « coming 
of our Lord Jesus Christ, and 
our gathering together unto 

2 him ; to the end that ye be 
not quickly shaken from your 
mind, nor yet be troubled, 
either by spirit, or by word, 
or by epistle as fh>m us, as 
that the day of the Lord Is 

8 now present ; let no man be- 
guile you in any wise : for it 
will not be, except the falling 
away come first, and the man 
of <irin be revealed, the son of 

4 perdition, he that opposeth 
and exalteth himself against 
all that is caUed God or ^that 
is worshipped; so that he 
sitteth in the • temple of 


1 6r. (• 


4 Many 
ties read 

SOr. a» 

• Or, Mnc- 

7 Or. onty 

taken ia. 

ties umlt 

ties read 

10 Or. 



ties read 


God, setting himself forth as 
God."" Remember ye not, that, 6 
when I was yet with you, I 
told you these things? And 6 
now ye know that which re- 
strainetb, to the end that he 
may be revealed in his own 
season. For the mystery of 7 
lawlessness doth already work : 
7 only there is one tliat restrain- 
eth now, until he be taken out 
of the way. And then shall be 8 
revealed the lawless one. whom 
the Lord sjesus shall 'slay 
with the breath of his mouth, 
and bring to nought by the 
manifestation of his > coming ; 
even he, whose * coming is 9 
according to the working of 
Satan with all lo power and 
signs and lying wonders, and 10 
with all deceit of unrighteous- 
ness for them that are perish- 
ing ; because they received not 
the love of the truth, that 
they might be saved. And for 11 
this cause God sendeth them 
a working of error, that they 
i^ould believe a lie : that they 13 
all might be Judged who be- 
lieved not the truth, but had 
pleasure in unrighteousness. 

But we are boimd to give 13 
thanks to God alway for you, 
brethren beloved of the Lord, 
for that God chose you ufirom 
the beginning imto salvation 
in sanctification of the Spirit 
and isbeUef of the truth: 
whereunto he called you 14 
through our gospel, to the 
obtaining of the gloiy of our 
Lord Jesus Christ So then. 15 
brethren, stand fast, and hold 
the traditions which ye were 
taught whether by word, or 
by epistle of ours. 

Now our Lord Jteus Christ 16 
himself and God our Father 
which loved us and gave ua 
eternal comfort and good 
hope throQgh grace, comfort 17 
your hearts and sftabllsh them 
in every good work and word. 




3 Finally, brethren, pray for 
us, that the word of the Lojrd 
may run and be glorified, even 

2 as also it is with you; and 
that we may be delivered from 
unreasonable and evil men; 

8 for all have not i faith. But 
the Lord is faithful, who shall 
stablisli you, and guard you 

4 from 2 the evil one. And we 
have confidence in the Lord 
touching you, that ye both do 
and will do the things which 

£ we command. And the Lord 
direct your hearts into the 
love of God, and into the pa- 
tience of Christ 

6 Now we command you, bre- 
thren, in the name of our Lord 
Jesus Christ, that ye withdraw 

Yourselves fl-om every brother 
hat walketh disorderly, and 
not after the tradition which 
T 8they received of us. For your- 
selves know how ye ought to 
imitate us: for we, behaved 
not ourselves disorderly a- 

8 mong you ; neither did we eat 
bread for nought at any man's 
hand, but in labour and tra- 
vail, working night and day* 
that we might not burden any 

9 pf you : not because we have 

1 Or. ih« 

3 Pome 
ties read 

not the right, but to make 
ourselves an ensample unto 
you, that ye should imitate u& 
For even when we were wiUx 10 

you, this we commanded you» 
If any will not work, neither 
let him eat For we hear of 11 

some that walk among you 
disorderly, that work not at 
all, but are busybodies. Now 12 
them that are such we com- 
mand and exhort In the Lord 
Jesus Christ, that with quiet- 
ness they work, and eat their 
own bread. But ye, brethren, 13 
be not weary in well-doing. 
And if any man obeyeth not 14 
oiu* word by this epistle, note 
that man, that ye have no 
company with him, to the end 
that he may be ashamed. And 15 
yet count him not as an ene- 
my, but admonish him as a 

Now the Lord of peace him- 16 
self give you peace at all times 
in all ways. The Lord be with 
you alL 

The salutation of me Paul 17 
with mine own hand, which is 
the token in every epistle : so 
I write. The grace of our Lord 18 
Jesus Christ be with you alL 



1 Paul, an apostle of Christ 
Jesus according to the com- 
mandment of God our Sa- 
viour, and Christ Jesus our 

S hope ; unto Timothy, my true 
child In faith: Grace, mercy, 
peace, from God the Father 
and Christ Jesus our Lord. 

^ As I exhorted thee to tarry 
at Ephesus, when I was go- 
ing into Macedonia, that thoi^ 

1 Or, rien- 

mightest charge certain men 
not to teach a diflferent doc- 
trine, neither to give heed to 4 
fables and endless genealogies, 
the which minister question- 
ings, rather than a i dispensa- 
tion of God which is in faith ; 
80 do I now. But the end of 5 
the charge is love out of a pure 
heart and a good conscience 
and faith unfeigned : ft-om 6 


whldi things fioine having 
1 swerved have turned aside 

7 unto vain talking ; desiring to 
l)e teachers of the law, though 
they understand neither what 
tliey gay, nor whereof they 

8 vonfldently affirm. But we 
know that the law is good, if 
a man use it lawfully, as 

• knowing this, that law is not 
made for a righteous man, 
hi\t for the lawless and un- 
ruly, . for the ungodly and 
sinners, fur the unholy and 
profane, for ^murtlerers of 
fathers and a murderers of 

10 mothers, for manslayers, for 
Xomicators, for abusers of 
tliomselves with men, for men- 
Mealcrs, for liars, for false 
swearers, and if there be any 
other thing contrary to the 

11 sgound * doctrine; according 
lo tlie gospel of the gloiy of the 
blessed God, which was com- 
mitted to my trust. 

12 I thank him that < enabled 
me, even Clirist Jesus our 
Lord, for thajb he counted me 
taithflil, appointing me to hw 

13 service; though I was before 
a blasphemer, and a perse- 
cutor, and injurious: howbeit 
I obtained mercy, because I 
did it ignorantly in imbelief ; 

II and the grace of our Lord 
abounded exceedingly with 
faith and love which is In 

15 Christ Jesus. Faithful is the 
saying, and worthy of all ac- 
ceptation, that Christ Jesus 
(;ame into the world to save 
sinners ; of whom I am chief: 

13 liQwbeit for this cause I ob- 
tained mercy, that in me as 
chief might Jesus Christ shew 
^forth all his longsuffering, for 
an cnsamplc of them which 
should hereafter believe on 

17 him -unto eternal life. Now 
unto the King « eternal, in- 
corruptible, invisible, the only 
God, he honour and glory ^for 
ever and ever, Araon* 



lh$ mark. 


3 Or. 

4 Or, 



8 Gr. qf 

8 Or. leH 
the vov 

to make 

tiutu, Jkc 

10 Gr. 

11 Or, 

This charge I commit unto 18 
thee, my cmld Timothy, ac- 
cording to the propneciea 
which 8 went before on thee, . 
that by them thou mayest war 
the good warfare; holding 19 
faith and a good conscience ; 
which some having thrust 
(h>m them made shipwreck 
concerning the faith: of whom 90 
is Hymonseus and Alexander ; 
whom I delivered unto Satan, 
that they might be taught not 
to blaspheme. 

I exhort therefore, first of all, 2 

9 that supplications, prayers, 
intercessions, thanksgivings, be 
made fur all nicn: for kings 2 
and all that are in nigh place : 
that we may lead a tranquil 
and quiet life in all godliness 
and gi*avit>[. This is good and S 
acceptable in the sight of God 
our Saviour ; who willeth that 4 
all men should be saved, and 
come to the knowledge of the 
truth. For there is one God. 5 
one mediator also between God 
and men, himself man, Christ 
Jesus, who gave himself a 6 
«Hnsom for all; the testimony 
to be horiu in its own times ; 
whereuuto I was appointed a 7 

10 preacher and an apostle (I 
speak the truth, I lie not), 
a teacher of the Gentiles in 
faith and truth. 

I desire therefore Hiat the 8 
men pray in every place, lift- 
ing up noly hands, without 
wrath and n disputing. In like 9 
manner, that women adorn 
themselves in modest apparel, 
with shamefastness and sobri- 
ety; not with braided hair, 
and gold or pearls or costly 
raiment ; but (which becom- 10 
eth women professing god- 
liness) through good works. 
Let a woman learn in quiet- 11 
ness with all subjection. But 13 
I permit not a woman to 
teach, nor to have dominion 
over a man, but to be In quiet- 



13 nes& For Adam was first 

14 formed, then Eve ; and Adam 
was not beguiled, but the wo- 
man being beguiled hath fall- 

15 en into transgression : but she 
shall be saved through ithe 
childbearing, if they continue 
in faith and love and sancti- 
flcation with sobrietiy. 

3 8 Faithful is the saying, If 
a man seeketh the office of 
a s bishop, he desireth a good 

2 work. The » bishop therefore 
must be without reproach, 
the husband of one wife, tem- 
perate, soberminded, orderly, 
given to hospitality, apt to 

8 teach ; ^no brawlei", no striker; 
but gentle, not contentious, 

4 no lover of money ; one that 
ruieth well his own house, 
having hie children in subjec- 

5 tion with aU gravity; (but if 
a man knoweth not how to 
rule his own house, how shall 
he take care of the church of 

6 God?) not a novice, lest be- 
ing puffed up he fall into the 
s condemnation of the deviL 

7 Moreover he must have good 
- testimony fh>m them that 

are without; lest he fall into 
reproach and the snare of the 

8 deviL Deacons in like man- 
ner must be grave, not double- 
tongued, not given to much 
wine, not greedy of filthy 

9 lucre ; holding the mystery of 
the faith in a pure conscience. 

10 And let these also first be 
proved; then let them serve 
as deacons, if they be blame- 

11 less. Women in like manner 
nmat be grave, not slander- 
ers, temperate, faithfiil in all 

12 things. Let deacons be hus- 
bands of one wife, ruling their 
children and their own houses 

13 welL For they that have serv- 
ed well as deacons gain to 
themselves a good standing, 
and great boldness in the faitn 
which is in Christ Jesus. 

U These things write J unto 

her cMld- 

the words 
f« the Bay- 
ing with 
the pre- 

3 Or, 

4 Or. not 
some over 


6 Or, 
how thorn 
to behave 

7 Or, ttay 

8 The 
God, In 
place of 
rests on 
no suffi- 
ties read 


10 Or, 

11 Or, 
for lUtte 

thee, hoping to come unto 
thee shortly; but if I tarry 15 
long, that thou mayest know 
«how men ought to behave 
themselves in the house of 
God, which is the church of 
the living God, the pillar and 
7 ground of the truth. And 16 
li^tbout controversv great is 
the mystery of godliness; «He 
who was manifested in the 
flesh, Justified in the spult, 
seen of angels, preached a- 
mong the nations, believed 
on in the world, received up 
in glory. 

But the Spirit saith express- 4 
ly, that in later times some 
shall faU away from the faith, 
giving heed to seducing spi- 
rits and doctrines of » devils, 
through the hypocrisy of men 2 
that speak lies, lo branded in 
their own conscience as with 
a hot iron ; forbidding to mar- 8 
ry, and corrnnmiding to ab- 
stain trom meats, which God 
created to be received with 
thanksgiving by them that l)e- 
lieve and know the truth. For 4 
every creature of God is good, 
and nothing is to be rejected, if 
it be received with thanksgiv- 
ing : for it is sanctified through 5 
the word of God and prayer. 

If thou put the brethren 6 
in mind of these tilings, thou 
Shalt be a good minister of 
Christ Jesus, nourished in the 
words of the faith, and of the 
good doctrine which thou bast 
followed until now: but re- 7 
fuse profane and old wives' 
fables. And exercise thyself 
unto godliness : for bodily ex- 8 
crdse is profitable ufor a lit- 
tle ; but godliness is profitable 
for all things, having promise 
of the life which now is, and 
of that which is to come. 
Faithful is the saying, and 9 
worthy of all acceptation. For 10 
to this end we labour and 
strive, because we have our 




hope set on the living God, who 
is the Saviour of all men, 
speciallv of them that believe. 

11 These things command and 

12 teach. Let no man despise 
thy youth; but be thou ail 
cnnrtinpTf tn tT '" "'"' ""'""ve, 
in wi.inl, in in^xi-.^.i ■■-. 

13 lovp, in fEiltli, iu imiity. 1111 
I Punic, Rlvii licgd to reiuliog, 
to eikurtation. tfl teiicblng. 

14 Sfegloct not tlio f^fi that is 
In thofs, which wan t^lvmi thee 
hy pnjr*^eey» with the lajing 
uu of th{> liAuilh o( the pres- 

15 lif tcTj. Bu ilklli^'ttt In tbese 
thlu^; glTe thyBClf wLciUj to 
them ; that thy progress may 

16 be manifest unto alL Take 
liced to thyself, and to thy 
teaching. Continue in these 
things ; for in doing this thou 
Shalt save both thyself and 
them that hear thee. 

5 Rebuke not an elder, but 
exhort him as a father; the 

2 younger men as brethren : the 
elder women as mothers ; the 
younger as sisters, in all pu- 

8 rity. Honour widows that are 

4 widows indeed. But if anv 
widow hath children or grand- 
children, let them learn first 
to shew piety towards their 
own family, and to requite 
their parents: for this is ac- 
ceptable in the sight of God. 

5 Now she that is a widow in- 
deed, and desolate, hath her 
hope set on God, and con- 
tinueth in supplications and 

6 prayers night and day. But 
she that giveth herself to plea- 
sure is dead while she liveth. 

7 These things also command, 
that they may be without re- 

8 proaclL But if any provideth 
not for his own, and speciallv 
his own household, he hath 
denied the faith, and is worse 

9 than an unbeliever. Let none 
1)e enrolled as a widow under 
threescore vears old, having 

10 been the wife of one man, well 


a Or, pre- 

reported of for good works ; if 
she hath brought up children, 
if she hath used hospitality to 
strangers, If she hatn washed 
the saints' feet, if she hath re- 
lieved the afflicted, if she hath 
diligently followed every good 
work. But younger widows re- 11 
ftise : for when they have wax- 
ed wanton against Christ, they 
desire to marry ; having con- 12 
demnation, because they have 
rejected their first faith. And 13 
withal they learn also to be Idle, 
going about from house to 
house ; and not only idle, but 
tattlers also and busybodies, 
speaking things which they 
ought not I desire therefore 14 
that the younger ^widoufg 
marry, bear children, rule the 
household, give none occasion 
to the adversary for reyjling: 
for already some are turned 15 
aside after Satan. If anv wo- 16 
man that believeth hath wi- 
dows, let her relieve them, and 
let not the church be burden- 
ed ; .that it may relieve them 
that are widows indeed. 

Let the elders that rule well 17 
be counted worthy of double 
honour, especially those who 
labour in the word and in 
teaching. For the scripture 18 
saith, Thou shalt not muzzle 
the ox when he treadeth out 
the com. And, The labourer 
is worthy of his hire. Against 19 
an elder receive not an accu- 
sation, except at the mouth qf 
two or three witnesses. Them 20 
that sin reprove in the sight 
of all, that the rest also may 
be in fear. I charge thee in 21 
the sight of God, and Christ 
Jesus, and the elect angels, 
that thou observe these things 
without 2 prejudice, doing no- 
thing by partiality. Lav hands 23 
hastily on no man, neither be 
partaker of other men's sins : 
keep thyself pure. Be no longer 23 
a drinker of water, but U89 a 

-e. 21. 



Uttle wine for thy stomach's 
sake and thine often infirmities. 

24 Some men's sins are evident, 
going before unto Judgement ; 
and some men also they fol- 

25 low after. In like manner also 
1 there are good works that are 
evident ; and such as are other- 
wise cannot be hid. 

Q Let as manv as are Sser- 
vants under tne yoke coimt 
their own masters worthy of 
all honour, that the name of 
God and the doctrine be not 

2 blasphemed. And they that 
have believing masters, let 
them not despise them, be- 
cause they are brethren; but 
let them serve them the ra- 
ther, l)ecau8e they that » par- 
take of the benefit are believ- 
ing and beloved. These things 
teach and exhort. 

8 If any man teacheth a dif- 
ferent doctrine, and consent- 
eth not to * sound words, even 
the words of our Lord Jesus 
Christ, and to the doctrine 
which is according to godli- 

4 ness ; he is puffed up, raiow- 
ing nothing, but <^ doting about 
questionings and disputes of 
words, whereof cometh envy, 
strife, railings, evil surmisings, 

6 wranglings of men corrupted 
in mind and bereft of the 
truth, supposing that godli- 

6 ness Is a way of gain. But 
godliness with contentment is 

7 great gain: for we brought 
nothing into the world, for 
neither can we carry anything 

8 out ; but having food and co- 
vering * we shall be therewith 

9 content But they that desire 
to be rich fall into a tempta- 
tion and a snare and manv 
foolish and hurtful lusts, such 
as drown men in destruction 

10 and perdition. For the love 
of money is a root of all 
7 kinds of evil: which some 
reaching after have been led 
astray fh>m the faith, and have 

the teorJt$ 

good are 


'Or. lay 



S Or, pre- 
all thing$ 

10 Gr. 
them that 
reign a$ 

that mle 
09 lortU. 

13 Or, 

U Gr. ihe 

18 Gr. 
the mark. 

pierced themselves through 
with many sorrows. 

But thou. O man of God, 11 
flee iheae tnings; and follow 
after righteousness, godliness, 
faith, love, patience, meekness. 
Fight the good fight of the 12 
faith, lay hold on the life eter- 
nal, whereunto thou wast call- 
ed, and didst confess the good 
confession in the sight of many 
witnesses. I charge thee in the 18 
sight of God, who Squickeneth 
all things, and of Christ Jesus, 
who Ixjfore Pontius Pilate wit- 
nessed the good confession; 
that thou keep the command- 14 
ment, without spot, without 
reproach, until the appearing 
of our Lord Jesus Christ: 
which in »it8 own times he 15 
shall shew, who is the blessed 
and only Potentate, the King 
of w kings, and Lord of n lords ; 
who only hath immortality, 16 
dwelling in light unapproach- 
able; whom no man hath 
seen, nor can see: to whom 
be honour and power eternal 

Choriiti tliom tbut are rlt?h 17 
ill tliia present i-iw£>t1(1, that 
tlii'^' l>o not liighnilndQd, unr 
t:^^e tlielr bopo flct on Una 
U[jt trrUilnty uf riches, but rni 
Gi't\, ubii giveLb ud richly all 
tliiiij^fl to cigov : tliftt I) icy 18 
di^ \i^o0(\, tliiit thev l)c rich in 
gi)«^.E wiirl^?, tbaL lUcy tic ready 
tif «lS.s(,rlliLj£c, i^willlnff to coni- 
msLijJi-ilc ; laying up in ttore 19 
for tlsciniielvuH a i^cRid fuiunda- 
ti^'Ti limiitiEit tlio time to coirit?^ 
tli;iT (hf V nmv Iftj hMltl on Lbe 

u X i, i>-:.;ii'i ^Uhut 20 

which is committed unto thee, 
turning away from the pro- 
fane babblings and opposi- 
tions of the knowledge which 
is falsely so called; which 21 
some professing have 16 erred 
concerning the faith. 

Grace be with you. 



1 PAtTL, an apostle of Christ 
Jestu 1 by the will of God, ac- 
cording to the promise of the 
life which is in Christ Jesus, 

2 to Timothy, my beloved child : 
Grace, mercy, peace, from God 
the Father and Christ Jesus 
our Lord. 1 

3 I thank God, whom I serve i 
from my forefathers in a pure ' 
conscience, how unceasing is 
my remembrance of thee In 
my supplications, night and 

4 day longing to see thee, re- , 
membering thy tears, that I 

5 may be filled with « joy ; hav- 
Ing been reminded of the un- 
feigned faith that is in thee; 
which dwelt first in thy grand- 
mother Lois, and thy mother 
Eunice ; anc^ I am persuaded, 

C in thee also. For the which 
cause I put thee in remem- 
brance that thou "stir up the 
gift of God, which is in thee 
through the laying on of my 

7 hands. For God gave us not 
a spirit of fearfUlness ; but of 
power and love and ^dlsci- 

8 pllne. Be not ashamed there- 
fore of the testimony of our 
Lord, nor of me his prisoner : 
but suffer hardship with the 
gospel according to the power 

9 of God; who saved us, and 
called us with a holy calling, 
not according to our works, 
but according to his own pur- , 
pose and grace, which was{ 
given us in Christ Jesus be- 1 

10 fore times eternal, but hath ' 
now been manifested by the 
appearing of our Saviour 
Christ Jesus, who abolished 
death, and brought life and 
ineomiption to light through 
\ the gospel, whereunto I was 



i Or Joy 
in beint 

3 Or. 
stir into 


t Or, ihtU 
vihieh he 
haih eom' 
unto me 
6r. my 


8 Gr. The 

9 Or, Holy 

thy pnrt 
in avffer- 
ing hard- 

appointed a 'preacher, and 
an apostle, and a teacher. For 12 
the which cause I suflTer also 
these things: yet I am not 
ashamed* for I know him 
whom I nave believed, and I 
am persuaded that he is able 
to guard ^that which I have 
committed unto him against 
that day. Hold the oattem IS 
of 7 sound words which thou 
hast heard from me, in faith 
and love which is in Christ Je> 
sus. 8 That good thing which 14 
was committed unto thu 
guard through the 9 Holy Ghost 
which dwelleth in us. 

This thou knowest, that all 15 
that are in Asia turned away 
from me ; of whom are Phy- 
gelus and Hermogenes. The 16 
Lord grant mercy unto the 
house of Onesiphorus : for he 
oft refreshed me, and was not 
ashamed of my chain; but^ 17 
when he was In Rome, he 
sought me diligenUv, and 
found me (the Lora grant 18 
unto him to find mercy of the 
Lord in that day) ; and in how 
many thin^ he ministered at 
Ephesus, thou knowest very 

Thou therefore, my child, be 2 
strengthened in the grace tnat 
is in Christ Jesus. And the S 
things which thou hast heard 
from me among many wit- 
nesses, the same commit thou 
to fiiithful men, who shall be 
able to teach others also. 
loSufibr hardship with me, as 8 
a good soldier of Christ Jesua. 
No soldier on service entan- 4 
gleth himself in the aflUrs of 
this life ; that he may please 
him who enrolled him as a 



I of 

6 soldier. And if also a man 

contend in tbo gnmi^, bf is 
not crowned, csriiJi Iji^ liive 

6 contended la'Mfniiy, 'Itie hus- 
bandman that lisbbnrctli must 
be the first t » luirtisikLi '.( ihe 

7 fruits. Consii]. r uhnf. I 
for the Lord sh-]] \:\:v 
imderstandin J ii. :M! l' 

8 Remember J. -i i'l::'. 
from the deail, m ii. - < 
David, according to my gos- 

9 pel : wherein I suffer hardship 
unto bonds, as a maleftictor; 
l)ut the word of God is not 

10 bound. Therefore I endure 
all things for the elect's sake, 
that they also may obtain the 
salvation which is in Christ 
Jesus with eternal glory. 

11 Falthftil is the i saying: For 
if wo died with him, wo shall 

12 also live with him : if we en- 
dure, we shall also reign \iith 
him: if we shall deny him, 

13 he also will deny us: if we 
are faithless, he abldcth faith- 
ful ; for he cannot deny him- 


14 Of these things put them In 
remembrance, charging tlmn 
In the sight of ^the Lord, that 
they strive not about words, 
to no profit, to the subverting 

16 of them that hear. Give dili- 
gence to present thyself ap- 
proved unto God, a workman 
that needeth not to be asham- 
ed, s handling aright the word 

16 of truth. But shun profane 
babblings: for they will pro- 
ceed ftirther In ungodliness, 

17 and thehr word will ^eat as 
doth a gangrene : of whom is 

18 Hymenieus andPhlletus; men 
who concerning the truth have 
» erred, saying that «the re- 
surrection is past already, and 
overthrow the ftiith of some. 

10 Howboit the firm foundation 
of God standcth, having this 
seal. The Lord knoweth them 
that are his: and. Let every 
one that nameth the name of 


for tf&c 

ties read 

a ttraiifkl 
ihe teord 
^ truth 

0/ truth 

4 Or. 

the THork. 

ties read 
a re$ur- 


8 Or. f «- 

(ki-n to 

10 Gr. 

11 ( >r f.f, 
thr .i- . n, 

Gi I 

hh: ' .*to 
fh^ ,>\i 

In t:,.' 



the Ix)rd depart from unright- 
eousness. Now In a great 28 
house there are not only ves- 
sels of gold and of sliver, but 
also of wood and of earth; 
and some unto honour, and 
some unto dishonour. If a 21 
man therefore purge himself 
from these, he shaU be a ves- 
sel unto honour, sanctified, *• 
meet for the master's use, 
prepared unto every good 
work. But flee youthful lusts, it 
and follow after righteousness, 
faith, love, peace, with them 
that call on the Lord out of 
a pure heart But foolish and £8 
ignorant questionings refuse, 
knowing that they gender 
strifes. And the Lord's 'ser- 24 
vant must not strive, but be 
gentle towards all, apt to 
teach, forbearing, in meekness 26 
8 correcting them that oppose 
themselves; if peradventuro 
God may give them repent- 
ance unto the knowledge of 
the truth, and they may 9 re- 2o 
cover themselves out of the 
snare of the devil, having 
been 10 taken captive n by the 
Lord's servant unto the will 
of God. 

But know this, that In tie 3 
last days grievous times shall 
come. For men shall be lovers 2 
of self, lovers of money, boast- 
ful, haughty, railers, disobe- 
dient to parents, unthankful, 
unholy, without natural affec- 8 
tlon. Implacable, slanderers; 
without self-control, fierce, no 
lovers of good, traitors, head- 4 
strong, puffed up, lovers of 
pleasure rather than lovers 
of God ; holding a fbrm of 8 
godliness, but having denied 
the power thereof: from these 
also turn away. For of these 6 
are they that creep into 
houses, and take captive silly 
women laden with sins, led 
away by divers lust^ ever 7 
learning^ and never ablo to 




come to the knowledge of the 

8 truth. And like as Jannes 
and Jambres withstood Moses, 
so do these also withstand the 
truth ; men corrupted in mind, 
reprobate concerning the faith. 

9 But they shall proceed no fur- 
ther: for their folly shall be 
evident unto all men« as theirs 

10 also came to be. But thou 
didst follow my teaching, con- 
duct, purpose, faith, longsuf- 

11 fcring, love, patience, persecu- 
tions, suflTerings ; what things 
befell me at Antioch, at Ico- 
nium, at lustra ; what perse- 
cutions I endured: and out 
of them all the Lord delivered 

12 me. Yea, and all that would 
live godly in Christ Jesus shall 

18 suffer persecution. But evil 
men and impostors shall wax 
worse and worse, deceiving 

14 and being deceived. But abide 
thou in the things which thou 
hast learned and hast been 
assured of, knowing of ^ whom 

15 thou hast learned them ; and 
that ft-om a babe thou hast 
known the sacred writings 
which are able to make thee 
wise unto salvation through 
faith which is in Christ Jesus. 

16 « Every scripture inspired of 
God ig also profitable for 
teaching, for reproof, for cor- 
rection, for s instruction which 

17 is in righteousness: that the 
man of God may be com- 
plete, fUmished completely un- 
to every good work. 

4 *I charge thee in the sight 
of God, and of Christ Jesus, 
who shall Judge the quick and 
the dead, and oy his appearing 

2 and his kingdom : preach the 
word; be instant in season, 
out of season; * reprove, re- 
buke, exhort, with all long- 

8 suffering and teaching. For 
the time will come when they 
will not endure the « sound 
7 doctrine; but, having itcliing 
ears, will heap to themselves 


b itupif 

S Or. <lt«- 


4 Or. I 


Bight . . . 
dead, both 
vf hit ap- 

to the 




out at a 

9 Or, age 

10 Or, Gaid 

11 Or. 

U Or, gave 

me power 


teachers after their own lusts ; 
and will turn away their ears 4 
from the truth, and turn aside 
unto fables. But be thou sober fi 
in all things, suffer hardship, 
do the work of an evangelist, 
fulfil thy ministry. For I am 9 
already being ^ offered, and 
the time of my departure is 
come. I have fought the good 7 
fight, I have finished the 
course, I have kept the faith : 
henceforth there is laid up 8 
for me the crown of right- 
eousness, which the Lord, 
the righteous Judge, shall give 
to me at that day: and not 
only to me, but also to all 
them that have loved his ap> 

Do thy diligence to come 9 
shortly unto me: for Demas 10 
forsook me, having loved this 
present » world, and went to 
Thessalonica ; Crescens to 
lOGalatia, Titus to Dalmatia. 
Only Luke is with me. Take 11 
Mark, and bring him with 
thee : for he is useftil to me 
for ministering. But Tychicus 12 
I sent to Ephcsus. The cloke IS 
that I left at Troas with Car- 
pus, bring when thou comest^ 
and the books, especially the 
parchments. Alexander the 14 
coppersmith ^did me much 
evil : the Lord vrill render to 
him according to his works: 
of whom be thou ware also ; 15 
for he greatly withstood our 
words. At my first defence 16 
no one took my part, but all 
forsook me: may it not be 
laid to their accounts But 17 
the Lord stood by me, and 
12 strengthened me; that 
through me the u message 
might be fully proclaimed, 
and that all the Gentiles 
might hear: and I was de- 
livered out of the mouth of 
the lion. The Lord will de- 18 
liver me ftwm eveiy evil wor^ 
and \vill save me unto his heft* 


to T1TUS» 


venly kingdom: to whom be 
the glory ifor ever and ever. 

I Bick. Do thy diligence to 21 
come before winter. Eubulus 
1 1 6r. ufito saluteth thee, and Pudcns, and 

19 Salute Prlsca and AquUa, | '^^-a^raq^l Linus, and Claudia, and all the 
and the house of Onestphoros. ! *** ***^** i brethren. 

20 Erastus abode at Corinth : but j The Lord be with thy spirit 22 
Trophlmus I left at Miletus I . Grace bo irith you. 



1 Pavl, a 1 servant of God. and 
an apostle of Jesus Clirist, ac- 
cording to the faith of God's 
elect, and the knowledge of 
the truth which Is according 

2 to godliness, in hope of eternal 
life, which God, who cannot 
lie, promised before times eter- 

8 nal; but in shis own seasons 
manifested his word in the 
8 message, wherewith I was in- 
Unstcd according to the com- 
mandment of God our Sa- 

4 viour ; to Titus, my true child 
after a common faith: Grace 
and peace from God the Father 
and Christ Jesus our Saviour. 

6 For this cause left I. thee in 
Crete, that thou shouldest set 
in order the things that were 
wanthig, and appoint elders 
in every city, as I gave thee 

6 charge ; if any man is blame- 
less, the hustond of one wife, 
having children that believe, 
who are not accused of riot 

7 or unruly. For the < bishop 
must be blameless, as God's 
steward; not selfvvilled, not 
soon angry, «no brawler, no 
striker, not grdedy of fllthv 

8 lucre ; but given to hospi- 
tality, a lover of good, 8ol)er- 
minded. Just, holy, temperate : 

9 holding to the faithful word 
which is according to the 
teaching, that he may be able 
both to exhort in the •sound 


2 Or, Us 


4 Or, 

5 Or. 
over vine 


7 Or, 

8 Or. 


7 doctrine, and to convict the 

For there are many unruly 10 
men, vain talkers and deceiv- 
ers, specially they of the cir- 
cumcision, whose months must 11 
be stopped; men who over- 
throw whole houses, teaching 
things which they ought not, 
for filthy lucre's sake. One of 12 
themselves, a prophet of their 
own, said, Cretans are ialway 
liars, evil beasts, idle ^gluttons. 
This testimony is true. For 18 
which cause reprove them 
sharply, that they may be 
» sound in the faith, not giv- 14 
ing heed to Jewish fables, and 
commandments of men who 
turn away from the truth. To 15 
the pure all things are pure : 
but to them that are defiled 
i and unbelieving nothing Is 
> pure ; but both their mind 
and their conscience are de- 
filed. They profess that they 1« 
know God ; but by their works 
they deny him, being abomina- 
l}le, and disobedient, and unto 
every good work reprobate. 

But speak thou the things 2 
which befit the « sound ^ doc- 
trine : that aged men be tern- 2 
r orate, grave, soberminded, 
sound in faith, in love, in 
patience: that aged women 8 
likewise be reverent in de- 
meanour, BOt slanderers no* 




enslaved to much wine, teach- 

4 era of that which is good ; that 
they may train the young wo- 
men to lore their husbands, 

5 to lore their children, to he so- 
berminded, chaste, workers at 
home, kind, being in subjec- 
tion to their own husbands, 
that the word of Ood be not 

6 blasphemed: the younger men 
likewise exhort to be sober- 

7 minded : in all things shewing 
thyself an ensample of good 
works ; in thy doctrine ihetc- 
ing uncorruptness, gravity, 

8 sound speech, that cannot be 
condemned; Uiat he that is 
of the contrary part may be 
ashamed, having no evil thing 

9 to say of us. Exhort i servants 
to be in subjection to their 
own masters, and to be wcU- 
pleaslng to them in all things ; 

10 not gainsaying; not purloin- 
ing, but shewing all good fi- 
delity; that they may adorn 
the doctrine of God our Sa- 
il viour in all things. For the 
grace of God 3 hath appeared, 
bringing salvation to all men, 

12 Instructing us, to the intent 
that, denying ungodliness and 
worldly lust^ we should live 
soberly and righteously and 
godly in this present » world; 

18 looking for the blessed hope 
and appearing of the glory ^of 
our great God and Saviour 

14 Jesus Christ: who gave him- 
self for us, that he might re- 
deem us fh>m all iniquity, and 
purify unto himself a people 
for his own possession, zealous 
of good works. 

16 These things speak and ex- 
hort and reprove with all « au- 
thority. Let no man despise 

3 Put them in mind to be In 
subjection to rulera, to autho- 
rities, to be obedient, to be 
ready unto every good work, 

2 to speak evil of 'no man, not 
^•0 be coutentloiiSi to be gentle, 


t Or, haft 

i Or, ag« 

«0r, o/ 
Ood and 
our 8a' 

5 Or. 

8 Or, laver 

T Or, and 

« Or. Boly 

to hope, 
of eternal 

10 Or. 





IS Or. 

Honeti oc- 


shewing all meekness toward 
all men. For we also were 8 
aforetime foolish, disobedient^ 
deceived, serving divers lusts 
and pleasures, living in malice 
and envy, hateful, hating one 
another. But when the Kind- 4 
ness of God our Saviour, and 
his love toward man, appear- 
ed, not by works done in nght- 5 
eousness, which we did our- 
selves, but according to his 
mercy he saved us, through 
the « washing of regeneration 
7 and renewing of the «Holy 
Ghost, which oe poured out 6 
upon us richly, through Jesus 
Christ our Saviour; that, be- 7 
ing Justified by his grace, we 
might be made »heira accord- 
ing to the hope of eternal life. 
Faithftd is the saving, and 8 
concerning these things I will 
that thou affirm confidently, 
to the end that they which 
have believed God may be care- 
ful to 10 maintain good works. 
These things are good and 
profitable unto men : but shun 9 
foolish questionings, and sene- 
alogies, and strifes, and flffht- 
ings about the law* for they 
are unprofitable and vain. A 10 
man that is u heretical after a 
first and second admonition 
^reAise; knowing that such a 11 
one is perverted, and sinneth, 
being self-condemned. 

When I shall send Artemas 12 
unto thee, or Tychicus, give 
diligence to come unto me to 
Nicopolis: for there I have 
determined to winter. Set for- 13 
ward Zenas the lawyer and 
Apollos on their loumey dili- 
gently, that nothing be want- 
ing unto them. And let our 14 
people also learn to i^ maintain 
good works for necessary u uses, 
that they be not unfhiitful. 

All that are with me salute 15 
thee. Salute them that love 
us in faith. 

Grace be with you all 



1 Paul, a prisoner of Christ 
Jesus, and Timothy lour bro- 
ther, to Philemon our beloved 

2 and fellow-worker, and to AJ)- 
phia Sour sister, and to Archip- 

8 us our fellow-soldier, and to 
le church In thy house : Grace 
to you and peace from God 
our Father and the Lord Jesus 

4 I thank my Goil always, 
making mention of 1 1 1420 In itiy 

5 pravers, hearing of ^tby li^ve, 
and of the faith wlilt^i thou 
hast toward the Liin.! .k'!ius, 

6 and toward all the saiiitM ; that 
the fellowship of thy r:iEt k [jiay 
become effectu^, in Lkic ksinw- 
ledge of every gc ii iiiing 
which is in ^you, ui ' ' st 

7 For I had much joy «,.*« wm- 
fort in thy love, because the 
hearts of the saints have been 
refreshed through thee, bro- 

8 Wherefore, though I have 
all boldness in Christ to en- 
Join thee that which is beftt- 

9 ting, yet for love's sake I ra- 
ther beseech, being such a one 
as Paul *the aged, and now a 

Frisoner also of Cluist Jesus : 
beseech thee for my child, 
whom I have begotten in my 

11 bonds, ^Onesimus, who was a- 
foretimc unprofitable to thee, 
but now is profitable to thee 

12 and to me : whom I have sent 
back to thee in his own per- 
son, that is, my very heart: 

18 whom I would fain have kept 
with me, that In thy behalf he 


a Or. 
the titter. 


thy love 

4 Many 
ties read 

ftOr, o« 
dor. (ind 
»v%o ie. 

6 The 


B Or, help 

9 Some 
ties read 

10 Many 
ties omit 

might minister unto me in the 
bonds of the gospel : but with- 14 
out thy mind I would do 
nothing; that thy goodness 
should not be as of necessity, 
but of free wllL For perhaps 15 
he was therefore parted from 
thee for a season, that thou 
shouldcst have him for ever; 
no longer as a ^ servant, but 16 
more than a ? servant, a bro- 
ther beloved, specially to me, 
but how much rather to thee, 
both in the flesh and in the 
Lord. If then thou countest 17 
me a partner, receive him as 
myself. But if he hath wrong- 18 
ed thee at all, or owcth thee 
aught, put that to mine ac- 
count; I Paul write it with 19 
mine own hand, I will repay 
it: that I say not unto tlice 
how that thou owest to me 
even thine own self besides. 
Yea, brother, let me have 8 joy 20 
of thee in the Lord : refresh 
my heart in Christ Having 21 
confidence in thine obedience 
I write unto thee, knowing 
that thou wilt do even beyond 
what I sav. But withal pre- 22 
pare me also a lodging : for I 
hope that through your prayers 
I shall be granted unto you. 

Epaphras, my fellow-prisoner 23 
in Christ Jesus, salutcth thee ; 
and 80 do Mark, Aristarchus, 24 
Demas, Luke, my fellow-work- 

The grace of »our Lord Je- 25 
sus Christ be with your spirit 
10 Amen. 



X OoD, having of old time 
spoken unto the fathers in 
the prophets by divers por- 
tions and in divers manners, 

2 hath at the end of these days 
spoken unto us in iAi« Son. 
whom he appointed heir of all 
things, through whom also he 

8 made the > worlds ; who being 
the effulgence of his glory, and 
8 the very image of his sub- 
stance, and upholding all 
things by the word of his 
power, when he had made 
purification of sins, sat down 
on the right hand of tiie Ma- 

4 lesty on high ; having become 
by so much better than the 
angels, as he hath inherited 
a more excellent name than 

6 they. For unto which of the 
angels said he at any time, 
Thou art my Son, 
This day have I begotten 

I win be to him a Father, 
And he shall be to me a Son ? 

6 *And when he again fibring- 
eth in the firstborn into «the 
world he saith. And let all 
the angels of God worship him. 

7 And of the angels he salth, 

Who maketh his angels 

7 winds, 
And his ministers a flame 

of fire: 

8 but of the Son Tie saith. 

Thy throne, O God, is for 
ever and ever ; 

And the sceptre of up- 
rightness is the sceptre 
of « thy kingdom, 

9 Thou hast loved righteous- 

ness, and hated iniquity; 
Therefore God. thy Goi 
hath anointed thee 


» Gr. age$. 

8 Or. 
the tm- 



* Or. And 

it h* 

5 Or, 

thuil havB 

6 Gr. (he 

7 Or, 

9 Gr. <If>- 

and so 
out tbJa 

With the oil of gladness 
above thy fellows. 
And, 10 

Thou, Lord, In the begin- 
ning hast laid the foun- 
dation of the earth. 
And the heavens are the 

works of thy hands : 
They shall perish ; but thou 11 

continuest : 
And thev all shall wax old 

as doth a garment ; 
And as a mantle shalt thou 12 

roll them up, 
As a garment, and they 

shall be changed : 
But thou art the same. 
And thy years shall not fail 
But of which of the angels 18 
hath he said at any tim^ 
Sit thou on my right hand. 
Till I make thine enemies 
the footstool of thy feet ? 
Are thoy not all mhustering 14 
spirits, sent forth to do ser- 
vice for the sake of them that 
shall inherit salvation? 

Therefore we ought to give 2 
the more earnest heed to the 
things that were heard, lest 
haply we drift away from 
them. For if the word spoken 2 
through angels proved sted- 
fast, and every transgression 
and disobedience received a 

{ust recompense of reward ; 
LOW shall we escape, if we 8 
nefflect so great salvation? 
wmch having at the first been 
spoken through the Lord, iraa 
confirmed unto us by them 
that heard : God also beaxlJig 4 
witness with them, both by 
signs and wonders, and by ma- 
nifold powers, and by > gifts of 
the 10 Holy Ghost^ accoralng to 
his own mil. 




5 For not unto angels did he 
subject ^the world to come, 

6 whereofwe speak. But one hath 
somewhere testified, saying. 

What is man, that thou art 

mindfidof him? 
Or the son of man, that 

thou visitest him ? 

7 Thou madest him 2 a little 

lower than the angels ; 
Thou crownedst him with 

glory and honour, 
8And didst set him over 

the works of thy hands : 

8 Thou didst put all things 

in subjection under his 

For in that he subjected all 
things unto him, he left no- 
thing that is not subject to 
him. But now we see not yet 

9 all things subjected to him. But 
we behold him who hath been 
made Sa little lower than the 
angels^ even Jesus, because of 
the suffering of death crowned 
with glory and honour, that by 
the n*ace of God he should taste 

10 death for every niati. For it 
became him, for whom are all 
thinffs, and through whom are 
all tnings, ^in bringing many 
sons unto glory, to make the 

6 author of their salvation per- 
il feet through sufferings. For 

both he that sanctifleth and 
they that are sanctified are all 
of one : for which cause he is 
not ashamed to call them bre- 

12 thren, saying, 

I will declare thy name un- 
to my brethren. 

In the midst of the ^ con- 
gregation will I sing thy 

13 And again, I will put rav trust 
in him. And again. Behold, I 
and the children which God 

14 hath given me. Since then 
the children are sharers in 

7 flesh and blood, he also him- 
self in like manner partook 
of the same ; that through 
deaXHi be s might bring to I 


2 Or. for 
a lUtle 

ties omit 
And didtt 

4 Or, 

5 Or, 

6 Or, 

blood and 

8 Or, vMjf 

» Or, halh 

10 Or, For 
tu that 
he haih 

U Or, ~ 

13 That is. 
See Num. 

li Or, esla- 

13 Or, 

nought him that ^had the 

Sower of death, that is, the 
evil; and 8 might deliver all 16 
them who through fear of 
death were all their lifetime 
subject to bondage. For ve- 16 
rUv not of angels doth he take 
hold, but he taketh hold of 
the seed of Abraham. Where- 17 
fore it behoved him In all 
things to be made like unto 
his brethren, that he might be 
a merciful and faithftil high 
priest in things pertaining to 
God, to make propitiation for 
the sins of the people. lOFor 18 
uin that he himself hath suf- 
fered being tempted, he is 
able to succour them that are 

Wherefore, holy brethren, 3 
partakers of a heavenly call- 
ing, consider the Apostle and 
High Priest of our confession, 
even Jesus ; who was faithftil 2 
to him that ^appointed him, 
as also was Moses in all is his 
house. For he hath been count- 8 
ed worthy of more glory than 
Moses, by so much as he that 
Inbuilt the house hath more 
honour than the house. For 4 
eveiy house is i^builded by 
some one ; but he that inbuilt 
all things is God. And Moses 5 
indeed was faithftil in all k his 
house as a servant, for a tes- 
timony of those things which 
were afterward to bo spoken ; 
but Christ as a son, over uhls 6 
house* whose house are we, 
if we hold fast our boldness 
and the glorying of our hope 
firm unto the end. Where- 7 
fore, even as the Holy Ghost 


To-day if ye shall hear his 

Harden not your hearts, as 8 
in the provocation. 

Like as in the day of the 
temptation in the wilder* 

"Wherewith your father! ^ 




tcmpted me by proTlng 
And saw my works forty 

10 Wncrefopo I was displeased 

with this generation, 
And said, They do alway 

err in their heart : 
But they did not know my 


11 As I sware in my wrath, 
iThey shall not enter into 

my rest 

12 Take heed, brethren, lest haply 
there shall be in any one of 
you an evil heart of unbelief, 
in falling away from the living 

13 God : but exhort one another 
day by day, so long as it is 
called To-day ; lest any one of 
you be hardened by the deceit- 

H ftilness of sin : for we are be- 
come partakers 2 of Christ, if 
we hold fast the beginning of 
our confidence firm xmto the 

15 end : while it is said. 

To-day if ye shall hear his 

Harden not your hearts, as 

in the provocation. 

16 For who, when they heard, 
did provoke ? nay, did not all 
they that came out of Egypt 

17 by Moses? And with whom 
was he displeased forty years? 
was it not with them that sin- 
ned, whose 3 carcases fell in 

18 the wilderness? And to whom 
sware he that they should not 
enter into his rest* but to them 

19 that were disobedient? And 
we see that they were not able 
to enter in because of unbe- 

4: Let us fear therefore, lest 
haply, a promise being left of 
entering into his rest, any one 
of you should seem to have 

2 come short of it For indeed 
we have had ^good tidings 

8 reached unto us, even as also 
ley : but the word of hearing 
did not profit them, because 
Hhcj were not united by faith 

I Gr. If 
thep Outt 

with them that heard. ^For 8 
we which have believed do 
enter into that rest; even aa 
he hath said. 

As I sware In my wrath. 

iThey shall not enter into 
my rest: 
although the works were finish- 
ed from the foundation of the 
world. For he hath said some- 4 
where of the seventh day on 
this wise, And God rested on 
the sevepth day from all his 
works; and in this place a* & 

4 Or. 

ties read 

6 Some 
ties read 

7 Or, fh€ 

8 Or, To- 
day. Bay- 
ing in 
after to 
hmg a 
time, nt 

10 Or, tuto 
Gr. in. 


ley shall not enter into 
my rest 

Seeing therefore it remaineth 6 
that some should enter there- 
into, and they to whom ^the 
good tidings were before 
preached failed to enter in 
because of disobedience, he 7 
again deflneth a certain day, 
8 saying in David, after so long 
a time. To-day, as it hath been 
before said, 

To-day if ye shall hear his 

Harden not your hearts. 
For if » Joshua had given 8 
them rest, he would not nave 
spoken afterward of another 
day. There remaineth there- 9 
fore a sabbath rest for the 
people of God. For he that 10 
is entered into his rest hath 
himself also rested from his 
works, as God did from his. 
Let us therefore give diligence 11 
to enter into that rest, that 
no man fall 10 after the same 
example of disobedience. For 12 
the word of God is living, and 
active, and sharper than any 
two-edged sword, and piercing 
even to the dividing of soul 
and spirit, of both joints and 
marrow, and quick to discern 
the thoughts and intents of 
the heart And there Is no 18 
creature that is not manifest 
in his sight: but all things 
are naked and laid open b«- 




fore the eyes of him with 
whom we have to do. 

14 Having then a great high 
prie8t,who hath passed through 
the heavens. Jesus the Son of 
God, let us hold fast our con- 

15 fession. For we have not a 
high priest that cannot be 
touched with the feeling of 
our infirmities ; but one that 
hath been in all points tempt- 
ed like as we are, yet without 

16 sin. Let us therefore draw 
near with boldness unto the 
throne of grace, that we may 
receive mercy, and may find 
grace to help tu in time of 

5 For every high priest, being 
taken fh)m among men, is ap- 
pointed for men in things per- 
taining to God, that he may 
offer both gifts and sacrifices 

2 for sins : who can bear gently 
with the ignorant and erring, 
for that he himself also is 

8 compassed with infirmity; and 
by reason thereof is bound, as 
for the people, so also for 

4 himself, to ofibr for sins. And 
no man taketh the honour 
unto himself, but when he is 
called of God, even as was 

5 Aaron. So Christ also glori- 
fied not himself to be made a 
high priest^ but he that 8i»ke 
unto hhn. 

Thou art my Son, 
This day have I begotten 

6 as he saith also in another 

Thou art a priest for ever 
After the order of Melchl- 

7 Who in the days of his flesh, 
having oflbred up prayers and 
supplications with strong cry- 
ing and tears unto him that 
was able to save him ^from 
death, and having been heard 

8 for his godly fear, though he 
was a Son. yet learned obe- 
(Uenoo by the tbingB which he 



4 Or, that 
one teach 
you tchieh 

5 Or. 


7 Or. I«a«« 

8 0r./«n 

9 Some 
ties read, 
even the 
of. ^ 

10 Or, 


hoik touted 
of. . . ami 

made . . . 

19 Or, 

IS Or, 

sufi'ered; and having been 9 
made perfect, he became unto 
all them that obey him the 
s author of eternal salvation; 
named of God a high priest 10 
after the order of Melchize- 

Of swhom we have many 11 
things to say, and hard of 
interpretation, seeing ye are 
become dull of hearing. For 12 
when by reason of the time 
ve ought to be teachers, ye 
have need again ^that some 
one teach you the rudiments 
of the 6 first principles of the 
oracles of God; and are be- 
come such as have need of 
milk, and not of solid food. 
For every one that partaketh 13 
of milk is without experience 
of the word of righteousness ; 
for he is a babe. But solid 14 
food is for Afullgrown men. 
even those who by reason of 
use have their senses exercised 
to discern good and evil. 

Wherefore let us 7 cease to Q 
speak of the first principles 
of Christ, and press on unto 
8 perfection; not laying again 
a foimdatlon of repentance 
fh>m dead works, and of faith 
toward God, ^of the teaching 2 
of 10 baptisms, and of laying on 
of hands, and of resurrection 
of the dead, and of eternal 
Judgement. And this will we ft 
do, if God permit. For aa 4 
touching those who were once 
enlightened "and tasted of 
the heavenly gift, and were 
made partakers of the Holy 
Ghost» and ^ tasted the good 5 
word of God, and the powers 
of the age to come, and then 6 
fell away, it is impossible to 
renew them again unto re* 
pentance ; i> seeing they crucify 
to themselves the Son of God 
aftvsh, and put him to an 
open shame. For the land T 
which hath drunk the rain 
that cometh oft upon It, and 




■ brii:igeth forth horbs moot for 
them for whose sake it is also 
tilled, recciveth blessing fh>m 

8 Ood : but if it bearcth thorns 
and thistles, it is rejected and 
nigh unto a curse; whoso end 
is to be burned. 

9 But, beloved, we are per- 
suaded better tilings of you, 
and things that i accompany 
salvation, though we thus 

10 speak: for Ood is not un- 
righteous to forget your work 
and the love wmch ye shewed 
toward his name, in that ye 
ministered unto the saints, 

11 and still do minist<7. And we 
deslKC that each one of yuu 
may shew the same diligence 
unto the 2 Ailucss of hope even 

12 to the end: that ye be not 
sluggish, but imitators of them 
who through faith and pa- 
tience inherit the promises. 

13 For when God made pro- 
mise to Abraliam, since he 
could swear bv none greater, 

14 he sware by himself, saying, 
Surely blessing I will bless 
thee, and multiplying I Hill 

Id multiple thee. And t^ns, hav- 
ing patiently endured, ho ob- 

16 tained the promise. For men 
Bwear by the greater : and in 
«very dispute of theirs the 
oath is final for confirmation. 

17 Wherein Ood, being minded 
to shew niore abundantly un- 
to the heirs of the promise 
the immutability of his coun- 
sel, 3 interposed \iith an oath : 

18 that by two immutable things, 
in which it is impossible for 
God to lie, we may have a 
strong encouragement, who 
have fled for reAige to lay 
hold of the hope set before 

19 us; which we have as an 
anchor of the soul, a hope 
both- sure and stedfast and 
entering Into that which is 

20 within the veil ; whither ws 
a forerunner Jesus entered 
for us, having bocomc ti high 

2 0r..A«n 


priest for ever after the order 
of Melchizedek. 

For this Melchizedek, king 7 
of Salem, priest of God Most 
High, who met Abraham re- 
turning ftt}m the slax^hter of 
the kings, and blessed him, to 3 
whom also Abniham divided 
a tenth part of all (being 
first, by interpretation, King 
of righteousness, and then fdao 
King of Salem, which is. King 
of peace; without father, with- 3 
out mother, without genealogy, 
having neither b(^nuing of 
days . nor end of life, but 
made like unto the Son of 
God), abideth a priest oou- 

Now consider how great this i 
man was, unto whom Abra- 
ham, the patriarch, gave a 
tenth out of the chief spoils. 
And they indeed of the sons 5 
oi Levi that receive the priest's 
offioe have commandment to 
take tithes of the people ac- ' 
cording to the law, that is, of 
their Brethren, though these 
haVo come out of the loins of 
Abraham: but he whose ge- 6 
nealognr is not counted from 
them hath taken tithes of A- 
braham, and hath blessed him 
that hath the promises.- But 7 
without any dispute the less 
is blessed of. the better. And 8 
here men that die receive 
tithes ; but there one. of whom 
it is witnessed that he liveth. 
And, so to say, through Abra- 9 
ham even Levi, who rcoelveth 
tithes, hath paid tithes; for 10 
he was yet in the loins oT his 
father, when Melchizedek met 

Now if there was perfection 11 
through the Levitical priest* 
hood (for under it hath the 
people received the law), what 
rartner need was th»re that 
another priest should arise 
after the order of Melchize- 
dek, and not be reckoned aftor 




12 the order of Aaron? For the 

Sriesthood being changed, 
lere is made of necessity a 

13 change also lof the law. For 
he of whom these things are 
said sbelonsetb to another 
tribe, from wmch no man hath 
given attendance at the altar. 

14 For it is evident that our 
Lord hath sprung out of Ju- 
dah; as to which tribe Mo- 
ses spake nothing concerning 

15 priests. And what we my is 
yet more abundantly evident, if 
after the likeness of Melchi- 
zedek there ariseth another 

16 priest, who hath been made, 
not after the law of a carnal 
commandment, but after the 

17 power of an * endless life: for 
it is witnessed qfhim, 

Thou art a priest for ever 
After the order of Melchi- 

18 For there is a disannulling 
uf a foregoing commandment 
because of its weakness and 

19 unprofitableness (for the law 
made nothing perfect), and a 
bringing in thereupon of a 
better hope, through wliich we 

20 draw nigh unto God. And in- 
asmuch M it 18 not without 

21 the taking of an oath (for 
they indeed have been made 
priests without an oath ; but 
lie with an oath * by him that 

. The Lord sware and will 
not repeat himself. 
Thou art a raiest for ever) ; 

22 by so much also hath Jesus 
become the surety of a better 

23 6 covenant And they indeed 
have been made priests many 
in number, because that by 
death tiiey are hindered from 

24 continuing: but he, because 
he abldeth for* ever, 7 hath 
his priesthood s unchangeable. 

25 Wheref(»e also he is aMe to 
save 9 to the uttermost them 
that draw near unto Ood 
through hiw, seeing he ever 


a Gr. haih 

of. Bee 
ch. U. 11. 

3 Gr. «i»- 

4 Or, 

6 Or, 

7 Or, halh 
a pricat- 
luml that 
doth not 

8 Or, {n- 

9 Gr. emn- 

U Or, Nou 
to awn up 


19 Or, -My 

IS Or, 


liveth to make intercession for 

For such a high priest be- 26 
came us, holy, guileless, unde- 
flled, separated from sinners, 
and made higher than the 
heavens; who needeth not 27 
daily, like those high priests, 
to offfer up sacrifices, first for 
his own sins, and then for the 
sins of the people: for this 
he did once for all, when he 
offered up himself. For the 2S 
law appointcth men higli 
priests, having infirmity; but 
the word of the oath, which 
was after the law, appointeth 
a Son, perfected for evermore. 

w Now "in the things which 8 
we are sayins the chief point 
is this'. We have such a high 
priest, who sat down on the 
right hand of the throne of 
the Majesty in the heavens, 
a minister of i^the sanctuary, 2 
and of the true tabernacl