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■■'■■'■ '"i '.'MSi.*ti''VM9it. 



f .-1 


the function of a yearbook is to catalogue the events of a year, but this year 
there were few events, the function of a yearbook is to capture the spirit of a year, 
but this year the spirit was not here, during the past four years, our emphasis has 
shifted from the campus, to the world, and back to the campus, student participa- 
tion and responsibility were born and have just about died, school events flour- 
ished and then disappeared, we were very involved and now we seem very tired. 

this is not an indictment of any kind; our class has just come the full circle, 
there is no group which realizes more the changes which have taken place here 
and at other colleges during the past four years than we who are graduating, 
freshmen year our focus centered upon our efforts to enter the movement which 
endeavored to bring the governance of the school into the realm of student partici- 
pation and responsibility, sophomore and junior year those terms and their ramifi- 
cations became a reality and student participation and responsibility extended 
themselves from the isolation of the campus into the world where ideology was 
confronted by fact. 

we acted upon the strength of the group, sometimes forgetting our individual 
strength, in the diffusion of the group, we negated our individual responsibility, 
perhaps the fact that the strength and responsibility of the group rests upon its in- 
dividuals was forgotten, leaving us with a feeling of impotence, we have been 
growing away from "the movement", the school and each other in an effort to re- 
discover that fact, it will be done, but haven't we lost something in the process and 
for those who follow, isn't there a better way? 



\ < 








Kathleen mary brouder 
president of student government 

susan elliottschruth 

vice-president of student government 


laurie m. carmody 
president of senior class 

Kathleen ann fitzgerald 
vice-president of senior class 


Judith iannella 
secretary of senior class 

bonnie gunlocl<e 

susan karol wall 



mary anne roach 

dorothy ortner 


jane walsh 

dorothea love breidenstein 


Jacqueline forbes 

eileen kaye wiegand 


elise Christine gillette 

mary patricia mcgovern 


mary lou sumberg 

mary kay higdon 


priscilla Connelly mccarthy 

melissa jane robbins 


eileen carol mcintyre 

barbara a. Strickland 


irene margaret macisaac 

martha olaya crowley 


theresa concannon 

mary Virginia murphy 


carol white sullivan 

maryann blase 


jane cavanaugh 

theresa mak hsu 


cathy marie brienza 


-^«' ^^ ^^ 

joan abbott 


marthaann lappin 

francine damiana hughes 


anna rebecca lineberger 

jane charlotte killion 


seanna michaela tracey 

teresa a. mullen 


Kathleen ann mulcahey 

Stephanie marie burns 


kristan margaret emery 

dayl-dooner soule 


margaret hricko 

Julia theresa igoe 


kathleen helen friedmann 

mary thorwarth 


susan martha killory 

charleen anne mcrmahon 



sister una mcmahon 


donna moore 

katherine mazzeo 


V '^--^ 


susan marie brannick 

loan cote 


patriciat. chiota 

patrlce louise slattery 


Sharon patzailckas 

theresa I. mcglynn 


• >.- 



mary eileen dowling 

kathryn andrea juiiano 


Kathleen m. mahoney 


Susan jane doran 

martha mary kendrick 


• c .€?w 


'' ^ - ' —•■ 

♦ '"'^* ■*■' 

-^ ■ •"•^ 


* ■ ^ 

■ -r ■ , -'^ 

-■' ^ 

^ ' 4 ^ ^ ^Am 

ill jffl^ W 


1'. . -^p*? 


^^ tV 

Patricia anne massa 


angelae. nann 

sister carol colamaria 


maryanne gridley 

deborah p, crarey 


mary lou duddy 

polly nugent 


eileen lenore kercy 

Constance mary sweeney 


eileen marie trickey 

Kathleen mary teahan 

Jill Kathleen mcgrath 


dorothy m. houlihan 

adele shanley markey 


mary p. paletta 

jean marie mcvoy 


Claudia marini 

marianne griffin 


marcia mahoney 

priscilla anne cosgrove 


Joan marie gillette 

michelle dominique tracey 


mary elizabeth mountain 

barbara jean dutto 



Kathleen mcgillycuddy 

donna marie perazzini 


Christine ann carro 

adeie eiisabetli liincl(iey 


kathleen anne colby 

pat hartman 


coleen raymonde ross 

marie robey 


jean-lorraine leitgeb 

kathryn jean russell 













kathieen ann torrance 

margaret brady 


ellen barbara sheehan 

Christine leigh peterson 


mary nelson 

martha meaney 


elizabeth ann cooney 

georgina pardo 










mercedes c. mergardt 

gretchen mary schultz 


roseann e. mazaka 

anne cathrine forquer 


nnary Christine Schwartz 

shannon lee randall 



Kathleen foley 

anne alcock duffey 

Cynthia paterno 

ruth ellen littlefield 


linda anne wertheim 

denise maura o'donnell 


Janet lynn scully 

ada mariad'ambra 


madeline trances finnerty 

elizabeth grace menaghan 


Suzanne therese mack 

terese mary mazzarelli 


sister f ranees longworth 

carol marie tesone 


carol tiffany 

carol lee silvestri 


mary-jo dolliver 

Joan c. shea 


kathleen anne mornso 

susan c. genovesi 

eva marie serghy 

joann faith sullivan 


eileen heleh hochstein 

Pamela anne pollino 


lynn mcnally 

nancy Stearns 


Christine a, selig 


^ «li^ 11 









^^^I^Rk vE''^^^* 

M, ^B 



patricia anne meek 

trances Constance murray 

nancy I. murptiy 

jean elizabeth o'brien 

alicia rojas 

lois j. karpinski 

jane mane maquire 


eileen trances o'connor 

lois bligh 

anne butler 

nancy elizabeth grant 


noreen carey 

Joanne Kennedy 

■ ^g-igar.j-g^ -- ^ 



mrs. I.m. donahue 
housemother, duchesne east 

mrs. harrison martin 
housemother, duchesne west 

mrs. theodore kaiser 
housemother, cushing 




mrs. arthur mc farland 
housemother, keyes south 

vicki and scott tonk 
resident directors, hardy 

ann and rodney page 

with daughter allison 

resident directors, l<eyes north 


dottie and bob erigler 
resident directors, duchesne west 

■ ■^'"' JS^ i„ 

^'^ " 


\ M 

^^H ^ 




HP^^^^^w^^^^^^^B Si 


Hk -am^IH^B i^i 


P 1 

dr. James j. whalen 


mary h. quinlan, r.s.c.j., ph.d. 
academic dean 

mr. John bremer 
academic dean 

Clare I. mc gowan, r.s.c.j. 
assistant academic dean 

miss janis i. somerville 
assistant academic dean 

trances de la chapelle, r.s.c.j. 
dean of students 


mrs. markey p. burke 
director of admissions 

miss Joan s norton 

director of career counseling 

financial aid counselor 


miss trances a. Connelly 

mr. norman webster 


lawrence perry 
resident chaplain 


mr. r. James henderson 

vice president and business manager 

mr. richard dee 
assistant to the vice president 

Claire kondolf, r.s.c.j. 

director of development and public relations 

mrs. Catherine h. long 
director of alumnae affairs 

margaret mc donnell, r.s.c.j., r.n. 
director of student healtti services 

mary k. Oswald, r.s.c.j. 
coordinator of events and facilities 


mr. John m. steczynski 
assistant professor of art 

mr. Vincent j. solomita 
assistant professor of art 


m. frederic courtois 
lecturer in art 

ofelia garcia, r.s.c.j. 
instructor in art 

Patricia geoghegan, r.s.c.j. 
instructor in art 


mr. alan barnett 
lecturer in art 

mrs, elaine biganess livingstone 
assistant professor of art 

mr. herbert f. ostrach 
instructor In art 

mr. Philip marcus 
associate professor of art 


dr. ubaldo dibenedetto 

director of language programs and professor of Italian 




mrs. pauline carrara 
instructor in Italian 

guadalupe torres, r.s.c.j., ph.d. 
professor of Spanish 


miss maria amparo san juan 
assistant professor of Spanish 

mrs. francoise gianoutsos 
assistant professor of frencli 

mrs. vera erdely 

assistant professor of trench 

mrs. eygis 

assistant professor of french 

mme. nelly courtois 
assistant professor of french 


mrs. rosalie afan 

assistant professor of german and russian 

dr. ellen a. taxer 
professor of german 

mrs. elizabeth kovaltchouk-kean 
associate professor of russian 

dr. James f. taylor 

assistant professor of classics 

dr. naomi suconicl< myn/aagnes 
lecturer in english 


dr. helen r. sherk 
assistant professor of english 

dr. lillian broderick 
assistant professor of english 




H -^ 


^HB ^«^3^ 




mrs. elizabeth evans 
instructor in english 

elizabeth walsh. r.s.c.j. 
instructor in english 

mrs. elizabeth bucl<ley 
assistant professor of english 

dr. mary a. mc cay 
assistant professor of english 

mrs. antoinette frederick 
instructor in english 

mrs. margaret dever 

coordinator of the study of world cultures 

mrs. mary Jeanne curran 

assistant to the coordinator of the study of world cultures 


mrs. nataiieallon harris 
instructor in. sociology 

mr, albert c- Schneider 
assistant professor of sociology 

dr. antfiony nemettny 

professor of sociology and economics 

dr- donald f. krier 

associate professor of economics 

■J dr. leo j. parente 

lecturer in economics 

dr. edward f. hanlon 
assistant professor of history 
and american studies 

mr. James w. mc clain 
instructor in history 


mr. John h. flannagan 
assistant professor of history 

mr, nikita roodkowsky 

assistant professor of 

russian history and language 

dr. marie mc hugh 
professor of history 


mr. Joseph f. conway 
associate professor of 
political science and fiistory 

dr, phiiiippe de lacoste 
associate professor of political 



dr. lubomir gleiman 
professor of political science 

mr. Philip lacier 

instructor in political science 


dr. edward kamoski 
professor of pfiilosophy 

mr. robert j. curran 

associate professor of philosophy 

dr. guiilemine de lacoste 
associate professor of philosophy 


dr. kenneth j. preskenis 
professor of mathematics 

ruth m. Schickel r.s.c.j. 
assistant professor of mathematics 

mr. gerald s- pierce 
assistant professor ot religion 


dr. frank maguire 

associate professor of religion 

dr. William e. murnion 
assistant professor of religion 

dr. robert g. rogers 
assistant professor of religion 


mtKmmtJKM ■ 

mr. William a. bearse 
instructor in psyctiology 

dr. gridth ablon 
lecturer in psychology 

dr. boleslaw a. wysocki 
professor of psychology 

dr. margaret mary gorman, r.s.c.j. 
professor of psychology 


dr. Charles k. levy i 
lecturer in biology 

dr. Charles r. botticelli 
director of science 
professor of biology 

mrs. jana m. kiely 
lecturer in biology 

dr. mary day albert 

assistant professor of biological sciences 

dr. frank a. belamaricfi 
lecturer in biology 


mr. a. nicholas groth 
instructor in psychology 

dr. renee g. naves 
professor of chemistry 

dr. dons lewis 

assistant professor of chemistry 

dr. dorothy w. weeks 
lecturer in physics 

dr. francis cunninglnam, r.s.c.j. 
professor of biology 


dr. eleanor b- linehan 
lecturer in education 

florence ashe, r.s.c.j. 

coordinator of education 



mr. Cornelius kaufman 
instructor in education 

mrs. barara carlson 
instructor in education 


mr. rictiard w. sprague 
lecturer in education 

mrs. jane appleton 
instructor in music 



1 '^i^BI^^^^^^I 



mr. John s. Oliver 

assistant professor of music 

mr. frank dolan 
director of theatre 

aileen m. cohalen, r.s.c.j. 
lecturer in music 


miss ora d. fant 
instructor in psychology 

mr. William a. fink 

assistant professor of religion 

miss maureen a, joy 

coordinator of education program 

and assistant professor in education 

mr, pierre y. s. lubenec 

associate professor of matfiematics 


catfierine e. maguire, r.s.c.j. 
professor of english 

faine mc mullen, r.s.c.j. 

assistant professor in political science 

carol putnam, r.s.c.j. 
professor of art 


miss marjorie bell 

director of pinysical education 

mrs. margaret anderson. r.n. 



library staff 

paul freedman 
jack santino 

mr. spellman 
kitchen staff 

mr. earl friot jr. 



marie robey— senior editor 

martie l<endricl<— layout editor 

Joan abbott— business manager 

bootie gangemi— piiotographer 

Connie Sweeney— typists 

donna perazini 

l<athy colby 

kristan emery— lifesavers 

delly markey 

trances de la chapelle rscj 

mrs. pignatelli 

our thanks 

jaq and megsy 

• Flirting & Speaking to Male Students 
without Proper Introduction & Chaperone. 

• Reading Improper Novels, Magazines, 
& Other Suggestive Literature. 

• Forming of Unladylike Habits that May 
Harm the Health & Morals of a delicate 
Girl-Such as Smoking & Card Playing. 


- - ^H^^^^^^^^^^^l 





■■ 'f *'^ ''^--'^" '^ '-'^ 


^■H »Jtri:n,.li^t plt^tJst. vlriil i.^ 


■■ cin^l ti;.),.- ttii. Opvr<.'. 


■■ tci c.-infcK [ ,u-,ir p.v-f 





^ Th« ol lh« 
'ib^ Wvltarv St^ittr 



Designed by Sisicr Patricia Gcoghegan, instructor in an. 




EditorioL ^^^ question box 

Mother n, ^'Snect 

heories discus^ ^^^^ 



Bremer hofds lecture 

^^\\^^^ iy-'-y^v 



Movement begins 
to color campus 



P^rarfTS^/'i- - ,-. ■..;■ 



















■l^:-^'^^ •:™ 

.?^'^.*.. .. 


l^- ,' , 

— — 

— ^ 




iiC'' - 


To Markey Burke, 
Thank you for hel 

Blacks mobilize 
on campus 

Black College Day Held 

»s get our 

together. From, The Sisters 

neu^fon college t9? at^d qeoraei-OLor) 

glee club productions 

"a ceremony of carols" 
by benjamin britten 

"king david" 

by arthur honnegger 

"clirist lag in tobesbanden" 
by johann Sebastian bach 

John diver 
Condo ctov- 

yo.ul hurrM 



^0 charqe 

drama club productions 


by george bernard shaw 

"the family reunion" 
by t. s. eliot 



'^ r 

\ 1 

i I 


[ ^J«. 




Newton College Summer Institute Abroad 

3 summer programs: 



dr- robert g. rogers 

coordinator of summer studies progran 

dr. anthony nemethy 
sponsor of east african safari 

dr. ubaldo di benedetto 

coordinator of summer studies program 



William alfred 
Cyril griffin 
rolf scfiarre 

arts festival 

cfiairwoman— marttia l<endrick 
publicity— mary eileen dowling 
logos— margaret molidor 

yousuf karsh 
anthony newman 
mary louise Jenkins 

"evolution of american jazz" 
faculty art exhibit 



mr. and mrs. Charles h. abbott 

mr. and mrs. John butler 

carrollton convent of the sacred heart 

mrs. Joan e. chiota 

mr. and mrs. John c. crary, jr. 

mr. and mrs. michael d'ambra 

mr. and mrs. francis w. dowling 

mr. and mrs. Joseph p. dowling 

elmhurst academy of the sacred heart 

mr. and mrs. James c. forbes 

mr. and mrs. leo e. forquer 

captain and mrs. robert c. gillette 
mr. and mrs. John wall 


mr. and mrs. John g. breidenstein 
mr. and mrs. george harrington 
mr. and mrs. michael kercz 
honorable and mrs. francis I. lappin 
mr. and mrs. martin f. kendrick 

mr. and mrs. John m. mc voy 
dr. and mrs. yvon w. marcotte 
mr. and mrs. anthony j. mazzarelli 
mr. and mrs. edward b. merggardt 
mr. and mrs. Charles j. murphy 



atty. and mrs. james p. murray 
mr. and mrs. William t. roach 
mr. and mrs. douglas b. Stearns 
mr. and mrs. william c. sullivan 

dr. and mrs. John w. teahan 
dr. and mrs. william t. thorwarth 
mr. and mrs. f. patrick zailckas 
in memory 


mr. and mrs. John j. brannick 

mrs. edna concannon 

mr. and mrs. robert e. emery 

mr. and mrs. John c. gridley 

mr. and mrs. e. w. hudson 

mr. and mrs. edward f. juliano 

mr. and mrs. peter c. massa 

overbrook country day school of the sacred heart 

mr. and mrs. arthur w. perazzini 

mr. and mrs. w. randall 

mr. and mrs. robert m. ross 

Stuart country day school of the sacred heart 

mr. and mrs. waiter I. torrance 

mr. and mrs. William b. wiegand, sr. 

congratulations to the senior class 
from tine class of 1972 


best wishes 

mr. and mrs. John e. nugent 

vin's motor sales inc. 

compliments of 

mr. & mrs. vincent t. nanni 

congratulations to the class of 1 971 

mr. and mrs. William t. bligh 

congratulations to the class of 1971 
you are loved 
a.k.s. and p.e.s. 

compliments of 

mr. and mrs. edward s. dollliver 


the way is peace, 

the road is love 

best wishes 
class of 1974 


to the class of 1971 

dr. & mrs. michael a. blase 

best wishes 
mary w. fallen 

compliments of 

mr. and mrs. John j. karpinski 


compliments of a friend 


The Mom and Dad Pdd 

When the folks come to visit, set them up in style at the Boston 
Marriott. They'll overlook the Charles River... and we'll overlook 
nothing to make them feel wanted. The food's great . . . there's 
always something doing . . . and Newton's practically on campus. 
Make your reservations now. 

//tU U--ci in^ 'C^ * 



Commonwealth Ave. at Rt. 128 and Massachusetts Turnpike 
Newton, Mass., Phone (617) 969-1000 

moore & moore hardware 
wasfiington street 
newton corner, mass. 


"^^^SSE^v H 





compliments of 
maclean studio 


good luck! 

social committee 


Charles river motel 
1800 soldiers field road 
brighton, mass. 

brighton's newest- 
railroad car speakeasy 
cocktail lounge 
"hoot— toot and whistle!' 

thanks for your patronage. 

we'll try to do as well in 

the future. 

good luck to all of you. 

books and pages 

1265 centre street 

newton centre, mass. 

compliments of 
chestnut hill hotel 
160 boylston street 
chestnut hill, mass. 02167 

^Ju^'^^-^ JSa^CfL^ 

best wishes 

mr. and mrs. howard w. gunlocke 

your headquarters for the finest in 
luggage, leather goods, and gifts 
leather world 
newton center, mass. 

contribution of mr. and mrs. John p. freedmann 
parents of kathleen h. freedmann 

best wishes to the class of 1971 
the bool<store 
united art company, inc. 
boston, mass. 


^'11 m0. 

4^ -x 


•>^ .' . . 


)iRTVi5© +.0Viij[L%i; 5151(1^ !&^!.5j5 











oils, watercolors, drawings '^-<?/ ANDrc '^c 

sculpture, stoneware, Aubusson tapestries ''^/^ '^ERAIN ^^ ^ 

'^ ^^W\ G^*^^!^ P A. VAN DYCK^<^ ^ 

r)^ 1 "^C 

v<^ % 


^e ,. /"^f^roA,,o<b 



"^ ' 3 %%% %'''^^ -'^^^>iAJ:/ I 

,c^ or ~ 


^ JO ANNE MIX ^ ^^ Sculpture 

Qi^<? ,6V^'' ROBERT WAGNER ^ ,- ^RV. OOBD*^''Ji^^■CHO\-^S ■ ,^- 






I Xi 






,<V J" CO 

<<» *>!/ Lu o 

KARL aSert 


'''X%i.^'r^S,.^^^^' ^'l^O LU>S GARRIDO^^ ^^t ^^^1>|# 



i-t^ . N^^ 




CHARLES^?'^' °^%0, SIR ^ACOB EPSTE,n'° ^^^J '''°'^^ -^' 

.^"^ , ^^# 


^^cop_ oeo^^^" :;^^^t^<^^!o^:ov^^^^^' 



'^^^CHamX^^'^ ^^' 



uFER .^^ 





i l^ ^^»n'l*^^ '| ^ ^ ^ ^ ul ^ w lw^w^wlwl^ 

compliments of martignetti liquors 
1650 soldiers field road 
brighton, mass. 

newton corner press, inc. 

letterpress— offset— social announcements 

Sidney shrier edward h. shrier 

185 chariesbank road 

newton, mass. 02158 

244-6484 244-6485 

savage company, inc. 
congratulations to the class of 1971 

Joseph e. o'donoghue insurance 
wishes the class of 1971 
the best of luck 


flower bouquet inc. 
newton center, mass. 

cabot's ice cream 
best wisfies 

compliments of 
newton's inc. 


best wishes to the class of 1971 from the tarn o'shanter room 
— george mellen 

kings may be blest, but tam was glorious 

over all the ills of life 


robert burns 



President— Kathy Brouder 
Vice-President— Susan Schruth 
Secretary— Eileen Wiegand 
Treasurer— Martiia Meaney 


Joanne Kennedy. Jo Sullivan 


Peg Mastrianni, Eva Seregtiy 


Judy Birmingham 


Gushing- Marianne Griffin, Susan Kilory 
Hardey— Chris Schwarz. Kathy Friedman 
Duchesne East— Chris Osage, Norma Tanguay 
Duchesne West— Mary Paletta 
Keyes South— Mile Chovanieck, Susie Gregory 
Keyes North— Kathy Durso, Connie Svi/eeney 
Head of Day Students— Joan Shea, 
Barbara Strickland 



President— Laurie Carmody 
Vice-President— Kate Fitzgerald 
Treasurer— Beth Cooney 
Secretary— Judy lanella 


President— Judy Callahan 
Vice-President— Grace Sullivan 
Treasurer— Candy Curtin 
Secretary— Shelley Noone 


President— Judy Callahan 
Vice-President— Tena Becker 
Treasurer— Liz Canavan 
Secretary— Charlene Lewis 
Gushing— Pat Tobin 
Duchesne East— Mary Gail Brian 
Duchesne West— Mary Kernan 
Hardy— Jeanie Zailkas 
Keyes North— Sue Sullivan 
Keyes South— Martha Wayland 


Athletic Association— Mary Coveney 

David Reeves— Ann Berry 

Drama Club— Anne Maguire 

"885"— Mary Nelson, Kathy Druso 

Experimental College— Becky Bralla 

Glee Club-Beth Griffin 

Interest Committee- Madeline Finnerty, 

Jean-Lorraine Leitgeb 
Newtones— Kathy Cyr 

Orientation— Wendy Tobin, Mary Jane Hueber 
Psychology Club— Pat Massa 
Sailing Club— Candy Curtin 
Steering Committee— Jean McVoy 
Volunteer Service Organization— Lois Karpinski 
Young Republicans— Tatiana Roodkowsky 
French Club— Roberta Kemp 



abbott. j political science p.32 

aitken, I english p.43 

alfano, s biology p.50 

blase, m.a art p.31 

bligh, I art p.96 

brady, m psychology p.71 

brannick, s art p.45 

breidenstein, d art p.23 

brienza, c economics p.32 

brouder, k. ,, english p.18 

burns, s art p.37 

butler, a psychology p.97 

carey, n psychology p. 98 

carmody, I. , american studies p.19 

Carroll, c. political science p.67 

cavanaugh, j. sociology p. 33 

chiota, p. psychology p.47 

colamaria, m. c. o.s.f classics p. 53 

colby, k psychology p.68 

cosgrove, p american studies p. 62 

cote, j biology P-45 

crary, d sociology p.54 

crowley, m psychology p.29 

d'ambra, a. . sociology p.72 

dolliver, m. j history p.87 

doran, s. . art history p.51 

dowling, k political science p. 66 

dowling, m. e economics p.49 

duddy, m. I. trench p.55 

duffey, a. american studies p.78 

dutto, b sociology P-64 

emery, k sociology p. 38 

finnerty, m art p. 83 

fitzgerald, k. political science p. 19 

foley, k. sociology p.78 

torbes, j russian p. 24 

torquer, a economics p. 76 

fox, n history p. 21 

friedmann, k. political science p. 40 

genovesi. s english p. 88 

gillette, e psychology p.25 

gillette, j modern language p,63 

grant, n chemistry p.97 

gridley, m, a american studies p.54 

gritfen, m. psychology p.61 

gunlocke, b political science p.20 

halligan, s, rscj litjeral studies p.66 

hartmann, p. psychology p.68 

higdon, m. c. psychology p.26 

hinckley, a. psychology p.67 

hochstein, e. modern language p.90 

houlihan, d, economics p.59 

hricko, m psychology p.39 

hsu, t. m. political science p.33 

hudson, j american studies p.46 

hughes, f psychology p.34 

ianella, j political science p.20 

igoe, j psychology p.39 

juliano, k. classics p,49 

karpinski, I biology p.95 

kendrick. m. american studies p.51 

kennedy, j, a political science p.98 

kercz, e biology p56 

killion, j art history p.35 

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SCHREINER, Mary. Tallwood. Great Falls. Va. 22066 

SCULLY. Marilyn. 163 Newington Rd., West Hartford, Conn. 06110 

SEGERSON, Joan, 1140 Clover St.. Rochester. N.Y. 14610 

SHANNON. Elizabeth. 27 Willis St.. Apt, 17, Framingham. Mass. 01701 

SHEA. Mary P.. 6614 31st St. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20015 

SHEA, M. Tracie. 348 Grampian Blvd., Williamsport. Pa. 17701 

SHERIDAN, Judith, 106 Grove St., Providence, R.l. 02909 

SHURTLEFF, Elizabeth, 11 Oak St., Wayland, Mass. 

SIKORA. Julie-Ann. 0-73 Elden Place. Fair Lawn, N.J. 07410 

SOLETIC. Corinne. 52-26 Douglaston Parkway. Douglaston, N.Y. 11362 

STANSFIELD, Susan. 9 College Circle. Andover, Mass. 01810 

STEPHAN, Evelyn T.. 144 Greenwood. Evanston, Illinois 60201 

SULLIVAN. Agnes, 53 Burns St., Forest Hills Gardens, N.Y. 11375 

SULLIVAN, Grace, 52 Island Pond Rd.. Manchester, N.H. 03103 

SULLIVAN, Mariann. 60 Pell Tr.. Garden City, N.Y. 11530 

SULLIVAN. Sr. Marie Teresa. 790 Centre St., Newton. Mass. 02158 

SULLIVAN, Mary. 40 Homesdale Rd.. Bronxville, N.Y. 10708 

TAMS, Ruth, 99 Snowden Lane, Princeton. N.J. 08540 

TANGUAY. Norma. 11 LeGrand Rd., North Haven, Conn 06473 

TAUBER. Joie. 199 West Hills Rd., New Canaan, Conn. 06840 

TERRANOVA. Linda. 40 Jasset St.. Newton, Mass. 02158 

THOMAS, Jocelyn. 29 Varick Rd., West Roxbury. Mass 02132 

THOMAS. Margaret. 40 Longfellow Rd.. Great Neck. L.I., NY. 11023 

TOBIN, Wendy. 19 Alrick Rd.. Ouincy. Mass. 02169 

TOOMEY, Elaine, 36 Warren St., Salem, Mass. 01970 

VANGEMERT. Mary Ann, 641 West Roxbury Parkway, W. Rosbury. Mass. 02132 

VANNI, Josephine. 970 Washington Ave.. Ho-Ho-Kus, N.J 07423 

VAZQUEZ. Noraida, Presidente Ramirez 211, Baldnch, Hato Rey. Puerto Rico 00918 

VERDON. Mary, 31 Cortland Place, Sliffside Park, N.J.. 07010 

VIGNEAU. Diane. 118 Union St.. Bridgewater. Mass. 02324 

WALL. Ann, 153 Beamis Ave.. Cumberland. R.l. 02864 

WELSH. Rosemary. 14 W Main St.. LeRoy. N.Y. 14482 

WILLIAMS. Adrienne. 514 Underwood St.. N.W., Washington, DC. 20012 

WINO. Susan, 152 Dellwood Rd., Bronxville. NY. 10708 

WOODFORD, Linda, 42 Myra Rd.. Hamden, Conn. 06517 

WURZELBACHER. Mary. 2300 Noth Bend Rd . Cincinnati, Ohio 45239 

YOUNG, Barbara. 921 N. Lindsay Place, Alexandria, Va. 22304 

YUCHENGCO. Marie, 2720 Figueroa St.. Pasay, Rizal, Philippines 

ZABALEGUI. Carmen, 312 Dartmouth St.. Boston. Mass. 

GIUFFRE, Jane. 346 Forest Grove Ave., Wrentham, Mass. 02093 

MITCHELL. Nina, 1419-52nd Ave.. Washington. D.C. 20027 

AMBROSE. Detrorah, Oak Dr., Riverside. Conn. 06878 

BEAULIEU, Margaret, 24 Brookside Rd., Portland. Me. 04103 

BECKER. Kristina. 986 E. Glen Ave., Ridgewood. N.J 07450 

BENE, Alice, 40 Evergreen St.. Jamaica Plain, Mass. 02130 

BEYER, Margaret, 132 Cushman Ave., East Providence, R.l. 02914 

BRACKEN, Margaret. 34 Scarborough St., Hartford, Conn. 06105 

BRALLA. Rebecca. 46 Ridgewood Ave., Glen Ridge, N.J. 07028 

BRENNAN, Susan, 1034 Romona Rd.. Wilmette, Illinois 60091 

BROUILLARD, Joan, 125 Farnham St., Belmont, Mass. 02178 

BRYANT, Mary. 207 Hillside Ave., Mt. Vernon, NY. 10553 

BURNS, Gertrude, 544 Kathmere Rd., Havertown. Pa. 19083 

CALLAHAN, Barbara, 114 Linwood St., Lynn, Mass, 01905 

CALLAHAN, Patricia, 3228 Johnson Ave., Bronx, N.Y. 10463 

CANAVAN, Elizabeth, 65 York Dr., Longmeadow, Mass. 01106 

CANTY, Judith. 68 Elm St., Duxbury, Mass. 02332 

CARROLL, Mary, 761 Radley Rd., Westfield, N.J, 07090 

CASCIARO, Frances, 50 Derrenbacher St., Kingston. NY. 12401 

CAVANAUGH, Jean, 210 Secor Lane, Pelham Manor, NY. 

CHAMPA, Linda. 3 Nichols St., Woburn, Mass. 01801 

CHICCARELLl, Caroline, 11 Temi Rd,, Brockton. Mass. 02402 

CHIFFRILLER, Kathy, 1510 Newton Rd., Lancaster, Pa. 17603 

CHIMENTI, Judith, 870 Crest Place, Washington Twp.. c/o Westwood P.O.. New Jersey 

CHURCHWELL. Flora, 52 Birchwood Dr., Portsmouth, R.l. 
CIAMPI, Debra, 22 Canterbury Rd,, Yonkers, N.Y. 10704 
CLARKE, Marianne. 213 Phelps Ave., Cresskiil, N.J. 07626 
COLEMAN, Elizabeth, 15 Salt Creek Rd., So. Dartmouth. Mass. 02748 
CONNELLY, Mary, Ironworks Rd., Clinton, Conn. 06413 
CORCORAN, Marguerite. 183 Griffen Ave., Scarsdale, NY. 10583 
COTTER, Elizabeth, 7 Park Lane, Westport. Conn. 06880 
COUGHLAN, Julie. 6 Pocahontas Dr., Winchester, Mass. 01890 
COVENEY, Mary, 47 May St., Needham, Mass. 021 92 
CRANE, Rosemary, 61 Lincoln St.. Belmont, Mass. 02178 
CROWLEY, Anne, 23 Courtland Circle, Milton, Mass. 02186 
DENNEN, Kathleen, 306 W. Stevens Ave., Wyckoff, N.J. 07481 
DIPASQUALE, Anne, 15 Keswick Rd., Rochester. NY. 14609 
DISPIRITO. Donna, 27 Gadoury Dr., Cumberland, R.l. 02864 
DOHERTY, Mary. 3 Wagon Wheel Rd.. Andover, Mass. 
DONOVAN, Sharon, 58 Tamarack Rd., Reading, Mass. 
DRISCOLL, Sharon, 41 Brooksbie Rd., Bedford, Mass. 01730 
DUFF, Prisciila, 115 Fourth St.. Garden City. NY. 11530 
EVERIST. Mary, 2801 Carter Place, Sioux Falls, S. Dakota 57105 
ECKLOND, Helen, 6 Oak Ave., Tuckahoe, NY. 10707 
ENDEE, Jane, 1312 Poquonock Ave., Windsor, Conn. 06095 
FARHART, Cynthia, 526 Glen St., Glen Falls, N.Y. 12801 
FARLEY, Marita. 22 Highland Ave.. Chatham, N.J. 07928 
FARRELL. Rita. 3457 Knight St.. Oceanside. N.Y. 11572 
FAY. Mary, 280 Nehoiden St.. Needham, Mass. 02192 
FOOTE, Mary. 27 Ouincy St.. Chevy Chase, Maryland 
GAFFEY, Joyce. 7 Cricket Circle, No. Scituate, Mass. 02060 
GALLAGHER, Sharon, 61 Buckman Dr., Lexington. Mass, 
GANGEMI, Barbara, 142 Gifford Ave., Jersey City, N.J. 07304 


GARRITY, Joan, 301 Boston Post Rd.. Rye, N.Y. 10580 

GAUDREAU, Karen, 849 High St., Fall River, Mass, 02720 

GLYNN, Maureen, 251 Penn Dr., West Hartford, Conn. 

GILLIS, Mary, 11 Franklin St., Rumford, Me. 04276 

GOODE, Mary K., 517 Hillcrest Ave., State College, Pa. 16801 

GRANT, Mary, 34 Clearwater Rd., Newton Lower Falls, Mass. 

GRIFFIN, Deborah, 12 Claremont St, Maiden, Mass. 02148 

GULLIVER, Porter, 59 Indian Head Rd., Riverside, Conn, 06878 

HALPIN, Janet, 9 Summit Ave., Baldwin, N.Y. 11510 

HARDIMAN, Christine, 16 Prospect St., Hyde Park, Mass. 

HART, Betsy, 5 East Court St., Hudson, N.Y. 12534 

HAUSERMAN, Mary. 33200 Fairmount Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 44124 

HENEBRY, Margaret, 143 Nathan St,, Waterbury, Conn. 06708 

HERLIHY, Elise, 10 Green Hill Rd., North Haven, Conn 06473 

HEUCHLING, Donna, 280 Holden Wood Rd., Concord, Mass. 01742 

HIGGINBOTTOM, Evalena, 44 Linwood St., Roxbury, Mass. 02119 

HIGGINS, Patricia, 629 Maple Ave , Teaneck, N.J. 

HILLY, Mary Ellen, 455 Everdell Ave., W. Islip, NY. 11795 

HINES. Nancy, 1857 Bopp Rd., Des Peres, Missouri 63131 

HOPKINS, Margaret, 4 Pine Brook Dr., Larchmont, N.Y 10538 

HOSKINS, Charlotte, 5428 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans. Louisiana 701 1 5 

lANNELLA, Susan, 14 Jaeger Terrace, Jamaic Plain, Mass. 

IMBIMBO, Patricia, 70 Highland Ave,, Maiden, Mass. 02148 

lORIS, Brenda, 29 Fraser St., Pelham, NY. 

lOVIENO, Mary, 6 lona Ave,, Shrewsbury, Mass. 01545 

JACOBSMEYER, Susan, 33 Colony Rd., Westport, Conn, 06880 

JANKOWSKI, Cynthia, 106 Emerald St., Gardner, Mass. 01440 

JAQUET, Susan, 4721 Yuma St,, N.W., Washington, D,C. 20016 

JUDAE, Elizabeth, 338 So. Firth Rd,, Palatine, Illinois 60067 

JUTRAS, Elizabeth, 15 Peckham Ave., Wakefield, R.I, 02879 

KALAW, Paula, 2160 Taft Ave. Extension, Pasay City, Philippines 

KALBERER, Patricia, 88 Homestead Ave , Woonsocket, R.I. 02895 

KAMLIN, Patricia, 19 Brooksweld Rd., Canton. Mass. 02021 

KANE, Susan, 24 Washington Ave., Danbury, Conn, 06810 

KAYSER, M Constance, Ridge Rd., Mars, Pa. 

KEEFE, Mary, 198 Mt, Vernon St., West Roxbury, Mass. 02132 

KELEHER, Ann, 117 Church St., Winchester, Mass. 01890 

KENNEDY, Jane, 1609 Kennedy Place, Washington, D.C. 20011 

KENNEY, Marilyn, 180 Damon Point Rd , Marshfield, Mass. 02050 

KEUTHEN, Elizabeth, 15 Laurel Way, Madison, N.J. 07940 

KOLLINS, Karen, 863 Seneca Rd., Franklin Lakes, N.J 07417 

KOSSICK, Donna, 51 Mountain Rd,, Hampden, Mass, 01036 

KOZAY, Lauren, 8854 Fort Hamilton Pkwy., Brooklyn, N,Y, 11209 

LAMPERELL, Camilla, 133 McKinley Ave., Norwich, Conn, 06360 

LEWIS, Charlene, 19 William St., Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 12601 

LILL, Beth, 786 Oakridge Dr., Rochester, NY. 14617 

UNEBURGH, Christina, 1313 Old Academy Rd., Fairfield, Conn. 06430 

LOIACONO, Joan, 61 Parkway South, New London, Conn, 06320 

LORIMER, Karen, Kruger Rd.. P.O. 127, Hopkinton, Mass. 01748 

LYNCH, Maureen, 181 Webster Rd . Scarsdale, N,Y. 10583 

LYONS, Barbara, 1680 Spring Hill Lane, Port Edwards, Wis, 54469 

MADER, Judee, 360 East 50 St., New York, NY. 10022 
MADIGAN, Ann, 142 Main St., Houlton, Me, 04730 

MAHLER. Margaret, 234 E. Hunting Ridge Rd., N, Stamford, Conn. 069. 
MALLOUK, Elizabeth, 149-74 St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11209 
MARTIN, Mary, 2520 Betty Court, Green Bay, Wis. 54301 
MARTINO, Sandra. 40 Crown Ridge Rd., Wellesley, Mass. 02181 
MAURIELLO, Elaine, 75 Bentley Ave., Jersey City, N.J. 07304 
McCarthy, Gail, 797 Wells Rd., Wethersfield, Conn. 06109 
McCarthy, Judith, 43 Shaw Dr., North Merrick, N.Y. 11566 
McCRACKEN, Joan, 4128 Harvard Ave., Montreal 260, Quebec, Canada 
Mcdonough, Kathryn, 155 Glenellen Rd., W. Roxbury, Mass. 02132 
McGANN, AnneMarie, 162 Eton Place. W. Hempstead, NY. 11552 
McGARRY, Anne-Marie, 23 Goose Pond Rd., Lincoln, Mass. 01773 
McGINNIS, Nancy, 25 Strasser Ave,, Westwood, Mass. 02090 
McGOVERN, Margaret, 310 Commonwealth Ave., Chestnut Hill, Mass. 02167 
McGURK, Patrice, 23 Bedell Ave., Hempstead, N.Y. 11550 
Mcintosh, Margaret, 38 Gedney Park Dr., White Plains, N.Y. 10605 
McKEOWN, Maureen, 35 Sedgewick Dr., No. Scituate, Mass. 02060 
^McNAMARA, Ellen, 8040 Cindy Lane, Bethesda, Maryland 20034 
McPHILLIPS, Bernice, 33 Horicon Ave., Gelns Falls, N.Y. 12801 
MEISTER, Sr Rhonda, 790 Centre St., Newton, Mass. 02159 
MOLL, Patricia, 337 Sherwood Dr., Paramus, N.J. 07652 
MONAHAN, Rita, 15 Little Pond Rd,, Belmont, Mass. 02178 
MORRIS, Kathleen, 158-04 35 Ave., Flushing, N.Y. 11358 
MOSCHELLJ\, Susan, 887 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre, Mass. 02159 
MUCHOWSKI, Patrice, 160 Hilltop SL, Milton, Mass. 02186 
MULCAHY, Margaret, 9 Eliot Place, Short Hills, N,J. 07078 
MULLIN, Joan, 859 So, Maple Ave., Glen Rock, N,J, 07452 
MURATORE, Joy, 14 Twin Oak Dr,, Warwick, R.I. 02889 
MURPHY, Rosemary, 10 Belmont Circle, Trenton, N.J. 08618 
MURRAY, Mary, Windy Hill Farm, Cherry Valley Rd., Princeton, N.J. 08540 
NEALON, Barbara, 11 King Court, Wayne, N.J, 07470 
NEVINS, Anne, 108 Tide Mill Terrace. Fairfield, Conn. 06430 
NOON, Patricia, 281 Garth Rd., Scarsdale, NY. 10583 
NORTON, Cynthia, 6 Woodhampton Dr., Trenton, N,J, 08638 
NOVAK, Katherine, 37 Walter St., Medford, Mass. 02155 
O'CONNOR, Nancy, 110 Chestnut St., Andover, Mass, 01810 
O'MALLEY, Judith, 6 Spruce St., Roslyn Harbor, NY. 11576 
O'NEIL, Ellen, 4535 Sabal Palm Rd.. Miami, Fla. 33137 
O'NEIL, Nancy, 123 Asylum St., Norwich, Conn, 06360 
ONEIL, Mary, 4 Fenton St., Hopkinton, Mass. 01748 
OTIS, Patricia, 16 Hearthstone Dr., Medfield, Mass. 02052 
PATTERSON, Susan, 7 Gryzboska Circle, Framingham, Mass. 01701 
PATTI, Grace, 82 Dawson Dr., Needham, Mass. 02192 
PEREZ, Martha, 3 Melville Terrace, Watertown, Mass. 02172 
PHELAN, Sandra, 88 Summit Rd.. Port Washington, NY. 11050 
PUBLICOVER, Margaret, 158 Pantry Rd., Sudbury, Mass, 01776 
RAFFERTY, Anne, 916 Nicholson Rd., Wynnewood, Pa. 19096 
REED, Ann, 1150 5th Ave.. New York, N.Y. 10028 
REGAN, Elizabeth, 207 Cemtral Ave,. Medford, Mass, 02155 
REILEY, Mary, 29 Thunderhead Place, Mahwah, N.J. 07430 


REYNOLDS, Marita, 1020 N.E, 27 Ave.. Pompano Beach. Fla 33062 

RICHARDS, Christine. 818 Ponce de Leon. Santurce, Puerto Rico 00907 

REACH. Judith, 307 Yorl< St . Olean. NY. 14760 

ROBISON, Renee. Qtrs. D. South Annex, Boston Navel Shipyard, Boston. Mass, 02129 

ROMACK. Elizabeth, 1971 Kasoy St. Dasmarinas Village, Makati, Rizal. Philippines D-708 

RONNENBERG, Joan, 78 West Lane, Bay Shore, NY. 11706 

ROODKOWSKY. Tatiana. 10 University Dr., Naticl<, Mass. 01760 

ROSINSKI. Cathy. 9923 Carter Rd.. Bethesda. Maryland. 20034 

DETORRES. Antonia. 312 Dartmouth St., Boston, Mass. 02116 

RYAN. Mary-Suzanne, 43 Elm Ave., Larchmont. NY. 10538 

SALERNO, Karen, 15 Webster Place, Port Chester. NY. 10573 

SALING. Patricia. 29 Springhouse Lane, Media, Pa. 19063 

SANDERS, Roberta, 108 Garfield Rd.. West Hartford, Conn. 06107 

SESKI. Mira. 87 So. Deeplands Rd.. Grosse Pointe. Mich. 48236 

SHORT. Marianne, 8 Merilane, Minneapolis, Minn. 55435 

SLjATTERY, Karen. 21 Brooks Ave . Lewiston. Me. 04240 

SMITH. Cheryl, 63 Main St., Westford, Mass. 01886 

SMITH, Shyrllee. 898 Piatt St.. Bridgeport. Conn. 06600 

STANICK. Nancy, c/o Box 34F; Hellenic Steel Co., Thessaloniki; Greece 

STANTON, Margaret, 508 S, l-oka Ave., Mt. Prospect, IN. 60056 

STEVENSON, Randi, 625 Hill Rd , Winnetka, Illinois 60093 

STUCKEY, Joan, 14 Kenwood Rd., Wayne, N.J. 07470 

SULLIVAN. Kathleen, 239 Cleveland St., Pawtucket, R.I. 02860 

SULLIVAN, Rosemary, 269 Broadway, Norwich, Conn. 06360 

SWEENEY. Joan, 39 Red Stone Dr , Springfield. Mass. 01118 

SWEENEY. Karen, 32 Donnybrook Rd,. Montvale, N.J. 07645 

SZARO, Noreen. 48 Tupelo Rd.. Swampscott. Mass. 01907 

TERRANOVA. Susan, 40 Jasset St., Newton, Mass. 02158 

TERRY, Lynn, 99 Wellesley Rd,, Syracuse. N.Y. 13207 

THEGZE, Mary, 1656 Rutherford Ave,, Chicago, III. 60635 

THILMAN. Jeanne, 1012 Cherokee Rd.. Wilmette. Illinois 60091 

TULLY. Anne. 2 Storer Ave., Pelham. N.Y. 10803 

VEILLETTE. Janice, 135 Cables Ave,, Waterbury, Conn. 06710 

VIOLETTE. Elizabeth, Gorham St., Rehoboth, Mass. 02769 

VOYTKO. Paula. Conde de Las Posadas #5 Canillesas. Madrid 25. Spain 

WALKER, Celeste, 93 Framingham Rd.. Marlboro, Mass. 01752 

WALLACH, Andrea, 245 Forest Ave., Elmhurst, III, 60126 

WALLS, Ann, 749 Plymouth St., Abington, Mass. 02351 

WARBURTON. Nancy. 67 Adamo St.. Warwick. R.I. 02888 

WARNKEN, Margaret, 138 Vauxhall St., New London, Conn. 06320 

WATERS. Kathleen. 16 0ccom Ridge, Hanover, N.H. 03755 

WHITE, Constance, 354 Jerusalem Rd.. Cohasset, Mass. 02025 

WYNNE. Eileen, 33 Merritt Ave., Cresskill. N.J. 07626 

YOUNG. Juanita, 500 W. 140 St., New York. NY. 10030 

YUCHENGCO. Vivian, 2720 Figueroa St., Pasay City, Philippines 

BROGAN, Sheila. 2 Bratenahl Place. Bratenahl, Ohio 44108 

CONDOS, Helen. 70 Mossdale Rd., Jamaica Plain, Mass. 02130 

HOULIHAN, Susan. Main St.. East Brookfield. Mass. 01515 

LUCIER, Deborah, 586 Hollis St.. Framingham. Mass. 

SVENDSEN, Gale, 7 Summer St., Framingham, Mass. 01701 

ABBOTT, Alexandra, 94 Hill Dr., Oyster Bay, NY. 11771 


ALEMANY, Cretza. 566 Abolicion St., Hato Rey. PR. 00918 

ARGUE, Catherine, Fairview Rd., Pittsfield, N H. 03263 

ARGUESO. Stephanie. 10 Burling Ave.. White Plains. N.Y. 10605 

ARONE, Nancy, 55 Adin St., Hopedale, Mass. 01747 

AUTH, Sara, 260 Hopkins Place, Longmeadow, Mass, 01106 

BADALIAN. Mary, 112 Whitman Ave.. West Hartford. Conn. 06107 

BADWEY. Sisan, 205 Walter St , Fall River, Mass. 02724 

BALCH, Sheila. 67 Crescent Dr.. New Providence, N.J. 07974 

BANIA. Christine, 11 Crumitie Rd., Loudonville, NY. 12211 

BARRY. Mary, 16 Monroe Ave.. Larchmont, N.Y 10538 

BAVARIA. Mary Ann. 9511 Chadwick Dr.. Shawnee Mission. Kansas 66206 

BECKER, Nancy. 1 Capron Lane, Montclair, N.J 07043 

BENOIT, Ann, 132 Bailey Rd., Rocky Hill. Conn, 06067 

BERTHIAUME. Christine, 8 Sage Hill Lane, Troy. N.Y 12180 

BEYER. Sharon, 4746 Berkeley Terrace, NW, Washington, D,C, 20007 

BIBBY, Margaret. 10 Hall Ave.. Suffern. NY 10901 

BLAKE. Anne. 605 Allen Ave.. Portland. Maine 04103 

BORRERO, Maria, M-241 Villa Caparra. Bayumor, P.R. 00619 

BOWLER, Patricia, 46 Norwood St., Portland, Maine 04103 

BRYAN, Mary-Gail. 87 N. Country Club Dr.. Rochester. NY. 14600 

BUCCiGROSS. Roberta. 143 Wood St., Lewiston, Maine 04240 

BUCHERT, Barbara, 1740 Anderson Ferry Rd., Cincinnati. Ohio 45238 

BUDKIEWICZ. Helen, 57 Vera St., Portland, Maine 04103 

BUOYE, Patricia. 22 Watchung Ave., West Orange, N.J. 07052 

BYRNE, Patricia, 1 Butler St,. Westbury, L.I.. NY. 11590 

BYRNE, Sharon, 9 Rolling Lane, Medfield. Mass, 02052 

CADY, Linell, 1159 Post Rd., Scarsdale. NY. 10593 

CAGNEY. Barbara, 145 Heights Rd., Ridgewood, N.J. 07450 

CALVE, Phyllis, 6 Old Parish Rd., Darien. Conn 06820 

CAREY, Norine, 7 Leslie Lane, Westport, Conn. 06880 

CARROLL, Beth, 254 Broadway. Whitehall, NY. 12887 

CASTANER. Ana Maria. 55 Washington Ave.. Condado. San Jan, P.R. 00907 

CAUDILL, Marcia, 1115 Pine St,, Harlan. Iowa 51537 

CAULFIELD. Ann, 418 Wolcott St . Auburndale, Mass. 02166 

CELATA, Janet, 17 Top Hill Ave., Dedham, Mass. 02026 

CHAMBLISS, Karen, 2009 Walnut St., Cairo, Illinois 62914 

CHAMPION, Diane, 395 Wolcott Hill Rd., Wethersfield, Conn. 06109 

CHRISTIANA, Margaret, 465 Rich Ave . Mount Vernon, N.Y. 10552 

CIFALDI. Diane. 217 Schrade Rd,, Briarcliff Manor, NY. 10510 

CLOSSEY. Patricia. 846 Conestoga Rd., Rosemont. Pa. 19010 

CLOSTER, Susan, Picketts Ridge Rd,, RD. 3. West Redding, Conn 06896 

COEN, Patrica. 63 Longfellow Rd., Watertown, Mass. 02172 

COLES. Brigid, 140 Sailor's Lane, Bridgeport, Conn. 06606 

COLNAN. Carol. 575 Longwood Ave,, Glencoe, Illinois 60022 

COMERFORD, Catherine, Hudson House Apts,, Ardsley on Hudson, N,Y. 10503 

CONNER. Ellen, 19 Simpson St., Newton, Mass. 02158 

COOPER, June, 619 Union Ave.. Framingham. Mass. 01701 

CONWAY, Mary Ellen, 11 Clyde St., Chelsea, Mass. 02150 

CORBETT, Kymberly, 81 Brookview Ave., Waterbury. Conn. 06706 

CRONIN, Jane, 267 Taunton Rd.. Fairfield. Conn. 06430 

CROWLEY, Christine, 32 Gannett Pasture Lane, N. Scituate, Mass. 02050 

CUIFFO, Joan. 1 Oakledge Rd., Bronxville, NY. 10708 

DALTON. June. 100 Soundview Ave.. White Plains. N,Y. 10606 

DAVIDSON. Paula. 127 Prospect St.. Reading. Mass. 01867 

DAY. Crystal, Taylor Lane. Harrison. N.Y. 10528 

DEGAN. Micaela. 117 So. Church St.. Goshen. N.Y. 10924 

DEGROOT. Deborah. 97 Kenwood Rd.. Garden City. NY. 11530 

DELLA-LUNA. Mary. 97 Bungalow Ave.. Greenfield. Mass. 01301 

DEMELLO. Kathleen. 31 Siders Lane. Falmouth. Mass. 02541 

DENITTIS, Patricia. 324 South Bald Hill Rd.. New Canaan. Conn. 06840 

DEVLIN. Patricia, 20 Overlook Drive, Framingham. Mass. 01701 

DILLANE. Marna. 16 Ashland Ave.. Waterbury. Conn. 06708 

DINNEEN. Mary, 257 Moreland St.. Worcester. Mass. 01609 

DOCKTOR. Mary. 900 West Dean Rd.. Milwaukee. Wis. 53217 

DONAHUE. Margaret, 117 No. Happy Hollow Blvd., Omaha, Nebr, 68132 

DONOVAN. Dorothy. 42 Wilson St., North Billerica, Mass. 01862 

DOWNS, Joan. 9 Essix Rd.. Summit. N.J. 07670 

DULLIGAN. Mary. 14 Old Smith Rd.. Tenafly. N.J. 07960 

EGAN. Katherine. 15 Armstrong Rd.. Morristown. N.J. 07960 

EVERETT. Sarah. 392 Main St.. Nashua. N.H. 03060 

FAGAN, Cecilia. 326 Prospect St. Herkimer. NY. 13350 

FAHEY. Diane. 18 Pine St.. West Newton. Mass. 02165 

FALLS. Loraine. 7 Myrtledale Rd.. Scarsdale. NY. 10583 

FERRY, Johanna, 110 Preston Dr., Meriden. Conn. 06450 

FINN. Deirdre. 48 Hampshire Rd.. Westwood P.O.. N.J. 07675 

FITZPATRICK. Susan. 17 Oak Lane. Scarsdale. N.Y 10583 

FLANNERY. Regina. R.D. 2 Union Ave., Newburgh, NY. 12550 

FLEMING, Deirdre. 77 Knollwood Dr.. New Haven. Conn, 06515 

FLYNN. Marion. 49 Adams St.. Holbrook, Mass. 02343 

FOLEY. MaryEllen, 14 Norfolk Rd.. Attleboro. Mass. 02703 

FOSKETT. Barbara, 6 Story Dr , West Hartford, Conn. 06110 

FRANZONI, Cathy. 309 Glenn Ave.. Trenton. N.J. 08638 

GALLAGHER. Ellen. 20 Stoney Lea Rd.. Dedhan. Mass. 02026 

GARRETT. Cynthia. Sage Hill La., Mennands. NY. 12204 

GARRITY. Sherryl. 39 Myopia Rd.. Winchester. Mass. 01890 

GAUDREAU. Elise. 44 Westgate Rd.. Wellesley, Mass. 02181 

GAVALLER, Maria, 184 Pine Grove Ave., Newton Lower Falls, Mass. 02162 

GEDDES, Cynthia, 9011 River Rd.. Potomac. Maryland 20854 

GIBLIN. Jean. Village Rd.. New Vernon. N.J, 07976 

GILBANE. Helen, 317 Laurel Ave., Providence, R.I. 02906 

GLENNON, Kathleen, 1391 Union St., Manchester. N.H. 03104 

GOETT. Virginia. 880 Olentangy Rd.. Franklin Lakes. N.J. 07417 

GOODWIN. Jane. 137 Cedar St., Clinton, Mass. 01510 

GOULDING, Kim, 812 Lenox St.. Athol. Mass. 07670 

GRAHAM. Jeanne, 16Greenacres Rd., Washington, Ind.. 47501 

GRASSI. Roberta. 140 Edgemere Dr.. Rochester. N.Y. 14612 

GREBEY. Nancy. 20 Round Hill Dr.. Stamford. Conn. 06903 

GREGORY, Nancy. 3 Greenwood La.. Westport, Conn. 06880 

GRIFFIN. Mary. 92 Deepwoods Dr.. Longmeadow, Mass. 01106 

GUINAN. Jennifer. 4600 Connecticut Ave.. Washington. DC. 2008 

HALSEY. Mary, River Rd.. Scarborough. N.Y, 10510 

HANNAWAY. Judith. 700 Pine St.. Manchester. N.H. 03140 

HANRAHAN. Jeanne. 34 Ethan Allen La.. Stamford. Conn, 06903 

HARRINGTON. Lois. 241 East Ninth St.. So. Boston. Mass. 02127 

HARRINGTON. Patricia. 120 Grant Ave., East Rockaway. NY. 11518 

HASHIMOTO. Naomi. 2-80-9 Jingumae Shibuya-Ku. Tokyo 150. Japan 

HENNESSEY, Sheila, 163 Prospect St., W. Boylston, Mass. 01583 

HIGGINS, Janet, 70 Hobart St., Brighton, Mass. 02135 

HILLENBRAND, Karola, 428 Church Ave., Oshkosh, Wis. 54901 

HIRSCHBERG, Julie, 73 Norma Rd., Harrington Park. N.J. 07640 

HUDNER. Kristina. 1205 Gardner Neck Rd.. So. Swansea. Mass. 12777 

HUSSEY, Nancy, Knoll Court, Lloyd Harbor, Huntington, N.Y. 11743 

lANUCCI. Janet. 97 Hillside Dr.. N. Providence. R.I. 02911 

ICAZA. Iraida. P.O. Box 1689. Panama 1, Rep. of Panama 

JONES. Sharon, 105 Hooker Ave.. Poughkeepsie. N.Y. 12601 

JORDAN. Marilyn. 168 North St. Walpole, Mass. 02081 

JOSEPHS. Barbara. Box 129. Christiansted. St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Is. 00820 

KEEGAN, Jane. 50 Livingstone Lane. Waltham, Mass. 02154 

KEEGAN, Mary, 1608 Keystone Ave.. Upper Darby. Pa. 19082 

KELLY. Loretta. 304 Sol 55, SuRhumirt Rd.. Royal Mansion. Apt 7B. Bangkok, Thialand 

KEMP, Roberta, 6 Pondfield Dr., Chappaqua, NY. 10514 

KENARY, Jean, 78 Wyndhurst Dr., Holden, Mass. 01520 

KENDRICK. Nancy, 304 Winkworth Parkway, Syracuse, N.Y. 13215 

KEOUGH. Patricia. 21 Holbrook Ave.. Rumford. R.I. 02916 

KERNAN, Mary. 106 Valentine Circle. Warwick, R.I. 02886 

KIMBERLAND. Ann. 25 Lincoln St., Glen Ridge. N.J. 07028 

KIEDERIS. Diane. 34 Pelton St. W. Roxbury. Mass. 02132 

KONDOLF. Jennifer. 175 E. Main St., Victor, NY. 14564 

LAMAGNA, Mary, 165 Summer St., Andover, Mass. 01810 

LARKIN. Kathleen. 2323 Yardley Rd.. Yardley, Pa. 19067 

LATSON, Denise. 18 Wayne St.. Boston, Mass. 02121 

LEONARD, Elaine, 33 Whittier Dr.. Scituate. Mass. 02066 

LESSING, Virginia. 2 Beech Rd.. Islipm, N.Y. 11751 

LIEGEY, Anne. 335 Ocean Dr. West. Stamford. Conn. 06902 

LOGUE. Catherine. 60 Plain Rd.. Wayland, Mass. 01778 

LONGLEY. Kathryn. 40 Robinson Gardens. Lewiston, Maine 04240 

LOVE. Paula. 256 Ocean Drive West. Stamford. Conn. 06902 

LYON, Elaine, 23 Ravine Rd., Winchester, Mass. 01890 

MacDONALD. Anne. 10 Edgren Way. Montvale, N.J. 07645 

MacDOUGALL. Mary, 424 East St. Dedham. Mass. 02026 

MALONEY, Mary, 53 Hoffman Dr., Latham, N.Y. 12110 

MARACOTTA, Susan, 12 Merritt St., West Islip. N.Y. 11795 

MARSHALL. Mary. 40 Pya Rd., Portland, Me. 04103 

MASE, Marilyn, 287 Concord Rd., Wayland. Mass. 01778 

MAURIETTI. Carol. Dogwood Hills Rd.. Newburgh. N.Y. 12550 

MAY, Mary, 11 Cedar Crest Dr., Danbury, Conn. 06810 

MAYBURY, Angela, 323 Ocean Ave., New London, Conn. 06320 

McCarthy, Sharon, Westtown, Pa. 19395 

McCORMACK, Jane. 520 East 86 St.. New York. NY. 10028 

McDERMOTT, Patrice. 29 Ripplewood Dr., Upper Saddle River. N.J. 07458 

McDonald. Nancy. 133 South St., Needham, Mass. 02192 

McGANNON, Patricia, 673 Weed St., New Canaan. Conn. 06840 

McMAHON. Maureen, 14 Hickory Hill Dr.. Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. 10522 


McPIKE, Gloria, 1013 Cove Rd,, Mamaroneck, N.Y. 10543 

MEEHAN. Mary, 90 West 13th St., Bayonne, N.J. 07002 

MEEHAN, Sheila, 65 Woodlawn St., Chicopee. Mass. 01020 

MELLEN, Susan, 36 High St.. Charlestown, Mass. 02129 

MEYER, Catherine, Rt. 5, Riverdale Dr., Green Bay, Wise. 54303 

MEYER, Christine, 78 Martha Rd., Harrington Park. N.J. 07640 

MILLER, Donna, 112 Third Avenue, Pelham. NY. 10803 

MILLER. Marianne. 176 Davis Ave., White Plains. NY. 10605 

MITCHELL. Kathleen, 19935 Charters Dr., Saratoga. Calif. 95070 

MORELLI. Elena. 369 Knickerbocker Rd.. Tenafly. N.J. 07670 

MORRELL, Marguerite. 79 Hampton Rd., Garden City. N.Y. 11530 

MULDOON. Geraldine. 3400 Main St.. Bridgeport. Conn. 06606 

MULLANEY. Elizabeth. 41 Commodore Rd.. Worcester. Mass. 01602 

MULLIN, Deborah, 12 Cedar Dr., So. Easton, Mass. 02375 

MURPHY, Janet, 49 Margaret St., Norvi/ood, Mass. 02062 

MURPHY, MaryJo, 1517 Plumtree Rd.. Springfield. Mass. 01119 

NAULTY, Susan, 74 Waverley St., Belmont, Mass. 02178 

NOLAN, MARY, 7 Lawrence Rd., Weston. Mass. 02193 

O'BRIEN. Kathleen. 24 Hartwell Rd.. West Hartford. Conn. 06117 

O'BRIEN, Sheila, 849 Roger Williams Ave., Rumford, R.I. 02916 

O'CONNOR. Kathleen. 33 Calton Dr.. Norristown, Pa. 19403 

O'CONNOR. Mary. 40 Bradford Ave., Upper Montclair, N.J. 07043 

O'DONNELL, Martha, 46 Cooke St.. Providence, R.I. 02906 

O'KEEFE, Eileen, 44 Oakridge Lane. West Hartford, Conn. 06107 

O'HALLORAN, Maureen. 377 Walnut St., Newtonville. Mass. 02160 

O'NEILL. Mary, 660 Col. Dewees Rd., Wayne, Pa. 19087 

O'REILLY. Elizabeth, 2301 Genesee St.. Utica. N.Y. 13501 

OSTACH. Carol. 41 Whitman St., Hastings-on-Hudson. N.Y. 10706 

OWEN. Constance. 39 Reed St., Lexington, Mass. 02173 

PACITTI. Patricia, 2016 Mifflin St.. Philadelphia. Pa. 19145 

PAOLINO, Donna. 195 President Ave.. Providence. R.I. 02906 

PAOLINO. Susan, 267 Elmgrove Ave., Providence. R.I. 02906 

PARIS, Gail. 2782 St. Paul Boulevard, Rochester, N.Y. 14617 

PARRY, Macy. 77 Brennan Dr., Bryn Mawr. Pa. 19010 

PATTERSON, Barbara, 7 Gryzboska Circle, Framingham, Mass. 01701 

PICOTTE, Marcia, 234 Lenox Ave., Albany, N.Y. 12208 

POLLOCK, Patricia. Griswold Rd.. Rye. NY. 10580 

PORTER. Jennella. 89 Meadow Lane. Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich 48236 

PURCELL. Geraldine. 36 Tompkins Rd.. Scarsdale, N.Y. 10583 

QUIGLEY. Patricia, 152 Neponset Ave., Dorchester. Mass. 02122 

QUINN. Katherine. 20 Adams St.. Newtonville. Mass. 

OUINN. Theresa, 130 Glen Ave.. Glen Rock. N.J. 07452 

RAWAL, Varsha, 153 Sanford Lane. Stamford. Conn. 06905 

REARDON. Sheila, 30 Sol Ruam Rudee, Ploenchit Rd.. Bangkok, Thailand 

REGDOS, Sr. Frances, 1 Arlington St.. Winchester. Mass. 01890 

RENDA. Katharine, 295 Greenbrook Rd., Green Brook. N.J. 08812 

RITCHIE. Dorothy, 14 Pateman Circle, Menands, N.Y. 12204 

RIVA, Brenda, 347 West Britannia St., Taunton, Mass. 02780 

RODRIGUEZ. Gloria. 12 Ave. S.O. #704, Mawagua, Nicaragua 

ROGERS, Stephanie, 19 Masconomet Rd., Ipswich, Mass. 01938 

ROSS, Donna, Riverfield Dr., Weston. Conn. 06880 


ROWLENSON. Jane. 55 Cedar Dr.. Allendale. N.J. 07401 

RYAN. Moira. 130 Beacon St.. Chestnut Hill. Mass. 02167 

RYAN. Theresa. 6 Behnke Court. Rockville Centre. NY. 11570 

SALERNO, Susan, 90 Briary Rd., Dobbs Ferry. NY. 10522 

SARIAN. Marie-Therese. 126 School St.. Watertown. Mass. 02172 

SAVARESE. Susan. 3486 Roxbury Ave,. Wantage, N.Y. 11793 

SCANLAN, Mary, 3 Cedar Place, Garden City, N.Y. 11430 

SCHILLING, Mary, 524 Kingfish Rd., N. Palm Beach, Fla. 33408 

SEAMAN, Cathleen, 34 Ardsley Place. Rockville Centre, N.Y. 

SENN, Carole, 83 Winter St., Woonsocket, R.I. 02895 

SHEA, Laura, 14 Orchard Rd., Scituate, Mass. 02066 

SHEEDY, Eileen, 3 Ardmare Rd., Worcester. Mass. 01609 

SHERIDAN. Marita. 11 Sunset Ave., Pawling. NY, 12564 

SHERRY. Madeline. 416 Chichester Lane. Wunnewood. Pa. 19096 

SHIEL. Annellen. 330 Sumner St.. Norwood. Mass. 02062 

SHIELDS, Josephine, 7 Country Parkway, No. Providence, R.I, 02911 

SHIELDS. Pamela, 116 Oliver Rd.. Waban. Mass. 02168 

SILVESTRO, Maria. 38 Lawrence Lane. Lexington, Mass. 02173 

SMITH, Janet, 2424 Tracy Place, N.W., Washington, DC, 20008 

SMITH, Janine, 63 Main St., Westford, Mass. 01886 

SMITH, Joanne. 213 Wolf Swamp Rd.. Longmeadow. Mass. 01106 

SPAGNUOLO, Elena. 255 Moss Hill Rd., Jamaica Plain, Mass. 02130 

STAUDINGER. Jane. 542 Prospect St.. Woonsocket. R.I. 02895 

STEUERWALD, Elizabeth. 612 Meadowvale Lane. Media. Pa. 19063 

SULLIVAN, Kathleen, 18989 Schlather Lane, Rocky River, Ohio 44116 

SULLIVAN, Marion. 19 Huntington Ave.. Sharon. Mass. 02067 

SULLIVAN. Mary, 2 Chastellux Ave., Newport, R.I. 02840 

SZYMANSKI, Christine, 97 Beechwood Rd., Oradell, N.J. 07649 

TANGUAY, Diane, 11 LeGrand Rd., North Haven, Conn. 06973 

TARICANO. Martha. 66 Mill St.. Newton Centre. Mass. 02159 

TATUM, Karen, 285 Colonie St., Albany, N.Y, 12210 

TERHUNE. Julia. 648 College St.. Woodland, Calif. 95695 

TOBIN. Patricia, 36 St. Pauls Rd. North. Hempstead. NY. 11550 

TULLY. Patricia. 2Storer Ave.. Pelham, N.Y. 10803 

TYRRELL, Ann-Marie, 241 Bristol Rd., Wellesley Hills, Mass. 02181 

UGARTE. Rosalind. 501 -D Padgett Cmpd. Lahug, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines. 

VANEYCK, Christine, 203 Larchmont Ave., Larchmont, N.Y. 10538 

VELA2CO, Dury, Av. 20 #11-73, Barquisimeto, Lara, Venezuela 

VIVEIROS. 116 Prospect St., Waltham. Mass. 02154 

WATERS, Patricia. 61 Stearns St., Newton Centre. Mass. 02159 

WEGMAN. Dianne. 41 Edgewater Lane. Rochester. N.Y. 14617 

WELCH. Kathleen. 196 Concord Rd.. Longmeadow, Mass. 01106 

WHELAN. Martha, 275 Brookside Rd., Darien, Conn. 06820 

WHIPPLE, Laura, 35 Elizabeth Rd.. Belmont. Mass. 02178 

WHITE. Barbara, 48 Foxcroft Rd., Fayetteville, N.Y. 13066 

WHITE, Martha, 354 Jerusalem Rd.. Cohasset, Mass. 02025 

WITHROW. Constance. 265 Gary Lee Dr.. Gahanna. Ohio 43230 

ZAILCKAS. Jeanne, 538 Lakeside Blvd. West, Waterbury, Conn. 06708 

PATRICK. Katherine, 78 Green St.. Watertown. Mass. 02172 

SLOCUM, Mary, Brown Rd., Robinwood Farm. RFD East Douglas. Mass. 

WIMBERLY, Lynne. 6 Alcott Rd.. Lexington, Mass. 02173 

GILSTON, Mary, 4 Oak Lane, Amsterdam, N.Y. 12020 

"- '^i 

... be at peace with God, 
whatever you conceive Him to 
be, and whatever your labors 
and aspirations, in the noisy 
confusion of life, f<eep peace 
within your soul. 

the class of 1971 

p! ;,';*(*