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Full text of "The New York charities directory. 1890"

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That diarity u moat c^leient which preBtntt p 
bg rettoring the brMd-ainner to his work. 

This InstiCutloD ia uot only worth; of support, but needs 
it to acUieve the liigheat results. 

Will you Inquire iolo its merits and give it a iielping bandT 

The treasurer is John L. Rikbr, Stokes Buildiog, No. 45 
Cedar Street. 


The work of this ioslitution has outgrows Its endow- 
ment. Oat of 3,704 patients lost jeor, all but 316 v 
free. The Hospital had to refuse hospital patients for 
the want of proper iiccommodation. A large part of their 
land, bounded by Hioth and Tenth Avenues and 68th and 
S9th Streets, is unoccupied, and great need is felt for more 
buildings and a larger endowment to attend to the presaiog 
needs of the neigliborhood. Their worlt has, since its 
foundation, grown from 730 to S,T04 patients in the wards 
of the hospital and to 25,948 in lUe dispensary. 

The expenses for tlie year ending December Slat, 1891, 
were $120,342.05, and the receipts of income from all 
sources |10S,921.78, showing a deficiencj of $20,820.27. 

Anj of [he Trustees will be happy to give information 
on the subject, or donations may be sent direct to tlie 


160 Broadway. 


JNO. M. KNOX, Praident 

JA8. A. HOOSKVKLT Vice-Pretideat. 


W. raVING CLARK. Secretary. 

MERKnr TRCMBLE. PraBidant N. Y. Hospital. 
JAS. SV. MoLANE. PreBideut Oollege of Pbyslciaiia and Sun^ons. 
BENJAMIN H. FIELD, President N. Y. Eye and Ear Inflnnary. 
CHAS. C. SAVAGE, Frealdent Demilt DlspenBary. 
JOHN TRELAT IKVIHO, FresldenC of N. Y. InstitutloD tor tbe Blind. 





^ TfO THB 





United, an Army; Divided, a Mob/^ 






I devise and bequeath to the " CnAKnr Oroanization 
SooiBTY or THB CtT« OF New Tork," incorporated under 
Chapter 139, of the laws of 1883 of the State of New York, 
to be applied to the beaevolent uses atid purposes of said 
Society, and under ils direction {iruert deicriplion qf the 
money or proptrty given). 

■-9 .2. ^^ ^^^ ^'^f'' iKsociitioD for [mproTing tbe CoDditioii of tbe Poor. 

Organised 1843— 49tb Year. laeorporated 184S. 

39 Faarth ATenoe. 3059 Lezinf ton Are. 

g Centra Harkst Place, Off Broome Street. 

Honn: Iti.M. CoBf.m. Bath Hours: Ba.ii. to B p.m. 
A Bocdetf deTol«d to tbe intereets of \be poor and working dasaea. 
the judicious relief of tbelrneoeaaitleB. and tbe Banltary ImprYivetQent 
□tlheirhames.wtlhout regard to race, color, or nationality. lU de- 
sign la tbe elevation of the moral and pby^cal condition of tbe iu- 
d%ent, and, ao tar &■ Is compatible with this, their temporary relief. 

i:^^*° RO VI w T i Mfo^ ''^* Membership, $asQ 

yBHSi '~ ^ ^^y^^ Patron, per aanata, $13 

b<& ft ^>«>^ ^nnnal Momber, 

per anaaa, • $xo 

It eoadMt* six dqait> 
■anil IB Beslrtiatloi, Kellef. 
SaalbUT, SenlDR. FrMli>llr, 
aad PabUo Balk*. 

Belief Is (cranted in i«OTis- 

ioni. fuel, clothing, blankets, 
medidDes, Bick-rooin food, 
(resh-alT excurstons, sewins, 
bath llcket8,iTood-7iu4von 
and other emplorment. 
Inspection is made of the 8aalt«T condition of tenement bouses 
and prompt means taken to abate exiatlag nuisances 

Sewing Is prorided for the female members of dlstreeaed families 
when work ceases for the men. 

During the Summer "Ocean ParUeB." comprising from MO to 
1.000 of the dwellers In the overcrowded teQement hooBei of New 
Toi* Cilr, are taken by water twice a week to an adjacent waterii^ 
[dace, wine loncb and bathloR prlvllegea are provided. Whole 
tamlues are accommodated. Number thus aided last season, 11MB. 

The People's Baths are in useful and active operation. Number 
bathers to date, IS.881. 

Total number of laat year's henefloiaries. . 37,988 

VlBltsmade ,. ... aS,SOS 

Annual Expenditure, about (40,000 

Controlled by a Board of Hana^rs and Executive Committee, 
Supported by voluntary contributions. 

JOHN PATON, Preddent. 
WAKKBR VAN NOKDEN, Treasurer, No. S6 Nassau Street. 
QEOBOE OAIJ>EEt, Secretary. 

JAMES A. S CRYMSE R, Chairman Finance Committee. 
E. FDLTON CDTTINa. Chairman Committee of n»ys and Ueana. 
JOHN U CADWALASm Counsel to the Board. 
T&iS<m 8. LQKQWOBIH. Qeiwral igeat, TO rovith Aveow. 


West Boulevard, bet. i^Sth and i^yth Sts., 

The Mohtbfjokk Home waa incorporated i 
Its purpose is to alTord scientific and. medica! t 
well as the best of nouriBliing food and permaaont shelter 
to thuse unfortunates who, by reason of the incurabOity of 
their dJBeaaes, are retuscd admission in Hospitals and Aay- 


No iduirge is made for tteatmeat. The Home is entirely 

supported by voluntary contributions. | 

Reports sent U[>on application. 



Cor, 49tli Street and Fourtli Avenue. 

For the exclusive treatment of the diseases peculiar to | 
Chabtered in 1855. 

JOHN E. PAaaONS, PreEldent. C. N. TAI^OT, Beoretarr 




BACBE HgE. emmet. M.D { 


B. H. IE KCY, fifiti 

By having your washing done at the 



Ckrity Orptotlon Society, 


Bet. 63d & 64th Streets, Kbsbz vork, 

You will enable the Society to train and employ 

many poor women. 


and expert hands are employed on Fine Family Qarments. 





Charity Organization Society, 

5/4 East 23d Street. 

This Wood Yard is maintained to supply relief agencies 
and private persons with a means of helping able-bodied 
men who ask for help, without demoralizing them by direct 
gifts of alms, and of testing their willingness to work. 


IB E. asth street m 

the work baa been carried on from the 
bllahnient of a Bemi-monthlj paper. The 

le Beoond etep In this i 

The third waa the ereclloa of a. Hoiie where expoBed. oegle 
and oniolly treated children could be proteottd. ThfB Home fo 
Frlesdlesa has stood for orer forty years and has sheltered a 


:, but when le^^ally comrnlttcd a 

be trained to virtue and usefultiefls. 

.... , IB work has been the esttkhlfsh 

it iHDDHTBliLBCHOoLH In dBBtilutepaj" -.-.--...-.. . - .- 

(tilu te pajta of the city, Into whieb 

are be&w the level of tbe puhUe 

BCboola, are Rathered. Twelve of these are now iD succcnaful opem- 
CioD, with au annual registry of between five and ali tbouaaiid. 

daily lunch of bread ia provided and oJotblng for the moM needy. 

The Society Bupports also a Boincb Mohk for auDimer use at 
Oeeaoport. New Jersey. 

liie schools are partially eunporteid from the public school fund, 
but tlie Society is not endowed, and itamaln support la derived from 
voluntary cootributiong and beque»U. Honey aid la ^really needed. 

York (here insert the am 




Mrh. 0. C. NORTB, Pres. 

Mas. A. H 

. Cor. Setry. 

aV-Pre». HkB-Habr 


Mas. B 

A. Stone, Treoimrei 

Se». E.G. Terry, D.D. John H Riker. 

Bbv, Wm. T. Saliuie. D.D. Dr. Benj. Lord. 

Bev. C. L. Thomuson, D.D. AuKustus (laylord. 

Rev. Edward JudsoB. D.D, Hon, H, W. Bookst 

Dr. Stephen Smith. (Jharles H. Knox. 

Ernest D. North. 



Organized in 1827. 
Office, 106 Bible House, 4th Avenue and 9th Street. ' 

Ptoteatant and Evangelical. Doctrinal bctsis^ the Apostla'* Creed. 

Aims at the evangelization of the city in its more destitute parts. 

Has services in English, German, Italian, and for Jews in German. 

Holds property in churches valued at over $450,000, all free of 

Has Sunday Schools, Libraries, Reading Rooms, Open Air Services, 
Lecture Courses, a large Gymnasium, and various other instrumen- 
talities for making the Gospel touch the people at all points. 

Works where the field is hardest, and in ground abandoned by 
other churches. 


Morris E. Jksup, - - President. 

A. F. ScHAUFFLKR, D.D., Vice-Presidcnt (In charge of work). 
A. K. Ely, . . . . Secretary. 

C. A. Andrews, - - - Treasurer. 


Olivet Church, - - - 59-68 Second street. 

De Witt Memorial Church, - 280 Rivington street. 

Broome Street Tabernacle, - - 395 Broome street. 

Italian Church, - - 155 Worth street. 

Jewish, Chinese, and German Branch work at Olivet and 
I>e Witt Memorial. 


Office, 104 Bible House. 

Superintendent^ Mrs. Luct S. Bainbridob. 

Employs lady Missionaries to visit homes below Fourteenth street 
and gather children into Sunday-Schools and parents into churches. 

Carries on Sewing Schools, Bands of Hope, Day Nurseries, and 
the like. 

Sends trained Nurses to the sick poor who cannot be taken to 

Provides a Christian Workers' Home for Missionaries, Nurses and 

Maintains a Training Class for those who desire to fit themselves 
for City Missionary work. 



lagth St., Tenth Ave. lo Bioadway. 


Bav. THOMiS M. FETEHS, 8. T, D SSS W. 9BtU Btreol. 



HEEMANNC. VuNPOST. a Bowling Qpb™. 

BENJAMIN H. FIELD , SI E. S6tE street. 

HERMANN C. VON POST -...8 Bowling OreBn, 

OHAKLESW. MATIRT. .604 W. IMth atreet. 

One liundred and sixty children are provided with a 
home in tlie cottages of this Institution. 

It ulso owns IS acres, known as Mt. Mintum, at Elms- 
ford, Weatchester Co., N. Y. On thia property tiiere is a 
Summer Cottage for cliildron. There are also being built 
there two cottages for permanent occupancy. 

Doaations are solicited for ciirruut expenses and also for 
tlie ereclioQ of cottages at Mt. Minturn. The cost of each 
to iiccommodale 30 children is {10,000, 


If you wish to be l(ept fully informed respecting all be- 
qiieijts to Missionary. Oiaritabie, and Edncational Institu- 
Hons, subscribe for "THE SHELTERING ARMS." 

It Ls the only publication in this country which makes 
m specially of such intelligence. Issued Weekly from 
October to July. 

Correspondence with 1,000 Surrogate Offices throughout 
tbe United States, securing direct and authentic returns. 

Price (ll.OO a year (40 numbers). Spectrum (hpiei Free. 

Address Rav. C. T. Wabd, The Sheltering Anns, 
604 W. 129th Street. 

Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society of New York. 


Oruid DriTe, 11th ATenne, bet. loOth tnd 151st Streets; 
Branch, Comer Areiine A tnd 87th Street. 

The aim and earnest effort of this Society is to care for such Jewish 
children as are required by law to be placed in an institution, by re- 
moving them from all harmful associations, and by surrounding 
them with the religious, moral and educational influences best 
adapted to their individual needs. When properly trained, oppor- 
tunities are provided for them to enter the ranks of society and to 
lift themselves by honest industry and mc al worth. 

It shelters abou^ 600 boys and girls from 3 to 14 years of age. Its 
sanitaiy provisions and its cheerful and homelike arrangements are 
unsurpassed To prevent institutionizing the children those of a 
proper age are sent to the public schools. 

The Hansgers urge those who are charitably inclined to become 
satisfied, by personal iBspection, of their successful efforts to bett4*r 
the condition of those helpless ones who have been entrusted to their 
care, and earnestly solicit the benevolent support and aid which is so 
greatly needed. 

JVes, Mrs. FhiltpJ. JoAOHiMSBN. Vice-Pres., Mrs. Dr. S Teller. 
Treas., Mrs. A. Barnett. Hon.Secy. Mrs. Morris Qoodhart. 

Advisory Board. 
Messrs. Morris Goodhart, Jacob Baiz, Judah A. de Lima, and 

A. Barnett. 

Superintendents, Mr. & Mrs. Faubrbach. 

New lork Society for tlie Suppress! ot !ice. 





Treasurer, KILIAEN VAN RENSSELAER, 56 Wall Street. 

Secretary and Chief Special Aqent: 

ANTHONY COMSTOCK, Room 85, Times Building. 

This Association is devoted to the protection of the moral purity 
of the twenty-millions of children unaer twenty-one years of age in 
this country bv the suppression of obscene and indecent books, pic- 
tures, immoral articles, gambling, lotteries, etc. It hopes to prevent 
a scourj^e to the community arising from the spread of these vices, 
by keepmg the children pure— preventing their oecoming inoculated 
with moral leprosy. It is a work which appeals to every lover of 
humanity. Each one of the evils named above is a crime-breeder. 
Thus far, more than 56 tons weight, or upwards of 113,000 pounds, of 
corrupt matter has been seized and destroyed, and over 1,560 persons 

Those who have become best acquainted with this Reform have 
declai«d it to be ^* the most important of any in existence.'^ Surely 
the protection of the morals of twenty millions of children is worthy 
of the support of all good citizens. 

For eighteen years sustained by voluntary contributions. 


teoINewYorh. Bjiri W 
ntlon af iioor relief, N 
Itself to this ao Id. Ita> 
[ OonimlttEBS, fnvBSteit 
Atlnn and iaBpectian. 

B in the ad- 

otber ToluntBty orpinlitatlon ie de- 
jrk is carried on primnrily bv Coun^ 
a 188! by the LeRlslanire wiHi power 
The ABSociatioQ has aft^-one each 

The influence for good of Che Asaociatioa hna been ebown in the 
general ImprovemBnt of the institutiona vlaiteil, ancl iu greater effl- 
cLej]cy In the admlnlHtratlon of the poor taws^ Amoo^ special re- 

le Seller 

.. The form aijon ai 

etc., with bookB and newapapers, TS7J. 

3. The initiation of Che morement fi 
Mew York Cltj. 18M. 

4. The paesage of the " Tramp Act," 18S0. 

5. The f oniiatiDii of the Society for Instruction Ii 
Injured, 16HS-83. 

Hospital Training School for 
supply hospitals, a^liuns, 
r Tenement House Reform la 

T. The et 
York City, l; 




Reetrioting the Imprisonment ot Wit- 
he arst Working Girls' Clubs in New 
ine to gradn- 

ae Bcboul. IBSS. 
H. ina pasanKB oc ine act aiitboriufne the eatabiiHiuuBm ui muui- 
clpal Lodging Houses In New York City. 18BS. 
1(1. The passage of the Acts whereby the Foorhouse system of car- 
charge and maintenance of her dependent insane. IHM and ISSl. 

The AsBovIatian la supported entirely by TOlontary contrlbutiona. 
Persons interested in Its objects are asked to remember it In making 
bequests; and abo Co send present donations to 

Mtt. S. FiiRCHiLD. Treamrer, 

SI Unirer^ty Place, New York City. 
PaoF. Chibles F. CHiunLKE, Preaident. 
Kia. Wh. B. Rice, Vice-Pres. Hb. Chablis 8, F^iRoniLii, Treta. 
HiBB A£Ey H Wooi,3Ei, Lib'a. Uhs. Ltuiq H. Hott, 
Db. Emily Buosweli.. Mas. Francis P. Kissicarr, 

UiBs Rosalie Butlek, Hk. ChaRlu H. HABtnAu., 

Mb. Hebbt a, CHiPMAN, Mb. John A. McKim. 

Dh. Charles HiTcncoulc, Utas S. E. MlNToN. 

Mb. Hsnrt E. HowLtHD. Uias loniSA Lee SamrVLBit. 

Mr. Johh H. FniLKY. Secretary. 

iDCorporated hi the year t<m under the laws ot the State ot New 

Tork, the sum n( - . . doUars to be used tor 

the purposes ot said AsEociation, 


Tlie Hew loil BiMe and Friilt MWoa 



This Mission is well organized, broad and beneficent ; but, from 
the very nature of its work, it cannot be self-supporting. 

The Coffee House, the Lodging House and the Broom Factory re' 
turn a small income ; they are not entirely self-supporting. 

The expenses of the Hospital and Penitentiary-visiting, the Chapel, 
and the help given to the tenement house population— in the way 
of Industrial Classes, Entertainments, etc.— must be met by outside 

The Mission is Undenominational, and has no paid agent to col- 
lect funds. The Trustees are making great effort to secure some 
definite income, and earnestly ask contributions and bequests 
towards a permanent fund, or to meet immediate running expenses 
if preferred. 

For further information kindly refer to page 98, or to Mas. Wm . T. 
Blodoett, President ; Mas. David H. Goodwillib, Secretary ; Miss 
Marcella Buchanan, Treasurer. 

United Hebeew Ohakities 

Executive Office: 128 Second Avenue. Telephone Call, Spring 452 

OJflee open daily (except Saturdays^ Sundays and Holidays) from 

9 A.M. to % P M.^ and (for urgent cases only) on 

Sundays from 9 to 11 A.M. 

Pbbsidbnt HENRY RICE. 

V.o.-PB»n„»TS |»'0««^^^My^|=^A^S«'^««^' 


Seobetary I.S.ISAACS 

Superintendent CHAS. FRANK. 

Supported mainly by voluntary contributions. 
Assists the Hebrew poor in all branches of relief, and 
maintains an 

that supplies help to all parts of the country. 
Visitors welcomed at the office. 



Maintains an Aayl urn tor dealitute orphans of botli 

tirphana, when 

WbeQ 19 yeara old tbe children are placed on Indenture in Protes- 
tant homefl. ThoSB with contagious dineaaea not admitted. Ad- 
misslan tree. Capacity for £50. Visiting days. Wednesday and 
Saturday aTteriioous, 

Supported by subicrtpUont, donaliom, invested fund and pvblte 

iDmatea last year, about aoo. BeuelptB, (M.(B7, of which 81,691.711 
wut from Public School fund. ExpendltureB, (80.3:4. 

Hbb. Jonathan Odeij.. SW^st 37th etreet, Flist Directress. 

MiBs Lentti-boh, New Briehton, B, L, Secretary. 

Mias JiNBT T. Sbekuam. Treasurer. 

Ubs. J. 8. aHEOBEBO, GO West TM street. FinaDCfal Secretary. 

Hr, and Idiin. C. J. Deuabsst, Superintendents. 
Applications for admission must be made to t^e ExecutlTe 

9 East 94th Strvet 

Tbe Asjiiioi for \k Relief of Half OrpbaD ^nd Destitute Cliilijreii, 

Hinhattui Annne agd ItMtk Mtrcel. 

This Asvlum Is unique among the Inatltutloan. For the small sum 
of one dollar per week, a chilil ma.v be sheltered, nursed, educated, 
and clothed. Any child committed to its caru, who loses its one 
parent, la provided with a home at a nultable age, and oomHponded 
with till the afte of 1 S. It is not sectarian, does not refuse Romaa 
Catholics oD account of their reliRion. but IJ9 slTlctty ProtaetaDt in fts 
hiauenoe. It draws its Income from thB gifts ol subscribers and 
donors, and from the board money paid t>r parent or friend: the ex- 
penses of the Sohoul being met by the public scbool fund. A scholar- 
ship of RED a year will support a child; a permanent scholarship of 
ts,000 will support an inmate in perpetuity. The house Is open (or 
inspection by tbe public even- week day. Applications tor admisslDn 
of children must be made on Wednesdays between Jl and 1 o'clock. 

Tbe following Is the form of Legacy: 

sum of dollars In 

— . aftur my decease, to 

payable shall act sa treasurer to 
the Keliet of HaTf Orphan and Destitute Children 

trusCto pay over the s 
the person who whi 

"The Soolaty tor tL_ _ 

Id the City of Sew York," foi 

ber leth, 18W, to be applied I 

said Sootefy under its direoti, 

The oOHcers for 1801 a— 

led in the City of 
the charitable u 


He Five Poiots House of leJustrj, 



was established to shelter and provide for children whose 
parents are unable to care for them, or who are orphans. 
They are cleansed, clothed, fed and instructed until they 
can be provided for elsewhere. Many respectable men and 
women to-day are what they are because of the House of ^ 

During its existence more than forty-two thousand 
have been in its school and over twenty-seven thousand 
have lived in the House. 

It is supported largely by voluntary contributions. 
Donations of money, second-hand clothing, shoes, etc., will 
be gratefully re(?eived. 

The average cost of maintaining the Institution is about 
ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS per day, and for this sum the 
House is partly dependent upon voluntary contributions. 


I give and bequeath unto The Five Points House of 
Industry, in the City of New York (incorporated A.D. 

1854), or its Treasurer for the time being, the sum of 

dollars, to be applied to the uses thereof. 

Service of Song by the children, Sunday, 3.30 to 4.30 
P.M.; Sunday-School, 3 to 3 p.m.; Day-Schools, 9 to 11.40 
A.M., and 18.40 to 3 p.m., except Saturday; at dinner table, 
12.10 to 12.40 p.m. 

Visitors are cordially welcomed at all times. 


MORRIS K. JESUP, President. HUGH N. CAMP, Trbasijber. 

GEORGE F. BETTS, Secretary. 

Charles Lanibr. Geo. H. Morgan. David S. Eoleston. 

Walter H. Lewis. Oliver Harriman. Henrt E. Hawlby. 




led IB to found a Honi 
ir Id auj of the larto 

for the needy wlio lab 

iL Nd antrance fee Ib required. It allot 
le twed of both sexea and a tempurary fa 
1 able to reaum'' thetr labors. It seeks t 


Tbe re^dence of Cbe 

permaneDt Home 
to otber* not aged, 

._ i employment tor 

id or Hatloluillty. Furtbermore. Its object ts 

; home at an exceptionally low Qgareto tbfl 

KOvarQBaBaB and others of the Muoailonal 

pay but little, ne know of no^therBUuli 

I J, I- n ^ ment are dependent upon subacHptlona and 

.luua TsoliuDdr ddrllarsuoustltatFa a Patron. One hundred 

lefartor and Fifty dollars a Life Member. 

1 Jae tiBANT Wmaos IS East71tli Street, la the Treasurer. 

a MutT A FiBQEE EVosideut, IRS St. Ann's Ave. 

q John H Hihtoh VI e Fresicteut. 41 West 3£d Street. 

L. IHIE Lldi/iw. Asfllstant Treasurer. 118 East S4t1i Street, 

who will receive donation 



1176 Madison Avenue, 

Corner 86th Street. 

Organtzed under apecfal cliarter for the apiritual, moral, 
mental and pljysical restoration of intemperate men. 

Tlie methods of tlie management are dtstitictlj Christian, 
not medical, not thoae of a permanent asylum for inebriates. 
Tbe aim ia to furnish a temporary home wliere religious ia- 
atruction and helpful association lead to Christian manhood. 
Thoae able to pay do so, according; to accommodatiooB 
given, but poverty need hinder none from admission. -Pive 
weeks is the required period of stay in tbe Home, and appli- 
cation mav be made to Mr. Charles A. Bunting, Resident 
Manager, No. 1175 Madison Ave., cor. 8Qth St. 
Rbv. D. Stuart Dodqe, President. 
3. Noui^ Btearnh, Vic£- President. 
HEtiKr C. IIouGUTON, M.D., Seeretarj/. 
J. E, FiSHBR, Treasurer, 

, XIX 



President, Benjamin H. Field. 

Vice-Presidents, . Martin E. Greene, A.drian Iselin. 
Treasurer, Geo. Sherman, 54 Wall St. (Central Trust Co.) 
Secretary, . H. M. McLaren, 89th St. and Seventh Ave. 
Superintendent, . . . Israel C. Jones, M.D. 
Physician, . . . Archibald M. Campbell, M.D. 

The Home for Incurables was organized in the year 1866, 
and the Managers have aimed to make it what its name im- 
plies, a **Home" for that large class of sufferers whose 
diseases are pronounced incurable, and who, by the nature 
of their disease, are denied admission to the ordinary hospi- 
tals, while the persons themselves, though in many instances 
quite poor, are. in refinement, education and social position, 
and above all, religious character, so far removed from the 
pauper class that no Christian mind can for a moment bear 
the thought of dismissing them to the public charities. 

Of such patients, some are received and provided for 
gratuitously, their support becoming a charge upon the 
resources of the Home ; while others are paid for, either by 
their friends or from their own means — the charge being $7 
per week and upward ; a higher rate is fixed for patients 
whose condition makes it necessary to place them in a 
separate room and to give them the extra attention of a 

Board money of pay patients must be paid eight weeks in 

Application for admission of patients should be made to 
the Superintendent, from whom blank forms of application 
may be obtained. 

The payment of $5,000 in one sum provides a Free Bed 
in Perpetuity. 

Contributions in Cash may be sent direct to the Treasurer, 
Mr. George Sherman, 54 Wall Street. 

Donations of Clothing, Books, Games, etc., can be sent 
direct to the Home, or will be called for on notifying the 
Superintendent, Dr. Jones. 

Thursday is regular visiting day when all will be gladly 
welcomed . 



Firat Vice-PraBldent 

Beoond Viea-preeident. 


Objbct.— " He DbjRCt to anil shall be to relittve the 
thepooroftheulty of New York, wttljout rBeard U 
BStJonBllty. Ualatalna 


■re Bluk children 
provided vlth 
laea-alr; alea 


received dangeroualy aiofc 


in in co-operation with tbe Health Department and Cbaritable Insti- 
tutions nl every kind. 

Supported Entirely by Volaatary Contribatlona. 

JiM will provide for one trip of the Floatlnz Hospital. 
100 will name a ertb in the Sea Sid" ° — '—' 
Life memberablp, )G0. Apnual mec 






Save for Clothing! Save for Coal! 

Save for a Home! Save for a Holiday! 

Save for an Accident! Save for Old Age! 

**A Penny Saved Is Twopence Enrned/' 


of the Charity Organization Society of the City of New York, will 
receive and deposit for safe keeping any amount from one cent up- 
ward. It aims to do what savings banks do not— invite savings of 
small sums less than one dollar. It has over one hundred and forty 
local offices or stamp stations, conveniently located for depositors. 

This fund Is for older people as well as children. No one is too 
old or too young to save. The aim of this Penny Provident system 
is to inculcate habits of providence and thrift; to show how, bv little 
savings, larger sums may easily be accumulated, and to teach in a 
very practical way the truth of the old saving: '* Take care of the 
pennies, and the pounds will take care of tnemselves.'^ 

Deposits are receipted for by stamps attached to a stamp card, 
a system widely used in England and other countries. 

Make a beginning! 

The Treasurer has given bond to the amount of $10,000 for the 
faithful performance of his duties, and as the deposits increase the 
bond win be increased, so that the deposits will always be secured. 

The Committee gives its services without compensation, and the 
entire deposits are in the State Trust Company, 50 Wall Street, New 
York City. 

Apply for information to 

Miss M. MESSEMER, Secretary and Cashier^ 

2t University Place. 

Office Hours, 11 to 4. Saturdays, 9 to 12. 

OTTO T. BANNARD, Chairman and Treasurer, 




Sulpl^ur Soap 


■ Irrefragable evidence exists which proves 

I conclusively that it produces the equally sure 

' beneficial effects with the most popular and 

reliable sulphur bath, whether artificial or 
gushing from the bosom of Mother Nature. 
Rheumatic ailments as well as eruptive com- 
plaints, Sores, Pimples and Abrasions of 
the Skin are speedily and entirely removed 

Invaluable in Gontagioas Diseases. 




Frefiiee xssiil., xx 

Addenda et Errata . . . x 

List of AdTcrtlsemeuts . sxx,,> 

Organized Charitf (What is il) . 3. 

Haps xxxviii.,» 

Objects, Methods. Officers and Offices of 
the Charitj Organization Societr . 
Public Officials having cognizance 

Police Department . 

Police Stations 

CItII Courts 

Criminal Conrts 

Foreign Consnls 

Ferries to City Islands .... 
Department of Public Charities and 


Health Department .... 
Board of Edncation .... 
CoLLBQEs and Schools under its charge 
ClasBifled List of Charities : 

CLASS I.— Qoremmenl or Official Aid^ 
Division 1.— City and County . 

•* 2.— State 

" 8. — National 

iniddle cohimn numbers those 1 

ire speoiBlly founded 

right-hand cohimn gives the number 


CLASS II. — Tempora/ry Relief of Distress. 


Drv. 1. — Industrial Employment 

2. — Food, Clothing and General Re 


3.— Fuel 

4. — Shelter and Lodging . 
5. — Transportation . 
6. — Industrial and Educational 
Schools and Kindergartens for 
Children . . . . 
7. — Temporary Homes for Children 
8. — Temporary Homes for Women 

and Children 
9. — Temporary Homes for Adults 


10. — Summer Homes for Children 


** 11.— Summer Homes and Fresh- Air 
Charities for Women and Chil- 
dren . . . . . 
12. — Day Nurseries . . . . 
13. — For National Calamities . 


CLASS III. — Belief of Special Kinds and 
for Special Classes, 

Drv. 1. — Legal Aid and Advice (Pensions, 
Claims, Sanitary etc.) . 

2. — Sick and Disabled Soldiers and 

3.— Soldiers' and Sailors' Widows 
and Orphans .... 

4. — Various Classes, Callings or 
Professions .... 

5. — Burials 

6. — Aid for Sick, other than Medi- 

7. — Loans 

8. — Sea and Country Excursions 











• • • • 




















. . . • 











• • • . 












CLASS IV, ^Foreigners' Belief. 
Div. 1.— General Relief .... 104 

CLASS Y,— Permanent Belief of Distress 
(other i/ian Sick and Defective), 

Div. 1.— Homes for Children only . . 113 

2.— Homes for Adults only . . 129 

3. — Improved Tenements and Homes 138 

4. — Private Pensions . . . 138 

5. — Providing Homes in Country , 139 



CLASS VI. — Medical and Surgical Belief. 

Div. 1. — General Hospitals . . . 140 
2. — Special and Convalescent Hospi- 
tals 150 

3. — General Dispensaries . . 158 
4. — Special Dispensaries . . .165 
5. — Women's, Children's and Lying- 
in Hospitals . . . .168 
6. — Women's and Children's Dispen- 
saries, including Lying-in 
Charities . . . .174 
7. —Visiting and Relieving Sick 

Poor at their own Homes . 176 

8. — ^Training and Furnishing Nurses 17W 

9. — Excursions for Sick Children . 181 

10. — Incurables .... 182 

11. — Medical Colleges, Schools and 

Societies .... 184 
12. — Ambulances .... 190 






CLASS YIL— Belief for the Defective and 

Afflicted (the Blind. Deaf-Mutes^ 

Insane, Crippled etc). 

Div. 1. 
" 2.- 
" 3.. 

-Temporary Aid . 
-Asylums for Children 
-Asylums for Adults , 









• • 
• • • • 























• • • • 









Drv. 4.- 
" 5.- 

-Private Homes for Nervous Per- 

-Instruction . . . . 



CLASS Ylll.—Beformatary. 

1 . — Reformatories for Men 
2. — Reformatories for Women 
3. — Reformatories for Children 



CLASS IX. — Bdigious and Moral, 

Drv. 1.— Missions to the Destitute . 
2. — Missions to Special Classes 
3. — Religious Orders, Sisterhoods 
and Deaconesses . 

CLASS] "K,— Miscellaneous. 

Div. 1. — Provident and Savings Schemes 

2. — Literature and Art, including 
Libraries, Reading-Rooms, 
Museums etc. 

8. — Cheap Meals, Lodgings and 
Baths ..... 

4. — ^Education and Special Training 

5. — Social Improvement, including 
Boys' and Young Men's Clubs 

6. — Boarding-Houses, City and Coun- 

7. — ^Humane 

8. — Savings Banks .... 

9.— Church, Missionary, Publica- 
tion and Tract Societies 




















CLASS XI. — Mutual and Provident Societies. 
Piy, 1. — Beneficial Societies, . , , 286 






• • • • 



























• • 








Cost of Fanerals 

List of Chnrclies and Religrions Con- 
l^r^ations (including Missions), with 
their Charitable and Beneficent Socie- 


Disciples . 
Friends . 
Hebrew . 
Lutheran . 
Methodist Episcopal 
Methodist, African 
Presbyterian . 
Presbyterian, Reformed 
Presbyterian, United 
Protestant Episcopal 
Roman Catholic 
Miscellaneous . 

National Conference of CharitieH and 

Correction 407 

Cbarity Organization Societies of other 

places 408 

Foreign Cbarity Organization Societies 411 

Appendix 422 

General Index 431 




• • • • 











































See the Recapitulation of the above, on next page. 




New York City. 


ClaRS I.— Public Charities 28 

* II. — For Temporary Relief 


III.— For Special Relief 


IV.— For Foreigners' Relief 


* v.— For Permanent Relief 


VI. For Medical Relief . 


VIL— For Defectives . 


* VIII.— For Reformation . 


* IX. — Missions, Orders etc. . 


* X. — Miscellaneous 

. 183 

XI.— Mutual 


Churches and Congregations 


Total .... 

. 12cj8 



Church Hospital and Dispensary of the Protestant 
Episcopal Church (org. and mcorp. 1892). To concentrate 
and centralize church medical work upon the most modern 
scientific medical principles ; to provide a visiting staff and 
to give special care to the worthy poor who shrink from 
receiving medical aid at a public clinic. Edward A. Quin- 
tard, Pres.; Richard Kalish, Sec'y, 50 West 36th St.; 
Thomas L. James, Treas., 32 East 42d St. 

East Side House Kindergarten (org. 1892), foot of 
East 76th St., East River. Open daily from 9 to 12 a.m. 
(see also Class X., Div. 5, page 258). 

New England Kitchen (org. 1891), 341 Hudson St. To 
supply the working classes with well-cooked and nutritious 
food at moderate prices. 

St. Chrysostom's Nursery, 244 West 38th St., is not a 
Day Nursery, but is a Temporary Home and boarding- 
house for well children from 2 to 10 years of age, without 
regard to creed (see Class II., Div. 12). Apply for admis- 
sion to Rev. W. Everett Johnson, 550 Seventh Ave., from 
10 A.M. to 12 M. daily, except Monday. 

St. Patrick's Day Nursery, Mott St., is closed. 

St Thomas' Day Nursery is at 227 East 59th St., and 
not at 481 East 57th St., as in Class II., Div. 12. 

Society of Italian Missionaries (Congregazione Mis- 
siONARi Italiani). For the reli^ous and temporal welfare 
of Italian emigrants. Rev. F. Morelli, 115 Baxter St., in 

The Western Dispensary (incorp. 1868), formerly at 
88th St. and Seventh Ave., has been removed to the cot- 
tage connected with the Hahnemann Hospital, and though 
the work is temporarily discontinued, an early resumption is 
anticipated. Egbert Guernsey, m.d., Pres.; Robert W. 
Gflbert, Sec'y, 85 WaU St. ; Wm. H. Wiley, Treas. 



In the Prefatory Pages. 

American Female Guardian Society. 

Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor. 

Asylum for Half- Orphans. 

Five Points House of Industry. 

Glenn's Sulphur Soap. 

Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society. 

Home for Incurables. 

Home Hotel Association. 

Montefiore Home. 

New York Bible and Fruit Mission. 

New York Christian Home for Intemperate Men. 

New York City Mission and Tract Society. 

NeV7 York Eye and Ear Infirmary. 

New York Port Society. 

New York Society for Suppression of Vice. 

Orphan Asylum Society. 

Park Avenue Laundry. 

Penny Provident Fund. 

Roosevelt Hospital. 

St. John's Guild. 

Sheltering Arms. 


Soc. for Relief of Destitute Children of Seamen. 

State Charities Aid Association. 

United Hebrew Charities. 

Woman's Hospital. 

Wood- Yard of Charity Organization Society. 

Young Men's Christian Association. 

Opposite Pages 14 and 15. 

New York Foundling Hospital. 

New York Magdalen Benevolent Society. 

New York Protestant City Mission Society. 

In the Final Pages. 

A. M. Dolph Co. 

Devoe, F. W. & Co. 

Fisk (Harvey) & Sons. 

Gillis & Gteoghegan. 


Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co. 

Office Specialty Co. 

Otis Bros. 

Stettiner, Lambert & Co. 

United States Savings Bank. 

Ward & Olyphant. 


This Directory has been compiled for the use of socie- 
ties, churches and individuals, working, either directly or 
by agents or representatives, among the poor of New York 
City, and for those who are solicited to give to the Chari- 
ties of the City. It is also valuable to all interested in the 
charitable resources of New York City, as it shows where 
relief can be had and where contributions to any special 
charitable work in the City may be sent. 

The contents have been carefully classified, and arranged 
so as to show at a glance all the resources which the City 
affords for each or any phase of distress or need. 

The labor of analyzing the varied work of more than 
three hundred charitable and five hundred congregational 
agencies can only be appreciated by those who have at- 
tempted it, and they will not be surprised at any errors or 
omissions which they may find. The information has often 
to be elicited from indifferent or unintelligent of^cials. It 
is, however, as correct and complete as great care and labor 
could make it. 

The Society begs consideration for mistakes and omis- 
sions, and requests information of any that may be found, 
so that they may be corrected in the next edition. It also 
asks that all benevolent agencies named in this volume will 
enter the Charity Organization Society upon their list 
of exchanges, and send to it early copies of their Annual 
Reports and of all information and publications issued by 


V- It should be further stated that the]f act that a Society or 
Institution is named in this volume must not be taken to 
mean that the Charity Organization Society indorses 
either its good faith or its usefulness, as some of these have 
necessarily been included of whose utility and wise man- 
agement grave doubts are entertained by some persons. 
This Directory omits those which have been unfavorably 
reported upon by the New York State Board of Charities, 
and others which are known to be unworthy of support — 
in short, all which are inserted in the cautionary list printed 
in the Monthly Bulletin of the Society, now the Supplement 
to the Charities Review. The omission of any society 
from this volume does not, however, necessarily discredit 
such society, as it may have been organized since the ma- 
terial for the book was put into the printer's hands. Con- 
tributors and members may obtain more particular infor- 
mation concerning Societies and Institutions by applying 
to the State Board of Charities, or to this Society. 
By order of the Executive Committee, 

Chairman of Publication Committee. 

CIIAS. D. KELLOGG, General Secretary. 


The question is often asked— ** What is Organized 
Charitv ? " and **How does it differ from any ' organiza- 
tion ' for administering charitable relief ? " These inqui- 
ries may be best answered by stating what this Society is 
and does. 

The Chabity Obganization Society of the City of 
New York was formed in the year 1882 at the suggestion 
of the State Boabd of Chabities, for the purpose of 
offering to the charitable activities of the metropolis — 
civic, chartered and individual — the benefits which are 
found to result from associated and concurrent action 
in other departments of social as well as in business life. 
The evils resulting from the lack of co-operation in chari- 
table administration are apparent in every large commu- 
nity, in the steady increase of pauperism in a ratio far 
greater than the increase of population. The larger part 
of the relief amply provided for the shrinking, struggling, 
deserving poor is captured by the shameless, persistent 
mendicant. Charitable relief, thus injudiciously applied, 
does much positive harm in alluring the poor into idleness, 
improvidence and vice. 

The poor may be fed and clothed, while their moral na- 
tures are overlooked and no effort is made to inculcate those 
self-reliant habits and noble ambitions upon which the 
wholesomeness and happiness of their lives depend. These 
evils, which all thoughtful benevolent workers now realize, 
show the urgent need of some organized moyement for 
their cure ; and this Society offers itself as the medium of 
intercommunication between all the various charitable agen- 
cies of the City to accomplish this result. Its tender of ser- 
vice has been accepted by the City Department for ad- 
ministering the public poor relief, and by nearly all of the 
leading religious and relief societies. 

^^^ Tl 
I Fi 

The Society is baaed on two germionl principles: — 

First, its nork is entirely dissociated Trom all 
qnestlons of creed, politics or nationality ; 

Second, It does not directly administer alma Trom 
Its own fnads in any form. 

Thus it covers a platform as hroad as humanity, upon 
which Jewa and Gentiles, Catholics and Protestants may all 
combine. And, while all proselylism is strictly forbidden, 
it is the rule that all cases shall be put as speedily aa pos- 
sible under the care of their nearest religious aJBlialions, 
because not only thus will they be brought directly under 
the purest and highest indueuces, but the obligation lo see 
that their material wants are provided for will be most 
speedily recognized. 

Nor does this Society in any way binder or conflict with 
any relief'glving agency, but is the helpmeet, protector and 
servant of all. It alms at nothing less than the moral and 
social elevation of the poor by bringing luto closer and moi 
friendly contact the prosperous and the depressed, the r 
Qaed and the degraded, by a thorough system of personal 
Tisitation. To effect this it has In large part covered the 
City (and as rapidly as practicable will cover the entire Cily) 
with a network of district committees, or branches, with 
district offlces so located that all benevolent persons may 
have a near resort to which they can send every unknown 
applicant for relief; and all sufferers may find an agency 
at hand pledged to examine tenderly and wisely their needs, 
to select ana secure the proper material remedy, and to 
Bupplvas far as possblethat friendly oversight and cr- 
tlnued care which are u thousandfold better than alms. 

Tbesedistrictcommltteesarccomposedof menandwon 
fitted by natural instincts, by experience if possible, a 
by judgment and tact, for their responsible work. Being 
prevented from administering alms, they will have power 
and opportunity, untrammelled by the greed and duplicity 
they would else encounter, to carry into depressed and de- 
graded homes the best social and moral intlueuces, and the 
rich and subtle forces of friendship. 

Belne disconnected, also, from anj^ relief fund, they can 
impartially select the regimen which will not merely 
treat the effect, but tend to remove the cause of the pov- 
erty and graduate tlic beneficiary into a condition of Inde- 
pendence and self-support. A remedy exists In this City 
for nearly every evil to which flcah Is heir, but how few. 


even among benevolent officials themselves, know to whom 
to send the poor applicants who do not come within the 
conditions of their own relief I This Society, through its 
district offices, is a reservoir of practical knowledge, a cen- 
tre of resource, so that such uninstructed, inefficient 
work shall be without excuse. It brings the want and its 
remedy together, and should a special form of suffering 
and want be developed, it can devise a special relief with- 
out infringing its rules and without casting any applicant 
aside. It can assist and supplement every existing charity 
and promote the effectiveness and economy of each. Each 
District Office has its trained and paid agents, whose whole 
time is given to the duties of the office. 

The Central Office of the Society is a clearing-house of 
information and registration, not only for its own district 
branches, but also for all the relief-giving agencies of the 
City, thus detecting and exposing imposture and overlap- 
ping, and gathering information concerning the worthy 
and unworthy, which, under suitable guards, is available 
to all cooperating charities. The work of detecting and 
exposing impostures is one which deserves the help of 
every citizen. If successful it will return its cost to the 
public a hundredfold in reduced taxes and lessened waste 
of charitable means. Combined with the disciplinary and 
reformatory work of the Society, it will reduce the ranks 
of the dangerous classes more than any other agency yet 
devised for that purpose. This branch of its service may 
seem hard and unsympathetic, but all who have studied 
the arts and deceits and organization of the professional 
beggara are alive to its indispensable necessity. Each 
District Office will deal practically with all the cases 
brought to its notice within its own limits, and be respon- 
sible that no case receives or is denied relief without good 
and sufficient reasons, or fails to have the offer of friendly 
services pressed upon it with the hope to lead it to a better 



The Stfciety for Promotiag the Gospel luaotig 
Seamen in the Fort of New York. 


William a. H. Moo 

IS FtaHoo Hnxt. 

MARIItEBS' CHtJRCH. Bit. Suidel Boi:lt. Pastor. 

IS Catharine nreet, Neir York. 
WBaT SIDE BRANCH Cor. WaalilngtoD & Charlton its., New Yorb. 
BIUXiKLYN BKANCa, 33a Fuman aCreeC, Broolilyn. 

This Society caret For ihe moral and spirilual interests 
of SeameD, lliri>QgU Rcudiiig-Rooiiis, Dislribmieo of Tracts, 
Meetings on Hhipboard. at itn Rooms, and Cburch. and by 
periHHi^ appesl. During Ihc past year it has come into 

coDtact witli over 30,()OU Seamen iit its Rooms, aud many 
more on ressets and at boardiug houses. The Pastor of 
tbe Churcii and a corps of missionaries and laborers devote 
tbelreotire time to tiie welfare of the meo of the sea. To 
carry forward this object, continved and inereaied donar 
lioUB of money and readiug matter are required. 

The sailor needs our atlenlioo and is wortliy of it. We 
cannot do without him, and we advance our own well-be- 
ing wlien we care for him. Every dollar that we expend 
in bis behalf is rcturoed to us tenfold. With full con- 
fldeni^e that in no way could money be better employed, 
we call upon sliip owners and ship suppliers, upon all who 
" go down to the sea in ships," and upon all of our ciliKens 
In every trade and profession who are In any way depen- 
dent upon ibo sailor for safety or comfort, for luxuries or 
for Decessiticii (and no one can ^lead exemption), to aid us 
Id our endeavor to " win the sailor to tbe nght." 

Office, 46 Catharine Street, New York City. 




For Alphabetical Index see Appendix. 


Incorporated May 10, 1882. 

Central Office, No. 21 University Place, N. E. Cor. 9th St. 

(May remove, before the close of 1892, to N. E. Comer of S2d St. and 

Fourth Ave.) 


The State Board of Charities adopted, October 11, 1881, 
the following preamble and resolution : 

** Whereas, There are in the city of New York a large 
number of independent societies engaged in teaching and 
relieving the poor of the city in their own homes, and 

" Whereas, There is at present no system of co-operation 
by which these societies can receive definite mutual infor- 
mation in regard to the work of each other, and 

'* Whereas, Without some such system it is impossible 
that much of their effort should not be wasted, and even 
do harm by encouraging pauperism and imposture, there- 


3 Chiirity Orgaiiitalion Society. 

" Jbiolrrd, Thut the Comiuisaioncrs of New York City 
are hereby appointed a committee to take suclt steps b» Lhey 
may deem wise, to inaugurate a system of nintnal help 
una oo-operation between such societies." 

In accordance wltli this resolution, the New York City 
membera of the State Bonrd of Charities invited citizeua 
represeotlsK, as fur as possible, all portions of the commu- 
nity, to assist in organizing this Society, under a carefully 
prepared constitution, and to act as a Provisional Central 
Couucll until tiieir successors should have been cboaeu by 
the Society at large, at Its first annual meeting. The Boa- ' 
ety was thus formed January 36, 1883, 

Tlie first annual meeting was held May IS, 1882, when ( 
the ConHtitution was adopted and a permanent Central 
Council and officers were chosen. 

Article II. — Prlsciples a 

I,— Every department of it« work shall be completely ■ 
severed from all questions of religious twliof, politics, and 1 

S.— No person representing the Society in any capacity ! 
whatsoever shall use Ids or bcr positiun for the purpose of 

3. — The Society shall not directly dispense alms in any 

Section 2. — The objects ot the Society shall be ; 

1. — To be a centre of iotercommvinication between the 
various churches and charitable agencies in tlie city. To 
foster harmonious co operation between them, and to check 
the evils of the overlapping of relief. 

■: the ' 

,, _ eSo- 

ciety for inquiry, and to send the persons having a legitimate 

Charity Organization Society, 8 

interest in such cases full reports of the results of investi- 
gation. To provide visitors, who shall personally attend 
cases needing counsel and advice. 

3. — To obtain from the proper charities and charitable 
individuals suitable and adequate relief for deserving cases. 

4. — To procure work for poor persons who are capable 
of being wholly or partially self-supporting. 

5. — To repress mendicity by the above means and by the 
prosecution of impostors. 

6. — To promote the general welfare of the poor by social 
and sanitary reforms, and by the inculcation of habits of 
providence and self dependence. 

The Central Office of the Society is the centre of 
intercommunication above nameH . It receives from all co- 
operating churches and charitable agencies detailed reports 
concerning their beneficiaries, and distributes (confidential- 
ly) information so received to each of them which reports 
that it is aiding, or is asked to aid, the same cases. The 
5th and 6th of the aforegoing '* objects" also receive the 
special care of the Central Office. 

The work implied in the 2d, 3d, and 4th of these *' ob- 
jects " is the special care of the District Committees of 
the Society, as fast as they are formed ; and to these the 
actual care of dependent cases, residing in the districts as- 
signed to each, may be referred. Cases not residing in dis- 
tncts so assigned, and not already sufficiently cared for by 
other societies or churches, may be referred to the Central 
Office of this Society. 


1. A CLEARING HOUSE of registration, information, and 
associated action among all the charitable activities of the 

2. An EXCHANGE, through which to apply the co- 
operative system to benevolent work, and bring to bear on 
each case of distress the best available resources of the 
whole city, especially for permanent and adequate re- 
lief ; above all, along such moral lines as are likely to ren- 
der applicants independent of further temporary or physi- 
cal relief. 

4 Clianty Organuntion SueU!'!. 

3. A MEitCAHTiLE AOENCY, for information concerniog 
the charitable enterprises of the citj (of which there are | 
many fraudulent and pretended ones), and also concerning j 
applicants for charitable relief. I 

The Society has no funds of its own for direct relief, but ] 
it has a Permanent Endowment Fund, Iheincome of which , 
goes towards paying the expenses of the Central and District 
Offl-ces; and the increase of tliia Fund will enable the So- 
ciety the more efficiently to enlarge and carry on its work. I 
(See Form of Bequest, back of tilJe page.) 

The Society's Constitution, By-Laws, and Rules for IHb- 
trict Committees will be found in the Appendix. I 

Any peraon approved by tlie Committee on Membership ] 

nualiy. A gift of $100 and upwards makes the donor aj 
Life Member, and |500 constitutes one a Patron of the 8o- 

Any further explanation of the aims and methods of the I 
Society may be had at the Society's Central Office, or from | 
any member of the Council. 

P/OTHfcni— Robert W. db Fokbst, 130 Broadway. 

Yiee-Prmdeivtt—'Haxk Blamentbal, m.d., Richard H, 
Derby, M.D., Arthur M. Dodge, George E. Dodge, il. C. 
Fahnestock, Chas. S. Fairchild. R. Duncan Hams, Oswald 
Ottendorfer, Henry Rice, J. Hampden Robb, Rutherfurd 
Stuyvesant, Frederick F. Tliompson, Joseph Tlioron, 
James K. Grocie. 


Robert W. db FuBEbt President. 

Ckkb. 8. Fairchild Viet-PrmdetU. 

Constant A. Andbkwm Treagarer, 

Chab, D. Kellooo .Oenei'al Secntars. 


Chas. 8. Fairchild 48 Wall St. 

Peter B. Olney 130 Broadway. 

Conetant A. Andrews 2 Wall St. 

Roberto. Cornell S3 WilUam 8(. 


Charity Organization Society, 5 

Samuel M. Jackson 14 East 31st St. 

Nicholas Fish 120 Broadway. 

Otto T. Bannard 110 Worth St. 

Edgar 8. Auchincloss 47 White St. 

Henry 8. Iselin 45 Wall St. 


Robt. W. De Forest 120 Broadway. 

Mrs. Chas. R. Lowell 120 East 30th St. 

Francis H. Weeks 120 Broadway. 

Miss Kate Bond 230 West 59th St. 

Chas E. Merrill 52 Lafayette Place. 

Charles W. Gould ^ 2 Wall St. 

Dr. S. F. Morris 16 East 30th St. 

Mrs. Jas. A. Scrymser 107 East 2lst St. 

Prof. Chas. B. Brush 349 West 56th St. 


Francis H. Leggett 128 Franklin St. 

Herbert B. Turner 22 William St. 

J. Hampden Robb 52 East 34th St. 

Geo. P. Rowell 10 Spruce St. 

Morris S. Thompson 250 West 45th St. 

J. Roosevelt Roosevelt 372 Fifth Ave. 

Chas. F. Cox 100 East 17th St. 

Jas. J. Higginson 16 East 41st St. 

Wm. Fahnestock 2 Wall St. 


1. John G. Floyd 102 William St. 

2. Hennr B. Anderson . . 35 Wall St. 

3. Dr. S. 8. Bogert 219 East 17th St. 

4. Louis E. Binsse 48 Wall St. 

5. Dr. H. 8. Oppenheimer 49 East 23d St. 

6. Geo. L. Cheney 32 Nassau St. 

7. Wm. Stone 100 East 17th St. 

9. Benj. Hardwick 59 Liberty St. 

10. R. L. Richardson 403 West 126th St. 

Central, Mrs. H. M. Dewees 12 West 18th St. 

Charity Organization Sodely. 

President of tlie Police Department. 
Pretident of tlie SsaUh Department, 

Pretident of the Department of Charitiei and Cor, . . . 

N. 7. City Coinmi3gione.r» of State Board of Ghariila. 

U. 8. Chmmiuioner of Immigration. 

B. Mc!E. Wliitlock, of the Stnte Charities Aid Aaoeialitm, 

Miss Ella I. Bcott Begiatiiin 

John L. Grin-en ' 

Win. M. Manin 

Central Office, 21 University Place, N. E. cor. 0th at. J 
Office Hours : — October to June inclusive, 11 a.m. to .T P.U,^ 
iLod on Saturdays to 3 p.m. 

July to September incluaive, 9 a.m. to ■ 

SalurdftVH to 1 P.M. 

Telephone, No. 380, Igtli 8t. Cuble addreaa, "Charity, I 

New York." I 

The Society has in Ita Ri^oibteation BoRBAt; records J 
of more than 140,000 families or cases; 333 cooperating.] 
societies and churches exchange infortnation and serricec I 
tbrougli it. Duriug 1890, 7,005 cases were Investigated I 
and treated for nieml)ers and co-operaling agencies or OB 
personal application, and 443 street beggars were dealt willi; 

CoQtn»lled by the Ceulnil Council. ' 

Supported by voluntary contributions anil legacies. Last- 1 
year's receipts, including additions to Fernianent Fund. I 
#43,980; expeiiditurea, 138,999. * 


{BoimUiiries of wbloh aoe on map, page stii.) 

are open (except Sundays and holidays) frorn 9 a.m. to 5 
P.M., except No. 1, which ia open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
In July, August and September the hours are from fl to 
11 A.M., and Trom 3 to 4 p.m.. except Saturdays, when 
there are no afternnou hours. 

N.B.— Full list of the Members of each District Com- 
mittee, and of the Friendly Visitors assisting them, ia pub- 
lished in every number of the Society's Monthly Bulletin, 
which is sent to every Member. 

Charity Organuatian Society, "^ 

DiSTiiCt No. 1. All south of Canal and Rutgers Sts. 
Office, 150 Nassau St. Fred'k Lundberg, Agent. 

DiSTBiCT No. 2. From Canal to Christopher and Ei^th 
Sts,, west of the Bowery and Fourth Ave. Office, 21 Uni- 
versity Place. Mrs. E. A. McCutcheon, Agent. 

District No. 3. From Canal and Rutgers St. to Hous- 
ton St., east of the Bowery. Office, 297 Broome St. Mrs. 
F. P. Strickland, Agent. 

DiSTBiCT No. 4. From 8th and Christopher Sts. to 28d 
St., west of Fourth Ave. and the Bowery as far as 14th St., 
thence west of Fifth Ave. Office, 29 East Ninth St. Mrs. 
M. D. Clawson, Agent. 

District No. 5. Between Houston and 23d Sts., east 
of the Bowery and Fourth Ave. to 14th St., then east of 
Fifth Ave. Office, 53 Third Ave. Miss M. D. Henry, 

District No. 6, Between 23d and 59th Sts., west of 
Fifth Ave. Office, 1473 Broadway. Miss Eliza Fisher, 

District No. 7. Between 23d and 59th Sts., east of 
Fifth Ave. Office, 214 East 42d St. Mrs. Louise Wolcott, 

District No. 9. Between 59th and 110th Sts., east of 
Fifth Ave. Office. 9 East 59th St. Mrs. H. M. Russell, 

District No. 10. Between 110th St. (east and west) 
and Harlem River. Office, 165 West 127th St. Miss Ella 
Jones, Agent. 

Central Agent, having cognizance of cases residing in 
all other parts of the city not covered by the above Dis- 
tricts: Mrs. M. C. Weidemeyer. Office, 29 East Ninth 
St. Office hours, same as those of the Central Office 
(see page 6). 

Superintendent of Agents: Robert W. Hebberd, 21 
University Place. 

Special Officers to Assist and Suppress Street Beg- 
gars: A. G. Jerome and J, H. Schutt, 21 University Place. 

The Society maintains the following: — 
Penny Provident Fund. A general provident fund, 
which will receive any sum from one cent upwards. 


OMrily Organizaliim &>riely. 

Money can be deposited iu more than 150 stamp stations 
(many of which are open daily except Sundays and holl- 
dayB). but cnn be witbdmwn only at llie station iu 
whicli it wae deposited. It bas about 30,000 depositors, 
and its depoaita are kept in the State Truet Co. Lists of 
stations or sub-offlces, corrected monthly, may be had at the 
Central Office. Otto T. Bannard. Chairman and Treas.; 
Abram S. Hewitt. Chas. S. Fairchild, Robert W. de Por- 
eat, Chas. C. Bearaan, Geo. E. Dodge, and Walter Jen- 
nings, Central Committee of the Puod. Miss Marian Messe- 
mer, Secretary and Casiiier, Office, 31 University Place. 
Office hours, 11 to 4, except Saturdays to 12. 

Wood Yaud, 014 East 23d St, (May remove early iu 
18B3 to more available quarters.) Enables relief societies 
and private persons to lielp able-bodied men asking relief 
in a way less demoralizing to them than the direct receipt 
of alma, and tests their willingness to work. Last year 
3,365 days' labor waa given to 854 different men. Re- 
ceipts, $7,933; expenditures, $T,e&5. Men with liomes 
were paid BO cents per day, those without homes were 
given lodgings and meals as payment. Supported by sales 
of wood and voluntary contributions. Apply at the Yard 
or at 31 University Place. Henry S. Iselin, Chairman 
Wood Yard Committee. 

Pakk Avbnce LArsDBT, B89 Park Ave, Fully equipped 
and competent to do first-class work for the public ; its ob- 
ject being to teach women all kinds of laundry work, so 
that they may be able to support themselves and earn 
higher wages. Novices are not allowed to work on family 
garments until sufficiently expert to do fine work. Names 
and addresses of graduated expert laundresses can be ob- 
tained at the Laundry. Mrs. Emily J. Goodwin, Sapt. 

Thk CnABrriBB Kbvikw, a monthly periodical of Prac- 
tical Sociology (Nov. to June inclusive). Devoted to tho 
discussion of social and economic questions, and to the con- 
sideration of subjects of special interest to active workers 
and students in the field of (charities. To members of the 
Chabitt Organikation Society issent, with the Review, 
the usual Monthly Coivfldentlal Bulletin, warning against 
fraudulent and unworthy societies, and proressional and 
dishonest applicants for relief, and containmg other timely 
information. Subscription price, |1.00 a year. 


Publie OffieiaU. 9 


Haying Ooonizanok of Mattbrs ArrsoTiNO the Cari or 

Welfare of the Poor 



N. B.— The names of the officers are not given, on account of the 
inaccuracies which would soon ensue from changes. 

His Honor the Mayor of the City. Office, City Hall. 


Office, 66 Third Ave., cor. 11th St. 

Commissioners of the Health Department. Office, 
301 Mott St. 

Department of Public Works (Public Baths). Office, 
31 Chambers St. 

Commissioners op the Police Department. Office, 300 
Mulberry St. 

Chief Clerk of tJie Department Office, 800 Mulberry St. 

Superintendent of Police 300 Mulberry St. 

Inspectors of Police 300 Mulberry St. 

Inspector in charge of Detective Force . . . .800 Mulberry St. 

House op Detention for Witnesses 203 Mulberry St. 

Ca/ptains of Police, in charge of 

Police Stations, as follows : 


1 Old Slip, cor. Front St. 

2 n Liberty St. 

3 City Hall. 

4 9 Oak St. 

5 19 and 21 Leonard St. 

6 19 Elizabeth St. 

7 247 Madison St. 
3 128 Prince St. 

9 94 Charles St. 
10 205 Mulberry St. 

10 Puhtic OJtciats. 


11 105 Eldridge St. 

12 178 Delancey St. 

13 Union Market, East Houston St. cor. Columbia. 

14 81 First Ave. 

15 221 Mercer St. 

16 230 West 20th St. 

17 34 East 29th St. 

18 327 East 22d St. 

19 137 West 80th St. 

20 434 West 37th St. 

21 160 East 35th St. 

22 347 West 47th St. 

23 163 East 51st St. 

23 Sub, Grand Central Depot. 

24 West 68th St., near Amsterdam Ave. 

25 153 East 67th St. 

26 136 West 100th St. 

27 432 East 88th St. 

28 Pier A, North River. 

28 Sub, Pier 41, North River. 

29 East 126th St. and Lexington Ave. 

30 West 125th St., near Columbus Ave, 

31 High Bridge. 

32 152d St. and Amsterdam Ave. 

33 Town Hall, Morrisania. 

34 1925 Bathgate Ave., near Tremont Ave, 
85 6 Kingsbridge Road, near Broadway. 
36 Pier A, North River. 

Board op Education Office, 146 Grand St. 

Superintendent of Public Schools ..... Office, 146 Grand St. 

Public Administrator Office, 49 Beekman St. 

Coroners Office, 124 Second Ave. 

EvcisB Department Office, 54 Bond St. 

Inspector of Buildings Office, 157 East 67th St. 

Civil and OrimincU Courts. 11 


FOR THE City axd County of New York. 


For information concerning the 

Common PiiEAS, 
and City 
refer to Trow's City Directory. 

District Courts. Held by Justices every Tuesday, 
Thursday and Saturday, at 9:30 a.m. 

1st Dist., 1st Ward; west of Broadway and Wliitehall St. ; 
3d. 5th and 8th Wards; cor. Chambers and Centre Sts. 

2d Dist., Ist Ward; east of Broadway and Whitehall St.; 
2d. 4th, 6th and 14th Wards; Centre Alarket. 

3d Dist., 9th and 15th Wards; 125 Sixth Ave., cor. 10th St. 

4th Dist., 10th and 17th Wards; 30 First St. 

5th Dist., 7th. llth and 13th Wards; 154 Clinton St. 

6th Dist., 18th and 2 1st Wards; Second Ave., cor. East 
23d St. 

7th Dist., 19th Ward; 151 East 57th St. 

8th Dist., 16th and 20th Wards; 200 West 22d St. 

9th Dist., 12th Ward, north of East 80th St., east of 
Fifth Ave., and north of West 110th St.; 2061 Lexington 
Ave., near East 125th St. 

10th Dist., 23d and 21th Wards; East 158th St., cor. 
Third Ave. 

llth Dist., 22d Ward, and all of 13th Ward south of 
West 110th St. and west of Sixth Ave.; 919 Eighth Ave., 
near West 55th St. 

Surrogate's Oppicb. New County Court House. 
Clerk's office, same building. 

FOR the City and County of New York. 

Oyer and Terminer. County Court House, City Hall 
Square. Clerk's office, Brown- stone Building, City Hall 
Park, Room 13. 


dril and OHtninal Cmirti. 

Held Ijy a Justice of the Supreme Court. 
Termi — Begin first Monday in April and December. 
*Oenbral Sessionb, Farts 1, Z and 3. 32 Cliambers St. J 
Clerlt's office, sume. 
Held by the Recorder, City .Judge, or Judges of 9ea- 

Terin» — Begin first Monday in oadi month, 

DiaTRicT Attorney's Office, 33 Ciianibers St. 

•Bpeciai. Sessions. The Tombs, cor. Centre and Prank- | 
lin Sis. Clerk's office, same. 

Held by three Police Justices, on 3IondayB, TnesdayH, 
Wednesdays, Thursdays atid Fridays, at 10:30 \.n. 

Police Courts. Held by the Police Justices, daily. 

1st Dist., at the Tombs, Centre cor. Fraaklia St. 

All tiiat portion of the city bounded by Canal St., south J 

, Bide, from North River to Broadway, east side, to Bleecber \ 

St., south side, to Bowery, west side, to Catharine St., south I 

side, to East River. 

3d Dist., 125 Sixth Ave, (Jefferson Market). 

3d Dist., 69 Essex St. 

All that portion of the city bounded by Calliarine St., 
north side, tu Bowery and Fourth Ave., cast aide, to 
i 14tb St., south side, to East River. 

4th Dist., ISIEastSTthSt. 

All that portion of the city bounded by 14th St., north 
' Bide, to Fourth Ave., east side, U> 43d St., north aide, la 
North River, to 63d St., south side, tu Eiglith Ave., to 
\ 79th St., south side, to East River. 

tH haye jxirisdici 


T\)li™ Ooort. "" 

Foreign Consuls, 13 

5tli Dist., 123 East 125th St. 

All that portion of the city bounded by 63d St. , north 
side, to 70th St., north side, to East River, to Harlem 
River, to North River. 

6th Dist., cor. Third Ave. and E. lo8th St. 

All that portion of the city lying north of Harlem River, 

Sheriff's Office, County Court House. 


Accredited representatives of foreign countries having 
offices in New York, where residents of the country repre- 
sented may apply for advice and protection. 

Argbntinb Republic, Room 10, 60 Wall St. 

Austria- Hungary, Room 26, 33 Broadway. 

Belgium, 329 Broadway. 

Bolivia, Consul General, 126 Liberty St. 

Brazil, Consul General, 22 State St.; Vice-Consul, 148 
Pearl St. 

Chili, Consul General, 15 Cortlandt St. ; Consul, Rooms 6, 
7, 8, 59 Liberty St. 

China, 26 West 9th St. 

Colombia, 24 State St. 

CosTA Rica, 76 Broad St., cor. Beaver. 

Denmark, Room 36, 69 Wall St. 

Dominican Republic, 31 Broadway. 

Ecuador, 51 Liberty St. 

Egypt, see ** Turkey." 

Prance, third floor^ 4 Bowling Green. 

Qerman Empire, 2 Bowling Green. 

Great Britain, 24 State St.; Office for Shipping Sea- 
men, 2 Morris St. 

Greece, 115 Pearl St. 

GuATEifALA, 102 Front St. 

Hawaiian Islands, 51 Leonard St. 

Hayti, 101 Pearl St. 

Honduras, Consul General, 102 Front St.; Consul, 13 
Stewart Building; Vice-Consul, 36 Broadway. 

14 Foreign Consuls— Ferries to City Islands, 

Hungary, see ** Austria-Hungary." 

Italy, 22 Stale St. 

Japan, Room 1, 7 Warren St. 

Korea, 124 Water St. 

Liberia, 19 William St. 

Mexico, Room 105, 35 Broadway. 

Monaco, 4 Bowling Green. 

Netherlands, 17 William St. 

Nicaragua, Consul, 123 Pearl St.; Vice-Consul, 15 Broad- 

Norway, 41 Broad St. 

Orange Free State, South Africa, 80 Beaver St. 

Persia, 15 Broad St. 

Peru, Consul General and Chancellor, 19 Whitehall St.; 
Consul, 61 William St. 

Portugal, 148 Pearl St. 

Russia, 22 State St. 

Salvador, Acting- Consul General, 68 William St. 

Spain, 30 Broadway. 

Sweden, 41 Broad St. 

Switzerland, Consul General, 69 Beaver St.; Vice-Con- 
sul, 19 Maiden Lane. 

Turkey, Room 16, 132 Broadway. 

Uruguay, 120 Front St. 

Venezuela, 18 Broadway. 


Blackwell's Island; from foot of East 26th St., 10:30, 
1:30, 3:30 (no 3:30 on Saturday). From foot of East 52d 
and East 76th Sts., hourly, 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

Hart's Island; from East 26th St., 11 a.m. daily, ex- 
cept Sunday. 

Randall's Island; from East 120th St., hourly, 8 a.m. 

to 9 P.M. 

Ward's Island ; from East 26th St., 10:30 a.m., and 
from foot East 110th St, every 20 min. from 8 a.m. to 

6 P.M. 


68th Street, between Third and Lexington Avenues. 

The objects and purposes of this incorporation are: 

1st. To furnish a place where children, born in or QUt 
of wedlock of parents too poor to support their offspring, or 
of naothers who, not being wives, are anxious to conceal 
their shanae, may be received and brought up to lead useful 
lives instead of being abandoned in the streets and parks of 
the City, or untimely put to death. 

2d. To give a home to unfortunate mothers who. realiz- 
ing their fallen condition and the dangers of the future, 
resolve to lead a new and better life. 

3d. To provide for poor girls who, on the eve of their 
confinement, need a safe shelter. 

During the past fiscal jrear 2,705 Foundlings, 418 Needy 
Mothers and 212 Maternity Cases were provided for. 

SISTER M. IRENE, Directress. 

MESSRS. MILLER & WELLS. 32 Nassau St, Legal Advisers. 

JOHN O'BRIEN, 68 Wall Street, Trea^rer. 

M York Magdalen BeneYOlent Society, 

7 East 88th Street. 

This Society, now in the 58th year of its existence, is 
devoted to work among fallen women. It seeks their 
reformation, and the instilling of Christian principles. 

In order to aid thetn, after leaving the Home, to live 
rightly, they are taught sewing, house and laundry work, 
whereby they may support themselves honestly. On leav- 
ing the Home, employment is sought for such as desire it. 

The Society is making arrangements to build a new 
home at the foot of 139th Street and the North River. It 
will be commodious and enable us to extend the work and 
better classify the inmates. 


New York Protestant Episcopal City Mission Society. ' 

Oi ROiilied under special tl 
hlrfni. or otherwtae. at dlffc 
ohurclieB iDvblDll t 

Ohurahes and UlralaD-houBes. 

Bt. Banwbafl' HoiiBe U ■ HiBSion -house, proridlng a temparair 
(iMlter f or homelesi and deaUtute women aad cbildren (adiflts tor 
■ week, children lor a monthl; and a Day Niiraei-y where children 

. TheH 

ore taught by a competent 
utchOTRe. MoBlij and Cr- 

i children , 

er and receive 

their din DBT. 

deaening ouWlde poor, or a dinner to those presenting a 

lunied by the aoolety. A dlapeiiiearj <b open Bsery morningfrom 10 
to llo'oloolt fnohareeof Dr. XewlB Mann Bilker. 

The tollowinic Hiiiion CburolieB and Chapels are opened with tree ' 
■llUnin:-Bt. BamabBH' Ohapel, SMHiilberry street; Bt. Ambrose, i 
Thoiapaon cor. Prinoe street: Ohapel of the Heesisb, Sd Avenue and ] 
tMth «troet: also, in conneution with the Almshouse on BJackweira i 
Iiland, (be Obapel of (he Uood Shepherd; with Btrllevue Hospital, tba 
Uhapel of Obrlal the OoDBoIer. Our mlsslonariee are gent to hold 
■prncM, la ohap^la and halls turnlBbed by the Authorities, at Chari^ 
Raaldtal the Fenltentlnry. Woifehouse aod Lunatic Asylum on 
BlwkweU'iI-land; at the Efomcsopatblo Hospital and Insane Aaylnm 
on Warrl's Inland; at the Idiot Asyluni, rhildreuB Hospital, and 
Branah Penitentiary on Randali'BlBlaod; at the Worichoina Hetorma- 
lurr and Brinch Lunatic Asylum on Hart's Island: at the Hsrlem, 
YotIetIII*, JeHaraan Marltet. city [Toiuhsj Prisnns and Ladlow Btreet 

Jalllftt ti>» Infant Air'oio. Nursery an^ Child's Ho'^p'tal; Oolbred 
Iinma- Copper Home; Gonvaltnoent Home and Harlem Receptioo 
t WB also have a visitor who attends dally at the courts to 


nnliata Ihslr previous record 
•Iroumsluicei. „ „ „ „ 
There l« alao a Free Reading Roo 

I, by counsel and ndvlce, and who ia ready to la- 


„, and a Rescue Meeting is held every oiglS at 807 

ik Bodety I* supported entirely by voluntary contributio 
inallonf n( money, partly-worn cloth nt-, eboes, etc., ale 
■re aiul magailnes, will be Krateiully received. 


Rwr. AusMnM BIjkOI 

«uperMl«>id«i>j <tr «'■»< 
Ki*. naooiBouT HOR 

. .. dQen'l Agent, 
- Bteecker Street, NewYort. 
[. D.D., AiBbdeoconotNew York, 

HoHOAN, Asalstant SupfrinteTtdent. 

—We make a special appeal to 

■» sliall be made, and thus c 

litUewhoWolty. OurObJi 

Ibljmai'i IV>d IYHo** the unlortunaCn. 
^rtlrtiuwlo-aaj'lnunp-'nlneed of funds Co inorflase our work, and 
Ikal won iiWI naver be thoroughly done unless aided by an Eadow- 

i-ed hi WillB that 
preach the Gospel tc 


Government or Official Aid. 

The CHiBITT OBOiNIZiTION ROCIETT (see page 1) seeks to 
obtain, from the proper sources, suitable and adequate relief of the 
kinds named in the following Divisions, or to dh*ect thereto. 

DiYisiON l.—City and County Relief. 

[N. B.— The Laws of the State of New York provide that all per- 
sons who are blind, lame, old, sick or decrepit, or in auy way dis- 
abled or enfeebled so as to be unable by their work to maintain them- 
selves, shall be maintained by the County or Town in which they 
may be, in case the parents or children (or, in the discretion of the 
Court, certain near relatives) are unable to contribute to their sup- 

CORRECTION— office, N. W. cor. Third Ave. and 11th 
St. — have charge of all the charitable and correctional ope- 
rations of the City (Government. 

The institutions and charities under their charge are giv- 
en below. All applications for relief of any liind, or 
for admission to the hospitals, almshouses, asylnms 
and nurseries, and for yolnntar]* committals to the 
workhouse, must be made to the Superintendent of 
Out- Door Poor, at the above office. Commitments for 
offences and misdemeanors are made by the Justices of 
any District or Criminal Court of the city. All the institu- 
tions are reached or visited only by permits issued by the 
Superintendent above named, from whom the various 
routes and means of transit may be learned. 

Out- Door Poor Department* cor. 11th St. and Third 
Ave., receives all applications for admission to institutions 
in charge of the Department of Public Charities and Cor- 

For above, apply to Wn. Blake, Supt., 129 East l|th St, 


City and Co'ial// Selitf. 

rectbn ; 

jn-ioK.applj'MnH, Blaxk, Supl,, li!0 East IlCh St. 

iipplies deatUute resident famdies with coal __ 
winter ; dlH[rlbut«s llie aanuul appropriations to the poor' 
adult blind ; aids sick and destitute non-residoaU to reach 
their homes, and furniabes burial for destltuteandunlinowQ 
cases. Apply to William Btake, Superintoodent, hours 
from 8 A.M. to S p.m. 

Adalt Hospital, RtLndall's Island ; receives the sick and 
incurable adult paupers who overflow from the Charity 
Hospital, BlackwelVa Island. 

Almahonse, Blackwell's Island; for infirm adult persona 
entirely destitute. There is one for each sex. Wni. B. 
McNamara, Warden. 

ii'a(i«.— Pursons visiting their friends at the Almshouse, 
Lunatic Asylum and Workhouse go by steamboat froiu 
foot of East 30th St., at 10:30 a.m. 

Alnisboaso Hospital ; a department of the above, fc 
sick inmates of the Almsliousc only. 

Asylnm for Indig'ent Blind, Blackwell's Island ; a di 
parttnent of the Almshouse, two wards each in the male 
and female divisions being asaigucd to the cltiss named. 

Bellerne Hospital (1826), foot of East 36th St.; for the 
destitute sick. Cases of accident or sudden illuess are 
receiveil at any honr; all others only by permit from Su- 
perintendent of Out- Door Poor. Capacity, 700 beds. No 
contagious diseases recsived. The cases for all the Hospi- 
tals {except the Harlem and Fordham Reception Hospitals) 
in charge of the Department of Public Charitios and Cor- 
rection, are Grst sent here, the diagDosis of the disease is 

cfty and County of New York are charged |15 per month, 
payable in advance. Visitors sdmltted daily from 11 a.m. 
to a I'.M. Wm. B. O'Rourke, Warden. Maintains the fol- 
lowing : 

Ahhulancbb (with Surjceou and appliances); which may 
be summoned by telegram from any police station. 

MBorcAi, AND SpRoicAi, Rblief to Odt-Doob Poor ; 
For above, appir to Wm. Bi.AKK,8upt.. IWEast lltbSt. 


*1e ^ 

firv. 1. City and Cmlnty Belief, 17 

For following, apply to Wm. Blakb, Supt., 129 East 11th St. 

supplied at the Out Service Bureau of Hospital, at foot of 
East 26th St. Alfred 8. Newcomb, m.d., Examining Phy- 

Training School for Nurses ; gives two years' train- 
ing to women desiring to become professional nurses ; no 
one is received for training in any specialty. Apply to 
Superintendent at the School. Also 

Traininq School for Male Nurses (see Class VI., 
Div. 8). 

Branch City Insane Asylum, Hart's Island ; a branch 
of the New York City Asylum for the Insane, Ward's 
Island, for males ; also 

Branch City Insane Asylnm, at Central Islip, L. 
I. , for the reception of males who are able to do out-door 
work, and who may be benefited thereby. 

Branch Lnnatic Asylnm, Hart's Island ; a branch of 
the New York City Lunatic Asylum, Blackweirs Island, 
tor females. 

Branch Workhonse, Hart's Island, receives the excess 
from the workhouse on Blackwell's Island. No commit- 
ments are made direct to it. 

Bnrean of Medical and Surgical Belief for Ont- 
Door Poor in 23d and 24th Wards, 702 Westchester Ave., 
near Brook Ave. Open daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Sun- 
days, from 2 to 3 p.m. 

Charity Hospital, Blackwell's Island ; for all classes of 
destitute sick, except conta^ous diseases, all which must 
be referred to the Board of Health. Robert Roberts, War- 

Children's Hospital, Randall's Island ; for the care and 
treatment of sick and crippled children, over two and under 
sixteen years old. 

City Cemetery, Hart's Island ; for the interment of all 
such persons as are buried at the public expense. Disin- 

For above, apply to Wm. Blake, Supt., 129 East 11th St. 

Cit^ aiid Count}/ EeNef. clabs r. 

For following, apply la Wh, BLiKu, 8upt , 12a East lltb Bt 

termeatB may be made on a permit from the Board c 
Health, Indorsed b; the Department of Public Charitla 
and Correction. 

Oltf Prisons; for peraons awattiag trial, and for thoa 
sentenced to the priaoos for short l«rni8 for minor crimes^ 
luvtkled as follows : 

1st District The Tombs, cor. Centre and Franklin Sta 

Sd •■ Jefferson Mnrtet, 125 Sixth An 

8d " Essex Market, 69 Essex Sul 

4lb '• 151 EastSTthStJ 

0th " Harlem, 123 EheI 125th Stfl 

6tli " East 158th St., cor. North Third Aia^" 

iloUn J. Pillion Warden of the Tombs ; Jamea W. T 
with, Warden of District Prisons. 

Colored Home And Hospitnl, 65th St. and First Ave.; 
tills Is not under the inimeaiate charge of the Department 
o( Public Charities and Correction, but it receives itdult 
dustltute, infirm, sick, incurable colored persons of both 
NaXM. and also colored lying-in cases from the Department, 
whkili piiys their support in the Home and exercises a 
Nupervision over them. (See Colored Home and Hospital, 
ClasnV,, Div. 3.) 

GmnrKOnoj Hospital for Women, 223 East setb Bt. ; ^h 
for tliu rui!cptiim and cure of tlione taken In labor In th« ^^H 
stroiil or on Ihoir way to the Island. ^^H 

Eulleptlo H»8pital. Diackwell's Island ; a department ^^H 
cf tlie Chnrltf Hospital for adult epileptics, male and fe- ^^H 

Fordlmni Reception Hospital (1890). 2456 Yalentioft^^l 
AvB, llraiich of Bellevuc Ilospital. District coverior ^^H 
Furdhsm, Treaionl, Williamsbridge, Kingsbridee ana ^^^ 
WowlUwn. For lliu destitute sick and disabled. Has also 
na AuiiiiiiANiijc SuKviCK. 

UonVPrnour llolpital. Qouvemeur Slip, comer Front 
Ml, A ruoeptlon hospital fur accidents in that part of 

rur sbovp. ■fill)' t'> Wh. Buii. Supt., i» Eut nth Sl 

Dtv. 1. (Hty and County Belief. 19 

For following, apply to Wm. Bi.axb, Supt, 129 East 11th St. 

city. Patients are transferred from it to Bellevue Hospital. 
Lawrence F. Donohue, m.d.. House Surgeon. 

Harlem Reception Hospital and Dispensary (1887), 
525 East 120th St. Is a branch of Bellevue Hospital, for the 
district from 73d St. to Harlem River, east of Lenox Ave., 
and the whole of the 28d and 24th Wards. For the desti- 
tute sick, unable to pay for medical aid, in that section of 
the city. Patients received from 9 a m. to 6 p.m. Capacity, 
45 beds. Apply to Resident Physician or Wm. filake, cor- 
ner 11th St. and Third Ave. Has two Ambulances, which 
answer emergency calls in case of accidents. Fiederick P. 
Hammond, m.d., House Surgeon. 

HomcBopathic Hospital, Ward's Island ; for the treat- 
ment, by homoeopathic methods, of male and female pa- 
tients with all classes of diseases except contagious and 
lying-in cases. Gteorge Stewart, m.d., Chief of Staff. 

Hospital for Incnrables, Blackweirs Island ; depart- 
ment of Almshouse. Receives indigent adult males and 
females suffering from incurable diseases. 

Idiot Asylnm, Randall's Island ; for the care of desti- 
tute idiotic and feeble-minded children. 

Infants' Hospital, Randall's Island ; for the care and 
treatment of orphan and foundling children under two 
years of age, and of destitute mothers with babes of less 
than two years old. J. R. Healy, Medical Supt. 

Maternity Hospital, Blackw ell's Island ; branch of 
Charity Hospital. For the reception, care and treatment 
of indigent women, married or unmarried, dyring confine- 
ment. Wm. H. Kennelly, Steward. 

Morgne. See New York Morgue below. 

New York City Asylum for the Insane, Ward's 
Island; cares for destitute insane males whose friends can- 
not provide for them in private asylums. A. E. Mac- 
donald, m.d., General Supt. 

New York City Lunatic Asylum, Blackwell's Island; 

For above, apply to Wm. Blake, Supt., 129 East 11th St. 



Citi/ and County Belief. 
: apply la Wii, Buee, Supt., 139 Eiktrt II 

lot pig^H 

carea for destitute m^&oe females whose friends cannot 
vide for them in private asyUima, Emmet C. Dent, 
Medical Supt. 

New Fork Hoi^ne (1886). Bellevue Hospital grounds, 
toot of Eist auth St.; open at all hours, for the reception of 
the unknown dead. Bodies kept about 73 hours, tiien hur- 
led io City Cemetery if unclaimed. Ciothea exhlhited 30 
days, and if not identided are preserved 1 year. Photo- 
graphs, with registered number of the grave, are also kept. 

Onl-Door Poor Department, see page 15. 

Paralytic Hospital, niackwell'a Island; a department 
of titu Oliurity Hospital for adult paralytic cases, both iitalc 
and femikle. 

Penltentlsr]', Blackwell's Island; for reception and em- 
ployment of persons, both male and female, convicted of 
drunkennoBs, disorderly couducl, and minor crimes, for 
terms of 30 days upward. Receives also felana, for whom 
the Htate pays board. Louis D. PiUbury, Warden. 

Brandt Penitentiary, Randall's Island; for prisoners 
detailed from tiie main Peuitentiary for labor on Itiudall'a 

Poor Adult Blind ; the Department distributes an au- 
uual appropriation, as a special relief, to the poor adult 
blind of the city who are of good ciiaracter and not in- 
Diatea of any City institution. In 1890 the amount was $35 
to each applicant. 

Workhonse, Blackwell'a Island ; for able-bodied and 
destitute adfllts, anil persons sentenced in the Police 
Courts for misdemeanors, vagrancy, disorderly conduct 
etc., who are usually committed for 10 days to It months. 
There ia one for each act. Lawrence Ouophy. Supt, 
For voluntary commitmeut apply to the Superintendent of 
OuHJoor Poor, N. W. corner llth St. and Third Ave. 

Workhoase Ho9|titat ; a department of the above, for 
sick inmates of the workhouse only. 

Forlbgve, Kppl.v U> Ws. Bluik, Supt, . I^ 

^ City and County Relief. class 1., 

For following, apply to Wm. Blake, Supt., 129 East 11th St. 

cares for destitute \ns2ine femcdes whose friends cannot pro- 
vlde for them in private asylums. Emmet C. Dent, m.d.. 

Complaints to the Board of Health. 

Complaints to the Board of Health concerning conta- 
gious diseases, the sanitary condition of tenements, streets, 
courts, etc., etc., should be made in writing, directed to 
C. Goldman, Chief Clerk. The complaints are referred to 
the Inspector of the district in which the subject of com- 
plaint is located. He makes an investigation, and reports 
in writing, and the report is filed, and the party responsible 
for the cause of complaint is notified to rectify at once. 
All complaints and reports of action taken are filed away, 
and access may be had to the papers by the complainant or 
the party affected, or their representatives, on their written 
request, or on personal application to the Chief Clerk. 

Anonymous complaints are not noticed. 

Workhoase Hospital ; a department of the above, for 
sick inmates of the workhouse only. 

FcNT above, apply to Wm. Blake, Supt., 129 East 11th St. 

DiT. 1. City and County Belief. 21 

bers St. Have in charge the fifteen free floating baths, lo- 
cated as follows : North River. — At the Battery, Duane 
St., Horatio St., 29th St., 50th St., 90th St. and I30th St. 
East River.— At Market St.. Grand St., Stanton St., 19th 
St., 37th St., 51st St., 112th St. and 138th St. The 
baths are open from June to October, from 5 a.m. to 9 
P.M., except Sundays, when they close at 12 noon. Open 
to males, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays ; 
and to females, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays Ad- 
mission free, but may be refused for sanitary or police rea- 
sons. Each bather has to provide himself or herself with 
suitable bathing clothes. 

HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 301 Mott St. The Board 
of Health of the Health Department has supervision of all 
matters concerning the Public Health, including Sani- 
tary Inspections, the Records of Births, Marriages and 
Deaths, the care of Contagious Diseases, Vaccmation, 
Night Medical Service, plumbing and drainage of all 
buildings, ventilation of tenement houses, and mspection 
of milk, meat etc. The Board of Health appoints fifty 
physicians every year to visit the tenement house districts, 
and care for the health of the poor during the summer 

Night Medical Service (1880). Lists of medical men, 
who have registered for the service, are kept at each police 
station house, where application must be made. An officer 
will call the registered physician living nearest the appli- 
cant. Fees are paid by the Health Department, 301 Mott 
St., when not collectible from the applicant. 

The following institutions are in charge of the Board of 
Health, to whom application for admission must be made : 

Reception Hospital, foot of East 16th St., for tempo- 
rary care of patients awaiting transfer to Riverside Hos- 

Riverside Hospital (1885), North Brothers' Island, 
where cases of small- pox and other contagious diseases 
that cannot be safely isolated at home are received an4 

Bfii-d of 1 



trcalied ; ulso. all ca^a of small pox, typhus uad relapsiugfl 
fevers from Quarantine. 

TTlllard Parker Hoxpital (1884), foot of East IBtli St., 
for both, fihildren and adults sick with contagious diseases ; 
intended chiefly for scarlet fever and diphtheria. 

Note. — Persoog BuSeriDic from coataglous dlfteaw^ aail nee 
be removed Bhould be reported lo the D«areat police statioi_, _._ 
rh<» ffHiiifwh to telegraph the Information at once to the Health De- \ 
T reported dlrecU; to the Board oF^Heoith at Bill McM.J 

HOUSE OP DETENTION, 203 Mulberry St., forwlt-j 
iiesses in criminal cases who are unable to give bail peud^" 
lag trial. Uader charge of the Police Department. 


(N. B.-AUhOHgh not a matter of Relief, tkie list it included fotM 
lit bfj,ring upoa the Improvement of the poor, and at a gitld» tti'M 

CommiBBlonera, ' 
on Schools, and 
those Corporate Schools which 
the school moneys of the State, The fol- 

a general 



e tmiler the charge and supervision of the Board : 
New ¥ork, 17 Leiington 
so! the grammar schools, 
ti rely free. There are two flve-year courses at the optionl 
of the student, the Scientitlc and Classical, and a. o: 
Commercial course. A. 8. Webb, l.L.i>., Prea. 

Nnrmal College, Fourth Ave., comer East 68th 81.; I 
admits the foraalo graduates of the grammar schools, En-f ' 
tirely free. Has a training department for the education J 
of teachers. Thomas Hunter, Pres. 

Naatioal School. Ship I 

Mary's : during the six I 

of each year, at aca, iof oautlo^l educ%>l 

Div. 1. Boiird of Education. 23 

tion, and the remaining six months at foot of 31st 8t.> 
East River, for common school education. Receives boys 
residing in Kew York City, 14 to 20 years of age, of good 
character and physical condition, for two years' training 
with a view to service in the merchant marine. It was 
formerly a U. S. sloop-of-war, and its officers are specially 
detailed from the U. S. Navy Department. Capacity is 
200. Candidates must have consent of parent or guardian, 
must read and write, must furnish a required outfit of un- 
derclothing, etc., and deposit $30 for outside clothing. 
Com. John McGowan, U. S. N.» Supt. Apply to the 
'•Executive Committee on Nautical School," 146 Grand St. 

Grammar Schools. (Those marked * are also Evening 
Schools for males. Those marked ** are Evening Schools 
for females.) 

32 Vandewater St.* 
116 Henry St.** 
488 Hudson St. 
203 Rivmglon St.** 
222 Mott St. 
Closed temporarily. 
60 Chrystie St. 
29 King St.** 

West 82d St., comer Eleventh Ave. 
180 Wooster St. 
314 West 17th St. 
371 Madison St. 
239 East Houston St.** 
225 East 27th St. 
728 Fifth St. 
208 West 13th St.* 
335 West 47th St.** 
121 East 51st St. 
344 East 14th St.** 
160 Chrystie St.* 
55 Marion St., near Prince.** 
Stanton St., corner Sheriff.* (Closed tempo- 
32 City Hall Place. 
68 Elm St. 
330 Fifth St., near First Ave.* 





















































No. 20. 

134Wcat30thSt. (Bvemag High School.] ^H 

1 ;; 37. 

SOS East 42d St. (Closed temporarUy.) ^^M 

253 West 40tb St. ^^M 

^K " ^' 

9B QreeDwich 8t. ^^M 


143 Baxter St., aenT Qrand. ^^H 


20O Monroe St. ^^1 

357 West 35tli St.* ^^M 


438 West 28th St. ^H 


108 Broome St. ^H 


60 West 13tli St. {Closed tumjjorarily.) ^H 


710 Kist Ninth St., ucar Ave. C. ^B 

^■^ ;; ^'■ 

113Bast87tligt.* ^H 

8 Clarke St.. near Broome.* ^M 

! ■' 89.' 

285 East ISSth 6t. (Evening Higli School.) ^H 

' " 40. 

335 East 33d St.* ^H 

y " 41. 

36 Greenwich Ave. ^^1 

^^ " 42. 

30 Allen St. ^ 


Amaterdam Ave, , comer West 13Bth St. 

^^H " 44. 

13 North Moore St.. near Varick.* 


235 West 24th St.** 


West 156tli St.. corner St. Nicholas Ave. 


36 East 18th St. _^M 

^^V " 48. 

134 West 28th St. '^^1 


East 37th St.. near Second Ave.** ^^1 


211 East 20th St. ^H 


533 West 44tli St. ^^M 


West 206tb St. (Inwood). ^^M 


307 East 79th St. ^H 


West 104th St. , comer Tenth Ave. ^H 


140 West 30th St. ^^M 


851 West 18tli St. ^^H 


176 East 115th St, ^H 


317 West 5Sd St.* ^H 


336 East 57th St.** ^^M 


College Ave., corner 145ih Si. ^H 


Primary Dent,, 501 Courtland Ave., near ^^M 

147th St. ^M 

Branch, 14*1 St. and Cypress Ave. ,^H 



Third Ave., between 169tb and 170lh Sts. .^H 


Tliird Ave., nearlSRth St,* ^H 


lT3d St., corner Third Ave. ^H 


3436 Webster Ave. (Fordham), ^H 

Div. 1. Board of Education. 25 


No. 65. Locust Ave. (West Farms). 

** 66. Kingsbridge. 

•• 67. 223West4l8tSt. 

** 68. 116 West 128th St. 

** 69. 125 West 54th St. 

" 70. 207 East 75th St. 

*' 71. 188 Seventh St., near Ave. B.** 

** 72. East 105th St., corner Lexington Ave. 

** 73. 209 East 46th St. 

** 74. 220 East 63d St.* 

" 75. 21 Norfolk St. (Evening High School). 

76. East 68th St., corner Lexington Ave. 

77. Fii-st Ave., near 85th St. 

78. East 119th St., corner Pleasant Ave. 

79. 40 First St., near Second Ave.* 
" 80. 252 West 42d St. 
** 81. 128 West 17th St. 
" 82. First Ave., comer East 70th St. 
'* 83. 216 East 110th St., near Third Ave.** 

Branch at Ward's Island. 

" 84. 430 West 50th St. 

*' 85. 138th St., near Willis Ave. 

86. 96th St., corner Lexington Ave. 

87. 77th St., corner Amsterdam Ave. 

88. Rivington St., corner Lewis. 
** 89. 134th St. and Lenox Ave. 

** 90. 163d St. and Eagle Ave. 

** 91. High Bridge. 
" 92. 

** 94.* 68th St. and Broadway. 

Primary Schools: 

No. 1. 105 Ludlow St., near Delancey. 

** 2. 101 Bayard St., near Baxter. 

* * 3. East 1 20th St. , near Pleasant Ave. 

'* 4. 413 East 16th St. 

** 5. 269 East Fourth St. 

*• 6. 15 East Third St. 

*• 7. 274 West 10th St. 

'* 8. 62 Mott St., near Canal. 

" 9. 19^3 Second Ave., corner 99th st. 


Oxtnl 0/ muealion. class i., ^H 


^ Cannon St. , near Droomc, ^H 


31 Vestry St., near Uudson. ^H 


SH lioosevelt St. _^B 

^^B " 

B Downing St.. near Bleecher. ^H 
TS Oliver St., near Oak. ^^B 



08 Vearl St. ^H 


2in East 82<1 St. ^H 


170 Bast 7Tth St. ^H 



mth St.. near Eighth Ave. ^H 


18T Droome St., near ClinloD. ^H 




1«) Ff rat Ave. , corner Ninth St. ^^B 


aOS West 134tb et. ^H 


80 Horallo St. . near Hudsun. ^H 

^^H ■< liJ^, 



oae East i^tii St. ^^^^^M 


ni5 Wwl STtU ,^^^^^1 


839 But 20th St. ^^^^^H 


483 East 10th ^^^^^1 

^^B " 


973 EiMt Second St. ^^^^H 


18ad St.. nuar Wadswortli Ave. ^^^^H 



■JOS read ^^^^^B 


000 First Ave., near &5lh St. ^^^^M 








10a Norfolk St. ^^^^H 


4U3 West 58tb St. ^^^^H 


a!t4 East 88tli St. ^^^^H 


High Bridge Ave. ^^^^B 


Coucord Ave. and 145th St. ^^H 


781 Weeks St.. Mount Hope. ^H 

SHX""'""- B 

^^H Also, 48 CiinwraU Schools are uoder Ibe supervision of ^H 

^^B tlie Hoard. 

These are achools which are oartlv suDDorted ^H 

^^H fay tlie public ichiwl fund iintl partly by benevolence, and ^H 

^^H nra cuu4uetc(l by benevolent societies, asylums and other ^H 

Div. 2. State Belief. 27 

institutions; e.g., see Children's Aid Society (Class 11.^ 
Div. 6). 

The Public Schools are established by the State for the 
purpose of giving a free education to all the children of the 
city over 5 years of age. The Evening Schools, held from 
October to March, are for those whose ages or vocations 
prevent them from attending the day schools. Apply to 
the Principal in charge for admission to any of the Gram- 
mar, Evening or Primary Schools. 

Truant Officers, upon being notified that a child does 
not attend school, look up the case, and use such powers as 
the law gives them to compel attendance. All complaints 
of Truancy should be addressed to the Superintendent of 
Schools, who will refer them to the proper officer. 

The '* Directory of the Board of Education." a very 
complete handbook, giving all desirable information about 
the educational institutions under the charge of the Board 
of Education, is annually issued by that body. 

John Jasper, City Supt. of Schools. 

Division 2. — State Belief. 

Board of Commissioners for Licensing Sailors' 
Hotels or Boarding Honses (org. 1866, for purposes 
named in the title). Captain George W. Brown, Pres. ; N. 
Dana Wells, Sec'y and Counsel, 52 Exchange Place. 

Board of Mediation and Arbitration (created 1886). 
Office, Albany. To endeavor by mediation to effect an 
amicable settlement of all strikes and lockouts in the State, 
Wm. Purcell, Gilbert Robertson, Jr., Florence F. Donovan, 
State Arbitrators; Charles J. Madden, Sec'y. 

Commissioners of Quarantine of the State of New 
York (created 1738). Office, 71 Broadway. To protect the 
public health from imported contagious diseases. Board- 
ing station for vessels from infected parts is in the lower 
bay below Clifton, near Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island, 
from November to April, inclusive, and on ship "Samuel 
D. Carlton" from May to October, inclusive. Hospital of 
Observation is on Hoffman Island, where exposed passen- 
gers are detained during the period of danger. Hospital for 
Yellow Fever at Swinburne Island, 3^ mil§s l^eloyf the l^ar- 

8 Stale Iltlirf. 

ows. Here is also a Crematory, where all bodies who diei 
] the liQEpital are cremated, unlesa friends object nithitl 
24 hours. The Health Officer has general Buperintenclonce 
and control of all. Number of veasela inspected in """■ 
7,S11. Supported by State appropriations. Last vea 
celpta, 134,063; expenditures, $34,983. Geo. W. AadaiuJ 
, Pres., Clias. P. Allen, John A. Nichols. Commis.'J 
lera; Edwin S. Hellen, SecV. Dr. Wm. M. 8mitb,\f 
Health Officer, Clifton, Staien Island. 

Factory Inspector (office created 1880), Albany. Visits | 
and inspects tiie factories, workshops and other manufac- 
turing establish men ts in the State, to enforce the laws regu- 
lating the same as to children and operatives, and to prose- 
cute violations of the same. Four Women Deputy Factory 
Inspectors are authorized for New York City, the present 
appointees being Miss Margaret Finn, 40 Marion St.; Miu 
Electa R, Lockwood, 108 West 4;ld St.; and Mrs. Alex, 
Bremer, 184 Second Ave. John Jamea Connolly, Factory 
Inspector, Office at State Capitol. 
Hudson Blver State HoHpItal, PouglikeopBie, N. Y, 

S opened 1871). Insane patients treated last year, 600. 
'oseph M. Cleaveland, m.d., Supt. 

Middletonn State Homgeopathlc Hos|iltal (opened 
1870), Middlelown, Orange Co. For the treatment and care 
of insane persons, indigent and otiierwise. Indigents sup- 
ported by counties at liA.26 per week for the first It years, 
and thereafter at (2.50, both rales including clothing. Fri- 
Tate patients charged from $5 lo $25 per week. The in- 
come is derived from counties and cities and from the pay 
of private patients. 803 persons treated last year. Re- 
ceipts, ^310,23.'i. of which f 1 15. 230 were public funds; ex- 
penditures, |2U0,489. Dr. S. II. Tulcotl, Medical Supt., 
to wiiom apply. 

New York Institution for tbe Blind, Ninth Ave, 
corner 34111 St. (sec Class VII., Div. 3). 

New York Instltntion Tor the Instruction of the 
Deaf and Dumb (sec Class VII.. Div. 2), Eleventh Ave. 
and 163d St. 

New York State Reformatory at Elnilra (1876), 


filV. 2. State Belief, 29 

Elmira. For the reformation, rather than the punish- 
ment, of males between 16 and 30 years of age, upon their 
first conviction of crime, when, in the opinion of the judge, 
it seems desirable that their sentences should be served here 
instead of in a State Prison. Such men are retained not 
less than one year, nor longer than the full term of the sen- 
tence, according to the conduct of each. Visitors admitted 
daily, except Sunday. Capacity, 950. Number of pris- 
oners last year, 9S'.J. Supported by inmates' labor and 
State appropriations. Last year's receipts, $160,000, wholly 
from the State ; expenditures, $160,198. Z. R. Brockway, 

New York State Soldiers' and Sailors' Home 

(opened 1879), Bath, Steuben Co. (Formerly The Grand 
Army of the Republic Soldiers' Home of New York). Re- 
ceives infirm, disabled and destitute soldiers or sailors who 
served in the army or navy of the U. S. during the late 
rebellion, and who enlisted from the State of New York, 
or shall have resided in the State for one year preceding 
their application, and who have no property or relatives able 
and legalljr liable to support them. To such a permanent 
home is given during good behavior. None admitted who, 
at time of application, are inmates of any National Home, 
or who have been discharged therefrom within three 
months previous. Apply, upon a special form, over par- 
ty's own signature, to the Supt. of the Home, at Bath ; or, 
refer for further information in person to the Supt. of 
the Out-Door Poor, N. W. corner of 11th St. and Third 
Ave. Capacity, 1,200. Present number, 1,040 ; absent on 
leave, 214. Supported by State appropriations. Last 
year's receipts, $147,122; expenditures, $149,881. H. W. 
Slocum, Pres.; John F. Little, Sec'y ; Frank Campbell, 
Treas.; Wm. F. Rogers, Supt.; T. O. Burleson, m.d., 
Acting Surgeon. 

State Almshouse, Flatbush, L. L Receives in the Kings 
Co. Almshouse non-resident destitute poor who have no 
settlement in any other county of this State, and are com- 
mitted by the Department of Public Charities and Correc- 
tion. Apply to the Supt. of Out- Door Poor, N. W. corner 
11th St. and Third Ave, 

Division %.—Kalionnl Relief. 

Geueral Recrulllii? Service for ihelJ. S.Army. Hea 
quarters, 39 WliUeliall St. Col. E. S. Otis, Supt. TL^ 
local recruiting ofticeH are as follows ; For Cavalry, 11^ 
Hudson St. ; for Ikfantry and Abtillbry, 146 Par 

General Recrnlting SerTice for the U. 8. Navy; apply' 
at Navy Yard, Brooklyu. 

National Home for Disabled Toliiuteer Suldien (In- 
corp, 1885). lltimes located near Dayton, O,; Milwaukee, 
"Wis.; Togus (formerly Augusta), Mo.; Hampton, Va.; 
Leavenworth, Kan.; Marion, Ind.; Santa Monica, Cal, 
Open to all soldiers and sailors of the U. S, who served 
during any war. and who, by reasons of wounds received, 
disease or old age, are uoable to earn a living by manual 
labor, and are not otherwise provided for bj existing law. 
Gen. M. T. McMahou, Sec'y of Board of Managers, 8& 
Park Row. Agency for the preparation of blanks and foe 
medical examination of applicants, S3 Centre St. TranV 
portation free. 

llnited States ImmlGrrittion tiervice (created 1690), 
Ellia Island. New York Harbor; city oHice at the Barge 
OIQce Building, Battery Park. Immigrants are received 
at Ellis Island, registered, and sent to destination, usa- 
ally on day of arrival. Those whose homes will be in New 
York or vicinity are kept separate until called for liy friends. 
The sick and disabled are detained and sent into its tempo- 
rary emergency hospital tor further examination, and, if 
necessary, for transfer to one of the contract hospitals un- 
til able to be forwarded to their destination. There is a 
Labor Bokkau attached to the department, where immi' 
grants obtain situations and employers can procure help. 
Apply to Col. John B. Weber, U. 8. Commissioner of Im- 
migration; or lo Gen'l Jas. It. O'Beirne, Assistant Com- 
niiasiouer, at Barge OlUce. 

Unit«d States Marine Hospital Scry ice (created 1T08). 
Office at the Battery, east of Barge Office. For the cara J 
of alck and injured sailors of merchant vessels sailing under 1 
U. S. registry, and of the Revenue Cutler Service (not tori 


Div. 3. NationaZ Bdirf, 33 

the U. S. Marine Corps, for wWch sec U. S. Naval Hospi- 
tal). Controlled by a Surgeon-General acting under au- 
thority of Secretary of the Treasury. Supported by Gov- 
ernment tonnage dues on vessels from foreign ports. Office 
hours, 9 to 3. John Godfrey, m.d.. Surgeon- m-command. 
Apply at the office. Maintains the following: 

Marine Hospital, Stapleton, S. I. ; reached by Staten 
Island Ferry. Sixty days' service immediately prior to appli- 
cation is required ; special modifications ot this rule are 
occasionally made. Capacity, 150 patients ; 1,618 cared 
for last year. 

Dispensary, at the Battery, treated 3,310 cases last year. 

United States Naval Hospital (opened 1820), Flushing 
Ave., opposite Ryerson St., Brooklyn; reached by Sands 
St. and Flushing Ave. cars from the Bridge. Is a Govern- 
ment institution, under the control of the Navy Dept., for 
the treatment of sick and disabled officers and enlisted men 
of the Navy and Marine Corps of the U. S. exclusively, 
who are admitted on presentation of hospital tickets signed 
by officers authorized to issue them. (It should not be con- 
founded with the **U. S. Marine Hospital," which see.) 
Includes a separate Accessory Hospital or ** Annex" for 
Contagious Diseases within the same grounds. Has 125 
beds. Visitors admitted daily from 10 to 4. Albert L. 
Gihon, M.D., Medical Director, U. 8. Navy, in charge of 

Also within the same grounds (20 acres) are the Naval 
Cemetery ; and the Naval Laboratory, for the supply of 
medical stores, surgical instruments etc. to all vessels and 
shore stations of the Navy, the latter being under direction 
of Delavan Bloodgood, m.d.. Medical Director. 

United States Navy receives on board Training Ships 
good and deserving boys who have not been convicted of 
crime, between 14 and 18 years old, able to read and write, 
physically sound and healthy, of prescribed stature, and 
having consent of their parents or guardians, and gives 
them an ordinary English education, with instruction in 
practical seamanship, and other nautical occupations de- 
signed to make proficient sailors in the navy. The boys 
receive wages ($9 per month and upward) and rations, and 


34 National Bdief, cuuss i. 

are sapplied with an outfit. Apply to the Chief of the 
Bureau of Navigation, Navy Dei)artment, Washington, 
D. C, or to Capt. Edward E. Potter, Ck)mmanding (Officer 
of theU. 8. 8. "Minnesota," off West 50th St., North 
River, or at the Navy Yard, Brooklyn. 

United States Pensions are granted, under legal con- 
ditions, to exU. 8. soldiers and sailors, their widows and 
children. Application can be made to the Commissioner 
of Pensions at Washington, D. C; but, in view of the legal 
restrictions, ^ould be made through a responsible attorney 
or claim agent. 

Agency in New York City, exclusively for payment of 
pensions, 398 Canal St.; Frank C. Loveland, U. S. Pension 


A Journal of Practical Sociology. 

The following selected from subjects described in the first 
numbers will show the scope of the Review : 

Workingmen's Insurance, Co-operation against Beggary, 
Municipal Lodging Houses, District Nursing ; Percentage 
Collectors and Endowments ; Neighborhood Guilds ; Free 
Pood and Free Schools ; Manual Training ; and Charity 
Organization. Short sketches have appeared of the lives 
of Arnold Toynbee, Dr. S. G. Howe, Rev. Oscar C. 
McCuUoch, and others. Such institutions as the Hull 
House, Chicago, the Jersey City People's Palace, the 
Hebrew Institutes are described. 

Among the contributors are many prominent writers on 
social and economical questions and specialists in charitable 
work in this and other countries. 

It is published primarily for the members of the Charity 
Organization Society of New York City ; but it is hoped 
that it will become a medium of publication for other 
Charity Organization Societies in this country and for co- 
operating societies in this city and elsewhere. 

The following are a few of the testimonials of the Press, 

"A scholarly and at the same time distinctively 'practical 
service.' ''— Tfce Review of Reviews. 

"It should be taken by pastors, philanthropists and educators."— 
The Christian Advocate. 

*' The Review must be very helpful to all students of philanthropy 
and social science."— TAe Christian Register. 

" There was a want in periodical literature here that needed filling, 
and judging from the present number, this Review will fill it."— Tfce 
Christian at Work. 

•' The aims of the magazine are well conceived, and if its succeed- 
ing issues fulfil the promise of the first number, it will meet a de- 
served success."— 2%e New York Tribune. 

*' If every succeeding number is as attractive and entertaining as 
the first issue, the Review will easily earn a place for Itself on every 
study table."— T;ie New York World. 

"It presents an attractive table of contents, written by persons 
whose Known ability and means of acquiring information on the sub- 
jects whereof they treat are above the conunon level."— 37ie New 
York Commercial Advertiser. 

The Rbvikw is published monthly during eight months of the year, 
by the Critic Company, for the 


of New York City. Subscription price Jl.OO per year (eight numbers). 
Remittance should be addressed to 

The Critic Com PAmr, 52 & 54 Lafayette Place. 



Erected by Mb. Joici 9. Eensedy, 
Will be the permauent home of the Charity OnuiNF-' 
zATioN SociiiTF (trlth Its records of 150,000 rarallies 
and persons, derived from more tlian 300 ca-operatlngr 
Societies and ChnrchcB, dnrlng Its ten years nf work), 
tlie Abbociation fob lupnoviifo tbe Conditcon of thk 
PooB, the Chiujren'b Aid Society, and the New York 
CiTT Mission Socmrv. On the corner above the Sww, 
YoBE Society fob the Peeventioh of CitCEi,T 
Childbes will Boon put up their buildiog, whiia a 

the way is the Youno Men's CHRiaTiAS Absociation. 
, It la manifest that & building so occupied and local 
oflers nnequallcd advantages to charitable soeietfa 
of every description. The more of IhoBe induced to 
up their abode ia the building the nearer will it 
the desire of its Founder, and become a centre of infon 
tioQ and record about charitable work in all lines and 
place where the needy can receive, .or be intelltgentl 
guided to, adequate relief. 

The Building will be flre-proof, st«am heated, wlt&- 
elevator, electric lights, and all needed ;modern con- 
veniences ; and offices therein will be rented at reasonable 
ralea. It wiU also contain a large Hall for public meetings. 
Applicatjona from benevolout and kindred Societies are 
solicited. Address the 

Trustees of the United Charities Building, 

Care of the Ckabitt Orqanization Society, 

SI UKrVKBSiTY Plagb, New Yobk City. 


CLASS 11. 
Temporary Relief of Distress. 

{SeedUo Class IV. — ^Rblibf to Fobbignebs.) 

St should be borne in mind by those seeking the proper sources of 
ef in any case, that : 
1st. Parents are legally bound to maintain their dependent chil- 
dren, and children to maintain their dependent parents; and such 
relatives may be directed by a court of competent jurisdiction, in its 
discretion, to contribute according to their several abilities. 

2d. All religious congrefnttions make provision for the relief of 
needy and distressed members of their own parishes. Reference, 
therefore, may always be made to the relief agencies of the Congre- 

gation with which the case is affiliated. See list of Churches and 

8d. The Societies for Foreigners^ Relief (see Class IV.) make am- 
p^e provision for temporary relief of persons of their own nationality. 
Therefore, in case of applications from persons of foreign birth, re- 
ference should be primarily made to the Society for the relief of 
the same nationality, if any exists. 

4th. The following should be referred to the Department of Chari- 
ties and Correction, bv whom provision is made for them :— Vagrants 
and tramps, drunkards, insane, idiotic, helpless blind, friendless old 
people, sick, homeless mothers and infants, and all other helpless, 
hopeless and friendless cases.] 

The Charity Orfaaiiatioii Society endeavors to obtain for deserv- 
ing cases, from the proper charities and charitable individuals, suit- 
able and Adequate reuef of all the kinds named in the following 
Divisions (see page 1). 

Division 1. — Industrial Employment, 
(See also Churches and Congregations.) 

Ahawath Chesed Sisterhood of Personal Service, 

71 East Third St. (see Class II., Div. 2). 

Alliance Employment Bnrean of the N. T. issocia- 


38 Indvalrial Smployment. olass 

tion of Worliln? Girls' Societies (org. 1891). 
West 38tli Bt. To facilitate communication between em- 
ployers and the beat class of workers. References sup- 
plied in bU cases. Office hours, 9:80 &.u, to 12:30 h. dallf. 
Apply to Miss B. Anna. Buchanan, Supt. 

BeDlBh Mission EmploTment Bnreaa, 

Ave. (see Class IS., Dlv. S). 

50 Bible House, Fourth A 
aist respectable working men and women to secure suitable 
emnloymeot, under conditions farorable to the development 
ana maiatenaace of moral and Cbriatian character and 
wholesome self-respect, and thus to encourage them in the 
habits of industry aud aetf-support. No worthj applicant 
for employment will be denied the aid of the Society because 
of inability to pay a fee. Employers will be charged a 
amaU fee for each service rendered, or by the payment of a 
monthly subscription they may become entitled to the ler- 
vices of the Society as often as required during the con- 
tinuance of such monthly payment. Supported by volun- 
tary contributions and fees. Rev. George Alexander, d.d,, 
Prea.; S. 8. Boffert, m.d., Sec'y; Frederick A. Booth, 
Treas.; Mrs. Alida Stan wood, Supt,, to whom apply from 
9:30a,h. to4F.u. 

Chnrcli Mission to Deaf-Motes, 6 West 18th St. (see 
Class VII., Div. 1). 

College of Pliarmaey of the City of New York, 20& 
Bast aSd St. (see Class VI., Div. 11). 

Doirn-Town Relief Bureaa, 309 Fulton St. (see Olua 
n., Div. 2). 

East Side Chapel aud Bible Womaa's Association, 
404 Eaat 15th St. (see Class IX., Div. 1). 

DiY. 1. Industrial Employment, 87 

KmplOTment Barean of U. S. Immigrratioii Serrice, 

Barge Office (see Class I., Div. 3). 

ETangrelical Aid Society for the Spanish etc., 1345 
Lexington Ave. (see Class IX., Div. 2). 

Free Home forDestitate Tonng Girls, 23 East 11th 
St. (see Class II., Div. 4). 

Friends' Employment Society of New York (org. 
1862). Meeting-nouse on Rutherford Place, between East 
16th and 17th Sts. Affords relief to the poor by employ- 
ment in sewing. None heli5ed who live by public charity. 
Supported by voluntary contributions. Assisted 33 women 
last year. Receipts and expenditures, $467. Hannah W. 
Haydock, Ist Directress, 212 East 12th St.; Ella P. Bunt- 
ing, Sec*y. 216 East 12th St.; P. Caroline Haydock, Treas., 
31 East 30th St. Apply as above through a subscriber, 
Fridays, from 2 to 4 p.m. 

General Becraiting Service for the U. S. Army and 
Navy, 39 Whitehall St. (see Class I., Div. 3). 

Girls' Friendly Society for America, Registry Office, 
13 West 11th St. (see Class X.. Div. 5). 

Harlem Exchange for Woman's Work (org. 1888), 
40 West 125th St. To assist and benefit gentlewomen in 
reduced circumstances. A subscription of $5 admits the 
work of three persons for one year. Consignors must pay 
$2 a year if they do not present a subscriber's ticket, and 10 
per cent is charged on all sales. Supported by voluntary 
contributions and commissions. Open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 
Mrs. C. C. Tyler, Pres. ; Mrs. Jos. Keane, Sec'y ; Mrs. E. 
W. Sackett, Treas. ; Miss M. H. Wray, Supt. 

Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society, Eleventh Ave. 
and 151st St. (see Class VIII., Div. 3). 

Helpinar Hand Association of the City of New York 

(incorp. 1870), 160 TJ^st 29th St., in Chapel of Reformed 
Dutch Church. To advance the social and moral condition 
of very destitute women, who are provided with employ- 
ment, and aid toward self-support. Independent and un- 
denominational. Supported by voluntary contributions. 
I^ist year's receipts, $4,999 ; expenditures, $2,670 ; build- 

Indvttrial Employment. 


lagfund, $34,384. Mrs. Willmm Post, lat DirectreBS. 5 East 
SHth St.; Miss E!. W. Hatfieid, Sec'y, 14B West 34th St.; 
Mrs. Pelec Donald, Treas,. 39 West 4flth St. Apply everj 
Friday, from October lo May, from 2 to 5 p.m. Main' 

MisaiONABT, who visits the beuefiuiarlea once a week 
and relieves their spiritual and temporal needs. 

Home for Fallen and Friendless Girls (Wbtuobb.i 
Home), 49 South Wasliiogton Square (see Class VIII., 
Div. 2). 

Indnstrlal Christian Alliance, Room 310, No. IS 
Broadway {see Class IX., Dit. U, 

lostltntlon of Mercy. N. E. corner Slst St. andUadi-' 
son Ave. (see Class V., Div, 1). 

Ladies' Hontellore Aid and Snwln? Society of Ual^ J 
lem, cbaaged to AonrLAR Aid Socfbtv (see Class II., Di7. , 

Sadlsan Ave. Depository and £xchaii|re for Wo- 
man's Work (incorp. 1886), 6'^ Madison Ave. A subscrip- 
tion of 95 admits the work of a self-supporting woman to 
the salesroom for one year. Depositors must pay an an- 
nual fee of {3 or present a ticket from a manager or sub- 
scriber, and 10 per cent is charged on all sales. 338 depod- 
tora Inst year. Mrs. Hooper C. Van Vorst, Prea.; Mrs. 
Horace T. Hanks, Sec'y; Mrs. H. O. Armour, Treas. 

Mission of the Immacnlate Tirgin etc.. N. E. cor. 
Lafayette Place and Great Jones St. Has an Employment 
Bureau for young men (see Class V., Div. 1). 

New York Association for Improving the Condition 
of the Poor, 79 Fourth Ave. and 2059 Lexington Ave. 
(see Class II., Div. 3). 

DiY. 1. IndiLStridl Employment. 39 

New York Colored Mission, 135 West 30th St. (see 
Class IX., Div. 2). 

New York Exchange for Woman*s Work (incorp. 
1878), 329 Fifth Ave. Keceives the work of gentlewomen 
for sale, charging 10 per cent commission. Annual subscrip- 
tion of $5 admits the work of three persons. Last years 
receipte, $20,862; expenditures, $23,500. Mrs. Wm. G. 
Choate, Pres.; Mrs. T. M. Wheeler, Sec'y; Mrs. John Pa- 
ton, Treas. Apply during business hours to the Manager 
at the office. 

New York Honse and School of Industry (org. 1850, 
hicorp. lail), 120 West 16th St. Assists infirm and des- 
titute women by furnishing sewing at a fair rate of re- 
muneration. It also pensions those employees who have 
grown too infirm to labor for themselves any longer. Sup- 
ported by donations, legacies and sale of work. Last 
year's receipts, $19,916; expenditures, $20,047; permanent 
fund, $72,515. Mrs. Whitelaw Reid, Pres. ; Mrs. Gran- 
ville B. Smith, Acting Pres. ; Miss M. S. Morris, Fin'l 
Sec'y; Mrs. J. Newton Ewell, Treas., 75 East 56th St. 
Apply as above from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Maintains a 

Sbwino School ; where instruction is given to girls in 
needlework. All goods made are sold in store on the prem- 
ises. 100 scholars. Open, from September to June inclu- 
sive, on Saturdays from 9 to 12 m., and on Wednesdays 
from 3 to 5 p.m. 

New York Recorder's Old Folks' Aid Society (org. 
1891). To provide the necessaries of life for the needy 
aged ; to find employment for those able to work ; to culti- 
vate among the young a higher regard for the happiness 
of old people ; to gather data concerning the cause of pre- 
mature ola age, and to add to the literature upon the sub- 
ject. Rev. Wm. Lloyd, Pres. ; Walter Vrooman, Sec'y, 
440 East 84th St. ; Mrs. W. C. Levin, Treas. ; Rev. Chas. 
H. Eaton, Chairman Executive Committee. 

Olivet Helping Hand (org. 1869), 63 Second St. Is 
under the auspices of Olivet Church of the N. Y. City- 
Mission Soc. Furnishes work to destitute women at fair 
prices. Pay given in garments and groceries. Has also 


an emergency fund. Meets, aa above, Tuesdays 1:80 P.U., 
from NnvemDer to April, inclusive. 

Park ATenue Loundrj of the Charity Organization 
gocletf, 589 Park Ave. (see page 8). 

RiTerstde Rest Association, 810 East 2Sth St. (see 
Class II., Div. 9). 

St Barnabas' House, Wi Mulberry St. (see Clajsa II,, 
Div. 8). 

Societj for the Employment and Relief of Poor 
Women (org. 1844), 104 East aotii St, Sewing is supplied 
to women able and willing to labor, who, having young 
children or from sickuesa, are unable to leave their homes 
or to obtain employment elsewhere. Society meet* and 
work la issued TliursdavB, from 10 to 13 m., from Novem- 
ber to May. Supported hy sale of garments, aubscriptiona 
and interest on fund. S3 applicants last year. Receipts, 
|4,988; expenditures, tS.HB; permanent fund, $20,370. 
Mrs. B. Sidney Smith, Pres.; JIiM H, C. Butler, Sec'y, 81 
Eaat69thSt.; Mrs. Natlian Chandler, Treas., 33 East 87tli 

Bbpobitohy, 140 Bast IBtliSt.; garments for the poor,, 
made by the above labor, can be bought at low prices ; 
7,577 garments made last year. 

DiY. 2. Mod, Olothing and General Belitf, 41 

Temporaiy Home for Women, 84 Second Ave. (see 
Class X., Div. 3). 

United Hebrew Charities of tlie Oit j of New York, 

128 Second Ave. (see Class II., Div. 2). 

United States Press Bnrean, 135 East 15th St. See 
Prison Association of New York (Class III. , Div. 4). 

Wetmore Home, 49 South Washington Square (see Class 
VIII., Div. 2, Home for Fallen and Friendless 

Woman^s Charity and Industry Glnb and Home for 
Friendless Colored Oiris, 221 West 37th St. (see Class 
II., Div. 8). 

Wood Yard of the Charity Orgraniiation Society, 514 

East 23d St. (see page 8). 

Working: Women^s Protective Union, 19 Clinton 
Place (see Class III., Div. 1). 

Tonngr Men*s Christian Association etc., 40 East 23d 
St. see Class X., Div. 4). 

Toangr Women's Christian Association etc., 7 East 
15th St. (see Class X., Div. 4). 

Tonngr Women's Home Society of the French Evan- 

gelical Chnrch etc., 341 West 30th St. (see Class II., 
iv. 9). 

Division 2.'-Ibod, Olothing and General Belief, 

(See also Churches and Congregations.) 

Agnilar Aid Society (formerly Ladies' Montefiore 
Aid and Sewing Society op Harlem) (org. 1890). To 
assist the up town Hebrew poor on the East Side with 
fuel, groceries, clothing and money when needful, and 
also provide Passover supplies. Supported by voluntary 
contributions. Mrs. A. Maisner, Pres., S. W. cor. Lex- 
ington Ave. and 89th St.; Miss M. Rosenweiz, Sec'y. 249 
East 110th St.; Mrs. S. H. Marks, Treas., 24 East 109th St. 

Ahawath Chesed Sisterhood of Personal Service, 

71 East Third St. Distributes clothing, groceries and 



general relief to the oeedj, and vieita them in their homes. 
Maintaina a Day Ndrbeby and Free Kindergarten for 
children from 3 to 6 years of age ; also a Ssvma School 
for girls froDi 8 to 15 fcars of age, from 8 to 6 p.m. AIio^ . ' 
has an Employment Bueeau for women, and a Sewiko 1 
Circle for making garments for the children of the Kin- •I 

American Female Onardian Sooletj and Home Tor 
the PriendleSB (org, 1834, incorp, 1849). 39 East 39th 8t. 
and 33 East 30th St. Visits and gives relief in sickness and 
obtains admission to hospitals when desirable. Haa an 
emp1o7ment bureau to furuiah women with sewing to do 
in their own homes. Supported bj voluntary contnbutions 
and public school fund. 44S Inmates in the Home last 
year, and S,832 in the schools. Receipts, |90,360, of 
which ^8,938 were from city funds ; expenditures, 
«]05,013. Mrs. C. C. Iferth, Pres.; Mrs. A. H. Ambler. 
Cor. Sec'y, 107 East 57th St.; Mrs. 8. A. Stone, Treaa., 42 
West aath St.; Mr, and Mrs. E. J. Herrick, Supts,, to 
whom apply at Home at any hour of the day. Maintaina 
the following : 

Home School at 3S East SOth St,, and 13 Industrial 
Schools in various parts of the city, in which children are 
retained until admissible to the j^ommar department of the 
public Bcbools. The children m these scboola are those 
whose families are too poor to clothe them properly for the 

Eublic schools, and who from various circumstances must 
e irregular in their attendance. These schools are located 
as foil own : 

Home School, SO East 39th St, 
iNDnsTRiAL School No, 1 , 553 First Ave, cor, 33d St. 
■' ■' " 3, (Rose Memorial), 418WeBt 

41 St 8t. 
" " 3, 134 West 36th St. 

" 4, 34 Willett St. 
" 5, 230 West aath St. 
" 6, 135 Allen St. 

BIT. 2. JPbod, Clothing and General Belief, 48 

IimusTBiAL School No. 11, 53d St. and Second Ave. 

"12. 2247 Second Ave. 

HoMB FOB THE Fbiendlbss (scc next paragraph). 

HonsB OF Industry and Homb fob thb Fbibndlbss, 
32 East 30th St. Receives homeless children, girls from 8 
to 14, bovs from 3 to 10, and cares for them until they can 
be placed in Christian families. Many are legally committed 
or surrendered to the Society until of age. 

SuMMEB Home (Wright Memorial) at Oceanport, N. J., 
where children are cared for from June to October. 

American Seamen's Friend Society, 76 WaU St. (see 
Class IX., Div. 2). 

Association for Befriending Children and Tonng 
Girls, 138 Second Ave. (see Class II., Div. 7). 

Association for Improving the Condition of the 
Poor, 79 Fourth Ave. (see New Yobk Association etc., 
page 46), 

Beth-EI Society of Personal Service (incorp. 1890), 
855 East 62d St. To dispense to the sick and Infirm 
nourishing food, clothing, medical aid and general relief; 
to teach girls sewing, to give religious instruction, and to 
make garments for the Hebrew poor living between 23d 
and 76th Sts. east of Fifth Ave. Conducts a Eindeb- 
OABTEN and Day Nubsbbt, open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., 
and also an Employment Bubbau, and has a Wobkino 
GiBLs' Clxtb. Supported by annual dues and voluntary- 
contributions. Last year's receipts, $2,219; expenditures, 
$1,631. Rev. Rudolph Grossman, Pres., 312 East 69th St.; 
Miss Minnie Heidelberg, Cor. Sec'v; Seymour P. Eurzman, 
Treas., 13 East 49th St. 

Calvary Relief Barean (of Calvary Prot. Epis. Church), 
340 East 23d St. Gives both temporal and spiritual aid to 
the worthy poor residing in the district from 14th to 34th 
St. east of Fourth Ave. Apply from 9 to 11 a.m. and 3 

to 5 P.M. 

Catherine Mission, 201 South St. (see Class IX., 
Div. 1). 

Pbod, CloihiJig and Oenerai Beiitf. clabs il. 

Crystal BeHer and Literary Association (org. 1888). 
Relievea after iovestigation 40 to 50 families annuallj, and 
Gxpeads $200 to f250. Apply lo Miss Rosa Praeger, 153 
Henry St. 

Deutscher Fraaen Toreln (see next page, Geruah 
Ladies' Socibtv). . 

Bowu-Town Belief Bareau {org. 1883), 209 Fulton St. J 
AffuTds general out-door relief, also meals and lodgings to 
the worthy ^or, especially to those living below Grand Bt. 
Tranaportation and employment also provided. No dis- 
tinction as to color, race orcreed. Supported by voluntary 
coQtribntions. Number of applicants last year, 5,113, Re- 
ceipts, $3,840; expenditures, f3.50T. Francis M. Bacon, 
Chairman; Heury W. McVickar, Sec'y; J. F. D. Lanier, 
Treas. ; Gilbert C. Hebberd, Supt., to whom apply from 

1 to 4 P.M. 

Earle Gnlld (org. 1876). Provides food, clotliing and 
fuel for the worthy poor, and also ice in summer for sick 
children. Outside contributions last year, $11B. Conducted 
and chiefly supported by Ferdioand P. Earle, 173 Centre St. 

East Side Ladies' Aid Society for ^Tidows and 
Orplians (incorp. 1889), 101 Avenue A. To asaiat the 
■worthy poor by means of food, coal, clothing and monev 
in necessitous caaea. 1 10 widows and 100 orphans beneBted 
last year. Supported by voluntary contributions. Re- 
ceipts, J600; expenditures, f503. Apply to Mrs. Henrietta 
■Wunderlich, Pres., 102 Avenue A ; Mrs. Pauline Lowen- 
thal. Secy, 81 East Seventli St.; Mrs. Sturtz, Treas., 338 
East aixth St. 

Emann-El Sisterliood for Personal Service (incorp. 
1889), 169 East 74th St. Affiliated with the Temple Emanu- 
£1, 48d St. and Fifth Ave. Relieves the sick and needy ; 
provides religious inatruction, industrial training and fresh- 
air recreation to poor ciiiidren ; organizes Working Girls' 
Clubs for self -culture; maintainaa Day Nursery and Kioder- 

K.rten for infants and young children, and liolda Mothers' 
eetings every Thursday. Supported by voluntary contri- 



t>tv. 3. Mod, Clothing and OeneraZ Belief. 46 

butions. Rev. Gustav Gottheil, Pres. ; Rev. Joseph Sil- 
Yerman, SecVi 112 East 55th St. ; Mrs. May, Treas. Apply 
at office, 169 East 74th St. 

Fire Points House of Industry, 155 Worth St. (see 
Class II., Div. 7). 

Fire Points Mission, 63 Park St. (see N. Y. Ladibs' 
HoMB Missionary Socibtt etc., Class II., Div. 6). 

German Ladies' Society for the Belief of Destitute 
Widows, Orphans and Sick Persons (Deutschbb 
Fratjbn Vbbbin) (org. 1844, incorp. 1860). No office. 
Provides general relief for poor German widows and help- 
less orphans. Also supplies medicines and medical treat- 
ment to destitute sick women. Supported by voluntary 
donations and permaneut fund. Beneficiaries comprise 486 
families and 264 single persons, and 3,836 cases were relieved 
last year. Receipts, $6,995; expenditures, $7,902; per- 
manent fund, $86,300. Mrs. John F. Pupke, Pres., 150 
West 57th St. ; Miss Marian Schurz, Cor. Sec'y, 175 West 
58th St. ; Miss Mary A. Robinson, Treas., 353 West 56th 
St. Apply to any of the above. 

Grand Army of the Republic, room 4, basement of 
aty Hall (see Class lU., Div. 2). 

Hebrew Relief Society (incorp. 1831), 7 West 19th St. 
A constituent of the United Hebrew Charities (see Class II., 
Div. dJTMaintains a few pensioners among the congrega- 
tion of Shearith Israel Synagogue, and dispenses relief 
through the United Hebrew Chanties. Supported by mem- 
bers' dues and interest of funds. Last year's receipts, 
$1,642 ; expenditures, $1,868 ; permanent fund, $23,750. 
H. S. Allen, Pres. ; A. H. Seixas, Sec'y ; Julian Nathan, 

Industrial Christian Alliance, Room 210, 45 Broad- 
way (see Class IX. , Div. 1). 

Italian Home (Istttuto Italiano), 179 Second Ave. 
(see Class IV., Div. 1). 

Lftdies' Bikur Cholim Society (org. 1860, incorp. 
1864), 177 East Broadway. Assists sick and needy He- 
brews. 2,668 articles and garments made in the school, 



Food, CloHiing a 


3,467 distributed to needy pupils and applicAnts, and 80 
families aided last year. Supported by duea, donatlonB 
and ioterest on funds. Receipts, $1,593 ; expenditures, 
81,820; invealedfunda, $11,507. Mrs. E. L.Toplitz.Prea., 
47 East 68tli St., to whom apply; Mrs. N. Bmndnn, Sec'y; 
Mrs. 8. Neaatadter, Treaa. Maintains an 

IsDUSTHiAi. School ; for poor girls from 8 to 13 years 
old, who receive, twice in the year, an outfit of clothing ; 
no class excluded. Capacity, 150 children. 

Ladles' Fael and Aid Society, 199 Henry 8t. (gee J 
Class 11., Div. 3). I 

Leake Dole of Broad. Bequest of the late John Leaice, 
to provide bread to the poor ; a weeltly dole of 67 loaves Is 
made every Saturday to poor parishioners at 8t. John's 
Prot. Epia. Chapel, 46 VaricliSt,, near Beacli (see Prot. 
Epia. Cliurches). 

New York Assoclatloa for ImproTlng the Condition 
of the Poor (org, 1843, incorp. 1848). Central office, 79 
Fourth Ave. ; Harlem olBce. 30.'j9 Lexington Ave.; People's 
Bath House, 9 Centre Market Place, oS Broome St. De- 
voted to the interests of the poor and working classes, the 
judicious relief of their necessities, and the sanitary Im- 
provement of their homes, without regard lo race, color, 
creed or nationality. Its design is the elevation of the 
moral and physical condition of tiie indigent, and, so far as 
is compatible with this, their temporal relief. Life mem- 
berships, $350 ; Patron, per annum, $35 ; Annual Mem- 
ber, per annum, f 10. It has 6 departments : Re^ratloD, 
Relief, Sanitary, Sewing, Fresh Air aud Public Baths. 
Relief is granted in provisions, fuel, clothing, blankets, 
medicine, 3ck-room food, wood-yard tickets, batta tickets, 
sewing and other employment. Inspection is made of the 
sanitary condition of tenement houses, and moans taken to 
abate existing nuisances. Sewing is provided tor the female 
members of distressed families when work ceases for the 
men. During the summer, "Ocean Parties," comprising 
from 000 to 1,000 of the dwellers in the overcrowded tene- 

DiY. 3. . Ibod, Clothing and General Belief. 47 

ment houses of New York City, are taken twice a week to 
an adjacent watering place, where lunch and bathing privi- 
leges are provided. Whole families are accommocuited. 
Supported bj voluntary contributions. Number of last 
year's beneficiaries, 37,626, and 25,302 visits were made. 
Annual expenditures, about $40,000. John Paton, Pres. ; 
Qeo. Calder, Sec'y; Warner Van Norden, Treas., 25 Nassau 
St. ; James A. Scrymser, Chairman Finance Committee ; 
R. Fulton Cutting, Chairman Committee of Ways and 
Means ; Francis S. Lon^orth, General Agent, to whom 
apply ^om 9 to 5 p.m. Telephone call, 348, 18th St. 

New York City Mission and Tract Society, Woman's 
Bbanch, Room 106, Bible House (see Class IX., Div. 1). 

New York Colored Mission, 135 West 30th St. (see 
Class IX., Div. 2). 

New York Diet Kitclien Association (see Class III., 
Div. 6). 

New York Female Auxiliary Bible Society, Bible 
House (see Class X., Div. 9). 

New York Ladies' Home Missionary Society of the 
Methodist Episcopal Church, 63 Park St. (Five Points 
Mission) (see Class II., Div. 6). 

New York Protestant Episcopal City Mission So- 
ciety, 38 Bleecker St. (see Class IX., Div. 1). 

New York Two Cent Diet Kitchen (incorp. 1891), 300 
Ave. A. Bpr the relief of the poor ; supplies various kinds 
of cooked ^oed and drinks at the nominal price of two 
cents each. \ Open weekdays from 6 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.; 
Sundays froni 7 till 10 a.m., 12 to 2 p.m. Supported bv 
voluntaiT contributions and donations. Jas. R. Angel, 
Pres., 248 Br<kdway ; Edward H. Colell, Sec'y ; Chas. 
W. Lawrence, Treas., 261 and 263 Canal St. 

Bodoph Sckolom Sisterhood, East 63d St. and Lexing- 
ton Ave. Cares for the poor, sick and destitute of the vi- 
dadtj, and works^on same methods as the other Sisterhoods. 
Apply as above. ' 

Fhad, Clothing and General Helief. 

St. John's Guild, 5U1 Piftli Ave. (see ClasB VI., Div. 

Shaaraj TeHUa Sisterhood (org. 1890), U7 Waal 

St. Works ia four directions : 1. Care of the sick and 
needy poor (acts na agent for the United Hebrew ChaiitieB, 
which sec, CtiissII., Div. 2) In the section of the citj from 
the Bowery west to tlie North River, and from 1 Fifth Ave. 
to Harlem. 2. Cure of the very young ; maintains a free 
Kindergarten daily from 9to]3at the synagogue. Mrs. 
J. C. Levi, Pres., 50 West 9lBt St. 3. Affords religious 
instruction to children residing on the West Side up-lown, 
and tenches a Sewlne Class for girls daily from 3 to 5 P U. 
at the synagogue. Rev. Dr. F. de Sola Mendes, Pres., IfK 
West 7Bd St. 

r (1869). 4 Winthrop Place 
iepartraent of the Chu^c^ "' 
the Strangers (see Miscellaneous Churches). AaalatB si 
gera temporarily embarrassed, who can give some reliable 
references, with food, clothing, shelter, medical attendance, 
legal advice, transportation and information in regard to 
obtaining employment, boarding-housea, churches etc., 
regardless of creed, age, sex or color. C. Sturtevant, 
Sec'y. Apply, as above, from 8 to 5 p.m. 

Socletj for the Relief of Poor Widows with Small 
Children (org. 1798, incorp. 1803). Aids, without regard 
to nativity or creed, any industrious poor widow of good 
character, with two children under ten. who is not asdstod 
by the authorities. Districted from Beekman to SGth St. 
Applicants are visited before being aided. Suspends woric 
during the summer. Supported by voluntary contribu- 
tions. Relief given last year to 383 widows with 987 chil- 
dren. Receipts, |10,013; expenditures, $7,194. Mrs. Wm. 
P. GJriffln, 1st Directress, 208 East IBth St. ; Miss C. Q. 
Catlln, Sec'y, 138 West 59th St. : Mrs. T. B. Bronson. 

DiY. 2. Food, Clothing amd General Bdief, 49 

Treas., 107 East 25th St. ; Miss Rachel Boyd, Agent, 202 
West 41st St., to whom apply. 

Society of St. Tincent de Paul in the City of New 
York (org. 1835, incorp. 1872). Has for its objects : 1st, 
the practice of a Christian life ; 2d, to visit the poor at tTieir 
dweUings and to carry tTiem 9U4ieor in hind; 3d, to promote 
the elementary and religious instruction of poor children ; 
4th, to distribute moral and religious books ; and 5th, to 
undertake any other charitable Work to which their re- 
sources are adequate. Its headquarters are in Paris. 

SuFEBiOB Council of New York (The) (1860) is lo- 
cated in New York City, and has the circumspection of all 
the Particular Councils in the United States, one of which 
supervises the work in each Diocese. The Superior Coun- 
cil meets at the Office, 2 Lafayette Place, on the Wednesday 
after the first Monday of each month, at 8 p.m. Hours, 
8:30 to 5 P.M. Rt. Rev. Mgr. John M. Farley, d.d., Spirit- 
ual Director; Jeremiah Fitzpatrick, Pres.; Thomas M. 
Mulry, Sec*y; Philip H. Shelley, Treas. 

Particular Council op New York (The) (org. 
1857, incorp. 1872). Has circumspection of all the con- 
ferences in the Archdiocese of New York. It meets in 
the Cathedral School-house, 111 East 50th St., on the sec- 
ond Monday of each month, at 8 p.m. Office, 2 Lafavette 
Place. Rt. Rev. Mgr. J. M. Farley, d.d.. Spiritual Di- 
rector ; Jeremiah Fitzpatrick, Pres. ; William Keohane, 
Sec'y. 5 Winthrop Place; William P. Byrne, Treas., 846 
West 51st St. 

Conferences: Nearly all the Roman Catholic Churches 
in the city have a separate conference of the Societv, the 
name being usually the same as that of the church ; ita 
work being confified to the pa/rish in which it is Htua^ted, 
and the Parish Priest being in most cases the Spiritual Di- 
rector. Applications may be made to him or to the Presi- 
dent. There are 51 conferences in New York, as follows : 

All Saints, Madison Ave. and 129th St.; Tuesday, 8 
P.M. Pres., Robert McGinnis, 27 E. 126th St. 

Annunciation, Broadway and 131st St. ; Wednesday, 8 
P.M., basement. Pres., Hugh McCormick, 126th St. and 
Eighth Ave. 


Food, Clothing and Omeral I 

EpipaAUT, 378 Second Ave.; Tueaday, 8 p.m., Chapel. 
Prea., James Kediao, 348 Third Ave. 

Holt Ckosb, 1135 Weat 42d St. ; Tuesduy, 7:30, 
Church-building. Pres., P. McCullough, 327 Weat 42d 

Hqlz Name, Boulevard and 9Tth 8t. ; Sunday, 8 p.m.. 
Hall of Oliurcli. Pres., Charles J. McManoa, BOth St. and. 
Ninth Ave. . 

Holt Rosabt, East J19th St.; Wedaesdny, 8 p.m., Sao- J 
ristj. Pres., William R. CoUms, 334 East 117th St. I 

luMAODLATB CONCEPTION, 505 Eftst 14th St.; Tucsday, 1 
8 P.M., Vestry. Prea., Miles Hastings, 265 Ave. C. I 

Most Holt Redeemer, 165 Third St.; Wedneaday, 8 
P.M., School-house, 233 East Fourth St. Pres., Barth. 
Mattes, 14 First Ave. 

Nativity, 48 Second Ave.; Tuesday, 8 p.m., basement, 
Prea., J. H. Butler, 179 East lllth St. 

Our Ladt or AIerc;, Fordham ; Sunday, 12 m., Pa»-I 
toral Residence. Pres., Michael Reidy, 2790 Fond Place, T 

Odr Lady op Sorrows, 105 Pitt St.; Friday, 8 p.m.^' 
School-house. Prea., Francis S. Stehle, B8 Pitt St. 

Sacred Hkaht, 447 West Slst St. ; Tuesday, 8 p.m., 
Pastoral Residence. Pres., Dennia Ahem, 690 Tenth AvO. 1 

St. AoBKe, US East 43d St.; Friday, 8 p.m.. Pastoral 1 
Residence. Pres., Jamea P, J. Donoboe, 201 East Utb i 

St. Alphonbus, 230 South Fifth Ave.; Tuesday, 8 p.m., 
School-house. Prea,, Maurice Aiearn, 131 West 13th St 

St. Andrew, Duane St. and City Hall Place ; Tuesday, 
8 F.M., basement. Pres., James Morris, 409 Pearl St. 

St. Ann, 113 East ISth St.; Tuesday, 8 P.M., School- 
bouse, llUi St. Pres., D. E. Scannell, 130 East 13th St. 

St. Anthony, 149 Sullivan St. ; Tuesday. 7:80 p.m., 
School-houao, 30 Macdougal St. Pres., Jno, O'Connor, 
221 West Houston St. 

8t. Bbbhard, BSa West 14th St.; TuBsday, 7:30 j 
BaptiBlry. Pres., Thoa. M. Muliy, 10 Perry 8t, 

BIY. 3. Food, Clothing and General Belief, 51 

St. Boniface, 312 East 47th St.; Wednesday, 8. p.m., 
School-house. Pres., Nicholas Schmidt, 808 East 46th 

St. Bbigid, 123 Ave. B; Tuesday, 7:30 p.m., School-hall. 
Pres., P. J. McCue, 247 East Seventh St. 

St. Cecilia, Tuesday, 8 p.m.. Hall, 106th St., Lexing- 
ton and Fourth Aves. Pres., Francis McMuUen, 123 East 
106th St. 

St. Columba, 339 West 25th St. ; Thursday, 8 p.m., 
School-hall. Pres., Thomas J. Logan, 275 Ninth Ave. 

St. Elizabeth, Fort Washington ; Sunday, 12 m., base- 
ment. Pres., Edward J. Crowley, Fort Washington. 

St. Francis Xavier, 36 West 16th St. ; Tuesday, 8 
p.m.. College-hall. Pres., Dr. Alfred V. Brailley, 468 
Central Park West. 

St. Gabmbl, 312 East 37th St.; Tuesday, 8 p.m.. 
School-room, 36th St. Pres., Jas. F. Boyle, 676 Second 

St. Ignatius, East 87th St. ; Tuesday, 8 p.m., School- 
bundmg, East 87th St. Pres., Peter Wolf, 439 East 87th 

St. Jambs, 32 James St. ; Tuesday, 7:30 p.m., basement. 
Pres., Wm. Brett, 75 Market St. 

St. Jerome, Alexander Ave. and 137th St. ; Tuesday, 8 
P.M., Pastoral residence. Pres., Walter W. Tinsley, 3002 
Third Ave. 

St. John the Baptist, 209 West 30th St. ; Thursday, 
8 P.M., Convent, 31st St. Pres., Jno. Brahm, 784 Eighth 

St. John the Evangelist, First Ave. and 55th St.; 
Tuesday, 8 p.m., in the Church. Pres., James W. Castle, 
1184 Second Ave. 

St. Joseph, Sixth Ave. and Washington Place ; Sunday, 
1 P.M., basement of the Church. Pres., John C. McCar- 
thy, 41 Morton St. 

St. Joseph, 125th St. and Ninth Ave. ; Friday, 8 p.m.. 
Pastoral Residence. Pres., Chas. P. Gautier, 224 West 
135th St. 


53 Fhod, Clothing and General Relief, class il, 

St. Lawrence, 84th St.. near Fourth Ave. ; Tuesday, 
P.M., School-hall. Pres., Thos. Falvey, 149 East Slat 3l 

St. BUry, 438 OraDd St.; Tuesday. 8 p.m., room under 
Vestry. Pres., Jno. Swaaton, 302 Madison St. 

St. Mart Maodalek, 535 East I7th St ; Sunday. B 
p.u , at Parochial School- house. Pres., Frank Vetter, 
G02 Bait 17th St. 

St. MicHABL, 408 West Sad St.; Tuesday, 7i4S p.m., 
Pasloral Residence, 383 Niotli Ave. Pres., Edward Plti- 
palrick, 151 Lewis Ave. 

St. Monica, East 79th St., corner First Ave.; Tuead^, 
8 P.M., School-house. Pres., C. J. Kane, 430 East 78lh St. 

St. NrCHOLAs. 135 Second St.; Thursday, 8 p.m., base- 
ment. Pres., Jno. G. Roesch, 34 Firel Ave. 

St. Patrick. Prince and Mott Sta,; Tuesday, 8 p.m.. 
School-ball. Pres,, Wm. Eeohacc, 5 Winthrop Place. 

St. Patrick (Cathedral), Fifth Ave. and 50th St.j 
Thursday, 8 p.m.. School-house, 50th St. Prea., ThoB, 
Roach, 304 West 83d St. 

St. Paul, 131 East U7th St.; Tuesday, 8 p.m.. School- 
room. Pres. , Wm. Tubridj, 339 East U5th St. 

St. Paul in St. Petbr's, 33 Barclay St.; Tuesday, 7:89 
P.M., basement. Pres., Jno. Quinn, 7 Clark St. 

St. Paul tub Apobtlg, eOlh St. and Ninth Ave.; 
Tuesday, 7:30 p.m., Iq Convent, 50th St. and Ninth Ave. 
Pres., John J. Coady, 131 West 63d St. 

St. Pbtbk, Barclay and Church Sta.; Tuesday. 7:30 
P.M., basement. Pres., Samuel 8. Joyce, 118 Cedar St. 

St. Rose op Lima, 42 Cannon St.; Sunday, 13 k., at 
Church. Pres., James Moakley, 119 E. 89th St. 

St. Stephen, 149 East asth St.; Tuesday, 8 p.m., haae- 
ment. Prea., James Aylwatd, 455 Third Ave. 

St. Teresa, Rutgers and Henry Sta.; Tuesday, 7:45 
P.M., School-houae, 10 Rutgers St. Prea., Jas. E, Dou^- 
erty, 270 Madison St. 

St. Veronica, Monday^ 8 p.m., in the School-house. 
Pres., Patrick Hart, 577 Washington St. 

St. Vincent de Paol, 137 W. 23d St., Wednesday, 8 


Div. 2. Mod^ Clothing and General Bdief. 53 

P.M., 120 West 24th St. Pres., D. L. A. Cugnard, 127 
West 56th St. 

St. Vincent Ferrer, Lexington Ave. and 66th St. ; 
Tuesday, 7:80 p.m., basement. Pres., Jas. Meehan, 215 
East 61st St. 

Transfiguration, 25 Mott St. ; Monday, 7:30 p.m.. 
School-hall. Pres., John Hogan, 38 Chrystie St. 

Temple Israel Sisterhood (org. 1890), N. W. cor. 
125th St. and Fifth Ave. To care for the needy, sick and 
outcast in its vicinity, covering district north of 100th 
St., provided they do not receive relief from any other Sis- 
terhood; to assist in procuring employment, and to support 
a Kindergarten for poor Jewish children from 8 to 6 
years of age. Sewing Circle meets weekly to provide gar- 
ments. Supported by voluntary contributions. Mrs. D. 
P. Hays, Pres, 9 We8tl2l8tSt. ; Mrs. S. Denzer, Cor. 
Sec'y, 113 West 130th St. ; Mrs. S. Plant, Treas., 15 East 
126th St. 

United Hebrew Charities of the City of New York 

(org; 1874, incorp. 1877), 128 Second Ave. Is composed of 
the following Societies : 

Hebrew Benevolent and Orphan Asylum Society 
(see Class V., Div. 1). 

Hebrew Benevolent Fuel Society (see Class II., 
Div. 3). 

Hebrew Relief Society (see Class II., Div. 2). 

Ladies' Hebrew Lying-in Society (see Class VL, Div. 

Congregation Darech Amuno Free Burial Fund 
Society (see Class III., Div. 5). 

It relieves the worthy Hebrew poor by such aid as may 
be deemed most appropriate, but seeks to prevent indis- 
criminate and duplicate giving, to encourage thrift, indus- 
try and economy, and to secure the community from im- 
posture. Grants small loans in suitable cases. Supported 
by voluntary contributions and by the constituent Socie- 
ties. Assisted 28,696 persons last year, exclusive of those 
aided at the Barge Office. Receipts, $107,565; expenditures, 
$104,524. Henry Rice, Pres. ; I. S. Isaacs, Sec'y ; James 

Pi>ad, Uluthing and Gineral 1 

CLASS n., ^^^1 
whom ap- ^^^| 
stitute He- ^^H 

11. Hoffman, Treas. ; Charlea Frank, Supt., to whom ap- 
ply from 9 to 5 r.M. Maiatiiins the following 

Employment BuRBAn ; finds work for destitute He- 
brews. 3,933 were found situations IbbC year. Apply in 
the morning at the office ; Arthur Heichow, Manager. 

iNunBTBiii. School for girla ; iuatruction given in sew- 
ing, embroidery and dressmaking. Average daily attend- 
aoce,'^03. H, E. Woodle, Principal. Alao otlier achoola 1 
for boys and girla. J 

3,403 LoDGisos AND 7,G83 Mbalb furnished to youog!^ 

PnraiciAN.'* and Trained Noksbs; 1,850 cases cared 
for by phraicians, 1,653 prescriptions dispensed and 3,940 
visits made by nurses last year. 

Sunday School; meets from October to May, inclusive. 
Average attendance, 135. 

Tbassportatioh to Europe and places In the TJ. B. fu]V''| 
nlahed to persons who CAnnot earn a living here. 8,959 ar 
aisted last year. 

Voltoil Sisters of Congregation Chaari Zedek (org, 
1390], 38 Henry St. Give general relief and personal min- 
iatratioas to the poor of the vicinity (see Hebrew Congregft- 

Tan Norman Poor Fand of Yan Norman Institute, 383 
West 71st St, To relieve temporarily the worthy poor of 
the vicinity for whom there is no other existing provision. 
Apply to Madame Van Norman. 

Wilson IndDstrlal School for Girls, 126 St. Mark-a 
Place, cor. Ave. A (see Class II., Div, 0). 

YoanE Friends' Aid Association (org. 1873, incorp. 
1890). Gives relief in food and clothing to the worthy poor 
families brought to their notice. Supported by voluntary 

Div. 3. Fuel 55 

contributions, which may be sent to the Treasurer. Aided 
44 families last year. Receipts, $1,241 ; expenditures, 
$1,033. Wilmer A. Briggs, Pres.. 102 West 93d St. ; Miss 
Ella B. McDowell, Sec*y, 457 West 51st St. ; Joseph A. 
Bogardus, Treas., 167 Chambers St, 

Tonng Men's Christian Association etc., 40 East 23d 
St. (see Class X., Div. 4). 

Tonng Women's Christian Association etc., 7 East 
15th St. (see Class X., Div. 4). 

Tonng Women's Home Society of the French Evan- 
gelical Chnrch etc., 341 West 30th St. (see Class II., 
Div. 9). 

Division d.—FueL 

(See also Churches and Congregations.) 

Agnilar Aid Society, Secys address, 249 East 110th 
St. (see Class n., Div. 2). 

Department of Pnblic Charities and Correction, 

N. E. cor. nth St. and Third Ave. (see Class I., Div. 1). 

Earle Gnild, 173 Centre St. (see Class II., Div. 2). 

East Side Ladies' Aid Society, 101 Ave. A (see Class 
II., Div. 2). 

Hebrew Benevolent Fuel Society (incorp. 1869), 128 
Second Ave. Furnishes fuel to needy Hebrews through 
the United Hebrew Charities, of which it is a constituent 
(see Class II., Div. 2). 250 tons of coal distributed last 
year. N. Werner, Sec'y. 

Ladies' Fnel and Aid Society (incorp. 1888), 199 
Henry St. Distributes coal, provisions, garments, medi- 
cines etc. to the worthy and suffering poor of any class or 
creed, helps to secure employment, and furnishes such 
other aid as seems best. Supported b^ members' dues and 
voluntary contributions. 1,524 families relieved last vear. 
Keceipts, $3,500; expenditures, $2,600; permanent fund, 
$2,000. Apply by letter or personally to Mrs. L. Hersh- 
field, Pres., 199 Henry St. 


Shdlcr and Lodging. 

Division 4, — Slielter and Lodging. 

(Btw alao Ctieap Uials a 

\merlcan SeaiKen*^ Friend Soctet;, 76 Wall St. (see 
OluBsIX.. Div. 3). 

Bowery Dtlsston and Young Men's Uome, 36 Bowery 
(see ClusslX., Div. 2). 

9 Fulton St, (see Glass 

Eiulgrant Hlsslon Committee or the tierman Eran- 
" il Lntheniu Synod etc., 8 State St. (see Class IV., 

Div. 1). 

iinil doHtltule femules; provides a temporary home for poor 
and Friendless girls from twelve to twenty -five years old, 
who *,n exposed to the temptatioas nf the city, and after 
•mHoionl instructioa provides them with positions in 
Olirlitiim fikmllles. Married women, inebriates and fallen 
WfittMH not irfmltted. Aecommodatea 35. Received dur- 

SI llio year, 80. Supported by voluntary contributions, 
jit year's reoeiuts, |6.]m; expenditures, f4,2B0. MrB. J. 
. Ilsker, tut Directress. 139 West 11th St.; Mra. Henry 
. Joliriinn, Sec'y, 105 Eaet tSth St.; Mrs. Robert Sewell, 
Trottn,, (W West ■Jfitli St.; Mrs. E. J. Locke, Supt., to 
ffliiini iipply Bt the Home from 9 A.m. to 10 p.m. 

DiY. 4. Shelter and Lodging, 57 

French Benerolent Soeietjr etc., 320 West 34th St. 
(see Class IV., Div. 1). 

Home for Fallen and Friendless Girls (Wetmobb 
Home), 49 South Washington Square (see Class YIII., 
Div. 2). 

Home of Industry and Before for Discharged Con- 
yicts, 224 West 63d St., near Amsterdam Ave. (see Class 
Vm., Div. 1). 

Lutheran Emigrants' House Association, 26 State St. 
(see Class IV., Div. 1). 

Mission of the Immaculate Virgin etc., N. E. cor. 
Lafayette Place and Great Jones St. For boys and young 
men (see Class V., Div. 1). 

New York Bible and Fruit Mission etc., 416 East 
26th St. (see Class III., Div. 6). 

New York Colored Mission, 135 West 30th St. (see 
ClassIX., Div. 2). 

New York Ladies' Home Missionary Society of the 

M. E. Church (FrvB Points Mission), 63 Park St. (see 
Class II., Div. 6). 

St. Barnabas' House, 304 Mulberry St. (see Class II., 
Div. 8). 

St. Mary's Lodging-House for Sheltering Respect- 
able Girls (org. 1877, incorp. 1881), 143 West 14th St. 
For the comfort and protection of respectable young women 
while seeking employment. Supported by voluntary con- 
tributions etc. Last year's receipts, $21,200; expenditures, 
$20,716. In charge of the ** Friends of the Homeless." 
Miss Susan M. Osborne, Pres., to whom apply; Miss 
Woodbridge, Sec'y. The following houses are under the 
control of the "Friends" : 

St. Mary's, 143 West 14th St. A temporary home for 
saleswomen, operators, typewriters, stenographers, com- 
panions, nurses and others, not properly domestic servants, 
while out of employment and means. Members of all 
churches are welcome, and free to attend their own places . 
of wor&diip. 2,007 applicants last year. 

TO SMttT and IMgiii^. 

St. Cr.AKK HonsB, 2Q West IBtU St. For llie 
apoctable class of young women, wlio, beiug craployed, but 
without parents or friends in the city, ate boarded at prlcea 
proportliinate to tlieir means. 

St. Amn's Home, 152 West 15th 3t. For respectable 
women seeking employment. 

St. JosEPs'a Night Refuge, Rear of 143 Wwt Hth St. 
Free to all homeless women, no questions or references 
being ftsked. Capacity for 100 women, 3,572 sheltered 
and 7,300 meals given to outside poor last year. Attached 
to the Refuge is a Laundry and Sbwcjq Room, to give 
temporary work. 

while seeking employment, and trains young girls for do- 
mestic service. Supported by voluotaiy contributions. 
880 girls cared for last year. Receipts, $5,500 ; expendi- 
tures, $4,681, Under the care of the Sisterhood of tha 
Holy Communion, Rev. W. J. Seabury, d.D., S 
ter Catharine, Treas. and Sister in charge. 

Slaters of the Strftiiffer,4 Wintlirop Place (Greene St.) 
(sae Class II., Div. 2). 

Society for Befriending Self- Supporting Women, 
350 West 33d St. (see Class X., Div. 3). 

United Hebrew Charities etc., 128 Second (see 
Class II„ Div. 2). 

Wetmore Home, 49 South Washington Square (see Houb 
FOR Fallen and PniENULBBS Girls. Class VIII., Div. S). 


felleal ' 
>iv. 9). 

Div. 6. Industrial Sehools and Kindergartens. 59 

DiYisiON 5. — Transportation. 
CSee alao Churches and CSongregations.) 

Aehnosath Orchim Association, 210 Madison St. (see 
Class rv., Div. 1). 

American Seamen's Friend Socieij, 76 Wall St. (see 
Class IX., Div. 2). 

Children's Aid Soeietv, 24 St. Mark's Place (see Class 
n., Div. 6). 

Department of Public Charities and Correction, 

N. E. cor. nth St. and Third Ave (see Class I., Div. 1). 

Down-Town Belief Bnrean, 209 Fulton St. (see Class 
II., Div. 2). 

New York Association for Improving the Condi- 
tion of the Poor, 79 Fourth Ave. (see Class II., Div. 2). 

Sisters of the Strangrer, 4 Winthrop Place (Greene St.) 
(see Class II., Div. 2). 

United Hebrew Charities of the Citjr of New York, 

128 Second Ave. (see Class 11., Div. 2). 

Division 6. — InditstriaZ and Educational Schools, and 

Kindergartens for Children, 

(See also Churches and CSongregations.) 

Abigail School and Kindergrarten (org. 1889), 242 
Spring St. Receives poor children free from 3 to 7 years ; 
gives secular, industrial and religious training, and a free 
lunch dally. Unsectarian. Average daily attendance, 150. 
Has Sunday-school at 2 p.m. for parents and children, and 
Praise meetings, for children only, on Tuesday evenings, 
and for children and parents on Thursday evenings. Sup- 
ported by voluntary contributions. C. P. Devare, Supt. 
Has a 

Sewikg School daily from 3 to 4 p.m. for girls under 14 
years of age who attend the public schools. 

American Female Gnardian Society, 29 East 29th 
St. (see Class II., Div. 2). 

and Yonnff^^H 

IS Elaot. AM ^^* 

SO Indiiitrial Schools and Kiniiergwrtau. 

AHBOclatloB Tor BefrlenillDK Children and 
Girls, 138 Second Ave. (see Claas 11., Div. 7). 

Beth-El Society of Personal SerTloe, 355 Bast e3d 
St. (see Class II., Div. a). 

Children's Aid Society (org. 1853. incorp. 1855), 24 8t. 
Mark's Place. For the elevatlan of the poor by gathering 
children who attend no schools into its industrial schools, 
caring and providing for children in. lodging-houses and 
procuring homes for them in the rural districts and in the 
West. The Society will asaiat in transporting families with 
young children to the South and Weat under proper condi- 
tions. Total number under charge of the Society last year, 
3a.3Q3, and 2,851 were uent to homes, mainly in the West. 
Supported by voluntary contributions, legacies and public 
school fund. Donations of clothing etc. gl^ully received at 
the above address. Last year's receipts, $806,598, of which 
1111,985 were from public funds; expenditures, $363,007. 
William A. Booth, Pres. ; C. Loring Brace, Sec'y ; George 
8, Coe, Treas., 138 Broadway; L. W. Holste, Aaa't 
Treas. ; A. P. Stockwell, SupC. of Schools. Maintalaa the 
following : 

East Side Flowbr MtssioN, 387 East Broadway ; flow- 
ers distributed dailj from Ma; to November among tha, 
sick and poor. 

Pbek Reading Rooms for TouNa Mes, 306 Bleecker 
St. and 135 Greenwich St. 

Health Home at West Coney Island ; has cottages 
and dormitories for the reception of mothers with aick 
children under 5 years of age. No patient, however sick, 
except with a contagious disease, ts refused admission. 
One week's stay is allowed. Number of weekly parties re- 
ceived last year was 3,856. Day picnics also given to 1,865 
mothers and children. Total espenaes, $11,008. A. P. 
Stockwell, Supt. 

Sick CHiLDRKN'a MisarON, 287 East Broadway ; has a 
staff of 10 physicians and 4 nurses, who visit the aick poor 
in their homes, giving free medical attendance, medicine 
and food to sick children. Over 1,700 coses treated last 

BnuHEB HouE, at Bath Beach, L. I. ; gives a week of 


DiY. 6. Induitrial Schools amd Kinderga/rtena. ^1 

rest and pleasure to poor children of the tenement houses, 
and also day picnics. 4,574 children received last year. It 
embraces The Haztun Cottagb, for Crippled Girls un- 
der 15 years of age. Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Fry, Supts. 

Indubtbial Schools, open to all children who cannot 
attend the public schools, are located as follows : 

Astor Memorial, 256 Mott St. 
Ave. B, 607 East 14th St. 
Cottage Place, 208 Bleecker St. 
Brace Memorial, 9 Duane St. 
East River, 247 East 44th St. 
East Side, 287 East Broadway. 
Eleventh Ward, 295 Eighth St. 
Fourth Ward, 73 Monroe St. 
Fifth Ward, 36 Beach St. 
Fifty second St., 573 West 52d St. 
German, 272 Second St. 
Henrietta, 215 East 2l8t St. 
Italian, 156 Leonard St. 
Jones Memorial, 407 East 73d St. 
Lord, 135 Greenwich St. 
Park, 68th St., near Broadway. 
Phelps, 314 East 35th St. 
Rhinelander, 350 East 88th St. 
Sixteenth Ward. 211 West 18th St. 
Sixth St., 632 Sixth St. 
West Side, 201 West 32d St. 
West Side Italian, 24 Sullivan St. 

Night Schools : 

German, 272 Second St. 

Italian, 156 Leonard St. 

Brace Memorial (Newsboys'), 9 Duane St. 

Eleventh Ward, 295 Eighth St. 

East Side, 287 East Broadway. 

Lord, 135 Greenwich St. 

Jones Memorial, 407 East 73d St. 

Fifty-second St., 673 West 62d St. 

West Side, 400 Seventh Ave. 
In the day and evening schools 10,464 children were 
taught and partly clothed and fed last year, 697,080 meals 
being supplied. 

eS Industrial SeJioois nnd Kindergarl^m. clam n., ' 

LoDGiKO Houses, in which last year were sheltered IS,- 

25a different bojB and girls ; 293,767 meals and 330,001 
lodgings were provided. Some of these hare training 
scboole for their inmates attached : I 

Brace Memorial, S Duano St. R, Heig, Supt. ■ 

Girls' Temporary Home, also Typewriting, Dressmak- 1 
ing aod Sewing- Machine School and Laundry, 37 % 
8t. Mark's Place. Mrs. E, 8. Hurley, Matron. < 

Tompkins Square, 395 Eighth St. M. Uupuy, Bupt. 
East Side, 287 East Broadway. George Catder, Supt, 
Forty-fourth St., for Homeless Boys, 247 East 44th Ht. 
(With bmah shofis for crippled hoys, to whom aa a 
class special care is given.) W. H. Mathens, Supt. 
West Side. 400 Seventh Ave. B. W. Tics, Supt. 
Cherry St. Kind ei^ar ten (org. 1889), S40 Chetry St. 
To aid in providing for little cbddren of that neighborhood 
the environment for their healthful growth and develop- 
' ment, using as a means the free unsectarian kindergarten. 
Supported by donations and subBcriptions. Last year's 
receipts, f 1,600 ; expenditures, $1,350. Mrs. J. S. Menken 
and Sirs. Ralph L. Sbainwald, Treas., "The Langham," 
53d at. and Fifth Ave. 

Children's Charitable Unlonfincorp. 1877), 70Avenue 
D. Has a kiodergarten where young children in extreme 
poverty arc taken daily, taught, given a warm noondi^ 
meal and sent home. Daily attendance, between 70 and 80. 
Also educates young women as kindergarten teachers. 
Entirely unsectarian and supported by members' and pa- 
trons' dues and contributions. Lost year's receipts, 98,731 ; 
expenditures, $2,156. Miss Agathe Scburz, Pres.^ Hrs. R. 
B, Schooeman, Sec'y, Fort Washington ; Mrs. H, Heidel- 
bach, Treas. 

Church Seclety for Promoting Christianity among 
the Jewa, 37 Bible House. Has Industrial and other 
schools. (BeeClasa X., Div. 9.) 

£oole Fran^aEse Gratnite (French Free School) (org. 
1880), 69 South Washington Square. A Free School, 

Diy. 6* Industrial Schools and KindergaHens, 63 

open daily, except Saturday, from 9 to 12 and 1 to 8, for 
chUdren of French descent (French, Alsatians, Canadians, 
Belgians, Swiss) ; held by the Marianites Sisters of Holy 
Gross, under the direction of the Fathers of Mercy of St. 
Vincent de Paul's Church. Boys and girls of any creed 
receive a French and English education and religious in- 
struction. Sunday-school at 2:30 p.m. Last year's re- 
ceipts, $9,455 ; expenditures, $8,250. Kev. Pastor of St. 
Vincent de Paul's, Treas., 120 West 24th St. Maintains 

Day Nubsbbt (Salle d'Asile), at same address, for young 
French children; open daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

Eighth Ward Mission, 1 Charlton St. (see Class V., 
Div. 1). 

Emann-El Sisterhood for Personal Serrice, Free 
EiNDEBGARTEN, 159 East 74th St. (see Class II., Div. 2). 

Erangelical Aid Society for the Spanish etc., 1345 
Lexington Ave. (see Class IX., Div. 2). 

Fire Points House of Industry, 155 Worth St. (see 
Class IL, Div. 7). 

Fire Points Mission, 63 Park St. (see page 65, New 
York Ladies' Home Missionabt Society of the Meth. 
Efis. Chubch). 

Free German School (incorp. 1860), 140 East Fourth St. 
To develop moral, intellectual and physical faculties, and 
teach the children to become good citizens. Children of 
both sexes, from 3 to 14 years, received and educated. Sup- 
ported by voluntary contributions. Last year's receipts, 
15,708 ; expenditures, $5,342 ; permanent fund, $21,193. 
Fred'k Flaccus, Pies. ; Andreas Steinmuller, Sec*y ; John C. 
Scheuerer, Treas. 

Free Kindergarten Association of Harlem (incorp. 
1891). To organize, maintain and assist free unsectarian 
kindergartens for the children of the jpoor and needy, and 
to improve the condition of such children generally. A 
noonday meal of bread and milk is given. No. 1 Einder- 

farten is open from 9 to 12 M. at 2248 First Ave., bet. 
15th and ll6th Sts. 

IndvHrial SekooU and EindeTgartena. CLASS a.,' 

Free Klndei^arten of All Souls' Church, 70th at, 

sast of Lexington (see under Prot. Epis. Cnurchea), 

Hebrerr Fre« School Association of the Clt; of New \ 
Yorlt {incorp. 1864). Hbbbew Isstttote, cor. East Broad- 
way and Jefferson St. Maintains schools for Hebrew clill- 
dret), in which about 3, TOO pupils receive a. midday meal, 
necessary clothing and instruction in religion and in He- 
brew. Kicidergartei], girls' iadiistrial and boys' teclinicHl 
departments, 8,197 pupils in attendance. Open daily, ex- 
cept Saturday and Sunday, and for religious aud industrial 
work on Sunday, from 9 to 13 m. Supported by voluntary 
contributions and legacies. Last year's receipts, $IEi,8Sl ; 
CKpenditurea, |I6,339. Myer H. Isaacs, Pres.; T. Obei- j 
felder, Sec'y ; Newman Cowen, Treaa. J 



and 80lh St. (see Pres. Churches). 

1 Society, 177 East Broadwi^ I 

DiT. 6. Industrial Schools and Kindergartens, 65 

Louis I>own-Town Sabbath and Daily School, 267 

Henry St. (see Class IX., Div. 2). 

Mission of the Immaculate Yirgin etc., N. E. cor. 
Lafayette Place and Great Jones St. (see Class V., Div. 1). 

Mission School of All Souls' (Unitarian) Church 
of the City of New York, 213 £ast 21st St. (see Class IX., 
Div. 1). 

New York Bible and Frnit Mission etc., 416 East 26th 
St. Has a kitchen-garden for little girls. (See Class III., 
Div. 6.) 

New York Foundling Hospital Kindergarten, 175 

East 68th St. (see Class V., Div. 1). 

New York House and School of Industry, 120 West 
16th St. (see Class II., Div. 1). 

New York Kindergarten Association (org. 1889). 
To proifiote the establishment and maintenance of free 
kindergartens in this city, for the purpose of furnishing 
physical, moral and intellectual training. Unsectarian. 
Children received from 3 to 6 years old. Supported by 
voluntary contributions and membership fees. Last year's 
receipts, $2,385 ; expenditures, $2,054. Richard Watson 
Gilder, Pres. ; Daniel S. Remsen, Sec'y, 69 Wall St. ; Prof. 
J. T. (Goodwin, Treas., Columbia College. Maintains the 

No. 1 Kindergarten (opened 1890), 351 East 53d St. 

No. 2 Kindergarten (opened 1890), N. W. cor. 63d St. 
and First Ave. 

New York Ladies* Home Missionary Society of the 
Methodist Episcopal Cbnrch (incorp. 1856), 63 Park St. 
Controlled by Board of Managers representing all the 
Methodist Episcopal Churches of this city. Supported bv 
voluntary contributions, legacies and public school fund. 
Last year's receipts, $22,677, of which $4,622 were from 
public funds ; expenditures, $18,224. Mrs. J. A. Wright, 
1st Directress, 462 Lexington Ave. ; Mrs. H. B. Skid- 
moie, Treas., 230 West 59th St.; Miss E. A. Truslow, Rec. 
Sec'y, 36 East 49th St. Maintains the 

Five Points Mission, 63 Park St., which employs mis- 

G6 Induxtrial SrlteoU ami Kinderg-irteJUi. c 

BionaricB to labor among tlie poor, eapeciully niuir thoj 
"Five FoinU," nnd furnishes food, clotliing and Dcce»-, 
saries for tliem ; erlucates auil provides for tUe comfort und 
welfare of poorchildren. Hasaccuramodutlon, freeof rent, 
for eight poor families in the house. PereonB aaaistwl 
duriuRtbe year, 6.160; families. 6193; aud Ul,400 dlnnera 
served. Bev. J. W. Selleck. Pastor, to whom apply at any 
hour. Maintains the following: 

Boys' and Girls' Siiob Club. 

CooKiNo School vott Gibls from 10 to 18 years. 

Day School, open from 9 to 3; 820 children on roll last 

Free Libbabv and READmo Room for men and boys; 
open from 6 lo 9 p.m. 

Fresh-Air Foxii; 22;i children sent for two weeks into 
the country, and Day's Onlings given to 233 adults and 

Grace M. E. Chapel (see under Meth. Epis. Churches). 

Sbwino School for Girlb. 

St Andrew's Free ElnilBrgarlou, 2UGT Fifth Ave., 
cor. ISTth St. (see Prot. Epis. Churches). 

8(. Baruabas' House, 30i Mulberry St. (see Class II., 


8t Elizabeth's Industrial School, 335 East 11th St. 
(see Class v., Div. 1). 

St. James* Free Kindergarten, Madison Ave, and TIst 
St. (see Prot. Epis. Churches), 

, 438 Grand St. (aeo Roman 

Salle d'Asllc et Ecole Prlmaire de I'Unlon d«B 
Soclel^ FrKngaiseSiS South Fifth Ave, (sec Class II., 
Div, 13). 

Div. 6. Industrial Schools and Kindergartens. 67 

8haaray Tefllla Sisterhood Kindergarten, 127 West 
44th St. (see Hebrew Congregations and Class II., Div. 2). 

Silver Cross Kindergarten, in connection with the 
Silver Cross Day Nursery, 2249 Second Ave. (see Class II., 
Div. 12). 

Sisterhood of the (jlood Shepherd, 419 West 19th St. 
(see Class V., Div. 1). 

Snnnyside Day Nursery, 51 Prospect Place, near East 
42d St. (see Class II., Div. 12). 

Temple Israel Sisterhood Kindergarten, N. W. cor. 
125th St. and Fifth Ave. (see Class II., Div, 2). 

Trinity Church Association Kindergarten, 209 Ful- 
ton St. (see Class IX., Div. 1). 

Trinitv Industrial, Night and other Schools of 
Trinity Church (which see under Prot. Epis. Churches). 

United Hehrew Charities etc., Schools all at 58 St. 
Mark^s Place (see Class II., Div. 2). 

United Belief Worlds of the Society for Ethical Cul- 
ture (incorp. 1878), 109 West b4th St. Supports schools 
for children of workingmen. The parents, and also mothers 
separately, are gathered into meetings for social improve- 
ment, and clothing is occasionally given to needy ones. 
Supported by voluntary contributions etc. Last year's 
receipts, |21,93U; expenditures, $21,800. Leo G. Kosen- 
blatt, Pres.; Louis Seligsberg, Sec'y; Robert B. Hirsch, 
Treas. Maintains the following: 

EiNDERGARTEi^; rcccives children from 3 to 6 years of 
age, and at 6 years transfers them to the Workingman's 
School. Luncheons are provided for the children. 

Workingman's School; exists for two principal objects: 
to inaugurate and illustrate reform in educational methods, 
and to provide, free of cost, a practical education for. the 
children of working people. The course is eight years. 
It includes a common and industrial education. 376 pupils 
in the various departments, 26 of whom arc pay pupils. 
A Normal Department and Library are connected with 
the School. These benefits are for all without further 

P' : 1 

08 Industrial Sehoola and KindergaHcTit. clasbh., ^^H 

Teatrlctions tb&n thoee named. HurimiliaQ Orosamana, ^^| 
FuBBH-AtB FdND; foe tUe beneGt of cliildreu ol the ^^M 
Bchool and Kindergarlea. 

District Nubbino Dkpabtmert; for sending trained 
nurses into the homes of the sick poor, to nurse the sick, 
take care of the rooms and prepare proper iood; such nur- 
ses are provided for llie DemOt and New York Dispea- 
saries, where application is to be made. 

Wilson lodastrlal School for Girls (and Hissions) 
(lucorp. 1834). 135 St. Mark's Place, cor. Avenue A and 
ElKbtb St. Supported hy voluntary contributions. Last 

5 ear's receipts, 1 13. 054; expenditures, •11,898. Mrs. 
ODBthan Stiirges. 1st Directress, 40 Bast 36th 6t. : Mrs. C. 
R. lloyce, Sec>, 358 West 75lhSt.: Mrs. A, B. Smith. 
Treas., 66 West 38th St.; Miss Etnilj Huntington, Matron, 
to whom apply at the Bdiool. The instilulion embraces 
the foUgwing, which are for the larger part in operation 
from October lat to June Ist: 

CiRCULATiNii LiBKARY; for til fi UBC ot tliosc attending 
the Mission and School. 

Day Scuoot; where SOO girta are taught eletnentafy 
English, branches, sewing, housework, and are given a 

5ood dinner daily; they buy the gamienta they make with 
leir credit marks; open doily, ciLcept Saturday, from fl to 

DisT-BNaAnv; treatment and medicines furnished free 
daily from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (which ,see. Class VI., Div. 8). 

King's Dadghters, C»cleb op, meet 1st and 3d Tues- 
days and Thursdays of each month at 8 f,u. 

SiTCHGM Garden and Cooking Qaiidem Clasbls; pu- 

Div. 1. Temporafp' Borneo for Children only. 6d 

pils receive instruction in household duties and cooking by 
the improved system invented by Miss Huntington, which 
originated at this school. The former open Tuesdays, 1 1 
A.M., and the latter Wednesdays at 2:30 p.m. and 7:30 


Memorial Chapel, Mission and Sabbath-School (which 
see under Undenominational Churches). 

Mothers' Meetings; held for the benefit and instruc- 
tion of the mothers of the scholars every Wednesday at 
2 P.M., from December to May. 

Avenue A Boys' Club (which see, Class X., Div. 5) 
occupies rooms in the building, but is under its own Board 
of Managers; open every evening from 7:30 to 10 o'clock. 

Division 7. — Temporary Homes for Children only. 
(See also Churches and Con^*egation8.) 

American Female Guardian Society etc., 29 East 
29th St. (see Class II., Div. 2). 

Association for Befriending Children and Tonng 
Girls (incorp. 1870), 132 to 138 Second Ave. To protect 
the Children and reform the Young Girls of parents who 
are dissolute and incapable of discharging their duty to 
them. Children must be over 3, and the Young Girls 
under 25, must come willingly whether committed or on 
their own application, and must remain at least six months. 
These classes are strictly separate. No charge is made. 
All receive secular, industrial and religious education. 
Laundry work and fine sewing done both for education 
and income. Supported by voluntary contributions, labor 
of inmates and public funds. Capacity, 200. Last year's 
receipts, $21,298. of which $8,842 were from public funds; 
expenditures, $20,406. Mrs. T. A. Emmet, Pres , 89 
Madison Ave.; Mrs. W. D. Starr, Sec'y, Riverside Drive 
and 86th St ; Mrs. CatheriDe Colvil, Treas., 48 West 20th 
St. Maintains the 

House op the Holy Family; a home for the children 
and young girls above named. Accommodates 200. In 
charge of the Sisters of Divine Compassion. Mother M. 
Veronica, Directress. Visiting days every day except Sun- 
day. Apply daily at the House. 


Tcmjvrary Homt» far Children only, class 

;. Mafk'a Place (see Class 

Children's Aid Society, 34 
IL, Div. 0). 

Five PolnU Honse of Indnstrf (incorp. 1854), 163 
Wortli 8t. DcTUted roaioly to tbe preservation of children 
from audering and crime. Furnishes a hotne, support and 
religious and secular iDstruction for neglected and abao- 
doned children. Also boards children of poor parents at a 
nominal rute. It shelters women while seeking work as 
servants, who meanwhile do tbe work of the inatituUoii. 
Temporarily relieves in their homes urgent adult cases 
living in the vicinity. Accommodalea 33fl. 6BB inmales 
during iHLSt jear. Supported bj voluntary conlributiosa 
and public funds. Lost year's receipts, 443, 4E0, of which 
|3C,448 were from public funds : expeoditures, $42,030. 
Morris K. Jesup, Pres,; George F. Belts, Sec'y; Uugli N. 
Ganip, Treua.; Wm. P. Barnard, Supt., to whom apply at 
any hour, Maialaios tbe followiog: 

Dav Sohooi,, with classes for manual and domoslie 
training; children both fed and taught. 1,S38 pupils last 

iNfiHMARV AND FuKE DisPENSARiT. 147 Worth St.; for 
children and adults nt tbe Five Points, 1,444 treated last' 
year. Also relieves sick people of the vicinity at their 


loss ^^m 

155 ^B 

Lay MiasioN 
in the district. 

tbe poor mid destitute classes I 

Lndles' Deborah Nursery aud Child's Protectory, I 

108 Kust Broadway (see Class V.. Div. 1). 

MftHsiah Home for Littlo Cliildrcu, 4 Rutherford 1 
Place, near East lath St, (see Class V.. Div. I). 

Mission of tlio Iinmucnlnte Tirgiii etc., N. E. cor. 
of Lafayetlu Pliiceand Great Jones St. (see Class V., Div. 1). 

New York Foondling Hosnital, 175 East 08th 8t. (see 1 
Class v.. Div. 1). 

New Yorl( Society for tiie Prevention of Cmeltj I 
to tliildrcii, !00 East 33d St, (see ClaasIII., Div. 4). ' 

iJrtr. 8. 'temporary tiomes for Women and Chitdreii. 7l 

Nnrsery and Child's Hospital, 51st St. and Lexing- 
ton Ave. (see Class VI., Div. 5). 

St. Joseph's Industrial Home of Institution of 
Mercy, N. JB. cor. Slst St. and Madison Ave. (see Class V., 
Div. 1). 

Sheltering^ Arms, 129th St. and Amsterdam Ave. (see 
Class v., Div. 1). 

Westchester Temporary Home for Destitute Chil- 
dren, North St., White Plains, N. Y. (see Class V., Div. 1). 

Division 8. — Temporary Homes for Wbmsnand Children, 
(See also Churches and Conf^regations.) 

American Female Guardian Society etc., 29 East 
29th St. (see Class II., Div. 2). 

Christian Home for Working Women, 140 East 
14th St. (see Class X., Div. 6). 

Fire Points House of Industry, 155 Worth St. 
(see Class II., Div. 7). 

Free Home for Destitute Toung Girls, 23 East 
11th St. (see Class II., Div. 4). 

Home for Fallen and Friendless Girls (Wetmorb 
Home), 49 South Washington Sq. (see Class VIII., Div. 2). 

New York Home for Convalescents, 443 East 118th 
St. (see Class VI., Div. 2). 

Nursery and Child's Hospital, 51st St. and Lexing- 
ton Ave. (see Class VI., Div. 5). 

St. Barnabas* House, 304 and 306 Mulberry St. 
Owned and managed by the New York Protestant Epis- 
copal City Mission Society (see Class IX., Div. l)(org. 1830, 
^incorp. 1833). A temporary refuge and resting place, for 
'one week, for destitute and homeless women, and women 
discharged from the hospitals cured but needing rest, all 
of whom are admitted without regard to creed, race or 
color ; also a temporary home, for one month, for destitute 
or homeless children. 1,666 women and children were 


73 Tanporury Uonuijor Women and Children, class 
cured for Inat year, and the aggregate of lodgings i 

N.B, — Thia is not a home for roundera, but for such de- 
serving casea us need temporary Lelp (lemuse of sichnesa 
or adversity. Capacity, 73 beda. Meala are gratuftoualy 
furnished daily to destitute women and children upon pre- 
seniatton of a ticket, which muat be secured by recipient 
from the General Agent of the Society. Meal tlcketa can 
be purchased in packages of eleven for one dollar, which 
will entitle tbe holder to a hot meal at any time dniing the 
day. Last year 83,SB3 meala were furnislied. Miss L. 
Thomas, Matron. Maintains tbe followuig : 

Di8PEN6.\HV, Dr. L. M.. Silver is in attendance daily 
from 9:30 to 10 .\.w, (except Sunday) for treatment of the 
Inmates and outside poor. 679 cases were treated, and 
nearly 1,000 persona were examined, who needed no treat- 
ment, for admlsalon to the House. 

Emplotmest SociKTV for women ; 330 garments have d 
been made, and the women have bought them lar^^ely with 1 
money received for making them, and estabtishnl a Co.u, | 

Frbb Day NunaeRY, open for children from 7 a.m. to 7 
p.u. Before admission most be examined as to health by 
the house physicisn, who is in attendance daily from 9:M 

to 10 A.M. 

Fbbb L I braky ; open from 7 to 10 p.m., at 38Bleecker 
St., except during the months of July and August. There 
were 4,971 readers during the paat year. 

FrE3H-Air Fusd ; weekly excursions under tbe direc- 
tion of the Chaplain and the Matron of St. Rarnabaa' 
House. Deaervlog poor and sick women and children sent 
for a week or more to board in tbe country in the summer. 

Indcstrial School [Sewing] ; open during tbe win- 
ter every Saturday at 9:30 a .m. 

TraIsikg Scnooi ; women wbo consent to stay for a 
period of six months are taught tbe branch of bouxekeep- . 
ing for which they desire to quality themselves, Applica- 
tlons received for these trained sr ■- 


Dtlr. 9. . temporary Jfomes f&r Adtitti only. W 

Woman's Cbariiy and Indnstrj Glnb andi Home for 
Friendless Colored Oirls (org. 1887), 221 West 87th St. 
To care for the sick and needy; provide a temporary home, 
industrial employment and, if necessary, respectable burial. 
Mrs. Anne Harris, Supt. , to whom apply at the Home as 

Division 9. — Temporary Homes for Adults only. 
(See also Churches and Congr^ations.) 

Christian Home for Working Women, 140 East 14th 
St. (see Class X.. Div. 6). 

Colored Home and Hospital etc., 143d St. and Boule- 
vard (see Class V., Div. 2). 

Frencli Benevolent Society etc., 322 West 34th St. 
(see Class IV., Div. 1). 

Home Hotel Association, 158 St. Ann's Ave., cor. East 
135th St. (see Class HI., Div. 4). 

House of Industry and Befage for Discharged Con* 
victs, 224 West 63d St. (see Class VIII., Div. 1). 

Italian Home (Istituto Italiako), 179 Second Ave. 
(see Class IV., Div. 1). 

Biverside Best Association (org. 1887). 310 East 26th 
St. I^ovides a temporary home for friendless women dis- 
charged from the public mstitutions on BlackwelFs Island, 
and tries to secure work for them. Cares for women ad- 
dicted to drink or opium, or who are immoral, and, upou 
their own request, transfers them to institutions adapted to 
their case. Applicants must present one of the Association 
cards, furnished to the authorities on the Island, or a writ- 
ten letter of introduction from them. Accommodates 30 
inmates. Supported mainly by voluntary contributions. 
Last year's receipts, $6,222; expenditures, $5,545. Rev. 
Wendell Prime, d.d., Pres.; Miss Eleanor Agnew, Sec'y; 
Arnold Marcus, Treas., Mills Building, Wall St. 

Society to Befriend Working Girls, formerly at 356 
West 38d St., has been given up. 


!»for Cliiklren, 67ity. class 

Class S 

Yonor Women's Home Societr of the Frencb Evftn- 
gelioalCharchfn theCitj of New York (ote. 1888, in- 
cr>rp. 1890). 341 Wesl 30LL St. To provide unemployed^ 
teachers. Koveroesses and domestics with. & home ajxT^ 
board, ana also, in case of need, 'with clolbiDg, maaey aoj 
medical attendaoce, and lo procure employment for then* 
gratuitously. Especially for women of Freocli birth. 
commodatioD for 24. Board. #4 per weelc. 
voluntary coatribuiiotts aod boara of inmates. Last yea 
receipts, |6,922: espenditures, $S,7TB. Clias. H. Jao 
Prea.; Mrs. J. Eugene Rohert, Sec'y; J. Eugene Robe 
Treus., 19 Maiden Lane. Maintains the 

French Evasoklical Home for ToUNe Womkk. 
ply to tLe Matron. 


« \Q.—S>iminer Uonieifnr CJaldren only. 
See also Cburrhea UQd CODgre^tiona.) 

Children')) Homtt (org. 1884), Cold Spring Harbor. 
Reached by Long Isliind Railroad. A private home for 
children of the lielCei' claaa of poor people. Open from 
June 1st lo Uflober 1st. 15 eirls from 10 to 15 years of 
age are kept for 4 mouths, and taught cooking, liousework 
aod sewing by a trained industrial teacher. (!ontrolled and 
supported by Mrs. Iiouia C. Tiffany and MiKS Julia B. de 
Forest. Expenditures last year, about |;900. 

Sammcr Shelter (org. 1890). Kitchell Ave., Morn 
town, N. J. (Conveut Station). To benefit poor and <"' 

htV, 11. Summer Somei and Presh-Air Charities, 1'5 


cate young female children not only while at the '* Shelter, 
but, when advisable, assistance is rendered in their homes. 
A fresh air home for poor children from 3 to 14 years of 
age, of New York City, of any creed, sent through the 
Charity Organization Society. Such remain ti weeks 
and«are provided with clothing meanwhile. Supported by 
voluntary contributions. Last year's receipts, $2,759; ex- 
penditures, $t, 327. Miss Louise Shelton, Pres.; Miss Ina 
Creighton./Sec'y; Mrs. Wm. H. Shelton, Treas. 

Tribune Fresh- Air Fand, Tribune Building (see Class 
IL, Div. 11). 

Division 11. — Summer Homes and Fresh- Air Charities for 

Women and Children. 

(See also Churches and Congregations.) 

Bartholdi Creche (org. 1886, incorp. 1890), 21 Uni- 
versity Place. Maintains, usually during July, August 
and September, a seaside cottage at Ward's Island, East 
River, for poor mothers with debilitated infants and chil- 
dren under 12, who cannot leave their homes to stay over a 
night or even all day at any of the more distant fresh-air 
resorts. It has a trained nurse and helper in attendance; 
and cots and hammocks, pure milk, tea and coffee are 
provided. Tea, coffee and milk tickets at 3 cents each to 
those able to pay. A constant ferry is maintained at the 
foot of East 115th St.. from 8:30 a.m., to 3 p.m., for all 
holding tickets, which may be had without charge at any 
of the offices of the Charity Organization Society, or of 
any of the leading dispensaries and relief societies. Last 
year 2,283 women and children were received. Supported 
by voluntary contributions. Last year's receipts, $581 ; ex- 
penditures. $612. John H. Boynton, Chairman ; Chas. D. 
Kellogg, Sec'y and Treas. 

Ciiiidren's Aid Society, 24 St. Mark's Place (see Class 
II., Div. 6). 

Emann-El Sisterhood for Personal Service, 159 
East 74th St. (see Class II., Div. 2). 

?fl Summer ttomet and Pi-eah-Air Ohariliei. Ciarb a.; * 

Uitbert A. Rultortson Home (incoip. and opeoed 1S9]), 
Srarsdale, Westclieater Co,, N. Y. Foiinded under the 
'will of the late Hrs. Rebecca £. Robertaon, as a memorial 
of her deceased husband. A Bdmuer Home to enable 
poor and indii:enl families to enjoy, free of expeiiae, n 
short period of rest and reureation during tbe Bununer 
months. A-Ccommodates 24, preference being eiven to entire 
families, including men. About 1,9<M) days oi outiag were 
given to 137 persons last year. Supported by endowment 
and voluntary contributions. Wm. Nelson Btakeman. Jr., 
Prea.; S. Sidney Smith, Sec'y, 59 Wall St.; E. Clarence 
Ilovey, Treas.; Miss E. M. Brooks, Matron. 

Hoe, Mrs. Robert, II East Sttb St., maintAins a Cot- 
tage nt Sea Cliff, L. I., which affords summer rest to 
mothers with their cbildren. couTalesceuta from hospitals, 
or any one in whom Mrs. Hoe is interested. Capacity for 
20 inmates. Entirely a private enterprise. 

New York Society Tir Parks and PUy^roiindB for-" 
Children (incorp. 1890). To supply cheap and healthful 
recreation for children all over the city; to secure portions 
of existing park grounds for playgrounds ; to rent vacant 
lotsfor temporary playgrounds; to provide excursions to 
the parka under proper control and guidance, and to afford 
healthful as well iw pleiMuruhle Instruction. Abram B, 
Hewitt, Pres.; Walter Vrooman, Cor. Sec'y, Room 7. 38 



Dnr. 11. Summer Homes and Fresh-Air Charities. 77 

UnioD Sq. E.; DeWitt J. Seligmaa, Treas. ; J. M. Rice, 
M.D., Supt. and Rec. Sec'y. Apply at 36 Union Sq. E. 

Nnrsery and Child's Hospital, 51st St. and Lexing- 
ton Ave. (see Class VI., Div. 5). 

St. Anna's Cottagre, Farming^dale, L. I., of the Sis- 
terhood OF St. John the Baptist (whicli see, Class 
IX., Div. 3). 

St. Barnabas' Uonse, 304 Mulberry St. (see Class II., 
Div. 8). 

Snmmer Home, Ashford Hill Retreat (Primrose P. O.). 
Westchester Co. For the care of women and children of 
any churches or organizations which may apply, for 
periods varying from one week to two months, according 
to circumstances. Open during July and August. $3 per 
week is charged for all inmates. Supported oy voluntary 
contributions. The estate consists of 90 acres and build- 
ings, the gift of Mrs. Francis Griffin for charitable pur- 
poses ; and after one life it becomes the property of the 
Church of the Holy Communion, to be held for the same 
purposes. 605 persons entertained last year. Receipts, 
$2,660; expenditures, $2,433. Apply to Miss Kathlyne K. 
Viele, Supt. and Treos. 

Saramer Home for Colored Women and Children 

(org. 1890), Primrose P. O., Mount Hope, Westchester Co. 
For worthy colored women and children, who may spend 
two weeks each, during the summer, for rest and recrea- 
tion. Open during July and August. Supported by vol- 
untary contributions. Apply by letter at anytime to Mrs. 
Lindsay Fairfax, Treas., 29 Waverley Place. 

The " Little Mothers' " Aid Society, 305 East 17th 
St. (see Class III., Div. 6). 

Tribone Fresh-Air Fand (org. 1877, incorp. 1888). 
Tribune Building, corner Spruce and Nassau Sts. Finds 
free country boara for poor children under 12, for a fortnight 
during the summer, and prepares and transports them to 
and from their destination. Controlled by the New Fork 
lYibune, Supported by voluntary contributions. Sent 

11,193 children Id llie country lust year, also 18.D2ft for & 
(iiiy. Receipta, $24,514; expend itures, $28,804. Rev. Wil- 
liird ParponB, Manager. Apply as above. 
Trinity Charcii AssoBiatlon, 209 Fulton St. (nee Clans 

1 AssDciutiou etc, 7 East 

(See also Chiirclias 

Betltauy Day Nursery, 453 East 57tli St., of Madteon 
Ave. Reformed Church (which see under RefDrmed Dutch 

Botli-El Sooititj of FersoDul Service, 355 Eiut esd 
St. {see Class II., iJiv. 2). 

Bethlelieni Day Nnrsury of Iho Cimrch of the In- 
cnrnatlnn (Prot. Epis.) (incorp. 1880), 249 East 30ih St. 
yor children, up to 7 ycurs of age. of working wodkui, 
Onen from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., except Sundays and liolidaya. 
Kludcrgarten iDstruction given and food provided. A 
olinrgeof Scentsdailyforeach chiU. Average atteodance, 
8H. Supported by voluntary contributions. Last year's 
iiicfiiplB, $5,929 : expenditures, $8,848. Mrs. John H. 
lirtll, Prea. ; Miss F. A. Smitli, Sec'y ; Mrs. J. J. Rilter, 
'I'ruui., 89S Lexington Ave.; Miss Perry, Matron. 

Ohllilreii'8 Charitable Uuion, 7(l Avenue D. (see 

I'llHB II , UiV. fl|. 

^^eiS at wbicb Children are received 
at the Day Nurseries. 

khawiitb Chesed SiBterLood, 71 E. 3d St. 
■ Betliunj Day Nursery, 453 E. 57tli St. . , 

BfclhBl Society. 355 E. Bad St. 

Beililelium Day Nurfiery, 349 K. 30tli St. 
Children's Cbarilable Union. 70 Ave. U. 
Duy Nursery and Babies'Sbdter.llS W. 

2l8t St 

Ecole Pruo^nise Gratuite and Salte 

d'Aaile, Q9 Washinrtoii St( 

Eniauu-El Sistt-rliood, 159 E. 74t]i 8(.... 
Grace Houb* Day Nursery, Si Foiirlli 

Jewell Day Nursery, 20 Macdougal St. , 
ManbiittHii Wortaing Girle' Aaeociuiion, 

440 E. 57th St 

Memoriul Day Nuraery, 37S E. B'way. 
Riverside Day Nursery, 131 W. OSd St. . 
Si. Agnea' Day Nursery, 7 Cliarles St. . . 
Bt. Rirnabaa' House, MU4 Mulberry St. . . 
8t. Jolin'a Day Nursery, 223 E. 67lh St. 
8t. Joseph's Day Nursery. 473 W. 67th St. 
St. Patrick's Day Nursery, Mott and 

Priuce StB 

St. Thomas' Day Nursery, 231 E. fi9th St. 
Salle d'Asile at Ecolo Pnmaire, 2 8. Fifth 


Silver Cross Day Nursery, 3349 Bd Ave. 
Sunnyside Duy Nursery. 51 Prospect PI. 
Virginia Day Nursery, 633 Fifth St, . . 
Wayside Day Nursery, 216 E. 20th St, . . 
West Side Day Nursery, 366 W. 40th St. 
Wilson Industrial School Day Nursery, 

1258t. Mark's PI 

3 lo e yrs. 

3 weeks to 6 yrs. 

21 10 6 yrs. 

1 wepk lo 7 yrs, 

3 to 7 yrs. 

B diiys to 6 yrs. 
4 weeks to S yrs. 

2 weeka to 7 yrs. 

I to 8 yrs. 
Iweeks to lOyrs. 
! weeks lo 7 yra. 
imoB. lo6 yrs. 
! tnoB. to 7 yrs, 
8 luos. to 7 yrs. 

. mo. to 6 yrs. 

Div. 13. Day Nurseries, 79 

Emana-El Sisterhood for Personal Service, 159 

East 74tli St. (see Class n., Div. 3). 

Graee House Day Nursery and Creche, 94 Fourth Ave. 
(see Grace Church under Prot. Epis. Churches). 

Manhattan Workings Girls' Association, 440 East 
57th St. (see Class X., Div. 5). 

Neigrhborhood Gnlld Kindergarten, 146 Forsyth St. 
(see Class X., Div. 5). 

New York City Mission and Tract Society, Woman's 
Branch, 106 Bible House (see Class IX., Div. 1). Main- 
tains the 

Jbwell Day Nursery, 20 Macdougal St. 

Memorial Day Nursery, 275 East Broadway. 

Virginia Day Nursery, 632 Fifth St. 

Nursery of St Chrysostom's Chapel, 244 West 38th 
St. (which see under Prot. Epis. Churches). A charge of 
6 cents a day for each child, or board by the week or month 
at the rate of $8 per month. Open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 
Miss Post, Sec'y ; Mrs. Conley, Treas. 

Blverside Day Nursery (org. 1887, incorp. 1889), 121 
West 63d St. Cares for children of working women, who 
are charged 5 cents each if able to pay, otherwise free if 
worthy. Capacity, 50. Supported by voluntary contribu- 
tions. Open daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Rev. Edward 
C. Houghton, Pres. ; Mrs. Alfred Whitman, First Directress, 
232 West 76th St. ; Mrs. Charles A. Rich, Sec'y ; C. M. 
Williams, Treas. 

St Agnes' Day Nursery of the Church of the 
Ascension (org. 1888), 7 Charles St. Average attendance, 
16. Open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mrs. Charles H. Wesson, 
Pres. ; Miss Agnes Adams, Sec'y ; Miss Julia H. Henry, 
Treas., 14 East 10th St.; Miss K. M. Williston, Matron. 

St. Barnabas' House, 304 Mulberry St. (see Class II., 
Div. 8). 

St. John's Day Nursery, 223 East 67th St. Young 
children, of working women only, cared for and fed from 

Average daily attcadtLnra. 4B. Lodieg 

St, Joseph's Dar Nnrserj of the City of New York 

(iocorp. IH90), 473 West 57th St. For the care, duriae the 
day. and at night when necesgary. of children of working 
women, irrespective of color orcreed : a charge of 5 ccota 
oiich is made to those able to pa;. The children receive 
KiNDKROARTBir iostructioii, and are provided with two 
mcala daily. Open from 7 a.u. to 7 p.m. Dally average 
attendance, 43. Stipported by voluntary conlribulions. 
Frauds C. Travera, Prea. ; E. Van Zaadt, Sec'y ; V. de P. 
Trovers, 387 Greenwich St., Troaa.; Miaa Jane Hamblitt, 
Matron. Maintaina a 

Pkkb Employment BoiiEAn for domestic help. 

St. Patrick's Day Narsery, attached to St. Patrick's 
Scboolt), ftlottand Prince Sts. Cliildreo taken cnreof from 
7 A.M. to B;30 P.M. Average attendance, 85, In charge of 
Sisters of Charity. 

St. Thnmas' Day Nursery. 231 East 57th St., of St, 
Thomas' Chapel (wliieh see under Prot. Epis. Churches). 

Halle d'Asile ot Eoole Primaire de I'Unlon des So- 
vietes Frangalses (Frkncu Maternal and Pri«art 
Bi'HOOL) (org, 18S], lucorp. 1880), 3 South Fifth Ave. 
Mtiutains a KiNDEuaAtiTEN, Puimarv School and Day 
NuttSHRv for French children from 3 to 8 years old. Open 
I'Ajh 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. Parents pay 31 cents per week, and 
Jii) ptiildren receive a warm meal daily. Th. Millot, Sec'y ; , 
M^Mtae Ziegler, Treas, ; P. Blanck, Inspector. 

HUverCro8!jDayNiir8ery(org. 1890), 3249 Second Ave., 

.1. ii ll^idf*!. Organized by the Guild of the Silver Cross, 

, I :< ,<r ihr order of the King's Daughters. Supported 

. . I iiiitributioDS. Receipts, $3,735. and expen- 

- .11, for ten months, Mrs. E. D. Qiilette, Pres.. 

.11 Vm- ; Hisa Lottie L. Bunton, Cor. Sec'y, 159 

„„,„ .™.i. St.; Mra. E, P. Whiteliouse. Treas., U4 West 

lJ{Ui it^, I'Uu lliiild has also esUblished a KtNDERUAUTEi' 

iiSfW)** i-hiiilwi »t the same address. 

mv. 10. Day NiirserieB. 81 

Snnnyside Day Nursery (org. 1883, incorpi 1888), 51 
Prospect Place, between 42cl and 43d Sts. and First and Sec- 
ond Aves. Receives children of poor women for the day 
while the mothers are at work, at a charge of 5 cents a day. 
Daily EIindergartbn instruction is given. Average daily 
attendance, 26. Last year*s receipts, $3,873 ; expenditures, 
$3,470. Open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mrs. G. Griswold, 
Pres., 14 West 31st St.; Mrs. P. R. Pyne, Jr., Sec'y. 36 
East 36th St.; Miss Louisa Morgan, Treas., 219 Madison 
Ave. ; Miss J. T. Jellison, Matron. 

Wayside Day Nursery (or§. 1883, incorp. 1887), 216 
East 20th St. Cares for little children during the day while 
the mothers are at work away from home, and are each 
charged 5 cents a day. Daily average of attendance of lit- 
tle ones, 39. The Wayside Industrial classes are for girls 
from 6 to 16 years of age, after school hours and during the 
vacations, and they are taught cooking, household work, 
sewing etc., and each pays 10 cents a week lor instruction. 
Supported by voluntary contributions, mothers' payments 
etc. Receipts, $3,618; expenditures. $3,190. Received 
also $10,980 for purchase and repairs of house. Open from 
7 A.M. to 7 P.M. Mrs. Pierrepont Edwards, Pres,, 107 East 
34th St. ; Mrs. Gordon, Sec*y ; Miss Damon, Treas., 11 Park 
Ave. Mrs. Chas. W. Cooper, SecV of Industrial Classes ; 
Mrs. John Greenough, Treas., 142 East 68th St. Mrs. Car- 
roll. Matron. 

West Side Day Nursery and Industrial School (org. 
1883, incorp. 1884). 266 West 40th St. For the care of 
children during the day while their mothers are at work 
away from their homes, and to provide a refuge after sdiool 
hours for young girls, who are taught household work, cook- 
ing, sewing, dressmaking etc. Girls from 8 to 16 years of 
age are admitted, and contribute 10 cents each a week. 
Daily average attendance in the Nursery, 28 ; in the Indus- 
trial Department, 48. Receipts, $4,087 ; expenditures, 
$2,999. Mrs. Wm. Amory, Pres. of Ladies' Committee ; 
Mrs. James Struthers, 8ec*y, 125 East 57th St.; Wm. 
Amory, Treas. pro tern., Ill West 57th St.; Mrs. E. A. 
Pratt, Matron. 

Wilson Industrial School for Girls, Day Nursery, 

125 St. Mark's Place, cor. Ave. A (see Class II., Div. 6). 


82 F\>r Ifatianal Galamitim. 

Division 13. — Far Natiotial Oalamitiei, 

Bine Anchor Sooletr. or New York State AuxIlIarT 
to tbe Women's National Heller Association (org. im, 
incorp. 1S83), 30 East 14th St., Room 18. Parutshes relief 
t€ thoae rescued from shipwreck, and for that purpoae aup. 

SHes the IT. B. Life Stising StatiODB with clothiae;. food, 
dicacies etc. in any part of the United States. Also co- 
operates with the National A^ociatiou in times of public 
calamity. 60 boxes of clothing and food sent last year, and 
two folding cots apiece to 213 Life Saviag Stations. Sup- 
ported by subscriptions and donations. Last year's receipts, 
f4,277; expenditures, $3,367. ilrs. Gabriel Kent, Pres.. 
30 West 36th St.; Miss Alice Sandford, Bec'y, ■' Orchard- 
aide," Sing Sing, N. Y.; N. L. Oort, Treaa.. 24n Water 
St. The headquarters of the Association ore at Wash^ag- 
ton, D. C. Mrs. Claudia B. Money, Cor. Sec'y. 


Special Relief. 

{Of Special Kinds and for Special Classes.) 

[Visitors are reminded of the provision made by the Societies of 
Fbkb Masons, Odd Fellows, ana similar secret orfi^anizations, for 
the worthy poor amonpr their own fraternity, or formerly belonging 
thereto, and for the families of deceased members.] 

The Charity Organization Soelety (see page 1) seeks to obtain, 
irom the proper somx^es, suitable and adequate relief of the kinds 
named in the following DiTisions, or to direct thereto. 

Division I. — LegaX Aid and Advice 

CoNCERiiriNa Claims, Sanitary Matters, U. S. 


(See also Churches and Congregations.) 

Association of tlie Bar of tlie City of New Yorli (in- 
Corp. 1871), 7 West 29th St. By request of the Supreme 
Court, the Association's Committee on Grievances receives 
and examines complaints against unfaithful and delinquent 
lawyers (members or others). Address the Committee in 
writing. Wheeler H. Peckham, Chairman ; Edward L. 
Patterson, Sec'y. 

General Masonic Relief Association of tlie United 
States and Canada (org. 1885). A national organization, 
composed of Boards of Relief in all large cities, to detect, 
publish and warn against all impostors upon Masonic 
charity ; but it does not directly give relief. Wm. Dela- 
mater, Treas., 300 Mulberry St. 

German Legal Aid Society (Deutscher Kechts- 
SCHUTZ Verein) (incorp. 1876), 35 Nassau St. Renders 
free legal aid and advice to such worthy persons as are 


Ijcgal Aiil and AilHee. 

CLASS Itl., 

UDalile to employ a Invvfcr. 4,078 aiaea allied last yi-ar. 
Receipts, |5,(KJ6 ; ex peodi Hires, t3.4Ui}. Tulul umauot uf 
toUectiuiia mid paymetita to clients since organize tloe, 
$311,408. ArlliurVon Briesen, Pres. ; P. Solinger, Sec'j ; 
Itoliert Behr, Treas.; H. C. Kudlicli, Attorney, 35 Nassau 
8t , to whom apply personally from A.ii. loo p.m., or by 

Hebrew Sanitary Reform Society (1882). For tlie 
general superviaioii of tlie saniUry couditiou of leoetnent 
uouseH occupied by Hebrews, compelling landlords to 
obey the laws in that respect. In eslrenie cosaa of sickiiesa 
or deatltutlan It removes fnmilieB at Its own expense from 
uowUnlesomcapartments to better ones, and furnishes medi- 
cal advice and medicines. J. A. Engelhardt, Prea.; Dr. B, 
K 1^0, Sec'y, 1U3 West 55th St.; Joseph Uach, Treaa., 30 
Wiirren St., to either of wbotn apply. 

iDHtitutiou Legatee Agency (org. 1885), 187 West 4&th 

St. Keeps charitable, missionary and educational Institu- 
tious informed of all bequests made to them In wills ad- 
mitted to probate throughout the United States. Notices 
of these beijuGiits are published la The ShelteTing Armt, 
a weekly journal devoted to the ioterests of charities, sub* 
scription SI per annum. Certified copies of such wills fur- 
nished when desired, at olScJal rates. Rev. Caleb T. Ward, 
Sole Manager. 

Ladles' Health Proteetlve Association (incorp. 1884), 
to protect the health of the people of the City of New York 
by taking auch action, from time to time, as may secure tlie 
enforcement of existing sanitary laws and regulationa. by 
calling the attention of the proper authorities to any viola- 
tions thereof, and to procure the amendment uf said laws 
andreguUtioua wlien thej' shall be found iuufflcient for the 
prevention of acta injunoua to the public health. lUra. 
H. 8. Bell, Pres., lOB West 44lh St.; Mrs. M. E Traut- 
mauD, Cor. Sec'y. 37 Beekmnn Place; Mrs. S. A. Ostram, 
Ilec. Sec'y, 43 West 48th St.; Mrs. M, F. Weudt, Treas., 
127 East eistSt. 

; Ckss IIL, 

Drv. 1. Legal Aid and Advice. 85 

Lanacj Law Reform and Anti-Kidnapping Leagrne 

(org. 1890). 10 East 14th St. For the protection of sane 
persons against unjust and unlawful imprisonment in in- 
sane asylums and hospitals, and to secure humane treat- 
ment and the protection of their legal and constitutional 
rights to those suffering from the infliction of insanity. 
Legal and other advice and relief is given to any person 
applying for such, whether rich or poor, who is deserv- 
ing of protection. Supported by voluntary contributions. 
Bronson Murray, Chairman, 238 West 52d St; Clarissa C. 
Lathrop, Sec'y and National Organizer, to whom apply 
from 9 to 5 p.m.; Mrs. E. L. Demorest, Treas., 21 East 
57th St. 

New Yoric Association for ImproTinsr the Condition 
of the Poor (Sanitary Dep't), 79 Fourth Ave. Complaints 
of violations of sanitary laws may be made to its Agent at 
its office (see Class II. , Div. 2). 

New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to 
Children, 100 East 23d St. (see Class III., Div. 4). 

People's Legal Aid Society (incorp. 1889), Room 325, 
Temple Court, cor. Beekman and Nassau Sts. To give 
free legal advice, assistance and protection to poor people 
in securing their rights. Supported by subscriptions. 
Over 100 beneficiaries last year. Receipts, $500; expendi- 
tures, $2,530. Ignazio S. Reves, Pres. ; Edward Ponti, 
Sec'y and Treas., 132 Nassau St. 

People's Mission, formerly at 97 Varick St., has ceased 
to exist. 

St. Bartholomew's Chinese Guild, 23 St. Mark's Place 
(see Class X., Div. 5). 

Sanitary Aid Society of the City of New York (incorp. 
18S5). Investigates evasions and violations of existing sani- 
tary laws, prosecutes offending parties and endeavors to 
educate public opinion on this subject. Supported by mem- 
bers' fees, lodging-house receipts and voluntary contribu- 
tions. Last year's receipts, $5,517 ; expenditures, $5,082. 
Kiliaen Van Rensselaer, Pres.; Wm. H. Ross, m.p., Sec'y, 
37 West 124th St.; Alex. S. Webb, Treas., 17 Lexington 
4ve, Maintains |;he 

Sifk aftd DimUed Soldien and Sailors, ci-asb Id^^ 
) DoBUiTORiES, 94 DiTision 

Socletr for the Purification of Italian (>nart«>rE 

(org. 18fll5), 55i llulberry St. To ilrive bousea of ill-fame, 
slale-be«r dives, gangs oi loafers, thieves etc. from Italian 
quarters, and espeeially from the 2d Assembly District \ to 
stop the sale of aeciiytKl fruits and vegetables; to avoid the 
overcrowdiDg of tenemeot bouses, and to improve in aoy 
way the condition of tbe Italians and tiie streets where 
they reside. P. Caponigri, Pres.; M, H. Barilati, Sec'y. 

t Clean 
38tU St. Obtts. 1 
aecy; J. W. Ogden, Treas., 54 Wall St. 

United States Pensions, 398 Canal St. (see Class L, 
Div. 3). 

Working Women's rrotective Union (org, 1883. in- 
corp 18(Sd), IB Clintou Place. For the legal protection of 
working women other tlian house servants. Collects their 
claims for wages, aod otherwise protects theoi against un- 
scrupulous employers. It also, as far as practicable, assists 
teachers, seamstresses, dressmakers and operators in every 
branch of female labor, except household service, in procur- 
ing employment. Supported by voluntary contributions. 
Receipts and ospenditiirea, about ^3,000 a year. W. H. H. 
Moore, Pres.; John H. Parsons, Sec'y and Attorney; M. 
S. Beach, Treas.; Mrs. M. J. Creagh, Supt. Maintains a 

Woman's Libbart; not circulating, but any woman can 
use the hooka at the Union. Terras, tl.50 per year, but free 
to any woman, with references, unable to pay. Open from 

9A.U. to 4 P.M. 
Division 2.—Skk and Diiabted Soldiers and Sailon. 

Qraod Army of the Republic (imi7). Headquarters 
in New York City, Room 4, basement of City Hall. Qives 
general relief to needy members, their widows and orjiUans, 

DiY. 8. Soldien^ and BcMortf Widows and OrplumB, 87 

and aids in securing pensions and admission to the National 
Homes for Disabled Soldiers. In extreme cases of destitu- 
tion, helps ex-soldiers who are not members. Furnishes 
&ee burial. Apply, through the headquarters, to the Com- 
mander of the Post meeting nearest to the place where the 
applicant resides. By a law of the State, $35 will be paid 
towards the burial of any soldier who served during the late 
war and who dies in poverty. Information about the sev- 
eral Posts etc. may be had of the Memorial Committee, E. 
J. Atkinson, Sec'y, 4 City Hall. 

Ladles' Union Belief Association (org. 1865, incorp. 
1867). For the care and relief of the sick and disabled 
soldiers of the late war and their families, and of the wid- 
ows and orphans of those who fell in that war. The work is 
now chiefly restricted to aid in procuring pensions, and in 
out-door relief, not exceeding $10 a month, to those having 
claims upoo the Managers of the National Home, Wash- 
ington, D. C. Mrs. John A. Kennedy, Pres., 135 West 
22d St.; Mrs. M. S. Rogers, Cor. Sec'y, 46 West Slst St.; 
to either of whom apply. 

National Homes for Disabled Yolnnteer Soldiers 

(see Class I., Div. 3). 

New York State Soldiers' and Sailors' Home, Bath, 
Steuben Co., N. Y. (see Class I., Div. 2). 

United States Naval Hospital, Flushing Ave., Brook- 
lyn (see Class I., Div. 3). 

Division 3. — Soldier^ and Sailors* Widows and Orphans, 
(See also Churches and Congreg:ations. y 

Grand Army of the Bepnblic, Room 4, City Hall (see 
Class m., Div. 3). 

Ladles' Union Belief Association (see Class HI., 
Div. 2). 

Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United 
States, Office of the Commandery of the State ov 
!PfBw York, 302 Broadway. 

United States Peusinns, I 

DiTiflioK 4. — Special Belief to Ynriout Cldttee, CaUirtg* 
or Pivfestionii. 
(See also Churcbee and CoQEregBtioaa ; HDd FnrelKners* I 

Actors' Fand of Amf^ricn (iocorp. 1883), 12 ' 
St. Graola relief (trom funtia unmislly collected by bent 
fit performances at all the Cbeatrea tiirougbout the TJailed 
States, and dues from members) to needy actors, singers, 
mUHJciBDS, stage-dancers aod others interested aad con- 
cerned in the inooBgement of, or who earn a liviog from or 
Id connection with, an; tlieatre or reputable place of umuse- 
ment. 438 persons relieved last year. Receipts. $31,456; 
eipenditures, S28,880. The Society ia now erecting an 
Orphanage. Claims for relief should he made to the Sec- 
retary as above. Albert M. Palmer, Prea.; Charles W.- 
Thomas, Sec'y; Frank W. Sanger, Treas. 1 

Artists' Aid Society of tlie City of New York (org.' 
1890), 51 West 10th St. To assist needy members (profes- 
sional artists) and their families. Also controls a/r«bed in 
the Presbyterian Hospital for the use of any artist con- 
sidered worthy, preference being given to the Societj'fl. 
members. Supported by niembers' conlributiona. ' "" 
Hicoll, Sec'y, 51 West 10th St. 

Baptist MinlsterH' Home Society of New Tort, 31 

Vyse St., West Farms {see Class V., Div. 9). 

Board of Trnstees of Fnntls for InHriii Priests 

(Roman Catholic) of the Diocese. Most Rev, M. A. Cor- 
rigan, D.D., Prea, 


Div, 4. Vanous Classes, Callings or Professions. 89 


Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, 115 East 
14th St. (see Class XI., Div. 1). 

Charity Fnnd of the Chamber of Commerce (1883). 34 
Nassau St. Consists of $57,0<>0 bequeathed by the late 
John C. Green, the income of which is to be applied to the 
relief of distressed merchants who shall have been members 
of the Chamber, in good repute, and whose misfortunes 
were not the result of, or attended by, any dishonorable 
transaction on their part. Apply to the Trustees of the 
Fund, through George Wilson, Sec'y of the Chamber of 

Cler^^rmen's Betiring Fund Society (incorp. 1874). 
Prot. Epis. Affords annuities to full members of 60 years 
of age. Rev. T. L. Holcombe, Financial Sec'y, 346 West 
55th St. 

Corporation for tlie Belief of Widows and Children 
of Clergymen of the Protestant Episcopal Chnrch in 
the State of New Yorli (incorp. 1798). For purposes 
named in title. Benefits are for families of members only. 
Total amount paid to annuitants last year, $9,566. Rt. Rev. 
Henry C. Potter, d.d., Pres.; Rev. Jesse Ames Spencer, 
B.T.D., Sec'y, 2 Bible House; Richard M. Harison, Treas., 
31 Nassau St. 

Exempt Firemen's Benevolent Fund etc., 174 Canal 
St. (see Class XL, Div. 1). 

General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen etc., 

18 East 16th St. (see Class XI., Div. 1). 

Grand Army of the Republic, Room 4 City Hall (see 
ClassIII.. Div. 2). 

Guild of St. Elizabeth, Secretary's address, 440 West 
23d St. (see Class IX., Div. 2). 

Havens Belief Fund Society (1886). Administers an 
endowment received from the late Charles G. Havens. It 
appropriates its income to almoners, carefully chosen, 
charged to give only temporary relief to industrious per- 
sons to aid in restonng them to self-support. Cliflford A. 
Hand, 51 Wall St. , Chairman of Executive Committee. 

Home Hotel Association (incorp. 1888)^ 158 St. Adq'§ 


Ave., corner East 135th Bl. (formerly at 71 Java St., Brook- 
lyn, E, D.). To provide and maintain a Home and aPuod 
for neiidy autbots, artists and professional persona of botli 
Boxes, without regard to age, sex or creed. No guest al- 
lowed to remain without paying board, after employment 
has been obtained. A permanent Homb for the aged who 
liHve labored in literature, art or in any other profession 
Supported by voluntary contributions. Last year 18 in- 
roates were assisted for an average stay of three months and 
a half, B were-provided for in boarding houses for an avo- 
mge of three and a half months, and 15 aided in their homea 
for an average time of six weeks. Supported by voluntary 
contributions. Receipts, f 3.381; expenditures. $2,246, 
Miss Mary A. Fisher. Pres.. 71 Java St., Brooklyn; Mm. 
Charles T. Harris, Cor. Sec'y. 118 East 54th St.; Gen. Jas. 
Grant Wilson, Treas., 15 East 74th St. Apply for admit- 
tance to Mrs. A. Inez Ludlow, Ass't Treas,, 118 East 54tli 
St., or by loiter to the Home. 

Indlnti°. All Indians residing in New York State are 

under State control There are no societies pledged to givo 
temporary relief to Indians who strar from their Reserva- 
tions, and all Indian applicants should be referred to Wm, 
Blake, Superintendent of Out-Door Poor, 86 Third Ave. 
The several Indian Associations and many of the Missionary 
Boards of the various churchbodies are actlvein promoting 
the political, edueational, moral and spiritual improvement 
of the Indians, and ean supply information thereof, viz.: 
The American IHissionary Association, 56 ReadeSt.; Boards 
of Home and Foreign Missions of the Presbyterian Church, 
83 Fifth Ave.; Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society 
of the Prot. Epis. Church, 33 Bible House, and the New 
York Indian Association. 

Lntherftn Cbarch Exten«lnn Commlltco of the City 
nf New York for the Relief of Poor Missions. Poor 
Mlnistors. their Widows and Uru]ian!i, 36 State St. (see 
rlassX.,Div. 9). 

New England Society In Iho City of New Vorit, Sec'y, 

^li Wall 8t. isoe Claas S:i., Div. 1). ' 


Div. 4. VcMiaus Glasses, CalUngs or Professions. 91 

New York Gitj Indian Association (see Class X., 
Div. 9). 

New York Colored Mission, 135 West 30th St. (see 
Class IX., Div. 2). 

New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to 
Children (incorp. 1875), 100 East 23d St. Investigates and 
prosecutes all cases of cruelty to children under 16 years of 
age. Also in special cases cares for and clothes the chil- 
dren, and affords a temporary home for them. Support- 
ed bv voluntary contributions and subscriptions. Elbridge 
T. Gerry, Pres.; Dallas B. Pratt, Treas.; E. Fellows Jen- 
kins, Sec'y and Supt. , to whom apply at any hour, day or 
night, or to the police or judiciary. 

New York Society for the Relief of Widows and Or- 

Shans of Medical Men (incorp; 1843). Aids the classes in- 
icat^ in the title when thus related to any one who was a 
member of the Society for the two years previous to his 
death. In special cases, an aged father, widowed mother 
or aged sister, who had been dependent upon the deceased 
member, may receive relief. Supported by interest on 
fund, dues and donations. Assisted 12 widows and 4 chil- 
dren last year. Receipts, |10,074 ; expenditures, 3^4,057 ; 
permanent fund, 1172,180. Everett Herri ck, m.d., Pres., 
126 Madison Ave.; John H. Hinton, m.d., Treas., 41 West 
32d St.; A. P. Currier, m.d., Sec'y, 159 East 57th St., to 
whom apply for relief. 

New York State Colonization Society (1885). To 
colonize, with their own consent, people of color of the 
Unit^ States on the coast of Africa, and through them to 
civilize and Christianize the African tribes; and, also, gen- 
er^y to improve the condition of the colored population of 
our country. Rev. S. D. Alexander, d.d., Pres. ; Chas. 
T. Gteyer, Cor. Sec*y and Treas., 19 William St., to whom 

New York Telegraphers' Aid Society, 195 Broadway 
(see Class XL, Div. 1). 

Passover Relief Association (org. 1877, incorp. 1882). 
To aid poor deserving Israelites, not assisted by other socie- 
tiles, in tl^e observa4ce of tl^e Passover. Supported by (Jona-r 

tioDs and aDiiuiil duea, G72 families aided last ^ear. Re- 
ceipts. $648 ; expend! lures. tS7S. M. Silberstcin, Pres, ; 
Mrs. L, Michel, Treaa.; Adolph Schwar/.baum, 8ec'y^ "2 
Tliird Ave., to whom apply 10 days before the PaBSOTcr. 

Prosbyt«rian Board t>t Relief for Disabled HlnlHtcni 
and tho ffidoiTS and Orphann ot Defrea^d Membera. 
Offlteat 1334 Chestnut St., Philndelphis, Pa., or inquire at 
Praabyterian House, 53 Fifth Ave., cor. laih 8t. 

PrlHon Association of New York (iacorp. 1846), I3S I 
East ISth St. Aims to improve the penal system and J 
ameliorate the candition of prisoners, whether detained for 
trial, held as witnesses or convicted. Aids reformed con- 
victs after tlieir discharge. The Tombs and Courts visited 
daily. Help and advice given in 1,2TS cases last year. Sup- 
ported by vohmtary contributions. Receipts, 14,435 ; ex- 
Knditures, ^5.225. Theodore W. Dwlglil, Prea.; Cliarlton 
Lewis, Chairman of Executive Commillee: Cornelius B. 
Gold, Treas., 18 Wall St.; W. M. F. Round, Cor. Hec'y, 
135 East 16th St.. to whom apply from 9 to 5 p.m. 
Note.— It Is not safe Ui ileal with or asfrist an; real or pretended 



HefUKefor 1 

o tbe Prison 

arged Oonii 

r Etui, b 
o the Hmwe of 1 

9 mih 
adunry and 

E falsely pretend to be convlcte. because pablie Bympathj 
. .' kiucliea tiy the dIfficultlcB which this olaas encounter. 

Maintain a the 

United States PBEsa Bureau (org. 1888). To give I 
employment to ex-convicts in the collection and sale of news- ' 
paper clippings. i 

RnssUn Stndents' Aid Society (1880) has ceased to 
exist. A srnall sum of money, however, remains unei- 
pendedi which may be used to assist youn? Russians in 
securing education. Apply to Bernard Gordon, m.d., 109 
Henry St. 

Sailor's Snag Harbor (org. 1801, incorp. 1806), New 
Brighton, Staten Island. Office. Room 33. 74 Wall St. A 
home for aged, decrepit and worn-out sailors. If foreign- 
born, must have docnmeulary evidence of having been ' 
sailors before tbe mast Qve years, uader the American dag. 
^.ccommodates about 1,000. Number of inmates last je^r, 

Div. 4. Various Otcuses, CalUngs or Professions. 93 

836. Visitors adn^itted daily, except Sunday. Self-sup- 
porting. Income, about $3()0,000 a year. Controlled by a 
Board of Trustees. Thomas Greenleaf, Comptroller; Rich- 
ard Luce, 74 Wall St., Agent, to whom apply from 10 to 

3 P.M. 

St. Bartholomew's Chinese Guild, 23 St. Mark's Place 
(see Class X., Div. 5). 

Sands Fund of the Protestant Episcopal Chureh, 

the interest of which is to be used by the Bishop of New 
York at his discretion in relief of the suffering and needy. 
Rev. T. R. Harris, d.d., James Pott, and J. McLean Nash, 

Seamen's Christian Association etc., 665 Washington 
St., cor. Tenth (see Class IX., Div. 2). 

Society for the Relief of Poor Widows with Small 
Children, Agent's address, 202 West 41st St. (see Class II., 
Div. 2). 

Society for the Relief of the Destitute Blind of the 
City of New York etc., 104th St. and Amsterdam Ave. 
(see Class VII., Div. 3). 

Trustees of the Fund for the Belief of Widows and 
Orphans of Deceased Clergymen, and of A^ed, Infirm 
and Disabled Clergymen of the Protestant Episcopal 
Church in the United States ot America (org. 1853, in- 
corp. 1855). Treasurer's Office, 70 Broadway. Instituted 
for the benefit of persons named in the title. Issues a re- 
port every three years. Rt. Rev. John Williams, d.d., 
Fres. ; W. Alexander Smith, Treas. ; Elihu Chauncey, Sec'y» 
22 East 22d St. 

Trustees of the New York Annual Conference of the 
Methodist Episcopal Church (incorp. 1843). Holds real 
estate and invested funds for the sole benefit of needy, dis- 
abled ministers and needy families of deceased ministers of 
the Meth. Epis. Church. The amount received by the 
Conference Stewards from church collections etc. is in 
addition to the receipts of the Conference Trustees, aud is 
disbursed by them to the various beneficiaries, together with 
the income of the Trustees' Funds. Rev. M. D'C. Crawford, 

fl* Sptdal Bd.ief to Variovt Clattei, ttt. a.AX m., 

D.D.. Pres.. 150 Fifth Ave.; Rev. A, K. Sanford, d.d., 
8f(:'y. 843 We3t22d St.; Rev. L. M. Vincent. Treas.. Pough- 

VKKiiBr Htiident»' Aid Socletj (org. 188B). Lendi 
jiw^tiiilnry iilil ivitliout interest to students of Vtissar College, 

Snuliintu or uticlorgriutuale. Scliolursliips are usually as- 
ItHod liy coiTmi^tkrvB examinations lield annually in Jiioe. 
iinil uru teniibii; from one to four years. Supported by 
tiieiillwra' duw uud voluntary contributions, Appticationa 
Nlioiild lie made tu Miss Alice Hayes, Secretary of the So- 
cluty, at Vaasar College, Pougbkeepale, N. T, 

IVobb'Fi Acadoray and Home Tor Shlp-Bnllders (in- 
oorp, IHSQ). In course of erection at Sedgwick Ave. and 
A<)adotny St., Fordliam Haiglits. To alford gratuitous aid, 
rnlliiF null support to the aged, decrepit, Invalid, indigent 
iir imrorLuiinlu men who have been engaged in building 
hiillHotNhtpitor veHsels, in any section of the United States, 
li'gftlii'r with the lawful wives of such jjeraons; also, " to 
fiirnlBh l.oiinyyimiigman. a native or citizen of the United 
f*lnlr>i), w1u> may, upon examination, prove himself com* 
iirlrnl . iit goml character and worttiy, gratuitous education 
' 1 and profession of ship-building and 

litnl>'i'lnl* wliilii oliiaintng such ediicalion." 

Inliil, Ttwi" Apply lo ihc President for further iafonna- 
ttiXtMiii'* riiiiril; niid IniliiHlr) Clnlinitd lli>m« for 


Div. 6. Burials, 95 

Friendless Colored Girls, 221 West 37th St. (see Class II., 
Div. 8). 

Workine Women's Protectiye Union, 19 Clinton Place 
(see Class III., Div. 1). 

Tonng Women's Home SocietT of the French Eran- 
gelieal Chnreh etc., 431 West 30th St. (see Class II., 
Div. 9). 

Division 5.— Burials. 

(See also Churches and Congregations ; also many of the Societies 

named under Class II , Division 2, and Class XI., Division 1, 

assist needy families in burials.) 

Anstrian-Hnngarian Hebrew Free Bnrial Associa- 
tion (incorp. 1889), 174 Norfolk St. To burjr members of 
poor Hebrew families unable to make provision therefor. 
Supported by voluntary contributions. 59 buried last year. 
Receipts and expenditures, about |1,000. Joseph Grosner, 
Pres., 1 ThiirdAve.; Jacob Kafka, Sec'y, 175 Suffolk St.; 
H. Price, Treas. 

Darech Amnno Free Bnrial Fnnd Society (incorp. 
1870). A constituent of the United Hebrew Charities 
(which see, Class II., Div. 2). Provides the ground for 
burials of Hebrews dying in destitution, the United He- 
brew Charities paying" the other burial expenses. 624 in- 
terments last year. M. E. Harris, Pres., 17 East 16th St. 

Department of Fnhlic Charities and Correction, 

N. W. cor. 11th St. and Third Ave. (see Class I., Div. 1). 

Grand Army of the Republic, Room 4, City Hall (see 
Class III., Div. 2). 

Guild of St. Elizabeth, Secretary's address, 440 West 
23d St. (see Class IX., Div. 2). 

Leake and Watts Association of New York City, 

Sec'y, 163 East 103d St. (see Class XI., Div. 1). 

New York Press Club (incorp. 1874), 120 Nassau St. 
Furnishes free burial to deceased journalists when applied 
for. John A. Cockerill, Pres.; A. C. Fenn, Sec'y; E, B. 
Phelps, Fin. Sec'y; Charles T. Amoux, Treas. 

AitI for tfie Sick, Hiet, etc. 

St. (Bee Class X., Div. 4). 

Division Q,~Aidfor tlie Sick {except Medical), Ditt, e 
(See also Churches and Canf^rBgatiODa.} 

Catherine Mission, 301 Soutli St. <aed Class V^ 
DiT. 1), 

Childreu's Aid Sooletv, 34 St. Mark's Place (see ' 
II., DiT. fl). 

Christmas Letter mission (org. iu Europe 1871, i 
United States 18al), Uistr)t)ut«a, amung tLe inmates d 
hoapitala, institutions and prisons, Ctiristraas messages of 
coasolaUoQ and encouragement. Over 2.300 letters sent 
williin city limits last jear, and over 85.000 in tUe United 
Stales. Supported by volimtary coulributions. Receipts 
and expenditures, about tlOO a year. Apply to Miss may 
Bussing, Sec'y for New Toric City, 4 East lath St. 

Diet Eit«lien of St. Thomas' Honite, 329 East 59th 
St. (see St. Thomas' Cliapel under Prol. Epis. Churches 
For worthy poor of the neighborhood. Apply thro"~ 
the North Eastern Dispensary. 333 East 59th St. 

Guilil of St. Elizabeth (see Class IX., Div. 3). 

HoHpltal Book and Nenspaper Socletf, a d , 
ment of the State Oiiahiteeh Aid Association (whid 
see, Class I., Div. 2). Office, 31 University Place, oor. ( 

Div. 6. Aid for the Sick, Diet, etc. 97 

Ninth St. Receives donations of reading matter from the 
public for gratuitous distribution among the inmates of 
hospitals, asylums etc. Nearly 60,000 books and papers 
distributed last year. Miss Georgina Schuyler, Chairman. 

Island Mission for Cheering the Lives of the Poor 
and Sick (org. 1887). To brighten the lives of those in 
public charitable hospitals, asylums and other institutions, 
by affording them occupation and diversion through pic- 
tures, books and entertainments, and by providing ordi- 
nary comforts for the aged, infirm and Insane. Unsecta- 
rian. Supported entirely by voluntary contributions. Re- 
ceipts, about |1,600. Montague Marks, Pres., 79 Clinton 
Place ; Miss iSrelinghuysen, Sec'y, 25 West 15th St.; Mrs. 
Sidney Ashmore, 'Ireas , 102 Waverley Place. 

King's Daughters' Committee for Tenement-Honse 
Work (1890), 91 Madison St. To brmg members of the 
Order into personal touch with tenement-house poor, espe- 
cially those who YiAYerM church connection, and to work for 
their moral elevation on Charity Organization prin- 
ciples ; to give relief in cases of proved need which cannot 
otherwise be assisted ; to supply nursing, sick-room com- 
forts and nourishing food to cases reported by the summer 
corps of physicians of Board of Health. This branch of 
the work includes Fresh- Air Work for the children and 
distribution of flowers, and is supported by voluntary con- 
tributions. Receipts last year, $1,882 ; expenditures, 
$1,862. Mrs. James F. Rugrfes, Pres.; Mrs. M. A. Wil- 
liamson, Sec'y ; Mrs. E. T. Waterlow, Treas. Apply to 
Miss Annie M. Dewey, Cor. Sec'y and Manager, at 91 
Madison St., from 9 to 5 p.m. 

Lazarns Gnild op the New York Skin and Cancer 
Hospital (org. 1891). To provide clothing, old linen 
and delicacies for the patients, and to raise money for the 
endovnnent of free beds in the New York Skin and Cancer 
Hospital, and to render such comfort as may be possible. 
The hospital wagon calls at the residence of Mrs. George 
Lewis, 411 Fifth Ave,, for delicacies etc., and at the house 
of Mrs. Richard Irvin, 12 West 36th St., for donations of 
old clothing, books, papers etc., every Friday. Mrs. J. A. 
Lowery, Pres., 32 West 35th St.; Mrs. Edward Winslow, 

Aid for the Siei.. Diet, etc. 

a Louise Taylor 

Needlework dalld of America, Ninvr York Citt 
BfiAHCB (org. 1861). To provide new, plain, suitable gar- 
~~ nts for the needs of hospitals, homea und other charities, 
i Co supply a channel through which all persons may 
work in unity for this object. Men, women and children of 
all cisases may become members. Mrs. Arthur M. Dodge, 
Prea.; Mi'a. H. M. Deweea, 8ec'y, 12 West 18lh St.; Mrs. I 
Paul Dana, Treas.. 1 Fifth Ave. 

, ioe.H 

ClTT ^ 

New Tork Bible and Fruit Hlssloii to our FiAllc 

idigiouB miniatrations, and also to supply fruit and other 
delicacies which may conduce to their comfort and restora- 
tion ; to maintain a Coffbe-House with its various ad- 
juncts, and by means of entertainments, industrial classes, 
peraoaal visitations endeavor to ameliorate and elevate the 
condition ot the poor of the neighborhood, and to aid and 
reform the ei-convict, the inebriate and convalescent. 
Makes weekly visits to all the hospitals uudcr the Dept. 
of Pub. Char, and Cor., and distributes food. Bowers, de- 
licacies and reading matter. Supported by receipts from 
Coflee-House, Lodging- House, Broom-Factory etc., and 
voluntary donations. Lust year's receipts, ^31,801; ei- 
uenditure8,$30,113. Mrs. Wm, T. Blodgett, Pres.; Mrs. 
Lhivld H. Goodwillie, Sec'y ; Miss Marcella Buchanan, 
Tnaa. Maintains the following at the foregoing address : 
KUttOAiTAii Chafkl, 423 East 36th St.; where unde- 
Bomlaattonal religious services are held every evenlne of 
tlw ;«U, also Sundays at 9 a.m. for men, and Sunoaj- 
aukoo) for children at 3 r.M. 

Readbbb, who visit among the poor and in the 
" " "'"it at the services and help conduct Motheeb' 


Div. 6. Aid for the Sick, Diet, etc. 99 

moderate prices. 84,061 meals furnished last year. Miss 
S. A. Chinn, Supt. 

LoDGiNG-HousE; accommodates 160 men with clean beds, 
well- ventilated dormitories and hot and cold baths, for 15 
to 25 cents per night. 33,081 lodgers registered last year. 
W. R. Escher, Supt. 

Broom-Factory; gives employment to men out of work, 
convalescent men from the hospitals and ex-convicts, with 
efforts to reform the latter. JPaid $2,291 in wages last 

Penny Provident Fund, Station of. 

Protbctivb Work ; a Protective Missionary is em- 
ployed to protect and guide young women coming as 
strangers to the city from every part of the world by rail 
or steamer. 256 such young women were cared for last 

Readeng-Room and CiRCUiiATiNG LIBRARY ; for the 
benefit of all classes. 

Kitchen Garden and Sewing Classes ; open from 
November until May, for little girls. 

Fresh-Air Fund ; sends a limited number of women 
and children to the country for one, two or three weeks. 

Loan Relief ; loans articles for use among the sick, 
and also money. 

All further information can be had at the Coffee-House, 
416 East 26th St., where also apply for free meal tickets 
and lodgings. 

New York City Mission and Tract Society, Woman's 
Branch, 106 Bible House (see Class IX., Div. 1). 

New York Diet Kitchen Association (incorp. 1873). 
For providing nourishing food, such as beef -tea, mutton 
broth, milk, rice and oatmeal, free, for the destitute sick. 
The food shall be issued upon the written requisitions of 
House and Visiting Physicians of the Dispensaries of the 
cit^. In special cases the Directress may procure the gra- 
tuitous service of physicians other than those named, to 
whom shall be furnished blank orders, or, in cases of great 
urgency, may herself make requisitions on the Kitchen. 
Open from 9 to 3 p.m. Supported by subscriptions and 


Aid for the Sick, Diet, etc. 

legacies. 14,818 Baaiated during past year. IUceipU_ 
$Il,8ttO; expenditures, JS, 113. Mrs. A. H. Gibbons, PreaI3 
55 West 47th St.; Mrs, August Lewis, Sec'y, 113 Eusi 1611? 
St.; Mrs. J. D. Sinillie, Treaa., 110 East 38th St. M " 
tains 5 Kitcheos, which are located as follows ; 

East Side Dispensahy District, 369 Third Ave. 

North Westbkn Uispensaky Distbict, cor. 36th SlI 
and Nintli Ave. 

New Yobk DiaPES'SiKY Distiuct, 137 Centre, i 


t. and First Ave, 

New York Flower and Fralt MJsaion (org. 1870), 10* 
Eoat 30th Bt. Distributes flowers, fruits and delicacies to 
the sick in hospitals and tenement houses. Also sends 
evergreens, cards, mottoes etc. lo sick children in homes 
and hospitals at Christmas, and delicacies to the sick and 
infirm. Open Mondays and Thursduya from 10 to 4 p.m., 
from middle of May to last of October. Supported by 
voluntary contributions. Address Miss Ella E. Russell, 
Sec'y, as aboye, j 

New Tork Home fur Couvaleacents, 143 East 18th St. I 
(see Class VI., Div. 3}. ■ 

V> Sanltarlnm for Hebrew Children, 134 East 14th St. 
(see Class VL, Div. B). 

Shnt-In Society (orig. 1877, org. 1884), 146 East 53d St. 
It is not an almsgiving society, but designed for social 
cheer and spiritual comfort. A society for invalids, and of 
(issociates who are in health, whose object la to relieve the 
wearioess of the sick-room by correspondence and other 
nets of kindness among members. Unsectarian. Publishes 
a monthly periodical, "The Open Window," editor, JMra. 
Helen E. Brown. Has a library, and supplies wheel-chairs. 
Numbers 3.000 invalids and SUO associates. Supported by 
voluntary contributions. Last year's receipts and exuendi- 
tures, 13,354. Mrs, R- R. ProudBt, Pres.; Mrs. H. E. 
Muitfoe, Sec'y and Treas., Ashland, Mass. 


Diy. 8. Sea and Country Excursions. 101 

Division 1.— Loans, 

(See also Churches and Congregations.) 

Loan Relief Association (org. 1876, incorp. 1878). 
Meets Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Chalmers Church 
Sunday-school room, Seventh Ave. and 18th St. Confines 
its work exclusively to the 16th Ward. Has a Coal Club, 
Blanket Club, Fresh- Air Fund, Dietary, Nurses, Library; 
provides work for women, furnishes necessary clothing, 
medical assistance, and nurses and delicacies to the sick 
poor, makes loans on written security, and also loans vari- 
ous articles required in case of sickness. Supported by 
subscriptions, donations, membership fees etc. Last year's 
receipts, |1,478; expenditures, |1,447. Miss M. H. Avery, 
Pres.; Mrs. S. W. Evstaphieve, Sec'y; Mrs. H. C. Phillips, 
Treas., 72 West 12th St.; Mrs. F. Husbands, Missionary- 
Nurse, to whom apply at the schoolroom. 

New York Bible and Frnit Mission etc., 416 East 26th 
St. (see Class HI., Div. 6). 

United Hebrew Charities etc., 128 Second Ave. (see 
Class II., Div. 2). 

Tassar Students' Aid Society, address Sec'y, Vassar 
College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. (see Class III., Div. 4). 

Division 8. — Sea and Country Excursions. 
(See also Churches and Congregations.) 
Bartlioldi Creclie (see Class II., Div. 11). 

Children's Aid Society, 24 St. Mark's Place (see Class 
II., Div. 6). 

Gilbert A. Robertson Home, Scarsdale, N. Y. (see Class 
II., Div. 11). 

King's Daughters' Committee for Tenement-Hoase 
Work, 91 Madison St. (see Class III. , Div. 6). 

New York Association for Improving the Condition 
of the Poor, 79 Fourth Ave. (see Class II., Div. 2). 

Sea and Coantri/ Eicurgiaiu. class m., 

New York Prot. Epis. City Mission Soc, 38 Bleecker 
8t. (see Class IX., Div. 1). 

St. Barnabas' FRBan-Act Fdnd. 

St. John's Gnild, SOI Fifth Ave. (seo Class VI., DIr. 

Sanltarlani for Uelirew Children, 194 East 14tli Stt 
(see Class VI., DW. S). 

"The Little Hothera" Aid Society, 305 East 17th 
St. (org. 18B0). To provide summer day excursions for 
little girls obliged to take care of younger children while 
their parents are at work, and who do not TGcelve the bene- 
fits of otliur Fresh-Air Charities. Also furnishes evening 
entertainments duriog the winter, and clik^ses in cooking 
and sewing; supplies needful garments etc. Supported by 
voluntary contributious Urs. J. H. Johnston, 305 East 
17th St., Clmirman of the Committee in charge ; Geo. F. 
Vail, Treas., Fourteenth St. Bank. Maintains the 

Holiday IIonsB. Pelham Bay Park ; contains live beds 
for sick children. Mrs. J. St. Clair Hillia, m.d., Physician 
in charge. 

I- Fund, Tribune Building (see Class 


Working ftlrls' Tacntion Society, 323 West 38th St. 
(org. 1883, incorp. 1885). Forrespectableunmarried work- 
ing girls who have satisfactory recommendations, and cer- 
liflcale of a physician that a vacation U needed. Provides 
two weeks' vacation in the country, with fares and board, 
at the nominal sum of |1.50 per week; pays fares of work- 
ing girls to their friends in the country, and also gives day y 
eKctirslons about New York Harbor. Supported by volun-J 
tarr contributions. In 1890, 490 girls sent to the country, I 
47 fares paid, and over 3,000 Olen Island tickets furnished. \ 
Receipts, $6,980; expenditures, $4,019; pennanenl fund, 
t4,980. Mrs. James F. Drummond, Pres.; Mrs. Wm. 
Herbert, Seo'y, 436 West 32d St.; Misi Edith Bryce, 
" '-'■ "'■"■' '— or the 


Div. 8. Sea and Oountry Excursions. 103 

deserving married women; children under 8 years old are 
sent with their mothers when necessary. Special cases are 
sent from New York City. Supported by voluntary con- 
tributions and members' fees. Number of beneficiaries 
last year. 1.319. Receipts, $1,281; expenditures, $1,268. 
Rev. J. H. Darlington, Pres. ; Mrs. E. B. Darlington, Sec'y, 
481 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, E. D.; Mrs. Wm. Donald, 

FoREiGHEB-s' Relief. 

iSee atta lut ef Coamli, pagt 13.) 

Tlu! Uliarllr OriuIxstloK Hocletr (aee page 1 
frtiin the prnpvtr nour^tifi, aulEabte And adequ&t^ re 
■ ■■ ^- • '■iwUmDIviBloQB, or Mllrect there 

1. — Qen^ral Itdief, 

«. aadOhun:hBBai 

L CDagregatilniu.) 


[ml ilrtiDiliH 
TrpHN,. UI H 

. . . , . , mplojment and traDsportallon 

iti|fttlvi«, Supnfirtmi lijf uicnibers' dues aod donations. 
ittl for Wt ymr. Kaarye! H. Sarasolin, Pres., I8S 
roiidwny; L, Mtircus. Fin'l Bec'j; Sol. Eliaaberg, ] 
' ' 1 Kiwt Broudwtty. Maintains tlie d 

AmiNiHATir OiiniitH (Hebrew Slioltcring Home). H. B. I 
Ml(lH!linIl., Hii|ii. 1 

AtiioiliiM. iiir nu-r for Amolioratln^ the Condl- 

^-rrs (org. 1S91]. Boom 89. 45 
iii.^ive [tliarge. in correspondence 
ins unii local cninmitteea to be 
,d icMon& of llie Union, of the 
1 uml placing o[ Jewish refugeoa , 

|r:.r ^: ■.,:,.. 

FUfWl^l 111 „ sv,, 

Div. 1. Foreigners^ General Belief. 105 

from Russia. It aims to secure employment and homes, 
preferably in places not largely populated, and to provide 
for instruction in the English language and industries. 
Lewis Seasongood, Pres.; Jacob H. Schiff, Treas.; M. W. 
Platzek, Local Chairman. 

Baron de Hirsch Fnnd (org. 1889), Boom 89. 45 
Broadway. For the benefit of Russian Roumanian immi- 
grants who have been, except for educational purposes, in 
this country not longer than two years. To Americanize 
and assimilate the immigrants with the masses by teaching 
them to become good citizens, and to prevent, by all proper 
means, their congregating in large cities. It furnishes me- 
chanics with tools ; teaches easily acquired trades or the 
knowledge of the use of tools ; pays entrance fees into 
Trades Unions ; loans small sums, in exceptional cases, to 
help to self-support, but gives no alms or charitable relief. 
Gives transportation to points where it is positively known 
there is a market for the particular kind of laborers sent 
forward. It establishes Day and Night Schools for both 
children and adults, only when the local authorities or or- 
ganizations have failed to make such provision, wherein 
shall be taught the elementary branches of English, and 
which shall include the Constitution of the United States 
and improved sanitary habits. Myer S. Isaacs, Pres. ; Jesse 
Seligman, Treas. ; A. S. Solomons, Gen'l Agent. 

Belgian Society of Benevolence (Societe Belge de 
Bienfaisance) (incorp. 1871), 135 Duane St. For the re- 
lief of indigent Belgians and their descendants. Supported 
by voluntary subscriptions. Last year's receipts, $2,496; 
expenditures, $1,549. Charles Mali, Pres., 329 Broadway, 
to whom address all correspondence; F. Jonghmans. Sec'y, 
329 Broadway; A. De Braekeleer, Treas., 31 Barclay St. 
Apply Tuesdays and Fridays from 4 to 5 p.m. as above. 

Chinese Hospital Association, 45 Hicks St., Brook- 
lyn (see Class VI., Div. 1). 

Christopher Colnmbns Italian Hospital of the City 
of New York, 320 East 109th St. (see Class VI., Div. 1). 

Emigrant Mission Committee of the German Evan- 
^elical Lutheran Synod of Missouri, Ohio and other 


106 Fornigmn' General Belii^f. 

States, at the Citj; of New York (org. 1869, incorp. 1889), 
8 suite St. Ita object is lo protect tUose Glerman Luther- 
ana from impositioa who emigrate to North America, to 
render them couasel. assistance and general aid. Supported 
by Toluntarj contributions From Lutheran congregations. 
Ifev. P. Koeaig. CiiuirmaD ; Rev. J H. Sieker. Sec'jT W. 
C. Fftrr, Treaa.: Rev. 3. Key], Miasionarj for German im- 
migrants ; Rev. E. Petersen, Missionary for Scandinavian 
Immigrants, Maintains the 

Lutheran Pilgrim Home (Lulheriaches Pilger Haus), 
8 State St. Olvea cheap lodgings to those able to pay, and 
tree lodgings to the rlestituto. Applicants must be respec- 
liibie. Capacity, lliO inmates. Charge fl per day, 
cents per meal without lodging, 

EranKelloal Aid Societr for the Spanish etc., 
Ijexington Ave. (see Class IX., Div. 3). 

FrPDoh Benevolent Scwlety of New York (Sogibtb 

Fbaniiaisb db BiENPAiBAHCB DE NEW York) (Org, 180B, 
incorp. 1810). H30 and 333 West S4th St. Assists the needy 
French by fnrnisliinu; medical advice and medicines, food, 
clothing, money and temporary shelter. Supported by 
voluntary contributtona and patients' fees. Last year's re- 
ceipts, 184,844, Including (1,400 from the French Qovem- 
ment ; expendituraa. 1|;34,Q38. Joseph Thoron, Pres. . 
Cosimlr Thoron, Sec'y ; Charles Coudert, Treas. Mala-' 
tains the following at the same address : 

Bkliep Bcrbau ; gives general relief to the French, 

lliTRBAtj OP iMaioRATioN ; dltects French imraigrani 
<M urrival, and returna lo France those remaining a chai^ 
\\\\An, the Society. 

NiHlIT Kepdge ; gires temporary shelter and food 
ku>\tr Krauch persons or deacendanta. 

Hwi'BSSATiY; open daily, except Sundays, from 3 ._ _ 
V,;^., ti>r free advice to sick French persons or descendants, 
IWil mwlluiiiy ia given to the indigent only. 1,789 treated 
•\}^ Cli?' prescriptions dispensed lost year. 

k'^WU Mkixcai, Attekdance to poor indigent Free 
lu vUvb h^xnes. when unable to be received In the Ho^t 

kff^UHt^il' '• fo'' B'<^^ P<^r French. Indigent pal 



Div. 1, Foreigners^ General Belief. 107 

admitted free, but those able to pay are charged accordmg 
to circumstances. Apply at the Hospital daily, except Sun- 
days and holidays, from 2 to 3 p.m. Accident cases re- 
ceived at any time. 460 patients last year. Visitors ad- 
mitted Thursdays and Sundays from 10 to 11 a.m. and from 
1 to 4 P.M. 

A Home ; where the aged, indigent and infirm French 
or descendants of both sexes are given a temporary home, 
until placed in the care of the Home for the Aged of 
THE Little Sisters of the Poor. 

French Beneyolent Society of the Ladies of St. Vin- 
cent de Paul (Societe Fran^aisb de Bienfaisance dbs 
Dames de St. Vincent de Paul) (org. 1845). Cares for 
French widows, old and infirm women, and orphans under 
the charge of the Soeurs Marianites de St. Croix. 34 or- 
phans are cared for. No assistance is given to men. Sup- 
ported by charitable offerings. Last year's receipts, $4,133; 
expenditures, $3,247. Applications examined at the meet- 
ing, 1st Wednesday of each month from October to June, 
at 215 West 39th St. Money, clothing and work distributed 
by the Ladies 1st Thursday of each month, from 2 to 5 
P.M.. in the basement of the Church of St, Vincent de Paul, 
127 West 23d St. Mme. E. La Montague, Pres. ; Mile. A. 
G. de Blossidres, Sec'y ; Mme. R. J. Hoguet, Ass't Sec'y ; 
Mme. E. Fort, Treas. ; Mme. Chas. Du vivier, Preposee au 

German Ladies' Society etc. Sec'y, 175 West 58th St. 
(see Class n., Div. 2). 

German Mission House Association of the Port of 
New York (incorp. 1867), 27 State St. Protects and 
ministers to the German immigrants directed to their care. 
Supported by voluntary contributions and income of in- 
vested funds. Last year's receipts, $2,038 ; expenditures, 
$1,763. C. W. A. Romer, Pres. ; Rev. P. Quattlander, 
Sec'y, 256 Second St. ; F. K. Keller, Treas., 664 Sixth 
Ave. ; Rev. Gteo. H. Simons, Supt. and Missionary, 27 
State St., to whom apply. 

German Society of the City of New Yorlc (Deutsche 
Qesbli^haft) (org. 1784, incorp. 1804), 13 Broadway 

JPbreigners' general Selief. 

(P. O. Box 1420). AHsistB all needy GermanB, by furniah- 
iug medical advioB and medicineB, mone^ and general re- 
lief. Three plijaiciana visit Gertnaa families. Supported 
by mombers' dues, volunlary contributions and interest oa 
fund. Numberaaaiated last year. 8,120. Beceipts. $37,580; 
eitpeuditures, $38,485 ; permanent fund, $1S6.300. O. H. 
Schwab, Pres.; E. Steiger. Sec'y ; W. A. SchmittheDner, 
Treas. ; Julius Hoffman, Manager, to nliom apply from 
g to 5 P.M. 

Holland Reformed Charch {which see under Re- 
formed Dutch Churches), 279 West 11th St. Renders as- 
sistance to immigrants from Holland landing at New York. 
Apply daily, except Sunday, from 8 to 9 a.u, and 3 to 
3 p.m. 

Hungarian AHSociation of the City of Nen York 

(org. 1884, incorj). 1886), 355 East Third St. Forthe sup- 
port and protection of Hungarian inimignuils, procuring 
employment and transportation to Hungary for those dis- 
abled and sick. Meets second Monday of each month. 
Supported by members' dues and voluntary contributions. 
Assisted S75 cases last year. Receipts, $1,835 ; expen- 
ditures, $1,167 ; permanent fund, |a,500. M. Schnitzer. 
Pres., 130 Broadway; L. a;honberger, Sec'y, S3 Duane 
St.; D. A. Mayer, Treos., 537 Broadway. Apply from 9 

Immigrant Girls* Home and Training Sohool of the 
Woman's Home Missionary tiiociety of the Metli. Epis. 
Charch, 27 State St. A safe temporary resting place for 
women and girls waiting for friends and desiring employ- 
ment or counsel. Under the care of the Bdkeau of Im- 
MiORARTE, Mrs, Jennie Fowler Willing. Sec'y, 857 West 
24th St.; Mrs. E. Smith, Supt. (see Class X., Div. 0). 

Irish Emigrant Society (org. 1841, Incorp. 1844), 51 
Chambers St, and 29 Reade St, Affords advice, informa- 
tion, aid and protection to immigrants from Ireland, and 
generally to promote their welfare, .Tames Rorke, Pres.; 


Div. 1. Foreigners^ General Belief, lOd 

Denis Daly, Sec'y; Jos. A. Kernan, Treas. Apply as 
above from 9 to 4 p.m. 

Italian-American Progressiye Clnb, 246 Elizabeth 
St. (see Class XI., Div. 1). 

Italian Benevolent Society (Societa Italiana di 
Bbneficenza Emigrazione e Colonizziazione) (org. 
1857, incorp. 1882), 20 Varick Place. For the relief of sick 
and needy Italians ; to improve their moral and physical 
condition, to assist immigrants and to form colonies in dif- 
ferent parts of the country. 10,409 persons fed and 31,227 
meals given last year. Keceipts, $2,763 ; expenditures, 
$1,778. Peter Arata, Pres.; Benedict Morossi, Sec'y; D. 
Cella, Treas. 

Italian Home (Istituto Italiano) (incorp. 1889), 179 
Second Ave. A benevolent, protective association, to 
afford advice, aid, education, information and protection 
to the Italians in this country and city, and in any lawful 
manner to further their welfare and benefit. It has four 
branches, viz.: 1. Hospital; 2. Relief Bureau; 8. 
Protection op the Italian Colonization Emigra- 
tion ; and 4. Instruction (free night schools for adults). 
The Home contains 40 beds for infirm adults, the sick and 
disabled ; convalescents receive temporary care. There is 
aJso a Kitchen where cheap meals can be obtained /re«, but 
no lodgings. Supported by voluntary contributions and 
donations. Cared for 1,619 patients in the Hospital, 899 
destitute Italians and 1,535 immigrants last year. Receipts 
and expenditures, $5,883. Salvatore Cantoni, Pres., 49 
Wall St. ; Alessandro Oldrini, Cor. Sec'y, 179 Second Ave. ; 
P. Caponigri, Treas., 55^ Mulberry St. 

Italian Mission of the Protestant Episcopal Church, 

309 Mulberry St. (see Class IX., Div. 2). 

Jewish Immigrants' Protective Society of New York 

(1885), 124 Second Ave. For the relief and protection of 
Jewish immigrants. Controlled by Board of Directors, and 
supported by members* dues and voluntary contributions. 
Meets once a month at the various residences of the Direc- 
tors. Ferdinand Levy, Pres. ; S. Hailbloom, Sec'y. 



Foreignert' Oejieral Relief. ciAea iT;j™ 

Leo HoiiBe for German Catbollc iDimi^rants (tucorp. 
leeU), 6 State St. Receives mid protecls German Catliolic 
immigrant just, landed ; those with moans must pay board, 
but the needy are provided free. Supported by immi- 
grants' pay, donations and contributions from the SI. 
Raphael's Society. Accommodates 70 people. Conducied 
by the Sist«rs of the Holy Cross. Maintains a 

Chapel ; services conducted by Rev. Father Geyer, to 
whom apply for information. 

Lnthernn Emigrants' Uoase AHSOclatloii (incorp. 
1871), 26 State St. Maintains the E^grant Hod8B, in 
whicli emigranis of any nationality, who will comply with 
the rules of the House, are boardrf and lodged at nominii! 
prices for those able to pay ; others are cared for free until 
employment is found. E. C. KOrner, Pres.; Wm. Hauff, 
Sec'y. 41 Park Row ; W. A. Bchmitthenner, Treas.; Hev. 
Wm. Berkeraeier, Missionary ; Rev. A. B. Lilja, Swedish 
Missionary. Apply at the House. 

HEaaion of Our Lady of the Kosarj, 7 State St. For 
the protectiou and relief of immigrant girls. 3,000 cared 
for last year in the Home, Hev. M. Callaghan, Director. 

Norwegian Relief Society (org. 1888), now at cor. 
Fourtli Ave. and 4Sth St., Brooklyn (formerly at 44 East 
07th St). Maintains the Nobwkoia;! Deacdhebs Houb 
ASD Hospital, containing 80 beds, some of wliich are free 
according to the needs of applicants. Visitors admitted 
Saturdays from 3 to 5 p.m. Last year's receipts, |5,773; 
eKpenditures, $3,674. Helps needy Norwegians in pbysi' 
<ad and mental distress. Apply to the Supt. as above. 

RiiBslan Sliidenls' Aid Society (see Class in., Div. 4 

DIV. 1. t\)reig7iers* OenercU Relief, 111 

St. Andrew's Society of the State of New York 

(org. 1756, incorp. 1826), 287 East Broadway; for the re- 
lief of worthy distressed natives of Scotland and their de- 
scendants. Assisted 2,161 last year. Receipts, $4,366; 
expenditures, $4,472; permanent fund, $52,980. John 
Sloane, Pres.; George H. Watson, Sec'y; Alex. Laird, 
Treas. ; Gteorge Calder, Almoner and Gen'l Agent, to whom 
apply from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. 

St. Dayid's Society of the State of New York (org. 
1835, incorp. 1846). Meets 3d Monday in March, June, 
September and December, at 21 University Place. Assists 
needy Welsh people. Expenditures, about $485 per year. 
Rev. D. Parker Morgan, d.d. , Pres. ; John Thomas, Treas. ; 
Josiah D. Evans, Sec'y, 62 West 19th St. 

St. George's Society of New York (or§. 1786, incorp. 
1838), 7 Battery Place. Assists needy English residents of 
New York or vicinity by alms, advice or help to secure 
work. Special attention to destitute and helpless women 
and children. No tramps or recent immigrants relieved. 
F. W. J. Hurst, Pres.; Berkeley Mostyn, Sec*y; Thomas 
B. Bowring, Treas. Apply to Almoner, C. N. Crozier, 7 
Battery Place, from 9 to 4:30 p.m. 

St. Raphael's Society for the Protection of German 
Catholic Immigrants (org. 1883), 6 State St For pur- 
pose indicated in title. Rt. Rev. W. M. Wigger, d.d., 
Pres.; Rev. Father Geyer, Sec'y; Joseph Schaefer, Treas. 

Scandinavian Immigrants, aid to (see Emigrant Mis- 
sion Com. etc., this class and division, page 105). 

Society of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick (see 
Class XI., Div. 1). No longer gives outside general relief. 

Spanish Benevolent Society of New York (Sociedad 
EsPAl^crLA DE Beneficencia) (org. 1882), 140 Maiden 
Lane. Assists all needy persons, chiefly Spaniards, found 
worthy and recommended by the Committee on Benevo- 
lence. Has 120 members. Supported by voluntary contri- 
butions of the Spanish colony. 150 applicants aided last 
year. Receipts, $815; expenditures, $503. Cesdreo Vigil, 
Fres.; M. Campo, Sec'y, 140 Maiden Lane; Javier Egui- 
guren, Treas., 120 Maiden Lane. 

112 Ibreignera' General BeUtf, class iv. 

Swiss Benevolent Society of New York (org. 1851), 
108 Second Ave. Assists deserving indigent Swiss. Sup- 
ported by voluntary contributions and donations by the 
Swiss Confederation. 6,507 lodgings and 20,516 meals 
provided, and employment found for 97 persons last year. 
Receipts, $6,949; expenditures, $7,798; permanent fund, 
$36,682. Henry Escher, Pres.; Henry A. Alioth, Sec'y; 
Jules Racine, Treas. Maintains the 

Swiss Home; a temporary home with medical attendance 
for Swiss of both sexes who are without means. Henry 
Engelhardt, Supt. 

Toung Women's Home Society of the French Evan- 
gelical Church etc., 341 West 30th St. (see Class II., 
Div. 9). 

Permanent Relief of Distress. 

{Other than for Sick or Defective.) 

The Chftirity OrgMlutlon Society (see page 1) seeks to obtain, from 
the proper sources, suitable and adequate relief of the kinds named 
in the following Divisions, or to direct thereto. 

Division 1. — Homes for Children only. 
(See also Churches and Congregations.) 

Arthur's Home for Destitnt j Bojs (org. 1883, incorp. 
1889, as a ** Protestant Home "), Summit, N. J. A Prot. 
free home for orphans, half-orphans and destitute children 
whose parents or friends are unable to assist in supporting 
them, or who can pay only a small sum, from $3 to $6 a 
month. Legal surrender required only in special cases. 
Accommodates 40. Total number at present, 84, of whom 
11 are partially supported by their parents. Last year's re- 
ceipts, $1,436; expenditures, $1,372. Although in New 
Jersey, it receives children from New York, without dis- 
tinction of creed. Apply to Mrs. G. K. Holmes, Sec'y, 
Summit, N. J., or to Mr. Robert Tyler, 125 Lexington 
Ave., New York City. 

AsTlnm of St. Yincent de Paul (incorp. 1868), 215 West 
89th Bt. Under the auspices of the Church of St. Vincent 
de Paul. For the reception and education, secular and 
religious, of destitute and unprotected orphans, half- 
orphans and friendless children of both sexes from 4 years 
and upwards, preferably of French birth or parentage. 
Capacity for 250. Has a Fresh- Air fund for sending the 
children to the seaside in summer. Supported by volun- 
tary contributions and allowance from the city. Last year's 

itflMM wT tlw SWeni «f 91. 1 

» twate fey teakitte, hamdewpJ wyB fc m iB 

wwll M f ir aucfc diflibeB aa Hi^ he cH^^ttUI %«' 

(/iiUf;M iMvrfde forllMif MtppBd.aBi*Hid^i« 

Ifc fuju4t. (ran irtikli veBCDc ., 

dw£« of iIm Mxcra of fit. DonWe, w w 
Coovtwt, XXl Hacottd Si. Xntf -^ 

ItockUnd Co.. K, V, 

Oliurclw«t. I^}' the care of destUoie a . 
40. Anuunl rvceipU uid eipeodiiureB, aboia ^Mt. Her. 
A. \\. Wmpian. Pret.; Iter. A. B. Punk. SKr; O. T. 
fibihulU. Treat. 1 Hra. O. T. Bctmllz, SnpL. «N B^eltt 
Av«., tu wluHD applf . or lo llie Prea. 

UHW), ftewiKl A»e., C „ 
mm, miiIol«tuiice and cducalioa of orphuo &Dd tulf laiihia 
f<lllil4mi from 3Ui 14 yeare.iu^cordiDg tothed«aniie«CAc 
ICvwiiciitful) Luiheran Church. Capacilr. 85. Cndo-Aa 
lunin)! nf 13 Lutheran CongregatiouH of New Totk aad 
rfaifnit)'. Hu]>p<trlvd Ijj annual aubscriplioDS and da«a- 
lloni. I^wt ymr'M receipU. M.682: expendhuns, fMML 
Apply Ur Itev, E, Ikibm, Prei., 341 Ea«t I8tb Su 

Cklldrnn'M Aid ^ciety, 24 St. Marks Place (so 

ChlUr«n'tt Fold (org. 1&67, intorp. 1871), c 

Div. 1. Homes Jot Ghildren only, 115 

and Sighth Ave. Receives homeless children over 4 and 
Under 10 years of age, especially those recommended by the 
elergy.of the Prot. Epis. Church. The inmates are divided 
into 2 families; one of about 100 boys at 92d St.. and the 
other of about 70 girls at 155th St. Each family has its 
house-mother, and Miss E. Butler has general supervision 
of all and receives and discharges the children. Supported 
by voluntary contributions and city appropriations. Num- 
ber of children last year, 227, from 4 to 14 years of age, 
and all attend the public schools. Receipts, |2 1,072, 
of Tvhich $15,037 were from public funds; expenditures, 
$20,950. Rev. T. M. Peters, d.d., Pres., 225 West 99th 
St. ; W. H. Brown, Sec'y, 127 West 43d St.; James Pott, 
Treas., 14 Astor Place. Apply to any Prot. Epis. clergy- 
man, or at the Home as above daily, except Saturday and 
Sunday, from 9 to 10:30 a.m. 

Colored Orphan Asylnm and Association for the 
Benefit of Colored Children in the City of New York 
(incorp. 1838), West 143d St. and Boulevard. Receives 
orphans of both sexes between the ages of 2 and 10 years, 
and provides for them gratuitously, except those entrusted 
to the institution by a »|>arent or guardian, who must pay 
75 cents per week, with the privilege of withdrawing them 
at the age of 12. All children are instructed in home in- 
dustries and then indentured into families or trades at the 
same age. Accommodates 315. Supported by subscriptions 
and public school fund. 371 inmates last year. Receipts, 
1^40,513, of which $16,484 were from public funds; expen- 
ditures, $29,840. Destitute children should be committed 
by Police Justices of this city. Visiting days, Mondays to 
Fridays from 10 to 4 p.m. Mrs. Augustus Taber, 1st Di- 
rectress; Miss Elizabeth T. Wall, Sec'y; Mrs. Sarah G. 
Van Dusen, Treas., 61 West 86th St. ; M. K. Sherwin, Supt., 
to whom apply at the Asylum, or to the Treasurer. 

Day Nursery and Babies' Shelter (org. 1873, incorp. 
1881), 118 West 2l8t St. Under the auspices of the Church 
of the Holy Communion (which see under Prot. Epis. 
Churches). For homeless children not over 5 years and 
those whose parents are too poor, sick or overworked to 
care for them. Visitors received daily, except Sunday, from 
11 to 4 P.M. Cared for 30 inmates last year. Receipts, 


Soma for OMlArm ojdy. 

¥G,34T ; expenditures, (4,203: permanent fund, $13,000,1 
Mra. H. L. Roosevelt. Pres. ; Wm. lonea, Sec'y: Miss Alioofl 
Pine. Treaa , 81 West 10th St. : Miss E. J. Hali, Mjjtron. \ 
Maintains a 

Summer Home at North Long Branch, N. J., during] 
July, August and September. 

Dominican Cuuvent of Oar Lady Af the Rosary (in- 
Corp. ISiJO), 339 East 63d St. For religious, charitable, • ' 
educational and reformsitory purposes. 8t. Aonks Coit-< | 
VENT, SparkiU. N, Y., is a branch of the above. Caresfor, , 
and trains destitute girls from 3^ to 14 years of age, ci. . 
milted bya magistrate or otberwise. Capacity. 500. Last 
year's receipts, ^80 558, of which $53,637 were from public 1 
lunds; expenditures, $60,360. Apply to the Superioress, 
Mother Mury Dominic, at the Convent. 

El^lith Ward Mission (org. 18TT), 1 Charlton St. (for- 
merly at 9 Ludlow Place). Maintains a Hohb, where it, J 
cares for and educates orphuu buys too old to be retained . j 
in institutions and unable to support themselves. Secular J 
and religious instruction given. Supported by voluntary ' 
contributions. Last year's receipts^ $3,206: expenditures, , 
$3,339. W. Bayard Cutting, Cliairftian of Advisory Com- 
mittee ; John Croiier, Bec'y ; B. Fulton Cutting, Treas,, 
33 Nassau St. ; Mrs. M. Laidlaw, Supt., as above, to whom \ 
apply. Maintains an 

Ihdobtbiai. Scnixii, for poor girls from 8 to 15 years of ' 
age. Open every Saturday from October to May, from 3 
to 4 P.M. Over 75 in attendunce. Also the 

Brows Memorial Home, Sing Sing, N. ¥., where the' 
boys spend the summer. 

German Odd-Fellows* Home Attsocial Ion of the State 
of New York, 87 Second Ave. An Oui'hanagb is being 
erected near to the Hout: for TirB Aobd and Infirm, at 
Unionport. N. Y., to be ready for occupancy early in 1893 
(seeCtaaaXL, Div, 1). 

Hebrew Benerolent and Orphan Asylnm Society of 
the City of New York (iucorp. 1833 as Hebrew Bene- 
volent Society of the City of New Yorii; re-incorp. '* "_ 
Amsterdam ;Tentb) Ave. and 136th St. Is a constitueoi 

ew iiene- ^^h 

Tp- I860), ^^H 
mstitueol ,^^H 

DiV. 1. Homes for Children only, 117 

of the United Hebrew Charities. Maintains an asylum for 
the support, education and industrial training of Hebrew 
orphans and half -orphans of both sexes. Capacity, 572. 
Present number, 570. Supported by voluntary contribu- 
tions and city funds. Last year's receipts, $150,260, of 
which $64,206 were from public funds ; expenditures, 
$140,509. Guardians must apply for admission to Board 
of Governors at the Asylum. Jesse Seligman, Pres. ; Myer 
Stern, Sec'y; A. Wolff, Treas.; Rev. Dr. H. Baar, Supt. 

Hebrew Sheltering Gnardian Society of New York 

(Orphan Asylum), Eleventh Ave. and 151st St. (see Class 
VIII., Div. 3). 

Holy Angrels Orphan Asylum of the Salesian Sisters 
of the Sacred Heart, formerly at 43 East 59th St. , is now 
at West Park on-the-Hudson, where destitute Italian chil- 
dren and orphans are received from New York City. Apply 
to the Sister-Superior. 

House of 'Refngre of Society for the Reformation of 
Juvenile Delinquents, Randairs Island (see Class YIII., 
Div. 3). 

House of St. Gilel^ the Cripple, 422 De Graw St., 
Brooklyn (see Class VI., Div. 2). 

Institution of Mercy (org. 1848, incorp. 1854), N. E. 
cor. 81st St. and Madison Ave. Under the charge of the 
Sisters of Mercy. Supported by voluntary contributions, 
and allowance from city for children committed by Judges. 
Last fiscal year's receipts, $64,331, and in 1890 received 
176,197 from public funds; expenditures last fiscal year, 
$59,439. Sister Mary Bonaventure, Mother-Superior. 
Maintains the following at the same address : 

House of Mercy (not to be confounded with the House 
OP Mercy, Prot. Epis., for fallen women, which see, Class 
VIII., Div. 2); for the care and protection of destitute 
women and young girls of good character ; trains them to 
useful pursuits, and secures employment. 119 sheltered 
last year. 

St. Joseph's Industrial Home for Destitute Chil- 
dren (1868), at the same place ; for the protection and edu- 
cation of destitute young girls of good character ; also for 

Bojneg for Children only. 

St. Joseph's BiiANcn Homb; for Destitute Cril- — 
DRKN, at Balmviile, near Newburg. N. Y,; for Ijoys onlr" - 
Capacity, 260. 

St. Joseph's Ibtikmabt, 82d St. and Park Ave.; for in.— 
mates of the House of Mercy only. 

The Sisters also visit, relieve and instruct t.lie sick and 
dying poor in tbeir own homes, and in hospitals, prisons 
and city instltutinus, including Bellcvue Hospital and 
the various institutions on tlie Islands. About 2,000 re- 
lieved and helped during the last twelve moDlhs. 

Ladles' Deborah Nurser; and Child's Protectory 
(ineorp 1878). Male Dcp't, 95 to 103 East Broadway and 
83 Henry St.; Female Dep't, East IGSd St., near Eagle 
Ave. Receives, cares for and educates poor and destitule 
Hebrew children, from 9 to 14 years of age and committed 
by legal authority, who are iustruuted in trades and house- 
hold duties till able to support themselves. Food and shel- 
ter are also given to such other children as the Society may 
deem proper. Former inmates tared for when out of em- 
ployment. Capacity, 350. Average number committed 
aimually, 378. Supported by voluntary contributions and 
city appropriations. Last year's receipts, 843,683, of which 
939.295 were from public funds; expenditures. {45.002, 
Morris Aleiander, Pres.; M. J. Lichtenberg, Sec'y : "" 

L apply 

B., adjoining St. Vincent's Academy, on northern boundary 
lineof New York City. A free home for full orphans in 
destitute circumstances between the ages of 3 and 19. 
Must be physically and mentally sound. Indentured or re- 
turned to relatives at age of 14.' Unsfictarian. and receives 
children of any nationality. Disorderly children not ad 
mitted. Capacity, aOO. Supported by interest ou endow- 
ment fund and public sciiool fund. Received |938 from 

I>rv. 1. Somes for Children oidy, 119 

public funds last year. Rev. Morgan Dix, D.D,, Pres. of 
feoard of Trustees ; John M, Knox, Treas. ; Rev. R. M. 
Hayden, Supt., to whom apply, o;* to any officer ot 

Masonic Home and Asylnm (for Indigent Masons, 
tlieir Widows and Orphans, of New York City) is being 
erected in Utica, N. Y., and is expected to be ready for 
occupancy early in the spring of 1892. For further in- 
formation apply to F. J. MiUigan, Sec'y of Trustees, 
Masonic Temple, 23d St. and Sixth Ave. 

Messiah Home for Little Children (org. 1885, incorp. 
1889), 4 Rutherford Place, near East 16th St. (Formerly 
the Messiah Day Nursery.) Under the auspices of the 
Church of the Messiah (which see under Unitarian Churches). 
Provides a home for children of working mothers, or who 
are orphans, and an emergency shelter for those temporarily 
homeless, and educates those committed permanently to 
the Home to become self-supporting. Board in proportion 
to wages received by parents. Home life is made the 
special feature. No child admitted under 2 years or over 
10. Capacity for 85. Visiting day, Thursday from 8 to 8 
P.M. Supported by subscriptions and voluntary contri- 
butions. 60 admissions last year. Receipts, $5,760 ; ex- 
penditures, $5,718. Mrs, A. Pullman, Pres , Buckingham 
Hotel; Mrs. G. L. Mason, Sec'y, 84 West 86th St.; Miss 
Helena Flint, Treas., 109 East 89th St. ; Dr. E. S. Brown, 
Physician. Apply to Committee on Admissions, Tuesdays 
from 10 to 11 A.M. 

Mission of the Immaculate Yir^in for the Protec- 
tion of Homeless and Destitute Children (incorp. 1870), 
N.E. cor. of Lafayette Place and Great Jones St. Is both 
a temporary and permanent home for destitute boys not 
over 16 years of age, without distinction ; giving secular 
and religious education, and teaching habits of industry and 
self-reliance. Gives meals and lodgings at $2 a week to 
newsboys, bootblacks and other working boys able to pay; 
it also furnishes, in extreme cases, free meals and lodg- 
ing to destitute boys, and sometimes clothing. Received 
$188,815 from public funds last year. Apply at any time 

> Snnafor OUldrea only, class y.J 

at the Mission. Rev. 5aa. 3. I>oug)iert7, Utreclor. Undd 
the title of ■ • -i 

St. Vincknt's Rbi.ief, it yisita the adult poor and s___ 
and relieveB them in their boiiiea, and gives meals to sucb 
at the MlsaiOD. 

The Mission maiutalDS also a 

Country Branch at "Mt. Loretto," Pleasant Plains J 
Staten Island, and an 

Employment Bueeatt for young men and 

Missionary Slaters, Third Order of St, Francis (org. \ 
1879). Maintains the 

St. Joseph's Home for Destitute Children, Pedes- 
l(i!l, Westchesler Co.; House of Reception, 148 West 
Slat St. For the reception of destituteand orpliau children 
of both seres ia New York City. Vicious children not ad- 
mitted. Uirls are received at 2 years and remain until 14. 
Boys' term from 3 to 10 years of age, but when advisable 
the term is extended. New York City pays $2 per week 
for each child committed by the Court. Accommodates 
1,200. 1,OSO inmates at present. Supported by voluntary 
contributions and children's board. Last year's receipts, 
$123,439, of which $85,450 were from city funds, and 116- 
493 were from Ulster and Westchester Counties; expendl- 
tutea, 1115,893. Sister M. Marguerite, Sec'y. Apply to 
any of the Police Justices of the city. 

N. T. Catholic Protectory, Westchester (see 01 

vm., Div. 3). 

New York Foiindliug' Hospital, formerly Fonnd ling 1 
Asylnm of the Sisters of Charity In the Clly of New 
York (ineorp. 1889 : title changed by special order from 
Supreme Court, 1891}, 175 East 68th St., near Lexington 
Ave. Cares primarily for foundliuga and abandoned chil- 
dren bom in this city. Mothers who are willing to act as 
nurses are received with the infants. Prom 600 to 600 
children provided for in the Asylum. About 1,100 othen 
are ministered to and cared for by nurses of the Out-Door 
Department at their own homes. Children are also placed 


* * 

DlV. 1. Mofnei for Children ordy. l21 

receipts, $282,613, of which $260,157 were from public 
funds; expenditures, |282,403, of which upwards of f 140,- 
000 was paid to the Nursbs of the Out- Door Department, 
who are respectable women with families, and who use the 
money principally in payment of rent. Visitors are re- 
ceived 1st Tuesday of each month from 2 to 4 p.m. Sister 
Mary Irene, Directress ; Sister Theresa Vincent, Sec'y ; 
John O'Brien, Treas., 58 Wall St. Apply at the Asylum 
at any hour of the day. Maintains the following at the 
same address: 

Childbed's Hospital; for the sick of the Asylum. 

Matkbnity Hospital ; destitute or tempted married 
women are received; unmarried women, pregnant for the 
first time, are sheltered ; and strangers, who can afford to 
pay, but do not wish to remain at a hotel or boarding-house 
during confinement, may be cared for. The charge for the 
latter class varies from $6 to $25 a week for board, and $40 
to $60 reception fee. Patients in the wards pay $3 per 
week, and $25 reception fee ; these must remain for at 
least three months as wet-nurses. . . Also, 

St. John's Day Nursery and Kindergarten (which 
see, Class H., Div. 12). 

New York Infant Asylum (incorp. 1865), Amsterdam 
(Tenth) Ave. and 61st St. For the protection and care of 
unmarried women (not courtesans) pregnapt for the first 
time; for needy mothers and their infants; for foundlings 
and other needy children 2 years of age and under, without 
regard to race, creed or color. Also takes young girls to 
board during confinement at $5 a week. Accommodates 
140. Numfo of inmates last year, 1,875. Receipts, 
$100,945, of which $97,988 were from public funds; expen- 
ditures, $99,342. Henry Knickerbacker, Pres.; A. S. Hatch, 
Sec'y ; C. A. Postley, Treas.; V. M. Da vies, m.d., Resi- 
dent Physician; Mrs. Margaret E. Ennever, Matron, to 
whom apply at the Asylum. Maintains a 

Country Home and Nursery, at Mt. Vernon, West- 
chester Co. Accommodates 125 women and 350 children. 
Chas. G. Kerley, m.d.. Resident Physician. 

New York Juvenile Asylnm, 176th St. and Amsterdam 
Ave. (see Class VIII., Div. 3). 


OrphftnaffeofthpChnrchof theHolj Trinity of . 

City of N«w ¥«rk (org, 1871, incorp. laSS), Prot. Epia. , 
400 East SOth St. A home for needy orphan and half- 
orplian girls, even if not previously connected with the 
parish, where they are provided for and educated at the 
public schools until 15 years old, when homes are found for 
them or Ihey are returned to friends. Capacity, 18. Sup- 

a Armide D. Smith. Sec'j,' 

Orplian Afiylnm Society fnlheCIty of New York (in- 
corp. 1807), ItiTeraide Drive aod West T3d St. Maintaint 
an asylum for destitute orphans of both sexes from 18 
months to 10 years of age, and for half-orphans when the 
survivioK parent is destitute or disqualified. When 13 
years old, Ihey are sent to Protestant homes, where they 
are placed by indenture for six years. TliMe with conta- 
gious diseases excluded. Admiaaion free. Capacity for 
350, Visiting daya, Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. 
Supported by subscriptions, donations, invested fund and 
public school fund. 242 inmates last year. Receipts, 
^1,009, of which $1,595 were from public funds; espeO' 
diturea, ISO.SBO. Mrs. Jonathan Odell. 1st Birectreas, S 
West 87th St.; Mrs. J. G. Smedberg. Financial SecV, BJ 
West 73d St.; Miss Pauline de Lentilhon. Sec'y, Hew 
Brighton, S. I.; Miss Janet T. Sherman. Treas., at th» 
Asylum; Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Demorest, Supta. AppUcar 
ttons for admissions must be made Co tiie Executive Com> 
mittee, Tliursdays from 10 to 12 m„ at 29 East 29th St. 



49lh St., bet. Fourtli and Lexington Aves. Receives o 
phons and half-orphans from 3 lo 8 years of age. Capacity 
for ISO. Children with incurable diseases or physically 
irnperfect are not received. The smaller children are 
moved to the Summer Home during tile warm months, and 
the older ones aent in detachments for 2 and 8 weeks' 

l>rv. 1. Simes for Children only, 123 

visit. Supported by voluntary contributions and legacies. 
Last year's receipts, $28,844; expenditures, $26,54*2; per- 
manent fund, $212,390. Mrs. Beekman de Peyster, 1st Di- 
rectress, 465 West 23d St. ; Miss Ann H. Laight, Sec'y, 33 
Park Ave.; Mrs. E. A. Packer, Treas., 51 West 49th St.; 
James R. Learning, m.d.. Medical Director. Apply to the 
Committee for Receiving and Dismissing Children, at the 
Home, on Fridays from 12 to 2. 

Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum (org. 1825, incorp. 
1852), 461 Madison Ave., cor. 51st St. Maintains two asy- 
lums under one management, in which orphan and half or- 
phan children between 4 and 9 years of age are received. 
Application for admission is made in writing to the Com- 
mittee on Admission and Binding, by the clergy of the 
different parishes, on or before the Saturday previous to 
second and fourth Wednesday of each month, at the Asy- 
lum office at 5 p.m. Regular office hours, 9 to 5 p.m. 
Supported by voluntary contributions and public school 
fund. Last year's receipts, $122,939, of which $7,416 were 
from public funds ; expenditures, $96,985. Most Rev. 
Archbishop Corrigan, d.d., Pres. ; Francis Higgins, Sec'y; 
J. C. McCarthy, Treas. The Asylums are as follows: 

Male Orphan Asylum, Fifth Ave., bet. 51st and 52d 
Sts. 420 inmates last year. 

Female Orphan Asylum, Madison Ave., bet. 51st and 
52d Sts. 422 inmates last year. 

St. Agatha's Home for Children (incorp. 1885). Recep- 
tion House, 209 West 15th St. For the care, maintenance 
and education of orphan and other children, fitting them 
for some useful trade or business. Received $18,864 from 
public funds last year. In charge of Sisters of Charity. 
Has a 

Country Branch at Nanuet, Rockland Co., N. Y. 

St. Ann's Home for Destitute Children (incorp. 1879), 
Avenue A, cor. East 90th St. Cares for and educates 
orphans and destitute children of 3 years and upwards, en- 
trusted to it by parents and guardians, or committed by the 
authorities. 267 inmates. Received $21,508 from public 
funds last year. In charge of the Sisters of the Good 
Shepherd (Roman Catholic). Sister Mary Eudes, Sec'y. 


134 Momee for Children only. c 

St. Benedict's Home for Colored Children, Rye, 

Westchester Co. Houhk op Reception, 120 Macdougal 
St. For the reacue, relief, ::are and education of destiluta 
colored children of both sexes. Accommodates 300. Sup- ' 
ported entirely by voluntary ointribu Lions. Under the ■ 
care of the Dominican Sistcra. Rev. John E. Burke, Pas- U 
tor, 120 Macdougal St., to whom apply. i 

St. Christopher's Home (org. 1893, Incorp. 1885), 
Riverside ive.. coi'. llSth St., and at Ingleaide, Bobb'a 
Perrj. N. Y. A Home under the patronage of the Meth. 
Epis. Church for the reception, care and education of Pro- 
testant destitute and orphan children between 2 and 10 
years of age. Legal surrender required. The children J 
are taught housework and useful occupations with special I 
reference to self-support. Children over 10 years and under 1 
3 are admitted in special cases. Free to those whose pa- n 
rents or friends are unable lo pay. Cdpacity, 100. Sup- 
ported hy voluntary contrihutiona. I^ast year's receipte, 
|e,T29; expenditures, |5,S83. Visiting days, 1st Thursday 
of each mouth from 2 to 5 p.m. Mrs. J. A. Kennedy, 
Pros.; Miss W. R. Lewis. Cor. Sec'y. Room 810, 84 Nassau 
St.; Mrs. J. B, Cornell. Treas- 247 Fifth Ave. Apply U 
the Matron at the Home nt any time. 

SL Elizabeth's Inilnstrial School (org. 1885, incorp. 
1891), 235 East 14th St. To receive, instruct and take 1 
charge of destitute female children committed hy a 
trate, and to teach them useful trades. Apply lo Jiiit 
Theresa Lambert. Directress, as above. 

St. James' Home (org. 1879). 31 Oliver and S6 James 
Sts. For homeless and destitute girls committed by the . 
magistrates in the City of New York, who there receive 
industrial training till able to support themselves. Capa- 
city, 100. IZB inmates last year. Reoeived from city funds 
tlO,B79. Under charge of Sisters of Charity of St. Vin- 
cent de Paul, to whom apply. 

Society of St. Johnland (incorp. 1870). Ring's Park. 
Suffolk Co., L. I, Provides cheap homes for working 
families, combined with social, moral and religious pri- 
vileges. Maintains a Home for Aged Men, especially oom- 
municauts of the Prot. Epia. Church recommended oy the 

Div. 1. Homes for Children only. 125 

parishes to which they belong. Receives friendless chil- 
dren and youth, especiaxly cripples, giving them school- 
ing, Christian training, and teaching them some trade or 
occupation by which to earn a livelihood. 189 beneficiaries 
last year. No distinction as to creed. Payment required 
as follows : $150 a year for an old man ; $125 a year sup- 
ports a destitute child, or $100 if the clothing be furnished 
by friends Orphan girls admitted free of all charges. 
Boys not admitted over 11 years. Persons with epilepsy, 
contagious disease, or chronic disease requiring medical 
care and nursing, not admitted. Under the auspices of the 
Prot. Epis. Church. Supported by voluntary contribu- 
tions, income from endowments and payment from rela- 
tives. Last year's receipts, $iO, 188; expenditures, $19,990. 
Henry A. Oakley, Pres.; John A. McKim, Secy; Edward 
Schell, Treas., 644 Broadway; George D. White, Supt. 
and Asst. Treas., to whom* applicants must apply person- 
ally in Calvary Chapel, 230 East 23d St., Thursdays, from 
10 to 12 M. Maintains the 

Church Industrial Community of St. Johnland, 
Suffolk Co. , L. I. Reached by the Port Jefferson branch 
of the Long Island R. R. from L. 1. City. A village of 
over 30 buildings and a population varying from '^00 to 250. 

St. Joseph's Orphan Asylnm in the City of New 
York (org. 1858, incorp. 1859), 89th St. and Ave. A. Sup- 
ports and educates poor orphans, half-orphans and home- 
less and neglected children, especially those of German 
origin. Children admitted at any age, and kept until able 
to support themselves, or until 16 years old. Capacity for 
750. Supported by voluntary contributions and city funds. 
Last year's receipts, $64,503, of which $57,168 were city 
funds; expenditures, $6*^,903. In charge of the Sisters of 
Notre Dame. Apply to the Committee on Admission on the 
1st and 3d Mondays of each month, through Conrad Strass- 
burger, Sec'y, 185 East Third St., or to the Sister- Superior. 
Has a 

Branch Institution at Throgg's Neck, Westchester 

St. Yincent de Panics Industrial School (incorp. 1865), 
346 West 43d St. For girls of 14 years and upward, 



charee of tbe SMen of Clumtj of ML Si. ^ 
K. Helene. Supr., to wbom applf. 

KctIIIs Bone for Girls, for nrhich prorisNa ms nwde 
in the will of Jose Seritia, Lima. Peru, who died Febmair, 
1>WT, Ikw not yet IjecD put ia nperalion. the beqoest being 
in l<ii;;BtinD. Wh^n instituled. to be under the cbai^ iS 
a Cnmmillee, of whicti Messrs. August Belmont, Wm. B. 
Grace. Wm U. 'Jsborn, HeDiyBud^e, havebeeoaomiiiated 
lu muml>cni. 

f!thelt«r]li; Armit (iocorp. ISM). Amsterdam (Tenth) 
Avti. and IJOtb St. For the care of homeless aud destitute 
childroii. from S to 13 years of age, for wbom no olber in- 
Mtltiitiun pniv ides —such nstbebtlDd and deaf and dtimb 
lite,— until [hey nrc old enough to enter other iustitulioDS ; 
crippled cliiliircn, incurable; and children who are des^ied 
or toinporrirlly liDuielcss. Children received for l«inponuy 
Imurd wlicm pnrintia arc able to pay. Whole orphans and 
InfntiU not received. Children are not surrendered to the 
trwtltutlon. but are held subject to the order of parents or 
rolatlvM. TI1U7 attend public school and are trained to 
iiOURnhulrl anil otiier work, Accommodates 190. Visit- 
ing day, BatTirrtay. Supported by voluntary contributions, 
Income of cnilnwmont and inmates' board. Lost year's re- 
ccliitu, (Hn,4n7; nxi>endimre8,, permanent fund, 
fm.Qtm. Itev- T, M, Petere, d.d., Pres.; Herman C. Von 
['nut, Soc'y, -i IlnwIlnK Green ; Chaa. W. Maury. Treu., 
0114 Wi'Ht UdlU 81.; MissS. B. Richmond, Supt., to whom 
apply 111 tim Institution at any lime. 

Hheplinril'ti Fold of the ProteBtant Episcopal Chnrcl 
In tho SUle of New York (incorp. 180--). 93d 81. ar 
lSI)(litli Ave. To receive and adopt orphan, half -orphan ■__ 
other frlendlexs children aud yuuths of both sexes between 
1 and IS years old, to keep, support, educate and place out 
tonervico. Also, receives children of poor clergymen when 
deemed eligible. AcciimroodateB 50. Under the same 
mnanRomcnt and in same building as the " Children's 
Fold ■' (which soo. Claw v.. Div. I). Received $5,000 from 
imbllo funds lost year. Rev. T. M. Peters, d.d.. Pro.; 


Div. 1. Hamea for Children only. 127 

Geo. C. Kobb6, Sec'y; Herman C. Schwab, Treas.; Miss 
E. Butler, Supt. Apply through any Prot. Epis. clergy- 
man, or at the Home, as above, between 9 and 10:80 a.m. 
daily, except Saturday and SundayC 

Sisterhood of the Good Shepherd of the Protestant 
Episcopal Church in the Diocese of New York (org. 
1869, incorp. 1871). The Community maintain the 

Sisters* House and Home and Training Scdool for 
Children, 419 West 19th St.; to provide for and train to 
usefulness destitute children, and to visit and assist the 
outcast and the worthy poor in their own homes. Supported 
chiefly by voluntary contributions. Rev. T. Gallaudet, 
D.D., Pastor in charge, 9 West 18th St.; Wm. Alexander 
Smith, Treas. , 70 Broadway. Apply to Sister Adelia, Sister 
in charge. 

House op the Good Shepherd (org. 1889), Asbury Park, 
N. J. Poor women and children from New York are re- 
ceived for one or two weeks during the summer. Accom- 
modates 80. 340 provided for last summer. 

The Sisters also work in several parishes of this city, and 
visit in hospitals and prisons. 

^ Society for the Relief of Destitute Children of Sea- 
men (org. 1846, incorp. 1851). Supported by voluntary 
contributions and interest on fund. Last year's receipts, 
$9,459; expenditures, $11,554. Mrs. N. Marsh, 1st Direct- 
ress, Clifton, S. I.; Miss H. E. Bogert, Sec'y, New Brigh- 
ton, S. I.; Mrs. G. E. Irving, Treis., 108 Water St. Main- 
tains the 

HoscE FOR Skamen's CHILDREN, West Ncw Brighton, 
S. I. ; for the relief and protection of destitute children of 
seamen in the city of New York and its vicinity, where 
they receive secular and religious instruction and training 
in habits of industry. Children admitted between 2 and 10 
years old; and at 13 or 14, if not claimed by friends or 
guardians, are placed at service in families. Capacity for 
130. Parents able to do so are expected to pay for each 
child's board 50 cents a week; none received for less than 
one year. Visitors welcome any day. Apply to the Board 
of Managers through the Matron, Miss A, M. Drew. 

Hornet for Children only. 

Society for tbe Reliof of Hulf-Orphan and Destl- 
tate Childreu iu tbe CltyofNen York (org. 1835, ia- 
corp. 1837). Maintaiiia ihc 

pROTEBTANT Halp ORPHAN AaTLPMat Manhattan Ave. , 
lietween 104th and 105tli 8t3. Receives Protestant children 
lictween 4 and 10 years of age, of botb sexes, of class indi- 
cated in title. Board, $i per month; must be paid in ad- 
vance. No child received for legs than one year. Capacitf 
for 220. Present number, 194. Visitors admitted flrst 
Thursday oF eaeli month, from 1 to 3:30 p.m. between 
November and May, and from 1 to 4 p.m. during the rest 
of the year. Supported by pupils' board, voluntary con- 
tributions and public school fund. Received |l,6Wl last 
year from public funds Mrs. George D. Phelps, 1st Di- 
rectress; Mrs. John L, Sutherland, Sec'y, 17 West STth 
St.; Miss Martha H.. Campbell. Treas.. 4 East 16tli St. 
Apply to Executive Committee at the Asylum by parent, 
if any, on Wednesdays from 11 to 13 m. 

Society nf St. Hartha (org. 1681, iacorp. 
We8t32dSt. For the protection and training of children 
and young girla. Rev. Arthur Ritchie, Pres.; J. Fisher 
Reese, Sec'y; Mother Elizabeth, Treas. In charge of Sis- 
ters of St. Joseph of Nazareth, who there maintain an 

IiTDUBTRiAL SCHOOL AND HoMB; children and young ^ 

S'rla, from 12 to 18 yeara, of good clinractcr are received 
T not less than three years, and are educated, and are 
taught housework, conking, sowing and embroidery; the 
object of the Society beieg, not to train servants, but to fit 
the girls to be able to talte care of their own liome^ on ex- 
piration of theu stay. Intended for respectable but not 
the loaett classes. Free, hut parents are expected to pay 
f 60 a year for clothing of child. Apply to the " 
Mother, as above. 


Ml. Vernon, Westchester Co. Maintained by the Evan- 
gelical Lutheran churches in the State of Ncvr York, for 
the care and education of orphans. Half-orphans received 

DiY. 2. Homes far Adults only, 129 

only in especially urgent cases. Legal and absolute sur- 
render required. Reives gratuitously children of both 
sexes, between 4 and 10 ^rears of age, without distinction 
as to nationality or religion. One- fifth mav be half- or- 
phans. Accommodations for 125. Last year% receipts and 
expenditures, about $17,000. Rev. G. C. Berkemeier, Di- 
rector, to whom apply by mail as above. 

Westchester Temporary Home for Destitute Chil- 
dren (incorp. 1880), North St., White Plains, K Y., 
2 miles from station of the Harlem R. R. Primarily for 
destitute children from Westchester Co. when legally com- 
mitted to its charge; but receives also children from New 
York City, temporarily, to board at $2.11 a week, covering 
all expenses of clothing, education, medical attendance etc. 
Parents and guardians may visit the 3d Tuesday of each 
month from 1:80 to 8:80 p.m. Chas. Butler, Pres., Scars- 
dale; Richard M. Hoe, Secy; Mrs. R. M. Hoe, Treas., 
L^ngton-on-Hudson. Address Jas. W. Pierce, Superin- 
tendent, at the Home. 

Division 2.— Homes for Adults on 

(See also Churches and CongregatioDS.) 

Almshouse of Dkpt. Pub. Chab. and Cob., Black- 
well's Island (see Class I., Div. 1). 

An Association for the Relief of Respectable, Aged, 
Indigent Females in the City of New York (incorp. 
1815), 104th St. and Amsterdam Ave. Maintains a home 
for gentlewomen of the class indicated in the title. Appli- 
cants must be 60 years old or more, and have satisfactory 
testimonials as to character and conduct. Those admitted 
pay $200 entrance fee, and make over to the Association all 
their real and personal property, which at their death re- 
verts to the Association. None received who have lived 
as servants. Accommodates 89. The Home has 120 out- 
side pensioners. Visitors admitted daily, except Sunday. 
Supported by subscriptions and interest on permanent fund. 
Last year's receipts, $51,910; expenditures, $56,241. Mrs. 
S. A. Church, 1st Directress; B. F. Dunning, Treas. ; Miss 
K. 8. Harriman, Cor. Sec'y, 46 West 26th St. ; Miss Mary 

180 Somes for Adults only. ciu^ss T., 

G. Janeway. Rec. Sec'y, 36 Weat 40th St. Apply to the 
Committee for Receiving Applications, on the M Thursday 
of each month, at 11 a.u. at the Home. 

Baptist Home Society of the City of New York (in- 
corp. 1669) (formerly the "Ladies' Home Society of the 
Baptist Churches of the City qf New York " \ title changed 
April, 1886), 68th St., between Park and Lesington Aves. 
Maintains the 

Baptibt Home fob Aged and Ihfirm Fkbsons, in 
which to provide aged, infirm or destitute members of 
Baptist churches with board, clotliing, medical attendance 
and religious privileges. At their death a respectable 
burial is given. Applicants must have been members in 

SDOd standing of a Baptist church in New York City for 
le preceding five years, and be recommended by the 
church to which they belong. An entrance fee of $100 is 
required, save in exceptional cases, and a Intnsfci of all 
property to the Home. Capacity for 8B inmates, No 
colored persons received. Apply to any Manager, or t-o 
the Committee on Admissions, Supported by voluntary 
contributions, entrance fees etc. Last year's receipts. $15,- 
295; expenditures, |14,439. Mrs. T. R, Butler. 1st Direct- 
ress, 433 Fifth Ave,; Mrs, H. T. Hanks, Sec'y; Mrs. Lu- 
cius H, Niles, Treas,, 9 East Q6th St.; Miss Cynthia A. 
Spencer, Matron. 

Baptist Hliilstera* Home Society of New York (in- 
corp, 1883), 3020 Vyse St.. West Farms. To provide for 
aged and infir m Baptist tninisters and missionariea, their 
wives, widows and orphans, either by their entire mainte- 
nance at the Home or by their partial support elsewhere. 
Supported by voluntary contributions. Last year's receipts, 
$5,043 ; expendilnrea, $5,029. Rev, W. C. Bitting. Pres., 
27 East 127th St.; Eev. G. W, Nicholson, Sec'y ; Wm. H. 
Palmer, Treas., 13 Broadway; Rev, N, W, Miner, n.i 
Cor. Sec'y. Financial Agent and Supt., West fSp 
Maintains the 

Baptist MniiHTEBs' Home, Weat Farms. About 4S , 
beneficiaries at present. Restricted to New York, Coiv- J 
nectlcut and New Jersey. Admlseion fee, $100 for ai 
ttd>llti or f lOQ for man and wife, who must surrepd^r |^ 

Dnr. 3. ffmneg for Adults tnUy. 181 

title to property to the Board of Trustees. Applicants 
must have served actively 10 years in the Baptist ministry, 
or be the widows of such, and missionaries must have been 
disabled while in actual service. The Home also boards at 
reasonable prices Baptist ministers temporarily disabled. 
Apply to the Committee on Applications at the Home. 

Chapin Home for the Aged and Infirm (incorp. 1869), 
151 East 66th St. For worthy aged and infirm men and 
women, except colored, in reduced circumstances, irrespec^ 
tive of cr^. Applicants must not be less than 65 years of 
age and residents of New York City. An admission fee of 
$300, a physician's examination fee of $5 and a burial fee 
of $50 are required, and all property must be surrendered 
to the Home. Applicants excluded whose mental condi- 
tion is affected. Accommodates 65. Persons occasionally 
received as boarders at $5 per week. Supported by volun- 
tary contributions and admission fees. Last year's receipts, 
$14,442 ; expenditures, $15,804 ; invested funds, $61,814. 
Mrs. C. H. De Lamater, Pres.; Mrs. E. T. Sherman, Cor. 
Sec'y. 114 West 44th St.; Mrs. Sarah E. Youmans, Treas.. 
180 West 59th St. ; Mrs. R. A. Macdonald, Matron. Apply 
to the Committee on Applications, through the Matron, be- 
fore 2d Wednesday of each month. 

Colored Home and Hospital of the City of New York 

(org. 1889, incorp. 1845), 65th St. and First Ave. A home 
for aged and indigent colored persons and for incurables ; 
also a Hospital for general diseases, and a Lying-in Hospi- 
tal. The Department of Public Charities and Correction 
places in the institution, and provides for their support 
therein, adult destitute, infirm, sick, incurable colored per- 
sons of both sexes and also colored lying-in cases. Resi- 
dents of the city unable to pay board must apply for per- 
mit to Department of Public Charities and Correction, 66 
Third Ave. Those able to pay, and all non-residents, must 
pay quarterly in advance, with security. All admissions 
subject to approval of Supt. , to whom apply. Accommo- 
dates 300. Visiting days, Tuesdays and Fridays from 2 to 
5 P.M. Supported by pay of patients, voluntary contribu- 
tions and interest on fund. 729 inmates last year. Re- 
ceipts, $68,555, of which $19,717 were from public funds ; 
expenditure, f 64,697 ; permanent fund, about $70,000 

Soma far Adult* only, cusa v., 

MiBS Mary W. Booth, Ist Directresa ; Mrs. Everett Herriok. 
Sec'y, 138 Madison Ave.; Mrs. Jamea B. Colgate, Treas.; 
Thomas W. Bickerton. m.d., SuperinleDding Physician. 

Oallandet Home for A^ed and Inflrm Dear-Mates 
of the Chnrch Hissioa, 33 Cannon St., Poughkeepeie, 
N. Y. (sec CliissVII., Div. 1). 

Gprmao Ha.sonic Home of the Oennan IHasonic 
Temple Assoclatloa of Nen York, 330 East 15tti St. 
Home (opened 18fl91 al Tappan, N. T., reached by West 
Shore R, R. For aged German Masons of New York City, 
Ihelr widows and orphans. Ifl inmates at present. Last 

S»r'3 receipts. 111,577; expenditures. |I0,387. Jacob 
idt, Pres.; Albert "Wagner, Sec'y. 542 East 88th St, 
Apply at 230 East I5th St. 

Home for Ai;ed and InfLrm Hebrews of New York 

(org. 1848. incorp, 1872). 135 West 105lh St. For aged 
ana inQrm Hebrews of both sexes. Applicants tor ad- 
mission to the Home must be over 80 years of age and 
residents of the city for over 5 years, and must apply by 
letter to the Executive Board. Accommodates ISO. Bup- 

Krled by voluntary contributions and members' dues. 
,Bt year s receipts, (47,615; expenditures, ^42,497. Vi»- 
lling days, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 4 
P.M. Charles L. Bernheim, Pres. ; Mrs. H. Qitterman, 
Vice-Pres. ; Jacob L. Cohn. Sec'y ; Cbarles Stembach, 
Treaa.; Mr. and Mrs, M. nelm, Supts, ^ 

Home for Incnrables, 182d St. and Third Ave. (saa I 
Claw VI.. Div. 10). ^ 

Homo for Old Men and Aged Couples (incorp, 1878), 
487 to 401 Hudson St. A home for Ibose indicated, in re- 
duced circumstances, who have been or are members of the 
IVot, Epis. Church. Admission fee, JSSO. Supported by 
Toluotary contributions and interest on permanent fundi 
Last year's receipts, (9,189; expenditures. $9,108. Rt. 
Hpv. Henry C. Potter, o.n.. Pres. ; Henry Lewis Morria, 
!W'V, IB BxchanEe Place; Hermann H. Cammann. Treaa., 
M tiib^rly St. Apply to Ilie Committee on Admiasfoos 
thl»il|tli Mt«. BwkmaD de Peyatcr. Chairman, at the Home, 

HnMP fttr lh« As«d of the Little Sisters of tbe Poor 

Div. 3. Homes for Adults ordy, 188 

of the City of New York (incorp. 1871). 218 East 70th St. 
Sister Gabriel of St. Augustme, Pres. Maintains 

Two HoMBS for the aged and helpless of both sexes and 
of every denomination, who must be over 60 years of age 
and destitute. The Home at the above address receives ap- 
plicants from the East Side of the city, and the Home at 
135 West 106th St. from the West Side. Admission free. 
Accommodates 500. Apply to the Mother- Superior of eadi 
Home any day. 

Home Hotel Association, 158 St. Ann's Ave., cor. East 
135th St. (see Class III., Div. 4). 

Home of the German Odd-Fellows Home Associa- 
tion of the State of New Tork, Unionport, Van Nest 
Station, N. Y. Office, 87 Second Ave. (see Class XI., Div.l). 

Independent Order B'nai B'rith, District No. 1, 
Home for the Aj^ed and Infirm, Yonkers. Office, 958 
Third Ave. (see Class XI., Div. 1). 

Isabella He i math (formerly Isabella Home Society) 
(org. 1875, incorp. 1889), Amsterdam (Tenth) Ave., cor. of 
190th St. A Home for the care and maintenance of aged 
persons over 60 years of age, of fair average health, un- 
able to support themselves, and who have no near relatives 
legally bound to care for them, without distinction of sex, 
creed, color or nationality. Is also a Hospital and Dis- 
pensary for chronic invalids and for convalescents, but 
consumptives, patients suffering from infectious diseases, 
epileptics, idiots and all those requiring constant personal 
attendance, cannot be received. 174 beds, of which 156 
are free. Any qualified person deemed worthy is taken 
free of charge. Application for Home Department or 
Hospital for Chronic Invalids must be made to the 
Committee on Admissions, care of the ** German Society 
of the City of New York," 13 Broadway, every Friday 
from 3 to 4 p. M Application to the Convalescent Wards 
must be made dm*ing their office hours to a member of the 
Consulting Board of Physicians, which is as follows : Au- 
gust Caille, M.D.,185 Second Ave. ; A. Jacobi, m.d., 110 
West 34th St.; A. G. Gerster.M.D., 56 East 25th St.; Herm. 
G. Klotz, M.D.. 42 East 22d St. Oswald Ottendorfer, 
Pres. ; R. Van der Ende, Sec'y ; John F. Pupke, Treas. ; 


for AauXU onl}/. OhkBH t., 

a.. House Piiysieian; J. W. Meyer, 

Harlners' Famihr Asf Inm, Port of New York (org, 
1S52, iocorp. 1851), Stttpleton, Btatea Island. For tbe use 
aDd beneSC of the destitute, sick or infirm mothers, wives, 
sisters, daugliters or widows oE seamen of the Port of New 
Yort who are 60 years of age oi; over. Admission fee, 
$100, and applicants are admitted on probation for six 
montlis. Capacity, 50. Present number of inmates, 40. 
This is said to be the only institution of the kind io the 
U, S. Visiting day, Thursday. Supported by private 
contributions. Last year's receipts, S4,892; expenditures, 
$6,277; permanent fund, 1500. Mrs. U. B. Jackson, Hon. 
Prea.; Mrs. Frances MacDonald, Pres., Olifton, 8. I ; Mrs. 
Captain 8. Whitman. Cor. Sec'y, Port Richmond, 8. 1.; 
Mrs. G, W. Johnson, Trejia., 879 Greene Ave., Brooklyn; 
Miss Marriott, Matron. Apply to the Committee on Ap- 
plications, through the Matron, by mail or personally, the i 
last Thursday of every month. J 

Methodist Episeopal Church Home In the City of 
New York (incorp. 1851), Amsterdam (Tenthj Ave. and 
S3d St. A home for aged and inBrm memljers of the 
MelhodiHt Episcopal churches of New York City whose 
circumstances requtreanch aid, with clothing, empfoymeDt, 
medical and other necessary care and religious privileffes. 
Applicants must have been members of the Methodist 
Bpfecopal Church 10 years, and of a city church for 5 years. 
and of sound mind. No admission lee is required. All 
articles brought into the Home become its property. Ap- 
plicants having money or property must secure the same to 
the Institutlou. Apply through the managers of the con- 
gregation to which candidate belonge, three months befom 
entrance. Supported by subscriptions and bequests. 108 ■ 
inmates last year. Mrs. Lemuel Banf^, Pres.; Mrs. Geo, J 
H. Morrison, Oor. Sec'y, 324 West aSth 8t.; Mrs. M. 8. I 
Rogers, Treas., 40 West 51st St. 

Monteflore Uomefor Chronic loTallds, Grand Boule- 
vard and West 138th Ht. (see Class VI., Div. 10). 


Dtv. 2. Homes for Adults only. 135 

^National Home for Disabled Yolnnteer Soldiers, 

office, 4 City Hall (see Class I., Div. 3). 

New York State Soldiers' and Sailors' Home, Bath, 
Steuben Co., K. Y. (see Clfiss I., Div. 2). 

Peabodj Home and Reform Association (incorp. 1874). 
Supported by voluntary contributions and small endow- 
ment. Last year's receipts, $4,581; expenditures, $4,787; 
endowment, $4,500. Rev. W. S. Rainsford, d,d., Pres.; 
A. H. Cutler, Sec'y, 20 West 43d St.; J. Corlies Lawrence, 
Treas. (Room 14), 158 Broadway. Apply through Mrs. 
J. Corlies Lawrence, Secretary of Ladies' Association, 46 
West 49th St. Maintains the 

Peabody Home for Aged and Indigent Women, 
2064 Boston Road, cor. Clover St.; for residents of New 
York City or Brooklyn. Free and unsectarian. Accom- 
modates 26. Receives no colored persons and no one under 
65 years of age. 

Presbyterian Home for Aged Women in the City of 
New York (incorp. 1866), 49 East 73d St. Applicants must 
be residents of New York City, 65 years of age, and must 
have satisfactory proof of having been acceptable members 
of a Presbyterian or Reformed Dutch church in this city 
for 3 years, and must make a payment of $13 monthly in 
advance for board. Colored persons not received. Ac- 
commodates 49. Last year's receipts, $16, 329 ; expenditures, 
$16,556. Miss S. D. Parish, 1st Directress, 2 East 16th St. ; 
Miss Maria S. Wright, Sec'y, 52 West 11th St. ; Miss Rachel 
L. Kennedy, Treas., 41 Fifth Ave. Apply to the Com- 
mittee on Admissions at the Home. 

St. Joseph's Home for the Aged (org. 1868, incorp. 
1870). 209 West 15th St. For respectable indigent, aged 
and destitute women over 60 years of age. Accommodates 
350, of whom about 250 are free inmates, and the rest pay 
according to ability. Under charge of the Sisters of Charity 
of St. Vincent de Paul. Apply to the Mother- Superior at 
any time. 

St. Luke's Home for Indigent Christian Females 

(org. 1852. incorp. 1864), 89th St. and Madison Ave. 
For communicants of any of the Prot. Epis. churches of 


13X Hornet fer Aihilt» only. 

New York City contribuimg to the Horn ^_ 

mast be over 50 jean of age. Entrance fee. tSOO, and Ae 
beneflciaiy muM make over nil her propertj to the Hone. 
No cotisiimptive or iociirable person receiveiL Afcom- 
modation for 65. Present number of imnatea. S5. Rt. 
Rb». Henry C. Potter, d.d., Pres.; Harold P. Hadibn. 
Sec'y, 109 Worth St.; John H. CaaweU, Treas.. 87 Fmnt 
8t. Apply to the Matroo, who will direct applicant to tbe 
repreaentative of the pariah to which the hitter belongs. J 

Hkmarltaii Home for tbe A$ed of the City of New 

Tork (incorp. I8«7). 414 West 32d St. A pemunest 
home for aged, friendlesB and IndigeDt pernios of good 
chftracler, of both sexes, over 65 yeara of age, and of all 

I'roteKtaot denonilDationa. AdmiasioD fee, (350. Stip- 
]torted by donations, admission feea and leeades. 45 in- 
mBtPB tMt year. Receipt*, 115,171 (iDcludiog l^aciea); 
oxpendltiirM, ¥7,601; permaoeDt fund, $40.!S7. Tidtfrn 
Admitted [latly from Q to S p.u. Mn. James Euny, Pres., 
imi Urowlwfty; Mrs. P. P. Einaieutt. Sec'y, 43 West STth 
8t,; Mr*, It, Irwin, Pin, Sec'y, 13 West SBih St.; Howland 
Davis, 'IVeaa,, H Niugau Bt.; Mre. Jane Sykes. Matrao. 
Apjily to Committee on Admisaions at tbe Home in writ- 

Hinie A1ntilioiiH«, Platbusb, L. I. (sec Class I.. Dir. 3). ' 

Triiilir (;iia|>fll Ilomn, S3I West 24th St. (which see, i 

Trinity (Jlmpol, mulnr Prol. Epla. Churcliea). I 

TrDMtsflM of tlio Home for the Aged of the Chareh 

of the Holj Cum III union (org. IHOS, incorp. 1873), 3S0 
Slltli Ave, Por lliu pour, uged and Infirm female parialiion- ~ 
ers of Ihu Ohuraii of llie Holy Communion (Prot. Epis.), 
aui], M far an prncticuhlo, for other worthy old women If 

mv. 2. HimMsfor AdvlU only, 137 

paid for by friends. Capacity, 24. Supported by volun- 
tary contributions, board of inmates and interest on per- 
manent fund. Last year's receipts, $3,755 ; expenditures, 
$3,756. In chare^ of Sisters of the Hol^ Communion. 
Sister Katharine, Directress ; Mrs. E. H. Richards, Pres. ; 
Chas. W. Ogden, Treas., 31 West 20th St. 

Tan Pelt Heme for the Homeless (ors. 1874, incorp. 
1888), Maple Ave., Metuchen, N. J. Provides a home for 
worthy aged and indigent men and women and aged 
couples who have no relatives to support them and whose 
poverty is the result of misfortune and not of idleness or 
vice. Keceives those from New York City who cannot be 
admitted in other houses because of conditions as to resi- 
dence, church membership etc. Prescribed age, 65 years. 
(250 admission fee. Accommodates 80 inmates, who assist 
hi the duties of the Home when able. Supported by en- 
trance fees and voluntary contributions. Receipts and ex- 
penditures, about $1,480. Bela M. Famham, Pres. ; Miss 
Ruth Thomas, Sec'y ; C. H. Andreas, m.d., Treas. Apply 
to Mrs. M. S. Van Pelt, Supt., at the Home, or to the 
Committee on Admission by letter. 

Yeteran Firemen's Association, 131 West 14th St. (see 
Class XI., Div. 1). 

Wartbnr^ Home for Ag^ed and Infirm (org. 1878), 
East New York, L.I. A society of members of the Lutheran 
Church which receives and cares for Germans of the class 
mentioned in the title (Lutherans being preferred) 65 years 
of age or over. Accommodates 74. Last year's receipts, 
$9,752 ; expenditures, $7,492. Apply to the Rev. E. Bohm, 
841 East 18th St. 

Webb's Academy and Home for Ship-Builders, 

Sedgwick Ave., Foniham (see Class III., Div. 4). 

Zion Aged Belief Association of the City of New 

York (org. 1869, incorp. 1878). Office, 211 West 10th St. 
To provide a home for the worthy, aged, indigent and in- 
firm colored persons of New York City, of both sexes, ir- 
respective of religious belief. Also furnishes burial to de- 
ceased worthy poor. Supported by Brooklyn city fund, 
donations and board of inmates etc. Benj. Judd, Pres.; 

138 Prieate Pentiom. clash t., 

J. B. Tjkr, Sec'y ; Tlios. K. Jackawi, Treaa. Apply at the 
office as above. Haiotaine the 

ZioN HouB (fOB OoLoHBD pKOPLB (1874), Dean St., be- 

tweeD Albany and Troy Aveh,, Brooklyn. Eidwanl V. 

Clark, Supt., to whom apply, or to the Committee on Ap- 1 

plicationa. t 

Division Z.^hnproved TeneTnenis and Home*. 

Socletv for Improving' Workingmon's Homes of the 
Cllj or Ken York (I88I). To eataWish lodging- houaeB. 

' 'B and restaurants for work! ngmen and their fam- 

nas suspended work for the present. H. H, Cam- 
I, Pres. 

Provides the poor wiLh good, comfurLable _ 

rent: has buildings at 338 M) 344 Cherry St., in which 
situated tlie Chbukv St. Kindeuoartkn. Last year's r 
ceipts, $11,803 ; expenditures, $8,097. Oswald Otten- 
dorfer, Pres.; Abram C. Bernheim, Rec. Sec'y, 8 West 
Third St.; E. It. A. Seligman, Cor. Sec'y, Columbia Oal-"^ 
lege, to whom apply ; Jacob Scbolle, Treaa., 33 Broad 81. 

Division 4. — PHvite Penniara. 

An Association for the Relief of Respectable, AgeA' 
Indigent Femaies, ]04tii at. and Aiustardam Ave. (wen 
Class v., Div. 3). 

Seneral Snciety »f Hec^anles and TrAdesmen etc., 

18 East latli St. (see Class XL, Div. I). 

Hebrew Belief Society, 7 Weat 19th St. (see Class II., 
Div. 3). 


iJiV. 5. Providing Somes in Country Amities. 13fl 

Yeteran Firemen's Association, 13 1 West 14th St. 
(see Class XL, Div. 1). 

Division ^.—Providing Homes in Country Families. 

American Female Gaardian Society etc., 29 East 
29th St. (see Class II., Div. 2). 

Children's Aid Society, 24 St. Mark's Place (see Class 
II., Div. 6). 

Colored Orphan Asylum and Association for the 
Benefit of Colored Orphans, West 148th St. and Boule- 
vard (see Class V., Div. 1). 

Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society of New York 
(Orphan Asylum), 151st St. and Eleventh Ave. (see Class 
Vni., Div. 3). 

Leake and Watts Orphan House, Ludlow Station, 
Westchester Co., H. R. R. (see Class V., Div. 1). 

New York Foundling Hospital, 175 East 68th St. (see 
Class v., Div. 1). 

New York Juvenile Asylum, 176th St. and Amster- 
dam Ave. (see Class VIII., Div. 3). 

Nursery and Child's Hospital, Lexington Ave., cor. 
57th St. (see Class VI., Div. 5). 

Orphanage of the Church of the Holy Trinity of 
the City of New York, 400 East 50th St. (see Class V.. 
Div. 1). 

Orphan Asylum Society in the City of New York, 

Riverside Ave. and West 73d St. (see Class V., Div. 1). 

Shepherd's Fold, 92d St. and Eighth Ave. (see Class V., 
Div. 1). 

Society for the Belief of Destitute Children ot 
Seamen, West New Brighton, S. I. (see Class V., Div. 1). 


Medical and Surgical Relief. 

in the f olJowlng divlsioDB. 

DiviaiOK I, — General UospitaU. 

Bellevae Hospital of Dept. of Pub. Chiak. and Cor., 
foot of East 2Gth St. (see Olaas I., Div. 1). 

Berachah Home, 3^0 West 44tli St. Under the auspices 
of the GoHpel Tabernacle (see MiBcelliineoua Churches). A 
House of Rest and Healing]. Supported by voluntary con- 
tributions. Rev. A. B. Simpson, 8upt.; Miss 3. A. Lfn- I 
denberger, Deaconess in charge. I 

Beth Isrnel Hospital Association (incorp^ ISBO). 190 J 
Bast Broadway. Maintain? a Bospitai. and aDisPBNBART 
for the sick poor in the dowu-town East Side districts, and 
supplies medical attendance to the same in their own homes. 
The benefits are for all poor, irrespective of race or sect. 
31 heda, al\ free. Visiting days, Sunday, Wednesday and 
Saturday from 1 to 3 p.m. Supported by annual dues of 
Hebrews and by voluntary contributions. Last year's re- 
ceipts, $7,131; expenditures, J7,138. Jacob Serling, Prea.; 
Abrani Katz, Fio. Sec'y; M. Alexander. Treas., B7 East 
Broadway: A. E. Isaacs, m.d., Sec'y of Medical Board, 1 
168 Henry St. The J 

DiaPEKaiHT, 180 East Broadway, free to sick poor,'! 
is open daily, except Sunday, from 12 to ii p.m. 7,500 pa-'fl 
lients treiled Jast year and 1,270 visits made at the home* 9 

DiY. 1. General EbspttcUs. 141 

Charity Hospital of Dbpt. op Pub. Chab. and Cor., 
Blackwell's Island (see Class I., Div. 1). 

Chinese Hospital Association (incorp. 1891), tempo- 
rarily at 45 HicKS St., Brooklyn, N. Y. For the reception, 
care and maintenance of, and the giving of medical and 
surgical advice and treatment exclusively to, Chinese 
afflicted with maladies or physical injuries or weaknesses, 
deformities or infirmities, excepting contagious diseases. 
7 beds, all of which are free. Treatment free to those 
unable to pay, while a nominal sum is charged to others. 
New York City patients are received. Supported entirely 
by voluntary contributions. Rev. Edward Braislin, d.d., 
P^s.; N. B. Sizer, m.d., Sec'y, 336 Green St., Brooklyn; 
C. E. Bruce, m.d., Treas., 456 Lexington Ave., N. Y.; 
J. C. Thorns, M.D., Supt., to whom apply. 

Christopher Colnmbns Italian Hospital (incorp. 
1891), temporarily located at 320 East 109th St. For the 
free medical and surgical relief of Italians of both sexes, 
but Americans are also admitted. Receives all cases except 
contagious ones. Capacity, 20 beds, 4 of which are reserved 
for incurables. Supported by voluntary contributions. In 
charge of the Sisters of St. Joseph. Apply to the Physi- 
cian in charge or to the Mother-Superior. 

I Colored Home and Hospital, 65th St. and First Ave. 
{see Class v., Div. 2). 

Five Points Hospital of Five Points House of In- 
dustry, 155 Worth St. (see Class II., Div. 7). 

Fordham Reception Hospital of Deft, of Pub. Char. 
AND CoR., 2456 Valentine Ave. (see Class I., Div. 1). 

German Hospital and Dispensary of the City of New 

York (incorp. 1861), Fourth Ave. and 77th St. For the 
free medical care and treatment of the sick poor, of every 
nationality, color or creed. Capacity of Hospital, 165 beds, 
of which upwards of 125 are free. Private patients charged 
from $15 to $35 per week. No out- door patients treated at 
the Hospital. Visitors received Wednesdays and Sundays 
from 2 to 4 p.m. Supported by voluntary contributions, 
patients' pay etc. 2,325 patients cared for last year. Re- 
ceipts, $86,178; expenditures, about $61,940; permanent 


General HctpUalt. 

fund, ICI71.G0O. Thm. Eili&ii. Pres.; Julius Zeller. SecV; 1 
J. HoTina, Tress.; Jul. Eotzeaberg. Supt,., towbom apply 1 
for admittdon from 10 to 13 M. MaiutaioH the foliowlDg: I 

AnBULAXCK ; for patients only who cannot be otliernrise | 

DlBPRNKAST (18M). 137 Second Ave.; for free treat- I 
ment of outdoor patiesU ; number cared for laat year, I 
37,708, and 10,968 prescriptiona dispensed. 10 cents charged I 
to Uiote able u> pav. Receipts, $4,138; expenditure?, I 

TRADnBG ScHOoi. FOR Nurses at tlie Hospital. Miss | 
A. QuDzenhauser, Superior. 

. 78 


Hkhnemanii HoepiUl of the City of New ¥ork (in- 
i<orp. I87S). east side Park Ave., bet. e7lii and Q8th Sta. 
l^tr Hoin(Bai>Btbic medical and surgical treatment of all 
"wwiof patients and non-coutagious diseases, especially 
.0 batter class of poor, who can pay partial or enlire 
[ k(<Anl. Charge in the wards from $2 lo J7 per week. EM- 
Wdlf roiinis for pay pntienis from $15 to $40 per week. Ca- 
I KM^t^v. too Iteds. All appllcutlons tor free and parti;/ free 
fmUniu*! Iw made to the Executive Committee through 
tki(t ttvattloiit I'liysiclan. Also has funds for aiding sales- 
, dtsHbU'd policemen and firemen. Supported by 
y i,iuiilrlbutiona and pay of patients, lliram Cal~ 
■» i W. J. Swan, Sec'y, 13 West 88lh St.; Birdseye 
J>, TifM., 806 Broadway ; 0. T. Caldwell, ic.D., 
kj[«h>tiui, to whom apply from S lo 5 p.m. Includes 
■ THE Good Samaritan Dukonibbes 
88tli St. and Ninth Ave., which is now- 
;tlll ihe Hahnemann Hoapilal ; to effect the 
tiMW *' Matemily and Child's Hospital," with a 
'"1 hw nurses, npou the priuciples of the Dia- 

I Ht>»i|iitiilHnil Disjiensaryof Dkft, 

Div. 1. OenercU Hospitals. 148 

OF Pub. Char, and Cor., 525 East 120th St. (see Class I., 
Div. 1). 

Homoeopathic Hospital of Deft, of Pub. Char, and 
Cor., Ward's Island (see Class I., Div. 1). 

Italian Home (Istituto Italiano), 179 Second Ave. 
(see Class IV., Div. 1). 

Lobanoii Hospital Association (incorp. 1891) has pur- 
chased the building formerly occupied by the Ursuline Con- 
vent at Westchester Ave., bet. Cauldwell and Trinity Aves., 
in the 23d Ward, which it purposes to use, after extensive 
alterations, for a Hospital and Convalescent Home for 
the worthy poor who need fresh air, rest and medical 
care, and it will open early in the year 1892. Unsectarian. 
For further information apply to Jonas Weil, Pres., 327 
East 51st St.; or to Michael Peabody, Vice-Pres., 182 
Broadway ; David Block, Sec'y ; S. Jarmulowsky, Treas. 

Life-Saying Institute and Free Dispensary, 95th St. 
and Second Ave. (see Class VI., Div. 3). 

Lutheran Hospital Association of the City of N. T. 
and Yicinity, East New York, L. I. (see Class VI., Div. 2). 

Manhattan Dispensary (and Hospital), incorp. 1862 
as the Manhattan Dispensary, Amsterdam Ave. and 
131st St. (Opened as a Hospital in 1884, but not jet 
incorporated as such.) Gives free medical and surgical 
/treatment to the worthy sick poor of New York Citjr and 
vicinity. Those able to pay are charged $1 per day m the 
wards, and from $15 to $35 per week for private rooms. 
Incurable and contagious diseases not admitted. Capacity, 
40 beds. 569 patients cared for during the past year. Sup- 
ported by charitable contributions and patients' board. 
Last year's receipts, $12,101 ; expenditures, $15,223 ; per- 
manent fund, $16.156 ; endowment, $2,500. Visiting 
days, Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays from 2 to 4 p.m. 
J. Hood Wright, Pres.; Edward D. Jones, Sec'y; T. C. 
Buck, Treas.; John F. O'Reilly, Supt., to whom apply^ at 
the Hospital from 11 to 7 p.m. Emergency cases received 
at any hour. Its 

Dispensary for out-door patients is free to the poof 
Qulj, 6,925 ^v^ for Ja§t year, Al^o its 


Ambulance Service, for the district from West 86th 
St. to Yonkers and Willianisbridge, aud from Lenox (Sth) 
Ave. to North River, including 26IJi, 30th, aSd and 35tti 
Police Precincts. 

Mt. Sinai Hospital (incorp. ie52, amended IBGT and 
IS66), Lexington Ave. and QGth St. A general hospital for 
patients of all creeds and classes. Board for those able to 
pay, $7 per week. Cases of accident admitted gratuitously 
at any hour. Capacity, SOO beds. Treated 3,862 cases 
last year. Visiting days, Saturdays and Sundays 3 to 4 
P.M., Wednesdays a to a p.m.; to the children's ward, Sat' 
urdays onlj/ from 3 to 4 p.m. Supported by members' 

$179,413, including t80,186 on the New Dispensary Build- 
ing; permanent fund, tl64,490. Ilyman Blum, Pres.; 
Henry Goldman, Hon. Sec'y; Joseph L. Scherer, Ass't 
Sec'y, 318 East 79th St.; Samuel M. Schafer, Treas ; Theo- 
dore Hadel, Supt. Patients admitted daily at the Hospital 
from 12 to 2 P.M.; Sundays, from 10 a.m. to 12 m. ; or 
apply at Dr. D. H. Davison's office, 171 East 78th 8l.. 
from 8 to 9:30 a.u. and 6 to T p.m. Maintains the follow- 

DiBFENSARV, IQl East QTtli St., opposite the Hospital. 
For free treatment of the poor. Has Eye, Ear and 
Throat Departmbntb Open daily, except Sundays and 
holidays, from 1 to 4 p.m. 43,560 consultations and 43,4(J9 
prescriptions dispensed last year. 

Out- Door Relief and District Corps op Physi- 
cians; for cases oulaide the Hospital, which furnishes 
nurses at homes of sick and poor. 337 patients cared for 
last year, and 1,445 prescriptions dispensed. 

Mt. Sinai Tbaininq School for Nurses, in the Dis- 
pensary Building, 67th St. 

Div. 1. Genial Hospitals, 145 

New York Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospi- 
tal, 226 East 20th St. (see Class VI., Div. 11). 

Presbyterian Hospital in the City of New York (org. 
and incorp. 1868), Maaison Ave. and 70th St. Gives medi- 
cal and surgical aid and nursing to sick or disabled persons 
of every creed, nationality and color. Capacity in new 
buildings, 382 beds for medical and surgical cases ; and in 
case of emergency, for temporary use, 450 beds. A number 
of beds have been endowed by persons, who have the right 
to nominate patients to occupy them. Other patients are 
charged $7 per week, if able to pay, but no patient is re- 
fused on accoimt of inability to pay. About 90 per cent of 
the patients annually are free. No contagious or incurable 
diseases admitted. Visiting days, Tuesdays and Fridays 
from 2 to 4 p.m. Supported by contributions, board of 
patients and interest on investments. Number of patients 
last year, 2,863. Receipts, $49,151; expenditures, $53,531. 
John S. Kennedy, Pres.; Geo. E. Dodee, Sec'y; R. L. 
Belknap, Treas.; Rev. Thomas G. Wall, Chaplain; C. 
Irving Fisher, m.d., Supt.; George B. Barton, Ass't Supt. 
Emergency cases admitted at any hour; others on applica- 
tion to the Supt. from 9 to 5 p.m., or to any Visiting Physi- 
cian or Manager. Maintains a 

Dispensary, N. E. comer 70th St. and Madison Ave.; 
for out-door patients. 6,892 treated last year. George B. 
Barton, Supt.; Halsey L. Wood, m.d., Physician. 

Ambulance Service ; covering district east side of Cen- 
tral Park between 59th and 1 10th Sts. 1 , 1 25 calls responded 
to last year. 

BooseTelt Hospital (The) (incorp. 1864, opened 1871), 
58th and 59th Sts. and Ninth and Tenth Aves. For the 
reception and relief of sick and diseased persons. All the 
beds are free to those who have very limited or no means. 
A reasonable rate is charged for such as can pay. Conta- 
gious diseases and chronic cases not admitted. Capacity, 
176 beds. Is built chiefly on the pavilion plan. Treated 
(in 1890) 2,815 cases in wards and 3,601 in accident room. 
Visiting days, Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 1 
to 3 p.m. Supported chiefly by endowments. Last year's 
expenditures, $111,1X0; original endowments, $1,340,000. 


146 Oeneral ItospUali. 

John M. Knox, Pres.; W. Irving Clark. Sec'y; Richard 
Trimble, Treaa., 160 Broadway; James R. Lathrop, 8upt. 
to whom apply at Hospital in person from 9 lo 5 p.m., or. 
if out of towD. by letter accompanied by phyaician's certl< 
flcate. Patients suffering from severe accident or se ' 
illness admitted at any hour of the day or night. ' 
phoae number 490, 38th St. Maintains the following 

Out-Pahest Department or Dispeitsabt; to whli 
87,430 visits were made in 1890. 
Ambulance Sertigb; 1,513 coUs responded to in 

St Elizabeth's Hospital {incorp. 1870), 285 

Slat St. For medical and surgical aid to the sick and dis- 
abled, without distiDCtion as to sex, religion, nation or color. 
Contagious, insane and violent cases not admitted. Capa- 
city. 90 beds. Board, $6 and f 10 per week in wards, and 
from $tS to S30 per week in private rooms. Phyafcians 
can send their patients there and have full care of them. 
Under charge of the Sisters of the Third Order of St. 
Francis of Aasisium, Supported by board of patients and 
voluntary contributions. Joa. F. Gray, m.d., House Phy- 
sician; H. Marlon Sims, m.d., Medical Director, S67 MadU ■ 
son Ave,, to whom apply, or to Mother M. Celso, SuperiorKJ 
at the Hospital. ^ 




sick or disabled sufiering from acute, curable aud non-con- 
I, tagious diseases, without distinction of race or creed, and 

I provides them with the religious ministratlona of the Prot. 

Epis. Church, Chronic and incurable patients received at 
discretion, but not permanently provided for. Has a ward 
for consumptive caaes. Contagious, epileptic, opium, al- 
I coholic, venereal and incurable or oilensive cancer cases 

eiduded. Board in general wards, |7 per week (or adults, 
ti per week for chitoreu between 3 and 13 years. Free to 
I those certified as unable lo pay and as worthy objects of 

' charity. Private wards for pay patients, $15 per woekj ^^^ 

I private rooms for pay patients, from $20 lo 860 per week;.^^| 

I board in all casea payable in advance, Friends of patient* ^^H 


mr* 1 N General SospitaUs. 147 

admitted on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 10 
to 1^ M. Chapel service on Sundays at 8:30 p.m., which 
relatives of patients, who cannot call on them on visit- 
ing days, may attend, and remain after worship, in the 
wards until 5 o'clock. Application for admission of non- 
resident patients must he accompanied hy physician's 
certificate. Capacity, 220 beds. Treated 1,997 patients 
last year. Supported by voluntary contributions and en- 
dowments. Last year's total receipts, $95,496; total expen- 
ditures, $95,091; permanent fund, $835,670. Geo. M. 
Miller, F^s.; Benoni Lockwood, Sec*y; Gordon Norrie, 
Treas., 41 Wall St.; Rev. George S. Baker, d.d., Pastor 
and Supt. Apply at Hospital any day, except Sundav, 
from 10 to 5 P.M., or, if too sick to apply in person, appli- 
cants will be examined by a physician at their homes. 
Cases of sudden injury, requiring immediate care, received 
at Accident Gate, 55th St., at any hour. It maintains a 

TKAmiNQ School for Nurses. Candidates must be of 
good moral character, in sound health, and from 23 to 35 
years of age. 

St. Mark's Hospital of the City of New York (org. 
and incorp. 1890), 66 St. Mark's Place. Receives members 
of Lodges and Societies which contribute annually lo its 
support, without charge to the patients; also receives 
charity and paying cases. Terms, $7 per week in the 
general wards; private rooms, $15 per week. No conta- 
gious diseases admitted. Private patients may select their 
own physicians, and remain not longer than one year. 
Supported by Lodges, Societies, donations and board of 
patients. 403 cases treated last year. Expenditures, $14,- 
203. A. B. de Freece, ph.d., Pres.; Andrew H. Smith, 
M.D., Sec'y; D. McLean Shaw, Treas.; Geo. W. Rachel, 
M.D., Supervising Physician; E. Krieg, Supt,, to whom 

St Yincent's Hos^pital of the City of New York (org. 
1849, incorp. 1 857), 1 1th St. and Seventh Ave. Patients of 
all religious denominations admitted. Ward patients, if 
able to pay, $7 per week and upward; private rooms, from 
$10 to |50 per week. Capacity, 170 beds. No contagious 
cases admitted. 2,574 patients treated last year. Sup- 
ported by patients' board and voluntary contributions. 


148 Oenentt Honpitnln. ci 

Visiting days, Tuesdays and Fridaja from 8 to 5 p. . _ . 

Suodaja from S to 4 f.m. Under charge of Ihe SIstera i^ 
Cliaritj. Archbishop Curri^u. Director; John A. f/bf^ 
Creery, m.d., Sec'y; John O'Brien. Treas., 58 Wall 8t ; * ' 
' McNamara, M.D., Curator; Patrick F. Gildea. 

tains the following: 
Odt-Door Dbpartmbnt or Distebhart ; I 

door patients treated in accident wards last jear. 
Ambitlancb Service ; 1,966 calls responded to last year.V 
Bbneficlal AaaociATioN ; formed for persons under 40 ' 

years of age. and gives the benefit of 13 weeks' free treat^ 

ment in the Dospilal in case of sickness. 

Sist«rs of the Poor of St. Francis (incorp. 1866). A 
Communitj, incorporated under this title, maintains the 
following : 

St. Prascis Hospital <1865), 803 to 817 Fifth St. and 
eOS to 614 Sixth St. A general hospital, in which the sicit 
and injured poor are cared for free, and without distinc- 
tion as to religion or nation. Fay patients received at 
moderate rates. Contagious, incurable and l^ing-in cases 
excluded. Capacity, 240 beds. Visitors received Sundays 
and Thursdays from 3 to 5 p.m. 3,718 patiente last vear. 
Supported by charitable contributions. Receipts ana ex- 
penditures, about (48,140. Apply to Sister Joachim. Bu- 
perioreas, or to the Admitting Physician, personally or 
through a friend, at the Hospital from 9 to 10 a.u. and 3 
to 3 P.M. Admission granted immediately in all caaes of 
emergency. Telephone number, 487 Spring St. 

St. Jobbpb's Hospital (opeued 1882), East 143d and 
I44th Sts., between Brook and St. Ann's Aves. (formerly 
at 328 East lOBth St.). For consumptives and a Ihnltea 
number of other chronic and incurable diseases which can* 
not be cared for to ordinary hospitals. ,No acute diseases, 
insane, epileptics, chronic, surgical cases, deformed or aged 
persons received. Free to the poor irrespective of nation- 
ality, race or religion. Capacity. 250 beds. Supported ]jy ij 
voluntary contributions. App^ for admission '- <"-•-- ■ 
Coletta, Superioresa, or to the House Physician. 

DiY. 1. General Haspiiale, 140 

DisPBNSABY, 605 Fifth St. Out-service for the poor of 
the neighborhood. 

Oqt- Doob Relief, Gives limited relief, chiefly in food, 
to poor of the vicinity, at 605 Fifth St. 

Society of the New York Hospital (incorp. 1771), 8 
West 16th St. Merritt Trimble, Pres.; H. W. Crane, 
Sec'y ; Cornelius N. Bliss, Treas. Maintains the 

New York Hospital (1791), 7 to 21 West 15th St. A 
general hospital for medical and surgical treatment of pay 
and free patients. Ward patients able to pay are charged 
$1 a day ; those in private rooms from $15 to $35 per week. 
Number of patients in hospital last ^ear, 4,641. George P. 
Ludlam, Supt. Connected with this Hospital is the 

Dispensary or Out-Patient Department, in the 
basement of Hospital ; open daily, except Sundays and 
legal holidays, at 2 p.m. Number treated last year, 0,228. 
Also the 

Library, 6 West 16th St. (consulting), containing 18,- 
609 volumes ; open daily from 10 to 5 p.m., except Sundays 
and legal holidays. Frank P. Foster, m.d.. Librarian. 
Also the 

Training School for Nurses, 6 West 16th St. 

Ambulance Service ; responded to 1,378 calls in 1890. 

House op Relief (1875), 160 Chambers St.; for the 
temporary care and treatment of emergency cases occurring 
in the lower part of the city, both of in- door and out-door 
patients. Service here absolutely free. 2,262 in patients 
and 20,186 out-patients treated last year. Apply at any 
hour at the Hospital. Has also a separate 

Ambulance Service ; responded to 2,678 calls and 
made 1,061 transfers last year. 

Bloomingdalb Asylum for the Insanb, 117th St., 
bet. Amsterdam Ave. and Boulevard. For treatment of 
the insane. Terms by arrangement. Accommodates 800 ; 
cared for 467 patients last year. Apply to Asylum Com- 
mittee, at 8 West 16th St., or to Samuel B. Lyon, m.d.. 
Medical Superintendent, at the Asylum. 

It is contemplated to remove the Insane Department to 
new buildings m White PlMns as soop as com^netedf 

Trinity Hospital. 50 Varick St.. of Parish of Trinity 
Church (which see under Prot. Epis. Churches), Iteceivea 
patients from outside the parish when there is room. 

Woodstock Hospital (Incorp. 1891). 815 Union Ave.. 
near Westchester Ave, For the free medical and surgical 
treatment of all except contagious diseases, without ciurge 
to those unable to pay. Opened about lat December, 18»1, 
with 10 beds. Has also DispiCNSAitx Sbrvicb. The fac- 
ulty of the ECI.BCT1C Medical GoLLEOB, 339 East Uth St., 
compose the medical staff of and control the Hospital. A.. 
F. Freeh. M.D.. Pres.; Goo. W. Bosliowitz, m.d., Vice- 
Pres.; Alex. Riia, m.d.. Sec'y; Robert Kunitzer, 
Treas. Apply to tlie Physician in charge. 

Division 3. — Special and Coiimleseent Hoapitaii. 

ii Hospitals 

M Special Depftrtmenti 

All Saints' GonvaleBcent Home for Men and BO] 

(org. 1887), formerly at 531 East ISOth St. . is now remove 
to tlie ftiory Farm, Oak Summit, Dutchess Co.. N, Y.,and 
also has^uiiiliary cottages at Ruliberg, near Blleuville, Ul- 
ster Co., N. Y. Receives convalescents and those in the 
first stages of cbronic diseases. Incurables not .admitted. 
Founded and controlled by the Order of Brothers of Kaza- 
reth. Supported by voluntary contributions. Brother 
Gilbert, Supr.. to whom apply by mail at the Farm. 
Further information may also be bad at the Holy Grov 
Mission, Ave. C aod Euat Fourth St.. N. Y. City. "" " 
Brothers also maintain 

Db Pbvstbr Home fob Conscmptivb Bots (1891), 
Oak Summit ; also the 

St. Andrew's Cottage (1883), Farmingdale, L. 
summer home for poor boys of New York. Capacity, 
Apply at the Home as above. 


Colnmblan Instltato for tlie Prcscrrationot Uealt| 

DiY. 2. Special and OmvaUicent Hospitals, 151 

and the Car^ of Chronic Diseases (incorp. 1882), 142 
East 34th St. To provide special treatment for chronic 
diseases with a view to their cure or relief. Unsectarian 
and cosmopolitan. Patients who are unable to pay received 
free as far as means permit. Supported by fees from pa- 
tients and voluntary donations. Receipts, $5,063 ; ex- 
penditures, $11,803. C. Robinson Griggs, Pres.; Samuel 
Tebbutt, Sec'y and Treas. ; HeniyA. Hartt, m.d., Medical 
Director, to whom apply at any hour. 

Epileptic Hospital of Deft, of Pub. Chab. and Cob., 
Blackwell's Island (see Class I., Div, 1). 

Fresh-Air and Convalescent Home (incorp. 1888), 
South Mountain, Summit, N. J. To provide a Home at 
Summit, N. J., for the purpose of caring for children and 
convalescents of both sexes, where they shall receive suitable 
recreation, moral and religious instruction, and care during 
a limited period, with a view to preservation and restoration 
of health. Board. $3 per week for an adult, and $2.50 for 
a child. 370 inmates during first six months ending De- 
cember, 1890, 84 of whom were free patients. Has an as- 
sociate Board of Managers in New York and elsewhere. 
Supported by voluntary contributions. Last yearns re- 
ceipts,. $5,238 ; expenditures, $5,643. Mrs. W. H. De 
Forest, Pres. ; Mrs. George M. Grant, Treas. ; Mrs. John D. 
Lyon, Cor. Sec*y, or S. B. Mathews, Rec. Sec'y, both of 
Summit, to either of whom apply in writing. 

Harlem Eye, Ear an^ Throat Infirmary (incorp. 
1882), 144 East 127th St., cor. Lexington Ave. For gra- 
tuitous medical and surgical treatment of the poor for dis- 
eases of the e^e, ear and throat. 1,540 new patients treated 
and 4,918 visits received and made during past year. Open 
daily, except Sunday, from 2 to 3 p.m. Supported by pri- 
vate contributions. Last year's receipts, $789 ; expendi- 
tures, $1,020. Permanent fund, $5,173. Josiah Lombard, 
Pres. ; C. B. Meding, m.d., Sec'y, 132 West 126th St. ; D. 
F. Porter, Treas., 211 West 125th St. ; R. E. Swinburne, 
M.D., Surgeon, to whom apply. 

House of Rest for Consumptives is consolidated with 
St, Luke's Hospital (which see, Class VI., Div, 1). 


, . . J. IWl). 422 De- 
I Hdepnul for the free 

. . J0dru> of boch «cxcs. 

d to coior or *"*^™""*r Childrm reoeiT«d 
bvH NewTork Ciij'. Surfical care, and moiul and re- 
HgioiM iMIracdcBt are also men. Supported b^ rotBBtarj 
ocmnboIiaBt. 10 bcd^ SntcrSarah, SUler in charge, to 
wluMB apptj br letter. 

Lntheran Hospital Association of the Citr of New 
York and ViriDil; |mcorp. It's]). EAsI Kew York. Long 
Island. Receives invalids from New York Citj wbo 
are aot taken by other hospitals, sucb as coDSumpIiTcs, 
contagious diseases and police cases, and anj other sick, aa 
far as space will allow. Capacity, 75 beds. Board. $7 
per week to those able to paj ; others free. Supported br 
merabers of Lutheran coagregations of New York and vi- 

Hanhattan Eje and Ear Hospital rincorp. 1869, 
amended 1834), 103 Park Ave., cor. of 41sl St. For the 
grutuitouB treatment of diseases of the eye and ear, with 
Oepartmentb for the Throat and Nervous DrasASBSi 
Designed only (or such as are too poor to pay for medical 
advice. Those able are expected to pay l>oBrd ; olberwjae 
free. No private patients received. Has 50 beds, 8 of 
which are endowed. 827 patients last year. Viaitlng dava, 
Tuesdays and Fridays from 9 to 12 M., 4 to 6 T.u. and 8 
to 9 P.M., and DD Saturdays from 4 to R p.h. Supported 
by voluntary contributions etc. Last year's receipla, fSS.- 
743; expenditures. $34,050: permanent fund. $4S,'nJ0. 
John Sinclair, Pres.; A. G. Agnew. Sec'y; Charlee Lsnter, 
Treofl., IT Nassau St.; L. D. Holly, 8upt., to whom app1^< 
Maintains the 

tor, ^m 


DiY. 2. BpeciaZ and OonvcUeseent HospitcUs, 153 

Dispensary ; for free treafment of out-door patients, 
who are expected to pay a small sum for medicines when 
able to do so. 12,1^5 treated last year. Open daily, ex- 
cept Sundays and holidays, at 2 p.m. E. W. Davis, m.d., 

Metropolitan Throat Hospital (incorp. 1874), 351 
West 34th St. For the gratuitous treatment, to the poor 
and to those unable to pay special fees, of diseases of the 
Nose and Throat. Unsectarian. Accommodates 25 pa- 
tients. Supported by voluntarjr contributions. 1,151 new 
patients treated and 5.631 visits received last year. Re- 
ceipts, $1,827; expenditures, $1,277. T. K. Gibbs, Pres., 
146 Broadway; Jos. H. Chapman, Treas., 51 Wall St.; 
Clinton Wagner, m.d., Sec'y and Med. Supt., to whom ap- 
ply. Maintains a 

Dispensary ; for out-door patients. Open daily from 2 

to 4 P.M. 

Monteflore Home for Chronic Invalids, 138th St. 
and Grand Boulevard (see Class VI., Div. 10). 

New Amsterdam Eye and Ear Hospital, 212 West 
38th St. (see Class VI., Div. 4). 

New York Cancer Hospital (incorp. 1884), Eighth 
Ave. and 106th St. For the treatment of all sufferers from 
cancer whose condition admits of cure or relief, on ap- 
proval of one of the medical officers, at a charge of $7 
per week in the wards and from $15 to $20 for private 
rooms. Those unable to pay are treated free. Capacity, 
100 beds. Apply for admission in person dailv from 10 to 4 
P.M., or by letter, accompanied by certificate from some re- 
sponsible physician. Patients too ill to present themselves 
will, on proper application, be visited by medical officer. 
Supported by charitable subscriptions and endowments. 
353 new patients were admitted last year, of whom 174 
were free. Receipts, $130,453, including $100,000 legacy; 
expenditures, $215,406. Visitors admitted daily from 1 to 
3 P.M., and on Sunday from 3:30 to 5 p.m. John E. Par- 
sons, Pres.; Henry C. Coe, m.d., Sec'y, at the Hospital; 
Qeorge C. Clark, Treas., 57 Wall St.j Mrs. Anna M, Law- 
son, Supt. 


>?;»cia; niul Convatfacent Hotpitale. class 

Hew York Eye and Ear Inflrraar]' (org. 1820, incorp. 
as "■ New York Eye Infirmnry " 1982 ; re- incorp. as above 
1874), 218 Second Ave., cor. 18th St. For the free treai- 
meat utid care of iodigent persona sufTeriDg from diseaaea 
of the eye, ear and Ihroat. In-patlenta admitted to the 
Hoapital od recommendation of a surgeon, and are charged 
board unless satisfactorily r^rtiSed as unable to pay. Emer- 
gency cases received at any hour. A hoapital wing was 
opened in Jaouarj, 1S91, with TO beds; number of pa- 
tients to October Ist. 539, receiving 8,433 days of care. 
Supported by subscriptions, legacies and permaneat fund. 
602 in-patients (of which. 325 were admitted free). Re- 
cdpta, iie.SIS ordinary and |44, 500 for new buildine; ex- 
penses, 118,583 ordinary, and $47,257 on new building 
now being erected. Dispbnsaby is open daily, except Sun- 
days and legal holidays, for Eye, Ear and Throat diseases. 
from 12:30 to 3 p.m. Those able to pay are charged 10 cents 
13,096 new patients and a total of 58.937 
treated last year. Benjamin H. Field, Pres.; Gorham 
Bacon, M.D., Sec'y; John L. Riker, Treas. ; John T. Allan, 
Supt., to whom apply for admission. Maintains a 

ScaooL OF Instruction in diseases of the Eve, Ear and 

Nen York Home for Convalescents (incorp. 1880), 
4S3 Bast lieth St. Afiorda temporary shelter and care 
with assistance in obtnining employment, for respectable 
Protestant female convalescents from the hospitals, and 
for those who from overwork are on the verge of Illness. 
Accommodates 20, Supported wholly by gifta from the 
benevolent. 91 persons cared for last year. Receipts and 
expenditures, $1,883. Mrs. Dr. W. C. Palmer, Pres., 316 
East 16th St.; Miss Helen D. Nelson, Sec'y. 35 East 39th 
St.: Mrs. Bradford Rhodes, Treas., 78 William St.; Miss 
F. Pilgrim, Matron. Address the Sec'y at the Home. 

d and S4th 
Sts. (see Class VI.. Div. 11), 

; Disensos, 306 

NetT York Ophthalmic and Aoral Instltate 

stltate (oc^l^H 

DiY. 2. Sfpeei€d and ConwUeteent ffoipitals, 15$ 

1869, incorp. 1878), 46 East 12th St. A Hospital and 
DisPENSABY for diseases of the eye and ear. Patients un- 
able to pay received free; all others admitted at equitable 
rates. Capacity of hospital, 30 beds. 324 inmates during 
past year. Supported by donations and board of patients. 
Last year's receipts, $24,073 ; disbursements, $24,801. 
William A. Wheelock, Pres. ; Gustav H. Schwab, Sec'y, 2 
Bowling Green ; William Salomon, Treas, ; Dr. Herman 
Enapp, Surgeon. Apply to Resident Surgeon from 2 to 3 
P.M. Maintains the following: 

Dispensary ; for gratuitous treatment to the poor only. 
8, 121 patients cared for last year. Open daily, except Sun- 
days, from 2 to 5 p.m. 

School of Ophthalmology and Otology ; for in- 
struction to advanced medical students, and for the 
thorough training of eye and ear specialists and the pursuit 
of original laboratory work. 

New York Ophthalmic Hospital (incorp. 1852), 201 
East 23d St., cor. Third Ave. Treats gratuitously all 
needy persons afflicted with diseases of the Eye, Eab and 
Throat. The treatipent is Homoeopathic. Capacity, 50 
beds. Usual charge to those able to pay board, $5 per 
week and upward. Supported by voluntary contributions, 
board of patients, fees for medicines etc. 400 patients 
cared for last year. Receipts, $18,702; expenditures, $16,- 
091. Visitors received daily, except Sunday, from 2 to 4 
P.M. Thomas C. Smith, Pres.; R. C. Root, Sec'y; E. C. 
Benedict, Treas., 29 Broad St.; Charles H. Helfrich, m.d.. 
Resident Surgeon, to whom apply daily, except Sundays, 
at 2 P.M. Maintains the following : 

DisPENSABY; for free treatment to the poor. 13,401 
patients treated and 55,843 prescriptions dispensed last 
year. Open daily, except Sundays, from 2 to 4 p.m. 

College Department ; for instruction to medical stu- 
dents in the treatment of all diseases of the Eye, Ear and 
Throat. Apply for particulars to M. L. MacBride, m.d., 
Sec'y of the Faculty, 114 West 47th St. 

New York Orthopedic Dispensary (org. 1866, incorp. 
1868), 126 East 59th St. Furnishes treatment to the poor, 
with special reference to diseases £^nd deformities of spine 


Speeial a)t4 Convalescent Sotpitais. CLias t 

and liip Joints, aDtl other serious diseases of bones and 
joints requiring surgical and mccLanical treatment, &nd for 
giving tDStruclion lu same. Those who are able are se* 
pected to pay the cost of necessary apparatus. Payments 
received in instalments, if required. Open daily, except 
Sundays and legal holidays, frc/m 1 lo 3 p.m. Supported 
by voluntary contributions and patients' dues. S.070 
treated and 2,S75 visits made at homes of patients last year. 
Receipts, |lfl,T22; expenditures, $15,541. and $41,000 for 
new buildings; permanent fund. ^.000, Oscar Egerton 
Schmidt. Prea.; Temple Prime, Sec'y; James K. 
Treas,. 80 Broadway; Newton M. SliafEer, m.~ " 
in charge. Maintains also a 

HoHPiT.^L (opened 1873. but not incorp.) : for children 
from 4 to 14 years of age with Sfihe and Hip disease and 
other deformities. Board, $i a wcelc. Capacity, 24 beds. 
Cared for 54 last year. Apply for admission to George S. 
Dixon, U.D., House Surgeon, during Dtspeusary hours. 

New York Skin and Cancer Hospital In the City of 
New York (incorp. 1883), S43 East 34th St. For the free 
treatment and care of the poor afilictcd with cancer and 
skin diseases. While intetided chiefly for the deserving 
poor of this city, patients from all localities are admitted. 
Pay patients received in the ward at $1 per day, payable 
weekly in advance. Private patients received at equitable 
rates. All patients admitted only for one month, subject 
to re-admisaion. Capacity, 100 beds. 337 patients treated 
last year. Visitors receiv^ on Sundays and Wednesdays 
from 3 to 4 p.m. Supported by voluntary contributions 
atid board of patients. Last year's receipts. $28,443 ; ex- 
penditures, $38,371; net assets, $124,000. John D. Arch- 
bold, Pres. : Frederic Haas, Sec'y, 60 EastSlst St.; Edward 
Winsiow, Treas.. 17 Nassau St.; Dr. C. R. Barham, aouse 
Physician, Apply to G. A. Michell. Supt., at any lime, or 
to the attending physician from 3 to 4 p.m. Maintains the 
following : 


ham Heights, Capacity, 60 beds. Dr. Amos D. Lewi 
Bfisident Physician, to whom apply. 


Div. 2. SpeeiaZ and Ckmvalese&nt Hospitals, 157 

Dispensary, 243 East 34th St. For free examination 
and treatment of the poor, but those able to pay are charged 
10 cents for each prescription. 1,536 new cases treated and 
10,186 prescriptions dispensed last year. Open daily, ex- 
cept Sundays, from 2 to 4 p.m. 

Guild of St. Lazabvs (see Class III., Div. 6) assists 
in providing necessary clothing, sick-room comforts and 
delicacies for the sufferers in the Hospital. 

New York Society for the Relief of the Bnptared 
and Crippled (incorp. 1863), cor. of Lexington Ave. and 
42d St. Supported bv voluntary subscriptions, receipts 
from patients and public funds. Last year's receipts, 
$53,570, of which $27,111 were from public funds ; expen- 
ditures, $53,500. Wm. B. Isham, Pres.; J. P. Townsend, 
Sec*y; Frederick Sturges, Treas., 76 Wall St.; V. P. Gib- 
ney, Surgeon- in- Chief. Maintains the following : 

Hospital ; for class named in title. No contagious dis- 
eases admitted. Moderate charges made to those able to 
pay; appliances and bandages furnished free to the ^indi- 
gent adults, and curable children from 4 to 14 years of 
age received as in-patients. 343 cared for last year. Capa- 
city, 200 beds. Visitors admitted on Saturdays and holi- 
days from 2 to 4 P.M. , and other days from 10 to 12 m. Ap- 
plications for admission and examination received every 
week-day from 1 to 3 p.m. 

Dispbnsaay; for out-door patients. Free to those unable 
to pay; to others, a charge is made to cover the cost of the 
apparatus used. 8,500 patients treated last year. Open 
daily, except Sundays and holidays, from 1 to 3 p.m. 

Opesn-Air Fund; for its own patients. 

Faralitic Hospital of Dkpt. op Pub. Char, and Cor., 
Blackwell's Island (see Class I., Div. 1). 

Beeeption Hospital of Thb Health Dept., foot of 
East .16th St. (see Class I., Div. 1). 

Riverside Hospital of The Health Dept , North 
Brothers' Island (see Class I., Div. 1). 

St Andrew's Convalescent Hospital (1886), dl3 East 
17th St. For women and girls of 16 and upwards, of 


Oeneral Di^pensar 

good character, who need care, nursing and rest, not ill 
enough to be admitted to a regular hospital, or recovering 
from acute illness. It receives promptly and without pay- 
ment all casea approved by the Vlsltine Physician, without 
distinction of creed. Contagious, epileptic, mental, ner- 
vous and chronic diseases not admitted. Capacity, 13 
beds. 109 patients c&red for Inst year. Receipts, $5,719: 
expenditures, $5,733 ; endowment, $3,265. Visilors ad- 
mitted daily, except Sundays, from 2 to 4 p.m. In charm 
of Sisterhood of St. John Baptiat (see Class IX., Div. " 
W. Vought, M.D., Visiting Physician. 

St. Josenh'H Hosuital of the Sisters of the Poor a, 
St. FrancU, East 143d St., bet. Brooke and St. Ann'sg 
Ayes, (which see, Class VI., Div. 1). 

■„ and Fifth Ave. (see CkiEl^^ 

DrviaioN 3. — Oeneral Diipentariei. 

(See also Ohurchefl and CoUKreRatlana.) 


e BlHo departmi 

Avense A WispeuHftry (1884), N. W. corner of Avenue 
A and Eighth St. For the free treatment of the sick poor of 
the neighborhood, ineluding piilientewith chronic diseases. 
Carried on chiefly by the ladies of the Wilson Mission 
(which see, Class 11., Div. 6), who give the room free of 
rent. Supported by voluntary contributions. Apply to 
Dr. Elebash, Physician in charge, from 10 to 12 a. 

D COR., 

1>IV. d. ffenercU Dtspensaries. 159 

Beth Israel Hospital Association, 196 East Broadway 
(see Class VI., Div. 1). 

Bloomingdale Clinic (org. 1891), 223 West 99th St. 
For the free treatment of the deserving poor only. Open 
daily, except Sundays, from 2 to 4 p.m. Supported by 
voluntary contributions and services. Samuel G. Tracy, 
M.D., Pres.; Thomas Stevenson, m.d., Sec'y; Edward J. 
Ware, m.d., Treas., 102 West 93d St. 

Barean of Medical and Surgical Belief for Oat- 
Door Poor in 23d and 24th Wards of Dept. op Pub. 
Chab. and Cob., 702 Westchester Ave. (see Class I., Div. 1). 

Chinese Hospital Association, 45 Hicks St., Brooklyn 
(see Class VI., Div. 1). 

Christopher Colnmhas Italian Hospital of the City 
of New York, 320 East 109th St. (see Class VI., Div. I). 

Bemilt Dispensary in the City of New York (incorp. 
1851), 401 Second Ave., cor. of 23d St. District bounded 
bjr 14th St., Sixth Ave., 40th St. and East River. Fur- 
nishes free medical, surgical and dental advice, medicines 
and vaccinations to sick poor, with a nominal charge of 10 
cents for medicines to those able to pay. Three visiting 
physicians who attend patients at their homes when too 
sicK to come to Dispensary. Open week-days from 9 to 4 
P.M., on Sundays and holidays from 1 to 2 p.m., and on 
Tuesdays and Fridays from 7 to 9 p.m. for women em- 
ployed during the day. Supported by voluntary contribu- 
tions etc. 33,354 new patients last year, 74,465 patients 
in all treated, 6,288 cared for at their homes, 9,587 visits 
made, and. 66,231 prescriptions dispensed. Receipts, $40,- 
240; expenditures, $39,587. Charles C. Savage, Pres.; 
Frederic 8. Wells, Sec'y; John W. Cochrane. Treas., 375 
Broadway; Miles H. Nash, m.d., House Physician, to 
whom apply. Maintains 

Public Baths; weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and 
Tuesdays and Fridays from 7 to 9 p.m. For adults and 
children. 10 cents for soap and towel charged to those 
able to pay, but none are refused. 

Dispenfiaries of the International Medical Mission- 
ary Society, office, 118 East 45th St. (see Class X., Div. 4). 

4 .' 



Oeneral Dirpemarieii. 

Eagtern Dlapensary in the Citj of New York (incorp. 
Lo8%) ceaaed dispensary work 1891, and has turned over 
its property and work entirely to the Tkustebb of the 
QooD Bamaritan DtBPBNBARY. Its Corporate existence is 
preserved only to fulfil the requirements of such legacies as 
may have hceo left to it. See Tkdstbbb of the Good 
Samahitan Dibpbnsart, page 164. 

East Side DlHpensary (org. and incoip. 18B0), 327 Third 
St.. near Ave. D. Gives free medical and surgical advice 
and treatment to the poor daily, except Sundays and holi- 
days, from 1 to 5 P.M. Ten cents charged for eacli pre- 
scription. Last vear'a receipts, Jl.SSO; expenditures, 
$1,800. Julius Weiss, m.d., Pres.; Julius Stein, M,t»., 
Cor. Bec'y, 338 East Fourth St. ; Lewis Price, m.d., Treas. 

Eclectic College Free OispenBary (incorp. 1886), 239 
East 14th St. (Formerly at 1 Livingston Place.) For gra- 
tuitous care and treatment of the sick poor. Supported 
hy voluntary contributions. 4,502 patients treated, 1,180 
visited in their homes and 9,8S0 prescriptions dispensed 
last year. Receipts, $1,388; expenditures, |l,aOO. Open 
weekdays, except holidays, from 10 to IS m., and 2 to 5 
F.u. Geo. W. Boakowitz, m.d., Sec'y and Dean, 40 East 
4lBt St. ; A. W. W. Miller, Treas. ; J. Howard Yarnall, 
M.D., House Physician; John A. Beuermann, m.d.. House- 
Surgeon, to whom apply. 

Five Points Dispensary of Five Points Honse of la- 
dustry, 147 Worth 8t. (see Class 11., Div. 7). 

Fordham Dispensary. Has only a nominal existence; 
active operations ceased, about 1883. Has a small unused 

Div. 8. General Dispensaries. 161* 

tous medical and surgical treatment of the sick poor, re- 
gardless of nationality and creed. Patients able to pay are 
charged 10 cents. Open daily, except Sundays and holi- 
days, from 2 to 4 p.m. Number cared for last year, 4,688; 
visited at their homes, 176, and 5,079 prescriptions were 
dispensed. Receipts, $761; expenditures, $756; permanent 
fund, $13,572. Peter W. Moeller, Pres. ; Wm. Schlegel. 
8ec*y; Bernard Karsch, Treas.; G. Schlegel, m.d , Medical 

German Hospital and Dispensary of the City of 
New York. Dispensary is at 137 Second Ave. (see Class 
VI., Div. 1). 

German Poliklinik of the City of New York 

(Deutsche PoLiKLiNiK)(incorp. 1883), 78 East Seventh St. 
For free medical, surgical and dental treatment of the 
worthy sick and disabled poor, chiefly for Germans on 
the East Side. Has also a few beds for surgical cases 
needing temporary in-door care. Has 8 Special De- 
partments. Supported by voluntary contributions and 
fees for drugs. 13,811 patients treated and 31,573 prescrip- 
tions dispensed last year. Receipts, $5,703; expenditures, 
$4,576; permanent fund, $2,400 Open daily, except Sun- 
days and holidays, from 1 to 5 p.m. Anton von Palitschek, 
Pres.; C. A. Von Ramdohr, m.d., Sec'y, 105 Seventh St.; 
Geo. C. Stiebeling,M.D., Treas., 71 St. Mark's Place; W. 
Freudenthal, m.d., Sec'y of Medical Faculty. 

Good Samaritan Dispensary, see Trustees of the 
Gk>OD Samaritan Dispensary, page 164. 

Harlem Dispensary (incorp. 1869), 160 East 126th St. 
District extends from 104th St. North to the Harlem River 
and West to Eighth Ave. Affords medical, surgical and 
dental relief to the sick poor at the Dispensary and at 
their own homes. Has a department for Eye, Ear and 
Throat diseases. Open daily, except Sundays and holi- 
days, from 1 to 3 p.m. Supported by voluntary contribu- 
tions, and fees for medicines, for which a charge of 10 cents 
is made to those able to pay. 6,509 patients treated last 
Tear. Receipts and expenditures, about $2,000. Hen^ P. 
Mc€k)wn, Pres. ; Peter Forrester, Sec'y ; Cyrus O. Hub- 
bell, Treas.; Henry B. Shaw, m.d., House Physician. 



Qeneral Diapeiigar 


Harlem Reception Hospital and DiBpensarj of 
Dept. of Pub. Csab. akd Cob., 635 East 130th St. (see 
ClaBaI.,Div. 1). 

Life SaTiny Institnte and Free Dlspensarj (org. 
1891), 95th at. and Second Ave. For the free medical 
treatment of thepinrof that Ticioitf ; has also two beds 
for palieiitB requiring hospital treatment, and a physician 
and surgeon in attendaiii:^ for outside emergency cases. 
Supported by voluntary cotttributions. R. Kunitzer, m.d., 
Prea., 842 East llBth St. ; L. Lichtschein, m.d., Sec'y, 318 
East 52d St. ; C. Molschenbacher, m.d., Treiis., 629 E!ev- 
eDth Ave. Apply at the Institute. 


:. and Lexington Afe. (set 

River, through Spring St. to Broadway, up Broadway t_ 
14th St., through 14th St. to and down First Ave., to Al- 
len and Pike Sts. , to East River. Furnishes free medical, 
surgical and dental aid and vaccination to the deserving 
sick poor, and visits those living in the district at their 
homes when necessary. Supported by voluntary dona- 
tionsand apothecary's receipts. 45,850 new patients treated, 
8,114 visited at their homes and 90,235 preserlptions dis- 
pensed last year, A nominal charge for medicine is made 
to those able to pay. Receipts, f39.782 ; espenditures, 
$30,908. Open week-days, except holidays, from 9 to 3 
P.M. for medical attendance, from Q to 5 p.ii. for medi- 
cines. Frederic J. de Peyster, Pres.; David Magie. Sec'y; 
Wm. E, Roosevelt. Acting Treaa, ; Oondict W. Cutler. 
M.D., Physician-io-Chief. 

IHY. 8. Oeneral IHspeniaries, 163 

New York Post-Gradiiate Medieal Sehool and Hos- 
pital, 226 East 20th St. (see Class VI., Div. 11). 

New York Protestant Episcopal City Mission So- 
eietj, St. Barnabas' Dispensary, 204 Mulbeny St. (see 
Class IX., Div. 1). ^ 

Nortli-Eastem Dispensary in tlie City of New York 

rtncorp. 1862), 222 East 59th St. District bounded by 40th 
St. and 92d St. East of Sixth Ave. to East River. Fur- 
nishes free medical and surgical advice and medicines, 
also vaccination, dentistry; ana medical attendance in con- 
finement, to the sick^, a£3icted and indigent persons unable 
to procure the same. Open daily from 9 to 5 p.m.; on 
Sundays and holidays from 9 to 10:30 a.m. for application 
for the services of the Visiting Physician. Supported by 
private contributions etc. 22,431 patients treated last year, 
3,276 visited at their own homes and 60,104 prescriptions 
dispensed. Receipts, $4,836; expenditures, $3,827. John 
H. Riker, Pres.; Gteorge Whitefleld, Treas.; Warren 
Schoonover, m.d., Sec'y, to whom apply. 

Northern Dispensary (see p. 164, Trustees of the 
Northern Dispensary etc.). 

Nortli-Western Dispensary in the City of New York 

(incorp. 1852), K W. corner 36th St. and Ninth Ave. Dis- 
trict bounded by 23d St., Fifth Ave., 80th St. and Hudson 
River. Furnishes free medical and surgical advice, medi- 
cines and vaccination, both at the Dispensary and at the 
homes of the sick poor. Supported by volimtary contri- 
butions. Treated 25,834 patients and dispensed 67,612 
prescriptions last year. Receipts, $4,900; expenditures, 
$4,51 8. Amos W. Lyon, Pres.; Wm. B. Conklin, Sec'y; 
John Hardy, Treas.; Robert J. McGay, m.d., House Phy- 
sician, to whom apply from 9 to 4 p.m. 

Presbyterian Hospital in the City of New York, 
Madison Ave. and 70th St. (see Class VI., Div. 1). 

Boosevelt Hospital, 59th St. and Nmth Ave. (see Class 
VI., Div. 1). 

81 Barnabas' Honse, 204 Mulberry St. (see Class II., 
D4t. 8). 

iM General Dispentariei. 

St. Francis Hospital and Dispensary of 81st«rH 
the Poor of St. Francis, 805 Fifth St. (see Class " 
Dir. 1). 


Tompkins Sqnare MomiBopatfalc Dlspensarr (incorp. 
18T4), 26 East FourtliSt. O i via Homceopathic medical aad 
surgical advice and treatment to the poor. Palienta who 
can pay are charged 10 to 36 cents for each preacription. 
Supported by medicine- fees. Treate<l 7,146, dispensed 24,- 

i Fulton 8 


TrnsteeB of the Good Samaritan Dispensary (incorp. 

I8S4), N. W. comer of Broome and Essex 8ts. District 
bounded by East Bivtr. 14tli St., First Ave., Allen and 
Pike Sts. FurniBhes free medical and surgical advice, 
treatment and medicines to all who are too poor to pa^ for 
the same; but a charge of 10 cents for each prescription is 
made to those who can pay. Open daily, except Sundaya, 
from 8 A.M. tod P.M. Supported by subBcriptions and fund. 
Assumed, 1891, the property and work of the Eastern 
DtBPENBARY (see page 160), which treated 78,388 new pa- 
tients and dispensed 86, 7S3 prescriptions last year. Iter, 
Geo. 8. Baker, Pres.; Rev. E. Winchester Donald, D. " 
Sec'y, la West 11th St.; Sam"l Rtfcer, Esq., Treas., Pol 
Buifding, Nassau St.; Thos, T. Gaunt. Physician 

Trastees of the Northern Dispensary oftheCltr of 
New York (incorp. 1828). junction of Chrisiopber 8t. and 
Waverley Placij, District bounded by West 33d and Spring 
Sts., between Broadway and North River. Affords medi- 
co, surgical and deutal relief to sick poor and Indi 
persons, also vaccination, and has two out-door phjslt 

Dty. 4. Speeial DUpeUMHes, 166 

who visit and prescribe for those who are unable to come 
in person. Open week-days from 9 to 3 p.m. for medical 
attendance, from 8 to 5 p.m. for medicines; Sundays, from 
9 to 10 A.M. for medicines only. Supported by voluntary 
contributions, subscriptions etc. 14,208 patients treated, 
3,014 cared for at their homes and 23,028 prescriptions dis- 
pensed last year; a nominal charge made to those able 
to pay. Receipts, $5,994; expenditures. |5,714. George 
Starr, Acting Pres. ; Charles E. Bogert, Sec'y; A. G. 
Bogert, Treas., 64 Bank St.; John T. Harrison, m.d., 
House Surgeon. 

University of the City of New York, 410 East 26th St. 
(Mbdical Department) (see Class VI., Div. 11). 

Tanderbilt Clinic (opened 1886) of The College of 
Physicdlnb and Surgeons op the City op New York 
(which see, Class VI., Div. 11), corner of 60th St. and Tenth 
Ave. Provides a fully equipped dispensary service for the 
sick poor. Open daily from 10 to 4 p.m. Endowment of 
Clinic, ^100,000. Jas. R. Lathrop (at RooseVelt Hospital), 

West Side Homceopathic Dispensary (org. 1889), 355 
West 40th St. Affords free medical and surgical treatment 
to the sick poor. 1,200 patients treated and over 3,000 pre- 
scriptions dispensed during the first six months. Open 
daily from 10 to 4 and 7:30 to 9 p.m. Controlled and sujj- 
ported by Medical Board. A charge of 10 cents for medi- 
cines to those able to pay. Irving Townsend, m.d., Supt. , 
66 West 46th St. 

Division 4. — Special Dtspenacmes, 
CMoBt of the Qeneral Dispensaries have also Special Departments.) 

German Poliklinik of the City of New York, 78 

East Seventh St. (see Class VI., Div. 3). 

Harlem Dispensary, 160 East 126th St. (see Class YI., 
Div. 8). 

Harlem Eye, Ear and Throat Infirmary, 144 East 
127th St. (see Class VI., Div. 2). 

Speeiai iHtprntOrlei. 

T Dis- 
eases. Has also KosE and. Throat DEPABTHBNTe. Ca- 
pacity, 34. One free bed. Supported by voluntary contri- 
bationa and board of patients. 67 in-door patients treated 
lost jear. Receipts, $3,334 ; expenditures, |3,372. L. A. 
Jackson, Prea., 33 Park Row; H. V. Pacsell. Treas., 31 
East 31st Bt.: Tliomas R. Pooley.H.D., Executive Surgeon 
and Sec'y, *107 Madison Ave.; E. A. Kirkpatrick, M.D., 
Resident Surgeon, to whom apply. Maintains the 

Disfens&rt; for the gratuitous treatmeot of the worthy 
poor afflicted with diseases of tlie Eyk, Eab, TaaOAT and 
NosB. 1,747 new cases treated last year. Open daily, ex- 
cept Sundays, from 2 to 3:1)0 p.m. It he 

School of Instructioh in Ophthalmoloot 

OY '^K^^l 
1 St. («^| 
□d Ati^^I 

Hew York Institute for Ear and Eye DiMases (inoorp. 
1890), 306 and 308 West 42d St. To maintain a free Hos- 
pital and Dispensary for the care and treatment of poor 
persons suffering from diseases of the Ete, Eab, Kosb 
and TniiOAT, and to eatablish a School of Instbdction 
in such diseases. The Hospital contaius 10 beds, not free, 
except for emergencies. Dispensary is open daily from 
1 to 3 P.M. Charles A. Bucklin, m.d., Executive Surgeon, 
to whom apply. 

Biv. 4. Special Di^pensa/Hea, 167 

New York Ophthalmic and Aural Institute, 46 East 
12th St. (see Qass VI., Div. 2). 

New York Ophthalmic Hospital, 201 East 2ad St. 
(see Class VI., Div. 2). 

New York Orthopssdic Bispensarj, 126 East 59th St. 
(see Class VI., Div. 2). 

New York Pasteur Institute (org. 1890), 178 West 10th 
St. For the preventive treatment of hvdrophobia and for 
the study of contagious diseases. 828 cases during first 
year, of which 597 were free. Indigents treated free of 
charge. Open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Supported and con- 
troll^ by Dr. Paul Gibier, Director, up to January. 1891. 
Received from contributions (1891), $2,072; expenditures, 
$567. In connection with this Institute is the 

Bacteriological Institute (incorp. 1891). 

New York Society for the Belief of the Ruptured 
and Crippled, Lexington Ave., cor. 42d St. (see Class YI., 
Div. 2). 

St. Bartholomew's Hospital and Dispensary (incorp. 
1888), 84 Carmine St. For free treatment of the poor suf- 
fering from skin and venereal diseases and all diseases of 
the genito-urinary tract, and for efforts to prevent the 
spread of the above contagious diseases. Unsectarian. 
(The Hospital not yet opened.) Open daily, except Sun- 
days and legal holidays, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and from 
7 to 9 P.M. Supported by voluntary donations. 424 pa- 
tients treated last year. Receipts, 1 1,836 ; expenditures, 
$1,684. Dr. Gteorge A. Peters, Pres.; George T. Jackson, 
M.D., Sec'y, 14 East 31st St.; Bradford W. Hitchcock, 
Treas., 55 Liberty St. Apply to the Physician in charge. 

United States Marine Hospital Service, Battery (see 
Class I., Div. 3). 

Uniyersity of the City of New York (Medical De- 
PABTMENT), 410 East 26th St. (see Class VI., Div. 11). 

.■• .• 1 


108 Wameiii. CltS^tiCi and Iginf^* 

Diviaos S.—Womm't, ChOdrtn't a»i 
(Bee also Charctm aod 

in the citj ore oolf for pernor 

t child be recm t JimaHl n>B acinCB 

II III rii Tlir Iiilwl ■■ ifci tinin^iiM 
who can be ntamwd. 
IsiriUiTiK to keep and cwv rOrbcrtAU.^ 

lO work with it ; tor hi 


Bftbies' Hospital of tke Cltr of N«w Tork (incorp. 
1887). 657 Lexington Ave., cor. of 55th Si. For tte cmre of 
poor Hick children ander 2 years of age, excluding codIb- 
gious diseases. Children must be preseated for exatniiM- 
tioD at the Hospital between 9 and 12 ic No motherB re- 
ceived. AccomraodalioD for 24. Visitors welcome aaj 
time. Supported bj voluntary contribntions. Ijastyear^ 
relets, 112,618; espendilures, #I2,48S. Klra. Alezamler 
8. Webb, 1st Diredresa. 15 Lexington Ave.; Mrs. Bryw 
Gray, Jr., Rec. Sec'y, 554 Fifth Ave.; Mrs. Edward H. 
London. Cor. Sec'f, 5 East 65th St.; Mrs. Kale Y.S. Olcoll, 
Treas., 38 West 39th St.; Dr. Lamphear, House Physician. 
Mainlaios the 

Country B&akch Hospital at Oceanic, N. J.; 
during the summer. 

DiSPEKSAKT POR Childrek, iu the baseineiit of Hospi- 
tal. For free trcalmeot, but a charge of 10 cents is made 
for each prescription. Open daDy, except Sunday, from S 
to 3 P.M. 

Practical Trainiso Scrooi. por Chilphkn's Nursks; 
young girls of good character of IS or more years of a 
taught the managenif nt and training of sick and weU cT 
drcn, how to prepare their food, to bathe and dress ttu.- 
and to detect any signs of ill-beaUb. Apply to Supt. i 
Nurses at the Hospital. 

Babies' Wards of the New York FoBtOradnal 
Medical School aud Hospital, 326 East 20[b St. (se " 
VI., DIv. 11). 

oiY. 5. Wcmeh\ UkiUbrm*9 and Xfu^-tn Bs^^Uah, M 

Ghildrem's H«q^tal of Deft, or Pub. Char. Aim 
Cor., Randall's Idand (see Class I., IMt. 1). 

Colored Home amd Hospital ete., Materiott Deft., 
65th St. and first ATe. (see Class Y., Div. 2). 

EmeriT^iiej Hom^ital for Women of Deft, of Pub. 
Char, and Cor., 2^ East 26th St. (see Class I., Div. 1). 

Fiye Poimts House of Industry, 155 Worth St. (see 
Class n., Div. 7). 

House of the (i^ood Samaritan Biakonissen (1886) 

is now consolidated with the Hahnemann Hospital; to 
effect the erection of a new Maternitt and Child's Hos- 
pital with a Training School for Nurses, upon the 
principles of the Diakonissen (see Class VI., Div. 1). 

Infants' Hospital of Deft, of Pub. Char, and Cor., 
Randairs Island (see Class I., Div. 1). 

Laura Franklin Free Hospital for Children in the 
Cltj of New York (org. 1886, incorp. 1888), 17 and 19 East 
111th St. For free homoeopathic medical and surgical 
treatment of sick, maimed and injured children of 2 to 12 
years, of any race or creed, whose parents or friends are 
unable to pay. No contagious or incurable cases received. 
Visitors welcome daily, except Sundays and Thursdays, 
from 2 to 4 p.m. Capacity, 50 beds. Treated 205 last year. 
In charge of Sisters of St. Mary (Prot. Epis.). Supported 
by endowment fund and donations. Sidney S. Harris, 
Pres.; P. D. Weekes, Sec'y; Fred. D. Hitch, Treas., Room 
90, No. 1 Broadway. 

Maternity Hospital of Deft, of Pub. Char, and 
Cor., Blackwell's island (see Class I., Div. 1). 

New York Female Asylum for Luring- in Women (in- 
corp. 1827), 139 Second Ave. Gives without charge accom- 
modation and medical attendance during confinement to 
respectable, indigent married women; also gives the same 
aid at their residence. Pay patients are also received. 
Capacity, 25 beds. Patients admitted from 8 a.m. to 6 
p.m. Has Districts corresponding with those of the Char- 
ITT Organization Society, each with a corps of district 
physicians for outside cases. Last year there were 98 cases 


170 Wonten'a, Ohildren'i and L^n{j-in So»pifdU. CLiBB Tl" 

ia Asjlum and 133 were delivered In their homes. Takes 
also for inatruotioa and board twelve nursea yearly from 
Training SchooU. Visiting day, Tuesday, 10 to 13 m. 
Supported by donacions and subscriptions. Last year's 
receipts, |5,618; expenditures. $5,302. Mrs. H. H. An- 
derson, lat Directress. 34 Qramercy Park; Mrs. J. R. 
Nevins, Treas. i Mrs, 0. L. Atterbury, Sec'y. 7 East 33d 
St.; E. E. TqII, m.d., Besident Physician. Apply at the 
Asylum, or by telephone, or through Roy officers of the 
Charity Organization Society. Telephone number 
"18th St. 1149." 

New York Inflrmar; for ffomen and Chitdren (org. 
1853, incorp. 1857), 5 Livingston Place, Stuyvesant 8q. 
For surgical treatment, cononement and non-contagiouB 
diBeases, chiefly to the sick poor living in tlie crowded dis- 
trict between Canal and 17tli Sta., East of Third Ave. 
Those who are able pay f5 a week, others free. Women 
physicians in charge. Capacity, 33 beds. Apply daily, 
Sundays excepted, at the Dispensary from 9 to 11 AM. 
Private pay patients may apply personally or by_ letter, en- 
closing physician's certiflcate, to Resident Physician from 
II to 1 p.«. Private confinement cases not received. Visi- 
tors received Tuesdays and Thursdays from a to 4 r.v., 
Wednesdays 7;30 to 8:30 p.m., and Sundays 10 tola ic. 
Supported by public funds, subscriptions and pay patients. 
318 patients treated last year. Receipts. f35,782, of which 
^4,3S3 were from public funds; expenditures, $20 0^. 
Robert Haydock, Prea.; J. T. Willets, Trena.. 308 Pearl 
St.; H. W. De Forest, Sec'y; Miss Julia Marsball, Supt. 
Maintains the following: 

DtsFENSART (18541, 331 East 15th St , cor. Livingston 
Place, Free advice and medicines to the poor, but patients 
wlio are able pay a small sum fortheir prescriptions. Open 
daily from 9 to 11 a.m. Patients too ill to come to Dis- 
pensary must send appllcattoa before 1 f,u. 28,345 pa- 

l>iy. 6. W(»Mn\ Ohitdrmi'i and Lying-in ttospiiaU. Vll 

tients treated and 7,117 free visits made by Out-door Phy- 
sician last year. 


MABT FOR Women and Children (1864), cor. East 15th 
St. and Livingston Place; for the education of women 

Training School for Nurses (1886); is a branch of 
the New Haven Training School. 

Fresh-air Fund. 124 children and 5 women sent to 
the country for two weeks last year. 

New York Medieal College and Hospital for Women 

rincorp. 1863), 213 West 64th St. A Homoeopathic college 
for the medical education of women. The Hospital is open 
to any sick woman or child, irrespective of creed or nation- 
ality, excepting those with contagious diseases. Refined, 
sensitive women may receive skilled treatment from women 
physicians. Capacity, 24 beds. Patients may pay accord - 
mg to abilitjr; ward patients charged $7 per week. Visitors 
received daily from 2 to 4 p.ic. Supported by voluntary 
contributions and board of patients. Treated 190 last year. 
Receipts, $9,673 ; expenditures, |9,753. Rev. Henry S. 
Day, Pres.; Cordelia Williams, m.d., 8ec*y, 30 East 22d 
St.; Madame E. L. Demorest, Treas., 21 East 57th St. 
Apply for admission to the Resident Physician. Maintains 
at same address a 

Dispensary; for free service and medicine to poor women 
and children. Open daily, except Sundays, from 10 to 4 
P.M. 1,695 treated last year. Cordelia Williams, m.d., 
Superintending Physician. 

New York Mothers' Home of the Sisters of Miseri- 

eorde (incorp. 1888), 525 to 631 East 86th St. To provide 
and maintain maternity hospitals and asylums for children 
in the State of New York. Maintains a 

Maternity Hospital, with the necessary medical aid 
for destitute women and young unmarried girls, hitherto 
respectable, about to become mothers. Any nationality, 
color or creed received. Accommodates 50 free, and 8 pay 
patients in private rooms. Children left in charge of the 
Bisters are taken care of temporarily, and if the mother is 

173 Women't, OKildrerC a and Lying-in Sctpitalt.fisi^xVi!^ 

UDable to support them they ure adopted out, or sent to the 
New York Foundlisq IIoarcTAi, (which see, Class V.. 
DIt. I). Supported by voluntary contributions. Sheltered 
138 women and 118 children last year. Receipts, |I0,11T; 
erpenditures, $10,304. Apply at the Home at any honr of 
the day to Bister M. de la Miserlcorde, Direcli'eas; Sister St, 
M. Magdeleine, Pres.; bister St. Lucy, Sec'y; Sister St. Joa- 
chim, Treas. ■ 

Nursery and Cblld'g Hospital (incorp. lUM}, Lexing^ 
ton Ave., cor. 51st St. Maintains and cares for destitute 
childrea under 4 years of age, and boards the children of 
wet-nursea. Children boarded and educated at f 10 per 
month ; and provides homes for them, when necessary, in 
the West. Women of |;ood character, and also unmarried 
women in their first confinement, if free from contagious 
diseases, are admitted to the. Lying-in Department on the 
payment of a sum within their means, or free if agreeing 
to remain three months after confinement to take care of 
two infanta. Supported by voluntary contributions, lega- 
cies and public school funds. 579 women and 1,082 chil- 
dren cared for last year. Receipts. $120,498, of which 
$85,779 were from public funds ; espenditures. $108,830. 
Apply at the Hospital daily from! to 3 p.m., at which hour 
also Tisttors are admitted. Applications for conflnement 
^ould be made in person. Mrs. Algernon Sydney Sulli- 
van, Isl Directress, 68 West 49th St.: Mrs. Edward 
Oothout, Sec'y, 48 West 9th St.; Mrs. F. N. Qoddard, 
Treas., 3 East 35th St.; Dr. Charles W. Hayt, Physician In 
diarge; Mrs. McEvoy, Matron. Maintains a 

CouNTSY Bbanch at West New Brighton, Staten Island, 
for the older children and the sick during the summer 
months. Accommodates 335, who receive EindergartnJ 
and Industrial Training here as well as at the Hospital, 

DiY. 5. Wometi^i, ClhUdfren*» and Lying-in Hospitals, 173 

Andrew's Church (see under Prot. Epis. Churches), for a 
Free Ikfirhaby and Dispenbart for diseases of women. 
Capacity, 25 beds, 22 of which are free. Visitors received 
from 3 to 4 p.m. daily. Non-sectarian. Entirely depend- 
ent upon voluntary contributions. Apply to Malcolm 
McLean, m.d., Surgeon in charge, or to the Matron, Mrs. 
T. E. Horton. Has, in connection with the Infirmary, a 

DisPENSABY, open daily, except Sunday, from 2 to 3 
P.M., and a 

Training School for Nurses. 

St. John's Guild, 501 Fifth Ave. (see Class VI., Div. 9). 

St Mary's Free UospiUl for Children (org. 1870, in- 
corp. 1887), 405 to 409 West 34th St. For the care and 
medical and surgical treatment of sick, maimed and crip- 
pled children from 2 to 14 years of age, suffering from 
acute or curable diseases; but no chronic or contagious 
cases are admitted. Accommodates 60 patients. Visitors 
admitted daily from 3 to 4 p.m. 352 patients treated last 
year. Receipts, $14,455 ; expenditures, $14,392. Con- 
ducted by the Sisterhood of St. Mary (Prot. Epis.). Apply 
to Sister Catherine, Sister- Superior. Maintains at same 
address a 

Dispensary ; for free medical advice to children ; small 
charge made for medicines. 1,440 patients treated and 
2,581 prescriptions filled last year. Receipts, $794; ex- 
penditures, $445. 

NoYES Memorial Home, Peekskill, N. Y. A branch of 
St. Mary's Free Hospital for Children (org. 1888), Exclu- 
sively for patients who have been treated in the Hospital 
and whose diseases assume an incurable form ; and for 
some of those convalescing from illness. Accommodates 
20. Last year's receipts, $1,682; expenditures, $1,702. 

Summer Branch House, at Rockaway Beach, L. I.; 
for convalescent children from the Hospital. Last year's 
receipts, $11,818; expenditures, $11,718. 

Sloane Matdmlty HosDital (opened 1888) of The Col- 
LBGB OF Physicians and Surgeons in the City of New 
York (which see, Class VI., Div. 11), cor. 59th St. and 
Tenth Ave. A Lying-in Hospital containing 39 beds, all 


Women's and OMldren'i JHtpensariet. class ti,^ 

of which are free in perpetuity. Emergency caaea received 
at any hour. Apply to E. A. Tucker, m.d.. Resident Phy- 
sician, as above, at 1:30 p.m. daily, except Sunday. 

Wlllard Parker Hoapilal of The Heai-th Dept., foot 
of East 16th St, (see Claae I,, Div, I), 

Woman's Huspital in the State of New York (incorp. 
1857), 49th aud SOtli Sts., bet, Lexington and Park Aves. 
For the treatment of diseaecs peculiar to women, and for 
the maintenance of a Ltinq-in Hobpitai., 35 free beds; 
others, $6 and upwards per week. Capacity. 141 beds. 
Chronic, contagious and cancerous cases not received. 
Treated 661 in-door patients last year. Closed from June 
30th to September 15th, except for out-door patients, who 
are treated at the Dispensary named helow. Visitors ad- 
mitted daily, except Sundays, from 11 to I p.m., and on 
Hundaya from 4 to 6 p.m. Supported by receipts from pay 

Satienta and voluntary contribuliona. Laal year's receipts, 
71,339; expenditures, |71,5T9: permanent fund, $152,000. 
John E, Parsons, Pres, ; ChaB. N. Talbot, Sec'y, 111 Broad- 
way; J. G. Cannon, Treaa,, 14 Nassau St,; 8. H. Leroy, 
Supt., to whom apply at the Hospital from 9 to S f.H. 
Maintains a 

DisPENSART; for out-door patients. Open every week- 
day at 3 P.M. Gave treatment to 1,439 last year. 

Division 6, — Women't and CMldren'a Ditpejuariet. 
(Induding Lying-in Ohariliu.) 

(See also CliiircheB and CoDgreBations,) 

Babies' Hospital of the Cltr of New York, 
DiBFEMSARY FOR Chilurkn, 657 Lesington Ave. (see 
VI„ Div. 5). 

Five Points House of Indnstry, 155 Worth 8l, (see 
Class n„ Div, 7), 


A nominal cliarge for mcdicineB made to 
""- Open daily, except Bundayg, from 10 

DiY. 6. yfovMnCi und Children's Dispemaries. 175 

to 12 K. Avenge number treated annualljr, 1,300. Sup- 
ported by contributions and fees for medicines. Mrs. A. 
P. Baldwin, Pres. ; Miss Carrie Cox, Sec'y ; Miss H. A. 
Sill, Treas.; Clara Steinbrenner, m.d., Physician in charge. 

Home for Incurables, Third Ave., cor. 182d St., Ford- 
ham (see Class VI., Div. 10). 

Ladies' Hebrew Lying-in Society (incorp. 1877), 58 St. 
Mark's Place. Takes care of poor Hebrew mothers during 
confinement, and supplies medical aid, nurses, food ana 
clothing in each case, through the United Hebrew Cha- 
rities, of w^ich it is a constituent (see Class II., Div. 2). 
Supported by voluntary contributions. Cared for 397 cases 
last year. Keceipts, $1,000; expenditures, $2,221. Mrs. 
Frances H. Cohen, Chairman. Apply as above daily, ex- 
cept Saturdays and Sundays, from 9 to 5 p.m. 

Midwifery Dispensary (org. 1890), 312 Broome St. To 
supply free medical attenaance in confinement, at their own 
homes, to women unable to pay. Supported by voluntary 
contributions. Last year's receipts, $2,161; expenditures, 
$3,268. Apply as aDove to Asa B. Davis, m.d.. Resident 
Physician, between 10 and 12 m. Emergency cases will 
receive attention at any hour. H. McM. Painter, m.d., 
Swj'y, 602 Lexington Ave* 

New York Asylum for Lying-in Women, 139 Second 
Ave. (see Class vl., Div. 5). 

New York Foundling Hospital, 175 East 68th St. (see 
Class v.. Div. 1). 

New York Infirmary for Women and Children, 5 

Livingston Place, cor. East I5th St. (see Class VI. , Div. 5). 

New York Medieal College and Hospital for Women, 
213 West 64th St. (see Class VI., Div. 5). 

St Andrew's Free Infirmary for Women, 108 East 
128th St. (see Qass VI., Div. 5). 

St. Mary's Free Hospital for Children, 407 West 34th 
St. (see Class VI., Div. 5). 

Siek Children's Mission of the Children's Aid Soci- 
ety, 287 Broadway (see Class U., Div. 6). 


Visiting and Reliening Sick Poor, 

their own homes during the period of their coaBnemeot. 
Supported by an eudovtnient. It has no hospital or offlcen. 
May be addressed through the Post OfBce at 20 Union 

Twenty-ftve Cent ProTident Dispensary (org. 1880), 
18 Ciintou Place. For the beoeflt of teachers, aaleswomen, 
clerks and all women and girla who worlt for their ii?eli- 
hood. Women and children only treated, and exclu- 
sively by women physicians. Open daily, except Sundays, 
from 4 10 G P.M. UnderaBoardof Supervisors." Supported 
by patienta' pay aud charitable annual contributors. P. 
O, Jolinson, u.d., Treas.; £11a A, Jennings, u.d., Resi- 
dent Physician, to whom apply. 

Wouiau's Hospital In the State of New York, 49th 
St., between Lexington and Park Aves. (see Class VI., 
Div. rj). 

:ot. ^1 


Out-door service for the 

Also a Maternity Charity 

married women at their o' 

No accommodation yet for ' 

Sundays, from 3 to 4 r.M. 

butious. Receipts and expenditures, about f700. . __ 

patients treated last year. Clermont H. Wilcox, Pres.; 

Jaa. M. Lewis, 67 Liberty St., Sec'y ; Sylvester I. Jacques, 


For the indieent only. 

of women and children, 
to furnish attendance to poor 
vn homes during confinement, 
□-patients. Open daily, except 
Supported by volur' ' 


3B and CDDgreeatJoDB.) 

;. Mark's Place (see Clai 

i>iv.'7. ^ ViHting and Believing 8ick Poor. 177 

Emana-El Sisterhood for Personal Seryice, 159 East 
74th St. (see Class II., Div. 2). 

Ef angelical Aid Soeietj for the Spanish Work etc., 

1345 Lexington Ave. (see Class IX., Div. 2). 

Fire Points House of Industry, 155 Worth St. (see 
Class II., Div. 7). 

Ctorman Ladies' Society etc., Sec'j's address, 175 West 
58th St. (see Class II., Div. 2). 

German Society of the City of New York, 13 Broad- 
way (see Class IV., Div. 1). 

Hebrew Sanitary Reform Society, Sec'y's office, 103 
West 55th St. (see Class III., Div. 1). 

Institution of Mercy, 8l8t St. and Madison Ave. (see 
Class v., Div. 1). 

Italian Mission of the Protestant Episcopal Church, 

809 Mulberry St. (see Class IX., Div. 2). 

King's Daughters* Committee for Tenement-House 
Work, 91 Madison St. (see Class III., Div. 6). 

Ladies' Bikur Cholim Society, 177 East Broadway (see 
Class n.. Div. 2). 

Ladies' Fuel and Aid Society, 199 Henry St. (see Class 
U., Div. 8). 

Ladies' Hebrew Lying-in Society, 128 Second Ave. 
(see Class VI., Div. 6). 

Little Sisters of the Assumption, 208 Second Ave. 
(see Class VI., Div. 8). 

Loan Belief Association, Chalmers Church, Seventh 
Ave. and I8th St. (see Class III., Div. 7). 

Mission of the Immaculate Virgin etc., Lafayette 
Place and Great Jones St. (see Class II., Div. 7). 

Mt Sinai Hospital, 66th St. and Lexington Ave. (see 
CnaasVI., Div. 1). 

l^ew York City Mission and Tract Society, Woman's 
Bbahch, 106 Bible House (see Class IX., Div. 1). 

178 Yititing and Rdiering Sick Poor. 

New fork Deaconess' Home and Traislng SekMl 

or the Metb. Epis. Churcb, 341 Wesi I4tb St. (see Class 
IX., DI». 3>. 

Neir Vork Dorcas Sorietj' (incorp. 1883). Auziliar; 
to the New York Ab8istakce Societt (which see belaw). 
Makes arliclea of clothing for the sick poor of the city. 
Sewing mectioge are held every Friday from 10 to I p.m. 
Mrs. Wm. R. Taylor, 1st Directress; Miss A. J. Pomeniy, 
Sec-y; Mrs. J. V. D. Card, Treaa., 248 West "3d St. 

New York Female Assistance Socie^ (org. 181S, in- 
Corp. 1840), Relieves the sick poor, without regatd to 
color or oatioii. Assistance given in necessary articles, and 
never in money excepting when relief cannot be otherwiao | 
eSected. Supported by donations and interest on boMfa, '1 
Last year's receipts, fS.HTO: expenditures. $2,349. Wm « 
C. J. Pryer, 1st Directress, .53 West STth St.; Miss M. B. 
Ludlum, Sec'y; Mrs. C. G. Barrett, Trens., 25 Park Ave, 
Has as an Auxiliary Society the New Yo&k Dobcab So- 
ciety (which see above in this division). 

New York Flower and Fralt Mission, 104 Bast 30th 
St. (see Class IC. Div. 6), 

New York Infirmary for Women and Cblldren, B 
Livingston Place (see Class VI,, Div. 5). 

New York Post'tiradnate Medical School and Ho^ 
pltftl, 336 East 30th St. (see Class VL, Div, 11), 

NiKht Bedicat Seryice of Dept. op Pcblic Hbaltk 
801 Molt St. (see Class I,. Div. 1). 

Slaterhood of the Good Shepherd of the Prot Epla. 
Church etc., 410 West 18th St, (see Class V., Div. 1). 

Sisters of Bon Seconrs, 1195 Lexington Ave., whose 
mission is to nurse tlic sick in their own homes. Have al' 
ways regular Sisters to ntleod the poor. Sister Eul^ie de 
Barcelona, Superior, 

Trinity Chnrch Association, 30B F\ilton St. (see Class 


Div. 6. Vraining and Pumkking Ifuraes. Vi^ 

United Hebrew Oharities etc., 128 Second Ave. (see 
Class n.,Div. 2). 

United Belief Works of the Society for Ethieal 
Culture, 109 West 54th St. (see Class II., Div. 6). 

Division 8. — Training and Famishing Nurses. 
(See also Churches and Congregations.) 

American Female Guardian Society etc., 29 East 
29th St. (see Class II., Div. 2). 

Babies' Hospital of the Gitj of New York, 657 Lex- 
ington Ave. (see Class VI., Div. 5). 

Belle ?ue Training School for Nurses (incorp. 1874), 
426 East 26th St. For the selection, education, training 
and providing of suitable persons as nurses for the sick. Un- 
sectarian. Controlled by Board of Managers. Supported 
by voluntary contributions, fees for nurses' services, regis- 
try fees etc. Mrs. Wm. Preston Griffin, Pres. ; Mrs. Theo- 
dore Cuyler, Sec'y; George Montague, Treas., Second Na- 
tional Bank, cor. of Fifth Ave. and 23d St. ; Miss Agnes S. 
Brennan, Supt., to whom apply at the School. Maintains a 

Registry; where applications are received for students 
and graduates. 

Edith Summer HoiiE, Bell Island, South Norwalk, 
Conn. , where sick and weary nurses spend their vacation 
and recruit (see Class X., Div. 6). 

Children's Aid Society, Sick Children's Mission, 287 
Broadway (see Class II., Div. 6). 

Dn Bois Fund for Training Nurses for the Deserv- 
ing Sick Poor (org. 1887), 163 East 36th St. For the pur- 
pose named in title. The fund is small now, but has been 
sufficient to keep one nurse constantly employed, and oc- 
casionally two. Gteo. H. Sullivan, Treas., 45 Wall St. 
Apply to Mrs. Talbot Olyphant, 152 West 57th St., Treas. 
of the Training School for Nurses connected with the New 
York Post-Graduate Medical School and Hospital. 

German Hospital and Dispensary of the City of New 

York, 77th St. and Park Ave. (see Class VI., Div. 1). 

_. - ^x»>^.. 

TVai'nfnjr and Garnishing Ifwtei. 

Little Sisters of the Assumption (a Frencti aister- 
hood ; branch eatablislied in America, 1890), 208 Second 
Ave. Nurae the sick poor of every creed, color or nation, 
In their own homes, without charge. Bister Marie du 
Christ, Superior. 

Hills Training School for Nnrsea is the Tairarao 
SOSOOL FOR Male Ndrsks named under Bellevae Hospital 
of the Dept. of Pub. Char, and Cor, (Class I., Div. 1, page 
17). Apply for entrance to the Mills School Building at 
the Hospital, 

New Yorlc Deaconess' Home and Training School 
Of the Methodist Episcopal Chnrch, 341 West 14th St. 
(8ee Class IX., Div. 3). 

New York Foandllng Hospital, ITS East 68th St. (see 
Class v., Div. 1). 

New York Hospital, see Society of the New York Hos- 
pital, below. 

New York Inllrmary for Women and Children, 5 
Livingston Place (see Class VI., Div. 6). 

St, Inke's Hospital, 51th St. and Fifth Ave. (see Class 
VI., Div. 1). 

a Ave. (see 01a« 

DiY. 9. ExmitioMfcT Sick Children, 181 

Soeiety of the New York Hospital, 8 West 16th St. 
(see Class VI., Div. 1). 

Training School for Nnrses connected with the 
New York Post- Graduate Medical School and Hos- 
pital (org. 18a5), 163 East 86th St. Connected with the 
above Hospital only in name and general work. It takes 
the probationers and furnishes some of the more important 
training. Capacity for 60. Probationers of good charac- 
ter and fair education admitted permanently after two 
months* trial. Supported by volimtary contributions and 
income for services of the nurses. Last year's receipts, 
$17,422; expenditures, $17,263. Mrs. Granville P. Hawes, 
Pres.; Mrs. H. W. Cannon, Rec. Sec'y, 18 East 45th St.; 
Mrs. Talbot Olyphant, Treas., 152 West 57th St. Apply 
to Dr. Julia G. McNutt, Supt. and Cor. Sec'y, at the 
School, either in person or by letter. Has a 

Registry ; where apply for graduate flurses. 

United Hebrew Charities etc., 128 Second Ave. (see 
Class IL, Div. 2). 

United Belief Works of the Soeiety for Ethleal Cul- 
ture, 109 West 54th St. (see Class II., Div. 6). 

Division 9. — Becursions for Sick Children, 
(See also Churches and Congregations.) 

Bartholdl Creche, 21 University Place (see Class II., 
Div. 11). 

Children's Aid Soeiety, 24 St. Mark's Place (see Class 
II., Div. 6). 

King's Panghters' Committee for Tenement-Honse 
Work, 91 Madison St. (see Class VI., Div. 6). 

New York Infirmary for Women and Children, 5 

Livingston Place (see Class VI., Div. 5). 

8t John's Guild (org. 1866, incorp. 1877), 501 Fifth 

Ave., 2d floor. Room 1. (General object to relieve the sick 

eUkten of the poor of the city of Isew York, without re- 

JMd to creed, color or nationality. Supported by volun- 

^ contributions. Last year's receipts, $22,250; expend!- 


tures, |3l,886. CharleB A, Lesle. M.D., Pres,; John P. 
Faure, Seo'y; William L. Strong. Treas. Apply at office, 
week-days, from 9 to 5 p.m. Ittaintftios the following: 

8t, John's Floating Hospitai. ; a barge, which makea 
trips to the Lower Bay on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wedneadaja, 
Thursdays and PridayB during llie summer: poor ack 
children and tlieir mothers are given free hospital treatmeat, 
and a warm dinner is served on board. Received 29,7S1 
mothers and children during last year. 

Sbasidb Hospital for Ohildrbn, Cedar Grove, New 
Dorp, Staten Island; receives sick children and their moth- 
era for any length of time; no well children over 6, and no 
contagious diseases are received; cared for 1,067 inmates 
during last year. 

Sanltarlnm for Hebrew Children (incorp. 18T9). m 
East 14th St. Gives free weekly excursions on the water, 
during the summer, to poor sick Hebrew mothers and chil- 
dren, and medical aid and food to sick children. Sup- 
ported by voluntary contributions. 18,134 benefited and 
36,348 meals provided last year. Receipts, $7,735; expen- 
ditures. ¥4,703; permanent fund, $1,333. N'alhan Lewis, 
Pres., 58 Broadway; Joseph Davis, Hon. Sec'y, 134 Bast 
14th St.: Hezekiah Kohn, Treas.. 183 William St. Apply 
to United Hebrew Charities, 128 Second Ave.; Mt, Sinai 
Hospitai, Lexington Ave. and S6th St.; Charity Organiza- 
tion Society, Board of Health, German Poliklinik, 78 East 
Seventh St., or any of the managers. Mnintftins 

Thb Sanitabium BniiniHo, at Rockaway, L. I., where 
children remain for a period varying from three days to a 

DivTBioN 10. — IneuToblei. 

Colored Home anil Hospital, <ir)th St, and First Ave. 
(see Class v., Div, 2). 

Columbian In!<titute for tlie Preservation of Health 
and the Cure of CItronic Diseases, 143 East 84th St, (see 
Class VI., Div. 3). 

Div. 10. Incurcibles. 183 

Home for Incnrables (incorp. 1866), Third, Ave., cor. 
East 182d St., Fordham. For incurables of the better 
class, irrespective of religious belief. Consumptives re- 
ceived, and a ward for cancer cases has also been opened. 
Accommodates 180. Unsectarian. Ordinary charge, $7 
per week. One-third of the beds are free. Supported by 
voluntary contributions and endowments. Last year's re- 
ceipts, $50,977; expenditures, $55,453. Benjamin H. 
Field, Pres. ; Henry M. McLaren, Sec'y^ Seventh Ave. and 
39th St.; George Sherman, Treas., 54 Wall St.; Israel C. 
Jones, M.D., Supt. and Resident Physician, to whom ap- 
ply, on forms to be had on request. 

Hospital for Incurables of Deft, of Pub. Chab. and 
Cob., Blackwell's Island (see Class I., Div. 1). 

Honse of Best for Consnmptiyes, formerly at 1831 
Anthony Ave., Tremont, is now consolidated with St. 
Luke's Hospital (which see, Class VI., Div. 1). 

Honse of the Holy Comforter Free Ghnrch Home 
for Inearables (Prot. Epis.) (incorp. 1880), 149 Second 
Ave. A free home for the care of destitute Protestant wo- 
men and female children of the better class suffering from 
incurable diseases, who are without means or friends able 
to support or care for them. All patients come on a trial 
of three months. Visitors received daily, except Sunday. 
Supported by voluntary contributions. Cared for 30 in- 
mates last year. Receipts, $6,855; expenditures, $6,140. 
Under charge of the Sisters of the Visitation of the Blessed 
Virgin Mary. Rev. M. Van Rensselaer, d.d., Pres. and 
House Chaplain. St. Nicholas Place and West 151st St.; 
Beverly Chew, Sec'y and Treas., Metropolitan Trust Co., 
39 Wall St.; G. W. Talson, m.d.. House Physician. Ap- 
ply to Mother Francesca at the House at any time. 

Isabella Heimath, 190th St. and Amsterdam Ave. (for- 
merly Isabella Home Society) (see Class V., Div. 3). 

Lutheran Hospital Association of the City of New 
York and Vicinity, East New York, L. I. (see Class VI., 
I>iv. 8). 

Montefiore Home for Chronic Invalids (incorp. 1884), 
Qianti Boulevard aud Wegt 138th St. To afford permanent 


Medical Colleges, SohooU and SodelUg. class v; 

shelter In sickceas, and to relieve invalids, residents of the 
cily of New York, who, by reason of incurable diseases, 
are unable to procure medical treatment in any of the Hos- 
pitals and Homes. Receives incurables of both sexes dis- 
charged from the City Hospitals, without distinction of 
faith. Free to thedestitute. Also relieves tbe families of 
those in the Home if they are deprived of the labor of the 
breadwinner of the family, from the "Julius Haligarten 
Fund," the interest of which is devoted to that purpose. 
There is also a " Discharged Patients and Climatic Cure 
Fund " for sending improved patients to Vinelatid, N. J., 
or to Colorado, for a few months' chiinge of air. Cored for 
302 inmates and 215 out door patients during Ihe past year. 
Capacity for 150 patients. Supported by voluntary con- 
tributions and members' fees. Heceipts. (63,793; expendi- 
tures, 173,975. Jacob H. Schiff. Pres.; Julius J, Lyons, 
Sec'y; Isidor Straus, Treas.; Adolph Hauamann. Supt,; 
M. Rosenthal, m.d.. House Physician, to whom apply. 

New Tork Skin and Cancer Hospital, Coubtrt 
BaiNCH Hospital for Chbokic Cases, Fordham Heights 
(see Class VI., Div. 3). 

Nen York Society for the Relief of the Ra|itar>'d 
and Crippled, 42d 8t. and Leiingtou Ave. (see Class VI., 
Dlv. 3). 

Noyes Hemorinl Home Branch of St. Mary's Free 
Hospital for Chi liireo. Peeks kill, N. Y. (see Class VI., 
Div. B). 

DiviBiON l\.— Medical CoUeget, adumlt and Saeietiea. 

American Veterinary College lincorp. 1875), 189 and 
141 West S4th St. For education of men in the several de- 
partments of tbe medical sciences and in veterinary sur- 
gery. F. D. Weisae, m.d., Pres.; W. T. Coates. m.d,, 
p.T.B., Sec'y; George B. Satterlee, Treas.; A. Liautard, 

N • 

Diy. 11. Medical OcUeges, Schools and Societies. 185 

M.D., Y.M., Medical Director and Dean, to whom apply at 
the College. Maintains a 

Hospital Department for animals. 2,822 advised and 
treated last year. 

DisPENSABT ; at free clinics during the whole year 
horses or domestic animals of poor people are treated free 
of charge, twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, at 
2:30 P.M. 523 patients treated and 223 operations per- 
formed last year. Since its opening the Dispensary has 
treated 7,186 animals and performed 2,246 operations. 

College of Pharmacy of the City of New York (org. 
1829, incorp. 1831, re-incorp. 1884), 209 to 213 East 28d St. 
For the instruction of pharmacists. Open daily from 10 
to 4 p.m., and Saturdays from 9:30 to 12 m. Supported 
by fees from students. Samuel W. Fairchild, Pres. ; J. N. 
Hegeman, Sec'y ; H. N. Fraser, Treas. Apply to the 
Sec*y, or to O. J. Griflln, Clerk, at the College. Main- 
tains a 

Pharmaceutical Working Library and a Registry of 
unemployed graduates of the College, and helps procure 
positions for them. 

College of Physicians and Snrgeons in the City of 
New York (incorp. 1807), 437 West 59th St., near Tenth 
Ave. (Being the Medical Department of Columbia 
College.) Educates physicians of the Allopathic or ** reg- 
ular" school. J. W. McLane, m.d., Dean; G. M. Tut- 
tle, M.D., Sec'y, 437 West 59th St.; John M. Nash, Treas.; 
E. A. Tucker, m.d., Acting Sec'y of Faculty. Maintains 

Sloanb Maternity Hospital, cor. 59th St. and Tenth 
Ave. (which see» Class VI., Div. 5). 

Yandbrbilt Clinic, (JOth St. and Tenth Ave. (which 
aee. Class VL, Div. 3). 

Eeleetie Medical College of the City of New York 
(1885), 235 East 14th St. Offers to students a systematic 
coarse of medical and clinical instruction strictly on Ec- 
utCTio principles ; has also a Pathological Laboratory, 
HuBBUM and Medical Library. Apply to Qeorge W. 
B(«kowitz, K.D,, Dean, at 40 East 41st St, Maintains the 

186 Medii!<A (Mleget, SehmU and Sodetia. class 

EoLBCTic Mboicai, Frkb Disfessakt, 235 East t^ 
St. {seeCIasaVI., Dlv. 3). 

Woodstock Hospital, 815 Union Ave. (see C 
Div. 1). 

Hospltftl Satardar and Sand^f Assoctatton of New 
York City (org. 18^0). Collects, by contributions is 
the cliurches on Hospital Sunday (the last Sunday in tlie 
year), and in synagogues upon the preceding; Saturday, 
and by other means, a fund for the hoapitaJs, which is 
distributed among them pro ntla to the number treated 
free, without regard to sect or creed. Last year's receipts. 
f58,34-!; distributed among hospitals. |S5.S11. George 
M. Miller. Pres. ; John 8. Busaine, Rec. Sec'y ; Rev. Geo. 
S. Baker, Cor. Sec'y; Charles Lanier. Treas.. 17 Nassau St.: 
Frederick F. Cook, Agent, 79 FourtJi Aye., to whom 

International Medical Hissionary Society, office, 118 
Bast 45th St. (see Class X., Div. 4). 

Kedical Society of the County of New York (incorp. 
1806). 'To aid in regulating the practice of physic and 
surgery in this State and to contribute to the diffusion ot 
true science, and particularly the knowledge of the healing 
art. Meetings are held at 17 West 4Sd St. at 8:30 p.m. the 
4th Monday of every month, from September to May in- 
clusive. George H. Pox. m.t).. Pres.; Chas. H. Avery, 
M.D.. Sec'y. 337 East 18th St ; J. S. Warren, m.d., Treas., 
204 West 88th St. 

New York Academy or Medicine (org. 1847, incorp. 
1851), 17 West 43d St. (formerly at 13 West 31st St. ). For 
the promotion of the science and art of medicine. Stated 
meetings Isl and Sd Thursdays of each month, July, Au- 
gust and September excepted. Supported by annual dues 
of members. A. L. Loomis. m.»., Pres.; A. M. Jacobus. 
M.D., Cor. Sec'y; B. Douglas, m.d., Treas. Maintainaa 

Medical Library (17 West 48d St.). free to the medi- 
cal profession and public; contains 38.000 volumes, 30,000 
pamphlets and 300 bonic and foreign medical journals. 

Div. 11. Medieai OoUeges, Schools and Societiea. 187 

Open daily, except Sundays and holidays, from 10 a.m. to 
10 P.M. John S. Brownne, Resident Librarian. 

New York College of Dentistry (incorp. 1865), 207 
East 23d St. J. Hampden Robb, Pres.; Robt. Sturgis, 
Sec*y; Alex. W. Stein, m.d., Treas.; Frank Abbott, m.d., 
Dean ; Faneuil D. Weisse, m.d., Chairman of Exec. Com- 
mittee. Maintains an 

Infirmary; for poor patients. Open daily, except Sun- 
days and holidays, from 9 a.m. to 12 m. ; managed as 
a Clinic for the students. 

New York College of Teterinary Surgeons (incorp. 
1867), 332 East 27th St. Devoted to veterinary education. 
Wm. T. White, m.d.. Pres.; Chas. E. Billington, Sec'y, 
106 Madison Ave.; J. M. Guiteau, Treas.; H. D. Gill, 
M.D., Surgeon. Maintains the following : 

Hospital for Animals ; for the treatment of domestic 

Dispensary ; gives free advice and treatment to sick and 
lame animals of poor persons, daily from 9 to 10 A. m. 

New York County Medical Association (org. 1884, 
incorp. 1890). For the cultivation of the science of medi- 
cine ; for the maintenance of the honor and character of 
the medical profession and for the promotion of public 
health. Meetings are held at 12 West 31st St. the 3d Mon- 
day of every month, from October to June inclusive. S. 
B. McLeod, m.d., Pres.; A. D. Ruggles, m.d.. Cor. Sec'y, 
239 West 14th St.; J. H. Hinton, m.d., Treas., 41 West 

New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, 218 Second Ave., 
cor. 13th St, (see Class VI., Div. 2). 

New York Homoeopathic Medical College and Hos- 
pital (incorp. 1860), Eastern Boulevard (Ave. A), bet. 63d 
and 64th Sts. (Formerly the New York Homoeopathic 
College.) Supported by students' fees, voluntary contribu- 
tions etc. Ruf us B. Cowing, Pres. ; Geo. W. Clarke, Sec'y ; 
Roswell P. Flower, Treas.; T. F. Allen, m.d.. Dean, 10 
East 86th St. All correspondence should be addressed to 
L. L. Danforth, m.d., Sec'y of the Faculty, 85 West 51st 
9t, HaintMns the following : 

188 Medical CoUeso, SehooU and Societiet, class vi., 

Flowkb StTSGicAi, Hospital (opened January, 18M); 
for surgical cases oa\j. Since that date 308 patienU have 
been treated and 209 operations performed (see Class VI., 
Div. 2). 

DtsPKNaART {;889), in CoIIbkb Building ; for free medi- 
cal care of the sick poor. Averages 130 patienU daily. 
Dispensed 215,000 prescriptions last year. Open daily, ei- 
cept Sundays and holidays, from 10 to i p.m. 

Library; for reference only. 

N«w Torfc Medical CoUeKe and Hospital for Womi 
313 West 5«h St. (see Class VI., Div. 5). 

New York Ophthalmic and Aaral la»titute, 46 East . I 
12th St. (see Class VI., Div. 2). " 

N«w York Ophthalmic Hospital, 301 East 23d St. (see 
Class VI., Div. 3). 

6 East^SSth St. 

New York Polyclinic (org. 1880, incorp. 1882), 214 to 
218 East 34tb St. A school of clinical medicine and sur- 
gery for graduates and practitioners, with clinical demon- 
stration. Supported hy private subscriptions, John A. 
Wyeth. M.D, , Sec'y of the Faculty ; Willis O. Davis, Clerk i 
and Supt, Maintains the following : i 

Free DiapBBSART op New York Poltclinic (incorp. 
1883). Givea medical advice and medicines to the poor; 
those able to pay are not admitted. Treated over 20.000 
last year. Open daily, except Sundays and holidays, from ' 

New York Poltclikic Hospital (incorp. 1888), 218 
East 34tb St. For free medical and surgical treatment and 
care to the sick poor suffering from alt nan. contagious dis- 
eases. Private rooms for pay patients. Capacity, 60 beds. 
Apply to the Supt. from 9 to 5 p.m. ' 

New York Posl-Gradaate Medical School and Ho§- 

pital (org, 1882, incorp, 1884), 226 East 20th St., east of 

DiY. 11. Medical OoUeges, Schoola and Societies. 189^ 

Third ave. Founded bjy members of the Post-Graduate 
Faculty of the University of the City of New York, to 
offer ^stematic courses oi clinical instruction to graduates 
in medicine. Supported by tuition fees, private donatiuns 
and endowments. Last yearns receipts and expenditures, 
about $73,282. D. B. St. John Roosa, m.d., Pres.; L. Bol- 
ton Bangs, M.D., Treas.; Clarence C. Rice, m.d., Sec'y, to 
whom apply for further information, at the School. Main- 
tains the following : 

Hospital of the School, for treatment of general dis- 
eases, at above address. Has a ward for women, one for 
men, and an Obthop^dio Ward for children, and an en- 
tire building for the Babies' Wabds. Children under 5 
received free. Private rooms from $10 to $20 per week. 
Contagious and chronic cases not admitted. Capacity, 114 
beds* 816 new patients cared for last year. Visiting days, 
Wednesdays and Sundays from 2 to 4 p.m. F. Eugene 
Farrell, Supt. Apply to Joseph C. Stedman, m.d.. House 

DispBNSABY ; for free treatment to the poor. 10,978 pa- 
tients cared for and 40,686 visits made last year. Open 
daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

Matebnity Depabtment, 543 East 13th St.; poor 
women will here be supplied gratuitously with medical aid 
and nursing at their homes, during the subsequent period.- 

Tbaining School fob Nubsbs, 163 East 36th St. 
(seeClassVL, Div. 8). 

Society for Instraction in First Aid to the Injured, 

21 University Place (see Class X., Div. 4). 

University of the City of New York (Medical De- 
pabtment) (org. 1841), 408 to 416 East 26th St. (Popu- 
larly known as the University Medical College.) Controlled 
by officers of the Council. Charles Butler, Pres. ; William 
S. Opdyke, Sec'y; William A. Wheelock, Treas.; Charles 
I. Pardee, m.d., Dean of the Faculty, to whom apply for 
further information. Henry C. Cooper, m.d., Cflerk of 
College. Maintains the 

DiBPENSABT (org. 1883), in the Medical College building. 
Medical and surgical aid and also medicines free to the sick 
poor. Also, a Depabtment for Diseases of the Skin, for 

Ibe tree treatmeat of the poor saSering from catMneousdiB' 
eases. Over 10,000 patients treated last year. Open from 
10 AM- to 4 P.M. 

Dmsios 13. — Ambulaaea. 

Ambnlances are kept in readiness at manj of the hospi- 
tals, and may be called lo any part of the city at any hour 
by telegraph from police station-houses, on order of a po- 
lice surgeon, for the transfer to hoepilak of ac(?ident cases 
and disuses that are not contagious. At 128 Worth St., 
the bcadquurters of Disiafecting Corps, there are ambu- 
lances and coupfa, under charge of Healtit Department, ex- 
clusively for contagious diseases, and only summoned 
through the Sanitary Superiutondent, 301 Slott St. The 
police surgeons attend all cases of sudden illness that conte 
within the knowledge of the police. The following hospi- 
tals have an ambulance service : 

Bbllbvdr Hospital, fool of East 26th St. (see Dept. of 
Puri, Cn*u. AND CoH., Class L, Div, 1. page 18). 

PoRDnAM Rbcbption Hospital, 2458 Valentine Ave- 
(seo Dept, op Pun. Ckab, and Cor., Class I., Div, 1, page 

Qkruan IIobpitai. and DisPEsaiBT etc., Park Ave. 
Md 77tL St. ; tor Its own palJenU only (see Class VI., DIt. 1). 

Hahlbm Hbcsption Hospital, 525 East 130th St. (see 
DuiT. nc PUH. Char, and Cor. (Class I., Div. 1, page 

JtouBB OF Hbliep of SocmTv of New York Hospitai., 
100 Ulittmbcrs Ht, (see Class VI., Div. 1). 

Nxiw York IIobpital, T West 15th St. [see Class VI., 

niv. 1). 

M*wnATTAK DisPKNBAiir AND Hospital, Amsterdam 
('renlli) Avii. and 181«t Bt. (see Class VI., Div. 1). 

I'liiwiTTtiRiAH Hospital, Madison Ave. and 70th St. 
(wpClftw VI.. Div. 1). 

)t»ti<>Hvni.i' IIONI'ITAL. 50th St. and 10th Ave. (see Cfatas 

. m», 1), 

, IDS West nth St. (see Class 


Asylums and Relief foe the Defective 

AND Afflicted. 

{Blind f Deaf- Mutes, Insane, Crippled, etc,) 

The Charity OrgaaizfttiOB Society (see page 1) seeks to obtain, 
Irom the proper sources, suitable and adequate relief of the kinds 
named in the following Divisions, or to direct thereto. 

Division 1.— Temporary Aid. 
(See also Churches and Congregations.) 

Children's Aid Society, Home for Crippled Boys, 
247 East 44th St. (see Class II., Div. 6). 

Chnreh Mission to Deaf-Mates (org. and incorp. 1872), 
9 West 18th St. Assists adult deaf-mutes when sick or in 
trouble, and strives to find employment for those out of 
work. Under the auspices of St. Ain's Church (which see 
under Prot. Epis. Churches), where sign services are held 
every Sunday at 2:45 p.m. Supported by voluntary con- 
tributions. Kt. Rev. H. C. Potter, d.d., Fres.; A. L. Wil- 
lis, Sec'y, Hampden St., East, Station *'T" ; Wm. Jewett, 
Treas., 107 Grand St.; Rev. Thos. Qallaudet, d.d.. General 
Mimager; Rev. John Chamberlain, Ass't Manager, to whom 
make all applications as above. Maintains the 

Gallaudet Home fob Aqbd and Infibm Deaf-Mutes 
(founded 1885), at Poughkeepsie, near !New Hamburg on 
the Hudson (P. O. Wappinger's Falls). Free to deaf-mutes 
in the State of New York. Domestic affairs controlled by 
Board of Lady Managers, whose office is 33 Cannon St., 
Poughkeepsie. Supported by donations and product of 
farm. Last year's receipts, $12,103; expenditures, |1 1,809. 

193 Anfflumt for Defeetine Children, class vn-i \ 

Poor Adnlt Blind of Pdb. Char, and Cok.. N. W. . 

cor. llth St. QDd Third Ave. (see Claga I., Div. 1). 

Society for Promoting the Welfare of the Ib- , 
Bane (incorp. 1883;. To atneliorate the coDdition of Lhe 1 
' iraprovement of asylum management and the I 

St.; P. J. B. Wait, 

D,, Sec'y; James G. Brinkman, I 

Division 3. — Agylumt for Children. 

IssTiTrrioN FOR the Impkovbo Instruction 
Dbak-Muteb (org. 1867, Incorp. 1868), 904 to 923 Lexing- ' 
toa Ave., cor. 67tli St. Deaf-mute children from fl to U 
taught to use articulate sounds. Pupils able to pay are 
charged $400 per aunum; ottiers admitted on order of 
County Supervisor, CommiBsianers of Public Charities and 
Correction, or Superintendent of Public Instruction at Al- 
bany. Imbeciles not received. The most modern im. 
proved methods of leaching are employed. Accommodates 
200, Supported by tuition fees and State and CoudIv 
appropriations Laat year's receipts, $55,069, of wbicb 
$5,300 were from public funds; espenditures. |52,232, 
Marcus Goldman, Prea.; Hermann Mosenthal. Sec'y; LouIb 
Qoldamith, Treas. Maintains 

Trainino and Art Departments. D. Qreeaburger, 

New York iDstltatfon for the Blind (incorp. 1881). 
Ninth Ave., cor. 34th St. Poreducaiion of the blind from 
6 to 35 years of age. Those able to pay are charged (300 
a year. Pupils are also received from, and paid for by, the 
States of New York and New Jersey, and b^ manv of the 
Counties of New York, Accommodalea 250. visiting 


Div. 2. Asylums far Defective Children. 198 

day, Wednesday, from 9 to 1 p.m. and 2 to 4 p.m. Sup- 
ported by pupils' board, voluntary contributions and ap- 
propriations. 240 pupils last year. Receipts, $78,777, not 
including cash for board, of which $51,376 were from 
public ninds; expenditures, $74,779; permanent fimd, 
$221,312. John T. Irving, Pres.; Wm. C. Schermerhom, 
Sec'y; Wm. Whitewright, Treas.; Wm. B. Wait, Supt., to 
whom apply. 

New York Institution for tiie Instruction of tiie 
Deaf and Dumb (org. 1818), Eleventh Ave. and 163d St. 
For the free education of the class named in the title, with- 
out regard to the circumstances of the parents. Accom- 
modates 500. Children from 6 to 12 are admitted by appli- 
cation to the Commissioners of Charities and Correction, 
and persons from 12 to 25 upon application to the Super- 
intendent of Public Instruction , Albany. Apply also to the 
Superintendent at the Institution. Children not residing 
hi the State of New York are charged $300 per annum. 
Number of pupils last year, 850. In the Industrial Depart- 
ment, eadi pupil is taught a mechanical trade by which to 
support himself when leaving school. Supported by State 
of New York and Counties. Last year's receipts, $98,684, 
of which $87,175 were from public funds; expenditures, 
$98,684. Enoch L. Fancher, Pres. ; Thatcher M. Adams, 
Sec'y ; George A. Robbins, Treas. ; Chauncey N. Brainerd, 
Supt. (P. O. Station ** M"); Isaac L. Peet, Principal of Edu- 
cational Dept. 

New York Society for tiie Belief of tiie Buptured 
and Crippled, Lexington Ave., cor. 42d St. (see Class V J., 
Div. 2). 

St. Josepli's Institute for tiie Improved Instruc- 
tion of Deaf-Mutes, 772 East 188th St. (see Class VII., 
Div. 5). 

Slieltering Arms, Amsterdam Ave. and 129th St. (see 
Class V.J Div. 1). Receives crippled children. 

Society of St. Jolinland, King's Park, Suffolk Co., 
L. I. (see Class V., Div. 1). Receives crippled children. 

Syracuse State School for Feeble-Minded, Syracuse, 
N. Y. (see Class I., Div. 2). 

AitglTTUifor Dt^eeUte Ad^tt. 

Division 3. — A»ylum»Jor Admia. 
<3«? also Churches and Congregatkau.) 

rlAlttl. ^^1 

Branch Citf Insane Asjlnm (Cenirnl Islip. L. L)of 
Dept. op Pim. Char, and Cor. (see Class I., Dir. 1). For 

Braicb Lunatic Asf Inm (Hart's Island) of Deft, op 
PCB, CaiR. asD Cob. (see Class I., Div, 1). For females. 

Branswick Home (org. uid incorp. 18HT). Amityrille. 
Suffolk Co., N. Y. For the reception, care and treatment 
of all nervous diseases and brain troublea. Persons of all 
ages admitted nithout regard to duration of disease or its 
carablllty. Patients are classified and the Home ia con- 
ducted on the Cottage plan. Regular terms, $tt to $12 per 
week, HCCorditiK to circumstances and accommodations, 
Blephen R, Williams, 8upl.; F. D. Ruland.M.D.. Resident 
PhfiilclBni Mrs. t^arah E. Williams, Matron. Maintainaa 

School, under the care of Mrs. 0. F. Brown, for tbM 
who arc nlito to reoeive instruciion and education. 

, 9 West lat 

Htddletoirn State HomoiDpatliic Hospital, Hidi 

town, Orange Co , N. Y. (see Class I., Dir. 3). 

New Tork City Asylum for the Insane of D] 
Pub. Cbar, and Cor., Ward's Island (see Class I., 
For males. 

New Tork City Lnnatic Asylnm of Dkft. or I 
C^HAK. ARD Cob., Blackwell's Island (see Class I "' ' 
For females. 

jonr, 4. Private Somes for iferwuB Persons. 196 

St. Yineent's Betreat for the Insane (org. and incorp. 
1879), Harrison, Westchester Co. An asylum for care of 
insane women only. Conducted on the home plan. Un- 
sectarian, and open to all except inebriates and epilei)tics. 
Receives patients from New York City and adjacent cities. 
Accommodates 60. Supported by patients' board. Terms 
of admission, $10 and upwards weekly, payable monthly 
in advance. Controlled by the Community of Sisters of 
Charity. Visitors admitted daily, except Sundays. Last 
year's receipts, $20,231; expenditures, $20,774. H. Ernest 
Schmid, m.d., Medical Manager; Joseph A. Underbill, 
M.D., Resident Physician. Apply by letter or personally 
to Sister M. Hieronyme, Supt., at the Asylum from 9 to 
5 p.m. 

Society for the Belief of the Destitute Blind of the 
City of New York and its Yicinity (org. and incorp. 
1869), 104th St. and Amsterdam Ave. A home for in- 
digent and friendless adult blind persons of both sexes, ir- 
respective of creed. Those able pay $10 per month; others 
free. To those able to work employment is given in the 
Home, at making mattresses, re-seating chairs and all kinds 
of knitting work, for which fair wages are paid. Sup- 
ported by voluntary contributions etc. Last year's re- 
ceipts, $5,818; expenditures, $9,038. Edwin S. Coles, 
Pres., 10 Broad St.; James McCarter, Sec'y, 409 Broadway; 
Horace Manuel, Treas., 85 Wall St. Apply to the Mana- 
gers, through Mrs. M. L. Selby, Matron of the Home. 

Society of the New York Hospital (Bloomingdalb 
Asylum fob the Insai^e), 117th St. and Amsterdam 
Ave. (see Class VI., Div. 1). 

State Custodial Asylum for Feeble-Minded Women, 

at Newark, N. Y. (see Class I., Div. 2). 

Division 4. — Private Homes for Nervous Persons, 
(See also Churches and Congregations.) 

Priyate Homes for Nervous or Insane Persons. 

Also for victims of the opium habit and intemperance. 
The following have been favorably reported upon by per- 
sons competent to express an opinion: 



Tiutruetion of Defedioti, clabb tii.. 

Cbomwsili, Hall (org. 1877), Cromwell, Conn. Caps- 
dty for 30. Visitors received at all times. W. B. HaOoclt, 
if.D., Medical Supt. 

Da. Gboeok C. 8. Choate'h 'Roue, Pleasantville, West- 
cheater Co., N. Y. 

Keith Home, 883 St. Mark's Ave., Brooklyn. Forfemale 
Datients ooly, afflicted with the milder forme of nervous 
diseases, etc. Dr. Thos. L. Wella, Medical Bupt. 

Long Island Home (Incorp. 1880 and 1887), Amity. 
ville, L. I. Dr. E. N. Carpenter, Medical Bupt. 

Sanposd Hai.l (incorp. 1888), Flushing, L. L Dr. I. 
W. Barstow, Resident Physician. 

Sfkino Hill IIomb for Nebvooh Ihtalidb, Litch- 
field, Oona. Dr. H. B. Buel, Resident Physician. 

Walitot Lodob Hospital (1881), Hartford, Conn.; for 
Inehriatea and opium cases. Capacity for 38. Dr. T. D. 
Orothers, Supt. 

DrviBiON 5. — Inttruetion of I)efetti<aet. 
(Bee also Cburches and Coo^egatlODB.) 

IndustrUl School for Deaf-HnUs (org. 188S), former- 
ly at 285 East 14th St., was closed, and is succeeded hy 
St. Elizabeth's Indostrial Scnooi,(sce Clabs V., Dlv. 1). 

New York Instltntion for the Blind, Ninth Ave. and 
S4th St. (sec Class VII., Div. 3). 

New York Institution for tbe Inatmctlon of the 
Deaf and Dumb, Eleventh Ave. and 163d St. (see Class 
VII., Div. 3), 

St. Joseph's Institute for Improved Instrnction of 
Deaf-Miit«S (org. 1889, incorp. 1875), 773 East ISSth St.. 
Fordham. The Industrial departments provide for instruc- 
tion In useful trades, including printing. Has institutions 
at Fordhaiu, aud at Buffalo Ave., bet. Dean and Bergen 
StB., Brooklyn, for girls, and at Throgg's Neck, West- 
chester Co., for boys. Children over IZ years receiv«d^ 

Dnr. 5. Instrti6H<m of DefecHtea, 197 

upon order of Supt. of Public Instruction, Albany. Those 
over 6 and under 12 years, to be supported at public ex- 
pense, are admitted by application to the Supt. of Out- 
door Poor, N. W. cor. of Third Ave. and 11th St. Num- 
ber of pupils last year. 296, Receipts, $119,091, of which 
$20,700 were from public funds; expenditures, $18,361. 
Miss Ernestine Nardin, Pres. ; Miss Anna N. Larkin, 
Sec'y ; Miss Anna D. Hoyt, Treas. ; Miss Mary B. Morgan, 
tiupt. of Girls* Dept. ; C. Schottmuller, Supt. of Boys' 



TheChkiil; Orguliatton SmIbI]' (see page n seeks ID St 
tbe Individual caaee broiurht to its notice, the bensflta nam 
OUm* tcom tbs most suitable Instjtutlans and societies, oi 

Division 1. — Reformatories for Men. 

Home of Indnstrf and Befng'e for Dlsoliar^ed Con-I 
victs (org. 1879, incorp. 188at. 334 West 03d St. Main- \ 
tains a home and givea employment to discharged convicts. 1 
The chief industry at the Home is broom-making. Nodb 
excluded who desire to reform. Tbe special aim is the ^ 
religious conversion of the inmates, and devotiouftl meel- 
IngB are held each Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Satur- 
day evenings. Unsectariao. Accommodates 150 men. 
Number for year, 105. limited owing to removals. Meals 
and lodgings also given outside. Visitors welcome at any 
time. Supported by voluntary contributiona and sale of 
briioms and brushes. Last year's expenditures, about 

T ., .. .. Pj.^ ^^^ Treaa.; W. R. Bliss, 

, Stewart, f ' ' ' ' ' 

Inebriates' Home (incorp. 18Q0), Fort Hamilton, L. I. 
A Kings Co. Institution. For the care and treatment of 
male inebriates, either on their voluntary applir^ation or 
committal by due process of law. Patients are carefully 
classifled. Only Kiags Co. patients admitted free, but 
boarding patients are received from Hew York and other 
localities at rates from tlO to $40 a weeli. The charter 
sives power to retain aJl patients. Apply for admis^<n|.a 
"o Dr. J> A. Blanchard, Medical Supt. 

xrv. 2. Etformatortes for Women. 199 

New York Christian Home for Intemperate Men (in- 
corp. 1877, re-incorp. 1881), 1175 Madison Ave., cor. 86th 
St. Receives inebriates and those addicted to the opium 
iiabit, to be reclaimed by religious influences. By special 
act of the Legislature such men may be committed to the 
Home by the Courts. Particular attention is also paid to 
their physical, social and mental improvement. Ilnsecta- 
rian. Free to those unable to pay; board for others at $8 to 
^20 a week. Accommodates 75, about two-thirds of whom 
are maintained gratuitously. 302 inmates received during 
past year, of whom 260 professed conversion and 180 held 
steadfast. Visitors are welcome any day. Supported by 
Toluntary contributions. Receipts, $60.721; expenditures, 
$23,675: permanent fund, $50,000. Rev. D. 8. Dodge, 
Pres.; H. C. Houghton, m.d., Sec'y; J. E. Fisher, Treas., 
45 Broadway. Apply to Chas. A. Bunting, Resident Man- 
ager, from 7 A.M. to 9 p.m. There exists among the 
former members of the Home the 

Chkistian Homb Helping Brotherhood (org. 1988), the 
object of which is to help the fallen brothers. Chas. A. 
Bunting, Treas., 1175 Madison Ave. 

Division 2. — Reformatories for Women, 

(See also Churches and Congregations.) 

Door of Hope (org. 1890), 102 East 61st St., cor. Park 
Ave. A home especially for a select class of fallen girls, 
supported entirely by voluntary contributions. There are 
no trustees. Mrs. E. M. Whittemore, Founder and sole 
Manager, to whom apply as above from 10 to 12 m. daily, 
except Sundays. Miss Anderson, Matron. 

Florence Night Mission, 21 Bleecker St. (see Class IX., 
Div. 2). 

Home for Fallen and Friendless Girls (known as the 
Wetmore Home) (org. 1865, incorp. 1873), 49 and 50 
South Washington Square. A home for friendless and 
fallen girls from 14 to 25 years of age who voluntarily com- 
mit themselves and conform to its rules and regulations. 
Such girls receive instruction in common English branches, 
skilled housework and plain sewing, and afterwards are 

.J t 

i mation • 

I who ma; 

^^^H city maj 

^^^^ country 

^^^H Number 

300 BtformatorUt for Women. clabb vni.jJ 

placed in suitable positioua or returued Co friends. Tem- 
porary shelter is also given In cases of special need to Des. 
titule Kfotbera and their iDfants. A Laundhv has proved 
a valuable adjunct, aud alHO a Sewinq-Kooh where domes- 
tic articles are made and kept on sale. 291 admiseiooa last 
year. Receipts, itll,0S8. of which $6,505 were from public 
funds; expenditures, $11,408. Z. Stiles Ely, Pre3.,36 West 
aotli 8t.; Geo. C. Wetmore, Sec'y. 17 West lOtli St.; Benj. 
P. Manierre, Treas., 2eWest24(h St.; Mra. M. C. Lane, 

Hoase of Mercy, New York (incorp. 1855) {Prot. Bpia.), 
306th at.. Inwood on the Hudson, New York City, Hudson 
River R. R. ; formerly at foot of 88tli St. and North River. 
For the reception and reformation of dcstitnte fallen wo- 
mea, either voluntarily entering or committed by a magis- 
trate. St. Aqkbh Hot^ssi. forming the south wing (capacity 
for 80), is equipped with every accommodation tor, and de- 
voted entirely to the moral and tudustrial education and 
training of young girls, from 8 to 16 years of age, who have 
been rescued from danger and can be placed there by 
benevolent societies, churches or individuals, and is distinct 
from the rest of the work. Under the charge of the Sisters 
of St. Mary (which see. Class IX. , Div. 3). Supported by 
voluntary contributions, legacies and public funds. 1m 
inmates last year. Receipts, $195,031 (including sale of 
old building), of which $7,723 were from public funds; ex- 
penditures, $211,089 (including new building) ; invested 
funds, $34,200. Chaa. N. Kent, Sec'y, 10 Spruce St.; 
EUhu Chauncey, Treas., 33 East a2d St.; Rev. Wm. O. 
Embury, Chaplain, at the House. Apply to the Sisters at 
the House, or to any Police Justice. Maintains 

St. Saviour's SANiTARinM (incorp. 1891); for the care 
and cure of inebriate women, both voluntary and com- 
mitted patients. 

Hotise or the Good Shepherd (incorp. 1858) (Romtu 
Catholic), foot of 90th St, and Eaat River. For the refor- 
mation of inebriates and fallct) women, the care of those 
who may be in danger of falling, and girls committed by 
city magistrates. Young women from any part of tto f 
country received without regard to creed or nationality.-J 
Number of inmates, about 435. Received $16, SOS froiii*| 

Div. 2. BrformatoHes for Women, 201 

public funds last year. Under the charge of the Sisters of 
Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd of Angers. 
Sister Mary Eudes, Sec'y, to whom apply at any hour at 
the House. 

Margaret Strachan Home for FaUen Women, 103 

West 27th St. (see Class IX., Div. 2). 

Midnight Mission (incorp. 1868), 260 Greene St. For 
the reclamation of fallen women. After sufficient proba- 
tion, should a girl remain, a place is found for her in the 
country. Supported by voluntary contributions. Number 
of inmates last year, 156; temporary shelter given to 179. 
Receipts, $5,138; expenditures, $3,760. In charge of Sis- 
terhood of St. John Baptist (see Class IX., Div. 3). John 
Davenport. Pres., 218 West 38th St.; R. S. Holt, Sec'y, 57 
Water St.; Louis Mesier, Treas., 1 Pine St. 

New York Foundling Hospital, 175 East 68th St. (see 
Class v., Div. 1). 

New York Infant Asylum, Amsterdam (Tenth) Ave. 
and 61st St. (see Class V., Div. 1). 

New York Magdalen Benevolent Society (org. 1833, 
incorp. 1855). Maintains an 

Asylum, 7 East 88th St. For the reclamation and reli- 
gious improvement of fallen women, who remain during 
good behavior ; procures employment for their future sup- 
port. Supported by subscriptions, work of inmates and 
interest on investments. 228 received and cared for last 
year. Receipts, $8,258 ; expenditures, $6,498. 

1st Directress ; Mrs. A. A. Redfleld, Sec'y, ** The 
Ariston," 55th St. and Broadway ; Edward Schell, Treas.; 
Mrs. Charles Fanning, Ass't Treas.; Mrs. Burr, Senior 
Matron. Apply at any time of day or night. 

Riverside Best Association, 310 East 26th St. (see 
aassII.,Div. 9). 

St. MichaeFs Home, Mamaroneok, N. T. , is a part of 
the same charity as the Midnight Mission (which see in 
this division), but is of the nature of a reformatory industrial 
boarding school without payments. Intended chiefly for 
young ^Is of a higher social and moral level than those 

Beformatoriea for OMldrea, 

in the MiDNianr Misaioii. Capacity, 58. Supported by 
voluntafv coatrlbutioQS and public funds. 61 inmutes last 
year. Receipts, #7,871 ; expenditures, $8,146. lu cbarge 
of Sisterhood of St. John Baplist (see Chisa IX., Div. 3). 
Mrs. Francis H. Weeks, Pres. of St. Midiael'B Ladius' As- 
sociation, 11 East 24th St.; Mrs. Stuyvesant F. Morris, 
Vice-Pres., Ifi East ftOch St.; Mrs. William V. Chttpin, Sec'y 
and Treas., 20 East 45th St. Apply to the Sister Superior 

It the B 

rg. »ik!^ 

Wamen's Friaon AsBociation aud Home (org, . _ 
incorp. 1845), 110 Second Aye. Its objects are: Ist, the 
improTcment of the conditioo of the female priaoDers, 
whether awaiting trial or coniiuted or as witnesses ; Sd, 
the support and eocouragemeritof reformed female convictB 
after their discharge, by affording them an opportunity to 
obtain an honest livelihood and sustaining tbem In their 
efforts to reform. Supported by proceeds of worli of in- 
mates of the Home, annual subscriptions, interest on per- 
manent fund etc. Receipts, $2G,491 ; expenditures, |25,- 
593. Mrs. Abby Hopper Gibbons. 1st Directress ; Mrs. 
Wm. Emerson. Jr., Rcc. 8ec'y, 55 West 47tU St.; Mrs. 
Wilson M. Powell, Treas., 324 West 58th St, Maintains 

Isaac T. Hopper Houe, 110 Second Ave., where re- 
leased prisoners are given employment and cared for until 
ready for permanent homes and respectable occupations 
outside. Cared for 810 women last year. Receipts from 
Laundry, $4,332. Ssjah JI. Price and Rebecca Ton* 
Matrons. Apply to the Receiving Committee through ^ 
Matrons at any time. 

Division 3. — Seformatorieifor Gkildrei. 

(See tiao Churcbes Bad CoagregatianB,) 

AsBocintlon for Berriendiag ChlLdreu and Ton] 
Girls, 133 Second Ave. (see Class II„ Div. f 

Burnham ludastrlal Farm (incorp. 188T). OanaanB 
Corners, Columbia Co. To save truant and vagrant t) 

Div. 3. BeformatorieB for Children, 208 

by religious, educatioDal and industrial training in farm 
and mechanical work, somewtiat after the system at Met- 
tray and the Rauhe Haus. Under the personal care of a 
Protestant Brotherhood. Boys between 7 and 16, from 
New York City, are received on commitment by courts 
with consent of Trustees, or surrender by parents and by 
transfer from other custodial institutions, and must be 
bound to the Trustees until 21 years of age. Practically 
boys are rarely kept beyond 18 years. Supported by vol- 
untary contributions. Apply to the Supt. as above, or to 
W. M. P. Round, Director, 135 East 15th St., New York 
City; Frederick G. Burnham, Vice-Pres., 32 Nassau St.; 
Robert Carter, Trjeas., Morristown, N. J. 

Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society of New fork 
(Orphan Asylum) (incorp. 1879). Receives Jewish infants, 
orphans, half-orphans and deserted children who are not 
admitted in any other Jewish institution, and are entrusted 
to its care by parents or relatives, or are committed by any 
magistrate. Gives them religious, secular and industrial 
training, and, at a suitable age adopts them into families 
or places them in self-supporting positions. Present num- 
ber, 566. Gives temporary employment, food and shelter 
to former inmates, and furnishes meals to poor persons and 
children not committed to the institution. Supported by 
voluntary contributions and public funds. Last year's re- 
ceipts, $72,021, of which $65,374 were from public funds; 
expenditures, $59,200. Mrs. Philip J. Joachimsen, Pres., 
Eleventh Ave. and 151st St. ; W. Meyer, Sec'y ; Mrs. Morris 
Gk)odheart, Hon. Sec'y; Mrs. A. Barnett, Treas. Main- 
tains an 

Asylum at Grand Drive, Eleventh Ave. and 151st St., 
for infants and grown-up boys; and an Asylum, cor. Grand 
Boulevard and l50th St. (to be opened January, 1892) (for- 
merly cor. Avenue A and East 87th St.), for girls. Chil- 
dren must be free from disease, and not less than 2 years 
old. Open to the public daily from 11 to 4 p.m., and to 
parents and relatives every 1st Saturday and Sunday in the 
month from 11 to 4 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. L. Fauerbach, 
Supts., to whom apply at the Asylum at 151st St. 

New York Catholic Protectory (incorp. 1863), West- 
chester, Westchester Co. Office and House of Reception, 


204 B^orntatoriei far Children. ci^ass vm^l 

415 Broome St. Takes care of destitute Catholic children, 

as follows : Ist. Children under 14 years of ago, aod en- 
trusted for protection or reformatioa. 2d. Those between 
7 and 14, committed aa idle, truant, vicious or homeless by 
a police magistrate. Sd. Tbose of alike age transferred by 
the Department of Public Cbarities and Correction. Boja' 
Protectory is in charge of the Brothers of the Christian 
Schools. The boys are educated and taught trades. Girls' 
Protectory is in charge of the Sisters of Charity. The girls 
are educated and taught industrial employments. Capacity, 
2,310 children. Supported by ToluQtary contributions, 
labor of inmatesandjwrcaptfaallowance from city. Cared 
for 3.05S last year. Receipts, $394,124, of which $243,783 
were from public funds; expenditures, $428,219. Richard 
H. Clarke, Prea,; Wm. J. Fanning, SecV; Eugene Kelly, 
Treas.; Brother Leontine, Rector Male Department; Rev. 
Slater M. Celestia, Superioress Female Depanment; John 
J. Rodrigue, ActuaiT and Manager of House of Reception 
and Salesroom, 415 Broome St., apply from 9 to 6 p.u. 

Newlork Juvenile Asylum (Incorp. 1851), ITCthSt. and 
Amsterdam Ave. Hotjbb ob' Recbition, 106 West 27th St. 
Is a reformatory for truant and disobedient children of both 
Bezes, residents of the city, between the ages of 7 and 14 
years, committed by a mapatrate or surrendered by parents 
or guardians. It also provides homes in the country for 
friendless or surrendered children. Accommodates 1.000 
at Asylum and 50 at the Reception House. Visiting day 
at the Asylum, last Thursday of each month. Sui>portea 
by donations, legacies, public school fund and city sp- 
propriationfl. 1,589 receivedlaat year. Receipts, $138,023, 
of which $115,456 were from the public funds; expendi- 
tures, $131,735; permanent fund, $30,000, E. M. Kingaley. 
Pres.; Peter Carter, Sec'y; Henry Talmadge. Treas.; E. 
M, Carpenter, Supt. Apply at the House of Reception at 
any hour of the day. 

St James' Home, 21 Oliver St. (see Class V., Div. 1). 

Society for the Beformation of Jnrenile Delia* 
fnents (incorp. 1824). Maintains the 

HoDSE OF RsFDGE. Randall's Island ; a Tetormatorf, 
where industrial instruction and common school edacatioa 

DiY. 8. Brformatoriea far Children, 205 

Is given. Receives, only upon commitment of police mag- 
istrates and courts of law in New York City and Hudson 
River counties (first tliree Judicial Districts), any child un- 
der 16 years of age complained of and convicted for being 
disorderly, vagrant or criminal. Children under 12 cannot 
be committed except on conviction for felony. Supported 
by State appropriations and public school funds. 968 chil- 
dren received last year. Receipts, $117,211, of which 
$116,568 were from public funds; expenditures, $115,015. 
John A. Weekes, Pres. ; Frederick W. Downer, Cor. Sec'y ; 
Henry Dudley, Treas.; Israel C. Jones, Supt. All com- 
munications uiould be directed to the House of Refuge, 
Randall's Island, N. T., Station '' L.'' 

Religious and Moral, 

o lu notice, Uie beneflIB : 

3 BeourB,f{>r 

BmEd Id thia 

Division 1. — Mistiong to lite Beatitute. 
CSeealso Churcliea and Congre^tiooB.) 

Bethauj Institute for Woman's Christian Work, 105 

Eaat 17tl) Ht. (set Class X., Div. 4). 

Bleecker St, Resene Mission Chapel, near Cottage 
Place. Open every night. 

Catharine Mission (org. 1S8S). 201 South St. For the 
spiritual and physical welfare of the masses in the neigh- 
borhood. Gives temporary relief, bUo food and clothing In 
sickness, and assists in procuring suitable employment for 
applicants. Unsectarian. Supported by voluntuy cootri- 
butions. Gospel services every evening at 7;30. Bible 
Class on Sunday at 3:30 p.m. Apply to Miss M. A. De- 
lany, Supt., from B lo 11 a.m., or any evening. 


<VR Mothers; Thursdays a 
t Chiijjren; Salurda/s at IC 


DtV. 1. MMons io the tkstiiuie. ^ 

East Side Chapel and iBible- Woman's Association 

(org. 1878, incorp. 1885), 404 East 15th St. Supports a 
Mission in which children and adults do not receive relief, 
but are taught to help themselves. Undenominational. 
Religious services on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday even- 
ings. (See also Undenom. Churches.) Supported by volun- 
tary contributions. Mrs. E. Bergh Brown, Pres. ; Mrs. J. 
W. Goddard, Sec'y, 10 West 33d St. ; Miss H. A. Butter- 
worth, Treas., 38 East 35th St. Maintains the following: 

Christian Endeavor Society (branch of United Soci- 
ety of Christian Endeavor, which see. Class X., Div. 9). 

Cooking and Dressmakino Classes. 

Hospital Choir; sings wherever invited, the afternoon 
of second Sunday in each month. 

Kindergarten; daily, except Saturday, from 9 to 12 m. 
Children pay one penny per day. 

King's Daughters (Circle of, which see. Class IX., 
Div. 3); makes useful articles for inmates of hospitals. 

Penny Provident Fund (Branch of, which see. Class 
X., Div. 1); Thursdays at 7 p.m. 

Sewing-School; Saturdays at 10 a.m. 

Singing Class; Mondays at 7 p.m. 

Sunday-School; at 2 p.m. 

£iglith Aye. Bescue Mission, 208 Eighth Ave. Open 
every night. 

Fiye Points House of Industry, 155 Worth St. (see 
Class II., Div. 7). 

Galilee Missiion of Galyary Church (which see imdcr 
Prot. Epis. Churches), 340 East 23d St. Services for desti- 
tute men and women. Open Wednesday and Saturday 

Gospel Temperance Mission, 146th St., bet. Third and 
Willis Aves. Open every night. 

Holy Trinity (P. E.) Bescue Mission, Third Ave. and 
39th St. 

Howard Mission and Home for Little Wanderers 

(incorp. 1864), 206 Fifth St. Aids poor, neglected and 


MiiHoni to the Ik*HluU. cuiss n., 

helpless children and worthy families amoDg the poor, 
without distinction of nstionatity or cre«d, bj providing 
clothing, food, temporarj shelter aad personal visitations to 
the fliclc. Has a Sunday-school for children every Sunday 
afternoon at Annex Hall, 16 Fourth Ave. 450 families as- 
sisted, S,2O0 visits made and 50 children placed in homes 
r, and situations last year. Receipts, $8.IJ7S; expenditures, 

^^_ $5,896. A. S. Hatch, Prea. and Treas., 15 Cortlandt St.; 

^^^L J. F. WyckoS, Sec'y; Joseph Hague. Agent; Hiss Susan 
^^^1 OtIiSe, Matron. Apply at the Mission daily from 9 to 5 P.u. 
^^P Indnstrial Christian Alliance (incorp. 1891), 113 

^I^B Macdougal St. To restore the fallen and the helpless to 

self-respect and self-support, and to give industrial and 
religious training to neglected children, and to do the same 
through religious methods. It proposes to establish lem- 
potury homesfor men and women for those who desire to re- 
form, and are able and willing to work in simple industries 
to be therein carried on. Length of residence limited to 60 
days. Permanent employment for graduates will also be 
sought. Daily evangelical religious service held, reading 
rooms provided, and the rescue and restoration of homeless 
and friendless persons in want and despair will be attempted. 
A chief feature will be the rescue of men and women from 
the gutter and the dives; and also preventive work in 

I gathering children into Day Niirseries. Kindergartens, 8un- 

day'BcbooIs and Industrial Schools. "The Alliance i*'^H 
Christian, unsectarian, industrial and educational." Oeorgfe^H 
D. Mackay, Pres.; Arthur W. Milbury, Sec'y, 113 MatV^H 
dougal St.; Wm. H. Hoople. Treas., 50 Ferry St.; E, G.^l 
Draper, Supt. of Industries. ^H 

Intemational Medical BflssioiLarf Society, 119 Easf^H 
45th St. [see Class X., Div. 4). ^M 

Ladies' Mlasion of tlie Protestant Episcopal Cbnndi^H 
' to the Psbllc Institntlons of the City of New York 

(iecorp. 1863). Comprised of ladies connected with the 
Prot. Epis. Church, who visit the different public institu- 
tions, particularly on BlachweU's Island. The Ladies' Hts- 
sion includes special Prison work and visits to the public 
hospitals, and seeks to reclaim the inmates and provide for 
theh' spiritual welfare. 2,545 visits made last year. No 

DiY. 1. Minions to the Destitute. 209 

money is received; carried on by personal labor and sym- 
patheticN)flerings. Meets 3d Friday of every month at 12 sf . 
at 16 East 44th St. Rev. T. M.Peters, d.d., Pres., 255 
West 99th St.; Miss Ellen Sanford, Sec'y, 86 West 59th 
St. ; Miss Ellen Eemble, Treas. 

Madison Sanare (3harch Uoase and Mission, cor. 
Third Ave. and 30th St* Grospel Meetings every evening 
and Sundays. The following are conducted in the Church 

Boys' Club. 

CoFFBB-RooM ; also LoDOiNOS for men in special cases. 


Marion Mission, 2275 Eighth Ave. and West 122d St. 
Open every night. 

Market St. Bescae Mission, 55 Little 12th St. Open 
every night. 

McAnley Water Street Mission (org. 1872. incorp. 
1876). 316 Water St. A mission to the most degraded and 
profligate criminals and drunkards, both men and women, 
where religious services are held every week-day evening 
and Sunday afternoons. Open day and ni^ht. Keller 
given in most extreme cases. Supported by voluntary con- 
tributions. Last vear's receipts, $4,400; expenditures, 
$4,148. S. H. Hadley, Supt., to whom apply as above. 

Mission of the Immacalate Yirgin etc., Lafayette 
Place cor. of Great Jones St. (see Class V., Div. 1). 

Mission School of All-Souls (Unitabian) Gharch of 
the City of New York (org. 1865, incorp. 1868). A free 
school to instruct youns children in sewing and in elemen- 
tary practical knowledge; also has advanced classes in 
needlework and a Branch of the Penny Provident Fund. 
Meets every Saturday from 9:45 to 12 m. , from November 
to May, at school-house, 213 East 21st St. Supported by 
voluntary contributions. 322 pupils last year. Receipts, 
1299; expenditures, $413. Mrs. T. C. Williams, Pres., 117 
East 86th St.; Miss Edith Holden, Sec'y, 13 East 79th St.; 
Miss E. Bryce, Treas., 40 West 54th St. ; Mrs. D. B. Eaton, 
^pt., 2 East 29th St., to whom apply. 



Mis^imu to the Destitute. 

Nen York City HlNSlon and Tract Societj (org. 182T, 
incorp. 1868), 108 Bible House, Fourth Ave,, bet Bth and 
9tli 8i8. For the e mangel iialion of the eitj-. Holds reli- 
jcious servicus Cor the poor and destitute at its various MIb- 
sioD Cliurches aad io tbe City Instituliocs, with a view to 
tlie elevation of the poor aud the refornmtiou of the de- 
graded. Protestant; otherwise undenominational. Sup- 
Jorted by voluntary contributiooB. La9t year's receipts, 
32.310; expcnditurca. (33,406. Owns $450,000 real estate 
in cliurchea. Office hours, 9 to 5 p.m. Morris K. Jesup, 
Pies. ; Ambrose K. Ely, Sec'y ; Constant A. Andrews, 
Treas. ; Rev. A. F. Schauffler, d.d., Vice-Pres. and in 
charge of the work, to whom address all correspondence. 
Its " Churches for the People " {see Ondenonainalional 
Churches) are located as follows : 
Bboome Street Tabbrmaole, J 

'5 Broome St. 

Db Witt Mbmobiai, Ckiircii, 380 Eirington St. 

Italian Chdkch, IB5 Worth St. 

Olivbt CnuKCH, 63 Second St. 

Qkrhan Mission, carried on at De Witt Uemoi 
Church; also a large Jbtvish Mibsios, 

Qebmam Mission, carried on at Olivet Church. 

Has as an auxiliary the 

Woman's Branch of the New York City MisaioifAKd' 
Tract Society (org. 1832), 104 Bible House. Aimatoele- 
"■ « degraded. VisilB 


n and children , < 

a the sick and supplies nurses and nourishment, 
and. in e'streme cases, gives or loans garmenlsand bedding. 
Supported by voluntary contributions. Last jettr's r" 
celpts, tI9,335 ; expenditures, $19,679. Mrs. M. K. St 
up, 1st Directress ; Mrs. R. M. Field, Secy ; Miaa M. E,' 
Mitchell, Treas., 104 Bible House ; Mrs. L. S. Baiil/ 
bridge, Supt. , to whom apply or address daily, except Sat-' 
urdays. from 10 to 13 m. as above. The Woman's Branch 
maintains the foUowicg; 

Christiait Workers' Home, 139 East lOtb St. A 
boarding-house for the Society's Missionaries, Nurses and 
those in training. 

FBESHrAiB Fund ; for special cases. Preah-air worit U 

Bnr. 1. MMofu to the DeaUuU. 211 

atoo done through the " Tribune Fresh- A!r " and other 

MnssiONABT Sbwing MsETmas, 280 Rivington St. 

MoTHEBs' Unions; formed in different parts of the city. 

NuBSBS, to visit and care for the sick in their homes. 

Jewbll Day Nubsert, 20 Macdougal St.; open from 

7 A.M. to 7 P.M. 

Memobial Day Nubseby, 275 East Broadway; open 
from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

ViBGiNiA Day Nubsbby, 632 Fifth St.; open from 7 
a.m. to 7 P.M. 

New York Cit j Rescue Brotherhood (org. 1891), 88 
Bleecker St. (see Class IX., Div. 3). 

New York Female Auxiliary Bible Society, Bible 
House (see Class X., Div. 9). 

New York Ladies' Home Missionary Society of the 
Methodist Episcopal Church, 63 Park St. (Five Points 
Mission) (see Class II., Diy. 6). 

New York Protestant Episcopal City Mission Soci- 
ety (incorp. 1838), 38 Bleecker St. For the evangelization 
of the city. Holds religious services for the poor and desti- 
tute at its various Mission Chapels and in all the public 
Citv Institutions, with a view to the elevation of the poor 
and the reformation of the degraded. Daily visits are 
made to the prisoners in their cells and at the bedside of 
the sick in the hospitals. Supported by voluntary contri- 
butions. Last year's receipts, $48,053; expenditures, $46,- 
195 ; owns $336,000 worth of real estate in churches and 
houses. Rt. Rev. H. C. Potter, d.d., Pres. ; Chas. P. 
Bull, Sec'y; John H. Boynton, Treas. and Gen'l Agent, 38 
Bleecker St.; Rev. Alex. Mackay-Smith, d.d., Supt. of 
Missicm Work, 773 Madison Ave. Its Mission houses are 
located as follows (the Chapels are also entered with the 
list of Prot. Epis. Churches): 

St. Babnabas* House and Chapel, 304 and 306 Mul- 
bwy (St. 

.fa> %narA»tAtf DxapstWABY, 806 Mulberry St. 

.7. - 


SIS MUaiont U the Deititttle. 

St. Barnabas' Readixo-Roou and Clerot KonsE, I 
Bleecker §t. 

St. Ambbosb CmiKcn, S. W. cor. of Prince and Thom 

Chapbl of Chhist thb Consoler, adjoining Bellev;! 

CHAPfti, otr TiTE Good Shefsbrd, adjoining Almshoai 
. Blackwell'a Island. 

Chafel 07 THE MBBSiAn (Mibsiob), Secoud Ave., c 
Uth St. 

God's Providence Mission and Sundat-Bchool, I 
Broome St. 


Salvation Anuf, Barracks 111 Reade St. and 133 West 
14th St. Its work iocludes geoeral evaDSfelistic as well as 
City and Home Mission work. Corapoaea ot staff officers, 
field officers, cadets and soldiers. Ballington Booth, Com- 

Trinity Chnrcli Association (org. 1879, incorp. 1887), 
309 Fultoa St. Carries on cdaritable work down-lown, 
more or less in connection with, but is independent of, the 
Corporation of Trinity Church (which see under Prot. 
Epis. Cburcbes). Supported byits members andToluntary 
coutributioDS. Last year's receipts, $9,967; expendiluies, 
|S,103. Rev,MorganDli(,B,T.D.,Pres.; William Bispham. 
Sec'y. 131 Washington St.; Geo. M. Coit. Treaa., 63 WO- 
liam St. Maintains the following; 

Trinitt Mission House, 309 and 21 1 Fulton St. Head- 

Juarters of work among the poor, where they may apply 
jr relief. Here areheld Entertainmehtsand Lbctckes 
FOR THE Poor, Mothers' Mebtinob, Guild Mekthtob 
for Young Women and Young Girls. Bible Classes etc. 
In charge of the Sisterhood ot St. Mary, Controls the fol- 

Provident Dibfenhary, in the basement of Mission 
House, a small uniform fee being paid by all who regulsrly' 
apply. Open' daily, except Sundays, from 9 to 11 aM. 

BiV. 2. Missions to Bpedal Classes. 218 

Persons needing attendance at their homes must apply to 
the Sisters. A fee of 25 cents is charged for each visit, in- 
cluding the prescription. Nelson H. Henry, m.d.. Physi- 
cian in charge. 

KiNDBRGARTEN; for little children. Open daily at the 
Mission House, at 9 A.sf., from September to June. Ave- 
rage number, 42. 

Kitchen Gardbn ; about 25 little girls receive instruc- 
tion in general housework at the Mission House, Thursdays 
at 8:30 P.M., from October to June. 

Down-Town RrlxefBubeau, 209 Fulton St. (which see, 
Class II., Div. 2). 

Sba-Sidb Homb for Children, at Great River, near 
Islip, L. I.; received 807 children and 103 adult working 
girls last year. 

Training School for Young Girls in household ser- 
vice, at the Mission House, under the care of the Sisters. 

Division 2. — Missions to Special Classes, 
(See also Churches and Congregations.) 

American Seamen's Friend Society (org. 1828, incorp. 
1888), 76 Wall St. To improve the social and moral con- 
dition of seamen, and to encourage Boarding-Houses of 
Sood character. Savings Banks, Registry Offices, Libraries, 
Luseums, Reading-Rooms and Schools for them. Has mis- 
sionaries and Homes for Seamen at 32 seaports in the 
United States and foreign countries. Furnishes Loan 
LiBRARiBS for sea-going vessels, clothes and cares for ship- 
wrecked American seamen and aids sick and destitute 
sailors in returning to their homes. Supported by volun- 
tary contributions. Last year's receipts, $37,135 ; expendi- 
tures, $80,436. Charles H. Trask, Pres.; Rev. W. C. 
Stitt, D.D., Sec'y; W. C. Sturges, Treas. Maintains the 

Sailobs' Homb (1842), 190 Cherry St.; a sailors' board- 
ing-house, where destitute shipwrecked seamen are also 
provided for. 

Beulah Mission (org. 1889), 512 Sixth Ave. A rescue 
mission for all classes of men, women and children. Ser- 

Mimoni to ^Kcial Clauet. class n^,' 

vices every evening at S o'clock. Has a Fkbb Eicpix>t- 
MBNT BuHS&ii for needy aod deserving applicants of boUi 
sexes. Supported chlcQy b; Mrs, E, A. Freeman, ti&a- 
ager and SupC, to wbom apply as above. 

Buwery Mlsslou and Young Men's Home (org. 1880), 
formerly at 36 Bowery and temporarily at No. 89. Will 
remove eariy in 1892 to their new builaing, No. 105 Bow- 
ery, where there are increaeed facilities, and board and 
lod^iog accommodations at low rates for Young Ueu. 
Religious services every evening and Sundays. Limited 
relief given in extreme cases ; Uio cuiployment sought. 
Ijupported by voluntary contributions and receipts for 
lodgings. Last year's receipts, $5,876 ; expenditures, #5.- 

Chinese MissloD of the Methodist Episcopal Cbnrck, 

205 West 14th Bl, Under the care of the N, T. Citt 
Ckdbch Extension and Mibsiosart Soclbty (which see, 
Class X., Div, 9). For the moral and religious training of 
the Chinese. Services and school are held every Sunday, 
and a native, Mr, Ah Food, resides at the Mission and acts 
as Missionary. Under the pastoral care of Bev. E. 8. 
Tipple, 108 West 41at St, ; Mias Mary A, Lathbury, Supt,. 
96 Fifth Ave. ; Horace Jones, Sec'y and Treaa. , 127 Fourth 
Ave, Associated with it is the 

Chinese Young Men's Chkistian Absoclation, which 
has rooms in the Mission House for social entertainment, 
recreation aod reading. Conducts a mcetiog every Sunday 
at 7:30 p.m. entirely by themselves. Woo Yoke Hop, 
Prea,; Moy Head, Sec'y ; Yik Bing Shan, Treaa, 

Chinese Sunday-School Association (org, 1S8T). 
Composed of teachers of the various Prol, Epis. Chinese 
Sunday-schools o( New York City. Meets monthly to pro- 
mote the moral and religious interests of the Chinese, J. 
G. Bennett, Sec'y; James Pott, Treas., 16 Astor Place. 

Church Mission to Deaf-Mates, 9 West 16tb St. (see 
Class VII., Div. 1), 

Cremorne Mission (org. and incorp. 1682), 101 Weat 

pTV. 2. Itimims' to Bpeeiat OUusee. 216 

82d St. A Mission to fallen and degraded men and women, 
with a view to their reformation. Open day and night. 
Services every evening at 8 o'clock. Mrs. «ierry (Mwria) 
McAuley, Supt., to whom apply. 

Eyangelieal Aid Society for the Spanish Work of 
New York and Brooklyn (org. 1886), 1345 Lexington 
Ave. To carry the Gospel to the Spanish-speaking people 
in their own language; to provide missionaries to visit 
their homes ; to relieve their sick and help their poor, and 
to establish Sabbath and .industrial schools. Undenomina- 
tional. Supported by voluntary contributions. Last year's 
receipts and expenditures, $1,521. Miss M. Stewart- 
Brown, Pres.; Mrs. S. E. Holt, Sec'y; Mrs. E. P. Brown- 
ing, Treas., 277 Madison Ave.; Miss Caroline M. Strong, 
Founder, Supt. and Missionary. Maintains the following : 

Sunday-Schools, Bible and Tbachbks' Evening 
Classes, conducted by Rev. J. M. Lopez Guillen, at 
Church of the Pilgrims, Madison Ave. and 121st St. ; Cen- 
tral Presbyterian Church, 220 West 57th St., and at 1345 
Lexington Ave. Supported by the New York Presbytery. 

Dat-School, for diildren of Spanish parents, 1845 Lex- 
ington Ave. 

Spanish Industrial School ; sewing meetings with 
Bible teaching are held for women and mothers, who are 
thus won to the Sunday-school and church services. In 
charge of Miss Strong. 

i'lorence Night Mission of New York (org. 1888), 
21 and 28 Bleecker St. For the rescue and reformation of 
fallen women, by means of social religious meetings held 
late at night, by tract distribution and by personal influence 
with those gathered into the meetings and into the Home. 
Upwards of 1,000 professed conversion last year. Receives 
girls of good character and protects them. Has accom- 
modations for 40 such inmates. Supported by voluntary 
contributions, but mostly by the Founder. Last year's ex- 
penditures, $8,050. Charles N. Crittenton, Founder. 

Gospel Mission to the Tombs (incorp. 1881). A Mis- 
sion to the prisoners at the Tombs. Protestant and evan- 
gelical. The Chaplain holds services every Sabbath, and 

Misiions to ^aial Olaiges. 

H »6 

^H Tisita the prisonera on week-days. Supported by Tolun- 
^H-i.tftTj' cuntributiuns. LtLSt year's reiteipU. $S,0I4 ; expendi- 
^r tures, |l,8i9. Rev. Wm M. Taylor, d.d.. Pres.iE. L. 
Lentilhon, Sec'y, Far Rockaway, L. I.; Geo, E. Sterry, 
Treas., 79 Pine St.; Rev. Sirtuoy Q, Law, Misaionary Chap- 
lain, at the TombE. 

Guild of St Elizaliieth (org. 1878). To miaUter K 
iick and poor id the public institutions, at Bellevue Qoa- 

Eitul, nnd on BlackweU'a, Ward's aiid Hart's lalaada ; ti 
elp them receive tlie minlstratioQa of the Church, and t< 
Eupplv some of the extra and extreme needs of the aick 
and destitute. Has also a Burial Fund, the benefit of 
which can only be had through the President or Treasurer. 
Supported by annual subacriptions, donations etc. Last 

Star's total receipts. ^91; expenditures, |1,061. Mrs. S. 
, Nelson, Pres., 47 West asth St.; Mrs, E. W. Ranney, 
Sec'y, 440 West 23d St.; Mrs. B. De Feyster, Treas., 4fl6 
"Weat 23d St. 

Hebrew Free School Assaciation, Hebrew Institute, 
East Broadway and Jefferson St. (see Cln^s 11., niv. 6). 

Homeof Indnstry and Refuge for Discharged Co n- 
Ticts, 2S4 West 63d St. (aee Class VIII.. Div. " 

Italian Girls' Industrial Home of the Nen York 
Conference Woman's Home Missionary Society, 517 
Eaat 117th St. Miaa A. C. Ruddy, Missionary, Alain- 
tains a SnNDAY-Scnooi., Sewing -School, IIelpikg Hahd 

Italian Mission of the Protestant Episcopal Chnrcb, 

309 Mulberry St,, near Bleecker, For evangelistic and 
miaslon work among the Italians of this cily. Supported 
by Toiuntarj contributions. Last year'a receipts, f 2,300 j 
eipenditurea, (;2,237. Rt, Rer, H. C. Potter, d.d., Pres. ; 
Thomas Whittaker. Sec'y and Treaa., 2 Bible House; Rev, 
Alherto Pace, Missionary, to whom apply from 9 to IS ii. 
In connection with the Mission are the following: 

Chuhoh op San Salvatork, 309 Mulberry St. (which 
lee under Prot. Epis. Churches). 

Ladies' A'" Abbociatiok ; helps the Missionary ii 
-"" 3ticaJ details of the work ; provides necessaries for and 

Btr. d. MMoru to BpeeM Otann, 217 

visits the sick. Supported by donations and subscriptions. 
Receipts, (1,779 ; expenditures, $1,251. Mrs. Gteorge 8. 
Bowdoin, Pres., 39 Park Ave. ; Miss A. W. Davenport, 
Treas.. 212 East 16th St. ; Miss Zela Gibbs, Sec'y, 14 East 
83d St. 

Industrial School ; to teach sewing to the girls in the 
church. Mrs. John Clark, Supt. 

Three Mutual Benevolent Societies, as follows : 
** San Salvatore Society," for men; " Cooperative Club of 
the Young Sons of Italy," for young men from 14 to 21 
years old ; **In His Holy Name," for the ladies of the 
church exclusively. 

Louis Down-Town Sabbath and Daily School (org. 
1880, incorp. 1884, amended to include Daily School, 1888), 
267 Henry St. For the elevation of the female children of 
9 years and upward of the Jewish poor of the city of New 
York, by the maintenance of a Sabbath and Daily School 
for ethical, religious, secular and technical instruction ; to 
relieve their physical necessities by supplying them with 
clothing and refreshments at the Sabbath sessions of the 
School. The families of the children are also visited. 
Supported by membership dues and voluntary contribu- 
tions. Last year's receipts, $2,052 ; expenditures, $2,433. 
Mrs. Minnie D. Louis, Pres., 66 West 66th St.; Mrs. J. N. 
Bloom, Cor. Sec'y; Mrs. L. Kohns, Treas. Its 

Daily School (1888), 267 Henry St., is for girls from 12 
years old and upward, who are taught English branches, 
bookkeeping, practical decorative designiD^, fine sewing, 
millinery, scientific dressmaking, cooking and stenography. 
Open from 8:45 to 4 p.m. The housework is open also to 
immigrants newly landed. A cooperative system has been 
adopted; one- third of the profits of the dress- cutting and 
fine sewing given to the pupil who does the work. Ave- 
rage attendance, 150. Holds a Vacation School for sew- 
ine and singing from August to end of September. Also 
a Sewing Class for grown girls from November to June 
eyery Sunday morning, and maintains a Dressmaking 
class four evenings each week in connection with the Baron 
de Hirsch Fund Committee. Miss Helena Dniyff, Supt. 
Has also the 



MUti&M to Special Otaeses. 

IB IX.>^M 

Hbhrietta Ci-tTB : for grnduntea from both the Sab- 

bath and Daily Scboole, and a 

LiBRARTfor the children. Mrs. Leopold Weil, Librarian. 

Hargaret Strachan Home Tor Fallen Women (incorp, 

1887), lOS and 105 West STtb 81.. (Formerly the Faith 

Home.) A misaion for the rescue of abundoaed ir " """" 

1 by eTeninr religious a 

- ■ talleu women . 

a or longer until e 
them. Accommodntes 40wom( 
frienda is furnished in certain c - , , 

lary contributions. 353 cared for last j 

rary shelter ti 

:a tempo- 
_) reform, who re- 
employment Is found for 
Tranaportatioo totheii 
Supported by YOlun- 
iir. Receiptr 

J4,438; expenditures. $3,971. Mrs. P, Bottome. Pres.; 
Mrs. E. Livingston Lynch, Sec'y, 109 East 3l8t St.; Mrs. 
Ruasell Stebbina, Jr., Treas., 958 Madison Ave.; MIssHina 
Bibthorpe, Matron, to whom apply. Maintains the 

Mabgarst Stbachan Home Cbapei. (see Undenomi- 
national Churches). 


New York Colored Hfsslon (Incorp. 1871), 135 West 
30th St. For the religious, moral and social elevation 
of the colored people. Religious meetings are held in 
the chapel on Sunday evenings and during the week; also 
a Sunday-school at 8 p.u. Supported by receipts from 
Employment Office and Lodging-Room, aud by voluntary 
contributions. Last year's receipts, $9,876; espenditurea, 
»9,409. J. L. Barton, m d., Pres.. o7 East 55lh St.; Sle- 
phen W. Collins, Sec'y; Samuel B. Wray, Treas,, 312 East 
82d St. Apply at the Misaioo, as above. Maintains the 

EmpIiOTUESt Obtice; open daily from 9 to 5 p.m., Sat- 
urdays B to 13 M., for furnishing respectable colored per- 
sons with situations free of eitpense. 

Dir. d. MkdoM to Special (XasM. 1319 


LoDOiNG-Roosf ; for women, at a charge of 15 cents a 
night. Accommodates 45. Provided for 5,808 last year. 

Missionaby; who visits the sick and poor, and gives re- 
lief in food and clothing in cases of dire necessity. 843 
families relieved last year. 

Sewing^chool; for girls and women, every Saturday 
during the winter. 

Band of Hope and Woman's Christian Tbmfbbancb 

People's Church and Harlem Mission, S. E. cor. of 
124th St. and Second Ave. A non-sectarian Mission among 
the tenement population of East Harlem. Services everv 
evening except Saturday; Simday school at 2 p.m. Joseph 
Bennet, Supt. Maintains a 

HoM(BOFATHic DISPENSARY; opcu wcck-days from 8 to 

4 P.M. 

People's Mission (org. 1860), formerly at 97 Varick St., 
was disbanded August, 1891, because of the death of Rev. 
O. C. Goss, Gen'l Supt., and is in process of closing the 
work on hand. 

Protestant Episcopal Church Missionary Society 
for Seamen in tlie City and Port of New York (incorp. 
1844). For the religious and temporal welfare of seamen. 
Tracts and Books are distributed on the vessels and docks, 
and the sailors' several lodging-houses visited and reported 
on. Supported by voluntary contributions. Last year's 
receipts, $12,106; expenditures, $12,540; permanent fund, 
$8,050. Rt. Rev. Henry C. Potter, d.d.. Pres.; Henry 
Rogers, Cor. Sec'y; J. H. Morrison, Jr., Rec. Sec'y, 102 
William St.; J.J. Smith, Treas, 77 West Houston St.; 
Rev. , Rector, 341 West Houston St., to 

-whom apply. Maintains the following: 

CoBNTiBS Slip Station; has an Open- Air Mission on 
the dock and Mission Rooms at 21 Coenties Slip. Rev. 
Isaac Maguire, Minister in charge. 

East Rivbb Station; has the Floating Church of Our 
Saviour, moored at Pike Slip, and Mission House at 85 

290 1 Miisiona to BpedaZ OUuaei. CI.ABB Te^ 

Pike 8t. with a Sbaman's Frbb Liubary, open from 3 to 
lOr.U.; also a SewiBG- School for girls of the neighbor- 
hood every Baturdaj, average atlendance 78; and a Tbk- 
FERAKCK BociETT. Rev. Arthur H, Proffitt, Minister in 
charge, 34 Pike Bt. 

North Rivkr Station; has the Church of the Holj 
Comforter for Sailors, and Mission House, 34> West St., 
foot of Houston St. Has also a Tbupbhanck Society and 
a Bb WING- School. 

Rkadibq- Rooms. Each Jlissioo lias a reading-room at- 
tached, to which more than 40,880 visits were made last 
year; writing materials furnished free. 

New Sailohs' Home, 838 Pearl St.; a boarding-houM 
for seamen detained in port. 702 boarders last year. Ed- 
ward Rode, Supt. 

HouB FOB Colored Sailors, 39 Park St.; H. Youi 

aild.33 8t. Mark": 


SeBDKtti'a ChristUD Association of the Citj of Xew 
York (org. 1888). 605 Washington St., cor. West 10th St. 
A Mission for Seamen and Boatmbn, and also other resi- 
dents in the vicinity. UoBectarian. Has a library, read- 
ing and writing room. Holds services every evening and 
Sundays, and also on board ocean ateamers, ships and 
other vessels in port, and distributes tracts. Open daily 
from 3 to 10 p.m. Visitors are welcome. Supported by 
voluntary contributions. Last year's receipts, fl,673; ei- 
penditures, $1,511. Rev. Henry Wilson, d.d., Pres. ; Miss 
E. M. Bangs, Sec'y, 217 East lltli St.; Waiuwright Hardie, 
Treas., 30 Pine St. The Mission Rooms are called The 
MizPAH Seamen's Rest, under charge of John McCor- 
macfc. Missionary. Apply to the Sec'y at tlie Missf 

Society for Fromollng the Gospel among Sea] 
In the Port of Hew Tork (otherwise known as '^ 
York Port Society) (incorp. 181B), 46 Catharine St. 

Djy. 2. Missi(m0 to Special Ckusea,, 221 

the purpose expressed in the title. Supported by volun- 
tary contributions. Last year's receipts, $16,675; expen- 
ditures, $16,358. William H. H. Moore, Pres., 51 Wall St.; 
Theophilus A. Brouwer, Cor. Sec'y, 113 Pulton St.; Fran- 
cis E. Dodge, Treas., 86 William St.; Wm. C. Thomas, 
Financial Agt., 46 Catharine St. Maintains at the same 
address the following: 

LiBBABT AND Reading-Room; Open daily from 1 to 10 
P.M., for the use of seamen. Campbell Keith, Supt. 

Marine Temfbrance Society (1833) ; numbers over 
71,000 members. 

Mariners' Church, 46 Catharine St. Rev. Samuel 
Boult (see Undenominational Churches). 

Missionaries; who visit the seamen's boarding-houses, 
vessels, steamships and vicinity of Mission. 

Post Office ; for correspondence between sailors and 
their friends. Also has a 

West Side Branch, cor. Washington and Charlton 
Sts., with reading-room. Open daily from 1 to 10 p.m. 
Religious services etc. In charge of John Waite, Mission- 

Sj^anish Industrial Mission, formerly at 127 East 10th 
St., is now The Evangelical Aid Society for the Span- 
ish Work of New York and Brooklyn, 1145 Lexington 
Ave. (which see in this division, page 215). 

United States Army Aid Association (org. 1859, in- 
Corp. 1865), 82 Nassau St. To promote the religious, moral 
and intellectual interests of officers and enlisted men of the 
Army; to send reading matter to the various garrisons, and 
aid in forming libraries, reading clubs, temperance lodges. 
Young Men's Christian Societies, post and Sunday schools 
and literary associations among the soldiers. Supported by 
voluntary contributions. Last year's receipts, $8,224; ex- 

Senditures, $7,920. William A. Thompson, Pres. ; Henry 
[. Lester, Treas.. 581 Broadway; John JB. Ketchum, Gen'l 
Sec'y, 82 Nassau St. (P. O. box 574). 

Toanff menV Christ inn Association etc., 40 East 23d 
St. (see Class X,, Div, 4), 


Beiigioua Ordert and SUterhoodt. clabs ix., 

DmaioN 3 

:* Orderi, Sisterluxidi and Dtaames»ei. 

Ahawath Chesed Sisterhood of PerHonal Serrice, 71 

East Third St. (see Class II„ Div. 2). 

Brothers of the Christian Schools, 415 Broome St. 
(see New York Catholic Protectobt, ClaHB VIII., 
Div. 8). 

dau-dlans of the Sisterhood of the Holf CommuBioii 

(org. 1852, incorp. ISTlj. MaintainB the 

Sibtebb' House, 328 Sixth Ave. Used as a residence by 
the Sisterhood and kj workers engaged in the v&rious de- 
' partmeots of tbe parochial cliarities of the Church of the 
Holj CommunioD, and under whose patronage it is. Sup- 
ported almost entirely by dooations. Last year's receipts, 
|2,e39; expenditures, $2,635; permanent fund, $13,000. 
Rev. Henry Mottet, Pres. ; Julia Clialmers, Treas, , la West 
17th St. Sister Eliza In charge. The House is used also 
for the following purposes: 

DiSFENSAitr; for medical relief to parishioners. 

Training School for Qirlb (1886). Prepares pupiU, 
who do the work of the House, for domestic service, also 
gives them instruction in English branches. 

Honseof the Good Samaritan Diakonissen (188Q). 
Formerly in connection with the Western Dispensary at 880 
Ninth Ave, but now consolidated with tbe Hahnemann 
Hospital (see Class VX., Div. \y 

Inter national Order of The King's Danghters and 
Sons (org. 1886, incorp. 1888, name changed by order of Su- 

Sreme Court, 18B1). Headquarters. 158 West S8d Bt. To 
Bvelop spiritual life and increase Christian activity. Baud* 
or Circles, of ten or more members each, unite together, 
and each Circle chooses its own special work. Anything 
that helps another human being to be better or happier is 
proper work for " The King's Daughters and Sons. Not 

Div. 3. Beligious (Men and Sisterhoods. 228 


a relief society; does not give alms. Membership fee, 10 
cents. Controlled bv a Central Council. Mrs. F. Bottome, 
Pres.; Mrs. M. L. Dickinson, Qenl Sec'y; Mrs. Isabella 0. 
Davis, Cor. Sec'y; Miss G. H. Libby, Treas., 158 West 23d 

The Central Council publishes a monthly magazine called 
" The Silver Cross," which is devoted to the interests of 
the work. Mrs. Mary Lowe Dickinson, Editor. 

Little Sisters of the Poor, 213 East 70th St. (see 
Home fob the Aged of the Little Sisters etc., Class 
Y., Div. 2). 

Missionary Sisters, Third Order of St. Franeis, 143 

West 31st St. (see Class V.. Div. 1). 

Mew York City Rescue Brotherhood (org. 1891). 
Formed to prosecute rescue mission work in the neighbor- 
hood of St. Barnabas' Chapel, 306 Mulberry St. All Prot. 
Epis. Clergy are eligible for membership, and laymen are 
admitted as associate members. Apply to the Secretary 
at 138 Bleecker St. 

Mew York Beaconess Home and Training School of 
the Methodist Episcopal Chnrch (org. 1889), 241 West 
14th St. Trains Christian women as nurses and for evan- 
gelistic work, and they also care for. nurse and relieve the 
sick and poor in the tenement districts of New York. 
Applicants must be members of the Meth. Epis. Church, in 
good health, not under 20 or over 40 years of age, and must 
come recommended by the Quarterly Conference. Under 
the auspices of the New York City Church Extension and 
Missionary Society. Supported by voluntary and church 
contributions. Last year's expenditures, about $4,981. 
Rev. M. D'C. Crawford, d.d., Fres., 150 Fifth Ave.; Rev. 
E. S. Tipple, PH.D., Sec*y, 108 West 41st St.; Richard 
Lavery, Treas., Mount Vernon, N. Y.; Miss Isabella A. 
Reeves, Supt., at the Home. 

New York Training School for Deaconesses, 802 
Broadway (see Class X. , Div. 4). 

Order ofthe Brothers of Nazareth (incorp. 1890), 521 
Eai9t2(HhSt. Maintains the 


3S4 Eeligioui Orden and Siiterhoodi. ci^es l 

A Ml BAiNTa CoNTALEacENT HouB FOR Men and Boy^ 
at Oak Summit, Dutchess Co.. N, T.(see Class Vl.,Div.2)_ 

St. Andrew's Cottage (see Class VI., Div. 31 

Bodoph Scholom Sisterhood, East 63d St. and Lex — 
iogtoa Ave. (see Class II. , Div. 2), 

Saleslan Sisters of the Sacred Heart, West Park oi^* 
Hudson (see Holy A.NOBLa' Orpham Abylum, Class V..—— 
Div. 1). 

Sisterhood of St. Joha Baptist (1881). ka indepen- 
deat bniDcIi of the original Sisterhood of same name 
founded in Clewer, England, ia 1851. MoUier House, 233 
East 17th St. The Communitj of Sisters have in charge 
the following institutions: 

Christ Church Homb, South Ainboy, N. J. A Home 
AND Industrial School for children, a certain number ' 
whom are received from New Jersey and " bound " 
18 jears old; others received fur moderate compensation. 

Midnight Mission (see Class VIII., Div. 3). 

St. Michael's Homb (see Class VIII., Div. 3). 

St. Andrew's Convalescent Hospital (see CiasB VI., 
Div. 3). 

St. Anna's Cottaos, Farmingdale. L. 1 , 
home for women and children of the Mission of the Hoi 
Cross (which see under Prot. Epia. Churches). 

St. Helena's Home, 653 Fifth St.; headquarters (or the 
mission work of the Sisters of St. John llaptist among the 
German poor of that locality. Sister Mary Angela Id 

Training Schooi, pob Girls, 233 East nth St, 
limited number of girls trained in housework and eccl 
astical embroidery. Mother- Superior in charge. 

The Sisters also work in connection with the MiBBloD_ 
the Holy Cross, and have charge of 8l. John Baptist' 
dies' School, 331 East ITth St., and other schools. 

8i»t«rhood Of St. Mary (founded 186S), 405 and 407 



DtV. 3i tteUgious Orden arid Sisterhoods, 22S 

West a4th St Headquarters at Peekskill. The Sisters 
liave charge of the following charitable institutions: 

Braivch Convalescent Summer Home op St. Mary's 
Free Hospital etc., at Rockaway Beach, L. I*, and 
Notes Memorial Home, Peekskill, N. Y. (see Class VI., 
Div. 5), 

House op Mercy, Inwood on-Hudson, N. Y. (see Class 
VIII., Div. 3). 

Laura Franklin Free Hospital for Children, 17 
East 111th St. (see Class VI , Div. 5). 

St. Mary's Free Hospital for Children, 304 West 
34th St. (see Class VI., Div. 5). 

Trinity Hospital, 50 Varick St. (see Trinity Church, 
under Prot. Epis. Churches). 

Trinity Mission and Summer Home, 209 Fulton St. 
(see Trinity Church Association, Class IX., Div. 1). 

Sisterhood of the Good Shepherd of the Protestant 
Episcopal Chnrch etc., 419 West 19th St. (see Class V., 
Div. 1).- 

Sisterhood of the Holy Commnnion, 148 West 14th St. 
(see Shelter for Respectable Girls, Class II., Div. 4). 

Sisters Marianites of the Holy Gross have charge of 
Asylum op St. Vincent de Paul (Class V., Div. 1) and 
Ecole FRAN9AISE Gratuite etc. (see Class II., Div. 6). 

Sisters of Bon Seconrs, 1195 Lexington Ave. (see Class 
VI., Div. 7). 

Sisters of Charity (see Foundling Asylum etc.. Class 
v., Div. 1); New York Catholic Protectory (Class 
VIII. . Div. 3); St. John's and St. Patrick's DayNur- 
BBRiSB (Class II., Div. 12); St. Vincent's Retreat etc. 
(Class VII., Div. 8). 

Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul (see St. 
Agatha's and St. James' Homes, Class V., Div. 1); St. 
Joseph's Home for the Aged (Class V., Div. 2); St. 
Vincent DE Paul's Industrial School (Class V., Div. 1); 
St. Vincent's Hospital (Class VI., Div. 1). 


Rdigioii^ Ordsra and Sisterhoods. 


Sisters of Divine Compassion, 13'J Second Ave. (s^^ 
House of the Holt Fwhily 01* isaociiTios for Es^ " 
FRiENDiKQ Childrbn AND Yopno Girls, Class II., Di». 7^ 

Slaters of Xercy, N. E. cor. Slst St. and Madison Avi 
(see iNaTiTOTTON of Mekcy, Class V., Div. 1). 

Sisters of Misericorde, 525 East 86tli Si 
ToHKMoTffEKs' Home etc., Class VL, Div. 5). 

Sisters of Onr Ladf of Charity of the Hood Shephen 
of Angers, foot of tlOth St. and Bust River (sec Houss oi 
THE Good Shepbbrd. Class VIIL, Div, 3), 

SlHters of St nominic (see Abtlcm of the Sisters 0^:=^ 
St. Dominic, Class V., Div. 1). 

Sisters of St. Dominlii, Rye, Wesichesler Co. (see Sirr" 
Benedict's Hokb etc., Class V., Div. I). 

Sisters of St. Josepli, 320 East 109tli St. (see Cukisti^ 


Sisters of St. Joseph of Nazareth, 34 West S3d St. — 
(see Society of St. Martha. Class V., Div. 1). 

Sisters of the Holj Cn)SS, 6 State St. (see T,bo Hoeb^s 
FOR GBBiitAN Catholic Immigrants. Class IV,, Uiv. 1). 

Sisters of the Order of St. Dominie of theCltv 0^ 
New lorlt, 339 East 63d St. (see Class V., fHv. 1). 

Sisters of the PvorofSt. Francis, GOQ Fifth St. (seec 
Class VI., Div. 1). 

Sisters of the Stranger. 4 Wintlirop Place (see Claaff 
- II., Div. 4). J 

Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis of Assl^" 
iam, 335 West 31st St. (see St. Elizabeth's Hosfitai., 
Class VL. Div. 1). 

Sisters of the Visitation of tlie Blessed Tlririn Mary. 
14!B Second Ave. (see Hocas of the Holy Comfortei* 
Frbb CHtmcH Home fob Ihcdbableb (Class VI., Div. ]0)_ 

Temple Israei Sisterhood, N. W. cor. I35th St, an* 
Fifth Ave. (see Class II., Div. 3). 

United Sisters of Congregation Chaaral Zedek, 3^ 
Henry St. (see Class II., Div. 2). 



Tbe Chtriljr On 

Itala ClasE rrom tl 

■Intlan Nocletj (b» 

ee pBge 

DrvisroK 1. — FroEident and Saving) Be!i£ma. 

AssDcialion of Working Girls' Soeipties (which nee, 
Clasa X., Div. 5); iDaoy of tliem Lave Pensy Pbotidbnt 
Fund Station g. 

College Settlement, U5 Riviagtan St. <see Class X, 
Div. 5). 

Loaa Belief Association, Chntmers Church, Seventh 
Ave. and ISth St. (see Clnsa III.. Div. 7). 

Fenn; Provident Funil of the Clinritf OrganizBtion 
Society of the City of New Vork (org. laeti). Central 
Office, 31 University Plate. To inculcate liabita of provi- 
dence and thrift, by tupplying fHcililies for little savings. 
It ia nola Savings Bank, and aims to do what savings banks 
do not do— iuvilc savings of small sums leas than one "' 
lar, from adults oh well as cliildren. Deposits of oni 
and upward are receipted for by stamps attached __ _ 
Stamp Card given to each depositor, somewhat similar to 
the plan of the Postal Savings system of England. When 
a suinclunt sum has thus been saved, depositors will be en- 
couraged to open an account in some [Savings Bank where 
interest can be earned. Money can be deposited in more 
than 140 loral Blamp Stations {many of which are open 
daily, ekcept Sundays and holidays), but can he withdrawn 
oiilf at the Station where it was deposited. Since its in- 
ception In IS88, over 40,000 persons have i>ecome depositors 

329 LiUraturt and AH. class ff,^ 

in EnuountK varjlag from one cent upward. StatiODs will 
be opened in i^liurctibs, scliools, aa^ocialions, iaalitutions, 
siores, clubs etc., on tipplicfttiua to tbe Cashier, from whom 
aJso a list of Stations or aub-olHces may be had. Otto T, 
Bannard, Chairman and Trcas. ; Abram S. Hewitt, CLhs. &. 
Pairchild, Robert W. de Forest, Chas. C. Beaman, Geo. 
E. Dodge and Walter Jennings, Ceolrul Committee of tbe 
Fund. Apply to Miaa Marian Messemer,8ec'y and Casliier, 
for further information, at the Central OfRou from 11 to 4 
P.M., except Satnrdtiy, then 9 to \% m. 

United Hebretr Charities etc., 13S Second Ave. (sh 
ClttBa U , Div. 2). 

Division 3. — Literaiui-e and AH. 

(Including Lilirai 

ReiidinS'Booms, Mineiiin/ etc.) I 


- ..-^-^ ,- ji port. For Libroii^ n 
'b City Directory. 

Aeruilar Free Library Society of tlie City of Kd 
York (org. and incorp. lt^6). Maintains free oirculatlr 
libraries at 731 Lexington Ave., Bast Broadway and Jeff 
son St. and 834 East Fifth St, Non-sectarian. An^ n 
dent of New Yorlt City over 10 years of age, bringing 
proper reference, may be entitled to the privileges of the 
libraries and reading rooms. Circulates about laU.OOU 
volumes a year. Open daily, except Fridays, Saturdays 
and Sundays, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m ; Saturdays, from 6loU 
P.M.; Fridaysand Sundays, from 9 a.m. to B p.m. Sumuei 
Qreenbaum, Pres. , 170 Broadway; Harold Nathan, See'y; 
Lee Kohna, Treas. 

American Institate of Cbriatian Pblloaopta; (incorp. 
1882). 4 Winthrop Place. Investigates Ihe most important 
questiousof pliilosophy and science, and interests Christian 
men and women, learned and unlearned, in the production, 
the circulation and tbe reading of a literature which pro- 
motes intellectual and religious culture. Uas pultlisbed a 
library of eiglit volumes of important matter. Annual 

membeniiip, $5. Ber. C F. DeeoK, h.d., Fre&: Rpr. J. 
B. Derins, Seer; W. Hums Btottil M BsvttdnT, Tm& 

AflierieJM H«9e«ii ^f 3(jitand MIsImt duccsjy. ISSP^u 
W. Centra] Put:, TTtli St. and f^hiii Ave. A Xrsxrif 
and LiBRABT of Xitim] ffift^ovy. to eDNnxnifie xod denelop 
the study of Xatunl S cienpfc, u> ^drazicp tbe senertl 
knowledge of kindred sobjeds. by fnmic^hinr popular in- 
struction axid recrealioo. Has a (ioar^ of free insmaclKHi 
on Human axid Comparadre Anaiomy, Fbysiolo^, ZoT^ 
logy and kindred matters, for the teachers of the poblic 
schools in New Yoik Cfty. Teachers in normal schools 
throaghont the Stale mayako attend. Open free to the 
public on Wednesday. Thuraday, Friday and Saturday of 
each week, on all legal holidays (exceiM Sundays), and on 
Wednesday axid Satwday erenings nntfl 10 p.m. 3SS.03T 
day visitors, 25,6!% evening riators and 4.S^ in attendance 
at the lectures la.«t year. The Librabt contains 13,373 
volumes and 5,800 pamphlets. Supported by sub9mp> 
tions. city and endowment funds. Last year s receipts, 
$54,011. of which $35,000 were from public funds: expendi- 
tures, $56,105, of which $13,800 were used for new en- 
larged building. Morris K. Jesup. Pres. ; Charles Lanier, 
Treas.; Albert S. Bickmore, Secy, Curator of Dept. of 
Public Instruction; John H. Winser, Ass't Sec*y; A. Wood- 
ward, Librarian. 

Ameriean Seamen^s Friend Society, 76 AV^all St. (sec 
Class IX., Div. 2). Maintains Loan Libraries. 

Astor Library, 34 Lafayette Place (see Trustees op 
THE AsTOR Library, p. 235 in this Division). 

Children*8 Aid Society, 24 St. Mark's Place (see Class 
XL, Div. 6). Free Riding-rooms for young men. 

Children's Library Association, New York City (ors:. 
1885, incorp. 1888), 590 Seventh Ave., near 42d St. To 
create and foster, among children too young to be ad- 
mitted to the public libraries, a taste for wholesome read- 
ing. Has a free Reading-room and Library for boys and 
girls under 14 introduced by a teacher or adult friend. 
Contains 1,289 books. Open from 3 to 5 r m. school days 
ftnd from 9 a.m. to 12 m, on Saturdays. 1,100 children as 


LiUratarc aM AH. 

mcmlwrs. Duilj average attenduDce 56. Supported by 
voluntorj coDlributions and membersLIp fees. Last yeu's 
receipts and expeodilures. about 950U. Edward L. Chi- 
chester, Pres.. 109 East ■Ifith St.; G. H, Richmond. SecV, 
a Beekman St. ; Edw. P. Pitcher. Treas. , 140 West aOlli St. 
i Cbristian ABsoclation, 203 

Citr Hall Llbrarj, Room 12, City Hall. Conlaliu tbe 
olBcial records ot llie proceedings of the Common Coandl 
and the animal printed reports of the vttrious cily depart- | 
menls. Consultation Tree. Open daily from 10 to 4 p.m., 
Saturdays 10 to 3 p.m. Alicbael C. Padden, Librarian, 

Colleeo of Plinrmady of the City «f New Tork. SOU 
East aSd St. (see Class VI. , Div. 11). ConsuUing Pharma- 
ceutical library. 

Cooper Union for Uie AUTaiiccuient of Science ami 
Arl, Eighth St. and Fourth Ave. (see Class X., Div. 4), 

EnBt Side House of New York City, foot of East Tfllt 
St., East River (see Class X., D\\. 5). 

Free CircnlBtingLlbrnry for the Blind at the Chnnli 
oElhe Holy Aposlles, SfiG Ninth Ave, (see under Prol.Epis, 

Free Reading-Boom for Men. also CitiCDLATiKo Li- 
BRABY of Calviiry Cliaptl, 342 Bast 23d St. (see under 
Prot. Epis. Churciies). 

Free Reading-Room nf Grace Cbapel, G42 East 13lh Bt. 
(sec under Prot. Epis. Cliurchcs). 

Free Reading-Room of Mariners' Temple, Oliver an<J 
Henry Sta. {wbicli see under Baptist Churciies). For sailors 
and others. 

General Society of Mcelianics and Tradesmen etc, 
18 East 16th St. (see Class SI., Div. 1). Free Libraries 
and Reading-room. 

IKT. 2. Xsterslvrr oa^ ^^tT. J& 

Alio J9tb A^^. OBF TmsziB^ 
Lksox TincKiyr, p. ^S in tiik lyhisum .. 

Weet 3^ Sl Open ^daibr. camepi Snndie^ Inmi ^JID l» 
5:30 F.M. and from T tcTl&iSl) pol ^h^*™*^ G. OBter, 
lifanmn. (See CIbbXL. Bft. l.> 

JAbnrj •Ttkr F«iiA Bfwviiicsl ^iiwifflT, ICl Em 

25Ui St (see das XI^ DiT. 1;. 

litjal LefMw TmKfmmat fSmoHtw €€S9m\mk City. 

8 West 14thSt. (seeClMBX., Dir. 5i' Bors* firse Beaffia^ 

MaiMMMes Ubrmrf mt the l ai f ya it ^ t 
B*aai Vntk^ Kstridi OrmmA LaAsv 1^ 1 im. ISIU 
953 Third Are. Eacii memlier of liie dstiict is enisled to 
books for hooike use. The genenl pn^iiic are peiadKfeed me 
of the libruy for oonsaltaliaiD or reading:. Onitaias 48i,#M 
volumes azid numbers 5,400 i^gistieivd readers. Opea 
every daj from 9 a^m. to 9 r.M., except Fridaj 9 ▲.)!• to 
5 P.M.. Saturday 7-M to 9 p.m.. and Sunday 9 a.m. to 1 
F.ic. Max CohoL, Librarian. (See Claas XL, Div. L) 

MereavtUe Uhnry As^mtimU^ •Ttke OU^ •T New 
York (org. 1830. inocnp. 1866), Astor Place and Eighth St. 
Members of the A8Boclat3<» number 5,007. Terms, to derks, 
$1 initiation fee and $3 semi-annually ; to others, $5 per 
annum. Any person of good character may become a 
member. Supported by dues axid subscriptions. Last 
year's receipts, $28,119 ; expenditures, $26,013. Charles 
H. Patrick, Pres.; A. W^more, Jr. , Sec'y; W. D. Searis, 
Treas.; W. T. Peoples, Librariao. Maintains the follow- 
ing : 

Mercantele Library ; a circulating library. Open 
from 8 A.1C. to 8 p.m. Number of volumes, 235,156, 

Down-Town Branch, 33 Liberty St. 

Fifth Avenue Branch, 426 Fifth Ave. 

Each library has a free Heading-room, open till 10 p.m. 

]|e8senpr Bo^s' Beading-Boom of the Internatlon- 



Metropolitan Museum of Art (incorp. 1670). Centn 
Park, Fifth Ave. and 82d 8t, For Ihe purpose of ir-*" 
tainiDg a Mcseuu and Library of Art ; to eocou: 
aod develop the Bludy ol fine arts, the application of arUK 
maaufactures and practical life, and to advance the geoeid 
knowledge oE kindred aubjecta by furnishing ^wpular in- ' 
atrucliOQ and recreiition. Open to the public free of charge, 
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 10 i.K. 
till half au iiour before aimsel; also Tuesday and Satardsy 
evenings from 1^ to lO p.m., and Sunday afternoon from 1 
to 4:30 P.M. Average daily attendance, 2,000. Supports 
by annual dues, income of benuesta, city appmprialions U 
endowraeat fund. Last year s receipts, $8 J.&O, of wliic 
(34,964 were from city funds; expenditures, $77,664 ; j 
raanent fund, |475.300. Officers of the Corporation » 
John Taylor Jolinatcn, Honorary Pres. for life ; Henry i 
Marquand, Prea.; L. P. di Cesuola, Director and Sec'jF 
Salem H. Wales. Treas. Maintains the following; 

Art LiuRiRT : William L. Andrews, Librarian. 

Art School, id the basement of the Museum, Ceatn 
Park. Provides art education to aduits at a charge sufl 
cienC only to pay for materials and models ; aids pupila I 
obtaiuing employment when proficient. Open from OcU 
ber to May. 300 pupils last year. Apply to A.rtliur I 
Tuckennan, ilnnagcr. 

National Aeademy of Design, 53 East 23d St. 
principal art institution in this country. Memliera are aj 
tistsof acknowledged merit. Thoa. W. Wood, Pres.;! 
Addison Ricbards, Cor. Sec'y; Frederick Dielman, Treat 
C. S. Farrington, Supt. Maintains 

Art Scoools ; alike free to both males and femalea, t 
open from October to .Inue. 

New Tork Academy of Medicine, 17 West 43d St. ( 
Class VI.. DIv. 11} Consulting Library. 

Nen Jork Bible and Fmit Mission etc., 410 E 


Div. 2. Literature and Art. 233 

26th St. (see Class III., Div. 6). Reading-room and Circu- 
lating Library. 

New York College for the Training of Teachers, 9 

University Place. Has a free Library and Reading-room 
for use 01 the students and teachers of New York. 

New York Free Circulating Library (incorp. 1880, in- 
corp. under special charter, 1884); Main Library, 49 Bond 
St. Free to all over 12 years of age, and who bring satis- 
factory references. Libraries contain about 54,000 vol- 
umes. Circulated 402,701 books in 1889. Open daily 
from 9 A-M. to 9 p.m , and Sundays from 4 to 9 p.m. Sup- 

Eorted by voluntary subscriptions and allowance from city, 
ast year's receipts, $38,952, of which $6,458 were from 
public funds ; expenditures, $24,353 ; permanent fund, 
$35,000; Ottendorfer fund, $10,000 ; George Bruce fund, 
$30,000. Benjamin H. Field, Pres.; William Greenough, 
Sec'y, 49 Bond St.; Jacob H. Schiflf, Treas., 32 Nassau St.; 
Miss Ellen M. Coe, Librarian. Apply at the Main Library, 
as above, which has the following branches: 

Ottendorper Branch, 135 Second Ave. 

George Bruce Branch, 226 West 42d St. 

Jackson Square Branch, 251 West 13th St. 

New York Colored Mission, 135 West 30th St. (see 
Class IX., Div. 2). Free Reading-room and Library. 

New York Historical Society (org. 1804, incorp. 1809), 
170 Second Ave. For the purpose of discovering and pre- 
serving materials relating to the history of the United 
States, and in particular to the State of New York. Resi- 
dent members pay $20 initiation fee and $10 annual dues. 
Monthly meetings are held, when historical papers are read. 
The Institution is open from 9 to fi p.m. John A. King, 
Pres ; Edward F. De Lancey, Cor. Sec'y ; John Bigelow, 
Poreign Cor. Secy; Robert Schell, Treas. The Society 
has purchased ground for a new building on Eighth Ave., 
l)et. 76th and 77th Sts. Maintains the following, admission 
to which is free on introduction by a member: 

Art Gallery and Museum; contains a valuable col- 
lection of sculptures and paintings, and the Egyptian Mi;- 
8§ui4 collected hj Dr. Henr^ Abbott. 


Litiralure awl Art. 

NeiT Tork Laliea' Home MixsionarT SocEet* of the. 
Methodist Epfscopiil Church, 63 Park St. (see Class XL, 
Div^. 6). Beadiog-room of Five Points Mission. 

New Tort Lnn Instllnte (org. 1826, incorp. 1886), 
Post-Office Building, 4thfioDr, raoms ]10-Ili3. MalDtalnsr 

Proprihtart CntCTiLATiso Libbart; free for coaeul- 
tattoD to all not connected io any way with the legal pro- 
fessioD in tliis and surrounding cities. Open daily, except 
Sundnya, from B to 5 p.m. Stephen P. Naah, Prea. ; Henry 
" " ' ■ ■ " - ^ — Santvoord, Treas.; William 

New York Produce Exchange Library. Produce Ex- 
change. Open daily, except Sundays and liolidays, from 1 
10 to 6 P.M. Riilph C. Meek, Librarian. 

New York Protestant Ep[!<cnpal City MIsHlnii Soel- 1 
ety, 38 Bleecker St. (see Class IX., Div. 1). St. Baraabu'' ' 
Free Reading-room. 

New York State Medical Association Library (1884), 
64 Madison Ave. Consulting. Open daily, except Ban- 1 
days, to the public and to members of the Btate and County 1 
Medical Association and practitioners, from 10 a " '" " 
P.M. John Best, Clerk. 


Protestant Episcopal Chnrch Missionary Soefetf I 
for Seamen et<>. (sec Class iX., Div. 3). Has Readiog- 

Tooma at the different Missions. 

Reading-Boom of the Mission Charch of the Hoi/ 1 

Cross, Ave. C. and Fourth St. (see under Prot. Ep£. f 

8t. Bornabas' House. 30t Mulberry S 
Div. 8). Free Reading-room. 

Div. 2, Literature and Ait. 835 

St Bartholomew's Chinese Gnild, 23 St. Mark*s Place 
(see Class X., Div. 5). Has a Library and Reading- room. 

St. Gnthbeprs Club Readingr-Room and Library, 

335 West 41st St. (see Class X., Div. 5). 

Society for Promoting the Gospel among Seamen 
in the Port of New York, 46 Catharine St. (see Class IX., 
Div. 3). Library and Reading room. 

Society of New York Hospital, 8 West 16th St. (see 
Class VI., Div. 1). Library of New York Hospital. 

Trustees of Columbia College in the City of New 

York, 49th St. and Madison Ave. (1754). The Library is 
free to all for scholarly purposes. 

Trustees of the Astor Library (org. 1848, incorp. 
1849), 34 Lafayette Place. The Astor Library is strictly a 
Library of Reference, no book being allowed to leave the 
building save for a short time under the order of a Court in 
the trial of a cauj-e. Any respectable person may consult 
the books, and persons authorized may visit the alcoves for 
study and work. Contains about 235.000 volumes. Sup- 
ported by income from maintenance fund and book fund. 
EndovTments by the Astor family, $1,812,125. Hamilton 
Fish, Acting Pres.; Henry Drisler, Sec'y; Edward King, 
Treas. ; Robbins Little, Supt. 

Trustees of the Lenox Library (incorp. 1870), 895 
Fifth Ave. Contains a rare collection of valuable books, 
manuscripts, paintings and other works of art. The Li- 
brary is for reference exclusively, and free to all Visitors. 
Open daily, except Sundays, from 10 to 5 p.m. The use of 
the library is also free to all persons over 17 years who shall 
register and give evidence of responsibility. 10,724 visi- 
tors in 1890. John S. Kennedy, Pres. ; Alexander Mait- 
land, Treas.; George H. Moore, Sec'y and Supt., from 
whom a card of admission must be received. 

'Trustees of the Mott Memorial Library of the City 
of New York (incorp. 1867), 64 Madison Ave. A consult- 
ing Medical and Surgical Library. Open daily, except Sun- 
days, to the public and to medical students and practi- 
tioners from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M., with occasional lectures and 


O/irnj) Mtalt. Lodgingx and Batltt. 

lo the lutler. A. L. Carroll, m.d., Prea.; 
Baldwin, H.o., Sec'y; Valentine Mott, m.d., Treas. 

WaBhington Helf lits Fr(« Libmry (org. and incorpj 
18G8), Amsterdam (Tentfi) Ave., cur. West ISStli St. Fran 
to all working people in the vicinitj. Open daitjr, except J 
Sundays and liDlidnja, from 9 a.u. to 13 u. and 1:30 to tfl 
Edwards. Wliitraan, Pres ; George B. Curliss, Sec'yil 
Jolin L. Tonnele, Treas, ; Edward P. QrifBn, Librarian. 

Yonn^ Hen's Christian Associntion elr., 40 East 33d :] 
3t, (880 Class X., Div, 4). Circulating and CoiiKulting ' ' 
brary nod Reading-roomB. 

Tonng Men's HebrewAssoeiation, Lexington Ave. and 
58tli St. (see Class X., Div, 5). Reiiding-room and Library, 

Toang Women's Christian Asgociatlon etc., 7 East 
15tli St. (see Class X., Div. i). Circulating and Consulting 
Library and Reading-room. 

DlviBlON 3. — Clieap Mealt, Lodgings and Bilths, 
(See also Chiirchea and Congr^^IionB.) 

AntArlcan Seamen's Frienii Society, Sailors' Home, TS'I 
Wall St. (see Class IX,. Div. 2). " 

Board of Commissioners for Licensing Sailors' Ho-fl 
tels or Boarding Honses. N. Dana Wells, Scc'y, 58 1 
Escliauge Place (see Class I., Div. 3). ■ 

Bonery Xiaslon and Toiing Men's Home, 3S Boweir J 
(see Class IX., Div. 2), ' 

Children's Aid Society. 34 St. Mark's Place (see Clawl 
II.. Div, fl). ■ 

Christian Home for Working Women, 140 East 14th'| 
St. (see Class X., Div. 6), 

Christian Workers' Home of the New York Crrr Ut»l 
sioN AND Tract Sociktt, 130 East 10th St. (m ~ 
IS., Div. ]). 

Drv. 3. Oheap Meats, Lodgings and Baths, 237 

Emii^rant Mission Committee of the German Evan- 

felical Lutheran Synod etc., 8 State St. (see Class IV., 
)iv. 1). 

Free Bain Baths (opened 1891), S. E. cor. of Henry 
and Market Sts. Erected by the Trustees of the Baron de 
Hirsch Fund. For both sexes. Open from 9 a.m. to 10 
P.M. daily, except Saturdays from sunset to 10 p.m., Sun- 
days from 6 A.M. until noon. Adults are charged 5 cents 
for soap and towel, and children 2 cents. A. 8. Solomons, 
Qen*\ Agent of Hirsch Fund, Supervisor. Apply to the Supt. 

Galilee GolTee Honse, 338 East 23d St. (see Calvary 
Church under Prot. Epis. Churches). . 

Girls' Friendly Society for America, 148 West 14th 
St. (see Class X., Div. 5). Apply for board. 

Immigrant Girls' Home of the Woman's Home Mis- 
sionary Society of the M. E. Church, 27 State St. (see 
Class iV., Div. 1). 

Italian Home (Istituto Italiano), 179 Second Ave. 
(see Class IV., Div. 1). 

Ladies' Christian Union of the City of New York 

(org. 1859, incorp. 1866). To promote the temporal, moral 
and religious welfare of women, particularly young women 
who are self-supporting, by providinff boarding-houses with 
home- like comforts. Board from $3 to $6 per week ; or 
transient at $1 per day. Supported by voluntary contri- 
butions and board of inmates. Last year's receipts, $25,- 
540; balance of building fund, $5,000; expenditures, $24,- 
648. Mrs. Thompson N. Hollister, Pres. ; Mrs. Robert L. 
Johnson, Sec*y; Mrs. Wm. A. Cauldwell, Treas., 16 West 
54th St. Business letters should be addressed to 27 Wash- 
ington Sq North; and application should there be made to 
the House Committee, or to the Supts. at the Homes. Main- 
1;ains the following: 

TouNG Women's Home, 27 and 28 Washington Sq. 
North; for young unmarried women. Capacity for 82. 
Mrs. S. F. Marsh, Supt. 

Branch Home, 308 Second Ave. ; for widows and elderly 
"Vromen. Capacity for 40. 

238 Cheap ifealt. Lo^ingt, and Batka. class * 

Tick Hoxe for Yonso Gtrls under 30 years, formerly 
at 73 Seventb Ave., is discontiaiied, but another will be 
buugbt or built at aa early date, ^^^ 

Lftit^ing'-llouHes. The following bave been favorali^^H 
reported on by persons competent to express an opini(^^^| 
Rates from lu to 50 cents per night; ^^H 

Fbr Men: ^^ 

BnttJE AND Favn MisaroN 43G East 26th 8i. 

Bowery Mission and Totino Men's Ho«k. ,,105 Bowery. 
Bridoe HonsB. .Third Ave, W., bet. 135lh and ISeth Sts. 

CuNARD House 4 Riviugton St. 

Delatan House 143 Bowerj, 

EMPmB Hocaa Cor. 123d St. and Third Ave, 

Eureka House 283 Bowery, 

Hotel Hatfield 48 Ridge St 

Kbtbtone House, Third Ave, E., bet, 128th and t39thSts. 
Miursos SijUARB CmiBCH HoDSB. Third Ave. and SOlhSl. 

Mklrosb House 8. W. cor. 129th St. and Third Ave. 

Old HoMBSTBiD 404 Pearl St. 

Olive Tree 344 East Sid St. 

South Fipm Ave. Hotel, BleeckerSt. and So. Fifth Are. 

Stahwdc Houae - 1109 Third Ave. 

Wabhisgton Hotel, Third Ave. B.,bet. 124th and 125ih Sts. 

Washinoton 15a East 28d St. 

YouHQ Men's Home 108 Roosevelt 8t 

Mr Women and OirU: 
Girls' LoDoiNoHonsE of Childrek'b Aid Socibti, 
37 at. Marks Place. 

New York Colored Mission 135 West 30th St. 

Society for Bepriending Self- Supporting Women, 
856 West 33d St. 

St. Barsahas' House , 306 Mulberry St, 

St. Joseph's Night Hefuob 148 West 14th St. 

St, Mary's Loon in h- House etc 143 West I4tb St, 

liiv. 3. dheap Meats, Lodgings and Baths, SSd 

Temporary Home for Women 84 Second Ave. 

Woman's Charity and Industry Club and Home for 
Friendless Colored Girls 221 West 37th St. 

Woman's Lodging-House 6 Rivington St. 

Lutheran Emigrants* House Association, 26 State 
St. (see Class IV., Div. 1). 

Mission of the Immaculate Tirgin etc., Lafayette 
Place cor. Great Jones St. (see Class V., Div. 1). Lodgings 
for boys and young men. 

Model Lod^in^-House and Dormitories of the Sani- 
tary Aid Society etc. (which see, Class III., Div. 1), 94 
Division St. (formerly in Doyer St.), where a bed and bath 
for 12J cents, or 85 cents weekly, with access to reading- 
room and library, are supplied to sober single men who are 
working or seeking work. Transients (single nights) 15 
cents, or $1.05 weekly. Intended for the overcrowded in- 
mates of tenement houses. Has 140 beds, and provides 
breakfast and supper at cheap rates — coffee and rolls 3 cents 
each. Average nightly attendance, 120; let 43,790 lodgings 
last year. Similar lodging-houses are contemplated in 
other localities. Wm. H. Ross, m.d., Sec'y, 37 West 124th St. 

New York Bible and Fruit Mission etc., 416 East 
26th St. (see Class HI., Div. 6). Lodging-house and Coffee- 

New York Trade Schools, First Ave. and 67th St. (see 
Class X., Div. 4). Model Lodging house for students. 

People's Bath House of the New York Association 
for Improving the Condition of the Poor, 9 Centre 
Market Place, off Broome St. (see Class II., Div. 2). 

Protestant Episcopal Church Missionary Society for 
Seamen etc. (see Class IX., Div. 2). Sailors' lodging-house, 
338 Pearl St. 

Public Baths of Demilt Dispensary, 401 Second 
Ave. (see Class VI., Div. 3). 

St. Bartholomew's Coffee-House (opened 1891), 205 
East 4'id St., in St. Bartholomew's Parish House. Richard 
Curry, Manager. (See Prot. Epis. Churches.) 

Cheap Me-aU, Lodgings and Bat/ig. CLsSi t 

Society for Aiding: SelNSnpportin? Women (org. 
1880), formerly M 441 West 23d St., has been aucceedd 
by the Society for Befriending Selt-Supporting Wonmn, 
which see. 

Society for Befriending Self-Snpporting Womei 
(org. 1883, incorp. 1886 as Thb Bociett for Aroisfi 
SKLF-ScpivjRTniG WOMEB ; re-incorp. 1891 fts above title), 
35Q West 33d St. To proride and conduct a bonie or 
homes for self supporting -women ; lo furnisli home-lilie 
comforts and pleaiant surroundings to such teacliers, 
copyists, artists, saleswomen, fieaniBtresscs etc.. whose 
runiuneratlon is small, and to help them find employment, 
lias a Relief Fund, to lie used in case oE illness or for 
those needing temporary relief from lacli of empluymcnl, 
Supported by voluntary coutribulionB iiud inmates' board. 
Joshua L. Barton, M.D., Pres., STEastfl.^th St.; John C. 
Mitchell, Sec'y, 55 West 33d St.; Stephen W. Collliia, 
Treaa. , 69 Wall St. Apply to the Matron. 

Tempornry Home for Women (org. 1883, incorp. 
1887). 84 Second Ave. Gives temporary shelter and meala 
to self-supporting young women, and also aid and shelter 
to any Tespectable homeless woman, either with or without 
a child. All are helped to obtain employmenl. The be<ls 
are 15, 30 and 30 cents a uight, and a good meal from 5 to 
10 cents. Accommodates 45. During the past year 13,- 
058 lodgings and I9,9S0 meals have been furnished. Sup- 
ported by income of house and voluntary contributiocs. 
Last vear's receipts. 1(5,SQ4; expenditures, $5,606. F. D, 
Tappen, Pres., 80 Wall St.; Mrs. Henry Whitney Munroe, 
Sec'y and Treas., 6 East 55th St.; Mrs. E. B. Thornton, 
Matron, lo whom apply. 

Tonng Net 
(see Class X., uiv, 
young men. 

Yonug Women' 

1 Cliristiau Aaftociatlon pic. ( 

Drv. 4, Education and Special Training, 241 

X., Div. 4). The Margaret Louisa Home and Restaurant 
(opened 1891), 14 East 16th St.; for self-supporting women. 

Tonngr Women's Home Society of the French Eyan- 

feHcal Ohnrch etc., 341 West 30th St. (see Class II., 
)iv. 9). 

Division 4. — Education and Special Training, 
(See also Churches aad Congregations.) 

American Kindergarten Society (org. 1880), 37 and 
39 West 22d St. To promote the physical, mental and re- 
ligious growth of children; to disseminate the most ad- 
vanced thought on child-culture by literature and lectures; 
to establish a fund for the training of kindergartners, also 
a fund for founding and aiding kindergartens, especially 
among the poor. Miss Emily M. Coe, Pres. ; Miss E. D. 
Elton, Sec'y; Mrs. Sarah Story, Treas. Maintains the 

American Kindergarten Normal School, for mo- 
thers and teachers, 39 West 22d St. Miss Emily M. Coe, 

American Museum of Natural History, West Central 
Park a^d 77th St. Educational classes. (See Class X., 
Div. 2.) 

Art Schools of National Academy of Desigrn, 83 East 
23d St. (see Class X., Div. 2). 

Association of Working Girls' Societies, 222 West 
88th St. (see Class X., Div. 5). 

Babies' Hospital etc., 657 Lexington Ave. (see Class 
VI., Div. 5). Training school for children's nurses. 

Bethanv Institute for Woman's Christian Work 

(org. 1871), 105 East 17th St. Prepares women as city, 
home and foreign missionaries. Undenominational. Ac- 
commodates 20 students, who remain one yearjn training 
and doing practical missionarjr work in the city. Sup- 
ported by voluntary contributions and missionaiy work. 
Last year's receipts, $4,472; expenditures, $4,442. Rev. 
J. R. Kerr, d.d., Pres.; E. A. Morrison, Treas., 893 Broad- 
way; Rev. and Mrs. A. G. Ruliffson, Supts., to whom ap- 
ply from 11 to 2 P.M. daily, or by letter. 



Bil»l« Worfcen' CvUege («x. ISSIQ, « I 

For liie tndninK of foong m 
id dt V mladon Mark. 
aJOea free to the cImb 

d WedBodsTS ladllan- 
lible Hcxiae, and ob Via- 

liome and dt v i 

tiea ulmiUed free to the clMses, whkli n 

and Tbandajs al 7 to » p.m.. and Wed 

days at 2^30 to 4:30 p.m.. at 61 Bible I 

daf a from 7 to 9 p.m. at Memorial BB[«iat CbBrdi. Afflj 

to the Iter. G. W. S&mson, d.d., Piitidpa], ai abmt >d- 

dreas, or at his reaidenw, 415 West 196th St~ 

CbanUnqna Litenur itiid SclcBtlfle ClnU (org. inS). 
Aims to promaie syEtematic bonie-nading. A Cooik ia 
HiBtor;. Literature, Science andArt eilendiDgorer Ijears 
forms the basis of the reading. Provision is also made Sot 
advanced special readin? and study. Is divided up inU 
nomerous Circles and Colons, and oumbers mote than IfiO- 
000 readers, Chautauqua, Ihe local centre of the C.L 3.0-. 
is in Cbautau<]ua County. N. Y. Bishop John U. Vin- 
cent, D.D., Chancellor. Officers for [he fiew York Cnioa 
at«: Rev- B. B. Tyler, S35 Central Park West; G. M. C- 
Ryera, Rec. aec'y, SOO Ninth Ave.; Frank M. Curtis, Cor. 
Sec'y, 2ll>7 Seve'nth Ave.; Geo. F. Langenbacher, Tteas.. 
830 Broadway. Apply to the Cor. Sec'y. 

writing, dreaa 
II., Div. 6.) 

College Settlement, 95 Rivington 6t. (see Class S., 
Div. 5). 

Cooper Union for tlie Adrancement of Science and 
Art (incorp. 1857), Third and Fourth Avea., Seventh and 
Eighth Bta. Biistains free duy and evening classes in sci- 
ence and art for young meu and womeo of the working 
classes, a free library and reading-room, and also provides 
a tree lecture course for the people on Saturday niehis. 
Visiting day, Friday from 10 to 12 a.m. Supported by 
rents and endowment. Last year's receipts, |49,518; ex- 
penditures. f47,038; permanent fund, |300,000. Edward 
Cooper, Pres.; W. G. Hunt, Treaa.; Hon. Abram 8. 
Hewitt, Sec'y; L. C. L. Jordan, Asst. Sec'y, to whom sp- 

Drv. 4. Education and Special Training. 243 

ply from 8:30 to 5 p.m. The following is a list of special 

Free Art School for Women; open daily from 9 to 
4 P.M. 364 students. 

Free Class in Phonography and Typewriting for 
Women, from 18 to 35 years of age, who are unable to pay 
and obliged to earn their own living. Open from 9 a.m. 
to 1 P.M. 51 students. 

Free School of Telegraphy for Women; 43 pu- 
pils. Open from 9 a,m. to 1 p.m. 

Free Night School of Science (men and women); 
1,035 students last year. 

Free Night School of Art (men); pupils, 1,917. 

Free Reading- Room and Library; open daily from 
8 a.m. to 10 P.M.; on Sundays, from October to May, from 
12 to 9 P.M. J. C. Zachos, Curator. 

Elocution Class (for both sexes), weekly; and a Lit- 
erary Class for declamation, composition and debate, each 
Saturday evening, for young men. 

East Side Chapel aud Bible- Woman's Association, 

404 East 15th St. (see Class IX., Div. 1). 

Edncational Alliance (incorp. 1889). For the promo- 
tion of free education, by the erection and maintenance of 
buildings, in the city of New York, for libraries, reading- 
rooms, class-rooms, music and lecture-halls. Cooperates 
in these objects with the following other societies : Hebrew 
Free School Association, Young Men's Hebrew Association 
and Aguilar Free Library Society. The new Hebrew 
Institute Building, cor. of East Broadway and Jefferson 
St., is the home of the above societies. Jacob H. Schiff, 
Pres., 32 Nassau St.; James H. Hoffman, Sec'y, 5 Mercer 
St.; Samuel M. Schafer, Treas., 29 Wall St. 

General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen of the 
City of New York, 18 East 16th St. (see Class XL, Div. 1). 

Gnardians of the Sisterhood of the Holy Gom- 
mnnion^ 328 Sixth Ave. (see Class IX., Div. 3). 

Hahnemann Hospital of the City of New Torli, 

East side of Park Ave., bet. 67th and 68th Sts. Training 

Siutatie» and i^Mial Tn^ntng. class t., 
I the D1AROSI8BEN principle. (Sue 

Hebrew Teoliiucal Institute (incorp. 1884). 36 Sluy- 
veaaot St. A free technical and trade aidiool in which poor 
Hebrew boys over 12 are traiaed as artisans. The instrac- 
tion covers 3 years, and comprises prepBration for trades 
and the English branches. Supported by voluntary coa- 
Iributiona. 150 pupils last year, Receipta, $13,138; ei- 
penditures, $16,649. James H. HoSmao. Pres.; Joseph 
Wotzler. aec'y; Leo Schlesinger, Treas, ; Henry M. Leip' 

A St. and Madison 

incorp. 188fl). (Formerly " The New York Medical Mis- 
sionary Society.") Training Institute and Residence of 
Male Students. 118 East 43tE St.; Women Students' Rsai- 
deoce, 121 East 45l)i St. To establish medical missions, to 
train young men and women as medical miBsionaries and 
send them out into needy districts, throughout the world. 
Proteatant and evangelical ; otberwiite inter-denomi national. 
Miniatera physically aod spiritually to the sick in New York 
and other cities. Supported by voluntary contributions 
and board of students. Last year's receipta, $S.9T6; ex- 
penditures, $9, 9i2. Stephen Smith, m.d., Pres.; Edward 
A. Jonea, Bec'y. 80 Broadway; Samuel Sloan. Jr., Treas., 
80 Clifi St.; Geo. D. Dowkontt, m.d., Medical Director. 
Maintains the following Dispensaries : 

No. 1. 8i Hoosevelt St. Open Tuesdays, Thursdays al 
2 r.u., and Saturdays at 10 a.m. 

No. 3. 513 East 11th St. Open 2 p.m. Mondays, Wed- 
nesdays and Fridays. 

No. 3. 81 'Washington Siiniirc. O|ion Mondays, Wed- 
nesdays and Fridays at 10 a.m. 

1>1V. 4, Education and Special training. 249 

No. 4. 209 Madison St. Open 2 p.m. Tuesdays, Thtii^- 
days and Saturdays. 

No. 5. 2249 Second Ave. Open 2 p.M; Mondays, Wed- 
nesdays and Fridays. 

No. (5. 463 West 32d St. Open 2 p.m. Mondays, Wed- 
nesdays and Fridays. 

No. 7. Rivington Street. Open 10 a.m. Mondays, Wed- 
nesdays and Fridays. 

Also has 2 Dispensaries in Brooklyn. 

New cases treated last year, 8,329 ; total attendance at 
Dispensaries, 18,981; visited 3,389 at their homes. Has a 

Woman's Branch, as auxiliary to parent Society, which 
maintains the Women Students' Residence at 121 East 
45th St. Mrs. Margaret Bottome, Pres.; Miss H. R. Matti- 
son, Rec. Sec'y; Mrs. G. D. Dowkontt, Cor. Sec*y; Mrs. 
George Kitching, Treas. 

Jewish Theological Seminary, 220 East 12th St., near 
Second Ave. Gives Jewish young men free Hebrew edu- 
cation and training for the Jewish ministry or as Hebrew 
teachers. Joseph Blumenthal, Pres.; Daniel P. Hays, 
Sec'y; Rev. Dr. S. Morais, Pres. of the Faculty; Rev. Dr. 
B. Drachm \n. Dean. 

Ladies' Art Association (org. 1867, incorp. 1877), 23 
East 14th St. Organized for mutual benefit and to pro- 
mote the interests of women artists, especially teachers, by 
raising the standard of art education, by securing such wo- 
men employment at home, and by endeavoring to secure 
free classes for all talented boys and girls, Saturday after- 
noons; on Friday evenings free class from October to 
April. Individual instruction given; terms $2 to $30; free 
pupils admitted. Annual dues, $5; Life, $25. Supported 
by members' dues and tuition fees. Miss S. R. Hartley, 
Ist Vice- Pres.; Miss E. C. Field, Treas.; Mrs. A. S. Isaacs, 
Cor. Sec'y; Miss Alice Donlevy, Rec. Sec*y and Chairman 
of Committee on Instruction; Mrs. Arthur Grey, Foreign 
Correspondent, Paris, France. 

Lonis Down-Town Sabbath and Daily School, 267 

Henry St. (see Class IX., Div. 2). 

Madison Square (Pres.) Church House, Third Ave. 


Hi Sil'ieiUion and Speiial Training. 

imd 30th St. Has Kindbroabtck and EiTCHBHQAni 
(see Clasa IX., Div. 1). 

Stetropnlitan Miisenm of Art, Fifth Ave. nnd 
(see Clus3 X.. D\v. 2), Free educational classes. 

Nnntival Sohnul, Sitif Bt. Mart'r, foot of 50th 
and North RWeT (see under Board ov EDOCATroN, CI 
I.. Diw. I. page 23). 

Nen York Cnnklng School (org. 1376, iucorp. 1878), 38 
Lafayette Place. Qivcs free lessons in plain contclng. 
marketing etc. to poor ciilldren under 15; classes for word- 
ing ^irls aX $1.50 for course of 13 lessons; for nurses, ID 
uookmg Cor the sick; und for ladies at usual rates. Hasilau 
a Normal Class. Supported li; fees of paj'ing classes and 
voluutary contribu lions. 9i5 pupils last year. ReceipM, 
|1,613; expenditures. |5.SS3. Mrs. Theodore B. Broosou, 
Pres.: Mrs. Bheidon Smith, Sec'y; Misa Josephine Bennett, _ 
Cor. Sec'y; Mrs. L. Emmett Holt, Treas.. 15 East 54th SU J 
Apply nt tbe Bchnol as above. ^k 

New York llearoness Home and Training School l^V 
the Metbodlst Episcoual Church, 241 \Vcst 141Il St. (aeft J 
Class IX., Div. 3). 

New York Institnte for ArtlatArtlsims (or^. 1888), 
140 West 23d St. For the encouragement of American art 
itidustrtes, by giving iustructlon lo students desiring arl 
training ra means of self-support, and also provides schnl- 
arsliips for lliose unable to pay for tuition. Supported by 
annual Subscriptions and tuition fees. 30 beneflciariea lost 
year. Receipts, 1*1.568; expenditures, {6,599. John Ward 
SLimson, Supt., to whom apply. 

New York Missionary Training College, 890 Eighth 
Ave. Under the care of the Intern.itiosal Missionary 
Alliakcr of the Gospel Taberniicle (see under Miscellane* 
oue Churches). To prepare men and women for Home and 
Foreign Missionary work. Annual receipts and espeodl- 
tures, about #0,000. Capacity, 75 students, itec. A. B, 
Simpson, Prea.; Rev. A. E. Funk, Sec'y; David Creu, 

t>tlt. 4« Miueation arvd Special Itraining. 241' 

establish normal classes for Sunday-school teachers and 
hold regular weekly meetings for all Sunday-school teach- 
ers and workers. Supported by voluntanr contributions. 
Ralph Wells, Pres. ; Frank Dickerson, Sec'y ; John 8. 
Bussing, Treas. 

New York Trade Schools (org. 1881), First Ave., 67th 
and 68th Sts. Practical instruction given in plumbing and 
sanitary engineering, bricklaying, plastering, stone-cut- 
ting, house and sign painting, fresco painting, carpentry, 
blacksmith's work and tailoring. For young men between 
16 and 21 years of age. Day and evening classes from 
November to April. Terms sufficient only to cover the cost 
of instruction and materials used. Number of pupils last 
season, 589, coming from 23 States and Canada. Controlled 
by the Proprietor (Richard T. Auchmuty, 61 University 
Place), with Advisory Committees of various Associations 
of Master Mechanics. Supported by students' fees and 
Proprietor. Last year's receipts from fees and sale of old 
material, $13,599; expenditures, $18,756. Apply as above. 
Maintains a 

Model Lodging-House, 300 East 67th St. ; for the use 
of students who attend the Schools. 

New York Training School for Deaconesses (incorp. 
1891), Grace House, 802 Broadway. For the training of 
women as helpers of the parochial clergy in parish work 
under the canons of the Prot. Epis. Church. Educated 
women over 18 years of age and communicants of good 
standing received on probation. Supported by voluntary 
contributions. Rev. Wm. R. Huntington, d.d.. Warden 
and Pres ; Miss Langdon. Sec'y; Edw. C. Sampson, Treas.; 
Rev. Haslett McKim, Dean, to whom apply at Grace 
House. Maintains a 

School House at 228 East 12th St., for all students 
from out of town. Apply for further information to Mrs. 
Wm Ogden Hoffman, House Mother. 

Park Ayenne Laundry of the Charity Organization 
Society etc., 389 Park Ave. (see page 8). 

St. Barnabas* House, 304 Mulberry St. (see Class H., 
Div. 8). 


Educ'ilian and Speaial Training. 

Shaaraj lefllla Sisterhood, 137 West 44th St. (see 

laaraj T 

a II., Div, 

Class II.. Di?. 
Society for Instrnctlon in First Aid to the Injnret ' 

(incorp. 1883), 31 University Place. For elementary s"" 
gic&l traiaing a.^ a temporary aid in surgical cosea. 
stnicts the police, Qremen, workin^en ana others. 23 f 
classes and 3 pay classes held during 1S91. Office hours, 
9 to 4 P.M. Supported by fees and voluntary coDtribu- ■ 
lions. Last year's receipta, $1,133; expenditurea, $980>'J 
Gen. Pitz-John Porter, Prea. ; Henry H, Truman, Sec'y; 0. f 
C. Cuyler, Treas. ' 

Society for Framotin; Religion and Learning in ' 
the State of New Vork (incorp. 1839). To help young 
TDCQ, designed for the miuiatry, to secure the meuas of lit- 
erary and theological education ; to aid in the support of 
missionaries among the destitute poor, and otherwise to 
promote religion and learning. Regular meetings, May 
and November. Supported chiefly by endowments. Biah- I 
op of the Diocese, Prea. ex officio; T. W. Ogden, 8ec'y;l 
Richard M. Hariaon, Treas., 31 Nassau St.; Rev. Androir^ 
Oliver, d.d., Supt., 4 Chelsea Suiuare. 

Society for the Rorormatlon at Juvenile Delin- 
flnents. House of Refuge, Randall's Island (see Class 
VIU., Div. 3). 

Society of Decnratlve Art (incorp. 18TS). 38 East 31st 
St. Aids in the training of artistic workers in the various 
branches of art industry by means of classes and letters of 
pnictical suggestions to learners. Prnvidea a place for the 
exhibition and sale of art work executed by women. Arti- 
cles are examined by a Commitiee of Admission, and, if 
approved, are placed in the salesrooms. Selling commis- 
sion, 10 per cent. Last year's receipts, ^7,466 ; expendi- 
tures, |8,354. Mrs. E. Kinnicutt, Pres.; Miss Lucille Ed- 
gar, Sec'y, 20 West 34th St,; George C. Maga ~ 
For further information apply to Miss II, C. 
Supt., Decorative Art Rooms, as above. 



Div. 4. Education and Special Training. 249 

Society of St. Martha, B4 West 22d St. (see Class V., 
Div. 1). 

Snnday-School Uniou of the Meth. Epis. Church 

150 Fifth Ave. (see Class X., Div. 9). 

The "Little Mothers'" Aid Society, 305 East 17th St. 
(s^ Class III., Div. 6). 

Trinity Chnrch Association, 209 Fulton St. (see Class 
IX., Div. 1). 

United Relief Works of the Society for Ethical Cul- 
ture, 109 West 54th St. (see Class II., Div. 6). 

United States Navy Training Ships (see Class I., 
Div. 3, page 33). 

University Settlement Society, 147 Forsyth St. 
Classes in cooking and sewing (see Class X., Div. 5). 

Webb's Academy and H me for Ship-Bnilders, 

Sedgwick Ave. , Fordham (see Class III. , Div. 4). 

Wilson Industrial School for Girls, 125 St. Mark's 
Place, cor. Ave. A (see Class II. , Div. 6). Gives instruc- 
tion in cooking, housekeeping etc. 

Woman's Legal Education Society (incorp. 1890), 
University Building, Washington Square. For general 
legal instruction to women, for the guidance of their busi- 
ness and personal affairs. Annual membership, $5. Ap- 
ply either to Mrs. Leonard Weber, Pres. , 25 West 46th St. ; 
Mrs. Alexander Forman, Sec'y, 116 Pierrepont St., Brook- 
lyn ; Dr. M^ Putnam Jacobi, Treas., 110 West 84th St.; 
Mrs. Emily Kempin, ll.d.. Lecturer. 

Woman's Prison Association and Home, 100 Second 
Ave. (see Class VIII., Div. 2). 

Tonng Men's Christian Association of the City of 
New York (org. 1852, incorp. 1866). General Supervisory 
office, 40 East 23d St. For the improvement of the spirit- 
ual, mental, social and physical condition of the young 
men of this city, through the agency of educational classes, 
lectures, libraries, readmg- rooms, receptions, religious and 
social gatherings, classes for practical Bible study, gym- 
nasia etc. at the various Branches. The Association owns 


S5<} fSdnaition and Speei/tl trainin 

aW-w/fedinlbePreBbyterianHoBpilBl. and a 
lawn Cemetery tor ilie burial of young men. 
pera to Army poats and Naval stations. Supported b, 
UQtary contributions, memberi' dues and rents. Receipts 
In 18B0, exclusire of Railroad work. t)21,SQ0-, expeaaeg 
for work ot Bo;ini of Directors ant* all Branchea, »130,698. 
Endowment fund for current expenses. JI,OO0, Niblo Li- 
brary Fund, ¥94.33^. ■• Van Aredale Fund " for Relief ol 
Sick and Needy Young IHen $064. Mortgage debt on 
Branch buildinga. llflO.DOO. Total attendance at rooras. 
1.307,658. Cleveland H. Dodge. Prea.; M. Taylor Pyne, 
Treas.; R. R. McBiirney, Gen'l Sec'y, 40 East 33d St. 
HeoryM Orne. Associate Sec'y. Telephone numlier "45! ^H 
18th St," Maintains the following Branches : ^H 

TwESTY-THiRD St 53 Bast 33d St. ^1 

Bowery 153 Bowery, cor. Broome St ^| 

East 86Ta St 155 East 86Ui St. 

French. 128 W"e9t23d8l, 

Qerman 140 Second Ave. 

Hablem 5 West 135tb8t. 

Railroad 301 Madison Ave, 

Stddbntb' UoTBUBNi' ; for woric among Colleges in the 

city Heiid<|uartera, i:i6 Lexington Ave. 

West 72d St. RArLBOAO. ..Round House, Eleventh Ave. ^M 
Wbst Sbobb R. R., Weehawken and New Durham. N. J'^^| 
Yonso Men's iNsriTnTB 3312-334 Bowery^^f 

For fuller information apply to the Oen'l Sec'y, 40 Baafi^H 
S»d St. H 

Also maintains the following : ^H 

IloABDiNO-HonsG DIRECTORY, of Suitable boarding*^! 
houses, at four Branches. ^| 

Pbbb Emplotment Borbatis, at 38d St. and Bowei? 
Branches, for men only. At the latter place, homeless young 
men of good character. In destitute circumslancea, are fur- 
nished with free lodgingt and food while seeking emplojr- 
ment. There are fl5 beds in dormitory. All cootribatioiir 
for Rblib? Work are eEpcnded only for food and ralfef t| 
other forms. $3,470 distributed last year. 

1>I^.4. Hd'ucaUon and Special i^aining. 3S1 

Ev\NiNG Educational Classes are conducted in most 
of theBranches from October to May inclusive, the follow- 
ing stidies being taught : Writing, Bookkeeping, Spelling, 
Businej Law, Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Phonogra- 
phy, Typewriting. English Composition, English Gram- 
mar. anTclasses for teaching English to German speaking 
and Prenth-speaking young inen, German, French. Span- 
ish, Freeland and Mechanical Drawing, Industrial Design, 
Carriage draughting. Physics, Physiology, First Aid to the 
Injured, gymnastics, Vocal and Orchestral Music and 
Steam Engneering. 

A GYMNiBiUM is maintained at the following 6 Branches, 
viz.: 23d 8i, East 86th St., German, Harlem, Railroad, 
and Young y[en's Institute. 

LiBRARiEBAND Reading-Rooms ; the various libraries 
contain 52, 21\ volumes; 65,152 were drawn or consulted 
during the year. In the Reading-rooms there are 1,027 
newspapers aid magazines on file. Reuben B. Poole, 

Work for B)ys, religious, social and educational, is 
carried on at the 23d St., Harlem, East 86th St. and Ger- 
man Branches. Ipply for full information to the General 
Sec'y at 40 East 2id St. 

Tonug Men's Hibrew Association, 721 Lexington Ave. 
(see Class X., Div. ♦). To instruct Hebrew immigrants in 
the English langua^. 

Tonng Women's Cliristian Association of tlie City of 
Neif York (org. and incorp. 1873), 7 East 15th St. For 
the improvement of he temporal, social, mental, moral 
and religious conditioL of the young women of this city, 
particularly of those dependent upon their own exertions 
for support, by procuriig employment and safe boarding- 
places, by Bible classes, social and religious meetings, li- 
braries and reading-roooB, and such other means and servi- 
ces as may conduce to the accomplishment of this object. 
Supported by subscripticns and donations. Number re- 
ceiving instruction or aid during last year was over 12,000. 
Receipts, $37,838; expenditures, $38,177. Small perma- 
nei\t fund. Mrs. Clarence E. Beebe, Pres.; Mrs. W. E. 
Bullard, Cor. Sec'y ; Mrs. R Jaffrey, Jr., Rec. Sec*y ; Miss 




31)3 &iiu!atiim and Special Trmniag. 

M. T. Cockcroft, Trens. The Aasoeiation affords ti 
supporting women tUe following privileges : 

Bible Clash ; meets in Hall of [he Association So"l«J« ' 
at 8 P.M. from October to June, inclusive. Dewioo*' 
meeting every Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. Numbers 1,« per- 
maneot and 5.730 transient membcrj. In case of tniporal 
need the Relief Committee furnishes the Chapltn with 
food, clothing and delicacies for the poor and flk men^ 
bers of the Class. 4 

Emplotment Bdubau; for Protestant young lomeftj 
New York and vicinity wiio furnish good refeWccs, <^ 
eluding house servants. Hours for employers, Jto 5 p.i_ . 
for applicants. 10 to 3 p.m ; Saturdays till 1 p*. Appli- 
cants are charged SO cents for 6 inontlis for usewf Bureau, 
and employers fl tor 3 montlia. 

Phke Board DtHBCTOHV; open daily froii a.m. to 9 
P.M. Directs strangers in the city and oOers to safe 

Free Circclatino Libraht, Art. Mu3i<and Reference 
Library and Heading-Rooms; for all seif-su (porting women 
and girls. Open dally, except Bundaya, from 9 A.M. to 
9:15 P.M. Contains about 17,000 books. 

Free Clabsbs ; for inslruction in w»ting, commercjid 
arithmetic, bookkeeping, business trainiig, phonography, 
typewriting, retouching pUoIonegatves. photo-colw, 
photo-proccse for photo, engraving, mechanical and frea- 
hand drawing, clay modelling, applietldeslgn, choir mudc 
and physical culture. This deparlm^it is open to appli- 
cants over 16 years, daily, from 9 a.m. to fl P.M., and Satur- 
days until 13:30 m. only. 

FiiEB CosrEHTs, LKCTtTBEs, Reidisgs etc. given on 
the last Monday evening of encfi mi^th at B o'clock, Bx- 
clusively for self-suppiirting wnmenover 13 years. 

Frebb-Air Fund; aid is cnnQied to members of the 
Bible Class, which numbers S.Offl. 103 women benefited 
last year. 

Nebolework Department ; salesroom, order depart- 
ment, free classes in machine ani band sewiDg. for pupils 
from 13 to 35 years of age; clasies in ciittiug and fitting, 
' jnly, iwtweeu )6 and 35 years of ago. The 

DiV. 4. ^ Education and Special Training. 253 

latter classes are in session in the morning and evening and 
are not free. Fee of $10 for the course. 

Branch op the Young Women's Christian Associa- 
tion, 1509 Broadway. (This is its only branch at present.) 
With physical culture and cooking classes, reading-room 
and parlor, Penny Provident Fund and lodgings for 
women. Miss J. B. Franks, Resident Sup't. 

The Margaret Louisa Home and Restaurant, 14 
East 16th St.; for self-supporting women. Apply at 7 
East 15th St. Miss J. P. Cattell, Supt. 

Seaside Summer Home, Grace Hall, 411 Sixth Ave., 
Asbury Park, N. J. Members boarded for $6 for one 
week or $9 for two weeks, including railroad fares. Ac- 
commodates 60. Exclusively for members in July and 
August, but outside necessitous cases boarded during June 
and September. Miss J. B. Franks, Supt. Apply at the 

Tonng Women's Hebrew Association (org. 1888), 721 
Lexington Ave. and 206 East Broadway. Co-operates with 
the Young Men's Hebrew Association to advance the cause 
of Judaism, to promote culture among women and to im- 
prove the moral and intellectual welfare of girls over 14 
years and of women of the laboring or immigrant classes. 
Gives lessons in domestic arts, cooking, physical culture, 
dressmaking etc. , and has classes for the instruction of 
foreigners (mainly Russians) in English etc. Last year's 
receipts, $344 ; expenditures, $340. Miss M. L. Eoffman, 
Pres. ; Miss Lillie Mayer, Sec'y, 101 West 131st St. ; Mrs. 
Pearl man, Treas. Apply personally for membership either 
at 801 Lexington Ave. or at East Broadway cor. of Jeffer- 
son St. , Tuesday evenings from October to July, or by 
letter to either office. Mamtains a 

Summer Home, Sea Cliff, L. I.; for Jewish working 

firls, during the months of July and August. Capacity, 
0. $3 per week charged for board. Supported by vol- 
untary contributions and inmates* board. Apply at East 
Broadway Branch. 

2fi4 Social ImproBemeni. Ck 

Division 5.—8oeial UnproDemenU 
(See &1bo Churchea and GongreEaUons.) 

American Sabbath Union (iacorp. 1890). To p 
the Sabbatb as a day of rest and woraliip. Elliott F 
ard, f^s.; Rev. Joseph H. Knowles, 33 Park Row, and 
Wm. J. R. Taylor. SecretaricB; Ralph M. Perlee, " 
60 John St. 

Association of Wurliing: ttlrls' Societies (org. I883T, 

223 West 38th 8t This organization is tonned among 
busy women to BEcure by co-operation means of Belf-im- 
proyemeut, opportunities for social intercourse and tbe de- 
velupment of hieber, nobler aims. 1» governed by s 
Council composed of representatives appomted from the 
different societies. These clubs occupy rooms whicli arc 
opened on difforent evenings ia tbe week for tbe instruc- 
tion and amusement of the girls. Bach club supports it- 
self and pays a small yearly tai to defray tbe eipensea of 
the Aasociation. 18 Societies and 3,173 members in New 
York City and vicinity. Miss Virgiuia Potter. Gen'I Sec'y. 
184 Leslngton Ave. The followmg clubs are located In 
this city: 

38tb 8t. Working Giulb' Society (1884), 2 
38th St. Miss Grace H. Dodge, Prea. 

Girls' Endbavor Society (1884), 59 Morton S 

WoRKiBo Girls' Progrbsbivk Society (1885), 239 E 
IQth St. 

Second St. Working Girls' Sociktv (1885), 6 8 

Neighborhood Guild Girls' Improvement 
(1887), 147 Forsyth St. 

Ivy Club (1888), 244 West 36th St. 

Par and Ne\r Working Girls' Society (1888). 
Gouverneur St. 

Prospect Hill Working Girls' Society (1888), 
Bast 4Sth St. 

DiY. 5. Social Improvement, 255 

Enterprise Club (1889), 136 East 12th St. 

Stbadpa-st Working Girls' Society (1889), 106 East 
127th St. 

38th St. Annex Society (1890), 124 Roosevelt St. 

Good Will Club (1891), 243 Fourth Ave. There is 
also a 

Mutual Benefit Fund of the Association of Working 
Girls' Societies (formed January, 1891), for the benefit of 
the N. Y. Societies. Dues, 1st class, 25 cents a month, in- 
itiation fee 50 cents; 2d class, 15 cents a month, initiation 
fee 50 cents. Benefits, 1st class, $5 a week for six weeks 
during illness, and $^5 at death; 2d class, $3 a week for six 
weeks during illness, and $15 at death. Miss V. D. H. 
Furman, Treas., 134 Lexington Ave. And an 

Alliance Employment Bureau, 222 West 38th St. 
(see Class II., Div. 1). See also the 
Domestic Circle in this Division. 

Beth-El Society of Personal Service, 355 East 62d St. 
(see Class II., Div. 2). 

Boys' €lnbs or Reading-RooniS are maintained at the 
following addresses: 

Ascension Memorial Chapel (P.E.). ..330 West 43d St. 

Ave. C Club 65 East 14th St. 

Bethany Church Tenth Ave., bet. 35th and 36th Sts. 

Calvary Parish . . .344 East 23d St. 

Christ Chapel West 65th St. near Amsterdam Ave. 

Church of the Archangel (P. E.), 

117th St. and St. Nicholas Ave. 

Church op the Redeemer Park Ave. and 81st St. 

College Settlement 95 Rivington St. 

Covenant Chapel ^10 East 42d St. 

East Side House Foot of 76th St. and East River. 

Free Reading- Rooms, 8 West 14th St. and 330 Fourth Ave. 

Grace Mission 540 East 13th St. 

Holy Communion (P. E.) Church 49 West 20th St. 

Holy Cross Lyceum, 43d St., bet. Eighth and Ninth Aves. 


SmM Improvement. 



Mauihun S^uake Church House, Tliiril Ave , cor. 30th St. 

Manor Chapel 348 West 36th St. 

MsMoniAL Qaptist Ohubch, Waahingtoa Square, South. 

NeidHBOBHOOD Guild 147Forajth 

New Jerubai-em Church 114 East 85ih 

North Sidb Bovb' Club 79 Macdougal St. 

St. Bartholohbw'h Pajiibh House 307Ba8tl3d 

St. George's (P. E ) CnuRCn (Memorial House). 

2U7 East ISth 
St. Luke's M. E. Church (Knights of St. Luke), 

1118 West 41st 

St. Mary's I>awrence St., ttanhallaavil 

Wbbt Side Vemiilye Chapel, 7B4 Tenth AvbJ 

Wilson Mibbion Building (' ' Ave. A Club "). 

125 St. Mark's Place. 

Catholic Total Abstinence Union. To promote total 
abstinence, with au auxiliary society in every Catholic 
pariah in the city. Re». Thomas P. Lynch, Spiritual Di- 
rector, 30 Mott St. 

Chinese Methodist Episcopal Mission and Tonog 
Men'8 Christian Association, 205 West 14th St. (see 
ClaBBrX.,Div. 2). 

Cbristlan Leagne for the Promotion of Social Fn- 
rity (org. 18^6. iocorp. 188S b^ special act of Congress), 33 
East 32d St. To elevate opiaiou respecting the nature aod 
claims of morality, with its equal obligatioD upon men and 
women; to secure a proper, practical recognition of its pre- 
cepts OD the part of the iodlvidual, the family and the na- 
tion; and to enlist and orgacizc the efforts of ChriHtianB in 
Erotective, cducatioDal, reformatory and legislative work 
1 the interest of Social Purity. It aims to supply employ- 
ment, funds and advice to enable needy girls and women to 
gain an honorable living. It forms clubs and societies ot 
the young for their training in wholesome and honest intel- 
ligence regarding social purity. It endeavors to instil tl 
principles necessary for the prevention of immorality up( 

I DIT. 5. 

Social Improvement, 

the minds of young children and youth. It seeks to pro- 
tect young girla from nil farms of tempLation. and to 
prosecute those nba deceive them. It intends to establish 
auxiliary Leagues as rapidly iia poBsible through the coun- 
try, to work for the promotion of social purity and the In- 
dividual and collective well-being of womanhood. Sup- 
ported by memberahip teen and voluntary contributions. 
Beneficiaries last year, 348. Receipts and eKpenditures, 
about. *338. Mrs. E. B. Grancia, Pres., 33 East 22d St.. 
to whom application sliould be made at any time; Mrs. M, 
Louise Thomas. Cor. 3ec'y; Martha C Holmes, m.d., Rec, 
Bec'y; Mrs. F. 8. Evans, Treaa. 
Church AsBOcIatlon for the AilTancemeut of the In- 


terestg of Labor (" Call *') (org. i88'h. By means of the 

free church Bystem, press, leclurea and a closer connection 

n religion and the practical conduct of life. Under 

West 138th 8 

Chnreh Tempemuce Society (org, 1881, incorp. 1880), 
Annei Hall, 14 and 16 Fourth Ave. (Prot. Epis,). For the 
promotion of temperance, the reformation of the intem- 
perate, the removal of the causes which lead to intemper- 
ance, and the issue of temperance publications, and is aided 
by the Women's Ai'siliahy, which has for Its object the 
opening of Copfbe Houses. Holds services in Anuex 
Hall every Sunday and Tuesda;? evening. Supported by 
voluntary and church contributions, donations etc. Last 
year's receipts, tll.BST ; expenditures, 911,935. Rt. Rev. 
iohn Williams, D.D.. Pres.; Bev. W, It, Huutinglon, d,d , 
Chairman : Irving Grinnell. Treaa. ; Robert Graham, Gen'l 
Sec'y, 18 Fourth Ave, , to whom apply for further informa- 
tion from 9 to S P.M. Controls the 

TouHO Crusaders and Knights of Tempbrance ; 
young men from 14 to 21 years and upwards, who pledge 
themselves to "Soberness, Purity and lie verence." et Com- 
panies, over 2, ■'500 members. Hev, H, Y, Satterlee, D.D., 
Pres.; Robert Graham, Grand Commander. 

SSS Soeidl hnprotement, 

rial improvement of tbe families residing lu that vicinity. 
It ia not a reliiif eociety; it has several boja' clubs, a Choral 
Club for young men, and Hinstructs claasea of girle la 
cooking, dressmuklng and other employments, and endeav' 
ors to cultivate among the neigbborsbigher and betterideas 
of life. It has ulso a Cikculatino Libbakt and a station 
of the Penbt Prottdbkt Ftind, and two Pitblic Baib- 
ROOUB for women and children. Bupporled by aD Associa- 
tion formed for that purpose. Miss Bertha Hazard, Treas.; 
31JaB Jeannette Gumey Fine, Head Worker, to whom apply. 

Cummttt«e for PreTention of State KegnlatloD of 
TIce, see New York etc. p. 283. 

CongRinors' Leogne of the City of New ¥ork (org. 
1880). To amelionite the conditiou of the women and clm- 
dren employed in the retail mercantile houses of this city, 
by patronizing, as far as practicable, only such houses u 
^proach in their conditions to the " Standard of a Fiir 
House" as adopted by the League, and by other methods. 
Mrs. Chas. R. Lowell, Pres.; Mrs. RohertV. McKim, Cor, 
Sec'y, 33 "West 68th St.; Mrs. Chaa. 8. Spofford. Trew. 

Domestic Circle (The) (org. 1890), 32S West 38Ui 81, 
An outgrowth of the "Working Girls' Clubs. For young 
married women if introduced by a member of the Circle or 
responsible friend ; to broaden their ideas, to educate in 
home and household matters and to develop co-opeistiTt 
measures fur the benefit of the members. Has started 1 
loDding library for mothers and housekeepers, and a station 
of the Penny Pbovident Fdvv. Holds weekly meetingi 
and is self- supporting. Mrs, James M. CuDQin^ham., Pres.', 
Mrs. Lincoln L. Whyte, Sec'y; Mrs. Benjamin Morrbon, 

East Side House of New Torlt City (incorp. 1891), foot 
of East 7flth St.. East River. Furnishes to ita memben 
and others facilities for social intercourse, literary, gymoas- 
tic and athletic exercises and amusements ; maintains a li- 
brary, reading-room, aad promotes boneTolencc among 
those who frequent the House. The lawn in front of the 
House, with swings for the young, is open to molliera with 
their children every afternoon from 3 to 6 p.m., and Bun- 
days from 4 to p.m., when they are also otherwise eiil«r. 


Div. 5. Social Improvement. 259 

tained. Mothebs' Meetings are held in the parlor. A 
KiNDEBOABTEN is held daily, except Sunday, from 9 to 
12 M. Founded by the Church (P. E.) Club. Supported by 
Toluntary contributions and membership dues of the East 
Side Men's Club and Boys' Club (see Class XI.), which 
have their rooms in the House. Everett P. Wheeler, Pres. ; 
John 8. Smith, Treas., 58 William St. 

Educational Alliance, East Broadway and Jefferson 
St. (see Class X., Div. 4). 

Emann-El Sisterhood for Personal Service, 159 East 
74th St. (see Class II., Div. 2). 

Emma Lazarus Clnb for Working Girls (org. 1888), 
58 St. Mark's Place. For instruction and entertainment of 
workinggirls. Has classes in typewriting, embroidery etc. ; 
also a Penny Provident Fund. Supported by members' 
dues. Mrs. Sarah Lyons, Pres., 155 East 68d St.; Miss N. 
S. Meinhard, Sec'y, 18 East 70th St. ; Miss Samuel, Treas. 

Epwortli League, 150 Fifth Ave. (see Class X., Div. 9). 

First Non-Partisan Woman's Cliristian Temperance 
Union of New York City (org. 1890). Auxiliary to the 
National Non- Partisan Woman's Christian Temperance 
Union. To interest and unite women in non-partisan, un- 
sectarlan Christian Temperance work ; and confining itself 
strictly to such work, will devise and execute measures 
which will secure total abstinence and complete prohibition 
of the liquor traffic. Monthly meetings are held in the 
Broadw^ Tabernacle, cor. 84th St. and Sixth Ave., 2d 
and 4th Mondays of each month at 10 a.m. Mrs. S. Eliza- 
beth Fairman, Pres., Hotel Gladstone, Broadway and 59th 
St.; Miss E. H. Fairman, Cor. Sec'y, Hotel Gladstone; 
Miss E. fl. Whitlock, Treas., 146 E. 36th St. 

Girls' Friendly Society for America (org. 1875). 
Thbs Nbw Yokk Diocesan Orga.nization (formed 1883). 
To bind together in one society ladies (communicants of 
the Protestant Episcopal Church) as associates, and work- 
ing girls and young women as members, for mutual help 
(r&gious and secular), and to encourage purity of life, duty 
to parents, faithfulness to employers and thrift. Branches 
of this society exist in many Prot. Epis. Parishes in New 


Social Improeement, 

York. Members may apply for suitable places to board In 
Sisters of tbe Holy OomrauQioD {Prot. Epis.).H8 West Utli 
8t. Misa Elizabeth H, Wiener, Prea. of N. Y. Diooitaii 
Organization, 18 West 12th 9t.; Miss Bleecker, 8ec'y ; 
Mrs. J. Ferris Lockwood, Treas, Maintains a 

Rbqistby Office, in Ascension Pariah House, 13 West 
lltli St,, where O. F. 8. members are aided to find situa- 
tions for work from 10 to 12:30 u. Miss Bleecker, Sec'j'. 

Holy Cross Lycenni (org. 1891), West 43d St., bet. 
EigbtU and Ninth Aves. A Roman Catholic youn^ men's 
club, where they may meet for social, iatellectuat. physical 
and mutual benefit purposes and recreation. Has a well- 
fumished LiBKifiT and Gthbabium, the latter of whicli 
Is open during the day for women aud children. For fur- 
ther information address the Secretary. 

HoYTard Crosby Society for the PreTention ot 
Crime and the (Suppression or Tice (org, 1691). For 
the purposes naraeil iu the title, between Central Paik 
North and the Harlem River. Supported by voluntAry con- 
tributions. Hev. J. R. Day, d.d.. Pres.;Rev. W. W. Giles, 
Bec'y; Beoj. F. Farrington. Treas. 


Internatlonftl Telegrapli Christinn Association, 
American Branch (org. 1890). An evangelical and inter- 
denominational society to promole religion and Christian 
fellowship In telegraph offices. Has already (ormied 8 
Junior Branches for Messenger and Telegraph boys under 
18 years of age in this city, where they may receive moral, 
social and physical benefiti' ; also a Senior Branch for 
Letter Carriers. Supported by voluntary contributions. 
D L. Moody, Chairman ot Council of Reference ; Miss 
Chambers, General Local Sec'y, 70 West 30th St.; Mrs. 
Joseph Walker, Sr., Treas.. IlSEastSTlh St. The address — 
es and hours of meeting of the Tarlous Branches are : 

Nos. 1 and 3, 118 Pulton St., Thursdays, 0:30 to 8:30 p.M.r 
Sundays, 3:30 P.M. 

No. 4, Mebsgnobr Botb' Readiho Rdoh, 330 FourttM 
Ave. (maintained at the expense of a benevolent lady)C 

MV. S. 

Social ImprmemeTil. 


Open daOy from B:30 A.M. to 9:30 p.m., and on Sundays 
from 3:30 to 9:80 p.m., with library, games aud other so- 
cial amuseoients. Service of song each evening of the week 
and ntlssion service Sunday evening. Has a station of the 
Penn? Provident Ftran. Classes for study in English 
branches are also held Wednesdays, Tliursdaysaad Fridays. 
Apply to Mlas J. A. Gaaa, Supt., at the Reading-room. 

No. 5. Church of the Holy Trinity School room, 46 East 
48d St., Tuesdays and Fridays, 8 r.M. 

No. 6. Harlem Branch, Pilgrim Church Parlor, Madisou 
Ave. and 121st St., Fridays, 8 p.m. 

Loyal Le^lou TemperaDre Society of New Vork City 

(org. 1883. iDEorp, 1390). Embract's the original Young 
Lacfies' Christian Temperance Union and Boys' Loyal Le- 

gon Temperance Society. The "Crusaders of the White 
ibboQ" constitute the CHiLDttEN'a BHANcrr of the Society. 
To interest and instruct the youth of this city and others 
la the principles of temperance. For members of either 
sex who belong to the above divisions respectively. Sup- 

Erled by membership fees and voluntary subscriptions. 
St year's receipts. |3,13Ui expenditures, $2,476. 3Irs. 
Willis A. Barnes, Pres.. 148 "West 103d St.; Seth B. Rob- 
inson, Ist Vice Prea., 718 Madison Ave. ; Mrs. Albert F. 
Hyde, Cor. Sec'y, 10 West 47tii St. ; J. Miduugli Main, 
Treas., 16 Exchange Place ; Frank A. Curtis, Supt. Main- 
tains the 

Boys' Free Rbahikg-Rooms, 8 West Uth St. : chiefly 
for workiug boys. Open ever^ night in the year from 7 to 
0:45 P.M. Rooms supplied with daily and weekly papers 
and magaziues, library (1.500 volumes) and games. Has 
a savings bank, lectures, classes in mechanical instruction 
and singing ; also boys' Literury Societies, and Saturday 
Evening EnterCainmeats to attract the boys from those 
given by the saloons on that evening. Average attendance. 
100. Sunday eve mng services are also held. Freetoali 
boys of good conduct. Also gives 


Social liaprotument. 


L times ci 

I popukt 

Hanbattan Working Girls' AsBOclation (org. 1676, in- 
corp. ). 440 East STtli St. Designed for girls who ai« 

dependent on their owa resources, regardless of religion or 
uattooality. the onlj' requisite for admissioa being aa un- 
impeBchable character. Monthly fees. 30 cents. 8np- 
ported by volimtory conlributiona. Rev. Abbott E. Kit- 
tredce. d.d., Pres.; Francis C. Reed. Sec'y ; Joseph H. 
Fraoklin, Treus. Maintains a 

Day Ndrsert ; open from 7 a.m. to 7 P.M. Mothers 
are charged &re cents a day for each child. 

Harlne Temperance Socletf of the Societf for Fro- 
TOotlng the Gospel among Seamen in the Port of New 
York, 46 Catharine St. (see Class IX., DIv. 3). 

NatloitAl Leagne for the Protection of American 
InstitatlOBS (incorp. 1889), 140 Nassau St. To secure 
constitutional nad legislative ^feguards for the Protection 
of tlie Conimoa- School Syslcm and other American Institu- 
tions, and to promote public instruction in harmony with 
such institutions, and to prevent all sectarian or denomina- 
tional appropriation of public funds, John Jay, Pres.; 
Rev. James M. King, d.d,, Qen'l Sec'y; Wm. Fellowefl 
Morgan, Treas. | 

National Temperance Society and Pabllcatlon 
Honse (incorp. 186fl), 58 Reade St. For the promotion of 
total abstinence by the publication and circulation of tem- 
perance literature, and other methods calculated to remoTe 
the evils of intemperance. It carries on a large missionary 
work for temperance among the colored people of the 
South. Non-partisan and unsectarian. For publications 
and otlier information apply to the Sec'y at above address. 
Supported by voluntary contributions and sale of books. 
Last year's receipts, $54,520; expenditures, 458,708; per- 
manent fund, 122,500. Rev. Theodore L. Ouyler, d.d., 
Pres.; Jolin N. Stearns, Cor. and Rec, Sec'y and Publish- 
ing Agent; Rev. George H. Hick, Pin'l Sec'y; William D. 
Porter, Treas, 

Neighborhood Guild (1887). !47 Forsyth St, , 
times called Forsyth St. Club.) For the tenement-houM | 
population in the immediate neighborhood. — * ■ ■ 

Blv. 6. Social Improi)ement 263 

order ; its aim, moral and physical improvement ; and its 
principle, friendship. Undenominational. Open every- 
day and evening in the week. Is the Headquarters of the 
University Settlement Society (which see in this Class). 
Last year's receipts, $2,525; expenditures, $3,021. John 
McG. Goodale, Pres. ; James K. Paulding, Sec*y. Main- 
tains the following: 

Clubs ; of boys, girls, young men, young women and 

Free Kindergarten ; from 30 to 50 small children 
every morning during 10 months of the year from 9 to 12 m. 

New York City Mission and Tract Society, 106 Bible 
House. Mothers' Unions (see Class IX., Div. 1). 

New York Committee for the Prevention of State 
Regulation of Yice (org. 1876). Address, Post Office Box 
2554. Auxiliary to the International Federation for the 
Abolition of State Regulation of Vice, of which M. Amile 
de Lavelaye, Belgium, is President; Mrs. Josephine E. But- 
ler, England, Honorary Secretary. For the purpose of 
opposing all legislation for licensing social vice in New 
York City. Mrs. Abby H. Gibbons, President of the New 
York Committee, 55 west 47th St. ; Mrs. Anna R. Powell, 
Sec'y, Plainfield, N. J.; Mrs. Elizabeth Gay, Treas., West 
New Brighton, S. I. 

New York Female Anxiliary Bil)le Society, 66 Bible 
House (see Class X., Div. 9). 

New York Protestant Episcopal City Mission So- 
ciety, Mothers' Meetings and Employment Society, St. 
Barnabas' House, 304 Mulberry St. (see Class IX., Div. 1). 

New York Sabl)ath Committee (org. 1857, incorp. 
1884), 31 Bible House. To protect and promote the proper 
observance of Sunday. Supported by voluntary contribu- 
tions. Henry A. Oakley, Chairman; Rev." W. W. Atter- 
bury,D.D.,Gen'l Sec'y; Theodore Gilman, Treas., 63 Cedar St. 

New York Society for the Suppression of Yice (in- 
corp. 1873), 41 Park Kow. For the enforcement of laws 
to suppress trade in and circulation of obscene literature, 
illustrations, advertisements and articles of indecent and 



SoeM JatpmrttwiaU. 


immoTkl uae, inclading lotteries and gmmWing. 
RifttfoD kept fltrictlT coafidential when so desired. 9umd 
CoIgMe. Pra.: KfUaen VMiIUtt«elaer.Tcea«..56 WaU»-: 
AntliooT Conutock, Sec'y, lo wbmn applr at Room Ha, 
Timea Building, 

Xortb Sid« Bn;B' Club, 79 Mantongal St. Open everr 
evening but Siindaj from 7:30 to 9:30. &. C. IleoileTsoii, 
Pre*,; C. H. Ludingum. Jr.. Sec'y; A. Tyirill, Supl. 

HL Bartholomew's Chinese Guild (org. 1889). 13 
Mark's Place. For mutual protection, eievalloD audi 
glouB training of the Chinese. Renders legal aid, caret ___ 
[Jie poor, sick and iljiag in New York and its victnitT. 
Has a library, eymnasium and otber attractions. lioUinein- 
bera to date. Open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Subbalh -school 
ut 4:80 p.u. Sunday meeting at 7:30 f.k. Supported by 
St. Bartholomew's Church aud members' dues. Guy Maio. 
Supt. aod Interpreter, to whom apply for memberahip nad 
Id formal ion, 

St. Cuthlwrt'8 Clnb, 335 West 41st St. For the benefit 
ot young workingmen of any sect, where they may meet 
for social and mutual improvement and recreation. Has also 
ureadiDg-rooai, gymnasium aod snail library. Open from 
7 to 11 i'.M. every evening except Sunday, In charge of 
tlifl Executive Committee. Apply to Fred. Debes. Sec'y. 

Socleir for mviD^ Free Entertalnmeiits to tbe Poor 
and Unfortanate {incorp. 1890). To provide entertain- 
ments for the inmates of penal, reform and charitable in- 
illtutlons. Supported by voluntary contributions. Wm. 
Ijiuo O'Neill, Sec'y. 114 World Building; Frank B. 
Murtha, Treaa., 45 Bowery. 

Society for Promoting tbe Gospel aiiioug Seamen la 
the Port or New York, 46 Catharine Bt. (see Class 1X-. 
Div. a). 

Hucletj for the Frcvenllon of Crime (org. 1877, in- 
corp. 1878), 47 Warren St, and 933 Broadway. Aims to 
rumnve the causes aod sources of crime, by enforcement of 
the laws and arousing public opinion, especially in regard 
to excise laws, gnmbtiug and public nuisances. Supported 
by voluntary contributions. Yearly expenditures, ^,000. 

Div. 5. Sodat tmprotement, S66 

Rev. Chas. H. Parkhurst, d.d., Pres.; Wm. Wade, Sec'y; 
Edward A. Newell, Treas.; T. D. Kenneson, Sec'y of 
Executive Committee. Apply to D. J. Whitney, 47 Warren 
St., from 10 to 3 p.m. 

Society for the Pnriftcation of Italian Quarters, 53^ 

Mulberry St. (see Class III., Div. 1). 

State Charities Aid Association, 21 University Place 
(see Class I., Div. 2). 

Theosophical Leagae for Practical Work (org. 1891), 
Office of Central League, 132 Nassau St. To secure the 
application of Theosophical principles to daily life and ac- 
tion, and to aid the Theosophical movement m its mission 
to the world. It supplies play-rooms for children, and 
lectures on subjects tending to the physical and moral up- 
lifting of the poor. Supported by voluntary contributions. 
Mrs. J. Campbell Ver Planck, Pres., P. O. Box 2659; W. 
I. Judge, Sec*y; E. A. Neresheimer, Treas. Supports 

Branch No. 1 at 178 Suffolk St., where there is a board- 
ing house for working girls, with various educational, in- 
dustrial and social privileges. 

Trinity Chnrch Association, 209 Fulton St. (see Class 
IX., Div. 1). 

United Relief Works of the Society for Ethical Cul- 
ture, 109 West 54th St. (see Class II., Div. 6). 

United Society of Christian Endeavor (see Class X., 
Div. 9). 

United States Army Aid Association, Sec'y's address, 
82 Nassau St. (see Class IX., Div. 2). 

University Settlement Society (org. 1891), headquar- 
ters, 147 Forsyth St. To bring men and women of educa- 
tion into closer relations with the laboring classes in this 
city for their mutual benefit. To establish ** Settlements" 
in tenement-house districts where college men interested in 
the work may live and mingle with their neighbors on an 
equal footing. Has assumed the management of the 
Nbiohbobhood Guild, which is open at all hours (which 
see in this class). On the plan of Toynbee Hall, London, 

886 Social /mprovement CtABa x.. 

and the College Settlement in Riviagton St. Instruction 
is given in cooking and sewing to classes at 40 members. 
8upport«d by members' daes and volantary contriliutions. 
Henry Holt, Cliairman: Setli Low, Pres.; Henry D. Sedg- 
wick, Sec'y; A. C. BernUeim, Trens, 

West End Protective Leagae (org. 1891). For the 
purpose of restrictlog as much as poBsible the liquor traiDc 
Id the district bounded north hj 100th St., south by 85tb 
St., east by Central Park and west by Hudson River. 
Supported by voluntary contributions and members' dues. 
James W. Conrow, Pres,, 138 West 81st St.; Charles W. 
Parsons, 8ecV. 30 West 94tb St.; Dr. Arthur L. Root, 
Tress., 116 West Sht St.; Eiliaen Van Rensselaer, Cbsir- 
man of Executive Committee, S6 Wall St. 

West aide Excise Beform ABSOcIation {org. 1891). To 
oppose the grautjag of new liquor licenses and tlie restric- 
tion of tbesaleof spirituous tiquorsin the district extending 
from 86th Bt. to 110th St., west of Central Park ; to pro- 
mote the passage of more stringent Excise Laws and to se- 
cure the due enforcement of existing Excise Laws and 
regulations. Lorettua 8. Metcalf , Pres., 40 West lOBth St, ; 
8. P. Carmichael, Treas., 51 West 105th St. 

~ mperance Uniou of New Tork 

^ ,.. . ,. leHouse, I*romoteB temperance 

by religious work, education in the principles of total ab- 
stinence and any other measures adapted to secure the 
banishment of the use and sale of intoxicating liquors. 
Supplies Bpeciai facilities and Information for the promo- 
tion of Juvenile Temperance education in Sunday- schools, 
Misaioo -school 8 and Temperance bands. Apply to Miss 
Julia Colman, Cor. Sec'y. 

Woman's Christian Temperance Union uf the State 

■New»ork(incr-- ■■--" - "^-^ --■ =■ -^ 

total abstinence a 

of New Tork (incorp. 1876), 30 West 33d St. To proraoti 
- mdt .-■--.- -- -L- .--- — 

Workingmen'8 Clnb, ift West 30th St. (see Class 


Drv. 5* Social Improvement. SBt 

Working Women's Society (org. 1888), 27 Clinton 
Place. To educate women in the needs, benefits and 
methods of thorough intelligent organization; to found trade 
organizations etc. , and to deal with the labor question, so 
far as it relates to women. Consists of a Central Society 
and its auxiliaries. Alice L. Woodbridge, Gen*l Sec'y; Dr. 
Ajinie S. Daniel, Treas. 

Tonng Men's Christian Association etc., 40 East 
23d St. (see Class X., Div. 4). 

Tonng Men's Club of tlie Memorial Baptist Church, 

Washington Square South. For physical, intellectual and 
social improvement and recreation. Its club rooms consist 
of Social Parlor, a Reading-room and Gymnasium, the two 
former of which are free and strangers are welcomed. Open 
every evening from 7:30 to 10 o'clock. Efforts are made 
to make the club-rooms and surroundings particularly con- 
genial, especially to young men who are comparative 
strangers in this city. Wm. J. Menown, Pres.; C. C. 
White, Treas.; Rupert A. Jenks, Sec'y, 236 Eighth Ave., 
to whom apply for admission. 

Toung Men's Hebrew Association (incorp. 1874), 721 
Lexington Ave. For the moral, intellectual, social and 
physical benefit of the class named in the title. In fur- 
therance of these objects, it has opened a Reading- Room, 
Recreation- Rooms, and free classes and literary societies, 
and gives a course of lectures and entertainments of a scien- 
tific, literary and social nature. Supported by voluntary 
contributions and members' dues. Apply at the Associa- 
tion daily from 10 A..M. to 10 p.m. Joseph Blumenthal, 
Pres.; Max J. Ullman, Sec'y; Reuben Arkush, Treas, 
Has a 

Down-Town Branch, Hebrew Institute Building, cor 
of Jefferson St. and East Broadway, where there is a Free 
Readino-Room, Gymnasium, and also free classes for in- 
struction of immigrants in the English language and in the 
history and general knowledge of this country. The As- 
sociation gives free weekly lectures in the large hall 
on American History, followed by musical exercises. 

Toung Women's Cliristian Association etc., 7 East 
15th St. (see Class X., Div. 4). 

BoardingSousts, ( 

and Offtiniry. OLAfiS X 

DiviBioK 6. — Boarding- H/y/tn, Oity and Ominlr;/. 

Christian HAme for IVftrklttK Women (18S1). 140 
]4cli St. (a branch of Florence Mission) A boarding-Li 
at moderate rates for working girls and women 
character only, while working or seeking work. 
no centig a week for rooms, and. meals at Testauront beloi 
at $1.50 a week and upwards. Apply at aay hour 
E. G. Underbill, Matron. 

Edith Samme 
Norwalk, Conn. 
Board of Managers of the 6ei.lbviib Thaining School 
FOR Norses, in memory of his wife. Intended for nurses 
of any school, teachers or governesses in need of a vacati(in, 
who are Imarded for 14 a week. Accommodates 10. Ap- 
ply to Misa Brennan, 438 East 26ih St,, for admission. 

GanUier Sen-Sldo Hoiuc (org. 1886). Hammel's 


Fletcher Harper, Jr. Open from June 15th to Octobe 
Casus ot sickness not received. Board t5 per week, ( 
for two weeks, pavable in advance. Stay limited to i 
weeks. Accommonates 55. Controlled by Mrs. M. D. H. 
Sihley, Treas, Supported by inmates' board and by Mrs. 
Sibley. Apply in person at 18 East IBth St., week-daya, 
from 11 to 1 P.M. and 7 ti B p.m., eicept Saturday e"""" — 
Society fur Itefriendinir Self-Snpportlns Womttj 
350 West 38d St. (aee Class X., DIv. 8). 

Summer Best Society (org. 

Div. 7. Humane, 269 

cack, N. J. A summer home for self-supportinff gentle- 
women, with good references, who cannot afford tne prices 
asked at comfortable health resorts. Open from June 1st 
to October 1st. Accommodates 12 boarders. Board $8.50 
per week, with privilege of remaining 3 weeks. Supported 
by inmates' board and contributions. Last year's receipts, 
$1,465. MissDavidge, Pres., 14 Fifth Ave.; Miss Helen 
Campbell, Sec'y; Miss M. L. Miller, Treas.; Mrs. Albert 
Speyers, Chairman of House Committee. Apply for board 
to Committee on Admissions, 415 West 23d St. , Wednes- 
days from 10 to 12 m. 

Tonng Men's Christian Association etc., Boarding 
Directory, 40 East 23d St. (see Class X., Div. 4). 

Tonng Women's Christian Association etc., 7 East 
15th St., City Board Directory, Margaret Louisa Home, 
and Summer Sea-Side Home (see Class X., Div. 4). 

Tonng Women's Home Society of the French E?an- 
gelicai Chnrch etc., 341 West 30th St. (see Class II., 
Div. 9). 

Tonng Women's Hebrew Association Summer Home 

for Jewish working girls. Sea Cliff, L. I. (see Class X,, 
Div. 4). 

Division 1.— Humane. 

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to 

Animals (incorp. 1866). Headquarters. 100 East 22d St., 
cor. Fourth Ave. For the purpose indicated in title. Open 
day and night, also Sundays. Has Ambulances for the 
removal of disabled animals. Supported by voluntary 
contributions etc. John P. Haines, Pres. ; George G. De 
Witt, Sec'y; Charles Lanier, Treas.; C. H. Hankinson, 
Sup't. Applications and complaints should be made to the 
President at above address. 

Blue Anchor Society, or New York Auxiliary to 
the Woman's National Relief Association, 30 East 14th 
St. (see Class II., Div. 13). 

Free Dispensary of American Yeterinary College, 

189 West 54th St. (see Class VL, Div. 11). 


Society to Berrlend Domestic Animals (iacorp. 1 

formerly of 185th St. and Amsterdam Are., ' 
peaded work at present. 

The Life Saving BeneToient AsBOclatiou of NeiH 
Toi-k (incorp. 1849). 81 Wall St. Has for its object Qua 
eocouragemeut and rewarding of merlUirloua conduct i^ 
BavJDg persona from, drowning in cases of eliipwreck a ' 
otherwise. S4 pcrsuna rewarded last year. W. H. 
Moore, Pres-,51 Wall St.; Clifford A.Hand, Sec'y; Joseph ' 
H. Chapman, Treaa,, to whom apply as above. 

Division 8, — Savings Banks. 

SaTlsgB Banks. Open daily, except Sundays and U 

holidays, at hours named. 
Ambbicah, 501 Fifth Ave. 9 to 4 ; Mondaya,6 to 8 i 
Bank for Satinob, 07 Bleecker St. 10 to 2 : Wednefrjl 

days and Fridays, 4 to 6 f.m. 

BowERT. 130 Bowery. 10 to 3; Mondays, 10 to 7 P 
Broadway Savinqs Institution, 4 Park PI, 10 to 3 p K^J 
Citizens', 58 Bowery. 10 to 3 p.m. 
Dollar, 3771 Third Ave.. 10 to 3 ; Mondays and Wei 

nesdays, 6 to 8 P.M. 
Dry Dock, 843 Bowery. 10 to H; Mondays, B to 7 P 
BastRiver SAviBeBlNaT'N. 3 Chambers St. 10 to 3 1 
Emiorast Inoubtklal, 51 Chambers St. 10 to 4 P.i 
Excblsior, 79 West 33d St. 10 to 8, and Saturdays | 
., except Saturdays in July and August, *■ 

Franklin, 658 Eighth Ave., 

days, (J to 8 p.m. 
Okruan, 100 East 14th St. 10 t 
Grkekwich, 248 Sixth Ave. , coi 
Hablbm, 3381 Third Ave., coi 

Mondays and Saturdays, (1 to 8 P.^ 

42d St. 10 to S; Uon 

S; Mondays, 6 to 8 p.i| 

of 10th St. 10 to a 

E. 124th St. 10 to 8 j| 

Div. 9. Church and Miisiona/ry Societies. 271 

Institution fob the Savings of Merchants' Clbrks, 
20 UDion 8q. East. 10 to 3; Thursdays, 5 to 7 p.m. 

Irving Savings Institution, 96 Warren St. 10 to 3 p.m. 

Manhattan Savings Institution, 644 Broadway. 10 
to 4 ; Saturdays, 10 to 12 m. 

Metropolitan, 1 Third Ave. 10 to 3; Mondays, 5 to 7 p.m. 

New York, 81 Eighth Ave. 10 to 3 ; Mondays, 6 to 8 p.m. 

North River, 474 Eighth Ave., cor. W. 34th St. 10 to 
3; Mondays, 6 to 8 p.m. 

Penny Provident Fund (not a Bank). See page 227. 

Seamen's, 74 Wall St. 10 to 2 p.m. 

Twelfth Ward, 217 West 125th St. 9 to 3; Mondays, 
Wednesdays and Saturdays, 7 to 9 p.m. 

Union Dime, 54 West 32d St. 10 to 3; Mondays, 10 to 7. 

United States, 1048 Third Ave., cor. E. 62d St. 10 to 
4; Wednesdays and Saturdays, 7 to 9 p.m. 

West Side, 56 Sixth Ave. 9 to 3; Mondays and Satur- 
days, 6 to 8 P.M. 

Division 9. — Church, Missionary ^ Publication and Tract 


African Methodist Episcopal Church, Parent 
Home and Foreign Missionary Society, 61 Bible House. 
Revs. B. T. Tanner, D.D., Pres.; Wm. B. Derrick, d.d., 
Sec'y; T. E. Franklin, Agent. 

American and Foreign Bible Society, Times Build- 
ing, 41 Park Row. Rev. Wm. Robinson, Pres.; Rev. G. 
W. Samson, d.d.. Cor. SecV, 415 West 156th St.; S. P. 
White, Treas., 128 West 22d St. 

American and Foreign Christian Union (org. 1849, 
incorp. 1862). For the evangelization of France and the 
maintenance of the American Church, 21 Rue de Berri, 
Paris. . Rev. Wm. M. Taylor, d.d., Pres., 5 West 35th St.; 
Rev. L. T. Chamberlain, d.d., Treas. and Cor. Sec'y, 1624 
Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. ; Rev. Josiah Strong, d.d., 
117 Bible House, Rec. Sec*y, to whom all communications 
should be addressed. 


Charek, Mittiimary, 

Americaa Baptist Home MEssion Societr (ore. 1833, 
incorp. 1843), Temple Court, G Beekman 8t. For ftie pro- 
motion of the preaching of the Gospel in, and the evangeli- 
zation of, North America, Hiis a beneTolenl fund which 
is loaned to poor parishes to help build suitable meeting 
houses. Maintains 25 schools fur colored people and In- 
dians. Employs 833 missionaries, teachers etc. Sup- 
ported by voluntary contributions, legacies eic. Last 
year's receipts. |^9.41-'i ; expenditures, $393,170; per- 
manent funds and endowments, |464,906. Samuel Col- 
gate, PreB.; Rev. H. L. Morehouse, d,d., Sec'y; J- G. 
Snelling, Treaa. 

American Banttst Hiasiouaff Dnioa (1614), Titnea 
Building, 41 Park liow. A Home and PoreK'H MiMfonary 
Society. G. W. Nonhrup, Prea.; Rev. J. N. Murdock, 
D.D.. Sec'y; Rev. A. H, Budlngbam, d.d.. District Sec'j; 
E. P. Coleman, Treas. 

American Baptist Publication Society (org. 1824, in- 
corp. 1846). Times Building, 41 Park llow. Branch of [he 
parent Society in Philadelphia. To promote evangelical 
religion by Issuing religious publicalionH and giving grants 
of books etc. Samud A. Crozer. Pres.; Rev. James B. 
Simmons, d.d., District Sec'y, 128 East aSth 9t.: Charles 
H. Banes, Treas.; Thomas H. Jones, Manager New York 

American Bible Society(org. 1816, incorp. 1841). Bible 
House. To encourage a wider circulation of the Holy 
Scriptures" without nole or comment," and in English 
those of the commonly received version. Issuesonly Bibles 
and portions of the Bible, and supplies them by sale at cost 
and by gift. Unsectarian. Supported by receipts for 
books, donations, legacies, interest, rentals etc. Lost yeni'a 
receipts, (312,388; expenditures, $587,023; invested and 
permanent funds, J405,373. 1,497,837 copies of the Scrip- 
tures Issued. Enoch L, Pancher, ll.d.. Pres.; Rev. Alex. 
, McLean, d.d,, Rev. Edw, W. Oilman, d.d., and Rev. Al- 
berts. Hunt, D.D. , Secretaries ; Wm. Foiilke, Treas.; Caleb 
T. Rowe, Gen'l Agent, Has as Auxiliaries In this city tl 
following : 

New Toek Bible Society (see in this Division, p. 281 

DIV. d. Puhtication and Tract Societies. 27B 

New roRK Female Auxiliary Bible Society (which 
see in this Division, page 282). 

American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Mis- 
sions (org. 1810, incorp. 1812) (Headquarters, Boston, 
Mass.), N. Y. office, 121 Bible House. The Board does the 
foreign missionary work for the Congregational Churches 
of the United States. Supported by voluntary contribu- 
tions of the various churches and legacies. Last year's re- 
ceipts, $762,585; expenditures, $764,434. Rev. Richard 
S. Storrs, d.d., ll.d., Pres.; Rev. C. H. Daniels, Dis- 
trict Sec'y, 121 Bible House; Langdon S. Ward, Treas., 
1 Somerset St., Boston. 

American Church Bailding Fund Commission (in- 
corp. 1880), 26 Bible House. Has a Fund of over $2,000,- 
000, the income of which is used in building church edifices, 
rectories and chapels anywhere in the United States or Ter- 
ritories for the use of the Prot. Epis. Church. Rev. Charles 
H, Malcom, d.d.. Cor. Sec'y ; George Bliss, Treas. 

American Church Missionary Society (incorp. 1861), 
Room 34, Clinton Hall, opposite the Bible House. Is aux- 
iliary to the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society 
OF THE Prot. Epis. Church etc. Sends out evangelical 
missionaries in this country, and has entire charge of church 
missions in Brazil and Cuba and foreign countries. Sup- 
ported by membership dues and voluntary contributions. 
John W. Andrews, ll.d., Pres.; Rev. Wm, A. Newbold, 
Gten'l Sec'y; Rev. H. Dyer, d.d.. Cor. Sec'y; Henry A. 
Oakley, Treas. 

American Congregational Union (incorp. 1858), 59 
Bible House. Aids in building churches and parsonages 
for Congregational Churches. Supported by individual 
and church contributions. Last year's receipts, $155,580. 
Rev. W. M. Taylor, d d., Pres.; Rev. L. H. Cobb, d.d.. 
Cor. Sec'y ; H. O. Pinneo, Treas. 

American Home Missionary Society (org. 1826, incorp. 
1871), 34 Bible House. To assist congregations that are 
unable to support the Gospel ministry, and to send the 
€k>8pel and the means of Christian education to the destitute 
within the U. S. 1,902 missionaries employed and 212 

mt ChunA, Miaionary, CLiBBt., ^ 

chuniies oTganitied in 1690. Sapporteil 1>y voluntary con- 
iributions and legndes. Last year'e receipts, (635,180^ ex- 
[lenditures. ^71.297; permaceDt fund. $36,744. Rev. 
Julius H. 8eelye, D,o.,Prcs-; Kevs- J. B.Clark, D.D.,Win, 
Kincaid. d.d., and Washinglon Clioate. Secretaries: Bbt, 
A. H. Clapp, D.D., Tress. 

Americftn Missioiurj AssoeiKtlon {org. 1848. iucorp. 
186S). Bible House. The field direeitg reacLed by the As- 
•odatiuD is ia Uic United States: in the South, among the 
Ne^gToes and Whites, especially in the mountains; in the 
West, among the Indians; and in the Pacific States, among 
the Cbinefc. ladirtcUy, through its pupils, it reaches 
Africa, China, Cubs, Honduras and Mexico. Receiptslast 

Sit, 1443,736. Rev. Wm. M. Taylor, n.D.. u-.d., Prea.; 
vs. M. E. Strieby, d.d-, A. F. Beard, d-d., P. P. Wood- 
bury, D.D.. Cor. Secretaries; H. W. Hubbard, Treas. 

AmeriMU Sabbath Union (see Class X., Div. ^). 

Ameriean Sandar-School Colon (org. 1824, iocoip, 
184S)- (Head quarters, Philadelphia.) Branch of [he parent 
aoci«y, a and 10 Bible House. To concentrate the efforts 
of Satmalh school societies and workers in all parts of this 
oountry: to send rois-sionaries to establish a Sunday-school 
tn ©Tory destituw neighborhood, and to publish and clrcn- 
tMs a pure religious literature. Nationally inter.denonii- 
mtunil in ilsBoardof SeManagers. The Missionary Dept. 
lijwili \,^S(S new Sunday-schools organized, S,068 schools 
ijutA aD<i 5,069 Assisted a second time during last year. 
Bttpporteil by church, Sunday-school and private contribu- 
Dmu. Itecoipls. f 1(K),000; expeudiiures, «112.000, includ- 
ing pray (oils year's surplus; permanent fund. J165,00O. L. 
Slnion Manh, District Sec'y, to whom apply as above. 

Aw«rlM« Swedenboiv Printing and Pablishlng 

itttrlolf llncorp. 1^0), 30 Cooper Union. For the publish- 
ing auil eiivulating of the theological works and wrilings 
i<( tiuiHUUvl Swcdenborg for c^ritable and missionary 
punHwiui, Supt>orled by sales of books and voluntary 
t\Wtribull<uia. Ijist year's receipts, |8,193; eipendituresi J 
«ia.1IWi IuvmUiI fund, f53,O0O. J. K. Smyth. Prea-W 
Knutclt I' Worcester, Sec'y; Mordaunt Bodine, Treas. 

Div. 9. Publication and Tract Societies, 275 

American Tract Society (org. 1825, incorp. 1841), 150 
Nassau St. To promote the interests of vital godliness and 
sound morality by the circulation of religious books, peri- 
odicals and tracts calculated to receive the approbation of 
all Evangelical Christians. Supports colportage and makes 
grants of publications in various languages to the army 
and navy, to seamen, to vessels for foreign ports, to for- 
eign missions, to literary and Christian societies, to humane 
and reformatory institutions and mission Sabbath- schools. 
Prints the truths of the Gospel in 150 different languages 
and dialects. Of distinct publications 7,599 have been is- 
sued at home and 4,593 abroad. A million and a half 
copies of tracts and half a million copies of ** Pilgrim's 
Progress " have been circulated. The Society is Missionary 
in both its business and benevolent departments. The 
former is supported by its sales and special gifts to its pub- 
lishing fund; the latter chiefly by donations and legacies. 
Last year's receipts, $322,269; 'expenditures, $322,971. 
Hon. William Strong, Washington, D. C. , Pres. ; Rev. Wm. 
W. Rand, d.d., and Rev. G. L. Shearer, d.d., Secretaries 
of Business Dept.; Rev. J. M. Stevenson, d.d., and Rev. 
Wm. A. Rice, d.d., Secretaries of Benevolent Dept.; Louis 
Tag, Assistant Treas. 

Baptist Sunday-Scliool Union, S. H. Burr, Pres., 
262 Lenox Ave.; C. ?. Myers, Sec'y, 239 East 12th St.; 
W. E. Bloodgood, Treas., 251 West 92d St. 

Board of Domestic Missions of the Reformed Gliarcli 
in America (org. 1830, incorp. 1866), 26 Reade St. To 
promote the growth of said Church by aiding veeak and 
founding new churches of the denomination in the U. S. 
Has two departments, viz.: Missionary Dept. and the 
Church Building Fund. Controlled by the General Synod. 
Supported by church and voluntary contributions. Last 
year's receipts, $61,945; expenditures, $52,552. Rev. Paul 
D. Van Cleef, d.d., Pres.; Rev. C. H. Pool, Sec'y; John 
8. Bussing, Treas., 24 Pine St. Has for an auxiliary the 

Woman's Executive Committee, which raised last 
year $12,112. Mrs. W. R. Duryee, Treas., New Bruns- 
wick, N. J. 

Board of Education of the Metliodist Episcopal 


Charch. 150 Fifth kn. Foe the ud, in Uie form of loans 
without security or iaterest, of worthy students of both 
seies preparing for the minietry, or missiona, or &ny otber 
form of Christian work. About 1,000 bencGciaries last 
year. Receipts, 1:64.033; expenililures. $50,000. Rev. C. 
H. Payne, d.d., Cor. Sec'y, 150 Fifth Ave., to whom 

Board or Foreign MisBions of the Presbyterian 
Church in the U. S. A. (incorp. 1862), 53 Fifth Are. To 
promote missionury work iu foreign laudB. Uus as auiUia- 
riea several Wombs's Boabd of Foreigs AIisstonb. Sup- 
ported by voluntary contributions. Lost year's receipts, 
including legacy, $942,090; expenditures, $972,517. Rev. . 
John D, Wells, d.d., Prea ; Revs. Frank F. EUinwo^ I 
D.O.. Arthur Mitchell, d.d.. and John Gillespie, d.d., Seo- | 
retaries; William DuUes, Jr., Treas. 

Board of F«rei)fn Kisslons of the Reformed Chnrch 
in America (org. 1832, iucorp. i860}, 30 Beade St. For 
the care and maintenance abroad of missionnries of the 
Reformed Church in America. Supported by voluntary 
contributions. Last year's receipts, $116,614 : expendi- 
tures, $129,576 ; permanent fund, $102,500. Rev. T. W. , 
Chambers, d.d., Pres.; Rev. H. N. Cobb, d.d., Cor. Sec'j; 
Rev. John M. Ferris, D.D, , Treas, 

Board of Fubllcntlon of the Reformed Chnnli In 
America (org. 1854, incorp. 1856), 33-26 Reade St. The 
Board publishes Cliurch and Sunday-sclioo! literature tor 
distribution to poor churches, Sunday-schools, misatons, 
miSHiooarles and seminartcs. Supported by sales and cod* 
tribulious from churches. Last year's receipts, $23,665; 
expenditures. $22,607. Rev. H. C. Berg, Pres.; Isaac D. J 
Demarest, Bec'y ; Henry Van Buatirk, Treaa.; Richard 1 
Briokerhoff. Publishing Agent. ] 

Board of the Chiirch Erection Fnnd of the Pregby- 
terian Clinruh in the United States of America (in- 
corp. 185S), 53 Fifth Ave. For the purpose of asslatinr 
feeble congregatioos to erect houses of worship, chapeU 
and manses ; also aids in the establishment of schools and, J 
chapela among the exceptiooal population of Mormonag.J 
Indians and Bpaniah'Speaking people of the Uoited Btat«a, I 

Div. 9. Piiblieation and Tract Societies, 877 

A condition of the benefit is the completion of the edifice 
without debt. During last year aided 173 churches to 
build houses of worship and 42 to build manses. Support- 
ed by annual contributions from churches, individual con- 
tributions, legacies and interest of permanent fund. Last 
year's receipts, $120,774; expenditures, $121,065 ; perma- 
nent fund, $153,613. Rev. Samuel D. Alexander, d.d., 
Pres.; Rev. Erskine N. White, d.d., Cor. Sec'y ; Adam 
Campbell, Treas. Application to be made on blanks fur- 
nished from office. 

Book Concern of the African Methodist Episcopal 
Zion Church (org. 1880). 353 Bleecker St., cor. of West 
10th St. Rev. A. Walters, Agent. 

Brotherhood of St. Andrew (org. 1885). Office, Room 
24, IS Astor Place. For the spread of Christ's kingdom 
among men. There are Chapters of the Society in many of 
the Prot. Epis. churches in this city, and a monthly paper, 
** St. Andrew's Cross," is the medium of correspondence 
among the various members and Chapters. John W. Wood, 
Gen'l Sec'y. 

Chinese Sunday-School Association, 14 Astor Place 
(see Class IX., Div. 2). 

Christian Alliance (org. 1887, incorp. 1890), 301 West 
37th St. For mutual fellowship and service in the fourfold 
Gospel membership in all the churches and in all the world. 
Rev. A. B. Simpson, Pres. ; Rev. W. H. Walker, Sec'y; H. 
W. Burnham, Treas. Maintains the 

Highway Mission, 446 West 36th St. , cor. Tenth Ave. 
Services every evening. J. Y. Burghard, Supt. 

Christian Alliance Pabllshlng Company, 692 Eighth 
Ave. To diffuse Christian literature and publish the 
** Christian Alliance." Rev. A. B. Simpson, Manager. 

Church German Society (incorp. 1879), 1 West 53d St. 
(Auxiliary to the Prot. Epis. Board of Missions.) To estab- 
lish and organize German Missions; also to further the pub- 
lication of books and tracts in the interest of the Society, 
and especially the authorized version of the German Prayer 
Book. Last year's receipts, $2,500, Rev, J, W. Brown, 


Church, MUnonary, 

by church and voluntary contributions. Expended lail 
jear f32l,9>'>4. Head (Quarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. Rev, 
James 8. Chadwick, d.d., Ass't Sec'y New York City, 160 
Fifth Ave.; Rev. Sanford Hunt, d.d,, Ass't Treas., 150 
Fifth Ave. 

International Missionary Alliance (org. 1887, incorp. 
1B99), 301 West 37th St. To send forth and auatain mto-l 
Biooaries in heathen lands. Yearly receipts and cxpeofi- 
turea, fSS.OOO. Rev. C. N. Kinaey, Pres.; Rev, A. Bi 
Simpson, Sec'y ; David Crear, Treas. 

Ladles' Mission of the Protestant Episcopal Charck 
to the Pablic Instltntlons at the City or New York 
(see Class IX., Div. I). 

Lntheran Charch Extension Committee of the Cltj 
of New Vorlt for the Relief of Poor Missions, Poor 
Ministers, their Widows and Orphans (incorp. 1H90), 20 
State St. To help struegUug Lutheran missions to support 
themselves, also needy Lutheran ministers and their fami- 
lies. Supported by their church collections and voluntary 
contributions. Last year's receipts and expenditures, about 
%2M. John A. Prigge, Pres., 234 "West 130th St.; Chas. 
D. Boschen, Treaa., 101 Barclay St. 

Missionary Society of the Methodist Episoopat 
Chnrch (org. 1S19, incorp. ISSlt). 150 Fifth Ave. To dif- 
fuse Christianity and education, and to promote and sup- 
port missions and missionary schools throughout the United 
States, Territories and also in foreign countries. Its regu- 
lations are prescribed by the General Conference. Sup- 
ported by the church and voluntary contributions. Last 
Siftr'a receipts, *1. 135, 371 ; expenditures, $1,184,812. Her., 
ishop Thomas Bowman, d.d., Pres.; Revs. C, C. McCab^' 
D.D., J. 0. Peck, D.D., A. B. Leonard, d.d., Cor. Secro'' 
taries; Rev. Sanford Hunt, d.d., Treas. 

New York Bible and Common Prayer Book Soctetjr J 

(org. leOB). Depository, 14 and 16 Astor Place. For the I 
gratuitous distribution of Prayer Books and Bibles to tlwa 
parishes and mission stations of the Prot. Epia. Chtirobl 


Drv. 9. Publication and Tract Societies. 281 

in this country. Life Members. Life Managers and Pat- 
rons are entitled to draw annually, in Bibles and Prayer 
Books, to the extent of 7 per cent on the several amounts 
paid by them; these privileges may only be claimed yearly. 
Upwards of 50,000 volumes distributed during past year. 
Rt. Rev. Henry C. Potter, d.d., Pres.; E. S. Gorham. 
Sec'y, 14 and 16 Astor Place ; James Pott, Agent and 
Treas. , 14 Astor Place. The Board meets quarterly at the 
Diocesan House, 29 Lafayette Place. 

New York Bible Society (org. 1823, incorp. 1866), Room 
66, Bible House. An auxiliary of the American Bible 
Society. Supplies Bibles to families and individual immi- 
grants as they arrive, to merchant vessels, public institu- 
tions, Sunday-schools, hotels and city missionary societies- 
Supported by church collections, donations, sales of books 
etc. Total distribution during past year, 79,312. Receipts. 
$5,380; expenditures, $5,116. Henry L. Smith, Pres.; 
Wm. P. Uhler, Sec'y; George Jeremiah, Treas,, 151 Broad- 
way ; Albert C. Arnold, Office Agent, to whom apply as 

New York City Church Extension and Missionary 
Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church (incorp. 
1866), 150 Fifth Ave. Td promote Sunday-schools and 
missions in the city of New York. Maintains, wholly or in 
part, 24 churches, chapels or missions in this city. Support 
ed by voluntary contributions and church collections. Last 
years receipts, $35,622; expenditures, $36,312. Bowles Col- 
gate, Pres., 55 John St. : Thomas Crocker, Treas., 141 Cen- 
tre St.; Rev. M. D'C. Crawford, d.d.. Cor. Sec*y, 150 Fifth 

New York City Indian Association, auxiliary to the 
Woman's National Indian Association (org. 1882). To 
awaken a Christian public sentiment which shall mov##l(r 
government to the civilization of Indians within our nallilMl 
limits, and to the granting them the same protection ofUlw 
that other races enjoy among us, and to aid in educational 
and mission work for and among Indians; adopting the 
same means used by the parent society, viz., the circulation 
of literature adapted to the Association's object, circulation 
of memorials to Congress on behalf of Indians, and public 



S8S CAtitcA, 

meeting Supported bj annual dnes and donations. Mrs. 
Bdwairl Eltiolt, Prea.. 607 Lejiington Ave.; Mrs, Horace 
(hiren. Rec. Sec'y, Colernan House; Mrs. A. A. EvstaphieTe, 
Oor. Secv. 19 East 46th St.; Mrs. D. I. Reynolda, Treaa., 
US West' 54th St. 


Sew Tort Conference Woman's Home Xissionarj 
Society. Home Office, 150 Fifth Ave. Auxiliary to Iha 


Drer BriBcopAi. Cucrch: headquaiteni, Cincinnati. O. 
(org. 1830, iucorp. 1^4). To enlist and organize the ef- 
forts of Cbristian women iu behalf of the needy and desti- 
tute women and children of all sections of our country, 
without distinction of race, and to co-operate with the 
other Hocieties and agencies of the Church in educational 
and missionary work. Supported by racmberB' subscrip- 
tions and voltintary eontribuiions. Mrs. 8. M, Batdwin, 
Prea.: Miss M. Van Marter, Cor. Sec'y for N. Y. Confer- 
ence. 96 Fifth Are. Aids in maintaining the 

I)C3noK.^ST Girls' HoitE. 2T State St. (see CIabsIT.. 
DIv. I), and the 

Italli!^ Qikls' Ihdostblal Home, .lilT Etiat 117th St. 
(see Class IX., DiT. 3). 

New York Female Ansiliary Blhle Society (org. 
1818, incorp. 1877). Bible House. An auxiliary of the 
AxGRrCAfi BtBLB Society. For the employment of Bi- 
ble-woraen and the distribution of the Bible. Supported 
by church collections, donations and interest of fund. 
Last year's receipts, $36,082; expenditures. 134,593 ; per- 
manent fund, *fl7.700. Mrs. Theo. Weston. Ist Directress; 
Mi^Dr. Asbury Lowrey. Sec'y. 217 Second Ave. Main- 

BiBLB Readers ; who strive to improve the temporal 
and ipiritual condition of the poor. leaching them lo help 
themselves rather than look to others. Limited temporary 
relief given by them in emergent cases. 

New Torh Ladies' Home Hissionary Society of ti 

DiY. 9. Publication and Tract Societies, 288 

Methodist Episcopal Ghnrcli, 63 Park St. (see Class II., 
Div. 6). 

New York Protestant Episcopal Citj mission So- 
ciety (org. 1830, incorp. 1833), 38 Bleecker St. To pro- 
vide Churches in which the seats shall be free, and Mission 
houses for the poor and afflicted ; to procure suitable 
clergymen and other persons to act as missionaries; and also 
to provide all the public institutions of the city with reli- 
gious services and missionaries. This Society holds 27 
church services every Sunday and has a corps of 11 clergy- 
men for duty in public institutions and 2 for mission 
churches, a lady for prison work amongst the women and 

firls, and 12 ladies, 5 laymen, and 9 women for work in 
t. Barnabas* and the Clergy House. Also has a post- 
graduate class in practical theology for a course of one or 
two years for graduates from the General Theological 
Seminary (see Class IX., Div. 1). 

New York Sabbatli Committee, Treasurer's address, 
62 Cedar St. (see Class X., Div. 5). 

New York State Colonization Society, 19 William 
St. (see Class III., Div. 4). 

New York Sanday-School Association, 304 Fourth 
Ave. (see Class X. , Div. 4). 

Protestant Episcopal Society for the Promotion 
of Evangelical Knowledge, 2 Bible House. Rev. H. 
Dyer, d.d., Sec'y; Waldron P. Brown, Treas. 

Southern New York Baptist Association (incorp. 
1871), Times Building, 41 Park Row (known as The Bap- 
tist City Mission). Supports Sunday-schools, preach- 
ing and other missionary work. Maintains, wholly or in 
part, 20 missions, includmg Gterman, Swedish, Chinese and 
Colored. Supported by voluntary contributions. Last 
year's receipts and expenditures, $20,000. Rev. W, C. Bit- 
ting, D.D., Pres.;/Rev. Richard Hartley, Sec'y; Joseph 
Brokaw, Treas. 

Snnday-School Union of the Methodist Episcopal 
Chnrch (or^. 1840, incorp. 1852), 150 Fifth Ave. To ad- 
vance the interests and promote the cause of Sabbath- 
schools in connection with the Meth. Epis. Church in New 

Churelt, MianioTiary, 

LABS I.^^ 

York City, througbout the U. S. and elsewhere. Bishop 
Bowmftu, Prea.; Rev. J. L. Hurlbut, d.d., Cor, SeCy; 
Daniel Denhain, Treos. 

The Nen Chtirch Board of Piibllcatfon (incorp. I3S3), 
SO Cooper Union. Issues works on the Swedenborgian 
doctrines, and publishes the "New Church Messenger." 
Supported b; sales of publicul ions and 8ub9criptlans. laiat 
year's receipts, ?li,524; expenditures, $11,078: permanent 
fund. $S5,»00. Richard A. Lewis, Pres.; Francis J, Wor- 
cester, Sec'y; Mordaunt Bodine, Treas.; H. W. Gueruscj, 

Tract Snctety or the Methodist Episcopal Cbnrch 

<lncorp. 1854), 150 Fifth Ave. To diffuse the blessings of 
education, civilization and Christianity throughout the U, 
S. and elsewhere by the publication and distribution of 
tracts, cheap publications and books. Co-operates with 
the New York City Eitension and Miss, Society etc. (which 
see iu this Division) in the work of iho Battery Piirk Mis- 
sion, by furnishing tracts and such literaturo as may be 
needed. Rev. G. H. Goodsell, Agent of the Society; Rav. 
J. L. Hurlbut, P.D., Oor. Sec'y; Rev. Homer Eaton, o.b., 
IVeaa, ; Kcv. Chas. Samuelaon, Supt. of the above Mission, 
37 State St., to whom apply. 

s society composed of local societies in churches of 
every evangelical denomination la every Slate, for training 
and guiding young Christians. Each local society is called 
"Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor," and 
works in and for, and contributes to. its own church. Rev. 
F. B. Clark, Pres.; J. W. Baer, Secy; William Shaw, 
Treas. Tlie Society baa no headquwters in New York, but 
has branches In many of the leading city churches (whicb 
see). TbeStateofficers are: Rev, H. E. Farrar, d.h., Pres,, 
Albany; H. D. Jackson. Sec'y, Buffalo, N. Y.; Wm. 
Shaw, "TreBS., Boston, Mass. Address as above. 

Woman's Aaxiliary to the Board of MUHions, SI 

Bible House (see Domb8tic and FoREias HiBBioifijiY So- 
CSBTY etc. in this Division, page 378). 

Div. 9. Publication and Tract Societies, S85 

Woman's Christian Temperance Union of New York 
City, 47 Bible House (see Class X., Div. 6). 

Woman's Christian Temperance Union of the State 
of New York, 30 West 23d St. (see Class X., Div. 5). 

Woman's Execative Committee of Home Missions of 
the Presbyterian Chnrch (org. 1877), 53 Fifth Ave. Is 
auxiliary to the Board of Home Missions op the Pres- 
BYTERIA.N Church etc. FoF home missionary work for 
the women of the United States. Supported by voluntary 
contributions. Last year's receipts. $387, 942 ; expenditures, 
$337,485. Mrs. Darwin R. James, Pres.; Mrs. D. E. Finks, 
Sec'y ; Miss S. F. Lincoln, Treas. 

Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of the Metho- 
dist Episcopal Chnrch (incorp. 1884), 150 Fifth Ave. For 
the promotion of the mission work in foreign lands, and to 
teach Christianity to heathen women and children. Sup- 
ported by voluntary contributions and annual subscriptions. 
Last year's receipts and expenditures, about $220,330. Ap- 
ply to Mrs. H. B. Skidmore, Treas. for N. Y. City, 230 
West 59th St. 

Woman's Union Missionary Society of America for 
Heathen Lands (org. 1860, incorp. 1861), 67 Bible House. 
Labors for the conversion and education of heathen women 
in schools and hospitals of foreign lands ; trains native wo- 
men to labor for this object. Undenominational, and offi- 
cers unsalaried. Supported by voluntary contributions and 
legacies. Last year's receipts, $56,834 ; expenditures, 
$46,106. Mrs, Henry Johnson, Pres.; Miss S. D. Dore- 
mus. Cor. Sec'y ; Miss Elizabeth B. Stone, Ass't Treas. 

Women's Board of Foreign Missions of the Presby- 
terian Church, New York (org. 1870, incorp. 1886), 53 
Fifth Ave. Is auxiliary to the Board of Foreign Missions 
OF THE Presbyterian Church. For the promotion of 
the work of foreign missions and to teach Christianity to 
heathen women and children. Supported by voluntary 
contributiohs, legacies etc. Last year's receipts, $67,541 ; 
expenditures, $67,090. Mrs Henry N. Beers, Pres. ; Miss 
Helen C. Kingsley , Rec. Sec'y, 42 West 50th St. ; Mrs. C. 
P. Hartt, Treas. 

Mutual am"d Provident Societies. 

o embodied in Clftss IIL, 

!, jji™ no al 

„ „ , ^ „iled. They ( 

id Yteltors and others in aasistlii^ the Btrugj^lia^ poor tc 

jietlea, as a fttneral rule, jjItb do aid except lo 

mberB. unless so tzprenBly staled. They are ^veo (a 

— ^ nd others ja aasistln^ thestrugj^liQ^poor toav^ them- 

selves at all possible belps to the promotiaD of habits of thrift ; but 
the visitor should be satiBflad of the responBlbUIly of any Soetely be- 
fore recommending it. They usually require small monthly fens, 
and give aid In Hiokness, ' — '-' -*- 

F%c titUofthe oMcertoiehomapplitaiionformemberthai. 
<uide ia append^ in ecu* omre ipftere i( coMld be learned 5 

be Ohirltr OrniliiUoa Soelitr (see paxe I) promotes (lie 
I welfare of tLe poor in the dtrectloua named in the folk 
Isions. by co-operation witb the agenulea named In them. 

ION 1. — BeTieftcial Societies. 
o Churches and CoUBregatlona.) 


American Legion or Honor <in cor p. 1878). 288 West 
34l)i Ht. Furnislies indemnity aguinst sicktiess and death. 
Both seses admitted between IS and 49 jenra of age, l)j 
recommendtitioD to suluordiDiite Council. Dctilb beaefiia, 
SSOO to$5,0U0: sick benefits, |3 to fSU weekly. Subordi- 
nate lodges meet at various times aud places. Supported 
by Bssessmeats aod dues. TS3 death claims paid last year. 
Receipts, $3,SG3.491; expcnditurca, 92,800,659: permaaent 
fuud. J500.000. E. S. Brown, Supreme Commander; 
Adam Warnoek, S. Sec'y; William Shcrcr, Grand Com- 
mander; John E. Heartl, G. Sec'y. Apply from 8 to 5 

Div. 1. BerurfickU Societies, 287 

sional work, the promotion of fellowship, the establishment 
and maintenance of an annuity fund, and the provision of 
friendly and pecuniary assistance in times of sickness and 
death. '^ Supported by membership fees and assessments. 
Miss Z. E. Whittaker, Pres., Woman's Hospital; Miss S. 
E. Post, M.D., 8ec*y, 13 West 42d St. 

Artists' Aid Society of tlie City of New York, 51 

West 10th St. (see Class III., Div. 4). 

Artists' Faud Society of the City of New York (org. 
1859, incorp. 1861). An organization of prof essional artists. 
For the relief of sick and disabled members and their fami- 
lies, and the Benevolent Fund is for the needs of artists not 
members of the Society. Geo. H. Story, Pres.; G. H. 
Yewell, Sec'y, 114 West 18th St.; Lockwood de Forest, 
Treas., 7 East 10th St., to whom apply. 

Bauk Cierks' Mutaal Benefit Association (incorp. 
1869). For the benefit of disabled members, and families 
of deceased members. 1,245 members. Supported by as- 
sessments and interest of fund. Chas. H. Fancher, Pres. ; 
E. T. Cornell, Fin'l Sec*y, Bank of North America, 14 
Pine St.; Richard Morgan, Treas., New York Produce Ex- 
change Bank. 

Beneroieut and Protective Order of Elks (org. 1868, 
incorp. 1871), 115 East 14th St. A theatrical order, com- 
posed chiefly of members of the dramatic, variety and 
circus professions. Its object is to protect and aid its 
members and their families, and to accumulate a fund for 
that purpose. Subordinate lodges are under the control of 
the Grand Lodge. Supported by contributions from the 
subordinate lodges. Last year's receipts, $6,962; expendi- 
tures, $5,975. A. C, Moreland, Grand Sec'y, Grand Lodge, 
as above; John H. Girvin, Grand Treas. 

Benevolent Order of Baffaioes (Herd No. 2) (org. 1881, 
incorp. 1888). A benefit association. Meets 1st and 3d 
Wednesdays in each month at 70 East Fourth St. Albert 
Laux, C. H.; Augustus Engelhardt, S., 936 First Ave.; 
T. H. Zofflnger, Treas., 220 First Ave. 

Blind Mechanics' Benevolent and Protective Asso- 
ciation. A mutual benefit society for the class named in 


title. MeeU the 2d Tuesday of each month at 383 West 
SSthSt. at 8 P.M. Joseph J. Brookes, Pres., 529 West 40th 
St.; John Heenej, Bec'y; John Mason, 'Rec. Sec'y; Henrj 
Simons, Treas. 

C&thollc Enishts of America. A beaeBt assocktion. 
Subordinate branchiia meet at their respective council 
rooms. Rev. J. 8. Duffy, S. H. D.; Terence J. Larkios, S. 
Prea., 118 Eaat 127th St,; Peter Collins, S. Sec'y; Thos. 
Farrell, S. Treas. 

Confederate Veteran Caniji, Headtjuurters, St. James 
Hotel. To perpetuate the memories of fellow-comrades; to 
minister to the watits of needy and worthy Confederal^B 
soldiers and sailors, their widows and orphans, and for Ui^ 
cial beneflla. Dr. J. H. Parker, Commander; W. W. Tafl 
leure. Officer of the Day. 

District Grand Lodge No. I of the Order of Kesbe^ 
Shel-Barzel (org. 1860), 18 St. Murk's Place. A Hebr« 
benevolent organization. Moses Green baum, Pres.; 
Roaentha), Sec'y; Samuel Loewensteio, Treaa. 

Dry Qoods Mntnal Benefit AssociatioD, 115 Wot 
St. A benefit association. A. Judaon Stoue, Pres.; Jam 
P. Wardhaugh, Seo"j, 115 Worth St.; Benjamin P. Crom 
well, Treas. 

East Side Men's Clnb (org. 1S9!), Bast Side House, ~ 
foot of East 7eth St. For social amusement and mutual 
boaeflts and improvement. Has a library and reading- 
room. And also a Boys' Club connected witii it. whicli 
meets Tuesday and Friday evenings (see also EabtSuj 
House, ClassX., Dir. 5). Everett P. Wheeler, Pres : 
Dofibele, Sec'y; Walter F. Brush, Treas.; Jacob Moo 
Sergeant at- Arms. * 

Empire Order of Hntunl Aid, 300 Mulberry G 
benefit association. Amos C. Rich, G. Pres.; Washingt 
Stullin, Grand Sec'y; John M. Steele, G. Treas, 

Exempt Firemen's Benevolent Fund of the (. 
New Yort (incorp. 1708). For the benefit of sick and'd 
abled firemen and their widows. Treasurer's address, 1 
Canal St. Payments on the last days of January, Apl 

DtV. 1. Benffpddl Sodetteg. 289 

July and October. Thomas F. Riley, Pres. ; Jas* Y. Wat- 
kins, Sec'y; Louis J. Belloni, Jr. , Treas. 

Fishermen's Mutual Benefit Association* George 
H. Case, Pres. ; E. Longbotham, Sec'y, 2 Fulton Fish 
Market ; Hiram Burnet, Treas. 

General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen of the 
City of New York (org. 1785, incorp. 1792), 18 E. 16th 
St. Assists its sick and disabled members and cares for 
their destitute widows and orphans. Supported by rentals, 
city library donation, interest on investments, fees etc. 54 
pensioners last year. Receipts, $46,387, of which $6,708 
were from public funds ; expenditures, $43,407 ; invested 
funds, $28,275. Oliver Barratt, Pres.; Stephen M. Wright, 
Sec*y ; R. T. Davies, Treas. Maintains the following in 
the Mechanics' Hall, 18 E. 16th St. : 

Apprentices' Libraby (1820) ; circulating library, free 
to all upon guarantee of a responsible person that books 
will be returned. 78,023 volumes. Open daily from 8 a.m. 

to 9 P.M. 

Dk Milt Library (1846), 8,874 volumes. 

Free Evening Classes (1886), for female students, in 
phonography and stenography. 60 pupils last year. 

Free Evening Drawing-Schools (1858), for male stu- 
dents; attendance limited to 250 students. 

Free Lectures (1833). 

Public Reading-Room (1856), with a special library of 
reference, containing over 6,000 volumes. 

Slade Architectural Library, containing books of 
reference on architecture and construction of buildings. 

German Masonic Mutual Belief Association of the 
City of New York (org. 1878), 64 Ann St. For the relief 
of families of deceased members. Last year*s receipts, 
$2,295; expenditures, $2,197. Gustav Lauter, Pres. ; Wil- 
helm Thiese, Sec'y, 804 East 85th St.; George KilUng, 

German Mutual Assistance Society for Widows and 
Orphans, 25 Park Place. This Society is now in liquida- 
tion, and its funds are applied only for such widows and 



Ben^jieial Soeietia. 

orpliftDS of deceased members aa are entitled Iq the benefl 
thereof. G. W. Fuber. Pres.; E. Sleiger. Sec'y. 

OermanOdd-Fellows'HomeABSociationof theStite* 
of New York (iacorp. 188(i), 87 Second Ave. A. beoefitond 
Home ABsociation. Laat year's receipts, $81,100: expendi- 
tures, $3,479. Hugo H. HoeoiLCk, Prea.; Frank Mucli- 
auer, Sec'y; Clias. Kiehl, Treas. Maintains tUe 

Gerham Olid-Fellows' Home, Unionport, Van Neat 
Station, Weatcheater Co. For tiie aged and infirm mem- 
bers, their widows and families. 80 iuinales last year C. 
Hogrefe, Supt. Address all commuuicalions lo the Sec'y, 
87 Second Ave, An Orpkanaoe is being built in cob " 
tion with the Home at Unionport. to be ready for o 
paucy early in 1893. 

Ureek Benevolent and Patriotic Society, 
Athenla (org. 1891), 7ii Pearl St. To aid Greek i . _ 

f'anls wlio come to this country, and for inutvial benefit 
. Coundouria, Prea.; N. Catechakis, Trcaa.; A. C. Evan 
gelides, Sec'y, 73 Pearl St., to wLom apply. 

Inilepoadent Order B'uai B'rith, or Sons of t 

Corenant, District Qrand Lod^u No. 1 (org. m48, incotp^l 
1878),_ 953 Third Ave., cor. 57t!i St. AHebrcw benevolent 
orKantKation which bestows benellt in case of sicknesa, re- 
lief in distress and endowment of fl.t'OC ■» case of death. 
The District is controlled by a Gicneral Committee. Sup- 

Grted by annual dues and assesBmente. 27.000 members. 
ist year's receipts, $11K>,OOD ; expenditures, $173,000 : en- 
dowment reserve fund, $374,000. Isaac Roanosi^, Prea., 
291 Broadway ; 8. Hambareer. Sec'y, 5Tth Bt. and Third 
Ave.; Solomon Sulzberger, Treaa., 26 John St. Haint^ns 
the following : 

HouE FOB. THE AoED AND Infibu, ot Yookcrs ; for aged 
and infirm membera, their wives or widows, who are unable 
to gain a livelihood ; contains 60 inmates. Moses S. Hyman, 
Pres,; S. Hamburger, Sec'y. 

Maiuonidbb Lchrabv (18511, 908 Third Ave. (which si 
Claaa X., Div. S). 

1)IV. 1. ieneficidi Societies, 261 

Indepeudent Order Free Sons of Israel (org. 1849), 27 
Second Ave. A Hebrew benevolent organization which 
pays an endowment benefit of $1,000 at the death of its 
members. Has sick and relief benefits and provides burial 
plot at death. Isaac Hamburger, Grand Master ; Herman 
J. Goldsmith, G. Sec'y ; David Keller, G. Treas. 

Independent Order of Odd- Fellows. A secret benevo- 
lent order. Numerous subordinate lodges meet at various 
times at their respective lodge-rooms. W. R. Spooner, 
Grand Master ; James Terwilliger, G. Sec'y, 853 Broadway ; 
Sidney L. Rowland, Treas. 

Insurance Clerks' Mutaal Benefit Association of the 
City of New York (incorp. 1872), Room 7, 156 Broadway. 
Geo B. Rhoads, Pres.; Chas. F. Allen, Cor. Sec*y; Brad- 
ford Darrach, Treas. 

Italian-iAmerican Progressive Club (incorp. 1890), 246 
Elizabeth St. For the mutual aid, instruction and improve- 
ment of its members and worthy and needy Italians gene- 
rally. Supported by members' fees. P. Acritello, Sec'y. 

Italian Mutual Benefit Union and Fraternity (Ri- 

MEMBRANZA DEI Caduiti di Saati) (incorp. 16'87). Gari- 
baldi Hall, 64 South Washington Sq. A benefit associa- 
tion. Nicola Grilli, Pres ; Vincenzo Barbera, Fin'l Sec'y ; 
Giuseppe Triola, Treas.; E. Alfani, Rec. Sec'y. 

Jewelers' and Tradesmen's Company (incorp. ), 
48 Maiden Lane. A benefit association to provide for the 
families of deceased members. Indemnity at the lowest 
cost consistent with security. Thos. A. Young, Pres. ; E. S. 
Johnston, Jr., Sec'y ; S. W. Saxton, Treas., 51 John St. 

Knlglits of St. Patrick, 816 Broadway. Henry D. 
Purroy, Pres. ; A. T. Docherty, Sec'y ; Lawrence O'Brien, 

Leake and Watts Association of New York City (org. 
1884, incorp. 1886). To unite in fraternal fellowship all 
males who have been inmates of the Leake and Watts Or- 
phan House ; also to found and maintain a beneficiary fund 
to care for members in good standing when sickness or 
death renders it necessary, and also to provide for the 


392 Senejidal Bodetia. 

burial of Qcedj persDDB wbo have o: 
Orphan Hoqbc, wliether luembera or not. A.11 luule gradu- 
ates of 18 je&n and over eligible on paying $2 iniLiatiou 
fee and %S aunnal dues. Apply for aid to Andrew Peck, 
Pres., 136 Nassau St., or to Wm. H. Wliite, Cor. Sec'y, 183 
East I03d 8t. Rev, R, M. Hayden, Historian, 

Ltmerfcli Hen's Benevolent and Social Association 
(org. 1890). Room i, Clarendon Hall, 11« East ISlliSl, 

jleeta Ist Wednesday and 3d Suoday of eacb month. 

O'Mara, Pres.; P. J. Ryroes, Treas., 160 East Seih St.; J, 
D. Connor, Sec'y. 

Marine Socletf of the City of New York In the 
State of New York (org. and Incorp. 1770), Room 35, 51 
Wall St. For the improvement of maritime knowledge 
and the relief of indigent aud diatressed members who are 
or have been masters of vessels, or their widows or orphans. 
Supported by annual dues and voluntary contribatiooa, 
Evpended during last year SS,S0O toward the maintenance 
of 44 widows. F\iud, about $03,000. James W. Parker, 
Pres.; George A. Dearborn, Secy and Treaa., to whom 
apply at above address. 

Mariners' Mutual Benefit Association, SS State 
Martin Hubbe, Pres.; Bafus S. King, Sec'y. 

Masonic Board of Relief of tlie City of New Y< 
(org. and incorp. 1880}, Masonic Temple, SiJtth Ave. i 
33d St. Aids diatressed members and the widows and or- 
pbans of deceased members. Supported by voluntary cod- 
tributiotts from about 35 per cent of city lodgea. Lust 

J ear's receipts, $3,100: expenditures, fl,700. " 
ours, 8 P.M. on Tuesdays and Saturdays. J. R. 
Pres.; Wm, R. Denham, Treas.; Wni. Delamater, 
800 Mulberry St. The Board is erecting a 
Masonic Abslcm and School etc. (see Class V., I 

Mercantile Benefit Association of the City of Nd 
York (iocorp. 1877. re-incorp, 1883). 319 Broadway. J(- 
W. Congdon, Pres.; Ira W. Steward, Sec'y and Treas. 

Millinery Mutual Benefit Association of the ( . 
of New York. Charles W. Parmer, Sec'y and Treas., , 
O. Bos 1183. 


DiY. 1. Beneficial Societies. 298 

Musical Matnal Protectire Union (incorp. 1864), 62 
East Fourth St. Alexander Bremer, Pres.; John Hunt, 
Sec'y; Charles Hilbrecht, Treas. 

National Benefit Society (incorp. 1881), 187 Broadway, 
A benefit association. Lucius O. Robertson, Pres.; Wm. 
Abbott, Sec'y; Fred'k O. Levy, m.d., Treas. 

New England Society in the (Uty of New Yorlt (org. 
1805, incorp. 1833). Secretary's address, 76 Wall St. To 
commemorate the landing of the Pilgrim Fathers on Ply- 
mouth Rock; to promote friendship, charity and mutual 
assistance, and for literary purposes. The widow or child 
of a member, if in need, is len titled to five times as much as 
he may have paid to the Society. Paid to them last year 
$1,885. Supported by dues from members and income of 
fund. Receipts, $7,180 ; expenditures, $3,479; permanent 
fund, $80,000. Daniel G. Rollins, Pres.; Wm. Dowd, 
Treas.; L. P. Hubbard, Sec'y, to whom apply from 11 to 
2 P.M. at 76 Wall St. 

New York Pliysicians' Mntual Aid Association (in- 
corp. 1868, re-incorp. 1888). To afford pecuniary aid to 
such persons as its deceased members shall have designated 
in their application for membership or by will; or, in the 
absence of such designation, to the legal heirs of its de- 
ceased members. Assistance rendered to members in case 
of urgent need, and also to widows and young children of 
deceased members. Daniel Lewis, m.d., Pres.; James E. 
Nichols, M.D., Sec'y, 456 Lexington Ave. ; Robert Campbell, 
M.D., Treas., 2194 Seventh Ave. 

New York Post-Offlce Mntnal Benefit Association, 

P. O. Building. For the benefit of widows and orphans of 
letter-carriers and other members of the Post- Office service 
in New York City. Meets second Monday of each month. 
James Mandeville, Pres.; Alonzo Stivers, Sec'y; George 
W. Beavers, Treas. 

New York Prodnce Exchange Gratuity Fnnd, Pro- 
duce Exchange. A benefit association. William E. Clark, 
Chairman ; C. B. Lockwood, Sec'y; Ed. C. Rice, Treas. 

New York Southern Society (org. 1886), 18 West 25th 
St^ To promote friendly relations between Southern men 

304 Btiufieial Su«Utie«. 

residing or temporarily sojourning in New York City; to 
cherish and perpL'tuaie iLe memories and tradiiioos uf llie 
Soulliern people, unci to eirtend sympathy and a helping 
hand lo deserving citses of niisfortuno or distress among 

.._ „^2|j jj Garden, Pr 

I, Treas. 

Now York Tel^raphers' Aid Society (org, 1880). 105 
Bniadway. A benefit and relief association; also gives 
relief in cases of sickness and distress to Telographera, 
wlielher members or not. Edward F. Cummlngs, Pres.; 
William J. Quinn, Sec'y; Frederick W, Baldwin, Treas. 

New York Tarn-Terein {org. 1850, iocorp. 1851), 86 
and G8 East Fourtli St. A German organization for physi- 
cal and mentiil education. Has a library and reading-room 
Htid helps its members in distress. Supported by initintioii 
tees and dues. Meets every Saturday. Alfred Kirachner, 
Pres.; C. A. Lang, Cor. See'y; R, A. Junker, Treas. 

New York Typograpliioal Society (org, 1809. incorp. 
IflIT). A mutual benefit association. Meets 1st Wednesday 
of each month at TypotUotK Ctiambors, 19 Park Place. J. 
H, Breslin. Prea. ; John McKinley, Jr., 8ec"y; Edward 
Meagher, Treas. 

Norweglau BenerolBut Society (org. 1871. incorp. 
1873). I(t0 Third Ave. A mutual beaedt association. Meets 
Sd Monday of each month A. £. Bjukman, Pres.; H, 
Narvesen. Sec'y; Ole Andersen, Treaa. 

Odd-FellowB' Funeral BeneKt Association, 744 Broad- 
way. Wm. H. Hatherly, Pres.; John H, Schumacher. 
Sec'y; E. H. Van Doom, Treas, 

Order of Cliasen Friends (org. 1879). Provides for its 
members homes and aid in sickness, disability and old age, 
and insuninco to the family at deatli. Supported by mem- 
bera' fees, assessments etc Apply to its Information 
Bureau, 14S West ia5tli 8t , from 9 a m. lo 10 p.I*. 

Order United American Mocliauios (org. 184.5KSlaic 
Council chartered 1870). Au American beneficial orgaoi- 
xation composed of mectianics and business roeu; nilinils 
none lo memliership except those who are native bora, 

Div. 1. Beneficial Societies. ^5 

Assists members in obtaining employment. Has a sick and 
funeral fund, and a fund for the relief of widows and or- 
phans of deceased members. Initiation fee $5 and upwards. 
State Councils controlled by National Council. Apply to 
G. H. Burton, 85 Warren St., State Council Secretary. 
Maintains a 

Life Insurance Department; pays to the families or 
assigns of a deceased member a certain specified sum of 
money; amount paid in case of death is $1,000. 

Oystermen's Benevolent Society (incorp. 1881), 322 
Eighth Ave. A benefit association. Richard J. Couch, 
Pres. ; James J. Dwyer, Sec'y; F.. Poesche, Treas. 

Polish Benevolent Society, 161 East 25th St. A bene- 
fit association for Poles. E. Jermanowski, Pres.; I. Paw- 
lowski, Sec'y. Maintains a 

Library for the use of that people in New York and 
vicinity; open Monday and Thursday evenings. Louis W. 
Beald, Ass't Librarian. 

Prndential Leagne, 15 Astor Place. A benefit associa- 
tion. Gustav Berg, Pres. ; George Guenther, Sec'y ; Isaac 
J. Cahen, Treas. 

Royal Arcanum (incorp. 1877). A provident society 
for white men of sound health, moral character and socially 
acceptable, from 21 to 55 years of age. There are 29 Coun- 
cils in New York City, which meet at their respective 
council-rooms semi-monthly. Provision is made for sick 
and destitute members by the Councils to which they re- 
spectively belong. For further information address Wm. 
Delamater, Sec'y of Alma Council, 300 Mulberry St. 

Royal Oak Benefit Leagne (incorp. 1888). Helps its 
members during life, by sick and disability benefits, and by 
a sum not exceSiing $1,000 after seven years' membership. 
Supported by voluntary donations, assessments and fees. 
Adam Gourley, Supreme Commander, Bible House ; J. C. 
Hurley, S. Sec'y, Bible House ; Thomas Armstrong, S. 
Treas., 332 East 86th St. 

St. Nicholas Society of the City of New York (org. 
^835, iacorp. 1841). Assists indigent or reduced n^embers^ 

' SM 

B&nefiei/U SueUtiet, 



or their widows aud children. Frederick J. de Fejaet. 
Free.. 7Ea«t42dSt.: Chas. A. Scheimerborn, Trea&, Itn 
Broadway; George O. De Witt, Sec'j-. 70 East 55lh S4. 

SllTersmithtt* BeneTotent Society of New Tark (in- 
corp. 1880), a2 East Fourth St. Meets the 1st and 3d Toee- 
dajTBOf each month. George Dttulnr. Sec'y, Tiffany St., iwar 
the Sound. 

Social Relief Bene Tolent Societr (5th Dividoo). A 
benefit assofiatiOD. Meets 1st and 3d Tuesdays in eadi 
mooth at 10 Stooton St. Witliiun Bructcmann, Pres. ; Otto 
Schaefer, Sec'y; F. A. Muller, Treas,, 1113 St. Hark'b 

SocieU Tlclnese ii Kntno Soceorao, oT West 2Sch J 
Bt. A beoefit association. U. Nessi, Pres.; Antbonj I 
Fomi, Sec'j; John Ottini, Treas. I 

Society for Aeed Hen (org. 1890), IS5I Second Ave. ' 
A Hebrew benevdent society for men between 45 and 70 
yean, debarred by age from other benevolent orders. Has 
sick beneQla, free burial and a private synagogue. H. 
Dannenberg, Pres., ISG East 85th St.; B. Qreenberg, Sec'y, 
230 East 80tb St. 

Society of the Friendly Sons of St Patrick (org. 
1784, incorp. 1837). David McClure, Pres.; Henry Mc- 
CloBkey, Bec'y, 100 Broadway; Eugene Kelly, Treas., 45 
Ezcbange Place, to whom apply. 

Sons of the Revolntioti (incorp. 18M). To cherish and 
encouraf;e the patriotic spirit of the men who achieved ' 
American Independence ; to perpetuate their deeds and 
principles ; to collect and secure for preservation records 
and other documents relating r« tlie Warof the Revolution; 
to promote social intercourse and the feeling of fellowship 
among its members, and to form funds to assist the unfor- 
tunate. Frederick B. Tallmadge, Pres., 165 Broadway; 
James M.Montgoniery,8ec'y,33Wetit 44th St.; Arthur M. i 
Hatch, Treas.. 14 Nassau Bt. 

Sonthern Beneflclal Leagne (org. 1888). 900 West a2d 1 
I 8t. To perpetuate love and patriotism for the land of their r 
I litrtb; to provide for the sick, distressed and indict I 

Div. 1. Beneficial Societies, 297 

brethren; to bury them when deceased, and for mutual ben- 
efits and interests. Thos. C. Jarrott, Pres., 115 West 32d 
St.; Walter A. Boyd, Sec'y, 159 West 20th St.; G. W. 
Lattimore, Treas., 211 West 60th St. 

Swedish-Norwegian Aid Society, 158 Third Ave. 
Meets 1st and 3d Tuesday evenings of each month. A. P. 
Johnson, Pres., 149 East 19th St.; C. J. Hedberg, Sec'y; 
Hakan Johansen, Treas., 1 Chambers St. 

Teachers' Mutual Benefit Association of the City 
of New York (org. 1885, incorp. 1887). To provide annu- 
ities for disabled teachers and for those whose age renders 
them \mfit for duty in the New York public schools. 
Meetings are held monthly in the College of the City of 
New York, 23d St. and Lexington Ave. Supported by 
annual dues, donations, legacies etc. Jacob T. Boyle, 
Pres.; Abner A. HoUey, Rec. Sec'y; Alanson Palmer, Fin'l 
Sec*y, Gram. School No. 15; Samuel Ayres, Treas., Gram. 
School No. 58. 

Teachers' Mutual Life Assurance Association of the 
City of New York (org. 1869), Gram. School No. 79, 42 
First St. Teachers must have been three years in the em- 
ploy of the Board of Education. Henry C. Martin, Pres.; 
Henry C. Litchfield, Fin'l Sec'y, 42 First St.; Josiah H. 
Zabriskie, Treas. 

Telegraphers' Mutual Benefit Association (org. 1867, 
incorp. 1885), 195 Broadway. James Merihew, Pres.; 
Thos. E. Fleming, Sec'y; G. W. E. Atkins, Treas. 

The Snpreme Conncil Catholic Benevolent Legion 

(incorp. 1881). New York State Council (org. 1883), 
280 Broadway. To unite fraternally, for social, benevolent 
and intellectual improvement, only male Roman Catholics, 
personally acceptabl^e, of sound bodily health, between the 
ages of 18 and 55 years at the time of admission; to afford 
moral and material aid to its members and their dependants 
by establishing a benefit fund for the relief of its sick, dis- 
dressed or disabled members and for the families of de- 
ceased members. Bernard J. York, Pres. ; Victor J. Dow- 
ling, Sec'y, 280 Broadway; Edward J. Stapleton, Treas. 

7r§in Men's Belief Association of the Eastern PI- 

398 BeneJIaial Socieiw. clabb 

vfstou of Hauhattan Railwaf Tn. (oTf^. 1885), 211 I 
134tli St. To cure for the sick and disabled members and ] 
families mid to give them btirial after death. Thos. J. 
Wright. Pras., 110 East laOthHt.; Harvey R. Chnlniere, 
Pin'l Sec'y: Geo. C. Hofttnaa. Treaa., 74 E;wt ll9ih 8t. 

Trow Mutnal Beneflt Association (org. 1861, incorp. 
1886). 301 to 213 East 13th St. For the care of the sick 
and llie burial of deceased members. C. L. Hooper, Pres. ; 
Frank V. Hulse, Sec'y; Alex. Parker, Treaa. 

Traiik-Makera' Benevolent and Protective Assoeia- 
tton, 353 West il.lth St. A benefit association. Hugh 
Leavy. Pres.; Jacob W. Uenry, Sec'y; John H. Weseman, 

Unione e Fratellanza Uallann, 64 So. Washington 
Square. A benefit society. Louis Caradani, Pres ; C. ■ 
Rampone, Sec'y; Antonio Lombardi, Treas. 

United Hands Mutual Benefit Society. A provident 
society. Raphael Vaudam, Pres.; Aslier J. Simmoos, 
Sec'y; Philip B. Beujamin, Treas.. 338J Grand St. 

United States Grand Lodge of the Independent Or- 
der of the Sons of Benjamin (org. 1877, incorp. 1338). A 
secret benevolent order of Hebrews. Penlinand Levy, 
Grand Master, 1107 Lexington Ave.; Adolph Silberalein, 
G. Sec'y. HI Second Ave.; Ahrahara Itosenberg, G. Treas., 
315 Second Ave. 

Teteran Firemen's Association. 131 West 14th St. 
George W. Anderson, Pres.; Walter L. Ciark, Sec'y; James 
F. Wenman. Treas. Maiataiiis a 

Pension Fdkij, for aged and disabled members (see Claw 
v.. Div, 4), 

A ST4TB Fihemen's IIomi; for Indigbst Fibkmkn is t 
about to be erected. 

Tolanteer Firemen's Association of the City of Nen 
York (org. 1B83, incnrp. ieB4), Esses Market Building, 
Grand and Ludlow Sts. Composed of those who are mem- 
heraof the Yolunteer Fire Department. Has a mutual aid 
or funeral relief fund for the benefit of Its members ; also 
renders aid lo sick or disabled members. Supported b^ 

Div. 1. Beneficial Societies, 299 

fees of members and assessments. Richard Cullen, Pres.; 
Francis H. Coyle, Fin'l Sec'y; John H. Waydell, Treas. 

Workingrmen's Club of the Church of the Holy Com- 
munion (org. 1873, incorp. 1889), 49 West 20th St. Un- 
der the auspices of the Church of the Holy Communion. 
For mutual benefit of its members and their families. Has 
sick and burial benefits, library, coal at wholesale prices 
and entertainments. Any well- recommended workingman 
is eligible. Office hours,* daily, except Sundays from 10 to 
12 M., 5 to 6 p.M , and Saturdays 7:30 to 8 p.m. Supported 
by dues, assessments etc. Last year's receipts and ex- 
penditures, about $1,837; deposited funds, $1,352. Rev. 
Henry Mottet, Pres.; Daniel R. Woollett, Fin'l Sec'y, 
166 Eighth Ave.; W. C. Burkinshaw, Treas., 143 Cham- 
bers St.; Walter L. Carr, m.d., Physician. 

Toung Men's East Side Benevolent Association (org. 
1881, incorp. 1883), 326 East 2lst St. James F. Pegnam, 
Pres.; Jacob UUmer, Fin'l Sec'y, 443 East 16th St.; J. W. 
Gallin, Treas. 


In tbe case of burid bv the citv. applicutimi 
to the Superintendent of Out-tiaor Poor. N. W. 
8t, and Third Ave. A wagoa is sent coQtainlaL 
the plaioeat sort (a cofSn-ahaped box, made of the cheajie. 
roat«Ttit1, unpainted aud uahatKi}, into which the bodf 
placed and talieD to tbe pier foot of East 26th St.. whence 
It is conveyed to Hart's Island and buried decently In the 
City Cemetery, in a numbered grave, with others. No pro- 
vision is made for conveyance of friends, uor is any allow- 
ance made toward a better coffin or hearse, in cases where 
those provided by the city are not used. 

The purchase of a grave for an adult will cost as follows: 

Calvary Cemetery ^3 00 

Cypress Hills Cemeteiy '. B M 

Evergreens " -^ "• 

Greenwood " 

Linden Hill " 

Lutheran " 

Maple Grove " 

Mount Olivet " 

*St. Michael's " 

.¥23 00 H 


» DO^H 

15 Oi^M 

13 60 

For children under 4 years, about half price is charged. f 
Tbe grave is prepared deep enough to bold three bodies, 
and the cost of the first opening Is included in tbe purchase. 
The charge for subsequent opening is, at Evergreens and 
Linden Bill, $4; at Maple Grove, Weehawken. Mount 
Olivet and Greenwood, ^H ; at Calvary, ^7 ; at St. Michael's. 
$,^ and |4 ; at Cypress Hills, $3 and |4. 

Tbe following prices, at which a respectable funeral can 
be supplied, bave been given to us by responsible under- 
lakera in various parts of tbe city, and no higher rates need 
be paid : • 

For an Adult. ForaChnd. 

Coffin ?7totl0 "" ~~ 

Carriage 5 to 7. 

Hearse S to 10 

Grave 9 to 25 

(27 to $53 111 to $18 

* Requires Frot. Epis. burial serrice. and au; other 
i Usually oot over 4 rt, S la,, out«lde meuura. 



Op thb City op New York. 

In the following pages is given, as far as practicable 
from such responses as have been received in reply to our 
appeal for information, a brief account of the charitable 
and benevolent societies connected with each Church or 
Congregation, organized for relieving or elevating in any 
way the poor and needy of this city. 

In addition to these, it should be remembered that each 
Roman Catholic Church has its Conference of St. Vincent 
de Paul, and that the Hebrew Synagogues administer relief 
through the United Hebrew Charities. Also that nearly 
every Church aud Congregation has its Communion Alms, 
Deacons* Fund, or other provision for the temporary and 
often the permanent relief of the needy who have any claim 
upon it. Information concerning these provisions may al- 
ways be had of the Pastors or oflScers of the Church. 

The objects of the following Societies, one or more of 
which have branches in most of the leading churches, will 
be found stated in full under their several Classes and Divi- 
sions : viz.. Brotherhood of St. Andrew, Epworth League, 
United Society of Christian Endeavor, see Class X., Div. 9; 
Girls' Friendly Society, see Class X., Div. 5; International 
Order of King's Daughters and Sons, see Class IX., Div. 3. 

NoTB.— The numbers prefixed to the Churches are those of the Dis- 
tricts of the CTharity Organization Society in which thev are located. 
Where no niunher is given it indicates that the Church is above the 
Harlem Biver, where the Society at present has no Districts. A 
map giving the boundaries of these Districts will be found in the 
preface or this volume. 



4. Abjssinian (Colored), 186 Wdverley Pliice. Bev. RoM. 1 

D. "Wynn, 263 West 16lh St. ■ 

Alexander Atc, or Nortli Kow York, Aleiander Ave,, I 

cor. of EoBt Hist St. Rev. R. Mursball Harrison, i 

T2t East 141st St. 

iNDVSTRtAL School; for girls, Saturday, 3 to 4 p.ii 
Medical Dibfensary at the Cliapel, open HonilBfiifl 

Wednesdaya and Fridays, 3 to 4 p.m. 
SociBTi OP Christian EnIjeavok. 
Young Mbb'b Association, Friday uiglit. 

Ascension, 537 East 160th St., aear Morris Ave. Rer. \ 

J. Ferris Patton, at llie church. 
Society of Christian Endeavor. 

10. Carmel, East 121st St. tiuil Tbini Ave. Rev. Johu B.I 

Raymond, 104 East 123d St. 
SociETT OP Ohbktian Endeavor. 
6. Central, 320 West 43d St. Rev. Walter M 

200 West 45Eh St. 
" QoLDBN Links"; a Circle of King's Daughters fal 

charitable work. 
Ladies' Aid Society; provides money, foodaud cloth 

to tlie needy. 
Ladies' Home and Foreign Mission Sucietiks. 
Mission Band; teaches children to sew etc. 
Yodng PBorLK'H Ahsociation; conducts Fridoye 


baptist Ckurchea, S03 


0. Central Park, 235 East 83d St. Rev. Chas. C. Norton, 

Ladies' Aid Society. 

Woman's Missionary Circle. 

2. Chapel of Hope Chnrcb, 79 Varick St. 

6. Chinese Mission Sunday-School of Twenty-third 
St. Church. Mrs. MaryE. Vanderpoel, Supt.. 36 
East 21st St. ; and Ing Sain Lee, Missionary, cor. Fourth 
Ave. and 29th St, 

9. Church of the Epiphany, 64th St. and Madison Ave. 

Pastor, Rev. Donald D. MacLaurin, 55 East 64th St. 

Dorcas Society; meets from November to May. Clothes 
poor women well-known to the church, and sends 
clothing to destitute missionaries out West. 

Ladies' Benevolent Society; every Monday, 10 to 12 
M., at the chapel. Assists poor families in the church 
and carries on the Epiphany Baptist Mission (which 
see below). 

Society of Christian Endeavor. 

10. Church of the Redeemer, West 131st St. , near Seventh 
Ave. Rev. W. Warren Giles, 168 West 126th St. 

Society of Christian Endeavor. 

5. Colgate Chapel of Tabernacle Church, 332 East 20th 
St. Rev. E. H. Sherwin, 164 Second Ave. 

3. East, 323 Madison St. Rev. John T. Craig, cor, Gou- 

vemeur and Madison Sts. 

e. Ebenezer, 154 West 36th St. 

S. Emmanuel, 47 Suffolk St., near Grand. Rev. Samuel 
Alman, 827 Division Ave., Brooklyn, E. D. 

Deacons' Committee; aids poor members of the church . 

Ladies' Aid Society; works among the children of the 
Sunday-school and for poor of the congregation, and 
has a Sewing-School. 

Sesptitl Ohurehtt. 

n charge. 

6. Pifth Arenne, 6 Wesi 4eUi St. Rev. William H. P. 
Faunce. 2 West 46th St. 

LiDiEs' SociETr; embracingSdiHtinctDepartmenta. The 
Besevolbst. for mioisteriDg to the poor of the con- 
gregalioni the Hojm Mission, for aiding miBBions in 
the South and West; und the Foreign MiaeroN, for 
work in other lands. 

WiixrKO CiKCLE OF KiNs's DAuanTERS; for spedal 
ch&ri table nork. 

YooNO Pbople's AasociATios; for teligioua and philan- 
thropic work. 

I. First, 81st St., het. West End Ave. aud Boulevard (for- 
merljat Eaat 39lh St.. cor. Park Ave.). Rev. Isaac 
H. Hatdeman, West End Ave. and T8th St. 

S. First German, 330 East 14th St. Rev. Oeo. A. 8<dialte, 
334 East Hth St. 
L.1PIES' Benbvolent SoctBTT; assisls the sfck and 

Yonso Ladies' Dobcas Society; provides clothing for 
destitute children of Sundaj-scliool. 

10. First German of Harlem, 220 Ea.<<t 118th St. Bar.M 
Charles A. Daniel, S2S East 118th St. M 

Kibg's Daughters, Circle of; for cliaritable woric fl 
Mission Bahd; for girls and boys. ^ 

SBVfiNO-ScHOOLBfor girls, and Poor FcNDfor the needy. 
Women's Missionabv Societt; for home and foreign 

YoDNG People's Society of Curibtian Endeavor. 

Rev. Andrew ^^| 

Ik ^1 

Baptist Churches^ 805 


5. Geraldine Chapel of Tabernacle Charch, 644 Sixth 
St. Rev. Daniel C. Potter, d.d., 163 Second Ave. 

0. Grace, 111 East 92d St. Rev. Theodore A. K. Gessler, 
D.D., 63 East 104th St. 

Ladies' Aid Society. 

Society op Chbistian Endeavor. 

8. Hope, late Laight St., 222 West 104th St. Rev. Rich- 

ard Hartley, 202 West 103d St. 

Branch Church, 79 Varick St. 

9. Lexington Avenue, East 111th St. and Lexington Ave. 

Rev. John L. Campbell, 1852 Madison Ave. 

Deacon Craft's Missionary Society; assists weak 
churches in the South and sustains a colored student 
in a Southern college. 

King's Daughters, Circle op; help the poor and hold 
devotional meetings with the sick. 

Ladies' Aid Society; assists the poor locally and else- 

Ladies' Home and Foreign Mission Circles, which 
give money, clothing, books etc. to needy home mis- 
sion fields and money for foreign fields. 

Mission Band of young people to assist colored South- 
ern missions. 

Pastor's Aid Society; sustains a deaconess to visit the 
needy and afflicted. 

Society op Christian Endeavor, which has a branch 
for relieving the needy and sick. 

2. Macdongal St., 22 Macdougal St. Rev. 
, 22 Vandam St. 

Dunbar Sewing Society; provides clothing and some- 
times food for poor members of the congregation and 

Female Missionary, who distributes money, coal, food 
and clothing to the children of the Sabbath-school. 

Missionary, sustained by the Baptist City Mission of 

_ \ 


Saptiit ChureJui. 


New York, who visitfl from house to house and givij 
occaaloual mone; relief. 
Young Pboplb'b Socibtv op Chbistian Endeavor] 
adsista in the LeuevoleDt work of Uie church aud Sol 

7. HadisoD Are., Madiiion Ave. and 31sl St. 

M. Sanders, D.d., 438 Fifth Ave. 
MiBHioNAHY Circle. 

Mission School, 307 East 37tli St. Sewing class. 
Sbwihg Circlb ; for providing garments for the i 

and needy womeu and children. 
TouKG PEOPLE'a Association. 

1, Mariners' Temple anil Chatham Sqiiare Missioi 

or Ist Mariners' Baptist Church. 1 Henry St., e" 
Oliver. Mission Chapel of the Baptist City Mis^ 
(which see, Class S., Div. 9). Rev. J. F. Avery, j 
Henry St. 
Baud of Hope ; for children, Monday, at 6:30 p 


Flower Mission in the tenement houses and neighbor- 

Fkbe Readinq-Room ; for sailors and others {see Class 
X., Div. 3). Supplies books and papers to ships ; also 
to the cab-stands and car-drivers, and the lodging- 
bousea round Chatham Square. 

Gbn&bal Mission Work and Relief. 

GospBi. Temperance and Praybb Mbetikok ; Honda 
Wednesday and Friday, at 8 p.m. 

OnT-DooR Praise Mbettnos ; led frona Temple 
Sunday, 7:30 p.m., westher permitting. 

Penny Provident Fund. 

Special Meetini:))> and Services for the Jews, Id tl 
own language, Saturdays, at 3 p.m. 

Baptist Churches. 307 


Dress-Makixg Rooms; for girls and women, who are 
taught the art and afterwards given employment. 

Flower Mission, Free Ice -Water Fountain and 
Fresh- Air Work during summer months. 

Industrial School for Girls ; every Saturday from 

10 to 12 A.M. 

Kindergarten and Primary School ; open week days, 
except Saturday, from 9 to 12 a.m. and 1 to 2 p.m.; 
for diildren from 3 to 9 years old. 

Ladies' Aid Society. 

Memorial Young Men's Club and Gymnasium (which 
see, Class X., Div. 5). 

Penny Provident Fund. 

Woman's Missionary Meeting. 

10. Mt. Morris, Fifth Ave., near 126th St. Rev. Wm. 
C. Bitting, 27 East 127th St. 

Alms Fund Committee; relieves the poor of the con- 

Band op Earnest Workers ; makes clothing and col- 
lects gifts for the Hospitals. 

Employment Committee. 

King's Daughters, Circles op ; who help schools for 
the colored people of the South ; also visit and minister 
to inmates of various Homes. Palm Strewers' Cir- 
cle provides entertainments and clothing for desti- 
tute schools, and supports 3 women students at work. 
Whatsoever Circle visits the needy, gives relief to 
working- women and helps sustain a Day Nursery. 

Ladies' Church Aid Society; makes garments for and 
cares for the needy. 

Parish Visitor; assists the Pastor in church benevolent 

Society op Christian Endeavor; which works among 
sailors and car-drivers on Sunday mornings and con- 
ducts Fresh- Air work in summer. 

Sunday- School relief work. 

Wohak's Mission Society; for home and foreign work. 

it. Rev. DuiflH 

ty, N. J. ^^ 


8. Mt. Oliret (Colored), IGl West 58d E 
W. Wisher, 31 Storm Ave., Jersey City, i 

9d 8t. Hev. J. G. 

KiNQ'a DADiiHTBHS, CuiCLB OF; for gsneral diarllablB 

Womn'a Auxiliary Missiokart Society; for home 

and foreign missioa work. 
4. North, 333 West llth St. Rev, John J. Brooner, 356 

West 13th St, ^^ 

Ladles' Aid Sdcibty. ^fl 

SooiETT oti' CoKisTiAN Endeatob. ^I 

TooNQ People's Association. ^B 

North New York Charch (see Alexakder Ave.). 
6. People's, 365 West 48th St., near Ninth Ave, Rev. 

Geo. Wymao Clowe, White Piaina, N. Y. . 
Poor Pund; for beneflt of members of congregation. 
nigrliu, Boston Road, i 

;. EiTersidc, West Oad 9 

,r Vyse St. 

;i>r. Amsterdam (Te 


. Secoud OeriuHn, 401 West 43d St. Rev. Walter B 
achenbusch. Minister. 407 West 43d St. 

E Aid is given through the Pastor. 

t St. Rev. John H 

4. SUt«eiith St.. 357 West lUtli St, Rev. 
353 West 14th St. 
King's Dadghtebs, Circle op. 
Ladies' Aid Society and Ladies' Edccatiohal I 

Ladies' Pobkign and Home AIission Societv. 
Poor Fund; dispensed by Pastor anil Deacons. 
YonNQ Peoplk'b Societv uf C^uristian £NDBAv<n 

SapUst Churches, 309 



8* Sixtj-seyenth St. (German), 223 West 67th St. Rev. 
William Roeber, 553 West 55tli St. 

6. Tabernacle, 166 Second Ave. Rev. Daniel C. Potter, 
D.D., 162 Second Ave. 

CoLGATB Chafbl, 332 East 20th St. (which see). 

Geraldine Chapel, 644 Sixth St. (which see). 

Third German, 1127 Fulton Ave., near East 166th St. 
Rev. Reinhard Hoefflin, 1343 Fulton Ave. 

Society op Christian Endeavor. 

Women's Missionary Society ; for the poor of the 
church and Sunday-school. 

6. Thirty-third St., see West Thirty-third St. 

Tremont, 1815 Washington Ave. and 175th St. Rev. 
A. Frank Perry, Anthony Ave. and Berry St. Sta- 
tion •* T." 

Society of Christian Endeavor. 

9. Trinity, 141 East 55th St. Rev. Henry B. Hudson, 
672 Lexington Ave. 

Chinese Mission and Young Men's Association. 
Meets Sunday at church. Mrs. A. M. Carto, Supt., 
160 East 55th St. 

Ladies' Aid Society; for needy poor. 

Ladies' Missionary Society (Home and Foreign). 

Society dp Christian Endeavor. 

Young People's Association. 

7. Twenty-third St., N. W. corner Lexington Ave. and 

East 23d St. Sabbath services in Association Hall, 
Fourth Ave. and 23d St. Rev. Thomas Dixon, Jr., 61 
. West 94th St. 

Chinese Mission; Ing Sam Lee, missionary, cor. Fourth 
Ave. and 29th St. Visits among his countrymen and 
teaches a Chinese Bible class in tlie Chinese Home. 

Helping Hand Circle of King's Daughters; conducts 
a Sewing School for children, and contributes books, 
papers, clothing, groceries etc. to the poor of the city. 


(hngrr^tiotini Chi^ufhft. 

Ladies' Am and IIoue Mihbionabt SucusTt ; aids 
perwoually and financially the general work of its own 
church, and sends clothing, books, funds etc. lo needj 
missiooariea in tlie We»t, und maintains a gji'lB' scliogl 
in Cliina, and usaists the McAll Mission Id France, 
Young People's SociETif of Christiah ENDBAVon; 
for special work among the young. 
5. ffeUli. 138 East 37tli St. Rev. John Evans, 300 Quincj 

St., Brooklyn. 
e. West Thlrtj-thlril Street, 337 West 33<i St. Rev, 
E. S. Holloway. 358 West 32d St. 
Society of CnRiSTiAN Endbavor. 
«. Zion, 106 Wofll aad St. Rev. George 11. Baswell. si 
the church. _ 


Vi. Betbanj. Teotli near 35th St, Rev. Spencer H,** 
Bray, 453 West 43d St. 

Bethany Cemetery Asbochtion; mutunl aid for fune- 
ral expenses. 

IlELPiNO IIand; provides employment and aid for wo- 

Sewino-Scrooi, ; affords iustruction in sewing SLDd 

household duties to children. 
Society op Christian Endeavor. 
(t. Broadnar Tabernacle, Sisth Ave. and 34tli St. Bev. 

Win. M. Taylor, d.d., 5 West 35th St. 
Charity Fund ; for general relief to the needy of the 

Hbltino Hand ; for general benevolent work. 

Rev. Wm. Lloyd, 208 

Otmnffegaiumat Ohurdiet, Sll 


Ghnrch of Glirist, Gray, cor. Topping St., Mt. Hope. 
Rev. Ellsworth Bonfils. 

6. Gharch of the Incarnation, 108 West 32d St. Rev. 
Wm. A. Merrill, 769 Herkimer St., Brooklyn. 

. Handbl Socibtt ; meets Tuesdays, 8 p.m. ; not only a 
Musical and Literary society, but relieves the sick and 
needy, gathers in strangers and helps them to join their 
various churches. For work chie^ among the colored 

The church proposes to organize a Dorcas Socibtt, 
Ebcploymbnt Agency, Circle of King's Daughters, 
Sewing School and Ti»(fbrancb Society very 

First Church, Morrisania, 1053 Washington Ave., bet. 
165th and 166th Sts. Rev. Richard G. Woodbridge, 
909 Cauldwell Ave. 

Society op Christian Endeavor. 

North, 143d St.. near Willis Ave. Rev. Wm. T. 

10. Pilgrim Church of New York, Madison Ave. and 
121st St. Rev. Samuel H. Virgin, d.d., 16 East 125th 


American Branch No. 6, International Tele- 
graph Christian Association. 

Chinese Class; gives instruction, advice etc., Sundays, 
2:30 P.M. 

Industrial School; meets every Saturday to teach sew- 
ing, cutting, cooking, millinery, seating chairs etc. to 
girls or boys. 

King's Sons and Daughters, several Circles of, with 
special work for each. 

Ladies' Society *por Christian Work. 

Loan Fund; loans money to needy on good security 
without interest. 

Pilgrim Helping Hand; gives work to poor women, 
with payment in goods. 


S12 Etangelical ChnnJies. 

Poor Pond; for needy members of tlie congtegado 

and Sundaj-school. 
SooiETY OP CnRisTiAS Enbsavor ; MisBioniiry { 

mittee visits and aids the needy. 
Spakish Class ; gives instruction in Scriptures ' 

SuadajB, 3:30 p.u, 
YouNO Ladies' Society; aids worthy familiea and a 

to bring employers and employees together. 
5. Smyrna (Welsh). 308 East 11th St. Rev. E. D. ] 

27 Charles St. 
Trliiity,Trcmont,WasliingtonAve. and 176th St. . 

James M. Wliiton, PH.D., 758 East 175th St. 
Ladibs' Missionary Society. 
Laoieb' Society. 
Society op Chbistian Endbator, 


6. Chnrch of U!8c]pl<>s of CtaHst, 333 West 56th S 
Rev, B. B. Tyler, 235 Central Park West. 
Socibtv op CimisTiAN Endeavob. 
10, Lenox Ave. Union, Lenox Ave. and 127th St. 
JaH. Millard Philputt, 352 "West 127th St. 
SociETT OF Christian Endeavor. 
Second, East 169th St. and Franklin Ave. Rev. 8. ' 

Willis, 1391 Washington Ave, 
Society of Chribtian Endeavor. 


9. DIngeldein Uemorial (German). 439 East TTth I 
Rev. Jacob Keller, 401 East 77th St. Is the Miasicl 
of Second Church of the Evangelical Association. 

PrierM Meeting Mouses. 313 


9. First German Eyangelical Church Society (Augs- 

burg Confession), Third Ave., cor. of East 106th St. 
Rev. Carl P. Fritsch, 181 East lUth St. 

6. Second Church of the Evangelical Association, 842 

West 53d St. Rev. J. G. Scharf, «64 Eighth Ave. 

DiKGBLDBiN MEMORIAL (whlch see, page 312). 

7. Swedish Evangelical Bethesda in New Tofk, 240 

East 45th St. Rev. Karl Erixon, 321 East 119th St. 

Bible Class, in English language. 

Ladies' Aid Society; to help the needy of congregation 
and support a Missionary in China. 

Lady Missionary. 

Young Ladies' Dorcas Society; to supply a children's 
home in Nebraska. 

Young People's Special Meeting. 

10. Swedish Evangelical Bethesda, 302 East 119th St. 
Rev. Karl Erixon, 321 East 119th St. 

Sewing Society. 


5. East Fifteenth, 5 East 15th St., cor. Rutherford Place. 
Samuel B. Haines, 52 East 78th St., and Elias H. 
Underhill, 235 East 27th St., Ministers in charge. 

Friends' Employment Society; meets Friday from 1 
to 3 p.M^ during winter months (which see, Class II., 
Div. 1). 

Friends' Mission School. 

Friends' Tebiperance Union. 

Philanthropic Labor Committee of the Yearly Meet- 
ing, embracing Prison Reform, Education of the 
Colored People of the South, Peace and Arbi- 
tration, Indian Affairs and Tobacco. 

Young Friends' Aid Association (which see, Class II., 
Div. 2). 

5. Twentieth Street (Orthodox), 144 East 20th St. 
Taber Mission, 305 East 41st St. 

Heirew (jonffregaliofii. 

at. . Rev. laidor Cohen. 

I. Adas Israel Wilkowisliker, 49 East Brondwny. 

Prea., Abraliam Liberman, 4 Forsyth St. 
7. Adath Israel, 330 East 5Ttli St. Rev. Dr. Moaee 

MaisDer, 339 East 60th St. 
7. Ahawath Cliesed, Lexington Ave. and 56th St. Re'. 

Dr. AkK. Kohut. 39 Beetman Place, cor. East Slat St. 


71 East Third St. Maiatains a Day Nckskbt and 
Fkke ErNDEHOAHTBN for Children from 3 to 8 jeais 
or age ; also a SBwrsa School for girls from 8 W 15 
^ears of age, and an Employment Bureau for women 
(see Class II., Div. 2). 
Sabbath-Scuool Chakity Box; for gifts to different in- 

SociBTY OF Bbnkvolest Wokek; takes care of and 
provides necessary comforts for sick, indigent mem- 
bera, and pays their funeral expenses. 
Temple Charity Fund; dispensed at the discretion of 

the Board of TruBtees. 
You NO Men's Herrew Association Reading -Roou 
AND Library [see Class X,, Div. B). Has an Emer- 
gency Fund for members. 
3. Anscbe Sfard, 99 Attorney St. Rev. Naftati Reitcr, 99 

Attorney St. 
9. Atereth Israel, 833 Bast 82d St, Rev. Adolph Cai- 
man, 106 Lexington Ave. 
9. Beth-El, Fifth Ave. and 7eth 8t, Rev, Dr. Kaufman 
Kohler, llSEaaniat at. 
Betu-El Society of Personal SBBvirR, 355 East 6ad 
St. (see Class U., Div. 2>. 
3. Beth Hamedrash Hagodol, 54 Norfolk St. 
S. Beth Hamedrash Mickrukodluh, "0 Heater St. 

ffekrew 6ong¥egaiiofi^, SIS 


1. Beth Hamedrash Shaarei Torah, 24 Chrystie St. 
Raphael Horwich, Pres., 44 Pike St. 

9. Beth Israel Biknr Cholim. 72(1 St. and Lexington 
Ave. Rev. Dr. Herman Lustig, 252 E. 78th St. 

9. Beth Israel Emanuel, 214 East 108th St. Rev. Mor. 
ritz Tintner, 217 East 108th St. 

9. Beth Tefflla, 176 East 106th St. Rev. Jacob Kopelo- 

1. B'nal Ames Mariampoler, 44 East Broadway. J. 
W. Smith, Leader, 66 East Broadway. 

5. B'nal Israel, 289 East Fourth St. Rev. Isaac C. 
Noot, 323 East Tenth St. 

9. B'nal Jeshurun, Madison Ave. and 65th St. Rev. 

Henry S. Jacobs, d.d., 144 East 65th St. 

B'nai Jbshubun Bknevolbnt and Free Burial So- 

Relief Fund; for cases of great necessity, irrespective of 
creed or color. Also assists the United Hebrew 
Charities (which see, Class II., Div. 2). 

5. B'nal Peyser, 316 East Fourth St. Max Peyser, Pres., 
96 Sheriff St. 

10. B'nal Sholom, East 121st St. and Second Ave. Rev. 
Leopold Levkowitz, 223 East 120th St. 

5. B'nee Sholom, 630 Fifth St. Rev. Daniel Lowenthal, 
738 Fifth St. 

1. Chaari Zedek, 38 Henry St. Rev. L. Zinsler, d.d., 224 
Henry St. 

United Sisters op Congregation Chaari Zedek (1890) 
have charge of the relief department ; provide food, 
clothing and necessaries to the poor of the vicinity, 
and assist in giving religious instruction. 

Free Hebrew Daily School; for children of members. 

Young Folks op the Congregation; meet for spiritu- 
al enlightenment. 

3. Chebra Ka<lir»ha B'naf Rappaport, 66 Essex St. 
9. Clierra Ansche Chesed, ]60 East 86th St. 
.">. Clievra Kadlstia Talmad Thora, 622 East Fiftb S 

Ilev, Julius Levy, 336 East Fourtli St. 

4. Uaredi Annno, T Seventh Ave. Rev. F. Light, Slf' 

Canal St. 
Dahecs Ahuko Frre liuBiAL Socibtft (see Class IH, 
Div. 5). 
ii. Emnno tHrael, G18 Eighth Ave. liev. A. Quranowskf , . 

240 W 


». BatfH of Hope. US East e6tli St. Ailulph : 

UelDier, Pres., 115 East 86t]i St. 
Ladies' Benkvoi.knt Socrerx. 
1. Rahal Adath Jeaharnn. 14 Eldridge St. 

Pres., 37 East Broadway. 
It. Kehllath Jpslmrnu, 13T East 82d St. 
1. Mate LoTi, 49 Eiiat Broadway. Isiwc lodureky, Pr«.j| 

111 Madison St. ™ 

3. Meshkaa Israel Anschie Savalk, 56 Chryatie 

Louis Goodmau, Pres., 331 Henry St. 
10. Mosos HonUflore, 160 East 112th St. B 

tiuedalia, 11J2 East 114th St. 
». Ht. Sinai, 151 East 7Sd St. 
1(1. Ht. Zion, 67 East 118th St. B«v. Jacob Mandel, 

63 East 109th St. 

lEev-. Abraham I 

a. Pol Zpdek, r,i Pii 

Bsltrew Ckmgreg<UUms. 817 


8. Bodoph Sebolom, East 68d St. and Lexington Ave. 
Rev. Dr. Aaron Wise. 324 East 30th St. 

RoDOPH ScHOLOM SiSTEBHOOD; has charge of the relief 
department of the congregation (see Cliss U., Div. 2). 

7. Shaarai Berocho, 240 East 45th St. Rev. Gabriel 
Hirsch, 447 East 58th St. 

6. Shaaraj Tefllla, 127 West 44th St. Rev. Dr. F. de 
Sola Mendes, 163 West 73d St. 

Ladies' Benevolent Society; distributes alms, coal, 
passover bread etc. among deserving poor. 

Mutual Benefit and Burial Society ; furnishes 
burial and funeral requisites to members. 

Shaaray Tefilla Association of Young Folks; gives 
entertainments for mutual improvement and benent of 
the poor. 

Shaaray Tefilla Sisterhood ; works in four direc- 
tions : 1, Care of the sick and needy poor (acts as agent 
for the United Hebrew Charities [which see, Class II., 
Div. 2] on the West Side of the city above 42d St.). 
2, Care of the very young; maintains a Free Kinder- 
garten daily from 9 to 12 at the synagogue. 3, Affords 
religious instruction to children residing on the West 
Side uptown ; and 4, Teaches a sewing class for girls 
daily from 3 to 5 p.m. at the synagogue. 

5. Shaare Hasliamoin, 216 East 15th St., near Second 
Ave. Rev. Raphael Benjamin, m.a., 178 East 70th St. 

Ladies' Sewing Society; meets every Thursday, 2 p.m. 

Young Men's Association; meets Tuesdays at 8 p.m. 

5. Sbearith Israel^ 98 Avenue C. Rev. Abraham Worm- 
ser, 329 East Fourth St. 

4. Shear! th Israel (Spanish and Portuguese Congregation 
K. K. S. L), 5 West 19th St. Rev. Dr. H. Pereira 
Mendes, 6 West Ninth St. 

Hbbra Hesbd Yeemeth ; burial society. 

Hebrew Relief Society ; a constituent of the United 

Hebrew CLarfdeB (which see, Class II., Div. 3). Dis- 
tributes mouej to the poor. 

LADtBs' Am SociKTi ; for diatribnting clothing to de- 
serving poor. Has a Relief Department for diBtrihul- 
ing groceries etc. to the sick, and a Kindeboarten. 

Polonies Taludd Toraii Hebbbw, Religion asd 
Scripture School ; under synagogue Trustees. 

Envelopk SoctETv ; for religious and sewing schools 
amoDg the poor in the dowc-town district, 
t. Sons or Israel, 15 Pike St. 
3. Talmnd Tora, 38 Heater St. Rev. Hymaa Brodaky, 



0. Temple Emanii-El. Fifth Ave. and 43d Bt. Rev. Dr. 
Gustav Ooltheil. 681 Madison Ave.; and Dr. Joseph 
Silvennan, 112 East 55lli St. 


T4th St. ; relieves the sick and needy ; holds Mothers' 
Meetings ; gives religious, industrial and secular in- 
structiou and (naiataiiis a Kindbrgarteit and Dat 
NuRSERV. 150 members, who meet monthly to report 
on sections ot work and discuss the best methods of 
work (see Class II., Div. 3). Also has two WoREraa 
Girlb' Clubs. CLAaaKs for ReMOiooa Ibbtrci^ 
TioN, daily, eicept Wednesday and Friday, 
10. Temple Israel of Harlem, 13Sth St, and Fifth Ai 
Rev. Maurice H. Harris, a.m., 10 East 180th 8t, 

Temple Ibrael Reltoious Schooi« 

Temple Israel Sibtkrhood ; to relieve the needs 
the poor, aick and outcast in its vicinity (see Class 
Div. 2). 

TnifFLB Israel Union ; for social and intellectiuil cul- 
ture of the young people, 
3. Thifemth Israel Mempin. 10 Norfolk St. David 
Rosenthal, Prea., 130 East Hroudway. 

, 128 Allen St, 

< Green bli 



IMheran Churches, 819 


9. Ziehron Ephraim, 163 East 67th St., near Lexington 

Ave. Rev. Dr. Bernard Drachman, 329 East 51st St. 


10. CarmansTille Mission of St. Paal's German Evau- 
gelical Cliareh, N. E. cor. Amsterdam Ave. and 
156th St. 

5. Eyangelical €harch o^ Christ, 406 E. 19th St. Rev. 
G. U. Wecner, d.d., 123 East 24th St. 

Deacons of the church distribute alms to needy families 
of the congregation. 

Woman's Society ; gives monthly assistance to needy 

10. Erangelical Church of the Epiphany, 72 East 
128th St. Rev. Ferdinand F. Buermeyer, 13 East 
127th St. 

Ladies' Society; for church and charitable work. 

4. Evangelieal Church of the Holy Trinity^ 47 West 

21st St. Rev. G. F. Krotel, d.d., 49 West 21st St. 

Industrial School; for girls, Saturdays, 10 to 12 m. 

Ladies' Aid Society; for the relief of poor and sick ap- 

Young Ladies' Society ; work for Wartburg Orphan- 
age and home and foreign missions. 

1. German Emigrant House Chapel, 26 State St. Rev. 
Wm. Berkemeier, Missionary, at the chapel. 

8. Grace Evangelical (German), 123 West 71st St. Rev. 

John A. W. Haas, 59 West 119th St. 

Ladies' Aid Society; assists poor Ctermans, preferably 
of their own church. 

5. Onstavns Adolphns Swedish Evangelical, 151 East 

22d St. Rev. C. E. Lindberg, 361 Third Ave. 

9. Immanuel, 215 East 83d St. Rev. C. J. Rentz, 423 

East 84th St. 

Lath^an ChurrJiei, 

Womak'b Sooibty; cares tor Uie needy of the churd 
TouNO Ladies' Hociktv; works for the orpt 

i. St. Jobn's, 81 Christopher St. 
Ladieb' Socibtt; visits aod aids liie poor of the congre- 

«iitioD, and others as it bos opportuaitv; meets 1st 
Tedncsdaj of each month at 81 Christopher 8t. 

9. St. John's. 217 East 119lh St. Rev. H. C. Bteup, 223 
East 110th St. 
Ladies' Aid Society; cares for the poor of the church. 
YoTTNO Ladteb' Society; worlts for the Lutheran be- 
neToIeot institutions of tliia city. 

U. St. Lake's Unrman ETHngcllcal. 2113 West 43d St. 
llev. Willielm Busse, 416 West 43d St. 
Cutfucn Benkvolkst Society; to help the sick and 

Ladies' Behbvot.bnt Society. 

YotiNO Ladies' Sewihg Circle; works especially for 
Che Lutheran Hospital and Orphanages. 

S. St. Mark's Gorman Evkngelical, 328-837 Sixth St. 

Rev. George C. F. Haas, 64 Seyentli St. 
Board op Dbacobb; relieve the needy of the church. 
Ladibs' Society; relieves indigent tJermans, preferably 

their own members, and widows, 1 si Tliureday of each 

month at 8:30 P.M. 
Missionary Society; provides for the education of a 

limited namber of poor children in parochial scliool. 

lAUheran Churches, 821 


2. St. Matthew's Erang'^lical, Broome and Elizabeth 
' Sts. Rev. J. H. Sieker, 146 Elizabeth St. 

Bethlbhbm Orphan Asylum (which see, Glass Y.^ 
Div. 1). 

Board op Dbacons; visit and relieve the needy of their 
own church and others found worthy. 

Lutheran Hospital Association etc. (which see^ 
Class VI., Div. 2). 

Home for the Aged (which see, Class V., Div. 2). 

Ladies' Orphan Society; for support of Lutheran Or- 
phanages. * 

Ladies' Society; cares for indigent widows and or- 
phans. For any of the above, apply to Pastor, or to 
Hev. E. Bohm, 841 East 18th St. 

St. Matthew's German Eyangelical, Melrose, Court- 
land Ave. near 154th St. Kev. E. A. Behrens, 621 
East 155th St. 

Two Ladies' Aid Societies; to aid needy members of 
the church. 

4. St. Paul's, 226 Sixth Ave. Rev. Leo Eoenig, 80 West 
12th St. 

10. St. Paul's German Evangelical, 149 West 12dd St. 
Rev. Julius Ehrhart, 128 West 124th St. 

^ Carmansvillb Mission, N. E. cor. of Amsterdam Ave.. 
and 156th St. (Library room): 

Ladies' Society; provides first for poor of the congre- 
gation, then for those outside. 

TouNO Men's Association. 

St. Paulus German Evangelical, 928 East 150th St. 
Rev. H. Rippe, 780 Tinton Ave. 

Second German Evangelical St. Peter's Congrega- 
tion, building at East 187th St., bet. Willis and Brook 
Aves. Rev. Hugo Richter, 715 East 148d St. 

Deacons' Fund; for aiding the poor of the congrega- 


Metliodist Chjirdia. 


Wokan'b Missionabv Societt; for domestic und 

eiga missions. 
!. St Peter's Herman Eraiigellcal, Lexiogtc 

46tU St. Ref. Edward F. Moldebnke, d.e 

46th St. 
A DsACDNEas. wtio visits, nurses, aad ossis 

and poor of tbe coDsregatiou and tlie Qoighborhood. 
Free Sewing School, Saturdays from 3 to 4 p.m., from 

October till May. 
Ladies' Sooiety; aids poor and aick German families. 
Poor Fdnd; diWributed by tlie Elders. 
YoDNO Mbs'b Absociation; aida its sick inembere($5 

weekly), and pays $160 towards burial expenses. 

ReT. Frederick Koenig, 603 



Rev, Wm. Hamil- 

Rey. Stephen 

2. Ashury, 81 Washington Sq. East. Rev. J. Sumner 

Stone. U.D., 40 Wasbington Sq. South. 
KiNDEKOARTEN'; daily from B to 13 a.u. and I to 3 p.m.. 

except Saturday and Sunday. 
Information Buread and Empixitmbst Agbnct. 
Medical Misbioh and Dispbnhart; open a.h. Mod- 

daya, Wednesdays and Fridays. 
Heetino for Cneuploted; Sundays, 6:80 p.m. 
BEWtKG-SOBOOL; Fridays, S:80p.m. 
WooDTABD. 16 Minetta St.; for unemployed laborers . 

Msthodiit Churches. 828 


4. Assembly Hall Mission, Little 12th St. (Gansevoort 
Market). Rev. Stephen Merritt, 222 West 28d St. 

1. Battery Park Mission, 27 State St. Carried on under 

the auspices of the N. Y. City Church Extension and 
Missionary Society. Open daily from 9 to 5 p.m. Ser- 
vice Sunday at 3 p.m. Rev. Charles Samuelson, 
Warwick St., near Blake Ave., East New York, Mis- 
sionary in charge. 

2. Bedford St., 28 Morton St., cor. Bedford. Rev. J. J. 

Reed, d.d., 43 Morton St. 

Epworth League (Chapter of). 

.7. Beekman Hill, 819 East 50th St. Rev. Robert T. 
McNicholl, 321 East 50th St. 

Relief Fund, which is expended through the agency of 
the two Lady Missionaries. 

10. Bethany, East 123d St. and First Ave. Rev. George 
N. Compton, 106 East 123d St. 

Missionary Visitor, who visits in the neighborhood and 
distributes tracts and papers to the poor, and gives 
clothing when necessary. 

10. Calvary, Seventh Ave. and 129th St. Rev. James R. 
Day, D.D., 2190 Seventh Ave. 

Board op Stewards, who relieve the needy . 

. Branch op Woman's Home Missionary Society. 

Children's Hoitr; Friday afternoons. 

Epworth League (Chapter of). 

King's Daughters and Sons (Circles of). 

Ladies' Benevolent Society. 

Ladies' Guild and Pastoral Aid Society. 

Missionary to visit in the neighborhood. 

Penny Provident Fund. 

Sunday- School Missionary Society. 

SB4 Methodist ChurdifS. 

Centenar; Cbnrch of Morrisaoia, Wasbioeton Ave. 
aad 168tli Bt. Rev. Wm. Coldeu, 1074 mshington 

i. Central, 58 Soventli Ave., near lilU St. Rev. Charles 
S. Harrower, d.d., 60 Seventh Ave. 
Board op Stewards; relieves the needy of Ihe church. 
Ladk^s' Aid Socubtt; visits and does charitable work. 
Skwino-School; for girls, from November to April. 
SooiBTY oe Chbihtxan BuDGiVOR. 

Rev. James W. 



1. Chiuese Mlsainn, 305 West Uth St. Rev. E. I 

pie, Pastor in charge, 108 West 4l8t St. Misa B 
A. Lathbury, 8upt. (see also Class IX,, Div. 3). 

9. Church or the Saviour, ]09th St., near Madison i-fi 

Rev. J. Y. Bates, 105 East ll3th St. 
CntTRCH Pctnd; provides for poor members. 
SEwraQ-ScnoOL; for chOdren, Sftturdays, 
SociETr OP Chbisti.^.k Endeavor ; provides for p 

of Sunday-school, 

9, Cornell fflemorial, 76tk St., near Second Ave. 

Horace W. Byrnes, b.d., 311 East 77th St. 
Boards of Relief; for the needy and suffering of the 

congregation and Sunday-schooL 
Ep WORTH LBAdtTB (Chapter of). 
Free Reading-Room foe Mbs; open 7:30 to 10 p.m. ( 
Juvenile Temfebancb Society. 
Kuja'a Dattohters and Sons (Circles of); who visit t 

Hospitals Orphanages and Hoines,|and who minkler fl 

the sick and needy of the neighborhood. 

Methodist Ohurehea. 825 


Sewino-Scsool ; held every Saturday from October to 
April; the garments made are afterwards distributed 
by the Boards of Relief. Average attendance, 200. 

Summer Charities; sends a number of working girls to 
the country or sea-shore free of expense. 

2. Duane, 294 Hudson St. Rev. Fletcher Hamlin, 522 
Hudson St. 

4. Eighteenth St.. 307 West 18th St. Rev. Oliver A. 
Brown, d.d.. 305 West 18th St. 

4. Eighth Ave. Mission, 208 Eighth Ave. Rev. Stephen 

Merritt, 222 West 23d St. 

5. Eleventh St., 545 East 11th St., near Avenue B. Rev. 

Stephen Merritt, 222 West 23d St. 

Free Medical Dispeksary ; open Mondays, Wednes- 
days and Fridays at 2 p.m. w. J. Hall, m.d., Physi- 

6. Fifty-sixth St, 440 West 56th St. Rev. 0. W. Skin- 

ner, 205 West 62d St. 

Ladies' Aid Society. 

5. First Carman, 252 Second St. Rev. Paul Quattlander, 
256 Second St. 

Kino's Daughters (Circle of). 

Ladies' Society; employs a missionary to visit and af- 
ford relief in the neighborhood. 

Young People's Society ; for mutual improvement, 
charitable work, literary and musical exercises. 

Fordham, 2700 Marion Ave. and Kingsbridge Road, 
Fordham. Rev. P. Bottome, d.d., 2627 Webster Ave. 

King's Daughters ; The " Cheering Circle " of which 
visits and w6rks for the Home for Incurables, and 
"Willing Workers" Circle cares for the charities of 
the church. 

8. Forsyth St., 10 Forsyth St. Rev. W. H. Lawrence, 
152 Henry St. 

Efwobth League (Chapter of). 


826 Methodiit Chvrdus. 

Fresh- Air Fcsd; sends childrea to the countr;, 
Bkw IN Q- School; Friday afternooiiH during the w 
Oivea garmeuts to the children m&ltlne; them. 
S. Fortf-fonrth St., or Janes, 461 West 44th St. 
Harvey C. Earl, D,D,, 4S3 West 44th St. 
Ep WORTH Lbagtjk (Clinpter of). 
Ladikb' Aid Societt and Lady Tibitohs, 
«. Forty third SI., 253 West 4Sd St. Rev. Frank? 
Wilson, D.D., 338 West 45th St. 
Board of Stewards; who relieve the poor of the church. 
King's Daogmters (Circle of); who provide for Bpecial 

cases of need, particularly in the Sabbath -school. 
Lyceum; for young people, for literary, social and re- 
ligious purposes. 
Womaw'h Foreign Misbionaht Society; aids the Pa- 
rent Society. 
1. Franklin St., 176 Fraoklio St, Rev. John Rowe, 744 
East 14ad St. 

Rev. Georga 

1, German Mission House Association «f the Port of 
New Yorli, ST State St. Rev. George H. Simons, at 
the Mission. Open from 9:80 A.u. to 5 p,m. 

8. Grace, 175 West 104th St., near Columbus Ave. Rev. 
Fields Hermance, 201 West 105th St. 
BoARU OF Stewards; who administer relief. 
Kino's Daitghters {Circle of). 
I. Orace Ciiapel (FrVB Points Miwion of the New TnIe 
Ladies' Home Miss. Soc., which see, Class IL, Div. 6), 
63 Park St. Rev. J. W. Sellick, 83 Park St. 

MahQdut Churches, 827 


5. Heddinjr, 337 East 17th St. Rev. A. G. Morehouse, 885 

East 17th St. 

Swedish and German Service; Sundays, 3:30 p.m. 
Young People's Literary Union ; Friday evenings. 

1. Italian Mission, 161 Bleecker St. Rev. V. L. Cala- 
brese, Missionary, at the Mission. 

Young Men's Italian Christian Association. 
10. Italian Mission, 2214 First Ave. 

4. Jane St., 13 Jane St. Rev. Stephen Merritt, 222 West 
23d St.; Rev. R. M. Stratton, 142 West 105th St. 

6. Janes, 461 West 44th St., see Forty-fourth S*. 

1. John St., 44 John St. Rev. F. G. Howell, at the 

Sewing Class. 

9. Madison Ave., Madison Ave. and 60th St. Rev. En- 
sign McChesney, d.d., 31 East 60th St. 

Benevolent Fund. 

Employment Society ; furnishes employment to wo- 
men, also articles of clothing. 

Ladies' Social Union. 

Young People's Society. 

8. Madison St., 209 Madison, near Rutgers St. Rev. Ste- 
phen Merritt, 222 West 23d St. 

Medical Mission and Dispensary; open Tuesdays^ 
Thursdays and Saturdays, 2 p.m. 

Morris Heights, Morris Heights. Rev. W. E. Eetcham^ 

Mott Ave., Mott Ave. and 150th St. Rev. R. E. Wilson, 
559 Mott Ave. 

Ladies' Aid Societies ; for relief of the poor of the 

Society op Christian Endeavor. 

XetkodUt Chiirdia. 

North New York, Willis Ave., coi 

Rev. Joseph EWrd, 338 WUIIb Ave. 
». P«rk Ave., 1037 Park Ave., cor. East 86th St. 

Ferdinand 0. Iglehart. 106 East 86tb St, 
4. Perry St., 133 Perry St. Rev. Ezra Tinker, 34 EighB 

T. Rose Hill, 221 East 27th St., see Twenty- sevekts S 
8. St. Andrew's, Tflth St., near Columbus (Ninth) Aw 

Rev. George B, Strobridge, d.d.. 124 West 76th St. 
10. St. James', Madison Ave., cor. East I26tli St. 

Jacob E. Price, d.d.. 1981 Madison Ave. 
Society op CHmsTLiN Endbavok. 

6. St. John's, 331 West 5: 
4B West SOlh St., i 
West 58d St. 

6. St. Lute's, 108 West 41st St. Rev. E. S. Tipple, ph.dJ 

Hotel Vendome, West 4l8t St, and Broadway. 
DGACONBe.s ; employs a deaconess of the Metb. Epif,^ 

Church, who works among and for the poor. 
ErwoBTH Leaqoe (Chapter of) ; has Committee ot 

Mercy and Help. 
Fresh-Air Work; sends children into the country dur- 

iug the summer months, and provides for their c — '~ 

while there. 
Oiklh' FatENDLV Socibty; Friday evenings. 
Hblpino Hand Associatios; sewing meeting for b 

there on Thursdays, from 3:30 Ir " — 
iNunsTBiAt, School: for little girls, Saturdays from 9 

to 13 M., in the chapel. 
Kino's DAnoHTBRS (" Do Without " Circle ot). 
Kkiostb op St. Luke ; Club for boys over IS years ^ 

age. Meets Fridays at 7:30 p 

Methodist Churches. 829 


S|T. Luke's Home Mission; relieves the sick and needy 
of the parish. 

»e. St. Mark's, 139 West 48th St. Rev. H. A. Monroe, 
D.D., 125 West 53d St. 

5. St. Paul's, 150 Fifth Ave. Rev. George H. McGrew, 
D.D., 145 East 21st St. 

Board of Stewards ; to relieve the needy of the con- 

King's Dauohtbrs (*' Doe ye nexte Thynge " Circle of); 
works for the Deaconess' Home. 

Sunday- School is held in Chapel of Fourth Ave. Pres- 
byterian Church, cor. of 22d St. 

Society of Christian Endeavor. 

Woman's Foreign Missionary Society. 

1. St. Paul's (German), 308 East 55th St. Rev. Frederick 
Glenk, 320 East 55th St. 

Girls' Sewing School; every Saturday afternoon. 

St. Stephen's, Eingsbridge Road, cor. Broadway. Rev. 
Nathaniel B. Thompson, 2957 Church St., Eings- 

Society of Christian Endeavor. 

*6. Second German, 346 West 40th St. Rev. Henry Eas- 
tendieck, 350 West 40th St. 

Ladies' Aid Society; provides for poor of the church. 

-5. Second St., 276 Second St. Rev. Henry Aston, 317 
East Tenth St. 

-5. Seventh St., 24 East Seventh St. Rev. Wm. A. Lay- 
ton, 22 East Seventh St. 

Epworth League (Chapter of). 

Poor Fund; for members of the church. 

-.9. Sixty-first St, 225-229 East 61st St. Rev. J. Wesley 
Johnston, 223 East 61st St. 

Mtthoditl Churehet. 


7. 8w«dtsh, Lexington Ave., cor. 52d St. Rev. H( 
Hanson, 148 Enst SSd St. 
Epworth 'Lsa.qxse (Cbapter of). 
Skwiso SociETiBS ; ine«t weekly. 
1, Swedish Klsslon. 37 State St. Rev. Charlea Samuel- 
son, at the Mis»on. 
6. Tllirtj--flrth St.. *» West 35th St. Rev. A. K. Siin- 
ford. D.D., 543 West 33d St. 
CHtTBCH -UTD Sus DAT-School Vibitok. 
Epwoeth Lsiaus (Chapter of). 
L&DEBa' A.ID SociKTr; for the benevolent and religious 

work of the church, 
Sunday-school Mimionaht Society. 

IV. G. L, 

Tremont, Wiishingtoo Ave., cor. East ITSUi St. Rev. 

Clark Wright. 71(J East 178th St. 
Society of Chribtiam Ehdeavob. 

10. Trlnitf. 333 East 118th St. Re?. Thomas B. Burch, 
SlTEast ItHth St. 
Sabbath<6ccool Socibti ; provides for poor diildren. 
Union; cares for specially needj cases la the nelghbo 

Tnentr-seTeuth St, or Rose Hill, 321 East 3Tth St. 

Rev. Beajamhi P. Kidder, pu.d., 219 East ^Tth St. 
CHiLDBi'^N'a Sewing-School; Saturdays, 3 p.m. 
Dbaoomhssi to visit etc. 
Frbb SiNOtKO CLAsa; Saturdays, 4 p.m. 
Epworth Lsaode (Chapter of). 
Dadohtbhs (Circle of). 

^^H Epworth L] 

^^h Eraa'a Daui 

MUhotfigi Churches. 8dt 


10. Washington Heights, Amsterdam (Tenth) Ave. and 
153d St. Rev. Thomas Lamont, next to the church. 

Ladies' Aid Society.; 

Poor Fund; for the poor of the church. 

Woman's Missionary Society. 

2. Washington Square, 137 West Fourth St. Rev. 
Charles W. Millard, ph.d., 133 West Fourth St. 

West Farms, 1264 Tremont Ave., near Boston Ave. 
Rev. Robert I. B. lUman, 1062 Woodruff Ave. 

8. Willett St, 9 WiUett St. Rev. Millard F. Compton, 5^ 
• Willett St. 

East Side Woman's Christian Temperance Unions 
holds monthly public meetings and seeks to help the 

Epworth Leaoue (Chapter oQ; through which the young 
people seek to help the needy. 

Helping Hand; garments made and given to the poor. 

Ejcng's Daughters (Circle of); which provides flowers 
for the sick and clothing for the poor. 

Relief Society; for the poor of the congregation. 

Woodlawn. Rev. De Los Lull, Woodlawn. 
Society of Christian Endeavor. 

Woodstock, East 164th St., near Boston Ave. 


2. Bethel, 216 Sullivan St. Rev. Theodore Gould, 218 
Sullivan St. 

Bethel Lyceum; for moral and intellectual improve- 

Christiam League; which co-operates with the stewards 
in all the charity work of the church. 

6. First African Union, 121 West 25th St. Rev. Perry 
Hopkins, 259 West 47th St. 

10. Little Zlon, 236 East 117th St. Rev. G. Smith. 

Preebi/lgrian Charehea. 

St. Paul's, Eaat 158tli St.. nosr Elton Ave. Rev. John 

9. Union American, S30 East 85th St. 

MiBaiOH. M Suffolk St. 
4. ZIon, 353 Eleecker 8t, Rev. Aleiander Walters, M 
Grove St. 

ZioN Home for the Aobd (see Class V., Div. 3). 


7. AdatOB Memorial, 211 Eoat 30th St, Rev. Jesse F. 

Forbea, 133 East 29tli St. 
Coal Club, under auapicea of Madison Sq. Churcli; 

meets Wednesdays from 3 to 4 p.m. 
Industrial Clahbbb; to teach housework and sewing, 

Saturdays during winter months. 
Ladies' Aid Socibtt: makes and donates garments to 

poor children and others, also lends articles to the dck. 
Ladies' Employment Society; meelsTuesdajaatSr.lUi 

to give sewing to needy persona. fl 

Ladies' Home and Fokbign Mibsiobary 8ooirtt. ■ 
youNO People's Association. ' 

2. Alexander Cbapel of Fifth Ave. dmreh, B King St. 

Christian Endeavor Socibty; contributes to home 

and foreign miaaions. 
Frahklin Litgrary Society. 
Readiso-Room and LiRRABr ; open during winti 
Sea-side Home at Pleasure Bay; gives 10 days' 

deserving children. 175 received last year. 
Sewtno- School for Children; Saturdays at 10 
SiNoiNG Class ; Fridays at 8 p.m. 
Visitor for Sunday-school. 

3. Allen St., 138 Focayth St. Rev. ClafllD, IW 

Forsyth St. 



Prubyterian Ohurches. 88S 

Bethany, East 137th St., near Willis Ave. Rev. George 
W. F. Birch, d.d., 184 Willis Ave. 

2. Bethlehem Chapel of the Unlyersltj Place Church, 

196 Bleecker St. C. Humble, m.d.. Lay Pastor, 25 
University Place. 

Band of Hopb. 

Bethlehem Band— Yoxhjg Ladies' Society. 

Boys' Club. 

Mothers' Meeting. 

Mutual Improvement Club. ^ 

Sewing-School for Girls. 

Young Men's Club. 

Young People's and Junior Societies of Christian; 

9. Bohemian, 349 East 74th St. Rev. Vincent Pisek, 347 

East 74th St. 

6. Brick, 412 Fifth Ave. and 39th St. Rev. Henry Van 
Dyke, d.d., 10 West 39th St. 

Christ Church, 228 West 35th St. (which see). 


Sewing-School, 228 West 85th St. 

Sick Children's Aid Society ; cares for poor and sick 

Women's Employment Society ; provides sewing for 
poor women. 

10. Calvary, West 116th St., between Fifth and Lenox 
Aves. Kev. James Chambers, d.d., 97 East 116th St» 

Benevolent Fund. 

Earnest Workers. 

Ejcng's Daughters and Sons (Circles of). 

Pastor's Aid Society. 

Progress Mission Band. 

Society of Christian Endeavor. 

Sunday-School Mission Committee. 

SM PreibsteHan ChKTeha. ' 


2. C«nal 8t. 17 Greene Si. Rev. Edward P. Paysoo, 46 

West 12Tth St. 
■6. Central, 330 West 57th 8t, Rev. WLton Merle SmiUi. 

D.D., 33 WestTSd 8t. 
Free Eikdergartbn, 464 West 4Sd St, 
" KiKo'u SIessekgehb" Circle of Ktso'a DAOQHTEits, 
Hizp^s Chafel. 430 West 5Tth St. {whfcli see). 
Soc'iETT OF CHiiiffriAN Ekdeavor. 
Sunday-School AIissiokarv SoctKTY. 
Wii-BoN RKBcOB-JIisaiON, 454 West 43d St. (which see). 
Women's Home and Forbion SIibbionart Socibtc. 
Young Wohbs'b Bksevolbnt Society; cares for the de- 

serrlug poor after investigHtion bj their Visitor. 
1. Chalmers Chnrch. 131 Seventh Ave. Rev. Waller D' 

Buchanan, 20 Seventh Ave, 
Ladies' Aid Sooibtt; meets Tuesdays at 7:30 P.U. and 

takes care of the sick and needy of the congregation 

during the winter months. 
Bbwisg-School; SaturdayB, at 10:30 a.m. 
Society of CHRiaTiAN Endeavor. 

and during the week, Huie Kin, Missionary. 
6. Christ, 228 West 35th St. Rev. Joseph J, Lampe, d.d., 

360 West 61st St. 
Society ov CanisTiAM Endeavor. 
VrarroR fou Sick Chilpben. 
8. Christ Chapel of the Wast Cliorch. West Mth Bt., 

near Amsterdam Ave. Rev. Daniel E. Lorens, ra.D., 

371 West End Ave. 
Boys' Club ; Tuesdays and Fridays, at 7:30 p.m. 
Einq's DAUOnTERS (Circle of}. 
Ladies' Absociatiok. 
Sbwino-Sohool; for girls, Saturdays, 10 a.m. 


Presbyterian Churches. 885 


7. Ghurch of the CoYenant, Park Ave. and 85th St. 
Rev. James Hall McUvaine, d.d., 37 East 35th St. 

Church Work Association ; provides work and cares 
for the poor of the parish. 

7. Covenant Chapel of Church of the Covenant, 310 

East 42d St. Rev. George S. Webster, 107 East 45th St. 

Girls* Sewing- School ; Saturdays, 10 a.m., from No- 
vember to April. 

Society of Christian Endeavor. 

Two Church Visitors; aid the needy and visit the sick. 

Woman's Helping Hand Society; Fridays, 1:30 p.m., 
from November to April. 

10. Church of the Puritans, 3 West 130th St. Rev. Ed- 
ward L. Clark, d.d., 29 West 130th St. 

Comport and^ Charity Club ; specially for children. 

Helping Hand; for the poor at large. 

Mission and Sunday-School, Eighth Ave. , near 137th St. 

Puritan Guild. 

Sabbath- School ; special gifts at home and abroad. 

Work for Church Poor; by officers of church. 

Young People's Society ; serves Home and Foreign 
Missionary Society. ^ 

"9. Church of the Redeemer, 62d St., bet. Second and 
Third Aves. Rev. Nicholas Bjerring, 229 East 28th St. 

Mission and Relief Work among the tenement houses 
of the neighborhood. 

1. Church of the Sea and Land, 19 Market St., cor. 
Henry. Rev. Alex. W. SprouU, 231 East 14th St. 

Children's Band of Hope. 

Mothers' Meeting. 


Ten Lillian Society; asocial and literary organization. 

Temperance Society. 

Women's Missionary Society. 

Prr^terian Churchet, 

9, Dodge Memorial, 1830 Third Ave., now the Mt. Tab(»| 

Chubch, which see. 

10. East Harlem, 28S East llttth Bt. Rev. James 
Patterson, D d., 334 East 116th 8t. 

SociKTV OP Christ IAN Esdeavok. 
5. Emmannel Cfaapel of UnlTersltj Place Chnrcb, 

Sixth 8t. Rev, Daniel H. Overton. 
Bible Rbaderb ; help and cheer the poor and sicl: of 

the lUh ward. 
Presh-Ajr Summer Work. 

German Motiibrs' Meettno; Thursdaj* evenings, 
Hblpino Hand Commmtble ; provides for dependent ol 

the church and others. 
IsDDBTHiAi, School; held in the chapel, Saturdayi, 

lOrSOA.u,; teaches tlie girls sewing and cooking, ' 

the boys designing. 
WoMBN'a FoKEioN Mission ART Societt. 
rouNO People's Forbigr Missionary Society. 
ft. Faith, 433 West 46th at. Rev. James H. HoadleTft 

D,D,, 847 West 58th St. 
King's DADasTERS (Circle of); for charitable andji 

ligioua work. 
Ladies' Association, with Home and Foreign Mission 

Committees etc, ; also assist the church in various ways. 
Society of Christian Endeavok, with all the commit- 
tees for active work. 
8. Fifth A?6., Fifth Ave., cor. 55th St. Rev. John Hi 

D.D., 713 Fifth Ave, 
Alexander Chapel, 7 King St. (which see). 
Ohalmkbs Church, 131 Seventh Ave. (which see). 
ROHEYN Chapel, 420 East 14th St, (which see). 
Children's Sdmker Homes, Atlantic Highlands, N.J. 

for the children o£ the Sunday-schools of the — '"' 

chapels and the church. 
Sewing-Schools at the various chapets. 
Woman's HKLPme Hand Societt, 





4. First, 54 Fifth Ave., cor. 12th St. Rev. Howard 

Duffield, D.D., 6 East 12th St. 

First Cliurcli of Tremont, Washington Ave. and 174th 
St. Rev. Gteorge Nixon, 1734 Washington Ave. 

Society op Christian Endeavor. 

First Church of Morrisania (Potts Memorial), Wash- 
ington Ave., near East 167th St. Rev. Jas. Edward 
Sentz, 1033 Boston Road, near East 165th St. 

9. First Union, 147 East 86th St. Rev. W. R. Harshaw, 
1428 Lexington Ave. 

Ladies' Aid Society. 

Society of Christian Endeavor. 

5. Fourteenth St., 14th St. and Second Ave. Rev. 

Henry T. McEwen, 238.East 13th St. 

Men's Association. 

Society of Christian Endeavor. 

Women's Missionary and Church Aid Society. 

«. Fourth, 124 West 34th St. Rev. Joseph R. Kerr, d.d., 
329 West 34th St. 

Benevolent Society; aids needy members. 

Free Monthly Entertainments; 3d Tuesday evening, 
in the chapel. 

Industrial School; for little girls, at the chapel, Satur- 
day afternoons. 

Ladies' Sewing Society; for city poor, especially those 
who attend West Side Chapel. 

West Side Chapel, 439 West 33d St. (which see). 

5. Fourth Ave., Fourth Ave., cor. 22d St. 
Grace Chapel, 340 East 22d St. (which see). 
Hope Chapel, 341 East Fourth St. (which see). 
Society of Christian Endeavor. 

4. French Evaugelical (Eglise Evang61ique Frangaise), 
126 West 16th St. Rev. Henri L. Grandlienard, 142 

West 16th St. 

Ladibb' Benetolbnt Society. 

Loan Relief Assoc iation. 

Sbwino Society: 'o teach sewing and make clothing For 

the poor. 
ToDNO Womaj's Houe SocffiTY etc. (see Class 11. , Div. )l) 
7. Goi»d-Wm Chapel of HadlHon Are. Chnrch, 231 

East 5lBt St, Rev. Geo. L. HcNutt. 
Heu'ino Hand Society; gives sewing to poor wom*n. 
Library and RBAniNO-RooM; for young people. 
YoDSe PE0Pi.e'B Society op Chsihtiam Ekdeavoil 
5. Grace Chapel ofFonrtli Are. Chorch, 340 East 23d 3t. 
Hblpisq IIand; for women, Fridaja, 2;30 p.m., during 

the vrinter months. 
BEWiHG-ScaoOL: for girls, Saturdays, 10 a.m. 
Society op Chbibtian Endbayor. 
10. Harlem, 37-43 East 125tb St. Rev. J. 

d.d,, 2070 Fifth Ave. 
Haklbm Chcrch MiaaioN. 44 Manhattan St. (whfchM 

Boheuias Service; Sundays, nt 5 r.M. 

Eabt Side Tbaohehs' Mebtdiq; Thursdaja, 9 p.m. 

Free Readino-Room, CatcuLATiHO Library and Roou 

FOR Games; open from 7 to 9:30 p,m. 
Bbwino-School 1 Fridays, 3 p.m. 
WoRKisa Girls' Club. 
youNB People's amd Jcnior Societies op Chribtiax 

e. KllOX,354Eaat72dSt. ReT.HughPritcIiard,7KingSt. 

Presbiftenan Churches, 389 


Children of the Covenant. 
Ladies' Missionary Society. 
Social and Benevolent Society. 
Society of Christian Endeavor. 

10. Lenox Ghnreh, Eighth Ave. and 137th St. Rev. D. 
G. Smith, Union Seminary. 

7. JNadison Ave., 506 Madison Ave. Rev. Charles L. 
Thompson, d.d., 54 East 69th St., or at the ehurdi. 

Good- Will Chapel, 231 East 57th St. (which see). 

Helping Hand (at Gk)od-Will Chapel), every Tuesday 
afternoon; for working women, for industrial and 
spiritual assistance. 

Society of Christian Endeavor. 

7. Madison Square, Madison Square and 24th St. Rev. 
C. H. Parkhurst, d.d., 133 East d5th St. 

Madison Square Church House (1886), 430 Third Ave. ; 
seeks to care for and elevate the poor of the vicinity ^ 
holds Gk)spel meetings every evening. Maintains a 
Kindergarten, Eitchenoarten and Boys' Club 
(see Class IX., Div. 1). 

Lodging-House (org. 1886), 430 Third Ave.; for men 
only, at 15 to 25 cents per night. 

Coal Club ; secures for the poor a good quality of coal at 
full measure and reduced rates. 

Ladies' Visitation Society ; aims to establish personal 
relations between individual ladies in the church and 
Individual families connected with our Mission Work 
on the East Side, and embraces a Supply Committee 
and an Employment Bureau. 

Prospect Hill Club for Working Girls. 

Women's Employbient Society ; for poor women. 

5. Madison Square Church Honse, 430 Third Ave. 
Gospel meetings every evening and Sundays. 

B. Madison St. (German), 290 Madison St., cor. Montgom^ 
ery. Rev. Bartholomio Krtlsi, 276 Madison St. 


Pr&Aytarian CkvnAet. 

Mission Chapel ofRlvcrdale Church, Spuyien Dujiil. 
Rev. Ira S. Dodd, Hiverdale. 
DACeHTEUS (Circle of). 
SocmtT OP Christian Ende.wor. 

EiKG'a Daoohtebb (Circle of) ; makes jpinuents for dt- 
serving poor. 

9. DLL Tabor (Colored), foniierlj Dodob Mexoriai.. 182B 

Third Ave., cor. lOlrt St, Rev. Horace Q. MiUer, 207 
East 103d St. 


Childbks's Sbwing-School; weokiy, 218 East 87th St. 
Church Missionaby. 
Kisg'b Daughters (Circle of). 
SiKoiKO GhAaa. 

Tonxo People's and Junior Societies op Christiah | 

10. St. Washingtou, Innood St. and Kiogsbridge Road., I 
Rev. Gleo, Shipman Payson, 10 Seaman Ave., Inwood. I 

Society of Christiah Endeavor. 

Shndat-School llraaiosABY Association ; contribulei J 

to Home and Foreign Missionary Socieliee and objecthl 
Woman's Missionary Society ; provides for the Hoinsl 

and Foreign Missionaries and Mission Schools. " 

10. New Torb, Seventh Ave. and 138th St. 

6. North, Ninth Ave., K. E. cor, of 31st St. Rev, 6. B.'l 

Rossiter, d.d., 346 West S8th St. 
KiNs'a Dauohtbrs (Circle ot); who assist indigent oldl 

ladies of the church. 
Ladies' Missionary Society ; works for disabled mis-J 

Pret^^jfteHan Ohwehes, 841 


Mission Band; for home missions among the Indians. 

Society of Christian Endbayor. 

Young Ladies' Benevolent Society; works for the 
poor of the church. 

8. Park, 86th St. and Amsterdam (Tenth) Ave. Rev. An- 

son P. Atterbury, 145 West 86th St. 

Ladies' Aid Society ; to help the deserving poor ; 
Mondays, 3. p.m., at the church. 

Lioht-Bbarbrs ; boys' society for religious work. 

Missionary Auxiliary. 

Seekers for Pearls Society ; a mission band for work 
at home and abroad. 

Society of Christian Endeavor. 

9. Phillips, East 73d St., cor. Madison Ave. Rev. George 

L. Spining, d.d., 33* East 84th St. Rev. S. D. Alex- 
ander, D.D., Pastor Emeritus, 153 East 78th St. 

Mission Sunday-School, 234 East 80th St. 

Woman's Foreign and Home Missionary Society. 

Young Ladies' Missionary Circle. 

Young People's Christian Association. 

Biverdale, Riverdale. Rev. Ira S. Dodd, Riverdale. 
Mission Chapel at Spuyten Duyvil (which see). 

S. Bomeyn Chapel of Fifth Avenue Church, 420 East 
14th St. Rev. Herbert M. Andrews, 231 East 14th St. 


Society of Christian Endeavor. 

Summer Home for Children. 

8. Rutgers Rirerside, West 73d St., cor. of Boulevard. 
Rev. Robert Russell Booth, d.d. , 177 West End Ave. 

4. Scotch, 53 West 14th St. Rev. David G. Wylie, ph.d., 
142 West 13th St. 

Home Circle ; looks after young women, giving them 
pleasant evenings and useful training. 

Immanuel Mission Sabbath-School, 54 West 15th St. ; 
has a Visitor for parents and children of the school. 



i Ghurclm. 

Ladies' Houb and Foreign Mimiosaet SociKTiBa, 

with auxiliaries devoted to cliurcti and clmritable work. 
Ladies' Sbwinq Socibtv ; uiLikes garments for poor 

connected with the Suaday-school. 
Rbadino-Roou ; f uraislied with perlodicah and papers; 

free to youug men of the neighoorhood. 

daya, escept Saturday, 
Vocal Clash fob Todng Women. 
TouNO Men's Lmpbovembnt Socibtt ; for Fhysical, 

Mutual, Horal and Spiritual benefit of members. 
3. Second German, 435 East Houston St. Rev. Conrad 

DoencU, at the church. 
BuBiAL SociE^r ; meets erery Monday. 
Woman's Mission Society. 
3. Serenth, 138 Broome 8t. Rev. John T. Wilds, 403 I 

Grand St. 
Hatfield Building, cor. Broome and Ridsie Sts. ; boma 

for youuB men, with cofiee-rooms, reading-room and 

well-fitted rooms for lodgers {see LoDQiNa-HouaES, I 

Class X.. Div. 3), 
BOTs' Meeting ; Tuesdays, 7 p.m. 
Childben's Hour ; Fridays at 4 p.m. 
Mothers' Band ; Tliursdays at 4 p.m. 
" True to Christ " Society ; Fridays at 8 p.m. 
6. Shilota, formerly at 167 West 3flth St., Is disbanded. 
3. Spring 8t,. 246 Spring St. Rev. A. W. Halsey, 81 I 

Vandiim 8t. ' 

CaOBUH SociRTV ; conducts the music of the church, and ' 

sings to the sick and at funerals. 
Ivy Band ; teaches children to aew and aids them to 

attend Sabbath-school. 
King's D.iUGnTBRs, " Rainbow Circle" aids withgar- 

menta etc. tor the hospitals, and does home mission 

work. "Sunshine Circle" makes garments for tha 


Presbyterian Churehea, 848 


poor, helps bury their dead and gives general mission- 
ary help. '* Whatsoever Circle " visits the sick, sup- 
phes necessaries and flowers to the needy and helpless. 

Ladibs' Missionary and Sewing Society ; for their 
home and foreign work. 

Young Men's Meeting; for mutual and general work. 

4. Thirteenth St., 145 West 13th St. Rev. Chas. S. Rob- 

inson, D.D., 57 £2ast 54th St. 

6. Union Tabernacle, 139 West 35th St. Rev. George J. 
Mingins, 222 West 39th St. 

5. University Place, University Place, cor. East 10th 

St. Rev. George Alexander, d.d., 25 University Place. 

Bethlehem Chapel, 196 Bleecker St. (which see). 

Boys' Missionary Society; works for foreign missions. 

Chinese Mission and School, 34 Clinton PI. (which see). 

Emmanuel Chapel, 735 Sixth St. (which see). 

Ladies' Home Missionary Society; Tuesdays, 11 a.m., 
from November to April. 

Light-Bearers' Missionary and Junior Bands; work 
for some missionary cause. 

Women's Foreign Missionary Society; supports 2 for- 
eign missionaries. 

Young Women's Circle, and Young Men's Society. 

10. Washington Heights, Amsterdam (Tenth) Ave. and 
155th St. Rev. John C. BUss, d.d„ 423 West 154th St. 

Charitable Offerings; for various objects. 

King's Daughters (Circle of); maintains an Industrial 
School and helps in general charitable work. 

King's Sons (Circle of). 

Ladies' Association; inclusive of Home and Foreign 
Missions, Christian Temperance, Relief, Church Im- 
provement and Social Work. 

Temperance Meeting; every Friday afternoon. 

Young Ladies' Mission Band. 


Presbffterian ChureJiee. 


. Welsh, ass East 13Ui St. Rer. Hugh Davis. 
SociETT OF CmtiaTiAH Endeavoh. 

, West, 31 West42d St. Rer. John R. Paxtou, d.d 

West 46th St. 
Chbist Chapel, West 6ath St., near Amaterd&m Ave. 

{which see). 

8. West End, Weat lOGth 8t. and Amsterdam {Tenth)Aye. 

Rev. John Balaam Shaw, 302 "Weat 103d St. 
EuPLOTMBBT CoMMiTTEB; apply to Wm. M. Waite, 315 

West 104th St. 
Ladigb' Aid Societyi relieTes tlie needy famiUea of the 

Wbst Side Excise Leaoiie (see Clasa X., Dir. 5). 
YouHe PEorLB'a Assooiatiom. 

West Farms, 1243 Samuel St. Rev. Chaa. Payson MbI- 

lery, 940 East lT7th St. 
Ladieb' MiaaioHARY Society; home and foreign. 
Sdcietv OF Cbristlah Endeator; gives pecuniarj aid 

to commendable objects. 

1. WestmiDster Charch of West Tirentj-tbird St^ 

210-312 Weat 33il St. Rev. Robert F. Sample, d.- 
214 West 23d St. 


MiBEiON Band. 

Mite Society. 

Society op Christian Endeavor. 

Youso Ladies' Home and Fobbiqn Mibbionart Boc. 

«. West Side Chapel of Fourth Cbnrch, 439 Weat 3; 
St. Rev. Horace L. Singleiou, 50 West 24th St. 
Society of Chbibtian Endeavor. 

Jtefornied Presbyterian Churches, 



6. Wilson MissionorCentralCliarcli, 464 WeBt42dSt. 

Holda meetinga ever; night, and liaa & Sim dnj- school 
and Free KiwDBnaABTEN, 
Woodstock, 185th Bt, and Boston Ave. Rev. Abbott 
L. R. Waite, 1056 Tiaton Ave., near East le.'ith St, 

7. Zion (German), 135 East 40th St. Rev. l'. E, Voegelin, 

320 East 39th St. 
Society of Cheibtiah Endeavoh. 


Re7. T. 

1. First (New), 133 West IBth St. Rev. James D. Steele, 
A.M., 13 West 18th St. 
Missionary Society; for foreign and domestic work. 
MisaiOKARY Visitor; tor the Sabbath-school. 
Society op Christian Endeayor. 
10. First New Tork, 37 to 41 West 119th St. Rev. John 
C. K. Milligan, d.d,, 2B6 Manhattan Ave. 
Jdyenilb Temperance and Mibhioju Band. 
Ladies' Aid Society; aids the poor io connection with 

miaaion and Sabbath -school work. 
Society op Christian Endeavor. 

SociETT oi' Christian Enbeavok. 
6. Second, 239 West 39th 8t, Rev. R. M. Sommeryille, 12ft 
"West 45th St. 
Society of Cbristias Ekdeavor. 
Woman's Benevolent Absociation; Fridaja at 3 p.m. 
during the winter. 
*. Third, 388 West 33d St. Rev. F. M. Foster, 305 West 
20th St. 

34G Proieitiml Episcopal Ch-UTche*. 



9. City Temple, 1736 First Ave., near 89lh St. 

6, First, 343 West 34lli St. Rev. Thomas W. AodcrBon, 

4. Seventh Atc., 39 Seventh Ave. Rev. Robert W. I 
as Seventli Ave. 
Society of Chbistian Endeavor, 


■ AU Anifels', West End Ave. and Slat St. Rev, ChiriB^ 

F. Hoffman, d.d., 31 West B3d St. 
. All Saints', Henry and Scammel Ste. Rev. Wm. 9. 

Dunnell, d.d., 293 Henry St. 
BoRi&L Aid Fond; far the relief of familiea upon tbe 

death of a member. 
MosicAL Instruction; free course for members of Ihfl 

Sunday-school who will receive it, 
Sackaubntal Alms are dispensed to tliose who, after 

careful inquiry, are found worthy of relief. 
, AU Sonls', Madison Ave. HDd QQIh St. Rev. R. Ecber 

Newton, d.d., 781 Madison Ave. 
All Soulh" Bkotseshood. 
All Sodlb' Guild. 
All SorLs' Struifeu Home by the Sound. Sea ClliF, L. I.: 

a home for childrea without regard to creed. Has ■ 

central buildlns. and S surrounding cottages holding 

15 children each; total accommodations for 17S. 

PraUitant Episcopal Ohurchn, 847 


Children's Missionary Society; Wednesdays, 3 p.^c. 

Free Kindergarten; school-room, 70th St., East of 
Lexington Ave., daily, 9 to 1 p.m., except Saturdays. 

Two Industrial Schools; Saturdays, 10:30 a.m. 

Iron Cross Guild. 

Kindergarten Normal Class; Kindergarten room,, 
Tuesdays and Fridays, 2 to 5 p.m. 

Parish Librart; free to attendants of the church. 

Parish Visitor; inrestigates all applicants for relief. 

Saturday Night Club. 

Women's Dispensary, 127zWest 48th St.; open Tues- 
days and Thursdays at 8:30 a.m. 

Young Ladies' Sewing Society; makes garments for 
poor children of various schools, Mondays, 2 to 3 p.m. 

-i. Anglo-American Free Clinrcli of St. George the Mar- 
tyr, 222 West 11th St. Rev. Benj. F. de Costa, d.d., 
48 West 9th St. Identical with church of 

St. John the Evangelist, 11th St. and Waverley Place 
(which see). 

4. Annunciation, 140 West 14th St. Rev. W. J. Seabury , 
D.D., 144 West 14th St. 

Girls' Fbiendly Society (branch of). 

10. Areliangel, St. Nicholas Ave. and 117th St. Rev. 
Charles K. Trpat, 171 West 97th St. 

Boys' Club; for mutual entertainment, instruction and 

Pabish Guild; of women who provide for the relief of 
the x>oor of parish. 

St. Agnes' Guild; of girls who assist needy girls and 

St. Andrew's Brotherhood, which combines charitable 
with evangelical work. 

. . ;4 iseension. Fifth Ave. and 10th St. Rev. E. Winches- 
ter Donald, d.d. 

PrvtateNl Ei>i»evpal Churthei. 

BoT^ Club; Tuesdays, 7:30 p.k. 

Chatkl ov thk Comtorter, 814 Greeowich St. (whicli 

IXDCBTBUL School: Saturday, 10:30 
lfEs'BCL,i7BAXDSicEBBXBi'iTSoc.;MoadayB, T:30p.m, 
Motrkrb' Hketisc: Tbursdajs. 7:30 f.h. 
Parisb TmTOBfl: to aid Ilie needv of Deighborhood. 
Srv. Agkbs' D&t NtTR^^ST, Tit Oreennicli St. (wlik^ 

see. Class n.. Dir. 13). ^H 

St. Elizabeth's Guild: clothes the destitute. ^H 

TorSG Women's Clctb; Wednesdays. ^H 

Dorcas Couuittge; sends missiooury boxes and cloth- 

ing I 

IsDOSTRLAL Sewisg-School; teaches sewing to girle. 

Kisq's Dacobtebs (Circle of); works for children. 

L£AOtjG or THE Shepherd's Floce; b mutual benefit so- 
ciety ; aids the families of deceased members. 

St. AjotBEw's Brotherhood; visits the sick. 

St. Amdrew'3 Cldb; for boys and young men, under the 
care of St. Andrew's BrotherhoocP. Maintains a free 
reading-room and a room for athletic exercises. 

TouNQ L.iDiEs' Sewing Society; makes garments for 
church institutions for children. 

ToDNO CROBADERa; for boys from 8 to 14 years, and 

Knights op Temfbrance; for joungmenfrom 14Io!1 
years. To train in habits of sobriety, purenesa Uld 
reverence (see Church Temperance Soc.Claas X., DiT.6). 

6. AtonGinent or ZIoti Cliapel of Church of Zion uA 

St Timothy, 418 West 4lBt St. Rev, Isaac C. Sturgii. 
Mt. Vernon, N. T. 

ProtegtarU Bpiscapal OhurcJie». 840 


Girls' Friendly Society (branch of). 

ZiON SEwmo-ScHOOL; teaches poor girls sewing, and 
gives them the garments made, Saturdays at 10 a.h. 

^. Ayenne A Mission of St. George's Chnrcli, 253 Ave- 
nue A. Rev. E. Campion Acheson, 207 East 16th St. 
Services every evening and a Sunday-School. 

Boys' Clubs; meet two nights in the week for telegra- 
phy and drawing. 

Bureau; for procuring work. 

Helfino Hand; for giving out sewing to women. 

EIiNDEROARTEN, unscctarian ; every week-day, except 
Saturday, at 9 a.m. Average attendance 50. 

-9. Beloyed Disciple, Madison Ave. and 89th St. Rev. 
S. Gregory Lines, b.d., 65 East 89th St. 

Dauohters op the King (Chapter of). 

Junior Guild of the Iron Cross. 

Parish Guild and Parish Visitor. 

St. Andrew's Brotherhood (Chapter of). 

St. Agnes* Guild. 

h. CalYary, Fourth Ave. and 2l8t St. Rev, Henry Y. 
Satterlee, d.d., 108 East 2tst St. 

Calvary Chapel, 220 East 23d 9t. (which see). 
Committee of Hospital Visitors. 

Committee on Archdeaconry of New York; Visitors 
to hospitals and prisons. 

Domestic Missionary Department ; to furnish boxes 
of household articles and clothing. 

Pree Reading Room for Men, 342 East 23d St. (see 
also Galilee Mission). Circulating Library : smoking 
allowed. Open evenings from 7 to 11 p.m., Sundays 
from 10 A.M. to 11 P.M. 

Galilee Mission and Coffee-House, 840 East 28d 
St. (which see). The centre of the East Side work of 
Calvarv Parish. 

Protegiaat Episcopal Churches. 


QiKLs' FaiENDLT SociKTY (brauch of) ; woma for 
Summer Home. 

Maternity Work; outfits for infanlB furcislied. 

Or.ivE Thee ItfNLoDGrNe-IIoUHEPOBMEJJ, 543 East' 

Relief Department of Calvarv Parish, at 
CsAPBL, 220 East 33d St. This includes an Emfi«t- 
MENT Bureau for giving sevriDg to women and aid in 
groceries etc., after proper iavestigation. Office boure 
of Parish Visitor, 11 to 12 m. daOy. 

SiTUMER Home, Lake Gilbad, Carmet.-, for sick 
dren, mothers with sick children, aged 'women 
yo-aag girls; $4 a week for adults, f3 for childi 
Apply at Chapel daily from 13 m. to 1 p.m. 

Wombs'b Forbigk Mibsioxart Absooiatioh. 

Women's Benevolent Societe; provldea wcirk for 
titute Protestant women. 

YouNO Women's CoMMnTEE on Domestic Missions, 

6. Calvarj Chapel of Calvary Clmrcb, 2 

Rev. , at the church. 4S8 West 83d 8 

Free Readiro-Rodm for Men, ut 343 and S44 Fast S| 
St. (see Galilee Mission). 

Ikdubtrial School, Calvary Hall, Saturdays at 10 A 

Parish Visitor; office hours 11 to 13 a.m. dally. 

Relief Departmebt, see Cai-vaht Cburch. 

Cathedral of SI. John the KiTine, see Pro-Cati 

i. Chapel or the Comforter of AsceoBlon Chnreh, i 

Greenwich 8t., cor. Jane St. Rev. Edward H. Vd 

Winkle, 35 West Ninth St. 
Boya' Club; for boys of tite Sunday-school. 
Earnest Woreerg ; young girts who make garmend 

for tlie needy. 

. • 1 

t * 

Piroteitant Bpiseopal Ohwrches 861 

Fbbsh-Air Fund ; sends women and children to the 
country in summer. 

Industbial Aid; gives sewing to women, and sells gar- 
ments made by them. 

Loan Fund; a fund in the hands of the Parish Visitor^ 
from which loans are made as a temporary help. 

Sewing-School; Saturdays during winter at 10 a.m. 

Charity Hospital Chapel, Blackwell's Island. Kev. 
Braddin Hamilton, 551 Fifth Ave. 

7. Chapel of Christ the Consoler (of the Kew York Prot. 

Bpis. City Mission Society, which see, Class IX. , Div. 
1). Adjoining Bellevue Hospital, foot of East 26th St. 
Rev. Henry St. George Young, Missionary. 

Chapel of the Good Shepherd (of the Kew York Prot. 
Epis. City Mission Society, see Class IX., Div. 1), ad- 
joining Almshouse, Blackwell's Island. Rev. Wm. F. 

9. Chapel of the Messiah (Mission of the New York Prot. 
Epis. Mission Society, which see. Class IX., Div. 1), 
Second Ave. and 92a St. Rev. Brockholst Morgan. 

8. Christ, West 71st St., cor. Boulevard. Rev. Jacob S. 

Shipman, d.d., West 71st St., cor. Boulevard. 

Christ, Riverdale Ave., Riverdale. Rev. George D. 
Wildes, D.D., Rectory, Riverdale Ave. 

4. Chnrch of the Holy Commnnion, Sixth Ave., cor. 20th 
St. Rev. genry Mottet, 47 West 20th St. 

Babibs' Shbltbr and Day Nursery, 118 West 21st St. 
(see Class v., Div. 1). 

Church Periodical Club; distributes the best periodi- 
cal literature and makes gifts of books among mission- 
ary clergymen and their poor laymen. 

DisPBHSARY (see Guardians of the Sisterhood op the 
Holy Communion, Class IX., Div. 3). Receipts and 
expenditures, $2,437. 

Employment Society; provides the poor women of the 

853 Protatant Episcopal CkureJiea. ■ 


parish with sewing to tie done at home. Commitiee 
meets at 10 a.m. Wedneadaya. 

Girls' Priendi.y Society (branch of, which see, Class 
X.. Div. 5): has classea in practical work of difEereat 
kiads, Bucu aa cooking, dressmakiag, Bewiag-machine 
work and bookkeeping, and a beneficial society for aid 
in cases of sickness. 

Guardians op the Sistbehood op titb Holy Commc- 
NiON, 338 Sixth Ave. (see Class IX.. Div. 3). 

Industrial School, 49 West 20th St.; eTery Saturday 
from 10 to 13 M., ia Parish House, 49 West 20th SI., 
from NoTcmbar till April ; teaches the system of trained 
sewing taught by the College for Training Teachers to 
young girls, properly Indorsed, from the neighboring 
tenement house population, and elementary drawing 
and wood-carving to boya. 'J 

Kma'a Daughters (Circle of). ^ ■ 

Ladies' MiaaiONAKr Society; provides clothing Uifl 
necessaries for missionaries and their families. ^ 

Men's Parish Club, 49 West 30th St. 

MisaioK Guild; to qualify workiog women and their 
children to be helpful to others dependent upon and 
looking to them for help, spiritual and temporal. 

JIONDAY NiQHT Club; to reach small hoys who ai 
in Sunday-school or under proper restraint; every 
day evenmg at4B West 20th St. 

Fenny Provtdbnt Fund (Station oO. 

St. BAawABAs' Guild forTrained Nurbbs; to advf 
the spiritual and temporal well-being dT nurses. _ 
vices are held in the church, 3d and 4th Monday 
each month, at 8 p.m. 

SrsTBRs' House, S30 Sixth Ave. (see Guardians of thh' 


Div. 3). 

■Summer Home, Askford Hill Retreat, Primrose 

P. O., Westchester Co. (which see. Class II., Div. 11). 

Traikino-School fob Girls (ace QuARDrAMs of'thk 




ProUitani MpUeopal Churches. 353 



Div. 3). 

Tbustbbs of the Home fob the Aoed of the Chubch 
OF THE Holt Communion, 330 Sixth Ave. (which 
see, Class V., Div. 2). 

Workingmen's Club (which see. Class XI., page 299). 

1. Coentles Slip Station and Mission Room (of Prot. 
Epls. Churcn Mission Society for Seamen, see Class 
IX., Div. 2), 21 Coenties Slip. Rev. Isaac Maguire, at 
the Mission Room, or at 235 47th St., Brooklyn. 

5. Emmanuel Chapel (of Church Society for Promoting 
Christianity among the Jews, see Class X., Div. 9), ^ 
East Seventh St. Services in English, German and 

10. Emmanuel, formerly Holy Tbinity Chapel, H ablem, 
307 East 112th St. Rev. Wm. K. McGown, 1982 
Madison Ave. 

Bbothebhood of St. Andbew (Chapter of), and has 
also a JuNioB Bbanch. 

CiBCULATiNG LiBBABY; Open from 2 to 6 and 8 to 10 p.m. 

DisPENSABY; open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 
from 11 to 12 m. 

Ebcmanuel Guild; for promotion of Christian work. 

GiBLS* Fbiendly Society (Branch of). 

Helping E[and Society; sews and works for the poor 
and sick. 

Beadino-Room; open every evening from 7 to 10 p.m. 

Sunday-School Wobk on Randall's Island among the 
children of the Institutions. 

7* EplpIianT, East 47th St., near Lexington Ave. Rev. 
iJford A. Butler, 1848 Fleetwood Ave., Station F. 

I». Oalilee Mission of Calvary Church, 340 East 23d St. 
Rev. Scott M. Cooke, 148 East 18th St. Headquarters 
of the East Side work of Calvary Parish, which here 
maintains the 


Pmlftlitnt BpiKVpal Churelia. 


Boys' Club, !t44 East 



i St.; open every eveDiag 
and manual tfainine-. 
Columbia Club tor Workingmeo. 33S East 23d Si; 

open every evening, 
Fehe Rbadinq-Rooh, 343 East 23d 8t.; open eveaings 

and Suuduje. 
Oalilbb Copfbb- House, 338 East S3d St.; managed 

by the Coffee- House Committee of Calvary Church. 

Open from 5 A.m. to 8 P.M. 
Gospel BBaviCEg ; every evening. 

Oi.rYGi Trbb Inn ; lodging-house for men only. H 

Pgnnt PKOvrpENT Fund ; Tuesday, Thursday a^| 

Saturday evenings. ^| 

S. German Mission of St. Thomas' Parish, St. Thomjl 

House, 329 East 59th St. Rev. R. E. Grueber, 2M 

East B3c! St. (see Class IX., Div. 3). 

3. Goii's ProTidencB Mission and Snn day-School (of 

the New York Prot. Epis. City Mission, which see^ 
Class IX., Div. 1). Temporarily suspended. ^H 

4. Grace, Broadway, near Tenth St. Bev. William ^| 

Huntington, d.d., 804 Broadway. ^H 

Day NtmsEKV, 04 Fourth Ave.; cures tor children 0^ 
working women while their mothers are at work. 
Gives sympathy and practical help to parents in sick- 
ness and sorrow. Receives IfO to 90 children each day. 
Open from 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Charge 5 cents per day. 
Dbpobitort, 640 East 13th St.; for the reception of 

gifts of clothing and stores for the sick. 
Employment Buhbau ; for parishioners out of work, 
FRESH-Ant Fund ; sends children and invalids to differ- 
ent places in the country during summer. 
Friendly Societies; consisting of Men's CLtB, 
Mothers' Meetings, Womsb's Meetings. Tubsdai 
Guild for working girls and Penny Providbst 
Fund, ^ 

Good Friday Guild ; for visitation of priao 

Protestant Episcopal Churches, 355 


Gbace Chapel, 183 East 14th St» (which see). 

Gbace House, 802 Broadway ; open to all persons con- 
nected with Grace Church or Chapel ; has a Libbaky 
and Reading- Room. Open daily, except Sundays, 
from 12 to 1 P.M., and on Saturdays from 7 to 10 p.m. 

Grace House By-the-Sea, Rockaway, L. I.; a summer 
home for poor women and children from tenement, 
houses, orphan asylums, hospitals and the inmates of ' 
the parish Day Kursery. 

Gbace Mission House, 540 East 13th St. ; has religious 
services on Sundays; Mothers' Meeting on Tuesday 
evening; also Men's Free Readino-Room. Open 
from 10 A.M. to 10 p.m. 

Industrial School; for teaching little girls to sew. 

Knights of Temperance. 

Ladies' Benevolent Association; provides employ- 
ment for poor women, relief of the needy, also counsel 
and instruction; meetings at Grace Chapel, 14th St. 

St. Agnes' Guild; for technical instruction of young 
women in dressmaking etc. 

* St. Luke's Association; ministers to the sick and suffer- 
ing, and buries the dead. Meets Tuesdays, 8 p.m., at 96 
Fourth Ave. 

IiThree Deaconess Funds; to support women-helpers in 
the parish. 

Trained Nurse; for nursing sick poor in their homes. 

Women's Missionary Society; has Domestic, Foreign,. 
Indian and Feeedmen's committees. 

5. Grace Chapel of Grace Chnrch, 132 East 14th St. 
Rev. George F. Nelson, 29 Lafayette Place. 

Benevolent Society; to assist poor women to main- 
tain themselves and those dependent on them. Meets 
Wednesdays, at 2 p.m., at Grace Hall. 

Children's Helpers; prepare work for Industrial 

Grace Co. No. 4, Knights op Temperance; Tuesday 

8M Protatant Bpiacopal Chvrckei. 

Industrial School; for girls. Meets Saturdays, 10 

A.M., atOraceHoll. 
Men's Club (workiDgmen); Monday evenings. 
8t, Agnbs' Guild; t«aches working girls some ioduslrial 
art by which to earn a better livelibuod. Tuesday and 
Friday cveaiaga at Grace Hall. 

h. Grace Hission of firaoe Church, 540 and S43 East 
13lh St. Rev. James V. Chalmers, Supt, 

EoTs' CtoB; open daily. 

Clothisq DEpoarrOHY and Diet Kitchen; for raembera 
of Grace Parish only. 

Coffee-Codnteb; open daily (5 cent lunch). 

Lectures and Entbrtainmbsts; every Thursday. 

Pesst Provident PtrND; Saturday, 13 m. 

Rbidiho-Roou; free to all in the neighborhood. 

Women's Bible Clasb; Sunday, 4 p.m. 

Women's Vbhein; Tuesday evenings. 

10. Grace (Harlem), 212 East liflthHt. Rev. D. Brainerd 
Ray, 1804 Lexington Ave. 
FooR Societies for Christi-in Work. 

Grace, Vyse St., near Tremout Ave., West Farms. Rev. 

Alfred J. Derbyshire, 1B31 Vyse Ave., West Farms. 
GriLD OF St. Elizabeth. 
Ladies' Parochial Qoild; for charitable work. 

'. HeaTCnlT Rest, 551 Fifth Ave., near 4Slb St. Rev. 

D. Parker Morgan, d.d., 51 West 45tli St. 
Choristers' League; members go, in parties of 4, to 

sing at the bedsides of the sick poor of the parish. 
UiocESAN MiBSioss SoclBTr; for the support of mta 

sionary work in the poor and rural districts of N. Y. 
Dispensary at Mission House. 
Domestic MiseioNABT Sociktt; provides for niinls of 

needy missionaries in tlie far West. 


Protestant EpiscopaX Churches, 857 

Dorcas and Emplotmbnt Society; makes garments 
for children of the Mission Sunday-school. 

Fresh- Air Fund and **The Rest "Summer Home; 
sends children of Mission Sunday-school and some of 
the parents to seashore and country in summer. 

Girls' Friendly Society (branch of); has classes in 
~ sewing, cooking, a sick fund, and aids Fresh-air Fimd. 

Guild op St. Paul, 814 East 46th St. ; for men. 

Industrial School Society; teaches needlework to 
the girls of the Mission School. 

MmisTERiNO Children's League. 

Mission School; 600 children. 

Parish Visitor; Sister Helena visits families of children 
of the Mission School. 

Stepping Stones to Heavenly Rest; a Circle of the 
" King's Daughters"; does special charitable work. 

Woman's Foreign Missionary Society; aids the Gen- 
eral Board of Missions. 

Young Ladies' Branch of Domestic Missionary Soc. 

6. Holy Apostles, 800 Ninth Ave., cor. 28th St. Rev. 
Brady E. Backus, d.d., 860 West 28th St. 

Brotherhood of St. Andrew. 

Helping Hand; supplies clothing to the poor; has sav- 
ings fund, mortuary fund and mothers' meetings. 
Apply to Parish Visitor. 

King's Daughters (Circle of). 

Parish Guild; relieves members in sickness and dis- 
tress. Apply at Parish House. 

Parish Visitor; investigates applicants for relief, at 
4:80 P.M. daily, at Parish House, 206 I^inth Ave. 

Rector's Aid Society; has charge of Fresh-air work 
of parish. Apply to Rector. 

St. Martha's Society; for religious instruction and 
temporal relief of young women. 

t. Holy Comforter, for Sailors (Mission Chapel of the 

PeoUstanl Bpiatopai Churehu, 

Prot. Epla. Missionary Society for Seamen; see Class 
IX., Div. 3), 343 Weat Hoaaton 8t. Rev. 
841 West Houston St. 

4, Holy Cross Mission, Av^e.Cand BiLSt FourthSt. Rev. 
Henry Meisaner. 300 East Fourth St. 
Athlbtic Club for boys. 


Dat-School8; for small boya and girls. Under the charge 
of Brothers of Nazareth and Sisters of St. John Bap- 
tist (see Class IX., Div. 3): the latter also oversee Ihe ■ 

General Chabitablb Work of the church. H 

Oymnabiitii for mea and bojs; open week days. H 

Rbadino-Room: for young men; open every night. ^M 

Recreation Club for young men. 

St. Ann's and St. Mart's Ooilds, for women and girls; 
St. Michael's Guild, tor young children. 

St, Helena's Hoxe, 653 Flttli St. HeaJqiiartera for 
mission work of the Sisters among the German poor 
of that locality. 

Holy Faith. East lfl6th St., Bast Boston Are. Bev. 

Victor C. Smith, 875 Bast 186th St. _ 

Chancbl Circlb. M 

Chilohen of Hope ; works for children's hospitals. ^| 
Helpins Cibci.e; assists the poor of the pariah. ^| 

Ladies' Aid SocrETr and Parish Aid Society. 
Library Circle; provides for Sunday-school library. 
St, Andrew's Brotherhood. 
VisiTiNO Circle of Kisa'a Daughters; who visit the 

sick poor in the parish and public institutions. 

3. Holy aiartyra, 39 Forsyth St. Rev. JamaB Mitlett, 111 

Proteitant EpUeapal Okurehes, 859 

Holy Nativity District Church Association; for the 
advancement of the interests of labor. 

Industbial School. 

Men's Guild and Women's Guild. 

9. Holy Sepulchre, Park Ave. and East 74th St. Rev. 
Thomas P. Hughes, d.d., at the church. 

District Visitors ; ladies to visit the sick. 

Girls* Friendly Society ; has classes for instruction 
for young women over 16 years of age. 

Industrial School; teaches sewing to young girls. 

Knights of the Holy Sepulchre; for the mutual im- 
provement of boys. 

Ladies' Guild of the Holy Sepulchre. 

Ladies' Missionary Auxiliary; aids missionary work, 
domestic and foreign, and among the Jews. 

Parish Library. 

Parish Visitor. 

The Church Brotherhood; exclusively for men. 

WiLLiNO Workers; an organization of ladies in circles 
of six for religious and charitable work. 

7. Holy Trinity, Madison Ave. and 42d St. Rev. E. 
Walpole Warren, m.a., 323 Madison Ave. 

Chinese Sunday-School. 

Dorcas Society; works for the general poor. 

Girls' Friendly Society; Thursdays, 8 p.m. Helps in 
mission work and other charities. 

Helpino Hand; branch of King's Daughters; Wednes- 
days, 10 to 12 M. Gives out sewing and otherwise helps 
deserving poor women. 

Ladies' Foreign Missionary Society, for Home Mis- 
sion, and Afternoon Sewing Circle. 

Messenger Boys; Tuesdays and Fridays, 8 p.m., 46 
East 43d St. 

Men's Pastoral Aid Society; gives relief to the par- 
ish sick. Special relief to such cases recommended by 


Protettant BpiKOpal CJturdui. 

the Pastor and members of the ProvideDl Associ&tioc, 
wonhy of more continuous and fuller sasiBtance, Em- 
ployment Committee endeavors to secure work for the 
UDemployed in the parish. Meets at the chapel, 46 
East 43d at., daily from S to 13 m. 

Mission Cbafei., First Ave. and 39th St.; free breakfatt 
oa Sunday morning, and services every evening, 

Obphabagk op Tire Chdbch op the Holt Tri 
etc. (which see, Class V,, Div. 1). 

Penny Pbotidbht Pitnd. 

Ruth Socibtt; for young ladies of the congregation, 

SawiKG-ScHOOL; for girls, Saturdays, 10 a.m., from No- 
vember to April. 

Sewing-School; Womes's Sewing Meetijso, Dispen- 
BART Wore and Sund as- School, 

SuMMBB Home, Strawberry Hill, South Norwalk, Conn, ; 
for children in the Sunday-school, Orphanage, and 
sick working girls, who remain one or two weeks. 

Toons Ladies' Mission Banii; to provide clothing for 
poor of pariah aod pariali societies. 

ToDNO Mf.w 'h Bhothehhood; meets Tuesdays, 8 p.m., 
in the cltapel, 46 East 43d St. 

., Assistant in charge. 
Dispensary work. Penny Prottobnt FnsD. SEWiiiO-_ 
School and Women's Sewing Meetdjo. 

10. Holj Trinity, Harlem. Lenox Ave,, cor. 123d 8 
Rev, Charles De Wilt Bridgman, d.d.,18 West 132dBj 
iNDrsTKi.vL School; teaches poor children ti 
Ladies' Bknsvoi,bnt Socibtt; gives work U 
Mothers' Mission; enables poor women to make | 

ments for their families at reduced cost, 
PA8T0RA.L Aid Society; distributes aid t 

poor of the parish. 
Summer Home, Sing Sing, 

ProteiUint EpUeopal OhnreHes, 861 


10. Holy Trinity Chapel of Holy Trinity Ghnrch, 
Harlem, 307 East 112th St., has been incorporated 
under the name of Emmanuel Church (which see). 

7. Incarnation, Madison Ave. and 35th St. Rev. Arthur 
Brooks, D.D., 209 Madison Ave. 

Bethlbhbm Day Nubsery, 249 East SOth St. (see Class^ 
n., Div. 12). 

Chapel of the Reconciliation, 242 East Slst St. ; Mis- 
sion Chapel (which see). 

Chinese Sunday- School; in chapel on 35th St., on Sun- 
days, at 2:30 p.m. 

Industrial School; for girls, at chapel, 242 East Slst 
St.; Saturdays, from 10 to 12 m. 

Ladies' Committee for Foreign Work; for foreign 
missionary work. 

Ladies' Employment Society; provides sewing for poor 
women of parish. 

Ladies' Missionary Society; provides boxes of clothing 
for families of clergymen, and aids aged widows of 

Mission Association; for mission work of the church, 
particularly support of the Mission Chapel. Cares for 
the sick and dying, at home or in hospital. Applica- 
tions for the admission of patients to St. Luke's or other 
hospitals can be made to the Rector. 

Missions to the Mexicans, Indians and Freedmbn. 

Parish Sunday-School in chapel, 25 East 35th St. 

Summer Home, Lake Mohegan; for children, who usu- 
ally remain one week; those able to pay are charged 
$2 per week; accommodates 25. 

10. Intereession, 158th St. and Boulevard. Rev. E. 
SprunieBurford, 861 St. Nicholas Ave., cor. of 158d St. 

Deaf-Mute Service; Sundays, 11 a. m. 

^ Industrial School; for little girls, Fridays, 3 p.m. 

Mothers' Meeting; provides sewing and relief for 
women at the chapel, 159th St., Fridays, 7:30 p.m. 

ProteiCattt Episcopal Churehet. 

I for childre 

Bt. JIary's Sisterhood; 
(ind HoHpitalB. 

S&viNO PcND of the Mothers' Meeting. 

YouHO Meh'b READma-RooM. 

Mediator, 2937 Cburch St., Kiagabrldgi 
NattresB, Klngsbrldge. 
3. Old Eplphanf House of St. Oeorfe'B dmrch, for- 
merly St. Ogohog's Citafel, 130 StaDton St. CbarlCB 
Jas. Wills, Evangelist In charge, at the chapel. 


Boys' Battalion. 

Bkotbbrhood of St. Andrew. 

Girls' Friendly Society (Branch of). 

OiRLs' Sewing Club, 


Helping Hand; TueBdaja p.m. from November to May. 

Kindergarten; daily from 9 to 12 u. 

King's Daughtkrb (Circle of), 

Rbadinq-Room; open from 7',30 to 10 

Relief Department. 

Sbabide Home, Rockaway, L. I.; a auramer home for 

poor of church and exciiraioo parties of children 
Sewing-School; from November to March. 
YoDNG Mbk's Friendly Society. 
1. Onr Sa T ion r (Floating Church of Prot. Epia. Misaion- 

ary Society for Seamen, see Class IX., Div. 3), Pier 

40, foot of Pike St., East River. Rev. Arthur H. 

Proffitt, 34 Pike St. 
Free Rbadinq-Room, 34 Pike St. 
Sailor's Hope Cluh; for men, Saturdays, 8 p.m 
Wombh's Guild; Mondays, 7:30 p.m. 
10. Fro-CKtbedral of the Diocese of Nen York, llOUi 

St. and Morningside Drive. Rev. Edward H. Clew- 

land, Acting Canon, 35 East 128th 8t. 

Protestant Episcopal Ghurehes, 363 


7. fieconciliation Chapel of the Church of the Incar- 
nation, 242 East 3l8t Bt. Rev. J. Newton Perkins, 
248 East 3l8t St. 
Girls' Friendly Socibtt (Branch of). 
Industrial School; for children, Saturdays, 10 a.m. 

EIing's Daughtbrs (Circle of); who* meet monthly to 
sew, and also visit and care for the sick of the church. 

Ministering Children; little girls meet weekly during 
winter months and make garments for poor children. 

Mothers' Meetings ; held weekly. Working women 
purchase materials from Society at cost price, and sew 
the garments at each meeting. 

Summer Home, Lake Mohegan, Westchester Co.; for 
children and working girls. Accommodates 35 weekly. 
Not confined to parish children. Board, $2 and $4 a 
week, including railway fare. 

**The Chapel Leaflet." 

9. Redeemer, Park Ave. and 81st St. Rev. 

; Rev. J. W. Shackelford, d.d., 
Beetor Ehneritus, 17 East 82d St. 

Boys' Guild; for mental improvement and recreation. 

Parish Guild; makes garments for the poor, and visits 
the sick and strangers. 

St. Luke's Guild; for young men. 

St. Agnes' Chapel of Trinity Parish, West 92d St., 
near Amsterdam Ave. 

«. St Ambrose (Mission Chapel of N. Y. Prot. Epis. City 
Mission Soc, see Class IX., Div. 1), Thompson and 
Rince Sts. Rev. Jocelyn Johnston, 38 Bleecker St. 

Altar Guild. 

Brotherhood of St. Ambrose ; visit and relieve the 
sick and needy poor, and engage in other works of 
charity in hospitals and institutions. 

Daughters op the Eino (Chapter of). 

GmLD OF THE Iron Cross; also Junior Branch. 

•Guild of St. Faith; for instruction of S. S. teachers. 

, Fiflh 

blMTSTiUAi. School: to teacL children. 
St. Axkbok'^ Yocsg Hex's SociBTT.with ClubRooins 
U 331 Varick St.: open eveiy night. 

Wi St AB4r«w'^ Fifth Ave and 127th 81. Rev. George 

R. Yan de Waier, d.d., 7 West 133d St. 
BKOTBxitHooD or St. Andrew ; devotional and 111- 

vniy loeetiaga, Wedaeed^ys, al 8 p.m. 
Chikkse Schools; Sunday and Monday 

tewrh Ctiliiese jDung men. School rooms, 

Are. and IVnh Si. 
FsxsStsosneABTBX; daily, Bio 12 k., 2067 9«coud Ave, 
OiKLs' Pkekxdlt Socebtt: Tharsdaj eveaiog. 
Ho^>iTAL ComiiTTU OF Gcnj>: visits hospitals and 

almshoases, and helps discharged patients to find em- 

St. Asdrew's AcsiLLiRY FOR Mes: [o encourage a 

DusstotuTT spirit uid to raise money for the Pariah In- 


1S91I. 106 Bast 133th St. Malcolm McLean, n.D.^f 

Surgeon in chwge {tee Class TI., Div. 5). 
St. Andrew's Guild or Womki; a missionary and chu- 1 

ilabte society, which meets at the church and works forf 

foRJgn and Lome missions. 
SBWi5o-ScnooL FOR OiRts; Saturdays, s 

4. St. Abb'b. 7 West 18th St. R«v. Thomas Oallaudet, 
D.D.. 9 West 18th St. Rev. Edward H. Kross, Ll.D., 
Auoclate Rector. 71 IrviDg Place. 

Boifs' Priksdlt Sociktt ; for boys over 13 yeare old. 

Brakch of the Women's Acsilusv ; for home ■ 
foreign missionary work. 

Cburch Mission to Dbaf-Hutrs, with its Hoke fokI 
TOE AOED AND Infibm, is an outgrowth of St. Aan'i^ 
Church, but is a separate society (see Class VII., Dtr.^ 
1), Sign services are held every Sunday at 2:45 P.M. ' 

Church Tbuperancb Socibtt: 3d Friday of the mondw.! 

PraietknU Episcopal Churches. 865 


DBPoarroRY; distributes clothing and other articles, 
Saturdays, after 9 a.k. service. 

Employment Sogibtt; gives sewing to poor women, 
Wednesdays, after 9 a.m. service. 

Fbbsh-Aib Fund; sends children and adults to country 
for a week and also on day-excursions. 

GiBLs* Fbiendlt Sooiett (branch of). 

OuiLD OP Silent Workers; for the relief of distress 
among deaf-mutes. 

King's DAuaHTERS (Circle of). 

Missionary Chapter; for systematic missionary work. 

JJioTHERs' Meeting; every Wednesday at 3 p.m. 

Parish Guild; for charitable work. 

Rbadino-Room AND LIBRARY; Open Friday cveuings. 

St. Andrew's Brotherhood (Chapter of). 

St. Margaret's Society; provides clothing for new- 
bom infants and assists mothers during illness. 

St. Mary's Guild Sewing-School; for girls, Satur- 
days, 9:80 A.M. 

Visiting Association; devote a portion of their time to 
visiting the sick and the poor. 

Young Communicants' Club. 

iSt Ann's, Morrisania, St. Ann's Ave. and East 140th St. 
Rev. Edward II. Eettell, d.d., next to church. 

Industrial Souool; for girls, Friday afternoons. 

Li^DiES' Guild; in charge of parochial visitation and 
relief; meets the 1st Wednesday of each month. 

Young Ladies' Guild; for work amongst the poor. 

S* St Anjrnstine's Chapel and Mission Honse of Tri- 
nity Parish. 105-109 East Houston St., bet. Bowery 
and Second Ave. Rev. Arthur C. Eimber, s.t.d., 105 

^ East Houston St. 

In the Mission House are the following: 


366 I'rotatant EpUcopal Clmrchei. 

Guild of St. Aonbs; for joung girls who make cloll:> 

ing for the needy. 
QntLD or Sv. CATaABiKS; an asaocialion of wo 

mlssioDBry aad cbaritable work. 
Home School; to teach girls useful houseLold hi 

teodtioce is a reward for merit in the Sundaj-scbool. 
tnDusTRTAii School; a sewiog'School for girls, memban I 

of the SuDdBj school; 3 departments 
Missionary Odild; cootributes to the general n 

ary work ot the church. 
NiOHT-ScHooi. FOR YouBG JIen AND WoMRN in prac- 
tical Btudiea; Duly regular attendauts at a chapel, c — 

14, are admitted. 
PARiaa School fob Boys; free day-school for boys who 

present a good record for Sunday-school atten-" ■ 

Apply to clergyman In charge for admissions. 
PARit^H Visitors; canvass sections of the cilj 

neighborhood to supply spiritual ministration. 
St. Ahdkbw'b Brotbbrhood; an association of young 

men workiog oq the general priDciples of the Brother' 

hood, but organized independently. 
5. St Barnabas' Ctiapel (of the N. Y. Piot. Epis. City 

Mission Society, see Class IX., Div. J), 306 Mulberry 

8t. Hev. Brockholst Morgan, Missionary in charge, 

IB Eaat 19th St. 
Emplotmknt Society; furnishes poor w 

terials, pays them for their work and sell9 to them the 

garments at the cost of the materials. 
Fbesb-Air Fund; aends the children of the St. Burn**; 

baa" House and Day Nursery to the seashore and 

try in summer. 
Qiblb' FaiBNDLY Society; weekly at 38 Bleecker 
Ikddstrial School; teaches needlework to the girls of 

the neighborhood. 
Nbw YottK Reboob Brotherhood (see Class IX., 

Div. 3). 
St. BiRSABis' Free Reading-Room; open nightlf 





ightlf ■ 

Protestant Episcopal Churches, 367 


from 7 o'clock to 10 o'clock p.m., for men and boys, at 
38 Bleecker St. 

7. St. Bartholomew's, Madison Ave. and 44th St. Rev. 
David H. Greer, d.d., 342 Madison Ave. 

St. Bartholomew's Church Mission House at 209 
East42d St., Rev. G. A. Carstensen, Minister in charge, 
maintains the following: 

Armenian Service; in the Parish House Chapel every 

Baths; for adults and children. 

Boys' Club, Reading-Room and Healthy Recrea- 

Coffee House and Restaurant; good meals served 
at a minimum cost to men and women. 

Employment Bureau; gives out sewing to poor women, 
Wednesday mornings, from November to May, at 14 
East 44th St. 

Girls' Club and Girls' Friendly Societies. 

Industrial School for Girls, including cooking, 
dressmaking, housework and millinery ; meets every 
Saturday, at 9:30 a.m., at 209 East 42d St. 

Kindergarten and Infant School. 

EIing's Daughters (Circle of). 

Men's Club with various social privileges. 

Mothers' Meetings. 

Penny Provident Fund. 

Rbading-Room and Gymnasium. 


St. Bartholomew's Chinese Guild (which see, Class 
X., Div. 6). 

St. Bartholomew's Rescue Mission, 207 East 42d St. 
(which see. Class IX., Div. 1). 

Summer Garden on Roof. 

SwirbisH Chapel, 121 East 127th St. 

7. St Bartholomew's Besene Mission of St Bartholo- 
mew's Ohnrch, 207 and 209 East 42d St. Henry H. 
Hadley, Supt., cor. of Third Ave. 

ProMtant Episcopal Charc/u!*. 

Brotseiuiooi) ov St. Andrew; for work among meiiifl 
Cooking- School; forgirla. Meets at the Nursery, J' 

Weat 38lh St., Saturday afternoons in winter. ' " 

at the chapel. 
District Visitino Society; visits and relieves thepoori 

also employs a visiting DUtse. 
Employmbnt BnRBAU for women ; open daily, from 

to to A,u. Seeks to secure work ana workers. 
Frbbh-Air Fund; sends the sick aod poor to the coi 
Guild of St. AgneS; for women who sew for the 
Guild op St. AauEB ; Junior Branch for young girli^ 

who sew for poor children ta bospitala ctr 
Guild of St. Barhabas; for choir and ei-choir boy?. 
Guild of St. Chrvsostou ; a men's mutual bene&t 

OuiiiD ofSt. CrPRUN; mutual benefit society for colored; 
men and women. 

OciLD OK St. Margaret; a women's benefit socidf , 

Industrial School; for girls. 

Parish Libuakt; for memliers of the congregation. 

Faribh School; free day-school for girls. 

Pennv Provident Fubd; St. Chryaostom's Station, 
Seventh Ave. 

St. Chrvsostom Chapel DiepBNaARV; open Mondays, 
Wednesdays and Fridays from 8 to4 p.m. The attend- 
ing phyalcian also visits the sick poor at their homes. 

Sunday-School Association; meets monthly for the 
instruction of teachers and olHcers. 

The Nursery, 244 Weat SSth St.; admits children 
the week or month. Application to Ik made at 

Women's Mibbionah* Society; Benda bozea of dol 
to mlMionaries of the Prot. Epis. Cbuicb. 



»' .. -.t •• 

.'■ ■■ ^ ■ - . - , ' ■ 
I^tktcmt Bpitcopal Ckwrehea. 869 


2. «t. Clement's, 108 West Third St. Rev. Theodore A. 
Eaton, D.D., 130 West 13th St. 

Industrial School; for girls. 

Mothers' Mebtinos. 

St. Aonbs' Guild. 

St. Andrew's Brotherhood. 

St* Cornelius' Chapel of Trinity Chapel, Governor'i 
Island, N. Y. Harbor. Rev. Edward H. C. Goodwin, 
Chaplain, Governor's Island. ' 

9. St. Edward the Martvr, 109th St. and Fifth Ave. 
Rev. Edward Wallace-Neil, 1321 Fifth Ave. 

Has various societies, guilds and confraternities of a 
charitable character, ail under the Immediate control 
of the Rector, to whom make all applications. 

4. Saint-Esprit (French), 30 West 22d St. Rev. A. V. 
Wittmeyer, 32 West 22d St. 

French Day- School. 

Mutual Aid Society for Men. 


Young People's Association. 

6. St. George's, Stuyvesant Sq. and East 16th St. Rev. 
W. S. Rainsford, d.d., 209 East 16th St. 

Avenue A Mission, 253 Avenue A (which see). 

Battalion Club and Boys' Club. 

Brotherhood op St. Andrew. 

Children's Missionary League. 

Choir Boys' Club. 

Deaconess House, 204 East 17th St. ; its members 
work for the sick and the poor. 

District Visitors' Meeting. 

Girls' Friendly Society (branches of) ; has Band of 
Kine's Workers, who work for sick and needy in hos- 
pitals ; also knitting and embroidery classes. 

Girls' Missionary Guild ; Mondays, 8 p.m. 



B70 ProtealarU 


Golden Cord Society ; for boya from 9 to 13, t 
living below 15th St. and East of First Ave. 

OYiiKASirM classes ; for bo;s, Saturdays from 9 to 13 m, 

Industkiai. School, at Teutonia Hall ; teaches girls to 
sew, and has a penny savings system for them ; Satur- 
days, 10 A.M. during winter. 

Kitchen Gabdbn Class. 

Ladibs' Guild and Emplotmbnt Society ; supplies 
the Belief Committee willi gurmeals for the poor, and 
furaishes employment to needy women at home. 
Meets Tuesdays, 10 a.m. 

Medical Dkpabtmbst ; open daily at Memorial House 
from B:30tolO A.M. 

Memoriai, House {Tracy Memorial), 307 Eaat 18th Bt.j 
headquarters for parocnlal work. " 

Men's Club. 

Mission Aid Society ; works for special charitable ol 
jecta selected from time to time, 

MisaioNASY Association op Sunday-School. 

Mot nii: Its' Mketino. 

Relief Department ; meets at Memorial House, Tut 
days aud Fridays, from 3 to 4:30 p.m. 

St. George's Atslbtic Club and OiKNABitJM. 

St. Georoe'b Cottaqe. Hockaway, L. I. : summer h<H 
for Sunday-school children and poor parishioners. 

Skabidb Work ; excursions and vacations for the p 

The Old Epiphany Hones , 180 Stanton St.. formeff 
St. George's Chapel (which see). 

Woman's Mibbionart Association; works for forefgi 
domestic, Indian and special missions. 

St. George's Cliapel, see Old EnrHANr Hoube. 

6. St. Ignatius', 56 West 40th St. Rev. Arthur Ritchie, 

at the church, 
OuiLDSOP St. Aqnes, St. Elizabeth and St. Rafba] 
Woman's Guild. 

i¥9te8fan^ iS^^iMcipa^ CAufv^. 871 


9. St. jABies', MadiBon Ave. and 71st St. Rev. Cornelius 
B. Smith, D.D., 101 East 69th St. 

Bbanch of thb Woman*s Auxiliary; sends boxes of 
clothing to missicmaries in our country. 

Bbothbbhood of St. Andrbw (Chapter of). 

Church Periodical Club of the Woman's Auxiliary. 

Emmanuel Chapel, St. James' Mission of the City 
OF New York, Avenue A, cor. of 78th St. (which see). 

Employment Society; gives sewing to poor wom^n of 
parish and other Protestant women. 

Euebgetai; young girls who sew for deserving objects. 

Fresh- Am Fund; for sending deserving members of the 
parish to the country in summer. 

€kK>D-FELLOWSHiF SOCIETY; for girls who are unable to 
attend afternoon meetings. Lessons in cooking, calis- 
thenics and social exercises. 

King's Daughters (Circle of); does charitable work. 

Parish Visitor ; visits the poor and reports their needs. 

Rector's Discretion Fund. 

St. James' Fund for the Sick; relief of needy sick. 

St. James' Guild; for boys. 

St. James' Kitchen Garden; teaches various branches 
of domestic work and calisthenics to little girls; meets 
Saturday afternoons. 

St. James' Ladies' Association. 

St. Ursula; young ladies who work specially for the 
Babies' Wards of the Post-Graduate Hospital. 

ItewiNO-ScHOOL; for children, from November to April. 

Two Societies of Ten; bands of young girls. . 

9, St James' Mission of the City of New York, 
Emmannel Chapel of St. James' Church, Ave. A, 
cor. 78th St. Rev. G. Clement King, Minister in charge. 

Kindergarten; open daily. 

MoTnBRs', Social and Temperance Meetings ; to 
reach the tenement population of the neighborhood. 

S73 Protettant BpisMpai OJcureAeg. 

St. James', Furdliam, Jerome Ave., cor. St. J&mee 8t. 
Kev. Charles J. Holt, next to church. 

FoBDHAM BsANCn OF Nkw Yobk Flowkr asd Fkcit 
MiaaiON; Wedneadajs, 4 p.m., in chapel. 

Ihdcbtrial School for Girls; Saturday!, 2 p.m.. in 

8t. Jamkb' PABiaa Aid Society; gives relief to the 
general poor of the vicinity, upon investigation and 
approval by visitors; meets Thursdays, 3 p.m., in 
clinpel ; also provides sewing for poor women. 

1. St. John the ETaugelist, 2S3 West 11th St., cor. Ws- 
verley Place, Rev. B. F, De Goata, d.d., 822 Waver- 
ley Place. 
Guild of St. Jobs the Etanoklibt; for mutual bene- 
fit of members. 

1. St. JohQ*a Chapel of Trinity Chnrch, Varick St., 

near Beach St. Rev, Philip A. H. Brown, Minister in 

charge, at the chapel. 
DoECAB Society; for providing clothing for the poor 

and giving employment to worthy women. 
Guilds of St. Cecilia, St. Faith, The Holy Child- 

nooD and St, Timothy ; for children and young 

Gthlds of St. John the Evangeuht, St. ChrihtO' 

PHER aod St, Timothy; for boys and young men. 
Goild of the Ibok Cross; a. general society of work- 

ingmeo over 16 years of age. Has a free reading-room 

and club-rooma at 75 Varick St. 
Ikdostrial School; for girts; teaches needlework it 

branches, Saturdays at 10:30 a.m., October U " ' 
Leakb Dole of Bread ; bequest of the 1 

Leake, Esq. (see Class II., Div. 3). 

i¥9lM^M9pMoc»pal Ohurehes, 



Mothers' Aid Socibtt; helpsp'oor women in childbed. 

Parish Sohool; for bovs; open dailj, except Saturdays, 
from 9 to 8 p.m.; teaches branches intended to qualify 
boys for useful positions : has a Eindbroarten de- 
partment for boys and girls, and Manual Training 
for the older boys in the use of tools. 

Sisters of St. Mary; for general charitable work, in- 
cluding Mothers' Meetings etc. 

2. St Lake's, 488 Hudson St. Rev. Isaac H. Tuttle, 
D.D., 218 tiTest 46th St. 

St. Luke's Chapel, Convent Ave. and West 141st St. 
(which see). 

10. St Lake's Chapel of St. Lake's Charch, Convent 
Ave., cor. West 141st St. Rev. Qouvemeur M. Wil- 
kins, at chapel. 

7. St. Lake's Hospital Chapel, 54th St., cor. Fifth Ave. 
Rev. CL S. Baker, d.d., Pastor, at Hospital. 

5. St. Mark's, Stuyvesant Place and Second Ave. Rev. 
J. H. Rylance, d.d., 11 Livingston Place. 

St. Mark's Memorial Chapel, 10th St. and Ave. A. 
(which see). 

&• St. Mark's Memorial Chapel of St. Mark's Charch, 

288 East 10th St.. cor. Avenue A. Rev. Chas. G. 
Adams, at the chapel. 

Boys' Improvebcbnt Society; for boys over 15. 

Choir Sewing Guild; makes garments for the poor. 

Girls* Friendly; meets every Friday evening. 

GmiiD OF THE Good Samaritan; gives physical aid, 
medical attendance etc. to the sick and poor in the 
neighborhood. Apply at Chapel, daily, from 11 to 2. 

LArtZES* Benevolent Society; sewing to poor women. 

Library; open from 7 to 10 p.m. 

Nioht-Schools; in practical industries, bookkeeping, 
sewing etc. 

.Parish Assooiation; objects — care and training of chil- 

ProUitant Spitcopal Ohardhet, 


dreni employtneDt of men and women; ca: 

sick, aged and infirm; providcLl schemes etc. 
SCMMER Hove, Morrifilonn, N. J. 
16. St, Mut's, XanhatUn Title, Lawrence St., near Am- 

nerdam (Tenih) Ave. Rev. L. Henry Schwab, 101 

Lawrence St. 
Bats' Cldb; has booka, gnmes and gymnastics for 
GiRi^' SoctKTY; sews for institutions. 
Ikiicstkial Scaooi.: teaches needleworfc to girls. 
SL Mmry's Mott HaTen. Alexander Ave. and 14ad 

Rev. Joaepb Reynolds. Jr., 3S6 AlextuideT A.Te. 
C.«>KT9 o¥ St. Abdrew. 
IspusTW-M. Skwinq-Schoou 
Kisa's Dacohters (Circle of). 
MtsisTERiNo Chiuirkn'b Leaqcb. 
Parish Aid and Vtsmso asd Strangers' Coi 
St. Agkbg' and St. JIary's GriLoe. 
St. Andrew's Brotherhood. 

Rev. T. Mc- 

MissioK IlorsE OF St. Mam the Virgin, 348 West 
45th St. ; under Sisiere of the Visitation, who visit Ihc 

Star between Wd and 59lh Sis., West. Has St, 
ary'i Guild for Women and Girls, teochea dressmak- 
ing and sewing, and has a hospital waH with 3 beds. 
8. St Matthew's, Columbus (KInlh) Ave., between 82d 
and 83d Sis. Rer. Henry Chamberlaine, 154 Weal S3d 
Indfstrial Scbool; for girls, Fridays, at 3 F.Tt. 
St. MATTifsw'e Guh-d; embraces Missionary and He- 
tief C-ommitlee and Hospital Committee. 
8. St. Mlehael's, Amsterdam (Tenth) Ave. and a9th St. 
Rev. Thomas M, Peters, do., 225 West 99th 8l. 
Bora' Guild; meets Monday and Tuesday aftemoons, 
and makes toys, screens etc. for children in hoapital*. 


Protestant Epiteapal Ohurches, 875 


Brotherhood of St. Akdrbw; for spiritual help to 
jou^g men. Has a free Reading-room. 

Cadets of St. Andrew; boys from 15 to 20 meet Mon- 
day nights. 

Industrial School, SEraLTfiRiNO Arms, Manhattan- 
ville; teaches cutting and sewing to girls and carpen- 
try to boys. 

St. Aonbs' Guild; for girls; works for missions. 

St. Michael's Church Industrial School; teaches 
sewing to little girls of the parish and neighborhood, 
Fridays at 3 p. If., in Lyceum Hall. 

St. Michael's Guild; visits and relieves the needy poor 
of the neighborhood. 

Woman's Missionary Association; sends garments to 
families of missionaries. 

TouNO Ladies* Parish Aid and Missionary Society. 

1. St. Paal's Chapel, Trinity Parish, Broadway and 
Fulton St. Rev. James Mulcahey, d.d., 640 Madison 
Ave.; office, 29 Vesey St. 

Baptismal Leagttb; for young girls. 

Dorcas Society; provides clothing for the poor and 
the children who attend the daily parish school. 

Free Training-School for Church Singers; gives 
instruction in sacred music and cultivation of the voice. 

Girls' Friendly Society (branch of); works for poor. 

Guild of St. Timothy; for boys from 7 to 13 years 

Knights of the Cross; include youths from 14 to 21. 

Missionary Society; works for different homes. 

Mothers' Meeting; for instruction and charitable 
work to mothers. 

Parish School ; day-school for girls; teaches English 
branches, and sewing, music etc. 

St. Andrew's Brotherhood ; for young men ; affords 
charitable aid when needed. 

St. PauIi's Workingmen's Club ; for workingmen in 

Prolcttanl Epitcopol Ohvreheg, 

SosTENANCE Fund; provides food for the verypooreal, 

St. Paul's, Third Ave., Dear 170tliSt, Bev. Thomas R. . 

Harris, d.d., 1446 WasliingloQ Ave. 
KiNa'a DAuenTBRs (Circle of). 
8t. Andrew's Broi'sbrhood (St. Paul's Chapter of). 
Woman's Adxiliart; takes charge of charitable work. 
1. St. Peter's, 343 West 30tli St. Rev. Olin 8. Roche, 
346 West 30th St. — 

6. St. Philip's (African). 181 West 26lh St. Rev. H. I 

Bisliop. 137 West 30t;h St. ] 

St. Philip's Pauibh Houe op teie City op New ToBl 
FOB Aoed, IspntM AND Dbbtittitb Pkhsons, 137 
West 80th St. ; a home for aged and infirm women of 
the parish, but others who are deserving are admitted. 
Supported by voluntary and church contributions. 
Capacity, 10. Rev. H. 0. Bishop, Pres. Apply a' 
theHome. (See Class V., Div.S.) 

«. St. Stephen's, 57 and 59 West 46th St. Rev. , 

Bloomer Hart, d.d., 43 West 47th St. 
EqmTV Club; has a kindergarten and nursery. 
Mission, usually of ladies ; visits Blackwell's 

weekly, ministering in various functions. 

n of 

ily a^B 

Association por Estploymekt of tub Indtjbtriods 

Poob; furnishes sewing, coal, shoes and funds to po<ur_ 

BoTs' Guild at St. Thomas' House; Mondays, 7:9 
Crinese SuNDAT-ScaooL; meets at St. Thomas' Hotu 

Sunday afternoons. 
Free Library; for boys. 
OBRtDiN Mission, ZW East 59th St. (which see). 

. ) 

Frotedain$ )S!pkecpal Ohurehes, 877 


GiBLs' FBiEin>LY Society. 

€k)OD-WiLL Society. 

Hblpino Hand Association; meets every Wednesday 
at St. Thomas' House at 1:80 p.m. 

Industrial School; meets at St. Thomas' House, 229 
East 59th St., every Saturday at 10 a.m. 

Ladies' Missionary Association; works for home, 
foreign, Indian, Mexican and freedmen's missions. 

Ministering Children's League; at the Parish House, 
Thursdays, at 8:80 p.m. 

St. Andrew's Brotherhood. 

St. "Thomas' Assoc^iATiON for Parish Work; carries 
on the work of the chapel. Deaconess, Sister Julia. 

St. Thomas' qpj>EL, 280 East 60th St. (which see). 

St. Thomas' Guild. 

St. Thomas' Parish House, 229 East 59th St. 

Workingicen's Benevolent 'Association. 

Young Ladies'' Missionary Society. 

TouNG Ladies' Sewing Society; for Indian missions. 

9. St Thomas* Chapel of St Thomas' Ghnrch, 230 

East 60th St., near Second Ave. Rev. William H. 
Pott, 148 East 84th St. 

Boys' League; for benefit and improvement of boys. 

Chinesb Mission; aided by ladies of St. Thomas' and 
other parishes. 

Day Nursery; open daily, 7 a.m. to 6:80 p.m., 227 East 
59th St. (see Class H., Div. 12). 

DxBT ErrpHBN, St. Thomas' House, 229 East 59th St.; 
supplies articles of diet for the sick, from 10 to 3 p.m. 
(see Class HL, Div. 6). 

District Visitor ; can be seen at St. Thomas* House 
between 12 and 1 p.m. 

FBBra^AiB Fund ; sends children on day- excursions, 
said tkklj children and old persons to country for two 


Protectant Epitcopal OhuTchea. 



German Misbios of 8t. Thov&b' Chitroh (which 
QiitLs' FaiKNDi,T SoctETT (hmnch of); bas cooking and 

dtessmaking claases. 
Gtmnahitim ; open for young men and boya, 

Thomaa' House, Thursdays and Frlilaya, from 

10:30 P.M. 
Helplso Hand Association ; employment to poor 

mothereand aid to needy farailiea. Wedneadays, ! p.m., 

at St. Thom&s' House, 3ZS East 59th St. 
Ikdustrial School ; teaches sewing and cooking to 

little girls, BaCurdaya, at 10 &.U.; has a Penny Saringa 

WoRKiifGMEjf'B Benevolent ABBociATioNOmB-HoDBB; 

open every night, 331 Eaat 57lh St. 
5. San SalTfttore (of the Italian Missionfef the Prot. Epis. 

Church, which see. Claas IX.. Div. 3), 307 Mulberry 

St. llev. Alberto Pace, Minister in charge, 313 West 

133d St, Office hours, every Wednesday and Friday. 
Lacibb' Aid Association; to care for the childrea, thckg 

poor and sick of the parish. J 

7. Transflgaration, 5 Easf 39ch St. Rev. George H. 

Houghton, B.T.D., 1 Eaat 29th St. ~ 

Holt Inkocentb' Guild ; for relief of sick and ded 

t^^e children. 
Matbbnitt Socistt ; for poor women in childbed. 
St. Ann's Guild ; ministers Co sick and suffering. 
Than SFiG ORATION Mission Chatel, West 6Bth St., 

Ninth Ave, {which aee), 

8. TransflgnrBtion Mission Cltnpel ofTFansflgnnitl 

Churcn, 69th St., West of Boulevard, Bev. Edwi 
C. Houghton, ISO West B9th St, 

Protestant Epiicopat Ohurchet, 878 

Gnu.s' pRiENDLV Society (brancli of). 
Ladies' Aid SocfETT. 

BiVBBSiDB DatNubbxkt (see Class n., Dlv. IS). 
St. Aqatha's QoiLUi for girls. 
1. Trinity, Broadway, opposite Wall St. Rev. Uorgan 

Dlx. D.D , Bector, 37 We»t26th St. The Junior clergy 

reside at 91 Churcti St. HaiDtains: 
St. Asnss' Cb&fel (wliidi see). 
St. ADausTisE'B Chapel (which soe). 
St. CHBVSOSTOu'a Chapel (which see). 
St. CoBHKLnm' Chafkl (which eee). 
St. Johh's Chapel (which see). 
St. Paul's Chapel (which see). 
TaniiTT Chapel (which see). 

Also gives aid to twenty other churches, all of which 

do tntMion work in the poor districts of the city; 

among tlieee are the following: 
All Saints'. St. Arh's. 

Bfiphakt. St. Clement's. 

Holt Afobtlrs. St. John thb Evangelist. 

H01.T MJutTTBa St. Luke's. 

HATiTTrr. St, Pbtbb's. 

St. AUBBOss'a. St. Philip's. 

Trinity Church also inaintains the following: 
Bedsin St. Luke's Hospital: $3,0O0aQDually appropri- 
ated for S beds for sick poor whom the Rector names. 
BuBiAL Place of the Poori the destitute poor of the 
^pari^ are given free iDterment in St. Michael's Cem^ 

teiy, Newtown, L. I. 
DisPBNBART AND Phtsician, 200 FuItOD St. (sec Class 

VI., Div. 8). 
Down-Town Reliep Bureau (see Class 11., Div. 2). 

kOnii*' Fribndi.y Socibtt (branch of). 
QuiLD OP St, Momca, 208 Pulton St.; at their meet- 
ings the memhcrs sew for the needy. 

) Protc»laiil Syncopal Clfurohei, 


Gini.DB for boys from 5 years QDd upwards. 

Guilds for young men from IG years and upwards. 

Gchdb for young girls nnd women. 

iNDCSTRtAL SCHOOL. 00 Trinity Place ; teaches y 

girls {members of the Sunday-school) to sew. g 

days from 10 to 13 M..EromOctol)er to April incluall 

KiNSBitaABTBN (see Class II.. Div. 61 and EJTCB] 

OABTKN (see Class X.. Dly. 4), 209 Fulton St. 
LadikS' BitFLOTMBNT SociBTY, 90 Trinity Place ; giva 

sewing to poor women of the pnrish exclusively. 
NiGHT-SCHOoi,, 90 Trinity PIsce ; free instruction in 
English, mathematics, drawing, bookkeeping, sbort- 
iinnd aud other branches ; for women and girls on 
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays ; for men and boys 
on Tu^ays, Thursaaysand Saturdays. 225 students. 
Pakish ScaooL fob Boys, 90 Trinity Place ; English 
and academical free day-school, daily, except Satur- 
day, 9 to 3 P.M. 315 pupils. 
Rbaddjg-Hoom, 90 Trinity Place ; open every night. | 
Skabcdb Hohb. at Islip, L, I.; for poor children (udl 
Class IX., DIr. 1). ■ 

Trinity Cnuncn Assodiatiob (see Class IS., Div'. I). ^\ 
Trimitt Chohcb Misbionart Society, 309 Fulton St.; 
makes garments for All Saints' Home and for mis- 
sionaries' families in the West. 
Teinitt HoBPiTAi., 50 Variok St.; for the sick poor of 
the parish, and, when there is mom, patients are re- 
ceived from outside the pariah ; accommodates 30 ; no 
contagious or obstetric cases received ; ward beds are 
free ; private rooms at moderate prices. 246 patients 
• last year. Annual expense about J8,500, Apply to , 
Sister Eleanor, Supt, (t^ee Class VI.. Div. 1.) ' 

6. Trinity Chapel of Trinity Church, IB West SSth 8 

Rev. Wm, H. Vibbert, d.d., 20 West 19th St. 


biokh; aids the families of foreign missIoDBiies, a 
does other missionary work. 

ProUitani Bpitcopal Ohurehes. 881 

Employment Sociktt; for employment to poor women. 
GiBLs' Fbibndlt Socibty (branch of). 

Industkial School; Saturdays, at 10 a.m., from Novem- 
ber to May 1st, for girls; gives garments and other ar- 
ticles to those who make them. 

Missionary Relief Society; sends clothing and other 
articles to the families of domestic missionaries. 

Mothers* Aid Society; to relieve and aid poor women 
in childbed, and provide for their newly-born infants. 

Parish Library; open to all members of the congrega- 
tion Sunday afternoons from 3 to 4 p.m. 

Parish School; free school for boys, open week-days, 
except Saturdays, from 9 to 8 p.m.* 

Singing-School; boys with good voices are taught, free 
of charge, and admitted to the choir. 

Sisterhood of the Holy Cross; to visit and relieve the 
tempore wants of the sick poor in the parish. 

Trinity Chapel Home, 221 West 24th St. ; for aged 
women, communicants of the church. 15 inmates. 
(See Class V., Div. 2.) 

Trinity, Morrisania, East 164th St. and Boston Ave. 
Rev. Albert S. Hull, 1080 Forest Ave. 

Well-Beloved Disciple, 1831 Anthony Ave. CPordham). 
Rev. W. A. Masker, Elmsford. 

e. Zion and St Timothy. 332 West 57th St., near Eighth 
Ave. Rev. Henry Lubeck, 1674 Broadway. 

Atonement or Zion Chapel, 418 West 41st St. (which 

Benevolent Chapter; helps poor women with sewing 
and money when necessary. 

Indubtrial School; for children of the neighborhood. 


BEFORMED EPISCOPAL (see Miscellaneous). 

^ I 

Dutch Reformed Churehes. 


8. Bloomin^dale, Bouleyard, cnr. West 68lh St. 
Madison C. Peters, nest to cliurcli. 
Society op Ciibibtian Ekdeator. 

1. Collegiate, of tho City of New York. Office at 113 

Fult«u St. Maintains places of worship, aa follows: 
Church, Fifth Ave. and 39th St. (which see). 
CnuRCH, Fifth Ave. and 48lh St. (which see). 
Dr Witt Chapel, 160 West 2Btli St, (which see). 
Knos Mehoriai. Chapel, 514 Ninth Ave, (which see). 
Middle CHURca, U Lafayette Piaoe (which see). 
North Church Chapel, 113 Puiton St. (which see). 
Ybemilyb CnAPBi., 794 Tenth Ave. (which see), 

Also maintains the following: 
Burial Place for the Clergy; a vault in the Marbl» 

Cemetery in Second St. for the interment of minister. — ^cn 

and their f amities. 
BuKiAL Place for the Poor; in Greenwood Cemetery"'^^, 

for the free interment of the poor of the church. 
Collegiate Gbauuab School (1U33}, 342 West T4tb S^^. 

(formerly known as the Ciiurch Scliool), A daj-"^- 

school with clasaical, intermediate and primary d^=- - 

parttnentB, and courses ia manual training. 
Free Bed in Prksbytbbian Hobfital; its use for th^ 

poor is granted by the Board of Deacons. 
Ihteknational Tblkgrafh Christian Association', 

American Branch, Nob, 1 and 3. 

6. Co!!effIate, Fifth Ave. and 2flth Bt. Rev, David 

James Burrell, d.d., at the Murble Church. 

Ad-viltary Society of Woman's Board op Forbiom 
Missions ; assists in sending out female missionaries 
among heathen women and children in India, CliiDS 
and Japan. 

Happy Hour Association ; members of the Sunday- 
school, who work for missionary objecta. 

Dtttdl Stormed Ohurehe». 888 

JSjng's Daughters (Circle of). 

Sunday-School Missionary Association and chil- 
dren's ** Church Builders " Circle. 

Women's Employment Association ; supplies poor 
women with sewing during winter. Meets Tuesdays 
at 10 A.M. at De Witt Chapel, 160 West 29th St. 

Young Men's Association ; has care of the mission at 
De Witt Chapel, 160 West 29th St. 

^, Collegiate, Fifth Ave. and 48th St. Rev. Edward B. 
Coe, D.D. , 42 West 52d St. 

Church Visitor. 

Committee on Poor and Sick ; assists poor families. 

Ladies' Auxiliary Domestic and Foreign Mission- 
ary Societies ; work for missionaries' families. 

Ladies' Employment Society ; aids poor women by 

Missionary Society. 

Society for Christian Work ; for religious work, 
care of strangers, visits sick and poor, and finds work 
for the needy. Also helps maintain the 

Vermilye Chapel, 794 Tenth Ave. (which see), and 
the charitable work connected therewith. 

Young Ladies' Sewing Society ; makes garments for 
missionaries in the West. 

Young People's Union ; the Young People's Commit- 
tee of which has charge of Vermilye Chapel, also the 
Boys' Club and Reading-Room. 

10. Collegiate, of Harlem (First Church), 191 East 121st 
St., near Third Ave. Rev. Joachim Elmendorf, d.d., 
61 East 123d St. 

King's Daughters ; respond to all appeals for charity. 

10. Collegiate, of Harlem (Second Church), 267 Lenox 

^ De Witt Chapel (Collegiate Reformed Protestant 
Dutch), 160 West 29th St. Rev. Kenneth F. Junor, 
M.D., at the chapel. 

■ ( ■ 


384 Dutch Rrfortwd Churchet. 


Botb" Mission Band and Boyb' Or-na; Fridays, 7;46 

CODRBB ov FoBB Lectobes od Industrial Subjects. 

pRESu-jliit Work; 2 weefcB' vacation for childreo. 

Girls' Mission Band akd Rewtng -School: Fridays, 
7:45 P.M. 

LiBRART AND RsADiNO-RooM; Open Monday, Wednes- 
day and Friday eveniugB. 

Literary Soceett. 

Missionary Asbociation. 

Pastor's Assistant Committee. 

Soi'nETY OP Christian Endeavor. 

Fordham, Eiogsbridge Road, near Jerome Ave. RsvJ 
Wm. P. Anderson, 530 Kingsbridge Road. 

CoTTAQB Sebvice AT Belmont, Tuesdays, 8 p.m. 

Mission Band of girls; alternate Saturday evenings. 

SociBTT OF Cdribtian Ekobavor. 

Woman's Home and Foreioh Mibbionakt Societ?. 
6. Foorth (German), 346 West 40tb St. Rev. John H. 
Oerter, 248 West 40th St. 

Society op Christian Endbavor. 

5. (ierman Evangelical Hlnsion, 141 East Houston St. 

Rev. Julius W. Geyer, 7y Second St. 
». Uerman Protestant, UU Norfolk St. Rev. Fred 0. 
Erhardt, 147 Norfolk St. 
Young People's Society and Kino's Sons. 

6. Grace, cor. Seventh Ave, aud 54tb St. Rev. Joseph R, 

Duryee, 130 Weat 36th St. 
Cldb-Room por Youno Men; open every evening. 
Grace Church Guards. 
iNDCBTRiAi. School; Saturdays, 2 p.m. 
Kino's Daughtsrs; the " Cora! Workers" care for the 

children; " Helping Hand " visits and helps the sick; 

"Willing Workers" visit and help the children of 


Dutch Btfarmed Churches, 885 

Sfiwmo SpciBTY and Social Union. 
SociBTT OF Christian Endeavor. 
Woman's Missionary Society. 

10. Hamilton Grange, West 145th St., cor. Conyent Ave. 
Rev. John P. Morgan, 447 West 146th St. 

Fresh-Air and Benevolent Work. 

Society op Christian Endeavor. 

1. Harbor Mission of the Reformed Ghnrch in the 

U. S., 30 State St. Rev. Paul Sommerlatte, Mission- 
ary in charge. Open daily except Sunday from 8:30 
A.M. to 5 P.M. Work among immigrants. 

4. Holland, 279 West 11th St. 

6. Knox Memorial Chapel (Collegiate), 514 Ninth Ave. 

Rev. William Vaughan, 18 West 61st St. 

Employment Society; gives sewing to poor women 
who attend the services. 

Fresh- Air Work; children sent to the country for two 
weeks in summer, and day-excursions given. 

Industrial School for Girls; Saturdays, 10 a.m. 

King's Daughters and Sons (Circles of); who care for 
the destitute and afBicted. 

Literary Society and Missionary Circle. 

Missionary Society ; clothing for missionaries. 

7. Madison Ave., Madison Ave. and 57th St. Rev. Abbott 

E. Kittredge, d.d., 711 Madison Ave. 

Bethany Day Nursery, 453 East 57th St. (see Class 
II., Div. 12). 

Industrial School, including a Sewing-school, Kinder- 
garten and a Kitchen Gktrden; for poor girls. 

Ladies' Benevolent Society; visits and relieves needy 
poor in parish and others. 

Mission Chapel, 440 East 57th St. (which see) ; has a 
Boys' Club, Mothers* Meeting, Reaaing-Room and S<h 
ciety of Christian Endeavor. 

DuUh Rrformtd Churchft. 


WoRCUifi GiULs' Society. 440 East 57th Si. (aee ClM 

X.. Div. 5). 
YOTISQ Ladies' Gold; bcQevolenl work for Uie pootin 

tbe parisli. 
3. MuihatUn. GermiD Eran^lical, 71 Avenue B, 

Fifth St. Rcy. Jacob Sthlegel, 603 Fifth St. 
ft. Xaoor Chapel of Soatb Chnrch, 348 West 26tb SL 

Rev. James Palmer, 48S Eighth Ave. 
ISDUBTRrAi, ScBOOL ; teachcs sewing to girls, nho an' 

given the garments when made; Saturdnys at '" 

from November to April inclusive. 
CiNa'a DicOHTBBS; work for the Hospitals. 
KiKQ'a Sons; contribute to the needy. 
Pardee Mibsiokary Society; members of the 

school make donations to home and foreign i 

to Hebrew-Christian work and other home objects 
PASTbR visits among the families, and personally 

tribOtes alms to the needy. 
Visitor; visits from bouse to house among the poor. 
Woman's Missionary and Aid Society; collects free- 
will offerings for the missionary work of the church. 
YoDNQ SIen's LBAorB and Touko People's Asmicia- 

Melrose, Ellon Ave., cor. East l5QUi St. Rev. John E. 
Lang, 748 Elton Ave. 
5. Middle Colleflate. 14 Lafayette Place. To remove 
to llSand 111 Second Ave,, as soon as new church is 
completed. Bev. Talbot W. Chambers, d.r., 70 West 
Seth St. 

LsDOBTRiAL SCHOOL; instructs tbe children of the work- 
ing classes in sewing, Saturdays at 10;30 A.M., front 
October to April inclusive. 

Lafayette Cldb; a club of boys from 12 to 15 years of 
age, which meets on Monday aod Tuesday evemags; 
has a gymnasium, reading-room etc. 

Fenny Provident Fund. 

Dutch Btformed Churches. 887 

Society op Willing Workbrs for Christ. 

Woman's Missionary Society ; works for home and 
foreign missions. 

Young People's Association; works for the poor and 
the general benevolences of the church. 

7. Mission Chapel of Madison Aye. Church, 440 East 
57th St. 

Boys' Club and Reading-Room; with literary exercises. 

Gospel Meetings; Tuesdays night. 

Mothers' Meeting; with devotional services and sewing. 

Pastoral Work among the poor. Preaching service, 
Sabbath evenings. 

Society of Christian Endeavor. 

Mott Haven (St. PaiiPs), Third Ave., cor. 146th St. 
Rev. G. Edwin Talmage, 544 East 143d St. 

Ladies* Aid Society; as occasion requires. 

Ladies* Missionary Society (Domestic and Foreign). 

Penny Provident Fund. 

Society of Christian Endeavor. 

Sunday School Benevolent Fund. 

1. North Church Chapel (Collegiate), 113 Fulton St. J. 
C. Lanphier, Lay Missionary, 130 East 16th St. 

Fulton St. Prayer Meeting; a daily prayer meeting 
at noon for persons of every class and character ; dur- 
ing past year more than 15,000 persons attended, and 
over 5,000 requests were made for prayer. 

New York Sunday-School Association conducts its 
S. S. Superintendents* Class here Tuesdays at 4 p.m. 

9. Prospect Hill, N. W. cor. of Park Ave. and 89th St. 
Rev. D. McL. Quackenbush, d.d., 7 East 92d St. 

Ladies' Aid Society; visits and relieves needy poor. 

Rogers Mission of Sonth Chnrch, temporary location, 
211 West 18lh St, Eug. L. Lentilhon, Missionary. 

Butch Seformed OhiinihM. 

7. South, S, E. cor. of Madison Ave. and SSth St. (I 
merly at Fiftli Ave. and 31st St.). Rev. Rodei 
Terry, d.d., 187 Madison Ave. 

FuBBB-AiR WoHJt; aniong children. 
Dadghtbrs (Circle of). 

Ladies' Bbnbvolbnt Socibtt; gives aid tii the poor Ot 
Manor Cliapel; maintaina the Ladiea' Sewing Socletj, 
wbicli cuta and prepares garments for tlie 2 tDduslml 
schools: the Employment Society of Manor Chapel, 
which gives sewiug to the poor women of the cUapel. 

Ladies' HissiONART Bociets; does miasionary work In ' 
the West and foreigu lands. | 

Lady Visitoh.. | 

Masok Chapel, 348 West 26th St. (which see). 

RoaERB UiseioR, 21 1 West I8tb 8t, ; for colored children; 
haa Girls' Friendly Society (branch of); Lane Band for 
doing missionary work along the Soutliern Coast 
among the freodmen, the Rogers Mission Band, and an 
Industrial Sohooii, Saturdays at 10 a.m. 

YouNO Men's Benevolent Association; gives . 
when needed to members of Rogers Mission Sunt 
School and Manor Chapel. 
6. Thirtj-rourth St., 307 West 34th St. R«t. Pet«; 
Stryker, d.d., 35S West Slst St. 

Camordbn Cadet Corps; athletic and social. 

CHAuTAPiiUA Circle and Litbrart Society. 

Pastor's Aid m Visitationi for church work. 

Society of Oeribtian Eboeavok. 

Woman's Aid SociKTy. 

Woman's Domestic and Foreign MisaiouAHT 
2. Union, 36 Sixth Ave. Rev. Henry V. S.Myers, : 
350 Weat 13th St. 

CHn,DBBN'B Faith Mission Band; teaches sewhig, 
seoda Christmaa Boxes to the children at home 
abroad, and helps the Mission Boards. 

King's Dauqkters; two Circles. 


. ^ 

Dutch Btformed Ohwrches, 3S9 

Ladies' Missionaky Society; aids the general Boards 
of Domestic and Foreign Missions. 

Union, of High Bridge, Ogden Ave., near Orchard St. 
Rev. Henry M. Cox, Jerome Ave., near 165th St. 

Children's Industrial School; Saturdays, 10 a.m. 

King's Daughters (Circle of); for visiting the sic^. 

Society of Christian Endeavor. 

Women's Employment Society; secures sewing for 
poor wo];nen and relieves the needy, Fridays, 2 p.m. 

Woman's Missionary Auxiliary Boards; for home 
and foreign missions. 

6. Termilye Chapel of 48th St. Collegiate Church, 

794 Tenth Ave. Mr. Austin, Minister m charge. 

Adriel Mission Band; sews and works for home and 
foreign work. 

Chapel Prayer and Gospel Meetings; Tuesdays, 
Wednesdays and Fridays, 8 p.m. 

Free Reading-Room for workingmen; open daily from 
9 to 5 P.M. 

Fresh-Air Fund. 

Mothers' Meeting; Thursdays, 3:30 p.m. 

"Ready Circle" op King's Daughters; assists in 
benevolent, fresh-air, and social work. 

Sewing- School; Saturdays, 11 a.m. 

Sunday-School at 9:30 a.m.; Song Service at 7 p.m. 

Visitor; cares for the sick, and distributes clothing, etc. 

West Side Working Boys' Club; open every evening. 

West Farms, Boston Road, cor. Clover St. Rev. L. C- 
Andrews, Woodruff St. and West Farms. 



CAnuuc foXKTOKnn I 

Sr. JoajTA, St. Lokcsx, Sr. Tn 

Dooghatf , S I^fayetu Pl*ce. 

21st St ReT. P. J. 
239 East 31st Si. 
Ladies' Society; for clothing poor cliiMren. Heott 
Tuesday i at 7:30 p.m. from November to Haj. ^ 

6. OoKrdUn Ansel. S15 West 33d St- Rer. WDllam 
O'Neill, 511 West 23d St. 

Rev. ChaiJIcCi 

Rev. Rich 

8. Holy Narao oT Jeans, Amaierdam (Tenth) Are.. 

We«t (ITth St. Rev. Jamea H. QnHigaii, 130 Wfl 
fiSlhSt. ^ 

Simian OathoUc Churchei. 801 


10. HolT Bosary,440 East 119th St. Rev. Joseph Byron, 
444 East 119th St. 

5. Imm^calate Conception, 505 East 14th St., near Ave- 
nue A. Rev. John Edwards, 503 East 14th St. 

Immacnlate Conception (German), Melrose, 672 East 
150th St., near Third Ave. Rev. John B. Liebfritz, 
626 East 151st St. 

Catholic Benevolent Legion. 

St. Bonipacius' and St. Joseph's Societies; for mu- 
tual assistance. 

St. Mary's Association's Reading-Rooms. 

Sodality op the Sacred Heart por Young Boys; 
with Reading-Rooms and Library. 

1. Maronite Chapel (Syrian), 127 Washington St. Rev. 
Father Peter Korkemas, 1 Carlisle St. 

1. Mission of Our Lady of the Bosary (Church), Mary, 
Star op the Sea, 7 State St. Rev. Michael Calla- 
ghan, at Mission. 

Young Men's Society op Star op the Sea; for mu- 
tual benefit assistance. 

7. Mission of the Infant Saviour for the Deaf and 
Dnmb, 111 East 40th St. Rev. Alfred Belanger, 1054 
Lexington Ave. 

Mission House (1887); open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.; for 
the social and spiritual benefit of deaf-mutes, and to 
provide for their education. 

5. Most Holy Redeemer (German), 165 East 3d St., bet. 
Aves. A and B. Rev. Andrew Ziegler, 178 East 3d st. 

Aloysius, St. Alphonsus', St. Anne's. St. James*, St. 
John's, St. Joseph's, St. Paulinus* Societies for 
mutual assistance. 

Free School por Poor Children. 

1. Most Precious Blood, 113-117 Baxter St. Rev. F. 
Morelli, at the church. 



! Raman Oath^e Ohitreha. 


6. NfttlTltf , 48 Second A^e. Rev. WiUiam Evereii, 44 
tiecoDd Ave. 

9. Onr Lady of Good Connsel, 236 Eaat 90th St. ReT. 

William J. O^Kelly, 230 East 90th St. 
Oar Lady of Mercy, Fordham. Rev. Patrick S. Hui- 

phy, a.j., Fordham. 
Catholic Bekevolsnt Lxoioit. 


MoTUAi. Bsswrr Assocution. 

10. OnrLa4yofMt.Carmel (Italian), J47EBstllStbS' . 
near Pleasant Ave. Rev, Michael Carmody, 475 Eaal 
116th St. 

9. Our Ladf of Ferpetnal Help (Bohemian). 331 Eaat . 
61at Bt. Rev. John H. Loewekamp, 833 East Slat Bl 
SociETiBa OP BoRiTOJ, St. John, St. Loduha s 
St. 'Wkbckslaos. 

All these societies are fur the support of members IB 
cuse of sickness, and to aid the widows and children ta 
case of the death of a member. 


e. Sured Heart of Jesns, 447 West 61st St. Rev. 

Mooney, 467 Weal Blat St. 
7. St. Agnes', 146 East 43d St. Rev. Hcory A. 

D.D., 141 East 43d Bt. 
U. St, AlpliODSns (Eneliah and German), 232 So, 

Ave. Rev. Frederick W- Wayrich, 0.88.K., S 

Boman Oathotis^ GUurckes, Sd^ 


Bbneficial Society (German). 

Kbadino-Room and Libraby. 

St. Michael's Beneficial Society (German). 

Total Abstinence Beneficial Society (English). 

Young Men's Beneficial Society. 

Young Men's Literary and Athletic Society. 

1. St. Andrew's, Duane St. and City Hall Place. Rev. E. 

P. Quinn, 20 City Hall Place. 

5. St. Ann's, 112 East 12th St. Rev. Andrew J. Clancy, 
D.D., 110 East 12th St. 

3. St. Anthony of Padna (Italian), 153 Sullivan St., near 

Prince. Rev. Julius D'Arpino, 151 Thompson St. 

St. Ansrnstine's, 867 Jefferson St., near Franklin Ave. , 
Momsania. Rev. T. P. Gregg, 865 Jefferson St. 

2. St. Benedict the Moor (colored), 210 Bleecker St. 

Rev. John E. Burke, 120 Macdougal St. 

4. St. Bernard's, 332 West 14th St. Rev. Gabriel A. 

Healy, 328 West 14th St. 

7. St. Boniface (German), 882 Second Ave., cor. 47th St. 
Rev. Ignatius P. Delveaux, 304 East 47th St. 

5. St. Bri^id's, 123 Ave. B, cor. Eighth St. Rev. Patrick 

F. McS weeny, d.d., 119 Ave. B. 

Catholic Benevolent Legion. 

Men's Total Abstinence Society. 

Parochial Library. 

Women's and Young Women's Rosary, Prayer 
and Benevolent Societies. 

Young Men's and Youths' Literary Unions. 

10. St. Catherine of Genoa, 502 West 153d St. and Boule- 
vard. Rev. Edward P. Slattery, 506 West 153d St. 

9. St Cecilia, 122 East 106th St., near Lexington Ave. 
Rev. Michael J. Phelan, 125 East 105th St. 

394 Uoraan GathoUc Oharehei. 


to. St. Charles Borrom«o, 214 West I42d St., 

Seventli Ave. Rev. Clmrles M. O'KeeHe, d.d 

West Ulat St. 

10. St. EllzahBth'B, West 187tli St. and Broadway, Port 
Washington. Rev, Joseph H. Biglej, at the churdi, 
Catdoltc Bbnbtolent L&aioM. 
Ke&siko-Roou and Ltbrabt. 
YooNO Men's Litbrabt and Athletic Uniob. 

7. St, Gabriel's. 310 EaatSTth St, Very Rev. Mgt. JA 
M. Farley, 308 East 37t]i St. 
NiOHT-8cHOOL; for working boya and young roen. 
Total Abstinbncb akd Mtttpal Benefit Sociktt. 
ToTiNe AIbn'b Catholic Owm (Literary). 
YouMS Women's Mutual Benefit Society. 

Rev. J(^ 

9. St. Jeau Baptlate (Canadian), 159 East 76th St. Bai 

Frederick Tetreau, at church. 
St. Jerome, 230 AleKauder Ave , cor. East 187tk 6 

Rev. Patrick W. Tandy, 330 Alexander Ave. 
1. St. Jaochtm'B (Italian), 24 Roosevelt Ht. Rev. A. V 

centini, 138 White St. 

St. John's, 2911 Church St., Kingsbridge. Rev. 

ward J. O'Oorman, 3933 Church St., Kingsbridge. 

St. John's, Idlst St., nearRobhina Ave., East Horrii 

Rev, Patrick W. Tandy, 230 Aleiander Ave. 


Baman OathoUc Ohwchea. 895 


6. St. John the Baptist (German), 209 West 30th St. 

Rev. Bonaventure Prey, 210 West 3l8t St. 

7. St. John the Eraiigrelist, 355 East 55th St. Rev. 
James J. Flood, 351 East 55th St. 

2. St. Joseph's, 59 Sixth Ave. Rev. John B. Salter, 109 
Washington Place. 

St. Joseph's, 1850 Washington Ave., near 176th St. 
Rev. Peter Parrell, 1852 Washington Ave. 

9. St. Joseph's (German), 408 East 87th St. Rev. Anthony 

Lammel, 412 East 87th St. 

10. St. Joseph's (German), Manhattanville, 125th St. and 
Columbus (Ninth) Ave. Rev. Anthony Kesseler, 405 
West 125th St. 

Catholic Benevolent Legion; for mutual protection. 

Catholic Mutual Benevolent Association. 

St. Anthony's, St. Joseph's and St. Mary's Soci- 
TiES; for mutual assistance. 

9. St. Lawrence, Park Ave. and East 84th St. Rev. 
Francis T. McCarthy, 980 Park Ave. 

Boys' Brotherhood. 

Ladies' and Gentlemen's Branch Crusades. 

League of the Sacred Heart. 

Married Ladies', Young Ladies', Young Men's and 
Girls' Sodalities. 

7. St. Leo's, 11 East 28th St. Rev. Thomas P. Ducey, 18 

East 29th St. 

St. Margaret's, Riverdale. Rev. James F. Keily. 

8. St. Mary's, 438 Grand St.. near Ridge. Rev. Nicholas 

J. Hughes, 28 Attorney St. 

Branch of the Catholic Knights of America. 

St. Mary's Schools and Kindergarten ; poor chil- 
dren of the schools are supplied with shoes and cloth- 
ing during the winter months. 

Young Men's Library Association, 235 East Broad- 
way; for literary, social and healthy recreation. 

Barnan OatlioSie Okurcliet, 

St. Harj's, WUliamsbrldge. Rev. 
6. St. Marj Magdalen's (QermaD). 527 East 17th 8e" 

. Hurley. ^1 
last 17th 8e" 

». St, HonicaX 409 East 7Dtii St. Hot. James Dongli- 

erty, U.D.. 418 East 71(tli St. 
S. St. Nicholas (Oermaii), 125 Second St, Rev. Joho B. 

Mayer, 113 First St. 
7, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Fiftli Ave. and SOth St. Ml. 
Rev. M. A. Corrigan, D.D., Archbishop; Rev. C. E. 
McDonnell, d.d., CImncellor; Rev. M. I. Lavelle. R 
tor, 460 MadlaoD Ave. 
Cathedral Free Circctlatino Libbari. 
CATHEDRAr. FitEB ScnooL; 1,500 cliildren. 
YouNQ Men's Litebakv and Athletic Society, 



icil. ^M 

10. St. Paal'B, 131 Bast 117t!i St. Rev, John McQuirii, 
D.D., 137 East 117th St. 
Catholic Benevolent Leoiok, Mt. Morris Council. , 
Ladies' Sewikq Society; for clothing deserving pi 
St. Paul's Libkaby Ashociation. 

8. St. Panl the Apoatle, Ninth Ave., cor. West 60tb St. 
Rev. (Jeorge Defihoo, 415 West 59th St. 
Columbian Readino Union. 
Ladies' Aid Society; assists the St. Vincent dk Padi-'s 

Society (which see, Class IL, Div. 3). "^ 

MnsicAi. Union; Monday evenings. 
Ozanam Reading Circle, 473 West 57t!j St. 
Paboohjal Lebraby; open Monday evenings. 
St. Joseph's Day NuBSBny {see Class IL, Div. 13). 
St. Paul's Temperance CADKrs; for boys. 

Bamim OathoUo Chwrcke%, 807 

St. Paul's Temperance Guild (Men'sTotal Abstinence). 
St. Paul's Schools and Kindergarten. 
Rosary Society and League op the Sacred Heart. 
Sodality op the Annunciation. 

Spalding Literary Union and Young Men's Soci- 
ety ; rooms, 34 West 60th St. 

L St. Peter's, 18-23 Barclay St. Rev. James B[. Mc- 
Gtean, 15 Barclay St. 

Catholic Benevolent Legion, Dubois Council. 

St. Peter's Free Schools. 

Young Men's Literary Society. 

6. St BaphaePs, 509 West 40th St. Rev. Malick A. 

Cunnion, 505 West 40th St. 

Catholic Mutual Benefit Association. 

Young Men's Literary and Athletic Association. 

8. St. Rose of Lima, 34 Cannon St. Rev. Edward T. 
McGinley, 40 Cannon St. 

8. St. Stanislaus (Polish). 43 Stanton St. Rev. Francis 
H. A. Premel, 177 Forsyth St. 

7. St. Stephen's, 142 East 29th St. Rev. Charles H. Col- 

ton, 142 East 29th St. 

Catholic Benevolent Legion. 

Free School. 

Free Circulatinq Library and Reading-Room. 

Sewing Society. 

1. St. Teresa's, Rutgers St., cor. Henry. Rev. Michael 

C. O'Farrell, 141 Henry St. 

St. Theresa's and St. Paul's Benevolent Societies. 

St. Thomas Aquinas, Tremont and Oostdorp Aves., 
. West Farms. Rev. D. J. McMahon, 1277 Tremont Ave. 

10. St. Thomas the Apostle, 118th St., near St. Nicholas^ 
Ave. Rev. John J. Keogan, 247 West 121st St, 

2. St. Teroniea, 626 Washington St. Rev, 

iimal GhurelieH itritt JfiMi'om. 

e. St. Vincent de Panl'a (French). 137 West 23d St. Rei, 
QatXan Seplier, ISU West 24th St. 


Free Sbwtnq Class ; Saturday s, to 11 a.h. 

Free School and Dat Ncrsebt, 69 WashiDgton Bq. 

(see Class n.. »iv. 12). 
French Benevolent Booiett ; for the Indies of ^e 

Sadab, wbo visit, lielp. feed und clothe tlie pocr. 
Icota first Thursday of each mnnlli in liosemeDl ol 
church at 2 p.m. (see Class IV., Div. 1). 
Orphan Asvt,um of St. Vincent db pAtn.. 215 W«* 
39th St. (see Class V., Diy. 1). 
5. St. Vincent Ferrer, 871 Lexington Ave. Rev. Joaqdi 
H. Slinger, 800 I^singion Ave. 

Williamsbridge. He<r. HieroDyniU 

3. Broome St, Tahemocle of New York Citj- Hlsalon 

and Tract Society, 305 Broome St. Rev. C. U. Tjn- 

dull, at the church. 
Band op HorB ; Fridays, 3:30 p.m. 
Free Library and Beadino-Room ; for members of 

the coQgrugation and Sunday- school, also all outsiders. 
GrMNAPioiii ; with classes for ladies and girls, 
KiN&'a DAnoHTEHS, and Lodginq-Houbb Mibsionabt 

Society ; visit lodging-houses, hospitals and prisons. 

ftud hold prayer-meetings. 


Undenmnimitional 07iuTc!ie» and Misnioim, 899 

MoTfiBRs' Mebtino ; Thursday nflfiriioons. 
Opbf-Aib Mbethios ; held in Boweiy and Broome St. 

ftod other public places. 
Pkhmt Providkmt Fuhd. 
8s: wmO' School ; for glrla of the Sunday-school. 
SociETT OF Chribtiak Endbavor. 

helps Tsrious mlsaloaary objects at home and abroad. 
6. Creiaome Mission, see McAulbv'b, next page. 
8. De Witt Memorial of New York Cit; MlsHion and 

Tract SoeietT (see Class IX., Div. 1). 380 RivingtoD 

St. Rev. WillUm T. Elglng, 286 Rivingtoa St. 


Pbeb CiBCui.ATrae Libbaby ; contains 1,900 books. 
HBLPisa Haud ; provides sewing for employment and 

relief of poor women, and spiritual help. 
KiNa's Dauohtbrs (Circle of); makes garments for and 

Tisits the poor and sick. 
SociETr OF Chbibtian Ehubatob. 
10. East Harlem Mission, 2347 Second Ave. Rev. 

Pliilip Watters. 73 East 124t!i St. 
5. East Side Chapel of llsst Side Cbapel snd Bible- 
Woman's Association, 404 East I5th St. (see Class 
IX., Div. 1). 
S. Florence Mission, 31 Bleenker St. Charles N. Crit- 

tenton, Supt. (See Clasa IX., Div. 3.) 
3. German Mission of Do ITItt Memorial Cbnreh, 380 
Rivington St. Ri/v. Tlioo. Leonhard, at the church, 
I Second St. 

G. Gospel Chapel, 305 West 30th St. Rev. Alfred 
Blewitt, at tfie church. 
SociBTy OP Chuibtiam EHpsAvoit. 

Ulidenmm national C/itirchea aiid Missiona. 

William Deau, Miasiooary. 
1. Italian GTaneellcal Wisslon of N. Y. City Mission 
and Tract Society, 155 Wortli St. Rev. Aowmo 
Arrighi, at the church. 


1. SoAnley Water St. Hlsslon, 316 Water 8t. B. H. 

Hadley, Supt. (See Class IX., Div. 1.) 
7. Manhattan Cliai)el. of N. Y. Bfble and Fruit Mission 
etc, (see Class III., Div. 6), 433 Eaat 36th St. 

1. Mariners', of Society for ProrngtiDg the Qospel among 
Seamen etc. (see Class IX., Div. 2), 46 Catharine 8t. 
ReT, Samuel Boiilt, at church. Rev. Michael Paulsen, 
Scandinavian Missionary. 
West Side Branch, tor. Washington and Charlton Sla. 
John Waite. Supt., at the Miasion. 

1. Mission ChapelB of the Inl«rnational Medical Mis- 
sionary Society (see Class X., Div. 4), 81 Roosevelt 
BE. and 3349 Second Ave. 

8. New York Colored Mission, 135 West 30th Si. Ernest 
H. Gardner, Supt. of Sabbath- school, 186 West 82d 
St. (See Class IX., Div. 2.) 

S. Olivet MemorUl Chnrch of New York Citr H Isslon 
and Tract Society, 59 to 63 Second St. (see Class IS... 
Div. 1). Rev. Alex. H. McKinney, 143 Second Ave,, 
and Rev. Theo. Leonhard, German Pastor. 

Band of Hope. 

BtTBiAi. AseociATio»H, One German and one English ; to 
provide for the burial of any deceased member. 

Undmaminatiandl Ohurehes and Mimam, 401 

Fbeb Public Libbaby and Rbading-Koom. 

Gbbhan Mission (which see/. 

King's Daughtbbs* Ciboles. 

Ladies' Aid Socibtt ; helps the needy and those out of 
employment among the members of the English branch 
of Olivet; also assists others with clothing. 

BfoTHBBs' Meeting; every Thursday, 1:30 p.m. 

Olivet Helping Hand, 63 Second St. (see Class 11., 
Div. 1). 

Olivbt Mibsionaby Association ; helps various mis- 
sionary objects at home and abroad. 

Olivet Sewing-School ; teaches members of the Sun- 
daynschool to sew ; has Children's Savings Bank 
and Band of Hope. 

Penny Provident Fund, 

Young People's Association. 

10. People's Ghnreh and Harlem Mission, S. E. cor. of 
134th St. and Second Ave. Joseph Bennet, Supt. 
(See Class IX., Div. 2.) Maintains a 

HoMCEOPATHic DISPENSARY; opco Week days from 3 to 
4 P.M., for the sick poor of the locality. 

2. Bnssell Mission, 143 Bleecker St. 

4. Seamen's Best of the Seamen's Christian Associa- 
tion etc. (see Class IX., Div. 2), 665 Washington St., 
cor. West 10th St. Rev. John McCormack. 

4. Sixtli Ave. Gospel Mission, 180 Sixth Ave., bet. 12th 
and 18th Sts. Molds evangelistic services every evening 
and on Sundays. 

SjMUiisli Industrial Mission (see Evangelical Aid So- 
dety for the Spanish Work etc., Class IX., Div. 2), 

6. Wood's Memorial Chapel and Mission of Wilson In- 
dustrial School for Girls (see Class 11., Div. 6), 133 
Avenue A, near St. Mark's Place. Rev. 
Missionary, at the chapel. 

UmOarimm UlmnAm. 

Baax Rkidks axd Vistor; Miss F. L. Hojt, 125 8 

Mark's PUce. 
Kne'B DAD6BTEBS (Circles of). 
Mothers' SEiroEe Mketiso; Wedaeadajs, 1:30 p.m. 
SociETT OF CasisnAK £m>eavob. 


&. All Soak' (Firat CoDgregational Church of New YoilL_ 

Citj), 2*5 Fourth Ave. and 20Ui St. Rev. Theodora 

C. Williams, IIT East 36lh St. 
Eksevolkst Societt ; aids worthy poor, Thursdaje, 

from 10 lo 12 m., at Parish Honse, 104 East 20lh 8t. 
EvPLOTUEKT Societt ; emplojrmeDt and relief bi poor 

women, Thursdays, from 10 to 13 m., at Parish House. 
GooD'Wn,L Clitb (branch of Association of Working 

Oirls' Societies, which see. Class X., Div. 6). 
Help rao Hilnd ; to improve women in sewing and gt wH 

friendly coun^ and instruction, Thursdays, 10 to 12|^H 

at Punsh House. ^S 

Mission School (see Class IS., Div. 1). " 

New Yore Fujwer akd Fkoit Mission (see Class m., 

Div. 6). Many churches join in this work, from May 

to October, at Parish House. 
10, Lenox Are., Lenox Ave. and 121st St. Rev. Merle 

St. Croii Wright. 215 West IMth St. ~ 

"Kikg's Dadohterb (Circle of). 
Ladies' Aid Socibtt ; Wednesdays at 2;30 p.m. 
Rbasing-Rooh and Librart and Boys' and Girls' Qn 

7. Hesdiah, 61 East 34th St. Rev. Robert CoUyer, D.n 
" The Strathmore," Broadway and 52d St. 
Messiah Hour fob Little Children (see Class ^ 
Div. 1). 

Mi»eaaneau8 Ohwehst. 408 


e. BiTlne Paternity, or Fourth, Fifth Ave. and 45th St. 
Rev. Charles H. JSaton, d.o., 35 West 48th St. 

Fiifi»H-AiB Fund; for children's country visits. 

Ladies' Aid Sogibtt; visits and relieves needy cases ; 
meets monthly at houses of members. 

La Eala Sogibtt; aids in all kinds of benevolent work 
and assists the Chapin Home for Aged. 

10. Seeond, Sawtbb Mbmobial. Services are held tem- 
porarily at Wallace Hall, Harlem. Rev. Dwight M. 
Hodge, 2145 Seventh Ave. 

CoHMiTTBB OH Chabitt ; f or relief of the needy of the 

4. Third, 188 West 11th St. Rev. Edwin C. Bolles, d.d., 
29 West 11th St. 

Ladibs' Aid Socibty; aids deserving destitute families ; 
meets Friday evenings, in vestry of church. 

SuNDAT-ScHOOL MissiONART SociBTT ; special aid for 
children, and contributions to children's charities. 


(/3e€ aUo Undenominational Churches^ page 898.) 

& Annex Hall Mission, 14 Fourth Ave. Robert Graham, 
■ Supt. 

6. Avenne A Mission (see Prot. Epis. Churches). ^ 

6. Beraehah Mission, 463 West 32d St. Rev. Robert 

6. Benlah Mission, 612 Sixth Ave. Mrs. Elizabeth A. 
Freeman, Supt.. 300 West 42d St. (see Class IX. , Div. 2). 

L Catherine Mission, 201 South St. Miss M. A. De- 
lany. Supt. 

6. Catholie Apostolie, 417 West 57th St. Rev. Charles 
A. a. Brigham, 415 West 57th St. 


MiteeUanamu Ohurthei. 


5. Christian iHraeliteB, Sanctuarr, 10S F^rst St. Rer, 
John Ruge, 62 Grand St., Broofcljn, 

5, Christ's Mission. 142 West21at St. For the conver- 
sion of Roman CaCholica. Gives active faeip in the 
work of the Reformed Catholic Church. Chapel, 
busioess and publication olflces, 113 West 31st St 
Rev. James A. O'Connor, at the chapel. 

4. Cbarch of Cbrlat (Scientist), Fifth Ave. and 45th 
Mrs. Laura liathrop. 

IS. Clinrch of tlie StrangerB (Independent), 4 Winthi 
Place, Mercer St., near Eighth St. Rev. Charles 
Deems, d.d. 

BociETT OP THE Stbanoers (see Class II. , Div. S). 

SiaTBKS OF Chbistian Endeavor, 


Bible Readbrs' Couuittee; employs Visitor among 

the sick and needy poor of the district. ' 

OnMMiNS MiaaioNAHr Societt. 
Employment Societv; furnishes sewing to poor woij 

men, Wedneadaj afternoons, at church. 
Fbesh-Ais Fund; sends children to country in summer,^ 
Mar; E. Hath BabB; for Missions in India. 


Sbwino-Scrool for Oirlb; Saturday mornings frd 

November till Easter, at church. 
YouNO Men's Mutual Impbovkmkbt Uhiof; 

TooNG Women's Mutual Impkovkmknt 
Thursdays, 8 p.m. 

MhetUaneous Ohwrehe$, 405 


Ck>]aciTTBB OF THB C0KSI8TOBY; supports the needy of 
the congregation. 

Mission Society of Ladibs; aids poor f amUies of the 

(}08pel Mission, Fordham. George Garter, Supt. 

6. Gospel Tabernacle, 692 Eighth Ave., cor. 44th St 
Rev. A. B. Simpson, 823 West 45th St. 

Bbbaohah Homb (see Class VI., Div. 1). 

Bbbaohah Mission, 463 West 32d St. 

Bbrachah Obfhanaob (see Glass V., Div. 1). 

Chbistian Alliancb Publishing Co. (and Highway 
Mission) (see Class X., Div. 9). 

DooB OF HoPB (see Class VIII., Div. 2). 

Intbbkational Missionaby Alliancb. 

Nbw Tobk Missionaby Tbainino Gollbgb (see Class 
X., Div. 4). 

^ Greek Ghnreh of New York, in Swedish Evangelical 
Church, 340 West 53d St. Rev. Paisius Ferendinos, 
Archimandrite, Hotel Lincoln, Broadway and 52d St. 

5, Hebrew-Christian Church (Converted Hebrews) 17 St. 

Mark's Place, East Eighth St. Rev. Jacob Freshman. 

10* Highway Mission of Gospel Tabernacle, 446 West 
86l£ St. 

10. Light-Honse Mission, 2231 Third Ave. 

10. Marion Mission, 2275 Eighth Ave., cor. 122d St. 

6. Martha Memorial Reformed (Evangelical Reformed) 

(German), 419 West 52d St.. cor. Ninth Ave. Rev. P. 
S. Schnatz, 434 West 47th St. 

6. Mission Chapel of Divine Proyidence (Swedenbor- 
rfan), 856 West 44th St. Rev. S. S. Seward, 185 Lex- 
mgton Ave. 

Moravian, see United Brethken. 

Mitcettajteoai dittrehei. 


BoTfl' 4ND GiKLs' Clobs. 

Fresh- Ais Wohk. 

iNDueTRiAi, School. 

LiDiEB' Aid Societt. 

Miasros Chafgl qw Ditise Pbottdeitcb (which see}. 

5. New Jerusalem (Snedenbareian Oerman), 106 Avenue 

U. Rev. William H. Schlitter, 133 South Tliird 8t., 

1. SaUatJon Armj, 111 Reade St, BalliDgtoi 

i, Troe Dnl«h Berormed, 58 Ferrj St. 
7. United Bretfirea (EngHah Moravian), 154 Lexington 

6. United BrethreQ (German Moravian), 036 Slxtb St., 

near Ave. B. Rev. William H. Rice, 636 Sixth St. 
pRAUEN-KRiNKKH XJNTBRST&TsuiiGS Vbrkin (18S4) ; a 

mutual aid society of the women of the church. 
"Hbi,pih&Hand Circle" of Kib&'s Dadohtbrb ;doea 

charitable work and sews for hoapitala. 
MisBioM Terein ; for Home and Foreign UlaalanB. 
Poor Fund of the congregation. 
PltOTESTANTiaCHER Masner Krankbn Verbm (IKI 

a men's mutual aid society. 
». Toung People's Citj Hlssioa, 319 East 59th bt. 


The National Conference of Charities and Correction 
(1874) is composed of the State Boards of Public Charities 
of the several States whmrein they exist, of delegates ap- 
pointed by the (Governors of other States, of all Charity 
Organization Societies and Associated Charities in the 
country, and of all persons officially or unofficially con- 
nected with charitable or correctional work of every de- 
scription, in every part of the Union; and every charitable 
institution and association that desires to be represented at 
its meetings and take part in its deliberations. It has no 
formal constitution and no fees or dues. It meets annu- 
ally in different cities as its presence is invited. Its session 
for 1893 will be held at Denver, Col., June 27th to July 
8d, and its officers for that Conference are as follows : 

Pre9., Rev. Myron W. Reed, Denver, Col. ; 8ec"y, Alexan- 
der Johnson, Indianapolis, Ind. ; Treat., Wm. P. Letch- 
worth, Portageville, N. Y.; Official Beporler, Mrs. Isabel C. 
Barrows, 141 Franklin St., Boston. 


le Sooietlee marked ■ are federated or afflUated to the Loodoa 

■■ - ■ iDBooietyO 

Bftlsoll Hoath (see Birmioghan 

Bath. Monmouth St. Soc. (for tbe occasional relief of 
the Sick Poor and tlie Promotion of ludustrr), SO Mon- 
mouth St. 

Beekenham. Charitable Soc., 2 Gloucester Terrace. 

*BIrlceiiliead. Charitj Orgzn. and ProTident Soc., 46 
Hamilton 3q. 

BirmlDgfaam, Hoselej ftnd Balsall Heatli. Charity 
Orgzn. Soc., Etna Chambera, S03a Broad St., and Lime 
Qiove, Moseley Road. 

Bonmemoath. Charity Orgzn. Soc., Oxendale. 

Bridgnorth. CUaritable Relief Soc., 1 Bridge St. 

* Brighton, Hove, and Preston. Charity Orgzn. Soc., 

183 Edward St., Brighton. 

Bristol. Charity Orgzn. Soc,, 80 Triangle. 

Burslem, Soc. for Orgzn. ol Relief, 110 Hoorland 

Bnrton-oa-Trent. Charity Orgzn, Boc., cor. Mosley 
at. and Duke St. 

413 Fbreign Gharity OrgajUzation 8oeittia. 

* Cambridge. Clinrity Organ. Soc, 7 Alexandra St. 
Caaterbnrv. AJford Canterbury Poor Relief hx'a, 13 

Guildhall St. 

CardlfT. Charity Orgm. Soc. Swiss Hall Cliambew, 
Queen St. 

• Cheltenham. Soc. for Orgzo. of Charity in Clielten- 
iiam, Leckhampton and Charlton Kings, Clarence Parade 

Cheshant Charity Orgzo. Soc, Turner's Hill. 

•Cheater. Charity Organ. Ass'n, Oodstall Chambc 

Chesterdeld. Charity Organ, Soc, Karket Hall. 

Croydon. Charitable Soc., tlie Barracka, Mitch 

Darlington. Charity Organ. Soc, Kendrew S 

Derby. Charity Org^n. Soc,, 31 St. Mary's Gate. 

Darham. Mendicity Soc., 01} Sadler St. 

Eton. Charity Organ. Aea'n, 16 High St, 

Exeter. Charity Organ. Soc., 4 Bampfylde St. 

Falmouth. Miaericordia Soc.. no office. 

Flnchley, N. W. Charity Organ. Soc. 

Folkestone. Charity Org/n. Soc, Town Hall. 

* Cloncester. Charily Organ. Soc, 8 St. John's 

Grantham. Charity Organ. Soc. 

Halifax. Charity Organ. Soc, 4 Regent St, 

Hanler. Soc. for Orgag. Charitable Relief and Repra 
ing Mendicity, Town Hall. 

Hastlnfa and St. Leonards. Charily Organ 
Bourne Passage, High St. , 

Hoddeatou and Broxbonrne. Relief Soc., High H 

*Horsbam. Charity Orgzn. Ass'n, 89 Carfax. 

HoTe (see Brighton). 

Uadderafleld. Charity Orgzn. Soc., 14 Rnmsden Bt.{l 

•Hnll. Charity Organ, Soc, 8 Junction Place. 

Isle of Man (Douglas). House of Industry, DouglM. I 

Foreign OharHy Organisation 8ocietie%, 418 

Leamington* Charity Orgzn. and Belief Soc. , 1 Church 

Leeds. Charity Orgzn. Soc., 3 Oxford Place. 

Leek. Charity Orgzn. Soc., 2 Silk St. 

Leieester. Charity Orgzn. Soc., 2 Humberstone Road. 

Liehfleld* Charity Orgzn. Soc., Coffee House, St. 
Mary's Square. 

LiTerpool* Central Relief and Charity Orgzn. Soc, 5 
Dale St. 

London. Charity Orgzn. Soc., 15 Buckingham St., 
Adelphi, W. C. 

♦Malyern. Charity Orgzn. Soc., Lyttleton Committee 
Room, Church St. 

Manehester and Salford (see also Pendleton). District 
Proyident Soc., 6 Queen St., Albert Square. 

Moseley (see Birmingham). 

Neweastle-upon-Tyne. Charity Orgzn. Soc, 8 North- 
umberland Place. 
Nonrich. District Visiting Soc, 5 Market Place. 

Norwood (Upper) and South Bnlwich. Charity Or- 
sn. and Mendicity Soc, 25 Sainsbury Road, Gipsey Hill, 

gzn. I 
8. E. 

Nottingham. Charity Orgzn. Soc, 58 St. James St., 
Market Place. 

* Oxford. Anti-Mendidty and Charity Orgzn. Ass'n, 6 
Church St., St. Ebbe's. 

Pendleton (near Manehester). Investigation and Aid 
Soc, 75 Church St. 

* Penzance. Soc for Orgzg. Charitable Relief in Pen- 
zance and Neighborhood, St. Mary's Parish House. 

Plymouth. Mendicity Soc, 5 Frankfort St. 

Preston (see Brighton). 

* Beading. Charity Orgzn. Soc, 181 King's Road. 
Bedhill. Central Aid Soc, 47 High St. 
*Boehdale. Charity Orgzn. Soc, 82 Water St. 
Saffron Walden. Charity Orgzn. Soc. , Com Exchange. 

414 Fbrtign Charity Organisation Boeietiet. 

St Helen's. Charity Orgzn. Soc, 60 Bloterstaffa Bl. 

* Soarborongh. Charity Orgzn. Soc., 20 Victoria 

Skipton (YorkBWre). Charity Orgin. Soc. 

"Southampton. Charity Orgzn. Soc, The Dispensary, 
Trinity Road. 

Stafford. Charity Orgzn. Society, Bank Chambers. 

SandeFland. Charity Orgzn. Soc , 28 ViliiersSt. 

Tenby. Charity Orgzn. Soc,, St. George's St. 

Torqaay. Mendicity Soc.. 1 Palk St. 

Tnnbrldge Wells. Mendicity Soc, Town Haii. 

Wlgan. Charity Orgzn. Soc., 33a King St. 

» Wimbledon. Charity Orgzn. Soc. High St. 

•Winchester. Charity Organ. Soc.. the Cathedral 

Woodford. Cliarity Orgm. Soc., The Green. 

Worcester. ClisriCy Orgzn. Soc,, Dispensary Bulld- 
ingB, Baoii: 8l. 

Tort. Charity Orgzn. Boc.. 30 Little Stonegate. J 

Oaanty Astociations. I 

Dorgetsliire. Dorset Mendicity Soc., Constabulary Of- 
flee, Dorchester. 

Herefordshire. Herefordshire Mendicity Soc., Bhire 
Hall. Hereford. 

Worcestershire. WoroeBtershira Vagranls'ReliefSoci^ 
Sliire Hull, Worcester. 

* Aberdeen. Asa'n for Improving Condition of tlie Pi 
18 Adelpbi, Union St. 

Af rsliire. Mendicity Boc, Constabulary Office. 

Dundee. CliaTity Orgzn. Boc., 7 West Bell St. 

Edluburgli. Charities Registration Union. 4a BL. i 
drew Square. 

•Glasgow. Charity Orgzn. Soc, 115 Bath St. 

Ifvreign OhaHty Organization Societies, 415 

Helensburgh. Ass'n for Improving Condition of the 
Poor, 24 East Clyde St. 

Kilmarnock. Charity Orgzn. Soc. 

Leith. Ass'n for Improving Condition of the Poor, 103 
Constitution St. 

Montrose. Soc. for Improving Condition of the Poor, 
11 George St. 

Motherwell. Charity Orgzn. Soc., Janetta Place, Or- 
chard St. 

Paisley. Ass'n for Improving Condition of the Poor, 
112 Causeyside. 

Perth. Charity Orgzn. Soc., Working Boys* and Girls* 
Society Rooms, South Tay St. 


Belfast. Charitable Soc, Belfast Charitable Institu- 
tion, North Queen St. 

Dublin. Ass*n for the Suppression of Mendicity, 9 
Usher's Island. 

Charitable Soc. of St. Vincent de Paul (Superior Council 
of Ireland) (142 branches throughout Ireland), 50 Upper 
Sackville St. 


Adelaide (South Australia). Charity Orgzn. Soc, 
Eldon Chambers, Kmg William St. 

Brisbane. North Brisbane Benevolent Soc 

Melbourne (Victoria). Charity Orgzn. Soc, 29 Col- 
lins Place, Exhibition St. 

Sydney (New South Wales). Charity Orgzn. Soc, 53 
Elizabeth St., North. 


Buda-Pesth (Hungary). Wohlthfttiger Frauen Verein 
(Ladies' Benevolent £^*n), 21 Adler Gasse, Nr. 19. 

Carlsbad (Bohemia). Elizabeth Rose Institute, Btadt- 



Foreign Charity Organization Soeietia. 

eielchenbere (Stjrla). Zum Pilger (The Pilgi 
Benevolent Insliiule). House No. 30. 

Lember? fGnliera). The Siadt President has kind 
undertaken to answer inquiriee. 

Oedenbni^ (Hangarj). Frauen WohllbStigkeits Vtf- 
ein (Ladies' Benevolent Ass'n), Privat Haus Domioic&Mi 
GHsse, 9. 

Pragne (Bohemia). Vrchni Reditelsioi Ustavu Chu- 
dinekeho (Chief Board for Public Relief), Allstadtet Baib- 

Trieste (lUyrJa). latituto dei Poveri, Via Istituto 11. 

Vienna. Veroin gegcn Verarraung und Bettelei, 1. 
Fleisclimarkt 16. 

WalUen (Hnngarf). WohlthfttigerPrauenVerein (La- 
dies' Benevolent Asa'n), Hon. Secretary's House. 

Bridgetown. The Kindly Poor ReUef Ass'ii. 

Antnrerp. Bureau de Blenfaisance, Rue des Aveuglei 

BrnSBelS. British Charitable Fund, 88 Bue de la S 
Sohiller-Vereln (Central Charitable Board), IS Rue B 

Alexandria. British Benevolent 8oc. 


Bordeanx. Bureau Central de Blenfaisance, Rue i 
Loup, as. 

Bonlocue-sar-mer, Bureau de Blenfaisance, 
Charles Qulor, 20. 

Fbreign OkoHty Organieattan Societies, 417 

Brest, Bureau de Bienfaisance, Rue d'Aiguillon, 88. 
Soci§t6 pour FExtinction de la Mendicit§ (Mendicity 
Soc), La Mairie. 

Calais, Bureau de Bienfaisance, 16 Rue de Pont Neuf . 

Cherbourg. Bureau de Bienfaisance, Rue de la Bu- 

Dieppe. Bureau de Bi^nfaisance, Rue d'Ecosse, 63. 

Granrille. Bureau de Bienfaisance, Salle de THospice 
St. Pierre. 

Hayre. Bureau de Bienfaisance, Rue la Mailleraie, 1. 

Lille. Bureau de Bienfaisance, Rue de la Halloterie, 20. 

Ljons. Bureau de Bienfaisance, Rue Rojale, 17. 

Marseilles. Societe de Bienfalsance et de Charit6, Rue 
Ste. Victoire, 86. 

Morlaix. Bureau de Bienfaisance, Rue St. Melaine. 

Nice. Bureau de Bienfalsance, et CEuvre de la Miseri- 
corde (Work of Mercy), Place de la Prefecture, 4. 

Paris. Office Central des Institutions Charitable, Rue 
de Champagne, 8. 

Administration G§n6rale de TAssistance Publique (Cen- 
tral Board of Public Relief), Avenue Victoria. 3. 

Society Internationale pour I'Etude des Questions d' As- 
sistance, 7 Rue de Marivaux. Dr. Thulie, Sec. Genl. 

Boden. Bureau de Bienfalsance, H6tel de Ville. 

St. Halo. Bureau de Bienfalsance, Rue St. Sauveur. 


Aix-la-Chapelle. No Soc. ; but the Oberbargermeister 
will answer all inquiries. 

Barmen. Stadtische Armen Verwaltung (City Poor 
Board), ' Rathhaus. 

Berlin. Verein gesen Verarmung (Anti-Pauperism 
Ass*n), Im Deutschen Thurm, Gendarmenmarkt. 

firemen. Verein zum Wohlthun (Beneficent Ass'n). 

Bmnswiek. Armen Anstalt (Poor Board), Stadthaus. 

Carlsmhe. Badischer Frauen Verein (Ladies' Ass'n), 
Gartenstrasse, Herrenstr., 47. 

' Committee), I a 

Crefeld. SiOdtisclic Armen Deputation (City Poor 
Commitlea), Crefeld. 

Duntiir. Armen UnterslOlzuDgi Verein zur VerhDi- 
iing iler Bellelei (Aas'n for Asaisling the Poor and Rt 
pressing Mcadicity), Berholdsche G&sae. 3. 

llarmBtadt. BtOdlisclie Arnien VetnaltungfTownPeoc 
Board), Btadthaus. 

Dresden. Stadtvereln far lanere Mission (Town Ass'i 
of Home Mission). Cuttichenstrasse, ■" 

OilBSeldorf. Slftdlisclie Armen Yernttltung (Cily F< 

Elberfeld. aiBdlisciie Armen Verwollung (Cily Pc 
Board), Kallilmus. 

Fr*nhfart-oii-the-MalD. Brttiab Cliaritable Soc., Brit- 
isti Consulate- General. 

Hamburg, Allgeroelne Armenaaattilt (Qenersl Poor 
Board), Rftboisen, 66, 

HaoOTer. Armen Direction (Poor Board), Ratlihaus, 
Fried ricbstrasse, 16. 

UildeHhelm. Stfldtische Armen Terwaltung, Rallilians. 

Koealgrsbenc. Armen tlnlcrstatzungs Verein zur Ver- 
hQtung der Bctlelei (Ass'n for Assisting the Poor and Sup- 
pressing Mendicity), Hollander Qasse. 1. 

Lelpj , 

^n), Verelosliaus, Rosa-al 

Lnbeck. Allgemeine Armenanstalt (Qeaend Poor 
Board), St. AnQenslrasse, 6111, 

Memol. Armen UuleratiltKungB Verein zur VerhHIung 
der Betcelei (Poor Relief and An Li- Mendicity Soc.J. 

tary Poor Belief Ass'n), fialvator-strasse. 16-0. 

Fbreiffn Oharity Organisation Societies. 419 

Stettin. Annen Direction (Poor Board), Rathhaus. 

Strassbnrg. Armen Verwaltung (Poor Law Board), St. 

Stuttgart Central Leitune des Wohlthfttigkeitg Yer- 
eins (Central Administration oi the Benevolent Ass'n), Eul- 
ministerial Gebftude. 

Zwickau. StSdtischer Htafsverein (City Relief Ass'n), 


Athens and Pineus. EleYmon Hetseria (Benevolent 
Soc.), Od5s Kifissia. 


Amsterdam. Liefdadigheid naar Vermogen, Raam- 
gracht 4. 

Rotterdam. Bureau van Informatie naar Behoeftigen 
(Office for Information regarding the Poor), Oppert, 61. 

Utrecht. Bureau van Informatie naar Behoeftigen 
(Office for Information regarding the Poor), Ganzenmarkt. 


Bombay. District Benevolent Soc., Dhurumsalla, By- 

Calcutta. District Charitable Soc. , 19-1 Lall Bazar St. 

Madras. Friend-in-Need Soc., Poonamallee Road. 


Florence. Florence British Relief Fund, English 
Church Library, 14 Via Micheli. 

Society per la Repressione deir Accattonagio (Soc. for 
Suppression of Mendicity), Piazza S. Maria Novella, 17. 

Leghorn. Ricovero di Mendicity (Refuge for Mendi- 
cants), Via Riseccoli. 

Lucca. Maison de Bienfaisance (House of Charity), Rue 
St. Francesco. 

Milan. Congregazione di Caritft (Charitable Confedera- 
tion), Via Olmetto, 6. 


Piu. Hospice de Mendicity (Hoi 
Vitlorio Emanuel Re. 

Bome. Congregazione dl Carit^ (CbaHtable C 
tioD). Via SBnla Clara, 14. 

Venice. Amminiatrazione dei Pii laiituti Riunill 
(Union of Cliaritable Inatltutiooa), Campo S. IiOrenzo. 


Darban. Benevolent 8oc. 
Pletenaarltibiir^. Ladies' Beueroleat Soc, 
Hall, LoDgmarket St. 
Ternlam. Beuevoleat Boc. 



ietiige), Bne^H 

le Confeden- ^^ 



1 BeDeTolent InBtltutlon, 

Moscow. Benevolent Aaa'n, Moroselka. 
Riga. Verein gcgen die Bettelei (Anti-Mend Icftj Soe.), 
Stadt Qroase Scbmicdcstrasse, S8. 
St. Petersbnrs. British Beaevoleat Boc., British Con. 

Branches ot the Imperial Philanthropic Soc. ol St. 
Peteriiburg are estahliahed at QlonhoS, Kalu^. Kaaan, 
Kostroma, Mologa, Odessa, Onfa. Ouglitsch, Penza, Ry- 
binsk, Scopine, Slouzk and Voron^ge, 

Warsaw. Towarzvatws Dobroezynnoaei (Soc. de Bieo- 
faiaance). Faubourg de Cracovie, 03, 

Clirlstiania. Trcfoldigheds Mcnigheda Frivillige Fat- 
tigpleie (Poor Relief Ass'n of the Trinity Congregation), 
Keyser'a Qade, 1. 

Fcyreign Charity Organization Societies, 421 

Stockholm. AUmanna SkyddsfSrening (General Aid 
and Protection Ass'n), Drottninggatan, 68. 


Basel* Freiwillige Armenpflege (Voluntary Relief Soc. ), 

Bern, Privat Armenanstalt (Private Poor Soc.), Rath- 
hausplatz, 100. 

Genera. Bureau Central de Bienfaisance, Rue du 
Stand. 10. 


Hobart Town. Benevolent Soc, Freehold. 


Constantinople. Soc. for the Relief of Distressed Bri- 
tish Subjects, U. M.'s Consulate. 

Charity Organization Society ! 



The name of this Bociety Bball be, 


Prindplet and Ofsect*. 

Section 1. — This Society shall be conducted upon 
following fundamental priDciples; 

1. — Every department of its work shall be completel* 
severed from all questloQB of religious belief, politics and 

2. — No person representing the Society in any capacity 
whatsoever shall use his or her position for the purpose ' 

3.— The Society shall not directly dispense alms in 

Sec. 3.— The objacls of Che Society shall be: , 

1. — To bo a centre of intercommunication between tha 

various churchea and charitable agencies in the city. To 

fostci harmoaious co-operation between them, and tochecb 

tho (Vils of the overlapping of relief. 

'i. — To investigate thoroughly, and without charge, 

:s of all applicants for relief mhicli are referred to 

4 .".I 


Oharity Organizatum Society cf New York, 428 

Society for inquiry, and to send the persons having a legit- 
imate interest in such cases full reports of the results of 
investigation. To provide visitors who shall personally at- 
tend cases needing counsel and advice. 

3— To obtain from the proper charities and charitable 
individuals suitable and adequate relief for deserving cases. 

4. — To procure work for poor persons who are capable of 
being wholly or partially self-supporting. 

6. — To repress mendicancy by the above means and by 
the prosecution of impostors. 

6. —To promote the general welfare of the poor by social 
and sanitary reforms, and by the inculcation of habits of 
providence and self-dependence. 


Section I. — ^The Society shall be composed of the follow- 
ing persons: 

jL.— Members of District Committees, of Ladies' Auxil- 
iary Committees, and any volunteer Friendly Visitor who 
may be elected by the District Committees, so long as they 
may continue in actual work. 

2. — Annual Members (any person who shall subscribe not 
less than ten dollars to the Society annually). 

8. Associate Members (any person who shall subscribe 
not less than twenty-five dollars to the Society annually). 

4. — Life Members (any person who shall subscribe one 
hundred dollars to the Society). 

5. — ^Patrons (any person who may have or shall subscribe 
to the Society not less than five hundred dollars in any one 

6. — Ex-offlcio Members (as specified in Section 8 of this 
Article). , 

Sbc. 2. — No person shall be a member of the Society 
until approved and admitted by the Committee on Mem- 

Sbc. 8.— The Mayor of the City of New York, the Presi- 
dent of the Police Department, the President of the Health 
Department, the President of the Department of Charities 
and Correction, the New York City Commissioners of the 


CoTuUltUion of the 

Bute Board of Cbnritles, the President of the Board of 
Ciinimiasloners of Emigration, and a represenlalive of ttie 
Slate Charities Aid Association, aball be exqfflcio memben 
of the Society. 

Sec. 4. — The Committee on Membership shall consist of 
three persoDa appointed by the President of the Council for 
one year. It shall meet as often as may be nec«ssary, and 
pass upon the names of all persona qualified for memt" 
ship, and fibalt file a certified list of such names as are 
proved, in the Central Office of the Society. 

The Central Council. 


Section I. — The management of the Society shall be 
veatcd in a Central CouncU, which shall consist of 

I. — Twenty seven members of the Society, who shall be 
elected by b^lot and hold office until their successors shall 
be elected. 

The members to be elected at the annual meeting in 1888 
shall divide themselves into tliree claases of nine members 
each, the terms of office of which shall be respectively one, 
two and three years, and thereafter at each annual meet- 
ing nine members shall be elected as members of the Coun- 
cil (to replace the outgoing class), whose term of office shall 
be three years. Provided, howeeer, that the abseoce of a 
member from three consecutive meetings of tbp Council 
■ without satisfactory eicuae may be considered by the 
President as equivalent to a resignation, and the vacancy so 
caused by such resignation may be filled by the Council aa 
hereinafler provided. 

2. — One delegate member from each District Committee, 
who shall be elected by each District Committee annually 
before the annual meeting of the Society, and who shall 
hold office until the next annual meeting and until his sac- 
cessor shall be elected. Such delegate members shall be 
deemed elective members within all the provisions of this 
Constitution, and shall have the same powers as members 
of the Council elected by the Society, but shall not be re- 
quired to serve on the subcommitteeo of the Council. 

8.—^ ngtcio members of the Society, aa provided In Bi 
tiou 3 of Article III. 

Chanty Organization Society of New York, 425 

Sbg. 2. 1. — ^The Oificers of the Council shall consist of a 
President, Vice-President, Treasurer and General Secretary. 
All except the General Secretary shall be members of the 
Council, and shall be elected by ballot at the first meeting 
of the Council after the annual meeting of the Society. The 
General Secretary shall be appointed by the Council. They 
shall continue in office until their successors are chosen. 

2. The Officers of the Council shall also be the Officers 
of the Society, together with such additional Vice-Presi- 
dents as may be elected by the Council. 

Sbg. 3. — The Council shall have power to fill vacancies 
occurring in its own body. 

Sec. 4. 1. — There shall be a regular meeting of the 
Council on the first Tuesday after the first Thumsday of 
each month. Special meetings may be called by vote of 
the Council, or by written request of any five members, on 
at least five days' previous notice in writing, specifying the 
business to be brought forward. 

2. — At any meeting of the Council, seven elective mem- 
bers shall constitute a quorum. 

Sec. 6. — The Council may adopt a regular order of busi- 
ness for its meetings and suitable regulations for the con- 
duct of the same, and may from time to time alter or sus- 
pend such regulations. 

Sec. 6. — The Council shall make such by-laws as it may 
deem necessary, governing the direction of the Society, 
and may also alter or suspend such by-laws. 


The Central Office, 

There shall be a Central Office or Headquarters of the 
Society, where the Council shall meet and the general busi- 
ness of the Society shall be transacted, and where record 
shall be kept of all the work of the Society. 

article VI. 

District Committees, 

Section 1. — The city shall be divided, for the purposes 
of the Society, into such districts as the Council shall desig- 

Oonttitulion of the 

districts into o 

Sec. 2.— la eacli district or comblnallon of diatricU, 
there Bb all be a District Committee. consistlQe of twelvo 
or more persona, preferably residents of the d&trict. The 
Council ahftU appoint the origiaal members of such Oom- 
mittee, and said Committee there&tter have power to fiQ 
THcascies in Its own number, subject to the approval of the 
Council. In case a rearraugemeiit of districts Eball be 
made at anf time by the Council, it shall appoint the ori^- 
nal m.embers of tbe Committee for the nenlj combined 
districts. It shall elect from its members a Chairmuii, 
Secretary, Treasurer, and Delegate, such delegates to be 
elected annually pursuant to Art. IV., Sec. 1. 

Sec. 3. — Each District Committee shall, subject to the 
control of the Council, manage the work of the Soclet; 
within its district. It may make by-Ians for its own gov- 
ernment, provided that such by-laws do not conflict with 
the Constitution of the Society, the By-Laws of the Coun- 
cil, or the Rules for the OoTernment of District Commit- 

Skc. 4. — An office shall be established in a central and 
convenient position in each district, or combination of dis- 
trials, for the meetings of the Committees, for receiving 
applications and for facility of reference. It shaU 
deal with the cases of persons resident in the district. 


SubKriplions and Fundi, 

Sbction 1. ^Subscriptions to the funds of the Society 
shall be paid to tbe Treasurer, or to such person who shall 
be designated by the Council for that purpose. The fiscal 
year of the Society shall begin on tlie Srst day of January 
in each year, and all annual subscriptions shall become due 
upon that day. 

Sec. 3. — The Treasurer or other persons designated to 
receive subscriptions shall make monthly reports lo the 
Council of all sums receiTcd. ' 

Sec. S. — So member of the Society abnJl be entitled 


OhaHty OrgcmUation Society of New York. 427 

vote at any meeting, or shall be elected to any office, who, 
after being notified, shall have failed to pay his annual 
dues. But no election shall be invalidated because of the 
fact that members disqualified under this section voted 


Mieettnga of tJie Society, 

Section 1. — An annual meeting of the Society shall be 
held at such time and place, in or about the month of 
January, as the Council may designate. The Council may 
also call a special meeting at any time. 

Sbc. 2. — Any twenty-five members of the Society shall 
have the power to require the President to call a special 
meeting, by a written request, specifying the business to 
be brought forward ; and the President shall thereupon 
call a meeting within twenty days. 

Sec. 3. 1. — ^Every meeting of the Society shall be an- 
nounced at least five days previously by advertisement in 
the Monthly Bulletin of the Society, or in some daily 
paper pilblished in the City of New York. 

2. — Twenty-five members shall constitute a quorum. 

3. — At any special meeting only such business shall be 
transacted as was specified in the notice of such meeting. 

Sbc. 4. — ^The Council shall submit to the annual meet- 
ing a report of their proceedings and of the condition of 
the Society. They shall also submit a statement of the 
financial condition of the Society, and of its income and 
expenditures during the past year; also estimates for the 
ensuing year, and such further suggestions and statements 
as they may deem expedient. 



This Constitution shall not be amended except by the 
resolution of a two-thirds vote of a meeting of the Council, 
at which at least ten elective members shall be present, 
notice of such amendment having been already given at a 
previous stated meeting of the Council, and a copy thereof 
sent to each member of the Council at least five days pre- 
vious to the meeting at which it is to be considered. 




1. Objects and Central and District Officers. 
3. Work of Friendly Visitora. 

3. On District Couferencea. 

4. Inaugural Paper of Organizing Secretary, 
B, Cold Victuitls, liy Hon. Chas. S. Fairchild. 
9. How to Repress Pauperism, by Hon, Hobt. T. Pftina,* 

10. Official M. Private Belief. 

11. Dutiea of Friendly Visitors, by Mrs. C. R. Lowell. 
17. The Pauper Question, by D. 0. Kellogg. 
23. Profits and Possibilities of Proper Organizatio: 

Charity, by Hon. Abram S. Hewitt. 
38. The Old Charity and the New, by tbe Rev. H. L. Wl 

30. Philanthropy, by Prof. Richard T. Ely, 

31. The Charity Organization Idea, by Anatej Wilcoi, 

Esq., Buffalo 0. O. S. 
33. How to Adapt Charity Organization Methods to Small 
Communities, by Mrs, Cliarles R. Lowell. 

33. The Wastes of Charity, by Rt. Rev. Henry C. Potter, 

34. Methods and Machinery of the Organization of Charity,^ 

by Wra. Alex. Johnston. 

35. Report and Papers on Cliarity Organization at the 14^ 

Nat'l Conference of Charities and Correction. 

36. Qeneral Suggestions for the Trefitment of DiSen 

Classea of Oasea, 

1 of 


PubUeations an CTiarity Organization, 429 


89. What We ask Co-operating Societies to do for Us, and 
what We are ready to do for Them. 

43. Friendly Visiting, by Mrs. James J. Putnam. 

44. The Savings Society, by Mrs. John H. Scribner. 

45. The Church in Charity, by Wm. Alex. Johnston. 

46. The Eberfeld System, a reprint from " The Hospital." 

47. Report on Charity Organization at the 15th NatU Con- 

ference of Charities and Correction ; with Treat- 
ment of Poor Widows with Dependent Children, by 
Mrs. Louise Wolcott. 

48. Drunkards* Families, by Rev. W. F. Slocum, d.d. 

50. Charity Organization, compiled from the Society's 
papers, by Mr. George P. Rowell. 

52. Charity Organization and the Church, by Rev. Henry 

Van Dyke, d.d. 

53. Report of Special Committee on Immigration (pre- 

pared by Prof. Richmond M. Smith). 10 cts. 

54. Friendly Side of Charity Organization. Rev. E. W. 

Donald, d.d. 

55. How Charity Organization Helps the Pastors. Rev. 

Geo. Alexander, d.d. 

58. The Personal Element in Charity. Rev. Alex. Mackay- 

Smith, d.d. 

59. Report and Papers of the Charity Organization Sec- 

tion of the 17th Nat'l Conference of Charities and 
Correction. 10 cts. 

60. Need of Nerve in Charity. 

New York Chakities Dikectory of the Charitable and 
Beneficent Societies and Institutions of the City. 5th Edi- 
tion. 500 pp., 16mo. Cloth, $1.00. (Extra copies to paid 
officials of Societies and Churches, 50 cents.) 

Hand- Book for Friendly Visitors. 88 pp., 16mo. Paper, 
85c.; cloth, 50c. 

PtaUoaUom on Charity Organitatien. 

CHARirraa Revikw. A Journal uf Practical Bociology, 
48 pp., Bvo. Eight cionliily Nos. (Not. to June inc!,), 
11.00 a year. Single Nop., SO cents. Published for tbe 
Charity Organization Society hy The Critic Company, 68 
LafayeLte Place. 

ANNrAL RapoBTa of the Society (1st, 2d, 4th o 

How to Help iho Poor, hy Mrs. Jaa. T. Fielda. Hi 
ton, Mifflin & Co., Boston and New York, 

Essays, by Octavia Hill. Associated Charities, BobI 

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New York. 

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ic.p., by Sir Baldwyn Lcighton. (New and clieap edi 
Chas. Scribner's Sons, New York City. 

Reports ond Papers of the Associated Charities, Boston. 

Reports and Papers of the Charity OrgAnizalion Soci^y, 

Reports and Papers of the Charity Organization 


IhtMications an Charity Organization. 431 

Reports and Papers of the Society for Organizing Char- 
ity, Philadelphia. 

Monthly Register of the Society for Organizing Charity, 

Charity Organization Review, of the Charity Organiza- 
tion Society, London. 

State Charities Record, of the State Charities Aid Asso- 
ciation, 21 University Place, New York City. Monthly, 
8 months of the year, $1. 

Reports of the National Conferences of Charities and Cor- 
rection. Geo. H. Ellis, 141 Franklin St., Boston. 

Reports of the State Boards of Charity of Illinois, In- 
diana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, 
Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island. 

Ttt kiet) (or ilt MM of Dtiiitt Cita of Sewn. 


Rev. Dr. Spring opened tbe Meeting witli prayer, ondthe 
Rev. Mr. Parker (Episcopal) Btowed tlie necessity for a 
Home for tlie orplians and destitute cliildren of sailors. 

Its first Directress was Mrs. ElizaP.TomlinsoQ, Treasurer 
Miss Julia Cuthbertaon, Its first Board of CouDsellors, 
Messrs. Clias. N. Talbot, Alex. Q. Mercer. Wm. J. Hoppin, 
Wm. H. Aspinwall, Wm. D. Cuthbertson, John Brouwer, 
Chas. H. Mnraliall, Fred'k H. Hebard. W. Judson. 

The Society was incorporated June. 1851. Ita " Home " 
was from tlie first located on Staten Island, and in 1853 
moved to ita present quarters, on property leased from the 
"Sailor's Snug Harbor," wilh which Itistltution it has do 

Tbe Home is supported by subscriptions and donations. 
and the iocomc of a small fund from gifts and legacies. 
Children received between the ages of two and ten years. 
When not claimed by friends they are placed in homes 
when about fourteen years old. 

Board at 50 cts. per week is required from those able to 
pay. Accommodates 130. 

Mk3, N. Maksh, ■ . 
Miss H. P. Sbkton, . 
Miss A. M. Qribwold, 
Mrs. G. M. Ibyino, . 

First Directress. 

. Rec. Sec. 

Cor. Sec. 


Board op AtJVisKRS.— Chas. H. Marshall, P. de P. 
Foster. Q. D. S. Trask, Wm. Allen Butler, Penr R. Kiog, 
Ambrose Snow, Geo. Wm. Curtis. 

P, O. Address of the Hoiiie, 


1 BIQAIL BchoDi and KId- 

.AJlTulmbii Bant.' Cburch ''. 1 
Academf aad Home, Webb's 

— ofDealHn S 

— orMeiterfne 1 

AolinoSBth Orchim ASB'n ,... 1 

Actora' Fund. 

Ada»reth-El Heb. COBK ' 

Adams Uem'lPreB.Cliutcb.. E 
Adu Israel WllKowiBbker 

Heb-Cong. i 

—brae) Heb. CODE i 

AdulU. A^rluniB for. 1 

—HomearDr -.. l 

— TWaponuy Homee for , . . . 

Adult Blind 


Advice, Legal '.'.'.'.'.' 

Afflicted. Relief for, 

African Book CoDcem I 

" ■». CburohBa,. 1 

1. EomeB tor. 

_ _ J- Ait«VBonies for! . . . 
— Indlpnit Femalee Abs'h.. . . 

—Men. Boo 

-Relief Asa'D, Zion 

— Women. Uomes far. ...ISO, 

AKencT Inat,. Legatee 

AeuUar Aid Sac 

— JPree Ubtary 

Alianub Chesal Heb. Cong. 

— Chesed BlBtertiood 

Aid. nee Relief. 

— An'n, SUM Charicka 

"Ajffi'n. V 8. Army 

— Aw'oToiinB Friends 

— FlrHt,to the Injured 

—tor ForelRnera 


— Qoraniiiient or OfBolal .... 

Aid, see Relief. 

— Peopie'sLegai'.;;;V!!";;! S 

— Soo.. Aguilar i 

—800., Artists' fl 

—80c.. Children 'fl 

— Soc.. Bast Kde Ladies' . . 4 

-Boo., Berman Leral 6 

—80c. for 8p»n)Hli Work . . . . ai 
—8oe., Ladies' Fueland, ,. E 

—800.. Little Mothers' It 

-Soc., Becorder'sOldFalkJ' i 

— Boc., BanltaiT... I 

— Boc., Street Cleaning i 

— Boc.. Swedisli-Harweglan.. 91 

-toChildren I 

—to Employment 600 : 

Aiding Self-Bupparting Wo- 

AleianderAveViiapticii.;!. 3i 

-Proa. Chapel ... 3; 

All Angels' P. E. Church H 
Allen Mem 'I M. E. Church... S 

—St. pTBd. Church 8 

AlliBBCe, ChriBtian H 

-Educational 2 

—Employment Bureau 

— Evangelical a 

—InduBtrlal Christian s 

— International S 

-Pub Co., Christian.. . .. 1 
All Saints' Convalea'nt Home I 

— Bainta- P. E. Church 3 

— SainW'R C. Church. . . a 

—Souls' HlBslon Bchool S 

—Souls' P. E. Church E 

-Bonis' Unit. Church 4 

Alma. Commnnion ) 






L ' 


—Catholic Kntoh a of tSS 

AmtviCAD and For. Bible &>c. ai 
' Fore%ii Ohriatian Un.. Wl 

—Cbnrcb BiiildiDKOiuu 9T3 

Rua. Refu^ieeB 11 

— CoDgTeentioiial noloii. 
— Pemale OuardliiD Soc.. 

— tnst. CbrlMuu Phllogophr. i38 
—loatihjtlaiiBjNat'lLiUKue-- IK^ 
—Kinderft'n Normal ScliooL. Ml 
— Klnde ~ 

— LeiiHoa of Honor 


— MiBSlotUUT ASB'n. 

-MuBeiim fiat. Histciy. . . 

— Nursea' Aaa'n 

—Sabbath Union 

— Soc, CiuBltrtoAuiniala,. « 

— e. S. Uniou K 

— Svedrnborg Fob. Soc St 

— TractSoulrtT , BI 

— Tet«iDBi7 OoU^e it 

Amltf Bapt, Ohnrch, . . . . . SC 
Aiaityv lie. Brmiswlck Home. K 

AnuborSoo-.Blue ( 

Anirels' (Uolyi Orphan Asj- 

AnKers.fflstersof Good Bhep- 

bera. ac 

Anelo-Amerlcan P. K Free 

Annie M. E. Mliuloa 3£S 

AnueEHaUHlulon 40S 

Annual CooT. M. E. Church.. 93 
Annunciation P. E. Church.. 8<T 

-R,C Church JBO 

Anaehe Stfcrd Heh. Cong ... 31J 

Anti-Ktdnappine Leaeiie X6 

AntiochBapt. Church 803 

Anti-Poirertf Soc 

Apprenllces' UbrBTK 

ArbitratlDn. Board of 

Aroaoum, Bo^al 

Archange] P, E. Cburah. ... 
Anns, Bheltering - 

— oFBcpabllc, Qriind 


Art, AdYBBcement of. .. 

— Ass'n, Laraies' 

— Gttller^, HtsCorical Soc . . . . 

— LiteratQi¥and.. 

— Metropolitan Museum 

-Scboor, Hetropolltaa Ha 

—Schools. Kat Acad. DedfCti (J 

— 6oc. of Decorative 91 

—Training Ue>r-MaleB. .IM. Ill 
Arthur's Home 

Artleans, In»t. fur AttiB 
ATtial-Artisajia. Inst. 
ArtjBWAidSoc... .. 

—ReUef for ■.■.'.■.■.■.'." V.V.V.W,"! 

Aaburj M. E. Churpb , 

—Park, Grace Hall 

-Parle, House Good 8b< 

Aaceusion Bapt. Churcb . . 
— Hem'l p. E. caiupcJi.. ... 
—P.E. Church 

AshfordHlll RetreM 

Assemblj Hall m1*EL Mlaid 

AGSlaium. Sisters ot St. Tn 

Associated Chartlin 

AsjociATioHS. and see Soc 

AcbuoBatb Orchim....,, 

American Nurses _ 

Austrian BunKsrlan He- i 

hrew Free Burial ... 
Bank CItrks' 

BetricDdiiis Childres and j 
TouneBirls. .. ' 

Benefll of Colored i 

Betb Israel Hoiqjiiai..' 
Blind Hecbinica*..... 


Chiuem? Hospli 

■ il Relief and Llt'j . 

DirGoodsMut.^o" ". 
Kaet Side Cbapeland Blbl 

-men's MuLBeo. 
free Klndenrarten, Ha: 

QencraJ MsBarifc ReVlef' ! '. . 
Owman Haeonic Hut. Kel. i 
—Masonic Temple.,. 
— Ubl^oa House , , . 

-Odd. Fellows' Ho 

Harlem Young Womi 

Hebrew Frea Bohiiol .".'. 

e RoWl..','.'.'.'.'.'..'... . . 
Satnicda; and 

HungarTan . . ... 

Itnpmied Instruction i 

Deaf-Mutes . 

HrlB._„ „ 

_ _ TelBEraph 

CbriBtian.... ..,, r 

Xlnderti:ajUa, Harlem 

—New York 

ladieB' Art 

—Health ProtecaTe 

Lenhe and Watts 

Iiebauan HospUoL 

Limerick Men^ I 

Loan Relief .. 

I/UttaersD Emix'ts' House.. 


UanhattanWarklne nirls'. : 
Mariners' Mut. Beoeflt , . 

Masonic Relief 

—Temple < German). 
Medical Llhrarj, . . ,^33. ' 

MeteHBtile BeneBt 

— Library.... ..,......_,. 


— ItCCburoli 

Ast<ir Library XSS- 

Bethlebem Orphan 


Coloreil Orphan 

For Adults 

For Defective Childrei 
For lodieent Blind, .. 


For flutes 
For f 

le Afflict 



Baptlit Home MIbb. Soc. . , 


Holy Angela- OrpbHn 

Bntlia, Dept. Pub. Worfca.. . 

Batlerj Park M, E Mission. 




BBllevue HoboIUI .. ....- 

-Trainine Bchool IT 



itoneniect P. E. Cliapel . - 

-AsB'n, Blind MechanJcB-.. 

— Lreion, Catholic 

-Order Buffalore.. 



HS^i^st'e^A^^ ■ 

-800., MftBdalerL 


Far. Ulsa. Rerd Churcb . Z!B 
— MiBB Women'sFresb'n.. Et» 
Cbarltles, State Board of.. W 
- ■ - - -reaby'n 870 


, Lleei 

Ing SailD 

Com'iBFor. MlBB . BTS 

Dom. MiBB.. ReCd C%urcb.. 375 


— Metii, EplB.... 976 

For.Miss,, Preabyn. S78 


Truatwa loflrm Priests.... SS 

Boatmen, Hissfon (cpr Sen 

Bohemia, SocletieB 116 

Buijemian Pres. Cbtuch 38S 

Bon Secours. Slaters ITS 

Booliaiid NewspaperSoc.... 9S i 
—Concern. A. rf K Ohurcb., S71 I 
BouleToniR. P. Mission.... MS . 
Bowery Branch, Y. M. C. A.. 350 I 
— MlBSlai. Olid Hoioe >i4, 3»S I 

—Homeless, Lodglcira ( 

-LodeinRS. Crippled ( 

-MosBengerBead'g-Room... il 

— ReadinK-EoomB 2( 

Brace Mem"l LodElnE-Hoiise f 

-Vacation Society . . 


Broome St Tabernacle . . 
Brotherhood, Cbris'D Horn 

-Hebrew Christian 

New Yori City Reuoue . . 

—St. Andrew.. . 


Brothera or Chn. Bcliools 304, itS« 
—of NaMmth ... . , . IM, iWa 
Brovn Hemoriol BooBa llS 

L.Tenem'tHouse 1! 

—V.S.lji,bor ...... ..".'.'.'.'. as 

Burials. aid Tor 95 

turDhimlndiutrlalF&nn.. SOi 

riABUm di Snati Ml 

V CbO..- - *W 

Calamines, National Sa 

CaWary Bapt. Chnrcb SUS 

H.ffi. Cbupch "»S 

Pres. Chureh. Ml 

P.E. Chapel 849 

Canal St Pres. Churoh 314 

Caacar HospitalB 1H(-1«« 

CarmangvillBLulb. Uissicm.. 319 
Carmel Bapt. Cburch 302 

— Oonferracaa St V. de Paul. 4B 
— ImmfltrantB, {Jerman . . HO, 111 

-KBlBht8,Am . SS8 

—Orphan Asylum Jas 

-ProWclory. iM 

— ReformedChurdi MO 

—Total Abetineace Onion.. . . IBS 
Cutliollcs, Oenersl Rellet lor 49 

Cemeteriea 300 

Oemefpry, City 17 

^'aval . ........ 33 

itenaryM. E. Chnrcb.... ast 
itralBapt. Cburcb »(S 

Central Bapt. Cons. Cbuni) 

— Councilof C O. S 

— M.E. Cbun!h 

—Park Bapt, Churoli .. ... 

— Pres. ChUPCh - 

CbaaiiZedebHeb-Cong. .. 

— Zedeb United Bisleis 

Chalmers Pres. VhspeL - . • ■ ^ - ^ 
Cbwnber Commenw, Cbar- 

Cbapel of ChrlHl the Oon- 
soler (P.E.J,... " 

— EastSlde 

—Hope Bapt. Cburch .-. - 

-Manhattan . 

-of the Comforter (P. E ). 

—of Ibe CoTBnant (Pras I.. 

—of th'! Good Bhephei 
CP. ED - - 

—ot the Immac. Virgin 
(B.C.) * 

— of the If eaMab CP.E]... 

—of the Snored Bam.. . 

Chapels see Cburcfaes. 

Charitable trnion, "cblbiren'B j 
OhoriUeB Aid Abe'd. SCata . . 

—and OorrecHon, - 

sioneraof — 

—anil CoTFection, NatlOBN 

— Associated. -- 

— Slate E'oM-d.;'.".""J.".,, 
—United Hebrew ... 
Charity and InduB. Club. . . 
—Fund, Chamber OornxDcrai 

— Hospital 

— Hospital P. E. Chapel . .. __ 
—Ore. Boob.. Foreien.....4II-lfl 

-OrK. Socs.,U. S "'" 

-Ore. Literature 

Chabttt Obqasib 

Const itiitlon 

I^aundry. . - . 


Penny Proiideni 

PrlDtiplBS. 1! 

ReBlatration 8 

KJtSa^-:::::;::::: I 

Charity, Sisters of. K5 

CbaihamBq, Baptbt Mls- 

C^^LodgingB. m 

Obebra Kadjista BVay'itap- 
paportHeb, Ooiig. 316 

Cbeeriog Liiies of Poor and 

137 ^1 

ChlDBseQnlld, St. Bsrth SO* ^^| 

— M.E.MISBlan 214 SS4 ^^M 

-Ulsslons, see Chut^bea. ^H 
-Fr^.Ulsslon ?^^H 

-y M.aAsB'n m.itn ^H 

Cboate's Hom^ Dr 196 ^^H 

CbollmSoc,. Ladiee'Bikur.. 49 ^^H 

ChrlatCong Churcb ail ^^| 

-Pre*. C'burch »U ^B 

^^^■nuvra Anscbe Chesed Ueb. 

^^^^^B-KsiUsha Talmud Tbora 
^^^^K Enb.CoDi;. Sie 

^^^HheTTV St. Kindergarten.... fii 

— Elvetflale. P. E. Churcb.... 837 ( 

Christ's Mission 404 

—Rescue Mission aOfl 

— AOliaoce arr 

^^^^^Id'sMosp., Nursery 

^^^H^ildren and Toung "dirlii* 
^^^K^ Asa-nforBefriexding..-. flS 
^^^K-Asyluma for Destitute. 
^^^^ lis, 129 

^H — Crueltyto Dl 

^^ -Destitute 80,78, JS9 

-Destitute ICaUaa 1 17 

-Homes for ColOTed ItB. m 

— Asa'u, (IhiueBe Y. H. SU ^^H 

— Aus'u. YoungMan's em ^^^ 


— MbsbI^ Home . 119 

—of Clergy. Prot. Epis 8B, 9B 


^H — Brancb. Loyal Legion aSl 

ChnsUanlty among Jews, ^^1 

— THmp.UDloQ 2M 

—Colon, Aroer, and Foreign. 271 i 
—Union, Ladies' SI7 ^^^ 

Christopher Columbus Ita^ ^^| 

lianHospttiL 141 ^^M 

ObruDic DIsea»B IW^H 



^^^Miiucse Baptist Ul^on.::..: 30S 

Labor _ 297 ^H 

—AEs'n. Trinity SIB ^^H 


. ... Seaandl^nd. ... 
— Rebel 

—eon.. CatrUtUnit^ Hmoi 

— THmpeiaDoe 8(wu P. E . 
ChrTSostom'sNurs-;, StlB, 

Circle, Cbautaaqna 

— DomBStic 

ClrculaUtu; Ubnaira. . . X 
CiU^ and CouDCy Belief... 
—Cemetery ., .... 

— CbuFch ExtQ and Miaa, 

SoclLE ~ 

— HaH Ubrarr , 

— Insane Asyhuns..--. 

— Islands, Fisirlesto ., 

-HlBsion HiHl Tract Boc. . . 

—Miosioo, Baptist 

— MtaBionSoc.,t*rot.Eiia,,.. K 

— RescuB ^iitherhoid. 

— TetoplB, R. P. 


ClalmB. Lenl 

Oleaoine Aid Boc.. Street .. 
Clerrjniea's Ret'g Furid 80 
Olergr of Prot. Epls. 01_ 

WidOHS aad Children. .W, 81 
CJerkB' iBaolti H. B Ass'n, tflt. 
— (InBuranoeiM-B. 4B»'n ... KlL 

CUuiatIc Cure F'UDd IB(>B 

Ollnio, BIcxiininKdftle ™^ 

— VaodwUH 

Ctolhinji, General Relief. . . 

Olub, East Side Men's 

-Kmuia liKiaruB 

— progreBstie IMJIaQ .,'.. 

— Bl. Onthbert'B 

— Workinemen's 

—Tuun? Men's . ... 

Chibd. Boys' . ^ 

CoenHesSIlp Btation, P. E... BWV 
Cotfpe House, Bible and Fruit 

HisElon I 

-Balilee a 

Col J Spring. Harbor. ; 

ColEBte Cbapel, Bapt ... aoBl 
Coirege. BIbbt Woi^rT. . . »»-■ 
— 1>( Tralnlne Teachere U- 

College Ubra^.Colorabla.. !81 

— Hisstanarr TralninE 346 

-otCityofU.Y 33 

Colleges and Schools 3E 


Atnertean TeterlDarj ISJ 

CSnolK.Y M 

Columbia IBB 

DentiatTv 187 

EolecttoMikUcal 185 

HomoBopiithie Med 18T 

K. Y. InflnnaiT IJU 

N. T. Medical, Womeu and 

Cbiltlren 171 

Phnmittev 188 

FbVBicfnnsHDd SnrseonB.. IBS 
UnivePfiityofCilyN.Y.... ISO 
Veterinary SurBeoM ... 187 

Colleeiate Kef'd OiiurEhBS, 

BSa, 388 

ColQniioiH.inSoc ., »I 

(.■olored Cliililren UB, l»l 

-Ch'.ldrvuh Homes..'.'.'.', lis," li4 

—Home and Hosp 18, 131 

— Mlstion S18 

—Orphan Asylum 1)B 

— BaOors" Home '130 

—Women, Summer Home.., T7 

— Zion Home , 138 

OoltunblaCoUeeeldbTBry.., 235 

Columbaii lustftute 160 

Comini^nie, Cbamber, Chsrl. 

ty Fana Bfl 

CtommiBHiOD, Am. Oh. B'ld'g £73 
Commisaloner of Feaaiona... 34 
Commiesl oners Far LI censing 

Sailors' Hotels ST 

— For.MiM B7S 

a Lunaoy. . , 31 
re of ObarltJea, 

Orty. 16, M 

—or Charltiea, State.,,. BO 

-ot Healih B, 31 

-oTPolice 9 

"Ot Quaraotine, 27 

Oommlbteo (or Amelorat'og 

CoDdilioD BUBslao Hetu- 

Keea , . IM 

ETang'l '. 105 

Commitlee for Preveiitlon 

State HegulHiioB of Vice. iSB 
— Home MiBs., Presby'n, Wo- 
man's S8B 

—KiDe'sDauehters 07 

—on Grlevantes 83 

-Sabbath afla 

—Tenemeot Housework ,,, K 

Ciimmimion Alms. BOl 

—Home of Holy 138 

— Sisterhood o(^ Holy SBS 

CommunlCy, Cbm'ch Indua- 

CompassioD.eWersoriMTlDe SB 
OondlMon of Poor, AsB'n for 

Coney liilaad. Health Home. BO 
Confederate Veterans' Camp 3SB 
Conference, Annnal M. E,, 

—Woman's Mies Bot'. ji Y.. iSt 
—of CharllieB and Cor., Nat'1.407 
ConfereDcea St. V, de Paal., W 

Conflnemeut HoBpitalB IM 

Cotirrnralional CnurcbeB.... 310 

-EeUeF,... 35 

-Union . «i3 

ConCTeeation Cbaaci Zedek, 

United SlBtera. H 

— Dorech AmuDo. Barlale SB 

CoagreeatloDB, aee ChureheB SOI 

ConBtltoilonofO, 0. 8 4M 

CodbuIb, FnrelKD IS, 14 

Consulting LlbraHes Si8 

CoaBumerp' LcBRue 358 

ConsumptiTe Boys . 150 

OonauiDptivea IDS, iaB-l£4 

Contagious DiBeBBes 31, & 

Convalescent Home. . 113, 160 
— Home.Freah Alrond .. IM 
—Hospital,,,.,., . 103,143,150 

Convicts', Kef uge for iix- . . 133 

Cooking ClaaieB. SSS 

-GardBD Classes «S 

— Sohooi.N.Y 246 

Cooper Union 343 

"— lell Memorial M, E. 

Jhureh.... 834 

Coroners 10 

Corporate Schools .33, 33 

Corporation EBlief Widows 
and Children. ProtestaDt 
Episcopal 89 

^^" 440 

— ForeJim 411-411 

D-Aslle, Salle ^^^H 

-ofFunerahi 800 

Cottage, Haitun Bl 

-Mra. Kobt. Hoe'a TB 

-CJiu-senea IN, HL. id^^H 

—Nursery and Babies' Sbel^^^^B 

— S«a-3bora (North Long 
Branch) 868 

Country Branch, NurBery 

and Child's Boapital 17* 

-Branch. St Agatbtt'B .... IK 
—Branch, gbln aud Cancer 
Hosp .. Its 

-Uehool tor »paiiMi Ubll-^^B 

-N.Y.TralninK School ^^H 


Heat aud Dumb Inat. ^^^H 

-Mutes. AsE-n (orlap-d In-.^^^H 

structlan. ^^^H 

-Mules, cm urcli Uisaknu... ^^^H 

-M.^S'^X^n ^M 

-Mut«; B^t .':;;: '-^^H 

— Home iiduCaut Asylum... 191 
Couut^ Medical A»-n .87 

^^^H Ouplas.Uome lor Aged... lilt 

Deborah Hursery. toadies-... ^^H 

Decayed Fruits .. ^^^H 

Deceased UluistivB- raniUisS^^^H 

DecaratiTe Art.. Soc T^^^H 

Detective AdulM, Asylums. . ^^H 


Demin IJbnuy TTVT^^^^H 

^^^^ Covenant Prea.'Ohapai,'.'.'... 8te 
' -Pres-Church „. 835 

OremoS^MiBsion 814 

^^^^ Crlpfle. House at St. Oiles^^ 

DenClatcy, Oolleee ol .^^^^^| 

—Pub. Worka >^^^^H 

IiePeysterHome -'^^H 

Deprisltory and Exeb. CMad..^^^^H 

Desetrlng Sick Poco^ Moneal^^^H 

D^^te BJln^SwlBdiet.'^l^^^H 

-Crippled Children , i^^^H 


^^H Cromwell UalL JMl 

^^^H Cross, Sisters of Holy., 110 

^^H Oruaaders, White Ribbon.... 309 
^^^B Crystal Bel'f and Lit'y&Bs'D 44 
^^^H Culture, 8oc, for £th>cal.... 07 
^^H Custo^lial Asylum lor Feeble- 

^^H D Oarecb Amimo C^ngi^- 
^^H gatjun B!I.31B 

Destitute Italian Ohfldren... 11 
— MtaaioQsco M 

—SfaiBKa ".'.'.'.'.'...,'.'.'.'. '.','.'.'.'. ai 

— Spanlanls SI 

—Widows, Orplitt'is etc.,HB- 

lielor * 

— TauiiKOlrls.FreeHcmw... E 

BeutBchi^ GeseLlanhkrt 10 

Deutsclier Fraueu Vereln 4 

— Becbia-schutz Terein S 

Db Witt Mem'l Chapel. . . 39 

— R, D Cliapel M 

Dlakoniesen, Qood Samarl- 

Diet Cor Sitk !!.'.'.'.'.'!.' .'.'.".',..! S 

-Kltc-hen ABB'n. S 

-Ktlchen, at. Thomas'... M.Sl 
-Kilchpn, Two Osnt. ... 4 
Diageldeiv Evaur. Cburch . 31 
Dloceuin Orsuniiatfon Girls' 

Friendly Soc 8! 

Disabled Fresb.Muilgn^rs..,. I 

-Sailors 82.88, f 

— Soldiers t 

DlaoliarEPd ConTlcIs, Ketuge 16 

-PatieotB- Fuoa H 

Diseost's, CoutaeiouB S 

Dlecipl^-s Churphea 81 

Atoer, Vpteriiiary. If 

Bellerue. 1 

BBth-lBTHel HoBpital 14 

BloominEdale CllDio. IE 

Bureau Med. and Sutk. 

Belief . Sltb Ward l 

Oblnese Hoap. Asb'd It 

CbriBtoplier Colurubua Ita- 
lian ]i 

Charch Hospital and sil 

CoUeire of Dentistry 1( 

DanlisuV '■■■ H 

laatSide".'.'.".'.'.'.'..'.'.'.'.'.'.'. It 

Eelecttc Cidlee" II 

Five Point* House otlnd , ! 

Fordbaai II 

Fonlham Reception. 1 

French 11 

German Poltkliiiik."!!"!! H 


Oerman West Bide ltd 

Good Samarltau ItM 

Harlem 101 

HariBtn. for Women and 

Children 171 

Harlem Beceptlon ID 

Holy Communion em 

Hommopatblc, Barlem 

Mission .... aiB 

Homceo.UedlcalCollwe.. 1ST 
InMriiatloniil Uedlcal HIbb, 

Soe a*i 

Isaballa Heimath 188 

Life Ravine lost Olid. 1^^ 

Manhattan 143 

Honhattan Eye and Ear. . . VS 

HetropoUt*n Throat. IM 

Midwifery 17B 

Ht Slnal. 144 

Naval Laboratory 33 

New AinswrdatQ .. IM 

New Yorlt IM 

New York Hospilai HB 

N. Y. :&FeandEar. IH 

N.Y. Inflrmary Women and 

Children 170 

N. Y.Inat.EyeandEar.... 1<8 

N. Y. OphHialtiHo.. I» 

N. Y. Ophtbal. and Aural. 1» 

North-Eastar.! 183 

NortherD 184 

North-WeBtern IBft 

Orthopffidic ll« 

PaatourluBt 167 

Folyglinle 188 

PoBt-Grmiuate IBfl 

Preshyte-ia" 146 

Provident, Trinity... MS 

ROOBBTBlt 146 

Ruptured and Crippled .... 107 

St. Andrew's Free., IJB 

St. Barnabas" , , 73 

St Bartholomew's. 187 

8t,FrBU0iB' .... I4D 

St. Mary's 178 

BtVtocenfs 148 

SIrinand Cancer. ---- 186 

Tompkins Sq. HomiBo. — IM 

Twenty-FlTe Cent 178 

U.S.fiarine 38 

UnfversltyfMed.Dept.l.,., IBS 

Vanderbllt OUnio 386 

Western sxix 


Wi»t 8tdB Eomcoo 

WllHtn Ind'l Scbool 

WomnD'n HoaplMI 

Torkville,. ... 

Dlatreta, Permanent Belief. 

— Temponuy Helier . 

District AtlorDBj'B OfSce... 

—NuralDK. . 

DIstrlota and Offlwe. (!. O. ( 
Dlrlae Compasdon, Bisten. 
— Paleratty DniT, Ohnpch. . . 
— Providenoe New Jeruaolom 

Church -. . 

DobbB Ferry. St. Ohrli 

topher^H Home 

ttodge Mem'l Prea. Church. 

Dote of Bread, Leaks 

DomBB tic Circle 

— M1b», Hefd Churoh .... . 
—Miss. Hot. Prot. Bpia. ... 

DomlnlcoD Conveat. 


Doroaa Soo 

Dormiioriea, Model 

*■ " "^n-Town HellBt BoreBU,.. 
— ii-ToniiSabliath-Scliool, 
Dreafl-Makera, Legal Aid... m 

Drunkarda, HellHffor, 86 

Dry-OoodB Mut. Beo. Ass'd... !XS 

DuBolBB\iod 176 

Duone M. B Church SSS 

Dumb, lUBt'Q tor 1G3 

— Kellef for IBl 

DuabarBewlnKSoc SDS 

Dutcb ImmlKraiils . IW 

—Reformed Ohurchea 8BS 

EAKDiBpensariee,..164, lOfi-ie; 
EarHosplUls. ISI-ICG 

— Inflrmary 161 

Eaatem DiBpenBftry. lOO 

East Bapt. Church ...... 80!l 

— SBth Bf Br. T. M. C. A aW 

— rill«eath MeetruK Houae . tlS 
—Harlem Fres. Cburcb. ... »aB 

—Harlem HI isIdh SOS 

— N. Y. Wortbiirg Home ., tBt 

—Side Ban. As»-n !»9 

^-JeChapel 807 

— Side Dlgpenaary ISO 

-Bide Ladies' AM Soc. ..'.. 

—Bide LodfnDK-Bnaae . 

—Bide Men's Club. 

BbeDezerBapt Cbiucb. ... 
Eclectic Ooil. DiEpeneaiT'... 

—Medical Colrefie. 

Ef»le FranvaloeOratuIle... 


Educattoual AJIIaace... 
-BDd iDduHtrial ScbooL 
Ed'iCBtion and Special Train- 1 

-Board, 'Meth." Ejria"!" .", 

— Boardol 1 

— Boc., Preedmen'o Aid aiH 

— Soc,. Woman's LesiU....'.. 

EETpt. BooietieB. 

Eighth Ave.H. EvReecue Hh 

EiKblh Ward HJsal'an, .'.'..'.'. 
Eighteenth Bt. H. K. ChoKAi 
EleyenthSt, M,K CSlurcb.. 

ElliB, Order of , 

ElUa Waud 

inmlra Rerormatory 

Emanu-GI Sisterhood.... . . 

Emergency HoHpl'tal forWo- ^ 

EmlerantHomeAsi'ii, Liidi. I 
""-3ion_ Co— " ■ 

Emlgronia' Honse, LoUuMua | 

S^mmaourl K. 
-MiflBion Hou 
-Prea, Chapel 

— H, E* Chapel '.... 

— P. E. Cburoh , 

Empire Order, Mut. A 

Employment and BeiUat ot 

Poor Women ■ 

-Bureau, AlUanoo 

—Bureau torToungHea..., 

—Bureau. Hebrew ,. 

, St.Jasepb's ... . 

— S(K'., Cbriatlan Aid 


FirstPre^. Cburcb li 

— BerdChurcli 8 

—Vet'd Epis. Charcb 4 

—Swedish Bapt. (Jhurcb. ... a 

— Tn-mout, Prea. Church 8 

— UoiOEAfr.H.K. Caiuroh.. a 

^UaloD Pres, Chnroh 3 

FiBhenuBD'H Hut. Ben. A»1i E 
Fire Points Houaa iBdaittrj. 

— PoiDU UIbbIod 

Floating Ho°pit«1.St.Johii'« 1 
Florence NieUt Misaloa . ... S 
Flower and Ftuit BUsston... i 

— Uiflsion, iiast side 

Fold. Cmldren'B. I 

— ShephenJ'B . . 1 

Folks'^ Aid Soc, Becdrder'R 


Food, Clothing and Oeneral 


Fordham DlBpanaarr 1 

— M E.Chureh 8 

— RecepOon Hosp. and Dim. 

— net'JChnroh a,. 

Forei^Bltile Soc., Am and. 371 

— Charity Ore. Soea 411-481 

—ChrlBtlon Union, Am tud , S7I 

— OonHuls 18,14 

ForalRne™' Hellitf ...35,104,290 
Foreiini HlBslonH, Amer. Bd. S7H 

— Miss., PreahT'n . """ 

— MiBS. Ref'd Church 

— Mlsa. aoc, Prot. Epis 
-MlES. aoc.. Woman's H. K, S85 
— MlBa,WomaQ'BBd. Fpea... S " 
Forsytli St. M. K. Church. . , I 
Fort Hamilton, Inebriates' 

Fortj'-fourth ' St. "iodgJne 

—St. M. K Choroii .. " S— 

Forty-third St. M. E. Ohuroh 8SB 

Found Img Hoapltal . — 

Fouudlinea<1MBDtA.Byluni\ - — 

— ReUecfor IB, IJO 

Fourteenth Bt Fres (SuinA. S37 
Fourth Ave. Pros Chnroh... i — 

—Fres. Church I 

—Herd Church .., ! 

—Rerd Prea. Church i 

-DnlT. Church < 

FronfalBi! ds BlBUlalsance, 

Fraofclin Bt H. S. Ohur 
Frat<?LlanKa ItoJJttBa. - 

Fratemln, Italian 

Frauev Verein, Deotacber. . , 

Frea Burial 

—Church Home lncDniblas>i.S 
— Ciroulatlng IJhrBw.. 
— Diapeosary, Life Sut'- 
— Eatertaiuments tOT 

and nnf ortunale 
—Inarmary and D:' 

St. Andre 

— Oermao School 

— Bni)ietorDvBtiluteaiTls,.i 
— EinderR'n AasX Bailem. . ' 
-Libraries IBM 

Freedmen . 

Frencb BeneicdeDt Boc... 
-Ben. Boc , Ladles"-, 

— Evana'1 Prea. Ohn 
-ErauE'l Home.... 

—Free School - 


— ImmlgraDts. 

—Maternal SshooL. 
— Frimai7 Scbooi... 

Fresh- Air and OMvalet 

—Home for the... 

Friendly Soc.. OWa',,.. 
—Sons of at. Patrick .. 

Friend Boc.. Amer. Svu' Employment BOC.. 

t. 445- 


— Hoepltalaud Dispenauy.. 141 

:gS|i2;;:...,;:;::: ,| 

-Masona' OrphftnB and Wi- 
dows 1S2 

—Mjuooio Temple Ausn 133 

—U. E, UlBBion House IKS 

-Misalon. Ohvet Church . . 9W 


—Orphans and "Widows 4S 

— Prot.Epia! MiaEiou!!',',! " 851 
—Prot. Ret'd Church 3M 

QerinSnE,Beliet(if.'."".r.. .'■]«• 
Oennany C. 0. Boca — 417-llfl 

aiJbertA. Roherifion Home. 78 
Glrla, Abs'u tor Befrieudin|r. 89 

-CrfripW fll 

-EnA™vnr s,.c m 

-Frii-' :';.;.■ TS 
— Fncmllyaw.. .... S5B 

~°F?ilndE^'s...™'^°.. ". igo 

— Rome. Immlerant . 108 

-Indus. Home, ItallBn SIB 

^^^^■fh Building.';. : s| 

^^^^^■r Chamber Com. 

^^^^^^"Parieuts' k^d 
^^^^^latic Cure 1U 

^^■■bterlao Church Erec- 
I^TBocTciereyRetiriBa...!:! Bn 

— WorldrnGiris; BeneOt.... SH 

Funeral BeneHt AsB'n 0. F ., Efli 

W — Mlraion J!07, f(B 

Beneral HoBplralB i40-igo 

—Belief, Foreigners' !0» 

-Soc, MetiiiilcViiidTiidM'. 

Genlto-urlnary Diseases. 160, 18T 

— EmleraDt MJesion BID 

-ET(iug-lM.E. Church.... SX 

-Shelter for Respectable.. . . 68 

-io^' to BfwI^S^rklnii;. 73 
-Boc!b..Ae9 oof Working... £M 

-T^fn'^a^Li^'cHoiy ^^ 

— TrftlBfng School, St. joiin 


Olria' fWorklDiF) VBCBtlon 

Soc. ,. 

'1 ProTideooe HiSMOD.., 

DispeDHATV. , . . H 1C4 
— Sliepbeni, House of. F. £.. 1«r 
— abepherd. House o(, B. 0.. a«10 
— Sbepberd of Aogera, Bia- 

— 8heph^,'siaterHs!'c.iii I'iS 

— WiliClul) isa 

— Will Pres. OhuTOli 338 

Oonwl among; Beaman, Fro- 

motinft aid 

— ClMpeJ *99 

— Miamon, Fordhnni'..'--.-- 405 
"■ ' cotheTomb* .. . tib 

ele 405 

— TempM^mce HlasiOD W! 

OouTernpup Homiltal IS 

Governmeiil or Official Aid... IS 

Oraoe Bapt. CbUPOh SOS 

"-1I, Aflbury park 3SS 

Nunerf. . TH, SH 

Gratuity Funii Prod, 

Qreeee, C. O. BoDtetl™ . ... im 

Greek Beiier.Soc S9a 

r. Fern. 8oc. . ti 

— Anael H.. O. Churcli., ... 890 
-Sac . Hebrew SbeJterinK.. 303 
QuaniiauHof SlBterhood 

Holy Oommualan 331 

«ulld,Etirle 44 

OaIld,St.BBrtli. Chiiie«£^. 

—St. El labelh'B 

OuDther Oeu Hide Honie. 
OuslaTUH Adolpbufl L u t fa 

— Asylutu. Belblehem.. — 
Hair-Orpfa^s. Rellet tor, 118. U 
Uihneuiaaii Hospital 
HnlJ^it^ii ruud. Juliue 

Hall Library, City _ 

HomUton Gi ange Beld Cb.. ■ 
Hammera Statuia iSur"— ~ 

Homej --.. 

Hand Ass*!!, HelplDg _ 

Happy ETColngs for UEUe J 

I.e. A.... 

-Diapeneaiyfur Women aiul i 

CfiUdren "^ 

—Exuhauite for Work. 

—Eye. Ear and Throu Infli^ J 

— Eindernrten A^'n 

-MlllBion - i 

— Prea Churoh . 

— Pree.Obuicb Minion... 
— Reoei>tloD Hoeptul a 


HarfB Island , 

Hatfield Hotel It 

HttTMis Relief Fund Soc -. 
HaxtuD Cotta^ 

—Officer, QuarantlnB.. . . 

,., ■.United B 

, Jhlldren BO 

r -~-GUldreii S&Ditariiun 1% 

~ ■■ m Brotherhood.... S? 

mChurch 40 

—Free Burial ABa'D,AustrIiui 9 

— Immlgnuits .'.IM.ia 

— Inrtituta 84,34 

— Ijing-fn Soc IT 

—Momal Benefit Soc M 

— R*lle[8oc i 

-^iftoila^ Reform Aaa'u.,.. S 
— Shelterfng GuardlOD Bdc.. 91 

—Sheltering Home 10 

— SynagOKueB 31 

—Ttobnical Institute 31 

Hebrews, Home far Aged 

andlafirm IE 

H^dlnR U. E. Church S:j 

Heimatb, Isabella 1! 

Help, see Relief. 

EeliilDg Brotherhood, Chris. 

— HandAas'n !!!'.'!.'.'....*.',; i 

—Hand. Olivet . . i 

HelplesBBUnd i 

Highway MiBsion !J77, V 

Blrach Fund, BarOD de 1( 

Historical Soc af 

—Hoc. Library * 

HIatoiT, MuBeuro Natural. . . ii 

Hoe, Uni. Robert '• 

Hoffman IsUod I 

Holiday House ]( 

Holland Ref'dCiiurch-.lIB, 3t 

— BocietifiB 4: 

Holy JLneels Orph'n Asylum 1 
Hul; AjnatKB' P. E. Church SI 

—Comforter, House of It 

— Comtorter P. E, Churoh 

for Sailors 31 

—OommuDlon Church.. .ISS. S! 

— CroBB LytBum W 

— CrosaF. E. Hlssion 31 

— Cross R. O, Churcli. . . , . .31 

—Cross, aiBters r 

— Croas, BiBteTB Uarianltes, 

—SWlh P. E. Church ai 

—Family. House of ( 

— Innocents- H.C. Churoh... » 
—Martyrs' P. RCburell.... 11 

jDlyNameof JesuHRCCh. SCO 

-Nativitj- P. E- Churcli 368 

-Bosary K. C, Church 3B1 

-Bepulchre P. E. Church.... SUB 

- lilnliy Luth . Church 819 

-Trinity (Harlem) P. K. 

Churoh 360 

-Tnnlty OrphaDage 123 

-Trinity P.^ Chapel 363 

-Trinity P. E. Church 360 

-Trinity UlSiiioaCbapel.... S80 
-Triuity Rescue MteaTon... ao7 

AchnoaaEJi Orchim,. 101 

Aged and InArm, B'nai 

B'rith BBO 

—and Infirm Hebrews. ... 133 

— Uen, Rt. Johnland ia4 

—of Little Sisters 138 

All Saints' Connalesoent . 160 

Arthur's lis 

Baptist Ministers 130 

Berachah 1*1 

B'nai BTith *B0 

Branch Ladies Cbris'D Un. SBI 

Brunswick ISO 

Chapin m 

ChUdren'a,Cold8prinf[.,.. 74 
Ohildren'a, Summer. ....7tI9 
Cbtiatiau.f'ir Intemperate 199 

— Workrra' BlO 

— Workiog-Women.... SBS 
Church of Holy Com., P. E. 136 

Colored .. .. 131 

CoDialeBCeuts 133,160, IGI 

De Peyster - ISO 

Destitute Toung OirlB. ... Sfi 

Dr.Choate's IM 

Edith Summer Ms 

Eighth Wsjd MIsBlon 113 

For Adults .. I» 

— Chiliiren only IIB 

—Fallen and FrisndlBBS 

GMb - IBS 

French 107 

— Rraagellcol T4 

—Friendless ■ 41 

-Incurables .- IBS 

Fresh Afr and Oonvaleg. 

Qall»udet".".''.'.'.\"l'V.V. in 

German UaMniic . . , IS3 

CiennaD Odd-Fellows SOO 

Gilbert A. BobBrtsou Tfl 







KoyeK MemurinI ... 

of ImtuatrrandKefuge... IM 


. . . 1S.1 

-(or FrieEdlesa OolOTed 



HoMeBohool. A. F. Q. Soc... 4S 

— Bea-SMe 863 

—Soc.. Baptist.. 130 

— Boc., Baptist MlniatereV.. lao 

— Soe.. laabeUa ISB 

— 8oc.. YouDE Women's. -,. 74 

Botnes Tor AaultB tS, ISB 

—for Children .-. TO, 118 

-for Fallen Oirts 19B 

—for FalleD Women (00, BOl 

— forFrlDDdleftfi Qlrle.,, 199 

—for NtTvouB Peraona IBS 

—in Oountrr Families 189 

— Soc. for Improving Work- 

— Summer., ..*.*!',!!!!!!. 74-78, 363 

-Temporary 60-7B 

— TomiR Womeo-a 137 

BomelKS* Bovs.LodBinee tor (12 

—Children as,as-7i 

— FHends of the B7 

^UotherB and Infanta SS 

— Woroeo. HomeB for 71 

—Van Pelt Home for. 137 

Homceopatliic Diapeoeai?, 

Tompkins Bq 1B4 

— DiBpeoKarr. West Side .. ISS 

— HoBpitftl, CCiyT. IB 

—Hospital, Gtate 39 

-MeUical Coll. and HoapJtol 1H7 

Honor. Am. Legion aSfl 

B«ie Baptist Cburch... 903 

—Pree. dhapei. B38 

— Doorof IBS 

Hopper Home 202 

Adult Ifl 

Almahouse Ifl 

Babies' '.'.'..."'. 168 

Beth iBToei '.".'.'.'.".'„'.'.' .'.■.'..* HO 

Cancer IBS 

ChamberaSt HO 

Charity 17 

Child's fNnraery and) 172 

Children's : 17 

Chinese 141 

(ThrMopher Columbus.. 141 
Obnrch, and DlBpi!nijBTy.,.xilx 

Colored Home and 18, 131 

Columbian Institute ino 

ConTalesceota ISS, lAO-IRS 

El«leptic 19 

&e and Ear iDfirmar;, ISl, 1G4 
Flse Points Infirmary.. .. 70 

Flower Surj^cal ".'.'.'.'.'.'. IBS 

Fordbam Keception 18 

Foundling 120 

Frecob... 107 

German Ill 

Harlem Reception IB 

— EyeandEar. lEI 

Homoiopnthic IB 

House of Relief. H9 

— ofKesi 188 

Hudson KiTer State. 2S 

locuTttbto IB, 183 

InfuniB Iff 

Infirmary. Women and 

Children 170 

Institute. Eye and Ear.... IflS 

Isabella Helmath ISS 

Italian 1<Ht 

Laura Franklin IfiS 

Lebanon, Ass'n.. '■.'■- ... 143 

Lutheran ID! 

Uanhaltan 143 

— EyeandEar. 1S3 

Marine 82.83 

Maternity 19,171 

Medical Collue. .171,180,187 
Metropolitan throat .. ..153 
Mlildletonn Btate Homceo- 

patbio. SB 

Hontefiore 183 

Mt ShioL 144 

Naval - 33 

New Amaterdam ISB 

New York. HB 

-Foundling 120 

Norweginu 110 

Nursery and Child's ITa 

of Observation ST 

Ophmahnlc IM 

-and Aural 1G4 

Ortbopffidic IDS 

Paraljfio... 20 

Pol^lnk! IBS 

Postgraduate 188 

Presbyterian 14S 

Heceptlott 18,21 

Riverside SS 


Roosorelt - 

Ruptured ODd Crippled.. 

— Free Inflrnuuy ITS 

Bt. EUMbetli'a. IM 

St. FnunciH' 148 

St. (illea the Orippla. la£ 

SCJoHeph's 14B 

Bt Lute'B 1)6 

St.Muk'a 147 

SI.HtUT'i 178 

St. VinceufB 147 

Skin and C^cer '. 16H 

eioaoe UBturnitr. IIS 

State HomcBopathic iffl 

Trinltv 160 

IT, S. Hlsrine 3S 

—Naval as 

Wliiard Parker S2 

WoodEtock. ISO 

-WomBU'B m 

Workliouse 20 

Hospital Asa'n, Betb-Iarael.. llO 

— A^tL Cblneae ^.,.-.. 141 

— BrMk and Ne«q)Bper Soc- 90 

—for Incurables 18 

Hospitals, Mission to 87 

Hospital SaturdarBUd Bim- 

dayAM'B 1B6 

Hat<jlAsB'Q,HomB 01 

Bouse and School of ludus- 

tiy .... 88 

— Abh%, LutheraaEmle'ta... 110 

-EaBt Side M8, Drix 

—Luthenui EmiRnuit . .. 110, lie 

—Emni.nuel Mission are 

—German Mission 107 

—Leake and Watta IIB 

—(Leo) for Uermao Iminl- 

grauta 110 

— Nat'l TemperoDce Publica- 
tion , .\7. sei 

—of aood Samaritan 119, 382 

— oEQoodShHphard.P.K,... 187 
—of flood Shepherd, E.G.... 200 

-oEDetentlou »,B8 

-ol Holy Comforter IBS 

—of Holy Family 69 

—of Industry 4S 

—of Industry, Five Polnta... 71) 

-of Mero7,P.E 300 

— otMerey, K. 117 

Souse of Our Lady ot Boa- 

—ot Reception, 

—of Beceptlon, Bt. Jos^Oi^ 

— of Befu^ 

— otRellaf 


St, Barnoibas' 

—St. Thomas' Diet KltcbeiL. 
— Ksteni". and TralnliiK 

— freaemeni> BiiJlilbiKCiC'.'. 

—Trinity Uission 

— Woplt. Tuopment 

Houses, City and Ccrunlqr 


-Coffee 98, nr, 

— LodelDB 

—Sailors' Boarding. JIft 

Howard OroHby Society. 

— MlRsion 

Hudson Elver State Hoop. . . 

Hunrarlaa Ass'n 

—Hebrew Burial Abb's 

— Immlgraiits.. - . 

Hungaiy, 0. O. Societle*.-.. 

TDIOTAeylum -. 

1 Idiotk-, Helieffor. ... 

Idiots, StnM Asylum — 
Illegitimate rhtldren ...... 

Immaculate CoucepUoa, Ger- 

luan B. C. Chnrch : 

-CanwpciDD R. C. OUuldl.. 

— Virgin. UisiiOB - 

Immanuel, Qenuan lioUi. 

— Luth. Chureh""! 


— Oenoan OBtb<dlc 

— Gh-ls' Home, Heth. IM>.. 
— ProlectlTOSoc.. JewUi.., 

—Russian Roumanian. 

-Scandlnayian lOS, 

ImmlgTtttiou Serrlco. -. - 

Improved Homea..... , 

— loMnictioD ot Detd-KaUm.. 
—Instruction of Deal-Untea, 


—Tenements and Homes.... 


ImprOTine the Condition of 

Poor, Asfl'n 4G 

-Worklngmeu'a Homes ISS 

Incoraation . P. E. Church . , , Ml 

Inoorablea, Home (or 183 

— Hoapitalfoi 19 

— Keliefof. 183 

iDdpwndont Order B'noi 

BYitb am 

—Order Free Sods Israel ... 2B1 

—Order Odd- KbUows Ml 

India, BodeOes 418 

IndlBDABB'a. Notionsl S^l 

— Ass'n, N.Y.Clty KBl 

Indians...... .-- 90 

Indigent Blind, Asylum 

— Chriatian Females, ' m. 

Luke'aHome 1S3 

—FnnHlea.Aas'Dfor Relief., llta 

—Firemen. BBS 

—UaBODB, AseIudi IIS 

-Women, Peabody Home... lafi 
iDdnBtrial and ITdncfitiODai 

— ChriaHan Aiilaiice.! '."".'.'.'. SOS 
—Community, Church, St. 

Johniand 1% 

— fimploymont ,.,... ^ 

— Farm, BumbBin SOS 

—Home. Italian Olrla' 216 

— Home, St, JoBeph-a 117 

—Mission, SnanlBli aiS, Bil 

-School auil Home. St. Uar- 

— SchoolVorDi-af.MuVefi"!!!! 1B8 

-School, Hph row W 

—School of St. DomInlo..lI4, IIB 

— Scliool, St. Eiiiatieth'B 121 

— SchcMi, 8t. V. de Paul .... 125 

—School, Spaniab.. 3IB 

—School, Weet Bide SI 

—flehool, Wilson SH 

— Elch(x4& -IS, Bg.Bl. SB 

buhiMiTaDd Bsfuge. Home. 198 
— Chib.WoiaaDBCharitrsiid 
Homeitorcoloredairlsp. T8 

—rtTO PolnU House TO 

—House and Sohool of 3B 

— Houseof 48 

Inebriates' Home 198 

—Homes for 194-196 

iDfant Asylum lai 

Infants' Hospital 10 

Infirmary tor Women and 

Chilcfren r 

— N.Y.ByeandEar...,, ... V. 

— St. Andrew-a. 11 

iDHna, Chapiu Rome for. . . . 1! 
— DeaC-Ui>t«B, Gallaudet 

-Hebrem/Homefor.,; ,'.'!! 1! 

— PriaslB, FuQcistor I 

— WarthuTE Home It 

Injured, First Aid to S< 

Insane, Bloomlngdal? Asy- 

— Persons, Frivato Homes... 1! 

-ReUeffor, -M, II 

— Bt.VbicenfBBetreBt II 

— Soe. for Promoting Wel- 
fare 11 

Inspectiooe, Sanitary 1 

Inspector of Buildlnss 1 

Inspectors of Factories f 

InHtltut«. Bacterlologital ... 11 

—Bethany. & 

-for Artist- Artleana. !. 

-for Bar and Eye Diseases.. II 
—for Improved InstruotidD, 

St. Joseph's. II 

— Hebrew Teoimioai a 

-Italian 11 

— LifeSayine " 

-N.T. Law K 

— of Chrlstiao Philo- 
sophy 2! 

Institution," "American'NBt'l 

LeaEiie » 

-forBlbid, N.T ..,. . IS 

—for Feeble -Minded Chil- 
dren S 

-for Imp'd iDBt'D of Dfot- 

Mutea 10 

-for Instruction of Deat and 

numb It 

— t«)ratea Afteocj t 

— ofMarcy 11 

—ot St. Dominic 11 

Institutions (Public; , La- 
dles' MisaiODB to 2t 

Instruction In First Aid to J! 


— ot Deaf and Dumb.Inati- 

— of Deaf -Mules, linproYed.. II 

— UIbb Alliance.. . 
— BIedlca]niiss.Soc.CliapelB. 4C 
"-■-- Kliig'a DaughlefB 



1 MISBlon. Cheering 


— Siaterhooil. Templo. BS 

Islltuto Ilaliano 109 

Italian-Amer. Frog. Club..., Bill 

1, AnyluiD tor... 
LDK-lilisaloii .. .. 
la' Indus. Home .... 

— Hospital OhriHtopher Co- 

— ImmlKrantH IC 

— IngtructlOD ]( 

~U. E-UiSBlons St 

— Hle^OD, Prot. Epla 91 

—Keller Bureau. . . 


Italiaoa, BouletA 


Italiano Istltuto 

Italy, CO. Societies 

liy Club, Working Oirla', . 

TASE St. H. E. Church . . 
•I Janes U. K. Church.. . 
Jewellers' anil Tiadesmen'a 


Jewish Gtaadrea . 

— ImmlKrant^.. .,, , 

— ImmtgiantB' PioteotlTs < 

Boc — 

— Re[uee« 

—TbeoiDgical Seminary... 

— Wciridng Girls . .. _. 

JevB. Boc. for Promotii 


Jobn 8t. U. E. Chnrck . .. 
Julius holLgajten Fund.-.. 

J urenUe Asylum. N. T _ 

— Iifilnqucota, Soc. tor Ho- _ 

KA£AL Ada,th , 
Heb. Cong 

Kalth Home 

Kesher Bhel Banel .— 

EJnclergarten. Ahigail Sch'l • I 

—All Souls Church ' 

— Aas'n, Harteai , 

— ABsn, N.Y 

—Cherry St 

— Eaat Side Souse 

—St. OaocgB's 

KiaR. ^ughtersirf tbe. . 

Kiae's Dsugbtecs. bdem- 

tlonal Order of 9 

—Daughters" TeneiDont ' 

HouBo Com ' 

— Sods, Orfer of -,.,.... 

KltohenAsa'n Diet 

— Qsnlei), Bible sad Fndl 

-Harden, Trtii'liy'liiaBion.. ., 
— OardBD, Wilson Indns. 


—New Enitland. — . 

—MB Diet 

Knlehte, Cotholle. .. 

-orst. Patrick 

—of TpmpenuiCB — 
Knowledge. Prot. Ef 
PronioUon Einne'l 

IvktMratorr museum 

-m^ai - 

Ladice' Aid Boc., East Si 

— ArtABS'n 

— BiturmioliniSoP 

"■ ■— HI Union .... . 
h NuTBOiy 

— H-uelaDdAldSoc 

— HBiilth PnHeoMve Aisli... 

— Homeaoo,, Bapt Churehea 
— Uinaloa of the Frot. EpiH. 


— If ontaSore Aid and Sewing 

-Union Reltet ABs'n. 

Lady oS Chaiity. BlaterB. , . 

Laura FTanklln Free Heap . 

— KBform. Lunacy. 

lAzarus, Emms, Club. 

annl imer, tnst'ni 

— Tiieo5ophioal 

LeeaWie Aeeocr, Inst'D St 

Legion Catholfp Ben. . . , !i87 

^f^onor.'.'.! !'".*.'.'.'.'. '.'.'.".' 288 

-Temp. Soc.. Loyal 861 

LeDOX Are. Union Disdlples 

Church - - 513 

—Ave. Unit. Church.., 402 

—Library 338 

—Pres. Church WB 

Leo House 110 

Letter Mfssiou. ChrlBtmsB, . . »S 
LBiington Ave. Bapl. Church SOB 

Llteanes SeB~'2S9 

— rree. Circulating 3'8-23a 

— MedicaL 185-180 

Library Asa'n. Children's . S» 

-Ass'n. Mercaulile SSI 

— HiBIoriCBl Soc SSa 

— Mott Memortol aSS 

— Odd-Fellowa 234 

—of Art, Metropolitan ... . 33S 

—of Nat. History .... SSB 

—Produce KxchBuge BH 

—State Med. Ass'n 3H 

— Wotiittn''a 88 

life Assurance Ass'n, Teach- 
ers' 301 

— SbtIqi; B(!n. AaaM 970 

— Safins Inat. and Free Dls- 

panaary IBE 

Lieht-HouseHiBalon.... .... iX 

Lhneriek Men's Ben. and Hoc. 

Afis'D BBS 

LtteraiT Aaa'n. DTstal 4i 

—and Scientific Circle, Chau- 
tauqua , St! 

— Llteretnre and Art SBB 

Little Uotlipra Aid Soc lOe 

-Slaters of tlie Aesuinp-' 

tlou IBS 

— SiatersofthePcor 881 

— Wanderera.Hoirard MiBa.. Iff! 
— ZlOD. African M. Church.. BDl 

LoanEellftf BB 

-Relief Abb'u 101 

Loaoa. ... 101 

LodeinB-HouBe, Bible and 

FmllMlsaion M 

—Mode! S3B, S«T 

— St.Marr's W 

LodRinE-HouBea SSS 

— for Ohlldreo M 

— forMen SSB 

odKlncHouaM CorWomau 

BDirairia bJ-M, lae, aa8 

DdittngK, ChMp XSH 

odKliiE. Slielti'ranil M 

eliUMid Home ma 
a HnmB, Kantiintt, ia» 
' Down-Town »«bbatl] 

^ . J DaltrSclMOl m 

Xdyal Leglou, Kll. Oidar ... « 
t-Wlon T«inp«i«ao« Son... »ll 
'^niow stailoD. t^ke and 
WausOratianHoiue ,. iifl 

_ iiUiuoy Ijiir Refonu Bit 

P— Slnfi- rommlnKlon ... ill 

'Liinntk- A<vli,ms U 

L ■■ ■ Ii- lfl» 

■ .■■...■. ...38" 

. i ■ . .' ■ ■■ V'a'n.. no 

- 'i. I '.'.'.m, no 

Kr'lk.rMr,'!'.." .,""',..".. SW 

~PiUri« HoniD I0« 

^UiBMiiB, (leruian . , ion 

'""■--'BohwiPilBBrBftu*.... VX 

_ _.._..i. ttoir a«M HBO 

■ L]'luii4a dhftrltlei 1T4 

--H'wpltiila , 1A8 

— HonpiUI.BWi m 

— Soc., Hebntw ITB 

JH sioa «4 

— WHlerBI. HlBshHi, . . tOD 

Baodoutdil at Bapt. ChuTob »» 
mdlaoD Ave. Bnpt. Oburcb. KK) 
' — Ave, UepoalLor; and Ex- 

B.K.S.'ch^riiK.".. '.".'.'. B«T 

—ATS Prea. CAuirch sas 

— Ret'd Uburoh Sm 

—So. Cbureh Bouse. MS, 83B 

~«q. ChuTDh HIsalOii Wt.KB 

— Bq.PreB. Oburcb SW 

-af.M E Chliroh aw 

— St. Pres. Ohurob SSS 

I Uocdalen Asylum Ml 

I — BeneTnleiit 8oc Sni 

f MaleNui™*- ■--. 780 

— Orpba'i A^lum,R.C IK 

— Reformfttarlee IBS 

Uomaroaeck ISt. Hlobaera 

Rome)..., 901 

MaDbattao Obapel SS 

Maobotlan DlkpenaaiT bb^ 

Uoaplt&l lU 

— Efeaird fiarBoapital -- IM 
-German ETarft. Cburdi . . l» 
-R'jUo. Train Hen..... St 

-WorfcinF Olrts' Aw'D - W* 

Uaaor Rerd Chapel » 

Uaaual TtoIbIiik for Deat- 

MuteB ..Oi. tm 

HuVHnH. LoulBa Home . '*' ' 
— Stractaaa Eome and Ch»] 

HarlatilUa. Sietera 

Uurine Hoapltal, C. S..... 

— 8oc _ 

Mariners' Taaillf AVtnnt... l: 

—Hut. B«D Absu - 

— Bapt.Tenipte...- 

— Undenoni'l Churab 

UorloD Hl«<on ... 


Market St. Mlaalon 

UanlBResand DeathR.. 

MarUia Mam I Ret'd Ohmdi. U 
Masonlu Aarliun and ScbooL U 

— BoarrtntRoliaf "" 

-Qerman. Mutual Br 

-Rflief ' . . . ., ^"1".".' 

—Temple AsD^n. Oennaa 
MaBOijs' Orpbang 

Mule l*vl ConRTBgaHoi'. 
Halemal Bcbool.Frai'Cfa 
Hatprnltr Hgniltal ■ .. 
-HoBpllal ot N. Y. rw 

liuK HoeplUl _ 

-UoapitaJa llli, IBS. 11 

MnaK Cheap. , , " 

Hecbanlca and 


-Blind - ... . 

Meillall _" 

Mediator P. B. Churdi .. 
Hedleal Ass n Libratr, Stale • 

— Collegii and Hoapltal bxc 

— Oollegea.,-. 
—Men. Wide ... . 
— MiBBJuuan' Soc... 

Uedlcol Itellet, see Rospltala 

aact DispsDsarlea. 
—and Buriflcal Belief Co 

Out-Door Poor 16, 

-Bchooia" ■":;;.";!*.;.*.;;;; 

—Service Night. 

— SooietleB 

— eoc.Ckiuotj 

Medielue. N. Y.Aead 

HeeClDe-HoiiHei. Friends. . . . 

Mf irosp Ref d Cliuroh 

MeiubeTsiiip in 0. O B 

UeiDorful BanClaC Church.. . 
-Church Club 

— UbrarV. Hott.'.'^'!!i!!l.. 
Men. Home tor LoWniperste 

—Home for Old 

— Eefonuatories (or 

Meu-B Club, Eaet Bide 

-Club, Mem'l Young 

-Lodshie-HouseB for 

—YoiinK. Christ. Asa n .... 

Mental iiiseases, Belief of 


Meruaptlle Ben. Asa'n. .. ... 

— Ubrarp AHs'n . 

Meriiy, H™fle<.f.P. E 

— Houaeot,a.C 

— InatllutioQ ot 

Uolikao Israel AuEclua Su- 
Tolk Heb. Cone. - - - - - - 

Uewenger Bora' RtsHdliiR 

MaaslBii Home.! !!!.!!! !!!'.!! 

—Unitarian ChUTOh 

MeCb. EpiB. Af ric'D Churches 
— KpiH. Ohurobea 

—mm'^ten- Widows. ' etc", 


MetTDPolltui Unaeom of Art 

—Throat Homrilftl .... 

Metucheo, Van Pelt Home ... 
Diddle Colteeiate Bef'd Ob... 
HIddletoicn State HanxBo. 



Hldwiferr Dlapeasary. . 
Military Order Loyal Iv^od 
MlUlnery Mut. Ben. As^'n . . , 

Index. 4GS ^^^| 

BIlllBTrBinlnettehaal.Niirsee IW 

Ministers. Disatiled US, M 

— FomiUea .«!. HI ^k 

— Home, BapHat ISO ^^M 

— HomeSoc.Baptltn 130 ^^H 

Higeellaneous Chnrcbea .. . 4C« ^^^M 

HiH^rliKHMe.SiBteraof . . . 1T1 ^^^H 

MlBslonarles. Soc. of Itallaa.xxti: ^^^^H 

HiSBionarf Alliance. Intern'! HSO ^^^^M 

-Protective ',"".".','.'.'. m ^^H 

— Slaters of St. FraaclB. 120 

— Societies an 

— Soc„ Ainer. Bapt Home . . 27B 
— Soc.AmerlcBuChureli.... BT 
— 8oc., Amtaican HooiB. ... 37 
— Soo., CTty Church Eit«a- 

8lon,H. E..... .. SS 

-Soc., Dom. andFor„ P. E.. 87 
—Soo. for Seamen, P. E,, ... ai 
— Soc.IntematlooalUedlcal St 
—Sou., Ladies' Home. M. E.. S 
—Soo,, Meth. Enis. Church.. »t 
— Spc., Woman's For. «. E.. SS 
-Soc , Woman 'a Home, M.E. Of 

—Soc,, Woman's Pnlon SS 

— T'alnfngOollep! . £4 

Misaion <uid Home for Little 

Waoderera W 

—and Tract Soc., N. Y. Cily. ai 

—Baptist City S8 

— Beulah ,., SI 

— CBtherlne".'.',^'.!!"""!" SO 

K.C' 'SB 

— ChapetB, Intern'] Medical 

MfeaiocSoc 40 

— Chapel Divine Providence. 40 
— CbBpel, Had Ave Bef'd.. SB 
—Chanel. Klverdale Pres ... 34 
— Cbapela ot Pmt, Kpia. aty 

—Chinese. «.E." '.".'.'.'.'.".". SI 
-CbristmaB Letter t 

~Coioreei. '.'.'. ".'.'.'..'.'.'.".''.''.'. ai 
—Committee. EmlKnuit Ger- 
man Evangelical 10 

— Cremarna... ,, II 

—East Side Flower S 

-Eighth Ward 11 

—Florence Nlriit Si 

-Fruit and Flower 10 

— Hoose. OraoB.. 

Bouae. Trlninr 

■ teiniiitD li 

Cheniae Urea, t 

B, Church ai 


I HiMioD.: 

B -iiarijor.'.".'."..,..'.;.::: 

^^^^H —Harlem t,F)wpli!'a Ctai 

^^^m -Rif;h*sv 

^^^^H —Home, emannel 


— SicJi dhlliiren'a. 

—St. Bartbolomew'B Beacon XI 

"-BHloDtoDenf-IlIalce IVt 

lotheTombB.... 116 

Hlaslonv. Amer. Board For... S78 

—Church, see Churches. 
Domestic, Ref'd Cburoh... E7G 
ForeiKu. Freabrteriiui. ... -BB 
For., Hard Church We 

— Spanldi iDduitrtal SIA 

•q DeBtttuto aw 

aBpaDfarda SIB 

Hlipah PreBbyteriOD Chapel 310 

—iMd glDR-Hoiuea , .. 


il Ald.- 

MorarlaD ObUTchsa . . 


UoBt Holy 

— IBt. Paul's! RaTd Church . . 

Uott Hcnuorial libnirr ... 


— Morria Bapt. Cburub . ... 
-OII*et ttapUat CiutrA... 
—St. vincwt, siat«n < 

— Sfnai Heb. OiuisreBaUaii. 
-SUiai BoBpilal ..... .. 

—Tabor Pre* Cbureb 

—VKnum IdCsbi Ai7liun._ . 

— WarttmrK Oipbaas' 

— WanhtBRtoB Prwa. Cbnrdi. I 

— ZloD Rob. OauK 

MtUKum, HlOToricsl Soc 
— of Art. HetropoUtan.. . 

- of Ksttml HiBtcifjr 

MuxeUiDB V 

HoBieal Mnt. Frot. Union ... 9 
DIuteB iDeaO, Chiir^i Hla- 

aionio . .. n 

-meoO.SI. JoKidi'^Inat... II 
Hutoa] Aid, see Mutual So- 
cieties. a 

— Assistance Oerman 8e 

—Benefit Sops,. X 

— BeneflC Fund, WorkinK 

Qlrls' .- a 

— Bellcl Aaa-na » 

— SoolHtr<!a... '"" " 

Mutua SocCDi 

NANTJET. Bt. Apstba'B 
Home .... ■■ 

Natal Someties 

NntloualAcailBairofDelSKD t 
— Beneflt Soc ~ 

—Conf . Cniar. and Cor. . 

—Home for Disabled Tolun- 

teer Soldiers. 

-lodJau 458'n -> 

— Leairae American In«FWtn-_^ 

NnllTlfr^R. O, taiurdi^ 

NaCum] HiBtorf. Ubraiy.. . 
—History. Museum .. ..... 

nautical SchoolB — 1 

NbthI Oemeterv 

— Hospllal, U. a 

— LflborfitoO' -. -. 

-Tralnipg Ships 

Navj.U.B ..... 

o, TidueBe.... SDC 

—BiBters of 81. Joseph 1S8 

Nsedlewort OuUd B8 

Needy Actors m 

North N.T.H.K Church... m ^^M 

— PrvB. Cfauruli StO ^^^H 

-Re I'd Church Chapel SB? ^^^M 

North.Eastem IHspensary 1«B ^^H 

North Long Branch CBea- ^^^H 
Norway. Bodeties 4B) ^^^H 

Kelghborhood Oulld £6t 

-OuildGu-la'Imp'tOlub... SM 

— PerBOQB, PriVaie Homes. . . 1B6 

-Persons, Relief for. 191.196 

New Amsterdam Eye and 
EarHospltalaud DiBp.. IBS 

—Chiuch Board of Pub 2Si 

—EnKlftnil Kitchen xxlx 

-Englandaoo fflW 

Neirshoys' Lodglng-House, 

ginuiDK with New Tork 
see next word of title. 

— UeUeCtJoo Ill) ^^^| 

Nose Disi-Bse». Relief for, 160, Ifi.^ ^^H 

— Furnishing and Train ng. ^^^^| 
1T9-181 ^^^H 

-Tralninir Cbfldrea'B 168 ^^^H 

--FralnlDi; School 181 ^^H 

Nurstnj and Child's Hospital ITS ^^^H 
-and^iDd'gh. SIlTerCnma.. 80 ^^^H 

;S;&,S!r'!":'"»'~:; ",', ^M 

—Ladles' Deborah. . IIR ^^^| 

—of Infant Asrlnm 131 ^^^^1 
-St. Cbrysostom's !. Ta.izlx ^^H 

O^^lStloTHS^of'^ H 
Oceanic. CouDtiT Btasoh ^^^^H 

— i3onf erenee, Woman's UlBS. 

—Eiohanee, Women's Work 39 

—Hoapital. 149 

-Kindereartpn Asa'n S6 

-PrBB ChlUTh ..Sift 

— Seventli Day Bapt. ChUTOh, SOS 

— Turo.VBrBTn S94 

New Zealand Sofdetiw 410 

Nteht Medical Servlco. ai 

Odd-1'ellows m, m ^^H 

-FimeralAss'n m ^^H 

g&psi*«::;:;;| ■ 

-Heftme, French IM 


Koa-Panisan Women's Ohr'u 

-Sebool. Am. Kind'n Soo... Ml 
North Bapt. Church. SOS 


Obab Zedek Ueb. Cong.. . . HID ^^H 
Ohavay Sbolom Heb. Cong , 316 ^^^^| 
OldEraphanyP.e.HouBH.. H» ^^^M 

-FoUcs'Aid'Boc 39 ^^1 

-Hen and Aged Couples, ^^^H 

Ol'vet Seiplnl!' Haiid '.'..'.'.... 89 ^^^| 
-Uadeopm'l Church 400 ^^H 

Ophthalmic and Aural lust.. 1B4 ^^^| 

Ornbaoac;?, Ohurcb B0I7 

THollj i' 

—German Odd-Fellows 1 

Orphan Aajlain Aas^. Coi- 


—Asylum,' Hebrew ShelV-g!! SOB 

— Asylura, K. C 183 

— ABjIum, 8t. Joaeph'K ISB 

— ABFlimiSoE ... - IW 

— Aaylum Soo.. Hebrew llfl 

-AsylnniB 118 

—House, LeatB and Watts.. ]18 
Orpbana' EaaC Side Ladiea" 

Aid . M4 

-FarroBehool,WttrtburK... IM 

—Home and Asylum. P. E. . . IVi 

—or Medical Meo Bl 

— of HetbodiBtUiaistera.... M 
— of PreabyterlanMinlatera. W 

— Relieffor 118 

—Boldlers' and Bailors' 87 

Orthopradic Dispensfliy ISS 

, Our Lady of Obaiity, distera »1 
r —Lady of Oood Counsel R. 

■ rj.cbuTEb s™ 

—Lady ot Mecoy B. C. Cb. . . Wa 

Our lAdy ot St. Cannti R. 

C.Cburch _ 

—Lady of Perpetual Help 

R ChuroE ..a 

— Lady of SorrowE K. C 

PAMPHLETS on Cbar. Org. <_ 
Etealytlc Uo^Ml « 

Parents Legal^ Rrand . ... r* 
Parisb Bouse, St. Bartbolo- 

msw'B. as, 3( 

Parle Aw. Playgrounds, HocL 1 
— Ase. M.E Cborch.... 

— Prea, Cbort-h... „ 

Particular Donndl St. V. da 

Patients" Fund, r 

Patriotle 80c , Greek _ 

Paul, Bt. Tlucent de, LadieK, U 

Feekskill. St. Joseph's... 

pposkouB, LeiFB] Aid. 


— U. 8 

I'Eople's Baptist Church. . . . 

— Bfttbs. 

— Cburch and Mission, Har- 

OhE^d SIsterWd 41 

—Service, Bath-El Soo. .... O 
-Servlee, Knianii-El Slater- 

PhwToaiT, Oolleeeor. ISS 

Phillips PreB. Chureh . . 34! 
PhUiwoDhy. Amer, Inst. 

Christian Sffl 

FbTGioiaiis Hjid BurgeouB, 

College IBS 

— Mut. Aid Asa'D t»a 

Fllsriiii Baptist Churcb. 308 

— Coug Church 811 

— Home, Lulhernn 103 

Polncs Miaaiou, Five 85 

—Houae Industry, Five 70 

Playgrouuds toi- Children.. .. IB 
Pluasurefiav.SummerHome Sm 
Poliiw Coiu-Ia and D.Btncts.. 12 

-SuSfoii"','!'!.'.*.'."'.' ■,".■-■-■ .',■.'.0,10 

PoliklLuik. aunnoa IHl 

PoliBli bun. Soc 895 

-Zwli^k Heb, Cong 810 

PDlyol.nkaadUosp>t&l IHS 

Poor Adult BUnd ■-'0 

—Five EDtertaiamente for. £84 

—Fund, Vau Nornum M 

—Lime Sisters oi isa 

— N. Y. Asa'D for Imprortne 

Oonditioa 46 

— Womou, E^mplojmeiit and 

Itelletfor 40 

—■Wldowa, Relief for ,.-, . 48 
—'WomeD.Soc. at Relief..... 40 

pQrtofN.T ISf, aai 

— Boo,,N.T sao 

PoeCOraduate Med. School 

and Hospital I8B 

PoBt-Omue Mut. Ben. Aas'u. iXIS 

Poverty Hoc. Anti- S54 

Prai;tical Work, Theofl. 

League ..... aSB 

Prayarbook 8oc 200 

Preabyterlaji Cburchea BXt 

— Dlapensaty — Ms 

—Home for Ased Women... ISfi 

—Hospital !« 

— Uetormed, Charches HB 

—Relief for Disabled Ulnla- 

ters.Btc 93 

— Uulted. Churches 34t 

Press Bureau, U. 6 PS 

Index. 4S9 ^^H 

FresBOIub.. 95 ^^H 

Freveatloh Crueltv to Aul- ^^^H 

mals,8o<; aSB ^^* 

—CroBllT to Children fll _ 

— ofCrime.Soo . WO, !64 

-~ot State ReguMtion of Vice SBS 
Priests.Fani3sforInflrm.... B8 

Primary Schools 25 

PrimroBe, P. 57 

printing Soc.Swedenborg.. S74 
Prison Abb'd and Home, 

Prisons, Ciey 18 

—State Supt SI 

Private Homes for Nbttous 

Persons. 190 

— Penaions im 

Pro CathedTBL P. E., St. 

John the ilivlne 9Bt 

Produoe Eichonge Gratuity 

— Kxcbange Library. KM 

pTofesBionalK. Kelief for. ..88, 90 
Progreaaite Club, Ital. Am , . SBl 
Promoting ChristiaTilty 

amoaBJo»s,8oc. tor ... 218 
—Oospelamon^ Seamen...- 220 

^Rellirlon and Learning 218 

-flocial Purltjr. Christian 

League 9K 

—Welfare of InsaoB . IM 

Prospect Hill Ref'd Church.. SS! 
—HtnWorkinR Girls' Soc.... KS4 
Protection Aoierican Inati. 

tutione . 262 

-German CACh.Immigrasta. Ill 
_ Homeless and Destitute 

Children 119 

Frotwtlie Ass'D, Blind Me- 

chBikies . . - 2BT 

—AsH'n Ladies' Health... -. B4 
^-Jevlsh lmmlKnuils',8oc.. 109 

—League, West End. 288 

— KiBBionary -.. 99 

— Order KIkB SW 

—Daion, Women's 88 

—Work 90 

Protectory. Child's, Hebrew, 118 

-Catholic 203 

Protestant Epls, Churehee,. 848 
— EplB, Ch. MlBs. Soc., [or 

Beamwi MO 

—Epis, City Mission Soc 211 

ProteBlanl Epis. Ch 
Belief ror Widows 
— EpiH. Italian MJBfiJCtD. .-., sin 
—HBjf- Orphan ABjIum... . Ill 

Provident DispenMuy, Twen- 

ly-flveCeot 1TB 

— Fund. Penoy- -.7,287 

— SocieUeB.!..! SSB 

ProTidiQR QameB In OoanXry 

FBmUieB 13fl 

PradoDtial l>>ague. EB5 

Public AdmlaislraUr ID 

Publiontiou, Board ol, Herd 

Church sre 

—HouBe.Nat'l Temperance.. Sfii 

—New Cbarch Board !M 

— Societies S7l 

— Boo., Amer.BBpt KTS 

— Soc., Swedenborg.- t7* 

PobllG BatbB .2l.4fl,SSe 

— Heallh SI 

—Hospitals, Mtasion to B8 

—laetiCutiona Ladie^Hiation SOU 
— OfflmalB 9 

—Works, itept. of -- '.,. ill 

Publlubmi; Co. , ChrlEtuui Al- 
liance. X7 

Purillcation Italian Quattei^ M 
PuritanH. Piva. Churuh of the aas 
Foiity. Christian League for 
PromotlUK SBB 

Quarters, ItaUan S6 

RaJD Baths, Free 3H7 

Baarlaira Island IS, aO,3(H 

Keadere. Bible . S8. SSi 

EeadiogUatitir toHospttolH W 
BeadlnR-Koom. Messenger 

Boys',,..' »B0 

Beadine-Hooois 298 

Beoi-ptlon Hospitals 18, !1 

—House. Catbollc ProteoMIy SOB 

— Hcjuep. St. nonjlnlo 11* 

p. E. Chapel. 363 
d Follca' Aid 


jnlBofBirthfl SI 

3rd, SUte CharltleB 30 

Recruiting Service 

Redeemer Bspt. Church. ., 

— Fres.Chureh of. 

-P. E. Churoh _ 

Reform ABs'n, Bebnw Saul- : 

lary " 

— Abb'u, Peabody Home... 
— Assii, West Side Exdae. 

-Lunacy law 

RetonpiLtloii of Juvenile D 



-for Childreii 

— forMeu . , 

— for Woroeo 

Reformatogr. Elmlni 

Betonned GHthollc Church., t 
— Dutch Churches.... ...., 

— Epis Churoh 

—BvaDgellcal Church... . 

Befugeea. RtuEian . 

Refiwe for Discharged CoB- 

— House of''"''""^!.* 
— Bt. Joseph's Night... 


Registry, Nursefl..-. .. 
Rteulation of Vice, at»__ 

Relief. Artists' B8.U,n 

-Asa-n. Crystal 

— Ash D. Ladies' Union... 

— Ass'n, Passover 

-Asa'n, Zloo Ajted 

— Bureau. Calvary 

—Bureau. Dowo.Toirn.,. 
-City and Con 

Pre8byn...~.T...T^T .....' I 

-forForcignera. 86. IM.O 

-for Methodist Ulnisten, 

Wlaowsete. 1 

—for Ministers' Widomi and 

OrpbacB. LuthenkD 

—for Poor MissioDs. LnltL. . . 
—tor Poor IiOnigtere, [jUJi.., 

—for the Afflicted 

—lor the Blind 

—for the Defective 

Belief, House o(. N. Y. Hoa- 
pllal 149 

-of Destitute BUnd 7^195 

-of DesUlute ChUdren ot 

Beaman 1S7 

—ofDMtitute Widows etc... 4.1 

:^p«,"wiSSt^withamAii ^ 

-of Ite^wTte-'Ag^dF^ 
malesetc ISO 

-of Widows aad CbUdren, 
P.E Clergy 8*1,01 

-Special Kln;flMd ClaaBes! 

-Works, UnUei" Bthipal 
^ .Culture, «T 

PAOE ^^^1 

KimeoibrauitadelOadulta.. •Ml ^^^M 
Roerside Baptist Cburcb..- 3DS ^^H 

~Pi«B. Chorch Ml ^^H 

— RestAss-n n ^^^H 

Boekiiway Summer HoinM. ^ ^^H 

RodM)b Schoiom Heb. Cong! BIT ^^^| 

Paul ^^H 

Orphan Aarlum.. . . 133 ^^^^H 

5=;£E!,2K'r;;::: ffi H 

— M, R Rescue Uiaaioii '!.'.".' 3i!H ^^^| 
Rosary. MlselOD of Our Lady 110 ^^H 
RoseHUlM.)!:. ChDR:b 828 ^^H 

Ruptured and Crippled,' Hob. ^^^| 
piral for 157 ^^^H 

SSiT'"-:-::::: S H 

-SLUdfULh^AKl Soo . . . . iia ^^^B 

Rutgers Riverside Pres.' Oh..' 341 ^^^| 
Rye, St, Benedicts Home ... lit ^^^M 

CABBATH and Dally ^^^| 

> Schonl,Louls m ^^m 

-Committee £63 ^^M 

-Udiod. Amer .. .... ZM ^ 

Sacred Heart R. C. Charch.. 392 
-- of Jeans R.C.OborEb,, 898 

Mife AM.!"^"'''"'*' m 

EepubUc.drauilAnny"'"! M 
Besoue Brotherhood, N. Y. 
Uity r/.., .im 

etc.. A«-n Relief IM 

Mission., .'. 98 

-S-KSoSr... ::::::: S 

--State....... » ^^H 

zi^S^D^i^-.-.v.*!-.'':^ ■ 

-BnugHarbor 91 ^^H 

^^^H Sailors', tr S. HocpKM For 

^^^^r — WldomiuulOridiBiiE.. . 

^^^^ 81. AgatliB B Home 

I 8t Agnes' ConTBBt 

— Dar Nursery 71 

-R C- Lturcb.y.'.i:;!*" 
I 8t AlpbDDfliw' R. C. Oburch « 

^^^^ Bl. Ambrose R. C. Cbnrcb... a 

^^^H St, Ai>drew'> BniUuirhaod.. S 
^^^^m —CoataioKxatBMpltal.. 
^^^H — Cotcaee 

^^^^V ~FreB loflnauT 

I -P. E Church 

— R. C. Cburob 

et. Anna's CotlAgB 

^^^^^ Bi. Anna Homes I~, 

^^^^H — UorrlB>nin, f. E. Church.. 1 

^^^B —P.E.Churcta 

^^^^B 8C. Antbanv R. C Church... 
^^^^H BC. Aumscfne's P. E, Chapel 

^^^V -B.C. Church 

^^^^ BC. BAmabOB' P. E. Chapel.. 
I —House.. 

St. Bartholumew'H Chinese 

—Coffee House iSO, 

■ ^HDHpiUil and DiBpeDMry... 

^^^^^ — Fomh Home . . . 
^^^B -F.E.CtaurQh .... 

^^^^B —Rescue HIasion . , . 
^^^^M St. Benedlc'. s Horn 

^^^H — R.C Church 

^^^■^ St. Bernard a B. 0. Church . . 
^^^" 8t. Bonitaue R. O. OhuP ' 

I at.BfldKefsB. aChur 

Bt. CBthsMne R C Cbii._. 

St, Cecllla'a R. C. Oburch. . . 

Bt, ChuieH Borromeo R. C 

Bt. ChrlBtcpher'B Homi 

St. Ohrysostom's Nu. _. ., 

siix., ; 

— p. E. Obapel n 

Bt. Clare Houne ! 

St. Clement's P. E. Church .. SI 
6t. Oolumba'B R. 0. Churah. 31 
8t.CorDeliuH'P. E.Cbapel.. SI 

St. Cuthbert's Cluh 31 

Bt. Dominic Afo'lum. .. . , .. 11 

-Stsleraot PooTot uS 

-XaTiar'B R. C. Chorcli — ■ 

jt. OBbriel'sS.C. Chundi. . 

jt. Gteorge-s P. E, CT-' 
P. E. Cbor ■ 


8t. John the Baptist, 

R, C. Church.-, 


ETBiiaeliBt. P. E. Ch., 

K. 0. dnuTch, . 

Bt, Jotepwt Branch Home. . 3 

— HoinHAl^ed.,. 


»J-j»* n i« 1 i« 

p — n 

«.!«»-• R.C^«eL MB 

if.&i "".',".".. 1! 

z?S-SES:: ■.■.■■:;;■:.■ a 

"■ass """■''« 

— P.E.ChBpd wr 

^ JEsL** ^"^ '■ "^ >M 

civ«k ... tn 

St VcroBla'sB- C dnirdi- WT 
8t Yiaoart<la I«ulA«tDni, lit 

--^Sf^:.. •■■■.;:. S 

St. ThKOil^ Ben. An'n. . ■« 

SBlleD'Asito «l.gO 

Salvatioii Arav «lt,«M 

St. patri^^cutoiid:..^:: sm 

»u>fonl U&U in ^^M 

SullaTtum lor Hebrew Chtl- 

Sanitary AsA 8'oc' .'.".'..' B5 

— Inspectors ai 

— BeBeletc M 

— Keform Ass'D, Heb Bl 

Ban BalvBtoTB P. K. Churcb. 378 

Saatiaxo F.E. Cburch S7h 

fiuurdsf BDd Sunilaj Hot- 
plul ABSOClation 18S 

ScaDdloarian Immignnte.., 100 

8oliomea,Bavine» Sa7 

BcholomBiBterhood.Hodoph *7 
dchool, AU goluta' MnlOD.. HOB 

—aad Kind s'd, Abigail K) 

—Am KUid'g'n8oo.,Nonnftl E<1 
—and Home. St. UajUia'B. , . liH 

—(Art( Metro. MuBenm sS'j 

— Abb'd. Obineae Snadoy ... 047 
— Dttaconesses' Traininic, !iiS, MT 
—for Deaf UnteB. bdus. .. 19B 

— f or Bpacisb Obtldren 9IG 

—Free Franeh. 6a 

— Free Elerman M 

— HouBB, DeacoiW«B«i' (47 

—Louie Down-Town. S17 

— Masoulo ABjlum Jia 

—or laduetry, Hoaae and S9 

—8t, Eliiabath's Indue K< 

—SpaaiBb Industrial US 

— TraintoB 7B. ICT 

— TratDing Nnraes 170-IB) 

— Wartburg Orolians' Farm. UB 

— WesCKIde IniluB. 81 

-Wilson Indus.. Qlrta' . ... S8 

Si'boole ^i). NatV'Acod- 
emFi>eBlKD SUE 

— cooinng, ea,s« 

— Corporale,... SS 

— Indaetrlal and Eduea- 

tioDBi sa-ei-es 

— N Y. Trade S47 

— NiHbt 

—Public S»-!!« 

— EiuBian _ lOs.aea 

Sdentidc Circle .Cbaotouqua 842 

Saotcb Pr«(. Cburcb >J4I 

-Bcllefror... Ill 

SCOUnnd^SoE'lellBB 4U 

Sea and Country ex<;iiraioDe ]D1 
—and Land, Free. Cburcb o(, S3S 

—CUff Cottage. 70 

- — SucDmer Homes, . . iSS, 3« 
Beamen, Deetitute Oblldren, 07 
— Boc. FnimotlBg Qoepel SK 

SeamenBCbtldran'HHome.l IB 

— CbrlBtian Aaa'n £a> 

— Families IM 

—Friend Sou , Am US 

-Rart Jta().M 

SeamRLresaea, Legal Aid ror. (t 
Seo-Bbnre Cottle, KoTtlt 

Long Braovb iM 

Bea-SldeHome.aunUieT.... MS 

-Hospital. ... 181 

Becond iDisciplee^ Church.. US 

— Evang. Cbi^cb SIS 

-Oer. Bapt. CharOb SOS 

Lutb. Ohorab. . am 

— —M. E. Church, B^ 

Free. Chnrob aa 

— H. P. Church »ft 

— Sawjer Mem'] Uaii.Ohurcb iM 

— Bt.aE. Church... » 

—St. Wark.GIIrlB' Son. Sbt 

fielf-SupportingWomeii. Sou. 

fopAldlnif. WO 

-Women. SiwletT for Be- 
friending WO 

SemlDary, JexiBhTbecd. .. Ml |ii 

aarvIcB, Abawatb Cbeinl 111 

SiBterbood for Pernmal.. j^^^^l 

—Beth-El ^^^H 

— Enianu-El Slaterhood for ^^^^H 

Pereoual ^^^H 

— Oeneral Rpcruitinir l^^^H 

-NlKht HedlGsL ^HH 

— U. B. ImmiErathm, a \ 

— U. 8. MaHneHospitaL.... S» 

SettlemeDt College ..BIT 

— Soc. Cniversltj «» 

SevealbAie. n.P-Chi ' — 
—Day Bant. ChonSi. , 

— PrcB. Cburcb 

-Et. M. E. Church. _, 

Sbaural Berocho Heb. Ormg^ | 
Bhaaray Tcfllla Heb. COBg. - 

Bburitb lETsel fSpao. and 
Port.) Heb.OouK 31 

— BBld«> [..!!" II 

— torBeiipeoMbleOlrlB t 

Bheiterlne Arme. is 

'■w4kb" f 

— flDBTdiuiSoc,, Hebrer... SB 

—EomB, Hebrew IC 

—Respectable Qlrls, Bt. 

Mary'B, (or t 

Bhephard'B Fold li 

BherUTd Office I 

SbllDb Bapt. Churcli. 3C 

— Fres, Onurch S4 

BbipbuUdere' Home 1 

ghlpwreaked Seamen S) 

BhoDS. Brush { 

Shut-in 8oc 10 

Hick Chlldrea'sExcuTBloaB,. 1( 

— Children's HlsBian I] 

— Belieflor Sfl. W. M 

— SttUore Bi,» 

— Soldiers 88, i 

SllierCroHa Day Niinery.,.. ( 

— Cross Kiaderaartea t 

— Oroes Magauae K 

BIng Bine. Brown Hem 'I 

rfomeTT II 

SlBterhoodH « 

Bleterhaod. Emsnu-El, tor 

Peraonal Serrjce 4 

—of Good Shepherd, pnjt. 

Kpia IS 

— oF Holy CommuDloo. 31 

— or Holy Communion, Quar- 

dlBOBoI S! 

—of i'ersonal Benlce. Aha- 

wathOhe»Bd i 

—otBt. John Baptist sx 

-Of Sl.Maiy sa 

— Rodopli Scholom 4 

-Shaamy Tefllla 4 

— Temple lBra>>l C 

BMeri, Cong. Chaarl Zedek, 

Doited 6 

-HouseandTr^nlnKSchool IS 
-House <Holy CommunloD) ti 

— MarianltaB Jl4, as 

— at Bod Secours 17 

-of Charity ISO, 8S 

—of Charity SI. V. de P 3S 

HlsAncorde.'-'- -' .-.■ 

Order St. DomlDlc 

Our lady of Charity.. . 

Bt. Francis. Mlsaion'y.-- 1! 
St. Francis Aasistum.... U 
St. Josepb of NazanCh. II 

St. Mary M 

Sacred Sean, Balcalan.. II 

the AHBumpUoa le 

the Poor, UMIb. 18 

thePoor. St, Francia.... 14 

—of the Stiaoeer 4 

atrteeath Bt. Bapt. Church.. K 
Sixth Afc. OoBpel Mission. . . 4C 
Bixty-llrst St, tS. E. Church.. S9 
SlTty-eeyeatb St. Baptist 

— DlBeasee, Relief of. - . 
Sloane Haternlt? Hospital. . . 11 
Small Children. Widows with 4 

Smyrna Cong. Church Bl 

Snug Harbor, Ballon' ( 

Social Improvement. SEE 

— Purity, OhHstian League-- !t 

—Belief, Bener. Soc SI 

Socledad EapaDola de Bene- 


— FranWse de Blenfaisance 

loa, 107 
SooiiTiBB, or eee Aaaoeia- 


Aged Men .,,. 2se 

AKutlarAtd 41 

— FreeLIbrary 3SS 

Aiding Belf^upportiDg 

Women.... «0 

American and For. Bible, . 271 

—Baptist Home UIh STB 

—Baptist Pub 378 

—Bible ma 

—Church Miss t7S 

—Female Guardian ia 

— Klndereanen Ml 

— Beamen'g Friend S13 

AB«-PD»erty £64 

forChUdrm .. Ji^^H 

-Ladies' St. y. de P - . l^^^H 
Friendly Sons ot 8t.Pat- !^^H 

-Fund S8J 

AsBDof WoricineQirla.... Xfii 
Baptist Home 130 

Befriending Sel^Sapp□rt- 

vice 4a 

—and Prayer Book S80 

BlueAnchor Kl 

Charily OrKaniiaMon... 1, 483 
Chantr OrBBnliatioQ. C. S. 
and Foreign 408-481 

"Mf'i^istanii ^^1 

GlrlB- Friendly ^^^^| 

mentaloFoor.etc.... .- ■I^^^H 
QreeE Ben. and PatrioUe.. I^^^H 

Havpns Relief Fund. ^^^^M 

Hebrew Ben. Fuel <^^H 


Historical m 

BoapiCal Book and Wewa. 

na^Dmiij." '"..'.'.'.','. SW 
the Injured MS 


^^^ —Missionary, PublicaUon 

^^^^1 Ulty UlEiBion and 'I'raot. . . . ItlU 

^H cm,.--. s.,i,l.. 

^^^^1 Itareoh Amiino BuriaL OS 

L Evaneellciil Aid, SpaDlth . . 31^ 

I Female Assistance 178 

^^H -Auiiltary Bible 2H9 

^^^L First Aid to Injured E18 



oDalBeneOI WS 

— TpiMerance l»i 

New England 093 

New Turk Hospital 149 

—Port. ais.sai 

Nonresiui Ben 9M 

-Belleir 110 

OldFolks'Ald Iffl 

OrphsD ABTlum. ISK 

Oystennea'B Ben 2BG 

People's LegalAId fS 

FoUsh BeneTolent 396 

PQiti,IT. y. MB, aw 

Frevealion Crime .SSO,«Gt 

—Oruelty to Animals tXO 

— Crueltj- to Ohlldreo 61 

Promoting ChriutliinKi' 

amonir Ibe Jews. - . ST8 
— EvaDeeltcal Knowledge, 

P.E S8S 

— Ooapel amoQE Seameo, 230 
-RelfeionandCflamlDK.. US 

—Welfikroot Insane IB2 

FroC, Epia. Churoli. MIbb., 

Prot,EplB.CnWMlBBlon.".'. Sll 
PuDlioatlon, Am. BaptiBt.. 872 
PurlficntloD ItalloD Qtiar- 

ters BS 

Becorder'BOldrolkB'Ald.. 8S 
Beformatlon Juvenile tie- 

imquanla »t 

Belief Destitute Blind ISG 

—Destitute (Qerman) ^I- 

—Destitute Chlidten of 

Seamen 1« 

— FamlUeg.H. E. Illnieters' 93 
— Hall-Orphan and Sesti. 

tutoCMdren MS 

—Poor Widows 4B 

—Ruptured and Crippled.. 15T 
— Wlnowsaad Orphajia of 

UedloalMen Bl 

Russian Btndenti' Aid. ... M 

at. Andrew's Ill 

BtDavld'a Ill 

Bt.Oeoive'B Ill 

St. JohnVand li* 

St.Martba IK 

st.NfohaiBB aas 

fit, Raphael's Ill 

St. Vincent da Paul 4B 

Sanitary Aid 85 

BilverBuilttaa' Benevolent . . 396 

Shut-in 100 

Boclol Relief Benerolent... iM 

Soutfaern SM 

SpauUh BeneTolent. Ill 

State ColoDlzatlon 91 

-Relief 8/ 

Street Gleaning Aid BS 

SumraarJteat Eflg 

SupproBBlon of Vice M). KB 

Swedish-NorweRian Aid. »B7 
BvlsB BenevDlent ... IM 
Sytacuse State Inatlt'n tor 
Feeble-Minded Chtld'n. U 

TBleEraphers' Aid 8m SB4 

Tefllla SiBlerhood.SbaBray 4fl 

Tlciuese SM 

To Befriend WorldDg Ellrfs 73 

Tract. Amcrtcan S7b 

— Mech. Epia SM 

Tum-Veroln W* 

Typogcraphloal KM 

TTnited HaudH Hut. Ben.. . . «W 

DniTersity Settlement BBS 

VasBSr Utudeou' AM 84 

Woman's For. HIbb., H. E. 1»G 

— HomeaflSB..M.E SBl 

-Lejcal Education HO 

— Union MiHS SSt 

Wortang fiirla' Vacation,. IM 

-Women's Xt 

— Women 'b VaoatlOB lOB 

Young Woman's Home. 

Soc. ofNewYorltHoapitai.'.' 149 

Soeura Marian Ites iOl 

Soldiera" and SaUors' Home. 89 

-Homeafor ffl, Ba 

—Rick 83,88 

—Widows and Orphans ST 

Sons ariBraelHeb. Cong.... S18 

— Kmit's . .. »*a 

— oftbeRBTolutlon SMI 

—St, Patrick VM 

South ReTd Church 988 

Bouthem Edacation. M, E,,. STB 

-Baptist Ass'n SBS 

— BeneHcial League mi 

— EducationBoc, M, E IWB 

— SopJete SM 

Spain, C. O. Sooletles tiO 

BpaniardB. Itellef for 111,111 


— ^IISQ-Ittl MiBBlt_ __ 

— ImmatrlalSoUool. SIS 

— Uissians SIB 

—Warli.Rvani^l leal Aid Soc. SIS 
SoBcial and Convalescent 

Hoapliala IN) 

"■--les, Umiona to SIS 

it 83,88 

-Tnbimiie ■.■.".■.".■.'■...,"."■ 811 

BpliiCualiBtg 4M 

BpHnir Hill Home IM 

--Bt. PnM.Churcti . 84* 

Btale Beer [lives BS 

StapletoD, Uuiners' ABvlum IM 

State Almshouse SB 

—Asjluma for IdioM . 88, St 
— Aui Women's Nafl Relief 

Asa'D 88 

—Board of CharitieB SO 

—Board af Healtb «0 

— Chttritiea Aid ASB'n 30 

— CbarttiBB Kecord SO 

— Colonliation Boo 01 

— Commlssloa in Luoaor.... 81 
— Custodial AsyluQi for 

Feeble-Mlnded Women . . 31 
— FlremeD's Home IMS 

—Institution' " " *("or " Feebie- 

Miaded Children . - 31 

—HedlualAee'n Library SU 

—Prisons, Supt 31 

— Raealation of ^Hce SBS 

— Betormatory SB 

— ReUel ST 

— Soldiers' and Bailora' 

Home n 

Btottdtast Work, Girts' Boc... a05 
BtracbBnHome,UareareC... SIS 
Strangsra, Church of the — 4Dt 

Stranger, Sisters of the 48 

Strswberrv Hill, Bummer 

Home 880 

Street Cleaning Aid Boc m 

Btudents' Aid, BusBian Si 

— Aid 9oc , Tassar St 

-Movement, Y. M. C, A. .. »0 
Summer Branch Home, 

Rockawav. m 

— Home, AaSCord Hill 77 

—Home. Babies' Sheiter .... 1 fl 
—Home, Bath 


— Honxe9,'8ea'clifrV."'.!'.»3^ 3M 

-Home. Asburr Park BM 

—Homes for ChlldrBn.- Tl 

—Homo for Colored Women 7T 
—Homes (or Women and 

Children W 

—Home (Wrlgbt Memorial). 
—House of Qood Sh^herd.. 11 


Bummlt. Convalescent 
Sunday-School Aaa'n , 

Sundoy-Schools, for 


Sunday-School Union, , 

-Union, M, E - 

Sunnyslde Day Kureeiy 

Superinlendeut of Immtgrs- 


—of Public Schools 10, 

—of State PriBoDS ^... 

Superior Oounell, 81. V. do 

Suppreasion of Vice, Soe., 

Bxireical Relief, see Hoapi- 
tala and DispeusarieB. 

—Relief IT, 140 

Sweden, Societies. 490 

Bwedenborgion Cburohea <0t 

Svredenbore Pub. Soc BT* 

Svedlah BethBBda ChnndiBa, ma 

— M.E.Cbnrcli ~" 

— HK.Hission 

—NorweBian Aid Boc 

— P, E. Ohaptd 

Swinbnme Island 

Swiss BsnevolenI Boo. 

-Relief (or!!. !y. """!.""! 

Swltierland, Bodetlea. 


— Ooapel 

Talmud ThoraHeb. OonK... 
Tappan, German M».j^in 

Home.. .. 

Tasmania, Reliet Boc 

TeKhen-UbraiTN. Y.Ctoll. 883 

— KuC. Ben. Aaa'a. SB7 

— Mut. Ute ABfl'n SW 

Technlual iDsUhite, Hebreir S44 
TeUlB SlBMrhmd, Bbaamr.. 48 
Taleerapb Cliilatlaa Ass d, 

fntenil SM 

Telesrapbere' Aid Boc 3S4 

—Hnt, Ben. Assn.- SftT 

Teropeitaiice, KaigbU of ... 857 

— Soo..Churoh SM 

—Si>c., Loyal Legion £51 

-Soc., Nacion&l... 9B2 

— XjnfOB. lat Non-Part. Wo- 
man's aa 

—UDiOQ, Woman's OhriBttaa. SK 
Temple An n, Oermui Hb- 

—Emanu-Bl.'!"..'*^'"..". 318 

— iBrapl..,. 31fl 

— brsel SlBtartaood S& 

Temporary Aid for Detective 

ud Afflicted Ifll 

—Home Cor Wamen. S40 

^HomSB for AdulU ... 73 

forOhlldrei) Bfl, 129 

for Women and Chil- 
dren Tl, MO 

—Belief of Distress. M 

Tenemeat-Uouie Building 

Oo... 188 

—Work, Eln^'B Donjcbtera' 

Commltlee V! 

Theolc^cBl Sem'y, Jeirlah.. US 

Theoaoptalcal League as& 

Thlterath Isr&ef Uernpia 

Heb. Oong 818 

Third Oer. Bapt. Churcb.... SOU 

^-Order of St FntnolS 130 

— RP. Ohurcb 8U 

— O. P. Ohureh WB 

— trnlrer. Churcb. 103 

■niirteenCh St. Pnss. Ohuroh. 813 
ThlrU-algbth St Annex, 

Workbie OirlB' 3oc as5 

— WorMne Qirlfl' Soc 2S4 

Thlrty-flffli 8t. it B. Ohurob 8«0 
Tblrty-fourtb at. Kerd Cb . 88fl 
Tbirty.seTentliH, G Churoh 380 
Ttalrty-tbird St. Bapt, Ch . . . . 809 
Throat Diipensartes..... 150, lU 

— Boipltals IM 

Thron-a Keok:, St. Joaeph'a 

Ijidac. 469 ^^H 

Tldnew SocLeta saa ^^^| 

TIfteretb Israel Heb. Oon^.. 31B ^^^B 

Tombs Gospel HlaaloD. ilB ^^^M 

-Prison.. - U ■ 

TompltlnB 8q. Homino. Dis- 

— Sq. Lodring House B3 

Total Abstln^ce Union, Calh SS 

Tract Boc., Am er ST 

— Soe.. Metb. Epls HB 

-Soc., City SI' 

— eocieties 87 

Trade Schools W 

Tradesman's and Jenellen' 

Co M 

Tradesmen (Hecbanlca and) 

General Soc, of 88 

Training College. flUssIoaaiT, M 

— Nureos 171, 1ft, la 

TnuNiHa Schools: 

Holy Oommunlen. ... SS 

Lnmln-sot GlrlA' 10 

Meth.Kpia SI 

N, Y. U^onary. M 

— De»oi)neBse» !M 

Niiraes 17 

St.BamabsH 7 

St. Jobu Baptist M 

aistera- House .. 1« 

Trinity Mission Honse... ai 
Training Ships. Sa, i 

Tr^ Uen's' Belief 'ijis'n K 

-I^i;.^™Glon..;,.! s! 

—B.O. Church 5! 

TransportaUon t 

Tremont Bapt. Cburcb gC 

— BLE.Cnurch 3S 

Tribune FrSBb-Air Fund. ... '■ 

Trinity Baptist Ohurcb K 

-OhapelHooie. 188, » 

—Ohuroh ABs'n HI 

—Cong. Church SI 

-Hospital J». «f 

—Lutb. Church. 3i 

— M. K Churob. K 

-Hiaaion House Si 

— P. E. Chapel 3( 

'lUorrieaDlal P. £. Ohnrch.. 11 

-P E. Church .., I! 

Trow Mut, Ben. AsB'n 31 

True Dutch RsI'd Cbi 
Tninlt MttkerB' Ass'n 
Truatees. Astor tJbra 

Islaflrm FrlBBts ee 

— j^enox Library^ . .... ... SSfi 

—MottMom'l Library. 836 

—of rund, Rfllef Wldowa 

oadOrpbBDsP.E. Cb... 93 
—of Home tor Aged, Cburoh 

of Holy CammuDloii I3B 

— of Nonbero DiapanBory.. . . 1B4 

Turke/, Relief Soc 4D1 

Tum.VereIn H4 

TircnCietb St. Meeting House 818 
Twenty-Ore Cent Pro'rtdBiil 

DlBpeuauT- 176 

Twomj-fourtU Bt. M. E. Cb.. flSO 
Twenty -Berentb St. M. E. tih. SBO 
Twenty-tbirdSt. Bapt. Oh... B0« 
—St, Branch T. M. d A.. ... 8.W 
TypograpMoal Soa SIM 


U Churehaa. BOB 

XrDfonunat(>. Eutartaln- 

menlafor 964 

Union. Amer. Af. M. Oburcb SBB 

— Amer, Bapttat »» 

-Amer. Oonitl ST3 

—Amer. and For. Oburcb.. , Wl 
—Ain«. Sabbath SU 

— and FVftternlty.itailiin '.'.'. SBl 
-<!aU]. Total Abatiaence . . iSC 

—Cbildren'a Charitable 8i! 

—Cooper Ma 

Unione e Fratellanui Itallaua »B 
Union. l8t Non.Pttrt. Wo- 
man's Temperanire ... 969 
—High Bridge Berd Oburch. S89 

— Ladiea' CfiiBtlaQ 937 

— Meth, Epls. B, a 9B' 

—MlBS. See. Woman's. 9Se 

— Pres. Tftberoacle 8M 

— Kefd Church «S8 

—Belief Ass'n, Ladles' ... 87 
— Woman's Ohriat-n Temp... SU 
— Worklog Women's Pro- 

toctivl 86 

tJnlonport, Odd-Fellows' 

Home aod Orphanage 5DD 

ODltartan Cburcbes.. 401 

I United Amer.Mecb&iiicB!!!! 9H 


Moravian CI — 

— Brethren Gor. Moravian 

Church « 

—Hebrew Cbuitlea - . ■ . E 

— PreBbyterlan Churohea ... 91 
—Belief Works, Ethical Oul.. t 
— Stetars, ConB. ChaariZedek 1 
— Soc Christian EDdesvor... » 
—States Army Aid Assn.... Xt 
— —Grand Lodge, Order 

Sons of Benjamin tt 

Immigmtion BBTTiea — 8 

Marine Hospital I 

Naval HoapitaL « 

Nevy.TralolHB Ships... 1 

Pension Agent.. I 

- — Pensiotia 1 

Oniversalist Cburcbes. A 

University of City ofN.T... W 

— PlseePres. Ohaich X 

—Settlement Boc t> 

VACATION Sodecy, Oidi 

* and Women U 

Vaccination...... ... 1 

Vagrants. EeUrf for I 

Vanderi>llt Oliatc ]i 

Van N'oruum Poor Fund I 

VanPoltHome -- 1\ 

Various ClasBoa, Belief lOL ( 

Vasaar Students' Aid Soc. . . - I 

Venereal Disewes 1 

TermUyeRef-d Chapel tl 

Veteran Firemen's Am'n.... e 

—Camp, Confederate ■ 

Veterinary CoUeees '**.* 

—Suriteona, College of, I 

Vice, Slate Begulatlon of 9 
—Boo. for SuppreaaiiHi...aH, > 

VlsttUig aick Poor. 1 

VolmiteerFiremen'aAu'n.. S 
—Boldlera, Disabled 

WALNUT Lodge HouBO 1 
Wanl'slaland 18. 

WartburRHome forAtwd... 1 
— Orpbans' " . - 

H.E. Cfaiindi... 

PtBS. Cbumh... 

..-ip3q,M.B. Ob..,. WI 

VateT SL H&aan. UoAu- 

ley.. aM.400 

Watla Orphan Home, LeBku 

■WajBide iJayHiiTBeTy' '..'.'.. 81 
Webb's Academy ana Home S4 
Welfare ot Insane, Boo. tor 

'Well-BelJv^ DiBdple P. E. 

Church rZ 881 

Welsh BaptM Gbunb. SIO 

— Pre». CbuTch. Mt 

—Belieffor Ill 

Weatchester Temporary 

Homo IM 

West End Pres. Cburc]] S44 

— EndProt. Leainie. 366 

— ParmBPree. Choreh ., Mi 

— Plfty-flrst SC. Pres. Chnrch. Bit 
—Forty-fourth Bt. U, P. 

Church 84fi 

— New BriebtoD, Seamen's 

ChiWren 1S7 

—Parle. Holy Aoeiels' Asy- 
lum IIT 

-Pres, Church. Bi4 

— BeTanty gecoad SI. E. H. 

—Bide Day Nnrsery...' SI 

—Side Excise Reform Abs'd, 3K 
— BMe Oermui Dlypensaiy. , . l£a 
— 8ide Somoeo. Diapeuaur.. 160 

—Side Indus. St^faoot. Bl 

—Bide LodginE House 03 

—Bide Ptea, Chapel U4 

—Bide nrorkinK Boys'Chib .„ USt 
— Thirty-twtd St. Baptist 

Ohureh aiO 

Western DiBpensary nix 

Wratminster Pres. Church. 344 

WetmoreHome 19U 

Wheel-Chairs lOO 

Widows and Orphans ot Ued- 

icalMen tl 

— Sast Side Ladles' Aid 

—German 4S 

— Qermau Hut. Aas'u !te» 

— odtethodlatMinlBterB..... BS 

—of Fna. Hinlaters . at 

if Prot. Epis. Clerpy. . B9, 98 
' — ■■ — and 81ok, Qef 

Wldow^ B o I d I e r s' and 

Sailom.' S 

—with Small Children 4 

WUtard Parker HoapltaL.-.. ! 
Wlllett Bt. H. E, Church. . . . . »3 
WUboo Industrial School lor 

Girls t 

—Rescue Mission B4 

Woman's Auxiliary P. E. 

MlSB.Soc 3? 

—(BIblei Asa's, EastBlde.... 20 
— Branch. N. T. City MIbbIou SI 
—Charity and Industry Clltii 7 

— Ch'lB.Temp. Dnlon M 

— Chris. Temp. Union, lat 

Non-Part M 

-Christian Work. Bsthasy 

Instltule M 

—Exec. Com. Home Uisa., 

Presb'n,,. M 

—Home Miss. Soc., M. EL ...SB 

-Hospital 17 

—Legal Educ. Boc Si 

-Library S 

— UnloDMias. Boc 118 

—Work, Harlem ExchaneB, i 
—Work. Madison Ave. Ex- 

ehanire S 

—Work, N. Y. Kichanee 8 

Women, Asylum for FeablB- 

Mlnded 8 

—Emergency Hospltolfor... 1 

—Factory InapeotorB 3 

_SIargaret Etrochan Home. XI 

— Belief ot Poor. 4 

Women's Auxiliary Chuivh 

Temp. Soo «S 

— Board ofFor.Mlsa-.Presb. aSi 
—Christian AWn, Branch, 

YouuK as 

Harlem, YouHB 94 

— ChrlHtian ABB'n, Young. .. . 8fi 
-Dispenaaries 17 

— Hebrew Asa'n.YounB.. ".'.'. M 
—Homes, Young, 60, B7, SS8-S4 

— HospltAls IS 

—Lodglng-Hoiuiea SS 

— MedfcaTColleKB K 

—Nar. Relief Ae«'q B 

— PHsonABs'n SO 

—Protective Union 6 

-Reform " " 

tea, Soe. (or Aiding 8eU- 

upportliie UO 

_.j, far BeFriendlDE Belt- 

SupportlDK fUO 

Son.. Worlting SW 

— Tompornry Home for. . . sio 

Homes [or....n, M, 387-311 

— VsoaMon Soc .... loa 

—(Young) HomeB Soc., 

Frenob . 7* 

'Woodlann M. E. Church 331 

Wood's UemoTial nndenoml- 

oatioaal ChapeL «01 

Woodstock Hospital. ISO 

—M.E. Church SSI 

—Pres Church Mti 

Workers' CoUeire, Bible. M3 

Workhouse ..17, 110 

Work, Harlem E^xohange tor 

Woman's 37 

—Mad. Ave. Exchange tor 

— N, Y. laicil'ttngB tor 

Woman's S9 

—Theoaophlcal League tor 

Practical UK 

Working BovB' Clubs SA5 

Club, West Bide EM 

—Qirls' AsE'n. UanhBttan... !U 

PtngrasBlVB Boo BB4 

BocJeties. Abs'd Mi 

800. to Befriend 78 

Vaeation Society-. ... 108 

Worklngmnn's SohooL S7 

WorUngmen-a aub 9U, USa 

ingmen'B Hoi 
jr fmprOTlQg. . 

— Proloodve Dnion M 

^Vacation Boo. 103 

—Society am 

orka, United Belief S7 

-HoBpital - 

I uung Friends' Aid Ass'n.. M 
— Girls'.Asa'n rorBefrlending SB 
■" — " — letorDeetitnle 60 

— People's HlBSion{HiK.).... «» 
-Women's Christian AlW'D 
and Branch SOI, 0t 

■EDEK. United Siltcnt 
j Heb._Oon(r.„Ch«arl 

_id St. Tloiolhy P. 
-Home tor Colored PM^iIe. 



General OiBces, 



Branch Offices : 

Otis Brothers & Co. 





Hale Elevator Co. 


ST. Lotna. 




Elevator Co. 






Elevator Co. 



Bonbons ste Chocolates. 


la TBXLOy Boxes, BoBkets and BoD'boiUilereB 

863 Broadway, bei. iTihimiisUiSts.) 

ai Wert 42d Street, nMr;lh Ave. New York. 
ISO Broadway, cor, Libi^rl)' SI. I 
tS-Caaiitm CBTafaUy packed and BblppAd 

to all porta of tlie eonntry Ii; iii»ll or 


Nos. 118. 118, 130, 133 Woo8l«r Street. 
(After April 1st, 1893, at Noh. 33 & 35 South Fifth ATSDUe),! 


----- ilal^H 

Ererted ia ODj i)art of the country foi 

Public and Private Buildingti. 


STEin ESeilfEtl. PESPS, 1 

And all appliances for steam enRineering supplied. 

Specimens of our apparatus may be sBdD In hundreds of la'n 
bulldingB in all parte of th« country. iDcludInc the Plaza Holet BMk 
Btn«C and Oentral Park: The Hormandle: Ue&qpolei Union equarei 
Broadway Theatre tfan blower flyHtem) -.New Tort Life luauranoe 
Co. buildings aC St. Paul, Minn aod EaaBaa City, Ho.; Homaa 
Cothollo Oflhedral, New York ; Public School House, Q»1»e»lo^ 
Texas; St. Joseph's Hospital, Mott Haven (pure wanualrsyslenii; 
Potter BuildiDR.liBw YoA : HonJiBOpatblc flollt^e. Wth Btreet. Vxm 
York Ihot w.- —•——. 










Correspondence Jnvilfd Citilojue! ct ourdif 

depirlments !o reifconiiblf (jirTTe i 


Tblkphoms Call, 516 Nassau. F. O. Box 1962. 




(p^ooiw. a.) 

Delaware and Hudson GanaZ Gompany*8 Lackawanna Coal 

a Specialty. 

Stettiner, Lambert & Co., 

22, 24 & 26 RCADC 8TIICCT, 






Rapid Roller Copier. 

Office Specialty MTg Co., 

Rochester, N. T. 

Makers of SHANNON LETTER FILES, Loose Sheet 
Letter Files. Document Files and Document Cabi- 
nets, Desl(s, Sahlicht's Standard Indexes, 
Metal Roller Book Shelves, eto. 

7-« «h St., K. w. 


[18 Bay Street. 

Aud n^nclea In 

Important cltl«a In 

tbe United States 

and Farelftn Coim- 



»S LAUNDRV ENGIMEERS Ihey have made tbeir record In numer- 
ouBot [he iBiM itnpartant pulilicloaMCutJotm oC the country, tuDOag 
which iDByhensaieti: TbetT. S, Harlne Honii!tslsat Baltimore, 8i, 
LoulB ChlcaBo.anit BrooWyii; BeUerueHoBp[tal,N.Y.Citr;InfantB' 
Hoaptlal. iUndttH'B laiand, N. Y.; Worfc-HouBe, Blaotweirs Island, 
N.T.; FUthnsh Asylum, Brooklyn, N.T.; County Farm, _Bt. John- 
laod.L.I,; 8t Lawrence Stale Bpapitikl for Insane, OgdeOBburR. N-T^ 
Nfttloual Soldiers" Home, Dayton, Ohio, etc,, eW, 

They offer their serrlcea to Archtl«;t8, Superintendenta and 
mltteec, for phumfug. eHtimating on, and eoDBtructlDg Laun 
OuCflCa, adapted to all wants for Public Institutions. Ho^tala, A 
lume, HotelB'or CuHtom Lauodiies, Coireepondence sollctted. 


40 Cortlandt St, NEW YOR^ 


By having your 





Claritj OrMoizalido Sociotj, 


Bet. 68d & 64th Streets, 

You will enable the Society to train and employ 

many poor women. 

and etpert hands are employed on Fine Family Garments.