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Genealogical and Biographical 





VOLUME XL, 1909. 


226 West 58TH Street, New York. 


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Accessions to the Library, 70, 145, 217 
Authors, see Contributors 

Bacon Family, Origin of Name, 133 
Baptist Cemetery', Bengali, N. Y., see 

Beekman, James William, Biographi- 
cal Sketch, I 
Biographical Sketches — 

Hickman, James William, 1 
Stiles, Henry Reed, 77 
Rhoades, John Harsen, 153 
Dunmore, The Earl of, 225 
Book Notices — 

Account of the Celebration by the 
Town of Lincoln, Mass., April 
23d, 1004, of the 150th Anniver- 
sary of its Incorporation, 1754— 
Ancestry of Abraham Lincoln, 143 
Ancestry of William Howard Taft, 

Annals of Christ Church Parish of 
Little Rock, Arkansas, from 
1839-1899, 212 

Beatty-Asfordby. The Descen- 
dants of John Beatty and Susan- 
na Asfordby, with some of their 
Descendants, 292 

Bibliographers' Manual of Amer- 
ican History, 141 

Bidwell, John, Pioneer, 64 

Book of Strattons, 69 

Brewer Genealogy, 1 566-1907, 208 

Bucks County Historical Society. 
Collection of Papers read before 
the Society, 209 

Chaffee Genealogy, embracing the 
Descendants of Thomas Chaffee 
of Hingham, Hull, and Swansea, 
Mass., 209 

Col. David Farming's Narrative, 


Collections of the Connecticut 
Historical Society, Vol. XII, 143 
Collections of the N. Y. Genea- 
logical and Biographical So- 
ciety, Vol, IV: Staten Island 
Church Records, 291 
Colonial Families of America, 292 
Coursens of Sussex Co., N. J., 215 
I). inir] Perrin, "The Huguenot,' 
and his Descendantsin America, 
1665-1910, 292 

Book Notices {continued) 

Descendants of John Potter, 69 
Documentary History of Chelsea, 
including Boston Precincts of 
Winnisimmet, Rumney Marsh 
and Pullen Point, 1624-1824,209 
Duyckinck and Allied Families, 65 
East Haven Register, 210 
Transactions of Kansas City His- 
torical Society, 67 
Fifth Biographical Record of the 
Class of Fifty-eight, Yale Uni- 
versity, 1858-1908, 217 
Genealogical History of Dr. 
Robert King of Blanford, Berk- 
shire Co., Mass., and the Descen- 
dants of his son, Capt. Dr. Rob- 
ert King of Sandisfield, Mass., 
late of Charlestown, Ohio, 212 
Genealogy of Courtland County, 
N. Y., Branch of the Sanders 
Family, 69 
Genealogy of the DeCarpentier 

Family of Holland, 210 
Genealogy of the Descendants of 

Alexander Alvord, 140 
Genealogy of Jefferson Davis, 64 
Genealogy of some Descendants 
of Edward Fuller of the May- 
flower, 65 
General Catalogue of Princeton 

University, 143 
Glens Falls — The EmpireCity, 142 
Greene (Green) Family of 
Plymouth Colony, 292 

Donalson Family Record, 210 

Henry Codman Potter — Memorial 
Address delivered before the 
( rniury Association, 144 

Historical Catalogue of the Mem- 
bers of the First Baptist Church 
in Providence R. I., 215 

History and Genealogy of the 
Jewcts of America, 67 

History and Genealogy of the 
Families of Miller, Woods, Har 
ris, Wallace, Maupin, Oldham, 
Kavanagh, and Brown, with 
notes of the Famil 
Reid, Martm, Broaddus.Gi ntry, 
l.nnian, Jameson, Ballard, Mul 
lins, M n hie, Moberly, 1 
ton, Browning, Uuncan, Yancy, 
and others, 67 

Index of Subjects. 

Book Notices (continued) 

History of the City of New York 
in the Seventeenth Century, 214 

History of the Fifth Avenue Pres- 
byterian Church of New York 
City, from 1808-1908, 210 

History of Orange County, New 
York, 68 

Honeyman Family of Scotland 
and America, 1548-1908, 211 

Holmans of America, 211 

Hudson Tercentenary, 292 

Jesse Smith — His Ancestors and 
Descendants, 215 

John Redington of Topsfield, 
Mass., and some of his De- 
scendants, with Notes on the 
Wales Family, 216 

King Family of Sheffield, Conn., 
its English Ancestry, 1389-1662, 
and American Descendants, 
1662-1908, 211 

Life in Old Virginia, 70 

Life of Commodore Thomas Mac- 
donough, U. S. Navy, 213 

Litchfield and Morris Inscriptions, 

Massachusetts Historical Society, 
The Commemoration of the Ter- 
centenary of the Birth of John 
Milton at the First Church in 
Boston, 144 

Memoirs of Abbott Laurence, 142 

Memoirs of the Graham Family, 

Morris Family of Philadelphia, 
Descendants of Anthony Morris, 
I6S4-I72I. 214 

New York Historical Society Col- 
lections, 1901-1902, 66 

New York State Historical Asso- 
ciation — Proceedings, 215 

Northrup-Northrop Genealogy, 68 

Publications of the American Jew- 
ish Historical Society, No. 17, 

Register of the Middlebrook 
Family: Descendants of Joseph 
Middlebrook of Fairfield, Conn., 

Report of Memorial Exercises in 
Honor of Deacon John Doane, 65 

Sanford Association of America, 

Schnell Astronomy, 145 

Second Record Book of the So- 
ciety of Mayflower Descendants 
in the State of Rhode Island and 
Providence Plantations, 213 

Stephens-Stevens Genealogy, 292 

Taverns and Turnpikes of Blan- 
ford, 1734-1833, 141 

Townsend Genealogy, 145 

Book Notices {continued) 

Van Doom Family in Holland and 

America, 1088-1908, 216 
Witchcraft Delusions in Colonial 

Connecticut, 1647-1697, 70 
Woodruffs of New Jersey, 216 
Bronson, Henry Trumbull, see Obit- 

Cemetery Inscriptions, see Inscrip- 

Christian Church Cemetery, Milan, 
N. Y., see Inscriptions 

Church Records, see Records 

Church Register of the Walpeck Con- 
gregation, 193, 264 

Clark Query, 139 

Clues from English Archives Con- 
tributory to American Gene- 
alogy, 80, 177, 229 

Coleman Query, 139 

Contributors — 

Bacon, Leon Brooks, 113 

Baldwin, Evelyn Briggs, 46 

Clisbee, Azalea, 128 

Gilbert, William, 108, 155, 276 

Griffin, Walter Kenneth, 185, 249 

Harris, Edw. Doubleday, 87 

Hutchinson, J. R., 80, 177, 229 

Jack, D. R., 23, 115 

Lea, Henry J., 80, 177, 229 

Morrison, George Austin, Jr., 225 

Mott, Hopper Striker, 9, 123, 153, 

Pierce, Grace M., 15 
Pumpelly, Josiah Collins, 1 
Skillman, William Jones, 281 
Van Alstyne, William B., 55, 100 
Wright, Tobias A., 77 

Corey, see Notes 

Cornell Query, 63 

Correction, 207 

Davis Query, 139 

Death Notices, see Obituaries 

Digest of Essex Wills, 4, 108, 155, 

Dumont Family, see Notes 

Dutcher Family, to the Births of the 
Fifth Generation, with a few 
notes as to subsequent Mem- 
bers and as to the Ancestors of 
Allied Families, 185, 249 

Earliest Baptismal Records of the 
Church of Harlingen( Reformed 
Dutch) of New Jersey, 1727- 
•734, 291 

Editorial, 134 

Gardner Query, 139 
Gates Query, 63 

Index of Subjects. 

Genealogical Records — 

Bacon Family— Origin of Name 

Dutcher Family. To the Births 
of the Fifth Generation, with a 
few notes as to subsequent 
Members and as to the Ances- 
tors of Allied Families, 185, 249 
Hoppe-Hoppen-Hopper Lineage, 

9, 123, 168,258 
Knickerbocker Family, 55, 100 
Matthysen-Banckers of Sleepy 
Hollow, 87 P? 

Gilbert Family, see Notes 
Graveyard Inscriptions, see Inscrip- 
Greene Query, 63 

Harris Query, 139 
Heard Family, see Notes 
Hinckley Query, 63 
Hopkins, Col. Woolsey Rogers, see 

Hoppe-Hoppen-Hopper Lineage, 121, 
168, 258 

Illustrations, see Portraits 
Inscriptions — 

Baptist Cemetery, Bangall 

Dutchess Co., N. Y., 46 
Christian Church Cemetery (Old 
Part), Milan, Dutchess Co., N 
V.. 128 

Jackson, Frederick Wendell, see Obit- 

Knickerbocker Family, 55, 100 

List of Germans from the Palatinate 
who came to England in 1709, 
49. 93, 160, 241 

Matthysen-Banckers of Sleepy Hol- 
low, 87 
Merrick Query, 63 

Military Tract oi New York State 15 
Murray, John, Earl of Dunmore, see 
Biographical Sketches 

New Brunswick Loyalists of the War 

of the Revolution, 23, 115 
Nicholl <2»ery, 140 

Notes, 62, 139 

Obituaries, 62, 206 

Palmer Query, 140 
Portraits — 

James William Beekman, 1 

Henry Reed Stiles, 77 

John Harsen Rhoades, 153 

Jasper Hopper, 172 

John Murray, Earl of Dunmore 

Queries, 63, 139, 208 

Records — 

Church Register of the Walpeck 

Congregation, 193, 264 
Earliest Baptismal Records of the 
Church of Harlingen (Reformed 
Dutch) of New Jersey, 1727- 
1734, 291 
List of Germans from the Palati- 
nate who came to England in 
1709, 49.93. >6o, 241 
New Brunswick Loyalists of the 

War of the Revolution, 23, uj 
United Brethren Congregation 
(commonly called Moravian) of 
Staten Island, N. Y., 33 
Records of the United Brethren Con- 
gregation (commonly called 
Moravian) of Statenlsland N 
Y-, 33 
Rhoades, John Harsen, see Biograph- 
ical Sketches 

Society Proceedings, 61, 136, 205 
Stanton Query, 63 

Stiles, Henry Reed, see Biographical 

Tombstone Inscriptions, see Inscrip- 
Travierrer Family, see Notes 

Viele, Herman Knickerbocker, see 

White Query, 63 
W ilk ins Query, 63 
Wright Query, 140 

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No. i. 


Genealogical and Biographical 




January, 1909. 


226 West 58TH Street. New York. 

Entered July 19. 1879. as Second Class Matter, Post tithe ■ ■ If ., Act of Congress ol March 3d. 1879. 

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record. 

Publication Committee : 


Dr. HENRY R. STILES, Editor Emeritus. 





Illustration. Portrait of James William Beekman . Frontispiece 

1. James William Beekman. By Josiah Collins Pumpelly, A.M., LL.B. . 1 

2. A Digest of Essex Wills. With Particular Reference to 

Names of Importance in the American Colonies. By William 
Gilbert * 

3. The Hoppe-Hoppen-Hopper Lineage. By Hopper Striker Mott. (Con- 

tinued from Vol. XXXIX, page 276) 9 

4. The Military Tract of New York State. By Grace M. Pierce . 15 

5. New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the American Rev- 

olution. Communicated by D. R.Jack. (Continued from Vol. XXXIX, 
page 252) 23 

6. Records of the United Brethren Congregation (Commonly 

called Moravian Church), Staten Island, N. Y. Baptisms and 
Births— Marriages. (Continued from Vol. XXXIX, page 268) . . . 33 

7. Tombstone Inscriptions. Copied by Evelyn Briggs Baldwin ... 46 

8. Lists of Germans from the Palatinate who Came to England 

in 1709 49 

q. The Knickerbocker Family. By William B. Van Alstyne, M. D. 

(Continued from Vol. XXXIX, page 285) 55 

10. Society Proceedings 61 

11. Obituary. James William Beekman— Henry Trumbull Bronson— Fred- 

erick Wendell Jackson — Herman Knickerbocker Viele .... 62 

12. Notes 62 

13. Queries. Cornel— Gates— Greene— Little— Merrick— Stanton— White . 63 

14. Book Notices . 64 

15. Accessions to the Library 70 

NOTICE,— The Publication Committee aims to admit into the Record only such new Genea- 
logical, Biographical, and Historical matter as may be relied on for accuracy and authenticity, but 
neither the Society m>r its Committee is responsible for opinions or errors of contributors, whether 
published under the name or without signature. 

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July and October. Terms: $3.00 a year in advance. Subscriptions 
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226 West 58th Street, New York City. 
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^nualogical mtb ^tograpljtcal lecort. 

Vol. XL. NEW YORK, JANUARY, 1909. No. 1 


By Josiah Collins Pumpelly, A.M., LL.B. 

James William Beekman, a descendant of the old Knicker- 
bocker family of that name, was born in New York, Nov. 4, 1847, 
died at his country residence, "The Cliffs," Oyster Bay, Long 
Island, Aug. 7, 1908. 

He was the son of the late Hon. James William and Abian 
Steele Millidoler Beekman (1819-1897), and his grandparents 
were Gerard Beekman (1774-1833) and Catharine Saunders 

From these he traces his ancestry back through James Beek- 
man (1732-1807), William Beekman (1684-1770), Gerardus Beek- 
man (1653-1723), to Wilhelmus Beekman (1623-1707) and Katrina 
De Boog, who came to this country about 1645. 

Mr. Beekman was educated at Columbia University, was a 
student in the School of Mines and a graduate of the Law School 
in 1871. 

He was an Annual Member of The New York Genealogical 
and Biographical Society. He was also a member of The Saint 
Nicholas, Holland, Historical and Colonial Wars Societies, and a 
member of Union, Metropolitan, Knickerbocker, University, 
Century, New York Yacht, Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Clubs, 
the Down Town Association, Bar Association; President New 
York Dispensary; Governor New York Hospital and a member 
of the Collegiate Dutch Church, corner 29th Street and Fifth 

He was Lieutenant-Governor of the Society of Colonial Wars 
in the State of New York from 1895 to 1897; Deputy-Govennor 
from 1897 to 1902, and Governor from 1902 to 1904, and on his 
death a resolution was passed wherein it is said: " His high char- 
acter and personal charms inspired the abiding affection of all 
those who came in contact with him, and by his uniform courtesy, 
his respectful consideration and interest in the affairs of the 
Society he contributed much to its success." 

Mr. Beekman joined the New York Historical Society in 1886, 
and was one of the Executive Committee in 1903, and at the time 
of his death was a Trustee in the new building, in which under- 

2 James William Beekman. Jan., 

taking he "showed courage, zeal and great patience in bringing 
his plans to their outcome with marked success." His associates, 
mostly men who had known him through life, testify to his great 

From the able Secretary of the Holland Society the following 
interesting data has been received: " Mr. Beekman was President 
of the Holland Society, 1893-1894, and it was during his term of 
office that the Dutch cruiser Van Speyk visited these shores, and 
his participation in the hospitality extended to the Dutch visitors 
caused the Queen to confer upon him the decoration of the Order 
of Nassau, of which he was justifiably proud. His urbanity and 
bonhomie made friends of all whom he met, and it was but 
natural that he should receive the honors which fell to him in 
The Holland Society, as well as those conferred by the Saint 
Nicholas Society, in which his position as President (1890-1891) 
rounded out a term of service, beginning with the office of 
Steward and running up through the various Vice-Presidencies 
to the head of the official list. Among good fellows there was no 
more agreeable companion than he, and I can readily believe 
what one of his friends said, that "he had more friends than 
any other man of his acquaintance." 

From an interesting tribute written by Mr. Beekman's brother- 
in-law, an old friend of the writer, I quote the following: " Mr. 
Beekman not only appreciated the privilege of good birth but 
realized that it brought with it responsibilities. He keenly felt 
the " noblesse oblige " which belonged to his high social standing. 
He was careful and conscientious in the discharge of every duty, 
great or small. He required from others honesty and upright- 
ness in all business dealings, and when he did not find it he 
preferred severing negotiations although to his own personal 
disadvantage. In his social life, where he was facile princeps, 
he was never so happy as when he was making others happy. 
Few men have been members of more clubs and societies, and 
though mingling with every variety of man, he never by word or 
deed relaxed his high standard of living; also as a loyal citizen 
Mr. Beekman openly upheld all that was good in our government, 
and just as openly condemned bad government, be it either 
National, State or Municipal. 

In his official duties he was not only constant and painstaking 
but a cheerful and a pleasant man to work with, and gladly did 
all he could to advance the interests of those he deemed most 
deserving. When he was Governor of the New York Hospital, 
of which his ancestor was a founder, and as President of the 
New York Dispensary, Mr. Beekman showed marked ability, and 
his spoken appreciation of faithful work done by nurses and 
employees was a constant source of encouragement to them. 

Having been at Columbia, a student of the School of Mines 
and graduate of the Law School, and having travelled extensively 
in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Far West of our own country, 
Mr. iieekman's mind was well stored with useful knowledge and 
his companionship and conversation were valued highly. 

Iqog] James William Bee!;?nan. 3 

As a Christian he was a constant attendant at the Church of 
his ancestors, and a devout follower of the Master and to Him 
without a fear he committed his soul as his loved ones stood 
around his dying bed. 

In his home town Protestants and Catholics alike prayed for 
his life, so universally was he beloved by both rich and poor. 

There are three elements absolutely essential and inseparable 
from the makeup of a complete manhood, and these are sincerity, 
individuality and reverence, and it was these attributes of char- 
acter which the subject of this sketch possessed in a marked 
degree. The writer regrets that he had not the opportunity of 
knowing Mr. Beekman personally, but can in a sense, through 
the letters received very well understand the appreciation and 
esteem in which he was held by all who knew him, and feels that 
this glimpse one has into the depth and conscientious rectitude 
of a life such as was his, leaves one the stronger and better pre- 
pared to fulfill the obligations which God has placed upon him. 

Mr. Beekman had in him, as Jonathan Edwards would have 
said: " more than the average quantity of being." 

He was a full man on every side, and his generous nature 
and genial sympathy and good humor were ever a benediction to 
his friends and social co-workers. In him there was an admirable 
blending of the practical and the ideal, of the material and the 
spiritual in harmonious combination. 

Also it seems plain that he never left out of the forces of his 
life as he used them, that which lies beneath and upholds all 
others, the knowledge of the service of God. 

And it is in the contemplation of this highest aspect of Mr. 
Beekman's earthly career that those who now revere his memory, 
think of his life work not as ended but as entered upon that 
higher stage of larger knowledge and activity which is linked 
with the eternities. In this faith and hope the ties which were 
so sweet in life are not broken, but are made stronger by the 
memories of the past and the expectations of a surer future be- 

In these days when gross materialism is all around and 
about us, such a just life as this should be rightly honored, and 
this man's zeal for right doing should be held up as a bright 
example for the young men of this generation. The quality of 
the leading citizens of any age j^ives the measure of our nation's 
civilization. Strong and fiercely virile as is the commercial 
spirit of our time, the crowning glory of our century after all has 
been the rise of the humanist and the development of a qi \\ 
order of chivalry among many of that leisure class to which. Mr. 
nan belonged. 

In the words of that grand old man, Gladstone, "the safety of 
"in country is not in law and legislators, but in Christian gentle- 
men." And of such was the subject of this sketch. His was 
genuine service for his generation, constant and fruitful, and now 
that he has "passed to where beyond these voices there is rest 
and peace," those who knew him best must feel that he has left 
to them a precious example and a blessed memory. 

A Digest of Essex Wills. [Jan., 


With Particular Reference to Names of Importance in the 

American Colonies. 

By William Gilbert, 

Corresponding Member of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society 
of the Essex Archaeological Society, etc. 


It has been observed that wills are the backbone of pedigrees 
and it is now generally admitted by the genealogist that, of all 
the sources of information available to him, they stand absolutely 
first in respect of importance, as they enlighten him more than 
any other class of document as to the habits, possessions, occu- 
pations and relations of his ancestors, as well as informing the 
antiquary and topographer of the names of estates, farms, fields 
and houses long since vanished and forgotten. Previous to the 
commencement of our Parish Registers (A. D. 1538), and sub- 
sequently where the early register has been lost or destroyed, 
wills are of a value that cannot be overestimated in rescuing 
names and circumstances from oblivion, and recovering some- 
what from the ever engulfing stream of time. I propose in the 
following series to give a digest of the wills of Essex families 
proved in the 16th and 17th centuries, more especially those 
whose names are now to be found in America. If any period is 
important to the American genealogist it is from 1560 to 1625. 
Comparatively few, in the first instance at any rate, require wills 
of a much earlier period, while those whose ancestors emigrated 
later, will, I hope, find the present series a useful basis for 
further research. This period in England embraces the reigns 
of Queen Elizabeth and King James I, and the country was calm 
and peaceful compared with the earlier time of the Reformation 
and the later time of the civil wars. We therefore find many 
people of quite a humble station of life exercising testamentary 
powers to dispose of their little properties; frequently only a 
few personal things. The wills were usually drawn up either 
by the parson or the parish clerk — a busy person in those 
days, frequently combining the duties of schoolmaster, singing 
master, sexton and verger. There is a great uniformity of ex- 
pression — the majority commencing " In the name of God 
Amen," then the date, both the year of the Lord and the year of 
the reign being given, then the name, abode and occupation of 
the testator, usually recounting the fact that he is " sicke in bodye 
but of good hole and pfect mynde and memorie" and thanks 
Almighty God for it. It is possibly sentiment, but it appeals to 
many as being a more picturesque procedure than our modern 
practical method. The wills also frequently contain other re- 
ligious sentiments and quotations from the Scriptures, which 

kjck)-] A Digest of Essex Wills. 5 

were held in the highest esteem. One reason for this "packing" 
perhaps lay in the fact that the scribe was remunerated .1 

ing to the length of the will, and it is not an uncommon circum- 
stance to find moral sentiment and religious hope occupying a 
good half of it. We however, as genealogists, while deriving a 
pleasure from this reading leave it to the student of contemp* irary 
religious thought and busy ourselves mainly with the earthly 
relatives and possessions of the deceased; so the digests which 
follow do not as a rule trouble about the religious clauses except 
where the fabric of the church is mentioned, or where there is 
something unusual, curious, or likely to be of service to the 

The Archdeaconry of Essex had a wide testamentary juris- 
diction within the county and the wills date from the year 1400. 
This was one of the chief courts of Probate for Essex but is far 
from being the only one, as, without including the Prerogative 
Court of Canterbury, there were at least fifteen others having 
powers over various portions, the principal being the Commissary 
and Consistory Courts of London, the Peculiar of the Dean and 
Chapter of St. Pauls, and the Commissary Court of Essex and 
Hertfordshire. I hope to draw upon the vast stores of infor- 
motion in all these repositories. 

It must be borne in mind that prior to 1752 the year com- 
menced on March 25th (subsequently it commenced on January 
1st), otherwise it will appear that a number of wills were proved 
before they were written which, as Euclid would say, is absurd. 

The sign x after witnesses names signifies "his mark," and 
that he (or she) was unable to write. 

It now only remains for me to say that I have a great 
pleasure in presenting these notes to my American friends 
(several of whom have corresponded with me at different tim( s, 
and a few of whom I have personally seen), and I hope that, 
should anyone be able to throw further light on any of the wills, 
he will contribute such explanatory details as he may have to 
this magazine, which will thus become a store-house of no little 
value, to the antiquary and the genealogist. 

1. Mootte, Thomas, of Rochford, Essex, 31 Aug., 1547. To 
wife Christian my tenement and lands called ' life 

after to Thomas my son and his heirs, in default to son John and 
his heirs, in default to remain amongst my (laughters by 
portions. To my wife 3 kine 4 sheep and half a seame of wheat. 
"Yf that my Sonne and she breke howssehold " she to have half 
of household except my best cawdron and two silver spoons 
the table and form the which I give to son Thomas. A 
him 4 draught bullocks and a young bullock' .sold. To 

Bon John two kine — To Johan Hydde and Joban Wrighte 
each. To Johan Hydde the younger a sheep. To John Shettyl 
a lamb. Res. and Ex. son Thomas, Overseer John Edward of 
Rochford — he to have 3/4. Witnesses — Robert Wblball, John 
Pycke "with others." (Arch. Essex. Bastwicke.) 

6 A Digest of Essex Wills. [Jan., 

2. Motte, Edward, of Downham, Essex, 6 July, 1552. To be 
buried in churchyard there — To poor mens box 8 d . To my uncle 
John Motte half my tools at the discretion of Thomas Edwarde. 
Res. and Ex. wife Kateryne. Overseer Thomas Edwarde he to 
have my "crusys." Witnesses William Hardye, Clarke; Myles 
Abarowe "with others." Proved 5 Oct., 1552, at Great Burstead. 
(Arch. Essex. Thonder.) 

3. Swallowe, Richard, of Hare Street,* 18 Nov., 25 Eliz. 
Husbandman. To be buried in the South Sidef of St. Edwards 
in Romford. To four of the poor folk i6 d . To my sister Mar- 
gery a bed etc. To my son-in-law}: John Burton my greatest 
colt. To my son-in-law| Richard Burton one of my best sheep. 
To my daughter-in-lawf Mary Burton my youngest colt. Res. 
and Ex. My wife Jone.§ Overseer My brother-in-law John 
Maule of Gubbens[| and to him i2 d . Witnesses Averye ffrythe, 
William Maule of the Almshouse, William Maule of Gubbendee| 
and John Payne of Dagenham. Proved 15 Jan., 1582. 

4. Baker, Thomas, of Woodham Ferris, Co. Essex, 3 Oct., 1521. 
To be buried in the chapell of Saint Nicholas in the church of 
Woodham aforesaid, 5/- to the High Altar, .£6-13-4 to make the 
high way betwixt Woodham Church and Halstrete " where moost 
nede is." Item I bequeath to the "brethren ffreres of the 
Crossed freres of Colchester 12 8 amonge them." To son Thomas 
,£6-13-4. To daughter Kateryn Spyser .£3-6-8. To daughter 
Agnes Peters £3-6-8. To Margaret my wife my land in Hall 
Strete for life then to my sons John, William and Henry. Res. 
and Ex. William and Henry my sons. Overseer William Sandys 
20/- to him. Wit. Thomas Athaye of Retingdon Hall, John 
Camp of Yelgers, John Camp of Strotts, John Petche, John 
Benson, William Baker, Henry Baker "and other." Pr. 25 Aug., 
1524. (P. C. C. Bodfelde 25.) 

5. Glascocke, John, of Moreton, Essex, 24 Oct., 1559. To my 
brother Angell my best coat. To daughters Mary, Joan, and 
Agnes ,£6-13-4 each at marriage "and I wyll that the gyft of my 
brother George Glascocke wch was given to Agnes my daughter 
shal be part of the .£6-13-4." To son Thomas ,£5 at the age 21. 
To Katheryne Barlye my servant 20/- at age 23 or marriage. 

* A hamlet near Romford within the Liberty of Havering atte Bower. 

•f For many centuries there was, in England, a strong prejudice against 
beintr buried on the north side of the churchyard, and that portion was usually 
reserved for the reception of suicides, excommunicate persons, unbaptized 
infants and those who had been executed. The place of honor was at the east 
end against the chancel wall (see will No. 6). This prejudice is mentioned by 
Arnot in his History of Edinburgh. In the "Wise and Faithful Steward" 
(1657) it relates "he requested to be buried in the open churchyard on the 
North side to cross the received superstition as he thought of the constant 
choice of the south side." 

% Step-children. 

§ Richard Swallow and Joana Burton were m. at Romford in 1580. 

I There are farms known as Great and Little Gubbins at Laindon, not far 
from Romford, at the present time. 

igoc».] ./ Digest of Essex li'it.'s. 7 

Res. of personal estate to Jone my wife also to her my houses 
and lands in Moreton until son Thomas is 21. Wife to have 
tenement called Blackball in occupation of John Parker, a croft 
lying at Villgate and a piece of ground called Fakeners for life. 
Eexecutors my uncle Robert Thurgi odof Magdalen* and Thomas 
Angyll my brother in lawe of Aytroppe Rothinge 3/4 to each 
of them. Overseer John Glascocke of Stanford! 3/4 to him. 
Witnesses Robert Throwgood of Magdalen. Thomas Hosgen 
"clarke wrytar hereof,"! John Borume, Sir Thomas Glascocke 
Priest, § Wyllyam Kynge and Wyllyam Dowsett. 

Debts wch are owing to me. Thomas Kynge of Aslyns 46/8. 
Wyllyam Dowsett for shepe 55/4. Burrell 16/-. Mr Becoke 13/4. 
Wyllyam Doughtye 4 marks. John Kynge J£6-6-S. Hollgatt of 
Ongar 22 d . Polly of Ongar 23 d . 

Debts that I owe. To William Dowsett of Magdalen _£i 1-6-8. 
To my cousin John Lutar|| £$. To Glascocke of Brendishe 23/4. 
More to s d . Wyllyam Dowsett 6/8. 

Pr. at Chipping Ongar, 3 April, 1560. (Arch. Essex. Randoll.) 

6. Gray, John, of Gosfield, Co. Essex, 20 Aug., 152 1. Yeoman. 
To be buried in the churchyard, at the east end of the said church. 
To the High Altar there 3/4. To the Ch'wardens 10/-. To do 
of Belchamp William 3/4. Ditto Belchamp Otten 3/4. Ditto 
Poslingforth 3/4. To Anne my wife my tenements in Gosfield 
for life — after to Giles Gray my son and his heirs In default to 
son William — In default to be sold and the money equally divided 
between my daughters. John Gawge my son-in-law and Anne 
his wife to have their free dwelling for 5 years. Res. wife. Ex. 
wife, John Gawge and James Dundebend. Wit: Sir William 
Hochekvnson " pishe preest of Gosfeld" Harry Parker gent. 
William Coksall, John Golding, Thomas Loveday, William Tyler 
"and other." Pr. 5 Feb., 1521, by relict. (P. C. C. 20 Mavn- 

7. Gilbert, William, of Pitsea, Essex, 13 April, 3 Eliz. To 
be buried in Pyttesey churchyard. To poor of Pyttesey 6/8. 
To wife Joane 8 best Kine 30 best sheep all the corn in barn 
8 acres of wheat 10 acres of oats growing where I now dwell; all 
my household goods, a gray ambling nag etc. She to bring up my 
two young children. To daughter of Agnes 6/8 at age 20. Sons 

* Magdalen Laver. 
■f Stanford Rivers. 

X Rector of Magdalen Laver, d. in 1588. Will proven by Margery. Ins 
relict. He was probably also Rector of Lambournc. 

g Rector of Bobbingworth, 1528-1582, when he resigned. His will was 
proved March 27, 1585, and will be, I hope, given later in this series. 

I The Luther family who were seated at Suttons, a manor near Ongar, and 
afterwards at Kelvedon and Doddinghurst, bore Argent two bars sable in 1 biei 

round buckles azure. I have an unpublished pi digree oi them a 
copies of inscriptions, etc. Van. .us unsuccessful attempts have been n 
ite them with the 1 elebrated Martin Luther. Thomas Luthi 1 
isted, 20 Sept., 1579, m. Bridget, dau. and heirs G cock of 


8 A Digest of Essex Wills. [Jan., 

Isaake* and Abrahamf under 21 — Brother John Gylberts 4 chil- 
dren — John Walker — To John Carre of Basildon 4 sheep — To 
brother John my black gearkin and best hose — My sisters children 
To brother Newton my cloak. Ex. Thomas Holke of Pitsea and 
Harye Doore of same — 20/- each. Res. My two sons — Overseer 
John Harrys of Basildon, (signed) William Gealbert. Wit: 
Walter Elyot — Peter Balyeff— Richard Venables — John Harrys 
and Richard Newton. Proved at Brentwood, June 17, 1561. 
(Arch. Essex. Randoll.) 

8. Freer, John (Calendared as FryerJ but signed Freer), of 
Clare, Co. Suffolk, 20 June, 1585. To poor of Clare 40/-. To 
Bridgett wife all my freehold in Essex. Also my mansion house 
in Clare with two crofts of land called Bryans and Tyle Croft. 
To Robert Payne son and heir of Thomas Payne of Wilberton in 
the Isle of Ely two tenements in Northgate Street Clare. To 
Henry Campion my servant one tenement in Nethergate Street 
now in the occupation of his father William Campion. I be- 
queath to Mr. Lynsey my father-in-law my black gelding. To 
my cousin Thomas Payne of Wilberton ,£10. Res. and Ex. wife 
and cousin Thomas Payne of Wilberton. Wit. Edmond Lee, 
Thomas Reynold, William Byshopp. Pr. 16 July, 1585. (P. C. C. 
Brudenell 36.) 

9. Kinge, Thomas, of East Ham, Essex (mutilated), 23 July, 
1580. Yeoman. To be buried in East Ham Churchyard. To 
four men to bear me to the church i2 d . To poor of East Ham 
10/-. To Nicholas Snare 40/-. To Katherin ffollintyne £$. To 
Alice daughter of John Browne of East Ham 50/- at age 21. 
Son John Wasse. Christian daughter of Richard Raynoldes. 
To each godchild i6 d . To William Woodlande of Barking my 
best cloke and my russett cote. Res. and Ex. wife Emme. Over- 
seer my son John Wasse. Witness Edmund Hartley. Proved 
8 March, 1582. (Arch. Essex. Draper.) 

10. Owtred, Marscelm, of Romford, Co. Essex, 8 Oct., 1582. 
Commences " My helpe is in the name of oure lorde who hathe 
made bothe heaven and yearthe." To the poor of Romford 40/-. 
My tenement in Romford. My cousins Mr. William Owtred and 
Mr. John Owtred. Anne and Elizabeth sisters of my cousin 
Johh Owtred. My brother Richard Bowers. My aunts daughter 
Margery Holman. To Mr. Pytte minister of Allhallows in the 
Wall London S 20/-. To Mr. Richard Atkys minister of Romford 

* His will will follow later on. 

t An administration of the estate of Abraham Gilbert of Corringham, 
Essex, was granted on 15 Jan., 1583, to his relict Agnes. 

% Fryer family — 1 have in my collection of Essex deeds an original in- 
denture dated I Jan., 1696, between Andrew ffryer of Bassledon, Co. Essex, 
gentleman, and Hester, his wife, and Henry Claris of Theobalds, Co. Middle- 
sex, yeoman, of the one part; and William Woodroffe, citizen and brewer of 
London, of the other part — being a lease for 32 years of premises in Thames 
Street, London. 

§ John Pitte, minister there 1571-1593, when he d. 

iqo?.] The Hoppe-Hoppen- Hopper Lineage. 9 

40/-. Executors Richard Adkys and Robert Dickenson. Over- 
seer — Francis Ramme.* Witnesses John Greene, Randall Hall.(x) 
Proved 9 March, 1582. (Arch. Essex. Draper.) 

1 1. Write, John, of Purleigh, Essex, 2 May, 1606, husbandman. 
To be buried in the churchyard. To eldest son John .£20. To 
second son Thomas £20. To Johane Prentice 40/- at marriage 
and to Sarah Prentice 40/- at age 21. To John and William 
Prentice 20/- each at age 21. Res. & Ex. wife. Witnesses 
Thomas Trastell John Levitt. Proved 27 May, 1606, by Florence, 
relict. (Arch. Essex. Neville.) 

( To be continued.) 


By Hopper Striker Mott. 

(Continued from Vol. XXXIX., p. 276, of The Record.) 

The Issue of Andries' and Geertje (Hendricks) Hoppe. 

I. Catharina' Hoppe (Andries'). She was b. in Holland and 
came with her parents to New Amsterdam. There is no record 
of her baptism in this country. Winfield says she m. Frederick 
Thomaszen, Oct. 13, 1672. They settled in Hackensack and evi- 
dently continued to live there, where they were witnesses at the 
baptism of Albert, son of Gerrit van Dien and Vrouwtie Verwey, 
July 30, 1704. She d. there May 8, 17 16. They had a number of 
children who according to custom, took the name Fredericksen, 
i. e. children of Frederick, which became anglicizen into Fred- 
ericks. Issue: 

1 i. Andries,' bap. Aug. 23, 1673; wits.: Adriaen Cornelis- 

zen, Sophia Jans. 

2 ii. Thomas, bap. Aug. 28, 1675; wits.: Andries Cornelis- 

zen, Marritie Adriacns. 

3 iii. Andries, II., bap. June 1, 1679. 

4 iv. Maritje, b. Nov. 11, bap. Dec. 1, 1684; wits.: Willem 

lloppen, Jacomijntie van Nes. 

5 v. Geertruijdt, bap. Nov. 27, 1687; wits.: Claes Arentszen, 

Neeltie . 

6 vi. Dirck, b. April 14, 1691. 

7 vii. Christina, a daughter, bap. Aug. 5, 1681; m. Adriaen 

Vermeule, er at Bergen, who came, as a 

young man from Vlissengen in Zealand, bringing a 
church letter addressed to Domine Selyns, by v 

ocis Ramme was an important personage at that tin 
il Manor nf Haveringe atte Bower, I have the original Manor 
Rolls of 1583, etc., bearing his name, 

IO The Hoppe-Hoppen- Hopper Lineage. [Jan., 

he was engaged to fill a vacancy as voorleser at the 
church at Harlem where he served acceptably for 
eight years. Having received a request to act in 
the same capacity at Bergen he was dismissed with 
a recommendation at a meeting of the Consistory at 
New York, Jan. i, 1708. He d. at his last place of 
service in 1735. Riker's Harlem, 485. 

II. Willem 2 Hoppe (Andries 1 ). He was bap. in New Amster- 
dam, March 29, 1654. Joris Stephenszen, Stoffel Arentszen and 
Beeletje Hendricks, his aunt, stood sponsors. He m. there, 
Meijnou (Minnie), dau. of Jurck Paiilus, Nov. 29, 1679. He is 
put down as from New York, and she a young woman of New 
Albany. They removed to Hackensack where both were mem- 
bers of the Dutch Church in 1686. They had four chlidren, viz.: 

8 i. Christina, 3 bap. Jan. 12, 1681-2; m. Johannes Huijsman. 


i. Anna, 4 bap. Nov., 23, 1 7 18; wits.: PaulusHoppe, 

Anna Huijsman. 
ii. Rachel, bap. Jan. 15, 1720-1; wits.: Christoffel 
Christopher, Christina de Camp. 

9 ii. Geertruijd, b. in N. Y.; bap. there Dec. 10, 1682; 

member of Hackensack Church in 1686; m. April 5, 
1702, Pieter Beuse, a young man b. in Bergen. 

10 iii. Belitie, bap. Dec. 14, 1684. 

11 iv. Andries, bap. March 26, 1686. 

For further information of this line vide Hackensack records. 

III. Hendrik' Hoppe (Andries 1 ). He was bap. in New Am- 
sterdam, Jan. 9, 1656, before these wits.: Cornelis Aettszen and 
Belitje Hendricks. He m. Maria Jans, dau. of John van Blarkum, 
who was b. at Bergen and m. there March 14, 1680. Hendrik 
became a member of the Hackensack Church, Sept. 22, 1694. He 
had bought from John Berry* a farm of 300 acres lying east of 
Saddle River the previous May 17. His will cannot be found. 
The Hackensack records give the names of his children as 

12 i. Andries, 8 b. Dec. 21, 1681 (Winfield); bap. in New 

York, Jan. 12, 1681-2. He joined the Hackensack 
Church, upon confession, July 12, 1702. 

13 ii. Jan, b. June 26, 1682 (Winfield); joined Hackensack 

Church on confession, April 6, 1706. 

14 iii. Willem, b. April 2, 1684 (Winfield). 

15 iv. Lea, joined Hackensack Church on confession, 1710; m. 

Christiaen Zabriskie, May 28, 17 15; both b. and lived 

* This individual had other lands thereabouts. N.J. Archives, Vol. XXI, p. 
242, gives this deed: 1693, May 26, John Berrie of Bargen County to Gerrit van 
Diene of Essex County for 190 acres between the Hakinsak and Sadie Rivers, 
Pieter Johnston on the N. E. and Laurence Ackarman on the S. VV. Berry 
was of New Barbadoes, called 1669, Pesawack Neck. Historical Colls, of N.J. 
(1844) states that the Hackensack lies on the eastern and the Saddle on the 
western boundary of New Barbadoes. This township was about 7 miles long 
and y/i wide and then contained a population of 2,104. 

1909.] The Hoppe-HoppenHopptr Lineage. I I 

at Hackensack. For issue vide N. Y. G. &. B. Record, 
Vol. XXIII, p. 28. 

16 v. Rachel, joined same church on confession, 1710; m. 

Barent de Boog. Their first child was bap. March 5, 
1721; wits.: Hendrik Hoppe and his wife. 

17 vi. Trintie, b. at Hackensack, Oct. 5, 1685 (Winfield); 

joined the church on confession, April 8, 1710; m. 
Pieter Gerritse van Allen, Aug. 11, 1706; he was b. 
at Rotterdam, both living at Hackensack. 

18 vii. Geertje, b. at Hackensack; bap. March 26, 1699; d. 

Jan. 14, 1795; m. Jacob Hendrick Zabriskie, May 16, 
1 7 19; b. and living at Hackensack, both members of 
church April 1, 1 7 2 1 ; he d. July 30, 1814. Issue: 
Wyntje,' b. at Paramus, Nov. 13, 1768; d. at Hack- 
ensack, Dec. 10, 1839; m. Jacob Cornelis Banta, b. 
Hackensack, Jan. 14, 1768; d. there Nov. 5, 1844. 
For other issue vide N. Y. G. & B. Record, Vol. 
XXIII, p. 28. 

19 viii. Gerrit, b. 1696 (Harvey's Hist., Hudson Co.); elder of 

Hackensack Church, 1758; m. Catrijntjen Cassouw; 
both joined church on confession, April 8, 1729. 
First child was Maria,' bap. Dec. 27, 1724; wits.: 
Hendrick Hoppe and wife. The farm bought by 
his father descended to this son, who d. 1786, leaving 
it to his son Jacob,' after the decease or remarriage 
of testator's wife Catrina. Jacob m. Cornelia Acker- 
man, and had six children, viz.: Katrina,' Cornelius, 
Garret, Elizabeth, Henry and John J. By his will, 
Jacob Hoppe devised to his son John "the whole of 
the old farm lying east of Saddle River, whereon I 
now live and known and distinguished by the name 
of the old place." This John J. Hopper was b. Nov., 
1774; m. Maria Tcrhune, March 24, 1779. Issue: 
i. Cornelia," m. John Terhune. Issue: John,' 

Catharine, Albert H., Jacob and Richard A. 
ii. Altia, m. Albert Brinkerhoff. Issue: John 
Hopper,' Kezia A., Mary Cornelia, Catharine 
[. and Harriet B. One of these daus. m. 
Henry R. Cannon of Elizabeth, 
iii. Catharine, m. Jonathan Hopper. The names 
of their nine children were: Peter J., 1 Mary, 
Elizabeth, Cornelia, Catharine, Albert J., 
John, Charles Henry and Bessie, 
iv. Albert, d. unm. 
v. |acob I , in. Ann Marcelis, whose children were 

John,' (".arret M , Albert and Eleanor, 
vi. John. Obituary in N. V. Tribune, Oct. 20, 1S97: 
"John Hopper, the oldest member 
N, J. Bar, 

son, at too'clock this morning He was 
M irch i, 1814, tl the Hopper homestead 

The Hoppe-Hoppen-Hopper Lineage. [Jan., 

in the township of Lodi, Bergen Co. His 
father, who died in 1S33, was a well-known 
farmer; he had nine children of whom John 
was the sixth. The boy received his earlier 
education at Washington and Lafayette Aca- 
demies, both at Hackensack. He entered 
Rutgers College in 1830, where he graduated 
in 1833. After leaving Rutgers, he chose the 
law as his profession and entered the office of 
Governor Peter D. Vroom in Somerville, 
where he pursued his studies for two years. 
He became an attorney in 1836, and was 
licensed as a counsellor four years later. He 
became the junior member of the law firm of 
Ogden and Hopper, which partnership was 
continued until Mr. Ogden became a Supreme 
Court Justice. From 1843 to 1847 Mr. Hop- 
per was Town Counsel of Paterson; from 
1845 to 1855 he served as Surrogate of Passaic 
Co.; he was counsel to the Board of Free- 
holders of that county from 1855 to 1864, and 
served two terms as Prosecutor. In 1868, he 
entered political life, and was in that year 
elected to the State Senate from Passaic Co., 
serving until 187 1 and was re-elected in 1874. 
In March, 1877, a District Court was estab- 
lished in Paterson and Gov. Bedle appointed 
Mr. Hopper as Judge. In 1880 he was ap- 
pointed Judge of the Passaic Co. Common 
Pleas by Gov. Abbott. Each succeeding 
Governor reappointed him up to the accession 
of Gov. Griggs. In 1879 he became an ad- 
visory Master in Chancery. Mr. Hopper was 
m. to Mary A. Imlay, dau. of Robert Imlay, a 
Philadelphia merchant. He celebrated his 
golden wedding in 1890. He leaves five 
children: John H., 7 of the silk firm of Hopper 
& Scott of Paterson; Robert I., a lawyer. 
Mary A., widow of Frank W. Potter, late U. S. 
Consul at Marseilles; Margaret Imlay, wife 
of John J. Boyd of Boston, and Caroline 
Sloan. Three children are dead, viz.: Annie 
Burling, Albert E. and Jane B. Hopper. Mr. 
Hopper was an Odd Fellow and a Free 
Mason, and for many years was a Deputy 
Grand Master of Masons of N. J. He de- 
clined the office of Grand Master. He was a 
member of the Holland Society of N. Y., and 
in politics a democrat. The funeral was held on 
Saturday afternoon when a large attendance 
from every portion of the State of prominent 
and distinguished men were present." 

lycx).} The Hoppe-Hoppen-Hopper Lineage. 13 

vii. Elizabeth, d. Oct. 18, 1896, unra., in her 81 year. 
She had lived for the past 54 years in the 
Brinkerhoff homestead, on Essex Street, 
Hackensack, N. J., which was built in 1704, 
and therein she d. 
viii. Maria, m. Henry Demorest, and had seven 
children, viz.: James H., 1 John, Ann, Mary 
H., Jennie \V., Henry I. and William, 
ix. Jane, m. George Wilson, and d. s. p. 

12. Andries' Hopper (Hendrik, 3 Andries'), m. Abigail, dau. of 
Abraham Ackerman. This latter was the youngest son of David 
Ackerman of Berlikum in Brabant, who left Amsterdam for this 
country in 1662. Abigail was b. at Bergen, 1687, and the mar- 
riage occurred there in July, 1707. For a second husband she m. 
Derick Brinkerhoff. Issue (Hackensack Records): 

20 i. Hendrik,* b. May 21, 1708 (Winfield); bap. July 4, 1708. 

21 ii. Abram, bap. May 29, 17 10. 

22 iii. Jan, bap. July 29, 17 12, at Paramus, N. J., and lived 

there; m. Elizabeth Kip, April 9, 1736; b. and lived 
at Hackensack. Their issue were: 
i. Geertje,' bap. March 27, 1737. 

ii. Andries, bap. Dec. 10, 1738. 

iii. Marijtje, bap. Jan. 4, 1741. 

iv. Annetjen, bap. Nov. 13, 1743. 

23 iv. Aeltje, bap. April 11, 1714. 

24 v. Willem, bap. May 20, 17 16, of Paramus; m. Antje, dau. 

of Evert Weszels, Nov. 22, 1739; b. and living in 
Acquackanonk (Passaic) in First Reformed Church. 
Issue: Annaetje,' bap. March 11, 1744. 

25 vi. Maritje, bap. Sept. 28, 1718; m. Albert Zabriskie, 

April 8, 1739. For issue, vide N. Y. G. & B. Record, 
Vol. XXIII, p. 29. 

26 vii. Gerrit, bap. May 22, 1720. 

27 viii. David, bap. Nov. 3, 1723. 

28 ix. Lea, bap. April 23, 1727; m. Hendrick Zabriskie, Nov. 

28, 1746. 

13. Jan' Hopper (Hendrik, J Andries'), m. Rachel Terlnivne in 
July, 1707. Both were b. and lived there. Issue: 

29 i. Maria,' bap. July 4, 1708. 

30 ii. Hendrickie, bap. Jan. 26, 17 10; m. Abraham Acker- 


31 iii. Hendrick, bap. March 30, 1712. 

32 iv. Antic, bap Feb. 28, 17 14. 

33 v. Albc ' 5, 1717. 

34 vi. Trintje, bap. Jan. 1, 1720; m. Steven Zabriskie, Feb. 1.;, 

17 )j ; b 'tli were b. and li issue, 

vide A' Y. G. & A. Record, Vol. XX I II. p. 29. 

35 vii. Willemtie, bap. April 7, 1722. 

1 4 The Hoppe-Hoppen- Hopper Lineage. [Jan., 

36 viii. Gerrit, bap. 1724. 

37 ix. Willempje, bap. June 18, 1727. 

20. Hendrik' Hopper (Andries, 5 Hendrik, 2 Andries'), m. at 
Hackensack, Nov. 7, 1733, Weintjen (Lavinia) Huijsman of that 
place. The license states he was b. at Bergen, but was living at 
Paramus. Issue: 

38 i. Maria, 6 bap. Sept. 29, 1734, at Hackensack. 

39 ii. Andries, bap. March 19, 1738, at Hackensack. 

40 iii. Abraham Hendrickse, b. probably 1741. 

41 iv. Antjen, bap. Nov. 13, 1743, at Hackensack. 

42 v. Aaltje, bap. June 28, 1752, at Paramus. 

43 vi. Jan, bap. Oct. 22, 1757, at Paramus. 

44 vii. Hendrik, bap. Feb. 17, 1760, at Paramus. 

40. Abraham Hendrickse 6 Hopper (Hendrik,' Andries,' Hen- 
drik, 2 Andries'), m. Antje , at Paramus, circa 1766. As the 

Paramus Church records seldom mention the wife's maiden name, 
it is usually impossible to state positively whom a man married. 

45 i. Hendrick," b. July 5, 1767, at Paramus; d. before June, 


46 ii. Aaltje, bap. Aug. 7, 1768, at Paramus. 

47 iii. Hendrick, II, bap. June 4, 1770, at Paramus. 

48 iv. Jacob, bap. Aug. 16, 1772, at Paramus; d. young. 

49 v. Wyntje (Lavinia), bap. July 10, 1774, at Paramus; d. 

before Nov., 1778. 

50 vi. Antje, bap. June 16, 1774, at Paramus. 

51 vii. Wyntje, II, bap. Nov. 1, 1778, at Paramus. 

52 viii. Jacob, bap. Sept. 17, 1780, at Paramus. 

53 ix. Andries, bap. Aug. 22, 1784, at Paramus. 

47. Hendrick, II,' Hopper (Abraham, 6 Hendrik,* Andries, 3 Hen- 
drik, 2 Andries 1 ), m. Charity Conklin, circa 1796. Issue: 

54 i. Abraham,' b. April 26, 1797, at Paramus. 

55 ii. Lewis, b. July 10, 1800, at Paramus. 

56 iii. Jacob, b. Dec. 7, 1802, at Paramus. 

57 iv. Mary Ann, b. Sept. 23, 1808, at Paramus. 

55. Lewis' Hopper (Hendrick, II," Abraham, 6 Hendrik,' An- 
dries," Hendrik, 2 Andries'), m. (1) Maria Sayler; m. (2) Eliza 
Storms. Issue, by first wife: 

58 i. Maria Ann." 

59 ii. Maria Louisa. 

60 iii. Eliza Ann. 

61 iv. Henry A., d. in infancy. 

62 v. Charity Ephimia. 

63 vi. Henry Lewis, b. May 2, 1837. 

64 vii. Catharine Jane. 

65 viii. Mary Emma. 
By second wife: 

66 ix. John J. 

67 x. Julia. 

igog.] The Military Tract of New York State. I 5 

63. Henry Lewis" Hopper (Lewis,' Hendrick, II," Abraham," 
Hendrik,' Andries,' Hendrik," Andries 1 ), m. Anna Louisa Conklin. 

68 i. Mary Emma,' b. March 8, i860; m. George W. Beckley. 

Issue: Waldo Hopper." 

69 ii. John J., Jr., b. Dec. 27, 1861; Asst. Cashier N. Y. Life 

Ins. Co. 

Many noted men came of the N. J. branches of the Hoppers; 
among them may be mentioned: Rev. Andrew Hopper of 
Hackensack. His son Inslee A. (b. at Paramus [Hoppertown], 
1836; d. 1881; m. Mary Caroline Gould) was for 20 years president 
of the Singer Sewing Machine Co. 

Rev. Leroy J. Hopper of Ashley, Ohio, whose great-grand- 
father was Jacob, and grandfather was John, both of Saddle 

George H. Hopper, Mayor (1893) of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 
whose grandfather was Henry David Hopper, b. at Paramus, 
Oct. 10, 1764-5; m. Mahitable van Gelder, Jan. 4, 1794 (she was b. 
Oct. 23, 1774); father Henry van Emburg Hopper, b. May 13, 
1813, at Stony Creek, N. J.; m. Tabitha M. Hunt, b. Jan. 7, 1815. 

Major George Clinton Hopper (Muster Rolls N. Y. S. Vols. 
[1864] Albany, state he was b. in Jordan, Onondago Co., N. Y., 
March 20, 1831; moved to Michigan at 15 and enlisted there), 
paymaster Michigan Central R. R , of Detroit, whose grandfather 
was Hassel Hopper of Mountain River, 12 miles from Newark 
and moved to Cayuga Co., N. Y. Father, Henry Hopper, who 
went to Detroit when 40 years old and d. 1849. 

Those interested in these branches are advised to examine 
Banta Genealogy, Clayton's Hist, of Bergen County, Winfield's 
Land Titles, Hough's Biographical Notes, Crosby's Obituary Notes, 
N.J. Archives, N. Y. G. & />. Record, Sayer Genealogy by Banta, 
and Trenton Records (deeds, marriages, wills, etc.). 
( To be continued.) 


By Grace m. Pierce, 

There is no more interesting section of New York State than 
the region lying between the Mohawk Valley and the Genesee 
country, as it is frequently called. This central lake region is rich 
in legendary and historical ' 

Its eastern boundary was the extreme western frontier of 
American civilization at the be the American 1 

lution, and forth i of the white race westward was held 

in check by the alliance of the Indian tribes oi 

known as the Iroquois Confederacy. During the War of 

I 6 The Military Tract of New York State. [Jan., 

the Revolution this Indian Confederacy was allied with Great 
Britain, and incited by the agents of the English government, 
the tribes were at enmity with the Continental government and 
were continually committing depredations upon the frontier 

After the massacre of Wyoming, the Continental Government 
decided that a force should be sent into central New York to 
punish these Indians for their murderous sallies and British 
sympathy, and an army was gathered for that purpose and dis- 
patched under General Sullivan. This expedition for the first 
time made known to any considerable number of white men the 
desirability of central New York for settlement, and many of 
them at the close of hostilities, returned to this region and 
founded new homes for their families. 

The hunting grounds of the central tribes of the Confederacy, 
were, however, to become the homes of their former enemies in 
a more general way than by chance settlers, through the desire 
of New York State to repay her defenders for their patriotism 
and service in the hour of need, and central New York came to 
be known as "The Military Tract." 

This " Military Tract " was originally bounded on the north by 
Oneida Lake, Oswego River, and Lake Ontario; west by a line 
drawn from the head of Great Sodus Bay to the head of Seneca 
Lake; on the south by a line drawn from the head of Seneca 
Lake to the west line of the present county of Chenango; on the 
east by the counties of Chenango and Madison, and the Oswego 
River; the tract comprising all of the present counties of Onon- 
daga, Cayuga, Seneca and Cortland, and a part of each of Oswego, 
Tompkins and Wayne counties. As Onondaga was the only 
county known at the time the tract was surveyed, the entire 
tract was frequently designated at that time as " the Onondaga 
Military Tract." 

The history of the Military Tract really begins with the 
resolution adopted by the Continental Congress, Sept. 16, 1776. 

This resolution called for eighty-eight battalions to be en- 
listed as soon as possible, to serve during the war, and that each 
state should furnish its respective quota. That twenty dollars 
be given as bounty to each non-commissioned officer and private 
who should serve during the war unless sooner discharged. The 
resolution also provided that the appointment of all officers and 
filling of vacancies, except general officers, should be left to the 
government of the several states; and that every state provide 
arms, clothing, and every necessary for its quota of troops, 
according to the foregoing estimates. The expense of the cloth- 
ing to be deducted from the pay of the soldiers as usual. All 
general officers were to be commissioned by Congress. And the 
same resolution provided for grants of land to the soldiers who 
served through the war, and to the representatives of those 
soldiers who should be slain, in the following proportion: — to a 
colonel, 500 acres; to a lieutenant-colonel, 450 acres; to a 
major, 400 acres; to a captain, 300 acres; to a lieutenant, 200 

Igog.J The Military Tract of New York Statf. I " 

acres; to an ensign, 150 acres; to a non-commissioned officer 
and to each private, 100 acres. These lands were to be provided 
by the United States, and whatever expense there might be to 
produce such lands, the said expenses should be born by the 
states in the same proportion as the other expenses of the war. 

On Aug. 12, 1780, Congress further provided land bounties for 
Major-Generals, 1,100 acres, and for Brigadier-Generals, 850 

All these lands were situated in Ohio, but later the United 
States government made an arrangement with the New York 
State government, that any soldier legally relinquishing his 
claim to the one hundred acres in Ohio, should draw a full right 
of six hundred acres in New York. But failing to relinquu ' 
right by neglect or otherwise, the one hundred acres over five 
hundred acres (the amount given to each private by New York 
State, as will be explained later), should revert to New Y< 1 k 
State. The reversion of this one hundred acres gave rise to the 
term "State's Hundred," which was formerly so much used in the 
Military Tract. 

On March 20, 1781, a law was passed by the Legislature, pro- 
viding for the enlistment of two regiments for the defense of 
the frontier of New York, to be armed, accoutred, clothed, sub- 
sisted, and paid at the expense of the United States, and to 
continue in service three years unless sooner discharged. "The 
Council of appointment of the State of New York was to com- 
mission the field officers, and the Governor of the state, the 
captains and subalterns, who were to enlist as speedily as possible 
the aforesaid regiments." 

The faith of the state was pledged to the officers and pri\ 
that should they continue to serve the full time of three year-, ot- 
to the time they were respectively discharged, such officers and 
privates, or in the case of their death, their legal representatives, 
should respectively receive grants of lands as follows: — each 
non-commissioned officer and private, 500 acres, and officers to 
receive in proportion to their rank, after the land had been sur- 
veyed by the surveyor-general of the state. A ma 
was to receive 5,500 acres; a brigadier-general, 4,250; a colonel, 
2,500; a lieutenant-colonel, 2,250; a major, 2,000; a captain and 
regimental surgeon, each 1,500; chaplain, 2,000, and each sub- 
altern and Burgeon's mate, 1,000 acres. And this was all the 
bounty or emolument to be received from New York State. 

In case these lands were not actually settled within three 
years after the war was closed, they were to be forfeited, and 
were to revert to the state. The forces raised upon 
ditions were to be mustered and comn the commander- 

in-chief of the armies of the United States. 

On March 27, 1783, the Legislature passed the following 
measure: — "Whereas Congress by act of the sixteenth day of 

mber, 177'', did resolve, that certain quantities of B 
Lands should lie in-commissioned officers and 

privates serving in the Con my. 

1 8 The Military Tract of New York State. [Jan., 

"And, Whereas, the Legislature of this state are willing not 
only to take upon themselves to discharge the said engagement 
of Congress, so far as it relates to the line of this state, but like- 
wise as a gratuity to the said line, and to evince the just sense 
this Legislature entertain of the patriotism and virtue of the 
troops of this state, serving in the armies of the United States:" 

" Resolved therefore, that besides the bounty of land so 
promised as aforesaid, this Legislature will by law provide that 
the major-generals and the brigadier-generals now serving in the 
line of the army of the United States, and being citizens of this 
state; and the officers, non-commissioned officers and the privates 
of the two regiments of Infantry commanded by Colonels Van 
Shaick and Van Courtlandt; such officers of the regiment of 
artillery commanded by Colonel Lamb, and of the corps of 
sappers and miners, as were, when they entered the service, 
inhabitants of this state; such of the non-commissioned officers 
and privates of the last mentioned two corps as are credited to 
this state as part of the troops thereof; all officers deranged by 
any acts of Congress subsequent to the 16th day of September, 
1776; all officers recommended by Congress as persons whose 
depreciation of pay ought to be made good by this state, and who 
may hold military commissions in the line of the army at the 
close of the war; and the Rev. John Mason and John Gano, 
shall severally have granted to them the following quantities of 
land, etc." (These grants were in the same proportion as had 
already been granted in the act of 17S1.) 

" That the lands so to be granted as bounty from the United 
States, and as a gratuity from this state shall be laid out in 
townships of six miles square; that each township shall be 
divided into 156 lots of 150 acres each, two lots whereof shall be 
reserved for the use of a minister or ministers of the gospel, and 
two lots for the use of a school or schools; that each of the 
persons above described shall be entitled to as many such lots as 
his bounty and gratuity land as aforesaid, will admit of; that 
one-half of the lot that each person shall be entitled to shall be 
improved at the rate of five acres for every one hundred acres, 
within the term of five years next after the grant, if such lots 
are sold by the original grantee, or within ten years of such a 
grant, if the grantee shall retain the possession of such lots, and 
that the said bounty and gratuity lands be located in the district 
of this state reserved for the use of the troops by an act entitled, 
'An act to prevent grant or locations of the lands therein men- 
tioned,' passed the twenty-fifth day of July, 1782.' " 

From the foregoing it will readily be understood that the 
one hundred acres promised each private by the United States 
was known as his "bounty" land, and the five hundred given by 
New York State was distinguished as his "gratuity" land. 

In May, 1784, Commissioners were appointed "to proceed to 
grant military bounty land, and to settle individual claims. 
These Commissioners were the Governor, Lt.-Governor, Speaker 
of the Assembly, Secretary of State, Attorney-General, Treasurer, 

igog.] The Military Tract of New York State. I g 

and Auditor, any three of whom transacted business, the Gov- 
ernor always being one of them. 

The same act ordered the lands laid out in the form of squares 
or as nearly a square form as was possible, and inhibited the 
Surveyor-General from laying out any bounty or gratuity lands 
in certain tracts or any part thereof. 

These reserved tracts of land were, a certain tract adjoining 
the south end of Lake George, within two miles of the fort called 
Fort George; certain tracts at Ticonderoga, and at Crown Point; 
a peninsular adjoining Lake Champlain called Point An Per, 
comprising five hundred acres; two tracts adjoining Lake Ontario 
where the Onondaga River falls into said lake, running from the 
mouth of the said river and on both sides thereof as the same 
river flows, one mile on either side; "a certain tract adjoining 
the water communication between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, 
and to be bounded on the east by a line across a pond one mile 
distant from the most easterly inclination of the said water 
communication, on a perpendicular to the general course of the 
said water communication, and to extend from the said pond to 
Lake Ontario on one side and to Lake Erie or to the north 
boundary line of Pennsylvania, as the case may be, on the other;" 
a certain ore bed about eight miles north of Crown Point adjoin- 
ing Lake Champlain, commonly called "Skene's ore bed;" "a 
certain piece adjoining the falls commonly called Oswego Falls 
on Onondaga River, beginning twenty chains above where the 
bateaux were heretofore taken out of the said river to be carried 
across the portage, and extending down the river twenty chains 
below where the bateaux were usually put into the said river, 
after having been transported over the portage, extending on 
each side in every part between the said two places, ten chains 
from said river." 

The first grant of Military Bounty Lands comprised all that 
tract of country bounded north by Oneida Lake, Oneida River 
and Lake Ontario; west by a line drawn from Great Sodus Bay 
on Lake Ontario to the foot of Seneca Lake, up Seneca Lake to 
its head; south by a line drawn eastward from the head of 
Seneca Lake to the Oneida Reservation, and along the Chitten- 
ango Creek to its estuary, the place of beginning; except certain 
reserves for the Onondaga and Seneca Indians, and for the State 
of New York, in the vicinity of the salt springs. 

The Indian titles to these lands had not as yet been ex- 
tinguished and there was much doubt and uncertainty as to the 
time when it would be, and many claimants became clamorous 
for their rights. Consequently, on May 15, 17S6, the Legislature 
passed an act authorizing the Surveyor-General to lay out several 
townships where Indian titles had been extinguished, to satisfy 
the claims of the officers and soldiers of the New York regit] 

In compliance with this act, twelve townships were laid "lit in 
the northern part of the state, numbered from south to north and 
back, in two tiers, each township containing ten square miles, 
being each ten miles square, ami equal to 768,000 acres. 1 '( 
these townships, numbers 1, 2, 11 and 12 are now in Essex 

20 The Military Tract of New York State. [Jan. 

County; numbers 3, 4, 5 and 6 are in Clinton County, and num- 
bers 7, 8, 9 and 10 are in Franklin County. These lands were 
subsequently known as the "Old Military Tract." 

Many of the soldiers' claims had been bought up by specu- 
lators, and it was soon ascertained that these lands of northern 
New York were not to be compared to the central lands for 
fertility and prospective value, and the Legislature was induced 
to defer the final settlement of claims until the Indian title had 
been extinguished to the lands of the Onondagas, Cayugas and 

This was finally effected by the Treaty of Fort Stanwix, on 
Sept. 12, 1788, and the individual rights were located as originally 

The Onondaga Military Tract originally contained about 
1,800,000 acres, or about 3,000 rights, exclusive of reservations. 
Deception and fraud regarding these rights had already been 
practiced to a considerable extent, and progress in the settle- 
ment of claims was made very slowly, as it was with the greatest 
difficulty that the Commissioners could distinguish in some cases 
between the rightful and fraudulent claimants. 

In 1789, the Commissioners of the Land Office directed the 
Surveyor-General to lay out as many townships as would satisfy 
the claims of persons entitled to bounty lands. He accordingly 
laid out twenty-five townships, numbering from one to twenty- 
five inclusive; each township contained 60,000 acres, and these 
townships were subdivided into lots of six hundred acres each. 

In 1790, the Surveyor-General having completed the survey as 
ordered, it was decided that fifty acres to be located in one of the 
corners of each lot, was subject to the payment of forty-eight 
shillings to the Surveyor-General as a compensation for his 
services. This was the origin of the term of "Survey Fifty;" 
and the further sum of eight shillings was charged by the Sec- 
retary of State upon each lot in addition to his customary fees 
for perfecting conveyances. Simeon DeWitt, the Surveyor- 
General, personally laid out the whole Military Tract, by plotting 
and mapping the boundaries and calculating the whole area. 
He, however, appointed Moses De Witt and Abraham Harden- 
burgh as his assistants to divide the Military Tract as laid out 
into townships, each to contain one hundred lots, and this 
division into lots of the townships was made under their direction 
and superintendance, by a corps of surveyors working under 

It was originally intended to have each township ten miles 
square, and each lot one mile square, but in reality some town- 
ships and also many lots were found to be very irregular. 

The terms of township and towns are frequently confounded 
and the one substituted for the other. A township in the 
Military Tract was a particular parcel of land laid out, containing 
certain one hundred lots. A town, in our early organization 
often embraced several townships. 

The townships of the Military Tract were at first numbered, 
one, two, three, etc., but afterwards the Commissioners of the 

I9°9-l The Military Tract of New York State. 2 I 

Land Office named them after distinguished men, an act which 
explains many of the classical names of towns throughout this 
section of the state. 

The Military townships were named as follows: — i, Lysander; 
2, Hannibal; 3, Cato; 4, Brutus; 5, Camillas; 6, Cicero; 7, Man- 
lius; 8, Aurelius; 9, Marcellus; 10, Pompey; 11, Rumulus; 12, 
Scipio; 13, Sempronius; 14, Tully; 15, Fabius; 16, Ovid; 17, 
Milton; 1. S, Locke; 19, Horace; 20, Solon; 21, Hector; 22, Ulysses; 
23, Dryden; 24, Virgil; 25, Cincinnatus. 

July 31, 1790, at a meeting of the Land Commissioners, the 
secretary having been furnished by Abraham Hardenburgh, one 
of the deputies of the Surveyor-General, with a map showing the 
interference of certain of the military lands with the townships 
ceded to Massachusetts, known as the "Boston Ten Towns," 
brought the subject to the attention of the Board, together with 
the fact that some of the lots thus conflicting had already been 

The Commissioners at once ordered these ballots destroyed 
and two additional townships to be laid out by the Surveyor- 
General from the lands set apart for the military, and lot number 
26 was named Junius. 

On Jan. 1, 1791, the Commissioners proceeded to determine 
the many claims and to ballot for each individual share, and the 
record of these drawings was kept in a book known as the "bal- 
loting book." Ninety-four persons drew lots in each township; 
one lot was drawn for the support of literature in the State of 
New York, one lot was assigned near the centre of each township 
by the Surveyor-General for the support of the gospel and com- 
mon schools, and the remaining four lots went to satisfy the 
surplus share of officers, and to compensate those who by chance 
might draw lots covered with water. If any lots contained too 
small a quantity of land the Commissioners were authorized to 
correct it. The former act relative to actual settlement was 
repealed and the time for such actual settlement was extended 
seven years from Jan. 1, 1792. In case of failure to settle within 
that time, the lands reverted to the State as before. But the 
equitable adjustment of these land claims proved a source of 
continual embarrassment and perplexity to the Commissioners 
and real owners alike. 

The warrants under which title was given to these claims 
were known as "land patents," and were issued under the "Great 
Seal of the State of New York." This seal was devised by a 
committee consisting of Messrs. John Jay, Gouveneur Morris and 
John Sloss Hobart, appointed by the Constitution of the State in 
1777. The seal was double-faced, on one side was a rising sun 
over three mountains; motto underneath, "Excelsior;" and 
legend, "The Great Seal of the State of New York." On the 
reverse side was a huge rock rising out of the sea, and the legend, 
"Frustra, 1777." 

The patent was written on parchment, fourteen or fifteen 
inches wide, and twenty-one inches long, the lower edge of the 

2 2 The Military Tract of New York State. [Jan., 

parchment was doubled back one and three-fourths inches, and 
to this doubled edge the seal was attached by a braided white 
cord an eighth of an inch thick, leaving the seal pendant to the 

In Aug., 1792, the Board of Commissioners, finding it necessary 
in order to comply with the grants of bounty lands, lately 
directed by law to be made to the members of the Hospital De- 
partment, caused township 27, and the lots therein, respectively 
to be numbered according to law, and the township to be desig- 
nated by the name of Galen. 

In 1795, as there still appeared a number of unsatisfied claims 
for military bounty lands, the twenty-seventh township being 
disposed of, the Commissioners resolved that the Surveyor- 
General should lay out one other township, number 28, which 
was subsequently named Sterling, and the allotment of this 
township eventually satisfied all remaining claims. 

In Jan., 1794, on account of the many frauds committed re- 
specting titles to these military bounty lands, by forging and 
antedating conveyances, by conveying the same to different 
persons, and various other methods, and to prevent future frauds, 
the Legislature passed an act providing that all deeds and con- 
veyances made and executed before that time, or pretending to 
be so, should be deposited with the clerk of Albany County for 
the time being, and all that were not so deposited, should be 
considered fraudulent. The names of the claimants were posted 
in alphabetical order in the clerk's office at Albany, and also at 
the clerk's office at Herkimer, for the inspection of all persons 

These claims were still contested, the courts were over- 
whelmed with litigation relative thereto. Scarcely a lot but 
became the subject of more or less legal controversy; even 
soldiers themselves going to take possession of the lots for which 
they had served, were obliged to eject lawless squatters at con- 
siderable expense, or to yield their hard earned title and rights. 
At length, the residents of the Military Tract became so com- 
pletely wearied with these most annoying and continued con- 
tentions, that in 1797, they " unanimuously and heartily" united 
in a petition to the State Legislature to pass a law authorizing a 
speedy and equitable method of settling all disputes relative to 

An act was therefore passed appointing Robert Yates, James 
Kent and Vincent Matthews, Commissioners with full powers 
"to hear, examine, award and determine all disputes respecting 
titles to any and all bounty lands." The Governor was author- 
ized to fill all vacancies on the Board. From the records the 
name of James Kent does not appear in any transactions of the 
Board. Most of the awards of 1798-99 were signed by Vincent 
Matthews and James Emmott; later ones by Vincent Matthews 
and Robert Yates; and some of the 1801 and 1802 by Vincent 
Matthews, James Emmott and Sanders Livingston. These Com- 
missioners after long and laborious investigations, finally brought 
these legal contentions to a satisfactory conclusion. 

1909.I New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the Am. Revolution. 23 
















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1909.] New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the Am. Re-volution. 


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1909.] New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the Am. Revolution. 29 

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New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the Am, Revolution. [Jan., 

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1909.] New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the Am. Revolution. 


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32 New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the Am. Revolution. [Jan., 

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re re re 

igog.] Records of tlu- United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. V. 33 



M. M.— Married Man M. W.— Man 

S. M.— Single Man. S. W. -Single Woman. 

Wid.— Widow. 

(Continued from Vol. XXXIX., p. 268 of The Rf.cord.) 

1S35. Charles Van Name, son of Aaron & Deborah Van Name 
Dec. 17. Catharine Decker, dau. of John & Elizabeth Decker. 
In dwelling of Minister, in presence of David Alston 
& Eliz. Decker 

1836. Henry Burbank, son of John & Ann Burbank 

Jan. 20. Elizabeth Alston, dau. of Japhet & Sarah Alston. In 

dwelling of Minister 
Jan. 21. Martinus S. Lake, son of Daniel & Catharine Lake 
Ann Eliza Parker, dau. of William & Ellen Parker 
Feb. 9. John Brookcr, son of William & Lucy Brooker, dec. 

Catharine Simonson, dau. of Abraham & Margarett 
June 12. David Merscreau, single, son of Peter & Elizabeth 
Ann Holmes, dau. of Samuel & Margaret Holmes. In 
presence of Sally Ann Perine 
Sept. 4. Moses Alston, son of Japhet & Sarah Alston 

Sarah Ann Decker, dau. of John Decker.dec, & Nancey, 
his wife. At ministers, in presence of friends 
Sept. 25. Isaac V. Snedieker, son of Abm. I. Sncdieker & Sarah, 
his wife of N. Y. 
Margaret E. Beatty, dau. of John Beatty & Eliz., his 
wife, dec. 
Nov. 5. Isaac Butler, single, son of James Butler & Charity, 
deed., his wife 
Martha Butler, widow, dau. of John & Martha Swaim 
Nov. 20. David Decker, son of John & Martha Decker 

Mary Frances Decker, dau. of John Decker, dec, & 
Ann, his wife 
Dec. 28. John White, son of George & Jane White of N. Y. 

Evelina Thompson, dau, of Peter & Ellenor Thompson 
of this Island. Md. in house of Bride's parents 

1837. John J. Baker, son of Joseph Baker, dec, & Susan, his 
Jan. 2. wife 

Eliza Romer, dau. of James & Mary Romer, in whose 
house they were married 
June 28. James Van Cott 

Emeline Smith. Both from Jamaica, Long Island 

34 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. [Jan., 

1837. Leonard Fountain, son of James & Mary Fountain 
Sept. 9. Mary Wadsworth, dau. of John & Elisabeth Wadsworth 
Sept. 11. John Elmwood 

Sarah Wolfe 

1838. Ferdinand Thum, a German 

Feb. 3. Jacobina Small, dau. of Adam & Margaret Small 
March 13. Thomas Fitzgerald, son of Wm. & Mary Fitzgerald 

Frances Tubbs 
June 11. Jacob Walker, son of John & Maria Walker 

Gertrude Freeman, dau. of Mary & John Freeman 
Oct. 14. James Hatfield Merrel, son of Thomas & Sarah Merrel 

Susan Ann Scharret, dau. of Richard & Mary Scharret 

By Rev. H. G. Clauder. 

1839. Joseph Egbert, widower, son of Abm. Egbert, dec, & 
June 7. Ann, his wife 

Ann Downs, dau. of John Downs, dec, & Ann, his wife 
Aug. 11. Philip Leiser, single, native of Prussia 

Maria Hetwig Fries, single, native of Hesse Darmstadt. 
Md. at Parsonage 
Dec. 31. Samuel Decker, single, son of Silvanus Decker 

Margareth Ann Wood, single, dau. of Peter Wood. 
Md. at Parsonage 

1840. Thamas Holmes Egbert, single 

March 29. Elisabeth Ann Merrill, dau of John T. & Elisabeth 
Merrill. Md. in minister's dwelling in presence of 
Edward & Hannah Egbert & Charlotte Elisabeth 
Clauder. All of Northfield 
June 2. Joseph Lake, widower, residing at Northfield 

Sr. Ann Prall, widow, m. n. Egbert, md. in minister's 
dwelling in presence of Andrew Decker & Charlotte 
E. Clauder 
June 14. Richard Ditten, single 

Jane Cannon. Both of Castleton. Md. in church in 
presence of Danl. Smith & Giddy Prall 
Sept. 1. Theodore Onnis Siersema, single, lately from Holland, 
province of Cronen 
Meda Lenting, of same country. Md. at their dwelling 
in presence of Mr. Ashman & wife, Mrs. Ed. Bodine 
& daughter 
Sept. 13. Stephen Egbert, widower, carman in N. Y., son of 
Abm. Egbert, Sr., deed., of N. Y. 
Abigail Simonson, dau. of Isaac & Elizabeth Simonson. 
In presence of Ann Egbert & Ann Eliza Egbert in 
minister's dwelling 
Sept. 30. George W. Sprague, single, chairmaker in N. Y. 

Sarah Maria Decker, single, dau. of Andrew Decker. 
Md. at house of bride's parents 
Oct. ' 4. Richard Decker, son of John & Alcy Decker 

Harriet Egbert, single, dau. of Saml. and Elisabeth 
Egbert, dec Md. at parsonage in presence of Cor- 
nelius Egbert & wife 

1905.] Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. 35 

1840. Peter Cozine, single, residing at Northfield on this 
Oct. 18. Island 

Hannah Maria Vanderbilt, single, dau. of Edward & 
Mary Ann Vanderbilt. In pres. of Stephen Mart- 
ling & Miss Sarah Jane Burbank 
Dec. 22. Stephen Martling, widower, residing at Isaac Bur- 
banks, son of Garret Martling & his wife Mary Wood 
Sarah Jane Burbank, dau. of Isaac & Sarah Burbank. 
Md. at minister's in pres. Charlotte G. Clauder & 
Mrs. Nancy Egbert 

1841. William Loveridge, basket-maker of Gloucester, Eng- 
April 6. land 

Rebecca McLees, widow, m. n. Lewis, of Monmouth 
Co., N. J. Both now residents of Staten Island. Md. 
at ministers 
July 11. William Skarret, boatman, son of Thomas & Patty 
Skarret, dec. 
Sarah Ann, dau. of Danl. & Catharine Corson. Md. in 
presence of Nathan Britton 
July 20. Charles Adams, merchant of N. Y. 

Henrietta Cubberly, dau. of Isaac Cubberly of St. Island 
Aug. 22. Peter Van Pelt, son of Peter Van Pelt, at Quarantine 
Mary Kneeland, of Manchester, England. Md. in 
presence of Mr. Fountain here in minister's dwelling 
Aug. 27. Richard Tyson, son of John Tyson 

Elizabeth Housman, dau. of Richard Housinan. Md. 

in presence of Nathan Housman, Abm. Bodine 

Sept. 14. Johann Wilhelm, single, native of Baden, Germany, 

residing at Factoryville 

Christina Frederika Kurrlin, single, native of Wurtem- 

berg. Md. at minister's in presence of many friends 

Sept. 26. Nathan Housman, single, carpenter 

Catharine Blake, single, dau. of Richard Blake. All of 
Staten Id. Md. in minister's dwelling 
Oct. 24. John Randolph, single. Both now of Staten Island 

Emma Ann Hicks, single, formerly of Long Island. 
Md. at minister's dwelling 
Nov. 9. James Guyon, Junr., single, son of Harry Guyon, dec. 
Elizabeth Ann Coddington, eldest dau. of Saml. & 
Catharine Coddington. Md. at bride's parents in 
presence of many friends 

Nov. 22. James S. Lake, single, native of St. Island, son of 
Daniel Lake, dec. 
Jane J. Mercereau, dau. of Josua Mercereau, dec. Md. 
at minister's in presence of John Fountain, the step- 
father of bride, & John Lake & others 
Nov. 28. Joseph McClymer, y. man, at Tompkinsville 

Elizabeth Millington. Md. in church after service, 
none of their friends being present 

36 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N.Y. [Jan., 


March 6. 
April 11. 
May 8. 
June 14. 
June 22. 

July 4- 

July 6. 
July i 9 . 

July 25. 

Aug. 9. 
Oct. 5. 

Oct. 13 
Oct. 13. 

Nov. 20. 

Benjamin Y. Williams, single, oysterman 

Catharine Williams, widow of B. Williams' brother, dec, 
m. n. Stodhoff, formerly of Long Island. Md. at Par- 

Adam Wagener, single, native of Germany in Europe 

Christina Bubalin, native of Germany. Md. at house 
of Ferdinand Thum, near Col. Connors 

Joseph Lake, single, native of Staten Island 

Mrs. Sarah Hicks, widow, formerly of Long Island. 
Md. in presence of James Romer & w. Ann 

Abraham Noble, widower, native of Staten Island 

Grace Gillesby, single, native of Ireland. Md. in 
minister's room in presence of Mrs. Corns. Egbert 

Louis Gontz, single, native of Germany, laborer 

Margareth Schmidt, single, her father a farmer & gar- 
den near Col. Connors at whose house they were md. 

Edward Barton, single, son of Col. Saml. Barton. 
Natives of Staten Island 

Miss Louisa Jacobson. single, dau. of Mrs. Cath. Woods, 
late Jacobson, m. n. Connor. Md. at residence of 
bride's mother in presence of many friends 

Alexander Boyd, laborer 

Rebecca McNab, cook & servt. at Mr. E. Taylor's. 
Both natives of Ireland. Md. at minister's dwelling 

Richard Stephenson, 

Mary Ann Drake, 

Joseph A. Humphry, of Silvaton, Staten Island 

Hester Elten, dau. of Abm. & Sarah Sharrot of Tomp- 
kinsville. Md. at ministers in presence of some 

John Egbert, laborer at Mr. Reacy's 

Mary Room, from Ireland. Md. here in presence of 
bride's brother 

John W. Burbank, widower, son of Jacob Burbank 

Sr. Ann Egbert, dau. of Abm. Egbert, Sr., deceased 

Edward Egbert, single 

Susan Garretson Bodine. Both of this Island. Md. in 
presence of a few friends 

William Po. Noble, from Newfield, Maine 

Miss Susan Housman, dau. wid. Ann Housman, re- 
siding in village of Tompkinsville. Md. at minister's 
in presence of John Egbert (hackman) & others 

Richard Connor, Jr., widower, son of Richard & Sophia 

Ann Smith, single, native of Antigna, where her father 
was a planter. Md. in church in presence of bride's 
sister & Charles Young 

John E. Perine, widower, carman of N. Y., native of 
St. Island 

Sr. Rebecca Jane Lewis, dau. of Br. James Lewis. 
Md. in Parsonage 


1909.J Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Statett Island, N, Y. 3 7 

1842. Joshua Mercereau 

Nov. 20. Sr. Sarah Ann Perine. Both of N. Y. 

Dec. 28. David M. Mersereau, single, carpenter, native of St. 

Island, son of Daniel Mersereau 
Annette V. Lake, dau. of Daniel Lake, dec. Md. at 


1843. Joseph Romer, son of James & Ann Romer, dec. 
Feb. — . Jane Moore, single, from West Quarter 

May 24. John Vanderbilt Egbert, son of Tunis at Tompkins- 
Ellen Simonson, dau. of John & Cath. Simonson 
Aug. 16. Nicolas Burger, single, son of Matthias & Hannah 
Catharine Eliza Noble, dau. of Edmd. Noble. Both of 
this Island. Md. in church in presence of friends 
Oct. 5. Mathias Swaim, native of Staten Island, now a mer- 
chant at Port Leon, Florida, son of John Swaim, dec. 
Margaret Jane Egbert, 2nd dau. of Br. Abm. Egbert, 
tanner, & Ann, his wife. Md. in ch. in presence of 

1844. John Krohm, single, native of Germany, a baker at 
May 29. Stapleton 

Susan Wright, single, of Town of Northfield, S. I. 
Md. at Parsonage in presence of Charlotte E. Clauder 
Aug. 4. John Copes, mariner 

Isabella S. C. Egbert, dau. of Tunis Egbert. Md. in 
presence of Abm. Egbert, Jr. 
Sept. 9. Charles Henry Shaw, single, from N. Y. City 

Louisa Fountain, dau. of wid. Clarissa Fountain. Md. 
at house of bride's mother 
Oct. 23. William Winant, single, carpenter 

Hannah Burger, single, dau. of Mathias & Hannah 
Burger. Md. at bride's residence 
Dec. 11. Stephen H. Williams, single, of N. Y. 

Sarah Brown, dau. of Joseph Brown, residing at Great 
Kill Beach. Md. at Bride's residence 
Dec. 15. Daniel De Pugh, native of Staten Island 
Elizabeth Decker, single. Md. in church 

1845. Cornelius Colt.- Eddy, grocer, of this Island 

Jan. 12. Mary Ross, a niece of Mrs. E. Pattons, at whose house 

the marriage took place 
Jan. 15. William W. Stillwcll, butcher 

Cornelia Burger, dau. of Mathias & Hannah Burger. 

Md. in presence of Nicolas Burger & Mrs. Steward. 

Sister of the bride 
Feb. 20. John H. Sprague, merchant of New York 

Miss Henrietta l'rall, dau. of Win. I'rall, dec, & Ann, 

by m. n aow Lake. Md. at house of her 

stepfather, Br. Joseph Lake 


38 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten /stand, N. Y. [Jan., 


May 2 1 . 

June 15. 

June 18. 

Sept. 25. 

Sept. 30. 


Nov. 29. 

July 1. 

July 27. 











William Maines 

Ellen Baker, dau. of Widow Susan Baker. They were 

md. at ministers, in presence of the mother, Mrs. S. 

Baker, & brother Wandel Baker 
William D. Simonson 
Jane Eliza Koss, dau. of Wm. Koss, sailmaker at Port 

Richmond. Md. in minister's room in presence of 

C. E. Clauder 
William V. Vroom, carpenter, son of Christopher 

Vroom & Maria Housman, his wife 
Catharine Maria Egbert, dau. of John Egbert, dec, & 

Lydia, m. n. Seguine, residing at Quarantine 
Abraham S. Egbert, son of John & Lydia Egbert of 

Mary Eliza Bird, single 
James Bradley, butcher of Tompkinsville 
Ellen V. Vanderbilt, youngest dau. of Capt. John Van- 

derbilt & his wife Cecilia, residing at Elizabethport. 

Md. at house of bride's parents 
Abraham Van Duzer, son of John & Sarah Van Duzer, 

Eliza Ann Vanderbilt, dau. of Edward Vanderbilt. 

Md. in presence of Mrs. Clauder & the bride's 

brother, John R. Vanderbilt 
Thomas Charles Holmes, ) , ■, 
Mary Elizabeth Jay, \ colored 

John Barnes, single, farmer, in this vicinity 

Rebecca Maria Egbert, dau. of Abm. Egbert, tanner, 
& Ann, his wife, m. n. Burbank 

George A. Fall, house & sign painter of N. Y. 

Mary Elizabeth Woodward, of N. Y. Md. at Parsonage 
in presence of Mrs. Clauder, Mrs. Rice of Bethle- 
hem. Pa., Miss Amanda Cargill 

Isaac M. Brown, baker at Port Richmond 

Mary Romer, dau. of James Romer. Md. at house of 
bride's father 

Mathias Burger, Junr. 

Hetty Maria Vanderbilt, dau. of Cornelius Vanderbilt, 

Edward Bodine, widower, son of James Bodine, de- 

Martha Ann Bedell, widow, formerly Decker. Md. at 
house of Abm. Bodine at 4 corners 

Emmett W. Hyde, y. m., of Rochester, N. Y. 

Margaretta M. Lake, dau. of Danl. Lake, dec, of Rich- 
mond, S. I. Md. in presence of numerous friends 

Thomas Sharrot, single, son of Thomas Sharrot, dec. 

Mary Elizabeth Voorhis, dau. of Widow Mary Van- 
derbilt, late Voorhis, formerly Rhine of New Bruns- 

19°9-1 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island X. Y. 30, 

[847. John Oldfield. 
Feb. 14. Martha Levinia Merril, of N. Y. City, dau. of Jonathan 
& Maria Merrell, ra. n. Egbert. Md. in presence of 
C. E. Clauder here 
April 28. George W. Wright 

Jane M. Bradley, of Tompkinsville, St. Island 
July 19 George W. Knox, of N. Y. 
or 29. Sarah Jane Mercereau, of Tompkinsville. Md. at 
Aug. 16. Ludwig Velein 

Margaret Petersen. Germans. Now in service at Mr. 
Van Wagenen's, Clifton. Md. inCh. Sunday afternoon 
Sept. 13. John Burger 

Margaret Ann Garrison. Both of Northfield, Staten 
Island. Md. at Parsonage in presence of bride's sister 

Tans Geritt Koninge 

Jan. 7. Johanna Schumacker. Natives of Holland. At present 
living at T. O. Seisema's in the Manor. Witnesses 
were T. O. Seisema & Meda, his wife, m. n. Lenting 
April 12. Isaac H. Van Duzer, son of John & Sarah, at Quaran- 
Mary M. Yerks, formerly of Tarrytown, N. Y. 
May 2. Ernst Papst, native of Germany 

Marie Lingelbach, residing at Clifton. Md. here 
June 17. Thomas Scales 

Mary Ann Jenkinson. Natives of Ireland. Witness 
Miss Fanny Johnson 
July 26. Jacob Bodine, gr.-son of Isaac & Sarah Burbank 

Miss Harriet Emily Bodine. dau. of Nathl. Bodine, 
dec, & Maria, his wife, m. n. Garrettson. Md. in 
church in presence of many friends 
Aug. 7. Japheth Alston, widower 

Elizabeth Wood, widow, formerly De Pugh. Both re- 
siding in Nnrthfield, S. I. Md. here 
Sept. 17. John Pforr, cabinetmaker of N. Y. 

Clara Catharina Margareth Schneider, dau. of Jacob 
Schneider, Maria Clara Schneider, of Factoryville 
Oct. 4. James B. Baker, son of Widow Susan Baker 

Elizabeth Bridget Burtingham, of Ireland. Lived 
lately at Br. John Vanderbilt's 
Nov. 1. William Henry Sharrot 

Sarah Elisabeth Yanderbilt, dau. of Corns. Vanderbilt, 
dec. Md. in church in presence of friends 
Dec. 10. William B. Seawood, native of Staten Island 

Sr Ann Neats, dau. of Wm. & Dy Neats at Pt. Rich- 
Dec. 31. Henry Prall, of Port Richmond 

Miss Elizabeth Neats, dau. of Wm. & Dy Neats 
1849. Joseph McLean, widower, at Tompkinsville 
Feb. 14. Sarah Mallen 

Feb. 14. John McKce, pilot at Tompkinsville 
Mary Murray 

40 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N.Y. [Jan., 

1849. Peter Van Pelt, fisherman, son of George Van Pelt 
April 8. Mary Jane Lewis, dau. of Henry Lewis. Md. here in 

presence of widows Ann Decker & Ann Egbert 
April 8. Johannes Schlect, a German 

Rossina Raff, a German. In D. Ref. Ch. at Port 
April 15. James Hetherington, native of Ireland, now at Quar- 
Catharine L. White. Md. here with two witnesses 
who came with them 
April 22. William Hetherington, from Ireland, residing at 
Miss Ann Cary, also of Ireland. Md. here in presence 
of Charlotte & Ann Eliza Clauder 
April 29. John N. Crocheron, son of Nathan Crocheron, at Grant- 
ville, S. I. 
Mahala Selina Blake, dau. of Danl. & Ann Blake of 
Springville, L. I. Md. in presence of Charlotte E. 
July 3. Robert J. C. Johnson 

Ann S. Baker. Witnesses Charlotte E. Clauder, George 
Winsor, Mrs. Winsor, P. Decker 
Oct. 7. James Wilson 

Margaret Fitz Patrick 
Dec. 1. George W. Corson, son of Richard Corson 

Miss Emeline Simonson, dau. of James Simonson of 
Northfield, Staten Island 
Dec. 22. John R. Van Name 

Hanna Maria Cannon. Natives of Staten Island, re- 
siding at Northfield. Md. here 
Dec. 24. Christian Block 

Rebecca Knief. Both lately from Hanover, Germany, 
& now living at Quarantine 

1850. Benjamin Griffin 

Jan. 15. Content Decker. Natives of this Island from North- 
field. Md. in Parsonage 
June 2. August Zilkens 

Anna Maria Graz. Germans. Md. at Port Richmond. 
Wit. J. Rathyen & others 
Oct. 13. Frederick Wunsch 

Margareth Korneman. Germans. Md. in D. Ref. Ch. 
at Tompkinsville. Witness, Louis Hageman 
Nov. 30. Theodor Rosenthal 

Catharine Miiller, widow, m. n. Lamb. Both natives 
of Germany. Md. in Parsonage. 3 friends witnesses 
Dec. 18. Frederick Adolph Dreyer, of N. Y. City 

Auguste Henriette Wilhelmina Schmidt. Md. at house 
of Bride's parents, Doct. Schmidt of Northfield 
Dec. 21. Jacob Bauer, laborer. Md. here in presence of friends 
Margaret Erzer, widow of late Jakle, m. n. Hoegel 

1 85 1. Heinrich Scharlach 

Jan. 26. Friderika Wohlfahrt. Germans, now at Stapleton, S. I. 

1909.] Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Statcn Is/and, A'. Y. 4 I 

185 1. Gerd. Struss, from X. V., native of Hanover, Germany 
March 24. Margareta Lohmyer. Md. in presence of John Lenting 
May 3. Robert M. H. Jones 

Susan G. Perine, dau. of Simon Perine. Md. in presence 
of parents & Corns. Perine 
May 8. Heinrich August Senne, y. m., native of Germany 

Deborah Fitzinger, from Cape May, N. Jersey. Both 
residing in Williamsburgh, L. Island. Witnesses, 
August Senne, Fridrich Lange 
July 6. Cornelius Bird 

Lydia Egbert, dau. of John & Lydia Egbert of Tomp- 
kinsville. Witnesses, Bride's sister & M. Seguine 
Sept. 4. John E. Vanderbilt, son of Edward 

Sarah Julia Brindley. Md. in presence of John Brind- 
ley & wife 
Oct. 16. John Hull Olmstead, M. D. 

Mary E. B Perkins. Md. at residence of late Doct. 
Perkins, South side, in presence of many friends 
Nov. 30. Jhns. Jansen Tyaden, native of Germany 

Louisa Antoinette Oym, of Oldenburg, Ger. Md. in 
presence of Albert Hulsebus of Pt. Richmond 

1852. James Anderton 

March 21. Ellen Richardson, m. n. Bowman. Both from England. 

Md. at house of their friend Thomas Harrison 
April 6. Edward Wood, son of John Wood of Chelsea 

Catharine Maria Egbert, dau. of Corns. & Catharine 
Egbert. Md. at her father's residence 

By B. E. Schweinitz. 

1852. Friedrich Lange, widower, living at Four Corners 
May 30. Metha Struss. Both Germans. Md. at house of bride- 

July 4. Heartwell Bellow, of N. Y. 

Elisabeth Cavelly, of N. Y. Md. at parsonage in 
presence of Mrs. James Burger & others 
Sept. 1. Edwin Tyson, of Four Corners 

Jane Tyson, of Port Richmond. Md. at parsonage in 
presence of bride's sister, etc. 
Sept. 5. Johanes Ochs 

Doratha Fey. Germans at Factoryville. Md. at house 
of Mr. Hatsche 
Sept. 12. Lamont Williams, of Providence, R. Island 

Eliza Simonson, dau. of John Simonson, Esq., of Clifton. 
Witnesses, Mr. John Egbert & bride's sister 
Nov. 30. John William Housman 

Hester Maria Burgher, m. n. Vanderbilt. Md. in 
presence of Wra. Sharret & friends 

1853. James Lockman, widower 
March 26. Dorcas Brit ton, of Tompkinsville 
April 3. Sydney Boor am, of Centreville 

Mary Catharine I'.ml Parsonage 

42 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Is/and, N. Y. [Jan., 

I ^S3- Johann Alfrank, widower, tailor of Tompkinsville 
June 12. Gertrud Hutmacher, single. Md. in presence of Mr. 

& Mrs. Jean Jansen 
June 28. Conrad Sinning, shoemaker in Stapleton, b. in Alten- 
riette, Hessen Cassel, 24 May, 1831, son of Martin 
Sinning & wife, Sophia, m. n. Rinslard 
Henriette Rosalie Gummert, of Berlin, b. 11 Feb., 1830, 
dau. of C. Gummert & wife Auguste, m. n. Patke. 
Md. at house of bride's uncle, Mr. Sabel, many 
friends present 
Nov. 27. Warren D. Alston, of Chelsea, Staten Island, farmer, 
son of Warren Alston 
Mary Elizabeth Freeman, dau. of Smith B. Freeman 
of Factoryville 
Nov. 30. Daniel Wandell, Junr., of Southfield, S. I., son of David 
Wandall, farmer & blacksmith 
Jane Elizabeth Garretson, of Southfield, S. I., dau. of 
James B. Garretson, at whose house they were md. 
Dec. 7. Thomas Luby, of Rossville 

Julia Palmer Voorhis, dau. of Mrs. M. Vanderbilt, late 
Voorhis, at whose house they were md. 

1854. John Schmidt, Blacksmith, German 
Jan. 3. Catharine Eulner, dau. of Valentine Eulner, of N. Y., 
& his wife Catharine. Md. in church in presence of 
G. Barth & his wife Elizabeth 
April 23. John G. Simonson, son of John Simonson, Esq., of 
Elizabeth Latimer, dau. of John Latimer, dec, of Eng- 
land. Md. here in presence of Miss C. Simonson & 
Mrs. Schweinitz 
June 18. Lawrence Hilliard Bogart, son of Timothy Bogart 
of S. I. 
Sarah Catharine Martling, dau. of Stephen Martling. 
Md. in church Sunday morning 
Dec. 29. Jacob Herman Garretson 

Elizabeth Egbert, dau. of Edward Egbert. Md. at 
Centreville in the evening at Mr. Egbert's house 

By Rev. A. A. Reinke. 

1854. Henry Britton 
Sept. 11. Elizabeth Britton. 
Dec. 29. Garrett Vroome 

Mary Elizabeth Martling. 

1855. Samuel Pharo 

Jan. 1. Catharine Elizabeth Perine. Md. at Mr. Mersereau's 

near South Side school-house 
Jan. 14. Alexander Littell 

Hannah Jane Egbert. Md. at Parsonage in presence 

of their mothers 

Md. at Mrs. Jas. Britton's 
Md. at Parsonage 

iqoq.] Records of the United It i iti:> ,)i Congregation, Staten Island X. Y. 43 

1835. James T. Allen 
Jan. 22. Frances Louisa Smith. At the parsonage in presence 

of bride's mother 
Feb. 14. Varnum Slocum Mills 

Dorcas LaFarge Martling, of Centreville. Md. at 
church at 8^2 P. M. in presence of witnesses 
June 24. Hiram Stillwell 

Fiances Ann Johnson. Both of Castleton, North shore. 
Md. at Parsonage 
July 1. Jacob Egbert, of Tompkinsville 
Catharine Simonson, of Clifton 
July 4. J. A. Woodland, Stapleton, Staten Island 

Eliz. A. Turner, " " 

Sept. 18. Mr. Butler, of Quarantine 

Miss Milton, of Quarantine. Md. at Parsonage 
Oct. 23. John Lisk, of Egbertsville 

Miss Mary Ann Harrison. Md. at Mr. Harrison's 
Dec. 31. John Wm. Egbert, of Castleton 

Sarah Ann Wandell. Md. at Mr. Wandell's 

1856. Henry C. Raymond 

June 9. Eleanor Johnston. Md. at Parsonage 
April 8. Jacob Maree 

Catharine Koebel 
June 15. Christian Silberhorn, of Stapleton 

Paulina Seibert. of Stapleton, Md. at Parsonage 
Nov. 19. Henry N. Timolat, of N. Y. 

Violetta Britton, Staten Island. Md. at church 

1857. Charles Henry Winnett, of Tompkinsville 
April 1. Charlotte Jane Richardson, of Tompkinsville 
May 21. Julius C. Warner, of Macon, Georgia 

Mary li. Squirr. of Southside. Md. at house of bride's 
father. Family & Mr. Wm. Moore, present 
May 30. Daniel Ditton, of Castleton 

Mary Ann Sharrot, of Toad Hill. Md. at house of 
bride's parents & in their presence 
June 10. Benjamin Simonson, pilot, of Richmond, S. I. 

Sarah Adeline Egbert, of Tompkinsville. Md in 
house of bride's mother in presence of witnesses 
Aug. 25. William Henry Horton, I colored 

Phoebe Ann Tenbroeck, j 
Nov. 15. Thomas Jenkins, of Centreville 

Sarah Elizabeth Butler, of Prospect Hill, S. I. Md. at 
Parsonage .Sunday evening 

1858. Lawrence 

ian. 7. . Md. in church in presence of friends 
'eb. 3. Joseph Housman, of Pactoryville 

Lydia Vanderbilt, of New Dorp. Md at house of 
bride's brother-in-law Mr. Thomas Sharrot. Friends 

44 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten /stand, N. Y. [Jan., 


1858. John Henry Petersen, ) 
Feb. 4. Maria Sayles, j ' 
Feb. 4. William Henry Smith to Diana Spicer, colored 
May 23. Carl August Brumhuber, of Bavaria 

Catharina Elizabeth Schade, of Hesse Cassel. Md. in 
church on Whitsunday 
June 30. Oliver Vanderbilt 

Sarah Houseman. Md. at Parsonage 
Aug. 25. Jacob Britton, of Quarantine 

Lena Van Pelt, of Quarantine. Md. at Parsonage 
Sept. 3. John Daniel Mahkin 

Anna Maria Oehlmann. Md. at Parsonage in evening 
in presence of Mrs. Maines & others 
Sept. 7. John E. Woodland, livery stable keeper, of Stapleton 
Maria Ward, of Stapleton. Md. at parsonage in 
presence of Abm. Egbert 
Oct. 2. John D. Fink 

Miss Barbara W. Bogart, of Centreville. Md. at house 
of bride's father 
Dec. 8. James Vreeland, son of Jacob Vreeland & wife, Eliza- 
beth Lockman 
Miss Elizabeth Martling, dau. of Stephen Martling, at 
whose house ceremony was performed 
Dec. 23. Wm. W. Hale 

Miss Elizabeth Blake. Md. at Parsonage in presence 
of Alb. Vroome & a lady 

1859. Raymond Tysen 

Feb. 15. Miss Louisa Barnes. Md. at bride's parents in presence 

of friends 
Oct. 27. Albert Vroome 

Caroline Lafarge. Md. at house of Mr. Harmen Tysen 
in presence of friends 
Dec. 8. John D. Sharrot 

Harriet Houseman. Md. at Parsonage at New Dorp 
i860. John Stillwell, of Southfield 
Jan. 1. Sarah Romer, of Westfield. Md. at Parsonage 
June 1. John Sharret, Toad Hill 

Ellen Freegard. New Dorp Parsonage. Md. at 7^ 
A. M., at parsonage 
June 20. Abraham S. Wood 

Emeline C. Tysen. Md. at Moravian Parsonage in 
presence of Mr. Tunis Butler, Miss Johnson & Mrs. 
M. Vanderbilt 
June 25. Eugene Swift 

Sarah Ann Burbank. Md. at house of Mr. S. Martling 
in presence of friends 
Sept. 6. David M. Colon, policeman of N. Y. City 

Catharine Hendricksen, of Williamsburg. Md. at Par- 
sonage in presence of Mrs. James Colon 
i5ept. 11. James E. Abbatt 

Catharine Adeline Tysen. Md. in church in presence 
of friends 

1909.] Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten /stand, A '. Y. 45 


Nov. 28. 










z 8 






1 2. 






1 .-; 










Dec. 24. 

Dec. 30. 

William Taylor 

Erneline Egbert. Mel. at house of Mr. Corns. Egbert, 

bride's father, in presence of friends 
George Lewis Reader 
Catharine Vroom. Md. at Mr. Christopher Vroom's, 

the bride's father 
James Simonson 
Ellen Egbert. Md. at house of bride's father, Edward 

William Balzer 

Harriet Martling. Md. at Parsonage 
William E. Emmons 

Seymore. Md. at Mr. Wobly's house near light- 
Peter Heal 
Emma Swift. Md. at house of bride's mother, in 

presence of relatives 
William Thompson 
Elizabeth T. Mallett. Md. at house of Mr. Taylor in 

Samuel L. Thompson 

Sarah Amelia Houseman. Md. at the Parsonage 
Elias Whitehead 

Elizabeth Summers. Md. at Church 
Henry Armstrong 
Jane C. Johnson 
William P. Alston 

Eveline Burbank. Md. at Mr. Burbanks at Centreville 
Davis Carel Hapenny 
Susan Ann Cole. Md. at house of bride's parents, 

South side 
Richard Blake Vroom 
Eleanor Briggs. Md. at Parsonage in presence of Miss 

Elizabeth Vroom 
John Luckert 
Jane R. Van Pelt. Md. at parsonage in presence of 

John P. Conklin 
Marietta Egbert. Md. in church 

By Rev. Eugene Leu 

Charles Perry Cole 

Mary C. Burgher. Md. at Parsonage in presence of 

Mr Burgher, Mr. Noble & several witnesses 
Cornelius 1). Gu 
Mary L. Burgher. Md. in church in presence of large 

William Briggs, of Buffalo, N. V 
Susan A. Boone. Md. in Parsonage in presence of 

John Phillips & Jemima Boone 

46 Tombstone Inscriptions. [Jan., 


Copied by Evelyn Briggs Baldwin. 

Baptist Cemetery, Bangall, Dutchess Co., N. Y. 

Adsit, Amy, wife of Elias Adsit, d. 11 Dec, 1826, ae. 45 y., 3 m., 

14 d. 
Alger, Daniel, d. 8 July, 1848, ae. 74 y., 11 m., 10 d. 
Alger, Hannah [Rider], wife of Daniel Alger, d. 17 Nov., 1858, 

.ae. 76 y., 8 m., 13 d. 
Baldwin, Elisha [Jr.], d. 17 April, 1834, ae. 51 y. and 11 d. 
Bartlett, Charlotte, d. 21 March, 1876, ae. 85 y. 
Benedict, Almon, d. 8 May, 1862, ae. 63 y. 
Benedict, Clarissa, wife of Almon Benedict, d. 19 June, 1889, ae. 

89 y. 
Briggs, John, b. 23 May, 1809, d. 11 May, 1874. 
Briggs, Margaret J., wife of John Briggs, b. 6 Oct., 1818, d. 17 

May, 1866. 
Briggs, Sarah M., daughter of John and Margaret Briggs, d. 16 

Oct., 1862, ae. 20 y., 4 m. 
Briggs, Charles E., son of John and Margaret Jane Briggs, d. 8 

Jan., 1847, ae. 7 m. 
Briggs, Win. H., son of John and Margaret Jane Briggs, d. 15 

Sept., 1852, ae. 1 m., 28 d. 
Brinkerhoff, Elizabeth, wife of Capt. George G. Brinkerhoff, d. 15 

May, 1818, ae. 75 y., 3 m., 21 d. 
Burtch, [Rev.] Luman, d. 17 Nov., 1858, ae. 81 y., 8 m., 26 d. 
Burtch, Esther, relict of the late Luman Burtch, d. 30 Oct., 1866, 

ae. 87 y., 7 m., 8 d. 
Carman, Adah [Preston], widow of Leonard Carman, d. 14 Feb., 

i860, ae 60 y., 6 m., 15 d. 
Carman, Polly [Sackett], daughter of Samuel Sackett and widow 

of Leonard Carman, d. 14 March, 1856, ae. 36 y., 5 m. 
Carman, Leonard, d. 30 March, 1857, ae. 60 y., 10 m., 20 d. 
Conger, Enoch, d. 11 Sept., 1841, ae. 61 y., 10 m., 17 d. 
Conger, Ezra B., son of Clinton W. and Angeline Conger, d. 3 

July, 185 1, ae. 11 y., 11 m., 3 d. 
Connelly, Richard, d. 12 March, 1855, ae - 81 7-i 9 m - an< ^ IO ^- 
Connelly, Mary, wife of Richard Connelly, d. 2 July, 1842, ae. 69 

y., 9 m., 16 d. 
Davis, George, son of John and Nancy Davis, d. 10 Nov., 1844, ae. 

28 d. 
Davis, Edward B., son of John and Nancy Davis, d. 2 March, 1849, 

ae. 3 y. and 1 m. 
Elsbree, Wm. E., d. 14 May, 1859, in 90 y. 
Elsbree, Elizabeth, widow of Wm. E. Elsbree, d. 23 March, 1867, 

in 93 y. 
Ferris, Malinda, daughter of Jonathan and Betsey Ferris, d. 10 

Nov., 1842, ae. 2 y., 10 m. & 21 d. 

I<JCX).] Tombstone Inscriptions. 47 

Gregory, Benjamin, d. r; March, 1S64, ae. 67 y., g m., 16 d. 
Gregory, Martha, wife of Benjamin Gregory, d. 29 Jan., 185 1, ae. 

56 y., 1 m., 1 1 d. 
Gregory, Eliza, daughter of Benjamin and Martha Gregory, d. 9 

April, 1861, ae. 38 y., 2 m., 16 d. 
Hart, Pheby, wife of Ruben Hart, d. 29 Nov., 1866, ae. 83 y., 1 m., 

9 d. 
Hart, Susan, daughter of Reuben and Phebe Hart, d. 10 April, 

1848, ae. 19 y., 8 m., 16 d. 
Hoag, Rachel, wife of David Hoag, Jr., and daughter of Israel 

and Eleanor Vail, d. 3 Feb., 1818, ae. 27 y. 
Hull, Wm. N., d. 9 Nov., 1839, ae. 23 y., 7 m., 4 d. 
Knapp, Wm. [son of Abraham R. Knapp], d. 15 April, 1837, ae. 

22 y., 9 m., 2 d. 

Knapp, Francis L., son of Abraham R. and Sally Knapp, d. 18 

April, 1839, ae. 15 y., 5 m. and 6 d. 
Knapp, Erastus R., son of Abraham R. Knapp, d. 27 July, 1852, 

ae. 25 y. and 6 m. 
Miller, Levi, son of Henry and Catherine M. Miller, d. 8 Sept., 

1839, ae. 4 y. 
Mosher, Wesson, d. 30 Sept., 1834, ae. 26 y., 10 m. and 20 d. 
Noxon, Gilbert G., d. 23 Feb., 1880, ae. 76 y. 
Noxon, Amanda B., wife of Gilbert G. Noxon, d. 6 June, 1881, ae. 

75 >'•. 8 m. 
Palmer, Margaret, w. of Nicholas Palmer, d. 5 Oct., 1839, ae. 64 y., 

4 m., 25 d. 
Palmer, Townsend, d. 29 March, 1825, ae. 19 y., 7 m., 10 d. 
Palmer, Catherine, w. of Nicholas Palmer, d. 21 March, 1842, ae. 

39 y., 7 m., 2 d. 
Palmer, Phebe, daughter of Nicholas and Catherine Palmer, d. 1 

Sept., 1839. 
Payne, Samuel, d. 29 Nov., 1865, ae. 66 v., 4 in., 16 d. 
Payne, Ann Hager, w. of Samuel Payne, d. 5 May, 1879, ae. 76 y., 

1 d. 
Puffer, Parmela, w. of Daniel Puffer, d. 25 May, 1874, ae. 82 v., 

3 m., 26 d. 
Record, John, d. 20 Feb., 1819, ae. 73 y. 
Rider, David, d. 14 March, 1863, in 69 y. 

Rider, Alvira, wife ■>;' David Rider, d. 30 Sept., 1859, ae. 69 y. 
Rider, Wm. Jay, son of David and Alvira Rider, d. 1 .• Oct., 1848, 

ae. 21 y. and 5 m. 
Rider, Thompson II., [818-1894. 

Rider, Mary [Davis], widow or Thompson II Rider, b. 1832, . 

Rider, Le Grande \\\, son of Thompson H. Rider, 1S57-1880. 

Rider, David L., 1847 ' "■ I 

Rider, Jam: II, [Salmon], wife of Thompson II. Rider, d. 29 Jan , 

1869, ae. 47 y. 
Ryder, Charles, son of Thompson II. and Jane II. | Salmon | 

:, d. 20 A': e. a y., 10 m., 5 d. 

Ryder, Alvira, d m H. and J me 1 1 Ryd 

23 < )ct., 1842, ae. <> in. and 23 d. 

48 Tombstone Inscriptions. [Jan., 

Rider, Henry Ward, son of Thompson H. and Jane H. Rider, d. 

10 Oct., 1861, ae. 1 1 y., 3 m., 1 d. 
Rider, ['• Captain"] Robert, d. 10 May, 1836, ae. 81 y. and 3 m. 
Rider, Tabitha [Dickinson, of Vermont], consort of Capt. Robert 

Rider, d. 28 Feb., 1827, ae. 69 y. 
Ryder, [Rev. J Joshua, d. 26 April, 1851, ae. 87 y. 
Ryder, Fanny [Pugsley], wife of [Rev ] Joshua Ryder, d. 3 June, 

1837, ae. 71 y. 
Robinson, John, d. 5 Oct., 1851, ae. 79 y., 8 m., 17 d. 
Robinson, Mary, wife of John Robinson, d. 15 May, 1844, ae. 66 

y., 5 m., 16 d. 
Robinson, Amy A., wife of Jarvis C. Robinson, d. 27 April, 1854, 

ae. 27 y. and 7 m. 
Rogers, Daniel, b. 13 Nov., 1797, d. 3 Feb., 1866. 
Rogers, Anstrum M., wife of Daniel Rogers, d. 14 July, 1846, ae. 

40 y., 2 m. and 16 d. 
Sutherland, Mary, wife of Joel D. Sutherland, d. 8 Feb., 1832, in 

75 y- 

Sutherland, Col. David Sutherland [son of Wm. Sutherland, Jr. J, 

d. 10 April, 1794, ae. 72. He was Colonel of the 6th Regt. 
Sutherland, Mrs. Judith [Griffin], wife of Col. David Sutherland, 

d. 17 April, 1790, ae. 66 y. 
Sutherland, Mary, wife of Wm. R. Sutherland, d. 12 April, 1796, 

in 45 y- 
Sutherland, Edgar, son of Tammy Sutherland, d. 5 Oct., 1822, in 

12th y. 
Sutherland, Brush, d. 3 March, 1832, in 47 y. 
Torrey, Lucinda [Sackett, daughter of Samuel], wife of Levi 

Torrey, d. 8 Jan., 1S39, ae. 41 y., 4 m., 28 d. 
Travis, Gilbert, d. 9 Aug., 1831, ae. 52 y., 7 m., 21 d. 
Travis, Sarah, wife of Gilbert Travis, d. 10 Aug., 1867, ae. 89 y., 

Wood, George, son of Jesse Y. and Harriet Wood, d. 17 June, 

1830, ae. 4 y. and 4 m. 

Briggs Burying Ground, about Three Miles Northeast of 
Stamfordville, Dutchess Co., N. Y. 

Briggs, Caleb, d. 14 Nov., 1828, ae. 79 y. 

Briggs, Abigail [Rider], d. 23 Jan., 1840. 

Briggs, Elias, d. 3 March, 1837, ae. 61 y., 6 m. and 23 ds. 

Briggs, Catherine [Campbell-Livingston], d. 14 Feb., 1835, ae. 51 

y., 4 m. and 7 ds. 

Briggs, Thomas, d. 21 July, 1837, ae. . 

Bucknum, Mary G., consort of Calvin Bucknum, d. 30 March, 

1840, ae. 38 y., 9 m. and 14 ds. 
Sackett, Ada Maria, daughter of Orville and Amy [Briggs] 

Sackett, d. 29 Aug., 1851, ae. 6 y. and 22 ds. 

loog.] Lists of Germans from the Palatinate who came to England in iyog. 49 


The following lists are copied from the original documents 
preserved in the British Museum Library, London, England, and 
should be of the greatest genealogical interest to those families in 
States of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and else- 
where, which claim descent from the so-called Palatine settlers. 
These lists have never before been printed to the knowledge of 
the Editor, and it should be noted that the word " son " or "s< 
and "daii." or "daus." followed by figures denote that the heads 
of the family had as many sons or daughters, as there are figures, 
and that these sons and daughters were of the respective ages 
denoted by the figures. The word "wife" indicates that the 
head of the family was married and that the wife was living. 
The abbreviations "Ref.," " Luth.," "Hap." and "Cath.," mean 
that the family belonged to the Reformed, Lutheran, Baptist or 
Catholic Churches. 

Board of Trade Miscellaneous. Vol. 2 D. 57. 
A list of all the poor Germans lately come over from the 
Palatinate into this kingdom taken in St. Catharine's the sixth 
May, 1709. 

First Arrivals. 


n 1 1 e 








13, 12 






















10, 8, 5 










1. 1 








8, 'A 










14.12, ', 




7. 6, 1 






17, 11,11, 

in. 1 I 

I. mli. 




1 1 


'., 1, i', 










12, 10 

Turch, Caspar, student of 


Machtig, Jacob, Schoolmaster 



Meningen, fohn 

Faubeli, John 

ig in, John Wendell. . . 


Engelsbruecher, Nicol 

I lirtzbai h, Anton 

' h, Christian 

Huhmai ber, Nil Lis 

1 [enry 

be is also 

a t:ul"rl 

.1 lavid (Englishman) 


1 [ai ib 

Garrinot, Peter 

Haun, Andrew 

Kliein, Michael 

Presler, Valentine 

Mey, I >;ivid 

r, fohn 



JO Lists of Germans from the Palatinate who came to England in iyog. [Jan. 


Albrecht, James 

Erkel, Bernhard 

Hirzeach, Martin 

Bahr, John 

Shwartz, Matthias 

Durk, John Adam 


Ebert, Hartman 

Herman, Valentine 

Helffert, Peter 

Gnaedi, Benedict 

Gerhard, John George 

Kueffer, John 

Smith, John 

Frey, Conrad 

Shwa, Peter (also a cooper) 

Seibert, Conrad 

Wenig, Peter 

am Thor, Conrad 

Daun, George 

Reuling, Jacob 

Schneider, John Michael.. . 

Vogt, Abraham 

Schneider, Philip 

Geisell, George 

Klein, Peter 

Smith, Jacob 

Trombauer, Niclas 

Werner, Christoff 

Huebner, Anton 

Heidman, Peter 

Thevoux, Daniel 

Nagel, John 

Rath (Bath), John 

Schmitzer, John Martin. . . . 

Berg, Frederick 

Bolker, Charles 

Herman, Peter 

Glaents, John 

Klein,, John Jacob 

Messer, Sylvester 

Schaeffer. Joseph 

Meyer, Hartman 

Zeber, John 

Daninger, Jacob 

Seibert, Martin 

Bekell, Philip 

Haas, John 

Klein, John 

Wayner, Henry 

Weitzell, John 

Schwengel, John 

Klug, George 

Zeisler, Lorentz 

Klaemer, Ludwig 

Spuehler, Jacob 

am Rheine, John 

Closterbeker, John 

Emichen, Ernst 







21, l8 











14, 12 










7. 5. 3. 1 

3, 1 



13. i' 































14, 10 


















6 da. 






1 mo. 




















10, 4 



















4,2, 1 















9,6, 5, \% 







mate who canti tin/yog 51 



Hahrlaender, Conrad 

Kaldauer, Valentine 

Kuhner, Jacob 

Blesinger, Daniel 

Lang, Philip 

Sheuer, John Adam 

• (bender, Samuel 

Hoffart, John Adam 

Weinrich, Balzar 

Fuhnnan, Jacob 

. lohn 

Schletzer, Jeremy 

Drecbsler, John Peier 

Herman, Daniel 

am Ende, John Philip 

Vogt, John 

Berstler, Adam 

Kolb, Henry 

Clemens, Gerhard (also a 

linen cloth weaver 

<ler, Jacob 

Baumann, .Michael 

Herman, Jacob 

Schaeff er, John Conrad 

Mueller, Valentine 

Hassmer, John 

Bretschi, Lorentz 

Hermann, Niclas 

Kausch, George 

Rudolff, John 

Kolb, Arnold 

tiocky, Peter 

Hocky, Andrew 


Goebell, Paul 

Gring, Jacob 

, lohn Thomas 

Zitel, Jacob 

Kinfeller, Frederick 

Becker, Gerhard (also a 


Notzel, Rudolf 

duBois, Abraham (tobacco 


ker, John Adam 

[alathe, John Wm 



Thomas, John I i 

1 r , Jacob (also a tai lor) . 

r, John Jacob 

Hubscher, Andrew 

Trumph, John Michael 

le l >ee, fohn 

re, Abram 

1, Andrew 

Oberholtzer. Mark 




















































































4 : -.j 











5. { 'A 








4. IX 





K, 7, 2 

20, 16 


6, 1 


















I. nth. 







5 2 Lists of Germans from the Palatinate who came to England in 170Q. [Jan., 































































1 41 


Fodder, John 

Staehler, Peter 

Hermann, Niclas 

Moor, John 

Moor, Austin 

Moor, John Wm 

Pelle, Peter 

Wentzen, Peter 

Hagder, John 

Kuhlwein, Philip 


Beller, Jacob 

Zinkhan, Conrad 

Schlingluff, John 


Eyeach, John Valentine 


Keyser, Geo. Frederick 

Zimmerman, John Wolff 

VVillich, Peter 

Leucht, Lewis 

Andrew, Benedict 

Hebenstreit, John Jas. (lock 


Degen, Felix , 

Heffen, Bartin 

Zeitz John Peter 

Bauer, George 

Gruendner, Matthew 


Dieterich, John 


Lup, Henry 

Guth, Henry 

Rebell, Jacob 

Escherich, John 

Anke, Joseph 


Muller, Daniel 

Penning, Daniel 


Truat, John 


de Rochefort, Peter 

Smith, Henry 

Buehler, John 


Walter, John George 

Rider, Niclas 

Lucas, Francis 

Bruchly, John Henry 

Adeler, Henry 


1 'A 

20, 15, 11 

20, 16 





II, 9,6 


12, 10 


17, 11 




l6, 12, II 
















1909.] Lists of Germans from the Palatinate who came to England in I'/og. 53 


Hnherluth, George Adam. . 

r, Michael 

Bien, John 


Boos, John Henry 

Riedell, John George 

Koenig, John Adam 


Mueller, John Jacob 

Hohenstein, Christian 

Schlottenhofer, Christof 

Galathe, John Jacob 

Mendon, Jacob 


Mas. in, Niclas 


Bergleuchter, Anton 


Guthzeit, William 

Neidhofer, John Quirinus. . 

Gessienger, Henry 

Weber, John Engel 

Weber, John Jacob 

Schaeffer, John 

Bauer, Christian 

Galathe, Jacob 


Heyde, Peter 

nlieck, frederick 

rancis Ludwig 


Schaeffer, John 

Hakl, John George 


Stutz, John Eberhard 

Henrich, Lorentz 

Reiser, John Peter , 

Hoffstaetter, Philip 


la Forge, John Wm 





. ma Christina. 




w 1 1 e 




















I 1, I2>10, 






1 .1 





6, 1 































20, 1 8, 13, 






14, IO, 2, 

5 da. 






10,4, 1 





















9, Si 1 






I. mil. 







14, 12, 8, 
















g4 Lists of Germans from tlie Palatinate wlio came to England in iyog. [Jan., 

Tanner, Cathrina 

Schoen, Maria Cathrina 

Winter, Maria Cathrina 

Raths, Jane 

Schwaegerin, Apollonia 

Martins, Gertrud 

Eschelmanns, Anna 

George Riedel's mother-in 


Warambour, Mary 


Sister of Henry Meyers 

Sister-in-lawof Michael Klein 

Cathrina, Servant maid 

Friede, Cathrina 

Wagner, Mary Elizabeth. . . 
Bauer, Christina 


24, 23, 19, 













Lang, Johan 

Stutz, Eberhard 

Pens, Benedict 

Bohm, Johannes 
1 Denias, Philip 

1 Albenz, Christoph 

I Lichtneggar, Gottlob August 

1 Graeff, Jacob, whose parents live in Pennsylvania, a 

boy 10 years of age 
1 George Klug, his sister's son, a boy 15 years of age 

19 Persons who entered their names last 


Tailors 3 

Shoemakers 5 

Stocking Weaver I 

Tanner 1 

Carpenters 8 

Joiners 3 

Masons 2 

Coopers 3 

Bookbinder 1 

Miner I 

Husbandmen & Vinedressers 115 

Only Husbandmen 32 

Herdsmen 3 

Wheelwright I 

Smiths 11 

Saddler 1 

Millers 5 

Bakers 2 

Brewer I 

Butchers 3 

Cloth & Linen Weavers 8 

The whole sum of men, wives and children, lately come over from the 
Palatinate into this Kingdom makes out 852. 

John Tribbeko, George Andrew Ruperti, 

Chaplain to his late Royal Minister of the German Lutheran 

Highness Prince George Church in the Savoye. 

of Denmark. 

Endorsed: Miscellaneous. Account of the number, conditions and trades 
of the poor German come over from the Palatinate. 

Referred to in mem. from the Lutheran minister. 

Received and read 12th May, 1700, D.57 Entered A folio 401. 

( To be continued.) 

iqog.l The Knickerbocker Family. 55 


By William B. Van Ai.stynk, M.I). 

(Continued from Vol. XXXIX, p. 285, of The Rf.cord.) 

51. Marike (Marica)' Knickerbocker (Petrus,' Laurens, 3 Har- 
men Jansen'), bap. 4 Sept., 1743, Rhinebeck-Red Hook records; 
m. 13 Oct., 1766, at Mount Ross, N. Y., Johan Adam Dings, son 
of Johannes Dings Children: 

i. Maria, 1 bap. 9 May, 1767, at Mount Ross; spon.: Philip 

Knickerbocker and Anna Maria Dings, his wife. 
n. Margery, bap. 11 Oct., 1768, at Mount Ross; spon.: 

Petrus Knickerbocker and Marjery Ben, his wife, 
iii. Adam, bap. 30 Oct., 1770, at Mount Ross; spon.: Adam 

Iluysraet and Eva Geert. Dingius, his wife. 
iv. Elisabeth, bap. 2 Oct., 1773, at (iermantown, N. Y.; 
spon.: Jacob Dings and Elisabeth Knickerbocker, 
his wife, 
v. Johannes, bap. 13 Aug., 1775, at Germantown; spon.: 

Johannes and Anna Eva Dings. 
vi. Lena, bap. 18 Jan., 1778, at Mount Ross; spon.: Lorentz 
Knickerbocker ami Maria Schneder. 

52. Philip' Knickerbocker (Petrus, 1 Laurens, 7 Harmen Jansen'), 
bap. 24 Feb., 1745, at Rhinebeck, X. Y.; m. 1 July, 1766, at Mount 
Ross, X. Y., Anna Maria, dan. of Johannes Dings. They joined 
the church at Mount Ross, 13 Xov., 1767. Children: 

74 i. Marjory,' bap. 25 Jan., 1767, at Linlithgo, N. Y.; spon.: 

Petrus Knickerbocker and Majory Ben, his wife; m. 

25 Jan., 1789, at Linlithgo, James Bain. 
ii. Marytje, bap. 14 Aug., 1768, at Linlithgo; spon.: Jacob 

Dings and Lisabeth Knickerbocker. 
iii. Petrus, bap. 12 Nov., 1 verack, N. Y.; spon.: 

Adam Dings and Maria Knickerbocker. 
iv. Johannes (Jr.), bap. 29 Dec, 1771, at Germantown, 

X. Y.; spon.: [ami arina Schult, his 

wife; m. 8 Jail., 1S04, at Red Hook, X. V., Mary 

Rentier of Red Hoc Henry Bi oner, Jr., and 

Catharina Pitcher. 
v. Lena, bap. 20 Feb., 1774, at Germantown; spon.: Cas- 

parus Schult a 

75 vi. Philip, bap. 50 June, 177", at Germantown; spon.: Guy 

Ree and Marjory Knickerbocker, his wife; m. 2 Jan., 
1798, .it Linlithgo, Mary Snyder. 

76 vii. Lena, bap. 25 Oct., 1778, at Mount Ross; spon.: Petrus 

Knickerbocker and Madlena Huisrod; may have in. 
Robert Mekarli. 
viii. Eva, bap. 20 May, 1781, at Mount Ross; spoil I 
parus and Eva Shult, 

77 ix. Benjamin, b. 20 March, 1783; bap. at Linlithgo; Bpon.: 

Knickerbocker and Anna Maria lluisraad; 

56 The Knickerbocker Family. [Jan., 

m. his cousin, Sarah Rea, dau. of Hugh Rea and 

Marjory Knickerbacker. 
x. Catharine, b. 26 April, 1787; bap. at Mount Ross; 

spon.: James Knickerbocker and Maritje Denius. 
^53. Lawrence 4 Knickerbocker (Petrus, 3 Laurens, 2 Harmen 
Jansen 1 ), bap. 25 Oct., 1747, at German town, N. Y.; m. (1) Maria 
Gertrude Snyder; m. (2) Nancy Race. On 4 May, 1770, he be- 
came a member of the church at Mount Ross, N. Y. Here he 
was elected deacon 19 May, 1781, and elder 15 June, 17S3, 15 June, 
1799, 20 May, 1805, and 18 Ma)-, 1809. He lived at Milan, N. Y. 
Children of the first marriage bap. at Mount Ross: 

78 i. Peter L., 6 bap. 16 Feb., 1780; spon.: Petrus and Mar- 

garet Knickerbocker; m. 2 Jan., 1811, at Mount Ross, 
Eva Kilmer. 

79 ii. John L., b. 10 Nov., 1781; spon.: John Peter and Anna 

Madalena Snyder; m. 1 May, 1819, at Mount Ross, 

Maria Kilmer, 
iii. James, b. 22 Aug., 1784; spon.: Philip and Anna Maria 

Knickerbocker; m. 4 Oct., 1810, at Mount Ross, Jane 

Van Benschoten of Gallatin. He was from North 

East Township, 
iv. Nancy, b. 8 Feb., 1793; spon.: George Snyder and 

Catharine Stickle. 

54. Elisabeth' Knickerbocker (Petrus, 3 Laurens, 3 Harmen 
Jansen'), bap. 12 Nov., 1749, at Germantown, N. Y.; m. 30 Oct., 
1769, at Mount Ross, N. Y., Jacob Dings, son of Johannes Dings. 

i. Maria," bap. 30 Oct., 1770, at Mount Ross; spon.: Louw- 

rens Knickerbocker and Eva Dings, 
ii. Petrus, bap. 21 June, 1773, at Mount Ross; spon.: 

Petrus Knickerbocker and wife, Maria. 
iii. Joh. Adam, bap. 13 Aug., 1775, at Germantown; spon.: 
Joh. Adam Dings and Marica Knickerbocker, his wife. 
iv. Elisabeth, bap. 13 April, 1777, at Rhinebeck, N. Y.; 

spon.: Johannes Bender and Elisabeth Pen. 
v. Margaret, bap. 16 Feb., 1780, at Mount Ross; spon.: 

Hugh Ray and Margaret Knickerbocker, 
vi. John, b. 20 March, 1782; bap. at Linlithgo, N. Y.; spon.: 

Johannis Dings and Anna Maria Dunce, 
vii. Marike, b. 13 March, 1784; bap. at Claverack, N. Y.; 

spon.: Johannes Schultz and Maria Dings, 
viii. Jacob, b. 17 June, 1787; bap. at Claverack; spon : 
Petrus Knickerbocker and Margretha Dings. 

55. Peter' Knickerbocker (Petrus, 3 Laurens, 2 Harmen Jansen'), 
b. 7 Nov., 1751; bap. at Rhinebeck Flatts, N. Y.; m. 18 Feb., 1790, 
at Claverack, N. Y., Rebecca Vosburgh, bap. 12 Oct., 1766, at 
Mount Ross, N. Y., dau. of Abraham Vosburgh and Joanna Spoor. 

i. Abraham,' b. 26 April, 1791; bap. at Claverack; spon.: 

Abraham J. Vosboerg and Johanna Spoor, 
ii. Johanna, b. 25 June, 1794; bap. at Claverack; spon.: 
Cornelius Esselsteyn and Clartje Vosboerg. 

Iqoq.J The Knickerbocker Family. 5 7 

iii. Pieter, bap. between April and July, 1796, in St. Peter's 
Lutheran Church, Rhinebeck, N. Y.; spon.: Peter 
Been and Dorotl 
iv. Isaac, b. 27 May, 1800; bap. at Mount Ross; spon.: 

John Stoll and Catharine Teeter. 
v. Marjory, b. 26 Jan., 1S02; bap. at Mount Ross; spon.: 

erman and Mary Vosburgh. 
vi. Rebeckka, b 16 Jan., 1804; bap. Mount Ross; spon.: 

Benjamin Knickerbocker and Sarah Rai. 
vii. Jacob, b. 23 May, 1806; bap. at Claverack; spon.: Hugh 

Rea and Christina Hough, 
viii. Maria, b. 7 Aug., 1S0S; bap. at Mount Ross; no spon. 

56. James' Knickerbocker (Petrus,' Laurens,' Harmen Jansen 1 ), 
bap. 20 July, 1755, at Mount Ross, N. V.; m. there 24 July, 17S0, 
Maria Denius, b. 20 Dec., 1755, dau. of Johannes Peter Denius* 
and Anna Margaretha Schneider. He joined the church at 
Mount Ross, 30 Oct., 1779, and his wife, 10 May, 1781. Here he 
was appointed deacon 9 July, 1784, and elder 26 April, 1788. 

i. Margariet,' bap. 19 May, 17S1, at Mount Ross; spon.: 
Peter and Margariet Deunius. 

ii. Petrus, b. 12 Jan., 1783; bap. at Mount Ross; spon.: 
Petrus and Marjori Knickerbocker. Peter D. Knick- 
erbocker of Gallatin, X. Y., m. 10 Sept., 181 1, at 
Mount Ross, Merica, dau. of Cornelius Miller of 
latin. Their son, Jonas, b. 5 Nov., 1S13; bap. at 
Mount Ross; d. 10 March, 1896, at Pine Plains, N. Y.; 
in. Jane C. Drake, who d. 8 March, 1895, at Pine 
Plains; dau. of .Samuel Drake of Amenia, N. Y. For 
twelve years Jonas was partner with Col. Silas 
I ! irris in the manufacture of Harris scythes. After 
his partner's death he continued the business for 
two years, then went into the hardware business. 
He retired in 1886. 

iii. Marjory, bap. 24 Feb., 17S8, at Rhinebeck, N. X ,, spon 
John Knickerbocker and Maria Kaus. 

iv. James, b. 13 July, 1791; bap. at Linlithgo, X. V.; spon.: 
James Ben and Majory Knickerbocker. 

57. Majory' Knickerbocker (Petrus,' Laurens.' Harmen Jan- 
sen 1 ), bap. 8 May. 1757. at Linlithgo, X. Y.; m. Hugh kea (Ray), 
Xew York State marriage license dated 24 May, 1775. Hugh Kea, 
an Irishman, was one ly settlers in the western part of 
North East Precinct, now the town of Milan, X. Y. He was 
there in 1775 when he signed the "Association" which was cir- 
culated in that locality in June or July b [ ! Orr, 
Wilson, Peter Knickerbocker and John Rivenberger. II 

• Johai m. ) May, p nantown, N. V., Anna 

Margan ei Hi- was son •>! I dau. of 

1715, at West Camp, N. V., Margaretha 
Dietrich, widow, dau. "f Chris'; 
Joban Dietrich Schneider oi the Grafschafi Hockenl 


c8 The Knickerbocker Family. [Jan., 

appointed by the Continental Congress one of the committee to 
attend to the election of company officers which took place 
26 Aug., 1775, ar) d when the "First Regiment of Minute Men" 
was raised in Dutchess County in 1775, John Van Ness, colonel, 
he was appointed '-Captain" of the "North East Company." 
Hence he was ever afterward called "Captain Rea." His com- 
mission was issued 17 Oct., 1775 (newspaper clipping by Isaac 
Huntting). On 4 June, 1779, "Hugh Ray and Margaretha Ray" 
joined the church at Mount Ross, N. Y. Children, bap. there: 

i. Marjory, 6 bap. 22 Oct., 1775; spon.: Peter Knicker- 
bocker and Majory Ben, his wife; probably m. Adam 
ii. Hugh, bap. 16 Nov., 1777; spon.: Philipp Knicker- 
bocker and Maria Rai, his wife, 
iii. Peter, bap. 21 March, 1779; spon.: Laurentz Knicker- 
bocker and Gertrout Snerder. 
iv. Samuel, bap. 19 May, 1781; spon.: Jacob and Anna 

Maria Dings; m. Mary Guilkries. 
v. Sarah, b. 16 May, 1783; spon.: Adam and Maryka 
Dings; m. her cousin Benjamin D. Knickerbocker, 
son of Philip Knickerbocker and Anna Maria Dings. 
80 vi. William, b. 1785; m. Katharine Stickle. 

vii. Philip, m. 1S10, at Mount Ross, Rebecca Millard. 

Residence Gallatin, N. Y. 
viii. Rachel, b. 8 Sept., 1792; spon.: Hugh Knickerbocker 
and Rachel Schram; m. 7 Jan., 1813, at Mount Ross, 
James Coon of Clermont, N. Y. 
ix. Merica, m. James Miller. 

58. John P. 1 Knickerbocker (Petrus, 3 Laurens, 2 Harmen Jan- 
sen 1 ), bap. 12 May, 1759, at Mount Ross, N. Y.; m. there 22 May, 
1785, Anna Maria Kaus, probably dau. of Johan Theis Kaus (son 
of Johan Peter Kaus) and Margaretta Millius (dau. of Jacob 
Millius), who werem. 25 Sept., 1750, at Germantown, N. Y. Chil- 
dren, bap. at Mount Ross: 

i. Elizabeth,' b. 6 March, 1787; spon.: Johannes Kilmer 

and Elizabeth Allin. 
ii. Grietje, b.i9june,i789; spon.: AnteiseandGrietje Cous. 
iii. Marjory, b. 3 Sept., 1791; spon.: Philip Knickerbocker 

and Maria Denius. 
iv. John, b. 19 Nov., 1796; spon.: John Kaush and Catha- 

rina Weymer. 
v. Gertchen, b. 19 March, 1798; spon.: Hugh Knicker- 
bocker and Rachel Schram. 

59. Hugh' Knickerbocker (Petrus, 3 Laurens," Harmen Jansen 1 ), 
bap. 30 Aug., 1761, at Linlithgo, N. Y.; m. 11 June, 1786, at Mount 
Ross, N. Y., Rachel Schram. Children: 

i. Peter,' b. 15 July, 1788; bap. at Rhinebeck, N. Y.; 

spon.: Friederick Stikkel and Elisabeth Humel. 
ii. Elizabeth, b. 8 April, 1790; bap. at Mount Ross; spon.: 

Anthony Crispell and Maria Schram. 
iii. Maria, b. 2 Jan., 1792; bap. at Mount Ross; spon.: 
John Knickerbocker and Maria Cous; m. 10 Jan. 

1909.] The Knickerbocker Family. 59 

1S22, at Mount Ross, John M. Snyder. She lived and 
died near Mount R 
iv. John, d. at Argyle, Washington Co., N. Y., leaving 

v. Margaret or Marjory (Becki), b. 9 Jan., 1796; bap. at 
Mount Ross; spon.: the parents; m. 1 Aug., 181 1, at 
Mount Ross, John Robertson or Robbinson. She 
lived and died near Mount Ross, 
vi. Valentin, b. 25 Aug., 179S; bap. at Mount Ross; spon.: 
the parents; may have m. Hannah Wardwell. They 
lived in Riga, Monroe Co., N. V. 
vii. Nancy, b. 17 March, 1800; bap. at Mount Ross; spon.; 

Pieter Knickerbocker and Elisabeth Stickel. 
viii. Hugh, b. 22 July, 1802; bap. at Mount Ross; spon.: 
Hugh Rhea, Jr., and Christine Huyg. 
ix. Frederick, b. 8 Aug., 1804; bap. at Mount Ross; spon.: 

Frederick Stickle and Elisabeth Hummel. 
x. Benjamin, b. 1806. 
xi. William. 
xii. Adaline. 

xiii. Henry, b. 1S13; d. in Milan, N. Y.; m. Ortentia Hart, 
b. 1 808, in Milan, her mother's maiden name Sanford. 
Made his will 1 Feb., 1854; proved 6 March, 1854, 
and recorded at Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

60. Lisabeth' Knickerbocker (Cornelis,' Laurens,' Harmen 
Jansen'), bap. 15 Feb., 1747, at Germantown, N. Y.; m. Benjamin 
Van Leuven. Children: 

i. Corneles,' bap. 28 June, 1767; spon.: Corneles Knick- 

kenbakker and Ellenor Ben. 
ii. Elisabeth, bap. 29 Oct., 1769; spon.: Isaac Van Leuven 

and Cornelia Knickerbocker, 
iii. John, bap. 6 Feb., 1776; spon.: John Schermerhorn 

and Cathrina Knickerbocker, 
iv. Margery, bap. 23 Feb., 1781; spon.: Benjamin and 
Margery Knickerbocker. 
The first child was bap. at Rhinebeck, N. Y., the others at 
Mount Ross, N. Y. 

'.1. Mariken' Knickerbocker (Cornell's,' Laurens,' Harmen 
Jansen'), bap. 2 Oct., 1748, at Germantown, N\ Y.; m. Tobias 
Muller or Miller. On 13 Nov., 1776, he and his wife became 
members of the church at Mount Ross, N. Y. Here he was 
appointed elder [9 May, 1781, and 19 May, 1787. Children, bap. 
at Mount Ross: 

i. Cornelis,' bap. 29 Oct., 1769; spon.: Cornelis Knicker- 
bocker and Allen Ben, his wife. 
ii. Tobias, bap. 6 Feb., 1776; spon.: Philip Bier and 

Hester Zee. 
iii. Elisabeth, bap. is Nov. 1777; spon.: Johannes Duikel- 

bach and Cathrina Milius. 
iv. Jacob, bap. 5 June, 1779; spon.: Laurent/. Kn: 
hocker and Gertrout Schneider. 

60 The Knickerbocker Family. [Jan., 

v. Marika, bap. 25 Feb., 1781; spon.: John and Catherina 

vi. Petrus, b. 29 March, 1782; spon.: Petrus Snyder and 

Eva Sie. 
vii. James, b. 11 Feb., 1784; spon.: James and Marytje 

viii. Philip, b. 26 Oct., 1785; spon.: Philip Knickerbocker 

and Anna Maria Dings, 
ix. Cornelia, b. 11 April, 1787; spon.: Simon Milius and 

Cornelia Knickerbocker. 

62. John C* Knickerbocker (Cornells, 3 Laurens, 3 Harmen Jan- 
sen'), b. 12 Nov., 1752; bap. at Rhinebeck, N. Y.; m. 2 Nov., 1777, 
at Rhinebeck Flatts, N. Y., Susanna Pulver, bap. 13 Sept. 1761, 
at Germantown, N. Y., dau. of Andries Pulver and Eva Linck. 
On 4 Dec, 1816, letters of administration were granted on the 
estate of John C. Knickerbocker of North East, N. Y., to Isaac B. 
Smith of Ancram, Columbia County, N. Y., and Andrew Knicker- 
bocker of North East (Poughkeepsie Surrogate Records, Book C, 
p. 442). On 31 Aug., 1825, letters were administered on the estate 
of Susanna Knickerbocker of Pine Plains, to James Smith and 
Adam I. Hiserodt, sons-in-law (above authority, Book D, p. 66). 
Children, except Gertjen, bap. at Mount Ross, N. Y.: 

81 i. Eva, 5 bap. 21 March, 1779; spon.: Andreas Pulver and 

Eva Linck; m. Adam J. Hiserodt. 
ii. Susannah, bap. 21 May, 1780; spon.: John and Susan- 
nah Knickerbocker. 

iii. Eleanor, bap. 14 Oct, 1781; spon.: Charles and Catha- 
rine Schermerhorn. 

iv. Cornelia, bap. 11 July, 1784; spon.: Simon and Cor- 
nelia Milius. 
v. Gertjen, bap. 26 Feb., 1786, Rhinebeck-Red Hook 
(N. Y.) church records; spon.: Wendel and Gertjen 
Pulver. On 17 Nov., 1825, letters of administration 
on the estate of Gitty Knickerbocker of Pine Plains 
were granted to James Smith and Adam I. Hiserodt 
(Poughkeepsie Surrogate Records, Book D, p. 80). 

vi. John, b. 26 Jan., 1795; spon.: John Knickerbocker and 
Maritjen Kous. 

63. Catherine' Knickerbocker (Cornells, 3 Laurens, 3 Harmen 
Jansen 1 ), bap. 8 May, 1757, at Linlithgo, N. Y.; m. John R. 
Schermerhorn. On 30 Sept., 1780, she joined the church at Mount 
Ross, N. Y. Jan, son of Ryer Schermerhorn and Marrytje Dekker, 
was b. 10 Aug., 1752; bap. at Rhinebeck Flatts, N. Y. Children: 

i. Rejes," bap. 24 Nov., 1776, at Rhinebeck, N. Y.; spon.: 

Corneles Schermerhorn and Jannetjen Heermans. 
ii. Cornelius, bap. 21 May, 1780, at Mount Ross; spon.: 

Ryer Schermerhorn and Margery Knickerbocker, 
iii. Benjamin, b. 9 April, 1782; bap. at Linlithgo, N. Y.; 
spon.: Benjamin Knickerbocker, Jr., and Elizabeth 
iv. Jacob K., b. 28 June, 1792; spon.: Jan Post and Elisa- 
beth . 

K)og.] Society Proceedings. 6 1 

v. Jacob Dietz, bap. 6 Sept., 1794, aged 4 weeks; spon.: 

John Jost Dietz and Eva. 
vi. Catharina, b. 25 July, 1800; spon.: Jacob Saltzberger 
and wife, Catharina. 
The last three children were bap. at Berne (Beaverdam, N. V.). 
(To be continued.} 


November ioth, 1908. 

A Regular .Meeting of the Board of Trustees of The New York Genealogi- 
cal and Biographical Society was held on Tuesday, November ioth, at 4.20 
P. M.. the President being in the Chair. 

Messrs. Eliot, Mott, Morrison, Field, Totten, Gibson, Bowen, 
Walker, Wright and Drowne. 

The Minutes of the last stated meeting were read and on motion, duly 
seconded, approved, 

["he ["reasurer reported cash on band 8596.18 and cash invested S5, 567.00. 

It was n Treasurer of the S01 

authorized to make such transfers from the Reserve Fund (which has necessar- 
ily been drawn upon during the summer months), between this date and 
December 31st, 1908, to the General Fui e necessary to balance each 

of the special accounts. 

The minutes of the last meeting of the Executive Committee were then 
read to show the present condition of the Society and progress made to date, 
and attention was called to improvements that had been made to the building 
during the summer months, and to the need of increased spue in the Library. 

A copy of a letter written by the Chairman of the Executive Committee to 
Rev. Lefferd Haughwout was then read and after due consideration it was on 
motion, duly seconded. Resolved that a committee of five (5) be appointed to 
take up the plan of registering and publishing Pedigrees, as outlined by Mr. W 
B. O. Field a year ago, and to present a report in regard to such publication, 

Messrs, Field, Wright, Mott, Morrison and Totten were thereupon ap- 
pointed members of said committee. 

A letter from The City History Club of New York was read, and it was on 
motion, duly seconded, Resolved, that a committee of three (3) be ap| 
to attend the Historical Confer > iar to be held in this 1 

November 13th, 1908. Messrs. Hopper Striker Mott, Henry Pierson G 
and Clarence Winthi 

There being no further business, the meeting was on motion, duly seconded, 

November 13TH, 1908. 

A Regular Meeting of The New York Genealogical and Biographical 
Society was held on Friday evening, November 13th, 1008, at 8.45 oclock. 
The President being in the Chair. 

["he 1 h urni n appointed the following Nominating Committee, to nominate 
candidates to be elected as Trustees for the term 1909 1012: Walter I ispenard 
Suydam, Chairman. Ellsworth Everett Dwight, Frank Eldred 
Everett Law Zabriskie, Evelyn Brigga Baldwin, 

The deaths of the follov 
'"■rover Cleveland; Edmund Sam \rnoid, M.D., 

James Wiili.un Beekman, Henry Trumbull Bi erick Wendell Jack- 

son, Clarence Wandell. 

The Executi. lorted the election of the I 

\lenii" I Sulli- 

Annual Mi Henrj 

62 Obituary, Notts. [Jan., 

Trumbull Bror.son, Miss Josephine Wandell, Samuel Reading Bertron, Maj. 
Henry Feltus Brewerton, Clifford Vail Brokaw, Whitehead Cornell Duyckinck, 
Charles Harold Floyd, William E. Fulton, Franklin Henry Giddings, Smith 
Ely Jelliffe, M. D., William Watkins Kenly, Henry Clay Pierce, Mrs. Ebenezer 
Scofield, Henry Brengla Shope, William Alexander Smith, Theodore Sutro, 
Allen Mason Thomas, M. D., Edgar Henry Tower, Henry Sayre Van Duzer, 
George Henry Warren, John I. Waterbury, Horace White, Richard Henry 
Williams, Mrs. William Hartmann Woodin. 

Mr. Bowen then introduced the speaker of the evening, Mr. William 
Webster Ellsworth, who gave an interesting lecture entitled: "Abraham 
Lincoln, Boy and Man," illustrated with stereopticon views. 

At the close of the lecture General James Grant Wilson gave some 
anecdotes of Lincoln, and moved a vote of thanks to Mr. Ellsworth. 

There being no further business the meeting was on motion, duly seconded, 


Beekman, James William, elected an Annual Member of this Society, 
Nov. 8, 1901, died at his residence, " The Cliffs," Oyster Bay, Long Island, Aug. 
7, 1908, aged 55 years. He belonged to an old Knickerbocker family and was 
the youngest son of the late James William and Abian Steele Beekman. He was 
graduated from Columbia Law School in 1871, and at the time of his death was 
a trustee of the New York Hospital, the New York Historical Society, New 
York Society Library, and the New York Dispensary. He was a member of 
the Holland Society, Sons of the American Revolution, Society of Colonial 
Wars, Psi Upsilon, St. Nicholas Society, and a Knight of the Order of Orange- 
Nassau of Holland. He was also affiliated with the Down Town, Union, Met- 
ropolitan, Knickerbocker, University, New York Yacht, Seawanhaka-Corinthian, 
and Century Clubs. Although a life long resident of Oyster Bay, Mr. Beekman 
had a city home at 7 East 42d Street. He leaves a brother and two sisters. 

Bronson, Henry Trumbull, an Annual Member of this Society, elected 
March 3, 190S, died Sept. 1, 1908, at Rye, N. Y., in the 66th vear of his age. 
He was a wealthy banker with offices at 13 South William Street. He was a 
director in a number of financial institutions in New York, among them the 
Nineteenth Ward Bank and the Van Norden Trust Company. He was a 
veteran of the Civil War, a member of the American Yacht Club, Apawamis 
Golf Club, and an Elder of the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church of 
New York, and was at one time President of the Presbyterian Union. He 
leaves a wife, one son and two daughters. 

Jackson, Frederick Wendell, Annual Member, elected April 14, 1899, 
died at Westchester, New York City, June 28, 1908, aged 63 years. Mr. Jackson 
was 1st Vice-President of the Historical Society from 1903 to the time of his 
death. He leaves a widow who was Miss Louisa Havermeyer, and two chil- 
dren, Louisa A. H. and Charles H. Jackson. 

Viele, Herman Knickerbocker, civil engineer, artist and author, 
son of Egbert L. Viele, elected an Annual Member of this Society in 1900, died 
Dec. 14, 1908. 


Dumont Family. — Several years ago I contributed to The Record some 
articles on the Dumont family, in which was mentioned the military service of 
one Peter Dumont, who sometimes styled himself Peter H. Dumont to prevent 
confusion. The chief Bibliographer of the Library of Congress, supplied the 
following, under the date of Aug. 22, 1907: 

" ]. P. Snell's History of Hunterdon and Somerset Counties, New Jersey ; 
Philadelphia, 1881; has the following on page 782: 

Henry Reed Stiles, A.M., M.D., hrst President and 
last surviving Charter Member of the New York Genealogical 

raphical Society, one of the founders and first Editor 
of this magazine, died at his home, Hill View, Warren County, 
X. Y., January 7th, 1909, in the 77th year of his age. 

Driven to retirement through bodily infirmities, he con- 
tinued until quite recently to prepare for publication the mass 
of historical and genealogical material he had gathered, his 
last work being the editing of a new edition of "A Journal of 
Voyage of De La Salle to the Gulf of Mexico fo find 
out the Mouth of the Mississippi." 

Although most of his generation has passed away, prob- 
ably no other genealogist was so widely known, so univer- 
sally admired and beloved, — and by none more than the 
members of the present Publication Committee of the RECORD, 
whose honored associate as Editor Emeritus he was at the 
time of his decease. 

(An extended obituary ul Dr. Stileb will appear in the April issue 
.-I tin Ri 

!o°9-] Queries. 63 

By request of the Congress, Hillsborough Township appointed a town com- 
mittee in 1776 and 1777, to act in behalf of their country when necessary. The 
following were the commit- 

1776. — John B. Dumont, Abraham Dubois, Johannes Demott, Cornelius 
Sebring, Peter A. Dumont, Lawrence Van Kleel, Garret Terhune, Jr. 

1777. — Abraham Dubois, John Dumont, Cornelius Sebl 
Dumont, Isaac Vannuys, Peter H. Dumont, Derrick Low, Peter Stryker, Jr. 

The statement that Congres i 1 illsborough Township to appoint a 

town committee, would seem to be of doubtful authenticity. Each Colony was 
to appoint its own committee of safety as is seen from the following resolution, 
adopted by Congress, July 18. 1775: 

That it be recommended to each Colony to appoint a committee of safety, 
to superintend and direct all matters necessary for the security and defense of 
their respective Colonies, in the recess -cmblies and conventions." 

(Journal of the Continental Congress, edited by W. C. Ford, Vol. II, p. 180.) 
EUGENE f. mc l'iKK, i Park Row, Chicago, 111. 

Gilbert Famii ■•,, of a book published in Mass., I'. S. A., in 

1850, entitled A Genealogical Memoir of the Gilbert Family in Old ana 
England, by 1. \V. Thornton, is the statement: "From Compton : .. ■ stems of 
the old stock branched off, for instance about 1604 John Gilbert li fl Compton 
and settled at Blechington, County of Essex." This should be County oi 
(representatives of which family are flourishing, 1 believe, at tin present day). 
I mention this point as I have had no less than four correspondents use tins 
statement as an authority for the conjectural connection between Gilbert oi 
Essex (of whom Sir William Gilbert, the great elei p Eli/.), and 

Gilbert of Compton, Devon (of whom Sir Humphrey Gilbert, the navigator), 
irrespondent suggesting that Blechington (which he has read at 1 
1 might be one of the Belchamps in Essex. The pedigree of Gilbert of 
Essex has been traced back to Suffolk (circa 1420), and I am of opinion that 
they were not in anv way connected with Gilbert of Devon as there were 
families of this name of equal antiquity in the North and Midlands. 

William GiLBKRT, Walthamstow, Essex, England. 

Cornkl. — "Hier Leyt Het Lighaam Van Gelijam Cornel Geboren Den 
23"* Augustus 1679 Gestorven Den 1" Augustus 1754 Oudt Zynde 7t Jaren 11 
Maenden En 9 Dagen." From gravestone in burying-ground of the Dutch 
Reformed Church of Flatbush, L. I. Copied by Waiter M. Meserole, April 13. 
I907. I would be glad to learn anything relating to this Gelijam Cornel. 


Gates — Merrick.— Wanted information concerning: Stephen Gati 

at Canterbury, Conn., Monday, Oct. 17, 1 [ary Merrick, his wife, b. at 

Methuen, Essex County, Mass.. Friday, May 8, 1744. Who were the parents of 
these persons. 

Greene Hinckley.— Desire Greene was b. Oct. 24, 171H, at Barnstable, 

Mass.; she m. Hinckley. She was living in March, 1750, when her f.tilier s 

estate was divided. What was his Christian name, and did she : 
family? R. 11. 1,. 

Stanton— Wilkins— Little— White.— Information is desired of the 
persons mentioned in the following notes: 

Mary Stanton, dau. of Geo. and Agnes (Blanck) Stanton, b. I. in. 11, 1769; 
10,181;; m. Sept. 9, 1786, John Wilkins of N. V. City. They had 1 
children, the descendants of some of whom have been traced, but information 

is still lacking concerning some of the ol the male 

dints, if there were anv who to., have been tm ed. Their children were 

Hai :. ih \\ ilkins, b. Sept 2, 17^1 , m. Win. Ho 

b. ; in. Ann Wilkins, 

■ Wilkins, b. July 27, 17X7; no pari unity. 

John Wilkins. b. ; 

John Wilkins, b. ; 

64 Book Notices. [Jan., 

George Wilkins, b. ; " " 

John Wilkins, b. ; " " 

From the repetition of the names it is probable that some of these sons d. 
early, especially among those named John and George. 

Agnes Stanton, dau. of George and Agnes (Blanck) Stanton, b. June 9, 
1771; m. Sept. 2, 1790, Jonathan Little of N. Y. City. They had the following 
children, none of whom we have any account of: 
Maria Little, b. about Sept. 1, I7gi(?). 

William Little, b. . 

Eliza Little, b. . 

Julia Ann Little, b. . 

George, Little, b. . 

Agnes Little, b. . 

John Little, b. . 

Harriet Little, b. . 

Henry Augustus Little, b. . 

Charles Little, b. . 

George Edwin Little, b. . 

As probably all of the above were residents of N. Y. City, it is probable 
that some of them had families, and that something can be ascertained about 
their descendants. 

George Stanton, Jr., son of George and Agnes (Blanck) Stanton, b. Sept. 5, 
1766; d. Oct. 6, 1793; m. Jan. 27, 1788, Ann Wilkins of N. Y. City(?). They had 
the following children: 

Hannah Stanton, b. June 15, 1788; m. Oct. 22, 1808, Wm. Holmes. 

They had sons, Wm., b. May 19, 1809, and George, b. . 

Ann Stanton, b. July 26, 1790; m. Henry V. White(?). They had a dau., 
Eliza White. 

Information about any of the above will be greatly appreciated. 

wm. Austin macy, Kings Park, Suffolk Co., New York, U. S. A. 


John Bidwell, Pioneer. A Sketch of his Career, by Marcus Benjamin. 
Paper, Quarto, pp. 52. Privately printed. Washington. 1907. 

The subject of this biography was descended from sturdy New England 
stock, a son of Abraham Bidwell and Clarissa Griggs, and born in Chatauqua 
County, New York. The family later removed to Pennsylvania, thence to 
Ohio, and finally, in 1839, John Bidwell started for the West, and in 1841 joined 
one of the first parties organized to cross the Rocky Mountains to California. 
He took an active part in the early political development of California, which 
led to her independence in 1846, and in 1849 purchased the domain of Rancho 
Chico, which William Dickey had obtained in 1844 by a grant from the 
Mexican government. With a strong bent of mind for farming, Mr. Bidwell 
proceeded to place his great tract of land under cultivation, subdividing it into 
some twenty farms, each devoted to the special product of grain, fruit, nuts, 
vegetables and flowers. Great herds of live stock were collected, and General 
Bidwell employed an army of 150 farm hands throughout the year, and at 
harvest time the number ran up to 800. 

He also incorporated the city of Chico and donated much valuable land to 
the municipality. The people of California repeatedly honored General Bid- 
well with positions of trust and high office, all of which he filled with ability, 
integrity and success, and the principal facts of his political and legislative 
career are set forth in detail. 

The biography is beautifully printed and illustrated with half tone photo- 
graphs, and the taste displayed in selection of large type, deckle edge paper 
and subjects of illustration is unusually good. 

Genealogy of Jefferson Davis. Address delivered October 9th, 1908, 
before Lee Camp, No. 1, Confederate Veterans, Richmond, Va., by William H. 
Whitsitt. Paper, Octavo, pp. 16. 1908. 

1909.] Book Notices. 65 

It is curious that the origin of the celebrated statesman should be so 
shrouded in mystery. From his own account, three brothers came to America 
from Wales in the early part of the eighteenth century ai n Phila- 

delphia, but reference to the Welsh Tract Records, 170I-1828, only disi 
the names Righart, Shonnet and James David in 170I. The fact is clear thai 
one Evan Davis was the grandfather, and Samuel Davis the father, of the 
nt of the Confederate States, and beyond that all is doubt or hypothesis. 
The identity of the names David, Davies and Davis is to be doubted and hence 
the problem of the Davis ancestry is far from being solved. The author, how- 
ever, has advanced a new theory, and added valuable data to the meagre 
family records, and has brought to the attention of the public a search which 
should be taken up by skilled genealogists. 

The ancient annals of a family which culminated in Jefferson Davis, the 
great Confederate leader, are well worth writing, and an exhaustive search of 
existing court records may result in further fact> oi 

Report of the Memorial Exercises in Honor of Di icon [ohn 
Doane. Paper, Octavo, pp. 39. Press of David Clapp & Son, Boston. 1908. 

These exercises were held at Orleans and Eastham, Mass., on April 21st, 
1907, and commemorate one of the founders of Eastham. For get 

family have been identified with the Orleans Church, and while Utile is 
known of the first ancestor, who came from England about i6;o, he t 
active and prominent part in the coum 

It is possible he was allied to the ancient H ol I ikmton, 

in Cheshire, but of this no direct proof has as yet been obtained. 

The DUYCKINCK and Allied Families, being a record of the de- 
scendants of Evert Duyckinck who settled in New Amsterdam, now New Yoik, 
in 1638. Whitehead Cornell Duyckinck and Rev. John Cornell, M.A. New 
York. Tobias A. Wright. 1008. 8vo, Cloth, pp. x+247. 

Genealogies of old Holland families are, unfortunately, comparatively 
rare, and this very attractive volume is doubly valuable for that re;. sen. It 
contains the records of over 6,000 of Evert Duyckinck's descendants, and 
numbers among them some of the best known old New York families. Among 
these may be noted the Abeel, Allien, Bancker, Bartow, Beekma 
Byvanck, Chrystie, Constable, D ir, Hoffman, Hooglandt, K 

LeRoy, Livingston, McVickar, Pell, Pierrepont, I'rovoost, Roosevelt, Rut 
Sands, Yanderbilt, Yerplanck, Whitney and Willed families, all of win. in, 
especially their present-day members, are largely represented in the book, 
their descent being derived through Duyi kini k women. 

In addition to these very important ge present day New 

Yorkers, the compilers have presented an exi or, of 

the Duyckinck arms, a map of New Amsterdam in 1 chalk's plan 

of the vaults in the New Dutch Church Yard in 17'^, besides several portraits. 
The volume is well printed and bound, and will be found invaluable to ever] 
student of New York genealogy. 


Mayflower, by William Hyslop Fuller, of Palmer, Mass. Cloth, Octa. 
306, with Index. Press of C. B. Fiske & Co. 1908. 

Edward Fuller, the immigrant, was a son of Hubert fuller of R< 
Co. of Norfolk, England, and 1-. mentiom d in his father's will, a facsimili 
of which is produced in this work, and while he may have been an armiger, no 
direct proof has as yet appeared giving him the right to bear arms. 

His numerous descendants are admirably traced out, and the lines of 

descent set forth briefly and compactly. Hie.h 1 d the 

■ 1 most excellent sy -• 

■■ ithout diffuse and 1111I1. 1 

finely printed, illusii 

attempting to put together theii I 

with theoretii 1 nice tc 


66 Book Notices. [Jan., 

turn to such lines as may interest him, and is not burdened with long descrip- 
tions of homesteads or commonplace facts. 

This work is properly a genealogy, and as such is a necessary addition to 
the collections of any library of note throughout the land. 

Col. David Fanning's Narrative, with an Introduction and Notes by 
A. W. Savary. Cloth, Large Octavo, pp. 55. Reprinted from the Canadian 
Magazine, Toronto, Canada. 1908. 

In this diary Col. David Fanning of North Carolina, personally sets out his 
exploits and adventures as a Loyalist, and for the first time the manuscript has 
been accurately printed in this interesting book. American writers have re- 
peatedly attacked the character and reputation of Col. Fanning, and attributed 
to him vices and crimes which existed only in the minds of the patriots who 
were his opponents. Any Loyalist during the Revolutionary War was treated 
by the patriotic party with peculiar opprobrium and considered to be without 
the pale of civilization. 

Mr. Savary has earned well deserved praise in placing before the public 
the complete narrative uncurtailed or expurgated and explained by a series of 
valuable notes. It was a happy thought to place in permanent library form 
this remarkable magazine article, and it is from such writings as these that an 
accurate history of the War of Independence can eventually be compiled, with 
justice to both Patriot and Tory. 

Memoirs of the Graham Family. Annie Kendrick Walker. New 
York. Tobias A. Wright. 1908. 12D, Boards, pp. 35. 

This exceedingly attractive little brochure, in its demure brown binding, 
charmingly illustrated with quaint portraits, sets forth the life of a wealthy 
Tennessee family in the good old days. The Grahams had their immediate 
origin in Ireland, and Hugh Graham, the American Ancestor, came to this 
country at the age of fourteen, and settled in Tazewell, Tennessee, where he 
built his homestead, "Castle Rock." From this family descended the wife of 
the American Minister to Constantinople, the Baroness Kavanaugh-Ballyane 
and the Princess de Liguori de Pdesicci. 

i> New York Historical Society, Collections 1902. Abstracts of 
Unrecorded Wills prior to 1790, on file in the Surrogate Office, City of New 
York. Volume XL Cloth, Octavo, pp. 256. Full Index. Printed for the Society, 
New York. 1903. 

No more important contribution to the genealogical history of this city 
could be made than this volume of unrecorded wills, all of which were found 
in the Surrogate Office by Mr. William S. Pelletreau, and the insertion of 
facsimiles of rare autographs make it doubly valuable. 

The wills of Henricus Selyns, 1700, one of the early ministers of the Dutch 
Church; Samuel Sands, 1713; Anthony Brockholst, 1710; Jacob Walton, 1749; 
Jacob Boelen, 1725; James Livingston, 1763; Jacob Walton, 1782; Martha 
Mortier, 1786; Maria Barclay, 1788, and Teunis Somarindyk, are peculiarly 
interesting and their discovery and preservation must be gratifying to their 
descendants in this city and state. 

Next to actual Heraldic Visitations and Ancient Pedigree Charts, the 
public records contain the greatest material for genealogical study and this 
series of the Historical Society will prove invaluable when, time, fire or the 
elements have ruined or destroyed the ancient records. 

New York Historical Society, Collections 1901. Abstract of Wills 
on file in the Surrogate Office, City of New York, Volume X, Oct. 23, 1708- 
Nov. 5, 1782. Cloth, Octavo, pp. 346. Full Index. Printed for the Society, New 
York. 1902. 

This volume is a continuation of the admirable series of digests of wills 
published by the New York Historical Society, and covers an interesting period 
of the Revolutionary War. It is printed and bound uniform with the preceed- 
ing volumes of this series, and will be a treasure trove of information to those 
whose ancestors were in this city at that period. It is published " in Memoriam " 
of Eugene Augustus Hoffman, President of the Society 1901-1902, and the 
expense of preparing and publishing the volume has been provided for by 

1909-1 Book Notices. 67 

Mrs. Eugene A. Hoffman. The Historical Society is fortunate in being able to 
edit and publish a work of this character through the generosity of the Hoff- 
man family. 

History anij Genealogy of the Jewetts of Amkkica, a record of 
Edward Jewett, of Bradford, West Rideing of Yorkshire, England, and of Ins 
two emigrant sons, Deacon Maximilian and Joseph Jewett, Settlers ol Rowley, 
Massachusetts, in 1639. Also of Abraham and |onn [ewett, early settlers of 
Rowley, anil of the Jewetts who have settled in the United States since the 
year 1800, by Frederick Clarke jewett, M. D, In Two Volumes, Cloth, Large 
Octavo, pp. 1197. Illustrated and fully Indexed. The Grafton i'ress, New 
York. 10/38. 

In 1855, a meeting of those who bore the name of Jewett was held in 
Rowley, at which Steps were taken to collect and preserve the fast disappi 
records of this representative family, but it was reserved for Dr. Jewett to hand 
down to posterity a family genealogy of which one and all may well feel proud. 

All the Jewetts in the country sprang from Edward Jewett, Clothier, of 
Bradford, Co. York., England, who married Mary, daughtei of William Taylor, 
except four families who came from England subsequent to 1800 and who 
are, undoubtedly, of the same family originally. 

The work appears to be exhaustive of the name in this country, and any 
one of the great number of descendants can be readily found, owing to the 
admirable arrangement, following the best standard genealogical system. The 
stupendous nature of the authors task can be realized from the number given 
to the last chi in Volume II, viz.: 11,042. The biography of each 

head of a family is concisely told, and throughout the two volumes the reader 
is impressed with eliminaiian of unnecessary detail and tradition hypotheses of 
descent. In regard to the right to bear arms, the author states in his preface: 
"The arms borne by him" (Edward Jewett) "and which were brought to this 
country by Deacon Maximilian and Joseph Jewett. and which they were so 
careful to preserve on the records here," but a careful examination of the data 
given concerning the father and the two emigrant sons does not disclose in 
what shape, how or where any such arms were preserved. It may he the seals 
on the wills of Deacon Maximilian and Joseph [ewett bore an impress of the 
arms claimed, but it is not so stated and if so, it is to be regretted that a photo- 
graphic reproduction of the seal is not given. 

printed and sei d for service, and should be 

iii' luded in the collection of every large public libarary. 

Transactions of thi- Kansas Statf. Historical Society, 1907-1908. 
Edited by Geo. W. Martin, Secretary. Vol. X. Cloth, Octavo, pp. 707 lull 
Index. Press of the State Printing Office, Topelca. 1907. 

This volume embraces addresses at the Annual Meetings, The Centennial 
of Zebulon Montgomery Pike's visit, ini 
under the fla inniversary ol th< First Free Stat< 

. 1857; Also the Fil ' islature and the Session 1 

Disappearing Indians; The Soldiers of Kansas; Floods in the Missouri's River; 

ami interesting Personal Narratives. The greater part ol tl taken 

up with Concerning the early history of the Stati 

while but little matter of !'■ character is found am ;es, the 

material will prove a vertilile mine for those who write up the b 

early citizens of the State. Thi ' ind of 

the Indian Wars are particularly inten 

.1 ve been forever lo 

but for the effort of the Historical Society to 1 

tales of the pioneers. The volume is well printed and bound, reflects high 
credit upon its editor, and almost needless to add, will prove a welcome and 
necessary addition to the shi 

History and Genealogy op tin: Families of Miller, Woods, 
Harris, Wallace, Maupin, Oldham, Kavanagh ami Brown, with 

of mi: Families of Dabney, Reid, Martin, Broadd 
Jarman, Jameson, Ballard, Mullins, Michie, Mobsrly, Covington, 

68 Book Notices. [Jan., 

Browning, Duncan, Yancey and others, by W. H. Miller. Cloth, Octavo, 
pp. 7jS. With full Index, pp. 127. Press of the Transylvania Co., Lexington, 
Ky. 1907. 

Considering the mass of data collected and the difficulty of arriving at any 
condensed system of recording the facts concerning so many different families, 
the author has accomplished wonders, and while his compilation is nut in 
regular genealogical form, by an unusually clear and complete index, he has 
made the searcher's task comparatively an easy one. Like all American 
families the Millers are of many nationalities, and the various lines are traced 
out with a wealth of detail not only admirably arranged, but well set forth in 
readable form. The patient and persistent research expended upon this 
volume excites admiration, and its author deserves every success in his effort 
to leave a permanent record of his ancestors. 

The traditions of the Maupin family and its French origin are particularly 
valuable, and undoubtedly will aid many of the name in tracing out their fore- 
bears. The typography is excellent; a trifle small, but this could not be 
avoided in order to embrace all the material in one volume. 

The Northrup-Northrop Genealogy— A record of the known de- 
scendants of Joseph Northrup, who came from England in 1637, and was one 
of the original settlers of Milford, Conn., in 1639, with lists of Northrups and 
Northrops in the Revolution. By A. Judd Northrup, LL.D., of Syracuse, N. Y. 
Cloth, Octavo, pp. 461. Full Index. The Grafton Press, New York. 1908. 

While the spellings of the name of Northrup have been many and varied, 
the ancestor of this branch of the family in the earliest documents of records, 
always writes himself as Joseph Northrup. He is supposed to have come 
from' Yorkshire, though this is exceedingly doubtful, as many of like name, 
spelled somewhat differently are found in Hertfordshire and Kent. The 
original immigrant was one of Eaton and Davenport's company, sailing from 
England in the ships Hector and Martin in 1637. This company settled in 
New Haven in 1638, but many members later affiliated with Sir Richard 
Saltonstall's Company and removed to Milford, Conn., about 1639. 

Joseph Northrup' married Mary, daughter of Francis Norton and became 
the father of eight children, who in turn left numerous descendants. The 
author displays much patience, care and skill in gathering and setting forth 
his facts, and has put together an excellent family record. The addition of 
such data as he obtained concerning the connected families of like name and 
the Revolutionary records, make the book complete and extremely useful to 
those who are searching to place ancestors of this name. The standard system 
of recording is employed, which will commend the book to all practical 
genealogists. The name of its publisher is enough to insure proper typography 
and binding, and Mr. Northrup is to be congratulated upon so thorough and 
useful a family history. It may safely be stated that if genealogies are con- 
tinued to be collected and published on the lines of this volume, in a few years 
the libraries of this country will possess unsurpassed collections in this line of 

The History of Orange County, New York. Edited by Russel 
Headley. Cloth, Octavo, pp. 997. Index. Press of Van Deusen & Elms, 
Middletown, N. Y. 1908. 

This work fills a long felt want and presents an accurate and compre- 
hensive history not only of the County of Orange, its settlements, early govern- 
ment, events of the French and Indian, and the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, 
and the legal, medical and journalistic celebrities of the county, but a 
detailed sketch of each of the towns contained within its boundaries. Neces- 
sarily the main facts of interest from about 1775 to the present time occupy the 
largest portion of the book, and the biographies printed deal with living 
representatives of the county, but the pages contain abundant material for the 
genealogist and authentic lists of the early grantees, military levies and 
organizations. Mr. Headley shows clear insight and grasp of his subject, and 
has carried out a difficult task with ability and credit not only to his intelligence 
and industry, but to the honor of one of the oldest counties in the State of 
New York. The work is splendidly illustrated with a number of steel engraved 

iqoq.] Book Notices. 69 

portraits and half tone plates of persons and places of interest, and while it 
must be regretted that no exhaustive index has been made, this lack can be 
attributed to the great cost in time and labor such an index would require. 
The history will take its place among the best of kindred works on th< 
Counties and go far to perfect the record of what may justly be called the 
Empire State. 

The Descendants of John Potter, by Mr. Wayland Manning. Paper, 
Octavo, pp. 28, with Index. Privately printed. 1906. 

This small pamphlet is a record of the descendants of John Potti 
James Potter, ot Mount Potter and Catharine, daughter cf Sir John Stewart, of 
t) Down, Ireland, born April 12, 176;, who immigrated to 
Charlestown, S. C, in 178.1, married Catharine Fuller and removed i" Princeton, 
N. j., in 1824, where he died in 1848. 

Among the more prominent families related are those of Conger, Cuyler, 
Dod, Higginson, Langborne, Pyne and Stockton, and the vital statistics col- 
lected will be of much service to any descendant contemplating a full genealogy 
of the family. 

Gi nealogy of the Cortland County, N. Y. Branch of thi Sandi rs 
Family, by Dr. Charles W. Sanders. Cloth, Quarto, pp. 101, with Chart. 
Press of Meyer Bros., New York, N. \ . 

John Sanders of Weeks, Downton Parish, Wiltshire, England, who came 
to Salem in 1630, was the founder of the American branch ol the family, and 
that he was entitled to bear coat of armor is clearly shown by the will of his 
grandson, Capt. John Sanders of Salem, who died in 1694. This will was 
sealed with wax upon which is an impression of a seal bearing an elephant's 
side view, which is the crest of the Sanders Anns, as borne by the 
English family of that name ol lamshire, Northamptonshire and 

Wiltshire, England. The lines of descent are tersely set down to the present 
day, but the work is more of the nature of a skeleton pedigree than a detailed 
family history. It is illustrated with good wood cut portraits, but I 

ally nor indexed. It is hoped that these notes may bring 
to light additional data and result in a more complete genealogy. The book is 
clearly printed and has many pages for added 1 

A Book of Strattons, by Harriet Russell Stratum. Cloth, Octavo, pp. 
350. Full Index. The Grafton Press, New York. 1908. 

This monumental work is a collection of Stratton Records from England 
and Scol a genealogical history of the early Colonial Strattons in 

America with tive generations of their di . and is to be supplemented 

later by a second volume containing the generation down ni day. 

Theoi: igs to the rare class of born sts, and 

in this work evidences ability of the highest order, not only in the selection and 
digestion of material, but in the system. itii arrangement, following the I" 

■ genealogical nomenclature. The idea ol recording every item of im- 
portance concerning all the immigrants of the sum- name is not new. but is al- 

: the immensity of the task, and the 1 
energy and g in this book, makes it an unusual 

and almost unique work. Especially fine is the record <>f research it, the 
iarish and church registers and among the Heraldic 
Visitations and Pedigrees. 

N'o claim to coat armor or ancient pedigree is made without absolute proof 
of the right ol descent, and the frankness of the compiler in declii 
ancient lineage on mere tradition or similarity of name, is refreshing in tl 
of false armorial pretense and abstraction. A list ol 16 early 1 lolomal 5 ' 

to be immigrants is given, and ti ts of 13 of thi 

out to the extent i,l over tooo. The illustrations ol I of the 

of old dot ui 

, are wonderfully well do 
teres! to the • 
The best of taste is shown in the printing and binding of the volumi 
the Grafton Press should be given warm praise for so excellent a publi 


70 Accessions to the Library. [Jan., 

It deserves a place in every historical library interested in keeping apace with 
modern genealogical research and publications. 

Life In Old Virginia, by James J. McDonald. Edited by J. A. C. Chand- 
ler, Cloth, Small Octavo, pp. 374, Unindexed. Press of The Old Virginia Pub- 
lishing Co. (Inc.), Norfolk, Va. 1907. 

The history of the early colony of Virginia has been so often and so admir- 
ably written that further works upon this subject would appear superfluous, 
except they contain original material gleaned from recently discovered records 
and manuscripts. Mr. McDonald has collected together a series of chap- 
ters upon historical subjects which are readable, and has filled the book with 
photographic productions of persons, places and things of local interest. Its 
value will be in the preservation of odd bits of information, rather than any 
genealogical discoveries or records. 

The Witchcraft Delusion in Colonial Connecticut, 1647-1697, by 
John M. Taylor. Cloth, Small Octavo, pp. 172, with Index. The Grafton 
Press. 1908. 

No delusion in the history of peoples is of greater psychological interest 
than that of witchcraft, and so early and anciently was this fear of powers un- 
natural instilled into human minds that the Code of Hammurabi, digested 2250 
B. C. contains provisions against the makers and casters of spells. The wave of 
superstition that swept Colonial Salem in 1692 was but the aftermath of the 
greater and more widespread frenzy against magic practice in the Motherland. 
It was inevitable that the Massachusetts persecutions should be imitated in the 
other Colonies, and the wonder and shame rests in the fact that reputable men, 
of education and intelligence, should so drift with the tide of folly and actively 
aid in the legal commission of crime. 

Mr. Tayler has complied from ancient documents a most valuable record 
of the Connecticut prosecutions and executions of so-called witch-wives. The 
quaint and curious language and form of the depositions of witnesses are accur- 
ately transcribed and the list of the unfortunate appears to be as accurate as time, 
research and labor can make it. The date and name of the first victim in New 
England, who paid the penalty to the superstition of witch-craft, has been dis- 
closed by the author's efforts, and in Matthew Grant's diary can be read; "May 
26, 1647, Alse Young was hanged" in Windsor, Connecticut. This is an im- 
portant discovery and Mr. Taylor is entitled to the highest credit for his solution 
of a long sought for and vexatious problem. The book is exhaustive on its sub- 
ject and will become a standard work of reference. In typography, material 
and binding, the work maintains the exacting standard of The Grafton Press, 
and deserves the attention of historians. 


September 11 to December /j, igo8. 


' Bound. 

Clark, Miss Adelia I.— Ancestors of Gen. Emmons Clark. 

Colonial Society of Pennsylvania. — Year Book. 

Crozier, William Armstrong. — Bradford's Bibliographer's Manual, I. 

Fitch, Winchester.— Annuaire Heraldique et Mondain. Memorial of Rev. 

Wm. A. Hallock, D.D. 
Fuller, William H. — Descendants of Edward Fuller. 
Kansas Historical Society.- -Collections, X. 
Mann, John H. — Bagg and Allied Families, bound manuscript. 
McGlenen, Edward W. — Boston Record Commissioners' Report, Vol. 38. 
Miller, W. H. — History and Genealogies. 
Old Virginia Publishing Company. — Life in Old Virginia. 

i.jCK}.] Accessions to the Library. 7 1 

Sanders, Dr. Charles Walton. — Sanders Genealogy. 

Savary, A. W.— Farming's Narrative. 

rotten, John R. — Munsell's American Genealogist, 1900. Medical Directory, 
N. Y., N. J. and Conn., 1007. 

Van Deusen & Elms.— History of Orange County, N. Y. 

Wales. Edward H. — Burr Family, 2 vols. King's Notable New Yorkers. 
History of Greenwich, Conn. History of Brimtield, Conn, Pp 
Families of New York. New York State's Prominent and Progressive 
Men, 1 vols. Memorial History of New York, 5 Vols. N. Y. Social 
Register, 42 vols. Life of Thurlow Weed, 2 vols. New Y'ork, the Met- 
ropolis. Makers of New York. Atlas of Hampden County, Mass. The 
Webster Statue. Lincoln Obsequies. Old Burving Ground, Fairfield, 
Conn. David Coddington's Speeches. Prime Family Notes. Tiffany 
rgy. Autobiography, Elizur B. Hinsdale. In Memoriam, Mrs. John 
M. Francis. In Memoriam, John H. Hall. Diary of Rev. Daniel Fuller. 
Speeches of S. B. Chittenden. Laurence Oliphant, 2 vols. Life and 
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Memorial Address on Abraham Lincoln. Banquet to the Guests of the 
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of Mrs. Charity Bamum. Biographies of Robert L. and Alexander Stuart. 
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Walker, Miss Annie K< n lrick.— Graham Family Memoirs. 

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Pamphlets, Etc. 
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• ript. 

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Smith, Mrs. G n's Headquarters. 

Inglis A ilvei Gray's Ken. 

•v of the Episcopal Church in Essex County, 

72 Accessions to the Library. [Jan., 

Tabor, Miss Martha A. — First Dover Baptist Church Records, manuscript. 

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Shallcross Pedigree. 

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Witchcraft Delusion in Colonial Connecticut. 

i<XX}.] Officers of the New York- Genealogical and IUograpkical Society. 73 






































The N. Y. Genealogical and Biographical Record 

Complete Subject Index of Volumes 1 to 3», Inclusive. Pamphlet, 41 pp. 

Issued uniform In size and cover with The Mew York 

Genealogical and Biographical Record 

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Peirce's Colonial Lists. 

Howland Genealogy. By Franklyn Howland. 
Hubbard's Stanstead County, Canada. 
Vermont Historical Gazetteer. — Vol. III. 
Newport Historical Magazine. — Index to Vol. IV. 
Rhode Island Historical Magazine.— Vol. VII, Part 4. 
Waldo's History of Tolland, Conn. 
Indexes to Wills at Trenton, N. J. 
Connecticut Quarterly.— Vol. I, No. 1. 

Rice's Births, Marriages and Deaths in Worcester, Mass. 
Connecticut Historical Society's Collections. — Vol. I. 
Bayles' History of Windham County, Conn. 
Massachusetts Historical Society's Collections. 
Diary of Samuel Sewall. 
Starr Genealogy. 

Cullum's Biographical Register of the U. S. Army.— Vols. I, II, III. 
Old Eliot.— Vol. I. 

Maine Genealogist and Biographer. — Vol. I, Parts 2, 4. 
Documents Relating to the Colonial History of New York. Fer- 
now. — Vol. XI. 

The Society offers : 

The Clarke Families of Rhode Island. By George Austin Morrison, Jr. 
In exchange, at $10.00 per copy, unbound. 


The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society 
226 West 58th Street, New York. 

This Society has for sale official forms of genealogical charts called 
"Register of Pedigrees." These registers are of two varieties, called "single" 
and "double" charts. They are each paper covered books of 11 x 16 inches in 
size, properly ruled and printed for the insertion of names of ancestors in succes- 
sive generations. The single charts consist of 17 pages, and when filled in will 
give all of the ancestors in all ramifications for o generations, arranged so that the 
family name of each of the 16 great-great-grandparents occupies a page. Family 
names appear on the marginal index which is formed by the indentation of each 
leaf. The back of each leaf is arranged for special memoranda concerning the 
persons named on the page facing it. 

The double charts are practically two single charts combined. The object 
being to devote the first half of the chart to the registration of the complete pedi- 
gree of the male line, the second half for a like registration of the female line, and 
the double chart therefore provides for the registration of 10 generations in both 
male and female lines. 

The price of these charts to members of this Society is as follows: 
Single Charts, 75 cts. Double Charts, $1.50 

To those who are not members of the Society: 

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ceive a new one in exchange therefor without additional cost. These charts may be purchased by 
application to the Librarian. 

It is the desire of the Ti 
fill them out as far as possible and file them with the Society. 
in volumes, fully indexed, and will thus form a record of inestimable value to the Society. 

Those who have in their possession full information as to their individual ancestry are espec- 
ially urged to obtain these Charts, fill them in and file them with the Society, as information of this 
nature is very frequently lost to posterity owing to negligence on the part of those possessing it to 
make record thereof, in special depositories provided for that purpose. 

LIBRARIAN, N. Y. Geo. Blot, and Society. 

i'K>q.] Advertisement. 75 

The "Old Northwest " Genealogical Society 


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Address Frank T. Cole, Secretary 

The first ten volumes contain among other matter: 

GENEALOGIES.— Andrews, Bancroft, Barr, Bristol, Burr. Buttles, Beatty. 
Carlisle, Chester, Cole, Coleton, Case, Ferson, Krisbie, Fowler, Goodrich, 
Gleason, Gilbert, Hart, Hunter, Jones, Knapp, Kilbourne, Keffer, LaLerre, 
Little, McKelvey, McPike, Mackenzie, Mallby, Mowry, Morrison, Osborn, 
Phillips, Potter, Pinney, Ruggles, Ridgway, Spellman, Shepard, Shepard- 
son, Sprague, Stone, St. Clair, Thrall, Topping, Thompson, Villiers, Whit- 
ing, W ard, Wright, Worthington, Wilson, Wolfer, /.ieger. 

HISTORICAL ARTICLES ON The Connecticut Reserve, The Worthington 
Medical College, The Sterling Medical College, The Worthington Female 
Seminary, The Central College of Ohio, The Central Ohio Normal School, 
The Presbyterian and Methodist Churches of Worthington, Kalamazoo Co., 
Mich., Kewaunee, Wis., Blinden Township, and Plum Township, Frank- 
lin Co., Ohio, Randolph Township, Portage Co., Ohio, Ann Arbor, Mich., 
Journals of Col.Jas. Kelbourneand Nath'l W. Little to Ohio in 1802, etc., etc. 

AUTOBIOGRAPHIES. -Col. Kelboume, G. F. Wittich and Gov. Allen 

BIOGRAPHIES OF Governors St. Clair, Morrow, Worthington, Bushnell of 
Ohio, and Jennings oi Indiana; of Bishops K" 

Kemper; of Generals Bin kingham, Wright; of Rev. I'rs. A. A. E, Taylor, Cowing, T. R. Cressey, Roger Searli mid; oi Dr. Ed 

ward Orton, Micajah T. Wi ild, David W. Brooks, 

and forty-five others. 

Cemetery Inscriptions, Marriage Records, Coats of Arms, Book Plates, 
Old Wills, Church Records, Old Letters. etc. 

A limited number of sets can be supplied. Price, $31.00 

76 Advertisement. [Jan., I909 


is equipped to undertake any commission, however large or small, 
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Collect the material and write a genealogy from the beginning to 

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Complete a partly finished manuscript, no matter what stage it is in. 
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Or do anything whatever might be necessary. And we will gladly 
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We have indexed, rearranged, edited, and prepared for publication 
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ford (Connecticut) Bi-Centennial celebration (1907) we took entire 
charge of their memorial book. The exercises occupied five days 
and two members of our staff attended and prepared a full account 
of all of the meetings, including the speeches. The townspeople 
contributed several articles, and we put the whole into perfect form 
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It costs nothing to consult us and to consider our plan for making 

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Genealogical Editors and Publishers 

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No. 2. 


Genealogical and Biographical 




April, 1909. 


326 «< 

Eutercd Jul? 19. 1879. U Secuud CUs» Matter. I'oil OHice at New Vock. N. V., Act ol Coo«r*M o( March 3d. 1879. 

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record. 

Publication Committee : 





Illustration. Portrait of Henry Reed Stiles, A.M., M.D Frontispiece 

i. Henry Reed Stiles, A.M., M.D. By Tobias A. Wright . ... 77 

2. Clues from English Archives Contributory to American Gene- 

alogy. By J. Henry Lea and J. R. Hutchinson 80 

3. The Matthysen-Banckers of Sleepy Hollow. By Edw. Doubleday 

Harris 87 

4. Lists of Germans from the Palatinate who Came to England 

in 1709. (Continued from Vol. XL, page 54) 93 

5. The Knickerbocker Family. By William B. Van Alstyne, M.D. 

(Continued from Vol. XL, page 61) 100 

6. A Digest of Essex Wills. With Particular Reference to 

Names of Importance in the American Colonies. By William 
Gilbert. (Continued from Vol. XL, page 9) 108 

7. New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the American Rev- 

olution. Communicated by D. R. Jack. (Continued from Vol. XL, 
page 32) 115 

8. The Hoppe-Hoppen-Hopper Lineage. By Hopper Striker Mott. (Con- 

tinued from Vol. XL, page 15) 123 

9. Inscriptions from Christian Church Cemetery (Old Part), 

Milan, Dutchess Co., N. Y. Copied by Miss Azalea Clizbee . . 128 

10. Bacon Family— Origin of Name. By Leon Brooks Bacon . . . 133 

11. Editorial. Registration of Pedigrees 134 

12. Society Proceedings 136 

13. Notes . . 139 

14. Queries. Clark — Coleman — Davis— Gardiner — Harris— Nicholl — Palmer 

Wright 139 

15. Book Notices 140 

16. Accessions to the Library 145 

NOTICE.— The Publication Committee aims to admit into the Record only such new Genea- 
logical, Biographical, and Historical matter as may be relied on for accuracy and authenticity, but 
neither the Society nor its Committee is responsible for opinions or errors of contributors, whether 
published under the name or without signature. 

The Record is issued quarterly, on the first of January, April, 
July and October. Terms : $3.00 a year in advance. Subscriptions 
should be sent to . THE RECORD, 

226' West 58th Street, New York City. 

For Advertising Rates apply to the Treasurer. 


Genealogical anb ^Biographical Hetort. 

Vol. XL. NEW YORK. APRIL, 1909. No. 2 

One of the founders of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society. 

By Tohias A. Wright. 

To those who enjoyed the honor of his friendship his death 
recalls the delightful memory of a refined and noble character. 
Endowed with the attributes of a graceful and cultured per- 
sonality, gifted in a high degree with the power to acquire and 
transmit knowledge through the medium of his published writings, 
he became the associate and friend of the leading scientists and 
teachers of his day. They welcomed him to their ranks and the 
doors of their institutes were opened wide to him. His ready 
pen advanced the cause of associations and societies formed for 
the welfare and elevation of mankind, and he was present at the 
very inception and birth of many of them, our own Genealogical 
Society being among the number. 

Few men possessed greater ability in collecting and conserv- 
ing the vital statistics and primitive history of New York and 
New England than Dr. Stiles. While following his chosen pro- 
fession of physician for a livelihood, it is safe to say that more 
than one half his life was spent in historical and genealogical 
work, for which he received no pecuniary compensation. We 
might even marvel at the number and extent of the publications 
that came from his pen, though his whole time had been gives 
to this work. His industry, exemplary life and unselfish interest 
in his fellow man made him much beloved. To the average 
New Englander it is nobility enough to prove his own descent 
from one of the Pilgrim Fathers; he made it possible for 
thousands to trace their ancestry to the founders of our American 
Government and to honored names in the older governments of 
the world. 

Dr. Stiles descended through a long line of plain Connecticut 
farmers from John Stiles, a first settler of Windsor in 1636.* His 
father, Samuel Stiles, a bank note and map engraver, settled 
about 1830 in New York City, where his eldest son, II 
was born March 10, 1832. He began his education at the Gram- 

* For ancestry of Dr. Stiles sec Thr Family of Stilts, published in l>"<>k 
form, 1895. 

78 Henry Reed Stiles, A.M., M.D. [April, 

mar School of the University of the City of New York; entered 
freshman at the University in 1848, and sophomore at Williams 
College, Mass., in 1849. Ill health prevented his graduation 
there, but in 1876 he received the degree of A. M. from that 
college. He studied medicine at the Medical Department of the 
University of the City of New York, graduating in 1855; as also 
in same year from the New York Opthalmic Hospital. 

He practiced for a few months in New York City, then in 
Galena, 111., with a partner, Dr. Timothy M. Wilcox; married in 
Jan., 1856, and removed shortly after to Toledo, Ohio, where for 
a few months he edited the Toledo Blade (daily and weekly), and 
in July of same year removed to Brooklyn, N. Y. In 1857 and '58 
he was a member of the firm of Calkins & Stiles, publishers of 
educational works, and of the American Journal of Education. 
From 1858 to 1861 he practiced his profession in Brooklyn, and in 
1861 removed to Woodbridge, N. J., where he continued in active 
practice until May, 1863, when his literary tendencies again 
prevailing he accepted the position of Librarian to the Long 
Island Historical Society at Brooklyn, of which organization he 
was one of the founders and a member of the first Board of 
Trustees named in the act of incorporation. Resigning this 
position in 1865, he engaged in literary pursuits until in February, 
1868, when he was appointed to a clerkship in the Bureau of 
Vital Statistics in the Brooklyn office of the Metropolitan Board 
of Health. Two months later he was made chief clerk of the 
Brooklyn office, which position he retained until the abolition of 
the Metropolitan Commission in 1870. He was then immediately 
appointed Sanitary (Medical) Inspector in the newly organized 
Board of Health of N. Y. City, and served as such in the 2d, 4th 
and 6th Wards until July, 1873, when he was appointed Medical 
Superintendent of the State Homeopathic Asylum for the Insane 
at Middletown, N. Y. He there superintended the erection of 
the first two asylum buildings, organized the asylum service, and 
placed the institution on the foundation of success as the first 
homeopathic insane asylum in the world under government 
control. Resigning his position here in 1877, he removed with 
his family to Dundee, Scotland, where he had been called to take 
charge of the Dundee Homeopathic Dispensary, then under the 
presidency of Lord Kinnaird, where he remained until 1881, 
when he was obliged by his own and his wife's health to return 
to America. Here he engaged in consultation with his old 
friend Dr. Frederick Humphreys in New York City. In 1888 he 
removed to Hill View on the shore of Lake George, N. Y., where 
he had a private establishment for the cure of mental and nervous 
diseases, but continued his association in N. Y. City until about 
1 90 1, when he gave up professional work here and devoted all 
his time to completing and preparing for publication his great 
work, the History of Wethersfield, Ct., which was published in 
two large volumes. 

As far back as 1859 Dr. Stiles published his History and 
Genealogies of Ancient Windsor, Ct., and in 1861 a Supplement to 
the same; also a monograph on Bundling in America. In 1863 

1909.] Henry Reed Stiles, AM., M 'J>. ~( t 

he published the genealogy of the Massachusetts Family of Stiles; 

in 1S65 he was an active member of the " Faust Club " which pub- 
lished limited and choice editi i's History of Long 
Island, and ot Far man's Notes on Brooklyn, N. Y. (the I 
being fully annotated by Dr. Stiles). In 1865 be issued (limited 
edition) two volumes relating to the sufferings and experiences 
of the prison ship captives in Wallabout Bay, under the title of 
The Wallabout Prisons/tip Series, and also edited The Genealogy 
of tin- Stranahan and Josslyn Families. 

In 1867 he issued the first volume of his History of the City of 
Brooklyn, X. Y ., in 1869 the second, and in 1S70 the third. 'Phis 
work placed him in the foremost rank of historical writers, and 
is a lasting monument to his fame. It is remarkable that a man 
whose ancestors were English and who had previously no 
acquaintance, and (as he admitted to the writer) little sympathy 
with the Dutch element of our early beginning as a nation, should 
have chosen this stamping ground of the Dutchman, this city that 
they founded, as a subject upon which to spend years of the 
most indefatigable investigation and painstaking research, and 
make their history his crowning work. Surely the citizens of old 
Brooklyn owe him a lasting debt of gratitude. He wrote a Life 
of Abraham Lincoln (1865); 22 of the 50 biographies in Tin- Men of 
Our Day (1868), one or two campaign biographies of Gen : 
Grant, and portions of many other subscription books. Anion;; his 
numerous contributions torn and magazines are sketches 

of publishers in the Round Table for 1 866-7 i papers in the Historical 
Magazine, of which he was editor; letters and historical sketches 
in the Rahway 'Tunes (X. J.), under the nom-de-plume of "Tip 
Top." In 1S84 he edited and mtributed to the Illustrated 

History of the County of Kings and the ( ity of Brooklyn, 2 vols., 
quarto, and in 1887 completed the editing of the Humphrey 
Family Genealogy. 

He was a member of the Kin^s County, Orange and New 

York County Societies, State Hon pathic Medical Society, 

New York Medico- Lej;al Society; of the Clinical Club; was one 
of the organizers and first members of the Public Health Asso- 
ciation of New York City, and a founder and officer of the Society 
f>r Promoting the Welfare of the Insane in N. Y. City; a special 
lecturer on Hygiene and Sanitary Science in the X. Y Homeo- 
pathic Medical College, and Professor of Mental and Nervous 
Diseases in the X. Y Woman's Medical College and Hospital. 
lb- was a member (and for eight years Recording Secretai 

American Ethnological Society, of the D01 • 
Historical and Antiquarian Society; the New England Historic- 
Genealogical Society of Boston,^.; the State Hist 

:i; the Niagara Historical Society; the 
Numismatic and Antiquarian Society ot Philadelphia, ami • 
American Philological Society ol New York. In 1869 he v. 
of the urgai funct) Ami ri 

Institute, and in the same j tin- seven founders ot the 

New York '. v, ami its p 

dent from 1869 to 1873; first editor and a frequent contributor 

80 Clues from English Archives Contributory to American Genealogy.{\x>x\\, 

to the Record, its quarterly magazine. He was also a Life Mem- 
ber of the Long Island Historical Society, and an Honorary Mem- 
ber of the Northwestern Literary and Historical Society of Sioux 
City, Iowa. 

At one period Dr. Stiles was much interested in the subject 
and philosophy of Freemasonry, in which he took all the degrees 
of the New York Rite, and all of those in the Scottish Rite, up to 
and including the Thirty-second Degree. 

In bearing he was dignified, but his great kindly nature glowed 
through the reserve like a burst of sunshine, lighting the way to 
the hearts of his associates and friends. His quick wit and quaint 
humor made him a most delightful companion. After retirement 
to his country seat and when the physical infirmities of age were 
bearing heavily upon him he kept up a cheerful correspondence 
with friends, often illustrating his letters with humorous sketches 
and cartoons, in the art of which he was, like Thackeray, a master. 

In religion he was brought up a Presbyterian in the Old Spring 
Street Church in New York City, of which his father was an elder, 
but while in Scotland entered the communion of the Catholic 
Apostolic Church, and his creed was so broad that he considered 
not the faults of men, but loved them for their virtues. 

In 1856 Dr. Stiles married Sarah Ann Woodward, dau. of Rev. 
Charles Moore Woodward. Mrs. Stiles died in 1903. Their sur- 
viving children are Dr. Chas. Butler Stiles and Mrs. Elliott 
(Stiles) Truesdale, wife of Fred. E. Truesdale of Hill View, N. Y. 

Resolution adopted by the Board of Trustees of the New 
York Genealogical and Biographical Society on the occasion of 
the death of Dr. Henry Reed Stiles, Jan. 7, 1909: 

"The Board of Trustees of this Society record this tribute to 
the memory of Henry Reed Stiles, A.M., M.D.: That he gave a 
life to the cause of Education, to Genealogy, to the enoblement 
of the standards of his profession and to civic righteousness." 

Contributory to American Genealogy. 

By J. Henry Lea and J. R. Hutchinson. 

It is well known that the English records contemporary with 
the landing of the Pilgrim Fathers contain a wealth of infor- 
mation concerning the family history of the early colonists, not 
only of the New England but of the Southern settlements. The 
searchers of the Probate and Chancery Records, Feet of Fines, 
Manorial Court and Plea Rolls, Inquisitions Post Mortem, Star 
Chamber Court, Ship Money Tax, Subsidies and Parish Registers 
have found these documents a veritable treasure mine of genea- 
logical information. It is proposed in this and succeeding articles 
to extract, digest and place before the reading public as much of 

I909.] Clues from English Archives Contributory 10 American Genealogy. 8 I 

this invaluable matter as can be found from the period of 1600- 
1675, exclusive of what has already been published, and to thus 
establish beyond reasonable doubt the kinship of many of the 
early American families with their English ancestors. 

29 July, 1655, I Sir Edmund Pi.owden of Wansted, co. South- 
hampton, Knight, Lord Earle Palatine, Governor and Captaine 
Generallof the Province of New Albion in America, and a pcere 
of the Kingdome of Ireland, being in perfect health of body. To 
be buried in Lidbury church in Shropshire, in the Chappell of 
the Plowdens, neere Plowden, with a monument of Stone with 
brasse plate engraved with my and Inscription and brasse 
plates of my eighteen children, affixed to ye said monument at 
thirty or fourty pounds charges, together with my p'fect pedigre 
as is drawne at my house. T<> the eleven parishes in Hampshire, 
Sussex and Shropshire wherin my lands lye 40s. each. To 
Mr E Iw -i'd Weedon late of Aston on the Wails, Northants, ,£40 
for pious uses. And whereas my eldest son Francis Plowden 
hath been extremely disobedient and vndutifull vn to me for these 
eighteen yeares past, ision, strife and debate between 

me his father and my wife his own mother, whereby many j 1 
suites, scandall and greate expenccs have been expended and she 
carryed away and hid from me, with diverse of my cattle and 
gopds purloined by them, and by their practises I was wrongfully 
and cruelly imprisoned in the ffleete vntill by the Pords Peeres 
Committees in Parliament about fifteen yeares since I was freed, 
and she ordered to rcturne and cohabite with me, my said son 
being specially forbid to meddle with my estate or rents did 
nevertheless when I was in Ireland report I was dead and took 
diverse of my rents . . . riotously and forcibly . . . and 
brake upp my closet and took away or lost one deed of revocation 
of Submission to Arbitrators betwixt me and my father and one 
Bond of ^400, for want of which, and other sinister practices of 
him and his mother, I was barred of ^10,000 due to me from my 
father, and since my residing iu America and Albion six yeares, 
my said son being expressly forbidden my house and lands . . . 
did nevertheless many yeares reside in my house at Wansted and 
forcibly received my rents and stocks, giving out I was dead, and 
by acting therein . . . and his mother's practise to sec; 
my estate in my absence in America, I am barred of six yeares 
rent and engaged in many suits to recover my estate, so as by his 
vndutifull carriage I have been damnifyed by him, in these last 
eighteen yeares time, fifteen thousand pounds, and his mother 
being a mutable woman and by him alienated in affection from 
me, and set on in a new suite scandallously and wickedly to 
refuse to cohabite and live with me, but to sue for alimony, and 
forcibly to kepc my bouse etc. to the value of three hundred 
pounds, and secretly to pilfer, steal and sell my goods, I 
since the said Peeres order she had a child by me, And wl 
by mediation of friends, and to winne him by kin I 
yeares since I rei a t" my house for two s i" 

which tyme he could not be brought t< dgehisgn 


82 Clues from English Archives Contributory to American Genealogy, .[April, 

offences, and hath threatened to shorten my life, and hath basely 
married his mother's chambermaid after having had an illegiti- 
mate child by her, Therefore I think him not fitt to make mine 
heire nor any of his issue by . . . his novve wife soe meanly 
borne, And I think it fitt that my English lands shall be vnited 
to my Honor, County Palatine, and Province of New Albion, and 
doe conceive that his mother will sufficiently provide for him, to 
whom I leave five hundred pounds a yeare in lands and jointure 
for her life, namely Wansted and all other lands heretofore her 
father Mr Peter Mariner's, which I purchased of her and her 
mother . . . and walled out the sea and improved the lands, 
in all neare .£4,000 charges, and payments to her mother, who 
lived twenty yeares afterwards; which lands, with Herrierd 
Grange and parsonage in Hampshire, I doe confirm to my wife 
for her life, on condition that neither she nor my son Francis 
oppose this my will or sell any of the said lands. To my wife 
£150 in household stuff, to be vsed in my Manor house of Wan- 
sted. To my daughter Winifred Plowden the lease I have made 
her for one and twenty yeares of Bedenham Farme. To my son 
Thomas his daughter '^300 out of Stansted lease lands. I devise 
all my lease land in England to be sold and with the proceeds 
free lands to be bought and entailed as the rest of my lands are. 
To Thomas my son and Thomasine his wife all such estates as I 
have assured to them vppon their marriage. To Anne, wife of 
one Carter in Barkshire, if she be living, or else to her children — 
she being the daughter of one Thomas James of Burfield— ^10. 
And whereas I am seised of the Province and County Palatine of 
New Albion as of free Principality, and held of the Crowne of 
Ireland . . . and of the Manor and capitall messuage of 
Wansted, the moiety of the Manor of Bedenham, and of diverse 
lands in Hampshire, and of the Manor of Stackstedd in Farley, 
etc., all which are entailed on my second son Thomas and the 
heirs males of his body, with diverse remainders over vnto my 
brother Francis and his son Edmund, Nowe in accordance with 
the powers to me reserved in the said settlement I doe annul all 
the said remainders, and doe devise all the said Province, Manors, 
lands, etc. vnto my son Thomas for the term of his naturall life, 
with remainder therein to his heires males, or in default of such 
to my nephew Edmund Plowden for life, with remainder to his 
heires males, or in default of such to the heires males of my son 
Francis not begotten on the body of his nowe wife Margaret, or 
in default to Winifred my daughter for life, with remainder to 
her heirs males, soe as they stile themselves by the name of 
Plowden. To my sister Dame Anne Lake and others, golde 
rings. Executor in trust, Henry Sharpe, my late servant. 
Overseer, Benedict Hall, Esq., my kinsman, or, if he be dead, his 
eldest son my cousin. I appoint as my Trustee for the planting, 
fortifying, peopling and stocking of this my Province of New 
Albion, Sir William Mason of Grey's Inn, Knt., who shall summon 
all my undertakers to transplant thither and there to settle their 
number of men which such of my estate yearly can transplant, 
namely, Lord Monson, 50; Lord Sherrard, 100; Sir Thomas 

igog] Clues from English Archives Contributory t tmerican Genealogy. 83 

, 10c; Captain Batts his heir, 100; Mr. Eltonhead, a Master 
in Chancery, 50; his eldest brother Eltonhead, 50; Mr. Bowles, 
Clerk of the Crown, 40; Captaine C in Virginia, 50; 

int Muskery, 50; and many others in England, Virginia 
and New England subscribed, and by direction in my manuscript 
bookes since I resided sixe yeares there, and of policie and 
government there, and of the best seats, profits, mines, rich trade 
of furrs, and wares, and fruits, wine, worme silke and grasse 
silke, fish and beastes there, rice and flotable ground for rice, (lax, 
naples, hempe, barley and corne twoe cropps yearly. To build 
Churches and Schools there, and to indeavour to convert the 
Indians there to Christianity, and to settle there my family, 
kindred and posterity. {Stgucd) Albion. Witnesses, W. II. 
Smith, R. Minshull, Gilbert Jones, George Penne, Fr: Ewre of 
Bucknall in Oxfordshire near Brackley, Philip Clarke late Bayly 
of Ludlo, Roger Raven of Andover, gent, Evan Griffith my 
clarke, Anthony Foxcrofte of Halifax in Yorkshire. Proved 27 
July, 1659, by Henry Sharpe, executor in trust. (P. C. C. Pell 432.) 

This long and interesting will of the unfortunate emulator of 
Smith and Raleigh in the endeavor to found a colony on the 
Delaware, is of much value, not only as confirming such historical 
records as exist regarding him but also in furnishing details, 
hitherto unknown, in the lite of this most strenuous and turbulent 
gentleman. Born of one of the most ancient of English families, 
the Plowdens of Plowden, in Salop., who had been there seated 
before the earliest extant records, his first known ancestor was 
Roger Plowden who accompanied King Richard to Palestine in 
the 12th Century. He was himself grandson of the eminent 
jurist of his own name,* by his second but only surviving son, 
Francis Plowden, Esq., whose second son he was.f 

He married, about 1610, Mabel,! daughter of Peter Mariner of 
Wanstead, Hants., a lady who brought him an ample jointure but, 
we fear, little domestic peace or happiness, and, although she 
bore him eighteen children, as we learn by his will, he was twice 
divorced from her and spent two years or more in the Fleet 
prison rather than pay her alimony, S while in his will he makes 
a scathing arraignment of her conduct, tempered by an ample 
provision for her future. 

His life seems to have been an adventurous one: in 1634 he 
was in Ireland, as we learn from the Visitation of Oxon. for that 
In 1642 he came with Evelin to Virginia, and in [643 with 
two faithful retainers, was marooned on Smith's Island, off the 
coast, by his mutinous crew* of servants, from which hi 
rescued by a passing vessel, and fell into the hands of the Swedish 

* Put. Nat. Biog., XL\ 

t Burke'i Commoners, III, 251. 

S Called " Mars' in Complete Peera^r by <i. E. Cokayne, I, 67. 
11 'let. ills of this suit. 
ll,t>! Soc, V, v 
Account by Gov. I'nntz, lee Niell's I'a. Car., pp. 180-183, ami /'<-««. //;</ 
Mag., VII, ;o. 

84 Clues from English Archives Contributory to American Genealogy '.[April, 

Governor on the Delaware. He had had four years' travel in Ger- 
many, France, Italy and Belgium, served as an officer five years 
in Ireland and had been seven years in America before 1648.* 

The son, Thomas Plowden, seems to have inherited under the 
will of his fatner and his own will, proved in the Prerogative 
Court of Canterbury in 1698, and the certified verbatim copy of 
the Patent to New Albion may be found in the article by Prof. G. 
B. Keen in the Pennsylvania Magazine in 1883.! His third son, 
Francis Plowden, succeeded his father by his will and came to 
America to prosecute his rights and died in Maryland. His 
descendants registered their pedigree in 1774 at the College of 
Arms in London, but the title of Earl of Albion was never 
assumed after 1659. There is no trace of any such earldom to be 
found in the Irish records either as Albion or Plowden. J 

I Christopher Lawne of Blanford in the Countie of Dorset, 
nowe lying in Charles Citie in Virginia, beying sicke of bodie. 
My debts in Virginia and England first to be paid. I give to 
Anne Oliffe my daughter in lawe ^50 at marriage, being her 
portion. To Robert' Olife, being his portion, ^20 at marriage. 
To my wife Susanna £30, to be paid unto her at the first sale of 
my goods now in Virginia to be sent into England. My will is 
that all my Bills of Adventure be discharged at the rate of fower 
for three. To my wife Susanna ^20 a year for life out of my 
goods now to be sent out of Virginia into England. All the rest 
of my goods I give to my two sons Lovevell and Symon Lawne, 
whom I make my executors, the increase of my stock to be 
bestowed for their maintenance and bringing up in learning 
until they come to the age of fower and twentie yeares. I 
entreate my loving freinds Captaine Nathaniel Powle, Mr. Samuel 
Macocke and Captain Ralph Hamor to be Overseers of this my 
last will and my debts owing to pay and the remainder to send 
over into England to my loving Friends Mr Lawrence Anthony 
of the Poultrie in London, Mr Richard Ellis of St. Sythinges 
Lane in London, Mr John White of Ockford in Dorset, and Mr 
Wm Willis of Moore in Dorset, whom I request to be Overseers 
of this my will. I give power to my overseers in Virginia to sell 
all my goods there and to send the proceeds, together with the 
rest of my Tobacco and Sasafras, unto my overseers in England. 
Dated 2 Nov., 1619. Witnesses, Nathaniel West, Pharao Flynton. 
17 June, 1620, commission to William Willis, one of the super- 
visors, to administer during the minority of Lovewell and Simon 
Lawne, sons of deceased. (P. C. C. Soame 56.) 

The testator was a very prominent and picturesque figure in 
.the early history of the Puritan movement, joining the Brownists 
or Separatists, he repaired with them to Holland, and we find 
him there marrying, 6 Feb., 1610, to a Susanna,§ whose surname 
is not given in the record, but the internal evidence of the above 

* Penn. Hist. Mag.,VU, 50-66. 
X Complete Peerage by G. E. Cokayne, I, 67. 

§ Amsterdam Marr. Records, see in Mass. Hist. Soc. Pro., 2d Series, Vol. 
VI, p. 56. 

1909.] Clues from English Archives Contributory to American Genealogy. 85 

will shows her to have been a widow of the name of Oliffe, with 
two unmarried children, Ann and Robert Oliffe, while he him- 
self had also had two children by a former marriage. He was 
excommunicated in Jan., 1611-12, in company with John Fowler, 
Clement Sanders and Robert Bulward,* who united with him in 
the authorship of a fierce attack on their former associates which 
was issued in July, 161 2, entitled "The Prophane Schisme of the 
Brownists," etc., and in May, 1613, followed this by " Brownisme 
turned inside out."t 

He was sent out to Virginia by Richard Wiseman, Nathaniel 
Basse and others^ and perhaps accompanied Sir Francis Black- 
well in 1 6 1 9 S although, as he represented his settlement (after- 
wards called the Isle of Wight Plantation) in the Assembly of 
. :iia in July of that year, it may have been earlier. The 
probate of his will informs us that he soon succumbed to the 
malarial climate of the Colony. 

S Julye, 1606, I Richard Modyk of Garesdon in the Countye of 
, Esquyer, being sicke in body. To be buried in the parish 
church of Gareston. And for soe much as I have already taken 
order for the disposing of my lands vnto mine heir, and for the 
meyntenaunce of my wife, the greatest part of my goods I pur- 
pose to leave vnto my children. To my daughter Anne Modye 
£1500 over and above the £500 in the hands of Mr John Bancks 
of London. Poor of Gareston £20. Nephew Mr Richard Love, 
bachiler of divinitie, .£20. Thomas Harrison in whose howse I 
nowe remaine, ,£3-6-8, to be paid before my body be removed 
out of his howse. Peeter Hawkins my man £6-13-8. Residuary 
leagtee, my s,,nne Sir Henry Modye, Knt., whome I make sole 
executor. Witnesses, Edward Underbill, William Bell, William 
Reddingc, John Hollway, Townclerke of Oxon. Proved 16 July, 
16 14, by the executor named. (P. C. C. Lawe 74.) 

The testator was father of Sir Henry Moody of Garsdon, Knt. 
(the executor), who was created a Baronet u March, 1621-2, 
having been Sheriff of Wilts 1618-19, an d M. P. 1625-26 and 
1628-9. He married Deborah, daughter of Walter Dun 
Avebury, Wilts., by his wife Deborah, daughter of James Pilking- 
ton, Bishop of Durham, 20 Jan., 1605-6, and died 23 April, 1629. 
His widow, Lady Deborah, being a Puritan, came with their 
young son, Sir H irt., to New England before 1638. 

They settled first at Lynn, but getting into trouble with the 
ecclesiastics, ren ilem, and later, between [646 and 1654, 

to Long Island, N. Y., where she became one of the patentees of 
Gravcscnd. She died before 11 May, 1659, when administration 
on her estate was granted to her son.fl 

* Morton Dexter's England and Holland 0/ the Pile i"i<. p. 5 16, 
t \: 1 ii , Pi/grim Fathtt . !>;■■ no 1 
the Pilgrims, pp. 204, 545. 546; Dexter tionalism, p. 132, App. p. 35. 

'•'XI, p. v>7- llottrn's Lists, pp. 184, 211, -7-- 
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by G E Its and QutrUs, 7th Sen, V, 

415; Winthi •/•'>■ Hist., Savage, Gen. /':</•., ill, 225. 

86 Clues from English Archives Contributory to American Genealogy.[Apr\\, 

3 February, 1656-7, I Richard Wheeler, Cittizen and In- 
holder of London, being aged and weake in bodie . . . give 
and bequeath vnto my grandchild Richard Moye .£150, and to 
his brother John Moye nowe residing in Virginia, if he be living 
at the time of my death, ^50, to be paid vnto them at their 
severall ages of one and twentie yeares; and my will and pleasure 
is that my executor shall not pay my said grandchild John Moye 
his legacie unless he come over into England and demaund the 
same. To my sister Margaret Wheeler 40s. a yeare for tenne 
yeares out of my rents in Moorfields, Cosin Stephen Wheeler 
of Chelsey _£8, and his sonne Arthur Wheeler 40s. Kinsman 
John Langford 40s. and his sonne Cecill 20s. Katherine Freeke 
and her sonne John Freek 20s. apeece and her daughter 10s. 
Kinsfolkes Thomas Kelsey, Anne Kelsey and Elizabeth Kelsey 
40s. apeece, and Susan Kelsey that lives with me ^3. Joan 
Wheeler my brother's daughtet 40s. The nowe wife of Richard 
Smith, my kinswoman. 20s., and her son Hayes my godson 40s. 
Brother in lawe Hitchcock in Wiltshire 10s., his three sonnes 
5s. apeece, and his daughter 10s. George Cooke and Arthur 
his brother i2d. apeece. And whereas I am possessed in my 
owne right of a lease messuage in Moorfields called the Cocke in 
the Hole, and of severall other small tenements therevnto adjoin- 
ing, wherein I have some twenty five years yet to come, worth 
neare vppon fortie pounds per annum, nowe I doe give the said 
yearly rent (the aforesaid legacies being paid) as follows: To 
my grandchild Richard Moye ^10 per annum after he come to 
his age of one and twentie; to Susan Kelsey whom I brought 
upp, the brock tenement next to the Ditch, wherein John 
Francklyn doth dwell; and to my brother George Kelsey, 
whome I do make my executor, ^5 and ^5 per annum for his 
paines. Overseers, my cosin Stephen Wheeler of Chelsey and 
William Cunningham of Moorfields, victualler. Witnesses, Wil- 
liam House, John Slater, William Hall, scr. Proved 1 January, 
1657-8, by the executor named. (P. C. C. Wootton 2.) 

Power of Attorney of Richard Wheeler, Citizen and Jnholder 
of London, dated 1 Oct., 1649, to John Goodwin of Ratcliffe in 
Co. Middx., Marryner, for the Constituant (as grandfather of the 
sons of the late John Moye in Virginia, dec'd., who was killed by 
the Last massacre of the Indians) his said two grandchildren, 
sons of the said John Moye, the elder of whom called {blank) 
Moye to settle in Va., the younger called (blank) Moye to be 
brought to England by said Goodwin.* In October, 1650, the 
eldest son, John Moy, was in tuition of Robte Davyes who 
petitions Court for his charges for same.f (Lower Norfolk, Va., 
Court Records in Certf. of Head Rights by J. H. Lea, op. cit., in 
N. E. Register, XLVII, p. 353.) 

* Recorded 27 Feb., 1640-50. Ct. Rec. Lower Norfolk Co., Va., op. cit. 
t Ibid. Reg., XLVII, p. 353. 

(To be continued^) 

IQ09.] The Matthysen-Banckers of Sleepy Hollow. 87 


By Edw. Double day Harris. 

The name of Laurens Matthyzen first occurs in the records of 
the Dutch Church of New York, March 28, 16S6, in connection 
with the baptism of his daughter Anneken. Thereafter, until 
his disappearance from the records in 1704, his surname appears 
as Matthyzen, Matthyszen, Mathyse and Mathys. 

The name, however, under one or the other of its diverse 
spellings, is found upon the church records at a much earlier 
date. May 28, 1651, Abraham and Isaac, sons of Anthony Mat- 
thyszen, a negro, were baptized, followed in 1654 by Cosmus, 
and in the next year by Cecilia, of the same father. The parents 
were probably members of the free colored colony, rather than 
iwned by one of the burgomaster families of the town. 

[n 1662, Anna, daughter of Nicolaes Matthysz and Barentie 
Dircks, was baptized, but as subsequent baptisms of children of 
Cornel is and Barentie Dircks are recorded, it is probable that the 
scribe erred in the father's Christian name, and that Cornelius 
should be read for Nicholas in the first instance — particularly as 
nelis Matthyszen, van Stockholm, en Barentje Dircks, j. m. 
van Meppel," had been joined in marriage, Feb. 26, 1661. The 
children of this pair were (besides Anna, 1662) Mat thy S, 1665, 
Hendrick, 1669, Catharina, 1676, Sarah and Rachel, 1681, Cor- 
nelius appears also as a witness to the baptism of Barbertie, 
daughter of Jan Adamszen and Geertruyd Dircks in 1666. 

Annetje Matthys, the wife of Jan Ilendrickszcn, was the 
mother of a son Matthys, baptized in 167 1. She was undoubtedly 
the young maid of Fort Orange who was married to Jan Hen- 
dricks at Kingston in 1668, and there resided. 

One Jeams Matthyszen (and Matthys) was witness to bap- 
tisms in 1672 and 1677. 

Lysbeth Matthys and Matthys Janszen had daughter Engeltje 
baptized in 1678. 

The names of the witnesses in the various baptisms noted 
fail to suggest any connection between these Matthyszens and 
the Laurens Matthysen whose issue we attempt to follow. He 
might easily have been a son of Cornelius above, but nothing 
has been found to indicate any relationship with either the 
New York or Kingston families oi the name. 

The wife of Laurens' Matthysen was Tanneken Hendricks. 
Their family record, as gathered from the baptismal book of the 
Dutch Church in New York, is as follows: 

Anneken,' of Laurens Matthyzen and Jatnuken Hen- 
(In. xen, bap, March 18, 1 oSO; wit.: J. m der Yal .ind 
Catharina Van Cortlant. 

88 The Matihysen-B anckers of Sleipy Hollow. [April, 

Hendrick, of Laurens Matthyszen and Janneken Hen- 
dricks, bap. April i, 1688; wit.: Stephanus Van Cort- 
lant and Geertruyd Schuyler. 
Maria, of Laurens Matthyszen and Janneken Hendricx, 
bap. March 25, 1691; wit: Jan Hermanszen and 
Metje Hardenbroeck. 
Rombout, of Laurens Matthyszen and Jannetje Hen- 
dricx, bap. May 17, 1696; wit.: Jacobus van Cortlandt 
and Catalina Van Cortlandt, the wife of Frederick 
Fredrik, of Lourense Matthyse and Jannetje Hen- 
drix, bap. May 22, 1698; wit.: Brant Schuyler and 
Catharina Cortlant. 
The occurrence of the name of Philipse as a witness, sug- 
gesting an examination of the Sleepy Hollow records, the search 
there is rewarded by the discovery of this entry: 

Adolff, of Lourens Mathyse and Jannitje, his wife, 

bap. , 1 701; wit.: Gerridt Van Weerdt and 

Catharina Phillips. 
Then follows again in the New York records: 

Rombout, of Louwerens Mathys and Niese de Groot, 
bap. Nov. 5, 1704; wit.: Philippus Van Cortlant and 
Catharina Philips, widow. 
There is no further mention of Laurens Matthysen in con- 
nection with the Dutch Church of New York. But the Sleepy 
Hollow records continue the history. In 1705 he was a witness 
there at the baptisms of a child of Andries Van Dyk and his wife 
Geesje, and of a child of Lodewyck Ackerman and his wife 
Hillegond. Then follows: 

Barber (Barbara), of Lourens Mathysse and Niese, his 

wife, bap. June 16, 1707; wit.: Bastiaen Michgielze 

and Galant, his wife. 

In 1709 Lourens and his wife Niesje witnessed the baptism of 

a son of Andries Van Dyk and his wife Geesje. Then in 1711, 

comes this entry: 

Johannes, of Louwrens Banckert and Niessje, his 
wife, bap. March 21, 171 1; wit.: Abraham Van Dyck 
and Marytje de Groot. 
And on the same day Louwrens and Niessje Bankert witnessed 
the baptism of Jenneke, the daughter of Hendrick Kranckheyt 
and Antje, his wife. After the entry of 1709 the surname of 
Matthyse or Matthysen disappears forever from the Sleepy 
Hollow records, and Laurens Matthyse, his wife Niesse, and his 
children, thereafter are known as Banckens or Banckers. On 
21st March, 1710, the son Hendrick "Bankert" and his sister 
Mary tie (Maria) witnessed the baptism of Louwrens, the son of 
Hendrick Krankheyt, this being the earliest appearance of the 
name of Bancker, in any of its forms, upon the record. In the 
Register of Members of the Sleepy Hollow Church No. 57 is 
"Antje Banckert, wife of Henry Krankheyt," and Nos. 59 and 60 
are "Lowrens Mathysse Banckert and Niese De Groot, his wife." 

1909.] The Mat thy sen- Banders of Sleepy Hollow. 89 

The church was organized in 1697, and was put under the pastoral 
care of Domine Bertholf of Hackensack, but the member list was 
not compiled until some years later, thus accounting for Laurens 
and Niese being recor 1 kerts instead of Matthys. 

In Dr. Cole's presentation of the old record book of the con- 
gregation it is set forth that "after Lord Frederick Philipse had 
bought and come into possession of his land tract ( /. e. the manor 

ilipsburgh) he contracted with a number of people to come 
and live upon it without charge, that the land might be quickly 
put to use and settled." This was about the year 16S0. The 
second wife of the lord of the manor was Catharina, daughter of 
Orloff Stevens Van Cortlandt, and widow of Jan der Val. The 
Philipse marriage was contracted in 1692, and it seems very 
probable that Laurens Matthysen, who had been living near 
enough to New York (perhaps on the manor of Van Cortlandt) 

ive been enrolled in the Dutch church there fol 

trina der Val when she removed to the Philipse home. She 
had been, with her first husband, witness to the baptism of the 
first child of Laurens and Janneken in 1686. Stephen Van Cort- 
landt -sed the baptism of the second child in 16SS, and 
in 1696, Catharina again, as Philipse's wife, witnessed the baptism 
of Rombout. Then in 1698, in 1701 and in 1704, she stood suc- 
cessively for Frederick, Adolff, and the second Rombout, all 

last being the Philipse family names. It is easy to believe 
that Laurens Matthysen was one of those desirable people that 
the lord of the manor sought as settlers. Lady Catharina was 
instrumental in gathering the church at Sleepy Hollow, her 
name heading the list of members, and naturally Laurens and 
his wife transferred their association thereto from the more 
distant congregation in New York. 

The date of Laurens Banker's death has not been learned. 
He was certainly alive in 1735, anc ^ must then have been an 
aged man, probably as old as seventy-five years. His second 
(Agnes), was also alive at that time, 1735. 

Mi kdrii k' Bani ki r (Laurens 1 ), probably the oldest son was 
bap. April 1, 1688. II d at Sleepy Hol- 

low: Jan. 15, 1715, Ilendrick Uanekert, j. in., b. in Phillipsburgh, 
and Marytje de Votiw, widow of the lite J. b. in 

Hackensack, both living in P. His issue w 

i Abraham,' bap. June 11, 17 15; wit.: Abram de Vouw 

and Myno, his wife, 
ii. Jan, bap. June 24, 1718; wit.: Johannis de Vouw and 

Suzana de Vouw, 
iii. Janitic, b 1, 1720; wit.: Louwerins Bancke 

and Xiese, his • 
iv. "■ April 23, 1723; wit.: Adolf Banckcn 

de Vouw. 

V. 1' : . wit.: Abraham Martclings 

1, his wife, 
vi. Hendreck, bap, April 11, 17.50; wit.: Jan Boeckhout 
and Maritie, his wife. 

OO The Matlhysen-Banckers of Sleepy Hollow. [April, 

vii. Isaak, bap. Aug. 21, 1733; wit : Claas Storm and 
Raghel, his wife. 
The dau. Janitie m. Barent Duyser in 1738, and her sister 
Raghel m. Petrus Storm in 1744. 

Fredrik 3 Bancker (Laurens 1 ), was bap. in New York, May 22, 

169S. Fredreck Bancke, j. m., and Aeltie Storm, j. d., both b. and 

living in Phillips Burg were m. April 1, 1721. Their issue were: 

i. Tomus,' bap. April 10, 1725; wit.: Tomus Storm and 

Crestena, his wife, 
ii. Hendreck, bap. Oct. 28, 1727; wit.: Hendreck and 

Maritie Bancken. 
iii. Johannis, bap. April 11, 1730; wit.: Jan Canckley and 

Annatie Ecker. 
iv. Abraham, bap. April 23, 1734; wit.: Abraham Bancken 

and Wyntie Cranchydt. 
v. Engeltie, bap. Aug. 20, 1737; wit.: Abraham Bancke 
and Annatie Storm. 
Frederick Bancker d. sometime after, and his widow Aaltie 
Storms m. June 9, 1744, Daniel Lamoureux, widower. 

Adolff 3 Bancker (Laurens 1 ),was bap. in Manor of Philipsburgh 
in 1701 (month and day omitted in the record). Adolfus Bancken, 
j. m., b. in P., and Maritie Schouthen, b. in Manor of Cortlandt, 
both living in P., were m. Jan. 16, 1724-5. He was elected a 
deacon of the Sleepy Hollow Church in 1736, again in 1738, 
retiring in 1742. His issue were: 

i. Janitie,' bap. April 24, 1731; wit.: Jan Boeckhout and 

his wife Maritie. 
ii. Jan, bap. June 26, 1733; wit.: Jan Evere and Eliza- 
beth Boeckhout. 
iii. Jeremias, bap. June 17, 1735; wit.: Jeremias Mebee 
and Annatie, his wife. 
There is no further record of this family upon the Sleepy 
Hollow book. 

Rombout 3 Bancker (Laurens 1 ), the first son by the second 
wife Niesse De Groot, was bap. at New York, Nov. 5, 1704. 
Rombout Bancke, j. m., and Maritie Davidson, j. d., both b. and 
living in Philipsburg, were m. Aug. 5, 1727. Their issue were: 

i. Louwerins, 3 * bap. April 27, 1728; wit.: Louwerins and 

Niesen Bancken. 
ii. David, bap. April 11, 1730; wit.: Albartus Gardenier 

and Janitie Davids, 
iii. Barbera, bap. June 15, 1737; wit.: Johannis Bancken 

and his wife Chatarina. 
iv. Abraham, bap. June 16, 1744; wit.: Abraham Juel and 
his wife Zara. 
Rombout Banker and Barbera Banker were witnesses at a 
Thelety baptism in 1756, the latest date at which the former 
appears on the church record. 

* It is worthy of notice that this is the only instance, so far discovered, 
wherein any son of Laurens Bancker named a son for the grandfather, an 
indication, perhaps, that the name had not descended in the family. 

1909.] The Matthysen-Bancken of Sleepy Hollow. 9 I 

Johannes' P.\s< mr (Laurens'), the youngest son was bap. 
at Sleepy Hollow, March 21,1711. lie was a witness in 1730 and 
again in 1731, in both cases associated with a Niese, probably his 
mother. Joannis Uaneken, j. m , and Catharina Davids, j. d., 
both b. in and living at Philipsburg, were m. Aug. 10, 1734. His 
issue were: 

i. Xiese,' bap. June 17, 1735, wit.: Louwerins Bancken 

and his wife Niesen.* 

ii. Myno, bap. May i, 1748; wit.: Elbert Aerse and Mara- 

gritye Roods. 

There is no further mention of Johannes Bancker on the 

records. Jacobus Kennif and a Niesye Banker, j. d., were m. in 

1756, and Jacob Timber and nker, j. d., were m. in 1767. 

Besides the children of Laurens Bancker already enumerated, 

it would seem to be almost certain that there were two, and 

possibly three others. Antje, the wife of Hendrick Krankhcyt, 

we know from the church record of Sleepy Hollow, to have been 

a Bancker, and intimately connected with the head of the family. 

She may have been a younger sister, or a dau. b. before the 

beginning of the New York record of his children. It is not 

impossible that she was the dau. "Anneken" who was bap. in 


One Catharina Bancke in 1718 and 1720 was a witness at the 
baptisms of two Krankheyt children. She was probably one of 
the younger children of Laurens, and named for the lady of the 

' »ne Jacob Bancke in 17 16 and 1720 was a witness at the bap- 
tisms of two Boeckhout children, and March 15, 1723-4, Jacob 
Bancke, j. m., and Raghel Montras, j. d., both b. in and living at 
Philipsburg, were m. He was probably a younger son of Laurens 
and named for Jacob Van Cortlandt. His children were: 

i Jofaannis, bap. Sept. 5, 1724; wit.: Jan Boeckhout and 

his wife Ma 
ii. Jacobus, bap. June 24, 1727; wit.: Jan Montras and 

Maragriet Montras. 
iii. Petrus, bap. April n, 1730; wit.: Adolf] l'.uncken and 

his wife Ma 
IV. Johannis, bap. Oct. 17, 1732; wit.: Ressardt Storms 

and his wife Mary. 
v. .\ March 1, 1735 (no wit. record 

Abraham 1 Bam KKK (Hendrick, 1 Laurens'), was bap. in Sleepy 
ow, June 11, 1715. Abraham Bancken, j. m., and K 
Ocrritse, j. d., both b. in and living at Philipsburg, were in 
19, 1 741 Hi . is sue •■• ■ 

i Ary.'t bap, June 12, 1742; wit.: Ary Buys and his wife 

ii. Abraham, bap Nov. i r >, 1711 (b Nov 5); wit.: Abra- 
ham Arts.- and his wifl 

* This is the last mention in the records of eithei 

t Ary was the Dutch equivalent of Adrian or Aaron. It is to I"- noted thai 

Abraham's mother bad been the wife of Jj(.o!i Buys of I 

Q2 The MaWiysen-Banckers of Sleepy Hollow. [April, 

iii. Mari, bap. July 26, 1747 (b. June 26); wit.: Ary Buys 

and his wife, 
iv. Rachel, bap. Oct. 25, 1749; wits.: Willium Aerse and 

his wife, 
v. Rabecka, bap. April 15, 1754 (b. Dec. 27, 1753); wit.: 

Barent Delameter and his wife, 
vi. Elisabeth, bap. April 25, 1758; wit.: Johannis Mart- 
linghs and his wife. 
Nicolas" Bancker (Hendrick, 2 Laurens'), was bap. in Sleepy 
Hollow, April 23, 1723. Niclaes Banker, j. m., and Madleentje 
Van Wormer, j.d., b. in Catskill, both living in Philipsburg, were 
m. June 25, 1748. His issue were: 

i. Isaac, bap. Aug. 24, 1748; wit.: Hendrick Bancker and 

his wife (the grandparents), 
ii. Cornelus, bap. Oct. 25, 1749; wit.: Cornelus Van 
Wormer and his wife. 
Hendrick 3 Bancker (Hendrick, 3 Laurens 1 ), was bap. in Sleepy 
Hollow, April n, 1730. Hendrick Bancker, j. m., and Ruth 
Matus, j. d., b. on Lang Uandt, both living in Philipsburg, were 
m. April 26, 1751. He had: 

i. Ernie, 4 bap. April 4, 1753; wit.: Barent Duyster and 

his wife. 
ii. Fiebie, bap. Nov. 5, 1756; wit.: Ary Buys and his wife. 
The father removed to New York, and in the records of the 
Dutch Church there we read: "Hendrik Bancker Wed r van 
Philipsburg and Marytje Calfort Wed e van Hoog Duitsland, beide 
wonende alhier," Nov. 16, 1765. Mrs. Colford was the widow of 
William, and her maiden name was Byrd. Of her Colford chil- 
dren, Sally, m. a Savage and left descendants; Eleanor m. John 
Jones and her children m. into the Schermerhorn, Pendleton and 
Mason families, and Mary m. George McAlpine. Hendrick 
Bancker's children by his second wife were Susan, who m. Jacob 
Clinch; Nancy, who m. John Boyer, and a son Hendrick or Henry 
of New York. 

Hendrick' Bancker (Frederic,' Laurens 1 ), was bap. in 
Sleepy Hollow, Oct. 28, 1727. Hendrick Banker, j. m., and 
Catrina Van Tessel, j. d., were m. Nov. 17, 1750, both natives of 
and resident at Philipsburg. Their issue were: 

i. Fredrick, 4 bap. Oct. 8, 1751; wit.: Gorus Banker* and 

ii. Altye, bap. Oct. 28, 1753; wit.: Jacob and Aaltje Van 

iii. Jan, bap. June 17, 1755; wit.: Johannis Martlinghs and 
his wife. 
This Hendrick was of Capt. Requa's company in service 
during the Revolutionary War. He d. Oct., 1804, at the age of 78, 
and was buried in the shadow of the church that his grandparents 
Laurens and Janneken Hendricks had been instrumental in 

* This name, Gorus (George) Banker, does not again occur in the Sleepy 
Hollow records, and it may be that the person designated was Tomus (Thomas), 
the oldest son of Frederic and Aeltie Storm. 

igoo. ] Lists of 'Germans ft -./and in I'CX). Q} 


(Continued from Vol. XL. p. 54 ol the Record.) 

The following: lists arc copied from the original documents 
preserved in the British Museum Library, London, England, and 
should be of the greatest genealogical interest to those families in 
the States of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and else- 
where, which claim descent from the so-called Palatine settlers. 
These lists have never before been printed to the knowledge of 
the Editor, and it should be noted that the word " son " or " sons " 
and "dau." or "daus." followed by figures denote that the heads 
of the family had as many sons or daughters, as there are figures, 
and that these sons and daughters were of the respective ages 
denoted by the figures. The word "wife" indicates that the 
head of the family was married and that the wife was living. 
The abbreviations "Ref," " Luth.," "Bap." and "Cath.," mean 
that the family belonged to the Reformed, Lutheran, Baptist or 
Catholic Churches. 

Board of Trade Miscellaneous. Vol. 2 D. 64. 
The second list of 1193 Palatines lately come over from Ger- 
many into this kingdom taken at Walworth, 27th of May, 1709, 
by Mr. John Tribbeko and Mr. Ruperti, German Ministers. 

Second Arrivals. 


Schenne, Justus 

Moritz, John 1'hilip 

kinner, Hans [[enrich.. . . 



I, Michael 

it, John George. . . . 

Hi' b, [ohn Peter 

Hi' b, [1 ihn 

Schmidt, Frederick 

It, Martin 

Richardt, John 

Bertram, Peter 


[.lit/, Jnhii George 

Weibel, John [ai 1 h 

. [ohn (also a carpen 


Muller, Valentine 

• !i, Paulas 

Futarer, |ohn 

("unit/, J'.hii .. 

■ hunter) 




;, Jacob Amir. 

1. 1 H 
20, 4 


II. 3 

14, 10,8 






19, 12,9,6 



6, 1 
14, 10, 8 

10,6, 3,1. V 


8, 1 







g4 Lists of Germans from the Palatinate who came to England in /yog. [April, 

Caselman, Christin 

Hertzog, Casper 

Geiger, David 

Jacob, Christian 

Ade, John 

Stauch, John Peter 

Mattern, William 

Kopf, Henrich 

Kroen, John George 

Henckel, John George 

Klaus, Henrich 

Mattern, John George 

Otzenberger, John Peter. . . 

Keller, John 

Heidman, Gerhard 

Becker, Frederick 

Eckart, Balzar 

Sternberger, John Jacob. . . 

Zeiter, John George 

Ritweil, Frederick 

Ritweil, Jacob 

Peter, John 

Misemer, Daniel 

Misemer, Valentine 

Baltz, John Philip 

Keller, Nicol 

Rolh, John 

Werbel, John Wilhelm.... 

Crammer, Christian 

Peters, Henrich 

Tiel, Bernard 

Diestel, Peter Daube 

Friel, William 

EJuehler, John 

Jordan, Conrad 

Meurer, John Quirinus 

Schneider, Bernard 

Schmidt, John William 

Meyer, John Joseph 

Eberhard, John 

Bach, John (also gardner).. 

Muller, Henrich 

Hartbeck, Matthew 

Eckstedt, John George 

Langbein, Cristoph 

Keller, John Jacob 

Gerby, John Michael 

Hust, Jacob 

Beuhman (Beukman? 


Lang, John 

Harnish, John 

Frick, Henrich 

Bonus, Julius 

Ziegler, Henrich 

Imberger, Andreas 

Hahn, Johann Martin 

Martin, Matthew 

Klein, Jacob 

Oberitter, John Georg 

Bush, Christian 








23. 10 
i7. 5 

12, Q, 2 




13, 10, 2 

18, 16 


16, 14, 12 


24, 16, 12 

17, 12,6 






10, 7. 3 

20, 17,8 

5. t'A 

18, 1 1,6, 4 

20, 14, 1 





13. 11 


10, 2 


















1909] Lists of Germans from (he Palatinate who came to England in 170Q. g:j 

Bush, Philip 

, Anton 

Spanheimer, George 

Rauch, John Just 

Uonden, John 

Stoppelbein. Peter 

Lorentz, Peter 

Scherz, Jacob 

Kuehn, Matthew 

Bauer, Christian 


Lutz ( Lut), John Peter. . . 

Lut, Anton 

Keyser, Matthew 

John Jacob (also a 


Lescher, Sebastian 

Vreel, John Nicol 

Stambach, John Jacob. 
Weber, John George.. 
Hepman, Melchior. . . . 

Werner, Michael 

Neubaut-r, Andrew. . . . 

Fusz, John, Jacob 

Lorentz, John 

Seitz, John Dietrich 

Kn-iiis, John 


Spinlar, Caspar 

Helwig, Henrich 


Lickcl, Daniel 

Ann, David 

Buco, Jacob 

Kennel, Samuel 


Richard, Peter 

Thai, Philip 

irs, John Heinrich. . 

B.ilmus, Nicol 

Herber, John Jacob 

Lash, Jacob 

Schreckenberg, John Hen- 


Waldman, Leonbard.... 

iert, John Jacob. . 
Keyser, John M 

Port, Justus 

tin ( lonradt 

Kraut, John George 

Kicser, John A 
Erhardt, John Simon. . . . 
Helm, John Adam 

. lohn 

1:1, John 

Pfadheucher, Mar< el.... 
Pfadheui her, : 



; ' 












15, 10 

5, 2 ,.,. 



20, 14, 10, 








21. 'J. 





20, 3 




3 , 



8.3. J4 

n,9, 7, I 



16,14, II 

1-. 13,7,2 
3. : - 

15, 12, 6, 

4, I 


14, '2. IO, 





























96 Lists of Germans from the Palatinate who came to England in 170Q. [April 








































































































Riesenbucher, Mattheus. . . . 

Richter, John Andreas 

Shaeffer, Andreas (also « 


Umbach, John George 

Depper, Lobonus 

Duerr, Peter (also a car 


Rose, John Christoph 

Lambert, John 

Blaum, Herman 

Fink, Andreas 

Lutz, John (also a carpenter 

Wdle, Henrich George 

Holtzschuch, John Jacob.. . . 

Fischbach, John 

Wentz, John George 

Mueller, Peter 

Gemelk, Michel , 

Tuebell, Anton 

Graeff, Henry 

Schaeffer, Henry , 

Bernard, John George (also 

a carpenter) 

Klingelstein, Nicol. . . 

Roth, John Peter 

Brunn, John Tiel 

Moor, Cleman 

Koerner, Wolf 

Wordman, John 

Wollhand, Engelhard 

Habig, Conrad 

Shmidt, Caspar 

Busch, Caspar (also a hunter) 

Minglen, Kilian 

Muntrian, Paul 

Rendel, John Peter.. . . 

Oster, Arnd 

Debald, Francis 

Debald, Conrad 

Rufenacht, Benedict... 
Daul, John Michael.. . . 
Boehm, John Martin.. . 
Riet, John George 

Schaefer, Just Henry. . 
Fuhrman, John Michel 

Fuss, Andreas 

Kennleiter, John 

Heischer, John (also a linen- 

Ludorf, Conrad 

Ruehl.John Peter 

Kuehn, Conrad 

Boltz, George 

Beck, John Jacob.. . . 

Bergman, Abraham. . 

Zwick, Matthew 

Moret, Jacob 


16, l 'A 


3, id. 


10, 1 



20, 17 



3. I>2 


24, 21 



20, 18, 16, 



14, 11,8,2 









16, 4 








13,11 A % 


20, 13, 10, 






























iqog.] Lists of Germans from the Palatinate who came to England in rycx), 97 

Hash, I'.iniel 

Mutin, Peter 

Duester, John 

Schnell, Matthew. 


Kuntze, Nicol 

Kortnan, Peter Jacob 

Kortoer, Pete r 

von dem Sabelgaul, John 


Lutz, John Adam 


Weber, John Adolf.... 

Bauer, Elias 

Seyfried, John Jacob.. 
Herman, Sebastian. . . 
Muller, John I 


. Valentin 

Weber, John 1 

111. Michel.... 

Paular, Andreas Jacob. 

Ludwig, John 

Fredenk, Wendel 

Siegler, John Conrad.. . 
. John Georg. . 

Petri, Henry 

L'lrich, Cristof 

, Daniel 

Fink, John ( iodfried.. . 

Liebhan. John 

Stoll, John 

Aman, John 

Kleus, John 

Shaefer, Georg 

Deibolt, John Georg .. 

Schretz, Michael 

Muschel, Jacob 

liarrabam. John Wolf.. 


Jacky, I Irich 31 

Kck, Velentin 

Shaar, I laniel 21 



Caucr, Jacob Mittcr. 


Hastian, Andreas. 
Lodolph, John. . . 


Dufin, Peter 

Hero, Henrich 

Schwartz, Christian. 















18, 4. 'A 











11,6, 1 


















gS Lists of Germans from the Palatinate who came to England in 170Q. [April, 

Jung, Abraham (a shoe- 

Kless, Henry (a shoemaker) . 

Kauffer, Daniel (also a shoe- 


Martin, Thomas 

Kling, John Conrad 

Sigmund, John Michel 

Kornman, John Peter 

Marx, Matthew 

Schmotzer, John Jacob 

Windeberger, John Jacob. 

Weber, John Caspar 

Hartwig, Caspar 

Mailer, John Jacob 


Kremmeln, Salomon 

Meister, Jacob 

Philip, George Thomas. . . . 

Hernichel, Henrich 

Vogelsperger, Joachim. . . . 

Winhofer, John Georg 

Stephen, John 

Bishop, Ludwig 

Garter, John (Englishman) 


Frey, Henrich 

John, Cristoph 

Flegler, Zacharra 

Semter, John 

Dalem, Lambert 

Codd, John 

Riesenburn, Jacob. . . . 

Wambach, Nicol 

Mueller, John Nicol. . 

Mueller, Jacob 

Fuehrer, John Jacob.. 

Hartung, Caspar 

Schueler, Franciscus. 
Dietz, John Peter 


Jung, John 

Trep, John Jacob 
Clanenberg, Conrad. 


Seiner, John Adam. . 
Schuch, John Peter. . 

Stein, John 

Muller, John 


Baehr, Tobias 

Matthew, John 

Hartman, John Georg 

10, 8, 4 












14. 10, 4 



12, 10 




















igog.] Lists of Germans from the Palatinate whoi ameto England in tycx). 99 

Milbert, John Martin. 

Lutz, Cristoph 

Bruder, Valentin 

Mender, John Henry.. 


Tibold, Isaac 

Schultheis, John 

Ellenberger, < leorge.. 

Crukot, Arnold 

:. Peter 


Mueckel, llrich.. .. 

Teske, Jacob 

ibriel. .. 
Hatteman, Ulrich.. 


Rudolf, John 


Wagner, Andreas. 
Helm, Peter 


Keinhold, John < ieorg. 


Junj;, Jacob 

Jacob, John (apothecary).. . 

Beck, John (merchant's ap 



Mary Lucas 

Rockeln, Elizabeth 

Lichtnerin, Margaret 

Lichtnerin, Anna Maria.. . . 
Dinkelin, Appolonia 

•r. Sarah 

Schultheis, Esther Susanna 

Jungin, Elizabeth 

Mutten, Anna Maria 

Kleinsin, Gertrud 

in, Anne Marg 

Krebsin, Sal.. mi-. . - - 


Scliiitmegenn. Charlntta . . 


The Knickerbocker Family. 


Kiesenn, Anne Catherine. . . 

Woberin, Eva 

Barba, Anna 

Klessin, Maria 

Melkin, Anna Margaretha.. 
Guthman, Maria Barbara. . . 

Reichardin, Anna Barba 

Welkin, Maria 

Koernerin, Maria 

Obermullerin, Mary Cathe- 

Hartwegin, Anne Elizabeth. 

Margareth, Elizabeth 

Wunderlich, Christina 

Bessenn, Dorethea 







Women . . . 







1 193 

A second list of 1 193 Palatines lately arrived from Germany, distinguishing 
their Professions, Ages, etc. 

( To be continued.) 


By William B. Van Alstyne, M.D. 

(Continued from Vol. XL, p. 61, of The Record.) 

64. Lena (Magdalena) 4 Knickerbocker (Cornells, 3 Laurens," 
Harmen Jansen 1 ), b. 11 July, 1761; bap. at Rhinebeck Flatts, 
N. Y.; m. Johannes Hilligass (Hilica), bap. 25 Dec., 1757, at 
Rhinebeck, N. Y., son of Johan Fredrick Hilligass and Anna Mar- 
garetha Bergh. Children, except Anna Margaret, baptised at 
Claverack, N. Y.: 

i. Johannes, 6 b. 1 Jan., 1780; spon.: Johannes Knicker- 
bocker and Susanna Pulver. 
ii. Anna Margaret, b. 5 March, 1782; bap. at Linlithgo, 
N. Y.; spon.: Frederick Hillika and Anna Mar- 
garet Bergh. 
iii. Cornelius, b. 1 Dec, 1783; spon.: Cornelius Van Loeven 

and Christina Esselsteyn. 
iv. Johan Frederick, b. 19 Aug., 1786; spon.: Johan Fred- 
erick Hillegas and Anna Margaretha Stribaer. 
v. Alender, b. 30 May, 1788; spon.: Benjamin Knicker- 
bocker, Jr., and Alender Bain, 
vi. Catharina Maria Magdalena, b. 15 Jan., 1794; spon.: 
Jan Schermerhorn and Catharina. 

iQOg.] The Knickerbocker Family. I o I 

vii. Petrus, b. 9 Dec, 1795; spon.: Petrus Bagel and Sarah 

viii. Jannitje, b. 2 June, 1798; spon.: Johannis Pulver and 
wife, Jannitje. 
The last three children bap. at Berne (Beaverdam), N, Y 

65. Janni.iii' Knickerbocker (Cornells,' Laurens,' Harmen 
Jansen 1 ), m. 2 Nov., 1777, at Rhinebeek Flatts, N. Y., Johannes 
Pulver. Children, bap. at Mount Ross, N. Y.: 

i Susannah, 6 bap. 21 May, 1780; spon.: John and Susan- 
nah Knickerbocker, 
ii. Cornelia, bap. n July, 17S4; spon.: Simon and Cor- 
nelia Milius. 
iii. Johannes, b. 1 June, 1792; spon.: Johannes Milligass 

and Lena Knickerbocker, 
iv. John, b. 26 Jan., 1795; spon.: John Knickerbocker and 

Maritje Kaus. 
v. Henrich, b. 18 Dec, 1798; spon.: John Earner and 
Elisabeth Knickerbocker. 

66. Cornelia 4 Km* (Corneiis, 1 Laurens,' Harmen 
Jansen 1 ), no record of birth, probably a dau. of Corneiis Kn 
bocker; in. Simon Milius, son of Jacob Milius and Catharine, dau. 
of Simon Kilmer. They joined the church at Mount Ross, N. Y . 
20 May, 17S0. Simon Milius was elected a deacon there 21 June, 
1782. Children: 

i. Letje, 5 bap. 19 March, 1777, at Mount Ross; spon.: 

Johannes Pulver and Jannetje Knickerbocker, 
ii. Catharina, bap. 27 Feb., 1780, at 1 n, X. Y.; 

spon.: James Pen and Catharina Schult, his wife. 
iii. Ellinar, b. 16 Nov., 1781; bap. at Linlithgo, N. Y ; 

: Johns Huisraad and Cat r in a M 
iv. Christina, b. 11 May, 1783; bap. at Mount Ross; spon.: 

Jacob and Christina Pulver 
v. Wilhelm, bap. 23 Jan., 1785, Rhinebeck-Red Hook, 
X. Y., church records; spon.: Willulin Miljus and 
Gritjeii S 'limit, his wife. 
vi. Elizabeth, b. 6 March, 1787; bap. at Mount Ross; 

spon.: Johannes Kilmer and Elizabeth Allin. 
vii. Maria, b. tg Oct., 1788; bap. at Mount Ross; spon.: 

□d Marika Knickerbocker. 
viii. Henrich, b. 19 Jan., 1799; bap. :it Mount Ross; spon.: 
John Kamer and Elisabeth Knickerbocker. 

67. Sn \ ' [r. (Jane," Laun insen'), b. ■> 

Oct., 1 :'>5, at Oblong, N. Y , 

;.'. Their children were bap. in the 

Presbyterian Church at South Amenia, X. Y.: 

1 1 iseph, ' Eliphal Tabor. Prob 

ably lived in An 

ii. lane, b Ning. 

iii. D A i 1 Gi 

son 1 Murdock They 

lived N Y 

102 The Knickerbocker Family. [April, 

iv. Sarah, bap. 17 April, 1771, at M. Knickerbackers; m. 

John Dixon, 
v. Phally (Eliphal), bap. 16 Feb., 1775, at a meeting at 

Dover after a lecture; m. Thomas Tabor. 
vi. Lois, b. 1 Jan., 1779; bap. 28 March, 1779; m. James 

Ketchum. Lived at Dover Plains, N. Y. 
vii. Jane (Jean), b. 1780; bap. 31 March, 1782; d. 30 April, 

1867; m. John Tabor, b. 1778; d. 20 Jan., 1852. 

Lived about two miles below Dover Plains in the 

town of Dover. 

68. Abigail 4 Belden (Jane, 3 Laurens, 2 Harmen Jansen 1 ), b. 4 
March, 1753; d. before Feb., 1786; m. Clement Ray. Children, 
bap. at South Amenia, N. Y.: 

i. John, 6 bap. 16 Feb., 1775; spon.: Silas Belding, Sr., 
grandfather. Mother's name wrongly recorded as 

ii. Mary, bap. 3 March, 1777; spon.: Silas Belding, g. father 

69. Lawrence" Belden (Jane, 3 Laurens, 1 Harmen Jansen'), b. 2 
Sept, 1755; d. 20 Dec, 1832; m. 4 Oct., 1776, at Oblong, N. Y. 
(family record 3 Oct., 1776), Susanna Wheeler, b. 25 Dec, 1758; d. 
16 March, 1813. Lived in the homestead built by his father at 
the foot of Plymouth Hill. Children: 

i. Mary, 6 b. 22 April, 1778 (family record, 23 April, 1778); 

bap. at South Amenia; d. young, 
ii. John, b. 14 July, 1780; d. 30 May, 1853; m. Hannah de 
Forest, who d. 7 May, 1868. Lived near the foot of 
Plymouth Hill, on the right hand side from Washing- 
ton, in the town of Washington, the other part of his 
farm being in Amenia, N. Y. 

iii. Mary, b. 10 Sept., 1782; d. 6 Aug., 1877; m. Israel 
Ketcham. Lived at Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

iv. Elizabeth, b. 19 July, 1785; d. in July, 1831; m. Eli- 

phalet Simmons, 
v. Sarah, b. 9 Nov., 1788; d. 6 Feb., 1827; m. Philip Nase. 
Lived in Amenia. 

vi. Susanna, b. 8 Nov., 1790; d. 15 Oct., 1868; m. Uriah 
Gregory. Resided at Deposit and at Dover, N. Y. 
Uriah and Jane Maria and Louisa Ketcham Gregory, 
below mentioned, were children of Ebenezer Gregory 
and his first wife Dorcas, dau. of Silas Belden and 
Dorcas Gillette. Ebenezer Gregory ra. (2) Polly 
Morris. Susanna received as a wedding gift from 
her great-uncle, Herman Knickerbocker, Betsey 
Knickerbocker, a slave, aged six years. Betsey was 
dau. of Peter and Maria, two slaves who lived in a 
house at the right, at the foot of Plymouth Hill in a 
corner of the yard belonging to the barn. The barn 
stood on the corner and had a watering-trough for 
the accommodation of teams going to and from 
Poughkeepsie. Betsey lived to old age, dying some 
time after 1875, and was noted for her neatness and 

I9°9-] The Knickerbocker Family. IO3 

industry. She was buried in the Belden plot in 
Valley View Cemetery, Dover, 
vii. Catherine, b. 10 Aug., 1793; m. Thomas N. Perry. 
Some of their children are buried in the cemetery on 
the Belden farm, between Wassaic and Dover, N. Y. 
Thev lived at Amenia, Poughkeepsie and Deposit, 
N. V. 
viii. Silas, b. 17 Aug., 1796; d. 1855; m. (1) Jane Maria 
Gregory; m. (2) Charlotte Haight; m. (3) Ann Eliza 
Parker; in (4) Lliza Morehouse, his cousin, dau. of 
David Morehouse and Jane Belden. Silas bi 
married life in the old homestead, but later moved 
to the second house at the right of the foot ol 
mouth Hill, on the right side of the road fr<>in 
Amenia. Silas voted m Amenia and his brothers 
John and Lawrence in Washington, X V., although 
they all used to speak of living in Dover, 
ix. Jane, b. 14 Feb., 1799; d. in March, 1S32; m. i 

x. Lawrence, b. 3 July, 1802; d. 15 April, 1845; m. Louisa 
Ketcham Gregory, who d. 5 July, 1895. Lawrence 
kept an inn. There was much travel in those days, 
men from Kent and Cornwall Hridge and other 
distant places stopping over night en route to 
Poughkeepsie with produce. It is said that a long 
row of slippers were kept in one of the first floor 
rooms and travellers took off their own boots and 
put these on for the evening. The inn was also a 
great resort for sleigh-riding parties. 

70. Jane* Bi ldi n (Jane,* Laurens,' Harmen Jansen 1 ), b. 25 April, 

176J; d. 14 Aug., 1844; m. 1 Nov., 1 781, David Morehouse, b. 2 
Feb., 1761, in Pawling (South Dover), Dul N. Y.; d. 7 

, 1833; son of < '. Morehouse, David succei 

his father in the management of the "Morehouse Tavern" at 
Pawling about 17S2, where he remained till about 1S00, when In- 
moved to Greenbush, N. Y., and from thence in 1804 to Spencer- 

I V., where lie purchased a farm of Jam 
built a house and remained until his death. His home in Pawl 
•. is at one time General Washington's headquarters (Adam's 
Morehouse Records, Vol. II, Xo. 110). Children: 

i. Sally, 5 b. 13 Sept . 178a; bap. at South Amenia, X. V ; 
spon.: Si: a , Jr., the grandfather. 

■ Iden. 
iii. Abram. 
iv. Alanson, 
v Jane, m. John Babcock. 

vi. Polly, m. Elliot 

vii. Phoebe. 

viii. David, 111. Marietta I 1 
ix. Andrew 

1 04 The Knickerbocker Family. [April, 

x. Eliza, m. her cousin Silas Belden, son of Lawrence 
Belden and Susanna Wheeler, as his fourth wife. 
They lived at Dover, N. Y. 
xi. Pamelia. 

71. Elizabeth 4 Belden (Jane, 3 Laurens, 3 Harmen Jansen'). b. 11 
July, 1764; m. Aaron Wilcox. Children: 

i. Jane, 1 m. Benjamin Knickerbocker. Issue: two sons 

and four daus. 
ii. Silas, m. Mary Ketcham. 
iii. Lawrence, m. Laura Palmer. 
iv. Elizabeth, m. Palmer Dorr. 

v. Jehiel, m. Chloe . 

vi. Alanson. 

vii. Henry, ) twins, b. 1 March, 1783; bap. at South Amenia 
viii. Seneca, \ N. Y.; spon.: Mr. Silas Belding, Jr., and 

72. Tobias' Knickerbocker (Rulef, 4 Harmen,' Laurens, 3 Har- 
men 1 Jansen), bap. 30 Jan., 1773, Rhinebeck-Red Hook church 
records; d. 3 May, 1850; wife's name unknown. He is buried in 
a small enclosure on the Belden farm, on the west side of the 
road, between Wassaic and Dover, N. Y. The following children 
are mentioned in their uncle Corneliuses' will: 

i. Charles." 
ii. Piatt, 
iii. Albro. 

73. Cornelius 6 Knickerbocker (Rulef, 4 Harmen, 5 Laurens, 3 
Harmen Jansen 1 ), b. 1775; d. 12 Sept., 1850, aged 75 y.; m. Susanna 
Nase who d. 2 Feb., 1832, aged 43 y. and 6 m. They are buried 
on the Belden farm. He lived where Mrs. Joseph Belden now 
lives, on the east side of the road. The will of Cornelius Knick- 
erbocker of Amenia, N. Y., is dated 22 Oct., 1849, proved 28 Dec, 
1850, and recorded at Poughkeepsie, N. Y. (Book of Wills, Vol. 2, 
p. 298), In it he mentions Milton Knickerbocker and his brothers 
Jonas and James; Charles, Piatt and Albro, sons of brother 
Tobias Knickerbocker and sisters Dorcas, Mary and Sarah. 
They had at least the following children: 

i. Milton G., $ d. 4 Aug., 1849, aged 44 v., 5 m.; m. Sylvia 

Dutcher. Residence, Amenia, N. Y. 
ii. Myron N., d. 20 May, 1841, aged 30 y., 5 m.; m. Caro- 
line . Residence, Amenia Township. 

iii. Jonas. 
iv. James, 
v. A daughter, m. George Hoofcut, Jr. 

74. Majory" Knickerbocker (Philip, 4 Petrus, 3 Laurens, 3 Har- 
men Jansen 1 ), bap. 25 Jan., 1767, at Linlithgo, N. Y.; m. there 25 
Jan., 17S9, James Bain; both from Stisick, Dutchess County. 
Children, except Saartchen, bap. at Mount Ross, N. Y.: 

i. Marytje," b. 25 March, 1793; spon.: Frederick Ham 

and Marytje Smith. 
ii. Anna, b. 11 July, 1795; spon.: Philipp Knickerbocker 
and Anna Ben. 

I909.J The Knickerbocker Family. 105 

iii. Saartchen, b. 8 Sept., 1797; bap. at Germantown, X. Y.; 

spon.: Turk Gardener and Saartchen Bain, 
iv. Catharina, b. 24 Oct., 1799; spon.: Johannes Dings and 

Marytje Duns. 
v. Fanny, b. 24 June, 1S02; spon.: the parents. 
vi. David, b. 26 Aug., 1804; spon.: Andrew and Margere 


75. Philip* Knickerbocker, Jr. (Philip,* Petrus,' Laurens,' Har- 
men Jansen 1 ), bap. 30 June, 1776, at Germantown, N. V.; in. 2 
fan., 1798, at Linlithgo, N. Y.. Mary Snyder. Children, bap. at 
Mount Ross, N. Y.: 

i. Mary,* b. 21 Dec., 179S; spon.: Philip Knickerbocker 

and Mary Dings, 
ii. John, b. 9 Oct., 1S00; spon.: John Snyder and Mar- 
garet Melius, 
iii. Margaret, b. 18 Feb., 1804; spon.: Benjamin Knicker- 
bocker and Sarah Rea. 

76. Lena' Knickerbocker (Philip,' Petrus,' Laurens,' Harmen 
Jansen'), bap. 25 Oct., 1778, at Mount Ross, N. Y.; m. Robert 

i. Agnes,' b. 3 Feb., 1796; bap. at Mount Ross; spon.: 
Philipp Knickerbocker and Maretchen Dings. 

77 Benjamin D. 1 Knickerbocker (Philip,* Petrus,' Laurens," 
Harmen Jansen'), b. 20 March, 1783; m. his cousin Sarah Rea, b. 
16 May, 1783, dau. of Hugh Rea and Marjory Knickerbocker. 
They lived near Mount Ross, X. Y. Of their children, Hanna 
Elistaa, Caty Ann and Catherine Jane were bap. at Claverack, 
X. Y., the others at Mount Ross: 

i. Benjamin,' b. 12 Sept., 1802; spon: Benjamin Knicker- 
bocker, Jr., and Christina Smith, 
ii. Eve Maria, b. in Nov., 1804. 
iii. Margere Diana, b. 3 Dec, 1806. 
iv. Sylvester, b. 1 Jan., 1809. 

v. Hanna Elisha, b. 12 Dec, 1810; spon.: Philip Knicker- 
bocker and Hanna Herder, 
vi. Caty Ann, 1>. 28 Nov., 1813. 
vii. Catherine Jane, b. 25 July, 1815: spon.: William Rea 

and Cathrine Stickel. 
viii. ! b, 28 May, 1818. 

ix. Philip Adam, b. 1 Jan . ( 1822), 

Sarah Angeline, b. 8 N< 
xi. Olive Euphemia, b. in S pi 
78. Peter L.' I iCKER (Lawrence,' I'etrus,' I. a 

Harmen Jansen . 1780, at Mount Ross, N. Y ; m 

1, Eva Kilmer, b. 15 Nov., 1789; bap. 17 Jan., 179 . 
Peters Lutheran Church, Rhinebeck, N. Y.; dau 
W. Kilmer and Cornelia Teeter. Peter and bis both 

r children were bap at M 

i. Gilbert Newton,' b. 25 Dei 111 

ii. Nancy, \> 2(1 July, 1 1 | 

106 The Knickerbocker Family. [April, 

iii. Brian Edwin, b. in spring of 1815; spon.: Philip Rea 

and Rebecca Millard, 
iv. George Walter, b. 11 March, 1817; m. Catharine M. 

v. Maria, b. 8 Nov., 1818. 
vi. Cornelia, b. 14 March, 1822. 
vii.~Jane, b. 31 Dec, 1825. 

79. John L.' Knickerbocker (Lawrence,* Peter,' Laurens, 5 
Harmen Jansen 1 ), b. 10 Nov., 1781; m. 1 May, 1819, at Mount 
Ross, N. Y., Maria Kilmer, dau. of George W. Kilmer and Cor- 
nelia Teeter. John and his bride were both of Milan, N. Y. 
The following children were bap. at Mount Ross: 

i. Walter Philip," b. 7 March, 182 1. 
ii. Cornelia Ann, b. 31 Jan., 1823. 
iii. Henry Newton, b. 3 April, 1825. 

80. William' Rea (Majory,' Petrus,' Laurens," Harmen Jansen 1 ), 
b. 1785; m. Katharine Stickle, b. 1790. They lived near Mount 
Ross, N. Y., on the farm now the home of Sylvester Strever, 
formerly called the "Stickle farm" (Isaac Huntting). Children: 

i. Elisabeth," m. Daniel Hedges. 

ii. Peter, m. Helen Feller, 
iii. Rebecca, m. Edwin H. Snyder. 
iv. Getty Maria, m. 1853, Robert Ham. 

v. Dorothy, m. William I. Stall, 
vi. Katharine, m. Dr. Peter S. Cole. 

81. Eva" Knickerbocker (John C., 4 Cornelis, 3 Laurens,' Harmen 
Jansen'), bap. 21 March, 1779, at Mount Ross, N. Y.; m. Adam 
J. Hiserodt. Their first two children were bap. at Mount Ross, 
the rest at Claverack, N. Y.: 

i. Susan, 6 b. 15 Sept., 1805; spon.: John C. Knicker- 
bocker and Susan Pulver. 

ii. Catherine, b. 24 July, 1808; spon.: Henry J. Huysraat 
and Catharine Holsapple. 

iii. John Martin, b. 8 July, 1810; spon.: John Huysraat 
and Jane Schuck. 

iv. Sally Ann, b. 14 July, 1814. 

v. Eliza Ann, b. 28 Aug., 1816. 

vi. Annise, b. 23 Dec, 1819. 
vii. Cornelius Wynkoop, b. 11 Sept., 1821. 

The following Bible record was obtained after the family 
history was completed and partly in print: 

Christopher 4 Dutcher (No. 49), b. 29 Sept., 1747; d. 13 July, 
1832; m. 10 June, 1768, Mary' Belden, b. 25 Feb., 1751; d. 11 Sept., 
1842. Children: 

i. Mary, 6 b. 10 March, 1769; d. 24 April, 1864; m. 


ii. Jane, b. 5 Oct., 1770; d. 3 Jan., 1843; m - Casey; 

lived in western New York, 
iii. Lawrence, b. 21 March, 1773; d. 5 Feb., 1847; m. (1) 

Elizabeth Nase; m. (2) Mary Waldo, 
iv. Silas, b. 15 Dec, 1776; d. 2 Dec, 1806. 

I909.] The Knickerbocker Family. \Q~] 

v. Elizabeth, b. 8 Feb., 1779; d. 13 Oct., 1816. 
vi. Co 1 Iden, b. 23 May, 1789; d. 10 Feb., 1793. 

Christopher' Dutch was son of Gabriel Dutcher and 

Elizabeth' Knickerbocker (No. 17). 

Uklocated Items. 

John Kernickkerbakker, Jr., of Salisbury, Conn., m. 9 June, 
1785, at Sharon, Conn., Lydia Jackson of Sharon. 

John Kernickkerbakker of New Vork State, m. 19 Feb., 1795, 
at Sharon, Conn., Lovina Pardee of Sharon. Lavena, dau. of 
h Pardee was 1). 30 Oct., 1770, at Sharon. 
John Knickerbocker, m. 31 Oct., 1771, at Amenia, N. Y., Mary 


Lawrence Knickerbocker m. 12 Feb., 1767, at Amenia, Deborah 

1 Mauasah Martin of Pawlings Precinct, Dutchess County, 

N". V., carpenter, made his will ig Aug., 1 7 7 1 , proved 22 May, 

1775 (Berthold Fernowl t'<i/c'i<far of ll'i//s). In it he mentions 

wife Sarah and daughter Deborah Xieobacker. 

Benjamin Knickerbocker and Catharine Teefer, child Petrus, 
l Sept., 1791; bap. Mount Ross, X. V.; spon.: IVtrus and 
Polly Knickerbocker. 

Peter Knickerbocker and Elizabeth Vosburgh, child David, b. 
:i May, 1798, church records Rhinebeck-Red Hook (N. Y.); 
spon.: Bernard Bernard and Lucretitia Vosburgh. 

Anna Catharina Kniekerbaeker, upon confession, joined the 
church at Germantown, X. Y., 7 June, 1747, Pentecost. She may 
have been Catherine, dau. of Laurens Knickerbocker and Mai ike 

er A. Knickerbocker and Cathrina Smith have Johannes, 
iAug.,1791; bap. at Linlithgo, N. Y.; spon.: Johannes Michel 
and Catherine Coenraad, his wife. 

Lucy Knickerbaccr d. 2 Feb., 1829, aged 60 y.; bur. 111 the 
South Ame tery, South Amenia, X. Y 

Cornelius Knickerbocker <1 .'7 March, 1802, aged 36. Rebecca, 
his wife, >. . 57. Both are buried in brassy 

Hill Cemetery at Falls Village, Conn., about th< Itance 

from Salisbury that Lime Rock is. 

Justus Edmund m. 17 April, 1783, at Amenia, X. Y . El 
Perry. Justus Edmund of 1 wife had son John, b. 17 

Sept.; bap. 21 Nov., 1783, at South Amenia; spon.: Old Mrs. 
Kniekerbaeker the grandmother and Mrs Perry, the aunt. 

Joseph Green and Maria Knickerboi leer have the following 
children, bap. at Kingston, X. V : 

i, ii, iii Sarah, Elizabet, Maria, bap .-7 May, 1791; spon 
Hans Kip, Sarah van Etten, Abraham I» Louw, 
I .<.\i<\ Philip Bi mi 
iv. Enora, bap zi Feb., 1 -•/ ■ . 1 
v. John, John van 

and Treintje B 

vi. Anna, bap |i May, [797, ill W Isl 

Miller and Annatje Sella art 

IOS A Digest of Essex Wills. [April, 

Harmen Fort m. 24 Sept., 1776, at Schaghticoke, N. Y., Eliza- 
beth Knickerbocker. 

Samuel Standish Tinkham, b. 29 May, 1799, at Oswego, N. Y., 
son of Dr. Samuel Tinkham of Oswego, and Mary Pixley of 
Stockbridge, m. 20 March, 1836, Lois Willoughby, b. 23 Feb., 1815, 
at Goshen, Conn., dau. of Ephraim Willoughby and Hannah 
Knickerbocker. Samuel Standish Tinkham was a miller in 
in Oswego (N. Y. G. & B. Record, Vol. VI, p. 170). 

Inscriptions from a large monument in the village cemetery 
at St. Johnsville, Montgomery Co., N. Y.: John Knickerbocker, 
1806-1S75; Eliza Mathews, his wife, 1818-1892; Samuel Knicker- 
bocker, 1 833-1 903; Mary W. Hayes, his wife, 1834. 


With Particular Reference to Names of Importance in the 

American Colonies. 

By William Gilbert, 

Corresponding Member of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society. Member 
of the Essex Archaeological Society, etc. 

(Continued from Vol. XL., p. 9, of the Record.) 
Note. — The Probate reference to Will No. 3 (see Record, Vol. XL, No. I, 
p. 6), was inadvertently omitted — it should be: "Arch. Essex. Draper." 

12. Adkynson, Annys, of Purleigh, Essex, 8 April, 1589, widow. 
To be buried in churchyard. i2 d to poor mens box. To son 
Nathaniel 10/-. To son William "the cowe with the white 
face " and the bed he lyeth on &c. My son in law John Kempe 
and his son John. — William Kempe. John & Thomas Eastwood. 
Res. & Ex: son in law John Kemp. Wit: Robson(x) and John 
Anger(x). Johnannem Hewytt "clericum ac Scriptorem." Pr. 
1589 (day and month blank). (Arch. Essex. Maynard.) 

13. Baker, William, of Toppesfield, Essex, 9 Oct., 1558. To 
poor at Burial 6/8. To sister Rose Ede 13/4; to her children 20/. 
To each godchild i2 d . To John Pollarde (my godson) my best 
coat. Robert Towne. Jone Pollarde (widow)*. Jone Bygge. 
Rychard Hull. Residue to be disposed in deeds of charity. Ex.: 
John Madge Vycar of ffinchingfeldef and Rychard YekamJ of 
Toppesfelde, 10/- to each. Wit: Robert Pollarde and John 
Heymas, John Gage " prest." Pr. 26 April, 1560. (Com. Essex 
& Herts-Westwood.) 

14. Baldwin, Thomas, of Upminster, Essex, 16 Nov.. 34 Eliz. 
To son Thomas at 21, ^40. To son John at 21, ^30. To three 

* 1580, Nov. 1. Buried — Joane Pollarde, widowe (Register). The early 
registers of Toppesfield have many entries to the name of Pollard. 

t He was vicar from 1532 to 1562, when he died. 

X Probably Yeldham, there being many of this name in the parish down to 
the present day. Yeldham is also a place name in Essex. A Richard Yeldham 
was buried at Toppesfield on Nov. 27, 1581. 

'oog.] ••' I''. Wills. IO9 

daughters Margaret, Joan and Hester Baldwin, .£20 each at 21. 
Res. ami Ex. Wife Agnes. Overseer Gyles ffarrlowe my bro-in- 
law. Wit: Gyles ffayrrlowe, George ffayrelawe, John Barker. 
Pr 1 1 Dec 1592 (Arch. Essex. Stephen.) 

15. Barnks, Francis, of Pinchingfield, Essex, 9 Sept., 2 Eliz. 
To be buried in chapel of St. John the Baptist in parish church 
of Finchingfield. To church for tithes forgotten 2o J . To poor 
at burial ^4. To poor of Much Barfclde, Wetherfelde and Topp- 
felde, 10- each parish. To eldest son Francis my chain of gold 
and plate, &c., he to pay his three brothers Arthur, John and 

.111. ,/.2o each at 21. To Francis, aforesaid, my manor of 
Dyves and Fetches and my manor of Justice situate in Wethers- 
felde Toppsfeld Maplestead and Hawstead in tail male. Res.: 
wife Barbara. She to remain at manor of Fetches. Ex: wife 
and son Francis, Supervisor Humfrie Cornewell, Esq., he to have 
20 - and a grey colte. Wit: William Eterell, Thomas Walford, 
Henry Hyslette, Richarde Spenser and Richard Emerie. Pr. 13 

1560. (Com. Essex & Herts. Westwood.) 

16. Bisii es, of South Weald, Essex (nuncupative), is 

July, 1599, widow. All her goods to her dau gh ter-in-law Denis 
Bishop, widow, of parish aforesaid. Wit: William Reynolde 
John Ford. Fr. 7 Nov., 1599, by Dionisie Bishopp. (Arch. Essex. 

17. Browne, William, of Little Wenden, Essex, 28 March, 
1577. To be buried in churchyard. To William Kinge, Bay 

my best shirte of the thre, a pair of bates and a pair 
Res. to Agnes, daughter of Henry Searson of Gt. Wenden. Wit 
Nicholas Yorke,* rector of Wenden pva, John Rombolde, John 
ffelsted. Frobate not given. (Arch. Colchester. Roote.) 

18. Colf, Joiin.I of Ardleigh, Essex, 8 Feb., 15 17, "the elder." 
To be buried in the church. To the high altar 3/4. Son John 
Cole of Dedham to have my house called Hunteof-the-Wode. 
Son Walter Cole to have the house he dwcllcth in and 

fylde. Son Young John to have his house called Walles and cer- 
tain fields — he to pay his brother John of Dedham 40 - To dan. 
Christian 40/- and a cowe. Res. and Ex: John Cole of Dedham. 
Wit: John Baldwyn now of Ardlegh, Harry Perpaynte and fohn 
Pache. Date of Frobate not given. (Arch. Colchester. Francys.) 

19. Cols, Walter, M.iv, 1528. Weaver. 
ie buried in churchyard To the high altar 6' 1 . To Paula 

■ n 2 d .* To d.iii. Margaret a calf. To son John a bullock, 

* Rector from 1 5 

of thii will ami the succeeding one t" ilir 

: Irl. 
roar) n nil flourishes in thai vii ioity— 

•■ ( >ld K 
Ardleigh) is proud. 

I ii was applied 

more s: . tar or Shrine, 

■ ■iifui who would •!■ 

IIO A Digest of Essex Wills. [April, 

To eldest son Thomas my house and lands in Ardleigh on con- 
dition that he keep his mother Alice. Res. Son Thomas he to 
pay 13/4 to each of my other children. Wit: Raffe Lee, "prest," 
John Wente, Richard Wace. Date of Probate not given but not 
much later. (Arch. Colchester. Francys.) 

20. Edwarde, John, of Little Thurrock, Essex. To be buried 
in churchyard. To poor of Lt. Thurrock ^10, namely to Whytt- 
feild 6/8, Hicks 6/8, Tymothe Tybolde 6/8, Peche 6/8, Rowlye 
3/4, Crose 3/4, Chalke 3/4, 3/4 towarde a Byble. To William 
Holidaye, clarke, 6/8. To Nicholas Greene 6/8. To the 3 chil- 
dren of James Humfrye, my predecessor, according to their 
fathers will, ^u. I owe Henry Devenish ^14, widow Edlynne 
of Oesedde * £10, William Humfrye of Thundersley 48/- & Wil- 
liam Castle 6/-. William Castle owes me 13/-. John Slaterford 
of Stanford, butcher, hath received of me for hides .£11-7-8 
whereof I have received 9 hides and an halfe, four at 5/- apeece 
and five and a halfe at 5/2 apeece. Lewes Jonsonne of Horndon 
owes me 20/-, Thomas Cardye of Laindon Hills 5/-, Edward 
Austen of Greens End 20/-, Lucas of Greens End 7/10, William 
Standbace of London, curryer, 20/-, Duffeild of West Thoroke 
4/4. I bequeath to my servant Henry Devenish my mill — Ollyfe 
the wife of Timothy Tybolde. To Agnes Humfrye a bed &c. 
To Elizabeth Humfrye 20 marksf besides her father's gift which 
is 11 nobles. J To James Humfrye 20 marks. To Margaret 
Savage 20 marks. Ex. William Humfrye of Thundersley. Over- 
seers William Holydaye, clarke, and William Hickes. Res: 
equally between my Ex. and my overseers. Wit. Nicholas 
Greene(x) Timothie Tybolde(x). Pr. 1 March, 1593. (Arch. 
Essex. Stephen.) 

21. Fletcher, Thomas, of Barking, Essex, 8 March, 1582. 

Tanner. To be buried in churchyards near late wife Jane|| . 

My wife Agnes. My four children Thomas, Matthewe,' Jane & 
Joane. To son John** 40/-. To my wifes dau. Dorothy Meadowes 
20/-. William Wright of Matching to have the custody & edu- 
cation of my daughter Jane. John Poole of Little Waltham 
shall have ditto of dau. Joane. Res. & Ex. wife Agnes. Over- 
seers Robert Comyns and Thomas ffisher. Wit: Thomas New- 
ton, "minister,"tt Willm Prebell, Thomas ffyssher & Gryffin 
Goose. \X Proved 23 March, 1582. (Arch. Essex. Draper.) 

pray there. In the cloisters of old St Pauls (in London) there was a chapel, 
and in it an indulgenced altar, which was called Paul's Pardon — this is the 
reference in the above will. The offerings to it went to the support of the 
church. Both the cloister, chapel and pardon were taken down and the 
material used to build Somerset House. "Item the x day of Aprill (1547) was' 
pullyd downe the cloister in Powles that was called the Pardon churchyard 
with the chappelle that stode in the myddes to bylde the protectors palace." 

* Orsett. t A mark^=l3". 4 d . { A gold coin, value 6 s . 8 d . 

§ Buried 17 March, 15S2-3. || Buried 20 Sept., 1582. 

1 William and John, sons of Matthew Fletcher, bap. 1597 and 1600 re- 

** Simon, son of John Fletcher, bap. Ijg6. 

It Probably curate. His son Zachariah was buried at Barking, 1 1 Oct., 1852. 
% Buried at Barking, 22 Sept., 1583. 

I9°9-J A Digest of Essex Wills. Ill 

2:. Gilbert, Isaac,* of Rayleigh, Essex. .'4 April. 1597. To 
be buried in Churchyard. To poor 20/-. To Mother-in-law 
rie Brodwater 5'-. To each of her children I2" 1 . To god- 
Henry Livinge 5/-. To my sister Livinge 5 -. To each 
other godchild 2 . My sister Anne, wife of Thomas Meredithe.f 
>rth Benfleet.J John Lake of Benfiei I To my eldest son 
Nicholas Gilbert ,£6o at 24. Ditto to son Isaac Gilbert. Children 
of my son Uncle John Gilbert, latent Layndon. My Kinsman 
Thomas Plummet of Basildon. My wife Anne to bring up son 
Isaac and apprentice him to a tailor and draper. To wife my 
houses and lands in Rayleigh and Pitsea for life after to son 
To wit'e my house and land in Hawkwell after to son 
Nicholas. Ex. wife. Overseers brother-in-lawe Henry Lyvinge 
and John Lake 6/8 each. Wit. William Catly.(x) Thomas Blake- 
more,(x) John Waters, (x) Thomas Meredithe. Pr. 2vS May, 1597. 
(Arch. Essex. Stephen.) 

23. Glascock, John, of Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex, 10 June. 

J79. Yeoman. To be buried in churchyard. To poor 10 To 

Nicholas Grene, my daughters son, my tenements in II 

where John Bromehead dwells with the shops which "sometyme 
weare the ould Geldehall." My land called Hales Land (after 
decease of Katherin my wife) to John Olascock of Roxwell, 
He to pay my Executors .£40. My three daughters viz. 
Olive Wright, Joan Bate, & Audreve Bromeholl. Brother fohn 
Wright Res: wife. Ex: John Wright of Hatfield and Rychard 
Pechye of Gelsson Yeoman, 20/- each. < >verseers fohn Wilkenson 
and I Somner both of White Roding, 10 - each. Wit: 

Johem Meade, Willm. Lovedaye, John I 

James Thompsatt, John Bromehead. Pr. 19 Oct., 1580. (P. C I 
Arundel, 36. 

24. Griffin, John, of Barking, Essex (nuncupative), 26 Aug . 
1590. Husbandman. To his master Thomas Barnes gent, his 

9 and 40/-. To John Barnes 20/-. Res. to be equally 
divided between his sisters (not named). ,£3 to be bestowed on 
his burial. Wit. Thomas Myller, Robert Robient "and oti 
Pr. 27 Aug.. 1590. (Arch. Essex, Mavnard.) 

An administration of further goods of testator was granted to 
his brother Edward Criffin on 1 Nov., 1590. 

25. Hed M f Gingmountney,§ Essex, 26 Dec, 1590. 
Fife Alice all my cattle and goods for life, after to son Mat- 
thew, he to lie Ex. and to have 20/- which is owing to me by 
Ambi aey of [ngatestone. Wit: Anthony Brasier.l 
Thomas Amott.(x) l , 1590. (Arch. Essex. U 

of William Gilbert • Will No. 7). 

{He waa Rei tor of North I 
Their marriage li< ted fan. 28, 1589-00. From them, through 

their daughtei I mond. 

S Mountnessing. 

Ilr was Vicar of Mountnessing fmm 1 562 to 1605 when he resigned, lie 
was also Rector of [ngatestone from 156610 1 lied. 

112 A Digest of Essex Wills. [April, 

26. Hunt, Thomas, of Boreham, Essex, 26 Sept., 1592. Lab- 
ourer. To dau. Thomerzon my household goods at 18 (or mar- 
riage). My lands & tenements in Boreham to son John at 24. 
To dau. Alice £,\ at 18. Ex. John Hayward of Westham. Wit: 
Edward Stanes, Thomas Tendringe, Roger Bramstone. Pr. 20 
Feb., 1592. (Arch. Essex. Stephen.) 

27. Johnson, Robert, of Stapleford Abbotts, Essex, 17 Jan., 
1581. Husbandman. To be buried in churchyard. To son William 
^8 at 2i. To dau. Christian 40/-. To dau. Elizabeth 33/4. To 
each of my other daughters 10/-. Res. & Ex. wife Jane. Over- 
seer Clemente Stonarde.* Wit: Richard Reynoldes,f clarke. 
Pr. 9 March, 1582. (Arch. Essex. Draper.) 

2S. Kynge, Richard, ParsonJ of Nettiswell, Essex, 26 April, 
1524. To be buried within the church of Aldermary. 20/- to 
that church. To children of my brother Gilbert Howell, viz. 
Thomas, James, Mary and Cuthbert. — My sister's children, viz: 
Robert Patenson and Paronell. My sister Margaret. Residue 
to father Thomas Kynge and my mother (not named, but see 
probate), they to be Ex. with my brother Gilbert Howell. Super- 
visor John ffawyden of Southflete. Wit. Robert Tolle, Willm. 
Johns, Thomas Peercy, Richard Boydon and Sir John Reed, 
parish preest of Aldermary. Pr. 24 Oct., 1524, by Thomas Kyng 
(Executor named), power reserved for Katerine Kyng and Gil- 
bert Powell. (P. C. C. Bodfelde, 26.) 

29. Kynge, John, of Althorne, Essex, 18 April, 15 Hen. VIII 
(1524), "named John Kynge by West." To be buried in the 
churchyard. To the high altar 20/-. To Powlys pardon§ i2 d . 
My tenement and lands called Rawlyns lying in parish of May- 
land to son William. My tenements &c called Jacomyns and 
Sayers in the parish of Purleigh to son Robert, also to him my 
tenement &c called Skryvyns and Crowche Hill in parish of 
Lawing. My Ex. to have my farms called West Newland and 
Barkhams, to pay my debts, and keep my son Robert until he 
cometh to age of 21, when he is to have the farms. My Ex to 
have my Wykfl called Donmers Wik in Burnham to keep my son 

* He was the representative of an ancient and well placed family, being 
the son of Francis Stonarde of Stapleford Abbotts and Lucy, dau. of Sir 
Clement Higham, the Lord Chief Baron, after whom he was named. When 
noting the memorial in Stapleford Abbotts Church in 1904, I observed (and 
copied) the one to his parents which bears the arms of Stonarde quartering 
Higham. His will was proved in 1612. 

■f Rector from 1568 to 1606 (when he died) and also at the same time 
Rector of Lambourne. 

% Rector from 1522 to 1524 when he died. Respecting the term parson 
Blackstone says it is the "most legal beneficial and honourable title that a 
Parish priest can enjoy." Cripps says: "The Parson is the Rector of a church 
Parochial. Such an one, and he only, is said ' vicam sen pcrsomam ecclesia 
gerere.'" Others derive the title from the French ' paroissien' (parochial) be- 
cause he was the resident priest of the Parish, and not sent out from a 
monastery, as a vicar would be. 

§ See note to Will No. 19. 

( Wick, a bay, a small port or village on the side of a river (Halliwell's 
Dictionary of Archaic Words). 

iqog.] A Digest of Essex Wills. I I 3 

John till age 21, when he is to have it and pay to the lord ffitz- 
water ,£26-13-4 yearly. My father in lawe William Slynge and 
Alice his wife to have my Wykes called Redward and Calfe Cope 
in Burnham to keep son William till age 21 to pay the lord yerely 
£16-13-4 and to deliver to William when of age. My Ex to 
have the house I now dwell in called Robert Kynges and also 
that called Countys bredge for six yeres to pay debts &C and then 

'.m to have it. To daughter Emme £40. To dauj 
Elynor £40. To our Lady Velde* in Althorne £20. To church 
•horn to buy a cope and vestment 20 marks. To brother 
Richard Kyng 6/8. Res to be divided between children. '1'" 
Thomas son of William Kynge /,'S. My Ex. to put my I 
and lands called Culverhouse for a perpetual obit in church of 
Althorn. An honest priest to sing for me for six yeres. Ex 
Win. Harryes of Cold Norton and John Coker of I'm 
Supervisors William Siyn^ of May land and John Smyth oi I 
Norton. Wit: William Maker vicar of Althorne, t William Kyng 
"and other." Pr. 15 June, 1524. (P. C. C. Bodfeld, 22.) 

30. Kinge, Edward, of Purley, Essex, m Nov., 1591 (non- 
cupative). To poor 40/-. Del n to Myli 

!ue to brother Christopher Kinge. Wit: Thomas Hastier, 
Miles Thornett. Pr. 11 Feb., 1591, by brother George K 
(Arch. Essex. Stephen.) 

31. King, Ellen, J of Halstead, Essex, 14 Jan., 1627, widow, 
late wife of Edmund King, gent, deceased. My son in law 
Crowche oweth me £40 to be divided equally between his chil- 
dren (not named) £10 each. To my son John Chambers £40 
and various household articles. To my grandchild Anne Rowley 
a bed &c. To my daughter Kathi - 20/-. To my 
daughter Clarke 5/-. To son-in-law John Rowley ao/-. To my 
grandchild John Rowley 20/-. To Mathewe Rowley daughti 

to my son John Rowley 2 pr. of slu-rts &c. Servants — Sarah and 
Raven & Edwar ors are vexed in 

law by Peter King, or Thomas King, for any of my goods, then 
my son John Chambers to bear part of the charge, Res am 
my son Felix Chambers & my daughter Elizabeth Langham. 
Wit: William Bramstoon, Charles I »w sold, Pr. 29 Dec, 1628, by 
Ex. named. (P. C C Barrington, no.) 

32. Motte, JoNi, of Much Badowe, Essex, 24 Nov. (year 
blank). To father my beast a . To brother 

* /. /-.'., Guild at tins time nearly every parish bad us guild, whi 
voluni I 

prayer. Their fun. Is were formed by annual sub 


mew, Peter and Ed 


114 A Digest of Essex Wills. [April, 

John a cowe and a bullocke. To my sisters daughter a mark at 
18 (or marriage). To Andrevve Byles my sword and buckler. 
To Humphrey 20 d . To Randall Bykarton 2o d . To 3 godchildren 
2o d . each. Ex: John Cornish & Robert Cowp. Overseer father. 
Wit: William Paschall, Thomas Paschall and John Motte. Pr. 
1545. (Arch. Essex. Bastwicke.) 

12,. Osborn, Richard, of Bradwell next the Sea, Essex, 31 Jan., 
34 Eliz. To be buried in churchyard. To my sister Mary Os- 
borne a bed &c. My sisters Joan Osborne and Eme Osborne. 
To brother John my apparel. Res: son John at age 21. Ex. 
John Medcalfe of Bradwell and my brother John Osborne. Wit: 
Robert Pecke, John Wakein. Pr. 23 April, 1593. (Arch. Essex. 

34. Smythe, Thomas, of Blackmore, Essex, 12 Feb., 1590. 
Gent. To be buried in Blackmore Church where grandfather 
and grandmother are buried. Sole Legatee & Ex. mother. Wit: 
Margaret Smeth, Thomas Smethe father to testator. Pr. 30 Oct., 
1592. (Arch. Essex. Stephen.) 

35. Stevens, Christopher, of Stanford le Hope, Essex, 15 
Nov., 1582. To my dau. Helen's eldest living son William 
Clemente two sheep. To son John all my land except one yard 
with one barn and sufficient timber to make the same a house to 
dwell in, this to dau. Johan. To Edward Denton ,£6.13.4. To 
Edward Dentons sister 40/-. The two sons of my cousin Jone 
Banke. Res. & Ex. Dau. Johan. Overseer, friend Eugeny 
Gatton. Wit: Thomas Somerfielde, Eugenye Gatton. Pr. 17 
Jan., 1582. (Arch. Essex. Draper.) 

36. Wright, John,* of Barking, Essex, 20 June, 1584. To be 
buried in the church near my first wife. To poor jQt,. To sister 
Alyce Stevens 20/- and the little house that Richard Ince 
dwelleth in for life and after to Joane Stevens and her heirs. 
To John Buckland 2/6. Thomas Fyssher 2/6. Grace Barber 
10/-. To cosen Foote 3/4 and his wife 3/4. To sister Baker 5/-. 
To Andrew and William Gravelinge 3/4 each. Res. & Ex: wife 
Elizabeth.f Overseers William Walgrave & Henry Wilde. Wit: 
William Nutbrowne, Christofer Myers, Henry Wilde, William 
Squyer. Pr. 2 July, 1584. (Arch. Essex. Draper.) 

37. Wright, John, of Little Laver, Essex, 12 Sept., 1585, "the 
elder." To be buried in churchyard. To poor 3/4. To wife 
Joanne my tenement called Castlyne in Lt. Laver & Moreton. 
To dau. Jane ^20. To son Bennet ^30. To Dennes my son 
^30. Sons John & Thomas, my five daughters Johane, Adrey, 
Agnes, Jaine & Rose. Res. & Ex: Wife. Overseer son John, 
Wit: Thomas Hoskin, John Hanson the younger. Pr. 11 Nov., 
1585. (Arch. Essex. Draper.) 

* He was churchwarden and was buried on June 23, 1584. (Register.) 
t Elizabeth Wright, widow, m. Thomas Powncett, gent., Aug. 14, 1589. 

( To be continued.) 

iqckj.I New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the Am. Revolution. \ \ 5 


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^- u ^ ? -rr 


I I 6 New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the Am. Revolution. [April, 

;_; 3 « ' 

.a. o e o- 

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CQ en en m CQ u 

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~ "J ~m 
V — — 

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;- g c g c - r^ o u u u a; uo 
ju Dycja> U-CJT — — — XX-C 

1909.] -\Va' Brun :, of the War of 1/tc Am. Revolution. 1 I ~ 

> — _? 



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■7l a 5 


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—- ~ — 

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U -S — — 


I I 8 New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the Am. Revolution. [April, 
















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a. o. p, a, o, papa pa 

S ti -x = . rt 



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g o> :.2,— :.S"« = 

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i) dj oj « oj flj wu u o a; vu v % ^ ^ ^ c •£ N cccccccSB 
cccncccccc ££cc 

~ T3 be bc^ be bo be be bo be : 

' o o o S.S-S ..S.S.S.S-. 

T:~~~ti 5 .* be so bo be be tc tx _c j: 
SiiJ3j3j3jB^!j3j3-djaj3jaj3j3322S2j.a .5? .£f .Sf : .£f .5S .=f .Sf.y.Sf 


1909.] New Brun its of the War of the Am. Revolution. I 19 




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Or. 8 :U 

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I 20 New Brunswick loyalists of the War of the Am. Revolution. [April, 


3 " 

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1909.] Nrw BrunswicA Loyalists of the War of the Am. Revolution. \ 2 I 

B s 

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122 New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the Am. Revolution. [April, 

~ L 

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&H tJ &i 

1909.] The IIoppe-Hoppen-IIepper Lineage. I 23 


By Hopper Striker Mutt. 

(Continued Irom Vol. XL., p. is, of Tub Record.) 

IV. Matthijs Adolphi (Andries 1 ), bap. in New 

Amsterdam, March 3, (658; wits.: Lambert Huijbertszen Mol, 
Arie Corneliszen, Christena Harmens and Engeltje Wbuters. 

Ik- m. in the Dutch Church there, Anna, dau. of Jurck Paiiliis, 
May 2, 16S3; he being of X. Y. and she of New Albany, but 
living at the former place. According to the custom she was 
known as Antje Jorkse. They removed to Hackensack where 
they were accepted as members of the church 1 6 s 7 by Domine 
.ker. Hoppen bought a farm adjoining his 
brother's at Saddle River ami was elected deacon of the church 
May 25, 1704. He returned to X. if ht the farm in 

Bloomingdale with which his name b Aug. 

i ;. 171 \ Soon after his marriage he dropped his middle name 
and it was to Mathias II<>ppe that the deed was drawn. Issue: , 

70 i. Andri Id states he was b. in Bergen, April 2, 

1684, and that he was alive in 1 7 -* 5 . He m. Elizabeth 
Bras, Aug. 12, 17 10, who was b. at Hackensack, in 
which town they resided. On Jan. 28, 1711, Annetje, 
their first child was baptized. Mattias, their son, 
was baptized April 6, 1713, before Matt is Hoppe and 
Lea Hoppe, his grandfather and aunt. He m. Aaltje 
Kuypen (Cuyper), Nov. 9, 1741. Vide Rockland Co., 
X Y , Records for descendants, where a child wis 
bap. in r 7 ;.■ 

71 ii. Christijna, Hackensack records make her baptism 

July 25, 1686, in presence of Cerrit van Dien and 
Maijna Pouwels. Van Dien is tin- sun ■ 

ppe and Dirck Genitse van Duyn, heret< 
mentioned. She joined the church of her native 
place upon confession, April 12, 1708, and the next 
year (May 21) Bhe m. Johannes Huijsman, a young 
man who was born then- and there the couple lived, 
■ssue vide, Staten Island Mss. in Holland Society 

72 iii. Lea, b in Hackensack and bap 

wits : I [endrii k and < lathari in Hopp 

73 iv. Rachel, bap. Feb. 20, 1703, m presence of Cornells 

ndt and Hendrickje Houseman. 

74 v. Johani asack, May 19, 17 6; 


72. Lea' Hoppi ' ' ,m Johanni \ an d< 1 

a young man b, in Albany, but livti 

1 7 14. Tin- X Y Church re< 

124 The Hoppe-Hoppen-Hopper Lineage. [April, 

75 i. Matheus,' bap. Feb. 12, 1718; wits.: Matthijs Hoppe 

and Antje, his wife, the grandparents. 

76 ii. Cornelus, bap. Aug. 21, 1720; wits.: Dirck Hoppe 

and Catharina van den Berk. 

77 iii. Catharina, bap. Jan. 30, 1723; wits.: Richard Piero and 

Johannes van den Berg. 

73. Rachel 3 Hoppe (Matthijs A., 3 Andries'). Her marriage to 
Jillis Maundeviel occurred in N. Y., Dec. 2, 1721, where the 
church records give their issue, viz.: 

78 i. Davidt, 4 bap. March 7, 1722; wits.: Davidt Mandeviel 

and Marijtje, his wife. 

79 ii. Matheus (twin), bap. Aug. 17, 1726; wits: Mathijs 

Hoppe, Geertje Hoppe, Mr. Piero's* wife. 

80 iii. Juriaen (twin), bap. Aug. 17, 1726; wits.: Jiirian Man- 

deviel, Marijtje van den Berg. 

81 iv. Anna, bap. Dec. 2, 1739; wits.: Andries Hoppe and 

Elizabeth Bras, his wife. 

74. Johannes* Hoppe (John Hopper the Elder) (Matthijs A., 3 
Andries 1 ), was elected Collector for the Outward, Bowery Division, 
Sept. 29, 1733, and served for two years when he was made con- 
stable Sept. 29, 1735. A member of Capt. Gerard Stuyvesant's 
Company of N. Y. Militia in 1738, he served as lieutenant in 
Gen. Harmer's campaign against the Indians; was severely 
wounded and left for dead. He finally recovered. On May 30, 
1728, Maria van Norden became his wife, and his will, dated Oct. 
12, 1778, was proved July 19, 1779. It is not certain how he 
became possessed of the Hopper farm in Bloomingdale. It would 
be a fairer presumption that his father conveyed it to him than 
that he inherited it by right of primogeniture (as the conveyan- 
cers agree), for to assume otherwise would have to dispose of the 
elder son Andries and his descendants. By the terms of the will 
of 1778, the farm was to be divided into six equal parts among 

* Richard Perrow, an Englishman from New Barbadoes, m. Feb. 2, 1721, 
Geertje Hoppe, a young maid of Hackensack, living at the Great Kill. (The 
outlet of this stream was at present 42nd Street and the North River.) Fifteen 
acres of land were conveyed to Richard Pero of New Barbadoes in West 
Jersey by Mathijs Hoppe of the Groet Kill in the Outward, by deed dated 
May 29, 1722 (L. 30, 263). Consideration .£250; description: all that a certain 
Messuage, Tenement House and Parcell of Land Situate, laying and being at 
a place Called the Bowry in the Outward of the City of New York aforesaid, 
adjoining and being bound on the Southside by the Land of Gilos Shalloy, late 
deceased, and on the East side by a certain Swamp and the land of Jan 
Pretosge. Having on the northside to the Land of Mrs. Cortlandt and Maritie 
Solomons and on the west by the Highway, the whole containing 15 acres or 
thereabouts, being more or less and that in such manner as it hath been held 
and enjoyed upwards one and twenty years in a Peacable and Quiet Possession 
and Seizin by Adrian van Schaick and Rebecca van Schaick, deceased. 

Valentine locates this property on the Bowery near Stanton Street. It is 
more likely that the Swamp here mentioned was that from which Minitie-water 
(little brook) flowed, as Mrs. van Cortland held land in the neighborhood. The 
land of Solomons (later the Horn tract) extended on the south to 21st Street 
(Abingdon Road) from Bloomingdale Road (the Highway) to near Seventh 
Avenue. Minetta-water joined Bestavaar's Killetje or grandfather's creek on 
the van Cortlandt farm and the creek was named for him. 

iqoj.] The Hoppe-Hoppen-Hopper Lineage. 125 

the survivors, viz.: Matthew, John, Andrew, Yallas and Jemima, 
the wife of John Horn of the Bloomingdale Road, as Riker's 
Harlem has it. The remaining portion went to his grandchildren, 
the issue of his deceased son Wessell. A map was to be drawn 
showing such division and six tickets prepared and numbered 
with the numbers of said six lots, whereupon the said six devisees, 
their heirs and assigns or guardians for them, were each to draw 
■ket and the number thereon should be that of the lot he 
or she should inherit by the devise. The farm road from the 
Commons to the river was to run through each one of the six lots 
"to always be and remain free to any or either of said devisees 
to pass and repass without any hindrance to or from his or her 
portion of the farm." Articles of agreement were entered into 
by the heirs carrying out the above directions on Feb. 4, 1782. 
• No. 2 on said map, was the family burial ground and this 
was exempted from sale to be resi ver for that purpose. 

The courts some fifteen years ago decided that the terms of this 
agreement were not explicit enough to exempt this ground from 
other uses and the site of that portion thereof which was not 
condemned for the opening of Ninth Avenue and 50th Str< 
now occupied by an apartment house. Lane was 

a uniform breadth of 28 feet throughout its length. 
The Dutch Church records John and Maria (van Norden) 
Hopper's issue, viz.: 
82 i. Mattheiis,' bap. Dec. 25, 1728, before Willem Iloppe 

and Elizabeth van Norden, his wife. 

- ■!, bap. Feb. i), 1732; wits.: Jacob van Norden 

and Christina Zabriskie. 

82. Mathi ' Hopper (Johannes,* Matthij ties'), lived 

in N. V. and m. there Aaltje Jacobs, Nov. 2, 1751. He was buried 
in the Hopper plot. His will, dated Aug. 2, 1784, is of record in 
L 37, Wills, 219. Therein he devised to his dau. I.etty, wife of 
John Antonides, one-half of his house and land al I b and 

the other half to said John provided he paid to the executors 
^500; to dau. Mary. /_'.2$ over and above the equal share of the thereafter devised, and the house and lot, No. 6 Fair 
'. N V. City;* to his nephews Samuel and Matthew Carter 
his house and lot in Dey Street, being lot No. 38 in the West 

of N V.I', "hounded southerly in front by Dey Si 
westerly by lot No. 39, northerly in rear by lot No. 63 

M good and 
worthy fn 

Gabriel Ellison and Henry van Beuren. 

* The property through which Fair (present Fultoi laid oul 

was known 

Col. Charles Lodwick, |ohn Harberdim 
and the widow Hey 


four children "all 
Province of N. Y. commonly called the E Fail 


126 The Hoppe-Hoppen-Hopper Lineage. [April, 

Lot No. 38, 25 x 77 in size, on the map of the estate of Derick 
Dey was conveyed by the brothers Carter, Feb. 7, 1804, to Richard 
Varick for $2,900.00. The dates of the births of the children are 
taken from the family Bible, printed in Dutch, and the other 
dates from the N. Y. church records. These children were five, 

84 i. Johannes," b. Aug. 18, bap. Aug. 26, 1752; wits.: 

Johannes Hoppe and Maria van Norden. 

85 ii. Maria, b. Sept. 23, bap. Sept. 29, 1754; d. unm. The 

records spell her name Hoppen. Will dated March 
13, 1806, devises all personalty and, for life, use of 
rents, etc., of realty to sister Aletta; at her death J£ 
part of realty to nephew Matthew Antonides, the 
other Yz to Samuel and Matthew Carter, children of 
her late sister Jane. 

86 iii. Jacomijntje, bap. July 25, 1756. 

87 iv. Jannetje, b. Jan. 8, bap. Jan. 18, 1758; wit.: Wessel 


88 v. Aaltje (Aletta), b. Sept. 26, 1760; m. John Antonides, 

April 11, 1783, who d. before his wife. He was a 
grandson of the Rev. Vincentius Antonides, domine 
of the Dutch churches of Flatbush and Flatlands. 
Aletta d. in Brooklyn, Aug. 9, 1838. Her will, dated 
Sept. 2, 1836, devised one equal undivided half of 
house and lot, No. 111 Prospect Street, in that city, 
to her son Matthew, as well as all the rest, residue 
and remainder of her estate, making no specific 
disposition of the other half. The only child was 
Matthew" Antonides, whose birth, recited in the 
Dutch Bible above mentioned, was Jan. 21, 1785. 
He d. at Plainfield, N. J., May 2, i860, and his will, 
dated Jan. 15, 185 1, was proved before Roswell C. 
Brainard, Surrogate of Kings County, Dec. 20, i860 
(L 23, Wills, 387). Therein he mentions his wife 
Mary, and children Matthew H. and Catherine A. 
The widow m. (2) Edmund Brown, one of the 
executors, Oct. 24, 1865, at Plainfield. He d. there 
Jan. 19, 1867. She d. at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., Oct. 15, 
1884. Matthew H. d. intestate and unm. at Boston, 
Mass., Dec. 16, 1861. Catherine Aletta m. Frank H. 
Mills and lived at San Francisco. 

83. Wessel* Hopper (Johannes, 3 Matthijs A.,' Andries"), m- 
Anna Dyckman, Jan. 26, 1760, and had four children, viz.: 

89 i. Mary, 6 bap. Dec. 28, 1760; wits.: Matheus Hoppe and 

Aaltje Hoppe; m. Laurence Ohlwine. Issue: Mary,' 
b. the "Thursday in December before the New 
Year," bap. in the Lutheran church, Feb. 2, 1780; 
wits.: the father, Mary Hopper, dau. of John Hopper. 
John, b. May i, bap. May 11, 1782; wits.: Samuel 
Wessels, Elizabeth, his wife (Burhans Mss. at N. Y. 
G. & B. Soc. Library). 

1909.] The Hoppe-Hoppen-Hopper Lineage. 127 

90 ii. Johannes, bap. May .25, 1761; wits.: Andries Hoppe 

and Catharina StijmetS; in. Elizabeth . Their 

son John was buried in the Hopper cemetery. 

91 iii. Nicholas, bap. ; m. Mary Bell. In 1792 they were 

in Harford County, Maryland. They resided later 
at No. 158 North 2nd Street, and in 1S09 at 43 Sassa- 
fras Street, Philadelphia. 

92 iv. Ann, bap. Feb. 23, 1763; wits.: Johanes Hoppe and 

Wyntje Dyckman; she in. Cornelius Harsen. 

87. Jannetje* Hopper (Matheiis,' Johannes,' Matthijs A.,* An- 
dries'), m. Robert Carter, and d. prior to her sister Maria. Two 
children were b. of this union, viz.: 

93 i. Samuel,' m. Elizabeth Rowland, who d. April 14, 1865. 

94 ii. Matthew, b. 1778, lived in N. Y. City. 

93. Samuel* Carter (Jannetje,' Matheus,' Johannes,' Matthijs 
Andries' ), of New York City, whose will, dated July 27, was 

proved Nov, 24, 1S36 (L 75, Wills, 463). He gave all the income 
of his estate to his wife Elizabeth for life, and then divided his 
property equally among his nine children; his wife and brother 
Robert executors. Issue: 

95 i. James Rowland,' d. Aug. 29, 1S38, in N. Y. City, unm. 

96 ii. George Edgar, d. Aug. 9, 1886, in N. Y. City, unm. 

97 iii. Samuel Williams, unm. (1890). 

98 iv. John Robert, b. Aug. 14, [821; d. Sept. 5, 1881, in N. 

Y. City, m. Emeline Fisher; no issue. 

99 v. Alfred Washington, widower (1S89). 

100 vi. Thomas Saunders. 

101 vii. Jane Hopper, d. Nov. 12, 1872; m. William Mead, 

March 3, 1823; d. N. Y. City, April 6, 1832. They 
had: Jane Aletta," unm. (1889). Samuel Wallace, d. 
Jan. 8, 1870, unm. Elizabeth, m. Jamieson Sherry, 
Jan. 13, 1 85 1, and had Elizabeth C, unm. (1907). 

102 viii. Deborah Ann. 

103 ix. Mary Elizabeth, d. Jan. 23, 1875, N. Y. City, unm. 

94. Ma 1 1 hi w* Carter (Jannetje,* Matheiis,' Johannes,' Matthijs 

A.,* Andries'), m. Eliza ; he d. Nov. 9, 1855, and his will, 

dated Feb. 27, 1852, was proved at Jamaica, L. I., March 18, 1856. 
His wife and BOD Uzziah were executors. She d. Aug. io, 1864. 
Eleven children were tin- i^sue, viz.: 

104 i. Robert,' b. Sept. 28, 1816; d. Oct. 2, 1855, unm. of N. 

V City. 

105 ii. Edward, b. March 16, 1818; d. Aug. 25, 184S; m. Mar- 

garet . Issue: Lyda M," wlio m. Dodge; 

and Violetta, who m. Hashagen 

106 iii. Matthew W , b, Sept. »8, 1819; '1. < let 1 1, 1^20. 

107 iv George \\'., l> May 16, 1 

108 v. Matthew, 1). Aug. 12, 1S23; d. Jan 11, 1864, UE 

N. Y 

109 vi. Uzziah, i> Sept. <>. 1825, of Platbuth. 

110 vii. Samuel, b. July 20, 1827. 

128 Inscriptions from Christian Church Cemetery. [April, 

in viii. Violetta, b. July 13, 1833; m. William D. Dean of 

112 ix. Eliza, b. July 7, 1835; m. Garrit Stryker.* 

113 x. Margaret L., b. Aug. 5, 1837; m. Charles Mott of 


114 xi. Lawrence, b. 1847; d. Jan. 7, 1863. 

( To be continued.) 


Copied August, 1906, by Miss Azalea Clizbee. 

A , E . 

Avery, Sally Ann, wife of Benjamin W., d. Jan. 29, 1845; ae. 25 y., 

2 m., 1 d. 
Badgley, Catherine, wife of Daniel, junior, d. Oct. 20, 1841; ae. 41 
y., 6 m., 16 d. 
Catherine, dau. of Daniel, Jr., and Catherine, d. Oct. 20, 1841; 

ae. 2 y., 10 m., 12 d. 
Daniel, d. Oct. 24, 1848; ae. 86 y., 2 m., 3 d. 
Eunice, d. July 13, 1850; ae. 90 y., 4 m., 22 d. 
Pamelia F., d. June 5, 1858; ae. 23 y., 7 m., 11 d. 
Pamelia, wife of Leonard, d. Dec. 22, 1857; ae. 59 y., 11 m., 
22 d. 
Bates, Eliza Ann (dau. of Peter and Rachel Pettet), wife of 

Ebenezer, d, July 9, 1834; ae. 21 y., 6 m., 25 d. 
Beed, Betsey, wife of Ely, b. Sept. 20, 1779; d. Sept. 10, 1804. 
Bogardus, Albertine, dau. of Charles and Drusilla, d. April 17, 
1853; ae. 5 y., 2 m., 4 d. 
Drusilla (dau. of David and Phebe Sherwood), wife of Charles, 
d. June q, 1848; ae. 26 y., 9 m. 
Boice, Thurza Ann, dau. of James C. and Charity, d. March 17, 

1824; ae. 1 y., 26 d. 
Briggs, John, d. Feb. 16, 1831; ae. 76 y., 9 m., 24 d. 

Phebe, wife of John, d. July, 1835; ae. 71 y., 4 m., 29 d. 
Brown, Frances E., dau. of Henry and Susan, d. Oct. 22, 1843; ae. 
1 y., 7 m., 22 d. 

* Garrit Stryker, one of the best-known residents of Flatbush, who was 
familiarly known there and in the old county towns of Kings County as " Uncle 
Garry," died on Friday night at his house, 873 Flatbush Avenue, in his seventy- 
second year. He belonged to the old Dutch family of Strykers who settled in 
Flatbush more than two centuries ago. In early life he conducted a general 
village store at Church and Flatbush Avenues, which was known as "Stryker's 
Corner." He was a member of the old Kings County Troop, a militia organi- 
zation which was disbanded several years ago. He has been an earnest 
republican since the party was organized, and a leading member of the Flat- 
Dush Reformed Church. He leaves a widow and two daughters. — N. Y. Sun, 
Sunday, Sept. 21, 1902. 

1909.] Inscriptions from Christian Church Cemetery. I 29 

Bullock, Anna Maria, dau. of Ephraim and Abigail, d. Dec. 17, 

1835; ae. 19 y., 5 m., 12 d. 
Bush, Almira, dau. of Richard and Emeline, d. April 29, 1843; 
8 y., 1 m., 5 d. 
Julia, dau. of Richard and Emeline, d. May 6, 1848; 2 y. 
Lois (see Post), b. Nov. 29, 1805; d. Feb. 24, 1884. 
Case, Elizabeth, dau. of David and Margaret, d. Feb. 18, 1842; 

ae. 1 y., 6 m.. 12 d. 
Clearwater, Laura, d. March 12, 1816; ae. 16 y., 10 m., 13 d. 
Cole, John F., son of John E. and Susan, d. May 10, 1854; ae. 2 y., 

8 m., 3 d. 
Connelly, Margaret M., d. July 30, 1836; ae. 32 y., 11 m., 15 d. 
Cornelius, Annie, wife of Norman S., d. Aug. 17, 1878; ae. 29 y. 
Crandell, Comer B., minister, d. Dec. 30, 1835; ae. 44 y., 8 d. 

Hannah Maria, dau. of Comer B. and Sarah, d. Feb. 23, 1846; 

ae. 29 y., 10 m., 4 d. 
Pamelia, dau. of Comer B. and Sarah, d. April 8, 1S56; ae. 22 

y , 9 m., 12 d. 
Sarah, wife of Comer B., d. April 27, 1852; ae. 59 y. 

D , D . 

Davis, David, d. Nov. 15, 1852; ae. 79 v., 1 m., 5 d. 

Mabel Jane, wife of David, d. Nov. 25, 1850, ae. 66 v., 2 m. 

ha Jane, dau. of George R. and Christian, d. March 24, 
1856; ae. 2 y., 9 m., 24 d. 
Decker, Sylvester, son of David and Elizabeth, d. July 19, 1851; 

ae. 27 y., 3 m., 2 d. 
Delamater, William, d. June 27, 1864; ae. 64 y., 2 m. 
Delong, Phebe Ann, wife of William, d. May 7, 1849; ae. 51 y.,sd. 
Eckert, Maria Jane, dau. of Nelson and Catharine E., d. March 8, 
1845; ae. 1 m., 1 1 d. 

, Esthar Maria Abby, d. Dec. 5, 1839; ae. 1 y., 9 m., 10 d. 

Fero, Alexander, son of Hiram and Mary, d. April 10, 1S52; ae. 

2 v., 10 m. 

Fish, Charles A., son of Andrew J. and Elizabeth, d. Nov. 25, 1847; 

ae. 2 y. 
Fradenburg, Lydia, wife of Benjamin, d. Oct. 25, 1822; ae. 62 v. 
Freer, Elias, d. Feb. 16, 1850; ae. 21 y., 5 m., 23 d. 
Germond, Cornelia, wife of Alfred, at Binghampton, N. Y., d. 

March 7, 1853; ae. 51 y., 10 m., 8 d. 
Golder(?), Barbara Ann, dau. of Derrick and Lois, d. Nov. 2, 1820. 
Infant son of Derrick and Luis, <1. Feb. 27, 1817. 
Infant sons (a) of Derrick and Lois, d. Feb. 1, 1822. 

wife of Derrick, d. June 25, 1850; ae. 63 y., : 1 m., 20 d. 
Sarah, dau. of Derrick and Lois, d. 22 Jan., 1814; ae. 1 y. 
\ wife of Tobias, d. Jan. 15, 1846; ae. 9: y. 

iacob, d. March 11, 1857; ae. 66 y., 27 d. 
Taney, dau. of Jacob and Phebe, d. Aug. 31, 1843; ae. 18 y., 

3 m. 

Phebe (Willey), wife of Jacob, b. July 26, 1793; d, May 1 ?, 

Hcrrick, Anna, wife of Ephraim, d. May 10, 1823; ae. 65 y., 5 m., 
17 d. 

1 30 Inscriptions from Christian Church Cemetery. [April, 

Herrick, Ephraim, d. June 9, 1834; ae. 75 y., 9 m., n d. 

Mary, dau. of Ephraim and Anna, d. Feb. 5, 1808; ae. 12 y., 

11 m., 27 d. 
Phebe, dau. of Ephraim and Anna, d. Dec. 28, 1800; ae. 2 v., 

6 m. 

Phebe, wife of Ephraim, junior, d. April 20, 1835; ae. 38 y., 

7 rn., 10 d. 

Susan Ann, dau. of Ephraim, Jr., and Phebe, d. Jan. 4, 1827; 
ae. 1 y., 6 m. 
Heusted, Sarah, wife of Joseph, b. July 22, 1741; d. Feb. 9, 1814. 
Hicks, David I., d. Jan. 17, 1846; ae. 37 y., 8 m., 3 d. 

Elias B., b. Jan. 14, 1777; d. Feb. 2, i860. 

Eliza Maria, wife of Benjamin (balance of stone buried). 

Martha, wife of Caleb, d. Sept. 17, 1838; ae. 35 y., 8 m., 18 d. 

Nicholas R., son of Elias B. and Susan, d. Nov. 8, 1850; ae. 20 
y., 2 m., 20 d. 

Rebecca (wife of Nicholas White), b. Oct. 2, 1802; d. Jan. n, 

Holt, John R., son of William R. and Sarah W., d. Dec. 17, 1842; 
ae. 9 y., 10 m., 17 d. 
Julia Ann, dau. of William R. and Sarah W., d. Aug. 31, 1837; 

ae. 1 y., 11 m., 4 d. 
Sarah W, wife of William R., d. Feb. 1, 1853; ae. 40 y., 3 m. 
Houghtalin, Jeremiah, d. Oct. 23, 1853; ae. 52 y. 

Howell, Dolly, d. , 181 1; ae. 6 y. 

Husted, Alfaretta B., dau. of Allen E. and Elizabeth H., d. Aug. 
15, 1859; ae. 9 m., 12 d. 

Jenkins, John, d. , 1812; ae. 2 y., 5 m. 

Mary, d. Feb. 18, 1814; ae. 38 y. 
Thomas, d. Feb. 18, 1814; ae. 42 y. 
Jones, H., d. July 3, 181 2; ae. 38 y. 

Knickerbocker, Betsey A., dau. of Peter and Jane, d. Jan. 8, 1836; 
ae. 14 y., 7 m. 
Hermon, d. Dec. 28, 1882; ae. 74 y., 11 d. 
Ivan, son of Hiram and Mary, d. Dec. 4, 1842; ae. 2 y., 12 d. 
Jane (Montross), wife of Peter, d. March 20, 1877; ae. 89 y., 5 d. 
Peter, d. Nov. 16, 1848; ae. 66 y., 6 m., 22 d. 
Lamoree, Hannah, dau. of Daniel and Armina, d. May 13, 1828; 
ae. 1 y., 3 m. 
Martha, wife of John, d. Nov. 17, 1847; ae. 70 y., 9 m., 23 d. 
Sarah, dau. of Daniel and Armina, d. Feb. 18, 1838; ae. 7 y., 
4 m., 5 d. 
Landon, Dorcas, wife of Erastus, d. Feb. 7, 1827; ae. 63 y., 11 m., 

14 d. 
Langdon, Sally, d. Oct. 28, 1835; ae - 3 1 v -> 4 m -. I2 d. 
Martin, George, d. Jan. 20, 1839; ae. 18 y., 3 m. 

Ruth, wife of Lot, d. Nov. 16, 1856; ae. 70 y., 7 m., 12 d. 
Moon, John H., son of John and Lana, d. Sept. 9, 1841; ae. 4y., 4 m. 
More, Catharine, d. March 19, 1850; ae. 38 y., 6 m., 11 d. 

Catharine, wife of Philip, d. May 30, 1843; ae. 63 y., 3 d. 
Philip, d. Jan. 4, 1844; ae. 77 y., 4 m., 7 d. 
William, d. May 25, 1837; ae. 27 y., 9 ni., 12 d. 

riptions from Christian Church Cemetery. 131 

Morgan, Lewis W., son of Elijah and Phebe, d. Aug. 9, 1856; ae. 

1 v., 2 m., 13 d. 
Moul, Susan, wife of Peter, d. Aug. 9, 1S52; ae. 29 v., 10 m. 
Xiles, Alvirus A., son of George and Charity, d. Oct. 23, 1848; ae. 1 

v., 1 1 m., 14 d. 
Peavey, Edward Henry, son of Benjamin and Lydia, b. June 21, 
1S33; ae. 6 y , 4 m , 1 .• d. 
John L., minister, d. June 6, 1829; ae. 37 v 
Pink, Willie L.,son of Alanson and Sarah C, d. Feb. 2, 1859; ae. 3 m. 

Pool, .infant dau.of Stephen and Mary Jane, d. April 25, 1853. 

Marietta M., dau. of Stephen and Mary Jane, d. April 13, 

1852; ae. 6 m., 24 d. 
Mary Jane, wife of Stephen, d. April 15, 1853; ae. 22 y., 9 m., 18 d. 
Post, Ellen, wife of William, d. Jan. 16, 1887; ae. 79 y. 
Lois, (or Bush,) b. Nov. 29, 1805; d. Feb. 24, 1884. 
William, d. Dec. 11, 1891; ae. 80 y. 
Proper, Paulina, d. Dec. 2, 1870; ae. 68 y., 5 m., 1 d. 
Reynolds, Hannah, d. Oct. 29, 1862; ae. 79 y. 

Rider, Cummins, son of Philip and Catherine, d. March 4, 1821; 

ae. 8 y., 11 m., 4 d. 

Jairus 6., d. May 1, 1851 ; ae. 44 y., 6 m. (His name was Jairus 

Brigtfs Stoutenburgh, being son of Polly Briggs Rider, by 

her first husband. — Copyist.) 

Rollins, Eudora, dau. of Elder Edward B. and Almira D., d. Dec. 

19, 1855; ae. 4 y., 5 m. 
Schultz, Maryett, wife of Amos, d. July 27, 1844; ae. 28 y., 6 m., 27 d. 
Sherwood, Aaron, d. Aug. 4, 1844; ae. 53 y., 8 m., 10 d. 
David, d. Jan. 27, 1854; ae. 73 y., 17 d. 

Drusilla, wife of Issac, d. Dec. 6, 1852; ae. 89 v., 5 m., 12 d. 
Isaac, d. March 24, 1831; ae. 69 y., 11 m., 3 d. 
Isaac, d. Sept. 5, 1844; ae. 48 y., 1 m., 25 d. 
Ruth, dau. of David and Phebe, d. Nov. 12, 1827; d. 3 y., 4 m., 
21 d. 
Snyder, Jane Ann, wife of Andrew, d. May 27, 1854; ae. 22 y., 9 
m., 28 d. 

Spoor, infants of Elder J. N. and Almira, d. . 

Swartwood, Phebe, wife of Samuel, d. May 30, 1854; ae. 79 v., 1 m., 
17 d. 
Samuel, d. March 28, 1S54, ae. So y., 1 m. 
Swartwout, William, d. Jan. 7, 1844; ae. 28 y., 12 d. 
Tater, Frederick F., d. < »ct 30, 1834; ae. 45 y., 4 m., 20 d. 
Turner, John, d. Dec. 31, 1844; ae, 41 y., 6 m. 
Van < Istrom, Elizabeth, wife of < Mirer, d. ( let. 19, 1849; ae. 63 y., 

3 m., 7 d. 
Van Waggoner, Albert, son of Evert and Sarah, d. Jan. 21, 1806; 
ae. 1 v., 1 m., 10 d. 

Ann, wife of Sylvester, d '' 
m., 25 d. 

Van V. aN and Elizabeth, d. ; 

ae. 5 w., 3 d. 

. inder, son of William 1 1 and 
IS; ae. 6 y., 3 m., 3 d. 

1^2 Inscriptions from Christian Church Cemetery. [April, 

Wakeman, David, d. Feb. i, 1830; ae. 63 y., 9 m., 29 d. 

William H., d. Nov. it 1839; ae. 32 y., 7 m., 7 d. 
Waltermire, Lidia, wife of George, d. Jan. 16, 1840; ae. 64 y., 7 

m., 28 d. 
Weaver, Orlando K., son of William and Catherine, d. Feb. n, 

1847; ae - ' Y-> 5 m -> 11 d. 
Westfall, Peter G., son of Eli and Eliza Ann, d. Jan. 14, 1828; ae. 

1 m., 5 d. 
White, Nicholas, b. June 15, 1800; d. May 27, 1865. 
Whitid, Erastus, son of David and Jane, d. Aug. 5, 1838; ae. 1 m., 
28 d. 
Jane, wife of David, d. July 8, 1838; ae. 27 y., 5 m., 7 d. 
Samuel, d. Nov. 29, 1832; ae. 31 y., 9 m., 21 d. 
Wilde (also Wildey), John, d. May 13, 1823; ae. 85 y. 
Mary, wife of John, d. April 26, 1823; ae. 85 y. 
Rebecca, wife of Richard, d. June 22, 1812; ae. 68 y. 
Richard, d. March 20, 181 2; ae. 70 y., 2 m., 9 d. 
William, son of James R. and Elizabeth, b. Nov. 2, 1804; d. 
Nov. 3, 1805. 
Wildey (also Wilde), Abraham H., d. April 18, i860; ae., 64 y., 6 
m., 14 d. 
Benjamin, d. Feb. 14, 1831; ae. 46 y., 9 m., 17 d. 
Betsey, wife of Samuel, d. March 31, 1847; ae. 53 y., 17 d. 
Charlotte, wife of Abraham H., d. Jan. 16, 1830; ae. 32 y., 3 

m., 3 d. 
Elizabeth, wife of James R., d. Nov. 13, 1842; ae. 74 y., 3 m., 25 d. 
George R., only son of Joseph and Sarah, d. March 11, 1836; 

ae. 11 y., 11 m., 8 d. 
James R., b. May 1, 1768; d. Aug. 19, 1814. 
Martin L., d. June 17, 1853; ae. 26 y., 4 m. 
Martin Luther, son of Jonas and Sarah, d. March 3, 1825; ae. 

1 y., 11 m., nd. 
Mary, wife of William, d. Oct. 27, 1853; ae. 84 y., 2 m., 15 d. 
Peter William, son of Alanson and Phebe, d. Sept. 23, 1827; 

ae. 3 y., 28 d. 
Washington G., son of Abraham and Mary, d. Oct. 6, 1840; 

ae. 1 y., 1 m., 12 d. 
William, d. April 24, 1850; ae. 80 y., 3 m., 13 d. 
Willson, Charity, wife of Isaac, d. July 28, 1839; ae. 69 y., 3 m., 21 d. 

Isaac, d. June 2, 1817; ae. 49 y. 
Wilson, Isaac, son of John, d. June 4, 1822; ae. 1 y., 3 m. 

Isaphine G., dau. of John and Charity, d. Sept. 8, 1845; ae. 2 
y., 7 m., 6 d. 
Wooden, Thomas, d. March 17, 1849; ae. 77 y., 2 m., 22 d. 
Winters, Mary Ann, dau. of John and Maria, d. Dec. 10, 1831; ae. 

1 y., s m., 20 d. 
Yates, John W., b. Oct. 30, 1800; d. May 18, 1880. 

Rebecca, wife of John, b. March 14, 1799; d. Aug. 29, 1879. 
Sarah E., dau. of John and Rebecca, d. Dec. 31, 1846; ae. 17 
y., 2 m., s d. 

igog.] Bacon Family. — Origin of the Surname. I 33 


Bv Leon Brooks Bacon. 

Grimbaldus, a Norman gentleman, it is said, came into Eng- 
land at the time of the Conquest, in company with William de 
Warenne, Bar! of Surrey, to whom he was related. He was an 
early tenant of Letheringsete, near Holt in Suffolk, and married 
and had issue: Randulph, Edmund and Ranulf, known as Ralph, 
who resided at Thorp, in Norfolk, and took the name Bacon. His 
place was called Bacons-Thorp. The family of de Warenne 
takes its name from the castle of Varenne, called later Bellen- 
combre, on the river Varenne, Department Siene-Inferieure, 
and was founded in England by William de Warenne, first 
of Surrey, who held at one time great estates in twelve English 
counties. He married Gundred, a child or stepchild of the 
Conqueror, and a sister of Gherbode, or Gerbod, another child of 
William the First, and was created Earl of Chester. 

There are no records in England before the Conqueror, the 
principal families descending chiefly from the victorious in- 
vaders, and no history of any family much before the eleventh 
century. Joseph Foster, an eminent genealogist, says in reference 
to the Bacons: "The early descent of this family, which was 
very widely spread through Suffolk, is variously set forth, as may 
be seen on reference to Davy's Manuscript Collections relating 
to the County." 

In Collectanea < icncalogica he has given a long list of the 
manuscript pedigrees in the British Museum which are of im- 
portance to students of this family history (Genealogy of the 
Bacon Family, Add. Ms [9,1 16). The early history of the family 
is in a state of bewilderment, the various conjectun s have been 
hazai' of the surname. Lower, in A Diction- 

ary of Family Names, say con is a seigniory in Nor- 

mandy, and that the name is in the Battle Roll. William I 
in 10S2, endowed the Abbey of the Holy Trinity at Caen, in 
Normandy (Taylor's Roman de Rou). lie also .says that from 
their connection with Bayeux they were sometimes Latinized 
De Bajocis. We find that on ■■'> t., 1329, Sir Richard de B 
was created a Knight of the Bath, as a Banneret, by Ed 
Third. Whether he came from 

Bacon, a Justin P .1 the King's B 

who was created a Knight of the Bath, as a Bannerel 
Edward the Third. is History oj Orders oj h 

by Nicolas, Vol, III, p, 5). The antiquity of the I 
dispute, and the n t "I i « - Kin 

tingU the production of eminent and great nun The 

first name of Bacon known in Bnglan : : I theater, and founder of th< 

in Staffordshire. Anion- the defaul; Red Book In the 

134 Editorial. [April, 

Exchequer is Roger Bacon, said to have been a brother of Philip 
de Colombieres (Taylor's Note in Wace's Chronicle 243). The 
method of obtaining the surname of Bacon is interesting. Ralph, 2 
son of Grimbaldus, was known by his place of residence as Ralph 
de Bacons-Thorp. The word Thorp is Saxon for village, Becuns- 
Thorp meaning Beech-tree Village. The early monumental 
brasses have effigies under trees, an evident allusion to the name. 
Sir William Bacon, or Sir Robert Bacon, is taken notice of 
among knights bearing banners in the reign of Philip the Third 
of France (1 270-1 285), and bore for his arms a beech tree. Roger* 
de Baconsthorp, son of Ralph, a was father of Robert,* who as- 
sumed the name of Bacon, and to make his identity clear during 
the change of patronymic, was styled Robert-Fitz-Roger, (Robert, 
son of Roger). He was a person of great power, and cousin of 
Geoffrey Ridel, Bishop of Ely. This may have been only a 
resumption of an ancient Norman surname which is still existing 
in the North of France. 

Registration of Pedigrees. 

For many years individuals interested in their personal Pedigrees have 
experienced the necessity for some Official Bureau where these Pedigrees 
could be formally registered for the benefit of posterity. 

In England some centuries ago this want was felt and its need supplied by 
the establishment of the Heralds' College. In the prosecution of its work in 
the earlier centuries, this College sent its Heralds into the various counties of 
England and there recorded the Pedigrees of important county families and 
exercised legal jurisdiction over those families in their use of Coats-of-Arms. 

The information thus gathered was known as the Herald's Visitations for 
these counties; and the results of their investigations have in many instances 
been subsequently embodied in printed volumes known as the " Visitations of 
Sussex," etc., etc. 

These Visitations have ceased years ago, but the Heralds' College still 
exists for the distinct purpose of permitting those of English birth and descent 
to formally record their Pedigrees, and to establish their right to bear Coats-of- 

In this country within the recollection of the present generation the 
necessity of formal Registration of Pedigrees was likewise felt, and was 
recognized within certain limited spheres by the establishment of the various 
patriotic and lineage societies which have sprung into existence during that 

Each and every one of these societies has accomplished most excellent 
work, within the limited field of its individual usefulness; and it is impossible 
to overestimate the value of the information which each of these societies has 
collected and now possesses within the sanctity of its archives. 

To a greater or less extent each and every one of these societies however 
is imbued with an idea that the Pedigrees of its members are sacred and must 
not be published in full for the benefit of the genealogical public at large. 

It therefore has resulted that, while these societies have accumulated a vast 
amount of most valuable genealogical information, yet, from the policy which 
they pursue, they have all, with remarkably few exceptions, failed in placing 
in published detailed form for the benefit of their members, and for that of the 
genealogical public at large, the information contained in their archives, as 
represented by the Pedigrees of their individual members; which Pedigrees 
are the titles to membership in these various societies. 

looa.] I 3 5 

The original Pedigrees of the members in many instances consist of one 
single copy; in some cases however duplicate copies exist, one filed with the 
| and the duplicate hied with the general society at its central 
11 ters. 

While it is improbable, yet it is possible, that simultaneous fire in both the 
local and general headquarters of these societies might result in the absolute 
loss of the valuable details of these Pedigrees, for the very reason that up to the 
present no steps have been taken to publish the Pedigrees in their fullest form. 
If they were so published, it would be practically impossible to destroy all of 
the published copies which would be located broadcast in the numerous 
libraries of this country. 

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Societj predates 

the value of the information above referred to now locked up in the archives of 
these various Societies; and also appreciates the possibility of their loss to 
posterity for the above stated reasons; and, while not desiring to criticise the 
attitude of anv of these particular societies, yet it feels that they have failed in 
their duty to their members in so far as they have neglected to publish in the 
fullest detailed form the Pi these members lor the reason that the 

New York Genealogical and Biographical Society takes the broad and proper 
stand that these Pedigrees should not be hoarded foi the selfish satisfaction of 
particular Societies, but should be published for the benefit of all interested in 

The lineage books of these various societies referred to should be the most 
valuable source of genealogical information obtainable in this country. How- 
ever, from a practical genealogical standpoint, the genealogical student has 
long been impressed with the uselessness of the average lineage books o( these 
es, due to the fact that in the large majority of cases they furnish no 
definite information as to what the distinct line of descent of their members 
from certain ancestors may be; and almost never give in detail the vital facts 
of the successive generations of this line of descent. 

Due to the above stated existing condition of affairs, the New York Genea- 
logical and Biographical Society, after much deliberation thereupon, has 
established a Department of its Society for the distinct purpose of Registration 
of Pedigrees of any and all who may desire to take advantage of the oppor- 
tunity thus off) 

In the establishment of this mw Department, Pedigrees will be i 
upon Application Blanks regularly prepared therefor, by the New York 
Genealogical and Biographical Society; and will be examined and passed upon 

-ir correctness by competent genealogical authority; and will bl 
lequently published in volumes of not less than two hundred and fifty Pedi- 
grees each, and delivered to Applicants for Registration whose Pedigrei 
Contained in that particular volume published. 

In publishing these Pedigrees, the vital facts such as birth, marriage and 
death of the two progenitors of each generation will be published m full. 

In due course of time these IUCI I - will line] their p-sliiii: place 

upon the shelves of the principal libraries of this country, as well as in tin- 
libraries of the individual applicants; anil thus the valuable information thus 
ecluded from any possibility of loss which human ingenuity 
can prevent. 

The facilities offered by this Department should appeal I 
publn . be divided into three classes, namely: 

of wh; rpetuate in detailed form the viu 

which • 

natural desire to have these Pedi bed in the fulli I irm. 

lh it large group of individuals who, whi e 

membership in various '■ 

. •>. seek membership therein. I 
numbi • 
,,f ,|,- . dental eligibility to memb ^ 

nd m fact most important group of all, 
■ssity eligibh '"it who nal """ h 

1 36 Society Proceedings. [April, 

interest in their individual Pedigrees as if they were eligible to any or all of 
these Societies. 


The field of this Department is as above outlined of the broadest possible 
,i.upe; it being the purpose of the New York Genealogical and Biographical 
Society, if possible, to make this Department for the American public all and 
more than what the Heralds' College is for the English people. 

Full information as to the course to be pursued by those desiring to 
Register Pedigrees together with literature explaining cost, etc., will be sent to 
those interested upon application to the New York Genealogical and Bio- 
graphical Society. 


January 8th, 1909. 

The Fortieth Annual Meeting of the New York Genealogical and Bio- 
graphical Society was held on Friday, January 8th, 1909, at 8.30 P. M. 

The meeting was called to order by the President, Mr. Clarence Winthrop 
Bowen, who announced the election of the following new members, viz., Life 
Member: Richard Hockman Handley; Annual Members: Lawrence Bogert 
Elliman, Hasbrouck Innis, Forman Dalrymple Mattison, D.D., M.D., Mrs. 
Ansel Oppenheim, Amadee Valle Reyburn, Jr., William Frederick Stafford, 
Kathlyne Knickerbocker Viele; and the resignations of Mrs. J. Ray Cleve- 
land, William H. Peckham, Mrs. W. E. Shepherd, Lincoln Childs Smith and 
Allen M. Thomas, M.D. 

The Annual Reports of the Officers and Committees were then presented, 
read and filed, as follows: 

The Secretary, Mr. Henry Russell Drowne, reported a membership of 8 
Honorary, 134 Life and 345 Annual Members, making a total of 487, being a 
gain of 50 members, while the Corresponding Members number 108. The 
additions to the roll for 1908 were 7 Life, 44 Annual and 6 Corresponding 
Members, while 16 have resigned and n died. Seven regular meetings of the 
Society were held in 1908. 

The Board of Trustees appointed special committees to consider the 
advisability of a new building and the registration and publication of pedi- 
grees by the Society. 

The Treasurer, Mr. Hopper Striker Mott, reported the detailed financial 
statement that the total receipts of the Society were S9.623.60, and the dis- 
bursements $8,859.81, leaving a cash balance on hand of $763.79. The total 
assets of the Society were $97,276.53 with no liabilities, being an increase of 
$3,285.19 for the year, and that present market value of its invested funds were 
$5,605.13. Owing to the energy of the Librarian and Assistant-Librarian the 
receipts for Life Membership increased $325, and for Entrance Fees $310 over 
like receipts for last year. 

The Chairman of the Executive Committee, Mr. John Reynolds Totten, 
reported in detail the present condition of the Society, the gain of 50 active and 
56 total memberships on the membership roll, the subscribers to the Record 
being 311, a gain of 10; a net gain of $394 in the membership account; 
the fact that the Record receipts exceeded its cost by $321.30, and that the 
receipts from the Society Publications, Room and Hall rents were on the 
increase. The chairman further read the proposed form of circular, etc., for 
the registration and publication of pedigrees. 

The Librarian, Mr. John Reynolds Totten, reported that during the past 
year 936 volumes were acquired by donation, 259 by exchange and 470 by 
purchase; that the total visitors to the Library were 1,867, and the number of 
books on the shelves were 16,828. 

The Historian, Dr. William Austin Macy, reported a substantial increase 
in material contributed from outside sources, especially in regard to church 

The Necrologist, Mr. Josiah Collins Pumpelly, reported memorial notices 
on the death of the following members, viz.: Edmund Samuel Fostor Arnold, 

iQOg.] v/i Proceedin I 37 

M.D., William Rhinelander, Clarence Ashley Postly, Honorable Grover Cleve- 
land, Townsend Wandell, Frederick Wendell Jackson, lames William I 

man, Henry Trumbull Bronson, Martin Hawley Stafford, Herman Knicker- 
bocker Viefe, Edward Bram iac Walker Mai lay. 

The Registrar oi Pedigrees, Mr. Winchester Fitch, reported the tiling of 

1 harts. 
The Chairman of the Publication Committee, Mr. George Austin Mor- 
rison, Jr., reported that tin 1 1 ibscribers to the Record, the r. 

being £067.15; that 107 back numbers hail been sold including two full 
the RECORD for $400; that the total receipts for the RECORD were $1 : 
for 1908 as against Si, 122,61 for 1007, and there was .1 steadily growing demand 
for the magazine. 

rhe President then introduced Mr. Charles T. Catlin, who read the paper 
oi Mr. Josiah Collins 1'umpelly entitled: "Jersey's Colonial Government and 
the Dawn of American Independence," owing to Mr. Pumpelly's absence 
because of illness. 

January 12th, 1909. 

i!ar Meeting of the Hoard of Trustees of the New York Genealogical 
and Bi 1 on Tuesday, [anuary 1 2th, 1009, at 8.1 I 

The Presidei t, Mr, I larei 1 e W inthrop Bowen, being ii 

• Messrs. Walker, Pell, Bowen, Wrignt, Gibson, Mott, Totten, 
Morrison and I >rowne. 

A communication was read from the Empire State Society of tin 
the American Revolution, presenting a set of resolutions to prohibit the use of 
the American Flag for advertising purpose, which was on motion, duly 
seconded, received and tiled. 

The Treasurer presented a report showing total cash on hand $1,469.89, 
and the invested funds which cost (5,2 . 1 1 were worth f,, 585.63, and on 
motion, duly seconded, the report was received and tiled. 

The Annual i I tffil ers and Committees for the year I9O9 was 

then held and the following persons were duly nominated and elei 

\ ii e President: William B. 
O. Field; Second Vice-President: Tobias Alexander Wright; Secretary: Henry 
Russell Drowne; Treasurer: Hopper Striker Mott; Librarian: I 
Totten; Necrologist: Richard Henry Greene; Assistant-Librarian: Mrs 
■■ Evelyn Youngs. 

Executive Committee: John Reynolds Totten, Chairman, William B. O. 
Field, George Austin Morrison, Jr., Henry Fierson Gibson, William Isaac 

Publication Committee: George Austin Morrison, Jr., Chairman, Tobias 
Alexander Wright, Hopper Striker Mott, Edward Doubleday Harris, I. Henrj 
Lea, Richard Henry Greene, Jcsia 

, Chairman, Charles Landon [ones, 

Wm. Ai I Pell, 

1 'in Macy, ( hairman, Rev. John 

Stillwcll, M.I '. AlphonSOT. I iron iter, I 

N. Y 

Lucy I). Akerly, for Suffolk < 'o., N. Y., Tobial A. Wright, tor Washington Co., 

N. Y.. Edward" M. 1 Co., N. Y., William M. Du B< 

Plains, N. Y., Mrs Charles I). Ward, for Oswego, N. Y.. Rafus K 

Suffolk Co., N. Y.. William A. Macy, M. D., for - 

Unix's Baldwin, Charles 1.. union |ones, for Lit I onn. 

rresponding Members (or 1008 were re-appointed for 1909. 

M.I)., was reported, and on moti 
1 thai a committee of three be appointed to draw up 
Resolutions in behalf of the Society upon the deceaseof its former P 

. Moti 

and Wright, men mittee. 

mmittce then reported that the St.inn Island Dutch 

Church Records would be comp idwu 


Society Proceedings. [April, 

concerned in the January number, igog, and that the committee would thereafter 
proceed to print and publish same at an expense not to exceed $600. 

Mr. Totten, in behalf of the Committee on Printing and Registering 
Pedigrees then presented a report and the proposed forms, etc. Thereafter it 
it was on successive motions, duly seconded, resolved that the forthcoming 
work and report of the Committee on Pedigree Registration be approved and 
accepted and that the Committee be authorized to purchase such books in its 
discretion as may be necessary for the advancement of the plan ; that the cost of 
the application blanks be 50 cents and the Pedigree be $[5.00; that the pro- 
posed plan as outlined by the Chairman of the Committee be carried into effect; 
that the Treasurer be directed to set aside in a special fund, not to be drawn 
upon except by order of the Board of Trustees, all fees and monies received 
from the registration of Pedigrees, and that the Society be charged with the 
expense of exploiting and carrying out the plan, which cost be refunded later 
to the Society from the said special Registration Fund. 

February 19TH, 1909. 

A Regular Meeting of the Society was held on the evening of Friday, Feb- 
ruary igth, 1009, at half past eight o'clock, the President being in the Chair. 

The President announced the names of those officers elected at the Trustees 
Meeting, held January, 1909, and of those appointed to act on the several com- 
mittees for the year 1909, as well as the names of those elected to membership 
at its last meeting, viz.: Annual Members: John Denison Champlin, Francis 
Timothy Cuddy, Miss Eliza Connor Gourlie, Francis Johnstone Hopson, Archi- 
bald Gourlay Thacher, Herbert Wallace Todd, Jeremiah Rutger Van Brunt, 
Major Hampden Waldron. 

The following deaths were recorded with expressions of regret: Jose Fran- 
cis de Navarro, Col. Woolsey Hopkins, Henry Reed Stiles, M.D. 

The President then introduced the speaker of the evening, Mr. Tunis G. 
Bergen, who gave an interesting lecture upon "New Netherland History in 
connection with the coming Hudson-Fulton Celebration." At the close of the 
lecture a vote of thanks was extended to Mr. Bergen, and the meeting was duly 

March 9th, 1909. 

Joint Meeting of the Board of Trustees and of the Executive Committee 
held at the Society's office on the afternoon of Tuesday, March gth, at 4 o'clock. 

Present: Dr. Ellsworth Eliot, Warner Van Norden, Tobias A. Wright, 
William Isaac Walker, Howland Pell, Clarence Winthrop Bowen, Hopper 
Striker Mott, John Reynolds Totten, Henry Pierson Gibson and William Brad- 
hurst Osgood Field. 

The President, Mr. Bowen, took the Chair, and thereafter the Minutes of 
the last meeting of the Board of Trustees and of the Executive Committee 
were read and approved. 

The report of the Treasurer of the Society as to its financial condition was 
then read and approved, and the regular bills of the Society were read, 
approved and ordered paid. 

The following Annual Members were then elected: Dwight B. Baker, 
David Hendrick Cuyler, Mrs. George Thistle Gaden, Lawrence Gourlay, Wil- 
liam Thomas Pitt, James Edgar Valentine, Maj. Charles William Whipple. 

The Chairman of the Executive Committee reported the progress of the 
Registration of Pedigree scheme; the condition of Hall and Room Rents in the 
Society Building; the subscriptions to the Record; increase of Membership, etc. 

It was on motion, duly seconded, resolved that a new edition of Double 
Pedigree Charts be issued, on the best and heaviest quality of paper. 

William Austin Macy, M.D., was duly re-elected Historian of the Society 
for year 1909, and Winchester Fitch was duly re-elected Registrar of Pedigrees 
for year 1909. 

A general discussion of scheme for United Societies Building followed and 
final action was deferred until next meeting. 

There being no further business the meeting was duly adjourned. 

IQ09-] tries. 1 39 

Corey. — A correction. Some time ago the undersigned was sent by a 
professional genealogist, an absti will oi f oh n Corey, with an inter- 

i dau., Sarah, added. The original will of John Corey, as recorded in 

/.. /.. Session Book No. /, at Riverhead, from which the followinj 
names, 1 Feb., 1684-5, '" 'he order below, Son fohn Corey, who is to I 
bra^s kettle, the great Bible, chest and was 1:1 it, etc.; Son Jacob Corty, 

I ram Corey, who is to have his 
father's lot at Oysterponds, Lower Neck, he to pay half the price of it to his 
brother Jacob Corey, 5/ to his brother Isaac Corey, and to settle all his father's 
debt, etc. 

\ter Hannah is to have the lot by the mill, her dau. Hannah is also 
named. Daughter A bigaile, finishes the list of John Corey's children. 

John Corey's will was proved at Southold, 2 Oct., 168;, by John Tuthill, 
Thos. Mapes, Sr., and Samuel Wines. No inventory is appended, and his son 
Abram was appointed executor. 

There are said to be strong reasons for supposing that Sarah may have 
been a dau. of John Corey above, but there is no proof. 

See The Corey Family of Southampton and Southold Long [slar 
in Rf< ,1001, LUCY D. AKERLY. 

DUMONT FAMILY, The statements made in the quotation from Snell's 
History of Hunterdon and Somerset Counties, N. /., are correct, viz.: that 
Congn borO Township to appoint .etc., but the 

word, "Congress" in that passage means the "Provincial Congress of New 
Jersey " which was the official title ol New [ersey's Revolutionary Legislature. 
It was in distinction from the Provincial Congress that the General Congress 
w is termed the "Continental Congress." 

wm. CLINTON ARMSTRONG, New Brunswick, N. J. 

Hi • > Family. — All interested in the ancestry and descendants of John 
Heard of Hanover Co., Va., who came from County Tyrone, Ireland, 1719-20, 
should communicate with J. W. Lilly, 65 West 143d St., New York City, Sec- 
retary and Historian of The Heard Association. 

Tkavikkkkk Family. — In connection with some articles on the Dumont 
family contributed to the RECORD by the writer several years ago, mention was 
made of the Traverrier family. The new notes following are of interest: "The 

i ti riage of '1 nit ' was the 1 ith of 

Apnl, 1688. In the body of the certificate tin- names are spelled as above; 

re signed: ' pierre trauerier, Marie Amain].'" (Extract li a letter 

dated Nov. 1 1, 180K, from M rs. K. McA, Lawton, Chairman, I imittee, 

Huguenot Society of America, New York City.) Further items about the 

rur family were printed in the Intermtaiaire, Paris (1904), vol. 49, pp. 
338, 529, 595. which is a useful medium for Hueguenot genealogists. 

I I «.l M V. Mi 1 IKK. 

Gardinkr— Davis— Clark— Coleman Harris. The dated ancestry 

back to their respective emigrant* 1^ desired of: 

Mn: Gardiner, who is Said to have m. Nathaniel' Coleman, son ..f John' 
ritcilla (Starbuck) Coleman (John,' Thos.'), was b .1. Ig 

May, i 

rrho in. John, 1 son i if Nathaniel 4 Coleman of Nantucket above, 
b. 5 Feb 

hum - , who ni. Eber 1 [Eben?) Coleman, son of | 

ind Eunii e Colem in bad Foui dau -. / •. ..■'; ;, ! 

fulia and Polly lb. 1 7'j7 ' ». who m. John Harris, and had < ■ 
Abby, Mary, fohn and Harriet. 

Of these, Eliza < oleman m |ames Ladson Barnwell of Beaufort, 

The ancestry of /.i/i/< //arris above is p tired, He in.iv h.ivr 

been of Providence, K.I. i n. a. 

140 Book Notices. [April, 

Nicholl. — A member of the New York Genealogical and Biographical 
Society has received a copy of an important document on the Nicholl family of 
Glamorgan, Wales. The member would like to know the name of the sender 
and see the document. The copy of the document is as follows: 

"The burgher lease of Willumus ap Nicolus who died in 1511 comes to 
Iltutus Nicolus a child under ten years in the family of Stradling S Donats his 
mothers brother by the death of his father and mother and all of the family 
except Sir Edward by the plague. Wills died in 151 1 and his brother Thomas 
died with all his heirs sometime before except Iltutus Nicolus the son of Nicol 
ap Thomas. Wills had lease from his fathers brother Wills ap 1 nomas ap 
Nicol ap John ap Henry ap Nicol ap Wills ap Nicol ap Wills ap Nicol ap John 
ap Nicol the bishop ap Gwgan the bishop ap Utet by Nest daughter of Gwgan 
ap Iltet back to S Iltutus. Bishop Gwgan was the first granted this same 
lease from Sir Morris ap John for the great service in war of his fathers father 
Nicol ap Nicol who came with his father into Morganwr from Normandie 
where his father was born son of Adela daughter of the Duke of Normandie 
the fathers father of King William I of England and Wales." 

Palmes. — Who was Elizabeth , wife of Andrew Palmes, who after his 

death m. Thomas Prentis, June 13, 1725? Who was William Palmes, the rope 
maker of Boston? Would like the names and dates of birth of the children of 
Doctor Guy Palmes and the name of his wife. Are any of their descendants 
living? Who was Samuel Palmes, who m. Lucy Way of Lyme or New London, 
Conn., and who had sons.Seth and Richard Palmes, and what became of them? 
Desire Palmes with Guy Palmes furnished bond of .£300 on estate of Andrew 
Palmes, signed Feb. 13, 1753. An inventory of the above estate taken by Joseph 
Talman and David Palmes, April 19, 1754; and David Palmes was admini- 
strator. Who were David and Desire Palmes? 

Samuel Palmes, twin son of Bryan Palmes and Sarah (Way) Palmes of 
New London, m. Mary Foster, Sept. 2, 1781, and settled and d. in East Haddam, 
Conn. Who were the parents of Mary Foster? She had an older brother 
John, who had a mercantile business in New York City. He d. in East Haddam, 
Nov. 22, 1841. 

Would like to communicate with any descendants of the above Palmes; or 
with a John Palmes, b. in East Haddam, Conn., July 25, 1786, and who emi- 
grated to Missouri and settled on a farm. He was living in 1873. They were 
tax payers. 

Who was Lucy Way's paternal grand-mother? Lucy m. (1) Samuel 
Palmes, and m. (2) Captain Richard Douglass of New London; after his 
decease she removed to New York City and lived to be 84. 

H. R. way, care of Miss Lucretia W. Smith, 

114 Union Street, New London, Conn. 

Wright. — Samuel 5 Wright (Benoni, 4 Samuel, 3 James, 5 Deacon Samuel 1 ), 
b. in Lebanon, Conn., Sept. 27, 1752; m. Vienna Bond of Canterbury, Conn.; 
removed to Camden, N. Y. They had thirteen children, all of whom lived in 
Camden and Lee, near Rome, N. Y. Wanted, the posterity of the above 
Samuel Wright and Vienna, his wife. R. P. w. 


A Genealogy of the Descendants of Alexander Alvord, an 
Early Settler of Windsor, Conn., and Northampton, Mass. Compiled 
by Samuel Morgan Alvord. Cloth, 8vo, pp. 823. Full Index. Illustrated. 
Andrew's Press, Webster, N. Y. 1908. 

This volume is a splendid example of what an accurate and exhaustive 
family genealogy should be, for in persistant research, selection of matter, style 
of composition and arrangement of material its author stands in the front rank 
of modern genealogists. The work is divided, first, into a brief statement of 
the English Alford family and other settlers of the same name in America, 

looo.] Book Notices. I 4 1 

wherein it appears reasonably certain that Benedict, Alexander and Joanna 
Alford, who appear in New England about 1645, were children of Thomas 
Alford of Whitestaunton, ( •. !■ ngland, and second, into a full history 

of the descei. cander Alvord to the tenth generation, 3.°4 2 heads of 

families being specifically dealt with. 

The aul the female Alvords one generation and uses a 

system of numbering the children of married daughter? alphabetically— while 
each child born Alvord is given a number, rendering the tracing of a particular 
. exact. 

While the existence of early manuscript records of the family afforded a 

.'.ion for this monumental work yet the labor of extending the early 

family ■ Sting and rearranging the data, and finally placing it in 

printable form, must have been enormous, covering as it did seven years time. 

There would appear to be nothing to add to this hook and it will un- 
doubtedly rank as the sol. cal authority. For this n 

win a place in every hbr.i: book can be 

obtained onl) of Mr. S. M. Alvord, J54 Ashley Street, Hartford, Conn., at its 
published price of $5.00. 

The Bibliographer's Manual of American History. Con 

s Lindsley Bradford, M.I). Edited by Stan. V. llenkels. Vol. Ill, 
•-.3104-4527. Cloth, Large 8vo, pp. 314. Philadelphia. 1908. 

The first two volumes of this monumental work were reviewed ii> 
XXXIX, p. 140, of the Record, and it would seem superfluous to add to the 

ublication. The present volume of the 

series continues the excellent and exhaustive revision and covers the books 

published on Mar. ichusetts, Michigan, Min -sippi, 

iri, Montana. New England, New Ham). shire, New Jersey, New York, 

North Carolina, Oh oia, as well as the titles of the books of Cotton 

crease Mather, Joh Michaux, John 

Miller 1 Mourt, loel Munsell, Edmund I). 

E. B. O'Callaghan, Parkman, William 

, ["nomas Prince and other historians. 

The character and utility of this publication cannot be too 1 
commended to all libraries desirious of placing a complete set of bi 
referei ii shelves and its value to the historian and genealogist is 


THE I ■ ["URNPIKES OP BLANDFORD, 1733-1833. By Sunnier 

Gilbert Wood, Congregational Minister in B iss. Cloth, 81 

Illustrated. With Appendix and Index. The Plymouth Pn 


The author of this delightful book has turned aside from the dry and dusty 
.id turned inl 

: try roads and lan> . 

I our 
early t mmunity naturally • 

I the town tavern or villagi 
much is learned of the 1 I iwnfolk. Afti 

years well as the 

rmined t" publish 1 
g the counti 

Mr. W 1 ning a phr.i 


•c in treatment of mater! 

YA2 Book Notices. [April, 

inside and outside the volume is shown and it is a worthy addition to the 
literature of a literary State. It is hoped that the book will meet with the 
success it deserves and that its author will give to the reading world in the near 
future his proposed work "The Homes and Habits of Ancient Blandford. 

Collections of the Connecticut Historical Society-VoI. XII, 
Lists and Returns of the Connecticut Men in the Revolution, I775-I7»3- *- lotn > 
8vo, pp. 489. Full Index. Hartford. 1908. 

The material in this volume supplements that already published in 1889 
and 190 1 in regard to the service of Connecticut men in the Revolutionary War. 
The greater part of the volume is made up of names of those who were in the 
Continental Regiments of the Connecticut line, to which the rolls of companies 
in service not previously printed have been added. The greatest care has been 
taken to include every name of record and to index the names under the 
correct spelling. The book will be a great acquisition to all attempting to 
determine the patriotism of their Connecticut ancestry and reflects great credit 
upon the Historical Society and its officers. The arrangement of these long 
lists is effective, the printing, paper and binding displays good taste, and trie 
volume is a workmanlike production. The Connecticut Historical Society may 
well feel proud of perpetuating the Revolutionary War Records in so excellent 
a form. 

Glens Falls-The Empire City. By J. A. Holden. Paper, Large 
Quarto, pp. 84. Glen Falls Publishing Co. 1908. 

This is a descriptive and illustrative pamphlet of one of the great manu- 
facturing cities of this State and contains memorial biographies of many ot the 
representative citizens both of the past and of the present. It is well printed 
and admirably illustrated with a number of half-tone reproductions of the 
leading professional and business men, places of interest, civic buildings and 
private residences and makes a popular souvenir for those interested in the 
development of this commercial centre. 

Memoir of Abbott Laurence. By Samuel A. Green. Paper, 8vo, pp. 
9. Boston University Press. 1908. 

A concise biography of the third and youngest son of Abbott and Katha- 
rine (Bigelow) Laurence of Boston. This family had large manufacturing 
interests in New England, and gave their name to the present City of Laurence 
The subject of this sketch graduated from Harvard College in 1849 and later 
attained the degree of LL.B., at the Law School, though he never practiced 

this P™^ 1 ^ Ute tasteS| he devoted m UC h of his leisure to historical 

research and in 1876 edited a [ournal of a Tour to Niagara Falls in the Year 
i8o<; kept by his grandfather Timothy Bigelow, and several other works ot a 
like character, privately printed. Mr. Laurence took a prominent position in 
the Massachusetts Historical Society and at his death left it a legacy, the in- 
come of which was to be applied to the publishing of the Proceedings and 
Collections. The pamphlet contains an admirable photogravure portrait and is 
a timely memorial to one who did much to advance the study of the history and 

genealogy of his native State. 

The Sanford Association of America. By Rev. A. B. Sanford, D. D. 

Paper, Small Octavo, pp. 27. New York. 1908. 

A booklet describing the two re-unions held in New York of those of the 

Sanford name and their descendants, with a list of their names and places of 

reS1 The e association has been formed to expedite the publication of a Sanford 
Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Sanford of Milford, Conn 1639, >ww 
in the course of preparation by Mr. C. E. Sanford of Potsdam, New York. 

Ancestry of William Howard Taft. By Mabel Thacher Rosemary 
Washburn. With Index. Paper, Small Quarto, pp. 52- Frank Allaben 
Genealogical Company, New York. 1908. 

1909] Book Notices. 1 43 

Appearing, as it does, close upon the election of William Howard Taft as 
President of t tic United Males, this small booklet seems a timely publication. 
It purports to set forth briefly tl ol Mr. Taft from Robert Taft or 

ind his kinship to the allied families of Torrey, 
Rawson, Wilson, Grindall, Hooker, ( hi The genea 

data contained within its pa eal more to the popular and journ 

circles than to those of antiquarian and historical tastes, but the little book does 
nne to be exhaustive and will be of undoubted utility to the numerous 
hers of the President in the next four years to come. 
It is well paper' ted but the wood cut illustrations are poor, 

doubt. 1 the paper being unsuited for this style of impression, and 

the brown tint of the readme pages may be artistic but is trying to tin.- 1 

The Ancestry of Abraham Lincoln. By J. Henry Lea and J. R. 
Hutchinson. Cloth, Large Octavo, pp. 212. With Appendix and Index. 
Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston and New York. 1909. 

No more important contribution to American family bibliography than this 
sumptuous volume hasa .111 this country since the tirst New Knglander 

collected and put into print the record ol his sturdy progenitors. Nexl to Wash 
, ihe Father of his Country. Abraham Lini "In stands as the 

Preserver of the Republic, and while th ime of aristocratic English 

ancestry, the latter has always been supposed to have sprung from hum 1 
obscure forbears. It is an astonishing comment upon thi record of a great 
nation, however, that until recently little Was known 1 11 lineage in 

America and absolutely nothing cone 1 ind. 

That he sprang from " the plain pi rasa tor the rank and 

file of those whose liberties he conserved, and high as they exalted the man, 
they were indifferent as to his origin. A vigorous effort some years ago 
resulted in tracing the family back to Samuel Lincoln of Hingham, Mass., in 
1637, identified later with the Samuel, Bi rd Lincoln of Hingham, Co. 

Norfolk, England, baptized thei 1 12, The American pedigree at 

once shattered the illusion of the public as to the humble origin of the Martyr- 
■i:t but it was reserved for Mr. Lea to discover and [.rove beyond all 
possible doubt that for at least four generations the 1 

of the minor gentry and as land owners held an established position among the 
COUnty families of Norfolk. 

How the discovery was made, what it was and how the evidence is beyond 
question, is best left for the reader when he turns the pages. Tin- authors are 
learned and able genealogists, possessed of a sound sens.- of deduction, skilled 

in logical argument and an 1 forth and have the happy 

faculty of telling their story well. 

The chapters read like a romani r and the history "I the " find" should en- 
courage every toiler among the d I nglish 1 bun h and state " • ords. 
The book is beautifully illustrated with pictures of places ami obji 

mile signatures, twoexhai trans 

senpt^ I 1 1. in si 1 registers, wills and documents hitherto unknov 

unpublished. The chapters upon "Allied Families" are fall of surprising details 

and the 1 h.ipter entitled Analysi Inherit! d Traits is not only able 

but an excellent exponent of the 1 1 genealogii a I study 

and research. The book is finely printed with I or paper, and 

■ ! its publishers. 1- very library, 
public or private, will in- \ .it this work, which wi I 

tuthoritative history of the Lincoln family for all time, ai 

-. e that great men arc not begOttl 

ai. Cai ai "• ni 1 ton 1 Fnivi 11 1 -. . 1746 1 ) ' 

Octavo, pp. 544. Full Index. Published by the University, 1908. 

■ . been puh i 
will be warmly well omed, partii ularly 1 then in 

by the 1 
executive officer ol tl ng of the first 

charter of the College of New |i 

144 Book Notices. [April, 

The arrangement, typography, paper and binding of this volume is well 
fitted for ready reference and the severe use always made by the general 
library readers of a book of this character. 

t> , Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society, No. 17. 
Paper, Octavo, pp. 266, with Index. Published by the Society. Baltimore. 1909. 

It is a strange fact that this ancient people, of so great historical interest, 
should until a comparatively recent date have given little attention to collecting 
and preserving the annals of their communal and family life. The genealogy 
of the Jews was set forth with particular niceness in the Old Testament, but 
during the persecution of the early Christian Era and the Middle Ages doubt- 
less little time or attention could be given by the patriarchs to preserving aught 
but the bare record of their misfortunes, wanderings and religious traditions. 

The object of this Society is to collect and publish material bearing upon 
Ancient Jewish History and no more valuable contributions can be made to our 
reading public than these records, so admirably gathered together and pub- 

This number contains an important vindication of Dr. Roderigo Lopez, 
Queen Elizabeth's Jewish Physician; the Jews of New Jersey from the earliest 
time to 1850; the early Jewish Colony in Western Guiana; Gen. Grant's 
Military Orders against the Jews; Lincoln and the Jews; the History of the 
Sheftalls of Georgia and other articles of interest. 

It may perhaps be urged that the importance of some of the articles, in 
this, as well as in the past publications of the Society, are more local than 
general and that the records are meagre as to genealogical data, but although 
the Jews as a nation are as old as history, their identity with this country is but 
recent. More will be heard of them in the future under a liberal jurisdiction 
and as a part of a free people, and it is undoubtedly to the credit of this Society 
to act as the pioneer association for Jewish historical research. 

The volume is admirably printed and a scholarly production, the only 
regret being that it is in paper covers rather than in a binding proper to pre- 
serve its valuable contents. 

Massachusetts Historical Society, The Commemoration of the 
Ter-Centenary of the Birth of John Milton at the First Church in 
Boston, on December oth, 1908. Paper, Small Quarto, pp. 31. 

This record of the exercises by descendants of the early New England 
Puritans in honor of the greatest member of the Puritan Triumvirate, viz.; John 
Hampden, Oliver Cromwell and John Milton, contains two interesting portraits 
of Milton, three of his Sonnets, facsimile title pages of the first printed editions 
of Milton s Minor Poems, /64J, of Paradise Lost, and of Paradise Regained 
together with addresses by Charles Francis Adams and William Everett, D. D. 

It is curious to note that notwithstanding the literary claims of the early 
New England Colonies no copy of Paradise Lost can be found on any Massa- 
chusetts book shelf prior to 1767, no American edition of this great poem was 
pnblished before 1777, and his complete works were not printed in this country 
until 1853, although the re-prints in the Spectator of Addison must have kept 
the early colonists familiar with the greatest of the Puritan writers. 

Henry Codman Potter — Memorial Addresses delivered before 
the Century Association, December 12th, 1908. Paper, Octavo, pp. 34. 
Privately printed. New York. 1908. 

These addresses made by Hon. John Bigelow, Nicholas Murray Butler, 
Marvin R. Vincent, Richard Watson Gilder and Joseph H. Choate, are fitting 
tributes to the late Bishop of New York, and an appropriate memorial to the 
churchman, scholar and friend from his fellow Centurians. 

It was the late Rev. Dr. Potter's fortune to guide the Episcopacy of New 
York in a period of municipal expansion and progress, filled with civic and 
ethical problems, and while a free nation has ever been jealous of paternalism 
and religious interference it is undoubtedly to the credit of this eminent church- 
man that he advocated good citizenship upon a God-fearing foundation and 

igOQ.) Accessions to the Library. I 45 

proclaimed the true relation of Church and State to be mutual intolerance of 
evil and corrupt. 
The pamphlet is well printed and arranged, contains a half tone portrait of 
the late Dr. Potter, and the addresses are full of interest. 

( endantsof John Townsend, 
521, and of his wife Jemima Travis, 174' : • and Abbe, assisted 

■ ■ c hols. New York. Frank Allahen Genealogical 

,y->. llD^Cloth, pp. 106. Price, $2.00, postage, 10 cents. 

This genealogy covers the very I .it New York State in and 

immediately after the Revolutionary War. Only those who have made 
researches in that period and locality, can realize thi 11s in the way 

of exact work, hence the very full facts and dates in this little volume will he 
appreciated by genealogists if by no one else. The: rnsend, 

I been certainly placed until his appearance in Southeast, Dutchess 
County, but after that the very full. The family founded the 

settlement of Townsendville, Seneca County, but soon scattered far and wide. 
Some of the more distinguished descen , Pi impiler, 

Dr. Robert Abbe, and William Godman Stewart, founder and head 1 
American School of Opera in New York City. The book ted on 

good paper, has an excellent index, and is in every way a credit to those 
interested in its production. 

, ikiiNOmv. 12D, pp. 109. By Albert Frederick Schnell, No. 

est 17th Street, New York City. Tins work is a treatise on tin: origin of 

the Planets and of Daylight. The theory is that vibration is the cause of this 

origin. A novel theory and of necessity of interest to all astronomical students. 

December 16, /goS, to Marcli /j, 1909. 


Alvord, Samuel Morgan. — Alvord Genealogy. 

Drake, Louis StOUghton. -Drake I 

Fackenthal, 1>. K., Jr. — Bucks County Historical Society Papers, Vol. I. 

Henkels, Stan. V. — Bradford's Bibliographer's Manual, III. 

■avid F. — Cornell University Ten Yeai B 
Lea, J. Henry. — Ancestry of Abral 
Mather, Frederic. - History of Washington, N, II. 

s, Mrs. Josephine < '•■ 

■ I of Probates, Bosl 

tt, Henry Woodwan Genealogy, 

Mrs, Russell. 
■. , Harvard University.— Catalogue, looS-looo. 

Stitution. — Annual Report. 

, II irriel '•' 

and Turnpikes of Blandfi . * I 


Brink, B. M.- 1 

Portraits of 1 1 I rant 


146 Accessions to the Library. [April, 

N. Y. Public Library.— Bulletin. 

N. Y. Society Mayflower Descendants. — Bulletin, III. 

Poole, Murray Edward. — Van Cleef Genealogy. 

Talcott, Mary K.— Report Temporary Examiner Public Records, Connecticut, 

Totten, John R. — Genealogical Exchange. 
University of Vermont. — Bulletin. 

Van Nest, G. Willett, Jr.— Pedigree Chart, manuscript. 
Williams College. — Bulletin. 


Andrew Elliot and his Descendants. 

Ashburnham, Mass., Vital Records. 

Balch Genealogy. 

Brainard Genealogy, 3 vols. 

Bucks County, England, Parish Registers, 10 vols. 


Connecticut Historical Society's Collections, Vol. XII. 

Curwen Pedigree. 

Danvers, Mass., Vital Records. 

Descendants of John Fairman. 

Draper Silver Wedding. 

Fiske Genealogy. 

Grace Family. 

Granthams of Goltho. 

Heraldry of Worcester. 

History of Elizabethtown (Pleasant Valley), N. Y. 

History of the French Protestant Refugees. 

History of Great Yarmouth, England. 

Hollister Family. 

Howland Family. 

Index Library, Part 1 14. 

John Thomson and His Family. 

Ladd Family. 

Lane Family Papers. 

Maryland Society of Colonial Wars, Register. 

Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolutionary War, Vol. XVII. 

Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica. 

Milton, Mass., Records. 

Neal Family. 

Page Family. 

Palgrave Family Manuscripts. 

Peaslee Family. 

Pedigree of Cotton. 

Prince's Record of Our Ancestors. 

Province Laws of Massachusetts, Vol. XV. 

Quarter Sessions, Seize Quartiers, etc. 

Ralph Earle and His Descendants. 

Registers St. James, Clerkenwell, St. Michael's, Cornhill, and St. Antholin. 

Register Wootton, 3 vols. 

Richardson Memorial. 

Roberdeau Family. 

Sumner Genealogy. 

Tuthill Family Manuscript. 

Upton Memorial. 

Virginia Families, 4 vols. 

Visitations of Devon and Westmoreland. 

White Family Genealogy. 

White Family of Plympton, Mass., manuscript. 

Whitman Genealogy. 

Winchendon, Mass., Vital Records. 

Year Book of Probates, IV, 5. 


first vics-nu 

SEC ■ 



















! H)I0 













Family Histories, Genealogical Records, Etc. 



I 50 I' N 1 •'. VuKK 


1 48 Advertisement. [April, 


By the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society. 

Memorial History of New York, Wilson, 4 Vols., cloth, Library stamp S15.00 

Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army during the War 

of the Revolution, Heitmau, Roan, pp. =;35 5.00 

New York State's Prominent and Progressive Men, Vols. I. II., half morocco.. 8.00 

New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. LXI, half morocco. 4.00 

History of Marshfield, Mass., Richards, Vol. I. Cloth, pp. 238 3.00 

Burr Genealogy, Todd, 1878, cloth, pp. 437 4.00 

Munsell's American Genealogist, 10.00, cloth, pp.406 3.00 

Franklin, Conn., Anniversary, i860, cloth, pp. 151 3.00 

Prime Family Records, Prime, 18S8, cloth, pp. 118 2.0O 

Watson's Annals of New York, 1846, cloth, pp. 390 4.00 

Huguenot Emigration to America, Baird, Vols. I. II., cloth 5.00 

History of Danbury, Conn., Bailey, 189,6, Library stamp, cloth, pp. XXIIx&i 3.00 

History of Brimfield, Mass., Hyde, 1879. cloth, pp. VIIX487 5.00 

Sabine's Loyalists of the American Revolution, Vols. I, II, cloth 8.00 

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society 
WANTS, and will buy: 

New York County Histories as follows: 

Alleghany, Cayuga, Chenango, Clinton, Franklin, Fulton, Genesee, Ham- 
ilton, Ontario, Seneca. 

New York City Directories, 1787-1792, 1794-1808, 1810, 1812-1814, inclusive. 


The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society 
226 West 58th Street, New York. 

This Society has for sale official forms of genealogical charts called 
" Register of Pedigrees." These registers are of two varieties, called " single " 
and "double" charts. They are each paper covered books of 11 x 16 inches in 
size, properly ruled and printed for the insertion of names of ancestors in succes- 
sive generations. The single charts consist of 17 pages, and when filled in will 
give all of the ancestors in all ramifications for q generations, arranged so that the 
family name of each of the 16 great-great-grandparents occupies a page. Family 
names appear on the marginal index which is formed by the indentation of each 
leaf. The back of each leaf is arranged for special memoranda concerning the 
persons named on the page facing it. 

The double charts are practically two single charts combined. The object 
being to devote the first half of the chart to the registration of the complete pedi- 
gree of the male line, the second half for a like registration of the female line, and 
the double chart therefore provides for the registration of 10 generations in both 
male and female lines. 

The price of these charts to members of this Society is as follows: 
Single Charts, 75 cts. Double Charts, $1.50 

To those who are not members of the Society: 

Single Charts, $1.00 Double Charts, $2.00 

Members of the Society, or others who purchase these Charts and fill them in as fully as pos- 
sible and present them to the Librarian of the Society for filingin the Society's Library, will re- 
ceive a new one in exchange therefor without additional cost. These charts may be purchased by 
application to the Librarian. 

It is the desire of the Trustees that the members will supply themselves with these registers, 
fill them out as far as possible and file them with the Society. When received these will be bound 
in volumes, fully indexed, and will thus form a record of inestimable value to the Society. 

Those who have in their possession full information as to their individual ancestry are espec- 
ially urged to obtain these Charts, fill them in and file them with the Society, as information of this 
nature is very frequently lost to posterity owing to negligence on the part of those possessing it to 
make record thereof, in special depositories provided for that purpose. 

LIBRARIAN, N. Y. lien, and Bloc Society. 

iqoo.] Advertisement. 1 49 

The "Old Northwest ft Genealogical Society 

Admission Fee and First Year Dues, - $5.00 
Annual Dues after First V'ear, - - 3.00 

Each member receives gratis the publications of the Society, 

including its Quarterly, which is the oldest periodical 

of its kind west of the Atlantic States. 

Subscription Price per Annum, $3.00. - Single Copies, $1.00 

Address FRANK T. Cole, Secretary 

The first ten volumes contain among other matter: 

GENEALOGIES Andrews, Bancroft, Barr, Bristol, Burr, Buttles, Beatty. 

Carlisle, Chester, Cole, Coleton, Case, Ferson, Frisbie, Fowler, Goodrich, 

Hurt, Hunter, Jones, Knapp, Kilbourne, Keffrr,, 

Little. .'-nzie, Mallby, Mowry, Morrison, Osborn, 

Phillips, Pottei , Ridgway, Spellman, Shepard, Shepard- 

. Stone, St. 1 lair, Thrall, 1 1 , \ illiers, Whit- 

, Wilson, \\ ■ 

HISTORICAL ARTICLES ON The Connecticut Reserve, The Worthington 
i he Sterling Mi Wortbingtoi 

try, The Central College of Ohii . Ohio Normal 

The Presbyterian at Worthington, Kalamazoo Co., 

bip, anil Plum Township, Frank- 
, Mich., 
Journal Kelbourne and Nath'l w. Little to I >bio m 1802, 

AUTOBIOORAI'Illl -. G F. Witticb and Gov. Allen 


BIOORAPHII S 01 5t. Clair, Morrow, Worthington, Bushnell of 


ward lid, David V, , 

Cemetery Inscriptions, Marriage Records, Coats of Arms, Book Plates, 

Old Wills, Church Records. Old letters, StC 

A limited number ol sets can be supplied. Price, $31.00 

l5o Advertisement. [April, 


dUfltcalcgtrRl anb §tograp|kaI JUcmrlr, 

(In continuous existence since 1870. 39 volumes published.) 

Quarterly — January, April, July, October. 
Subscription, $3.00 per Annum. 

This Society offers for sale back numbers of the Record, including a 
limited number of full sets of the same. 

Prices for single copies on application to the Librarian, which prices 
are dependent upon the supply on hand. 

New York Genealogical and Biographical Society Collections 




Vol. J.— Marriages, J 639- 1 80 J, Price on Application. Very Rare. 

Vol. 2— Baptisms, Vol. J, J639-J730, - - - Price, $20.00 
Vol. 3— Baptisms, Vol. 2, J73J-1800, ... " 20.00 

VoL 5.— Full Subject Index of The First 38 Volumes of the N. Y. Genea- 
logical & Biographical Record, - - Price, $3.00. 


Vol. 4.— Records of the Staten Island Churches, Price on Application. 

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society. 


This Society has established a Department for the Official Reg- 
istration of Pedigrees, which Pedigrees will subsequently be pub- 
lished in volumes containing not less than two hundred and fifty 
(250) Pedigrees each. 

Each applicant for Registration of Pedigree who has paid the 
fee in full will receive a copy of the volume containing his or her 
pedigree, without further cost. 

The opportunity is here offered for any or all of those desiring 
to perpetuate the knowledge of their ancestry along any line of de- 
scent, to have the same Officially Registered, and subsequently 
published for the benefit of posterity. 

Literature explaining in detail the method of conducting this 
department will be mailed, upon application, to all interested in the 
plan, by addressing, 

The Chairman of the Executive Committee, 

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, 
226 West 58th St., New York City. 

Igoo.] Advertisement. I5I 


Publishers and Printers of Genealogical and other Books. 


ILY IN AMERICA. Compiled by the Editorial Department ol 

By Richard Gentry. 8vo, cloth. For The Gralton Press Irom data collected by 

private use. trie late W. I. Tyler Urigham. Two vols., 

Svo. cloth, illustrated. Price to advance sub- 
THE HOLMANS IN AMERICA. scribcrs. M5.00 net (carriage extra). Price 

By David Emory Holman, M.D., Quarto : ,| tc r publication, *20.oo net. 

doth, ;o illustrations. Includes President 
Tail's line. Price, J7.00 net. BREWSTER GENEALOGY. 

1.1 C. Brewster Jones. Illustrated, 
A MASON RECORD. . ,ls.. 8vo, cloth, 500 pages, each. Price 

ByTheodoreV, Muon. Svo.cloth. For | ncrea , e d to .15.00 net. per set. 

■ use. 

SERGEANT FRANCIS NICHOLLS. OF „n H. Chaffee. Illustrated. 8.0, 

STRATFORD. CONN. ,639. AND HIS Net, J.o.oo. 

Br Walter Nichols. Svo.cloth. $5.00 net. Edwin II. Kislcy. Illustrated, 

8vo, cloth. 55.00 net. 

By Albert M. Sterling. Two vols., illui- THE WOODRUFFS OF NEW JERSEY. 

trated. square Svo. 1200 pages. Two limited By Hon IruBT. Illustrated. 

editions. JS0.00 net and $20.00 net. 8vo, cloth. *$.oo net. 


B] Edmund Carpenter, Lltt D, In the COCK. D.D. 

Gralton Historical Series. Price, f 2.00 net. am B Wecden. 




1 rcderic Clarke Jewctt of Baltimore. Nil Northrop, LL.D., ol Syra- 

Two volumes ol 600 pages, 7 x to Inches. cusc, N. Y. Price I10.00 net (express charge 

Price I20.00 net (express charges extra). extra). 



B»H , 3 mo. cloth. Illus- 

trated. ' . 
16 cents) 

u cents). 

Right to increase prices without rve !• 

Delivery cha ks art- to !»■ paid t >y the purchaser. 

The Books we have made are ' hir Bttt Refer en. tt. I el ;/< tubmit 
for making your ■'</■ 


A dvertisemett t. 

[April, 1909 


jfraufe &liafcen <§etuaiogtcal Co, 


TAFT. By Mabel Thacher Rosemary Wash- 
burn. Eight Families. Illustrated. Price, Si. 00; 
carriage, 10 cents. 


Mrs. Rudolph Samuel Turk. Illustrated with 17 
Coats of Arms. Price, S4.00; carriage, 15 cents. 

DESCENDANTS. By L Bertrand Smith. Il- 
lustrated. Price, $4.00: carriage, 15 cents. 

By Frank Allaben. Chapters on 15 Families. 
Price. $2. 50; carriage, 20 cents. 

er Rosemary Washburn. Ten Families. Illus- 
trated. Price, Si. 00; carriage, 10 cents. 


Cleveland Abbe and Josephine Genung Nichols. 
Price, S2.00; carriage, 10 cents. 



Frederic Lathrop Colver. Price, $S*oo; carriage, 
1$ cents. 

of Her Victims. About 25 Families. Interesting 
as a novel. Price, $2.00; carriage, 15 cents. 


\V. Barbour. About 600 pages, profusely illus- 
trated. Price, S5.00; carriage, 15 cents. 


Plowdon Stephens. Illustrated. Price, $5.00, 
carriage, 15 cents. 

Abbe Genealogy 
Decker Genealogy 
Harris Genealogy 


Polk Genealogy 
Rapalye Genealogy 
Robinson Genealogy 

Snedeker Genealogy 
Topping Genealogy 
Whitehead Genealogy 

COLONIAL FAMILIES OF AMERICA. By Frances M. Smith. 7 Volumes, 121110, cloth. 
Each volume contains brochures on 40 families, accompanied by illustrations of Coats of Arms. Price 
per set, Sro.oo, carriage. 70 cents; per volume, S2.00, carriage, 10 cents. An alphabetical list of families 
follows, the numeral indicating the volume in which the brochure appears. 

Abell v 

Brown 1 

Edwards 1 

Hawley 1 

Lewis vl 

Parker il 

Staples v 

Adams II 

Butler vl 

Eliot II 

Hayes II 

Lloyd vil 

Parsons . 

Stark iv 

Alexander Ml 

Cabell 11 

Ely vll 

Heiskell Iv 

Loomls 1 

Pease vi 

Stevens iii 

Allen vll 

Campbell vl 

Evans vll 

Henderson Iv 

St. John iii 

Anderson II 

Cannon Hi 

Fairbanks 11 

Hill m 

Perkins H 

Andrews vll 

Carpenter vll 

Fay v 

Holmes III 

Madison vl 

Phillips 1 

Tait vii 

Anthony vll 

Carter v 

Field 1 

Hopkins vll 

Mann Iv 

Pierce vii 

Taylor ii 

Austin vl 

Fisher 1 

Horton 1 

Manning 1 

Thomas iii 

bacon 1 

Cathcart vl 

Fltzhugh HI 

Hosklns Iv 

Marsh vi 

Porter vii 

Thompson Iv 

Bailey 1 

Chambers vll 

Fleming vl 

Howe HI 

Marshall Iv 

Pratt v 

Baker vll 

Chapman III 

Fletcher Iv 

Hoyl vl 

Martin 1 

Preston iv 

Todd i 

Baldwin 1 

Chase iv 

Floumoy vil 

Hubbard II 

Mason vil 

Price vii 

Tompkins III 

Ball 1 

Child III 

Foster vl 

Hughes vil 

Maxwell ill 

Tracy ii 

Ballou II 

Christian vl 

Fowler vll 

Hull v 

McAllister vi 

Putnam ii 

Turner vi 

Bancroft 1 

Hume v 

McCormick v 

Rawson ii 

Tuille iv 

Barker III 

Clark Iv 

Franklin III 

Humphrey vU 

McDonald Iv 

Read i 

Barnes v 

Clendenln III 

Freeman 1 

Hum vi 

Meade vi 

Reynolds vl 

Wade iv 

Barringlon III 

Cole Iv 

French ii 

Ives iv 

Merrill 1 

Richards vi 

Walker ii 

Bartholomew vll 

Conway 1 

Fuller v 

Jackson Iv 


v Wallace i 

Barton Iv 

Cooke HI 

Gardiner vl 

James vll 

Miner 1 

Ridley v 

Walworth ii 

Bass ly 

Cooper If 

Gilford ill 

Jenkins HI 

Mitchell v 

Roberts ii 

Ward vi 

Bassett v 

Courtenay Iv 

Gilbert II 

Jennings II 

Montgomery 1 

Robinson ii 

Warren vii 

Bales Iv 

Cox Iv 

Godfrey Iv 

lessup vl 

Moore vll 

Rockwell ii 

i Washington il 

Beardsley III 

Crane vl 

Goode Ii 

Johnson vil 

More Iv 

Rogers iii 

Watson v 

Belcher vll 

Cummlng vll 

Goodrldge 1 

Jones II 

Morgan II 

Roosevelt i 

Webster vi 

Bennett v 

Cunningham vll 

Goodwin v 

Kearns v 

Ross iv 

Welles ii 

Benton vll 

Curtis vl 

Graham lit 

Kendall v 

Morrison Iv 

Russell . 

Wendell I 

Bernard vl 

Cushman III 

King III 

Weimore iv 

Bird Iv 

Daniel II 

Graves Iv 

Kntghl iv 

Morton vll 

Saunders ii 

i Wheeler ii 

Blake Iv 

Davies vll 

Gray v 

Knox ill 

Savage 1 

White vi 

Bliss vl 

Davis HI 

Green Iv 

Lamb v 

Neale Ii 

Scott v 

Whitney vi 

Boone vll 

Dickinson 1 

Griffith 1 

Lamprey vl 

Neville II 

Sewall i 

Williams iii 

Booth II 

Dlgges v 

Hall Iv 

Newhouse v 

Shannon Iv 

Wilson i 

Borden vi 

Douglas vl 

Hamer v 

Newport v 

Sharp iii 

Wlnslow i 

Bradford 1 

Downing HI 

Hamilton v 

Langford v 

Oakes v 

Shaw vi 

Wltherspoon vll 

Branch III 

Drake vil 

Hamlin v 

Lapham II 

Odell vi 

Sherman vi 

i Wood iv 

Breeden vl 

Draper II 

Hammond Iv 

Law vll 

Osborne 111 

V/oodhouse ii 

Brlggs II 

Dubois 1 

Harris Iv 

Lawrence vl 

Osgood 1 

Sinclair ii 

Wright ■ 

Brodle vl 

Dudley vl 

Hart ill 

Lawson III 

Page II 

Smith i 

Young iii 

Brooks 1 

Eaton III 

Hatch II 

Lee v 

Palmer vil 

Sprague vi 

Yuille lEvvetl) vii 

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Gknealogical and Biographical 




July, 1909. 


tarsd July < . . 

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record. 

Publication Committee : 





stration. I. Portrait of John Harsen Rhoadcs Frontispiece 

II. Portrait o! Jasper Hopper Facing 172 

John Harsen Rhoades. By Hopper Striker Mott 153 

A Digest of Essex Wills. With Particular Reference to 
Names of Importance in the American Colonies. By William 

Gilbert. (Continued from Vol. XL, page 114) 155 

Lists of Germans from the Palatinate who Came to England 

in 1709. (Continued from Vol. XL, page 100) 160 

The Hoppe-Hoppen-Hopper Lineage. By Hopper Striker Mott. (Con- 
tinued from Vol. XL, page 128) 168 

Clues from English Archives Contributory to American Gene- 
alogy. By J. Henry Lea and J. R. Hutchinson. (Continued from 

Vol. XL, page 86) 177 

The Dutcher Family. To the Births of the 5th Generation, 
with a few Notes as to Subsequent Members, and as to the 
Ancestors of Allied Families. Also, the Revolutionary Mem- 
BERS. By Walter Kenneth Griffin, B.Sc, London, B.A., LL.B. . . 185 
Church Register of the Walpeck Congregation. Commenced 
with the Pastoral Service of Joh. Casparus Fryenmuth. 

Preacher there, May 31, 1742 193 

Society Proceedings 205 

Obituary. Col. Woolsey Rogers Hopkins 206 

Correction 207 

Queries. Babbitt Family Association— Rhodes— Terwilliger . . . 208 

Book Notices 208 

Accessions to the Library 217 

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(fonralogical anb biographical Bcccrt. 

Vol. XL. NEW YORK, JULY, 1909. No. 3. 


liv Hopper Striker Mott. 

The paternal ancestors of the subject of this biography were 
English and Welsh, the branch which came to this country 
settling in Massachusetts. The father of Mr. Rhoades was born 
in that State and removed, as a child, with his parents to Manlius, 
near Syracuse, N. V., and afterwards to Skaneatcles, where is 
situated the old farm which yet remains in the possession of the 
family. John Harsen Rhoades was born in New York City, 
Oct. 26, 1838, the son of Lyman Rhoades, Sr., member of the 
Pearl Street drygoods firm of Rhoades, Weed & Co., and was 
ited in private schools, lie began his business career at an 
early age, entering the ston Spring, Bradley & Buffum 

', X. V., at the age of 17. Later, he became an 
employee of Woodward, Lawrence & Co., and when 25 years old, 
was made junior partner in the drygoods commission house of 
Leonard. achofield & Co. The firm afterwards changed to 
Leonard & Rhoades, to Leonard, Rhoades & Grosvenor, then to 
Rhoades & Grosvenor, and finally to Grosvenor & Carpenter, 
He retired from this line of business in 1877, at the age of 38. 
He became President of the Northern Dispensary at the age of 
34 and Vice-President of the Eye and Ear Infirmary at 40. 

It was, however, as a banker that Mr. Rhoades made his 
mark. Having become a trustee of the Greenwich Savings Bank 

y continuously tor more than 35 
years and was for man Ini 

he bui 1 'in- Presidency of that institution, and 1 ontinued 

to discharge the duties of thai oil,, .- to the date of his death. 

The high position which Mr. Rhoades attained in financial 
circles is shown by the number of importanl posts in- held and 
by the weight given to his views on banking aif.urs, particularly 

such as related to savings banks, which were th( t his 

il solicitude ami study As chief exe ■■' the 

.. . ition of the State, an organization designed 

to protect the inti ivm^s bank deposito • oded 

its in: nt that it has successfully 

ICtment of laws inimical to them. 

I 24 John Harsen Rhoades. [July, 

Among the positions of prominence which Mr. Rhoades 
filled, should be mentioned the directorships of the Bank of 
America, the U. S. Trust Co., the Greenwich Bank, and the 
Northern Dispensary, the Presidency of the Eye and Ear In- 
firmary and the trusteeship of the Roosevelt Hospital. These 
offices he retained till the close of his life. He was also a 
director of the Candelaria Mining Co., the Corralitos Co., the 
Lawyers' Title Insurance and Trust Co., Lincoln Trust Co., 
Madison Safe Deposit Co., U. S. Shoe Manufacturing Co., First 
Vice-President and Director of the Woodbridge Co., and a trustee 
of the Washington Trust Co. Besides the above, he served as 
Director of the N. Y. Zoological Society, the N. Y. Botanical 
Gardens and the American Museum of Natural History. He 
was a member of the Union League, Century, Metropolitan, 
City, Lawyers' and Lotos Clubs and of the American Geo- 
graphical, St. Nicholas and Municipal Art Societies. At one 
time, he was a trustee of the Women's Hospital and a Governor 
of the N. Y. Hospital. As a member of the Chamber of Com- 
merce he acted as chairman of its committee of finance and 
served as the executor of the estate of George Bliss, late of the 
firm of Morton, Bliss & Co., and I. N. Phelps. 

Ever since he cast his first vote for Lincoln, Mr. Rhoades 
was a staunch Republican and, though urged to go into politics, 
he always refused. The weight of his name, however, was ever at 
the command of his party. He was chairman of the New York 
City delegation to the Indianapolis Sound Money Convention, 
and took a direct concern in the affairs of his native city, where 
hu was prominent in several civic movements, among them the 
investigation by the Lexow Committee and that advocating 
better streets. As foreman of the Grand Jury a few years since, 
he rendered a noteworthy service by his forceful presentation of 
irregularities then existing in the Sheriff's office. This led a 
leading metropolitan paper to propose him as a suitable candidate 
for Mayor. Years before any definite steps were undertaken, he 
recommended the construction of a subway system. He took a 
deep interest in art and accumulated a fine collection of paint- 
ings. His summer home was at Seabright, New Jersey, and a 
fishing camp was located at Indian Rock, Maine. 

Through his mother Mr. Rhoades was connected with a long 
line of noted Dutch families. Cornelia Rachel Harsen, the 
daughter of Col. Cornelius Harsen, was born on the Harsen farm 
in Harsenville and baptized Aug. n, 1816, by the Rev. Alexander 
Gunn, pastor of the Bloomingdale Dutch Reformed Church. 
She married Lyman Rhoades and died March 17, 1900. Her 
father was a prominent and distinguished citizen of New York 
City until his death which occurred in 1838. At the age of 20, 
he became an Ensign in the 5th Regiment of Infantry, and three 
years later (1807), then Captain, he was named as one of a com- 
mittee of officers to organize a third regiment in the city. He 
was soon transferred to the Artillery, in which he became Major 
of the regiment which he assisted in forming. Thereafter, his 
talents, wealth and social position secured his rapid promotion. 

190Q.] rest of Essex Wills. I 55 

At the breaking out of the War of 1812, he was commissioned 
Lieut. -Col. of the nth Regiment, and later in the sam< 
became Commander thereof. During that war his command was 
detailed to Bedloe's and Ellis's Islands, in the harbor. In early 
life he was a hardware merchant in Cherry Street, and in 1817 in 
the drygoods business. In 1N32 he became an incorporator of 
the Erie Railroad. Among the old New York families with 
which Mr. Rhoades was connected on the maternal side were the 
Dyckmans, Cozines, Webbers, van Couwenhovens and Hoppers. 
The Harsen mansion was built in 1701 and stood in the block 
between 70th and 71st Streets, Bloomingdale Road and the 
Hudson river till very recent times. It was a noted landmark in 
the New York of old. 

On October 29, 1862, Mr. Rhoades married Miss Annie G., 
daughter of Benjamin P. Wheelwright, and had three children: 
llarsen Rhoades, Mrs. Benjamin Ogden Chisholm and 
John Harsen Rhoades, Jr. He died at his residence, 559 Madison 
Avenue, Dec. 6, 1906, and the funeral was held at All Souls' 
Church, 4th Avenue, corner 20th Street, on Saturday, Dec. 8, 
before a congregation which crowded the edifice, among whom 
were delegations from the numerous organizations with which 
he had been connected. A tablet to his memory has lately been 
unveiled in the church. Thus ended the career of a man who 
had endeared himself to all with whom he came in contact, by 
his gracious personality, his genial manner and his kind dis- 
position. Vale. 


Wiih Particular Reference to Names of Importance in the 

American Colonies. 

isv William Gilbert, 

■ponding Member ot (he New York Genealogical and III. 'graphical Society, Member 
of the Essex Archaeological Society, etc. 

(Continued from Vol. XL., p. 114. of the Ki 

38. Bakf.r, John, the elder, of Ardleigh, Essex, 28 March, 
1530. To be buried in churchyard. To high awter i: J . To 
mayntayne the light of the church of Ardleigh a cow value 10/-. 
To Poullis p'don T To wife Margaret my lm\\ that 

>• dwclin. Property in Ardleigh called Croyle 1 I ■' I son 
Thomas, youngest son Thomas, son John. Res. & Kx. wife, 
Witnesses:— John Lowunt,* Thomas Lambe, John N< 

ml should proh.ilily be Loueroo "r Loveron, •< common name in 

Ardleigh. J"ln. !.■■■■'ii .iln.ui 1555 and put Ins en 

every ; to testify to its accuracy (though be < ould not 

1 th Nevard, ■ 1 1 name ipelled 

in former timet Nouert, Neuert, clc. 

156 A Digest of Essex Wills. [July, 

Richard Wace.* (No probate mentioned.) (Arch. Colchester. 

39. Barnes, Henry, of Rayleigh, Essex, 19 January, 1638. 
Yeoman. To son Henry my copyhold tenements called Pikes, 
and Wards, in Rayleigh. To son John my tenement in Hanfield. 
To Susan Camber, my daughter, ,£10. To Anne Allen, my 
daughter, ^30. To Mary Barnes, my daughter, my tenement 
wherein John Scarcroft now dwelleth. 20/- each, to my grand- 
children Elizabeth, John and Anne Allen; and Jeffery. Thomas 
and Jane Mitchell. To poor of Rayleigh 20/-. To Humphrey 
Plumb, William Boade and Margaret Brockes 5/- each. Res. and 
Ex. son Thomas. Overseers: — Isaac Gilbert) and John Pinson. 
Wit.: — George Deresley, William Brewster, John Packwood(x). 
Proved at Ingatestone, 12 Feb., 1638. (Arch. h^ssex. Whitehead.) 

40. Browne, John, of South Weald, Essex, n Nov., 1637. 
Yeoman. To son Matthew ,£20 & my tenement now in the oc- 
cupation of Edward Waterman, blacksmith. To dau. Rebecca 
^40. To son John £fio. To son Henry after decease of Olave 
my wife my house I now dwell in. Res. & Ex. wife, Olave. 
Wit: Gabriel Cawood, Walter Gittens, Henry Lucas. Proved 2 
Feb., 1637. (Arch. Essex. Whitehead.) 

41. Foster, Thomas, of High Laver, Essex, 22 Sept., 1631. 
Yeoman. To poor 20/-. My wife Dennys to have my freeholds 
in High Laver. Joseph and Andrew the sons of my brother 
Michael Foster deceased. My Kinswoman Mary, wife of John 
Fann. To my maid servant Grace Kinge ^5. Cousin Robert 
Wood the elder, of Harlow. The children of my sister Marie, 
late wife of John Carver. My brother Thomas Foster. Res. & 
Ex. wife. Wit: John Foster, John Gladwyn, Robert Wood, Pru- 
dence Harrison, George Harrison. Proved 5 Feb., 1637, by relict. 
(Arch. Essex. Whitehead.) 

42. Glascocke, John, of Stanford Rivers, Essex, 12 March. 
1574. To be buried in churchyard. My wife Bennett shall have 
in satisfaction of her dower or thirde my farm called Bridges for 
6 years if she remain unmarried after to Mathew and Laurence 
my sons they delivering to my wife yearly one quarter each of 
wheat barley and oats. If both sons die without issue then to 
my youngest son Richard. If my tenement called Morrells 
which I have by the will of my father shall happen to come to 
my son Matthew by or after the death of my son Andrewe 
without heirs of his body then Laurence to have Bridges afore- 
said. My wife to have my tenement and lands called Reydons in 
Bobbingworth and a yearly rent of ^5 out of my tenement called 
Morrells for life, after to son Richard. To my daughters Maryon 
and Katherine ^20 each at 21 or marriage. My three daughters 
already married viz. Joane, Ellyne and Clemence. To sons 
Laurence and Mathewe my lease in Holingesorth Wodde wch. I 

* He was the parish clerk. 

t Son of Isaac Gilbert of Rayleigh. See will No. 22. 

1909.] I Digest of Essex Wills. I 57 

have by lease from Mr. Ellyot. To dau. Joane, dau. Hogge, and 
dau. Tanner 3/6/8 each. R( -. Andrewe, Laurence and ftdathewe 
my sons. Overseers:— My brother John Glascocke of Roxwell 
and my Bro-in-law Xpofer Summers. Wit: — William Atkinson, 
Thomas Glascocke, Richard Glascocke. Proved 19 May, 1575 
(Arch. Essex. Gyll.) 

43. Gkuu, John, of Thornewood Hamlet, North Weald 
Basset, Essex,* 27 May, 1644. Weaver. To my grandchild John 
'irub my house wherein I now dwell and the shopp and the 

•.ve behind the shoppe — to him and his heirs for ever — he 
paying to his grandmother 40/ a year in lieu of her thirde. To 
him also my great draught iome at Rumforde. To my wife 
Sarah the parlour buttery etc. & the use of the kitchen to bruc 
and to bake in — also linen etc. Res. & Ex. wife and son John. 
To son John my copyhold land & 1 acre of freehold land that 
lyeth in Penny Meade. Wit: — William Piggottf and Richard 
Spranger. (P. C. C. Fairfax, 166.) 

44. Hunt, John, of Shenfield, Essex, 3 Jany., 1649. Husband- 
man. My eldest daughter — Dorothy Bullithorp. My dau. Sara. 
My grandchildren Dorothy, Robert, John and Sara Bullithorp. 

randchildren John and Sara Goodman. My dau. Mary. My. 
lull Mary Kinge. Res. and Ex. wile. Wit: — George 
r, Robert King. Proved 24 Jany., 1649, by Dorothy Hunt, 
relict. (Arch. Essex. Whitehead.) 

45. Isaack, William, of Alphamstone, Essex, 17 Sept., 1584. 
lan. To be buried in ird To son John my three 

messuages known by the name ol rokes or Wolsees with 

the lands of the same lying in Alphamstone, Lamarsfa & Bures. 

to him & his heirs — in default to son William. To son Jam.-s 

,/, 14° to purchase a house which shall be bought for him by my 

brother Thomas Isaack and my cousin Peter Isaack. To wife 

ieth my tenement called Angurs for life after to Bon 

un. To my three daughters Joane, Elizabeth and Marve 

£30 each at >ther Christopher.] My brothers 

in law Geffery Sidey and Robert Xicholl. To cosen Martin 28/6. 

'!'■> my ii. sen <\ . lert Sidey 20/, Res. equally between 

wife and son William. Ex. boo William. Supervisors. Thomas 

--. (brother) Peter Isaack. Witnesses: John Allen and Wil 

ham Polly Proved 5 Nov., 1584. (P. C. C. 35 Watson.) 

[Note. I contribtu led digest of the above will, together with 

itee on the family •<"■ Alphamstone Parish .'•' 

< tetobei 1 /»;.] 

• Extract! from Pariah 1 . [ohn Grubb and Sai I 

ried yc 11 September. 10*07, John '' ,c *onn of Jhon Grubb was baptixed ye 16 

mber, 1644, 
John 1 inilil) buried y 1-1 July. 

I ■. yc 7 July. (Register.) 
{ A marriai e f London on Sept ;. 

dc (a neighfa b) and 

I58 A Digest of Essex Wills. [July, 

46. King, John, of Shelly, Essex, 16 October, 15 17. I be- 
queath my soul to Almighty God and St. Mary His Moder. To 
be buried in the Churchyard. To the High Altar 2/. To my 
eldest son John at age 20 my tenement called Glorywyks in 
Bobbingworth, in default to my son Thomas, in default to my 
two daughters Alys and Jone. To Thomas my son, and to each 
daughter, 26/8. To Laurenc of Chelley* 3/16/-. To my brother 
John 20/. My wife Jone to be Ex. with my brother John. She 
to have residue of goods. Wit: — Laurenc aforenamed and my 
gostly fader Rawffe Hardgrave pson. Proved 17 Nov., 1517. 
(Arch. Essex. Sell.) 

47. KiNGE.f John, of Althorne, Essex, 17 May, 1576. Yeoman. 
To be buried in church of Althorne by the place where Margaret 
my wife was buried. To poor 20/-. For a sermon 6/8. To the 
reparation of the Church 10/-. To Anne my wife my house etc. 
called Cliffordes wherein I now dwell and also Westwoods and 
East and West Wellmers for life after to the lawful issue of 
myself and Anne. In default to my son William Kinge and his 
heirs. Margaret Aylife mother of my said wife (Anne). Wife 
to have lease of the parsonage of Luckendon. To each child of 
my sister Dorothie and James Harrys 40/-. Cousin Margaret 
Boyton. My uncle William Kinge of London. Son William to 
have the lease of Burnham Hall. Res. and Ex. son William. 
Overseer: — Peter Osburne of London Esq. Wit: — Roger Preston 
Robte Chafer citizen and merchant tailor of London. Proved 22 
Nov., 1580. (P. C. C. 46 Arundell.) 

He owned land in Althone, Burnham, Sydminster and Lach- 
enden, Essex. 

48. Knapp, John, of Lawford, Essex, 2 Oct., 1535. To the 
High Altar i2d. My wife Agnes to sell my lands called Prylands 
and Veselands holden by fee and conteyning X acres in Lawford 
and with the money thereof to pay my debts funeral and legacies. 
To my said wife my tenement called Roots for life after to be 
sold and the money to be divided between my children begotten 
between the said Agnes and me. To my eldest son John Knapp 
40/- to be paid in money when he cometh to the age of 26. 
Res. and Ex. wife Agnes. Wit: — John Clerk of Dedham, Robert 
Kertche of Lawford. (Probate not mentioned.) (Arch. Col- 
chester. Roberts.) 

49. Kynge, John, of Burnham, Essex, 19 Feb., 1566. (Nun- 
cupative will.) Yeoman. To son William Kynge his best bedde 
after his mothers decease. Residue of his goods and also his 
lease, and term of years, in Burnham Hall, and other lands which 

* i. e., Shelley. 

t A John Kinge of Althorne, Co. Essex, married (license of Bishop of 
London) 19 August, 1574, Anne Sulyard, fourth daughter of Eustace and Mar- 
garet (Foster) Sulyard of Flemings in Runwell, Co. Essex. He bore arms: 
"Azure, a bend ermine between two eagles displayed, or." A Pedigree of 
Sulyard appears in Visitation of Essex, Harleian MSS., and Eustace Sulyard 
left a will in which a large amount of goods, furniture and silver are men- 
tioned. Runwell Church contains many monuments of Sulyard. — Editor. 

1909.] .•/ Digest of Essex Wills. kq 

he held of the yerle of Sussex he gave to his wife Margerie. She 
to be sole Executrix. He left nothing to his other children (not 
Darned) but left it to his wife's discretion to give them what she 
thought fit. Wit. John Pelton (in whose house he died) & his 

wife Kllen, Cicilye Harris, widow, Holden, widowe, Katherin 

Eton, & other of the said master Felton's servants. Probate 
states he died in the diocese of Winchester. Proved 21 Feb., 
1566. (P. C C. Stonarde, 5.) 

50. Mii.hourne, Thomas, of Stanford-le-Hope, Essex, 4 July, 
1639. Singleman. To my two sisters Mary and Joane Milbourne 

each. To my two cousins living at Ramsden Grays one a 
if John the other the son of Samuel Milbourne 40'/- each. 
To my Master Thos. Dennis of Stanford farmer 20/-. To poor 
■3 4 To John Andrew and Francis, children of Mr. Dennis a 
sheep each. Thomas son of Thomas Dennis. Mary Skinner 
servant. To Isaac Hunter, my fellow servant, 5 lambs. To 
Thomas ( >sbourne and Sarah Petchie, servants, a lamb each. Ex 
Nathaniel! Darby of Stanford, farmer. Overseer Mr. Dennis. 
Wit: — Caleb Wood, Thomas Hammond(x). Proved 18 July, 1639. 
(Arch. Essex. Whitehead.) 

51. More, Thomas, of South Weald, Essex, 11 July, 1637. 
in. Wife, Elizabeth. Daughters, Sarah, Elizabeth, Grace 

and Anne. Sons, John and Thomas My brother Symon More, 
living at Baddow, to be overseer. Wit: — John Ewen, William 
Fuller. Proved 3 May, 163S. (Arch. Essex. Whitehead.) 

52. Mott, John, of High Ongar, Essex, 26 March, 1640. 
Husbandman. My kinswoman now the wife of Edward Merells, 
and their children John and Elizabeth. My kinswoman Joane 
dau. of John Barker. My sister Mary wife of John Barker, and 
her dan Mary. My kinswoman Anne Holbrooke, Isaac Hol- 
brooke. Res. and Ex. Brother John Barker. Overseers Richard 
and John Petchie. Wit: — Ri. Pctchy and John Petchie. Proved 
23 June, 1640. (Arch. Essex. Whitehead.) 

53. Smyth, Gregory (no place), 29 Feb., 1647. To my wife 
the house called Banners* for life and after to my son Humphn v 
Smyth. Richard the son of Robert Greene. Wit:— Benet Wright, 
William Wright Proved i(> Aug., 1648. (Arch. Essex. White 

54. Turkf, William, of South Wi ., 9 June, 1591. 
To son John J \o at 21. To son William /'10 at .- 1 To son 
Humfrie fio at 21. To daughters Martha and Anne /'1 

To the poor dwellinge in Weald Lordship and Broke 
Street 5/-. Res. ami Ex. mv wellbeloved wife Dorothie 
see my children brought D] mvenient age. 

Humfrie Bowland George Frith Averie Frith and John Waylett. 
Wit: eorge Reynolde. Sept., 159 1. 

* There is no housr ur farm "f this name in Ks^cx 
( To he ionlinur<t.) 

1 60 Lists of Germans from the Palatinate who came to England in ijoq. [July, 


(Continued from Vol. XL, p. ioo, of the Record.) 

The following lists are copied from the original documents 
preserved in the British Museum Library, London, England, and 
should be of the greatest genealogical interest to those families in 
the States of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and else- 
where, which claim descent from the so-called Palatine settlers. 
These lists have never before been printed to the knowledge of 
the Editor, and it should be noted that the word " son " or " sons " 
and "dau." or "daus." followed by figures denote that the heads 
of the family had as many sons or daughters, as there are figures, 
and that these sons and daughters were of the respective ages 
denoted by the figures. The word "wife" indicates that the 
head of the family was married and that the wife was living. 
The abbreviations "Ref.," " Luth.," "Bap." and "Cath.," mean 
that the family belonged to the Reformed, Lutheran, Baptist or 
Catholic Churches. 

Board of Trade Miscellaneous. Vol. 2. No. D 68. 

Public Record Office, London. 

List of the poor Palatines that are arrived in St. Cathrin's, the 
2nd of June, 1709. 

Third Arrivals. 









































Kuehlman, John 

Reckhart, Justus 

Weber, Martin 

Glass, Valentine 

Molendueck, Herman 

Stuetz, Johan 

Luetz, John George 

Lutz, Peter 

Hildebrand, Johan 

Heumacher, John Jacob 

Schweitzer, Michael 

Schneider. Johan George. . . 
Fechter, Martin 

Hartman, Conrad 

Mohr, Christoph 

Schiefer, Johan 

Beydelman, Johan Michel. 

I.emp, Conrad 

Igelsbach, Wendal 

Wegman, Mattheus 

Graf, Philip Leonhardt. . . . 

Lehrers, Johan Philip 

Thomas, Matheus 









20, 12, 9, 


19, 12 



18, 15, 10, 





18, 12,9,4 


n, 8. K 






1909.] List* 

from the Palatinate who , ante to England in tyog. \ 6 I 


• . Henrich i ; 

in, Caspar 

Schlosser, John 

Anweiler, John 

Stieb, J"lm Reinhard r 

■ •lin Peter :- 

Heifer, Cristop 


knton ii 

: incis Hen. Inch 47 

Jacob 32 

It, John Jacob 

a, William 3S 

Bunderskeil, Andreas 40 

Herman, Schweikhart. . . 

, Matheus 23 

Neumeyer, John August 35 

Ijuint, Anton 36 

Weber, .60 

Hnnold, Seytart 38 


Craemer, Philip 

Thomas, Frani 

< .r..>^, William 

Kitz, John 


Conrad . 

I rick. ... 
Wilmart, John Martin . 

Beckart, Conrad 

Kink, loha Adam 


Westhofer, Joh 

Paul, John U.iniel 

; ihn.CIother. 
Wrikedy, Philip.... 

ll.iyn, John 

r. John Jacob. 
Schwing, John . 

4 2 

Straab, John 

Brummer, |ohan 

Ktiauh, Johan ( hristoph 



3 °, 



Sex. Philip 53 


rleini, John Jacob.. . 



I )orn, Lazan 


I I 





■ 9.6 


16, 14,12, 


1 . 


20, 1 1,10, 7 





13. 'o.i 

18, 17 

11,7. 1 



23, 18 


;. ■-■ 






10, 1 


6, 1, j 




". 7. 2 

15, 11 














1 6 2 Lists of Germans from the Palatinate who came to England in 170Q. \ July, 


Rautebusch, Johan 

Geschwind, Johan 

Gusman, Peter 

Kraut, John Peter 

Mey, Christoph 

Hoechst, Burckard 

Ortminger, Nicol 

Emmerich, Peter 

Eyler, johann 

von der Muehler, Philip. 

Weber, Henry 

Neuman, Ludwig 

Appel, Christian 

Reinhard, Henry 

Baehr, Frederick 

Lentz, Henry 

Schaeffer, Gerhard 

Rhode, Johan Juste 

Rup, Johan 

Dolmetsch, Johan 

Hecht, Caspar 

Beker, Michel 

Flor, Johan 

Mentz, Anton 

Henrich, Johan James. . . 

Falck, Arnold 

M uster, Lambert 

Strauch, Johan 

Hill, John William 

Hill, Johan 

Nuentzeberger, Dieterich 

Madler, Michel 

Streit, Ludwig 

Dungel, Matthey 

Derding, Conrad 

Gross, Frederick 

Eckhard, Balzar 

Kuml, Johan Peter 

Schenkelberger, Johan Jacob 

' Bungart, Jacob 

Bohne, Francis 

Bungart, Matthew 

Bungart, William 

Cleman, Bastian 

Cleman, Valentine 

Stock, Johan Henrich 

Eckard, Johan Jacob 

Buchebuerger, Johan Nicol 

Wagner, Wendel 

Bishhoff, George Henrich.. 

Plsch, Benedict 

Wagner, Ernst Ludwig. . . . 

Shmith, Philip 

Weigel, Valentine 

Hofferling, Henrich 

Engel, Johan Rupert 














































































15,3,3 m. 
19. 1 H 

12, 9, 6 


24, 11,9, 



17, 13, 10, 


20, 16, 12, 



21, l6,7 

1 1,9, 5. H 

16, 13, 10, 

21, 17, 14 


23, 20 

6 5 










9, 1 m. 



11. H 

7 ' 6 o 

22,21, l8 

■ Germans from tht Palatinate who came to Englandin ijoq, I 63 

Mcy, Julian Peter 

iohan, Henry 
rf, Johan 54 

u h. Urban 50 

Apfcl, Johan Jacob :i 

Petri, Nicol 38 

Wagner, \ alentine 48 

it, Johan Hendnch 

Simon, Philip 


Schmif, Nicol 

\ "L, r t. Daniel 

Tresanus, Johan 45 

Hermes, Johan VJ 

[ohan Michael 40 

Puppelritter, Christian i< 

r, Philip 

Leinweber, Johan 


Gerhard, Valentine 

Penner, Henry 

I.'han Henry. 


I tei 

kamp, Nicol 

Dales. William 

Schneider, Conrad.. 
Paul, Gerhard 

Abel, Michael 

Proebstel, George 

Kuhl, John Caspar (also a 

linen weaver) 

I reisen, John Riccas. . . . 
Hill, Hal/ar (also a carpen- 


Mcrstallen, Henry 

Rnfel. John Nicol 

I-'ohrer, John (also a tanner) 
Murk. John Henrv 

Fohrer, John 

Kocrncr, John Nicol 

• jel, |ohn Peter 

Wolf, |ohn George 

Niedenn ever, Andrew 

• |ohn |utt. 
I tiggart, Andreas. 

Went ■■ 

Kuhl, J.V"t> 

Michel, Otto Henry 



•■ • 




11. 9 

8, ; in. 

13. 10,2 

20, 4 




12. 5 




20, 1 1 , 8 



16, 14. 10 
10, 5, 1 

20, IK 

30, 20 





1$, 12, I 


10. 1 K 
13. 10 


22, 16 

20, 10, 12 




4. 2% 

■ 3. H.6. 

t. 1 


24. 13 


27, [8, 10, 



21, 19.7 











I. mli. 



I. nih. 

I. mli. 
I. nth. 


I 64 Lists of Germans from the Palatinate who came to England in lyog. [July, 


Schuch, Nicholas 

Koenig, Justis 

Dorninger, Caspar 

Spengeler, Frederick. . . . 
Strassberger, Frederick. 

Emmel, John 

Braun, Sebastian 

Spengler, Frantz 

Lutz, Peter 

Keselbach, John 

Heil, Matthew 

Christshiles, William 

Christshiles, Dominic,... 

Schmaleberger, Cill 

Mehs, Paul 

Wehr, Christian 

Bauer, Thomas 

Martin, Nicol 

Debald, Martin 

Schum, John George 

Schrer, Ulrich 

Schmidt, Andrew 

Bubeheiser, John Adam. 

Big, John 

Titschke, John 

Braun, John 

Graehl, Lorentz 

Mick, John 

Mick, Frederick 

Mick, Henry 

Spiess, Werner 

Schmidt, Daniel 

Lesch, Balzar 

Walter, John Jacob 

Weitz, John 

Mathes, Henry 

Bredhauer, Israel 

Zeg, John 

Sprehd, Ignatius 

Wagner, John 

Kuhn, Henry 

Koehler, John Simon 

Kuenstler, Henry 

Eybach, Reinhard 

Maul, Johan Henry 

Haas, Nicol 

Merich, George 

Muuer, Caspar 

Walter, Philip 

Tiel, Johann 

Goerher, Sabastian 

Mauer, John Jacob 

Geyer, Johan David 

Hargart, Johan Nicol. . . . 

Reck, Jacob 

Lipper, Johan Jacob 

Rentel, Johan Nicol 

Brauch, Johan Valentine 
Schmidt, Johan 









































































































20, II 


14, 12, 10, 
















1,6, 'A 


20, 16 




12, 10 







16, 12 





10,8, 5, 2 







12, 7 


'3. »°. 6 



13.11. 4.K 


12,9, 2 

16, 14 






















"909-] Lists of Germans from /»<• Palatinate who came to England in i/cx). I 6 ^ 

It, Caspar 

Lieborn, Ludwig 

Nacheigall, Joban Conrad.. . 

Knut, Nicol 

I -r, Johao 

Feldnacht, Johan 


Lauber, Johan 

Becker, Hendnck 

Guth, Johan 

Lorentz, Michel 

Sarburger, W'enceslag 

. Matthew 


Sarburger, Johan 

• r, I [enrich 

Hack, Conrad 

Klein, Jacob 

Tielman, Johan 

Geney, Jacob 

lohan Valentine. . . 


Wintrr, Henry 

Leonhard, Johan Peter 

Fuhrman, Johan Mathew . . . 

Edian, Sebastian 

K.-llrr Jacob 

Ebrecht, John 

Sej fars, Johan Valentine.. . . 

. Johan 

/.ink, Rudolf 


Kossing, Anthony 

Rohn, Johan 

Altvater, Johan \'alentine.. . 

. lohan 

Heyn , Haul 

Kurt/, Johan 

Pliss, fotan 


Petisht, Henry 

Petisht, fohan I >:>-trich 

Kaul, Francis 

Hartman, Conrad 

Bloss, Conrad 

Heck. Bastian.. 

Grnrf, Johan 

Heinemann, lohan Henrich. 
Kirshner, Philip 

der, lohn 

' ' chel 

Boef. William 

Kraft, Valentin 

Mr-\.-r. |ohan 


. Johatin 





18. I j, II 



20, 19, 15, 

1 1 

20, 18 




14, 10 



--•. 17, 14 

20, 18, 16, 

I' 3 

1 1,9, 12 


K.6, 2 


j in 


' 1 , 11. 11 
6, 1 in. 



1 1 




iS, 16, 14, 

14, 11 





6, 1 


!. K 
2 m. 

7. ' 



16,9, 2 


•'■. 1. • 





I. nth. 












I 66 Lists of Germans from the Palatinate who came to England in 170Q. [July, 

























































































Reichard, Caspar 

Maihes, Johan 

Sharnigk, Andrew 

Klitten, George 

Specht, Johan 

Stick, Horman 

Qurlea, Francis 

Klein, Johan William 

Mehrman, Johan Just. . .. 

Jung, Johan 

Freund, Johan 

Holtzlaender, Albert 

Grosman, Johan 

Mank, Jacob 

Becker, Paulus 

Falkenburg, Valentin 

Valpert, Jacob 

Boher, Andrew 

Ziegler, Nicol 

Petit, Johan Jacob 

Busch, Herman 

Schloemer, Mattheas. . . . 

Flor, Johan 

Laurentz, Nicol 

Boehm, Frantz 

Ludwig, Johan 

Martin, Adam 

Boerwg, Michael 

Holies, Henry 

Tulges, Conrad 

Teiss, Peter 

Wann, Francis 

Hess, Friedrich 

Glass, William 

Otto, Johan 

Weiss, Johan 

Feller, Johan 

Bergman, Johan Just. . . . 

Berger, Veit 

Hep (Hess?; Johan Jacob 

Braun Andrew 

Villonger, Johan 

Schautz (Schantz), Johan. 

Meyer, Thomas 

Schaefert Philip 

Knecht, Michael 

Becker, Anton 

Schmidt, Nicol 

Wiennegar, Ulrich 

Huber, Jacob 

Mohr, Jonas 

Weinmann, Andreas. . . . 

Wipf, Johan Jacob 

Altheimer, Johan Georg. 

Glaser Georg 

Naser, Johan M ichael. . . . 

Medke, Daniel 

Steinhauer, Christian 

15, 10 




















3. >K 






13, 10, 8, 


20, 12 


4, K 

19. 17. 14 

14, 12 






20, 18, 5 

12, 10 




3, 'A 





21, 18, 


4. 6w. 
11, 14 





25, 22, 19, 



1909.] Lists of Germans from the Palatinate who came t, England in //og. I 67 

N A M I 

Nilius, Jonan 

Schweitzer, Cristoph 

Hill, Johan 



Eshenbremler, Wolf.... 

Ebelman, Jacob 

Meyer, Johan 

Zeber, Joseph 

vim Khein, Christian... 

Burge, Arnold 

Haul, Johan 

Gersner, Balzar 

Muench, l'eter 

Johan, Julian Michel.. . . 

Meyfart, Jacob 


Kuhn, Peter 

Reichard, Henry 

Duni;el, Matthew 

Belz, Leonhard 

Koch, Martin 

Derding, Conrad 

i eter 

Traat, Johan 

Schreiner, Martin 


Claude, Francis 

Hoffman, Matthew 

Simon, Nicol 

Tiefenthaler, ( . 
Kesler, Johan I 

Ternbach, Justus 

eil, Georg 

Haub, Christo] 1 
Henninger, Johan Adam 

Fritzin, johan 

Gam, Jacob 

Kohl, Julian 

'kcr, Daniel.. . . 

Haodwerker, l'eter 

Zimmerman, Caspar 

Nirk, (ohan Jacob 

Herman, 1 onrad 

Leper], Matthew 

Wolf. Johan 

t'lrirh, luhan 




Volker. Henry. 


Schmid, Bernh u 



12. 6. V 

























1 68 The Hoppe-Hoppen-Hopper Lineage. [J»'>. 


By Hopper Striker Mott. 

(Continued from Vol. XL., p. 128, of The Record.) 

By inadvertence four of the children of Johannes 3 Hoppe 
were omitted from the proper place on page 125 of the April 
issue of the Record. Their consecutive numbers in the lineage 
should be 84, 85, 86 and 87. Having lost their position it becomes 
necessary to interpolate them as 83a, 83^, 83c and 83^. 

83a iii. Johannes,' b. May 21, bap. May 26, 1734; wits.: Johan- 
nes Webbers and Annatje van Norden, his wife. 
83^ iv. Jacomijntie (Jemima), bap. Dec. 29, 1734; wits.: her 
parents. She m. John Horn, Aug. 19, 1770, on whose 
farm at Broadway and 23d Street are now located 
many important hotels, amusement edifices and re- 
tail shops. 
83*: v. Andries, bap. Feb. 27, 1736; wits.: Andries Hoppe and 

Elizabeth Bras his wife. 
83^ vi. Yallis, bap. Dec. 3, 1738; wits.: Jillis Maundeville and 
Rachel Hoppe, his wife. 
83a. Johannes* Hoppe (John Hopper the younger) (Johannes,' 
Matthijs A.,* Andries'), m. (1) Wyntie, dau. of Nicholas and An- 
neke (Cowenhoven) Dyckman, April 21, 1759, who was b. July 16, 
1735. They had but one child, Maria,* b. March 31, and bap. 
April 6, 1760; wits.: Mattheus Hoppe and Aaltje Jacobs; m. 
James Striker of Striker's Bay, Sept. 23, 1780. She d. Sept. 20, 
1786. By his (2) wife, Sarah, eldest dau. of Balam Johnson Coz- 
ine, he had no issue. She d. Dec. 23, 1823. By commission dated 
Oct. 23, 1776, he was appointed 2nd Lieut, in Col. Brewerton's 
Regt. of the Outward. He had belonged to the City Militia prior 
to the breaking out of hostilities and continued in the King's 
service with his comrades. This was done generally at this try- 
ing time. Many felt that it was the only way to preserve prop- 
erty rights and save their families from indignity. Hopper re- 
mained here but a few months abandoning rank by so doing and 
enlisted for three years on Jan. 1, 1777, in the 4th Company, 2nd 
Regt. of the Line, under Washington. He is entered as having 
deserted Dec, 1779 (Archives State of N. Y., Vol. I, p. 219), but 
as Comptroller James D. Roberts, the compiler, states in the 
preface to N. Y. in the Revolution, Second Edition, p. 14, such a 
designation must not be taken too seriously. Hopper was doubt- 
less absent at roll-call. At any rate he re-enlisted July 5, 1780, 
in the Lieut. -Col. 's Co. 4th Regiment. He took his discharge 
Dec. 15, that he might be promoted Ensign of the 2nd Regiment 
of Continental Troops (Jersey Line). A committee of Congress 
says Stryker's Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Revolution, 
was appointed during the summer to make the "arrangement" 

1909.] Tht ffoppe-J/oppen-J/opper Lineage. \ 69 

of the officers of the 1st, and, and 3rd Regiment, which arrange- 
ment was confirmed by a joint meeting of the Legislature on 
Sept. -•<>, 1-S0. It was under this assignment that Hopper re- 
ceived his commission. It is family history that he rose to the 
rank of General. This cannot, however, be proved at this day, 
so many of the records of service having been lost, but that he 
was called by that title is in evidence. He was in receipt of a 
pension in this State (A r . V. in the Revolution, p. 272.) He owned 
a pew in the Bloomingdale Dutch Reformed Church of which his 
brother Andrew was a founder. Dying at the age of 85 years 
and 3 months on Aug. 2, 1819, he, as also his second wife and her 
mother, were interred in the Hopper plot at 50th Street and 
Ninth Avenue. The funeral took place at the homestead, on the 
north side of Hopper's Lane, on a site at present located on the 
north side of 51st Street just west of the Albany Apartment 
house. Will of record in New York Co. 

Hoppi (Johannes, 1 Matthijs A.,' Andries'), m. (1) 
Catharine Stijmets, Jan. 28, 1758. The family came of Caspar 
Stuimets* and his second wife Jannetje Gerrits of Holland, who 

• lturhans Mm. contains these data: Jacob Ardin and Rachel Stymes, m, 
15, 177'). at Trinity Lutheran Church, Broadway and Rector Street, this 
being about the last marriage prior to its destruction in the "great fire." 

Sarah, dau. of Jacob Steymus and Catherine, b. Jan. 1, 1772; bap. Sept. 6, 

Mary, dau. of Jacob Steymus and Catherine, 5 years old Sept. 18, 1779, 
bap. Sept. 6. 

lifter, dau. of Jacob Steymus and Catherine, b. April 18, 1779, bap. Sept. 
6, by Henricus Melcboir Muhlenberg, pastor. 

The following entries arc from the records of the Reformed Dutch Church 
of Pin 1 irrytown) : 

Chnstoffel Stymes and Acgje I. .immerse, his wife, united with the church, 
on confession, April 29, 1738. 

Abraham Stymetsand Rachel van Tassel, his wife, united upon confession, 
1 755- 
Ll is Stymets, son of Casparus and Rachel, bap. June 26, 1733; wits.: 
Abraham Maitelingh and Rachel, his wife. 

dau. oi same, b.ip. Nov. t, 173;; whs.: Thomas Storm 
and Christina, his wife. 

Belitje Stymets, dau, of Abraham, b. July 26, bap. Sept. 3, 1753; wits. 1 I'd 
drick van Tassel and wife. 

■ lymets, son of Peter, bap. April 13, 1754; wits.: Abraham Stymets 
and wife. 

Rachel Stymes, dau. of Abraham, b. Dec. 9, bap. April 14, 1755: wits.: 
Petrui van Tassel, Catrina Syfer. 

. mi-is, dau. of Abraham, bap. April 2;. 1758; wits.: Johannei Syfei 
and » 

, son of CaS| April 1 ■,. bap. Ma) <;, 177.'. 

ing man, A ■■• tune woman. 

■ '• . young 

woman, b, ai N. Boswyi k, both living hcrr, m, Si-|!t ;, r — » 1 

no man, b. .1! YonkerS, and lanm-tic Raqua, young 
B, b. here and both living here, m. Dec. 2q, 1750-I. 

ng woman, and Jacob Buys, young man, both living 
here. m. Ma\ 12, 1771. 

A military patent of 600 aci ilution to 

yered to Bartholomew Fisher. List publiibei 

b) order Legislature, N. Y. 

I JO The Hdppe-Hoppen-Hopper Lineage. [July, 

were early settlers in Bergen, N. J. He died there in 1702, after 
public service as sheriff, judge, capt. of a military company and 
as a member of the Senate of the first Legislature of the States 
Their son Christoffel m. Joannetie Gerrits of Hackensack and 
this couple's son, Benjamin Steymets, who m. Sara Ermaus of 
Gravesend, L. I., was the father of Jacob of N. Y. City. The lat- 
ter m. Maria Dien (Dean) and d. Nov. 17, 1789. His will is dated 
April 18 of that year. Catherina was his sister and she and her 
husband, Andries Hoppe, were witnesses at the baptism of Amy, 
Sept. 3, 1760, dau. of Jacob and Maria. Another daughter, 
Rachel, bap. Nov. 3, 1756, m. Jacob Arden. Samuel Brown, a 
Quaker, b. Oct. 26, 1758, m. this Amy, 1784, and d. Jan. 26, 1842. 
His will, dated Jan. 23, 1834, is in N. Y. Surrogate's office. Issue: 
Jacob Stymets, Margaret Cox, m. William Duvall; Mary Ann, m. 
David Sutton; Effingham Woodard, d. prior to 1834. 

Andrew Hopper's city house was on the southeast corner of 
Ann Street and Broadway. This he bought in 1773 of Capt. 
Thomas White (vide N. Y. Gen. & Biog. Record, Vol. XXXVII, 
p. 224) and adjoined the property of Christoffel Stymetz, now 
the site of the Park Bank. The Hopper and Stymets parcels, 
known as 218-220 Broadway, became vested in Francis Olmstead 
and were called the "City Saloon." In 1S35, this building and 
the ball-room therein were rented to Alexander Welch for 10 
years at $1,900 per annum, and in 1852 to Phineas T. Barnum, 
where he carried on his museum. The term was for 25 years at 
$10,000 and taxes and assessments. In 1865, the premises were 
sold to James Gordon Bennett for $500,000 and here the N. Y. 
Herald was published for many years. 

The directory of 1786 makes Hopper a merchant at 71 Chat- 
ham Row. On the property which he had inherited under the 
agreement of 1782 above mentioned, his father had built for him 
the residence which became such a conspicuous object on the 
Bloomingdale Road, at later 50th Street, on the site of the pres- 
ent American Horse Exchange. This was completed at the date 
of his marriage and in this country seat three of his four children 
were born. Here he carried on farming, the farmer's house be- 
ing in the rear near present Seventh Avenue. In 1789, he was 
an Elder in the Collegiate Church and a supervisor of its school, 
organized in 1633 and the oldest seat of learning in the country 
in continuous existence. Its building is now at 77th Street and 
West End Avenue. In 1815, he was a founder and original Elder 
of the Bloomingdale Dutch Reformed Church, then at what be- 
came 70th Street and the Bloomingdale Road and occupied this 
position until his death. On Dec. 9, 1813, its pastor, Dr. Gunn, 
united him in marriage to Elizabeth Guest, the widow of Peter 
Arell. He d. April 4, 1824, and his widow Elizabeth Dec. 25, 
1825, having had no issue. Both were interred in the family plot. 
His children were: 

115 i. Johannes, 5 bap. March 12, 1760. It is thought he d. 
young as no record of him is preserved. 

iqoq.] The Hoppe-Hoppen-Hopper 'Lineage. 171 

1 1 6 ii. Jasper, b. June 10, 1770 in the city residence, where 

his parents lived prior to its purchase. He was 
christened "Casparus" by Doinine Ritzema. 

117 iii. Mary, m. Barzillai Dusenberry. She d. July, 1846, a 

widow Issue: Edmond B., who resided in Buchanon 
Co., Iowa, and had a daughter, Josephine Denike, of 
Yonkers, N. V.; Catharine, m. Isaac L. Yarian, the 
quondam Mayor of New York City; Elizabeth, in. 
Abraham Dykeman and d. s. p.; Rachel, m. Isaac 
Clark and had Barzillai D., Elmira, Annie H., George 
B , and Sophronia Mai lory, the latter two of Harlem; 
Mary H., in. Simons Purely, Feb. 13, 1828, and had a 
Mary I'urdy of Peekskill, N. Y.; Andrew Hopper, m. 
Mary Jane Drake and lived at Long Branch, N. J.; 

George W., m. Jane and had Joshua of N. Y. 

City; John H., d. July 26, 1849, intestate. His wife 
d. June 29, 1869. They had: Charles K., of Jersey 
City; Isaac L., of Brooklyn; John W., d. Oct. 26, 
.•; Emma, d. April 25, 1847; m - Leonard Regur 
and had Leonard Alonzo and Joseph G., of Delavan, 
111.; and Mary Louisa, d. April, 1887; m. Ferdinand 
H"Vt, who d. June 29, 1863. Issue: Charles T. and 
Harriet L. Hoyt of Croton, X. Y., and Jasper Hopper 
who had Mary Elizabeth and Catherine Matilda Yar- 
ian, in. Joseph C. Wharton.* 

118 iv. Rachel, b. Sept. 15, 1766; d. April 27, 1812; m. Thomas 

Newcomb.f May 15, 1794. (N. Y. D. Ch. Records.) 

* The Dusenberry ancestor was Hendnck van Doesburgh of New Amster- 
dam, who m. Marritje Hendricks, bap. there Aug. 28, [658. 1 1 is will, dated 
Dec. 1, 1742, " being aged and somewhat in linn," was proved May o, 1743, and 
is recorded in New York County , His sun, Henry Dusenbury, was "f Hemp- 
ud settled at Rye, \\ esti hester Co., early in the .Will Century, having 
111. Mary Fowler, dan. of William of !• lushing and Mary, dan. of John Thorn 01 
the same plan- rheir son William Dusinberre was 1 .14. 2g, 

1714, He resided on land inherited from his father at the junction "( Pun base 
Street and the mad to White Plains, winch deSI ended 1" blS BOD H( Ijry, 

i k e wise succeeded to it and which is now the counti 

-I. in. ol w il 

ham V\ dford 'son of Thomas and Ruth) and I 'in kje, dau, of Jo- 

hannes Willi i d Magdalena Wynants. 

t rhe Newcombs are descended from Capt, Andrew Newcomb who emi- 
grated from the " West of England " and was among the early bi ttlers ol New 
England. He m. at Boston, 1663, a second wife Grace, widow of Wiliam Kix 

Pleasant , N. Y„ 

-. 1761. By In*, father Za< i beus' will, be inherited the bomesti ad there, 
about 500 acres, on which he lived until bis death, Ma) ), 1812, Hi 
great grandfather was Lieut. Andrew, 1 .1 Kn- 

ter\. Noil; 1 ,,, Me.; great grandfather Simon, rem 

the birth of hit grandfather fnomas, K rtown, Martha's Vii 

settling at Lebanon, 1714, whence he removed to Salisbury; father Zaccheus, 

b. Lebanon, Feb. 1 o, i""."i ;, went to Little Nine Parti 

ih Tobias. '■'- ib in the Revolutionary war, bit 

wife built a large house whii h was the only bnek resident e there Bl the lime. 

old by his grand on, |ohn 
volume of 600 pages, by Join, it. Newcomb, of Elgin, III., foi these particulars. 

172 The Hoppe-Hoppen-Hopper Lineage. [July, 

i. Charlotte Hopper, 9 b. July 20, 1795; m - Nov. 13, 
1816, Dr. Abijah G. Benedict, son of Benjamin, 
b. in Salem, Westchester Co., N. Y., Nov. 13, 
1792; had issue. 
ii. John Hopper, b. Oct. 20, 1796, in Pleasant Valley; 
m. Jan. 14, 1835, Sarah Mills, dau. of Francis 
and Sarah (Mills) Sexton, b. in N. Y. City, 
Dec. 30, 1810; d. Hyde Park, Nov. 3, 1872; had 
iii. Charles Tobias, b. May 16. 1798, in Pleasant Val- 
ley, m. Sept. 27, 1838, Elizabeth A. T. Sexton, 
sister of Sarah M., d. Feb. 14, 1843; had issue, 
iv. Andrew Hopper, b. Jan. 26, 1800, physician; m. 
(1) Rebecca Davis; m. (2) Sarah Kerr of 
Pennsylvania; m. (3) Mary Beers of Troy; d. 
Nov., 1852; no issue, 
v. Mary D., b. Aug. 12, 1801; m. Dr. Thomas J. 
Nelson of Kingston, N. Y.; d. Aug. 12, 1863; 
had issue, 
vi. Katharine H., b. March 2, 1803; m. William 
Davis of Washingtonville, Pa.; d. March 12, 
1835; had issue, 
vii. Zaccheus Tobias, b. July 30, 1804; graduated 
from Union College, 1828; m. Aug. 31, 1836, 
Mary, dau. of William F. and Sarah Richard- 
son; b. Auburn, N. Y., May 5, 1817; had issue. 
viii. Sarah, b. March 8, 1807; m. June 5, 1849, David 
N. Bonesteel of Red Hook, N. Y.; d. Dec. 12, 
1858; had issue: 
116. Jasper 1 Hopper (Andries, 1 Johannes, 3 Mathijs A., 3 Andries 1 ). 
At the age of 18 he entered the office of the Secretary of State at 
Albany as a clerk. He served as Clerk of the Assembly for two 
winters and Nov. 3, 1791, he was appointed Deputy Secretary of 
State under Secretary Lewis Allaire Scott. A Lieut, in the 5th 
N. Y. Regt. (Col. Hughes), 1793, he was promoted Captain in the 
same command, 1795. He was treasurer of the "Military Society" 
instituted for improvement in the military art and consisting of 
the officers of the 2nd and 5th Regts. He remained Deputy Sec- 
retary under Gov. Jay until 1802, when he removed to Onondaga, 
at which date he tendered his resignation from the Military. In 
1799, he was admitted an honorary member of the Law Society 
of Albany and in the spring of 1802, became Clerk of Onondaga 
County. The following year he was appointed Supreme Court 
Commissioner. He held the office of Clerk until 1818, with the 
exception of one year (181 1). He acted as Marshall for taking 
the Government census of 1810, at a time when Onondaga Coun- 
ty comprised the present counties of Cortlandt, Onondaga, and 
part of Oswego. During the war of 1812 he was keeper of mili- 
tary stores at the Arsenal at his home place, and U. S. Commiss- 
ary. For nineteen years he was postmaster of Onondaga Hollow, 
and d. there June 30, 1848, aged 79. The portrait reproduced was 
taken from a minature executed at the age of 21 (1791), while he 

C/OJ/l U(dfO/ls/tfk> 

1909.] The Hoppe-Hoppen-Hopper Lineage. I 73 

: teputy Secretary of State. In public and educational enter- 
prises. Hopper was greatly interested and was a leading promoter 
in all move the upbuilding of the then new country of 

central New York. He was largely instrumental in the estab- 
lishment in 1811, : newspaper of the country, The Lynx, 
published by Thomas Crittenden Fay, in which office Thurlow 
Weed, afterwards editor of the Albany Evt ning Journal, made 
his bow as a printer. In 1813, < Mmndaga Academy, one of the 
famous institutions of learning in the early history of the State, 
was organized and incorporated, in jjood part through Hopper's 
efforts, he being a liberal subscriber to the endowment fund and 
a trustee from its establishment to his decease. 

Politically, he was a leader in the county of the Democratic 
party and is said to have been "a man of remarkable kindness 
and docility of disposition, very amiable, courteous, social and 
obliging. Few men, who have been so much in public life, 
escape with so little censure or expose themselves to fewer 
ts from political opponents " Mr. Hopper m. Oct. 10, 1800, 
Charlotte, dau. of Zaccheus Newcomb of Pleasant Valley, Dutch- 
ess County, the sister of Thomas Newcomb, who m. Rachel Hop- 
per, sister of Jasper. The latter's will, dated Dec. 16, 1842, is of 
record in L. I., p. 146, Onondaga County. Issue: 

119 i. John Jasper," b. Feb. 10, 1802, d. Feb. 28, 1869, unm. 

His will, of date April 25, 1861, is recorded in Onon- 
daga County. 

120 ii. Sarah Catherine, b. Feb. 9, 1805; d. Oct. 21, 1808. 

121 iii. Andrew, b. Jan. 7, 1S10; d. Jan. 17, 1810. 

122 iv. Charlotte Newcomb, b. July 13, 1812; m. Dr. David 

in 1840; d. Nov. S, 1841, without issue. 

123 v. George Clinton, b. June 20, 1814; m. Harriet L. Jack- 

son, Sept, 17, 1849; <1. April 3, 1889. Issue: 

i. Charlotte Newcomb,' b. June 16, 1850; d. Sept. 

*3i l8 5°- 
ii. Harriet Elizabeth, b. Aug. 29, 1852; unm.; lived 

at Richmond, Va. 
iii. Catharine b. April 11, 1854; m. (1) 

William J. Robinson. Aug, [4,1 Dec. 

28, 18S4; had issue; m. (-•) Robert II White, 

April 9, 1 91; they have one child. Reside at 

iv. Jasper, b. Oct, 23, 1855; m. Rosamond F M 

April 2, 1833 They reside at Hannibal Cen 

tre. ■. \\ ¥., and have issue: Braest 

i.' b. Jan. 19, 1884; F/Ugene Newcomb, b, 
lay 3, 
v. George Clinton, b Sept. 18, 1857; d. Feb. 22, 

vi. Charlotte Newcomb, II, b. I i; d. Nov. 

30, 1868. 
vii. Clarence Andrew, b . ; »j m, Susan I". 

Lukenhill and 

Robert L .,* b. May 2, 1892; d. May 5, 1 

1 74 The Hoppe-Hoppen-Hopper Lineage. [July, 

Elizabeth Louisa, b. Sept. 30, 1893; James S., 
b. April 9, 1897; Catherine A., b. Feb. 25, 1899. 
124 vi. Catherine, b. Nov. 8, 1816; m. Z. Lawrence Beebe, 
Counsellor-at-law, of Syracuse, N. Y., in 1844; d. 
May 2, 1855. Issue: Charlotte,' m. Silas B. Hahn, of 
Syracuse;* his widow removed to Los Angeles, Cal. 
Z. Lawrence Beebe, Jr., of Syracuse, m. Alice Hast- 
ings. Catharine H., m. Louis de Montfredy and re- 
sided at Washington, D. C. Louise, m. George N. 
Wells and lived in same place. Mary Ella, m. J. von 
Schmidt and lived in Los Angeles, Cal. 

83^. Yallis 4 Hoppe (Johannes, 3 Matthijs Adolphus,' Andries 1 ), 
as he is known in the records, or Yalless as he wrote his name, son 
of John and Maria (van Norden) Hopper, was bap. Dec. 3, 1738. 
Wits.: Jillis Maundeviel and Rachel Hoppe, his wife. He m. 
Elizabeth Waldron, July 15, 1759, dau. of Benjamin Waldron, who 
built on his part of the family farm in Harlem, a house which, on 
his death in 1782, passed with the surrounding property to Hop- 
per. This was the fact which caused Riker to mention the fam- 
ily as quoted at the beginning of these articles. The quaint old 
stone house stood on Second Avenue, west side, between 83d and 
84th Streets. There are two pictures of it in existence. Its 
sides were indented with shot from British warships. The site 
was historic ground. Gen. Howe held Hoorn's Hoek with his 
right division while the encampment of his left was posted across 
the Island to Bloomingdale at Striker's Bay. A powerful Amer- 
ican battery was located at the Hoek during the Battle of Har- 
lem Heights, which was not silenced. 

Irving relates how certain Pavonians started to find a more 
eligible site for their habitations and the disaster which befell 
them. After vanquishing some savages in one of the inlets on 
the East River shore, on which bay they bestowed the name of 
Kip, in honor of Hendrik Kip who was of the party, they were 
shipwrecked in the rapids at a place they called Helle-gat. The 
author continues: " The woe-begone heroes of Communipaw eyed 
each other with rueful countenances; their squadron had been 
totally dispersed by the late disaster. Some were cast upon the 
western shore, where, headed by one Ruloff Hopper, they took 
possession of all the country lying about the six-mile stone, 
which is held by the Hoppers at this writing." However verac- 

* Hon. Silas B. Hahn, his house No. 524 W. Onondaga St., from a 
shock of paralysis. He was b. in Waldoboro, Me., in 1819, and through his 
mother was descended from Wm. Bradford, first Governor of Plymouth Col- 
ony. He was graduated from Bowdoin College in 1843, and was preceptor of 
Belfast Academy. Admitted to the bar in Boston, he held there several mun- 
icipal offices. In 1865 he went to Colorado, crossing the plains by mule team. 
Settling in Central Citv, he served in the Territorial Senate, became interested 
in several mines in Gilpin County and was a part owner of the new Boston 
mine. He married in 1880, Lettie E. Hurd, the daughter of Z. Lawrence 
Beebe, and besides his widow, left two brothers, one a physician living in Bos- 
ton. The funeral was held in Syracuse, the Rev. S. R. Colthrop officiating and 
Durial was made at Mt. Auburn, Boston. — Syracuse paper. 

IQ09.) The Hoppt-Hoppen-Hopper Lineage. I 75 

ious a chronicler Dietriek Knickerbocker may be in essentials, in 
details he is far at sea — as befits a facetious writer. Issue: 

125 i. Maria,' bap. March 12, 1760; m. Bouton. 

126 ii. Elizabeth, bap. Sept. 19, 1762; m. Keeley; had 

i;; iii. Jonannes, bap. July 10, 1765, 

128 iv. Deborah, bap. Jan. 10, 1774; m. Robert Wade, Aug. 4, 
1792; had issue. 
Hopper m. (2) Amy van Tassel 1, Dec. 17, 1795, m tne Presby- 
terian church His dau. Anna m. Daniel Smith of Brooklyn. 
Smith's will, dated Jan. 13, 1825, was proved Aug. 23, 1828 (L. 2, 
120 Common Pleas), in which he h< queathed all his estate to his 
wife Anna, his son-in-law Daniel Smith and his friend Absalom 
New York City in trust and nominated them both ex- 
ecutors and trustees. As sole survivor said Smith conveyed 
land in 84th Street to the Mayor, etc., in 1S62 (L. 847, Conv. 610). 
Since this series of articles was finished, attention has been 
called to the omission of three of the children of Matthijs Adol- 
phus 1 Hoppe [vide p. [23 of the April issue) viz.: 
74,/ VI. Matheus,' b. 1 7 1 1. 
74A vii. Paulus. 
74<- viii. Willem. 

74<7. Matheus* Hoppe, m. Elizabeth Wright, June 3, 1744, and d. 
at the age of 68. In his will, dated Oct. 17, 1778 (L. 32 Wills, 144) 
he denominates himself a farmer and bequeathed to his wife all 
his estate lying in the Outward and known by the name of the 
Great Kills, during her life. Then to his three sons, John, Mat- 
thew and William, share and share alike. Appoints his wife and 
two elder sons and his friend Jacob van Norden, executors. The 
Dutch Church records state that twins, Andries and Johannes, 
were bap. June 3, 1747, and that the witnesses were Andries 
Hoppe and Elizabeth Bras, his wife, and Jillis Maundevicl and 
Rachel Hoppe, his wife. Andries had evidently d. prior to the 

date of the will. Matthew m. Elizabeth ami had Mai: 

bap. Nov. 2-;, 17S0. The records of the Lutheran Church, as 
transcribed by Hurhans, say that " the child this day is seven 
weeks old " Wits.: William Hopper and Hannah Webers. 

It is to be assumed that the terms of the will were carried out. 
How the title became vested in Matthew, Jr., is not in evidence, 
but he advertised it for sale in the public press, Aug. 12. 
and tl ar u was conveyed to John Leake, the well re- 

membered philanthropist, for /", who owned premises north 
and east thereof. ( I. 194, Conv. 352.) 

7 \h. Paulus" Hoppe, man from Grootekil (Great Kill), 

m May 30, 1716, a "yd." (young woman) from Bouwerij, named 
Marijtje Quackenbos.* II- I table for the Outward, 

His son, ki;ni>-r PieterSI mi tin- 

•1, [ant "f 1 lu -iiit 
ily were Abraham, I irgb in 

176 The Hoppe-Hoppen-Hopper Lineage. [July, 

Bowery Division, being elected Oct. 3, 1734. It was under the di- 
rection of this " Mr. Paulus Hoppe " that the well at the Work- 
House was dug. The bill for laborers, etc., £\2 N. Y. currency, 
was ordered paid by warrant No. 621, May 21, 1735. Late in life 
Hoppe removed to Orange Co., N. Y. A house and ground, being 
25 x 100 feet English measure in size, on the south side of Fair 
(Fulton) Street, N. Y. City, was conveyed by him and his wife 
Marijtje, then of that county, Nov. 6, 1740, to Johannes de Graaf 
for ;£8o. Cornelius Turk and Gerard Beekman certify that they 
were present on the 26th, when Hoppe gave possession of the 
premises. (L. 40, Conv. 494.) Issue: 

129 i. Marijtje,' bap. June 19, 1717 ; wits.: Matthijs Hoppe 

and Claesje Quackenbos. 

130 ii. Mattheus, bap. March 13, 1720; wits.: Andries and 

Rachel Hoppe. He enlisted in Col. Abraham Her- 
ring's Regt. in Orange County, and mustered April 
24, 1759. The Second Annual Report of the State 
Historian (Hastings) states that his age was forty, 
that he was b. in New York and was a farmer by oc- 
cupation; that he volunteered out of Capt. John 
Snedeger's Co. of militia, that his statute was 5 feet 
5 inches, that he had long brown hair and was a 
"sett man." 

131 iii. Reijnier, bap. Jan. 23, 1723; wits.: Jacob Quackenbos, 

Dievertje Quackenbos. He served in the 2nd Regt., 
Orange Co., in the Revolution (N. Y. in the Revolu- 
tion, p. 159). 

132 iv. Annatje, bap. Dec. 1, 1725; wits.: Willem Hoppe and 

Catherine Quackenbos. 

133 v. Paulus, bap. Aug. 18, 1728; wits.: Benjamin Quacken- 

bos and Ann Elizabeth Brouwer. He served as ex- 
ecutor in Haverstraw in 1757 with Andries Onder- 
donk and others, and was in the 2nd Regt. Orange 
Co. in the Revolution (Ibid. p. 159). 

134 vi. Jacob, bap. April 25, 1731; wits.: Jacob and Klaasje 


135 vii. Claasje, bap. Jan. 1, 1734; wits.: Willem Hoppe and 

Elizabeth van Norden. 
In 1776, the window leads were taken, by order of the Provin- 
cial Congress, to be used for making bullets, from the houses of 
the two brothers, Matthew and Rynear Hopper. That this fam- 
ily were owners of real estate south of the Fresh Water is sub- 
stantiated by the fact that Matthew, Powles and Rinier signed 
the petition in 1774 asking for a suspension of the law requiring 
all buildings thereafter built to be constructed of stone or brick. 
Other petitioners included their uncle, James Striker, and their 
cousins, Andrew and Matthew Hopper. Gershom Mott was like- 
wise a signer. 

Bergen Co., N. J., and m. Susanna, dau. of Samuel Hillings (Helms) and had 
10 children. John m. Lena van Houten and Jacob m. Ann Brouwer. Both lo- 
cated in the southerly part of Bergen, and many descendants of these brothers 
are there today. (Harvey's Gent. Hist. Hudson and Bergen Cos. 

''lues from English Archives Contributory to American Genealogy. \J "] 

of a Poll-list for election for Assembly, Feb., 1761, pub- 
lished in the Memorial History, Vol. II T, p. ,520, includes as 
electors the names of Matthew and Ryneer Hopper, as well as 
• their relatives, John, William and Matthew Hopper. 

Willem* Hoppe, m. Elizabeth van Norden, Jan. 8, 1725. 
The following fall (Sept. 29, 1725) he was elected Collector for 
the Oul ■■ . !. Bowery Division. He served as Constable of his 
district in 1743-4. Issue: 

136 i. Annatje,' bap. Oct. 10, 1725; wits.: Andries and Eliza- 

beth Hoppe. 

137 ii. VVessel, bap. Dee ji, 1732; wits.: Johannes van Norden 

and Adriaantje Webbers. 
iii. Jacomijntje, bap. Feb. 1, 1736; wits.: Paulus Hoppe 
and Marijtje Quackenbos, his wife. 

139 iv. Elizabeth, b. March 25, 1739; wits.: Jacob van Norden 

and Carstijntje Zabriskie. 

140 v. Matt" May 2, 1712: wits.: Jillis Maundeviel 

and Rachel Hoppe, his wife. This son got into a 
little difficulty when he was forty years old, as evi- 
denced by this entry from Onderdonk's Queens 
County in Olden Times: "1786, Sept. 21. A bench 
warrant was issued against Jotham Weeks, farmer, 
and Jotham Weeks, Jr., of Oyster Hay, and Matthew 
Hopper, gentleman, of New York, for riotously as- 
sembling and breaking- in the house of Levi Weeks." 
This reads like a family affair in which Hopper 
took sides. No further particulars are vouchsafed. 
( To be continued.') 

Contributory to American Genkalogy. 

Bv J. Henry Lea and J. K. HUTCHINSON. 

(Continue'] from V >l, XL. p. 16, >l I'm RECORD.) 

19 February, 1656-7, I Blizabeth Lloyd ol Elizabeth River in 
- Norfolke in Virginia, widdowe, being sicke of bodie, give 
and bequeath vnt<> my worthy friend Leiutenant Colonel! 
Thomas I. Thousand pounds •■■ Testi- 

monie of my Thankfullness for all his respects towards mee; 
Mr William Davies one thousand pounds of Tobacco; vnto 
Mr William Shipp fourty shillings to buy him a ring: vnto 
Mr Richard Pinner's sonni child, and vnto Mr S 

laifer with a calfe by hei 
My will '■ itto shall <|>ir- 

ae with Mr Sanderson, and I give vnto him one 
heifer calfe; vnl daughter "f the aforesaid 

I 78 Clues from English Archives Contributory to American Genealogy. [July, 

Thomas Lambert, five pounds to buy her a goune and five 
pounds more to pay for her passage into Virginia, and I doe 
order my executor to pay this money vnto James Matts of the 
Citty of Bristol within one Twelve month and a day for the use 
of the said Rachell, and I doe appoint the said Rachell to live with 
the said James Matts vntill she doe goe to Virginia. Whereas I 
have given alreadie vnto Mr Nicholas Harte seaven thousand 
pounds of Tobacco for looking after my business in Virginia, I 
doe give him five thousand pounds of Tobacco more as a token of 
my remembraunce. All the rest of my goods cattells plantations 
within Virginia I give vnto my brother in lawe Thomas Eavans 
of Kilkenny in Ireland, gent, for the only proper vse of my deare 
sister Mary Eavans his nowe married wife, whom I make and 
ordaine my whole and sole executor, he paying to Doctor Collins 
of Bristol all the money I doe owe him. Overseers, my friends 
Lieut. -Col. Thomas Lambert and James Matts. Witnesses, Will: 
Pyner, Jane Mansfield, Sarah Matts, Ja: Matts. Proved 15 June, 
1657, by Thomas Eavans the executor named. (P. C. C. Ruthen 

She was widow of Cornelius Lloyd who, by Patent No. 222, 
had 800 acres of land on Elizabeth River and Merchants' Creek. 
He had had Head Rights for 16 persons {not named) in 1635, for 
60 persons (named) in 1642, for 5 persons (named) in 1647, and 
6 persons (named) in 1653, then called "Leift. Col.,"* in Patent 
of 1636 described as "of London, merchant."! He was born 
about 1608, being 38 years of age in deposition of 1 Sept., 1646,! 
and was in Virginia before 1640, Burgess for Lower Norfolk Co., 
1642 to 1652, Lieut.-Col., 1653. and Colonel. § He died before 10 
Dec, 1654, when we find Power of Attorney from Elizabeth Lloyd 
(the testatrix), relict of Cornelius Loyd, to friend Nicholas Hart 
of New England, merchant, with witnesses Thomas Lambert and 
William Turner. || Power of Attorney was granted 28 April, 1658, 
to Thomas Evans of Citty of Kilkenny, in Ireland, to kinsman 
John Bellgraue of Kilkenny, gent., to collect all dues in Virginia 
which "did belong to my late sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Loyd of 
Elizabeth River, etc." And, later, we have an agreement be- 
tween William Carver of the County of Lower Norfolk, Attorney 
for m r . Nicholas Hart of Rode Jland in New England, for an 
estate left by Mrs. Elizabeth Loyd of county aforesaid and (blank) 
unto Thomas and Mary Evans of kilkeny in Jreland, by which 
all differences are settled with m r . John Belgraue of Kingdom of 
England, Attorney for Thomas and Mary Evans, dated 26 July, 
166 1. 1 

* See Certificates of Head Rights in Va., by J. H. Lea, in N. E. Gen. 6r> 
Hist. Keg., XLVII, pp. 63, 65, 69, 194. 
■f Critic, 25 Jan., 1890. 
J Court Records, Lower Norfolk, Va. 

§ Virginia Caroloum, by E. D. Niell, pp. 168, 185, 189, 199, 226, 232. 
|| Recorded 12 Dec, 1654. 
H Recorded 15 Feb., 1661-2. 

iqoo.] Clues from English Archives Contributory to American Genealogy. I "9 

The connection shown above with Nicholas Hart is most 
interesting. lie was of Taunton, Mass., in 1643, was excommuni- 
cated there, went to Boston and was in trouble again in that 
place in h>44, as was Sarah, wife of Benjamin Keayne, daughter 
of Gov. Thomas Dudley, who was also excommunicated.* In 
January, [648, he was in Warwick, R I., and in 1651 at Ports- 
mouth. His widow. Jane (or Joan), daughter of Edward Rossiter 
[ass., petitioned the General Court for aid being then 70 
years old.f Hart's exact relationship with the Evans and Lloyds 
is not apparent. 

Edward Lloyd, brother of Cornelius, was perhaps of Elizabeth 
City in 1623, \ he was Burgess of Lower Norfolk, 1644-46, and re- 
land before 1659. S The Col. Thomas Lambert 
who was I Overseer of the will of Elizabeth Lloyd may in- identi- 
fied with "Coll: Lambert" whose Banns of marriage with 
Dorothy Mason, both of the Parish of Lynhaven, were published 
art, 17 May, 1661 She was probably a daughter of Col. 
Lemuel Mason, but if so, predeceased him, as she is not named 
in his will, dated 17 June, t( 9 1 

(Jueene Camel! 22 August 1652. In 1 in Name OF God Amen 
I Jambs Roc hi • Sweeke alias Warwicke Sweeke in the 

• Wight in Virginia, planter, but nowe in (Jueene Camell 
I amell in the Countye of Somersett in the ECingdome or 
Commomwealthe of England being sicke of body but of perfect 
memory (thanks be to God) Doe make this my last will and 
Testament in manner and forme following [nprimis I bequeathe 
my soule to God the ffatherof Spirits my Maker my Redeemer 
and only Saviour and my bodie to the Earthe whence it was 
taken to be decentlie buried in Christian burial 1 Item whereas I 
sett sayle out of Virginia for England on the first day of January 
one thousand six hundred forty nyne and left behind mee a 
Stocke of Cattle Vizt: seaven Kine one ( )x and one Steere in the 
hands and care of Thomas North my servant to be manag 
the best Improvement for my vse Item whereas I left cerl 
Debts vnreceaved and Due to nice att and before my departure 
out of Virginia The wryteings by which they are to be demanded 
being in the Cu ' iptaine George Padding alias ffawdin 

of W.irras Quirke aforesaid which were comitted to him as my 
ney in trust for my vse as it will appeare by the testimony 
of Thomas Taberer and Thomas Northe Planters there Item 
whereas I received a letter from Thou dated the tenth 

M •. hundred fifty and twoe att Warras 

ling vnto mee on: of \ ht or 

tenne of Tabaccoe this present sumer as my owne and 

for mv owne pro ' which good-, above menconed 

my owi foods to ■>• kine one ( » 

I, 367. 

!'.'/;,',//• Island, p. Jl6: Pop*, 

' 1 . : 

I 80 Clues from Egnlish Archives Contributory to American Genealogy. [July, 

and the encrease by breed of those seaven kyne from the first of 
January one thousand six hundred forty nine to the day of my 
death and vntill such time as satisfaction shall be made for them 
to my executors And all Debts due before my coming over and 
eight or tenne hogsheads of Tobaccoe alreadie sent into England 
or to be sent this sumer And whatsoever things else are my 
proper Goods Chatties or Catties either in Virginia England or 
elsewhere I doe will and bequeathe them and by theis p'sents 
doe give them and all of them vnto my eldest brother Roches* 
viccar of Queene Camell aforesaid whome I make my full and 
whole Executor To which I have sett my hand and seale the 
twoe and twentieth day of August in the yeare of our Lord God 
one thousand six hundred fiftie and twoe 1652 (James Roche) 
Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of vs Ed: Gillmore 
John Marten William Stephens. Proved at London 18 Septem- 
ber, 1652, by Robert Roche the brother of deceased and sole 
executor named in the will. (P. C. C. Bowyer 237.) 

Will of John Bly, dated 3 January, 1662-3. I release £4 I was 
to have at my mother's death. As for the ,£130 that is in the 
hands of Master Richard Booth, merchant, I desire that it may be 
shared according to the order I left in the hands of my brother 
Giles Bly. I release my brother William of the ^20 he owes me. 
My brother Giles shall pay £$ for a silk rug I received from 
Richard West, and keep the rest of the money that is in his 
hands. To my wife the produce of 50 hogshead of tobacco that is 
to be shipped home for England in the " Frederick," and I desire 
that care may be taken that there be shipped home for England 
this present year, if tobacco may be procured, the quantity of 220 
hogsheads, of which my third part shall be conveyed to my wife 
in such goods as she shall desire. Also to my wife all the goods 
that I brought over in this year to furnish my house, and I 
desire her father to make satisfaction for the goods I bought for 
him in England. To Master William Bough, junior, a chest. 
To my brother George Hunt a chest, and if he desire to return 
back for England I desire my wife at his return to pay him the 
quantity of ten hogsheads of tobacco. The produce of certain 
hogsheads of tobacco to be divided between my mother and my 
brothers and sisters. Whereas I left in the hands of my father 
in law Abraham Wood Esq. ^26 and certain goods, I desire that 
they may be returned to my wife. To Master Ceristopher 
Branch,! senior, one hogshead of tobacco for writing my will. To 

* Robert Roche instituted Vicar of East Camel, 16 Feb.. 1635. He held 
the living until 1666. He was of Magd. Coll., Oxford, matriculated 16 March, 
1626-7, aged 18, son of Robert Roche, Vicar of Hilton, Dorset, 1617-1629. The 
father was also of Magdalen. 

f Christopher Branch of Kingsland, Henrico Co., Va. (now in Chesterfield 
Co.), who was brought to Virginia as an infant about 1613. There is no con- 
nection between this family and the Peter Branch from Holden, Co. Kent, 
England, who died at sea on the ship Castle on the way to New England. (See 
his will dated 16 June, 1638, in N. E. Hist. 6* Gen. Register, II, 183.) I have 
a long pedigree of the Virginia family which I would be pleased to communi- 
cate to any worthy descendants. J. H. L. 

iqo).] Clues from Ett£/is/\ At Xmerican Genealogy. 181 

Christopher Branch, junior, one hogshead of tobacco. Executrix, 
my wife Mary lily here in Virginia. Executor in England, my 
brother Giles Bly. Witnesses: Thomas Branch, John Gardner. 
March, 1662-3, before the Governor etc. of Virginia. 
Proved at London [6 May, 1664, by Giles Bly, executor. 

(P. C. C. Bruce 46.) 

Will of Philip Mallory lately resident in Virginia and now 
in London, clerk, dated 23 July, 1661. To be buried at the dis- 
cretion of Captain John Whitty, one of my executors. To my 
nephew Mr Roger (sic) Mallory and his hens all my plantations, 
lands, etc. in V Isewhere. To Mrs Elizabeth Mallory 

my mother and to Mr Thomas Mallory my brother /10 each. 
To my nephew Thomas Hawford ^10. Towards the erecting of 
a college in Virginia .£10. Legacies to friends. To my niece 
Frances Pidgeon ten head of cattle to be delivered to her or 
her assigns in Virginia. The residue of my estate either in 
England or Virginia I give to my said nephew Mr Richard (sic) 
■y. Executors, the said Ro ' A illory and Capt. John 

Whittle. To my cousin William Mallory ^£20. Witnesses: War- 
ham Horsmanden, Benjamin Shcppard, scr. Proved 27 July, 
1'.'. 1, by |"hn Whitty one of the executors power being reserved 
to Roger Mallory. (P. C. C. May 11 l) 

Not in Waters, who, however, names a Philip Mallory of 
inia as marrying a Catherine Batt (see Virginia Caroloum, 
in note- infra). 

Rev. Philp Mallory was son of \)\. Thomas Mallory, Arch- 
deacon of Richmond, 1603, f Chester (1607-1644),* and 
was I '1 at Corpus ("mist i College, 

1, 28 May, 1634, aged r; years; he was B. A. from 
Mary's Hall, 26 April, 1637, and A M 16 Jan., \<>y)-.\ 

in, Co. Durham, r'>ii. He married Catherine, daughter of 
Batt, vice-master versity. lie was in 

tably much earlier, in 1657 he v. 
member of the Assembly, at which 1- 

Sept., 1660 t In March, 1660-1, he 
"hav minently faithful in the ministry," in company 

with Sir William Berkeley, the Governor, to solicit 

for the church in Virginia on which mission tly died, in 


Ilory "§ '1 

; certainly / 
his will prove conclusively that 


r (30 July, 1 660), I but •■' 

Republit . pp 

I 82 Clues from English Archives Contributory to American Genealogy. [July, 

have been his nephew "mr." Roger Mallory, who is called his 
son in error by Mr. Tyler* and who, later (1668), had grant of 
land from York County "for the use of Mr. Philip Mallory." \ 
This Roger settled in King and Queen County and had a son 
William, who may have been the " cousin William Mallory " 
named in the will. 

William Batt, brother of Catherine, the wife of Rev. Philip 
Mallory, entered land on Mobjack Bay, Gloucester Co., as early 
as 5 Sept., 1643,1 an d was a member of the Assembly in 1654 
from Surrey. John Batt, elder brother of the above, being son 
and heir of Robert Batt of Okewell in Birstall, by his wife Mary, 
daughter of Mr. John Parry of Hereford, was Captain of Foot in 
Regmt. of Aybrigg and Morley and J. P. of the West Riding, 
Yorkshire; he married Martha, daughter of Thomas Mallory, 
Dean of Chester, and had John (lost in the Irish Sea, coming 
from Virginia with his father), William, Thomas and Henry 
(in Virginia 1667), and Martha. § 

Deare wife and wellbeloved, with all our deare and sweet chil- 
dren, I (Richard Hunt) waiting daylie for my change and 
dissolucon am willing to leave with you this my last will and 
testament, (having) written it with my owne hande in the time 
of my health, least the omitting of it should trouble me at the 
howre of death when thoughts of other things wilbe more need- 
ful. . . . And touching my bodie, I commit it to the earth 
whence it came, but if otherwise the Lord hath disposed of me, 
his holy will bee fullfilled. . . . According to the custom of 
this honourable Cittie I devyde my estate into three parts, 
whereof I bequeath one part to my wife Jane, which I hope will 
amount to ^1800 besides her Jewells and rings; also I bequeath 
unto her my great silver bason and ewer with two faire flaggon 
potts and the lease of my house in Hackney parish. One other 
third part I bequeath amongst my children, vizt., to my eldest 
sonne Josia Hunt ^800 at 21, to my eldest daughter Sarah Hunt 
^500 at 21 or marriage, to my daughter Katherine ^500 in like 
manner, to my young son Nathaniel ^500 at 21, to my son 
Richard ,£500 at 21, and if my wife be with child, to such child 
^400. To my brother John Hunt ^60, and to my brother 
William Hunt ,£20, for the use of their children. To my 
sister Ellen's children, vizt., William Thompson ^10, George 
Thompson £,20, Richard Thompson ^10, Thomas Thompson, 
if he returnes from the warres, and setts up trade, jQ\o, and 
to the other two in the country ^£5 apeece. To my sisters 
Jane, Elizabeth and Anne, for their children ,£40 apiece. To 
my brother John Watkin 40s., and to my sister 20s. Tobias 
and Arthur Watkin ^5 each. Brother Richard Kent £$. My 
master Capt. Edward Ditchfield, one of the best friendes that 

* Cradle of the Republic, pp. 90, 91. 
t Ibid. 

\ Virginia Ld. Records, I, p. 901. 

§ Water's Gleanings, I, 105, from Harl. MS., 4630, p. 26, and Richmond 
Standard, 4 June, 1881. 

iQOg.) Clues from Englisn A re hives Contributory to American Genealogy. \ 8 3 

ever I had in the world, ,£10. ^ Ir William Greenhill my deare 
friend £5. Mr Peake, lecturer of Wolchurch, £$. Ten other 
ministers, Mr Trebitt and Mr Rawlinson being two, ,£30. Mis 
Mary Gray and Mrs Catherine Midleton 30s. each. Mr Hugan 
I, Mr Hooper and Mr Wilson 20s. each. Mr [saac Knight 
and Mr John Carter £3 each. Mrs Alice Alien 20s., Thomas 
rs the elder 40s., Joseph Mordocke 20s., William Sawyer jQ$, 
Edward Eiiller if he serve his time out 40s. Mrs Katherine 
Exelby ,/,'5, Richard Pierson 20s., and Mrs Jane Laney 20s. The 
Artillerie Company jC*°- Poor of Mary Wolchurch 20 nobles. 
Sibill Jones / 5 1 give the land I adventured for in Ireland, if 
it be gained, to my eldest son Josias. To my deare wife _£iooo. 
To my brother John's children ,£300 if they be Protestants. To 
my brother William's child /200 upon the like terms. To Ralph 
Hunt my brother William's son j£s°< Item to New England 
towards a library twentie poundes. Residuary legatee and 
executrix, my deare wife. Overseers, Capt. Edward Ditchfield, 
Mr Eiugan Howell and Mr Thomas Wood, hated 22 Aug., 1643. 
With' am Medley, John Peace Proved 30 Jan., 1643-4, 

by the executrix. (Commissary of London, vol. xxix, fo. 213 ) 

Hellers of the parish of St. Botolph without 
Aldersgate, co. Middlesex, baker, dated 17 January, 1748-9. To 
Thomas [bell of the parish of St. Giles Cripplegate, baker, and 
Thomas Milward of the same, cornchandler, ,£500 interest in the 
Joint Stock erected by act of Parliament in the 18th year of his 
present Majesty, in trust for the benefit of my daughter Martha 
Scott* wife of John Scott late of the parish of St. Giles Cripple- 
gate, baker, but now in parts beyond the seas, during her life, 
for her sole and separate use; and after her death, in case she 
shall then leave only two or one female children or child, the 
said sum to be applied for their education and maintenance. 
Son Samuel Rellers. Sister Margaret Coxon, wife of John Coxon 
of St. Giles Cripplegate, pawnbroker. Kinsmen Benjamin Jen- 
nings, William Jennings and Sarah Jennings, children of my 
kinsman John Jennings of Alcester, co. Warwick, butcher. 
Residuary legatees and executors, upon trust, the said Thomas 
Ibell and Thomas Milward. Witnesses: John Paukeman, Fra: 
Beck, Peter Jopson. (Consistory of London, 1720-51: fol. 209.) 

30 September, 1656, I Jeremiah Norerosse [sic), being sicke 
of an ague Which I thincke tendeth to my death, doc comm 
body to tin- earth to be decently buried with as little cost as may 
he, and my soiile into the i my faithful! Creator And 

concerning my Estate in New England, vixt , The dwelling 
■ . baraea, cowes, horses and lam ittell, the will I 

made there, w< h 1 lefte in the hands of on I had- 

docke of Newe England, shall stand to a tittle; .V 
the goods that I have in this land, out of them Hirst I give vntO 
ne Mazye my gold girdle and to his wile Sarah 

• \ Mo'S. 1 ScoM owned ye Covenant ami was baptized at Fannington, 
Conn.. 16 March. 1706-7.— JtytW. XXXVI 1 1 

I 84 Clues front English Archives Contributory to American Genealogy. [July, 

Mazye my Scarlett mantle, and to my twoe grandchildren 
Scarfes (sic) and Sarah Mazye each one imbroydered Scarlett 
cushion, and to my twoe grandchildren Jeremie and Marie Nor- 
crosse, borne to my sonne Richard Norcross, to each of them the 
like. Granddaughter Mary Norcross, daughter to my son Nath- 
aniel, the long cushion; and to my sonne and daughter Nathaniel 
and his wife each a gould ring. To my beloved wife 20 shillings 
in gould. Residuary legatee and executor, my sonne Nathaniel 
in trust for his mother, soe thanking him and his wife for their 
loving duetye and care of us, soe I comitt her to him and his 
wife, to have a care of her. Witnesses, John Baxter, Honor 
Baxter, Margaret Uring. Proved 5 April, 1658, by the executor 
named. (P. C. C. Wotton, 152.) 

Chas. Chadwick of Watertown is certainly intended by this 
mention (Chaddock being a well known variant of that name). 
He came probably in Winthrop's fleet. Freeman, May, 1631; 
Selectman, 1637; Representative, 1657, and died 10 April, 1682, 
aged 85.* 

Nathaniel Norcross, son of the testator and his residuary 
legatee and executor, returned to England and became parson of 
St. Dunstan's in the East, London, and died there in August, 
1662. f 

I Mary Cony of Boston, co. Lincoln, widow, being weake in 
body. To my reverent and deare brother Mr John Cotton of 
New England the sum of twentie shillings, and also to my sister 
Cotton and my sister Makepeace twentie shillings apeece as a 
small testimonie of my endeared love and affection towards 
them. To John and Elizabeth Hawcrid, the children of my late 
brother Samuel Hawcrid, (sic) ,£3 apiece at 21. Mary wife of 
my son Samuel Cony my best tabby gowne and peticoate. Anne 
daughter of my son John Cony my best wrought cushion. Eliza- 
beth Hawcridge (sic) one paire of redd curtains. Hannah Simpson 
my servant 40s. Cousin Adlard Pury 20s. Cousin Doctor Tuck- 
ney 20s. Mr Naylor and Mr Anderson 20s. each. Residuary 
legatees and executors, sons Samuel and John Cony. Dated 29 
April, 1652. Witnesses: John Cony, Elizabeth Hadocke. Proved 
23 May, 1653, by the executors named. (P. C. C. Brent, 88.) 

Rev. John Cotton, son of Roland Cotton, Esq., was born in 
Derby, England, 4 Dec, 1585; grad. Emanual College, Cambridge, 
and was Vicar of Boston, England, 1626-1633. He came to 
America in the Griffin, arriving 4 Sept., 1633. Installed teacher 
of the church of Boston, Mass., 17 Oct., 1633. His second wife, 
Mrs. Elizabeth Story, widow, survived him at his death in 1652, 
and, four years later, married Mr. Richard Mather of Dorchester. 
His will, dated 30 Nov., proved 27 Jan. (11 mo.), 1652, mentions 
his brother Coney, his sister Mary Coney and their son John 

* Savage, I, 351; 111,286. Bond's Watertown, p. 376. 

t See his will in P. C. C. (Laud, 129) printed, with valuable note by John 
Ward Dean, in Waters' Gleanings, II, 1041. 

igog.] The Dutcher Family. I 85 

Coney.* His first wife's name was Elizabeth Harcocks of Cam- 
bridge, as wi m the following entry of his marriage: 

Johannes Cotton de Boston cler" in Theolog' Baca- 
laurius et Elizabeth a Harcocks de Cantab singel' nupti Julij 3°.f" 
( To be continued.) 





". m ilk Kenneth Griffin, B. Sc, London, B. A., LL. B. 

-.-Kingston D. 1 b ' ird. I D Ch Record. N. Y.— 

N V I N. Y. ] theran Ch. Record, lioll. Soc —Holland 
' .cnealogical and biographical Record. M— V 
Entr>. the printed record numbers eotril 

reader, to the re appearance, later, of the same number, when the name 
Is print Detail as to th< mora is on the 

responsibility ol the compiler. The births, etc.. of the 5th generation are manifestly in- 

Index by prefixed serial numbers to "Dutchers" only: 1st generation, 
No. 1; 2d generation, 2-3; 3d generation, 1 11, Uh generation, 15-67; 5th gen- 
eration, 100-352. 

Abraham, 47, 276, 287, 303, 342. Barent, 11. \(>, 66, 284, 302. 
Benjamin, 327, Christopher, 54, 329. Cornelius, 7, 36, 57, 278, 320, 328. I 1 
see 282 |4, 61, 274,337, 344,349. Dirck, 10, 263, 271. Elias, 

266,331. Gabriel, 00, 318. Gideon, 277. Henry, 33, 350. Isaac, 4q, 276a, 288, 
298, 304, 348. Jacob, 50, 280, 299, 308, 309. Jeremiah, 265. John, J, 3.'. | 
55,63. -vl. 317, 333,351. Lawrence, 324. Levi, 352. Mathew, 14, 

ter, 285. Koelot, 2, 12, 59, 314, 315, 325. William, 1,4,6,64,282. 

Femai 1 'v '■, 1 }. imelia, 347. Anna, Annatje, Hannah, etc., 62, 

305, 31 . 269. Catharine, o, 37, 58, 267, 279, 295, 310, 3 . 

bristina, 53, 321. Cornelia, 8. Elizabeth, 296, 
135. Helena, |i, 15,268, 293. Jane, Jannetje, etc., 40, 48, 264, 313, 316, 332. 
Jacomyntje, Jamaca, etc., 272, 275, 343 Lea, 34, 283, 306 12, 346. 

tret, 21, 31, 13, 5'', '15. 341. M.i- 
7,326,340. Nancy, 345. Rachel, 38, 261, 300, 301, 31 1, ;i 
297. Sarah, 270, 286, 336. 

The Dutcher family, now irly appears tinder tin- 

various spellings and miss; ve duitcher, je teutschi 

duytscher, di r, de duit 

diser, de ducher, de duecher, de duitser, de duzer, diser, dizer, 
deytcher, ducher, duchert, duiaser, duther, du Miser. 

duyser, duysert, duyts, duytsen, duytsere, duyschen, duyer, 
dutehess, etc., el , a 1 ording to the gentlem 11 

phy p rks and later copyists. The family is 

singular in having retained the national "Dutch" nickoail 

* Sava 

* In: bam, Cambridgeshire, (n Pope and other 

authorities she is called Horrocks. 

1 86 The Butcher Family. [July, 

its modern designation. Its members are to be distinguished 
from the " Dutch" family of New England, from the descendants, 
mostly most worthy, of that old matrimonial scamp Laurens 
Duyts of Holstein, known as the Big Dane or Great Shoe, whose 
sale of a wife cost him an ear, and from the family of Du 
Sauchoy, now " Dissoway," members of which, by one of those 
errors which render indices of little value, are given as "Duyts" 
(19 Feb., 1676; N. Y. D. Ch., 2-121). 

The evident meaning of the name, which is a mere tab or 
label or nick-name, giving no clue either to the patronymic or 
family name, is "the Dutch Man" — man, as the old divine wisely 
inspired says, at all times embracing woman, and " Dutch," 
from the date of its early use more probably implying a Hol- 
lander than a German. Today every village has its " Dutchman," 
who most probably is a German; but as early as 1689, when the 
Dutchers first appear as such, the proper term for a German was 
"Hoogdeutser" or " High Dutchman." Thus, in the 17 14 Ulster 
Co., N. Y., List of Freeholders (Clearwater's Hist, of Ulster Co., 
66), one Hermanus, a German, appears as " Hermanus de Hoog- 
deutser," while two of the Dutcher family appear, one as "Cor- 
nelis de Duytcher," and one as " Dirck de Duytser" {id., 67, 69). 

2 Jan., 1729, in Connecticut, " Ellen Ducher, a Dutch girl" appears, 
showing an independent use of the term (Early Conn. Marriages, 
4th Book, 87). 

Down to 1700, and even later, the Netherland people always 
referred to themselves as Duytsen or Neder Duytsen, whence the 
English and American appellation of Dutchmen. " De " in 
French is of ox from; but in Dutch the definite article "the." 

The U. S. Census of 1790 shows 34 Dutcher heads of families, 
scattered in New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Vermont, 
but all are of identical origin. 

The early de Duytschers, distinctly so called in church record, 
are eight in number, and of one, Mageltje Roelofse, i. e., Mathilda, 
daughter of Roelof, No. 5 hereinafter, the parents are easily 
determinable. She was not the daughter of Roelof Corneliszen 
van Houten, as is suggested in "Van Houtens of Bergen," 27 
N. Y. Gen., 183, but was the daughter of Roelof Willemszen and 
Willempje (i.e. Wilhelmina) Thyssen, and is called "de duytser" 
once in Kingston entry 1414, 15 Aug., 1703. 

Of the remaining seven, six — Cornelis, No. 7, Cornelia, No. 8, 
Catharine, No. 9, Dirck, No. 10, Roelof, No. 12, and David, No. 13, 
all first appear at Kingston, in the church records, as parents, 
and the seventh, Barent, No. 11, who appears at Tarrytown, and 
Cornelis, Dirck, Roelof and David are all stated in one entry or 
the other to have been born in adjacent parts of Ulster Co., close 
to or at Kingston. It was soon apparent that these seven were 
brothers and sisters, for all born or appearing at or near Kingston, 
at approximate dates, they acted frequently as godparents to 
each others children. Thus Cornelis, 7, and Cornelia, 8, were 
sponsors to Dirck's son Cornelis, 36. Catharine's husband Jan 
Roeland, 9, was sponsor to Cornelia's son Samuel Wels, 26. 
David, 13, was sponsor with Maritje Wels, 22, to Dirck's son 

ioog.] The Duti fur Family. I 87 

David, 35. and to Roelof's daughter Margaret, 56, and Dirck, 10, 
to Rcelof's son Johannes, 52, etc. This sponsorship continues 
among those of the next generation, and the same friends act as 
godparents to many of the early Dutchers. The military affili- 
ations of the men were close, and resulted finally in a quota of 
over 40 men and two captains in the Revolution. When, there- 
fore, it appeared that all the original Dutchers who had sons had 
a son John — being the first son of Barent, of Dirck and of Roelof, 
the second son of I 'avid, the first son of Catharine by her husband 
Jan Roeland, and the second son of Cornelia, it was evident the 
common father was a John, a conclusion rendered positive by the 
fact that Cornelia appears once as Cornelia Jansen (K., 64), and 
Roelof once as "rullof Johnson " while in the militia. So, also, 
in similar fashion, the common mother's name is demonstrated 
to be Margaret, being the name of the only child of Cornelis, 
the second daughter of Dirck, of Roelof, of Barent and of Cor- 
nelia; Catharine having no daughter, and the birth date of 
David's daughter Margaret being uncertain. Nothing in Dutch 
genealogy is more certain than such an inference, and it was, 
therefore, with a sense of inevitable fulfillment of prophecy that 
some three years ago, I discovered "Jan Willemsen ye Duitcher," 
3, who 1 Sept., 1686, in Ulster Co., N. Y., appeared and took the 
oath of English allegiance at the same time that "Cornelis ye 
Duitcher," 7, failed to appear {Hist, of Ulster Co., 69-70). 

This Dutch game of "Japhet in Search of a Father" thus 
settled down to an effort to trace the particular John, son of 
William, and to ascertain his relationship, which if any had to be 
that of brother, to the Roelof, son of William, whose daughter 
M ■- - '-Itie appears once as "de Duytser." Our Jan Willemszen 
was early proved to be neither Jan Willemszen Yselsteyn, nor 
Scuth, or van Burculo, or van Cujanes, or van Leyden, or van 
Leuven, or van Loosdrecht, or Bennet, or Vertein, or Cornel, or 
Rome(n) van Werkendam, or van Amsterdam, or Sebra, or 
Schutt, or any of the remaining Jans "Willemzen" catalogued in 
Bergen's Early Settlers of Kings Co., N. V., or Jan Willemszen 
Hoogtaeling, husband of Barbara Jans, and prominent at King- 
ston, whom Burhans, in error, was inclined to identify with Jan 
Willemszen van Loosdrecht, who settled at Bergen. But our 
Jan may well be identical with the Jan Willemszen, who with his 
wife Margaret or Grietje Cornelis, 22 Jan., 1662, Kingston entry 
13, had baptized a son Willem, evidently their first son, and who 
may be identical with Jan Willmsen Brant, who with his wife 
Gritye Cornelissen, 24 April, i<>*4_, had baptized a son Tys, , <■ 
Mat hew, no where else appi ( K., 2 r 7). The wife's 

name Margaret is strong confirmation of this identification, and 

her full name Margaret Cornelisse, ;. e. daughter of Cornelis, 

explains Cornelis, 7, and possibly Cornelia, 8, and it is almost 
conclusive th it the young facob I'.irentsen Cool, who with his 

recently married wife, Marretje Simons, appeared as sponsor to 

this couple's first son Willem, 6, supra, 22 Jan., 1 66a (K, 13), 
should also, 39 years later apj ■ 1; April, 1701, to 

Catharine de Duytser's son Jan, 29 (K., 133a), and 29 Dec, 1701, 

I 88 The Dutcher Family. [July, 

to Cornelia Jansen de Duytser's son Jan, 25 (K., 12S1), the name 
fan in each case preserving the name of Jacob Cool's early 
friend Jan Willemszen. As early as 9 Oct., 1650 (N. Y. D., 2-28), 
"Jan Helmszen" appears as sponsor at the baptism of Jacob 
Barentzen Cool's brother Arent; but he may be the Jan Helmsze 
van " Barlt," Schleswig-Holstein, of " Rensellaer-Bouwier manu- 
script" mention (p. 827, note). It impossible that Grietje Cornelis 
was daughter of the Cornelis Leenderts whose sister Marretje 
became wife of Barent Jacobsen Cool, and so mother of Jacob 
Barentsen Cool. The name "Willemsen" or "Williamson" was 
common among the Dutch, German and English, and the early 
existence of several Williamsons known as " Englishmen," ex- 
plains the need of the tab "ye duitcher" used as early as 1686 on 
the " Dutch " Jan and his children. Even a Jan Brandt, " Engels- 
man, i. e. Englishman, appears 30 Dec, 1646 (N. Y. D., 2-21), 
with a son Jan. 10 Nov., 1641, there was a Willem Willemszen, 
" Engelsman" (N. Y. D., 2-12) and 11 Aug., 1672 (N. Y. D., 1-36), 
Jan Willemszen of Huntington, England, was refused marriage 
to Margaret Viskaeck (Fiscock). 19 Feb., 1689, a Robert Wil- 
lemszen "from England," married Grees (/. e. Grace) Cerant 
(N. Y. D., 1-66), and 14 Sept., 1673, at Kingston, Ulster Co., a 
Dutch "Jan Willemse" was lieutenant of the local militia, while 
at Shrewsbury an English "John Williamson" held the same 

That Jan Willemszen and Roelof Willemszen were, almost 
certainly, brothers is indicated by the following facts: both 
appear about the same dates, 1660-3, a t Beverwyck, Fort Orange, 
or the present Albany, each the son of a William. Jan, moving 
to Ulster Co., has a son Roelof. Roelof's daughter Mageltje, 5, 
moving, also to Ulster Co., has as sponsors to her child Mar- 
retje, No. 19, 25 Aug., 1700 (K., 1189), Roelof de Duytser, 12, and 
Catharina de Duytser, 9, Jan's son and daughter, and 15 Aug., 
1703 (K., 1414), Mageltje appears as "de Duytser." Robert 
Sanders of Albany, is sponsor to Mageltie's daughter Jannetje, 17, 
and Robert's son Barent is in his turn sponsor to Roelof de 
Duytser's son Johannes, 55. Marytjen Wels, 22, daughter of 
Cornelia de Duytser, 8, is sponsor to Hendrick, 123, son of 
Mageltje's daughter Marretjen, 19, and Mageltje's daughter 
Willemptie Oosteroom, 16, having married Hendrick Buys. 
Hendrick, 6 Oct., 1714 (N. Y. D., 2-377), is sponsor with Dirkje 
Lammerse (Smit), whose cousin soon after married Barent Duyt- 
scher, 11, and Mynno (Wilhelmina) Buys, a niece of Hendrick, 
married Johannes De Duytscher, 42, son of Barent, 11. 

Mr. Whittemore, in his De Duytscher Genealogy, mainly de- 
voted to the descendants of Roelof de Duytscher, 12, suggests a 
Dutcher descent from the " De Dechiers" of France, and thereby 
supplies the inevitable coat of arms. In this country he finds the 
ancestor in Dirck Corneliszen Duyster, who in 1630 was employed 
by Killaen Van Renssellaer, and was one of those who for him 
took title to Rensselaerwyck. Dirck's son he assumes to be 
Cornelis ye Duitcher, No. 7, who is taken to be the father of the 
other Dutchers. As Cornelis was not born until 1667, and did 

1 909.) The Dutch fr Family. I 8y 

not marry until 1091, this theory was always untenable. The 
recent publication of Van Kensselaer-Bouwier Manuscripts (p. 700 
and references there given) shows that Dirck was drowned at sea 
in 1636, unmarried, and that his half-brother Willem died in 1635 
leaving no sun, Willem being an artist or painter of Amsterdam. 
'• Duyster" means the twilight or gloaming 

The record, therefore, begins: 
1 W11 mki.m,' the name of the father of Roelof and Jan. Re- 
membering that Roelof is stated to be "van Heerden," it is just 
possible that Wilhelm may be the Willem Janszen "van Heer- 
den," who 18 Dec, 1654, m. Leent^e Martens, the widow of the Net -tme. »ne 
patriotic Jochem Pieterszen (Kuyter). (See N. Y. D. M., p. 19.) •> pf> > n i<»11 
Kuyter was slain by the Indians, March, 1654, and his widow, 
probably for protection in those troublous times, re-married 
without delay, and was herself massacred 15 Sept., 1655; her 
husband by some means escaping (Riker's Harlem, 92, 160, 162, 
etc ). As Leentje Martens appears as early as 20 Oct., 1639 (N. 
Y. D., 2-10), she was probably a matured woman at her re- 
marriage, and the entry gives no information whether Willem 
Janszen was a widower or single. Heerden was a very small 
village, about 30 miles N. N. E. from Arnheim in Gelderland, 

nd. But the matter is pure conjecture, and Willem's issue, 
if any, must have been by an assumed prior marriage. 

*2 Roelof Willemszen, "van Heerden," m. before 1663, 
Willempje Thyssen; d. before 1674. 

*3 Jan Willemszen, m. before 1662, Margaret (?), prdb 

ably Margaret Cornelisse. 

Roelof* Willi (Wilhelm 1 ), m. before 1663, Willempje 

Thyssen (Wilhelmina, dau. of Mathew). 23 March, 1663, Ri 
Willamszen "van Heerden," at Beverwyck, later Ail any, sol il to 
Geurt or Gerrit Hendrickszen a lot with a cellar and the shed 
over it, for 275 guilders in see-want (Pearson's RenSSelaetwyck, 
320), and the day before he borrowed 504 fl. ($100. So) from 
Hend. Hendricksen, at 10%, repayable in July (Albany. Index 
to Public Records). 23 Sept., 1663, Roelof Willemszen and 
Willempje Thyssen, his wife, both from Hcverwyck. be< 
Brooklyn Church members (1897, Holl. So., 136, 138). <> March, 
1^67. Willempje was sponsor with the well-known Resolved 
Waldron (/</. 147). Roelof d. soon after, and his widow, before 1 67 1 
ife of Jan Cornelis/.cn Buys, son of Cornelis Buj s 
of Buninck, and Hendrickje Janszen Damen, sister of the Jan 

■lit in 1 arly New Yoi k, w ho adi 
Jan Buys as his son. Early Settlt 

and erroneous hi n Corneliszen Buys, The facts a] 

in Mrs. Welch's note on the Boyce Family, 33 A'. )'. Gen., 56 
J.m's 1st wife was Ida or ESybe Lubberl 
the Tryntje Lubbertse who m. Hendrick Ian 

.n in Roelof Willemszen's dau, Mae,. Itji 'I '.•■ Dam< 
Buys and Oosterooms were ail early at Rensselaerwyck and 
Albany, win re Roelof appears. By her 2d husband Willen 
had Mattheys Janszen Buys, 14 Jan., 1674 (X Y I I . .• 113), who 


I go The Dutcher Family. [July. 

m. Elizabeth Ariaense, and Hilletje Jansen Buys, who m. Klaas 
(*'. e. Nicholas) Symonszen (1897, Holl. So., 164). 29 Nov., 1686, 
Willempje and Jan Buys made their joint will, proved 28 Jan., 
1689-90, on her death. In the proceedings her husband is called 
Honorable Jan Buys. The personalty, her property, was inven- 
toried at 379 florins (see Kings Co. Conveyances, liber 1, new 
paging 75-77.) The will mentions Willempje's four children, 
two by Roelof Willemszen. Willempje made her mark. Issue: 

4 Willem Roelofszen, mentioned in the will as living in 
1686. No other trace. Bergen's Early Settlers, 389, 
gives the name in error as "Roelof Willemszen." 
*5 Mageltje Roelofsze, probably b. in Albany; m. 19 Aug., 
1683, Jan Hendrickzen Oosteroom. 

3. "Jan" Willemszen ye Duitcher " (Wilhelm'). 1 Sept. 1689, 
Jan appears as "ye duitcher" in Ulster Co., N. Y., and took the 
oath of English allegiance (Hist. Ulster Co., 69). "Jan Willems- 
zen" with the subsequently notorious Aert Peterszen Tack, 5 
Aug, 1660, purchased of Johanna de Laet, widow of Jan de 
Hulter, and wife of Hieronymus Ebbinghs of Hamburg, 48 
morgens, 2 rods of land at Esopus, for 600 guilders, payable in 
three annual instalments in grain and beavers (Pearson's Rens- 
selaerwyck', 276-7). Jan Willemszen made his mark. Tack, 14 
Aug., 1661 (K., 7), appears in Kingston, and "Jan Willemszen" 
the same year (1897, Holl. Soc, 131). Burhan's Genealogy, p. 2, 
mentions an unconfirmed statement of the late Jonathan W. 
Hasbrouck that in 1663 "Jan Willemszen and his wife" in court 
at Kingston referred to Jacob Burhans as capable of testifying to 
their good character, as he came from their town Einigen in 
Brabant. 18 Sept., 1663, "Jan Willemszen " was fined for ven- 
turing outside the Kingston stockade, without a guard, in violation 
of the decree made after the Indian massacre of 7 June, 1663. 
14 Sept., 1673, "Jan Willemszen" was lieutenant under Capt. 
Matheis Mathysen at Kingston (N. Y. State Hist. Rept., 1-383), 
and 1686-7 "Jan Willemszen" was corporal under the same 
captain, with " rullof Johnson" as a private (id. 2-451), and in 
1687 "John Williamson" with "Barend a holender" (? Barent de 
Duytscher, 11), were "fottmen" in Capt. Tomes (Thomas) Ger- 
sones' Co. (id. 2-449). 

Assuming, as I believe to be correct, that Jan Willemszen ye 
duitcher is identical with Jan Willemsen, husband of Grietje 
Cornelisse, the children are: 

6 Willem, 1 b. 22 Jan., 1662 (K., 13); wit: Jacob Barentszen 

(Cool) and Marretjen Simons (his wife); Saertje Jelles 

(?'. e. Sarah Giles). No further trace. 
*7 Cornelis ye duitcher, b. circa 1667; m. before 1692, 

Leonora de Hooges. 
*8 Cornelia Jansen de Duytser, m. Jan., 1689, Jan Wels. 
*9 Catharina de Duytser, b. at Vlecke Bos, Ulster Co., N. Y. 

Had a son Lucas, 3 June, 1694, and m. Jan Roeland, 11 

Feb., 1700 (K. M., 154). 

igog.| The Dutcher Family. 191 

*io Dirck de Duytser, b. Hurley, Ulster Co.; m. 19 Nov., 

1699, Jannetje Bout (K. M., 151). 
*n Barent de Duytser, b. Esopus; m. (1) before 1701, Maretje 

Conckline; m. (2) 29 Dec, 1717, Dirckje Smit (T. M., 21). 
*i: Roelof de Duytser, b. Marbletown, Ulster Co.; 111. banns 

19 Nov., 1700, Jannetje Bresie (K. M., 164); d. 19 Jan , 

> 737- 

•13 David de Duytser, b. Kingston, Ulster Co.; m. 19 Feb., 
17 14, Elizabeth Davenport (K. M., 309); d. 1773. 
14 Tys (.'. e. Mathew), b. 24 April, 16S1 (K., 217); wit.: Jan 
Ewoutsen and Volkertjen Jans. Jan Bwoutsen (Ber- 
gen's Early St tilers) was a pot baker, and it may be 
noted that Johanna de Laet, from whom Jan Willems- 
zen bought his land at Esopus, conducted an early 
pottery at or near Kingston. Volckertjie Jans was 
isl wife of Claes Jansen van Boekhaven of Albany in 
1662 and prior thereto, when "Jan Willemszen " was 
there. No further trace. 
5. Mageltje* Roelofsze de Duytser (Roelof, 3 Wilhelm'), b. 
probably in Albany, whence her parents moved in 1663 to 
klyn. 1677, " Machild Roelofse," of the Wallabout, was a 
member uf the Brooklyn Church, and is entered as moved to 
Bergen, N. J. {Bergen's Early Settlers, 243); m. 19 Aug., 1683, at 
Midwout, L. I. (1898, Holl. So., 90), banns at Bergen, N. J., 22 

iuly, 16S3, Jan Hendrickszen Oosteroom, b. 24 June, 1657 (N. V. 
)., 2-46), sun of Hendrick Janszen, van Schalckwyck, in Utrecht, 
afterwards called Ostrom, van Oosteroom and van Ostrum, by his 
first wife Tryntje Lubbertse of Fort Orange, m. 4 Dec, 1652 
(N, V D., 1 — 18). Tryntje's parents were Lubbert Gysbertszen, 
the wheelwright, b. 1601, from Blericum, near Naarden, and 
Divertje (Debora) Cornelis, who with their three sons, Gysbert, 
aged 10, theus (Matthew), aged 6, and Jan, aged i}4 years, 
arrived in Rensselaerwyck on de Eendracht in 1634 (see full note, 
Van Rensselaerwyck- Bouwier Manuscripts, 311, 808). Lubber! <\ 
before the Indian troubles in New York in 1656, and his widow 
with Jan Corneliszen Buys, her son-in-law, then requested per- 
mission "to tap "or sell liquors, as they had been driven from 
their homes (Fernow's Records of New Amsterdam, vol. 1, p. 93). 
The request was granted. Jan Corneliszen Buys, whose first 
wife as already stated was Eybe Lubbertse; m. ( ;) Magel tie's 
mother Willempje Thysscn. "Hendrick J an sen Oosterom " m. 
.T'ietjc or "Geesje" Jacobs, 23 May, 1666, at Bergen, N.J. 
The identification of "( kwterom " with "van Schalckwyck," here 
first made, determines the ( losterom ancestor and gives the bap- 
tismal dates of two of his children, Jan and "l'lintje. Van 
rom owned land at Flushing, I. I 1 Bergen's Early Settlers, 
217 I, and at Ber-en, N J. (Winfield's Land Titles, 69, 70, 127, 270, 

272, 314)- Jan's sister, m. 30 Sept., 1 r. 7 .• (Berj Adriaen 

. Buys, from Tiel, whose son Hendrick, m Mageltje's 
apje (16). Jan joined the Bergen, N. J., cl 
21 Ji • 
certificate from Midwout, I. 1. The couple moved up to p, 

192 The Dutcher Family. [July, 

keepsie, where some of their children were born, and where most 
of them lived, and where Jan was Elder, elected June, 1716. The 
loss of the Church Baptismal Records, 1645-1764, precludes 
an accurate record of many descendants. A Gerrit Willems 
"Oosteroom " was at Rensselaerwyck in 1633, but does not again 
appear.* As Jan was the only son of his father, all " Oosterooms " 
trace through him and Mageltje. Issue: 

15 Trientje' Oosteroom, once also called Gertraud, b. 20, bap. 
30 June, 1684 (Bergen, N. J.); named after Jan's mother, 
deceased; wit.: Willempje Tysen, 3, Hendrick Jansen 
Oosteroom; m. 1 June, 1701 (K. M., 174), Herman 
Reynerszen, b. Bushwick, L. I.; bap. 30 Jan., 1678 (N. Y. 
D., 2-131), son of Harmen Reynierszen and Jannetie 
Cortois or Coutois. Resided at Poughkeepsie. The 
family name became Rynders. I am inclined to identify 
Harmen and Jannetie with the Harmen Reynderse and 
Jannetie Jaspers, his wife, who appear in the Records of 
New Castle in Delaware, pp. 72, 75, 90, 196, 198. Har- 
men, owing 128 guilders to Henry Ward, was sued and 
claimed he was to have six weeks within which to pay. 
The court gave him this time, but he d. before it 
expired, May 7-8, 1678. It was so reported to the court, 
and as Harmen's house was under contract of sale to 
John Ogle (Oakley?), John was directed to discharge 
the debt out of the purchase money. "Jannetie Jas- 
pers," widow and sole heir of Harmen, accordingly so 
transferred the house. " Jannetje Jasperse" appears 
as sponsor to our Hermans' first child, No. 100. If the 
identification be correct, Jannetje was a dau. of Jasper 
Courtois or Coutois. She appears 13 Feb., 1667, as a 
sponsor (N. Y. D., 2-86). Herman Reynders was a 
volunteer from Ulster County for the 171 1 Expedition 
against Canada. Issue: 

100 Hermanus 6 Rynders, bap. 31 May, 1702 (K., 1319) ; 

wit.: Jan Oosteroom, 5, Jannetje Jasperse; m. 
Elizabeth Bertley. 

101 Joannes Rynders, bap. 29 Aug., 1703 (K., i4!6); 

wit. : Barent Van Cleeck, Willempje Oosteroom. 
m. Helena Van den Bogert. 

102 Jacob Rynders, bap. 19 Oct., 1707 (K., 167 1); 

wit.: Jacob Buys, Jacomyntje Swart; m. Susta 
or Silsta Vielle. 

* Of Hendrick Jansen's dau. Jannetje, there is the Oosterom note in 
Bergen's Early Settlers. She appears, also, as witness to the baptism of Roelof 
Oosteroom, 18 (see K, 1046). Treyntje, the other dau., m. as stated, 30 Sept., 
1672, at Bergen, Arien Pieterse Buys, and had Pieter, 6 July, 1673 (N. Y. D., 
2-1 to); d. young; Tryntie, 28 Aug., 1675 (N. Y. D., 2-120); m. Dirck Straet- 
maker, i. e. roadmaker or pavior; Gerritje, 15 Jan., 1678 (Bergen, N. J.) Pieter, 
12 Dec, 1679 (Bergen, N. J., and 2 N. Y. D., 139); m. Gertrude Hoppe(n); Ger- 
truyt, b. 24 April, 1682 (Bergen, N. J., and 2 N. Y. D., 152); m. Roelof Kobes 
(Hackensack, 27); Hendrick, 2 April, 1684 (Bergen, N. J.); m. Wilempje 
Oosteroom; Jacob, 1 1 Oct., 1686 (Bergen, N. J.); m. Maritie de Vaux; Johannes, 
2 April, 1689 (Bergen, N. J.); m. Marritje Brouwers. 

rrjOQ-l Church Register of the IValpeck Congregation. I 93 

103 Machiel Rynders, bap. 18 Sept., 1709 (K., 1799); 

wit.: Machiel Palmetier, Neeltje Damen; m. 
Seyna Clark(?). 
103a Meinhard (Myndert) Rynders, b. middle of 
March; bap.' 1 Nov., 1 7 1" 1 (West Camp, No. 88): 
Parents: Herman, and his wife Gertraud, com- 
monly called " Drine Ohrstrohm " Renersse; 
wit.: Jacobus Von dem Bogard. Bap. Pough- 

104 Jannetjen Rynders, bap. 23 Oct., 17 17 (Pough- 

keepsie); wit.: Hendericus Van den Burg, 
Magdalene Knyd; m. David Relje at Pough- 
keepsie. Also called Johanna. 

105 Thomas Rynders, bap. 7 June, 1721 (Pough- 

keepsie); wit.: Robert Sanders, Zytjen San- 

106 Anthonette Rynders, bap. 6 May, 1724 (Pough- 

keepsie); wit.: Machiel Van Kleeck, An- 
thonette Parmentier; m. Christoffel Rees. 

107 Maretje Rynders, bap. 9 July, 1726 (aged about 

2 m.), N. Y. Luth. Ch.; wit.: Maretje Oosteroom 

and her husband Hendrick Philips, 19; m. 

William Gee (Gay). 
io7a(?) Trvntje Rynders, who May, 1738, m. RoeloP 

Dutcher. See No. 59. Probably b. between 

io7b(?) Helena Rynders, who 17 May, 1741, m. Isaac 

White, son of William White and Judith 

Meelis. See under No. 59 and No. 53. 
( To be continued.) 



Frvenmuth. Preacher there, May 31, 1741. 





— 3' 

Gerrit Brinck 
Maria Ditsoort 


Johannes Brinck 
Lena Cool 


Edward Parkerton, 

Li iabeth Cool 

Jochem Schoon- 


Gysbert van Garden, 


K.t< ii.i I (ecker 

Raclul van (harden 

Leonard (.'ool Johannes I ha a a e a Rosen- 

Sara van Garden k t a 11 t / , Cat 



Church Register of the Walfieck Congregation. 




July 1 


July 5- 

Nicolas Schoon- Benjamin 

Hendricus Van John 

Elisabeth van 

Jacobus Devoor Abram 
Eva Dingenman 
Antony Maxfield Maria 
Eva Freeland 
Hendricus Schoon- Roedolfus 

Johanna Decker 

William Waert 
Maria Decker 


Roelof Brinck Isaac 

Antje Kuyckendal 
Bernardus Swart- Maria 

Margrietje Decker 
Boudewyn van der Dorothea 

Tenty Engeland 

Gysbert van Cam- Lucas 

Sara Decker 
Johannes Kuycken- Johannes 

Lisabet Brinck 
Hannes van Garden Sara 
Margriet Quick 

Thomas Brinck Rachel 

Antje Kleyn 

H e n d r i c k Kort- Abraham 

Jannetje Ennist 

James Handickea. 
Hanna Handickea, 
syn Huys vr. 

Adam Dingenman, 
Rachel Dingenman 

Roedolfus Schoon- 
hoven, Dorothea 
Schoonhoven, syn 
Huys vr. 

Pieter van Garden, 
Margriet Decker, 
syn Huys vr. 

Derrick Kermer, 
Christina Kermer 

Rodolfus Schoon- 
hoven, Dorothea 
Denemarck, syn 
Huys vr. 

Abraham van Camp, 
Susanna Du Puy, 
syn Huys vr. 

Samuel Shammers, 
Sara Kortrecht, syn 
Huys vr. 

Cornelis Devoor 


Luer Kuyckendal, 

Lena Westfael 

Lena Consalesduk 

Hannes Kortrecht 


Samuel Du Puys, Jen- 

Margriet Denne- 

ny M e d 1 , syn 


Huys v. 

Hendrick van Gar- 


Jacobus Devoor, Eva 


D i n g e n man, syn 

Eleonora Decker 

Huys vr. 


Church Register of the Watpeck Congregation. 




Aug. 1. 
Sept. 12. 
Sept. 26. 

Oct. 19. 

Benjamin Smith Catharina 
Catharina Schoon- 

Jacobus Kuycken- Sara 

Alida Dingenman 
Thomas Quick Rebecca 

Rachel Emmans 

Andries Di n ge n • 

Cornelia Kermer 



Hendricus Schoon- 

Johanna Decker - 
Abraham Van Jannetje 

Camp, Jr. 
Catharina Kort- 

Abraham van Til- Grietje 

Sara Clevensher _ 
Dirck Wybrand Susanna 
Sara Deen 
Gerret Schoon-_Moses 

Catharina Du Puy 
James Rochel " Dirck 

Grietje Kermer 
Jacobus Devoor Adam 
Eva Dingenman 

Jan Decker, Jr. Barbara 

Dina Kuyckendal 

Moses Nicolase Du Nicolas 

Anna Prys 

John Williams Samuel 

Lea Decker 
Benjamin Schoon- Lisabeth 

Lisabeth Du Pin- 
John Migdool Elisabeth 
Hanna I hi Puy 
[ohn McMickel Annatje 
i [anna Prys 
ChristophelDenne- Antje 

Lea Swart wood 

Adam Dingenman, 
Sara Buttler 

Jan Decker, Dina 

Kuyckendal, syn H. 

P i e t e r van Aeken, 

Russje van Aeken, 

syn Huys vr. 
Isaac van Campen, 

Lena van Campen, 

syn Huys vr. 

Jacobus Devoor, Eva 

Dingenman, syn 

Huys vr. 
Hendrick Kortrecht, 

Jannetje E n n e s , 

syn Huys vr. 

Johannes Kortrecht, 
Grietje Denne- 
mark, syn Huys vr. 

John Ree, Susanna 
Thorn, syn H. vr. 

Moses Du Puy, Anna 
Prys, syn Huys vr. 

Dirck Kermer, Cor- 
nelia Kermer 

Hendricus Schoon- 
hoven, Marretje van 

Gerret Decker, Susan- 
na Decker 

Nicolas Du Puy, 
Wyntje Rosa 

Antony Swartwoot, 
Rachel Decker 

Moses Nicolase Du 
Pay, Ann 1 

I'. •■ r n .1 rd ii s Swart- 
wood, Grietje 
Decker, syn II. vr. 

Church Register of the Walpeck Congregation. 





April 24. Derrick van Vliet Tjerck van 
Rachel van Keuren Keuren 

Hendricus van Lena 

Lisabeth van Cam- 

Andries Cool Cornelia 

- Sara Schooonmaker 

Charles van Weyen Evje 

Lisabeth Kermer 

Leonard Cole Helena 

Sara van Garden 

Samuel Shammers Johannes 

Sara Kortrecht 

Richard Houwel Louwrenia 

Anna Daniel 

Johannes Brinck Lisabeth 

Lena Cole 

Thomas Brinck Sara 

Antje Kleyn 

25. Hermanus Rosen- 



Maria Stout 


Jan. 13. Joe hem Schoon- 



Rachel van Garden 

Hannes Kortrecht 


Margriet D e n n e - 


H en drick Kort- 



Jannetje Ennes 

Cornells van Aeken 


Hester Elie 

Garret Brinck 


Maria Ditzoort 

Christoffel Dene- 




Lea Swartwood 

Isack van Campen Maritje 
Lena Rosenkrantz 

Jacobus Kuycken- Abram 

Alida Dingenman 

D i r c k Westbroeck, 
Jannetje van Keur- 
en, syn Huys vr. 

Jabob van Campen, 
Annatje Bevier 

Hermanus Cole, Cor- 
nelia van Leeuwen 

Dirck Kermer, Chris- 
tina Kermer 

Gysbert van Garden. 
Rachel Kortrecht 

Johannes Kortrecht, 
Catharina Kortrecht 

Dirck Van Vliet, 
Rachel van Keuren, 
syn H. vr. 

Alexander Rosen - 
krantz, Maritje Du 
Puy, syn H. vr. 

Gysbert van Garden, 
Rachel Kortrecht, 
syn H. vr. 

Hannes Merkel,Tjatje 

Adam Dingenman, 
Jenneke Bogardes 

Eliphaz van Aeken, 
Annatje Bevier 

Derrick van Vliet, 
Rachel van Keuren, 
syn Huys vr. 

Joh: Christoffel Dene- 
merken, Christina 
Lisabetha Bernhar- 
din, syn Huys vr. 

Alexander Rosen- 
krantz, Maritje Du 
Puy, syn Huys vr. 

Abraham van Cam- 
pen , Susanna Du 
Puy, syn Huys vr. 


Church Register of the Walpeck Congregation. 



Jan. 13. 

May 5. 

Aug. 1 1. 
Oct. 12. 

Dec. 15. 


Feb. : 

March 2. 
March 23. 

April 27. 

Antony Swart wood Neeltje 
Lena i >ecker 

Dirk Van Vliet Judica 
Rachel van Keuren 

Valentyn Snyder JohanChris 
Maria Jory toff el 

Hendricus Schoon- Maria 

Johanna Decker 

[ouwy John 

Margriet M'Hollen 
Abram Hendrickse Abram 

Lisabeth Cole 

Isaac van Kampen Madlena 
Magdalena Rosen- 

Gysbert van Kam- .Sara 

Sara Decker 
Samuel Scham- Christina 

Sara Kortrecht 

Jacobus Devoor 
Evje Dingenman 



< mecht 
Catharina Decker 
Adam Dingenman Jacob 
Mantjc van < 'larden 

ie> Emmens John 
Catharina Rosen - 

Gysbert van Gar- Maria 


' Rortrecht 
Philip Windemutfa Johan 
Maria Juliana llu- Christoffel 

Richard ! ! 
Anna I I 


Willem Decker, 
Neeltje Roos, s\ n 
II. vr. 

it van Vliet, Ju- 
dica van Nest, syn 
H. vr. 
Julian Christoffel 
I >enemarken, Chris- 
tina Lisabetha 
William Waert, Maria 
Decker, syn H. vr. 

John Keally, Ellonar 

a van Campen, 
Susanna Du P u y , 
syn Huys vr. 
Jan van Kampen, Lis- 
abeth van Kampen 

C o r n e 1 i s Kortrecht, 
Tjatje Kortrecht 

Gysbert van Garden, 
R a c h e 1 Kortrecht, 
syn Huys vr. 

II e n d rick Cornelise 
Kortrecht, Jannetje 
Ennes, syn Huys vr. 

Cornelis van K 1 1 e n , 
I levlt je Westbroeck 
ick Corn: Kort- 
recht, Jannetje En- 
nes, syn 1 luys vr. 

J oh a d n e s Rosen- 
krantz, Susanna 
Schoonmaker, syn 
Huys vr 

Alexander van Gar- 
den, Maria Cole 

Johan ihri 
nemarken, Christina 
Eli ohar- 


V a n Can 
Lena Rosenki 
syn Huys vr. 

Church Register of the Walpeck Congregation. 



May 24. 

June 22. 

Aug. — . 



Sept. 14. 
Oct. 12. 

Nov. 7. 

Jan. 19. 

Feb. 1. 

March 8. 

Johannes Brink Helena 
Lena Cole 

Willem Devoor Rachel 
Catharina Schoon- 

Abram vanCampen Magdalena 
Hugh Pugh Hugh 

Lena Brinck 

Thomas Brinck Jenneke 
Antje Kleyn 

Antony Swartwout Thomas 

Lena Decker 

J o c h e m Schoon- Jacob 

Rachel van Garden 
Thomas Hisson John 
Catharina Kleyn 
Charles van Weyen Joseph 
Lisabeth Kermer 

Antony Bun- Antony 

Margriet Wells 
Cornelis van Aken Hester 
Hester Relie 

Gerret Brinck, Maria 

Daniel Devoor, Rachel 


Isak Van Campen, 

Lena Rosenkranz 
Cornelis Brinck, Maria 

Cole, syn Huys vr. 
Alexander Thomson, 

Arriaentje De Long, 

syn Huys vr. 
Thomas Brinck, Mar- 
griet Decker 
Andries Dingenman, 

Cornelia Kermer, 

syn Huys vr. 
Thomas Brinck, Antje 

Kleyn, syn Huys vr. 
Joseph Sayin, Cathy 

van Weyen, syn 

Huys vr. 
Antony van Etten, 

Jannetje van Etten 

Jacobus Westfael, So- 
phya van Aken, syn 
Huys vr. 
Susanna Wallen op Belydenis (upon confession) 

Isak van Kampen Catharina 
Lena Kosenkranz 

Dirck van Vliet Anna Cath- 
Rachel van Keuren arina 
Jacob Swartwout Petrus 
Lydia Decker 
Andries Cole Marya 

Sara Schoonmaker 
HendrickCornelise Jacobus 

Jannetje Ennes 
James Russel Isak 

Grietje Kermer 
Gerret Brinck Gerret 

Marya Titsoort 

Hendrick Bosh Angonietje 

Marytje Bosh 

Ahram van Kampen, 
Jr., Catharina Kort- 

Tennis Swart, Rachel 
van Vliet 

Cornelis H. Kortrecht, 
Tjaetje Kortrecht 

Jan van Garden, Marya 

Hendrick Ploegh, 
Alicia Dingenman 

Isak Kermer, Lisabeth 

Johannes Brinck, Lena 
Cole, syn Huys vr. 

Lambert Brinck, An- 
gonietje Bosh 


Church Register of the Walpeck Congregation. 


WITN8S3 1 3 


April 5. 

Christoffel Denne- 





June 14. 

[sak Tak 
Lena Jansen 


July 12. 

Samuel Schammers 
Sara Kortrecht 


Jacobus Kuykendal 


Alida Dingenman 



Johanna Cole 

Johannes Brinck 
Lena Cole 


Aug. 9. 
Oct. 4. 

Nov. 1. 

Dec. 27. 

March 13. 

April 3. 
Aug. 11. 

Hcndrick II. Kort- Abram 

Jannetje Ennest 

nek van Gar- Catharina 

Eleonora Decker 
A n dries Dingen- Eva 

Cornelia Kermer 
Andries Cole Leendert 

Sara Schoonmaker 
Hendrick Country- Rachel 

Arriaentje Keyser 
Adam Dingenman Hendrick 
Maritje van Garden 

Bernardus Swart- Maria 

Mar^riet Decker 
James Henderse Hester 

Mary a Cole 

Samuel Schammers Pctrus 
Sara K.irtn-' lit 

Abram D< 
ieth Cole 

Niclacs Emmcns Alexander 
Catharina R osen- 

AJcen Jan 
Hester Rellie 

Rodolfus , Doro- 
thea Dennemarke 

J "liannes Dupuy, 

Sara Dupuy 

Marya Westbroeck 
Benjamin Kuykendal, 

B e n j a m i n Dupuy, 

Eyke De Witt, syn 

1 luys vr. 
Abram Decker, Lisa- 

beth Cole, syn Huys 

Samuel Schammers, 

Sara Kortrecht, syn 

Huys vr. 
Jocobus Devoor, Eva 

D i nge n m a n , syn 

Huys vr. 
Isak van Kampen, 

Lena van Kampen 

Jacobus Cole, Dina 

Dirk van Vliet, Rachel 

van K e U run, syn 

Huys vr. 
D i r c k van Vliet, 

Rachel van Keuren, 

syn Huys vr 
Valentyn Snyder, 

Maria Barbara Jag- 

Cornelis van A ken, 

Hester B. 

James van derMerckel, 

Lea K eyser, syn 

Huys vr. 

Ben 1 a in i n Dupuy, 

Byke 1 »e Witt, syn 

Huys vr. 

je I hipny 

Isak van K a m p e D . 
Li 1 ui/, 


Church Register of the Walpeck Congregation. 



I 74 8. 




Dec. 4. 


Dec. 25 

March 5. 

Cor n elis Hendr: Hendrick 

Tjaetje Kortrecht 
A nd rie s Dingen- Cornelia 

Cornelia Kermer 
Jacobus Cole Cornelia 

Dina Cole 

Jacobus Devoor 
Evje Dingenman 

Willem Devoor 
Catharina Schoon- 

Cornelis Devoor 
Lena Westfael 




Hermanus Rosen- Catharina 

Mary Stout 

Johannes Kortrecht Abram van Abram van Kampen, 
Margriet Dene- Kampen Susanna Dupuy, syn 

Hendrick Corn: Kort- 
recht, Jannetje En- 
nes, syn Huys vr. 

Jan Kermer, Cornelia 

Hermannes Cole, Cor- 
nelia van Leuven, 
syn Huys vr. 

Samuel Schammers, 
Sara Kortrecht, syn 
Huys vr. 

Andries Cole, Sara 
Schoonmaker, syn 
Huys vr. 

Benjamin Dupuy, 
Eyke DeWitt, syn 
Huys vr. 

Niclas Emmens, 
Catharina Rosen- 
kranz, syn Huys vr. 

Pieter Root 
Sara van Garden 

Dirk van Vliet 
Rachel van Keuren 

Thomas Hesson 
Catharina Kleyn 

Huys vr. 
Lisabeth Charles van Weyen, 

Lisabeth Kermer, 

syn Huys vr. 
Tjerk van Dirk Westbroeck, Jan- 
Keuren neke van Keuren, 

syn Huys vr. 
Ann Dirk Kermer, Jaco- 

myntje Keyser, syn 

Huys vr. 
Adam Dingenman, 

Maritje van Garden 

James van der Jeremias 

Lea Keyser 
Mary Stout Huys Vrouw van Hermannus Rosenkranz 

op belydenis (upon confession) 

Johannes Brinck Geertje 

Lena Cole 

Thomas Brinck Johannes 

Antje Kleyn 

James Russel James 

Grietje Kermer 

Abram van Kam- Daniel 

pen, Jr. 
Catharina Kortrecht 
Isak van Campen Alexander 
Lena Rosenkranz 

Daniel Kortrecht, 
Jenneke Decker 

Johannes Kleyn, Cath- 
arina Kleyn 

Alexander Thomson, 
Jacomyntje Keyser 

Daniel Kortrecht, Jen- 
neke Decker 

Alexander Rosen- 
kranz, Maritje Du- 
puy, syn Huys vr. 


Church Register of the Walpeck Congregation. 


May 28 
June 2i. 

July 23. 
Aug. 20. 

Sept 17. 

Jacob Swartwout Jenneke 

1 Decker 
Robert Higgons Henry 
Hanna Vincent 



Jan 1 1 

Feb. n. 

Andries Cole 
Sara Schoomaker 
Benjamin Decker 
Lena Kortrecht 
Gysbert van Gar- 
den. Jr. 
Rachel Kortrecht 
rick Corn : 

,ea D& r 
J o c h c m Schoon- 

van Garden 
Christoffel Denne- 

Lea Swartwout 
Caspar Schaffer 
Catharina Bern- 

Gysbert van Kam- 

Sara Decker 







Abram Kortrecht, Elisabeth 

Cornelia van Bun- 

Antony Swartwout Benjamin 
Lena Decker 

Charles van Way Isak K e r 
Lisabeth Kermer a 

ea Brinck William 

Catharina Decker 
Adam Dingcnman Adam 
Maritje van Garden 

Samuel Shammers Joseph 
Sara Kortrecht 
Jan van Garden Lea 

ieth van 
Hendr: itharina 

Maria ' 

■nin Swartwout, 

Jenneke Decker 
Hendrick Kortrecht, 

Jannetje Kortrecht, 

syn lluvs vr. 
Johannes Decker, 

I [anna van Garden 
Christiaen Keersbi, 

Jacobus van Garden, 

Annatje Kortrecht 

Alexander Ennes, 
Femmetje Decker 

1 [endericus Decker, 
Jannetje I )ecker 

Jan Kermer, Christina 

Benjamin Swartwout, 
Femmetje Decker 

Jory Windemoet, Mar- 
gareta Bernhardin, 

syn I luys vr. 
Isak van K a m p e n , 

pen. M a g (1 a 1 e n a 

Rosenkranz, syn 

I luys vr. 
Hendricus Decker, 

Elisabeth van Bun 


Benjamin Swartwout, 

( '<>! nelia Km 

Isak Kermer, Hannah 

Thomas Swartwout, 

Jenneke 1 1< 
Benjamin Kortrecht, 

Racheltje Schoon- 


Jan Kermer, Jacobina 

van <h-r Mer- 
ckel, Lea K> 
syn lluvs vt. 

Bosh, Chris- 
tina Bernhardin 

Church Register of the Walpeck Congregation. 



April 8. 

May 6. 

June 10. 
July 29. 

Aug. 26. 
Oct. 7. 

Dec. 9. 


Feb. 3. 

March 3. 
April 14. 
May 12. 

Niclaes Emmens Isaak 
Catharina Roosen- 

Dirk Kermer Evje 

Jacomyntje Keyser 

Edward Johnston William 
Hanna van Garden 

Gerret Brinck Jenneke 

Marya Titsoort 

Isaak van Kampen Magdalena 
Magdalena Rosen- 

Dirk van Vliet Jenneke 

Rachel van Keuren 

Isak Tack 
Lena Jansen 


Abraham Decker Cornelia 

Lisabeth Cole van Leu- 

Herman Rosen- Anna 

Mary Stout 

Johannes Du puy, Lisabeth 


Marya van Kampen 

Cornelis H. Kort- Abraham 

Leentje Rosen- 


Jacob Swartwout Jenneke 
Lydia Decker 

James Love Susanna 

Marya van Garden 

Jacobus Cole 
Lena Bosh 

Terrenz Devin 
Hanna Cole 



Valentyn Snyder Christina 
Maria Barbara Lisabetha 

Isaak van Kampen, 
Lena Roosenkranz, 
syn Huys vr. 

Abram Kermer, Sara 
Schammers, syn 
Huys vr. 

William van Garden, 
Cornelia Schoon- 

Christiaen K i e r s b i , 
Jenneke van Garden 

Niclaes Emmens, 
Catharina Rosen- 
kranz, syn Huys vr. 

Johannes Westbroeck, 
Jr., Maria West- 
broeck, syn Huys 

Evert Bogardus, 
Geertruyd Croeck, 
syn Huys vr. 

Hermanus Cole, Cor- 
nelia van Leuwen, 
syn Huys vr. 

Johannes Rosenkranz, 
Sara Dupuy 

Benjamin Dupuy, 
Eyke DeWitt, syn 
Huys vr. 

Abram van Catnpen, 
Jr., Catharina Kort- 
recht, syn Huys vr. 

Johannes Decker, Jen- 
neke Decker 

Johannes Rosenkranz, 
Catharina Rosen- 

Jacobus Westfael, 
Jannetje Decker, 
syn Huys vr. 

Niclaes Emmens, 
Catharina Rosen- 
kranz, syn Huys vr. 

Christoffel D e n n e - 
maken, Christina 
Lisabetha Bernhar- 
din, syn Huys vr. 

Church Register of the Walf>eik 



James Russel 
Grietje Kermer 


Sept. 3. 


Edward Johnson Henry 

Johanna van Gar- 

Gysbert van Garden Hester 

Rachel Kortrecht 

Antony Swart wont Jannetje 

Lena Decker 

Johannes Kortrecht Elisabeth 

uargriet Dense- 

Alexander van Petrus 

Annatje Kortrecht 

Samuel Schammers Cathrina 

Sara Kortrecht 

Hendricus Schoon- 


Hanna Decker 

Feb. 2. 

Nicolaes Emmens 
Catharina Rosen- 



Abram P. Kortrecht Hendrick 
Cornelia Burischo- 

Jan Kermer 
Lisabeth van Cam- 


March 22. 

Jan van Garden 
Lisabeth Merckel 


William Waert 
Mary a Decker 


Christoffel Denne- 



May 24. 

l.c.i Swartwont 

John Drake 
Christina Kermer 

J ere mi. is Wright 
Margriet Mutt 


Edward Johnson, Jo- 
hanna van Garden, 
syn Huys vr. 

Hendrick van Garden, 
Eleonora Decker, 
syn Huys vr. 

Daniel Kortrecht, 
Hester van Garden 

Gerardus Swartwout, 
Jannetje Swartwout 

Jan van Campen, 
Catrina van Campen 

it van Garden, 
R a eh e 1 Kortrecht, 
syn Huys vr. 

s Brinck, Cath- 
rina Decker, syn 
Huys vr. 
Niclaes Schoonhoven, 
Picternella West- 
fael, syn Huys vr. 

Jacobus Schoonmaker, 
Marya Rosenkranz, 
syn Huys vr. 

Ah ram van Campen, 
Jr., Cathrina Kort- 
recht, syn Huys vr. 

Abraham Kermer, 
S a r a Schammers, 
syn Huys vr. 

Edward Johnson, 
Hanna van Garden, 
syn Huys vr. 

Hendrick Schoonhov- 
en, Cornelia Schoon- 

Christoffel Denne- 
m a r k e n, Christina 
Lis; Bernhardin 

Dirk Kermer. Jaco- 
myntjc Kepscr, syn 

1 1 uvs vr. 

V a n A ken, 
Hester Rellie, syn 
Huys vr 
Isak van C a m pen, 
; ilena Rosen- 


Church Register of the Walpeck Congregation. 



i75 2 - 

July 19. 


Aug. 16. 

Oct. 29. 


Feb. 4. 

April 1. 

June 3. 
July 1. 

John Drake 
Christina Kermer 

George Herrison 
Elsje McMichel 

Adam Dingenman 
Maritje van Garden 

Jacobus Westfael 
Jannetje Decker 

Johannes Rosen- 

Grietje DeWitt 
Th eod or u s van 

Marytje Boen 
Niclaes Brinck 
Catharina Decker 
Manuel Consales 
Jannetje van Etten 

Jenneke Decker 

Johannes Brinck 
Lena Cole 

Joh: Mich: Huber 
Lisabeth Mennes 
Thomas Brinck 
Antje Kleyn 
Gersom Simson 
Cathrina Brinck 
Joh: Dan: Becker 
A: Lisabeth Heck- 















Dirk Kermer, Jaco- 

myntje Keyser, syn 

Huys vr. 
John McMichel, Han- 

na Prys, syn Huys 

Jacobus van Garden, 

Maria Elisabeth 

Cornells van Aken, 

Hester Re lie, syn 

Huys vr. 
Jacobus Louw, Lisa- 
beth DeWitt, syn 

Huys vr. 
Jacob Cole, Dina Bosh, 

syn Huys vr. 

Thomas Brinck, Antje 

Kleyn, syn Huys vr. 
Johannes van Etten, 

Maria Gunsales, syn 

Huys vr. 
Dirk van Vliet, Rachel 

van K e u r e n , syn 

Huys vr. 
Jacob Swartwout, 

Lydia Decker, syn 

Huys vr. 
Peter Counterman, 

Catharina Huber 
Thomas Swartwout, 

Jenneke Swartwout 
John Brinck, Cornelia 


Rodolfus Schoon- Rodolfus 

Dorothea Denmar- 

Terrenz Devin Leendert 

Hanna Cole 

John Wordly Isack 

Beeletje Decker 

Herman Rosen- Joseph 

Maria Stout 

Manuel Gonsales, Jan- 
netje van Etten, syn 
Huys vr. 

Pieter Root, Sara van 
Garden, syn Huys 

Louwrenz Decker, 
Madlena Stegs 

Isack van Campen, 
Magdalena Rosen - 
kranz, syn Huys vr. 


i tdings. 



Abram H. Decker Hendrick 
Lisabeth Cole 

:cj. Adam Dingenman Jacobus 

Maritje van Garden 

Aug. 26. Edward Johnson Ann 

Johanna van Gar- 
< >ct. 14. Daniel Kortrecht Hester 

Russje van Aken 

( To be continued.) 

Andries Cole, Chris- 
tina Kermer 
Jacobus Westfael, 

J ann et j e Decker, 

syn Huys vr. 
Herman Rosenkranz, 

Mary Stout, syn 

Huys vr. 
Cornelis van Aken, 

Hester Relje, syn 

Huys vr. 


March 12th, 1909. 

A regular monthly meeting of the New York Genealogical and Biographical 
Society was held on Friday, March 12th, 1909, the President, Mr. Clarence 
Winthrop Howcn, being in the Chair. 

The Executive Committee reported the election of the following Animal 
Members, viz.: Dwight Brainard Baker, David Hendrick Cuyler, Mrs. (. 
Thistle Gaden, Lawrence Gourlay, William Judson I.amson, M. I)., William 
Thomas Pitt, James Edgar Valentine, Maj. Charles William Whip 

The following deaths were recorded: Rev. Theodore Ledyard Cuyler, 
Honorary Member; Mrs. Lucas E. Schoonmaker. 

The President then introduced the speakers of the evening, Col. William 
k. Livermore, I . S. A., who read a paper on " Lee's Conduct of the Wilderness 
Campaign," and Ma). Eb.eri Swift, General Staff, U.S.A., who read a papei 
entitled "The Wilderness Campaign from our Present Point of View." 

At the close of the lectures a vote of thanks was extended to Col. Liver- 
more and Maj, Swift; for their instructive lectures, and the meeting was duly 

April i6th, 1909. 

A regular meeting of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society 
was held on I- riday, April 16th, 1909, the President being in the Chair. 

nnttee reported the election of the following Annual 
Men. i ■ Cobbani Tucker Beck, Orrin Reynolds Judd, Mr--, [ohn 

Beekman Sheppard, |ohn 
Jabe* Willi. mis. 

No win 1 1 Martin Curti . LL D., ['.revet Maior-General U.S. Vols., was then 
introduced and the lecture, "Abraham Lincoln -mil Restoration Dayf in Vii 
gima ii 1 followed. At the close of the led ol thanks was 

exten! aeral, and there being no further business the meeting 


May 1 ITH, 1909. 
e Board "f 1 ive Committee 

of the New York Gel .. tdajr, 

M i\ 11'; 

' it, Wilson, Morrison, Gibson, Walker, Eliot, 

Drownc, Totten, Wright and Pell. 

2o6 Obituary. [July. 

Mr. William Bradhurst Osgood Field, the First Vice-President took the 

The minutes of the meeting of March oth, 1909, were read and on motion 

The Treasurer reported cash on hand, $709.97, and invested funds at 
present market value of $6,375.00. 

Capt. Totten, on behalf of the Executive Committee, reported the amounts 
received from the Registration of Pedigrees, from Hall Rents to May 1st, 1909, 
and from Room Rents, the subscriptions received to the Record, and a net 
gain in membership to date of 17, amounts received from sale of Pedigree 
Charts and full sets and back numbers of the Record, and as Librarian re- 
ported Library readers to date 744, being an increase of 77, and accessions to 
Library 346, being and increase of 7. 

The question of acquiring further property being discussed, it was on 
motion, unanimously 

Resolved, that no negotiations, contract or option be entered into relative 
to the acquisition of the adjoining building until a sufficient fund shall have 
been paid in, pledged or guaranteed, to warrant entering into such negotiations. 

The monthly bills of the Society were duly approved and certain repairs 
and improvements authorized. 

The following were elected Annual Members: Albert Edward Cowdry and 
Laura Eugenia Monk, and the following resignations were accepted: Mrs. 
Frances Nottingham Taylor and Mrs. Thomas S. Strong. 

The Secretary read a letter of May 6th, 1909, from Jacob Gould Shurman 
relative to the proposed Hudson-Fulton Celebration, and proper action was 
taken thereon, an appropriation made for same, and the following committee 
was appointed with power to take the matter of participating in the celebration: 
General James Grant Wilson, Chairman, Mr. Hopper Striker Mott, Vice-Chair- 
man, and Messrs. Pell, Morrison, Totten, Field and Gibson. 

The resignation of Mr. James Junius Goodwin as Trustee was accepted 
with regret and Mr. Ellsworth Everett Dwight was elected a Trustee to fill the 
unexpired term of Mr. Goodwin. 

There being no further business the meeting was on motion, duly seconded , 

May 14TH, 1909. 

A regular meeting of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society 
was held on the evening of Friday, May 14th, 1909, the President being in the 

The Executive Committee reported the election of the following Annual 
Members: Mrs. Henry Fairfield Osborn, Mary Livingston Willard. 

The following resignations were accepted: William Lanman Bull, Mrs. 
Louise Brownell Clark. 

The following death was reported: Mrs. Marcellus Hartley. 

The Chairman then introduced Mr. Hamilton Holt, who gave a lecture 
entitled "The History of the Peace Movement," illustrated with stereopticon 
views. A vote of thanks was extended to Mr. Holt for his interesting lecture, 
and there being no further business the meeting adjourned. 


Hopkins, Col. Woolsey Rogers, was born at Moscow, N. Y., July 14, 
1815; he was son of Hon. Samuel Miles Hopkins, b. May 9, 1772, a lawyer of 
New York, who m. Oct. 5, 1800, Sarah Elizabeth Rogers, b. Feb. 1, 1774, dau. of 
Moses Rogers, whose house at No. 7 State St., near the Battery, was the subject 
of one of Col. Hopkins' addresses before this Society. He graduated at Hobart 
College, and later was a civil engineer, in 1837 assisted in laying out the N. Y., 
N. H. and Hartford R. R. In the first year of the war, Aug. 5, 1861, he was ap- 

1909O • Hon. 207 

pointed Captain an of U. S. Vols.; promoted Lieut. Col. and Chief 

\i\\\ Army Corps, [an. i, 1863. He was on the Staff of Bvt. Mai.-Gen. 

I bomas A. Davies, and of Mai. -Gen. Henry A. Slocum. He was at the siege of 

Richmond with the Sixth Army Corps, Army of the Potomac. He was 111 the 

Corps, Army of the Cumberland. Also on the staff of Maj. Gen. David 

ey. He wis honorably discharged May 31, 1866. He m. [an, 2} 

Mrs Mary Prances, dau. of Israel and Mary (Borden) Sheldon of Orange, N. J., 

and Rhode Island, and widow of Wm. W. VVoolsey; she d. in Aug., 1899. 

Their son, V. his, M. I)., b. Nov. 10, 1X07, was also a member of 

this Society, from Jan., 1S91, until his death, Feb. 15, 1000. Col. Hopkins was 

jed in this Society by the lati 5, Greene, and elected April 12, 

1889. He died at at his home, Stamford, Conn., Jan. 13, 1909, and was buried 

I Johns Church, Stamford, Jan. 16th ult. He was also a member of the 
Military Order of the Loyal Legion, the Peace Society, and other orgain. .. 
Col. Hopkins was descended from John' Hopkins, who came from England to 
Cambridge, Mass , in 1634, removed to Hartford, Conn., 1636, and d. in 1654, 
leaving a widow, Jane, dau. Bethia and I lopkins, who m. Uorcas, 

dau. of John Hronson. Stephen d. about 1689; his widow in 1697. Their eldest 
• IS John' Hopkins, settled in Waterburv, Conn., where he d. Nov. 4, 1732. 
Hannah, his wife, d. May 30, 1730. They had eight children, the third was 

:■' Hopkins, whose son n June 28, 1721; m. 

e, dau. of Isaac Bronson, Oct. II, 1744; their eldest son was Samuel* 
Hopk:' 1 7 4 S ; m. Molly, dau. ol David Miles, June 27, 1771. Samuel 

I lopkins, their son, graduated at Yale, 1791 ; LL.D., 1828; Representative 
in Congress, 1813-1-;; who moved to Geneva, N. V., where he d. Oct. 8, 1837. 
■tie father of Woolsey Rogers" Hopkins, the subject of this sketch. 

To the editor of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record: 

In the issue of your magazine for October, 1908, under the caption of 
f Manors of New York, allusion is made to "fiillopp, Lord of Bcutley 

1. You state that " Capt. Billopp received from the King in 1687 the lord- 
ship of Bentle) Manor of over 2,000 acres," etc. 

The truth is that the Duke of York made this grant in 1668 but witheld title 
until 1687, and the amount of land was 1,163 acres. 

ir correspondent further states that " his (Capt. Billopp's) only dau. 
m. Mr. Young Farmer." 

Thehn- •■ nia Billopp was Thomas Farmar, her cousin, 

3. Further, you state that "the manor was the meeting place of Lord 
Howe, l>r. Franklin, John Adams and Edward Rutledge in 1778. 

The interview was held on Sept. 6, 1776. immediately after the battle of 
Long Island. 

4. Still further, " Farmir-Billopp entered the British Army and became 

H« a is an Associate Judge of Richmond County and was com- 
missioned a Ma]or of the local "; 

5. Your correspondent adds, "hii (Farmai Billopp's) estates were con- 

i:.- Revolutionary Party in Ami ttled in 

li unswick wh< incil." 

I'h. .mas Farmar Billopp d. Aug. 2. 17,0, in the thirty-ninth • 
I in the hono 

opp had two children, si li 
ami a son. is called in the family records, m. Alexandei 

t Elizabethtown, N. [., where she lived foi .1 number ol j 
son, b. m 17 1 1 n bonoi ..( his grandfather, the foundei 

of the family on Staten Island In early life he rose 10 s." ial distil 

208 Queries, Book Notices. QJ ul y , 

About 1750, Christopher Billopp was appointed Chief of Police of Rich- 
mond County. He was repeatedly a member of the Colonial Legislature. 
Immediately upon the arrival of Sir William Howe's army on Staten Island 
(July 3, 1770), Christopher Billopp was commissioned a Lieutenant-Colonel of 
militia, and he organized a battalion of infantry, composed of Loyalists, or 
native Staten Islanders. He was practically the Provost Marshal of Staten 
Island throughout the Revolution. 

The Colonists of New Jersey were very bitter in their hostility to Billopp, 
and on two different occasions made him a prisoner of war. 

After the war, Colonel Billopp, with fifty-four families of Loyalists, in 1783, 
petitioned Sir Guy Carleton for extensive grants of land in Nova Scotia. 
Colonel Billopp soon after went to New Brunswick, in that Province, where 
for many years he bore a prominent part in the administration of public affairs. 
He was a member of the House of Assembly and the Council, and on the 
death of Governor Smythe in 1833, he claimed the Presidency of the Govern- 
ment, and issued his proclamation accordingly, but the Hon. Ward Chapman 
was a competitor for the same station, and was sworn into office. 


Author of Morris's Memorial -History 0/ Staten Island. 


Babbitt Family Association, William B. Browne, Secretary, Blackin- 
ton Mass. The Babbitt Family Association was organized Oct. I, 1907, for the 
purpose of collecting genealogical information concerning the family and 
subsequent publication of a Babbitt Genealogy. Those interested and desiring 
to have their genealogical records embodied in this work are requested to 
address the Secretary on the subject. 

Rhodes. — Jeriah Rhodes (wife Miss Lewis) was a Revolutionary soldier. 
Wanted dates of birth and death, also town from, in Ulster Co., New York. 

Terwilliger. — Benjamin Terwilliger (wife Sarah Saxton) of Ulster Co. 
Wanted his parentage. 

Rhodes. — Stephen Rhodes (wife Esther Woolsey). Wanted her ancestry. 
Also of Ulster Co., New York. 

Terwilliger. — Was Lieut. Jonathan Terwilliger of Ulster Co., killed by 
Tories; the father of the above Benjamin. E. cowing, 

24 E. Bayard St., Seneca Falls, N. Y. 


The Brewster Genealogy, 1566-1907. A Record of the Descen- 
dants of William Brewster of the " Mayflower," Ruling Elder of 
the Pilgrim Church which founded Plymouth Colony in 1620. By 
Emma C. Brewster Jones of Cincinnati, Ohio. Two volumes. Cloth, Octavo, 
pp. 1415. Full Index. The Grafton Press, New York. 1908. 

The foundation for this work was a manuscript collection made by Lot 
Edward Brewster in 1847, upon which his granddaughter, the compiler, has 
built up an exhaustive genealogy of this leading New England Puritan. Her 
enthusiastic and persistent research, coupled with great natural aptitude in 
genealogical compilation, has resulted in the only authoratative and accurate 
record of William Brewster, leader of the earliest Massachusetts Colony, and 
his descendants. Eleven generations, through four of the grandsons of Elder 
Brewster, are traced out, approximating forty-one hundred families of the 
name, as well as the descendants of his nine granddaughters. It would be vain 
to estimate the labor, time and perseverance devoted to this task and perhaps 

1909.] Book Notices. 209 

the highest praise that can be written would be the statement that the result is 
successful beyond all possible criticism, ["here is no assumption foi the New 
Engl.i: us of the Brewster family in England, 

no claim for nobility of ought save character, and no pretension to honors 
except such as were won b) honest merit and virtu. The chapters 

upon the Scrooby Manor House, once tin- abode of William Brewster; the 

1 in l.yden; the Mayflower compact; Governor Bradford's List of 

wer passengers; Elder Brewster's Inventory and the I 
with valuable information. Fortunate indeed for those allied by Mood or 
marriage to tins eminent emigrant that such a compilation has been published 
and the facts therein thus for all time. 

The illustrations are 1 ccellently re-produced 

in half tone; the arrangement is standard, and the index exhaustive, thus 
rending reference to an ancestor immediate and easy. In typography, paper 
these volumes do credit to The Grafton Press, and no wishes can 
be too good for the success, both literary and financial, of this monumental 

Bucks County Historical Society. A Collection of Papers read 
BEFORl ihk Society. Edited by B. F. Fackenthal, Jr., of Kiegelsville, Pa. 
Vol. I, Cloth, 8vo, pp. 585. Easton, Pa. 1909. 

! than seventy-two sketches and papers dealing with events and 
people of local interest are embraced in this volume- ami as the lirst printed 
record of the Society it retlects credit upon tin- Editorial Committee. Buck 
County teems with Revolutionary and Pre-Revolutionary events and as the 
hunting ground of the I.enni-I.enape Indians, the holm- of William I'eiin, the 
early settlement of the Palatini I d the Mennonites, the ah 

George Taylor, the Signer, and of the Doane family, this county is a rich 
treasure field for the antiquarian, 1 and historian. Whi 

of the work necessarily includes papers of minor importance yet the greater 
pari of the sketches are well worth preserving in printed form. The typog- 
raphy and appearance of the book is excellent and it is hoped that the Society 
will be encouraged to issue other volumes of like importance. 

Tin. Chaffee t ,1 nealogy, embracing the Di si > ndantsof Thomas 

1635-1909. By William H. Chaffee. Cloth, Octavo, pp. 663. Full Index of 
Persons and Places. The Grafton Press, New York. 1909. 

The modesty ol the compiler oi these extensive records in omitting his 

name from the title page should not exempt him from the praise and credit 

justly due him. Doubtless much valuable aid has been given by the various 

rsof the family set out in the preface, but without the patience, pride of 

and tireless energy of the author of the work, the family had continued 

■ with nit a pin. led history. The preservation of the great bi 

iffe, the first .me estor in New England, with it! 1 in his 

o»n handwriting, is one of the few instances ol ess heirlooms being 

: down and in existence at the present day. Certain lineages from other 
families of like name m the 1 Inited State ' I England, m 

from Thomas Chaffe, are given in the appendix and go far to making the 
11. one exhaustive. 

it "Chafys" and on the ancient parish of 

mersett, England, are full of interest butn nnection of 

the New Englan I ancesl 1 " itfi 

right "I certain American families of the name to Ursurp the ,11111- Imn 
lh family. 

rtrait illustrations in this volume are particular!) 
press work and mat' 

A Documentary History of Ch him. thi Bo 

immi .. Ri mm v Mar ih vm. Pulli ■ 
By Mellen Chamberlain. Cloth, Octavo, Volume I, pp. 668 Vol. II, p 


2 I O Book Notices. [July. 

No more valuable historical record of the early settlement of Boston has 
been published than this work of the late Mr. Chamberlain, and the Massa- 
chusetts Historical Society has laid historians under a heavy debt by its enter- 
prise and liberality in printing such a collection. 

Every important paper relating to " Chelsea" has been set out in full and 
the long controversy as to the earliest settlement and most ancient dwelling in 
the upper bay of Boston has been finally disposed of, viz.: Samuel Maverick's 
Palisade House at Winnisimmet, 1624-5. 

The work treats of the early planters at Winnisimmet, the Indian Deeds, 
Allotments of Land, Gov. Bellingham's Estate and Will, the Winnisimmet 
Ferry, Early Churches and Pastors, the French War, American Revolution, 
etc., and the town and court records now published appear to be exhaustive of 
the subject of ancient Chelsea. 

Perhaps a more general historical review of the town and less documetary 
record would have been easier reading, but the untimely death of the author 
undoubtedly hampered the final form of the work and at the most the historian 
need only expend a little more time in reading the transcripts. The publisher 
of these volumes is to be congratulated upon so scholarly a production and the 
difficulty of typing ancient documents full of quaint and curious words and 
alliterations has been well surmounted by the press-men. The work is 
standard American history and also contains genealogical data of the utmost 
value to the descendants of the early Chelsea settlers. 

Genealogy of the De Carpentier Family of Holland. By Edwin 
Jacquett Sellers. Cloth, Octavo, pp. 59. Indexed. Limited Edition. Phila- 
delphia, Pa. I909. 

The great expense of searching and transcribing the Dutch, French and 
English records deters many from attempting to trace their ancestry else- 
where than in the new continent of America. This brief work is an unusually- 
good example of what can be found in ancient archives, when given the 
interest and means to secure skilled archivists, and the pedigree of Pierre de 
Carpentier of Messen. Flanders, is admirably set forth. The classification of 
the data obtained and the elimination of unnecessary detail in the work 
evidences the trained mind of a born genealogist. The two illustrations of 
eminent members of the family are beautifully reproduced from ancient 
pictures and the style of the book is much to be commended. 

Donaldson Family Record. By James H. Slipper, M. A. Cloth, 
Large Quarto, pp. 52. New York. 1909. 

This work is a record of the descendants of James Donaldson born in the 
Parish of Rothes, Scotland, 27th December, 1769, who came to New York in 
1791, and is compiled more to preserve in permanent form family data, 
obituaries, war records and family tributes than exhaustive genealogical 
"data." The value to future family historians is unquestioned and the com- 
piler has produced a creditable publication both in matter and typography. 

The East Haven Register, in Three Parts. By Stephen Dodd. Cloth, 
Small 8vo, pp. 200. New Haven. 1824. 

This early book is a veritable treasure trove, dealing with the history of 
the town of East Haven, Connecticut, from its earliest settlement in 1644 to 
1800, and containing the names, marriages and births of the families which first 
settled or resided in the town to 1800, arranged by name, and an account of 
the deaths from 1647-1823, unfortunately arranged chronologically. 

The data given is unusually complete for the early date of compilation 
and had more of such work been done by the local pastors, the labor of the 
present day genealogists would have been much lightened. 

History of the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church of New York 
City from 1808 to iqo8, with an account of its Centennial Anniversary Cele- 
bration, December l8th-23d, 1908. By Henry W. Jessup. Cloth, Large 
Octavo, pp. 283. New York, 1909. 

1909.] Book Notices. 2 I 1 

rhis work records the history, mission, activities, Pastors and Officers, 
Reports ot Societies and Centennial Addresses of one of the wealthiest and 
most influential churches in the Empire City. The biographies and portraits 
of the pastors and officers from the organization of the church to date are 
carefully prepared ai)d contain many facts concerning the early religious 
movement of this city. The full names of the church members for one hundred 
years are given and number many of the most influential citizens, while the 
tribute to the late Rev. Dr. John Hall, one of the strongest officers of the 
Presbytery and long Pastor of this church, is worthy of the great work he 

The Holmans in America. By David Emory Holman, M.D., Attle- 
boro, Mass. Cloth, Quarto, pp. 295. Full Index. The Grafton Press, New 
York. 1909. 

This volume records the descendants of Solaman Holman who settled in 
West Newbury, Mass., in 1692-3, from whom William Howard Taft, President 
of the United States, is descended, but the connection with any earlier New or 
ngland ancestor has not been established. The author devotes forty- 
three pages to more or less detailed account of other Holman families in 
England, the New England States, and Virginia, as well as inserting interest- 
ions of portraits, inected with these unrelated 

lines, as well as his own family. 

The Holman coat of arms is al in the pages, althi 

kinship is shown with any "armiger." fin- desri the original 

ancestor who died as late as 7th May, 1753, aged 82, appears to be fully tl 
out and the genealogical arrangement is excellent. Both in printing and 
binding the book is worthy of its publishers. 

The Honeyman Family of Scotland and America, 1548-1908. By 
Doren Honeyman. Cloth, Octavo, pp. 345. Indexed. Plainfield. 
N.J. 1909. 

In an attempt — unfortunately unsuccessful — to trace the ancestry of his 
greatgrandfather, John Honeyman, the mysterious "Spy of Washington,' the 
t collected a great mass of genealogical data concerning those of the 
name in Scotland and in this country, and determined to publish this valuable 
material rather than to allow it to lie hidden and become lost. Tin 
deals with Bishop Andrew Honeyman of the Orkneys; the Honeyman family 

of Newport, R. I., and with tin- eclebrati d John 1 1 1 of Armagh, Ireland, 
and his descendants, and is divided into four parts, vi/.: 1. Historical and 

ipbical; II. Genealogical; III. Gatherings from Scotch Records, and IV. 
Appendices of Unidi The 

author shows genealogical aptitude, skill in rth difficult 

concisely and a vast amount of patience and toil in collecting his facts. The 
Scotch annals are exceptionally interesting and will be of great value to those 
tracing ancestry to that land. Tin- hook is finely printed and illustrated and 
welcome from all libraries and societies dealing with the 
■. of early settlers in this country. 

Thf. King Family of Sufi hi d, Connecticut, its English Ani 
1^89-1662. and American Desi 1 \m\i\ 166a 1908. By Cameron Hatght 
King. Cloth, Octavo, pp. 592. Full Index. San Francisco, California. 1908. 

i if tin- man) King families m New England claiming coal armor the King 
Family of Suffield, Conn., is the onlj tablished its 

right to d all possible ana probable doubt The compiler of tins 

work has brought to his task characteristic 9 and qua] ' 

• r,, rather than made, and with the keen analytical mind ot 
nsellor-at -law, ether an accurate and reliable family reo 

■ nigh, Devonshire, was the cradle town of the ancestors ol these 

; Kinr,, bom about 

who married Agnes Elwill and had a son fames, 1 November, 

1017. who was later the IpSwil h, Mass., an. I Suffield, < "Mi., < ttler. I here is 

every .ruled in I >e is 1308, 

212 Book Notices. LJuly, 

and in 1389 Roger Kynge at Dodebrook (eight miles from Ugborough) 
deeded land there — the original deed being now in possession of Mr. Harvey J. 
King of Troy, N. Y. In 1721 James King of Suffield deeded to his son Joseph 
certain Connecticut lands and sealed the instrument with a distinct waxen 
impression of his coat-armor from the "Silver Seal, King's Coat of Arms," as 
set out in the inventory of said Joseph King in 1758. The seal appears on 
various deeds and documents from time to time and is now preserved among 
descendants. The arms used are those granted by Wm. Camden, Clarenceux 
King of Arms in 161 1 to " King of London" and are described as "Sable, on a 
chevron or, between three crosses — crosslet of the last, three escallops of the 
first," and were used with slight differences by Oliver King (1430-1503), Bishop 
of Exeter, Devon, as well as by Alexander King of London in 1592, and by the 
Kings of Shelly, Co. Suffolk, as well as the King family of Sherborne, Dorset. 
The dates would make these arms of more ancient use than the "Lion Ram- 
pant" which distinguishes the King family of Devon and Towcester, North- 
ampton, to which family John King, Bishop of London, and the Kings of 
Warwick, York, Kent, Oxon and Bucks were allied. 

The compiler has given a detailed description of the English ancestry, 
including a view of a King Manor House at Fowelscombe, Devon, still in 

The work is excellently arranged after the standard plans, illustrated with 
various family portraits and objects of interest, and would appear to be 
exhaustive of the Suffield, Connecticut line. The descendants of the immigrant 
named King number 1,442 and the daughters made alliances with Fuller, 
Emerson, Devotion, Remington, Adams, Aunnger, Preston, Farrer, Holliday, 
Bayeux, Haight, Beveridge, Forney, Brown, Baker and Washington families, 
all of which are set out in Appendices. 

The typography, paper and binding leave nothing to be desired and Mr. 
King deserves great praise for his care, ability, patience and toil in compiling 
what is the first exhaustive genealogy of a New England family of this name. 

The book should be in the collection of every society dealing with early 
New England families and heraldic pretence. 

A Brief Cenealogical History of Dr. Robert King of Blanford, 
Berkshire County, Mass., and the Descendants of his son, Captain 
Dr. Robert King of Sandisfield, Berkshire County, Mass., late of 
Charlestown, Portage County, Ohio. By Silvester M. King, M.D. 
Paper, Octavo, pp. 59. Press of Anderson & Robb, Albia, Ohio. 1883. 

Dr. Robert King, the first ancestor of this special King family of Massa- 
chusetts, appeared in Blanford about 1768, and is said to have been born near 
Cork, Ireland. He married, about 1768, Bridget Knox and settled in Berkshire 
Co., where he had ten children. The descendants of his son, Dr. Robert King, 
alone are traced down to the number of 208, and are to be found prospering in 
many of the western cities and states. The compiler has done good work in 
preserving and perpetuating this family record and while the pamphlet is not 
arranged or indexed according to present standards, the references to special 
names are readily found and the annals of the Kings and allied family names 
clearly set forth. The spirit which actuated the collection and publication of 
of these annals is most creditable and Dr. King deserves praise for surmount- 
ing the obstacles of indifference, ignorance and opposition, as well as the 
difficulty of compiling a genealogy when living so far from the original settle- 
ment of the family. It is such works as these — accomplished out of family 
pride and interest — which will prove invaluable to the genealogists of future 

The Annals of Christ Church Parish of Little Rock, Arkansas, 
from 1839 to 1899. By Ellen Harrell Cantrell. Cloth, Octavo, pp. 390. Little 
Rock, Ark. 1900. 

The loss of this church, with all its records by fire in 1873, inspired the 
compiler to secure from oblivion such early facts concerning the birth and 
progress of the church as could be had by oral and epistolatory means and 
this book is the result of her self-imposed task. The plan, scope and arrange- 

Book 213 

ment of the church history is admirable, the biographies of the various pastors 
. set forth in good literary style, and the parishoners owe a great 
debt of gratitude to Mrs. Cantrell for her scholarly labors. 

to duty of the early religious pioneers in the West commands 
the respect and admiration of all interested in the advance, civilization and 
prosperity of this nation and the author has now preserved for all time the 
records of their good deeds. 

An Account of the Celebration bv the Town of Lincoln, Mass., 
April 23KD, 1004. of the 150111 Anniversary of its Incorporation, 
1754-1004. Cloth, Octavo, pp. 240. Lincoln, Mass. 1005. 

The spirit which prompted the preservation in print of the Acts of tin- 
nil, the Anthems, Addresses, Annivi , Speeches at the 
Banouet and Letters of those unable to attend this anniversary celebration of 
an old tts town is heartily approved, for it is from such records 
that future historians will be able to construct the general history ol tin- State. 

The book is interesting reading and is tilled with adm gravure 

plates of the municipal buildings and ancient residences, while its bi 
aid paper will make it a sightly addition to the list of ki 
1 ies. 

Litchfield ash Morris Inscripth ■ barles Thorns 

Cloth, Large 8vo, pp. 304. Full Index. Limited Edition. Litchfield, 1 

The preservation of tombstone records fast going to decay, actuated 
>rk done by Mr. Payne the transcriber. Before each list of in- 
scriptions is inserted a brief history of the graveyard and twelve Cemi 

rivate burial . been examined and their tombstone inscrip- 

iken down. The arrangement is excellent and the book is beautifully 
I and illustrated by its publisher, Dwight C. Kilbourn of Liti 
As an exhaustive record of those buried in the Townships 

the book will be of extreme value to all claiming ancestry in 
Connecticut towns. 

Lu tii mas Mai donough, U. S. Navy. By Rodney 

Macdonough. Cloth, Octavo, pp. 313. Full Index of Persons and Places. 
The Fort Hill Press, Boston, Mass. 1009. 

The book is a valuable contribution to American biography, 
recording the life and stirring times of this early American naval hero the 
author deserves the support and praise of all students of thi 
great nation. In the action before Tripoli and the War of l8l2 Comm 

nough displayed nM only a pure patriotism but ability surpassi 
few, if anj . of tli'- i!:i\ , and his victor] ovi 

British squadron on I 

in the naval history of thi 1 in mthoi much 

materi • inprinted p lonough, tl 

interesting being !,: The 

■\ unington I een 1 \h.oi-:,<. elj ean hed 

led as well as many I orders and reports 

chapter iged as to dial . onsei utively with the ancestors and auto- 

ire, and the creation ol tl Navy in the 

wars with France, Tripoli ami Great Britain, and rith hitherto 

ird to the early naval warfare ol this country. The 

told, without undue detail or the exi eSSive use of dr\ 

extracts from unimportant archil ittention of the read ei is held to 

ence of the book, The work is well illustrated with ; 

maps, the type unusually large, on paper of good quality, and the I lin. 

keeping with the Standard of sui h work. 

Tin Second '>k ..i thi Soi 11 

RHODR I si am. AND I 
Cloth, Octav... p p. 1, |. Providence 

214 Book N° tices - [J ul v. 

This fine edition of the Society Book contains an Historical Note of the 
Society, its Constitution, Officers, Past and Present, Committees, Mayflower 
Passengers from whom descent has been proved, an Alphabetical List of 
Members, with their Pilgrim Ancestry, and a List of Members and their 
Addresses. As a reference book for those of Rhode Island ancestry anxious 
to trace descent to the Pilgrim Fathers it will prove of great use, and for style 
of arrangement, good taste, fine paper and printing, the little volume cannot 
well be surpassed. 

The Morris Family of Philadelphia, Descendants of Anthony 
Morris, 1654-1721. By Robert C. Moon, M. D. Supplement Vol. IV and V. 
Cloth, Large Octavo, pp. 483. Full Index. Philadelphia. 1908. 

These sumptuous volumes consist of additional records of this well known 
Philadelphia family, collected since the three original volumes of family 
history were published in 1898. They deal with research at Stepney, England, 
in Barbadoes, W. I., and at Weymouth and Melcombe Regis, Dorset, England, 
and give additional data concerning Andrew Dury, the Morris Mansion, the 
First City Troop of Philadelphia, the Lewis family, the Wister Family, the 
Kuhn family, the Shober family, the Shippen family, the Nixon family, the 
Pennsylvania Hospital and many mansions, homes, institutions, etc., identified 
with the representative descendants of this ancient line. These books are re- 
markable for 302 fine illustrations, in half tone of portraits, residences, maps, 
documents, old silver, furniture and other objects of art and interest dealing 
with the Morrises and their many allied kinsfolk. The type is unusually clear, 
large and admirably set on fine paper and the books are exceptionally well 
bound, opening readily and remaining flat for the reader's convenience. 
Taken in conjunction with the first three volumes of genealogy these supple- 
mental volumes make one of the most complete histories of a leading American 
family ever published and Dr. Moon in this monumental work establishes 
himself in the first ranks of family historians and antiquarians. Fortunate 
jndeed any library, public or private, that can add these books to its collection. 

'History of the City of New York in the Seventeenth Century. 
By Mrs. Schuyler Van Rensselaer. Two Volumes. Cloth, Octavo, pp. 1 173. 
New York, The Macmillan Company. 1909. Price, $5.00. 

In view of the approaching Hendrick Hudson Celebration the appearance 
of these historical volumes is singularly appropriate, confined as they are to 
the early Dutch and English settlements of Manhattan Island. Excellent 
general histories of the City and Province of New Amsterdam and New York 
are a-plenty, and as such must perforce omit, or give only a few lines to many 
of the minor historical and political events. The present historian, however, 
had the happy intuition of writing a detailed history of the city alone, after 
close and exhaustive examination of the great mass of documents dealing with 
the Annals of New Amsterdam and New York. In the past few years interest 
in preserving ancient records has been vastly stimulated by discoveries of 
many new and priceless manuscripts in the libraries of Europe and England 
and the publication of many records hitherto inaccessible to the general 
reader. The mass of these publications had not been exhaustively digested or 
incorporated into any history of this city and this work it was left for Mrs. 
Van Rensselaer to accomplish and bring before the public in her scholarly 
volumes. She shows a remarkable grasp of detail, a masterly analysis of 
political motive and action, and an impartiality of narrative somewhat rare to 
find among those women who have attempted historical writings. Easy 
writings as a rule makes hard reading, but the style of these volumes refutes 
the ancient saw and the text is neither redundant nor filled with imagery. 
Each chapter is followed by its pages of reference notes, as though the author 
was jealous lest her authorities should not be openly declared and referred to. 

The style and finish of the publication maintains the high standard of its 
publishers and these books are indispensible for any adequately equipped 
public library. Both author and publishers deserve the intellectual and 
financial support, which their joint labors merit. 

1 909.] Book Notices. 215 

The New York State Historical Association Proceedings. The 
Ninth ami Tenth Annual Meetings, with List of Members, Vol. VIII. Cloth, 
8vo, pp. 315. Albany. 1909. 

The admirable work carried on by this association is here set forth in 

numerous papers, some of which are General Van Rensselaer and the Niagara 

Frontier, Perry ami his Victory, the Siege of Fort Erie, Military Career of 

Brock, the Iroquois Wampums, the Patroon System ami 

terswyck, Karly Charters of Albany, etc. Hut for the 

industry and research of the several authors of these papers much of this 

historical material « een lost to the world ami no better work can 

be done by local associations than collecting and publishing such special facts. 

Much quaint ami curious data remains to It unearthed in the State and the 

private papers and collection-, ol in. my of the old families are rich in those 

documents which might clear up and forever set at rest many historical 


The book is well printed, bound for service, and the efforts of its compiler 
deserve recognition ami encouragement. 

Historical Catalogue of the Members of the First Baptist 
, Kin mi Isi ami. My Henry Melville King, Pastor 
Emeritus, aided by Charles Field Wilcox. Cloth, Quarto, pp. 189. Providence, 
R. I. 1908. 

The loss of the early records of this important Colonial Church, founded in 
1638, is irreparable and the present work only deals with church entries since 
1774. Thanks to the untiring efforts of Mr. Wilcox however, a card index was 
prepared of all known members, collected from every available source, 
Etistorii 1 a! and from public and private archives, and about four 

thousand out of the possible five thousand members from earliest times to date 
have been sei I G genealogical notes and references to many of the 

names are full of interest and the alphabetical arrangement of the names 
renders ready reference. The book is beautifully illustrated with plates of the 
church building and its pastors, and it will prove a desirable addition to Rhode 
Island historical works. 

The Coursens of Sussex County, New Jersey. Ry Francis E. Wood- 
ruff. Cloth, Octavo, pp. 23. The Grafton Press, New York. 1908. 

This pamphlet is a reprint of material incorporated in "The Woodruffs of 

New Jersey," and thus places in ready reference form the special researches 

■ [iio. The family is traceiKto a Ian Coursen who was at 

Recife, Bnuil, South Am ife being then in possession of 

id), who later appeared at New Ain-.teril.iin. married there Metje 
Theun thet "I [acob Coursen, whose descn 

\ County, N. J, There is a persistant tradition that tin- 
family was of French Huguenot origin but this connection has as yet remained 

Interesting notes on the Vroom, Cray, Koevert, Reading, Tuyl and Laker- 
man families will be found in the pamphlet. 

Smith -HisAnci itors and D id Smith, 

Cloth. Octavo, pp. 183. Full Index. Frank Allah' Dpany, 

New York. 19O9. 

Brave indeed must be the family historian who attempts the lean bine out 
:nth ancestor, for the mmame 1- legionary. I*he particular worthy ol 

the name dealt with in this volume is Ralph Smith of Hingham, Mass., ami 

there appears to be no danger that Ins descendants will die out in the land 

The lines arc clear town, but the claim 

" Smyth of Co. Norfolk. England," would appeal to be based upon the t ■ 
which it Ralph Smith, the immigrant, cami from 

Hlngha land. 

2l6 Book Notices. [July. 

The engraved cut of the Smyth Arms makes a fine frontispiece, but its 
assumption is a weakness which mars an otherwise careful and authentic 

John Redington of Topsfield, Massachusetts, and some of His 
Descendants, with Notes on the Wales Family. By Cornelia M. 
Redington Carter. Edited by Josiah Granville Leach, LL.B. Cloth, Octavo, 
pp. 86. Full Index. Boston. 1000. 

The genealogy is a reprint — with additions — from the Neiu England 
Historical and Genealogical Register and exceedingly well done both as to 
material, arrangement, illustrations and typography. Nothing is set forth 
upon tradition and no claim to distinguished descent is advanced but the 
story is one of an honest family, well told. There appears to be a reasonable 
certainty that John and Abraham Redington were originally of Hemel Hemp- 
stead, Co. Herts, England, as Mary Gould, the wife of John Redington, was 
born in that town. The Redington name is an unusual one in the English 
Counties and is stated to be confined to Counties Herts, Essex and Berks. 
The genealogical plan of this book should serve as a model to all contemplat- 
ing a record of their family, and the work will be a welcomed addition to the 
collections of critical bibliophilers. 

The Van Doorn Family in Holland and America, 1088-1008. By 
A. Van Doren Honeyman. Cloth, Octavo, pp. 764. Indexed. Honeyman's 
Publishing House, Plainfield, N. J. 1909. 

The enormous labor in preparing a work of this magnitude can hardly be 
realized, but the grand total of 9,948 names tabulated emphasizes the energy, 
patience and devotion of the compiler to his task of recording the annals of 
this ancient and interesting Dutch family. The American members of the 
family are descended from three Holland ancestors, in no way yet known to be 
related, viz.: — Pieter Van Doorn of Gravezand, Holland, who settled in 
Gowanus, Long Island, New York; Diedlof Doorn, who appears in New York 
in 16S0, and Anthony Van Doorn, of Rio Berbice, British Guiana, who came to 
Rhode Island in 1756. The Rhode Island family alone has adhered to the 
correct spelling of the name and it is reasonable to assume that this branch was 
descended from those " noble " families of the name in Holland, whose probable 
cradle was the town of Doorn, near Utrecht. The writer appears to have 
exhausted every American source of information, the expense of investigating 
the Dutch Archives and church records deterring him from efforts in that 
direction. The arrangement of this genealogy is alphabetical and the fact that 
but two other genealogical works, as the author states in his preface, are so 
arranged, indicates that such a grouping of descendants is eccentric and not 
commended by skilled genealogists. The index therefore is not exhaustive 
and a searcher whose time is limited is much hampered. The book is well 
printed, bound and illustrated and is a valuable addition to American 

The Woodruffs of New Jersey. By Francis E. Woodruff, B. A. (Yale 
1864). Cloth, Octavo, pp. 131 with Index. The Grafton Press, New York. I909. 

This work is rather a foundation for a genealogy than an exhaustive record 
of the Woodruff family history, but it is none the less valuable in that it 
preserves important material in concise form for the future genealogists, 
revised and enlarged from "A Branch of the Woodruff Stock," which was 
published in parts in 1902. Clear proof is produced that the ancestors of John 
Woodruff, the immigrant, were of the town of Fordwich, Kent, England, and 
the line commences with a Thomas Woodrove who lived in 1508. The two 
sons of John Wooduff respectively founded the Elizabeth and the Westfield, 
N. J., branches of the family and the author has given excellent sketches of 
early Southampton, Long Island, its whaling interests, land divisions and 
political history in the 17th century. 

Good reproductions of early land maps, persons and places of family note 
are given and in typography and binding the book reflects credit upon the 

loog.) Accessions to the Library. 2 I ~ 

Fifth BioGRArmrAi. Record of the Class of Fifty-Eight, Yale 

t KS1TY, 1858-I908. By William Plumb BaCOD, Class Secretary. Cloth, 
Octavo, pp. 205. The Record Press, New Britain, Conn. 1908. 

As the years grow from the Commencement Day of a college class the 
more interesting and valuable become the life annals of the classmen. The 
brief biographies set forth in the Record are well written and the compilation 
and arrangement of the book is to be commended. 


March 16 to June //, igog. 



Bacon, William Plumb. — Biographical Record, Class of '58, Yale. 
Bascom, Robert O., Secy. — N. V. State Historical Association, Proceedings, 
M 1 - I harles. — Bliss Genealogy. 

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r, Mrs. Wm. T. — Redington and Wales Families. 
'. Rev, Wm., D.D. — Descendants of John Durant, bound manuscript. 
I- ifth Avenue Presbyterian Church. — History of the Fifth Avenue Presby- 
terian Church. 

Allaben Genealogical Co. — Jesse Smith Genealogy. 

IS. — Brewster Genealogy, 2 vols. Chaffee Genealogv. Coursens 
of Sussex County, N'.J. Holman Family, Vol. I. Woodruffs oi New Jersey. 
Green, Hon. S. A. — Documentary History of Chelsea, Mass., 2 vols. 

.nan, A. Van Doren. — Horn ilogy. V. in Doren Genealogy. 

Interstate Commerce Commission. — Report. 
King, Cameron Haiirht. — Kings of Suffield, Conn. 
King, Rev. Henry Melville. — Historical Catalogue First Baptist Church, 

Providence, R. I. 
Macdonough, Rodney. — Life of Commodore Thomas Mardonough. 
Macmillan Company. — History of the City of New York, 2 vols. 
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Mott, Hopper Striker. — History of the New York Historical Society. 
Rhode Island Mayflower Society. — Secoinl Record Book. 

Mrs. Russell. -The Sage-Slocum Genealogy* 
Sellers, Edwin JaquetL De Carpentier Genealogy. 

Slipper. James N., M. A.— Donaldson Family Record. 
Stevens, Hazard. — Life of Gen. Isaac I. Stevens, 2 vols. 

Icrk, Lincoln, Mass. — Anniversary of the Town of Lincoln, Mass. 

PampkUU, I t. . 

All Saints' Parish, Great Neck.- History of All Saints' Parish. 

eon I'.rooks. — Pedigree of Leon Brooks Bacon, manuscript. 
Brink, I!. M. I 

Browne, Rev. George Israel. — Pedigree of George Davenport Browne, manu- 
s. ript 

Century Association.-- Memorial of Henry (.'oilman Potter. 

1 lipping*. 
Corwin, Rev, E. T., D.D. Recent Researches in Holland. 
I- irsi M, E. Church of the Firs! M. E. ( burch, Bridgeport, < 

lion. s. mine: \ Diary ol the Siege of Louisburg. Early Milestones 
i'ii ivery in Groton, Mass., in Provincial 1 

Sylvester M. King, M D. King Mass. 

Madison Avenue Bs 

cal Society.- I Milton. 

N. Y. Public Library.— Bulletin. 


2l8 Accessions to the Library. [July. 

Paltsits, Victor. — Function of the State Historian of New York. 

Pumpelly, J. C. — New Jersey's Colonial Government, newspaper clipping. 

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Guild Family. 

Heinecke and Vandersaal Genealogy. 

Histories of Flatbush, L. I. 

Fulton County, N. Y. 

Litchfield County, Conn. 

Oneida County, N. Y. 

the Reformed Church, Gravesend, L. I. 

Richmond County, N. Y. 

Tioga County, Pa. 

Union County, N. J. 
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Hull Family. 

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Visitations of Buckinghamshire. 
Vital Records of Rhode Island, XVIII. 
Williams and Gallop Families. 
Year Book Connecticut Sons of the American Revolution. 

iqoo.) Officers of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society- 2IQ 




































Family Histories, Genealogical Records, Etc. 


a 1. 1. WORK SUPERVIS I i> a N D 

150 B LE EC K i" K S r R BET, New York 

Five doors west of Slith Ave. Elevated Station 
at lllecckcr Street 

220 Advertisement. [July^ 


By the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society. 

Memorial History of New York, Wilson, 4 Vols., cloth, Library stamp S15.00 

Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army during the War 

of the Revolution, Heitman, Roan. pp. 535 5.00 

New York States Pkominbnt and Progressive Men, Vols. I. II., half morocco.. 8.00 

New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. LXI, half morocco. 4.00 

History of Marshfield, Mass., Richards, Vol. 1. Cloth, pp. 238 3.00 

Burr Genealogy, Todd. 1878, cloth, pp. 437 4. 00 

Munsell's American Genealogist, 1900, cloth, pp. 406 3.00 

Franklin, Conn., Anniversary, i860, cloth, pp. 151 3.00 

Prime Family Records, Prime, 1888, cloth, pp. 118 3.00 

Watson's Annals of New York. 1846, cloth, pp. 390 4.00 

Huguenot Emigration to America, Baird. Vols. I. II., cloth 5.00 

History of Brimfield, Mass., Hyde, 1879, cloth, pp. VIIX187 5.00 

Sabine's Loyalists of the American Revolution, Vols. I, II, cloth 8.00 

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society 
WANTS, and will buy: 

New York County Histories as follows: 

Alleghany, Cayuga, Chenango, Clinton, Franklin, Fulton, Genesee, Ham- 
ilton, Ontario. 

New York City Directories, 1787-1792, 1794-1808, 1810, 1812-1814, inclusive. 


The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society 
226 West 58th Street, New York. 
This Society has for sale official forms of genealogical charts called 
" Register of Pedigrees." These registers are of two varieties, called "single" 
and "double" charts. They are each paper covered books of 11 x 16 inches in 
size, properly ruled and printed for the insertion of names of ancestors in succes- 
sive generations. The single charts consist of 17 pages, and when filled in will 
give all of the ancestors in all ramifications for g generations, arranged so that the 
family name of each of the 16 great-great-grandparents occupies a page. Family 
names appear on the marginal index which is formed by the indentation of each 
leaf. The back of each leaf is arranged for special memoranda concerning the 
persons named on the page facing it. 

The double charts are practically two single charts combined. The object 
being to devote the first half of the chart to the registration of the complete pedi- 
gree of the male line, the second half for a like registration of the female line, and 
the double chart therefore provides for the registration of 10 generations in both 
male and female lines. 

The price of these charts to members of this Society is as follows: 
Printed on Bond paper, paper cover : 

Single Charts, 75 cts. Double Charts, $1.50 

To those who are not members of the Society: 

Single Charts, $1.00 Double Charts, $2.00 

Printed in Extra Heavy Linen Ledger paper, bound in stiff cloth covers: 
To Members of the Society: 
Single Charts, $1.25 Double Charts, $2.00 

To those who are not members of the Society: 

Single Charts, $1.50 Double Charts, $2.50 

Members of the Society, or others who purchase these Charts and fill them in as fully as pos- 
sible and present them to the Librarian of the Society for filing in the Society's Library, will re- 
ceive a new one in exchange therefor without additional cost. These charts may be purchased by 
application to the Librarian. 

It is the desire of the Trustees that the members will supply themselves with these registers, 
fill them out as far as possible and file them with the Society. When received these will be bound 
in volumes, fully indexed, and will thus form a record of inestimable value to the Society. 

Those who have in their possession full information as to their individual ancestry are espec- 
ally urged to obtain these Charts, fill them in and file them with the Society, as information of this 
nature is very frequently lost to posterity owing to negligence on the part of those possessing it to 
make record thereof, in special depositories provided for that purpose. 

LIBRARIAN, N. Y. Gen. and Bloj. Society. 

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Subscription Price per Annum, $3.00. - Single Copies, $1.00 

Address Frank T. Cole, Secretary 

The first ten volumes contain among other matter: 

QENEALOQIES.— Andrews, Bancroft, Barr, Bristol, Burr, Buttles, Beatty, 
Carlisle, Chester. Cole, Coletun, Case, Person, Frisbie, Fowler, Goodrich, 
Gleason, Gilbert. Hart, Hunter, Jones, Knapp, Kilbourne, Keffer, LaLerre, 
Little, McKelvey, McPike, Mackenzie, Mallby, Mowry, Morrison, Osborn, 
Phillips, Potter, Pinney, Ruggles, Ridgway, Spellman, Shepard, Shepard- 
ragne, Stone, St. Clair, Thrall, Topping, Thompson, Villiers, whit- 
ing, Ward, Wright, Worthington, Wilson, Wolfer, Zieger. 

HISTORICAL ARTICLES ON The Connecticut Reserve, The Worthington 
["be Sterling Medical College, ["he Worthingtoi 
Seminary, Tl . the Central Ohio Normal School, 

The Presbyter I lodist Churches of Worthington, Kalamazoo Co., 

i lop, and l'linii Township, Frank- 

lin Co., Ohio, Randolph Township, Portage Co., Ohio, Am 

Journalsof Col.Jas. Kelbourne and Nath'l W. Little to Ohio in 1802, etc., etc. 

AUTOBIOGRAPHIES.— Col. Kelbourne, G. F. Wittich and Gov. Allen 


BIOGRAPHIES OF Governors St. Clair, Morrow, Worthington, Bushnell of 

tnd [ennings of Indiana; of Bishops Rosecrans, McCabe, ('haseand 

Kemper; ot G Icingham, Wright; of Rev. l'rs. A. A. E raylor, 

Jonathan Cowing, T. R. Cr< Searle, S. L. Gesould; of i>r. Ed- 

r. Wiih. mis, Col. John McDonald, David W. I '.rooks, 

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Cemetery Inscription*. Marriage Records, Coats of Arms, Book Plates, 
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(In continuous existence since 1870. 39 volumes published.) 

Quarterly — January, April, July, October. 

Subscription, $3.00 per Annum. 

This Society offers for sale back numbers of the Record, including a 
limited number of full sets of the same. 

Prices for single copies on application to the Librarian, which prices 
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This history was written by Francis Jackson, brother of William Jackson, both formerly res- 
idents of Newton. The original publication was in 1854. The book contains 556 pages, bound in 
old fashioned embossed cloth covers 5 x 8 in size. Its frontispiece is an engraving of Col. Joseph 
Ward. It contains a map of Newton as it was in 1700 showing the original grants by the colony 
which make up the town territory. It not only covers the history of Newton but also contains 
copious references to the affairs of surrounding towns, and runs from 1639 to 1800. It contains an 
elaborate genealogy of all known residents of Newton to 1800. It traces out the derivation of the 
word Newton, runs over names and details concerning earlv settlers whom it traces from Boston to 
Cambridge and through Cambridge to Watertown and thence to "NewTowne" now Newton. The 
facts relating to the separation of Newton from Cambridge are reviewed. There are articles con- 
cerning the Indians, slavery in Newton, the history of its early mills and factories and a full ac- 
count of its ecclesiastical history. The battles of Lexington and Concord and the evacuation ol 
Boston are dealt with in a way to show the part that Newton suldieis took in those affairs. In ad- 
dition to the genealogical table, there is an appendix dealing with prominent individual citizens, 
for instance, the career of Col. Joseph Ward is set out at length witb copies of correspondence be- 
tween him and George Washington. 

This book is not a revised edition. Not a word has been added, omitted nor changed. It is 
a reproduction made by taking apart an original, photographing each page separately and from 
those photographs making plates for use in the printing press, so that each page of the book now 
offeree! is a photographic reproduction of the original. The old map, although not hand-colored as 
it was in the original, is still an exact reproduction in colors. 

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(250) Pedigrees each. 

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fee in full will receive a copy of the volume containing his or her 
pedigree, without further cost. 

The opportunity is here offered for any or all of those desiring 
to perpetuate the knowledge of their ancestry along any line of de- 
scent, to have the same Officially Registered, and subsequently 
published for the benefit of posterity. 

Literature explaining in detail the method of conducting this 
department will be mailed, upon application, to all interested in the 
plan, by addressing, 

The Chairman of the Executive Committee, 

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, 
226 West 58th St., New York City. 

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NEW York GEN1 \l"'.i' \l wi> BIOGRAPHICAL Si 


1 Vork. N. V.. Act oil mi ■ -■ 

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record. 

Publication Committee : 





Illustration. John Murray, Earl of Dunmore Frontispiece 

1. The Earl of Dunmore. By George Austin Morrison, Jr., A.M., LL.B. 225 

2. Clues from English Archives Contributory to American Gene- 

alogy. By J. Henry Lea and J. R. Hutchinson. (Continued from 
Vol. XL, page 185) 229 

3. Lists of Germans from the Palatinate who Came to England 

in 1709. (Continued from Vol. XL, page 167) 241 

4. The Dutcher Family. To the Births of the 5TH Generation, 

with a few Notes as to Subsequent Members, and as to the 
Ancestors of Allied Families. Also, the Revolutionary Mem- 
bers. By Walter Kenneth Griffin, B.Sc, London, B.A., LL.B. (Con- 
tinued from Vol. XL, page 193! 249 

5. The Hoppe-Hoppen-Hopper Lineage. By Hopper Striker Mott. (Con- 

tinued from Vol. XL, page 177) 258 

6. Church Register of the Walpeck Congregation. Commenced 

with the Pastoral Service of Joh. Casparus Fryenmuth. 
Preacher there, May 31, 1742. (Continued from XL, page 205) . 264 

7. A Digest of Essex Wills. With Particular Reference to 

Names of Importance in the American Colonies. By William 
Gilbert. (Continued from Vol. XL, page 159) 276 

S. Earliest Baptismal Records of the Church of Harlingen (Re- 
formed Dutch) of New Jersey. 1727-1734. By William Jones 
Skillman, Ontaio, California 281 

9. Book Notices 291 

NOTICE.— The Publication Committee aims to admit into the Record only such new Genea- 
logical, Biographical, and Historical matter as may be relied on for accuracy and authenticity, but 
neither the Society nor its Committee is responsible for opinions or errors of contributors, whether 
published under the name or without signature. 

The Record is issued quarterly, on the first of January, April, 
July and October. Terms : $3.00 a year in advance. Subscriptions 
should be sent to THE RECORD, 

226 West 58th Street, New York City. 

For Advertising Rates apply to the Treasurer. 


(frnralogical anb biographical Retort. 

Vol. XL. NEW YORK, OCTOBER, 1909. No. 4. 


. . GSORGI \i us Morrison, Jr., A.M., LL.H. 

No more ancient family exists in the Scottish Highlands than 
that of the house of Atholl, and the early forbears of this power- 
ful clan by judicious intermarriages with the greater nobility of 
Scotland were thus able to secure protection and influence from 
the highest feudal authorities. The alliance of John, First Mar 
quess of Atholl, with Ameliana Sophia, daughter of James. 
seventh Earl of Derby, founded the fortune of the branch house 
of Murray, their second son, born in 16S5, being named Lord 
Charles Murray. < >n 16 August, 1686, the heir of the Murrays 
was created an Earl, Viscount and Baron of Scotland, and from 
this period the branch family rapidly came into prominence. 
John Murray, the subject of this sketch, fourth Earl of Dunmore, 
was the eldest son of William Murray, the third Earl, and 
Catherine Nairn, third daughter of his uncle Lord William 
Murray, who later became Lord Nairn by marrying the heiress 
of that family On his mother's side scent from 

the royal house of Stuart. He was born at Taymouth, Perth- 
shire, Scotland, in 1732, and died at Ramsgate, England, in May, 
1S09. Little is known of his boyhood days, except that he was 
educated at Eton, 1742-174.), and during the rising oi 1745 was 
a Page of Honor to Prince Charles Edward Stuart, the Pretender, 
at Holyrood Palace. His father, the third Earl, cast his fortune 
with those of the Jacobite Parly, and as chief of one of the great 
Scottish houses, took an active part in the rebellion, taking 
youn eir with him into the field. His father, however, 

was taken prisoner at the Battle of Culloden, tried for high 
m and imp t life, dying in prison in 175'). 'i 

irong indication that the thru English Government exerted 
influence e, the young heir to the 

: >!s in 
1750 and at his fath< sion to the title was 

le sat in the rlous* of Lords is 1 >nc of the 1 1 

in the Twelfth, and the first two sessions of the 

Thirteenth Parliament, from 1761 1774 ll-. undoubted 
pudiated the Jacobitish ten his family and finally allied 


2 26 The Earl of Dunmore. [Oct., 

himself with the reigning Hanoverian royal family and as a 
reward received the appointment of Governor of the Province of 
New York in 1770. Lord Dunmore arrived in New York during 
October and at once busied himself with the duties of his office, 
showing great activity, but little intelligence in the administration 
of colonial affairs. In July, 1771, he was appointed Governor of 
the Colony of Virginia, but by delaying his departure from New 
York for several months, aroused the suspicion and antagonism 
of the leading Virginian families. Upon his arrival at Williams- 
burg, Virginia, in the spring of 1772, he at once incurred the 
hostility of the colonists by dissolving the Virginian Assembly 
and when it was reconvoked in March, 1773, Lord Dunmore 
again dissolved the body in May, 1773, because it had adopted on 
the 12th March, a resolution to appoint a committee of corre- 
spondence to unite with the other colonies for action against the 
aggressive policy of the mother country. In May, 1774, Lord 
Dunmore once more exercised his prerogative and dissolved the 
Assembly because it had resolved to keep the first day of June, 
the date of the closing of the Port of Boston, as a " day of fasting, 
humiliation and prayer." The Governor, either intentionally or 
through ignorance of the critical nature of the times and the 
patriotic temper of his province, continued to estrange the 
colonists and during the Autumn of 1774 aroused their anger by 
making an injudicious peace with the Ohio Indians. Fearing a 
popular uprising Lord Dunmore removed the powder from the 
Williamsburg magazine to on board the Magdalen, man-of-war 
then anchored in the James River, on the night of the 20th April, 


The people forthwith rose in arms under the leadership of 
Patrick Henry, and the Governor was compelled to make over- 
tures for peace by paying for the value of the powder he had so 
arbitrarily removed. A convention of the colonists was then 
appointed to meet in May, 1775, but Lord Dunmore forbade the 
gathering by proclamation. The Assembly was convened on the 
1st June, 1775, to consider the conciliatory propositions made by 
Lord North, the then English Prime Minister, but while these 
were under discussion, a sudden riot took place on the 5th June. 
Thoroughly alarmed at this second uprising, Lord Dunmore 
called together the council, but without effecting any relaxation 
of the tense situation between the royalist and colonial sympa- 
thizers. He, accordingly, sent Lady Dunmore on board the 
Fowey, man-of-war, for safety, and issued a proclamation against 
"a certain Patrick Henry" and "his deluded followers." He 
himself soon joined his wife on the Fowey, which was then lying 
off Yorktown, about twelve miles away. In the meantime, the 
Virginia Assembly continued to sit, and to forward to him the 
bills passed — which he in turn refused to sign without the at- 
tendance upon him aboard ship, of the burgesses. Thereupon 
the burgesses decided that their privileges had been attacked 
and held that by such action the Governor had abdictated. 

They then constituted themselves into a convention and 
vested all executive power in a Committee of Safety. When the 

1909.] The Earl oj Dunmore. 22"J 

news of the Battle of Lexington reached him, Lord Dunmore 
immediately sent his wife to New York and himself sought 
e in Port Johnson. Upon the arrival of the British forces 
in New York, a number of the Royalists joined Lord Dunmore 
and they proceeded I >n a petty war against the in- 

habitants on the James and York Rivers, burning their plan- 
tations, destroying thi tnd carrying off their goods and 
He attacked Hampton on October 25th, but was repulsed 
with considerable loss, and having determined upon di 
action, on November 7th proclaimed freedom for all negroes who 
might rally to his standard. 

< >n December 9th, 1775, his small army was decisively defeated 
•at Bridge, a small village about twenty miles from Norfolk 
and on January 1st, 1776, Lord Dunmore retaliated by burning 
Norfolk, the most flourishing city in Virginia. Soon after this 
exploit he was forced to flee on board his fleet, and after being 
driven from one position to another finally anchored at the 
mouth of the Potomac River. During June, 1777, he made his 
headquarters on Gwynn Island, in the Chesapeake River, where 
he attempted a few sallies without success, and was routed from 
this shelter on July 8th by the Yirginians, under the leadership 
.drew Lewis, after being wounded in the leg. Gen. Wash 
□ wrote concerning him in December, 1775: " I do not think 
that forcing his Lordship on shipboard is sufficient. Nothing 
less than depriving him of life and liberty will secure peace to 
Virginia, as motives of resentment actuate his conduct to a 
degree equal to the total destruction of that colony " 

During the greater part of the year 1776, Lord Dunmore re- 
mained along the coast of Yirginia, suffering great hardship and 
many minor defeats, until he finally burned his smaller vessels 
and sailed with the remainder of his fleet to the West Indies. 

Later he returned to England, as he had been elected in 

{anuary, 1776, to a vacant seat in the House of Lords, to which 
e was again returned at the general election of October, 1780, 
and May, 1784. 

His name appears in the Confiscation Act of New York in 
1 7 7 ■ j , but thereafter he disappears from the history of the 

He was appointed and acted as Govenor and Commander-in- 
Chief ihama Island from 1787-1796, and upon the ex- 
piration of his term returned to England, where he di 

His administration of the Provinces of New York and \'ir 
ginia was marked by a singular : 

in th( ma of this period and an entire mis- 

conception of the importance of his mission and the temper of 

not ei rora bul blunders, 
and hi 

were behind the time tism 

than constitution 

1 man of meagre intellect, narrow 

tnd quite unfit for the important 

offices hew ippointmenl due 

228 The Earl of Dunmore. [Oct., 

to the fact that he was one of the few Scottish Highland nobles 
that allied themselves with the house of Hanover, and the King 
was anxious to reward these adherents for their deflection from 
the party of the Pretender. 

Lord Dunmore married on February 21st, 1759, Lady Char- 
lotte Stewart, daughter of Alexander, sixth Earl of Gallaway, 
and Catherine, youngest daughter of John, fourth Earl of Dun- 
donald, by whom he had eight children, viz.: 

i. George, Viscount Fincastle. 

ii. Alexander, b. 12 Oct., 1746. 

iii. John, b. 1765. 

iv. Leveson Grenvill Keith, b. 16 Dec, 1770. 
v. Catherine. 

vi. Augusta de Ameland, who m. 4 April, 1793, at Rome, 
Prince Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex, sixth son 
of King George III. This marriage, being one of a 
royal prince with a subject and thus contrary to 
statute, caused great scandal and was repudiated by 
the King and the royal family. Question arising as 
to its validity, it having taken place in a foreign 
country, the Prince remarried Lord Dunmore's 
daughter on 5 Dec, 1793, at St. George's Church, 
Hanover Square, London. The marriage, however, 
resulted in no issue. 

vii. Susan, 
viii. Virginia. 

On 10 Sept., 1831, the Earls of Dunmore were created Barons 
of the United Kingdom and thus entitled to an hereditary seat 
in the House of Lords. 

The family bear Arms: Quarterly, 1st Azure, 3 mullets, 
argent, within a double tressure flory-counterflory, or, for Murray : 
2nd, a fesse chequey, argent and azure, for Stuart: 3d, paly of 
six, or and sable for Strabolgi: 4th, Argent, on a bend, azure, 3 
stags heads, eabossed, for Stanley: 5th, gules, 3 legs in armor, 
spurred and garnished, or, conjoined in triangle at the thigh, for 

Crest: A demi-savage, wreathed about the head and loins 
with oak, holding in the dexter hand a sword, erect, proper, 
pommel and hilt, or, and in the sinister, a key of the last. 
Supporters: Dexter a lion, gules, gorged with a collar, azure 
charged with 3 mullets, argent: Sinister, a savage, wreathed as 
the crest, proper. 

Motto: Furth fortune and fill the fettero. 

The portrait of Lord Dunmore is reproduced from an oil 
painting now in the possession of the present Peer, who most 
courteously forwarded a photograph of the picture. There is 
another portrait now preserved in the State House at Norfolk, 
Virginia, but it is only a head and not particularly well executed. 
The signature was reproduced from an original on Virginia 
State Papers at Norfolk. 

I'jog.) Clues frcm English Archives Contributory to . \i>ut u an Genealogy. 229 


liv J. Henry Lea and J. R. Hutchinson. 

(Continued (rom Vol. XL. p. 1 1 <rd.) 

29 March, 1638, I Robert Estrev of the parish of Edmunton 
and county of Middlesex, yeoman, being in good health . . . 
bequeath my body to be buried within the parish church of 
Edmunton; to the poor of Edmunton 40s. in monie or bread; to 
my daughter Mary all the moveable goods which were her 
husband's, mentioned in a certain inventory thereof taken in anno 
1632, also the great press standing in the chamber over William 
Chapman's hall; to Prudence Littlepage, daughter of Humphrey 
Littlepage by my said daughter Mary,; to my son Edward 
Esery (sic) and heirs all my freehold land in Edmunton, or in 
default to my daughter Marie's two children James Littlepage 
and Robert Littlepage equally. All the rest of my g< 
to my son Edward Estrey, whom I make executor. My daughter 
shall have her dwelling in my house for one whole year 
after my decease, and shall enjoy the strawberry garden for two 
years. Overseer: Humphrey Littlepage my son in law. To 
Judith Alstone, wife of Penning Alstone, one silver-gilt salt, and 
:ies Williams her sister one gilt beaker. Witnesses: Hum- 
phrey Littlepage, William Dible. 

1 1 April, 1639, commission to Humphrey Littlepage, overseer, 
during the absence and for the use of Edward Estrey, now 
dwelling in parts beyond the sea. (Commissary of London, Vol. 
*8, f- 33) 

9 April, 1639, I Timothy Cannon, citizen and draper of Lon- 
don, being very weake and sicke of bodie . . . give and 
bequeath unto Thomas Johnson my nephew my old turd gowne; 
to my good friend Mrs Moore one of my black mourning gowns; 
to my neighbour Nicholas Meeking my black truncke; to my 
friend Thomas Fosket 10s.; to my cosin Edward Jones my great 
bible; to my sister Anne, now wife of Richard Nash, my half- 
head bedstedd, and to her husband my sage-colour suit. All the 
rest of my goods I give to my son John Cannon who is now at 
Bermoodas in the parts beyond the seas, provided alwaies that it 
he be dead, or die before he receive my goods, then I bequeath 
the same r 

all his children . my son John Cannon and my neigh- 

bours Thomas Hough and Nicholas Mekins. V.Y William 

Codicil dated 10 A; bequeathing 20S. to Thomas 

s: Nicholas Mekin. 

How and Nicholas Meekins, 
in Cannon the son. try of 

London, Vol. 28, I 

1 A 

23O Clues from English A rehires Contributory to American Genealogy. [Oct., 

A John Cannon came in the Fortune in 162 1, but his name is 
not found in the division of cattle in 1627. There was a Cannon 
of Sandwich in 1650, perhaps identical with Robert of New 
London, 1678.* In the church records of Scituate and Barnstable, 
t9 April, 1 69 1, occur the baptisms of John, Philip, Timothy, 
Nathan and Elizabeth, children of Joanna Cannon, probably a 
widow, who had but recently removed there. f 

Memorandum that Edward Marshall of the parish of St. 
Peter's neere Paulswharfe, London, who died on or about the 
fifth day of December, 1639 . . . did utter and speake these 
words following, that is to say " Cosen (hee then speaking unto 
Anne Cossens, widdow), I pray see mee buried well, and take all 
my goods that I have and keepe them for the benefit of my sonne 
Thomas Marshall," who was then and is now beyond seas, " and 
if hee come not home again, then I give all my goods unto you." 
Witnesses: John Cosens, Sara wife of Michael Barnett, Anne 
wife of Isaac Finch. 

10 Dec, 1639, commission to Anne Cosens to administer for 
the use of Thomas Marshall, son of deceased, now dwelling in 
parts beyond the seas. (Commissary of London, Vol. 28, f. 92.) 

Four persons of the name Thomas Marshall appear in New 
England prior to the date of this will: Thomas, planter, Dor- 
chester, freeman 4 March, 1634-5 (name sometimes spelled Marsh- 
field) ; Thomas, Boston, admitted to the church there 3 June, 1634; 
Thomas, shoemaker, Boston, came in the James in 1635, aged 22; 
and Thomas, tailor, Lynn, proprietor, 1638; but there is a good 
deal of confusion in the accounts of these persons as given by 
Savage and Pope. 

I Thomas Malthus of Enfield, co. Middlesex . . . give my 
grey gelding to Thomas Cullenben; to my two sisters 40s. apiece; 
to the poor saints of God ^5; for the use of those poore children 
that are to be conveyghed into New England 40s.; and to my 
wife all my lands in Edmonton and Enfield, for the term of her 
life, and afterwards to my daughter Elizabeth and her heirs. 
Witnesses: John Cornish, Joshua Birling. Proved 12 Oct., 1643, 
by Joan Malthus, relict and executrix. (Commissary of London, 
Vol. 29, f. 140.) 

22 April, 1639, I William Thompson, Citizen and Haberdasher 
of London, being at this present in reasonable health . . . 
give one third of my personal estate to my wife Joan as her due 
according to the custom of the City of London, one other third 
amongst my children Samuel, Peter, John and Mary, equally, for 
that I have already sufficiently advanced my eldest son Richard 
sufficiently, and out of the other third part, reserved to myself, I 
give the following legacies: — Towards the maintenance of a 
weekly lecture in the parish church of St. Katherine Creechurch. 
London, 20s. per annum for twentie years; to the poor of Thorpe 
Market, Norfolk, 6s.8d. yearly for seven years, to be distributed 

* Savage, I, 332. 

t N. E. Hist. Gen. Register, X, 347. 

iqoq.] Clues from English .'■ Xmtrican Genealogy. 231 

by the discretion of my executrix or of my brother John Thomp- 
son now dwelling at Colby, Norfolk; to the poor of St. Katherine 
Creechurch 6s. Sd. a year for 20 years; to my servant Edward 
Turner and to M ell sometime my servant; to my 

sister Elizabeth Thompson, wife of my said brother John, 20s., 
and to my cousin Martha Thompson her daughter 20s.; to Widow 
, heretofore wife of John Prowd, joyner, 6s Sd. per annum for 
life; to my brother Rowland Thompson 20s. a year for life; to my 
son Richard Thompson 7J5 in money in full of his portion, in re- 
gard I have already sufficiently advanced him; and to my aforesaid 
four children Samuel, Peter, John and Mary as residuary legatees 
of my said third part; provided always that the ^200 which my 
daughter Mary, now wife of Jasper Clayton, hath already reci 
shall be accompted as part of her portion. I doe give and be- 
queath unto my said four children and their heirs all my lands, 
interests and adventures in Virginia, St. Christopher's, and any 
other the parts or islands in the West Indies. To my son Richard 
Thompson and his heirs all my freehold messuages, lands, etc. in 
Thorpe Market, Roughton and Gunton, co. Norfolk, charged with 
certain payments to the preaching ministers of Thorpe Market 
and Antingham, otherwise St Margaret's and with the following 
legacies: — my brother Rowland 20s. a year: my grandchild Wil- 
liam Clayton ^50; my grandchil lay ton ^30; myothcr 
grandchildren Mary, John, Rebecca and Elizabeth Clayton ^25 
each at age of one and twenty; each of my three sons Samuel, 
Peter and John .£80 at said age. Executrix, my wife Joan, or, n 
she will not enter into bond for the due administration of my 
estate, my son Peter Thompson. Overseers: Mr Thomas Free in 
Mark Lane, Mr < reorge Dunn, and Mr Richard Glover, apothecary. 
Witnesses: William Frith, John Frith, John Brand, John Bassano, 
John Hare, servant to said William Frith. Codicil dated 2$ Aug., 
19 Charles I., devising lands, etc. called Bartletts, purchased since 
the making of the above will, lying in Goldhangei 
Tothem. co. Essex, to my grandchild William Thompson, son of 
to his heirs, or in default to my grandchild 
Richard Thompson, brother of said William. Witnesses: Row- 
land Thompson, Hen: King, scr. Proved 28 Oct., 1643, by Joan 
Thompson, relict and executrix. (Commissary of London, Vol. 
29, f 

I Sarjant Major Jodi Leigh, being weake in body, 
my last will in manner following, vi.'.t.. I give and bequeath all 
that mansion in Cawdwell, in the parish of Erkinton, co Darby, 
now in the occupation of William Leigh, gent, my father, which 

ed to me and my hi 
my redeeming t: I ite, it being morl 

for the term o! hi - natural! 
life, and after hi W 

and heirs I give to my said father and brother my eighth part 

of the . p call* d the Johi 

eed under : 
ag date 15 1 i father and brother £200 

odd d a William Flesh' ince Lane, Lon- 

232 Cities from English Archives Contributory to American Genealogy. [Oct., 

don, linendraper. And whereas I entrusted Capt. William Elvin 
as my attorney to receive for me 15000 weight of tobacco due from 
Thomas Laurance, to whom I sould my plantacon, now my will 
is that Mr Edward Thompson shall receive thereof 4000 weight 
in lieu of so much due to him, and that the remainder be equally 
divided between my said father and brother. I give all that my 
parcel of tobacco, amounting to 17,600 weight, due to me from 
George Sterill by order of Court, which order was left in the 
hands of Capt. Jeremiah Hartley, unto my said father and 
brother; also the benefit of the 2000 weight of tobacco in the 
hands of John Coughland of Penny come quicke in Cornwall, 
which was sold by him to Mr Stoone of Plymouth. Executor: 
my brother William Leigh. Overseers: my friends and kinsmen 
George Sitwell, Esq. and Lieut. John Ivie. Dated 13 Nov., 1643. 
Witnesses: Hen: Buckle, Judith Francklyn, John Ivie. Codicil 
of same date: To Capt. William Emerson ^3 in lieu of his 
charges in going down to my Lord General's army about my 
warrant. To Lieut. John Ivie ,£4 for procuring the said warrant. 
Further to the said Lieut. Ince (sic) ,£10 with my new plush 
jumpe and my rapier and dagger. To Capt. Francis FitzHughes 
my gorgett. To Mrs Francklyn for her care of me in my sick- 
ness ,£20. To my father my watch and seal. Proved 20 Dec, 
1643, by the executor named. (Commissary of London, Vol. 29, 
f. 186.) 

The testator was evidently a cadet of the family of Leigh of 
Eggington in Derbyshire, whose pedigree is recorded in the 
Visitations of 1569 and t6u,* but unfortunately omitted from 
that of 1663-4,1 which would probably have enabled us to place 
the testator with certainty. 

I Mary Scriven of the parish of St. Sepulchre's without New- 
gate, London, widow, being somewhat visited in body . . . 
commit my body to be buried soe neere my late husband as may 
bee . . . and give unto the poor of the said parish ^5; to my 
daughter in law Elizabeth Scriven ^20; to Elizabeth Hughes 
^5; to Mary Hughes my god-daughter ^5; to Nicholas Cleggett 
and his wife 20s. each; to Mr. Burton and Mr. Robinson, sons in 
law of said Cleggett, and to their wives, 20s. each; to John Lead- 
all and Rose his wife 20s. apiece; to Robert Austin 20s.; to my 
god-daughter Katherine Hollis 40s.; to my god-daughter Mary 
Frier 40s.; to my god-daughter Ellen Clarke 10s.; to my god- 
daughter Mary Danson 10s.; to my god-daughter Mary Heaven 
20s.; to Mary Hawkeswell and Ellen Haifeild, sisters of my late 
deceased husband, 20s. apiece; to my cousin Robert Browne, car- 
rier, 20s.; to George Priest and Alice his wife 20s. apiece; to 
Mary, wife of Thomas Hudson, 20s.; to Jane wife of Rice Hughes 
20s.; to my cousin James Armitage and Katherine his daughter 
20s. apiece; to Mary, wife of said Robert Browne, my white cloth 
gowne; to my cousin Anne Hayfield my serge gown; to Ellen, 
wife of said Robert Austin, my red cloth petticoat; and to Judith 

* Genealogist, N. S., VII, 231. 

t Sir Thomas Phillipps' edition, 1854. 

igoq.] Clues from English Archives Contributory to American Genealogy. 233 

Hopkins my servant my red stuff petticoat. I forgive Richard 
Stanton the debt he owes me. I give to Edward Birkett some- 
time my servant 20s.; to Jane, wife of Robert Carrington, my 
silver tankard; to Margaret, wife of {blank) Nurse, smith, my 
little silver cupp. I give and bequeath unto my brother John 
Ayres if he shall bee living at the time of my decease, or doe in 
his own person demand the same, the sum of twentie pounds to 
be paid unto him upon such his demand. Cousin John Hayfield 
my seal ring and my bible and all the meal, etc. belonging to the 
trade of a baker which shall be in my dwelling house in Fleet 
Lane. Residuary legatees, Thomas Hudson and my cousin John 
Hayfield, whom executors. Dated 20 Dec, 1643. Witnesses: 
John Lawrence, Judith Hopkins, Nath: Hudson, son of Antho: 
Hudson, scr. Proved 28 Dec, 1643, by the executors named. 
(Commissary of London, Vol. 29, f. 188.) 

John Ayers was of Salisbury, Mass., 1640. lie had wife Han- 
nah, and children John, Nathaniel, Hannah (married 1663, Stephen 
Webster), Rebecca, Mary, Obadiah, Robert, Thomas and Peter, 
and died 31 March, 1657. Compare will of James Eayres, below. 

I William Hollis of Fleetlane, in the parish of St. Sepulchre's 
Citizen and Cutler of London, being very sick and weake . . . 
give my body to be buried in the churchyard of the aforesaid 
parish . . . and such worldly wealth as it hath pleased God 
to bless me with as followeth. Inprimis I give and bequeath 
unto my son Richard Hollis, who about two years since went be- 
yond the seas, if hee bee living, tenne shillings of lawfull English 
money; to my friend Robert Austin of Fleetlane, pewterer, 20s.; 
to my brother Robert Hollis of Gothurst, CO. Mucks, cook to the 
Lady Digby there, my gold ring which 1 daylie weare on my 
finger, having thereon aW and an II; to my godson Edward 
Clark, son of Richard Clark of Seacole lane, merchant taylor, 2s. 
6d ; to said Richard Clarke and his wife 1 2d. each, and to their 
daughter Ellen Clark 6d.; and to my daughter Katherine Hollis 
^30 at 18. Residuary legatee and executrix, my wife Mary. 
Dated 30 May, [642, Witnesses: Richard Clark, Richard Wallis, 
Robert Austin, Silvanus French, scr. Proved 8 Jan., 1043-4, by 
the executrix. (Commissar] <a, Vol. 29, f. 198). 

See collection of I lollis wills, and others related to this family, 
in Water's Gleanings, (A'. E. Reg., vol. XLV, p. 51, etc.), ha 
direct reference to the well known benefactors of Harvard 
College. It is probable that the testator was also a member of 
this family 

I HENRY TiMBERLAKE of Chilling in the parish of Tiihlield, co. 

thampton, ge ad lame in my limmes, 

this 10th day of July. this my last will and testament, 

of Tichficld ,/ Timberlake my eldest son 

and his heirs all such lands and tenements and shares or pa 
land mi the Son or Virginia in 

ieyond the si a i, and i me p in el of Ian I 
Madam Land, lying in Harking, CO. Essex. To Henry Til 
lake my youngest son and his heirs one 

234 Clues from English Archives Contributory to American Genealogy. [Oct., 

land called Mount Marsh lying in Pricklewell, co. Essex, and two 
cottages in Lambehith Marsh near London. And as touching 
my goods and chattels, personal estate and adventures beyond 
the seas, whereas I am indebted in divers great sums of money 
for most of which my friend Arthur Bromfield Esq. standeth 
bound, and whereas Sir William Cope of Hauwell, co. Oxon, 
Knight and Bart., is indebted to me in .£3,947, for the securing 
of which he did convey unto me certain lands in the said county 
and in Essex, and whereas in respect of some defect in the title 
of said lands I have obtained a Decree in Chancery for receiving 
the said debt out of rents due unto the said Sir William out of 
Custom House Key, London, — now my will is that out of the 
same my debts shall be paid and Arthur Bromfield be discharged 
of his undertaking, and that Sir William be reassured of the said 
lands. I give unto Sarah my daughter, now wife of Timothy 
Blyer of Tichfield, clerk, £200; to my daughter Hester, now wife 
of Thomas Williams, for the better maintenance of her and of 
Thomas and Judith Michell, two of her children now living with 
her, ,£30 yearly out of my leasehold tenements in London; to the 
said Judith Michell £120, to John Michell her brother, my grand- 
child, £120, and to Thomas and William Michell her brothers 
£20 apiece in addition to the £50 each given unto them by the 
will of my said daughter Hester's former husband, — all these 
legacies to my said grandchildren to be paid at their respective 
ages of one and twenty years. To Benjamin Burrowes and 
Katherine his wife, my sister, ^"io yearly soe long as they shall 
live together. To Rebecca, daughter of my said sister and now 
wife of Ralph Radford, £\o. To Henry Burrowes, son of my 
said sister, £20, and to Michael Burrowes her son, if he be now 
living, £\o. Legacies to Samuel Breach, Agnes Ratcliffe, Rich- 
ard Falder, Margaret Dodde, Arthur Bromfield my godson, Wil- 
liam Dartnall my godson, Timothy Blyer the younger, my 
apprentice, the Company of Browne Bakers whereof I am a mem- 
ber, Margaret Copland my servant, Henry Copland her brother, 
Henry Laundy my godson, Mary, wife of Arthur Bromfield, Eliz- 
abeth his daughter, William Beeston, gent, and my kinsman Jas- 
per Dartnall and wife. To Dorothy Pescod, a poore innocent 
that I keepe, £5, and my executors shall provide some fitt place 
for her, that she may neither wander nor begge. Old servant 
Joan Riever a cowe. Kinsmen John Carter and Richard Walker 
£l each. Residue of all goods and of my adventures beyond the 
seas to Margaret my wife. Executors: my wife and William 
Styant of the Inner Temple, gent. Overseers: Arthur Bromfield, 
Esq. and William Beeston, gent, Witnesses: Arthur Bromfield, 
Anthony Erfield, Tho: Greenhill, William Styant. 30 January, 
1643-4, commission to Sarah Bellecre alias Timberlake, daughter 
of deceased, to administer, the executors being dead. (Commis- 
sary of London, Vol. 29, f. 211). 

Henry Timberlake of Newport R. I., was Corporal there 1644. 
By his wife Mary he had William, Henry, Joseph and John. He 
died before 1680, and his widow 10 Sept., 1705. It may be that 
he was the youngest son Henry, named in the will, the connection 

iqoo.] Clues from English Archives Contributory to American Genealogy. 235 

1 with the Bromfield family indicating a connection with 
New England rather than with Virginia. 

20 Doc, 1 64 1, I Rowland Thomson of London, esquier, being 
in good and perfect health . . . give and bequeath unto my 
worthy friends John Collinson, skinner, and Alexander Pollinton, 
haberdasher, citizens of London, ^5 apiece. The rest and 
residue of my goods, chatties, shares of land, plantacons and 
estate, as well on this side as in any other parts or places beyond 
the seas, I give to my only son Edward Thomson and his heirs. 
Executors in trust, John Collinson and Alexander Pollinton, 
until my said son attain his age of 23 years. Witnesses: Chr: 
Townsend, scr., John Alsope his servant. Proved 2 Feb., 1643-4, 
by the executors named. (Commissary of London, Vol. 29, f. 217.) 

I Alice Dobson of London, widow, late wife of William Dob- 
son late of St. Albones, co. Hertford, Esq., deceased, being sicke 
in body . . . give and bequeath unto my son John Dobson 
the sum of ten pounds to be paid unto him within three months 
after he shall return from beyond the seas into England, if he 
shall live to return; to my son Edward 20s.; to my daughter 
Katherine Lile ^5, and to Katherine Lile her daughter a pair of 
sheets; to Ellen my daughter my silk grogram gown; to my 
daughter Frances my scarlet petticoat and the sugered sateen 
gown that was my mother's; to Marie my daughter, for seven 
years after my decease, my messuage wherein I lately dwelt, 
lying in the town of St. Albones, and then to William my son 
and his heirs; to my daughter in law Jane my best tapestrie 
coverlett and four needlework cushions which were her mother's; 
to Benjamin my son ,£60; to Abraham my son ^"50 and my 
silver tankard with cover and the letters A.D. upon it; to my 
daughter Hammond a cubbard cloth; to Elizabeth my daughter 
in law a carpet; to my daughter Mary Burchinshawe six silver 
spoons and my watch; and whereas Catherine Baron my mother 
did by her last will bequeath unto me and others the lease of 
certain houses in Honie Lane, London, holden of the Company 
of Drapers, and did bequeath the residue of her estate to her 
executors and me equally, now I do hereby give unto my said 
daughter Mary Burchinshawe all the said residue of my mother's 
and my own estate. Executrix, said Marie Burehinshaw. Over- 
seers: friends John Ellis of St. Albanes, gent, and my godson 
John Ellis of London, draper, his son. Dated 6 Dec, 1943. Wit- 
nesses: John Ellis, Steph: Massey, John Chapman, Hester 
Meadeaw. Proved 5 Feb., 1643-4, by the executors named 

mmissary of London, Vol. 29, f. 219.) 

I Phillip Kekewich of London, marchant, being si 
weak in body k r ' ve unto my brother Peter Kekewich all 

my estate in tb< 1 orn ol Flu thin I 

commander, together with the produce of my g rd the 

Flowerdeluz of London, Barnaby Stan fast master, what money 
shall be remitted by Edward Zalmonds, marchant il the Madera, 
and all my lands which I have in Cornwall To tli 

•! Cornwall /".'o. John Ballowe junioi And as 

236 Clues from English Archives Contributory to American Genealogy. [Oct., 

concerning my debts in Virginia, left in the hands of John Webb, 
merchant, I give the same to my said brother, except 5000 lb. of 
tobacco which I give to my countryman John Webb. John 
Mercer, chyrurgeon of the ship Flowerdeluz, £\o. Augustine, 
Alexander and Abraham Smith, master's mates of the said ship, 
the 400 lb. of tobacco due me from John Ballowe, junior. My boy 
George Parish. Thomas Towers, boatswain of said ship. Resi- 
duary legatee and executor, brother Peter Kekewich. Dated in 
Virginia 4 April, 1644. Witnesses: John Ballowe, junior, John 
Webb, Abraham Smith, John Mercer. Proved 8 July, 1644, by 
the executor named. (Commissary of London, Vol. 29, f. 310.) 

The last will and testament of Mr. James Eayres: All my 
tools belonging to a carpenter I give to my friend Edward 
Clements, and my clothes to my friend Margaret Clemence. My 
wages shall be paid to my brother William Eayres living in 
Farnum, or, if he be deceased, to his son Thomas. My debts due 
from the companie of the shipp America I give to my friend 
Margaret Clemence. For 50s. which Robert Ballard owes me I 
will that he pays only 30s. My shoes to Francis Vernam. ^7 
which my brother John Eayres owes me shall be paid to Mar- 
garet Clemence, as also jQt, which William Terrill, ropemaker, in 
Redriffe, owes me. Debts owing by James Johnson, John Davis, 
John Brewin, Richard Smith and Lewis Davis to be abated. My 
calking tolls. What my master Mr William Hadock has had of 
me is to be paid to Margaret Clemence, together with the 500 
weight of tobacco he owes me. My pistols and sword to Daniel 
Morgan, whom I put in trust to see my will performed. Dated 
28 June, 1644. Signed, James Eyres. Witnesses: Daniel Mor- 
gan, Francis Vernam, Thomas Banforde. 30 July, 1644, com- 
mission to Margaret Clemence, principal legatee, to administer. 
(Commissary of London, Vol. 29, f. 319.) 

A James Ayers was of Dover, N. H., 1658. Compare will of 
Mary Scriven, above. 

Memorandum that the 24th day of May, 1644, I Jesper Stanes 
of Epping, co. Essex, tallow chandler, being sick and weak in 
body . . . give and bequeath my house and cottage in Ep- 
ping, where I now dwell, after my now wife's decease, unto my 
son John Stanes, if he be then living . . . upon this con- 
dition, that he the said John doe come in to inherit within seven 
years after my wife's decease, but if he doe not come home from 
beyond sea, or happen to die before the said seven years be ex- 
pired, then I will the said house unto the children of my sister, 
wife of John Lucke the elder, that is to say, unto Raphe and 
Elizabeth Lucke and their heirs. Residuary legatee and execu- 
trix, my wife Grace. Witnesses: Nicholas Archer, senior, Wil- 
liam Bamett, Nich: Archer, junior. Proved 1 Aug., 1644, by the 
executrix. (Commissary of London, Vol. 29, f. 319.) 

8 March, 1639-40, I John Brotherton of the parish of St. 
Gabriel Fanchurch, Citizen and Skinner of London, being sick 
. . . will my body to be buried in the churchyard of the said 
parish . . . and doe give to my cozen Thomas Jackson, my 

1909.] Clues from En ves Contributory to American Genealogy. 2^ J 

cozen Joan Jackson his sister, my cozen Margaret Morlace, and 
my cozen John Sutton resident in Virginia 121I. apiece. Res- 
iduary legatee and executrix, my wife Margerie. Witnesses: 
John Woolston, scr., William Warren. Thomas Williams. Proved 
11 Dec., 1644, by the executrix. (Commissary of London, Vol. 

2 9) f. 3 8 2 .) 

13 Dec, 1643, I Sarah Cookeson of St. Sepulchre's without 
Newgate, London, widow, being sick . . . commit my body 
to the earth, to be buried in the parish church of St. Sepulchre's 
. . . (and) give to the poor of said parish £3 in bread; to my 
three loving friends Richard Reeve, John Wilcocks and James 
Mason and their wives Margaret Reeve, Rebecca Wilcocks and 
Dorothy Mason, 20s. each; to my god-daughters Sarah Reeve 20s. 
and Sarah Mason a small silver trencher salt; to Philip Wing- 
field and his wife 20s. each, and to their three children each a 
silver spoon; to my brother James Mason's three children each a 
silver spoon; to my sister Alice Chappell, widow, 20s.; to my 
sister Ballard 10s.; to my niece Elizabeth Oakley 20s.; to my 
nephew Stephen Chappell, brother to my said niece Elizabeth, 
20s.; to my nephew and godson John Chappell, brother to said 
Steven, 40s.; to Amy Hodgson 40s.; to my son James Cookeson 
my bigger death's-head which hath my brother Wingfield's name 
. and my lesser death's-head to my daughter in law Susanna 
Cookeson; and all the rest of my goods to my aforesaid friends 
Richard Reeve, John Wilcocks and James Mason in trust, and 
them I ordain executors. And whereas 1 have surrendered two 
customary tenements holden of the Manor of Acton to the use of 
my said executors, and have likewise surrendered a messuage 
and land holden of the Manors of Edgware and Kingsbury to the 
use of the same, Now I do give and bequeath the said messuages 
in Acton to my son James Cookeson and the heirs of his body, or 
in default to my nephew and godson John Chappell, he or they 
paying thereout the following legacies; to my nephew Fr: 
Chappell ^100; to my niece Ellen Thornton and her two chil- 
dren j£2o each; to my sister in law Margaret Chappell ^5; to my 
my brother John Chappell ,£10; to my nephew Francis Chap- 
pell's three childen £5 each; to my brother Thomas Chappell's 
liter j£io; to Richard Cookeson now living in Virginia ,£50; 
to Frizell Cookeson, sister to said Richard, ^:o, to be paid unto 
Stephen Chappell, clerk, son to my late brother Steven Cha] 
deceased; and to John Wilcocks, son to my brother John Wil- 
cocks, ^10. And as to the messuage and lands in Edgware and 
Kingsbury, I give one moiety thereof unto Sarah Ma 
the daughters of my brother James Mason, and to her heirs, or 
in default to Grace Mason, Dorothy Mason and Anne >! 
other daughters of my said brother; and of the other moiety 1 
give the rents to the use of Elizabeth Wingfield, now wife of 
Philip Wingfield, for the term of her 1 

nd remain unto my goddaughter Sarah 

Wingfield and her heii . Witnesses: Roger Reeve, Tl 
Greene, William Hodgson, William Piers ; ! 44-5, 

commission to James Cookeson, son of da 

238 Clues from English Archives Contributory to American Genealogy. [Oct., 

the executors having renounced. (Commissary of London, Vol. 
3°. f- I2 ) 

10 November, 1644, I Mary Knight of Wapping, co. Middle- 
sex, widow, being sick . . . give and bequeath unto my 
mother in law Sarah Knight, now resident in New England (in 
case she be living), twenty pounds; to my brother Robert Knight 
now resident in Holland ]£-zo and all my late husband's wearing 
apparel, his sea clothes only excepted, and if my said brother die 
before the proving of my will, the said ,£20 shall be divided 
amongst his children then living; to my brother Philip Knight 
^5 and all my husband's sea clothes and instruments; to my 
brother William Bradbank ^10; to my brother Henry Harris 
£10 at 21; to my father in law William Harris ^5 he oweth me; 
to my sister Anne Wilson ,£10 by 20s. per year; to the putting 
forth of my kinswoman Anne Chamberley to be apprentice ^15; 
to the poor of Gravesend 40s. and to the poor of Wapping ^3; 
to Katherine Townsend 20s.; to Goodwife Scamity and Goodwife 
Cock 10s. each; to Goodwife Armstrong and her mother 15s.; to 
Anne wife of John Babbss.; to my friend Francis Caly, scrivener, 
20s.; to John Waterton, shipwright, a piece of black silk to make 
him a dublet, and to his wife my best scarlet peticoat with 
galoone lace; to Samuel Waterton his son 20s ; to Richard 
Elstone his son in law 20s.; to Jonathan Meridith ^5, and to his 
wife linen; to my sister Anne Bradbank all the rest of my goods, 
and her I make executrix. Overseers: John Waterton, Francis 
Calley and Jonathan Meredith. To William Chamberley my 
kinsman ^5 when he come out of his time or be married Wit- 
nesses: Henry Ward, Robert Mutton. Proved 5 Feb., 1644-5, by 
the executrix. (Commissary of London, Vol. 30, f. 15.) 

In this most valuable will we are enabled to locate three of 
the name in New England, all evidently brothers, of whom the 
deceased husband of the testatrix, who seems to have been Alex- 
ander, was of Ipswich, Mass., in 1635, and had been an innkeeper 
at Chelmsford, Essex, in Old England, before his emigration.* 
That he was also a mariner is clearly indicated by the mention of 
his sea clothes and instruments — a fact that also accounts for the 
absence of his name from the shipping list in which those of his 
wife Sarah, aged 50, the testatrix, and daughter (or sister) 
Dorothy, aged 30, appear.f 

Philip, the next brother, who had under the will the sea 
clothes and instruments above mentioned, was of Charlestown, 
Mass., in 1637. He was there a cooper, and by wife Margery had 
five children who, at his death in 1665, were of ages varying 
from eleven to twenty-six years. 

Robert, who was in Holland at the time of the making of the 
will, was perhaps that Robert, formerly of Bristol, England, 
merchant, who was appointed attorney for Abraham Shurt of 
Pemaquid in 1647, and who married, about 1651, Anne, widow of 

* Vincent's Hist, of the Pequoit War. 
t Savage, III, 35. 

nog. ] Clues front English Archives Contributory to American Genealogy. 239 

Thomas Cromwell, a wealthy privateersman, rather than that 
Robert of Marblehead, carpenter, who came in the Bevis in 1638 * 

Will Nuncupative of Thomas Mathi wes of Merchants hope in 
Virginia, chirurgion, who deceased in Wapping at Mr Baker (the 
chirurgion's) house on the 16th day of June, 1645, (ami) who be- 
fore his death, in presence of Alexander Eaton of Wapping, 
apothecary, and Rebecca Pope of the same, widow, declared 
these words following: — I owe {certain sums) unto Mr Sadler, 
Mr Coyny.f Mr Abraham Redman, and my brother Knowles for 
a small birding piece. I have in my cheste a pair of muske codds 
of Mr Dickeson; Mr West sent them him. I have now in London 
35 hogsheads of tobacco in Capt. Andrewes his warehouse, 
whereof I give one to Mrs Converse and three to my sister 
Redman. Mr Wilson oweth me ,£22-14-0, which I paid for him 
to Mr MenefreeJ in Virginia. Two empty cases I owe to one 
John Carey of Ratcliffe. I give to Mr William Baker's daughter 
for their love to me ,£15. Let John Cole have again the hill he 
turned over to me. I desire that my will 1 made in Virginia 
may stand. To Mr Pidgeon 10s. To the minister, Mr Jones, / 5. 
Witnesses: Alexander Eaton, Rebecca Pope, William Baker, 
Anne Baker. 3 July, 1645, commission to Thomas Wilson, 
creditor, to administer, no executor being named. (Commmis- 
sary of London, Vol. 30, f. 50.) 

3 July, 1645, I Catherine Morley of Stanmore Magna, co. 
Middlesex, widow, being somewhat weak in body . . . give 
to the poor of Stanmore 40s.; to my daughter Mrs Anne Gate a 
Portugal piece, value three or four pounds; to my youngest son 
James Morley and heirs my messuage and land at Lucas-end in 
Cheshunt Leyes, co. Hartford, in as full and ample manner as 
they were to me surrendered long since by my son in law 
Thomas Gate of the Inner Temple, London, Esq , provided 
always that he the said fames Morley do pay or cause to be | 
unto my eldest son John Morley, now living in New England, 
three fourth parts of the real rent thereof from time to time, 
being lawfully demanded, during the natural life of my said son 
John Morley, and if the said James shall make default of such 
payment, then the said premises shall be to the use of the said 
John Morley, his heir ■ ■:, he or they paying 

unto t!i ■ said ! t:ncs a like fourth part in like manner. I further 
will and bequeath unto my said son John Morley a Bible, de- 
siring God to give him grace to make good use thereof, As also 
the sum of /'10 in m 1 nest of drawers with old 

lynen and other nee household stuff (sic), which I 

over to him in my life time. To my grandchild [udith 
ith, and to her sister Katherin 

I mr., widow (P, C. C. Bn 

the Samuel . 


24O Clues from English Archives Contributory to American Genealogy. [Oct., 

cushion cloth, both of mine own making, desiring them to accept 
of them as the widow's mite. To my grandchild {blank) Morley, 
resident at Norremberg, son of my late son Thomas Morley de- 
ceased, ^5. Residuary legatee and executor, my son James, 
willing him to remember the servants in the house of my brother 
Mr Thomas Burnell for their pains in this my long and heavy 
visitation. Overseers: my said brother Mr Thomas Burnell, 
desiring him to be ayding and assisting to my son James, as also 
to my poor son John Morley now in New England. Witnesses: 
Thomas Burnell, Hester Burnell, Mary Thomas. Proved 6 
August, 1645, by the executor named. (Commissary of London, 
Vol. 30, f. 58.) 

Katherine Morley, the testatrix, was widow of Thomas Morley 
of London, merchant, and daughter of John Burnell of London, 
merchant, by his wife Anne, daughter of William Seabright of 
London, town clerk. See the pedigrees of both families in the 
Visitation of London, 1634,* which indicate clearly the relation- 
ships shown in the will. Arms of Morley: Sable, a leopard's head 
argent, jessant de lys gules, charged with three mullets. Crest: A 
talbot at gaze. \ 

John Morley of Braintree, Mass., freeman, May, 1645, removed 
1658 to Charlestown, where he was received into the church 6 
August. He died there 24 Jan., 1661, and his widow, Constant 
Starr, in 1669. His will gives her all his estate in New England, 
and lands in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, Old England, with re- 
mainder to her sister Anne Farmer. J In this will he refers to 
the will of his mother Katherine Morley, now first discovered. 
He was a legatee in the will of his uncle Thomas Burnall, citizen 
and cloth worker of London, his mothers brother, 19, Aug., 1661, 
although then deceased. 

Will of Thomas Hart of the parish of Stepney, co. Middlesex, 
gent, dated 3 Sept., 1661. Being weake in body. To Mr Richard 
Darnell who married my daughter (blank) the sum of fourscore 
pounds, being the remainder of ,£100 promised to him in mar- 
riage. My executors shall give my daughter Susan lodging and 
dyet during her life, and she shall have the benefit of the doors 
of the bowling greens as formerly. To my daughter Jane, wife 
of John Clopton (now beyond seas) my executors shall give 
her lodging and dyet until it pleaseth God to send her husband 
home. To the said John Clopton ,£5. Daughter Elizabeth 
Stevens, widow, ^5. My two sons Henry Hart and Thomas§ Hart 
20s. each to make them rings. Executors and residuary legatees, 
my son in law Mr Thomas White and Mary his wife. Witnesses: 
Humphrey Brooke, Andrew Middleton, Nath: Johnson, John 
Burnford. Proved 15 Jan., 1662-3, by the executors named. 
(Commissary of London, Vol. 31, f. 197.) 

* Harl. Soc, XV, 123, and XVII, HI. 
t Ibid., XVII, 111. 
% Savage, III, 233; Pope, 319. 

§ Not in Waters, but see his later will of a Thomas Hart, perhaps the son 
Thomas above named (Gleanings, II, 914). 

( To be continued. I 

1909.] Lists of Germans from the Palatinate who came to England in ifoq- 2 A I 


(Continued from Vol. XL, p. 167, ol the RECORD.) 

The following lists are copied from the original documents 
preserved in the British Museum Library, London, England, and 
should be of the greatest genealogical interest to those families in 
the States of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and else- 
where, which claim descent from the so-called Palatine settlers. 
These lists have never before been printed to the knowledge of 
the Editor, and it should be noted that the word " son " or " sons " 
and "dau." or "daus." followed by figures denote that the heads 
of the family had as many sons or daughters, as there are figures, 
and that these sons and daughters were of the respective ages 
denoted by the figures. The word "wife" indicates that the 
head of the family was married and that the wife was living. 
The abbreviations "Ref.," "Luth.," "Bap." and "Cath.," mean 
that the family belonged to the Reformed, Lutheran, Baptist or 
Catholic Churches. 

Board of Trade Miscellaneous. Vol. 2. No. D 68. 

Public Record Office, London. 

List of the poor Palatines that are arrived in St. Cathrin's, the 
2nd of June, 1709. 

Third Arrivals — Continued. 




Kuth, Peter 

Sturteweg, Caspar 

Schaffer, Lorentz 

>-rg, Christian 

Drummer, < ierard 

Becker, Peter 

Klein, Ludwig 

Bell, jphan Kngel 

Klur, Peter 

Schreiber, Albert 

Wolf, Peter 

Thurdoerf, F riederich. . . . 


Tung, A'laii) 

Knoehl, Herman 

I, Andrew 

Si bmids, Christian 

1 , |ohan 

Noll. Daniell 

Middler, William 

Rahrneggcr, N'iciil 










242 Lists of Germans from the Palatinate who came to England in fjog. [Oct., 

Scherer, Ebald 

Loucks, Philip , 


Zinger, Nicol 

Hirt, Stephen 

Auckland, Arnold 

Wendels, Johan Peter. . , 
Frank, Johan Martin. . . , 


Koster, Henry 

Bertshy, Rudolph 

Gedert, Johan 

Wolfschlager, Melchoir. 

Schmidt, Caspar 

Rottenflohr, John 

Ehrenwein, John 

Hafer, Peter 

Menges, John 

Dietrich, Bernhard 

Eisen, Anton 

Schlecht, John 

Gnaedig, John 

Escheroeder, Hendrick. 

Conrad, Matthew 

Port, John 

Lang, Christian 

Wickert, Melchoir 

Huper, Ludolf 

Schwarz, George 

Knichel, John 

Metz, Andrew 

Schlick, Martin 

Kniddelmeyer, Caspar. 

Metz, Andrew 

Dorry, Conrad 

Spad, Ludwig 

Rufner, Thomas 

Gerhard, Peter 

Wolf, Conrad 

Schneider, Conrad 

Volldrauer, Matthew.. 

Kuntz, Philip 

Kegelman, Leonhard . . 

Graef, Georg 

Bergman, Andreas. . . . 

Lineman, Justus 

Buss, John Jacob 

Vier, Jacob 

Drap, Lorentz 

Noll, Bernhard 

Habigt, John 

Black, Nicol 

Eydicker, John 


Jacobi, John (will turn Prot- 

Kraemer, John 












13. '0.7.3 



9.3. l A 


10, 5,2 





18, 12, 



". 9. 2 

13. 6, 3, 
1 m. 

4. 1 



10, 8, 4 

15.8. K 

1909.] Lists of Germans from the Palatinate who came to I0it;land in i}og. 243 

Lanbegeier, Gottlieb 

Reif, John Peter 64 

Hamel, John 66 

. fohn 25 

Wollebe, John 33 

Wickhart, Conrad 

Kloetter, John j.j 

Hamel, Jonas 

I lienes, August 26 


Barrabam, Ezechias. . . 

Beck, Conrad 

Zacharias, Lorentz.... 

Corrier, Carl 

Herber, Caspar 

Wamoii, Jacob 

Fisher, John 

Petri, Jacob 

Liebler, |ohn 

Horst, Walter 

Spanknebel, Peter 

l/mbauer, Adam 

egger, Caspar. 
Conradt, Christoph 
Eydecker, Michel. . . . 

, Valentin 

Spader, Simon 

Alberts, Jacob 


Lichte, John 

Kab, Kilian 

Diel, Adolf 

Yolk, Peter 

Yolk, Oswald 

Mekes, Bartin 

Meic, Andrew 

LaMothe, Daniel 

Lerner, Matthew 

Gaus, Nicol 

Eich, Martin 

Bay, Wendell 

Kraft. Matthew 

, Andrew 

. Philip 

Srhilcr, Matthew. . . 
Heisterbach, Nicol. 

I, John 

Spielman, John 

Roetbgen, Nicol — 


Munkcnast, Joseph 


Halgarde, Peter 

Blank, Cassr.m . 

Waldman, Balzar 






3 J 








wife 26 

io, 6, 4, 

5 ds. 
" 8,5 







16, 10 




6,4, 1 






18, it, 9, 















I nth. 










244 Lists of Germans from the Palatinate who came to England in f/OQ. [Oct., 

Egler, Christian. . . 
Tragsal, Jacob .... 
Glaser, Dietrich. . . 
Master, Lambert. . 

Los, Adam 

Los, John 

Zick, Conrad 

Roethgen, Peter.. . 
Krochner, John... 
Schoepf, Thomas.. 
Schmidt, Henry. .. 
Theis, Thomas. . . . 
Roeger, Dietrich.. 

Lopp, Jacob 

Weimar, Simon. . . 

Wolfee, Peter 

Mulleker, Francis. 

Trausch, John 

Isler, Nicholas. . . . 


Reideman, Martin. 

Gerger, John 

Mueller, Georg 

Lunch, Caspar. . . . 


Zimmerman, Matthew. 

Naegler, Jacob 

Koster, Dietrich 

Rufer, Peter 

Ditmar, David 

Menges, John 

Weber, Michael 

Scheman, Valentin 


Lambrecht, Georg.. 

Bundersgell, John. 
Goeddel, Jacob — 


Giees, Fridrik 

Andrus, Michel 

Diess, John 

Marry, David 

Munchofer, Philipp.. . 
Ashenburg, William.. 
Schomberger, Georg. 
du Bray. Peter 


Slott, Ulrich 

Kern, Francis 

Miller, Philip 

Dietz, William 

Schnaeblin, Rudolf 

Merket, Peter 

Schafer, Tohn 

Rhode, Philip 














20, 16, 14, 

20, 16, 14 












10, 4, 2 

8 days 



4,2, '4 
2 m. 



10. 14,4 

I909-] Lists a' Germans from the Palatinate who came to England in iycx). .4" 

Hach, Peter 35 

t lochappel, John 43 

Artus, Isac 43 

Heyd, Nicol 24 

Koehler, Jacob 54 

Wickbart, William. 
Mahler, Bastian 

Land, Anton 

Aidenuess, Philip. . 
Kreisher, Ludwig.. 
Ringer, John Thiel. 
Hanson, Bernhard.. 
Gesch, Godfried.. . . 

Schwan, John 

Big, John 

Dietrich, Jacob 

Walter, Rudolf 

Scherer, Just 

Rehm, Anton 


Friedrik, Nicol 

Alman, Simon 

Reiser, Michel 

Stricksheiser, Balzar 

That, Bernhard 

Meyer, Jacob 

Bruch, Michael 

Frank, Michel 

Frantz, Conrad 

Tanner, Urban 

Kemmer, Peter 

r, Philip 

I It rman, Philip 

. John 

i . Henry 

Zeller, John 

Kaui, Matthew 

Braun, Lucas 

Mara, Peter 

Kirches, Paul 

Ehrlii h, John 

Muller, Adam 

Merden, Christoph 


Schneider, Joachim.. . 
Taber), Ebert. 


Meier, Paul 

Schmidt, Matthew.. . 
1 lofman, I lenry 

Cbristhiles, George. . 

Pfeifer, Peter 

Kraus, [ohn 

sser, Philip.. 
Weiss. George 

















23, 16, 10 
16, 10, 'A 


l8, 12,2 


13.10. 7, 'A 





18, 14, 12, 
10, 4 




'7. '5 

6, 4. 3. « 























2A.6 Lists of Germans from the Palatinate who came to England in i~oq. [Oct., 



Meiss, Henry 

Wagner, Conrad 

Schezinger, John 

Bauer, John 

Ruhl, Daniel 

Sherer, Peter 

Becker, Michel 

Shmidt, Nicol 

Giessiebel, John Michel, 
Fuchs, John Bernhard. . 

Carp, John 

Albert, John 

Scheur, Peter 

Bast, Nicol 

Steinbacher, Philip 


Weichel, Frederick.... 
Hollander, Melchoir. . . . 


Schmidt, Peter 

Michel, Henry 


Fohrer, John. . 
Hess, Andrew. 


Winter, Melchior... 
Petri, Andrew 


Schmidt, Michel. 
Philipps, Jacob.. . 
Henrich, Caspar. 
Gresman, Henry. 
Manke, George. . . 


Mehden, Martin 

Meyer, Egidy 

Walter, Jacob 

Wannenmacher, Henry. 


Carten, John 

du Bray, John 

Bucholts, John 

Rhod, Jacob. 


Legoli, John 


Herbst, John 

















14, 12 


20, 18 


20, 14, 11 


9, 12, 10 


22, 17.7 






























1909.] Lists of Germans from the Palatinate who came to England in 1709. 247 


Hopf, George 


Pfiz, Joseph 

Pfiz, Jacob 


Zinckin, Elizabeth 

Wenzelin, Anne 

Mullerin, Mary 

Meyerin, Barbara 

Rosmanin, Catherin 

Finkin, Ursula 

Wellerin, Anna 

Mullerin, Mary 

Meyerin, liarbara 

Seelingerin, Margretha.. 
Kutigin, Elizabeth 

i XA 

Andelsin, Catherin 

Keinin, Rose 

Ekern, Anna 

Schneiilenn, Margretha.. 

Sonnenhofin, Mary 

Keyserin, Anna 

Noset, Susana 

Leschenn, Magdalen. . . . 

Mathesin, Anna 

1, M iry 

Wenzel, Anna Mary 

Schuch, Anna Catherine. 

Schmid, Christine 

Schaeferin, Eleanore. . . . 

Sickin, Cecelia 

Jaegerin, Elizabeth 

Nellcsin, Anna Eve 

Huntin, Jane 

Meyschin, Jane 

Schwart, lane Jacob. . . 

Jungin, Elizabeth 

Schmid, Barbara 

Kueferin, Eva 

Muelli-rm, Susanna 

Herzin, Margretha 

Engels, Anna Mary 

Nonin, Elizabeth 

Volpertin, Margretha.. . 

Slacyrin, Elizabeth 

Hup, Margretha 

Fischi ilia. . . 

Altheim, Anna 

Schellberger, Catherine. 

i 1 in, Anna 

Schwartz, Elizabeth.... 


Tauflin, Catherine 

Tagin, Catherine 

rin, Anna 

Fuchsin, Mary 

Fuchsin, Margarcth 











16, 10 





23,20, IB 
24, 22, 12 

7. M,2 




11, 6, 4 





















< ith. 






Lists of Germans from the Palatinate who came to England in 170Q. [Oct., 

Bergin, Anna 

Weidmannin, Elizabeth . . . 

Zeltnerin, Urzula 

Ozeberger, Mary 

Hey, Anna 

Durrin, Catherine 

Appelin, Elizabeth 

Rup, Margretha 

Jaegerin, Mary 

Meyerin, Elizabeth 

Gott, Mary 

Huberin, Christina 

Manderset, Mary 

Schmidt, Eva Mary 

Lutz, Anna Mary 

Brugerin, Mary 

Muserin, Anna 

Lauer, Agnes 

Henzelin, Eva 

Henzelin, Mary 

Margareth, Elizabeth. . . . 

Jahnin, Elizabeth 

Volkerin, Margareth 

Closin, Mary 

Margretha, Anna 

Geldmacherin, Sabina. . . . 

Hubnerin, Margaret 

Hoffman. Catherin 

Bellin, Mary 

Midler, Juliana 

Eyfelin, Christina 

Witschlager, Magdalene.. 

Haas, Elizabeth 

Langin, Elizabeth 

Dales, Catherine 

Fishers, Margaretha 

Burder, Magdalena 

Mullerin, Margaretha 

Laurmannin, Eva 

Mallot, Catharina 

Kahl, Margaretha 

Fischerin, Margaretha.... 

Glasin, Margaretha 

Catherin, Anna 

Dres, Catherine 



















Turners 2 

Millers 9 

Smiths 15 

Wheelwrights 5 

Woolen Weavers 2 

Stocking Weavers 2 

Tanners 2 

Saddlers 2 

Hunters 3 

Potters 3 

Brickmakers 3 

Total, 590 

(Endorsed) Miscellanies List of Poor Palatines arrived from Germany 
2. June, 1709. Received from Mr. Rupert, 21 Juue, 1709. D. 68. 
( To be continued.) 

Schooolmasters 5 

Husbandmen & Vinedressers . . . 460 

Carpenters 45 

Bakers II 

Tailors 18 

Shoemakers 20 

Masons 28 

Joiners 8 

Butchers 8 

Linenweavers 27 

Coopers 23 

1 909.] The Dutcher Family. 249 





Walter Kenneth Griffin, B.Sc, London, B. A., 1. 1.. H. 

Abbreviations:— K— Kingston D. Ch. Re. rtown D. Ch. Record. N. Y.— 

N V Dutch Ch. Record. 3 vols N VI. \ V Luthi s, Holland 

. peal and Biographical Record. M. — Marriage 

Entrv. All references are t> numbered entries when the printed record numbers entries. An 
asterisk (•) refers the reader to the re-appcarance. later, of the same number, when the name 
is printed in capitals, tor further information. Detail as to the identity of sponsors is on the 
responsibility of the compiler. The births, etc., of the 5th generation are manifestly in- 

(Continued from Vol. XL., p. 193. of the Record.) 

10 Willemje'Oosteroom.bap. 21 Nov., r686, at Brooklyn (1897 
Holl. So., 159); wit.: Jan (Corneliszen) Buys and 
Grietje Jacobs (Jan Oosteroom's stepmother); m. her 
cousin, Hendrick Buys (b. 2 April, 1684, at Bergen, 
N. J.), son of Adriaen (Ariaen) Petersen Buys, from 
Tiel, who 30 Sept., 1672, at Bergen, N. J., m. Treyntje 
Hendrickse Oosteroom, b. 16 Aug., 1654 (2 X \ '., 37), 
sister of Jan (5) Issue: 

108 Arye 5 (Arien, Adriaen) Buys, bap. 10 March, 1707 

(K, 1629); wit.: Johannes Van Kleeck and 
Helena van den Bogaert. 

109 Jan Buys, bap. 20 April, 1709 (2 N. Y., 338); 

wit.: Isaac Anderson and his wife Prudence 
109a Pieter Buys, bap. Nov. 1, 171 1; Parents: Hen- 
rick Beiss and Wilhelmina "commonly called 
Williampe" ( V. p, No. 87); wit.: Pieter 

Van Kirek; bap. in Poughkeepsie. 

110 Magtelt Buys, bap. 1 '■'. Y. ,;;i); 

\V t.: Pieter and Jannetje Buys; m. Benj, 
Van Yliet. 

hi Tryntjen Buys, bap. 8 Feb., 171''; b. at Pough- 
keepsie; wit.: Fransz van den Boogaard and 
Catharina van den Boogaanl. 

1 1 j Arien Buys, bai 

wit.: Machiel Parmentier and his wife Marytje 

Note:— Since the printing of tl^ 
attention has ■ ' r " nl 

in. "f I lendi 

■■ i lei , N. I., 1 1 Aug.), I( 78, Her- 
man I lit! the 
, wn of Henrick [a 
referred to, as the baptism of the 2ml [an shows that the earlier [an died young. 

250 The Butcher Family. [Oct., 

112a Engeltje Buys, bap. 13 Feb., 1726 (Linlithgo); 
Parents: Hendr. Buys and Willemtje; wit.: 
Joh. Dyckman, Jr., and Engeltje Dyckman. 

17 Jannetje Oosteroom, b. at Poughkeepsie; bap. 3 June, 

1694 (K., 772); wit.: Robert Sanders and Helena Scher- 
merhorn; mar. banns 4 Oct., 1713 (K. M., 304), Jonas 
Slot; b. at Esopus; bap. 4 Sept., 1681 (K., 236), son of 
Pieter Janszen Slot and Maertje Van Winckel his 
wife. Maertje, dau. of Jacob Walings van Winckel, 
and not " Willems, Jr.," as given in Kingston Entry 
(No. 236). Pieter had land at Bergen, N. J., and was 
son of Jan Pieterszen Slot, who arrived after 1639, 
from Holstein; Magistrate at Harlem, N. Y., in 1665 
(Riker's Harlem, 95, 217, &c; Winfield's Land Titles, 
69). Jonas was alive in Poughkeepsie in 1745. Issue: 

113 Marytjen 6 Slot, bap. 2 Feb., 1714 (K., 2203); bap. 

in Poughkeepsie; wit.: Jan Oosteroom and 
Magtelt Roelofs (5); mar. banns registered 
10 Nov., 1734 (Fishkill), Abraham Dalsen or 

18 Roelof Oosteroom, b. 26 June, 1698 (K., 1046); wit.: Hen- 

drick Oosteroom and Jannetie Oosteroom, Jan's father 
and sister; m. Maria Relje; b. 21 Feb., 1703 (K., 1377); 
dau. of Denyse Areyns Relje and Jannetje or Joanna 
Le Roy or De rowae, according as French or Dutch 
clerks wrote the name (see 12 April, 1713, 2 N. Y., 367). 
Jannetje's sister Maria Ann was the wife of Hugo 2 
Freer. Roelof was Poughkeepsie Church Deacon, 
Jan., 1753. Issue: 

114 Jan 6 Oosterom, bap. 3 Jan., 1722 (Poughkeepsie); 

wits.: Hendrick Oosterom and Grietjen 
(Jacobs) Oosterom (his 2d wife); m. Anna 
Van Vliet (20 N. Y. Gen., 174), 10 Feb., 1754, 
Lower Rhinebeck. 

115 D'Nie (Denys) Oosterom, bap. 1725 (Pough- 

keepsie); wit.: Johannes Oosterom and Jan- 
netjen Relje (No. 20b). 

116 Rulof Oosterom, bap. 30 Oct., 1726 "four weeks 

old"(N. Y. Luth. Ch); wit.: Jan "Oosterhout" 
(sic), and his wife Blandina (Relje), (No. 20c.) 

117 Hendrick Oosterom, b. 1 April, 1731 (N. Y. 

Luth. Ch.); wit.: Hendrick Philips (No. 19), 
and his wife Marytje Oosterom; m. Marretje 
Westvaal (?) 
117a Barent Oosterom, bap. 17 March 1732 (Lower 
Rhinebeck); wit.: Barent Van Kleeck and 
Antonette Palmentier; m. Rebecca Westvaal, 
27 Nov., 1756, Lower Rhinebeck. 

118 Magtel Oosterom, bap. 23 June, 1736 (Fishkill); 

wit.: Koert Van Voorhies and his wife Cath- 
arine Filkins; m. Benjamin Van Vliet(?) (see 
No. 137). 

1909.] The Dutcher Family. 251 

119 Jannetje Oosterom, bap. 9 May, 1740 (Pough- 

keepsie); wit.: Johannes kynders (No. 101) 
and his wife Helena van de Bogert. 

19 Maritje Oosteroom, bap. 25 Aug., 1700 (K., 1189); wit.: 
Rolof de Duytser (No. 12) and Catharina de Duytser 
(No. 9); m. Hendrick Philips; untraced. Hendrick 
was in 1730 deacon at Fishkill and made his mark to 
the call for a minister to Poughkeepsie and Fishkill. 

120 Magtel 6 Philips, bap. 4 Feb., 1720 (Poughkeep- 

sie); wit.: Hendrick Oosterum and Catrina 

121 Orseltjen Philips, b. Fishkill; bap. 3 Jan., 1722 

(Poughkeepsie); wit.: Roelof Oosterum and 
Margaret Oosterum; m. Simon Rilje (Ralje), 
21 Oct., 1749, at Fishkill. 

122 Jan Philips, bap. 6 May, 1724 (Poughkeepsie); 

wit.: Hendrick Thomaszen (No. 20a) and 
Marytjen Buys; m. Maria Roo, 20 Sept., 1747 

123 Hendrick Philips, bap. 6 Feb., 1726 (K , 3446); 

wit.: Johannes Masten and his wife Marytjen 
Wels (No. 22). 

124 Roelof Philips, son of Hendrick, m. Barbara 

Voorhies, 4 Aug., 1752, at Fishkill. See Hope- 
well, 20 Feb., 1765. 

125 Leonard Philips, bap. 3 Oct., 1731 (Poughkeep- 

sie); wit.: Leonard Luewes and Kataryna 
Luewes. Entry crossed out. 

126 Magtel Philips, bap. 17 March, 1732 (Lower 

Rhinebeck); wit.: Jan Oosteroom and Blan- 
dina Ralje (No. 20c); m. 4 Jan., 1753, Cor- 
nelius Bogardus, at Fishkill. 

127 Jacobus Philips, bap. 23 Tune, 1736 (Fishkill); 

wit.; Jacobus Ryiulers (No. 102) and his wife 
Susta Virile. 

128 Catharina Philips, bap. 10 Sept., 1740 (Fishkill); 

wit.: Robert Brit and Catharina Dubois (his 

129 Abraham Philips, bap. 10 April, 1743 (Fishkill); 

wit.: Hermanus Rynders and his wife Eliza- 
beth Bertlcy (No. 100). 

20 Hendrick Ooster.. [arytje Davids (untraced) be- 

fore 1725. The following can only be a partial list of 
his children: 

130 Jan* Osteroom, bap. 1 June, 1725 (Poughkeep 

wit.: Roelof Oosterom (N0.18) and his wife 

13 1 '.' terom, bap. 14 March, 1733 (Fishkill); 

wit.: Ary Van Vfiet and Janneke Knot; d 

2C2 The Dutcher Family. [Oct., 

132 Marya Oosterom, bap. 9 May, 1740 (Poughkeep- 

sie); wit.: Johannes Davids and Catrina de 
Duytscher (No. 37). 

133 Henderickus Oosterom, bap. 1 July, 1741 (Fish- 

kill); wit.: Tunis Van Vliet and Sara Van 
20a Margariet Oosterom, m. Hendrick Thomaszen (un- 
traced), bap. 1724. Issue, probably among others: 

134 MachteP Thomaszen, b. 30 Sept., 1724 (Pough- 

keepsie); wit.: Hendrick Philips and his wife 
Marretje Oosterom (No. 19). 

135 Tryntje Thomaszen, bap. Monday, 10 April, 1732 

(Fishkill); wit.: Isaac Dolse and Lena Reyn- 
ders (b. Bogert, see No. 101). 

20b Johannes Oosterom, bap. 15 Aug., 1703 (K., 1414). The 
mother appears as " Mageltje de Duytser;" wit.: Pieter 
du Bois and Jacomyntje Fynhout. Either this Johan- 
nes or Johannes (No. 20c) was the one who m. Jannetjen 
Relje, without doubt a dau. of Denyse Areyns Relje 
and Jannetje Le Roy (see under No. 18). Issue: 

136 Jannetjen 6 Oosterom, bap. 11 Sept., 1723 (Pough- 

keepsie); wit.: Roelof Oosterom and Marytjen 
Relje (No. 18). 

137 Magtel Oosterom, bap. 6 Feb., 1726 (K., 3447); 

wit.: Zamuel Welsand Margrietjen Wels; m.(?) 
Benj. Van Vliet (20 N. Y. Gen., 174). (See 
No. 118.) 

138 'Tryntje Oosterom, bap. 19 March, 1731 (N. Y. 

Luth. Ch.); wit.: "Jan Osterum and his wife 
Claudyne" (Relje) (No. 20c). 

139 Johanna Oosterom, bap. 2 June, 1739 (N. Y. 

Luth. Ch.); wit.: Cornelius Van Aken and 
Hester Rallie (Relje). 

20c Jan Oosterom, Jr., m. Claudyne or Blandyna Relje, b. 17 
March, 1706 (K., 1531), dau. of Denyse Ariens Relje 
and Jannetje Le Roy. The existence of the two Jans, 
Nos. 20b and 20c, is at present a puzzle. He is once 
called " Junior." Issue: 

140 Jannetjen' Oosterom, bap. 1 June, 1725 (Pough- 

keepsie); wit.: Hendrik Oosterom and his 
wife Maria Davids (No. 20). 

141 Jan Oosterom, bap. 30 Oct., 1726 (N. Y. Luth. 

Ch.); the name is given as " Osterhout;" wit.: 
Roelof " Oosterhout " (sic), and his wife 
Maria Rellie (Relje) (No. 18). 

142 Deny Oosterom, bap. 14 Aug., 1730 (N. Y. Luth. 

Ch.); wit.: John Conckling and his wife An- 
natje (Storm). 

143 Hendrick Oosterom, bap. 17 March, 1732 (Lower 

Rhinebeck); wit.: Hendrick Philips and his 
wife Mareitje Oosterom (No. 19). 

1909.] The Dutcher Family. 253 

144 David Oosterom, bap. 17 Nov., 1737 (N. Y. Luth. 

Ch); wit.: David Raillie (Relje) and Tryntje 
Reinertse. (See No. 107a.) 

145 Roelot" Oosterom, bap. 9 May, 1740 (Poughkeep- 

sie); wit.: Denys Relje and "Dientje" (Dinah) 
Le Roy. 

146 Hendrikus Oosterom, bap. 8 June, 1742 (Pough- 

keepsie); wit.: Hermanus Reynders and his 
wife Eliz. Berteley (No. 100). 
" Blandina Raljee," as Jan's widow, was a Poughkeepsie 
church member in 1769. In 1760 she subscribed 16/s. 
to the erection of the church building. Jan was one 
of the elders. 
In consequence of lost Poughkeepsie records, I can 
as yet place the following, all m. at Poughkeepsie: 

1 4 7 Cornelia' Oosterom, m. 2 1 Feb., 1 746, Peter Freer. 

148 Maria Oostrom, b. Fishkill; m. 13 Nov., 1747, 

Roelof Oostrom, b. Fishkill, living 9 Partners. 

149 Andries Oostrom, m. 14 April, 1 752, Saartje Low 

150 Nelli Oostrom, m. 20 Jan., 1750, Jacob Wester- 


151 Sara Oostrom, m. 19 Oct., 1754, Joseph Owen. 

7. Cornelis* ye Duitcher (Jan, No. 3, Willem, No. 1), is first 
recorded, t Sept., 1689, as an absentee at the time of taking the 
oath of English allegiance (Ulster Co. Hist., 70); m. before 1693, 
Leonora de Hooges (dau. of Anthony de Hoogcs and Eva, dau. of 
Albert Andrieszen Pratt), b. before 1655, when her father died, 
and widow of Willem Monjeur de la Montagne (b. 22 April, 1641), 
by whom she had seven children. Her father, of "Anthony's 
Nose " fame, who arrived in 1 64 1, was Superintendent of the Colony 
of Rensselaerwyck, secretary, bookkeeper and "Vorleser." His 
history now appears fully in Van Rensselaer-Bouwier Manu- 
scripts, p. 825. Leonora's mother m. (2) Roelof Swarthout, 
Magistrate, etc., at Kingston, X. V. See Swarthout Chronicles 
and De Forests of Avesnes. Cornelis is, in error, given by Mr. 
Whittemore in his De Duytscher Genealogy as the de Duytsctaer 
ancestor. The age of his wife was a great stumbling block to the 
Jafi Willemszcn theory until Mr. Van Laer at Albany, at my 
request, courteously examined the affidavits there of record, 
whereby it appeared that Cornelis, 17 I '< t , 172.', gave his a 
about 55 years, 01 - it 1667. His wife, who m. (1) in 

(K. M., 30), was therefore at least 12, and p s, his 

senior, which explains his having only one child by her. 
1693, he and his wife mortgaged to Win Fisher land al Mom- 
baccus, formerly of Wm. di Co. D A A., 

120). 20 Jan., 1712, Cornelis and his dan 

spons< 'r-. to a child, < 1 ( K., 

2018). 17m, he was private in Capl fohi 
ter Co. (1897 N. V State Hi it, i; 
■ ■ 
other's lands at Wayh ickaneck, on I 

254 The Dutcher Family. [Oct., 

Orange Co., by the Swarthouts (Cal. of N. Y. Eng. Man., 447), 
and 17 Oct., 1722, in New York City, he made his mark to an 
affidavit, giving his age, as to the quarrel between Edward Blagg 
and the Swarthouts, before Lewis Morris, Jr., a notary (Cal. of 
N. Y. Eng. Man., 473). 20 Jan., 17 15, he was assessed at Roches- 
ter, Ulster Co., N. Y., on ^25 of real estate. 1738, he was 
assessed on ^10. 15s. at Minnising, towards building the new jail 
at Goshen (Hist, of Sussex Co., N. J., p. 30). Issue: 

21 Margriet' de Duytser, b. in Hurley; bap. 23 April, 1693 
(K., 746); wit.: Bernardus Swarthout and Lysabeth 
Hendricks, wife of Paulus Paulusen (K., 121), to whose 
child Leonora de Hooges had been sponsor in 1673; 
m. 19 Nov., 1717 (K. M., 379), Jacob Westvaal, b. King- 
ston; bap. 23 April, 1693 (K., 738), son of Johannes 
Westvaal (33 N. Y. Gen., 10 and 87), and Marritje Cool, 
his wife, b. 7 March, 1666 (K., 68), dau. of Jacob Barent- 
sen Cool, son of the emigrant Barent Jacobsen Cool. 
(See Cole Family, by Dr. David Cole.) Issue: 

152 Maria 5 Westvaal, bap. 28 Jan., 1719, Deer Park 

(Port Jervis), N. Y.; wit.: Micael Westvaal 
and Margriet de Duyser (No. 21). 

153 Eleonora Westvaal, b. 22 Oct., 1721 (K., 2920); 

wit.: Johannes Masten and his wife Marytjen 
Wels (No. 22). 

154 Cornells Westvaal, bap. 1 Sept., 1723 (K., 314 2 ); 

wit.: Richard Wels (No. 24) and Margriet de 

155 Elisabeth Westvaal, b. Rochester, Ulster Co.; 

bap. 16 Jan., 1726 (K., 3425); wit.: Nicholas de 
Pue and Weyntjen Roosa. 

156 Zara (Sarah) Westvaal, b. Rochester; bap. 6 Oct., 

1788; wit.: Jacob (van) Kuykendaal and (his 
2d wife) Zara Westvaal (K., 3793). 

157 Sophia Westvaal, bap. in Menissing, 19 June, 

1734; wit.: Jan Van Vliet and Fransynche 
Swarthout (K., 4356). 

158 Margriet Westvaal, bap. 26 Aug., 1736, in Menis- 

sing; wit.: Salamo Davids (i. e. Solomon Davis, 
the Indian trader) and Belitje Quik (K., 4650). 

8. Cornelia Jansen 8 de Duytser (Jan, No. 3, Willem, No. 1), m. 

John Wels (Wells, Welds, Welst), son of Richard Wels, probably 

an Englishman. Issue: 

22 Maria' Wels, bap. 20 Oct., 1689; wit.: Jan Hamel and his 
wife Gertrude Krom (K., 641); m. 25 Jan., 1712 (K. M., 
2 73)< John Masten, b. 3 March, 1678 (K., 141), son of 
Cornells Masten and Elisabeth Aertsen (Van Wag- 
enen), and widower of Marytjen Swart, by whom he 
had seven children (see Van Wagenen Genealogy, 6 
and 13; Masten Genealogy; 20 N. Y. Gen., 171, et seq. 

1909.] The Dulcher Family. 255 

159 Elizabeth' Master), bap. 21 Dec., 1 7 1 2 (K., 2092); 

wit.: Jan Wels and Elysabeth Aartsz (Van 

160 Jan Masten, bap. 17 July, 1715 (K., 2318); wit.: 

Ariaan Van Vlied and G-eertjen Masten. 

161 Aart Masten. bap. 15 I>ec, 1717 (K., 2536); wit.: 

Aart van Wakening and Marytjen Louw. 

162 Wilhelmus Masten, bap. 4 Sept., 1720 (K., 2802).; 

wit.: Ritsert Wels (No. 24) and Margriet 
d'DuytsL-r (No. 21). 

163 Jacobus Masten, bap. 17 March, 1723 (K., 3094); 

wit.: Coenraad Elmendorff and Blandina Kier- 

164 Ezechiel Masten, bap. 1 Aug., 1725 (K., 3361); 

wit.: Jan Wels, Jr. (No. 25) and Margriet Wels 
(No. 27). 

165 Samuel Masten, bap. 11 Aug., 1728 (K., 3767); 

wit.: Samuel Wels (No. 26) and Cornelia Van 
den Berg. 

166 Abraham Masten, bap. 22 June, 1733 (K., 421 1); 

wit.: Cornelis Masten and Elisabeth Masten. 

23 Richard Wels, bap. 8 June, 1694 (K., 802); wit.: (leertje 

Martensen (De la Maitre); d. young. 

24 Rutsjer (Richard) Wels, bap. 4 July, 1697; wit.: thesame 

as to Richard, No. 23 (K., 974); m. 14 April, 1728 (K. 
M., 640), Lea Swart, b. 13 June, 1707 (K., 1643), dau. of 
Adam Swart, who 15 Jan., 1690 (Albany), m. Metje 
Van Slyck, dau. of Wilkin Van Slyck of New Albany. 
Adam being son of Tennis Corneliszen Swart, Magis- 
trate in 1676 of Schnectady, ami Elizabeth Va 
Linde, his wife. See Pearson's Schenectady and N > 
Col. Hist. Documents, Vol. 13, p. 500; also my manu- 
script volume DeSi endanti of ' Teunis t orn, 
soon to be deposited in the Lenox Library, N. Y. City. 


167 Jan' Wels, bap. 9 Feb., 1729 (K., 3851); wit.: Jan 

Wels ( Xn, 25) and Margrii 

168 Metjen Wels, bap. 8 Feb., [730 (K., 3992); wit.: 

Jury Snyder and Johanna S 

169 Wlllem Wels, 'nap. 7 May, i;;.- (K„ 4061); wit : 

Willem Swart and Annatjen do 

170 Benjamin Wels, bap. 2 June, 173.1 (K., 

wit.: Willem Ploeg and Barbara Schoonn 

171 Cornelia Wels, bap, 13 June, 1 ^63 1 ) ; 

wit : Johannes Masten and Marytjen Wels 
(No. 22). 

172 Stephanus Wei (K., 4932); 

wit.: Stephanus Swai t ami Sal I 

173 Lou n els, b. 1 Peb . ■ : : 1 


I [oogeboom 

256 The Dutcher Family. [Oct., 

174 Mareitje Wels, b. 4 April, 1743 (Kaatsbaan); 

wit.: Samuel Wels and Mareitje Oosterhout, 

his wife (No. 26). 
25 Jan Wels, Jr., b. in Kingston; bap. 29 Dec., 1701 (K., 1281); 
wit.: Jacob Barentsen (Cool) and Susanna ( Leg), wifeof 
Jacob du Boys; m. 3 July, 1 731 (K. M., 719), Margaret 
Maklien (McLean), b. in Shawangunk; bap. 1 July, 
1711 (K., 1964); dau. of Jan Maklien of Scotland, and 
Marretjen De Witt, m. 6 Sept., 1702 (K. M., 195); Mar- 
retjen being dau. of Tjerck Claeszen De Witt and 
Barbara Andriessen (De Witt Family of Ulster Co., 17 
TV. Y. Gen., 255; vol. 18, p. 13). Issue: 

175 Jan 6 Wels, bap. 19 March, 1732 (K., 4049); wit.: 

Johannes Masten and Marytjen Wels (No. 22); 
m. Annatje Van Vreedenburg. 

176 Samuel Wels, bap. 24 March, 1734 (K., 4312); 

wit.: names torn out. 

177 Marytgen Wels, bap. 19 Oct., 1735 (K., 4536); 

wit.: Ritsert Wels (No. 24) and Lea Swart, 
his wife. 

178 Willem Wels, bap. 20 Feb., 1737 (K., 4738); wit.: 

Ritsert Wels (No. 24) and Lea Swart, his wife. 

179 Cornelis Wels, bap. 11 Feb., 1739 (K., 5012); wit.: 

Jan Maklien (see No. 25) and Grietje Heer- 

180 Daniel Wels, b. 28 Dec, 1740 (K., 5244); wit.: 

Daniel Maklien and Nenny (?'. e. Nancy) ? 

181 Jeremiah Wels, bap. 7 Nov., 1742 (Lower Rhine- 

beck); wit.: Hugo Freer and Maria De Wit 
(see No. 25). 

182 Abraham Wels, bap. 7 Oct., 1744 (Lower Rhine- 

beck); wit.: Cornelis Meklien and Sara Schoon- 

183 Cornelia Wels, bap. 14 June, 1746 (Lower Rhine- 

beck); wit.: Abraham Osterhout and Ariantje 

184 Benjamin Wels, bap. 23 Sept., 1750 (Lower 

Rhinebeck); wit.: Gysbert Westvaal and his 

wife Annatje. 
26 Samuel Wels, bap. 12 March, 1704 (K., 1454); wit.: Jan 
Roelan(d), husband of Catharine (No. 9) and Lysbet 
(Aertsen van Wagenen, wife of Cornelis) Masten; m. 
12 Oct., 1729 (K. M., 682), Marytjen Oosterhout, b. 15 
April, 1705 (K., 1495), dau. of Theunis Oosterhout and 
Ariaentje Roosa (dau. of Arie Heymanse Roosa and 
Maria Pels. See Roosa Genealogy, 31 N. Y. Gen., 163). 
Theunis, b. 15 Oct., 1668 (K., 94), son of the emigrant 
Jan Janszen "van Oosterhout" and his 2nd wife 
Annatie Gilles, m. 18 Feb., 1663 (K. M., 6). Jan had 
m. (1) 25 Oct., 1653 (N. Y. D. M., 18), Anna Hendricks, 
probably dau. of Hendrick Pieterszen and Geertie 
Everts, his wife.: Issue: 

1909.] The Dutcht-r Family. 257 

185 Wilhelmus' Wels, bap. 20 May, 1733 (K., 4198); 

wit.: names torn om. 

186 Annaatjen Wels, bap. 1 June, 1755 (K. 4505); 

wit.: Hendrick lilies and Johanna van Steen- 

187 Cornelia Wels, bap. 29 May, 1737 (K.., 4785); wit.: 

Louwerens( )osterhout and Elisabeth Masten. 

188 Samuel Wels, bap. 11 March, 1739 (K., 5111.); 

wit.: Johannes Masten and Marytjen Wels 
(No. 22). 

189 Henderikusz Wels, bap. 14 Dec., 1740 (K., 5237); 

wit.: Hendrik H. Schoonmaker and Tryntjen 

190 Jacobus Wels, bap. 22 Aug., 1742 (K., 5458); wit.: 

Jacobus Elmendorff and Ariaantjen Nieuw- 

191 Cornelis Wels, bap. 24 June, 1744 (K., 5657); wit.: 

Cornells Van Bueren and Zara Hoogteeling. 

192 '"Treyntjen" (Catharine) Wels, bap. 23 March, 

1746 (K., 5838); wit.: Jan Schoonmaker and 
Treyntjen Oosterhout. 

193 Marytjen Wels, bap. 20 Sept., 1747 (K., 5988); 

wit.: Ezechiel Masten (No. 91) and Maria 

194 Margrietjen Wels, bap. 11 June, 1749 (K., 6152); 

wit.: Jan Masten and Maria Van Keuren. 

195 Petrus Wels, bap. 8 Dec, 1751 (K., 6345); wit : 

Pieter Winnen, James Oosterhout, Ariaantjen 
van Etten and Elisabeth Wittiker. 

196 Lea Wels, bap. 10 March, 1754 (Kaatsbaan); wit.: 

Frederick Rau, Jr., and his wife Catharina 

Van Etten. 
27 Margaret Wels, bap. 15 Dec, 1706 (K., 1608); wit.: Wm. 
West and his wife, Mary Bingen; m. Anthony Van 
Bunschoten, 14 Feb., 1730 (K. M., 693); b. 11 Sept., 
1709 (K., 1747), son of Oerrit Van Bunschoten and 
Antje Delva (D'Elba), his wife. Gen-it, b. 1 2 
1682 (K., 256), son of the emigrant Teunis Elysse van 
Bunschoten and Gcrritje Gerrils, his wife. 
widow of Lucas It- Wit, and dau. of Anthony I 1 
(Delva, Telba), the earliest Roman Catholic at King- 
i, and Jannetje Hillbrants, his wife, widow oi 
Francois Lachier. See for full history, Van Bun- 
schoten Family in America. Issue. 

197 Cornelia* Van Bunschoten, m. Abram P. Cort- 


198 Elisabeth Van Bunschoten, bap. 7 May. 173a 

(K., 406a); wit.: Cornelius Masten and Eliza- 
beth Masten; m. Cornelius Middagh. 

199 : ten, bap 6 Oct., 1 j ■. 1 ( K.. 

1^399) I wit - : Samuel Wels and Mai 

hout (No. 26). 

258 The Hoppe-Hoppcn-Hopper Lineage. [Oct., 

200 Jacobus (James) Van Bunschoten, bap. 3 May, 

1737 (K., 4755); wit.: Aard Masten and Lena 
Van Etten; m. Eliz. Kermer. 

201 Antje Van Bunschoten, bap. 28 May, 1739 (Deer 

Park, Port Jervis, N. Y.): wit.: Hendrick 
Janse Kortrecht and Gerritje Bunschoten; m. 
George Keeter. 

202 Cornelis Van Bunschoten, bap. 7 June, 1741 (Deer 

Park); wit.: Cornelis Elmendorf and Engelje 
Heerenmans; m. Heyltje Quick. 

203 Janneke Van Bunschoten, bap. 3 May, 1743 (Deer 

Park); wit.: Turk (Tjerck) Westbrook and 
Janneke Van Keuren. 

204 Jesyntje Van Bunschoten, bap. 3 Feb., 1745 

(Deer Park); wit.: Pieter Van Auken and 
Russi Dami, his wife. 

205 Antoni (Van) Bunschoten, bap. 12 Oct., 1746 

(Walpeck, N. J.); wit.: Antony Van Etten 
and Jannetje Van Etten; m. Catharine Hover. 

206 Maria Van Bunschoten, bap. 29 Jan., 1749 (Deer 

Park); wit.: Johannes Westbrook and Maria, 
his wife. 

( To be continued.) 


By Hopper Striker Mott. 

(Continued from Vol. XL., p. 177, of the Record.) 

Considerable data has come to hand from persons interested 
in this research, some of which we are privileged to use in this 
final article of the series. Additional notes (p. 272 of the October, 
1908, Record) on the 

Colonial Hoppers. 

The name appears in Maryland as early as 1668 and is likely 
of English origin. The following individuals would seem to be 
ancestors of the "Eastern shore" family, whose descendants are 
to be found in the vicinity of Baltimore, Centreville, etc.: 

John Hopper, will proved Dec. 20, 1668; had wife Dorothy. 

Isabel Hopper was a beneficiary in the will of Abraham Hol- 
man of Baltimore County in 1686. 

Robert Hopper was a witness to several wills proved in Anne 
Arundel County in 1686, 1694, 1696, 1697 and 1698. The will of 
apparently the same man was proved in 1700, viz.: 

Robert Hopper, of All Hallows Parish, Anne Arundel County, 
proved Aug. 17, 1700, wife Mary, sons Thomas and James, son-in- 
law Ralph Bassiel and brother-in-law David Bell. 

1909.] The Hoppe-Hoppen-Hoppet I. 2 59 

William Hopper of Queen Anne's County, will proved April 
1.', 1711, Mm William, dau. Jane, born of present wife Mary; also 
dau. Jane, born of former wife Dorothy, in Bishoprick of Durham, 

In the first census of the United States, 1790, Robert Hopper 
appears as the head of a family of four persons in Prince George's 
County, Maryland, and Sarah Hopper as the head of a family of 

Holland Hoppers. 

John and Jane Hopper of New Jersey had children during 
Revolutionary epoch. Query: Who were their parents? At the 
Holland Society we ascertain that the Pond Church Records 
were consumed by fire'and that the only Ramapo vital records 
in that library are those of the Evangelical German Lutheran 
Church from 1750-1817. A careful examination of these has 
proved fruitless. Issue: 

i. Gilliam Hopper, lived on the Ramapo, removed to 
Monroe Co., N, V., circa 1836; m. Hannah, dau. o( 

Stagg and Ann Wessels. b. y/24/1754; d. 7/ — / 

1776. Hannah was b. 7/20/1776; d. 1/6/1842. Ann 
was dau. of Jeremiah, b. 1 1/1/1729; d. 1/24/1783, and 
Lucas Wessels, 1>. 10 22/1727. Issue: 

i. Hannah, b. 6/15/1800; m. Stephen, son of John 
S. Bartholpj, b. 12/20/1760, at Yampo, N. J ; 
d. there 1/3/1846, and Susannah Storms. John 
S. Bartholft was son of Stephen Bartholp, d. 
1800, at Yampo, N. J., and Maria Mandeville, 
d. at same place. Stephen Bartholin was son 
of Hendrick Bar tholft (minister), who was son 
of Gulliam Barthol^ (minister), of Holland. 
ii. Margaret, b. 7/31/1802. 
iii. Rachel, b. 2/19/1805. 
iv. John G., b. 9/8/1807. 
v. Mary Ann, b. 12/28/1810. 
ii. William Hopper, lived at Ramapo, N. J. 
iii. Ann Hopper, m. Jacob H. Zabriskie, farmer of Bergen 

Co.. N.J. 
iv. Rachel Hopper, m. Stephen Lutkins 
v. Tine (Caroline) Hopper, m. Albert I. Terhune; she d. 

vi. Maria Hopper, m. John J. Van Ripen. 


It has not been ascertained whether the Durham immi 
came directly from England to Long Island or whether the) 
were among those Englishmen who 1 '■ temporarily in 

Holland before coming to America. The three whose :; 
have been found enrolled in Flushing and reputed to be brothers 

John, (of whom latei ). 

260 The Hoppe-Hoppen-Hopper Lineage. [Oct., 

Robert, the shipmaster, who made voyages on the Delaware 
River as early as 1683. He was a member of the Society of 
Friends and probably had no descendants in America. A deed 
made by the administrator of his only daughter recites that he 
owned land in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland; and 

Christopher, who resided in Flushing in 1698, was enrolled in 
the Colonial Militia in 17 15. His will, proved Dec. 9, 1760, is of 
record in the New York City Surrogate's office, and his children 

i. Mary, m. Henry Lowerre of Flushing. Her de- 
scendants will probably be found in Lowery lines. 

ii. Elizabeth, m. Griffen, probably of the same place. 

The descendants are said to be quite numerous in 
the present generation, 
iii. Edward, 
iv. John, m. and left issue. 

The estate of one Edward Hopper of Ulster County, N. Y., 
was administered in 1768 by Abimal Youngs. Query: Was this 
a descendant of Christopher? 

From another source we derive this information: The Flush- 
ing pioneers descend from a family in Wiltshire first known as 
Hooper, but which was indifferently written Hoppe and Hopper 
and finally Hopper. John Hooper, the first of the name to 
appear, was of the City of Sarum, in Wiltshire. He m. Agnes, 
dau. of John Porte. Their third son, Giles Hooper, had a son, 
Lawrence Hopper, who was buried May 6, 1603, in Stowell, 
Somersetshire. His son, John Hopper, b. circa 1540, in Sarum, 
Wiltshire, was a member of St. Thomas Church, and a burgess of 
the Borough. He d. Jan. 16, 1583. His son, Thomas Hopper, 
became an inhabitant and was admitted a freeman of the 
Borough, March 5, 1580. He m. Edith, dau. of Richard and 
Sisterly (Basse) Plummer. Their son, Hugh Hopper, was bap. 
in Aldenham, Hertfordshire, Feb. 8, 1595; m. Marye Jordan, May, 
1623. Their son, Thomas Hopper, bap. same place, Oct. 14, 1630, 
by Rowland Greenwood, minister, removed in 1654 to Darling- 
ton, Durham; m. May 6, 1654, Elizabeth, dau. of Humphrey 
Fletcher. Issue: 

i. Thomas, b. March 12, 1655; m. Aug. 4, 1687, Elizabeth, 
dau. of John Fletcher and sister of John Fletcher, Jr. 

ii. John, b. Feb. 9, 1656 (see below). 

iii. Humphrey, b. Aug. 17, 1658; m. May 5, 1697, in Gains- 
ford (County Durham) Church, Jane Hidshon, and 
had issue: 

i. James, who moved to London where he m. in 

St. Paul's, Canterbury, Sarah . 

ii. Edward, b. 1705; d. March 9, 1765, aged 60; 
buried in St. Oswald's Cemetery, Durham. 

iii. John, b. 1706; m. (1) Margaret ; m. (2) 

Eleanor Perevill of Staindrop parish, in Gains- 
ford Church, Dec. 4, 1746. 

iqog.] The Hoppe-Hoppen-Hopper Lineage. 26 I 

1. John Hopper, b. Feb. 9, 1656, in Durham; with wife Rachel 
emigrated in 1074 to Flushing, L. I., where he was a planter in 
1675, removing shortly thereafter to Deptford Township, Glou- 
cester Co., N. J. He purchased land on Woodbury Creek. His 
descendants have been traced to various parts of the United 
States. Some are in New York City, some on Long Island, some 
in Philadelphia, and many in Western States. It will be noted 
that in this line of descent John's ancestors are definitely located. 
It may be that he had brothers Robert and Christopher as sug- 
gested above. No conclusive evidence, however, has been found. 
In his will, dated Sept. 27, 1749, proved March 29, 1750, he men- 
tions (N. J. Wills, 6, 306) issue: 

2 i. Samuel, b. circa 1700. 

3 ii. John, m. Ann Garwood, Dec. 5, 1737. Issue: 

4 i. Levi, b. Feb. 3, 1744; m. Jan. 7, 1768, Rachel 

Tatem, b. Nov. 16, 1749. Issue: 1. Joseph M., 
b. Freehold, N. J., watchmaker, m. Anne 
Beam and had Benjamin Clemens, b. April 11, 
1819; d. at Philadelphia, June 15, 1890. 2. 
Isaac Tatem, b. near Woodbury, N. J., Dec. 3, 
1771; d. New York City, May 7, 1852. 

5 ii. Hannah. 

6 iii. Zephaniah, b. circa 1755; m. Nov. 12, 1803, Sarah, 

dau. of Jacob Meyers. 

2. Samuel Hopper, b. circa 1700; m. Mary . Issue: 

7 i. Andrew, of Bergen County. 

8 ii. John, of Bergen Co., m. Dec. 6, 1766, Fytie Doremus. 

9 iii. Joshua, of Gloucester Co., m. Feb. 15, 1768, Rebecca 


10 iv. Stephen, of Middlesex Co., m. March 31, 1767; Catrine 

Clayton of Monmouth. 

11 v. Abraham, of Burlington, m. Sept. 28, 1767, Priscilla 


7 A- m 1 • Hopper of Bergen Co., m. June 17, 176.-, Rachel 
Romaine of the same county, anil had: 

12 i. Abraham, b. June 3, 1765. 

13 ii. Rachel, d. in infancy. 

12. Abraham Hopper, b. June 3, 1765; m. Charity Pulis He 
resided at Darlington, Bergen Co.. named for place of that name 
in County Durfc ail, whence his people came. IK- d, 

Oct. 22, 1842, and his widow d. Jan. 21, 1852. Both were buried 
in Campgow Cemetery win ibstones now stand, I 

14 i. Andrew, b 1 788. 

15 ii. William A . b. Sept. <j, 1790. 

16 iii. Elizabeth, b, Aug, [3, 1 ;';-'• 

1 7 iv. Mary, 1>. M a >ung. 

v. Sarah, b. April 2.'. 

19 vi. Jane, b. Feb. 10, 1798. 

20 vii. Henry, b. Feb. 2, 1800. 

1 8a 

262 The Hoppe-Hoppen- Hopper Lineage. [Oct., 

21 viii. Jacob, b. Dec. 27, 1801. 

22 ix. John, b. Feb. n, 1804. 

23 x. Abraham, b. Jan. 11, 1806. 

24 xi. Isaac A., b. Feb. 12, 1808. 

25 xii. Benjamin, b. April, 20, 1810. 

26 xiii. Levi, b. Aug. 12, 1812. 

27 xiv. Maria, b. July 30, 18 14. 

24. Isaac Abraham Hopper, b. Feb. 12, 1808; m. Rebecca Ter- 
whilliger, b. June 6, 1808, dau. of John and Ann (Van Blarcum) 
Terwhilliger; buried in Union Cemetery, Wycoff, Bergen Co., 
N. J. Issue: 

28 i. John, b. Feb. — , 1826. 

29 ii. Abraham Isaac, b. Jan. 18, 1830. 

30 iii. Ann Maria, b. Nov. 21, 1830; m. Kortwright. 

31 iv. Levi, b. April — , 1832. 

32 v. Sarah, b. 1835. 

H vi. James Henry, d. young. 

26. Levi Hopper, m. (1) Joyse Maria Shedden, Jan. 31, 1835. 
She d. Nov. 30, 1849, age 32 y., it m., 29 d. Tombstone in Camp- 
gow Cemetery. She was dau. of James and Agneta (Ackerman) 
Shedden. James was son of James and Joyse (Roberts) Shedden 
of Scotland. Issue: 

34 i. Sarah, b. March 11, 1836; m. Isaac Ackerman. 

35 ii. Rachel Jane, b. Nov. 14, 1840; d. April 8, 1848. 

36 iii. Martha, b. June 15, 1843; d. Dec. 31, 1848. 

37 iv. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 3, 1846; m. John T. Hennon, b. 

May 22, 1842. 
Levi Hopper m. (2) Margaret Westervelt, who d. Jan. 10, 1863, 
aged 49 y., 8 m., 12 d. Lies in Campgow Cemetery. He m. (3) 
Nancy Bogert, b. Dec. 4, 18 13; d. April 16 1887, buried in same 
cemetery. Levi Hopper d. Dec. 22, 1895. 

27. Maria Hopper m. Thomas Ackerman, b. Sept. 27, 1808, and 
had two daus. and one son. 

29. Abraham Isaac Hopper, b. Jan. 18, 1830; m. in New York 
City, Sept. 1, 1850, Mary Teresa, b. New York City, Jan. 8, 1832, 
dau. of Richard and Mary (Madden) Tone; d. March 2, 1875; she 
d. Feb. 23, 1884. Issue, nine children, the third of whom was 
John Jacob Hopper, b. Nov. 9, 1853. He m. April 9, 1890, Char- 
lotte A. Martin, of Brooklyn, b. Aug. 3, i860, and has two daus. 

Some Unlocated Hoppers. 

A number of the name appear in the military rolls of the 
Revolution in several interior counties of Pennsylvania. It is 
probable that they came of independent lines of English ancestry 
which have not been traced. Several names appear in New 
Jersey records which probably belonged to the Gloucester 
County family, but no connecting links have been found to 
connect them with the main stem. These are some of those 
referred to: 

I909-] The IIoppe-Hoppen-Hopper Lineage. 263 

Benjamin Hopper of Alloways Creek, Salem County, N. J., 
will proved 1725; left sons Joseph and John. 

Henry Hopper witnessed the will of Simon Clifton of Chester 
Township, Burlington County, N. J , in 1728. 

I' 1 '773. Thomas Saunders and Ann Hopper were married in 
Woodbury, N. J., Friends' Meeting. 

George Hopper owned a lot in Camden, N. J., sometime after 

The autograph of a John Hopper appears among the signatures 
appended to the Constitution of the New Jersey Society of the 
Sons of St. Tamminy, No. 1, dated May 1, 1782. The document 
is a manuscript and appears to be an original. (Collections of 
the Historical Society of Penn.) 

In 1797 Joseph Hopper and Amy Woolohorn were married in 
Gloucester County, N. J. 

In 1 80 1 Amy Hopper and Isaac Ivens of Waterford Township, 
Gloucester County, N. J., were married. 

In American Family Antiquities, by Albert Wells, is the 
statement that Noah Waterbury, m. Sarah McKinnie, widow, the 
dau. of Mr. Hopper of New York. The marriage occurred at 
St. Ann's Church, Brooklyn, about 1803. She d. April 9, 1828. 

In the N. Y. Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vols. 2 and 

3, are some notes contributed by Dr. O'Callaghan containing lists 
of marriage licenses found by him in the New York Surrogate's 
Office. These have also been published, in the supplementary 
list of such licenses, as a State Library bulletin in 1898. I 
cerning the Hoppers therein mentioned we have gleaned these 
data from the volumes of Marriage Bonds in the State Library: 

5 July, 1698. John Hopper-Margaret Tindell. The Stat< 
Archivist makes no report other than the fact that the marriagi 
license was issued. 

22 Oct., 1736. Edward Hopper- P^liz: Salya. Not a full bond 
but on lv a memorandum giving these names and the date. In 
Vol. M. B. 1,3. 

26 Sept,, 1759. Elenor Hopper-Samuel Hopson. Bondsmen 
Samuel Hopson of Kings County, Butcher and |ames Thompson 
of New York, mariner. Groom: Samuel Hopson as above 
Bride: Lienor Hopper of New York, widow. In Vol. M. B. 2, 433 

7 March, 1760. Mary Hopper-Thomas Canpi(?). In the bod] 
of the bond the name of the groom is written by tl 
Kemp; the signature in a rather illiterate hand is thomai Can pi 
Bondsman: Thomas Kemp or Canpi of Westchester County, 
shoemaker, and Isaac Gamier ot the City of New York, 

maker. Groom: Thomas Kemp or Canpi as above Bride: Marj 
Hopper of Westchester County, spinster. In Vol. M, B. .], 67. 

We are indebted for part of the above data to Harry Shelmin 
Hopper of Philadelphia, Pa., John Jacob Hopper of New Yorl 
City, and George T. Pish of Rochester, N. V . to Whom thanks 
are extended 


Church Register of the Walpeck Congregation. 




Commenced with the Pastoral Service of Joh. Casparus 

Fryenmuth. Preacher there, May 31, 1741. 

Oct. 14. 


Dec. 23. 

Jan. 20. 

March 3. 

April 2i. 
May 19. 

(Continued trom Vol. XL., p. 205 of the Record). 


Jacobus van Gar- Moses 

Catharina K o r t - 

Dirk Keyzer Abram 

Sara Delang 

Antony Swartwout Margriet 
Lena Decker 

Jacobus Cole 
Dina Bos 


Dirk van Vliet Elisabeth 

Rachel van Keuren 

Hendrick Bos 
Marytje Bos 



Alexander van Gar- Alexander 

Annatje Kortrecht 
Abram Kortrecht Antoni 
Cornelia Bunscho- 

Jacob van Campen Catharina 
Sara Decker 

Jacob Swartwout Johannes 
Lydia Decker 

Niclaes Brink Jacobus 

Cathrina Decker 

James Russel 
Grietje Kermer 

Thomas Hisson 
Catharina Kleyn 



Benjamin Kortrecht, 
Lisabeth Ennes 

Abram van Kampen, 
Catharina van Kam- 

Bernardus Swartwout, 
Jr., Margrieta 

Abram Decker, Lisa- 
beth Cole, syn Huys 

John Broadhead, Ann 
N o 1 1 i n gham, syn 
Huys vr. 

Dirk Stone, Patience 
Pots, Nathan Mc- 
Gumly, Sarah Cole, 
syn Huys vr. 

Isaac van Campen, 
Madlena Rosen- 
kranz, syn Huys vr. 

Antoni Bunschoten, 
Margriet Wells, syn 
Huys vr. 

Benjamin van Cam- 
pen, Catharina van 

Johannes Brink, Lena 
Cole, syn Huys vr. 

Jacob Swartwout, 
Lydia Decker, syn 
Huys vr. 

Jacob van Campen, 
Sara Decker, syn 
Huys vr. 

Johannes Kleyn, Eva 

Church Register of the Walpeck Congregation. 



« 754 

June 9. 


Johannes Rosen - Jacob 

Grietje DeWitt 
Niclaes Emmens Catharina 
Catharina Rosen- 


(Onecht) Catharina 

Geertje Baen 

Charles Varway Hanna 
Lisabeth Kermer 
Joseph Sawin Charity 

Catharina Varway 

Johannes Kortrecht Christina 
Margrieta Denne- Elisabetha 

Gysbert van Gar- Eliphas 

den, Jr. 
Rachel Kortrecht 
Benoni Brown Ebenezer 

Juno Petty 

Andries Cole Sara 

Christina Kermer 

Samuel Schammers Marya 
Sara Kortrecht 

-W 1 

Jan van Garden Marya 
Lisabeth van der 

Manuel Gonsales Sara 

Jannetjc van Etten 

Valentin Vocht Andries 

Maria Barbara Madlena 

Caspar ShefFer 

Catharina Bern 
Oct. 27. John Acrson 

Jacobina Bernhar- 

John van Campen Susanna 

Sara Dupuy 

Nov. 17. Nathan McGomly Debora 

Maria Su- 


Isaac van Campen, 
Magdalena Rosen- 
kranz, syn Huys vr. 

Jacobus Westfael, 
Cornelia van Leuven 

William Smith, Elisa- 
beth Hyndshaw 

A e r t Varway, Cor- 
nelia Kermer, syn 
Huys vr. 

Christoffel Denne- 
mark, Christina 
Elisabetha Bern- 

Eliphaz van A ken, 
Eleonora For bis, 
syn Huys vr. 

An tony van Bun- 
s h o t e n , Margriet 
Wells, syn Huys vr. 

Abram Kermer, Sara 
Schammers, syn 
Huys vr. 

Johannes Dupuy, 
Marya van Campen, 
syn Huys vr. 

Benjamin van der 
Merckel, Lisabeth 

Dirk van Etten, Sara 
van Etten 

Andries Wagener, 
■ hanna E r wen 

Jan Aersen, Jacobina 
Bern hardin, syn 

ir ShctTer, d[h 
arina Benihardin, 

vn Hi' 9 vr. 

n v.m Campen, 

Susanna I nipiiy.syn 
huys vr. 
F re d e rick van der 
Lip, Lydia 1 1 
syn Huys vr 


Church Register of the Walpeck Congregation. 







Hendricus Schoon- 


H e n dericus Schoon- 


hoven, Cornelia 

Rachel Schoon- 



Jan Kermer 


Gysbert van Kampen. 

Lisabeth van Kam- 

Sara Decker, s y n 


Huys vr. 


Jan. 12. 

J oh: Hendrick Han- 


Jacobus W e s t f a 1 1 s . 


sen Heylwills 

Mar: Cathrina 

Aldert Ploegh Sara 

Cornelia Sluyter 

Daniel Kortrecht 
Russje van Aken 


Christoffel Denne- Bernardus 

Lea Swartwout 

Jacob van Aken 

Margriet van Gar- 

Johannes Bosch 

Mary Johnson 

Jacomyntje Keyser 

J e r e m i a s van der 

Merkel, Lea Keyser. 

syn Huys vr. 
Hendrick Kortrecht. 

Jannetje Ennes, syn 

Huys vr. 
Bernardus Swartwout, 

Lisabeth Brinck 



Jacobus van Garden. 
Lisabeth van Gar- 
Thomas Hisson, Cath- 
rina Kleyn, syn 
Huys vr. 

[The above closes the baptisms in Rev. Mr. Fryenmoet's 
handwriting. The number of baptisms was 239.] 

Feb. 23. 

June 17. 

John van Campen Blandina 
Sarah Depue 
Jacob van Campen Jan 
Sarah Decker 

Daniel Kortregt Moses 
Russje van Naaken 

Charles Daily 
Lena Bush 
Henrik Bush 
Maria Richardson 


Johannes Depue. 

Eyken DeWitt 
Samuel Shammers. 

Sarah Kortrecht 

Jacobus van Garden. 

Catrina, syn Huys 

Johannes Bush, Lea 



By Van der Linde. 

Johannis Van Ette Johannis 
Maria Gonsalies 
Samuel Shemmers Jenneke 
Sara Kortrecht 

Willm. Smit, Elisabei 

J acob Swartwout, 

Liedeja Decker 

Church Register of the tl'a//it-<i- Congre, 



Jacobus van garde Susanna 
Catriena Kortrecht Maraja 

B e n j n . van der Maria 

Sara Bi ink 

Daniel Kortrecht Levi 
Rusje Vanake 
Benjamin Swart- Minne 

Corneleja brink 
Nicholes Bmens Eliesabeth 
Catriena Rosekrans 
Andries Kool 


Christiena Kerraer Lena 

Adam Dingeman Petries 
Marietie Yangardc 

James Russel Davet 

Orietie Cermer 
Jan van Kampe Susanna 
Sara Depue 
I The above closes the batisms by Rev 
1761. Bv Rev. RoiflNf 

April 6. Nicolaus Brink Margrita 

Hester van Garde 

Jacobus van Gar- Abram 

Catrina Cortregt 
Andrew Cool Abram 

Christina Cermer 
Johannis Rosekrans Catrina 
igrita De Witt 

April 19. 

Feb. 13. 

Feb. 14 

Jacobus Kermer Abram 

Catrina Cool 

Isaac van nest lea 

Elisabeth van Cam- 

Henderikkus Dek- Elenderik- 
ker kus 

Annatje Kermer 

Thomas Swart- Alexander 

Elisabeth Bnnea 


Johannes depue, Maria 
van Kampe, Benjin. 
van Kampe, Susan- 
na van Kampe 

Petries van garde, 
Geertie brink 

Davit Vanake, Made- 
lea Schonemake 

Minne Visher, Maria 

Jacobus Kermer, 
Eliesabet Kermer, 
I sack van kampe, 
Lena Rosekrans 

hendrikus Schoon- 
hover, Gertie 

benjn. Schoonhoven, 
Ludija Cermer 

Jacobus van Kampe, 
Susanna van Kampe 

van der Linde.) 

Peter van (larden, 
Maragrita van Gar- 

billinest Cortregt, 
Jenneke Cortregt 

Abram Cermer, Sara 

Jacob Low, Catrina 


Aard \ in Weee, Sarah 
Kermer, widow 


Church Register of the Walpeck Congregation. 










Adam Shink 
Cornelia Brink 
Dennis Corsa 
Rachel Vangarden 
William lee 
Antje Evelandt 




Petrus van Garden 


Stephanus brink, Cat- 

Geertje Brink 

rina van Campen 



Jacob van Aaken 
Maragrit van gar- 


Harmanus van Gar- 
den, Elsje van Gar- 



gisbert van Campen Jan 

Titje van Campen 

Nicolaas De Pue 



Elisebeth Schoon- 

Elisa Dekker 


Andrew Dingmanse, 

Eva Dingmanse 

Lydia Dingmanse 

David van Aaken 


Magdalena Schoon- 


Cornelius Krom 



A n d r i e s Ding- 
Cornelia Kermer 


William Smith, Elisa 
Cath. Smith 



James Handshaw 
Maria De Pui 
Harmanus Cool 
Margriet Swart- 


Goerge Keeter 


Cornelius Benschoot- 

Antje Bunschooten 

en, Gouda vangar- 



John Tilburg 
lena ver weye 


Abram tilburg, Sarah 




Abram Cortregt 
Rebecca Quick 


Allexander van gar- 
den, Neeltie Quick 

Willem Lee 


Jan van garden, Elisa- 

Antie Evelant 

beth van De Merken 

Jan Kermer 


Jan van tilburg, Lidia 

Elisabeth Kermer 




Jacobus vangarden 
Catrina Cortregt 




Andries Cool 
Catrina Kermer 




Jacobus Bos 
Eva Brink 


Johannis brink, antje 

Elies Dekker 


Benjamin Dekker, 

Janneke Dekker 

lena Dekker 


Chu>\h Register of the Walpeck Congregation. 





WIT. . 


April 15. 

Benjamin Cortregt 

Cornel us 

lerick Hover, 

Catrina Hover 

Cornelia Hover 

Jan van < iarden 


Elisabeth van de 


Adam Schink 


Cornelia brink 

lius Compen 


Wyentje De Pui 

May 13. 

Thomas Swartwoud Alexander 

Elisabeth Ennes 

June 25. 

Gysbert van Gar- 

< rysbert 

Jacob Dekker, Sarah 



Rachel Cortregt 

Isaac Schoonmaker 


leendert Cool, Elisa- 

Elisabeth brink 

beth Schoi mmaaker 

John Cortregt 


D e r i c k van Vliet, 

Maria van Vliet 

Rachel van Vliet 

Joseph Hayns, Jr. 


Heltje Devour 

Nicolaas Emmens 


Catrina Roosekrans 

imin van de 




Sarah brink 

Petrus van garden 



1 tje brink 

Dec. 3. 

Johannis Roose- 

Cherk De 

krans, Esq. 


e de Witt 

Harmanus Cool 


Maragriet Swart- 



April 18. 

john tilburg 


Isaac van Campen, 

lena van Campen 

lena van Campen 

Elias Dekker 


Elisa Dekker, Evon 

Janache Dekker 


Johannis v a n de 


mi Cortregl 



Janneke Cortregt 

john ■ 


Sarah De Pui ^ 

Stephen Stiles 


Jan Kermer, S 

• rmer 

■ :ncr 

July 4. 

1 Cortregt 
Rusje van 


Hel n 

1 1 

u s Swai ' 


Rai hoi brink 

Blandin.i I (ene- 



Church Register of the VValpeck Congregation. 



Aug. 7. 

Oct. 3- 

Nov. 24. 

Dec. 26. 

Feb. 23. 

April 27. 

Abram Cortregt Rachel 

Rebecca Quick 

Sander van garden Joseph 

lydia Kermer 

Ezakiel Dekker Rachel 

Johanna tilburg 

William van Gar- lena 

Rachel Cool 

Jacobus van gorden David 
Catrina Cortregt 

Benjamin De Pui 

Catrina van Cam- 

G e r r i t Schoon- benjamin 

Antje Manknigte- 


Gysbert van garden, 
Rachel van garden 

Cornelius Dekker, 

Sarah Tilburg 
Cornelia Cool 

Benjamin De Pui, 
Catrina van Cam- 

Cornelius van Ben- 

Heyltje Quick 
Andries Cool 
Christina Kermer 
James Mollen 
Maria Swartwout 
Eliza Dekker 
Eva Dingman 
William Costor 
Sarah Swartwout 
Jacobus Brink 
Catharina Hover 

Heyltje van Abram P. Cortregt, 
aaken Rebecca Cortregt 






Andries Dingman. 
Cornelia Dingman 

Abraham Devins, Lis- 
abeth Hover 

[The last three baptisms not by Dom. Romaine.] 

May 24. 

By Rev. Thos. Romaine. 

Benjamin van de lea 

Sarah brink 
Bernardus Swart- Gerardus 

Elisabeth Brink 
MosisSchoonmaker David 
jenneke Van Aaken 
Thomas Swartwout Joseph 
Elisabeth Ennes 

David van Aaken, 
lena van Aaken 

I log. 

Church Register of the Walpeck Congregation. 




July 6. 

Jacobus van de Maria 

Cat r i na Schoon- 
July 27. benjamin Cortregt Anna 
Catrina Hover 
Cobus bos Rachel 

Eva Brink 
Aug. 14. Jan van gorden Catrina 
Elisabeth van de 

Henry Hover Hendrick 

Cornelia Cortregt 
Sept. 7. Goosen van den Gysbert 
Jannetje IIesued(?) 
is 00k op voorgande belydenisie gedoopt 
after a previous confession.] 

William Costerd(?) 

Adolphus Schoon- 
hoven, Maria 

Emmanuel Hover, 

1 [anna Hover 
benjamin Dekker, 

Rachel Dekker 
f rede rick Edwart(?) 

[ Evelant?], Catrina 

Manuel Hover.Grietje 


[ I> also baptised 

Sept. 28. 



Nov. 30. 

Isaac Schoonmaker Catrina 

Elisabeth Brink 

David van Aaken Helena 

lena Schoonmaker 

Jacobus Schoon- Peternella 

Hendrickje Brink 

John Cortregt, Jr. John 

Maritje van vliet 

Johannes Roose - Elia 

Grictjc DeWitt 

I Faniel Marvin Rachel 

Cornelia Schoon- 

Henry Schoon- 

I mtanje 
I ml i' van Vliet 

"William Johnson 
Elisabeth Root 

Isaac van C a m p e n , 
Helena van Campen 

Petrus Schoonhoven, 
Peternella Schoon- 

Redolphus Redolphus Sell ■ 

h v c n , M .1 r 1 a 
Elisabeth, b. Derik van \'liet, Jr., 

i Nov. 



Samuel Hover 
Sarah Brink 

iin Dekker 
Isaac van :■ 
Elisabeth van 



Catrina van Vliet 

fohannes Brink, A 


: 1 trout, 
ii.i Swartwout 


Church Register of the Walpeck Congregation. 



June 5. 

July 5- 
July 26. 

Aug. 6. 

Nov. 6. 
Nov. 6. 


Jan. 22. 

Johannes Cortregt Samuel 
Susanna Kittle 
Jacob Swartwout 
lydia Dekker 
Daniel Dekker 
lydia Vredenberg 
John Kermer 
Elisabeth van 

Helmes Chambers 
blandina D e n n e - 

Johannis Broer- Mary, b. 23 

schen Dekker June 

Maria Tilburg 



Gysbert, b. 
4 June 

b. 1 1 July 

Samuel Cortregt, lydia 

Jacob Gomaer, Alida 

George Heeter 
Elisabeth Ben- 

Nicolaas Emmins 
Catrina Westbroek 
Alexander van 

Lydia Kermer 
William Koster 
Sarah Swartwout 
Johannis Rose- 

Margrita De Witt 
Eliza Cortregt 
Alida Dingmanse 
Abram Divoor 
Elizabeth Hover 
Thomas Swart- 

Elisabeth Ennes 
J. Stiles 
Angenitje Kermer 

Petrus van de mer- 

Elizabeth Schoon- 

Benjamin Dekker 

Rachel brink 

Jacobus Schoon- 

Anna Brink 

Samuel Hover 

Sarah Brink 




Cornelia, b. 

20 Oct. 

b. 14 Oct. 


Antony Benschooten, 
Jannetje lowe 

Hester van garden 

A n d r i e s dingmanse, 
Cornelia dingmanse 

Jan Kermer, Eliza- 
beth Kermer 

John, b. 11 John Schoonhoven, 
Dec, 1768 Maria Schoonhoven 

Antje, b. 30 
Dec, 1768 

Sarah, b. 5 
Oct., 1768 

John, b. 17 


Church Register oj tlu Walpeck Congregation. 


Feb. 5. 

April 27. 


Aendries Cool Jacob, b. 9 

Christina Kermer Dec, 1768 

Cobus van garden Johannis, b. Johannis van Etten, 
Antje van Etten 26 March Jr., Grietje West- 



May 5. Aerd verweye 

Charles, b. 2 

Maria Contriene or 



John verwey 
Mary beemis 


benjamin Dekker 


Rachel brink 

Peter Vandemer- 

Hen derik- 



Elisabeth Schoon- 

hoven, b. 25 


Oct., 1770 

Last of Dom. Romeyn's record 

Hendrikkus Schoon- 
hoven, Hanna 

July 5- 

July 7. 

Sept. 26. 

Terrens Divvins Rachel 

Anna Cole 

Lourence Kinny Catharina 

Maria Cole 

William Asherly Rachel 

Maragrita Prosser 

Moses S c h o o n - Cornelius 

Jannetje Van aaken 
Alexander Immens Daniel 
Hanny Sc h 00 n - 

Petrus Swartwout Isaac 
Elisabet Schoon- 


Following by Dr. Romien. 

benjamin Cortregt H end rick, 
Catrina Hover b. 10 May 

Emanuel Gunsalis Samuel, b. 
Jannetje Van Etten 19 June 
S< hoonhoven benjamin, 

William Van Garden. 
Rachel Cole, his wife 

Hendrikje brink 

Daniel Mervin 
Cornelia Schoon- 

benjamin Schoon- 
b. 4 Aug. hoven, Mai 
Hendrikkus John Schoonhoven, 
Schoon- Maria Schoonhoven 
hoven, b. 2 


Church Register of the Walpeck Congregation. 



Cobus Vandemer- 

C a t r i n a Schoon- 

Emanuel van de 

Maria Schoonhoven 
Cobes Cortregt 
Anna Quick 
Michel Stendly 
lydia Westbroek 
Jacob Dekker 
Maragrieta tillberg 
Christoffel Cortregt 
Martha Miller 

Ezechiel dekker 
Anna tillberg 

Jacob Helm 

Antje van Etten 
Mosis Van Campen 
Sarah Westval 
Last of Dom. Romeins 

b. 21 June 

Benjamin Schoon- 
hoven, Maragriet 

Ezechiel, b. 
13 Sept. 

Sarah, b. 19 

Janneke, b. 

26 June 
Maria, b. 3 




b. 20 June 

Geestje o r 


13 July 

b. 28 July 
Cobus, b. 28 


Eliphas van Aaken, 
Nelle van Aaken 

Levi Westbroek, Jen- 
neke Westbroek 

Abram Cortregt, Elis- 
abeth Cortregt 

Jan van Campen, 
Sarah van Campen 


Dec. 3. 

April 30. 

Robert Lakkerey 
Sarah Tak 
Daniel Depue, Jr. 

Abraham van Cam- 
Maria Depue 
John Van garden 
Maria Van Kleef 

Abraham Cortregt 
Neeltje Swartwout 
John Chambers 
Hannah Hoover 

William, b. 

4 Nov. 1770 

b. 25 July, 


b. n Aug. 

Isack, b. 10 

Sept., 1765 
Antje, b. 20 

Aug., 1768 
Albartus, b. 

27 Aug., 



Daniel van Campen Maria 
Antje Dekker 


Church Register of the Walpeck Congregation. 



June 5. 

Aug. 30. 

Jacobus Carmer Catharina 
Catharina Kool 
Elias Decker Samuel 

Jenneke Decker 
Henderikus Decker Levi 
Annatje Kermer 

Cornells Van vliere Lena 

Susanna Snel 

William Van Gar- Benjamin 

Rachel Kool 

John Emmans Xicolas 

Lenah Brink 

Daniel Kortregt Daniel 


David Van Naken Hester 

Lenah Schoon- 

Jeremiah Van de Ruschje 

Hester Kortregt 

Charts Fleming Thomas 

ChristinaChambers Whiting 

Patrick Henderson John 

Hester Love James 

Petrus Van Nest Judick 

Catlyntje Davis 

James Bartron Lidia 

Elizabeth West- 

Isaac Cooper Isaac 

Catharina van 

Daniel Mavin Catharina 

Cornelia Schoon- 

James Earl Suffiah 

Susannah Love 

iacob Van Aaken Rachel 
largarit van Gar- 
Necholas Brink Cornelia 
Estht-r van 

Abraham Devans Elizabeth 
Elizabeth Haver 
James Mullin Janneke 

Maria Swartwondt 
Mannuel Hover Susannah 
Mary Schoonhoven 

(To be continued.) 

Samuel Decker, Jan- 
netje Cortregt 

nes Rosekrans, 
Jr., Margriet Rose- 
krans, syn vrouw 

Benjamin Kool, Sarah 
Kool, syn vrouw 

Isaac Van Kampe, 
Lenah Rosekrans 

Adolphus Schoon- 
hoven, Catharina 

276 A Digest of Essex Wills. [Oct., 


With Particular Reference to Names of Importance in the 

American Colonies. 

Bv William Gilbert, 

Corresponding Member of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, Member 
of the Essex Archaeological Society, etc. 

(Continued from Vol. XL, p. 159, of the Record.) 

55. Barker, Mary, of East Ham, Essex, u March, 1596 (1595?). 
To be buried in the churchyard. To Allen my brother Edwards 
eldest son £5. To his youngest son Edward £$. To Mary his 
youngest daughter £5. To Margaret Barker £5. To my sister 
Mercy Barker gentlewoman linen etc. Res. & Ex. Brother Ed- 
ward Barker of East Ham gentleman. Wit: — Tobye Chalfont,* 
vicar, goodye Herton, widow Batterye, Elizabeth Oliver, Richard 
Steede, Sara Miller, Elizabeth Band. Pr. 30 March, 1596. (Arch. 
Essex. Stephen.) 

56. Barnes, Richard, of Corringham, Essex, 25 May, 1596. 
Husbandman. To brother Richard Barnes 12/. To sister Ellen 
12/. Res. & Ex. Joyce Biffin. Overseer: — William Tery 1 2d. to 
him. Wit: — Lawrence Boyton, Henry Humfrey. By me Robert 
Savage. (No probate given.) (Arch. Essex. Stephen.) 

57. Barret, John, of Hornchurch, Essex, declared his will 
nuncupative on Saturday the second of February, 1638. Hus- 
bandman. All his goods to Anne Lake of Alveley and he did 
deliver to John Cooper of Hornchurch miller a leather purse 
and a key the said John Cooper to deliver them to Anne Lake at 
their next meeting. Wit: — John Cooper and Nathaniell White. 
Pr. at Romford 17 July, 1639. (Arch. Essex. Whitehead.) 

58. Bonde, Thomas, of Much Stambridge, Essex, 28 Dec, 1593. 
10/- to poor of Much Stambridge. 3/4 to poor of Packellsham. 
To sons Thomas and Nicholas and daughters Anne, Sarah, Marie, 
Elizabeth and Rebecca ^15 each when sons are 21 and daughters 
are 20 years of age. Cosin William Cripes. i2d. to each servant. 
Res. & Ex. wife Mary. Overseers: — Nicholas Bounde, Edmund 
Ballard and Jasper Kingsman. Wit: — Edmund Ballard(x) Wil- 
liam Cripes(x) Jaspr. Kingsman. Pr. 2 March 1593. (Arch. 
Essex. Stephen.) 

59. Browne, Joan, of West Ham, 12 Dec, 1595, widow. To 
be buried in the churchyard, next to where my daughter ffraunce 
lyeth. To son Henry Browne ^60. Son-in-law John Grubb. 
To dau. Alice ^20. My daughter Elizabeth and her children 
Mary, ffraunce, and Elizabeth. i2d. each, to twenty poor people. 
Res. & Ex. son Henry. Wit: — Richard Ley. Pr. 10 June, 1596. 
(Arch. Essex. Stephen.) 

* Vicar, 1 589-1600. 

1909.] A Digest of Essex Y\ 'ills. 277 

60. Clarke, John, of Rayleigh, Essex, no date (nuncupative). 
Labourer. To my uncle Charles my mare. Res. to wife (not 
named) and son (not named but under age) equally they to be 
Ex. Wit: — Thomas Rawlins and Humfrie Hart. Pr. 15 Sept., 
159 1. (Arch. Essex. Stephen.) 

61. Cockman, William, of Hurnham, Essex, 26 July, 1591. 
Sole Leg. and Ex. my wife Alice. Wit: — Richard Neale, Thomas 
Westbrooke, Benjamin Harris. Pr. 20 Nov., 1591. (Arch. Essex. 

62. Cole, Edmund, of Dageuham, Essex, zi May, 163S. To 
be buried in churchyard. To da;:. Margaret various household 
things. Res. & Ex wife and son George Cole. Overseers, John 
Siggins and Henry Cole. Pr. at Romford, 14 January, 1638. 
(Arch. Essex. Whitehead.) 

63. Foster, Phryswith, of Harvard-Stock, Essex, 6 May, 15.N2. 
Servant to John Best. To be buried in the churchyard. To 
John Bunting 20/-. My sister Twed. Elizabeth and Lennys 
Palmer daughters of Humphrey Palmer. John and Thomas s«>n^ 
of Thomas Charvell. Arthur Perryns wife. Willi. mi Stonards 
wife. Res. & Ex. Humphrey Palmer. Wit.: — Robte Boi 
Thomas Lenseye and Alexander Garrett. " Item she confess., th 
her Mr. oweth unto her XXXs." Proved 29 May, 15M2. (Arch. 
Essex. Draper.) 

64. From 1 . Andrew, of Much Horkesley, Essex, 1508. To be 
buried in the churchyard. To the high altar 2od. To wife Jane 
tenement called Sewyns for life after to Alis my daughter and 
her children for evermore. Daughters to have tenement called 
Vedis. Ellyn my wifes daughter to have my tenement called 
Bukks. Ex. wife Jane. Wit: — the parson,* and Richard Horspit 
and others. Probate not given in Register. (Arch. Colchester, 

65. Glasi '"jk, Robeb 1, of Bobbingworth, Essex, 15 Feb., 1636. 
Singleman. My house in High Laver to my Mother for lift 

r Joane she to pay brother Richard ,£20. To br< 
John and Bartholomew / a them they to pay Joane 

Glascock our maide 5/-. Ex. mother, Elizabeth I 
Wit: — Richard Chapman, ] ock I'i al Romford, 14 

January, 1638, (Arch. Essex Whitehead.) 

66. Hart, William, of Upminster, Essex..) May, 1591 Black- 
smith. To be buried in the churchyard. To I' '. the 
elder of Stifford Cleyes the Lease of my shop. To Julian my 
wife the Lease of the house wherein I dwell and residue of my 
goods. Ex Robert Heard. Overseer Thomas Wrighl 
minster. Wit: — Ralph Wassail teathe Rob 

Pr. 15 June, 1591. (A: ; hen.) 

* The parson of bit parish .a thai date iraa Ranulpb Daniel » 

tinued in the living until his death in 1 • 

I A 

278 A Digest of Essex Wills. [Oct., 

67. Hills, William, of Rochford, Essex, 21 Feb., 39 Eliz. 
Linen draper. To Edward the son to James England my 
brother my messauge in Rochford in occupation of John Stur- 
gion. Cos'en John Hills of Much Badow. Res. & Ex. father-in- 
law James England. Wit: — Ezechiell Reymer, Edward Kent 
William Richardson. (No probate given.) (Arch. Essex. Stephen.) 

68. Jackson, Robert, of South Ockendon, Essex, 7 Feb., 1644. 
Yeoman. To sister ffrancis wife of William Smith of Croydon 
Surrey yeoman .£10. Her children William and Jane. My 
sister Agnes wife of John Best of Croydon and her son John. 
James Waters, William Waters and John Waters, sons of James 
Waters, the former husband of my wife Elizabeth. My brother 
in law Richard White and his sons Richard and George White. 
Ex. wife Elizabeth. Wit:— John Pratt, Robert Hey, Richard 
Barlow, Susan Barlow. Pr. at Brentwood, 30 Dec , 1647. (Arch. 
Essex. Whitehead.) 

69. Kinge, John, of Moreton, Essex, 30 April, 1593, yeoman. 
To be buried in the churchyard.* My house called Spencers to 
son Richard at age 21 and also one piece of land called Darks- 
dalle. To son Samuel ^40 at age 21. To my three daughters 
Agnis, Catheren and Joane £10 each at ages 21. To son John 
jQ$ at 21. To mother 10/- per annum for life. To poor 8/-. 
My other lands in Moreton and Little Laver to wife Catherenf 
for life. Res. & Ex. wife. Overseers Thomas Kinge senior and 
William Jennings. Wit: — Andrew Jenaway, Thomas Kinge, Wil- 
liam Jennengs and Thomas Kinge, junior. Pr. 6 June, 1593. 
(Arch. Essex. Stephen.) 

70. Kinge, Thomas, of the Lea in the parish of Elmdon, Essex, 
25 Aug., 1603. Yeoman. All copyhold lands in Elmdon to wife 
Isabel! for life after to son Thomas. To dau. Anne now wife of 
Daniell Porter ^30 etc. To dau. Agnes wife of Robert Clarke 
,£6/13/4. To daus. Mary and Mathye ,£30 each and various 
articles. Res. & Ex. son Thomas Kinge. Wit: — Samuell Sewster, 
ffrancis Ilger, John Lucas, Symon Clerke. Pr. 13 Feb., 1603. 
(P. C. C. Harte, 20.) 

71. King, William, of Skote in Moreton, Essex, 26 May, 33 
Eliz. To be buried in Moreton Churchyard.]; To son William 
various household articles. To son Thomas ,£3. To son Robert 
,£5. To son John ^5. To daughters Clemence and Jone 40/ 
each and various articles. To daughter Mary jQt,. To son 
Richard various articles. Ex. William & Richard. Wit: — An- 
drew Kinge, Edward Pecocke(x) "with others." Pr. 12 April, 
1595. (Arch. Essex. Stephen.) 

* Burial Register: — 1593. John Kinge sonne of Andrewe Kinge of Spen- 
cers buried the third of maie a , pd. 

t Baptismal Register: — 1593. William Kinge sonne of Katharine Kinge 
widowe the first of Novembre a", pdco. 

% Burial Register: — 1594 — Willm Kinge sometime of Scotts buried the xxi 
of August anno pdco. 

iooQ-1 A Digest of Essex Wills. 

72. Kirbye, John, of Corringham, Essex, 20 May, 1582. Smith. 
To be buried in the churchyard. To poor 10/-. To wife Mar 
gery the mansion house at Fobbing that Richard Davies dwelleth 
in for her life and after to my daughter Joane. To dan. Joan £\. 
To dau. Mary £4 and one cow and two sheep. Res. & Ex. wife 
Margerie. Wit: — Robte Draper* pson of Corringham who 

the wryter hereof. Proved, 1582. (Arch. Essex. Draper.) 

73. Moi n, William, of the Newe Ileythe within the towne of 
Colchester, Essex, 10 May, 15S5. Mariner. To dau. Elizabeth 
Motte £4 at age 20 a bed and bedstead a brass pot and two 
pewter dishes. My youngest son Thomas Motte (other son or 
sons not named or mentioned). Res. & Ex. wife Dorothy. Wit: — 
William Deane, William Twede, Robert Browne. Proved 10 
1585. (P. C. C. 58 Brudenell). 

74. Noth, John, of Mych Horkesley, Essex, 20 Dec., 1500. To 
be buried in the churchyard. To the reparacons of St. Powlesf 
id. To the high altar of Horkesley i2d. "to the makyn^e of an 
iron werke to her the light brenning before the sepulture of our 
Lord God at Ester tyme" 6/8. There shall be rehersed in the 
bederolj every Sunday the names of my father and mother that 
is to say William Noth and Margaret his wife. To my dau 
Cristian Damon 40 -. To wife Margaret my house for life 
after to son John. Res. & Ex. son John. Supervisors Henry 
Smyth and John Danon. Wit: — William Rowe, Henry Smyth 
and Thomas Bayley. Pr. at Colchester 10 March, 1500. (Arch. 
Colchester. Clerke.) 

75. OsiiokNE, Edward, of Stanford le Hope, Essex, (nun- 
cupative) 20 Oct., 1638. Howsholder. Estate to be equally 
divided between my wife Thomazine and my two children 

ird and Richard Osborne. Overseers: — John Wood and 
1 is Dennys. Wit: — Caleb Wood,* minister, John Wood(x) 

Thomas Thresher. Proved 15 January, 1638. (Arch: Essex. 


76. Pykmam, John, of Lambourn, Essex, 10 April, 1520. To 
be buried in the church of Lambouru. To the high altar *od. 
For a trentall|| of mass for me and my friends 10/-. To Lam- 
bourne churche XXs. for a cop' er my son my house 
in Abridge and a piece of land called Delall and also a piece 
called Longlands. To son John the house he dwelleth in in 
Abridge and also land in Lambourne and Theydon Bois. To 

* Rector from 1578-1506. He was licensed Feb. 26, 1578-9, to marry Ellen 
Cotton, spinster of South weald, Kssex. 

t St. Pauls in London, tin- mother church. 

X A list of persons to be pra B< idrolls were prohibited in 1 

in 1550. 

§ Rector, died in 1660. 

I| An office for the dead consisting of thirty masses said on thn 
secutive days. 

280 A Digest of Essex Wills. [Oct., 

dau. Alis 3/4 yearly. To each godchild 4d. Res. and Ex. John 
and Roger they "to bryng my bodie to the churche to the holyn- 
grownde and to do for my soule." Wit:— Gyls Dewhurst.* Pr. 
2 June, 1525. (Arch. Essex. Sell.) 

77. Smithe, John, of Rayleigh, Essex, 31 March, 1582. To 
poor 2/-. To son Saunder Smithe 20/- and my tools at age 21. To 
daughters Alice and Jane various articles and 20/- each at age 
21. To brother Thomas Smithe 5/- and a dublett. To William 
Somer a round tub. To Roger Foster my arrowes. To Thomas 
Knightsbridge one hundred hoops. My house in Rayleigh to 
my wife Margery for life after to my son Saunder. Res & Ex 
wife. Overseers brother Thomas Smithe and William Somer. 
Wit: — Richarn Blackwell, (minister) John Haryson, Edward Ire- 
land. Pr. 28 May, 1582. (Arch. Essex. Draper.) 

78. Wareyn, Als Baker William, of Sudbury, Suffolk, 4th. 
Nov., 1506. Grocer. To be buried in the churchyard of St 
Gregory Sudbury next my mother Johan. To the high altar of 
St. Peters Church there 6/8. Other bequests to the church in- 
cluding a " tapyr of wax of VI poundes." To my daughters Johan 
and Agnes 20/- yearly for life. To each child of my brother 
Robert Wareyn 6/8. To Robert Bawd and his wife Katherine 
my daughter a piece of silver and 20/-. My son John. Property 
in Alphamstone, Essex to the church there to maintain a lamp 
there during divine service etc. Res. & Ex. wife Johan and son 
John. Supervisor Sir Thomas Gech 20/- to him. Wit: — William 
Herold, Robert Wolston, John Person. Pr. 31 Jany., 1506. (P. 
C. C. Adean, 18.) 

79. Wright, Thomas, of Much Stambridge, Essex, 7 March, 
1591. To be buried in the churchyard. To Repentance Luce 
£5 at 21 William Haslewood oweth me 59/-. I forgive him 19/- 
of it. To John Austin 10/-. To Hugh Hitchcock 3/-. To 
William Burton and Christopher Permeter 3/- each. To Alice 
my maide 3/-. To John Nevell 10/-. To John Rule the younger 
10/. To Steven Larence 10/-. To widows Benefield, Heminge 
and Crippe 2od. each. Res. & Ex. wife Mabell. Overseers 
Steven Lawrence and John Rule the younger. Wit:— Edward 
Salmon and John Langer. Pr. 21 March, 1591, by Mabell Wright, 
relict. (Arch. Essex. Stephen). 

80. Wright, Thomas, of Dunton, Essex, 23 Feb., 1639. Yeo- 
man. To be buried in churchyard. Sole legatee and Executrix — 
mother Martha Wright (goods include three carthorses "two 
whereof browne and the thirde grey coloured " and five cows 
and three wennells.f) Wit: — John Norton, John Parker, Edward 
Spender and Richard Lake. Proved at Brentwood 16 Sept., 1641. 
(Arch. Essex. Whitehead.) 

* Curate. 

t Calves recently weaned. 

( To be continued.) 

iqoq.] Eailicst Baptismal RtcorJs of the Church of Harlingen 28 I 



NEW [ERSEY. 1727-1734. 

By William Jones Skillman, Ontario, California. 

Earth-hunger did not rage among the Dutch at the start in 
this country. A whole generation after the planting of the post 
on Manhattan in 1623, and the people were yet traders, mainly 
from Holland, with a sprinkling of adventurers of like mind 
from almost every country of Europe. They had come to buy 
and sell and get gain, and had scant thought of building for 
selves or children permanent homes on the soil. A 
East River at Breuckelin, Flatbush, Amersfoort, and contiguous 
points a few farmers had found what attracted them, but even 
after the English occupancy in 1604 there was little change. 
Elizabeth Town, to serve Ian ; is, was a company, 

gathered mainly as seems from New England, of < »gdens, Tuttles, 
Dickensons, Mar I hiteheads and Woodruffs, tl 

cestor of the writer's family, Thomas Skill-. . them but 

not of them. The latter was fifth in that list of sixty-five who on 
February 19, 1665, took oath of allegiance to Charles II, and thus 
made a sharp push to give Nova Cesarea or New Jersey its 
place in the land. But the settlement thus strenuously at- 
tempted did not flourish or grow. It took fifty years more 
before earth-hunger came really to the people, ami about 1700 
emigration was begun. Among Dutch farmers of Flatbush, 
Nieuw Utrecht, ami other points as Dutch Kills and Newtown a 
warm craving arose for the New West of the day (New Je; 
setting first toward the Navasinks, so called, rich corn lands of 
Monmouth County, and then by way of Staten Island going up 
the valley of the Raritan and its affluents, South River, the 
Millstone, North Branch and South Branch, and so further . 
soon reaching every nook and co region. 

Harlingen Church lay at the extreme west of this most promi- 
nent field of Dutch migration from New York. It was at the 
further end of a very great parish which was ministered to for 
many years, or from 1720 to 1747, by Domine Theodoras J 1 
Frehnghuysen, ancestor of all bearing that wellknown name in 
New Jersey and America. The center of the parish wa 

which so. .n Somerville with its churches j^rew up, and it 
covered Somer 

Hunterdon (long known as "the garden of the Dutch Church "), 
and in the beginning 

..ton with Neshanic, Hillsborough <>r 
Millstone, Thr< 1 Mile Run and "the 

Church at Lawr< I Irans 

wick, and very shortly Sotirland with 


282 Earliest Baptismal Records of the Church of Harlitigen [Oct., 

the north or west of it. The latter was not known as Harlingen 
till 1766, but was commonly called op dc Millstone, or the church 
over or beyond the Millstone, before that from the river valley in 
which it lay, and then Sourland. These early settlers from Long 
Island homes about New York took their church along with 
them. It would have been better, perhaps, had they not, or had 
they taken it with more religion or godliness and brotherly kind- 
ness to their new homes. For the spirit of contention, dull or 
fierce, marred these churches throughout at the first and for a 
long period. This was because of faction among them, the 
coetus standing for home-rule ecclesiastic, and the confercntie 
(Dutch name for Latin) opposing with great persistence and 
indescribable acridity, and by repute, without scruple. So the 
baptisms in Sourland or early Harlingen puzzle us. Domine 
Frelinghuysen took full charge there in 1729 but baptized no 
children at the start as appears, the ordinance being administered 
by the opposing or Arondeus faction so called. We have reason 
to believe that families of prominence at the beginning stood 
aloof from or indifferent to the church. Not a Skillman name, 
for instance, appears in the list here of earliest baptisms, though 
there was a number subject to that rite at that time in the land, 
owning households of the parish as Jan Skillman and his brother 
Isaac. So it was with Beekmans, affiliated with these by mar- 
riage, more numerous, still larger land holders, and with a host 
of children. Not one of these grandchildren of Christoffel, son 
of the famous Gerardus of Flatbush, is in the record. And so 
very likely it was with others of the pioneers. Church animosity 
wrought unreckoned evil at the time in this important field. 

And now follows verbatim the translation (by whom pre- 
pared we are not told) of Volume I of these first annals of Har- 
lingen Church: 

"The baptisms of the reformed dutch Church Here 
having been recorded in the low dutch language from 
the first origin of said Church on the 23d August 1727 to 
Feb. 1796 (inclusive), and the sd language having be- 
come nearly obsolete, & understood by very few, the 
present Consistory of sd Church has resolved that to 
preserve such records, they be translated & copied over 
in the book in the english language as well as the names 
admit of." 
These baptisms were administered at the start, and so far 
as any evidence goes to show, continued to be adminstered 
throughout, by Domine Henricus Coens, he being pastor from 
1725 to 1730 of the churches (Dutch Reformed) of Aquackanonck, 
Second River, Pompton, and Ponds (New Jersey), dying there 
1735. As Corzvin's Manual, Millstone, 1869, tells us, "He wrote 
to Holland a detailed account of the troubles between the 
churches of Second River and Aquackanonck." These today are 
the Reformed churches of Belleville and Passaic, New Jersey. 

The record as translated here follows. Any explanation or 
additions in each instance are given by the editor in square 

'W-] (Reformed Dutch) of New Jersey. 1727-/7J4. 283 

The first record of baptisms is dated May 18, 1727, when the 
following children were baptized by Domine Henricus Coens. 

May iS. Maria, dau. [Gideon] Merlat & Nellie Baker; wits.: 

Hendrick Vroom & Elizabeth Merlat. 
Henricus, son Martin Beekman \- Elizabeth Waldron; 

wits.: Henricus Beekman & Anna Beekman. 
Anna, dau. Casparus Van Norstrand & Jane Steinmetz; 

wits.: Aaron Mollenor & Anne Legransey. 
Susanna, dau. Hendrick Pittenger [Peppengerj <!v Maria 

Lowe; wits.: Albert Lowe & Susanna Lamater. 
» Sarah, dau. Herman Dildine & Jane de Voor; wits.: 

Jacobus de Voor & Angeline Speets. 
Catherine, dau. John Bicks & Eva Brink; wits.: John 

Kael & Catharin Kael. 
Anne, dau. Garret Van Vleet & Judith Van Nest; 

wits.: William Kmin & Winche Rosa. 
Mordecai, son M. McKinney & Maria Sebring; wits.: 

Daniel Sebring & Caty Vroom. 
William, son Frederick V. Vleet & Maria Bicks; wits.: 

Tunis Cole & Sarah Hicks. 
Peter, son Daniel de Voor & Wilmina Kinney; wits.: 

Peter Kinney & Ida Williams. 
Jacobus, son ) David Cox & Maria V. Liew; wits.: 
Margaret, dau. f Lawrince Kinney & Catharine Hen- 
dricks for Jacobus, & Peter Van Liew & Margaret 

Wood for Margaret. 
Garret, son Michael More & Elizabeth Gray; wits.: 

Johannes Coolback & Maria Cortselius. 
John, son Jacob Probasco & Anna Maria Van Liew. 
Aaron, son William Booram «.V Anna Clause. 
Neeshee, dau. Francis Waldron & Catalina Van Nest; 

wits.: Martin Beekman & Elizabeth Waldron. 
Catharin, dau. Cilbcrt Van Natta & Catherine Stol; 

wits.: John Cox & Gertrude Stol. 
Anna, dau. William Cox & Rachel Hennion 
Judith, dau. Daniel Slover & Lanah Sehcimerhornc, 

wits.: Lucas Schermerhorn & Elizabeth Dame. 
Myndart, son Coert Jo l ritty Lane. 

ir Veignter & Jacqueline Van 
Peter Dumonl >^ Jane Veighter. 

Sarah, dau. Cornelius Van Sickle & Mai 
Chri • □ Christopher Pi Sarah Am- 


aretta Sophia, dau. Johannes Everson & Sophia 

Cornelius Tunison, Junr., & Ri 
certson; wits.: Tunis Tunison & Nell 

•5 Tunis, son Tuni l rah Bicks; wits.: Fred 

V. V 

284 Earliest Baptismal Records of the Church of Harlingcn [Oct., 

Oct. 15. Wynche, dau. Gilbert Crom & Matilda Johnson; wits.: 
Cornelius Johnson & Wynche Rosa. 
Tunis, son John Stol & Maria Johnson; wits.: Coert 

Johnson & the mother. 
Sarah, dau. Henry Brewis & Rachel Bunn; wits.: 
Rachel Crom & Margaret Crom. 
Oct. 26. Andrew, son Andrew Johnson & Maria Van Natta; 
wits.: Andrew Johnson & Henrietta Courts. 

Jan. 24. Cornelius, son Garret Cornelison & Maria Lamberts; 

wits.: Peter Bodine & Maria Van Nest. 
Maria, dau. Cornelius Moore & Maria Bermore; wits.: 

Michael Moore & Elizabeth Gray. 
Jacob, son Aaron Hagamon & Maria V. Vleet; wits.: 

Simon Wycoff & the mother. 
Jan. 25. Elizabeth, dau. Peter Huff & Catalina Brokaw; wits.: 

John Brokaw, Junr., & Catherine Bord. 
Isaac, son Jacob Gray & Anna Artson. 
April 3. Jane, dau. Cornelius Clauson & Maria Breese; wits.: 

Gideon Merlat & Petronella Merlat. 
John, son Cornelius Clauson & Maria Breese; wits.: 

George Merlat & Elizabeth V. Nest. 
Elizabeth, dau. Hendrick Smock & Anna Van Duyn; 

wits.: William V. Duyn & Griebreg Verkerk. 
Peter, son Luke Coevert & Harmpche Woertman; wit.: 

Bergen Coevert & Anna Slover. 
Elizabeth, dau. of Abraham de Bow & Maria Lazalere. 
Judith, dau. Hendrick Van Nest & Anna Sewell. 
Tunis, son John Lowe and Jane Courson; wits.: Resol- 

vert Waldron & Jane Myers. 
Jane, dau. Prichard Ponsifer & Rebecca Bogert; wits.: 

Jacob de Voor & Matilda de Voor. 
Anna, dau. Benjamin Steinmets & Anna V. Stag; 

wits.: John Hendrickson & Wynche Ten Eyck. 
Johannes, son Hendrick Smock & Margaret Humberg; 

wits.: John Christopher Beekman & Anna Maria 

Margaret, dau. Derrick Burnitson & Magtel Folkeson. 
Fillis, dau. Christiyoam Legranse & Catalina Semion; 

wits.: Aaron Molliner & Legransey Ann[?]. 
Elsey, dau. John McBride & Angelina Van de Water. 
Anna, dau. Garrabrant Peterson & Anna Bennett; 

wits.: Cornelius Peterson & Alche Van Duyn. 
April 4. Rynear, son Peter Dumont & Jane Veighter; wits.: 

Rynear Veighter & Sarah Tunison. 
June 19. Leonard, son George Boise & Syche Smock; wits.: 

Leonard Smock & Sarah Barents. 
Jane, dau. William Hoagland & Lenah Anderson; 

wits.: Andrew Anderson & Jane Combs. 

1909.] [Reformed Dutch) of Ni t7*7-J7J4- 285 

June 19. Margaret, dau. Christopher Snyder & .Maria Diking; 
wits.: William Jugle & Margaret Kormief?]. 

Abraham, son John Brokaw >.V Sarah Middlesworth; 
wits.: Peter Huff & Maria Brokaw. 
June 20. Johannes, son Rynear Van Sickle & Anna Van Liew. 
11. Lucresia Runyon, wife of Daniel Cooper, received by 
Confession of Faith & baptized the same day [the 
latter being of the same household as Peter Runyon, 
the editor's paternal great-grandfather], 

Jane, dau. Henry Vroom & Jane Bergen; wits.: Peter 
Bodine & Maria Van Nest. 

Aaron, son Henry Lane & Margaret Van Nest. 

Nelly, dau. William Rose & Elizabeth Crom. 

Nelly, dau. Jacobus Bennett & Abigail Ketchem. 

Deborah, dau. Peter Schol & Sarah Kalyer. 

Nov. 7. Nelly, dau. John Tunison & Anna Smock; wits.: Cor- 
nelius Tunison & Nelly Bogert. 

Samuel, son John Cox & Gertrude Stol. 

Derick, son Myndert Johnson & Catharine Morford; 
wits.: Derick Johnson & Anna Smock. 

Anna, dau. Abraham Home & Anna Conover; wits.: 
Jacob Good way. 

h 26. Abraham, son Johannes Boice & Nelly Clause. 
Maria, dau. William Cox & Rachel Henion[?]. 
Daniel, son Daniel Cooper & Lucresia Runyon; wits. 

Henry Smock & Ann Van Duyn. 
Jacob, son John Van Houten & Trynche Peterson; 

wits.: Casparus Van Norstrand & Jane Steimetz. 
Isaac, son Bergen Coevert & Ann Slover; wits.: Isaac 

Christopher, son Abraham Brokaw & Maria 1 

wits.: Brogun Huff & Maria Coevert 
Samuel, son Francis W.i I dina Van 

wits.: Samuel Waldron & Bloodgood 

Sarah, dau. William Duyn & Siebrig Van Kerk; wits.: 

Hendrick Emans & Sarah Van Kerk. 

11s. Tunis Tunison |nan. d not 

Alche, \ understood]; wits.: Bogart& Sarah Tunison 
Deir :k Van Liew & Lanah Dennis; 

wits.: Jacob Probasco & Maria Van Liew' 
Jai" fohn van Syckle & Lenab Van Liew. 

Rebecca, dau. Thoma italina Coeverts; wits.; 

June iS. Magdaline, Duyn; 

Van I )uyn & Stynche Juri 
William, son William Booram & 

M iker; wits. 

ick Morlal th Morlat. 

286 Earliest Baptismal Records of the Church of Harlingen [Oct., 

June 18. Elizabeth, dau. John Roberts & Jane Schermerhorn; 

wits.: Lucas Schermerhorn & Elizabeth Dame. 
Angelina, dau. Daniel de Voor & "Angelina Speets. 
Cornelius, son Gilbert Crom & Matilda Johnson. 
Thomas, son Frederick V. Vleet & Maria Bicks. 
Anne, dau. Andrew Johnson & Anne V. Natta. 
June 19. Johanna, dau. Coert Johnson & Gitty Lane; wits.: 

Abram Lane & Anna Brewer. 
Sarah, dau. Ruelif Traphagan & Cornelia Polman; 

wits.: Sarah Kirstead. 
Aug. 13. Anna, dau. Cornelius Tunison & Rebecca Folkertson; 

wits.: John Tunison & Anne Smock. 
Henry, son Derick Hoagland & Anne Folkertson; wits.: 

Henry Hoagland & Sarah Adriance. 
Mannetche, son Michael More & Elizabeth Gray 

[Mannetche, dau., see Oct. 16, below]; wits.: Barandt 

Hartwick & Maria Collins. 
Isaac, son Daniel Slover & Lenah Schermerhorn; 

wits.: Isaac Slover & Anna Coeverts. 
Anna, dau. Hendrick Willson & Anna Peterson; wits.: 

Brogum Bord & Margaret Farley. 
Aug. 14. Nathaniel, son John Laforny & Sarah Martin; wits.: 

Clause Laforny & Francina Marlat. 
Oct. 16. Magdalen, dau., b. Aug. 13, John Stole & Mannetche 

Johnson; wits.: Ann Beekman. 
Oct. 17. Sarah, dau. Abraham Rappelyea & Jane Ten Eyck; 

wits.: George Rappleyea & Sarah Brinkerhoff. 
Maria, dau. Henry Smock & Anne Van Duyn; wits.: 

George Anderson & Jacoline V. Duyn. 
Matilda, dau. William Cornell & Margaret Van Wik- 

Cornelius, son (Conradius) Bergen Van der Beck & 

Anna Messlar; wits.: Jacob Van der Beck & Anna 

Isaac, son Abraham Slover & Sophia Schermerhorn. 

April 15. Samuel, son Martin Beekman & Elizabeth Waldron. 

Anne, dau. George Rappleyea & Lenah Johnson; wits.: 

Casparus Van Norstrand & Jane Steimetiz. 
Matilda, dau. Simon Van Wikkelen & Gondina[?] 

Conover; wits.: Joseph Folkertson & Matilda Van 

Jane, dau. Abraham Lane & Joanna Brewer. 
Rietsert, son Henry Pippenger & Maria Lowe; wits.: 

John Pippenger & Syche Hendrickson. 
Tunis, son Tunis Cole & Sarah Bicks: wits.: Frederick 

Van Vleet & Maria Bicks. 
Margaret, dau. Peter Van Nest & Magdalina Stoll: 

wits.: Henry Lane & Margaret Van Nest. 

1909.] (Reformed Dutch) of New Jersey. 1727-1734. 287 

April 15. John, son John Swick & Barbara Coeverts; wits.: 
Brogun Coeverts & Jane Coeverts. 
Magdalen,, dan. Gilbert van Natta >.V Catharine Stol; 

wits.: John Stol tV Maria Johnson. 
Eva, dau. Hendrick Van Nest & Eva Sewell. 
Catherine, dau. Jacob Gowey & Catherine Bowman. 
Leonard, son Barent Smock & Maria Boyce; wits.: 

Leonard Smock & Sarah DeWitt. 
Henry, son Cornelius Middag & Eckko Traphagan; 

>.: Johannes Traphagan cV Sarah Kirsted. 
Wilmina, dau. Henry Van Norstrand \- Jane Lane. 
April 16. Henry, son Jacob Probasco & Maria Van Liew; wits.: 

Jeremias Kemste & [ane Stevens. 
June 11. Paul, son Christopher Probasco & Sarah Ammerman. 
Aug. 12. Hester, dau. Abram Debow & Maria Larzalere. 

Cornwadusf?], son Garret Cornelison & Maria Lam- 

mers; wits.: Lawrem e Lowe & Anna Lammers. 
William, son Jacobus Winterstein & Anne Angle; 
wits.: William Angle & Elsey Hoppock. 
13. Jane, dau. Christeyoam Legransey & Catalina Dumont; 
wits.: Peter Dumont & Jane Dumont. 
William, son Hendrick Lane ,\ Maria Van Nest. 
Oct. 14. William, son Garret Van Vleet & Judith Van Nest; 
wits.: Francis Waldron & Catalina Van Nest. 
John, son John Coolback & Maria Cortselius; wits.: 

John Voungblood & Catherine Bergh. 
Peter, son Cornelius Garrabrant & Alche Van Duyn, 
Anna, dau. Isaac Laqueer & Alche Cortleyou. 
Tvehe, dau. Nicholas Van Dyck & Maria Van Norden; 

wits.: Elizabeth Van Dyck. 
Catharine, dau. Peter Yawger (Hunter) & Catherine 
Oct. 15. John, son John Dumont & Anna Hoagland; wits.: Ab- 
ram Dumont & Femmey Brokaw. 

March 21. Angenuche[?J, dau. Folkert van Norstrand & Anna 
Wycoff; wits.: [aaac Van Norstrand & Moyaken 
Susanna, dau. Jacob Drew & Anna .' 

& Wvna Kingsbury; wits.: 
v & Anna 1 >eriemer 

& Anna Lfoy; wits : 
l.'-nah Kidder. 
LU. John II wits.: 

I .V Maria Van I. lew. 

on >v Cath tright; 

wits.: Jam 
Benj rew 1 M iria Vleet; 

wits. II- : man. 

288 Earliest Baptismal Records of the Church of Harlingen [Oct., 

'73 1 - 
March 21. Benjamin, son Caleb Habland & Catherine Merrel; 

wits.: John Coolbagh. 
William, son Peter Scholl & Sarah Colyer. 
Henry, son Andrew Johnson & Anna Van Natta; 

wits.: Coert Johnson & Giddy Lane. 
Luke, son Daniel Slover & Lenah Schermerhorn. 
Sarah, dau. Gilbert Lane & Johanna Loverits. 
John, son Garrabrant Peterson & Anna Bennett; wits.: 

Harpert Peterson. 
Catherine, dau. John Tunison & Anne Smock. 
Tunis, son Tunis Tunison & Adrianne Sebring; wits.: 

Cornelius Tunison & Rebecca Folkertson. 
Adrianne, dau. Casparus Van Norstrand & Jane Stem- 

mets; wits.: Isaac Kip. 
April 1. Jane, dau. Cornelius Sleght & Elizabeth Merlat; wits.: 

Gideon Merlat & Elizabeth Merlat. 
Sarah, dau. Cornelius Van Sickle & Maria Lake. 
Maria, dau. Daniel Cox & Maria Van Liew. 
June 16. John, son William Booram & Anne Clause. 

Isaac, son Cornelius Lowe, Junr., & Joanaa Governeur; 

wits.: John Hall & Magdalen Governeur. 
Dennis, son Henry Smock & Anna Van Duyn; wits.: 

David Dain & Cosia Van Duyn. 
John, son Emanuel Kuriel & Sarah Tunison; wits.: 

John Tunison & Anna Smock. 
William, son Gilbert Crom & Matilda Johnson. 
Christina, dau. Hendrick Van Norstrand & Jane Las. 
John, son Garrabrant Clause & Elizabeth Eastmanp]; 

wits.: Tynche Petersen & Elizabeth Moore. 
Jacobus, son Jacobus Bennett & Abigail Kizamf?]. 
Couert, son Couert Van Voorhees & Anna Van Dyke. 
Anna, dau. Henry Van Dyck & Maria Vandevar. 
Aug. 11. Magtal, dau. Rynear Van Veghten & Jacoline Van 

Frederick, son Frederick V. Vleet & Maria Bicks; 

wits.: Joannis Swick & Barbara Coeverts. 
Jane, dau. Rynear Van Sickle & Anna Van Liew. 
William, son William Cox & Rachel Henniyon; wits.: 

Abraam Lane & Anna Brewer. 
Oct. 14. Abraham, son Couert Johnson & Gitty Lane; wits.: 

Myndert Johnson & Catherine Morfoot. 
Hyeronimus, son Frans Waldron & Catalina Van Nest; 

wits.: Resolvert Waldron & Jane Myers. 
Oct. 15. Sarah, dau. John Hall & Helenah Governeur; wits.: 

Cornelius Lowe & Johanna Governeur. 

March 29. David, son Jacob Coosaart & Wilmina Kinney. 

Syche, dau. Simon Van Wikkelen & Geredina Conover: 

wits.: Matilda Van Arsdalen. 
Andrew, son Michael Moore & Elizabeth Gray. 

tQOQ.j (Reformed Dutch) of New Jersey, ijlj-il^. 280 

March 29. John, son Christopher Probasco & Sarah Ammerman; 

wits.: Jacob Probasco \- Maria Van Liew. 
Jane, dau. Daniel Andrebad & Anne Hendricks. 
Elizabeth, dau. Gideon Merlat & Nelly Baker; wits.: 

George Merlat & Jane Vroom. 
Maria, dau. John Bodine & Catharine Labytne; wits.: 

Peter Bodine & Maria Van Nest. 
Sarah, dau. Evert Dykens & Effy Hardenbrook; wits.: 

Adolph Hardenbrook. 
June 14. Garret, son Garret Van Vleet & Judith Van Nest; 

wits.: Gilbert Crom, Junr., & Matilda Johnson. 
Catalina, dau. Christiyoam Legransy & Catalina 

George, son John Dumont & Anna Hoagland. 
John, son Barent Smock & Maria Boice; wits.: George 

Boice & Syche Smock. 
Maria, dau. George Merlat & Rutsifer Runyon; wits.: 

Derick Merlat & Jane Schamp. 
Susanna, dau. Peter Deriemer & Wyna Kingsbury; 

wits.: Barent Symons & Apoloney Symonds. 
Nicholas, son Abram Debow & Maria Larzalere; wits.: 

Burgun Huff & Aggey Huff. 
Aug. 15. Sarah, dau. George Rappleyea & Lenah Johnson; wits : 

David Johnson & Sarah Brinkerhoff. 
Christopher, son Benjamin Stein metz & Sarah Em- 
mans; wits.: Casparus Van Norstrand & Jane Stein - 

Maria, dau. Henry Peppenger & Leah Lowe. 
Syche, dau. Isaac Slover & Syche Peppenger; wits.: 

Syche Hendrickson. 
Hyeronimus, son Henry Van Nest & Eva Jewell 

Derick, son Elias Brewer & Lenah Williamson; wits.: 

Cornelius Middag & Alche Traphagen. 
Aug. 16. Anna, dau. Daniel Cooper & Lucresia Runyon. 
Anna, dau. Jacob Gray & Anne Aertson 
Anna, dau. Alexander Pitsext & Mannetche Slover. 
Oct. 25. Abigail, dau. Tunis Tunison & Adriannc Sebring; 

wits.: John Brokaw & Sarah Tunison. 
Rebecca, dau. Cornelius Tunison & Rebecca Folkertson 
Elenry, son Philip Young & Eva Tice; wits.: Jacob 

Winemaker & Maria Cortselius. 
Oct. 26. John, son Nicholas Van Dyke & Maria Van Norden; 

wits.: John Van N'onlen & Ilennra Ten Lyck. 

Ian John Van Sickle & Lenah V 
David, soi, Sarah Bi ks; wits : 

Kinney & Angelina Man: 

, dan Evert DreyingJ?] & Elsey Harden' 
wits.: Cornelius Lowe& Anne Gouverneur. 

2 QO Earliest Baptismal Records of the Church of Harlingen [Oct., 

April 13. Rynear, son Cornelius Van Sickle & Mannetche Lake. 
Henry, son John Cox & Gertrude Stol. 
Abraham, son Derick Merlat & Jane Schamp; wits.: 

Joost Schamp & Maria Lock. 
Catherine, dau. Henry Vroom & Jane Bergen; wits.: 

P. Dumont & Mary Van Nest. 
Anna, dau. Gilbert Crom & Matilda Johnson; wits.: 

Margaret Crom. 
Magdalina, dau. Cornelius Peterson & Alche Van Duyn. 
Gitty, dau. John Wycoff & Gitty Wychoff. 
Sarah, dau. Casparus Van Norstrand & Jane Steinmetz; 

wits.: Jacobus Van Norstrand. 
Peter, son Thomas Peterson & Anne Lammers; wits.: 

Garrabrant Peterson & Anne Bennet. 

May — . Ida, dau. Rynear Van Anglen& Gitty Volleman; wits.: 

Oakey Kemnegen & W [?]. 

Angenette, dau. John Bodine & Kalrina Bottue. 
Lucresia, dau. Abram Lowe & Hannah Brewer; wits.: 

Peter Johnson & Catharine Brewer. 
Rebecca, dau. Abram Dubois & Maria Lazalere. 
Catalina, dau. Frans Waldron & Catalina Van Nest; 

wits.: Garret Van Vleet & Judith Van Nest. 
Thomas, son John Hall & Magdalene Governeur; wits.: 

Nicholas Governeur & Catherine Hall. 
Elizabeth, dau. Gideon Merlat & Nelly Baker; wits.: 

Cornelius Peterson & Alche Peterson. 
Abraham, son George Merlat & Rispeh Runyon; wits.: 

Gideon Merlat & Maria Bodine. 
Sarah, dau. William Clawson & Sarah Smock. 
Derick, son Christopher Probasco & Sarah Ammer- 

man; wits.: Frederick Van Liew & Helena Van 

Cornelius, son Frederick Van Liew & Helenah Denys; 

wits.: Christopher Probasco & Sarah Probasco. 
Anne, dau. Derick Folkerson & Kezia Van Duyn; 

wits.: Cornelius Tunison & Rebecca Tunison. 
Wycoff, son Folkert Van Norstrand & Hannah Wyckoff; 

wits.: Simon Wycoff & Gitty Wycoff. 

This carries us down to where a break occurs. The records 
are virtually a blank for ten years, or from 1734 to 1744, and 
what is given therein is far from satisfactory. This is because 
of repetitions in some instances, and localities seem confounded. 
But this is more apparent than real. The name " Raritan," it 
is true, has no place here, and is to be accounted for from the 
fact that the whole region at an early day was at times called 
"the country of the Raritons." The name "Millstone" and 
" Sourland " at first used were at length gradually dropped as 
applied specially to this church, and the Harlingen name came 

I9°9-1 Book Notices. 29 I 

eventually to take their place, derived from Domine Johannes ' 
tinus Van Harlingen, born in that region, educati d in Holland, 
and pastor of that church and of Neshanic from i ;6j to 1795. 
The record given above is from Book I of the Dutch. In Book 
II, the first baptism recorded, among scattered notes, is of date 
May 19, 1737. These later minutes are valuable, but for geneal- 
ogy they are defective, as the household names of the mothers 
in the baptisms are not given. This is to be regretted. Still 
these maternal names, with patience ami a measure of worthy 
zeal, could be even yet recovered, as ought to be done for the 
sake of the church, the thousands of families represented in its 
history, and the untold generations of those coming later. It is 
greatly to be desired and hoped that there will be an effe> 
movement toward this before it is forever too late. 


Extensive repairs and the enlargement of the Society's Library Building 
has rendered inaccessible most of the books, etc., received during the last 
quarter. Acknowledgment and reviews of these will appear in the January, 
IQIO, issue of this magazine. 

Register of the Middlebrook Family: Descendants 01 

MlDDLEBROOK OF FAIRFIELD, Conn. By Louis F. Middlebrook, Hartford, 
Conn. Published Hartford, Conn., 1909. Limited edition of 252 numbered 
copies. Pp. .112. 

This work contains information in regard to the arms and foreign origin of 
the family, and an excellently arranged genealogical register of 10 generations 
of the descendants of Joseph Middlebrook, with a liniiti-d amount of informa- 
tion concerning the female lines. It also contains the war records of tin- 
descendants, many wills and inventories, and deeds and surveys of their 
property, and is supplied with an excellent index of 37 pages, The work 
cannot fail to be of interest and value to all descendants of Joseph M 
brook. It is Royal Octavo in size, printed on fine linen paper and the press 
work is much to be admired. 

is Hi- no. New York Genealogical and Biographical 

Societv. Vol.. IV: Statf.n Island Church Records. Published by the 

Society. Large Octavo, • loth, pp. xii-335. 

In the publication of these Records thi - made an important 

addition to its already volumino i Gttlement of 

Staten Island ihort time after thai rdam (New York), 

and by people largely from thr la 11 part 


bun li 
are the baptisms down to 17 "•'. in the Moravian Church, the birtl 

from 1 ; 

es from 17; 1 to 1808. The pione 
fold, married them, 
it part of their religious di 1 of it all. 1 ; 'l s we 

'.v turn with 

292 Book Notices. [Oct., iqoq. 

preserved them for all time. To the careful indexing, revising and printing of 
these records a member of the Publication Committee of the Society has 
devoted many years of able and painstaking labor. In addition to the names 
of those born, baptised, married and died are added the parents and many 
sponsors and witnesses, swelling the alphabetically arranged index to nearly 
sixteen thousand names. 

Hudson Tercentenary. An historical retrospect regarding object and 
quest of an all water route from Europe to India; the obstacles in the way; 
and also Hudson's voyage to America in 1609 and some of its results. By 
Gen. Frank Chamberlain, 9 South Hawk St., Albany, N. Y. Press of J. B. 
Lyon Company, Albany, N. Y., 1909. 8vo, pp. 101. 

An excellent resume of the reasons and object of Hudson's voyage to 
America and it appears before the public at a particularly opportune moment 
in view of the recent Hudson-Fulton Centennial. 

Greene (Grene) Family of Plymouth Colony. By Richard Henry 
Greene, A.M., LL.B., 235 Central Park West, New York. Privately Printed. 
1909. 8vo, pp. 145, including index. 

This is an excellent work embracing the genealogical record of William 
Greene, the original settler in Plymouth, and his descendants to the ninth 
generation inclusive. The work is excellently printed and is well indexed, 
and as the subject matter is the compilation of Capt. Greene its excellence 
requires no further guarantee. It is copiously illustrated with family portraits. 

Stephens-Stevens Genealogy. Lineage from Henry Stephens or 
Stevens of Stonington, Connecticut, 1668. By Plowdon Stevens. 1909. 8vo, 
pp. 358, including index. Frank Allaben Genealogical Company. New York. 

This is a very creditable work including the record of nine generations of 
the descendants of Henry Stephens of Stonington, Connecticut, with an ap- 
pendix and an excellent index; and is a valuable addition to the somewhat 
limited information of the Stephens-Stevens family. 

Beatty-Asfordby. The Ancestry of John Beatty and Susanna 
Asfordby, with some of their Descendants. By Mrs. Samuel Rudolph 
Turk. Frank Allaben Genealogical Company, publishers. Small 8vo, pp. 184, 
including index. 

This is an excellent little work dealing with this particular branch of the 
Beatty-Asfordby family and will be of great value to students of genealogy 
along these lines; and is a fair example of the excellent work emanating from 
the press of the Allaben Company. 

Colonial Families of America. By Frances M. Smith. Vol. I. 8vo, 
pp. 358, including index. Frank Allaben Genealogical Company. New York. 

An excellent work containing short sketches of the American families of 
Bacon, Bailey, Baldwin, Ball, Bancroft, Bradford, Brooks, Brown, Cary, Conway, 
Dickinson, Dubois, Edwards, Field, Fisher, Fox, Freeman, Goodridge, Griffith, 
Hawley, Horton, Loomis, Manning, Martin, Merritt, Miner, Montgomery, 
Osgood, Phillips, Read, Roosevelt, Savage, Sewall, Smith, Todd, Wallace, 
Wendell, Wilson, Winslow, Wright. With numerous armorial cuts. This 
work has more to do with the origin of these various families than with their 
genealogical records. 

Daniel Perrin,"The Huguenot," and his Descendants in America. 
1665-1910. Compiled by Howland D. Perrine, A.B., LL.B., of the New York 
Bar. Illustrated. Small quarto, 450 pp. Edition of numbered and signed 
copies limited to 250. Price, $10.00. 

Members of the Perrine family and a great many others that are collaterally 
related, will be pleased to know that this genealogy is to be issued very soon. 



a — ,e — . «a 

M yles, 6 
Abbatt, James E. 44 
leveland, 14? 

Robert. 145 
Abbott, gov., 12 
Abeel family, b; 

leal, 163 
Ackarnian. Laurence, 10 
Ackermau. Abigail, 13 

Abraham, :3 

Cornelia, 11 

David. 13 

nd, 88 

Isaac, 262 


Thomas, 262 
Adams, family, 212 

Charles, 3; 

Charles Francis. 

John. 207 
Adanisicu. IJ;tr 

Ade, Johi 
Adean, 2-0 
Adeler. Henry, --i 

ial, 108 
Will 1 
Adkys. Richard, 9 
Adriacnns. Marritie, 9 

e, Sarah, 286 
Adsit, Amy, 46 
is, 46 
ert, 01 
Acrsen. Ian. 265 
Aerson, John, 26s 
Petrus, 265 

Elizabeth, 2*4 
Aertson. Al 

en, Cornells, 10 

I liristoph, S4 
n. 246 
Alberts, Jacob, 243 
Albion, 83 

*. 50 

Alford. familv. no 
'•■r, 141 

1. 141 

Alfrank, Johanu.42 


on, 245 
Alston. Da 


Alston, Sarah, 33 
\Varr. ■ 

1 D., 42 
W '! P.. iS 

Alstone, Judith, 220 
Penning:, 229 
Alsope, Job. 
Altheim, Ai 
Altheimer, Johan t . 
Altvater, Johan Valentine, 165 
can ler, 140. 141 
Edward I., 72 

I Morgan, 140, 14; 

Am.-in, John, 97 
Am Ende I 

289, 290 
1 nomas, ill 
DC John, so 
■ '.e. 61 

Am Tho 

1 n. 247 
Anderson. ■ 
And rev 

'■:. 286 

Isaac, 249 

e. 249 

Andrebad. Danial, 289 

Jan<\ • 
Andrew, Benedict, 52 

John Albion, 72 
Andrewes, Capt., 239 

:i, Babara, 256 
Andrus, Michel. 244 

Aneyll. Thomas, 7 

pb, 5a 
Anthony 1 

Catherine Aletta, 126 

■ . I 2D 

' us, 126 

ib, 163 

Arnold. Edmund Sarm 

cl Fostor, 

Arthur. Chester A.. 71 
Artsc, Abratiam, 91 

a, 91 
Artson. Anna, 284 
Artus. Isac, 245 
Arundel. 111 

Asfordby, Susanna, 292 
Ashcnburg, William, 244 
Rachel. 273 
Ashman. mr„ 31 

mas, 6 

Auckland, Arnold. 242 
IS, Fredrick prince. 228 
r. family, 212 
'. no 


Robert. 232. 233 

A ir- 

nab, 233 
James, 236 
M ;i r v 

Nathanial, 233 
Obadiah, 233 


a, 233 

■1 ' . 233 
Thomas, 233 

Ayres, J.. 

Babb, Anne, 238 

ly, 208 
liabcock, John. 103 
Bach. Jcl a 

imily, 13;. 292 


Index of Names in Volume XL. 

Bagg, family, 70 
Bahr, John, So 
Bailey, family, 292 
Bain, Alender, 100 

Anna, 104 

Catharina, 105 

David, 105 

Fanny, 105 

James, 55, 104 

Marytie, 104 

Saartchen, 105 

Baker, . 114 

family, 212 
mr., 239 
Ann S. 40 
Anne, 239 
Dwight B., 138 
Dwight Brainard, 205 
Ellen, 38 
Henry, 6 
James B.. 39 
John, 6, 155 
John J., 33 
Joseph, 33 
Margaret, 6, 15S 
Nellie, 283 
Nellv. z%, 289, 290 

Susan, 33, 38, 39 
Thomas, 6, 155 
Wandel, 38 

William, 6, 108, 113, 239 
Baldwin, family, 292 
Agnes, 109 
Elisha, jr., 46 
Evelyn Briggs, 46,61,137 
Hester, 109 

Joan, 109 
John, 108 

John, 108 
Margaret, 109 
Thomas, 108 

Baldwyn, John, 109 

Ball, family, 292 

Ballard, Edmund, 276 
Robert, 236 

Ballowe, John ji 
,s, Nicol, 9 


Balmus, — 
Baltz, John Philip, 94 
Balyefi, Peter, 8 
Balzer, William, 45 
B.imett William, 236 
Bancke, Aaltie, 91 
Abraham, 90 
Catharina, 91 
Fredreck, 90 
Jacob, 91 
Jacobus, 91 
Johannis, 91 
Laurens, 91 
Louwerins, 89 
Niese, 89 
Rombout, 90 
Banckeo, Abraham, 90, 91 
Adolf, 89 
Adolff , 91 
Adolfus, 90 
Chatarina, 90 
Hendrick, 90 
loannis, 91 
johannis, 90 
Louwerins, 90, 91 
Maritie, 90,91 
Niesen, 90, 91 
Bancker family, 65 

Abraham, 89-91 
Adolff, 90 
Ary, 91 
Barbera, 90 
Cornelus, 92 
David, 90 
Elisabeth, 92 

Bancker, Ernie, 92 
Engeltie, 90 
FieDie, 92 
Frederic, 92 
Frederick, 90 
Fredrick, 92 
Fredrik, 90 
Hendreck, 89, 90 
Henry, 92 
Isaac, 92 
Isaak, 90 
Jan, 89,90, 92 
Janitie, 89, 90 
Jeremias, 90 
Johannes, 91 
Johannis, 90 
Laurens, 90, 91 
Louwerins, 90 
Mari, 92 
Myno. 91 
Nancy, 92 
Necklaes, 89 
Nicolas, 92 
Niese, 91 
Rabecka, 92 
Rachel, 92 
Raghel, 89,90 
Rombout, 90 
Susan, 92 
Thomas, 92 
Tomus, 90, 92 
Banckert, Antje, 88 
Hendrick. 89 

iohannes, 88 
.ouwrens, 88 
Lowrens Mathysse, 88 
Niessje, 88 
Banckerts, Laurens, 89 

Niese, 89 
Bancks, John, 85 
Bancroft family, 292 
Band, Elizabeth, 276 
Banforde, Thomas. 236 
Banke, Jone, 114 
Banker, Barbera, 90 
George, 92 
Gorus, 92 
Hendrick, 92 
Jannittye, 92 
Laurens, 89 
Meino, 91 
Niclaes, 92 
Niesye. 91 
Rombout, 90 
Bankert, Hendrick, 88 
Maria, 88 
Marytie. 88 
Banta, Jacob Cornelis, 11 
Barba, Anna, 100 
Barber. Grace. 114 
Barclay, Maria, 66 
Barend, " a holender," 190 
Barents, Sarah, 284 
Barker, Allen, 276 
Edward, 276 
Joane, 159 
John, 109, 159 
Margaret, 276 
Mary, 159. 276 
Mercy, 276 
Barlow, Joel, 71 

Richard, 278 
Susan. 278 
Barlye, Katheryne, 6 
Barnes, Arthur. 109 
Barbara. 109 
Ellen, 276 
Francis, 109 
Henry, 156 
John, 38, 109, in, 156 
Louisa, 44 

Barnes, Mary, 156 
Richard, 276 
Thomas, m, 156 
William, 109 
Barnett, Michael, 230 

Sara, 230 
Barnum, Charity, 71 
Phineas T., 170 
Barnwell, Jan'.es Ladson, 139 
Baron, Catherine, 235 
Barrabam. Anna Clara, 99 
Ezechias, 243 
John Wolf, 97 
Barret, John, 276 

Barrmgtou. , 113 

Barstow, family, 71 
Barth, Elizabeth, 42 

G.. 42 
Bartholp, Gulliam, 259 
Hendrick, 259 
J ohn S., 259 
Stephen, 259 
Bartlett, Charlotte. 46 
Barton, Edward, 36 

Bartow family, 65 
Bartrou, James, 275 
Lidia,275 „ 
Bascom, Robert O., 217 
Bash, Daniel, 97 
Bason, Nicol, 95 
Bassano, John, 231 
Basse, Nathaniel. 85 

Sisterly, 260 
Bassiel. Ralph. 258 
Bast, Nicol, 246 
Bastian, Andreas, 97 

Bastwicke, , 5. "4 

Bate, Joan, in 
Bates, Ebenezer, 128 
Eliza Ann, 128 
Bath, John, 50 
Batt, Catherine, 181, 182 
Henry, 182 
John. 182 
Martha, 182 
Robert, 182 
Roger, 181 
Thomas, 182 
William, 182 
Batterye, widow, 276 
Batts, capt., 83 
Bauer. Christian, 53, 95 
Christina, 54 
Elias, 97 
George, 52 
Jacob, 40 
John. 246 
Thomas, 164 
Baumann. Michael, 51 
Bawd. Katherine, 280 

Robert, 280 
Baxter, Honor, 184 

John, 184 
Bay, Wendell, 243 
Bayeux family, 212 
Bayley. Thomas, 279 
Beam, Anne, 261 
Beatty-Asfordby family, 292 
Beatty, Eliz., 33 
John, 33. 292 
Margaret E., 33 
Becoke, mr., 7 
Beck, Conrad, 243 


Fra., 183 
John, 09 
John Jacob, 96 
Beckart. Conrad, 161 
Becke. Ephraim, 97 
Becker, Anton, 166 
Frederick, 94 

Index of Names in Volume XL. 


Becker, Gerhard, «i 

k, 165 

joh. Li 

Maria Christina, 204 
Michel, 24b 
Paulus, 166 

Beckman, Michel, 165 

U irtha Ann, 38 
Bedle, gov., 12 
Beebe. Catharine 11-, 174 

Charlotte. 174 

Louise, 174 

Mar) Ella. 174 

Z. Lawrence. 174 

Z. Lawrence, jr., 174 
Beed, Betsey, 128 

Ely, 128 
Beekman family, 6; 

Abian Steele, 52 

Abian Steele Millidoler, 1 

Ann. 286 

Anna, 283 

Catharine Saunders, 1 

Christoflel, 282 
i, 1, 176 

B, I. 282 

Henricus, 283 

James. 1 

James William, 1-3,61,62, 
■ 37 

John Christopher, 284 

Katrina DeBoog, 1 

Martin, 283,286 

Samuel, 286 

Wilhelmus. I 
am, 1 
Bcemis. Mary, 273 
Been. Peter. 57 
Beers. Mary. 172 
Beeston. V. illiam. 234 
Behler, Henry. 245 

irla Barbara, 26; 
Bciss. Hendrick, 249 
Beisser, John, 163 
Bekcll. Philip. 50 

Michel. 162 
Bekman, Treintje. 107 
Belden. Abigail. 102 

Catherine, 103 

Dorcas. 101, 102 

Eiiphal, 102 

elh. 102, 104 

Jane, 101103 

Jean, 102 

J. .I.ii 


Joseph, 101 
oseph, mr9., 104 
.awrence, 102-104 
Lois, 102 

I '2, 106 

r.ioa Denison, 218 
in, 102 

Silas. 102-104 

Silas, jr.. 101 

Susanna, 102 
Belding, Silas, jr., 103. 104 

Silas, sr.. 102 
Bell. Da 

11 Kngcl, 211 

Mary. 127 

Bellecre. Sarah. 234 
Beller. Jacob. t,» . 

Bctlingham, gov., 210 

Henrt W . 72 

1. 167 

Ben, Allen, 59 

Andrew, 105 

Ellenor, 59 
lames. 55,57 
Margere, 10; 
Marjery, 55 

Bender, Johannes, 56 
Benedict, Abljah C, 172 
Almon, 46 
Benjamin, 172 
Clarissa. 46 
Benerield, widow, 280 

.. Marcus, 64, 71 
Benner, Henry, jr., 55 

Mary, 55 
Bennet. Anne. 200 

Jan \\ illemszen. 187 
Bennett. Anna. 284, 288 
Jacobus, 285, 288 
James Gorden, 170 
Benschooteu, Antony, 272 
Cornelius, 268 
Elisabeth, 272 
Benson, John, 6 
Benter. John Just, 163 
Berg. Frederick. 50 
Bergen. Jane. 285. 290 

Tunis G., 138 
Berger, Veit, 166 

Lnna Margaret, too 
Anna Margaretha, 100 
Catherine, 287 
Bergin, Anna, 248 
Berglcuchtcr, Anton, 53 
Abraham, 96 
Andreas, 242 

I st, 166 
Berkeley, gov., 239 
William. 181 
Bermore, Maria. 284 
Bernard. Bernard, 107 
John George. 96 
Bernhard. Catharina, 265 
Bernhardin, Catharina, 201, 265 
Christina, 201 
Christina Elisabetha,i97. 

Christina Lis., 203 
Christina Lisabetha, 196, 

•97. 202 
Jacobina. 201, 265 
1 llz„ 253 
Bertlcy. Elizabeth. 192. 251 
Bertram, Peter, 93 

Samuel Reading, 62 
Bertshy, Kudolph, 242 
Berric. John. 10 
Berry. John, 10 

\ lam, 51 
Beaaenn, 1 lorotnea, ico 
Best. Agnes, 27* 

John. 177 
Hettinger, Anna Christian, 53 

. , 212 

' ' ri 

' ,ry t.ucas.O" 

Biffin. Joyce, 276 

Bigelow. I 

tiiy. 142 

stophcr, 208 
nia, 207 
Thomas Farmar, 207 
Bingenn, Elizabeth, 99 
Bird, Com, 

Man I 
Birkett. Edward. 233, 230 

llenrich, 162 
li nia, 109 
Bishopp, Dionisie, 109 
Bishoppe. Agnes, 109 
Black, S'icol, 242 
Blackney. Ambrose, 111 
Blackwell. Fran 

II I.280 
Blagg, Edward, 254 
Blake. Ann. 40 

Catharine. 35 
Ilanl , 40 
Elizabeth, 44 
Mahala Selina, 40 
Richard, 35 
Blakely, Honora. 71 
Blakemorc, Thomas, 111 
Blank, Cassran, 243 
.nan. 96 
Bleecker family, 65 

■ :. I laniel, 51 
Bliss, Charles, mrs. . 217 

Gl ige, 154 
Block, Christian, 40 
Bloodgood, Nceshee. 285 
Bloss, Conrad, 165 
Bly, Giles, 180, 181 
John, 180 
Mary. 181 

in. 180 
Blyer, Sarah, 234 

thy, 234 
Boade. William. 156 
Bode, John George, 163 

Bodfcld. , 113 

Bodfeldc. ,6. 112 

I iry, 247 
no., |5 
Angenctte, 290 
is-. 34 
Harriet Emily, 39 
Jacob. 39 
fames. 38 
John. . 

Maria, », z H 9.2oo 
Nalhl.. 39 „ 

Susan Garretson, 36 
Boeckhout, Elizabeth. 90 


I ihn '■' 


W . (1 
T, 4» 


Index of Names in Volume XL. 

Bogenman, Jacob, 95 
Bogert, Lena, 252 

Nancy, 262 

Nelly, 283,285 

Rebecca, 284 

Roelof, 123 
Boher, Andrew, 166 
Bohm, Johannes, 54 
Bolme, Francis, 162 
Buice, Abraham. 285 

Charity, 128 

George, 289 

Tames C, 128 

Johannes, 285 

Maria, 289 

Thurza Ann, 128 
Boise, George, 284 

Leonard, 284 
Bolker, Charles, 50 
Boiler, Philip, 163 
Bollon, Christoff, 49 
Boltz, George, 96 
Boud. Vienna, 140 
Bunde, Anne, 276 

Elizabeth, 276 

Marie, 276 

Mary, 276 

Nicholas, 276 

Rebecca, 276 

Sarah, 276 

Thomas, 276 
Bouden, John, 9$ 
Bonsteel, David N., 172 
Boustiel, Philip, 107 
Boninge, Robte. 277 
Bont, jannetje, 191 
Bonus, Julius, 94 
Boone, Jemima, 45 

Susan A., 4? 
Boorani, Aaron, 283 

John, 288 

Sydney, 41 

William, 283, 285, 288 
Boos, John Henry, 53 
Booth, Richard. 180 
Bord, Brogun, 285,286 

Catherine. 284 

Rebecca, 285 

Thomas, 285 
Borume, John, 7 
Bos, Antje, 268 

Cobus, 271 

Dina, 264 

Hendrick, 264 

Jacobus, 268 

Marytje, 264 

Rachel, 271 

Sara Elisabeth, 264 
Bosch. Cathrina, 266 



Johannes. 266 
Bosh. Angonietje, 198 

Catharina, 201 

Dina. 204 

Hendrick, 198,201 

Jacobus, 201 

Lena, 202 

Maria, 201 

Marytje, 198 
Bottue, Kalrina, 290 
Bough, William, 180 
Bounde, Nicholas, 276 

Bouton, , 175 


Clarence Winthrop. 61, 
73. 136-138. 147,205, 219 
Bowers, Richard. 8 
Bowland, Humfrie, 159 
Bowles, mr„ 83 
Bowman, Catherine, 287 

Ellen, 41 

Bowyer, . 180 

Boyce. Maria, 2S7 

lay, 12 

John J., 12 
Boydon, Richard, 112 
Boyer, John, 92 
Boyton, Lawrence, 276 
Bradbank, Anne, 238 

William, 238 
Bradford family, 218, 292 

gov., 209 

Thomas Lindsley, 141 
Bradlev, lames, 38 

Jane M., 39 
Brainard, Roswell C, 126 
Braman, Edward, 137 
Bramstone, Roger, 112 
Bramstoon, William, 113 
Branch, Censiopher, 180 

Christopher, 180 

Christopher, jr., 181 

Johan Valentine, 164 

Peter, 180 

Thomas, 181 
Brand, John, 231 
Brandlin. Caspar, 161 
Brandt, Jan, 188 
Brant, Gritye Cornelissen, 187 

Jan WUlmsen. 187 

Mathew, 187 

Tys, 187 
Bratt, Albert Andrieszen, 253 

Eva Albertse, 253 
Bras. Elizabeth, 123, 124. 16S, 

Brasier, Anthony, 111 
Braun, Andrew, 166 

Lucas, 245 

John, 164 

John Debauld, 161 

Sebastian, 164 
Breach, Samuel, 234 
Bredhauer, Israel, 164 
Breese, Maria, 284 

Brent. ,184 

Bresie, Jannetje, 191 
Bretschi, Lorentz, 51 
Brewer, Anna, 286, 288 

Catharina, 290 

Derick. 289 

Elias. 289 

Hannah, 290 

Joanna, 286 
Brewerton, col., 168 

Henry Feltus, 62 
Brewin, John, 236 
Brewis, Henry, 284 

Sarah, 284 
Brewster family. 208, 209 

Lot Edward. 208 

William, 156, 208,209 
Breyandt. Cornelus, 123 
Bridgman, Sarah Abbott, 72 
Briggs, Abigail Rider, 48 

Caleb, 48 

Catherine Campbell Liv- 
ingston, 48 

Charles E., 46 

Edward, 113 — - 

Eleanor, 4S 

Elias. 4S 

John, 46, 128 -' 

Margaret. 46 

Margaret J., 46 

Margaret Jane, 46 

Phebe. 128 

Sarah M., 46 

Thomas, 4 S > 

William, 45 

Wm. H., 46 
Brinck, Benjamin, 204 

Cathrina, 204 

Cornelia, 204 

Cornelis, 198 

Garret, 196 

Brinck, Geertje,2oo 
Gerret, 198, 202 
Gerrit, 193 
Hester, 196 
Isaac, 194 
Janneke, 19S, 202 
Johannes, 193, 196, 198- 

200, 204 
John, 204 
Lambert, 198 
Lena, 198 
Lisabet, 194 
Lisabeth. 196, 266 
Niclaes, 201, 203, 204 
Rachel, 194 
Roelof, 194 
Sara, 196 


William, 201 
Brink, Anna, 272 

B. M., 71, 145, 217 

Antje, 268, 271 

Corneleja, 207 

Curuelia, 2b8, 269, 275 

Elisabeth, 269-271 

Eva, 204, 268, 271, 2^3 

Geertie, 267 

Geertje, 268, 269 

Helena, 198 


Hendrikje, 273 

Jacobus, 264, 270 

Johannes, 198, 264, 271 

Johaunis, 20S 

Lenah, 275 

Lisabet, 270 


Maria, 267 

Nechulas, 275 

Niclaes, 264 

Nicolaus, 267 

Rachel, 209,273 

Sara, 207 

Sarah, 269-272 

Stephanus, 268 
Brindley, John, 41 

Sarah Julia, 41 
Brinkerhoff, Albert, 11 

Catharine J., 11 

Derick, 13 

Elizabeth, 4b 

George G., 46 

Harriet B., 11 

John Hopper, 11 

Kezia A., n 

Mary Cornelia, 11 

Sarah, 286, 289 
Brit, Catharina, 251 

Robert. 251 
Britton, Dorcas, 41 

Elizabeth, 42 

Henry, 42 

Jacob, 44 

Jas., in rs., 42 

Nathan, 35 

Violetta, 43 
Broaddus family, 67 
Broad head. John, 264 
Brock, Isaac, 215 
Brockes, Margaret, 156 
Brockholst, Anthony, 66 
Brodwater, Margerie, in 
Brokaw, Abraham, 285 

Catanua, 2S4 

Christopher, 285 
I Vail, 02 

Kemmey, 287 

John, 285 

John, jr., 284 

Maria, 285 
Bromehead, John, 111 
Bromeholl, Audreye, 111 

Index of Names in I 'olume XL. 


Uronilield family, 23$ 

Arthur, 234 

Elizabeth, 234 

Bronson, Dorcas, 207 

Trumbull, 61, 62, 

Henry Trumbull, mrs., 62 

Isaac, 207 

John, 207 

Patience, 207 
Brooke. Humphrey, 240 
Breaker. John. 33 

I-ucy, 33 

William, 31 
Brooks, family, 202 
Brothertou. Jobo 236 

Margarie, 237 

Ann Elizabeth, 176 
Brouwers, Maritje, 192 

: IV. 67, 212. 292 



Edmund, 126 

odard, 171 
Henry, 128 
Isaac M . 38 
Jacob Stymets, 170 
John, 145* 
Joseph, 37 
Margaret Cox, 170 
Mar] Ann, 170 

Samuel Gilmao, 71 
Sara 1 
Browne. Alice. 8, 276 
Elizabeth. 270 
at e. 276 

1 i.wenport. 217 
George Israel, 217 
Henry, 156. 276 
Joan. 276 
John, 8, 156 

',2, 276 
Matthew, 156 
Olave. i$6 
Rebecca. 156 

->J2. 279 
William, 109 

B., 208 
11c family, 68 

Bruce, . 1X1 

Bruch, Michael. 24; 
Bruchly. John Henry. 52 

Valentin. 09 
Brugerin. Mar v. 2^ 
Itrumhuber. Carl August, 44 

1 llen.72 
. Christina. 36 
Bubcheiscr. John Adam, 164 

Nlcol, 162 
Bncholts. John 

Buckniim, Calrin, |8 
Man I 

?. 94 

Bullithorp, Doroi 
J ihn, 

1. 157 

Bullock. Abigail, 12') 

'lima \l 

1. 129 


Bulward, Robert, 85 

ell, John, 244 
Bunderskeil, Andreas, 161 
Bungart, Jacob, 162 
Matthew. 162 
11. 162 
Bunn. Rachel, 284 
Bunsch 1 
Bunschoteu, Antoni, 264 

I, 264 

l. 257 

Jacobus, 258 

lames. 258 
Bunting, John, 277 
Burbank. Ann 33, 38 

Eveline. 45 

Henry, 33 

Isaac, 35, 39 

Jacob, 36 

Sarah Ann. 44 
Sarah Jane. 3; 
Burder. Joh 

1; trge, Arnold, 167 
Burgen, M 

Burger. Cornelia, 37 
Hannah, 37 
James, mrs., 41 
John, 39 


Matthias. 37 
Nicolas, 37 
Burgher, mr., 45 

H tei M iria, 41 


Mar] I 
Burhans, Jacob. 190 
Burchinshav.e. Marie, 2*,; 

Burliugame. Anson, 71 
■ . 240 
1 240 

John, 240 

Thomas, 240 
Burnford, John, 240 
Burnitson, Derrick, 284 

Margaret, 284 
Burr, family, 71 

Burritt, Kliliu. 72 

imin, 234 
■ ■ 234 


el, 234 
Burtch. I- 

Luman. 46 
Burtingham. Elizabeth Brid 

Burton, mr.. 232 
Joanna, ff 
John, 6 

1'iiisch, Caai 

Bush, Aln 


Kebckka. 266 

lb, 2|2 

Butler, Isaac, 33 
lames, 33 
Mary Catharine, 41 

Nicholas Murray, 144 
Sarah Elizab ■ ■■ 
Tunis, 44 
ira, 135 

Petersen, 249 
Adriaen Pieterszen. 191 
Ariaen Petersen, 240. 

Alien Pieterse, 192 
Ary. 91,92 

e, 249 
Cornells. 189 
Elizabeth, 190 
He, 2^0 
lie, 192 

le, 192 
Gertruyt, 192 
Hendrick, 188, 191, 192, 

249. 250 
Hilletje Jansen, 190 
Jacob, 89, 169, 192 
Jan, 100. 249 


Jannctje, 191, 249 
Johannes, 192 
Magtelt. 249 

Maritie de Vaux. 192 
Marritje, 192 

ten, 189 
1. 188 
192, 249 
Tryntic, 192 
Tryntjen. 249 
le, 190 
i.e. 188 
Willemje, 249 
Wlllemtje, 250 

ill, 114 

. 1:1 
Byrd, Mai 

id, William, 8 
Byvanck family, b$ 

Calfort, M 

Caly. Fran 

Camber, S 
Camden, v. 
Camp, John, 6 

Campion, Henry, I 

Ian 90 

1 Maria, 40 
■ R„ 11 

1.1. 230 
no, 230 




111, 21! 

. no 

Jacobus. 275 


Index of Names in Volume XL. 

Carp, John, 246 
Carre, John, 8 
Carrington, Jane, 233 

Robert, 233 
Carten. John, 246 
Carter, Alfred Washington, 127 

Anne, 82 

Cornelia M. Redington, 

Deborah Ann, 127 

Edward, 127 

Eliza, 127, 128 

George Edgar, 127 

George W., 127 

James Rowland. 127 

Jane Hopper, 127 

John, 183, 234 

John Robert, 127 

Lawrence, 128 

Lyda M., 127 

Margaret, 127 

Margaret L., 128 

Mary Elizabeth, 127 

Matthew, 125, t27 

Matthew \V., 127 

Robert. 127 

Samuel, 12*. 127 

Samuel Williams, 127 

Thomas Saunders, 127 

Uzziah, 127 

Violetta, 127, 128 

Carver, John, 156 

Marie, 156 

William, 178 
Cary, family, 202 

Ann, 40 
Case, David, 129 . 

Elizabeth, 129 

Margaret, 129 
Caselman, Christin, 94 
Casey, 106 
Casselman, John, 95 
Castle, William, no 
Cassouw, Catrijntjen, n 
Catherin, Anna, 248 
Cathrina, 54 
Catlin, Charles T., 137 
Catly, William, in 
Cauer, Jacob Mitter, 97 
Cavelly, Elisabeth, 41 
Cawood, Gabriel, 156 
Cays, John Brill, 161 
Cerant, Grees (Grace,) 188 
Cermer. Andrew, 267 

Christina, 267 

Grietie, 267 

Ludija, 267 

Sara, 267 
Chaddocke. Charles, 183 
Chadwick, Chas., 184 
Chafer, Robte, 158 
Chaffe, Thomas, 209 
Chaflee, family, 209 

William H.,209 
Chalfont, Tobye. 276 
Chamberlain, mr., 210 

Frank, 292 

Mellen, 209 
Chambers, Christina, 275 

Christoffel, 272 

Felix, 113 

Helmes, 272 

John, 113. 274 

Maria, 274 
Chamberly, Anne, 238 

William. 238 
Champlin. John Deneson, 138 
Chandler. J. A. C, 70 
Chapman, John, 235 

Richard, 277 

William, 229 

Chappell, Alice, 237 

Francis, 237 

John, 237 

Margaret, 237 

Stephen, 237 

Steven, 237 

Thomas, 237 
Charton, Hendnck, 161 
Charvell. John, 277 

Thomas, 277 
Cheney, family, 143 
Chisholm, Benjamin Ogden, 

mrs., 155 
Chittenden. S. B., 71 
Choate, Joseph H., 144 
Christopher, Christoffel, 10 
Christshiles, Dominic, 164 

George, 245 

William, 164 
Chrystie family, 65 
Clanenberg, Conrad, 98 
Claris, Henry, 8 
Clark, Adelia I., 70 

Annie H., 171 

Barzillai D.. 171 

Edward, 233 



Emmons, 70 

Eunice, 139 

George B., 171 

Isaac, 171 

Louise Brownell, 206 

Richard, 233 

Seyna, 193 

Sophronia Mallory, 171 
Clarke, 113 

Charles, 277 

Ellen, 232 

John, 277 

Philip, 83 

Richard, 233 

Robert, 278 
Claude, Francis, 167 
Clauder. mrs., 38 

Ann Eliza. 40 

C. E„ 38 

Charlotte, 40 

Charlotte E., 34, 37, 40 

Charlotte Elisabeth, 34 

Charlotte G., 35 

H. G., 34 
Clause, Anna, 283, 285 

Anne, 288 


John, 288 

Nelly, 285 
Clauson, Cornelius, 284 

Jane. 284 

John, 284 

Sarah, 290 

William, 290 
Clay, family, 71 
Clayton, Catrine, 261 

Elizabeth, 231 

lasper, 231 

John, 231 

Mary, 231 

Rebecca, 231 

William, 231 
Clearwater, Alphonso T., 137 

Laura, 129 
Cleggett, Nicholas, 232 
Cleman, Bastian. 162 

Valentine, 162 
Clemence, Margaret, 236 
Clemens, Gerhard, 51 
Clemente, Helen, 114 

William, 114 
Clements, Edward, 236 
Clerk, lohn. 158 
Clerke. 277, 279 

Symon, 278 

Cleveland, Grover, 61, 137 

J. Ray, mrs., 136 
Clevensher, Sara, 195 
Cleybourne, capt., 83 
Clifton, Simon, 263 
Clinch, Jacob. 92 
Clizbee, Azalea. 128 
Cloppers, Heyltie, 125 
Clopton, John, 240 
Clos, Peter, 167 
Close, Peter, 163 
Closin, Mary, 248 
Closterbeker, John, 50 
Cochran, Samuel, 72 

Cock, , 238 

Cockman. Alice, 277 


■ -'" 

Cocks, George W., 137 
Codd, John, 98 
Coddington, Catharine, 35 

David, 71 

Elizabeth Ann, 35 

Coenraad, Catherine, 107 
Coens, Henricus,282, 283 
Coevert, Bergen, 284, 285 

Isaac, 28s 

Luke, 284 

Maria, 285 

Peter, 284 
Coeverts, Ann, 286 

Barbara, 287, 288 

Brogun, 287 

Catalina, 285 

Maria, 285 
Coker, John, 113 
Coksall, William, 7 
Cole, Alice, no 

Andries, 198-201, 205, 26s 

Anna, 273. 286 

Charles Perry, 45 

Christian. 109 

Cornelia, 200 

David, 254, 289 

Dina, 200 

Edmund. 277 

Elisabeth, 201 

George. 277 

Hanna, 202, 204 

Helena, 196 

Henry, 277 

Hermannes, 200 

Hermanus, 196, 202 

Jacob, 204 

Jacobus, 199,200, 202, 264 

Johanna, 199 

John. 109, 239 

John E., 129 

John F., 129 

Leendert, 199, 264 

Lena, 196, 198-200, 204, 264 

Leonard, 196 

Lisabeth, 197, 199, 202, 
205, 264 

Margaret, 109, 277 

Maria, 197. 198, 273 

Marya, 198, 199, 202 

Nenzi, 199 

Peter S., 106 

Rachel. 273 

Sara, 265 

Sarah, 264 

Susan, 129 

Susan Ann, 45 

Thomas, no 

Tunis. 283, 286, 289 

Walter, 109 
Coleman, Betsey, 139 

Eber (Eben), 139 

Eliza, 139 

Kunice, 139 

lohn. 139 

Julia, .39 

Lydia, 139 

Index of Names in I 'olume XL. 


Coleman, Nathaniel, 130 


Priscilla Starbuck. 130 
Collord, mrs., 92 

Eleanor, 92 

Mary, 92 
v , 02 

William, 92 
Collins, dr.. 178 

M a 1 
Collinson. John, 235 
Colon, David M, 44 

James, mrs.. 44 
Colthrop.S. K.. 174 
Colyer, Sarah, 288 
Combs, jane. 284 
Compen. Cornelius, 269 

Elisabeth, 269 
Comyns, Robert. 110 
Conckling, Annatje, 252 

John, 252 

Maretje, 191 
Coney, John, 185 

Conger. 69 

Angeline, 4b 

Enoch. 46 

Conklin. Anna Louisa, 15 

John 1 

Charitv. 14 
Connelly, Margaret M , t2»> 
. . 46 
. Richard, 46 
Connor. Cath.,30 

Richard. 36 

K 1 i, jr., 36 

Sophia, 30 
Conover, Anna, 285 


Gondina, 286 
Connors, col., 36 
Conrad, Matthew, 242 
Conrads, Conrad, 161 
Conradt, Christoph, 243 

Martin. 93 
Consales. Manuel, 204 


. 2 .: 

Consalesduk. Lena. 194 
Constable family, 6; 
Contriene, Maria, 273 
Contriman, Maria, 273 
Contryman, Maria Elisabeth, 

Converse, mrs., 239 
Conway family. 292 
Cony, Anne. 184 

lary. 184, 239 

Cooke. Arthur, 86 

George, 86 
Cookeson, Frizell, 237 

lames. 237 

Richard. 237 

Sarah. 237 

Susanna, 237 
Cool. At" 

Aendries. 273 


An ir e 1 .'■. 2nS, 270 

Arent (Barcnt 

Barent Joeobw 

Catrina. 267 
raelia, 196. 270 

Barmanna, 2^8. 269 
•■ . 269 

Isaac, 270 

Jacob. 273 

Jacob Barent»en,iH7.2M. 

Jacob (Barentszco). 188, 

Cool, Johannes, 193 
Leendert, 209 
Lena, 193 
Leonard, 193 
Lisabcth, 193 
Maragriet, 268 
Uarretje (Simons), 187, 

. 268 

Rachel, 270 
Coolback, Johannes, 283 

John, 2S7 
Coolbagh, J obn, 2SS 
Coon, Jan 
Cooper, Anna, 289 

Daniel, 28s. 289 


John, 276 

Peter, 72 
Coosaart, David, 288 

Jacob, 288 
Cope, William, 234 

!tl, 37 
Copland, Henry, 234 

Cordwell, Margaret, 231 
Corey Ian: 

Abram, 139 

Abigaile, 139 

Hannah, 139 

Isaac, 139 

Jacob, 139 

John. 139 

Sarah, 139 
Cornel, Gclijam, 63 

Jan Willemszcn, 187 


Cornelison, Cornelius, 284 

Cornelisse. Grietje, 187 

ret, 189 
Cornelieaen, Gnetye, 187 
Corneliszen, Adriacn, 9 

Andnes. 9 

Al ••. 123 

.. Annie. 129 

Norman S.. 129 
Cornell. John. 65. 137, 217 


Martensc Harconrt, 63 

Coming, Jacob. 176 

KJaaaie, 176 
Cornish. John, 114, 230 
Corner, Carl, 213 
Corsa. Ab. 

Dennla, 208 
Corson, Catharine, 35 


George W., 40 

Richard, 40 

Sarah Ann, 35 
Cortlandt. mrs.. 124 

Cortois. Jannetie. 192 

P.. a - 

Cortrcift. Abraham, 274 

' '. 274 


Vnoatle, 26H 

D ■. 27| 

•'71. 173 




■1 272 

'■in ... 26Q 
Derik, 269 
Elisabeth, 274 

I- : 



Jannekc, 269 

Jannetje. 275 
enneke, 267 
ohn, 269 
John, Jr., 271 
Johannes, 272 
Joseph, 269 
Lydia. 272 
Rebecca, 270 
Rachel, 269, 270 
Samuel, 272 
Sarah. 274 
Cortright, Catherine, 287 
Cortselius. Anna M 

1. 283. 287, 289 
I'.. 277 
Cosens, Anne. 230 

John, 230 
Cossens, Anne, 230 

Costor, Abraham, 270 
am, 270 

Loland, 184 
tnd, John, 232 
Counterman, Peter, 204 

in, H.-ndnck, 199 
Rachel. 199 
Courscu lamily, 215 
Jacob, 215 
Jan. 215 
Courson. Jane, 284 
Courts, Henrietta, 284 


Maria, 58 
Coutois, Jannetie, 192 
Covington family, 67 
C m in. Albert Edward. 200 

Cowp, K ibert, hi 
Coi, Ann 1 

Daniel, 288 

Henry, 290 

Jacobus, 283 

■ . J90 



igj, 288 

Coxon. Margaret. 183 

Coyny. n Johnson. 168 
r, IS 
Craemer. Philip, 161 
Crammer, Chrial, Wjrnl 

Sarah, 129 

■ N.1 
I I, J02 


Index of Names in Volume XL. 

Crom, Anna, 290 

Cornelius, 286 

Elizabeth, 285 

Gilbert, 284, 286, 288, 290 

Gilbert, jr., 289 

Margaret, 284, 290 

Rachel, 284 

William, 288 

Wynche, 284 
Cromwell, Anne, 238 

Oliver. 144 

Thomas, 239 
Crowche, 113 

Crozier, William Armstrong, 

Wm. Armstrong, 137 
Crukot, Arnold, 99 
Cubberly, Henrietta, 35 

Isaac, 35 
Cuddy, Francis Cuddy, 138 
Cullenben, Thomas, 230 
Cunningham, William, 86 
Curtis, Newton Martin, 205 
Cuyler family, 69 

David Hendrick, 138, 205 

Theodore Ledyard. 205 
Cuyper, Aaltje, 123 

Dabney family, 67 
Daily, Charles, 266 

William, 266 
Dalem, Lambert, 98 
Dain, David, 288 
Dales, Catherine, 248 

William, 163 
Dalsen, Abraham, 250 
Dame, Elizabeth, 283, 286 
Damen, family, 189 

Hendrickje Janszen, 189 

Neeltje, 193 
Dami, Russi, 258 
Damon, Cristian, 279 
Danby, lord, 83 
Daniel, Anna. 196, 197 

Ranulph, 277 
Daninger, Jacob, 50 
Danon, John, 279 
Danson. Mary, 232 
Darby, Nathaniell, 159 
Darnell, Richard, 240 
Dartnall, Jasper, 234 

William, 234 
Daul, John Michael, 96 
Daun, George, 50 
Davenport, Elizabeth, 191 
Davids, Catharina, 91 

Janitie, 90 

Johannes, 252 

Maria, 252 

Marytje, 251 

Salamo, 254 
Davidson, Maritie, 90 
Davies, Richard, 279 

Thomas A., 207 



Davis, Andrew McFarland, 71 
Anna, 139 
Christian, 129 
David, 129 
Edward B., 46 
Evan, 65 
George, 46 
George R., 129 

fames David, 65 m 
efferson, 64 65, 72 
ohn. 46, 236- 
Lewis, 236 
Mabel Jane, 129 
Maria, 285 
Marietta, 103 
Martha Jane, 129 
Nancy, 46 

Davis, Rebecca, 172 

Righart, 65 

Samuel, 65 

Shonnet, 65 

Solomon, 2H4 

William, 172 
Davyes, Robte, 86 
D'Duytser, Margriet, 255 


' 2 9 , 

Dean. John Ward, 184 

Deane, William, 279 

de bacons-Thorp, Ralph, 134 

de Baconsthorp, Robert, 134 

Roger, 134 
Debald, Coniad, 96 

Francis, 96 

Martin, 164 
de Bajocis, Richard, 133 
de Boog, Barent, n 

Katrina, I 
de Bow, Abraham. 284 

Elizabeth, 284 
Debow, Abram, 287, 289 

Hester, 287 

Nicholas, 289 
de Camp, Christina, 10 
De Carpentier family, 210 

Pierre, 210 
de Colombieres, Philip, 134 
Decker, Abraham, 202 

Abram. 197.199, 264 

Abram H. 205 

Abram Hendrickse, 197 

Andrew, 34 

Alcy, 34 

Ann, 33, 40 

Barbara, 195 

Beeletje, 204 

Benjamin, 199, 201 

Catharina, 197, 201, 204, 

Catharine, 33 

Cathrina, 203,264 

Content. 40 

Cornelia Van Leuwen, 

David. 33, 129 
Dorothy, 57 
Eleonora, 194, 199, 203 
Elias, 275 
Elisabeth, 197 
Eliz , 33 

Eiizabeth, 33, 37, 129 
Femmetje, 201 
Gerret, 195 
Grietje, 195 

II. 1 

Hendericus, 201 

Henderikus, 27c 

Hendrick, 205 

Hendricus, 201 

Jan, 195 

Jan jr.. 195 

lannetje, 201, 202, 204, 205 

Jenneke, 200, 202, 204, 275 

Johanna, 194, 195, 197 

Johannes, 201, 202 

John, 33. 34 

Lea, 195, 201 

Lena, 197, 198, 201, 203, 

Levi, 275 
Liedeja. 266 
Lisabeth, 204 
Louwrenz. 204 
Lydia, 19S, 201, 202, 204 

Margriet, 194, 198, 199 
Margrietje, 194 
Maria, 194, 197 
Martha, 33 
Martha Ann, 38 

Decker, Mary Frances, 33 

Marya, 203 

Nancey, 33 

P., 40 

Rachel, 193, 195 

Richard, 34 

Samuel, 34, 275 

Sara, 194, 197, 201, 264, 266 

Sarah, 266 

Sarah Ann, 33 

Sarah Maria, 34 

Silvanus, 34 

Susanna, 195 

Sylvester, 129 

Willem, iq- 
De Duitser, Magtelt Roelofs, 

De Dutscher, Margaret, 253 
De Duyser, Margriet. 254 
De Duytcher, Cornelis, 186 
De Duytscher, Barent, 190 

Catharine, 2^6 

Catrina, 252 

Margriet, 254 
De Duytser, Barent, 191 

David, 191 

Dirckje, 191 

Catharina, 190, 251 

Catharine. 188 

Cornelia, 188 

Cornelia Jansen, 188, 190 

Dirck, 186, 191 

Elizabeth, 191 

Jannetje, 191 

Johannes, 188 

Mageltje, 186, 188,252 

Mageltje Roelofoze, 191 

Maretje, 191 

Margriet, 254 

Roelof, 188, 191 

Rolof, 251 
Deen. Sara, 195 
de Forest. Hannah, 102 
Degen, Felix. 52 
de Graaf, Johannes, 176 
de Groot, Belitie, 123 

Marytje, 88 

Niese, 88 


De Hooges, Anthony, 253 

Eva Albertse, 253 

Leonora, 253, 254 
De Hultei, Jan, 190 

Johanna (De Laet), 190 
Dekker. Andries 268 

Antje, 272, 274 

Benjamin, 268, 271, 273 

Cornelia, 270 

Cornelius, 270 

Daniel. 272 

Elias, 269 

Elies, 268 

Elisa. 268, 269 

Eliza, 270 

Evon, 269 

Ezakiel, 270 

Ezechiel, 274 

Geestje, 274 

Grietje, 274 

Henderikkus, 267 

Jacob. 269 

Janache, 269 

Janneke, 268 

Jenneke, 272 

Johannis Broerschen, 272 

lena, 268 

lydia, 271, 272 

Marrytie, 60 

Mary, 272 

Rachel. 270, 271 

Sara. 255 

Sarah, 273 

Index of Names in I \>lumc XL . 


D'Elba. Anthony, 257 

A 01 

; ; 7 

De Laet. Johanna, 190. 191 
De la Maitre, (iecrtje Marten- 
sen, 2;; 
Delamater, W illiam. 129 
Delameter, Barent, 92 
De la Montague, Leonora, 2-5 
eur, :;i 



Delano. Sara, 264 
.le La Ramee, marquis. 71 
De Long, Arriaentje, 19* 
Delong. Pbebe Ann, 129 

im t 129 
Delva, Anthony, 257 

Autjc, 237 

Jannetje'Hillbrants, 257 
<le Montfredy, Louis, 174 
Demorest, Ann, 13 

Henry, 13 



: VV., 13 

John, ,3 

Mary 11, 13 
im, 13 
Demott, Johannes, 63 
de Navarro, Jose Francis, 138 
Denemarck, Dorothea, iqj 
Denemarken, Johan Chris- 

totfel, 197 
Denemerken. Hlaudina, 269 

Christorfel, 196 

Ctaudina Sophia, 196 

loh. Christoifel, 196 

Margriet, 200 
Denius. Johannes Peter, 57 

Maria, 57, 58 

Philip, 54 

Mariije, 56 
Denmarkcn, Dorothea. 204 
Dennetuaken, Christotfel, 202 
Dennemarck, Antje. 195 

Christophel, 195 
Dennemark, Christonel, 265 

(ira-tje, 195 

Margneta. 26$ 
Dennemaike. Anna Dorothea, 

Chi latoffel, 199 
bea, 199 
Denncmarken, Hernardus, 266 

Christonel, 20t, 203, 266 

Femmelje. 201 

Sal, 197,103 

Margriet, 1Q4. 203 
Dcnnemerkcn, Blandina. 272 

at, 196 
Dennis. Francis, 159 
John Andrew, 159 
.in. 1I1. 28$ 


Thos , 159 
Dennys. Thomas, 279 

I lei I In ird, 111 

1 lenj -. Helenah, 290 
1 .1.8,96 
Musis, 268 - 

1a 268 - 
Denue. tllaabeth, 274 
Daniel, jr., S74 

' . 267 - 

. 174 

1, 267 
Sarah. »66 


. 209 
itje, 269 


Derding, Cohrad, 162, 167 
1 . George, 156 

de Rocbelort, Peter. 52 
De Kowae, Jannetje, 250 

Joanna, 250 
der Val, Cathanna, 89 

Jan. 87,89 
Deunius. Margariet, 57 


Aoraham, 275 
eth, 275 
Deveniab, Henry, no 
Devin. Leendert, 204 

Niclaes, 202 

Terrell/, 202, 204 
Devius, Abraham, 270 
de Voor, Angelina. 286 

'acob, 284 

' Ida. 284 
Devoor, Abram, 194 
Adam, 195 

rain, 200 
Cornells, 194, 200 

198 - 
Hen Irick, 200 
Jacobus, 194, 19$, 197, 199, 

Lena, 194 
Rachel. 108 
Sara, 200 
Willem, 198, 200 
Devotion family, 212 
Devour. Heltje. 209 
de Vouw. Abram. Do 
Joliannis. 89 
Marytje. 89 
M Mi j. 89 
de Warenne. William, 133 

rat, tiyls, 280 
De Wit. Lucas, 257 

De Wilt, Barbara Andricsaen, 
Eykc, 199. 200, 202 
a, 200 
. 204. 26s, 269, 271 
Lisabelh, 204 
Maragrtta, 2b7 
Margrlta, 272 
M arret jen, 236 
Mosea, 20 
Sarah. 2H7 
Simeon, 20 
Tjerck, Clacsren. 256 
k, 126 
.111, 229 
Dickeson. nir. 239 

n, 64 
Dickenson, Robert, 9 
V, 292 

1 inn. Maria, 170 

luguat, 211 

Dlcsa. John, ;n 

■ 'he, 94 

I iho, M 
Bernhard, 242 

.l.n Pal 1 
"'.a. 57 

lost, 61 
John I'. 

ia, 103 

Diking, Maria, 285 
1 linant, Peter, 99 

in, Adam, 267 

A dam, 194-197, 
199-201, 204, 205 

. 198. 199 

Cornelia, 200 

|. '95. 199 
I .7. 200 

HendricK, 199 

Jb, 197 
acobus, 204, 20s 
lachel. 194 

Eva (Jeert., 55 
1 Milkman, Amines, 2"0 
Cornelia, 270 
Eva, 270 
Dingmausc, Alida, 272 

. 208, 272 
la, 272 
Elisabeth, 268 
Eva, 1 •■ 
I I .1,268 
Dings, Adam, 55. 58 
Eva. 55 
Anna Maria. 55, 58,60 

'. 55. 56 
Jacob, 55. 56, 58 

Oh A lam, 56 

55. 56. 105 
oho, 56 
na, 55 

an, 105 
Margaret, 56 
■ ^5 
. 55. 56 


. sb 

. 105 

Dinkehti. Appolonla, 99 
a, 87 
Barantie, *i 
lis, 87 
Cornelius, 87 
Nicholas, 87 

. 186 
I. 182. 183 
Dltmar, David, 244 
' 193 

inel. 43 

. 196 

I .111. 272 

Divvlns. Rachel. 273 

\ I 

a, 261 

Dolnon ' 


Index of Names in Volume XL. 

Dobson, Hammond, 235 
Jane, 235 
John, 235 



1 235 
Dod family, 69 
Dodd, Stephen, 210 

Thomas L., 71 
Dodde, Margaret, 234 
Dodge. . 127 

Wm. Earle,72 
Doettel, John, 243 
Dolmetsch. Johan, 162 
Dolse, Isaac, 252 
Dolsen, Abraham, 250 
Donaldson family, 210 

James, 210 
Donats, Stradling S., 140 
Doore. Harye, 8 
Doom, Diedlof, 216 
Doremus. Fytie, 261 
Dorn, Lazarus, 161 
Dorninger, Caspar, 164 
Dorr, Palmer, 104 
Dorrance, Anne, 71 
Dorry, Conrad, 242 
Doughtye, Wyllyam, 7 
Douglass, Richard, 140 
Downs, Ann. 34 

John. 34 
Dowsett, William, 7 

Wyllyam, 7 
Drake, Evje. 203, 204 

Jane C, 57 

John, 203, 204 

Mary Ann, 36 

Mary Jane, 171 

Louis Stoughton, 145 

Samuel, 57 
Drap, Lorentz, 242 
Draper, 8, 9, no, 112, 114, 277, 
279, 2S0 

John William, 71 

Route, 279 
Drechsler. John Peter, 51 
Dres. Catherine, 248 
Dresin, Gerdrut. 99 
Drew. Jacob. 287 

Susanna, 2S7 
Dreyer. Frederick Adolph, 40 
Dreying, Elsey, 289 

Evert, 2S9 
Drowne. mr., 61, 137, 205 

Henry Russell, 73, 136, 
137. 147, 219 
Drummer. Gerard, 241 
Duane family, 65 
du Bois. Abraham, 51 

Jacob. 256 

Pieter, 252 

Susanna, 256 

William M., 137 
Dubois family, 292 

' a. 63 .-: 



Catharina, 251 

Rebecca, 290 
du Bray, lohn, 246 

Peter, 244 
Ducher, Ellen, 286 
Dudley. Thomas, 179 
Duerr, Peter, 96 
Duester, John, 97 
Dufleild. no 
Dufin. Peter, 97 
Duikelbach, lohannes, 59 
Du Mnn. Annatjen, 255 
Dumont family. 139 

Abram, 287 

Catalina, 287, 289 

George, 289 

Jane, 287 

John, 63, 287 

Dumont. John B., 63 

P., 290 

Peter, 62, 283, 284, 287 

Peter A., 63 

Peter H., 62, 63 

Rynear, 284 
Duncan family. 68 
Dunce, Anna Maria, 56 
Dunch. Deborah, 85 

Walter, 85 
Dundebend. James, 7 
Dungel, Matthew, 167 

Matthey, 162 
Dunger, John. 95 
Dunmure. earl of, 225 

lady, 226 

lord, 226-228 
Dunn, George, 231 
Duns, Marytje, 105 
Du Puy, Catharina, 195 

Hanna, 195 

Lisabeth, 195 

Moses Nicolase, 195 — 

Maritje, 196 

Nicolas, 195 

Susanna, 194, 196, IQ7 — 
Dupuy, Benjamin, 199, 200, 202 

Johannes. 199, 265 "« 

Johannes, jr., 202 

Lisabeth, 202 

Maritje, 199, 200 

Sara, 199, 202, 265 

Susanna, 200, 265 
Du Puys, Samuel, 194 
John, 217 


. 217 

Durbecker, John Adam, 51 
Durk, John Adam, 50 
Durrin. Catherine, 248 
Dury, Andrew, 214 
Du Sanchoy family, 186 
Dusinberre, Henry, r7i 

William. 171 
Dusenberry, Andrew Hopper, 

Barzillai, 171 

Catharine, 171 

Charles K., 171 

Edmond B., 171 

Elizabeth, 171 

Emma, 171 

George W., 171 

Isaac L., 171 

lane, 171 

John H., 171 

John W., 171 

Josephine Denike, 171 

Joshua, 171 

Mary H., 171 

Rachel, 171 
Dusenbury, Henry, 171 
Dutcher family. 185, 186 

Barent, 187 

Catharine, 186 

Christopher, 106, 107 

Cornelia, 186 

Cornelis. 186, 187 

Cornelius. 107 

David. 186, 187 

Dirck. 187 

Elizabeth, 107 

Gabriel. 107 

Jane, 106 

Jonannes. 1S7 

Lawrence, 106 

Margaret, 1S7 

Mary. 106 
* Roelof, 186, 187, 193 • 

Silas, to6 

Sylvia, 104 

Tryntje, 193 
Duvall, William, 170 
Duyckinck, Evert, 65 

Duyckinck, Whitehead Cor- 
nell, 62, 65 
Duyn, Sarah, 285 

William, 285 
Duyser, Barent, 90 
Duytscher, Barent, 188 
"Duyster," 189 

Barent, 92 

Dirck Corneliszen, 188, 

Willem, 189 
Duyts family, 186 

Lawrens, 186 
Dwight, Ellsworth Everett, 61. 
206, 219 

Dyckman, Anna, 126 

Anneke Cowenhoven, 16S 

Engeltje, 250 

Joh.,ir., 250 

Manke. 107 

Nicholas. 168 

Wyntie, 168 

Wyntje. 127 
Dyer, Ezra, 72 
Dykeman, Abraham, 171 
Dykens, Evert, 2S9 

Sarah, 289 

fHah, 275 
Earle, Ralph, 146 
Eastman. Elizabeth, 288 
Eastwood, John, 108 

Thomas. 108 
Eaton, Alexander, 239 
Eavans, Mary, 178 

Thomas, 178 
Eayres, James, 233,236 

John, 23b 

Thomas, 236 

William, 236 
Ebbinghs, Hieronymus, 190 

Johanna (de Laet), 190 
Ebeling, Johan, 165 
Ebelman. Jacob, 167 
Eberhard, John, 94 
Ebert, Hartman. 50 
Ebrecht, John. 165 
Eck. Velentin, 97 
Eckard, Johan Jacob, 162 
Eckart, Balzar, 94 
Ecker, Annatie, 90 
Eckert, Catharine E., 129 

Maria Jane, 129 

Nelson. 129 
Eckhard, Balzar, r62 
Eckstedt. John George, 94 
Eddy. Cornelius Cole, 37 
Ede, Rose, 108 
Edgar family, 65 
Edian, Sebastian, 165 
Edlynne, widow, no 
Edmund, John, 107 

Justus, 107 
Eduaerts, Herman, 249 
Edward, John, 5 

Thomas. 6 
Edwards family, 292 
Edwart. Catrina, 271 

Frederick, 271 
Egbert. Abm., 34, 36, 37, 44 

Abm., sr.,34 

Abraham S., 38 

Ann. 34, 3b, 40 

Ann Eliza, 34 

Catharine, 41 

Catharine Maria, 38, 41 

Cornelius, 34 

Corns., 41, 45 

Corns., mrs., 36 

Edward, 34, 36, 42, 45 

Index of Names in Volume XL. 

Egbert. Elisabeth, 34 
Elizabeth, 42 

■ ■ *■■< 
Etneline, 45 
Hannah, 34 
Haanab Jane, 42 

Isabella SVC. 37 

Jacob, 43 
ohll, 30. 
ohn \ auderbilt, 37 
John \V,„„ 43 

Lydia, 38, 41 

ret Jane, 37 

tta, 45 
N mcy,3S 

Rebecca Maria, 38 
Saml., 34 
Sarah Adeline, 43 
Stephen, 34 
Thamas Holmes, 34 
Tunis, 37 
Egelman, John Adam, 161 
Egler, Christian, 244 
vein. John, 242 
tin, 24! 
Eicb, Martin, 243 
Elsen, Anton, 242 
Ekeru. Anna, 247 
r, igo 
Eliot, nn . 

Ellswoith, 138. 147, 219 
Ellenberger. George, n 
Elles, Hendtick, 2so. 2^7 
Ellnnan, Lawrence liogert. 136 

Elliot. , 103 

Andrew, 146 
Ellis, John, 235 
Richard. 84 

Elhsoi: : '.-Ltii! is, 
1 . 157 

Ellsworth. W1I11 

ebstei '>■* 

_ cndoi I. Cornelia, 258 
it, Coenraad. 255 

Jacobus, 257 
Elmwood. John, 34 
Ebbtee. Elizabeth. 46 

Win. E., 46 
Elstone. K, chard, 238 
Ellen, Heater, 36 
Eltonhead, mi, 83 

. 232 
Elwill, Acnes, 211 

Elyot, W 

Emms, Hendnck. 285 
tb, 267 
• 3.267 
Emene. Richard, 109 

Emichen. Ernst, 50 
Emmans, John, 275 
is, 275 

Emmtl. John, 164 
Emineiis. Alexander, tog 

Cathatina, 2b« 

lsaak, 202 

I lin, 197 

... 203 

as, 209 

Niclaes, 199. 202, 265 
NicI.ii. Joo 
Nicolaes. 197. »3 
Emmerich. Peter. 162 

Daniel. 272 

.s. 272 

\nna Eve, 99 
Emmons, William E . «s 

Einniott, James, 22 
Ends. Matthew, 49 
Eugel.Joban Rupert. 162 

Matt 1. 

IVlrus. 101 
:, Tenty. 194 

Engels, Anna Mary. 247 
Engelsbruecher, Nicol, 49 
Eunes. Alexander, 201 

eth, 267, 269, 270, 

■ •. 271 
Jannetje, 195, 198, 200, 201 

Lisabeth. 264 
Ennest, Jannetje, 199 
Ennist, fannetie, 194 

11, 163 
Erfield, Anthony, 234 
Erhardt. John Simon, 95 
Etkel. Bernhard, 50 
Ermaus. Sara. 170 
Erwen, Cathanna, 265 
Erzer, Margaret, 40 
Eschelmanns, Anna, $4 
Escherich. I 

Hen irick, 242 
Esery, Edward, 229 
Eshenbrcuder, U 
Eslich. Haul, 241 
Essclsteyn, Christina, too 

Cornelius. ;6 
Esthar, Maria Ahoy, 1211 

!, 229 

Mane, 229 

Mary, 229 

Robert. 229 
Etercll. William, 109 
Eton, Kathenn. 159 
: iry, 178 

Thomas, 178 
Evelandt, Antje, 268 
Evelant, Antie, 268 

Evere. Jan. 00 

I ihanncs. 283 
Margaret ta Sophia, 283 

.'. ih. .111. 144 
I' v. it 1 leertie, 257 
Ine, 42 
Valentine. 42 
Ewen, J 

Ewoutsen, Jan, 191 
Exelby, Kaiher.- 

Eydecker. Michel, 243 
Kydickcr. Julm.212 

ntlnc, 52 
Bylcl, Hell 

mi. 11,2 

It, 95 
sea, 236 

Faber. Ebert.2aJ 
Packcntbal, B I . M . us, 2 ., 
e, 179 

1 dn, 146 

1, 234 

1 in, 166 

.lie*. 207 

Farrer family, 212 

Eaubell. John, 49 

Fay. Thomas Crittenden, 173 

i, 160 
Feldnacl.t, J.diau 165, 160 
Felton. El 

rero. Alexander. 129 



Ferris. Bet 


Malinda, 4b 
Fey, Doratha, 41 
tlartlowe. (iyles, 109 

. George, 179 

ttawyden. J 
ffayrelawe, George, 109 

... Gyles, 109 
tielsted. John. 109 
rtisher, Thomas, no 
rtitzwater, lord, 113 
liolliutyme, Katherin, 8 
tfryer. Audi 
tTyssher, Tliomas, no 
1 .ly,292 

mr., 01, 20;. 206 

W. 72 
W. B. (J., tii 
William li. ().. 137 

:hurst Os- 
good. 72, 138. 147, 206, 
Filkins, Catharine, 250 
Fincastle, viscount, 22S 
Finch, Anne, 230 

Isaac, 230 
Fink, Andreas. 96 

ion, 161 
ohu (;odltied,97 
Finkin, Ursula. 247 
Fischbach. i 
Flscberin, Margaretha, 24s 

tha, .-i7 
Fiscock, Margaret, 188 
Fish, Anili. 

Charles A . Ian 
Elizabeth, 129 
Geoit." I 
Fisher, family, 292 

John. 2it 

Sim ■ 

Fishers. Margaretha, 34 k 
Fitch, Winchester, 70, 71. ; 

!. Maty, 34 

Fit/ 1 1 iik: i ■ 



. ><.-. 


Index of Names in Volume XL. 

Fletcher, Matthewe, no 

Simon, no 

Thomas, no 
Flint, William Norcross, 71 
Flor, Johan, 162, 166 

Peter, 241 
Floyd, Charles Harold, 62 
Flynton, Parao, 84 
Fodder, John, 52 
Fohrer, John, 163, 246 
Folkeson, Magtel, 284 
Folkerson, Anne, 290 

Derick, 290 
Folkertson, Ann, 286 

Joseph, 286 

Rebecca, 283, 286, 288, 289 
Foote, 114 

Forbis, Eleonora, 265 
Forney family, 212 
Ford, John, 109 
Fort, Harmon, 108 
Fosterin. Anna, 247 
Fosket, Thomas, 229 
Foster, Andrew, 156 

Dennys, 156 

iohn, 140, 156 
oseph, 133, 156 
lary, 140 
Michael, 156 
Phryswith, 277 
Roger, 280 
Thomas, 156 
Fountain, mr., 35 
Clarissa, 37 
Jarnes, 34 
John, 35 
Leonard, 34 
Louisa, 37 
Mary, 34 
Fowler, John, 85 
Mary, 171 
William, 171 
Fox family, 292 
Foxcrotte. Anthony, 83 
Fradenburg, Benjamin, 129 

Lydia, 129 
Francis, John M. mrs, 71 
Francklvn, mrs., 232 

John, 86 
Francvs, 109, no 
Frank, Johan Martin, 242 

Michel, 245 
F'ranklin. dr., 207 
Frantz, Conrad, 245 
Fredenburg, Ariantie, 256 
Frederik, Wendel,97 
Fredericksen, Andries, 9 
Christina, 9 
Dirck, 9 
Maritje, 9 
Thomas, 9 
Free. Thomas. 231 
Freebes. Mar. Cathrina, 266 
Freegard, Ellen, 44 
Freek, John, 86 
Freeke, [Catherine, 86 
Freeland, Eva 194 
Freeman family, 292 
Gertrude, 34 
John. 34 
Mary, 34 

Mary Elizabeth, 42 
Smith B„ 42 
Freer, Bridgett, 8 
Cornelia. 253 
Elias, 129 
Hugo. 256 
John, 8 

Maria Ann Le Roy, 250 
Peter, 253 
Freisen, John Riccos, 163 

Frelinghuysen, Theodorus Ja- 
cobus, 281, 282 
French, Silvanus, 233 
Freund, Johan, 166 
Frey, Conrad 50 

Frick. Henrich, 94 
Friede, 54 

Friedrik, Nicol, 245 
Friel, William, 94 
Frier, Mary, 232 
Fries, Maria Hetwig, 34 
Frith, Averie, 159 

George, 159 

John, 231 

William, 231 
Fritzin, Johan, 167 
Froste, Alis, 277 

Andrew, 277 

Ellyn, 277 

Jane, 277 
Fryenmoet, rev. mr.. 266 
Fryenmuth, Joh.Casparus, 264 
Fryer, John, 8 
Fuchs, John Bernhard, 246 
Fuchsin, Margareth, 247 

Mary, 247 
Fuehrer, John Jacob, 98 
Fuhrer, John, 93 
Fuhrman, Jacob, 51 

Johan Mathew, 165 

John Michel, 96 
Fuller family, 212 

Catharine, 69 

Daniel, 71 

Edward, 65, 70 

Robert, 65 

William, 159 

William H. 70 

William Hyslop. 65 
Fulton, William E., 62 
Fusz, John, 95 
Fuss. Andreas, 96 
Fynhout, Jacomyntje, 252 
Fyssher, Thomas, 114 

Gaden, George Thistle, mrs., 

138, 205 
Gage, John, 108 
Garathe, Jacob. 53 

John Jacob, 53 
Gallop family, 218 
Gam, Jacob, 167 
Gano, John. 18 
Gardener, Turk, 105 
Gardenier, Albartus, 90 
Gardiner. Mary, 139 
Gardner, John, 181 
Garfield, J. A. 72 
Gamier, Isaac, 263 
Garrabrant, Cornelius, 2K7 

Peter, 287 
Garretson, Jacob Herman. 42 

Jane Elizabeth, 4; 
Garrett, Alexander, 277 
Garrettson, Maria, 39 
Garrinot, Peter. 49 
Garrison, Margaret Ann, 311 
Garter, John, 98 
Garwood, Ann, 261 
Gate, Ann, 239 

ludith, 239 

Katherine. 239 

Thomas, 239 
Gates, Stephen, 63 
Gatton, Eugeny. 114 

Eugenye, r 14 
Gaus, Nicol, 243 
Gawge, Anne, 7 

John, 7 
Gay, William. 193 
Gealbert, William, 8 
Gech, Thomas, 280 

Gedel, John Peter, 161 
Gedert, Johan, 242 
Gee, Maretje, 193 

William, 193 
Geiger, David, 94 
Geisell, George, 50 
Geldmacherm, Sabina, 248 
Genielk, Michel, 96 
Geney, Jacob. 165 
Gentry tamily, 67 
George III, king, 228 
Gerby, John Michael, 94 
Gerger, John, 244 
Gerhard, John George, 50 

Peter, 242 

Valentine, 163 
Germond, Alfred, 129 

Cornelia, 129 
Gerrits, Geintje, 257 

lannetje, 109 

Joannetie, 170 
Gerntse, Raghel, 91 
Gersner, BaUar, 167 
Gesch, Godfried, 245 
Geschwind, Johan, 162 
Gessienger, Henry, 53 
Geyer, Johan David, 164 
Gibson, mr., 61, 137, 205, 206 

Henry Pierson, 61, 137, 
138, 147, 219 
Giddings, Franklin Henry, 62 
Glees, Fridrik, 244 
Giessiebel, John Michel, 246 
Gilbert, Abraham, 8 

Agnes, 7 

Humphrey, 63 

Isaac, in, 156 

Isaake, 8 

Joane. 7 

John, 8, 63, til 

Nicholas, 111 

William, 4, 7, 63, 108, in, 
155, 276 
Gilder, Richard Watson, 144 
Giles, Sarah, 190 
Gillesby, Grace, 36 
Gillete, Dorcas, 101, 102 
Gillmore, Ed., 180 
Gittens, Walter, 156 
Gilles, Annatje, 256 
Gladwyn, John, 156 
Giaents, John, 50 
Glascock, Bartholomew, 277 

Joane, 277 

John, ill, 277 

Kathenn, in 

Richard, 277 

Robert, 277 
Glascocke, Agnes, 6 

Andrewe, 156,157 

Angell, 6 

Bennett, 156 

Clemence, 156 

Ellyne, 156 

George, 6 

loane, 156, 157 

John, b, 7. 156, 157 

lone. 7 

Katherine, 156 

Laurence. 156, 157 

Mary, 6 

Maryou, 156 

Mathew, 156, 157 

Richaid, U6, 157 

Thomas, b, 7. 157 
Glaser, Dietrich, 244 

George, 166 
Glasin, Margaretha, 248 
Glass, Valentine, 160 

William, 166 
Glasscock, Bridget, 7 

Elizabeth, 277 

Thomas, 7 

Index of Names in Volume XI. 

. Richard, 231 
, Benedict. 50 
Gnaedlg. John, 242 
Goebell. 1'aul. 51 

lei, Jacob. 244 
Goerher. Sabastian, \*t\ 
Golder. Barbara Ann. 129 

Derrick. 129 

L B. 129 

Sarah. 129 
Goldiug, John, 7 
Gomaer, Alida. 272 

Jacob, 272 
Gonsales, Manuel, 204, 26s 

Sara, 23; 

9, Maria, 266 
Gomz. Louis, 36 

an. John, 157 

Sara, 157 
Goodridge laniily, 292 
Goodway, Jacob, 28s 
Goodwin. So 

James Junius, 147, 206 

J il.n, 86 



Gott, Mary, 248 

Gould, Mary, 2r6 

Marv Caroline, is 
Gourlay, Lawrence, 138, 203 
Gourlie, Eliza LuoDOr, 138 
li.iuverneur, Anne. 289 
Governeur, Helenah, 288 

ohanna, 288 
■n. 288 
ne, 290 
Nicholas. 290 
GoweT, Catherine, 287 

Grace family, 146 
Grael, Georg, 242 


Graeff, Henry, 96 
Jacob. 54 
. Lorentz, 164 
ii.ii. I'hilip Lconhardt, 160 
Graham family, 71 

Hugh, 66 
Grant, gen., 144 

- 79 
Gravelinge. Andrew. 114 

William, 114 
* iray, Anna, 289 
AniiL-, - 

eth, 283. 284, 286, 
Giles. 7 

iacob. . 
ohn. 7 

ID), 1 

ona Maria, 40 
Benjamin, 47 
i . 102 
Eliza, rr 

ianc Maria, 102, 103 
Dfeph, 101 
im, 102,103 
Martha. 47 

illy, 202 
Anna. 107 
Ellzabet, 107 

ohn, 107 
1. 11.. 1, 107 
. 129 

Green, S. A.. 217 

Samuel A., 71, 142, 277 
Sarab, 107 
Tobias. 129 
Willey, 129 
Greene family, 292 
j .-• . 63 
Geo. S., 207 
John, 9 

ilas, no 
>il. 159 
Richard Henry, 137, 14S. 

147, 219. 292 
Robert, 159 

Tbomas, 237 
Greenhill, Tho., 234 

William, 183 
Greenwood, Rowland, 260 
Grene, Nicholas, in 
Gresman, Henry, 246 
' hi vn, Friedrick, 167 
Benjamin, 40 
I, in 
a, in 

Walter Kenneth, IV 
Griffith family, 192 

Griggs, gov., 12 

Grindall family, 143 
11 ib. 51 

■1. 166 
Gross, Frederick, 162 

Joachim, 167 

William, 161 
Grub, J i.l.i 

Sarah, 1-7 
Grubb. Jhon, 157 

John, 157. 276 
Gruendner, Matthew, 52 
Guest, Elizabeth, 170 
Guild family, 118 
Guilkries, Mary, 58 
Gummert, Auguste, 42 

Hem lette Rosalie, 42 
Gunsales, Maria. 204 
■ ■I.273 

Samuel, 273 
Gunn, dr., 170 

Gusman. Peter, 162 


I Guyon, Cornell'" 
Harry. 35 

. . 140 

Gysbertszcn, Lubbcrt, 191 
th, 248 

Hach, I" 

Hack. Con 


II. 11, 

Hagamon, Aaron, 284 

: 284 
Hagder, John, -2 

1 , 40 
. Frederick, 53 
■ 57 
Hahn, lohan Martin, 1)4 
Silas It , in 

nrad, si 
1 ily, 212 
Charlotte, 103 
I en, 232 

1.1 George. 53 
Hale, Un. w , ,, 
Halgarde, Peter, 243 

Hall, Ben 

Catherine, 290 
John, 211, 288,200 
John H.,71 

Thomas, 290 

Hallock, Lewis, 72 

Win. A.. 70 
Hani. Fre lericfc, 104 

K ibei 

in ude Kioni, 254 

!an, :; ( 
onas, 243 

Alexander, 72 
Schuyler. 72 
Hammerlciin. John Jacob, 161 

n. John, 144 
Handickea, Hanna, 194 

Handley. Richard Hockman, 

Handshaw, James, 268 

Susan i 
Handwcrker. Dauiel, 167 

H.-inse. Alfred B., 217 
Hansen. Calhrina rleylwilla, 

Hendrick, 266 
1 1 lernhard, 24s 


Hapcnny, Davis Card, 45 
Harberdintk. John, 12s 
Harcocks. Elizabeth. 18c 

Hardei 11,289 

Hardcnburgh, Abraham, 20 

11 in 1 inn, m 

N .col, I64 


C baric 



Index of Names in Volume XL. 

Harrison, George, 156 

Mary Ann. 43 

Prudence, 156 w -- 

Thomas, 85 

William Henry, 72 
Harryes, Wm., 113 
Harrys. Dorothie, n8 

James, 158 

John, 8 
Harsen, Cornelia Rachel, H4 

Cornelius, 127, 154 
Hart, Henry, 240 

Hum trie, 277 

Jane, 179. 240 



icholas, 178, 179 
Orlenlia, 59 
Reuben, 47 
Ruben, 47 
Susan, 47, 240 

s, 240 


Hartbeck. Matth 
Harte, Nicholas, 178 
Hartley, Edmund, 8 

Jeremiah, 232 

Marcellus, mrs., 206 
Hartman, Conrad, 160, 165 

John Georg, 98 

John George, 51 
Hartung, Caspar, 98 
Hartwegin, Ann Elizabeth, 100 
Hartwick, Barandt, 286 
Hartwig, Caspar, 98 
Haryson, John, 280 
Hasbrouck, Jonathan W., 

Hashagen, , 127 

Haslewood. William, 280 
Hassnier, John, 51 
Hastings, Alice, 174 
Hastier, Thomas, 113 
Hatsche, mr., 4^1 
Hatteman, Ulnch,99 
Haub, Christoph, 167 
Haughwout, Lefferd, 61 
Haun, Andrew, 49 
Haver, Elizabeth, 275 
Havermeyer, Louisai 62 
Hawcrid, Elizabeth, 184 

!ohn,i8 4 

Samuel. 184 
Hawcridge. Elizabeth, 184 
Hawford, Thomas, 1S1 
Hawke, Robert, 277 
Hawkeswell, Mary, 232 
Hawkins. Peeter, 85 
Hawley family, 292 
Hay, Eva, 247 

G. U.,23,115 
Hayes. Mary W., 108 

Richard, 145 
Hayfield, Anne, 232 

John. 233 
Hayn, John, 161 
Hayns, Benjemin, 269 

Joseph, jr. 269 
Hayward, John, 112 
Hazard family, 218 
Hazen, Ward C, 23, 115 
Headley, Russel,68 
Heal, Peter, 45 
Heard family, 139 

John. 139 

Robert, 277 
Heathe, George, 277 
Heaven, Mary, 232 
Hebenstreit, John Jas., 52 
Hecht, Caspar, 162 
Heck, Bastian, 165 
Heckerin, A. Lisabeth, 204 
Hedges, Daniel, 106 
Heeremans, Engelje, 258 

Heermans, Grietje, 256 

Jannetjan, 60 
Heeter, Antony, 272 

George, 272 
Heffen, Bartin, 52 
Hegeman, Peter, 125 
Heidman, Gerhard, 94 

Peter, 50 
Heil. Matthew, 164 
Heinecke family, 218 
Heinemann, Johan Henrich 

Heins, Adam, 167 

Johan Valentine, 165 
Heischer, John, 90 
Heisterbach, Nicol.243 
Heifer, Cristop, 161 
Helffert, Peter, 50 
Helm, Elisabeth, 274 
Jacob, 274 
John Adam, 95 
Peter, 09 
Helms, Samuel, t76 
Helmsze, Jan, 188 
Helmszen, Jan, 188 
Helwig, Henrich. 95 
Hemlnge, widow, 280 
Henckel, John George, 94 
Henderson, James, 275 
John, 275 
Patrick, 275 
Hendricks, Anna, 256 
Anne, 289 
Beeletje, 10 
Belitje, 10 
Catharine, 283 
Geertie Everts, 257 
Jane, 87 

Janneken, 87, 88, 92 
Laurens, 92 
Lysabeth, 254 
Marritje, 171 
Hendricksen, Catharine, 44 

Hend., 189 
Hendrickson. John, 284 

Syche, 286, 289 
Hendrickszen. Gerrit, 189 
Geurt, 189 
Tan, 87 

Johannes, 249 

Matth ys, 87 

Hendricx, Jenneken, 88 

Jannetje, 88 
Hendricxen, Janneken, 87 
Ilenion. Rachel, 285 
Henkels, Stan. V., 141, 145 
Henninger, Johan Adam, 167 
Hennion, Rachel, 283 
Ikniuyon, Kachel, 288 
Hennon. John T., 262 
Henrich. Caspar, 246 
Johan James, 162 
Lorentz, 53 
Henry, Patrick, 226 
Henshaw, Elisabet, 266 
Henzeiin, Eva, 248 

Mary, 248 
Hep, Johan Jacob, 166 
Hepnian, Melchoir, 95 
Herbener, Henrich, 165 
Herber. Caspar, 243 
John Jacob, 95 
Herbst, John, 246 
Herder, Hanna, 105 
Herling, Conrad. 245 
Herman, Conrad, 167 
Daniel, 51 
Jacob, 51 
Peter, 50 
Philip. 245 
Schweikart, 161 
Sebastian, 97 
Valetine, 50 

Hermann, Niclas, 51, 52 
Hermanszen, Jan, 88 


Hermes, Johan, 163 
Hernichel, Henrich, 98 
Hero, Henrich, 97 
Herold, William, 280 
Herrick, Anna, 129, 130 
Ephraim, 129, 130 
Epbraim, jr., 130 



Phebe. _ 

Susan Ann, 130 
Herring, Abraham, 176 
Herrison, George, 204 
Hersel, Adrian, 287 
Hert/og, Casper, 94 

Jacob Andreas, 93 
Herzin, Margretha, 247 
Hesper, Simon, 167 
Hess, Andrew, 246 

Friedrich. 166 

Jeremy, 165 

Johan Jacob, 166 
Hesse. John, 51 
Hessel, William, r67 
Hesson, Ann, 200 

Thomas, 200 
Hesued, Jannetje, 271 
Hetheringtou, James, 40 

William, 40 
Heumacher, John Jacob, 160 
Heusted, Sarah, 130 
Hewytt, Johnannem, 108 
Hey, Anna. 248 

Robert. 278 
Heyd. Nicol, 245 
Heyde, Peter, 53 
Heymas, John, 108 
Heyn, Paul, 165 
Heyns, Lydia, 265 
" kes. William, no 

Hicks, Benja 


, i.- 

David I.. 

Elias B.. 130 

Eliza Maria, 130 

Emma Ann, 35 

Martha, r3o 

Nicholas R„ 130 

Rebecca. 130 

Sarah, 36 

Susan, 130 
Hidshon, Jane, 260 
Hlgginson family, 69 

Thomas Wentworth, 24 
Higgons, Henry, 201 

Robert, 201 
Highani, Clement, 112 

Lucy. H2 
Hildebran'd, Johan. 160 
Hilica, Johannes, 100 
Hill, Balzar, 163 

Johan, 162. 167 

John William, 162 
Hillbrants, Jannetje, 257 
Hiller, Edward. 183 
Hillig, Andreas. 161 
llilli^.is. Johan Frederick, 100 
Hilligass, Alender, 100 

Anna Margaret, 100 

Catharina Maria Magda- 
lena, too 

Cornelius, 100 

lannitie, 101 

lohan Frederick, 100 

]ohan Fredrick, 100 
nnes, 100 


Hillings. Samuel. 176 
Susanna. 176 

Hillika. Frederick, 100 

Hills, lohn, 278 

William, 278 

Index of Names in I 'lumt XI . 


Hinckley, , 63 

Hinsdale. Klizur B., 71 

en. 242 

Hirtzbach, Anton, 49 

Hirzeach, Martin, to 

lliserodt. Adam I., 60 

Adam J., 60, 106 

e, 106 
Catherine. 106 
Cornelius Wynkoop, 106 

win. 106 
John Martin, 106 

Inn, 106 
Susan, 106 
Ilisson, John, 198 

is, 108, 264, 266 


Hitchcock. 86 

Hugh, 2S0 

Samuel Austin, 72 
Hoag. David, jr., 47 

Rachel. 47 
Hoagland, Anna, 287, 289 


Henry. 28a 

lane, 284 

John. 287 

Maria, 287 

William. 2H4 
Hobart, John Sloss, 21 
Hobler, Abraham. 49 
Hochappel. John 
llochekynson. William, 7 
Hocky, Andrew, 51 

HodeK, Michael. 93 
Hodgson. Amy. 237 

Iloechst. Hurckard, 162 
Hocgel. Margaret. 40 

Hofferlioe, Henr 


Eugene Augustus, 6b 
Eugene A.. nU8.,&7 
Matthew, 167 
Hoffstaetter. Philip, 53 
Holman, Gabriel, 99 

II .gge. 157 
Hoheusteln. Christian. S3 

Urn, 53 
Holbrooke. Anne, 159 

Hoi Jen. , 159 

J. A 

.11, as. 8 



. 212 
uie, 232, 233 
Mary, 233 

■H . 146 


1, 211 

Hollway. I 

II iljapple, Catharine. 106 

Holt, Hamilton, 206 
Julia Ann. 130 
John R.. 130 
Sarah V, 
William R.,130 
I ho. 9t 

•rt, 166 
llolizschuch. John Jacob. 96 
n, 110 
11. 241 

Honeyman family, 211 
Andrew. 21 1 
A. V.ui I loren, 211. 216, 

John. 211 

1 It family, 65 
Hop, Christ 

■ 1. 167 
Hopf, George. 247 
Hopkins, Bethia. 207 
Hannah. 207 
Jane, 207 
John, 207 
Judith. 232, 233 
Samuel, 207 
Samuel Miles, 206, 207 
Stephen, 207 
Woolsey. 138, 207 

\ Rogers, 206, 207 
Hoppock, Elsev 

r.nstonc, 138 

Hoppe, Aaltje. 126 
Andrew. 12s 
Andrics. 9. 10, 124, 127. 

■,. 170. 175-177 
Vntje, 124 

■ :. 10 

in. 123 
1 na, 9 
a, 1 1 
Christina, 10 
Cornelius. 11 

Elizabeth, 11. 177 
Garret, 11 

■ 124 

II. n lricks,9 

|d. 10 
(icrrit. 11 

. 10] 
Hendrick, 11. 123 
Hendnk. 10. II 
Henry, 11 

ot:C, 168 


John, 11. us 

. I'.K 


nui, 17^ 


Hoppen, Andries, 123 
Annette, u\ 

at, 123 
Johannes. 123 
Lea, 12,1 

Adolpbus, 123 

1, 123 
Rachel. 123 

Hopper, Aaltje, 14. 126 

14. 201, 202 

Abraham llendrickse, 14 
Abraham Isaac, 262 

Aeli ■ 
Albert E., 12 

Albert J., 11 
Alclta, 125 

Amy, 263 

Andrew, 15, 169. 170, 173, 

Andries, 13. 14, 175 
Ann. 127. 263 
Anna. .75 

He. 13 
. 176. 177 
Annetjen, 13 
Annie Burling, 12 
Ann Maria, 262 
Antje. 14 

Antlen, 14 

mill. 2fi2. 263 

u Clemens, 261 
Bes:- ■ 

Caroline. 259 
Caroline Sloan, 12 
Casparus. 171 
Catharine. 11. 174 
Catherine A.. 174 
. 14 
Catharine Newcomb, 173 
.1, 14 

I her, 260, 261 
Claasje, 176 
Clarence Andrew. 173 


ih, 175 


r, II 

no. 14 

h. it, 13. 117, 170, 

■>. 174 
|M„ 11 

II . IS 

\ .11 

Henri D 

1. is 



Index of Names in Volume XL. 

Hopper, Isaac Abraham, 262 
Isaac Tatem, 261 
Isabel, 258 
Inslee A., 15 

Iacob, 14, 15, 176, 262 
acob J., 11 
acomijntje, 125, 177 
ames, 258, 260 
ames Heary, 262 
ames S., 174 
Jan, 13, 14 
Jane, 13,259,261 
Jane B., 12 
Jannetje, 125, 127 

ijohn j., 11, 14 
John J., jr.. 15 
John Jacob, 262, 263 
ohn Jaspei, 173 
onathan, 11 
onannes, 175 
oseph, 263 
oseph M-, 261 
oshua, 261 
alia, 14 
■ea, 13 
Lawrence, 260 
Leroy J , 15 
Levi, 261, 262 
Lewis, 14 
Margaret, 259 

Margaret , 260 

Margaret Imlay, 12 
Maria, 13, 14, 125, 127, 175 

259, 262 
Maria Ann, 14 
Maria Louisa, 14 
Maria van Norden, 174 
Marijtje, 13, 176 
Maritje, 13 
Martha. 262 

Mary, 11, 125, 126, 171, 

Mary , 261 

Mary A., 12 
Mary Ann, 14, 259 
Mary Emma, 15 
Mary Jane, 14 
Matheus, 125 
Mattheus, 125, 176, 177 
Matthew, 175-177 
Matthew jr., 175 
Nicholas, 127 
Paulus, 176 
Peter, J., 11 
Powles, 176 
Rachel, 171, 173, 259,261 
Rachel Jane,262 
Reijnier, 176 
Rinier, 176 
Robert, 258-261 
Robert I., 12 
Robert L., 173 
Ruloff, 174 
Rynear, 176 
Ryneer, 177 
Samuel, 261 
Sarah, 259-262 

Sarah , 260 

Sarah Catherine, 173 
Stephen. 261 
Thomas, 258. 260 
Tine, 2^9 
Trintje, 13 
Wessel, 125, 126, 177 
Willem, 13 
Willempje, 14 

Hopper, Willemtie, 13 

William, 175, 177, 259 

William A., 261 

Wyntje, 14 

Yallis, 174 

Zephaniah, 261 
Hoofcut, George jr., 104 
Hoogdeutser, flermanus, 186 
Hoogeboom, Arientjen, 255 
Hooges, Leonora de, 190 
Hooglant family, 65 
Hoogtaeling, Jan Willemszen, 

Hoogteeliug. Zara, 257 
Hooker family, 143 
Hooper, mr., 183 

Giles, 260 

John, 260 
Hoover, Hannah, 274 
Horn, John, 125, 168 
Hornigh, John George, 149 
Horsmanden, Warham, 181 
Horspit, Richard, 277 
Horst Walter, 243 
Horton family, 292 

William Henry, 43 
Hosgen, Thomas, 7 
Hoskin, Thomas, 114 
Hough, Christina, 57 

Thomas, 229 
Houghtalin, Jeremiah, 130 
House, William, 86 
Houseman, Harriet, 44 

Hendrickje, 123 

Sarah, 44 

Sarah Amelia, 45 
Housman, Ann, 36 

Elizabeth, 35 

John William, 41 

Joseph, 43 

Maria, 38 

Nathan, 35 

Richard, 35 

Susan, 36 
Houwel, Louwrenia, 196 

Richard, 196 
Houwy, John, 197 
Hover. Antje, 271 

Catharina, 270 

Catharine, 258 

Catrina, 269, 271, 273 

Cornelia, 269 

Elizabeth. 272 

Emmanuel, 271 

Hanna, 271 

Henderick, 269 


Henry, 271 

John, 272 


Mannuel, 275 

Manuel, 271 

Samuel, 271, 272 

Susannah, 275 
Hovill, Hugan, 183 
How, Thomas, 229 
Howe, gen., 174 

lord, 207 

Archibald M., 145 

Jonas, 23, 



Howel, Laetitia, 197 
Richard, 197 

Howell, Cuthbert , 11 
Dolly, 130 
Gilbert. 112 
Hugan. 183 
James, 112 
Mary, 112 
Thomas. 112 

Howland family, 146 

Hoy, David F., 145 

Charles T.. 171 
Ferdinand, 171 
Harriet L., 171 
Jasper Hopper, 171 
Mary Elizabeth, 171 
Huber, Catharina, 204 
Jabob, 166 
Johannes, 204 
Job. Mich., 204 
Maria Juliana, 197 
Huberin, Christina, 248 
Hubmacher, Niclas, 49 
Hubnerin, Margaret, 248 
Hubscher, Andrew, 51 
Huddey, capt., 28 
Hudson. Antho., 233 
Mary, 332 
Nath., 233 
Thomas, 232, 233 
Huebner, Anton, 50 
Huff, Aggey, 289 
Brogan, 285 
Burgun, 289 
Elizabeth, 284 
Peter, 284, 285 
Hughes family, 218 
col., 172 
Elizabeth, 232 
Jane, 232 
Mary, 232 
Rice, 232 
Huhn, Matthew, 241 
Huijsman, Anna, 10 

iohannes, 10, 123 
.avinia, 14 
Rachel, 10 

Johns, 101 
Huisrod. Madlena, 55 
Hull family, 218 

Rychard, 108 

Wm. N„ 47 
Hulsebus, Albert, 41 
Humberg, Margaret. 284 
Humel, Elizabeth, 58 
Humfrve, Agnes, no 

Elizabeth, no 

Henry, 276 

James, no 

William, no 
Hummel, Elisabeth, 59 
Humphrey. 79. "4 

Joseph A., 36 
Humphreys, Frederick, 78 
Hunold. Sevfart, 161 
Hunt, Alice, 112 

Anne, 182 

Dorothy, 157 

Elizabeth, 182 

Ellen, 182 

George, 180 

lane. 182 

John, 112. 157, 182, 183 

Josia, 182 

Josias, 183 

Katherine, 182 

Mary, 157 

Nathaniel, 182 

Ralph, 183 

Richard, 182 

Sarah. 157. 182 

TabithaM., 15 

Thomas, 112 

Thomerzon, 112 

William, 182, 183 
Hunter. Isaac, 159 

Peter, 287 
Huntin, Jane, 247 
Huntington, Archer Milton, 
147, 219 

Index of Names in I ' flume XL . 


Huntting, Isaac, 58, »o6 
Hup, Margretha, 147 

loll, 242 
Hurd. Lettie E .. 174 

r, 103 
Husi, Jacob, 94 
Husted. Alfaretta B., 130 
Allen E.,130 
Elizabeth ft., 130 
1 . lit-ttrud. 42 
a, J. K. 80. 143, 177, 
Hu\g. Christine. 59 

it, Henry J. lob 
John. 106 
Huvsraet. Adam, 55 
I ,ha D ,5 

W., 38 
Hyndabaw. Elisabeth, 26", 
Hyslette, Henry, 109 

Ibell. Th 

Igelsbach, Wendal. 160 
llger, tfraucis. 278 
Imberger, Andreas, 94 
Imlay, Mary A., 12 

Robert, 12 
Immens, Alexander, 273 

Daniel, 273 
Ince, John. 232 

Richard, 114 
Innis. Hasbrouck, 136 
Isaack. Christopher, 157 

Elizabeth. 157 

James, 157 

loane, 157 

John. 157 

Martin, 157 


Peter, r-r 
las, 157 
, 11, 157 
Isaacke, Christopher, 157 
lsler, Nicholas, 244 
i.ic, 263 
11. 2^2 
Ireland, Edward, 280 

Jacks in. Charles 
id, 7> 
th. 278 
Frederick Wendell, 61-62, 

Harriet L.. 173 
I 111.237 

v H.,62 
Nun. 71 

k ibert n* 
1 n 11, 236 

iakle, Margaret, 40 
acob, Christian, 94 

Jacobi. John. 242 
Jacobs. Aaltje. 125, 168 

. i'ii. 249 
en, 250 

Jacobs r 

la, Th 
I, 199 

leth, 217 

lurbara, 199, 

Jahnin. Elizabeth, 14! 

Jalathe. John Win.. =,1 

James, Thomas, 82 
:nily, 67 
an. Elizabi I 
ans Sophia. 9 

Volckertje, 191 
Volkertjen, 191 
Jansen, nir.. 42 

lelia, 187 

iean, 42 
.ena, 199.202 

Margaret, 187 

Janszen, Engellie. 87 
Hendrick, 191 
Matbew, 191 
Tvs, 191 
VViliem, 187, 190 
Jarmau tamily, 67 
Jaspers, Januetie. 192 
Jaspcrse, Jannetje. 192 

ty, BO 


Mary Elizabeth, 38 

;clles. Saertje. 190 
. Ely.fa 
enkins. John, 130 
»• 43. '3° 

(enkinsou. Mary Ann. 39 
ennengs. William, 278 
enuiiit'-i. Benjamin, 183 

Sarah, 183 
William, 183 

iessup, Henry \\ ., 210 
ewett. Abraham, 67 

ltd, 67 
Frederick Clark, 67 

ewell, Eva, 289 
ocubi. John Thomas, $1 
ochems. Leentje, 189 
oban. Henry. 163 

Johan Michel, 168 
John. Christoph.98 

in. 112 
Johnson, m 

Abraham, 288 
Andrew, 284, 286 
Ann. 205 
1 in, 1 12 
Coert. 283. 2*4, 286. 288 
I, 2K9 
. J03, 205 
th, 112 

Henry, 1 J « 

-. 236 


1 1. 190 

■ v. 190 

William. III. 2>>). J7i 

Johnston. Edward, 202 
Eleanor. 43 
1 10 
im, 202 
Jones, rar., 239 

I LandoD, 137 

Emma C Brewster. 20X 

H.. tp 
John. 92 
Robert M. II.. 41 

ionsonne. Lewes, no 
opson, Peter, 183 
ordan. Conrad. 94 
marye. 260 

Iatje, 123 
11 y. Maria, 197 
oily, 7q 
udd, Orrin Reynolds, 205 
uel, Abraham, 90 

Zara. 90 
lugle, William. 285 
Jung, Abraha 

\ la 


, , ob, 90 

Job. ill. 166, 24I 

John. 98 
lungin, Elizabeth, 99. 247 
Juriansou, Stynche, 285 

Kael, Catharin, 283 
John, 283 ' 
Raff, Ba. 

a, 248 
Kaldauer. Valentine, 51 

ah, 285 
lill, 101 

Kast, John George, 161 

Raul. Francis. 165 

Mat l hew, 245 

Kan 1, \ 


Marltje, 101 
Kaush, lol 

". 179 

... 1 79 

Kccrsbi, Christiaen, 201 
Keeter, \\ 


2 35. 236 
er. Jacol. 

• b, 94 
.ta, 99 


an, 96 

Index of Names in Volume XL. 

Keusett, John F., 72 
Kent, Edward, 278 

James, 22 

Richard, 182 
Kepser, Jacomyntje, 203 
Kermer, Abraham, 203' 

Abram, 202, 265, 267 


Augenitje, 272 

Annantje, 267, 275 

Catrina, 268 

Christiena, 267 

Christina, 194, 196, 201, 
203, 205, 265, 270. 273 

Cornelia, 195, 198, 201, 26s, 

Derrick, 194 

Derick, 195, 196 

Dirk, 200, 202, 204 

Eliesabet, 267 

Elisabeth, 268 


Elizabeth, 272 

Evj'e, 202 

Gnetje, 195, 198, 200, 203, 

Gysbert, 272 

Hannah, 201, 

Isak. 198,201 

Jacob, 268 
acobus, 267 
an, 200, 201, 203, 266, 268, 

iohn, 272 
.idia, 268 

Lisabeth, 196, 198, 200, 201 

Lydia, 270, 272 

Sara, 26b 

Sarah, 267, 269 
Kern, Francis, 244 
Kernickkerbakker, John, 106 

John jr.. 107 
Kerr, Sarah, 172 
Kertche, Robert, 158 
Keselbach, John, 164 
Kesler, Johan Peter, 167 
Ketcham, Mary, 104 

Israel, 102 
Ketchem, Abigail, 285 
Ketchum, James, 102 
Keyser, Arriaentje, 199 

Geo. Frederick, 52 

Jacomyntje, 200, 202, 204, 

iohn Michel, 95 
-ea, 199, 201, 266 

Matthew, 95 
Keyserin, Anna, 247 
Keyzer. Abram, 264 

Dirk, 264 
Kiersbi, Clnistiaen, 202 
Kiersteede, Blandina, 255 
Kiesenn, Anne Catherine, 100 
Kieser, John Adam, 95 
Kilbourn, DwightC, 213 
Killman. Arie, 271 

Elisabeth, 271 
Kilmer, Catharine, 101 

Eva,. 5b, 105 

George W., 105, 10b 

Johannes, 58, 101 

Maria, 56. 10b 

Simon, 101 
Kinfeller, Frederick, ^1 
King family, 211, 212 

Alexander, 212 

Alys, 158- 

Cameron Haight, 211, 217 

Clemence, 278 

Edmund, 113 


Ellen, 113 

King, Hen., 231 

Henry Melville, 215, 217 

James, 211, 212 
John, 158. 212, 278 

Jone. 158, 278 

Joseph, 212 

Mary, 278 

Oliver, 212 

Peter, 113 

Richard, 278 

Robert, 157, 212 

Rufus, 137 

Silvester M., 212,277 

Thomas, 113. 158,278 

William, 211,278 
Kinge, Abraham, 113 

Agnes, 278 

Agnis, 278 

Andrew, 278 

Andrewe, 278 

Anne, 158, 278 

Barnbas, 113 

Bartholomew, 113 
- Catheren. 278 ' 

Christopher, 113 

Edward, 113 

Edmund, 113 

Elizabeth, 113 

Emme, 8 

Grace, 156 

Helen, 113 

Isabell, 278 

George, 113 

John, 158, 278 

Katharine, 278 

Margaret, 158 

Mary. 157.278 

Mathye, 278 

Peter, 113 

Richard, 278 

Robert, 113 

Samuel, 278 

Susan. 113 

Thomas, 8, 113, 145,278 

William, 109, 158, 278 

Willm, 278 
Kingsbury, Wyna, 287, 289 
Kingsman, Jasper, 276 

Jaspr., 276 
Kinnaird, lord, 78 
Kinney, David, 289 


Wilmina. 283. 288 
Kinny. Cathanna, 273 

Lourence. 273 
Kip, Elizabeth, 13 



Hendrik, 174 

Isaac, 288 
Kirbye, Joan, 279 

Joane, 279 

John, 279 

Margerie, 279 

Margery, 279 

Mary. 279 
Kirches, Paul, 245 
Kirchofen, Francis Ludwig, 53 
Kirshner, Philip, 165 
Kirstead. Sarah, 286 
Kirsted, Sarah, 287 
Kissam family, 65 
Kittle, Sus.inna, 272 
Kizam. Abigail, 288 
Klaemer, Ludwig, 50 
Klaus, Hennch, 94* 
Klein, Jacob. 94, 165 

Johan Michael, 163 

Johan William, 16b 

John, 50 

Julm Jacob, 50 

Ludwig, 241 

Michael, 54 

Peter, 50 

Kleinsin, Gertrud, 99 
Kless, Henry, 98 
Klessin, Maria, too 
Kleus, John, 97 

Carl. 97 
Kliein, Michael, 49 
Kleyn, Antje, 194, 196, 198, 200, 

Catharina, 198, 200, 264 

Cathrina, 26b 

Johannes, 200, 264 
Kling, John Conrad, 98 
Klingelstein, Nicol, 9b 
Klitten, George. 16b 
Kloetter, John, 243 
Klu^, George, 50, 54 
Knapp, Abraham R., 47 

Agnes, 158 

Erastus R., 47 

Francis L., 47 

John, 158 

Sally, 47 

Knaub, John Christoph, lbi 
Knecht, Michael, 166 
Kneeland, Mary, 35 
Knichel, John, 242 
Koickerbacer, Lucy, 107 
Knickerbacker, mrs., 107 

Anna Catharina, 107 

Marjory, 5b 
Knickerbocker, Abraham, 5b 

Adaline, 59 

Albro, 104 

Andrew, 60 

Anna Maria, 56 

Becki, 59 

Benjamin, 55, 57, 59. i°4. 
105, 107 

Benjamin D., 58, 105 

Benjamin, jr., 60, 100, 105 

Betsey, 102 

Betsey A., 130 

Brian Edwin, 106 

Catharine, 56 

Catherine, bo, 107 

Catherine Jane, 105 

Cathrina, 59 

Caty Ann, 105 

Charles, 104 

Cornelia, 59, 60, 101, 10b 

Cornelia Ann, 106 

Cornells. 59, 101 

Cornelius, 104, 107 

David, 107 

Dietrick, 175 

Dorcas, 104 

Eleanor, bo 

Elisabeth, 55. 56, 101 

Elizabeth, 58, bo, 107, 10* 

Eva, 55. 60, 106 

Eve Maria, 105 

Frederick. 59 

George Walter, lob 


Gertjen, 60 

Gilbert Newton, 105 

Gitty, 60 

Grietje, 58 

Hanna Elisha, 105 

Hannah, 108 

Henry, 59 

Henry Newton, 106 

Herman, 102 

Hermon, 130 


■ 3° 

Hue Rea, 105 
Hugh. 58, 59 
Isaac, 57 
Ivan, 130 
Jacob, 57 

James, 56. 57, 60, 104 
Jane, 10b, 130 
Jannetje, lot 

Index of Nanus in Volumi XL. 


Knickerbocker, Johanna, 56 

Johannes, 100, 107 
ohanucs. jl 
ohn, 57-60, 101, 105, l°7i 

John C, 60, 106 

John L., 56, 106 


Jonas. 57, 104 

Laurens, 107 

Laurentz, 58 59 

Lawrence. 56, 107 

Lena, 55, 100, 101, 105 

Lisabeth, 55, 59 

L.r.-n.z, 55 
us, 56 

Magdalena. 100 
-7, 104 

Margaret, 56. 59, 105 

Margariet, 57 

re Diana, 105 

Margery. 59, 60 

Maria, =,5-58. 102. 106, 107 

Marica.55, 56 

Marika. loi 

Marike, 55 


Marjori, 57 

Mariory, 55-59, 105 

Mai v, ro4, 105, 130 

Marytje, 55, 60 

Milton, 104 

Milton G., 104 

Myron N . 104 

Nancy. 56, 59, to; 

Olive Euphemia, 105 

Peter. <,a, 58, 102, 107. 130 

Peter A., 107 

Peter D., 57 

Peter L.. 56, 105 

IVtnis, 55-57. '07 

Philip, 55-58.60, 105 

Philip Adam, 105 
104, 105 

P.etcr,57, 59 

Piatt, 104 

Polly. 107 

Rebecca, 107 

Rcbeckka. 57 

Samuel. 108 

Sarah, 104 

Sarah Angeline, 105 

Susanna. 60 

Susannah, 60, 101 

Sylvester, 105 
<. 104 


1 Philip. 106 

William. 59 
Knickkcnbakker, Corncles, 59 

Caspar, 34a 
Knief. Kabecca. 40 
Knight. Alexander. 238 



!■. 238 

Robert, 238,239 

Sarah. 238 
Knightsbridge, Thomas, 280 
KnoeM. Herman, 241 
Kb it. I inneke, m 


Knvd. Mag lalene, 193 

■ ol. 192 

Kocbcl I 
Kochler. Jacob. 245 

nun, 164 

Koeuig, John Adam, 53 

Justis. 104 
Koerner. Juhn Nicol, 163 

Koeruerin. Maria, too 
Koevert family, 215 
Kohl, Joban. 107 
Kolb. Arnold. 51 


Kolbe, I- ratios, 161 
Konince, Jans Geritt, 39 
1 les, 267 
Benjamin, .'7; 
Cathanua, 275 
Tanaetie Lena, 267 

■ • 275 
Sarah, 275 
Kopl, Hennch, 94 

Kurinau, Peter Jacob, 97 

Margaret. 285 
Koru. George, 93 

John Paul, mrs., 20< 
Kornemau, Margareth, 40 
Kornman. John Peter, 98 
Kortner, Peter, 97 
Kortrecht, Abraham, 194, 202, 
Abram, 199, 264 
Abram, jr., 2ot 
Abram P., 203 
Abram van Kampen. 200 
Annatjc, 201, 203, 264 
Antom, 264 

imin, 201, 264 
Catliarina, 195, 196. 198, 

200-202, 264 
Cathnna, 203 
Catneua. 267 
Christina Klisabetba, 265 
Cornelia, 201 
ells, 197 
Cornells H . tort, 202 
. 200, 203. 205, 266, 
i, 196 

clh, 201, 203 
Halines. 194. 196 
Ilendrick, 194-196, 200, 

201. 266 
Hendrick Corn., 197,201 
Hi. luck Cornelise, 197, 

Hendrick H.. 199 

1 Ick Janse, 258 
Hester, 205 
Jacobus, 198 
Janiieljc, 201, 266 

sea, 195. 196, 200, 
Lena, 201 

Rachel. 196, 197, 201, 203, 


104 196, 197, 199-201. 


198. 200 

Korlrcgl. Daniel, 266. 275 

«. 266 

Kotiwrlgbt, . 262 

inti, I <-na, 198 
Dlaii h, .-ii 


Kom, I U I 

Kosslng, Anthony, 165 

ijcn, 60 
Kraemer. 1 
Kratt. Matthew, 243 

Valentin, 165 
Kranckheyt, Antte, 88,91 

Kraukhcvt. Hendrick, 91 

Heoi . 

Louwrens, 88 
Kraus. John George, 163 

John Michel. 245 
Kraut. John George, 95 

John Peter, 162 
ier. 95 

Krebsin, Sajonie, 09 

.:. 245 
Kremmein, Sa, onion. 98 

an. 95 
Kruchner, John. 244 
Kroen, John < ieorge, 94 
Krom. Cornelius, 253. 268 
Gertrude, 254 
in, 283 
1 .va, 247 
Kuetter, John, 50 

0, 160 
nrad, 96 
Kuehn. Matthew, 95 
Kuenstler, Henry, 164 
Kutilwem, Philip, 52 
Kiihn family. 214 

Peter, 167 
Kuhncr. Jacob, 51 
Kunil.Johan Peter, 162 
'I'. 242 

Kuriel. Kni.iiiuei.aS8 

Kurrlin, Chnstina Fredenka 

Kim h. Peter. .'11 
Kuyckendal, Aurani, 196 

D 1 

acobus. 195. 196 
Johannes, 194 
Sara 1 

ll, Benjamin, 199 
Christina. 199 
Jacob. 199 

Kuypen, A ; 

■ rsaen, 189 
Lccntje Mai lens, 189 

Robert, nt 
• a. 111 


1. 112 

.. in 

Kyogcs, Robert, in 




Index of Names in Volume XL. 

Laforse, Jannetje, 169 
Lake, Ann, 37 

Anne, 82, 276 

Annette V., 37 

Catharine, 33 

Daniel, 33. 35, 37 


James S., 35 

John, 35. ill 

Joseph. 34, 36, 37 

Mannetche, 200 

Margaretta M„ 38 

Maria, 283. 288 

Martinus S., 33 

Richard, 280 
Lakerman family, 215 
Lakkerey, Robert, 274 

William, 274 
Lamater, Susanna, 283 
Lamb, col., 18 

Catharine, 40 
Lambe, Thomas, 155 
Lambert. John, 96 

Rachell, 177, 178 

Thomas, 177-179 
Lamberts, Maria, 284 
Lambrecht, Georg, 244 
Lammers, Anna, 287 

Anne, 200 

Maria, 287 
Lammerse, Aegje, 169 

Dirkje, 188 
Lamoree, Armina, 130 

Daniel, 130 

Hannah, no 

John, 130 " 

Martha, 130 

Sarah, 130 
La Mothe, Daniel, 243 
Lamoureux, Daniel. 90 
Lamson, William J udson, 205 
Lanbegeier, Gottlieb, 243 
Land, Anton, 245 

Philip, 165 
Landon, Erastus, 130 

Dorcas, 130 
Lane family, 136 

Aaron. 285 

Abraam, 288 

Abraham. 286 

Abram, 286 

Giddy, 288 

Gilbert, 288 

Giity, 283, 286, 288 

Hendrick, 287 

Henry. 285, 286 

Jane, '286. 287 

Sarah. 288 

William, 287 
Laney, lane, 183 
Lang, Christ 

Johan. 54 


Philip. 51 
Langbein. Christoph, 94 
I.angdon, Sally. 130 
Lange. Friediich. 41 

Fridrich, 41 
Langer, John, 280 
Langford. Cecill, 86 

John, 86 
Langham, Elizabeth, 113 
Langhorne family. 69 
Langin, Elizabeth. 248 
Larance. Steven, 280 
Larzalete, Maria, 287, 289 
Las. Jane, 288 
Lash, Jacob, 95 
Latimer. Elizabeth, 42 

John, 42 „ 
Laqueer, Anna, 287 

Isaac, 287 
Lauber, Jacob, 49 

Johan, 165 

Lauer, Agnes, 248 

Matthew, 167 
Laundy, Henry, 234 
Laurauce, Thomas, 232 
Laurenc, 158 
Laurence, Abbott, 142 

Katharine Bigelow, 142 
Laureutz, Nicol,l66 
Laurmannin, Eva, 248 
Lauw, Marytjen, 255 
Lawe, 85 
Lawne, Christopher, 84 

Lovell, 84 

Simon, 84 

Susanna, 84 

Synion, 84 
Lawrence, 43 

Abbott, 71 

John, 233 

Steven, 280 
Lawton, E. McA., mrs., 139 
Lazalere, Maria, 284, 290 
Lea, J. H.. 86 

J. Henry, 80, 137, 143. 145, 
177, 229 
Leach, Jusia Granville, 21b 
Leadall, John, 232 

Rose. 232 
le Dee, John, 51 
Lee, Edmond, 8 

Hannis, 268 

Leentie, 268 

Raffe, no 

Willem, 268 

William, 268 
Leenderts, Cornells, 188 

Marretje, 188 
le Fevre. Abram. 51 
Leg, Susanna, 256 
Legoli. John. 246 
Legranse. Christiyoam, 284 

Fillis, 284 
Legransey. Ann, 284 

Anne, 283 

Christeyoam, 287 

Jane, 287 
Legransy, Catalina, 2S9 

Christiyoam, 289 
Lehrers, Johan Philip, 160 
Leibeugut. John Wendell, 49 
Leibert, Eugene, 45 
Leight. Jude, 231 

William, 231, 232 
Leinweber, Johan, 163 
Leiser, Philip, 34 
Lemp, Conrad, 160 
Lenseye, Thomas, 277 
Lenting. John, 41 

Meda. 34. 39 
Lentz, HL-niy, 162 
Leonhard. Julian Peter, 16c 
Leperl, Matthew, 167 
Lerner, Matthew, 243 
Le Roy family, 65 

Dientje. 2^3 

Dinah, 253 

Jannetje. 250, 252 

Joanna, 250 

Maria Ann, 250 
Lesch, Balzar, 164 

John. 243 
Lescher. Sebastian, 95 
Lescherin. Magdalen, 247 
Leucht. Lewis, 52 
Leursen, Castor, 125 
Levitt. John. 9 
Lewes, Katherine, 113 
Lewis familj u 

miss, 208 

Andrew, 227 
Henry, 40 
lames. 36 

Mary Jane, 40 

Lewis, Rebecca, 35 

Rebecca Jane, 36 
Ley, Richard, 276 
Leyser, Christoph, 165 
Lfoy, Anna. 287 
Lichte, John, 243 
Lichtneggar, Gottlob August. 

Lichtnerin, Anna Maria, 99 

Margaret, 99 
Lickel, Daniel, 95 
Liebhan. John. 97 
Liebler. John. 243 
Lieborn, Ludwig, 165 
Lile, Catherine, 235 
Lilly, J. W., 139 
Linck, Eva, 60 
Lincoln, Abraham, 62, 71, 79, 

Edward, 143 

Samuel, 143 
Lineman, Justus, 242 
Lingelbach, Marie, 39 
Littell, Alexander, 42 
Little, Agnes, 64 

Charles, 64 

Eliza, 64 

George Edwin, 64 

Harriet, 64 

Henry Augustus, 64 

John, 64 

Jonathan, 64 

Julia Ann, 64 

Maria, 64 

William. 64 
Littlepage. Humphrey, 229 

James, 229 

Marie, 229 

Prudence, 229 

Robert, 229 
Lipper, Johan Jacob, 164 
Lisk, John, 43 
Livermore. William R., 20; 
Livinge, Henry, ill 
Livingston family, 6; 

David, 72 

James, 66 

Sanders, 22 
Lloyd, Cornelius, 178, 179 

Edward, 179 

Elizabeth. 177, 178 
Lobwasser, Anton, 161 
Lodwick. Charles 125 
Lohmyer, Margarets, 41 
Loorois family, 292 
Lock, Maria. 290 
Lockman, Elizabeth, 44 

James, 41 
Lopez. Rodengo, 144 
Lopp, Jacob, 244 
Lorentz. John, 95 

Michel, 165 

Peter, 95 
Los, Adam, 244 

John. 244 
Loss, Jacob, 167 
Loucks. Philip, 242 
Louw, Abraham D., 107 

Jacobus, 204 
Love. Hester, 199, 275 

James, 202 

James Henderse, 199 

Richard, 85 

Susanna, 202 

Susannah, 275 
Lovedaie. John. Ill 
Loveday, Thomas, 7 
Lovedaye. Willm., in 
Loveron, John, 155 
Loveridge, William, 35 
Loverits. Johanna, 288 
Low, Catrina, 267 

Derrick, 63 

Index of Names in I'olume XL. 


Low. Jacob, 267 

Saartje, 253 
Lowe, Abram, 290 

Albert. 283 

Cornelius, 288, 289 

Cornelius, ji 


Jannetje. 272 


Lawrence, 287 

Leah, 289 

Lucresia. 290 
283, 286 

Ljwerrc, Henry, 260 
Luwuut, J.iriu, 15s 

I .zabetb, 178 
Lubbertse. Eybe, 1S9, 191 

Gysbeit, 191 

Jan. 191 
Mathew, 191 

Tryntjc, 189, 191 

Theus, 191 
Luby, Thomas, 42 
Lucas, no 

Frani is, ;2 

Heury. 156 

John, 278 
Luclce, Elizabeth, 236 

John, 236 

Raphe, 236 
Luckert. I 
Ludulpb. John. 97 
Ludorf, Conrad, 96 
Ludwitz., 106 

John, 97 
Luetz, John George, 160 
Luewes. Catrina, 251 

Eataryna, 25- 1 

Leonard, 251 
Lukenbill. Susan E.. 173 
Luncb. Caspar, 244 
Lup, Hem 
Lut, Am 

I iiiii Peter, <<=, 
Lutar. John, 7 
Luther. Martin. 7 

Thomas. 7 
Lutkins. Stephen, 259 

Christoph. 99 
John. 00 

i, 97 
>'i;e. 93 
I ihn P 

Peter, 100. 164 
Lynsey, mr., H 
Lyvlnge, Henry. 111 

Macdonough, Rodney. 213. 

Mac lit . 

Macoi \ 

I V. 317 

Mahkin.John Daniel. 44 
... 245 

Makhen. Daniel. 256 


••t. J56 


Elizabeth. 181 

Martha, 182 

Philip. 181. i«z 
II I i-i 

Roger, 182 

Thorn 111 

Mallot. Catharina. 248 
Mallhus. Elizabeth, 230 

I in. 230 

is. 230 

Mandeviel. Davidt. 124 

Jurian. 124 

Marijtie, 124 
Mandeville. Maria, 2S9 
Mank. Jacob. 166 
Manke, Geotge. 246 
Manknieteslde, Antje, 270 
Mann. John H..70 
B family, 292 

Wayland, nn . 71 
Mansrield. Jain-, [78 
Manutae, Am;LMina,289 
M. Thus , 139 
Mara, Peter, 245 
Marcelis, Ann, 11 
Marcus. Peter, 235 
Maree. Jacob, 43 
Margareth, Elizabeth, too, 248 
Margretha, Am. 

I'eter, 82.83 
Mark, cant , 32 

1 .nn ma. 286 
Marry, Da 
Marshall. Edward. 230 

Thomas, 230 
Martelingh. Abraham. 169 

Rachel. 169 
Martelings. Abraham, 89 

Rachel. 89 
Marten, I 

Martens, Leentje. 189 
Ije, 255 

Martin family, I17. 292 
.. 166 
Charlotte A.. 262 

ill. 107 

Geo V. 
Lot. 130 
Manasah. 107 
Nicol. 164 
Ruth, 130 

1 .7. 286 

MarthiiK. Dorc.-n La Farge, 43 

II. it. 

tit, 42 

1 atharine. 42 
till. 92 

Maion la 

'. 237 


Massey. St.-; 
Masten. A 

Aari . 

Abral. . 

Cornells, 2C5 

.■li us. 254, 257 

I »55. »57 


tli Aertsen, 254 

Ezeclnel, 255, 257 


an. .'t;. z;7 

ohanius. 251.154-357 
John. 254 

it, 256 

Marytjen Swart, 254 
Marytjen Wels, 254 


Master, Lambert. 244 
Mather, t 

Richard, i^i 
Mathes. Henry. 104 

Johan, 106 
Mathesin. Anna. 247 

Mathcus, . 161 

Matbewea, Knowlcs, 239 

Mathews, I I .'a. 108 


Mathyse. I 
Jann ' 

is, 190 
Mathysae, l'...i'.ira,88 

Mattern, W1l.1am.04 
Matthew. Alice, III 

Matthew, 111 
Matthews. Vincent. 22 
Matthys, Ant.' 

Lysai • 


Matthvsen. Adolri, 89 


1. Abraham. 87 


s.87, 88 


M -en. 87 

OS, 87 

Matlmon, formal. 


ib, 164 



Index of Names in I 'olutne XL. 

Maundeviel, Anna, 124 

Davidt, 124 

Jillis, 124, 174, 175. 177 

Ttiriaen, 124 

Matheus, 124 
Maundeville, Jillis, 168 
Maupin family. b7 
Mavin, Cathanna, 275 

Daniel, 275 

Maverick, Samuel, 210 

Maxneld, Antony, ig4 



May, 181 
Mayle. widow, 231 
Maynard, 108, ill 
Maynwarying, 7 
Mazye, capt.,183 

Sarab. 183, 184 
Mc Alpine. George, 92 
McBride. Elsey, 284 

John, 284 
McClymer, Joseph, 35 
McDonald, James J. .70 
McGlenen, Edward \V., 70 
McGomly, Debora, 265 

Nalhan, 265 
McGumly, Nathan, 264 
McKee, John, 39 
McKinley, president, 72 
McKmnie, Sarah. 263 
McKinney. M., 283 

Mordecai, 283 
McLean, Joseph, 39 

Margaret, 256 
McLees, Rebecca, 35 
McMichel, Elsje, 204 

John, 204 
McMickel, Annatje, 195 

John. 191 

McVickar family, 65 
M'Hollen, Margriet, 197 
Mead, Elizabeth, 127 

Isaac. 125 

lane Aletta, 127 

Samuel Wallace, 127 

William, 127 
Meade, Johem, m 
Meadeaw, Hester, 235 
Meadowes, Dorothy, 110 
Mebee, Annatie, 90 

Jeremias, 90 
Medcalfe, John, 114 
Medke, Daniel, 166 
Medley. William, 183 
Medool, Jenny, 194 
Meeking, Nicholas. 229 
Meekins, Nicholas, 229 
Meelis, Judith. 193 
Meginness, John F., 141 
Mehden, Martin, 246 
Mebder, John Henry, 99 
Mehrmau, Johan Just, 166 
Mehser, Conrad, 165 
Meic, Andrew, 243 
Meir, Paul, 245 
Meiss. Henry, 246 
Meister, Jacob, 98 
Mekarli. Agnes, 105 

Robert, 55, 105 
Mekes. Bartin, 243 
Mekin, Nicholas, 229 
Mekins. Nicholas, 229 
Meklien, Cornells, 256 
Melius, Margaret, 105 
Melkin, Anna Margafetha, 100 
Melyn, Cornelis, 141 
Mendon, Jacob, 53 
Menehe, George, 239 
Menefree. mr., 239 
Menges, John, 242, 244 
Mennes, Lisabeth, 204 

Menningen, John, 49 
Mentz, Anton, 162 
Mercer, Daniel, 229 

John, 236 
Mercereau, Jane J., 35 

Joshua. 37 

Josua, 35 

Sarah Jane. 39 
Merckel, Lisabeth, 203 
Merden, Christoph, 245 
Meredith, Jonathan, 238 
Meredithe, Anne, in 

Thomas, in 
Merells. Edward, 159 

Elizabeth, 159 

John, 159 
Merich, George, 164 
Meridith, Jonathan. 238 
Merkel, Hannes, 196 
Merket, Peter. 244 
Merlat. Abraham, 290 

Derick, 289-290 

Elizabeth. 283,288,290 

George. 284. 289, 290 

Gideon, 2S3, 284,288,290 

Maria, 283," 289 

Petronella, 284 
Merrel, Catherine, 288 

James Hatfield, 34 

Thomas, 34 
Merrell, Jonathan, 39 

Maria, 39 
Merriam, Alfred Brooks, 205 
Merrick, Mary. 63 
Merril. Martha Levinia, 39 
Merrill, Elisabeth. 34 

Elisabeth Ann, 34 

John T., .34 
Merritt family, 292 
Mersereau, mr., 42 

Daniel. 37 

David, 33 

David M..37 

Elizabeth. 33 

Peter, 33 
Merstallen, Henry, 163 
Mervin, Daniel. 273 

Hendnkkus Schoon- 
hooven, 273 
Meserole, Walter M., 63 
Messer, Sylvester. 50 
Messlar, Anna, 286 
Metz, Andrew, 242 
Metzger, Philip, 245 
Meurer, John Quirmus, 94 
Mey, Christoph, 162 

David, 49 

Johan Peter, 163 
Meyer. Egidv, 246 

Hartman, 5 o 

Hennch. 161 

Henry, 49 

Jacob, 161,245, 261 
ohan, 165,167 
ohn George, 93 

John Joseph, 94 

Nicol, 163 

Thomas, 166 
Meyers, Henry, 54 

Sarah. 261 
Meyerin, Barbara, 247 

Elizabeth. 248 
Meyfart, Jacob, 167 
Meyshin. Anna, 247 
Michel, Henry. 246 

Johannes, 107 

Otto Henry, 163 
Michell, John, 234 

Judith, 234 

Thomas. 234 

William, 234 

Michgielze, Bastiaen, 88 

Galant, 88 
Michie family, 67 
Mick, Frederick, 164 

Henry. 164 

John, 164 
Middag, Cornelius, 287, 281 

Henry, 287 
Middagh, Cornelius, 257 

Elisabeth, 257 
Middler, William, 241 
Middlebrook family, 291 

Joseph. 291 

Louis F., 291 
Middlesworth, Sarah, 285 
Middleton, Andrew, 240 
Midler. Juliana, 248 
Midleton. Catherine, 183 
Migdool, Elisabeth, 195 

John, 195 
Milbank, Jeremiah, 71 
Milbert, John Martin, 99 
Milbourne, Joane, 159 

John, 159 

Mary, 159 

Samuel, 159 

Thomas, 159 
Miles, David, 207 

Molly, 207 
Milius, Catharina, 101 

Cathrina, 59 

Christina, 101 

Cornelia, 60, 101 

Elizabeth, 101 

Ellinar, 101 

Henrich, 101 

Jacob, 101 

Letje, 101 

Maria, 101 

Simon. 60, 101 

Wilhelm, 101 
Miljus, Wilhelm, 101 
Millard, Rebecca, 58, 106 
Miller family, 67 

Catherine M 47 

Catrina. 101 

Cornelius, 57 

Henry, 47 

James, 58 

John, 141 

Levi, 47 

Martha, 247 



Peter. 107 

Philip, 244 

Sara, 276 

Tobias, 59, 101 

W. H„ 68.70 
Milligass. Johannes, 101 
Millington, Elizabeth, 35 
Millius, Jacob, 58 

Margaretta, 58 
Mills, Frank H., 126 

Sarah, 172 

VarnumSlocum, 43 
Milton, miss,. 43 

John. 144 
Milward, Thomas, 183 
Miner family, 292 
Minglen, Ki'han,96 
Minshull, R., 83 
Misemer, Daniel, 94 

Valentine, 94 
Mitchell. Jane, 156 

Jeffery, 156 

Thomas, 156 
Moberly family. 67 
Modye. Anne, 85 

Henry, 85 

Richard, 85 
Mohr, Christoph, 160 

Jonas. 166 
Mol, Lambert Huijbertszen, 

Index of Xamts in Velum? XL. 



Moleudueck. Herman, 160 
Mollen, Antje, 270 

James. 270 
Mollenor, Aaron, 283 
Mollhallon. Ellouar, 197 

Molsbergcr, Philip, 163 
Monk. Laura Eugen 

Moutanje, Rebecca, 271 
Montgomery tamily, 202 
Montras. Jan, 91 

let, 91 
Raghel, 91 
Montross Jane, 130 
Moody. Henry, 8$ 
Moon, Jobn. 130 

iohn H., 130 
.ana, 130 
Robert C, 214, "7 
Moor, Austin. =,2 
Cleman, 96 

n. 52 
D W11 

John Win., 52 
Moore, mrs . 220 

Cornelius, 2^4 


Jane. 37 

Maria, 284 

U .■..284,288 

Rosamond r„ 17 

\\ M 

. 13 

Christian, 5 

John. 5 

Thomas, 5 
Mordocke. Joseph, 183 
More, Anne, 159 

Catharine, 130 

Elizabeth. 159 

Ganet. 2S3 

Grace, 159 

iohn. 159 
launetchc, 286 
Mi, had. 283,386 
Philip, 130 
Sarah, 159 
Symon, 159 
Thomas, 159 
William, 130 
Morehouse, Alanson, 103 
Andrew, 103 
A brain, 103 
Belden, 103 
I lavid, 103 
Eliza, 103, 104 
Jane. 103 

1 1 

Phoebe. 103 

Polly. 103 

Sally. 103 

Morel. Jacob. 96 

< -ii lo-rine, 385 
>nc, 285 
I, 236 
Elijah, 131 
Lewis VV., 131 
Mont/, John Philip, 93 
Morlace. Margaret, 2-,r 

Ih, 2*5 


•■ », 340 
John. 239, 340 

iic, 339, 340 
Thomas, 340 

Lewis jr., 254 
Polly, 102 

Morrison, mr., 61. 137, 30$, 306 
George Austin jr., 71, 137 
.'i 9. 335 
uel, 145 
Mori er, Martha, to 
Morton. Nathaniel, 141 



Hoaher, Wi 

Molt, mr., 111, r',7, 205 
Gershom, 176 

1 Stiikcr. g. 61, 73, 
12?, 136 1 18, 147. 153. 
168, 206, 217, 319. 358 
John. .59 
Mn ki let, 203 
Motte, Dorothy, 279 
ird, 6 
th, 379 
John, 0, 114 



. ;:•> 

William. 279 
Moul. Peter, 131 
Susan, 131 
Mourt. G , iii 
,J, 86 
Inch, 99 
org, 244 
Jacob. 98 
John Jacob. 53 


Valentine, 51 

Mucllerin. Susanna, 247 

Muench, Christuph, 161 

Peter. 16J 
Mulhenberg. Hcnricus Mel 

choir, 169 
Mullckcr. Eiaucis, 244 
Muller, Adam. 245 

Catharine. 40 
Cornelia. 60 


I, 52 

Elisabeth, 59 
George Philip, 161 

Jacob. 59 
James, 60 
ihn, of 

Ludigcr, 97 
ka. 60 
Philip, 60 
Tobias, 59 
Valenl 1 
Mullenn. Margaretha. 21H 

Mullin. James, 275 

M ;.. 211 

Muugcsscr. Philip, 245 

n lv. 72 
M.msell I 

Paul, 96 
\ exander, ?:■< 

Augusta de Amcland.228 

• lie. 338 

•■». 325 

John. .■ 

.ill Keith. 

M "'.39 

■an, 328 
nla, 338 

William. 325 

Muserin, Anna, 248 

\11ne M irg.99 
Musier, John Jacob, 101 

Lambert, 163 

Mutten, Anna Maiia,99 

Myers. Edwa 
Jane. .- 

I lion, as. Ill 

■ all, Joiian Conrad, 165 
Naegler, Jacob. 244 

■ i>. 50 
Nairn, Catherine, 335 
Nakhan. \\ illiao 
Nancy, 356 

Philip, 102 
inna, 104 
Naser, Johan Michael, 166 
me, 229 
nl, 329 
N..U.I. Anne V. 286 
Naylor, n.r., 1*1 
It, 146 

Neale, Rid 
Neats. An 

Elizabeth, 39 

Nedd, 177 

ler, JohnQuirinus, 5; 
1 in 
\nna Eve, 247 
Ihouias J., 172 
Neubauer, Andcrw. 95 
Neuman, Ludwig 

yer, John August. 161 
Neuss. Andrew. 241 
Nevell. John, 380 
Ncvers, John, 155 
Neville. 9 

i, Andrew. 171 
Andrew Hopper, 173 
ies Tobias, 173 
Charlotte. 173 
Charlotte Hopper, 172 

! 173 

I .1,1, II.. 1-1 

John Hopper. 171, 172 
Katharine II.. 173 
Man I 

Sarah. 173 



Zacchcus, 171 
Zaccheus Tobips, 172 
Newton. Richard, 8 

IS, no. 171, 171 

Nieuwkerk. Ariaantjen, 2'7 
Nicholl family. 140 

Nichols. Josephine Gnung, 14 

Leon G . mrs., 71 


.Ii. 107 



411. 1*7 


Index of Names in Volume XL. 

.IDittiiaui, ^u 

Catharine Eliza, 37 

Edmd., 37 

William P0..36 
Noll, Bernhard, 242 

Daniell, 241 
Nonin, Elizabeth, 247 
Norcross. Nathaniel, 184 

Richard, 184 
Norcrosse, Jeremie, 184 

Marie, 184 

Jeremiah, 183 
North, lord, 226 

Thomas, 179 
Northe, Thomas. 179 
Northrup, A. Judd, 68 

Joseph, 68 
Norton, Francis, 68 

lohn, 280 

Mary, 68 
Noset, Susana, 247 
Noth, John. 279 

Margaret, 279 

William, 279 
Nottingham, Ann, 264 
Notzel. Rudolf, 51 
Noxon, Amanda B., 47 

Gilbert G., 47 
Nuentzeberger. Dietrich. 162 
Nurse, Margaret, 233 

Oakley, Elizabeth, 237 

John. 192 
Obender. Samuel, si 
Oberholtzer, Mark. 51 
Oberitter, John Georg, 94 
Obermullerin, Mary Catherine, 

O'Callaghan, dr., 263 

E. B . 141 
Ochs, Johanes, 41 
Odel. Annetje, 169 
Oehlmann, Anna Maria, 44 
Ogden, mr., 12 
Ogle, John, 192 
Ohlwine, Laurence, 126 

Mary, 126 
Ohrstrohm, Drine, 193 
Oldfield, John, 39 
Oldham family, 67 
Olife, Robert, 84 
Oliffe, Ann. 85 
Anne, 84 
Robert, 85 
Susanna, 8s 
Oliphant, Laurence, 71 
Oliver, Elizabeth. 276 
Olmstead. John Hull. 41 
Oppenheim, Ansel, rnrs., 136 
Onderdonk, Andries, 176 

Henry jr. ,141 
Ooosteroom, Gnetje Jacobs, 

Oosterhout, Ariaentje Roosa. 

Blandlna. 2^0 

James. 257 

Ian. 250. 252 

Louwerens, 257 

Maria. 252 

Mareitjie. 256 

Marytje, 2S7 

Marytien, 256 

Roelof, 252 

Theunis. 256 

Treyntjen, 257 

Tryntjen. 257 
Oosternm, Barent, 250 

Blandina, 253 

Cornelia. 253 

David, 253 

Deny, 252 

Oosterom, Hendrickus, 252 

Hendrick, 251, 252 

Hendrik, 252 

Hendrikus, 253 

Jan, 252 

Jan, jr., 252 

Jannetje, 191. 251 

Jannetjen, 252 

Magtel. 250. 252 

Marietje, 252 

Margariet, 252 

Maria, 252 

Marretje, 188 

Marya, 251 

Marytje, 251 

Rebecca, 250 

Roelof, 253 

Tryotje. 252 

Willempje, 191 
Oosteroom family, 189 

Blandina, 250, 251 

Denys, 250 

D'Nie, 250 

Gerrit \Villems, 192 

Gertraud, 192 

Grietje Jacobs, 191 

Grietjen Jacobs, 250 

Hendrick (Janse), 250 

Hendrick, 250 

Hendrick Jansze, 249 

Hendrick Janszen, 18' 

Jan, 192, 249-251 

Jan Hendricksen, 189 

Tan Hendricksze, 249 

Jan Hendrickszen, 190, 

Jannetie (Hendricks), 250 

Jannetje, 192, 250 

Jannetje Hendricks, 249 

Mageltje, 191 
Maretje, 193 

Maria Relje, 250 



Marretje. 252 

Marya, 252 

Marytje. 250 

Roelof, 192, 250, 251 

Rulof. 250 

Treyntie. 192 

Trevntje Hendrickse, 249 

Trientje, 192 

Wilhelmina, 249 

Williampe, 249 

Willenije, 249 

Willempje, 192 

Willemptie, 188 

Willemtje. 250 
Oosterum, Hendrick, 251 

Margaret, 251 

Roelof, 251 
Oostrom, Andries, 253 

Jannetje, 188 

Maria, .253 

Marretje. 188 

Nelli, 253 

Roelof, 253 

Saartje. 253 

Sara, 253 

Osborne, Thomazine, 279 
Osbourne, Thomas, 159 
Osburne, Peter, 158 
Osgood family, 292 
Oster, Arnd, 96 
Osterhout, Abraham, 256 
Ostetum, Clandyne, 252 

Jan. 252 
Ostroni. HendrickJanszen, 191 
Otto, Johan, 166 
Otzenberger, John Peter, 94 
Owen, Joseph, 253 

Sara, 253 
Owsold, Charles. 113 
Owtred. Anne, 8 

Elizabeth, 8 

John, 8 

Marscelm, 8 

William, 8 
Oym, Louisa Antoinette, 41 
Ozeberger, Mary, 248 

Pache, John, 109 
Packwood, John, 156 
Page family. 146 
Palgrave family. 14b 
Palmentier, Antouette, 250 
Palmer. Catherine, 47 

Dennys, 277 

Elizabeth, 277 

Humphrey, 277 

Laura, 104 

Margaret, 47 

Nicholas, 47 

Phebe, 47 

Stephen, 218 

Palmes, Andrew, 140 

Bryan, 140 

David, 140 

Desire, 140 

Elizabeth, 140 

Guy, 140 

John, 140 

Richard, 140 

Samuel, 140 

Sarah Way, 140 

Seth, 140 



John, ._. 
Richard, 114 
Osborne, Edward, 279 
Erne, 114 
loan, 114 
John. 114 
Marv, 114 
Richard, 279 



Palmetier, Machiel, 193 
Paltsits. Victor, 218 
Papst, Ernst, 39 
Pardee, Faith, 107 
ena, 107 



Samuel, 107 
Parish, George, 236 
Parker family, 218 

Ann Eliza, 33, 103 

Ellen. 33 

George, 157 

Harry. 7 „ 

John, 7. 280 

William. 33 
Parkerton, Edward, 193 
Parkman, Francis, 141 
Parmentier. Anthonette, 193 

Machiel, 249 

Marytje, 249 
Parmetier, Antoinette, 250 
Parry. John, 182 

Marv. 182 
Paschal). Thomas, 114 

Patenson, Pare 

Robert. 112 
Patke. Auguste. 42 
Pattoos, E., 37 
Paukeman. John, 183 
Paul, Gerhard, 163 

Johan. 167 

John Clother, 161 

John Daniel, 161 

nell, 11 

Index of Names in Volume XL. 

Paular, Andreas Jacob, 97 
Paulese, Lysabcth. 354 
Paulus, Anna, 123 

Junk. 10,133 

Meijnou, 10 

Minnie, 10 
Payne, Ann Hager, 47 

Charles Thorns, 313 


Robert, 8 

Samuel, 47 

Peace, John, 183 
Peaslee family, 14b 
Peavey. Benjamin, 131 

Edward Henry, 131 

John L., 131 

Lydia, 1 |i 
Pechye, Rychard. in 
Pccke, Robert, 114 
Pecocke, Edward, 378 
Peeicv. Thomas, 112 
Peckbam, William H.. 13b 
Pell family, b$ 

mr.. 137, 205, 306 
„ Howland, 137,138, 147.219 
Pelle, Peter, 52 
Pelletreau, William S., 06 
Pels, Maria. 25b 
Pen, Elisabeth. 56 

James, lot 
Pendleton family. 92 
Penn, William, 141, 209 
Penne, George, 83 
Penner. Henry. ib3 
Pennine, Daniel, 52 
Pens, benedict. 54 
Peppenger. Hendrick, 3S3 

Henry, 289 

Maria, 289 

Syche, 2Sy 
Pervill, Eleanor, 360 
Permeter. Christopher, 280 
Periue, Catharine Elizabeth 

Corns., 41 

John E., 3b 

inn, 33 
\uo, 37 

Simon, 41 

Susan G., 41 
Perkins, dr., 41 

Man E. B.,41 
Pero, Richard, 124 
Perpayntc, Harry, 109 
Pen 11, I lanlel, 292 
:uly, 292 

Howland D., 292 
Perrow, Richard, 124 
Perry. 215 

uirs., IC7 

Elizabeth, 107 

Thomas N., 103 
Perryns. Arthur. 377 

i iho, 280 
Pcscod, Dorothy, 234 
Petche, John, 6 
Petchie, John. 159 


Petchv. Ki, 159 
Peter. Job 
Peters. Agnes, 6 

Henrich. 94 

Samuel A . 1 1 1 
Petersen. Margaret. 39 

■ . 290 


Peterson, John, 388 

lie, 2S5 

l'eter, 290 

Thomas, 290 
he, 285 
Petisht, II- . 

Johan Dietrich, ib5 
Petit, Johan Jacob, ibb 
Petri) Andrew, 24b 

Henry, 97 

Jacob, 243 

Nicol, ib3 
Pettet. Peter, 128 

Rachel, 128 
Petty, Juno, 2b$ 
Pladheucher. lians Henrich, 95 

Marcel, 05 
Pfeifer, Peter. 245 
Pfeiger, John Jacob, 51 
Pliz, Jacob, 247 

Joseph, 247 
Pforr, J, ,.. 
Pharo, Samuel, 42 
Phelps la. 

Anson G., jr., 71 

I.N. ,154 

irge Thomas, 98 
\braham, 251 

Barbara, 251 

1 .111. ,11 .11a, 88. 251 

Hendrick, 188, 193, 250, 

Jacobus, 251 

Jan. 251 

Leonard, 251 

Mantel, 251 

Mareltje, 352 
Maretje, 193 

., 251 
Maritje Uosteroom, 251 
Marretje, ins, 252 

M.mtje, 250 

Men, 351 

Roelof, 351 

rl Frederick. 89 
Philipszen, Frederick, 88 
Phillips family, 292 

Catharina, 88 

Jacob, 24b 

John. 45 
Pickett. William, 157 
Pidgcon, mr., 239 

Pierce. Grace M., 15 
I lay, b2 
Piero. Richard. 124 

ut lannly.65 
Piers, William, 217 
Picrson, Richard, 183 
Pieterszen. Hendrick, 35b 

I - 
11, James, 85 
Pink, Alanson, 131 

I. ., 131 
Pinner, KI. bard, 177 
Plnson, J 
Pippcnger, Henry, 28b 

John, 386 

kicticrt, sM 
Pitcher, Catharina. 55 

I . 71 
■in. 255 

Hendrick, 198 

.. 2bb 
1 ',iu 

Irancis, 81.83, 84 

Roger. 83 
I .,.83,84 

Win h 

Plsch, Benedict, 163 
Plumb, Humphrey, 15b 

Richard, 2bo 

Sisterly Basse, 260 
Pollarde, Joane, 108 

Jone, 108 

John, 108 

Robert, 108 
Pollinton, Alexander, 335 
Polly, 7 

im, 157 
Polmau, Cornelia, 386 
Ponsiler, Jane, 384 

Prichard. 284 
Pool, . in 

Marietta M., 131 

U ' lane, 131 

Stephen, 131 
Poole. John, 110 

Murray Edward. 146 
Ponre family, 21S 
Pope, 230 

Rebecca. 239 

Sarah, 157 
Port, John. 242 

Justus, 95 
Porte. Agnes, 260 

John, 200 

...ell, 278 
Post, Ellen. 131 

Ian, bo 

John, 32 

Postlcy, Clarence Ashley, bi 
lence Ashley. 137 
Puts. Patience, 2b4 
Potter, dr.. 144. 145 

Prank W., 12 

Henry Codmao, 144, 217 

iames, 69 
aim, 69, 71 
V. 13 
Pouwcls, M.iiin.i. 123 
bert, 112 

Powle. Nathaniel, 84 
Powncett, Thomas, 114 



. .:• 

Pratt. Jobi 

.111, no 

Johanc. 9 

John, 9 

Sarah. 9 

William. 9 
Prcntls, T! 
Praalar, \ , 
Preston 1.. 



Index of Names in Volume XL. 

I'robasco, Dinah, 287 

Henry, 287 

Jacob, 283, 285. 287, 289 

John, 283, 289 

Paul, 287 

Sarah, 200 
Proebstel. George, 163 
Proper, Paulina, 131 
Prosser, Margrita, 273 
Provoost iamily, 65 
Prowd, John, 231 
Pryer, Charles, 137 
I'rys, Anna, 195 

Hanna, 195, 204 
Puffer, Daniel, 47 

Parmela, 47 
Pugh, Hugh, 198 
Pulis, Charity, 261 
Pulver, Andreas, 60 

Andries, 60 

Christina, 101 

Cornelia, 101 

Gertjen, 60 

Hennch, 101 

Jacob, 101 

Jannitje, lor 

Johannes, 101 

Johannis, 101 

John, 101 

Susan, 106 

Susanna, 60, 100 

Susannah, 101 

Wendel, 60 
Pumpelly, J. C, 71, 218 

Josiah Collins, 1, 73, 136, 
Puppelriuer, Christian, 163 
Purdy. Mary, 171 

Simons, 171 
fury, Adlaid, 184 
Pycke, John, 5 
Pykman, Alls, 280 

John, 279, 280 

Roger, 279, 280 
Pvne lamilv, 69 
Pyner, Will., 178 
1'ytte. mr., 8 

(Juackenbos, Benjamin, 176 

Catherine, 176 

Claesje, 176 

Dievertje, 176 

Jacob, 176 

Marijtje, 175-177 
Quackenbusch. Pieter, 175 
(Juick, Anna, 274 

Heyltje, 258, 270 

Margriet, 194 

Neeltie, 268 

Rebecca, 195, 268, 270 


as, 195 

(Juik, Belitje, 254 
Quinby, Henry Cole, 218 
Quint, Anton, 161 
(jurlea, Francis, 166 

Kab, Kilian, 243 
Rabenegger, Nicol, 241 
Race, Nancy, 56 
Radford, Rebecca, 234 

Ralph, 234 
Raff, Rossina, 40 
Rai, Sarah, 57 
Raiilie, David. 253 
Kalje, Blandina, 251 


Simon. 251 
Raljee, Blandina, 253 
Ramme, Francis, 9 
Ramp, Nicol, 163 
Randall, Frank Eldredge, 61 
Randolph, John, 35 

Rappelyea, Abraham, 286 
Anne, 285 
George, 286, 289 
Sarah, 286, 289 
Raqua, Jannetje, 169 
Kauhffe, Agnes, 234 
Rath, John, 50 
Ratns, Jane, 54 
Rathyens, J., 40 
Rau, Catharina Van Etten,257 

Frederick, jr., 257 
Rauch, John Just, 95 
Rausch, George, 51 
Rautebusch, Johan, 162 
Raven, Mary, 113 
Roger, 83 
Sarah, 113 
Rawlins, Thomas, 277 
Rawliuson, mr., 183 
Rawsou family, 143 
Rav, Clemeut, 102 
Hugh, 56-58 
John, 102 
Margaretha, 58 
Mary, 102 
Raymond, lord, in 
Henry C, 43 
Robert R., 72 
Raynoldes, Christian, 8 

Richard, 8 
Rea, Dorothy, 106 
Elisabeth. 106 
Getty Maria, 106 
Hugh, 56-58, 105 
Katharine, 106 
Marjory, 58 
Menca, 58 
Peter, 106 
Philip, 58,106 
Rachel, 58 
Rebecca. 106 
Samuel, 58 
Sarah, 56, 58, 105 
William, 58. 105, 106 
Reacy, mr., 36 
Read family, 292 
Reader, George Lewis, 4^ 
Reading family, 215 
Rebel!. Jacob. 52 
Reck. Johan. 164 
Reckhart, Justus, 160 
Record, John, 47 
Reddinge. William, 85 
Redingtun, Abraham, 216 

John. 216 
Redman, Abraham, 239 
Ree, John, 195 
Reed, John. 112 
Rees, Anthonette, 193 

Christoffel. 193 
Reeve, Margaret. 237 
Richard, 237 
Roger. 237 
Sarah, 237 
Regur. Joseph G., 171 
Leonard. 171 
Leonard Alonzo, 171 
Mary Louisa, 171 
Rehm, Anton. 245 
Reichard, Caspar. 166 

Henry. 167 
Reichardin, Anna Barba, io<> 
Reid family. 67 

Whitelaw, 171 
Reideman. Martin, 244 
Reil. John Peter, 243 
Remhard, Henry, 162 
Reinhold, John Georg, 99 
Reinke. A A„ 42 
Reinertse. Trvntje, 253 
Keisdorf, Johan. 163 
Reisenberger. Lorentz, 161 
Reiser, John Peter, 53 
Michel, 245 

Relie, Hester, 198, 204 
Relje, Blandina, 250 

Blandyna, 252 

Claudyne, 252 

David, 193, 253 

Denys, 253 

Denyse Areyns, 250 

Denyse Ariens, 252 

Deynse Areyns, 252 

Dieutje, 253 

Hester. 205 

Jannetje. 252 

Jannetjen. 193, 250, 252 

Maria, 250, 252 

Maritje, 251 
Rellie, Hester, 199, 203 

Maria, 252 
Remington family, 212 
Remste, Jeremias, 287 
Rendel, John Peter. 96 
ersse, Gertraud, 193 


'93 , 


Rentel, Johan Nicol, 164 
Requa, capt., 92 
Reuling, Jacob, 50 
Reyburn, Amadee Valle, 
Reymer. Ezechiell, 278 
Revnders. Eliz., 253 

Hermanns, 253 

Lena, 252 
Reynderse, Harmen, 192 
Reynerszen, Herman, 192 
Reynierszen, Harmen, 192 
Reynold, Thomas, 8 
Reynolde, George, 159 

William, 109 
Reynoldes, Richard, 112 
Reynolds, Hannah, 131 

Joseph L., 72 
Rhea, Hugh, jr., 59 
Rhine, Mary. 38 
Rhinelander, William, 137 
Rhoades, Cornelia Harsen, 153 

John Harsen, i53"»5i 

John Harsen, jr., 155 

Lyman, sr., 153, 154 
Rhod, Jacob, 246 
Rhode, Johan Juste, 162 

Philip, 244 
Rhodes, Jenab,2o8 

Stephen, 208 
Rice, mrs.,38 
Richard, Peter, 95 
Richardson, Charlotte Jane, 43 

Ellen, 41 

Maria, 266 

Mary, 172 

Sarah, 172 

William, 278 

William F„ 172 
Richardt, John, 93 
Richter, John Andreas, 96 
Ricks, William, 171 
Ridder. Lenah, 287 
Ridel, Geoffrey, 134 
Rider, Alvira, 47 

Catherine, 131 

Cummins, 131 

David. 47 

David L., 47 

Henry Ward, 48 

jairus B., 131 

Jane H , 48 

Jane H. Salmon, 47 

Le Grande W., 47 

Mary Davis, 47 

Niclas. 52 

Philip 131 

Polly Briggs, 131 

Robert, 4? 

Tabitha Dickinson. 4S 

Thompson H., 47, 48 

Wm. Jay, 4 7 

Index of Same s in Volume XL. 

Riedel, George, 54 
Kiedell. John George. 53 
Riesenburber. Mattheiis, 06 
Riesenburn, Jacob, 08 
K;et. J ihn i ;. irge,96 
Riever. Joan, 234 
Rilje, Simon, 331 
Ringer. John Thiel, 245 
Kiniiet. 1 1. tiis Id .. 
Kinslaid. Sophia, 42 
' k. 94 
Jacob. 94 
D, 101 
1 domine,l7l 
Rivenbergcr. John, 57 
Kix, Grace, 171 

William, 171 
Roberdeau laiiuly. 146 
Roberts, 158 

•th, 286 

James M.,iM 


Robertson. John, 59 

Robietit, Robert, 111 

Robinson family, 218 

Robinson nir.. 2^2 
arvi I 18 


William J., 173 
Robson. 108 
Roche, James, 179, 180 

i. 180 
Rochel, Dirck. 195 

Roclceln, Elizabeth, 99 
Roeger, Dietrich, Z44 
Roelaod, Catlianna, 190 

Catharine, 187 

Catharine |de Duytser. 

Jan, 186. 187. 190, 256 
Roelofs. Mapelt 

It. 250 

Wlllempje, 189 
Roclolse. Macbild, 191 

Mageltje, n6. 188 
Roelofaze. Mageltje. 190 
Roelofszen. Willem, 190 
Rocthecn. Nicol, 243 

Peter, 244 
Roetirs, Sophia, 283 
Rogers. Anstrun 

I. 206 
Sarah Elizabeth, 206 
Rohn, Joh 

Rohrbach. Christian, 49 
Rollins. V 

1 II.. 131 
Eudora, 131 
Ine, dom.,270 
el, 261 

D. I09 

1, WiHemszen.187 
Romlcn. dr.. 273 
Romer. Ann. 36, 37 

I 13. 38 
Sarah, 44 
Romcyn. dr., 273 
Romloe, rev.. 267 
Km,. Miim,i;i 

I .r.igrilyc.91 

M irj.jt 
IJe, 197 

Roosa, Arlaentie. 256 

Koosa. Maria 1'els, 256 


Koosekrans Catrina, 269 
Cherk He Witt, 269 

Johannes, 271 
Johannis. 269 
Kooscnkranz, Catlianna, 202 
Lena, 202 

family, 65, 292 
Rout, Elisabeth. 271 
■th, 200 
-•:o, 204 
Roote, tog 

Rortreiht, Rachel, 197 
K jsa. Winche, 283 
\\ Ml 

\\ Mine. 19; 
Rosbach, Peter, 241 
Rose. Am 

Catherine, S3 

ill, 96 
Nelly, 285 

■iia. 267 
na, 267 

I ih .nines, 275 

Johannis. 207 

Lena. 267 

Lenah. 275 

Margrlet, 275 
Roscnkrantz, Alexander, 196 

Catharina, 197 

Catharine, 193 

Hermanns, 196 

Johannis, 193. 197 

Lena, 196. 197 

Mai."!.. ■ 
Rosekranz, Johannes, 272 

Levy. 272 
Rosenkranz, Alexander, 200 

Catharina, 199, 200, 202, 

203, 265 
Herman, 199, 202, 204,20$ 
Hermannus, 200 

[.US, 200 

tb, 265 
Johannes, 202. 204, 265 
John, 204 
iseph, 204 
eeutje. 202 
Lena. 108-200 
a. 264 

ma, 201-204, 26S 
M.irya, 203 
Rosenthal, Johan, 167 

1 r.40 
Roemanlo, Catherin, 247 
Ross. Alexander, 29. 207 
Christopher, 207 
Rossllcr. Edward. 179 
lane. 179 
Roth, John 111 

fohn I'etcr, 96 
• .242 

I • 1I1. 127 

.III'. Ill 
11 ! 

Mathewe, 11 1 

in. 99 
1 ler,t)6 

lit. 96 

i . J 14 

Rulnrr, I h imu, ill 

Samoa! It . 71 

K1.11I. Daniel, 246 

Jacob, 163 

John Caspar, 163 
Rule. John, 2S0 

I'eter. 285 
Rispch, 290 

Rup, Geori 



.:- An Irew, £4 

Riisst-l. 1 1 . 

Isalc, . , 


200, 203, 204. 

Mattheus, 203 
Rutgers family, 0; 

Rutigin, Elizabeth, 247 
Rutledge, Edward' 207 
Ryder, Alma. 47 
Charles. 47 

iv, 48 
ane H 
.me II >..lmon, 47 

I , . 47 

ntbonette, 193 
tbeth, 192, 251 
' 12, 19; 
I \ an de Bogeii. 

He 5 ' 


acubus. 251 
annetjen, 193 
, oanncs, 192 
. ohanna, 193 
'■■ »93 
M.n. > 

'id, 193 
M \n 1 

'. 193 
Susta. 1 

Thomas, 193 

1 1 ut jc, 193 
Rynerszcn, Tricntje, 192 
Rysdikc, Catherini 

' 1.. 42 

Sackctt. Ada Maria, 4* 

Ann B . 

Henri Wo Iward, i 4 ' 

..-, 48 
Samuel. 46, 48 
Sadler, mr., 239 

Salmon, Edward, 280 

Ml. 61 
Jacob, bl 
Salya, I- 1 

■ iU 


mi ..77 
iy. M 

. H2 

I. IM 

•g. ioS 


Index of Names in Volume XL. 

Santvoort, Abraham, 125 
Saunders, Catharine, 1 

Thomas, 263 
Savage, 92, 230 

family, 292 

James, 103 

Margaret, no 

Robert, 276 
Savary, A. W., 66, 71 
Sawin, Charity, 265 

Joseph, 265 
Sawyer, William, 183 
Saxton, Sarah, 208 
Sayer, mrs., 177 
Sayin, Joseph, 198 
Sayler, Maria, 14 
Sayles, Maria, 44 
Scales, Thomas, 39 
Scamity, 238 
Scarcroft, John, 156 
Scarfes, 184 
Schaart, Annatje, 107 
Schade, Catharina Elizabeth, 

Schafer, John, 244 
Schaefer, John Andreas, 161 

Just Henry, 96 

John Peter, 163 
Schaelerin, Eleanore, 247 
Schaefert, Philip, 166 
Schaeffer, Gerhard, 162 

Henry, 96 - 


John Conrad, 51 

Joseph, 50 

Matthew, 163 
Schaffer, Caspar, 201 

Lorentz, 241 

Margareta, 201 
Schaker, Susanne, 99 
Schammers, Benjamin, 199 

Cathrina, 203 

Christina, 197 

Helner, 269 


Mosis, 269 

Petrus, 199 

Samuel, 197, 199. 200, 203, 

Sara, 202, 203, 265 
Schamp, Jane, 289, 290 

Joost, 290 
Schantz, Johan, 166 
Scharlach, Heinrich, 40 
Schart, Elisabeth, 107 

Richard, 34 

Susan Ann, 34 
Schautz, Johan, 166 
Schellberger, Catherine, 247 
Scheroan, Valentin, 244 
Schenkelberger, Johan Jacob, 

Schenne, Justus, 93 
Scherer, Ebald, 242 

Just, 245 

Ulrich, 164 
Schermerhorn family, 92 

Benjamin, 60 

Catharina, 61, 100 

Catharine, 60 

Catherina, 60 

Charles, 60 

Corneles, 60 

Cornelius, 6c 

Helena, 250 

Jacob Dietz, 61 
acob EC., 60 

!an, 60, 100 
ane, 286 
uhn, 59. 60 
ohn R., 60 
,enah, 286, 288 

Schermerhorn, Lucas, 283, 286 

Rejes, 60 

Ryer, 60 

Sophia, 286 
Schermerhorne, Lanah, 283 
Scherz, Jacob, 95 
Scheuer, John Adam, 51 
Scheur, Peter, 246 
Schezinger, John, 246 
Schiefer, Johan, 160 
Schiler, Matthew, 243 
Schink, Adam, 269 

John, 269 
Schlecht, John, 242 
Schlect, Johannes, 40 
Schletzer, Jeremy, 51 
Schlever, Johau, 165 
Schlick. Martin, 242 
SU.lmk'lutf, John, 52 
Schloemer. Mattheas, 166 
Schlosser, John, 161 
Schlottenhofer, Christof, S3 
Schmaleberger, Cill, 164 
Schmid. Barbara, 247 


Christine, 247 
Schmids, Christian, 241 
Schmidt, doct.. 46 

Andrew, 164 

Augusta Henriette Wil- 

li c In 

, 40 

Caspar, 165, 242 
Daniel, 164 
Eva Mary, 248 

Frederick, 93 

Henry, 244 

Johan, 164 

John, \2 

John George, 93 

John William, 94 

Margareth, 36 

Matthew, 245 

Michel, 163,246 

Nicol, 166 

Peter, 246 
Schmiedel, Siegmund, 99 
Schmil, Nicol, 163 
Schmit, Gritjen, 101 
Schmitzer, John Martin, ^0 
Schmotzer.John Jacob, 98 
Schnaeblin, Rudolf, 244 
Schneder, Maria. 55 
Schneider, Anna Margareta, s; 

Anna Margaretha, 57 

Anna Maria, 57 

Anthonius, $7 

Bernard, 94 

Clara Catharina Mar 
gareth, 39 

Conrad, 163, 242 

Gertrout, 59 

Jacob, 39 

Joachim, 245 

Johan, 165 

Johan Dietrich, 57 

"ohan George, 160 
ohn, T65 

ohn Michael, so 
'aria Clara, 39 

Philip, 50 

Tunis. S7 
Schneiderin, Margaretha, 247 
Schnell, Albert Frederick, 145 

Matthew, 97, r65 
Schnidt, John Jacob, 161 
Schoen, Maria Cathrina, 54 
Schoepf, Thomas, 244 
Schol, Deborah, 285 

Peter. 285 
Scholl. Peter, 288 

William, 288 
Schomberger, Georg, 244 
Schombert. John Jacob, 95 

Schonemake, Madelea, 267 
Schoomaker, Sara, 201 
Schoonhoven, Adolphus, 271, 

27$ . 

Benjamin, 194, 273, 274 

Benjn., 267 

Catharina, 195 

Catrina, 271, 274 

Cobus, 273 

Cornelia, 202, 203, 266, 
271. 273, 275 

Dorothea, 194 

Elisabeth, 273 

Elizabeth, 272 

Hanna, 273 

Hendericus, 266 

Hendrick, 203 

Hendricus, 194. 197. 203, 

Hendrikkus, 273 

Henry, 271 

Jacobus, 271, 272 

Ian, 195 

John, 272, 273 

Keety, 266 

Maragriet, 273, 274 

Maria, 197, 271-274 

Mary, 275 

Niclaes, 203 

Nicolas, 194 

Peternella, 271 

Petrus, 271 

Rachel, 266 

Racheltje, 201 

Redolphus, 271 

Rodolfus, 194,204 

Roedllus, 194 

Sarah, 272 
Schoonhover, Gertie, 267 

Hendrikus, 267 
Schoonmaaker, Elisabeth, 269 

Magdalena, 268 
Schoonmaker, Abram, 269 

Barbara, 255 

Benjamin, 195, 270 

Catharina, 198, 200 

Catrina, 271 

Cornelius, 273 

David, 270 

Ehsabet, 273 

Elisebeth, 268 

Gerret, 195 

Gerrit, 270 

Hanny, 273 

Hendrik H. 257 

Isaac, 269, 271 

Jacob, 198 

Jacobus, 203 

Jan, 257 

Joachem, 193, 196, 198, 201 

Lena, 271 

Lenah, 275 

Lisabeth. 193, 195, 196 

Lucas E. mrs., 205 

Moses, 195, 273 

Mosis, 270 

Petrus, 201 

Sara, 196, 198-200, 256 

Susanna, 197 
Schouthen, Maritie, 90 
Schrager, Andrew. 51 
Schram, Maria, 58 

Rachel, 58 
Schreckenberg, John Henrich, 

Schreiber, Albert, 241 
Schreiner. Martin, 167 
Schretz, Michael, 97 
Schuch, Anna Catherine, 247 

John Peter. 98 

Nicholas, 164 
Schuck, Jane, 106 
Schueler, Franciscus,98 

Index of Names in Voluw XL. 


Schuetz. John. ;i 
Schum, John George, 164 
Scl.uuiacker. Johanna. 39 
Schuit, Catharina, $5, 101 


Catharine M., 106 
Schultheis. Esther Susanna, 99 

John. 99 
Schultz. Amos, 131 

Johannes. 56 

Maryett, 131 
Schutmegenn. Cnarlotta, 09 
Schutt, Jan Willeiuszen, 187 
Schuyler. Brant, 88 

Geertruyd, 88 
Schwaegerin. Appollonia, 54 
Schwan, John. 245 
Schwart. Jane Jacob. 247 
Schwartz, Christian, 97 

Elizabeth, 247 
Schwarz, George, 242 
Schwegars, John He'.nrich, 95 
Schweinltz, mis., 4 2 

li. E.,41 
Schweitzer, Cristoph. 167 

Schwing. John, lot 
Scofield, Ebenezer, mrs.,62 
Scott, John. 183 

Lewis. Allaire, 172 

Martha, it | 
Scriven, Elizabeth, 232 

Mary, 232, 230 
Scuth. Jan Willemszen, 187 
Se ibrieht Anne, 240 

William. 240 
Searson, Agnes, 109 

Henry. 109 

William B., 39 
Sebra, Jan Wlllemszen, 187 
Sebnng. Adrianue,288 

Cornelius. 03 

Daniel, 2S3 

Man 1 
Seelingerin. Margretha, 247 
Seguine, Lydia, 38 

M .41 
Seibeit. Conrad, 50 

Martin, 50 

Paulina, 4! 
Seiffart, John. 163 
Seip. John Peter, 161 
Se.sema. Mcda, 39 

T, O..39 
Seitz, John Dietrich, 95 
Sell. 158. 280 
Sellers, Edwin Jacquctt, 210 

. Jai|uett. 217 
Seiner, John Adam. 98 
.mine, 9 

Henncus. 06 
Semion, Catalln 
Semtcr, John. 98 
Scnnc, August, 41 

h A igust, 41 
Sewall family, 20a 
Scwcll. Aim I, '■! 

Scwstcr SamueU.278 

Sex Phil . 

Sexton I . 171 

Francis. 172 

Sarah Mills. 172 
Seyfais, J.han Valentine, 165 
Seyfried, John Jacob, 07 
. 45 

Shaefer. Gi 

as. 96 
i il. ■ 2 1 
Shainmeri, Johannes. 106 
Joseph, 201 
Samuel, 194. 106. 201. 266 


Sharnigk, Andrew, 166 

Henry, 82, 83 
Sharrett, John, 44 
Wm .41 
t. Abni., ',6 
oh„ D.,44 
iestei Ellen, 36 
Mai v Ann, 43 
Sarah, 36 
Thomas, 38. 43 

am Henry, 39 
Shaw, Charles Henry, 37 
Shedden, Agneta Ackerman, 

James. 262 
oyce Maria. 262 
oyce Roberts, 262 
Shelter. Caspar, 26$ 

Maria Susanna, 26s 
Sheldon, Israel, 207 

Mary Borden, 207 
Mary Frances, J07 
Shelton, Anne. 157 
Shcmmers, Jenneke, 266 

Samuel. 266 
Shepard, Thomas, 71 
Shepherd, W. E., mrs.. 136 
Sheppard, Benjamin 181 

George Beekmau, mrs., 
Sherer. l'cter, 246 
Sheuard. lord. 82 
Sherry. Elizabeth C, 127 
jamieaoo, 127 
1, Aaron, 1 w 

Drusilla. 128. 131 

Isaac. 131 

1 28. 131 

Kuth, 131 
Shettyl. Juhn, 5 
Shink. Adam. 268 

Maria. 268 
Shipp. William, 177 
Shippen lamily. 214 
Shinidt, Caspar, 90 

Nicol, 246 
Shmith. Philip, 162 
ShoOer family . 214 
Shonweiss. John, 50 

nrj Breugla, 62 

>■ opt 

1 aaparna, 55 

Shurman, Jacob Gould, aoo 
Shurt. Abraham, 238 

eter. 50 
Shwartz, Matthias, So 
Shwarlze. I 

Shwjrgart, Frederick, 03 
■■ha, 247 
•ry, 157 
Robert. 157 
Sic. Eva. 00 

■ hn Conrad, 07 
Sicrsenm. Theodore Onnls, 34 
hn, 277 

• hel, 08 
Sllberhorn. Christian, 43 

Simmon' I 

187, 190 
Abruli . 

lb . 17 



Simonson, Isaac, 34 

James, 40, 4$ 



Marrarett, 33 
d D.,38 
Simpson. Hannah, 184 
Slmson, Gersom, 204 

John. 204 
Sinning, Conrad, 42 

Martin. 42 

Sophia, 42 
Sitwell, George. 232 
Skarret. Patty, 35 

Thomas, 35 

William, 35 
Skillman, Isaac, 282 

Jan, 282 

Thomas. 281 

William Jones, 61, 281 

Win. J., 71 
SI too r, Mary. Igq 
Slacyrin, Elizabeth, 247 

• hn, 86 
Slatenord, lohn, 11 1 
Sleght, Cornelius, 288 


Slipper. James H., 210 

James N.. 217 
Slocum. Henry A., 207 
Slot, Jan Pieterszcn, 250 

{annetje, 250 
onas, 250 
Pieter Janszen, 250 
SI Itt, Cinch. 244 

. hraham, 186 
Ann, 285 
Anna, 284 

Daniel. 283. 286, 288 
Isaac, 285, 286, 289 


Mannctche, 289 
Sychc, 289 
Cornelia, 266 

am. 113 
dice, 113 
William, 113 
Small. Ad 

Jacoblna. 34 
Smeth, Margaret, 114 
llrckje (Lammcrse). 191 
Iiiikjc Lammertse, 188 
Smith (am 

Alexander, 236 
Ann. 36 
Augustine, 236 
Benjamin, 195 

rtna, i'rt 
hi, 107 
•na, 105 
I I. 17=. 

. Louisa, 41 

or... 71 


• ne. 178 


Index of Names in Volume XL. 

Smith. Jesse, 215, 217 

John. 50 

Lincoln Childs, 136 

Lucretia W., 140 

Marytje. 104 

Ralph, 215 

Richard. 86,236 

W. H.. 83 

William. 265, 268, 278 

William Alexander, 62 

William Henry, 44 
Smithe, Alice, 280 

lane. 280 

John. 280 

Margery, 280 

Saunder, 280 

Thomas, 280 
Smock, Anna. 285. 288 

Anne, 286. 288 

Barent. 287, 2S9 

Dennis, 288 

Elizabeth. 284 

Hendrick. 284 

Henry, 285,286, 288 

Johannes, 284 

John, 289 

Leonard, 284, 287 

Maria, 286 

Sarah, 290 

Sycbe, 284, 289 
Smyth. Gregory, 159 

Henry, 279 

Humphrey, 159 

John, 113 
Smythe, Thomas, 114 
Snare. Nicholas, 8 
Snedeger. John, 176 
Snedieker, Abm. I., 33 

Isaac V., 33 

Sarah, 33 
Snel, Susanna, 275 
Snell. J. P.. 62 
Snerder, Gertrout, 58 
Snyder, Andrew, 131 

Anna Madalena, 56 

Christina Lisabetha, 202 

Christopher, 285 

Edwin H.. 106 

George. 56 

Jane Ann, 131 

i ohanChristoffel, 197 
ohn, 105 
ohn M., 59 
ohn Peter, 56 

Margaret, 285 

Maria Gertrude, 56 

Mary, 105 

Petrus, 60 

Valentyn, 197, 199, 202 
Solomons, Maritie, 124 
Somarindvk, Teunis, 66 
Somer, William, 280 
Somertielde, Thomas, 114 
Somner, Christofer, in 
Sonnenhofin, Mary, 247 
Southrick, Priscilla, 261 
Spad, Ludwig, 242 
Spader, Simon, 243 
Spanheimer, George, 95 
Spanknebel, Peter, 243 
Specht, Johan. 166 
Speets, Angelina. 286 

Angeline, 283 
Spender, Edward, 280 
Spengeler. Frantz, 164 

Frederick, 164 
Spenser, Richarde, 109 
Spicer, Diana, 44 
Spielman. John, 243 
Spiess, Werner, 164 
Spinlar. Caspar, 95 
Spofford family, 218 

Spoor, Almira, 131 

Joanna, 56 

Johanna, 56 

J. N„ 131 
Sprague, George W., 34 

John H.. 37 
Spranger, Richard. 157 
Sprehd, Ignatius, 164 
Sprosser, Anton, 9s 
Spuehler, Jacob, 50 
Spyser, Kateryn, 6 
Squier, Mary E.,43 
Squyer, William, 114 
Staebler, Peter, 52 
Stafford. Martin Hawley, 137 

William Frederick, 136 
Stag. Anna V., 284 
Stagg, • 



Stall. William D., 106 
Stambach, Jobn Jacob, 95 
Standbace. "William, no 
Stanes, Edward, 112 

Grace, 236 

Jesper, 236 

John, 236 
Stanley family, 218 

David S , 207 
Stanton, Agnes, 64 

Agnes (Blanck), 63, 64 

Ann. 64 

Geo., 63 

George, 64 

George, jr., 64 

Hannah, 64 

Mary, 63 

M. E.,72 

Richard, 233 
Starr, Constant, 240 
Stauch. John Peter, 94 
St. Croix, S. T. de. 25 
Steede. Richard, 276 
Stegs, Madlena. 204 
Steigerin, Cristina, 99 
Steimetiz, Jane, 286 
Steimetz, Jane, 285 
Stemmets, Jane, 288 
Stein, John, 98 
Steinbacher, Philip, 246 
Steinhauer, Christian, 166 
Steinmets, Anna, 248 

Benjamin, 284 

Jane, 289 
Steinmetz, Benjamin, 289 

Christopher, 2X9 

Jane, 283. 290 
Stendly, Janneke, 274 

Michel, 274 
Stephen, 109-114, 159, 276-278, 

John, 98 
Stephens family, 292 

Henry, 292 

William, 180 
Stephenson, Richard, 36 
Stephenszeu, Joris, 10 
Sterill, George, 232 
Sternberger, John Jacob, 94 
Stevens family, 292 

Alyce, 114 

Christopher, 114 

Elizabeth, 240 

Hazard, 217 

Henry, 292 

Isaac 1. 217 

jane, 287 

loane. 114 

Johan, 114 

John, 114 
Steward, mrs., 37 
Stewart, Alexander, 227 

A. T., 72 

Catharine, 69 

I Stewart, Catherine, 23 

Charlotte, lady, 227 

John, 69 

William Godman. 14s 
Steymets, Amy, 170 

Benjamin, 170 

Catherina, 170 

Jacob, 170 

Rachel, 170 
Steymus, Catherine, 169 

Hester, 169 

Jacob, 169 

Marv, 169 

Sarah. 169 
Stick, Horman. 166 
Stickel. Cathrine, 105 

Elisabeth, 59 
Stickle, Catharine, 56 

Frederick, 59 

Katharine, 58, 106 
Stiebel, Johann. 165 
Stieb, John Peter, 161 

John Reinhard, 161 
Stijmets, Catharina, 127 

Catharine, 169 
Stikkel, Friederick, 58 
Stiles, dr., 80 

Ashbel, 23 

Catrina, 272 

Chas. Butler, 80 

Henry Reed, 77, 80, 137. 

John. 77 

Samuel, 77 

Sarah 269 

Stephen, 269 
Stilkey, Balthazar, 23 
Stinson, David, 23 

Tames, 23 

John, 23 
Stillwell, Daniel, 23 




John E.. 137 

Leanah, 23 

Samuel. 23 

William W., 37 
Stilwell. Mary, 23 
Stivers, Thomas, 183 
Stobo, Allthea, 23 

John. 23 
Stock, Joban Henrich. 162 
Stockall. Richard, 24 
Stocker, Matthias, 24 
Stockton family, 69 

Andrew. 24 

Richard V., 24 

Samuel, 24 
Stodait. John, 24 
Stodhoff, Catharine, 36 
Stoker, Stephen, 24 
Stol, Catharine, 287 

Catherine, 283 

Gertrude, 283, 285, 290 

John, 284, 287 

Tunis, 284 
Stole, Magdalen, 286 
Stoll, John, 57.97 

Magdalina, 286 
Stonarde, 159 

Clemente, X12 

Francis, 112 
Stonards. William, 277 
Stone, Charity, 24 

Dirk, 264 

Ebenezer, 24 

John, 24 

Josiah, 24 
Stoone, mr, 232 
Stoppelbein, Peter, 95 
Stork, John Henry. 163 
Storm, Aeltie, 90, 92 

Annatie, 00 

Index of Names in X'olume XL, 


Storm, Annatje, 251 

Christina. 169 

Clans, fa 

Crestena, 00 

Petrus, 00 

Raghel, 90 

Thomas. 169 

Tomus. 90 
\ il tie. 90 

Eliza. 14 

Mary, 91 

Rcssariit, 91 

Susannah, 259 
Storrow, Thomas. 34 
St iry, Elizabeth, is 4 

Stout, John, .'i 

Jonathan, 24 

Leah, 24 

16, 204 

U try, 200. 202, 20; 

Nancy, 24 

Peter, 24 

Peter, jr. 24 

Susannah, 24 
Stoutenburgh, Jairius Briggs, 

Straetmaker, Dirck, 192 

Tiyntie. 192 
Stiaigbt. William, 25 
Straighton. Christian, 24 
Stranahan family, 79 
Strang. Gabriel, 24 
Strange, Gabriel. 24 

Lot, 25 

Strassberger, Frederick, 164 
Stratton, Christian, 24 

Harriet Russell, 69 
Straub, John, 161 
Stranch, J,, ban, 162 
Strayton, Christopher, 24 
Street. John. 24 

Samuel. 24 

Samuel D.. 24 
i ffig, 162 
Strever, £ 

Stiibaer, Anna Margaretha, too 
Strickland. Amos. 25 

Anne. 2=. 

Edward. 24 
■■'■. 25 

iohn, 25 

Strickshciscr, Balzar. 14; 
Striker. James, 168. 176 

.: Thnmas S., rnrs.. 206 
Struss. <» 

Striker, Gari t. u* 

; --r, 71 
Alii 1 

Char . 

Charles Edward, 22: 

I, 7' 

I, 2$ 

Robert L., 71 


. 27 1 * 



Stymerson, Jasper, 25 
lb, « 

Stymes. Aaltje. 169 
Abraham, 169 
Behjtje. 109 
Casparus. 109 
Cbrlslotfel, ir*) 
Isaak, 109 
Jacob, 169 
Rachel, 169 

Stymest, Benjamin, 25 
Jasper. 25 

Stymets, Abraham, 169 

Casparus, 169 
Cathaiina, 169 

Swartwoudt, Alexander, 267 

Maria, 275 

Thomas. 267 
Suartuout. Abram.272 

Auiuin, 198. 201, 203, 264 
"in. 201. 267 

ilus. I'M. 266 
Bernardus )t 
l ir; ailus. 203 


• »73 



erhard, S3 

11 I. 121 
Siyant. Wll 

hannis, 169 

Peter, 169 

Rachel, 109 
Slymetz, Chrietoflel, 170 
Suitor, James, 25 
Sulyarcf, Am 

Summers. Elizabeth, 4; 

Xpotei. iS7 
Sumner, Charles, 72 
noch, 25 
Sussex, duke ol. 22S 
Sutherland. Brush, 48 


John, jr., 2s 
Jin I • 

Peter, 2; 


lure, 62 
nes, 25 
■ . id. 170 
John. 237 
Suydam. Walter Lispenard.&i 
Swaiui, John. 33. 37 
M.illuas, 37 

. am. 2s 

TV, 6 

Richard, 6 
Swan, Br 

le, 192 

Teunis Corncllszen, 25s 
Swarlhout. Bernardus. 2s4 
he. 254 

las, 270 

t, Adam, 25; 

Jacob, 198, 201, 202 ,204. 
264, 266. 271. 272 

tannetje, 203 
enneke. 201, 202, 204 
I, 264 
jseph. 270 
ea, 199. 201, 203, 265 
Lvdia. 271 

• <-t. 269 
Margriel, 264, 268 
11, 264 
/). 270 

Neellje, 274 
Petrus, 198, 269, 273 
Sarah, 270, 272 

. II, 204, 270 

IOT, 131 

-■■• . Bi van. 25 
' Sweet lamily, 218 

I . loaiims, 288 
Swilt, then, 205 

■" . 11 
1 Joseph. 25 

Peter, 26 

rl Stanard. 71 
. Catrina, 109 
Johannes, 109 
tleb. 206 
Symond, 1 


is, 190 

IS, 190 

Tabcr, Ebcrt, 245 
Tabcrer, Thomas. 179 
Tabor. Eliphal, 101 ' 

Jesse, 20 
ohu. 102 
\ .72 
I IS, 102 

en. 100 
>yd, 202 

1 'It. 141 

m jii 

I, Osbourn, 20 



Index of Names in Volume XL. 

Taylor, Francis Nottingham, 
mrs., 206 

George, 20Q 

Gillam, 26 

Isaac, 26 

James, 26 

John, 26 

John M., 70 

Mary, 67 

Matthew, 26 

Oliver, 26 

Ralph, 26 

Walter, 26 

William, 45, 57 
Teefer, Catharine, 107 
Teeter, Catharine, 57 

Cornelia, 105, 106 
Teiss, Peter, 166 
Telba, Anthony, 257 
Tenay, Johathan, 26 
Tenbroeck, Poebe Ann, 43 
Tendringe, Thomas, 112 
Ten Eyck, Henrica, 289 

Jane, 286 

Wynche, 284 
Tenny, Asa, 26 
Terhune, Albert H., 11 

Albert I., 259 

Catharine, 11 

Garret, jr., 63 

iacob, 11 
ohn, 11 
laria, 11 
Richard A., 11 
Terbuyne, Rachel, 13 
Ternbacb, Justus, 167 
Terree, Zeb, 26 
Terrill, Anthony, 26 

William, 236 
Terry, Zeb, 26 

Zeb, jr.. 26 
Terwhilliger, Ann Van Blar- 
cum, 262 

iohn, 262 
Lebecca, 262 
Terwilliger, Benjamin, 208 

Jonathan. 208 
Teske, Jacob, 09 
Tery. William, 276 
Thacher. Archibald Gourlay, 

George Winslow, mrs., 72 
Thain, James, 26 
Thai, Philip, 95 
That, Bernhard, 245 
Theal, Charles, 27 

Gilbert, 27 
Theale, Charles, 27 
Theis, Thomas, 244 
Thevoux, Daniel, 50 
Thorn, Susanna, 195 
Thomas, Allen M., 136 

Allen Mason, 62 

Charles, 27 

Evan, 27 

Francis, 161 

Henry, 27 

John George, 51 

Matheus, 160 

Mary, 240 

Samuel, 27 

Stephen, 27 

Thomas, 27 

Walter, 27 

William, 27 
Thomaszen, Frederick, 9 

Hendrick, 251, 252 

Machtel, 252 

Margariet, 252 

Tryntje, 252 
Thonder, 6 
Thompsatt, James, m 

Thompson, Dugal(Dugald), 27 
Edward, 232 
Elizabeth, 231 

Frederick Ferns, mrs., 

George, 182 
les, 27, 263 
n, 230, 231 
ohn. 27, 230, 231 
Martha, 231 

Mary, 27, 230, 231 

Peter, 33, 230, 231 

Richarcl, 182, 230, 231 

Robert, 27 

Rowland, 231 

Samuel, 230, 231 

Samuel L.,45 

Thomas, 182 

William, 45, 182, 230 
Thomson, Alexander, 198, 200 

Edward, 235 

James, 27 

John, 27. 146 

Rowland, 235 

William, 27 
Thorn, John, 171 

Joseph, 27 

Mary, 171 

Melanthon, 27 



Thorne, Abigal, 27 

Hester, 27 

Joseph, 27 

Martha, 27 

Robert, 27 

William, 27 
Thornet, Myles, 113 
Thornett, Miles, 113 
Thornton, Ellen, 237 

J. W.,63 

Luke D.,27 

Matthew, 27 

Peter, 27 
Thorp, John, 27 
Thorton, John, 27 
Thounius, Didrich, 57 
Thresher, Thomas, 279 
Throwgood, Robert, 7 
Thum, Ferdinand, 34, 36 
Thurdoerf, Friedrich, 241 
Thurgood, Robert, 7 
Thyssen, Wilhelmina, 186 

Willempje, 186, 189, 191, 
Tibold, Isaac, 99 
Tice, Eva, 289 
Tidd, Joseph, 27 
Tiefenthaler, George, 167 
Tiel, Bernard, 94 

Johann, 164 
Tielman. lohan, 165 
Tiernan family, 218 
Tietsoort, Marytje, 249 
Tiffany, Charles L.. 72 
Tilburg, Abram, 268 

Jacob, 269 

Johanna, 270 

John, 268, 269 

Maria, 272 

Sarah. 268-270 
Till, Jacob, 27 
Till berg, Anna, 274 
Tilley, James, 28 

Samuel, 28 
Tilton. Clavton, 28 

Elizabeth, 28 

John, 28 

Thomas. 28 

William, 28 
Timber. Jacob, 91 
Timberlake. Henry, 233, 234 

John, 234 

Timberlake, Joseph, 234 

Margaret, 234 

Mary 234 

Sarah, 234 

Thomas, 233 

W.lliam, 234. 
Timolat, Henry N., 43 
Tindell, Margaret, 263 
Ting, William, 28 
Tinkham, Samuel, 108 

Samuel Standish, 108 
Tipping, Francis, 28 
Tisdale, Ephraim,28 

Henry, 28 
Titsoort, Maria. 198 

Marya, 198, 202 
Titschke, John, 164 
Tobias, Sarah, 171 
Todd family, 292 

Herbert Wallace, 138 
Tolle, Robert, 112 
Tomlinson, Isaac, 28 

John, 28 

Joseph, 28 

Lydia, 28 

Margaret, 28 

Samuel, 28 
Tompkin6, Thomas, 28 
Tone, Mary Madden, 262 

Mary Teresa, 262 

Richard, 262 
Toole, John. 28 
Torrey family. 143 

Levi. 48 

Luclnda Sackett, 48 
Totten capt., 206 

mr., 61, 137, 138, 205, 206 

John R., 71, 72, 146 

John Reynolds, 73, 136, 
138, 148, 219 
Tousey, Sinclair, 71 
Tower, Edgar Henry, 62 
Towers. Thomas, 236 

William. 28 
Towne. Archelaus, 28 

Robert, 108 

Samuel, 28 
Townsend, Chr., 235 

Job, 28 

John, 145 

Katherine, 238 

Leven, 28 ' 
Trafton, Enoch, 28 
Tragsal, Jacob, 244 
Traphagan, Eckko, 287 

Johannes, 287 
Traphagen, Alche, 289 

Ruelif. 286 

Sarah, 286 
Tarphager, Henry, 28 
Trasteli, Thomas, 9 
Trauerrier, Pierre, 139 
Traurier, Pierre, 139 
Trausch. John, 244 
Traut, Johan,l67 
Travers, Francis, 28 

James, 28 
Travierrer family, 139 
Travis, Gilbert, 48 

Jemima, 145 

Sarah, 48 
Trebblecock, Thos., 28 
Trebitt, mr., 183 
Trecartin, Martin, 28 

Rebecca, 28 
Tresanus, Johan, 163 
Trep, John Jacob, 98 
Trephager. Henry. 28 
Tribbeko. John, 54, 93 
Tiighth, Peter, 29 
Trip, Matthew, 243 
Trombauer, Niclas, 50 
Trot, John, 29 

Samuel, 29 

Index of Names iii Volumi XL. 

Troll, John, 29 

Truat, I 

Truesdale. Elliott Stiles, 80 

E„ So 
Trumph. John Michael, 51 
Tubbs, Frances, 34 
Tucker. George, 29 

James. 29 

Solomon, 29 
Tucknev.dr., 184 
Tuebell, Anton, 06 
Tulges. Conrad, 106 
Tulfy, John, 29 
Tunison. Abigail, 289 



Anna, 280 

Bogart. 185 

Catherine, 288 

Cornelius, 285, 28b, 288- 

Cornelius, jr., 283 

Gilt-. . 

John. 28;. 286, 288 

Rebecca. 200 

Sarabx 284.285,288 

Tun*, 283, 285, 288 
Turch. Caspar, 49 

Turke. Anne, 159 
tile, 159 
Humtrie. 159 
John. 159 
Martha, 159 
11, 159 
Turnbull. Jos., 29 
Turner. Caleb, 29 
Edward, 231 

ianics, 29 
ohn, 29. 131 
. lary. 29 
Nicholas. 29 
Phoebe. 29 
Robert Pagan. 29 
Samuel. 29 
Sarah, 29 
Thomas, 29 

.29, 178 

ley, Thorns 

Tulhill family. 
John, 139 
. not, 29 
Tujrl la. 1 
Twcd. 27? 

Twedc. William. 279 
Tyaden. Jhns. Janien. 41 
Tybolde, Ollylc. 110 
Timothie, 110 
Timothy, no 
Tyler, mi 

to, 7 

ibclh Roas, 29 

Tyien, Catharine Adeline, 44 
• C.i 44 

Har :i 

Raymond, 44 
Tyson. B 1 

{ane. 41 
ohn. 35 
llchard. 3S 



. n\ 


Underbill, Nathaniel, 29 
as« 29 

William. 29 
Underwood, Alexander, 30 

Unstat, Valentin. 97 
Uphani. Jaber, 30 

1. 30 
Urin, Miles, 30 

Margaret, 184 
Uiquahatt, John, 30 
Donald, 30 

::or, 47 

1 Mitel, 47 

it, 30 
Wilmot, 31 
Valentiue, Abigail, 30 
rgc, 30 

I- dgar, 138, 205 
Philip, 30 
Vallet, Pi 
Vallette, I 
Valpert, I., cob, 166 
van Aaken, David, 208. 270. »7I 
IS, 274 

MIS, 268 

Helena, 271 

Jacob. . 
Van Aaken, Jacobus, 255 
Van aaken. Jannctte. 273 
Van Aaken,] anneke, 270 
van Aaken, Lena, 270 

Nclle, 274 
Van Aaken, Rachel, 275 
van aaken, Rusja, 269 

is, 196 

Eliphaz, 196 

iesyntjc, 196 
'ieter, 195 
Russje. 195 
ran Akcn, Cornelia, 198. W. 
203, 204 
«, 265 
Hesti 1 

acobus, 266 
annetje, 199 
lussje, 20;, 266 

V'anake, Davit, 267 

van A ritse, II 

Van Alstyne, W. IS., n 

-. 100 
Van Amsterdam, Jan Willems- 

I, 290 

1 in, 30 
■ .la, 288 
Vanalten. Henry. 30 



In, 10 10 



1 laca Jans- 

ah Rulger. 

, Anthony, >57 

Van Bunschoten. Antje, 258 

11. Cornell 

a, 201, 

Van Bunschoten. Corn. 

Van Bunschoten. H 
th, 257 
t, 257 

lesvntje, 258 

Teunis Elysse, 257 
van Bunshotcn, Anton-. . . 


rk. (larrat, 30 
van Camp. Abraham. 194 
van Campen. Abraham, 196. 

Van Campen, Abraham, jr.. 

van Campen. Abram. 197, 198, 

Abram, jr.. 202, 203 
Alexander, 200 
Benjamin, 264, 2-4 
Ulandina. 266 

Catrina, 203, 268, 270 

US, 274 

van Campen. Daniel, 274 

Elisabeth, 194, 267, 271. 


Gysbert. l';< 

Isaac, 195. »04. >*5, •09i 

Isack, 196. 204 
Van Campen, lsak, 198, 200. 203 
van Campen, Jacob, 196, 264, 
Jan, 203, 266, : 
Van Campen. Jann 
van Campen, John. 265, 266, 

•-. l<>6 


im, 30 

I hn. 30 

• m, 192 




Index of Names in Volume XL. 

van De Merken, Elisabeth, 

van de merken, Emanual, 274 

Ezechiel, 274 

Jacobus, 271 

Johannis, 269 

John, 272 

Lea, 270 

Maria, 271 

Petrus, 272 

Stephanus Brink, 209 
Vandemerken, Benjamin, 274 

Cobus, 274 

Henderikus Schoon- 
hoven, 273 

Peter, 273 
Van den Berg, 255 

Goosen, 271 

Johannes, 124 

Marijtje, 124 
van den Berk, Catharina, 124 
Van den Bogaert, Helena, 249 
Van den Bogert, 192 
Van den Boogaard, Catharina, 

Franz, 249 
Van den Burg, Hendericus, 193 
van den Hoef, Catharina, 124 

Cornelus, 124 

Johannes, 123 

Matheus, 124 
Van der Beck, Bergen, 286 

Couradius, 2S6 

Cornelius, 286 

Jacob, 286 
Vanderbilt family, 65 

Cecilia. 38 

Cornelius, 38, 72 

Corns., 39 

Edward, 35, 38, 4T 

Eliza Ann, 38 

Ellen V.. 38 

Fanny, 30 

H.mnah Maria, 35 

Hester Maria, 41 

Hetty Maria, 38 

John, 38, 39 

John E., 41 

John R., 38 

Lydia, 43 

M.. 42, 44 

Mary, 38 

Mary Ann, 35 

Oliver, 44 

Sarah Elisabeth, 39 
Vanderburg, Peter, 30 
Van der Linde, 266 
van der Linde, rev., 267 
van der Lip, Boudewyn, 194 

Dorothea, 194 

Frederick. 265 
van der Merck, Benjn, 267 

James, 200 

Jeremias, 200 

Maria, 267 
van der Merckel, Benjamin, 265 

James, 199, 201 

Lisabeth, 201, 265 
Van der Merkel. Jeremias, 266 
Vandersaal family, 218 
Vandevar, Maria, 288 - 
Van de Water, Angelina, 284 
Vandewater, F., 30 
van Dien, Albert, 9 

Gerrit, 9, 123 
van Diene, Gerrit. 10 
van Doesburgh, Hendrick, 171 
Van Doom family, 216 

Anthony, 216 

Pieter, 216 
Van Duyn, Alche, 284, 285, 2S7, 

Ann, 28s 

Van Duyn, Anna, 284, 288 

Anne, 286 

Cornelius, 285 

Cosia, 288 
van Duyn, Dirck Gerritse, 123 
Van Duyn, Jacoline, 288 

Jacqueline, 283 

Kezia, 290 
Van Duzer, Abraham, 38 

Henry Sayre, 62 

Isaac H., 39 

John. 38. 39 

Sarah, 38, 39 
Van Dyck, Abraham, 88 

Anna, 288 

Elizabeth, 2S7 

Nicholas, 287 

Henrv, 288 • 

Tyche, 287 
Van Dyk, Andries. 88 

Geesje, 88 
Van Dyke, Anna, 288 

John, 289 

Nicholas, 289 - 
van Etten. Antje, 273, 274 
Van Etten, Anthony, 258 
van Etten, Antony, 198 
Van Etten, Ariaantjen, 257 
van Etten, Dirk, 265 
Van Etten, Catharina, 257 
van Etten, Cornelis, 197 

Jannetje, 198, 204, 258, 

, 265, 273 

Johannes, 204 

Johannis, jr., 273 
Van Etetn, Lena, 258 
van Etten, Sara, 265 

Sarah, 107 
Van Ette, Johannis, 266 
van Gaasbek, John, 107 
Vangarde, Marictie, 267 
van Garde, Hester, 267 
van garde. Jacobus, 267 

Petries, 267 

Susanna Maraja, 267 
Van garden, Antje, 274 

John, 274 
Van Garden, Benjamin, 27s 

Hannes, 194 

William, 273, 275 
Van garden, Albartus, 274 

Jsack, 274 
Vangarden, Rachel, 268 
van Garden, Abram, 267 

Alexander, 197, 203, 264 

Catharina, 199 

Catrina, 266 

Eliphas, 26s 

Elsje, 268 

Esther, 275 

Gysbert, 193, 196, 197. 203, 

Gysbert, jr., 197, 201, 265 

Hauna, 201-203 

Harmanus. 268 

Hendrick, 194, 199, 203 

Hester, 203 

Jacobus, 201, 204,264,266, 

Jan, 198, 201, 203, 265, 269 

Jenneke, 202 

Johanna, 203, 205 

John. 269 

Jonathan, 268 

Lea, 201 

Lena, 270 

Lisabeth, 266 

Margareta, 201 

Margarit. 275 

Maragrita, 267 

Margriet, 266 

Maria, 197 

Maritje, 197, 199-201, 204, 

Van Garden, Marretje, 19s 

Marya, 202, 265 

Moses, 264 

Peter, 267 

Petrus, 203, 268 

Pieter, 194 

Rachel, 193, 196, 198, 201 

Sara, 193, 194. 196, 200, 204 

William, 202, 270 
van garden, Alexander, 268 

Cobus, 273 
vangarden, Elisabeth, 268 

Gouda, 268 
van garden, Gysbert, 270 

Hester. 272 
vangarden, Jacobus, 268 
van garden. Jan, 268 

Johannis, 273 

Joseph, 270 

Margarit, 268 

Petrus, 269 

Rachel, 270 

Sander, 270 
van Gelder, Mahitable, 15 
van gerden, Alexander, 272 

Annatje, 272 
van gorden, Catrina, 271 

David, 270 

Jacobus, 270 

Jan. 271 
Van Harlingen, Johannes Mar* 

tinus. 291 
Van Heerden.RoelofWillems- 
zen, 189 

Willem Janszen, 189 
Van Home. Gabriel, 30 
Van Houten. Jacob, 285 

John, 285 
van Houten. Lena. 176 
Van Houten, Roelof Cornelis- 

zen, 186 
Van Kampe, Catharina. 275 



van Kampe, Benjin, 267 

Isack, 267 

Jacobus, 267 

Tan, 267 

Maria, 267 

Susanna, 267 
van Kampen, Abram, 200, 264 

Abram, jr., 198, 200 

Catharina, 198, 264 

Daniel, 200 

Gysbert, 197, 201, 266 

Isaac, 197 

Isaak, 202 

Isak, 198, 199, 201 

Jan, 197 

Lena, 199 

Lisabeth. 197, 266 

Magdalena, 202 

Madleua. 197 

Marya, 202 

Sara, 197. 201 
Van Kerk, Sarah, 285 

Siebrig, 285 
Van Keuren, Maria, 2$7 
van Keuren, Janneke, 200, 258 

Jannetje, 196 

Rachel, 196-200, 202, 204, 
Van Kleef. Lawrence, 63 

Maria, 274 
Van Kleck, Barent, 250 

Pieter, 249 
Van Kleeck, Johannes, 249 

Machiel, 193 
Van Kukendaal. Jacob, 254 

Zara, 254 
Van Laer, A. J. F.. 2^3 
van Leeuwen, Cornelia, 196 
Van Leuven. Benjamin, 59 

Comeles, 59 

Index of Nanus in Volume XL. 

van Leuvcn, Cornelia, 200, 265 

Van Leuvcn. Elisal 


Van Leyden, jan Willemszen 

Van Liew, Anna, 28s, 288 

Anna M 

litis, 21)0 


Frederick, 28;, 290 
I, 200 

Lenah, 285, 280. 

Maria, 285,288.289 

Peter. 283 
Van Loeven, Cornelius, 100 
Van Loosdrecht, Jan Willems- 

Van Mapie, Henry, 30 

Mary, 30 
Van Mater. Chrinyounce, 30 
van Naaken, Kussje, 266 
Van Naken, David, 275 
1. 275 

Kuschje. 27; 
Van Name, Aaron, 33 


rah, 33 



M a 1 
van Natta, Magdalen, 2S7 
van Nes, Jacomijen 


. Ictt. jr., 146 
Ick, 284, 2*7 

Hycronimus, 289 
Judick, 275 
Judith, 283. 284, 287, 289, 

.1, 197 
St. Catrina. 271 

Margaret, 285, 286 

Mary, 290 
Peter, 286 

Pctrus, 275 
van Nest, 
van nest, 

Isaac, 267,271 

n, 289 
Warner, 138. 147, 219 
D, Annatje, 168 

Jacob, lis, 1 
met, 177 

124, I2J. 2S7, 289 
Van Norstran I, 
Ann 1 

I nt. 290 

it, 290 
, 290 

.i^nuchc.z 1 *? 

I mac, 63 
Van Oosterh ml. Anna lien 
Annatje (iillcs. 256 
Jan Janszcn, 256 

1 ndrickjan- 

1. Elizabeth, 131 

Van Ostruni, Hcndrick Jan- 
. 191 

'■. 40 
R., 4; 
. 44 

'■ 35, 40 
Vanpelt. Samuel, 31 


van Quackenbosch, Abraham, 

Jacob, 175. 176 

Rijnier Pietersen, 175 
Van Rensselaer. Ken., 215 
Schuvlcr, rnrs., 214 

llaer, Killaen, 188 
Van Ripen, John J, 259 
vanSbaick. Adrian. 124 

Van Schalckwick. 191 
Van Schalckwyck, Hendrich 

Van Sickle, Cornelius, 283. 288, 
lane. : 

••8, 290 


van Sycklc, Jacobus, 285 
ic, 30 
rick, 169 

1. 169 

van Tassell. Amy, 175 

Van Tessel, Aaltje, 93 

Catrina. 92 

Jacob, 92 

van Tessel. Johannes, 204 

Theodorus, 204 
van tllburg.Jane. 

rabam, 195 
tje, 195 

Van V!. 

n, 2;; 

i, 275 

'. 250 

n, 250 

• Catharina. 198 

wa, 204. 2''4 
Jcnnoke, 20a 

. 271 
. 269 
198. 269 
Tjerck van Keuren, 196 
in Keuren, 200 

t, 250 

rg, Annatje, 250 
' ■ . 39 
■.'. Aerisen, 254 

. Aerisen, "256 

Mill, 131 

■ ! 3 l 
ter, 131 

li Angevine. 131 

th, 131 

Join. ' 
\ an \\ art. Isaac, 31 

id, 31 


lsak Kcrmcr. 201 
Van Wen 

Van Weyen, J fin, 194 
v. 198 

ea, 196. 198, 200 

us. 196 


Van Wlkkelen, Margan ■ 

Van Winckcl, Jacob Waling*. 

e. 250 
Van Wormer, t -rnclus,92 

m tie. 92 
Vanwrinkle. Jol 

I 126 
linn. 1 



Index of Names in Volume XL. 

verweye, Aerd, 273 

Charles, 273 

May, 273 
ver we ye, Lena, 268 
Viall, William, 31 
Viele, Egbert L., 62 

Herman Knickerbocker, 
62, 137 

Kathlyne Knicker- 
bocker, 136 

Maria, 257 
Vielle, Silsta, 192 

Susta, 192, 251 
Vier, Jacob, 242 
Villonger, lohan, 166 
Vincent, Charles, 31 

Hanna, 20t 

Marvin R., 144 
Visher, Minnie, 267 
Viskaeck, Margaret, 188 
V. Duyn, Jacoline, 286 

William, 284 
Vleet, Maria, 287 
V. Liew, Maria, 283 
V. Nest, Elizabeth, 284 
V. Vleet, Fiederick, 283, 286, 

Thomas, 286 

William, 283 
V. Vleets, Maria, 284 
Vocht, Andries Madlena, 265 

Valentin. 265 
Vogel, John, 93 
Vogelsperger, Joachim, 98 
Vogt, Abraham, 50 

Daniel, 163 

Johan, 163 

John, si 
Volk, Peter, 243 

Oswald, 243 
Volker, Henry, 167 
Volkerin, Margareth, 248 
Volldrauer, Matthew, 242 
Volleman. Gitty, 290 
Volpertin, Margretba, 247 
Volweider, Jacob, 51 
Voorhies, Barbara, 251 
Voorhis, Julia, Palmer, 42 

M. 42 


Mary Elizabeth, 38 
Von dem Bogard, Jacobus, 193 
von dem Sabelgaul, John Leon- 

hardt, 97 
von der Muehler, Philip, 162 
von Rhein, Christian, 167 
von Schmidt, J., 174 
Vosboerg, Abraham J., 56 

Clartje, 56 
Vosburgh, Abraham, 56 

Elizabeth, 107 

Lucretitia, 107 

Mary, 57 

Rebecca, 56 
Vredenberg, Lydia,272 
Vreel, John Nicol, 95 
Vreeland, Jacob, 44 

James, 44 
Vroom family, 215 

Catharine, 45,290 
Caty, 283 

Christopher, 38, 45 
Elizabeth, 45 
Henry, 285, 290 
lane, 285, 289 
Peter D.. 12 
Richard Blake, 45 
William V., 38 
Vroome, Alb., 44 
Albert, 44 
Garrett, 42 

Wace, Richard, no, 156 
Waddington, Boris, 31 
Wade. Robert, 175 

Thomas, 32 
Wadsworth, Elisabeth, 34 

John, 34 

Mary, 34 
Waert, John, 194 

Lisabeth, 203 

William, 194, 197, 203 
Wagener, Adam, 36 

Andries, 265 
Wagner, Andreas, 99 

Conrad, 246 

Ernst Ludwig, 162 

John, 49, 164 

Mary Elizabeth, 54 

Valintine, 163 

Wendel, 162 
Wagstaff, Thomas Howard, 31 
Wakein, John, 114 
Wakeinan, Alexander, 131 

David, 132 

Sarah, 131 

William H., 131, 132 
Waldmau, Balzar, 243 

Leonhard, 95 
Waldo, Mary, 100 
Waldron, Benjamin, 174 

Catalina, 290 

Elizabeth, 174, 283, 286 

Francis, 283, 285, 287 

Frans, 288, 290 

Hampden, 138 

Hyeronimus, 288 

Neeshee, 283 

Resolved, 189 

Resolvert. 284, 288 

Samuel, 285 
Wales family, 216 

Edward H., 71, 72, 218 
Walford, Thomas, 109 
Walgrave, William, 114 
Walker, mr„ 61, 137, 205 

Annie Kendrick, 66, 71 

Benjamin, 31 

Jacob, 34 

John, 8, 34 

Maria, 34 

Matthew, 32 

Richard, 31, 234 

Silas, 32 

Thomas, 31 

William Isaac, 137, 138, 
147, 219 
Wall, James, 32 

John, 32 
Wallace family, 67, 292 

Jacob, 32 

John. 31 

Jonathan, 32 
Wallen, Susanna, 198 
Waller, lames, 32 
Wallis, Richard, 233 
Walter, Adam, 163 

Jacob, 246 

John George, 52 

John Jacob, 164 

Philip, 164 

Rudolf, 245 
Waltermire, George, 132 

Lidia. 132 
Waltman, Peter, 32 
Walton, Jacob, 66 

Jesse, 32 
Wamdach. Nicol, 98 
Wandell, Daniel jr., 42 

David, 42 

Josephine, 62 

Sarah Ann, 43 

Townsend, 61, 137 
Wann, Francis, 166 
Wannamaker, Eliz., 32 

Wannenmacher, Henry, 246 
Wanton, William, 32 
Warambour, Mary, 54 
Wareyn, Agnes, 280 

Als Baker William, 280 

Johan, 280 

John. 280 

Robert, 280 
Ward, Charles D., mrs., 137 

Daniel, 31 


ry, 192. 23 
cob, 32 

William, 32 
Wardell, Michael, 32 
Warden, Robert, 115 
Wardwell, Hannah, 59 

James, 32 
Warner, Christian, 31 

Cbristopher, 31 

James, 32 

John, 32 

Julius C.,43 
Warnon, Jacob, 243 
Warren, George Henry, 62 

William, 237 
Washburn, Mabel Thache 1 

Rosemary, 142 
Washington family, 212 

gen., 103 
Wasse, John, 8 
Wassail,' Ralph, 277 
Waterbury, David, 32 

John, 32 

John I., 62 

Peter Cooke, 32 

Noah, 263 

Sylvanus, 32 
Waterman, Edward, 156 
Waters. Abijah, 32 

Abraham, 32 

Daniel, 32 

James, 278 

John, 111,278 

William, 278 
Wateison, John, 115 
Water ton, John, 238 

Samuel, 238 
Watkin, Arthur, 182 

John, 182 

Tobias, 182 
Watkins, Eliz., 32 

John, 32 

Mary, 115 

Michalaleel, 32 

Morris, 115 

Samuel, 32, 115 
Watson, 157 

John. 32 
Watt, John, 32, 115 

Robert, 115 
Watty, Philip, 32 
Way, H. R., 140 

Lucy, 140 
Waylett, John, 159 
Wayner, Henry, 50 
Weaver. Catherine, 132 

George, 115 

Frederick, 115 

Orlando K., 132 

William, 132 
Webb. John, 236 

Sarah, 115 

Susannah, 115 

William, 115 
Webber, William, 115 
Webbers, Adriaantje 177 

Johannes, 168 
Weber, Henrik, 161 

Henry, 162 

John Adolf, 97 

Index of Names in Volume XL. 


John George, 95 
John Jacob, 53 
John Philip, 97 
Martin. 160 
Michael, 244 
Philip, 161 
Valentin, 243 
Webcrs, Hannah, 175 
Webster, Elizabeth, 116 

Stephen, 233 
Weed. James, 116 
Jonas, 116 
Thurlow. 7i, 173 
Weedon. Edward, 81 
Weeks. Absalom, 175 
Harriet V 
Jotham, 177 
lotham jr., 177 
Levi, 177 
Wegman. Mattheus, 160 
Wehr. Christian, 164 

uinin, Elizabeth, 248 
Valentine, 162 
Weiler, An irew, 243 

Johan. 165 
Weimar, Simon. 161,244 
Weinmann. Andreas, 166 
Weiurich, Balzar, 51 
Weir. James. 115 

Thomas, 115 
Weiss. George. 24; 

Johan, 166 

Magdalena, 99 

Mary, 99 

Philip. 243 
Weitz. John. 164 
Weitzell, John, 50 
Welch, mrs., 189 

Alexander, 170 
Welden. Patrick, 116 
Weldon. Patrick, 116 
Welds. Jan. 254 
Welkin, Maria, 100 
Wellerin, Anna, 247 
Welling. Peter. 116 

William. 116 
Wells. Albert. 263 

George N.. 171 

Jan. 254 

Margriet, 198. 264.26; 
Wcls, Abraham. 256 

Annaatjen, 257 

Annatje ran V recden- 
bur^ . 

. . 256 

Catharine. z;7 

Cornelia. 187, 2-,$-2=7 

Cornelia Jansen, 190 
rnelfa, 356, 257 

:-rikn»z. 2',7 
acobus. 2;- 

lerhout, 356 

Wels, Metjen, 255 
Petrus, 257 
Richard, 254, 255 
Ritsert, 255.256 
Rutsj' - 

Samuel, 186,255-257 
Steplianus, 255 
Treyntjen, 257 
Wilhelmus, 257 
Zamuel, 2?2 

Welsh, Francis, 116 

Th ■ 

Welst, Jan, 254 


y. 202 

Wendels, Johan Peter. 242 
Wenlg, Peter, 50 
bo, no 
Wentwortb, Joseph, 116 
Wentz, Ball 

John George, 96 
Wentzel, John Georg, 97 

Lorentz, 163 
Wentzen. Peter. 5a 
Wenzel, Anna Mary, 247 
ID, Anne. 247 

Wcritzen, Anna Catherine, 9Q 
iff, 50 
Hem . 

lei, 95 
Sarah, 101 
Wessels. Ann. 259 
Elizabeth, 126 

ieremiab, 259 
.ucas, 259 
Samuel, 126 
West, inr., 239 
James. 116 

[ Bingen.257 


n, 116 


Westbroeck, Benjamin, 109 
Dirck, 196 
Dirk, 200 
Heyltje. 197 

tohanncs jr., 202 
iana, 202 
Marya, 199 
Westbroek, Catrina, 272 
1I1, 275 

ienneke, 274 
Lydla, 274 
Westbrook, Anuatic, 374 

iohanne*. 2*8 

Turk, 25? 
Wcstbrookc, Thomas, 377 
Weatervelt, Jacob. 253 

Weitfacl. Jacobus, 198. 303, 304, 
Wcatfall. I 

I |2 

Westvaal, Gysbcrt, 256 
Jacob, 254 
Johannes, 254 
Margriet, IC,/ 
Margriet dc Duytser, 254 

Marretje, 250 

M.irrit)e Cool, 254 

•■:. 254 
Rebecca, 250 

- 3>1 

Sophia. 254 
Weatvael, Grietje, 273 
Weatval, Sarah, 274 
Wastwood, 108, 109 
Weszels, Antje, 13 

Evert, 13 
Wetrno re. Caleb, tl6 

iolin. 116 
.uther, 116 
Robert Griffith, 116 
Thomas, 116 

I b, in 
r.. 116 

i^'e, 167 
John. t67 

I, 116 
Wharton. Joseph C, 171 

- C.,72 
Wheaton. James, 116 
a, 116 
Obadiah, 116 

Arthur, 86 
George, 116 
loan. 86 

ret, 86 

rd, 116 

Sarah. 1 
Stephen, 86 

;ina, 102, 104 
Tolman, 117 
Wheelwright, Annie G., 155 

Benjamin P.. 155 

harlcs William, 138, 
White family, 146 

Amos. 117 

IT, 117 
Ann. .17 
Catharine L., 40 


1 Ryndera, toj 
Henry, 117 

'• .64 



n. 117 




Index of Names in Volume XL. 

VVhitehedd, James, 117 
Whiteueck, John, 117 
Whitid. Erastus, 132 

David, 132 

Jane, 132 

Samuel, 132 
Whiting, William, 117 
Whitlock, Jonathan, 118 

John, 117, 118 

Thomas, 117, 118 

William, 117, 118 
Whitney family, 65 

Betty, 118 

Hannah, u8 

Huldah, 118 

John, 118 

Josiah, 118 

Leonard, 117 

Moses, 118 

Nathan, 117 

Nathan, jr., 117 

Piatt, 118 

Polly, 118 

Sally, 118 

Samuel, 117 

Sarah, 118 

Sylvanus, 117 

Walter Hoyt, 118 

William, 117, 118 
Whitsitt, William H„ 64 

Wm. H., 72 
Whittemore, Henry, 188, 253 
Whittie, John, 181 
Whittington, John, 118 
Whitty, John, 181 
Whoathin, Morris, 118 
Wick, Zapher, 118 
Wickel, Johan, 165 
Wickhart, Conrad, 243 

William, 245 
Wickert, Melchoir, 242 
Wiennegar, Ulrich, 166 
Wiesenegger, Caspar, 243 
Wiggins, Benjamin, 118 

Charlotte, 11S 

Daniel, 118 

Isabella, 118 

Jacob, 118 

John, 118 

Samuel, 118 
Wightman, John, 118 
Wilbour, William, 118 
Wilbourn. William, 118 
Wilcocks, John, 237 

Rebecca, 237 
Wilcox, Aaron, 104 




Charles Field, 215 
Elizabeth, 104 
Henry, 104 
Jane, 104 
lehiel, 104 
Lawrence, 104 
Robert, 118 
Seneca, 104 
Silas, 104 
Timothy M., 78 

Wilde, Abraham H. 
Elizabeth, 132 
Henry, 114 
James R., 132 
John, 132 
Mary, 132 
Rebecca, 132 
Richard, 132 
William, 132 

Wildey, Abraham, 132 
Abraham H., 13: 
Alanson, 132 
Benjamin, 132 
Betsey, 132 
Charlotte, 132 
Elizabeth, 132 

Wildey, George R., 132 
James R., 132 
John, 132 

ionas, 132 
>seph, 132 
lartin L., 132 

Martin Luther, 132 

Mary, 132 

Peter William, 132 

Phebe, 132 

Samuel, 132 

Sarah, 132 

Washington G., 132 

William, 132 
Wilhelm, 189 

Johann, 35 
Wilkinson, John, ill 
Wilkins, Andrew, 119 

Ann, 63, 64 

George, 64 

George Stanton, 63 

Hannah, 63 

Jacob, 63 

John, 63, 64 
\\ ilkmson, John, ill 
Willard, Abijah, 119 

Mary E., 72 

Mary Livingston, 206 

Solomon, 119 
Wille, Henrich George, 96 
Willemse, Jan, 188 
Willemszen, Jan, 187-191 

Jans, 187 

Robert, 188 

Roelof, 186-190 

Willem, 188 
Willett family. 65 
Williams family, 218 

gen., 119 

Agnes, 229 

B., 36 

Benjamin Y., 36 

Catharine, 36 

Chas. P., 119 

Hester, 234 

Ida, 283 

Jonathan, 119 

John, 195, 201 

John, jr., 119 

John, sr., 119 

John Jabez, 205 

Joseph, 119 

Lamont, 41 

Rachel, 201 

Reuben, 119 

Richard Henry, 62 

Samuel, 195 

Stephen H„ 37 

Thomas, 119, 234, 237 

Thomas P., 119 

William, 119 
Williamson, Archibald, 119 

Dirckje, 171 

George, 119 

Johannes, 171 
Dhn, 188 
.enah, 289 
Willich, Peter, 52 
Willie, George, 119 
Willis. William, 84 

Wm., 84 
Willison, Archibald, 119 
Williston, John Bailey, 119 
Willoughby, Ephraim, 108 

Lois, 108 
Willson, Anna. 286 

Charity, 132 

Hendnck, 267 

Isaac, 132 
Wilmar, Ulric, 95 
Wilmart, John Martin, 161 
Wilmot. Lemuel, 119 
Wilson family, 143, 292 

mi., 183, 205, 239 

Wilson. Anne, 238 

Daniel, 57 

Edward, 119 

George, 13, 119 

Henry, 72 

Isaac, 132 

Isaphine G., 132 

Jacob, 119 

James, 40 

James Grant, 62, 147, 20b, 

Jane, 119 

John, 119, 132 

Joshua, 119 

Josiah, 119 

Mary, 119 

Robert, 119 

Thomas, 119, 239 
Winant, William, 37 
Windeberger, John Jacob, 98 
Wiudemoet, jory, 201 

- T97 

Philip. 197 
Winder. Moses, 119 
Winemaker, Jacob, 289 
Wines, Samuel, 139 
Winfield, 9, 10 
Wingheld, Elizabeth, 237 

Philip, 237 

Sarah. 237 
Wingood, Matthew, 119 
Winhofer. John Georg, 98 
Winnen, Pieter, 257 
Winiiett, Charles Henry, 43 
Winslow family, 292 

Edward, 23, 11;, 119 

Hannah, 119 

Penelope, 119 

Sarah, 120 
Winsor, mrs., 40 

George, 40 
Winter, Henry. 165 

Maria Cathrina, 54 

Melchoir, 246 
Winteis, F. W.. 71 

John. 132 

Maria, 132 

Mary Ann, 132 
Winterstein, Jacobus, 287 

William, 2S7 
W r ipf. Johan Jacob, 166 
Wisely, George. 120 
Wiseman. Rickhard, 8s 
Wismar, Jacob, 51 
Wister family, 214 
Witchwise, Peter, 120 
Witschlager, Magdalene, 24S 
Wittiker, Elisabeth, 257 
Woaer, John, 120 
Wobly, rar.. 45 
Woberin, Eva, 100 
Woertman, Harmpche, 284 
Wohlfahrt. Friderika, 40 
Woid, Hannah, 120 
Wolball, Robert, 5 
Wolf, Conrad, 242 
Johan, 167 
John George, 163 
John Michel, 97 
Peter, 241 
Wolfe, Sarah, 34 
Wolfee, Peter, 244 
Wolfscblager, Melchoir, 242 
Wolfskeil, Georg, 167 
Wollebe, John, 243 
Wollhand, Engelhard, 96 
Wolston, Robert, 280 
Wolthman, Peter, 120 
Wood, Abraham, 180 
Abraham S., 44 
Caleb, 159, 279 
Edward, 41 
Elizabeth, 39 

Index of Names in Volums XL, 


Jane, 120 
Jesse V., |8 
John, 41, 120, 279 
Joseph. 120 

Margareth Ann, 34 

Peter. J4, 120 

ert, 141, 14; 
as, 183 
Woodard, Prudence, 249 
Wooden, Thomas, 132 
Wocdiii. Wil I i a m Hartman, 

mrs., 62 
Woodland, I. A.. 43 

John I 
Woodlande, William, 8 

Woodrutf lamily, 21;, 216 
John, 216 

lilv. 67 

Woodward. Abraham, 120 
oy, no 
Anthony, jr.. 120 
int, 120 
ih, 120 
fe, 120 

Isaac. 120 
Jacob. 120 

I, 120 
IS. 120 
. 120 
I, 120 

Mar) i 

!, 120 
Robert. 120 
Sarah Ann, 80 
11 la, t2o 
1, 120 
Woolsey. Benjamin Muirson, 

■r. 208 

•■ 107 
Ruth. 171 

as. 171 

Win, '■■ 
VVooliton. John, 237 

>n, 86 
Worb, Conrad, 121 
.. 121 

iii. 121 
. 121 

11. 06 


11. 121 

Wricht fan 

"■. 61. 137,205 
Adrey, 114 
i, 114 

ii Hazen, 72 
ler, 121 
Ann. 121 


1 eth, ni. 17; 
Jaine, 114 

lames. 203 

Jeremias, 203 
He, 114 
hi, 114 

Jonathan, 203 
. Watson. I2t 

Martha, 280 

■. in 

Rose, I I 1 

Samuel. 140 

i-' 1. 277, 2R0 
Tobias A., 65, 66, 73, 77, 

Tobias Alexander, 137, 
ih, 121 

no, I2i, 159 

. jr., 121 

. Christina. 
Wunsch. Fl 

litty, 270 

Gi 1 1 j 

D, 290 

ul. 121 
John. 121 

I 1. 121 


Yancey bo 
Yates. J" 

cbeccn. 132 

Ian U illemfl :en, 1*7. 1 , 
1 pes), too 
Yekain. Rychard, 108 

id, 108 


nison, 218 

. 109 

les, 36 

in. 122 
s. 122 

122, 289 

Jacob. 122 
s. 122 
, 122 

I, 121 

n, 122 
. 260 

147. 2tg 


YouuKhusband. George, 122 
11. 122 
■1. Jan Willcmszen, 

it. 13 

■, 11 
Zacharias. Lorentz, 243 

Zebcr. Jol 

. 167 

' ". 50 
Zeiter, John Geon 

1. 52 
Zentgrai, Johan Hendrlch, 163 

Zcllcr, Jul : 

1 ith, 247 

iooq.) Officers of the New York Genealogical and Biographical 






































Family Histories, Genealogical Records, Etc. 

IN BOOK, 1'AMI'lll I I ' '!' CHAR I 


i 50 \\ i.k bcker Street, Ni « N 

11 BImi k« StrMl 

Advertisement. [Oct., 


By the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society. 

Memorial History of New York, Wilson, 4 Vols., cloth, Library stamp S15.00 

Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army during the War 

of the Revolution, Heitman, Roan, pp. 535 5.00 

New York States Prominent and Progressive Men, Vols. I. II., half morocco.. 8.00 

New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. LXI.hali moiocco. 4.0O 

History of Marshfield, Mass., Richards, Vol. I, Cloth, pp. 238 3.00 

Burr Genealogy, Todd. 1878, cloth, pp. 437 4. 00 

Munsell's American Genealogist, 1900, cloth, pp.406 3.00 

Franklin, Conn., Anniversary, 1869, cloth, pp. 151 3.00 

Prime Family Records, Prime, 1888, cloth, pp. 118 2.00 

Watson's Annals of New York, 1846. cloth, pp. 390 4.00 

Huguenot Emigration to America, Baud. Vols. I. II., cloth 5.00 

History of Brimfield, Mass., Hyde, 1879. cloth, pp. VIIX487 5.00 

Sabine's Loyalists of the American Revolution, Vols. I, II, cloth 8.00 

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society 
WANTS, and will buy: 

New York County Histories as follows: 

Alleghany, Cayuga, Chenango, Clinton, Franklin, Fulton, Genesee, Ham- 
ilton, Ontario. 

New York City Directories, 1787-1792, 1794-1808, 1810, 1812-1814, inclusive. 


The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society 
226 West 58th Street, New York. 
This Society has for sale official forms of genealogical charts called 
" Register of Pedigrees." These registers are of two varieties, called " single " 
and "double" charts. They are each paper covered books of 11 x 16 inches in 
size, properly ruled and printed for the insertion of names of ancestors in succes- 
sive generations. The single charts consist of 17 pages, and when filled in will 
give all of the ancestors in all ramifications for g generations, arranged so that the 
family name of each of the 16 great-great -grandparents occupies a page. Family 
names appear on the marginal index which is formed by the indentation of each 
leaf. The back of each leaf is arranged for special memoranda concerning the 
persons named on the page facing it. 

The double charts are practically two single charts combined. The object 
being to devote the first half of the chart to the registration of the complete pedi- 
gree of the male line, the second half for a like registration of the female line, and 
the double chart therefore provides for the registration of 10 generations in both 
male and female lines. 

The price of these charts to members of this Society is as follows: 
Printed on Bond paper, paper cover : 

Single Charts, 75 cts. Double Charts, $1.50 

To those who are not members of the Society: 

Single Charts, $1.00 Double Charts, $2.00 

Printed on Extra Heavy Linen Ledger paper, bound in stiff cloth covers: 
To Members of the Society: 
Single Charts, $1.25 Double Charts, $2.00 

To those who are not members of the Society: 

Single Charts, $1.50 Double Charts, $2.50 

Members of the Society, or others who purchase these Charts and fill them in as fully as pos- 
sible and present them to the Librarian of the Society for filing in the Society's Library, will re- 
ceive a new one in exchange therefor without additional cost. These charts may be purchased by 
application to the Librarian. 

It is the desire of the Trustees that the members will supply themselves with these registers, 
fill tbein out as far as possible and file them with the Society. When received these will be bound 
in volumes, fully indexed, and will thus form a record of inestimable value to the Society. 

Those who have in their possession full information as to their individual ancestry are espec- 
ially urged to obtain these Charts, fill them in and file them with the Society, as information of this 
nature is very frequently lost to posterity owing to negligence on the part of those possessing it to 
make record thereof, in special depositories provided for that purpose. 

LIBRARIAN. N. Y. (Jen. sod BI02. Society. 

l QOq.] Advertisement. 

The "Old Northwest " Genealogical Society 

Admission Fee and First Year Dues, - $5.00 
Annual Dues after First Year, - - 3.00 

Each member receives gratis the publications of the Society, 

including its Quarterly, which is the oldest periodical 

of its kind west of the Atlantic States. 

Subscription Price per Annum, $3.00. - Single Copies, $1.00 

i . Secretary 

The first ten volumes coir g other matter: 

QENEALOOIES.-Andi* . liarr, Bristol, Burr, Buttles, I 

Carlisle, Chester, Cole, Coleton, Case, Ferson, Frisbie, Fowler, G 

Knapp, Kilbourne, Keffer, LaLerre, 
Little, M Mallby, Mo wry, Morrison, Osborn, 

Phillips, Potter, Pinney, Ruggles, Ridgway, Spellman, Shepard, Shepard- 
son, Sprague, Ston<:, St. Clair, Thrall, lopping, Thompson, Villiers, whit- 
ing, Ward, Wright, Worthington, Wilson, Wolfer, Zieger. 


Medical College, 'I bi e, The Worthington Female 

Seminary, The Central College of Ohio, The Central Ohio Normal Scl i. 

The Presbyterian and Methodist < "linn ties of Worthington, Kalamazoo Co., 
Mich., Kewaunee, Wis q Blinden Township, and Plum Township, Frank- 
lin Co., Ohio, Randolph Towns! Arbor, Mich., 
Journa id N.uh'l w. Little to< )hio in 1802, etc., etc. 

AUTOBIOGRAPHIES. Col. K G F. Wan.!, and Gov. Allen 



Ohio, and Jennings of Indiana; of Bishops !<• 
Kemper; m G kingbam, Wright; ol 

Jonathan Cowing, T. K. ( !i 
ward 1 1 ohn M< Donald, David W. Brooks, 

Cemetery Inscriptions, Marriage Records, Coats of Arms, Book IMatcs, 
Old Wills, Church Records, Old I titer*. alC. 

A limited number of sets can be supplied. I'rki-. S3 I .oil 

Advertisement. [Oct., 


(gwealagkal anb ^grappal Xerorb. 

(In continuous existence since 1870. 39 volumes published.) 
Quarterly — January, April, July, October. 

Subscription, $3.00 per Annum. 
Foreign Subscriptions, $4.00 per Annum. 

This Society offers for sale back numbers of the Record, including a 
limited number of full sets of the same. 

Prices for single copies on application to the Librarian, which prices 
are dependent upon the supply on hand. 

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society. 


This Society has established a Department for the Official Reg- 
istration of Pedigrees, which Pedigrees will subsequently be pub- 
lished in volumes containing not less than two hundred and fifty 
(250) Pedigrees each. 

Each applicant for Registration of Pedigree who has paid the 
fee in full will receive a copy of the volume containing his or her 
pedigree, without further cost. 

The opportunity is here offered for any or all of those desiring 
to perpetuate the knowledge of their ancestry along any line of de- 
scent, to have the same Officially Registered, and subsequently 
published for the benefit of posterity. 

Literature explaining in detail the method of conducting this 
department will be mailed, upon application, to all interested in the 
plan, by addressing, 

The Chairman of the Executive Committee, 

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, 
226 West 58th St., New York City. 


J566— 1907 

A Record of the Descendants of William Brewster of the 
" Mayflower," Ruling Elder of the Pilgrim Church which founded 
Plymouth Colony in 1620. Also includes a copy of the celebrated 
Mayflower Compact, Governor Bradford's List of the Mayflower 
Passengers, and other valuable information relating to Pilgrim His- 

Two Volumes, 8vo, cloth, 1495 pages. Full Index. Illustrated. 
Price $15.00 net, per set. Express charges collect. 

Address Emma C. Brewster Jones, Norwood, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

iqoq.] trtisemtnt. 

Bulletin of The Grafton Press Publications 




will appear in each issue of "The Grafton Magazine of History and Gen- 

It will include all titles published during the quart' publica- 

tion, the March issue containing those of January, February and March, and 
the second quarter (April, May and June) appearing in the next issue of the 

In order to enable us to prepare this index, the months of publii 
The Grafton Magazine will be changed to August, November, February and 

Price of The Grafton Magazine is $2.00 a year, payable in advance. 


ERT RANDALL and His Descendants. 
By W . 8»o, clolh. 250 

pages. $$.oo act. 


. II ilman. M I) , Quart 1 
cloth. ;o Illustrations, Includes ['resident 
n net. 


By Walter Nichols. 8vo. elotli. S5.00 net. 
Id press. 

By All. Two vols . Illus- 

S50.00 net and $20.00 net. In ; 

Ii oc Clarke lewett Tn 
0I600 pages each, 7 x 10 Inches. Illustrated. 
I20.00 net. 





By Rl 1. 41 1 Gentry, IfO, lol 1 • 
private use. 


By the late W. I. Tyler Hrigham. Two 
VI. sub- 
scribers. $15.00 net; after publication, S20.00 
net. In press. 

By Emma C. Brewster Jones. Illustrated, 
. lis., 8vo. cloth, 1500 pages 
S15.00 net. per set. 

Hi W 
doth, J 15.00. 


8to. clotb. 1 1 

B] II in l.lusirated. 

8vo. cloth. |t 00 ml 

lit \ loll Northrup, 1. 1. !>.. 471 pages. 
Kvo, cloth. Illustrated. I10.00 net. 

with lllustral 
arms, lis 00 net 


Delivery charges on net books 1 

I to be paid by the 1 

The Books we havt maJt ■ 



70 Fifth Avenue, New York 6 Beacon Street. Boston 


[Oct., 1909- 


jjfranfe &llafren Genealogical Co. 


TAFT By Mabel Thacher Rosemary Wash- 
burn. Eight Families. Illustrated. Price, $1.00; 
carriage, 5 cents. 

M7s Rudolph Samuel Turk. Twenty-eight Fam- 
ilies. Eighteen Coats of Arms. Price, $4.00; car- 
riage, 15 cents. 

Frederic Lathrop Colver. Cloth, is.oo; A Mor- 
occo, S6.50; full Morocco, S7-$o; carnage, is cents. 

DESCENDANTS. By L Bertrand Smith. Il- 
lustrated. Duodecimo, S4.00; carnage. 15 cents. 
Octavo, printed on Alexandra Japan, $6.00; car- 
riage, 20 cents. 

tfliben Chapters on Fifteen Families. Thirtj- 
^e illustrations 2 Volumes. Price. $2.50; car- 
riage, 20 cents. 

er Rosemary Washburn. Ten Families. Illus- 
trated. Price, $1.00; carriage, 5 cents. 

Plowdon Stevens. Illustrated. Cloth. S^oo % 
Morocco, $6.50; full Morocco, S700; carriage, 15 

Cleveland Abbe and Josephine Genung Nichols. 
Price, $2.00; carriage, 10 cents. 


of" er Victims. About 25 Families. Interesting 
as a novel. Price, $2.00; carriage, 15 cents. 

PARSONS FAMILY. By Henry Parsons 
Illustrated Cloth, SS-oo; % Morocco, ; full 
Morocco, $7.00; carriage, 15 cents. 

^^Fan^es and ^go^A^^^r new abated Catalog. 

COLONIAL FAMILIES OF AMERICA. By Frances ;M. Smith ^Volumes ,.» cloth. 
Each SSunte contain, brochures on 14c i» ^-s accompanied % g^"^^^ list 0. families 
&& fn°e nu^eVaffndi^ ?X uteTn fe&?E brochure appears. 

Abell v 

Adams II 

Alexander Ml 

Allen vil 

Anderson II 

Andrews vll 

Anthony vil 

Austin vl 

bacon I 

Bailey I 

Baker vll 

Baldwin I 

Ball I 


Bancroll I 

Barker III 

Barnes v 

Bartholomew v 
Barton lv 
Bass iy 
Bassett v 
Bates lv 
Beardsley III 
Belcher vll 
Bennett v 
Benton vll 
Bernard vl 
Bird iv 
Blake Iv 
Bliss vl 
Boone vll 
Booth II 
Borden vi 
Bradtord I 
Branch III 
Breeden vl 
Brtggs II 
Brodle vl 
Brooks I 

Butler vl 
Cabell II 

Carter v 
Cary I 
Cathcart vl 
Chambers vll 
Chapman III 
Chase Iv 
Child 111 
Christian vl 
Oapp ii 
Clark Iv 
Clendenln tit 
ill Cole Iv 
Conway I 
Cooke ill 
Cooper ii 
Courtenay lv 
Con Iv 
Crane vl 
Cummlng vil 
Cunningham t 
Curtis vl 
Cushman III 
Daniel II 
Davies vll 
Davis lil 
Dickinson I 
Dlgges v 
Douglas vl 
Downing HI 
Drake vll 
Draper II 
Dubois I 
Dudley vl 
Eaton lil 

Edwards I 
Eliot II 
Ely vll 
Evans vll 
Fairbanks II 
Fay v 
Field I 

Fltzhugh III 
Fleming vl 
Fletcher Iv 
Flournoy vil 
Foster vl 
Fowler vii 
Fox i 
Franklin III 
Freeman I 
French ii 
Fuller v 
Gardiner vl 
Gifford HI 
Gilbert II 
Godfrey lv 
Goode II 
GoOdridge I 
II Goodwin v 
Graham hi 
Grant Iv 
Graves lv 
Gray v 
Green lv 
Griffith I 
Hall lv 
Hamer v 
Hamilton v 
Hamlin v 
Hammond U 
Harris lv 

Hawley I 


Hill ill 
Horton 1 
Hoskins Iv 
Howe lil 
Hoyt vl 
Hubbard II 
Hughes vil 
Hull v 
Hume v 

Jennings II 
lessup vl 
Johnson vll 
Jones II 
Kearns v 
Kendall v 
King I" 
Knight Iv 
Knox III 

Lane vil 
Langtord V 
Lapham II 
Law vll 
Lawrence ' 
Lawson Hi 
Lee • 

Lewis vl 
Lloyd vii 
Loomls I 
Lucas vii 
Luce iv 
Madison 1 



Mannine I 
Marsh vl 
Marshall Iv 
Martin I 
Mason vil 
Maxwell lii 
McAllister vl 
McCormlck v 
McDonald lv 
Meade vl 
Merritt I 
Merryman v 
Miner I 
Mitchell v 
Moore vii 
Mote lv 
Morgan II 


Morse v 
Morton vll 
Moultrie v 
Neale Ii 
Neville II 
Newhouse v 
Newport v 
Oakes v 
Odell vi 
Osborne III 

Page II 

Palmer I 

Porter v 
Pratt v 

Read i 
Revnolds v 
Richards v 
Ridley v 
Roberts 11 
Robinson i 
Rockwell i 
Rogers iii 
Ross iv 
Russell » 
Ryan vi 
Savage I 
Scott v 
Sewall i 
Shannon i 

Smith I 

Staples v 
Stark iv 
St. John 

Tilton » 
Todd i 
Tompkins ii 
Tracy ii 
Turner vi 
Tuttle iv 
Valentine 11 
Wade iv 
Walker ii 
, Wallace i 
Walworth i 
Watd vi 

Watson v 


Welles ii 




White vi 



Wood iv 
Wright i 
Young ii 

Yuille (Ewell) 


PR I X T 1 . R S A X I ) BIND] •'. R S 
I I & I 3 Center St., Rutland. V t . 

Special attention given to Genealogies and Town lli-- 
undei supervision of an expert proof-readi 

position, Presswork, Binding at i 

■ - low . and J 

1 direct with customer. ' 
;iven .uid required. Write us fur prii 
planning to publish a family In 



Anglo-American Genealogists. 



;n Freeport, Maine. -hi a" 

22<i W. 58TH Si., New York. London. Freeport. New York. 



New York Genealogical & Biographical Society. 
Records of the Reformed Dutch Church, N. Y. City, 

r.i INC I HI 

IN I II \ I 

Vol. I.-Marriages, 1639-1801, - Exceedingly Rare. Price 

Vol. n. -Baptisms, Vol. 1. Ib39-1730, - Very Rare. Price, $20.00 

V,.l. III. Bipti rut, Vol. 2. 1731-1800 Very Rare. Price, $20.00 

Vol. V. Full Subject Index ol The First 38 Volumes ol the N. Y. O. 

logical & Siographical Record. • - I'ru., $3.00. 


Vol. IV. Statcn Island Church Records. 

REFORMED DUTCH CHURCH, B.irlisms from 1696-1722. 
MORAVIAN CIII'HCH, Births and BaptUms Irom 1749-1853. Marri.i, 

J764-1.' ,3 1828. 

ST. ANDREWS CHURCH, Births and B.ij : 1752 1798. Marriages 


A large proportion ol which have been iu.1 I ' 

Price, 51. sun 


Vrsl A«h Street. N V 


Published quarterly in January, April, July, and October, by the New England 
Historic Genealogical Society. 

Each number contains not less than ninety-six octavo pages of matter con- 
cerning the History, Antiquities, Genealogy and Biography of America. 

Begun in 1847, '' > s the oldest historical periodical now published in this 
country. Vol. 63 begins in January, 1909. 

Terms of subscription, three dollars (S3.00) per annum, in advance, beginning 
with January. Current single numbers, 75 cts. Advertising rates on application. 

Remittances should be sent to the Treasurer, 18 Somerset Street, Boston. 


Founded 1869. Incorporated 1902. 
Established for the purpose of Transcribing, Printing, and Publishing the 
Heraldic Visitations of Counties, Parish Registers, or any Manuscripts relating to 
Genealogy, Family History, and Heraldry, or such other kindred or partly kin- 
dred subjects as may from time to time be determined upon by the Council of the 

In the Ordinary Section 58 volumes have been issued. 
In the Register Section 37 volumes have been issued. 
Entrance Fee, 10s. 6d. Annual Subscription, Ordinary Section, 1/. is. 
" Register " 1/. is. 

Chairman of Council— Sir GEORGE J. ARMYTAGE, Bart., F. S. A. 
For all particulars apply to the Secretary and Treasurer, 

The Lindens, Sydenham Road, Croydon, England. 

A Specialist in Old Colonial Genealogy. 

I have copied over 18000 grave-stone inscrip- 
tions, names and dates prior to 1850 from over 230 
Cemeteries in Plymouth Co., Mass. A great 
many of which cannot be found upon any Town 

Will search any Town, County or State Records, 
Wills and Deeds for titles or genealogy at 
reasonable rates. 

CHARLES M. THATCHER, Middleboro. Mass. 

Do you know? If you wished to join one of the patriotic societies, could 
you reply to the question that would be asked about your ancestry? Why not 
gather some facts regarding your family through the Genealogical Depart- 
ment of the Boston Transcript, the great clearing house of genealogical data? 
Twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday, the Transcript prints columns of gen- 
ealogical questions and answers. No other paper in the United States gives so 
much space to the fascinating and interesting study of genealogy. Send for 
sample copies. In them you wiU find full directions regarding the use of the col- 
umn and you may chance on jusi V information you have been seeking. 

It matters not in what sec of the country your ancestors lived; if the 

data is obtainable, you will undoub ) be able to obtain it through the Tran- 
script, the correspondents of the department being found in every state in the 

The subscription price of the Monday and Wednesday Transcript is $3.00 
per year, $1.50 six months, $1.00 three months. 




014 107 006 A m