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Genealogical and Biographical 






226 West 58TH Street, New York. 



Publication Committee : 

Rev. MELATIAH E. DWIGHTJ Editors Emeriti. 






Abstracts of Tombstone Inscriptions, 
Bear Market Burying Ground, 
Stanford ville, N. Y., 302 

Accessions to the Library, 79, 158, 232, 


Ancestry of Lieut. Heman Rowlee, 
Sr., of Orange Co. — A Genea- 
logical Problem, 136 

Authors, see Contributors. 

Bangall, Dutchess Co., N. Y., Records 
of the First Stanford (Baptist) 
Church at, 95, 206 

Baptism and Birth Records, see 

Barnes Family of Easthampton, L. I., 

• 34 ■ 
Baxter Farmly Notes, 84 

Bear Market Burying Ground, Stan- 

fordville, N. Y., Abstracts of 

Tombstone Inscriptions, 302 

Beck and Mabie Families in America, 

Founders of, 98 

Benson, Frank Sherman, Biographical 

Sketch, 244 

Biographical Sketches — 

Benson, Frank Sherman, 244 

Hicks, Benjamin Doughty, 161 

Pierson, Bowen Whiting, 241 

Thompson, Frederick Diodati, 81 
Book Notices — 

A Century of Meriden, 155 

Albany Chronicles, 227 

Amos Richardson of Boston and 
Stonington, and Allied Families, 

Andrew Finck, Major in the Rev. 
War; An Address, 314 

Annals of Oxford, N. Y., 153 

Balch Genealogica, 230 

Barnes Family of Easthampton, 
L. I., 232 

Biographical and Genealogical 
Records of the Fite Families in 
the U. S., 314 

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No. 1, 156 

Chronicles of a Connecticut Farm, 

Church at Harsenville, Commonly 
known as Bloomingdale Re- 
formed Church, 229 

Coddington Family, 313 

Collections New Brunswick His- 
torical Soc. No. 5, 77 

Book Notices {continued) 

Collections New York Historical 

Soc, 1898, 78 
Colorado Volunteers in the Civil 

War, 156 
Comstock Genealogy, 315 
Covert Ancestry, 78 
Documentary History of Dutch 

Congregation, Oyster Bay, L. I., 


Early Days in Detroit, 229 

Emmons Family Genealogy, 231 

Executive Journal of Iowa, 78 

Family of Henry Curtis of Sud- 
bury, Mass., 313 

First Record Book, Soc. of the 
Daughters of Holland Dames, 

Freese Families, 152 

Genealogical and Biographical 
Records of William Stephenson 
and His Descendants, 314 

Genealogical Record of One 
Branch of the Heath, Clark and 
Cone Families, 231 

Genealogy of the Stimpson Family 
of Charlestown, Mass., 229 

Guide to Mass. Local History, 228 

Hallock-Holyoke Pedigree and 
Collateral Branches, 155 

Hills Family in America, 76 

Hints for Tracing an Anglo- 
American Pedigree, 314 

Historical and Genealogical Mis- 
cellany, 154 

Historic Hadley, 77 

Historic Records of Christ's 
Church, Cooperstown, N. Y., 314 

History and Genealogy of the Rix 
Family of America, 152 

History of Mattituck, L. I., 155 

History of Redding, Conn., 156 

History of the Brigham Family, 

History of the Family of Cairnes 
or Cairns and its Connections, 

History of the Hinmans, 231 

History of the Ohio Society of 
New York, 77 

History of the St. Andrews Society 
in the State of New York, 157 

Homes of Our Ancestors, Ston- 
ington, Conn., 153 


Index of Subjects. 

Book Notices {continued) — 

"House of God," an Historical 

Address, 157 
In Olde Connecticut, 75 
Jones Family of Long Island, 228 
Journal of a Voj r age from Charles- 
town, S. C, to London before 

the Revolution, 153 
Journal of American History, 154 
Joutel's Journal of La Salle's Last 

Voyage, 1684-7, 2 3 x 
Kingdon-Gould Genealogy, 76 
Lieut. Heman Rowlee and His 

Descendants, 315 
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No. XIII, 155 
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Gilbert Davies, 154 

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tors of Nathaniel Coney of 
Boston, 155 

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dants, 231 

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Historical Assoc, Vol. VI, 154 

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the Revolution in the State of 
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Book Notices {continued) — 

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XLII, page 60, N. Y. State Li- 
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Contributors — 

Akerly, Lucy D., 164, 246, 284 
Baldwin, Evelyn B., 95, 206, 302 
Baldwin, Walter B., 302 
Bewley, Sir Edmund T., 55 
Chew, Beverly, 241 
Foster, Emma J., 273 
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Death Notices, see Obituaries. 

De Mandeville, Note, 313 

Donations to the Library, see Acces- 

Dwight, Rev. Melatiah Everett, D.D., 
M.D., Notice of death, 310 (inset) 

Eastchester, N. Y., Census of the 

Town of, 1698, 134 
Editorials, 70, 310 

First Stanford (Baptist) Church at 
Bangall, Dutchess Co., N. Y., 
Records of, 95, 206 

Fordham, N. Y., and Adjacent Places, 
Inhabitants of, 1698, 218 

Index of Subjects. 

Founders of the Beck and Mabie 
Families in America, 98 

Freeman, Gen. Frank Morgan, Obit- 
uary, 311 

Garland, James Albert, Obituary, 72 
Genealogical Records — 

Barnes Family of Easthampton, 

Baxter Family Notes, 84 
Founders of the Beck and Mabie 

Families in America, 98 
Jan and Jacobus Strijcker and 

some of their Descendants, 1 
King Family in England, London, 

Middlesex and St. Albans, 213 
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Rowlee, Lieut. Heman, Sr., of 
Orange Co., Ancestry of, 136 

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Kin, 29, 103, 193, 294 

True Ancestry of Edgar Allan 
Poe, 55 

Yellis Jansen de Mandeville of 
Garderen, Holland and Green- 
wich Village, Manhattan Island, 
and some of his Descendants, 
Graveyard Inscriptions, see Inscrip- 

Halley Family Note, 151 

Hanson, Query, 313 

Hicks, Benjamin Doughty, Obituary 

Notice, 72; Biographical Sketch, 


Illustrations — 

Chair brought from Holland by 

Jacobus Strijcker, 9 
Interior Views of Sagtikos Manor, 

West Islip, L., I., the country 

home of the late Frederick D. 

Thompson, 82 
Kildallon Parish Vestry Book 

with signature of " David Poe," 

King Family Arms, 213 
Marriage License Bond of John 

and David Poe, 69 
Portrait of Benjamin D. Hicks, 161 
Portrait of Bowen W. Pierson, 241 
Portrait of Frederick D. Thomp- 
son, 81 
Portrait of Jacob Strijcker, 1 
Inscriptions — 

Bear Market Burying Ground, 

Stanfordville, Dutchess Co., N. 

Y. ( 302 

Inscriptions {continued) — 

First Stanford (Baptist) Church at 
Bangall, Dutchess Co., N. Y., 
95, 206 

Jamesport, L. I. (Lower Aque- 
bogue), Cemetery Registry, 309 

Milltown Cemetery, Southeast, N. 
Y., 273 

Old Graveyard at Salem, Wash- 
ington Co., N. Y., 23, 89, 200 

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Jamesport, L. I. (Lower Aquebogue). 

Cemetery Registry, 309 
Jan and Jacobus Strijcker and some 

of their Descendants, 1 

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Middlesex and St. Albans, 213 
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King, Robert Morrow, Obituary, 150 
Kissam, Benjamin Adrian, Obituary, 

Loyalists of the War of the Revolution 
in New Brunswick, 10, [40, 1 71 

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Marriage Records, see Records 
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XLII, page 60, in New York 
State Library, 129, 218 
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Notes — 

Connecticut Town Records, 313 
De Mandeville, 313 
Halley Family, 151 
King Family, 139 

Obituaries — 

Dwight, Rev. Melatiah Everett, 

D.D., M.D., 310 (inset) 
Freeman, Gen. Frank Morgan, 31 1 
Garland, James Albert, 72 
Hicks, Benjamin Doughty, 72 
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Index of Subjects. 

Obituaries {continued) — 

Taylor, Benjamin Van Campen, 

Thompson, Frederick Diodati, 75 
Van Vechten, Abraham Van 

Wyck, 74 

Wilcox, David, 226 


Palmer Query, 75 

Pierson, Bowen Whiting, Biographical 

Sketch, 241 
Poe, Edgar Allan, True Ancestry of, 

Portraits, see Illustrations 

Queries — 

"Conquest of Quebec," 151 

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Records — 

Abstracts of Tombstone Inscrip- 
tions, Bear Market Burying 

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L. I., 34 
Baxter family Notes, 84 
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Records {continued) — 

Rowlee, Lieut. Heman, Sr., of 

Orange Co., Ancestry of, 136 
Skillmans of America and their 

Kin, 29, 103, 193, 294 
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Tombstone Inscriptions, see also In- 

True Ancestry of Edgar Allan Poe, 
the, 55 

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Index of Subjects. 


Upper Aquebogue, L. I., Cemetery 
Registry, 305 

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Van Vechten, Abraham Van Wyck, 

Obituary, 74 
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Rye, Westchester Co., N. Y., 17, 

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town of in 1698, 129 
Wilcox, David, Obituary, 226 

Yellis Jansen de Mandeville of Gar- 
deren, Holland, and Greenwich 
Village on Manhattan Island, 
and some of his Descendants, 

Young Query, 227 

$3.00 per Annum. 

Current Numbers, 85 Cents. 


No. i. 


Genealogical and Biographical 




January, 1907 


226 West 58TH Street, New York. 

Entered July 19, 1879, as Second Class Matter, Post Office at New York. N. Y.. Act of Congress of March 3d, 1879. 

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record. 

Publication Co»i»iittee : 




Illustrations. I. Portrait of Jacobus Strijcker, Frontispiece 

II. Old Dutch Chair, .'.'.*.. 9 

II. Facsimile Marriage Certificate, etc., Facing 69 

i. Jan and Jacobus Strijcker and some of their Descendants. By 

Hopper Striker Mott, x 

2. New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the American Rev- 

olution. Communicated by D. R. Jack. (Continued from Vol. XXXVII, 
page 307) IO 

3. Colonial Muster Roll. Contributed by Catherine A. Verplanck. 

(Continued from Vol. XXXVII, p. 267) .15 

4. Vital Records of Christ's Church at Rye, Westchester County, 

New York. Communicated by Thomas T. Sherman, Esq., Rye, N. Y. 
(Continued from Vol. XXXVII, p. 260) 17 

5. Tombstone Inscriptions in Old Graveyard at Salem, Washing- 

ton Co., New York. Contributed by Tobias A. Wright. (Continued 
from Vol. XXXVII, p. 277) . . 23 

6. The Skillmans of America and their Kin. By William Jones Skill- 

man, Philadelphia, Pa. (Continued from Vol. XXXVII, page 282) . 29 

7. The Barnes Family of Easthampton, L. I. By Richard Wyokoop. 

(Continued from Vol. XXXVII, page 265) -34 

8. Records of the United Brethren Congregation (Commonly 

called Moravian), Staten Island, N. Y. Baptisms and Births . 39 

9. The True Ancestry of Edgar Allan Poe. By Sir Edmund T. 

Bewley, M.A., LL.D., F.R.S.A.I 55 

10. Editorial, _ 

11. Society Proceedings 70 

12. Obituary. James Albert Garland— Benjamin Doughty Hicks— Mrs. James 

Wells Randell— Abraham Van Wyck Van Vechten— Frederick Diodati 
Thompson _ 2 

13. Queries. Cornell— Van der Linde— Palmer— Smith-Cropley— Stewart . 75 

14. Book Notices " -,. 

15. Accessions to the Library 7g 

NOTICE. -The Publication Committee aims to admit into the Record only such new Genea- 
logical, Biographical, and Historical matter as may be relied on for accuracy and authenticity, but 
uvl a jIJ nor lts Co P 1 1 mltte< ? 1S responsible for opinions or errors of contributors, whether 
published under the name or without signature. 

The Record is issued quarterly, on the first of January, April, 
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Genealogical ano ^Biographical |leeorb. 

Vol. XXXVIII. NEW YORK, JANUARY, 1907. No. 1. 


By Hopper Striker Mott. 

In January, 1643, J an ar| d Jacobus Strijcker were granted by the 
States General land in New Amsterdam provided they removed 
twelve families to the colony at their own expense. It is not known 
that they took advantage of this opportunity, and it was not until 1651 
that the younger brother reached Manhattan. He became the foun- 
der of the Knickerbocker family so many of the descendants of which 
settled in early years in this State and in New Jersey. Jan did not 
emigrate till the following year. 

That they were sons of Gerrit is evidenced by the habit the 
younger son had of sometimes including in his name the designation 
Gerritsen. They came of a line which is of remote antiquity in 
Holland, one branch of which has been seated near The Hague for 
some eight centuries, and another at Rotterdam. Outside of royalty 
few families were more highly positioned. Men of influence and 
position were many, and descendants here will be interested in 
searching for the tomb in the High Choir, No. 37, in the great Kirke 
at Haarlem, St. Bavon's, in which the remains of Dirck Strijcker, 
Knight, were interred in 1677. The coat of arms is in possession 
of the writer. 

With his wife, Lambertje Seubering, two sons and four daughters, 
Jan Strijcker hailed from Ruinen, in the province of Drenthe. His 
second wife, Swantje Jans, was the widow of Cornelis de Potter, of 
Breuckelin. She lived seven years after the marriage on April 30. 
1679, and a third dip into the matrimonial pool brought to the surface 
Teuntje Teunis, of Flatbush, another widow (of Jacob Hellakers, of 
New Amsterdam. He built the first house at New Utrecht, L. I., 
and served as magistrate there in 1661 and 1664), whom he married 
March 31st, 1687. Soon after his arrival (1654) he took the lead in 
founding a Dutch colony at Midwout (Flatbush), where the same 
year he was selected as Chief Magistrate of the settlement, an office 
he generally filled for the next twenty years. He was one of the 
embassy selected at a convention held December 10, 1653, at New 
Amsterdam, to be sent to the Lord Mayors in Holland to make com- 

2 Jan and Jacobus Strijcker and some oj their Descendants. [Jan., 

plaint and crave assistance because of the colonists' annoyance from 
the English and Indians. (Vide O'Cal. Col. Hist., Vol. II., p. 374.) 

On July 6th, 1663, he appeared as a delegate to the convention 
which assembled at the capital to engage the several Dutch towns 
to keep up an armed force for public protection, and he represented 
his town at the Great Landtdag called by the Burgomasters, which 
met April 10, 1664, at the Stadt Huys, to consider the precarious 
condition of the country. As a delegate in the Hempstead conven- 
tion of 1665, he helped enact the celebrated "Duke's Laws," and 
appears as a patentee on the Nicolls patent, October 11, 1667, and 
again on the Dongan patent, November 12, 1685. Prior to this 
time he had been elected captain of the Midwout militia (October 
2 5> x 673)> and on March 26, 1674, was named a deputv to confer 
with Governor Colve at New Orange (formerly New Amsterdam) 
when the Dutch came back to their own. 

To turn from the civil and military man, we find him in the first 
year of his residence at Midwout one of the two commissioners ap- 
pointed by the Director-General (December 17, 1654) to build the 
Dutch church and parsonage there— the first erected on Long Island. 
On December 20, 1659, he addressed the "Noble, Rigourous, am! 
Honourable Gentlemen and Honourable Director-General of the 
Council in Nieuw Nederlandt." saying that the edifice "now, with 
God's help, nearly completed, requires a coat of colour and oil, being 
covered on the outside mostly with boards. These materials must 
necessarily be brought from the Fatherland, and we request it to be 
done upon your Honour's order to the Honourable Company." The 
edifice cost 4,057 guilders 9 stuyvers. The site of this church is the 
corner of Flatbush avenue and Church lane, as now designated. In 
1698 a larger structure was erected and stood for ninety-five years. 
Its bell gave the first warning of the approach of the British when 
they landed, and after the Battle of Long Island the edifice was used 
as a temporary hospital. Later the enemv's horses were stabled 
there, a fate which befell many of the churches. In 1793 the second 
building was razed and the present church was finished three years 
later and consecrated in January, 1797. It has been enlarged several 
times during the century, the centennial celebration of which was 
observed in 1897. A tablet commemorative of the founding of the 
First Church on Long Island was placed on its walls April 26, 1902, 
by the Society of Colonial Daughters of the Seventeenth Century. 
Jan Stnjcker's remains lie in the graveyard at the rear of the church, 
of which he was an active supporter for many years during the tenure 
of Domine Johannes Theodorus Polhemus, the pastor. 

> He had eight children and died circa 1697 a t the ripe age of over 
eighty years, full of the honor which such a new settlement could 
bestow. He had the satisfaction of living to see his sons settled on 
valuable plantations and occupying positions of influence in the 
community, and his daughters marrying into families of note. His 
eldest child, I., Altje, b. in Holland, mar. Abraham Jorise Brincker- 
hoff, May 20, 1660. He was born in Flushing, Holland, in 1632. 
and was an elder in the church and a magistrate at Flatbush in 1673 ; 

IQ07.] Jan and Jacobus Strijcker and some of their Descendants. 3 

d. circa 1714 {vide Riker's Annals oj Neivtown, pp. 292-3; "Win- 
field's History o J Hudson County, N.J., p. 527; Bergen's Early Set- 
tlers oj Kings County, p. 48). II., Jannetje, b. in Holland, m. (1) 
Cornells Jansen Berrian of Flatbush, who settled there in 1669, but 
removed to Newtown in 1685. He was a Huguenot from Berrian 
in the Department of Finisterre, and a gentleman of high character 
and education ; d. in 1689. Samuel Berrian m. Dorcas, dau. of 
George Tippett of Yonkers, and was the father of Richard Berrian 
and grandfather of the late Rev. Wm. Berrian, rector of Trinity 
Church. In 1796 he sold the whole estate of Tippett's Neck (the 
ancient Nipnichsen of the Mohegans, Konstabelsche Hoek of the 
Dutch, and later Berrian's Neck — the northern bank at the mouth 
of Spyt-den-Duyvel Kill), consisting of 200 acres, to his nephew, 
Abraham Berrian. The latter was the son of Richard Berrian and 
Grace, dau. of Abraham Riker of Newtown, his wife, and grandson 
of Cornelis, the son of John, the eldest son of Cornells Jansen Ber- 
rian, who m. Jannetje Strijcker. She m. (2) Samuel Edsall of 
Newtown {vide Bolton's Westchester County, p. 606; Riker's An- 
nals, pp. 339-41)- 

III., Garrit Janse, b. in Holland, m. Styntje Gerritse Dorland, 
December 28, 1683. He was High Sheriff of Kings County, ap- 
pointed October 11, 1686, and his commission as quartermaster of 
the troop of horse was made by Governors Andros and Leisler, 
January 13, 1690. He became Judge of the Court of Richmond 
County in 1720. When 35 years of age, in 1687, he took the oath 
of allegiance {vide Year Book, Holland Society, 1896, p. 159). It 
is of his granddaughter, the dau. of his son Jan, that the following 
pathetic tale is unfolded : 

During the administration of Lord Cornbury the colony was called 
upon to exert all its energy in furnishing men, provisions and muni- 
tions of war for the earlier colonial wars. In connection with this 
war, tradition has preserved a most romantic and touching episode, 
which occurred in the town of Bushwyck. Pieter Andriese, a young 
man of energy and means, was about to be married to the lovely 
daughter of Jan Strijcker, of Flatbush, when, having become ac- 
quainted with one of the newly appointed officers of the expedition, 
he was induced to enlist in the army. The consternation of his 
friends and even that of his bride was not able to depress his spirits 
or to change his purpose, and he departed, leaving them in a fearful 
apprehension of danger. Days, months and years passed by, his 
bride every hour expecting to hear of her betrothed, but in vain. 
At last, overcome by sorrow and hope deferred, death made her 
his victim, and the same day that she was buried Andriese unex- 
pectedly made his appearance in town. For years he had been a 
captive among a tribe of Northern Indians and had returned, alas ! 
too late. (Stiles' History City of Brooklyn, p. 353.) 

IV., Anjenietje, b. in Holland mar. Jan Cornelise Boomgaert, or 
Bogaert, of Flatlands. They were members of the Hackensack 
Dutch Church in 1686, and were witnesses at a baptism there March 
30th, 1712 {vide Holland So. Coll. Hackensack Ch. Records). Their 

4 Jan and Jacobus Strijcker and some of their Descendants. [Jan., 

issue is to be found in the records of the Dutch Reformed Church of 
Brooklyn {vide Holland Soc. Year Books, 1897-1898). 

V., Hendrik, b. in Holland, m. Catherine Huys, of Flatbush, Feb- 
ruary 11, 1687. He d. 1689 without issue. He and his father paid 
the highest taxes in 1676 of any persons in Flatbush. 

VI., Eytje (Ida), b. in Holland, m. Stoffel Probasco, of New 
Lots, L. I. 

VII., Pieter, b. in Flatbush, November 1, 1653, m. May 29, 1681, 
Annetje Barends, d. June 11, 1741. He was a deacon of the church 
founded by his father; was High Sheriff, appointed November 2, 
1683 ; named patentee of the town in the Dongan charter, November 
12, 1685 ; "commissioner" of his town, 1686 and 1688, and captain 
of Foot Militia, December 27, 1689. He commanded his company 
that year in an expedition to Albany on the first invasion of Canada. 
In 171 1 (August 13) he joined the officers of the Kings County 
Militia in signing a petition in relation to the defenses in case of in- 
vasion, and in 1713 still held the office of captain. In 1718 a recon- 
ciliation of the differences between Flatbush and Newtown concern- 
ing boundaries was effected. Strijcker was a trustee representing 
the former place. Deeds were passed October 30. From 1720 to 
1722 he was a Judge of the local court. Gabriel Furman's notes to 
Gowan's Bib. Amer., No. 1, p. 30, speak of his residence there in 
these words: 

"Among the relics of former days in Flatbush is a long old one- 
story Dutch brick house, built in the year 1696, which has the date 
of its erection, with the initials of its original proprietor's name, 
formed by blue and red glazed bricks, arranged in the following man- 
ner on its front" : 




s „„ 





The writer possesses a picture of this habitation. It was a stately 
Holland brick building in quaint Dutch style, and was torn down 
circa 1847. The site was until recently in the family, and may be 
yet (vide Vanderbilt's Social History of Flatbush, p. 214). He was 
the founder of the New Jersey branch of the family, having bought, 
June 1, 1 7 10, four thousand acres on Millstone River, Somerset 
County. It does not appear that he ever lived there, but his sons, 
Jacob and Barent, and his grandsons, the four sons of Jan, removed 
and settled there. 

VIII. , Sara, b. in Flatbush, m. Joris Hansen Bergen, of the well 
known family, August 11, 1678. Domine van Zuuren tied the knot. 

For descendants of the above children, vide The Strycker family, 
1887, a pamphlet by the late Gen. Wm. S. Stryker, of Trenton, N. J., 
which can be consulted in the library of this society. 

1907.] fan and Jacobus Strijcker and some of their Descendants. 5 

It has not been ascertained which brother brought their sister 
Agnietje to New Amsterdam. In the marriage records she is put 
down as of Dwinglo, in Drenthe, where she m. April 5, 1656, Claes 
Thyssen, of Amsterdam. He had been the husband of Susanna 
Pieters, whom he m. January 21, 1652. Their son, Mathys, was 
bap. December 1, 1652, wits:' Jan Gilliszen van Brug and Cornelia 
Lubberts, and another son, Pieter, was bap. April 12, 1654, before 
Govert Loockermans, Frans Pieterszen and Marritje Tymens. By 
his second wife he had Thys, bap. June 13, 1657, wits: Jan Strijcker 
and Tietje Tyszen, and Gerrit, bap. September 15, 1658, wits: Lau- 
rens Corneliszen and Ytie Huyberts. Claes Tysen announced Ag- 
nietje's death to the Orphan's Court, Wednesday, January 8, 1659. 
{Vide Holland Society Year Book, 1900, p. 115, Minutes of the 
Orphan Masters, p. 62.) He stated that he had accepted Schepen 
Jacob Strijcker, the brother of the deceased, and Laurens Cornelisen 
van der Wei, his brother-in-law, as guardians for the children, two 
sons, one 19 months old and one 4 months old. General Stryker 
confounds her with Jan's daughter; he did not have access to the 
above minutes, which were not published. It is obvious that the 
sister could not be the daughter, for she d. in 1658, while the latter 
was of Hackensack in 1686. 

Jacob Strijcker, as has been stated, reached New Netherland 
from the United Provinces in 1651. His wife, Ytie (Ida) Huy- 
brechts and two children, Gerret and Altje, accompanied him. Set- 
tling at New Amsterdam he purchased, February 11, 1653, from 
Hendrick Gerritse, a "lot on the west side of the Great Highway in 
the cross street running from the said Highway to the shore of the 
North River, Manhattan Island." We have failed to locate this 
land. In the following month he subscribed 200 florins to the fund 
for erecting a wall of earth mound and wooden palisades across Wall 
street, for defense against the Puritan colonists and the unfriendly 
Indians. (Vide Court Minutes of N. A., Vol. I., p. 67.) His name 
appears with great frequency in the Minutes and in Holland Docu- 
ments and Mss. His intelligence and ability singled him out early 
as a person worthy of trust, and confidence in his integrity was shown 
in many cases by his selection by the Court as referee and guardian 
A few instances will suffice : In November, 1654, he was appointed 
arbitrator in the suit of William Pietersen, pltf., vs. Jan Jansen 
Schepmoes, deft., wherein a question relative to "security for Hen- 
drick Jacobson Patervaer's wife" was to be determined. In the 
following month Isaac Greveraet, as husband and guardian of Lys- 
bert Juriaensen, daughter of Skipper Jiiriaen Andriessen, deceased, 
and Daniel Litschoe, as guardian of the son of the aforesaid, re- 
quested, by petition, as the skipper's widow was about to remarry, 
and two proclamations of that fact had been made, that guardians 
be appointed to conserve the rights of the children in the father's 
estate. Litschoe and Strijcker were selected and "being called into 
court," continue the minutes, "and being unprovided with any excuse, 
thev accepted the same and promised to act honestly therein." The 
latter and Greveraet had been appointed guardians of the child of 


6 Jan and Jacobus St?~ijcker and some of their Descendants. [Jan., 

Ensign Dirck Barensen Smit, to whom was added January 29, 1663, 
Hendrik Smit, brother of the deceased. As Ensign of the troops 
of the West India Co., Dirck had served against the Swedes on the 
South River in 1655 and against the Esopus Indians in following 
years. Strijcker took the place of Johannes de Peyster as guardian 
(appointed January 17, 1664) of the minor child of Hendrik van der 
Walle. during de Peyster's absence in Holland. (Vide Hoi. Soc. 
Year Book, 1900, p. 125.) 

After two years of persistent effort on the part of the Burghers to 
obtain a local Bench, the Amsterdam Chamber wrote Stuyvesant, 
under date of April 4, 1652, directing him to erect "een banck van 
Justitia," modeled after the custom of the fatherland. On February 
2 > I 653, great rejoicing accordingly reigned in the dorp, the birth of 
a new city, New Amsterdam, and the inauguration of the Court of 
Burgomasters and Schepens, being celebrated. Just two years later 
to a day Strijcker was raised to the Magistracy, and this position he 
filled with evident satisfaction, for he continued in office during 1656, 
1658 and 1660. During the absence in 1655 °f the Governor-General 
and his troops on the expedition in which Ensign Smit served, the 
savages fell on the city "with murder, robbery and fire." Driven 
from the capital, they proceeded to the western shore, where soon 
the whole of Pavonia was in flames, large numbers of prisoners 
were taken, and much destruction of property and life occurred, both 
there and on Staten Island. It was under this stress of circum- 
stances that the Court met on September 20, and resolved to make 
extensive repairs to the defensive works. The height of the pali- 
sades was raised to between 14 and 15 feet, in order to prevent the 
overloopen (jumping over) of the savages. It was estimated that 
this work would cost Fl. 4,000, and this amount, on the return of the 
victorious governor, was authorized to be raised. The Heer Schepen 
subscribed on the opening of the list, and the result was gratifying in 
that, when the subscription closed on October 15, Gl. 6,305 had been 

Valentine's Manual, 1861, p. 582, locates the premises which "the 
worshipful" bought on May 27, 1656, as being in the vicinity of 
present Exchange Place, east of Broad street. They were described 
as being a part of the sheep-pasture and of a plot conveyed by Sur- 
geon Jacob Hendriksen Varrevanger to Jacob Steendam, the later 
poet of the settlement. On Strijcker's complaint, on November 20 
of this year, that the chimney of Jacob Stevensen's house, in Pearl 
street, was neither repaired nor pulled down, although he had fre- 
quently notified the Fire Inspectors, the latter were ordered to forbid 
within twenty-four hours the said Stevensen and his wife to make 
any more fire there ; or to pull down the chimney if they deemed it 
necessary. The Magistrate stated that he was the next neighbor, 
and "nothing else is to be expected, not only by him but by the whole 
street, but a sudden destruction by fire." Pearl street was known 
at this early period as the Strand, and the above incident would fix 
his residence as being on the East River shore. ( Vide Court Mins., 
etc., Vol. 2, p. 230.) The house he occupied at this time, says the 

I9°7-] J an an( l Jacobus Strijcker a?id some of their Descendants. 7 

Year Book, 1900, Holland Soc, was that of Jan Jansz. Schepmoes, 
who d. in January, 1656, and was located on Pearl street, south of 
Fort Amsterdam, a number of blocks away from the site identified 
by Valentine. 

The order of Burghers, which had been established in Amsterdam 
in 1652, was not introduced into the capital until 1657. The names 
of twenty individuals were enrolled in the Great Burgher Right 
within eight days — the time specified therefor. Strijcker took the 
"proper oath" on April 13. These twenty names, says Stone's His- 
tory of N. Y. City, p. 33, composed the aristocracy of the period. 
The "small citizenship," numbering 216, merely gave the right to 
trade in the colony. There were additions to these original lists, a 
very few, however, to the Greater class. Of the "Great citizenship" 
as distinguished from the "small," several names had disappeared by 
1668. "How many of them remain in this city," asks General Wil- 
son's Memorial History, Vol. I., p. 351, "and in what walks of life? 
Stuyvesant, Kip, Strycker, Van Dyck, Bogardus we have— long 
lived names." Some others could be cited and in the highest walks, 
among them the de Forests, Van Brughs and Couwenhovens. 

In 1660 the Schepen and his wife are listed as members of the 
Dutch church in Manhattan, and it is noted that they had removed 
to New Amersfoort (Flatlands). Although never living there here- 
tofore, he early became associated with Long Island because of his 
brother's residence at Midwout. He must have returned for a time 
to New Amsterdam, for in 1662 he again became a magistrate there, 
and the following year was Presiding Schepen, or President of the 
Court. He was a member of the Convention, representing the Capi- 
tal, which met July 6 of that year, at which his brother Jan was a 
delegate, as heretofore mentioned. Having failed of election to the 
Burgomastership, to which office he was nominated February, 1664 
{vide Court Mins., etc., Vol. 5, p. 16), he was appointed Orphan 
Master, March 18 (vide New Netherland Register, p. 67). In 1667 
he had returned to Flatlands, where the church records show that he 
and his wife were members, and both brothers were numbered as 
patentees for Midwout in October of that year. Business required 
his attention, doubtless, up the river at Wildwyck (Kingston), where 
he rented the "village home" in 1671 (vide Year Book, 1896, Hol- 
land Soc). No sooner had the Dutch commanders, Evertse and 
Benkes, established themselves in the city, superseding the English, 
August 12, 1673, than the nearest six towns on Long Island, together 
with Staten Island, submitted to their authority. Upon their nomi- 
nation, August 18, Strijcker was selected as Schout-risca! (Attorney 
General and Sheriff). (Vide Col Docs., II., p. 573.) It was 
gratifying that these Dutch towns in Schout Strijcker's district de- 
clared' that "the entire of the people" would observe their oaths, and 
in case of attack, would assist New Orange in resisting the enemy. 
These loyal towns were accordingly allowed to select their own mili- 
tary officers (vide Col. Docs., II., pp. 577, 643-5-6). Strijcker and 
his friend, Secretary van Ruyven, were commissioned December 5, 
1673, to examine and settle the boundary between the town of New 

8 Jan and Jacobus Strijcker and some of their Descendants. [Jan., 

Utrecht and Jan Jansen Veryn's land, and was, again with his 
brother, a delegate to the convention March 26, 1674, to confer with 
the new Dutch Governor (Colve). 

Jacob was somewhat of an artist, probably an amateur portrait 
painter. He is called a "limner" in the records, and one of his 
productions, a presentiment of himself on a wooden panel, has de- 
scended in direct line to the present generation, as has also a chair 
brought by him from Holland. The profession of art he did not fol- 
low, but devoted the time not occupied by his judicial and public 
duties to farming and trading with the Indians, a highly lucrative 
business in those days. He seems to have been a gentleman of con- 
siderable means, of much official influence and of decided culture. 
We find from the records kept by Domine Casparus van Zuuren that 
he died in October, 1687. 

His oldest child, Gerret, m. Wyntje Cornelise Boomgaert (Bo- 
gert) in December, 1673, and d. in 1694. She d. in 1700. They 
lived in Flatlands, and were both members of the church there in 
1677. Governor Dongan appointed him Sheriff of Kings Countv 
in 1688. In 1692 he bought a house and farm of 100.8^ acres in 
Gravesend for £297.10. Of his nine children we are concerned with 
the third, Jacobus, who was bap. in Flatbush August 27, 1682. He 
lived at Gravesend (of which militia company he was ensign in 1713) 
with Martha, his wife, until 1722, when he removed to Oyster Bay. 
His will, dated September 27, 1748, when he was "very sick and 
weak in body," is signed "Jacobus Strycker," and is recorded at 
Jamaica in L. G. p. 256. Therein testator bequeaths to his daughter, 
Mercy, "a full Sorting out of Household Goods and other Mouvables 
Equal to what my Daughter Woanche [Wvntje] Laan Has alreadv 
Had," and to each £25 paid from the movable estate. To daughter 
Mercy "my young black mair." All the remaining part of the estate 
was devised to his sons, Garret and John, in equal shares, subject to 
the payment by them of £150 to each of their sisters. The sons 
were made executors. 

Mercy m. Cornelius van Cott. 

Wyntje (Winifred) m. Tise (Matthias) Laan (Lane). 

John m. Sarah Crooker and had son, Sampson, named for Sarah's 
father, a witness to the will, and bap. at St. George's, Hempstead. 

Garret, or as he spelled his name, Gerrit Striker, the great-grand- 
son of the old magistrate, was born May 20, 1726, when his father 
was fifty-three years of age. This method of writing the family 
cognomen has been followed by his descendants, the Manhattan 
branch. He lived at Oyster Bay and was in business at Glen Cove 
in 1756, with Obadiah Lawrence. In 1764 he removed to New 
York and purchased (August 8) for £550, from Charles Ward Ap- 
throp, a farm of 50 acres "beginning at the head of a certain cove 
on the easterly side of the North River" and bounded, northerly, by 
the land of Humphrey Jones, with the lane leading to the Blooming- 
dale Road, subject to right of way in the grantor. Here he built 
his home and named it "Striker's Bay." An indentation from the 
river formed the cove which recessed the shore to a considerable 

1907.] Jan and Jacobus Strijcker and some of their Descendants. 9 

distance to the east, into which emptied a marshy stream which rose 
at 104th street, near 10th avenue. A smaller branch of this brook 
from the neighborhood of the avenue and 95th street joined it at 
nth avenue. By his wife Ann, b. July 30, 1734, the daughter of 
Derick II. and Rebecca (de Grove, b. 1720) Albertson, he had an 
only child, James, b. September 18, 1755. His father d. September 
17, 1775, and his mother's death occurred October 10, 1785. The 
son inherited the property as heir-at-law. For the de Grove ancestry 
and James Striker's descendants vide N. Y. G. and B. Record of 
July, 1906. Striker's Bay became the centre of Lord Howe's activi- 
ties on the island, and marked the westerly line of the British defence 
prior to and during the Battle of Harlem Heights. 

Chair brought from Holland in 1651 by Jacobus Strijcker, 
now in possession of his descendants. 

IO New Brunswick loyalists of the War of the Am. Revolution. [Jan. 

i— i 







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W Z 

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tl i to . (0 6073 >>»> 

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o^S^ S-S i.-^ o>2 m " 
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w rt n rtrtcttcoco to c r3 

1907.1 New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the Am. Revolution. 1 1 

T3"0 .A 

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C 3* 3* S*j3 O O 
'i3 "5 '^ '*3 «3 ui " 

t» l_ |_ l-i U Ui 

§^ s^sss^s^s s^s 

I 2 New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the Am. Revolution. 




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rt oj rt rt 

J3X3J3J0^X>^3J2^:^3 hCO TD T3 T3 T3 


1907.] New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the Am. Revolution. 


p 00 .j >-• 
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X «u cu cu cu J- ~ .ti M. ,H .ti . t; . - cu r/ b£-- •- 

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New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the Am. Revolution. [Jan., 


5?4> O 


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Colonial Muster Roll. 



Contributed by Catherine A. Verplanck. 

(Continued from Vol. XXXVII., p. 267 of the Record). 

The third Muster Roll of this series is endorsed, " Capt. An 
Rogers's The 5th Company in the Uper Battalion 1760." It reads 

as follows : p „ ..^ . ,, 

" A Roll of His Majestyes fifth Company of Mehtia in the 
North Battalion In the County of West Chester Whereof William 
Willet is Collonell James Verplanck Liev* Collonel and Pierre 
Van Cortland is Major." 

Cap 1 Anonyas Rogers 
Liev 1 Mossess Traviss 
Ensig n John Yeomans 
Ebenezer Merrit 



John Vail 
Benjamin Kniffin 
Elisha Travis 


Daniel Wright 
Jeremiah Maybie 
Fredrick Maybie 
Joab Wright 
Walter Ward 
Mattice Catherling 
Benjemin Wright 
Jacob Smith 
Jacob Smith, Ju r 
10. John Wright 
Symon Wright 
Peter Winn 

25. Daniel Secored 
John Yeumans 
Joseph Underwood 
Robert Oakley 
David Weekes 

30. James Philips 
Edward Smith 
John Smith 
Griffin Cory 
John Secord 


Samuel Matthews 
Johnathan Travis 
Charles Surrine 
Daniel Semans 

William Brown 
William Griffin 
Peter Montross 

15. John Everey 

Benjemin Golden 
Henry Hitt 
John Maybie 
Isaac Wright 

20. Robert Wright 
Ebenezer Brundige 
Cornelius Vollintine 
John Winn 
Zebadia Kirkom 
William Yeumans 
Abraham Yeumans 
Joseph Bates 

40. Jeramiah Hunter 
Robert Yeumans 
William Maybie 
Jacob Maybe 
Israel Knap 

45. Samuel Carle 
James Surrine 
Johnathan Knap 


Colonial Muster Roll. 



35. Thomas Kirkam 
Jacob Birdsill 
George Carpenter 

50. Joseph Puttne 
Justice Wheeler 
John Mackfarthing 
Dennis Workman 
Samuel Frost 

55. Johnathan Smith 
Epriam Carpenter 

*J Jeramiah Crab 
Daniel Teed 
David Montross 
Robert Cock 
Symon Maybe 
Michel Mathews 

75. James Brewer 

Joseph Underwood 
William Rogers 
Elisha Kirkum 
Richard Raner 

80. Selvanis Raner 
William Whrite 
Johnathan Whrite 


60. William Derby shear 

Rodger Kniffin 

Peter Secord 

Elisha Oakley 

Mathew Winter 
65. Nathan Witney 

John Myre 

Jordon Cock 

Philip Philips 

John Wright 
70. Abraham Wright 

Samuel Frost 

Samuel Beates 

James Kock 

85. George Kock 
Caleb Birdsall 
Piatt Rogers 

men went 
-off about 
the 8th of 
March Last 

{To be continued?) 

1907.] Vital Records of Christ's Church at Rye, New York. 



Communicated by Thomas T. Sherman, Esq., of Rye, N. Y. 



March 30. 
June 8. 
June n. 





























2 5- 

(Continued from Vol. XXXVII., p. 260, of the Record.) 


Maria Delaney, daughter of Mr. John P. Delaney of 

Mamaronac, in her 14th year. 
Mrs. Jorden of Sawpit, aged 80 years. 
Isaac Herton, aged about 40 years. 
Mr. Turner of Mamaronac, born June 23, 1703 — 

died June 10, 1807 — making 104 years wanting 13 

A son of Mr. Jennings and wife, aged 6 years and 

some months. 
Simeon Lyon of Byram, aged 51. 
Hannah Vessels, aged 14. 
Luyster Purdy, aged 23. 
Mrs Merritt, wife of Mr. Nehemiah Merritt, aged 

nearly 60. 
Joseph, son of Elijah Purdy, Jr., and wife, aged 

about 10 years. 
Tamer Row, an aged woman. 
Mr. Gilbert Brundage, in his eightieth year. 
Mr. Eli Schofield, aged 75. 
Mrs. Dixon, wife of John Dixon, aged 44. 

Mrs. Jane Halstead, wife of Mr. Philoman Halstead, 

aged 75. 
Mrs. Fisher, daughter of Mr. Timothy Purdy, 

aged about 22 years. 
3&- The number of Burials for six year past, that 

is, since April 12, 1802, are 80. E. R. 

Peter Florence, aged 26. 
Mr. Charles Tilford, aged 70. 
Mr. Joseph McKonnel, an aged man. 

Mrs. Hadden, wife of Bartholw. Hadden. 

Disborow Park. 

Augustus Tredwell. 

Mrs. Anna Hatfield, wife of Mr. Gilbert Hatfield of 

White Plains, aged about 50. 
Mr. Peter Florence of Mamaronac. 

Hyat Burger, son of David Burger and wife. 
Departed this life, the Revd. Evan Rogers, aged 42 

years, greatly lamented by his parish and friends. 

Vital Records of Christ's Church at Rye, New York. 


By the Rev. Samuel Hashell, who took the Rectorship June 
25, 1809. 


Peter and Jane, black children belonging to Peter 

Jay Munroe, Esqr. 
Josiah Purdy, adult. 
Alethea Purdy, adult. 
Ann Brundage, adult. 
Elizabeth Brundage, adult. 
John Spencer, son of Wm. Provoost and wife. 
Josiah Penfield, son of Isaac Marquand and wife. 
Sally Ann and Anna Maria, children of Jesse Parks 

and wife. 
Samuel Brown, son of George Francis and wife. 

Anna Haverland, adult. 
Phebe Guion, Adult. 
George H., son of John Guion and wife. 
Andrew, son of Lavinia Schofield. 
Alfred, son of William Strang and wife. 
Harriot, wife of James Guion. 
Mary Hadden, adult. 

Clarissa, daughter of Isaac Purdy and wife. 
Lavinia, wife of Billa Theal. 
William Coleman, son of James Gray and wife. 
Mary, daughter of William Bulkley and wife. 

Gennet Ann, daughter of Thomas Halsted and wife. 
David Husted and Thomas Park, children of Elijah 

Purdy and wife. 
Charlotte Purdy, daughter of David Brown aud wife. 
Samuel Armour, son of William T. Provoost and 

Sally Ann, daughter of Joseph Strang and wife. 

Ann, daughter of 

Elizabeth, daughter of James Cooper and wife. 
Charles Mortimer, son of George Francis and wife. 

Sarah Haverland, 
David Rogers, 
Stephen Haverland 
Nancey Hains J 

Lot, son of Mary Purdy. 

Ann Jane, daughter of Jesse Parks and wife. 
Emeline, daughter of Thomas Purdy and wife. 
Gershum, son of William Bulkley and wife. 
Edgar and William Henry, children of Benja. Purdy 

and wife. 
Joseph Hains, son of Abraham Gidney and wife. 
















2 5- 








x 3- 











I Children of Oliver Brown 
and wife. 



March 31. 

May 29. 

iqo7.] Vital Records of Christ's Church at Rye, New York. 

































Hannah and Phillis, children of Jack Lyon and wife. 
James Purdy, son of James Merrit and wife. 

Elias, son of Elias McMillon and wife. 
Doratha Haverland, adult. 

Charlott, daughter of William Haverland and wife. 
Jane Brown, daughter of David Stebbins and wife. 
John, son of Thadeous Smith and wife. 
Richard Hatfield, Esqr., of New York. 
Joseph, son of George Francis and wife. 
Ann, daughter of Wm. McCracken and wife. 
Keziah, daughter of Alexander Bunns and wife. 
Agnes, daughter of James Barr and wife. 
Robert, son of James Steel and wife. 
Robert, son of John Henderson and wife. 

Elizabeth Hannah, daughter of Thos. Halsted and 

Samuel Haskell, son of David Purdy and wife. 
Betsy Whitlock, daughter of David Haight and wife 

of Bedford. 
Nathan, son of Nathan Cockron and wife. 
Margaret, daughter of Elias McMellon and wife. 
Daniel Osburn, son of William Bulkley and wife. 
George, ) 

James, > Children of Robert Forrest and wife. j 
Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel Childs and 

Lavinia and Henry, children of William Strang and 

Rachel Baldwin, daughter of Josiah Hadden and 

John White, son of Peter Jay Munro, Esq., and wife. 
Jane and Charlotte, black children belonging to 

Peter Jay Munro, Esq. 

Theophilous, son of David Stebbins and wife. 
Lavinia Woods and Henry Kipp, children of Benja. 

Crooker and wife. 
Phebe Ann, daughter of Elijah Guion and wife. 
Henry Purdy and Ann Maria, children of Henry 

Morgan, deceased, and Hester his widow. 
Hellen and Mary Ann, children of James Rutter and 

Ann Eliza, daughter of Barthow. Haverland and 

Eliza Ann, daughter of William Strang and wife. 

20 Vital Records of Chrisfs Church at Rye, New York. LJ an -» 

Dec. 26. William Henry, ^ 
Peter Napp, 

James Hart, I Children of Abraham Guion and 

Sally Ophelia, f wife. 

Charity Amelia, | 
Hetty Adoline, J 


Jan. 19. Nicholous Heartley, ) Black children belonging to 

Thomas Jube, >■ Mr. Samuel Thome of 

Montgomery, ) Yonkers. 

Feb. 17. Jane, daughter of James Barr and wife. 
April 21. Polly Ann, daughter of Wm. Gardiner and wife of 

June 25. Margaret Lary, adult. 
Sept. 3. George, son of William T. Provoost and wife. 

Frances, daughter of Samuel V. P. Child and wife. 

Frances, child daughter of George Francis and wife. 

Gabril, son of Abraham Hatfield and wife. 

Sophia Catharine, daughter of Henry Frasst and 

4. Stephen Stokam, adult. 

5. Mariah, daughter of Elias McMullan and wife. 
8. Esther, daughter of Jonathan Gidney and wife. 

John Jay, Mary Jane, children of William Kendel and 

Hetty Falkimer, daughter of Nicholous Barger and 
23. William Henry, son of Elijah Guion and wife. 
29. Thomas McCollum, son of Monmouth Lyon and wife. 
Oct. Charles Newel, son of Henry Farnham and wife of 

Charles, ) children of Samuel Ruggles and wife of 
bary Ann, V Boston. 

Mary, ) 

John Henry, ) Children of John Livingston and wife 
Harriott, \ of Boston. 


Jan. 14. Mary^ 1 Children of Benja. Purdy and wife. 

James Burger, ) Children of Abraham Gedney and 
Deborah, ) wife. 

July 13. William Henry, son of Henry Worden and wife. 

28. Catharine Ann ) Children of Matthias Brown and 

Mary Elizabeth, >■ •£ 

Harriot, ) 

Aug. 10. John, son of William Jay, Esq., and wife of Bedford. 

Joseph, son of Joseph Cuzno and wife. 
Sept. 7. Catharine Merrit, adult. 

Eliza, daughter of the widow Ann Merrit. 

1907.] Vital Records of Christ's Church at Rye New York. 



Elizabeth Maria, daughter of Vincent T. Kenny and 


May 8. 



April 16. 










June 24. 

July 29. 

Nov. 19. 

March 31. 

Oct. 21. 


Nov. 17. 


Thomas Kennedy, ) 

John Augustus, V Children of Jesse Parks and wife. 

Jesse Kennedy, ) 

Clarissa, a child of Jack Lyon and wife Sib. 

Mary Jane, (children of John Guion and 

5r?? 10t g mallne > f wife New York. 

William How, ) 

Lavinia Isenhart, adult. 
Emma Isenhart, adult. 

Sarah Matilda, daughter of Elijah Guion and wife. 
Sarah, the wife of Thomas Caneworthy 
Lorana Matilda, ) Children of Thomas Caneworthy 
William Henery, \ and wife. 

Augustus Tredwell, ) Children of Nehemiah Purdy 
Elizabeth Lepenwell, ) and wife. 

James C. Roosevelt, son of Hachaliah Brown. 

Samuel Walter, son of James Armour and wife. 
Elizabeth Ann, daughter of George Francis and wife. 
Alfred, son of Thomas and Sylva, people of colour. 
Ebenezer, ) 

Mary Catharine, > Children of David Purdy and wife. 
Emery, ) 
, daughter of Elias Purdy and wife. 

Horris Hawkins, son of Michael Moore and wife. 
Elizabeth Catharine, daughter of Martin Mead and 

Fenimore, son of James Cooper and wife. 

Jesse Purdy, adult. 

Sarah, ) Children of Mrs. Eliza Diven, widow of 

Howard, v Mr j ames D i ven of New York. 

John, ) J 

Eliza Diven ) Children of Ralsamen C. Austin and 

Emila, j wife Margaretta B. 

Ann Merrit, 

Sally Merrit, 

Maria Merrit, 

Henrietta Merrit, 

Lavinia Merrit, 

Elizabeth Bush, wife of Wm. Bush. 

Andrew Lyon, " 

Daughters of Daniel Merrit and 

Elizabeth Devenport, 
William Lawrence, 
Mary Augusta, 

Children of Mr. Wm. Bush 
and wife. 


Vital Records of Christ's Church at Rye, New York. 














1 1. 




J 5- 




































John Jacob, son of Michael Moore and wife. 

Susan Charlotte, ) Children of David Purdy and 

Margaret Eunice, \ wife. 

Caroline Matilda, daughter of Wm. Bush and wife. 

Martha Hawkins, wife of Wm. Hawkins. 
Susan Moore, daughter of Wm. Hawkins and wife. 

William Slaughter to Penelope Merrit. 
Joseph D. Hoyat to Sarah St. John. 
Ellis Tafft to Cynthia Nap. 
Gabril Purdy to Easter Purdy. 
William Bulkley to Mary Osburn. 
Josiah Bulkley to Anne Brundage. 
John R. Hennessey to Fanny Quintard. 
George Moore to Sally, a black couple. 

Nicholous Fisher to Anna Covert. 
Nathan Jewet to Anna Crage. 
John Morrel to Anna Haverland. 
Oliver Avary to Mary Purdy. 
James Guion to Harriott Hadden. 
Noah Bishop Tompkins to Sarah Martine. 
James Turk to Rachel Purdy. 
Ceazer to Mary, black couple. 
Tellemaque to Rosannah, black couple. 
Thomas Purdy to Sarah Purdy. 
Henry Bird to Lavinia Park. 
Henry L. Penfield to Mary Perry. 
Seaman Weeks to Phebe Sniffin. 
Abraham to Nanney, a black couple. 
Betts Horton to Cornelia Gidney. 
Charles Barker to Hannah Nichols. 
Daniel Haight to Desire Wilson. 
Bartholomew Haverland to Mary Purdy. 
Arnold Bloomer to Mary Palmer. 
Jonathan Haverland to Phebe Purdy. 
"Tobias to Clarissa, black couple. 

James Cooper to Susannah Augusta Delancey. 
Peter Guion to Catharine Ferris. 
Benjamin G. Barker to Deborah Purdy. 
Thomas Hoyat to Mary Dick. 
John to Susannah, black couple. 
Edward Marshal Johnson to Ethelinda H. Deal. 
Ludlum Tredwell to Letitia Carpenter. 
Elijah Lee, Esq., to Letitia Brown. 

1907.] Tombstone Inscriptions in Old Graveyard at Salem, N. Y. 23 

15. Willit Moseman to Lavinia Cole. 
Benjamin Clark to Deborah Sniffin. 
William Bush to Eliza Devenport. 
John Lawrence to Mary Sutton. 
Simion to Acha, black couple. 

Isaac Purdy to Mary Haight. 
Henry to Issabella, black couple. 
Frederich Donaldson to Mary. 
David Stebbins to Anne Brown. 
Jeremiah Barrigar to Lucortia Gidney. 
John Wellet to Harriot Barrigar. 
David Merrit to Sylva, black couple. 
John Renord (?) to Elizabeth Coles. 
Revd. Elias Cooper to Catherine Brown. 
Gilbert Florence to Tamer Jane Pelham 
Isaac Hadley to Sarah Voal. 
William Right to Bethinia Sniffin. 

( To be continued.) 





















2 5- 


Copied by Miss Mabel Gibson. 
Contributed by Tobias A. Wright. 

(Continued from Vol. XXXVII, p. 277 of the Record.) 

Harkness, Anson, d. Aug. 23, 1798, in 4 yrs. 

Daniel, d. Jan. 19, 1858, in 76 y. 

Isabella, wife of William, d. March 18, 1836, in 80 yr. 

James, son of James & Mary Harkness, d. Aug. 11, 1807, ae. 
2 yr., 7 mo. & 20 d. 

Jane, dau. of James & Mary Harkness, d. Mar. 6, i8n,ae. 2 
y., 6 m. & 13 d. 

Jane, w. of Dan'l Harkness, d. Dec. 12, 1858, in 77 y. 

Nancy, w. of James Harkness, d. May 7, 1824, ae. 85 y. 

Nancy M., w. of Henderson Harkness, d. Aug. 1, 1840, ae. 24 y. 

Sarah, dau. of Wm. B. & Caroline, d. July 21, 1842, age 1 yr., 
7 mo., 6 days. 

Solomon, d. June 13, 1791, age 24 days. 

William, d. June 21, 1804, in 47 yr. 
Harvey, James B., d. 8th Sept., 1796, age 4 yrs. & 17 days. 
Hasbrouck, Elizabeth, d. May 28, 1849, ae. 67 y. 

Wm. T., d. June 30, 1834, ae. 27 y. & 6 mo. 
Hastings, David S., d. May 13, 1845, ae. 38. 

Louisa, dau. of D. S. Hastings, d. June 20, 1856, ae. 15 y. 

24 Tombstone Inscriptions in Old Graveyard at Salem, N. Y. [Jan., 

Hastings, Sarah, dau. of Waitstill & Elsey Hastings, d. May 30, 
1832, ae. 15 y. 

Waitstill, d. July 9, 1834, ae. 57 y. He was a native of Am- 
herst, Mass. 
Hawley, Isaac, of Stratford, Conn., d. Aug. 29, 1792, age 27 yrs. 
Hayford, Sarra, w. of James Hayford, d. Apr. 22, 1831, in 36 y. 
Hazzard, Isabel, w. of Neuburey Hazzard, d. Feb. 21, 1828, in 35 y. 

Sam., son of Neuburey & Isabel Hazzard, d. Feb. 8, 1828, ae. 
8 m. & 5 d. 
Heath, Samuel, d. Aug. 20, 1824, in 81 y. 

Thankful, w. of Samuel Heath, d. Apr. 28, 1828, in 86 y. 
Histed, Carry Ida, only dau. of Charles & Rosanna Histed, d. 

July 29, 1859, ae. 3 mo., 14 d. 
Hoit, Marina, dau. of Samuel & Mary Hoit, d. Aug. 26, 1805, in 8 y. 

Samuel B., son of Samuel & Mary Hoit, d. Apr. 29, 1806, ae. 
18 m. 
Holcomb, Amelia L., d. Mch. 22, 1854, ae. 1 y., 10 m. 

An infant son, d. Sept. 4, 1854, ae. 22 d. Children of E. M. & 
S. C. Holcomb. 
Honeyvvood, St. John H., Esq., d. Sept. 1, 1798, age 36 yrs. 
Hopkins, Agnes, d. April 16, 1787, in 77 yr. 

Ann, dau. of George & Patience Hopkins, d. Aug. 22, 1861, ae. 
61 y. 

David, d. June 6, 1783, in 70 yr. 

George, d. July 24, 1834, ae. 72 y. 

Grace, w. of Robert Hopkins, Feb. 27, 185 1, ae. 91 y. 

Infant child, dau. of George & Patience, d. Oct. 8, 1796. 

Patience, w. of Geo. Hopkins, d. Jan. 28, 1848, ae. 85 y 

Robert, d. Dec. 23, 1800, in 83 yr. 

Robert, d. Dec. 29, 1827, in 75 y. 

Sarah, relict of David Hopkins, d. Nov. 19, 1804, in 84 y. 
Hoy, Agnes, wife of Richard, d. Jan. 28, 1802, in 56 yr. 

Margaret, wife of William, d. March 14, 1804, in 68 yrs. 

Margaret, dau. of William & Polly, d. April 7, 1800, age 1 1 days. 

Richard, d. Oct. 5, 1799, age 67 yrs. & 2 mo. 

William, d. Sept. 9, 1806, in 80 yr. 
Hudson, Lucy M., d. Aug. 17, 1874, age 26 yrs. 3 mo. 

Sylvia, wife of W. Hudson, d. Dec. 27, 1855, age 34 yrs., 7 mo., 
27 days. 
Huggans, John K., d. Aug. 3, 1859, age 51 yrs. 

Sarah, d. Oct. 23, 1853, age 68 yrs. 

Sarah, dau of John K. & Isabel, d. Aug. 13, 1842, in 5 yr. 
Ingalls, Charles, counsellor-at-law, d. Sept. 2, 1812, in 49 yr. 

Cynthia, wife of Charles, d. March 12, 1801, age 32 yr. 
Johnny and Nellie. 
Johnson, Clarissa, d. Oct. 24, 1822, in 26 y. 

Gracy, wife of Chester, d. Aug. 20, 1848, age 51 yrs. 

Leonard, son of C. & G., d. Aug. 8, 1848, age 10 yrs. 

Mary, d. Apr. 16, 1843, ae. 85 y. 
Jones, Elizabeth D., wife of Rev. Zebulon, d. July 31, 1841, age 
26 yrs. 

1907.] Tombstone Inscriptions in Old Graveyard at Salem, N.Y. 25 

Joyner, Rebecca, w. of Luman Joyner, d. Nov. 1853, in 79 y. 
Kay, Henry M., d. June 15, 1833, in 27 y. 

Kider, Mrs. Eunice L., w. of James Kider, d. Jan. 25, 1826, in 26 y. 
Kimmis, Alexander P., d. Feb. 13, 1832, in 21 yr. 
John, d. June 22, 1822, in 91 yr. 
Mary, wife of John, d. May 18, 1821, in 78 yr. 
William, d. Sept. 9, 1826, in 47 yr. 
Lakin, Alexander, son of L. & M. Lakin, d. Aug. 8, 185 1, ae. 16 y. 
Dau. of Henry & Jane Lakin, d. Aug. 15, 1856, ae. 2 y. 
John H., son of Lemuel & Margaret Lakin, d. Aug. 28, 185 1, 

ae. 2 y. 
Lemuel, d. Feb. 27, 1852, ae. 53 y. 
Martha, dau. of Lemuel & Margaret Lakin, d. May 14, 1838, 

ae. 5 y. & 5 m. 
Phebe C., d. Feb. 13, 1834, in 19 yr. 

Rebecca, wife of Robert G., d. May 17, 1848, age 73 yrs. 
Robert G., d. March 12, 1850, in 87 yr. 
Larkin, Austin P., son of John & Clarrissa Larkin, d. Dec. 10, 1840, 
in 20 y. 
Caroline C, dau of John & Clarissa Larkin, d. Nov. 19, 1847, 

ae. 33 y. 
Clarrissa, w. of John Larkin, d. Jan. 7, 1857, ae. 69 y. 
Enos N., d. June 12, 1836, in 39 y. 
Frances M., dau. of Enos M. & Mary Larkin, d. Apr. 4, 1833, 

ae. 8 y., 21 d. 
John, d. Apr. 21, 1861, ae. 76 y. 
Nathan, d. Oct. 4, 1847, ae. 87 y. 

Prudence, w. of Nathan Larkin, d. Nov. 24, 1841, ae. 81 y. 
Latimer, Edmund C, d. Aug. 29, i860, ae. 31 y. & 1 m. 

Nicholas, b. in Montreal in 1798, d. in Salem, N.Y., Sept. 12, 1847. 
Nicholas, son of E. C. & Elizabeth Latimer, ae. 3 m. 
Lawrence, Joel & Joseph, sons of Miles & Katharine Lawrence, d. 
Sept. 16, 1840, ae. 3 y., 10 m.; ae. 14 m. 
Catharine, w. of Niles Lawrence, d. Sept. 1 1, 1857, ae. 54 y. 
Law, Abigail, wife of Robert, d. Oct 12, 1822, in 83 yr. 
Agnes, Mrs., wife of John, d. Feb. 28, 1789, in 51 yr. 
Elizabeth, widow of John, d. March 20, 1864, age 93 yr. 
Elizabeth, wife of Robert R., d July 23, 1852, age 68 yrs. 
Isaac, son of Thomas & Mary, d. Oct. 20, 1814, age 17 yrs., 5 mo. 
Isabel, d. Oct. 1, 1857, in 76 yr. 
John, b. Oct. 3, 1773, d. June 15, 1836, in 63 yr. 
John, Esq., d. June 9, 181 1, in 69 yr. He was a native of the 
North Island & emigrated to America before the Rev. war 
& was a professor of true Reformation principles. 
Margaret Gihon, dau. of John & Elizabeth, d. Dec. 13, 1802, 

age 1 yr., 11 mo., 12 days. 
Mary, wife of Thomas, d. July n, 1839, in 73 yr. 
Robert, d. May 6, 1808, in 75 yr. A native of the North of 
Scotland, was always a firm friend to the Reformation 
principles & d. in the full faith of a blessed immortality. 
Robert R., d. April 22, 1844, in 66 yr. 
Thomas, d. March 4, 1830, age 62 yrs. 

26 Tombstone Inscriptions in Old Graveyard at Salem, N. Y. [Jan., 

Law, William, son of John & Elizabeth, d. March 2, 1800, age 
9 mo., 2 days. 

William, son of Thomas & Mary, d. July 19, 1810, in 5 yr. 
Ledd, Sarah Mary, dau. of Timothy & Martha, grand daughter of 

Thomas McCleary, d. Feb. 21, 1817, age 9 mo., 17 days. 
Leigh, Almira, w. of Gideon A. Safford, 1809 — 1884. 

Jane D., dau. of John & Chloe Leigh, d. Nov. 8, 1836, ae. 31 y., 
3 m. & 8 d. 
Lewis, Ellen, w. of William Lewis, d. Feb. 21, 1881, ae. 63 y. 

Franklin B., d. Oct. 11, 1880, ae. 29 y. 

Margaret A., d. Aug. 21, i860, ae. 14 y. 

William, d. Dec. 30, 1888. ae. 81 y. 
Lincoln, Jane W., wife of John, d. Nov. 15, 1855, a S e 5^ y r - 
Little, David, d. April 28, 1814, age 72 yrs. 

John, d. Feb. 14, 1806, in 43 yr. 

William, d. April 25, 1793, in 58 yr. 
Livingston, Jennet, w. of Wm. Livingston, d. May 3, 1845, in 32 y. 
Long, Capt. Edward, b. Oct. 22, 1739, d. Oct. 18, 1792, in 52 yrs. (He 
died much lamented by his wife.) 

Lothrop, Jno. (Part of inscription underground.) 

Lytle, Andrew, (he was born in Ireland and was one of the first 
settlers of this place and) d. May 18, 1795, in 77 yr. 

David V., d. Oct. 10, 1823, in 20 yr., son of David and Margaret. 

Honor, wife of John, d. July 15, 1812, age 90 yrs. 

Jane, Relict of William, d. Feb. 16, 1813, in 72 yr. 

Jane, dau. of Majr. Andrew & Jane, d. April 1, 1817, in 19 yr. 

John Mr., d. April 7, 1793. in 73 yr. 

John, son of David & Margaret, d. 7 Feb., 1813, in 20 yr. 

Mary, consort of Andrew, (a native of Ireland) d. July 29, 1796, 
in 64 yr. 

Samuel V., d. Apr. 22, 1841, ae. 55 y. 

Wm. B., d. Oct. 3, 1844, ae - 26 V. 
Mack, Elijah, d. Sept. 6, 1830, in 57 y. 

Jane, d. Mar. 25, 1843, in 85 y. 

John, d. July 11, 1835, in 20 y. 

John, d. Mar. 2, 1821, in 66 y. 

Martha, w. of Elijah Mack, d. June 11, 1837, in 59 y. 
Magee, Lenora, d. Oct. 9, 1861, ae. 9 m., 20 d. 

Austin, d. June 2, 1842, ae. 1 y., 9 m. Children of C. & S. Magee. 

Mary C, dau. of C. & S. Magee, d. Oct. 25, i85i,ae. 1 y., 6 m. 
Martin's, Aaron, Family Vault, A. D. 1829. 

Martin, Abigail, dau. of Andrew & Martha Martin, b. Feb. 13, 1818. 
d. Apr. 20, 1846. 

Andrew, b. May 21, 1780, d. Nov. 9, 1837. 

Chloe Elizabeth, dau. of George C. & Mary Martin, d. July 27, 
1837, ae. 3 m. & 19 d. 

Elinor, b. Feb. 24, 1784, d. Apr. 29, 1852. 

Elizabeth, dau. of Andrew & Martha Martin, b. Jan. 16, 1816, 
d. Aug. 1, 1846. 

Elizabeth, d. July 8, 1823, in 15 y. 

Eunice, w. of Moses Martin, d. Mar. 31, 1852, in 71 y. 

Henry, d. Aug. 24, 1839, ae. 1 y. & 6 m. 

1907.] Tombstone Inscriptions in Old Graveyard at Salem, N. V. 2"] 

Martin, Hugh, d. Feb. s, 181 1, ae. 72 y. ' 

Infant son of George C. & Mary Martin, d. Apr. 8, 1836, ae. 

12 hrs. 
jane, dau. of Ebenr.& Elizabeth Martin, d. Apr. 2 7,1 821, m 14 y. 

Jane, w. of H. K. Sharpe, b Oct. 23, 1822, d. Apr 5, i860. 
Martha, dau. of Lansing & Margaret Martin, d. Jan. 28, 1835, 

ae. 3 m. 
Martha, w. of Andrew Martin, d. Sept. 22, 1852, ae. 70 y. 
Mary Ann, dau. of Hugh & Elizabeth Martin, b. Nov. 12, 1793, 

d. Dec. 17, 1837. 
Moses, d- Dec. 6, 1835, in 59 y. 
Moses, Esq.. d. June 14, 1792, in 49 yr. 
Nancy, dau. of Hugh & Elizabeth Martin, b. Feb. 20, 1786; d. 

May 12, 1832. . 

Polly, dau. of Adam & Abigail, d. July 18, 1794, in 18 yr. 
Sarah C, b. Oct. 23, 1822, d. Jan. 1, i860. 
Mathews, William, d. May 24, 1816, ae. 79 y 

William, Mr., son of William & Mrs. Margaret his wife, d. 

April 3, 1791, in 20 yr. 
Daniel, d. Apr. 26, 1811, ae. 73 y. 
Matthisson, Elspith, Mrs., wife of Daniel, d. 1 8 Aug. 1 882 age 5 2 yrs. 
Mattison, Harriett, dau. of Hiram & Lucy Mattison, d. Aug. 18, 

1848, ae. 19 y., 1 m. & 12 d. 
Maxwell, Grizy, Mrs., wife of Colin, d. March 15, 1793, age 23 yr. 

Jane, w. of John Maxwell, d. Dec. 5, 1862, in 65 y. 
M'Allester, Elizabeth, widow of John, Esq., d. March 17, 1835, age 

79 y rs - a 

Jane, wife of John, d. Sept. 14, 1859, age 64 yrs., 9 mo., 17 days 
M'Allister, John, d. April 6, 1844, in 54 yrs. 

John, Sen., d. Aug. 29, 1815, in 86 yrs. 
McArter, John, d. May 10, 1843, ae. 89. 
McCarter, James, d. May 15, 1841, ae. 43 7- 

Robert, d. July 1, 1847, ae. 94. 

Samuel, d. May 14, 1832, in 72 y. 

Sarah, dau. of Samuel & Margaret McCarter, d. May 25, 1837, 
in 33 y. 
McClaughry, Betsey, d. Dec. 18, 1856, age 53 yrs. 
M'Claughry, Martha, w. of Daniel M'Claughry, d. Mar. 23, 1831, 

in 25 y. 
McClaughry, Sarah, wife of Thomas, d. Dec. 28, 1858, in 80 yr. 

Thomas, d. Sept. 18, 1842, in 64 yrs. 

Thomas, Mr., who was born in the Parish of Clonbrony & Co. 
of Longford, Ireland, d. March 21, 1783, in 76 yr. 
McCleary, Betsy, dau. of Thomas & Sarah, d. Sept. 14, 1 816, in 19 yrs. 

Deacon Daniel, d. July 26, 1797, in 58 yrs. 

Elizabeth, wife of Daniel, d. Feb. 13, 1825, in 83 yrs. 

John, d. July 25, 1847, age 70 yr. 

Nancy, d. April 23, 1832, age 48 yrs 

Samuel, son of Deacon Daniel & Mrs. Elizabeth, d. Feb. 1, 

1778, in 3 Y rs - 
Sarah, wife of Thomas, d. Sept. 16, 1814, in 55 yrs. 

28 Tombstone Inscriptions in Old Graveyard at Salem, N. Y. [Jan., 

McCleary, Sarah, dau. of Deacon Daniel & Elizabeth, d. May 17, 

1793, in 7 yr- 
McClellan, Robert, Mr., d. Aug. 24, 1789, age 73 yrs. 
McClerry, Thomas, d. Sept. 3, 1814, in 61 yrs. 
McCollister, Andrew S., son of William, d. June 20, 1828, in 15 yrs. 
Archable, Mr. d. July 7, 1792, in 23rd year. 
Hamilton, Esq., d. May 13, 1825, in 84 yrs. 
Sarah, widow of Hamilton, d. June 27, 1831, in 86 yr. 
Thomas Dick, son of Hamilton, Esq., & Mrs. Sarah, his wife, 
d. Aug. 11, 1792, in 19 yr. 
McCracken Anna, wife of George W., d. Dec. 9, 181 1, in 33 yr. 
David, d. Aug. 4, 1828, age 65 yrs., 4 mo. & 24 days. 
George W., Jun., son of George W. & Lucinda, d. April 30, 181 7, 

in 2 yr. 
George Washington, d. Dec. 2, 1816, in 37 yr. 
Joseph, d. May 5, 1825, in 89 yr. 
McCraken, Joseph, d March 12, 1837, age 22 yrs. 

Prudence, Mrs., dau. of Mr. John & Mrs. Jennet, d. July 26, 

1793, in 64 yr. 
Sarah, wife of Col. Joseph, d. 27 of Feb. 1818, in 80 yr. 
McCullough Mary, d. Jan. 25, 1856, in 87 yr. 

McDougall, Eleanor, relict of William McDougall, d. Apr. 24, 1855, 
ae. 78 yr. 
Maria, d. Feb. 7, 1858, in 77 y. 

Mary, w. of Nathaniel McDougall, d. July 3, 1844, in 40 y. 
Nathaniel, d. Apr. 8, 1850, ae. 65 y. 
Sarah, consort of Wm. McDougall, Esq., d. Apr. 26, 1818, in 

67 y. 
Wm, Esq., d. Jan. 7, 1826, in 96 y. 
William, Jr., d. June 17, 1819, in 49 y. 
McEntire, Mary, wife of Murphy, d. April 19, 1824, in 89 yr. 
McFarland, Colin, b. in Parish Kilgarden, Scotland, Aug. 12, 1778, 
d. Feb. 7, 1868. 
Daniel, d. June, 1817, ae. 85 y. 

Jennet, w. of Colin McFarland, d. July 26, 1855, ae. 84 y. 
Mary wife of William, d. Sept. 28, 1853, age 77 yrs. 
Phyllis, dau. of William & Mrs. Anna, d. Nov. 28, 1799, in 9 yr. 
Rebecca, w. of D. McFarland, d. Aug. 1828, ae. 92 y. 
William, d. Oct. 6. 1841, age 68 yrs. 
McFarlane, Rachel, dau. of Alexander & Jane, & wife of James 

Henderson, d. Nov. 16, 1791, in 52 yrs. 
Mcintosh, Elizabeth, d. Aug. 16, 1822, ae. 55 y. 
M'Intyre, Adin, son of John & Mary M'Intyre, d. Dec. 9, 1825, in 

21 y. 
Mclntyre, Eleanor, wife of William, d. Dec. 12, 1824, in 25 yr. 

Esther E., dau. of Anson & Almira Mclntyre, d. Mar. 29, 1841, 

ae. 1 y. & 3 m. 
George E., son of Gideon & Minerva Mclntyre, d. July 21, 

1842, ae. 2 y., 8 m. & 11 d. 
John, d. May 31, 1846, in 74 yr. 

(To be continued.) 

I9 o 7> ] The Skillmans of America and Their Kin. 29 

By William Jones Skillman, Philadelphia, Pa. 
(Continued from Vol. XXXVII.. p. 282, of The Record.) 

xo Benjamin 5 Skillman (Benjamin, 4 Jan, 8 Thomas,' Thomas 1 ), 
b 1764m; lived at or near Mt. Airy, Hunterdon Co., N. J. A 
farmer- m. Ann . House and lot of widow and heirs (child- 
ren) in'Mt.' Airy village, sold to Solomon Holcomb, Oct. 2, 1822. 
Children named: 

i. Thomas, 8 b. 1789 c?) a M . t . , , 

ii. Benjamin, b. 1791; removed to Michigan, m. and a. 

there. No children, 
iii. Ann, b. 1793; d. unm. 

72 iv. Isaac, b. July 30, 1795. 

v. Samuel, b. 1797(F); m. and went to Michigan. Had 
two sons and two daughters. He d. and widow re- 
turned to New Jersey in 1850. All now dead. 

73 vi. Washington, b. Oct. 3, 1803. 
vii. Clarissa, b. 1805; d. unm. 

xi Christopher 6 Skillman (John, 4 Jan, 3 Thomas,' Thomas'), 
o near Rocky Hill, N. J., Feb. 9, 1767; d. March 7, 1835; re- 
moved as a babe with parents to Loudoun Co., Va ; m. March 9, 
1793, Henrietta Payne, dan. of Josiah Payne, soldier of the Rev- 
olution; ensign; captured at Battle of Germantown, Oct. 4, 1777; 
released from Jersey Prison Ship, Dec. 3, 1780; d. Feb. 15, 1848. 
With wife and brothers removed, circa 1806, to Bourbon Co., Ky. 

74 i. Violinda," b. 1794. 

75 ii. John, b. 1796. 

iii. William, b. 1797; d. old and unm., in Bourbon Co., Ky. 

76 iv. Katharine, b. 1798. 

77 v. Nancy, b. 1800. 

78 vi. Keziah, b. 1805. 

79 vii. Josiah Payne, b. 1807. 

viii. Elizabeth, b. 1809; m. Sept. 20, 1829, Ma]. Aug. W. 
Branham. Their son, Horace, last of the line, a 
Confederate soldier, captured 1862, and cruelly shot 
as a guerilla. 

ix. Isaac Harrison, b. 181 1; Captain in Mexican War; m. 
(1) Permelia Robbins; had one son, Wm. Harrison 
(Will Hack), Confederate soldier, Tennessee; m. (2) 
Widow McRae, sister of first wife; dau. Annie, m., 
lives in Springfield, 111. 
x. James Beverage, b. 1813; m. 1835, Amelia Jane Ham- 
mel; one dau. Jimmie, m., Bloomington, 111. 

xi. Christopher C, b. 1815(F); m. April 27, 1856, Mollie, 
dau. of Joseph Wilson, Bourbon Co. 

3<D The Skillmans of America and Their Kin. [Jan., 

32. Abraham' Skillman (John,* Jan, s Thomas.' Thomas'), b. 
near Rocky Hill, Somerset Co., N. J., 1768, and after father's 
death and mother's remarriage, was put to learn the trade of 
blacksmith. He became a farmer and m. (1) Violinda Simpson; 
had ten children. In 1826, m. (2) Delia Alexander; no issue. 
He d. 1862, ae. 94. Estate near Leesburg, Va., suffered great 
loss in Civil War. Children: 

i. John, 6 b. near Mt. Gilead, Loudoun Co., 1800. 
ii. Mary, b. 1802; no record, 
iii. Abraham, b. 1804; no record. 

iv. James L., b. 1806; removed to Indiana; m. and had 
two sons: 1. Bushrod, Delaware Co., Ind. 2. John 
H., Spokane, Wash, 
v. Elizabeth, b. 1808. 
vi. Catharine, b. 181 2. 

80 vii. Violinda, b. 1814. 
viii. Alcinda, b. 1816. 

ix. William, b. 18 18. 

x. Bushrod, b. 1820. A Confederate soldier, killed in the 
seven days fight before Richmond. " I helped bury 
him," writes his nephew, Bushrod W. Lynn, of 
Richmond, Va. 

33. John* Skillman (John, 4 Jan, s Thomas/ Thomas 1 ), b. in 
Loudoun Co., Va., 1770; m. Catharine Skinner (1792), and settled 
in Clarke Co., Va.; then circa 1806 removed with his brother 
Christopher to Bourbon Co., Ky.; in 1815 to Breckenridge Co.; d. 
there in 1858; his wife d. in 1855. Children, all b. in Virginia: 

81 i. Richard,* b. 1793. 
ii. Abraham, b. 1795. 

iii. William, b. 1797. 
iv. Peter, b. 1799. 

34. Isaac 6 Skillman (John, 4 Jan, 8 Thomas, 11 Thomas 1 ), b. in 
Virginia, Oct. 14, 1772; d. March 18, 1856; m. 1797, Nancy 
Whitely (d. Feb., 1831, ae. 55), and in 1816 joined his brother in 
Bourbon Co., Ky. In 1825, removed to Scott Co., Ky. Children, 
all b. in Virginia: 

82 i. William G.,* b. 1798. 

83 ii. Catharine, b. 1800. 

84 iii. Susan, b. 1804. 

85 iv. Juliette, b. 1807. 

86 v. Harriet, b. 1808. 

87 vi. John Whitely, b. 181 1. 

88 vii. Christopher, b. 1813. 

35. William 6 Skillman (John,* Jan, 3 Thomas, 8 Thomas 1 ), b. in 
Virginia, March 30, 1777, four months after his father's death; 
went, when a lad, to Highland Co., O., and there March 19, 1806, 
m. Nancy Henton (b. Sept. 5, 1789; d. July 21, 1843). William d. 
in Hendricks Co., Ind., Sept., 1862. Children: 

i. Sarah,* b. Jan. 7, 1809; m. Basil Lucas, 1830. One 
dau., Mrs. Sarah Jenkins, Upland, Ind. 

89 ii. John W., b. 181 1. 

90 iii. Evan Henton, b. 1812. 

1 907.] The Skillmans of America and Their Kin. 3 1 

iv. Allen, b. in Highland Co., O., Feb. 1, 1814; went to 
Miami Co., Ind., 1840; Methodist Episcopal Minister. 
Had one dau., Mrs. Louisa Grimne, Peru, Ind. 

91 v. William, b. 1816. 

vi. Thomas, b. 1818. One dau., Mrs. J. W. Fisher, Chili, 

vii. Isaac Simpson, b. 1820; d. 1827. 
viii. Samuel, b. Dec. 18, 1822; d. young. 

92 ix. Cynthia Ann, b. 1825. 

x. Nancy Jane, b. May 3, 1831; m. Benj. F. Lee. One 
son, live at Ritzville, Adams Co., Wash. 

36. John 6 Skillman (Thomas, 4 Isaac, 8 Thomas,' Thomas'), b. at 
Harlingen, N. J., Jan. 10, 1753; d. Dec. 2, 1835; m. Mary, widow 
of John Stryker, killed at the Battle of Germantown; dau. of 
Gerrit Veghte (wife Elizabeth) of Six Mile Run (b. 1751). She 
an elder sister of Magdalena (b. 1758) who m. John, a cousin of 
John (son of Benj. Skillman). The grandfather of these sisters 
was Jan Veghte (wife, Cornelia Staats), son (probably) of Claes 
Arent (Van Vechten) who came from Drenthe, Holland, 1654, 
with wife Lammetje and three children, and settled at Gowanus. 
L. I. This Jan Veghte and wife Cornelia lived later on Staten 
Island and had children bap. in Ref. Dutch Church there. (See 
Vol. XXXVII, p. 32 of the Record.) John Skillman was a Rev- 
olutionary soldier, a farmer, fond of music and choir leader in 
the Country Church (Presby.) for years, but blind at last. Home 
at Ringoes, N. J. The wife d. 1846, ae. 96. The two are buried 
at Larisons (once Pleasant Corners) across the road from the 
little church they loved. Children: 

1. Mary,' b. Dec. 2, 1779; m. Major Emley Holcomb, of 
Pennington, N. J. Had: 1. William 2. John E. 
3. Mary, m. L. J. Titus (parents of Katharine A., 
Mrs. Crook). 4. Eleanor Ann. 5. Isaac S. 6. Alex- 
ander H. 7. Theodore. 8. Charles O. 

93 ii. Thomas, b. 1781. 

94 iii. Elizabeth, b. 1784. 

95 iv. Isaac, b. 1786. 

96 v. Anna, b. 1790. 

97 vi. William L., b. 1795. 

37. Gerardus 5 Skillman (Thomas, 4 Isaac, 8 Thomas," Thomas'), 
b. at Harlingen, Sept. 20, 1754; named for his grandfather Ger- 
ardus Beekman, a grandson of the famous Gerardus of Flatbush, 
of Colonial days; a light-horse trooper in the Revolutionary 
War; farmer; he m. 1780, Jane, dau. of John Van Dyke of Rocky 
Hill, N. J., sister of John, Jacob and Frederick Van Dyke. The 
head of this extended family, immigrant from Amsterdam, Hol- 
land, settled at New Utrecht, L. I., in 1652. Children: 

98 i. Mary,* b. 1782. 

ii. John VanDyke, b. 1783; m. Rachel Hollingshead; re- 
moved with family of daus. to Illinois; d. 1873. 
iii. Joseph, b. 1785; went to "Stamping Ground," Ky.; d. 
99 iv. Peter, b. 1787. 














32 The Skilbnans of America and Their Kin. [Jan., 

100 v. Gerardus, b. 1788. 

vi. Charity, b. 1789; m. Jonathan Everett; had large fam- 
ily of daus.; removed to Philadelphia, 
vii. Catharine, b. 1791; d. unra. June 1, 1842; grave in 
Princeton Cemetery, near chief gate on Witherspoon 
Street corner. 

38. Thomas 6 Skillman (Thomas,* Isaac, 8 Thomas,' Thomas 1 ), 
a Revolutionary soldier; farmer, and man of affairs, b. Feb. 10, 
1756; m. Elizabeth, dau. of Hendrick Strycker and wife Cathar- 
ine (b. 1759). Jan (ancestor of Stryckers in America), grand- 
father of Hendrick, with wife Lambertje Suebering, two sons and 
four daus., came in 1652 from Ruinen, Drenthe, Holland, to New 
Amsterdam, and settled at Flatbush, L. I., in 1654. The home 
of Thomas and family was near Rocky Hill and remains in the 
household today. Children: 

Mary, 6 b. 1779. 

Hendrick, b. 1780. 

John, b. 1782. 

Catharine, b. 1784; m. Cornelius C. Whitenack, Blaw- 
enburg; had one son, John, b. Aug. 24, 1813. The 
grandfather also was Cornelius. She d. 1842. 

Thomas, b. 1786. 

Abraham, b. 1788. 

Elizabeth, b. 1790. 
viii. Anna, b. Feb. 27, 1797; removed to Kentucky, 1818; m. 
(2d wife) Jan. n, 1826, Luther Stephens, merchant, 
Lexington, Ky.; d. at Washington, D. C, 1876. No 

39. Abraham 6 Skillman (Thomas, 4 Isaac,* Thomas,* Thomas 1 ), 
b. July 20, 1759; a Revolutionary soldier; d. Nov. 10, 1838; m. 
Lucretia, dau. of Nicholas Van Zandt, Blawenburg, N. J.; family 
originally from the Province of Mannheim, Nederland, coming 
to New Amsterdam in 1660. Lucretia d. Dec. 31, 1851, ae. 88. 

107 i. Mary, 6 b. 1788. 

108 ii. Lucretia, b. 1790. 

109 iii. Joseph, b. 1793. 

iv. Thomas, b. 1800; non compos mentis; d. Jan. 1, 1876. 
no v. Catharine, b. 1804. 

40. Isaac ' Skillman (Thomas, 4 Isaac,' Thomas,' Thomas *), b. 
April 21, 1761; m. (1) Cornelia, dau. of Petrus Quick of Harlin- 
gen, and granddau. of Teunis who lived at Three Mile Run and 
subscribed for building the " Dutch Church (Ref.) on the River" 
(N. Brunswick) in 1703. The Quick name is found in New Am- 
sterdam as early as 1641. Isaac m. (2) Joanna, dau. of Martinus 
Nevius of Harlingen, descendent of Johannes Nevius, a Schepin 
of New Amsterdam in 1658, and his wife, Sarah Stoothoff. The 
children were two by Cornelia and three by Joanna: 

in i. Thomas Q., b. 1796. 
112 ii. James Q., b. 1800. 

iii. Martin N., b. July 21, 1801; d. May 12, 1836; m. Matil- 
da Kershaw (descendent of a prominent early citi- 

1907.] The Skillmans of America and Their Kin. 33 

zen of New Amsterdam, Jacques Cousseau, Hugue- 
not), April 26, 1827. Dau. Alice, b. June r, 1830; d. 
May 3,1851. The mother d. Nov. 1, 1858. All lived 
at Harlingen and their remains lie in the old ceme- 
tery at Belle Mead. 

113 iv. Isaac N., b. 1803. 

114 v. John N., b. 1809. 

41 Jacob 6 Skillman (Thomas, 4 Isaac, 3 Thomas," Thomas ), b. 
Aug. 28, 1764; d. April 13, 1854; m. (1) Eleanor Ten Broeck, de- 
scended (through Hendrick, 3d son) of Wessel Ten Broeck who 
came to New Amsterdam with Peter Minuet in 1626; m. (2) Mary 
Hageman (b. 1767; d. 1840), descendent of Adriaen Hageman 
who settled in Flatbush, L. I., in 1650. The home of Jacob and 
family at Three Mile Run was originally the parsonage of Dom- 
ine Theodorus Jacobus Frelinghuysen, 1st Christian minister of 
the region whose parish, covering a large part of two counties, in- 
cluded the Dutch (Ref.) Churches of Raritan or Somerville, New 
Brunswick, Three Mile Run, Six Mile Run, and Sourland (Har- 
lingen). Of the children that follow three are Eleanor's, the re- 
mainder Mary's, all bap. in the church of Six Mile Run. 

115 i. Isaac," b. 1792. 

116 ii. Jacob, b. 1794- 

117 iii. Abraham, b. 1796. 

118 iv. John, b. 1800. 

v. Ellen, bap. at Six Mile Run, Sept. 27 1801; m. 


119 vi. William, b. 1803. 

120 vii. Mary Beekman, b. 1804. 

viii. Jane, b. March 4, 1806; m. Sept. 3, 1834, James G. 

121 ix. Thomas, b. 1808. 

x. Aaron, b. i8io(?). No record. 
42. Joseph 5 Skillman (Thomas, 4 Isaac, 8 Thomas,' Thomas'), b. 
at Harlingen, in the ancestral home, March 12, 1768; d. Aug. 7, 
1852; m. Elsey Van Arsdalen, descendent of Symen Jansen Van 
Arsdalen, who settled at Flatlands, L. I., in 1653, whose wife was 
Pieterje Claesen, dau. of Pieter Claesen, head of the Wyckoff 
family in America. Eventually to Joseph and wife fell the 
original Skillman Homestead at Harlingen. Elsey d. Nov. 12, 
1857. All the graves of the household are in the old Harlingen 
Churchyard at Belle Mead. Children: 
i. Mary, 6 never m. No record. 

ii. Alice, bap. Aug. 3, 1800, Six Mile Run; never m. 
iii. Margaret, m. Rev. Joshua Clayton, long a pastor 
(Presby.) at Plymouth, Wayne Co., Mich.; one dau., 
Mrs. Lee Bingham, Detroit, 
iv. Catharine, b. Aug. 5, 1805; d. 1900; m. May 4, 1830, 
Rev. Horace Doolittle, long pastor of the Ref. Dutch 
Church of Stanton, N. J. The Rev. Philip Ma- 
lancthon Doolittle, a son, graduated from Union 
College, Schenectady, N. Y., 1852, and from the New 
Brunswick (N. J.) Theol. Sem., 1856; m. a dau. of 

34 The Barnes Family of Easthampton, L. I. [Jan., 

the Rev. Dr. Gabriel Ludlow of Neshanic, N. J., and 
closing a pastorate of 50 years in July, 1906, at North 
Branch, N. J. (Ref. Dutch Church); d. suddenly the 
following- October, ae. 75. 
v. Eliza Ann, bap. at Six Mile Run, Jan. 17, 1808. 
vi. Abraham V. A., b. Feb. 5, 1812; d. May 3, 1872; m. (1) 
Dorothy, dau. of Peter C. Schenk of Clover Hill, 
N. J. (b. 1814; d. Aug-. 18, 1852); had two children; 
m. (2) Anna C., dau. of William VanDyke; had one 
child. The family occupied the Harlingen Home- 
stead. Abraham's grave and Dorothy's are at Belle 

( To be continued.) 


By Richard Wynkoop. 

(Continued from Vol. XXXVII., p. 265 of The Record.) 

54. Noah' Barnes (William,* William,' sup. Charles), bap. Dec- 
1703;* d. Dec. 27, 1 794;f m. Sept. 18, 1729, Hannah Parsons of 
Easthampton, who d. Aug. 2, 1775.! 

In 1727, in an estimate of pasturage rights at Montauk, Noah 
was rated at 5 acres. On April 1, 1735, Noah Barnes was chosen 
a trustee of Easthampton; and on April 6, 1736, Noah Barnes was 
chosen collector. On April 6, 1736, 20 acres of land were allotted 
to Noah Barnes. On Feb. 6, 1740, 10 acres of land were allotted 
to him; and on the same date he got 2 acres of commonage. In 
1740, he was rated as entitled to 2 acres of commonage. (This 
may be the same as the preceding.) On March 30, 1747, Noah 
Barnes got 2 acres of commonage in the Three Acre Division. 
On April 1, 1758, Noah Barnes conveyed to Salmon Treat Riche- 
son 20 acres of land, at Elwife Brook Neck. On April 1, 1760, 
Noah Barnes was chosen a trustee of Easthampton. On Jan. 16, 
1769, Noah Barnes entered an ear-mark for his son Abraham's 
cattle.J Children : 

105 Puah,* bap. Sept. 27, 1730; § d. Sept. 14, 1736, a dau. of 

Noah, aged about six years.|| 

106 Noah, bap. Feb. 25, 1733;$ d. Oct. 20, 1753. || 

107 Seth, bap. Nov. 27, 1737 ;§ d. in 1824; m. Abigail , 

who died in March, 1826.I They had six children. 

108 Hannah, bap. March 2, i74o.§ 

109 Abraham, bap. in Oct. 1747.! 

Fourth Generation. 
73. Timothy 4 Barnes (Timothy,' Benjamin,' sup. William, 1 sup. 
Charles), b. April 8, 1749, at Branford, Conn.; d. Nov. 15, 1825, at 

* R. T. £., Vol. V. p. 451. t Ibidem, pp. 526, 598. 607. 

X T. R. E., Vol. Ill, p. 425; Vol. IV, pp. 5, 15, 16-19, 64-74. 96-106, 82-86, 138-156, 193, 197, 217. 

§ R. T. E., Vol. V. pp. 468, 470, 474. 476, 481. II Ibiden, pp. 574. 587. 

"[[ Private MS. of Teunis D. Huntting. 

Ig o 7 .] The Barnes Family of Easthampton, L. I. 35 

Clinton, N. Y.; m. Oct. 25, 1772, Eunice Munson dau. of Solomon 
and Sarah (Peck) Munson. He lived at Litchfield, Conn., until 
1794, and then removed to Cooperstown, N. Y., and thence to 

Clinton. Child : . ' 

no Timothy, b. in 1780, in Litchfield, Conn.; d. m 1873, at 

Barnes Pa.; m. as his 2nd wife Almira Cole; lived 
at Italy Hill. Yates Co., N. Y., and at Barnes, Pa * 
82 Stephen 4 Barnes (Stephen, Jr.,' Stephen, 5 William, 1 sup. 
Charles), b. Dec. 3, 1728; m. Nov. 14, 175*, Sarah Barnes, who d. 
March 4, 1798. They had six children.f Child : 

m. , "bap. at Easthampton, Aug. 1780, a dau. of Isaac 

Barnses."J . 

8* Jonathan 4 Barnes (Stephen,' Stephen, 2 William, 1 sup. 
Charles), b. Feb. 21, 1731; <*. Jan. 7, 1807; m. Aug 4,. 1 757, Eliza- 
beth Woodruff, who d. Feb. 8, 18 14. They had nine children. 

Children : , . 

ii2 Jonathan, bap. March 23, 1777, at the same time as his 

father,*; and therefore of some years of age— perhaps. 

113 Talmage, bap. Nov. 21, 1778.! 

114 A dau., bap. Feb. 19, 1780.J5 

115 A son, bap. Dec. 24, 1782.$ 

fI 6 t «d. Nov. 20, 1778, a child of Jonathan Barnes. 

94 Nathaniel 4 Barnes (Capt. Isaac, Jr.,' Isaac,' William ' sup. 
Charles), b. March 1740; bap. May 4;t d - at Charleston, S. C; re- 
moved to Westerly, R. I., and m., about 1768, Elizabeth Brown of 
that place, b. in 1741, d. March 5, 1826. In the Revolutionary War 
he commanded a privateer.1 Children : 

117 Nathaniel, b. Sept. 12, 1769; d. Oct. 15, 1819; m. in 

1791, Nancy Pendleton, of Westerly, b. July 22, 1771, 
d. April 30, 1835. Children: 

i. Nathaniel, b. in 1792, drowned off Lisbon Oct. 15, 

1811. ^, 

ii. Acors, b. May 13, 1794; d. Nov. 18, 1862; m. May 
25, 1817, Hannah Dickins, b. June 30, 1799. He 
removed to New London April 1, 1827. He 
was a mariner, 
iii. Benjamin, b. July 8, 1796. 
iv. Amos, b. Feb 15, 1799. 
v. Catharine, b. Dec. 25, 1800. 
vi. Elizabeth, b. April 23, 1803. 
vii. Sarah, b. Nov. 24, 1805. 
viii. Lydia, b. Jan. 27, 1810. 

118 A son, who d. in infancy. 

119 Sarah, m. Brown. 

120 Elizabeth, m. Amos Cross. 

121 Anne, m. Joshua Robinson. ^^ 

* Their son. Erastus, b. 1811, d. 1894. m. Eliza Jane Eddy. Eunice Letitia. daughter of 
Erastus and Eliza, married George Horton. They were parents of Byron Barnes Horton. of 
Sheffield, Warren Co., Pa. 

+ Ecclesiastical Sketches of Southington, p. xvn. 

I R. T.E.. Vol. V, p. 507. 

% R T. E., Vol. V, pp. wti, 506. 507, 509, 600. 

|| R. T. £.,Vol. V, p. 4 7"6. 

*T Hist, of New London, Conn. 

36 The Barnes Family of Easthampton, L. I. [Jan., 

96. Matthew 4 Barnes (Capt. Isaac, Jr., 9 Isaac, 3 William, 1 sup. 

Charles), b. Nov. 20, 1744; bap. Dec. 16; m. . On Dec. 20, 

1767, Matthew Barnes entered an ear-mark for his cattle. In April, 
1770, Matthew Barnes was chosen a trustee of Easthampton, and 
again on April 4, 1775. C* n Feb. 20, 1779, Matthew Barnes was 
elected a trustee, and again on April 1, 1781. In April, 1782, 
Matthew Barnes was chosen an assessor. In April, 1784, Matthew 
Barnes was chosen a trustee, and Matthew Barnes an assessor. In 
April, 1785, Matthew Barnes was chosen a commissioner of high- 
ways, Matthew Barnes an assessor, and Matthew Barnes a col- 
lector. On April 4, 1786, Matthew Barnes was chosen a trustee, 
Matthew Barnes a commissioner of highways, and Matthew 
Barnes a collector. On April 3, 1787, Matthew Barnes was 
chosen a commissioner of highways, and again on April 1, 
1788. On April 7, 1789, Matthew Barne was chosen a trustee, 
and Matthew Barnes a commissioner of highways. On April 6, 
1790, Matthew Barne was chosen a commissioner of highways, 
and again on April 5, 1791. On April 3, 1792, ("1762"), Matthew 
Barne was chosen a trustee, and Matthew Barne a commis- 
sioner of highways, and again on April 2, 1793. On April 1, 
1794, Matthew Barne was chosen a trustee, and Matthew Barne 
a commissioner of highways. Matthew Barne was chosen a 
commissioner of highways April 7, 1795, April 5, 1796, April 4, 
1797.* Children: 

122 , bap. May 23, 1777. 

123 , bap. May 23, 1777. 

124 Matthew, bap. June 24, 1778. 

125 , bap. May, 1783. 

126 , bap. July, 1785. 

127 Matilda, bap. May 20, 1788. 

128 Esther, bap. May, 1791. 

129 Anne, bap. Dec. 12, 1793, "Nancy." 

130 Sarah, bap. Feb., 1797, " Salle. "f 

101. Isaac 4 Barnes, 2d (Capt. Isaac, Jr., 8 Isaac," William, 1 sup. 
Charles), b. Feb. 5, 1758; m. . Child : 

131 Nathaniel, bap. Aug, 20, 1783. J 

102. William 4 Barnes (William, 3 William, 8 William, 1 sup. 
Charles), b. Aug. 16, 1723; bap. Sept. 15; d. July 3, 1814; m. Dec. 
4, 1746, Jemima Sherrill, b. in 1725, d. March 29, 1823. Children: 

132 William, b. in Sept. 1747 ;§ bap. in Oct.;|[ m. Lydia Hall, 

of Durham, Conn., and settled in Richmond, Mass. 

133 Jemima, bap. Jan. 7, 1750. || 

134 Eli, bap. Feb. 24, 1754, "Elye";|| d. June 15, 1815, at 

East Berlin, Conn.; m. Patience Wilcox, dau. of 
Daniel, of East Berlin. § 
T 35 Jeremiah, b. in 1756; d. Aug. 24, 1840; m. June 26, 1781 

["1761"], Phoebe Schillinger, dau. of Jonathan and 

* R. T. E., Vol. IV, pp. 215, 233, 235, 237, 307, 242, 245, 247, 249, 253, 257, 260, 255, 267, 271, 276 
283, 286, 291, 294. 

t R. T. E., Vol. V, pp. 505, 506, 510, 512, 514, 116, 517, 519. 

% R. T. £., Vol. V, p. 510. 

§ Hist. Town Easthampton. 

II R. T. E., Vol. V, pp. 481, 483, 486, 488,495, 532. 

1907.1 The Barnes Family of Easthampton, L. I. 37 

Elizabeth Schillinger, of Amagansett; removed to 
Plattsburgh, N. Y. Children: 
i. Jeremiah, Jr., b. Oct. 19, 1785; m. Mary Farns- 

ii. Jonathan, 
iii. Fannie, 
iv. Maria, 
v. Hannah, 
vi. Hormer. 
vii. Henry, 
viii. Elizabeth, d. y.* 

136 Joseph, bap. March n, 1759;! m. in Oct., 1794, Elizabeth 


137 A son, bap. in 1763.! 

138 A son, bap. Aug. 18, 1765.1 



Jemima Barns, Zebulon Baker. p. 534§ 

Erastus Barns, Rebecca Conkling. 524 


Hannah, child of Seth Barns'. p. 511 

Salle, child of Seth Barns. 512 

Ethelinda, dau. of Seth Barns. 514 

Genette, child of Capt. Barnes. 515 

3 children of Mr. Barnes. 515 

24. Puah, dau. of Seth Barnses. 516 

David, son of Capt. Barns. 5 r 8 

Joseph, child of Joseph Barnses. 5 1 8 

Abigail, dau. of Seth Barns. 518 

Esther, dau. of David Barns. 518 

Maria, dau. of Seth Barns. 519 


748, Jan. Old Mr. Barnes, aged about 70. 583 

752, Nov. Child of Capt. Barnses. 586 

755, March 22. Old Mrs. Barns. 588 

756, Nov. 10. Old Mr. Barnes. 589 
771, Oct. 13. Child of Daniel Barns. 596 
775, Aug. 22. Child of Esther Barns. 598 

778, Nov. 20. Child of Jonathan Barns. 600 

779, Aug. 15. Child of Matthew Barns. 600 
Nov. 26. Mary Barns. 600 

1792, Aug. David Bonnes, or Barnes 606 

* History Town Easthampton. 

t R. T. £., Vol. V, pp. 481, 483, 486, 488, 495, 532. 

t Ibidem, p. 534. 

3 Record of Town of Easthampton, Vol. V. 


1794, Aug. 

1 83 1, April 


1784, Feb. 


1786, Feb. 


1789, April 

1790, May 


1 791, April 

1792, June 


1794, July 




1796, Feb. 


38 The Barnes Family of Easthampton, L. I. [Jan., 

Shield of the Barns Family, of East Winch Parish, 
norfolkshire, england. 

Thomas Cecil, Earl of Exeter, and eldest son of William Cecil, 
Lord Burleigh, together with Sir Richard Cecil, aliened Grancourt 
Manor to William Barnes, Esq., April 20, in the 17th year of King 
James I. 

The church (at Pentney Priory, Norfolkshire, Eng.), is dedi- 
cated to All Saints. 

" Against the north wall of this church is a mural monument 
of marble, with the arms of Barns : argent, two bars, counter- 
embattled sable, in chief three pellets. 

" Here lyeth under the foot of this wall the body of Owen 
Barns, Gent., third son of William Barns, the elder of this place, 
Esq. After he had lived the space of 52 years, changed this life 
for a better, 167O. 

Quis sim, nosce cujus caro put- 

rida, nil nisi vermis, 
Quisquis, es, hoc de me sit 

tibi scire satis."* 

" On the west wall of this chapel is a neat monument of mar- 
ble, with the arms of Barns, impaling Shepherd, argent, on a 
chief, gules, three Danish hatchets, or, and Barns impaling 
Hovell, sable, a crescent, or. 

" Near unto this place lyeth the body of William Barns, Esq., 
son of Edward Barns, of Soham in Cambridgeshire, Eng., who 
first married Thomasina, daughter of Richard Hovell, of Willing- 
ton, Esq., by whom he had 5 daughters, after whose death he 
took to wife Thomasina, the daughter of Owen Shepherd, of 
Kirby, in this county, Esq., and (removed his seat to this place) 
had by her 5 sons and 8 daughters, and did for many years, with 
great prudence and fidelity, serve his king and country, in the 
office of justice of the peace, at length such was the iniquity of 
the times, that loyalty was esteemed a crime, when not allure- 
ments, or threats, from him who usurped the highest power, could 
swerve him from his constant adherence to his abandoned prince, 
and the persecuted Church of England; he retired to a private 
life, devoting himself wholly to the service of God and religion, 
and peaceably departed hence in the 77th year of his age, 1657, 
expecting a joyful resurrection. To whose memory Frances 
Stanton, his second daughter, out of her tender love and dutiful 
affection, erected this monument. Semper Idem."\ 

* Essay towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk, London, 1808 (begun by 
Francis Blomefield, and continued by Rev. Charles Parkin from the 6th volume). Vol. 
IX, p. 152. 

+ Ibinem, p. 153. 

I9 o 7 .] Records of the United Brethren Congregation* Staten Island, N. V. 



Baptisms and Births. 



M W.— Married Woman. 
S.W.— Single Woman. 


Feb. ii. 
Tan. 25 * 
Nov. 11. 
Oct. 1* 

Feb. 7* 
Jan. 17. 

May 12. 

Oct. 12. 

I75 1 - . 
May 1 a. 
Feb. 27. 
d. Oct. 31, 

i75 2 - 
July 6 
Jan. 3* 
July 6. 
May 20.* 

Dec. 10. 

Sept. 1. 
Feb. 11. 
March 17. 
Feb. 16. 
Sept. 1. 
April 16. 
Sept. 1. 
July 29. 


Feb. 9- 

Dec. 27. 

Tunis Egbert 
Anne Egbert 
Stephen Martino Saran 
Anne Martino 

Jacob Vanderbilt Jacob 
Mary Vanderbiltf 

Stephen Martino Hannah 
Elizabeth Martino 

Catharine Rev. Dr. John Wade 

Rev. Owen Rice 

Teunis Egbert 
Anne Egbert 



Richard Connor 
Catharine Connor 
J acob Vanderbilt 
Mary Vanderbilt 
Aaron Cortelyou 
Elizabeth Cortelyou 

Stephen Martino Elizabeth 

Elizabeth Martino 

Tunis Egbert James 

Anne Egbert 

Richard Connor Catharine 

Catharine Connor 

Jacob Vanderbilt Dorothy 

Mary Vanderbilt 

Cornelius Cortelyou Eleanor 
Sara Cortelyou 

Rev. Jasper Payne 

Rev. Richard Utely 

J S£b S tf Sderbilt.. marria.e to Mary Spragg is recorded in Trenton. N. J., but does no. 
appear in this church record. 

4<D Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. [ Jan. 

Feb. 9. 
Jan. 29. 

Oct. 2. 
March 8. 

Aug. 3. 
June 16. 
Oct. 19. 
Aug. 15. 

March 17. 
Nov. 1. 

April 5. 


Nov. 21. 

April 5. 
March 1. 

May 1. 
Jan. n. 
May 1. 
Feb. 8. 

June 25. 
May 11. 

Dec. 5. 
Aug. 26. 

May 3. 
Feb. 10. 
May 3. 
March 3. 

April 25. 

Sept. 16. 

April 25. 

July 8. 

March 24. 

Nov. 29. 

Christopher Gar- Mary 

Phebe Garrison 

Tunis Egbert 
Anne Egbert 

Jacob Vanderbilt Oliver 
Mary Vanderbilt 
Cornelius Cortelyou Martha 
Sara Cortelyou 

William Ward Anne 

Charity Ward 

Richard Connor Sara 
Catharine Connor 

Cornelius Vander- Phebe 

Eleanor Vanderbilt 

Tunis Egbert Tunis 

Anne Egbert 

Peter Perine Daniel 

Catharine Perine 

Cornelius Vander- Jacob 

Eleanor Vanderbilt 
CorneliusCortelyou Jacob 
Sara Cortelyou 

Peter Perine 
Catharine Perine 
Richard Connor 
Catharine Connor 


Jacob Vanderbilt Joseph 
Mary Vanderbilt 

Tunis Egbert 
Anne Egbert 

John Beatty 
Anna Beatty 




Rev. Richard Utely 

Edward Rev. Jacob Rogers 

Rev. Thomas Yarrel 

Rev. George Selle 

<t t< 

« u 

Rev. Thomas Yarrel 

i g o 7 .] Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N.Y. 4 1 


March 24. 
March 23. 
Sept. 22. 
Aug. 28. 

Dec. 7. 
Oct. 26. 

Jan. 22. 

Dec. 27. 

April 22. 
March 10. 
Sept. 23. 
Aug. 28. 
Oct. 14. 
Sept. 7. 
Oct. 14- 
Oct. 8. 

Feb. 17. 

Nov. 19. 

May 12. 
March 31. 
Oct. 20. 
Sept. 20. 

Nov. 3. 
Oct. 5. 
Nov. 9. 
Oct. 5. 

Jan. 20. 
Jan. 9. 

March 1. 
Jan. 17. 

April 5. 

Feb. 28. 

May 12. 

May 4- 

d. the 17. 

June 21. 

May 13. 

July 10. 

June 9. 


CorneliusCortelyou Mary Rev. Thomes Yarrel 

Sara Cortelyou tt ^ , , , 

Abraham V a n d e - Elizabeth Rev. Hector Gambold 

Mary Vandeventer u 

Peter Perine Peter 

Catharine Perine 

Richard Connor Richard 
Catharine Connor 

Simon Cortelyou 
Sara Cortelyou 
Jacob Vanderbilt 
Mary Vanderbilt 
Peter Colon 
Mary Colon 
James Colon 
Catharine Colon 

John Macky 
Ann Macky 

Tunis Egbert 
Anne Egbert 
Simon Cortelyou 
Sarah Cortelyou 





Peter Colon 

Mary Colon 

Stephen Martinoe Benajah 

Elizabeth Martinoe 

Christian Jacobson Catharine 

Anne Jacobson 

John Beatty Charity 

Ann Beatty 

Peter Perine Abraham 

Catharine Perine 

James Colon Daniel 

Catharine Colon 

Simon Cortelyou 
Sarah Cortelyou 

John Wendel 
Aletta Wendel 


Anne Marv 

42 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. [Jan., 

July 17. 

July 4- 
Nov. 13. 
Aug. 16. 

Jan. 26. 

Dec. 27. 

Feb. 8. 

Nov. 28. 

Feb. 8 
Jan. 21 
July 4 
June 10 
Oct. 8 
Sept. 7 

June 7 
April 13 
June 24 
May 21 
July 8 
June 25 
Nov. 18 
Nov. 12 

July 4. 
June 5. 
July 11. 

July 5- 
Nov. 21. 
Sept. 13. 

March 22. 
Jan. 21. 
April 19. 
March 13. 
July 26. 
July 7. 

May 16. 
April 17. 
Sept. 19. 
Aug. 19. 

James Colon Margaret 

Catharine Colon 
Nicholas Enyard Mathias 
Jemima Enyard 

CorneliusCortelyou Peter 
Sara Cortelyou 


Rev. Hector Gambold 

Jacques Cortelyou 
Mary Cortelyou 


Simon Cortelyou 


Sara Cortelyou 

James De Young 


Anne Connor 

Peter Colon 


Mary Colon 

Nicholas Enyard 


Jemima Enyard 

John Wendel 


Aletta Wendel 

Christian Jacobsen John Van 

Anne Jacobsen 


James Colon 


Catharine Colon 

Peter Perine 


Catharine Perine 

Christian Jacobson 


Ann Jacobson 

William Lake 


Dorothy Vanderbilt 

Nicholas Enyard 


Jemima Enyard 

Peter Colon 


Mary Colon 

John Wendel 


Aletta Wendel 

George Colon 


Mary Colon 

James Colon 


Catharine Colon 

1907.] Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y- 43 


Feb. 27. 

Dec. 21. 

May 8. 
April 15. 
June 12. 
Feb. 4. 

Jan. 2. 

Nov. 19. 

Feb. 26. 
Jan. 26. 
April 16. 
March ro. 
Oct. 1. 
July 21. 
Oct. 15. 
Aug. 27. 
Dec. 28. 
Nov. 8. 

Feb. 25. 
Jan. 25. 
May 30. 
May 11. 

Dec. 15. 

Oct. 9. 

Jan. 19. 

Sept. 2. 

March 30. 

Nov. 30. 

April 2. 
Jan. 29. 
May 25. 
April 26. 
Sept. 28. 
Aug. 7. 

March 14. 
Jan. 11. 


Nicholas Enyard Nicholas Rev. Hector Gambold 
Jemima Enyard 


Edward Beatty 
Eleanor Beatty 
Jacob Vanderbilt Jacob 
Catharine Vander- 

Jacques Cortelyou 
Sarah Cortelyou 



Peter Perine 

Catharine Perine 

George Colon 

Mary Colon 

Nicholas Enyard Elisabeth 

Jemima Enyard 

Peter Colon 

Mary Colon 

Lewis Reyerse 

Catharine Reyerse 


Mary Mag- 

James Colon Helena 

Catharine Colon 
Edward Beatty John 
Eleanor Beatty 

George Barnes Anne 

Dorothy Barnes 

Jacob Vanderbilt Jacob 
Catharine Vander- 

Benjamin Marlin 
Anne Marlin 

William Van Pelt 
Alice Van Pelt 
John Wendel 
Aletta Wendel 
George Colon 
Mary Colon 




Christopher Curtis Christopher 
Eve Curtis 

44 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. [Jan., 



March 15. 

Nicholas Enyard 


Rev. Hector Gambold 

Jan. 21. 

Jemima Enyard 

April 5. 

James Egbert 




Feb. 27. 

Elizabeth Egbert 

May 3. 

James Colon 

Mary Mag- 



April 12. 

Catharine Colon 


June 21. 

Lewis Reyerson 




May 24. 

Catharine Reyerson 


April 25. 

Peter Hagewout 




Feb. 18. 

Mary Hagewout 

April 21. 

Edward Beatty 




Feb. 22. 

Eleanor Beatty 

June 20. 

Peter Perine 




May 18. 

Catharine Perine 

Oct. 20. 

George Colon 




Oct. 8. 

Mary Colon 

James Egbert 




Sept. 24. 

Elizabeth Egbert 

Nov. 29. 

Moses Egbert 




Nov. 9. 

Catharina Egbert 


May 14. 

Nicholas Enyard 




b. & bap. 

Jemima Enyard 

July 5- 

Anthony Niel 




April 24. 

Mary Niel 

Nov. 6. 

Edward Beatty 




Oct. 9. 

Eleanor Beatty 

Nov. 12. 

Peter Hagewout 




Oct. 6. 

Mary Hagewout 

Nov. 29. 

Lewis Reyerson 




Oct. 20. 

June 25. 

Catharine Reyerson 

George Barnes 




Jan. 1. 

Dorothy Barnes 

July 8. 

Nathaniel Britton 




June 5. 

Catharine Britton 

Aug. 19. 

Simon Cortelyou 




July 18. 

Sarah Cortelyou 

Sept. 2. 

James Colon 




Aug. 17. 

May 5. 

Catharine Colon 

Peter Hagewout 




March 15, 

Mary Hagewout 

May 26. 

Benjamin Marlin 




March 28 

. Ann Marlin 

June 23. 

Anthony Niel 




May 8. 

Mary Niel 

Sept. 8. 

James Egbert 




Aug. 20. 

Elisabeth Egbert 

igo7-J Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y- 45 

Oct. 20. 
Sept. 10. 
Nov. 3. 
Sept. 15. 

March 4. 

Aug. 8. 

March 13 
Jan. 24. 

Lewis Reyerse Richard 

Catharine Reyerse 
Daniel Perine Joseph 

Lucy Perine 

John Lysk Isaac 

Sarah Lysk 


Rev. Hector Gambold 

George Colon George 

Mary Colon 
March 13. Edward Beatty William 

Feb. 10. Eleanor Beatty 
April 20. Edward Egbert Cornelius 
March 29. Mary Egbert Cortelyou 


Peter Hagewout Nicholas 

Mary Hagewout 

Nathaniel Johnson Charles 

May 2. 
Feb. 5. 
May 4. 
Oct. 26. 
May 4. 
April 5. 
June 15. 
May 5. 
July 27. 
July 2i. 
Aug. 3. 
March 26 
Oct. 25. 



March 20 




Eleanor Johnson 
Daniel Perine 
Lucy Perine 
John Egbert 
Mary Egbert 
Jeams Colong 
Catran Colong 
Elizabeth Vanpelt 

John Van Pelt 
Judy Van Pelt 
Barent Simonson 
Ann Simonson 
Henry Barger 
Mary Barger 


George Colong 

Mary Colong 
d. Sept. 4, 1818. 
April 10. John Dorset Catharine 

Same day. Martha Dorset 
May 25. John Dorset, a married Man 
Jan. 10, 

1752,* in Monmouth Co., East Jersey 


Nov. 6. James Burdine Ann 

Sept. 18. Elizabeth Burdine 

Nov. 6. Edward Beatty Jacob 

Oct. 8. Eleanor Beatty 


Catharine " " 

Joseph Rev. Jas. B. Birkby 

Anne " " 

Jeams " " 


John Beatty Rev. E. Thorp 


Catharine " " 

Rev. John Ellwein, on 
Staten Island 

Rev. E. Thorp 

* Old Style. 

46 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. [Jan., 

Nov. 21. 
April 15, 
d. Jan. 1, 

April 16. 
Feb. 13. 
April 16. 
March 15 
Nov. 2. 
Sept. 11. 
Dec. 17. 
Nov. 22. 
Dec. 31. 
Nov. 16. 

Lucy Perine wife of Daniel 
1 76 1. Perine 

John Egbert Ann 

Mary Egbert 

Edward Egbert Tunis 

Mary Egbert 

Barnabas Sprong Citie 

Jane Sprong 

Daniel Periene Lucia 

Lucia Periene 

Henry Barger David 

Mary Barger 

Baptisms by Rev. Frederic 

Aug. 19. 
July 28. 

Aug. 23. 
June 24. 
Sept. 9. 
Aug. 13. 
d. Jan. 3, 
Sept. 30. 
Sept. 6. 
Dec. 26. 

April 16. 


Feb. 4. 

Dec. 21. 

April 13. 
March 15. 

April 20. 
April 2. 

April 27. 
March 4. 

John Dorset 
Martha Dorset 

Stephen Wood 
Mary Wood 
George Colon 
Mary Colon 

James Burdine 

Elisabeth Burdine 

Peter Perine 





Cornelius Van der Mary 

Phebe Van der Bilt 

John Gerritson John 

Elizabeth Gerritson 

Edward Beatty 
Eleonor Beatty 

John Egbert 
Mary Egbert 

May 11. Cornelius Bedell 
May 5. Elizabeth Bedell 




Rev. James Birkby 
" on her sick bed 

Rev. E. Thorp 

It M 




Edw. Beatty, Edw. Eg- 
bert, Sarah Cortel- 
you, Eleanor Beaty 

Bap. at parents' house 

James & Cathrine Col- 
on, John Dorset 

James & Cathrine Col- 
on, Sarah Boillon 

John & Martha Dor- 
set, Doroth. Garri- 

Richard Connor, Sen r ., 
Lewis & Cathrine 
Ryerse, Sarah Bull- 

Lewis & Cathrine 
Ryerse, Mary Sal- 
ome Moering 

Lewis & Cathrine 
Ryerse, Salome 
Moering, Sarah Cor- 

Israel Bedell, Lewis & 
Cathrine Ryerse, 
Salome Moering 

IQ07-] Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. 47 

Aug. 10. 

July 15- 

Oct. 13. 
Oct. 7. 
Nov. 28. 

Nov. 30. 
Oct. 18. 
d. in 1872. 
Dec. 21. 
Nov. 17. 

Feb. 15. 

Dec. 30. 
d. in 1848. 

July 19. 
July 10. 
Oct. 18. 
Aug. 28. 

Nov. 8. 
Sept. 29. 
Dec. 6. 
Oct. 28. 

Jan. 9. 

Dec. 10. 

Jan. 3. 

Dec. 1. 

Feb. 28. 
Feb. 4. 
March 27. 

Oct. 1. 

April 25. 
March 17. 
July 6. 
June 23. 
Aug. 2. 

Nov. 2 . 

Peter Perine 
Sussanna Perine 
Peter Haughwort 
Mary Haughwort 
Stephen Martino 
Eleonor Martino 
Edward Egbert 
Mary Egbert 

Henry Barger 
Mary Barger 

John Jacobsen 
Hilletje Jacobsen 






James Colon, George 

& Mary Colon 
Bap. in parents' house 

John & Martha Dorset, 
Salome Moering, 
Sarah Cortelyou 

Lewis & Cathrine 

Niclas Burgher Mathias 
Cathrine Burgher 
Cornelius Van der Jacob 

Bilt Bap. at home 

Phebe Van der Bilt 
James Burdine John 


John Gerritson Cathrine 

Elizabeth Gerritson Conor 

James & Cathrine Col- 
an, John Dorset 

Lewis & Cathrine 
Ryerse, Sr. Salome 

John Skerret 
Mary Skerret 

John Egbert 
Mary Egbert 



Jacob Cortelyou Cornelius 


John Martino Charity 

Jane Martino 

Georg Colon 


Mary Colon 

John Baker 

John Wan 

Charity Baker 


Peter Perine 


Mary Perine 

Br. Lewis Ryerse, Br. 
James Colon, Sr. 
Salome Moering 

John & Martha Dorset, 

James Colon 
Bap. in parents' house 

Edward & Eleonor 
Beatty, James Colon 

48 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. [Jan., 

Baptism by Rev. John Ettwin. 



Aug. 29. 
Au£. 26. 

Sept. 16 
April 3 
Oct. 31 
Oct. 8 

Nov. 7 
Sept. 27 
Dec. 27 
Aug. 25 

John Dorset Sarah 

Martha Dorset 

Salome Moering, 
Sarah Cortelyou 

Baptisms by Rev. Frederic Moering. 

William Skerret Hannah 
Mary Skerret 

John Gerritson Richard 

Elizabeth Gerritson Conor 

Peter Perine 
Sussana Perine 
Samuel Smith 
Elizabeth Smith 

Jan. 2. John Jacobsen 

1790. Hilletje Jacobsen 
Nov. 8. 


Jan. 11. 

Jan. 16. 

March 25. 

Aug. 30. 

March 25. 
Feb. 10. 
May 9. 

May 29. 
April 26. 
May 29. 
May 6. 
June 20. 
Feb. 19. 
Aug. 28. 
July 25. 
Oct. 27. 
May 14. 
Nov. 6. 
Sept. 29. 

Feb. 12. Peter Perine 

1 791. Mary Perine 
Oct. ax. 

Richard Skerret 
Elizabeth Skerret 

Jeremy Hero 
Hannah Hero 

James Mott 
Appolona Mott 
John Martino 
Jane Martino 
Abraham Egbert 
Ann Egbert 
Edward Beatty 
Eleonor Beatty 
Peter Mitchel 
Mary Mitchel 
Niclas Burgher 
Cathrine Burgher 
Stephen Martino 
Eleonor Martino 
James Burdine 
Elizabeth Burdine 














Rich d . Conor, Lewis & 
Cathrine Ryerse, 
Salome Moering 

Bap. in parents' house 

Edward & Mary Eg- 

Lewis & Cathrine 

John & Martha Dorset, 
James Colon 

1907.] Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. 49 



Feb. 19. 
Jan. 15. 
May 7. 

May 27. 
April 11. 

June 8. 
Aug. 5. 
July 2. 

Sept. 24. 
Aug. 10. 
d. Aug. J 
Sept. 24. 
Aug. 13. 
Oct. 12. 
July 1. 
Nov. 25. 
Oct. n. 

Nov. 7. 
Nov. 30. 
Oct. 20. 

Feb. 3. 
Jan. 6. 
June 9. 

March 9. 
July 7. 
May 19. 

Aug. 10. 
Sept. 15. 

Sept. 27. 
March 22. 
Oct. 13. 
Sept. 23. 

Feb. 27. 

John Egbert Tunis 

Mary Egbert 

Cornelius Van der Charlotte 

Phebe Van der Bilt 
Robert Dunn Ann 

Bittje Dunn 

Tunis Egbert Ann 

Ann Egbert 

John Van der Bilt John 
Elizabeth Van der 


Richard Conor 
Sophia Conor 
1878, aged 86 yrs. 
John Baker 
Charity Baker 
Joseph Stilwell 
Susanna Stilwell 
John Jacobsen 
Hilletje Jacobsen 
Ab m . Egbert 
Ann Egbert 
Richard Syloy 
Hester Syloy 





Oliver Tay- 

Lewis Ryerse, Salome 
M o e r i n g , Mary 

John Garritson Mary 

Elizabeth Garritson 

Niclas Burgher Mary Ann 

Cathrine Burgher 

Jacob Cortelyou Elizabeth 

Elizabeth Cortelyou 

Cornelius Bedell John Van 

Elizabeth Bedell Deventer 

Henry Barger John 

Mary Barger 

Peter Perine Silas 

Mary Perine 

Stephan Martino John 
Eleonor Martino 
John Dorsitt John 

Martha Dorsitt 

Edward & Mary Eg- 
bert, Sr. Moering 

John Jacobsen & 

Peter Perine, Sen r ., 
Edward & Mary Eg- 

Edward & Eleonor 
Beatty, Edw. Egbert 

Baptisms by Rev. James Birkby 

James Moore James 

Catharine Moore 

James Perine, father & 
mother of the child 

50 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. [Jan., 

March 9. John Egbert Samuel 

Jan. 18. Mary Egbert 
d. 29 Jan., j 825. 

May 14. Jeremiah Aroe William 

Hannah Aroe 

Peter Mitchel 
Mary Mitchel 

John Skerret 
Mary Skerret 

Feb. 25. 

May 14. Peter Mitchel Mary 

Oct. 19 

May 14. Tohn Skerret Rachel 

Nov. 26. 

"b. March 31, 1794, James Bodine & bap 

who forgot to enter his name." 

Tunis Egbert John 

March 9. Ann Egbert 
June 22. James Lewis Mary 

Rebecca Lewis 
June 22. John Vanderbilt Oliver 
Elizabeth Vander- 
Tune 15. Edward Beaty Edward 

May 19. Eleonor Beaty 
Dec. 7. John Jacobson Peter 

Oct. 18. Hilletje Jacobson 
Dec. 16. Cornelius Van der Cornelius* 
May 27. Bilt 

Phebe Van der Bilt 

T 795- 
Jan. 26. Daniel Guihon Henry Gar- 

1794. Phebe Guihon ritson 

Dec. 26. 

b. Jan. 25, 1775, Eleonor Baker 
" Forgotten to enter in place " 

Feb. 15. Ab m . Egbert John 

Jan. 19. Ann Egbert 

April 12. Edward Egbert Ann 

April 6. Mary Egbert 

Jas. Collon, Edward & 
Mary Egbert 

Richard & Mary Sker- 

Richard & Mary Sker- 

Richard & Mary Sker- 

. by Rev. J. Birkby, 





Richard Connor 
Sophia Connor 

Richard Skerrit 
Elizabeth Skerrit 



Bap. at their house at 

New Dorp 
John Hauseman, John 

Gerritson, Phebe 

Van der Bilt 

Henry Garritson, 
Daniel Guihon, Bet- 
sey Garritson 

Edward & Mary Eg- 
bert & the father 

Edward Beatty, Ed- 
ward Egbert, Sarah 

Edw. Beatty, John 
Dorset, Rich d . Con- 
nor, Margaret Dor- 
set, Eleonor Beatty 

Richard Skerrit, S r ., 
Rich d . Skerrit, J r ., 
Mary Skerrit 

* Bap. at John Garritson's house. 

W J Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. K 




X 795- 

July 27. Ja 9 . Mott 

June ax. "Applican Mott 

Aug. 2. Henry Miller 

July 5. Mary Miller 

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Mr. & Mrs. Ratbon Catharine 
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Richard Skerrit 
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Peter Cortelyou 
Amey Cortelyou 

Nicholas Enyard 
Mary Enyard 

Abraham & 



Isaac Seymerson 
Elizabeth Seymer- 

Isaac Butler 

Between 4 & 5 Y rs - old - 

March 8. Isaac Butler 
About 2 yrs. old. 




John Garritson, Ja 9 . 
Collon, Mary Miller 

Edw. Beatty, James 
Perine, Anna Birk- 
by, Rebecca Bokee 

Baptised at home 

Benjamin & Eliz. Mar- 

Nicholas Burgher, 
Nicholas St il well, 
Frances Stilwell 

Rich d . & Mary Skerrit 
& the parents 

John & Martha Dor- 
sett, Sarah Cortel- 

Tunis & Ann Egbert, 
the grand mother 

George & Dorothy 
Barnes, Hannah 

Baptized in parents' 
house "a few hours 
before his departure " 

Bap. at home— ill with 
measles & expected 
to die 

52 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. V. [Jan., 

March 2 1 

Ruben Symerson Barnet 
Phebe Symerson 
March 21. Walther Dungin Sarah 
Abigal Dungin 
Jacob Cortelyou Sarah 
Daniel Noble Daniel 

bap. at home. 

April 7. 
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igoy.] Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. 53 






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James Egbert 


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child's grandfather 

May 27. 


March 17. 

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Amos Rooke, a married 
brought up a Quaker, 
Philadelphia Co. 

b. in 

Edward Beatty 
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June 11. Cornelius Van der Phebe 
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54 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. [Jan., 

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Bap. at parents' house 

Jacob Cortelyou Gertry 
ElizabethCortelyou Martha 

June 1. John Jacobson 
April 9. Hilletje Jacobson 

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March 17. Abigail Dungan 

June 8. Richard Conor 
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George Colon, Sarah 
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John & Ann Bedell, 
Sr. Christine Moer- 

Edward Beatty, 
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John & Elizabeth Ger- 
ritson Martha Dor- 

( 73? be continued.) 


The True Ancestry of Edgar Allan Poe. 55 


By Sir Edmund T. Bewley, M.A., LL.D., F.R.S.A.I. 

The romance associated with the name of Edgar Allan Poe ^as 
unfortunately, been imported into the account of his ancestry given 
by many of his biographers; and statements have been made in re- 
spect of it that are not only extravagant and unfounded, but simply 

^Forlhe's'e, as will be seen presently, Mrs. Sarah Helen Whitman- 
who was at one time engaged to be married to the poet-is mainly 
responsible ; but it must be borne in mind that she had been dominat- 
ed by his personality, and fascinated by the glamour of his genius 
and that to her at least he must have seemed at times to be descended 

r °Rut when the genealogist, with unbiassed mind and critical eye, 
investigates the 6 question of descent, he finds that the paternal an- 
celtry of Edgar Allan Poe cannot be strictly traced further back than 

f0 His Se grltgreat-grandfather was David Poe, of Dring, in the 
County Cava?, Ireland, who early in the eighteenth century was a 
tenant farmer on the estate of John Maxwell, Esq., M. P., for the 
County Cavan, afterwards created Baron Farnham 

The farm, which was a moiety of the townland of Dring, contained 
about 85 acres of rather poor land, and was situate in the parish of 
Kildallon, not far from the borders of the County Leitrim. David 
Poe appears to have been a member of the then Established Church, 
and the first record we have of him is contained in the old Vestry 
Book of Kildallon Parish, which shows that at the Easter Vestry 
held on the 18th April, 1720, David Poe, of Dryng, was appointed 
one of the overseers of roads. This appointment evidences that he 
occupied a respectable position in the parish, as men of some sub- 
stance were selected for such a post. 

He appears from entries in the Vestry Book to have been re- 
appointed at intervals up to October, i 73 i, and he attended I 11, 1 per- 
son the Vestries held on 5th July, 1725, 12th April, 1726, 5 th October, 
mi and 20th April, 1732. He subscribed his name to the Minutes 
of the 12th April, 1726, as "David Pooe" (sic.) ; but writing was 
evidently a matter of difficulty to him, and the signatures David 
Poe" affixed to the Minutes of the Vestry Meetings of 1725 and 1732, 
and "David Pooe" to the Minutes of the Meeting of 1731, are ob- 
viously in the handwriting of the Rector of the Parish, the Rev. 
Tames Brabazon. . , 

David Poe had three children, viz.: Alexander, who emigrated to 

56 The True Ancestry of Edgar Allan Poe. [Jan., 

America some time before 1741, and settled near Gettysburg; John, 
the great-grandfather of Edgar Allan Poe ; and Anne, who married 
Archibald Scott. Possibly Mary Cowan, mentioned in his will, may 
have been another daughter. 

In 1741 John married Jane McBride, who was then apparently 
resident in the parish of Drumully and County Fermanagh ; and for 
the purpose of obtaining a marriage license, John Poe and his father, 
David Poe, both described as of "Drin in the County of Cavan," en- 
tered into the customary bond to the Bishop of Clogher, in whose 
diocese the marriage was to be solemnized. The bond, the original 
of which is in the Public Record Office, Dublin, bears date the 31st 
August, 1741, and the signatures "John Poe" and "David Poe" 
affixed to it suggest that even the signing of a name was a trouble 
to John as well as to David. It is noticeable that on this occasion 
David Poe did not introduce a second "o" into his name. The mar- 
riage was solemnized shortly afterwards, and under an agreement 
then entered into, John Poe was put into possession of one-third part 
of his father's farm. 

David Poe made his will dated 25th August, 1742, being therein 
described as "David Poe, of Dring, in the parish of Kildallon and 
County of Cavan, farmer," and he thereby bequeathed to his dearly 
beloved wife, together with his son-in-law, Archibald Scott, and 
Anne Scott, his wife, the one-half of his holding, being a fourth part 
of Dring, together with all moveables then in the Testator's posses- 
sion; and secondly, to his son Alexander the sum of £5 sterling, in 
case he came to this country within six years after the Testator's 
decease ; thirdly, the sum of £3, to be paid to Mary Cowan ; and 
fourthly, to the Testator's son John, together with the third he then 
enjoyed by marriage article, as much of the Testator's holding as 
would make up the half, being the fourth part of Dring, together with 
ten head of sheep, and the one-half of all tackling belonging to the 
plough ; and the Testator appointed his wife sole executrix. The 
will was signed by the Testator merely by a mark. 

David Poe died shortly after the execution of his will, and it was 
proved in the Consistorial Court of the Diocese of Kilmore on the 
22nd September, 1742, by his widow, Sarah Poe. 

John Poe appears to have remained at Dring for seven or eight 
years after his father's death, working his portion of the farm, until 
the pressure of an increasing family, and the example of his elder 
brother, led him to cross the seas. His wife is believed to have been 
a daughter of the Rev. Robert McBride, Presbyterian Minister of 
Ballvmoney, County Antrim, and sister of John McBride, who after- 
wards became an admiral in the British Navy. Owing, no doubt, to 
his wife's influence, John Poe after his marriage became a member 
of the Presbyterian Congregation worshipping at Croghan, near 
Killeshandra, about three miles and a half from Dring; and when 
children began to arrive — and they came pretty rapidly — they were 
baptized by the Presbyterian Minister at Croghan. 

The old Register of baptisms and marriages of the Croghan Con- 
gregation has been preserved, and appears to have begun in February, 

1907.] The True Ancestry of Edgar Allan Poe. 57 

1741-2; but unfortunately one or two leaves containing the earlier 
baptisms have dropped out, and in this part should have been entered 
the baptism of David, the eldest son of John and Jane Poe. How- 
ever, the baptisms of three of their other children appear, viz.: 
George Poo (sic), 24th April, 1744; Mary Poo, 19th March, 1745-6; 
and Jean Poo, 16th February, I747" 8 - , T -,-, 

There were ten children of the marriage of John and Jane Poe ; 
and as no further baptismal entries of their children are found in 
this book, we may conclude that the emigration of the family to 
Pennsylvania took place about 1748 or 1749. 

David and George accompanied their parents, being then infants 
of tender years ; and the history of the family from the time it was 
established in America is not difficult to trace. John Poe settled m 
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and when David, his eldest son, 
grew up, he became in the' first instance a wheelwright. On moving 
afterwards to Baltimore, he engaged in some other business, and 
appears to have met with success. 

On the outbreak of the War of Independence he warmly and ac- 
tively supported the American cause, and in September, 1779, was 
appointed Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General on the Baltimore 
lines. From holding this post he was afterwards known in the family 
as "General Poe." He gained the confidence and esteem of Lafay- 
ette, who remained his lifelong friend. 

He married Elizabeth Cairnes of Pennsylvania— described as a 
beautiful woman— and the eldest son of the marriage was David 
Poe the younger, born in 1786. When he grew up he was trained 
for the law, but, captivated by the charms of Mrs. Elizabeth Hop- 
kins, an actress, and the widow of C. D. Hopkins, a comedian, he 
married her, and went on the stage. "General" Poe and the other 
members of his family were strict Presbyterians, and this marriage 
and the adoption of the profession of an actor by his eldest son were 
a great grief to the General, and caused an estrangement between 
him and his son. 

Edgar Poe, born the 19th January, 1809, was the second son of the 
marriage of David Poe the younger and Elizabeth Hopkins. On the 
death of his parents in 181 1 he was taken charge of by Mr. John 
Allan, a wealthy tobacco merchant of Richmond, Virginia, and in 
after life he assumed the additional name of Allan. For the career 
and works of this gifted but unfortunate genius, reference should be 
made to the encyclopaedias, or to some of the numerous books that 
deal with his life and works. 

In his lifetime the question of his Irish ancestry had become a 
subject of enquiry. He believed that the Poe family was remotely 
of German origin, and in an unpublished letter, dated 14th July, 1839, 
written to his cousin, George W. Poe, of Mobile, Alabama, he thus 
expresses himself: 

"There can be no doubt, I think that our family is originally German, as 
the name indicates it; it is frequently met with in German works on Natural 
History and a Mr. Poe is now living in Vienna, who has much reputation as 
a naturalist The name there is spelled with an accent, thus, Poe, and is 

58 The True Ancestry of Edgar Allan Poe. [Jan., 

pronounced in two syllables, "Po-a." As far back, however, as we can trace, 
our immediate progenitors are Irish." * 

Edgar Allan Poe's knowledge of his Irish ancestors did not extend 
further back than his great-grandfather, John Poe, and of the ac- 
quirements and true position of the latter he seems to have been in 
complete ignorance ; for in another passage in the letter quoted above 
he says: 

"John Poe about a century ago was a name of much note in the financial 
history of Ireland; he was of ancient and noble family, and married the sis- 
ter of the British Admiral McBride, himself of illustrious descent." 

Let us now see how the question of the ancestry of Edgar Allan 
Poe has been treated by his principal biographers. 

In her little book on "Edgar Poe and His Critics," published in 
New York in i860, Mrs. Sarah Helen Whitman states: 

"Those who are curious in tracing the effects of country and lineage in the 
mental and constitutional peculiarities of men of genius may be interested in 
such facts as we have been enabled to gather in relation to the ancestry of 
the Poet. The awakening interest in genealogical researches will make these 
acceptable to many readers ; and in their possible influence on a character so 
anomalous as tbat of Edgar Poe they are certainly worthy of note. 

John Poe, the great-grandfather of Edgar Poe, left Ireland for America 
about the middle of the last century. He was of the old Norman family of 
Le Poer, a name conspicuous in Irish history. Sir Roger le Poer went to 
Ireland as Marshal to Prince John in the reign of Henry II, and became the 
founder of a race connected with some of the most romantic incidents of 

The family of the le Poers, like that of the Geraldines and other Anglo- 
Norman settlers in Ireland, passed from Italy into the North of France, and 
from France through England and Wales into Ireland, where, from their 
isolated position, and other causes, they retained for a long period their 
hereditary traits, with far less modification from intermarriage or consocia- 
tion with other races than did their English compeers. Meantime the name 
underwent various changes in accent and orthography. A few branches of 
the family still bore in Ireland the old Italian name of De la Poe. 

John Poe, the great-grandfather of Edgar Poe, married a daughter of 
Admiral McBride, distinguished for his naval achievements, and connected 
with some of the most illustrious families of England. From genealogical 
records transmitted by him to his son David Poe, the grandfather of the 
Poet, who was but two years of age when his parents left Ireland, it appears 
that different modes of spelling the name were adopted by different members 
of the same family. David Poe was accustomed to speak of the Chevalier 
le Poer, a friend of the Marquis of Grammont, as having been of his father's 

In "The Works of Edgar Allan Poe" (Edinburgh 1874), edited 
by Mr. John H. Ingram, a memoir of the poet is given, in which the 
account of his ancestry is founded on Mrs. Whitman's statements. 
The march of the family from Italy into the North of France and 
from France through England and Wales into Ireland is retold, and 
— improving on Mrs. Whitman — it is alleged that a few branches 
of the family "still bear in Ireland the old Italian name of De la Poe." 
It is further stated that through her father, Edmund Power, Lady 
Blessington claimed descent from the same old family. 

* I am indebted for a copy of this letter to Mrs. E. D. Latta of Dilworth, Charlotte, North 
Carolina, whose maternal grandmother was a member of the American branch of the Poe 
family.— e. t. b. 

i9°7-] The True Ancestry of Edgar Allan Poe. 59 

"A descendant of this famous and high-spirited race was John Poe, who 
by his marriage with Jane, daughter of the distinguished naval hero, Admiral 
McBride, became allied with some of the most illustrious families of Great 

Mr. Richard H. Stoddard edited an edition of the "The Works of 
Edgar Allan Poe" (London 1896), and in his notice of Poe's an- 
cestry he states:* 

"This family, which was called De la Poe, must have been very old, if it 
be true, as we are assured it was, that the name antedated the river Po" ; 

and after describing the change of name to le Poer, and the settle- 
ment of le Poers in Ireland, he proceeds : 

"It was involved in the internal dissensions of Ireland at a later period; 
and when that unfortunate country was invaded by Cromwell in 1649, only 
one of its three leading branches escaped his vengeance. Its name gradually 
changed, as I have remarked, De la Poe becoming le Poer, and le Poer Power 
and Poe; and with its change of name there was a change of its employ- 
ments, the marshals and seneschals of old time subsiding in the last century 
into a country gentleman who was the father of Lady Blessington ; of an 
attorney, who wrote the song of Gramachree ("as down on Banna's banks I 
strayed"), and a certain Mr. John Poe, whose only claim to remembrance is 
that he was the great-grandfather of Edgar Allan Poe." 

In "The Life of Edgar Allan Poe," by Colonel John A. Joyce 
(New York and London, 1901), we read: 

"Sir Roger de la Poe, of Italy, accompanied Prince John into Ireland in 
the year 1185, and the Poer, Poe or Power family continued to flourish in 
the Emerald Isle until a Roundhead Rough Rider, named Oliver Cromwell, 
in 1649 ripped up the rebellious Roman Catholics and crushed their civil and 
religious rights under the iron heel of despotism, murder and robbery in the 
name of God. It still proceeds. 

John Poe, the father of Lady Blessington, and great-grandfather of Edgar 
Allan Poe, suffered by the Puritan inundation. David Poe, born in London- 
derry, the grandfather of the poet, married the daughter of John MacBride, 
Scotch-Irish Admiral of the Blue. He emigrated to Pennsylvania before our 
Revolutionary War, and was a wheelwright by trade, and worked at his 
business in Baltimore, being a leader among the labor fraternities in that 

All these accounts of Edgar Allan Poe's ancestry might be de- 
scribed in Colonel Joyce's alliterative style, as "romance run riot;" 
but, as already stated, in Mrs. Whitman's case there are mitigating 

The other biographers, however, might have been expected to 
write more soberly, and to investigate the alleged matters of fact, 
before committing themselves to statements that not only lacked 
evidence to support them, but were demonstrably absurd. 

Mr. Stoddard must have been laughing in his sleeve when he 
stated that he had been assured that the family antedated the river 
Po, as every schoolboy knows that the name of the river in ancient 
times was Padus, and that Po is but the modern form of the name. 

As a very large number of surnames are derived from place names, 
a family illustrious or otherwise might have acquired its name from 
the river after it had become known as the Po, but unfortunately the 

* Vol. I, p. 2. 

60 The True Ancestry of Edgar Allan Poe. [Jan., 

name of the river is masculine in Italian — il Po — and the surname 
of De la Po could not have been derived from it. 

As a matter of fact, however, there is no trace of any family of 
De la Po or De la Poe having ever existed in Italy, or France, or 
anywhere else; and if there had been such, on no rational principles 
could the name have been converted into De la Poer or le Poer on a 
migration of the family to France. The tacking on of the letter r 
to words ending in a vowel, and the pronunciation of "villa" and 
"sofa" as "villar" and "sofar" are essentially English and American 

That members of a distinguished family called le Poer passed 
from Normandy to England and subsequently from England to Ire- 
land is beyond question. But, as has been pointed out more than 
once by eminent genealogists, "le Poer" in its origin was a purely 
personal surname,* and perhaps was a form of "le Pohier," i. e., "the 
native of Poix" ; and De la Poer is an absolutely impossible name to 
have arisen naturally. 

In Ireland "le Poer" was gradually changed into "Poore" and 
"Power" ; and had not a member of the Power family by an unfort- 
unate blunder assumed the title of "Count de la Poer," on being 
created a Count of the Holy Roman Empire, the surname of de la 
Poer would never have been heard of. But in law he was, of course, 
entitled to take any name he thought fit. 

There is not a tittle of evidence, however, that any member of the 
Poe family was descended from any le Poer or Power, and the state- 
ments as to the identity of the families is without the slightest foun- 
dation. But the most ridiculous and audacious assertion made by 
any of Edgar Allan Poe's biographers is the alleged relationship of 
the poet's great-grandfather John Poe to "the gorgeous" Lady Bless- 
ington. According to Mr. Stoddard, she was a sister of John Poe, 
while Colonel Joyce represents her as his daughter. 

This is a matter whose absurdity could at once have been made 
manifest if these biographers had taken the trouble to investigate 
the parentage of Lady Blessington and the date of her birth. Mar- 
guerite Power, who by her second marriage became Lady Blessing- 
ton, was the second daughter of Edmund Power, a small Roman 
Catholic landowner in the county of Tipperary, by his wife, Ellen 
Sheehy, who was also of the same faith. The future Lady Blessing- 
ton was born at Knockbrit, near Clonmel, County Tipperary, on the 
ist September, 1789 — that is to say, nearly half a century after John 
Poe's marriage with Jane McBride, and about thirty-three years 
after his death ! The grim Presbyterian farmer would turn in his 
grave if he learned that this brilliant and fashionable lady — the child 
of Roman Catholic parents, and the subject of many scandals — had 
been represented as his sister or daughter ; and if he were capable of 
feeling amused, he would surely grin at hearing that he had been 
described as a sufferer from the Puritan inundation of Ireland and a 
victim to Oliver Cromwell's despotism. 

* The Genealogist. N. S., XII., 215, 221; XIII., 15, 131; Studies in Peerage and Family 
History, by J. Horace Round, p. 18. 

1907.] The True Ancestry of Edgar Allan Poe. 6 1 

A statement of Poe's biographers as to the parentage of Jane 
McBride, the wife of John Poe, also needs correction. 

Admiral John McBride was the younger brother of Dr. David 
McBride, who was born on 26th April, 1726. He could not have 
been more than fourteen years of age when John Poe was married, 
and therefore it is impossible that Jane McBride could have been his 
daughter. It is now, however, alleged that she was his sister, and 
a daughter of the Rev. Robert McBride, Presbyterian Minister at 
Ballymoney. This is possible ; but the Rev. Robert McBride was a 
man of strong views, and it is difficult to understand how his daugh- 
ter came to be married in the Parish Church of Drumully, County 
Fermanagh, under a license granted by the Bishop of Clogher, and 
not in her father's meeting house at Ballymoney, County Antrim. 

At the time when David Poe, the great-grandfather of Edgar Allan 
Poe, was resident at Dring, County Cavan, there were many other 
Poes living in various parts of Ireland. In the early part of the 
seventeenth century three brothers, William, Thomas and Anthony 
Poe, became settlers in the North of Ireland in connection with the 
Plantation of Ulster. They were sons of Anthony Poe, of Papple- 
wick, in Nottinghamshire, and near relatives of Dr. Leonard Poe, 
one of the physicians of James I and afterwards of Charles I, a man 
of eminence in his profession. William and Anthony Poe settled in 
the County Tyrone, and Thomas Poe in the County Fermanagh. 
William Poe, while retaining his Tyrone lands, acquired an interest 
in lands on the Sedborough estate, in the County Fermanagh, to 
which he gave the name Manor Poe. Much information respecting 
the principal events of his life can be gathered from the printed 
calendars of State Papers, the Reports of the Historical MSS. Com- 
mission, and from the Public Records ; but it is sufficient here to state 
that he entred the Parliamentary Army in 1642 as a Captain, served 
for some time with distinction in Cromwell's own regiment, and 
eventually attained the rank of Major. He returned to Ireland in 
1673, and died in 1675, without leaving male issue. His brother, 
Anthony Poe, served as a Captain in the Parliamentary Army both 
in England and Ireland, and for his services in Ireland became en- 
titled to a grant of portion of the forfeited estates under the Crom- 
wellian Settlement of Ireland. He was the founder of a branch of 
the family long seated in the County Louth at Poe's Court, the name 
given to part of the lands of Drumgooldstown, acquired under the 
Acts of Settlement. 

Thomas Poe, another of the three brothers, suffered great losses in 
the Rebellion of 164 1. He subsequently joined the Parliamentary 
Army in Ireland, with the rank of Lieutenant, and received for his 
services a grant of lands in the County Tipperary. He was the pro- 
genitor of the Tipperary branch of the family with all its ramifica- 
tions, which is now represented by the Poes of Riverston, County 
Tipperary, the Poes of Heywood, Queen's County, the Poes of Har- 
ley Park, County Tipperary, and the Poes of Kilkenny. 

That David Poe, of Dring, was descended from one of the Poes 
who settled in Ireland in connection with the Plantation of Ulster is 

62 The True Ancestry of Edgar Allan Poe. [Jan., 

a most natural and reasonable supposition, and this view has been 
taken by some of the biographers of Edgar Allan Poe. 

In Appleton's Cyclopaedia of American Biography, edited by James 
Grant Wilson and John Fiske (New York, 1888), it is stated, in the 
account it gives of Edgar Allan Poe : 

"His great-grandfather, John, who came from the North of Ireland to 
Pennsylvania about 1745, was a descendant of one of Cromwell's officers." 

Mr. John H. Ingram, in his later book "Edgar Allan Poe, His Life, 
Letters and Opinions" (London, 1880), abandons Mrs. Whitman's 
ideas as to Poe's ancestry, and states: 

"It must be confessed that the earliest reliable records do not carry the 
paternal ancestry of Edgar Allan Poe further back than the middle of the last 
century; but if his ancestors were descended, as is extremely probable, from 
the Poes of Riverston (County Tipperary, Ireland), the race may be traced 
back nearly two centuries earlier." 

Mr. James A. Harrison — Edgar Allan Poe's most recent biograph- 
er — in his ''Life and Letters of Edgar Allan Poe" (New York, 1902 
and 1903), has also taken this view of Poe's ancestry. He states : 

"The biographers of Poe are indebted to Mr. John H. Ingram for the 
surest testimony, obtained from the poet's family in Baltimore, as to his 
ancestry. 'There is no good reason,' says John P. Poe, Esq., of Baltimore, 
to suppose that the ancestors of Edgar Allan Poe were descended from the 
la Poers [the Anglo-Norman family who passed from Italy to France, and 
from France to England, Wales and Ireland, and with whom Mrs. Sarah 
Helen Whitman, the poet's fiancee in 1848 connected her own and Poe's 
progenitors.] John Poe, the progenitor of the family in America, emigrated 
from the North of Ireland a number of years before the Revoluiton, and 
purchased a farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, whence he afterwards 
removed to Cecil County, Maryland. At the time of the Revolution he was 
residing in Baltimore. His wife was Jane McBride, believed to be a sister 
[not a daughter, as frequently stated] of James McBride, Admiral of the 
Blue, and M. P. for Plymouth in 1785." 

But when an attempt is made to trace the descent of David Poe, 
of Dring, from one of these Cromwellian officers great difficulties 
present themselves. In the first place, there is a total absence of any 
evidence on the subject. The rentals of the Maxwell or Farnham 
estate of David Poe's time are not forthcoming. His farm was 
probably held under a tenancy from year to year, and no lease or 
other instrument dealing with it was registered in the Registry of 
Deeds Office. The old Parish Registers of Kildallon and the neigh- 
boring parishes have long since disappeared, and a Hearth Money 
Roll* of the County Cavan of the year 1664 — which gives the names 
of all householders in the county at that date, down to the occupier 
of the humblest cottage — does not contain the name of Poe. 

But, independently of the failure of proof, there are difficulties of 
a different nature. From which of the original settlers should descent 
be traced? Major William Poe may be disregarded, as the terms 
of his will negative the idea of his having left male descendants. 
Lieutenant Thomas Poe seems also out of the question, as ample in- 
formation as to his sons, grandsons and their issue is supplied by 
wills, deeds and other documents, and no place can be found amongst 

* These are parchment rolls now in the Public Record Office, Dublin, giving the names of 
all the householders in the County, with the number of fire places or hearths in each house. 

1907.] The True Ancestry of Edgar Allan Poe. 63 

them for David Poe, of Dring. The same may be said also of Cap- 
tain Anthony Poe ; so that although the hypothesis of the descent of 
David Poe, of Dring, from one of these northern settlers seems 
plausible and probable enough, it cannot be accommodated to the 
facts.* It may be added, too, that a further difficulty arises from the 
fact that, although "David" occurs three times as a baptismal name 
amongst Edgar Allan Poe's ancestors, it is not found elsewhere in 
the Poe family. 

Under these circumstances it occurred to the present writer to 
make a careful investigation as to whether there had been in Ireland 
any other unattached Poes, i. e., Poes whose relationship to one of the 
Nottinghamshire settlers could not be made out. 

An administration bond found amongst the records of the Diocese 
of Armagh in the Public Record Office, Dublin, dated 5th February, 
1764, and entered into by Grace Poe, widow of Thomas Poe, late of 
Drummond, in the parish of Clonfeacle, County Tyrone, farmer, on 
obtaining letters of administration of the effects of her deceased 
husband, led to an examination of the Parish Registers of the Parish 
of Clonfeacle. 

Clonfeacle is a large parish situate partly in the Barony of Onei- 
land West, and County Armagh, and partly in the Barony of Dun- 
gannon, and County Tyrone, Amongst the townlands in the Tyrone 
portion of the parish are Drummond and Ballymackleduff. The 
Parish Registers go back to a much earlier date than is ordinarily 
found in country Parish Registers in Ireland. The Register of Bap- 
tisms begins in 1743, but both in it and in the Register of Burials 
there are at times serious gaps. 

The earliest enlry in the Registers relating to a Poe is as follows: 

"Jan. 4, 1761 : 

There was married by the Rev. Mr. James Dobbins, Thomas 
Poe and Grace McAttaggart, of Drummond." 

This was, of course, the Thomas Poe whose widow Grace obtained 
letters of administration in 1764. 

We next find from the Registers that James Henderson and Jane 
Poe, of Ballymackleduff, were married by license on 7th April, 1809, 
and that John Kerr and Mary Poe were married by license on 15th 
July, 1814. 

On the 19th March, 1820, Thomas, son of William Poe, of Bally- 
mackleduff, was baptised, and on the 26th July, 1825, there is an 
entry of the baptism of William, son of William and Sarah Poe, of 

In 1822 the curate of the parish of Clonfeacle made a house-to- 
house visitation of the parish, and took a census of all who were at- 
tendants at the Parish Church, recording the particulars thus ascer- 
tained in the Parish Register. 

* Elaborate pedigrees of the several branches of the Irish Poes have been carefully com- 
piled from wills, deeds, Parish Registers, marriage license bonds and grants, bills in Chancery 
and in Equity Exchequer, and other documents, supplemented by information obtained from 
members of the Poe family, and will be soon published together with the early history of the 
family.— e. t. b. 

6 4 

The True Ancestry of Edgar Allan Poe. 


Amongst those in the townland of Ballymackleduff appear : 

"William Poe and wife and one child. 
2 Communicants," 
to which the curate has added, "offended with the Rector." 

These were William and Sarah Poe, and the youthful Thomas 
Poe, who had been baptized on the 19th March, 1820. 

On the 10th April, 1857, is entered the burial of William Poe, of 
Ballymackleduff, aged 75. 

This information, gathered from the Parish Registers, may be 
supplemented by the following marriage license bonds amongst the 
records of the Diocese of Armagh. 

Bond dated 27th June, 1782, by John Poe, of Drummond, Parish 
of Clonfeacle, and County of Tyrone, and another, on the issue of a 
license to solemnize matrimony between John Poe and Isabella Will- 
iams, of Drummond, spinster. 

Bond dated 13th April, 1841, by John Briars, of Kilmore, in the 
Parish of Aghaloo, and County Tyrone, and William Poe, of Bally- 
mackleduff, in the Parish of Clonfeacle, and County Tyrone, farmer, 
on the issue of a license for the marriage of John Briars and Jane 
Poe, of Ballymackleduff, spinster. 

From these materials the following conjectural pedigree of the 
Poes of the Parish of Clonfeacle might be sketched out : 

Thomas Poe,= 
of Drummond, Parish of Clon- 
feacle, Co. Tyrone, farmer; d. 

;Grace McAtaggart, 
m. 4 Jan., 1761. 

John Poe,==Isabella Williams, 
of Drummond. m. 1782. 

William Poe ,— ^ Sarah 
of Ballymackleduff, 
Parish of Clonfeacle, 
bur. 10 April, 1857, 
aged 75. 


m. 7 April, 1809, 

James Henderson. 


m. 15 July, 1814, 

John Kerr. 

Thomas Poe, 

bapt. 19 March, 1820. 

William Poe, 
bapt. 26 July, 1825. 

m. 1841, 
John Briars. 

There is also a marriage license bond amongst the Armagh Dio- 
cesan Records, dated 18th December, 1836, entered into by Thomas 
Poe, of Drummond, in the Parish of Clonfeacle, and John Burgess, 
of Finlay, in the same parish, on the issue of a license to solemnize 
matrimony between Thomas Poe and Susan Burgess, of Finlay, 
spinster; and this Thomas Poe might be tacked on tentatively to 

I 9°7-J The True Ancestry of Edgar Allan Poe. 65 

the foregoing pedigree as a grandson of Thomas Poe and Grace his 
wife by a younger son of theirs. 

However, for the present purpose it is enough to state that for 
what is substantially a century, viz., from the marriage of Thomas 
Poe, of Drummond, and Grace McAtaggart, in 1761, to the burial 
of William Poe, of Ballymackleduff, in 1857, a number of persons 
bearing the name of Poe lived in the parish of Clonfeacle, County 
Tyrone, whose connection with Major William Poe or one of his 
brothers cannot be shown. But it may also be added that the Poes 
of Dring, County Cavan, and the Poes of Clonfeacle, are the only 
Poes in Ireland hitherto noticed in the Public Records of whom such 
a statement can be made. 

Whence, then, did these Poes come? They did not spring from 
the ground like mushrooms in a night, and at a time when travelling 
was difficult and expensive they are not likely to have migrated to 
those inland localities from any great distance. 

The Hearth Money Rolls of Tyrone for the years 1665 and 1666, 
and many Subsidy or Tax Rolls of earlier date, have been examined, 
and no Poe has been found in them. The Hearth Money Rolls of 
about the same period for the counties which surround Tyrone, viz., 
Monaghan, Fermanagh, Donegal, Londonderry and Armagh, have 
also been examined, but with a like negative result ; and, as already 
stated, the Cavan Hearth Money Roll of 1664 does not contain anv 

So far the quest for unattached Poes — as they have been termed — 
had given no assistance towards solving the problem of the ancestry 
of David Poe, of Dring, but on the contrary, had evolved another 
puzzle of great difficulty, as to the origin of the Poes of Clonfeacle. 
It seemed indeed a case of attempting to explain "obscurum per 

Light, however, came from an unexpected quarter; and not only 
was the cloud of mystery that seemed to surround the Clonfeacle 
Poes dispelled, but a clue was seen to the solution of the original 

An examination was made of the returns for the parish of Clon- 
feacle of the census taken in Ireland in 1821 — which it will be re- 
membered was the year after the baptism of Thomas, son of Will- 
iam Poe, of Ballymackleduff, and the year before the curate of 
Clonfeacle had taken his census of the Church population — and not a 
single Poe was found within the limits of the Parish ! 

But the returns disclosed that there were a large number of Powells 
in the Parish ; and after a few moments' consideration it became 
manifest that those in the townlands of Drummond and Ballymack- 
leduff included persons who have been already referred to as Poes. 

For example, in Ballymackleduff the inhabitants of one house were 
returned thus : 

"William Powell, aged 34, farmer. 

Sarah Powell, wife, 27, flax spinner. 

Thomas Powell, son, 1. 

Elizabeth Carter, 25, flax spinner, servant." 

66 The True Ancestry of Edgar Allan Poe. [Jan., 

These are, of course, the "William Poe and wife and one child" 
mentioned in curate's census of 1822 ; the "William and Sarah Poe" 
whose son William was baptized on the 26th July, 1825 ; the "Will- 
iam Poe" whose burial at the age of 75 is recorded in the Parish 
Register under the date of the 10th April, 1857; and "Thomas, son 
of William Poe, of Ballymackleduff," baptized on the 19th March, 

Three families named Powell were at this time living in Bally- 
mackleduff and three in Drummond ; and in the returns for the latter 
townland, "John Poe, of Drummond," who was a party to the mar- 
riage license bond of the 27th June, 1782, now appears as "John 
Powell," and his wife, whose maiden name had been Isabella Will- 
iams, is now set down as Isabella Powell. 

In the census of 1831 these same Poes or Powells are found, but 
now figuring under the name of Poel. 

In the census papers for 1841, the enumerator by whom the papers 
were issued had indorsed that for William Poe or Powell (the hus- 
band of Sarah and father of Thomas) as being for "William Poel," 
but the head of the family signs it as "William Powel." In the 
townland of Drummond three of the returns are indorsed respectively 
"Richard Poe" "William Poe" and "Thomas Poe;" but though 
Richard and Thomas sign the returns as "Powel," and William as 
"Poel," the indorsements furnish strong evidence that amongst their 
neighbors they were known by the name of Poe. 

In the census return for 1851 William Poe, or Powell (husband 
of Sarah, and father of Thomas), and the several members of his 
family are entered as "Poel," but he, as head of the family, signs the 
paper as "William Pole." 

From all this we gather that "Poel" and "Pole" were variants of 
the surname "Powell," and that for a century, if not longer, "Poe" 
was a well known abbreviated form of the name in this part of Ire- 

Going back now with the knowledge thus acquired we find this 
corroborated in many ways. 

Thomas Poe, of Drummond, who was married to Grace McAtag- 
gart on the 4th January, 1761, obtained the marriage license by vir- 
tue of a bond dated 4th December, 1760, made out in the name of 
Thomas Powell, and signed by him as "Thomas Pooel." A will of 
John Poell, of Drummond, dated 2nd October, 1781, bears the signa- 
ture of John Poole; and the marriage license bond dated 13th April, 
1841, already mentioned, executed on the issue of a license for the 
marriage of John Briars, with Jane Poe, daughter of William Poe, of 
Ballymackleduff, is signed by the latter "William Pul." 

But, on the other hand, the marriage license bond, dated 27th 
June, 1782, entered into on the issue of the license for the marriage 
of John Poe. of Drummond, and Isabella Williams, bears the signa- 
ture "John Poe," and the marriage license bond of 18th December, 
1836, executed before the marriage of Thomas Poe, of Drummond, 
and Susan Burgess, is signed "Thomas Poe." 

It is quite clear, therefore, that several of the Northern Powells 

1907.] The True Ancestry of Edgar Allan Poe. 6j 

were baptized, married and buried under the name of Poe, and that 
some of them made use of the name when signing formal legal docu- 

Powell is a name met with in the County Armagh at an early 
period. William Powell, described as of "Castlepark, Tutberry 
(Tutbury), in the County of Stafford, Esq,"— one of the equerries 
of James I — was one of the original undertakers in the Plantation 
of Ulster, and was granted the "great proportion of Ballyworran" 
(now Ballyvoran), in the Barony of Oneiland, and County Armagh. 
He disposed of his interest before long to Michael Obbyns, but many 
persons bearing the name of Powell — not necessarily, however, re- 
lated to him in any way — settled early in the seventeenth century as 
tenants on the Plantation estates in the North of Ireland. This we 
know from a record still extant of the musters of tenants and re- 
tainers held about the year 1630 in the several escheated counties. 
Powells then appeared, armed with swords, pikes, and other weapons, 
in the newly created manors in the counties of Cavan. Fermanagh 
and Armagh ; but when the rebellion of 1641 broke out, they were 
despoiled of their goods, driven from their homes, and at least two 
of their number murdered. After the insurrection was suppressed, 
Powells were still found in the County Armagh, but the Hearth 
Money rolls of 1664- 1668 of Cavan and Fermanagh show that they 
had then disappeared from these counties. 

In the Hearth Money Roll for the County Armagh of the year 1665 
Patrick Powell appears at Magherlecoomore, in the Barony of Onei- 
land West, and William Powell at Ballymatrons, in the Barony of 
Armagh. In the Hearth Money Roll for 1664 the name of the lat- 
ter is given as "William Pole." 

As already stated, part of the Parish of Clonfeacle is in the Barony 
of Oneiland West, County Armagh ; and as no persons of the name 
of Powell, or any variant of it, appear in the Parish of Clonfeacle, 
or anywhere else within the county, in the Tyrone Hearth Money 
Rolls of 1665 or 1666, it is obvious that the Powells who are found 
there afterwards were a branch of the County Armagh family. 

Amongst the soldiers who served in one of the regiments of the 
Parliamentary Army in Ireland in suppressing the Rebellion of 1641, 
and thus became entitled to share in the distribution of the forfeited 
lands, were Jonathan Powell and David Powell. The association of 
the two names should be noticed, and the Christian names are such 
as might well belong to members of the same family. The names are 
found in a certificate of the Court of Claims, dated the 2nd of Janu- 
ary, 1668-9. This dealt with the claims of Colonel Henry Pritty, Cap- 
tain Benjamin Barry and the officers and soldiers of the same regi- 
ment, who had consented that the certificate should be granted to 
Henry Pritty, Benjamin Barry and the well known Sir William 
Petty, author of the Down Survey, and their heirs, in trust for the 
numerous persons therein mentioned, according to their respective 

Each officer and soldier had received from the authorities a de- 
benture for his arrears of pay, and was entitled to have the amount 

68 The True Ancestry of Edgar Allan Poe. LJ an -> 

satisfied out of the forfeited lands; but soldiers whose claims were 
small in amount sold their claims either to their officers or to outside 
purchasers, and did not actually receive any grant of lands. In the 
present case the total amount of the claims certified was £28,913:- 
16:9^2, and the proportion of this due to Colonel Henry Pritty was 
£2,604:2:1; to Jonathan Powell, £11:19:4; and to David Powell, 
£61 :8 :2. The lands allotted, out of which the claims were to be 
satisfied, were situate in the County Kerry, and the greater portion 
of them seem to have been eventually granted to Sir William Petty, 
the purchaser of the rights of most of the claimants, and no doubt 
they now form part of the extensive estates of his descendant, the 
Marquis of Lansdowne. 

On the 7th of June, 1693, Jonathan Powell, described as of Bally- 
aghy, County Armagh, gent, obtained from the Archbishop of Ar- 
magh two leases of See lands in the County Armagh ; one, a renewal 
of a former lease of the two townlands of Ballymatron Oughtra and 
Ballymatron Eightra, and the other, a demise of the townlands of 
Ballyaghy, Ballybrolly, and others. 

The two townlands of Ballymatron were in the occupation of 
William Powell at the time the Hearth Money Roll for the County 
Armagh was compiled in 1665, no doubt under the lease which was 
renewed in 1693, and Jonathan Powell was, we may feel sure, a son 
of William. 

This Jonathan Powell left four daughters and no son, but the line 
of the family was continued through his brother, Arthur Powell, 
whom we find as a party to several leases and deeds in the early part 
of the eighteenth century, and who lived at Drumbee, in the Parish 
and County of Armagh. 

The foregoing facts establish that there was a family named Pow- 
ell in the County Armagh in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, 
and that a branch of it penetrated into a portion of the County 
Tyrone, bordering on Armagh, and was there known from time to 
time as Powell, Poel, Poole and Poe. The question then suggests 
itself: is there evidence that any member of this family migrated to 
the County Cavan, and to the locality in which David Poe of Dring 
is found? 

An answer to this can be given with certainty. On the 8th of 
March, 1719, a license was issued by the Consistorial Court of the 
Diocese of Kilmore for the marriage of Jonathan Powell of the 
parish of Armagh and County of Armagh, gentleman, and Margaret 
Bennett, of the Parish of Drumlane, County of Cavan, and Diocese 
of Kilmore. 

This Jonathan Powell without doubt was a son of Arthur Powell 
of Drumbee and a nephew of Jonathan Powell of Ballyaghy and 
Ballybrolly. After this marriage he moved to Corr, in the Parish 
of Templeport, County Cavan, which adjoins the Parish of Kildallon, 
in which the townland of Dring is situate. 

Jonathan Powell of Corr made his will, dated the 31st of August, 
1756, and the provisions of it show that he was a tenant farmer of 
much the same class as David Poe of Dring, and with about the 

1907.] The True Ancestry of Edgar Allan Poe. 69 

same moderate amount of education. A bequest to his three sons, 
Thomas, Jonathan and William, of certain boards, planks and Joyce 
(i. e., joists), refers to some of them as having been brought by him 
out of the County Armagh and identifies him as a member of the 
Armagh family of Powell. 

Can there be any reasonable doubt, then, that David Poe of Dring 
was also a member of the Powell family in whose case the custom 
existed — as with some of the Powells of Clonfeacle — to use the con- 
tracted form of the name ? 

The signature — such as it is — appended to the minutes of the 
vestry meeting of the 12th of April, 1726, represents the name as 
"Pooe," while in the marriage license bond of the 31st of October, 
1741, it appears as "Poe." 

The "David" and "Jonathan" of Dring and Corr — living almost 
cheek by jowl — recall to mind the fellow soldiers David Powell and 
Jonathan Powell to the certificate of the Court of Claims: and it 
seems highly probable that David Poe of Dring was in fact a brother 
of Jonathan Powell of Corr and another son of Arthur Powell of 
Drumbee. In the case of the Clonfeacle family we find one brother 
signing his name as Poe, while another, living in the same parish, 
always made use of the original name of Powell. 

If the foregoing views are accepted, the remote ancestors of Edgar 
Allan Poe are to be sought for in the Powell family and probably 
had their origin in Wales. 

The surname Powell came from Ap-Howell, i. e., the son of How- 
ell, just as Pritchard came from Ap-Richard, Bowen from Ap-Owen, 
and Pugh and Pue from Ap-Hugh. David, too, is a characteristic 
Welsh name. 

If Edgar Allan Poe was descended from the Powells, he may 
have had not only bards but princes amongst his ancestors, and 
some of his admirers may imagine that this may have had some 
influence on his talents or his character. Others, however, though 
admitting that some qualities of mind and body may be transmissible, 
will hold that genius does not depend on parentage or ancestry, and 
whenever and wherever it is found, one must feel thankful for it, 
without attempting to speculate too much on the human sources 
from which it has come. 

Recent investigations by the present writer show that there are 
good reasons for believing that the Nottinghamshire family of Poe 
also derived its name from Powell ; and if this turns out to be cor- 
rect, it will strongly support the views above expressed. 

Therefore, although, as already stated, the paternal ancestry of 
Edgar Allan Poe cannot be strictly traced for more than four gen- 
erations, there is a presumption — approaching almost to a certainty 
— that the Poes of Dring, from whom he was descended, were a 
branch of the Powells of the County Armagh. 

The foregoing pages may not have added very much to our knowl- 
edge of the early ancestors of Edgar Allan Poe, but they have at 
least corrected some errors, and pointed out the direction that future 
investigations on the subject should take. 


JO Editorial, Society Proceedings. [Jan., 


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Regular Meeting of the Society, November 9TH, 1906. 

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posed by Mrs. F. E. Youngs; Gen. Frank Morgan Freeman, Annual Mem- 
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Peckham, Annual Member, 440 Columbus Avenue, City, proposed by Win- 
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1907.] Society Proceedings. 7 1 

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The following deaths were announced: 
James Albert Garland, 
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Edwin Babcock Holden, 
Walter Seth Logan, 
Russell Sage, 
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The Executive Committee reported the resignation of Robert De Puy 
Farlee had been received Sept. 10, 1906. 

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absolutely impossible for them to proceed by boat, owing to the huge glaciers 
they encounter. 

Frequently, strapped to their staunch Indian ponies, they have to swim 
miles at a time. If, by accident, pony and rider become separated, it means 
almost certain death, as no man can long hold out against this swiftly moving 
icy water. 

Prof. Parker, who had recently visited Alaska, showed many beautiful 
colored views of this interesting country in all its varying characteristics which 
compared favorably with Norway in grandure of scenery, and in some cases 
even surpassed it. 

The native Indians, he said, were adverse to civilization, and rather 
shunned the white man. Although they seriously objected to have their 
pictures taken, the Professor had obtained several good ones, both of the 
Indians and their tents. The Totem Poles illustrated were most remarkable, 
and some of unusual size. 

The lecture certainly was a delightful treat, and every one appreciated it. 
The audience was one of the largest ever gathered together in our hall. 

At the close of the lecture a resolution of thanks was tendered to Prof. 

According to Art. VII., Sec. 3, By-Laws, the President appointed the fol- 
lowing Nominating Committee, to nominate five (5) Trustees for the term 
1907-19 10: 

Hopper Striker Mott, Chairman. 
Joseph Collins Pumpelly. 
Hiram Calkins. 
William M. King. 
Townsend Wandell. 

Regular Meeting of the Board Trustees, November 13TH, 1906. 

President Dwight in the Chair. 

Present: Messrs. Eliot, Wilson. Dwight, Wri ght Walker, Totten, Gibson 
Morrison and Drowne. 

Capt. Totten reported on behalf of the Executive Committee that 25 mem- 
bers had been added as follows: 1 Honorary, 4 Life and 20 Annual; lost by 
death io, resignation 10, and dropped 7. 

Hall Rents to Dec. 1, amount to $1,015.00, being an increase over last year 
of $216.00; the Room Rents amount to $158.50 per month, being an increase 
per month of $31.50. 

The growing cost of the Record was also referred to at length. 

On motion report was received and placed on file. 

"]2 Obituary. [Jan., 

Mr. Morrison, Treasurer, presented a report in detail as to the financial 
condition of the Society, showing a cash balance on hand of $367.63, and that in 
Permanent Fund assets we had on hand: 

3 U. S. Steel Bonds, $1,466.25 

Cash on hand, 382.49 


On motion report was received and ordered on file. 

The Librarian reported that the number of books received had been fully 
up to the record, the visitors numerous, and that through the assiduity of the 
Assistant-Librarian thirteen (13) new members had been gained during the 

Mr. Wright on behalf of the Publication Committee stated that the 1906 
volume of the Record was the largest ever issued; its alphabetically arranged 
index comprised about 12,000 names, and that the publication was in good 
condition and with an abundance of mortuary records on hand. 

President Dwight spoke as to the securing of material for the Record, and 
the portrait illustrations. 

President Dwight reminded the Board that the generous offer of Archer M. 
Huntington, of a building site on Washington Heights, which called for an 

On motion of Mr. Wright the Huntington proposition was referred to Mr. 
Drowne, the object in view being to hold the matter in abeyance for a short 
time longer, and to report at the next meeting. 

Dr. Dwight reported writing to Mrs. Russell Sage, having received a 
reply from her Secretary, and had prepared a letter setting forth the growing 
needs of the Society and its future sphere of usefulness. 

Henry Russell Drowne, Secretary. 


Garland, James Albert, a member of the New York Genealogical and 
Biographical Society since 1901, died Sept. 13, 1906, at Hanover, Mass., of 
consumption following an attack of pneumonia, aged thirty-five years. He had 
been ill for a long time, but suffered a new attack in July, and was removed 
from his country residence on Prudence Island, in Narragansett Bay, to 
Hanover for special treatment. His wife was his constant nurse in his pro- 
tracted illness. 

Mr. Garland was born in New York City, Nov. 28, 1870, and was the son of 
James A. Garland, the New York banker, and Anna Louise Fuller. He was 
graduated from Harvard University with the class of 1893, and inherited an 
estate estimated at $3,000,000. After his graduation he entered upon a success- 
ful business career in banking and stock transactions and added to his fortune. 
He became known as a horseman of discriminating taste and published a book 
entitled: The Private Stable, Its Establishment, Management and Appoint- 
ments. He was also an enthusiastic yachtsman. In I901 he became the editor 
of the New England Magazine and continued in that position until his failing 
health compelled him to relinquish it. He was a member of the Union Club, 
the New York and Seawanhaka Yacht Clubs, the Players, Strollers, Racquet 
and Myopia Clubs of New York City, as well as of other clubs in Boston. 

James A. Garland married in Sept., 1893, Marie L. Tudor of Brookline, 
Mass., who survives him. Her genealogy goes back on both her paternal 
grandfather's and grandmother's side to the Tudors who married into the royal 
family of England. Her father, Frederick Tudor, was the son of Frederick 
Tudor, the son of William Tudor, a colonel of the Revolutionary army under 
Washington, who was the son of John Tudor, a descendant of Owen Tudor of 
Windsor, Ct. Besides his widow he leaves five children: James Albert, Tudor, 
Charles, Hamilton and Hope Garland. 

Hicks, Benjamin Doughty, a life member of the New York Genealogical 
and Biographical Society since 1888, died Sept. 19, 1906, at his home in West- 


Obituary. 73 

hnrv L I aeed seventy years. He was born Feb. 24, 1836, in New York City. 
He y bdongeTto S th V e HfcL family of Long Island, and like the others ,wa a 
prominent member of the Society of Friends. Ih.s JJjeejrtB ancestry 
to a family of English gentry settled at Tortworth, Co. Gloucester ^j n g ia ""» 
whose earifest known aifcesJr was Sir Ellis Hicks who was knigh ted ^y j the 
Black Prince at the battle of Poitiers 1356. I he hrst of th : fam ly to come to 
Amenca was Robert Hicks, one of the *« * orefathers^ .who , came ^*«gP 
FTm-funs 1621 to Plymouth, Mass., and cast his lot with the Pilgrims or ine 
S^r 62I John &, the second son of Robert, ^«S£S^VTSS& 
whom Governor Kieft, in 1645, granted the township of Hushing L. ^d tooK 
a prominent part in the affairs of the settlement His nMeand thatoU« 
only son Thomas, who was appointed the first Judge of the County, appears in 
connection with almost every public measure for many years. 

Hi father Beniamin D. Hicks, 1737-1835, was the son of Isaac Hicks, a 
note? hip owner oT^w York, by hi/ wW iV'^ Sarah Doughty ; son oi 
Samuel Hicks 1741-1819, and Phoebe Seaman; son of Benjamin Hicks, 1713- 
1744 and Phoebe Titus; son of Jacob Hicks, i66 9 -i 7 55. and Hannah Carpenter 
son of lud-e Thomas Hicks, 1640-1741, and Mary Washburn; son of John 
Hicks {^patentee of Flushing? L. I., by his first wife, Horod Long; son of 
Robert Hicks the emigrant, by his first wife, Elizabeth Morgan; who was the 
son of James aS Phoele Hick's; the son of Baptist Hicks of Tortworth, Eng- 
Snd, by his wife Mary Everard, daughter of James Everard, Esq.; the son of 
Thomas Hicks of Tortworth and Margaret Atwood; the : son of ! John Hicks .of 
Tortworth, who died in i 4 Q2, and was a lineal descendant of Sir Ellis Hicks 
who was knighted at Poitiers, 1356, for bravery in capturing a set of colors 
Trom he French His mother Elizabeth T. Hicks, was a distant consul of his 
Sr being descendant from Judge Thomas Hicks and Mary Washburn 

Mr Hicks inherited a competent fortune, and instead of engaging in 
mercantile pursuits devoted himself to public affairs and charitable under- 
SkiSs H? made his home in New York City until 1870, when he removed to 
WesTury on Long Island. Throughout his whole life he was one of the mos 
diluent and pnbS! spirited members of society. He took part in the ear ,e t 
formation of the Republican party, and was the secretary of the h^st Republi- 
can club organized in New York City. For thirty years an act ^>ve worker in the 
Republican ranks. For ten years he was a member of the Re P u Jhcan gate 
Committee of the First Congressional District, and was ytimately a^>- ciated 
with the leaders of that party in his State, but never a candidate for orhce. rie 
wis a lffe5ong frien" of George William Curtis, and actively supported him in 
his campaigner civil service^reform. .He pined with Henry Bergh ,n organ- 
izing the first Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of. whichhe 
became the vice-president. He was also an active vice-president of the Soc ety 
or the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, both in New York and Brook yn 
and was one of the organizers of the Queens County Branch of the State 

^^rmcts^ed'aTLieutenant in the Civil War, and was a member of 
Elijah Ward Post, G. A. R., also a member of the hociety of Colonial VVars. 
He was a member of the New York Chamber of Commerce, a director of he 
^Guarantee and Trust Company, the Bond and Mortgage Company, the 
Realty Association, the Capital Company, -and the Long Is and Securities Com- 
pany Y He was also interested in a number of local ns ^utions, being president 
^ three banks, the Roslyn Savings Bank, Nassau County Bank 1 and Bank : of 
Hempstead Harbor. He was also an interested member of the New York 
GeS-ical and Biographical Society, and found time for genealogical and 
historical research. In i8q 4 , he edited and published at his own expense the 
records of the towns of Hempstead and North Hempstead-a monumental 
work to which Mr. Hicks, assisted by his wife, had devoted several years of 
their lives Every line of the old and almost illegible records that had to be 
deciphered with a magnifying glass, was gone over carefully and conscientiously 

tran Be r iIjarnin D. Hicks was twice married. His first wife was Maria Louise 
Herrick only daughter of Elias Hicks Herrick of New York bhe died in 
1861 In 1883 he married Alice Albertson, eldest daughter of Thomas \\. 
Albertson of Mineola, N. Y. Having no children by either marriage, he 

74 Obituary. [Jan., 

adopted a relative, Frederick Hicks Cocks, descended from Isaac and Sarah 
Hicks, the grandparents of Benjamin D. Hicks, who assumed the name of 
Frederick C. Hicks. His widow and adopted son survive him. 

Randell, Mrs. James Wells, a life member of the New York Genea- 
logical and Biographical Society since 1901, died December 3, 1906, at the 
Hotel Essex, Madison Avenue and Fifty-sixth Street, New York City, aged 
seventy-five years. She was born January 31, 1831, and was the only child of 
Lewis Belden, M.D., by his second wife Anna Maria Jackson. Her father was 
the son of Azor Belden of Norwalk, Ct., and Hannah Couch Smith; son of Azor 
Belden of Norwalk, and Margaret Arms; son of Daniel Belden of Deerfield, 
Mass., who suffered in the Indian attack upon Deerfield in 1696. His wife 
Elizabeth Smith and several of her children were killed by the Indians, and 
he himself taken prisoner and carried to Canada, where he was found by Cols. 
Peter and Abraham Schuyler, the Commissioners delegated to bear to Canada 
the copy of the articles of peace between England and France. Daniel Belden 
was the son of William Belden who settled at Wethersfield, Ct., about 1636. 

Her mother, Anna Maria Jackson, born in 1807, was trie daughter of Rev. 
John Frelinghuysen Jackson, pastor of the Dutch Church of Harlem, N. Y., and 
afterward of that of Sleepy Hollow, who was the son of the Rev. William 
Jackson of Bergen, N. J., by his wife, Anna Frelinghuyson, daughter of the Rev. 
Theodorus Jacobus Frelinghuysen of New Jersey; son of Patrick Jackson of New 
York, and Anna Van der Spiegel; son of William Jackson, who was banished 
for conscience's sake from Edinburgh and came to New York, where he mar- 
ried Anna, daughter of Hartman Wessels, a graduated physician and prac- 
titioner of medicine in the colony of New Amsterdam. William Jackson was a 
zealous Presbyterian, and it was at his house on Pearl Street, in January, 1707, 
that the first divine service was held in that faith in New York City — the pastor 
officiating being the Rev. Francis Makemie. The wife of Rev. John Freling- 
huysen Jackson was Hannah, widow of Peter Benson, and daughter of John 
Horn. She inherited a large property from her father whose residence was at 
the present junction of Broadway and Fifth Avenue. 

Mrs. Randell, was a member of the Colonial Dames of New Jersey, the 
Holland Dames, Daughters of the Revolution, Society of Patriots and Founders, 
and the New York Historical Society. She was married in 1856 to James Wells 
Randell of New York, a descendant of Jonathan Randell, patentee of the 
island in the East River, which derives its name from him but is spelled 
differently, being known as Randalls Island. Their only child, John Freling- 
huysen Jackson Randell, died in 1865. 

Van Vechten, Abraham Van Wyck, a life member since 1890, of the 
New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, died at the residence of his 
son-in-law, Samuel V. V. Huntington, at 69 E. 78th Street, New York, aged 
seventy-eight years. He belonged to the old Dutch family of New York de- 
scended from Teunis Dirkse Van Vechten. He was born in New York, March 
24, 1828, and was the son of Samuel Van Vechten and Louisa Van Wyck. 
His father, who died in 1882, was the son of Samuel Van Vechten and Sarah 
Van Orden; son of Teunis Van Vechten and Judith Ten Broeck; son of Teunis 
Van Vechten and Catalyntje Van Petten; son of Dirck Teunisse Van Vechten 
and Janet Vreelandt, who died in 1702, and was the son of Teunis Dirckse 
Van Vechten. 

Mr. Van Vechten was for fifty-five years a lawyer at 55 Pine Street, New 
York, and was an authority on real estate practice. He was graduated from 
Williams College in the class of 1847, and took great interest in his college, 
founding there the Van Vechten prize for extemporaneous speaking. He was 
a member of the Collegiate Reformed Church, was a member of its Consistory, 
and an active worker in the church. He was a member of the New York Bar 
Association, the American and State Bar Associations, the University Club, 
Sons of the American Revolution, Veterans of the War of 1812, and of the St. 
Nicholas and Holland Societies. 

1 907. 

Queries, Book Notices. 75 

Thompson, Frederick Diodati, life member of the New York Genea- 
logical and Biographical Society since 1877, died October 10 1906, at his resi- 
dence 17 West Thirty-sixth Street, New York City, aged fifty-six years. A 
sketch of his life will appear in the next issue of the Record. 


Cornell.— I would be glad to learn anything relating to Cornelius Cor- 
nell (Cornel), of Flatbush, L. I., and of his brothers Jacob of New Lotts, 
L I lohn of Big Bush, Jamaica Road, Adrian, William and Gilliam ot b. 
Hampton, Pa., and Simeon, of Lancaster, Pa., or of his sister Margaret, who was 
the wife of Remsen Vanderbelt. 

Van der Linde.— Among the early settlers of Schenectady, N. Y., was 
Teunis Cornelissen Swart, who m. Elizabeth Van der Linde, and became the 
father of Pieternelle, whose husband, Gerrit Van Vliet, was probably the eldest 
son of Adrian and Agatha (Jans Spruyt) Van Vliet. Does anyone know who 
were the ancestors of this Elizabeth? martense harcourt Cornell, 

Wappingers Falls, N. Y. 

Palmer.— Particularly wanted ancestry of James Palmer, of Westches- 
ter Co., New York, also maiden name of wife Elizabeth -— . Wanted, 
ancestry of Sarah Flewwilling (spelled so in deed or will), wife of Ajah Palmer 
(son of the above James), any dates of birth marriages deaths or revolutionary 
records. e. cowing, 24 E. Bayard St., Seneca Falls, N. Y. 

Smith-Cropley.— Information wanted of Mrs. Hannah Smith (widow) 
and of William Cropley, who were married Feb. 10, 1779 (New York Mar- 
riages n q-i) MRS. SARAH D. CROPLEY, 
nages, p. 93;. Marblehead, Mass. 

Stewart.— Can anyone give me any information about the ancestry of 
Admiral Charles Stewart, born in Philadelphia July 18, 1778; died in Borden- 
town, New Jersey, Nov. 7, 1869 ? His daughter, Delia Tudor, was the mother 
of Charles Stewart Parnell. . , 

Charles Stewart entered the merchant service at the age of 13, and rose 
from cabin-boy to commander of an Indiaman. He at one time commanded 
the Constitution, "Old Ironsides." He was the youngest member of the 
family, and was the son of Irish parents. I would like to know the names ot 
his brothers and sisters, and the dates of their birth. 

Charles Stewart, eldest son of Oliver Stewart, a Revolutionary soldier, was 
born (probably in New Jersey) about 1778. He entered the navy as cabin_boy, 
at the age of 13, on a ship commanded by his uncle His children were: Ezra, 
John Bruce, Charles, Wallace, Amanda, Ruth Ann, Melvina, Marcena, Martha. 
The coincidence that two Charles Stewarts, of Irish lineage, born about 
the same year, entered the maritime service as cabin-boys at the age ot 13, and 
that both families lived in New Jersey, leads me to infer that they were near 
relatives, if not the same person. I would greatly appreciate any information 
relative to the family of Admiral Charles Stewart, or of Oliver Stewart. It is 
mv opinion that the admiral was uncle to Charles Stewart, who was uncle to my 
grandfather, Oliver Stewart Edson. george thomas edson, 

Olathe, Kansas. 


In Olde Connecticut. Charles Burr Todd. New York. The Grafton 
Press. 1906. 12D, cloth, pp. x-244. 

This gossippy little book is made up of mingled traditions and history, and 
therefore contains much of interest not considered important enough for more 
formal works. It tells of Killingworth and its birds, of whaleboat pnvateers- 
men of the Revolution, of the frogs of Windham, and discourses in a pleasant 
way of various other things, half-forgotten, which it is good to call to remem- 

7 6 

Book Notices. [ja.n., 

Kingdon-Gould. Grafton Press, N. Y. City. 1906. Pp. 25, folio-cloth. 

This work is the first of the " Visitations of New York " to issue from the 
Grafton Press. These visitations when completed are intended to cover the 
pedigrees of all the old and prominent families of New York City and State. A 
sketch of the Kingdon coat-of-arms is given with history of its origin, and the 
pedigree of the present generation of Kingdon-Gould blood is therein given, 
tracing the Kingdon line back to the remote period of the 12th century. The 
pedigree of the Kingdon-Gould line seems to be authentiatively established 
back to John Kingdon of Coleridge, Co. Devon, 1596, and back of that upon 
fair presumptive evidence to the 12th century. The authorities for each claim 
in the pedigree are quoted at full in the back of the work. The line estab- 
lished differs from that given in Burkes' Commoners, but the variance is 
accounted for by quoted authorities. 

The general scheme of these visitations is heartily commended, and the 
fuller the authorities quoted in each case, the more valuable each work becomes 
and the greater credit they reflect upon those responsible therefor. 

Chronicles of a Connecticut Farm, 1769-1905. Compiled by Mary 
E. Perkins (author of " Old Houses of the Ancient Town of Norwich "), for Mr. 
and Mrs. Alfred Mitchell, the present proprietors of the Mumford and Wood- 
bridge Homesteads. With maps, portraits and genealogical charts. Boston. 
Privately printed. The Merrymount Press. 1905. 

This work is a limited edition of fifty (50) copies, and is a beautiful example 
of the possibilities of modern press work. It contains a complete history of the 
original estate of Col. William Browne of Salem, Mass. — map of same given— 
with boundary lines indicating subsequent divisions thereof, and the subject 
matter giving full information as to the successive ownership of the various 
subdivisions. There are also charts of the Mumford family, and Christopher 
families, in so far as they apply to the ancestry of Mr. Mitchell, with finely 
executed plates of various of his ancestors along these two lines. The work is 
fully indexed, and as an example of exhaustive narrative of a special line of 
ancestry, in a most artistic form, is unexcelled. Others able so to do should 
follow Mr. Mitchell's example, and leave to posterity memorials, of such 
undoubted merit and value, of their own particular families. 

The Hills Family in America. The Ancestry and Descendants of 
William Hills, the English emigrant to New England in 1632; of Joseph Hills, 
the English emigrant to New England in 1638; and of the great-grandsons of 
Robert Hills, of the Parish of Wye, County of Kent, England, emigrants to 
New England, 1794-1806. Compiled by William Sanford Hills and edited by 
Thomas Hills. New York. The Grafton Press. 1906. 8vo, cloth, pp. xx+713. 

In this comprehensive work the attempt has been made, with considerable 
success, to account not only for the Hills families enumerated in the sub-title, 
but also for a number of recent emigrants of that name, and for partial lines 
which cannot be traced to the emigrant. In the introduction the origin of the 
name, the common English ancestor and his coat-armor, are described and 
illustrated, and the appendix goes quite thoroughly into a report of the results 
of the searches in England made by the late Dr. George W. Marshall, York 
Herald. In the body of the book, all descendants of the Hills name are num- 
bered in Arabic numerals, and are brought forward, whether any more is 
known of the individual or not. The children of daughters have Roman 
numerals, and are not carried forward. The book is well made and printed, 
and has a triple index. 

The Robinsons and Their Kinsfolk, Third Series, July, 1906. 
The Robinson Family Genealogical and Historical Association, Officers, Con- 
stitution and By-Laws, Secretary's Report, Historical Sketches Illustrated, 
Members of Association. New York. Published by the Association. 1906. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 159. 

Following the By-Laws and Secretary's report, the genealogical part of this 
work begins with biographical sketches of Rowland Robinson of Rhode Island 
and his more important descendants, written by members of his family, and 


Book Notices. 77 

accompanied by a genealogy of the line. The second part of the book deals 
with George Robinson of Watertown, Mass., and William Robinson of Dor- 
chester, Miss., and with various other founders of families, with a good deal ot 
genealogy, and some excellent illustrations of coats of arms, homesteads and 
Sther congenial subjects. The book is a model for other family associations, 
and, had it an index, would be almost perfect. 

Historic Hadley. A Story of the Making of a Famous Massachusetts 
Town. Alice Morehouse Walker. New York. The Grafton Press. 1906. 
1 2D, cloth, pp. xii+130. 

This is the second of the Grafton Historical series under the able editor- 
ship of Dr. Henry R. Stiles. It is written to inculcate love of one s own town, 
and to present in a simple form a narrative that any one may find time to read. 
In both these objects the author would seem to have succeeded. Hadley 
people as well as others must surely be edified by this spr.ghtly little volume, 
with its good index. 

A History of the Family of Cairnes or Cairns, and Its Con- 
nections. H. C. Lawler. London. Elliot Stock. 1906. Quarto, cloth, pp. 
xiv-f-292. f 

This valuable family history, accompanied by genealogies and illustrated 
by charts and beautiful representations of arms, castles and ancient tamily 
portraits, is a pleasant and romantic change from the usual genealogy. 1 he 
Carnys of that Ilk go back to the respectable antiquity of the years 1300- 13 10, 
and the account of the family in its Castle of Cairns, with a chapter on Some 
Contemporary Scottish History, is of much interest Willie Nicol friend of 
Robert Burns, married a Cairns, and appears in this .book; and [Sir .Robert 
Maxwell, whose romantic career was the foundation of Sir Walter Scott s novel 
" Guy Mannering." The volume is very attractive, but the index is insufficient. 
In the list of pedigrees may be found those of the families of Carnys of that Ilk 
and Crichton of Carnys; Cairnes in Galloway; Cairnes of Monaghan and 
Westenra, Lords Rossmore; Cairnes of Killyfaddy, Savile Lodge and Stameen, 
and Cairns of Kipp, Torr and Girstingwood. 

History of the Ohio Society of New York, 1885-1905. Prepared 
and compiled under the direction of Henry L.Burnett, Warren Higley.Lean- 
der H. Crall, Committee on Publication, by James H Kennedy, Historian. 
New York. The Grafton Press. 1906. 8vo, cloth, pp. 663. 

In this handsome memorial an account of the organization of the Society is 
followed by its Proceedings by years from 1886 to 1905. inclusive. The Ohio 
Society was founded in 1885 under the name of the Ohio Association in New 
York, with General Thomas Ewing as its first president. A few days later the 
title was changed to The Ohio Society of New York. The success of this 
organization seems to have been assured from the start. Its membership has 
been recruited from among the most famous of Ohioans living in New York, 
and before it have appeared, as orator or guest, almost every man great in 
National affairs in the last twenty years. Many of the speeches are reproduced, 
and the appendix contains valuable papers, such as The Ordinance ot 1757 
and the ''War of 1861," by General Wager Swayne, and 'The Struggle for 
Freedom in Kansas." by General Thomas Ewing. The gentlemen engaged m 
the production of this work have ably fulfilled their duty. The letter-press, 
illustrations and make-up are all excellent. 

Collections of the New Brunswick Historical Society, No. 5. 
Saint John, N. B. 1904. 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 139-280. 

"A Sketch of the Province of Nova Scotia, and chiefly of such parts as are 
settled 1783," written in that year by Col. Edward Winslow, is the first docu- 
ment submitted, followed by Monckton's Report of his expedition against the 
French on the St. John in 1758, and John Mitchel's diary and field book of his 
survey of Passamaquoddy in 1764, both edited by W. F. Ganong The most 
important part of the pamphlet to American readers is the article byW.U. 
Raymond, LL.D., on Loyalists in Arms, with a roll of officers. 


Book Notices. [Jan., 

Executive Journal of Iowa, 1833-1841. Governor Robert Lucas. 
Edited by Benjamin F. Shambaugh. Iowa City. Published by the State His- 
torical Society of Iowa. 1906. 8vo, cloth, pp. xxv+341. 

A valuable historical document containing the above record of executive 
acts has recently been discovered, which throws much light on the territorial 
period of Iowa history. It contains lists of Militia Officers and others com- 
missioned by the governor, and its value to the historian will increase with the 
lapse of time. 

Suffolk Deeds, Liber. XIV. Boston. 1906. 8vo, cloth, pp. 185. 

The period covered is 1681-1697. This is one of the best county publica- 
tions now in hand. It is greatly to be hoped that New York State will event- 
ually follow her New England sisters in the publication of deeds and vital 
records, and that they may in turn emulate us in the publication of wills and 
records of military and civil service. 

Covert Ancestry. Compiled by Edson Salisbury Jones. New York. 
Tobias A. Wright. 1906. 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 20. 

This is a reprint from the Record, and is a study of the family which will 
be of assistance to those dealing with the genealogical difficulties of West- 
chester County. 

A Supplement to the General Register of the Society of 
Colonial Wars. Boston. 1906. 8vo, cloth, pp. 386. 

This supplemental volume contains a good deal of additional material in 
the list of ancestors, and shows a considerable growth in membership since the 
last year book. It is attractively bound in white and red, and is well printed. 

Memoranda Relating to the McVickar Family in America. 
Edward McVickar and William Constable Breed. New York. 1906. 8vo, 

The founder of this well-known New York family was Archibald Mc- 
Vickar, whose son Archibald and grandson John came to this country. The 
genealogy was compiled in order to settle an estate, and may therefore be 
relied upon as accurate. The pamphlet is attractively put together, with the 
McVicar arms on the cover. 

Collections of the New York Historical Society for the 
Year 1898. Publication Fund Series. Abstracts of Wills, Vol. VII. New 
York. 1899. 8vo, cloth, pp. 553. 

In the present volume are Wills from June 6, 1767, to November 29, 1771, 
with Letters of Administration from January 6, 1767, to January 11, 1773. The 
publication of these wills, with their valuable cross-referencing, is of immense 
help to the genealogist, and will increase in interest and value when the 
difficult period in and after the Revolutionary War is reached. 

Minutes of the Common Council of the City of New York. 
1675-1776. Published under the authority of the City of New York. New 
York. Dodd, Mead and Company. 1905. 8 volumes, 8vo, cloth. 

The records printed in these volumes occupy a rare place in the history of 
municipal affairs in this country, since only Albany and Philadelphia can com- 
pare with them. From the beginning of the final English occupation to its 
close, the records are complete, and form a panorama of one hundred years of 
the city's life. The topical index is thoroughly well done. 

William Yates and His Descendants. Compiled by Edgar Yates- 
Old Orchard, Me. Put in type and printed by Edward M. Yates and Edgar 
Yates. 1906. 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 47. 

William Yates, the founder of this family, was born August 30, 1772, but 
the exact place of his birth is not known. It is said that he was born in Scot- 
land. He married Martha Morgan, and her descent from Robert Morgan of 
Beverly is shown. 

[Owing to lack of space a number of Book Reviews must be carried over 
to the April issue of the Record.] 

1907.] Accessions to the Library. 79 


September 14 to December 14, igo6. 



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No. 2. 


Genealogical and Biographical 




April, 1907 



226 West 58TH Street, New York. 


Entered July 19, 1879, as Second Class Matter, Post Office at New York, N. Y., Act of Congress of March 3d, 1879. 

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record. 

Publication Committee : 




Illustrations. I. Portrait of Frederick D. Thompson Frontispiece 

II. Interior Views of Sagtikos Manor, West Islip, L. I Facing 82 

i. Frederick D. Thompson. By Gen. Jas. Grant Wilson 81 

2. Baxter Family Notes. Collected by James W. T. Scott, Philadelphia . 84 
3 Colonial Muster Roll. Contributed by Catherine A. Verplanck. 

(Continued from Vol. XXXVIII, p. 16) 87 

4. Tombstone Inscriptions in Old Graveyard at Salem, Washing- 

ton Co., New York. Contributed by Tobias A. Wright. (Continued 
from Vol. XXXVIII, p. 28) 89 

5. The First Stanford (Baptist) Church at Bangall Dutchess Co., 

New York. Contributed by Evelyn Briggs Baldwin. (Continued from 
Vol. XXXVII, p. 316) 95 

6. The Founders of the Beck and Mabie Families in America. 

Contributed by Catharine T. R. Mathews 98 

7. The Skillmans of America and their Kin. By William Jones Skill- 

man, Philadelphia, Pa. (Continued from Vol. XXXVIII, page 34) . 103 

8. Records of the United Brethren Congregation (Commonly 

called Moravian), Staten Island, N. Y. Baptisms and Births. 
(Continued from Vol. XXXVIII, page 54; 113 

9. New York Colonial Manuscripts. Contributed by Robert B. Miller . 129 

10. The Ancestry of Lieut. Human Rowlee, Sr., of Orange County. — 

A Genealogical Problem. Contributed by Prof. W. W. Rowlee, 
Ithaca, N. Y '3 6 

11. King Family Notes . 139 

12. New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the American Rev- 

olution. Communicated by D. R. Jack. (Continued from Vol. XXXVIII, 
page 14) 140 

13. Vital Records of Christ's Church at Rye, Westchester County, 

New York. Communicated bv Thomas T. Sherman, Esq., Rye, N. Y. 

(Continued from Vol. XXXVIII, p. 23) 145 

14. Society Proceedings 146 

15. Obituary. Robert Morrow King 150 

16. Note 151 

17. Queries. " The Conquest of Quebec — Von Olinda 151 

18. Book Notices 15 2 

19. Accessions to the Library 159 

NOTICE,— The Publication Committee aims to admit into the Rfxord only such new Genea- 
logical, Biographical, and Historical matter as may be relied on for accuracy and authenticity, but 
neither the Society nor its Committee is responsible for opinions or errors of contributors, whether 
published under the name or without signature. 

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taeakgital attb ^iograpfrkal Itcnrb. 


No. 2 


By Gen. Jas. Grant Wilson. 

By the death of Frederick 
Diodati Thompson, the New York 
Genealogical and Biographical So- 
ciety loses one of its trustees, a 
valued member for twenty-nine 
years who had its best interests at 
heart, and one who had also held 
the office of Secretary, performing 
his duties with zeal and intelli- 

Mr. Thompson was born in this 
city, December 17, 1847, in Lafa- 
yette Place, then a fashionable 
quarter. He was the youngest son 
of David Thompson and his wife 
Sarah Diodati Gardiner. It was 
there amid a delightful harmon- 
ious home circle that the greater part of his life was passed, 
and until the character of Lafayette Place changed under the 
northward expansion of trade. One after another of the old- 
fashioned brick houses were either transformed for business 
purposes or replaced by commercial buildings until the neighbor- 
hood bore but little resemblance to its former condition. Im- 
pelled by the changes, Mr. Thompson removed with his family 
to No. 17 West 36th Street, where he passed away, unmarried, 
October 10, 1906, after a long illness, endured with remarkable 

Mr. Thompson's education was obtained in one of the leading 
private schools of the day, and in moral training he had all that 
was the best in the example of the Christian lives of his parents. 
As a pupil he was obedient and diligent, evincing a special 
interest in history, an aptitude for which he probably inherited 
from his mother, the daughter of John Lyon Gardiner, seventh 
proprietor of Gardiner's Island. She was a lady of unusual 

o2 FrgdericJk D. Tho mpson , [April, 

gentleness and sweetness of character, endowed with a remarkably 
retentive memory tor mueh that appertained to the traditionary 
history of Connecticut and Long- Island, but especially to that 
beautiful and romantic domain — the home of her girlhood. Of 
numismatics he was fond, and while still a boy, he formed the 
nucleus of what later became a valuable collection of coins and 

On the completion of his studies, he entered the law school of 
Columbia College, from which institution he was graduated with 
the degree of Bachelor of Laws. Though admitted to the bar of 
New York, he never practiced his profession, but relinquished it 
to engage in financial pursuits. For a number of years he was 
identified with the Bank of America. Retiring from active 
business. Mr. Thompson devoted his time to literary pursuits; to 
travel at home and abroad; to the publication of the Ma^icino of 
American History, which he owned, and to the management of 
his estate on Long Island. His summers were generally spent 
at Bar Harbor, Newport and Lenox. During the last fifteen 
years however, he made many visits abroad, taking part in social 
functions in London. Paris. Homburg and Aix-les- Bains. 

His most important contribution to literature is a beautifully 
illustrated volume entitled //; the Track of the Sun, in which he 
describes his experience in a tour around the world. For the 
New York Times and the Commercial Advertiser he contributed 
in the year iqoo, a series of articles on the Orient, and in the 
pages oi the R.SCORD have appeared at various times papers from 
his pen relating to the families of Diodati, Gardiner and Thomp- 
son; the most noteworthy being an exhaustive one on the latter 
published in Vol. XXVII of the Rfcoko for January. 1S96. On 
motion of Benjamin Brewster, Attorney-General during Harrison's 
administration. Mr. Thompson was admitted to the bar of the 
Supreme Court of the United States; and Abdul Hamid II. Sultan 
of Turkey, appointed him Commissioner of the Ottoman Empire 
to the Columbian Exhibition at Chicago in [893, In recognition 
of services rendered in that connection, the Sultan bestowed 
upon him the Imperial Ottoman Order of the Mediidie, and at a 
subsequent time that of the Osmanli. 

Mr. Thompson never turned a deaf ear to the appeals of 
charity, but was always ready to assist in the amelioration of the 
indigent. Nowhere was he more appreciated as a philanthropist 
than in Lucca. Italy, the home of his Italian ancestors, to which 
he presented in igoo the sum of 50,000 lire for the construction of 
\\\ ambulance and for the extension of humane work. 

For his aid as a philanthropist in Italy, Pope Leo XIII, con- 
ferred upon him the title of Count of the Holy See; and in virtue 
of his descent from the family of Diodati of Lucca, the title of 
count was also bestowed upon him by the present ruler of Italy. 
Mr. Thompson was a chevalier of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre 
of Jerusalem, and a member of the Order of the Cincinnati, of the 
National Academy of Design, the New York Historical Society, 
St. George's Society, Society of the Colonial Wars, Italian Benevo- 
lent Society, Sons of the Revolution, and of the following New 

Dining Room. The Mantel is a Replica of one at Mount Vernon. 

Sir Henry Clinton's Room. 


Frederick D. Thompson. 83 

York social organizations: the Knickerbocker, Metropolitan and 
Union Clubs; also of the college fraternity of Delta Psi. 

The ancestral seat of the Thompsons of Long Island is Sagtikos 
Manor, situated at West Islip, County of Suffolk. It comprises a 
tract of over 1,200 acres, including a neck of land called Appletree 
Wicke, the title to which was granted June 2, 1697, by King 
William III to Col. Stephanus Van Cortlandt, and by him sold in 
1758 to Jonathan Thompson. In Sagtikos Manor Mr. Thompson 
took a very just pride, a century and a half having elapsed since 
it came in the possession of his family. The house built in 1697, 
has lately been enlarged, the design of the new part being in 
strict accordance with its prototype, thus insuring to the whole 
the character of a mansion of the Colonial period. It witnessed 
many stirring events during the War of the American Revolution, 
and Washington spent a night there after his first election to 
the presidency. It is filled with mementos of the past, family 
portraits, and souvenirs of foreign travel. 

Frederick Diodati Thompson was descended from the Rev. 
William Thompson, a native of Winwicke in Lancashire, England, 
of a family originally of Northumberland, born in 1597; and of 
John Thompson, the ancestor of the Thompsons of the County of 
Suffolk, who came to Long Island in 1656. On his mother's side 
he was 'ninth in descent from Lion Gardiner and Mary his wife, 
daughter of Dericke Willemson Deurcant, of Woerden, Holland. 
Lion Gardiner was an Englishman, a military engineer who 
came to this country in 1635, and after constructing works of 
defense at the mouth of the Connecticut river, settled at Mon- 
chonac, now Gardiner's Island, which he purchased of the Indians 
in 1639'. Gardiner's Island was the first English settlement in 
the State of New York, and is still in the undivided possession of 
the Gardiner family, a genealogical notice of whom appeared in 
Vol. XXIII of the Record for October, 1892. 

From the family of Diodati of Lucca, Mr. Thompson was 
descended through his maternal grandmother, Sarah Griswold of 
Lyme, Connecticut, who married John Lyon Gardiner of Gar- 
diner's Island. Her mother was a daughter of Rev. Stephen 
Johnson of Lyme, and his wife Elizabeth Diodate of New Haven, 
whose father William Diodate came from England, where his 
name was anglized. He was descended from Cornelio Diodati 
who settled in Lucca in 1300. The Diodati family is now extinct 
in all the male branches except one in Switzerland, the head of 
which is Count Gabriel Diodati of Geneva. 

Mr. Thompson was a well-read man, and having travelled in 
many lands, besides passing much of his time in Europe, where 
he enjoyed an acquaintanceship with men prominent in art, 
letters and science, he was an agreeable and cultivated companion. 
In temperament he was calm, self-reliant, logical in his reasoning, 
and possessing qualities peculiarly his own. Though by nature 
conservative, in his sentiments he, nevertheless, kept abreast of 
the progressive spirit of the age, viewing all matters of public 
and private interest in an unprejudiced, broad-minded light. 
United to these attributes were his sterling qualities of honesty 

84 Baxter Family Notes. [April, 

and integrity; a love of veracity; a hatred of fraud and deception 
of whatsoever nature. He is survived by a brother, Charles G. 
Thompson, whose summer home is at East Hampton, Long 
Island, and by three sisters, the Misses Elizabeth and Mary G. 
Thompson of New York, and Mrs. Sarah T. Gardiner, widow of 
Colonel David L. Gardiner, who resides in Paris. Their son, 
David, inherited many of his uncle's most valuable heirlooms, as 
well as Sagtikos Manor, of which Mr. Thompson became the 
owner in 1894. 


Collected by James W. T. Scott, Philadelphia. 

The original purpose in compiling the Baxter Genealogies and 
.Notes published in this magazine in 1900, was discovery of the 
parents of Mary Schuyler, who m. Capt. John Baxter, and had a 
son Schuyler Baxter, b. April 10, 1761. That purpose has not 
been attained, but it is hoped that hereafter some information 
about her may be found, and that the finder will communicate it 
to The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record. 

Since 1900 the following notes have accumulated: 

"Allice" Baxter and John Hunt, the latter described as of 
Westchester, were licensed to marry, June 15, 1670, by a docu- 
ment addressed " To the Justices of the Peace and Ministers in 
the Province of New Jersey or to either of them," and signed by 
Carteret with the seal of the province. They were m. by James 
Ballen, Justice, June 16, 1670. (At Perth Amboy?). New Jersey 
Grantees, Liber 3, p. 35. 

In April, 1763, there was an Indian alarm at Burnet's Ford, 
German Flats, Mohawk valley. Eckerson and Thomas Baxter 
responded to the call to arms April 24 to 28, with Capt. Jacob 
Klock's Company. Roger and John Baxter and Pieter Schuyler, 
Jr., did not, but subsequently were lawfully excused. 

Oliver Baxter lived in or near Westchester, N. Y., Dec. 24, 1779, 
when Gen. Pattison, British Commander of New York, ordered 
the militia colonel commanding, to send him to the city, to testify 
in Watts vs. Dickinson. 

Who was this Mrs. Baxter? "June 6, 1789, Mr. Bell called 
and represented Mrs. Baxter's situation as so low that I might 
never see her if I did not do it soon. I agreed to meet him in the 
ferry house (New York) for Elizabethtown Point and accompany 
him home. 'Twas night when we came to Mr. Bell's. Poor Mrs. 
Baxter lay a skeleton indeed — she may never recover — but much 
indeed does it seem against her. She too was gay and she is yet 
young. Useful lesson to the fluttering females of the neighbor- 
hood, if lesson were of any service in these giddy times. Most of 
the representatives of South Carolina were floating in this neigh- 
borhood this evening and all Sunday. The house was filled with 

, 9 o 7- ] Baxter Family Notes. 85 

decent visitants, mostly, however, females and charmingly did 
thev chat it The almost only subject was the measures that 
were pursued to detain Congress in New York June 8 set off 
for the Point in a chair (sedan?) which broke down. Upon the 
whole the jaunt was a disagreeable one, but it was right to see 
the poor, languid perhaps dying Mrs. Baxter. How lately was 
she as 2-av as the summer insect and how soon may any of us be 
as she is '* Diary of Senator William Maclay of Pennsylvania, 
I78Q-I7QI It seems to have taken from eleven o'clock a. m 
to five p. m., to reach Elizabeth town Point with a high wind 
direct ahead 'from New York. 

In 1790 Levi Baxter of Hartford County, Conn., settled m 
Sidney, N.' Y. The Baxter mill site was near the mouth of Carr s 
Creek, Delaware County, N. Y. , 

In i6s4 Mr. Baxter was a planter m Connecticut. The prefix 
Master (Mr ) belonged to all gentlemen. Master corresponds 
very nearly in meaning to the English word gentleman. In 
Connecticut it embraced clergymen and planters of good family 
and estate who were members of the General Court, those bred at 
a university those of sufficient education to manage the general 
affairs of the colony, either in a civil or ecclesiastical way, and 
those who had been sufficiently well born. Comparatively few of 
the representatives from the several towns, even though they 
might be returned year after year, were honored with the title. 
It may be observed by referring to our colonial records that there 
were scores of men of good family and in honorable stations who 
still did not possess all the requisite qualifications. It wasseldom 
that young men of whatever rank were called masters. Hol- 
lister's Connecticut. 

In May 1761, the town of Hartland, Hartford County, Conn., 
was organized. July 14 the first town meeting was held in the 
house of Simeon Baxter. . 

April 5, 1764, Temperance Baxter m. Benjamin Gray of Led- 
yard (then Groton), Conn. . . 

March xx 1749, Elizabeth Baxter was appointed executrix of 
the estate of' James Danford, Burlington County New Jersey 

Tohn Baxter of Morris County, was in the New Jersey State 
Troops and William Baxter in Capt. Bond's Company, Fourth 
Battalion, Second Establishment, New Jersey Continentals. 

Elizabeth Baxter m. Thomas Rogers. They emigrated from 
Londonderry to Boston in 172 1, and moved to Philadelphia in 
1728 She d. in the latter city June 4, i77°, and was buried in 
the First Presbyterian Church burial ground. Their dau Mar- 
garet m. Capt. John Macpherson (d. Phila., Sept., 179 2 ). brother ot 
Macpherson, Montgomery's aid killed at Quebec. 

"Jonathan Baxter, coach maker, at the corner of Second and 
Spruce streets, Philadelphia, is supposed to have arms but will 
not give the Least Satisfaction." Dock Ward return of arms m 
hands of Non-Associators, May 30, 1776. Pa. Archives, Series, 2, 
vol 1 p 600 He is probably the man mentioned in Sabine s 
Loyalists as a grantee at Shelburne, N. S., in 1783, and who m. 
Mrs. Mary Gookh in New York, Oct. 7, 1780. 

86 Baxter Family Notes. [April, 

Thomas Baxter of the Fifth Pennsylvania, was in the Invalid 
Regiment, Philadelphia, April, 1779. This was organized in con- 
formity to a resolution of Congress, passed June 23, 1777, and at 
first composed of invalids and men within twenty miles of Phila- 
delphia incapable of field service, but strong enough for garrison 
and guard duty. Col. Lewis Nicola was in command. 

Thomas Baxter, weaver, West Town, Chester County, Pa., 
made a will probated Feb. 25, 1791, devising clothes to cousin 
John Mullin, and his watch and other property to his wife Rachel, 
who was made executrix. 

In 1806, Joseph Baxter m. Mary McMillan, b. April 20, 1761. 
He was her second husband. They moved from York County, 
Pa., to Miami, Ohio, in 1806. 

In 1737, Edward Baxter bought 66 acres in St. George, New 
Castle County, Delaware, for jQ66 current money. Prior to 
March, 1747, he d. intestate and George Stevenson was appointed 

May 13, 1747, James Baxter m. Elizabeth Clark in Swedes 
Church, Wilmington, Del., and on Sept. 13, 1747, Joan Baxter m. 
John McGrub in the same place. In 181 1 William Baxter bought 
land in Delaware. 

March 26, 1756, the Maryland General Assembly passed an act 
to raise supplies for His Majesty's Service "towards securing and 
protecting the frontiers, engaging the friendship of the southern 
Indians and removing His Majesty's ambitious and perfidious 
enemies from their impertinent encroachment on his domain." 
Among duties laid was one on bachelors twenty-five years old 
and upwards worth £,ioo and less than ^300, who were to pay 
five shillings. If worth more than ,£300 they had to pay twenty 
shillings. Thirteen men in Baltimore Town paid this tax from 
1756 to 1762, among them William Baxter. 

In January, 1763, James Baxter was sheriff of Cecil County, 

January 14, 1776, Joseph Baxter was a second lieutenant in 
Small wood's Maryland regiment, and in 1779 one of the same 
name was sheriff of Baltimore. 

In 1636, William Rookins had fifteen hundred acres in James 
City County, Virginia, at " the flying point." There was also due 
him for his wife, Jane Baxter fifty acres. 

In 1669, Edward Baxter was master of the ship '■'■Albemarle" 
which the proprietors sent from England to South Carolina with 

John Baxter, one of Marion's band, is called captain, major, 
lieutenant colonel, and colonel. When Marion retreated into 
North Carolina Baxter accompanied him. He was of gigantic 
size, and being dressed in full uniform at the battle of Shubrick's 
farm, S. C. (Quimby Bridge), 1780, was so conspicious that he was 
wounded five times. He represented Prince Frederick district 
in the legislature which met at Jacksonboro, S. C, Jan. 18, 1782. 


Colonial Muster Rolls. 


Contributed by Catherine A. Verplanck. 

(Continued from Vol. XXXVIII., p. 16 of the Record). 

The fourth Muster Roll of this series is endorsed: "Cap* 
Hack* Browns the 6 Company of the Upper Battalion 1760. It 
reads as follows: "A Roll of his Majestyes Sixth Company of 
MUitia In the Upper Battalion in the County of West Chester. 
Whereof William Willitt is Coll James Verplanck Lu' Coll- & 
Pere Van Cortlandt Maj r . 

Capt. Hackolia Brown 
Lu*. James Brown 
Insign John Seclist 
Joseph Field, Clark 

John Hempstid 
James Willson 
Augustin Rodgers 
William Field 
Lenerd Lewes 

Ebenezer Sheal 
John Finch 
Michal Dickins 
Jacob Vacoy 
. Thomas Harris 
Neamiah Mereth 
Bartleth Brundage 
Danil Brundage 
John Price 
Stephen Miller 
Jonathan Miller 
Henry Miller 
Nathanil Miller 
Tunis Kronkhight 
Richard Williams 
Francis Williames 
Marcis Palmer 
Peter Surrine 
Iseral Hunt 
20. Richard Barker 
John Van Vore 




Abil Bruster 
James Carul 

Delivarance Purdy 

Jacob Hollet 
Benjaman Jedd 
Ebenezer Landers 

25. Jacob Yuamns 
Elepha Landers 
Philip Munthorn 
Robert Weaks 
Gilbert Weaks 

30. William Wright 
Joseph Veal 
Jonathan Eadee 
Jacob Kniffen 
Walter Lues 

35. George Both, Jun r 
Henry Homps 
William Dotton 
Thomas Fergison 
Joseph McFarding 

40. Moses Winter 
Henry Burchell 
Jacob Birdsal 
Joseph Tidd 
Christopher Brown 
45. Robert McFarding 
Samuel Price 
Danil Cornell 

The fifth and last Muster Roll of this series is endorsed "Cap 1 . 
Tosh a Lobdel ye 7 Company in the Uper Batali:" 1760. It .reads 
is follows- "A Roll of his Majesties Seventh Company of Mehtia 
in the Upper Battalion in the County of West Chester whereof 


Colonial Muster Rolls. 


William Willett Esq re is Coll James Verplanck Liev 1 Coll c 
Piere Van Cortlandt Major." 


Cap 1 Joshua Lobdell 
Ens n Levey Bailey 


Joshua Lobdell 
Nathaniel Reynolds 
Isarel Bugbey 
Joseph Dickson, Clark 


Hezekiah Dickson 

Samuel Cole 

Neamiah Baylie 

Joseph Bennedick, Ju ? 
5. Selvanis Townsend 

Abraham Van Schaitt 

Johnetan Van Schaitt 

Thomas Dickens 

James Dunn 
10. Daniel Lobdell 

Denton Smith 

Joab Sent John 

James Bishup 

James Garnow 
15. William Blumer Ju T 

Edward Stenrod 

Christopher Hall 

Elisha Dean 

Jacob Searles 
20. Eprahem Barker 

Gload Boatman 

Matthew Delavan 

Joseph Randell 

Elija Silsbey 
25. Jonathan Palmer 

Nathaniel Wyatt 

Jacob Lobdell 

Arnold Dickens 

James Dickson 
30. Nathaniel Baylie 

William Williams 

Ebenezar Purdy Ju r 

John Quick 

Daniel Sent John 
35. Sett Hubbell 

Joseph Jump 

Robert Williams 

Johnathan Selsbey 

Syles Baylie 


Ebenezar Lobdell 
John Dickson, Ju n 
John Pardy, Ju n 
Henry Wyatt 


40. Hezakiah Lockwood 
Samuel Curtice 
Benjeman Griffin 
John Roberson 
Temothy Delavan Ju r 

45. William Carpenter 
John Lobdell 
Enos Silsbey 
Ruben Bloomer 
Nathanel Dickson 

50. Temothy Delavan 
Joseph Decons 
Zebelon Pedrick 
John Roberson Ju r 
Vencent Searls 

55. William Frost 
Philip Moonee 
Charles Roach 
James Brown 
Abraham Delavan 

60. Robert Pedrick Ju r 
Joseph Cabell 
Robert Nox 
William Bloomer 
John Dickson 

65. Selvenis Clark 
Robert Pedrick 
William Dickens 
John Purdy 
Ebenezer Purdy 

70. Epharim Benett 
Richard Partrick 
David Hubble 
Calib Palmer 
Jonathan Silsby 
75. Elias Palmer 
Andrew Quick 
Daniel Dickson 
Jeramiah Rickey 
John Brundige 

80. John Salter 
David Cresey 

I907-J Tombstone Inscriptions in Old Graveyard at Salem, N. V. 89 


Copied by Miss Mabel Gibson. 
Contributed by Tobias A. Wright. 

(Continued from Vol. XXXVIII, p. 28 of the Record.) 

M'lntyre, John, son of John & Mary M'Intyre, Dec. 22, 1818, ae. 

23 y. & 1 m. 
Mclntyre, Lovina, w. of Nathan E. Mclntyre, d. Oct. 26, 1833, in 

25 y- 

Margaret, d. Feb. 26, 1846, in 31 y. 
Mary, w. of John Mclntyre, d. Sept. 15, 1855, in 81 y. 
Safford. d. March 11, 1849, in 38 y. 
McKillip, John, Jun., d. Aug. 23, 1825, in 47 y. 
McKillep, Mr. Thomas, d. Apr. 21, 1823, in 65 y. 
McKie, Agness, wife of Wm. & dau. of John & Elizabeth Law, b. 

April 6, 1805, d. April 10, 1838. 
McLeod, Murdoch, d. Dec. 22, 1786, in 42 yrs. 
McMillan, Andrew, d. Jan. 19, 181 1, in 48 y. 

infant son of George R. & Eliza A., d. Feb. 12, 1858. 
James, d. June 5, 1855, ae. 66 y., 6 m. 
John, d. July 17, 1812, in 76 y. 

Mary, w. of John McMillan, d. Jan. 23, 1803, in 70 y. 
McMorris, Ephraim, d. Feb. 10, 1842, in 37 y. 
James H., d. Feb. 6, 1862, ae. 25 y., 10 m. 
Patience, w. of Eph ra . M'Morris and dau. of Henry Dodd, d. 
Dec. 2, 1836, ae. 26 y. 
M'Murray, Benjamin Kissam, son of Rev. Dr. William and Mrs. 
Esther M'Murray, d. in New York, June 16, 1821, ae. 4 m., 
id. a A 

McMurray, James, son of John & Margaret M'Murray, d. Apr. 6, 

1827, ae. 21 y., 2 m. & 20 d. 
M'Murray, James, son of Rev. Dr. William & Mrs. Esther M Mur- 
ray of New York, d. in Salem, Aug. 3, 182 1, ae. 2 y., 9 m. & 
9 d. 
McMurray, James, son of Robert & Susanna McMurray, d. Jan. 19, 

1814, in 32 y. 

M'Murray, John, d. Jan. 12, 1863, ae. 86 y., 9 m. & 22 d 
McMurray, Margaret, dau. of John & Margaret McMurray, d. 
Jan. 6, 1833, in 19 y. 
Margaret, w. of John McMurray, d. Oct. 27, 1846, ae. 63 y., 5 m. 
M'Murray, Mary Ann, dau. of John & Margaret M'Murray, d. 

Jan. 7, 1825, ae. 23 y. & 3 m. 
McMurray, Robert, d. Jan. 23, 1814, in 71 y. 

Robert, son of Robert & Susannah McMurray, d. Mar. 19, 

1815, in 37 y. 

Susanna, w. of Robert McMurray, d. May 26, 18 16, ae. 67 y. 

gO Tombstone Inscriptions in Old Graveyard at Salem, N. Y. [Aprii, 

McNaughton, Eleanor, dau. of John H. McNaughton & grand- 
daughter of John Crary, d. Aug. 16, 1829, ae. 2 y. 
Esther Ann, w. of John McNaughton & dau. of John Crary, d. 

June 24, 1848, ae. 43. 
McNish, Agnes, dau. of Alexander & Jane, d. Jan. 20, 1822, age 5 

mo., 6 days. 
Agnes, dau. of Mr. Alexander & Mrs. Sarah, d. Jan. 15, 1796, 

age 13 mo., 10 days. 
Alexander, Esq., d. March 23, 1827, in 79 yr. 
Andrew, d. Oct. 8, 1841, in 78 y. 
Andrew, d. June 6, 1853, ae. 49 y. 
Elizabeth, d. Sept. 20, 187 1, ae. 70 y. 

Elizabeth, w. of Andrew McNish, d. Feb. 12, 1849, ae. 81 y. 
Ephraim, d. Feb. 15, 1852, ae. 46 y. 
James, d. Sept. 18, 182 1, in 104 yr. 
James, d. July 5, 1839, in 44 y. 

James, son of Alexander & Jane, d. Aug. 24, 181 8, in 4 yr. 
Jane, dau. of Andrew & Elizabeth McNish, d. Oct. 6, 1840, in 

43 y. 
John, d. Dec. 2, 1875, ae - 86 Y- 
Hugh, son of Ephraim & Jane McNish, d. Sept. 26, 1848, ae. 

2 y., 8 m. & 6 d. 
McPherson, Sophia, dau. of Thomas & Martha McPherson, d. 

Jan. 29, 1830, in 15 y. 
McWhorter, Mathew, d. Feb. 15, 181 2, in 45 yr. 

Mathew, d. Dec. 19, 1804, in 79 yr. 
Merills, Louisa Jane, dau. of Oliver & Lucy, d. April 16, 1825, 

age 5 mo., 11 days. 
Merrill, Lucy Maria, dau. of Oliver & Lucy E., d. March 28, 1846, 

in 16 yrs. 
Oliver, d. Aug. 26, 1843, age 43 yrs. 
Miner, Elizabeth L., wife of Edwin D., & dau. of John & Elizabeth 

Law, d. Nov. 10, 1863, age 47 yrs. 
Mary G., w. of G. S. Miner, youngest dau. of Col. E. W. Clapp, 

d. Aug. 3, 1857, ae. 25 y. 
Phebe, dau. of C. & L. Miner, d. Sept. 5, 185 1, ae. 16 y. 
Moncrief, Agnes, wife of Wm. H., d. June 16, 1824, in 32 yr. 
Hugh, d. Mch. 27, 1S13, in 53 y. 

Mary, w. of Wm. H. Moncrief, d. Apr. 18, 1813, ae. 27 y. 
Mary, wife of William, d. April 7, 1857, age 70 yrs. 
Mary, dau. of Wm. H. & Agnes Moncrief, d. July 22, 1831, 

in 15 y. 
Sarah, dau. of Wm. & Mary, d. May 7, 1852, age 34 yrs. 
William, d. Aug. 28, 1792, age 72 yrs. 
William, d. Jan. 24, 1831, in 44 yrs. 
William, Jun., d. Aug. 31, 1819, age 62 yrs. 
William H., d. June 29, 1858, in 75 y. 
Morgan, Eliphal, Mrs., consort to Nathan, Esq., d. May, 3, 1792, 

in 40 yr. 
Nathan, Esq , d. Dec. 23, 1790, in 40 yr. 
Morrow, Martha, dau. of Robert & Elisabeth Morrow, d. Nov. 17, 

1858, ae. 21 y., 8 m. & 4 d. 

1 007.] Tombstone Inscriptions in Old Graveyard at Salem, N. Y. 9 I 

Morrow, Mary Ann, dau. of R. & E. Morrow, d. Apr. 27, i860, ae. 

8 y., 11 m., 3 d. 
Murdoch, Gideons, d. Feb. 19, 1856, ae. 18 y. & 5 m. 
Murdock, Huldah, w. of Samuel Murdock, d. Feb., 1815, ae. 

Huldah, only dau. of Samuel & Lavina Murdock, d. Apr. 8, 
1855, ae. 26 y., 7 m. 
Murdoch, James, d. Sept. 11, 1820, ae. 37 y. 
Murdock, Lavina, d. Apr. 15, 1879, ae. 94 y. 

Nancy, w. of Samuel Murdock, d. Jan. 20, 1818, in 68 y. 
Russell B., son of Samuel & Lavina Murdock, d. Apr. 29, 

1840, ae. 18 y. & 7 m. 
Samuel, d. Mch. 25, 1842, in 65 y. 
Samuel, d. Mch. 17, 1813, in 69 y. 
Naylor, Charles P., son of M. M. & P. Naylor, d. Sept. 8, 1751, ae. 

3 m. & 5 d. 
Nelson, A. L., d. Oct. 10, 1864, age 63 yrs. 
Andrew, d. March 30, 1849, age 86 yrs. 

Charles, son of Andrew & Mary, d. Sept. 16, 183 1, in 22 yrs. 
Mary, wife of Andrew, d. Jan. 13, 1844, in 77 yrs. 
Nesbett, Elizabeth, wife of John, d. Aug. 8, 1778, age 47 yrs. 
Nichols, Prudence, relict of Joseph Nichols & dau. of Timothy 

Ferrill of Palmerot, Mss., d. Mch. 26, 1826, ae. 42 y. 
Orcutt, Anna, dau. of Nathan & Margaret, d. June 20, 1848, age 
10 mo. & 20 days. 
Francis A., d. Aug. 2, 1848, ae. 3 y., 6 m.; Mary L., d. Aug. 17, 

1848, ae. 1 y., 2 m., children of Hugh & Julia Ann Orcutt. 
Hugh, d. Feb. 22, 1890, ae. 76 y. 
Oswald, George, d. Aug. 21, 1829, in 38 y. 

Paige, Susan, Miss, dau. of Ralph, Esq., & Susanah, his wife, of 
Rutland, Vt , & niece of Gen. David Thomas, d. March 10, 
1828, age 27 yrs. 
Parrish, Josiah, son of Hiram & Cyrena, d. May 13, 1842, age 17 

yrs., 8 mo. 
Partridge, Betsey, w. of Arial Partridge, d. Sept. 1, 1856, in 68 y. 
Harvey A., son of Cyrus & M. Partridge, d. Jan. 6, 1848, ae. 3 

y., 3 m. 
Pearl, Elijah C, Jun., son of Elijah C. & Polly Pearl, d. June 2, 

1828, in 13 y. 
infant son of Elijah C. & Polly Pearl, d. May 8, 1827, ae. 4 d. 
William, son of Elijah C. & Polly Pearl, d. Aug. 22, 1827, in 6 y. 
Perine, Capt. Peter, d. Nov. 16, 1828, in 83 y. 

Catherine, consort of Peter, d. Aug. 10, 1793, age 32 yrs., 26 

Caty, w. of A. M. Perine, dau. of John & Mary McLean, d. 

Dec. 18, 1825, in 58 y. 
John, d. Nov. 4, 1848, ae. 60 y. 
Peter L., d. Aug. 15, 1828, in 23 y. 
Perry, Hugh, d. Nov. 1, 1866, in 86 y. 

Margaret, w. of Hugh Perry, Sen., d. Dec. 19, 1859, in 87 y. 
Martha Cleveland, wife of Ephraim, d. Feb. 18, 1792, in 21 yr. 
Martha S., dau. of Hugh & Margaret Perry, d. June 4, 1854, 

ae. 7 y., 13 d. 

92 Tombstone Inscriptions in Old Graveyard at Salem, N. Y. [April, 

Perkins, an infant dau. of Sophronia Perkins, d. Aug. 15, 1840, 

ae. 3 d. 
Asa, d. May 11, 1825, in 20 y. 

Grace, dau. of Joseph & Jane Perkins, d. Feb. 4, 1839, ae. 24 y. 
Jane, w. of Joseph. Perkins, d. Dec. 9, 1876, in 91 y. 
John, d. Mar. 27, 1853, ae. 69 y. 
Joseph, d. Jan. 6, 1856, ae. 26 y. & 5 m. 
Joseph, d. Sept. 7, 1868, ae 76 y. 
Margaret, dau. of Joseph & Jane Perkins, d. Feb. 11, 1851, 

ae. 37 y. 
Margaret, w. of William Perkins, d. Oct. 14, 1834, in 73 y. 
Mary Jane, dau. of Joseph & Jane Perkins, d. Jan. 14, 1835, 

in 18 y. 
Nancy, w. of John Perkins, d. Jan. 27, 1872, ae. 83 y. 
Phebe Jane, dau. of Wm. & Sarah Grace Perkins, d. Aug. 3, 

1861, ae. 9 y., 1 m., 26 d. 
Sarah, dau. of Joseph & Jane Perkins, d. July 4, 1848, ae. 21 y. 
Sophronia, w. of William Perkins, d. Aug. 15, 1840, in 26 y. 
William, d. Sept. 26, 1807, in 47 y. 
Pew, Deborah, w. of James Tod, d. Dec. 3, 181 7, in 26 y. 
Phillips, Squire M., son of Elam & Chloe, d. May 23, 1843, age 25 

yr., 8 mo., 28 days. 
Porter, Catherine, Mrs., widow of Richard, Esq., of New Jersey, 

d. Feb. 3, 1795, in 76 yrs. 
Post, Jedidiah, d. Oct. 14, 1832, ae. 32 yr. & 6 m. 

Sarah Jerediah, dau. of Jedediah & Clarinda Post, d. Dec. 23, 

Powers, Joseph P., son of Isaac & Orphana, d. Aug. 24, 1825, age 

10 mo., 2 da. 

Pratt, Jesse H., d. March 1, 1852, ae. 85 y. 

Prindle, Johnnie, son of J. S. & J. H., d. Sept. 4, 1858, age 1 yr., 

11 mo. 

Proudfit, John M., son of James E. & Jane Proudfit, b. Feb. 6, 

1835, d. June 28, 1835, ae. 4 m. & 23 d. 
Provan, James, son of Robert & Martha Provan, d. June 1, 1835, 

ae. 4 y. & 5 m. 
Quackenbush, Garret, b. Sept. 6, 1764, d. Feb., 7, 1837. 

Mary, w. of Garret Quackenbush, b. Dec. 27, 1773, d. Jan. 7, 


Mary, wife of Garret, b. Dec. 27, 1773, d. . 

Quaw, Nancy L., d. Sept. 10, 1819, in 18 y. 

Ramage, John, d. June 10, 1821, in 61 y. 

Rany, Robert, d. Oct. 7, 1816, ae. 60 y. 

Reab, Abigail, w. of Maj. George Reab, d. Mar. 16. 1843, in 71 y. 

Maj. George, d. June 20, 1838, in 85 y. 
Reynolds, infant son of John P. & Rebekah Reynolds, b. June 22, 

Richards, Elizabeth, d. Sept. 13, 1830, in 96 y. 
Rhoades, Thomas S., son of Elias & Phebe Rhoades, d. Mar. 31, 

1818, ae. 7 m. 
Roach, Alonzo, son of Wm. H. & H. Roach, d. May 15, 1858, ae. 

3 y. & 8 m. 

1 907.] Tombstone Inscriptions in Old Graveyard at Salem, N.Y. g? 

Robertson, Alexander. (No other inscription on this stone.) 
Alvan, d. June 5, 1845, in 41 y. 

Isabel, w. of Alvan Robertson, d. Mar. 23, 1866, ae. 58 y. 
Jane, w. of W. H. Lakin, d. Mar. 13, 1879, ae. 50 y., 3 m. 
Martha H., dau. of Alvan & Isabel Robertson, d. Aug. 7, 

1834, ae. 3 y., 10 m. & 10 d. 
Rebecca, dau. of Alvan & Isabel Robertson, d. Aug. 23, 1832, 

ae. 6 w. 
Rebecca, dau. of Alvan & Isabella Robertson, d. Aug. 30, 

1868, in 33 y. 

Willie, son of Archie & M. H. Robertson, d. . 

William, son of Archibald & Amy Robertson, d. Aug. 25, 

1832, ae. 23 y. & 5 m. 
Rogers, Andrew F., d. Oct. 3, 1848, in 25 y. 

Dudley A., son of Dudley & Letty Rogers, d. Feb. 13, 1831, 

ae. 1 y., 3 m. & 9 d. 
Edward, son of Lettice & Dudley Rogers, d. July 27, 1813, in 

Frank, son of James D. & Elizabeth Rogers, d. Sept. 20, 1848, 

ae 2 m., 6 d. 
James D., d. Dec. 10, 1849, ae. 25, erected by Salem Lodge, 

No. 45, I. O. O. F. 
Louisa, w. of Clark G. Rogers, d. Feb. 9, 1869, ae. 70 y. 
Rowan, Abraham S., son of Wm. L. & Eleonor, d. May 15, 1825, 

age 2 yrs., 7 days. 
Abram, d. Aug. 18, 1857, ae. 69 y. 

Eleanor, wife of William L., d. Aug. 23, 1835, m 4 1 y rs - 
Elizabeth, dau. of William L. & Eleanor, d Oct. 8, 182 1, age 

7 days. 
Elizabeth, late wife of Stephen Rowan & dau. of Esq. Hamil- 
ton & Sarah McColister, d. April 16th, 1803, in 31 yr. 
John, Esq., d. 26 March, 1809, in 77 yr. 
John, d. Nov. 28, 1845, ae - IO ° Y- 
Martha, w. of John Rowan, d. Apr. 30, 1827, ae. 75 y. 
Sarah, wife of Stephen, d. Oct. 28, 1835, age — years. 
Sarah, age 52 yrs.. d. July 22, 1816. 
Sarah, w. of Stephen Rowan, d. Oct. 28, 1835, ae. — y. 
Stephen, d. Dec. 12, 1815, in 13 yr. 
Stephen, d. Dec. 12, 1816, in 45 y. 

Susannah, w. of Abram Rowan, d. Aug. 22, 1868, ae. 73 y. 
William, d. June 17, 1835, a £ e 22 y rs - 
William, son of William L. & Eleanor, d. July 27, 1814, age 8 

Rude, Dan, d. 8 Mch., 1824, in 79 y. 

Deborah, w. of Dan. Rude, d. June 24, 1805, in 63 y. 
Russell, Ebenezer, d. Dec. 5, 1836, age 90 yrs. 

Electa, dau. of Abel & Sarah Russell, d. May 4, 1826, in 39 y. 
Elizabeth, wife of Ebenezer, d. June 27, 1832, age 84 yrs. 
Helen, dau. of Adam M. & Maria, d. May 1, 1836, age 2 mo., 

13 days. 
Lettis, consort of Solomon Russell, d. Sept. 10, 1830, in 33 y. 
Sarah, consort of Ebenezer, age 24 yrs. & 19 days. 

Q4 Tombstone Inscriptions in Old Graveyard at Salem, N. Y. [April, 

Russell, Sarah, consort of Abel Russell, d. Oct. 16, 1826, in 69 y. 
Sacket, Anna, w. of Moses Cleavland, d. Apr. 18, 1822, in 29 y. 
Safford, Adin, d. Jan. 15, 1842, ae. 56 y., 26 d. 

Adin, son of Wm. M. & Sarah Ann Safford, d. Sept. 18, 1849, 

in 7 y. 
Agness C, dau. of Gideon F. & Sarah Safford, d. Jan. 22, 1854, 

ae. 7 m. 
Agnes Cornelia, dau. of Gideon F. & Sarah Safford, d. Mar. 1, 

1858, ae. 3 m. & 8 d. 
Anna, w. of Samuel Safford, b. Dec. 20, 1748, d. Apr. 14, 1824, 

in 76 y. 
Charles Henry, son of Nathan F. & Betsey Ann Safford, d. 

July 29, 1850, ae. 5 y. & 21 d. 
Charlott Ann, dau. of Nathan F. & Betsey A. Safford, d. 

Aug. 15, 1853, ae. 1 yr. & 11 d. 
Charlotte, dau. of Nathan F. & Betsey A. Safford, d. Oct. 23, 

185 1, ae. 6 m. 
Chester, d. Aug. 29, 1846, ae. 66 y. 

Deacon William C, d. Dec. 10, 1877, ae. 71 y., 5 m., 4 d. 
Esther, w. of Chester Safford, d. May 10, 1834, ae. 62 y., 9 m. 
Esther E., dau. of G. F. & Sarah Safford, d. Feb. 3, 1873, in 

29 y. 
Esther Mary, dau. of Chester & Mary Safford, d. Aug. 6, 1846, 

ae. 10 y., 8 m., 17 d. 
George R., was killed in the steamboat Empire, July 16, 1853, 

ae. 19 y. 
Gideon, d. Mch. 7, 1838, in 84 y. 
Gideon A., 1811-1884. 

Gideon F., b. Dec. 20, 1812, d. May 25, 1884. 
Isabel, w. of Thomas Safford, d. May 25, 1827, in 26 y. 
James G., son of Thomas & Elizabeth Safford, d. Sept. 18, 

1831, ae. 6 m. 
James G.. son of Nathan F. & Betsey B. Safford, d. Aug. 2, 

1844, ae. 1 y. & 1 d. 
James & Margaret G., children of Wm. C. & Mary Safford. 
James T., son of Richard M. & Ruth M. Safford, d. Apr. 22, 

i860, ae. 1 y., 2 m., 22 d. 
John E., d. June 2, 1854, ae. 45 y., 4 m. 
John L., d. Mar. 7, 1876, ae. 56 y., 11 m. & 16 d. 
Julia B., 1845-1891. 

Lucy, w. of Gideon Safford, d. Nov. 4, 1834, in 80 y. 
Lucy Maria, dau. of Gideon F. & Sarah Safford, d. June 22, 

i860, ae. 13 y., 5 m., 22 d. 
Margaret, w. of Wm. C. Safford, d. Sept. 25, 1837, ae. 37 y. 
Mary, w. of Adin Safford, d. Oct. 6, 1849, in 66 y. 
Mary, dau. of Adin & Mary Safford, d. July 20, 181 9, ae. 1 y. r 

2 m. 
Mary E., dau. of Thomas & Elizabeth Safford, d. Feb. 17, 1835, 

ae. 6 m. 
Mary H., 1837-1898, widow of David McWhorter and C. H. 


( To be continued.) 

1907.] Records of First Stanford {Baptist) Church at Bangall. 95 


Early Marriage Records, and Abstracts of Tombstone 


Contributed by Evelyn Briggs Baldwin. 

(Continued from Vol. XXXVIL, p. 316 of the Record.) 

Davied wilbour to Jerusha Husted, Jan. 21. 

Jonathan wast(?) to Abiah Cushman, Jan. 24. 

Arthur Calwell to mary wast, Jan. 24. 

Isaac Traviss to Anna parmillier, march 9. 

william Edgett to Elizebeth Roe (or Reed), march 31. 

James Wright to Betsey hammon, May 24. 

Marari(?) Durand to Susannah gray, aug. 22. 

John harris(?) to mary toms (Thomas), Aug. 15. 

Isaac Haight to Hulda pitcher, Sept. 23. 

Joseph Surtherland to Sarah Dunham, Oct. 24(?). 

John Wilddar to Rachel ames, Nov. 14. 

Isaac Hallock to Elizebeth Shadboult, Nov. 22. 

Abraham Bell or Ball to Rachel gray, Nov. 24. 

John Straight to Mary Crandell, Nov. 28. 

David wilbour to mary pecek, Dec. 9. 

John white to Ruth merehew, Dec. 26. 


Chauncey Avery to Laner Cuckinham, Jan. 7. 
william Doutty to Ruth Haight, feb. 21. 
Henry Lake to mary Rundell, march 10. 
George Brownell to Elezebeth Ventine, march 13. 
John Ackerrt to Easter weeks, march 17. 
Aaron farras to Martha sweet, April 9. 
william Drake to phebe Rogers, April 24. 
Jeorge martain to mather Evans, May 5. 
John Troughtalen to mary begordus, July 19. 
gorden molten to Phebe kenne, June(?) 12th. 
Josiah Sutherland to Abigel Dunkun, August — (?). 
Christen Newcom to Hannah fouller(?). 
Randell pulver to Hannah Shults, Oct. 9. 
william traves to Susannah grant, Sept. 10. 
Elias Douty to martha frost, Sept. 17. 
Elijah Head to Catarine Swatout, Dec. 1. 

Handell tompkins to . Dec. 1. 

John Smith to Elizebeth Soule, Dec. 11. 
william Vosburgh to Elenor Dunkins, Dec. 22. 

* Originals deposited with the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society. Record* 
transcribed by Evelyn Briggs Baldwin. 

96 Records of First Stanford {Baptist) Church at Bangall. [April, 


Benjamin ames Conklen to mary feley(?), Jan. 1. 
Martan Vosburgh to Sally Southerland, Jan. 5. 
timothy Andrancne to Mary Conger, Jan'y 18. 
John forgerson to Alma Haight, Jan. 24. 
Benjamin palmer to prudence Roe, March 12. 
alden Burdick to Elizebeth Scouten, March 20. 
Joseph Husted to Sarah Northrup, June 7. 
Rowlen Sutherland to Hannah Dunkins, June 28. 
David Southerland to Debrough Husted, Sept. 2. 
Selvenes Simmons to marget maybe, Sept. 30. 
Jared woodard to margaret Couse, Oct. 4. 
Daniel tanner to phebe Dean, Oct. 4. 
Lukens Stought[en]bourg to Elizebeth Case, Oct. 18. 
James Stoughtenbourg to Sarah Morres, Nov. 11. 
Elihu Gifford to Seberg Buckston, Dec. 30. 

Benjamin Quensey to Sarah hammon, Jan. 1. 
Eden Burghis to Rachel Avery, Jan. 1. 
Seamour Shearwood to may Hillicar, Jan. 19. 
george Rorake to Charity finkell, Feb. 5. 

James Humphrey to Abigill Conyshefd or Campshefd, Feb. 21. 
Levi Case to Jerusha Covel, March 10. 
Simmons Carpenter to Ruth Simmons, March 12. 
Adom Shavor to Hannah Cook, Apr. 15. 
John gray to Selemome (Salvam?) McDoll, Apr. 28. 
Richard Simmons to Elizebeth gildersleve, may 7. 
Benjamin Crandell to Ame pourter, Aug. 28. 
Joseph marven to margett Curtine, Aug. 29. 
John winters to Anne Souls, Sept. 8. 
Ezekiel Husted to Matha Allen, Sept. 19. 
william proper to Elizebeth Haight, Sept. 26. 
Aaron Ted to Syntha Dan or Den, Sept. 26. 
David winter to Cazier Soule, Nov. 3. 
william Harmance to Caterean Stewart, Nov. 17. 
John pronge to Rhoda palmer, Nov. 21. 
Ananias McDanel to hannah green, Nov. 24. 
Samuel peter to Nanee seeman, Dec. 1. 
John forgerson to Betsey heading, Dec. 15. 
John Thompson to genne perre, Dec. 15. 
Moses Anders to Susanner Eveans, Dec. 26. 
Elijah Bullock to Rachel Comer, Dec. 29. 


Solomon Dote to Hannah Shaw, Jan. 19. 
Nicolus Dorling to Leanar picher(?), Jan. 19. 
John Murrey to Catterne Dean, feb. n. 
Daniel Landrus to margett Love, apr. 4. 
Richard McCounetey to mary Ventine, July 31. 
Jonathan Briggs to Aner Knapp, Aug. 17. 
John Jorum to margett stickel, Nov. 22. 

1907.] Records of First Stanford {Baptist) Church at Bangall. 97 


John wilde to mary Ame(?), Jan. 1. 
william wilbour to Sarah Smith, Jan. 11. 
James Downs to Catheren terBush, Jan. 21. 
Joel Secket to Elizebeth Husted, Jan. 22. 
Ethan Sweet to Betsey Camfield, Jan. 27. 
Joseph Right to ame moot (mott?), feb. 10. 
Benjamin Head to genne paddock, march 11. 
george Huddlestone to hannah white, march 11. 
John Admons to Calerine Cool, Mch. 29. 
Amos story to Caterine prough, Sept. 20. 
Elaxander fegiane to Caterin grffen, Sept. 27. 
John Roberson to mary Van Camp, Nov. 10. 
James wilde to marget Connely, Dec. 6. 
John wilde to gertrude titus, Dec. 20. 


mattias Smith to mary Stillwell, Jan'y 17. 
thomas Tomkins to phebe Evons, Jany 24. 
Clark Lake to Abiah Agard, Jan'y 28. 
Carey Brigg to Tamma Knapp, feb. 11. 
thomas North to martha Titus, march 13. 
James Lester to Elizebeth moran(?), Mch. 30. 
John Whitehead to Elizebeth Crandell, June 19. 
Isaac Currey (or Carrey?) to mary Avery, July 3. 
Assa thompson to Abigell Sutherland, July 7. 
Nichelus Stickle to Dabourah Deen, July 17. 
Isaac Currey to mary Avery, July 31. 
Henry green to marget waters, Aug. 14. 
Job Loper to phebe peek, oct. 2. 
Elisha meed to Elizebeth gaill, Oct. 20. 
george Soule to mary Bergh, Oct. 26. 
John Linarde to mary Cows, Oct. 16. 


James Stiles to Sarah Bogall, April 9. 
Richard Dote to Harmah Soule, may 15. 
John farmer to Cateren Stoutenbourgh, may 19. 
philip Rough to mary Chapman, may 29. 
william Bullock to Ame North, June 4. 
Richard Savergh to Caterian Near, June 9th. 
Andreas Earll to Ruth wilbour, June 11. 
Littelfield Bartlett to Elezebeth tripp, Sept. 14. 
David Case to mary Carll, Sept. 21. 
John Dings(?) to Catarena Couse, Oct. 3. 
John gray to Elizebeth fish, Oct. 12. 
Andrew Cows to Charity Hogg, Oct. 24. 
Asha Husted to Nanee tobis, Oct. 26. 
Benjamin wilbour to Elizebeth Love, Oct. 27. 
Eves Deen to Juda hudlstone, Nov. 6. 
James Ames to Anna mead, Dec. 4. 

g8 The Founders of the Beck and Mabie Families in America. [April, 


thomas magicoupe(?) to Janne hoocktalend ( Houghtaling?), Jan'y 5 . 
Stephen Husted to Elizebeth Soule, Jan'y 7. 
Cornelus pulver to mary parke, Jan'y 14. 
Orra Bice to Jarusha owns, Jan'y 30. 
James Luther to Hannah Shaw, Feb. nth(?). 
Cornelus greffen to Rhoda Bogall, feb. n. 
Nicholas Davieson to Caterean wasfall, feb. 12. 
Epheraim wood to Elezebeth miller, feb. 15. 
Elias Hix to Rachal Row, Mar. 15. 
Ichabod paddock to Synthy Burlley, Apr. 18. 
John green to mary Dunkins, Apr. 22. 
Elijah Rockwell to Sarah husted, may 2. 
george marehew to Elizebeth Eveans, may 27. 
Jeremiah (Thomas?) to meriam wilbour, June 10. 
Richard Bartlet to mary Sotherland, aug. 2. 
Silas Camfeild to Susanna Michel, Aug. 11. 
Caleb Husted to Nanee forcal, Oct. 16. 
Benjamin green to Zeviah sponer, Dec. 13. 
william Shaw to Sarah Bullock, Dec. 27. 
Benjamin Boom to Elezebeth Bartlett, Dec. 29. 

( To be continued.) 


Contributed by Catharine T. R. Mathews. 

It is only purposed in this article to give the first two or three 
generations of these families in order to prove the connection 
between them. It is hoped that fuller genealogies of both fam- 
ilies will be compiled at some future day. 


The Beck family was in England at an early date; in the Roll 
of Battle Abbey it is spelled Beke. Toustan du Bee was a dis- 
tinguished warrior, and follower of William of Normandy. Among 
the companions in arms of William the Conqueror was Gaultier 
du Bee, who obtained a grant of the Manor of Eresby in Lincoln- 
shire. This family is extinct, but there are several families of 
Beck in England, and all are supposed to be of foreign origin. 

1. Henry 1 Beck was the first of his name in America. He was 
from Dover, England; he came in July, 1635 (aged 17 years), on 
the Blessing and settled on Sagamore Creek near Portsmouth, 
N. H., on property that remained in the family until a recent 

In Hotten's Immigrants to America, page 108, is as follows: 
" Theis under written names are to be transported to New Eng- 

1907.] The Founders of the Beck and Mabie Families in America. gg 

land imbarqued in the Blessing, John Lester M r . the parties have 
brought Cert, from minist™, and justices of their conformitie in 
Religion and that they are no Subsidy Men." Of these Henry 
Beck was one. He died at his home in 1727-8 at the great age 
of no years. 

In the Portsmouth Church Records of 1693, we find that 
" Henry Beck occupied a seat under the pulpit." He married 
Anne Frost of Piscataqua, and had issue: 
Joshua. 2 

Thomas, b. 1657; d. 7 Nov., 1734. His widow Anne d. 
25 Feb., 1753, aged 94 years, at Newbury, Mass., 
where their descendants are to be found. 

2 Caleb, m. Anna Mabie. 

Mary, m. Deacon White. 

2. Caleb 2 Beck was a master mariner. He was living in Ports- 
mouth, 1674-9. The town records have the following items: 
"May 8, 1674 Laid out to Caleb Beck 13 acres beginning at his 
father Henry Beck's land. A Rebate to Caleb Beck 15 March, 
1679." He married Anna Mabie. It is supposed that she came 
as a passenger on his vessel. Her identity with the Mabie fam- 
ily of the State of New York is not established, — although there 
are reasons for believing that she was of that family. 

The portraits of Caleb 2 and Anna Beck are in the possession 
of the Van Cortlandt family at Croton-on-Hudson. They were 
the great-great grandparents of the late Theodric Romeyn Beck, 
M.D., LL.D., of Albany, the distinguished author of Beck's Med- 
ical Jurisprudence, who was the father of the late Mrs. Pierre 
Van Cortlandt. The portrait of Caleb 2 has a ship in full sail in 
one corner — a quadrant in the other; Anna Beck is dressed in the 
flowing robe of the period. There is a tradition that she objected 
to her husband's calling, and dreaded each voyage; at last he 
promised to make but one more — from that one he never re- 
turned. There is no record of more than two children having 
been born to them. 

3 Caleb. 8 

The records of Portsmouth are meagre, many having been 

It is supposed that Caleb 2 and Anna both died prior to 1698, 
for at that date their son Caleb left Portsmouth, and under the 
Mayoralty of Johannis de Peyster in 1698, he was made a free- 
man in New York. 

In 1701 he sold to his brother Thomas at Portsmouth "The 
land lying between the middle of my grandfather Beck's sixty 
acres, which was granted to my father Caleb Beck by the town 
of Portsmouth and upon record," &c. This deed is in the pos- 
session of the daughters of Capt. Andrew Beck of Portsmouth, 
who recently died there the last of his name in that vicinity. 

3. Caleb 8 Beck was also a master mariner, but he gave up the 
sea when he left Portsmouth. He married in New York 2 Nov., 

IOO The Founders of the Beck and Mabie Families in America. [April, 

1703, Anna (Mol) Fairly, incorrectly called " Hannah Harley " in 
Dutch Ch. Marriages. In her baptism, on page 134, Dutch Ch. 
Baptisms, by a clerical error, her father is called Jan Pietersen 
instead of Jan Jansen. She was the eldest daughter of Jan Jan- 
sen Mol, and Engeltie Pieterse Mabie. She married (1) in New 
York, 5 July, 1699, John Fairly, an Englishman; another evidence 
of the transposition of names is that in Supplement to Marriage 
Licenses, p. 31: 

1699, July 5. Anne Mool 

and John fforlissom 

In Dutch Church Baptisms: 
May 5 ouders kinder getuygen 

1700 Jan Farrlis Jan Jan Piero 

Anna Mol Engeltje Pieters 

h. v. van Jan Mol 

In the Beck family bible at Croton-on- Hudson, the first entry 
made by Caleb* Beck was his stepson's baptism as follows: 

"John Fairly bp. New York 5 May 1700" 
which proves the foregoing records. 

Caleb* and Anna Beck settled in Schenectady immediately 
after their marriage, where her uncle Jan Pietersen Mabie had 
already located himself. They had issue all born at Schenectady: 
Anna,* bap. 7 Oct., 1704; m. Jacobus Van Vorst. 
Caleb, bap. 21 June, 1712; d. y. 
4 Caleb, bap. 24 May, 17 14; m. Elizabeth Truax. 

Engeltie, bap. 15 Dec, 17 15; m. Isaac Abramse Truax. 
Margaret, m. John W. Brown. 
In Capt. Caleb Beck's will, proved 8 May, 1733, he calls him- 
self " Caleb Beck of Schenectady Gentleman — wife Anna — daugh- 
ter Engeltie — Son-in-law John Fairly named as heirs of all real 
and personal property." Pearson says that Caleb* Beck had 
another daughter who married John Fairly; this is an error. He 
called him " son-in-law " as it was then the custom to so call 

4. Caleb * Beck, only son of Caleb and Anna Beck, bap. 24 May, 
1 7 14; d. 9 Dec, 1787; m. 1 Nov., 1747, Elizabeth, dau. of Abraham 
Truax and Christina de la Grange. She was b. 19 May, 1723; d. 
5 May, 1797. They had nine children. Of their descendants a 
partial genealogy is to be found in Pearson's First Settlers of 


Pieter Casparzen Van Naerden, sometimes recorded as 
Pieter Casparsen, was in New Amsterdam 1647. He is supposed 
to have been the son of Caspar Mabille, who is recorded as 
" Sergeant Caspar," and as "Caspar the Sergeant," and who was 
a witness of the baptism of the child of Joris Homes (George 
Holmes) on 6 Nov., 1650. He also in 1652 brought a suit against 
Jan Peek (after whom Peekskill was named). It is noteworthy 

1907.] The Founders of the Beck and Mabie Families in America. IOI 

that the suit was brought in English and he was ordered by the 
Court to translate it into Dutch, this proving that he was not a 
Dutchman. He has been supposed to be identical with the 
Huguenot Pierre Gaspar or Caspar, who in 162 1 signed at Ley- 
den the Walloon petition. This has not been proved. 

The Mabies of Putnam County, direct descendants of Pieter 
Casparzen Van Naerden, have a tradition that " their ancestor 
served on a cruiser on the coast of America which took a Spanish 
Prize near New York." In 1633, the West India Co's Ship Sont- 
berg, which brought Director Genl. Van Twiller, Govert Loock- 
erman, and others to this country, captured a Spanish cavaval 
the St. Martin, bringing it safely to New Amsterdam. It was 
probably the Soutberg on which Sergeant Caspar came here. 

There seems no doubt that they were of French origin and 
that their name was Mabille, Pieter Casparzen Van Naerden 
being the name given him by the Dutch, and both Dutch and 
English converted the name Mabille into Mabie. His sons called 
themselves Mabie. His daughter Metje is entered on both 
Dutch and French Church Records as Me by and Maybie. 

There were Mabies in Scotland at an early date. At Pres- 
tonpans 30 March, 1615, is recorded the marriage of Thomas 
Drummond and Janet Mabie. This does not prove however that 
the name was not originally Mabille. The whole Mabie family 
believe themselves of French ancestry. 

Of the sons of Pieter Casparzen, Jan Pietersen Mabie was the 
progenitor of all of that name in Schenectady and vicinity. His 
house is still standing in good condition in the Mohawk Valley, 
and is the oldest house there. He bought land in Schenectady 
before 1690. He was a surveyor, and we find, page 425 Ettg. Col. 
Mss. 1 Jan., 17 15, that "Fees on John Peter Mabies' warrant of 
survey" were paid. 

Caspar 8 Pieterse Mabie settled in Orange County and from 
him descend all the Mabies and Mabys of Orange and Rockland 
Counties. " The '76 House " at Tappan where Andre was a pris- 
oner was owned by his grandson Caspar Mabie. Hamilton 
Wright Mabie, so well known in the literary world, is Caspar's 
direct descendant. 

Pieter Casparzen married about 165 1, Aechtje Jans, widow of 
Abraham Williamzen of Amsterdam. At her first marriage, 27 
April, 1647, she is called Aechtje Jans Van Naerden, showing 
that she and Pieter Casparzen were from the same place in Hol- 
land — that they were friends is shown by his having been a wit- 
ness, 10 April, 1650, at baptism of her son Abraham William- 
zen, Jr. 

The children of Pieter Casparzen and Aechtje Jans were: 

Marritje, 2 bap. 12 Sept., 1652; m. 8 April, 1671, Jan 

Peters Bant. 
Jan, bap. 4 Oct., 1654; d. at Schenectady, 8 April, 1725; 
m. about 1684, Anna Borsboom. Issue, bap. at Al- 
bany and Schenectady: 

Peter,' bap. 20 Jan., 1686. 
Catharine, bap. 1691. 


102 The Founders of the Beck and Mabie Families in America. [April, 

Annetje, bap. 16 April, 1693. 
Abraham, bap. 26 June, 1695. 
Engeltie, bap. 10 Nov., 1697. 
Jacob, bap. 1 March, 1698. 

Metje, bap. 7 Oct., 1704; m. John 3 Fairly. 
Engeltie, bap. 6 Sept., 1656; m. at Esopus, 20 Nov., 
1675, Jan Jansen Mol. Issue: 
Peter,' bap. 23 May, 1677. 
Annetje, bap. 7 Aug., 1678; m. (1) John* Fairly; 

m. (2) Caleb 8 Beck. 
Maria, bap. 29 Sept., 1680. 
Abraham, bap. 18 Feb., 1682. 
Jacob, bap. 30 Jan., 1684. 
Johannes, bap. 8 April, 1688. 
Aefje, bap. 8 Sept., 1690. 
Isaac, bap. 1 May, 1692. 
Metje, bap. 14 April, 1658; m. Jan Pero. (In French 
Church Records.) 

Bap. 24 Aug., 1692, Pierre,' son Meta Meby and 

Jean Pierro. 
Bap. 29 Dec, 1695, Jacob 8 Pierrot, son of Jean 

and Martha Mebe his wife. 
Bap. 2 Feb., 1697, Marie' Pierro, daughter of 
Jean Pierro and Martha Maybie. 
They had other children bap. in Dutch Church 
where the mother is called sometimes Metje 
Pietersen and sometimes Metje Meby. 
Caspar Pietersen Mabie of Orange County, bap. New 
York, 15 Feb., 1660; m. 14 Dec, 1687, Elizabeth 
Schureman. Had issue bap. in New York and in 

Peter, 3 bap. 26 Dec, 1689; m. 19 June, 17 15, 

Katalina Bogart. 
Frederick, bap. 1 Sept., 1695. 
Jeremias, b. 25 June, 1699. 

Abraham, bap. 18 Nov., 1705; m. Sylvie Coquil- 
let of New Rochelle. From him descend the 
Putnam County family of Mabies. 
Christina, m. Joost Zabriskie. 
Johannes, bap. May, 1708; m. Susanna Bertine. 
Catharine, bap. New York, 17 Dec, 1662; m. 1 Aug., 
1683, Hans Hendrickson Spier of Bergen, N. J. 
There are still Mabilles in France, well known families, sev- 
eral coats of arms are to be found, and undoubtedly the Mabies 
are of one of these Mabille families. 

A strong proof that Anna Mabie who m. Caleb* Beck was of 
same family as that of Peter Casparzen is that on his son's 
arrival in New York, he sought out the Mabie family, and later 
m. the granddaughter of Peter Casparzen. A stranger in New 

i g o7.] The Skillmans of America and Their Kin. 103 

York, he would naturally seek out his own kindred. More light 
may eventually be thrown on this subject since year by year old 
records are found by searchers in both the Old and the New 

References:— Hotten's Migrants to America; Rambles in Portsmouth; 
Pearson's First Settlers in Schenectady; The Essex Antiquarian, VIII, 14; 
N. E. Hist. 6* Gen. Reg., XI, 256; Calendar of Wills; Beck Bible at Van 
Cortlandt Manor; Mohawk Valley; Hist. Rockland Co N. Y.; Records 
French Ch. in Coll. Huguenot Soc'y, Vol. I; Eng. Cal. Mss., 425; Dutch Ch. 
Marriages; Dutch Ch. Baptisms; Brodhead's New York I, 222; Savages 
Gen. Diet.; Hist. Dutchess Co., N. Y.; Portsmouth, N. H. Town Records ; 
Dutch Cal. Mss., p. 124. 


By William Jones Skillman, Philadelphia, Pa. 

(Continued from Vol. XXXVIII., p. 34, of The Record.) 

43. Cornelius 6 Skillman (Thomas, 4 Isaac, 8 Thomas,' Thomas' ), 
b. Jan. 1, 1771; d. Jan. 12, 1853; m. Jan. 12, 1800, Ida, dai!. of Ab- 
raham Stryker, and wife Cornelia Beekman. She was a sister of 
Mary Stryker, who m. Thomas Skillman, son of Thomas, elder 
brother of Cornelius. Lived at Hopewell, N. J. Ida d. Jan., 1831, 
and both are buried in the Beekman burying ground at Griggs- 
town. Children: 

122 i. Abraham,* b. 1802. 

ii. John, b. Aug. 1, 1805; removed to Basil, Fairfield Co.,0.; 

m. Elizabeth . Had: Charles, d. young, and 

Mary, unm. John d. at ripe old age. 

123 iii. Peter, b. 1808. 
iv. Mary, d. inf. 

44. Mary 6 Skillman (Thomas, 4 Isaac,* Thomas,' Thomas 1 ), b. 
Oct. 10, 1772; m. July 23, 1797, Jacob Stryker, b. June 27, 1768, 
whose first wife (m. Dec. 1, 1791) was Baleche Montfort. Jacob 
was a younger brother of Abraham Stryker, who m. Dec. 9, 1775, 
Cornelia, dau. of Gerardus Beekman and Catharine Van Dyke, 
Mary's maternal aunt. Had three sons: 

i. Abraham' Stryker, b. Jan. 16, 1800; life spent in the 
service of the Princeton Bank; m. Jan. 2, 1823, Har- 
riet Stockton Skillman, dau. of Benj. Skillman and 
wife Rachel Stockton. Had four children: graves of 
Sarah B., d. Dec. 31, 1866, ae. 41, and William, d. inf., 
are in Princeton Cemetery. 

ii. Peter Stryker, b. Oct. 4, 1802; a farmer, J. P. and man 
of affairs at Blawenburg. 

iii. Cornelius Stryker. 

104 The Skilbnans of America and Their Kin. [April, 

45. John 6 Skillman (Benjamin, 4 Isaac,' Thomas, 3 Thomas 1 ), b. 
1752; m. Madalena Veghte (see No. 36, ante); known as John "B" 
to distinguish him from his cousin John "T," son of Thomas; 
farmer; long lived on Crow Hill (now Cottage Hill), Lambert- 
ville (anciently Coryell's Ferry), N. J., removing there from 
Kingston, his father Benjamin's first home among his wife's 

'people. A notable character. Drowned in the Delaware River, 
1812. Had nine children: 

i. Nancy, 4 b. 1785; m. (1) Crowthers; one son, John; 

m. (2) Reeves, and had: 1. Lena, m. Randolph 

Wetter. 2. Betsey, m. Joseph Hoff. 3. Joseph. 4. 
Margaret, m. Henry Skinner. 5. Cornelia, m. John 
ii. Jane, b. 1788; m. Stout; removed to N. Y. State. 

124 iii. Betsey, b. 1790. 

iv. Abraham, b. 1792; m. Betsey Irwin. Had: 1. John. 

2. Jane. 3. Abraham, 
v. John, b. 1794; no record, 
vi. Benjamin, b. 1796; m. and had two daus.: 1. Eliza, m. 

Jacob Suydam. 2. Rachel, m. George Sabine, 
vii. Garret, b. 1798. 

125 viii. Nicholas Veghte, b. 1800. 

jx. Henry, b. 1802; removed to Ky., and m. there. Had 
one daughter who became Mrs. Sheplar. " On a 
visit to Lambertville some years ago, her sister with 
her, they were found to be charming people," reports 
Mrs. Kate A. Crook of Lambertville. 

46. Thomas 5 Skillman (Benjamin, 4 Isaac,' Thomas,' Thomas' ), 
b. Aug. 17, 1756; d. Aug. 17, 1823; m. Ursula Hunt, b. March 20, 
1763; d. Sept. 30, 1832; their well-marked graves are at the rear 
of the old Baptist Meeting House at Hopewell, N. J., near where 
their lives were lived. Children: 

126 i. Benjamin,* b. 1780. 

ii John, b. 1783. In Philadelphia, 1807, harness-maker, 
310 N. Front St.; soldier in War of 1812; last in City 
Directory, 79 Green St., 1822. Children: 1. Charles, 
name twice in Directory; widow Catharine, Front St., 
i860; their son Charles E. (d. 1906), Oysters, Front 

St., with sons and daus. 2. Eliza, m. Wilcox. 3. 

Jacob, shoemaker. 4. Samuel, do. 5. Cordelia. 
Other Phila. names belong here. 

iii. Elizabeth, b. 1785. No record. 

127 iv. Andrew, b. 1787. 

v. Edward, b. 1789; m. and had a family in Mississippi, 
vi. Abigail, b. 1791. 

128 vii. Walter, b. 1793. 
viii. Jane, b. 1795. 

ix. Louisa, b. 1797; became Mrs. Arnold of'St. Louis, Mo.; 
d. at Mobile leaving four children, one of them, Mrs. 
Whedon, St. Louis. These birth dates are estimates 








1907.] The Skillmans of America and Their Kin. 105 

47. Jacob 5 Skillman (John, 4 Jacob," Thomas, 4 Thomas'), b. 
Aug. 25, 1755; bap. Feb. 8, 1756, at Low Dutch Church (Ref.) of 
Six Mile Run; m. Betsey Van Duyn, 1790; wagonmaster in Capt. 
Wm. Davison's Company in Team Brigade in Rev. War.; Peter 
Stultz, Jacob Skillman and Isaac Snediker, privates in Middlesex 
Militia (from Kingston, N. J.), and all, with John Storey, were 
pillaged of small amounts by British and Hessian soldiers. In 
1805 Jacob with family removed to Union (Susquehanna Valley), 
near Binghamton, N. Y. Had six children: 

Sally, 8 b. 1791. 

Elias Scudder, b. 1793. 

John, b. 1795. 

Ann, b. 1797; m. Ainsworth. Had three daus. 

and one son. 

132 v. Abigail, b. 1799. 

vi. Eliza, b. 1801; m. David Harvey, brother of James, who 
m. her sister Abby. Had one dau. and two sons. 

48. Abraham 5 Skillman (John, 4 Jacob,' Thomas,' Thomas 1 ), b. 
Sept. 13, 1760; bap. Aug. 15, 1762, at Six Mile Run; soldier in 
Rev. War; m. 1781, Mary Sunderland; lived in Kingston Village, 
and known familarly as "uncle Brom and aunt Polly Skillman." 
Had eight children: 

i. Abraham,' b. 1782; foolish; never m. 
ii. William, b. 1784; soldier in War of 1812; d. 1847 in 

iii. Ann, b. Jan. 18, 1786; d. Jan. 16, 1834; was 2d wife of 
Agur F. Thonn, innkeeper at Queenstown (Prince- 
ton); had Susan, b. Jan. 23, 1827; d. Aug. 26. 1832; 
graves of mother and dau. are in Kingston church- 
yard. Family removed to Pennsylvania; son there a 
member of State Legislature. 

iv. Peter, b. Oct. 20, 1793; bap. in Kingston Church 
(Presby.), Sept. n, 1802 (his mother a member there 
by confession of faith, April 27, 1793); removed "to 
the Lakes," N. Y. 

133 v. David Comfort, b. 1796. 

vi. Mary, b. Feb. 5, 1799; bap. Sept. n, 1802; m. John Sut- 
ton, and removed to St. Louis, Mo. 
vii. Samuel, b. Sept. 20, 1801; bap. Sept. 11, 1802; m. Betsey 
Applegate; killed by accident in the woods; left 

viii. Susanna, b. Jan. 15, 1804; m. (1) Hynicka; m. (2) 


49. Isaac * Skillman (John, 4 Jacob,* Thomas,' Thomas 1 ), b. Aug. 
27, 1770; m. (1) Nov. 16, 1795, Susanna Sansbury. Bought a 
small property in Kingston, April 26, 1802; deed witnessed by 
John Berrien and Francis Graham; m. (2) Oct. 15, 1807, Catharine 
Clendenning. Eight children, four by each wife: 

i. Richard, 6 b. Aug. 22, 1796; d. unm.; inherited from 
his uncle John the old home farm (Storey or Ruther- 
ford Place), which after him went to his sister 

106 The Skillmans of America and Their Kin. [April, 

ii. John, b. Aug-. 18, 1798; went, a boy of 16, to Pennsyl- 
vania; no further record. 

iii. Eleanor, b. Sept. 2, 1800; m. James Powell, tailor, of 
Princeton, b. Sept. 11, 1802; d. March 31, 1871 (graves 
in Princeton Cemetery). Had four sons and two 
daus. One son, Rush Powell, in business in N. Y. 
City; of the daus. the elder m. Thomas Brown, 
shoemaker, Princeton, the younger, Robert Voorhees, 
the famous " Rocky Hill Orator." 

iv. Ann, b. Nov. 14, 1802; home in N. Y. City; d. unm. 

134 v. James Reed, b. 1808. 

vi. Isaac, b. Jan. 12, 1811; m. and had one son and three 

vii. Hannah, b. Feb. 22, 1814; d. May 29, 1884; m. Dec. 29, 

1836, James Conover, shoemaker; one son. 
viii. Asaph Clayton, b. Aug. 11, 1816; drowned, a lad of 18, 

in the Millstone River at Kingston. 

50. Samuel* Skillman (John, 4 Jacob, 3 Thomas, 8 Thomas 1 ), b. 

April 6, 1773; m. 1800, Rebecca ; a tailor, first at Griggstown, 

but most of life at Princeton. He d. March 12, 185 1; she d. 
March 6, 1854, ae. 74. Graves of both, and their children and 
grandchild are in Princeton Cemetery. Children: 

i. Mary Brown, 8 b. Feb. 12, 1803; d. unm. Jan. 13, 1862. 
ii. Catharine, b. 1805; d. unm. March 4, 1839. 
iii. Ellen, m. Howard Hulfish, son of David, Marshall of 
Princeton; a printer; founder of " The Mercer Co. 
Mirror" in 1855; at his death in 1856, the paper was 
iv. William R., b. 1811; d. March 21, 1842; m. Hetty 
Hollingshead, younger sister of Susan, who m. John 
Skillman, son of Benj. and Rachel (Stockton) Skill- 
man. Had: Caroline, d. inf. 
v. Lydia, b. 1814; m. Nath'l Denton; d. Dec. 17, 1841. 
vi. Julia, b. 1819; d. May 22, 1853. 

51. Robert* Skillman (Jacob, 4 Jacob,' Thomas,* Thomas'), b. 
July 24, 1769; early went to Philadelphia; there (1797) m. Hannah 
Janney, b. May 19, 1771. Made their life-home in Baltimore. 

i. Ann, 8 b. July 7, 1798; m. John Hodgkinson, Baltimore. 

Had six children, but family now extinct, 
ii. Jacob, b. Dec. 4, 1799; twice m. but no sons survived. 
Lived in Vicksburg, Miss.; d. 1878; a granddaughter, 
Sallie F. Powell then living there, 
iii. Charles, b. Nov. 18, 1801; d. at Brighton, Macoupin Co., 
111.; widow Susanna lived at St. Louis, with dau. 
Hannah J. Skillman, a teacher. 

135 iv George, b. 1803. 

136 v. Robert, b. 1813. 

52. George 5 Skillman (Jacob, 4 Jacob, 3 Thomas,' Thomas 1 ), b. 
1780; his father's early death forced him to make his own way in 
the world; left Kingston or Princeton circa 1800 as a harness- 

1907.] The Skillmans of America and their Kin. 107 

maker and settled in Richmondville, Schoharie Co., N. Y.; there 
m. and reared a family; in 1836 his home was in N. Y. City, Great 
Kiln Road. Children: 
J 37 i- John," b. 1803. 

138 ii. Jacob C, b. 1805. 

iii. Ann, to her and her cousin, Mary Ann Merril, her 
Princeton aunts " Mary and Tammy" Skillman left 
their property at death; m. (2d wife) Henry Warner, 
of Warnersville, N. Y. No children. Her father's 
last days were spent with her. 

iv. Peter P., a hardware merchant at 155 Pearl St., N. Y.; 

name dropped from City Directory after 1826. 
v. Stephen T., known in the family as "Titus;" an im- 
porter at 56 Pine St., N. Y. in 1841. 

vi. Mary, b. 181 2; m. Seth Crowell; home at Coventry, 
N. Y.; had two sons and other children. 

53. Jacob* Skillman (Abraham, 4 Jacob, 8 Thomas, 3 Thomas 1 ), b. 
circa 1770; m. 1792, Sarah Conover of Ten Mile Run; home in 
Kingston village, between forks of the road coming from Rocky 
Hill. A transfer is on record at N. Brunswick (Middlesex Co.), 
by Jacob and Sarah to Abm. and Wm. Johnson (his half brothers). 
Francis Graham and Rynear Quick, wits., dated 1802. Children: 

i. Ann, 9 b. 1793; m. Esekiel Dillon of "The Plains," near 
Princeton. Had three children: 1. William. 2. Alice. 
3. Catharine. Mother Sarah lived with Ann until she 
d. of old age. 

139 ii. Abraham, b. 1795. 

140 iii. William Johnson, b. 1802. 

iv. Benjamin, b. 1805; m. Hannah . Had: 1. Ralph, 

blacksmith, Rocky Hill. 2. William. 3. Mary. 4. 
Hannah, m. Samuel Dickenson, druggist, Trenton, 

v. Harriet, b. 1807; went with brother Abraham and 

family to Ohio (Miami Valley) in 1836; returned 

to N. J.; m. (1) Wright, and had two children; 

m. (2) John Bradshaw, an Englishman and carpenter, 

Kingston, N. J. 
vi. Daniel, b. 1809; m. and lived in N. Brunswick. Had 

one daughter, Emma, who d. unm. 

141 vii. George, b. 181 1. 

viii. John Gulick, b. Jan. 1, 1815; d. April 22, 1862; m. Louisa 
H. Smith. Had: t. Kate, m. David B. Sharp, Phila- 
delphia. 2. Frank; was long proprietor of Skillman's 
Hotel, Princeton Basin. Grave in Princeton Cem- 
etery; wife d. 1899. 
ix. Andrew, d. young. 

x. Robert, m. and had: 1. Simeon. 2. Hannah; lived at 
Jacksonville (Cheesequakes), N. J. 

54. William Henry 6 Skillman (George, 4 Jacob,* Thomas,* 
Thomas 1 ), b. May 10, 1783, in Virginia; brought up a motherless 
babe at Kingston; a grown lad learned the blacksmith's trade 
with Jacob Deats (afterward his brother-in-law) at Clover Hill, 

108 The Skillmans of America and Their Kin. [April, 

N. J.; m. 1804, Catharine, dau. of Peter Runyon and wife Catharine 
Quick, of near Reaville, N.J. Peter Runyon (b. Nov. 5, 1740) 
was son of Joseph (b. April 1, 17 10) and wife Rachel; grandson 
of Peter (b. July 1, 1680) and wife Providence Blackford of Pis- 
cataway, and great-grandson of "Vincent Rongnion, mariner of 
Poitou," France, and Anne Boucher of Hertford, Eng., Huguenots 
or religious refugees; first of the Runyon name in America. 
Their children: 

i. Peter," b. Feb. 1, 1805, at White House, N. J.; d. 1809. 

142 ii. Mary Ann, b. 1806. 

143 iii. Jacob Runyon, b. 1808. 

iv. Eliza, b. Jan. 19, 1810; m. James Hartwick, Rocky 
Hill, and removed, 1832, to Jerseyville, 111. Had 
many children. 
v. Catharine, b. Dec. 17, 181 2; m. (2d wife) Sam'l Ran- 
dolph Marsh, N. Brunswich, N. J. Had: 1. Edward, 
d. a young man, unm. 2. Susie, m. James Sullivan. 
3. Sam'l Randolph. The Marshs probably descend 
from Samuel Marsh, Sen., one of the "Associates" in 
the settlement of Elizabeth Town, N. J., who came 
there from New Haven, Conn. 

144 vi. William R., b. 1814. 

145 vii. Rebecca, b. 181 6. 

viii. Hannah Clark, b. Jan. 9, 1819; d. 1905; m. James 
Fitz Gerald (d. Feb. 5, i860, ae. 57); home in Newark, 
N. J. Had one son, Charles R., unm., of Buffalo and 
Toronto, Can. 

146 ix. John R., b. 1821. 

147 x. Hiram, b. 1823. 

xi. Sarah Amanda, b. Aug. 29, 1827; d. unm. March 7, 

1841, buried in N. Brunswick. The mother d. Jan. 

2 3> l8 35, buried at Kingston; the father, Oct. 26, 1862, 

and buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Newark. 

55. Abraham* (George, 4 Jacob,' Thomas,* Thomas ' ), 

b. 1790; m. Madalina, dau. of John W. Post and wife Catharine 

Stevens (b. 1791, bap. Nov. 27 of that year in Neshanic Ref. D. 

Church, as "Leentje"). They lived at Post Town, now Plain- 

ville, on S. slope of Sourland Mountain. Children: 

i. George,* b. 1816; m. Anna B. La Tourette; home at 
White House, N. J. Had five daus., Mrs. John 
Schenck, Somerville, the eldest, 
ii. John Post, b. March 18, 1818; d. unm. Sept. 9, 1839. 
iii. Mary Tamsen, b. 1820; m. Gilbert Hankins. Had four 

sons and three daughters, 
iv. Ritie Ann, b. 1822; m. by the Rev. Dr. Gabriel Ludlow 
at Neshanic, Jan. 16, 1840, to Charles Read, and re- 
moved to Illinois. 
v. Gilbert van Middlesworth, b. 1824; m. Eliza Williams. 
Had thirteen children; home in Monmouth Co., N. J. 
vi. Elias Conover, b. Dec. 22, 1826; d. unm. 1848. 
vii. Abraham A., b. 1828; m. Matilda Harvey of Western 
New York. 

iqoy.] The Skillmam of America and Their Kin. IO9 

56. Samuel 5 Skillman (Samuel, 4 Benjamin, 8 Thomas,' Thomas ' ), 
b. 1753, in the ancestral home at Dutch Kills, L. I.; with families 
of father and grandfather removed to Kingston, N. J., in 1764; 
m. his 2d cousin, Margaret, eldest dau. of John, eldest son of 
Jacob; removed to Pennsylvania, and eventually to Lockland, 
Hamilton Co., O. Only one son known; by a second mother? 
Record not clear. 

148 i. Theodore," b. 1800. 

57. Benjamin* Skillman (Thomas,* Benjamin,' Thomas, 1 
Thomas 1 ), b. Jan. 16, 1763; d. Feb. 7, 1807; m. Rachel Stockton 
(b. Dec. 31, 1764), of a well known family, the head of which came 
to America previous to 1660, from England to Flushing, L. I.; 
d. Dec. 2, 1843, and is buried on the hill at Kingston. Children: 

i. Thomas,* b. Nov. 25, 1786. 
ii. Sarah, b. Aug. 25, 1788; d. July 2, 1822; unm. 

149 iii. John, b. 1790. 

iv. Helen, b. Nov. 21, 1792; d. July 30, 1795. 
v. Joseph, b. Jan. 18, 1795; d. inf. 

vi. Nancy, b. Feb. 10, 1796; m. Stacy Morford, carriage- 
trimmer; removed to Philadelphia, 
vii. Harriet Stockton, b. May 5, 1798; m. Abraham, son of 
Jacob and Mary (Skillman) Stryker of Blawenburg, 
1823. Had four children, 
viii. Adams, b. June 10, i8o3;'d. July 19, 1803. 

58. Samuel* Skillman (Thomas, 4 Benjamin,' Thomas,' Thomas'), 
b. 1764; m. (1) early, now unknown, mother of his children; m. (2) 
at Harlingen, Jan. 21, 1801, Anna Voorhees. County Records 
(Somervifle) shows a transfer by Samuel Skillman and Ann, his 
wife, May 18, 1803, to William Jones (writer's great-grandfather), 
of "lots, etc., parts of legacies left by the late Thomas Skillman. 
Witnesses; Samuel Skillman (the son) and John Joline." Chil- 

150 i. Samuel,* b. 1783. 

ii. Elizabeth, b. 1785; m. Abraham Johnson, son of Tom 
Johnson and wife Ann, widow of Abraham Skillman. 

iii. Isaac, b. 1787; d. unm. 

iv. Margaret, b. 1789; m. James Robinson and went to 

v. Nancy, b. 1790; m. Charles Bird of Ten Mile Run. 
Had daus., one m. Jacob Wolfe, shoemaker at Kings- 
ton, but no sons. 

vi. Phoebe, m. Peter Johnson, a lame farmer at Ten Mile 
Run. She had a sister who m. Tom Yates of Little 
Rocky Hill. These probably belong here. 

59. Thomas* Skillman (Thomas, 4 Benjamin,' Thomas,' Thomas 1 ), 
b. 1768; m. 1790, Eleanor Blue of descent, probably from Hendrich 
Bleauw, who m. (on L. I.) Aeltje Staats in 1719, and "came to 
the Raritans" in 1728. In 1812, Thomas with wife, two sons and 
three daus., removed from near Princeton, N. J. to New Burling- 

I IO The Skillmans of America and Their Kin. [April, 

ton, Clinton Co., O. His farm in N. J. he sold for $1,154.80 to 
Jacob Scudder (Dr.) of Princeton (uncle to writer's mother); 
date of deed Sept. 12, 181 1. Thomas d. suddenly before entering 
upon his new home in Ohio. The children, all b. in N. J., were: 
i. Sarah,* m. Dodd Lindly ; lived at Bevis, Hamilton Co., O. 
Had: 1. William. 2. Nellie. 3. Jane, who m. Piatt 
Turner, lived in Cincinnati, and had: 1. James. 
2. Josephine, 
ii. Margaret, m. Daniel Jones and had several children; 
both now d. One son, D. H. Jones, at Crawfords- 
ville, Ind. 
iii. Mary Ann, m. Richard Bundy. 

iv. Samuel, m. Ann Fromm (Vroom?); had one dau. He 
d. at Carthage, Hamilton Co., O., 1886. 

151 v. Thomas B., b. 1800. 

60. Isaac' Skillman (Thomas, 4 Benjamin, 8 Thomas, 9 Thomas 1 ), 
b. 1778; m. 1800, Annie Johnson (b. 1782); in 1803 disposed of "3 
lots of land," 53 acres, 13 in Middlesex Co., "joining upon Lemuel 
Scudder's Mill property" (Kingston Mill), transferred to Capt. 
William Jones, for $r,6oo. Witnesses to deed Joseph Leigh and 
Samuel Skillman. (L. S. and W. J. both great-grandfathers of 
the writer.) Isaac Skillman d. on " Castle Howard " farm, Prince- 
ton, Aug. 16, 1813; his wife, Annie, d. Oct. 10, 1827. Children: 

i. Mahala,* b. Aug. 8, 1801; m. James Voorhees of Mt. 
Lucas. Had: 1. Abraham. 2. Deborah. 3. William. 
4. Matilda. 

152 ii. Alfred, b. 1803. 

iii. Joachim, b. 1804; d. of a fever Aug. 28, 1821; m. 
Lettie , a widow; had one child, d. inf. 

iv. Elizabeth, b. 1808; m. Israel Reed, Griggstown. Had: 
1. Isaac. 2. Mary. 3. William. 4. Sarah. 5. Fran- 
cis. 6. Anice. 
v. Margaret, b. May n, 181 1; m. Aug. 12, 1829, Edward 
Sweeny, Princeton. Had: 1. Andrew (d. March 14, 
1902). 2. Alfred. 3. Edward. 4. John (d. inf.). 5. 
Miles. 6. James. 7. Ann (d. inf.). 8. Harriet. 9. 
Margaret. 10. Josephine of Trenton. 

vi. Sarah Ann, b. Oct. 1, 1812; d. unm., Feb. 8, 1858. The 
graves of this family are all on the hill at Kingston 
in the old Presbyterian graveyard. 

61. Joseph 6 Skillman (Thomas, 4 Joseph, 3 Thomas,' Thomas 1 ), 
b. Jan. 7, 1765; m. Jan. 28, 1790, Mary Scudder, dau. of John 6 
Scudder (Timothy, 4 Timothy, 8 Thomas, 4 Thomas') and wife 
Mary Budd, of Red Hook, near Northport, L. I. The Scudders 
in America descend from Thomas and his wife Elizabeth Lowers, 
who came from London, circa 1630, to Plymouth, and are found 
at Salem, 1635, the family iemoving later to Southold, L. I., and 
then to Huntington, to Newtown, and to points in New Jersey. 
Joseph d. at Aquebogue, Oct. 26, 1809. Had two sons: 

x 53 *• J onn Scudder,* b. 1791. 

ii. Thomas, b. May 28, 1793; d. Sept. 13, same year. 

1907O The Skillmans of America and Their Kin. Ill 

62. Francis* Skillman (Thomas, 4 Joseph, 8 Thomas, 2 Thomas 1 ), 
b. Dec. 13, 1764; m. May 7, 1785, Anne (b. May 7, 1768), dau. of 
Martin Schenck of Wallabout and wife Ida Suydam, and of the 
fifth generation from Joris Jansen de Rapalje; she d. Oct. 28, 
1828. Graves in Greenwood. Children: 

154 i. Jane, 6 b. 1786. 

ii. Martin, b. March 10, 1789; d. of yellow fever, Aug. 6, 

155 iii. Thomas, b. 1791. 

iv. Abigail, b. May 29, 1794; d. unm., Aug. 16, 1861. 

156 v. John, b. 1797. 

63. Sarah* Skillman (Thomas,* Joseph,' Thomas,' Thomas'), 
b. Aug. 21, 1766. The Journal of John Charles Phillip von Kraft 
reveals how "smitten" he was with "sweet Sally Skillmaenn." 
A volunteer officer in Col. Donop's (Hessian) regiment in the 
British occupancy of Long Island in the Rev. War, he was quar- 
tered at the house of " Thomas Killmann. a Hollander," he calls 
him, from Oct. 26, 1779, onward. (See N. Y. Historical Collections.) 
Von Kraft in this Journal makes a comic show of himself. No 
doubt he was very much in love, though "Sally" was then only a 
little girl of less than 14. But in due time she got a much better 
husband than this sentimental Hessian. She m. the brother of 
Anne (No. 62 above), Martin Schenck, who d. Dec. 9, 1823; she 
d. May 14, 1829. Both are buried at Bedford. 

64. Thomas 6 Skillman (Thomas, 4 Joseph, 3 Thomas, 1 Thomas 1 ), 
b. July 17, 1770; m. (1788) Jerusha Rogers; 1824 sold his farm at 
Aquebogue and removed to McDonough, N. Y.; d. Nov. 4, 1833, 
and is buried in Smithville, Chenango Co.; wife d. Feb. 21, 1850. 

157 i. Thomas,* b. 1789. 

ii. Rachel, b. Jan. 3, 1792; d. May 21, 1876; m. Daniel 
Hudson (d. Aug. 12, 1875, ae - 9*>); their life-home at 
Aquebougue or Northport, L. I. 

158 iii. Josiah, b. 1794. 

iv. Sarah, b. March 25, 1797; a prosperous business woman 

(tailoress) in N. Y. City. In Directory (1824) is at 48 

Augustus St. Late in life m. Isaac Sweezy; d. at 

Riverhead, L. I., Aug. 26, 1847. 

x 59 v - J ose P n > b. 1802. 

vi. Maria, ) . • u c * o m. Elisha Green. 

.. -, ' V twins, b. Sept. 24, 1804; _ «, ™ ™ c _„ 

vii. Jane, \ ' r **>*!■» m< 1827, F. L. Spees. 

viii. Elsey, b. Feb. 12, 1808; d. unm., Feb. 25, 1837. 

160 ix. Francis Martin, b. 1812. 

65. Joseph* Skillman (Joseph, 4 Joseph, 3 Thomas,* Thomas 1 ), b. 
1772, in New York City; carpenter and builder, 94 Chamber St., 
from 1802; d. Aug. 28, 1852; will then proved; m. 1796, Catharine 
Brown, who d. Sept. 2, 1849. Children: 

i. Thomas, 8 b. July 25, 1797; never m.; in hardware 
business from 1825 with brothers at 271 Greenwich 
St.; home with his father, 312 Washington St., from 
1845; d. Dec. 24, 1852. 

I i 2 The Skillmans of America and Their Kin. [April, 

ii. Jacob, b. June 13, 1799; d. a child. 

iii. Mary Elizabeth, b. March, 1801; m. Samuel J. Ray- 
mond. Had one dau. who m. Robert J. Brown; d. 
April, 1827. 

iv. Catharine, b. 1803; d. Jan. 25, 1839. 

161 v. Joseph, b. 1804. 

162 vi. Abraham, b. 1806. 

vii. Ann, b. June 18, 1807; d. June 25, 1809. 
viii. Isaac, b. July 31, 1809; kept a hollow-ware store on 
Greenwich St.; d. unm., June 25, 1830. 
ix. Margaret, b. 181 1; d. inf. 

66. Thomas' Skillman (Joseph, 4 Joseph,' Thomas, 1 Thomas'), 
b. 1777; d. 1811; m. (1) Mary Delaney, mother of his children; 
"held a small city office;" is "shoemaker" in Directory, 1807, at 
36 Third (Eldridge) St.; 1809, is at Pump (Walker St.; 1810, at 25 

Roosevelt St. He m. (2) Ursula ; she at 8 Crosby St., 1818; 

"seamstress," 18 19; is "widow Skillman," 182 1, and "Ursula 
Skillman," at 12 Doyer St. later. Children of Thomas and Mary: 

i. Isaac,* b. 1799; d., l° st at sea - 

ii. Ann, b. 1801; admitted as pupil of Collegiate Church 
School, Sept. 20, 181 1, ae. 10 years, No. 602; with- 
drawn from school, June 28, 1813; her "parent" 
(guardian) Ch. Stegle, residence Third St. (Eldridge). 
iii. Margaret. No record. 

67. John 5 Skillman (John,* Joseph,' Thomas,' Thomas'), b. 
Aug. 30, 1787; d. Dec. 1, 1849; mother, Hannah Van Cott, father's 
2d wife; name in N. Y. Directory, 1802, at Third St. (Eldridge); 
is "grocer," Lewis and Grand Sts., 1814. Later is a J. P. at Bush- 
wick, and Judge, as his father had been. Loved music, and was 
chorister in Old Bushwick (Ref. D.) Church. Owned many 
houses at one period, about Third and Fourth Sts. (Eldridge and 
Allen), N. Y. He m. (1) Jane Messerole (d. Oct. 1, 1810); by her 
had three children; m. (2) Aug. 10, 1813, Susanna Gardner (b. in 
N. Y. City, Aug. 13, 1795; d. Dec. 31, 1822); by her had three 
children more; m. (3) Sarah Ann Minuse (d. Aug. 17, 1742), and 
she had two children. Eight in all: 

i. Hannah, 6 b. April 25, 1807; m. George Young; d. 1848. 

ii. Abraham, b. Feb. 6, 1809; d. inf. 
iii. John, b. Oct. 12, 1810; d. inf. 

iv. Susanna, b. Dec. 25, 1814; d. May 25, 187 1; m. Charles 
M. Church, March 14, 1837; he d. 1889. 

163 v. John, b. 1819. 

vi. Mary Ann, b. Oct. 29, 182 1; d. July 28, 1843. 
vii. Joseph, b. June 10, 1834; d. Aug. 29, 1834. 

164 viii. Joseph Henry, b. 1837. 

This closes the muster roll of the fifth generation of the family 
in this country, and its connections, and now we enter upon the 

( To be continued.) 

1907.] Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N.Y. 1 1 3 


Baptisms and Births. 

Sr.— Sister— A Communicant. 
Br.— Brother— A Communicant. 


M. M.— Married Man. 
S. M.— Single Man. 
Wid— Widow. 

M. W.— Married Woman. 
S. W.— Single Woman. 



June 8. 
May 9. 

Aug. 3. 

Nov. 5. 

Aug. 31. 
July 29. 
Sept. 17. 

Oct. 10. 

Oct. 5. 
Aug. 24. 

July 1. 

Oct. 26. 
Aug. 21. 

Oct. 26. 
June 13. 

Nov. 14. 
Aug. 1. 

Dec. 24. 
April 5. 
Dec. 10. 
Nov. 16. 

Feb. 20. 

Feb. 26. 

(Continued from Vol. XXXVIII., p. 54 of The Record.) 


Tunis Egbert 
Ann Egbert 

James Moore 
Cathrine Moore 

John Beatty 
Elizabeth Beatty 
John Britton 
Rachel Britton 

Abraham Egbert 
Ann Egbert 

Taylor Villette, 
Judith Villette, 
of New York 
Daniel Guyon 
Frances Guyon 

Stephan Martino 
Eleonor Martino 

Patience John Dorsett, Eliza- 
beth Egbert, Chr. 

Daniel Edward & Eleon. 

Beatty, John Dor- 
sett, Martha Dorsett 

Edward Edw. & Eleon. Beatty, 

Sarah Cortelyou 

Peter Bap. by Rev. James 


Cornelius Vander- Jane 


Phebe Vanderbilt 
JamesSkerret,Jun r . Elizabeth 
Ann Skerret 

Edward Beatty James 

Eleonor Beatty 

John Dorsett, Mary 
Van der Beak, Eliz. 

Br. James Perrine, the 
mother's father, Sr. 
Christine Moering 

Edward Beatty, Eliza- 
beth Gerritson, C. 
Mary James Colon, Sen 1 ., 

Eliz. Martino, Chris- 
tina Moering 

Christina Moering, 
Sarah Cortelyou 

Mary Van 
der Beak 



Amos Rooke 
Martha Rookc 

James Colon, Sen r ., 
John & Martha Dor- 

Frederick John Dorsett, James 
Moering Perine, Christina 

Moering, Cathrine 

114 R ecor ds of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. [April, 






Feb. 20. 

Amos Rooke 


Same sponsors as 


Martha Rooke 

other child 

May 19. 


Feb. 22. 

Peter Cortelyou 


John & Martha Dor- 

Jan. 24. 

April 3. 

Amy Cortelyou 

sett, SarahCortelyou 

Benajah Martino 



Hannah Martino 

Oct. 29. 


April 5. 

James Bodine 


Jan. 17. 

Margret Bodine 

May 3. 

John Baker 


James & Cathrine 


Charity Baker 

Colon, John Dorsett 

July 19. 

John Dorsett 


Edward & Eleonor 

July 13. 

Martha Dorsett 


Beatty, Sarah Cor- 

Sept. 17. 

Reuben Simonson 


May 11. 

Jane Simonson 

Sept. 20. 

Niclas Burgher 


Edward & Eleonor 

Aug. 26. 

Cathrine Burgher 

Beatty, Christine 

Sept. 22. 

Peter Colon 


June 11. 

Hannah Colon 

Oct. 11. 

John Vanderbilt 


Edward & Eleonor 

Sept. 1. 

Elizabeth Vander- 

Beatty, James Per- 


ine, Sarah Cortelyou 

Jan. 11. 

James Lewis 

James Colon 


Rebecca Lewis 

& D a v i 


Dec. 6. 



Feb. 8. 

Daniel Guyon 



Frances Guyon 

Dec. 24. 


Feb. 21. 

John Gerritson 


James Perine, Chris- 

Jan. 20. 

Elizabeth Gerritson 

tine Moering, Sarah 
James Colon, Sen 1- ., 

March 2 1 

. John Egbert 


Jan. 29. 

Mary Egbert 

James Bodine, Sarah 

March 2 2 

. Jacob Lezier 


Edward & Eleanor 

March 6. 

Sarah Lezier 

Beatty, Christine 

March 28 

. John Jacobson 


John & Cathrine 

Feb. 6. 

Hillethay Jacobson 

Van de 

Bedell, JamesPerine 


1907.] Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. 1 1 5 


May 30. 

Dec. 28. 

May 9. 
March 30. 
Nov. 8. 
April 22. 
Dec. 12. 
Nov. 7. 





Nov. 14. 
Oct. 7. 

March 20. 

Oct. 2. 

April 3. 

Dec. 28. 

John Britton 
Rachel Britton 

James Moore 
Catherine Moore 
James Skerret 
Ann Skerret 
Abraham Egbert 
Ann Egbert 

Peter Cortelyou 
Amy Cortelyou 

John Beatty 
Elizabeth Beatty 

James Bodine 
Margaret Bodine 

Richard Conor 
Sophia Conor 




James James Egbert, Ed- 

ward Beatty, Eliza- 
beth Egbert 

LorenzHil- James Egbert, Ed- 
liard ward & Eleonor 




Jonathan Edward Beatty, John 
Dorset, Elizabeth 
Garritson, Sr. Moer- 

l80 7 Baptisms by Rev. Nathaniel Brown. 

May 22. Peter Colon, farmer Peter 
Feb. 22. Hannah [Lewis, 
maiden name] 

July 17. Stephen Martino, Peter 

1802. farmer 

Sept. 5. Eleonora [Haugh- 

1803. wort] 

Aug. 21. Cornelius Egbert, Mary Ann 
May 8. fisherman 

Hannah [Houseman] 

Sept. 5. 
Aug. 25, 

Andrew Gauthier, Thomas 

merchant, of N.Y. 
Martha [Buninger] 
Bap. at Bergen Point, N. J., to which 
place, the parents fled some time before 
on account yellow fever in N. Y. Child 
died soon after Baptism and was buried 
at Bergen Point 

Br. George Colon, 
child's g'father, Br. 
Henry Miller, mar- 
ried man, Sr. Sarah 
Cortelyou, widow, 
Sr. Martha Dorsett, 

Br. John Dorset, m. m., 
Br. Amos Rooke, m. 
m., Br. Niclas Stil- 
well, s. m. 

Br. Edward Egberts, 
m. m., Sr. Sarah Eg- 
berts, m. w., child's 
grand parents, Sr. 
MarthaDorsett, m. w. 

Mr. Thomas Hamers- 
ly, Widow Eliza 
Guthrie &the child's 
father, all from New 

I 1 6 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. [April, 


l80 3 . 

Aug. 24. JohnBartonof N.Y. William 

1802. Ann [Ruebottom], 

Dec. 29. deceased 

d. Aug. 26. Bap. in Br. Miller's house 

Sept. 7. Nicholas Burgher Jane 

July 29. Catharine [Swaim] 

Oct. 1. Reuben Symonson, Jane 
July 25. farmer 

Jane [Decker] 
Nov. 24. Benajah Martino Benjamin 
Sept. 25. Hanna [Decker] 
Dec. 18. Daniel Guyon Sara 

Oct. 26. Frances [Garrit- 
Jan. 15. John Vanderbilt, Sarah 

1803. farmer, 

Nov. 3. Elizabeth [Taylor], 

both Society members 
March 3. Cornelius Vander- Eleonora 
Jan. 4. bilt, ferryman 
Phebe [Hand] 

April 8. John Beatty, miller Eleonora 
Feb. 10. Elizabeth [Lake] 

April 15. Br. John Jacobsen, Maria 
March 1. farmer 

Hilletje [Bedell] 


May 20. Jacob Loziers Edward 

May 11. Sara [Beatty] 

Bap. by Rev. Geo. Henry Loskilla, 
Bishop of the United Brethren, on his 
June 13. Mr. Isaac Butler Catharine 

June 13. John S k e r r e t , Maria 
March 23. blacksmith 

Catharine [Perine] 

Br. Henry Miller & his 
wife, by m ai d e n 
name Barton, & the 

The father Nicholas 
Burgher, Br. Nicho- 
las Stilwell, s. m., 
the mother of child 

The father & mother 
& Rev. Nath 1 . Brown 

The parents & Rev. 

Nath 1 . Brown 
The parents & Sr. Ann 

C. F. Brown, m. w. 

Br. Edward Beatty & 
wife Eleonora, Sr. 
Sara Cortelyou, wid. 

Sr. Eleonora Beatty, 
m. w., the mother 
Sr. Phebe Vander- 
bilt, Sr. Sarah Cor- 
telyou, wid. 

Br. Edward Beatty, 
Sr. Eleonora Beatty, 
grandparents, Sr. 
Sarah Cortelyou, gr.- 

Mr. John Bedell, 
grandfather, & his 
wife, Sr. Ann Cath. 
F. Brown 

Br. Edward Beatty, 
gr.-father, Br. John 
Dorset, m. m.. Sr. 
El eon Beatty, Sr. 
Martha Dorset 

The parents & Rev. 
Nath 1 . Brown 

The father Mr. John 
Skerret, the aunt 
Mrs. Skerret, & Rev. 
Nath 1 . Brown 

1907.] Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N.Y. I I 7 


Sept. 1. 


Charles Dey, far- Lewis 

June 28. 


Oct. 7. 

Mary [M'Ginnis] 

Br. John Garritson Hermanns 

Sept. 27. 

Sr. Elis. [Conner], 

Oct. 28. 

Walter Dungan, Ruth 

Aug. 1. 

Abigail [Symonson] 

Dec. 24. 

John B u r b a n k , Ann 

Oct. 7. 


Ann [Egbert] 


Jan. 13. 


John Britton Sarah 
Rachel Britton 

Oct. 29. 

Jan. 17. 

James Moore David Mer 


Catherine Moore cerau 

April 5. 

Jan. 24. 

Nov. 8. 

Anthony Riders William 
Mary Riders 

March 31. 

Br. Abraham Eg- Edward 

Feb. 7. 


March 31. 
March 9. 

Sr. Ann Egbert 

Br. Jacob Cortelyou Jacob 

Elizabeth Cortelyou 

March 3 1. 

Rev. Nathaniel Ann Caro- 

March 18. 

Brown line 

Ann Catharine 

Frederica Brown 

Bap. by Rev. N. Brown 


The parents & Br. 
Nath 1 . Brown 

The father, Br. Rich- 
ard Connor & wife 
Sr. Sophia 

The father Br. W. 
Dungan, the mother, 
Sr. Ann C. F. Brown, 
m. w., Sr. Eleanora 

Br. Nath 1 . Brown, 
child's gr.-mother, 
Sr. Mary Egbert, & 
the child's mother 
Ann Egbert 

Br. Edward Beatty, 
Sr. Eleonora Beatty, 
Sr. Ann Egbert, wife 
of Tunis 

Rev. Nath 1 . Brown, 
Mr. James Moore, 
the father, Mrs. 
Cath. Moore, the 

Br. George Colon, m. 
m., Mr. Anthony 
Rider, the father, 
Mrs. Mary Rider, 
the mother 

Br. Edward Beatty & 
the child's parents 

Br. John V. D. Jacob- 
son, m.m., the child's 

Br. George Henry Loskiel, 
in Bethlehem, in his 
place stood Rev. N. 
Brown, the father, Br. 
Henry Tenbrook, in his 
place Br.Edward Beatty, 
Sr. Mary Magd. Loskiel, 
in her pi. wid. Sarah Cor- 
telyou, Sr. Tenbrook, in 
N. Y., in her pi. Sr. 
Eleonor Beatty, Sr. Ann 
Rosina Kliestin, s. w., of 
Bethlehem, in her place 
Sr. Martha Dorset 


I I 8 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. [April, 


April 28. 
March 13. 

May 5. 
Jan. 19. 

John Egbert 
Mary Egbert 

Richard Conner 
Sophia Connor 



May 12. 

Dec. 26. 


William Barton, 
ferryman at Am- 

Lucy [Egbert] 


May 23. 

Br. Reuben Symon- 


May 5. 

son, farmer & 
Jane [Decker] 

May 19. 

James Bodine, far- 



Margaret [Oakley] 

June 2. 

James Skerrit, 

John Gar 

April 7. 



June 9. 

April 25. 

John Beatty, miller 
Elizabeth Lake 


Aug. 18. 
April 5. 

Sept. 22. 

Sept. 25. 
June 5. 

Sept. 25. 
Aug. 23. 

Francis, daughter of Silvy and 

Nicolas Burgher, Catharine 

Catharine [Swaim] 

Jeremia Aroe, far- Sarah 



Richard Aroe, far- Joseph 

Elisabeth [Stilwell] 

Br. James Egbert, m. 
m., Br. Nicolas Stil- 
well, s. m., Sr. Eliza- 
beth Egbert, m. w. 

John Garritson, wid- 
ower, the child's 
father Br. Rich d . 
Conor, Sr. Ann C. F. 
Brown, Sr. Ann Eg- 
bert, wife of Teunis 

Br. Tunis Egbert & 
his wife Sr. Mary 
Egbert, child's gr.- 
mother, widow Sr. 
Sara Cortelyou 

The child's father & 
mother, Mr. Jacob 
Symonson, m. m., 
Mrs. Hetty Symon- 
son, m. w. 

Br. Edward Beatty, 
Br. James Bodine, 
the father, Sr. 
Eleonor Beatty 

Br. John Dorset, Sr 
Sara Cortelyou, Sr. 
Martha Dorset 

Br. Edw. Beatty, 
grandfatherof child, 
Br. John Beatty, the 
father, wid. Sarah 
Cortelyou, gr.- 
grandmother of 
child, Sr. Eleanor 
Beatty, gr.-mother 

Br. Edw. Beatty, Sr. 
E 1 e o n Beaty, Sr. 
Sara Cortelyou 

Br. Edward Beatty, 
Sr. Eleonora Beatty, 
Sr. Sara Cortelyou, 

The parents of the 
child & the brother 
Richard Aroe 

Same sponsors as 
above. Bap. in house 
of John Vanderbilt 

1907J Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. I 19 


Oct. 7. 
April 7. 

Oct. 15. 
June 23. 


Nov. 9. 
Oct. 31. 

Dec. 1. 
Oct. 22. 

Dec. 15. 

April 27. 
Feb. 19. 

Aug. 3. 
Feb. 26. 

July 26. 

May 18. 

June 15. 

May 12. 

Sept. 26. 
Aug. 24. 

Aug. 31. 
July 26. 

Stephen Martino, Cornelius 

farmer & weaver 
Eleonore [Haugh- 

Peter Colon Mary 

Hannah Lewis 

Isaac Barton, car- 
Catharine [Colon] 

Peter Cortelyou 
Amy [Hilliard] 


Peter Loch- 

Daniel Guyon, car- Cornelius 

penter & farmer 
Frances [Garritson] 

John Skerrit, black- 
Catharine [PerineJ 

Lucy Ann 

John Vanderbilt, Jacob 

Elizabeth Taylor 
James Bodine, far- Margreth 

Margreth [Oakly] 

Mr. James Moore John 
Catharine [Perine] 

Jacob Lozier, mason William 
Sara [Beatty] 

Isaac B u r b a n k , Mary Ann 

Sara [Egbert] 

Cornelius Beat ty, John Jacob- 
storekeeper son 
Ann [Jacobson] 

The child's father & 
mother & Br. Nath 1 . 

Br. Ruben Symonson, 
m. m., Sr. Sara Cor- 
telyou, wid., Sr. Ann 
Egbert, wifeof Tunis 

Br. John Dorset, m. m., 
Br. Jacob Cortelyou, 
m. m , Sr. Sarah Cor- 
telyou, wid., Sr. Mar- 
tha Dorset 

Br. John Dorset, md., 
Br. Jacob Cortelyou, 
md., Sr. Martha Dor- 
set, md. 

Br. Edward Beatty, 
md., Sr. E 1 e o n o r 
Beatty, md, Sr. Sara 
Cortelyou, wid. 

Br. Edward Beatty, 
Sr. Eleanor Beatty, 
Sr. Sara Cortelyou 

Br. Edward Beatty, 

Br. Nath 1 . Brown, 

Sr. Eleanor Beatty 
Br. James Bodine, the 

father, Br. Edw. 

Beatty, Sr. Marg. 

Bodine, the mother 
Br. Nath 1 . Brown, the 

child's father & 


Br. Edward Beatty, 
the gr.-father, Sr. 
Eleonore Beatty, 
gran d mother, Br. 
Nathaniel Brown 

Br. Edward Beatty, 
Sr. Sara Cortelyou, 
gr.-grandmother of 
child, Sr. Eleonor 

Br. Edward Beatty, 
the gr.-father, Sr. 
Eleon. Beatty, Sr. 
Martha Dorset, md. 

I 20 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. [April, 



Nov. 8. John Burbank, far- Mary 
July 17. mer & fisherman 
Ann [Egbert] 

Nov. 23. John Jacobson, far- Bedell 
Oct. 9. mer 

Hilletje [Bedell] 

Nov. 30. Joseph Egbert, far- John 
Jane [Merlin] 

Dec. 27. Reuben Simonson, Mathias 
Nov. 2i. farmer Decker 

Jane [Decker] 

Dec. 27. Charles Dey, far- David 
Sept. 17. mer 

Mary [M'Ginnis] 

Br. Edward Beatty, 
Sr. El eon. Beatty, 
Sr. Ann Egbert, 
Ab m .'s wife 

Mr. John Bedell, the 
ch. gr.-father, John 
Jacobson, the father, 
the grand mother 
Mrs Bedell, the 
mother of ch., Sr. 
Ann Cath. Frederica 

Br. John Egbert, gr.- 
father, Br. James 
Egbert, md., Sr. 
Mary Egbert, gr.- 

Br. Reuben Simonson, 
the ch.'s father, Sr. 
Jane Simonson, the 
mother, Br. Nath 1 . 

The child's father & 
mother Mr. Chas. 
Dey & Mrs. Mary 
Dey, & Br. Nath 1 . 

Feb. 28. 
Same day. 

William Beatty, Henry Bar- 
tanner & currier ger 
Mary [Barger] 

Br. Edw. Beatty, gr.- 
father, Sr. Eleon. 
Beatty, gr.-mother, 
wid. Mary Barger, 
gr.-mother, & the 
father. Bap. in gr.- 
parent's house 
Br. John Dorset, Sr. 
Martha Dorset, Br. 
James Egbert 
Br. Edw. Beatty, Sr, 
Sarah Cortelyou, 
wid., & child's father 
Br. Benajah Martino 
June 14. John, a md. man, blacksmith, Br. Edw. Beatty, Br. 

1774. eldest son of Marsh James Egbert 

Nov. 29, The bap. was administered by Rev. John Renatus 

at Amboy, Verbeck, here on a visit from Berthelsdorf, Germany, 
N. J. the present residence of Directors of the Brethrens' 


May 10. Abraham Egbert, Joseph 
April 10. farmer & weaver 

Ann [Martino] 
May 31. Benajah Martino, Gabriel 
March 25. farmer & weaver 

Hanna Decker 

1907.] Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten /stand, N. Y. I 2 I 





June 21. 

JohnBritton, boats- 

Abraham & 

April 28. 

Rachel [Burbank] 


Bap. at 

parent's house near 


June 21. 

Michael Mar sack, 




Sept. 29. 

[Jennings], his wife 


July 26. 

John Egbert, far- 
mer & weaver 
Mary [Holmes] 


July 31. 

Nicolas Burgher 


Sept. 6. 

Catharine Swaim 

Sept 16. 

James S k e r r i t, 


April 6. 

waterman & cop- 
Ann [Garrison] 

Dec. 27. 

Richard Connor, 

Sophia Ann 

Oct. 6. 

surveyor, currier 
& farmer 
Sophia [Clauson] 

Oct. 7. 

Cornelius Vander- 


Sept. 2. 

bilt, ferryman & 


Phebe [Hand] 

March 8. 

John Skerrit, 


Feb. 15. 

weaver & fisher- 
Frances [Rooks] 


Bap. at 

parent's house at the Narrows 

March 8. 

Elijah Cribbs 



Magdalen [M'Lean] 

Richard Silvy, fish- Hester 

Hester [Taylor] 

June 26. 

March 8. 

Aug. 28. 

March 19. Charles Simonson, Cornelius 

1807. farmer 

Oct. 3. Mary Vanderbilt 

Ch. bap. in gr.-parent's C. Vanderbilt's 
Ferry House. 

March 28. Abraham Egbert, Eliza Ann 
Feb. 1 1 . shoemaker 
Mary, his wife 

Br. Tunis Egbert, Sr. 

A. C. F. Brown, Sr. 

Ann Egbert, & the 

child's parents 
Same as above & at 

same time & place 

Br. James Egbert, Br. 
Tunis Egbert, Sr. 
Elis. Egbert, Sr. 
Ann Egbert 

Br. Edw. Beatty, Sr. 
Eleonora Beatty, Sr. 
Ann Burgher, gr.- 
mother, from N. Y. 

Jacob Cortelyou, Wil- 
liam Beatty, the 
mother of ch. & gr.- 
mother, Mrs. Skerrit 

Sr. Ann Egbert, & 
child's parents 

Br. Nath 1 . Brown, Dor- 
othy Swaime, md., 
Eleonore Johnson, 

Br. Amos Rooks, gr.- 
father, Martha 
Rooks, gr. -mother, 
& child's parents 

Br. Abraham Binning- 
er from N. Y., Br. 
Nathaniel Brown, 
the child's mother 

Same as above 

Br. Nath 1 . Brown, 
Phebe Vanderbilt, 
gr.-mother, & child's 

Br. Nath 1 . Brown, Br. 

122 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. [April, 



April 3. 

Feb. 2. 

May 8. 

Aug. 30. 

May 19. 

Dec. 23. 

May 29. 

July 16. 
May 14. 

July 16. 

July 24. 
March 6. 

Aug. 31. 
March 6. 

Nov. 27. 
Sept. 17. 

Aug. 14. 
July 28. 

Jan. 1. 

Nov. 13. 

George W. Ingra- George Br. N. Brown, Br. John 

ham, pilot Washing- Marsh, Sr. Phebe 

Elizabeth, his wife ton Vanderbilt,& child's 


Peter Breasted, John Wil- Br. N. Brown, Br. Ab m . 

blacksmith Ham Bieninger fr. N. Y., 

Sara [Cribbs] Sr. Frances Stilwell, 

s. w. 

Br. Bodine,ch.'s father, 
Br. Constantine Mil- 
ler, wid., from Penn., 
& child's mother Sr. 

Br. N. Brown, Mrs. 
Charles Dey & 
child's mother 

Br. Ab ra . Egbert, Br. 
James Egbert, Sr. 
Ann Egbert, Ab m .'* 

Br. Edw. Beatty, gr.- 
f ather, Sr. Eleonore 
Beatty, gr.-mother, 
Sr. Frances Stilwell, 
s. w. 

Ab m . Bur bank, gr.- 
f ather, & child's 

Br. John Dorset, Sr. 
Martha Dorset, Sr. 
Mrs. N. Egbert, ch.'s 

Br. N. Brown, Sr. Ann 
Brown, ch.'s mother 
Mrs. Drury, ch.'s gr.- 
m other Mrs. Sus. 

Br. Ab m . Egbert, Br. 
John Britton, Mrs. 
Jennings, the ch.'s 

Br. N. Brown, Sr. 
Eleon. Beatty, the 
child's mother 

James Bodine, far- Abraham 

Margaret Oakley 

Jacob Vanhorne, of Sarah Eg- 
N. Y. bert 

Mary [Wood] 

Joseph Egbert, Elizabeth 
oysterman & far- 

Jane [Merlin] 

Cornelius Beatty, Catharine 
storekeeper Eleonore 

Ann [Jacobson] 

John Bur bank, Abraham 
oysterman & far- 

Ann [Egbert] 

Cornelius Egbert, Elizabeth 
weaver & farmer 

Naatje [Houseman] 

William Drury, John 

Susanna [Stilwell] 

Michael Marsack, Mary Mar- 
boatman garet 
Rachel [Jennings] 

John Skerrit, black- Joseph 

Catharine [Perine] 

1907.] Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N.Y. I 2 3 


Jan. 9. 

Dec. 2. 

Bap. in 

Feb. 12. 
Jan. 13. 

April 9. 

Daniel Guyon, car- Sophia 
penter & farmer Catharine 

Elizabeth, his wife, 
late Young, maid- 
en name Clawson 
parent's house at the Manor 

Br. N. Brown, the 
child'sparents.Dan 1 . 
& Eliz. Guyon 

Abraham Egbert, Ann 
weaver & farmer 

Ann Martino, his 

April 17. 

Aug. 28. 

June 4. 
April 14. 

June 4. 
March 25. 

July 31. 

Dec. 13. 

Aug. 30. 
April 6. 
Sept 3. 
July 16. 

Sept. 17. 
July 11. 

March 26. 
Jan. 28. 

John Vanderbilt, Cornelius 
farmer & shoe- 

Elizabeth [Taylor] 

Henry Roy Dun- 
ham, seaman 

Eve [Skerrit],both 
of N.Y. 

Br. Ab m . Egbert, the 
Egbert, the mother, 
Sr.AnnC. F.Brown, 
Marg. Lewis, s. w. 
Br. Edw. Beatty, Br. 
N. Brown, Sr. Ann 
C.F. Brown & child's 
Henry Roy Br. N. Brown, Cath. 
Skerrit, md., Eve 
Dunham, themother 

John Britton, boats- Lovina 

Rachel [Burbank] 
Abraham Van Pelt, Amy 

Mary [Fountain] 
Stephen Martino, Catharine 

farmer & weaver Hanna 

Charles Dey 
Mary [M'Ginny] 
John V. D. Jacob- 
son, farmer 
Hilletje [Bedell] 



Van De 


Sr. Ann Egbert & the 
child's parents 

Sr. Eleonore Beatty & 
the child's parents 

Br. Nath 1 . Brown & 
the child's parents 



Reuben Simonson, 

Jane [Decker] 
Jacob L o z i e r , 

Sarah [Beatty] 
John Beatty, miller 
Elizabeth [Lake] 

Br. Nath 1 . Brown 
child's parents 

The parents of the 
child, Corn. Beatty, 
the brother-in-law, 
Mrs. Ann Beatty, the 

Br. Edward Beatty, Sr. 
Eleonore Beatty & 
child's parents 

Br. Edward Beatty, 
Sr. Eleonor Beatty 
& child's mother 
DanielLake Br. Edw. Beaty, Sr. 
Eleon. Beatty, gr.- 
parents, & the ch.'s 



I 24 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. [April, 



Sept. 10. 

Oct. 15. 

Oct. 29. 

Nov. 12. 

Aug. 6. 

Nov. 16. 

Aug. 12. 

Nov. 16. 
April 24. 

Nov. 16. 
Aug. 12. 

Jan. 7. 

Nov. 24. 

April 10. 
March 18 

July 19. 
June 25. 

Sept. 2. 
July 7. 

Sept. 2. 
July 8. 

Sept. 2. 

Sept. 5. 

James Moore, tailor Elizabeth 
Catharine [Perine] 

Nicolas Burgher, James 

Catharine [Swaim] 

Richard Skerrit, Jr., Thomas 

Ann [Garrison] 

Charles Simonson, Phebe Ann 
carpenter & far- 

Mary [Vanderbilt] 

GeorgeWashington Eliza Mar- 
Ingraham, pilot garetRider 

Elizabeth, his wife 

Richard Silvy, far- William 
mer & fisherman 

Hester [Taylor] 

William Beatty, William 
tanner & currier 

Sr. Eleonore Beatty & 
the child's parents 

Br. Nath 1 . Brown 
child's parents 

Mary [Barger] 

Cornelius Beatty, Edward 

storekeeper Christian 

Ann [Jacobson] 

David Proll, farmer Catharine 

& weaver Mary 

Catharine [Dorset] 

Bar net Simonson, Sarah 

Sarah [Romeyn] 

MosesWood, turner Ruth Mary 
Catharine [Colon] 

Richard Connor, Daniel 

farmer, currier & 

Sophia [Clauson] 


The gr. -mother, Mrs. 
Skerrit, the mother, 
Br. Nath 1 . Brown 

Br. Nath 1 . Brown 
child's parents 


Br. N. Brown, Sr. Mary 
Simonson, md., & 
child's mother 

Br. N. Brown, Br. Cha 8 . 
Simonson, Hester 
Silvy, the mother 

Br. Edw. Beatty, the 
gr.-father,Sr. Eleon. 
Beatty, gr.-mother, 
& child's parents 

Br. N. Brown, Sr. 
Eleon. Beatty, gr.- 
mother, H. Jacob- 
son, gr.-mother, & 
child's mother 

The child's parents, 
the gr.-mother Mar- 
tha Dorset, the gr.- 
mother Sarah Cor- 

Br. B. Simonson, the 
father, Sr. Sarah 
Simonson, the moth- 
er, widow Romeyn, 
the gr.-mother 

The child's parents & 

Sr. Leonard, 

md., from N. Y. 

Br. Edward Beatty, 
Sr. Eleon. Beatty, 
Sr. Ann C. F. Brown, 
& ch.'s father 

1907.] Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. I 2 5 



Oct. 28. 

Nov. 15. 

Feb. 8. 

Aug. 27. 

Feb. 25. 
Jan. 31. 

March 7. 
Feb. 15. 

March 7. 
Jan. 23. 

March 8. 
Jan. n. 

March 8. 

Aug. 5. 

March 19. 

Nov. 20. 

March 19. 

Nov. 20. 


William Barton, Mary Ann 

oysterman, at 

Lucy [Egbert] 

Br. Nath 1 . Brown, the 
gr.-mother, Mary 
Egbert, Sr. Jane Eg- 
bert, md. 

Abraham Simonson Elizabeth 
Ann [Praull] Hilliard 

Br. & Sr. Peter & Amy 
Cortelyou & the 
child's parents. 
Baptized in John Dorset's house 

Reuben Simonson, 

Hanna [Decker] 

Amos Rooks, 
wheelwright & 

Mary [Skerrit], de- 

John Jennings, 

Catharine [Skerrit] 

William Drury, sea- Joseph 

Susan [Stilwell] 

Br. Reuben Simonson, 
the father, Hanna 
Simonson, the moth- 
er, Br. Barnet Simon- 
son, md., Sr. A. C. F. 
Brown, md. 
The father A. Rooks, 
wid., Bro. Nath 1 . 
Brown, Sr. Frances 
Skerrit, md. 
Bap. in gr.-parent's house 
William The parents of child & 
Br. Nath 1 . Brown 



Odissa Shay, sea- Henry 

Appolonia [late 

Mott, nee Sker- Bp. in Mr. Jos. Stillwell's house 


Mr. Jos. Stilwell, gr.- 
father, Mrs. Sus. Stil- 
well, gr.-mother, & 
child's mother 

Jos. Stilwell, md., Su- 
san Stilwell, md., & 
child's mother 

John Britton, boats- Dorcas 

Rachel [Burbank] 

Michael Marsac, Olive Ann 

Rachel [Jennings] 

Br. Nath 1 . Brown 
child's parents 


March 19. John De Forest, Gerardus 
Feb. 24. seaman 

Charlotte [Vander- 
bilt], his w 

Mr. John Britton & 
wife, Mrs. Rachel 
Britton, & child's 
mother Mrs. R. Mar- 

Br. Nath 1 . Brown, Mrs. 
Phebe Vanderbilt, 
the gr.-mother, & 
Mrs. Ch. De Forest, 
the ch.'s mother 

126 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. [April, 



May 19. 
March 2J 

March 19. 

Dec 11. 

Dec. 29. 

May 6. 

April 11. 

July. 28. 
Feb. 24. 

Aug. 4. 
May 12. 

Aug. 25. 

Dec. 19, 
in Jersey. 

Sept. 15. 
May 19. 

Aug. 14. 
Aug. 13. 

Abraham Egbert, Hertje 
farmer [daughter] 

Ann [Martino], his 

William M ' Lean, Lydia Ann 

Isabella [Wreath], 

his wife Charles 


Abraham Merril, Mahala 

E lizabe th [Mar- 
tino] his wife 

Abraham Van Pelt, Sarah 

Mary [Fountain], 
his wife 

Isaac Burbank, far- 

Sarah [Egbert], his 

Charles Egbert, 

Christina [Pelec], 
his wife, from 


John James 

Joseph Silvy, lab- Eliza 

Elizabeth [Skerrit], 
John M' Kin lay, William 

Lydia [Rea], his 

Both lately from Ireland 

The parents Br. Ab m . 
& Sr. Ann Egbert, 
Sr. Frances Stil- 
well, s. w., Sr. Ann, 
wife Tunis Egbert 

Br. N. Brown, Mrs. 
M'Lean, ch.'s moth- 
er, Mrs. Debora V. 

Same as above & his 
sister Lydia Ann 

The parents & the gr.- 
mother Mrs. Eleonor 

Br. N. Brown, Sr. A. 
C.F. Brown & child's 

Br. N. Brown, Sr. A. 
C. F. Brown, Sara 
Burbank, the mother 

The child's parents & 
Sara Egbert, wid., 
the gr.-mother in 
whose house the 
baptism was minis- 

Br. N. Brown, Sr. A. 
C. F. Brown & ch.'s 

The father of child & 
his brother Wm. M'- 
Kinlay from Phila- 
delphia, & his wife 

So far an extract was made and sent to Europe to the U. C. Conf. 


Jan. 13. Joseph Egbert, far- 

1811. mer & weaver 

in Dec. Jane [Merlin], his 

181 2. wife 

Feb. 20. Jacob L o z i e r , 

1 8 10. mason 

Nov. 27. Sara [Beatty], his 

Mary The parents & gr.- 

mother Mary Egbert 

John Beatty Br. Nath 1 . Brown, 

Jacob Cortelyou, 

md., gr. gr.-mother 

of ch . Sara Cortelyou 

Bp. in John Dorset's house 

1907.] Records of the United Brethren Congregation , Statcn Island, N. Y, I 2 7 

March 5. John Pe ters, sea- Abigail 
Jan. 11, man Ann 

in N. Y. Sara [Pennycant], 
d. March 8. his wife 

March 25. James Skerrit, wat- Mary- 
Jan. 5. erman & copper- 
Ann [Garrison], his 
From the Quarantine on St. Island 
April 12. Richard Connor, Jane 
March 25. farmer & sur- 
Sophia [Clawson], 
his wife 
May 1. Richard Harcourt, Daniel 

1811. Rosetta [M'Dewil], 
Nov. 9. both from Ireland and 
employed at Quarantine 

The mother, Mrs. Su- 
san Stilwell, Mrs. 
Steward, at whose 
house the baptism 
was performed 

Br. Nath 1 . Brown, the 
mother & the gr.- 
mother Mrs. Sker- 

Br. N. Brown, the ch. 
father R. Connor, 
the ch.'s aunt Elis. 

The child's father, Br. 
John Vanderbilt & 
ch's mother 








John Vanderbilt, Jacob 

employed at 

Elizabeth [Taylor], 

his wife 
Cornelius Beatty, Alfred Eb- 

sto re keeper in berhard, 

N. Y. William 

Ann [Jacobson], Montgom- 

his wife ery, twins 

June 30. 
May 2. 

July 30. 
May 10. 

Sept. 13. 

Feb. 1. 

Sept. 13. 
Aug. 1. 

William Beatty, 
tanner & currier 

Mary [Barger], his 

John Skerrit, black- 

Catharine [Perine], 
his wife 

Abraham Aston, 
clerk in N. Y. 

Ann [Colon], his 

Moses Wood, turner 

Catharine [Colon], 
his wife 





The parents & Br. 
Edw d . Beatty 

Br. Edw. Beatty, gr.- 
father, Br. John 
Jacobson, gr.-father, 
Sr. Eleonor Beatty, 
gr.-mother, Sr. Hil- 
letje Jacobson, gr.- 
mother, Sr. Ann C. 
F. Brown 

Br. Edw. Beatty, gr.- 
father, Sr. Eleon. 
Beatty, gr.-mother, 
& the child's mother 

Br. N. Brown & child's 

The ch.'s mother, Br. 
Dan 1 . Guyon, md., 
George Colon, wid. 

Geo. Colon, wid., Br. 
Dan 1 . Guyon, md., & 
his wife Elizabeth, 
child's mother 

128 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. [April, 


Dec. 17. Thomas Skerrit, Lucy Ann 
Sept. 30. weaver 

Martha [Cribbs], 
his wife 
In the house 
Dec. 20. Michael Marsac, Henry 
Sept. 19. boatman 

Rachel [Jennings], 
his wife 

Br. N. Brown & wife, 
Sr. A. C. F. Brown, 
& child's mother 
Martha Skerrit 

Br. Edward Beatty, 
Sr. Eleon. Beatty, 
& child's mother 

In ch. 

Jan. 7. 

Aug. 31. 

Feb. 23. 

Sept. 30 

Stephen Wood, 

Ann [Bodine] 

John Bird, water- 
Susan [Mitchell], 
At parent's house 


Stephen Mott, 

Mary [Mitchell], 


Peter Duin- 

Feb. 23. 

Feb. 25. 

Feb. 23. 
Jan. 5. 



David B a r g e r , 

Sarah [Cortelyou], 
his wife 

Jacob Beatty, sad- 
dler & harness- 

Elizabeth [Cortel- 



Jacob Cor- 

Aug. 5. John Jacobson, far- Matilda 
May 19. mer 

Hilletje [Bedell], 
his wife 


Abraham Egbert, Benjamin, 

farmer & weaver thei3thch. 
Ann [Martino], his 


Br. Ab m . Egbert 
child's parents 


Aug. 5. John Deforest Phebe Ann 

July 9. Charlotte [Vander- 
bilt], his wife 

( To be continued. 

Br. N. Brown, Mrs. 
Mary Mott & child's 

Same sponsors as Pre- 
ceding. Bap. by Rev. 
N. Brown 

The child's parents, 

Bro. Edw d . Beatty 
Bp. by Rev. N. Brown 

The gr. -father Br. 
Edw. Beatty, the gr.- 
mother Sr. Eleon. 
Beatty, & the child's 
Bp. by Rev. N. Brown 
Child's father, Cath. 
Bedell, the gr.-moth- 
er, Sr. Mortimer 

No sponsors given in 
the memorandum 
left by Bro. Morti- 
mer, minister of the 
Un. Bros. Ch. at N. 
Y., & who bap. here 
during Br. Brown's 

Bap. by Rev. Benj. 
Mortimer. No spon- 
sors given 


New York Colonial Manuscripts. 
















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New York Colonial Manuscripts. 









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New York Colonial Manuscripts. 


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132 New York Colonial Manuscripts. [April 




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+J£ 4) H rG .. 43 u =r J 43 G L>s <0 ' — ' ™ « 

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1 907-] 

New York Colonial Manuscripts. 


<u .3 S3 Vh 03 pj I 
£ 13 GJB S c <u 


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New York Colonial Manuscripts. 


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C/2 P. 























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New York Colonial Manuscripts. 















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CU O rn O O G G 

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h Li «i "G N cu G t> G 

I , G G rO CU I IrG CU tG 





136 The Ancestry of Lieut. Heman Row lee, Sr„ of Orange County. [April, 




Contributed by Prof. W. W. Rowlee, Ithaca. N. Y. 
Dept. of Botany, Cornell University. 

Mr. Brainard's article in the N. Y. Gen. and Biog. Record, 
Vol. XXXVII, makes it possible to connect many descendants of 
the present day with the pilgrim, Henry Rowley. The period of 
migration, i. e., the last half of the eighteenth century, scattered 
families so that especially in the pioneer districts, the evidence 
of genetic connection is scant or lost altogether. Among the 
several pioneer Rowley families in New York State, the one to 
which the writer belongs has been most difficult of connection. 
This is the more remarkable because of the early date to which 
the family records, extant, run back, i. e., 1746. 

The Christian name "Heman" is rare in colonial records. 
Gen. Heman Swift of Cornwall, Conn.; Heman Allen of Corn- 
wall, Conn.; Heman Ely of W. Springfield, Mass.; and Heman 
Smith of Milford, Conn., a colonial soldier; were all nearly con- 
temporaneous with Heman Rowlee. Although the name has 
been used frequently among his descendants, no Rowlee before 
him, had so far as we know, borne it. 

The family name is spelled differently from the commonly 
accepted English form. The spelling " Rowlee" is used the first 
by Moses in signing his will, and his son Matthew signed in the 
same form, as a witness. During the eighteenth century, the 
spelling " Rowlee " was used by a considerable number of families, 
some of whom afterward returned to the original "ley." Heman's 
children and grandchildren were always insistent that " Rowlee " 
was right. One of his grandsons, Charles S. Rowley, wrote as 
follows in a letter to his aunt, dated Nov. 21, 1854: "You will 
observe that I spell our surname a little different from the old 
way. After I grew up, I saw some one write it in this way and it 
took my fancy and I have written it so since some ten or fifteen 

It seems therefore, probable that the spelling "Rowlee" has 
been used by some of his descendants continuously since the 
time of Moses, son of Henry the Colonist. It also appears that 
officials: ministers, justices and clerks, most often used the 
English spelling "Rowley," although the persons themselves 
persisted in writing the name " Rowlee." 

Family records, Surrogates' and County Clerks' records of 
Orange Co., all concur in showing that: 

Heman Rowlee was b. Nov. 14, 1746; he d. Dec. 26, 1818, and 
with his wife is buried in the Amity burying ground; m. Jan. 9, 

IQ07.] The Ancestry of Lieut. Heman Rowlee, Sr., of Orange County. 1 37 

1770, Lydia Seely, b. Dec. 26, 1749. She had a sister, Charlotte, 
who m. Isaac Seaman. His will in the Surrogate's office of 
Orange Co. is dated June 13, 1817, probated Jan. 2, 1819. He was 
a Revolutionary soldier, Lieut, in the Florida & Warwick Co. of 
the 4th Reg't, Orange Co. Militia, serving under Col. Hathorn. 
Heman Rowlee purchased 105% acres of land in Warwick, Orange 
Co., and gave a mortgage upon it Nov. 16, 1769, to William Wick- 
ham of same precinct for ^133. This mortgage was paid Dec. 13, 
1775. Heman Rowlee (a mason) and wife sold to John Post of 
Warwick (a farmer), 6y 2 acres in the town of Warwick for ^45, 
10 s., on May 29, 1800. Heman Rowlee took a mortgage from 
Wm. Adams of Warwick, upon 55^ acres, 32 rds., for $125, Jan. 5, 
1808. He and his wife deeded to Heman Rowlee, Jr., 25^2 acres 
in Warwick, June 15, 1814, for $550. Their children were: 

i. Sarah, b. May 19, 1771; d. May 16, 1801; m. Curtiss. 

ii. Lois, b. Nov. 16, 1772; d. April 1, 1847; never m. 
iii. Charles, b. Jan. 14, 1774; d. Dec. 19, 1799; m. Feb., 1797, 

Choziah Roads, b. Jan. 15, 1782. He was drowned, 
iv. Matthew, b. Sept. 30, 1777; d. June 28, 185 1; m. Jan. 15, 

1801, Elizabeth Beers, 
v. Elijah, b. Jan. 8, 1780; d. about i860; m. Millicent, dau. 

of Jonathan Sheppard. 
vi. Nathan, b. April 6, 1782; d. Feb. 15, 1839; m. (1) 
about 1803, Dorothy Carr, b. 1783; d. 1834; m. (2) 


vii. Mary, b. April 15, 1785; d. Sept. 29, 1847; m. John 

viii. Heman, b. Aug. 27, 1787; d. May 30, 1866; m. Ruth 
Cooley; d. before her husband. No children, 
ix. Lydia S., b. Feb. 5, 1788; d. Aug. 30, 1852. Never m. 
x. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 29, 1791; d. Oct. 19, 1879; m. May 17, 
1 810, Daniel Coe. 

There were other Rowlees or Rowleys contemporaneous with 
Heman in Orange Co.: 

Shubell Rowlee. He and his wife, Joanna, mortgaged to 
David Johnson of New York City, for ^"72 106^2 acres of land in 
the precinct of Goshen, May 22, 1775. The land was purchased 
of the said David Johnson on May 22, 1775. This mortgage was 
paid and discharged in 1786. (Orange County Clerk's Office.) 

Shubell Rowlee. His will dated May 21, 1795, and probated 
Sept. 21, 1799, alludes to himself as "weak in body," gives to his 
wife Joanna, and his son Jonathan, as heirs, his farm in the town 
of Warwick, Orange Co. He makes his son Jonathan and 
Frances Armstrong executors. (Surrogate's Office, Orange Co.) 

Jonathan Rowlee. He is recorded in the family records of 
Heman Rowlee as follows: "Jonathan's son, Shubell Arnold, b. 
June 10, 1792." (Family records of Heman Rowlee.) 

Amy Rowlee. (Possibly wife of Jonathan) Daughter of Caleb 
Smith of Warwick. Caleb Smith d. 18 18. Lydia Rowlee (dau. 

I 38 The Ancestry of Lieut. Heman Rowlee, Sr., of Orange County. [April, 

of Heman) witness to Caleb Smith's will in 181 8. (Private 
records of J. C. Coleman.) 

Harris Rowley and wife , had a son Reuben Milford, 

bap. Aug. 6, 1825; son Lorenzo, bap. Aug. 6, 1825. (Church 
Records, Orange Co.) 

William Rowley and his wife, Margaret Smith, had son 
William Smith, b. Jan. 24, 1776; bap. March 23, 1781. (Church 
Records, Orange Co.) 

Constant Rowlee. He was witness to the will of Robert 
Finn, April 25, 1780. (Private records of J. C. Coleman.) 

That Heman Rowlee and Shubell Rowlee were of close 
kinship appears evident from the fact that the names of both 
appear in the same family records, namely Heman's. They 
might have been brothers but from the dates, and the text of 
their wills, it seems more probable that Shubell was Heman's 

Matthew and Shubell Rowlee signed a call in 1755-6, for 
Mr. Ebenezer Knibloe as pastor, from the Western Society of 
Philippi (Carmel). 

The Register of Baptisms in the West. Soc. of Philips Patent 
has: Shubel Rowlee and his spouse had their daughter Patience 
baptised April 11, 1756. Matthew Rowlee and his spouse had 
their son Elijah baptised Jan. 2, 1757. 

Marriage Records of Amenia by Rev. Ebenezer Knibloe 
(N. Y. Gen. & Biog. Record, XXXIII, 47): Nathaniel Rowlee m. 
Kezia Davis, Sept. n, 1765. Abel Rowlee m. Susannah Connet, 
April 15, 1773- 

Military Records from Bureau of Pensions, Washington: 
Daniel Rowlee enlisted at Fredericksburg three successive years, 
i77 6 , T 777> an d 1778. His residence is given at Fredericksburg, 
Dutchess Co. His date of birth is April 20, 1759. He served the 
last year in Capt. David Hecock's Co. 

Elijah Rowley also enlisted from Pawling in Capt. Hecock's Co. 

The following connection between the Orange Co. and 
Dutchess Co. families seems most likely: Shubell of the two 
places is identical. Heman of Orange Co. is son of Matthew of 
Dutchess Co. Nathaniel, Abel, Daniel and Elijah may also have 
been sons of Matthew. 

Evidence of the connection of the Rowlees of Southern 
Dutchess Co. with their ancestors, is equally difficult. It seems 
most likely that Matthew and Shubel were sons of Shubel 
Rowley, Jr., and Hannah Brown, who as Brainard states (page 
100): "In 1734 Shubel Rowley appears to have been living in 
North Castle, Westchester Co." The records of the town of 
North Castle reveal the following: 

April 6, 1736, Shubel Rowley was elected Assessor, or as it is 
recorded (Sessor), and Highway Master. 

April 5, 1737, Shubel Rowley was elected Fence Viewer and 
Appraiser (Prisor) of damages for the old Poundridge. 

1907.] King Family Notes. 139 

April 4, 1738, Shubel Rowley was elected Fence Viewer and 
Appraiser of damages for old Poundridge. 

April 3, 1739, Shubel Rowley was elected Appraiser of 
damages and Fence Viewer for old Poundridge. 

Shubel Rowley and Hannah Brown had a son, Matthew, b. in 
Colchester, Ct, Oct. 8, 1720. If they had a son Shubel, he must 
have been b. after 1723, and probably after they left Colchester. 
Shubel Rowley of Orange Co., alludes to himself in his will as 
"weak in body" in 1795. He would have been 70 years old if 
b. in 1725. 

The writer has put forth every effort to bridge the two gaps 
but so far has failed to secure direct tangible evidence. It may 
possibly be that he is on the wrong track, but no other line seems 
to offer so much circumstantial evidence. 

Any information regarding the ancestry of this family will 
be most gratefully received. 


William King of Hawkchurch, Dorset, England; will dated 
16 June, 1625, proved 24 Nov., same year, mentions son John, 
who receives an estate in Coffenhays after the death of testator's 
wife Anne; son William has furniture after death of said wife 
Anne; sons John King, Henry King and daughter Mary King 
receive £$ each; daughters Elizabeth King and Margery King 
40 shillings each; wife Anne made executrix and receives residue 
of estate; witnesses John Gille, John Rochet and Christopher 
Cockling. The wife's maiden name was Anne Bowdiedge. 

Stephen Bowdiedge of Hawkchurch; will proved P. C. C., 
London, 16 Aug., 1620; mentions sister Anne King, brother-in- 
law William King, and their children Elizabeth, William, Mar- 
gery, John and Mary. 

Nycholas Sampson of Hawkchurch, had a son Gregorie, 
whose daughter Jane Sampson married in 1603, William Hull, who 
was Vicar of Colyton, Devon, in 161 1. He was the brother of 
Rev. Joseph Hull, who came to New England in 1635. 

William King of Salem, Mass., born in England, about 1595. 
embarked from Weymouth, Dorset, 20 March, 1635-6, with wife 
Dorothy, and five children: Mary, Katheryn, William, Hannah 
and Samuel, born between the years 1623 and 1633, bound for New 
England. They were under the leadership of Rev. Joseph Hull, 
whose name heads the list of passengers. Mr. Hull, a graduate 
of St. Mary's Hall, Oxford, was Rector of Northleigh Parish, 
Devon, until 1632. 

Was this William King the son of William King of Hawk- 
church, above mentioned? 

Rufus King, 
222 North Broadway, Yonkers, N. Y. 

140 New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the Am. Revolution, [April, 

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d a— 0^00 

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in S ? x-— Ot— a 

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bJSbCMibjOCL) cu^cu <U 1) cu cu cu 

+-l.t_. < -4_.)_,V«'C^l->-<l-.l-l>- 


IQ07.I New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the Am. Revolution. 1 4 1 

Q CTl *- ~ 

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J3 r - : — ; 0) iu 4J 

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Pit o nj 

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. . .- -T « O O O O O Q 

<u S § J .§ il 13.2.3 .2.2 'u 

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1/1 m 1/1 in 1/1 <n i 




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•- "o 5 

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£ 3 3 


I42 New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the A?n. Revolution. [April, 

mJ= re a 


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S < oi . .1 e 

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M ^ £.0 . 3 C 

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1907.] New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the Am. Revolution. 143 

o - t>o 
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rt Sin „ 

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O'r- >> CO 

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c 5-- "en 

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m in of </T in 

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S S 5 <" m w -~ ■- •- X 


v. i- rt 

c c a a 

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O <u nj S^"5 <f* 


<u rt to rt rt rt 



144 New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the Am. Revolution. [April, 

• .£ eL*> 

be B*T.y « ? 
<u .2 'St: en a 

■«t £ 5 u o v. g, 

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bc-gou °Oa 
en S 

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W O050505u<<05<<U<<<UUU<U<<UUO505OU 

<u c 

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1907.] Vital Records of Christ's Church at Rye, New York. 



Communicated by Thomas T. Sherman, Esq., of Rye, N. Y. 

(Continued from Vol. XXXVIII., p. 23, of the Record.) 



William Andrew to Jannet Steward. 
Beriah Curtis to Phebe Curtis. 
William Vassals to Sarah Lawrence. 
Abel Bulkley to Elizabeth Brundage. 
Doctr. Francis Fowler to Sarah Hatfield. 
Abraham Secord to Eliza Dixon. 
Henry Lockwood to Maria Bayeax. 
Timothy Parks to Sarah Fitch. 
Thomas W. Games to Caroline Rogers. 
Alfred Hobbey to Olivia Seaard. 
Thomas Caneworthy to Sarah Sniffin. 

Bartholomew Pardy to Sarah Haight. 
Daniel Prindle to Elizabeth Coleman. 
Hulet Willis to Elizabeth Merrit. 
Elijah Guion to Mary Purdy. 
Benjamin Florence to Elizabeth Powell. 
Gilbert Lyon to Deborah Lyon. 
Newbury Devenport, Esq., to Mrs. Mary Bush. 
Isaac Peck to Harriot Mead. 
Capt. Jonathan Purdy to Mary Purdy. 
Frederick Boyce to Loretta Pelham. 
Joseph Bruster to Susannah Merrit. 
Everet Dykerneck to Harrot June. 
Caleb Cornell to Anne Robertson. 
Abraham Antony to Letitia Lawrence. 
Seamour Boughton to Eliza Allen. 


Gilbert Hatfield to Elizabeth Bertine. 
Samuel Tredwell to Anne Hatfield. 
William Taylor to Sarah Chew. 
Frederick Renoud to Jane Tilley. 
Charles Boughton to Deborah Clark. 
Abraham Haverland to Deborah Budd. 
Henry Beldin to Anne Sniffin. 
Peter Kelly to Ann Orr. 
John Mott to Mary Vassels. 
Monmouth Lyon to Allethea McCollum. 
George Hains to Tamar Bloomer. 
Samuel Clark to Sarah Vansicklin. 























































1 46 Society Proceedings. [April, 

Alton Ingosal to Sarah Marshall. 
Nehemiah Purdy to Elizabeth Tredwell. 
Abraham to Mary. Black couple. 
Amos Worden to Pressilia Hadden. 
8. Zeno Caldwell to Maria Carpenter. 
18. William Tharp to Sarah Wall. 
Dec. 23. Josep Beers to Sarah Beers. 

( To be continued.) 







Regular Meeting oe the Society, December 14TH, 1906. 

Vice-President Clarence Winthrop Bowen in the Chair. 

The following deaths were announced since the last meeting of the Society: 
Mrs. James Wells Randell, Annual Member, died Dec. 3. 
John Franklin Plummer, " " " " 10. 

The Executive Committee reported the resignation of Mrs. Frederick 
Hasbrouck, dated Nov. 26, 1906, had been received and accepted. 

The Executive Committee reported the election of the following: Mrs. 
Thomas Smith Bassford, Annual Member, 20 West 76th Street, City, proposed 
by Mrs. F. E. Youngs; Charles L. Bogle, Annual Member, 302 Broadway, 
City, proposed by John R. Totten; Mrs. Robert Dewey Bristol, Annual Mem- 
ber, 307 West 98th Street, City, proposed by Mrs. F. E. Youngs; James Austin 
Church, Life Member, 63 Wall Street, City, proposed by William Mattoon 
King; Mrs. E. B. Holden, Annual Member, 323 Riverside Drive, City, proposed 
by John R. Totten; Mrs. De Lancey Nicoll, Annual Member, 23 East 39th 
Street, proposed by Miss L. D. Akerly; Mrs. D. P. Van Deventer, Annual 
Member, 191 Claremont Avenue, City, proposed by Mrs. F. E. Youngs. 

The Chairman then introduced the lecturer of the evening, Mr. William 
Webster Ellsworth. The subject was "The Guns of Sumter — the Story of the 
War of Secession." Which was illustrated with a fine series of stereopticon 

The paper opened with a history of our country and the causes that led 
to the war, and showed how slavery had gradually disappeared except in the 

Among the more important events either alluded to or illustrated were the 
Missouri Compromise 1820, Kansas-Nebraska Bill 1854, Publication of Uncle 
Tom's Cabin 1853, Insurrection of John Brown who was hung Dec. 2, 1859, 
attack on Fort Sumter, April 12, 1861, the Sixth Massachusetts and Seventh 
New York Regiments, Long Bridge, Virginia, General McClellan, the blockade 
vessels of the Northern Fleet, the Merrimac, Monitor, General Grant, Fort 
Donaldson, Shiloh, Admiral Farragut at New Orleans, General Lee, General 
Burnside, Emancipation Proclamation, assault on Vicksburg, General Meade, 
Battle of Gettysburgh, Charleston, Mobile, the Alabama, Battle of Winchester, 
General Sheridan, Surrender at Appamattox, return home of the soldiers, 
Lincoln's assassination, etc. 

Annual Meeting of the Society, January iith, 1907. 

The Thirty-eighth Annual Meeting of the Society was held on Friday 
evening, January nth, 1907. President Dwight in the chair. 

The death was announced of John Aspinwall Hadden, a member of the 
Society, who died December 21st, 1906, aged 88. 

1907.] Society Proceedings. 1 47 

The Executive Committee reported the election of Rev. John Cornell, 
Annual Member, Waldorf-Astoria, City, proposed by T. A. Wright. 

The Annual Report of the Secretary, Mr. Drowne, was as follows: Our 
membership now consists of 9 Honorary, 126 Life and 273 Annual Members, 
making a total of 408, being a gain of 4 names, and in addition thereto there are 
91 Corresponding Members. The additions for the year 1906 consisted of 
1 Honorary, 5 Life, 29 Annual and 80 Corresponding Members. 12 deaths 
have been announced, and two members were transferred from the Annual to 
the Life Membership class. Seven regular meetings were held during the 
year, at which interesting papers were read, and the attendance proved larger 
than ever before. The Board of Trustees had decided that the proposed con- 
solidation of our Society with the New York Historical Society would not be to 
our best interest. They had adopted a new constitution and By-Laws, which 
had been published in the Year Book for 1906. The Society is to be con- 
gratulated that its revenues for 1906 showed an increase over those of 1905, 
and that we are free from debt. 

Capt. Totten, as Chairman of the Executive Committee, reported in detail 
as to the changes in our Membership Roll and the revenue derived from the 
membership account, also as to the present standing of the Record account 
and the revenue derived therefrom. 

The Revenues from the Dutch Church Marriages and Baptisms, back 
numbers of the Record, Pedigree Charts, Advertisements in the Record, 
Library Duplicates, and the agency of De Vroedschap Van Amsterdam were 
also stated in full. 

The Hall rents amounted to $1,166.50, being a gain of $226.50 for the year, 
and the room rents $1,606.50, showing a gain of $107.50. 

The members are earnestly requested to support the Record by subscrib- 
ing to it, and an appeal was also made for donations to the Library. 

In response to the aid solicited for Mrs. Holton some $455.00 had been 
received, to date, which would be devoted to her welfare. 

As Librarian, Capt. Totten reported as follows: Total accessions to the 
Library for 1906, 1,413, of which 1,228 had been donated, that the books and 
pamphlets in Library now amounted to 14,594, $86.80 had been expended for 
binding, and $308.13 for 102 new books. The visitors for the year were 1,636. 

The report of the Treasurer, Mr. Morrison, was next in order. He called 
attention to the fact that since 1904 the Society had set aside for Permanent 
Investment $1,998.74 in addition to paying all debts and expenses. The net 
assests of the Society are $73,429.37, being a gain for the year 1906 of $2,767.35. 
The cash balance on hand was $659.74, and in the investment fund we had 
3 U. S. Steel 5% Bonds which cost $1,466.25. A full detail of receipts and 
expenses of the Society, with trial balance was presented — same having been 
duly audited. 

Capt. Totten then spoke as follows: — " It has been my pleasure during the 
past three years to be associated with Mr. George Austin Morrison, Jr., in his 
capacity as Treasurer, and also as a member of the Executive Committee, and 
I feel sure that I voice the unanimous spirit of the Officers and Members of the 
Society in expressing great regret that necessity compels him to cease to serve 
as Treasurer of the Society, and I move a vote of thanks to Mr. Morrison for 
the careful, conscientious and correct manner in which he has safeguarded the 
interests of our Society during his term of office." This was seconded by Mr. 
Wright and unanimously carried. 

The Necrologist, Rev. M. E. Dwight, read memorials of the following 
members who had died during the year: Isaac Townsend Smith, Edwin Bab- 
cock Holden, Walter Seth Logan, Russell Sage, Eugene Schieffelin, Abraham 
Van Wyck Van Vechten, James Albert Garland, Benjamin Doughty Hicks, 
Frederick Diodati Thompson, Mrs. Anna Jackson Randall, John Franklin 
Plummer and John Aspinwall Hadden. 

The Secretary read the report of the Registrar of Pedigrees, Mr. Win- 
chester Fitch. He stated that 110 Pedigree Charts had been sold during 1906 
bringing in $92.00, being double the previous year, and that 60 charts are 
now on file. 

President Dwight, as Chairman of the Publication Committee, reported 
hat it was the mission of the Record to publish as much as possible of the 


Society Proceedings. [April 

valuable material contained in the archives of the Society. That the great 
number of names that appeared in the material selected for 1906 added twelve 
(12) extra pages to the index which entailed much additional expense and 
that the publication had contained 324 pages of readiug matter and 49 pages 
of index during the past year. 

He announced that a complete subject index of the whole thirty-seven 
volumes of the Record had been prepared and would shortly be published. 

Dr. William Austin Macy, Historian and Chairman of the Research 
Committee, stated that Corresponding Members had now been secured repre- 
senting nearly every County in the State, and during 1907 he expected con- 
siderable activity would be shown in gathering church records. 

Gen. James Grant Wilson, Chairman of the Committee on Heraldry, 
reported " progress." 

On motion the foregoing reports were duly received and ordered on file. 

The report of the Nominating Committee was read, and the following 
nominations presented for Trustees for the term of 1907-1910: 

Henry Russell Drowne. 
George Austin Morrison, Jr. 
Ellsworth Eliot, M.D. 
William Bradhurst Osgood Field. 
Hopper Striker Mott. 

No further nominations being made, the Secretary was on motion authorized 
to cast one ballot, and the election of these persons was duly announced. 

The lecturer of the evening, Josiah Collins Pumpelly, A.M., LL. B., was 
then introduced, who addressed the Society on "Washington at Morristown, 
N. J., Winter of 1779-80." He described at length Washington's headquarters 
at Morristown, now over one hundred and thirty-three years old, having been 
erected by Col. Ford in 1774. This fine example of Colonial architecture had 
been well cared for and carefully preserved as a Memorial of Washington by the 
Washington Association of New Jersey. Attention was called to the original 
furniture still in the building, as well as to its large and valuable collection 
which included the original Commission of General Washington as Commander- 
in-Chief, dated June 19, 1775, and signed by John Hancock; as well as the 
costume and sword worn by Washington at his first inauguration in 1789. 

Mention was made of all those connected with the Revolution who were 
present at Washington's Headquarters during the War. The character of 
Washington, his life at Morristown, Mrs. Washington, and others were de- 

At the close of the address President Dwight made a few appropriate 
remarks as to the tribute to Washington's headquarters, and on a motion of 
Hon. Asa Bird Gardiner a resolution of thanks was unanimously passed, and 
the Society then adjourned. 

Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees, January 15TH, 1907. 

President Dwight in the chair. Present: Messrs. Eliot, Wilson, Field, 
Totten, Mott, Morrison, Wright, Pierson, Goodwin, Dwight and Drowne. 
Regrets from Mr. Clarence W. Bowen. 

The Annual Election being in order, the following persons were duly 

President, Rev. Melatiah Everett Dwight. 

First Vice-President, Clarence Winthrop Bowen. 

Second Vice-President, Tobias Alexander Wright. 

Secretary, Henry Russell Drowne. 

Treasurer, Hopper Striker Mott. 

Librarian, John Reynolds Totten. 

Historian, William Austin Macy, M.D. 

Necrologist, Josiah Collins Pumpelly. 

Registrar of Pedigrees, Winchester Fitch. 

1907.] Society Proceedings. 1 49 

Executive Committee. 

Rev. Melatiah Everett Dwight, Ex-officio. 

Hopper Striker Mott, Ex-officio. 

John Reynolds Totten, Chairman. Henry Pierson Gibson. 

George Austin Morrison, Jr. 

Publication Committee. 
Rev. Melatiah Everett Dwight. 
Tobias Alexander Wright. Hopper Striker Mott. 

Dr. Henry Reed Stiles. Josiah Collins Pumpelly. 

Committee on Heraldry. 

Gen. James Grant Wilson. Hopper Striker Mott. 

Charles Landon Jones. 

Committee on Research. 
William Austin Macy, M. D., Chairman. 
Melatiah E. Dwight, for Mercer Co., N. J. 
Rev. John Cornell, for Southern Rhode Island. 
George W. Cocks, for Long Island. 
John E. Stillwell, for Monmouth Co., N. J. 
Alphonso T. Clearwater, for Ulster Co., N. Y. 
Mrs. G. W. Smith, for Suffolk Co., N. Y., and Windham, Conn. 
Miss Lucy D. Akerly, for Suffolk Co., N. Y. 
Bowen W. Pierson, for Ontario Co., N. Y. 
Tobias A. Wright, for Washington Co., N. Y. 
Edward Myers, for Westchester Co., N. Y. 
William M. Du Bois, for White Plains, N. Y. 
Mrs. Charles D. Ward, for Oswego, N. Y. 
Rufus King, for Suffolk Co., N. Y. 
William A. Macy, for Seneca Co., N. Y. 
Evelyn Briggs Baldwin. 
The Corresponding Members for 1906 were re-appointed for 1907. 

The Secretary reported that in response to the request or the Society he 
had called on Mr. Archer M. Huntington and had received an extension of 
time to consider further his proposition until after our January meeting. 

The subject was then taken up and discussed informally, and on motion of 
Dr. Eliot the following was unanimously carried: "That in view of what has 
been said it is inexpedient at present to accept the generous offer made us by 
Archer M. Huntington. 

Secretary Drowne was appointed a Committee of One to communicate 
with Mr. Huntington. 

Capt. Totten gave notice that he would move to amend the By-Laws, 
making the Executive Committee to consist of five members, exclusive of the 
President and Treasurer, ex-officio, and that three (3) persons be considered a 

Notice was given of a proposed amendment to the By-Laws, by Capt. 
Totten, Article XX, Sec. 2, to be amended to read as follows: "All sums re- 
ceived from Life Membership and Entrance Fees shall constitute a Reserve 
Fund, the income from which may be used for the support of the Record and 
the increase of the Library. The principal of this Reserve Fund shall not be 
used except by a resolution of the Board of Trustees. 

On motion meeting adjourned. 


150 Obituary. [April, 

Regular Meeting of the Society, February 8th, 1907. 

President, Rev. Melatiah Everett Dwight in the Chair. 

The Executive Committee reported the election of: Harry B. Hollins, 
Annual Member, 15 Wall Street, City, proposed by John R. Totten; Franklin 
Atkins Plummer, Annual Member, 4 Wall Street, City, proposed by John R. 
Totten; Charles Pryer, Annual Member, P. O. Box 647, New Rochelle, N. Y., 
proposed by H. R. Drowne; Glarence Ettienne Leonard, Annual Member, 
44 East 23d Street, City, proposed by Winchester Fitch; Arthur Moore Silber, 
Annual Member, 21 11 Fifth Avenue, City, proposed by Isaac Parish Smith. 

The Executive Committee reported that resignations had been received 
from the following members of the Society: Mrs. A. W. Berg, Dec. 26, 1006; 
Hiram Calkins, Jr.. Dec. 30, 1906; Louis Lincoln Drake, Dec. 31, 1906; Louis 
Charles DeRoy, D. D. S., Jan. 12, 1907. 

The President announced that in response to the call for funds to support 
the widow of the late David Parsons Holton, that he thought a sufficient amount 
had now been contributed to support her for the remainder of her days. That 
at the present time she was well provided for and was being well taken care of 
by a friend. That a donation of some 12 volumes of Parson's Manuscripts 
would soon be forthcoming. 

He then introduced the lecturer of the evening, Mr. Edward Hagaman 
Hall, the Secretary of the Historic Scenic and Preservation Society, and spoke 
of the good work done by this Society in regard to the preservation of the 

The Subject was " Cradle Scenes of American History in the Mother 

Many beautifully colored views were shown with the aid of the stereopticon 
and among many places illustrated were: New York, Liverpool, York, Durham, 
Northampton, Scrooby, Osterfield, Gainsborough, Boston, Holland, Leyden, 
Antwerp, etc. 

Particular attention was called to the various locations in England that had 
been associated with the ancestors of Washington, and to an ancient document 
of William Wassyngton the first of the name. An old seal was shown bearing 
the Washington Arms in 1360 as was also many later examples. 


King, Robert Morrow, died at his late home, 62 Madison Avenue, 
New York City, on Tuesday evening, January 1, 1907. He was born at Albany, 
New York, July 26, 1819, and was the son of Vincent Tuttle King and Phoebe 
Wiggins Youngs, of Orient, Long Island. Mr. King was a descendant through 
both paternal and maternal lines of the old colonial King family of Massa- 
chusetts, the head of which was William Kinge, an English Puritan, who 
sailed from Weymouth, Dorsetshire, in March, 1635, an d settled upon his grant 
at " Royall Side," now Beverly, near Salem (see King Pedigree). 

Mr. King's entire life, with the exception of the last few years, was spent 
at Albany, where from early youth he was prominently identified with the 
business interests of the city, taking an active part in all its charitable and 
public matters, and being a generous contributor to all movements for its 
advancement and improvement. He was public spirited, yet not desirous of 
publicity; a man of strong, natural ability with clear views on all subjects; true 
to the principles of the party with which he acted for over sixty years, yet 
universally declining when offered political preferment. Outliving almost his 
entire generation, the last years of his advanced age were spent in comparative 
privacy, but with a mind unclouded and ever alert, he followed the questions of 
the day, never losing his interest in contemporary matters. A courteous 
gentleman moving thus quietly in the busy walks of life, cherished by his 
friends and beloved by his family, Mr. King leaves the memory of a pure life 

1907.] Note, Queries. 151 

and the priceless legacy of an untarnished name. He was a member of the 
Second Presbyterian Church of Albany. 

Mr. King was twice married. His first wife was Harriet Morgan Steele, 
daughter of Lemuel Steele, Jr., of Albany (a descendant of Mr. John Steel, the 
first Colonial Secretary of Connecticut, 1636, through his grandson Samuel 
Steel of Hartford, who married Mary Bradford, granddaughter of Governor 
Bradford of the M ay flowre— Steele Gen.), by his wife Tabitha Barnard of 
Hartford, Conn., granddaughter of Capt. John Barnard of the Revolutionary 
Army, and a member of the Society of Cincinnati. Mr. King had four children 
by this marriage, three of whom survive him: Frank Barnard, Florence Steele 
and Harriet Gertrude. His second wife was Susan Benedict Barnum, only 
surviving child of Egbert Westcott Barnum of Albany (grandson of Lieut. Eli 
Barnum of the Revolution, and a descendant of Thomas Barnum of Fairfield, 
Conn., 1685), by his wife Caroline Matilda Benedict, daughter of Lewis Benedict, 
Sr., of Albany (a descendant of Lieut. Thomas Benedict, born 161 7, and Mary 
Bridgum, the colonists — see Benedict Gen.), and Susan Stafford, eldest child of 
Spencer Stafford of Albany, and Dorothea Hallenbake (a descendant of Caspar 
Jacobse Halenbeek, an early settler at Albany; will dated 1685), and grand- 
daughter of Joab Stafford, Esquire, of Stafford Hill, Cheshire, Mass., a Colonel 
in the Revolution — see Stafford Gen. Mr. King had four sons by this marriage, 
three of whom are living: Robert Vincent, Egbert Barnum and Gerard Stafford. 


Halley Family. — Of direct bearing on the history of the Halley and 
McPike families, as printed in the Record, Vols. XXIX, pp. 13-18; XXXIV, 
pp. 52-56, 106-108; XXXVII, p. 237, is the recent discovery of the will of 
Sybilla Halley, proved Nov. 13, 1772, P. C. C, Register Taverner, folio 406, 
which mentions her two granddaughters, Sybilla Parry and Sarah Parry, who, 
therefore, were great-granddaughters of Dr. Edmond Halley (1656-1742). 


i Park Row, Chicago, 111. 

'•The Conquest of Quebec." 

Mr. Editor: — I have just completed a sketch of Dr. Thomas Young, 
one of the Revolutionary patriots, who was active in public affairs in Boston 
with Otis, the Adamses, Quincy, Warren, and the rest, during the eventful 
years 1768-1774. This sketch is soon to appear in the Transactions of The 
Colonial Society of Massachusetts. In the preparation of this sketch I have 
found several references to an epic poem which Dr. Young wrote entitled 
" The Conquest of Quebec." One or two lines from this poem were quoted by 
Egbert Benson in an address which he delivered before the New York 
Historical Society in 1816; and I have found other references to it. My efforts, 
however, to find the full text of the poem have been unsuccessful. Mr. 
Wilberforce Eames of the Lenox Library, and Mr. Herbert Putnam of the 
Library of Congress, are desirous, as I am, of securing the text of this poem, 
which may have appeared only in the newspapers of about 1760 or '61. At 
that time Dr. Young was living in Amenia in Dutchess County, and naturally 
would have used either the Albany or New York City newspapers, unless a 
newspaper was published in some city or town nearer to Amenia than the two 
places I have named. 

I venture to ask you to insert in The New York Genealogical and 
Biographical Record a query asking for the text of Dr. Young's poem, or 
for a reference to a newspaper or other place where it would be found. 
Very truly yours, 

henry h. edes, 28 State Street Boston, Mass. 

152 Book Notices. [April, 

Von Olinda. Information is desired concerning the ancestry of Peter 
Donielse Von Olinda, who m. Hilletie Von Slyck, and who lived in the vicinity 
of Albany and d. in 1715. What were the names of his parents? Did he come 
from Holland and when? Also, was the family of Von O'Linda the same as 
that of Von der Linde? mrs. j. r. miller, 

4224 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Register of the Daughters of Holland Dames. This Society is 
about to publish the records of its members, in excellent style and after much 
careful revision. Enough copies will be printed to cover subscriptions only. 

Freese Families. By John Wesley Frees. Published jointly by the 
author and Benjamin Marsh Frees and Edwin Abraham Frees, all great- 
grandsons of Abraham Frees, 1749-1800. Caustic-Claflin Co., Printers. Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 8vo, cloth, pp. 78. 

This book contains considerable history relating to Friesland and the 
Freese family which will prove valuable to the future genealogist of this 
family. A record of six generations of the descendants of John Frees who set- 
tled in Deer Island, Mass., (now Maine), is given with many portraits, family 
coat-of-arms, etc. It is to be regretted that so valuable a book lacks an index 
of names. 

History and Genealogy of the Rix Family of America, Con- 
taining Biographical Sketches of both Males and Females. Com- 
piled by Guy S. Rix, Concord, N. H. New York. The Grafton Press. 1906. 
8vo, cloth, pp. xiii+240. 

This genealogy treats of William and Thomas Rix (and their descendants), 
sons of Robert Rix of Canninghall, England, the only ones coming to this 
country spelling their name "Rix." The compiler makes apology in his pre- 
face for the incompleteness of the record, but the work itself shows painstaking 
care and method in arrangement. The book is well printed and bound, has a 
complete index of names. It is illustrated with a beautiful print in colors of 
the family coat-of-arms and many half-tone portraits. There is more than the 
usual amount of biography in this book which will interest members of the 

Amos Richardson of Boston and Stonington, with a contribu- 
tion to the History of his Descendants and the allied Families 
of Gilbert, Edwards, Yarrington, and Rust. By Rosell L. Richard- 
son. Published by the author. 1906. 8vo, cloth, pp. 147. 

Here is another genealogy compiled because the compiler loved the work. 
Amos Richardson first appears in America as witness to a deed in Boston in 
1639, and this book gives the record of eight generations of his descendants in 
one line. There is an appendix containing short records of four allied families, 
and a very good index. 

The Prindle Genealogy. Embracing the Descendants of William 
Prindle, the first settler in part for six, seven and eight generations, and also 
the Ancestors and Descendants of Zalmon Prindle for ten generations, cover- 
ing a period of two hundred and fifty-two years, 1654 to 1906. Compiled by 
Franklin C. Prindle, U. S. N. New York. The Grafton Press. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. xvii+335. 

After an interesting preface on the history of the Pringle family in Scot- 
land, the book contains the genealogical record of the descendants of William 
Pringle, or Prindle, the emigrant ancestor and progenitor of the family in 
America, who settled in New Haven, Conn., where he took the oath of fidelity 
to the New Haven Jurisdiction, April 4, 1654, followed by an account of un- 
located branches of the family and an appendix of miscellaneous records and 
biographical notes, in which may be found a list of those soldiers whose names 
appear upon the official records of the Pension Office, War and Treasury De- 

1907.] Book Notices. 1 53 

partments, and of the States of Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New 
York, together with a brief transcript of records of service rendered by them 
in the achievement of American independence. The book is well printed and 
bound and the names are indexed. 

The Journal of a Voyage from Charlestown, S. C, to Lon- 

Printed for the New York Historical Society. 1906. Large 8vo, cloth, pp. 121' 

This volume completes the second publication of the John Divine Jones 
Fund Series, and is reproduced from a verbatim copy of the original by Mr. 
W. G. Aikman, great grandson of the authoress. The index is by the Librarian 
of the Society. 

The Ogden Family in America, Elizabethtown Branch. Com- 
piled by the late William Ogden Wheeler and edited by Lawrence Van Alstyne 
and Rev. Charles Burr Ogden. Philadelphia. J. P. Lippincott Company. 1907. 
2 vols. Quarto, cloth. 

The result of many years of patient effort made by the late William 
Ogden Wheeler in tracing his mother's descent from "Good Old John Ogden" 
of Elizabethtown, N. J., will be seen in these volumes. After the death of Mr. 
Wheeler, the immense amount of genealogical information collected by him 
was entrusted by his sisters to Mr. Lawrence Van Alstyne of Sharon, Conn., 
and to the Rev. Charles Burr Ogden, Ph.D., of Woodstown, N. J., for prepara- 
tion for the press. Although Mr. Wheeler had spent many years in endeavor- 
ing to connect the immigrant John Ogden with his English ancestry, it was not 
until after several years of further research that this was accomplished, and the 
family traced back five generatiens in England, as is shown in the present 
volume. Special care has been taken to make this work pleasing to the eye, 
and the coat-of-arms and title-page, executed in colors, and the head-pieces for 
the introductory chapters, and succeeding chapters, with many portraits and 
views, will be found to add greatly to its attractiveness. Volume I sets forth 
the history and genealogy of the family, and Volume II consists of 38 charts, 
which exhibit the English ancestry and the connection with other Ogden 
families. The genealogy is sold at $7.50 and the charts at $2.50, and the 
volumes may be bought separately. Unbound charts may also be had at fifty 
cents each, of Mr. Lawrence Van Alstyne, Sharon, Conn. 

The Homes of Our Ancestors, Stonington, Conn. Grace Denison 
Wheeler. Salem, Mass. Newcomb & Gauss. 8vo, cloth, pp. 286. 

This very pleasing volume was intended as a companion book to Judge 
Wheeler's " History of Stonington," as that valued work is without illustrations. 
Some hundred and sixty illustrations of old or famous Stonington houses 
illuminate the text, which is full of genealogical and historical material. The 
book is tastefully bound and well printed, and should be owned by anyone who 
possesses a copy of the History of Stonington. 

Annals of Oxford, New York, with Illustrations and Bio- 
graphical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Men and Early 
Pioneers. Compiled, edited and published by Henry J. Galpin, Oxford, N. Y. 
Times Book and Job Printing House. " 1906. 8vo, cloth, pp. 568. 

A large amount of interesting and varied material is gathered here, not 
in the orderly sequence of an historical narrative, but as a coTtection of notes 
and reminiscences of the town and townsfolk, interspersed with considerable 
genealogy. Oxford is situated in that part of Chenango County included in the 
" Chenango Twenty Towns," which were ceded to the State by the Oneida 
Indians in a treaty by Governor George Clinton in 1788. The town was formed 
in 1793. It will thus be seen that a volume of New York town history beginning 
at this date will account for many New Englanders who disappear from the 
records of their native towns. Among famous New England families whose 
Oxford genealogy is contained herein, are, Bulkeley, Dickinson, Baldwin, Cary, 

1 54 Book Notices. [April, 

Loomis, Hopkins, Judson, Kinney, Hunt, Mead and Pendleton. Some promi- 
nent New York names are, Ten Broeck, Van Wagenen, Sherwood, Havens and 
Dodge. There is an index. 

Papers and Addresses. William Gilbert Davies, S.B., LL.D. New 
York. Robert Grier Cooke. 1907. 12D, cloth, pp. 353. 

The author has here presented a collection of his scattered publications, 
which cover a wide range of subject and treatment. Some of them deal with 
early history and customs of New Netherland, and some were read before the 
St. Nicholas Club. Those essays most pertinent to the history of this colony 
and State are, The Settlement of New Amsterdam, Historical Sketch of Christ 
Church, New York City, Ticonderoga and Crown Point, and New York in 1801. 
The type and general make-up of the book are excellent, and the essays will 
prove to be most pleasant and instructive reading. 

Historical and Genealogical Miscellany. Data Relating to the 
Settlement and Settlers of New York and New Jersey. John E. Stillwell, M. D. 
Vol. II. New York. 1906. Quarto, cloth, pp. 503. 

This eagerly-awaited work justifies one's ardent expectations. This 
volume is rich in Monmouth County material, as the following excerpts from 
the table of contents will show. Records of the Baptist Church, Middletown, 
N. J., Inscriptions, Burying Grounds of Monmouth County, Bible Records, 
Patents for Lands in Quit Rents, Abstracts from Men's Monthly Meetings, 
Shrewsbury, besides Church, Court and Tombstone Records of Burlington, N. J. 
The work will prove a mine of information for students of New Jersey records, 
and its compilation and arrangement reflect the greatest credit upon Dr. 

The Journal of American History. Produced by the Associated 
Publishers of American Records, New Haven, Conn. Quarterly, $2.00 per 

This is the first number of a quarterly magazine de luxe, and is a very 
beautiful production. The leading article is on the American Flag, telling the 
story of its evolution, handsomely illustrated in color. From its long table of 
contents we glean the following: The First American Soldiers, Journal of Peter 
Pond, Letters of a Sergeant in the War of 1812, Memoirs of a Southern Con- 
gressman, and The "Miracle" of the First Steamboat. The illustrations are 
numerous and well executed, the type and paper are good, and the cover shows 
a production in color of the arms of Thomas Hooker, one of the five authors of 
"the first written constitution in the world, creating a government," and not 
the only author, as the index appears to state. 

Proceedings of the New York State Historical Association. 
Including Indian Geographical Names, by E. M. Ruttenber. Vol. VI. New- 
burgh. Journal Print. 1906. 8vo, cloth, pp. 243. 

The first part of this volume contains an account of the seventh annual 
meeting, with constitution, by-laws and list of members. There are also 
articles on The Character of Gen. Sullivan, the Organization of Sullivan's 
Expedition, and a Bibliography thereof, with numerous other short articles of 
interest. Mr. Ruttenber's scholarly work on Indian Geographical names 
occupies about half of the volume, and will be found of great interest and 

The Vought Family, Being an Account of the Descendants 
of Simon and Christina Vought. William Gordon Ver Planck. Edition 
of one hundred copies. Tobias A. Wright. 1907. 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 27. 

This is the genealogy of a Palatine family, which, after suffering the 
unmerited hardships thrust upon the early Lutheran emigrants, at sea and 
after their landing in New York, settled in Western New Jersey, in either 
Middlesex or Hunterdon County. The pamphlet exhibits considerable 
research, resulting in a good deal of biographical and other material, and its 
statements are most careful and exact. There is a good index. 

I907O Book Notices. 1 55 

The Parentage and English Progenitors of Nathaniel Coney 
of Boston, Mass. Thomas Hills. Boston. David Clapp & Son. 1906. 
8vo, pamphlet, pp. 13. 

This is a reprint from the Register, with some additions, and sets forth 
search for the English ancestry of Nathaniel Coney, connecting him with the 
Coney and Hawkredd families of Boston, Lincolnshire, England. 

A Century of Meriden. "The Silver City." Issued as the 
Official Souvenir History by Authority of the General Committee at the Cen- 
tennial Celebration, June 10 to 16, 1906. Compiled by C. Bancroft Gillespie. 
Early History by George Munson Curtis. Meriden. Journal Publishing Co. 
1906. 8vo, cloth, pp. 434-608-184. 

In this very complete volume the material has, probably for convenient 
reference, been divided into three parts. The first part contains a full and 
interesting early history of Meriden, with vital records, tombstone inscriptions, 
muster rolls, with personal notices of the soldiers, and lists of public officials, 
with town maps, birds-eye views and many pictures of old houses. Part II 
has an article on Meriden in the Civil War, by Col. Charles L. Upham, and 
one on the Spanish-American War, and contains a large number of biographies. 
Part III deals with the manufactories of Meriden. Each part is separately 
indexed, but the indices are all placed in the back of the book. The second 
and third parts of the history are also fully illustrated, and the whole publi- 
cation is very creditable to those engaged in its production. 

A History of Mattituck, Long Island, N. Y. Rev. Charles E. 
Craven. Published for the author. 1906. 8vo, cloth, pp. 400. Price, $1.50 
and $2.50. 

Mattituck is described by the author as being one of the second genera- 
tion of villages in Suffolk County, N. Y., and he defines this grouping by 
saying that the second generation comprises the earliest settlements apart 
from the town centres. The earlier villages, having their town records, afford 
much more material for the historian than the later group. In spite of this 
serious drawback Mr. Craven has been able to compile a very complete and 
valuable history. Amongst the genealogical treasures contained in it are some 
150 pages of church records of baptisms, marriages and deaths, never before 
printed. Mr. Craven is evidently a genealogist, and he deals with that part of 
his history so as to tell us the things we most desire to know. The book will 
give great pleasure to the people of Mattituck, Aquebogue (Jamesport) and 
neighboring towns, as well as to students. The illustrations are numerous and 
good, the index, which does not cover the church records, is otherwise excellent, 
and the price of the book is remarkably low. Copies may be had of the author. 

Newburgh Historical Society. Historical Papers, No. XIII. 
Newburgh. 1906. 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 216. Price, 25 cents. 

Following the report of the Annual Meeting, 1906, articles will be found 
on Vail's Gate Fifty Years Ago, by Rev. Francis Washburn; Cochecton, by E. 
M. Ruttenber; The Ramapo Valley During the Revolution, by J. Bogart 
Suffern; Colonel Lewis Dubois, by R. Emmet Deyo; The Fullerton Family, by 
Hon. Walter C. Anthony; The Ancestral Home of Washington, by Thos. M. 
Peck, and an obituary minute on Rev. Wm. K. Hall, D. D. This publication 
maintains its interest, and, it is to be hoped, will long continue its existence. 

The Hallock-Holyoke Pedigree and Collateral Branches 
in the United States. Being a revision of the Hallock Ancestry of 1866 
prepared by Rev. Wm. A. Hallock, D. D., with additions and tracings of family 
genealogies to the present date and generation. Charles Hallock, M.A., 
author of Luminous Bodies Here and Hereafter. Amherst. Carpenter & 
Morehouse. 1906. 12D, pamphlet, pp. 84, Price, 50 cents. 

This little treatise, arranged in chapters, contains a chapter on the 
Hegira of the Dissenters, several chapters on Hallock genealogy, and accounts 
of collateral families, such as the Mayhew, Alden, Allen, Daggett, Butler, 


Book Notices. [April, 

Athearn, Coffin, Homes and Hayden names. There are several illustrations, 
and the pamphlet will be found a most helpful contribution to Southold 

The Cambridge Historical Society's Publications, I. Pro- 
ceedings, June 19, 1905-April 24, 1906. Cambridge, Mass. Published by the 
Society. 1906. 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 102. 

This new Society is constituted for the purpose of collecting, publishing 
and distributing Cambridge records, and any resident of that city is eligible for 
membership, except that its regular membership is limited to two hundred. 
Its first President is Richard Henry Dana, and its Vice-Presidents are Thomas 
Wentworth Higginson, Alexander McKenzie and Archibald M. Howe. The 
Secretary is Frank Gaylord Cook. This number contains a paper by Professor 
Charles Eliot Norton, and addresses by various members and others. A list of 
seventy-nine historic sites is given. We hope that all encouragement will be 
given to the new Society by its neighbors, and that it may have a long and 
successful life. 

Reverend Thomas Robbins, D.D. An Address delivered before 
the Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford, October 2, 1906. Rev. W. 
UeLoss Love, Ph.D. Hartford. Published by the Society. 1906. 8vo, 
pamphlet, pp. 35. 

In this memoir, full credit is given Dr. Robbins for the founding of the 
Connecticut Historical Society, of which he was the first Corresponding Secre- 
tary, and afterwards, for twelve years, its Librarian. It was in 1822 that he 
made his memorable address advocating the formation of such a Society in 
Hartford, and after its foundation its welfare was very dear to him. The 
deposit of his library of about 7,000 volumes with the Society was of great 
benefit to it at a critical time, and helped to give it its present high standing. 

Colorado Volunteers in the Civil War. The New Mexico 
Campaign in 1862. William Clarke Whitford, D.D. Denver. The State 
Historical and Natural History Society. 1906. 8vo, cloth, pp. 159. 

, At the outset of the Civil War, it was the confident hope of Southern 
leaders to split off from the Union the territories of Colorado, New Mexico, 
Utah and a large part of the Pacific Coast. Their reasons for this hope and 
the means they adopted to fulfill it, with the great issues turning upon the 
Union victory of La Glorieta, are most interestingly set forth in this work, 
which gives us insight into war-time conditions but little known in the East. 
The book is fully illustrated, one of the most interesting portraits being that of 
the famous " Kit " Carson. A photograph of the battleflag of the First Colorado 
Regiment is reproduced as a frontispiece. 

The History of Redding, Connecticut. Charles Burr Todd. 
New York. The Grafton Press. 1906. Quarto, cloth, pp. v+303. 

This is the second edition of this work, the first having appeared in 
1880, and it contains a great deal of genealogical material, including Revo- 
lutionary data, not printed in the earlier publication. The present issue also 
gives us fourteen pages of index. The parish registers of the Congregational 
Church of Redding from 1734 to 1780 is included. Some notes on the condition 
and present whereabouts of public records of Redding are given at pp. 221, 222, 
and the thoughtfulness of the author in printing these may well be emulated 
by others. 

Register of the Society of Sons of the Revolution in the 
State of Missouri, 1904-1906. Compiled by Henry Cadle, Secretary. St. 
Louis. Woodward & Tiernan Printing Co. 1906. 8vo, cloth, pp. 212. 

The greatest credit is due to the Secretary of the Missouri Society for 
giving us in this volume what is probably the most historically valuable pro- 
duction of its kind. There are almost as many illustrations as pages of reading 
matter, and these are portraits of Revolutionary ancestors, pictures of old 
homesteads, arms, family Bible records, and heirlooms of varions kinds. In the 

1907.] Book Notices. I 5 7 

latter portion of the book the obituaries of members are accompanied by their 
portraits. The flag of the General Society is shown in color as the frontispiece. 

The Origin and Early History of the Family of Poe or Poe, 
with full Pedigrees of the Irish Branch of the Family, and a 
Discussion of the True Ancestry of Edgar Allen Poe, the Amer- 
ican Poet. Sir Edmund Thomas Bewley, M.A., LL.D., F.R.S.A.I. Dublin. 
Printed for the author by Ponsonby & Gibbs. 1906. Quarto, cloth, pp. xiv+88. 

The compiler sets forth the history of various families of this name, and 
biographies of the more important members are given. There are also notes 
on the Powell family, from which some Poes are derived. The question of the 
ancestry of Edgar Allan Poe having been fully discussed by the same author 
in the January Record, the subject will not be treated here. There is a good 
index, and three charts setting forth all known Poe descendants of Anthony 
Poe of Popplewick, Notts, complete the book. 

"The House of God." Historical Discourse on the Sesqui- 
Centennial of the Old South Meeting-House of Newburyport, 
Mass. By the Pastor, Horace Carter Hovey, D. D. Newburyport(P). 1907(F). 
8vo, pamphlet, pp. 27. 

This is an historical account of the Presbyterian denomination in its 
early struggles in Newbury, when it paid taxes to four different parishes and in 
other ways found existence difficult. A few notes of the more prominent 
members of the congregation are included. 

P Thomas Jones, Fort Neck, Queens County, Long Island, 1695, 
and His Descendants, The Floyd-Jones Family, with Connections 
from the Year 1066. Thomas Floyd-Jones. New York. 1906. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. 185. 

The compiler completely discredits the story that the first Thomas Jones 
was a pirate, and thereby lays a picturesque ghost. The descendants of Major 
Thomas Jones of Massapequa, and Freelove Townsend, his wife, have always 
been among the best-established families on Long Island, and have inter- 
married with the best-known people there. Notes on some of these families 
appear in the present volume. There is no index. 

A Supplement to the General Register of the Society of 
Colonial Wars, A. D. 1906. Published by Direction of the General Council. 
Boston. 1906. 8vo, cloth, pp. 386. 

The object sought in the publication of this useful volume is to furnish 
the names of those who have joined the Society since the Register of 1902 was 
issued, together with accompanying genealogical data. Some errors have been 
allowed to stand, no doubt through an oversight; notably the case of Lieut. 
John Hollister, proven to have died in 1665, but who is quoted at. page 324 as a 
lieutenant in King Philip's War of ten years later. The book is most attractive 
in its crimson and white binding, and will prove, as its predecessor, of great 
assistance to the searcher. 

History of Saint Andrew's Society of the State of New 
York, 1756-1906. George Austin Morrison, Jr., Secretary to the Society. 
New York. Evening Post Job Printing Office. 1906. Quarto, cloth pp. 294. 

Clad in its sober and dignified cover, this history of a great charitable 
society presents a pleasing appearance. A succinct outline of the history of the 
society is followed by brief biographies, accompanied by excellent portraits 
bearing facsimile signatures of its presidents, beginning with Philip Livingston, 
President 1756-1757, and ending with W. Butler Duncan, 1905-1906. George 
Austin Morrison, Sr., father of the present Secretary, was President 1893-1895. 
The latter part of the work contains the charter, officers year by year, and 
members. The Seals of the Society are illustrated in gold and silver as a 
frontispiece, and there is also a representation of the badge. Mr. Morrison's 
style is clear and forcible, and his book represents long and thorough research, 
brought in this volume to a successful issue. 


Accessions to the Library. [April, 

Nelson Family. Mr. Cortez Nelson, 106 West 138th Street, New York 
City, has for some years been collecting material for a Nelson Genealogy, and 
will be glad to correspond with those interested. 

December 13, igo6, to March j, iqoj, 



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1907.] Accessions to the Library. I 59 

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l6o Accessions to the Library. [April, 1907. 

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Year Books of Probates. 

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The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record. 

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Illustration. Portrait of Benjamin D. Hicks Frontispiece 

i. Benjamin D. Hicks. By Frederick C. Hicks 161 

2. Southold, N. Y., Town Records, Vital Statistics from Libers D. 

and E., in the Town Clerk's Office. Contributed by Lucy Dubois 
Akerly, with Notes 164 

3. New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the American Rev- 

olution. Communicated by D. R.Jack. (Continued from Vol. XXXVIII, 
page 144) 171 

4. Records of the United Brethren Congregation (Commonly 

called Moravian), Staten Island, N. Y. Baptisms and Births. 
(Conti- <ed from Vol. XXXVIII, page 128) m 







The S* ns of America and their Kin. By William Jones Skill- 

ma ^hia, Pa. (Continued from Vol. XXXVIII, page 112) 

To> -"tions in Old Graveyard at Salem, Washing- 

Contributed by Tobias A. Wright. (Continued 


^'Gland. Contributed by Lothrop Withing- 

"XVII, p. 187) 

'urch at Bangall, Dutchess Co., 
^riggs Baldwin. (Continued from 

New Yo 

ton. (Co. 
The First Si, 

New York. C_ 

Vol. XXXVIII, p. s 
Vital Records of Chk 

New York. Communich. 

(Continued from Vol. XXX V 
The King Family in Engla. 

Morrison, Jr 

New York Colonial Manuscripts, c 

(Continued from Vol. XXXVIII, page 135; 

Society Proceedings 

Obituary. S. C. Lyman Rhoades — Benjamin Van L.. 

Wilcox — Benjamin Adrian Kissam 
Queries. Cornell— Young— Mason — Sneden 

Book Notices 

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Traan, Esq., Rye, N Y. 

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faealogkal anil ^iograplikal Retort. 

Vol. XXXVIII. NEW YORK, JULY, 1907. No. 3 


By Frederick C. Hicks. 

One year after the famous Mayflower landed her sturdy band 
of Pilgrims upon the bleak and forbidding shores of New Eng- 
land, a second ship, the Fortune, dropped anchor off the little set- 
tlement at Plymouth. 

Among this second body of Puritans seeking liberty of thought 
and action in the wilds of a New World was Robert Hicks, the 
founder of the family in America, descendant from a family of 
English gentry settled at Gloucester. The earliest known ances- 
tor was Sir Ellis Hicks, who was knighted by the Black Prince 
on the battle field of Poictiers in 1356, for bravery in capturing a 
set of colors from the French, in honor of which the fleur de lis 
was placed upon the family coat-of-arms. 

Margaret, the second wife of Robert, the pioneer, came from 
England on the ship Ann, which arrived in Plymouth during the 
latter part of June, 1622. 

About 1642, two of the sons, John and Stephen, left their 
father's home in Duxbury, Mass., where the family had resided 
a number of years, and came to Long Island. John Hicks, the 
second son of Robert, was one of the patentees to whom Gov. 
Kieft, in 1645, granted the township of Flushing, and who took 
an active part in the affairs of the settlement. His name and 
that of his only son, Thomas, who was appointed the first judge 
of Queens County, appears in connection with almost every pub- 
lic measure for many years, and from then to the present day 
the Hicks family has taken an active part in the history of the 

In the old Seventh Ward of New York City, which was then 
a Quaker neighborhood, Benjamin D. Hicks was born, Feb. 24, 
1836. It was here that his grandfather on his mother's side, 
Whitehead Hicks, a former Mayor of the City, once owned a 
farm. Isaac Hicks, his paternal grandfather, was also a well 
known man, being a prominent merchant and ship-owner of New 
York, and one of his ships first carried the newly adopted Amer- 
ican flag to the Black Sea, to commemorate which event the 
owner was presented with a large pitcher, by the Chamber of 
Commerce of the State. 


1 62 Benjamin D. Hicks. [July, 

Elias Hicks, the noted preacher, after whom the Hicksite 
branch of the Quakers is named, was a cousin of his, and through- 
out life Benjamin D. Hicks remained true to the faith and teach- 
ings of his ancestors, ever striving to heed that inner light which 
the Father has placed in the heart of every one; yet so broad in 
his religious views that creed and sect were to him but a name; 
believing that a life conscientiously lived was sufficient prepara- 
tion for the spirit in the world to come. For thirty years he 
attended the Westbury Meeting, and was one of the active 
workers in the Society. 

His mother, Elizabeth T. Hicks, was a distant relative of his 
father, being a descendant from Judge Thomas Hicks and Mary 
Washburn. His father died a young man, and throughout the 
life of his mother, his devotion to her, and solicitude for her wel- 
fare was most pronounced. 

Inheriting a competency from his father, he devoted his time 
to public affairs and philanthropic matters. He was conscien- 
tious never to waste time, and was always occupied with some- 
thing. His conviction was that duty should be considered first 
and always; when that was properly performed, pleasure could 
be enjoyed with added zest. Throughout his whole life he was 
one of the most dilligent and public spirited members of society. 

He made his home in the City until 1870, when he went to 
Westbury, L. I., and at once entered into the activities of the 
County. When eighteen years of age he entered political life 
and took part in the formation of the Republican Party when it 
meant far more than we can now realize to stand for the freedom 
of the slave. He was Secretary of the first Republican Club 
organized in New York City, and in those early days of the 
party's history, it was not unusual to have the meetings broken 
up by mobs, and the officers threatened with personal violence. 

In his early political life he was intimately associated with 
General Fremont, Secretary Seward, Governor Morgan and Gov- 
ernor King, and later with Senator Conkling, President Arthur, 
Governor Dix and Governor Cornell. He was a life long friend 
of George William Curtis and ardently supported him in his 
campaign for Civil Service Reform. For thirty years he was an 
active worker in the Republican ranks, but was never a candi- 
date for office, and would never accept the high political appoint- 
ments that were tendered him, yet he gave freely of his time and 
money for the promotion of the cause of the party and its highest 
and best principles. 

He was for ten years a member of the Republican State Com- 
mittee from the First Congressional District, and with John M. 
Clark, Isaac H. Cocks and Henry W. Eastman, was for many 
years one of the leaders of the Party in the town of North Hemp- 

He was an ardent American, loved his country and believed 
in it, and with the breaking out of the War of the Rebellion vol- 
unteered his services and was commissioned a lieutenant in the 
Navy; but, owing to the illness and anxiety of his mother who 
depended upon him absolutely, resigned before seeing active 

1907.] Benjamin D. Hicks. 1 63 

service. This was a severe blow to him, as he had been a staunch 
supporter of the Free Soil movement and an enthusiastic advo- 
cate of all the principles of the Republican Party. 

Although not a college graduate, he was a close student and 
wide readar, surrounding himself with books, pictures and scien- 
tific instruments. While his general reading and research led 
him into all fields of knowledge, science and astronomy were his 
favorite subjects. 

While a large part of his early life was devoted to matters of 
a public nature, in later years he gave attention to business 
affairs, and at his death was connected with a number of financial 
institutions. He was one of the organizers of the Title Guaran- 
tee & Trust Co., and of the Bond & Mortgage Co., of New York, 
and a director in both. He was President of the Roslyn Savings 
Bank, Nassau County Bank and Bank of Hempstead Harbor. 

Being of an extremely sympathetic nature, and feeling keenly 
for the sufferings of animals under cruel treatment, he came into 
association with Henry Bergh, and the friendship thus formed 
remained through life. Associating themselves with other gen- 
tlemen who manifested a similar interest, the Society for the 
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was formed with Mr. Bergh as 
President and Mr. Hicks as Vice-President. He was an active 
worker in the Society until within a few years of his death, and 
travelled long distances to warn or punish those who were guilty 
of inhumane treatment of animals. 

When the Queens County Agricultural Society made its per- 
manent home in Mineola, Mr. Hicks became interested in it and 
devoted much time to the development of its grounds, and estab- 
lishing it upon a firm financial basis. 

Genealogical matters and the preservation of old records 
were always of interest to him, and he collected much valuable 
data, not only to his family, but of interest to the historian of the 
Island. • His monumental work is the Records of the Towns of 
Hempstead and North Hempstead, published in eight volumes. 
Mr. Hicks had long felt that the old records should be tran- 
scribed and published before time had so faded and obliterated 
the old writings as to make them unintelligible and valueless. 
For years he and his wife, whose constant help and devoted self- 
sacrifice made it possible for him to carry out the great work, 
labored upon the self-imposed task. Every line and often each 
word and letter of the old and often illegible records, with their 
misspelling and wretched writing which had to be deciphered 
with the aid of a magnifying glass, was carefully gone over and 
conscientiously transcribed. As the years pass, this great work 
will be more and more appreciated and will be of value to the 
historian of the future. 

Always interested in art, he was for fifty years a fellow of the 
National Academy of Design, and gave much assistance and 
encouragement to young and struggling artists. Through his 
genealogical research he became a member of the New York 
Genealogical and Biographical Society and took an active interest 
in its work, besides being a member of a number of historical 

164 Southold, N. Y., Town Records. QJuly, 

and scientific societies. He was a member of the Society of Col- 
onial Wars and of the New York Chamber of Commerce. 

In the life of Benjamin D. Hicks the virtues and the sterling 
qualities of a line of sturdy ancestors were exemplified. Gen- 
erous to a fault, anxious to assist those who had his confidence, 
staunch in his devotion to his friends, his life will ever remain an 
inspiration for the future. 

" His was a simple, tender character placing always the wel- 
fare of others before that of himself. His thoughtfulness of the 
little courtesies, and his personal kindnesses endeared him to those 
he familiarly met. In all business matters he was punctilious in 
his attention to whatever of duty was assigned to him in the 
management of the numerous financial corporations in whose 
activities he took part. While he yielded readily to others in 
matters affecting his personal convenience, he stood as firm as a 
rock if he believed a question of principle was involved." 

Public spirit, loyalty to duty, faithfulness to friends, charity 
and sympathy for all, were the conspicuous characteristics of his 
life, and these coupled with a loving and kindly disposition, will 
make his name, for years, a cherished memory. 


Contributed by Lucy Dubois Akerly, with Notes. 

Liber D. 

Brown. The children of Daniel Brown: James Brown, Born 

April 23, 1720; Daniel Brown, born Novr. 20, 1722; Isaiah 

Brown, born Sept. 7, 1725. Entered by 2nd Jonathan Hor- 


Note. The Census of i6g8 names Annis Reeve, wid. Walter Brown, Joseph 

Brown, Daniel Brown. The will of Joseph Brown, 30 May, 1751, names his 

brother Daniel Brown, so that Joseph and Daniel are supposed to be sons of 

Walter Brown, son of Lieut. Richard Brown, and possibly grandsons of Annis, 

wid. of Thomas (?) Reeve, da. of Thos. Ryder. Daniel Brown was perhaps 

No. go of Moore's Indexes, but was not of Shelter Island. 

Truman. William Truman, son of William and Mary, was born 

April 21, 1769. 
William Truman, Junr., was married to Prudence Darrow, of 

New London, Oct. 20th, 1793, by Zadoc Darrow, Elder. 
Bayley. Stephen Bayley was married to Abigail (illegible) So- 

hold . . . Thomas Cooper, August ye 8th, 1673. 
Stephen Bayley, Junior was: Born July ye 6 Jn the year 

of our Lord Anno Dom. 1674, died 10 May, 1759, ae. 85. 
Abigaill bayley, Junior, was born: may ye fifteenth, 1677, & 

Departed this Lf. Augt. 17 16. 


Southold, N. Y„ Town Records. 1 65 

Bayley. Nathaniell Bayley was born may ye fift and In ye year 
of our Lord: God 1679. 
Mary Bavley was born August ye seventeeth and In ye year 

of our "Lord: God —16 (gone). 
Hannah Bayley was born August ye twenty seventh and In 

ye year of our Lord: God 1683. Died July 2, i75°/ T - 
Dabroh Bayley was born on ye first day of Desimber in ye 

year of our Lord 1685. 
Abigaill Bayley: ye wife of Stephen Bayley. Deseased This 
Life Janvery ye fifteenth In ye year of our Lord Christos 
Dabroh: Ye Daughter of Stephen Bayley Deceased this Life 

Janevery ye Twenty fift in ye year of our Lord 1685. 
Stephen Bayley was maried November ye fifteenth in ye 

year of our Lord 1688. 
Jsraiell Bayley was born September ye thirteenth a bout: 9 

of ye clock in ye morning 1689. 
Temperance Bayley was borne August ye twentieth at eleven 
a clock in ye forenoon in ye year of our Lord being Theurs- 
day 1691, and Died 1739/40 25 feb. ? 
Jonathan Bayley was born Apriell The Eleventh being tus- 
day about eight of ye clock at night in ye year of our Lord 
Anno Dom & 1693. 
Jonathan Bayley Deceased this Life August ye 17th 1694, & 

arrived at ye age of one year & 4 months & 9 days. 
Jonathan Bayley ye second was born ye 16th day of April 

about ten of ye clock 1695. 
Note Stephen Bailey, Town Clerk of Southold, 1683- '96, m. (1) Abigail, 

da of Thos. and Mary Cooper, and (2), doubtless, Mary — . Benjamin 

Bayley b 1699, as per his Southold tombstone, was prob. son of this Stephen, 
being too old to be son of Stephen, Jr. There was also another child Christian, 
in all probability. Of the above: Abigail Bayley m. Joshua Hempstead, of New 
London, Hannah m. Wm. Salmon, in 1708, see beyond, and Temperance m. 
Henry Conkline. 

Liber E. 

Grover. Elizabeth Grover, Daughter of Simon and Elizabeth, 

was born Sept. ye 15th In ye year of our lord 1672. 
Mary Grover was borne March ye 5th in ye year of our lord 

1674/5, and Departed this life Novemr ye 4th in ye year of 

our lord 1706, married Benj. Youngs 16 Sept. 1695 & Died 

Martha Grover was borne March ye 24th In ye year of our 

Lord 1677 and Departed this Life July 18th, in ye year of 

our Lord, 1727. 
Moore. Thomas Moor son of Thomas was borne in ye year 1663: 

July: 30th day, and departed this life Decemr. ye 30th, 

Jane, wife of ye Said Thomas was borne in the yeare 1676; 

and ye Sd Jane Departed this life Novr. 28th day, 1736. 
The said Thomas Moore was married vnto ye said Jane 

March 13 day in ye yeare of our lord 1694/5. 


1 66 Soulhold, N. K, Town Records. f July , 

Moore, mary moor Daughter of ye above named was borne 
January ye 17th in ye Yeare of our lord 1695/6. 

Rachel moor Daughter of ye above named was borne Janu- 
ary the 1 8th in ye year of our Lord 1697/8 and departed 
this life April the 17th Anno Dom. 17 19. 

Elizabeth Moor Daughter of ye above named was borne Janu- 
ary ye 23d in ye year of our lord: 1699/700. 

Phobe moor Daughter of the above named was borne Janu- 
ary ye 4th in ye year of our lord 1 701/2. [She m. Alsop 
Paine, J. W. C] 

Deborah moor, Daughter of the above named was borne 
Decemr. ye 20th in ye year of our lord 1703, and departed 
this life Sept. the 27th, anno Domini 1736. 

Thomas Moor Son of ye Said Thomas and Jane; was Borne 
Aprill Ye 10th in the year of our Lord 1706 & Departed 
this life May the 10 1767. 

A daughter of this Thomas Moore named Mary mar. Sylves- 
ter Lester; see beyond. 

James Moor, Son of ye above named was borne July ye 29th 
in ye year: 1708 and departed this life the 24 day of March 

Joshua moore Son of above named was borne November ye 

8 in ye year 17 10. 
David Moor Son of ye* above named was borne ye 25 day of 

novembr anno Do. 17 13. 
Samuel Moore Son of ye above named was borne the 8th day 

of feby anno 17 15/6. 
John Moore Son of the above named was borne ye 10th o 

feby anno Dom. 17 17/18, and departed this life Septr. 8th, 

Henry Moore Son of the above named was borne December 

ye 19th day anno Domini 17 19. 
Lidia Moore, Daughter of ye above named, was borne ye 

1 8th day of february anno Domini 1721/22. 

Note. The early Southold settler Thos. Moore, m. (1) Martha, dau. of 
Rev. Christopher Yonges, of Southwold, Eng., and (2) about 1680, Katherine, 
prob. Westcoat, who m. (1) Thomas Doxy, of New London; (2), Daniel Lane, 
of N. L.; and Setauket, L. I. His dau. Elizabeth m. Simon Grover, ante. 

Thomas Moore above, b. 1663, was grandson of the 1st Thomas Moore, and 
No. 453 of Moore's Indexes. 

Paine. Alsup Pain married to Phobe Moor Jany. 12, 173 1/2. 

Deborah pain Daughter of the above named was born Oc- 
tober ye 31 1732. 
Lydia Pain Daughter of the above named was born Septem- 
ber ye 13 day, 1735. 
Jemima Pain Daughter of ye above named was born the 30th 

day of may, 1738. 
John Pain Son of the above was born May th 27 1740. 
Benjamin Pain Son of the above named was born March 25 

Note. Paine. — Alsop Paine was doubtless son of John Paine, Jr. and his 
second wife Jemima Alsop. {New Haven Rec.) The unrecorded will of John 

1907.] Southold, N. Y., Town Records. 1 67 

Paine, Jr., and the Southold Town Rec. prove that the said John Paine, Jr., was 
son of Peter 3 Paine (Thos., 2 Thos. 1 ). 

Alsop Paine's half sister Mary m. Abraham Corey, doubtless Jr., before 
Feb., 1706-7, while another half sister, Martha Paine m. Henry Case. 

Goldsmith. John Goldsmith was married to prudence winds 

Novembr. in ye Yeare 1679. 
John Goldsmith Son of ye above named was borne feby. 17th 

in ye year 1680/1. prudence ye wife of ye said John Gold- 
smith Departed this life. 
Tne Said John Goldsmith was married to his Second wife 

Anne Wells: May: 1683. 
Zacheus Goldsmith Son to ye said John and Anne was borne 

Novemr. 9th 1684. 
Thomas Goldsmith Son to John and Anne was borne feby. 

27th in ye Yeare 1686/7. 
Richard Goldsmith Son of ye said John and Anne was borne 

June: 30 in ye Yeare: 1691. 
Mary Goldsmith Daughter to ye Said John and Anne was 

borne August in ye Yeare 1694. 
Anne second wife of ye said John Goldsmith Departed this 

The Said John Goldsmith was married to his third wife Eliza- 
beth wells feby. 2 in the Yeare of our lord 1696/7. 
Nathaniell Goldsmith Son of ye Said John and Elizebeth was 

borne Novembr. 13: in the Yeare 1697. 
Daniell Goldsmith Son of ye said John and Elizabeth was 

borne Novemr. the 5th in ye Yeare 1699. 
Elizebeth Goldsmith Daughter of the Said John & Elizebeth 

was borne Novemr. the 3d in ye Yeare 1701. 

Note. Prudence Goldsmith was dau. of the second Barnabas Wines; 
Anne, 2 dau. of Wm. 1 Wells, and Elizabeth 3 Wells, doubtless dau. of John 5 
Tuthill, and widow of Wm. 2 Wells [see beyond], were John's other wives. 

Goldsmith. Thomas Goldsmith was married to Bathia Terry 

June ye 7th in ye Yeare: 1695. 
Joshua Goldsmith Son of ye above named was borne March 

1 8th in ye Yeare 1695/6. 
Bathia Goldsmith Daughter of ye above named was borne 

feby. 17th in ye Yeare 1698/9. Departed this life august 

12, 1770. 
Anne Goldsmith Daughter of ye above named was borne 

January: 1: in ye Yeare 1700. 
Thomas Goldsmith Son of ye above named was borne 

Novembr. 16th in ye Yeare 1702. 
Abigaill Goldsmith Daughter of ye above named was borne 

March ye 4th in ye Yeare 1704/5. 
Note. Goldsmith. — Anne Goldsmith above m. Deacon James, 3 son of 
Capt. Jonathan 2 and Bethia 2 (Wells) Horton. 

Tuthill. John Tuthill was Borne in the Yeare of our lord (16 
July) 1635, and departed this life ye 12 October 1717. 
The said John Tuthill was married to Deliverance King, 
february the 17 th In ye yeare of our lord 1657. 

1 68 Southold, N. Y., Town Records. [July. 

Tuthill. Deliverance ye wife of ye Said John Tuthill Departed 
this life ye 25 day of Janewy. in ye Yeare of our lord 
1688/90. Being ye fourty ninth Year of her age. 

John Tuthill, Jur. Son of ye above named was borne february 
the 14: in the Yeare of our lord 1658, and Departed this 
Life th 20 Novemb. aged 96 years & 9 months &c 1754. 

Elizebeth Tuthill their Daughter was Borne Jenewy(?) 19th 
in ye Yeare of our lord 1661. 

Henery Tuthill their Son was Borne May: ye 1: in ye Yeare 
of our lord 1665. 

Hannah Tuthill their Daughter was Borne Novembr. 7: in ye 
Year of our lord 1667. 

Abigail Tuthill their Daughter was Borne Octobr. 17th in ye 
Yeare of our lord 1670. And Departed this life being the 
wife of John parker, the sixth of June in ye Year of our 
lord 1705, and ye thirtyfifth Year of her age. 

Dorothy their Daughter was Borne Octobr. 6: in ye Year of 
our lord 1674. And Departed this life ye 24: of february 
In ye Year of our lord 1683/4. 

Deliverance Tuthill their Daughter was borne Augut. ye 2d 
in ye Yeare of our lord 1677. And Departed this life ye 
17: of September Jn ye Yeare of our lord 1683. 

Daniel Tuthill their son was Borne Jenawy. ye 23 in ye 
Yeare of our lord 1679/80. And Departed this life 
Decembr. the 9, 1762, Jn the Eightieth third Year of his 

Nathaniel Tuthill their son was Borne ye 10th of Novemr. 
in ye Yeare of our lord 1683, And Departed this life ye 18th 
of Decemr. in he year of our lord Christ, 1705 at Antigo. 

The above sd. John Tuthill Ser. was married to Sarah 
Yongs: May the: 28: in ye Year of our lord 1690. 

Their Daughter mary Yongs was Borne And Departed 

this life Jenewy. ye n (or 19) in ye Yeare of our lord 1698/9. 
(See The Tuthill Family of Tharston, Norfolk, Eng., and 
Southold, Suffolk Co., N. Y.) 

Salmon. (Prob. spelt Solomon altered to Salmon.) John Solo- 
mon was married to Sarah Barnes Aug. ye 23d: in ye Yeare 
of our lord 1683. 

William Solomon Son of ye above named was borne in ye 
year of our lord 1684: Augt. ye 12 And Died May th 10, 
1759 In the 75 Year of his age. 

Sarah Solomon Daughter of the above named was born 
Aprill the 18: 1687. 

Mary Solomon Daughter of the above named was borne 
Feby. 11: 1690/1. 

Amy Solomon Daughter of the above named was borne 
March: 25th 1693. 

John Solomon son of ye above named was borne Novemr. 19th 
1698. And Departed this life July 28, 1762. 
Salmon. William Salmon was married to Hannah Bayley 
Novembr. 25th 1708. the 2 february 1755(F) the said Han- 
nah Departed this life. 

1907.] Southold, N. Y., Town Records. 1 69 

Salmon. Hannah Salmon Daughter of ye above named was born 
May ye: 7th: 1712. And Died the 8 of June, 1765 N Stile att 
New London being the wife of Mr. John Hempstead. 
William Salmon Son of ye above named was borne July ye 

18: 1814. 
Nathll. Salmon Son of ye above nam'd was borne July 22nd 

Abigail Salmon Daughter of ye above named was borne 

July ye 5: 17 18. 
Nathll. Salmon Son of ye above named was borne Augt. the 

15th 1720. 
Stephen Salmon Son of ye above named was borne feby. ye 
8th 1722/3 And Departed this life 1760 In Innogulating for 
ye small Pox in New Jersey(?). 
Abigail Salmon Daughter for ye above named was borne 

Jany. ye 10th 1724/5. 
Johe Salmon Son of ye above named was borne April ye 16th 

Note. Salmon. — William ' Salmon of Hashamommuck, m. Katharine, 
widow of Matthew Sinderland, perh. sister of Thomas Curtis of Wethersfield, 
and had : John 2 above, who m. Sarah Barnes; Mary, who m. Abraham Whittier ; 
Sarah and Rebecca. 

William 1 Salmon m. (2) Sarah, 2 dau. of Barnabas 1 Horton, and had: Han- 
nah and Elizabeth. His widow m. 2 Dec. 1657, Capt. John 5 Concklyne, doubt- 
less his only wife, and mother of all his children. She is erroneously supposed 
to have m. John 3 Conkling, for his wife Sarah was b. in 1664. 

William 3 Salmon, b. 1684; m. Hannah, dau. of Stephen Bayley (ante); 
Sarah Salmon, b. 1687, m. Jonth. Dimon, and her sister Mary m. Thos. Reeve. 

Curtice. Southold: Decembr. ye 1: day, 1670, Caleb Curtice was 

then maried to Elizebeth Rider. 
Elizabeth wife of Said Caleb Curtice departed this life Septr. 

4th in ye Yeare of our lord 171 1. 
Births of their children. 
Elizebeth Cartice was Borne to the above named Aprill: 17th 

Day in ye year of our Lord 1673. 
Joshua Cartice was Borne Aprill ye 12: day in ye year of our 

lord 1677. 
Caleb Cartice was Borne March ye 27: day in ye year of our 

lord 1679, and departed this life June 25: in ye year of our 

lord 1700. 
Samuell Curtice was Borne July 17th day in ye Yeare of our 

Lord 1 68 1. 
Sarah Cortice was Borne Aprill: 22: day in ye Yeare of our 

lord 1684. 
Hannah Curtice was Borne July ye 1 1 : day in ye Yeare of our 

lord 1686. 
Richd. Curtice was Borne february ye 24th in ye Yeare of our 

lord 1689. 

Note. Curtice. — Elizabeth, wife of Caleb Curtice was dau. of Thos. and 
Abigail (Terry) Ryder of Hashamomuck. 

Caleb Curtice was son of Caleb Curtice, who as eldest son administered the 
estate of his father Richard Curtis, March, 1671, who died intestate. Other 
children of Richard are mentioned, but not named. (Sessions Book, No. 1, at 

I JO Southold, N. Y., Town Records. [July. 

Browne. Richard Browne was married to Dorothy King May 

8th in ye Yeare of our Lord 1683. The Said Richard Browne 

Departed this Life in ye Yeare of our lord 1701, died in the 

50: Yeare of his age. 
Richard Browne Son of ye above named was Borne Aprill 

ye 6: in ye Yeare of our lord 1684. 
Samuell Browne Son of ye above named was Borne March : 

ye 21 in ye Year of our lord 1685/6. 
Dorothy Browne Daughter to the above named was Borne 

Aprill: ye 3d in ye Yeare of our lord 1688. 
Abigaill Browne Daughter to the above named was Borne. 

Aprill ye 25 in ye Yeare of our lord 1690. 
Deborah Browne was Borne to the above named Richard & 

Dorothy March the: 5: in ye Yeare of our lord 1692/3. 
Mehitabell Browne Daughter to the above named was Borne 

October: 8: in ye Yeare of our lord 1695. 
Henery Browne son of ye above named was Borne January: 

ye 3 in ye Year of our lord 1697/8. The said Henery 

Browne Departed this life august ye 18 in ye Yeare of our 

lord 1702. 
David Browne Son of ye above named was Borne february 

ye 8: in the Yeare of our lord 1699/700. 
Samuel Dayton of Easthamton was married to the above 

mentioned Dorothy King august: ye 21: in ye Year of our 

lord: 1705. 
which Said Dorothy King was borne July ye nth in ye Year 

of our lord: 1664. 

Note. King. Brown. Dayton. — Ensign Richard, son of Lieut. Rtchd. 
and Hannah (King) Browne, m. Dorothy, dau. of Samuel 5 King (Wm. 1 )- 

The said Dorothy had one child by her 2d husband Samuel Dayton, 
Samuel, Jr., who d. 23 April, 1726, in his 20th year. 

Deborah Browne, above, dau. of the said Richard and Dorothy, m. Daniel 
Dayton, her step-brother, who m. (2) Mary Parsons. 

Mehitobel Browne, above, d. at East Hampton, 26 Aug., 1712, ae. 17 yrs. 
{Pedigree of King, of Salem, and A Brief Account of the Family of Lieutenant 
Richard Browne of Southold.) 

Browne. Richard Browne was married to Anna Youngs 21 Feb- 
ruary 1704/5. 
Anna Browne Daughter of ye above named was Borne 

January the: 6: 1705/6 and departed this life ye 29th Sep- 

tembr: 1729. 
their Second child a Daughter was Borne novembr: ye 18: 

1707 & Departed this life ye 22 of ye same month. 
Richard Browne Son of ye above named was borne Novemr. 

ye: 21: 1708 & Departed this life 1776, in Sept. 23. 
Henry Browne was borne January the 12th, Son of ye above 

named: 1710/n. 
Christopher Browne Son of ye above named was borne ye 29 

of June, anno Dom. 17 14. 
Mehetebel Browne daughter of ye above was borne ye 21 of 

augt. anno 17 17. 
Peter Browne Son of ye above named was borne ye nth 

Septr. anno Domini 17 19. 

( To be continued.) 

1907.I New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the Am. Revolution. I 7 I 

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172 New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the Am. Revolution. [July, 

a a a 

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Q Q | - 1 Q fa fa W fa W fa fa 


1907.] New Brunswick Loyalists oj the War of the Am. Revolution. I 73 

as - 







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.G O O O O 

-G G G G G G G 


174 New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the Am. Revolution. [July, 

rt S 
0) 3 







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►^H < £>Q Q Q < pu, ^.G q « •- 2 « a S 

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-s p— >i— 1 1— i ►"-" -s t-M > — .-^ <-> •" it )-, re y g 
oT iT oT oT of iT iT «' — >^ 3h !> i*< Q W >— > 

U.UUUUV.UU. ........ 

G C C C C G G Gi^iK/ik^k^i^ii^k^kyi 
.«».»«». n »i y O O U O (J o o o u 







■ *J G G 
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G -G . „ . 
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. .'S3 N N 

>,<U G G G 

B 4) € D U 


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s ^ssssesss « 

1907.] Neiv Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the Am. Revolution. I 75 





O J 






-<" *-s 

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^ -— -— r — :— ci rt rt rt rt V a 

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.5 O &>2 rt fl-G 

i« U rt Jr 4) 

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rt rt rt 

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QpHl-i °u 

G G G C G 
rt rt rt rt rt 

D <D U O U 


sssssssssssssss s sssssssssssssssss 

I 76 New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the Am. Revolution. [July, 



*» 3 




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D <u m 

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►J J 33 

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o o y o u 

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r=~ OS Ort 
o u u o o 

j3 S S 
rt 03 aj 


s ss^s § sss^s s^sssss^ssss^ss ss 

1907.] Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N.Y. I 77 


Baptisms and Births, 

Sr. — Sister — A Communicant. 
Br. — Brother — A Communicant. 

M. M.— Married Man. 
S. M.— Single Man. 

M. W.— Married Woman. 
S. W. — Single Woman. 


Aug. 5. 
July 9. 

June 15. 
March i< 

Aug. 25. 

July 7- 

June 24. 

Feb. 1. 

Oct. 24. 
Aug. 27. 

June 12. 
May 19. 

June 18. 

Aug. 28. 

June 26. 
April 7. 

June 26. 
June 23. 


(Continued from Vol. XXXVIII., p. 128 of The Record.) 


Cornelius Johnson Charles 
Elizabeth [Corsen], 

his wife 
Richard Silvy Jane 

"Rachel" [Hester?] 

David Prawl 
Catharine, his wife 
William M'Lean 
Isabella, his wife 

Bap. by Rev. Benj. 
Mortimer. No spon- 
sors given 
The mother & gr.- 
mother & Sr. Ann 
Brown. Bap. by Rev. 
N. Brown 

Sarah Ann Bap. by Rev. Benj. 

JosephLake Bap. by Rev. N.Brown 
& sponsors not men- 

Baptisms by Rev. John C. Bechler. 

John Beatty, miller 
Elizabeth [Lake], 
his wife 

Reuben Simonson, 

Jane Decker, his 

Richard Connor, 

farmer & sur- 
Sophia [Clawson], 

his wife 
John S k e r r e t , 

Catharine [Perine], 

his wife 
Joseph Mellington, 

Lucy [Crips], his 


Eliza, 7th 
ch., 3ddau. 

Jane, 10th 
ch ,6th dau. 

Abrah am 
Van Vech- 
t e n , nth 
ch. & 5th 


Ann Eliza, 
1st ch. 

Br. Edw. Beatty, gr.- 
father, Sr. Eleon. 
Beatty, gr.-mother, 
Sr. Augusta Henr. 
Bechler, md. Bap. 
at parent's house 1 

The child's parents, 
Br. Barnet Simon- 
son, Bap. at parents' 

Mrs. Clawson, gr.- 
mother, the child's 
father, the child's 
nurse, Mrs. Mer- 

Child's mother, Edw. 
Beatty, md., Ann 
Egbert, Tunis' wife 

Bap. at home, quarter 
mile from Church 
the father & John 
Vanderbilt, md. 

I 78 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. [July, 

June 26. 
March 10. 

July 3- 
June 26. 

Susan Drury [Still- 
well], maiden 

Rev. JohnC. Bech- 
ler, Pastor of Ch. 
at Staten Island 

Augusta Henrietta 
[Cunow], his wife 



Sept. 20. 

Oct. 23, 
in Beth- 

John Jere- 
miah, 3d 
ch. & 3d 

d o r e , 2d 
ch., 1st son 

Sept. 5. 
March 26. 

MosesWood, turner Jacob Clen- 

Catharine [Colon], denne, 3d 

his wife ch., 2d son 

Cornelius Beatty, Hellethah 

at present Tav- Ann 

era keeper at the 

Narrows near Pt. 

Ann [Jacobson], his 

Charles Egbert, Sarah Ann, 

shoemaker 2d ch., 1st 

Christiana [Pels], dau. 

his wife 

lehem Township, N. J. 

Dec. 3. James Scherret Esther, 10th 
July 8. Ann [Garretson], ch.,4thdau. 
his wife 
Jan. 12. JohnDecker,water- Jane, istch. 

1814. man 

Dec. 9. Ann [Egbert], his 
wife, Edward's 
Feb. 7. Cornelius Vander- Phebe Jane 

1814. bilt, Junr., son of 

Nov. 7. Com. V. 

Sophia [Johnson] 

Bap. at same time & 
place as above & 
same sponsors 

Br. & Sr. Edw. & 
Eleon. Beatty, Br. & 
Sr. John & Elizabeth 
Vanderbilt, stand- 
ing for Charles Fr. & 
Dorothea S. Seidel 
of Nazarath, Penn., 
John & H i 1 1 e t j e 
Jacobson, for Br. & 
Sr. Henry D. & Anna 
Mar. Smith of Naz- 
areth, Penn. 

Br. Edw. Beatty & his 
wife Sr. Eleon. 
Beatty, Br. Reuben 
Simonson, md. 

Br. Edw. Beatty, gr.- 
father, Sr. Eleon. 
Beatty, gr.-mother, 
Helletje Jacobson, 

Sarah Egbert, wid., 
gr.-mother of child, 
in whose house it 
was baptized, & the 
child's father, C. 

John C. Bechler, md., 
Sarah Cortelyou, 
wid., Martha Dor- 
sett, md. 

John Dorsett, md., 
Sarah Burbank, md., 
& the child's mother 

Rev. J. C. Bechler, the 
ch.'s mother, Jane 
Fountain, md. Bap. 
at house of C. Van- 
derbilt, Jr., near Van 
Duyer's Ferry 

1907.] Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. I 7g 



Feb. 11. 
Jan. 8. 

May 7. 
Jan. 18. 

July 30. 
May 31. 

Aug. 13. 

Aug. 28. 

Aug. 13. 

Dec. 15. 

Aug. 20. 
July 11. 

Nov. 5. 
Sept. 21. 

Nov. 5. 
Sept. 30. 

Nov. 26. 
Oct. 4. 

John Vanderbilt, 
Jr. [son of John] 

Celia [Story], his 

John Beatty 
Elizabeth Lake, 


Abraham Egbert, 
farmer & weaver 

Ann Martino, his 

Peter Wood, water- 

Sarah Ann Cortel- 
you, his wife 

Jacob Beatty, sad- 
dle & harness 

Elizabeth Cortel- 
you, his wife 

John Vanderbilt, 

Elizabeth, his wife 

1st child 

William Beatty, 
tanner & currier 

Mary Barger, his 

Richard Connor, 

Sophia Clawson, 

his wife 

John Christian Ja- 
cobson, farmer 

Catharine Connor, 
his wife 

Alfred, 8th 
ch., 5th son 


12th ch., 
6th son 

John Vanderbilt, md., 
ch.'s gr. -father, 
Abm. Egbert, md., 
Ann Egbert, wife of 

Edw. Beatty, the gr.- 
father, John Beatty, 
the father, Aug. 
Henr. Bechler, md. 

Bro. Edw. Beatty, the 
gr.-father, Sr. Eleon. 
Beatty, the gr.- 
mother, Sarah Lo- 
zier, md., the ch. 
aunt. Wm. Beatty 
resides at present in 
New York 

Richard Connor, Senr., 
the ch.'s father, John 
Christian Jacobson, 
md., Miss Jemima 

MaryLuisa, Richd. Connor, Senr., 
^ist ch. the ch.'s gr.-father, 

J. Chr. Jacobson, the 
father, Sr. Aug. 
Henr. Bechler, 
Jemima Pearson, 

14th ch., 
4th dau. 


Lake, 2d 

Br. Barnet Simonson, 
md., Sr. Eleon. Beat- 
ty, md., Sr. Ann Eg- 
bert, wife of Tunis 

Peter Cortelyou, gr.- 
father, Emma Cor- 
telyou, gr.-mother, 
Elizabeth C o r t e 1 - 
you, md. 

Br. Peter Cortelyou, 
Sr. Amy Cortelyou, 
& ch.'s father 

Richard Br. Edw. Beatty, Sr. 
Taylor, 8th Eleon Beatty, the 
son child's father 

I 80 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. [July, 



Nov. 26. 
Sept. 25. 

Bap. i n 
Ch. on 
Dec. 10. 
Dec. 7. 

Dec. 25. 
Dec. 14. 

Dec. 25. 
Sept. 11. 

Dec. 31. 
Nov. 15. 

Dec. 31. 
Oct. 9. 

Jan. 3. 

Dec. 3. 


May 5. 
April 12. 

Tunis Egbert, 
Abm's son, car- 

Isabella Vander- 
bilt, his wife 

Rev. John C. Bech- 

Augusta Henrietta 
[Cunow], hiswife 

Joseph Mellington, 

Lucy Crips, his wife 
Thomas Skerrit 
Martha, his wife 

John De Forest [De 

Fries], waterman 
Charlotte Vander- 

bilt, his wife 

1st ch. 

Francis Eu- 
genius, 3d 
ch., 2d son 

Henry, 2d 
ch., 1 st son 

Crips, 2d 
ch., 1st son 

John, 3d ch., 
2d son 

John Jacobson, far- Lucretia, 
mer 14th ch., 

Hilletje Bedell, his 7th dau. 

Br. Edw. Beatty, Br. 
John Vanderbilt, 
ch.'s gr.-father, Sr. 
Eleon. Beatty 

Br. Edw. Beatty, md., 
Sr. Eleon. Beatty, 
md., Br. Nicholas 
Stilwell, unm., Sr. 
Francis Stilwell, 

Bap. at home, no spon" 
sors given 

Bap. at house of Mr. 
Mellington. No 
sponsors given 

Jacob Beatty, md., 
Charles Simonson- 
son, md., Mary Si- 
monson, md. Bap- 
tism in house of Mr. 
Jacob Beatty 

Abm. Egbert, Senr., 
the ch.'s mother, Sr. 
Augusta Henr. 
Bechler, md. 

David Praul, 

Catharine Dorsett, 

his wife 

Nathaniel H. Mar- 

Sarah Dorsett, his 

Charlotte, Br. J. C. Bechler, Sr. 
3d dau. ,4th A. H. Bechler, Mar- 
ch, tha Dorsett, the ch.'s 

William John Dorsett, Sen., 
Heard, 1st the ch.'s gr.-father, 
ch. Br. Edward & Sr. 

Eleon. Beatty. Bap- 
tism at house of John 
Dorsett, Sen., in 
presence of a num- 
ber of relations 
May 15. Reuben Simonson, Hylah, nth The child's parents. 

1815. farmer ch., 7th Bap. at home 

Nov. 9. Jane Decker, his dau. 


June 21. Stephen Wood, car- EliasMarsh, Br. J. C. Bechler, Tunis 

1815. penter 1st ch. Egbert, Senr., & his 

July 11. Ann Marsh, hiswife wife Ann Egbert 

1907.] Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N.Y. 1 8 1 


June 10. 

Jan. 29. 

June 22. 

b. . 

July 21. 
in April. 

Aug. 2. 
i8i 5 (?). 
Oct. 25. 

Sept. 8. 

Nov. 22. 

Sept. 8. 
April 4. 

Sept. 18. 
April 2. 

Sept. 29. 
Aug. 17. 

Here on 
Oct. 10. 
July 28. 

James M'Lean, 
Capt. in U. S. ser- 
vice at Fort 
Tompkins, Stat- 
en Island 

Mary Ann Potter, 
his wife 

Oscar Fitz Patrick, 
Fort Tompkins. 

Mathew Decker, 

Ann Colon, his wife 

Nicholas Crocher- 
on, Junr. 

Ann Guyon, his 

John Brittain 
Rachel Burbank, 
his wife 

Abraham Van Pelt 

Mary Fountain, his 

Richerd Connor, 
farmer & sur- 

Sophia Clawson, his 

Moses Wood, tur- 

Catharine Colon, 
his wife 
visit from N. Y. 

Cornelius Beatty 

Ann Jacobson, his 

James Pot- The child was bap- 
ter, 1st ch. tized by particular 
solicitation of the 
parents though be- 
ing better than a 
year old, as he was 
near dissolution 

youngest ch. of William Dustan at 

Bp. on Death-bed. 

Jane Maria, Br. Edw. & Sr. Eleon. 

1 st ch. 

Henry, 1st 

Jacob, 12 th 
ch., 6th son 

Beatty, child's 

Rev. J. C. Bechler, 
Elizabeth Guyon, 
md., Mary Young, 
unmd. Bap. in house 
of Mr. Danl. Guyon 

The parents of the 
child & Abm. Van 
Pelt. md. 

Henry, 3 d The parents and John 
ch., 1st son Brittain 

13th ch . , 
7 th son 

Rev. J. C. Bechler, Sr. 
Aug. Henr. Bechler, 
the child's father 

George Br. Edw. & Sr. Eleon. 

Colon, 4th Beatty, the child's 
, ch., 3d son father 

Oct. 13. William Praul, far- 
Aug. 17. mer 

Ann Egbert, his 

Oct. 13. John Egbert, Junr., 
Oct. 7. [Tunis's son] 

Aletta Prawl, his 

Cecilia, 3d 

1 st ch. 

Prawl, 1st 

John & Hellethan Ja- 
cobson, the ch.'s gr.- 
parents, the ch.'s 
mother. Bap. in 
house of John Jacob- 
son, Esq. 

Tunis & Ann Egbert, 
gr.-parents, John 
Egbert, Junr., md., 
the uncle. Bap. in 
house of Tunis Eg- 
bert, Esq. 

Tunis & Ann Egbert, 
the gr.-parents, Wm. 
Prawl, md., the 

I 8 2 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. [July, 


Dec. 29. 
Oct. 28. 

March 12. 
Jan. 8. 


John Decker EdwardEg- Br. Edward Beatty, 

Ann E gbe r t , his bert, 2d Senr., Sr. El eon. 
wife ch., 1st son Beatty 

March 16. 
Jan. 10. 

April 13. 

Dec. 5. 

May 25. 
March 23. 

Aug. 14. 
March 8. 

Aug. 25. 
May 18. 

Sept. 17. 
Aug. 20. 

Sept. 21. 
Sept. 1. 

Richard Skerritt, Abraham, 

Jr., shoemaker 1st ch. 
Mary Mott, his wife 

John Vanderbilt, Sarah Ann, 

Jr., 2d ch. 

Celia Story, his wife 

Oliver Vanderbilt, Elizabeth, 
shoemaker, of 1st ch. 
N. Y. 

Esther Benson, his 

Charles Egbert, 

Christiana Pels, his 

Cornelius Vander- 
bilt, Jr. 

Sophia Johnson, his 

Joseph Baker 

Susan Stilwell, his 


John De Forest [De 

Charlotte [Vander- 
bilt], his wife 

Peter Wood 

Sarah Ann Cortel- 
you, his wife 

2d dau. 

2d ch. 

Peter Van- 
sal, 2d ch. 


J ames, 2d 
ch., 1st son 

The ch.'s father, Br. 
Nicholas Stillwell, 
unmd., Mary John- 
son, md. Bp. at 
house of R. Skerrit, 
Jr., in presence of 
relations & neigh- 

Br. Edw. & Sr. Eleon. 
Beatty, Sr. Eliza- 
beth Vanderbilt, 
ch.'s gr.-mother 

Br. Edw. Beatty, Sr. 
Amy Cortelyou, Sr. 
E 1 i z . Vanderbilt, 
Senr., the ch.'s gr.- 

Richard Conner,Senr., 
md., the ch.'s father, 
Catharina Smith, 

Br. Edw. Beatty, Senr., 
Sr. Eleon. Beatty, 
the child's mother 

Rev. J. C. Bechler, 
the ch.'s mother, 
Mrs. Sarah Egbert, 
in whose house the 
bap. was performed 

Rev. J. C. Bechler, Sr. 
A. H. Bechler, 
Phoebe Vanderbilt, 
gr.-mother of child 

Br. Edw. Beatty, Br. 
Peter Cortelyou, gr.- 
father, Sr. Amy Cor- 
telyou, gr.-mother. 
Bap. in Br. Peter 
Cortelyou's house 
after a sermon 
preached there 

1907.] Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N.Y. 183 

Baptisms by Rev. G. A. Hartman. 



Nov. 27. 
Oct. 1. 

Dec. 23. 
Oct. 29. 

Feb. 8. 
Jan. 1. 

Feb. 15. 

Nov. 22. 

Joseph Mellington, 

Lucy Crips, his wife 


Thomas Stewart Sarah Jane 
Hannah Kitch, his 

wife [Abigail 

Keitch was her 

Jacob Beatty, sad- Edward, 

die & harness 3d ch., 3d 

maker son 

Elizabeth Cortel- 

you, his wife 

Tunis Egbert John Van- 

Isabella Van der- derbilt, 2d 
bilt, his wife son 

April 27. John M'Kinlay Lydia Jane 

b. not Lydia, his wife 
given, in 
neighborhood of Newton, Sussex Co., N. J. 

June 21. 
May 18. 

July 1. 
March 3. 

July 2. 
May 6. 

July 22. 
June 20. 

Nathaniel Martin John 
Sarah Dorsett, his 

Richard Connor, Sarah Lo- 

Rachel Crips, gr.- 
motherof Ch., Eliza- 
beth Crips, unmd., 
the aunt of ch., Nich- 
olas Stillwell, unmd. 

Rev. G. A. Hartman, 
Isabella S. Hartman 

Br. Edw. Beatty, gr.- 
father, Sr. - 

farmer & sur- 
Sophia Clawson, his 

Isaac Burbank 
Sarah Egbert, his 

William Praul 
Ann Egbert, his 

vmia, 14th 
ch, 7th dau. 

Sarah Jane, 
3d ch., 2d 


Beatty, gr.-mother, 
Br. James Egbert, 
Senr. Bap. on Sun- 
day before Church 

John Vanderbilt, gr.- 
f ather, Elizabeth 
Vanderbilt, gr.- 
mother, AnnEgbert, 
gr.-mother. Bp. at 
Ministar's house be- 
fore ch. on Sunday 

In presence of Ann 
Egbert this was per- 
formed by particular 
request of the moth- 
er who was born & 
educated at Gran- 
hill, Ireland 

John Dorsett, the gr.- 
f ather, the gr.- 

The parents of child 

The aunt, Ann Decker, 
Sarah Lozier, md. 

Tunis Egbert, the gr.- 
father, Sr. Ann Eg- 
bert, the gr.-mother, 
Miss Patience Eg- 
bert, the aunt. Bp. 
at house of Tunis 
Egbert, Esq. 

184 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. [July, 



Dec. 9. 
Dec. 13. 
Oct. 9. 

Dec. 20. 
Sept. 23. 

Jan. 6. 

May 2. 
Feb. 27. 

June 6. 
April 15. 

Sept. 28. 
May 30. 

Oct. 24. 
Oct. 11. 

July 4. 
Feb. 5. 

Dec. 15. 
Jan. 29. 

Oct. 11. 

Dec. 21. 

Dec. 17. 

Dec. 26. 
Oct. 12. 

Caty Rook, now the 
wife of Charles 
Metsger of N. Y. 

Cornelius Beattyof 
N. Y. 

Ann Jacobson, his 

William Beattey 

Mary Barger, his 

Mathew Decker 
Ann Colon, his wife 

John Beatty 
Elizabeth Lake, his 

Oliver Vanderbilt 

Hetty Maria Ben- 

zaken, his wife 

Cornelius Vander- 
bilt, Jr., [son of 
Corn.], boatman 

Sophia, his wife 

Jacob Beattey 

Eliza Beattey 

Eliza Ann Amos & Martin Rooks, 
the gr.-parents, the 
ch.'s mother 

Cornelius The father & the 

8 ch., 4th 

John Ed- 
ward, 5th 
ch., 3d son 

gr.-parents John V. 
D. and Hellethey 
The ch.'s father, the 
gr.-father Br. Edw. 
Beattey, the aunt 
Sarah Lozier 

John Decker 
Ann Egbert, 


Catharine In presence of a num- 

Wood ber convened for 

Divine Service at 

house of MosesWood 

Mary Lake Eleon. Beattey, gr.- 
mother, Polly Beat- 
tey, Willm. Beattey, 
the uncle 
Br. John Vanderbilt, 
Sr. Elizabeth Van- 
derbilt, the gr.-par- 
Bp. by Rev. Benj. 
Mortimer of N. Y. 
Rev. G. A. Hartman 

Varansalaer Br. Edw. Beatty, gr.- 
father, Mrs. Lozier 
& Mrs. Elizabeth 
Cortelyou & others 

Mary Fran- Sr. Sally Burbank, 
ces Isaac Burbank, 

Eleon Beattey 



Samuel Egbert Mary Jane, None given 

Elizabeth Blake, 1st ch. 

his wife 

David Barager Henry, 2d Sr. Eleonor Beattey, 

Sally Cortelyou, his ch., istson Sr. 


James Scharret Daniel In presence of Van 

Ann Garritson, his Deventer Bedell & 

wife Mrs. Hartman 

John Vanderbilt, John 

Celia Story, his wife 

In presence of Con- 
gregation in Church 

igo7.] Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. 1 85 


Jan 27. 

Oct. 19. 

Jan. 28. 

in April. 

March 24. 
Jan. 20. 

April 24. 
March 4. 

June 30. 
May 19. 

July 3- 

Jan. 29. 

July 30. 

May 16. 


Oct. 22. 

Oct. 26. 

Oct. 22. 

Jan. 3. 

Oct. 29. 

Nov. 5. 

April 23. 

June 4. 

Joseph Baker Joseph 

Susan Stilwell, his 

In presence of Mrs. 
Dykman, Mrs. Sarah 

Thomas Miller 
Maria Houghabout, 
his wife 

James & Bett, be- 
longing to Daniel 

Guyon, Esq. 
Michael Van Name Edward 
Gertrude Martha 

Cortelyou, his 

Charles Egbert, Sussan 

now residing at 

N. Y. 
Christian Pels, his 

Gerret Dykeman 
Ellen Lake, his wife zina 
James Lewis Sally Ann 

Mary Stillwell, his 


David Praul Emeline 

Catharine Dorsett, 

his wife 
Gerardus Dykman Richard 
Ellen Lake, his wife 

Gerardus Dykman Gilbert 
Ellen Lake, his wife 

Peter Wood Margaret 

Sarah Ann Cortel- Ann 

you, his wife 

Tunis Egbert Elizabeth 

Isabella Vander- Ann 

bilt, his wife 

Nicholas Cocheron Emeline 
Ann Guion, his wife 

Winant The gr.-father Henry 

Miller, the gr.- 
m other, Elizabeth 
Miller & the ch.'s 

Samuel, black 

Edw. & Eleon. Beat- 
tey, Martha Dorsett 

Bap. at his mother's 
dwelling on this Is- 

Eliza Cus- None given 

Bap. at a lecture at the 
new school house 
near Mrs. John 

John & Martha Dor- 
sett, the gr.-parents 

None given. Baptism 
in parent's dwelling 

As above 

Edw. & Eleon. Beattey 
& Miss Sarah Lozier 

John & Elizabeth Van- 
derbilt, gr.-parents, 
Sr. Eleonor Beatty, 

Bap. at house of gr.- 
father, Daniel Guyon 
in presence of Mrs. 
Sophia Connor & 

1 86 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. [July, 

June 3. 
March 3. 
July 8. 
March 29. 

April 29. 
March 31. 

May ax. 

Nov. 6. 

Sept. 12. 
Aug. 4. 

Oct. 28. 
Feb. 10. 

Dec. 14. 
Nov. 6. 

Dec. 27. 

Dec. 24. 

Jan. 2. 

May 9. 

March 31. 
Feb. 23. 

April 7. 

Oct. 24. 

Jan. 10. 

May 19. 

Dec. 3. 

John Decker Sarah Ann 

Ann Egbert,his wife 
William Beattey Edmund 
Polly Barager, his 

William Praul 
Ann Egbert, 

Capt. Deforrest 
Charlotte Vander- 

bilt his wife 

John Scharret 
Catharine Perine, 

his wife 
Abraham Stillwell 
Mary Scharret, his 


his Theodor 



Ann, 1st 

None given 

Br. Edward & Sr. 
Eleonor Beattey, 
& Mrs. Betsey Beat- 

Bp. at house of gr.- 
fathe^r Tunis Eg- 
bert," Esq. 

Bp. in house of Mr. 
Edward Beatty & in 
his & his wife's 

None given 

Bp. at house of Mrs. 
Thomas Steward at 
beginning of a lec- 

The parents & Sr. 
Eleonor Beatty 

David Barger Eliza Ann, 

Sarah Cortelyou, 3d ch., 3d 

his wife dau. 

Samuel Egbert Eliza Ann, None given 

Betsy Blake, his 2d ch. 


Cornelius Vander- William The gr.-father Cor- 

bilt, Junr. Henry, 4th nelius Vanderbilt, 

Sophia Johnson, his ch. Sen., and a sister of 

wife the father's 

Jacob Beatty 
Eliza Cortelyou. 
his wife 

Joseph Baker 
Susan Stillwell, his 

Stephen Egbert 
Hannah Alston, his 

John Peterson 
Sarah Peterson 


Letty Ann 

Warren Al- 

Mary Ann 

Bp. in house of gr.- 
parents Edw. & 
Eleon. Beatty, in 
presence of number 
of friends 

Bp. at beginning of 
lecture at house of 
Thomas Steward 

Bp. at house of gr.- 
father Mr. Abraham 
Egbert, Senr. 

Bp. at house of Thomas 
Steward, deceased 
a t commencement 
of his funeral ser- 

1907.] Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N.Y. 187 



May 19. Colens M'Kinsay John Bp. as above same time 

182 1. Hannah M'Kinsay * & place 
Jan. 31. 


June 25. Hamilton M'Cauly Robert Bp. at dwelling of gr.- 

182 1. Margaret Thomp- Thompson parent Mr. Thomp- 

Sept. 4. son, his wife son 


July 26. Charles Egbert Peter 

182 1. Christianne Pels, 
April 1. his wife 

Sept. 29. GerardusDykeman Mary Ann Bp. at lecture at Mrs. 
June 18. Ellen Lake, his wife Stewards 

Oct. 1. John Egbert Eugene 

Sept. 15. Aletta Praul, his Mortimer 

Oct. 2. Edward Beattey, Jr. Cynthia Bap. at house of his 
Aug. 20. Ann Denyse, his Jacobson father Mr. John 
wife 1st ch. Beattey 

Tunis Egbert Eliza Ann Sponsors not given 

Isabella Vandebilt, 

his wife 
Aaron Vanderbilt Isaac " " " 

Mary Simonson, his 

John Vanderbilt, Jr. Isabella 
March 11. CeliaStory, his wife 
Dec. 29. Cornelius Beattey Maria " •' " 

Aug. 2. Nancy Jacobson, Rebekah 
his wife 
March 24. John Beattey Barzillor " " " 

Elizabeth Lake, his Burr 
April 13. Michael Van Sophia " " " 

Jan. 15. Namen 

Gertrude Martha 
[Cortelyou], his 
June 24. Thomas Crips Thomas 

1822. Martha Crips 
June 15. 


Sept. 2. Capt. Deforest Charlotte 

1822. Charlotte Vander- Jane 

June 30. bilt, his wife 













1 88 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. [July, 



Oct. 15. 

April 22. 

Oct. 15. 
June 9. 

Oct. 15. 
June 16. 

Oct. 17. 

Oct. 18. 
July 18. 

Oct. 28. 
March 15. 

Oct. 28. 
July 3- 

March 9. 
Jan. 28. 

March 14. 

Nov. 9. 

March 31. 
March 13. 

April 14. 

Feb. 26. 

April 18. 

Sept. 21. 

April 20. 

Aug. 24. 

July 19. 
Feb. 10. 

John Scharret John & Mary 

Mary Swaim, his 

John Scharret Peter Swaim 

Mary Swaim, his 

Abraham Stilwell Henry Ed- Bp. at house of her 
Mary Scharret, his ward Per- brother John Schar- 

wife ine ret 

Nicholas Crocheron 
Ann Guion 
Daniel Mercereau 
Ellen Maria Lozier, 

his wife 
William Praul 
Ann Egbert, his 

John Crocheron 
Patience Egbert, 

his wife 

Ellen Maria 

Maria Ann 


John Vanduser Abraham, 
Sarah Vanderbilt, 1st ch. 

his wife 

David Barger John Wil- 

Sally Cortelyou, his liam 


Bp. at house of the 
gr.-father John Van- 

Jacob Lozier 
Eliza Barnes, his 

Samuel Egbert 
Betsy Blake, his 

John Decker 
Ann Egbert, his 

Capt. Moses Mills 
Mary, his wife 

Eliza, 1 st ch. 


Bp. at house of gr,- 
father John Egbert, 

John Henry 

John Dorsett 
Ellen Cropsy, his 

JohnNewell Bp. at parents' dwell- 
ing in City of N. 
York in presence of 
the mother & gr.- 
mother Mrs. Taylor 

Mary Jane 

1907.] Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. I 89 

Sept. 9. 

Nov. 25. 

June 28. 

Sept. 9. 
March 26. 
Sept. 12. 
Feb. 7. 

Oct. 10. 
June 24. 

Oct. 20. 
Sept. 2. 

Oct. 28. 

June 28. 

July 19. 

Nov. 21. 

June 6. 

Nov. 25. 

Oct. 24. 

Sept. 20. 

June 11. 
Dec. 6. 
Sept. 6. 

Jan. 30. 

Aug. 13. 

Feb. 1. 

Sept. 29. 

April 4. 
March 4. 

Thomas Miller 
Maria Haughwout, 
his wife 

Same parents 

Stephen Wood 

Marsh, his wife 

John Laza — (part 

of name marked 

Martha Ann Cropsy, 

his wife 
Richard Scharret 
Charity Stilwell, 

his wife 
Jacob Beattey 
ElizaCortelyou, his 

Stephen Egbert 

Hannah Alston, his 

Same parents 

Cornelius Vander- 

bilt, Jr. 
Sophia Johnson, his 

Jonathan Merrel 
Maria Egbert, his 


Same parents 

Same parents 
Edward Vanderbilt 
Mary Ann Egbert, 

his wife 
Joseph Baker 
Susan Stillwell, his 


Ann Guion, his wife 

David Praul 
Catharine Dorsett, 
his wife 


Mary Ann 



Mary Ann Bp. at house of Mrs. 

Catharine No sponsors given 



Emily El- " 


Eliza Ann 




Ann Eliza- Daniel & Elizabeth 
beth Guion, the grand- 


Alfred Cor- 

1 90 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. [July, 


April 10. 




Vincent Bodine 

Isaac Bur- 

" The gr.-parents " 

Jan. 26. 

Mary Ann Bur- 
bank, his wife 


April 27. 

John Egbert 


The parents & gr.- 


Lydia, his wife 

Ann, 2dch. 


Dec. 5. 


May 3. 

Charles Egbert 


The gr.-mother Sarah 

March 2. 

Christiana Pels, his 

Egbert, Miss Jane 



May 29. 

Thomas Scharret 


None given 


Martha Crips, his 

Oct. 30. 



July 18. 

Richard Connor 

George, 1st 

(< «< 

July 9. 

Sarah Egbert, his 


Aug. 14. 

Aug. 15. 

Sept. 15. 

Aug. 26. 
April 19. 

Sept. 25. 
March 14. 

Oct. 2. 

Dec. 28. 

Nov. 2. 
March 9. 

Nov. 2. 
May 25. 

Dec. 22. 
April 28. 
Dec. 26. 


Ann, a black Jane Cono- 

woman, residing sen, 

at Edward Beat- Mary Ann, 

ty's black 

Richard Decker Freeman 

Elizabeth Egbert, Degroat, 

his wife 1st ch. 

None given 

William Beatty 
Polly Barger, his 

Tunis Egbert 
Isabella Vander- 

bilt, his wife 
Aaron Vanderbilt 
Simonson, his 


Hiram Now residing at N. Y., 

Eugene at house of John 



Mary Eliza- Bp. on Sabbath day 


Cornelius Vander- Sophia 

biltofNewBruns- Johnson 

wick, N. J. 
Sophia Johnson, his 

Gerardus Deforrest Julia Selina Bp. at house of gr 

Bp. at house of gr.- 
father Corn. Van- 
derbilt, Senr. 

Charlotte Vander- 
bilt, his wife 
Gerardus Dykeman Rachel 
Ellen Lake, his wife 
Michael Van Name Eliza 
Gertrude Martha Augusta 

Cortelyou, his 


father Corn. Van- 

1907.] Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, A T . Y. 191 


Jan. 1. 

Dec. 2. 

Jan. 7. 

Sept. 5. 

Jan. 13. 

Sept. 28. 

May 1. 
March 13. 

May 4. 
Jan. 16. 

May 6. 
Jan. 14. 

May 20. 

Oct. 16. 


March 15. 

Dec. 25. 

April 7. 

Nov. 25. 

June 23. 
May 14. 

July 5- 

Aug. 8. 

Dec. 21. 

Aug. 14. 
May 21. 

Aug. 29. 
Feb. 26. 

Lawrence Cortel- Sarah Ann, Bp. at house of gr.- 

you of N. Y. 1 st ch. father Peter Cor- 

Elizabeth Heckel, telyou at Freshkill 
his wife 

Jacob Lozier, Jr. Amanda None given. Bp. at 

Eliza Barnes, his Augusta Parsonage 

John Scharrot Augustus Bp. at parent's dwel- 

Catharine Perine, Eugene ling 
his wife 

Bp. at parent's dwel- 

Jonathan Merrell Martha 
Maria Egbert, his Lavinia 


John Vanduser John Van- Bp. at Parsonage 
Sarah Vanderbilt, derbilt 

his wife 
John Decker Elizabeth " " 

Ann Egbert, his 

James Egbert MarthaAnn At parent's house 
Merrell, h i s 




All children of Hannah 
above parents Mary 

John Dorsett Amanda 

Ellen Cropsy, his Elizabeth 

Oliver Decker Mary Eliza- 

Hannah Simonson, beth 

his wife 

Same parents 

Isaac Si- 

Ann Don- 

Peter La Forge 
Elizabeth Dongan 

his wife gan 

Edward Vanderbilt Hannah 
Maria Ann Egbert, Maria 

his wife 

At parent's dwelling 

Bp. in house of the 
gr. -father Barnet 

Bp. at house of Reu- 
ben Simonson 

Bp. at house of her 
mother Mrs. Hannah 

I Q2 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. [July, 


Oct. 15. 
Sept. 2. 

Nov. 11. 
Oct. 19. 

Nov. 28. 
Sept. 24. 

Dec. 14. 

July 20. 

Dec. 25. 
Oct. 7. 

Jan. 2. 

Dec. 14. 

Feb. 13. 

June 23. 

Feb. 14. 

Jan. 29. 

March 4. 
Jan. 24. 

March 17. 

Nov. 15. 

March 17. 


July 5- 

March 24. 

April 26. 

March 29. 

Sept. 23. 

John Tooker Julia Eliza 

Maria Jacobson, 
his wife 

Jacob Beattey 
Eliza Cortleyou, 

his wife 
Michael Marsac 
Rachel Jennings, 

his wife 
Cornelius Egbert 
Maria Depui, his 


Ellen Ger- 



Bp. at house of gr.- 
father John V. D. 
Jacobson. Miss 
Eliza Jacobson, 
Capt. Benson Sea- 
man, Miss Julia Sea- 
man of N. Y. 

None given 

Bp. at his mother's at 
the Blazing Star 

Aaron Vanderbilt Benjamin Bp. at house of the gr.- 
Mary Simonson, Simonson father John Vander- 

his wife bilt 

Vincent Bodine Jacob, 2d Bp. at house of the 
Mary Ann Bur- child gr.-f ather Isaac Bur- 

bank, his wife bank 

James Phanot James 

Jane Jennings, his 

Cornelius Coursen 
E 1 s y Arrow, his 

Susan Ann 

Cornelius Egberts Cornelius, 
Catharine Lake, his 1 st ch. 

Charles Metzger Matthew 
Catharine Rook, his William 

wife Reeves 

Bp. at the house of 
Michael Marsac 
near Quaratine 

Bp. at Dorsett's house 

Bp. at house of gr. 
father Amos Rook 

Joshua Warren 
Catharine, his wife 

Phebe Ann 

Bp. at same 

time & 

Moses Decker Barnet De- Bp. in house of gr.- 

Lenah Depuy, his puy father Nicholas De- 

wife puy 

Samuel Coddington Sidny Fitz Bp. at house of the 
Catharine J a c o b - Randolph parents in New York 
son, his wife 

( To be continued.) 

1907.] The Skillmans of America and Their Kin. I 93 


By William Jones Skillman, Philadelphia, Pa. 

(Continued from Vol. XXXVIII., p. 112, of The Record.) 

68. William* Skillman (Isaac, 5 Jacob, 4 Jan, 3 Thomas, 1 Thomas'), 
b. in Amwell Township, Hunterdon Co., N. J., April 4, 1790; 
d. Jan. 22, 1854; removed with kindred to Pennsylvania, and 
there (or later) m. Polly Albright (b. Aug. 28, 1806; d. May 5, 
1877); whose sister, Catharine, m. Theodore Skillman, son of 
Samuel (Lockland, O.). Had: 

i. Isaac' W., 0. Aug. 16, 1825; m. Margaret Tompkins. 

Son Charles E., Glendale, Hamilton Co., O. 
ii. John, b. Nov. 13, 1826; d. Sept. 22, 1900; m. (1) Susan 
Pendry, Cincinnati, O. Had: 1. Eliza; 2. Frank; 
3. Clara; m. (2) Mary Thompson: 1. Cora; 2. Leslie; 
3. Gilbert, 
iii. Mary, b July 9, 1828; d. 1865; m. John Charles; no 

iv. Sarah, b. May 13, 1830; d. unm. 1853. 
v. Samuel, b. May 11, 1833; d. Cincinnati, Dec. 16, 1895; 
m. (1) Nellie Heineman; 1 dau.; m. (2) Mary J. 
Wagner, April 26, 1868. Had: 1. Ida; 2. Annabelle; 
3. Clarence; 4. Raymond; 5. Alice; 6. Edna; 7. Clif- 
ford Gordon. Ida m. Wallace Tuttle. Family home 
now in Pittsburg, Pa. 
vi. Edward, b. June 13, 1836; d. 1848. 
vii. Adaline, b. Dec. 20, 1838; d. 1840. 
viii. Eli, b. Aug. 26, 1842; d. March 1, 1864. 
ix. William Henry, b. July 23, 1844; m. Kate Peele, 1868; 

one dau. 
x. David, b. 'Nov. 13, 1846; m. Jennie Baldoch July 31, 

1868. Had: Grace, now living. Father d. 1877. 
xi. James Carmon, b. Sept. 3, 1848; m. Alice Tillman 
(1870). Home in Indianapolis. James and Peter, 
sons, living, 
xii. Arabelle, b. Jan. 5, 1852; d. Jan., 1882; m. John Tuttle, 
1870. Had four sons. 

69. Allen 6 Skillman (Isaac, 5 Jacob, 4 Jan,' Thomas, 2 Thomas 1 ), 
b. in N. J., Sept. 27, 1805; d. 1881; m. 1830, Sarah Macauley 
(b. Sept. 3, 181 1 ; d. i860); full name " Obadiah Allen;" lived at 
Glendale, Hamilton Co., O.; then at Middletown, Butler Co., O. 

i. Mary Jane, b. April 23, 1831; m. 1848, Stephen Shep- 
ii. Richard M., b. Jan. 27, 1833; d. 1863. 
iii. Malinda, b. August, 1835; m. Bachellor; d. 1897. 


194 The Skillmans of America and Their Kin. [July, 

iv. Henry P., b. Nov. 30, 1837; d. July 26, i860. 

v. John M., b. Sept. 12, 1840; d. 1873. 

vi. Elizabeth, b. Feb. 16, 1843; m. i860, Henry W. Bolton 

(d. 1889). Had large family, four yet living. 

vii. Stephen ) . . , T ( shoe dealer. 

• •• t f" \ twins, b. Tune 2, 1841;, ■{ ,. c 

vin. James \ ' J ' ^-" ( on police force. 

ix. Anna, b. Feb. 11, r847; 

x. Alice Carey, b. Dec. 10, 1853. 

xi. Lewis, b. Feb. 13, 1858. 

Of these, two sons and two daus., widows, yet live, all in 

Middletown. Mrs. Anna M. is in Chicago, with two children — 

Charles, printer, and Maza (Mrs. Dunnett), in Wilmette. 

70. Thomas* Skillman (Benjamin, 6 Jacob, 4 Jan,* Thomas, 2 
Thomas 1 ), b. 1805; brought when five years old, or in 1810, from 
Pennsylvania to Colerain Township, Hamilton Co., O.; m. Mary 
Robinson. Children: 

i. Elizabeth, b. 1830; never m. 

ii. Mary, b. 1832; m. Adelbert Pentecost. 

iii. Benjamin, b. 1835; m. Mary Simpson. Had: 1. Eliza- 
beth. 2. Lewis. 3. Alice; all d. 4. William, b. 1875; 
m. Jennie Bromley. 

iv. Jonathan, b. 1837; m. Hannah, eldest dau. of Elon 
Strong, 2nd wife Elizabeth Nevius Skillman, eldest 
dau. of Isaac Nevius Skillman and wife, Amelia 
Stryker; home at Dunkirk, Ind. Had ten children: 
1. Charles, b. 187 1; m. Lizzie Hamilton. 2. Lizzie, 
b. 1873; d. 3. Cora, b. 1874; d. 4. Ella, b. 1876; 
m. Jerry Ramsey. 5. Anna, b. 1879; m. William 
Shatto. 6. Mildred, b. 1881. 7. Ethel, b. 1883. 8. 

Pearl, b. 1885. 9. , b. 1887. 10. Lillian, b. 


v. Lewis, b. 1840. 

vi. Sarah Ann, b. 1843. 

71. Jacob 6 Skillman (Jacob, 6 Jacob, 4 Jan,' Thomas, 2 Thomas 1 ), 
b. Sept. 17, 1802, probably in Amwell, N. J.; d. Oct. 3, 1842; m. 
Jane A., dau. of John and Catharine LaRue (b. July 17, 1807; 
d. July 26, 1876). Father and his brothers were pioneer settlers 
of the Miami Valley, Ohio. Children: 

i. Miles, 7 Union Soldier through the Civil War; in 1866 
settled at Fayette, Howard Co., Missouri; m. and 
has two sons, Frank and Marion, and two daus., 
Luella and Ida. 
ii. Isaac Newton, b. Aug. 20, 1838. In Comp. A, 75th Regt. 
O. V. Inf., Oct. 23, 1861; served until 1865; was at 
Bull Run, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, and many 
other engagements; twice a prisoner, at Gettysburg, 
and at Gainsville, Fla.; confined at Andersonville and 
other prisons; escaped and wandered three weeks in 
woods and swamps of Georgia and Florida; reached 
the Union lines at Jacksonville Dec, 1864. June 6, 
1867, m. Hattie D. Adams. Home at Mt. Healthy, 

1907.] The Skillmans of America and Their Kin. 195 

Hamilton Co., O. Children living: 1. John A., b. 
June 25, 1868; m. Cora Lane, 1893. 2. Roger N., b. 
Aug. 26, 1877; a graduate (1903) of Lehigh Univer- 
sity. 3. George L., b. Jan. 24, 1879. 4. Warren 
Ellsworth, b. Nov. 25, 1890. 

72. Isaac* Skillman (Benjamin, 5 Benjamin, 4 Jan,* Thomas, 3 
Thomas 1 ), b. at Mt. Airy, N. J., July 30, 1795; d. Jan. 24, 1862; m. 
Christina Fritts; d. Nov. 7, 1879. Lived at White House, Hun- 
terdon Co., N. J., nearly from boyhood. Had: 

i. Benjamin,' b. No record, 
ii. Joseph, b. No record. 

iii. Charles F., b. ; d. Feb. 29, 1902. Dealer in live 

stock, and kept general store at White House; part- 
ner in the firm Skillman & Robinson, 64 Cortland 
St., N. Y., 1874-5. Son, Samuel D., succeeded to his 
business at White House. 

N. B. — Abraham Skillman, resident and property owner, 1876, 
at Hampton Junction, N. J.; name in Dun's Commercial Register; 
d. away from home some years later; probably member of family 
of Benjamin (see 30); had brothers, William and Peter, who 
moved to Mansfield, O.; m. Sarah J. MacDonald of Glen Gardner, 
Hunterdon Co., N. J. They had: John M., b. July 14, 1852, m. 
and lived in New York City in 1889, and at "The Warwick," 
Grand Rapids, Mich., from 1892 to 1901, where wife d. and was 
buried at Glen Gardner, leaving a grown-up dau. Florence. 

73. Washington" Skillman (Benjamin, 6 Benjamin, 4 Jan,' 
Thomas," Thomas 1 ), b. Oct 13, 1803; d. May 24, 1840; m. 
Ann Still well, May 10, 1828; home from boyhood at White 
House, N. J.; one of "Jackson Committee of Vigilance" in 
Presidential campaign of 1828; with Isaiah P. Large and Joseph 
P. Thompson, in 1838, was member of Readington Township 
School Committee. Children: 

i. Theodore,' b. Sept. 29, 1830; home in Petaluma, Cal. 
ii. Catharine, b. Aug. 14, 1832; m. H. Parkhurst, M. D.; 

live at Danvers, McLean Co., 111. 
iii. Oliver, b. Mar. 18, 1834; Union Soldier; d. in the army, 

Feb. 12, 1863. 
iv. Whitfield, b. Aug. 29, 1836; went to Michigan; m. 
circa, i860, Jane . Had: 1. Lawton L., in whole- 
sale lumber trade, Grand Rapids, Mich. 2. Harvey, 
v. Mary Van Nest, b. Jan. 18, 1838; d. unm. June 1, 1890. 

74. Violinda" Skillman (Christopher, 6 John, 4 Jan, 8 Thomas, 3 
Thomas 1 ), b. Jan. 9, 1794; m. 1815 in Bourbon Co., Ky., James, 
son of Judge Peter Fleming; d. 1838 in Macon Co., 111. Child- 

i. Christopher Fleming, 7 b. Aug. 31, 1818; d. at Thorp 
Springs, Tex., 1885; m. Cynthia Thompson. Had: 
1. William M., Neosho, Mo. 2. Edward W., Seattle, 

ii. John B. Fleming, b. Nov. 13, 1820; m. Mrs. Mary Book- 
ing. Had: 1. Kate. 2. James N. Fresno, Cal. 

1 96 The Skillmans of A merica and Their Kin. [July, 

iii. William A. Fleming, b. Jan. 13, 1823; d. 1886; m. 1846, 
Olivia, dau. of Col. Littleberry Bedford Clay, and 
grand dau. of Rev. David Rice and wife, Mary, dau. 
of Rev. Samuel Blair, of Faggs Manor, Penn., one 
of the founders of (now) Princeton University. 
Children: 1. Amelia, b. 1847. 2. James, b. 1849, hoth 
with families now living in St. Louis, Mo. 

iv. James H. Fleming, b. April 2, 1825; m. Martha Simp- 
son. Children: 1. Ada. 2. Henry Clay. 3. Sterling 
Price. 4. David S. Live at Pleasant Hill, Mo. 
v. David P. Fleming, b. Sept. 13, 1827; d. unm. 

vi. Henrietta Fleming, b. Sept. 5, 1830; m. Robert N. 

vii. Samuel R. Fleming, b. Feb. 7, 1832; home, Fresno, 
viii. Catharine Fleming, b. June 20, 1836; m. John Steven- 

75. John* Skillman (Christopher,* John, 4 Jan,' Thomas,* 
Thomas 1 ), b. Jan. 30, 1796, Loudoun Co., Va.; m. 1820, Polly 
Haynes (b. May 27, 1802; d. Dec. 20, 1846). Had: 

i. Emily Ann,' b. Feb. 28, 1821; m. Oct. 30, 1845. Hudson 

B. Mays. Had seven children; three now living, 
ii. Henrietta, b. Nov. 3, 1822; m. May 7, 1844, Thomas 
Brashear. Had: 1. Joseph. 2. William H. Both 
with families at Sulphur Springs, Tex. 
iii. William H., b. May 27, 1824; d. Nov. 7, 1883, unm. 
iv. Christopher H., b. Jan. 31, 1826; d. Mar. 27, 1887; m. 
Sarah F. Oulton, 1863. One son, William F., b. Nov. 
13, 1866. Banker of Sulphur Springs, Tex., m. Alice 
Sheppard, 1898. 1 son, William Oulton, b. 1900. 
v. Cornelia, b. Jan. 4, 1828; d. unm. Oct. 19, 1849. 
vi. Katharine M., b. Feb. 14, 1831; m. Mordecai Dugan. 

One son, Dr. Dugan, Louisville. Ky. 
vii. John H., b. Aug. 15, 1833; d. Oct. 12, 1852, unm. 
viii. Junius Rogers, b. Jan. 9, 1836; d. unm. June 22, 1857. 

76. Katharine 8 Skillman (Christopher, 5 John, 4 Jan,' Thomas, 3 
Thomas 1 ), b. in Loudoun Co., Va., April 20, 1798; d. in Bourbon 
Co., Ky., July 6, 1852; m. (2d w.) William Rogers, only son of 
Nathaniel Rogers, who helped frame the second Constitution of 
Kentucky in 1799; b. in Campbell Co., Va., July 7, 1784; d. in 
Bourbon Co., Ky., Feb. 15, 1862. Presiding Elder of the "Old 
Cane Ridge Church," of which members of the family were 
officers for over one hundred years. Children: 

i. William Skillman Rogers/ b. Sept. 30, 1819; d. Oct. 15, 
1895; m. May 23, 1839. Henrietta, daughter of Hugh 
Roseberry and wife Mary Parker. Capt. in Confed- 
erate Armp, staff of Gen. John S. Williams (Cerro 
Gordo). Had: 

1. James T. Rogers, b. Sept. 5, 1841. Enlisted 1861. 
Captain on the staff of Gen. John H. Morgan. 

1907.1 The Skillmans of America and Their Kin. 1 97 

Made prisoner but escaped. Surrendered at 
Atlanta Mav 5, 1865. 

2. Mary Katharine Rogers, b. April 11, 1843; m - 

May 23, :86o, Samuel Clay, Jr., b. April 19, 
1825; son of Col. Littleberry Bedford Clay. 
Had: 1. Bella, b. 1861; m. William H. Lyons, 
Louisville, Ky. 2. William Rogers, b. 1864. 
3. Bishop, b. 1866. 4. Samuel Blair. 

3. Hiram C. Rogers, b. April 21, 1845. Soldier 

under Morgan at 17; in many engagements, 
but never wounded; m. April 14, 1874. Effie, 
only dau. of Maj. William Elstner, Shreveport, 

4. John Gano Rogers, b. Aug. 8, 1846. In the Civil 

War was one of Gen. Richard Gano's Texas 
Rangers; m. June 1, 1874, Mrs. Mary Graves. 

5. Hugh W. Rogers, b. June 8, 1848; at 16 sworn 

into Morgan's command; a prisoner at Camp 
Chase when the war ended; a Dept. U. S. 
Marshal, arresting illicit distillers in Bell and 
Harlan Co., Ky., he received a death wound in 

6. Samuel C. Rogers, b. Aug. 7, 1853; m. Salhe, 

dau. of Col. John Pickett and wife, Almira 
Harrison, of Shreveport, La. Have four chil- 
ii. Christopher C. Rogers, b. May 15, 1829; m. May 29, 
1855, Louisa, dau. of Willoughby Scott and wife, 
Margaret Lindsay. Had: 1. Kate. 2. Lindsay, 
iii. Ann E. Rogers, b. Nov. 16, 1832; m. July 27, 1853, 
James M. Thomas, of Paris, Ky., Captain in C. S. A. 
and State Senator in 1900. Many children. 

77. Nancy* Skillman (Christopher, 6 John, 4 Jan,* Thomas, 1 
Thomas'), b. 1800; m. John Lander, Jan. 16, 1823, m Bourbon 
Co., and later moved to Hopkinsville, Christian Co., Ky.; d. there 
in 1876. Children: 

i. Sarah E. Lander, m. William Payne; no issue. 

ii. Violinda Lander, b. 1827; m. Thomas Harrison. 

iii. Henrietta Payne Lander; m. Rhoden Hoard. No 

iv. Christopher S. Lander, b. 1832; m. Laura Jenkins. 

v. Mary Lander, b. Nov., 1833; m. 1. Louis Leasell. Had: 
1. St. Clair. 2. Annie. 3. Mattie, m. (2) Rev. Mor- 

vi. John A. Lander, b. 1837. No record, 
vii. James Harrison Lander, b. 1843; m. Cynthia Moore. 

78. Kesiah* Skillman (Christopher,* John, 4 Jan,* Thomas,* 
Thomas'), b. Jan. 31, 1805; d. 1878; m. July, 1826, Jacob Torian, 
Christian Co., Ky. They had: 

i. William H. Torian, b. May 15, 1829* d. Feb. 14, 1852. 


1 98 The Skillmans of America and Their Kin. [July, 

ii. Henrietta Torian, b. July io, 1831; m. 1865, Dr. Frank- 
lin Moore, Memphis, Tenn. 

iii. Christopher Torian, b. March 20, 1834; d. 1870; m. 
1867, A. E. McCargo; One son, William C, b. 1869. 

iv. Ann E. Torian, b. Feb. 12, 1836; m. Dec. 1, 1870, Philip 

A. Buford: One son, Aloyn Harper, 
v. Peter A. Torian, b. April 1, 1838; m. 1877, M. J. 
Trimble; d. 1883. Had: 1. Allie Dorris. 2. Leila. 

vi. James Anderson Torian, b. Feb. 26, 1843; d. 1892; left 
for dead as a soldier (Confederate) on the field at 
Perry ville, Ky.; m. 187 1, F. Ii. McLenon. Had: 1. 
Ermine. 2. James. 3. Marion. 4. Flora. 5. George. 

vii. Robertson Skillman Torrian, b. Feb. 26, 1843; d. July, 
1879; m. April 25, 1872, N. C. Buck. One son, Clar- 
ence R., b. 1876. Family home near Memphis, Tenn. 

79. Josiah Payne* Skillman (Christopher, 5 John, 4 Jan, 8 Thomas* 
Thomas 1 ), b. Sept. 23, 1807; m. (1) Nov. 7, 1833, Amanda Hutchin- 
son; m. (2) Oct. 8, 1840, Lavinia Wilson, mother of the children. 
Removed from Kentucky to Cass. Co., Mo.; d. 187 1. Had 
eleven children: 

i. William, 7 b. Sept. 30, 1841; d. 1868. 
ii. David L., b. May 18, 1843; m., but no children, 
iii. James P., b. June 20, 1845; m. 1869, Mary Wilson, of 

Pleasant Hill, Mo. Had: 1. Alice. 2. ( harles. 3. 

Martha. 4. Harriet. 5. Josiah. 6. Nora. 7. Bessie. 

8. Sanford. Live now at Dayton, Wash, 
iv. John Harvey, b. Oct. it, 1847; m -> J 87o, Sarah Smith; 

d. May 16, 1895, at Pleasant Hill, (Mo.) the family 

home. Children: 1. Ada, b. 187 1; m. 1892, Edward 

Force; four children. 2. Lula, b. 1873; m. 1896, 

Vaughan Jackson. 3. Minnie, b. 1876; m. 1895, Jesse 

Rowland. 4. Pearl, b. May 20, 1881. 5. Harriet, b. 

May 27, 1883. 6. Grace, b. 1889. 7. Marie, b. 1894. 
v. Isaac Harrison, b. Jan. 2, 1850. 
vi. Harry Todd, b. March 28, 1852; m. three times; three 

sons in Dresden, Mo.: 1. George. 2. John H. 3. 

vii. Amanda, b. Feb. 24, 1854; m. 1880, Elbert Taylor; 

three daus. Home at Weatherford, Tex. 
viii. Josiah P., b. 1856; m. 1880, Sarah Wilson. Had: 1. 

Lavinia. 2. Katharine. 3. Fred. Wilson. Home at 

Dresden, Pettis Co., Mo. 
ix. Mary K., b. Oct. 28, 1859; m. 1882, Christopher R. 

Bush (2nd cousin), of Pleasant Hill; 2 daus. 
x. Thomas J., b. Feb. 8, 1862; m. 1898, Mattie Redd, of 

Dresden; One son, Glenn R. 
xi. Richard A., b. June n, 1864; 1T1..1893, Edna Wellow; 

One son, Leslie. 

80. Violinda* Skillman (Abraham, 6 John, 4 Jan,' Thomas,* 
Thomas'), b. 1814; m. James Fristoe Lynn, of Loudoun Co., 

I9°7-] The Skillmans of America and their Kin. 190 

Va., nephew of William Fristoe, "famous Baptist preacher." Had 
ten children: 1 d. inft. 

i. James R.' Lynn, reared a family in Iowa; d. 1883. 

ii. Elizabeth Lynn; m. Henry Miller, Bedford Co., Penn. 

d. with 1st child, 1859. 
iii. Delia A. Lynn; named for mother's stepmother; d. 

iv. Bushrod W. Lynn, Superintendent of Penitentiary at 
Richmond, Va. Family of five boys and three girls, 
v. William F. Lynn, farmer and cattle dealer in Loudoun 

Co., Va.; 1 son, a bank officer, 
vi. John F. Lynn, farmer in Iowa, with large family, 
vii. Thomas F. Lynn, dental surgeon, Grundy Co., la.; 

three boys, 
viii. Violinda Isabel Lynn; m. Dr. Trussell, Reinbeck, 
Grundy Co., la. 
ix. Henry Clay Lynn; in business, Richmond, Va. 

81. Richard 8 Skillman (John, 6 John/ Jan, 1 Thomas,' Thomas'), 
b. 1793, in Loudoun Co., Va. With father's family removed to 
Bourbon Co., Ky., in 1806; to Breckenridge Co., 1815. Names of 
wife, of seven daus., and also one son, are not given; three sons 
had names: 

i. John, 7 d. young. 

ii. Abraham, banker at Cloverport on Ohio River, m. and 
left four sons and two daus: 1. Charles B., Clover- 
port (Bank). 2. Orville T. 3. James R. 4. Abra- 
ham. Names of daus. unknown, 
iii. James. No record. 

82. William G.* Skillman (Isaac, 6 John, 4 Jan, 3 Thomas, 2 Thomas l ), 
b. in Virginia, 1798; d. in Scott Co., Ky., April 1, 1851; m. (1) 
Martha, dau. of Richard Grigg (b. 1812; d. 1845), mother of his 
children; m. (2) Mrs. Catharine A. Pryor, May 7, 1850. Family: 

i. Eliza, 7 m. April, 1851, John Higgins. Had: 1. William 
Stout, Lexington (now d.). 2. Richard Wyatt. 3. 
Mattie, m. William H. Tanner, 
ii. Frances, b. 1832; d. 1848; m. Feb., 1848, Wright Allen. 
Had: Frances, m. James Kimbrough. Had: 1. 
Wright 2. Ella. 3. Allen. 

iii. Martha, m. Oct. 10," 1853, Dr. William Risque. No 

iv. Charles Grigg, graduate of Southern Baptist Theo. 
Sem. at Greenville, S. C. (now at Louisville, Ky.); 
licensed to preach 1868; Gen. Supt. of State Sunday 
Schools for Kentucky, 1875 ; held pastorates at George- 
town, Ky., Madison, Ind., Kansas City, Mo.; m. 1866, 
Alice Felix, of Woodford Co., Ky. Had four daus., all 
now married. 
v. Sallie, m. Robert Kay Byrnes, Lexington, Ky. Had: 
1. Lulu Bradley. 2. Mattie Lee. 

( To be continued.) 

200 Tombstone Inscriptions in Old Graveyard at Salem, N. Y. [July, 


Copied by Miss Mabel Gibson. 
Contributed by Tobias A. Wright. 

(Continued from Vol. XXXVIII. p. 94 of the Record.) 

Safford, Mary Hanna, w. of Deacon Wm. C. Safford, d. Aug. 6, 1896, 

ae. 88 y., 4 m., 14 d. 
Nancy, w. of Wm. M. Safford, d. Aug. 5, 1832, in 20 y. 
Nathan, d. Feb. 27, 185 1, ae. 67 y. 
Nathaniel, son of Gideon F. & Sarah Safford, d. July 16, i860, 

ae. 9 y. & 6 m. 
Samuel, b. Jan. 2. 1748, d. May 4, 1813, in 66 y. 
Sarah, w. of G. F. Safford, d. May 31, 1870, ae. 53 y. 
Sarah M. Ann, dau. of Wm. M. & Sarah Ann Safford, b. Sept. 

1, 1841, d. Feb. 1, 1843. 
Thomas, son of Thomas & Elizabeth Safford, d. May 19, 1837, 

ae. 6 m. 
William James, son of Gideon F. & Sarah Safford, d. July 10, 

i860, ae. 12 y. 
Savage, Abraham, d. June 28, 1829, in 53 y. 

Abram, son of Capt. John, d. Oct. 6, 1769, in 18 yr. 

Edward, son of Ab m . & Mary Savage, d. Aug. 11, 1810, ae. 2 

m. & 4 d. 
James, Mr., d. Thursday, March 4, 1784, in 36 y. 
Jane K., d. Sept. 9, 1822, in 20 y. 
John, Savage & Andrew Chamberlin's Family Vault. 
Mary, consort of Ab m . Savage, d. Feb. 22, 1820, in 45 y. 
Scholes, Letitia, w. of Richard Scholes, d. May 12, 1851, ae. 24 y. 

11 m. & 16 d. 
Scott, Anna M., dau. of J. & Anna S. Scott, d. Sept. 9, 1850, ae. 

10 m., 3 d. 
Anna S., w. of James Scott, d. May 9, 1850, ae. 32 y. 
Christianna, d. June 2, 1853, ae. 54 y. 
Eleanor, d. Nov. 15, 1885, ae. 85 y., 7 m. 
Elizabeth, dau. of Wm. & Margaret Scott, d. Oct. 27, 1844, 

ae. 37 y. 
Isabel, d. July 10, 1878, ae. 72 y. 
James, d. Dec. 23, 1888, ae. 67 y. 

Margaret, w. of William Scott, d. Apr. 12, 1829, in 50 y. 
Mary M., dau. of William & Margaret Scott, d. June 4, 1839, 

ae. 37. 
Susan D., d. Feb. 14, 1886, ae. 6^ y. 
William, d. Aug. 19, 1846, ae. 82 y. 
Searls, Abigail, d. Apr. 20, 1839, ae. 88 y. 
Seymour, Charles Henry, son James H. & Eltsie Seymour, d. 

Feb. 3, 1839, ae. 6 m. 
Eliza, w. James H. Seymour, d. Dec. 27, 1832, ae. 40 y. n d. 

1907.] Tombstone Inscriptions in Old Graveyard at Salem, N. Y. 201 

Seymour, Mary E., dau. of James H. & Eliza Seymour, d. Mch. 11, 
1827, ae. 5 y., 6 m., 21 d. 
Mary W., dau. of James H. & Eliza Seymour, d. Sept. 27, 1820, 

ae. 2 y., 5 m. 
Samuel T., son of James H. & Eliza Seymour, d. Sept. 27, 
1820, ae. 6 m., 3 d. 
Sherwood, Margaret, dau. of James I. & Sarah Sherwood, b. Apr. 4, 

1814, d. Nov. 10, 1815. 
Shields, James, d. March 24, 1826, in 70 y. 
Shoulder, Andrew, d. Aug. 21, 1818, in 57 y. 

Elizabeth, w. of Andrew Shoulder, d. Feb. 28, 1841, in 69 y. 
Sinclair, Matthew, Rev., d. March 16, 1793, in 30 y. 
Skidmore, Caroline, d. Sept. 17, 1839, in 30 y. 
Slarrow, Joseph, Capt., d. Aug. 18, 1784, ae. 54 yr., 5 mo. 
Smart, Emily G., dau. of James H. & Jane Smart, d. May 16, 1854, 
ae. 2 y., 4 m. & 3 d. 
Infant son of Peter & Mary Ann Smart, d. Sept. 7, 1856, ae. 

3 m., 15 d. 
John, d. Mar. 19, 1832, in 50 y. 
Margaret, d. Feb. 1, 1846, in 23 y. 
Margaret, w. of John Smart, d. Feb. 24, 1835, in 50 y. 
Mary Ann, w. of Peter Smart, d. Dec. 28, 1856, ae. 38 y. 
Sarah, d. Feb. 28, 1842, in 33 y. 
Smith, Amos, son of Thaddeus & Silance Smith, b. July 17, 1791, 
d. Aug. 22, 1804. Killed in a grist mill. 
Ann, wife of Henry B., d. July 25, 1855, age 70 yrs., 11 m. & 

16 days. 
Capt. Thomas, d. Feb. 5, 182 1, in 68 y. 
Gilbert, d. March 13, 1795, in 40 y. 
Sarah, w. of Ransom Smith, d. Oct. 10, 1842, in 33 y. 
Sarah A., w. of William Smith, d. Aug. 2, 1835, ae. 24 y. & 4 m. 
Silence, d. July 13, 1835, ae. 82 y. 
Thaddeus, d. July 25, 1825, ae. 72 y. 

William, Capt., d. Feb. 15, 1790, age 35 yrs., 2 mo., 12 days. 
Snow, Daniel, d. Dec. 1, 1847, ae. 65 y. 
Snyder, George, son of George W. & Elizabeth O. Snyder, d. 

Sept. 23, 1844, ae. 4 y., 6 m. & 9 d. 
Sprague, John, d. Dec. 20, 1859, ae. 66 y. 
Jordan, d. Oct. 15, 1865, ae. 75 y. 
Joseph, d. Oct. 6, 1863, ae. 45 y. 
Margaret, dau. of Jordan & Rebecca Sprague, d. Feb. 16, 1837, 

ae. 3 y. 
Rebecka, w. of Jordan Sprague, d. Apr. 25, 185 1, ae. 57 y. 
Simon, d. May 3, 185 1, ae. 32 y. 
Susan E., d. May 6, 1876, ae. 75 y. 
Stearns, Jonathan P., of Boston, Mass., d. Feb. 13, 1834, ae. $$ y. 
Steel, James, son of Thomas & Jane, d. April 4, 1792, in 21 yr. 
Priscilla, dau. of Thomas & Jane, d. May 12, 1792, in 18 yr. 
Thomas, d. May 22, 1808, in 77 yr. 
Steele, Eleanor, wife of John, d. March 1, 1838, in 75 yr. 

Jane, w. of Joshua Steele, Jr., & dau. of John McMurray, d. 
Feb. 15, 1844, ae. 32 y. & 1 m. 

202 Tombstone Inscriptions in Old Graveyard at Salem, N. Y. [July, 

Steele, John, d. May 25, 1838, in 80 yrs. 

John, son of Joshua, Jr., & Jane Steele, d. Aug. 28, 1838, ae. 3 y., 

3 m. & 12 d. 
Priscilla, dau. of Joshua Steele & Mary, his wife, July 10, 1829, 

ae. 35 y., 9 m. & 13 d. 
Mary Ann, daughter of Joshua Steele & Mary, his wife, d. 

Nov. 6, 1829, ae. 13 y. & 8 d. 
Thomas, son of Joshua Steele & Mary, his wife, d. May 12, 
1812, ae. 6 y., 5 m. 
Stevens, Esther Maria, wife of Cyrus, d. Feb. 1, 1836, age 24 yrs. 
Maria, Mrs., consort of Sam'l, Atty. at Law, of Salem, N. Y., 
d. Sept. 21, 1822, in 29 yrs. 
Stevenson, Agness, w. of Thomas Stevenson & dau. of Robert & 
Susanna McMurray, d. Jan. 15, 1802, ae. 21 y., 9 m., 2 d. 
Deacon Thos., d. Feb. 11, 1854, ae. 76 y. 
James, d. April 19, 1799, in 60 yr. 
Mary, wife of James, d. April 8, 1800, in 67 yrs. 
Mary, w. of Dea. Thos. Stevenson, d. Mar. 24, 1856, ae. 77 y. 
Robert M., d. Oct. 18, 1838, ae. 36 y. 
Samuel, Family Vault, A. D. 1833. 

Wm. Ja 8 ., son of R. M. & Eleanor Stevenson, died Apr. 5, 
1835, ae. 2 y., 8 m., 10 d. 
Stewart, Alexander, d. June 1, 1815, in 83 yr. 

Anna, wife of George, d. May 27, 1839, in 45 yrs. 
Elizabeth, consort of Robert, d. May 2, 181 9, in 50 yrs. 
George, b. July 9, 1786, d. Sept. 1,5, 1859. 
James, b. Jan. 5, 1815, d. Oct. 20, 1832. 
Jean, Mrs., wife of Alexander, d. Sept. 6, 1801, age 61 yrs. 
John, d. Oct. 27, 1801, in 29 yr. 

Mary, Mrs., wife of Alexander Stewart, dau. of Col. Joseph 
McCracken & Sarah, his wife, was b. Nov. 28, 1762, and d. 
July 22, 1782, age 19 yrs., 7 mo. & 24 da. 
Mary Ann, b. April 9, 181 7, d. March 18, 1842. 
Robert, Esq., d. March 1, 1847, in 81 yr. 
Williams, b. April 1, 1823, d. Oct. 28, 1832. 
Stone, Jemima, dau. of Capt. Abner, by Susannah, his wife, d. 
June 9, 1794, age 14 yrs., 4 mo. & 15 days. 
Peter, son of Capt. Abner, by Susannah, his wife, d. June 5, 
1794, age 10 yrs., 6 mo., 15 days. 
Stout, Joseph, d. Mar. 2, 1825, in 46 y. 
Strickland, James A., son of Selden & Orpha, d. Oct. 21, 1813. 

age 8 mo., 15 d. 
Takels, James, d. Mar. 19, 1813, ae. 63 y. 

Telford, Elisabeth, w. of James Telford, d. Apr. 9, 1843, in 77 y. 
George, d. July 23, 1813, in 85 y. 
George, son of John & Sarah Telford, d. July 21, 1814, ae. 5 y., 

11 m. & 23 d. 
John, d. May 9, 181 2, in 49 y. 

John, son of James & Elizabeth Telford, d. Mar. 26, i8i3,in 19)'. 
Margaret T., dau. of R. & M. Telford, d. Aug. 3, 1848, ae. 5 y. 
Marion, dau. of R. & M. Telford, d. Sept. 22, 1848, in 9 y. 
Sarah, w. of John Telford, d. Apr. 7, 1840, in 70 y. 

1907.] Tombstone Inscriptions in Old Graveyard at Salem, N. Y. 203 

Thayer, James Duane, son of Ruel & Mary Thayer, d. Apr. 23, 

1836, ae. 8 y. 

Thompson, David, d. Feb. 23, 1858, ae. 75 y., 6 m. 
David, d. Oct. 17, 1827, in 48 y. 

Elizabeth, w. Hugh Thompson, d. Sept. 3, 1844, in 43 y. 
Elizabeth, w. of Wm. Thompson, d. Feb. 28, 1832, ae. 68 y. & 

10 m. 
Elizabeth, wid. of Joseph Thompson, d. Apr. 2, 1835, in 

91 y. 
Emely, dau. of Hugh & Elizabeth Thompson, d. Mar. 17, 

1837, ae. 9 m. 

Fanny G., dau. of Wm. & Elizabeth Thompson, d. Jan. 6, 1856, 

ae. 56 y. 
Frances Elizabeth, dau. of Hugh & Elizabeth Thompson, d. 

July 12, 1842, ae. 8 y. & 8 m. 
Grizzy, w. of David Thompson, d. Jan. 3, 1847, ae. 67 y. 
Joseph, d. June 8, 1806, ae. 55 y. 
Mary Jane, dau. of David & Grizzy Thompson, d. Dec. 17, 

1832, ae. 13 y. 
Robert C, son of David & Grizzy Thompson, d. July 23, 1840, 

ae. 27 y. 
William, d. Jan. 17, 1839, ae. 80 y. 
William, son of David & Grizzy Thompson, d. Feb. 29, 1828, 

in 29 y. 
William, son of David & Margaret, d. June 8, 1836, in 7 yr. 
Tibbits, Martha, w. of William Tibbits, d. Jan. 12, 1815, ae. 31 y. 
Tilford, James, d. Dec. 13, 1808, in 42 y. 

Margaret, w. of George Tilford, d. Sept. 15, 1807, in 76 y. 
Tomb, David, Mr., d. Feb. 28, 1805, in 88 yr. 

Elizabeth, consort of James, d. May, 1802, in 36 yrs. same. 
Elizabeth, Mrs., wife of Capt. John, & dau. of Mr. Samuel & 

Mrs. Agnes Crozart, d. Feb. 26, 1805, in 35 yr. 
James, d. April, 1813, in 60 yr. 

John W., their only child, d. June, 1793, a £ e XI mo - 
Joseph, Dr., 2nd son of David & Jean, d. Jan. 1, 1796, age 37. 
Lettice, wife of Dr. Joseph, d. July 6, 1793, age 28 yrs. 
Mary, dau. of David & Jane, d. Feb. 26, 1787, age 24 yrs. 
Townsend, Mary, Mrs., d. Sept. 14, 18 18, age 51 yrs. She was the 

daughter of George , Esq., Manchester, Eng. Emi- 
grated to America in 1794. 
Turner, James, d. Feb. 15, 1775, age 38 (or 58?) 
Vanvalkinburgh, Jacob, d. July 14, 1820, in 71 y. 

Peter, son of Jacob & Sarah Vanvalkinburgh, d. Apr. 19, 

1812, in 19 y. 
Sarah, w. of Jacob Vanvalkinburgh, Esq., d. May 8, 1813, in 

56 y. 
Walker, Rufus E., son of Rufus E. & Harriet C. Walker, d. Apr. 

iS» l8 47, ae. 1 y. 
Walls, Flora Ann, d. Sept. 22, 1855, ae. 23 y. 
Henry, d. Mar. 24, 1856, ae. 20 y. 
James, d. Feb. 20, 1881, ae. 81 y. 
James, d. Mch. 5, 1847, ae. 21 y. & 10 m. 

204 Tombstone Inscriptions in Old Graveyard at Salem, N. V. [July, 

Walls, William, d. Apr. 9, 1847, ae. 16 y., 5 m. & 19 d., son of James 
& Rosanna Walls. 
John, d. Mch. 19, i860, ae. 64 y. 
Mary A., dau. of James & Rosanna Walls, d. July 17 1858, 

ae. 20 y., 3 m. & 7 d. 
Robert, d. Jan. 7, 1855, ae. 21 y. 

Rosanna, w. of James Walls, d. Mar. 17, 1868, ae. 68 y. 
Thomas E., d. Nov. 24, 1852, ae. 26 y. 
Warford, Rev. John, d. May 19, 1802, in 57 y. Minister of First Pres. 
Church, Salem. 
Warner, Carlos, son of Reuben & Charlotte, d. June 2, 18 14, in 
4 yrs. 
Charlotte, wife of Reuben, d. April 27, 1824, in 36 yrs. 
Claudius, son of Reuben & Charlotte, d. Nov. 7, 1814, age 

2 mo. 
Ellen, dau. of Reuben & Charlotte, d. April 24, 181 6, age 
4 mo. 
Watson, Nelson, d. May 18, 1854, age 47 yrs. 
Webb, Leonard, d. Aug. 16, 1802, in 91 y. 
Weston, Three infant children of Charles Weston. 
Wetter, Laura A., w. of Sidney Wetter, Principal of Washington 

Academy, d. June ir, 1826, in 23 y. 
Whitcomb, Eliza, w. of Oliver Whitcomb, d. Aug. 27, 1848, ae. 

32 y. 

Whitney, Benjamin, d. Apr. 14, 1827, in 70 y. 

Mary Louisa, daughter of Henry & Mary, d. Aug. 17, 1708, 

age 11 mo. 
Olive, w. of Oliver Whitney, d. May 11, 1829, in 27 y. 
Williams, George A., son of William & Lucy Williams, b. Apr. 30, 
181 1, d. Aug. 16, 1829, ae. 18 y. 
J. Vault, 1809. 
James Fitch, son of William & Lucy Williams, d. Nov. 12, 

1813, ae. 7 mo. 
James Fitch, son of William & Lucy Williams, d. July 1, 
1810, ae. 8 w. 
Wilson, Elizabeth, wife of Reuben, d. June 12th, 1813, age 62 

Winning, Jane, d. Aug. 28, 1853, ae. 22 y. 

Woodworth, Susa, w. of Rev. Ezra, d. May 9, 1841, age 71 yrs. 
Wright, Alexander, d. Nov. 17, 1830, in 98 y. (The Emigrant.) 
Alexander, d. Jan. 8, 1813, age 45 yrs. (Son of Samuel.) 
Elizabeth, d. Aug. 17, 1857, in 42 yr. 
John, d. Mar. 27, 1802, in 21 y. 
Mary, consort of Tobias, d. Nov. 4, 1828, in 24 yr. 
Nancy, d. June 27, 1815, in 73 yr., wife of Alexander. 
Rebecca, d. May 13, 1876, ae. 73 y., 4 m.. 9 d. 
Rebecca, wife of Alexander, d. Aug. 21, 1841, age 70 yrs. 
Sally, w. of Benjamin Cole, b. May 30, 1797, d. Aug. 23, 

Samuel, d. March 29, 1830, in 85 yr. (The Emigrant.) 
Sarah, wife of Samuel, d. Jan. 17, 1813, in 62 yr. 

1907.] New York Gleanings in England. 205 

Youlen, Rachel, w. of Benjamin Youlen, d. Feb. 5, i860, in 66 y. 

Thomas, son of Benj. & R. Youlen, d. Jan. 14, 1857, ae. 20 y. 
Young, Amy, w. of David Young, d. Feb. 7, 1867, ae. 87 y. 

David, d. Dec. 28, 1856, in 78 y. 

David F., d. Jan. 25, 1840, in 36 y. 

John L., d. Aug. 25, 1835, in 29 y. 

Robert E., d. July 5, 1853, ae. 30 y. 

Including " Gleanings," by Henry F. Waters, not before printed. 

Contributed by Lothrop Withington, 

30 Little Russell St., W. C, London. 

(Continued from Vol. XXXVII., p. 187 of the Record). 

Charles Mackintosh of the City of New York. Will, February 
1747/8; proved 3 February 1749/50. My son Phineas and Daugh- 
ter Susanna to be maintained out of my estate till they are 21 or 
married. Estate between my wife Susanna, son Phineas, and 
daughter Susanna, one quarter to wife and daughter each, one 
half to son. Executors: Wife and Friends Stephen Bayard of 
New York and Richard Alsop of New Town, Long Island. Wit- 
nesses: Elisha Parker, Par. Parmynter, Dud. Crofts. Adminis- 
tration of goods of Charles Mackintosh, formerly of New York, 
late of St. Martins in Fields, deceased on High Seas, to John Fell, 
husband of Susanna Fell als Mackintosh, relict of deceased, now 
residing in New York, former letters granted in June last to 
Alexander Mackintosh, as dying intestate, being revoked. 

Greenley, 51. 

George Shipley, City of New York, State of New York, Cab- 
inet maker. Will 21 December 1796; proved 16 May 1804. All 
goods to Hannah my wife, late the wife of William Lee, de- 
ceased. Executrix: Wife Hannah Shipley. Witnesses: Francis 
Child, Senior, Dennis Heely, Francis Child. Proved in City of 
New York 12 October 1803, oath taken of witnesses. Adminis- 
tration in Preprogative Court of Canterbury granted to William 
Remington Esq, attorney of Hannah Shipley, now resident in 
New York. Haseltine, 359. 

William Burnett, Governor of New York and New Jersey. 
Will 6 December 1727; proved 9 July 1730. To be buried at the 
Chapel of the Fort at New York near my wife Mary and one of 
my children, if I die in New York Province My Brother in Law 
David Mitchell and my sister Mary his wife to sell my property 
in Holland and England and my share in the produce of my 
Father's History, and to satisfy all that remains due to the 
estate of my late Brother Gilbert from me; also my executors to 
send over to England all my books and pamphlets to be sold and 

206 Records of First Stanford {Baptist) Church at Bangall. [July, 

applied in like manner. My son Gilbert Burnett to be sent over 
to them, and the residue of above estate to him. Gold and Sil- 
ver Medals bearing images of King George the First, Princess 
Sophia, and King George, II, and the gilt Tea Table given to my 
father by Princess Sophia, to son Gilbert and heirs male as a 
memorial that my father's faithfull services to the protestant 
succession in that Illustrious House were well accepted before 
their accession to Throne of Great Britain. Property in America 
to children, William, Mary, and Thomas by my late wife Mary 
Vanhorn. Executors and guardians of three youngest children: 
Abraham Vanhorn and Mary his wife. Witnesses: Jo: Bovin, 
John Hasholt, Stephen Debtors. Auber, 183. 


Early Marriage Records, and Abstracts of Tombstone 


Contributed by Evelyn Briggs Baldwin. 

(Continued from Vol. XXXVIII.. p. 98 of the Record.) 

Nathan farris to Deborah Dousenbary, Jan. 17 (?). 
Henery Row to Charlote Crandell, Jan. 20. 
Assa Hammon to phebe garmon, feb. 19. 
Eathen Regonal to Elle hammon, feb. 19. 
Huestice Couse to hannah Stickle, march 12. 
Benjamin Denton to Susanna woran, Apr. 7. 
william Morras to mary Surtherland, may 26. 
Isaac Babcock to Elizabeth wilbour, July 21. 
John Conely to Elizabeth powers, Aug. 13. 
peter Snighers to Sarah Crandell, Sept. 8. 
william Luther to orpha palmer, Oct. 13. 
Zebulon wolbridge to mary filkins, Oct. 21 (?). 
Abraham Bush to Elizabeth Smith, Dec. 1. 
Justice (?) hall to Elizabeth Southerland, Dec. 2 (?). 
Henry meek to Elizabeth Riendolly, Dec. 10. 
Stephen underall to mary hall, Dec. 19. 
thomas miller to keziah shrall, dec. 29. 
Nicholas Rowe to Elizabeth shereal, Dec. 29. 
Carie (?) Brigg to Susannah tenner (?) Dec. 29. 

1800. 1 

Richard griffen to anna Van Camp, Jan. 26. 
Joseph Woodworth to wate Couse, Feb. 9. 
Stephen Earll to Nanee parks, feb. 15. 

* Originals deposited with the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society. Records 
transcribed by Evelyn Briggs Baldwin. 

1907.] Records of First Stanford {Baptist) Church at Bangall. 207 


peter Hallock to Mary peters, April 21. 

parson to Rachel wilde, may 2. 

Jestuss welson to Annie Dunkins, June 5. 
Simeon Cook to Sarah Crowell, July 1. 
Josiah Bulles to hannah frost, July 6. 
Linus (?) Case to Gitty Wilde, Sept. 7. 
James Wilde, Junr., to mary worran, Sept. 20. 
waiter wines to hannah fish, oct. 8. 
Lewis Surtherland to phebe mosher, Nov. 20. 
Joshua Travise to hannah Barker, Nov. 23. 
David panay (?) to mather Shawood, Dec. 18. 
Caleb tomkins to Sarah Bush, Dec. 23. 


Samuel Jackson to mary Husted, Jan. 12. 
Robert Lenard to Cristein Stickel, feb. 18. 
Henery Cous to Sarah Lenard, March 5. 
Richard Trevis to Neomy Connely, March 15. 
*Elias Brigg to Caterean Cambell, march 22. 
Oliver vanosterand to Elizebeth story, Apriel 30. 
Andrew Stickel to Eve Cows, June 28. 
Simon Engerson to Debourah Sutherland, July — th. 
John mosher to Elizabeth Jackson, Aug. 1. 
gilbourd travis to Martha Colenly, aug. 23. 
Ephraim Bullock to Abigail adsit, aug. 30. 
thomas Tripp to Mary Snider, Oct. 21. — "" 
Jacob prat to Levina Souther, oct. 5. 
Wihlman Record to Betsey an. adset, Nov. 12. 
Jonathan Jackson to margett Simson, Nov. 15. 


Samuel griffin (?) to Dorothy Boice, feb. 18. 
peleg Brigg to Elizebeth parke, March 25. 
Isaiah Edgett to Bashaba Edgett, June 30. 
Rheuben wilber to Susanah Dean, July — (?). 
Abraham Duel to mary roberson, Aug. 15. 
John hill to Charity ames, Sept. 19. 
Robert marvin to Susannah Boyse, oct. 24. 
John thorn (?) to Elezebeth garmon, Nov. 2. 
Caleb Briggs to Metilda (?) park, Nov. 15. 
Martin horn to Sarah Grims, Jan. 23. 
Cornelus masten to Kezia Stringham, feb. 20. 
David Jackson to Elizebeth hall, march 3. 
Silas Sutherland to Sarah Comings, March 24. 
fredriet (?) Cows to Sarah Hix, April 25. 


Abraham Dueal to mary parks, Jan. 30. 
william Sotherland to Elizebeth Edget, feb. 23. 

♦See p. 134-5, The Greene Family, 1904, Lora S. La Mance. 

2o8 Vital Records of Christ's Church at Rye, New York. [Juty. 


gilbart Clindbary to Demes holmes, March 7. 
Aaron worran to Zebia Cash, April 29. 
Asel hammon to tasea Shultes, July 12. 
Jonathan Crandell to Elizebeth Story. Sept. 16. 
Wright Smith to Juda Mosher, Nov. 22. 

Elisha mosher to Elizebeth Crandell (?), Jan. 2. 

Whethen Robens to (?) Martin, Jan. 9. 

Jonathan Raymond to E (?) alien, feb. 2. 

Martain Vobuarh to palmmee garmon, feb. 2nd (?) 

Stephen Burns to Coterean Staler or Slater, feb. 2nd. 

assa Jones to phebe harris, feb. 2. 

James parker to hannah Stanford, feb. 16. 

Jaames garmon to Sarah parks, March 2. 

william fratenburrow to Elizabeth green, Aug. 27. 

David Crandell to purliner Nickkels, Dec. 1. 

george Bemus (?) to Lidy Runeldt (?), Dec. 2. 

Jacob Larance to Lidy park, Dec. 16. 

peter proper to Sarah tobice, Dec. 25. 

Copies of Original Marriage Records, 1 806-1 865, in possession 
of the Long Island Historical Society, Brooklyn. 


Communicated by Thomas T. Sherman, Esq., of Rye, N. Y. 

Jan. 18 

Feb. 15 
March 7 
Sept. 4 

Dec. 1 

(Continued from Vol. XXXVIII., p. 146, of the Record.) 

James Dick to Eliza Purdy. 

Erastus Huntington Weed to Eliza Lockwood. 
William Lawrence to Aner Lawrence." 
Henry Worden to Loiza Purdy. 
William Purdy to Palmira Palmer. 
Israel to Dorris. Black couple. 
Timothy to Polly. Black couple. 
5. Jesse to Maria. Black couple. 


April 13. John to Caty. Black couple. 

22. Elisha Haight to Margaret Romaine. 

May 5. John Lawrence to Charity Benton. 

July 13. Peter Hains to Mrs. Pbebe Merrit. 

Aug. 16. William Harriott to Dorothy Haverland. # 

Sept. 25. Nathaniel C. Warden to Eliza Ann Gidney. 

Oct. 16. David to Prudence. Black couple. 


Vital Records of Christ's Church at Rye, New York. 



— , 




1 1. 


2 3- 








3 1 - 



















2 3- 








































Patrick Galleway to Mary Purdy. 
Benjamin Hadden to Eliza Parker. 
Elijah Tilford to Susannah Holmes. 
Shubal Lyon to Deborah Lyon. 
Jonathan Purdy to Mrs. Hester Morgan. 
John Foster to Sarah Lewis. 
Henry Gidney to Anne Carpenter. 
Jonathan H. Robertson to Elizabeth Cross. 
John M. Sherwood to Henrietta Betts. 
Joshua Nap Purdy to Amelia Haverland. 

Loyd Saxberry Danberry to Susanah Titford. 
John to Sylva. Black couple. 
Edward to Rosanna. Black couple. 
Elijah Lee to Anne Tilford. 
John Fisher to Eliza Guion. 
Frantz Rothermel to Catherine Moshier. 
Oliver Avery to Miss Hoyat. 
Bradley Redfield to Abby Jane Hobby. 
Jonathan Merrit to Sarah Mabey. 

John Hall Osburn to Caroline Bulkley. 
Jeff to Sarah. Black couple. 
Martin Mead to Delia Albert. 
Michal Moore to Susannah Hawkins. 
Isaac Carpenter to Charlotte Theal. 
James Haverland to Phebe Miller. 
Billa Theal to Ann McCollum. 
Abraham Avery to Sabrina Avery. 

Alexander Lock to Cynthia Seacord. 
Joseph B. Rogers to Hannah Hart. 
John Carter to Mary Ann Rice. 
William Smith to Alethea Purdy. 
William Henry Purdy to Hannah Purdy. 
Samuel Purdy to Margaret Haverland. 
Joshua Horton to Sarah Dick. 
Isaac Quintard to Clarissa Shaw. 
Timothy Haverland to Hester Cornell. 
David Donaldson to Rebecca Seamon. 
Richard Ward to Anne Haight. 
William Caneworthy to Sally Nap. 
James Vassels to Letitia Lawrence. 

George Whiley to Phebe L. Gidney. 
George Sniffin to Elizabeth Travis. 
Stephen Lounsberry to Abby Maria Purdy. 
Uriah Field Carpenter to Sarah Ann Deal. 
William to Maria. Black couple. 



Vital Records of Christ's Church at Rye, New York. 





2 5- 



























3 1 - 




















James Crowford to Phebe Hoyat. 
Jonathan Haight Sidney to Margaret Murry Worden. 
David Rogers Pelham to Jane Cockron. 
Nathan Sniffin to Hannah Pratt. 
Theophilous Peck to Sarah Hobby. 
James Walker to Easter Golden. 
Solomon Hays to Deborah Ann Lyon. 
Walter Webb to Mary Ann Smith. 
Mr. Todd to Jane Haverland. 
Lewis to Rachel. Black couple. 
William Henry Shier to Easter Seely. 
Benjamin Gildersleave to Mary Morse. 
Jonathan Brown Waterberry to Sarah Smith. 
Shubel Lyon to Launa Dunn. 
John Ludlow to Fanny Cantine. 
Nicholous Miller to Francis Ann Palmer. 
William Hawkins to Martha Hawkins. 
Jessie Semour to Elizabeth Cornell. 
Epinetus Hadden to Catharine Merrit. 
William Parker to Deborah Haverland. 

David Fowler to Abby Jane Peck. 
William Francis to Francis Cost. 
Edward Blakesley to Miss Holt of Connecticut. 

Sylvanus Purdy to . 

William Fortin to Eliza Mary Crooker. 
James Lee to Mary Tilford. 
Martin Mead to Mrs. Catharine Merrit. 
Orlando Wilcox to Sidna Fits Randolf. 
Gershum Bulkley to Mary Bush. 
William Slaughter to Eliza Craft. 
Alexander Brown to Ethalinda Carriheart. 
William Atherton to Mary Reed (Rud). 
John Akins Tibbets to Issabella Peacock. 
James Green to Anne. Black couple. 
Thomas Haverland to Ann Guion. 
David H. Burger to Susan Northal. 
James to Maria. A Black Couple. 







Mrs. Miller, wife of Gilbert Miller. 

Maria Guion, daughter of John Guion & wife. 

Mr. John Dixon. 

Elizabeth Budd, daughter of Henry Budd & wife. 

Mr. Andrew Lyon of King Street, aged 82 years. 

Old Mrs. Hatfield of the White Plains, aged 88 years. 

Old Mr. Gidney of Rye Neck. 

Mr. Haverland of Rye Neck. 


Vital Records of Christ's Church at Rye New York. 


Nov. 6. 


Feb. 2. 

March 8. 



2 5- 













J 5- 















Mr. Thomas Haight of North Street. 
Mr. Quintard of Stamford, Connecticut. 
Mrs. Schofield. 
Old Mr. Coe of the Sawpits, Rye, aged 83 years. 

Mr. John Park of Rye, aged 55 years. 
Mrs. Purdy, wife of Isaac Purdy, aged 83 years. 
Mr. Nathaniel Penfield of Rye, in whose death the 

church & neighborhood had sustained a great loss, 

his family & connexions a much greater, but eye 

humbly hope & piously trust that their loss is his 

Old Mrs. Hubbs, the widow of the late Daniel Hubbs, 

aged 82 years. 
At the White Plains, Mr. Wm. Dabouse, a native of 

Mrs. Redfield, mother of Mrs. Penfield & of Mr. 

Isaac Marquand. 
Mr. Caleb Gidney. 
Miss Francis Titford. 
Miss Nancy Purdy. 

A child of Mr. Israel Purdy & wife, of New York. 
Miss Susan h Titford ) both of whom were drowned 

& Miss Titford j in Mamaroneck River at 

the same time & were 
buried in the same grave. 
Mr. William Lawrence. 
A child of Mr. Henry Bird & wife. 
Mrs. Devenport, wife of Nubury Devenport, Esq r ., 

of New Rochelle. 
Mr. Elijah Merrit, killed by the falling of a tree. 
Mr. Thomas Lyon, aged 87 years. 

A child of Nathaniel Isenhart & wife of New York. 
Thomas, son of Jesse Park & wife. 
Old Mrs. Hubbs aged 90 years. 
Mr. Solomon Gidney of Rye Neck. 
Mrs. Purdy wife of Capt. Jon n . Purdy of White Plains. 
Mr. Edward Bloomer of Rye Neck. 
Mr. Samuel Hains. 
A child of Thomas Hadden & wife. 
Mrs. Purdy, wife of Mr. Elijah Purdy of White Plains. 
A child of Mr. John Sniffin & wife, of the Sawpits, Rye. 
Mrs. Theal, the wife of Elisha Theal of New York. 
A child of Mr. Hains & wife. 

Old Mrs. Park, aged 93 years. 
Mr. Henderson of New Rochelle. 
Old Mrs. Coe of the Sawpits. 


Vital Records of Christ 's Church at Rye, New York. 



















l 3- 




























2 5- 












Harvey McCollum, son of Mr. Thomas McCollum & 

Old Mrs. Sawyer of Harristown. 
Mrs. Lyon, wife of Mr. James Lyon of Rye. 
A child of Mr. Nath 1 Isenhart of New York. 
Mr. Henry Dusenbury of Harrison Town. 
Old Mrs. Secord. 
Mrs. Purdy, the wife of Bartho w Purdy. 

Mr. Toffee of New Rochelle. 

A child of Mr. Henry Merrit & wife, of Mamaroneck. 
Mrs. Park, the wife of Mr. Timothy Park. 
The widow Charity Tilford. 

Mrs. Brown, the wife of Mr. Thomas Brown of Rye. 
Mrs. Rogers, the wife of Doc tr David Rogers. 
Mrs. Purdy, the wife of Mr. Samuel Purdy. 
Mr. Peter Jay of Rye, aged 79 years. 
A child of Mr. Thadeous Smith & wife. 
Col Gilbert Budd, whose corpse was brought from 

New York and intered at Mamaroneck. 
Mrs. Purdy, the wife of Mr. Elijah Purdy, Jun r ., 

White Plains. 
Miss Deborah Carrihart. 
A child of Cap 1 Childs & wife. 
Mrs. Stephens, the wife of Mr. Nath n Stephens. 
Mr. Ebenezer Purdy of the White Plains. 
Mr. Thomas Park. 
Mr. John Watson of New York. 
Richard Hatfield, Esqr., of White Plains. 
Mr. Henry Budd of White Plains. 
A child of Mr. George Francis & wife. 

Mrs. Purdy, the wife of Mr. Wm. Purdy of White 

Mr. Joseph Purdy of Rye. 
Old Mrs. Guion. 
Mr. Lyon Miller. 
Mrs. Charity Purdy. 
Mr. Theal from New York 
Old Mr. Burger. 

Eliza, daughter of Mr. Henry L. Penfield & wife. 
Old Mr. Peter Guion, aged 88 years. 
A child of Mr. Jesse Park, jun r , & wife. 
Mr. James Merrit of Rye Neck. 

Old Mrs. Dusenbury of Harrison Town. 
William Guion, son of Mr. John Guion. , 

A child of Mr. Hyat & wife of Sawpits, drowned. 
Mr. Banks at Byram. 


The King Family in England. 






2 5- 






Ann Eliza, daughter of Mr. Bartho w Haverland & 

Old Mrs. Charity Tilford. 
At Saratoga Springs, Mr. Flagler of Beakman, 

Dutchess County. 
Lott, grandson of Mr. Josiah Purdy. 
Benjamin, son of Mr. Josiah Purdy & wife. 
Mrs. Gidney, wife of Mr. Henry Gidney. 
Mr. Jacob Haverland. 
Mrs. Harriot, wife of Mr. Israel Harriot. 
Miss Elizabeth Haverland. 
Mrs. Purdy, the wife of Mr. James Purdy. 
Mrs. Lee, wife of Judge Lee of York Town. 
Mr. Daniel Purdy. 

{To be continued.) 


Contributed by George Austin Morrison, Jr. 

The King Family of London, Middlesex and St. Albans, 

Arms: — Azure, a chevron sable, in chief 
a Lion rampant, or, orientally crowned, in 
base an apple tree fructed proper. Crest: 
A dove argent, beaked and membered, gules, 
holding in the mouth an olive branch, vert, 
and ensigned with a fleur de lys or. Motto: 
Ut fructus floribus, sic a virtutibus honor. 
1. Jean Le Roy, a French Huguenot, was 
b. at Rouen, in Normandy, in 1548. He fled 
from France in 1572, shortly after the mas- 
sacre of St. Bartholomew, and came to Lon- 
don, where he married Mary Belier (or Blier), 
the daughter of James Belier, an elder of the 
French Church in London. Shortly after 
his arrival in London he anglicized his name 
of LeRoy to that of King. He d. in Lime 
Street, London, 11 Oct., 16 15, and was buried 
at St. Andrew's Undershaft 14 Oct., 1615. 
He left issue, an only son. 

John, 8 b. 7 Aug., i6o4(?). 
2. John* King (John 1 ), was b. in Lime St., London, on 7 Aug., 
i6o4(?). He was a physician, and practiced at Hereford, St. 
Albans, and later at Aldersgate St., London. He m. (1) in 1632, 

214 The King Family in England. [July. 

Elizabeth Hale, daughter of John Hale, of London, Merchant 
She d. on 15 Jan., 1636, and he then m. (2) on 22 Feb., 1637, 
Anne Roberts, dau. of Barne Roberts of Willesden, Middlesex. 
She was a sister of Sir William Roberts, Bart., and d. on 6 Feb., 
1 66 1. He lived at St. Albans, Herts, for many year, practicing 
his profession there, and took an active part in the Civil War, 
being a partisan of the Cromwellian party and serving on various 
county committees. 

Dr. King left a will in which, among other provisions the fol- 
lowing clause appears, viz.: "I doe give and bequeathe unto my 
grandsonne, John King, the second sonne of my late sonne, Sir 
John King, all my books that are Manuscripts and not printed 
and his Father's picture in Oyle, with two Epitaphs of his Father's 
Elogium, one in Latine and the same in English, in two figures 
of his Father's monument in the Temple Church, in two frames 
covered with glass and all the printed pictures covered with 
glass and the coat-of-arms of me and the Roberts in Oyle in 
my Dyneing Room (except that picture covered with glass 
which hath a parchment book in it conteyning a narrative of the 
said Sir John King's life and death) * * * which said last 
picture I give to my said granddaughter, Mary King, together 
with her father's picture at large in Oyle. * * * My Father 
(by name of John LeRoy), in English John King, departed out 
of this world the nth day of October, 1615, and on the 14th day 
of the said October, 1615, was buried in the Parish Church of St. 
Andrew Undershaft, London, living and Dying a parishoner of 
the said Parish. I, John King, his only child, desire that my body 
may be buried in the same grave or neare to it in the said Parish 

Dr. King d. 19 March, 1688. He appears to have taken a 
keen interest in the history of his family, and in 1677 compiled a 
genealogy of his ancestors and descendants entitled: "A brief 
and true Narrative of the Life and Death of Sir John King, Kt., 
late one of the Bench of the Inner Temple, together with the 
text and conclusion of Dr. Craddock's Sermon, preached at his 
burial, and also of two epitaphs made on him by two of his 
endeared friends since his death 'written' Anno Dom. 1677." It 
is to this Narrative that Dr. King refers in his will as a " parch- 
ment book " in the back of a picture of Sir John King, his son. 

After being lost for over one hundred and fifty years, this 
picture and the parchment manuscript back of the frame were 
discovered by Mr. George Henry Sawtell during a visit to the 
Jersey Island in 1853, at St. Heliers. It passed from Mary King, 
granddaughter of Dr. John King, to a Mr. Green, said to have 
been her grandson, whose daughter married Wigmore Whisken, 
Esq., and by that gentleman's daughter, the widow of the Rev. 
E. Mourant, of Guernsey, it was given to Mr. Francis Bertram, of 
St. Helier, Guernsey, in whose house it was seen by Mr. Sawtell. 
Mr. Sawtell caused the parchment to be published under the title 
of "A Memoir of the Life and Death of Sir John King, Knight, 
written by his Father in 1677," London, Fleet St., Bell & Daldy, 

1907.] The King Family in England. 2 I 5 

1855 (see Brit. Mus. No. 10826 — B 10.) It is to the interest and 
courtesy of Mr. Sawtell that this valuable record of the John 
King Family has been preserved for future generations. 

Dr. John King also made a strong effort during his lifetime 
to have the arms above set forth allowed and registered by the 
Herald's College, but for some reason the Heralds refused his 
request. He claimed that they were the LeRoy arms as borne by 
his ancestors in France. The fact of a chevron sable being placed 
on a shield azure, however, is in violation of the heraldic law of 
never tricking color on color, and the lion rampant was the dis- 
tinctive sign and property of such English King Families as had 
the right to bear coat armor. It looks as if Dr. King assumed 
the Lion as he did the name "King," and perhaps this was the 
reason the Heralds refused to recognize the arms. 
Dr. King had issue as follows: 
By first wife: 

John, b. Aug., 1633; d. Sept., 1633. 

Richard, b. Sept., 1634; slain by a lance in Hispaniola 
during Cromwell's expedition thither, 2 April, 1655. 
Mary, b. 3 Oct., 1635; m. Giles Blomer of London, and 
had issue, none of whom survived her. She d. 
25 Sept., 1675. 
Elisabeth, b. 19 Jan., 1636; m. 29 Sept., 1657, at St. 
Alban's Abby, Richard Sadlier, Citizen and Mer- 
chant Taylor, of St. Marie Colechurch, London; 
b. 1628; and had eight children, of whom Richard 
d. 2 Oct., 1698. The great-grandson of said Richard 
sent a Memoir of the King Family to the "Gentle- 
man's Magazine," Vol. 52, page no, in 1781, in 
which it is stated that at that time the male line 
of the family was extinct. 

By second wife: 

John, b. 5 Feb., 1638; bp. at St. Alban's Abbey 16 

Feb., 1638-9. 
Anne, bp. at St. Alban's Abbey 8 Nov., 1640; buried 

there 15 Dec, 1640. 
Samuel, bp. at St. Alban's Abbey, 25 Feb., 1641-2, buried 

there n July, 1647. 
A daughter; d. in infancy. 
Anne, b. 1645; bp. at St. Alban's Abbey 11 June, 1645; 

m. 167 1, Robert Wooley, Citizen and Merchant 

Taylor, of London, and had issue five sons and 

four daughters. She d. 1695, and was buried at 

Wells, Lincolnshire. 
James, b. 1646; bp. at St. Alban's Abbey, 30 Aug., 1646. 

He was twice married, and had issue five children. 
Asahel, b. 1647, Feb. J 4; hp. at St. Alban's Abbey 20 

Feb., 1647-8. 
Bethiah, b. 1649; bp. at St. Alban's Abbey, 6 March, 

1649-50; buried there 25 Aug., 1659. 

2l6 The King Family in England. [July, 

3. Sir John* King (John, 9 John 1 ), was b. at St. Albans, Herts, 
5th Feb., 1638, and was baptized there on the same day. He 
received his early education at St. Albans' Free School, and at 
the age of thirteen went to Eton College. In Nov., 1656, he 
went to Queens College, Cambridge. He was admitted to the 
Inner Temple in Nov., 1660. On 20 Feb., 1666, he m. Joyce 
Bennett, daughter of William Bennett, of High Rothing, Essex. 
The marriage license was issued from Faculty Office, Archbishop 
of Canterbury, at London, and dated 19 Feb., 1666-7, and states 
he was of "St. James, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, Gent, bachr., 28," 
and she was " aged 20, daughter of Mary Bennett, of Sabridge- 
worth, Herts, widow, to be married at St. Mary, Islington, 
Middlesex." She d. in April, 1688. He became Commissioner 
9 Feb, 1667, and was called to the Bench of the Inner Temple 
31 Jan., 1674, and was knighted 10 Dec, 1674, bearing the arms: 
"Azure, a chevron sable, in chief a Lion rampant gules; in Base 
an apple tree fructed proper." 

He was appointed Treasurer to the Society of the Temple in 
1675. He died 29 June, 1677, and was buried in the Temple 
Church, London, on 4 July, 1677. Dr. Craddock preached his 
funeral sermon. He left a will dated 27 June, 1677, proved 
12 July, 1677, in which he directs his burial in St. Bride's vault 
or in the Temple Church, and names his wife, Joyce, executrix. 
He devises his estate in trust to Edward Hales, of Goodweston, 
Kent, William Longueville, of the Inner Temple, London, and 
John Powell, and directs the payment of a bond owed to William 
Anderson and to Mr. Colwall, of the Inner Temple. He further 
devises to his wife a house in Salisbury Court, furniture, coach 
and horses, etc. He gives his daughter, Elizabeth, ^2,000 at 
twenty-one years, or on her marriage; to his son John ^2,000 at 
twenty-one. He gives the rest of his estate to his eldest son, 
Robert, and heirs. If his wife marry again, then Mr. Hales, Mr. 
Longueville and Mr. Powell to be his executors. Appoints his 
wife guardian of his children. Gives to the poor of St. Bride's 
Parish ^10. Gives to "each of servants such increase of their 
salaries, not exceeding a year's wages, as my wife shall see fit." 
Gives to each of his Trustees suits of mourning, and " to such of 
my relatives as my wife shall see fit, £\o apiece." The will ends 
abruptly with the words: " I give to my servant, Storer," and 
then follows the signature, " John King." Witnesses to the will 
were: J. Hales, Robert Longueville, and Charles Birkbeck. His 
monument is in Temple Church, London, and he is said to have 
been a learned and able Barrister of Law. He had issue: 

Robert, bap. 18 Dec, 1667. 

Elizabeth, bap. 17 Feb., 1674; m. 3 June, 1693, Peter 
Gelsthorp, of Hatton Garden, M. D., and had issue, 
Robert, an only son, called of Welwyn, who d. 
8 June, 1730. She d. 23 Sept., 17 10. The will of 
Peter Gelsthorp, M. D., of Welwyn, Co. Herts, 
dated 12 July, 1722, proved 26 Oct., 1723 (P. C. C. 
Richmond 207), mentions a brother, Robert King. 

I9°7-] The King Family in England. 2\J 

John, b. 27 March, 1675; admitted to Inner Temple, 
1688; d. 10 April, 1694, in his 19th year, and was 
buried in Temple Church. 

4. Asahel" King (John," John 1 ), was b. 14 Feb., 1647, and 
became a Master of Arts of Cambridge. He benefited at Sand- 
wich, was Prebendary of Gloucester, and Rector of Deynton. 
He d. 30 April, 1678, aged 31 years, and was buried at St. Andrew's 
Holborn. The name of his wife is unknown, but he had issue: 

John, b. 30 June, 1673; d. 22 Jan., 1683, and was buried 
at Long Orton, Northamptonshire. 

Joseph, b. 1674; d. 1683. 

Mary, b. posthumous, 2 Sept., 1678; m. 1699-1700, Rev. 
Mr. Shipman, who was benificed in Norfolk. 

5. Robert 4 King (Sir John,* John, 8 John 1 ), was bap. 18 Dec, 
1667, and d. 1737, being buried at Datch worth. He became a 
Barrister of Laws, and was a member of the Inner Temple. He 
compiled the so-called " Reed Court Family Record." He pur- 
chased property at Tewing (sic). (It may be Tring, Herts), and 
a house and lands at Broadwater; also property at Bragbury End 
and Alden's Grove. He inherited the estate of his nephew, Rob- 
ert Geldsthorpe. He m. 1 Dec, 1698, Anne Bonfay, second 
daughter of Hugh Bonfay, Esq., of Abbot's Ripton, Herts. She 
d. in October, 17 10, and was buried at Welwyn. He had issue: 

Hugh, b. 29 May, 1699. 

John, b. 4 March, 1700. He was a draper in Newgate 

St., and probably never married. 
Robert, d. 1701, an infant. 
Robert, b. 7 Dec, 1702. He was in the East India 

Company's service at Fort St. George, Calcutta, on 

15 April, 1725. 

6. Hugh' King (Robert, 4 Sir John,' John,' John '), was b. 29 
May, 1699, and d. at Highgate 17 Jan., 1761. He was buried at 
Datchworth. He m. Mary Lascelles, daughter of Edmund Las- 
celles, citizen of London, on 24 Nov., 1725. She died at Bedford, 
1767, and was buried at Datchworth. He had issue, an only son: 

Hugh, b. 29 Jan., 1727; d. 21 Jan., 1746, and was buried 
at Datchworth. 

Note. — In Tottenham Church, South Aisle, is a monument to 
Rev. Daniel Chadwicke, 1697, erected by his widow, Martha, dau. 
of Isaac King, of the County of Hertford, Gent. 

Arms: An inescutchen within an orle of martlets impaling Az, 
a chevron Arg. In chief a lion rampant, in base a branch of a 
tree proper. King. 

These arms indicate that Isaac King was a descendant of Jean 
LeRoy, but no such Isaac appears in the pedigree. It may be, 
however, that he was a son of that James King (Dr. John, Jean), 
b. 1646, who is said to have had five children. (Lyson's Environs 
of London.) 

2l8 New York Colonial Manuscripts. [July, 


Contributed by Robert B. Miller. 

(Continued from Vol. XXXVIII, p. 13$, of The Record.) 

Inhabitants of Fordham and Adjacent Places, 1698. 

John Archer and his wife Sarah and fife children: Beniamin, 

Jonathan, cathrin, mary, mary church, 
wedow uermillin and fife children: Abraham, Johannis, rechel, 

mary, hanna. 
Samuell hichkocks and his wife mahetabel and Too childrin: 

marce, mary. 
Joarge Tippit and his wife Joane and one child: Joarge and one 

Slave adum. 
Johannis van Cherreck and his wife mary and too children; 

Johannis, mary; foor neguers: hetter, tone, marce, ester, 
wedow Susana bets and too children: hanna, else. 
Samuell betts and his wife ruth and three children: John, ruth, 

hopestill bets. 
John bearret and his wife mary and three children: Samuel, 

hanna, Anna and mary sqier. 
Chearles uinson and his wife Elesabeth and foor children: 

Chearles, lenard, Susanna, bettie. 
John Chearls and his wife alina and three children: peter, alina, 

Thomas sherred and his wife sarah and six children: william, 

thomas, mary, abegal, rebecah, marce. 
Ebinneser Joes and his wife mary and twelfe cheldrin: william, 

ebinneser, cornelus, Nathanell, Josuf, benamin, samuel, Jean, 

mary, elesabeth, abegal, marce. 
John Concklin and his wife mahetabell and four children: Josuf, 

John, mahetabell, Chearrate. 
Rike abrimson and his wife winche and three children: margot, 

Catherine, winke. 
alburt Jacubes and his wife merreche and fife children: Jacub, 

hermanus, Jacamine, barbur, Cobah. 
Gorus Shorm and his wife engell and foor children: thomas, 

derrick, class, mary; too neger slaves, tobe, belle. 
Joshua bill and his wife mary. 

hendrick Storm and his wife neshe and too children: Stats, mary. 
Henerre crale and his wife Sarah and foor children: edward, 

Josuf, richard, Sarah. 
Jeames whealer and his wife and one childe Jonathan. 
The negersof Mr. fillips Sqier: pottefe, class, torn, gack, pahange, 

moll, grass, sqier, torn, torn, hanna, Cube, harra, marget, seser, 

harre, great, mary, deanna, sare. 

[907.] New York Colonial Manuscripts. 2 1 9 

The negers of mr. cortlant: hetter, tonne, marce, hester. 
antone the neger and dianna his wife and three children: ben, 
abraham, Jacob. 

a true istemete taken by mee 

Samuell hickokes, Constablee. 

English MSS., Vol. XLII, Page 58. 

The following is a census of the town of Bedford, Westchester, 
Co., hitherto unpublished. 

There being no date affixed to this document it was supposed 
that it was a census taken in 1698; but a reference to Vol. XIII., 
p. 92, of the N. Y. Gen. & Bio. Rec, which contains the births of 
some of the following, taken from the Town Records of Bedford, 
prove this census to have been taken about Sept., 17 10. 

A List of the names of the persons within the District of the 
Town of Bedford, according to ye direction of ye writt Issued 
forth to me from ye Clark of ye County, viz.: 

John Severance, aged 63 y.; Mary, his wife, aged 60 y. 

Mary Dible, widow, aged 29 y.; John, her son, aged 7 y.; Abigail, 

her dau., aged 5 y. 
Ebeneser Stebins, aged 33 y.; Johannah, his wife, aged 22 y.; 

Benonah, his son, aged 2 y.; Ebenezer, his son, aged 6 m.; 

Mary, his dau., aged 4 y. 
Thomas Wascott, aged 24 y.; Elizabeth, his wife, aged 19 y.; 

Widdow Ruth Wascott, aged 60 y. 
Samuel Hardy, Freeholder, aged 54 y.; Rebeckah, his wife, aged 

36 y.; Samuel, his son, aged 11 y.; Daniell, his son, aged 8 

y.; Phineas, his son, aged 6 y.; Aaron, his son, aged 4 y.; 

Hannah, his dau., aged 18 y.; Elizabeth, his dau., aged 1 y. 
David Holms, freeholder, aged 30 y.; Ruth, his wife, aged 34 y.; 

David, his son, aged 5 y.; Rubin, his son, aged 4 m.; Jemi- 

mah, his dau., aged 3 m. 
John Homes, aged 32 y.; Patience, his wife, aged 47 y. 
Capt. Joseph Bayle, aged 47 y.; Jane Russell, his housekeeper, 

aged 57 y.; Thomas Russell, aged 11 y.; Elizabeth Russell, 

aged 14 y. 
Vincent Simpkins, Freeholder, aged 26 y. 
Samuel Jenkins, aged 25 y. 

Elizabeth, his wife, aged 24 y.; Sarah, his dau., aged 1 y. 
Nathan Clark, Freeholder, Widdower, aged 38 y.; Stephen, his 

son, aged 12 y.; Nathan, his son, aged 5 y.; Ruben, his son, 

aged 4 m.; Martha, his dau., aged 9 y.; Sarah, his dau., aged 


Cornelus Seely, Jun., aged 37 y.; Mary, his wife, aged 32 y.; 
David, his son, aged 10 y.; Joseph, his son, aged 5 y.; Mary, 
his dau., aged 8 y.; Martha, his dau., aged 1 y. 

Joseph Hunt, freeholder, aged 34 y.; Elizabeth, his wife, aged 
32 y.; Abigail, his dau., aged 3 y.; Sarah, his dau., 1 y. 

2 20 New York Colonial Manuscripts. [July- 

William Clark, Freeholder, aged 40 y.; Hannah, his wife, aged 

37 y.; John, his son, aged 15 y.; William, his son, aged 13 y.; 
Ebenezer, his son, aged 6 y.; David, his son, aged 2 y.; 
Jabizh, his son, aged 4 m. 

Sarah Webb, aged 35 y., widdow. 

Marcy, her dau., aged 8 y. 

Theophilus Kellum, aged 22 years, Blacksmith. 

Philip Eyrs, Freeholder, aged 27 y. 

Stephen Clason, Freeholder, aged 52 y.; Rebecke, his wife, aged 
52 y.; Elizabeth Rodger, her dau., aged 18 y.; Abigail, his 
dau., aged 12 y.; Martha, his dau., aged 10 y.; Ruth, his dau., 
aged 7 y. 

Mary Roberts, widow of Justice Zachariah Roberts, deceased, 
aged 52 y.; Hezekiah, Freeholder, her son, Constable, aged 
24 y. 

Richard Wascott, Freeholder, aged 42 y.; Rachell, his wife, aged 
40 y.; Richard, his son, aged 6 y.; Daniell, his son, aged 3 y.; 
Rachell, his dau., aged 15 y.; Ruth, his dau., aged 13 y.; 
Rose, his dau., aged 9 y.; Millison, his dau., aged 4 m. 

Mary Holmes, Freeholder, aged 39 y., widow of Richard; Rich- 
ard, her son, aged 16 y.; Ebenezer, her son, aged 8 y.; Han- 
nah, her dau., aged 14 y.; Susannah, her dau., aged 12 y.; 
Marcy, her dau., aged 6 y. 

Cornelius Seely, Sen., aged 60 y.; Prissileh, his wife, aged 60 y.; 
Sarah Seely, his dau., aged 34 y.; nehemiah Churchill, Ser- 
vant, aged 13 y. 

Joseph Seely, Freeholder, aged 25 y.; Martha, his wife, aged 27 y.; 
Joseph, his son, aged 3 y.; Comfort, his dau., aged 1 y. 

John Wascott, Freeholder, aged 31 y.; Rose, his wife, aged 32 y.; 
John, his son, aged 6 y.; Samuel, his son, aged 4 y.; Martha, 
his dau., aged 7 y.; Johannah, his daughter, aged 1 y. 

Daniel Joans, Freeholder, aged 52 y.; Josiah Joans, Freeholder, 
aged 50 y.; Daniel Joans, ye son of Josiah Joans, aged 20 y. 

John Miller, Freeholder, aged 45 y.; Mary, his wife, aged 48 y.; 
John, his son, aged 12 y.; Abner, his son, aged 3 y.; Martha, 
his dau., aged 14 y.; Abigail, his dau., aged 8 y. 

Jonathan Shepard, Freeholder, aged 36 y.; Annah, his wife, aged 
30 y.; John, his son, aged 6 y.; Mary, his dau., aged 10 y.; 
Abigail, his dau., aged 8 y.; Annah, his dau., aged 3 y.; Char- 
ity, his dau., aged 8 m. 

John Holmes, Jun., Freeholder, aged 50 y.: Sarah, his wife, aged 
36 y.; John, his son, aged 13 y.; Rachell, his dau., aged 15 y.; 
Deborah, his dau., aged 5 y.; Isaac Churchill (sojourner), 
aged 1 y.; Mary, a negro slave, aged 24 y. 

John Holms, Sen., aged 75 y.; Joseph, his son, Freeholder, aged 

Jonathan Miller, Freeholder, aged 43 y.; Sarah, his wife, aged 

38 y.; Jonathan, his son, aged 19 y.; John, his son, aged 17 y.; 
Stephen, his son, aged 15 y.; Samuel, his son, aged 13 y.; 
Nathaniel, his son, aged 5 y.; Increase, his son, aged 3 y.; 
Ebenezer, his son, aged 8 m.; Sarah, his daughter, aged 10 y.; 
Rachel, his dau., aged 7 y. 

1907.] New York Colonial Manuscripts. 22 1 

David Miller, Freeholder, aged 34 y.; Hannah, his wife, aged 
30 y.; Abraham, his son, aged 6 y.; Isaac, his son, aged 4 y.; 
Jacob, his son, aged 3 y.; Hannah, his dau., aged 8 y.; Susan- 
nah, his dau., aged 1 y. 
Jonathan Holms, Freeholder, aged 36 y.; Dorothy, his wife, aged 
29 y.; Jonathan, his son, aged 7 y.; Solomon, his son, aged 
4 y.; Dorothy, his dau., aged 8 y.; Mary, his dau.. aged 5 y.; 
Rachell, his dau., aged 2 y. 
Richard Waren, Freeholder, aged 38 y.; Lidiah, his wife, aged 
35 y.; Nehemiah, his son, aged 10 y.; Ephraim, his son, aged 
7 y.; Ezekiel, his son, aged 4 y.; Martha, his dau., aged 15 y.; 
Abigail, his dau., aged 1 y. 
Inhabitants of Westchester County, 1698: 

316 Men. 
294 Women. 
307 Children. 
146 Slaves. 

English MSS., Vol. LIV., Page 77. 

W. Chester, Oct. 10, 17 10. 

Men from 16 to 60 all except Dutch at Phillips burroughs, 
Cortland & Rikes Patten t. 

William Smith 38 Abraham Brown 50 

Richard Garretson 34 Daniel Hunt 32 

Henry (Mure)? 30 Benjamin Grant 38 

Samuel Hadley 28 Joseph Hunt Senr. 58 

Edward Hadden 46 Daniel Patrick 58 

Erasmus Alton 45 James ffeaks 50 

John Parker 40 Joseph Hunt, Jr. (3)8 

James Bird 30 John Manning 30 

Josiah Hunt 50 James Cromell (-)6 

Joseph Jennins 36 John Oakly 34 

Evert Byvanck 44 Joost Paldurgk (4)6 

John Cromwell 22 John Buggby 26 

Samuel Vaile 36 Edward Buggby 20 

Miles Oakley 36 Robert Thwaits 40 

Thomas fforce 40 David Huestis 26 

John Garretson 40 Jonathan fferres 23 

The totall number of men within ye burroughs of W^hester 
& Its districts from 16 years old to 60 are 100 Souls. 

English MSS., Vol. LIV, Page 77. 

Inhabitants of Eastchester, 1710: 

Scharff, History of Westchester Co. Vol. II., p. 745. 

153 Males 

136 Females 

61 Males, 16 to 60, as follows: 


Society Proceedings. 


Captain John Drake 
Michall Chadderton 
Joseph Thompkins 
Nathaniel Tompkins 
Joseph Drake, Sr. 
John Bloomer 
John Hyat 
Thomas Shute 
Jeremiah Fowler 
Isaac Lawrence, Sr. 
Isaac Lawrence, Jr. 
Roger Barton, Sen. 
Roger Barton, Jr. 
John Shute 
William Fowler 
William Pinkney 
Thomas Pinkney 
Edmond Ward 
Samuel Ferris 
Henry Fowler, Sr. 
William Fowler 
John Fowler 
Thomas Pinkney 
Isaac Oadele 
Mathias Valentine 
John Valentine 
Richard Osburn 
Thomas Astin 
Joseph Drake, Jr. 
Isaac Taylor, Sr. 


John Haddon, Sen. 



John Haddon, Jr. 


3 2 

John Lancaster 


3 2 

Joseph Taylor 



Moses Taylor 



John Taylor 



Joseph Gee 



Arthur Vaile 

l 9 


Richard Curry 



Robert Stivers 

J 9 


John Vaile 



William White 



Edward Fitzgiarralt 



Isaac Terhill 



John Thompkins, Jr. 



Lewis Guyon 



Jonathan Cadele 



Moses Hoit, Jr. 



Eliezer Hoyt 


5 2 

Edmond Thompkins 


2 3 

Abraham Hiatt 



Henry ffowler, Jr. 



John Ward 



John Lawrence 



Samuel Causten, Jr. 



Jeremiah Looper 



Thomas Chadderton 


j 6 

Edward Avry 



Benjamin Chipp 



Moses ffowler 


( To be continued.) 


Regular Meeting of the Society, March 8th, 1907. 

Vice-President Clarence Winthrop Bowen in the Chair. 

The Executive Committee report was read, announcing the election of the 
following: Mrs. Robert Abbe. Annual Member, 11 West 50th Street, City, pro- 
posed by Mrs. Horace See; Miss Azalea Clizbee, Annual Member, 515 West 
9th Street, City, proposed by Evelyn Briggs Baldwin; Henry Graves, Jr., 
Annual Member, Irvington-on-Hudson, N. Y., proposed by John R. Totten; 
Mrs. Benjamin Doughty Hicks, Annual Member, Old Westbury, Long Island, 
N. Y., proposed by Dr. Dwight; Charles Wolcott Stark, Annual Member, 15 
Cranberry Street, Brooklyn, N. Y., proposed by John R. Totten; Mrs. Van 
Campen Taylor, Annual Member, " Kelvedon," Duxbury, Mass., proposed by 
John R. Totten; Charles Griswold Thompson, Life Member, 17 West 36th Street, 
City, proposed by John R. Totten; Miss Virginia Moyland von Leuvenigh 
Whitfield, Annual Member, 112 West 74th Street, City, proposed by Hopper 

i9°7-j • Society Proceedings. 22% 

Striker Mott; Felix Moritz Warburg, Life Member, 52 William Street, City, 
proposed by John R. Totten. 

The following deaths are reported: 

Frank Sherman Benson, Annual Member, died February 28th, 1907, aged 
52 years; Van Campen Taylor, Annual Member, died at Duxbury, Mass., 
Sept. 8th, 1906. 

Gen. James Grant Wilson addressed the Society on " Columbus and Henry 

Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees, March 12th, 1907. 

President Dwight in the Chair. 

Present: Messrs. Mott, Gibson, Wright, Walker, Goodwin, Morrison, 
Totten, Field, Dwight and Drowne. Regrets from Vice-President Bowen. 

Capt. Totten, Librarian, reported that a very valuable donation had been 
received from Mr. Field, that the Society now had many desirable duplicates, 
and that some very desirable material had been lately acquired by purchase. 

By-Laws, Article VIII., Sec. 1, was amended making the Executive Com- 
mittee to consist of five members exclusive of the President and Treasurer 
ex-officio, and that three members be considered a quorum. 

Article XX., Sec. 2, was amended to read as follows: 

All sums received from Life Membership and Entrance Fees shall consti- 
tute a Reserve Fund, the income from which may be used for the support of 
The Record and the increase of the library. The principal of this fund shall 
not be used except by resolution of the Board of Trustees. Carried unani- 

Messrs. Field and Walker were elected members of the Executive Com- 

Regular Meeting of the Society, April 12th, 1907. 

Vice-President Clarence Winthrop Bowen presiding. 

The Executive Committee reported the election of the following: Frank 
Allaben, Annual Member, 3 West 42d Street, City, proposed by John R. Totten; 
Miss Thyrza Benson, Annual Member, 214 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, pro- 
posed by John R. Totten; Mrs. William L. Harkness, Life Member, 12 Broad- 
way, City, proposed by John R. Totten; Judge Job Elmer Hedges, Annual 
Member, 141 Broadway, City, proposed by John R. Totten; Rev. George Clarke 
Houghton, Annual Member, 1 East 29th Street, City, proposed by John R. 
R. Totten; F. Amos Johnson, Annual Member, 143 Liberty Street, City, pro- 
posed by Mrs. F. E. Youngs; W. Schuyler Smith, Annual Member, 70 West 
55th Street, City, proposed by George S. Goodrich; Miss Mabel Thacher Rose- 
mary Washburn, Annual Member, 47 West 16th Street, City, proposed by John 
R. Totten; Louis Benjamin Wilson, Annual Member, 146 Broadway, City, pro- 
posed by Henry Russell Drowne. 

The following deaths were reported since the March meeting: 

Gen. Frank Morgan Freeman, March 28th, 1907; James Henry Smith, 
March 27th, 1907, and that of Mrs. David Parsons Holton, a former mem- 
ber, was announced, she having died at Westfield, Mass., April 1st, 1907. 

Prof. Albert Bushnell Hart, of Harvard University; also President of the 
American Historical Association, and now engaged in editing an elaborate 
history of the United States, addressed the Society on " New Light on the 
Treason of Benedict Arnold." 

Regular Meeting of the Society, May ioth, 1907. 

President Dwight in the Chair. 

On behalf of Executive Committee the Chairman made the following 

Miss Aida Rodman De Milt, Annual Member, 54 East 68th Street, City, 
proposed by Mrs. F. E. Youngs; Mrs. George Walker Jenkins, Annual Mem- 
ber, 37 Madison Avenue, City, proposed by John R. Totten; Chester Garst 
Mayo, Annual Member, Navy Yard, Brooklyn, N. Y., proposed by Mrs. F. E. 
Youngs; Edwin Henry Thatcher, Annual Member, 590 Flatbush Avenue, 

2 24 Obituary. [July, 

Brooklyn, M. Y., proposed by William Austin Macy, M. D.; Mrs. Alexander 
T. Van Nest, Annual Member, 31 West 37th Street, City, proposed by Thomas 
T. Sherman; Mrs. William B. Wood, Annual Member, 33 West 47th Street, 
City, proposed by Mrs. F. E. Youngs. 

The following death was reported since the last meeting of the Society: 

David Wilcox died at sea April 24th, 1907. 

President Dwight then introduced the speaker of the evening, the Hon. 
Asa Bird Gardiner, who addressed the Society on " Remarkable Providences 
in the Cause of American Independence during the War of the Revolution." 

At the close of the lecture a unanimous vote of thanks was passed to Col. 

Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees, May 14TH, 1907. 

President Dwight in the Chair. 

Present: Messers. Eliot, Gibson, Wright, Morrison, Mott, Dwight and 

Treasurer reported Permanent Fund, $250.00; Reserve Fund, $293.11; 
Building Fund, $1,750.00; General Fund, $1,626.56. Total, $3,919.67. 

Mr. Wright, on behalf of the Publication Committee, spoke as to advis- 
ability and necessity of increasing the Committee so as to better cover the 
work that had to be cared for, and proposed that Article 8, Section 1, of the 
By-Laws be amended so that the paragraph would read that the Publication 
Committee should consist of not to exceed seven members. Carried. 

Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees, June 5th, 1907. 

President Dwight in the Chair. 

Present: Messrs. Walker, Gibson, Field, Pierson, Wright, Wilson, Totten, 
Mott, Eliot, Dwight and Drowne. 

Regrets received from James J. Goodwin. 

A letter was read from William Gordon Ver Planck tendering his resig- 
nation as a Trustee, on motion same was accepted with regret. 

Capt. Totten nominated Warner Van Norden, who on motion was unan- 
imously elected to fill the vacancy caused by resignation of Mr. Ver Planck. 
The Treasurer reported funds as follows: 

Permanent Fund, $ 250.00 

Reserve Fund 323.1 1 

General Fund, 1,026.34 

Total $1,599.45 

On motion the meeting was adjourned on call of the President. 

Henry Russell Drowne, Secretary. 


Rhoades, S. C. Lyman, banker, died at Camden, South Carolina, March 6, 
1907, aged 58 years. He was elected an Annual Member of this Society 
March 27, 1878, resigned Feb. 24, 1882; reelected March 10, 1893, resigned 
Oct. 12, 1897. Lyman Rhoades was born in Catskill, N. Y., and was the son of 
Lyman Rhoades, senior, member of the Pearl Street dry goods firm of Rhoades, 
Weed & Co., and a brother of John Harsen Rhoades, the banker, who died 
Dec. 6, 1906, and a grandson of Cornelius Harsen of Harsenville, a section of 
Bloomingdale, a colonel in the War of 1812, who was in charge of the islands 
in New York harbor. Mr. Rhoades was of Welsh extraction and was born 
Oct. 6, 1847, at Catskill, N. Y., where his parents were sojourning. He in- 
herited land at Harsenville, the center of which was 72d Street and Broadway, 
which has become a valuable and conspicuous portion of the metropolis. He 
married Ian. 15, 1880, Elizabeth, daughter of Stephen Payne Nash, the noted 

i9°7-] Obituary. 2 25 

lawyer; her mother being Catharine McLean, daughter of John McLean, of 
Salem, N. Y. He left him surviving Lyman, Jr., Assistant Secretary of the 
Equitable Trust Co., Katherine, and Stephen Payne Rhoades. Mr. Rhoades 
was President of the Mercantile Sate Deposit Co., and of the Mercantile 
Electric Co., and Trustee of the American Deposit and Loan Co., the Home for 
Old Men and Aged Couples, and the Society for the Relief of the Destitute 
Blind. He was a member of the Lawyers', Richmond Golf, Stockbridge (Mass.) 
Golf, and Barnard Clubs, the N. Y. Historical Society, the St. Nicholas Society, 
the Sons of the Revolution, the Society of Colonial Wars, and the Society of 
the War of 1812. He was deeply interested in historical and genealogical 
research, and was largely connected with the Bloomingdale district of this 
city through the Dikemans, Cozines, Hoppers and Harsens, all of whom owned 
large farms there in early times. As president, for twenty-five years, of the 
Safe Deposit Co., he presided over the affairs of the company with such con- 
summate ability as to make him the recognized head of the safe deposit 
business of this country. As a member in either business or charitable society 
Boards of Management, by his strict sense of justice, his genial and pleasant 
manner and good judgment, he endeared himself to all with whom he came in 

Taylor, Benjamin Van Campen, of New York and Duxbury, Mass., 
an Annual Member of this Society since Dec. 8, 1899, died Sept., 8, 1906.' 
Mr. Taylor was born in Jersey City, N. J., Nov. 15, 1846. He was the son of 
the Rev. William James Romeyn Taylor, D. D., and Katherine Rappalye 
Cowenhoven, daughter of Nicholas R. Cowenhoven and Anna Rappalye of 
New Brunswick, N. J., formerly of Long Island. 

His grandfather, Benjamin C. Taylor, D.D., was for more than fifty years 
pastor of the Reformed Dutch Church, Bergen, N. J., and author of " Annals 
of the Classis and Township of Bergen." One brother, Isaac E. Taylor, M. D., 
was for many years at the head of Bellevue Hospital. Another brother, Othniel' 
Taylor, M.D., was a leading physician of Camden, N.J. A sister, Martha, 
married into the family of "Citizen" Genet. Their father and mother were 
married in England. His ancestry along other lines is Dutch. Benjamin C. 
Taylor married Anna Romeyn, daughter of Rev. James Van Campen Romeyn, 
son of Rev. Thomas Romeyn. The Romeyn family have been prominent in 
the ministry and at the Bar. Mr. Taylor has three brothers who are still in 
the ministry, the fifth generation of ministers. Benjamin C. Taylor and his son, 
W. J. R. Taylor, served long terms as Trustees of Rutgers College. The 
Romeyns are connected with the Zabriskies of New York, and by marriage, 
with John A. C. Gray, formerly of 709 Fifth Avenue. 

Mr. Taylor's boyhood was passed in Jersey City, Schenectady and Phila- 
delphia, where his father served successively as pastor of Reformed (Dutch) 
Churches. In 1862 his father became Corresponding Secretary of the American 
Bible Society and the family moved to New Brunswick, New Jersey. Here the 
subject of this sketch attended the Grammer School, entered Rutgers College 
in 1863, and was graduated in 1867. After his graduation Mr. Taylor studied 
architecture with Renwick and Sands and John B. Snook in New York City, 
and subsequently practiced his profession in Newark, N. J., where his father 
was for twenty years pastor of the Clinton Avenue Reformed Church. Among 
the more prominent buildings erected from his designs were the Newark Free 
Library and Winants Hall, the large dormitory on the campus of his Alma Mater. 

Mr. Taylor was widely known and popular in Newark society, and was 
held in friendly esteem by men of all classes. He was a member of the Essex 
Club, Newark, and later of the Crescent Athletic Club, Brooklyn. 

On April 22, 1897, he married Miss Anna Buckham Wright, daughter of 
George Wellman Wright and Georgianna Buckham of Duxbury, Mass. The 
wedding took place in Boston. During the later years of his life Mr. Taylor 
was not in good health, and with his wife, spent much time abroad. 

Van Campen Taylor was a man of the artistic temperament, resisting in 
in his work and in his point of view every encroachment of commercialism. 
Quick in his discernment of aesthetic possibilities, he nevertheless planned in 
a large way for domestic comfort and business convenience. He was obser- 


2 26 Obituary. [July, 

vant, critical, ready to question accepted ways of doing things, and both 
foresaw and anticipated in his practice important changes in method and in 

He was a gentleman in every instinct, frankly aristocratic in sentiment, 
but always persona grata among the roughest men with whom his profession 
brought him into contact — and this without any lapse on his part into familiarity. 
His manner was never quite that of unreserved familiarity with any one, 
though in a fine way free and friendly. 

In his own home and among his relatives and friends Mr. Taylor was 
known as a man who lived the heart-life in all sincerity. There was a zest and 
enthusiasm in his devotion to the happiness of others which was entirely self- 
forgetful. He had a strong family feeling, and maintained perhaps more 
widely than any other member of the affiliated families his interest in and his 
acquaintance with his kindred. 

Wilcox, David, lawyer, a member of this Society since 1899, died at sea 
April 24, 1907. He was born in Flatbush, L. I., in 1850, and was the son of 
Albert O. and Ann Elizabeth Wilcox. He graduated from Yale in 1872 and 
was valedictorian of his class. He studied law at Columbia apd began the 
practice of law in 1874. He was for several years the legal advisor of the 
Delaware & Hudson R. R. and Canal Co., and afterwards its president. 

His legal acumen made him the leader of the hard coal road presidents in 
all their struggles with the striking anthracite coal miners, and he was tacitly 
understood to be the mouthpiece of all the anthracite roads. His appeal to 
the President in 1902 that the coal strike was a conspiracy to hamper interstate 
commerce, brought to the front for the first time the application of the Sherman 
Anti-Trust Law to jthe situation, and his letter to John Mitchell setting forth the 
position of the employers was so clear and forceful that the labor men backed 
down for lack of public support. 

Mr. Wilcox was also a director of the Union Pacific and Southern Pacific 
R. R., and a member of many clubs, including the Metropolitan, University, 
Century, Union League, New York Yacht and Tuxedo. His estate was left to 
his four nieces, Mary A. Duer, Elizabeth Stewart Hamilton, Elise S. Kinkead, 
and Edith B. H. Kinkead. W. G. Wilcox, a cousin is professor in Cornell 

Kissam, Benjamin Adrian, died suddenly in Elizabeth, N. J., near his 
late home 66 Cherry Street, on Monday afternoon, June 3, 1907. He was born 
at 1 1 Walker Street, New York City, Feb. 26, 1836, and was the son of the late 
Dr. James Brooks Kissam and the late Mary Margaret Butler of New York City. 

Mr. Kissam was a descendant of the old New York City family of Kissam, 
the American progenitor of which was John Kissam, Sr., a Puritan, whose 
family lived at Flushing, L. I., in 1645. Mr. Kissam's entire life with the 
exception of the last few years, was spent fti New York City, where he was 
engaged in business. He was identified with the Protestant Episcopal Church 
and took an active part in the affairs of some of its philanthropic and religious 
activities. He was a man who never courted publicity, but having clear views 
of great breadth on all subjects and an unusual executive ability, he was looked 
up to and much called upon for advice and service by his intimates and 
associates. Of great culture, courteus address, polished manner and genial 
personality, he moved quietly through life, esteemed by his friends, beloved 
by his family, leaving the memory of an upright life and a helpful life, as his 
ancestors had done before him. 

Mr. Kissam was married Feb. 11, 1857, to Sara A. Snyder, daughter of the 
late Col. Henry D. H. Snyder and the late Ann Beers at her father's home in 
Woodland, Ulster Co., N. Y. Col. Snyder was a descendant of the Palatinate 
Wilhelm Schneider of East Camp, N. Y., 1710. Mr. Kissam's wife died at 
Elizabeth, N. J., Sept. 14, 1906. Six children survive, viz.: Ella K. Kitching, 
Elizabeth, N. J.; Albert Ward Kissam, East Orange, N. J.; Henry Snyder 
Kissam, New York City; Delia K. Johnson, Cynwyd, Pa.; James Benjamin 
Kissam, New York City; and Charlotte K. Ward, London, England. 

igo7-] Queries, Book Notices. 2 2 "J 


Cornell.— Isaac Johnson of Jerusalem (town of Hempstead), will dated 
Dec. 4, 1750, leaves to his wife Mary all the goods and chattels he had of her 
father Thomas Cornell. Wanted, ancestry of this Thomas Cornell. 

rev. john CORNELL, Waldorf- Astoria. 

Information is wanted of the following families: 

Young. — James Young who d. at North Castle, Westchester Co., N. Y., in 
1798. He m. Jemima Williams. Can anyone supply the date of this marriage 
and her parentage? Was she the dau. of Samuel Williams and Jemima Fowler? 

Mason. — Charles Mason b. in 1769; m. Rebecca Nichols. She was b. May 
10, 1777, at Bedford, Westchester Co., N. Y., and was the dau. of John Nichols 
and Ann Fish. Information is wanted of this John Nichols and his wife, also 
date of marriage of Charles Mason and Rebecca Nichols. 

Sneden. — Elizabeth Sneden m. John Fowler of East Chester, N. Y., who 
d. in 1768. Who were her parents? 

mrs. de lancey Nicoll, 23 East 39th St., New York City. 


Albany Chronicles. A History of the City Arranged Chronologically 
From the Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. Compiled by Cuyler 
Reynolds. Albany. J. B. Lyon Company, Printers. 1906. 8vo, half Morocco, 
pp. xxiv+815. Profusely Illustrated. 

This work, in its thoroughness, care for detail and interesting arrangement, 
is the most valuable recent contribution to the general history of Albany. Mr. 
Reynolds has arranged his facts chronologically under each Mayor's admini- 
stration, prefacing each section with a brief tabular biography of the Mayor 
for that period, which in many cases is accompanied by a portrait of His 
Honor. The compiler has not confined himself to a mere outline of events, 
but has given many illuminative details relating to the persons and places 
mentioned, and in the case of important incidents has made his account both 
full and interesting. The book is very completely illustrated with many 
historical pictures, and reproductions of the Robert C. Pruyn collection of 
Mayors of Albany. No one interested in Albany or early New York State 
history can afford to do without this valuable work. 

The History of the Brigham Family. A Record of Several 
Thousand Descendants of Thomas Brigham, the Emigrant, 1603-1653. W. I. 
Tyler Brigham. Collated and edited by Emma E. Brigham. William E. 
Brigham, Associate Editor. New York. The Grafton Press. 1907. 8vo, 
cloth, pp. 636. Price, $10.00. 

The English origin of Thomas Brigham has yet to be discovered, but the 
result of Mr. W. I. T. Brigham's researches has been printed with this genealogy 
as a guide for future effort. The work is divided into six sections, namely: 
History, Genealogy, Appendix, Addenda, Owner's Lineage and Index. It 
would have been quite as useful and perhaps better, from a searcher's stand- 
point, to have placed the history with the appendix in the second part of the 
book, beginning the volume with the very full and valuable data concerning 
the Emigrant. In grouping the children of Brigham daughters, the compiler 
has been careful to head the list with the family name, and in the case of son's 
children to specify by which wife they were borne. Daughters' grandchildren 
are printed in italics. The volume is exceedingly attractive in its make-up. 
Good judgment has been shown in the arrangement and printing of the records, 
and in many cases attention is called to Colonial Wars service. The appendix 
contains, with other interesting matter, the military records of the Brigham 
family. A separate sheet for additions and corrections to be sent to the editor 
is enclosed with the volume, and there are 67 pages of indexes and many 
excellent illustrations. 

2 28 Book Notices. [July, 

A Guide to Massachusetts Local History. Being a bibliographic 
index to the literature of the towns, cities and counties of the State, including 
books, pamphlets, articles in periodicals and collected works, books in prepar- 
ation, historical manuscripts, newspaper clippings, etc. Compiled by Charles 
A. Flagg, Library of Congress, Washington, D. C. Salem. The Salem Press 
Company. 1907. 8vo, cloth, pp. ix-f-256. Price, $6.00. 

The sub-title amply describes the plan and scope of this invaluable work, 
but only the practical searcher can realize what a boon the book is. The work 
is arranged by counties, under which the towns are placed in alphabetical 
order. Each county is preceded by a township map, and a brief topographical 
history, under which are placed the general works relating to its history. Each 
town also has a short account of its formation and setting off, and a practical 
index to the towns and counties adds further to one's comfort and convenience. 
One hates to make any criticism of a work so nearly perfect, but in a second 
edition, a better label on the back of the book will add not only to its usefulness, 
but also to its appearance. Excellent taste has been shown in the selection 
and printing of material, and one feels deeply grateful to Mr. Flagg for his 
very helpful production. 

The St. John Genealogy. Descendants of Matthias St. John of Dor- 
chester, Mass., 1634, of Windsor, Conn., 1640, of Wethersfield, Conn., 1643-1645, 
and Norwalk, Conn., 1650. Orline St. John Alexander. New York. The 
Grafton Press. 1907. 8vo, cloth, pp. xv-f-624. Price, $9.00. 

This is one of the representative families of Norwalk, which has been 
active in all her history. In the genealogy before us, the daughters are not 
placed as heads of families, their marriages and children being given under 
their father's section. This arrangement seems a most sensible one, in that it 
preserves the dominant place of the family name. Index references are to 
personal number. In accordance with the best present usage, authorities for 
important statements are freely given, especially in the earlier generations. 
Paper and makeup are good, and as with all genealogical publications of the 
Grafton Press, a blank is bound in for the owner's lineage. In its general 
appearance and arrangement it is one of the best genealogical books of the 

The Jones Family of Long Island. Descendants of Major Thomas 
Jones (1665-1726) and Allied Families. John H. Jones. New York. Tobias A. 
Wright. 1907. 8vo, cloth, pp. 435. 

This volume opens with a most thorough and interesting account of Major 
Thomas Jones, the ancestor, setting forth the contemporaneous documents 
which give color to the belief that he was a pirate, as well as others to show 
that he was really a privateer. He was an important man in his day, and his 
descendants have always been prominent on Long Island. A perusal of the 
names of allied families, of whom an excellent account is given here, will show 
the race to have been connected with most of the old Long Island families. 
Among the best known names are Willett, Washburne, Van Wyck, Wood, 
Weekes, Underbill, Remsen, "Tangier" Smith, Kissam, Cornell, Valentine, 
Thorne, Lawrence, Youngs, Gardiner, Woodhull, Hallett, Skidmore, and others 
too numerous to mention. There is a particularly full account of the Mott 
family. The book is well printed and indexed; has a number of excellent 

The Varnums of Dracutt (in Massachusetts). A History of George 
Varnum, his son Samuel who came to Ipswich about 1635, and grandsons 
Thomas, John and Joseph, who settled in Dracutt, and Their Descendants. 
John Marshall Varnum. Boston. David Clapp & Son. 1907. 8vo, cloth, 
pp. vi+308. 

This is the family of which the late General James Mitchell Varnum was 
so distinguished a member. No attempt is made to show a British pedigree, 
although the family tradition that they originated in " Drawcutt (supposed to be 
in Wales)" is cited. The book begins with the accurate and interesting history 
of the family, written by Squire Parker Varcum in 1818 when he was 71 years 

1907O Book Notices. 229 

of age. Indeed the whole compilation is more of a family history than a 
genealogy. The biographical matter is by different hands, and is illustrated 
by silhouette and still-life pictures. Some of the more important members of 
the family were Hon. Joseph Bradley Varnum, U. S. Senator and speaker of 
Congress, Joseph Bradley Varnum, merchant and railroad financier, Major- 
General James Mitchell Varnum, member Continental Congress, Judge Sup- 
reme Court N. W. Territory, and others, including General James Mitchell 
Varnum, a member of this Society, who filled many important offices, besides 
being Vice-President of the Rhode Island Society of the Cincinnati, Governor 
of the Society of Colonial Wars in the State of New York, and a Chevalier of 
the Legion of Honor of France. 

Early Days in Detroit. General Friend Palmer. Detroit. Published 
by Hunt & June. 1906. 8vo, cloth, pp. 1032. Price. $5.00. 

In May, 1827, General Palmer arrived in Detroit with his mother and two 
sisters. He died there on October 9th. igo6. It will therefore be seen that 
his reminiscences, covering a period of so many years, will be of the greatest 
local value. His accounts of Detroit merchants of long ago, of the old hotels, 
express days, belles and beaux of by-gone days, the first theatres in Detroit, 
and other old-time matters, well repay perusal. A number of personal and 
family sketches will be found very helpful to the genealogist. The book is 
well printed, bound and indexed, and will be found indispensable to the 
student of Michigan history. 

Suffolk Manorial Families, Vol. II, Part 9. Being the County 
Visitations and Other Pedigrees. Joseph James Muskett. Privately Printed. 
Exeter. William Pollard & Co., Ltd. 1907. Folio, pamphlet, pp. 321-360. 
Price, $s. 

This number deals with Beaumont of Bildeston, Stubbing of Naughton, 
with a Royal Descent, and Collett of Westerfield, showing their armorial 
bearings, pedigrees and wills, all in the usual admirable manner of this 

The Church at Harsenville, Commonly Known as Bloomingdale 
Reformed Church. Hopper Striker Mott. Price, $10.00. 

This work, now in preparation, is divided into chapters with these titles, 
viz.: I, Bloomingdale; II, Bloomingdale Militant; III, Harsenville; IV, The 
First Consistory; V, The Church at Harsenville; VI, Among Old-Time 
Communicants; VII, Reminiscences. An appendix and vital Records, which 
concern many well-known families, will end the work, which will be profusely 
illustrated with portraits, old homesteads and maps locating the general 
topographical features. The broadest kind of an historical and genealogical 
background has been taken. Some well-known names treated herein are: 
Apthorp, Broome, Cozine, Dana, deLancey, Emmons, Gracie, Hoffman, Hopper, 
Horn, Jumel, Leggett, Mandeville, Mott, Oakley, Rhinelander, Striker and 
Varian. The work will be ready in the Fall. 

Genealogy of the Stimpson Family of Charlestown, Mass., and 
Allied Lines. Charles Collyer Whittier. Boston. David Clapp & Son. 
1907. 8vo, cloth, pp. 206. 

The name Stimpson is a corruption of Steavenson or Stevenson, Andrew, 
the progenitor, having used both the latter spellings. The family remained at 
Charlestown for several generations, where they were respected citizens. 
This genealogy carries the daughters' lines through several generations, and, 
where it does not make the book too bulky, this is a very desirable thing to do, 
for, though the name is lost, the blood remains, and daughters' children have 
the same descent as those of sons. The book is fully illustrated with portraits, 
and there are 20 pages of index. 

First Record Book of the Society of the Daughters of Holland 
Dames. Compiled by Mariana Velasquez, Registrar, and Mrs. Levi Holbrook, 
Secretary. New York. The Grafton Press. 1907. 8vo, cloth, pp. 129. 
Price, $3.00. 


23O Book Notices. [July, 

So far as can be ascertained, this is the first year-book of a patriotic society 
in which exclusively Dutch pedigrees are set forth. The requirements of this 
Society being that the propositus must have been a Hollander, born in Holland, 
who was at least a freeholder in America before 1700, not only limits the 
membership, but also prevents mention of many Dutch families, afterwards 
prominent, whose ancestor came too late, or died too soon after arrival to make 
his mark in the community. In spite of these difficulties, some 260 ancestors 
are represented, many of them with distinguished service. The Society, 
organized and incorporated in 1895, has over one hundred members and is 
growing. The present book reflects the greatest credit upon its compilers. 
It is printed on good paper, is attractively bound in buff and blue, with gold 
lettering, and has indices to members and ancestors. 

Balch Genealogica. Thomas Willing Balch. Philadelphia. Allen, 
Lane and Scott. 1007. Quarto, cloth, pp. x+410. 

It has not been the compiler's aim, in this handsome volume, to write a 
complete genealogy, but to publish all the information at present available of 
the family in England, and of the descendants of John Balch of Maryland. 
The first 85 pages are therefore devoted to the English records, the next 8 to 
John Balch of Massachusetts, and the remainder of the book to John Balch of 
Maryland, and his descendants. The book is really a collection of family 
papers, letters, sermons, and other biographical data, and is most beautifully 
illustrated. The result of Mr. Balch's labors is a very fine and dignified work. 

Martha's Vineyard. A History of the Island and Its People; Com- 
prising the annals of Edgartown, Tisbury, Chilmark, Cottage City, Bay Head, 
West Tisbury and Gosnold, constituting the county of Dukes County, Massa- 
chusetts. Charles Edward Banks, Surgeon, U. S. Marine Hospital Service. 
Boston. Printed for the author by George H. Dean. 1907. 2 vols. 

This long-expected work is about to appear, and will be eagerly welcomed 
by a large number of persons, as it is the first history of Dukes County or the 
six towns embraced within it. Dr. Banks has been collecting material at 
home and abroad for the last fifteen years, and a great number of hitherto 
unknown facts will appear in the publication. While the historical part of the 
book will be most thorough, there will be an extensive genealogical part. A 
number of New York families, including the Ogdens, are descended from 
Island families. Some of the prominent names treated genealogically are, 
Adams, Allen, Bassett, Cathcart, Coffin, Dunham, Lambert, Smith, Waldron 
and Worth, Codman and Tabor. The price of the volumes at present is $6.00. 
Later it will be raised to $10.00. 

Youngs Family. A History and Genealogy. Selah Youngs, Jr., N. Y. 
Produce Exchange. New York. Privately Printed. 1907. Quarto, half- 
morocco, pp. 377. Price, $10.00. 

The eastern end of Long Island has given us much in the way of genealogy 
and history, but no volume concerning this locality has yet been issued to 
compare in dignity and value with this one. The Youngs family has the 
advantage of knowing with certainty one English ancestor back of the 
emigrant, and even if proof cannot at present go back of Rev. Christopher 
Yonges, Vicar of Reydon, he makes a most desirable founder of the race. A 
full account of him, with a facsimile of his signature, will be found in the book. 
Rev. John Yonges was one of the emigrants, the first minister of the town of 
Southold, and the ruling influence there. His son, Col. John Youngs, was one 
of the most prominent and distinguished of early Long Island men, having 
served as Colonel, Assistant in Connecticut, Boundary Commissioner, High 
Sheriff of the East Riding of Yorkshire, and, for a number of years, member 
of the Governor's Council of New York. Captain Joseph Youngs, son of Rev. 
Christopher, also emigrated to Southold, and the Oyster Bay Youngs family 
comes from him. The book has been printed with great discrimination and 
excellent taste. Mr. Youngs endeavored not so much to introduce new ideas 
in printing, as to learn the best modern methods, and to this detail work he 
gave long and careful thought. It is this which has made the printed work so 
valuable. Some of the prominent Long Island names mentioned are, Albert- 

I90 7.] Book Notices. 23 1 

son, Baker, Beebe, Booth, Case, Conkling, Gardiner, Griffin, Hallock Halsey, 
Howell King, Landon, L'Hommedieu, Moore, Parshall, Payne, Petty, Kackett, 
Salmon, Skidmore, Tuthill, Underhill, Vail, Woodhull and Yelverton. Ex- 
cellent paper has been used, there are many illustrations, and there is a tine 

Joutel's Journal ok La Salle's Last Voyage, 1684-7. New Edition 
with Historical and Biographical Introduction, Annotations and Index, by 
Henry Reed Stiles, A.M., M.D., to which is Added a Bibliography of the 
Discovery of the Mississippi, by Appleton C. Griffin, of the Library of Congress. 
Albany. Joseph McDonough. 1906. 8vo, Boards, pp. 258. 

La Salle's voyages read like some old romance, full of color and courage 
and adventure- and this new edition, with its valuable footnotes, its very useful 
historical introduction, outlining all La Salle's voyages, and its Bibliography, 
maybe regarded as the final word on this interesting subject. Henri Joutel, 
who accompanied the final expedition, and who wrote this present Journal, has 
a quaint and picturesque style and will repay reading. Print and paper are 
good, and so is the index; and a fine heliotype reproduction of Gudebrod s 
statue of La Salle, and a reproduction in facsimile of Joutel's map, originally 
published in the Paris edition of 1713, illustrate the work. 

The Emmons Family Genealogy. A Record of the Emigrant Thomas 
Emmons of Newport, Rhode Island, with Many of His Descendants, from 
1639 to 1905. Edward Neville Emmons. Syracuse. Lyman Bros., Printers. 
1905. 6vo, cloth, pp. x+222+lv. 

The introduction to this genealogy treats of various Emmons emigrants, 
preceded by an explanation of the arrangement of the book. The compiler 
indulges in no speculations as to the English origin of the ancestor, who hrst 
sat down in Newport, but soon removed to Boston, where he remained. I he 
descendants of daughters are carried out in regular numerical order for about 
two generations. One unusual feature of the arrangement is the statement, 
after each head of a family of his relationship to the family just above him on 
the page. The index gives generation and personal numbers of an individual, 
and other identifying marks are used. 

A Genealogical Record of One Branch of the Heath, Clark 
and Cone Families. Dewitt Stilwell. Syracuse. E. M. Grover, Printer. 
1905. 8vo, cloth, pp. 40. 

The compiler has herein set forth the descendants in brief of three of his 
ancestors, William Heath of Roxbury, Mass., in 1632, John Clark whose 
residence is not given, and Daniel Cone, of Haddam, Conn., about 1662. lhe 
book is well printed and indexed. 

Peter Chabot and His Descendants. Frank H. Titus, M.S., M.D. 
Portsmouth, Ohio. 1906. 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 24. 

Peter Chabot was born in France in 1767, and was one of the first settlers 
of Scioto County, Ohio. An interesting account of him will be found in the 
second part of the pamphlet, as well as biographical notes of others of his 
family. The first part of the little brochure is strictly genealogical. In this 
system of notation, the first figure of the enumeration of each descendant gives 
the number of the generation after the founder of the line; the second number 
locates the individual in that generation. 

A History of the Hinmans. Containing also an Abbreviated Record 
of the Kindred Families, Showing their Relationship to Hinmans Dr. A. V. 
Hinman. Youngstown. The Vindicator Press. 1907. 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 75. 

These are descendants of Sergt. Edward Hinman, "the first and only 
emigrant of the name found in America," but the compiler has developed only 
his own line, although he has given some vital statistics concerning collatera 
relatives. Some of the kindred families noted are, Shaw. Tilley, Howland 
Crocker, Swift, Gibbs, Skinner, Waring, Winchell, Richards, Oviatt and 

2 22 Accessions to the Library. [July. 

The Barnes Family of Easthampton, Long Island. Richard Wyn- 
koop. New York. Tobias A. Wright. 1906. 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 25. 

This is a reprint from the Record for 1906, is fully referenced by foot- 
notes, and well indexed. 

Old Dorchester Burying Ground. A Paper Read Before the Dor- 
chester Historical Society, Nov. 22, 1901, by John A. Fowle. Second Edition. 
Dorchester. Published by the Society. 1907. 12D, pamphlet, pp. 22, illustrated. 

In this very interesting paper will be found, in small compass, all that one 
would most like to know about the old Dorchester burying ground, well told, 
and enlivened with illustrations. 

The White Family. H. K. White. Detroit. Privately printed. 1906. 
Quarto, pamphlet, pp. 35. 

These are the Whites of Lynn, Mass., and Southampton and Huntington, 
Long Island, and the pamphlet exhibits the records of descendants without 
biographical matter. Abstracts from Stamford deeds, and other miscellaneous 
data occupy the prefaces of which there are two, and the pamphlet will make 
an excellent foundation for some future family historian. 


March 6 to June II, IQ07. 



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236 Books for Sale or Exchange. [July. 

Books for Sale or Exchange 

226 West 58TH Street, New York City 


Calendar of New York Historical Manuscripts. — Dutch, 1630- 

1664, and English, 1664-1776 — 2 vols., folio, cloth. each $ 4.00 
Suffolk Surnames. — Bowditch — 8vo, cloth, pp. 757. Library stamp. 3.00 
Prominent Families of New York. — Quarto, leather, pp. 640. As new. 10.00 
Essex, Mass., History of. — Crowell — 8vo, cloth, pp. 487. Library- 
stamp. 5.00 
Calverly Parish Church Registers. — Yorkshire, England. — Vol. 

II. 12D, cloth, pp. 254. 2.00 

Wentworth Genealogy. — 3 vols. New. 15.00 

Andrews Genealogy. — Andrews — 8vo, cloth, pp. 234. 3.00 
Annual Report State Historian, New York. — 1897, Vol. II — pp. 

1 1 58. 3.00 

Sutton Family of New Jersey. — Sutton — 1900— 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 47. 1.00 
Columbia College General Catalogue, 1754-1894. — 8vo, cloth, 

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Candia, N. H., History of. — Moore — 1893— 8vo, cloth, pp. 528. 3.00 

Lancaster Family. — Lancaster — 1902 — 8vo, cloth, pp. 304. 5.00 

Handbook of Genealogy. — Stiles — 1899 — 8vo, cloth, pp.55. 1.00 

Theodore Gay. — Memoir — 8vo, pamphlet. .50 

Corwin Genealogy. — Corwin — 1872 — 8vo, cloth, pp. 283. As new. 3.00 

Plymouth, Pa., Historic Sketches. — Wright — 12D, cloth, pp. 419. 3.00 

Clark Genealogy. — Clark — 1892 — 8vo, cloth, pp. 182. Library stamp. 2.00 
North and South Hempstead Town Records. — Vols. I, II. — 8vo, 

cloth. As new. each 2.00 
Quaker Hill Local History Series. — IX — Albert J. Akin — Wil- 
son — 1903 — 12D, pamphlet, pp. 35. Portrait. New. .25 

X. Ancient Homes and Early Days of Quaker Hill. — Stearns — 

1903 — 12D, pamphlet, pp. 44. Illustrations and map. New. .25 

XI. Thomas Taber and Edward Shove. A reminiscence — Shove — 

1903 — 12D, pamphlet, pp. 34. New. .25 
Hampstead, N. H., Memorial History of. — Noyes — Vol. II — 8vo, 

cloth, pp. 832. New. Genealogies. 5.00 

Newtown, Long Island, Riker's Annals of. — 8vo, cloth, pp. 437. 10.00 
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stamp. 2.00 
Concerning Genealogies. — Allaben — 12D, cloth, pp. 71. 1.00 
Journal of Congress. — Vol. II — 1776 — Cover gone. Complete. Lib- 
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Hadley, Mass. — Judd— 2nd edition — 1905 — 8vo, cloth, pp. 709. New. 5.00 
Plymouth, Mass. — Bradford's History of " Plimouth Plantation" — 

1901 — 8vo, cloth, pp. 628. New. 5.00 

Ancestor, The. — Nos. I, II, III. New. In boxes. each 1.50 
Holme's Letter of Directions to His Father's Birthplace. — 

Genealogy — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 76. 2.00 

Successful American. — August, 1901. .25 

Genealogical Quarterly. — October, 1904. .25 

John Hall of Wallingford. — Genealogy — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 61. 1.00 

IQ07.] Books for Sale or Exchange. 237 

Stiles Family —Index to Stiles Genealogies— Guild— 1892— 8vo, pamph- 

let. pp. 35. Scarce.' New. » I -°° 

Munsell Family —Biographical sketch of Joel Munsell, and family 

genealogy— Munsell— 1880— Portrait— 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 16. -5° 

Newburgh Historical Papers.— Nos. I, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII— Full 

of genealogical information. each .75 

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20. Good order. "5° 

Emmet, Dr. Thomas Addis.— Reminiscences— 12D, pamphlet, pp. 24. .50 
American Portrait Gallery.— Part 54. -5° 

Bicknell Family.— Bicknell— 1880— 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 48; contains 

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New. 5.oo 

Sons of the American Revolution.— Empire State Society, Register 

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More Family.— Historical Journal— Vol. I, No. 1. .25 

Schuyler County, Penn., History of.— 1881— Folio, cloth, pp. 450. 4.00 
Kappa Sigma Fraternity.— Address Book, 1869-1906, i6mo, pamph- 
let, pp. 256. l -°° 
Pennsylvania Society of New York.— First Annual Festival, 1899, 

and Year Book, 1901— 8vo, cloth. each .50 

Acadiensis. — October, 1902. - 2 S 

Hills Family— Hills— 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 148. New. 1.00 

King Family of Suffield— Cleveland— 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 7. .50 

Brookes' General Gazetteer.— 1876— 8vo, cloth, pp. 961, Good 

order. l '°° 

Christmas Reminder.— Names of Prison Ship Prisoners during the 

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Morristown, N. J.— First Presbyterian Church History with Church 

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American Geographical and Statistical Society.— Proceedings- 
Odd Nos. each -5° 
Stiles Family.— Stiles— 1863— Square octavo, pamphlet, pp. 48. Auto- 
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Springfield Memories.— Green— 1876— 8vo, cloth, pp. no. Perfect 

condition. Library stamp. I -°° 

Psi Upsilon Fraternity.— Catalogue— 1888— Quarto, cloth, pp. 1037. 3.00 
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Scotch-Irish in America.— First and Second Congresses— 8vo, cloth, 

2 vols. each uo ° 

Caroline Crane Marsh— A Life Sketch— 12D, pamphlet, pp. 83. .50 

Matthew Grant's Old Church Record.— Windsor and Dorchester— 

8vo, pamphlet, pp. 14 '5° 

Memorial Sketch of Evert Augustus Duyckinck.— pp. 15. .50 

Wayte Family.— 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 8. - 2 5 

Grand Transformation Scenes.— Fuller— 12D, cloth, pp. 311. 1.00 

Report of the United States Commissioners.— Paris Exposition— 

1878—5 vols. each -5° 

238 Books for Sale or Exchange. [J u b'> 


Conquest of Mexico and Peru, and the War of the Union. — 

Cornwallis — 2 vols., poems. each $ .50 

Contest for Sound Money. — Hepburn — 1903 — 8vo, cloth, pp. 657. 2.00 

Commissioner of Agriculture's Report. — 1871 — cloth. .50 

Dodge's Album of Agricultural Statistics. — Boards. .50 
Lynn, Mass., Intentions of Marriage. — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 29. 

Notes and autograph of J. L. Merriam. 1.00 
American Historical Association. — Annual Report, 1889 — 8vo, 

pamphlet, pp. 427. Contains Ford's Bibliography. 1.00 

New York, Old Merchants of. — Barrett — Vols. I, II, cloth. each 1.00 
Salem Press Historical and Genealogical Record. — Vol. II, 

No. 4. -5° 
Boston Record Commissioners' Reports. — Vol. II, X, XVI — 

Boards. each 1.00 

Brown University Catalogue, 1902-03. .25 
New England Society in the City of New York. — Reports — Odd 

Nos. each .50 

Stephen Whitney Phoenix. — Memorial — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 8. .25 

Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography. — Jan., 1902. 1.00 
Oneida County Historical Society's Publications. — No. 5 — 8vo, 

pamphlet, pp. 34. .25 
Harleian Society's Publications. — Visitations — Vols. I to X, XII to 

XVIII — Apply for prices. 
Same — Register Section — Vol. I to VIII — Apply for prices. 

Bunker's Long Island Genealogies. 5.00 

Massachusetts Civil List. 5.00 

Townsend Memorial. — 12D, cloth, pp. 229. 4.00 
Austin's Thirty-Three Rhode Islanders. — With Williams and 

Latham Genealogies — Folio, cloth, pp. 137. 5.00 

Sons of the Revolution. — New York — Year Book, 1896 — Quarto, 

cloth, pp. 539. 5.00 

Same. — Supplement, 1903 — Quarto, pamphlet. 1.00 

Heraldic Journal. 10.00 

Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica. — New Series — Vols. I 

and II, bound. each 5.00 

Life of Governor Samuel Ward. — Quarto, pamphlet, pp. 12. 1.00 

Paine Family Register. — 1857 — Quarto, pamphlet. 5.00 

Paine Family Record. — Vol. II, No. 5. .50 

Stiles Family Genealogy.— With Mss. Notes by H. R. Stiles, M.D.— 

8vo., pamphlet, pp. 31. 1.00 

Lieut.-Col. Samuel Ward of Rhode Island. — Quarto, pamphlet, 

pp. 20. 1.00 

Sergt. John White Paul and the Capture of Brig.-Gen. Richard 

Prescott. — 8vo, pamphlet. 1.00 

Memoir of Col. Chester. — With Portrait — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 24. 1.00 

D. A. R. Lineage Book. — Vol. I. 1.00 

Lewisiana. — Vol. X. — Library Stamp. 1.50 

Mordaunts' Obituary. — Vol. I — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 34. 1.00 

American Geographical Society's Bulletins.— Odd Nos. each .50 
Family Records. — Their Importance and Value — Holcombe — 8vo, 

pamphlet, pp. J 2. .50 

1907.] Books for Sale or Exchange. 239 


Boston Public Library Bulletin. — Jan., April, 1892. each % .50 

Cleveland, O., Representative Men in Successful American. .50 
Westchester Co., N. Y., Poverty and Patriotism of the Neutral 

Grounds. — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 39. 1.00 
Seymour Family. — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 9. .50 
Diplomatic Banquet. — Ohio Society of New York — 1903 — 8vo, pamph- 
let, pp. 66. .50 
Gunn's Index to Next of Kin. — Part III. 1.00 
'Facsimile) MS. Note on the Church in America. — Rt. Rev. Wil- 
liam White, D. D — With Portrait of Bishop White. 1.00 

Corey Family. — Akerly — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 12. Illustration. 1.50 
Genealogical Portion of Coffin's Newbury. — Unbound. 1.00 
Noyes Genealogy. — One Branch— 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 32. 2.00 
N. Y. Society Library Catalogue.— Odd numbers— Pamphlets. .25 
White House, Story of the. — Illustrated — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 50. .50 
New York Hospital Reports. — Odd numbers. .50 
American Academy of Fine Arts. — Address by William Beach Law- 
rence, 1825 — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 46. 1.00 
N. Y. Department of Finance. — Report, 1903 — Quarto, pamphlet. .50 
Crosby Family of New York. — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 24. 1.00 
Genealogical Gleanings in England. — Waters — Marriage Li- 
censes — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 107. 1.50 

Clarke Family of Rhode Island. — Morrison — Quarto, pp. 337. 10.00 

Lefferts Genealogy. — Bergen — 1878— pp. 172. 2.00 

Huntington Family. — Huntington — 1863 — pp. 428. 5.00 

Prescott Memorial. — Prescott — 1870 — pp. 653. 6.00 

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History of Cambridge, Mass. — Paige — 1877 — pp. 731. 5.00 

Strong Family. — 2 vols. — Dwight. — 1871. 10.00 

Leland Magazine.— Leland — 1850 — pp. 279. 5.00 

History of Charlestown N. H. — 1876 — pp. 726. 6.50 

Hatch Genealogy.— 1876 — pp. 36. 1.50 

Eddy Family. — Eddy — 1881 — pp. 180. 2.00 
Births, Marriages and Deaths, Coventry, Conn.— Dimock — 1897 — 

pp. 3 OI « 3-°° 

Janes Family. — Janes — 1868 — pp. 419. 2.00 

Bergen Genealogy. — Bergen — 1876 — pp. 658. 10.00 

Slafter Memorial. — Slafter — 1869 — pp. 155. 2.00 

Holt Genealogy. — Durrie — 1864 — pp. 367. 3.00 

Glover Genealogy. — Glover— 1867— pp. 601. 5.00 

History of Stamford, Conn. — Huntington— 1868 — pp. 492. 5.00 

Buckingham Family. — Chapman — 1872 — pp. 384. 5.00 

History of Gardiner and Pittston, Me. — Hanson — 1852 — pp. 343. 5.00 

Medford, Mass., Genealogies. — Whitmore — 1855 — pp. 96. 5.00 

Stamford Conn., Soldiers' Memorial. — Huntington — 1869 — pp. 165. 2.00 

Willoughby Family. — Greenwood — pamphlet — 1876 — pp. 15. 1.00 

Hotten's Emigrants.— 1874 — pp.580. 10.00 

Fitchburg and Lunenburg, Mass. — Torrey — 1865 — pp. 128. 2.00 

Dictionary of Family Names. — Arthur — 1857 — pp. 300. 2.00 

Lyman Genealogy. — Coleman — 1872 — pp. 533. 5.00 

240 Advertisements. [July. I 9°7- 

Pedigree Charts. 

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society 
226 West 58th Street, New York. 

This Society has for sale official forms of genealogical charts called 
" Register of Pedigrees." These registers are of two varieties, called " single " 
and "double" charts. They are each paper covered books of 11 x 16 inches in 
size, properly ruled and printed for the insertion of names of ancestors in succes- 
sive generations. The single charts consists of 17 pages, and when filled in will 
give all of the ancestors in all ramifications for 9 generations, arranged so that the 
family name of each of the 16 great-great-grandparents occupies a page. Family 
names appear on the marginal index which is formed by the indentation of each 
leaf. The back of each leaf is arranged for special memoranda concerning the 
persons named on the page facing it. 

The double charts are practically two single charts combined. The object 
being to devote the first half of the chart to the registration of the complete pedi- 
gree of the male line, the second half for a like registration of the female line, and 
the double chart therefore provides for the registration of 10 generations in both 
male and female lines. 

The price of these charts to members of this Society is as follows: 

Single Charts, - = = $ .75 

Double " - - - 1.50 

To those who are not members of the Society: 

Single Charts, - - • $1.00 

Double " - $2.00 

Members of the Society, or others who purchase these Charts and fill them 
in as fully as possible and present them to the Librarian of the Society for filing in 
the Society's Library, will receive a new one in exchange therefor without addition- 
al cost. These charts may be purchased by application to the Librarian. 

It is the desire of the Trustees that the members will supply themselves 
with these registers, fill them out as far as possible and file them with the Society. 
When received these will be bound in volumes, fully indexed, and will thus form 
a record of inestimable value to the Society. 

Those who have in their possession full information as to their individual 
ancestry are especially urged to obtain these Charts, fill them in and file them 
with the Society, as information of this nature is very frequently lost to posterity 
owing to negligence on the part of those possessing it to make record thereof, in 
special depositories provided for that purpose. 

LIBRARIAN, N. Y. Gen. & Blog. Society. 

N. Y. Gen. & Biog. Society Collections. 

records of the reformed dutch church, n. y. city, being the 

transcripts of marriages and baptisms 

in that church. 

Vol. L— Marriages, 1639-1801, Price on Application. Very Rare. 

Vol. 2.— Baptisms, Vol. J, 1639-1730, - - - Price, $20.00 
Vol. 3.— Baptisms, Vol. 2, 1731-1800, ... " 20.00 


Vol. 4. — Records of the Staten Island Churches, Price on Application. 

Vol. 5.— Foil Subject Index of The First 37 Volumes of the N. Y. Gen. 

& Biog. Record, ... Price on Application. 

$3.00 per Annum. 

Current Numbers, 85 Cents. 


No. 4. 


Genealogical and Biographical 




October, 1907. 



226 West 58TH Street, New York. 


Entered July 19, 1879, as Second Class Matter. Post Office at New York, N. Y.. Act of Congress of March 3d, 1879. / 

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record. 

Publication Committee : 
Dr. HENRY R. STILES, \ t ' dltors & meritt > 





Illustrations. I. Portrait of Bowen Whiting Pierson Frontispiece 

II. Portrait of Frank Sherman Benson Facing 244 

i. Bowen Whiting Pierson. By Beverly Chew, LH.D 241 

2. Frank Sherman Benson. By Josiah Collins Pumpelly, A.M., LL.B. . 244 

3. Southold, N. Y., Town Records, Vital Statistics from Libers D. 

and E., in the Town Clerk's Office. Contributed by Lucy Dubois 
Akerly, with Notes. (Continued from Vol. XXXVIII, p. 170) . . . 246 

4. New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the American Rev- 

olution. Communicated by D.R.Jack. (Continued from Vol. XXXVIII, 
page 176) 251 

5. Records of the United Brethren Congregation (Commonly 

called Moravian), Staten Island, N. Y. Baptisms and Births. 
(Continued from Vol. XXXVIII, page 192) 257 

6. Inscriptions in Milltown Cemetery, Southeast, N. Y. Copied by 

Emma J. Foster and Julia R. Livingston 273 

7. Vital Records of Christ's Church at Rye, Westchester County, 

New York. Communicated by Thomas T. Sherman, Esq., Rye, N. Y. 
(Continued from Vol. XXXVIII, p. 213) 278 

8. Yellis Jansen de Mandeville of Garderen, Holland, and 

Greenwich Village on Manhattan Island, and Some of His 
Descendants. Contributed by Lucy Dubois Akerly .... 284 

9. The Skillmans of America and Their Kin. By William Jones Skill- 

man, Philadelphia, Pa. (Continued from Vol. XXXVIII, page 199) . 294 

10. Abstracts of Tombstone Inscriptions, Bear Market Burying 

Ground. Copied by Evelyn B. and Walter B. Baldwin . . . 302 

11. Genealogical Record in one Line of the Gulick Family. Con- 

tributed by Arnatt Reading Gulick, M.D 304 

12. Upper-Aquebogue, L. I., and Jamesport, L. I. (Lower Aquebogue) 

Cemetery Registry. Contributed by Mrs. George Wilson Smith . 305 

13. Editorial 310 

14. Society Proceedings 311 

15. Obituary. Rev. Melatiah Everett Dwight, D.D., M.D.— Gen. Frank Mor- 

gan Freeman — James Henry Smith — Daniel Tompkins Stevens — Stiles 

Franklin Stanton 311 

16. Notes 313 

17. Query. Hanson 313 

18. Book Notices 313 

19. Accessions to the Library 315 

20. Wants 316 

21. Books for Sale or Exchange 317 

NOTICE.— The Publication Committee aims to admit into the Record only such new Genea- 
logical, Biographical, and Historical matter as may be relied on for accuracy and authenticity, but 
neither the Society nor its Committee is responsible for opinions or errors of contributors, whether 
published under the name or without signature. 

The Record is issued quarterly, on the first of January, April, 
July and October. Terms : $3.00 a year in advance. Subscriptions 
should be sent to THE RECORD, 

226 West 58th Street, New York City. 

For Advertising Rates apply to the Treasurer. 




fcealogkal nrti ^wgrapjjkal IJUcorfo. 

Vol. XXXVIII. NEW YORK, OCTOBER, 1907. No. 4. 


By Beverly Chew, LH.D. 

The ancestors of Bowen Whiting Pierson were probably of 
Yorkshire extraction, where the family can be traced back to 
1400 and earlier. There are notices of the arrival at Boston of 
several of the name in 1637 to 1643. 

The Rev. Abraham Pierson, who is presumed to have been 
the son of Abraham Pierson of Thornton, was baptized at 
Bradford in St. Peter's Church in 1613, and came to Massa- 
chusetts in 1639. Later he was in Lynn with his near relative, 
Henry Pierson, who was there married to Mary Cooper. In the 
year 1640 a colony of forty families from Lynn, Mass., set out to 
found a town of their own, and effected a settlement on the 
Eastern end of Long- Island at what is still called Southampton. 
Among this number were Henry Pierson and his wife, Mary 
Cooper, and the Rev. Abraham Pierson, the pastor of the little 
band. Abraham remained at Southampton until 1647, when he 
crossed Long Island Sound to the Connecticut shore and joined 
the New Haven colony at Branford. His son, also the Rev. 
Abraham, who was born in Southampton in 1645, was the first 
President of Yale College. Henry Pierson remained at Southamp- 
ton and was the father of a large family. He appears to have been 
a man of affairs in his community. He was Town Clerk from 
1653 to 1669, faithfully performing his duty, and to him the town 
is indebted for the knowledge of the early history and such 
glimpses of the men of the period as these quaint records show. 

He records very little about himself, though it is stated that: 

" Henry Pierson had four acres of land granted unto him upon 
the great plain lying headways toward Mr. Smith's, and sideways 
towards Mr. Wells, his lot, and down to the swamp." 

It likewise appears that Henry was not always of a meek and 
forgiving spirit such as became one who fled to the wilderness to 
enjoy freedom from civil and religious oppression: 

"On Oct. 6, 1646, Henry Pierson was censured by the Court 
of Magistrates for misscarriage in threatening that if any man 
should strike his dog, he would knock him down, and to pay for 
the said miscarriage ten shillings, and to be of good behaviour." 

Either the fine or the threat proved effective, as we hear no 
more of this dog case. 


242 Boiven Whiting Pierson. [Oct., 

Henry Pierson died in 1680 or 1681, and from his sixth son, 
Theodore, born before 1659, the line continues, as follows: 
Job Pierson, b. 1697; d. 1788. 
Lemuel Pierson, b. 1723. 
Samuel Pierson, b. 1753; d. 1838. 

Here were four generations of sturdy farmers who brought 
up their families in the plain and simple manner of those days, 
and no doubt in close conformity with habits of their New 
England neighbors with whom they were in full accord by 
religious traditions. 

Job Pierson, son of Samuel, was born Sept. 23, 1791; was 
fitted for college under the Rev. Samuel Wool worth, the Bridge 
Hampton minister, and entered Williams College, from which he 
was graduated in 181 1. He studied law, and upon his admission 
to the bar began practice with Judge Herman Knickerbocker of 
Schaghticoke, N. Y., with whom later he entered into partner- 
ship. He occupied the important position of District Attorney of 
Rensselaer County, Member of Congress for two terms, and 
Surrogate. He removed to Troy about 1835, and continued to 
reside there until his death, April 9, i860. With him came the 
break from the old Long Island farm, although he always prided 
himself as being a " Landed Proprietor," and made frequent 
visits to the Long Island Farm, situated in the old settlement of 
Sagaponack, which, so far as is known, has been the property of 
the family since 1640. It is located on Sagg Pond, about- one-half 
mile from the ocean, and one and one-half miles from Bridge 
Hampton village. The house on this farm was built about 150 
years ago, and no doubt replaced an earlier one, possibly built 
of logs. 

Job Pierson married Sept. 24, 1815, Clarissa Taintor Bulkley 
of Williamstown, Mass. Clarissa Bulkley was descended from 
the best New England stock. The celebrated Peter Bulkley, 
first minister of Concord, Mass., graduate of St. John's College, 
Cambridge, noted for his learning, benevolence and faithfulness 
in the ministry, as well as for his large family of fifteen children, 
was the first of the race in America. He was followed by a 
distinguished line of ministers, educators, farmers and merchants, 
and his descendants so intermarried with other New England 
families that there are few of New England birth who cannot 
trace back to some Bulkley ancestor. 

Job Pierson, D.D., son of Job and Clarissa Taintor Bulkley, 
was born at Schaghticoke, N. Y., Feb. 3, 1824; was graduated 
from Williams College in 1842, and from Auburn Theological 
Seminary in 1847. He occupied the pulpit of the Presbyterian 
Churches at Pittsford, N. Y., Catskill, N. Y., Victor, N. Y., Kala- 
mazoo, Mich., and Ionia, Mich. He retired from active clerical 
work July 1, 1878, and for a number of years was engaged in 
literary work, chiefly on the New Oxford English Dictionary, for 
which he furnished 47,000 words. He was Librarian of Alma 
College, Michigan, for three years, and retired to his home in 
Stanton, Mich., where he died Feb. 3, 1896. Dr. Pierson married 
Feb. 7, 1849, Rachel Williams Smith, born Dec. 11, 1820. Her 

1907O Bowen Whiting Pier son. 24^ 

parents were natives of Gloucester, Mass. Bowen Whiting 
Pierson was the fourth child and third son of this union. He was 
born Jan. 5, 1858, at Victor, Ontario Co., New York, where his 
father was the pastor of the Presbyterian Church. When he was 
five years old, in 1863, he was taken by his parents to Kalamazoo, 
Mich., and there his early boyhood was passed and his education 
begun. From 1869 to 1872 he made his home with an uncle re- 
siding at Geneva, N. Y., attending school during that period, 
returning home to Ionia, Mich., to which place his parents had in 
the meantime removed. He resided there for a few years, be- 
ginning his business career in a drug store. The Rev. Dr. 
Pierson was a scholarly man, a close student of literature and 
the possessor of a large and valuable library. The association 
with his father at this time and several years later, when after a 
period of four years in and about New York he returned to the 
west, was of the greatest importance to young Pierson. His 
father's sound learning together with the constant use of his 
library served to develop and strengthen in him that love of 
literature that was so prominent among his characteristics in 
later life. Indeed it can be safely said that this association with 
his father, and the benefit of his sound advice in directing his 
studies, was quite as valuable to him as a collegiate course 
could have been. In December, 1881, he finally left the west and 
began his connection with the firm of H. R. Worthington, manu- 
facturers of hydraulic machinery, and remained with that house 
about nineteen years, leaving them on Nov. 30, 1900, and shortly 
after assisted in founding the Alberger Condenser Co., of which 
he was elected Secretary and Treasurer, and held both positions 
until his death. 

Pierson was a man of a pleasant and social nature, naturally 
optimistic in temperament he always looked on the hopeful side 
of things, at the same time his strong will and tenacity of pur- 
pose enabled him to contend against adverse conditions when 
they arose and to carry his plans to a successful conclusion. He 
had the collector's temperament from boyhood, first minerals 
and stamps being the object of his interest, next coins, and finally 
books. His devotion to literature was always a pronounced char- 
acteristic, and his love of books and bibliography lead him to 
become one of the early members of the Grolier Club when it 
was founded in 1884. In this association he found many congenial 
spirits and entered into the Club work with intelligent zeal. He 
was a contributor of great value to the Club's "Collations and 
Notes" published in 1894. In the same year he was elected a 
member of the Council, and was several times re-elected, retiring 
in 1905. During his service in the Council he was a member of 
several important Committees and was particularly active as a 
member of the Library Committee. 

He was elected an Annual Member of the New York Genea- 
logical and Biographical Society, Nov. 9, 1894. Genealogical 
research had always been an attractive subject to him, therefore 
he was from the first an interested member. He was elected 
Treasurer in April, 1897, and held that important office to 

244 Frank Sherman Benson. [Oct., 

January, 1901, when he resigned. His excellent business training 
and careful methods of administration made him an efficient and 
useful officer. He served twice on the Board of Trustees, from 
January, 1898, to January, 1904, when he resigned. Re-elected 
January, 1905, he served until his death. In 1904 he became a 
member of the Century Association and thoroughly enjoyed his 
connection with this well-known literary and artistic body. He 
was also a member of the City Club, and was scrupulous in the 
performance of every civic duty. He was a parishioner of the 
Church of St. Mary the Virgin and for more than ten years a 
member of the Board of Trustees. His funeral was held in this 
Church on July 6. 

Pierson was married Oct. 12, 1887, to Nannie Meech, daughter 
of Stephen Meech of Norwich, Conn., and to them a daughter, 
Clarissa, was born June 8, 1890. He was most fortunate in his 
home life, and in all his domestic relations was exhibited that 
perfect harmony that is the ideal of the married state. 

With the exception of the year beginning October, 1886, when 
he experienced serious lung trouble, from which he recovered, 
Pierson enjoyed good health and was a diligent and faithful 
worker in business. In the Autumn of 1906, however, he ap- 
peared far from well, was easily fatigued, and felt obliged to give 
up many social and other engagements. Towards Spring, on his 
physician's advice, he went away for a change for about a month 
and returned seemingly improved. His Summer plans took him 
to Bridge Hampton, near the old " Long Island Farm " where he 
loved to be, and had hoped in time to establish his permanent 
Summer home. Here the fatal blow came June 30, and without 
recovering consciousness he died on the morning of July 4. 

Cut off in the prime of life when all his prospects for the 
future were most promising, his death is mourned by a large 
number of friends who were sincerely attached to him and in 
whose lives there will always remain the memory of his loyal 


Contributed by Josiah Collins Pumpelly, A.M. LL. B. 

Benson, Frank Sherman, one of the most widely known 
citizens of Brooklyn, and distinguished for his knowledge of 
numismatics, died suddenly of apoplexy, February 28, 1907, at 
his residence, 214 Columbia Heights, aged fifty-two years. His 
death came as a great shock to his family and friends inasmuch 
as he was in the prime of life, and until his last illness, apparently 
in robust health. 

He was born September 15, 1854, in Brooklyn, N. Y., and 
belonged to the New England Bensons who were connected by 
marriage with the well-known families of Bacon, Buck, Cleve- 
land, Fessenden and Sewall, all of New England. His father, 
Arthur W. Benson, was a merchant of Brooklyn who for many 

fn^X c ^tao*.a^^^ 

1907.] Frank Sherman Benson. 245 

years was president of the Brooklyn Gas Light Company and a 
director of the Brooklyn Bridge; son of John Benson, of Boston, 
by his wife Sarah Buck, daughter of Daniel Buck, of Bucksport, 
Me., and Mary Sewall, daughter of Dummer Sewall, of Bath, Me., 
a colonel in the war of the American Revolution, and a great- 
grandson of Henry Sewall, of Newbury, Mass., who was the 
father of Judge Samuel Sewall, of Boston, the famous Chief 
Justice of Massachusetts. His mother, Jane A. Marks, was the 
daughter of Dennis Marks, of St. Louis, Mo., by his wife Anna 
Maria Bacon, daughter of Joseph Bacon — a descendant of 
Nathaniel Bacon of Middletown, Ct., 1653 — and Abigail Cleve- 
land, daughter of Ezra Cleveland, of Burlington, Ct., who was 
the great-grandson of Captain Samuel Cleveland, of Chelmsford, 
Mass., the son of Moses Cleveland, of Woburn, Mass., ancestor 
of the Clevelands in this country. 

Mr. Benson well represented the better portion of our leisure 
class, who, instead of devoting themselves to pleasure, interest 
themselves in serious affairs, and render their lives useful to 
their fellow citizens. He graduated from Yale University in the 
class of 1876, and from the Columbia College Law School in 1879, 
and was admitted to the bar but never practiced his profession, 
devoting himself to study, and the many scientific, benevolent 
and patriotic organizations of which he became a member. He 
specially interested himself in numismatics and spent several 
years in the study of ancient Greek coins, of which he possessed 
one of the most valuable private collections in this country. He 
wrote a series of articles for the American Numismatic Journal, 
descriptive of the rare coins in this collection. At the time of 
his death he was engaged in the task of rearranging and renum- 
bering the collection of Greek and Roman coins in the Metro- 
politan Museum of Art, New York City. He was a member 
of the American Numismatic and Archeological Society of New 
York, of the Royal Numismatic Society of England, and the 
Society for Hellenic Studies of London. 

Besides his scientific studies, Mr. Benson took much interest 
in the benevolent enterprises of his native city. For many years 
he was a director of the Brooklyn Hospital, and of the Brooklyn 
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. He was also 
interested in many other associations. At the time of his death 
he was a director of the Long Island Historical Society, a mem- 
ber of the Executive Committee of the Brooklyn Institute of 
Arts and Sciences, the Brooklyn League, American Zoological 
Society, the American Geographical Society, the New York 
Genealogical and Biographical Society, the Sons of the Revo- 
lution, and the Society of Colonial Wars. He was also a member 
of the Hamilton, Yale, University and Grolier Clubs, and 
Treasurer of the Heights Casino. 

Nor was Mr. Benson less interested in the welfare of the 
church. He was an active member of the Grace Episcopal 
Church, of which the Rev. Dr. C. F. J. Wrigley is rector, served 
also as its treasurer, and was one of the best known layman in 
the diocese. Always a liberal giver, he made it possible for the 

246 Southold, N. Y., Town Records. [Oct., 

Church Charity Foundation to rid itself of a large debt which 
was entirely liquidated last year. The Benson family in October, 
1905, offered to give $40,000 to clear the debt provided the 
members of the church gave the balance. In a little over a year 
the amount was raised. 

In his address at the last Diocesan Convention of the Epis- 
copal Church of Long Island, Bishop Burgess refers to the 
subject of our sketch in these words: 

" Frank Sherman Benson represents a noble type of American 
character. Throughout his school and college days, as his class- 
mates will testify, he had set a high standard, nothing coarse or 
impure entered into his mind, he lived his life on a high plane; 
nor had he any of that greed to amass money for the sake of the 
power which it gives. He viewed with some misgiving that 
adulation of millionaire philanthropists which ill accords with 
the thought of American independence, and that acceptance of 
huge gifts for public institutions which might better be pro- 
vided by popular subscription or taxation. At any rate he did 
not enter into schemes for the accumulation of power, but lived 
his life to the glory of God and for the good of mankind." 

Mr. Frank Sherman Benson was married November 11, 1886, 
in New York City, to Elizabeth Woodbridge Hoe, daughter of 
Robert Hoe and Alvira Phelps James Hoe. She died May 5, 1889, 
leaving a daughter, Thyrza, who survives her parents. 


Contributed by Lucy Dubois Akerly, with Notes. 

(Continued from Vol. XXXVIII.. p. 170 of the Record.) 

Wells. Mariage Southold Iune ye: i: 1681 (^William Wells 
was then maried to Elizebeth Tuthill. 
Births. William Wells, Jur., was Borne March ye 23d Jn ye 

Yeare of our lord 1682/3. 
John Wells was Borne Janewary the 31 Jn ye Yeare of our 

lord 1688/9. 
Henery Wells was Borne february the 7th: Jn the Yeare of 

our lord 1689/90. 
Mary Wells was Borne Ienewary the 8th Jn ye Yeare of our 
lord 1694/5. 

Entd. Septr. ye: 4th: 1700 

pr. Benj. Yongs. 
(See ante.) 

Wells. (*)William Wells was married to Ester Homan May: 13th: 
Births. Elizabeth Wells Daughter of the said William & 
Ester was borne Aprill ye 18th: in ye year of our lord 1704. 

1907.] Southold, N. V., Town Records. 247 

Wells. William Wells Son of ye above named was borne October 

ye: 30th: in ye year of our lord 1706 and Departed this Lif 

th 27 October In ye year 1778 New Stile. 
Ester wells Daughter of ye above named was borne Novem- 
ber ye 9th in the Year of our lord 1708 and Departed this 

Life 12 Sept. 1776. 

Entd. Novembr: ye 12th 1709 

pr Benj. Youngs Town Clerc. 
Cravit wells Son of ye above named was borne May ye: 23: 

1 7 1 1. 
David wells Son of ye above named was borne ye: 25 of 

august: 1713 and departed this life the 29th March 1717. 
Phebee wells Daughter of ye above named was borne May 

ye 22: 1716 and departed this life the 22 of May 1717. 
Deliverance wells Daughter of the above named was borne 

ye 22 day of March 1717/8. 
Benjamin wells Son of the above named was borne 29th 

July, 1721. 
Mehitabel Wells Daughter of above named was borne 28th 

July 1724 and departed this life the 18 of august 1730. 
Note. See William Wells of Southold and His Descendants. 

King. Southold Ienewary ye: 17th: 1686/7. William King was 

then maried to Abigaill Brown. 
Births. William King jur. was Borne february: ye: 14th: Jn 

ye Yeare of our lord 1687/8. 
Hannah King was Borne Ienewary ye: it Jn Yeare of our 

lord 1 69 1. 
David King was Borne Octobr ye 2 2d: Jn ye Yeare of our 

lord 1693. 
Daniel King was Borne Aprill ye: 13th: Jn ye Yeare of our 

lord 1697. 
Jonathan King was Borne Aprill ye: 10: Jn ye Yeare of our 

lord 1699. 

Entd Septr. ye 4: 1700 pr Benj. Yongs.* 
John King Son of ye above named William & Abigail was 

borne august ye: 27th in ye Yeare of our lord: 1702. 
Bezalul King Son of ye above named was borne January: ye: 

23th: in ye Year of our Lord 1703/4. 
Abner King Son of ye above named was borne march the: 

22: in ye year of our lord 1705/6. 
Abigaill King Daughter of ye above named was borne June 

ye: 6: in ye year of our Lord 1709. 
King. William King Son of William King Iur. was maried to 

Elizabeth Beebee July 26/1738. 
Elizabeth King Daughter of the above named was Born 

Sonday april 29/1739. 
Mary King Daughter of the above named was born Monday 

Novembr. 17/1740. 
William King Son of the above named was born Wedness day 

Sept: 8/1742. 

* Written over later, Youngs. 

248 Southold, N. Y., Town Records. [Oct., 

King. Anne King Daughter of the above named was born on ye 

Seventh Day of ye week Iune 21/1746. 
Richard King Son of the above named was Born of thirsday 

October 13/1748 & Died. 
Christian King son of the above named was Borne on thirss- 

day March th 19/1752. 
Richard King was Born Decembr. the 10/1755. 
Paul King Son of the above named was born the 4 of April 


King. William King jur. was maried to Barsha Beebe. 

Births, william King Son of ye above named was borne: 

aprill ye: 6: day in ye year of our lord Christ one thousand 

seven hundred & ten. 
Richard King Son of ye above named was borne novembr ye 

5th day 17 1 1. 
Hannah King daughter of ye above named was borne July 

ye 24th 1 7 15. 
James King Son of ye above named was borne July ye 16th 

Bathshua King Daughter of ye above named was borne 

Decembr. ye 18th in ye year 1721. 
Susannah King daughter of ye above named was borne may 

ye 29th in ye year 1723. 
Bezzeliel King Son of ye above named was born March ye 

3it in ye year 1727. 

Entd pr. Benj. Youngs Town Clerc. 
Paul King Son of the above named was Born the second day 

of May anno Dom. 1731. 

Note. See William and Dorothy King of Salem, Mass., and Three 
Generations of Their Long Island Descendants, and Pedigree of King of Salem. 

Wells. Southold Jenew: 19th 1686, Joshua wells was then mar- 
ried to Hannah Tuthill. 
Joshua wells departed this life May 2, 1744 in his 80th year, 

his wife departed this life July 27 in her 85 year. 
Births and deaths. Mary wells was Borne march ye ninth 

day: in ye Yeare of our lord 1687/8 and departed this life 

Decembr. ye twenty eighth, in ye Yeare of our lord 1688. 
Hannah wells was Born Octobr. the second day in ye Yeare 

of our lord 1689. and departed this life Septembr. twenty 

eight in ye Yeare of our lord 1690. 
Joshua wells was Born Sepptr. the twentysix day in ye Yeare 

of our lord 1690 and Departed this Life april th 6/1 761. His 

wife March 31/1761. 
Deliverance Welles was Borne Septr. the twentyeight day in 

ye Yeare of our lord 1693. 
Abigaill wells was Borne Novemr: the fifteenth day in ye 

Yeare of lord 1695. 
Anne wells was Borne februy the fourteen day in ye Year of 

our lord 1698 and Departed this life Iuly ye eighteenth in 

ye Year of our lord 1699. 


Soutkold, N. Y., Town Records. 249 

Wells Samuell welles was Borne March the sixteenth day in ye 
Year of our lord 1699/1700 and Departed this life the 21 ot 

M a v 1776 
Daniel wells Son of ye above named was borne March ye 26 

in ye year of our lord 1702 and Departed this Life the 28 of 

march Jn ye year of our Lord 1761. 
Solomon wells Son of above named was borne March ye: 

27th in the Year of our lord 1704 and Departed this Life 

November 10 In the year 1769. 
Nathaniel wells Son of ye above named was borne May ye: 

10th: in the Year of our lord 1706. 
Bathia wells Daughter of the above named was borne may 

ye 7th: in ye year of our lord 1708. 

Entd. novembr ye: 12: 1709 

pr Benj. Youngs Town Clerc. 

Mehitabell wells Daughter of the above named was borne ye 
19th of Aprill: 17 10 and departed this Life the 21 (20?) 
March 1772 Jn the night before Day 6/mont. 11. 

Deborah wells Daughter of ye above named was borne ye 
4th- day of April 17 12 and died November 25, 1793 (or 83). 

freegift wells was born 21 day of april in year 17 14 and de- 
parted this life November 26, 1785 his age 71 & 7 mo. 5 days. 

Wells Freeo-ift Wells was born April 21th 17 14 and was married 
to Anna Booth daughter of Thomas & Bethiah Booth, 
Dec. 25, 1735, She was born Aug. 2nd 1720. Death Nov. 26: 

Children of the above 
Giles Wells was born Novr. 4th 1736. 
Thomas Wells was born April 16. 1739. 

Bethiah Wells was born May 20th 1741. Died March 17, 1785. 
Joshua Wells was born Septr. 29, 1743. 
Jonathan Wells was born March 16th, 1746. Died fceby 6, 

Anna Wells was born January 23, 1749- 
Mary Wells was born February 11, 1752. Died July 8, 1753. 

Note. Joshua, son of Freegift m. Corey. 

Bethia his dau. m. Jona. Overton. 
Naomi " " m. Ioel Overton. 
Hannah " " m. Barns Case. 

I. W. Case. 

Browne. William Browne Son of William & Catheren Browne 

was Born Novembr. the 8th in ye Year of our lord 1684. 
John Browne was Born Son of ye above named William & 

Catheren in ye Year of our lord January 23d 1686/7. 
Walter Browne, Son of ye above named William & Catheren 

was Borne June 28th in ye Year of our lord 1689. 
Solomon Browne Son of William & Catheren was Borne 

July: 8: in the Yeare of our lord 1691. 
Sillvanus Browne Son of William & Catheren was borne 

Aprill: 18: in the Year of our lord 1692. 

250 Southold, N. V., Town Records. [Oct., 

Browne. David Browne Son of ye Said parties was Borne 

march: 17: in ye Year of our lord 1695. 
Mary Browne Daughter of ye Sd parties was Borne January: 

1 : in ye Year of our lord, 1697. 
Elijah Browne Son of ye Sd. parties was Borne march: 27: in 

ye year of our lord, 1700. 
Thomas Browne Son of ye above named was borne novemr: 

ye eight in the year of our lord 1702. 
Carttrith. John Carttrith & his wife Anna was married 

Deeembr. 17th 1686. 
Annah Carttrith Daughter to ye above named was Born 

Octobr: 2d anno Dom. 1685. 
Kezia Carttrith was borne: 2d of february to the above 

named in ye year of our lord 1693. 
Mary Carttrith was borne to ye above named June ye: 16th 

in ye Yeare of our Lord 1695. 
Ester Carttrith was borne to ye above named July: 27th in 

ye Year of our lord 1697. 
Racket. Elizebeth Rauket Daughter to ye above named Annah 

Carttrith was borne April: anno quD. 1681. 
John Rauket Sonn of ye said Annah Cattrith was Borne 

Aprill: 1686, and Died 3 of february, 1775. 
Terry. Nathaniell Terry was married to Mary Horton Novembr. 

ye 31: 1682. 
Nathaniel Terry Son of ye above named was born Novembr. 

ye: 16: in ye Year of our lord 1683. 
Phoebe Terry Daughter of ye above named was born June 

ye: 5: in ye year of our lord 1690. 
Nathan Terry Son of ye above named was borne octobr. ye: 

12th 1693. 
Vriah Terry Son of ye above named was borne August ye: 4: 

in ye Year of our lord 1698. 
Mary Terry Daughter of ye above named was born Novembr. 

ye: 13: in ye Year of our Lord 1701. 
Franklyn. Samuel ffranklyne Son of John ffranklyne was born 

may ye 5th Jn ye Year of our Lord: 1692. 
Elizabeth ffranklyne daughter of ye above named was born 

the 4th day of May, in the Year of our lord Christ 1722. 
Reeves. Thomas Reeves was maried to Bathia Horton June: 

19th, 1707. 
Abner Reeves, Son of ye above named was borne April ye: 

22d anno qd. 1708. 
Bathia Reeves Daughter of ye above named was borne 

Sept. ye first day annoqd., 17 11. 
The said Thomas Reeves was maried to Mary wells the 20th 

of July 1 7 19 {ante). 
Elijah Reeves, Son of ye above named was borne The 5th of 

Octobr. 1722. 
Bathia Reeves Daughter of ye above named was borne The 

2 it of february 1724/5. 

{To be continued.) 

IQ07-] New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the Am. Revolution 2 5 I 


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252 New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the Am. Revolution. [Oct. 




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c -•— m <" 

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D 11 u ll <U V (!)._._ ._ 

1907.] New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the Am. Revolution. 253 


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a *> <D o^-.<» 
a £Sg-> C 

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-■o g.a'S 

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M O rtW 



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cy ' 2 O- 3 
3 3-S <" O 
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r" - ° • 

— — E-S-5-5 

J^! I. U 1. L 


a s s 3 s 

o o o o o 

to in ui « <n 

000 «) u 

O O O O U O- 

P >."S So S <« "rt £ 55 
g C c 5= -P. S W .2 

rH Ctf Cti 

> : 2_2*S 

1, en J3 ■" ^ 

■ rt '.a > . w ™ cu 


. . . .hg 

jajzjzjzjz o 

C I- U 1- V. I~ 


T3 "O "O 'O T3 "O 

o o o o o 

& & 5: ^ ^ £ 

1- I- 1- 1- — 1- 


l— ? ^ .52 


< n w 


c « 5 



-^ -9 5 

O O r° 




s 0* 9 


3 .2 .2 

u v. c 





254 New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the Am. Revolution. [Oct. 


to v 

oo ~.- 

. ^ % 

to »».S > 

■ -■ x — o> 

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co-*- e«C to 

rt o gpa i- 

E D U • > 

o MOnZ JL 
S rt o ra 

O 3M!fl to 

te ftT. ■ £ 
o fc- £; o o- 

£ 2, 

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T3 O 

.5 • 4) <n 




>•„ boJJ o. 

<-■ to O — I 

to > Sg . 

- Q) <D CC ■*-» ^ 

.o _ £S .-a 
"HI Ov^S 

*.* "u to M 

tD»- U W < M 

t« o 

to °* •- 

< — 00 o 

ofc! "« 
a>CJ ts ■; 

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>.."• a a 

o to o nJ 

■2'StJ -g 

s s 



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<-> c 

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T3 « . 



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rt *: 

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E . 


7S o 












M W W tt M Q 


— :.s c 

C « C rt 


2 "! g G rt C O^ 

- c a a c c"2 u 

4J -O T3 T3 T3 T3 — ,".- 
T3 ho bo be be bo~ S 



<L> U UU < 

3 O 

. at ^ O •§ T3 . . V - 

■— g.> £.5 £.ox>.o & 

— — ?J-l_l/)t/DtA)t/5 



C^i o 

(j bo bo 
rt rt rt 

r rt 


c c c 
bo bo bo 

1907.] New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the Am. Revolution. 2 55 

' 4) W C • 

« n -roZ J2 . 

« n -roZ J2 . 

2 s7! °i§.t; 

Si ^.e/J-S'Ku Sen « 

« a»l o" Si 

rj en o O -•-• 

g-aE-Su .3 

rj u -h . 3 — 

g J5 



* U % 

rt rt ^ 

» ■— « _ 

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o cu s ; ; 



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pq pqW a- j j| 

<U S<4< W Oh Oh Oh < < < E ,-h ^ Oh Oh Oh Oh 0, Oh Oh Oh Oh W Oh E E U hh .- .-h 

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Oh Oh 

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. • ° »> C >»- 

d - j2 jg « ja E 

<u 2 a -*i 2zh 

o <" 1) 



2 rt rt to rt ? 



Oh Oh 

i. 1. u O u " u " u * u ' ^ 
S S 6 ^MM^M^i 

^„^ C t. U 1, L t 


!_ J_ i_ 1_ U 

ri rt rt 
Oh Oh Oh 

u u u 

u 1- 1-. 


I. »< l< p u u 

u u t) c !1 u 

l_ j_ U. U I- 1- 

cd rt rt cd rt rt 
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh 


in (/) (/) </) 

c c a a 

.. o o o o 

1- 1- in if) tn (Si 

!_ ^- j- >- 1- >- 

ctf c^ c3 rt ci ci 

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh 

256 New Brunswick Loyalists of the War of the Am. Revolution. [Oct. 

>*=: ■- x-o 

.5 2 » fca 

,_. CC «u — - • <!■» 0) 4) - - 

<u £ 

8 = M ,J = M y3>0".-1 

-c~.c o £ tu w > — < = 2 
en b 




— iJ3 E 

— ««2 

« ? n> re 
jO — > en 

n= s re „ 


• ■ v 
— «■£ c 

Ml£ o 

■s«a « 

o u.S o 

a. 35 a " 

_JZ 3 O 

^..t: tn & ~ 

£<&£ a 

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O o : 

U3 pa 

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u u <zpHCL.o-ieu0L,aL,CL,HH 

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1/3 U) en 

is is £ £ £ 

O C O O O tn — 
UU D D 4) u u u II 

Oh Pi Pi 

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1- i- *j 
Pi Pi Pi 

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Pi Pi 

SS^ ■ : : E sfQ 

3 da's 3 33 3 33 s*. 


in w in 

i. ^_ i_ >_ j_ 
rt rt rt ri rt 
cd cu cu II 1) 
Pi Pi Pi Pi Ph 

igo7-] Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N.Y. 257 


Baptisms and Births, 

Sr. — Sister — A Communicant. M. M. — Married Man. 

Br.— Brother— A Communicant. S. M. — Single Man. 


M. W.— Married Woman. 
S. W. — Single Woman. 

(Continued from Vol. XXXVIII., p. 192 of The Record.) 



April 9. 

Jan. 13. 

April 9. 

June 16. 

Oct. 21. 

Jan. 21. 

Dec. 15. 

April 20. 

Nov. 25. 

Aug. 2. 
March 24. 
Aug. 8. 

Oct. 4. 

Aug. 8. 
Jan. 7. 

Aug. 27. 
Feb. 11. 

Oct. 28. 
Oct. 15. 

Jan. 29. 

Dec. 1. 

William Bodine George 
Rosanna Mattes, Washing- 
his wife ton James 

Daniel D. Coursen Mary Jane 
Catharine Van Pelt, 
his wife 

Sarah Ann 

Van Name 
All children of StephenKit- 

above parents tletass 

William Beatty, re- Mary Eliza- 
siding at N. Y. beth 
Polly Barger, his 

NicholasCrocheron Franklin 
AnnGuyon, his wife Guyon 
Andrew Bodine William Al- 
Polly Housman, his fred Hous- 
wife man 

Bp. at house of gr.- 
father James Bodine 

Bap. in the parent's 

Baptism at house of 
Mr. Dorsett 

Bp. at house of gr.- 
father, James Bo- 
dine, Senr. 

AbrahamHousman Elizabeth, Bp. as above 
Mergrett Bodine, 1 st ch. 

his wife 
Richard Connor Oscar Theo- Bp. in parents' house 
Sally Egbert, his dore,2dch. 

James Gilbert Hannah At Mrs. Steward's at 

Abigail Ann Black, Jane,ist beginning of Lee 

his wife ch. ture 

Richard Johnson Richard 
Susan Van Pelt, his Taylor, " bap. while very sick " 



258 Records of the Utiited Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. f Oct. 


Jan. 29. John Cocheron Selina In Minister's house, 

1827. Patience Egbert, Theresa Edward Taylor, 

Oct. 18. his wife sponsor 


Feb. 3. Abraham Martino Raymond Bp. at beginning of a 

1827. Ann Simonson, his Lecture at gr.- 

May 24. wife mothers' Mrs. Mar- 


March 28. William Bodine William Bp. at a Lecture at the 

1827. Rosanna M attes, Oakly house of gr.-parents 

Dec. 28. his wife James Bodine 


March 31. John Dorsett John Wil- 

1827. Ellen Cropsy, his liam Beat- 

Oct. 20. wife tey 


April 2. Tunis Egbert Mary Bp.atgr.-father'sjohn 

1827. Isabella Vander- Precilla Vanderbilt, Senr. 

Oct. 17. bilt, his wife 


April 2. John Van Duser Isaac Hous- Bp. at John Vander- 

1827. Sarah Vanderbilt, man bilt's Sen. 

Dec. 23. his wife 


April 2. Cornelius Vander- Sarah Eliza- Bp. at same time & 

Feb. 13. bilt beth place 
Eliza Martling, his 

April 8. John Deforrest Charles 

1827. Charlotte Vander- Simonson 

Nov. 3. bilt, his wife 


April 24. Oliver Decker Sarah Ann Bp. at house of gr.- 

1827. Joannah Simonson, father Barnet 

Nov. 30. his wife Simonson 


May 17. Peter Dorset Susan Maria 

Jan. 24. Eliza Lewis, his Mersereau 


May 28. Bedel Jacobson Israel Van- 

1824. [mother not given] devender 
Dec. 1. 


Feb. 11. Bedell Jacobson Warren Al- 


May 28. Thomas Sharrot Stephen Bp. in church 

1827. Martha Crips, his 

June 22. wife 

1907.] Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. 250 

date , 

June 15. 

Feb. 28. 1826. 

June 26. 

May 8. 

July 8. 
March 12. 

July 24. 

Nov. 20. 

Aug. 17. 

March 14. 

Aug. 17. 
Jan. 20. 

Oct. 26. 
March 3 1 . 
Oct. 26. 
Aug. 3. 

Nov. 29. 
May 31. 

Dec. 5. 

May 8. 

Dec. 5. 

May 3. 

Dec. 5. 
July 18. 

Jan. 6. 

Nov. 28. 

Jan. 17. 
Feb. 23. 


John D. Waters William 
Lucretia Stillwell, 

his wife 
Same parents Helen 

Bp. a t Schoolhouse 
near John Sharrot's 
in South quarter 

Cornelius Vander- Maria 

bilt of N. Bruns- Louisa 

wick, N. J. 
Sophia Johnson, his 

Cornelius Beattey Maria Eliz- Bp. at home of gr.- 

Bp. at house of gr.- 
father Cornelius 
Vanderbilt, Senr. 

of N. Y. abeth 

Mary Ann Allen, 

his wife 
John Egbert from Catharine 

the Quarantine Maria 
Lydia Sequin, his 

John M. Black John Wil- 

Rachel King, his liam 


Richard Sharrott Abraham 
Charity Stilwill, his 

John Vanderbilt Ellen 
Celia Story, his wife 
Aaron Vanderbilt Sarah 
Mary Simonson, his Catharine 

Cornelius Egbert Catharine 
Catharine Lake, his Maria 

Richard White John 

Rebeckah Dey, his 


James Sharrot Abraham 

Jane Jennings, his 

father John Beattey 

Michael Marsac 
Rachel Jennings, 

his wife 
Jacob Beattey 
Eliza, his wife 


Sarah Ann 

Bp. at Mrs. Steward's 

Bp. in church after 

In church 

Bp. at house 

of her 

Bp. at house of 
Michael Marsac 

Bp. as above 

In Minister's dwelling 

Daniel Butler Cornelius In parents' dwelling 

Eliza Egbert, his Egbert, 1st 
wife ch. 

260 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. [Oct., 

Feb. 15. 

Aug. 12. 

May 17. 

Dec. 31. 

May 31. 
Feb. 26. 

June 12. 

Sept. 6. 

June 12. 
b. 1822. 

June 24. 

Nov. 17. 

June 30. 

May 28. 

Aug. 16. 
June 6. 

Sept. 14. 

Dec. 8. 

Sept. 10. 
July 22. 

Sept. 10. 

Aug. 16. 

Oct. 18. 

March 3. 

b. Nov. 3. 

Stephen Mcintosh Harry 
Mary Marsac, his Augustus, 
wife 1 st ch. 

David Moore William 

Mary Ann Barton, Augustus 
his wife 

Vincent Bodine Vincent 
Mary Ann Bur- 
bank, his wife 
Joseph Mount Alicia Ann 

Isabella, his wife 

Joseph Egbert Joseph 

Jane Holmes, his Thomas 

John Davis James 

Susan Sharrott, his 

Cornelius Coursen William 
& his wife Blake 

Abraham Martino Elizabeth 
Ann Simonson, his Merrell 

Capt. Cornelius Frances 

Vanderbilt Lavinia 

Sophia, his wife 

James Gilbert JamesThom- 

Abby Ann Black, as Steward 

his wife 
Abraham Sharrot Benjamin 
Margaret Hous- Housman 

man, his wife 

Bp. at gr. -father's 
Michael Marsac 

Bp. at Lecture at Mrs. 
Martino's in the 

In parents' house 

Bp. in Minister's 
dwelling in presence 
of Mrs. Coddington 
and her daughter 

Bp. in parents' house 
in New York 

John Sharrot 
Maria Swaim, 

Same parents 


Lenah Ann 


Bp. in dwelling of 

1907.] Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y m 26 1 

Oct. 18. 

June 19. 

b. Nov. 24. 

Oct. 18. 

Aug. 6. 

Oct. 23. 
Aug. 22. 

Oct. 23. 
Aug. 17. 

July 5. 

March 8. 

Aug. 27. 

Nov. 17. 

b. June 13. 

b. Aug. 30. 

b. Nov. 24. 

b. Aug. 4. 

Jan. 14. 

Dec. 16. 

Jeremiah Sharrot Susan Ann Bp. in John Sharrot's 
Lenah Swaim, his 


Same parents 

John William 

Joseph Baker, de- Ellen Eliza " " 

Susan, his wife 

John Van Duser Jacob Tay- 
Sarah Vanderbilt, lor 

his wife 
Jacob Lozier Mary Ann 

Eliza Barnes, his 

Benson Seaman Henry John Bp. at house of gr. 
Eliza Jacobson, his mother 

John Burton Margaret 

Louise, his wife Jane 



Sarah Rum- 
All ch. of John & Louise 
Louise Burton 

Jan. 14 

Aug. 8 

Jan. 14 

July 26 

May 7 

Sept. 23 


Cornelius Vander- Hetty 
bilt, Jr. Maria 

Eliza Martling, his 

William Crips James 

Jane Butler, his Butler 

Daniel Coursen Catharine 
Catharine Van Pelt, J onesMart- 
his wife ling 

Isaac Swift John Wil- 

Eliza Bodine, his Ham 

Bp. at house of parents 

At same place 

262 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. [Oct., 



June 27. 

Sept. 18. 

June 29. 
March 6. 

July 1. 
March 13. 

Sept. 20. 
April 25. 
Sept. 20. 
June 1. 

Oct. 21. 
April 19. 

Oct. 24. 

April 22. 

b. Oct. 7. 

b. Feb. 20. 


Oct. 24. 
Sept. 19. 

Jan. 31. 

Oct. 10. 

March 13. 

Oct. 2. 

March 20. 

June 20. 

b. Sept. 18 

Richard Johnson Tunis 
Susan Van Pelt, his Pelt 

Tunis Egbert 
Isabella Vander- 

bilt, his wife 
Jacob Cortelyou 
Mary Winant, his 

Thomas Sharrot 
Martha, his wife 
Benjamin H o u s - 

Eliza Sharrot, his 

Edward Vanderbilt 
Mary Ann Egbert, 

his wife 
Edward Beattey 

[John's son] 
Ann Denyse, his 


All children of E. 

& Ann Beattey 
Cornelius Beattey 

[Joh n 's son] , 

from N. York 
Mary Ann Allen, 

his wife 
Godfrey Crawbuck 
Mary Ross, his wife 


1st ch. 

John Davis 

John Wil- 

John Edward 

Eliza Alex- 




Jane Ann 

Van Bp. in Ch . after service . 
Present were the gr.- 
father Peter V. Pelt, 
Eliza C. Hartman, 
Mrs. Ann Egbert, 
wid. of Tunis 
Bp. at parents' home 


John D. Waters Ann 
Lucretia Stilwell, 
his wife 

Edward Egbert Mary 
Hannah Price, his Josephine 

Bp. at house of his 
brother Edward, 
where a consider- 
able number of per- 
sons had convened 

Bp. at house of James 

Bp. at parents' house 

Same parents 

Letty Ann 

1907.I Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. 263 



March 29. 

Sept. 23. 

April 3. 

Dec. 30. 

May 15. 

Jan. 15. 

June 19. 
Feb. 6. 

June 19. 

July 23. 

June 19. 

Dec. 9. 

June 19. 

Jan. 22. 

June 19. 
Jan. 26. 

June 21. 
March 1. 

July 13. 

March 25, 

July 13. 

Feb. 22. 

July 13- 
March 4. 


David Moore John Henry 

Mary, his wife 

Abraham Garret- Hermanus 

Eliza Sanders, his 

Ann Marsh, wife of James Bp. in a particular 


John Sharrot Washington 

Mary Swaim, his 

Jeremiah Sharrot David 
Lenah Swaim, his 


meeting after the 
Public Service on 
the Lord's day, by 
the Right Revd. J. 
D. Anders, Bishop 
of the U. Br. Ch. 
Here from Bethle- 
hem, Penn. 

Bp. at house of his 
brother John Shar- 

William Johnson 
Catharina Wood, 

maiden name 

Vincent Butler 
Martha Ann 

Swaim, his wife 

Vincent Butler 
Martha Ann 

Swaim, his wife 
Peter Dorset 
Eliza Lewis, his 

John N. Tooker 
Maria Jacobson, 

his wife 

Henry, il- 


Sarah Eliza- 

Ellen Eliza- 


Bedell Jacobson John Bedell 
Sarah Ann Alston, 
his wife 

Capt. Benson Sea- 

Eliza Jacobson, his 

Ann Eliza- 

264 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. [Oct. 


July 14. 

July 23. 

July 30. 
May 29. 

Aug. 17. 

Dec. 25. 

Aug. 19. 

Sept. 7. 

Aug. 20. 
March 20. 

Aug. 28. 
Aug. 12. 

Aug. 28. 

Dec. 16. 

Sept. 8. 
Jan. 3. 

Sept. 8. 
July 11. 
Sept. 25. 

Nov. 21. 

Oct. 15. 

Feb. 25. 

Oct. 19. 
April 26. 

Nov. 20. 
Sept. 18. 

Nov. 20. 
Sept. 23. 

Nov. 20. 
Aug. 2. 


Richard Decker Jane Eliza 
Eliza Egbert, his 

Abraham Prall Edward 

Isabella B e a 1 1 e y , Beattey 

his wife 
Abraham Stilwell Abraham Bp. in their dwelling 
Mary, his wife on the north side 

NicholasCrocheron Lenah Ara- 
Ann, his wife minta 

Jacob Cortelyou 
Mary Winant, his 

William Egbert 
Mary Ann Lake, 

his wife 
Cornelius Egbert 
Catharine Lake, his 


Michael Marsac 
Rachel, his wife 

Stephen Mcintosh 
Mary, his wife 
Richard Conner 
Sally Egbert, his 




Annet Lake 

Eliza Sas- 



William Bodine of Margaret 
Warwick Co., Jane 

Rosanna, his wife 

Bp. in house of gr.- 
father James Bo- 

Joseph Christopher John Milton 
Maria Martino, his 

Edward Egbert Elizabeth 
Hannah Price, his 

Abraham Martino Ellen Maria 
Ann Simonson, his 

Andrew Decker Tunis 
Patience, his wife Augustus 

1907.] Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. 265 


Dec. 4. 

Aug. 13. 

Dec. 25. 
Sept. 4. 

Jan. 23. 

Aug. 14. 

March 11. 

July 8. 

March 21. 

Dec. 29. 

April 10. 

July 27. 

April 12. 

March 13. 

b. April 8. 

b. Sept. 25 

b. Dec. 16. 

April 24, 

Nov. 27 

June 7 

Jan. 21 


July s 

Oct. 23 
b. March 1 

Bp. in house of gr. 

Israel B. Jacobson Elizabeth 
Ann Cuberly, his Emelia 

John Jacobson, late John 

from England, a 

miner at work in 

the iron mines 

near our church 
Mary, his wife 
Lockman Cortel- Maria 

you of N. York 
Nelly, his wife 

Charles Waller Catharine 

Mary Burgher, his Elizabeth 
wife Burgher 

Capt. Cornelius Cornelius 

Vanderbilt Jeremiah 

Sophia Johnson, his 

Daniel Mersereau John Ed- Bp. aUiouse of parents 
Ellen, his wife ward Win- 


Bp. at parent's house 
in N. York 

at Tompkinsville 

James Romer 

Stilwell, his 


All children of J. 

Romer & wife 
Jacob Lozier 
Eliza Barnes, his 


Henry Perine 
Sarah, his wife 

William Winning 
Ann, his wife 

Same parents 

Joseph Bp. at house of James 

Lake Beattey at a Lec- 


Isaac Parlee 

Mary Louise 



Bp. in dwelling of 
parents at Tomp- 

Bp. at James Beattey 

Ann Louise Bp. at house of Steph- 
en Mcintosh 

George Wil- 

266 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. [Oct., 

b. Sept. 4. 

July 25. 
June 1. 

July 30. 

Nov. 20. 

July 30. 

April 15. 

Oct. 12. 
Jan. 24. 

Oct. 14. 

Jan. 11. 

b. June 2 1 

Oct. 16. 
Feb. 17. 
Oct. 16. 
Oct. 8. 
Oct. 24. 

March 19. 

b.Nov. 5. 

Oct. 24. 
March 23. 
Oct. 24. 
April 10. 

Nov. 18. 

Aug. 7. 

Nov. 25. 
May 1. 

Nov. 25. 
April 11. 

Richard White Mary 

Rebekah, his wife Louise 

Bp. in house of parents 

Bp. in house of 
drew Decker 


John Egbert, of Ann 

New York Rebekah 

Aletta, his wife 

James Gilbert Sarah Ann At house of parents 

Abby Ann, his wife Matilda 

William Henry Mary Ann 

King of N. Y. 
Nancy, his wife 

Cornelius Vander- Cornelius 

bilt Taylor 

Eliza, his wife 

Isaac Simon son Daniel D. 
Abby Jane his wife 

Same parents 

John Egbert 
Lydia Egbert 
Matthias Jones 
Julia Ann Jones 
Aaron Vanderbilt 
Mary Vanderbilt 

Same parents 

Sarah Eliza 
Lydia Eliza 




Bp. in parents' dwell- 
ing at Tompkins- 

John Van Duser 

Sarah Van Duser 

Samuel Codding- Catharine 

ton of N. Y. Helenah 

Catharine Jacob- 

son, his wife 
Abraham Sharrot Mary Ann 
Margaret H o u s - 

man, his wife 

Oliver Van- Bp. as above 

Bp. in Minister's 

Bp. at house of Mrs. 

Bp. in their dwelling 

Abraham Garret- Henry 

son Davis 

Eliza Sanders, his 

Richard Johnson Eliza Ann At same time as above 
Else Sanders, his 


1907.] Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N.Y. 267 



Dec. 2. David Moore George Bp. at house of Ed- 

May 3. Mary Barton, his Washing- ward Bodine at a 

1833. wife ton lecture 

Jan. 6. Benjamin Hous- James Ed- On Lord's Day at be- 

1832. man ward ginning of service 

April 23. Elizabeth Sharrot, 
his wife 

March 8. Matthias Burgher Alfred & Bp. in parents' dwell- 

1829. Hannah, his wife James, ing 
Dec. 26. twins 

March 19. William Bodine Abraham Bp. at gr. -father's 

1832. Rosanna, his wife James Bodine 

July 5- 

March 19. Isaac Swift Margaret At same place as 

1832. Eliza Bodine, his Elizabeth above 
March 19. wife 


April 10. Stephen Martling Sarah In minister's dwell- 

1832. Mary Burbank, his Catharine ing 

Dec. 16. wife 

April 15. Jonathan Merrels Julia In their dwelling 

1832. Maria, his wife 
March 25. 

April 19. John Van Pelt & John Chris- In dwelling of parents 

1823. wife topher 

Nov. 21. 

b. Oct. 26. " " Peter " " 

b. Oct. 16. " " George " " 

1 83 1. Washington 

b. Oct. 14. Same parents as Tunis " " 

1833. above 

April 18. Joseph Sharrot William Bp. in gr. -parents 

1832. Cornelia Mersereau, Henry dwelling 
Oct. 26. his wife 


May 19. Richard Conner Elizabeth In his dwelling 

1832. Sarah Egbert, his Sophia 

Sept. 11. wife 

July 6. John Lovet, late William In Church 
Feb. 3. from England Thomas 

1 83 1. Elizabeth, his wife 
b. June 10. Edmund John 

268 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. Y. [Oct., 


July 28. 
April 23. 

Aug. 26. 
Feb. 4. 
Oct. 4. 

Sept. 23. 

Oct. 9. 
Sept. 23. 

Oct. 24. 
March 29. 

Nov. 17. 
Feb. 10. 

Dec. 1. 

Oct. 11 

b. Feb. 11. 

t8 3 3- 
Dec. 29. 
Aug. 29. 

Feb. 17. 

Feb. 23. 

Feb. 26. 

April 11. 

b. Aug. 2. 

April 8. 
Jan. 29. 

April 9. 

Jan. 7. 

April 17. 
Jan. 4. 

Tunis Egbert Jane Louise Bp. in church on 

Isabella V a n d e r - Lord's day 

bilt, his wife 
Thomas Scharot & Mary Eliza- At Parsonage 

his wife beth 

C a p t . Cornelius George At parents' dwelling 

Vanderbilt Washing- 

Sophia Johnson, his ton 


David Barger James 

Sally Cortelyou, his Guion 

Abraham Stillwell John Wil- 
Mary Sharot, his liam 

Edward Beatty John 
Ann Denyce, his 

Richard Johnson Peter 
Elsie Sanders, his Augustus 


Same parents Andrew 

Cornelius Egbert Emeline 
Catharine Lake, his 

Jacob Cortelyou Jacob 
Mary Cortelyou Winant 

George Avery of George 

New York Washing- 

Catharine Avery ton 

At parent's dwelling 

At house of parents' 
on north side 

At dwelling of gr.- 

At house of Abraham 

In their dwelling 

In Minister's dwelling 

Same parents 

Julia Simp- 

Richard Johnson Mary Cath- Bp. at house of her 

Elsie Sanders, his arine sister Mrs. Garret- 
wife son 

Stephen Mcintosh John Wil- Bp. at parents' hoese 

Mary Marsac, his Hams 

Joseph Sharrot Joseph " " 

Cornelia Mersereau, Willson 
his wife 

1907.] Records of the United Brethren Co?igregation, Sta ten Island, A r . Y. 269 


May 13. 
Feb. 22. 
June 15. 
May 2i. 
June 15. 
Feb. 21. 

June 15. 

Oct. 15. 

June 18. 
April 30. 

June 22. 

Aug. 12. 

July 20. 
Jan. 19. 

Aug. 24. 
June 23. 

Oct. 15. 
April 17. 

Oct. 27. 
May 2. 
Nov. 5. 

April 25. 

Nov. 12. 
Feb. 22. 

Nov. 12. 
July 6. 


Jan. 5. 

Sept. 4. 

Bp. at parents' house 

<< a 

At Lecture there 

John Lovet James 

Elizabeth Lovet Henry 

John Jackson George Wil- 

Mary Jackson liam 

Benjamin H o u s - Joseph Eg- 

man bert 

Eliza Housman 
Abraham H o u s - Mary 

man Louisa 

Catherine Hous- 

Andrew Decker Lawrence At Minister's dwell- 

Patience Egbert, 

his wife 
Henry Perine 
Sally Stilwell, his 



Cornelius Vander- John 

bilt, deceased 
Eliza Martling, his 

Abraham Garretson Edgar 
Eliza Sanders, his Eugene 

Daniel Butler Sarah Eliz- 

Eliza Egbert, his abeth 

Edward Burbank Isaac 
Jane Britton 


Bp. at Lecture at South 
side Schoolhouse 
near James Lewis 

Bp. at house of gr.- 
f ather Mr. John 

Bp. at Minister's house 

At house of 


Capt. Cornelius Mary Alicia Bp. at his residence 
Vanderbilt in N. Y. City 

Sophia, his wife 

Edward Egbert Hannah 
Hannah Price, his Jane 

Edward Johnson Mary 
Mary Housman, his Catharine 


In parents' house 

Jacob Burckert 
Terresia Schultze- 
bach, his wife 


Bp. at parents' house, 
Tompkins ville. 
Sponsors were, Val- 
entine Cornelius & 
Johann Spries 

2 70 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. V. [Oct., 



March 4. 

July 25. 

Richard Connor James 
Sarah Egbert, his bert 


June 1. 
March 25. 

June 21. 

Nov. 6. 

b. Nov. 26. 

b. Dec. 17. 

Aug. 19. 

Oct. 20. 

b. April 1 9 

Sept. 1. 

Dec. 18. 

Sept. 9. 

Oct. 4. 

Sept. 19. 

July 7- 

Sept. 4. 

Dec. 23. 

Sept. 27. 

Jan. 7. 

Oct. 1. 
July 21. 

Oct. 1. 
July 11. 

John Egbert Sarah 

Lydia Seguine, his Adeline 

William Crips of Catharine 

Bergen, N. J. Fountain 

Jane Butler, his 


" Isaac Butler 

Same parents Charity 


Abraham Herman Eugene 

Bp. in the sick room at 
the request of the 
mother who lay at 
the point of death. 
A number of friends 
were present 

In parents's house 

Bp. at house of gr.- 
father James Butler 

Bp. as above 

Halle from Ger- 
many, now living 
on the Island 

Sarah, his wife 

Same parents 


James Gilbert 
Abbey Ann, 

La Fayette 


Michael Marsac Harvy 
Rachel Jennings, Washing- 
his wife ton Edgar 

William Beattey William 
Elizabeth Simon- Henry 

son, his wife 
Isaac Swift James 

Eliza Bodine, his Bodine 


"Joseph Peat or Lydia 

Hannah, his wife 

In house of gr.-mother 
Mrs. Steward 

In parents' house 

In minister's dwelling 

In house of gr.-father 
James Bodine 

At house of Mrs. Mc- 
Keese at a Lecture 

Peter Dorset Isaac Lewis In parents' house 

Eliza Lewis, his 

John Romer Mary Ann At same place 

Catharine Lewis, 

his wife 

1907.] Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N.Y. 2 71 



Feb. 21. Abraham Miller Jane Anna In Minister's dwelling 

l8 35- Jane Simonson, his 
Dec. 2. wife 

March 9. John Egbert Ann " " 

1835. Elizabeth Simon- Lavinia 
Sept. 15. son, his wife 

March 15. Richard Decker Angeline In parent's house 

1835. Eliza Egbert, his 
Dec. 13. wife 

March 23. Jacob Burkert Ferdinand At Tompkinsville in 

1835. Teresa, his wife Jacob their dwelling 

Oct. 23. 

July 24. Anthony Y. Stew- Archibald At gr.-mother's house 

1835. ard Douglas 

Oct. 2. Mary, his wife 

Aug. 18. Stephen Martling Mary Eliza- In gr.-father's house 

1835. Mary Ann, his wife beth 
Oct. 15. 

Sept. 1. Israel O. Dissasway Israel Fitz- 
April 30. Lucretia Jacobson, randolph 

his wife 
Sept. 11. Joseph Pateman Ann Caro- At Mrs. McKeese 
March 21. Hannah, his wife line 

Sept. 13. John Egbert of Daniel Mer- In the church 
April 25. New York sereau 

Aletta Prall 
Sept. 17. Jocob Cortelyou Charlotte In parents' house 
April 3. Mary, his wife Ann 

Oct. 29. Edward Johnson Eliza Ann 

Jan. 31. Housman, his 

Nov. 3. James Gilbert Hannah In gr.-mother's dwell- 

Marchi2. Abbey Ann, his Jane ing 

Nov. 7. Abraham Garret- Abraham In parents' house 
July 4. son Crocheron 

Eliza Sanders, his 
Nov. 22. Edward Beattey Ann Louisa In parents house 
Oct. 2. Ann, his wife 

Dec. 12. Abraham Bodine Tunis In parents' house 

Aug. 1. Abbey Ann Kinsey, 
his wife 

272 Records of the United Brethren Congregation, Staten Island, N. T. [Oct., 

Dec. 24. 

Jan. 2. 

May 18. 

Jan. 2. 

Jan. 4. 

Jan. 13. 

Feb. 22. 


Jan. 18. 

Aug. 23. 

Jan. 18. 

Nov. 7. 

Jan. 18. 

Sept. 1. 

Jan. 18. 

l8 35- 
Feb. 26. 


Lawrence H. Cor- 

Eliza, his wife 
James Thompson 
Charity Romer, his 


James Romer 
Sarah Maria Lewis, 
his wife 

John Van Pelt 
Susan Van Pelt, his 

C a p t . Cornelius 

Sophia Johnson, his 

James Madison 

Phoebe Jane Van- 
bilt, his wife 

James Madison 

Phoebe Jane Van- 
derbilt, his wife 

Daniel Bicknel Al- 

Ethelinde Vander- 
bilt, his wife 
b. Jan. 18. Same parents 

Nov. 14. 

March 26. 
Feb. 19. 

April 14. 

Nov. 18. 

April 20. 

Feb. 6. 

April 25. 

Dec. 19. 

John Romer 
Catharine Rachel 

Lewis, his wife 
Lewis Cave of N. 

Emeline Wood, his 

Samuel Coddington 
Catharine J a cob - 

son, his wife 

Theodore In min. Dwelling 

Mary Eliza- Bp. at a Wedding 

beth party at gr.-father's 


Fanny Ann At same time & place 

Mary Eliza- In the West quarter 

Catharine In parents' dwelling 
Juliette at New York 

Cornelius At same time as above 

William At Capt. Corn. Van- 
Harrison derbilt's, N. York 

William Same as above 

Jacob Hand Same as above 

Emeline At Peter Dorsett's 

Caroline, In Min.'s dwelling 
1st ch. 

Samuel In parents' house 


Isaac Swift 
Eliza Bodine, his 

Thus far Record is by 
(To be 


Br. Hartman, 3 May, 1837. 

1907.] Inscriptions in Milltown Cemetery, Southeast, N.Y. 273 


Copied by Emma J. Foster and Julia R. Livingston. 

Milltown is the name of a locality on the Croton River near 
the middle of the Oblong, and adjoining Doanesburg in Putnam 
(formerly Dutchess) County, N. Y., and took its name from mills 
built on the Croton at this point, before the Revolution. Its 
early settlers were members of Rev. Elisha Kent's church at 
Doanesburg, then East Philippi, and some of them are buried 
there. They were the Halls, the Cranes, the Sears, the Weeds, 
etc. Charles Cullen, who married Lucy, daughter of Rev. Elisha 
Kent, in 1773, had a house and store at Milltown, where at a later 
date Capt. Ichabod Doolittle kept a tavern, a favorite resort for 
travellers to and from Danbury. 

In the Milltown burying-ground are found the same names 
and representatives of the same families as are found in Doanes- 

The inscriptions given below include all those before i860, 
except it may be in the case of a husband and wife when the 
more recent dates are given. E. J. F. 

Allerton, Elder Reuben, d. Jan. 28, 1832, JE. 44 years. 
Ankrom, Elizabeth, Born Jan. 13, 181 1. Died May 6, 1850. 
Ball, Wait, b. August 14, 1793, d. July 29, 1825. 

Harriett, wife of Wait Ball, b. July 29, 1797, d. Aug. 20, i860. 
Baker, Josiah, d. April 12, 1847, aged 81 yrs., 8 mo., 14 ds. 
Bailey, Samuel, d. Nov. 14, 1848, aged 57 yrs., 1 mo., & 23 ds. 
Baldwin, Thomas H., son of Thomas & Sally Baldwin, d. May 21, 
1846, in the ^^ yr. of his age. 
Sally, wife of Thomas Baldwin, d. Jan. 19, 1822, aged 39 yrs. 
George, son of Thomas & Esther Baldwin, d. Aug. 21, 1832, 
aged 8 yrs. & 11 mo. 
Blauvelt, Mary Esther, wife of John Blauvelt, d. Apr. 23, 1849, 
aged 23 yrs., 7 mo. & 14 ds. 
Catherine A., dau. of Nathaniel W.& Abigail Blauvelt, d. Sept. 

15, 1848, JE. 2 yrs., 1 mo. 
Hamilton, d. June 20, 1848, JE. 22 yrs., 3 mo. & 19 ds. 
Deborah Ann, wife of John C. Blauvelt, d. Aug. 7, 1843, aged 

27 years. 
Ann Eliza, dau. of John C. & Deborah Ann Blauvelt, d. Apr. 
22, 1845, aged 6 yrs., 2 mo. & 9 ds. 
Bouton, Jared, d. March 4, 1824, aged 44 yrs. 

Abigail, Mrs., wife of Mr. Jared Boughton, d. June 1, 1821, 

aged 39 yrs. 
Jenett, wife of William Bouton, d. Dec. 7, 1844, aged 26 yrs. 
Brown, Robert, d. Nov. 21, 1841, aged 82 yrs. 

Jane, wife of Robert Brown, d. April 23, 1840, aged 71 yrs. 

2 74 Inscriptions in Milltown Cemetery, Southeast, N. Y. [Oct., 

Canfield, John, d. Nov. 25, 1850, aged 15 yrs. 

Cole, Minerva, dau. of Timothy & Eliza Cole, d. Apr. 19, 1849, 

aged 28 yrs., 2 mo. & 4 ds. 
Mary, dau. of Timothy & Eliza Cole, d. March 20, 1838, aged 

22 yrs., 11 mo. & 12 ds. 
Cornell, Ann, dau. of Moses & Dinah Cornell, d. in 1839, aged 1 2 yrs. 
Couch, Jonathan, d. July 4, 1845, aged 68 yrs. 

Betsey, wife of Jonathan Couch, d. Nov. 22, 1861, aged 73 

yrs. & 7 mo. 
John A., son of Jonathan & Betsey Couch, d. July 21, 1839, 

aged 8 yrs., 10 mo. & 9 ds. 
Esther, wife of Jonathan Couch, d. May 13, 1819, aged 43 yrs. 
Crane, Walter Clark, son of Oliver & Maria Crane, b. in New 

York, Feb. 29. 1852, d. Feb. 8, 1855. 
Susan, dau. of Josiah & Keziah Crane, d. Apr. 26, 18 14, aged 

10 yrs. 
Sally B., d. June 1, 1816, aged 25 yrs. 
*Jonathan, d. Aug. 27, 1834, in the 88 year of his age. 
Bethiah, relict of Jonathan Crane, d. May 14, 1839, in the 88 

year of her age. 
*Joseph, Doct, d. Nov. 28, 1825, JE. 76 yrs. & 10 mo. 
Aner, wife of Joseph Crane, Esq., who on the 7 day of April, 

1807, and in the 48 year of her age, died in the full faith of 

a Joyful Resurrection through Jesus Christ. 
Harriet, wife of Elijah Crane, d. Apr. 23, 1825, aged 22 years. 
Keziah, wife of Josiah Crane, d. Apr. 20, 1849, in the 74 year 

of her age. 
Josiah, d. Nov. 28, 1842, in the 70 year of his age. 
Crance, Joel H., son of James & Hannah Crance, d. Nov. 13, 1820, 

aged 2 yrs. & 8 mo. 
Crawford, John, d. May 13, 1843, aged 52 yrs., 1 mo. & 18 ds. 

Hannah A., wife of John Crawford, d. March 8, 1872, aged 

66 yrs. 
William, d. Jan. 19, 1829, in the 69 year of his age. 
Sarah, wife of William Crawford, d. Nov. 3, 1828, in the 58 

year of her age. 
Crosby, Isaac, d. Feb. 17, 1815, in the 97 year of his age. 

Thankful, wife of Isaac Crosby, d. Feb. 19, 1815, in the 87 

year of her age. 
Solomon, d. March 16, 1816, in the 66 year of his age. 
Elizabeth, wife of Solomon Crosby, d. May 12, 181 8, in the 66 

yr. of her age. 
Isaac, Col., d. Nov. 22, 1829, in the 46 year of his age. 
Polly, wife of Isaac Crosby, d. June 18, 1842, in the 59 year 

of her age. 

* Jonathan Crane and Dr. Joseph Crane were brothers and members of the famous Crane 
family of Dutchess (now Putnam) County. Their grandfather, Joseph Crane of Southeast, was 
80 years old at the breaking out of the Revolution. " His 8 children were all living and heds of 
families, had many grand children and great-grand children, and not an individual that had 
arrived to years of understanding but what took an active part in the American cause." Dr. 
Joseph Crane was Surgeon in 3d Reg. Dutchess Co. Militia, and also served in other capacities. 
His Brother Jonathan was one of the foremost men of the County during the Revolution. He 
was at the battle of Ridgefield, Conn., and also at White Plains. Jonathan married Bethiah, 
daughter of Thomas and Bethiah (Paddock) Baldwin. Joseph married (1) Rosanna Cock of Long 
Island; married (2) Aner, daughter of Capt. Hackal'iah and Abigail (Halstead) Brown of Somers. 

1907.] Inscriptions in Milltown Cemetery, Southeast, N.Y. 275 

Crosby, Alfred, d. July 21, 1831, aged 44 yrs. & 4 mo. 

Charlotte, wife of Alfred Crosby, d. Feb. 1, 1826, M. 31 yrs. 
Mary, dau. of Alfred & Charlotte Crosby, d. May 29, 1833, 

aged 14 yrs. & 2 mo. 
James C, son of Stephen & Lydia Crosby, d. March, 1821, 

aged 2 yrs., 9 mo. & 3 ds. 
Hart, son of Stephen & Lydia Crosby, d. March 9, 1827, aged 

23 yrs. 
Stephen, d. Apr. 10, 185 1, aged 73 yrs. & 26 ds. 
Lydia, wife of Stephen Crosby, d. July 3, 1867, aged 87 yrs. 

& 6 mo. 
Sylvanus, d. Apr. 29, 1814, in his 45 year. 
Willis, son of Hart & Annette Crosby, d. March 4, 1852, aged 

2 yrs. & 5 mo. 
Amanda M , dau. of Thomas & Caroline C. Crosby, d. Feb. 

29, 1856, aged 14 yrs. 
William S., d. Sept. 7, 1831, in the 40 year of his age. 
Thoma's, d. Feb. 16, 1844, aged 76 yrs. & 1 mo. 
Hannah, wife of Thomas Crosby, d. Feb. 24, 1853, aged 83 

yrs. & 19 ds. 
Thomas, d. Apr. 30, 1855, aged 46 yrs. & 8 mo. 
Caroline C, wife of Thomas Crosby, d. July 31, 1847, aged 35 

yrs., 5 mo. & 26 ds. 
Marilda, wife of William S. Crosby, d. Oct. 24, 187 1, aged 81 

yrs., 8 mo. & 23 ds. 
Abner, son of Thomas & Hannah Crosby, d. March 19, 181 1, 

aged 16 yrs., 6 mo., & 24 ds. 
Judson, d. June 3, 1837, aged 49 yrs. 
Thomas, son of Judson & Polly Crosby, d. Sept. 1, 181 8, aged 

2 yrs., 9 mo. & 10 ds. 
Davis, Gilbert R., son of Richard & Roxanna Davis, d. Feb. 21, 

1847, aged 13 yrs., 2 mo. & 21 ds. 
DeForest, David L., d. Nov. 26, 1819, aged 57 yrs. 
Archibald, Capt., d. May 13, 1819, aged 32 yrs. 
Sally, relict of Capt. Archibald DeForest, d. Aug. 3, 1861, 

aged 68 yrs., 9 mo. & 21 ds. 
Sarah, wife of David L. DeForest, d. July 2-8, 1822, aged 

56 yrs. 
Benjamin, d. March 5, 1835, aged 38 yrs. 
Lydia, wife of Benjamin DeForest, d. Dec. 18, 1872, aged 70 

yrs., 1 1 mo. & 4 ds. 
Doan, Elizabeth, wife of Lewis Doan, d. Sept. 24, 1835, in the 24 

yr. of her age. Also an infant dau. of Lewis & Elizabeth 

Doan, d. 1835, aged 2 mo. & 23 ds. 
Doolittle, Ichabod, Capt., d. Dec. 17, 1806, in the 76 year of his 

Deborah, wife of Capt. Ichabod Doolittle, d. Apr. 21, 1820, in 

the 93 year of her age. 
Phineas, d. July 25, 1814, in the 57 year of his age. 
Sarah, wife of Phineas Doolittle, d. Dec. 20, 1817, in the 55 

year of her age. 

2 j6 Inscriptions in Milltown Cemetery, Southeast, N. Y. [Oct., 

Doolittle, Hart B., d. Sep. 28, 1826, in the 27 year of his age. 

Caroline, wife of Hart B. Doolittle, d. Jan. 19, 1827, in the 23 

year of her age. 
Deborah, d. Oct. 3, 1826, in the 29 year of her age. 
Olive B., d. Apr. 1, 1842, in the 17 year of her age. 
Elwell, Joshua, d. May 5, 1838, aged 46 yrs., 8 mo. & 4 ds. 
Joel, d. July 2, 1848, JE. 26 yrs., 9 mo. & 22 ds. 
Joseph, son of John & Clarissa Elwell, d. July 17, 1845, aged 

17 yrs. & 10 mo. 
Henrietta Leake, wife of David Elwell, d. March 18, 1859, 
aged 21 yrs,, 6 mo. & 6 ds. 
Fuller, Ruth, widow of Josiah Fuller, d. July 9, 1848, aged 84 yrs. 
Foster, Frances Ann, dau. of Ebenezer & Frances Foster, d. Oct. 
21, 1830, in the 8 yr. of her age. 
Theodore S., d. 10th of May, A.D., 1849, in the 22 year of his 

Frances Ann, Born May 15, 1823, died Oct. 21, 1839. 
Fry, Hiram Paddock, son of Henry J. and Charity A. Fry, d. Nov. 
29, 1848, aged 2 yrs., 8 mo. & 12 ds. 
Ellen, dau. of Henry J. & Charity A. Fry, d. Aug. 27, 1844, 
aged 11 mo. & 13 ds. 
Gage, Sylvanus, Mr., & Elizabeth his wife, he d. March 13, 1814, 
aged 62 yrs., she d. March 17, 1814, aged 43 years. 
Elihu, d. June 6, 183 1, JE. 58 yrs. 

Elizabeth, wife of Elihu Gage, d. Apr. 24, 1838, aged 64 yrs., 
2 mo. & 18 ds. 
Canung, Robert, d. Nov. 12, 1837, aged 55 yrs., 6 mo. & 12 ds. 
Gregory, Betsey, dau. of Abraham & Dolly Gregory, d. May 6, 

1825, aged 14 yrs. 
Green, Nathan, d. Oct. 22, 1821, aged 86. 
Griffeth, Thirza E., d. Aug. 1, 1833, aged 25 yrs. 
Hall, David, d. Nov. 17, 1830, in the 75 year of his age. 

Lydia, wife of David Hall, d. March 25, 1856, in the 93 year 

of her age. 
Patience, wife of Morten Hall, d. March 11, 1828, aged 83 

Morten, d. Feb. 27, 1818, in the 75 year of his age. 
Samuel, d. Nov. 3, 18 14, aged 75 years. 

Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Hall, departed this life March 20, 
1832, aged 82 years. 
Hanford, Electa Malvina, dau. of John & Rhoda Hanford, d. 

Dec. 11, 1839, aged 11 mo. & 21 ds. 
Heanes, Olive, dau. of Daniel & Mary Heanes, d. June 16, 1830, 

aged 12 yrs., 8 mo. & 8 ds. 
Hine, James, d. Feb. 2, 1831, JE. 65. 
James B., d. Aug. 27, 1833, JE. 25. 
George B., d. in North Carolina, Sep. 16, 1833, JE. 21. 
Charles, d. Dec. 24, 1846, aged 80 yrs. & 3 mo. 
Anna, wife of Charles Hine, d. July 29, 1838, aged 67 yrs., 8 

mo. & 21 ds. 
Jeremiah, d. Aug. 24, 1838, aged 43 yrs., 6 mo. & 28 ds. 

1907.] Inscriptions in Milltown Cemetery, Southeast, N. Y. 277 

Hine, Ira W., son of Jeremiah & Zilla Hine, d. Sept. 1, 1841, JE. 

3 yrs., 4 mo. & 15 ds. 
Higgins, Enoch, d. March 22, 1814, aged 30. 

Martha^ wife of Seth Higgins, d. April 22, 1821,^. 47 Y rs - 
Howes, Samuel, d. Nov. 23, 18 15, aged 46 yrs. 

Ward, son of Joseph & Polly Howes, d. Aug. 3, 1845, aged 35 

yrs., 5 mo. & 11 ds. 
Lewis O., son of Lewis & Sally Howes, d. Apr. 20, 1827, aged 

1 yr., 5 mo. & 11 ds. 
Joseph, d. Dec. 17, 1848, aged 65 yrs. 
Polly, wife of Joseph Howes, d. March 6, i860, aged 68 yrs. 

& 10 mo. 
Moody, d. May 18, 1827, aged 75 yrs. 

Esther, wife of Moody Howes, d. Sept 26, 1823, aged 67 yrs. 
Ruhamah, wife of Daniel Howes, d. March 19, 1864, aged 

91 yrs. 
Fanny, dau. of Jacob O. & Maria Howes, d. Mar. 8, 1847, 

aged 4 yrs., 9 mo. & 19 ds. 
Viletta, dau. of Nathan A. & Clarissa Howes, d. March 3, 

1828, aged 2 yrs., 1 mo. & 19 ds. 
An infant son of Nathan A. & Clarissa Howes, d. Feb. 14, 

1840, aged 7 ds. 
Lydia A., second dau. of Nathan A. & Clarissa Howes, d. 

Oct. 17, 1843, aged 22 yrs., 7 m. & 2 ds. 
Henry M., son of Nathan A. & Clarissa Howes, d. Nov. 12, 

1843, aged 6 yrs., 6 mo. & 12 ds. 
Moodey, d. April 9, 1806, in the 82 year of his age. 
Sarah, wife of Moodey Howes, d. Jan. 19, 181 5, aged 83 yrs. 
Daniel M., d. Dec. 4, 1830, JE. 25 yrs., 8 mo. & 8 ds. 
Vilette, dau. of Daniel & Ruhamah Howes, d. Apr. 17, 1825, 

aged 24 yrs. 
Daniel, d. Feb. 4, 1824, in the 61 year of his age. 
Hopkins, Sarah Jane, dau. of Eli & Mary Hopkins, d. Apr. 14, 

1838, aged 5 mo. & 20 ds. 

Hoyt, Asa, d. July 31, 183 1, in the 60 year of his age. 

Lucy, dau. of Pardy & Nancy Hoyt, d. Sept. 20, 1832, aged 4 
yrs., 2 mo. & 3 ds. 
Hubbell, Sarah, wife of Andrew Hubbell, d. Aug. 2, 1866, aged 
84 yrs., 6 mo. & 7 ds. 
Andrew, d. Dec. 21, 1843, aged 63 yrs., 11 mo. & 26 ds. 
Jackson, David, d. March 31, 1830, aged 64 yrs. & 3 mo. 
Charles C, d. Aug. 12, 183 1, in the 5s y ear of his a g e - 
Ann, wife of Charles C. Jackson, d. Oct. 21, 1859, JE. 61 yrs., 

7 mo. & 10 ds. 
Charlotte, wife of David Jackson, d. Apr. 11, 1808, aged 
28 yrs. - 
Jarvis, Eveline, wife of Jeffrey Jarvis, d. Aug. 23, 1844, aged 42 

yrs., 8 mo. & 4 ds. 
Kelley, Jane, wife of Abner Kelley, d. Oct. 6, 1850, JE. 37 yrs., 7 

mo. & 20 ds. 
Marsh, Edward H., son of Horace & Fanny Marsh, d. Apr. 9, 

1839, aged 9 mo. & 10 ds. 

( To be continued.) 


Vital Records of Christ's Church at Rye, New York. 



Communicated by Thomas T. Sherman, Esq., of Rye, N. Y. 














— . 





















(Continued from Vol. XXXVIII., p. 213, of the Record.) 

Revd. Elias Cooper, Rector of St. Philips Church, 

Mr. Isaac Purdy of the White Plains. 
Mr. Job Hadden. 
Jack Budd. 

Mr. Samuel Parks, son of Mr. Roger Parks. 
Mr. Lampson, brought from New York. 
Mr. Thomas Theal from West Street. 
Departed this life Mrs. Mary, the wife of the Rev d 

Samuel Haskell, Rector of Christ Church, Rye. 
The daughter of Mr. William Brown & wife. 
Old Mr. Elijah Purdy of White Plains. 
Mr. Stephen Stokam. 
Mrs. Theal, the wife of Mr. Tho 8 . Theal, Jun r . 

Timothy Park, son of Mr. Roger Park. 
A Miss Merrit. 

A child of Mr. Dusenbury brought from New York. 
Mrs. Budd brought from New York. 
Mr. Nehemiah Merrit. 
Mr. Robert Stevenson, late from Scotland. 
Thomas Park, son of Mr. Roger Park. 
Mrs. Hains, wife of Mr. Peter Hains. 

Julia, daughter of Doct r . McDonald & wife. 
Mrs. Sniffin. 

Mrs. Mackey of New York. 
Mrs. Purdy, wife of Mr. Henry Purdy. 
Seaman Vansicklin. 

Mr. Alexander McDonald of White Plains. 
Mr. Abraham Theal. 
Mr. Jonathan Gidney, brought from New York. 

A child of Mr. Tilford & wife. 
A child of Mr. Seaman Wicks & wife. 
Mr. Walter Davis of Byram. 

Mr. Nathaniel Isenhart, brought from New York. 
Mr. John Haight of North Street. 
Mr. Christopher Isenhart of New York. 

1907.] Vital Records of Christ's Church at Rye, New York. 2 Jq 


June 1. Mr. Joseph Strang of the Sawpits. 

July 29. A child of Mr. William Gidney & wife. 

A child of Mr. George Hains & wife. 

Aug. 29. A child of Mr. Elijah Guion & wife of New York. 

Sept. 7. Doct r . Clark Sanford of Greenwich, Con u . 

19. Old Mrs. Hunt of Goodly memory, Aged 82 yrs. 
Oct. 8. A child of Mr. Thomas Halsted & wife. 

20. Mr. Edward Delancey, son of J. P. Delancey. Esqr., & 


25. Mr. James Lyon. 

A child of Mr. Thomas Halsted & wife. 
Nov. 9. Attended the funeral of Mrs. Maria, wife of Mr. 
Hackaliah Brown, who was carried to New York 
& Buried from her Father's house Mr. James C. 
27. A son of Mr. David Hains & wife of New York. 

Feb. 9. Miss Margaret Brown. 

Mrs. Craft of New York. 
18. A child of Mr. William Bulkly & wife. 
22. Mr. William Horton of White Plains. 

24. Mr. Gershum Bulkley. 
March 2. Mr. Jonathan Lyon. 

May 8. Mrs. Delancey, wife of John P. Delancey, Esq. 

July 23. Mr. Gilbert Carpenter. 

26. Keziah, daughter of Mr. Gershum Bulkley. 
Dec. 29. Major Gilbert Brown. 

Feb. 5. A grandchild of Mr. Jonathan Merrit, Sawpits, 
Mr. John Merrit of Harrison. 
Mr. Jonathan Merrit of the Sawpits. 
Old Mr. Samuel Purdy. 
July 30. Mrs. Kennady, wife of Mr. Robert Kennady. 
31. Mr. Mathias Hains, aged 74 years. 
Old Mrs. Hawkins, aged 79 years. 
Aug. 3. A child of Mr. Samuel Haverland. 
Sept. 3. Miss Budd, daughter of Mr. John Budd & wife. 

25. Elijah Budd, son of Mr. John Budd & wife. 
Oct. 4. Mr. Burgher from New York. 

5. Mr. John Budd. 

6. Mrs. Mead, wife of Mr. Martin Mead, Sawpits. 

17. Mr. John Theal of Rye. 

22. Miss Betsey Ann, daughter of Mr. Elijah Purdy. 

Nov. 1. Old Mrs. Gidney. 

18. Mr. Peter Hains of Rye Neck. 
Dec. 12. Mr. Joshua Purdy of Rye. 

13. A child of the widow Merrit of Sawpits. 

14. A child of Mr. Naff of the Sawpits. 

2 SO 

Vital Records of Christ's Church at Rye, New York. 




























2 3- 


















A child of Mr. James Vassals & wife of White Plains. 
Mr. James Gray of New York. 
Mrs. Hains, widow of Matthias Hains, deceased. 
Mr. Daniel Strang of Rye, aged 96 years. 
Lavinia, daughter of Mr. John Purdy & wife. 
Mr. Arch ld McDonald at White Plains. 
A child of Mr. John Vansicklin & wife. 
Old Mrs. Hadden of Rye Neck. 
A child of Mr. Thomas Clark & wife. 
Mrs. Purdy, the wife of Mr. John Purdy. 
Miss Susan Hadden. 
Mrs. Brown, the wife of Mr. William Brown. 

Mr. James Gidney from New York. 
Mr. William Carihart. 

Old Mrs. Purdy, the widow of Moses Purdy. 
Miss Purdy, the daughter of Mr. Israel Purdy & wife 

of New York. 
Mrs. Gilbert Horton of Mamaroneck. 
Mrs. Parks, granddaughter of Joseph Parks, Esq. 
A daughter of Mr. Daniel Haight & wife of Philips 

A child of Mr. Joseph Lawrence & wife. 
A grandchild of Mr. Benj a . Hawkins. 
Mr. John Lawrence. 
Mr. Bartholomew Hadden. 
A man of colour. 
Mrs. Reymond of Peekskill. 
Mrs. Caneworthy, wife Thomas Caneworthy. 
Mr. Caleb Hains, brought from New York. 

A child of Mr. Elijah Hains from N. Y. 
Mr. Roger Sniffin. 

By the Rev. William Thompson, who took the Rectorship of 
Christ's Church, Rye, Oct. 1, 1823. 

June 27. Ann Emily, daughter of the Rev. Wm. Thompson 
and Mary H. Thompson. 

May 1. James Armour, son of Michael & Susan Moore. 

15. Emily, daughter of James & Lydia Hope. 
Feb. 8. Marg\ Thompson, daughter of Thos. & Martha 
Mary Britton, Daughter of Alex. & Marg 1 . Thomp- 
son, both of New York. 

1907.] Vital Records of Christ's Church at Rye New York. 


March 20. 

June 5. 

Aug. 21. 

Nov. 12. 

Feb. 1. 
June 22. 

July 28. 

Sept. 12. 
Oct. 14. 

Dec. 7. 


April 4. 

June 23. 
















Newbery Deavenport, New Rochell, aged 84. 

Fanny Kirryhart, Rye, aged 70. 

Fredrich Augustus, son of George & Sarah Cory, 

New York. 
Jane Hide, daughter of the Rev d . Wm. & Mary H. 

Thompson, by the Rev d . L. Carter. 

Gloriana, daughter of Saml. & Margt. Purdy. 
Samuel Armour, son of Michael & Susan Moore. 


Anna Matilda, daughter of Edward L. & Matilda 

Parsons, New York. 
Wm. Lawson, son of the Rev d . Lawson Carter & Mary 

Carter, New Rochelle. 
Daniel Howell, son of Howell & Mariah Clark, Rye. 
Sarah, daughter of Wm. & Elizabeth Bush, King St. 
Francis, daughter of Wm. & Eliza. Bush, do. 
Ann Cochran, daughter of Wm. & Miria Carnie. 


Jane Lyon, daughter of Sam 1 . & Lyon (adult). 

William (a coloured man). 

Mary Park, wife of Daniel Park. 

Ann Park (sister of Mary Park, adult). 

Maria Louise, daughter of H. & Maria Clark. 


Peter Meakings to Jane B. Hide, New York. 

Samuel B. Ferris(?) of New York to Hetty Guion 
Rye Neck. 

Corn 1 . Seacord, New Rochell, to Maria Holmes of 
New Rochell, in presence of Mrs. Arminca Roberts 
of Rye Neck & Mrs. Hide of New York. 

James Hope to Lydia Freeland, both of Mamaroneck. 

And w . Burnet, New York, to Mary Bowden of Mama- 

James Burger, West St., to Catherine Hains, do. 

Wm. to Hannah, Black couple. 

George W. Taylor to Eliza Meade, both of Stamford. 

Edw. Larkings to Mary Ann Bell do. 

James Stebbins, New York, to Milicent Brown, Rye 

Wm. A. Weed to Mary Bell of Stamford. 

Moses Woolsey to Mary Homestead, Greenwich. 
Archb 1 . Tilford to Hannah Jane Gidney of Rye. 
Wm. Garven to Cornelia Anderson, both of Mama- 
Jessey Burger to Hariot Gidney, both of Rye Neck. 


Vital Records of Christ's Church at Rye, New York. 






r 3 



























l 5- 





2 5- 








2 5- 






1 1. 





Joel Loveridge to Cath n . Webb, both of Stamford. 
Wm. Lockwood to Sirah Ann Daskem, both of do. 
Thos. Kinworthy, Maria Beats, both of Stamford. 
Wm. Willis & Ann Simmons, both of Mama. 
John to Maria, a black couple. 
John Pilgrim to Lucy Ann Whitmore, Bridgeport, 

James Bird to Sirah Travis, Rye. 
Felix Duffey to Martha Read, Mamaroneck. 
James Townsend to Grace Bush, both of Stamford 

(black couple). 
Al va Williamson, Newburgh, to Sarah Theal, North St. 
Peter Haviland to Mary Disbrow, both of Harrison. 
Gilbert Miller to Martha Clark, both of Saw Pits. 
Ann Roger, Cuffy Brown (black couple). 
James Lawrence to Ophelia Dean, White Plains & 

Thos. Woodward to Mary Seely of New Rochell & 



Charles Tilford to Ann Hains Bown, both of Har- 

Morgan Richards to Armania Theall of Mamar. 

Nielson Merritt to Mary Crawford of Saw-pit. 

John Willis to Sarah Lawrence of Mamaroneck. 

John Pike to Lucretia Moss of Sawpit. 

Thos. Lord to Hannah F. Crawford, Whiteplains. 

Warren Wm. Selleck to Debora Peck, Horse Neck. 

John Plant to Angelina Beck of Bradford, Conn. 

Rich d . Hatfield Woods (Plains) to Ann Maria Mor- 
gan, Rye Neck. 

James . 

Jeffrey to Hester Ann, black couple. 

Bartholomew Gidney to Eliza Landrine, Rye Neck. 

James Combs to Mary Weed, both of Stamford. 
Edw d . Parsons, New York, to Matilda Clark, Rye. 
John Stetson to Susan Roberts of Mamaroneck. 
Jesse Donaldson to Eliza Brundage of Mamaroneck. 
John Agars(?) to Eliza How(?) of Rye Neck. 
David Provoost, New York, to Sarah Cropsey, New- 
David Gray, New York, to Eliza Alertson, Newburgh. 
Isaac Morse to Ann Dusenbury of Gracious St., Rye. 
Alex. Farmer to Hannah Merritt, Harrison. 
Benjn. C. Watson to Sally Ann Park, Harrison. 
Joseph Gendell to Mary Lee. 
James Gilmore to Clarissa Smith. 
Peter Guion to Amy Brown, both of Rye Neck. 


Vital Records of Christ's Church at Rye, New York. 


Jan. 27. 
Feb. 9. 
March — . 

Allen Shearwood to 









Jan. — 
March 16 






2 5- 

March 8. 

June 8. 

Sept. 10. 

Oct. 11. 




May 21. 
June 18. 


Aug. 4- 

March 24. 

Dec. 3. 


Feb. 21. 

April 12. 
May 16. 

Peter to Hannah (a black couple). 

Winthrop Winchester to Hannah Elizabeth Corker 
of Norwich and Norwalk. 

James Horton to Jane Marshal(?), both of Millbrook. 

Wm. Dobson to Farrow both of Mamaroneck. 

Thos. Roberts, Marg 1 . Elcock(?), both of do. 

James Wetmore to Pheobe Wetmore, Rye. 

Abrm. St. John to Catherine Sniffer, Norwalk. 

Jotham Simmons to Emily Chapman, Mamaroneck. 

Thos. Hart to S. Budd (a black couple). 

Edwd. Seaman to Emeline Hains both of Mama- 


Mr. Merrit, Gracious St. 

Mrs. Wilcocks, a stranger, Grace St. 

Carolina, daughter of Ab m . & Polly Guion. 
Mrs. Mary Jay, Rye Neck. 
Samuel Purdy, King St. 
Mrs. Prud. Horton, West St. 
Mr. Gilbert Miller, Saw pit. 

Patrick , Gracious St. 

, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Parmly. 

Mrs. Francis, Saw Pit. 

Mr. Thomas Brown, Rye (in his 86 year). 
Mrs. Bird, Gracious St., aged 10 1. 
Mrs. McCollum, Gracious St. 
Mr. Wallace, Saw Pit. 


Underhill Lyon, Saw Pit. 
Thomas Kennedy, Purchase. 
Israel Simmons, Rye, aged 88. 

, child of Ezra Whitmore. 

Hewsted Park, purchase. 
Ann Purdy, Rye Neck. 
Fanny Kirryhart, North St. 
David Haines, West St. 

, child of Mr. Meade, Rye. 

Mrs. Armour (in her 90th year), Gracious St. 
Mrs. Taylor, Rye. 

Josiah Theal, Rye Neck. 
Ellison(?), Rye Neck. 

Mrs. Strang, King St. 
Sylvanious Merritt, Grace Ch. 


284 Yellis Jansen de Mandeville and Some of His Descendants. [Oct. 




I 5- 
















2 5- 
















Mrs. Dusenbury from New York. 
Capt n . Mount, Rye. 

, West St. 

Child of Mr. Jas. Moor, N. Y. 

Mary , West St. 

Mr. Parsons, N. Y. 
Michael Moore, Gracious St. 

Peter F. Hart of New York. 
John T. Hastings, Rye. 

Daniel Howell Clark, Infant son of H. Clark. 
Josiah Penfild, Rye. 

Mrs. Strang, Rye (mother of Wm. Strang). 

Eliza Strang, daughter of Wm. Strang, Rye. 

Wm. Strang, Rye. 
Mr. Burt, Rye. 
Gilbert Theal, Rye. 
Mrs. Bird, Gracious St. 
Mrs. Park, Purchase. 
Mr. Haviland, back St. 
Widdow Merritt, Gracious St. 
Jane Lyon, Hogpen ridge. 
William (a black man). 





Contributed by Lucy Dubois Akerly. 

1. Yellis 1 Jansen de Mandeville,* the founder of the family 
in this country is traced as early as 1657 at Voorthuizen, a village 
near Garderen in Holland. His father's name was Jan, perhaps 
that Jan Jansen who in 1627 was Candidate at the Reformed 
Church at Koolwyck, also near Garderen, and died at the latter 
place in 1657. 

The Garderen Marriage and Baptismal Registers before 1664, 
are unfortunately lost, but there is a tombstone in the ancient 

* In English Giles, variously spelled Yellis, Gellis, lilies or Jillis, in the 
public records and elsewhere. 

The name de Mandeville, also written Magnavilla, Magnavil, Mannueile, 
Mauneville, signifying of, or from the great town, originated in Normandy, 
and is one of considerable antiquity. Mandeviel is a frequent appellation in 
the Low Countries, and this spelling is usual in the early Dutch Records in 

1907.] Yellis Jansen de Mandeville and Some of His Descendants. 285 

church there, mostly unintelligible, to a younger son of the de 
Mandeville family who died 14 Oct., 165-. 

Yellis de Mandeville came to America in the de Trouw {Faith), 
12 Feb., 1659, with his "wife and four children of 1%, 5, 6 and 9 
years." The children's names are not given, and Yellis is called 
Gilles Jansen Van Garder. (Garderen in the Veluwe, Guelder- 
land, Holland.) 

He paid fso for the passage of his wife and himself, and fio 
for each child; or 90 guilders in all.* 

The name of Gillis de Mandeivile on the original list of the 
vessel Moesman, in April, 1659, indicates that he was not a 
passenger, but only a debtor to the Dutch West India Company, 
for a small sum advanced by them.f 

Yellis probably lived for a time somewhere on Long Island. 
Two of his children were from New Amersfoort (Flatlands). 
He was perhaps that Gilles Jansen rated there in Sept., 1676, for 
10 morgens of land, etc. \ 

Riker states that Yellis de Mandeville bought a farm at 
Flatbush (probably the land in the jurisdiction of Hempstead, 
valued above all his other possessions, devised by will to his son 
Hendrick), and received afterwards a grant of 30 acres at Green- 
wich, N. Y., laid out 5 Dec, 1679; patented 30 Dec, 1680. 

No lands granted or sold to Yellis de Mandeville are recorded 
in the Flatbush Records, but many Dutch Patents and Indian 
Deeds were destroyed or sent to England after 1664. 

No New Amsterdam Records mention him, but we find Gilles 
Janszen Mandiviel and his wife Elsje Hendricx as members of 
the New York Dutch Church, 31 May, 1677, and Jillis, Elsje and 
Grietie Mandeviel living above the ancient pond Kalch-hock 
in i686.§ 

The Mandeville estate extended from below 14th street to 
2 1 st street, though not parallel to either, and from the Hudson 
River to Warren Road. This part of Manhattan Island was 
known as Greenwich, Sappokaniken, Shappanaconk, or New 

Yellis sold to David Mandeville, doubtless his son, on 14 May, 
1700, 53 morgens of land (126 acres), including the Greenwich 
bowery then occupied by the said David Mandeville, and ap- 
parently meadows on the west side of the Hudson River. The 
land was particularly described in a grant from Governor Nicholls, 
and in a deed of Johannes Vanbroughen and Jacob Veranger to 
Jacob Vandegrift; the latter sold the same to Yellis Mandeville, 
2 June, 1679.ll 

Yellis and his wife were sponsors at a baptism, 16 March, 1701, 
and his will was proved 22 May, following, by his widow. 

This will, dated 15 Sept., 1696, signed Yeelise de Mandville, 
mentions all his children, eldest son Hendrick, son David, daus. 

* Folio 15, Pass. N. N. Col. Mss., XIV, 88. 

| Year Book of Holland Soc, 1902. 

t N Y. Dutch Church Afar., I, 61, 93; Doc. Hist, of New York. 

% Record, IX, 162; Valentine's Hist, of City of New York, and map. 

|| Deed of Jullius and Elsie Mandeville, N. Y. Deeds. 

286 Yellis Jansen de Mandeville and Some of His Descendants. [Oct., 

Tryntje, now wife of Cornells Jansen de Seenn; Aeltie, now wife 
of Lowren Johnsen; Gerritie, now wife of Pieter Meet; Griettie, 
now wife of John Meet. Elsie, his wife, to be sole executrix, 
after her death their sons Hendrick and David. The original 
will may befound in the Surrogate's Office in New York City. 
The signature only is in Mr. Mandeville's handwriting, and bears 
an unidentified heraldic seal.* 

The names of Yellis's children as transcribed in Liber II, 108, 
N. Y. Wills, contain several mistakes, repeated in the published 
Wills of the N. Y. Historical Society, and elsewhere. Issue: 

2 i. Hendrick, 2 prob.b. in Guilderland, Holland, about 1650; 

see beyond. 

3 ii. David, prob. b. in American; see beyond. 

iii. Tryntje (Catherine), prob. b. in Holland, about 1652-3, 
doubtless the eldest daughter. Her husband, from 
Alkmar, Holland, called Cornells Jansen de Seenn by 
her father, was doubtless Cornells Jansse Seeu, who 
took the Oath of Allegiance at Flatbush, Sept., 1687, 
having been here 27 years. In the Otter in which he 
crossed the Atlantic, Feb., 1659, and at the baptisms 
of some of his children, he figures as Cornells Jansen 
Van der Veer, or from the ferry. He was landowner, 
magistrate and patentee at Flatbush. Children: 
Cornells; 8 Neeltje, m. 13 Aug., 1658, Daniel Polhemus; 
Dominicus, bap. 16 Nov., 1679; Jan; Maria, bap. 30 
July, 1682; Hendrickje, bap. 27 Aug., 1684; Jacoba, 
bap. 9 April, 1686; and pern. Jacobus and Michael. f 

iv. Aeltje (Elsie), m. Laurens Jansen de Camp. They 
were members of the Dutch Church in New Utrecht 
in 1677, and after 1687 removed to Staten Island, 
N. Y. For their children: Joannes, bap. 2 April, 
1677, sponsors Joannes Gillisz and Tryntje Gilles; 
Johannes; Styntje; Hendrick; Aegidius; Werachie, 
and Aeltje, see Onderdonck's Mss. L. I. Dutch Records, 
and Morrison's De Camp Genealogy. 

v. Gerritie (Gertrude). The marriage banns of Gerritie 
Gillis, maiden of Nordwyck (Greenwich, N. Y.), and 
Wiert Eppens, bachelor, from Ester Buzum, were 
published in the New York Dutch Church, 15 Sept., 
1 68 1, and they were married 7 Oct., the same year, 
at Bergen, N. J. Gerritie and her husband generally 
known as Wiert Epke Banta, were members of the 
Hackensack Dutch Church. Banta, b. at Minnertsga, 
Holland, in May, 1658; d. before 3 July, 1689, when 
his relict m. Pieter Jansen Meet.| 

* The seal is an elaborate and costly cutting. The shield is charged with 
an animal which, under a powerful magnifying glass, resembles a horse 
rampant. A plumed helmet surmounts the shield, the plumes forming the 
mantling on either side. There is no crest. 

t L. I. Dutch Church Rec. ; Bergen Gen. 

I Westervelt-Mandeville Mss. 

1907.] Yellis Jansen de Mandeville and Some of His Descendants. 287 

The latter was on the Bushwick Assessment Roll, 
8 July, 1683, and still alive 15 Sept., 1696. 

The marriage of his widow to Increase Power, b. 
near Boston, was registered at Hackensack, 24 July, 
1699, where he was a Church member in 17 15. 

For Gerritie's Banta children, Wiert, Henricus, 
Elsje and Jacob, see A Friesland Family, Banta. 

Increase and Gerritie Power had: Tryntje and 
Sara, bap. 18 March, 1700; Jacob, bap. 25 May, 1702; 
David, bap. 1 April, 1703; Isaac, bap. 1 Feb., 1707. 
These baptisms were all recorded at Hackensack 
save Jacob's. He was baptized in the New York 
Dutch Church, where most of the baptisms men- 
tioned in this sketch will be found. 

vi. Grietie (Margaret), of New Amersfoort, m. xi May, 
1687, in New York, where both were then residing, 
Jan Pieterse Meet, from Old Amersfoort, in the 
in the Diocese of Utrecht. Jan Meet (Meeck, Mead), 
b. in Holland about 1660, was son of Pieter Jansen 
Meet, whose second wife was Gerritie Mandeville 
(ante). Jan sold a lot in Flatbush in Feb., 1692-3, 
and was one of the Pacquenac, N. J., Patentees in 
1695* In 1703 he was apparently of New York with 
one male, one female and six children in his family. 
Issue: Pieter, bap. 20 Oct., 1689; Johannes, bap. 25 
March, 1691; Jacob, bap. 18 Jan., 1693; Christina, 
bap. 27 Oct., 1695; Elsje, bap. 12 July or Aug., 1696, 
at Hackensack; Maria, bap. 31 May, 1700; Gilles, 
bap. 14 Oct., 1702. 

vii. Jan (prob.), Bergen, the De Camp Genealogy, and Mun- 
sell's American Ancestry, all attribute a son Jan to 
Yellis de Mandeville, some say b. at 1655, and of 
Westchester Co.; evidence neither quoted nor found. 
Probably Joannes Mandeville, sponsor at the baptism 
of Joannes de Camp in 1677; Johannes Mandeviel, 
witness at the baptism of Henricus Banta (ante), and 
Jan above were indentical. There are numerous 
entries relative to Jan Gilles in the early Dutch 
Records, but no others with the surname Mandeville 

viii. William, prob. son of Yellis, is said to have lived on 
the paternal estate at Shappanaconk. William Man- 
deviel, merchant of New York, d. at Seatalcott, in 
the North Riding of Yorkshire on Long Island, 
where the principal part of his property was situ- 
ated. Letters were issued to his widow, Elizabeth, 
30 Oct., 1679.1 

* Bergen's Early Settlers of Kings Co., N. Y % 
t N. Y. Wills. 

288 Yellis Jansen de Mandeville and Some of His Descendants. [Oct., 

If William were son of Yellis, he was prob. b. in 
Holland, having reached man's estate in 1679, and 
was perhaps ae. 1%. in April, 1659 (ante). 

2. Hendrick 5 de Mandeville (Yellis 1 ), of New Nordwyck and 
Hempstead, N. Y., and Pacquenac, N. J., prob. b. in Holland 
about 1650; d. at Pacquenac, now Mountain View, about 17 12. 
His marriage entry reads: " Hendrick Jilliszen de Mandeviel, 
j. m., Uyt Gelderl 1 . & Annetje Pieterse Scholl, j. d., woonende d' 
Eerste op Noortwyck, & twede op Hempstede, ingeshreven 6 
Iuni, 1680, getrouwt den 18 Iul. op N. Amersfoort."* 

The Dutch Church Records of Flatbush, L. I., where the 
above marriage was also recorded give Hendrick's then residence 
as New Nordwyck, showing that Nordwyck, in connection with 
the Mandevilles, whether accompanied by the word new, or not, 
meant Greenwich, N. Y., or adjacent parts. 

Annetje Scholl, b. in Hempstead, bap. in New Amsterdam) 
16 July, 1662, was daughter of Pieter Jansen Scholl (Scholt* 
Schal), from the Hague, Holland, who was sometime of Byooklyn 
and Flatbush, N. Y., and on the Hempstead Census in 1673. 
Her mother was Margaritje Provoost. 

Adam Mott, Jr., sold to Hendrick Mandefell 50 acres in the 
south woods at Hempstead, 18 March, 1684, and Peter Johnson 
Scoll, the 14th of the next June gave 50 adjoining acres to his 
beloved son-in-law Hendrick Mandefell.f No further disposition 
of this land is to be found in the printed Town Records of 

Hendrick Mandevele witnessed a deed of Robert Bedell, Jr.'s, 
at Hempstead, 7 April, 1687. 

On 11 May, 1695, having purchased the Indian title to the 
same, Major Anthony Brockholst and Capt. Arent Schuyler in 
behalf of themselves and their associates, Samuel Bayard, George 
Ryerson, John Mead (Jan Meet, ante), Samuel Berrie, David 
and Hendrick Mandeville, obtained a patent for 5,500 acres of 
land from the East Jersey proprietors at Pacquenac, or Pompton 
Plains, N. J.I 

Hendrick de Mandeville may have removed thither about 
1700, but in 1703, Hendrick Gillise, perhaps Mandeville, living in 
New York, had one male, one female and three children in his 

Hendrick Mandeviel, wid r ., and Elizabeth Jans, maiden, from 
New Albany (near Camden, N. J.), both living in New Amster- 
dam were m. there 21 April, 1699. She is also called Herris, 
Harris and Berry. 

* Hendrick Jilliszen de Mandeville, bachelor, from Guelderland, and 
Annetje Pieters Scholl, maiden, the first living at Noordwyck, the latter at 
Hempstead, banns published in New Amsterdam 6 June, 1680, married 18 July, 
at New Amersfoort. New York Dutch Ch. Mar., I, 47. 

"j" Hempstead Town Rec. 

\ Schenck's Hist. Discourse at Pompton Plains, 187 1 ; Some Colonial 
Mansions and Their Stories, Harland. 

1907.] Yellis Jansen de Mandeville and Some of His Descendants. 289 

Elizabeth Errese, of Acquiggenonck (Passaic, N. J.), widow* 
of Hendrick Mandeviel, m. Brant Jacobus of the same place, at 
Hackensack, 30 Oct., 17 14. He was a native of Albany. 

Children of Hendrick and Annetje (Scholl) Mandeville: 
i. Maria," bap. 28 March, 1681. 

ii. Pieter, bap. 16 Sept., 1682; said to have d. young. 
4 iii. David (doubtless), from Hempstead; see beyond. 

iv. Antje, of Acquiggenonck, b. in Hempstead; m. 10 
April, 1708, Johannes Pieterse Brower, living in the 
jurisdiction of Newark, both were witnesses at a 
baptism 9 April, 1729. Issue: Martie, bap. 13 June, 
1714; Petrus, bap. 10 March, 1716; Hendrick, bap. 7 
Feb., 1719; Leah, bap. 22 March, 1724; Leyja, bap. 2 
Nov., 1725.* 

Children of Hendrick and Elizabeth Mandeville: 

v. Johannes, b. it is said about 1700; m. 9 Nov., 1725-6, 
Elizabeth Bruin of Second River (Belleville, N. J.). ' 
vi. Hendrick, of Pompton Plains, N. J., bap. 24 May, 1704, 
in New York; d. 2 Sept., 1790; m. in 1726, Elizabeth 
Vreeland, b. in 1703; d. 17 July, 1781. 
vii. Gilles, of Pompton Plains, b. 25 Jan., 1708; d. 8 Aug., 
1776; m. 8 June, 1729, Leah Bruin, or Brown, of 
Second River, b. 18 June, 1709; d. 1 July, 1799. 

For the descendants of Johannes, Hendrick and 
Gilles Mandeville, above, see Munsell's American 

3. David 8 Mandeville (Yellis 1 ), of New Amersfoort and New 
York City, was prob. b. on Long Island, and the youngest of the 
family. His Greenwich and Pompton land purchases have 
already been noted. 

David Mandeville, bachelor, from New Amersfoort, m. 19 July, 
1700, in New York, Marytie Van Hoesen (Van Hoese, Van 
House, Van Goese), maiden from Albany, the former living in 
New York, the latter in New Albany. 

Marytje was doubtless a descendant, or kinswoman, of Jan 
Frans Van Hoesen, one of the earliest patentees of Claverack, 
N. Y., which would account for her grandsons going to reside 
there about 1778. 

Catherine Van Huse of New York, deeded three or four Eng- 
lish acres at Bassen Bowery (Greenwich, N. Y.), to her daughter 
Marytie Mandeville, 16 Jan., 1724, David Mandeville being then 
alive. Deed recorded for Yellis Mandeville, 5 Oct., 1762.1 

American Ancestry, following some Mandeville Mss., con- 
founds two David Mandevilles. One was of Weehauken, it is 
said, and kept the ferry. The same person did not marry suc- 
cessively Marytie Van Hoesen and Jannetie Wortendyk, or 

* Hackensack Dutch Ch. Rec. ; Schralenbere Dutch Ch. Rec. 
t N. Y. Deeds. 


2qO Yell is Jan sen de Mandeville and Some of His Descendants. [Oct., 

Somerendyk. David Mandeville, Sr., and Mary Somerendyk 
were sponsors at the baptism of Jacob, son of David Mandeville, 
Jr., and his wife Jannetie, 3 Jan., 17 n, and David and Jannetie 
(Somerendyk) Mandeville at the baptism of Casparus, son of 
David and Marytie (Van Hoesen) Mandeville, 27 July, 1712. 
See N. Y. Dutch Church Marriages, I, no, and N. Y. Dutch 
Church Baptisms. 

There is no will on file for either David Mandeville in New 
York. Issue: 

5 i. Yellis, 3 bap. 16 March, 1701; see beyond. 

ii. Jurian, bap. 30 July, 1704; sponsor on 17 Aug., 1726. 
iii. Johannes, bap. 3 April, 1706. He perhaps m. Annetje 
Hopper, 30 May, 1731, and possibly Hannah Somer- 
endyk, 6 July, 1738. Antje Somerdyk, widow of 
Johannes Mandeviel was sponsor, 10 Feb., 1739. Her 
dau. Annatie 4 was bap. 10 Aug - ., 1739. 

In the List of the N. Y. Volunteer Companies, 
1738, are the names of John and Jelyes Mandevele. 
iv. David, bap. 6 April, 1709; nothing further known, 
v. Casparus, bap. 27 July, 17 12; nothing further known, 
vi. Catherine, bap. 9 Oct., 17 15; d. before 1744; 2d wife of 
William Waldron, m. 6 Oct., 1734; b. 10 Feb., 1708; 
d. 5 Dec, 1764. Issue: Aggie; David; Maria; Maria, 
No. 2, and Samuel. 

4. David" Mandeville (Hendrick,* Yellis 1 ), bachelor, from 
Hempstead, living at Pegquenck, N. J., and Jannetje Jacobs 
Woertendyk, maiden from the Bowery, N. Y., were m. 10 June, 

American Ancestry states that Hendrick Mandeville had a son 
David, but omits the proof, but as Hendrick, son of the first 
Yellis de Mandeville was of Hempstead, L. I., and Pegquenck, 
N. J., and David above, of the same localities, and Antie Hen- 
drickse Mandeville of Pegquenck, was born in Hempstead, we 
conclude that David was son of Hendrick. Further David Man- 
deville, Sr., is not known to have been of Hempstead, and had a 
son David, bap. in 1709 (ante), and would hardly have called a 
second son David, had he already one of the name living. 

Jeannetie Jacobs, bap. in New York, 16 March, 1687, was 
daughter of Jacob Cornelissen Stille and his second wife, Marytie 
Hendrix. Her grandfather, Cornells Jacobsen Stille, or Van 
Vreelandt, was in New Amsterdam as early as 163 1, and resided 
at the head of what is now Chatham Square. His descendants 
assumed the names of Woertendyk and Somerendyk.f Issue: 

6 i. Jacob, 4 bap. 10 Jan., 171 1; see beyond. 

ii. Antie, bap. 18 Feb., 17 13, was doubtless that Annetie 
Mendevel residing in Ulster Co., N. Y., who m. 17 
Oct., 1 73 1, Jacobus Hennion of Orange Co. Both 
were natives of Bergen Co., N. J.J 

* N. Y Dutch Church Mar. 

t Record, VII, 49. 

I Fishkill Dutch Ch. Rec. 

IQ07-] Yellis Jansen de Mandeville and Some of His Descendants. 29 1 

iii. Hendrick, bap. 18 Sept., 17 15, was prob. that Hendrick 
Mandeville on whose estate Letters of Administra- 
tion were issued in New York, 30 Dec., 1743, to 
Cornelius Woertendyk. 
iv. Davidt, bap. 30 Oct., 17 17, was doubtless that David 
Mendewell, or Mandevel, of New Cornwall Precinct, 
Orange Co., N. Y., Gent., whose will, 6 June, 1769, 
proved 14 Nov., 1782, names wife Anna, children 
Joseph, Jacob, Henry, Francis, and Mary Westcoat, 
youngest children not 21. Brother Francis Man- 
devill, Henry Wisner, Jr., and son Francis, executors.* 
7 v. Cornelius, bap. 11 May, 1720; see beyond, 

vi. Maria, bap. 23 Feb., 1724. 

vii. Frans, bap. 1 Feb., 1727. It must be his will signed 
Francis Mandavelt of New Windsor, Ulster (now 
Orange) Co., N. Y., which names wife Mary, four 
sons and two daus., David, Martha, John, Jacob, 
Cornelius and Frances, 6 July, 1776; proved 2 March, 

Mary, John and Jacob Mandeville and their wives 

are buried at Newburgh, N. Y. Frances Mandeville 

m. Henry Van Duzer.f 

viii. Johannes, bap. 8 March, 1732, witnesses: Jacobus 

Hennion, Maria Tukker. 

5. Yellis 3 Mandeville (David, 3 Yellis 1 ), of Greenwich, N. Y., 

bap. 16 March, 1701; m. 2 Dec, 1721, Rachel, dau. of Matthias 

Adolphus Hopper and Anna Paulus, his wife. Rachel was bap. 

20 Feb., 1703; was sponsor for her grandson, Jelis M. Buys, 4 July, 

1773; signed a deed with her husband, 14 April, 1767, and was 

prob. dead at the date of his will, as she is not named therein. J 

That instrument, made 6 Jan., 1778; proved 27 July, following; 

mentions his dau. Mary, wife of Matthew Buyce, and her children; 

four children of his deceased dau. Hannah, viz.: Jelis, Aron, 

Rachel and Mary Gilbert, not 21; son Mathew, dec'd, and his 

children; son Jeremiah, dec'd, and his children; and son-in-law 

Matthew Buyce. Mention is made of the family vault. He d. 

seized of lands in New York, and Bergen Co., N. J. The bulk of 

his estate is left to his grandchildren, sixteen of whom survived 

him,§ as is recited in various New York deeds. 

All his lands except the burial plot passed out of the family 
1778-1784. Issue: 

i. Davidt,* bap. 7 March, 1722, old style; doubtless d. 
before his father. 


MaUheus, | bap i? A ^ i?26; see beyond 

* Fernow's Calendar of Albany Wills; N. Y. Wills. 

| Publications of Hist. Soc. of Newburgh Bay and the Highlands. 

i Mss. of Hopper Striker Mott. 

§ These were: John Buyce, Rachel Hopwood, Mary Waldron, Hannah 
Higgins, Jellis M. Buyce, Jelis Mandeville, Rachel Beattie, Euphemia Clark 
Yellis, John and Matthew Mandeville, Lea Delamater, Aaron Gilbert, Mary 
Van Beuren, Rachel and Yellis Gilbert. 

292 Yellis Jansen de Mandeville and Some of His Descendants. [Oct., 

iv. Maria, bap. 26 Nov., 1731; m. 6 July, 1750, Matthew 
Buys (Buyce). Issue: Annatje, bap. 15 Jan., 1752; m. 
Benjamin Higgins; Rachel, bap. 16 March, 1654; m. 
Thomas Hopwood; Johannes, bap. 23 June, 1756; 
Maria, bap. 5 Aug., 1764; m. Wm. Waldron; Jelis 
Mandeville, bap. 4 July, 1773. 
v. Anna (Hannah), bap. 2 Dec, 1739; m - Aaron Gilbert, 
9 July, 1756. Children: Maria, bap. 17 April, 1757; 
m. Peter Van Beuren; Gilles, bap. 15 Jan., 1759; 
Rachel, bap. 6 May, 1761; Arent (Aaron), bap. 21 
Nov., 1764; William, bap. 10 May, 1767; Rachel, 
bap. 1 July, 1770.; Ann, bap. 15 Aug., 1773. 

6. Jacob 4 Mandeville (David, 3 Hendrick, a Yellis ' ), bap. 10 Jan., 
171 1 ; was doubtless that Jacob Mendevell who resided in Phil- 
lipse Precinct, Dutchess Co., in 1772. 

The will of Thomas Davenport, of that Precinct, 10 Oct., 1746* 
mentions among others the children of his dau., Sarah Mande- 
ville; she prob. m. Jacob Mandeville above, and had a dau., Sarah, 
b. 18 Sept., 1736, who m. Major Joshua Nelson * 

The latter and Daniel Birdsall are called " cousins " (nephews?), 
in the will of Cornelius Mandeville. The said Daniel Birdsall m. 
20 Dec, 1757, Hannah, prob. dau. of Jacob Mandeville, before 
mentioned, and b. 7 Nov., 1737. She was not the dau. of Cor- 
nelius Mandeville, as his child, Hannah, was neither 18, norm.* 
at the date of his will in 1768. 

7. Cornelius 4 Mandeville (David, 3 Hendrick, 8 Yellis ' ), of Cort- 
landt Manor, or Peekskill, N. Y., bap. 11 May, 1720; went from 
Garrison, Putnam Co. (then Dutchess), to Cortlandt Manor, 
where he bought 64 acres of Schurman Travis, 2 Dec, 1752, and 
99 acres on 4 May, 1763, of Wm. Horton. Cornelius Mandeville 
sold before 2 March, 1763, a lot to David Pennoyer, on the road 
to Travis Landing, and another lot to David Bernard before 
3 Aug., 1764. His holdings were in the heart of Peekskill. 

The will of Cornelius Mandeville dated 24 March, 1768, proved 
30 May, the same year, names wife Rachel, children David, John, 
Nathan, James, Martha, Anne and Hannah Mandeville. Wife 
Rachel and cousins Joshua Nelson and Daniel Birdsall executors, f 

Rachel Horton, his wife, according to the statement of her 
granddaughter, Johanna Odell, came from Long Island. Mr. 
George W. Cocks of Glen Cove, L. I., believes Rachel to have 
been the dau. of Joseph and Rachel (Coles) Horton. The said 
Joseph, doubtless a descendant of Barnabas Horton of Southold, 
L. I., was of North Castle, Westchester Co., N. Y., in 1725, and 
of Oyster Bay, L. I., in 1730. , 

Rachel (Coles) Horton was dau. of Nathan Coles of Musketa 
Cove, whose will mentions his grandson, Lazarus Horton. Note 
that one of the sons of Cornelius Mandeville was called Nathan. 

* N. Y. Wills. 

t N. Y. Wills ; Westchester Co. Wills. 

1907.] Yellis Jansen de Mandeville and Some of His Descendants. 293 

Cornelius Mandeville d. between 24 March and 30 May, 1768. 
Some say he is buried at Van Cortlandville, others say at St. 
Philips, Garrison. Issue: 

i. David, 6 doubtless the eldest son, as he was left £,$ 

more than his brothers in his father's will, 
ii. John. Lieut, of Westchester Light Horse Co., in the 

iii. James, d. 21 Jan., 1848, ae. 88:4:27 (tombstone). Capt. 

of Westchester Troop of Horse, 
iv. Nathan, living in 1768. 

v. Martha, m. Depew. 

vi. Anne, b. 27 Nov., 1760; d. 15 Aug., 1835; m. Abraham 

Odell of Greenburgh, N. Y.* 
vii. Hannah, doubtless the youngest child. 

8. Matthias 4 Mandeville (Yellis, 3 David,* Yellis 1 ), of Green- 
wich, N. Y., bap. 17 Aug., r726; d. before 6 Jan., 1778; m. 26 Oct., 
1 75 1, Tanneke Waldron, b. 22 Sept., 1730. Both were witnesses 
at several baptisms, the last, 1 1 April, 1762. Riker states they had 
seven children, three were bap. in the N. Y. Dutch Church, viz.: 

i. Yellis, 6 bap. 24 June, 1752. 
ii. Aagtje, bap. 2 March, 1755. 
iii. Rachel, bap. 20 Feb., 1760, m. Edward Beatty. 

Yellis, Rachel Beatty and Matthew's dau. Eu- 
phemia, wife of Thomas Clark, shared in the estate 
of their grandfather, Yellis Mandeville. 

9. Jurian 4 Mandeville (Yellis, 8 David,* Yellis 1 ), bap. 17 Aug., 
1726; called Gerard in his marriage entry 14 March, 1749, to 
Dorothea Vander Hoef, and elsewhere Jurgen. The English 
equivalent of Jurian and Jurgen is George, nevertheless he is 
apparently the son Jeremiah of his father's will, perhaps from 
the Dutch nickname Jurrie. He is called Jeremiah in various 
deeds conveying his father's estate. Issue: 

i. David, 6 bap. 11 Oct., 1749. 

ii. Johantfes, bap. 8 Jan., 1751, of Claverack, N. Y. 
iii. Yellis, bap. 8 Dec, 1754; m. doubtless Mary Smith, 1775. 
iv. Lea, bap. 19 Sept., 1756; m. Glaude J. Delemater. 

v. Rachel, bap. 20 Feb., 1760. 
vi. Matthews, bap. 11 April, 1762, of Claverack. 

Johannes, Yellis, Lea and Matthew were alive in 
1778, and shared in their grandfather's estate. An 
interesting account of this land will be found in the 
Mail and Express, 20 Feb., and 9 March, 1897-. 

The compiler desires to thank all those who furnished data 
for this brief sketch, particularly Mr. Rufus King, Mrs. Roe, 
Miss E. J. Hudson, Messrs. Theo. M. Banta, Franklin Couch and 
Hopper S. Mott. 

* Odell Pedigree. 

294 The Skillmans of America and Their Kin. [Oct., 


By William Jones Skillman, Philadelphia, Pa. 

(Continued from Vol. XXXVIII., p. 199, of The Record.) 

83. Catharine * Skillman (Isaac, 6 John, 4 Jan," Thomas, 5 Thomas'), 
b. July 31, 1800; d. 1883; m. 1818, Joseph Allen of Loudoun Co., 
Va. (b. 1792; d. 1846, in Scott Co., Ky.), very likely one of the 
Allen family that came with her grandfather, John Skillman, 
from Somerset Co., N. J., to Virginia in 1769 (see No. 14). 

i. Julia' Allen, b. Sept. 24, 1819; m. George Emerson. 

No children, 
ii. David Skillman Allen, b. Feb. 8, 1822; d. 1880 

iii. Wright Allen, b. 1824; d. 1895; m. Fanny, second dau. 
of William G. Skillman and wife Martha Grigg. 

iv. Mary Allen, b. Feb. 8, 1827; never m. 

v. Alfred Whitely Allen, b. 1830; m. Anna Allin of Dan- 
ville, Ky. 

vi. Alathea Allen, b. April 23, 1837; d. 1904; m. 1864, Wil- 
liam J. Quinlan, Decatur, 111. Had: 1. William H., 
b. 1866, Attorney-at-Law, Chicago. 2. Edgar; 3. 
Ethel, twins, b. 1878; latter d. inf. 

84. Susan* Skillman (Isaac,* John, 4 Jan, s Thomas," Thomas'), 
b. in Virginia, Feb. 25, 1804; d. 1879; m. Dec. 26, 1822, Milmer 
Haynes, d. 1866, ae. 67. Children: 

i. Nancy' Haynes, b. Oct. 11, 1823; d. July 28, 1866; m. 

4 July, 1843, Thomas A. Dale. Had ten children, 
ii. Mary Haynes, b. July 20, 1826; m. May 4, 1848, Floyd 

Leach. Had three boys and four girls. 
iii. William S. Haynes, b. Aug. 11, 1829; S. July 27, 1845. 
iv. John Haynes, b. Sept. 24, 183 1; m. 1856; Lorinda 

Wart. Had four boys and three girls, 
v. Eliza Haynes, b. June 20, 1834; d. Aug. 31, 1893; m. 
April 5, 1855, Leonard W. Ligon. Had six boys and 
two girls, 
vi. Agnes Haynes, b. Sept. 10, 1837; d. March 8, 1848. 
vii. Charles W. Haynes, b. Aug. 29, 1841; m. 1866, Bettie 

Ewing. Had three girls, 
viii. Henry Haynes, b. March 29, 1844; m. (1) 1868, Mollie 
Davidson; m. (2) Annie Tillman, who had three 

85. Juliette * Skillman ( Isaac/ John, 4 Jan, s Thomas,' Thomas ' ), 
b. 1806, in Virginia; m. William Wright Allen of Scott Co., Ky. 

i. Catharine' Allen; no record. 

ii. Newton Allen, m. Emily Allen. 
iii. Washington Allen, m. Hettie Houston, 
iv. Christopher Allen, m. Martha Jewett. 

v. Adaline Allen, m. Thomas Cannon of Sadieville, Ky. 

IQ07.] The Skillmans of America and Their Kin. 205 

86. Harriet ' Skillm an (Isaac, 6 John, 4 Jan,* Thomas, 8 Thomas l ), 
b. in Virginia, Dec. 20, 1808; d. March 30, 1883; m. Dec. 14, 1826, 
John Fletcher Willmott, d. Aug. n, 1855. Had: 

i. Priscilla 7 Willmott, b. 1827; m. 1847, Smith Kenney, 

Bourbon Co., Ky. 
ii. William W. Willmott, b. 1829; m. March 2, 1858, Mary 

T. Breckenridge. 
iii. Robert Willmott, b. 1832; m. 1853, Elizabeth Tanner, 
iv. Isaac Willmott, b. 1834; m. 1855, Nancy Tanner, 
v. Rebecca Willmott, b. 1837; m. 1856, Adam A. Brecken- 
ridge of Plattsburg, Mo. 
vi. Sally Willmott, b. 1839; m. i860, Dr. B. F. Cummins, 
vii. John B. Willmott, b. 1841; m. 1870, Mary E. Smith, 
viii. Eliza Willmott, b. 1843; m. 1867, H. W. Bain, 
ix. Charles E. Willmott, b. 1846; m. 1873, Lutie Jones, 
x. Curtis Willmott, b. 1848; m. 1872, Jemima Webb, 
xi. Mary L. Willmott, b. 1852; m. 1873, Smith Kenney, 
widowed husband of her sister Priscilla. 
N. B. In this single Willmott family, with mother Harriet 
Skillman, are now (1902) 11 children, 50 grandchildren and 25 
great-grandchildren, or with the original pair 88 in all. 

87. John Whitely 8 Skillman (Isaac, 5 John, 4 Jan, 1 Thomas,' 
Thomas 1 ), b. Aug. 10, 181 1; m. (r) Feb. 2, 1832, Adaline Hender- 
son; m. (2) Nov. 29, 1849, Lydia Chambers. Six children by the 
first, three by the second wife: 

i. Isaac, 7 b. Oct. 23, 1832; m. Cynthia Hays. Had: 1. 
Dora. 2. Jack. 3. Emily. 4. Charles. 5. Rebecca. 
6. Adeline, 7. Benjamin, who went west, 
ii. Andrew, b. Nov. 24, 1834; m. Sept. 25, 1856, Julia 
Allen Had: 1. John A. 2. Clay. 3. Harvey. 4. 
Charles. 5. Benjamin. 6. Benjamin. 7. Isaac B. 8. 
William E. 9. Harriet Stoner. Home in Bourbon Co. 
iii. John W., Jr., b. March 20, 1837. Had four daus., Dixie, 
Mamie, Lizzie and Emily, by first wife, Susan Marks; 
of second wife, Emma Rice (Dec. 19, 1882), were no 
iv. Amanda, b. Aug. 15, 1839; m. (1) June 15, 1858, W. C. 
Holt; three children; m. (2) John G. McCauley; 1 dau. 
v. Nancy, b. Dec. 23, 1841; m. Oct. 30, 1861, George Cun- 
ningham. Had: Clara, Harry, John, Orma and 
Lewis. Home in Texas, 
vi. Charles, b. March 20, 1844; m. Olivia Price, Atlanta, 

Ga. Children: Fairy, Lewis, Adaline. Live south, 
vii. William G., m. Jan. 28, 1875, Mary D. Rice. Had: 

Carrie, Pattie and Wallace, 
viii. Richard; no record. 
ix. Benjamin; no record. 
The father, a widower, m. (3) Sept. 27, 1887, Mrs. Harriet D. 
Horton, dau. of Maj. Nath'l Brown. Has lived his entire life in 
the home built by his uncle Christopher when he came from 
Virginia to Bourbon Co., Ky. For years, having a good voice, 
he led the singing in the historic " Old Cane Ridge Church." 

2q6 The Skillmans of America and Their Kin. [Oct., 

88. Christopher 8 Skillman (Isaac, 6 John, 4 Jan, 8 Thomas, 3 
Thomas 1 ), b. Sept. 6, 1813; getting his name from Christopher 
Beekman of New Jersey, father of his grandmother, Catharine; 
d. 1896; m. (1) Eliza Jane, dau. of Capt. Andrew Johnson; settled 
in Platte Co., Mo.; m. (2) 1872, Elizabeth Brown. Five children 
by first wife, one by the second: 

i. Verona, 7 b. May 17, 1843; m. Sept. 8, i860, John B. 

Slone, b. Feb. 21, 1836, at Shelbyville, Ky.; Confed. 

soldier. Had: 1. William, d. 1881. 2. Emily, m. 1880, 

J. M. Calvert; five children, 
ii. Elvira, b. Jan. 20, 1845; m. 1866, William C. Wilhite. 

Had six children. He d. at Huntsville, Mo., 1898. 
iii. Anne True, b. Sept. 30, 1848; m. twice; four children 

by J. J. Raymond; two by James M. Calvert, 
iv. John, b. Feb. 26, i860; m. Sallie Thomason. Had: 1. 

Christopher. 2. Alice, 
v. Henry Clay, b. June 4, 1852; m. Alice Conway. Son 

John, student (1901) in William Jewell College, 

vi. Mary, b. Jan. 24, 1874; m. Sept. 27, 1897, J.G. Wayland. 

One dau., Elizabeth, b. July 25, 1900. 

89. John W.* Skillman (William, 6 John, 4 Jan,* Thomas," Thomas 1 ), 
b. Sept. 22, 1811, Highland Co., O.; m. May 12, 1841, Mary French, 
b. 1823; moved to Warren Co., Ind., 1834; d. 1880. Had: 

i. Samantha, 7 b. June 11, 1842; m. 1862, James Kimball. 

Children: 1. Edwin. 2. Charles. 3. Caroline. 4. 

Frank. 5. John E. 6. Dudley. Home at West 

Lebanon, Ind. 

ii. Armatha, b. Sept. 23, 1845; m. 1868, John Hornaday. 

Had: 1. Harry. 2. Myrtle. 
iii. Jane, b. Nov. 13, 1847; d. March 11, 1872. 
iv. Maria, b. Oct. 23, 1850; d. May 31, i860, 
v. Mary Ann, b. Oct. 8, 1852. 
vi. William D., b. Oct. 22, 1854; d. 1885, unm. 
vii. Thomas, b. Oct. 26, 1858. 
viii. Clara, b. April 26, 1864; d. Oct. 27, 1874. 

90. Evan Henton* Skillman (William, 6 John, 4 Jan,* Thomas, 2 
Thomas 1 ), b. in Highland Co., O., Dec. 31, 1812; d. in Sigourney, 
la., March 19, 1891; m. Jan. 8, 1837, Eliza Ann Browder (b. Oct. 
10, 181 7; d. Feb. 6, 1894); practicing physician and man of 
business. Children: 

i. James W., 7 b. May 9, 1838; d. Dec. 10, 1839. 
ii. Nancy, b. Nov. 27, 1839; m. (1) 1857, John D. McNeff. 

Had: 1. Emma. 2. Addie, m. Dr. J. A. Leonard, 

Belle Plain, la. M. (2) Dec. 13, 1864, D. E. Moore. 

Had: 3. Anna, b. June 6, 1871. 
iii. John Thorp, b. June 9, 1841; d. April 30, 1842. 
iv. Mary Elizabeth, b. May 9, 1843; m. July 4, 1859, G. D. 

Woodin (lawyer and banker), Sigourney, la. Had: 

1. Guy G., b. 1871; m. 1897, Nell Gibs. 2. Grace, b. 

1874; m. Dec. 1, 1897, H.C. Hadley, Chicago. Judge 

Woodin d. 1903. 

1907.] The Skillmans of America and Their Kin. 297 

v. Allen Cary, b. Dec. 13, 1844; d. July 3, 1889. 
vi. Elenora, b. March 20, 1846; m. David Porter Hovens. 

Had: Georgia, b. 1870; m. 1889, Edward Wright, St. 

Joseph, Mich.; three children, 
vii. Evan Henton, b. Oct. 20, 1848; m. April 24, 1894, 

Emma Runyon of Washington, Ta. 
viii. Eliza Ann, b. Dec. 12, 1850; m. William O. Marshall, 

d. May, 1887, Pottawattamie, la., leaving Joseph, 

Robert and Mary. 
ix. Sarah Wilmuth, b. Oct. 12, 1856; m. Sept. 25, 1876, J. 

M. Kelly. Had: 1. Grace. 2. May. 3. Evan H. 

91. William 9 Skillman (William, 6 John,* Jan, 3 . Thomas, 2 
Thomas'), b. in Warren Co., Ind., March 20, 1816; d. May 26, 
1894; m. Dec. 19, 1844, Elizabeth Swank. Had: ■ 

i. Renson,' b. Nov. 8, 1845; enlisted in Union Army, 

Sept., 1863; d. March 7, 1864. 
ii. Eliza Ann ("Lide"), b. Oct. 9, 1847; is unm. 
iii. Byron Deward, b. Jan. 1, 1850; m. Nov. 9, 1881, Lucy 

St. Clair; live in Denver, Col. 
iv. James, b. Aug. 23, 1853; m. Dec. 18, 1887, Duella Bun- 

kert. Had: Leo B., b. Aug. 20, 1891, Denver, Col. 
v. Mary, b. Nov. 6, 1854; d. inf. 
vi. Nora, b. Nov. 23, 1857; d. young. 

vii. Clarendon, b. June 10, 1867. Practicing physician, 
Denver, Col. Head of this family was a country 
merchant and farmer of Raccoon, Putnam Co., Ind. 

92. Cynthia Ann* Skillman (William, 6 John, 4 Jan, 8 Thomas,* 
Thomas 1 ), b. in Indiana, Jan., 1825; d. Jan. 2, 1896; m. Feb. 7, 
1847, David Swank. Had: 

i. John F. Swank, b. Jan. 25, 185 1; m. 187 1, Julia Day. 

Had seven children, 
ii. William Clinton Swank, b. July 30, 1854; m. 1899, 

Mary Caldwell, 
iii. Eudora Swank, b. April 8, 1856; m. Manchester Gar- 
iv. Mary Swank, b. Oct. 19, 1858. 
v. Cary Alvin Swank, b. March 9, i860; m. 1901, Rhoda 

vi. Ida Swank, b. Feb., 1862; m. 1886, Stephen Thompson; 

d. 1893. 
vii. Nora Swank, b. May 3, 1869; d. 1893; m. 1889, Oliver 
M. Harris. One son, Earl D. Harris. 

93. Thomas* Skillman (John, 6 Thomas, 4 Isaac, 3 Thomas, 2 
Thomas'), b. in Ringoes, N. J., Sept. 17, 1781; m. (1) Mary, dau. 
of Abraham Stryker and wife Cornelia Beekman, Hopewell, N. J. 
(See No. 43); m. (2) Mrs. Kitty Jewell, nee Bishop. Had seven 
children by first wife and two by second wife: 

i. Anna, 7 b. 1804(7); m. Emestus Schenck, grain mer- 
chant, Millstone, N. J.; joined by confession, 1831, 
Hillsborough (Ref. D.) Church. Had four sons and 
three daus.; of latter one m. Rev. Uriah De Hart 
Gulick, New York. 

298 The Skillmans of America and Their Kin. [Oct., 

ii. Maria, m. Mortimer Holcombe(?). 

iii. Cornelia, b. 1808; m. John C. Fisher, Ringoes, son of 
Jacob 8 Fisher (Jacob,' Peter 1 ) and wife Anna Cham- 

iv. Caroline, b. 1810; m. Thomas Holcombe. 

v. Jacob, b. Aug. 27, 1812; d. July 27, 1892; m. Feb. 10, 
1835, Ruth, dau. of Samuel McNair and wife Sarah 
Ruth (b. Sept. 1, 1815; d. June 30, 1864); watchmaker, 
Ringoes; moved 1868, to Rochester, N. Y. Had two 
sons and four daus. 

vi. Abraham Stryker, b. 1814; m. Sarah Williamson; lived 
in Pennington, N. J. Had: 1. Isaac, harnessmaker, 
Philadelphia; wife Sarah, both d.; had many sons. 
2. Sarah, m. Charles Augustus Skillman, lawyer, 
Lambertville, N. J. 
vii. Isaac, d. y. 

viii. Bishop, Pennington; m. Roland Wyncoop. Had: 
Willis B., graduate of Princeton College and Theo. 
Sem.; many years pastor of Tabor (Presby.) Church, 
Philadelphia; and five other children. Both parents 
long dead. 

ix. William, farmer near Rocky Hill, N. J.; m. and had 
nine children: 1. Augustus H., a physician, New 
Brunswick, N. J. 

94. Elizabeth 8 Skillman (John, 8 Thomas, 4 Isaac, 8 Thomas, 8 
Thomas'), b. Aug. 24, 1784; d. Oct. 20, 1868; m. May 30, 1801, 
Elijah Wilson (b. March 15, 1780; d. Jan. 12, 1859); most in- 
scriptions from family plot near Larisons (Ringoes), in Prall 
graveyard. They had fourteen children: 

i. Charles 7 Wilson, b. March, 1802; d. June 6, 1802. 
ii. Uri Wilson, b. Sept. 22, 1803; d. Nov. 7, 1847; m. Jan. 

25, 182 1, Asa Higgens. 
iii. John Wilson, b. June 20, 1805; d. May 29, 1869; m. May 

18, 1829, Jane Porter, 
iv. James Wilson, b. May 7, 1807; d. Aug. 25, 1865; m. (1) 
Elizabeth Kiigler; m. (2) Dec. 17, 1834, Elizabeth 
v. Eliza Wilson, b. June 13, 1809; d. Nov. 23, 1894; m. 

Jan. 13, 1829, Henry Schenck. 
vi. Theodore Wilson, b. May 13, 181 1; d. Aug. 7, 1845; m. 

Feb. 26, 1834, Martha McNair. 
vii. Ann Wilson, b. Oct. 28, 1812; d. Jan. 8, 1885; m. May 

30, 1832, Adam M. Bellis. 
viii. Mary Wilson, b. Oct. 29, 1814; d. Aug. 23, 1901; m. 
Jan. 23, 1833, John J. Sutphen. 
ix. Cornelia Wilson, b. Oct. 5, 1816; m. Oct. 12, 1833, 

Joseph Boss. 
x. Caroline Wilson, b. July 23, 1818; d. March 22, 1889; 

m. Nov. 4, 1835, Noah Blackwell. 
xi. Julia Wilson, b. Feb. 7, 1820 (living 1902); m. Feb. 12, 
1839, Ferdinand S. Holcombe. 

1907.] The Skillmans of America and their Kin. 299 

xii. Amanda Wilson, b. April 12, 1822; d. Aug. 21, 1897; m. 

Nov. 19, 1842, Dr. George Roland, Ringoes. 
xiii. Sarah Wilson, b. Jan. 9, 1825; d. March 9, 1864; m. 

Sept. 12, 1846, James Agin (Eagan?). 
xiv. Margaret Wilson, b. April 21, 1827 (living 1902); m. 
Sept. 15, 1845, Newton K. Young. 
95. Isaac 8 Skillm an (John, 6 Thomas, 4 Isaac, 8 Thomas," Thomas 1 ), 
b. Dec. 8, 1786; d. Dec. 18, 1848, and buried in Presby. church- 
yard at Keene, Coshocton Co., O.; m. (1) Wilhelmina Nevius 
("Aunt Wemmy"), dau. of David Nevius (Pleasant Plains, near 
Six Mile Run, now Franklin Park, N. J.) and wife Elizabeth 
Schureman (d. July 16, 1831), niece of James Schureman Nevius, 
a Judge of the Supreme Court of New Jersey; descend from 
Johannes Nevius, immigrant from Holland, and a Schepin of N. 
Amsterdam, 1658. With eight motherless children the father in 
1836 removed from near Pennington, N. J., and settled in central 
Ohio (Bethlehem Township, Coshocton Co.); m. (2) May 9, 1843, 
Jane Burrell. 

i. Mary, T b. Aug. 16, 1816; d. 1892; m. Rufus Eldridge; 
lived at Knoxville, la. One son Charles, d. ae. 19, 
while at school in Chicago, 
ii. Elizabeth Nevius, b. March 13, 1819; d. 1889; m. John 
Clark; lived at Coshocton, O. Had eleven children, 
ten living in 1902, eight with families and many 
iii. Lydia Ann, b. Feb. 22, 1822; m. April 12, 1842, John 
Hogle, Coshocton. Five daus. living with families, 
iv. David Nevius, b. March 9, 1823; m. Clara Park of 
Lorain, O.; removed to Nebraska. Two sons and 
five daus. 
v. Charlotte Prall, b. Aug. 21, 1824; d. at Pennington, 

N. J., 1829. 
vi. Margaret Nevius, b. Dec. 23, 1825; d. April 28, 1850; 
m. 1848, William Moore, Coshocton. One dau., 
vii. Catharine W., b. March 27, 1828; m. 1848, James An- 
derson; lived at Bolton, Mo. Four sons and one dau. 
viii. William, b. July 14, 183 1; m. in Illinois, Martha Potter; 
served in the war for the Union to its close. Have 
one dau., Wilhelmina. 
In this family, down to 1902, parents included, were 122 mem- 
bers, 99 direct, and 23 collateral, but only 18 bearing the Skill- 
man name. 

96. Anna * Skillman (John, 6 Thomas, 4 Isaac, 8 Thomas, 2 Thomas 1 ), 
b. Sept. 23, 1790; d. Nov. 9, 1867; m. Dec. 19, 1812, John Barber 
(b. July 6, 1787; d. Jan. 4, 1867). Had: 

i. Mary Ann" Barber, b. Feb. 22, 1814; d. June 14, 185 1; 

m. Dec. 2, 1840, Dubois Forman, Ringoes, N. J. 
ii. George Clinton Barber, b. May 8, 18 16; d. Sept. 20, 
1 901; m. Nov. 10, 1852, in Philadelphia, Fidelia 
Vidler Boswell. A grandson is Prof. Edward Living- 
ston Barbour of Rutgers College. 

300 The Skillmans of America and Their Kin. [Oct., 

iii. Elizabeth Barber, b. Aug. 26, 1818; d. Sept. 24, 1841. 
iv. Edward Barber, b. Dec. 20, 1820; d. Dec. 9, 1847; m - 

Jan. 13, 1846, at Ringoes, N. J., Emeline Holcombe. 
v. Charles D. Barber, b. Dec. 20, 1822; d. Dec. 22, 1881; 

m. Oct. 5, 1852, at Lambertville, N. J., Henrietta 

vi. Catharine Barber, b. Feb. 28, 1825; d. Feb. 23, 1856; m. 

Feb. 10, 1852, Alfred Snyder of Ringoes. 
vii. Martha Barber, b. April 9, 1827; d. Oct. 2, 1830. 
viii. Thomas Barber, b. Sept. 11, 1829; d. Jan. 10, 1830. 
ix. William H. Barber, b. July 19, 1832; m. Nov., 1858, 

Margaret Warford. 

97. William L. s Skillman (John, 6 Thomas, 4 Isaac, 3 Thomas, 11 
Thomas 1 ), b. March 20, 1795; d. June 11, 1861; m. Rachel Sutton 
(b. April 1, 1794; d. Jan. 1, i860); was tavern keeper at Larisons; 
in Philadelphia, proprietor of an omnibus line, 1850; of hotel 
with sons, 1854. Children: 

i. Charles Nelson, b. Dec. 2, 1815; d. Jan. 22, 1850; m. 
Rosemary Wilson. Had: 1. John Welling. 2. Eliza- 
beth, m. Elijah Brewer, Philadelphia, 
ii William Emley, omnibus proprietor, Philadelphia, 

iii. Richard W., b. Oct. 26, 1828; d. Feb. 2, 185 1, and by 
his grave at Larisons, "Hiram D., son of Richard 
W. and Maria Louisa, d. Dec. 3, 1850, ae. 2 mos. and 
5 days" is buried. 

iv. David Livingston. Name first in Philadelphia Direc- 
tory, 1854, where it remains to date, 1907, but no 
v. John Newton, b. Nov. 24, 183 1; d. May 29, 1852; buried 
in family plot of the old graveyard at the Kirkpatrick 
Church (Larisons), but no further record. 

98. Mary 6 Skillman (Gerardus, 6 Thomas, 4 Isaac, 3 Thomas/ 
Thomas'), b. at Harlingen; bap. March 24, 1782, in Ref. Dutch 
Church there; d. Jan., 1844; m. Sept. 18, 1802, John Joline (d. 
May 8, 1835, ae. 60), son of John Joline and wife Elizabeth 
Swaim, and grandson (?) of Jean Jolin (b. March 3, 1693-4), one 
of three brothers and two sisters, children of ancestors of the 
name in America, Andre Jolin and Madeleine Poupin, Huguenots, 
from Saint Falaise of Saintonge, now in department of Charente- 
InfeYieure, France. Andr£, of hardy sailor race, with Daniel 
Lambert, a fellow refugee, was made denizen of New York, Aug. 
6, 1686, became a member of the French Church there in 1688, 
and was naturalized April 15, 1693. John and Mary made their 
life home in Princeton, N. J., of high repute as keepers of the 
chief tavern there, and there their eight children were born: 

i. Eliza 7 Joline, b. Nov. 24, 1803; d. ae. 10 years, 
ii. William Joline, b. April 16, 1805; grad. 1824, of College 
of N. J.; d. Sept. 16, 1880; m. Aug. 28, 1833, Catharine 
Ann, dau. of John Wetherill Dye and wife Catharine 
Rue. Had: 1. Mary Jane, b. 1834; m. 1857, Rev. Jos. 
Beggs, Presby. pastor, Philadelphia; two children. 

i9°7-] The Skillmans of America and Their Kin. 3OI 

2. John, b 1838; d. 1899; private under Capt. Wm. 
V. Scudder in Co. E, 2d N. J. Cav. in Civil War; at 
close of war settled in Cleveland, O.; m. but no 
children. 3. William Alexander, d. 4. Ashbel 
Green, d. 5. Catharine Dye, Princeton University 
Library, unm. 6. Margaret Duncan, unm. 7. Charles 
Oliver, b. 1853; d. 1904; m. 1882, Carrie Eichelberger, 
Texas; cattleman; for three terms mayor of Wichita 
Falls; two daus. 8. Henry Billings, b. 1855; d. inf. 
iii. John V. D. Joline, d. Dec. 22, 1806; graduate of Prince- 
ton, 1827; M. D. of Penn. Univ., 1831; d. a practicing 
physician at Camden, N. J., March 11, 1887; m. Jan. 
5, 1847, Alice, dau. of Peter van Voorhees and Jane 
Schenck, his wife (b. at Blawenburg, Feb., 1810; d. 
at Camden, 1878). Had: 1. Peter van Voorhees, b. 
1848; d. 1852. 2. Ferdinand Schenck, twin with 
Peter, d. 1891; lawyer of New York City. 3. John 
Forsyth, Princeton Graduate, 1870; Camden lawyer; 
m. Oct. 13, 1881, Jeanie Laurence, dau. of Laurence 
Turnbull, M. D., Philadelphia, and Louisa Palaske 
Smith; four children. 4. Charles Van Dyke, grad- 
uate of Princeton, 187 1; m. Dec. 18, 1878, Lucie 
Thomas Cooper; lawyer, and Camden, N. J., Dist. 
Court Judge. Daughters: 1. Alice van Voorhees. 

2. Constance Van Dyke. 

iv. Jane Joline, b. June 23, 1808; d. Dec. 9, 1813. 

v. Mary Joline, b. Aug. 10, 1810; d. Nov. 20, 1875; m. Aug. 
29, 1834, Ashbel Green, son of President of Princeton 
of same name; lawyer of Philadelphia till removal to 
Texas, 1846; *in control of Pass Christian Mil. In- 
stitute, Miss., till its destruction by the Civil War, 
when they removed to New Orleans. Their only 
child, Mary, b. in Philadelphia, April 28, 1839; m. 
July 19, 1854, Edward G. Dill at Columbia, S. C. 
Both d. at New Orleans, she Oct., 1875; he 1880. 

vi. Catharine Joline, b. Feb. 22, 1812; d. Feb. 22, 1889; m. 
May 21, 1833, Rev. Silas Billings, Presby., a lifelong 
educator; Principal of Fairfax Seminary, Winchester, 
Va., from 1869 till his death 1881. Had: 1. Mary E., 
b. 1835; d. 1899. 2. Cornelia F., b. 1837; d. 1897.' 

3. Henry Martyn, b. 1839; d. 1878. 4. Clarissa Kibbe, 
b. 1841; m. 1864, Geo. C. Shepard; had six children. 
5. Martha Russell, b. 1847; d. 1854. 

vii. Cornelia Joline, b. May 3, 18 \\\ d. 1878; m. at New 
Brunswick, N. J., May 15, 1838, Charles Frazier 
Maurice, b. 181 2, at No. 7 Pearl St., N. Y. City; 
Princeton graduate, 1834; teacher at Perth Amboy, 
N. J., at Napanoch, Ulster Co., N. Y., and 1845 
Principal Mt. Pleasant Military Academy, Sing Sing, 
and president bank there till 1880. Had two sons.: 
1. Charles Stewart, b. 1840; grad. at Williams Col., 
salutatorian and Phi Beta Kappa, 1861; Engineer in 

30 2 A bstracts of Tombstone Inscriptions, Bear Market Burying Ground. [Oct. , 

U. S. Navy, 1862, in both fights at Fort Fisher on 
James River; resigned 1866. 2. Benjamin, b. 185-; 
Yale 1877; teacher in Sing Sing; then lived in 
Nebraska and Wyoming, 1883-8; m. Feb. 11, 1882, 
Mary, dau. of John C. Adams, and wife Lucy Pynchon. 
Had: 1. Nathalie. 2. Chas. Stewart. 3. Benjamin 
Van Dyke. 4. Rossiter. 5. Joline. Home now at 
Mamaroneck, N. Y. 
viii. Charles Oliver Joline, b. March 1, 1816; d. Feb. 17, 
1885; m. Sept. 27, 1848, Mary Evelyn, dau. of Adrian 
Kissam Hoffman and wife Jane Thompson; mem- 
ber (not graduate) of class 1834, Princeton; merchant 
at Chilicothe, O.; Adjt. 2d O. Vols, in Mex. War, 
1847-8; in positions of responsibility in Federal ser- 
vice later; was Capt. and Asst.-Adjt. Gen. of Vols., 
1862-3; Maj. and Aide-de-Camp, 1863-6, on staff of 
Gen. John A. Dix; Brevt. Lieut.-Col. Vols.; Clerk N. 
Y. Supreme Court, Special Term; and State Agt. of 
N. Y. Comptroller for many years. Had three 
children: 1. Adrian Hoffman, b. 1850; Princeton 
University, 1870; Columbia Col. Law School, 1872; 
lawyer in New York City; author; LL.D., 1904. 2. 
Kate Hoffman, b. Dec. 11, 1853; m. Rev. J. O. Drum. 
3. Cornelia Maurice, b. Oct. 18, 1857. 

( To be continued.) 


Three and One-half Miles Northwest of Stanfordville, 
Dutchess Co., N. Y. 

Copied Nov. 30, 1906, by Evelyn B. and Walter B. Baldwin. 

(Burials later than 1865 are omitted from this Record.) 

Col. Josiah Sutherland, d. Sept. i, 1839, ae. 68 y.~ 

Abigail, wife of Col. Josiah Sutherland, d. Oct. 12, 1838, ae. 64 y. 

Walter, son of Col. Josiah and Abigail Sutherland, d. June 30, 

1821, ae. 29 y. 
Anna, daughter of Col. Josiah and Abigail Sutherland, d. ae. 6 y. 
Wm. R. Sutherland, d. Feb. 14, 1814, ae. 69 y. 
Sarah, wife of Martin Vasburgh, d. March 24, 1804, ae. 30 y. 
Major Solomon Sutherland, d. Sept. 10, 1802, in his 40th year. 
Mrs. Tamma Sutherland, wife of Major Solomon Sutherland, d. 

Nov. 10, 1790, ae. 27 y. and 6 m. 
Tamma, daughter of Major Solomon and Tamma Sutherland, d. 

July 20, 1793, ae. 2 y. and 9 m. 

1907.] Abslractsof Tombstone Inscriptions, Bear Market Burying Ground. 303 

Mary, daughter of Major Solomon and Tamma Sutherland, d. 

Oct. 10, 1803, in her 18th y. 
Gideon, son of Moses and Polly Castle, d. May 11, 182 1, ae, 5 y., 

9 m. and 11 d. 
Benj. Jackson, son of Increase and Phebe Jackson, d. Feb. 19, 

1828, ae. 49 y. and 13 d. 
Increase Jackson, son of Capt. Samuel and Elizabeth Jackson, d. 

April 13, 1828, ae. 78 y. and 25 d. 
Phebe, wife of Increase Jackson, d. Aug. 6, 1828, ae. 71 y. and 3 m. 
Samuel Jackson, d. Sept. 29, 1831, ae. 54 y., 7 m. and 25 d. 
Mary, wife of Samuel Jackson, d. March 8, 1852, ae. 77 y. and 13 d. 
Mary D., daughter of John J. and Fidelia Dates, d. Sept. 4, 1856, 

ae. 1 y., 2 m. and 14 d. 
Elizabeth, daughter of John and Mary Ann Bucknum, d. Dec. 28, 

185 1, ae. 6 y. and 19 d. 
Joseph Bucknum, d. Sept. 10, 1805, ae. 74 y. 
Mr. Thomas Dunkin, d. Dec. 15, 1825, ae. 82 y. 
Sarah [Rider], wife of Thomas Dunkin, d. May 15, 1812, in her 

72nd y. 
Polly, wife of John R[udyard] Greene, d. Dec. 10, 1798, ae. 20 y. f 

9 m. 
John R[udyard] Greene, d. Jany 1, 1815, ae. 41 y. 
Rowland Sutherland, d. Feb. 26, 1826, ae. 47 y. 
Solomon, son of Rowland and Hannah Sutherland, d. Jany io, 

1832, ae. 17 y., 9 m., 10 d. 
Ira, son of Isaac and Polly Sutherland, d. Dec. 23, 1831, ae. 8 y., 

1 m. and 3 d. 

Henry, son of Isaac and Mary Sutherland, d. Dec. 7, 1844. ae. 23 

y., 2 m., 21 d. 
Temperance, wife of John Miller, d. Jany 19, 1815, ae. 48 y. 
Jason Miller, d. March 29, 1830, ae. 84 y. 
Maria, daughter of Doctor Amasa and Anna Bucknum, d. May 20, 

1826, ae. 23 y. and 11 m. 
James Bucknum, drowned Sept. 3, 1836, ae. 26 y. and 6. m. 
Mercy M., wife of James Bucknum, Jr., d. May 24, 1841, ae. 29 y., 

2 m., and 29 d. 

Hannah, daughter of Doctor Amasa and Anna Bucknum, d. 

March 17, 1844, ae. 31 y., 9 m. and 22 d. 
Elizabeth W., wife of Wm. Caswell, and daughter of Doct. A. and 

Anna Bucknum, d. Dec. 11, 1845, ae. 31 y. and 15 d. 
John M. Bucknam, d. Jany 16, 1853, ae. 43 y., 10 m. and 26 d. 
Rebecca T. Wilber, d. March 26, 1842, ae. 39 y., 10 m. and 23 d. 
Wm. Carroll, d. Jany 11, 1864, ae. 64 y. and 4 m. 
Pamelia, wife of Wm. Carroll, d. Jan. 30, 1830, ae. 29 y., 1 m., 9 d. 
Andrew Carroll, d. Jany 20, 1822, ae. 70 y. 
Ruth, consort of Andrew Carroll, d. March 30, 1856, ae. 78 y., 6 m. 

and 7 d. 

304 Genealogical Record in One Line of the Gulick Family. [Oct., 

Sutherland, son of E. M. and H. S. Vanderburgh, d. June 8, 1847, 

ae. 10 m. and 17 d. 
Hannah, wife of Edgar M. Vanderburgh, d. Jany 25, 1853, ae. 26 

y., 11 m. and 16 d. 
Laura A., wife of Comer Bullock, d. March 30, 1861, ae. 67 y. 
Hannah W. Bullock, daughter of Comer and Laura Bullock, d. 

March 18, 1853, ae. 27 y., 8 m. and 2 d. 
Dr. Amasa Bucknum, d. June 15, 1856, ae. 88 y. 
Anna, wife of Doct. A. Bucknum, d. Oct. 9, 1855, ae. 82 y. 
Rebecca Jane, daughter of Burnet M. and Eaty Carroll, d. March 

9, 1835, ae. 10 y., 8 m. and 9 d. 
Edy, wife of Burnet Carroll, d. May 31, 1838, ae. 37 y., 4 m. and 

13 d. 
Helen A., daughter of Wm. and Semantha Carroll, d. July 29, 
• 1857, ae. 1 y., 1 m. and 24 d. 


Contributed by Arnatt Reading Gulick, M.D. 

ist Generation — Hendrick Gulick and his wife, Geertruyt Wille- 

kins, came to this country from Holland in 1653, with their 

two children, Jan and Jochem. Died 1653. 
2D Generation — Jochem Gulick, son of Hendrick Gulick, b. in 

Holland; m. Jacomyntie Van Pelt. Died 17 11. 
3D Generation — Johannes Gulick, son of Jochem Gulick, b. in 

Gravesend, Long Island, N. Y., in 1695; m. Reinshe Van 

Sicklen. Died 1751. 
4TH Generation — Joacham Gulick, son of Johannes Gulick, b. in 

Harlingen, Somerset Co., New Jersey, Sept. 27, 1724; m. 

Rebecca Emans. Died Dec. 26, 1803. 
5TH Generation — William Gulick, son of Joacham Gulick, b. in 

Kingston, Middlesex Co., New Jersey, Feb. 22, 1775; m. 

Eliza King Henry, dau. of Col. James Henry. Died July 

6th Generation — Alexander Gulick, son of William Gulick, b. in 

Princeton, Mercer Co., New Jersey, June 14, 1820; m. 

Almira Reading, dau. of Judge Robert Kennedy Reading. 

Died March 31, 1884. 

i9°7-] Upper- Aquebogue, L. I., Cemetery Registry. 305 


Contributed by Mrs. George Wilson Smith. 

Ezekiel Petty, died May 3rd, 1786, aged 53. His widow married 
Samuel L'Hommedieu. 

James Petty, died May 10th, 1837, aged 64-7-13 ds., son of James. 

Albert S. Youngs, d. Oct. 18th, 1845, a £ ed J 9 yrs., son of Albert 
and Beulah Elma Youngs. 

Frederick Youngs, died Dec. 31st, 1842, aged 1 yr. 

Frederick Lewis Young, died Aug. 16th, 1837, aged 4 yrs.- 11-20 
ds., son of Rev. Christopher and Amanda Youngs. 

Theodocia Youngs, died Nov. 16th, 1867, aged 31 yrs., 2 mos., 
dau. of Rev. Christopher and Amanda Youngs. 

Anna W. Youngs, died Jan. 29th, 1802, aged 9 mos., dau. of 
Luther, Esq., and Abigail. 

Hervey Youngs, died April 30th, 1838, aged 31 yrs., 3, 21 ds., son 
of Luther, Esq., and Abigail. 

Abigail Youngs, died March 9th, 1852, aged 76 yrs., 22 ds., wife 
of Luther, Esq. 

Infant Youngs, [ ], 1839, of David Warren and Maria Youngs. 

Luther Youngs, Esq., died Apl. 2, 1852, son of Christopher and 

Amanda M. Youngs, died Dec. 29, 1858, aged 22 yrs., 10, 21, wife 
of Moses W. Youngs. 

Oliver C. Youngs, died June 16, 1858, aged 24 yrs., 4 m., at Han- 
over, son of David Warren Youngs. 

Mary Ann Youngs, died Dec. 15, 1856, aged 31 yrs., 2 m., 8 d., 
wife of Joshua Caleb Youngs. 

Joshua C. Youngs, died 20 March, 1849, aged 2^/2 days, son of 
Joshua Caleb and Mary Ann Youngs. 

Willie Youngs, died 25 Oct., 1858, aged 7 mos., 11 ds., son of 
Joshua Caleb and Mary Ann Youngs. 

John Youngs, died 7 Oct., 1858, aged 60 yrs., 10 m., 25 ds., son of 
Benjamin and Philena Youngs. 

Joshua Youngs, died Nov. 3rd, 1841, aged 10 yrs., 10 m., son of 
John and Minerva. 

Benjamin Youngs, died 16 or 15 Aug., 1833, aged 68 yrs., brother 
of Deacon Thomas Youngs, and they were sons of Judge 
Thomas and Rhoda (Budd) Youngs of Stirling (now Green- 
port), Long Island. 

Philena Youngs, died 31 Dec, 1856, aged 91 yrs., widow of Ben- 
jamin Youngs, and dau. of Jehiel and Rebecca (Raynor) 
Whedon of Branford, Conn., and Stirling, L. I. 

Elmira Youngs, died 25 Aug., 1815, aged 28 yrs., wife of Thomas 
Youngs, Jr., of Aquebogue and Stirling, L. I.; was grand- 
dau. of Jehiel and Rebecca (Raynor) Whedon (called Whea- 

Anna Youngs, died March 3rd, 1797, aged 83 yrs., widow of 


306 Upper-Aquebogue, L. I., Cemetery Registiy. [Oct., 

Abraham Youngs, died Feb'y 4th, 1792, aged 35 yrs., 8 m., 30 ds., 

son of James. 
Mehitable Youngs, died Oct. 21, 1810, aged 82 yrs., widow of 

James Youngs, died March 11, 1791, aged 66 yrs. 
Charlotte O. Youngs, died Oct. 26, 1822, aged 8 yrs., 2, 12 ds., dau. 

of Enoch and Phoebe Youngs. 
Serepta Youngs, died Sept. 23, 1838, aged 18 yrs., 10 ds., dau. of 

Enoch and Phoebe Youngs. 
Phebe Youngs, died Aug. 6, i860, aged 70 yrs., 2 m., 20 ds., wid- 
ow of Enoch Youngs. 
Keturah Youngs, died March 2, i860, aged 82 yrs., dau. of Nathan 

and Mary Youngs. 
Mary Youngs, died Jan'y 1, 1829, aged 76 yrs., widow of Nathan 

Enoch Youngs, died Sept. 25, 1842, aged 72 yrs., o ms., 15 ds., son 

of Nathan and Mary Youngs. 

Fanny Youngs, died Feb. , 1868. 

Caroline Youngs, died , 60 yrs. 

Ruth Youngs, died Nov. 23, 1868, aged 82 yrs., widow of Noah 

Son of Joshua C. Youngs, died 24 Dec, 1868, aged 2 yrs., 10 mos. 
Clara (?) Youngs, died Oct. 3, 1869, aged 20 yrs., dau. of James 

Halsey and Mary Youngs. 
Amanda Youngs, died 30 Jan., 1870, aged 75 yrs., 6 ms., widow 

of James and dau. of Beriah and Hannah Brown. 
Mary Edith Youngs, died Oct. 20, 1870, aged 15 yrs., 2 m., dau. of 

James Halsey and Lucy Youngs. 
James Milton Youngs, died , son of Christopher and Anna 

Mary Vignette Youngs, died July 19, 1842, aged 23 yrs., 7 mo., 3 

ds., dau. of Jonathan and Polly Youngs. 
Jonathan Franklin Youngs, died March 11, 1852, aged 30 yrs., 10 

m., 12 ds., son of Jonathan and Polly Youngs. 
Samuel Youngs, died" Sept. 3rd, 1871, aged 74 yrs., 8 m., 27 ds., 

son of Rufus and Mehitable Youngs. 
David Warren Youngs, d. March 25, 1872, aged 72 yrs., 11, 14 ds., 

son of Luther and Abigail. 
Child of John Youngs, died Aug. 5, 187 1, grand-child of Moses 


Zipporah Youngs, died , 1806, aged 50 yrs.\ 

Brister Youngs, died Feb. 15, 1839, aged 80 yrs. 

Phillis Youngs, died , 10 yrs. Colored people. 

Brister Youngs, died 

Zipporah Youngs, died 
Mary Youngs, died 

Children of Bris- 
ter and Phillis. 


Silas Youngs & Hiram Youngs, died, each 

[12 yrs. 
Sarah Youngs, died Sept. 26, 1825, aged 3 mos., dau. of John Tut- 

hill and Sarah Youngs. 
Sarah M. Youngs, died Sept. 23, 1832, aged 1 yr., dau. of John 

Tuthill and Mehitable Youngs. 

x 9°7-] Upper- Aquebogue, L. I., Ce?netery Registry. 307 

Sophia A., died Oct. 9, 1836, aged 15 yrs., dau. of James and Han- 
nah Youngs. 

Hannah Youngs, died Sept. 27, 1862, aged 73 yrs., 5 m., widow of 

James Youngs, died May 13, 1829, aged 37 yrs., o, 5 ds., son of 
Jeremiah and Mehitable Youngs. 

Jeremiah Youngs, died March 10, 1826, aged 37 yrs., son of Jere- 
miah and Mehitable Youngs. 

Fanny Youngs, died , 18 19, aged 3 mos.; may be child of Jer- 

miah and Fannie Youngs. 

Jeremiah Youngs, died Jan'y 5, 1832, aged 63-1-4, son of James 
and Anna Youngs. 

Beulah Elmy Youngs, died Feb. 11, 1827, aged 22 yrs., wife of 
Dea. Albert Youngs. 

Jerusha Youngs, died Dec. 29, 1846, aged 78 yrs., widow of Dea. 
Daniel Youngs. 

Albert Youngs, died Oct. 15, 1800; aged 1 yr., 8 m., 22 ds., son of 
Dea. Daniel and Jerusha Youngs. 

Charles Lindsley, died Jan. 21, 1806, aged 1 yr., 10 m., 23 ds., son 
of Dea. Daniel and Jerusha Youngs. 

Dea. Daniel Youngs, died Dec. 9, 1845, aged 79 yrs., son of Dan- 
iel and Mary Abiah Youngs. 

Dea. Nicoll Youngs, died March 15, 1865, aged 68 yrs., 6 m., 21 ds., 
son of Dea. Daniel and Jerusha Youngs. 

James Youngs, died April 5, 1855, aged 64 yrs., 7 m., 12 ds., son 
of Dea. Daniel and Jerusha Youngs. 

Daniel Youngs, died Feb. 12, 1838, aged 10 yrs., 10 m., son of 
James and Amanda Youngs. 

Joanna Youngs, died June 17, 1788, age 18 yrs., wife of Dea Dan- 
iel Youngs. 

Daniel Wells Young, died March 15, 1806, aged 19-1-2, son of Dea. 
Daniel and Joanna Youngs. 

Mehitable Youngs, died Nov. 14, 1798, aged 26 yrs., wife of Jer- 
emiah Youngs. 

David Youngs, died 23 Jan'y, 1797, aged 8 ms, son of Jeremiah 
and Mehitable Youngs. 

Mary Youngs, died Dec. 8, 1752, aged 27 yrs., 11, 7, wife of James 
Halsey Youngs. 

Franklin Howard Youngs, died 20 March, 1754, aged 4 yrs., 3, 17 
ds., son of James Halsey and Mary Youngs. 

Mary Henrietta Youngs, died , dau. of James Halsey and 

Mary Youngs. 

Minerva Youngs, died April 15, 1884, aged 82 y., 2, 10, widow of 
John Youngs. 

Asaph Youngs, Esq., died July 3rd, 1863, son of Rev. Daniel and 
Mary Youngs. 

Lydia Youngs, died May 11, 1843, aged 51 yrs., dau. of Rev. Dan- 
iel and Mary Youngs. 

Mary Youngs, died 23 March, 1846, aged 91 yrs., widow of Rev. 
Daniel Youngs. 

Rev. Daniel Youngs, died Oct. 14, 1814, aged 71 yrs., son of Dan- 
iel and Mary Youngs. 

308 Upper-Aquebogue, L. I., Cemetery Registry. [Oct., 

Abiah Youngs, died Feb. 2, 1789, aged 43 yrs., wife of Rev. Dan- 
iel Youngs. 
Mary Youngs, died June 8, 1798, aged 81 yrs., widow of Daniel's 

Therziah Youngs, died July 6, 1823, aged 36 yrs., wife of Noah 

Noah Youngs, died March 18, 1853, aged 65 yrs., son of Rufus and 

Mehitable Youngs. 
Infant Youngs, died Oct. 15, 1826, aged 3 dys., of Noah and 

Ruth Youngs. 
Charity J. Youngs, died March 18, 1845, aged 23 yrs., 3, 5 ds., wife 

of Noah Wilson Youngs. 
John Youngs, died Feb. 15, 1867, aged 75 yrs., son of Rev. Daniel 

and Mary Youngs. 
Maria Youngs, died 25 March, 1829, aged 31 yrs., 10 mos., wife of 

John Youngs. 
Hannah Youngs, died 30 March, 18 19, aged 29 yrs., wife of John 

Anna Youngs, d. Dec. 15, 1870, aged 75 yrs., widow of John and 

daughter of Samuel and Betsy Case. 
Jemima Youngs, died Dec. 10, 1850, aged 71 yrs., 4, 3 ds., widow 

of Joshua, then wife of David Downes. 
Joshua Youngs, died Aug. 13, 1806, aged 29 yrs., son of Daniel 

and Abiah Youngs. 
Nathan Youngs, died Feb. 29, 1816, aged 72 yrs., son of Daniel 

and Mary Youngs. 
Jonathan Youngs, died Sept. 17, 182 1, aged 30 yrs., 5 ms, son of 

Nathan Youngs. 
Christopher Youngs, died May 13, 1841, aged 85 yrs., son of 

Christopher and Mary Youngs. 
Bethia Youngs, died Apl. 2, 1813, aged 54 yrs., wife of Christo- 
pher Youngs. 
Mary Youngs, died Oct. 20, 1827, aged 64 yrs., wife of Christopher 

and widow of Joseph Skillman. 
Mehitable Youngs, died 20 May, 1830, aged 70 yrs., wid. of 

Rufus Youngs. • 
Rufus Youngs, died 24 Aug., 1828, aged 80 yrs., son of Daniel and 

Mary Youngs. 
Jason Youngs, died 25 Apl., 1818, aged 29 yrs., son of Rufus and 

Mehitable Youngs. 
Rufus Youngs, died 9 Apl., 1856, aged 73 yrs., 6 mos., son of 

Rufus and Mehitable Youngs. 
Madison Youngs, died Apl. 23, 1837, aged 1 yr., 10 mos., son of 

John Tuthill and Sarah Mehitable Youngs. 
Sarah Youngs, died July 23, 1825, aged 25 yrs., wife of John Tut- 
hill Youngs. 
Joshua Caleb Youngs, died 25 May, 1872, aged 48 yrs., 6 m., 28 

ds., son of Asaph and Parnel Youngs. 
Eva Youngs, died 25 Aug., 1872, aged 3 mos., dau. of Daniel F. 

and Libbie Youngs. 
Mary E. Youngs, died 4 Jan., 1875, aged 53 years, widow of Jon- 
athan Franklin Youngs. 

J*? ?-] Upper- Aquebogue, L. I., Cemetery Registry. 309 

Lillie J. Youngs, 5 m., 15 d.; dau. of Moses and Mary W. 

Lucy Jane Youngs, died March 25, 1877, aged 44 yrs., 1 m., wife 

of James Halsey Youngs. 
Charlotte M. Youngs, died July 26, 1878, aged 40 yrs., dau. of 

Rev. C. and Amanda Youngs. 
Albert Youngs, died Apl. 3, 1880, aged 79 yrs., 5 mos. 
Lena A. Youngs, died June 21, t88o, aged 35 yrs., wife o,f John 

Youngs, dau. of Moses Benjamin. 
Sophronia Youngs, d. July 30, 1882, aged 72 yrs., wife of Albert 

Youngs and dau. of Capt. Barney Corwin. 
Mary Amelia Youngs, died 7 June, 1884, aged t>Z yrs., wife of 

Daniel F. Youngs. 
Daniel F. Youngs, died 27 June, 1884, aged 39 yrs., son of Caleb 

and Mary Ann Youngs. 
Rev. Christopher Youngs, died 7 June, 1884, aged 75 yrs., son of 

Luther and Abigail Youngs. 
Nancy Youngs, died 17 June, 1889, aged 88 yrs., 2 mos., widow of 

David Warren Youngs. 
Mary W. Youngs, died April, 1888, aged 74 yrs., 2 mos. (or 

44, 2 mos.), wife of Moses W. Youngs. 
Jane Youngs, died Oct. (no date), aged 85 yrs., 11 mos., widow of 

Parnel W. Youngs, died Nov. 5, 1891. aged 94 yrs., 11 m., 19 d., 

widow of Asaph. 
Lucy May Youngs, died Oct. 17, 1891, aged 1 yr., dau. of David 

and Joanna (?). 
Rosetta M., died Mar. 3, 1899, aged 61 yrs., wife of George W. 

Youngs and dau. of Corwin. 

Harry Youngs, died , son of Samuel and Mary Youngs, 

Amanda Hubbard, , wife of Moses Youngs. 

Jamesport, L. I., (Lower Aquebogue) Cemetery Registry. 

James Petty, died 1800, aged 70 yrs. 

Sarah Petty, died 1791, aged 45 yrs., wife of James. 

Jemima Petty, died 1803, aged 23 yrs., dau. of James and Sarah 

Polly Petty, died 1775, aged 10 yrs., dau. of James and Sarah 

Henry J. (?) Petty, died Dec. 6, 1851, aged 1 yr., 2 m., 23 ds., son 

of Merritt and Mary J. Petty. 

Charles Petty, died , 1836, aged 7 yrs. 

Infant , of J. Miner and Sarah Petty. 

Sylvester (no date or even last name). 
Joanna (no date or even last name). 

Sary Petty, wife of J. Miner Petty, died 25 Sept., 1876, aged 36 yrs 
Josiah Youngs, died March 22, 1772, aged 60 yrs. 

310 Editorial. [Oct., 

Freelove Youngs, died Aug. 8, 1770, aged 58, wife of Josiah. 
Josiah Youngs, died April 30, 1755, aged 21, son of Josiah and 

Freelove Youngs. 
Mehitable Youngs, died March 28, 1776, aged 56 yrs., 1st wife of 

Child of Edward Youngs (no more given). 
Sarah Youngs, died Jan. 7, 1743, aged 31 yrs., wife of John. 
Elizabeth Youngs, died Feb. 22, 1747, aged 68 yrs., 8 m., 18 ds., 

wife of Christopher Youngs. 
Joanna Youngs, died May 31, 1733, aged 30 yrs., 7 m., 20 ds., wife 

of Christopher Youngs. 
Israel Youngs, died June 26, 1786, aged 64 yrs. 
Jemima Youngs, died April 7, 1809, aged 73 yrs., widow of Israel. 

Israel Youngs, , (nothing more given). 

Katherine Youngs, died Feb. 27, 1759, aged 12 yrs., 6 m., dau. of 

Daniel and Mary Youngs. 
Daniel Youngs, died Jan. 18, 1755, aged 43 yrs., great grandfather 

of Daniel Youngs. 
Benjamin Youngs, died 10 Jan., 1820, aged 39 yrs., son of Israel 

and Jemima Youngs. 


The current number ends the 38th Volume of the Record, and the 
Society can look back with honest pride upon a publication which for 
thirty-eight consecutive years has been devoted to the best interests of 
biography and genealogy. The early years of the Record's existence were 
those of constant struggle, not only to obtain means of perpetuating in print 
records which were rapidly disintegrating, but also to select out of an immense 
mass of undigested data such material as would attract the interest of the 
general public toward the study of family history. 

Although ancestor worship flourished from the earliest period of history 
among the primitive nations, curiously enough the advance of civilization 
brought contempt upon religious reverence for our more remote sires. The 
independence of the American Colonies also tended to do away with many of 
the patriarchal customs, and notably with the respect for ancient and honorable 
lineage, so cultivated and cherished in all the mother-lands. 

To the New England States must be attributed the first important step to 
revive interest in American genealogy, and by the publication of the New 
England Historical- Genealogical Register, Boston gave the first impulse 
toward the gentle science of tracing descent in this country. 

The Record may justly claim to be the next magazine in importance to 
take up biographical and genealogical publications and to attempt to accom- 
plish for New York City and State the task of creating interest in early ancestry. 

From 1869-1884 the publication of the Record appealed only to a limited 
circle of family historians, but in 1883 a great movement for the organization of 
patriotic societies took place and gave the first general stimulus to genealogical 
research. Hundreds of ancestral, patriotic and semi-military associations 
sprang up, counting their members by the thousands, all of whom were eager 
to trace lineal descent from a Colonial or Revolutionary grand-sire. The 
larger libraries soon found it important to acquire for their shelves those 
leading family histories then in print and to organize as complete a genealogical 
department as possible. The Record soon felt the influence of this movement 
by increased subscriptions and a series of valuable contributions for publica- 
tion, mainly consisting of military lists and muster-rolls dealing with the early 
Colonial and Revolutionary Wars. In the last few years, however, the mem- 

Rev. Melatiah Everett Dwight, D. D., M. D., late 
President of the New York Genealogical and Biographical 
Society, died at his summer home, Mount Holyoke, North- 
ampton, Massachusetts, Saturday, September 14, 1907, in the 
66th year of his age. 

He was elected a Life Member of this Society December 
28, 1894, and since that time has occupied with energy and 
the best of judgment almost all of the offices in the gift of 
this Society. 

In his death the Officers and Members of the Society 
suffer an irremediable loss. 

As Editor of The Record and Chairman of the Publica- 
tion Committee, in addition to his excellent judgment in his 
official capacity, he bestowed upon The Record marked 
evidences of his love and generosity which have been largely 
instrumental in bringing that publication to its present high 

His lovable and gentle disposition will always be a 
delightful memory to those with whom his association with 
the Society have brought him in contact. 

Chairman of the Executive Committee. 

(An obituary of Dr. Dwight will appear in the January issue of The 

J 907-] Society Proceedings, Obituary. %\\ 

bership in these patriotic societies appears to have reached a more or less 
stable maximum and there has been a falling-off in the number of those 
searching for descent from the early patriots. 

A spirit of critical analysis in tracing out pedigrees, has developed, how- 
ever, and greater accuracy in proving beyond reasonable doubt all heraldic 
and genealogical claims will in the course of time add invaluable private fam- 
ily documents to the present public records. 

In spite of the apparent halt in the pursuit of ancestral problems, the 
object of the Record is steadily maintained— the perpetuation of town, county 
and church records in New York State and the publication of the portraits and 
biographical sketches of such citizens as deserve to be enrolled in the history 
of families. 

The time appears to be opportune for an earnest appeal to those who 
possess portraits and biographical data of the early settlers in New Amsterdam 
JP P u .t such material into shape and send it to the Publication Committee. 
The life annals of these early Dutch and English worthies should prove of the 
highest interest and be an agreeable variation from the useful but dry records 
of minor families, churches and tombstones throughout the State. There is 
also a demand for material showing the lineage of the early settlers in their 
native lands of England and Holland as too few families have succeeded in 
tracing a connecting link with kith and kin over the sea. 

The Record may now be said to be on a self-supporting basis but to 
insure its future for all time a liberal endowment fund is needed. Any mem- 
ber or group of members of this Society who would set about securing such a 
fund would not only earn the thanks of all interested in genealogical research 
but raise up a permanent memorial to the founders of this land. 


A special meeting of the Board of Trustees was held at the Society's office 
on Monday, July 20, 1907, at 11 A. M. Present: Messrs. Morrison, Walker, 
Wright, Gibson and Totten. 

The following resolutions were presented and unanimously adopted: 

Whereas, The New York Genealogical and Biographical 
Society has learned with deep sorrow of the death at Bridge- 
hampton, Long Island, on July 4, 1907, of Mr. Bowen Whiting 
Pierson, a member of this Society since November 9, 1894, who 
served the Society during the period from his election to death 
in the various capacities of Trustee, Treasurer and Member of 
the Executive Committee; and 

Whereas, His services were characterized by energy, faith- 
fulness and unflagging zeal in the interests of the Society, there- 
fore be it 

Resolved, That The New York Genealogical and Bio- 
graphical Society in the death of Mr. Pierson recognizes the loss 
of a faithful and efficient officer, and a friend whose efforts were 
ever directed to the promotion of the Society's welfare; and be 
it further 

Resolved, That the Publication Committee of the Society 
be requested to prepare a suitable memorial sketch of Mr. Pierson 
for publication in The New York Genealogical and Bio- 
graphical Record; and be it further 

Resolved, That these Resolutions be spread upon the 
minutes of the Society and published in The Record, and that a 
copy of them be sent to Mr. Pierson's family. 


Freeman, Gen. Frank Morgan, died at his home, 37 W. 50th Street, 
New York City, March 28, 1907. He was elected an Annual Member of the 

312 Obituary. [Oct., 

New York Genealogical and Biographical Society April 20, 1906. He was the 
son of Frances P. and Louisa Dunston Freeman. His father was one of the 
founders of Lakewood, N. J. He was the head of the Stock Exchange firm 
of F. P. Freeman & Co., 25 Broad Street, and a member of the New York 
Athletic, Larchmont, and New York Yacht Clubs. 

Smith, James Henry, died at Kyoto, Japan, March 27, 1907. Mr. Smith 
was elected an Annual Member of the New York Genealogical and Biographi- 
cal Society April II, 1890. He was a multi-millionaire and during his life he 
expended a large portion of it for philanthropic and charitable purposes. In 
Sept., 1906, Mr. Smith married the divorced wife of Wm. Rhinelander Stewart. 
His living blood relatives are his mother, Mrs. Beatrice Smith of Evanston, 111.: 
his two brothers — George A. Smith of Philadelphia, and John Yule Smith of 
Valparaiso, Chili; his three sisters — Lady Cooper of London, and Mrs. Victor 
Rossbach and Mrs. J. N. Mills of Evanston, and his two nephews, sons of a 
dead sister — George G. Mason of Aberdeen, S. D., and William S. Mason of 

Stevens, Daniel Tompkins, died at the Chatsworth, 72d Street and 
Riverside Drive, New York, March 10, 1907. He was elected an Annual Mem- 
ber of this Society Jan. 24, 1890. Resigned Dec. 31, 1905. Mr. Stevens was born 
in Gilboa, Schoharie Co., N. Y., June 3, 1820. He left there in early manhood 
and from that time on was actively engaged in the manufacture of leather. He 
was a director in the U. S. Leather Corporation, but had retired from all active 
business some years before he died. " He was," writes his daughter, Annie F. 
Stevens, "a member of the Madison Ave. Methodist Episcopal Church and 
was very much interested in all philanthropic and religious work. Mrs. 
Stevens died in 1898, and a much loved daughter in 1906, since which time my 
father's health declined steadily until he died." 

Stanton, Stiles Franklin, long in Wall street in the business of a 
broker, died at his home 145 East 36th street, June 15, 1907. He was elected 
an Annual Member of this Society Dec. 9, 189S, and resigned Nov. 6, 1905. 
Mr. Stanton was born in New York City April 2, 1846. He was the son of 
Samuel B. Stanton and Lydia Conrad; Lydia Conrad was the daughter of 
Henry Conrad and Blandina Tappan; Blandina Tappan was the daughter of 
Peter Tappan and Anne DeWitt. Peter Tappan, who was the great-grand- 
father of Stiles Franklin Stanton, was born in Kingston, N. Y., Oct. 31, 1763, 
and died in New York City April 9, 1846. While a mere boy he served as 
a volunteer under the command of Gen. George Clinton. He soon after 
received a commission from Congress, as Lieutenant in the Artillery; §md 
continued in the service for about three years, and until the termination 
of the war. He performed his part among those who served the Artillery 
which compelled the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown. His father, 
Christopher Tappan, was an active patriot and a member of the Provincial 
Legislature of this State. Christopher Tappan was commissioned Major 
Dec. 2i, 1775, in the "Northern " Regiment of Minute Men, Col. Charles De 
Witt. Extract from the 1899 Year Book of the Sons of the JZevo/utnvi : 
Admitted to memberseip in the Society, 1890; Grandson of Capt. Samuel 
Stanton; also great-grandson of Lieut. Peter Tappan; also great-great-grandson 
of Major Christopher Tappan; also great-great-grandson of Col. Charles 
De Witt. 

Stiles Franklin Stanton was educated at the College of the City of New 
York, and was a member of the New York Stock Exchange for thirty years. 
He retired ten years ago. Mr. Stanton was at one time president of the St. 
Nicholas Society, a member of the Union Club, the Sons of the Revolution, 
and the Downtown Club. He was actively interested in the Samaritan Home 
for the Aged, as its Vice-President, and served as manager of the New York 
Infant Asylum. He was also a Trustee of the New York Dispensary. He was 
unmarried. Two sisters survive him, both residing in New York. 

1907.] Notes, Queries, Book Notices. 3 [ 3 


The following in the Church at Garderen, Holland, was received too 
late to be included in the Mandeville article (see p. 285 of this magazine): 

" Noch soise Nann B / De Mandeville / Jonsste Soonjen / In den Heere 
ejerunt/In jaaren 1651 Den / 14 October met name / Michgie . . ./. . • 
19 Augustus." / _ . ., 

The latest advices from the State Archivist, Mr. van Lehr, mentions the 
price paid by Yellis de Mandeville for his passage in 1659 as 36 guilders lor 
himself, and 90 for his wife and four children, total 126 guilders, or about 
$5040 (see p. 285 of this magazine). L - D - A - 

Connecticut Town Records. 
The Connecticut Historical Society is actively engaged in copying and 
printing the ancient vital records of the towns in that State. In their appeal to 
members of the Society and others for funds to carry on this praiseworthy work, 
it is stated that of the 106 towns incorporated before 1800, the records of only 
15 have been printed verbatim, and even then not always completely. The 
records of about 10 more have been partly printed in periodicals. Upwards of 
60 towns, including some of the oldest, and historically most important 
in the State, have never had any part of their records printed. Owing to the 
remoteness of many of these towns from railroads, the records are extremely 
difficult of access, and even when found are entered on the leaves of the 
volumes of deeds, wherever the clerk chose; sometimes in the order of date, 
but without any regard to arrangement by families, and without index. The 
Committee who have volunteered to superintend the copying, arranging and 
printing of these records estimate that $5,000, together with the proceeds of 
sales, will be sufficient to publish the records of all towns incorporated before 
i8oo,'and it is expected that at least one volume will appear during the present 
year. The amount of money is very small when the value of these records is 
taken into consideration, and as the committee gives its service without 
remuneration, this plan to publish and so perpetuate these early town records 
deserve support and should prove successful. Would that the prospect of 
publishing the town records of our own State was as promising. 


Hanson— Some time ago " M. M. E." stated in the Mail and Express 
that Thomas Hanson of Dover, N. H., was the first of the name on this side of 
the water. That his ancestry had been looked up in England, and he was 
found to be the second son of John and Frances (Prichard) Hanson of London. 
England, and grandson of Thomas Hanson of Rastnck. Can I obtain the 
name and address of " M. M. E." or any information whatever concerning the 
above statements. REV. william white hance, Palenville, N. Y. 


The Family of Henry Curtis of Sudbury, Mass. Pamphlet, 10 pp. 
Boston. N. E. Hist. Gen. Soc. Reprint. A partial record of the descendants 
of Henry Curtis (1608-1678) to the sixth (6th) generation. 

The Coddington Family. Records of one line of the descendants of 
John Coddington of Woodbridge, N. J., with notes on allied families. Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. 1907. Pamphlet, 37 pp., including index. By Rev. Herbert G. 
Coddington, D.D. 

This work gives sketch of origin of the name and family, and gives prob- 
able ancestry of John Coddington of Woodbridge, N. J., and one line of descent 
from him. There are copious notes and authorities quoted to render the state- 

314 • Book Notices. [Oct., 

ments contained therein valuable; a good index and notes on the Guibord, 
Perry, Robinson, Fitch and Cook families. 

Historic Records of Christ Church, Cooperstown, N. Y., 1811-1899. 
Compiled and Edited by G. Pomeroy Keese. S. M. Shaw & Co., Printers, 
Cooperstown, N. Y. Pamphlet, pp. 57. 

A work valuable as a history of the parish, but lacking in not containing 
the vital records of the church. 

" New England Family History." A quarterly magazine devoted to 
the history of families of Maine and Massachusetts. Vol. I, No. 1. July, 1907. 
Edited and published by Henry Cole Quinby, A.B., LL.B., 1507, Hanover 
Bank Building, N. Y. City. Pages 22. 

The editor has selected 100 families of Massachusetts and Maine and on 
this first and succeeding numbers proposes to give valuable genealogical in- 
formation concerning them. The first number contains notes on the Frost 
family with numerous illustrations. It promises fair and should be encouraged. 

^"""biographical and Genealogical Records of the Fite Families 
in the United States, including sketches of the following families: Arm- 
strong, Coldwell, Donnell, Levering, Mervine, Mitchell, Newton, Northcott, 
Odell, Randolph, Robertson, Shepherd, Stephenson and Tabb. Compiled and 
published by Elizabeth Mitchell Stephenson Fite, No. 102 W. 93d Street, 
N. Y. City. Pages 153 with index of 22 pages, Price $7.00. 

This work contains a plate of the Vogt Arms and an argument showing 
the evolution of the modern name of Fite from the name Vogt. Johannes, 
Heinrich, and Hans Jacob Vogt, brothers, from province of Hessen-Kassel, 
Germany, landed at Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 28, 1749. (1) Johannes founded 
the Tennessee branch. (2) Heinrich founded the Maryland branch. (3) Hans 
Jacob founded the Lancaster Co., Pa. branch. The work gives genealogy of 
the Tennessee branch, Maryland branch, and Lancaster branch, and Rox- 
borough, Pa. line, and sketches of families mentioned in title. It is well in- 

Genealogical and Biographical Records of William Stephen- 
son and his Descendants. Compiled and published by Elizabeth Mitchell 
Stephenson Fite, No. 102 W. 93d Street, N. Y. City. Pages 32 and chart. 
Price $5.00. 

This work contains sketch of origin of Stephenson family, and record of 
Lieut. Wm. Stephenson, of Frederick County, Virginia, and his descendants to 
the 6th generation. 

Hints for Tracing an Anglo-American Pedigree in the old coun- 
try with a List of Wills from 1700 to 1725, in the Prerogative Court of Canter- 
bury, England, of testators living or dying in America or the West Indies. By 
John Matthews, Genealogist, 93 & 94 Chaucery Lane, London, W. C. Price 
$1.00, postage free. Pamphlet, 28 pp. 

A book that may give valuable hints to those tracing their families back to 

Andrew Finck, 1751-1820, Major in the Revolutionary War. An 
address by John B. Koetteritz, delivered before the Herkimer County Histor- 
ical Society, June 6, 1907. Revised and corrected 1906. Little Falls, N. Y. 
Press of Stebbins & Barney. 1906. Quarto, pp. 171. 

This work contains much biographical material of the original Major An- 
drew Finck, and others; a reprint of Orderly Book of Captain Charles A. Finck 
of the 1st N. Y. Regt. at Valley Forge and on Hudson, 1778; Muster Roll of 
Capt. Andrew Finck's Co., Col. Van Schaick's Regt., 1st N. Y. Line, Valley 
Forge, April, 1778. It also contains genealogy of Andrew Finck and his de- 
scendants in 8 generations. It has a good index. 

1907.] Accessions to the Library. 3 1 5 

Spencer Family Record of the Springfield, Vt. and Evansville, Wis. 
Spencers. Descendants of Garrard Spencer of Haddam, Conn., Emigrant of 
1630. By William Henry Spencer. New York. Tobias A. Wright. 1907. 
8vo, cloth, pp. 57. 

The compiler believing that his family is descended from John Spencer, 
Gent, of Southmylles, Bedford Co , England, 14-Edward IV, has traced one 
line down through fourteen generations to the present time. 

Documentary History of Dutch Congregation of Oyster Bay, 
Long Island. By H. A. Stoutenburgh, No. 23 Broad Street, New York City. 
10 pamphlets. Price, $5.50 free of postage, subject to raise in price. Edition 

The aim of the compiler has been to make it a standard reference book. 
It contains over 2,000 heads of families in large type alphabetically arranged, 
7,500 names in index, besides references made to over 500 wills and admin- 
istrations. It is an invaluable record of genealogical material to be found in 
the records of that church. 

A Comstock Genealogy, including Comstock Descendants of William 1 
Comstock of New London, Conn., and of his sons John' of Lyme; Samuel 2 of 
Providence; Daniel 2 of New London, and Christopher 2 of Norwalk. 8vo, pp. 
213. Only 200 copies printed. G. P. Putnam's Sons, Knickerbocker Press. 
(140 copies sold.) Price, $3.35. By C. B. Comstock, 124 E. 27th Street, New 
York City. 

This work bears evidence of careful compilation and will be of value to 
those of the Comstock and Allied Families therein recorded. It is well in- 

Lieut. Heman Rowlee (1746-1818) and His Descendants. By Wil- 
lard Winfield Rowlee. 8vo, cloth, pp. 138. Edition, 150 copies. Tobias A. 
Wright, Publisher. New York. 1907. Price, $3.50. 

In this work historical matter is given relating to the older generations of 
the family, there being included several very old family records and wills. 
The family starts in Orange County before the Revolutionary War, and con- 
siderable information is given regarding the old Orange County families. A 
table is given showing the descendants of Heman and Lydia (Seely) Rowlee, 
both by families and by generations. The total descendants number 848. Mar- 
riage alliances are given; the index containing them has 2,000 names. The 
marriage alliances are, in the second generation, with Curtices, Roads, Burs, 
Shepards, Carrs, Blauvelts, Covleys and Coes; in the third generation with 
Woods, Gedneys, Gobies, Balls, Wrights, Hughes, Demotts, Roots, Grahams, 
Drapers, Elmers, Dunsmores, Paynes, Hathaways, Nolans, Spencers, Hollons, 
Tillmans, Smiths, Underwoods, Carpenters, Burdons and Woodruffs. Eight 
generations are given. The illustrations are fine photographic prints and many 
of them. 

June 11 to September g, iqoj. 


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Fite, Mrs. E. M. S. — Fite Genealogy. Stephenson Records. 
Grafton Press — Brigham Family. St. John Genealogy. 

Hicks, Mrs. Benjamin D. — National Cyclopedia of American Biography, 14 vols. 
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3 1 6 Wants. [Oct., 

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Pamphlets, Etc. 

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Williams College. — Report. 

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Boothbay, Southport and Boothbay Harbor, Maine, History of. 
Dean Family 

Derryfield, N. H., History of, 2 vols. 

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Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Wills, 4 vols. 


Howland Genealogy. 

Peirce's Colonial Lists. 

Hubbard's Stanstead County, Canada. 

Vermont Historical Gazeteer. — Vol. III. 

Jennings Genealogy.— Vols. I, III. 

Powers' Sangamon County, III., Settlers. 

Newport Historical Magazine. — Vol. IV, Part 3, and Index. 

Rhode Island Historical Magazine. — Vol. VII, Part 4. 

1907.] Books for Sale or Exchange. 3 I 7 

Putnam's Historical Magazine.— New Series— Vol. VII, No. 10, October, 

Waldo's History of Tolland, Conn. 
Wales, Mass., Centennial. 
Indexes to Wills at Trenton, N. J. 
Robertson's Pocahontas Descendants. 

Narragansett Historical Register.— Vol. IX, Nos. 3, 4, and Index. 
Connecticut Quarterly. — Vol. I, No. 1. 
Austin's Allied Families. 
Massachusetts Historical Society's Collections. 

Books for Sale or Exchange 


226 West ;8th Street, New York City 

Calendar of New York Historical Manuscripts.— Dutch, 1630- 

1664, and English, 1664-1776— 2 vols., folio, cloth. each$ 4.00 

Suffolk Surnames.— Bowditch— 8vo, cloth, pp. 757. Library stamp. 3.00 

Prominent Families of New York.— Quarto, leather, pp. 640. As new. 10.00 
Essex, Mass., History of.— Crowell— 8vo, cloth, pp. 487. Library 

stamp. 5 <0 ° 
Calverly Parish Church Registers.— Yorkshire, England.— Vol. 

II. 12D, cloth, pp. 254. 2.00 

Wentworth Genealogy. — 3 vols. New. i5-°° 

Andrews Genealogy. — Andrews— 8vo, cloth, pp. 234. 3.00 
Annual Report State Historian, New York.— 1897, Vol. II— pp. 

1158. 3-oo 

Sutton Family of New Jersey.— Sutton— 1900— 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 47. 1.00 
Columbia College General Catalogue, 1754-1894 — 8vo, cloth, 

pp. 620. 2.00 

Candia, N. H., History of.— Moore— 1893— 8vo, cloth, pp. 528. 3.00 

Lancaster Family. — Lancaster— 1902 — 8vo, cloth, pp. 304. 5.00 

Handbook of Genealogy.— Stiles — 1899 — 8vo, cloth, pp.55. 1.00 

Theodore Gay. — Memoir — 8vo, pamphlet. .50 

Corwin Genealogy.— Corwin— 1872— 8vo, cloth, pp. 283. As new. 3.00 

Plymouth, Pa., Historic Sketches.— Wright— 12D, cloth, pp. 419. 3.00 

Clark Genealogy.— Clark— 1892— 8vo, cloth, pp. 182. Library stamp. 2.00 
North and South Hempstead Town Records. — Vols. I, II. — 8vo, 

cloth. As new. each 2.00 
Quaker Hill Local History Series.— IX— Albert J. Akin— Wil- 
son— 1903— 12D, pamphlet, pp. 35. Portrait. New. .25 
X. Ancient Homes and Early Days of Quaker Hill— Stearns— 

1903— 12D, pamphlet, pp. 44. Illustrations and map. New. .25 
XL Thomas Taber and Edward Shove. A reminiscence— Shove— 

1903 — 12D, pamphlet, pp. 34. New. .25 
Hampstead, N. H., Memorial History of. — Noyes — Vol. II — 8vo, 

cloth, pp. 832. New. Genealogies. 5-°o 

Newtown, Long Island, Riker's Annals of.— 8vo, cloth, pp. 437. 10.00 
Amherst College, History of.— Tyler— 12D, cloth, pp. 312. Library 

stamp. 2.00 
Concerning Genealogies.— Allaben— 12D, cloth, pp. 71. 1.00 
Journal of Congress.— Vol. II— 1776— Cover gone. Complete. Lib- 
rary stamp. 1 -oo 

* i 8 Books for Sale or Exchange. [Oct., 


Hadley, Mass.— Judd— 2nd edition— IQ05— 8vo, cloth, pp. 709. New. $5.00 
Plymouth, Mass.— Bradford's History of " Plimouth Plantation" — 

igoi — 8vo, cloth, pp. 628. New. 5-°° 

Ancestor, The.— Nos. I, II, III. New. In boxes. each 1.50 
Holme's Letter of Directions to His Father's Birthplace.— 

Genealogy — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 76. 2.00 

Successful American.— August, 1901. .25 

Genealogical Quarterly.— October, 1904. .25 

John Hall of Wallingford. — Genealogy— 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 61. 1.00 

Stiles Family. — Index to Stiles Genealogies — Guild — 1892 — 8vo, pamph- 
let, pp. 35. Scarce. New. 1.00 
Munskll Family Biographical sketch of Joel Munsell, and family 

genealogy — Munsell— 1880— Portrait— 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 16. .50 
Newburgh Historical Papers— Nos. I, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII— Full 

of genealogical information. each .75 
Waters' Gleanings. — Index to Testators— 1898 — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 

20. Good order. -5° 

Emmet, Dr. Thomas Addis.— Reminiscences— 12D, pamphlet, pp. 24. .50 

American Portrait Gallery.— Part 54. -5° 
Bicknell Family. — Bicknell — 1880 — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 48; contains 

tombstone inscriptions. New. -75 

Republican Party. — By Hay and Root — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 57. .50 

Owl, Wing Family Magazine— Vol. V., No. 3. .25 
Ohio Society of New York, History of.— 1905— 8vo, cloth, pp. 663. 

New. 5.00 

Sons of the American Revolution. — Empire State Society, Register 

1899— Quarto, cloth, pp. 583. New. In box. 5.00 
More Family. — Historical Journal — Vol. I, No. 1. .25 
Schuyler County, Penn., History of. — 1881 — Folio, cloth, pp. 450. 4.00 
Kappa Sigma Fraternity. — Address Book, 1869-1906, i6mo, pamph- 
let, pp. 256. 1. 00 

Pennsylvania Society of New York. — First Annual Festival, 1899, 

and Year Book, 1901. — 8vo, cloth. each .50 

Acadiensis. — October, 1902. .25 

Hills Family. — Hills — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 148. New. 1.00 

King Family of Suffield.— Cleveland — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 7. .50 
Brookes' General Gazetteer. — 1876 — 8vo, cloth, pp. 961, Good 

order. 1.00 
Christmas Reminder. — Names of Prison Ship Prisoners during the 

American Revolution — 1888 — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 61. 2.00 
Morristown, N. J. — First Presbyterian Church History with Church 

Registers — Incomplete. 1.00 
American Geographical and Statistical Society. — Annual Re- 
port — 1857 — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 51. .25 
American Geographical and Statistical Society. — Proceedings — 

Odd Nos. each .50 
Stiles Family. — Stiles — 1863 — Square octavo, pamphlet, pp. 48. Auto- 
graph of Henry R. Stiles, M. D. Uncut. 1.00 
Springfield Memories. — Green — 1876— 8vo, cloth, pp. 110. Perfect 

condition. Library stamp. 1. 00 

Psi Upsilon Fraternity. — Catalogue — 1888 — Quarto, cloth, pp. 1037. 3.00 

Ulster County, N. Y. — Historical Collections — Vol. I, parts 1, 2. each .50 

1 907-] Books for Sale or Exchange. 3*9 


Scotch-Irish in America. — First and Second Congresses — 8vo, cloth, 

2 vols. each £1.00 

Caroline Crane Marsh. — A Life Sketch— 12D, pamphlet, pp. 83. .50 

Memorial Sketch of Evert Augustus Duyckinck. — pp. 15. .50 

Wayte Family. — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 8. .25 

Grand Transformation Scenes. — Fuller — 12D, cloth, pp. 311. 1.00 
Report of the United States Commissioners. — Paris Exposition — 

1878 — 5 vols. each .50 
Conquest of Mexico and Peru, and the War of the Union. — 

Cornwallis — 2 vols., poems. each .50 

Contest for Sound Money. — Hepburn — 1903 — 8vo, cloth, pp. 657. 2.00 

Commissioner of Agriculture's Report. — 1871 — cloth. .50 

Dodge's Album of Agricultural Statistics. — Boards. .50 
Lynn, Mass., Intentions of Marriage. — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 29. 

Notes and autograph of J. L. Merriam. 1.00 
American Historical Association. — Annual Report, 1889 — 8vo, 

pamphlet, pp. 427. Contains Ford's Bibliography. 1.00 

New York, Old Merchants of. — Barrett — Vols. I, II, cloth. each 1.00 
Salem Press Historical and Genealogical Record. — Vol. II, 

No. 4. .50 
Boston Record Commissioners' Reports. — Vol. II, X, XVI — 

Boards. each 1.00 

Brown University Catalogue, 1902-03. .25 
New England Society in the City of New York. — Reports— Odd 

Nos. each .50 

Stephen Whitney Phoenix. — Memorial — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 8. .25 

Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography. — Jan., 1902. 1.00 
Oneida County Historical Society's Publications. — No. 5 — 8vo, 

pamphlet, pp. 34. .25 
Harleian Society's Publications. — Visitations— Vols. I to X, XII to 

XVIII — Apply for prices. 
Same — Register Section — Vol. I to VIII — Apply for prices. 

Bunker's Long Island Genealogies. 5.00 

Massachusetts Civil List. 5.00 

Townsend Memorial. — 12D, cloth, pp. 229. 4.00 
Austin's Thirty-Three Rhode Islanders. — With Williams and 

Latham Genealogies — Folio, cloth, pp. 137. 5.00 

Sons of the Revolution. — New York — Year Book, 189(5 — Quarto, 

cloth, pp. 539. 5.00 

Same. — Supplement, 1903 — Quarto, pamphlet. 1.00 

Heraldic Journal. 10.00 

Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica. — New Series — Vols. I 

and II, bound. each 5.00 

Life of Governor Samuel Ward. — Quarto, pamphlet, pp. 12. 1.00 

Paine Family Register. — 1857 — Quarto, pamphlet. 5.00 

Paine Family Record. — Vol. II, No. 5. .50 

Stiles Family Genealogy. — With Mss. Notes by H. R. Stiles, M. D. — 

8vo., pamphlet, pp. 31. 1.00 

Lieut. -Col. Samuel Ward of Rhode Island. — Quarto, pamphlet, 

pp. 20. 1.00 

Sergt. John White Paul and the Capture of Brig.-Gen. Richard 

Prescott. — 8vo, pamphlet. 1.00 

320 Books for Sale or Exchange. [Oct., 1907. 

Memoir of Col. Chester. — With Portrait — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 24. $ 1.00 

D. A. R. Lineage Book. — Vol. I. 1.00 

Lewisiana. — Vol. X.— Library Stamp. 1.50 

Mordaunts' Obituary.— Vol. I — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 34. 1.00 

American Geographical Society's Bulletins.— Odd Nos. each .50 
Family Records. — Their Importance and Value — Holcombe — 8vo, 

pamphlet, pp. 12. .50 

Boston Public Library Bulletin. — Jan., April, 1892. each $ .50 

Cleveland, O., Representative Men in Successful American. .50 
Westchester Co., N. Y., Poverty and Patriotism of the Neutral 

Grounds. — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 39. 1.00 
Seymour Family. — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 9. .50 
Diplomatic Banquet. — Ohio Society of New York — 1903 — 8vo, pamph- 
let, pp. 66. .50 
Gunn's Index to Next of Kin. — Part III. 1.00 
(Facsimile) MS. Note on the Church in America. — Rt. Rev. Wil- 
liam White, D. D — With Portrait of Bishop White. 1.00 

Corey Family. — Akerly — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 12. Illustration. 1.50 
Genealogical Portion of Coffin's Newbury. — Unbound. 1.00 
Noyes Genealogy. — One Branch — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 32. 2.00 
N. Y. Society Library Catalogue.— Odd numbers— Pamphlets. .25 
White House, Story of the. — Illustrated— 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 50. .50 
New York Hospital Reports. — Odd numbers. .50 
American Academy of Fine Arts. — Address by William Beach Law- 
rence, 1825 — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 46. 1.00 
N. Y. Department of Finance. — Report, 1903 — Quarto, pamphlet. .50 
Crosby Family of New York. — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 24. 1.00 
Genealogical Gleanings in England. — Waters — Marriage Li- 
censes — 8vo, pamphlet, pp. 107. 1.50 
Clarke Family of Rhode Island. — Morrison — Quarto, pp. 337. 10.00 
Lefferts Genealogy. — Bergen — 1878— pp. 172. 2.00 
Huntington Family. — Huntington — 1863 — pp. 428. 5.00 
Fairbairn's Crests. — 2 vols. 10.00 
History of Cambridge, Mass. — Paige — 1877 — pp. 731. 5.00 
Strong Family. — 2 vols. — Dwight. — 1871. 10.00 
Leland Magazine. — Leland — 1850 — pp. 279. 5.00 
History of Charlestown N. H.— 1876— pp. 726. 6.50 
Hatch Genealogy. — 1876— pp. 36. 1.50 
Eddy Family. — Eddy— 1881 — pp. 180. 2.00 
Janes Family. — Janes — 1868 — pp. 419. 2.00 
Bergen Genealogy. — Bergen — 1876 — pp. 658. 10.00 
Slafter Memorial. — Slafter — 1869 — pp. 155. 2.00 
Holt Genealogy.— Durrie— 1864— pp. 367. 3.00 
Glover Genealogy. — Glover— 1867 — PP- 601. 5.00 
History of Gardiner and Pittston, Me. — Hanson — 1852 — pp. 343. 5.00 
Medford, Mass., Genealogies. — Whitmore — 1855 — pp. 96. 5.00 
Stamford Conn., Soldiers' Memorial. — Huntington — 1869 — PP- 1 &S- 2 - 00 
Willoughby Family. — Greenwood — pamphlet — 1876 — pp. 15. 1.00 
Hotten's Emigrants. — 1874— pp. 580. 10.00 
Fitchburg and Lunenburg, Mass. — Torrey — 1865 — pp. 128. 2.00 


Abbatt, William, 233 
Abbe, Robert, mrs., 222 
Abraham (negro), 22 
abrimson, Catherine, 218 

Margot, 218 

Rike, 218 

winche, 218 

winke, 218 
Acha (negro), 23 
Ackerrt, Easter weeks, 95 

John, 95 
Adams, mr., 79 

Charles C, 233 

Charles Francis, 79 

George Moulton, 234 

Hattie D., 194 

iohn C, 302 
..ucy Pynchon, 302 

Mary, 302 

Win,, 137 
Admous, Calerine Cool, 97 

John, 97 
adset, Betsey an, 207 
adsit, Abigail, 207 
Agard, Abiah, 97 
Agars, Eliza How, 282 

John, 282 
Agin (Eagan), James, 299 

Sarah Wilson, 299 
Aikman, W. G., 153 
Ainsworth, , 105 

Ann Skillman, 105 
Akerly, L. D., miss., 146 

Lucy D., 149 

Lucy Dubois, 164, 246, 284 
Akin, Albert J., 317 
Albert, Delia, 209 
Albertson, 230 

Alice, 73 

Ann, 9 

Derick, 9 

Rebecca (de Grove), 9 

Thomas W., 73 
Albright, Catharine, 193 

Polly, 193 
Alden, family, 155 
Alertson, Eliza, 282 
Alexander, Delia, 30 

Orline St. Iohn, 228 
Allaben, Frank, 223 
Allan, John, 57 
Allen, family, 155, 294 

Adaline, 294 

Alathea, 294 

Alfred Whitely, 294 

Anna Allin, 294 

Catharine, 294 

Catharine Skillman, 294 

Christopher, 294 

Daniel Bicknel, 272 

David Skillman, 294 

alien, E , 208 

Allen, Eliza, 145 

Emily, 294 

Ethelinde Vanderbilt, 272 

Fanny Skillman, 294 

Frances, 199 

Frances Skillman, 199 

Heman, 136 

Hettie Houston, 294 



Allen, Jacob Hand, 272 

Joseph, 294 

Julia, 294, 295 

Juliette Skillman, 294 

Martha Jewett, 294 

Matha, 96 

Mary, 294 

Mary Ann, 259, 262 

Newton, 294 

Washington, 294 

William Barton, 272 

William Wright, 294 

Wright, 199, 294 
Allerton, Reuben, 273 
Allin, Anna, 294 
Alsop, Jemima, 166 

Richard, 205 
Alston, Hannah, 186, 189 

Sarah Ann, 263 
Alton, Erasmus, 221 
Ame, mary, 97 
Ames, Anna mead, 97 

Charity, 207 

James, 97 

Rachel, 95 
Anders, J. D., 263 

Moses, 96 

Susanner Eveans, 96 
Anderson, Catharine W. Skill- 
man, 299 

Cornelia, 281 
ames, 299 
ohn, 131 
"illiam, 216 
Andrancne, Mary Conger, 96 

timothy, 96 
Andrew, Jannet Steward, 145 

William, 145 
Andrews, Sam'f, 176 
Andriese, Pieter, 3 
Andriessen, Juriaen, 5 
Andros, gov., 3 
Angell, Thomas, 232 
Ankrom, Elizabeth, 273 
Anthony, Walter C, 155 
Antony, Abraham, 145 

Letitia Lawrence, 145 
Apelby, Joseph, 131 
Applegate, Betsey, 105 
Apthorp, 229 

Apthrop, Charles Ward, 8 
Archer, Beniamin, 218 

cathrin, 218 

John, 135, 218 

Jonathan, 218 

mary, 218 

mary church, 218 

Sarah, 218 
Armour, mrs., 283 

James, 21 

Samuel Walter, 21 
Arms, Margaret, 74 
Armstrong, family, 314 

Frances, 137 
Arnold, Louisa Skillman, 104 
Aroe, Skerrit, 118 

Elisabeth (Stilwell), 118 

Hannah, 50, 52 

Jeremia, 118 

Jeremiah, 50. 52 

Aroe, Richard, 118 

Samuel, 52 

Sarah, 118 

William, 50 
Arrow, Elsy, 192 
Arthur, Pres., 162 
Astin, Thomas, 222 
Aston, Abraham, 127 

Ann (Colon), 127 

Isaac, 127 
Athearn, family, 156 
Atherton, Mary Reed (Rud), 

William, 210 
Atkinson, M. L., mrs., 233 
Atwood, Margaret, 73 
Austin, Eliza Diven, 21 

Emila, 21 

Margaretta B., 21 

Ralsamen C, 21 
auery, edward, 135 

hannah, 135 

mary, 135 
Avary, Mary Purdy, 22 

Oliver, 22 
Avery, Hoyat, 209 

Abraham, 209 

Catharine, 268 

Chauncey, 95 

George, 268 

George Washington, 268 

Julia Simpson, 268 

Laner Cuckinham, 95 

mary, 97 

Oliver, 209 

Rachel, 96 

Sabrina, 209 
Avry, Edward, 222 

Babcock, Elizabeth wilbour, 

Isaac, 206 
Bachellor, , 193 

Malinda Skillman, 193 
Bacon, 244 

Abigail Cleveland, 245 

Anna Maria, 245 

ioseph, 245 
iathaniel, 245 
Bailey, Abigail Cooper, i6>; 

Levey, 88 

Mary, 165 

Samuel, 273 

Stephen, 165 
Bain, Eliza Willmott, 291; 

H. W., 295 
Baker, 231 

Charity, 47, 49, 53, n 4 

Eleonor, 50 

Ellen Eliza, 261 

James Bradly, 189 
emima Barns, 37 
Jeremiah, 114 
John, 47, 49, 53, 114 
John Wandel, 47 
^Joseph, 49, 182, 185, 186, 189, 

Josiah, 273 
Letty Ann, 186 
Peter Vansal, 182 


Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 

Baker, Peter Wandel, 53 

Susan, 261 

Susan Stillwell, 186, 189 

Susan Stilwell, 182, 185 

Zebulon, 37 
Balch, John, 230 

Thomas Willing, 230, 232 
Baldoch, Jennie, 193 
Baldwin family, 153 

Bethiah, 274 

Bethiah (Paddock), 274 

Esther, 273 

Evelyn B.j 302 

Evelyn Briggs, 95, 149, 206, 

George, 273 

Sally, 273 

Thomas, 273, 274 

Thomas H., 273 

Walter B., 302 
Ball or Bell, Abraham, 95 
Ball, Harriet, 273 

Wait, 273 
Ballen, James, 84 
baly, Elesabet, 130 

John, 130 

Josiah, 130 

margett, 130 

sarah, 130 
Banks, mr., 212 

Charles Edward, 230 
Bant, Jan Peters, 101 

Marritje Mabie, 101 
Banta, 287 

Elsje, 287 

Heuricus, 287 

Jacob, 287 

Theo. M., 293 

Wiert, 287 

Wiert Epke, 286 
Barager, David, 184 

Henry, 184 

Polly, 186 

Sally Cortelyou, 184 
Barber, Anna Skillman, 299 

Catharine, 300 

Charles D., 300 

Edward, 300 

Elizabeth", 300 

Emeline Holcombe, 300 

Fidelia Vidler Boswell,299 

George Clinton, 299 

Henrietta Warford, 300 

John, 299 

Margaret Warford, 300 

Martha, 300 

Mary Ann, 299 

Thomas, 300 

William H., 300 
Barbour, Edward Livingston, 

Barends, Annetje, 4 
Barger, David, 46, 128, 186, 188, 

Eliza Ann, 186 

Henry, 45-47, 49 

Hetty Falkimer, 20 

Jacob, 45 
ames Guion, 268 
ohn, 49 
ohn William, 188 
Mary, 45-47. 49, 120, 124, 127, 

128, 179, 184 
Nicholous, 20 
Polly, 190, 257 
Sally Cortelyou, 188, 268 
Sarah Cortelyou, 128, 186 
Barker, Benjamin G., 23 ;•. 
Charles, 22 
Deborah Purdy, 22 
Eprahem, 88 
hannah, 207 

Barker, Hannah Nichols, 22 

Richard, 87 
barly, saniuel, 134 
Barnard, John, 151 

Tabitha, 151 
Barne, Matthew, 36 
Barnes, family, 34, 232, 233 

capt., 37 

mr., 37 

Abigail , 34 

Abraham, 34 

Acors, 35 

Almira Cole, 35 

Amos, 35 

Anne, 35. 43 

Anne (Nancy), 36 

Benjamin, 35 

Catharine, 35 

David, 37 

Dorothy, 43, 44, 51 

Eli (Elye), 36 

Eliza, 188, 191, 261, 265 

Eliza Jane Eddy, 35 

Elizabeth, 35, 37 

Elizabeth Brown, 35 

Elizabeth Conkling, 37 

Elizabeth Woodruff, 35 

Erastus, 35 

Esther, 36 

Eunice Letitia, 35 

Eunice (Munson), 35 

Fannie, 37 

Genette, 37 

George, 43. 44. 51 

Hannah, 34, 37. 51. 131 

Hannah Dickins, 35 

Hannah Parsons, 34 

Heury, 37 

Hormer, 37 

Isaac, 35, 36 

Jemima, 36 

Jemima Sherrill, 36 

Jeremiah, 36 

Jeremiah, jr., 37 

Jonathan, 35, 37 

Joseph, 37 

Lvdia. 35 

Lydia Hall, 36 

Maria, 37 

Mary Farnsworth, 37 

Matilda, 36 

Matthew, 36 

Nancy Pendleton, 35 

Nathaniel, 35, 36 

Noah, 34 

Patience Wilcox, 36 

Phoebe Schillinger, 36 

Puah, 34 

Sarah, ^5, 131, 168, 169 

Sarah (Salle), 36 

Sarah (Barnes), 35 

Seth, 34 

Stephen, 35 

Talmage, 35 
barnes, Thomas, 131 
Barnes, Timothy, 34, 35 
barnes, underhell, 131 
Barnes, William, 36, 38, 131 
Barns, family, 38 

capt., 37 

mrs., 37 

Abigail, 37 

Daniel, 37 

David, 37 

Edward, 38 

Erastus, 37 

Esther, 37 

Ethelinda, 37 

Hannah, 37 

Jemima, 37 
onathan, 37 
Maria, 37 
Mary, 37 
Matthew, 37 

Barns, Owen, 38 

Rebecca Conkling, 37 

Salle, 37 

Seth, 37 

Thomasina Hovell, 38 

Thomasina Shepherd, 38 

William, 38 
Barnum, Caroline Matilda 
Benedict, 151 

Egbert Westcott, 151 

Eli, 151 

Susan Benedict, 151 

Thomas, 151 
Barr, Agnes, 19 

James. 19, 20 

Jane, 20 
Barrager, br., 52 

sr., 52 

Henry, 52 
Barrigar, Harriot, 23 

Jeremiah, 23 

Lucortia Gidney, 23 
Barry, Benjamin, 67 
Bartlet, mary Sotherland, 98 

Richard, 98 
Bartlett, Elezebeth, 98 

Elezebeth tripp, 97 

Litteltield, 97 
Barton, Abigaill, 132 

Ann (Ruebottom), 116 

breggatt, 132 

Breggett, 132 

Catharine (Colon), 119 

Elisha, 132 

Isaac, 119 

James, 119 

John, 116, n8 
barton, Joseph, 135 
Barton, Lucy (Egbert), 118, 125 
barton, mary, 135 
Barton, Mary, 263, 267 

Mary Ann, 125, 260 
barton, Noah, 135 
Barton, Palmer, 132 

Roger, 132 

Roger, jr., 222 

Roger, sen., 222 

William, 116, 118, 125 
Bassford, Thomas Smith, mrs., 

Bates, Joseph, 15 
Baxter, family, 84 

Allice, 84 

Edward, 86 

Elizabeth, 85 

Elizabeth Clark, 86 

James, 86 

Jane, 86 
oan, 86 
John, 84-86 
Jonathan, 8$ 
Joseph, 86 
Levi, 85 
Margaret, 85 
Mary Gookh, 85 
Mary McMillan, 86 
Mary Schuyler, 84 
Oliver, 84 
Rachel. 86 
Roger, 84 
Schuyler, 84 
Simeon, 85 
Temperance, 85 
Thomas, 84, 86 
William, 85, 86 
Baxtur, Abigail, 130 
Darcos, 130 
Elesabath, 130 
John, 130 
Kesiah, 130 
mary, 130 

Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 


Baxtur, mereum, 130 
Rebakah, 130 
Rebekah, 130 
remember, 130 
Tho., 130 
Thomas, jr., 130 

Bayard, Samuel, 288 
Stephen, 205 

Bayeax, Maria, 145 

Bayle, Joseph, 219 

Bayley, Abigail, 164, 165 
Abigail], 165 
Abigaill, jr., 164 
Benjamin, 165 
Christian, 165 
Dabroh, 165 
Hannah, 165, 168, 169 
Jonathan, 165 
Jsraiell, 165 
Mary, 165 
Nathaniell, 165 
Stephen, 164, 165, 169 
Stephen, jr., 164, 165 
Temperance, 165 

Baylie, Nathaniel, 88 
Neamiah, 88 
Syles, 88 

Beach, William H., 232 

bearret, Anna, 218 
hanna, 218 
John, 218 
mary, 218 
Samuel, 218 

Beats, Maria, 282 

Beates, Samuel, 16 

Beattey, Ann, 262, 271 
Ann Denyse, 187, 262 
Ann Louisa, 271 
Ann Marsh, 263 
Annethie Voons, 262 
Barzillor Burr, 187 
Betsey, 186 
Catharine Eliza, 189 
Cornelius, 187, 259, 262 
Cynthia Jacobson, 187 

Edw., 184, 185 
Edward, 186, 262, 271 
Edward, jr., 187 
Edmund, 186 
Eleanor Louise, 262 
Eleon, 184, 185 
Eleonor, 184, 186 
Eliza, 184, 259 
Eliza Alexander, 262 
Eliza Cortelyou, 189, 192 
Elizabeth Lake, 187 
Elizabeth Simonson, 270 
Ellen Gertrude, 192 
Henrietta Mieks, 262 
Isabella, 264 
Jacob, 184, 189, 192, 259 
James, 262, 263, 265 
Jane Ann, 262 
John, 186, 187, 259, 262 
John Edward, 184 
Maria Rebekah, 187 
Mary Ann Allen, 259, 262 
Mary Barger, 184 
Maria Elizabeth, 259 
Nancy Jacobson, 187 
Polly, 184 
Polly Barager, 186 
Sarah Ann, 259 
Varansalaer, 184 
William, 184, 186, 270 
William Henry, 270 
Willm., 184 
Beattie, Rachel, 291 

Beatty, , 183 

Alfred, 179 
Alfred Eberhard, 127 
Ann, 41, 115, 123 
Ann Denyce, 268 

Beatty, Ann Jacobson, 119, 122, 

124, 127, 178, 181, 184 
Anna, 40 
Anne, 40 
Bittje, 46 

Catharine Eleonore, 122 
Charity, 41 
Corn., 123 
Cornelius, 44, n8, 119, 122, 

124, 127, 178, 181, 184 
Cornelius Augustus, 184 
Daniel Lake, 123 
Edw., 46, 48, 50-52, 113, 118- 

124, 177-184, 186 
Edw., sr., 120 
Edward, 43-51, 53, 113-120, 

123, 124, 128, 180, 182, 183, 

190, 268, 293 
Edward Christian, 124 
Edwd., 127, 128 
Eleanor, 43-45, 52, 114, 118, 

Eleanora, 117 
Eleon, 113, 116, 119. 120, 122- 

124, 127, 128, 177-182, 186 
Eleonor, 46-50, 53, 54, 113- 

115, 118, 119, 123, 127, 186 
Eleonor, sr., 185 
Eleonora, 116, 117, 121 
Eleonore, 119, 122-124 
Eleonore Maria, 127 
Eliza Cortelyou, 186 
Elizabeth, 54, 113, 115 
Elizabeth Cecilia, 181 
Elizabeth Cortelyou, 179, 

Elizabeth (Cortelyou), 128 
Elizabeth (Lake), 116, 118, 

123, 177, 179. 184 
Elleonor, 52 
Emmeline, 179 
Hellethah Ann, 178 
Henry Barger, 120 
Hiram, Eugene, 190 
Isabella, 186 
Jacob, 45, 128, 179, 180, 183, 

Jacob Cortelyou, 128 
James, 113 
John, 40, 41, 43, 54, 113, 115, 

116, 118, 123, 177, 179, 184, 
190, 268 

John Jacobson, 119 

John William, 54 

Margaret Eliza, 177 

Mary, 44 

Mary (Barger), 120, 124, 
127, 179 

Mary Elizabeth, 257 

Mary Lake, 184 

Polly Barger, 190, 257 

Rachel, 293 

Rachel Mandeville, 293 

Sara, 116, 119, 126 

Sarah, 43, 123 

William, 45, 120, 121, 124, 
127, 179. 190, 257 

William Lake, 179 

William Montgomery, 127 

Wm., 179 
Beaty, Edw., 123 

Edward, 50 

Eleanor, 46 

Eleon, 118 

Eleonor, 50 
Bechler, A. H., 180, 182 

Aug. Henr,, 179, 181 

Augusta Henr., 177, 180 

Augusta Henrietta Cunow, 
178. 180 

Francis Eugenius, 180 

J. C, 178, 180-182 

J. C, sr., 180 

John C, 177, 178, 180 

Bechler, Julius Theodore, 178 
Beck, family, 98 

Andrew, 99 

Angelina, 282 

Anna, 99, 100, 102 

Anna Mabie, 99 

Anna (Mol) Fairly, 100 

Anne, 99 

Anne Frost, 99 

Annetje Mol Fairly, 102 

Caleb, 99, 100, 102 

Elizabeth Truax, 100 

Engeltie, 100 

Henry, 98, 99 

Joshua, 99 

Margaret, 100 

Mary, 99 

Theodric Romeyn, 99 

Thomas, 99 
Becker, A. L., 70 
Bedell, Ann. 54 

Cath., 128 

Cathrine, 114 

Christian Jacobsen, 46 

Cornelius, 46, 49 

Elizabeth, 46, 49 

Hilletje, 116, 120, 123, 128, 

Israel, 46 

John, 54, 114, 116, 120 

Joh Van Deventer, 49 

Robert, jr., 288 

Van Deventer, 184 
Beebe, 231 

Bars ha, 248 
Beebee, Elizabeth, 247 
Beekman, Catharine, 296 

Catharine Van Dyke, 103 

Christopher, 296 

Cornelia, 103, 297 

Gerardus, 31, 103 
Beers. Ann, 226 

Elizabeth, 137 


Sarah, 146 
Beggs, Jos., 300 

Mary Jane Joline, 300 
begordus, mary, 95 
Belden, Anna Maria Jackson, 

Azor, 74 

Daniel, 74 

Elizabeth Smith, 74 

Hannah Couch Smith, 74 

Lewis, 74 

Margaret Arms, 74 

William, 74 
Beldin, Anne Sniffin, 145 

Henry, 145 
Belier, James, 213 

Mary, 213 
Bell, mr.,84 

Abraham, 95 

Mary, 281 

Mary Ann, 281 

Rachel grav, 95 
Bellis, Adam M., 298 

Ann Wilson, 298, 208 

Lidy Runeldt, 208 
Benedict, Caroline Matilda, 151 
Lewis, 151 
Mary Bridgum, 151 
Susan Stafford, 151 
Thomas, 151 
Benett, Epharim,88 
Benjamin, Moses, 306, 309 

Lena A., 309 
Benkes, 7 

Bennedick, Joseph, jr., 88 
Bennett, Joyce, 216 
Margaret, 68 
Mary, 216 
William, 216 


Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 

James, 46, 49, 113 
Jas. B., 45 

Benson, family, 246 Birkby, J., 50 

Arthur W., 244 
Egbert, 151 
Elizabeth Woodbridge 

Hoe, 246 
Esther, 182 
Frank Sherman, 223, 244- 

Hannah Horn, 74 
John, 245 
Peter, 74 
Sarah Buch, 245 
Thyrza, 223, 246 
Benton, Charity, 208 
Benzaken, Hetty Maria, 184 
Berg, A. W., mrs., 150 
Bergen, family, 232 
Toris Hansen, 4 
Sara Strijcker, 4 
Bergh, Henry, 73, 163 

Mary, 97 
Bernard, David, 292 
Berrian, Abraham, 3 
Cornelis, 3 
Cornelis Jansen, 3 
Dorcas (Tippett), 3 
Grace (Riker), 3 
Jannetje (Strijcker), 3 
John, 3 
Richard, 3 
Samuel, 3 
Berrie, Samuel, 288 
Berrien, John, 105 
Berry, Elizabeth, 288 
Bertine, Elizabeth, 145 

Susanna, 102 
Bertram, Francis, 214 
bessones, John, 129 
bets, else, 218 
hannah, 218 
hopestill, 218 
Susana, 218 
betts, elesabeth, 218 
Betts, Henrietta, 209 
betts, John, 218 
ruth, 218 
Samuell, 218 
Bewley, Edmund T., 55 

Edmund Thomas, 157, 158 
Bice, Jarusha owns, 98 

Bicknell, family, 237, 318 
Bieninger, Abm., 122 
bill, Joshua, 218 

mary, 218 
Bingham, Lee, mrs., 33 
Billings, Catharine Joline, 301 
Clarissa Kibbe, 301 
Cornelia F., 301 
Henry Martyn, 301 
Martha Russell, 301 
Mary E., 301 
Silas, 301 
Binninger, Abraham, 121 
Bird, mrs., 283, 284 
Charles, 109 
Henry, 22, 211 
James, 221, 282 
John, 128 
Lavinia Park, 22 
Nancy Skillman, 109 
Peter Duindam, 128 
Sirah Travis, 282 
Susan (Mitchell), 128 
Birdsal, Jacob, 87 
Birdsall, Caleb, 16 
Daniel, 292 

Hannah Mandeville, 292 
Birdsill, Jacob, 16 
Birkbeck, Charles, 216 
Birkby, sr., 53 
Anna, 51 
Hannah, 52, 53 

Bishop, Kitty, 297 
Bishup, James, 88 
Black, Abby Ann, 260 
Abigail Ann, 257 
John M., 259 
John William, 259 
Rachel King, 259 
Blackford, Providence, 108 
Blackwell, Caroline Wilson, 
Noah, 298 
Blair, Mary, 196 
Samuel, 196 
Blake, Betsy, 186, 188 
Elizabeth, 184 

Blakesley, Holt, 210 

Edward, 210 
Blauvelt, Abigail, 273 
Ann Eliza, 273 
Catherine A., 273 
Deborah Ann, 273 
Hamilton, 273 
John, 137, 273 
John C, 273 
Mary Esther, 273 
Mary Rowlee, 137 
Nathaniel W., 273 
Bleauw, Aeltje Staats, 109 

Hendrich, 109 
Blessington, lady, 58. 59. 6° 
Blier, Mary, 213 
Blomefield, Francis, 38 
Blomer, Giles, 215 
Mary King, 215 
Bloomer, Arnold, 22 
Edward, 211 
John, 222 
Mary Palmer, 22 
Ruben. 88 
Tamar, 145 
William, 88 
Blue, Eleanor, 109 
Blumer, William, jr., 88 
Boatman, Gload, 88 
Bodine, family, 159 

Abbey Ann, Kinsey, 271 

Abraham, 122, 267, 271 

Andrew, 114, 257 

Ann, 128 

E. P., 159 

Edward, 52, 267 

Eliza, 261, 267, 270, 272 . 

Elizabeth, 52, 115 

George Washington 

James, 257 
Israel, 118 
Jsaac Burbank, 190 
Jacob, 192 

James, 50, 52, 114, ii5.,«8, 
119, 122, 257, 258, 264, 267, 
Marg., 119 
Margaret Jane, 264 
Margaret (Oakley), 118, 122 
Margret. 114, 115 
Margreth, 119 
Margreth (Oakly), 119 
Mary Ann Burbank,' 190, 

192, 260 
Mergrett, 257 
Polly Housman, 257 
Rosanna, 264, 267 
Rosanna Mattes, 257, 258 
Tunis, 271 

Vincent, 190, 192, 260 
William, 257, 258, 264, 267 
William Alfred Housman, 

William Oakly, 258 
Bogall, Rhoda, 98 
Sarah, 97 

Bogardus, 7 

Bogart, Katalina, 102 

Bogle, Charles L., 146 

Boice, Dorothy, 207 

Boillon, Sarah, 46 

Bokee, Rebecca, 51 

Bolton,;Elizabeth Skillman, 194 

Henry W., 194 
Bond, capt., 85 
Bonfay, Anne, 217 

Hugh, 217 _ 

Bonnes or Barnes, David, 37 
Booking, Mary, 195 
Boom, Benjamin, 98 

Elezebeth Bartlett, 98 
Boomgaert, Anjenietje (Strijc- 
ker), 3 
Boomgaert or Bogaert, Jan 

Cornelise, 3 
Boomgaert (Bogert), Wynt]e 

Cornelise, 8 
Booth, 231 
Anna, 249 
Bethiah, 249 
Thomas, 249 
Borsboom, Anna, 101 
Boss, Cornelia Wilson, 298 
Boswell, Fidelia Vidler, 299 
Both, George, jr., 87 
Boucher, Ann, 198 
Boughton, Charles, 145 
Deborah Clark, 145 
Eliza Allen, 145 
Seamftur, 145 
Bouton, Abigail, 273 
Jared, 273 
Jenett, 273 
William, 273 
Bovin, Jo., 206 
Bowden, Mary, 281 
Bowdiedge, Anne, 139 

Stephen, 139 
Bowen, vice-pres., 223 

Clarence Winthrop, 140. 
148, 222, 223 
Bown, Ann Hains, 282 
Boyce, Frederick, 145 

Loretta Pelham, 145 
Boyse, Susannah, 207 
Brabazon, James, 55 
Bradford, gov., 151 

Mary, 151 
Bradshaw, Harriet Skillman 
Wright, 107 
John, 107 
Brainard, mr., 136 
Branham, Aug. W., 29 
Elizabeth Skillman, 29 
Horace, 29 
Brashear, Henrietta Skillman, 
Joseph, 196 
Thomas, 196 
William H., 196 
Breasted, John .William, 122 
Peter, 122 
Sara(Cri^)bs), 122 
Breckenridge, Adam A., 295 
Mary T.. 295 
Rebecca Willmott, 295 
Breed, William Constable, 78, 

Breintnall, R. Heber, 232 
Brewer, Elijah, 300 

Elizabeth Skillman, 300 

James, 16 
Brewster, Benjamin, 82 
Briars, Jane Poe, 64, 66 

John, 64, 66 
Bridgum, Mary, 151 
Brigg, Carey, 97 

Carie, 206 

Caterean Cambell, 207 

Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 


Brigg, Elias, 207 

Elizebeth parke, 207 

§eleg, 207 
usannnh tenner, 206 

Tamma Knapp, 97 
Briggs, Aner Knapp, 96 

Caleb, 207 

Jonathan, 96 

Metilda park, 207 
Brigham, family, 227 

Emma E., 227 

Thomas, 227 

W. I. Tyler, 227 

William E., 227 
BrinckerhofJ, Abraham Jorise, 

Altje (Strijcker), 2 
Bristol, Robert Dewey, mrs., 

Britain, John, 52 

Patience, 52 

Rachel, 52 
Brittain, Jacob, 181 

John, 181 

Rachel Burbank, 181 
Britton, Abraham, 121 

Ann, 121 

Catharine, 44 

Dorcas, 125 

}ames, 115 
ane, 269 
John, 53, 113, 115, 117, 131- 

. 123. 125 

Lovina, 123 

Margt. Thompson, 280 

Martha, 280 

Nathaniel, 44 

Peter, 113 

Rachel, 53. "3. "5. "7.125 

Rachel (Burbank), 121, 123, 

Sarah, 117 
Thos., 280 
Brockholst, Anthony, 288 
Bromley, Jennie, 194 
Broome, 229 
broune, abigall. 135 
Brower, Antje Mandeville, 289 
Hendrick, 289 
Johannes Pieterse, 289 
Leah, 289 
Leyja, 289 
Martie, 289 
Petrus, 289 
Browder, Eliza Ann, 296 

Brown, , 35 

mrs., 212, 280 

Abigail (Halstead), 274 

Abigaill, 247 

Abraham, 133, 221 

A. C. F., 121, 125, 126,128 

Alexander, 210 

Amanda, 306 

Amy, 282 

Aner, 274 

Ann, 122, 177 

Ann Caroline, 117 

Ann C. F., 116-118, 123, 124, 

Ann Cath. F., 116 
Ann Cath. Frederica, 120 
Ann Catharine Frederica, 

Anne, 23 
Beriah, 306 
Catharine, m 
Catharine Ann, 20 
Catherine, 23 
Charlotte Purdy, 18 
Christopher, 87 
Cuffy, 282 
Daniel, 164 
David, 18 
David Rogers, 18 

Brown, Elizabeth, 35, 296 
Ethalinda Carriheart, 210 
Gilbert, 279 
Hachaliah, 21 
Hackaliah, 274, 279 
Hackolia, 87 
Hannah, 138, 139, 306 
Harriet D., 295 
Harriot, 20 
Isaiah, 164 

James, 87, 88, 144, 164 
James C. Roosevelt, 21 
Jane, 273 
John, 133 
John W., 100 
Joseph, 164 
Lean, 289 
Letitia, 22 
Margaret, 279 
Margaret Beck, 100 
Maria Rosevelt, 279 
mary, 133 
Mary Elizabeth, 20 
Matthias, 20 
Milicent, 281 

N., 117, 122, 124, 126-128, 177 
Nancey Hains, 18 
Nathaniel, 115, "7. 121 
Nathl., 116, 117. 119-121, 123- 

127, 295 
Oliver, 18 
Richard, 164 
Robert, 273 
Robert J., 112 
Sarah, 133 
Sarah Barnes, 35 
Sarah Haverland, 18 
Stephen Haverland, 18 
Thomas, 106, 133, 212, 283 
Walter, 164 
William, 15, 278, 280 
Browne, Abigaill, 170 
Anna, 170 
Anna Youngs, 170 
Catheren, 249 
Christopher, 170 
David, 170, 250 
Deborah, 170 
Dorothy, 170 
Dorothy King, 170 
Elijah, 250 
Hannah (King), 170 
Henery, 170 
Henry, 170 
John, 249 
Mary, 250 
Mehetebel, 170 
Mehitabell, 170 
Mehitobel, 170 
Peter, 170 
Richard, 170 
Rtchd, 170 
Samuell, 170 
Sillvanus, 249 
Solomon, 249 
Thomas, 250 
Walter, 249 

William, 76, 249 j 


George, 95 
Browns, Hacka, 87 
Bruin, Elizabeth, 289 

Leah, 289 
Brundage, Ann, 18 
Anne, 22 
Bartleth, 87 
Danil, 87 
Eliza, 282 
Elizabeth, 18, 145 
Gilbert, 17 
Brundige, Ebenezer, 15 

John, 88 
Bruster, Abil, 87 
Joseph, 145 

Bruster, Susannah Merrit, 145 
Buck, 244 

Daniel, 245 

Mary Sewall, 245 

N. C, 198 

Sarah, 245 
buckbe, Ester, 131 

Cloas, 131 

John, 131 

John how, 131 
Joseph, 131 
ckham, Georg 

Buckham, Georgiana, 225 
Buckingham, family, 239 
Bucknam, John M., 303 
Bucknum, A., 303, 304 

Amasa, 303, 304 

Anna, 303, 304 

Elizabeth, 303 

Elizabeth W., 303 

Hannah, 303 

James, 303 

James, jr.. 303 

John, 303 

Joseph, 303 

Maria, 303 

Mary Ann, 303 

Mercy M., 303 
Buckston, Seberg, 96 
Budd, miss. 279 

mrs.. 278 

Deborah, 145 

Elijah, 279 

Elizabeth, 210 

Gilbert, 212 

Henry, 210, 212 

Jack, 278 
t John, 279 

Mary, no 

Rhoda, 305 

S., 283 
Buford, Aloyn Harper, 198 

Ann E, Torian, 198 

Philip A., 198 
Bugbey, Isarel, 88 
Buggby, Edward, 221 

John. 221 

Bulkeley, family, 153 
Bulkley, Abel, 145 

Anne Brundage, 22 

Caroline, 209 

Clarissa, 242 

Clarissa Taintor, 242 

Daniel Osburn, 19 

Elizabeth Brundage, 145 

Gershum, 18, 210, 279 

Josiah, 22 

Keziah, 279 

Mary, 18 

Mary Bush, 210 

Mary Osburn, 22 

Peter, 242 

William, 18, 19,22 
Bulkly, William, 279 
Bulles, hannah frost, 207 

Josiah, 207 
Bullock, Abigall adsit, 207 

Ame North, 97 

Corner, 304 

Elijah, 96 

Ephraim, 207 

Hannah W., 304 

Laura, 304 

Laura A., 304 

Rachel Comer, 96 

Sarah, 98 

william, 97 
Bundy, Mary Ann Skillman, 

Richard, no 
Buninger, Martha, 115 
Bunkert, Duella, 297 
Bunns, Alexander, 19 
Keziah, 19 


Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 



Burbank, Abraham, 122 

Abm., 122 

Ann, 117 

Ann (Egbert), 117, 120, 122 

Edward, 269 

Edward Egbert. 126 

Isaac, 119, 126, 183, 184, 192, 

lane Britton, 269 

John, 117, 120, 122 
lary, 120, 267 

Mary Ann, 119, 190, 192, 260 

Rachel, 121, 123, 125, 181 

Sally, 184 

Sara, 126 

Sara (Egbert), 119 

Sarah, 178 

Sarah (Egbert), 126, 183 

Sarah Jane, 183 
Burchell, Henry, 87 
Burckert, Jacob, 269 

Johan Valentine, 269 

TerresiaSchultzebach, 269 
Burdick, alden, 96 

Elizebeth Scouten, 96 

Lewis D., 158 
Burdine, Ann, 45 

Betsey, 51 

Dorcas, 46 

Elisabeth, 46 

Elizabeth, 45, 47, 48 

James, 45-48, 51, 54 
ohn, 47 
largret, 54 

Tunis, 48 

William, 54 
Burger, mr. , 212 

Catherine Hains, 281 

David, 17 

David H., 210 

Hariot Gidney, 281 

Hyat, 17 

James, 281 

jessey, 281 

Susan Northal, 210 
Burgess, bishop, 246 

John, 64 

Susan, 64, 66 
Burgher, mr., 279 

Alfred, 267 

Ann, 52, 114, 121 

Catharine, 51, 52, 118 

Catharine (Swain), 116, 118, 
121, 124 

Cathrine, 47-49, 54, 114 

David, 51 

Elizabeth, 121 

Frances Stilwell, 54 

Hannah, 267 

James, 124, 267 

Jane, 116 

John, 48 

Mary, 265 

Mary Ann, 49 

Mathias, 47 

Matthias, 267 

Nicholas, 51, 116 

Niclas, 47-49, 54. 114 

Nicolas, 52, 118, 121, 124 
Burghis, Eden, 96 

Rachel Avery, 96 , 
Burkert, Ferdinand Jacob, 271 

Jacob, 271 

Teresa, 271 
Burlley, Synthy, 08 
Burnet, Andw., 281 

Mary Bowden, 281 
Burnett, Gilbert, 205, 206 

Henry L., 77 

Mary, 205, 206 

Mary Vanhorn, 206 

Thomas, 206 

William, 205, 206 

Burns, Coterean Staler or Slat- 
er, 208 

Robert, 77 

Stephen, 208 
Burrell, Jane, 299 
Burt, mr., 284 
Burton, Ellen Thomas, 261 

John, 261 

Louise, 261 

Margaret Jane, 261 

Sarah Rumrill, 261 

William, 261 
Bush, Abraham, 206 

Andrew Lyon, 21 

Caroline Matilda, 22 

Christopher R., 198 

Eliza., 281 

Eliza Devenport, 23 

Elizabeth, 21, 281 

Elizabeth Devenport, 21 

Elizabeth Smith, 206 

Francis, 281 

Grace, 282 

Henrietta Fleming, 196 

Mary, 145, 210 

Mary Augusta, 21 

Mary K. Skillman, 198 

Robert N., 196 

Sarah, 207, 201 

William, 23 

William Lawrence, 21 

Wm., 21, 22, 281 
Bushags, hame, 129 

martha, 129 

Thomas, 129 
Butler, family, 155 

Catharine, 116 

Cornelius Egbert, 259 

Daniel. 51, 259, 269 

Eliza Egbert, 259, 269 

Gillam, 171 

Isaac, 51, 116 

James, 270 

Jane, 261, 270 

Martha Ann Swaim, 263 

Mary Margaret, 226 

Sarah, 51 

Sarah Elizabeth, 263, 269 

Vincent, 263 

William Fountain, 263 
Buyce, Jellis M., 291 

John, 291 

Mary Mandeville, 291 

Matthew, 291 
Buys, Annatje, 292 

Jelis M., 291 

Jelis Mandeville, 292 

Johannes, 292 

Maria, 292 

Rachel, 292 
Buys (Buyce), Maria Mande- 
ville, 292 
Buys (Buyce), Matthew, 292 
byeles, Elesabath, 129 

Joseph, 129 

mary, 129 
Byrnes, Lulu Bradley, 199 

Mattie Lee, 199 
v> Robert Kay, 199 

Sallie Skillman, 199 
Byvanck, Evert, 221 

Cabell, Joseph, 88 

Cadele, Jonathan, 222 

Cadle, Henry, 156 

Cairnes or Cairns, family, 79 

Cairnes, Elizabeth, 57 

Caldwell, Maria Carpenter, 146 

Mary, 297 

Zeno, 146 
Calkins, Hiram, 71 

Hiram, Jr., 150 
Calvert, Anne True Skillman 
Raymond, 296 

Calvert, Emily Slone, 296 

James M., 296 

J. M., 296 
Calwell, Arthur, 95 

mary wast, 95 
Cambell, Caterean, 207 
Camfeild, Silas, 98 

Susanna Michel, 98 

Betsey, 97 
Campbell, maj. gen., 10, 251 
Caneworthy, mrs., 280 

Lorana Matilda, 21 

Sally Nap, 209 

Sarah, 21 

Sarah Sniffen, 145 

Thomas, 21, 145, 280 

William, 209 

William Henery, 21 
Canfield, John, 274 
Cannon, Adaline Allen, 294 

Thomas, 294 
Cantine, Fanny, 210 
Carihart, William, 280 
Carle, Samuel, 15 
Carll, mary, 97 
Carnegie, Andrew, 79 
Carnie, Ann Cochran, 281 

Miria, 281 

Wm., 281 
Carpenter, Anne, 209 

Charlotte Theal, 209 

Epriam, 16 

George, 16 

Gilbert, 279 

Hannah, 73 

Isaac, 209 

Letitia, 22 

Maria, 146 

Ruth Simmons, 96 

Sarah Ann Deal, 209 

Simmons, 96 

Uriah Field, 209 

William, 88 
Carr, Dorothy, 137 
Carrey or Currey, Isaac, 97 
Carrihart, Deborah, 212 
Carriheart, Ethalinda, 210 
Carroll, Andrew, 303 

Burnet, 304 

Burnet M., 304 

Eaty, 304 

Edy, 304 

Helen A., 304 

Pamelia, 303 

Rebecca Jane, 394 

Ruth, 303 

Semantha, 304 

Wm.,303, 304 
Carter, Elizabeth, 65 

John, 209 

L., 281 

Lawson, 281 

Mary, 281 

Mary Ann Rice, 209 

Wm. Lawson, 281 
Cartice, Caleb, 169 

Elizebeth, 169 

Joshua, 169 
Carttrith, Anna, 250 

Annah, 250 

Ester, 250 

John, 250 

Kezia, 250 

Mary, 250 
Carul, James, 87 
Cary, family, 153 
Case, 231 

Anna, 308 

Barns, 249 

Betsey, 308 

David, 97 

Elizebeth, 96 

Gitty Wilde, 207 

Hannah Wells, 249 

Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 


Case, Henry, 167 
Jerusha Corel, 96 
Linus, 207 
Levi, 96 

Martha Paine, 167 
mary Carll, 97 
Samuel, 308 
Cash, Zebiah, 208 
Casparson, Pieter, 100 
Casteen, hannah, 134 
samuell, 134 
samull, 134 
casten, Mary, 134 
Castle, Gideon, 303 
Moses, 303 
Polly, 303 
Caswell, Elisabeth W. Buck 
num, 303 
Wm., 303 
Catherling, Mattice, 15 
Causten, Samuel, jr., 222 
Cave, Caroline, 272 
Emeline Wood, 272 
Lewis, 272 
Ceazer, (negro), 22 
Cecil, Richard, 38 
Thomas, 38 
William, 38 
Chabot, Peter, 231, 234 
Chadderton, Michall, 222 

Thomas, 222 
Chaderton, debereh, 134 
ruth, 135 
thomas, 134 
William, 134 
Chadwicke, Daniel, 217 

Martha King, 217 
Chamberlain, Anna, 298 
Chamberlin, Andrew, 200 
Chambers, Lydia, 295 
Chapman, Emily, 283 

mary, 97 
Charles, John, 193 

Mary Skillman, 193 
Chase, John C, 233 
Chatterton, Micael, 131 
Chearls, alina, 218 
cuill, 218 
John, 218 
peter, 218 
Chester, col., 320 
Chew, Beverly, 241 

Sarah, 145 
Child, Frances, 20 
Francis, 205 
Francis, sr., 205 
Samuel V. P., 20 
Childs, capt., 212 

Mary Elizabeth, 19 
Samuel, 19 
Chipp, Benjamin, 222 
Chnstianson, H. C, mrs., 159 

Christopher, family, 76 
John Milton, 264 
Joseph, 264 
Maria Martino, 264 
Church. Charles M., 112 
James Austin, 146 
Susanna Skillman, 112 
Churchill, Isaac, 220 

nehemiah, 220 
Claesen, Pieter, 33 

Pieterje, 33 
Clapp, E. W.. 90 
Mary G., 90 

Clark, , 283 

family, 231, 233 
Benjamin, 23 

dark, bettey, M5 „ „ „ 
Clark, Daniel Howell, 281, 28, 

David, 220 

Deborah, 145 

Clark.Deborah Sniffin, 23 
Ebenezer, 220 
Elizabeth, 86 
Elizabeth Nevius Skill- 
man, 299 
ester, 135 
Euphemia, 291 
Euphemia Mandeville, 293 
H.. 281, 284 
Hannah, 220 
Howell, 281 
Jabizh, 220 

John, 13S. 220. 231. 299 
John M., 162 
Maria, 281 
Maria Louise, 281 
Mariah, 281 
Martha, 219, 282 
Matilda, 282 
Nathan, 219 
Ruben, 219 
Samuel, 145 
Sarah, 219 

Sarah Vansicklin, 145 
Selvenis, 88 
Stephen, 219 
Thomas, 280, 293 
William. 220 
Clarke, family, 239, 320 
Casper Purden, 80 
Thomas, 232 
William E., 158 
Clason, Abigail, 220 
Martha, 220 
Rebecke, 220 
Ruth, 220 
Stephen, 220 
Clauson, Sophia, 121, 124 
Claussen, Mary, 49 
Clawson, mrs., 177 
Elizabeth, 123 
Sophia, 127, 177. 179. 181, 
Clay, Bella, 197 

Bishop, 197 „ „ , , 
Littleberry Bedford, 190, 

197 „ 

Mary Katharine Rogers, 


Olivia, 196 

Samuel Blair, 197 

Samuel, jr., 197 

William Rogers, 197 
Clayton. Joshua, 33 

Margaret Skillman, 33 
Clearwater, Alphonso T., 149 
Clearland, Anna Sacket, 94 

Moses, 94 
Cleauinger, John, 129 
Clendenning, Catharine, 105 
Cleveland, 244 

Abigail, 245 

Ezra, 245 

Moses. 245 

Samuel, 245 
Clindbary, Demes holmes, 208 

gilbart, 208 
Clinton, George, 153. 3" 

Henry, 252 
Clizbee Azalea, 222 
Cocheron, Ann Guion, 185 

Emeline, 18$ 

John, 258 

Nicholas, 185 

Patience Egbert, 258 

Selina Theresa, 258 
Cock, Jordon, 16 

Robert, 16 

Rosanna, 274 
Cockling, Christopher, 139 
Cockron, Jane. 210 

Nathan, 19 
Cocks, Frederick Hicks, 74 
George W., 149. r 59, 292 

Cocks, Isaac H., 162 
Coddington, family, 3M 
mrs., 260 
Ann, 260 

Catharine Helenah, 266 
Catharine Jacobson, 192, 

266, 272 
Herbert G.,313 
John, 313 

Samuel, 192, 266, 272 
Samuel Franklin, 272 
Sidney Fitz Randolph, 192 
Coe, mr., 211 
mrs., 211 
Daniel, 137 
Elizabeth Rowlee, 137 
Coffin, family, 156 
Colan, Cathrine, 47 

James, 47 
Coldwell, family, 314 
Cole, Almira, 35 
Benjamin, 204 
Eliza, 274 
Lavina, 23 
Mary, 274 
Minerva, 274 
Samuel, 88 
Sally Wright, 204 
Timothy, 274 
Coleman, Elizabeth, 145 

J-C, ML 

Colenly, Martha, 207 
Coles, Elizabeth, 23 
Nathan, 292 
Rachel, 292 
Collart, Abraham, 132 
sarah, 132 
Susannah, 132 
Thomas, 132 
William, 132 
Colle, hannah, 135 
Coller, beniame, 135 
Edward, 130 
Elesabath, 130 
eliszabeth, 135 
Joseph, 13s 
mary, Mo 
Collins, HoTdndge Ozro, 233 
Collon, Cath., 52 
Cathrine, 52 
James, S3 
J as., 50-52 
Colon, Ann, 127, 181, 184 

Catharine, 41-44. «9. I2 4, 

127, 178, 181 
Cathrine, 46, 53. 54. "3. "4 
Daniel, 41 
David, 41, 47 
Elizabeth, 42 
Geo., 127 
Georg, 47, 53 
George, 42-47. 54, »4. «5. 

117, 127 
Hannah, 114 
Hannah Lewis, 115, H9 
Helena, 43 , .„ 
James, 41-44. 4"°, 53, 54, 

James, sr., 113, 114 
J as.. 53 
Jane, 43 
Jonah, 44 
Margaret, 42 
Mary, 41-47, "9 
Mary Magdalen, 43. 44 
Peter, 41-44, «4. "5. "9 
Rebekah, 43 
Colong, Anne, 45 
Catharine, 45 
Catran, 45 
George, 45 
Jeams, 45 
Mary, 45 
I Colve, gov., 2 

3 28 

Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 

Colwall, rar., 216 
Combs, James, 282 

Mary Weed, 282 
Cornell, Ebeneasar, 129 

Geen, 129 
Comer, Rachel, 96 
Comings, Sarah, 207 
Conckhn, Chearrate, 218 

edmon, 135 

elias, 135 

John, 135, 218 

Josuf, 218 

mahetabell, 218 
concklin, Nicholas, 135 
Concklin, sarah, 135 
Concklyne, John, 169 

Sarah Horton Salmon, 169 
Cone, family, 231,233 

Daniel, 231 
Conely, Elizabeth powers, 206 

John, 206 
Coney, family, 155 

Nathaniel, 155, 159 
Conger, Mary, 96 
Conklen, Benjamin ames, 96 

mary feley, 96 
Conkline, Henry, 165 

Temperance Bayley, 165 
Conkling, 231 

sen., 162 

Elizabeth, 37 

John, 169 

Rebecca, 37 

Sarah, 169 
Connely, marget, 97 

Neomy, 207 
Conner, Crowel Mundy, 264 

Elis., 117 

Richard, 117, 118, 264 

Richard, sr., 182 

Sally Egbert, 264 

Sophia, 117 

William, 118 
Connet, Susannah, 138 
Connor, Abraham Van Vech- 
ten, 177 

Anne, 39, 42 

Catharine, 39-41. '79 

Daniel, 124 

Elizabeth, 40 

Elizabeth Sophia, 267 

George, 190 

Henry Augustus, 181 

James Egbert, 270 

Jane, 127 

Mary, 53 

Oscar Theodore, 257 

R., i*7 

Richd, 50, 52 

Richd, sr., 179 

Richard, 39-41, 50, 53, 121, 
124, 127, 177. 179. 181, 183, 
190, 257, 267, 270 

Richard, sr., 46, 179 

Sally Egbert, 257 

Sara, 40 

Sarah Egbert, 190, 267, 270 

Sarah Lovinia, 183 

Sophia, 50, 53. 118. 185 

Sophia Ann, 121 

Sophia (Clauson), 121, 124 

Sophia Clawson, 127, 177, 
179, 181, 183 

Stephen Alexander, 179 
Conor, Cathrine, 49 

Elizabeth, 54 

Jonathan, 115 

Richard. 49, 54,. u5 

Richd, 48, 118 

Sophia, 49, 54. 115 
Conosen, Jane, 190 
Conover, Hannah Skillman, 

Conover, James, 106 

Sarah, 107 

Conrad, Blandina Tappan, 312 

Henry, 312 

Lydia, 312 

Conway, Alice, 296 

Conyshefd or Campshefd, Abi- 

gill, 96 
Cook, family, 314 

Frank Gaylord, 156 

Hannah, 96 

Sarah Crowell, 207 

Simeon, 207 
Cooke, Robert Grier, 154 
Cool, Calerine, 97 
Cooley, Ruth, 137 
Cooper, lady, 312 

Abigail, 165 

Catherine Brown, 23 

Elias, 23, 278 

Elizabeth, 18 

Fenimore, 21 

James, 18, 21, 22 

Lucie Thomas, 301 

Mary, 165, 241 

Susannah Augusta De- 
lancey, 22 

Thomas, 164 

Thos., 165 
Copin, george, 134 

mary, 134 
Coquillet, Sylvie, 102 
Corey, , 249 

family, 239, 320 

Abraham, 167 

Mary Paine, 167 
Corker, Hannah Elizabeth, 

Cornelisen, Laurens, 5 
Corneliszen, Laurens, 5 
Cornell, 228 

gov., 162 

Adrian, 75 

Ann, 274 

Anne Robertson, 145 

Caleb, 145 

Danil, 87 

Dinah, 274 

Elizabeth, 210 

Ezra, 233 

Gilliam, 75 

Hester, 209 

Jacob, 75 

John, 75- 147, 149, 227, 233 

Margaret, 75 

Martense Harcourt, 75 

Mary, 227 

Moses, 274 

Simeon, 75 

Thomas, 227 

William, 75 
Cornell (Cornel), Cornelius, 

Corsen, Elizabeth, 177 
Cortelyou, Aaron, 39 

Agnez, 41 

Amey, 51, 53 

Amy, 114, 115, 125, 179, 182 

Amy (Hilliard), 119 

Charlotte Ann, 271 

Cornelius, 39-42, 47, 51 

Eleanor, 39 

Eliza, 186, 189, 192, 272 

Elizabeth, 39, 47, 49, 52, 54, 
114, 117, 128, 179, 183, 184 

Elizabeth Heckel, 191 

Emma. 179 

Frances, 264 

Gertrude Martha, 185, 187 

Gertry Martha, 54 

Hannah, 41 

Cortelyou, Jacob, 40, 42, 47, 49, 

52, 54, 117, 119, I2X, 126, 

262, 264, 268, 271 
Jacob Winant, 268 
Jacques, 43 
Lawrence, 191 
Lawrence H., 272 
Lockman, 265 
Lorenz Hilliard, 115 
Maria, 265 
Martha, 40 

Mary, 41, 42, 44, 268, 271 
Mary Winant, 262, 264 
Nelly, 265 
Peter, 39, 42, 51,53,114,115. 

119, 125, 179, 182, 191 
Peter Lochman, 119 
Sally, 184, 188, 268 
Sara, 39-42, 116, 118, 119, 

122, 126 
Sarah, 41, 43, 44, 46-48, 5o _ 54. 

113-116, 119, 120, 124, 128, 

178, 186 
Sarah Ann, 53, 179. 182, 185, 

C . IQI 

Simon, 41, 42, 44 

Theodore Hartman, 272 

Timothy, 43 

Townsend, 43 

William Cuberly, 262 
Cortice, Sarah, 169 
cortlant, mr., 219 
Corwin, , 309 

Barney, 309 

Rosetta M., 309 

Sophronia, 309 
Cory, Fredrich Augustus, 281 

George, 281 

Griffin, 15 

Sarah, 281 
Cost, Francis, 210 
Couch, Betsey, 274 

Esther, 274 

Franklin, 293 

John A., 274 

Jonathan, 274 
Coursen, Catharine Jones 
Martling, 261 

Catharine Van Pelt, 257, 

Cornelius, 192, 260 

Cornelius Van Name, 257 

Daniel, 261 

Daniel D., 257 

Elsy Arrow, 192 

Mary Jane, 257 

Sarah Ann, 257 

Stephen Kittletass, 257 

Susan Ann Reed, 192 

William Blake, 260 
Cous, Henery, 207 

Sarah Lenard, 207 
Couse, Catarena, 97 

hannah Stickle, 206 

Huestice, 206 

margaret, 96 

wate, 206 
Cousseau, Jacques, 33 
Couwenhoven, 7 
Covel, Jerusha, 96 
Covert, Anna, 22 
Cowan, Mary, 56 
Cowenhoven, Anna Rappalye, 

Katherine Rappalye, 225 

Nicholas R., 223 
Cowing, E., 75 
Cows, Andrew, 97 

Charity Hogg, 97 

Eve, 207 

fredriet, 207 

mary, 97 

Sarah Hix, 207 
Cozine, 229 

Index of Names in Volume XXXVI IL 


Crab, Jeramiah, 16 
Craddock, dr., 2i4, 216 
Craft, mrs., 279 

Eliza, 210 
Crage, Anna, 22 
crale, edward, 218 

Henerre, 218 

Josuf, 218 

richard, 218 

Sarah, 218 
Crall, Leander H., 77 
Crance, Hannah, 274 

Tames, 274 

Joel H., 274 
Crandell, Ame pourter, 96 

Benjamin, 96 

Charlote, 206 

David, 208 

Elizebeth, 97, 208 

Elizebeth Story, 208 

Jonathan, 208 

Mary, 95 

§urliner Nickkels, 208 
arah, 206* 
Crane, 273 
family, 274 
Aner, 274 
Aner Brown, 274 
Bethiah, 274 
Bethiah Baldwin, 274 
Elijah, 274 
Harriet, 274 
Joseph, 274 
Josiah, 274 
Jonathan, 274 
Keziah, 274 
Maria, 274 
Oliver, 274 
Rosanna Cock, 274 
Sally B.,274 
Susan, 274 
Walter Clark, 274 
Crary, Esther Ann, 90 

John, 90 
Craven, Charles E., 155, 158 
Crawbuck, Godfrey, 262 

James Franklin Beattey, 

Mary Ross, 262 
Crawford, Hannah A., 274 
Hannah F., 282 
John, 274 
Mary, 282 
Sarah, 274 
William, 274 
Cresey, David, 88 
Cribbs, Elijah, 121 

Magdalen (M'Lean), 121 
Martha, 128 
Richard, 121 
Sara, 122 
Crips, Catharine Fountain, 270 
Charity Butler, 270 
Elizabeth, 183 
Isaac Butler, 270 
James Butler, 261 

iane Butler, 261, 270 
.ucy, 177. 180, 183 
Martha, 180, 187, 190, 258 
Rachel, 183 
Thomas, 187 
William, 261, 270 
Crocheron, Ann, 264 
Ann Elizabeth, 189 
Ann Guion, 188, 189 
Ann Guyon, 181, 257 
Frances Rebekah, 188 
Franklin Guyon, 257 
John, 188 

Lenah Araminta, 264 
Nicholas, 188, 189, 257, 264 
Nicholas, jr., 181 
Patience Egbert, 188 
William Henry. 181, 188 


Crocker, family, 231 
Crofts, Dud., 205 
Cromel, brigatt, 131 
hannah, 131 
James, 131 
sarah, 131 
Cromell, James, 221 
Cromwell, John, 221 

Oliver, 59, 60 
Crook, Kate A., 104 

Katharine A. Titus, 31 
Crooker, Benja., 19 

Eliza Mary, 210 

Henry Kipp, 19 

Lavinia Woods, 19 

Sarah, 8 
Cropley, Hannah Smith, 75 

Sarah D., 75 

William, 75 
Cropsey, Sarah, 282 
Cropsy, Ellen, 188, 191, 258 

Martha Ann, 189 
Crosby, family, 159, 239, 320 

Abner, 275 

Alfred, 275 

Amanda M., 275 

Annette, 27s 

Caroline C, 275 

Charlotte, 275 

Elizabeth, 274 

Hannah, 275 

Hart, 275 

Isaac, 274 

James C, 275 

Judson, 275 

Lydia, 275 

Marilda, 275 

Mary, 275 

Polly, 274, 275 

Solomon, 274 

Stephen, 275 

Sylvanus, 275 

Thankful, 274 

Thomas, 275 

William S., 275 

Willis, 275 
Cross, Amos, 35 

Cornelius Vanderbilt, 272 

Elizabeth, 209 

Elizabeth Barnes, 35 

James Madison, 272 

Phoebe Jane Vanderbilt, 

William Harrison, 272 
Crowell, Mary Skillman, 107 

Sarah, 207 

Seth, 107 
Crowford, James, 210 

Phebe Hoyat, 210 
Crowthers, , 104 

John, ioi 

Nancy Skillman, 104 
Crozart, Agnes, 203 

Elizabeth, 203 

Samuel, 203 
Cuberly, Ann, 265 
Cuckinham, Laner, 95 
Culeff, John, 142 

Mehitable, 142 
Cullen, Charles, 273 

Lucy Kent, 273 
Cummins, B. P., 295 

Sally Willmott, 295 
Cunningham, Clara, 295 

George, 295 

Harry, 295 

John, 295 

Lewis, 295 

Nancy Skillman, 295 

Orma, 295 
Cunow, Augusta Henrietta, 

178, 180 
Currey (or Carrey), Isaac, 97 

mary Avery, 97 

Curry, Richard, 222 
Curtice, Caleb, 169 

Elizebeth Rider, 169 

Hannah, 169 

Kichd., 169 

Samuel, 88 

Samuell, 169 
Curtine, margett, 96 
Curtis, Beriah, 145 

Christopher, 43 

Eve, 43 

George Munson, 155 

George William, 73, 162 

Henry, 313 

Katharine, 169 

Phebe, 145 

Richard, 169 

Thomas, 169 

Walter Gilman, 233 
Curtiss, , 137 

Sarah Rowlee, 137 
Cushman, Abiah, 95 
Cuzno, Joseph, 20 

Dabouse, Wm.,211 
Daggett, family, 155 
Dale, Nancy Haynes, 294 

Thomas A., 294 
Dan or Den, Syntha, 96 
Dana, 229 

Richard Henry, 156 
Danberry, Loyd Saxberry, 209 

Susanah Titford, 209 
Danfor, Joseph, 132 

mary, 132 

Rachalle, 132 

Robert, 132 

samuel, 132 

Thomas, 132 

William, 132 
Danford, James, 85 
Danforth, William, 132 
Darrow, Prudence, 164 

Zadoc, 164 
Daskem, Sirah Ann, 282 
Dates, Fidelia, 303 

John J., 303 

Mary D., 303 
Davenport, Sarah, 292 

Thomas, 292 
Davidson, Mollie, 294 
Davies, William Gilbert, 154, 158 
Davieson, Caterean wasfall, 98 

Nicholas, 98 
Davis, Andrew McF., 159 

Andrew McFarland, 79 

Gilbert R., 275 

James, 260 

John, 234, 260 

Kezia, 138 

Richard, 275 

Roxanna, 275 

Susan Sharrott, 260 

Walter, 278 
Davison, Win., 105 
Day, Julia, 207 
Dayton, Daniel, 170 

Deborah Browne, 170 

Dorothy King, 170 

Mary Parsons, 170 

Samuel, 170 

Samuel, Jr., 170 
Deal, Ethelinda H., 22 

Sarah Ann, 209 
Dean, Catterne, 96 

Elisha, 88 

George H., 230 

Ophelia, 282 

phebe, 96 

Susannah, 207 
Deane, Charles, 79 
Deats, Jacob, 107 
Deavenport, Newbery, 281 
Debtors, Stephen, 206 


Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 

DeCamp, 287 

deCarap, Aegidius, 286 
Aeltje, 286 

-Aeltie (Elsie) de Mande- 
ville, 286 
Hendrick, 286 
Joannes, 286. 287 
Johannes, 286 
Laurens jansen, 286 
Styntje, 286 
Werachie, 286 

Decker, Andrew, 264, 266, 269 
Angeline, 271 
Ann, 183 

Ann Colon, 181, 184 
Ann Egbert, 178, 182, 184, 

186, 188, 191 
Barnet Depuy, 192 
Catharine Wood, 184 
Edward Egbert, 182 
Eliza Egbert, 264, 271 
Elisabeth, 191 
Elizabeth Egbert, 190 
Freeman Degroat, 190 
Hanna, 116, 120, 125 
Hannah Simonson, 191 
Isaac Simonson, 191 
Jane, 116, 118, 120, 123, 177. 

178, 180 
Jane Eliza, 264 
Jane Maria, 181 
Joannah Simonson, 258 
John, 178, 182, 184. 186, 188, 

iohn Henry, 188 
.awrence Hillyer Lafay- 
ette, 269 

Lenah Depuy, 192 

Mary Elizabeth, 191 

Mary Frances, 184 

Mathew, 181, 184 

Moses, 192 

Oliver, 191. 258 

Patience, 261 

Patience Egbert, 269 

Richard, 190, 264, 271 

Sarah Ann, 186, 258 

Tunis Augustus, 264 
Decons, Joseph, 88 
Deen, Dabourah, 97 

Eves, 97 

Judah hudlstone, 97 
Deforest, capt., 187 

Charlotte Jane. 187 

Charlotte Vanderbilt, 128, 

T87 o. 

John, 128; 

Phebe Ann, 128 
de Forest, 7 
De Forest, Archibald, 275 

Benjamin, 275 

Ch., 125 

Charlotte Vanderbilt, 125, 
180, 182 

Cornelius Vanderbilt, 182 

David L., 275 

Gerardus, 125 

iohn, 125 
.ydia, 275 
Sally, 275 

Sarah, 275 

Fries), John, 

De Forest (] 
180, 182 
Deforrest, capt., 186 

Charles Simonson, 258 

Charlotte Vanderbilt, 190, 

Gerardus, 190 

John, 258 

Julia Selina, 190 

William Hand, 186 
De Fries, John, 180, 182 
de Grove, Rebecca, 9 
de la Grange, Christina, 100 

Delancey, mrs., 279 
Edward, 279 
J. P.. 279 
John P., 270 
Susannah Augusta, 22 
de Lancey, 229 
lieut., 176 
major, 13 
Delaney, John P., 17 
Maria, 17 
Mary, 112 
De la Poe, 58 
Roger, 59 
Delavan, Abraham, 88 
Matthew, 88 
Temothy, 88 
Temothy, jr., 88 
Delemater, Glaude J., 293 
Lea, 291 

Lea Mandeville. 293 
de Mandeville, Magnavilla, 
M a g n a v i 1, Mannueile, 
Mauneville, Mandeviel, 
family, 285 
Aeltje (Elsie), 286 
David, 286 

Gerritie (Gertrude), 286 
Gerritie Gillis, 286 
Grietie (Margaret), 287 
Hendrick, 285, 286, 288 
Jan, 287 

Jan Jansen, 284 
Tryntje (Catherine), 286 
William, 287, 288 
Yeelise, 285 

Yellis, 285, 287, 288, 290, 313 
Yellis Jansen, 284 
de Mandeivile, Gillis, 285 
de Mandeviel, Annetje Pieter- 
se Scholl, 288 
Hendrick Jilliszen, 288 
De Milt, Aida Rodman, 223 
Den or Dan, Syntha, 96 
Denton, Benjamin, 206 
Lydia Skillman, 106 
Nath'l, 106 
Susanna woran, 206 
Denyce, Ann, 268 
Denyse, Ann, 187, 262 

Depew, , 293 

Martha Mandeville, 293 
de Peyster, Johannes, 6 
Johannis, 99 
John Watts, 79 
de Potter, Cornelis, 1 
Swantje (J ans )i l 
Depui, Maria, 192 
Depuy, Lenah, 192 

Nicholas, 192 
de Rapalje, Joris Jansen, in 
Derbyshear, William, 16 
De Roy, Louis Charles, 150 
de Seenn, Cornelis Jansen, 286 

Tryntje Mandville, 286 
Detts, Joseph, 131 
Deurcant, Dericke Willemson, 

8 3 o 
Mary, 83 

Devenport, mrs., 211 

Eliza, 23 

Mary Bush, 145 

Newbury, 145 

Nubury, 211 
De Witt, Anne, 312 

Charles, 312 
Dey, Chas., 120 

Charles, 117, 120, 122, 123 

David, 120 

Lewis, 117 

Mary, 120 

Mary M'Ginnis, 117, 120 

Mary (M'Ginny), 123 

Rebeckah, 259 

Dey, Uzal M'Ginny, 123 

Deyo, R. Emmet, 155 

De Young, Anne Connor, 42 

Ann Elizabeth, 53 

Daniel, 42, 53 

Fanny, 53 

lames, 42 
Dible, Abigail, 219 

John, 219 

Mary, 219 
Dick, Eliza Purdy, 208 

James, 208 

Mary, 22 

Sarah, 209 
Dickens, Arnold, 88 

Thomas, 88 

William. 88 
Dickenson, Hannah Skillman, 

Samuel, 107 
dickerman, Barthiah, 130 

Elesabath, 130 

Isaak, 130 

sarah, 130 
Dickins, Hannaft, 35 

Michal, 87 
Dickinson, family, 153 
Dickson, Daniel, 88 

Hezekiah, 88 

James, 88 
ohn, 88 

John, jr., 88 

loseph, 88 

Nathanel, 88 
Dill. Edward G., 301 

Mary Green, 301 
Dillon, Alice, 107 

Ann Skillman, 107 

Catharine, 107 

Esekiel, 107 

William, 107 
Dimon, Jonth.,169 

Sarah Salmon, 169 
Dings, Catarena Couse, 97 

John, 97 
Diodate, Elizabeth, 83 

William, 83 
Diodati, family, 83 

Cornelio, 83 

Gabriel, 83 
Disbrow, Mary, 282 
Dissasway, Israel Fitzran- 
dolph, 271 

Israel O., 271 

Lucretia Jacobson, 271 
Diven, Eliza, 21 

Howard, 21 

i acnes, 21 
ohn, 21 

Sarah, 21 
Dix, gov., 162 

John A., 302 
Dixon, mrs., 17 

Eliza, 145 

John, 17, 210 
Doan, Elizabeth, 275 

Lewis, 275 
Dobbins.james, 63 
Dobson, Farrow, 283 

Wm„ 283 
Dodd, Henry, 89 

Patience, 89 
Dodge, family, 154 
Doggett-Daggett, family, 234 
Donaldson, David, 209 

Eliza Brundage, 282 

Frederich, 23 

Jesse, 282 

Mary, 23 

Rebecca Seamon, 209 
Dongan, gov., 8 

Elizabeth. 191 
Donnell, family, 314 
Donnop, col., in 


Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 


Doolittle, Caroline, 276 
Catharine Skillman, 33 
Deborah, 275, 276 
Hart B., 276 
Horace, 33 
Ichabod, 273, 275 
Olive B., 276 
Philip Malancthon, 33 
Phineas. 275 
Sarah, 275 
Dorland, Styntje Gerritse, 3 
Dorling, Leanar picher, 96 

Nicolus, 96 
Dorset, Catharine, 45, 124 
Cornelius Cortelyou, 46 
Eliza Lewis, 258, 263, 270 
Ellen Elizabeth, 263 
Isaac Lewis, 270 
John, 45-48, 50, 52, 54. "5. 

116, 118-120, 122, 125, 126 
Margaret, 50 
Martha, 45-48, 52-54, 118-120, 

122, 124 
Peter, 54. 258, 263, 270 
Sarah, 48 

Susan Maria Mersereau, 
Dorsett, mr.,257 

Amanda Elizabeth, 191 
Catharine, 180, 185, 189 
Eleonor Mary, 114 
Ellen Cropsy, 188, 191, 258 
John, 51-53. ii3. "4. 178, 

183, 185. 188, 191, 258 
John, sr., 53, 180 
John William Beattey, 258 
Martha, 51-54, n3-»°. x 78, 

180, 185 
Mary Jane, 188 
Peter, 272 
Sarah, 180, 183 
Dorsitt, John, 49 

Martha, 19 
Dote, Hannah Shaw, 96 
Hannah Soule,97 
Richard, 97 
Solomon, 96 
Dotton, William, 87 
Doughty, Sarah, 73 
Dousenbary, Deborah, 206 
Doutty. Ruth Haight, 95 

william, 95 
Douty, Elias, 95 

martha frost, 95 
Downes, David, 308 

Jemima, 308 
Downs, Catheren ter Bush, 97 

James, 97 
doxie, margett, 134 
Doxy, Katherine Westcoat, 166 

Thomas, 166 
drack, beniamin, 134 
Jean, 134 
John, 134 
Joseph, 134 
mary, 134 
samuell, 134 
Sarah, 134, 135 
Drake, John, 222 
Joseph, jr., 222 
Joseph, sr., 222 
Louis Lincoln, 70, 150 
phebe Rogers, 95 
william, 95 
Drowne, mr„ 71, 72, M7. 148, 
223, 224 
H. R., 150 

Henry Russell, 72, 79, 148, 
159. 223, 224 
Drum, Kate Hoffman Joline, 
J. 0..3Q2 
Drummond, Janet Mabie, 101 
Thomas, 101 

Drury, John, 122 

John Jeremiah, 178 
Joseph, 125 
Susan Stillwell, 178 
Susan (Stilwell). 125 
Susanna (Stilwell), 122 
William, 122, 125 
du Bee, Gaultier, 98 

Toustan, 98 
Dubois, Lewis, 155 
Du Bois, William M., 149 
Dueal, Abraham, 207 

mary parks, 207 
Duel, Abraham, 207 

mary roberson, 207 
Duer, John, 232 
Mary A., 226 
Duffey, Felix, 282 

Martha Read, 282 
Dugan, dr., 196 

Katharine M. Skillman, 196 
Mordecai, 196 
Duncan, W. Butler, 157 
Dungan, Abigail, 54 

Abigail Symonson, 117 
Cornelia, 54 
Ruth, 117 
W., 117 

Walter, 54, 117 
Dunkin, Sarah Rider, 303 

Thomas, 303 
Dungin, mrs., 53 
Abigail, 54 
Abigal, 52 
Sarah, 52 
Thomas, 54 
Walter, 54 
Walther, 52, 53 
Dunham, Eve, 123 
Eve (Skerrit), 123 
Henry Roy, 123 
Sarah, 95 
Dunkins, Annie, 207 
Elenor, 95 
Hannah, 96 
mary, 98 
Dunkun, Abigel, 95 
Dunn, Ann, 49 
Bittje, 49 
James, 88 
Launa, 210 
Robert, 49 
Dunnett, Maza, 194 
Durand, Marari, 95 

Susannah gray, 95 
Dusenbury mr.,278 
mrs., 212, 284 
Ann, 282 
Henry, 212 
Dustan, Oscar Fitz Patrick 
William, 181 
Duykinck, Evert Augustus 

D wight, mr., 148, 222-224 

president, 71, 72. 146-148 
223, 224 

M. E., 70, 79. 147, 232 

Melatiah Everett, 148-150 
Dye, Catharine Ann, 300 

Catharine Rue, 300 

John Wetherill, 300 
Dykeman, Eliza Cuszina, 185 

Ellen Lake, 185, 187, 190 

Gerardus, 187, 190 

Gerret, 185 

Mary Ann, 187 

Rachel, 190 
Dykerneck, Everet, 145 

Harrot June, 145 

Dykman, mrs., 185 
Ellen Lake. 185 
Gerardus, 185 

Dykman, Gilbert, 185 
Richard, 185 

Eadee, Jonathan, 87 
Eagan, James, 299 

Sarah Wilson, 299 
Eames, Wilberforce, 151 
Earle, Pliny, 233 
Earll, Andreass, 97 
Nanee parks, 206 
Ruth wilbour, 97 
Stephen, 206 
Eastman, Henry W., 162 
Eddy, family, 232, 239, 320 

Eiiza Jane, 35 
Edes, Henry H., 151 
Edget, Elizebeth, 207 
Edgett, Bashaba, 207 

Elizebeth Roe (or Reed), 

Isaiah, 207 
william, 95 
Ed'sall, Jannetje (Strycker), 
Berrian, 3 
Samuel, 3 
Edson, George Thomas, 75 

Oliver Stewart, 75 
Edwards, family, 152 
James T., 232 

Egbert, Merrell, 191 

Abraham, 41, 48, 52, 54, 113, 
115, 117, 120, i2i, 123, 126, 
128, 179, 180 
Abraham, sr., 186 
Abraham Martino, 189 
Abraham Prawl, 181 
Abm., 49-52, 120, 122, 123, 

12b, 128, 179 
Abm., sr., 180 
Aletta, 266 

AlettaPraul, 181, 187,271 
Ann, 46, 48-54, 113, 115, 117- 
123, 126, 177-184, 186, 188, 
189, 191, 262 
Ann Lavinia, 271 
Ann Martino, 120, 123, 126, 

128, 179 
Ann Rebekah, 266 
Anne, 29-41 
Annet Lake, 264 
Bazillai, 191 
Benjamin, 128 
Betsey Blake, 188 
Betsy Blake, 186 
C. 178 

Catharine, 39, 44, 179 
Catharine Lake, 2^9, 264, 

Catharine Maria, 259 
Charles, 126, 178, 182, 185, 

Christian Pels, 185 
Christiana Pels, 178, 182, 

Christianne Pels, 187 
Christina (Pelec), 126 
Cornelius, 54, 114, 115, 122, 

192, 259, 264, 268 
Cornelius Cortelyou, 45 
Daniel Mersereau, 271 
Edw., 46, 49 
Edward, 40, 45-50, 52, 53, 

115, 117. 264, 269 
Edwd., 51 
Elis.. 121 
Elisabeth, 44 
Eliz., 53 

Eliza, 259, 264, 269, 271 
Eliza Ann, 121, 185-187 
Elizabeth, 40, 44, 53, 113, 

115, 118, 122, 190, 264 
Elizabeth Blake, 184 
Elizabeth Simonson, 271 
Emeline, 268 


Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 

Egbert, Eugene Mortimer, 187 
Eupheme, 182 
Frances Lavinia, 262 
Hannah, 191 
Hannah Alston, 186, 189 
Hannah (Houseman), 115 
Hannah Jane, 269 
Hannah Mary, 191 
Hannah Price, 262, 264, 269 
Harriette, 188 
Henry, 118 
Hertje, 126 

Isabella Vandebilt, 187 
Isabella Vanderbilt, 180, 

183, 185, 190, 258, 262, 268 
Isabella Sarah Catharine, 

Jas., 53 
James, 39, 44, 53, 115, 118, 

120-122, 191 
James, sr., 183 
Jane, 125 
Jane Holmes, 260 
Jane Louise, 208 
Jane (Merlin), 120, 122, 126 
John, 39, 45-47, 49> 50, 52, 

54, 114, 118, 120, 121, 187, 

190, 259, 266, 270, 271 
John, jr., 181 
John, sr., 188 
John James, 126 
John Vanderbilt, 183 
John William, 264 
Joseph, 45, 120, 122, 126, 260 
Joseph Thomas, 260 
Letty Ann Lake, 262 
Lucy, 46, 118, 125 
Lydia, 190, 266 
Lydia Eliza, 266 
Lydia Sequin, 259 
Lydia Seguine, 270 
Maria, 189, 191 
Maria Ann, 191 
Maria Depui, 192 
Martha Ann, 191 
Mary, 45-50, 52, 54, 114, 117, 

118, 120, 121, 125, 126 
Mary Ann, 115, 189, 262 
Mary Ann Lake, 264 
Mary (Holmes), 121 
Mary Jane, 184 
Mary Josephine, 262 
Mary Precilla, 258 
Mary Van der Beak, 113 
Moses, 44 
N., 122 

Naatje (Houseman), 122 
Nicholas Depui, 192 
Patience, 113, 183, 188, 258, 

Peter, 187 
Rachel Ann, 190 
Richard, 190 
Richard Edmund, 191 
Sally, 53, 257, 264 
Samuel, 50, 184, 186, 188 
Sara, 119, 126 
Sarah, 47, 126, 178, 182, 183, 

185, 190, 267, 270 
Sarah Adeline, 270 
Sarah Ann, 178 
Stephen, 44, 52, 186, 189 
Sussan, 185 
Teunis, 39, 118 
Thomas Holmes, 54 
Tunis, 39-41, 44, 46, 49-53, 
113, 117-119, 121, 126, 177, 
179-181, 183, 185-187, 190, 
258, 262, 268 
Teunis, sr., 121, 180 
Warred Alston, 186 
Wesly, 191 
William, 121, 264 
Egberts, Catharine Lake, 192 

Egberts, Sarah, 115 
Eichelberger, Carrie, 301 
Elcock, Margt.,283 
Eldridge, Charles, 299 

Rufus, 299 
Eliot, dr., 149 

mr., 71, 148, 224 
Ellsworth, 79, 148, 159, 232 
Ellis, George E.,79 

Ellison, , 283 

Ellsworth, William Webster, 

Ellwein, John, 45 
Elstner, Effie, 197 

William, 197 
Elwell, Clarissa, 276 
David, 276 

Henrietta Leake, 276 
"oel, 276 
ohn, 276 
^oseph, 276 
Joshua, 276 
Ely, Heman, 136 
Emans, Rebecca, 304 
Emerson, George, 294 

Julia Allen, 294 
E. M. M.. 313 
Emmet, Thomas Addis, 159, 

237, 318 
Emmons, 229 
family, 231 
Edward N., 232 
Edward Neville, 231 
Thomas, 231 
Endicott, William C, 79 
Engerson, Debourah Suther- 
land, 207 
Simon, 207 
Enos, Alanson Trask, 70 
Enyard, Abraham, 51 
Daniel, 44 
Elias, 42 
Elizabeth, 43 
Jemima, 42-44 
Mary, 51 
Mathias, 42 
Nicholas, 42-44, 51 
Susanna, 44 
Timothy, 42 
Eppens, Gerritie (Gertrude) 
de Mandeville, 286 
Gerritie Gillis de Mande- 
ville, 286 
Wiert. 286 
Errese, Elizabeth, 289 
Ettwin, John, 48 
Evans, mather, 95 
Eveans, Elizabeth, 98 

Susanner, 96 
Everard, James, 73 

Mary, 73 
Everett, Charity Skillman, 32 
Edward, 79 
Jonathan, 32 
Every, John, 15 
Evertse, 7 
Evons, phebe, 97 
Ewing, Bettie, 294 

Thomas, 77 
Eyrs, Philip, 220 

Fairchild, Charles S., mrs., 79 
Fairly, Anna (Mol), 100 

Annetje Mol, 102 

John, 100, 102 

Metje Mabie, 102 
Farlee, Robert De Puy, 71 
Farmer, Alex., 282 
farmer, Cater en Stouten- 

bourgh, 97 
Farmer, Hannah Merritt, 282 
farmer, John, 97 

Farnham, Charles Newel, 20 

Henry, 20 
Farnsworth, Mary, 37 
farras, Aaron, 95 

Martha sweet, 95 
farris, Deborah Dousenbary, 
Nathan, 206 
Farrlis, Anna Mol, 100 

Jan, 100 
Farrow, 283 
fegiane, Caterin grffen, 97 

Elaxander, 97 
feley, mary, 96 
Felix, Alice, 199 
Fell, John, 205 

Susanna Mackintosh, 205 
Fergison, Thomas, 87 
Fernald, family, 234 
Ferrill, Timothy, 91 
Ferris, Catharine, 22 
Hetty Guion, 281 
Martha, 159 
Samuel, 222 
Samuel B., 281 
Fessenden, 244 
ffeaks, James, 221 
fierres, Jonathan, 221 
fferries, febe, 131 
hannah, 131 
James, 131 
John, 131 
John, sr., 131 
Jonathan, 131 
martha, 131 
mary, 131 
Peter, 131 
samuel, 131 
sarah, 131 
fforce, Thomas, 221 
fforgason, John, 133 
John, sr., 133 
sarah, 133 
maning, 133 
perregol, 133 
fforlissom, John, 100 
ffowler, Henry, jr., 222 

Moses, 222 
ffranklyne, Elizabeth, 250 

Samuel, 250 
Field, mr., 148, 223, 224 
Edwin Wilkins, 158 
Joseph, 87 

W. B. Osgood, 158, 159 
William, 87 

William Bradhurst Os- 
good, 148 
filkins, mary, 206 
Finch, John, 87 
finkell, Charity, 96 
Finn, Robert, 138 
Fish, Ann, 227 
fish, Elizebeth, 97 
hannah, 207 

Fisher, mrs., 16 

Anna Chamberlain, 298 
Anna Covert, 22 
Cornelia Skillman, 298 
Donnell George, 233 
Eliza Guion, 209 
Jacob, 298 
John, 209 
John C, 298 
J. W., mrs., 31 
Nicholous, 22 
Fiske, John, 62 
Fitch, family, 314 
Sarah, 145 

Winchester, 70, 79, M7. 148, 
150, 158, 159 
Fite, family, 314 

Elizabeth Mitchell Ste- 
phenson, 314 
Fits Randolf, Sidna, 210 

Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 


Fitz Gerald, Charles R., 128 

Hannah Clark Skillmen, 

James, 108 
Fitzgiarralt, Edward, 222 
Flagg, Charles A., 228 
Flagler, int.. 213 
Fleming, Ada, 196 

Amelia, 196 

Catharine, 196 

Christopher, 195 

Cynthia Thompson, 195 

David P., 196 

David S., 196 

Edward W., 195 

Henrietta, 196 

Henry Clay, 196 

James, 195, 196 

i aines H., 196 
ames N., 195 
John, B., 195 
Kate, 195 

Martha Simpson, 196 
Mary Booking, 195 
Olivia Clay, 196 
Peter, 195 
Samuel R., 196 
Sterling Price, 196 
Violinda Skillman, 195 
William A., 196 
William M., 195 
Flewwilling, Sarah, 75 
Florence, Benjamin, 145 
Elizabeth Powell, 145 
Gilbert, 23, 
Peter, 17 

Tamer Jane Pelham, 23 
Floyd-Iones, family, 157, 158 

Thomas, 157, 158 
forcal, Nanee, 98 
Force, Ada Skillman, 198 
force, Corn Thomas, 133 
Force, Edward, 198 
force, Elesabath, 133 
hannah, 133 
. mary, 134 
forgason, Ame, 129 
febe, 129 
Hesseciah, 129 
John, 129 
marcy, 129 
mary, 129, 133 
Richard, 133 
sarah, 129 
Thomas, 133 
william, 129 
forgerson, Alma Haight, 96 
Betsey heading, 96 
John, 96 
Forman, Dubois, 299 

Mary Ann Barber, 299 
Forrest, Alexander, 19 
George, 19 
James, 19 
Robert, 19 
Fortin, Eliza Mary Crooker, 
William, 210 
Foster, Ebenezer, 276 
Emma J., 273 
Frances, 276 
Frances Ann, 276 
John, 209 
Sarah Lewis, 200 
Theodore S., 276 
fouller, Hannah, 95 
Fountain, Jane, 178 

Mary, 123, 126, 181 
Fowle, John A., 232, 233 
Fowler, Abby Jane Peck, 210 
David, 210 

Elizabeth Sneden, 227 
Francis, 145 

Fowler, Henry, sr., 222 

Jemima, 227 

Jeremiah, 222 

John, 222, 227 

Sarah Hatfield, 145 

William, 222 
fowller, abigall, 135 

elizabeth, 134 

ellener, 135 

henre, 135 

Henri, 135 

Jeremiah, 134 

John, 135 

Joseph, 134 

moses, 135 

rebecka, 135 

susana, 13s 

william, 135 
Francis, 118 

mrs., 283 

Elizabeth Ann, 21 

Charles Mortimer, 18 

Frances, 20 

Francis Cost, 210 

George, 18-21, 212 

Joseph, 19 

Samuel Brown, 18 

William, 210 
Franklyn, 250 
Frasst, Henry, 20 

Sophia Catharine, 20 
fratenburrow, Elizabeth green, 

william, 208 
Freeland, Lydia, 281 
Freeman, Frances P., 312 

Frank Morgan, 70, 223, 311 

F. P. & Co., 312 

Louisa Dunston, 312 
Frees, Abraham, 152 

Benjamin Marsh, 152 

Edwin Abraham, 152 

John, 152 

John Wesley, 152 
Freese, family, 152 
Frelinghuysen, Anna, 74 

Theodorus Jacobus, 33, 74 
Fremont, gen., 162 
French, Mary, 296 
Frick, Andrew, 314 

Charles A., 314 
Friesland, family, 287 
Fristoe, William, 199 
Fritts, Christina, 195 
Fromm, Ann (Vromm), no 
Frost, family, 313 

Anne, 99 
frost, hannah, 207 

martha, 95 
Frost, Samuel, 16 

William, 88 
Fry, Charity A., 276 
Ellen, 276 
Henry J., 276 
Hiram Paddock, 276 
Fuller, Anna Louise, 72 
Josiah, 276 
Ruth, 276 
Fullerton, family, 155 
Furman, Gabriel, 4 

Gage, Elihu, 276 

Elizabeth, 276 

Sylvanus, 276 
gaill, Elizebeth, 97 
Gale, family, 232 
Galleway, Mary Purdy, 209 

Patrick, 209 
Galpin, Henry J., 153 
Gambold, Hector, 41-45 
Gano, Richard, 197 
Ga'nong, W. F., 77 
Ganung, Robert, 276 

Gardiner, 228, 231 

Asa Bird, 148, 224 

David, 84 

David L., 84 

John Lyon, 81, 83 

Lion, 83 

Mary Deurcant, 83 

Polly Ann, 20 

Sarah Diodati, 81-83 

Sarah Griswold, 83 

Sarah T., 84 

Wm., 20 
Gardner, Susanna, 112 
Gardnor, Beniaman, 130 

hannah, 130 

Henry, 130 

John, 130 

Elesabath, 130 
Garland, Anna Louise Fuller, 

Charles, 72 

Hamilton, 72 

Hope, 72 

James A.. 72 

James Albert, 71, 72, 147 

Marie L. Tudor, 72 

Tudor, 72 
garmon, Elezebeth, 207 

Jaames, 208 

palmmee, 208 

phebe, 206 

Sarah parks, 208 
Games, Caroline Rogers, 145 

Thomas W., 145 
Garnow, James, 88 
Garretson, Abraham, 263, 266, 
268. 269, 271 

Abraham Crocheron, 271 

Ann, 178 

breaggatt, 133 

Edgar Eugene, 269 

Eliza Sanders, 263, 266, 269, 

Henry Davis, 266 

Hermanus, 263 

John, 133, 221 
onas, 129 

mary, 129, 133 

Richard, 129, 221 
Garrison, Ann, 121, 124, 127 

Christopher, 40 

Doroth., 46 

Eudora Swank, 297 

Manchester, 297 

Mary, 40 

Phebe, 40 
Garritson, Ann, 184 

Betsey, 50, 51 

Elis. (Conner), 117 

Eliz., 52 

Elizabeth, 49, 52, 53, 115 

Frances, 116, 119 

Henry, So 

Hermanns, 117 

Jacob, 51 

lames Birkby, 52 

Iohn, 49-52, 117, 118 
lary, 49 
Garven, Cornelia Anderson, 

Wm., 281 
Gaspar, Pierre, 101 
gath, Elesabath, 133 

John, 133 

martha, 133 

samuel, 133 

sarah, 133 

Thomas, 133 
Gauthier, Andrew, 115 

Martha (Buninger), 115 

Thomas, 115 
Gay, Theodore, 236, 317 
Gedney, Abraham, 20 

Deborah, 20 


Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 

Gedney, James Burger, 20 
gee, John, 135 

Joseph, 135, 222 

mary, 135 

moses, 135 

Sarah, 135 
Geldsthrope, Robert, 217 
Gelsthrop, Elizabeth King, 216 

Peter, 216 

Robert, 216 
Gendell, Joseph, 282 

Mary Lee, 282 
Gerritse, Hendrick, 5 
Gerritson, A braham Croch- 
eron, 54 

Cathrine Conor, 47 

Eliz., 113 

Elizabeth, 46-48, 54, 113, 114 

John, 46-48, 50,54, 114 

Richard Conor, 48 
Gibbs, family, 231 
Gibs, Nell, 296 
Gibson, mr., 71, 223, 224, 311 

Elizabeth, 52 

Henry Pierson, 149 

Hugh, 52 

Mabel, 23, 89, 200 

Sarah, 52 
Gidney, mr., 210 

mrs., 213, 279 

Abraham, 18 

Anne Carpenter, 209 

Bartholomew, 282 

Caleb, 211 

Cornelia, 22 

Eliza Ann, 208 

Eliza Landrine, 282 

Esther, 20 

Hannah Jane, 281 

Hariot, 281 

Henry, 209, 213 

James, 280 

Jonathan, 20, 278 

Joseph Hains, 18 

Lucortia, 23 

Phebe L., 209 

Solomon, 211, 

William, 279 
Gifford, Elihu, 96 

Seberg Buckston, 96 
Gilbert, family, 152 

Aaron, 291, 292 

Abbey Ann, 270, 271 

Abby Ann, 266 

Abby Ann Black, 260 

Abigail Ann Black, 257 

Ann, 292 

Anna Mandeville, 292 

Arent, 292 

Aron, 291 

Gilles, 292 

Hannah Jane, 257. 271 

Hannah Mandeville, 291 

James, 257, 260, 266, 270, 271 
ames Thomas Steward, 

Jelis, 291 

Maria, 270, 292 

Mary, 291 

Rachel, 291, 292 

Sarah Ann Matilda, 266 

William, 292 

Yellis, 291 
Gildeisleave, Benjamin, 210 

Mary Morse, 210 
gildersleve, Elizebeth, 96 
Gille, John, 139 
Gilles, Jan, 287 

Tryntje, 286 
Gillespie, C. Bancroft, 155 
Gillis, Gerritie, 286 
Gillise, Hendrick, 288 
Gillisz, Joannes, 286 

Gilmore, Clarissa Smith, 282 

James, 282 
godin, abigall, 134 

John, 134 

mary, 134 
Golden, Benjemin, 15 

Easter, 210 
Goldsmith, Abigaill, 167 

Anne, 167 

Anne Wells, 167 

Bathia, 167 

Bathia Terry, 167 

Daniell, 167 

Elizabeth wells, 167 

Elizebeth, 167 

John, 167 

Joshua, 167 

Mary, 167 

Nathaniell, 167 

prudence winds, 167 

Prudence Wines, 167 

Richard, 167 

Thomas, 167 

Zacheus, 167 
Goodrich, George S., 223 
Goodwin, mr., 148, 223 

James J., 224 
Gookh, Mary, 85 
Gracie, 229 
Graham, , 137 

Francis, 105, 107 
Grant, Benjamin, 134, 221 

Elesabath, ^34 

Joseph, 134 

Matthew, 237 

Robart, 134 

Susannah, 95 

William, 256 
Graves, Henry, jr., 222 

Mary, 197 
Gray, Benjamin, 85 

David, 282 

Eliza Alertson, 282 
gray, Elizebeth fish, 97 
Gray, James, 18, 280 
gray, John, 96, 97 
Gray, John A. C.,225 
gray, Rachel, 95 

Selemome (Sal v on) Mc- 
Doll, 96 

Susannah, 95 
Gray, Temperance Baxter, 85 

William Coleman, 18 
Green, mr., 214 

Anne Negro, 210 

Ashbel, 301 
green, Benjamin, 98 
Green, B. Frank, 159 
green, Elizabeth, 208 
Green, Elisha, m 
green, hannah, 96 

Henry, 97 

John, 98, 210 

marget waters, 97 
Green, Maria Skillman, m 

Mary, 301 
green, mary Dunkins, 98 
Green, Mary Joline, 301 

Nathan, 276 

Samuel Abbott, 79 

Thomas, 159 
green, Zeviah sponer, 98 
Greene, family, 207 

John R(udyard), 303 

Polly, 303 

Richard Henry, 159 
greffen, Cornelus, 98 

Rhoda Bogall, 98 
Gregory, Abraham, 276 

Betsey, 276 

Dolly, 276 , 

Greveraet, Isaac, 5 
grffen, Caterin, 97 

Grifen, Cate, 130 

Higenes, 130 

John, 130 

sarah, 130 
Griffeth, Thirza E., 276 
griffen, anna Van Camp, 206 

Richard, 206 
Griffin, 231 

Benjeman, 88 
griffin, Dorothy Boice, 207 

Samuel, 207 
Griffin, William, 15 
Grigg, Martha, 199,294 

Richard, 199 
Grimes, Rhoda, 297 
Grimne, Louisa, 31 
Grims, Sarah, 207* 
Griswold, Sarah, 83 
Groufe, Abigaill, 129 

Jacob, 129 

Josiah Hunt, 129 

Rebekah, 129 
Grover, Elizabeth, 165 

Elizabeth Moore, 166 

E. M., 231 

Martha, 165 

Mary, 165 

Simon, 165, 166 
Guibord, family, 314 
Guihon, Daniel, 50 

Henery Garrison, .50 

Phebe, 50 
Guion, mrs., 212 

Abm., 283 

Abraham, 20 

Amy Brown, 282 

Ann, 185, 188, 189, 210 

Carolina, 283 

Catharine Ferris, 22 

Charity Amelia, 20 

Daniel, 189 

Elijah, 19-21, 145, 279 

Eliza, 209 

Elizabeth, 189 

George H., 18 

Harriot, 18 

Harriot Emaline, 21 

Harriot Hadden, 22 

Hetty, 281 

Hetty Adoline, 20 

James, 18, 22 

Tames Hart, 20 

John, 18, 21, 210, 212 

Maria, 210 

Mary Jane, 21 

Mary Purdy, 145 

Peter, 22, 212, 282 

Peter Napp, 20 

Phebe, 18 

Phebe Ann, 19 

Polly, 283 

Sally Ophelia, 20 

Sarah Matilda, 21 

William, 212 

William Henry, 20 

William How, 21 
Gulick, family, 304 

Alexander, 304 

Almira Reading, 304 

Arnatt Reading, 304 

Eliza King Henry, 304 

Geertruyt Willekins, 304 

Hendrick, 304 

"acomyntie Van Pelt, 304 
an, 304 
oacham, 304 

Jochem, 304 

Johannes. 304 

Rebecca Etnans, 304 

Reinshe Van Sicklen, 304 

Uriah De Hart, 297 

William, 304 
Guthrie, Eliza, 115 

Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 


Guyon, Abraham, 114 
Ann, 181, 257 
Cornelius, 119 
Danl., 123, 127, 181 
Daniel, 54, 113, 114, 116, 119, 

"3. 185 
Ehs., 127 
Eliz., 123 

Elizabeth, 127, 181 
Elizabeth Clawson Young, 

T7 123 

Frances, 54, 113, 114 

Frances Garritson, 116, 119 

Lewis, 222 

Richard Conor, 113 

Sara, 116 

Sophia Catharine, 123 

Hadden, mrs., 280 

, mrs., 17 

Bartholomew, 280 

Bart hoi w., 17 

Benjamin, 209 

Catharine Merrit, 210 

Edward, 221 

Eliza Parker, 209 

Epinetus, 210 

Harriott, 22 

Job, 278 

John Aspinwall, 146, 147 

Josiah, 19 

Mary, 18 

Pressilia, 146 

Rachel Baldwin, 19 

Susan, 280 

Thomas, 211 
Haddon, John, jr., 222 

John, sen., 222 
Hadley, Grace Woodin. 296 

H. C, 296 

Isaac, 23 

Samuel, 221 

Sarah Voal, 23 
Hageman, Adriaen, 33 

Mary, 33 

Hagewout, Elisabeth, 44 

Mary 44, 45 

Nicholas, 45 

Peter, 44, 45 

Stephen, 44 
haiden, William, 134 
Haight, Alma, 96 

Anne, 209 

Betsy Whitlock, 19 

Daniel, 22, 280 

David, 19 

Desire Wilson, 22 

Elisha, 208 

Elizebeth, 96 

Hulda pitcher, 95 

Isaac, 95 

John, 278 

Margaret Romaine, 208 

Mary, 23 

Ruth, 95 

Sarah, 145 

Thomas, 211 
Haines, David, 283 
Hains, mr., 211 

mrs., 278, 280 

Caleb, 280 

Catherine, 281 

David, 279 

Elijah, 280 

Emeline, 283 

George, 145,279 

Mathias, 279 

Matthias, 280 

Peter, 208, 278, 279 

Phebe Merrit, 208 

Samuel, 211 

Tamar Bloomer, 145 

Hale, family, 233 

Elizabeth, 214 

John, 214 
Halenbeek, Caspar Jacobse, 

Hales, Edward, 216 

J.. 216 
ill- a 

Hall, 273 

Christopher, 88 

David, 276 

Edward Hagaman, 150 

Elizabeth, 276 

Elizabeth Southerland, 206 

Elizebeth, 207 

iohn, 236, 318 
ustice, 206 
.ydia, 36, 276 
mary, 206 
Morten, 276 
Patience, 276 
Samuel, 276 
Wm. K.,155 
Halle, Abraham Herman, 270 
Eugene Benhornean, 270 
La Fayette Matthias, 270 
Sarah, 270 
Hallenbake, Dorothea, mi 
Hallett, 228 
Halley, family, 151 
Edmond, 151 
Sybilla, 151 
Hallock, 231 

Charles, 155, 159 
Elizebeth Shadboult, 95 
Isaac, 95 
Mary peters, 207 
peter, 207 
Wm. A., 155 
Halsey, 231 
Halstead, Abigail, 274 
Jane, 17 
Philoman, 17 
Thomas, 279 
Halsted, Elizabeth Hannah, 19 
Gennet Ann, 18 
Thomas, 18, 279 
Thos., 19 
Hamersly, Thomas, 115 
Hamilton, Elizabeth Stewart, 
Lizzie, 194 
Hammel, Amelia Jane, 29 
hammon, Asel, 208 
Hammon, Assa, 206 
hammon, Betsey, 95 

Elle, 206 
Hammon, phebe garmon, 206 
hammon, Sarah, 96 

tasea Shultes, 208 
Hance, William White, 313 
hancok, edward, 134 
elias, 134 
sarah, 134 
susanna, 134 
Hand, Phebe, 116, 121 
Hanford, Electa Malvina, 276 
John, 276 
Rhoda, 276 
Hankins, Gilbert, 108 

Mary Tamsen Skillman, 
Hanson, 313 

Frances Prichard, 313 
John, 313 
Ihomas, 313 
Harcourt, Daniel, 127 
Richard, 127 
Rosetta (M'Dewil), 127 
Hardy, Aaron, 219 
Daniell, 219 
Elizabeth, 219 
Hannah, 219 
Phineas, 219 
Rebeckah, 219 

Hardy, Samuel, 219 
Harkness, Anson, 23 
Caroline, 23 
Daniel, 23 
Danl, 23 
Henderson, 23 
Isabella, 23 
James, 23 
Jane, 23 
Mary, 23 
Nancy, 23 
Nancy M., 23 
Sarah, 23 
Salomon, 23 
William, 23 
William L., mrs., 223 
Wm. B., 23 
Harley, Hannah, 100 
Harmance, Caterean Stewart, 
William, 96 
Harriot, mrs., 213 

Israel, 213 
Harriott, Dorothy Haverland, 
William, 208 
Harris, family, 234 
Earl D., 297 
Edward Deubleday, 232, 

Elizabeth, 288 
harris, John, 95 

mary toms (Thomas), 95 
Harris, Nora Swank, 297 

Oliver M., 297 
harris, phebe, 208 
Harris, Thomas, 87 
Harrison, Almira, 197 
James A., 62 
Thomas, 197 
Violinda Lander, 197 
Harsen, Cornelius, 224 
Hart, Albert Bushnell, 223 
Hannah, 209 
Peter F., 284 
S. Budd, 283 
Thos., 283 
Hartman, br., 272 
mrs., 184 
Eliza C, 262 
G. A., 183, 184 
Isabella S., 183 
Hartwick, Eliza Skillman, 108 

James, 108 
Harvey, Abby Skillman, 105 
David, 105 
Eliza Skillman, 105 
James, 105 
James B., 23 
Matilda, 108 
Hasbrouck, Elizabeth, 23 
Frederick, mrs., 146 
William T., 23 
Hashell, Samuel, 18 
Hasholt, John, 206 
Haskell, Mary, 278 

Samuel, 278 
Hastings, D. S., 23 
David S., 23 
Elsey, 24 
John T., 284 
Louisa, 23 
Sarah, 24 
Waitstill, 24 
Hatfield, mrs., 210 
Abraham, 20 
Anna, 17 
Anne. 145 

Elizabeth Bertine, 145 
Gabril, 20 
Gilbert, 17, 145 
Richard, 19, 212 
Sarah, 145 


Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 

Haughwort, Aletta, 47 

Eleonora, 115 

Mary, 47 

Peter, 47 
Haughworth, Eleonore, 119 
Haughwout, Eleonore, 123 

Maria, 189 
Hauseman, John, 50 
Havens, family, 154 
Haverland, mr., 210 

Abraham, 145 

Amelia, 209 

Ann Eliza, 19, 213 

Anna, 18, 22 

Ann Guion, 210 

Bartholomew, 22 

Barthow., 19, 213 

Charlott, 19 

Deborah, 210 

Deborah Budd, 145 

Doratha, 19 

Dorothy, 208 

F.lizabeth, 213 

Hester Cornell, 209 

J Jacob, 213 
James, 209 
ane, 210 
onathan, 22 

Margaret, 209 

Mary Purdy, 22 

Phebe Miller, 209 

Phebe Purdy, 22 

Samuel, 279 

Thomas, 210 

Timothy, 209 

William, 19 
Haviland, mr., 284 

Mary Disbrow, 282 

Peter, 282 
Hawkins, mrs., 279 

Benja., 280 

Martha, 22, 210 

Susan Moore, 22 

Susannah, 209 

William, 210 

Wm„ 22 
Hawley, Isaac, 24 
Hawkredd, family, 155 
Hay, G. U., 10, 140, 171. 251 
Hayden, family, 156 
Hayford, James, 24 

Sarra, 24 
Haynes, Agnes, 294 

Annie Tillman, 294 

Bettie Ewing, 294 

Charles W., 294 

Eliza, 294 

Henry, 294 

John, 294 

Lorinda Watt, 294 

Mary, 294 

Milmer, 294 

Mollie Davidson, 294 

Nancy, 294 
Polly, 196 

Susan Skillman, 294 

William S., 294 

Hays, Cynthia, 295 

Deborah Ann Lyon, 210 

Solomon, 210 
Hazen, Ward C, 10, 140, 171. 

Hazzard, Isabel, 24 

Neuburey, 24 

Sam, 24 
Head, Benjamin, 97 

Catarine Swatout, 95 

Elijah, 95 

genne paddock, 97 
Headen, ADigaill, 132 

Beniamine, 130 

Edward, 130 

Elesabath, 129, 132 

Headen, Hannah, 129, 130 

John, 132 

John, jr., 132 

John, sr., 129 

marcus, 130 

mary, 130 

Pasiance, 130 

Richard, 129 

samuel, 132 

Thomas, 129, 132 
heading, Betsey, 96 
Heagger, lid, 133 

Elisabath, 133 

Henry, 133 

John, 133 

mary, 133 
Heanes, Daniel, 276 

Mary, 276 

Olive, 276 
Heartley.Nicholous (negro), 20 
Heath, family, 231, 233 

Samuel, 24 

Thankful, 24 

William, 231 
Heathcote, Caleb, 131 
Heaviland, Charetty, 131 

febe, 131 

hannan, 131 

Joseph, 131 

mary, 131 

nathan, 131 

william, 131 
Heckel, Elizabeth, 131 
Hecock, David, 138 
Hedges, Job Elmer, 223 
Heely, Dennis, 205 
Heineman, Nellie, 193 
Helbig, Richard E., 77 
Hellakers, Jacob, 1 

Teunis (Teuntje), 1 
Hempstead, Abigail Bayley, 

Hannah Bayley Salmon, 

John, 169 

Joshua, 165 
Hempstid, John, 87 
Henderson, mr., 211 

Adaline, 295 

James, 28, 63, 64 
ane, 190 

Jane Poe, 63 

John, 19 

Rachel McFarlane, 28 

Robert, 19 
Hendricx, Elsje, 285 
Hendrix, Marytie, 290 
Hennessey, Fanny Quintard, 

John R., 22 
Hennion, Annetie Mendevel, 

Jacobus, 290, 291 
Henry, Cornelia Reeves, 104 

Eliza King, 304 

James, 304 

John, 104 
Henton, Nancy, 30 
Hero, Hannah, 48 

Jeremy, 48 
ohn, 48 
Herrick, Elias Hicks, 73 

Maria Louise, 73 
Herris, Elizabeth, 288 
Herton, Isaac, 17 
Hestor, Rachel, 177 
Hiatt, Abraham, 222 
hichkocks, mahetabel, 218 

marce, 218 

mary, 218 

Samuell, 218 
hickokes, Samuell, 219 
Hicks, family, 73, 161 

mr., 163 

Hicks, Alice Albertson, 73 
Baptist, 73 
Benjamin, 73 

Benjamin D., 73, 74, 161-164 
Benjamin Doughty, 71, 72, 


Benjamin Doughty, mrs., 

Elias, 162 

Elizabeth Morgan, 73 

Elizabeth T., 73. 162 

Ellis, 73, 161 

Frederick C, 74, 161 

Hannah Carpenter, 73 

Horod Long, 73 

Isaac, 73, 74, 161 

Jacob, 73 

James, 73 

John, 73, 161 

Margaret, 161 

Margaret Atwood, 73 

Maria Louise Herrick, 73, 

Mary Everard, 73 

Mary Washburn, 73, 162 

Phoebe, 73 

Phoebe Seaman, 73 

Phoebe Titus, 73 

Robert, 73, 161 

Samuel, 73 

Sarah, 74 

Sarah Doughty, 73 

Stephen, 161 

Thomas, 73, 161, 162 

Whitehead. 161 
Hide, mrs., 281 

Jane B., 281 
Higgens, Asa, 298 

Uri Wilson, 298 
Higgins, Annatje Buys, 292 

Benjamin, 292 

Eliza Skillman, 199 

Enoch, 277 

Hannah, 291 

iohn, 199 
lartha, 277 

Mattie, 199 

Richard Wyatt, 199 

Seth, 277 

William Stout, 199 
Higginson, Thomas Went- 

worth, 156 
Higley, Warren, 77 
hill, Charity ames, 207 

John, 207 
Hilliard, Amy, 119 

Anna Maria, 52 

Sarah, 52 

William, 52 
Hillicar, may, 96 
Hills, family, 76, 237, 318 

Joseph, 76 

Robert, 76 

Thomas, 76, 155, 159 

William, 76 

William Sanford, 76 
Hine, Anna, 276 

Charles, 276 

George B., 276 

liaw„ 277 

James, 276 

James B., 276 
eremiah, 276, 277 

Zilla, 277 
Hinman, A. V., 231 

A. W., 233 

Edward, 231 
Histed, Carry Ida, 24 

Charles, 24 

Rosanna, 24 
Hitchcock, family, 234 
Hitt, Henry, 15 
Hix, Elias/98 

Rachal Row, 98 

Sarah, 207 

Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 


hoak, Abigail, 131 
Abraham, 131 
James, 131 
Joseph, 131 
Hoar, Ebenezer Rockwood, 79 
Hoard, Henrietta Payne Lan- 
der, 197 
Rhoden, 197 
Hobbey, Alfred, 145 

Olivia Seaard, 145 
Hobby, Abby Jane, 209 

Sarah, 210 
Hodgkinson, Ann Skillman, 
John, 106 
Hoe. Alvira Phelps James, 246 
Elizabeth Woodbridge, 246 
Robert, 246 
Hoff, Betsey Reeves, 104 

Joseph, 104 
Hoffman, 229 

Adrian Kissam, 302 
Jane Thompson, 302 
Mary Evelyn, 302 
Hogg, Charity, 97 
Hogle, John, 299 

Lydia Ann Skillman, 299 
hoit, Charrety, 131 
hannah feeld, 131 
James, 131 
Hoit, Marina, 24 
Mary, 24 
Moses, jr., 222 
Samuel, 24, 131 
Samuel B., 24 
hoit, sarah, 131 
hoitt, abigall, 135 
eliszabeth, 135 
ellener, 135 
Moses, 135 
Holbrook, Levi, mrs., 229 
Holcomb, Alexander H., 31 
Amelia L., 24 
Charles O., 31 
E. M.,24 
Eleanor Ann, 31 
Emley, 31 
Isaac S., 31 
John E.,31 
Mary, 31 

Mary Skillman, 31 
S. C.,24 
Solomon, 29 
Thedrdore, 31 
William, 31 
Holcombe, Caroline Skillman 
Emeline, 300 
Ferdinands., 298 
Julia Wilson, 298 
Maria Skillman, 298 
Mortimer, 298 ' 
Thomas, 298 
Holden, E. B., mrs., 146 
Edwin Babcock, 71, 147 
J. A., 233 
James Austin, 159 
Hollet, Jacob, 87 
Hollingshead, Hetty, 106 
Rachel, 31 
Susan, 106 
Hollins, Harry B., 150 
Hollister, John, 157 
Holmes, Deborah, 220 
holmes, Demes, 208 
Holmes, Ebenezer, 220 
George, 100 
Hannah, 220 
lane, 260 
John, 220 
John, jun., 220 
Maria, 281 
Marcy, 220 
Mary, 121, 220 


Holmes, Rachell, 220 

Richard, 220 

Sarah, 220 

Susannah, 209, 220 
Holms, David, 219 

Dorothy, 221 

Jemimah, 219 

John, sen., 220 

Jonathan, 221 

ioseph, 220 
lary, 221 
Rachell, 221 
Rubin, 219 
Ruth, 219, 
Solomon, 221 

Holt, miss, 210 

Amanda Skillman, 295 

W. C.,295 
Holton, mrs., 147 

David Parsons, 150, 232, 

David Parsons, mrs., 223 
horn, Martin, 207 

Sarah Grims, 207 
Homan, Ester, 246 
Homes, family, 156 
John, 219 
Joris, 100 
Patience, 219 
Homestead, Mary, 281 
Homps, Henry, 87 
Honeywood, St. John, 24 
Honnewell, Isral, 129 
Isrell, 129 
mary, 129 
Richard, 129 
samuel, 129 
hoocktalend (H o u gh taling), 

Janne, 98 
Hooker, Thomas, 154 
Hope, Emily, 280 
James, 280, 281 
Lydia, 280 
Lvdia Freeland, 281 
Hopkins, family, 154 
Agnes, 24 
Ann, 24 
CD., 57 
David, 24 
Eli, 277 
Elizabeth, 57 
Geo., 24 
George, 24 
Grace, 24 
Mary, 277 
Patience, 24 
Robert, 24 
Sarah, 24 
Sarah Jane, 277 
Hopper, 229 

Anna Paulus, 291 
Annetje, 290 
Matthias Adolphus, 291 
Rachel, 291 
Hopwood, Rachel, 291 
Rachel Buys, 292 
Thomas, 292 
Horn, 229 

Hannah, 74 
John, 74 
Hornaday, Armatha Skillman, 
Harry, 296 
John, 296 
Myrtle, 296 
home. John, 135 , , . i . 
Horton, Anne Goldsmith, 167 
Barnabas, 169, 292 
Bathia, 250 
Bathia (Wells), 167 
Betts, 22 
Byron B., 79 
Byron Barnes, 35, 233 

Horton, Cornelia Gidney, 22 
Eunice Letitia Barnes, 35 
George, 35 
Gilbert, mrs., 280 
Harriet D., 295 
Harriet D. Brown, 295 
James, 167, 283 
Jane Marshal, 283 
Jonathan, 164, 167 
Joseph, 292 
Joshua, 209 
Lazarus, 292 
Mary, 250 
Prud., 283 
Rachel, 292 
Rachel (Coles), 292 
Sarah, 169 
Sarah Dick, 209 
William, 279 
Wm., 292 
Houghabout, Maria, 185 
Houghton, George Clarke, 223 
Houseman, Hannah, 115 
Naatje, 122 

Housman, , 271 

Abraham, 257, 269 
Benjamin, 262, 267, 269 
Catherine, 269 
Eliza, 269 
Elizabeth, 257 
Elizabeth Sharrot, 267 
Eliza Sharrot, 262 
James Edward, 267 
John William, 262 
Joseph Egbert, 269 
Margaret, 260, 266 
Mary, 269 
Mary Louisa, 269 
Mergrett Bodine, 257 
Polly, 257 
Houston, Hettie, 294 
Hovell, Richard, 38 
Thomasina, 38 
Hovens, David Porter, 297 
Elenora Skillman, 297 
Georgia, 297 
Hovey, Horace C, 159 
Horace Carter, 157 
How, Eliza, 282 
Howe, Archibald, 156 

Jonas, 10, 140, 171, 251. 254 

Howell, 231 

Howes, Clarissa, 277 

Daniel, 277 

Daniel M., 277 

Esther, 277 

Fanny, 277 

Henry M., 277 

Jacob O., 277 

{oseph, 277 
,ewis, 277 
Lewis O., 277 
Lydia A., 277 
Maria, 277 
Moodey, 277 
Moody, 277 
Nathan A., 277 
Polly, 277 
Ruhamah, 277 
Sally, 277 
Samuel, 277 
Sarah, 277 
Viletta. 277 
Vilette, 277 

Ward, 277 
Howland, family, 231 
Hoy, Agnes, 24 

D. H., 233 

David F., 80, 158, 159 

Margaret, 24 

Polly, 24 

Richard, 24 

William, 24 


Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII, 

Hoyat, miss, 209 

Joseph D., 22 

Mary Dick. 22 

Phebe, 210 

Sarah St. John, 22 

Thomas, 22 
Hoyt, Asa, 277 

Eliezer, 222 

Lucy, 277 

Nancy, 277 

Pardy, 277 
Hubbard, , 105 

Amanda, 309 

Susanna Ski 11 man Hy- 
nicka, 105 
Hubbell, Andrew, 277 

Sarah, 277 

Sett, 88 
Hubble, David, 88 
Hubbs, mrs., 211 

Daniel, 211 
Huddlestone, george, 97 

hannah white, 97 
hudlstone, Juda, 97 
Hudson, Daniel, in 

Lucy M., 24 

Rachel Skillman, in 

Sylvia, 24 

Huestis, David, 131, 221 

Elesabath, 131 

John, 131 

Robart, 131 

Robert, sr., 131 

samel, 131 
Huggans, Isabel, 24 

John K., 24 

Sarah, 24 
Hulfish, David, 106 

Ellen Skillman, 106 

Howard, 106 
Hull, Jane Sampson, 139 

Joseph, 139 

William, 139 
Humphrey, Abigill Conyshefd 
or Campshefd, 96 

James, 96 
Hunt, family, 154 

mrs., 279 

iell, 134 

Abigaill, 129, 132 

Abigail, 219 

Abnor, 132 

Allice Baxter, 84 

Barthiah, 134 

Daniel, 133, 221 

darcos, 132 

David, 132 

Edward, 132 

Elesabath, 132 

Elizabeth, 219 

ffebee, 132 

Grace, 130 

Iseral, 87 

Jacob, 129 

James, 130 

Jeremiah, 130 

Joab, 132 

John, 84, 130 

Jonathan, 130 
oseph, 131, 132, 134, 219 
Joseph, jr., 134, 221 
Joseph, sr., 134, 221 
Joshua, 130 
Josiah, 129, 132, 221 
josiah, sr., 132 
Jsraell, 130 
martha, 132, 134 
mary, 130, 132, 133 
moses, 132 
Rebekah, 129 
Sarah, 132, 219 
smeth, 132 

Hunt, suselah, 132 

Thomas, 132 

Tho., ji., 132 

Tho., sr., 132 

Ursula, 104 

william, 130 
Hunter, Jeramiah, 15 
Huntington, family, 232, 239, 

Archer M., 149 

Samuel V. V., 74 
Huntting, Teunis D., 34 
Hustead, Jonathan, 131 
Husted, Asha, 97 

Caleb, 98 

Debrough, 96 

Elizebeth, 97 

Elizebeth Soule, 98 

Ezekiel, 96 

Jerusha, 05 

Joseph, 96 

mary, 207 

Matha Allen, 96 

Nanee forcal, 98 

Nanee tobis, 97 
husted, Sarah, 98 
Husted, Sarah Northrop, 96 

Stephen, 98 
Hutchinson, Amanda, 198 
Huyberts, Ytie, 5 
Huybrechts, Ytie (Ida), 5 
Huys, Catherine, 4 
Hyat, mr., 212 

John, 222 
Hynicka, , 105 

Susanna Skillman, 105 

Ingalls, Charles, 24 

Cynthia, 24 
Ingosal, Alton, 146 

Sarah Marshall, 146 
Ingraham, family, 231 

Eliza Margaret Rider, 124 

Elizabeth, 122, 124 

George W., 122 

George Washington, 122, 
Ingram. John H., 58, 62 
Irwin, Betsey, 104 
Isenhart, Christopher, 278 

Emma, 21 

Lavinia, 21 

Nathaniel, 211, 278 

Nathl, 212 

Jack, D. R., 10, 140, 171,251 
Jackson, Ann, 277 

Anna Frelinghuysen, 74 

Anna Maria, 74 

Anna Van der Spiegel, 74 

Anna Wessels, 74 

Benj., 303 

Charles C.,277 

Charlotte, 277 

David, 207, 277 

Elizabeth, 207, 303 

Elizebeth hall, 207 

George William, 269 

Hannah Horn Benson, 74 

Increase, 103 

John, 269 

John Frelinghuysen, 74 

Jonathan, 207 

Lula Skillman, 198 

margett Simson, 207 

Mary, 269, 303 

Mary Husted, 207 

Patrick, 74 

Phebe, 303 

Samuel, 207, 303 

Vaughan, 195 

William, 74 
Jacobs, Jeannetie, 290 
Jacobsen, Ann, 47 

Jacobsen, Anne, 42 

Cathrine, 48 

Christian, 42 

Hilletje, 47-49 

Hilletje (Bedell), 116 

John, 47-49, 116 

Tonn Christian, 49 

John Vandeventer, 42 

Maria, 116 
Jacobson, Abraham Vande, 
venter, 123 

Ann, 42, 119, 122, 124, 127- 
178, 181, 184 

Ann Cuberly, 265 

Anne, 41 

Bedel. 258 

Bedell, 120, 258, 263 

Catharine, 41, 192, 266, 272 

Catharine Connor, 179 

Christian, 41, 42 

Cornelius Van deventer, 

Eliza, 52, 192, 261, 263 

Elizabeth, 42 

Elizabeth Emelia, 265 

H., 124 

Hellethan, 181 

Hellethey, 184 

Helletje, 178 

Hillethay, 114 

Hilletje, 50, 52, 54, 127, 178 

Hilletje Bedell, 120, 123, 
128, 180 

Hilletje Sleik, 54 

Israel B., 265 

Israel Bedell, 54 

Israel Vandevender, 258 

J. Chr., 179 

John, 50, 52, 54, 114, 120, 127, 
128, 178, 180, 181, 265 

John Bedell, 263 

John Christian, 179 

John V. D., 117, 123, 184, 

Lucretia, 180, 271 

Maria, 192, 263 

Mary, 265 

Mary Luisa, 179 

Matilda, 128 

Nancy, 187 

Peter, 50 

Sarah Ann Alston, 263 

Warren Alston, 258 
Jacobus, Brant, 289 

Elizabeth Errese Mande- 
viel, 289 
Jacubes, alburt, 218 

barbur, 218 

Cobah, 218 

hermanus, 218 

Jacamine, 218 

Jacub, 218 

merreche, 218 
James, family, 232 
Janes, family, 239, 320 
Janney, Hannah, 106 
Jans, Aechtje, 101 

Elizabeth, 288 

Swantje, 1 
Jansen, Gilles, 285 

Jan, 100 
Jarvis, Eveline, 277 

Jeffrey, 277 
Jay, John, 20 

Mary, 283 

Peter, 212 

William, 20 
Jedd, Benjamin, 87 
Jeffry, negro, 282 
Jenkins, Elizabeth, 219 

George Walker, mrs., 223 
Laura, 197 
Samuel, 219 

Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 


Jenkins, Sarah, 30, 219 
Jennings, , 121 

mr., 17 

mrs., 122 

Catharine Skerrit, 125 

Jane, 192, 259 

John, 125, 131, 133 

John parker, 131 

mary, 131 

Rachel, 125, 128, 133, 192 

2W, 270 

William, 125 
Jennins. Joseph, 221 
Jewell, Kitty Bishop, 297 
Jewet, Anna Crage, 22 

Nathan, 22 
Jewett, Martha, 294 
Joans, Daniel, 220 

Josiah, 220 
Joes, abegal, 218 

benamin, 218 

cornelus, 218 

Ebinneser, 218 

elesabetb, 218 

Jean, 2x8 
osuf, 218 

marce, 218 

mary, 218 

Nathanell, 218 

samuel, 218 

william, 218 
Johnsen, Aeltie Mandville, 286 

Lowren, 286 
Johnson, Housman, 271 

Abm., 107 

Abraham, 109 

Andrew, 208, 296 

Ann Skillman, 109 

Annie, no 

C, 24 

Catharina Sharrot Wood, 

Charles, 177 

Charles Garrison, 45 

Chester, 24 

Clarrissa, 24 

Cornelius, 177 

David. 137, 232 

Delia K., 226 

Edward, 269, 271 

Edward Marshall, 22 

Eleanor, 45 

Eleonor, 53 

Eleonore, 121 

Eliza Ann, 266, 271 

Eliza Jane, 296 

Elizabeth (Corsen), 177 

Elizabeth Diodate, 83 

Elizabeth Skillman, 109 

Else Sanders, 266 

Elsie Sanders, 268 

Ethlendia H. Deal, 22 

F. Amos, 223 

F. C, 233 


Gracy, 24 

Isaac, 227 

Leonard, 24 

Mary, 24. 182 

Mary Catharine, 268, 269 

Mary Cornell, 227 

Mary Housman, 269 

Nathaniel, 45 

Peter, 109 

Peter Augustus, 268 

Phoebe Skillman, 109 

Richard, 257, 262, 266, 268 

Richard Taylor, 257 

Sophia, 178. 186, 189, 190, 
259, 265, 268, 269, 272 

Stephen, 83 

Susan Van'Pelt, 257, 262 

Tom, 109 

Tunis Van Pelt, 262 

Johnson, William, 263 

Wm., 107 

William Henry, 263 
Jolin, Andre, 300 

Jean, 300 

Madeleine Poupin, 300 
Joline, Adrian Hoffman, 302 

Alice van Voorhees, 301 

Ashbel Green, 301 

Carrie Eichelberger, 301 

Catharine, 301 

Catharine Ann Dye, 300 

Catharine Dye, 301 

Charles Oliver, 301, 302 

Charles Van Dyke, 301 

Constance Van Dyke, 301 

Cornelia, 301 

Cornelia Maurice, 302 

Eliza, 300 

Elizabeth Swain, 300 

Ferdinand Schenck, 301 

Henry Billings, 301 

Jane, 301 

Jeanie Laurence Turnbull, 

. 3oi 

John, 109, 300, 301 

John Forsyth, 391 

John V. D., 301 

Kate Hoffman, 302 

Lucie Thomas Cooper, 301 

Margaret Duncan, 301 

Mary, 301 

Mary Evelyn Hoffman, 302 

Mary Jane, 300 

Mary Skillman, 300 

Peter van Voorhees, 301 

William, 300 

William Alexander, 301 
Jones, family, 228, 233 

assa, 208 

Charles Landon, 149 

D. H., no 

Daniel, no 

Edson Salisbury, 78, 159 

Elizabeth D., 24 

Humphrey, 8 

Isabella M'Lean, 266 

John H., 228 

John H., mrs., 233 

iulia Ann, 266 
.utie, 295 

Margaret Skillman, no 

Matthias, 266 

phebe harris, 208 

Thomas, 157, 228 

William, 109, no 

Zebulon, 24 
Jorden, mrs., 17 
Jorum, John, 96 

margett stickel, 96 
Joutel, Henri, 231 
Joyce, Benjamin, 51 

John A., 59, 60 

Mary, 51 

William, 51 
Joyner, Luman, 25 

Rebecca, 25 

J Tube. Thomas, (negro), 20 
ludah, G. Fortunatus, 80 
udson, family, 154 
umel, 229 

Jump, Joseph, 88 
June, Harrot, 145 
Juriaensen, Lysbert, 5 

Kay, Henry M., 25 
Keeare, Hendrick, 132 

martha, 132 

mary, 132 

meekeel, 132 

Peter, 132 

Rachel, 132 

sarah, 132 

Keitch, Abigail, 183 
Kelley, Abner, 277 

Jane, 277 
Kellum, Theophilus, 220 
Kelly, Ann Orr, 145 

Evan H., 297 

Grace, 297 

J. M., 297 

May, 297 

Peter, 145 

Sarah Wilmuth Skillman, 
Kendel, John Jay, 20 

Mary Jane, 20 

William, 20 
Kennady, mrs., 279 

Robert, 279 
kenne, Phebe, 95 
Kennedy, James H., 77 

Thomas, 283 
Kenney, Mary L. Willmott, 

Priscilla Willmott, 295 

Smith, 295 

Elizabeth Maria, 21 

Vincent T., 21 
Kent, Elisha, 273 

Lucy, 273 
Kerr, John, 63, 64 

Mary Poe, 64, 64 
Kershaw, Matilda, 32 
Kider, Eunice L., 25 

James, 25 
Kieft, gov., 73, 161 
Killmann, Thomas, in 
Kimball, Caroline, 296 

Charles, 296 

Dudley, 296 

Edwin, 296 

Frank, 296 

James, 296 

John E., 296 

Samantha Skillman, 296 
Kimbrough, Allen, 199 

Ella, 199 

Frances Allen, 199 

James, 199 

Wright, 199 
Kimmis, Alexander P., 25 

John, 25 
lary, 25 
William, 25 
King, 231 

Family, 139, 150, 213, 215, 

234, 237, 318 
gov., 162 
Abigail!, 247 
Abigail! Brown, 247 
Abner, 247 
Anne, 139, 215, 248 
Anne Bonfay, 217 
Anne Bowdiedge, 139 
Anne Roberts, 214 
Asahel, 215, 217 
Barsha Beebe, 248 
Bathshua, 248 
Bethiah, 215 
Bezalul, 247 
Bezzeliel, 248 
Christian, 248 
Daniel, 247 
David, 247 
Deliverance, 167, 168 
Dorothy, 139, 170, 248 
Egbert Barnum, 151 
Elizabeth, 139, 215, 216 
Elizabeth Beebee, 247 
Elizabeth Hale, 214 
Florence Steele, 151 
Frank Barnard, 151 
Gerard Stafford, 151 
Hannah, 139, 170, 247, 248 
Harriet Gertrude, 151 


Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 

King, Harriet Morgan Steele, 

Henry, 139 
Hugh, 217 
Isaac, 217 

James, 215, 217, 248 
ohn, 139, 213-217, 247 

Jonathan, 247 

Joseph, 217 

Joyce Bennett, 216 

Katheryn, 139 

Margery, 139 

Martha, 217 

Mary, 139, 214, 215, 217, 247 

Mary Ann, 266 

Mary Lascelies, 217 

Nancy, 266 

Paul, 248 

Phoebe Wiggins Youngs, 

Rachel, 259 

Richard, 215, 248 

Robert, 216, 217 

Robert Morrow, 150 

Robert Vincent, i$i 

Rufus, 139, 149. 293 

Samuel, 139, 170, 215 

Susan Benedict Baruum, 

Susannah, 248 

Vincent Tuttle, 150 

William, 139, 247, 248 

William, jr., 247, 248 

William Henry, 266 

William M., 71 

William Mattoon, 146 
Kingdon, John, 76 
Kinge, William, 150 
Kinkead, Edith B. H., 226 

Elise S., 226 
Kinney, family, 154 
Kinsey, Abbey Ann, 271 
Kinworthy, Maria Beats, 282 

Thos., 282 

Kip, 7 

Kirkam, Thomas, 16 
Kirkom, Zebadia, 15 
Kirkum, Elisha, 16 
Kirryhart, Fanny, 281, 283 
Kissam, 228 

Albert Ward, 226 

Benjamin Adrian, 226 

Henry Snyder, 226 

Tames Benjamin, 226 

James Brooks, 226 

John, sr., 226 

Mary Margaret Butler, 226 

Sara A. Snyder, 226 
Kitch, Hannah, 183 
Kitching, Ella K., 226 
Kliestin, Anna Rosina, 117 
Klock. Jacob, 84 
Knap, Israel, 15 

Johnathan, 15 
Knapp, Aner, 96 

Tarn ma, 97 
Knibloe, Ebenezer, 138 
Knickerbocker, Herman, 242 
Kniffen, Jacob, 87 

Benjamin, 15 

Rodger, 16 
Kock, George, 16 

James, 16 
Koelteritz, John B., 314 
Kohler, Max J., 80 
Kronkhight, Tunis, 87 
Kugler, Elizabeth, 298 

Laan (Lane), Tise (Matthias), ! 
Woanche (Wyntje), 8 
Wyntje (Strijcker), 8 

Lade, Daniel, 130 

La Forge, Elizabeth Ann Don- 
gan, 191 
Elizabeth Dongan, 191 
Peter, 191 
Lake, Abiah Agard, 97 

Catharine, 192, 259, 264, 268 
Clark, 97 

Dorothy Vanderbilt, 42 
Elizabeth, 116, 118, 123, 177. 

179, 184, 187 
Ellen, 185, 187, 190 
Henry, 95 
Mary Ann, 264 
mary Rundell, 95 
William, 42 
Lakin, Alezander, 25 
Henry, 25 
Jane, 25 

Jane Robertson, 93 
John H., 25 
L., 25 
Lemuel, 25 
M., 25 

Margaret, 25 
Martha, 25 
Phebe C 25 
Rebecca, 25 
Robert G., 25 
W. H., 93 
La Mance, Lora S.,207 
Lambert, Daniel, 300 
Lampson, mr„ 278 
Lancaster, family, 236, 317 
lancester, Abigail, 135 
eliszabath, 135 
John, 135, 222 
mary, 135 , _, 
Lander, Christopher S., 197 
Cynthia Moore, 197 
Henrietta Payne, 197 
James Harrison, 197 
John, 197 
John A., 197 
Laura Jenkins, 197 
Mary, 197 

Nancy Skillman, 197 
Sarah E., 197 
Violinda, 197 
Landers, Ebenezer, 87 

Elepha, 87 
Landon, 231 
Lane, Cora, 195 
Daniel, 166 
John, 80 

Katherine Westcoat Doxy 
Landrine, Eliza, 282 
Landrus, Daniel, 96 
margett Love, 96 
Larance, Jacob, 208 

Lidy park, 208 
larans, eliszabeth, 135 
Large, Isaiah P., 195 
Larkin, Austin P., 25 
Caroline C, 25 
Clarrissa 25 
Euos M., 25 
Enos N., 25 
Frances M., 25 
John, 25 
Mary, 25 
Nathan, 25 
Prudence, 25 
Larkings, Edw., 281 

Mary Ann Bell, 281 
La Rue, Catharine, 194 
Jane A., 194 
John, 194 
Lary, Margaret, 20 
Lascelies, Edmund, 217 

Mary, 217 
Latimer, E. C, 25 
Edmund C, 25 
Elizabeth, 25 

Latimer, Nicholas, 25 
La Tourette, Anna B., 108 
Latta, E. D., mrs., 58 
Law, Abigail, 25 

Agnes, 25 

Agness, 89 

Elizabeth, 25, 26, 89, 90 

Elizabeth L., 90 

Isaac, 25 

Isabel, 25 

John, 25, 26, 89, 90 
largaret Gihon, 25 

Mary, 25,26 

Robert, 25 

Robert R., 25 

Thomas, 25, 26 

William, 26 
Lawler, H. C., 77 
lawrans, euea, 134 

hannah, 135 

isac, 134 

Jacob, 134, 135 

John, 134 
sac, 134 
ydy, 134 
mary, 134 
lawrenc, John, 135 
Lawrence, 228 
Aner, 208 
Catharine, 25 
Charity Benton, 208 
Isaac, jr., 222 
Isaac, sr., 222 
James, 282 
Joel, 25 

John, 23, 208, 222,280 
Joseph, 25, 280 
Katharine, 25 
Letitia, 145, 209 
Mary Sutton, 23 
Miles, 25 
Niles, 25 
Obadiah. 8 
Ophelia Dean, 282 
Sarah, 145, 282 
William, 208, 211 
William Beach, 239, 320 

Laza , Catharine Louise, 

John, 189 

Martha Ann Cropsy, 189 
Leach, Floyd, 294 

Mary Haynes, 294 
Leaggatt, alee, 132 
Elesabath, 132 
Gabrel, 132 
John, 132 
mary, 132 
sarah, 132 
Thomas, 132 
william, 132 
Leake, Henrietta, 276 
Leasell, Annie, 197 
Louis, 197 
Mary Lander, 197 
Mattie, 197 
St. Clair, 197 
Ledd, Martha, 26 
Sarah Mary, 26 
Timothy, 26 
Lee, judge, 213 
mrs., 213 
Anne Tilford, 209 
Benj. F., 31 
Elijah, 22, 209 
Hannah, 205 
James, 210 
Letitia Brown, 22 
Mary, 282 
Mary Tilford, 210 
Nancy Jane Skillman, 31 
William, 205 
Lefferts, family, 232 
Leggett, 229 

Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 


Leigh, Almira, 26 


Jane D., 26 

John, 26 

Joseph, no 
Leisler, gov., 3 
Leland, family, 232 
Lenard, Cristein Stickel, 207 

Robert, 207 

Sarah. 207 
Leonard, , 124 

Addie McNeff, 296 

Glarence Ettienne, 150 

J. A., 296 
le Poer, Roger, 58 
Le Roy, Jean, 213, 217 

John, 214 

Mary Belier (Blier), 213 
Lester, Elizebeth moran, 97 

Tames, 97 

John, 99 

Mary Moore, 166 

Sylvester, 166 
Levering, family, 314 

F. R.,79 J „ 
Lewes, Lenerd, 87 
Lewis, Billijah, 52 

Carll A., 80, 159,233 

Catharine, 270 

Catharine Rachel, 272 

David Colon, 114 

Eliza, 258, 263, 270 

Ellen, 26 

Franklin B., 26 

Hannah, 115 

James, 50, 52, 54, H4i 185. 

James Colon, 114 
ane, 54 
larg., 123 

Margaret A., 26 

Mary, 50 

Mary Stillwell, 185 

Rebecca, 50, 52, 54, 114 

Sally Ann, 185 

Sarah, 209 

Sarah Maria, 272 

William, 26 
Lezier, Cornelius, 114 

Eleonor Maria, 54 

Jacob, 54, 114 

Sarah, 54, 114 
L'Hommedieu, 231 

Samuel, 305 
Ligon, Eliza Haynes, 294 

Leonard W., 294 
Linarde, John, 97 

mary Cows, 97 
Lincklaen, John, 79 
Lincoln, Jane W., 26 

iohn, 26 
,evi, 232 
Lindly, Dodd, no 

Jane, 110 

Nellie, no 

Sarah Skillman, no 

William, no 
Lindsay, family, 233 

Margaret, 197 
Litschoe, Daniel, 5 
Little, David, 26 

John, 26 

William, 26 
Livermore, George, 79 
Livingston, Harriott, 20 

Jennet, 26 

John, 20 

John Henry, 20 

Julia R.,273 

Philip, 157 

Wm., 26 
Lobdel. Josha., 87 
Lobdell, Daniel, 88 

Lobdell, Ebenezar, 88 
Jacob, 88 
John, 88 
Joshua, 88 
Lock, Alexander, 209 

Cynthia Seacord, 209 
Lockwood, Eliza, 208 
Henry, 145 
Hezekiah, 88 
Maria Bayeax, 145 
Sirah Ann Daskem, 282 
Wm., 282 
Logan, Walter Seth, 71, 147 
Long, Edward, 25 

Horod, 73 
Longueville, Robert, 216 

William, 216 
Loockermans, Govert, 5, 101 
Loomis, family, 154 
Looper, Jeremiah, 222 
Loper, Job, 97 

phebe peek, 97 
Lord, Hannah F. Crawford 
Loskiel, George Henry, 117 

Mary Magd., 117 
Loskilla, Geo. Henry, 116 

Lothrop, Jno., 26 

Lounsberry, Abby Maria 
Purdy, 209 
Stephen, 209 
Love, Elizabeth, 97 
margett, 96 
W. De Loss, 156 
Loveridge, Cathn Webb, 282 

Joel, 282 
Lovet, Edmund John, 267 
Elizabeth, 267, 269 
James Henry, 269 
John, 267. 269 
William Thomas, 267 
Lovett, Lavinia, 80 
Lowers, Elizabeth, no 
Lozier, mrs., 184 

Amanda Augusta, 191 
Catharine Eliza, 188 
Eliza Barnes, 188, 191, 261. 

Ellen Maria, 188 
Elmira, 265 
Henry Cruse, 123 
Jacob, 119, 123, 126, 188, 261, 

Jacob, jr., 191 
John Beatty, 126 
Mary Ann, 261 
Sara (Beatty), 119. 126 
Sarah, 179. 183-185 
Sarah (Beatty), 123 
William, 119 
Loziers, Edward, 116 
Jacob, 116 
Sara (Beatty), 116 
Lubberts, Cornelia, 5 
Lucas, Basil, 30 
Robert, 78 
Sarah, 30 

Sarah Skillman, 30 
Ludlow, Fanny Cantine, 210 
Gabriel, 34, 108 
John, 210 
Lues, Walter, 87 
Luther, Hannah Shaw, 98 
James, 98 
orpha palmer, 206 
william, 206 
Lynn, Bushrod W., 30, 199 
Delia A., 199 
Elizabeth, 199 
Henry Clay, 199 

James Fristoe, 198 
ames R., 199 
John F., 199 

Lynn, Thomas F., 199 
Violinda Isabel, 199 
Violinda Skillman, 198 
William F., 199 

Lyon, , 281 

mrs. 212 
Andrew, 210 
Allethea McCollum, 145 
Clarissa, 21 
Deborah, 145, 209 
Deborah Ann, 210 
Gilbert, 145 
Hannah, 19 
Jack, 19, 21 
James, 212, 279 
jane, 281, 284 
Jonathan, 279 
Lunna Dunn, 210 
Mary, 158 
Monmouth, 20, 145 
Phillis, 19 
Saml., 281 
Shubal, 209 
Shubel, 210 
Sib, 21 
Simeon, 17 

Thomas, 211 

Thomas McCollum, 20 

Underhill, 283 
Lyons, Bella Clay, 197 

William H., 197 
Lysk, Isaac, 45 

John, 45 

Sarah, 45 
Lytle, Andrew, 26 

David, 26 

David V., 26 

Honor, 26 

Jane, 26 

John, 26 

Margaret, 26 

Mary, 26 

Samuel V., 26 

William, 26 

Wm B., 26 

Mabe, Frederic, 10 
Mabee, Jacob, 10 

Jasper, 10 

Jeremiah, 10 

William, 10 
Mabey, Sarah, 209 
Mabie, family, 98, 99, 102 

Abraham, 102 

Aechtje Jans Williamzen, 

Anna, 99, 102 

Anna Borsboom, 101 

Annetje, 102 

Caspar, 101 

Caspar Pieterse, 101 

Caspar Pietersen, 102 

Catharine, 101, 102 

Christina, 102 

Elizabeth Schureman, 102 

Engeltie, 102 

Engeltie Pieterse, 100 

Frederick, 102 

Hamilton Wright, 101 

Jacob, 102 

Jan, 101 

Jan Pietersen, 100, 101 

Janet, 101 

Jeremias, 102 

Johannes, 102 

John Peter, 101 

Katalina Bogart, 102 

Margaret, 102 

Marritje, 101, 102 

(Meby or Maybie), Metje, 

Metje, 102 

Peter, 101, 102 
Peter Casparzen, 102 


Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 

Mabie, Pieter Casparzen, 101 
Susanna Bertine, 102 
Sylvie Coquillet, 102 

Mabille, family, 102 
Caspar, 100 

Macauley, Sarah, 193 

MacBride, John, 59 

MacDonala, Sarah J., 195 

Mack, Elijah, 26 

iane, 26 
ohn, 26 
lartlia, 26 
Mackay, Thomas, 10 
Mackey, mrs., 278 
Mackfarthing, John, 16 
Mackintosh, Alexander, 205 
Charles, 205 
Phineas, 205 
Susannah, 205 
Macky, Ann, 41 

John, 41 
oseph. 41 
Maclay, William, 85 
Macpherson, John, 85 

Margaret Baxter, 85 
Macy, W. A., 159, 233 

William A., 149 

William Austin, 148, 149, 
Madox, Arthur, 10 
Magee, Austin, 26 

C, 26 

Lenora. 26 

Mary C, 26 

Maget, Joseph, 10 
magicoupe, Janne hoockta- 
lend (Houghtaling), 98 

thomas, 98 
Mahah (Mahon), Hugh, 10 
Maher, Richard, 10 
Major, Edward, 10 
Makemie, Francis, 74 
Malcolm, Finlay, 11 
Mallard, Richard M., 11 

Thomas, 11 
Mallery, Caleb, 11 
M'Allester, Elizabeth, 27 

Jane, 27 

John, 27 
M'Allister, John, 27 

John, sr., 27 
Malloch, Donald, 11 
Mallory, John, n 
Mallows, Samuel, 11 
Maloney, John, 11 
Mance, Mary, 11 

Peter, 11 
Mandavelt, Cornelius, 291 

David, 291 

Frances, 291 

Francis, 291 

Jacob, 291 
ohn. 291 

Martha, 291 

Mary, 291 
Mandefell, Hendrick, 288 
Mandevel, David. 291 
Mandevele, Hendrick, 288 

Jelyes, 290 
Mandevele, John, 290 
Mandeviel, Annatie, 290 

Antje Somerdyk, 290 

Elizabeth, 287 

Elizabeth Errese, 289 

Elizabeth Jans, 288 

Elsje. 285 

Grietie, 285 

Hendrick. 288, 289 

Jillis. 285 

Johannes, 287, 290 

William, 287 
Mandevill, Francis, 291 

Mandeville, 229, 312 
mr., 286 
Aagtie, 293 
Anna (Hannah), 292 
Anne, 292, 293 
Anuetje Hopper, 290 
Annetje Scholl, 289 
Antie, 290 

Antie Hendrickse, 290 
Antje, 289 
Casparus, 290 
Catherine, 290 
Cornelius, 291-293 
David, 285, 288-293 
David, jr., 290 
David, sr., 290 
Davidt, 291 

Dorothea Vander Hoef , 293 
Elizabeth, 289 
Elizabeth Bruin, 289 
Elizabeth Vreeland, 289 
Elsie, 285 
Euphemia, 293 
Frans, 291 
Frances, 291 
George, 293 
Gerard, 293 
Gerritie, 287 
Gilles, 289 
Hannah, 291-293 
Hannah Somerendyk 290 
Hendrick, 288-291 
Jacob, 290-292 
James, 292, 293 
Jannetie, 290 
J a n n e t i e (Somerendyk), 

Jannetje Jacobs Woerten- 
dyk, 290 

elis, 291 

eremiah, 291, 293 

oannes, 287 

ohannes, 289-293 

ohn, 291-293 

ullius, 285 

urgen, 293 
Jurian, 290, 291, 293 
' urrie, 293 
Lea, 293 
Leah Bruin or Brown, 289 
Maria, 289-292 
Martha, 292, 293 
Mary, 291 
Mary Smith, 293 
Mary tie, 289 
Mary tie (Van Hoesen). 289, 

Mathew, 291 
Mattheus, 291 
Matthew, 291, 293 
Matthews, 293 
Matthias, 293 
Nathan, 292, 293 
Pieter, 289 
Rachel, 292, 293 
Rachel Hopper, 291 
Rachel Horton, 292 
Sarah, 292 

Sarah Davenport, 292 

Tanneke Waldron, 293 

Yellis, 285, 289-291, 293 

Mandiviel, Elsje Hendricx, 285 

Gilles Janszen, 285 
Mandville, Aeltie, 286 
David, 285, 286 
Elsie, 286 
Gerritie, 286 
Griettie, 286 
Hendrick, 285, 286 
Tryntje, 286 
Manning, George, 11 

John, 221 
Manwaring, James, 11 

marehew, Elizebeth Eveans, 98 

george, 98 
Margester or Margiston, Wil- 
liam, 11 
margiston or margester, Wil- 
liam, 11 
Marks, Anna Maria Bacon, 245 

Dennis, 245 

Jane A., 245 

John, 11 

Nehemiah, 11 

Susan, 295 

William, 11 
Marlin, Ann, 44 

Anne, 43 

Benjamin, 43, 44 

John, 43 

Peter, 44 
Marple (Martle), David, 11 

Northrop, 11 

Samuel R., 11 
Marquand, Isaac, 18, 211 

Josiah Penfield, 18 
Marsac, Catharine Eliza Sas- 
senberg, 264 

George A d o 1 p h u s Hart- 
man, 192, 259 

Harvy Washington Edgar, 

Henry, 128 

Mary, 260, 268 

Michael, 125, 128, 192. 259, 
260, 264, 270 

Olive Ann, 125 

R-. 125 

Rachel, 264 

Rachel Jennings, 125, 128, 
192, 259, 270 
Marsack, Jennings, 121 

Harvey 121 

Mary Margaret, 122 

Michael, 121, 122 

Rachel (Jennings), 122 
Marsh, , 120, 189 

Ann, 180, 263 

Caroline Crane, 237, 319 

Catharine Skillman, 108 

Cornelius, 11 

Edward, 108 

Edward H., 277 

Fanny, 277 

Horace, 277 

John, 11, 120-122 

Richard, 11 

Samuel, sr., 108 

Sam'l Randolph, 108 

Susie, 108 
Marshal, Jane, 283 
Marshall, Eliza Ann Skillman, 

George W., 76 

John, 11 

Joseph, 297 

Mary, 297 

Robert, 297 

Sarah, 146 

William O., 297 
Marston, Abraham, 11 

Beniamin, 11 
rnartain, Jeorge, 95 

mather Evans, 95 
Martin, , 208 

Aaron. 26 

Abigail, 26, 27 

Adam, 11, 27 

Andrew, 11, 26, 27 

Chloe Elizabeth, 26 

Ebenr., 27 

Elinor, 26 

Elizabeth, 26, 27 

Eunice, 26 

George C, 26, 27 

Henry, 26 

Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 


Martin, Hugh, 27 
James, 11 
Jane, 27 
lohn, 11, 183 
Lansing, 27 
Margaret, 27 
Martha, 26, 27 
Mary, 26, 27 
Mary Ann, 27 
Moses, 26, 27 
Nancy, 27 
Nathaniel, 183 
Nathaniel H., 180 
Polly, 27 
Rebecca, 11 
Robert, 11 
Sarah C, 27 
Sarah Dorsett, 180, 183 
William Heard, 180 
Martine, Sarah, 22 
Martino, mrs., 258, 260 

Abraham, 53. 258, 260,264 
Ann, 48, 120, 123, 126, 128, 

Ann Simonson, 258, 

Anne, 39 
Benajah, 114, "6. I20 


Benijah, S3 
Benjamin, 51, 53. IIb 
Catharine Hanna, 123 
Charity. 47 

Cornelius, 119 , 

Eleonor, 47-49. 53. "3.120 p 
Eleonora (Haughwort), 115 
E 1 e o n o re (Haughworth), 

Eleonore Haughwout, 123 

Eliz.,51. ii3 „ -, 

Elizabeth, 39. 41, 47. 53. 120 
Elizabeth Merrell, 260 
Ellen Maria, 264 
Gabriel, 120 
Hanah, 51 , , 

Hanna Decker, 116, 120 
Hannah, 39. 53. "4 
Jane, 47. 4° 
John, 47-49 
Maria, 264 
Mary, 113 
Peter, 115 
Raymond, 258 

Sarah, 39 „ 

Stephan,48. 49. ii3. "4 
Stephen, 39. 47.4°. 53. "5. 
119, 123 
Martinoe, Benajah, 41 

Stephen, 41 
Martling, Eliza, 258, 261,269 
Mary Ann, 271 
Mary Burbank, 267 
Mary Elizabeth, 271 
Sarah Catharine, 267 
Stephen, 267, 271 

marven, Joseph, 9° 
margett Curtine, 96 

Marvin, John, 12 
Robert, 207 
Susannah Boyse, 207 

Mascaline, Jane, 12 
Masewell, Andrew, 12 
Mason, Charles, 227 

George G.,. 312, 

Rebecca Nichols, 227 

Samuel, 12 

William S., 312 
masten, Cornelus, 207 

Kezia Stringham, 207 
mather, Workam, 131 
Matherson, John, 12 
Mathew. George, 12 

William, 12 

Mathews, Catharine T. R.. 98 
Charles, 12 
Daniel, 27 
John, 12 
Margaret, 27 
Michel, 16 
Richard, 12 
William, 27 
Mathewson or Matheson 

Charles, 12 
Mattes, Rosanna, 257, 258 
Matthews, John, 314 

Samuel, 15 . 
Matthisson, Daniel, 27 

Mattison, Harriett, 27 
Hiram, 27 
Lucy, 27 
Maurice, Benjamin 302 
Benjamin Van Dyke, 3° 2 
Charles Frazier, 301 
Charles Stewart, 301 
Chas. Stewart, 302 
Cornelia Johne, 301 

ioline, 3 02 
lary Adams, 302 
Nathalie, 302 
Rossiter, 302 
Mawby or Mayby, Silas, 12 
Maxwell, Colin, 27 
Grizy, 27 
James, 12 
Jane, 27 
John, 27.55 
Robert, 77 
Maybe, Jacob, 15 
maybe, marget,9b 
Maybe, Symon, 16 
May bee, Ann, 12 
Eliza, 12 
Frederick, 12 
John, 12 
Levina, 12 
Lydia, 12 
Mary, 12 
Oliver, 12 
Sarah, 12 
Simon, 12 
William, 12 
Maybie, Fredrick, IS 
Jeremiah, 15 
John, 15 
Martha, 102 
William, 15 
Mayby, Simon, 12 
Mayhew, family, 155^ 
Mayo. Chester Garst. 223 
Mays, Emily Ann Skillm 
Hudson B., 190 
McAchrow, Duncan, 143 
McAllan, David, 143 
McAllen, David, 143 
McAllister, Ananias. 143 
Daniel, 143 

John, 143 
McAlpine, John, 143 
Peter, 143 
Walter, 143 
McArter, John, 27 
McArthur. Alex., 143 
Charles, 143 
Robert, 143, 
McAttaggart, Grace, 63-66 
McBane, John, 143. 
McBean, Alexander, 143 
Angus, 143 
John, 143 
Neal, 143 ... 
McBride, David, 61 
James, 62 
Jane, 56. 59-02 
John, 56. 58. 59, 61 
Robert, 56,61 

M'Cauly, Hamilton, 187 

Margaret Thompson, i»7 
Robert Thompson, 187 
McCalf, Peter, 143 
McCall, George, 143 
John, 143 
Lydia, 143 ., 
McCallum, family, 144 
Catherine, 144 
John, 144 
John, jr., 144 
Peter, 144 
McCann, Andrew, 143 
McCargo, A. E., 198 
McCarmaig. Donald, 144 
McCarnie, Peter, 144 
McCarter, James, 27 
Margaret, 27 
Robert, 27, 144 
Samuel, 27 
Sarah, 27 
McCarthy. Isaiah, 144 
McCashill. Finlay. 144 
McCaula. John, 144 _.,..._ 
McCauley, Amanda Skillman 
Holt, 295 
John G., 295 
McCay, Duncan, 144 
McClaughry, Daniel, 27 
Martha, 27 
Betsey, 27 
Sarah, 27 
Thomas, 27 
McClean, Archibald. 144 
Charles, 144 
Donald, 144 
Peter, 144 
McCleary, Betsy, 27 
Daniel, 27, 28 
Elizabeth, 27, 28 
John, 27 
Nancy, 27 
Samuel, 27 
Sarah, 27, 28 
Thomas, 26, 27 
McClellan, Robert, 28 

Roderick, 144, 
McCleod, Alexander, 144 

Hugh, 144 . 

McClerry, Thomas, 28 
McCloska, Michael, 144 
McClusky, William 144 
McColister, Elizabeth. 93 
Hamilton, 93 
Sarah, 93 
McColl, Duncan, 144 
John, 144 
Susannah, 144 
McCollin, Humphrey, 144 

Peter, 144 A , _ „ 
McCollister, Andrew S., 28 
Archable, 28 
Hamilton, 28 
Sarah, 28 
Thomas Dick, 28 
William, 28 
McCollum. mrs., 283 
Allethea, 145 
Ann, 209 
Harvey, 212 
Thomas, 212 

McColum, Peter 144 
McCommick (McCormack), 

Daniel. 144 
McConnel, Charles, 144 
McCorquadale. Mary, 171 
McCounetev, mary Ventine,96 

Richard, 96 
McCowan, Patrick, 144 
McCra, John, 171 

Kenneth, 171 
McCracken, Ann, 19 

Anna, 28 

David, 28 


Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 

McCracken, George W., 28 

George W., jr., 28 

George Washington, 28 

Joseph, 28, 202 

Lucinda, 28 

Mary, 202 

Sarah, 202 

Win., 19 
McCraken, Jennet, 28 

John, 28 

Joseph, 28 

Prudence, 28 

Sarah, 28 
McCraw, John, 171 
McCrea, Creyton, 171 

Duncan, 171 

Robert, 171 
McCullough, Mary, 28 
McCullum, John, 171 
McCurdy, Laughlin, 171 

Neal, 171 

Neil, 171 
McDanel, Ananias, 96 

hannah green, 96 
McDermaid, Duncan, 171 
McDermurd, Peter, 171 
McDiarmid (McDormit, Mc- 

Dermaed), Peter, 172 
McDoll, Selemome (Salvam), 

McDonald, doctr., 278 

Alex, 172 

Alexander, 278 

Angus, 172 

Archld, 280 

David, 172 

Donald, 172 

James, 172 

John, 172 

Joseph, 172 

Julia, 278 

Mary, 172 

Peter, 172 

Sarah, 172 
McDonold, John, jr., 172 
McDougall, Eleanor, 28 

Maria, 28 

Mary, 28 

Nathaniel, 28 

Sarah, 28 

William, 28 

William, jr., 28 

Win., 28 
McDougle, Donald, 172 
McDugal (McDougald, Mc- 
Dougall), John, 172 

Mary, 172 
McEachern, Duncan, 172 
McEachran, Robert, 172 
McEchran, Neil, 172 
McElrach, John, 172 
McEntire, Mary, 28 

Murphy, 28 
McElroy (McEllery), William, 

McFale, John, 173 
McFarding, Joseph, 87 

Robert, 87 
McFarland, Anna. 28 

Colin, 28 
Daniel, 28 

!ames, 172 
ennet, 28 
ohn, 172 
lary, 28 
Phyllis, 28 
Rebecca, 28 
William, 28 
McFarlane, Alexander, 28, 173 
Charity, 173 
Duncan, 173 
Elizabeth, 173 

McFarlane, Jane, 28 

Jean, 173 

John. 173 

Rachel, 28 

Walter, 173 
McFarlin, Charryty, 173 

McFarlan, McFarland, 
Hugh, 173 
McField, Margaret, 173 
McGear, John, 173 
McGibbons, David, 173 

Henry, 173 

John, 173 

Mary A., 173 
McGier. William, 173 
McGill, John, 173 
McGinley, Charles, 173 

Hugh. 173 
McGlaughlin, William, 173 
McGregor, Daniel, 173 
McGrub, Joan Baxter, 86 

John, 86 
Mcllroy, John. 173 
Mclnnis (Mclnish), Donald, 

Mclntire, Duncan, 173 
Mcintosh, Alex, 173 

Daniel, 173 

Elizabeth, 28 

Elizabeth Letitia, 264 

Harry Augustus, 260 

John, 173, 174 

iohn Williams, 268 
lalcolm, 173 

Mary, 264 

Mary Marsac, 260, 268 

Stephen, 260, 264, 265, 268 

Thomas, 174 
Mclntyre, Almira, 28 

Angus, 174 

Anson, 28 

Archibald, 174 

Donald, 174 

Duncan, 174 

Eleanor, 28 

Ester E., 28 

George E., 28 

Gideon, 28 

John, 28, 89, 174 

Lovina, 89 

Margaret, 89 

Mary, 89 

Minerva, 28 

Nathan E., 89 

Peter, 174 

Safford, 89 

William, 28 
McKay, Angus, 174 

Daniel, 174 

Francis, 174 

Henry, 174 

Hugh, 174 

John, 174 

Joseph, 174 

Robert, 174 

William, 174 
McKechney, Lauchlan, 175 
McKee, John, 174 
McKeel, Ann, 174 

Elizabeth, 174 

Josiah, 174 
McKeese, mrs., 270,271 
McKenzie, Alexander, 156 

Caleb, 174 

Donald, 174 

John, 174 

Malcolm, 174 
McKie, Agnes Law, 89 

Wm„ 89 
McKiel (McKeel), Joseph, 17$ 
McKillep, Thomas, 89 

John, jr., 89 
I McKinnie, Lochlan,i75 

McKinnon, Gregor, 175 
McKinzie, Donald, 175 
McKonnel, Joseph, 17 
McLaggan, Peter, 175 
McLannon, Alex. 175 
McLauchlan, Donald, 175 
McLaughlin, Daniel, 175 

John, 175 
McLean, Alexander, 175 
Archibald, 175 
Catharine, 225 
Charles, 175 
Donald, 175 
Elizabeth, 175 
Finlay, 17s 
Hugh, 175 
John, 91, 175, 225 
Mary, 91 
Peggy, 175 
Susannah, 175 
McLellan, Catherine, 175 
Donald, 175 
John, 175 
Peter, 175 
Robert, 175 
Roderick, 175 
McLellis, Robert, 175 
McLennan, McLellan, Wil- 
liam, 176 
McLenon, F. E., 198 
McLeod, Daniel, 175 
Duncan, 175 
Hugh, 176 
John, 175 
Murdoch, 89 
McLiesh, David, 176 
McLure, David, 176 
McMaster, James, 176 
McMasters (McMaster), Dan- 
iel, 176 
John, 176 
McMellon, Elias, 19 

Margaret, 19 
McMichael, Richard, 176 

McMillan, , 176 

Andrew, 89 
Eliza A., 89 
George R., 89 
James, 89, 176 
John, 89, 176 
Mary, 86, 89 
McMillan, McMullin, Alexan- 
der, 176 
McMillon, Elias, 19 
McMorris, Ephm.,89 
Ephraim, 89 
James H.,89 
Patience Dodd, 89 
McMonagle, Hugh, 176 
McMullan, Elias, 20 

Mariah, 20 
McMurray, Agness, 202 
James 89 
Jane, 201 
John, 201 
Robert, 89, 202 
Susanna, 89, 202 
Susannah, 89 
McNab, James, 176 
McNabb, James, 176 
McNair, Martha, 298 
Ruth, 298 
Samuel. 298 
Sarah, 298 
McNamara, David, 176 

Patrick, 176 
McNaughton, Eleanor, 90 
Esther Ann Crary, 90 
John, 90 
John H., 90 
McNeff, Addie, 296 
Emma, 296 

Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 


McNeff, John D., 296 

Nancy Skillman, 296 
McNeil, Archibald, 176 
Charles, 176 
James, 176 
Neil, 176 
McNevin (McNiven), Alexan 

der, 176 
McNichol, John, 176 
McNish, Agnes, 90 
Alexander, 90 
Andrew, 90 
Elizabeth, 90 
Ephraim, 90 
Hugh, 90 
James, 90 
Jane, 90 
John, 90 
Sarah, 90 
McOwen, Jonathan, 176 
McPhail, Abigail, 176 

John, 176 
McPhail (McPhales, McVail), 

Hugh, 176 
McPherson, lieut., 251 
D.'s, sr., 251 
Charles, 251 
Evans, 251 
James, 251 
Paul, 251 
Peter, 251 
Martha, 90 
Sophia, 90 
Thomas, 90 
Wm., 176 
McPike, family, 151 

Eugene Fairfield, 151 
McQuiston, Wm., 251 
McRa, Alexander, 251 
McRae, widow, 29 
Alexander, 251 
Isaac, 251 
McRobert, John, 251 
McShafray, Daniel, 251 
McTavish, Alex., 251 
McVail, Margaret, 252 
McVane, James, 252 
McVean, James, 252 
McVicar, Duncan, 252 
Haliday, 252 
Nevin, 252 
McVickar, family, 78, 79 
Archibald, 78 
Edward, 78 
John, 78 
McVicker, Duncan, 252 
McWhorter, David, 94 
Mary H. Safford,94 
Mathew, 90 
M'Dewil, Rosetta, 127 
Mead, family, 154 

mrs., 279 
mead, Anna, 97 
Mead, Catharine Mernt, 210 
Delia Albert, 209 
Elizabeth Catharine, 21 
Harriot, 145 
John. 288 
Joseph, 12 

Martin, 21, 209, 210, 279 
Meade, mr„ 283 

Eliza, 281 
Meager, Richard, 12 
Meakings, Jane B. Hide, 281 

Peter, 281 
Mebe, Martha, 102 
Meby, Meta, 102 

Me tie, 102 
Meech, Nannie, 244 

Stephen, 244 
Meed, Ann, 12 
Catherine, 12 
Elijah, 12 



meed, Elisha, 97 

Elizebeth gaill, 97 

William, 12 
meek, Elizabeth Riendolly, 206 

Henry, 206 
Meet, Christina, 287 

Elsje, 287 ., . 

Gerritie Gillis de Mande- 
ville, 286 

Gerritie Mandeville, 287 

Gerritie Mandville, 286 

Gilles, 287 

Grietie (Margaret) de Man- 
deville, 287 

Griettie Mandville, 286 

JJacob, 287 
Jan, 288 
Jan Pieterse, 287 
ohannes, 287 
ohn, 286 
Maria, 287 
Pieter, 286. 287 

Pieter Jansen, 286, 287 
Meet (Meeck, Mead), Jan, 287 
Melaney. James, 13 
Melick, William, n 
Mellington, Ann Eliza, 1 

Joseph, 177- 180,183 

Joseph Henry, 180 

Lenah Crips, 183 

Lucy Crips, 177, 180, 183 
Meloney, John, 13 
Melville, David, 13 

Thomas, 13 
Melvin, Robert, 13 
Mendevel, Annetie, 290 
Mendevell, Jacob, 292 
Mendewell, Anna, 291 

David, 291 

Francis, 291 

Henry, 291 

Jacob, 291 

Joseph, 291 

Mary Westcoat, 291 
Menzies, Alex, 13 

G. L., 13 

John, 13 

Sarah, 13 

Thomas, 13 
Mercer, Joseph, 13 
Mercereau, Daniel, 188 

David, 13 

Ellen Maria, 188 

Maria Ellen Lozier, 188 

Paul, 13 

Paul, sr., 13 
Merchant, Jesse, 13 
Merdrie, William, 13 
merehew, Ruth, 9$ 
Mereth, Neamiah, 87 
Merigan, Martin, 13 
Merlin, Abraham, 54 

Cathrine, 54 

Jane, 120, 122, 126 

John, 54 
Merrel, Cathanna, 189 

Eliza Ann, 189 

Jonathan, 189 

Maria Egbert, 189 

Lafayette, 189 

Robert, 13 
Merrell, , 191 

Jonathan, 191 

Maria Egbert, 191 

Martha Lavinia, 191 

Robert, 13 
Merrels, Jonathan, 267 

Julia, 267 

Maria, 267 
Merriam, I. S., 79. 80 

J. L.,319, 
Merril, Abraham, 126 

Elizabeth (Martino), 126 

Merril, Mahala, 126 

Mary Ann, 107 
Merrill, Lucy E., 90 
Lucy Maria, 90 
Oliver, 90 
Merills, Louisa Jane, 90 
Lucy, go» 
Oliver, 90 
Merrit, miss, 278 
mr., 283 
widow, 279 
Ann, 20, 21 
Catharine, 20, 210 
Daniel, 21 
David (negro), 23 
Ebenezei, 15 
Elijah, 211 
Eliza, 20 
Elizabeth, 145 
Henrietta, 21 
Henry, 212 
James, 19, 212 
James Purdy, 19 
Jane, 13 
Jesse, 13 

Jonathan, 209, 279 
John, 13, 279 
Lavinia, 21 
Maria, 21 
Nehemiah, 14, 278 
Penelope, 22 
Phebe, 208 
Sally, 21 

Sarah Mabey, 209 
Susannah, 145 
Sylva (negro), 23 
Merritt, mr., 17 
widdow, 284 
Caleb, 13 
Hannah, 282 
Mary Crawford, 282 
Nathaniel, 13 
Nehemiah, 13, 17 
Nielson, 282 
Robert, 13 
Sylvanious, 283 
Thomas, 13 
Mersereau, mrs., 177 
Cornelia, 267, 208 
Daniel, 265 
Ellen, 265 
John Edward Winant, 265 

Messerole, Jane, 112 
Mervine, family, 314 
Metsger, Caty Rook, 184 

Charles, 184 
Metzger, Catharine Rook, 192 
Charles, 192 

Matthew William Reeves, 
M'Ginnis, Mary, 117, 120 
M'Ginny, Mary, 123 
Michel, Susanna, 98 
Micken (Mickean), Daniel, 14 
Milberry, Mark, 14 
Miles, Elijah, 14 

Samuel, 14 

Thomas, jr., 14 
Millan, John, 14 
Miller, mrs., 210 

Abigail, 220 

Abner, 220 

Abraham, 221, 271 

Alexander, 14 

Andrew, 14 

Constantine, 122 

David, 221 

Ebenezer, 220 

Elizabeth, 185 

Elizabeth Lynn, 199 

Elezebeth, 98 

Francis Ann Palmer, 210 

Gilbert, 210, 282, 283 


Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 

Miller, Hannah, 221 

Henry, 51, 52, 87, 115, 116, 

185, 199 
Increase, 220 
Isaac, 221 

i. K., 1 1 1 is., 152 
acob, 221 
ames, 14 
ane, 14 

Jane Anna, 271 

Jane Simonson, 271 

Jason, 303 

Jonathan, 87, 220 

John, 14, 220, 303 

Joseph, 189 
miller, keziah shrall, 206 
Miller, Lyon, 212 

Maria Houghabout, 185 

Maria Haughwout, 189 

Martha, 220 

Martha Clark, 282 

Mary, 51, 220 

Mary Ann, 189 

Nathaniel, 220 

Nathanil, 87 

Nicholous, 210 

Phebe, 209 

Rachel, 220 

Robert B., 129, 218 

Samuel, 220 

Sarah, 220 

Stephen, 14, 87, 220 

Susannah, 221 

Temperance, 303 

Thomas, 51, 185, 189 
miller, thomas, 206 
Miller, Thomas, jr., 14 

Vincent, 14 

William, 14 

Winant, 185 
Millidge, Stephen, 14 

Thomas, 14 
Milliken or Millican, Benja- 
min, 14 

Benjamin, jr., 14 
Mills, John, 14 

John Newell, 188 

J. N., mrs., 312 

Mary, 188 

Moses, 188 

William, 14 
Milne, Alexander, 14 
Miner, C, 90 

Edwin D., 90 

Elizabeth L. Law, 90 

G. S.,90 

L., 90 

Mary G. Clapp,90 

Phebe, 90 
Minor, Thomas, 233 
M'Intyre, Adin, 28 

John, 28, 89 

Mary, 28, 89 
Minuet, Peter, 33 
Minuse, Sarah Ann, 112 
Mitchel, John, 77 

Mary, 48, 50 

Peter, 48, 50 

Sussanna, 48 
Mitchell, family, 314 

Alfred, 76, 79 

Alfred, mrs., 76 

David, 205 

James, mrs., 233 

John, 14, 52, 226 

Mary, 52, 128 

Mary Burnett, 205 

Susan, 128 

Thomas, 14 
M'Kinlay, John, 126, 183 

Lydia, 183 

Lydia Jane, 183 

Lydia (Rea), 126 

M'Kinlay, William, 126 

Wm., 126 
M'Kinsay, Colens, 187 

Hannah, 187 

John, 187 
M'Lean, Charles Simonson, 

Isabella, 177 

Isabella (Wreath), 126 

James, 181 

James Potter, 181 

Joseph Lake, 177 

Lydia Ann, 126 

Magdalen, 121 

Mary Ann Potter, 181 

William, 126, 177 
M'Murray, Benjamin Kissam, 

Esther, 89 

John, 89 

Margaret, 89 

Mary Ann, 89 

William, 89 
Moering, sr., 115 

C, 113 


Christina, 113 

Christine, 53, 54, 113, 114 

Frederic, 4b, 48, 53 

Mary Salome, 46 

Salome, 46, 49 
Moerings, sr., 49 
Mol, Abraham, 102 

Aefje, 102 

Anna, 100 

Annetje, 102 

Engeltie, 102 

Engeltie Mabie, 102 

Engeltie Pieterse Mabie, 

Isaac, 102 

Jacob, 102 

Jan, 100 

Jan Jansen, 100, 102 

Johannes, 102 

Maria, 102 

Peter, 102 
molten, gorden, 95 

Phebe kenne, 95 
Moncrief, Agnes, 90 

Hugh, 90 

Mary, 90 

Sarah, 90 

William, 90 

William H., 90 

William, jr., 90 

Wm., 90 

Wm. H., 90 
Montfort, Baleche, 103 
Montgomery (negro;, 20 

Alexr., 140 

Alex. M., 140 

John, 140 

Joseph, 140 

Saran, 140 
Montross, David, 16 

Peter, 15 
Moody, Stephen, 140 
Mool, Anne, 100 
Moonee, Philip, 88 
Moor, David, 166 
moor, Deborah, 166 
Moor, Elizabeth, 166 

Tas., 284 

James, 166 

Jane, 165, 166 
moor, mary, 166 

Phobe, 166 

Rachel, 166 
Moor, Thomas, 165, 166 
Moore, 231 

Allan, 140 

Anna, 296 

Moore, Ann Maria, 53 

Cath., 117 

Catharine, 49 

Catharine (Perine), 119, 124 

Catherine, 115, 117 

Catherine Morgan, 115 

Cathrine, 53, 113 

Cynthia, 197 

Daniel, 113 

David, 260, 263, 267 

David Mercereau, 117 

D. E., 296 

Elizabeth, 124, 166 

Franklin, 198 

George (negro), 22 

George Washington, 267 

Henrietta Torian, 198 

Henry, 166 

Horris Hawkins, 21 

James, 49, 53, 113, 115, "7i 
119, 124, 140 

James Armour, 280 

John, 119, 140, 141, 166 

John Henry, 263 

John Jacobs, 22 

Joshua, 166 

Katherine Westcoat Doxy 
Lane, 166 

Lidia, 166 

Margaret Nevius Skillman, 

Martha Yonges, 166 

Mary, 166 

Mary Ann Barton, 260 

Mary Barton, 263, 267 

Michael, 21, 22, 280, 281,284 

Michal, 209 

Nancy Skillman McNerl, 

Robert, 140 

Sally (negro), 22 

Samual, 140 

Samuel, 166 

Samuel Armour, 281 

Susan, 280, 281 

Susannah Hawkins, 209 

Thos., 166 

Thomas, 140, 165, 166 

Wilhelmina, 299 

William, 140, 299 

William Augustus, 260 
moot (mott), ame, 97 
moran, Elizebeth, 97 
More, family, 237, 318 
more,"alaxander, 134 
More, Hannah, 158 
more, margret, 134 

mary, 134 

Ruth, 134 
Morehouse, James, 141 

John, 141 

Noah, 141 
Morford, Nancy Skillman, 109 

Stacy, 109 
Morgan, gov., 162 

Ann Maria, 19, 282 

Eliphal, 90 

Elizabeth, 73 

Henry, 19 

Henry Purdy, 19 

Hester, 19, 209 

John H., 196 

Martha, 78 

Nathan, 90 

Robert, 78 
Morras, mary Surtherland, 206 

william, 206 
Morrel, Anna Haverland, 22 

Daniel, 141 

John, 22 

Robert, 13 
Morrell, John, 141 
Morres, Sarah, 96 

Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 


Morris, Chas., 141 

Charles, Jr., 141 

David, 141 

Samuel, 141 

Seymour, 233 

Thomas, 141 

William, 141 
Morrison, 286 

mr., 71, 72, 148, 223, 224, 311 

mrs., 147 

rev., 197 

Alexander, 141 

David, 141 

George Austin, jr., 80, 147- 
149. 157. 159.213,233,316 

George Austin, sr., 157 

Henry, 141 

John, jr., 141 

Joseph, 141 

Mary Lander Leasell, 197 

William, 141 
Morrow, E., 91 

Elizabeth, 90 

Martha, 90 

Mary Ann, 91 


Robert, 90 
Morse, Ann Dusenbury, 282 

Isaac, 282 

Mary, 210 
Mortimer, sr., 128 

Benj., 128, 177, 184 
Morton, Alexander, 141 

Eliza, 141 

Elk, 141 

Elkanah, 141 
Mosely, John, 141 
Moseman, Lavinia Cole, 23 

Moses, family, 233 

Zebina, 233 
mosher, Elisha, 208 

Elizabeth Jackson, 207 

Elizebeth Crandell, 208 

John, 207 
Mosher, Juda, 208 
mosher, phebe, 207 
Moshier, Catherine, 209 
Moss, Amos, 141 

Lucretia, 282 
Mott, 229 

mr., 148, 223, 224 

Abigal, 141 

Adam, jr., 288 

Appalian, 51 

Applican, 51 

Appolona, 48 

Appolonia Skerrit, 125 

Hopper S., 293 

Hopper Striker, 1, 70, 71, 
148, 149, 222, 223, 229, 291 

Jacob S., 141 

Jas., 51 

i James, 48, 51, 128 
Jonathan, 141 
ohn, 141, 14S 
lary, 128, 182 

.Mary (Mitchell), 128 

Mary Vassels, 145 

Samuel, 48 

Stephen, 128 

Susanna, 51 

Sussanna, 51 
motte, mary, 134 
Mount, captn., 284 

Ann Pintard, 141 

Alicia Ann, 260 

Isabella, 260 

John, 141 

Joseph, 260 
Mourant, E., 214 
Mowatt, Daniel (David), 142 

David, 142 

Mehitable Culeff, 142 

Mulcman, Finley, 142 
mulener, Elesabath, 130 

Hosman, 130 

John, 130 

moes, 130 
Mullewny, James, 142 
Mulligan, Jane, 142 

Thomas, 142 
Mullin, Barnard, 142 

John, 86, 142 
Mullin or Mullins, Thomas, 

mullinar, martha, 131 

Thomas, 131 
Mullins, Prudence, 142 
Mumford, family, 76 
Muncur, Robert, 142 
Munday, Nathaniel, 142 
Munerer, Robert, 142 
Mungee or Mungoer, James, 

Munro, Alexander, 142 

Hugh, 142 

John, 142 

John White, 19 

Margaret B., 142 

Peter Jay, 19 
Munroe, Ephraim, 142 

Peter Jay, 18 
Munrow, Munro, 142 
Munsell, 287 

family, 237, 318 

Joel, 237, 318' 
Munson, Eunice, 35 

Sarah (Peck), 35 

Solomon, 35 
Munthorn, Philip, 87 
Murchie, Andrew, 142 

William, 142 
Murdoch, Gideons, 91 

James, 91 
Mnrdock, Huldah, 91 

Lavina, 91 

Naney, 91 

Russell B., 91 

Samuel, 91 
Mure, Henry, 221 
Murphey, Archibald, 142 
Murphy, Duke, 142 

Elizabeth, 142 

Henry C, 79 

Luke, 142 

William, 142 
Murray, Daniel, 143 

Edward, 142 

Hugh, 143 

John, 142, 143 

Robert, 142 
Murrey, Catterne Dean, 96 

John, 96 
Muskett, Joseph James, 229, 

Myre, John, 16 
Myers, Edward, 80, 149, 158, 

. 159. 3i6 
Jacob, 143 
Reuben, 143 
Samuel, 143 
William, 143 

Naff, mr., 279 
Nanney (negro), 22 
Nap, Cynthia, 22 

Sally, 209 
Napier, Robert, 252 
Narraway, Anthony, 252 
Nase, Henry, 252 
Nash, Catharine McLean, 225 

Elizabeth, 224 

Joseph, 252 

Martha, 252 

Samuel, 252 

Stephen Payne, 224 

Nason, John, 252 
Naylor, Charles P., 91 

M. M., 91 

P., 91 

William, 252 
Neal. Edward, 252 

Henry, 252 
Near, Caterian, 97 
Nelson, family, 158 


Andrew, 91, 252 

Charles, 91 

Cortez, 158 

David, 252 

Joshua, 292 

Mary, 91 

Sarah Mandeville, 292 
Nesbett, Elizabeth, 91 

John, 91 
Nesbit, William, 252 
Ness, Ann, 252 

John, 252 
Nevius, David, 299 

Elizabeth Schureman, 299 

James Schureman, 299 

Joanna, 32 

iohannes, 32, 299 
lartinus, 32 

Sarah Stoothoff, 32 

Wilhelmina, 299 
Newble, James, 252 

Margaret, 252 
Newcom, Christen, 95 

Hahhah fouller, 95 
Newman, David, 252 
Newton, family, 314 

Forbes, 252 
Nial, William, 252 
Nicholas, Ruth, 252 

Samuel, 252 
Nicholls, gov.. 285 
Nichols, Ann Fish, 227 

Hannah, 22 

John, 227 

Joseph, 91 

Prudence Ferrill, 91 

Rebecca, 227 
Nicholson, Arthur, 253 

James, 253 

John, 253 
Nickerson, Joseph, 253 

Thomas, 253 
Nickkels, purliner, 208 
Nicklen, Samuel, 253 
Nicol, Willie, 77 
Nicola, Lewis, 86 
Nicoll, De Lancey, mrs., 146, 

Niel, Anthony, 44 

Jacob, 44 

Mary, 44 
Noble, Daniel, 52 

Francis, 253 

John, 253 
Nolan, 315 
North, Ame, 97 

Elizabeth, 253 

Margaret, 253 

martha Titus, 97 

Mary, 253 

Richard, 253 

thomas, 97, 253 

Wanshaw, 253 

William, 253 
Northal, Susan, 210 
Northcott, family, 314 
Northrup, Benajah, 253 

Sarah, 96 
Norman, Henry, 253 
Norton, Charles Elliot, 156 

Elias, 253 
Norwood, Francis, 253 

Gustavus, 253 


Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 

Norwood, James, 253 

Jonathan, 253 

Jonathan, jr., 253 

Samuel, 253 
Nox, Robert, 88 
Nutting, Joseph, 253 

Oadele, Isaac, 222 
Oakley, 229 

Elisha, 16 

Margaret, 118, 122 

Miles, 221 

Robert, 15 
Oakly, John, 221 

Margreth, 119 
Obbyns, Michael, 67 
Oblenns, John, 253 
O'Brien, Esther, 254 

Robert, 253 

Thomas, 253 
Odel, Cattrine, 133 

hannah, 133 

John, 133 

mary, 133 

sarah, 133 
Odell, family, 314 

Abraham, 293 

Anne Mandeville, 293 

Johanna, 292 

Jonathan, 254 
odwell, anna, 135 

Jonathan, 134 

Jsac, 135 

mary, 134 

Thomkins, 135 

William, 135 
Ogden, family, 153 

Benjamin, 254 

Charles Burr, 153 

Jane, 254 

John, 153 

Jonathan, 254 

Mary, 254 

Racnael, 254 
Okly, marcy, 133 

miels, 133 

William, 133 
Old, Nicholas, 254 
Olive, William, 254 
Olliver, Wm.. S., jr., 254 

Wm. Sanford, 254 
Olmstead, Aaron, 254 
Onderdonck, 286 
Orcutt, Anna, 91 

Francis A., 91 

Hugh, 91 

Julia Ann, 91 

Margaret, 91 

Mary L., 91 

Nathan, 91 
Orin, John, 254 
Ormond, George, 254 
Orr, Ann, 145 
Orton, Elesabath, 130 

Rosaman, 130 

sarah, 130 

sele, 130 
Osborn, Charles, 254 
osborn, Richard, 135 
Osburn, Caroline Bulkley, 209 

John, 254 

John Hall, 200 

Mary, 22 

Richard, 222 
Osburne, Samuel, 254 
Oswald, Atwood, 254 

George, 91 
Oulton, Sarah F., 196 
Oviatt, family, 231 
Overton, Bethia Wells, 249 

Ioel, 249 

Jona., 249 

Naomi Wells, 249 

Owen, John, 254 
Owens, John, 254 
Owl, family, 318 
owns, Jarusha, 98 
Oxnard, Thomas, 254 

Pack, John, 254 
Paddock, Adino, 255 

Bethiah, 274 
paddock, genne, 97 

Ichabod, 98 
Paddock, Joseph, 255 
paddock, Synthy Burlley, 98 
Pagan, John, 254 

Robert, 254 

Robert, jr., 254 

Thomas, 254 

William, 254 
Paige, Ralph, 91 

Susan, 91 

Susanah, 91 
Pain. Alsup, 166 

Benjamin, 166 
pain, Deborah, 166 
Pain, Jemima, 166 

John, 166 

Lydia, 166 
Paine, family, 238, 319 

Alsop, 166, 167 

Jemima Alsop, 166 

John, jr., 166, 167 

Martha, 167 

Mary, 167 

Peter, 167 

Phobe moor, 166 

William, 255 
Paldurgk, Joost, 221 
Pallmer, John, 129 

Nathanel, 129 
Palmer, Ajah, 75_ 
palmer, Benjamin, 96 
Palmer, Calib, 88 

Elias, 88 

Elizabeth , 75 

Klliott, 255 

Francis Ann, 210 

Friend, 229 

Gideon, 255 

James, 75 

Jonathan, 88 

Joseph, 255 

Marcis, 87 

Mary, 22 

palmer, orpha, 206 
Palmer, Palmira, 208 
palmer, prudence Roe, 96 

Rhoda, 96 
Palmer, Sarah Flewwilling, 75 
Palmerly, Nathaniel, 255 
panay, David, 207 

Mather Shawood, 207 
Pangbourne, Stephen, 255 
Pardy, Bartholomew, 145 

John, jr., 88 

Sarah Haight, 145 
Parent, Thomas, 255 
Park, mrs., 211, 212, 284 

Ann, 281 

Clara, 299 

Daniel, 281 

Disbrow, 17 

Hewsted, 283 

Jesse, 211 
esse, jr., 212 

John, 211 

Mary, 281 
park, Metilda, 207 
Park, Lavinia, 22 
park, Lidy, 208 
Park, Sally Ann, 282 

Thomas, 211, 212, 278 

Timothy, 212, 278 

parke, Elizebeth, 207 

mary, 98 
parker, Abigail Tuthill, 168 
Parker, Ann, 255 

Benjamin, 255 

Deborah Haverland, 210 

Ebenezer, 255 

Elisha, 205 

Eliz., 255 

Eliza, 209 

Ephraim, 255 
parker, hannah Stanford, 208 
Parker, Herschel C, 71 
parker, James, 208 

John, 168, 221, 255 
Parker, John, jr., 255 

Jonathan, 255 

Joseph, 255 

Mary, 196 

Nathaniel, 255 

Robert, 255 

Samuel, 255 

Timothy, 255 

William, 210, 255 
Parkers, Robert, 255 
Parkhurst, Catharine Skill- 
man, 195 

Parkin, Charles, 38 
Parks, mrs., 280 

Ann Jane, 18 

Anna Maria, 18 

Jesse, 18, 21 

Jesse Kennedy, 21 

John Augustus, 21 

Joseph, 280 
parks, mary, 207 

Nanee, 206 
Parks, Roger, 278 

Sally Ann, 18 

Samuel, 278 
parks, Sarah, 208 
Parks, Sarah Fitch, 145 

Thomas Kennedy, 21 

Timothy, 145 
Parlee, Peter, 255 
parmillier, Anna, 95 
Parmly, mr., 283 

mrs., 283 
Parmynter, Par., 205 
Parnell, Charles Stewart, 75 

Delia Tudor, 75 
Parr, gov., 141 

Harriet, 255 

William, 255 
Parrish, Cyrena, 91 

Hiram, 91 

Josiah, 91 
Parry, Sarah, 151 

Sybilla, 151 
Parshall, 231 
parson, , 207 

Rachel wilde, 207 
Parsons, mr., 284 

Anna Matilda, 281 

Edward L., 281 

Edwd., 282 

Esther, 255 

Hannah, 34 

Nathaniel, 255 

Mary, 170 

Matilda, 281 

Matilda Clark, 282 

S. H., 233 

Tabitha, 255 

William H., 70 

William N., 255 
Partelow, Jehiel, 256 

Tehiel, jr., 256 

Margaret, 256 

Matthew, 256 

Richard, 256 
Partrick, Richard, 88. 

Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 


Partridge, Arial, 91 

Betsey, 91 

Cyrus, 91 

Harvey A., 91 

M., 91 
Pateman, Ann Caroline, 271 

Hannah, 271 

Joseph, 271 
Paterman, Hannah, 270 

Joseph, 270 

Lydia, 270 
Patervaer, Hendrick Jacobson, 

Patrick, Daniel, 221 
Patten, William, 256 
Patterson, Alex., 256 
Archibald, 256 
Josiah, 256 
Thomas, 256 
Pattin, Andrew, 256 
Pattison, gen., 84 
Paul. Caleb, 256 
Eliz., 256 
John, 256 

John White, 238, 319 
Jonathan, 256 
Margaret, 256 
Moses, 256 
Prisscilla, 256 
Thomas, 256 
Pauling, John, 256 
Paulus, Anna, 291 
Payne, 231, 315 
Henrietta, 29 
Jasper, 39 
John B., 256 
Josiah, 29 

Sarah E. Lander, 197 
William, 297 
Peacock, Issabella, 210 
Peal, James, 256 
Pearl. Elijah C.,91 
Elijah C, jr., 91 
Polly, 91 
William, 91 
Pears, Elizabeth, 256 
Elizah, 256 
Mary, 256 
Samuel, 256 
Pearson, Jacob, 256 

Jemima, 179 
Peat, Hannah, 270 
Joseph, 270 
Lydia, 270 
pecek, mary, 95 
Peck. Abby Jane, 210 
Deborah, 282 
Harriot Mead, 145 
Isaac, 145 
Sarah Hobby, 210 
Theophilous, 210 
Thos. M., iS5 
Peckham, William H., 7° 
Pedrick, Robert, 88 
Robert, jr., 88 
Zebelon, 88 
Peek, Jan. 100 
peek, phebe, 97 
Peele, Kate, 193 
Peirce, family, 233 
Pelec, Christina, 126 
Pelham, David Rogers, 210 
Jane Cockron, 210 
Loretta, 145 
Tamer Jane, 23 
Pels, Christian, 185 

Christiana, 178, 182, 190 
Christianne, 187 
Pendleton, family, 154 

Nancy, 35 
Pendry, Susan, 193 
Penfield, Eliza, 212 
Henry L„ 22, 212 

Penfield, Mary Perry, 22 

Nathaniel, 211 
Penfild, Josiah, 284 
Penuoyer, David, 292 
Pennycant, Sara, 127 
Pentecost, Adelbert, 194 

Mary Skillman, 194 
Periene, Daniel, 46 

Lucia, 46 
Perine, A. M., 91 
Abraham, 41 
Catharine, 40-45, 51. «6> 
119, 122, 124, 127, 177, 186, 
Catherine, 91 
Caty McLean, 91 
Charles, 47 
Daniel, 40, 45, 46 
Elias, 40 
Elizabeth, 42 
Emma Elizabeth Cortel- 

you, 265 
Henry, 205, 269 
lames, 44. 49. 5L ir 3> n 4 
John, 47, 91 
Joseph, 45 
Lucy, 45, 46 
Martha, 46 
Mary, 47-49 
Mary Matilda, 269 
Mathias, 43 
Peter, 40-44, 40-49. 91 
Peter, jr., 51 
Peter, sr., 49 
Peter L., 91 
Sally Stilwell, 269 
Sarah, 48 

Sarah Stilwell, 265 
Silas, 49 

Susanna , 46 

Sussana, 48 
Sussauna, 47 
Perkins, Asa, 92 
Grace, 92 
Jane, 92 
John, 92 
Joseph, 92 
Margaret, 92 
Mary E., 76 
Mary Jane, 92 
Nancy, 92 
Phebe Jane, 92 
Sarah, 92 
Sarah Grace, 92 
Sophronia, 92 
William, 92 
Wm., 92 
Pero, Jan, 102 

Metje Mabie, 102 
perre, genne, 96 
Perrine, James, 113 
Perry, family, 314 
Ephraim, 91 
Hugh, 91 
Hugh, sr., 91 
Margaret, 91 
Martha Cleveland, 91 
' Martha S., 91 
Mary, 22 
peter, Nanee seeman, 96 

Samuel, 96 
Peters, Abigail, Ann, 127 

John, 127 
peters, Mary, 207 
Peters, Sara (Pennycant), 127 
Peterson, John, 186 
Mary Ann, 186 
Sarah, 186 
Petty, 231 

Charles, 309 
Henry J., 309 
James, 305, 3°9 

I Petty, Jemima, 309 

J. Miner, 309 

Mary J., 3°9 

Merritt, 309 

Polly, 309 

Sarah, 309 

Sary, 309 

William, 67, 68 
Pew, Deborah, 92 
Phanot, James, 192 

Jane Jennings, 192 
Philips, James, 15 

Philip, 16 
Philipse, family, 80 
Phillips, Chloe, 92 

Elam, 92 

Squire M., 92 
Phoenix, Stephen Whitney, 

238, 3i9 
picher, Leanar, 96 
Pickett, Almira Harrison, 197 

John, 197 

Sallie, 197 
Piero, Jan, 100 
Pierro, Jean, 102 

Marie, 102 

Pierre, 102 
Pierrot, Jacob, 102 

Jean, 102 
Pierson, mr., 148, 224 
rev. dr., 243 
Abraham, 241 
Bowen W., 149 
Bowen Whiting, 241, 243, 

244. 3" 
Clarissa, 244 
Clarissa Taintor Bulkley, 

Henry, 241, 242 
Job. 242 
Lemuel, 242 
Mary Cooper, 241 
Nannie Meech, 244 
Rachel Williams Smith, 242 
Samuel, 242 
Theodore, 242 
Pieters, Engeltie, 100 

Susanna, 5 
Pietersen, Jan, 100 
Metje, 102 
William, 5 
Pieterszen, Frans, 5 
Pike, John, 282 
Pilgrim, John, 282 

Lucy Ann Whitmore, 282 
pinke, hannah, 135 
pinkne, abigall, 135 
hannah, 135 
Jean, 135 
John, 135 
mary, 135 
sarah, 135 
Sisillea, 135 
susana, 135 
Thomas, 135 
William, 135 
Pinkney, Thomas, 222 

William, 222 
pitcher, Hulda, 95 
Plant, Angelina Beck, 282 

John, 282 
Plummer, Franklin Atkins, 
John Franklin, 146, 147 
Poe, family, 57. 157. 158 
Alexander, 55, 56 
Anne, 56 

Anthony, 61, 63, 157 
David, 55-59. 61-63, 65, 68, 

Edgar, 57, 58 £ „ L 

Edgar Allen, 55, 56, 58-63, 
69. i57 


Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 

Poe, Elizabeth Cairnes, 57 
Elizabeth Hopkins, 57 

George W., 57 

Grace, 63 

Grace McAttaggart, 63-66 

Isabella Williams, 64 

Jaue, 57, 59, 63, 64, 66 

Jane Mc Bride, 56, 59-61 

John, S6-62, 64, 66 

John P., 62 

Leonard, 61 

Mary, 63, 64 

Sarah, 56, 63, 64, 66 

Susan Burgess, 64, 66 

Thomas, 61-66 

William, 61-66 
Poell, John, 66 

Poer, Poe or Power, family, 59 
Pole, William, 67 
Polhemus, Daniel, 286 

Johannes Theodorus, 2 

Neeltje Seeu, 286 
ponten, capt., 133 

trances, 133 

Joannah, 133 
Poo, George, 57 

Jean, 57 

Mary, 57 
Pooe, David, 55 
Pooel, Thomas, 66 
Poole, John, 66 
Porter, Catherine, 92 

Jane, 298 

Richard, 92 
Post, Catharine Stevens, 108 

Clarinda, 92 

Jedidiah, 92 

John, 137 

John W., 108 

Madalina, 108 

Sarah Jedidiah, 92 
Potter, Martha, 299 

Mary Ann, 181 
Poupin, Madeleine, 300 
pourter, Ame, 96 
Powell, family, 69, 157 

Arthur, 68, 69 

David, 67-69 

Eleanor Skillman, 106 

Elizabeth, 145 

H. A., 10, 140, 171, 251 

Isabella, 66 

James, 106 

John, 66, 216 

Jonathan, 67, 69 

Margaret Bennett, 68 

Rush, 106 

Sallie F., 106 

Sarah, 65 

Thomas, 6s, 69 

William, 65, 67-69 
Power, David, 287 

Edmund, 58, 60 

Gerritie, 287 

Gerritie de Mandeville Ep- 
pens Meet, 287 

Inciease, 287 

Isaac, 287 

Jacob, 287 

Marguerite, 60 

Sara, 287 

Tryntje. 287 
powers, Elizabeth, 206 

Isaac, 92 

Joseph P., 92 

Orphana, 92 
Prall, Abraham, 264 

Aletta, 271 

Edward Beattey, 264 

Isabella Beattey, 264 
prat, Jacob, 207 

Levina Souther, 207 
Pratt, Hannah, 210 

Jesse H., 92 

Praul, Aletta, 187 

Alfred Cortelyou, 189 

Ann Egbert, 181, 183, 186, 

Catharine Dorsett, 180, 185, 

Charlotte, 180 

David, 180, 185, 189 

Edwin Theodor, 186 

Emeline, 185 

Henrietta, 183 

Maria Ann, 188 

Tunis Augustus, 181 

William, 181, 183, 186, 188 
Praull, Ann, 125 
Prawl, Aletta, 181 

Catharine, 177 

David, 177 

Sarah Ann, 177 

Wm„ 181 
Prescott, Richard, 238, 319 

William Hickling, 79 
Price, Hannah, 262, 264, 269 

John, 87 

Olivia, 295 

Samuel, 87 
Prichard, Frances, 313 
Prindle, family, 152 

Daniel, 145 

Elizabeth Coleman, 145 

Franklin C, 152 

Johnnie, 92 

J. H.,92 


William, 152 

Zalmun, 152 
Pritty, Henry, 67. 68 
Probasco, Eytje (Strijcker), 4 

Stoffel, 4 
Proll. Catharine 1 Dorset), 124 

Catharine Mary, 124 

David, 124 
pronge, John, 96 

Rhoaa palmer, 96 
proper, Elizebeth Haigbt, 96 

peter, 208 

Sarah tobice, 208 

william, 96 
Proudfit, James E., 92 

Jane, 92 

John M., 92 
prough, Caterine, 97 
Provan, James, 92 

Martha, 92 

Robert, 92 
Provoost, David, 282 

George, 20 

John Spencer, 18 

Margaritje. 288 

Samuel Armour, 18 

Sarah Cropsey, 282 

William T., 18,20 

Wm., 18 
Pruyn, John V. L., rnrs., 234 

Robert C, 227 
Pryer, Charles, 150 
Pryor, Catharine A., 199 
Pul, William, 66 
pulver, Cornelus, 98 

Hannah Shults,95 

mary parke, 98 

Randell, 95 
Pumpelly, J. C. 70 

Josiah Collins, 71, 148, 149, 
Purdy, miss, 280 

mrs., 211-213, 278, 280 

Abby Maria, 209 

Alethea, 18, 109 

Amelia Haverland, 209 

Ann, 283 

Augustus Tredwell, 21 

Barthow, 212 

Benja., 18, 20 

Purdy, Benjamin, 213 
Betsey Ann, 279 
Charity, 212 
Clarissa, 18 
Daniel, 213 
David, 19, 21, 22 
David Husted, 18 
Deborah, 22 
Delivarance, 87 
Easter, 22 
Easter Purdy, 22 
Ebenezar, jr., 88 
Ebenezer, 21, 88, 212 
Edgar, 18 
Elias, 21 

Elijah, 18, 211, 278, 279 
Elijah, jr., 17, 212 
Eliza, 208 

Elizabeth Lepenwell, 21 
Elizabeth Tredwell, 146 
Emeline, 18 
Emery, 21 
Gabril, 22 
Gloriana, 281 
Hannah, 209 
Harriott, 20 
Henry, 278 
Hester Morgan, 209 
Isaac, 18, 23, 211, 278 
Israel, 211, 280 
James, 213 

Jesse, 21 
ohn, 88, 280 
Jonathan, 145, 209 
Jonn., 211 
Joseph, 17, 212 

fosiah, 18, 213 
oshua, 279 
oshua Nap, 209 
.avinia, 280 
Loiza, 208 
Lot, 18 
Lott, 213 
Luyster. 17 
Margt., 281 
Margaret Eunice, 22 
Margaret Haverland, 209 
Mary, 18, 20, 22, 145, 209 
Mary Catharine, 21 
Mary Haight, 23 
Moses, 280 
Nancy, 2ti 
Nehemiah, 21, 146 
Palmira Palmer, 208 
Phebe, 22 
Rachel, 22 
Saml., 281 

Samuel, 209, 212, 279, 283 
Samuel Haskell, 19 
Sarah, 22 
Sarah Purdy, 22 
Susan Charlotte, 22 
Sylvanus, 210 
Thomas, 18, 22 
Thomas Park, 18 
Timothy, 17 
William, 208 
William Henry, 18, 209 
Wm., 212 
Putnam, Herbert, 151 
Puttne, Joseph, 16 
Pynchon, Lucy, 302 

Quackenbush, Garret, 92 
Mary, 92 

8uaw. Nancy L.. 92 
uensey, Benjamin, 96 
Sarah hammon, 96 
Quick, Andrew, 88 
Catharine, 108 
Cornelia, 32 
John, 88 
Petrus, 32 
Rynear, 107 

Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 


8uick, Teunis, 32 
uimby, Henry Cole, 314 
Quiaby, Ann, 130 
Charles, 129 
Dabrah, 129 
darcas, 130 
Henry C, 234 
Henry Cole, 316 
John, 130 
John, jr., 130 
John, sr., 129 
Jonathan, 130 
Josiah, 130 
mary, 129, 130 
samuel, 130 
Sarah, 130 
Thomas, 234 

8uincy, Josiah, 79 
uinlan, Alathea Allen, 294 
Edgar, 294 
Ethel, 294 
William H., 294 
William J., 294 
Quintard, mr., 211 
Clarissa Shaw, 209 
Fanny, 22 
Isaac, 209 

Racket, 250 
Rackett, 231 
Ramage, John. 92 
Ramsey, Ella Skillman, 194 

Jerry, 194 
Randall, Anna Jackson, 147 
Randell, James Wells, 74 

lames Wells, mrs., 74, 146 

John Frelinghuysen Jack- 
son, 74 

Jonathan, 74 

Joseph, 88 
Randolph, family, 314 
Raner, Richard, 16 

Selvanis, 16 
Rany, Robert, 92 
Rappalye, Anna, 225 
Ratbon, mr., 51 

mrs., 51 

Catharine, 51 
Rauket, Elizebeth', 250 

John, 250 
Raymond, Anne True Skill- 
man, 296 

E alien, 208 

Jonathan, 208 

Mary Elizabeth, 112 

Samuel J., 112 

W. 0., 77 
Raynor, Rebecca, 305 
Rea, Lydia, 126 
Reab, Abigail, 92 

George, 92 
Read, Charles, 108 

Martha, 282 

Ritie Ann Skillman, 108 
Reading, Almira, 304 

Robert Kennedy, 304 
Record, Betsey an. adset, 207 

Wihlman, 207 
Redd, Mattie, 198 
Redfield, mrs., 211 

Abby Jane Hobby, 209 

Bradley, 209 
Reed, Anice, no 

A. Julia, 234 

Elizabeth Skillman, no 

Francis, no 

Isaac, no 

Israel, no 

Mary, no 

(Rud) Mary, 210 

Sarah, no 

William, no 
Reese, G. Pomeroy, 314 

Reeve, Annis, 164 

Annis Ryder, 164 
Mary Salmon, 169 

Thomas, 164 

Thos., 169 

Reeves, , 104 

Abner, 250 

Bathia, 250 

Bathia Horton, 250 

Betsey, 104 

Cornelia, 104 

Elijah, 250 

Joseph, 104 

Lena, 104 

Margaret, 104 

Mary wells, 250 

Nancy Skillman Crowth- 
ers, 104 

Thomas, 250 
Regonal. Eathen, 206 

Elle hammon, 206 
Remington, William, 205 

Remsen, 228 
Renord, Elizabeth Coles, 23 

John, 23 
Renoud, Frederick, 145 

Jane Tilley, 145 
Reyerse, Adrian, 43 

Catharine, 43, 45 

Lewis, 43, 45 

Richard, 45 
Reyerson, Catharine, 44 

Lewis, 44 

Phebe, 44 
Reymond, mrs., 280 
Reynolds, Cuyler, 227, 233 

John P., 92 

Nathaniel, 88 

Rebekah, 92 
Rhinelander, 229 

T. J. O., 159 
Rhoades, Elias, 92 

Elizabeth Nash, 224 

John Harsen, 224 

Katherine, 225 

Lyman, 224 

Lyman, jr., 225 

Phebe, 92 

S. C. Lyman, 224 

Stephen Payne, 225 

Thomas S., 92 
Rice, David, 196 

Emma, 295 

Mary Ann, 209 

Mary Blair, 196 

Mary D., 295 

Owen, 39 
Richards, family, 231 

Armania Theall, 282 

Elizabeth, 92 

Morgan, 282 
Richardson, Amos, 79, 152 

Resell L., 79, 152 
Richeson, Salmon Treat, 34 
Rickey, Jeramiah, 88 
Rider, Anthony, 117 

Elizebeth, 169 

Mary, 117 

Sarah, 303 
Riders, Anthony, 117 

Mary, 117 

William, 117 
Riendolly, Elizabeth, 206 
Right, ame moot (mott), 97 

Bethinia Sniffin, 23 

Joseph, 97 

William, 23 
Riker, Abraham, 3 

Grace, 3 
Ripley, Edward H., mrs., 70 
Risque, Martha Skillman, 199 

William, 199 

Rix, family, 152 

Guy S., 152 

Robert, 152 

Thomas, 152 

William, 152 
Roach, Alonzo, 92 

Charles, 88 


Wm. H., 92 
Road, 315 

Roads, Choziah, 137 
Robbins, Permelia, 29 

Thomas, 156-159,233 
Rebens, Martin, 208 

Whethen, 208 
Roberson, John, 88, 97 

John, jr., 88 
roberson, mary, 207 
Roberson, Mary Van Camp, 97 
Robeits, Anne, 214 

Arminca, 281 

Barne, 214 

Hezekiah, 220 

Margt. Elcock, 283 

Mary, 220 

Susan, 282 

Thos., 283 

William, 214 

Zachariah, 220 
Robertson, family, 314 

Alexander, 93 

Alvan, 93 

Amy. 93 

Anne, 145 

Archibald, 93 

Archie, 93 

Elizabeth Cross, 209 

Isabel, 93 

Jane, 93 

lonathan H., 209 

Martha H., 93 

M. H.,93 

Rebecca, 93 

William, 93 

Willie, 93 
Robinson, family, 76, 79, 314 

A. A., miss, 158 

Anne, 233 

Anne Barnes, 35 

George, 77 

James, 109 

Joshua, 35 

Margaret Skillman, 109 

Mary, 194 

Rowland, 76 

William, 77, 233 
Rochet, John, 139 
Rockefeller, H. O., 80, 159 
Rockwell, Elijah, 98 

Sarah husted, 98 
Rodger, Elizabeth, 220 
Rodgers, Augustin, 87 
Roe, mrs., 293 

prudence, 96 
Roe (or Reed), Elizebeth, 95 
Roger, Ann, 282 

Cuffy Brown, 282 
Rogers, mrs.. 212 

Andrew F., 93 

Ann E., 197 

Ano, 15 

Anonyas, 15 

Caroline, 145 

Christopher C, 197 

Clark G., 93 

David, 212 

Dudley, 93 

Dudley A., 93 

Edward, 93 

Erne Elstner, 197 

Elizabeth, 03 

Elizabeth Baxter, 85 

Evan, 17 

Frank, 93 


Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 

Rogers, Hannah Hart, 209 
Henrietta Roseberry, 196 
Hiram C, 197 
Hugh W., 197 
Jacob, 40 
James D., 93 

Iames T., 196 
erusha, 1 11 
ohn Gano, 197 
oseph B., 209 
Late, 197 

Katharine Skillman, 196 

Lettice, 93 

Letty, 93 

Lindsay, 197 

Louisa, 93 

Louisa Scott, 197 

Mary Graves, 197 

Mary Katharine, 197 

Nathaniel, 196 

phebe, 95 

Piatt, 16 

Sallie Pickett, 197 

Samuel C, 197 

Thomas, 85 

William, 16, 196 

William Skillman, 196 
Roland, Amanda Wilson, 299 

George, 299 
Romaine, Margaret, 208 
Romer. Stilwell, 265 

Catharine Lewis, 270 

Catharine Rachel Lewis, 

Charity, 272 

Emeline, 272 

Fanny Ann, 272 

Isaac Parlee, 265 

J., 265 

James, 265, 272 , 

John, 270, 272 

Joseph Lake, 265 

Margaret Jane, 265 

Mary Ann, 270 

Mary Louise, 265 

Sarah Maria Lewis, 272 
Romeyn, family, 225 

wid., 124 

Anna, 225 

James Van Campen, 225 

Sarah, 124 

Thomas, 225 
Rongnion, Anne Boucher, 108 

Vincent, 108 
Rook, Amos, 192 

Catharine, 192 

Caty, 184 

Eliza Ann, 184 
Rooke, Amos, 53, 113-115 

Cathrine, 114 

Frederick Moering, 113 

Martha, 113, 114 
Rookins, Jane Baxter, 86 

William, 86 
Rooks, A., 125 

Amos, 121, 125, 184 

Fiances, 121 

Martha, 121 

Martin, 184 

Mary, 125 

Mary (Skerrit), 125 
Root. 315 
Rorake, Charity finkell, 96 

george, 96 
Rosannah (negro), 22 
Roseberry, Henrietta, 196 

Hugh, 196 

Mary Parker, 196 
Rosevelt, James C, 279 

Maria, 279 
Ross, Mary, 262 
Rossbach, Victor, mrs., 312 

Rothermel, Catherine Moshier, 

Frantz, 209 
Rough, mary Chapman, 97 

philip, 97 
Round, J. Horace, 60 
rous, anna, 134 
Row, Charlote Crandell, 206 

Henery, 206 

Rachal, 98 

Tamer, 17 
Rowan, Abraham S., 93 

Abram, 93 

Eleanor, 93 

Eleonor, 93 

Elizabeth, 93 

Elizabeth McColister, 93 

John, 93 

Martha, 93 

Sarah, 93 

Stephen, 93 

Susannah, 93 

William, 93 

William L., 93 

Wm. L., 93 
Rowe, Elizabeth shereal, 206 

Nicholas, 206 
Rowland, Jesse, 198 

Minnie Skillman, 198 
Rowlee, Graham, 137 

Abel, 138 

Amy, 137 

Amy Smith, 137 

Charles, 137 

Choziah Roads, 137 

Constant, 138 

Daniel, 138 

Dorothy Carr, 137 

Elijah, 137. 138 

Elizabeth, 137 

Elizabeth Beers, 137 

Heman, 136-138, 315 

Hemau, jr., 137 

Heman, sr., 136 

Joanna, 137 

Jonathan, 137 

Kezia Davis, 138 

Lois, 137 

Lydia, 137 

Lydia S., 137 

Lydia Seely, 137, 315 

Mary, 137 

Matthew, 136-138 

Millicent Sheppard, 137 

Moses, 136 

Nathan, 137 

Nathaniel, 138 

Patience, 138 

Ruth Cooley, 137 

Sarah, 137 

Shubell, 137. 138 

Shubell Arnold, 137 

Susannah Connet, 138 

Willard Winfield, 315 

W. W., 136, 158 
Rowley, family, 136 

Charles S., 136 

Elijah, 138 

Hannah Brown, 138, 139 

Harris, 138 

Henry, 136 

Lorenzo, 138 

Margaret Smith, 138 

Matthew, 139 

Reuben Milford, 138 

Shubel, 138. 139 

Shubel, jr., 138 

William, 138 

William Smith, 138 
Rude, Dan, 93 

Deborah, 93 
Rue, Catharine, 300 
Ruebottom, Ann, 116 

Ruggles, Charles, 20 

Mary, 20 

Samuel, 20 

Sary Ann, 20 
Rundell, mary, 95 
Runeldt, Lidy, 208 
Runyon, Catharine, 108 

Catharine Quick, 108 

Emma, 297 

Joseph, 108 

Peter. 108 

Providence Blackford, 109 

Rachal, 108 
Russell, Abel, 93, 94 

Adam, M., 93 

Ebenezer, 93 

Electa, 93 

Elizabeth, 93, 219 

Helen, 93 

Jane, 219 

Lettis, 93 

Maria, 93 

Sarah, 93, 94 

Solomon. 93 

Thomas, 219 
Rust, family, 152 
Rutter, Hellen, 19 

James, 19 

Mary Ann, 19 
Ruttenber, E. M., 154. 155 
Rycken, Hendrick, 150 
Ryder, Abigail (Terry), 169— 

Annis, 164 

Thos., 164, 169 
Ryerse, Cathrine, 46-48 

Lewis, 46-49 
Ryerson, George, 288 

Sabine, George, 104 

Rachel Skillman, 104 
Sacket, Anna, 94 
Sadlier, Elisabeth King, 215 

Richard, 215 
Safford, Adin, 94 

Agnes Cornelia, 94 

Agness C, 94 

Almira (Leigh), 26 

Anna, 94 

Betsey A., 94 

Betsey Ann, 94 

Betsey B., 94 

Charles Henry, 94 

Charlott Ann, 94 

Charlotte, 94 

Chester, 94 

Elizabeth, 94, 200 

Esther, 94 

Esther E.,94 

Esther Mary, 94 

G. F., 94, 200 

George R., 94 

Gideon, 94 

Gideon A., 26, 94 

Gideon F., 94, 200 

Isabel, 94 

James, 94 

James G., 94 

James T., 94 

John E., 94 

John L., 94 

Julia B., 94 

Lucy, 94 

Lucy Maria, 94 


Margaret C„ 94 

Mary, 94 

Mary E., 94 

Mary H., 94 

Mary Hanna, 200 

Nancy, 200 

Nathan, 200 

Nathan F.,94 

Nathaniel, 200 

Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 


Safford, Richard M., 94 

Ruth M., 94 

Samuel, 94, 200 

Sarah, 94, 200 

Sarah Ann, 94, 200 

Sarah M. Ann, 200 

Thomas, 94, 200 

William C.,94 

William James, 200 

Wm, C, 94, 200 

Wm. M., 94, 200 
Sage Russell, 71, 147 

Russell, mrs., 72 
Salmon, 231 

Abigail, 169 

Elizabeth, 169 

Hannah, 169 

Hannah Bayley, 165, 168, 

Johe, 169 
ohn, 169 

Katharine Curtis Sinder- 
land, 169 

Mary, 169 

Nathll., 169 

Rebecca, 169 

Sarah, 169 

Sarah Barnes, 169 

Sarah Horton, 169 

Stephen, 169 

William, 168, 169 

Wm., 165 
Salter, John, 88 
Sampson, Gregorie, 139 

Jane, 139 

Nycholas, 139 
Sanders, Eliza, 263, 266, 269, 

Else, 266 

Elsie, 268 
Sanford, Clark, 279 

Elias B., 70 
Sansbury, Susanna, 105 
Saunders, chief-justice, 174 
Savage, family, 233 

Abm., 200 

Abraham, 200 

Abram, 200 

Edward, 200 

James, 200 
ane K., 200 

John, 200 

Mary, 200 
Savergh, Caterian Near, 97 

Richard, 97 
Sawtell, George Henry, 214, 

Sawyer, mrs., 212 
Scharot, Mary Elizabeth, 268 

Thomas, 268 
Scharret, Ann Garritson, 184 

Benjamin Gryon, 186 

Catharine Perine, 186 

Charity Stilwell, 189 

Daniel, 184 

James, 184 

John, 186, 188 

Joseph, 190 

Martha Crips, 190 

Mary, 186, 188 

Mary Ann, 189 

Mary Swaim, 188 

Peter Swaim, 188 

Richard, 189 

Thomas, 190 
Scharrot, Augustus Eugene, 

Catharine Perine, 191 

John, 191 
Schenck, Anna Skillman, 297 

Anne, m 

Eliza Wilson, 298 

Emestus, 297 


Schenck, Henry, 298 

Ida Suydam, m 

Jane, 301 

John, mrs., 108 

Martin, m 

Sarah Skillman, in 
Schenk, Dorothy, 34 

Peter C.,34 
Schepmoes, Jan Jansen, 5 

Jan Jansz., 7 
Scherret, Ann (Garretson), 178 

Esther, 178 

James, 178 
Scherrets, John, mrs., 185 
Schieffelin, Eugene, 71, 147 
Schillinger, Elizabeth, 37 

Jonathan, 36, 37 

Phoebe, 36 
Schneider, Wilhelm, 226 
Schofield, mrs., 211 

Andrew, 18 

Eli, 17 

Lavinia, 18 
Scholes, Letitia, 200 

Richard, 200 
Scholl, Annetje, 288, 289 

Annetje Pieterse, 288 

Margaritje Provoost, 288 

Peter Johnson, 288 
Scholl (Scholt, Schal), Pieter 

Jansen, 288 
Schultzebach, Terresia,269 
Schureman, Elizabeth, 102, 299 
Schurz, Carl, 234 
Schuyler, Abranam, 74 

Arent, 288 

Mary, 84 

Peter, 74 

Pieter, jr., 84 
Scott, Anna M., 200 

Anna S., 200 

Anne, 56 

Anne Poe, 56 

Archibald, 56 

Christianna, 200 

Eleanor, 200 

Elizabeth, 200 

Isabel, 200 

J . , 200 

James, 200 

James W.T., 84 

Louisa, 197 

Margaret, 200 

Margaret Lindsay, 197 

Mary M., 200 

Susan D., 200 

Walter, 77 

William, 200 

Willoughby, 197 

Wm., 200 
Scouten, Elizebeth, 96 
Scribner, C. H., 94 

Mary H. Safford McWhor- 
ter, 94 
Scudder, Elizabeth Lowers, 

Jacob, no 

John, no 

Lemuel, no 

Mary, no 

Mary Budd, no 

Thomas, no 

Wm. V., 301 
Seaard, Olivia, 145 
Seacord, Corn!., 281 

Cynthia, 209 

Maria Holmes, 281 
Seaman, Ann Elizabeth, 263 

Benson, 192, 261, 263 

Charlotte Seely, 137 

Edwd., 283 

Eliza JacoDSon, 261, 263 

Emeline Hains, 283 

Seaman, Henry John, 261 

Isaac, 137 

Julia, 192 

Phoebe, 73 
Seamon, Rebecca, 209 
Sear, 273 

Searles, Jacob, 88 
Searls, Abigail, 200 

Vencent, 88 
Secket, Elizebeth Husted, 97 

Joel, 97 
Sechst, John, 87 
Secord, mrs., 212 

Abraham, 145 

Eliza Dixon, 145 

John, 15 

Peter, 16 
Secored, Daniel, 15 
See, Horace, mrs., 222 
Seely, Charlotte, 137 

Comfort, 220 

Cornelius, 220 

Cornelus, jun., 219 

David, 219 

Easter, 210 

Joseph, 219, 220 

Lydia, 137, 315 

Martha, 219, 220 

Mary, 219, 282 

Prissileh, 220 

Sarah, 220 
seeman, Nanee, 96 
Seeu, Cornelis, 286 

Cornells Jansse, 286 

Dominicus, 286 


Jacoba, 286 

Jacobus, 286 

Jan, 28b 

Maria, 286 

Michael, 286 

Neeltje, 286 

Tryntje (Catherine) de 
Mandeville, 286 
Seguine, Lydia, 270 
Seidel, Charles Fr., 178 

Dorothea S., 178 
Selle, George, 40 
Selleck, Debora Peck, 282 

Warren Wm., 282 
Selsbey, Jonathan, 88 
Semans, Daniel, 15 
Semour, Elizabeth Cornell, 210 

Jessie, 210 
Sent, John Daniel, 88 

John Joab, 88 
Sequin, Lydia 259 
Servin, S. A. F., mrs., 159 
Seubering, Lambertje, 1 
Severance, John, 219 

Mary, 219 
Sewall, 244 

Dummer, 245 

Jane A. Marks, 245 

Henry, 245 

Mary, 245 

Samuel, 245 
Seward, sec, 162 
Seymerson, Abigale, 51 

Elizabeth, 51 

Isaac, 51 
Seymour, family, 239, 320 

Charles Henry, 200 

Eliza, 200, 201 

Eltsie, 200 

James H., 200, 201 

Mary E., 201 

Mary W., 201 

Samuel T., 201 
Seymourson, John, 54 

Ruben, 54 

Sarah, 5 


Shadboult, Elizebeth, 95 


Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 

Shambaugh, Benjamin F., 78 
Sharot, Mary, 268 
Sharp, David B., 107 

Kate Skillman, 107 
Sharpe, H.K.,27 

Jane Martin, 27 
Sharrot, Abraham, 259, 260, 266 

Alfred, 260 

Benjamin Housman, 260 

Cornelia Mersereau, 267, 

David, 263 

Eliza, 262 

Elizabeth, 267 

James, 259 

Jane Jennings, 259 

Jeremiah, 261, 263 

John, 259-261, 263 

John Davis, 262 

John William, 261 

Joseph, 267, 268 

Joseph Wilson, 268 

Lenah Ann, 260 

Lenah Swaim, 261, 263 

Margaret Housman, 260, 

Maria Swaim, 260 

Martha, 262 

Martha Crips, 258 

Mary Ann, 266 

Mary Swaim, 263 

Stephen, 258 

Susan Ann, 261 

Thomas, 258, 262 

Washington, 263 

William Henry, 267 
Sharrott, Abraham, 259 

Charity Stilwill, 259 

Richard, 259 

Susan, 260 
Shatto, Anna Skillman, 194 

William, 194 
Shavor, Adorn, 96 

Hannah Cook, 96 
Shaw, family, 231 

Clarissa, 209 

Hannah, 96, 98 

Sarah Bullock, 98 

william, 98 
Shawood, mather, 207 
Shay, Appolonia Skerrit Mott, 

Henry, 125 

Odissa, 125 
Sheal, Ebenezer, 87 
Shearwood, Clark, 283 

Allen, 283 

may Hillicar, 96 

Seamour, 96 
Sheehy, Ellen, 60 
Shepard, 315 

Abigail, 220 

Annab, 220 

Charity, 220 

Clarissa Kibbe Billings, 

Geo. C, 301 

John, 220 

Jonathan, 220 

Mary, 220 
Shepherd, family, 314 

Mary Jane Skillman, 193 

Owen, 38 

Stephen, 193 

Thomasina, 38 
Sheplar, mrs., 104 
Sheppard, Alice, 196 

Jonathan, 137 

Millicent, 137 
shereal, Elizabeth, 206 
Sherman, Thomas T., 17, 145, 
208, 224, 278 

sherred, abegal, 218 
niarce, 218 
mary, 218 
rebecah, 218 

sarah, 218 

Thomas, 218 

william, 218 
Sherrill, Jemima, 36 
Sherwood, family, 154 

Henrietta Betts, 209 
Tames I., 201 

John M., 209 

Margaret, 201 

Sarah, 201 
Shields, James, 201 
Shier, Easter Seeley, 210 

William Henry, 210 
Shiffer, Catherine, 283 
Shipley, George, 205 

Hannah, 205 

Hannah Lee, 205 
Shipman, rev. mr., 217 

Mary King, 217 
Shorm, class, 218 

derrick, 218 

engell, 218* 

Gorus, 218 

mary, 218 

thomas, 218 
Shoulder, Andrew, 201 

Elizabeth, 201 
Shove, Edward, 236, 317 
shrall, keziah, 206 
Shultes, tasea, 208 
Shults, Hannah, 95 
Shute, John, 222 

Thomas, 222 
Sibley, C. A. L., 79 
Sidney, Jonathan Haight, 210 

Margaret Murry Worden, 
Silber, Arthur Moore, 150 
Silsbey, Elija, 88 

Enos, 88 
Silsby, Jonathan, 88 
Silvy, 118 

Eliza, 126 

Elizabeth (Skerrit), 126 

Hester, 121, 124 

Hester Taylor, 121, 124 

Jane, 177 

Joseph, 126 

Rachel (Hester), 177 

Richard 121, 124, 177 

William, 124 
Simmons, Ann, 282 

Elizebeth gildersleve, 96 

Emily Chapman, 283 

Israel, 283 

Jothan, 283 

marget maybe, 96 

Richard, 96 

Ruth, 96 

Selvenes, 96 
Simonson, , 190 

Abby Jane, 266 

Abigail Ann, 125 

Abraham, 125 

Ann, 45, 258, 260, 264 

Ann (Praull), 125 

I'... 124 

Barent, 45 

Barnet, 124, 125, 177, 179, 

Charles, 121, 124, 180 

Chas., 124 

Cornelius, 121 

Daniel D., 266 

Elizabeth, 270, 271 

Elizabeth Hilliard, 125 

Hanna (Decker), 125 

Hannah, 191 

Hylah, 180 

Simonson, Isaac, 266 

Jane, 114, 120, 177. 271 

Jane Decker, 120, 123, 177, 

joannah, 258 

John Beatty, 45 

Lena, 123 

Margret, 114 

Mary, 124, 180, 187, 192, 259 

Mary Vanderbilt, 121, 124 

Mathias Decker, 120 

Phebe Ann, 124 

Reuben, 114, 120, 123, 125, 
177, 178, 180, 191 

Sarah, 124 

Sarah Eliza, 266 

Sarah (Romeyn), 124 
Simpkins, Vincent, 219 
Simpson, Martha, 196 

Mary, 194 

Violinda, 30 
Simson, margett, 207 
Sinclair, Matthew, 201 
Sinderland, Katharine Curtis, 

Matthew, 169 
Skerret, Ann, 54, 113, 115 

Catharine Perine, 116, 177 

Christiana, 177 

Elizabeth, 47, 48, 53, 113 

Hannah, 48 

iames, 115 
ames, jr., 54, 113 
ohn,47, 50, 116, 177 
laria, 116 
Mary, 47, 48, 50 
Rachel, 50 
Richard, 48, 50, 53 
Ruth, 53 
Thomas, 48 
William, 48, 54 

Skerrit, , 118 

mr., 52 

mrs., 121, 124 

Abraham, 51 

Ann, 121 

Ann , 118 

Anna, 51 

Ann (Garrison), 121, 124, 

appolonia, 125 

Cath., 123 

Catharine, 125, 127 

Catharine Elizabeth, 121 

Catharine (Perine), 119, 
122, 127 

Elizabeth, 50, 51, 126 

Eve, 123 

Frances, 125 

Frances (Rooks), 121 

Tames, 118, 121, 127 

John, 119, 121, 122, 127 

John Garritson, 118 

Joseph, 122 

Lucy Ann, 119, 128 

Martha, 128 

Martha (Cribbs), 128 

Martha Crips, 180 

Mary, 50, 51, 125, 127 

R., jr., 182 

Richard, 50-52 

Richard, jr., 124 

Richard, sr., 50 

Richd, jr., 50 

Thomas, 124, 128, 180 

William Crips, 180 
Skerritt, Abraham, 182 

Mary (Mott), 182 

Richard, jr., 182 
Skidmore. 228, 231 

Caroline, 201 
Skillmaem, Sally, ill 

Index of Names in 



Skillman. widow McRae, 29 
Aaron, 33 
Abigail, 104. 105. Ki 

Abraham, 30, 32, 33. i°3" 
105, 107-109. "2- x 95. '99 

Abraham A., 108 

Abraham Stryker, 298 

Abraham V. A., 34 

Ada, 198 

Adaline, I93.29S 

Adaline Henderson, 295 

Adams, 109 

Alcinda. 30 

Alfred, 110 , 

Alice, 33. 193. 194. 198, 296 
Alice Carey, 194 
Alice Conway, 29b 
Alice Felix, 199 
Alice Sheppard, 190 
Alice Tillman, 193 
Allen, 31. 193 
Allen Cary. 297 

MUCH ^.v-x j •-->• 

Amanda, 198, 29$ 
Amanda Hutchinson, 198 
Amelia Stryker, 194 
Andrew. 104, 107,295 
Ann 2Q 105-107 f I0 9' m 
Ann Fromm (Vromm), no 
Ann Stillwell, 195 
Anna, 31- 32, 194. 297, 299 

Ann B. LaTourette, 108 

Anna C. Van Dyke, 34 

Anna Voorhees. 109 

Annabelle, 193 

AnneSchenck, in 

Anne True, 296 

Annie, 29 

Annie Johnson, no 

Arabelle, 193 

Armatha, 296 

Asaph Clayton, 106 

Augustus H., 298 

Benj., 31. I0 3- lob ,„. ino 

Benjamin, 29. 104. i°7, 109, 

194, 195. 295 
Bessie, 198 
Betsey, 104 
Betsey Applegate, 105 
Betsey Irwin, 104 
Betsey Van Duyn, 105 
Bishop, 298 
Brom, 105 
Bushrod,3° , 
Byron Deward, 297 
Caroline, 106, 298 
Carrie, 295 
Catharine, 30. 32, 3j. i0 4- 

106, 108. H2, 195. 294 
Catharine A. Pryor, 199 
Catharine Albright, 190 
Catharine Beekman, 296 
Catharine Brown, 111 . 
Catharine Clendenning. 

Catharine Runyon, 108 
Catharine Skinner, 30 
Catharine W., 299 
Charity, 32 - to . 

Charles, 103, 104. 106, 194, 

Charles Augustus, 298 
Charles B., 199 
Charles E., 104. 193 
Charles F., 195 
Charles Grigg, 199 
Charles Nelson, 300 
Charlotte Prall, 299 
Christina Fritts, 195 
Christopher, 29, 30, 295, 296 
Christopher C., 29 
Christopher H., 190 
Clara, 193. 296 
Clara Park, 299 

Skillman, Clarence, 193 
Clarendon, 297 
Clay, 295 
Clarissa, 29 
Clifford Gordon, 193 
Cora, 193. J 94 
Cora Lane, 195 
Cordelia, 104 
Cornelia, 190. , 2 98 
Cornelia Quick, 32 
Cornelius, 103 
Cynthia Ann, 31, 297 
Cynthia Hays, 295 
Daniel, 107 
David, 193 , . 
David Comfort, 105 
David L.. 198 
David Livingston, 300 
David Nevius, 299 
Delia Alexander, 30 
Dixie, 295 
Dora, 295 

Dorothy Schenk, 34 
Duella Bunkert, 297 
Edna, 193„ „ 

Edna Wellow, 198 
Edward, 104, 193 
Eleanor, 105, rob 
Eleanor Blue, 109 
Eleanor Ten Broeck, 33 
Elenora, 297 

Eli, 193 

Eiias Conover, 108 

Elias Scudder, 105 

Eliza, 104, 105. 108, 193. 199 

Eliza Ann, 34, 297 

Eliza Ann Browder, 296 

Eliza Jane Johnson, 29b 

Eliza Williams, 108 

Elizabeth, 29-32. ioj. i0 4' 

109, no, 194. 298. 300 
Elizabeth Brown, 296 
Elizabeth Nevius, 194, 299 
Elizabeth Strijcker, 32 
Elizabeth Swank, 297 
Ella, 194 
Ellen, 33. I0& 
Elsey, in . , . „ 
Elsey Van Arsdalen, 3j 
Elvira, 296 
Emily, 295 , 
Emily Ann. 190 
Emma, 107 
Emma Rice, 295 
Emma Runyon, 297 

l t v h a e n'H 9 enton.3o,296.297 
Fairy, 295 
Fanny, 294 
Florence, 195 
Frances, 199 
Francis, m . 
Francis Martin, in 

Frank, 107, 193. *94 

Fred. Wilson, 198 

Garret, 104 

George, 106-108, 198 

George L., 195 

Gerardus, 31, 32 

gilbert' van Middlesworth, 

Glenn R., 198 
Grace, 193. 198 
Hannah, 106, 107, 112 

Hannah Clark, 108 
Hannah J., 106 
Hannah J anney, 106 
Hannah Strong, 194 
Hannah Van Cott 112 
Harriet 30, io7, 198. 295 
Harriet 6.' Brown Horton, 

Harriet Stockton, 103. 109 

Skillman, Harriet Stoner, 295 
Harry Todd, 198 
Harvey, 195, ?95 
Hattie D. Adams, 194 
Helen, 109 
Hendrick, 32 
Henrietta, 196 
Henrietta Payne, 29 
Henry, 104 
Henry Clay, 296 
HeniyP..i94 . . , 
Hetty Holhngshead, 10b 
Hiram, 108 
Hiram D.,300 
Ida, 193. 194 
Ida Stryker, 103 
Isaac 29-33. 105, 106, 109, 
no, 112, 195. 295. 298, 299 
Isaac B., 295 
Isaac Harrison, 29, 198 
Isaac N.,33 
Isaac Nevius, 194 
Isaac Newton, 194 
Isaac Simpson, 31 
Isaac W., 193 
Jack, 295 
Jacob, 33. 104-107, 109, n2, 

1 94, 298 
Jacob C, 107 
Jacob Runyon, 108 
James, 193. 194. 199. 297 
James Beverage, 29 
James Carmon, 193 
James L., 30 
James P., 198 
James Q., 132 
James R., 199 
lames Reed, 106 
James W., 296 
Jane, 33. 104,111,296 

Jane , 195 

Jane A. LaRue, 194 
Jane Burrell, 299 
Jane Messerole, 112 
Jane Van Dyke, 31 
Jennie Baldoch, 193 
Jennie Bromley, 194 
Jerusha Rogers, III 
Jimmie, 29 
Joachim, no 
Joanna Nevius, 3» 
John, 20-32. 103-107, 109, in 
112, 193, 196, 199. 294. 296 
John A., 195.295 
John B., 104 
John Gulick, 107 
John H., 30, 196, 198 
John Harvey, 198 
JohnM., 194. 195 
John N., 33 
John Newton, 300 
John Post, 108 
John R., 108.! 
John Scudder, no 
John T., 104 . 
John Thorp, 296 
John Van Dyke, 31 
John W., 30,296 
John W., jr., 295 
John Welling, 3°° . 
John Whiteley, 30, 295 
Jonathan, 194 ,_, 

Joseph, 31-33, 109-112, 195. 

Joseph Henry, 112 

losiah, in, 198 
"Josiah P., 198 . 

Josiah Payne, 29, 198 
Julia, 106 
Julia Allen, 295 
Juliette, 30,294 
Junius Rogers, 196 
Kate, 107 
Kate Peele, 193 


Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 

Skillinan, Katharine, 29, 196, 

Katharine M., 196 
Kesiah, 197 
Keziali, 29 

Kitty Bishop Jewell, 297 
Lavinia, 198 
Lavinia Wilson, 198 
Lavvton L., 195 
Leo B., 297 
Leslie, 193, 198 

I.ettic , 110 

Lewis, 194, 198, 295 

Lillian, 194 

Lizzie, 194, 295 

Lizzie Hamilton, 194 

Louisa, 104 

Louisa H. Smith, 107 

Lucretia, 32 

Lucretia Van Zandt, 32 

Lucy St. Clair, 297 

Luella, 194 

Lula, 198 

Lydia, 106 

Lydia Ann, 299 

Lydia Chambers, 295 

Magdalena Veghte, 31, 104 

Madalina Post, 108 

Mahala, no 

Malinda, 193 

Mamie, 295 

Margaret, 33, 109, no, 112 

Margaret Nevius, 299 

Margaret Tompkins, 193 

Maria, in, 296, 298 

Maria Louisa, 300 

Marie, 198 

Marion, 194 

Martha, 198, 199 

Martha Grigg, 199, 294 

Martha Potter, 299 

Martin, 111 

Martin N., 32 

Mary, 30-33, 103,105,107,193, 

194, 296, 297, 299, 300, 308 
Mary Ann, 108, no, 112,296 
Mary Beekman, 33 
Mary Brown, 106 
Mary D. Rice, 295 
Mary Delaney, 112 
Mary Elizabeth, 112, 296 
Mary French, 296 
Mary Hageman, 33 
Mary J. Wagner, 193 
Mary Jane, 193 
Mary K., 198 
Mary Robinson, 194 
Mary Scudder, no 
Mary Simpson, 194 
Mary Stryker, 103, 297 
Mary Sunderland, 105 
Mary Tamsen, 108 
Mary Thompson, 193 
Mary Van Nest, 195 
Mary Veghte Stryker, 31 
Mary Wilson, 198 
Matilda Harvey, 108 
Matilda Kershaw, 32 
Mattie Redd, 198 
Mildred, 194 
Miles, 194 
Minnie, 198 
Mollie Wilson, 29 
Nancy, 29, 104, 109, 197, 295, 

Nancy Henton, 30 
Nancy Jane, 31 
Nancy Whitely, 30 
Nellie Heineman, 193 
Nicholas Veghte, 104 
Nora, 198, 297 
Obadiah Allen, 193 
Oliver, 195 
Olivia Price, 295 

Skillinan, Orville T., 199 
Pattie, 295 
Pearl, 194, 198 
Permelia Robbins, 29 
Peter, 30, 31, 103, 105, 108, 
„ 193. 195 
Peter P., 107 
Phoebe, 109 
Polly, 105 
Polly Albright, 193 
Polly Haynes, 196 
Rachel, 104, m 
Rachel Hollingshead, 31 
Rachel Stockton, 103, 106, 

Rachel Sutton, 300 
Ralph, 107 
Raymond, 193 
Rebecca, 106, 108, 295 
Renson, 297 

Richard, 30, 105, 199, 295 
Richard A., 198 
Richard M., 193 
Richard W., 300 
Ritie Ann, 108 
Robert, 106, 107 
Roger N., 195 
Rosemary Wilson, 300 
Rufus Eldridge, 299 
Ruth McNair, 298 
Sallie, 199 

Sallie Thomason, 296 
Sally, 105 
Samantha, 296 
Samuel, 29. 31, 104-106, 109, 

no, 193 
Samuel D., 195 
Sauford, 198 
Sarah, 30, 109-111, 19^, 194, 

Sarah Amanda, 108 
Sarah Ann, no, 194 
Sarah Ann Minuse, 112 
Sarah Conover, 107 
Sarah F. Oulton, 196 
Sarah J. MacDonald, 195 
Sarah Macauley, 193 
Sarah Smith, 198 
Sarah Williamson, 298 
Sarah Wilmuth, 297 
Sarah Wilson, 198 
Simeon, 107 
Stephen, 194 
Stephen T., 107 
Susan, 30, 294 
Susan Hollingshead, 106 
Susan Marks, 295 
Susan Pendry, 193 
Susanna, 105, 106, 112 
Susanna Gardner, 112 
i. Susanna Sansbury, 105 
Tammy, 107 
Theodore, 109, 193, 195 
Thomas, 29, 31-33, 103, 104, 

109-112, 194, 296, 297 
Thomas B., no 
Thomas J., 198 
Thomas Q., 32 
Titus, 107 

Ursula , 112 

Ursula Hunt, 104 
Verona, 296 

Violinda, 29, 30, 195,198 
Violinda Simpson, 30 
Wallace, 295 
Walter, 104 
Warren Ellsworth, 195 
Washington, 29, 195 
Whitfield, 195 
Wilhelmina, 299 
Wilhelmina Nevius, 299 
William, 29-31, 33, 105, 107, 

193-195. 198. 297-299 
William D., 296 

Skillman, William E., 295 

William Emley, 300 

William F., 196 

William G., 30, 199, 294,295 

William H., 196 

William Henry, 107, 193 

William Johnson, 107 

William Jones, 29, 103, 193, 

William L., 31, 300 

William Oulton, 196 

William R., 106, 108 

Win. Harrison(Will Hack), 
Skinner, family, 231 

Catharine, 30 

Henry, 104 

Margaret Reeves, 104 
Slaghter, michall, 134 
Slarrow, Joseph, 201 
Slater, Coterean, 208 
Slaughter, Eliza Craft, 210 

Penelope Merrit, 22 

William, 22, 210 
Slone, Emily, 296 

John B., 296 

Verona Skillman, 296 

William, 296 
Smart, Emily G., 201 

James H., 201 

Jane, 201 

John, 201 

Margaret, 201 

Mary Ann, 201 

Peter, 201 

Sarah, 201 
smeth, William, 133 
Sunt, Dirck Barensen, 6 

Hendrik, 6 
Smith, family, 159, 315 

nir., 241 

Abel, 48 

Alethea Purdy, 209 

Amos, 201 

Amy, 137 

Ann, 201 

Anna Mar., 178 

Beatrice, 312 

Caleb, 137, 138 

Catharina, 182 

Clarissa, 282 

Denton, 88 

Edward. 15 

Elizabeth, 48, 74, 206 

Elizebeth Soule, 95 

George A., 312 

George Wilson, mrs., 305 

Gilbert, 201 

G. W., mrs., 149 

Hannah, 75 

Hannah Couch, 74- 

Heman, 136 

Henry B., 201 

Henry D., 178 

Isaac Parish, 150 

Isaac Townsend, 147 

Jacob, 15 

Jacob, jr., 15 

James Henry, 223, 312 

John, 15, 19, 95, 129 

John Yule, 312 

johnathan, 16 

Juda Mosher, 208 

Lincoln Childs, 70 

Louisa H., 107 

Louisa Palaske, 301 

L. W., miss, 159 

Margaret, 138 

Mary, 293 

Mary Ann, 210 

Mary E., 295 

mary Stillwell, 97 

mattias, 97 

Nathan Holt, 234 

Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 


Smith, Rachel Williams, 242 
Ransom, 201 
Samuel, 48 

Sarah, 97, 198, 201, 210 
Sarah A., 201 
Silance, 201 
Silence, 201 
"Tangier," 228 
Thadeous, 19, 212 
Thaddeus, 201 
Thomas, 131, 201 
William, 201, 209, 221 
Wright, 208 
W. Schuster, 223 
Sneden, Elizabeth, 227 
Snediker, Isaac, 105 
Snider, Mary, 207 
Sniftin, mrs., 278 
Anne, 145 
Bethinia, 23 
Deborah, 23 
Elizabeth Travis, 209 
George, 209 
Hannah Pratt, 210 
John, 211 
Nathan, 210 
Roger, 280 
Sarah, 145 
Snighers, peter, 206 

Sarah Crandall, 206 
Snook, John B., 225 
Snow, Daniel, 201 
Snyder, Alfred, 300 
Ann Beers, 226 
Catharine Barber, 300 
Elizabeth O., 201 
George, 201 
George W., 201 
Henry D. H., 226 
Sara A., 226 
Solomon, Amy, 168 
John, 168 
Mary, 168 
Sarah, 168 
Sarah Barnes, 168 
William, 168 
Somerdyk, Antje, 290 
Somerendyk, Hannah, 290 
Jannetie, 290 
Mary, 290 
sorarland, David, 129 
mary, 129 
William, 129 
Sotherland, Elizebeth Edget 
mary, 98 
william, 207 
Soule, Cozier, 96 
Elizebeth, 95, 98 
george, 97 
Hannah, 97 
mary Bergh, 97 
Souls, Anne, 96 
Souther, Levina, 207 
Southerland, David, 96 
Debrough Husted, 96 
Elizabeth, 206 
Sally, 96 
Southwick, Jeanie Lea, 233 
Spees, F. T., in 

JaneSkillman, in 
Spencer, family, 315 
Garrard, 315 
John, 315 

William Henry, 315 
Spier, Catharine Neabie, 102 

Hans Hendrickson, 102 
sponer, Zeviah, 98 
Spragg, Mary, 39 
Sprague, John, 201 

Jordan, 201 
oseph, 201 

Sprague, Margaret, 201 
Rebecca, 201 
Rebecka, 201 
Simon, 201 
Susan E., 201 
Spries, Johann, 269 

Valentine Cornelius, 269 
Sprong, Barnabas, 46 
Citie, 46 
Jane, 46 
Sprunt, James, 234 
Sqier, fillips, 218 
squier, abigall, 135 
Staats, Aeltje, 109 

Cornelia, 31 
Stafford, Dorothea Hallen- 
bake, 151 
Joab, 151 
Spencer, 151 
Susan, 151 
Staler or Slater, Coterean, 208 
Stanford, hannah, 208 
Stanton, Frances, 38 
John, mrs., 80, 234 
Lydia Conrad, 312 
Samuel, 312 
Samuel B., 312 
Stiles Franklin, 312 
Stark, Charles Wolcott, 222 
St. Clair, Lucy, 297 
Stearns, Jonathan P., 201 
Steavenson, Andrew, 229 
Stebbins, Anne Brown, 23 
David, 19, 23 
James, 281 
Jane Brown, 19 
Miliceut Brown, 281 
Theophilous, 19 
Stebius, Benonah, 219 
Ebeneser, 219 
Ebenezer, 219 
Johaunah, 219 
Mary, 219 
Steel, James, 19, 201 
Jane, 201 
John, 151 

Mary Bradford, 151 
Priscilla, 201 
Robert, 19 
Samuel, 151 
Thomas, 201 
Steele, Eleanor, 201 

Harriet Morgan, 151 
Jane, 202 

.sjane McMurray, 201 
John, 201, 202 
Joshua, jr., 201, 202 
Lemuel, jr., 151 
Mary, 202 
Mary Ann, 202 
Priscilla, 202 
Tabitha Barnard, 151 
Thomas, 202 
Steendam, Jacob, 6 
Stegle, Ch., 112 
Stenrod, Edward, 88 
Stephens, mrs., 212 
Anna Skillman, 32 
Luther, 32 
Nathn, 212 
Stephenson, family, 314 
William, 314 
Wm., 3M 
Sterry, John DeWitt, 70 
Stetson, John, 282 

Susan Roberts, 282 
Stevens, mrs., 312 
Annie F., 312 
Catharine, 108 
Cyrus, 202 

Daniel Tompkins, 312 
Esther Maria, 202 
Maria, 202 
Sam'l, 202 

Stevenson, Agness McMurray, 

Andrew, 229 

Catharine Fleming, 196 

Eleanor, 202 

George, 86 

Jacob, 6 

James, 202 

John, 19b 

Mary, 202 

R, M., 202 

Robert, 278 

Robert M., 202 

Samuel, 202 

Thomas, 202 

Thos., 202 

Wm. Jas., 202 
Steward, mrs, 127, 189, 257, 259, 
266, 270 

Anthony Y., 271 

Archibald Douglas, 271 

Jaunet, 145 

Mary, 271 

Thomas, 186 

Thomas, mrs., 186 

Stewards, mrs., 187 
Stewart, Alexander, 202 

Amanda, 75 

Anna, 202 

Bruce, 75 

Caterean, 96 

Charles, 75 

Elizabeth, 202 

Ezra, 75 

George, 202 

Hannah Kitch, 183 

James, 202 

Jean, 202 

John, 75, 202 

Marcena, 75 

Martha, 75 

Mary Ann, 202 

Mary McCracken, 202 

Melvina, 75 

Oliver, 75 

Robert, 202 

Ruth Ann, 75 

Sarah Jane, 183 

Thomas, 183 

Wallace, 75 

Williams, 202 

Wm. Rhinelander, 312 
Stickel, Andrew, 207 

Christein, 207 

Eve Cows, 207 
stickel, margett, 96 
Stickle, Dab^urah Deen, 97 

hannah, 206 

Nichelus, 97 
Stiles, family, 237, 238, 318, 3i° 

Henry R., 77. 79. 80, 233, 
237, 238 

Henry Reed, 149, 231 

H. R., 318, 319 

James, 97 

Sarah Bogall, 97 
Stille, Cornells Jacobsen, 290 

iacob Cornelissen, 290 
eannetie Jacobs, 290 
larytie Hendrix, 290 
Stillwell, Abraham, 186, 268 
Ann, 195 

Catharine Ann, 186 
John E., 149, 154 

iohn William, 268 
os., 125 
,ucretia, 259 
Mary, 97, 185 
Mary Sharot, 268 
Mary Sc'aarret, 186 
Nicholas. 182, 183 
Susan, 178, 186, 189 


Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 

Stilwell, , 265 

Abraham, 188, 264 

Charity, 189 

Dewitt, 231 

De Witt, 233 

Elisabeth, 118 

Frances, 51, 53, 122, 126 

Francis, 180 

Henry Edward Perine, 18 

John E., 158 

Joseph, 49 

Jos., 125 

Lucretia, 262 

Mary, 264 

Mary Scharret, 188 

Nicholas, 51, 116, 180 

Niclas, 115 

Nicolas, 52, 118 

Sally, 269 

Sarah, 265 

Sus.. 122, 125 

Susan, 125, 127, 182, 185 

Susanna, 49, 122 
Stilwill, Charity, 259 
Stimpson, family, 229 
stiuers, Caterne, 135 

richard, 135 

Robart, 135 

robarte, 135 
Stivers, Robert, 232 
St. John. Abrm., 283 

Catherine Sniffer, 283 

Matthias, 228 

Sarah, 22 
Stock, Elliot, 77. 79 
Stockton, Rachel, 103, 109 
Stoddard, Richard H., 59. 60 
Stokam, Stephen, 20, 278 
Stone, Abner, 202 

Jemima, 202 

John, 79 

Peter, 202 

Susannah, 202 

Truman Lewis, 79 
Stoothoff, Sarah, 32 
Storey, John, 105 
Storm, hendrick, 218 

mary, 218 

Stats, 218 

neshe, 218 
story, Amos, 97 

Caterine prough, 97 

Celia, 179, 182, 184, 187, 259 

Elizebeth, 207, 208 

Joseph, 79 
Stout, , 104 

Jane Skillman, 104 
oseph, 202 
Stought(en)bourg, Elizebeth 
Case, 96 

James, 96 

Lukens, 96 

Sarah Morres, 96 
Stoutenbourgh, Cateren, 97 
Stoutenburgh, H. A., 315 

Henry A., 316 
Straight, John, 95 

Mary Crandell, 95 
Stranahan, M. F., mrs., 232 
Strang, , 284 

mrs., 283 

Alfred, 18 

Daniel, 280 

Eliza, 284 

Eliza Ann, 19 

Henry, 19 

Joseph, 18, 279 

Lavinia, 19 

Sally Ann, 18 

William, 18, 19 

Wm., 284 
Strickland, James A., 202 

Orpha, 202 

Selden, 202 

Strijcker, Agnietje, 5 
Altje, 2, 5 
Anjenietje,, 3 
Annetje (Barends), 4 
Barent, 4 

Catherine (Huys), 4 
Dirck, 1 
Eytje (Ida), 4 
Garret, 8 
Garrit Janse, 3 
Gerret, 5, 8 
Gerrit, 1 
Hendrick, 4 
Jacob, 4-8 
Jacobus, 1, 8, 9 
Jan, 1-5, 7, 32 
Jaraletje, 3 
John, 8 
Martha, 8 
Mercy, 8 
Pieter, 4 
Sampson, 8 
Sara, 4 

Sarah (Crooker), 8 
Styntje Gerritse Dorland, 

Wyntje Cornelise (Boom- 

gaert), 8 
Wyntje (Winifred), 8 
Striker, 229 

Ann (Albertson), 9 
Gerrit (Garret), 8 
Tames, 9 
Stringham, Kezia, 207 
Strong, family, 232, 239, 320 
Elon, 194 
Hannah, 194 
Strycker, 7 
family, 4 
Catharine, 32 
Elizabeth, 32 
Hendrick, 32 
Lambertje Suebering, 32 
Stryker, gen., 5 

Abraham, 103, 109, 297 

Amelia, 194 

Baleche Montfort, 103 

Cornelia Beekman, 103, 297 

Cornelius, 103 

Harriet Stockton Skillman, 

103, 109 
Ida, 103 
Jacob, 103, 109 
John, 31 
Mary, 103, 297 
Mary Skillman, 103, 109 
Mary Veghte, 31 
Peter, 103 
Sarah B., 103 
William, 103 
William S., 4 
Stultz, Peter, 105 
Stuyvesant, 7 
Suebering, Lambertje, 32 
Sufferu, J. Bogart, 155 
Sullivan, James, 108 
Susie Marsh, 108 
Sunderland, Mary, 105 
Surrine, Charles, 15 
James, 15 
Peter, 87 
Surtherland, Joseph, 95 
Lewis, 207 
mary, 206 
phebe mosher, 207 
Sarah Dunham, 95 
sute, John, 135 
Rebeka, 135 
Richard, 135 
sarah, 135 
thomas, 135 
Sutherland, Abigail, 302 
Abigel Dunkun, 95 
Abigell, 97 

Sutherland, Anna, 302 

Debourah, 207 

Hannah, 303 

Hannah Dunkins, 96 

Henry, 303 

Ira, 303 

Isaac, 303 

Josiah, 95, 302 

Mary, 303 

Polly, 303 

Rowland, 303 

Rowlen, 96 

Sarah Comings, 207 

Silas, 207 

Solomon, 302, 303 

Tamma,3o2, 303 

Walter, 302 

Wm. R., 302 
Sutphen, Elizabeth, 298 

John J., 298 

Mary Wilson, 298 
Sutton, family, 236, 317 

John, 105 

Mary, 23 

Mary Skillman, 105 

Rachel, 300 
Suydam, Eliza Skillman, 104 

Ida, in 

Jacob, 104 

Walter Lispenard, 159, 233, 
Swaim, Catharine. 116, 118, 121, 

Elizabeth, 300 

Lenah, 261, 263 

Maria, 260 

Martha Ann, 263 

Mary, 188, 263 
Swaime, Dorothy, 121 
Swank, Cary Alvin, 297 

Cynthia Ann Skillman, 297 

David, 297 

Elizabeth, 297 

Eudora, 297 

Ida, 297 

John F., 297 

Julia Day, 297 

Mary, 297 

Mary Caldwell, 297 

Nora, 297 

Rhoda Grimes, 297 

William Clinton, 297 
Swart, Elizabeth Van der 
Linde, 75 

Pieternelle, 75 

Teunis Cornelissen, 75 
Swatout, Catarine, 95 
Swayne, Wager, 77 
Sweeney, Alfred, no 

Andrew, no 

Ann, no 

Edward, no 

Harriet, no 

James, no 

John, no 

Josephine, no 

Margaret, no 

Margaret Skillman, no 

Miles, no 
Sweet, Betsey Camfield, 97 

Ethan, 97 
sweet, Martha, 95 
Sweezy, Isaac, in 

Sarah Skillman, in 
Swift, family, 231 

Eliza Bodine, 261, 267, 270, 

Heman, 136 

Isaac, 261, 267, 270, 272 

James Bodine, 270 

Jeremiah, 272 

John William, 261 

Margaret Elizabeth, 267 

Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 


Syloy, Hester, 49 

Oliver Taylor, 49 

Richard, 49 
Symerson, Barnet, 52 

Daniel, 53 

Dorothy Barnes, 53 

Elizabeth, 53 

Isaac, 53 

Phebe, 52 

Ruben, 52, 53 

Sarah, 53 
Symonds, Richard, 158 
Symonson, Abigail, 117 

Hannah, 118 

Hetty, 118 

Jacob, 118 

Jane, 116 

Jane Decker, 116, 118 

Reuben, 116, 118 

Ruben, 119 

Tabb family, 314 
Taber, Thomas, 236, 3i7 
Tafft, Cynthia Nap, 22 

Ellis, 22 
tailer, Abigaill, 129 
Edman, 129 
Elesabath, 129 
John, 129 
Joseph, jr., 129 
Tailer, Joseph, sr., 130 
tailer, Joshua, 129 

moses, 129 
Tailer, Ruth, 130 

samuel, 130 
Takels, James, 202 
Taler, Nathanil, 129 

sarah, 129 
tanner, Daniel, 96 
Tanner, Elizabeth, 295 
Mattie Higgins, 199 
Nancy, 295 
tanner, phebe Dean, 96 
Tanner, William H., 199 
Tappan, Anne De Witt, 312 
Blandina, 312 
Christopher, 312 
Peter, 312 
Taulman, Joseph E., 234 
tayler, Jean, 135 
Jisac, 135 
mary, 135 
moses, 135 
sarah, 135 
Taylor, mrs., 188, 283 

Amanda Skillman, 198 
Anna Buckham Wright, 

Anna Romeyn, 225 
Benjamin C, 225 
Benjamin Van Campen, 

Edward, 258 

Elbert, 198 

Eliza Meade, 281 

Elizabeth, 116, 119, "3. 127 

George W., 281 

Hester, 121, 124 

Isaac C, 225 

Isaac, sr., 222 

John, 222 

Joseph, 222 

Jssac, 135 „ „ 

Katherine Rappalye Cow- 

enhoven, 225 
Martha, 225 
Moses, 222 
Othniel, 225 
Sarah Chew, 145 
Van Campen, 223, 225 
Van Campen, mrs., 222 
William, 14$ „ 

William James Romeyn, 


Taylor, W. J. R., 225 
Ted, Aaron, 96 

Syntha Dan or Den, 96 
Teed, Daniel, 16 
Telford, Elizabeth, 202 

George, 202 

James, 202 
ohn, 202 
M., 202 

Margaret T., 202 
Marion, 202 
R., 202 
Sarah, 202 
Tellemaque (negro}, 22 
Temple, Thomas F., 79 
Ten Broeck, family, 154 
Eleanor, 33 
Hendrick, 33 
Judith, 74 
Wessel, 33 
Tenbrook, sr., 117 

Henry, 117 
tenner, Susannah, 206 
ter Bush, Catheren, 97 
Terhill, Isaac, 222 
Terry, Abigail, 169 
Bathia, 167 
Mary, 250 
Mary Horton,25o 
Nathan, 250 
Nathaniell, 250 
Phoebe, 250 
Vriah, 250 
Teunis.Teuntje, 1 
Thacher, George Winslow 
mrs., 158, i59 
T. W., 233, 234 
Tharp, Sarah Wall, 146 

William, 146 
Thatcher, Edwin Henry, 223 
Thayer, James Duane, 203 
Mary, 203 
Ruel, 203 
Theal, mr., 212 
mrs., 2ii, 278 
Abraham, 278 
Ann McCollum, 209 
Billa, 18, 209 
Charlotte, 209 
Elisha, 211 
Gilbert, 284 
John, 279 
Josiah, 283 
Lavinia, 18 
Sarah, 282 
Thomas, 278 
Thos., jr., 278 
Theall, Armania, 282 
Thomas, Ann E. Rogers, 197 
David, 91 
Tames M., 197 
Jeremiah, 98 
meriam wilbour, 98 
Thomason, Sallie, 296 
thomkins, deberah, 135 

Rebecka, 135 
Thompkins, Edmond, 222 

ohn, jr., 222 

Joseph, 222 
Thompson, mr., 187 
thompson, Abigell Sutherland 

Thompson, Alex., 280 

Ann Emily, 280 
thompson, Assa, 97 
Thompson, Charity Romer 

Charles G.. 84 

Charles Griswold, 222 

Cynthia, 195 

David, 81,203 

Elizabeth, 84, 203 
I Emely, 203 

Thompson, Fanny G., 203 
Frances Elizabeth, 202 
Frederick D.,81 
Frederick Diodati, 71. 75. 

81, 147 
genne perre, 96 
Grizzy, 203 
Hugh, 203 
Ida Swank, 297 
James, 272 
Jane, 302 
Jane Hide, 281 
John, 83,96 
Jonathan, 83 
Joseph, 203 
Joseph P., 195 
Margaret, 187, 203 
Margt., 280 
Mary, 193 
Mary Britton, 280 
Mary Elizabeth, 272 
Mary G.,84 
Mary H., 280, 281 
Mary Jane, 203 
Robert C, 203 
Sarah Diodati, 81 
Stephen, 297 
William, 83, 203. 280 
Wm., 203, 280, 281 
Thonn, Agur F., 105 
Ann Skillman, 105 
Susan, 105 
thorn, denton, 134 

Elezebeth garmon, 207 
John, 207 
Thorne, 228 

Samuel, 20 
Thorp, E., 45,46 
Thwaites, Reuben G., 80 
Thwaits, Robert, 221 
Thyssen, Agnietje Strijcker, 5 
Claes, 5 
Gerrit, 5 
Mathys, 5 
Pieter, 5 
Thys, 5 
Tibbets, Issabella Peacock, 210 

John Akins, 210 
Tibbits. Martha, 203 

William, 203 
Tidd, Joseph, 87 
Tilford, mr., 278 

Ann Hains Bown, 282 
Anne, 209 
Charity, 212, 213 
Charles, 17, 282 
Elijah, 209 
George, 203 

Hannah Jane Gidney, 281 
James, 203 
Margaret, 203 
Mary, 210 

Susannah Holmes, 209 
Tilley, family, 231 

Jane, 145 
Tillman, 315 
Alice, 193 
Annie, 294 
Tippett, Dorcas, 3 

George, 3 

Tippit, Joane, 218 

Joarge, 218 

Titford, miss , 211 

Francis, 211 
Susanah, 209 
Susanh, 211 
Titus, Frank H., 231, 234 
titus, gertrude, 97 
Titus, Katharine A., 31 

L. J.,31 

martha, 97 

Mary Holcomb, 31 

Phoebe, 73 


Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 

tobice, Saiah, 208 
tobis, Nanee, 97 
Tod, Deborah Pew, 92 

James, 92 
Todd, mr., 210 

Charles Burr, 75, 156 

Jane Haverland, 210 
Toffee, mr., 212 
Tomb, David, 203 

Elizabeth, 203 

Elizabeth Crozart, 203 

James, 203 

Jane, 203 

Jean, 203 

John, 203 

John W., 203 

Joseph, 203 

Lettice, 203 

Mary, 203 
tomkins, Caleb, 207 

Edmon, 134 

eliszabeth, 134 

hanah, 134 

Jean, 134 

John, 134 

Joseph, 134 

mary, 134 

nathanell, 134 
Tomkins, phebe Evons, 97 
tomkins, Ruth, 134 

Sarah Bush, 207 
Tomkins, thomas, 97 
tompkins, Handell, 95 
Tompkins, Margaret, 193 

Nathaniel, 222 

Noah Bishop, 22 

Sarah Martine, 22 
toras (Thomas), mary, 95 
Tooker, Ann Matilda, 263 

John, 192 
ohn N., 263 

Julia Eliza, 192 

Maria Jacobson, 192, 263 
Torian, A. E. McCargo, 198 

Allie Dorris, 198 

Ann E., 198 

Christopher, 198 

Ermine, 198 

F. E. McLenon, 198 

Flora, 198 

George, 198 

Henrietta, 198 

Jacob, 197 

James, 198 

James Anderson, 198 

Kesiah Skillman, 197 

Leila, 198 

M.J. Trimble, 198 

Marion, 198 

Peter A.. 198 

William C, 198 

William H., 197 
Torrian, Clarence R., 198 

N. C. Buck, 198 

Robertson Skillman, 198 
Totten, capt., 224 

mr., 71, 148, 223, 224, 311 

John R., 70, 79, 80, 146, 150, 
158, 159, 222, 223, 233, 234 

John Reynolds, 148, 149 
Tounen, ann, 132 

bilhah, 132 

James, 132 

mary, 132 

Richard, 132 

Thomas, 132 

Tunis, 132 
Townsend, Freelove, 157 

Grace Bush, 282 

James, 282 

Mary, 203 

Selvanis, 88 

Tracy, family, 158 
traves, Susannah grant, 95 

william, 95 
Travis, Elisha, 15 
Elizabeth, 209 
travis, gilbourd, 207 
Travis, Johnathan, 15 
travis, Martha Colenly, 207 
Travis, Schurman, 292 

Sirah, 282 
Travise, hannah Barker, 207 

Joshua, 207 
Traviss, Anna parmillier, 95 
Tsaac, 95 
Mossess, 15 
Tredwell, Anne Hatfield, 145 
Augustus, 17 
Elizabeth, 146 
Letitia Carpenter, 22 
Ludlum, 22 
Samuel, 145 
Trevis, Neomy Connely, 207 

Richard, 207 
Trimble, M J., 198 
tripp, Elezebeth, 97 
Tripp, Mary Snider, 207 

thomas, 207 
Troughtalen, Jonn, 95 
mary begordus, 95 
Truax, Abraham, 100 

Christine de la Grange, 100 
Elizabeth, 100 
Engeltie Beck, 100 
fsaac Abramse, 100 
Truman, Mary, 164 

Prudence Darrow, 164 
William, 164 
William, jr., 164 
Trussell. dr., 199 

Violinda Isabel Lynn, 199 
Tudor, Delia, 75 
Frederick, 72 
John, 72 
Marie L., 72 
Owen, 72 
William, 72 
Tukker. Maria, 291 
Turk, James, 22 

Rachel Purdy, 22 
Turnbull, Jeanie Laurence, 
Laurence, 301 
Louisa Palaske Smith, 301 

Turner, mr. , 17 

Daniell, 129 
lames, no, 203 
Jane Lindly, no 
Josephine, no 
niargaret, 129 
martha, 129 
Piatt, no 
Tuthill, 231 
family, 168 
Abigail, 168 
Daniel, [68 
Deliverance, 168 
Deliverance King, 167, 168 
Dorothy. 168 
Elizabeth, 167, 168 
Elizebeth, 246 
Hannah. 168, 248 
Henry, 168 
John, 167, 168 
John, jr., 168 
John, sr., 168 
mary Yongs, 168 
Nathaniel, 168 
Sarah Yongs, 168 
Tuttle, Arabelle Skillman, 193 
Ida Skillman, 193 
John, 193 
Wallace, 193 

Tymens, Marritje, 5 
Tysen, Claes ; 5 
Tyszen, Tietje, 5 

uaill, after, 135 

John, 135 

Mary, 135 

sarah, 135 

Thomas, 135 
uallintin, hannah, 135 

John, 135 

mary, 135 

matthias, 135 

sarah, 135 
ueall, Ruth, 134 
uermillin, wedow, 218 

Abraham, 218 

hanna, 218 

Johannis, 218 

mary, 218 

rechel, 218 
uinson, bettie, 218 

Chearles, 218 

Elesabeth, 218 

lenard, 218 

Susanna, 218 
underall, mary hall, 206 

Stephen, 206 
Underhill, 228, 231 
Underwood, 315 

Joseph, 15, 16 
Undrell, Abraham, 131 

John, 131 

mary, 131 

Nathanie, 131 

Nathaniell, 131 
Upham, Charles L., 155 
Utely, Richard, 39, 40 

Vacoy, Jacob, 87 
Vail, 231 

John, 15 
Vaile, Arthur, 222 

John, 222 

Samuel, 221 
Valentine, 228 

John, 222 

Mathias, 222 
Van Alstyne, Lawrence, 153 

William B., 80 

Wm. B., 234 
Van Arsdalen, Elsey, 33 

Pieterje Claesen, 33 

Symen Jansen, 33 
Van Beuren, Maria Gilbert, 

Mary, 291 

Peter, 292 
Vanbroughen, Johannes, 285 
van Brug, Jan Gilliszen, 5 
Van Brugh, 7 
Van Camp, anna, 206 

mary, 206 
van Cherreck, Johannis, 218 

mary, 218 
Van Cortland, Pierre, 15 
Van Cortlandt, family, 99 

Pere, 87 

Piere, 88 

Pierre, mrs., 99 

Stephanus, 83 
van Cott, Cornelius, 8 
Van Cott, Hannah, 112 
van Cott, Mercy Strijcker, 8 
Vandebilt. Isabella, 187 
Vandegrift, Jacob, 285 
Van der Beak, Mary, 113 
Vanderbelt, Margaret Cornell, 

Remsen, 75 

Vanderbilt, Simonson, 190 

Aaron, 187, 190, 192, 259, 

Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 


Vanderbilt, Benjamin Simon- 
son, 192 
C, 121 
C, jr., 178 
Catharine, 43 
Catharine Juliette, 272 
Celia Story, 179. J 8z - l8 4. 

187, 259 
Charlotte, 125, 128, 180, 182, 

186, 187, 190, 258 
Christian Ann, 184 
Corn., 184, 272 
Corn., sr., 190 
Cornelius, 40, 41. "3. I10 > 
121, 123, 190, 258-260, 265, 
266, 268, 269, 272 
Cornelius, Jr., 178, 182, 184, 

186, 189, 261 
Cornelius, sr., 186, 259 
Cornelius Jeremiah, 265 
Cornelius Taylor, 266 
Dorothy, 39, 42 
Edward, 114, 189, 191, 262 
Eleanor, 40 
Eleonora, 116 
Eliz., sr., 182 
Eliza, 260 

Eliza Martling, 258, 261, 269 
Elizabeth, 50, 114, 178, 179- 

Elizabeth Ann, 189 
Elizabeth Taylor, 116, 119. 

123, 127 
Ellen, 259 

Emily Elmira, 189 

Esther Benson, 182 

Ethelinde, 182, 272 

Francis Lavinia, 260 

George Washington, 268 

Hannah Maria, 191 

Hetty Maria, 261 

Hettie Maria Benzaken, 

Isaac, 187 

Isabella, 180, 183, 185, 187. 
190, 258, 262, 268 

Jacob, 39, 40,41. 43. "9, 121. 
127, 266 

Jane, 113 

John, 39, 50, 114, "6, 118, 
119, 123, 127, 177-180, 183- 
185, 188, 192,259,269 

John, jr., 179. 182, 184, 187 

John, sr., 258 

John Edward, 262 

Joseph, 40 

Margaret Metcalf, 266 

Maria Ann Egbert, 191 

Maria Louisa, 259 

Mary, 39-41, 121, 124. 266 

Mary Alicia. 269 

Mary Ann Egbert, 189, 262 

Mary Elizabeth, 190 

Mary Simonson, 187, 192, 

259 „ 
Mary Spragg, 39 
Oliver, 40, 50, 182, 184 
Phebe, 40, 113. 121, 122, 125 
Phebe (Hand), 116, 121 
Phebe Jane, 178 
Phoebe, 182 
Phoebe Jane, 272 
Sarah, 116, 188, 191, 258,261 
Sarah Ann, 182 
Sarah Catharine, 259 
Sarah Elizabeth, 258 
Sophia, 184, 260 
Sophia Johnson, 178, 182, 
186, 189, 190. 259, 265, 268, 
269, 272 
Richard Taylor, 179 
William Henry, 186 
Van der Bilt, Charlotte, 49 
Cornelius, 46, 47, 49. 5°. 53 


Van der Bilt. Elizabeth, 49. 52 
Essabel, 52 
Jacob, 47 
John, 49, 52 
Mary, 46 

Phebe, 46, 47, 49, 50. 53 
Vanderburgh, E. M., 3°4 
Edgar M., 304 
H. S., 304 
Hannah, 304 
Sutherland, 304 
Vander Hoef , Dorothea, 293 
Van der Kemp, Francis Ad- 
rian, 79 
Van der Linde, Elizabeth, 75 
Van der Spiegel; Anna, 74 
Van der Veer, Cornells Jan- 
sen, 286 
van der Walle, Hendnk, 6 
Van Deventer, D. P., mrs., 80, 

Vandeventer, Abraham, 41 
Elizabeth, 41 
Mary, 41 
Vanduser, Abraham, 188 
John, 188, 191 
John Vanderbilt, 191 
Sarah Vandei bilt, 188, 191 
Van Duser, Isaac Housman, 
Jacob Taylor, 261 
John, 258, 261, 266 
Oliver Vanderbilt, 266 
Sarah, 266 „ , 

Sarah Vanderbilt, 258,261 
Van Duyn, Betsey, 105 
Van Dyke, Anna C, 34 
Catharine, 103 
Frederick, 31 
Jacob, 31 
Jane, 31 
John, 31 
William, 34 
Van Duzer, Frances Mande- 
ville, 291 
Henry, 291 
Van Garder, Gilles Jansen, 285 
Van Hoesen, Jan Frans, 289 

Van Hoesen (Van Hoese, Van 
House, Van Goese), 
Marytie, 289 
Vanhorn, Abraham, 206 

Mary, 206 
Vanhorne, Jacob, 122 
Mary (Wood), 122 
Sarah Egbert, 122 
Van Huse, Catherine, 289 
vanLaer, A. J. F., 129 
van Lehr, mr., 313 , . T 
Van Naerden, Aechtie Jans, 
Pieter Casparzen, ioo, 101 
Van Name, Edward, 185 
Eliza Augusta, 190 
Gertrude Martha Cortel- 

you, 185, 190 
Michael, 185, 190 
Van Namen, Gertrude Martha 
Cortelyou, 187 
Michael, 187 
Sophia, 187 
Van Nest, Alexander T., mrs., 

Van Norden, Warner, 224 
Van Orden, Sarah, 74 
vanosterand, Elizebetb story, 
Oliver, 207 
Vanpelt, Elizabeth, 45 
Jeams, 45 

Van Pelt. Abm., 181 

Abraham, 123. 126, 181 

Alice, 43 

Amy, 123 

Ann, 45 

Catharine, 257, 261 

Georg, 53 

George Washington, 267 

Henry, 181 

Jacomyntie, 304 

Jane, 43 

John, 43, 267, 272 

John Christopher, 267 

Judy. 45 

Mary, 53 , 

Mary Elizabeth, 272 
Mary Fountain, 123, 126, 

Peter, 53, 262, 267 
Sarah, 126 
Susan, 257, 262, 272 
Tunis, 267 
William, 43 
Van Petten, Catalyntje, 74 
van Ruyven, sec, 7 
Van Schaick, col., 314 
Van Schaitt, Abraham, 88 

Johnetan, 88 
Van Sicklen. Reinshe, 304 
Vansicklin, John, 280 
Sarah, 145 
Seaman, 278 

Vantine, , 33 

Ellen Skillman, 33 
Van Twiller, genl., 101 
Vanvalkinburgh, Jacob, 203 
Peter, 203 
Sarah, 203 
Van Vechten. Abraham Van 
Wyck,7i. 74. 147 
Catalyntje Van Petten, 74 
Claes Arent, 31 
Dirck Teunisse, 74 
Janet Vreelandt, 74 
Judith Ten Broeck, 74 
Lammetje, 31 
Louisa VanWyck,74 
Samuel. 74 
Sarah Van Orden, 74 
Teunis, 74 
Teunis Dirckse, 74 
Teunis Dirkse, 74 

VanVliet, Adrian, 75 

Agatha <Jans Spruyt), 75 

Pieternelle Swart, 75 

van Voorhees, Alice, 301 
Jane Schenck, 301 
Peter, 301 
Van Vore, John, 87 
Van Vorst, Anna Beck, 100 

Jacobus, 100 
Van Vreelandt, Cornelis Jacob- 
son, 290 
Van Wagenen, family, 154 
Van Wyck, 228 

Louisa, 74 
Van Zandt, Lucretia, 32 

Nicholas, 32 
van Zuuren, domine, 4 

Casparus, 8 
Varian, 229 
Varnum, George, 228 

James M., 160 

James Mitchell, 160, 228, 

John, 220 

John Marshall, 228 

Joseph, 228 

Joseph Bradley, 160, 229 

Parker, 228 

Samuel, 228 

Thomas, 228 


Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 

Varrevanger, Jacob Hendrik- 

sen, 6 
Vasburgh, Martin, 302 

Sarah, 302 
Vassals, James, 280 

Sarah Lawrence, 145 

William, 145 
Vassels, James, 209 

Letitia Lawrence, 209 

Mary, 145 
V. Duzer, Debora, 126 
Veal, Joseph, 87 
Veghte, Cornelia Staats, 31 

Elizabeth, 31 

Gerrit, 31 

Jan, 31 

Magdalena, 31, 104 

Mary, 31 
Velasquez, Mariana, 229 
Ventine, Elezebeth, 95 

Mary, 96 
Veranger, Jacob, 285 
Verbech, John Renatus, 120 
Verplanck, Catherine A., 15, 87 

James, 15, 87, 88 
Ver Planck, William Gordon, 

154, 160, 224 
Veryn, Jan Jansen, 8 
Vessels, Hannah, 17 
Villette, Judith, 113 

Taylor. 113 
Voal, Sarah, 23 
Vobuarh, Martain, 208 

palmmee garmon, 208 
Vogt, Hans, Jacob, 314 

Henrick, 314 

Johannes, 314 
Vollintine, Cornelius, 15 
Von der Linde, family, 152 
von Kraft, John Charles Phil- 
lip, in 
Von Olinda. Hilletie Von 
Slyck, 152 

Peter Donielse, 152 
VonSlvck, Hilletie, 152 
Voorhees, Abraham, no 

Anna, 109 

Deborah, no 

James, no 

James G., 33 

Jane Skillman, 33 

Mahala Skillman, no 

Matilda, no 

Robert, 106 

William, no 
Vosburgh, Elenor Dunkins, 95 

Martan, 96 

R. W., 70 

Sally Southerland, 96 

william, 95 
Vought, family, 154, 160 

Christina, 154 

Simon, 154 
Vreeland, Elizabeth, 289 
Vreelandt, Janet, 74 
Vroom, James, 253 

Jas., 256 

Wade, John, 39 
Wagner, Mary J., 193 
Waldron, Aggie, 290 

Catherine Mandeville, 290 

David, 290 

Maria, 290 

Maria Buys, 292 

Mary, 291 

Samuel, 290 

Tanneke, 293 

William, 290 

Wm., 292 

Walker, mr., 71. 223. 224. 3" 
Alice Morehouse, 77 
Easter Golden, 210 

Walker, Harriet C, 203 
James, 210 
Rufus E., 203 
Wall, Sarah, 146 
Wallace, mr., 283 
Waller, Catharine Elizabeth 
Burgher, 265 
Charles, 265 

Mary Burgher, 265 
Walls, Flora Ann, 203 
Henry, 203 
James, 203, 204 
John, 204 

Mary A., 204 
Robert, 204 
Rosanna, 204 
Thomas E., 204 
• William, 204 
Wandell, Townsend, 71 
Warburg, Felix Moritz, 223 
Ward, abigail, 134 

Anne, 40 

Ann Haight, 209 

Charity, 40 

Charles D., mrs., 149 

Charlotte K., 226 
ward, Edman, 132 
Ward, Edmond, 222 
ward, Elenner, 132 

hannah, 134 
Ward, John, 132, 222 
ward, mary, 132 
Ward, Richard, 209 

Samuel, 238, 319 
ward, samuell, 134 
Ward, Walter, 15 

William, 40 
Warden, Eliza Ann Gidney, 

Nathaniel C, 208 
Waren, Abigail, 221 

Ephraim, 221 

Ezekiel, 221 

Lidiah, 221 

Martha, 221 

Nehemiah, 221 

Richard, 221 
Warford, Henrietta, 300 

John, 204 

Margaret, 204, 300 
Waring, family, 231 
Warner, Ann Skillman, 107 

Carlos, 204 

Charlotte, 204 

Claudius, 204 

Ellen, 204 

Henry, 107 

Reuben, 204 
Warren, Catharine, 192 

John C, 79 

Joshua, 192 

Phebe Ann Glazier, 192 
Wart, Loriuda, 294 
Wascott, Daniell, 220 

Elizabeth, 219 

Johannah, 220 

John, 220 

Martha, 220 

Millison, 220 

Rachell, 220 

Richard, 220 

Rose, 220 

Ruth, 219, 220 

Samuel, 220 

Thomas, 219 
wasfall, Caterean, 98 
Washburn, Francis, 155 

Mabel Thacher Rosemary 

Mary, 73, 162 
Washburne, 228 
Wassyngton, William, 150 

wast, Abiah Cushman, 95 

Jonathan, 95 

mary, 95 
Waterberry, Jonathan Brown, 

Sarah Smith, 210 
wateres, briggat, 131 

Edward, 131 

John, 131 

Robart, 131 

sarah, 131 

suannah, 131 
Waters, Ann, 262 

Henry F., 205 

John D., 259, 262 

Lucretia Stillwell, 259 

Lucretia Stilwell, 262 
waters, marget, 97 
Waters, William, 259 
Watson, Benjn. C, 282 

John, 212 

Nelson, 204 

Sally Ann Park, 282 
Wayland, Elizabeth, 296 


Mary Skillman, 296 
Wayte, family, 237, 319 
Weaks, Gilbert, 87 

Robert, 87 
Webb, Cathn, 282 

Iemima, 295 
,eonard, 204 

Marcy, 220 

Mary Ann Smith, 210 

Sarah, 220 

Walter, 210 
Weed, 273 

Eliza Lockwood, 208 

Erastus Huntington, 208 

Mary, 282 

Mary Bell, 281 

Wm. A., 281 
Weekes, 228 

David, 15 
weeks, Easter, 95 
Weeks, Phebe Sniffin, 22 

Seaman. 22 
Welles, Deliverance, 248 
welles, Samuell. 249 
Wellet, Harriot Barrigar, 23 

John, 23 
Wellington, family, 159 
Wellow, Edna, 198 
Wells, mr., 241 
wells, Abigaill, 248 
Wells, Anna, 249 

Anna Booth, 249 

Anne, 167, 248 
wells, Bathiah, 249 

Benjamin, 247 
Wells, Bethiah, 249 

Corey, 249 

wells, Cravit, 247 

Daniel, 249 

David, 247 

Deborah, 249 

Deliverance, 247 

Elizabeth, 167, 246 
Wells, Elizabetti Tuthill, 167 

Elizebeth Tuthill, 246 
wells. Ester, 247 
Wells, Ester Homan, 246 
wells, freegift, 249 
Wells, Giles, 249 
wells, Hannah, 248 

Hannah Tuthill, 248 
Wells, Henery, 246 

John, 246 

Jonathan, 249 
wells, Joshua, 248, 249 
Wells, Louisa Susannah, 153 

Mary, 246, 248-250 

Mehitabel, 247 

Index of Names in Volume XXXVIII. 


wells, Mehitabell, 249 

Nathaniel, 249 

Phebee, 247 

Solomon, 249 
Wells, Thomas, 249 

William, 246, 247 

William, jr., 246 

Wm., 167 
welson, Annie Dunkins, 207 

Jestuss, 207 
Wendel, Aletta, 41-43 

Anne, 42 

Anne Mary, 41 

Charity, 42 

iohn, 41-43 
'homas, 43 
Wentworth, Moses, 158 
Wessels, Anna, 74 

Hartman, 74 
Westcoat, Katherine, 166 
Weston, Charles, 204 
Wetmore, James, 283 

Phoebe, 283 
Wetter, Laura A., 204 

Lena Reeves, 104 

Randolph, 104 

Sidney, 204 
whealer, Jeames, 218 

Jonathan, 218 
Wheat, Silas Carmi, 70 
Wheaton, Jehiel, 305 

Rebecca Raynor, 305 
Whedon, mrs., 104 

Jehiel, 305 

Philena, 305 

Rebecca Raynor, 305 
Wheeler, Grace D., 158 

Grace Denison, 153 

Justice, 16 

William Ogden, 153 
Whiley, George, 209 

Phebe L. Gidney, 209 
Whisken, Wigmore, 214 
Whitcomb,;Eliza, 204 

Oliver, 204 
White, family, 232, 234 

bishop, 320 

deacon, 99 

H. K.,232, 234 
white, hannah, 97 
White, John, 95, 259 

Mary Beck, 99 

Mary Louise, 266 

Rebeckah Dey, 259 

Rebekah, 266 

Richard, 259, 266 
white, Ruth merehew, 95 
White, William, 222, 239, 320 
Whitehead, Elizebeth Cran- 
dell, 97 

John, 97 
Whitely, Nancy, 30 
Whitenack, Catharine Skill- 
man, 32 

Cornelius C, 32 

John, 32 
Whitfield. Virginia Moyland 

von Leuvenigh, 222 
Whitford, William Clarke, 156 
Whitman, Sarah Helen, 55, 58, 

59, 62 
Whitmore, family, 158 

Ezra, 283 

Lucy Ann, 282 
Whitney, Benjamin, 204